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^0« otT. ^fC« 


VOL. III. M— P. ^ A ^1 / 

„' • ' ' i ' *• 




ItSte MAALER (or Pictohius), 
JoBua. Die teutsdi Sprach. AUe 
Worter, Nahmen u. Arten an reden 
in Hocbdeutscher Spraach dem A. 
B. C. nach ordentlich gestellt u. 
mit gatem Latein gantz fleissig u. 
<nrdentlich verdoUmetscht, derglei- 
chen faisher noch nie gesehen. ZHi^ 
rich, Froschover, 1561. 4°. 
Unoommonly acaroe, uid of great interest. 

11583 MABILLON, J. Vetera ana- 
lecta 8. collectio vetenun aliquot 
opemm et oposculor. omnia generis, 
cam itinere Grennanico, adnotatt. 
et aliquot disquidtt. J. Mabillon. 
Nova ed., cui accessere Mabillonii 
▼Ha et aliquot opuscnla (cure L. 
Fr. Joe. de la Barre). Par.^ Mon- 
talant, 1723. foL Also on large 

ic is asuaUy added to the new edition of 
Acfaery (see above). The Iter German. 
was edited separately by J. Alb. Fabridut, 
Hwtb. 1717. 8*". 

12584 — annales ordinis S. Benedicti 
(ad ann. 1 157). Edmundus Mar. 
tene absolvit et variis additamentis 
exomavit. Par., Robustel^ 1703- 
39. fol. 6 voll. 

The edition, Luc^Py 1 736. fd. 6 vob. (aho 
00 large paper), contains some augmenta- 

12585 — acta sanctorum ordinis S. 
Benedicti, seculum I-VI (500- 
hoc). CoU^t Luc. d'Achery, 
ediderunt J. Mabillon et Theodo. 
ric Ruinart. Par., Billaine, 1668- 
1701. fol. 9 voll. 

Ven^ Coietiy 1733-40. foL 9 vols, is in 
less estimation. Hu Pntfait. in acta SS. 
mrL Btn. are separately printed, Trideniiy 
17x4. 4°. Retkcmoffiy 1733. 4^ Ven, 1740. 
4*. The loth vol. remains in MS. in Uie 
abbey of St Germain: see MilUn Mag, 
«»cpeL 1795, V. 366. 

12586 — de liturgia Gallicana libri 

IIL Par., Montalant, 1729. 4^ 
PrwioQsly, ib,y Mmrthiy 1685. 4*". 

12587 — museum italicum s. collectio 
vett. scriptor. ex bibliotbecis italicis 
eruta a J. Mabillon et Mch. Ger- 
main. Par., Montalant^ 1724* 4^ 
2 Tols. witb plates. 

A new unaltered impression of the ear- 
lier edition, Par.y MarUny 1687-89. 4°. 

2 vols. 

12588 — les oeuvres postbumes de J. 
Mabillon et de Thierry Kuinart, 
recueillies et publ. par Vincent 
Tbuillier. Par., Babuty, 1724. 4**. 

3 voll. 

12689 — de re diplomatica libri VI. 

Par., Billaine, 1681, or ib., Ro- 

bustel, 1 709. fol. with plates. Also 

on large paper. 
12590 — supplementum libror. de re 

diplom. Par., Robustel, 1704. fol. 

with plates. Also on large paper. 

The edition of 1 709 is a new unaltered 
impression of the first edition, and almost 
agreeing page for page (not merely a new 
title, as IM>ure would have it); whose 
addenda are not once inserted in their 
proper places in this edition. Only the 
typographical errors are corrected, and a 
preAioe by Thierry Ruinart is added, and 
a new appendix (p. 635-648). This ap~ 
pendix is quite different from the supple- 
ment, and ^ves an especial worth to the 
second edition. On the other hand, the 
first edition maintains a preference on ac- 
count of the first impressions of the plates, 
of which, in the and edition. Tab. 37. 
p. 397. and Tab. 45. p. 434. more particu- 
larly, are poor impressions (consult Uffen- 
back's Reisen, II. 573). Whoever uses the 
work for a strict inquiry of his own, will 
therefore do well to procure both editions. 
The supplement, which was by no means 
received into the 2nd edition (ScKonemann^s 
DipUmt, I. 81), should necessarily be had 
with both editions. 

In both editions the plates 1-16 are 
printed in the text (p. 345-376); Tab. 17 
is by itself, p. 376; and Tab. 18-58 are 
again printed in the tezL p. 377 etc Tab. 47 
is wanting, but Tab. 48 is r umbered twice 
instead. After p. 460 follow once more 
p. 457*-46o*. The and edition has be- 
sides a plate printed in the text in p. 637. 



The supplement has 8 plates, with the 
pagioatioa 60-76. Of the errata of the 
ist edition there ought to have been re- 
peated in the 2nd edition, p. 347, in the 
and table, line i^,fecto (instead d Jlecto); 
and p. 415, in the 35th table, and in the 
last line, SuvetchuiOy as neither fault was 
corrected in the plates. 

12591 — de re diplom. libri VI. cum 
supplemento. Tertia atque nova 
editio dissertationibus varior. locu- 
pletata, notisque nunc primum illu- 
strata a marchione Bumbae, J. Adi- 
mari. Neap., Vine. Ursini, 1789. 
fol. a vols, with plates (no fr.). 

Whatever has been amended or farther 
investigated since Mabillon*s time, espe- 
cially by the authors of the Nouveau traite, 
is added in the annotations in different 
places. The second voL contains, besides 
the supplement, only new impressions of 
treatises already well known. 

The history of the controversy occasioned 
by Mabillon*s work, see in Schwiemann*t 
Diplom, I. 101-103. See above, Ger- 


12592 — trait^, des Etudes monas. 

tiques. Ed. II. revue et coir. Par., 

Robustel, 1692. 12^ 2 voll. Re- 

ponse au traits des etud. mon., par 

I'abb^ de la Trappe. Par., Muguet, 

1692. 4^. Reflexions sur la r^ponse 

de Tabb^ de la Trappe, par MabiL 

Ion. Ed. II. revue et corr. Par., 

Robustel, 1693. 12°. 2 voll. Quatre 

lettres h, Tabbe de la Trappe, ou 

Ton examine sa reponse etc, par 

Den. de Sainte-Marthe. Amst. 

(Par.), Desbordes, 1692. l2^ Re- 

cueil de quelques pi^s, qui con- 

cernent les lettres a Tabbe de la 

Trappe. Col. (Par), Sambix, 1693. 

12°. (J. Bt. Thiers) Apologie de 

Tabb^ de la Trappe (ou reponse aux 

lettres de Sainte-Marthe). With. 

out place or date. 1 2°. 

Mabillon's work translated into Latin by 
U. Staudigl, Campoduni, 1701. 8^ 3 vols. ; 
and by Jos. Porta, Ven, 1705. 8°. Alsoy 
Fei*. 1 729-32. 4®. 3 vols. 

12593 MABLY, Gbr. Bonnot de. 

Collection complete de ses oeuvres 

(publ. par Arnoux). Par. an 3 

(1794). 8°. 15 voll. 

Badly printed, the copies on vellum paper 
being alone tolerable. Also, Ljfon, 1792. 8**. 


II vols. Tauknuey 1793. 12". 17 vols. Par. 
18 1 8. 8^ 6 vols. (24 fr.) or 12 vols, in i8». 
(21 fr.) 

12594 — Entretiens de Phocion sur 
le rapport de la morale avec la po- 
litique. Par., Lamy, 1783. 18°. 
3 voll. 

Only copies on vellum have any value 
(121 n*. Baron d^Heiss, 82 fr. Renouard, 
80 fr. McCarthy). 

12595 Par., Renouard, 1804. 

1 8°. Also in 1 2^. 

One copy on vellum, one on rose-coloured 
paper, and 12 on Dutch paper. Par., 
Duiot, an 3 (1795). large 4°. with plates 
by Moreau (also on lai^ paper in small 
fol.) is also fine. 

12596 MABRIAN. Cronique et 

hystoire singuli^e du chevalier Ma- 

brian, lequel par »es prouesses fut 

roy de Hierusalem ; reduit du vieil 

langaige en bon vulgaire fran9ois 

(par Guy Bounay et J. le Cueur, 

Seign. die Nailly). Par., JaC. Ny- 

verd, 20 Janv. 1530. fol. Gothic 

letter, with woodcuts. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter and 128 
numbered leaves. Scarce, and sold at the 
duke of Marlborough's sale in 18 19 for 

7L 108. 

12597 Par., J. Nyverd pour 

Galliot du Pr^^ without date. fol. 

Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

Sold at the same sale (where it was stated 
to be the first edition) for 1 7I. 

12598 Par., J. Bonfons, with- 
out date. 4°. Gothic letter, with 

Sold for 3I. los. at the same sale. 

12599 — histoire fort plaisante et 
recreative de Mabrian. Lyon, Chas- 
telart, 1625. 4^ 208 pages and 3 

12600 — les prouesses et vaiUances 
du redoute Mabrian, semblablement 
les faits et gestes des quatre fils 
Aymon et de leur cousin Maugis, 
translatez du vieil langage in vul- 
gaire fran9oi8. Troy es, Oudot, 1625. 
4**. with woodcuts. 

MACABRE, see Danse. 

l260iaMACARIUSiEgyptiu8. Ho^ 
miliae quinquaginta (gr.). Ex bibL 
regia. Par., Gu. Morelius, 1559. 


S*. £«dem lat. per J. Picum. ib. 
«559 or 62. 8^ 

The ist edition. With the same trans- 
latioii in Gregorii Thaumat. Opp. Par, 
16^2. foL 

12601^ — homiliae spirituales L. de 
int^ritate^ qua decet Christianos, 
gr. et lat. edite stud. Z, Palthenii. 
Ff., Wechel, 1594. 8^ 

12602 — homaiae. J. G. Pritius tex- 
tnm gr* reridit et in sectiones dis- 
pescuit latinamque vers, emendatio. 
rem reddidit. Lps., Grosse, 1698. 
8". OpuBcula nonnulla et apo- 
phtli^inata. J. C, Pritius collegit, 
revidit^ lat. versionem emendavit^ 
indidbusque adjectis edidit. Lps., 
Grofise, 1699. ^*^- 

Operm, Lpt, 1 714. 8*. is only a new title 
to both vols.— Qptucu/a, in GaUandi Bibl 
PP, VIL 3 etc., where also VII. 237 etc. 
343 etc and VIII. 3 etc are the works of 
another aathor of this name. 

12603 — Schriften, ubs. von N. Cas- 
seder. Banib.» Kunz, 1819-ao. 
large 8**. 2 vols. (2 d. 9 gr.) Insti- 
tutes of Christian perfection, transl. 
from the Greek by Granville Penn. 
Lond. 1816. 8^ (78. 6d.) Ge- 
denkteken des ouden Christendoms. 
Haarlem, 1733. 4**. 

12604 — Magni Crush Diss. exp. no- 
titia et ^tc^oyovfuva Macarii Magni 
exfragmendshactenusdeperditi ope- 
ns apologet. pro Christ, relig. de- 
promta. Gott. 1737. 4^ (J. Sal. 
Sbml.ebi) Specimen examinis cri- 
tic! operum Macarii. Hal. 1 745. 4^ 
Ejusd. Specimen animadvv. in ali- 
quot opera graeca Macarii. ib. 1746. 


MACARONEA. see Arena, Coc- 
CAJUB, and Macharronea. — Car- 
minum rariorum macaronicorum de- 
lectus, in usum ludor. ApoUinari- 
nm. Edinb. 1801. 8^ 

MACARTNEY, see Staunton. 

12605 MACAULAY Graham, Ca- 
tharine. History of England from 
the accession of James I. to that of 
the Brunswick line. Lond. 1763- 
-83. large 4**. 8 vols. 

fa French by Mirabeau, Par. 1791. 8**. 
5 vob. Only the ist vol. in German, Lpz. 



I779•8^ To which may be added, The 
history of England from the revolution^ in a 
»eriee qf letters, 4^ 

12606 MAC-CARTHY. Catalogue 
des livres rarea et precieux de la 
bibl. du comte de Mac-Carthy 
Reagh. Par., Debure, 1815. 8°. 
a volL Ordre des vacations de 
cette vente. Par. 1816. 8^. Liste 
des prix des livres de cette bibL 
Par. 181 7. 8°. Catalogue des livres 
(retires), provenant de la vente de 
McCarthy. Par. 1817.8^ (14 fr., 
on large paper 55 fr.) 

This colleaion was particularly remark- 
able for the nimiber of impressions on vel- 
lum which it contained (601 in 826 vols.). 
llie offer of 20,oool. for them entire, bv 
the duke of Devonshire, did not come to a 
conclusion, and the auction only produced 
404,746 fr. 50 c, exclusive of those books 
which were bought in, and offered for sale 
again at another time. The Ordre des va- 
oat, is important, on account of the addi- 
tions and corrections which it contains. 

MACCIUCCA. see Martorblli. 

12607 MACCULLOCH, J. A de. 
scription of the western islands of 
Scotland, including the Isle of Man. 
Edinb. 1819. 8°. 2 vols, with an 
atlas of 43 plates (3I. 38.). 

MACCURTIN, see Curtin. 
MACDONALD, see Kinnbir. 

12608 MACDONALD. J. Treatise 
of a new system of telegraphic com- 
munication. Lond. 1817. 8°. with 
plates. Account of experiments of 
burning of fuzes. Lond. 18 19. 8^ 
with plates. 

12609 MACEDO, Duarte Ribeiro de. 
Obras. Lisb., Fonseca, 1743. 4^ 
2 voll. 

This edition is dted by the academy of 
Lisbon. Also, Lisb, 1 767. 4^ 3 vols. (800 

12610 MACEDO, Jose Agostinho 
de. Newton, poema. Ed. II. Lisb. 
1815. 8^ (400 rees). 

At tint in 1814. 

12611 MACER, JEmil Incipit liber 
Macri philosophi i quo tractat de 
naturis qualitatib9 et virtutib9 Oc- 
tuaginta octo herbarum et primo de 
ArUiemisia. Neap., Arnold, de 
Bruxella, 9 Maji 1477. fol. 

44 leaves with 30 lines, without signa- 



tores, catchwords, and pagination. The 
first edition, and very scarce. Leaf la 
begins with the above title in 3 lines. The 
colophon is leaf 44a. 

12612 — de usibus herbarum versu 
heroico. Mediol.» Zarotus, 1 9 Nov. 
1482. 4^". 

12613 — Macer Floridus de viribus 

Herbarum. Without place or date. 

4°. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

The full page has 38 lines running all 
across : see Valli^re^s Cat, I. 455. 

12614 — Macer floridus (between 
these and the following words a 
woodcut). De viribus herba4. With- 
out place or date. 4°. Gothic letter^ 

with woodcuts. 

51 leaves with 33 lines in a full page, 
and the signatures a-g. The last line in 
leaf 5 1^ is, Finit ; and leaf 51a ig, 
Herbaru variat qm vis oognoscere v%re» 

Macer adest <&sce : quo duce dootus erit. 
Underneath is given the same woodcut 
as in the title. In another copy of precisely 
the same impression, in the Roytd library 
at Dresden, the tiUe is thus set down: 
Macer /hridus de viribu» herbaru^ and the 
woodcut is underneath. The edition was 
printed in France, between 1500-10. 

12615 — Macri philosophi de virtuti- 
bus herbarum noviter inventus ac 
impressus. Ven., Bernardin. de Vi- 
talibus, 1 506. 4^. 48 leaves. 

Also, iA., id.y 10 Jun. 1508. 4". 

12616 — Macer Floridus de viribus 
herbarum una cum commentario 
perquam Tamilian Guillermi Guero- 
aldi. Cadomi, ere et expensis Mch. 
Angier et J. Mace, opera vero Lr. 
Hostingue, 1509. 8^ Gothic letter. 

Scarce, and probably the first edition 
with this valuable commentary. 

12617 — Hrebarum (sic) vires Maoer 

tibi carmine licet (cum iisd, conu 

mentariis). Without place or date. 

8". (Jothic letter, with woodcuts. 

159 unnumbered leaves. The colophon, 
lei^ 159b runs, HabeiU tuuenee tiudiO' 
tissimi Macri Jhridi de viriftg herbaru 
apuseulum ab dm tneda oattig€UUsimu tmo- 
cu interpretaHuculia luce fneridiani loge 
clarmmis (sic). A contemporaneous hand 
has in the Dresden copy annexed the year 
15 1 7. Another edition with this com- 
mentary, without place or date, 8**. Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts and the signatures 
a-Qj has at the end, Baquelier, Finis, 
Also, Lupd, 1515. 8*. Par,, Pi, BaquC' 
lier, 1511. 8*. 


12618 — Macer Floridus de herba- 
rum viribus. Par. 151 1. 8**. (Jothic 

12619 — ^milius Macer de herbarum 
virtutibus jam primum emaculatior 
tersiorque in lucem seditus. Prse- 
terea Strabi Galli hortulus vernan- 

' tissimus, uterque scholiis J. Atro- 
ciani iUustratus. Bas., J. Faber 
Emmeus, 1527. 8^ 

Also, Friburgi Brisg.y «7. Faber Emmeus, 
15.^0. 8*". 4 leaves of preliminary matter 
and 108 numbered leaves. There is also a 
still later edition, Bas. without date. 8". 

12620 — ^milius Macer de herba- 
rum virtutibus cum veris figuris 
herbarum. Graduladones simpli- 
cium cum nomenclatura et inter- 
pretatione Polonica herbarum et 
morborum, secundum seriem alpha- 
beti. Cracovise, ex offic. Ungleri- 
ana, 1537. 8^ with woodcuts. 

12621 — - Macri de materia medica 
libri V versibus conscripti^ per Ja- 
num Comarium emendati ac anno- 
tati et numquam antea ex toto editi. 
Ff., Egenolphus, 1540. 8°. 

Also in the Medici LatirU Aldi, 1547* 

12622 — de herbarum virtutibus lE^m, 
Macri elegantissima poesis cum suc- 
cincta diffidlium et obscuror. locor. 
G. Pictorii expositione. Bas., H. 
Petri, 1559. 8°. with woodcuts. 

I a leaves of preliminary matter (the 1 2th 
blank) and 199 pages. Repeated, t6., Sb, 
Henricpetriy 1 58 1 . 8" . 

12623 — H. Ranzorii editio duor. 
libror. Macri de virtutibus herba- 
rum, de quibusd. animalium parti- 
bus ac terrse speciebus itemque me- 
dicamentis totius corporis humani. 
Quorum prior antehac non tarn 
emendate extitit, posterior vero 

^ antea typis nunquam fuit expres- 
sus. Accessit incerti auctoris spe. 
culum medicorum. Lips., heredes 
Steinmanni, 1590. 8°. 

Also, Hmb, 1596. 8**. 

12624 — les fleurs du livre des vertus 
des herbes, compose par Macer 
Floride, trad, par Luc. Tremblay. 
Rouen, 1588. 8^ with woodcuts. 

12625 — F. BoBRNERi Diatribe de 


.Anilio Mtcro ejuaque rariore hodie 
opnacalo de viitutib. herbar. Lps. 
1754. 4®. Ch. Gf. Grunbri Pr. 
▼aiis lectt. in ^m. Macmm ex N. 
M&racalci enchiridio decerpto. Jen. 
1803. 4®. 

It it knoim that this poem is wrongly 
attribated to Maoer. A MS. of it ou rel- 
him of the 14th oentury, in the Royal 
fibrary at Dresden, names Odo Magdu- 
m the aothor. 



12626 MACRI, Dm. Hierolexicon 
8. sacrum dictionarinm. Romffi, 
1677. fol. Ven. 1735. 4°. Bon. 
1765 or 67. 4^ a voU. 

Prerioosly in Italian, under the title, 
KoHAa ffo* voouboR ecoletiasHcu Ronu^ 
1650 or 1669. 4^ 

12627 MACPARLANE, P. New 
and copious vocabulary, English 
and Gaelic, and Gktelic and Englisb. 
Edinb. 181 8. 8^ (12s. 6d.) 

12628 MACHADO, Di^ Barbosa. 
Bibliotheca Lusitana historica, cri- 
tica e cronologica, na quel se com- 
prehimde a notida dos authores 
Portugueses e das obras, que com. 
puseraon. Lisb. 1 74 1-59. fol. 4 voll. 

The 3nl ToL is said to he the scarcest, as the 
author, from vexation at its indifferent sale, 
disposed of it for waste paper : see Murr*» 
Jmtm. IV. 271. A more recent Sumario 
4m biLRotheea LtuiUma is only a meagre 
abridgment of this work* 

12629 — Fastos Lusitanos. T. I. 
lash. 1741. fol. 

No more has appeared. 

12630 — memorias para a historia de 
Portugal, que comprefaende o go- 
remo del rey D. Sebastiao. Lisb., 
Silva, 1736-51. large 4°. 4 vols. 

12631 MACHADO, Simao. Co- 
medias iiortuguezas. Comedias do 
Cerco de Diu, I. et II. Parte. Co. 
medias da pastora Alfea, I. e II. 
Parte. Lisb., Alvares, 1631. 4^ 

12632 MACHARRDNEA contra 
■Mcliarroneam Bassani, ad spectabi. 
lem D. Balthasarem Luimm Asten. 
stndentem Papie etc* Without place 
or date (about 1496). S^. Gothic 

Tliis very scarce collection consists of 
17 pieces printed together; the first, the 
tidt of which W6 hare g^rea, is Latin 

macaronic verse; the and to the 15th are 
farces in Lombard and Piedmont rene; 
and the i6th and 17th are in the Frendi 
language. First are two single leaves with 
the table of contents and prologue. The 
collection, the author of which was O. 
Aglione d* Asti, properly appeared under 
the title Coprtoct, and the above is the 
first edition: consult Valli^re*s CaiaL II. 
146 etc. and Suppl. p. 9. aud Caktiogo di 
Bommeo (1805), p. 33. A more recent 
edition, with the title, Opera piacevole di 
G. AUime, AsH, 1601. 8°. contains only 
the first 1 1 pieces of this collection. 

MACHAZOR, see Machsor. 
12633 MACHIAVELLI, N. Tutte 
le opere di N. Machiavelli citta- 
dino et secretario Fiorentino, divise 
in V parti, et di nuovo con somma 
accuratezza ristampate. Without 
place, 1550. 4^ 

This edition, greatly prized in Italy, 
and dted by the academy della Crusca 
(called edijKi4me delta tesHna, on account of 
a half-length figure of Machiavelli in the 
title-page cut in wood), is reckoned as 
the flrgi of the 5 editions which appeared 
f under this title and with this date. Oamba, 
Serie, I. 295, quotes a copy, in the title of 
which there was subsequently printed, in 
Ginevra, per PL Aufjert ; and in the title 
of the Dresden, as also of the Pinelli copy, 
there is subsequently printed by the hand, 
in a similar manner, In Geneva^ presso 
Pi, Chouet, The paper also and printing 
appear to confirm Uie conjecture, Uiat this 
edition really was printed at Geneva; at 
least it is certain that the date 1550 is fic- 
titious, and that all the 5 editions appeared 
at least 10 years later; and Brunet has 
decided incorrectly in thinking that this first 
edition was printed at Rome by Ant 

First 2 unnumbered leaves of prelimiuary 
matter, leaf 1 of which contains the prin- 
cipal title, and leaf 2, on the/o^ recto, the 
iavola deW opere di N, Machiav,, and on 
the reverse the Privile(/ium of Clemens VII. 
Then 4 leaves with the patfination 1-.8 
(half-tide to the HUtorie, and the dedication 
and Proemio to the same). Next the Hu 
eUme with the paginatifin 1-35 1. Then 
2 unnumbered leaves (half-title to the Prnim 
eipe, and on the reverse iavola de i capiloli 
and the dedication) and the Principe eto. 
with the pagination i-i 16. Next 8 leaves 
with the pagination 1-14 (half-title, dedi- 
cation, and table of the Dieooni ; the 8th 
leaf is blank), and the Discorsi with the 
pagination f-304. Then the Arte della 
ffuerra with the pagination 1-168 ; the ist 
and 2nd of which are the half-title; 3-5, 
the Proemio; and 6th, a notice to the 




reader. At the end u V anno d* oro with 
the pagination 1-170, the ist and md 
pages of which are a half title. Last of 
all is a blank leaf. 

12634 (the same title). With- 
out place, 1550. 4°. 

The 'ind edition, also used by the academy 
della Cruaca ; it resembles the first in type 
and pagination, but differs in the division 
of the lines. It is thus to be distinguish- 
ed, that each of the first 4 woxics has a se- 
parate title-leaf (not merely a half-title) 
' with Machiavelli*s head and the year 1550, 
that in the Arte della guerrciy p. 129. libro 
sejtto stands in the column-title instead of 
libro sesto, and the last page of this piece is 
wrongly numbered 158 instead of 168, 
and that in the A$inod*orOy the pagination 
7^9 79* '^^ ^^9 hy a typographic^ error, 
is altered into 68, 69, and 76. 

12635 (as in No. 12633, yet 

with the addition), al santissimo et 
beatissimo padre signore nostro 
Cleraente VII. Pont Mass. With, 
out place, J 550. 4°. 

The 3rd edition. First 4 leaves with the 
pagination 1-8 (title, dedication, Proemi<^ 
and Tavola) which are followed by the His- 
torie, with the pagination 1-320, without 
any farther title. Then the Principe, with 
2 unnumbered leaves of preliminary matter 
(title, with the author^s head and date, and 
Tai'ola together with the dedication), and 
the pagination 1-106, which is followed by 
I blank leaf. Next the Disoorsiy with 8 
unnumbered leaves of preliminary matter 
(title with head and date, and dedication 
together with the tavda), and the pagina- 
tion i>28o. The Arte della ^u^rra (like- 
wise with a separate title) has 152 pages, 
and the Asino d" oro 158. This edition is 
furnished with vignettes in wood.«ngraving 
and arabesques. 

12636 (the same title). With- 
out place, 1550. 4°. 

The 4th edition, copied from the pre- 
ceding line for line. The differences are : 
in the Historie p. 63, the word Tanto print- 
ed in fiill in the preceding edition, is ab- 
breviated into Tdto ; in the Principe the 
last line of p. 106 begins with fuggivano Is 
occiuionif in the preceding wiUi occasioni ; 
in the Diacorsi, in the last line of p. 280, 
there is merely the word Masnmo, in the 
preceding -40 Mastimo ; in the Arte della 
guerroy the column title in p. 29 is hbro 
$eoondo instead of primo, and in p. in 
libro sesto instead of qmnto. As to the 
rest, this edition was printed in 1560, 
which date most of the copies really have ; 
as also the Dresden copy. 


12637 (the same title). With- 

out place, 1550. 4°. 

The fifth and in truth best and most correct 
edition, likewise used by the academy della 
Crusca. 1 unnumbered leaves of prelinn- 
nary matter ; Historie 44 1 pages (of which 
p. I -9 are the title, dedication, and Proe- 
mio) ; Principe 4 leaves of preh'minary 
matter (the 4th blank) and 140 pages; 
Digcorsi 14 pages of prdiminary matter, 
I blank leaf, 364 pages, and i blank leaf; 
Arte della guerra 185 pages and 9 unnum- 
bered leaves of figures ; Aiino d* oro 2 leaves 
of preliminary matter, 180 pages, and 

1 blank leaf. This edition has this pecu- 
liarity, that the figures to the Arte della 
guerra are not inserted in the text, but 
are placed together at the end of it. It 
was probably printed at Basle, by Ft. 
Pema, about 1580. 

The following collections of Machiavdll*s 
works have been put together from the 
editions of his separate writings : Homa^ 
Ant, BladOf 1531, 32. 4^ 3 parts in i voL 
Ven., figUv. di Aldo, 1540. 8^ 4 parts in 

2 vols, and ib.y iid, 1546. 8**. 4 parts in 2 
vols. Complete copies of the year 1546 
are particularly scarce. Opere, without 
place, 1 68a Il^ 3 vols. Hag<iy 1726. 8^ 
4 vols, are not sought after. 

12638 — opere. Londra, 1747. large 
4**. a voll. 

12639 — opere, coU' aggiunta delle 
inedite. Lond. (Par., PrauU), 1 768. 
1 2°. 8 voll. 

12640 — opere. Cosmopoli (Fen.), 
1 769. S^. 8 voll. 

12641 — tutte le opere, con una 
prefaz. di Gius. Baretti. Lond., 
bavies, 1772. large 4°. 3 vols. 

Fine and augmented with the comedy, // 

12642 — opere. Fir., Cambiagi, 
1782-83. 4^ 6 vols. With Ma. 
chiavelli's portrait. 

The 6th vol. contains works not before 
edited, but the edition is not very correct. 
A copy on blue paper in the BibL Riccardiy 
Na 10456. 

12643 — opere. Filadelfia (LttH^rito), 
1 796. 8°. 6 voll. 

Fine and correct, but the 7 inedited 
pieces here added, are in part not by Ma- 
chiavelU. Superintended by Gaetano Pog- 

12644 — opere. Without place 
(Fir.), 1796-99. 8^ 8 voll. (48 

Carelessly superintended and inoorreot. 


12545 — opere. Mil. 1804. 8^ 
10 TolL 
Bdooging to the Cbutici ItaL 

12646 — opere. Mil., L. Mussi^ 
1810-11. large 4°. 11 voll. On 
▼elluin paper. 

A fine edition with some augmentadons. 
There were only 200 numbered copies 
struck off on TeDum paper, 8 on blue, and 
13 on common paper. It became quickly 
oat c£ print, and is greatly sought after. 

12647 — opere complete. Edizione 
oorretta sopra i manoscritti auto- 
graph! e sopra altri codici i piu Ce- 
lebris e aumentata di undid l^a- 
xioni e lettere non pubblicate nelle 
precedent! edizioni. Italia {Fir,, 
Pialti), 1 81 3. large 8^ 8 voll, 

(48 paoli). Also on vellum paper. 

With I portrait and i facsimile. A cri- 

tical edition and the most complete. The 

piwffs are also sold separatdy : // Principe 

1 ToL, Jstorie Fior. 2 vols., and Carteggiy 
leffmaticm € letiere famil. 3 Tob. 

12648 — ^P?"^' Italia. 1819. 16°. 
9 vols. With Machiavelli's por- 

12649 — opere inedite. Lond. 1 760. 

12650 — opere inedite in prosa e in 
versi. Amst. {Lucca), 1763. 4^ 

2 parts in i vol. 

Lond. 1777. 4^ ia only a new title. 

12651 — ceuvres^ traduct. nouv. par 
Th. Guiraudet (et Hochet). Par., 
Pichard^ an 7 (1799). 8^ 6 voll. 
(36 fr., on vellum paper 60 fr.) 

Ed. II. Par. 1 803 . 8*". 6 vols, is only a new 
title. An indifferent edition and containing 
neither the poems nor the novels and plays. 
A new and complete edition in 1 2 vols. 8^ 
was announced at Paris in 183 1. An 
oUer translation (by Fr. T^tard), Haygy 
1743. la^ 6 vols, is infisrior. 

12652 — works transl. by Ed. Fame- 
worth. Ed. II. Lond. 1774. 8°. 

4 voll. 

Previously, t6, 1763. 4^ 2 vols. An 
earlier English translation, Lond. 1695 or 
1730. fioL In Dutdi, Haoffy 1703. 8^ 

5 vols. 

12653 — arte della guerra. Fir., 
Leredi di I'h. di Oiunta, 16 Agosto 
1521. 8®. 124 leaves. 

The first edition, very scarce, and cited 
by the aoMleniy della Crusca. Also, ib. 



Od^ 15^9* 8^ 1 14 leaves. The edition, 16., 
GivnH^ 155 1. 4°. is still of value. 

12654 — libro dell' arte della guerra. 
Ven., figliv. di Aldo, 1540. 8°. 

108 numbered and 10 unnunibered leaves. 
Fine and very correct. Also, ib,, iid.y 
1546. 8^ Other editions are : Ven, 
(without the printer's name) 1537. 8**. 
Ftf»., Comin da Trino^ 1541. 8*. Ven., 
GigliOy 1554. T2^ Without place, 1587. 
8^ In Latin, Arff, 1610. 8°. In French 
(by J. Charrier), Par, 1546. fol. and 
Roueny 1664. la**. and (by Fr. T^tard), 
Amsi. 1693. I a". In German, Mfunpel- 
gardty 1633. 4^ In Engh'sh, Lond, 1588. 


12655 — - discoisi sopra la prima deca 
di T. Livio. Roma, Ant. Blado, 

The first edition, as the dedication is 
of the 18th of October. The printer as- 
serts that he supervised it after Machia- 
velli*s own MS. 

12656 Fir., Bn. di Giunta, 

10 Nov. 1531.4°. 

Scarce, and cited by the academy della 
Crusca. 6 unnumbered leaves of preli- 
minary matter, 155 numbered leaves, and 
I leaf with the lily. Some copies (of the 
same printing) have the year 1530 in the 
title. Also, Fir,, Giunli, 1543. 4*". 

12657 — discorsi etc, nuovamente 

corretti et con somma diligenza 

ristampati. Yen., figliv. di Aldo 

1540. 8°. 215 leaves. 

Fine and correct. Also, t^., tuf., 1546. 
8^ Other editions are, Ven,, NUiolini da 
Sabio, 1532, or 37, or 40. 8^ Ven,, Seua, 
1534- 8^ Ven., Bm, de ZanetH, 1537. 8**. 
Ven., Comin da Trino, 1540. 8". Ven,, 
Ri^finelU, 1543. 8*. Ven,, Gioliio, iS5a 
ii*». Ven,, Giglio, 1554. ii'*. Palermo, 
AnUmielli, 1584. 8**. Without place, 1680. 
12**. The edition, Ven, 1630, is remark, 
able for having appeared under the anagram- 
raatic name Amaddio Nieccolucci, and 
is furnished with all the usual privi- 

12658 — disputationum de republica 
libri III. LB., Lessen, 1649. 12^ 

Previously, MompelgardH, 1588 or 99. 
8*. Ff. 1608 or 19. Il^ Marpurgi, 
1610. 8^ LB. 1643. i**^' 

12659 — reflexions sur la premiere 
dtoide de T. Live, trad, en fran9. 
avec un discours prelimin. (par 
M. de Menc). Par., Didot, 1782. 
8^. 2 voll. Also on laree paper. 

Also, AmsU 1 781. 8^ 2 voU. An earlier 



translation is, Le 1-3. Iwre dea discoura de 
VestcU de pake et de ywrre sur la I, decade 
de T, Live, traduict d'ltalien en Fraru^e 
(by Jac Guhory). Par. 9 GrouUeaUy 1548. 
fol. Augmented with Le Prince (by die 
same translator), ih. 157 1 or 1629. 8^ 
Augmented with Le Prince and the Art de 
guerre (translated by J. Charrier), Par, 
1635, or 37, or 46. 4**. The same transla- 
tions (airrected by Brienoour) under the 
title, CEuvrea de Machuivel, Rouen (Par.), 
1 664. 1 2". 2 voli — Diacaurs polit, aur la /. 
dec. de T. Lwe. Nuuv. traduct. {yar Fr. 
T^tard). Amat. 1691-93. 11°. 2 vols, and 
with tlie title, (Euvrea. T. I. Amat. 1697. 


12660 — Unterhaltungen uber die i. 
Decade der rom. Gesch. des Livius^ 
a. d. Ital. (von F. Ghf. Findeisen u. 
J. G. Scheffner). Danz., Florke, 
1776. 8°. 3 voll. (ad.) — Discourse 
upon the meanes of well governing 
and maintaining in good peace a 
kingdome or other principalitie. 
Lond. 1602. fol. Discourses upon 
the first decade of Livius, transl. by 
£dw. Dacres. Lond. 1635 or 74. 
8*^. ib. 1 68 1 . fol. — Discourzen over 
de eerste tien Boeken van T. Li. 
vius. Leyden, 1652. 8°. 

12661 — historic (Fiorentine, libri 
VIII). Roma, Ant. Blado, 25 
Marzo 1531. 4°. 

The first edition and very fine. 

12662 — historic Fiorentine. Fir.^ 

Bn. di Giunta, 26 Marzo 1532. 


134 numbered leaves (the first 4 without 
numbering) and 4 unnumbered with the 
signatures FF. These last 4 leaves (the 
1st and 3nd of which are errata, the 31XI is 
blank, and the 4th the lily) are often want- 
ing, and are sometimes made good by a 
subsequent reprint. An edition dted by 
the aoidemy della Crusca and most prized. 
Repeated, Fir., Giunta, 1537 and 51. 4^ 

12663 — historic, nuovamente con 

diligenza ristampate. Ven., figliv. 

di Aldo, 1540. 8^ 

959 leaves, 4 at the commencement, at 
the end i with the colophon and anchor. 
Neat and very carefully superintended. 
Also, ib., Od., 1546 and 51. 8^ Piacenxa, 
heredi di Gbr. Giolito, 1587. I3^ reoom- 
mends itself by its peculiar neatness. 
Other editions are, Ven, (without the 
printer's name), 1537. 8°. Veru, Comin 
da Trmo, 1541. 8^ Ven^ Giglia^ 1554. 


Ia^ Biga, Plularpi, 1768. 12". 2 voU. 
See above, Buokaccorsi, No. 3 149. 

12664 — historic Florentinse libri 

VIII. (et vita Castruccii). LB., Hi. 

de Vogel (Elzevier), 1645. ****• 

Uncommonly neat; but Hag. Com., 
VUicOy 1658. 11^ is badly printed. Pre- 
viously, Arg. 1610. 8^ The following is 
only a translation of the first book : De 
migratimiihta popular . aepientr. Wjer,factaa 
ex italioo aermone laUnua per Hi, Tur- 
lerum. Ff. 1564. 8'. Hanov. 1601. 8*. 

12665 — histoire de Florence trad, 
par P. de Barrett. Par. 1789. 12®. 
2 voll. 

Earlier translations by Pt. Brinon, Par. 
1577. 8°. and (by Fr. Ttftard), Amat, 
1694. 11^ 2 volL 

12666 — Florentin, Geschichten, aus 
dem ital. iibs. von W. Neumann. 
Berl., Weiss, 1 809. large 8°. 2 voll. 


The German translation by D. W. Otto, 
Lpz. 1788. 4^ 2 vols, did not succeed, 
In English by Th. Beilingfield, Land. 
1595. fuL and by an unknown person, 
LoruL 1674. ^°' ^^^ *^' 1761* i^°> ^ vols. 

12667 — il principe, la vita di Cas- 
truccio Castracani, il modo che 
tenne il duca Valentino etc. Roma^ 
Ant. Blado, 4 Gennajo 1532. 4^ 

The first edition, tolerably scarce and 
sought after. The RitratH delle ooae di 
Francia are not contained in it. An edi- 
tion of 15 15 is certainly a nonentity. 

12668 — il principe, la vita di Cas- 
truccio Castracani, il modo che 
tenne il duca Valentino, i ritratti 
delle cose della Francia e della Ale- 
magna. Fir., Bn. di Giunta, 8 
Maggio 1532. 4^ 70 leaves. 

Equally scarce, and cited by the academy 
della Crusca. Repeated, ib., id., 1534 and 
40. 4^ 

12669 — Ven., figliv. di Aldo» 1540. 


2 leaves of preliminary matter, 84 leavesi, 
and I leaf with the andior : it is also 
of value. Repeated, ib., iid,, 1546. 8**. 
Ven,, Gitdito, 1550. 19°. is also very neat. 
Other editions are: Ven. (without the 
printer*s name), 1535, 37, and 38. 8°. 
Ven,, Comin da Trine, 1541. 8**. Ven., 
Gigho, 1554. I9^ Palermo, AntonielH, 

1584. 8"- 

12670 — il principe. Without place 
{Livomo), 1798. 8^ 

A oo|>y on bad vellum was sold at 
in 1810 for 50 fr. 


12671 — pnnceps ex 8jhr. Telii 
traductione. Adjecta stmt ejusd. 
argomenti alicur. quomnd. contra 
MachiaT. scripta. LB.^ HL de 
Voeel (Elzevier), 1643. ^2°. 

Ano, LB, 1648. 13°. Previously, Bos, 
1560 and 80. 8% ManHsbelffardi, 1599.8% 
UneUi^ 1600. 11°. Ff. 1608 and 22. ia% 
Corrected by Hm. Conring, Hlm$L 1660 
or 86. 4°. Cum amm, Csp. Langenheri. 
AwuL 1699. S""- 

12672 — le prince trad, en fran9. 
(par Jac. Gohory, revu par Brien- 
cour). Ronen (Par.), 1664. 12°. 
Trad, par Amelot de la Houssaye. 
Amst. 1683 or 86. 12*^. Traduc- 
tion uouv. (par Fr. T^tard). Amst. 
1690 or 96. 1 2^ — La vie de Cas- 
truccio trad, en frany. Par. 1753. 

12675 — der FOrst, frei iilis. u. mit 

biograph. etc. Nachrichten u. den 

Anmerkk. des Amelot de la Hous- 

saje herausg. von Fr. N. Baur. 

Amstadt u. Kudolst. 1 804. 8°. 

Previously, Ff, and Lpt. 1745. 8*. 
Hmmoc, 1756 or 62. 8% 

12674 — the prince and the life of 
Castruccio Castracani, transl. from 
the ItaL by J. Scott Byerley. Lond. 
1810. S*'. (98.)— Prints med Unter- 
Bcflcningen d&uf, ofversat af C. 
Klingenberg. Sth. 1757. ^°- 

Cooceming the writings against the 
Prindpe, see Marchand DicHorm, I. 43. 
ValBM'9 Cattd. fV. 474 sq. BuehholM 
^her M*9 FOnteMjAgyek in WvUmtmn^s 
Gtwch, u, PoRL 1803, II. 69 etc. Anff, 
Ridolfi Pentieri mtomo alio tcopo di N, 
MaMav. net Hbro del principe. MiLiSio, 
8^. Concerning Ca^. Sduppius^s defence 
in MS. of MacfaiaveUi's principles, see 
M9relR Codd, laU bibL Naniana, p. 46 etc 

12675 — r aaino d' oro, con alcuni 
altri capitoli e norelle del medesimo, 
nnoTamente messi in luce. Fir.^ 
Bn. Oinnta^ 1549* B^ 64 leaves. 

ScaroB!, and cited by the aicademy della 
Cmsca. Containing besides the Asino also 
QuaUro eapUoRy deoennale, I. et II. and 
NoveOm A BelfugoTy whidi last is here 
minted probably fur the first time with 
JiachiaveDi*8 name. Brevio had previously 
giren it to him, as his property, in his 
iHmeeprme, Boma, Bladoy 1545. 8^ 

12S76 — r asino d' oro con tutte 



r altre sue operette. Roma, 1588. 
small 8°. 

115 numbered leaves, and i blank leaf. 
The place of printing is feigned, and the 
printer's symbol is that of the later Oioliti. 
According to some this edition appeared at 
Naples, but it has not at all the appear- 
ance of an Italian production. Besides the 
contents of the preceding edition there 
is also to be found therein Machiavelli't 
CHzia and Mandroffola, 

12677 Trajetto, van den Water, 

1733- 8°- with plates. 
Very carefully superintended, and well 
printed. The orthography is modernised^ 
and the punctuation corrected. The con- 
tents are the same as in the preceding 
edition. — Mch, Colombo Ragumamento 
80vra un luoco deir tuino rf* wo di Mach., 
ttranamenie vixialo nelle ediaumi dalla tes^ 
Hna e tnalamente corretto nelle modeme 
ristampe. Fir, 1817. 8°. Consult MUlin 
Amud, encyel. 1818, IV. 373. — The 
marriage of Beelphegor, an Italian novell, 
Lond. 167 1. 8". Der vom JVeite Uber^ 
teuffelle Teufel Aus dem Machiavello 
ins Teuisch uberirayen durch Siman (sic) 
von Leiden, Gedrukkt (sic) jsum Steuer^ 
fried tm $chwartzen Schtettn, without date. 
11°. I sheet (commonly in Kurandor''9 
die boee Sieben. WiU. 1662. i«*.). 

12678 -^ commedia di Callimaco 
et di Lucrezia (Mandragola). With- 
out place or date. 8*^. 

With the signatures A~K, and 21 lines. 
The first edition, and extremely scarce; 
probably printed at Florence immediately 
at tlie commencement of the 16th century. 
Although the orthography and punctuation 
are very incorrect, yet the readings are 
often better than in the subsequent edi- 

12679 — Mandragola, comedja fece- 
tissima di Lucretia e Callimaco. 
Ven., N. d*Aristotile detto Zop- 
pino, 1531. 8°. 

12680 — Mandragola comedia face- 
tissima di Lucretia k (sic) CaUi- 
maco. Nuouamente stampata, et 
con ogni diligenza corretta. With, 
out pkce (Fir., Mazzocco, Gucci e 
Ricci), 1533. 8^ 

18 numbered leaves, with the signatures 
G-JT. A very scarce edition, and cited by 
the academy della Cmsca. The types re- 
semble those of No. 1.1683, and Uie tame 
as those with which Uie Oiunti printed the 
Sonetti e canxoni di div, autori Toscani^ in 
1527. Also, Bindom e PatifU, 1537. 8^ 
Fir. (without the printer's name) 1553. 8**. 



12681 Fir., Bn. Giunta, 1550. 

28 numbered leaves. Very scarce, and 
also cited by the academy della Crusca. 
Also Novamente rivedtUa et ricorretta per 
Girol. Ruscelli, Ven,, Plinio PietrasarUa, 
IS 54. 8". — Mandragora (in German after 
Machiavelli). Without place, 1805. 8». 

12682 — Clitia comedia facetissima 

nuouamente stampata. Fir., Maz- 

zocco, Gucci e Ricci, 1537. 8°. 

33 unnumbered leaves (the last blank), 
with the signatures A-D. Leaf 31a is 
tlie Greek colophon: ^Xoptmia *Avt<oviov 
ficucioxunf, Kcu yiKoKa^ yovxu>iSf km nepy 
PriK(oi *ip€v, A very, scarce edition, and 
cited by the academy della Crusca. Of 
the types the same may be said as in 
No. 12680. 

12683 — Clitia comedia, nuovam. 

corretta et ristampata. Fir. (Bn. 

Giunta), 1548. 8^ 

33 leaves (one blank), also very scarce. 
There is also a very scarce edition of the 
Mandragola and C/urto, Fir., GhtnH, 

1556. 8^ 

12684 — decennale primo e parte del 
secondo, pubblicato da Agst. di. 
Matteo. Without place or date. 


An extremely scarce original edition, and 
printed in the 16th century. 

12685 — rime (da Gaetano Po^ali). 

Without place or date (Livomo, 

1797). 8^ 

There are only la unmutilated copies. 
A copy on blue paper with the date of the 
year in Trivulzio*s library at Milan. 

12686 — lettere. Fir., Cambiagi, 

1767. 8^ 
Superintended by Fd. Fossi. 

MACHO, see Julibn. 

12687 MACHSOR seu judaicarum 

precum breviarium totius anni italic! 

ritus. Soncini et Casale, 5246 

(i486), large 4^ 

The first edition, extremely scarce. It 
contains 2 parts, the first of which has 165 
leaves, the second 154 (3 < 9 together), with 
34 lines. A copy on vdlum in the library 
at Turin, a second (formerly in the pos- 
session of de Rossi) in the library at Parma, 
a third (only Uie ist part) in Lord Spen- 
cer's library. 

12688 MACINTOSH. Gaelic pro- 
verbs. New edit, much enlarged 


and improved by Alex. Campbell. 

Lond. 1 819. 12°. 
See also Makiktosh. 

12689 MACKAY, And. The theory 
and practice of finding the longitude 
at sea or land. Aberdeen^ 1801. 
8''. 2 vols, with plates. 

There is a third edition, augmented, in 
2 vols, in large 8**. (al. las. 6d.) 

12690 MACKENZIE. Sketch of 
the war with Tippoo Sultan. Cal- 
cutta, 1793. 4°. 2 parts. 

12691 MACKENZIE, Alex. Voy- 
ages from Montreal, on the river 
St. Lawrence, through the con- 
tinent of North America, to the 
Frozen and Pacific oceans, in the 
years 1789-93. Lond. 1801. 4°. 
with maps (il. iis. 6d.). 

Also, Par., Levrault, i8o«. 8®. 2 vols, 
with plates (12 fr.). In French by J. Cas- 
tdra. Par. 1802. 8**. 3 vols, with plates. 
In German in the Bibl. der Reisebeschr. 
B. 7. 

12692 MACKENZIE, F. and A. 
PuGEN. Specimens of (Jothic ar- 
chitecture. Lond. 1 816. 4^ Tvith 
61 plates. 

12693 MACKENZIE, G. Lives 
and characters of the most eminent 
writers of the Scots nation. Edinb., 
Watson, 1708-22. fol. 3 vols. 

12694 MACKENZIE, G. Stewart. 
Travels in Iceland during the sum- 
mer of the year 1810. Ed. II. 
Edinb. 181 2. 4^ with 2 maps and 
15 illuminated plates (3I. 3s.). 

In German in the Bibl. der Reitebetchr. 
2 Halfte, B. i. 

12695 MACKENZIE, H. Works, 

revised and corrected by the author. 

Lond. 1 808. 8*^. 8 vols. (3I. 3s.) 

The author of the Man <^ the world, 
Man of feeling etc 

12696 MACLAURIN, Colin. Geo- 
metria organica s. descriptio linea- 
rum curvar. Lond. 1720. 4°. 

12697 — treatise of fluxions. Edinb. 
1742. 4°. 2 vols, with plates. 

Also, Lond. 1801. 8*". 2 vols, with plates 
(il. 8s.). In French by Pezenas. Par. 
1 749. 4**. 2 vols, with plates. 

12698 — an account of Newton's 


philosophical discoTeries. Lond. 
J 748. 4°: with plates. 

Abo, LotuL 1750 or 1775. 8*. In 
French by Lavirotte, Par. 1749* 4^ with 



12699 — treatise of Algebra. Lond. 
J 748. 8^ 

Tlie best edition. Also, Lond. 1 788 or 
96. 8*. In French, Par. 1753. 4*. 

12700 MACPHERSON, D. Annals 
of oommercey manufeu^ures, fisheries, 
and navigation^ containing the com- 
mercial transactions of ^e British 
empire and other countries, from 
the earliest accounts to the union in 
1801. Lond. 1805. 4^. 4 vols. 
(8L 88.) 

12701 — history of the European 
commerce with India. Lond. 1 8 1 2. 
4°. (il. i6b.) 

12702 M ACPHERSON, James. Cri- 
tical dissertations on the origin, an- 
tiquities, language etc. of the an- 
cient Caledonians, the Picts etc. 
Lond. 1768. 4^ 

See also Ossiav. 

12705 MACQUER, Pt. Jos. Die 

tionnaire de chymie. Par. 1778. 

4**. 2 vols, or in 8°. 4 vols. Neuf- 

chitel, 1789. 8°. 5 voU. 

In Italian by Ant. Soopoli, Pavia, 1783. 
8*. 9 ToQ. In English, Lond. 1771. 4^ 
a TOU. or ib. 1 777. 8*". 2 rdL In German 
bj J. Of. Leonhardi, the 3rd edition oor- 
lected by Jer. Bj. Richter and Sgm. F. 
HennbMldt, Lpm. 1806 etc S\ 7 volL 
{I4d. 16 gr.) 

MACRIZI, see Almakrizi. 

127M MACROBIUS, Aurel. Theo- 
doflius. Expositio in somnium Sci- 
pionis M. T. Ciceronis et saturna- 
fiorum libri VII. Yen., N. Jen. 
■on, 1472. foL 

166 leaves (the itt and last 2 blank) 
with 40 linei, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. The first edition, 
▼cry scaroe» and fine. Leaf 2a line i is 
NIS. The colophon is m leaf i66i» in 
4 lines. A copy on vellnm in the Royal 
fibffarv at Paris, a second in Lord Pem- 
fanke^ library {Dibdm Decam. III. 290), 
a thtid in BUd, ImperiaU (BonuBj 171 1. 

Mention has been made of an edition at 
Rome, superinteoded by bishop Andreas de 
Alar m httoKt i466y beowse he says in his 

preface to the Gellius of 1469, that he has 
corrected the Greek passages in Macrobius. 
But no copy of it is known, and besides 
Schweynheim and Pannarz do not mention 
it in their letter of 1473, to Sixtus IV. 
Mahul, in the Clastical journal , XXII. 52, 
conjectures that Andreas had employed 
himself upon Macrobius, but that the edi- 
tion itsdf had not speared. At the same 
time he neverthdess considers it doubtful 
whether the rest of the editions by An- 
dreas, mentioned in that place, namely, 
Gellius, Apulejus, and Hieronymus, really 
appeared. I consider this doubt to be un- 
necessary, and the nonexistence of an 
earlier Roman edition as dedded. 

12705 Brixise, Boninus de Bo- 

niiiis, 6 Jun. 1483. fol. 

100 leaves, with 37 lines, and signatures. 
Tolerably fine. 

I27C6 Brixifle, Boninus de Bo- 

uinis, 15 Maji 1485. fol. 
176 leaves, wiUi 37 lines, and signatures. 
A reprint of the preceding. The edition, 
Lips. 1485. foL (only in £mesti*8 Catal. 
p. 174^ has probably arisen from a ty- 
pographical error (instead of BrLria). 

12707 — — Ven. (without the 
printer's name), 29 Jun. 1492. fol. 
89 numbered leaves, with 57 lines, and 
the signatures a-p. The edition, Medud.y 
Scinzengelevy 1498. foL is grcsEUly sus- 

12708 Ven., Ph. Pincius, 

29 Oct. 1500. fol. 

36 and 86 numljered leaves, with the 
signatures a-/ and A-O. It appears to be a 
reprint of the preceding. A Bolognese 
edition of this year seems suspicious. 

12709 — de somno Scipionis nee non 
de Satumalibus libri, summa di- 
ligentia suo nitori restituti. Brixiae, 
Ang. Britannicus, 18 Jan. 1501. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter (title and 
index) and 158 numbered leaves. 

12710 — Macrobius nunc primum 
integer, nitidus et suo nitori resti- 
tutus (par J. Rivium). Ven., Agst. 
de Zannis, 15 Jun. 15 13. fol. 

The first new revision of the text, yet 
without MSS. Reprinted, Par., Atcens., 
caL Fehr. 1515. fol. 

12711 — interpretatio in somnium 

Scipionis. Saturnaliorum libri VII. 

Hsc omnia N. Angelius correxit 

imprimique curavit. Flor., Ph. 

Junta, m. Jul. 1515. 8^ 
\i leaves of preliminary matter, 279 



numbered leaves, aiid i leaf, printer's sym- 
boL A new recension, but without MSS. 
Reprinted, Ven,, J. Tacuiniu de Tridino, 
1531. foL 

12712 — Macrobius integer, nitidas 
suoque decori ab J. Rivio superio- 
ribus aimis et nunc cura Ascensia- 
norum miilto diligentius restitutus. 
Addito libello Censurini de die na- 
tal!. Par., )3adius, 15 19. fol. 

5 leaves of preliminary matter and 100 
numbered leaves. Repeated, ib.fkLf 1534. 
fbl. The editions Bits. 15 19. fol. Arff, 
1519. foL Nrb, 1519. foL are suspected; 
the last two in the (Jpsal catalogue. 

12713 — - in somnium Scip. U. II. et 
VII ejusdem libri Satumalior. (re- 
cens. Arnoldus Vosaliensis). Coh, 
Cenriconiiis, m. Aug. 1521. fol. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter (the 6th 
errata) and 146 numbered leaves. A new 
and caret*ul recension, Imt without MSS. 
Divided into chapters for the first time. 

12714 — in somn. Scip. 11. II et VII 
ejusdem Satumaliorum. Nunc 
denuo recogiiiti et multis in locis 
aucti (per Amoldum Vesaliensem). 
Col., C6rFiooniu8, prid. nonas Ja- 

nuar. 1526. foL 

10 leaves of preliminary matter and 140 
numbered leaves. A new edition of the 
preceding recension, but likewise without 
MSS., chiefly from Athenteus. Reprinted, 
Co/., Sotevy 1527. S\ Luffd,, SO. Gry- 
phiuty 153a, or 38, or 4a. 8°. 

12715 — in somnium Scip. ex Cice- 

ronis VI. libro de rep. explanatio. 

Ejusd. Satumalior. libri VII. Cen- 

soriuus de die natali, additis ex ve- 

tusto exemplari uonnuUis, quae de- 

siderabantur. Ven., Aldus et And. 

Asulanus, m. Apr. 1528. 8^ 

16 leaves of preliminary matter, ^22 
numbered and 2 Idunk leaves (the andior 
on the last). Superintended by Donatus 
Veronensis, whose labour scarcely extends 
beyond the correction of the typographical 
errors: he had no MSS. An Aldme of 
1517 is a nonentity. 

12716 — In somn. Scip. 11. II. E- 

jusd. Snturnalior. 11. VII ex ve- 

tustiss. MSS. codd. recc^iti et 

aucti (per Jo. Camerarium). Bas.^ 

Hervagius, 1535. fol. 

20 leaves of preliminary matter, 334 
numberod leavesy and i lea^ enata and 


printer's symboL A new and valuable re' 
oension from 2 MSS. Reprinted, Lugd.^ 
Sb. Gryphius, 1550, or 56, or 60. 8^ 
Luyd., Theob. Pof/anuSy 1560. 8°. Ftfn., 
Hi. Sootusy 1570. 8^ Ven., J. Gryphius, 
1574. 8°. 

12717 — in somn. Scip. 11. II. E- 
jusd. convivior. Satumalior. 11. VII. 
(ed. H. Stephanus). Par. 1585. 8°. 

7 leaves of preliminary matter, 578 pages, 
and 40 unnumbered leaves. Camerarius*s 
text forms the groundwork, corrected from 
MSS. (by L. Carrio.) 

12718 — opera. J. Isaacius Pontanus 
recensuit et Satumalior. libros MS. 
o{»e auxit, ordinavit et castigatt. 
sive notas adjecit. (Ace. J. ]\Ieur- 
sii notse). LB., Fr. Raphelengius^ 

1597. 8^ 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 697 pages, 
and 2 J unnumbered leaves (index and 
Meundutt^s notes). Pontanus made use iii 
an English AIS. The notes are valuable ; 
the book De different^ gr. et laL verbi is 
also included. 

12719 — opera. J. Isaacius Pontanus 

secundo recensuit : adjectis ad libros 

singulos notis. Quibus acced. J. 

Meursii breviores notai. LB., Maire, 

1628. 8^ 

16 leaves of preliminary matter, 76S 
pages, and 23 unnumbered leaves (index 
and errata). A new revision 0^ the 
preceding edition, but without any fineth 

12720 — opera. Ace notie integrse 
Isacii Pontani, J. Meursii, Jac. 
Gronovii. LB., Doude, 1670. 8*^. 

A new recension in the Stnrni. Sdp. from 
2 M8S., and in the Saturn, from i MS. 
Not very correctly printed. 

12721 — opera. Ace. integrse Is. 
Pontani, J. Meursii, Jac. Gronovii 
animadvv. Ed. uoviss. cum ind. lo- 
cuplctiss. Loud., Dring, 1694. 8^. 

A litenU reprint of the preceding, and 
very incorrect. 

12722 •— quae extant omnia^ diligen- 
tissime emendata et cum optimis 
edd. collata (a Hi. Vulpio). Pata- 
vii, Cominus, 1736. 8®. 

Also copies on laiye paper and on bloe 
paper. A oiirreot impression of the text 
from Gronovius*s edition of 1670, the pa- 
gination of which is also given in the mar- 
gin. Some readings are admitted into the 
text from the Aldine, and from the Paris 


MAC MAP 1007 

S?S«'ll5?5;^P^i^***°'5!^^^ ^2728 MADOX, Th. Pormulara 

^ hook nedif, verU pr. et fa^^t^ Angbcanum, or a coUection of an. 

lodex of GroiM»vTus*8 edition. oent charters and instruments of 

12723 — opera cum notis integris ^^®" kinds, taken from the origi- 

Pootani^ Meuisii, (Jronovii. Qui- "*^®» ^'^™ *^^ Norman conquest to 

bus adjonxit et suas J. C. Zeunius. ^jj^^^ ^^ *^® '^'S" ^^ ^- Henry 

Lpa^ Geargi, 1774. 8°. (2 d.) ^^^^ ^^nd. 1702. fol. 

An incorrect reprint of the edition of Printed again in the Dutch edition of 

1670, with good notes of its own by Zeu- Rymer. A very important work, which 

has not yet however been judidoosly made 

12724 — opera ad opt. edd. collata. ^"f \!!f f*^^"^"^^'* ^V'^ ^ ^P^ 

Biponti, V788. 8^ 2 voU. (Id ,0^; ^ u . 

4^) "". ki a. 12729 — firma burgi, or an historical 

12725 — de differentiis et sodetati. K^.'^'^i '''!i^r^T'' ^ 
boa grseci latinique verbi libellus J«j^«"g»^8 o^ Enghmd. Lond. 1726. 

nunc prim, in lucem editus (a J. 

OpsopcBo). Par., Dion. Duvallius, ^^^^ — history and antiquities of the 

1588. 8*. exchequer. Loud. 1740-41. fol. 2 

VmviooOjy Par. 1583. 8*. V^l** 

12726 — Alph. Mahujl dissertation pa^^^^' ^^ 171 1. foL (abo on huge 
historique, litteraire et bibliogra- ,^^«, 1. . * ,. 

eique aur la vie et les ouvrages de *^^^l — baronia Anghcana. a history 

aarobe, in the Classical Journal ^^ I^dhonors and baronies. Lond. 

XX. 105 etc XXI. 81 etc XXU. '74'. fol. Also on large paper. 

5 1 etc Previously in MiUin An. MA3)RIGNANUS, see Barthema 

naL encycL 1817. v. 21-76. — The ^^^ Itinbrabium. 

slaughter of the children in Bethle- 12732 MAERLANT, Jac. Spiegel 

hem as an historical feet vindi- historiael of Rymkronyk, met aan- 

oited, and the suspected Chris- teekeningen door Jac. Arnout Clig- 

tianity of Macrobius disprov^d^ by nett en Jan Steenwinkel. Leyden, 

J. Masson. Lond. 1728. 8^ Pr. de Does, 1784-85. 8°. 2 voll. 

The OreA translation of Macrobius's 12733 MAFFEI, J. Pt. Historiar 

Ahms. Snp. by Maxunns Planodes fills the t j* ti. • > •'• * "^ o«»ionar. 

fim 4 iheetB of the ist voL of Ch. F. Mait- J^"!^'*' J^^" ^ ^> selectar. item ex 

taife's AneednL Grac, which was not ^dia epistolar. libri 4, eodem in- 

lini^ed. These sheets are in the Leipsic terprete. Acc Ign. Loyolse vita 

Srl^^-p.?;2~^ ^^- "^^ ^ ^«'- Birckmann, 1593. M. 

12727 MADER. Jo. J. DebibHo. th^iS'in^T. ^"^ """'^ " ''^"^ 

i^f{!!?ir.t'^^''^ It "^"^^ ^2734 - istorie delle Indie orientali, 

^^^aL^TZT'^a^^. ^^ ^' ^^ latino da Pr. Serdonati 

?;. o'^- ^°^-^ S(chm,d.) Hlmst. pj,., Giunti, 1589. 4^ 

1702. 4^ Nova accessio. ib. 170^. m.^u *u ^ ^n ^ 

A? Accesfun nlf^n^ ih . ^^/ .0 ^^ ^7 ^^ academy della Cmsca. The 

4 . Accessio altera, ib. 1705. 4^ edition, Berffmma. iJieeUoiH, 1749. 4-. « 

3 parts in 1 vol. vols, (and on Uuige paper) is also good. 

Ctntendog a profected continuation of ""J® French translation (by de Pure), Par. 

this coQectiao, by J. Dt. Winckler, see JB. '°^5- 4^ » not prized. 

i^^:^ rr^«nir^3.^ ''''' - ?p*~ •?'-'• ^*'- --^p*^ 

419. The cnllectian by Kiiler may be add- ^^^^ pnmum m unum corpus col- 

ed hereto, see above, No. 11494. lecta. Acc Maffei vita, Pt. Ant* 

See also Centvbia, No. 3913. Serassio autore. Bergomi, Lancel- 

MADIEN. aee Philippe de Ma- lottus, 1747. 4^ 2 voS. 

*«• MAPPEI, P. Aless., see Rossi. 

1008 M A F MAG 

12736 MAFPEI, Scip. Opere. Ven. 12749 — (amwi,) storia teologica delle 

1790. 8°. 21 voll. dottrine e delle opinioni corse ne* 

Several MSS. of it are in the library at cinque primi secoli della chiesa in 

Nismes; see MUlin Voy. en France, T. proposito della div. grazia, del li- 

IV. P. I. p. a;^ not. i. ^^^^ arbitrio e della predestinazione. 

12737— (anon.) arte magica anni- Trento, 1742. fol. 

chilatalibri III. Verona, Andreoni, j2750 — teatro, cio^ la tragedia (Me- 

1754* 4°- • rope), la commedia (le ceremonie) 

A copy on vellum 49 fr. 95 c McCarthy. ^ K^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ stampato (la 

12738 — della formazione de' ful- gj^ ninfa). Verona, Tumermani, 
mini. Verona, Tumermani, 1727. 1730. 8*^. 

4**' , . 12751 — Verona illustrata. Verona, 

12739 — (anon,) Galli» antiquitates ,73 1,32. fol. with plates, 4 parts 
quaedam selectae. Veronse, 1734. 4°. j^ , y^i ^jg^ ^,n large paper, 
with plates. ^1^^ ^ ,.3, ^^ ^o, ^ ^^. A new 

Par. 1733. 4**. w less complete. edition, Ven. 179a, 93. 4^ 8 voLk with 

12740 — Grsecorum siglse lapidarise. plates. 

Veronae, 1 746. 8°. 12752 MAFFEI, Scip. Agnello. Gli 

12741 — istoria diplomatica, che serve annali di Mantova. Tortona, Viola, 
d'introduzione all' arte critica in 1675. fol. 

tal materia. Mantova, Tumermani, 12753 MAGAGNO, Menon e Be- 

1727. 4**. gotto (that is, Agst. Rava, Gi. Bt. 

12742 — Merope, tragedia, con an- Maganza e Bm. Rustichello). 
notazioui.Verona,Ramanzani,i745. Rime in lingua rustica Padovana. 
4°. with plates. Ven., Gr. Donato, 1584. 8°. Also, 

Fine and greaUy sought after. With j|j 16 10, or 20, or 59. 8^ 

Freret's French, and Ayres English, trans. 12754 mAGALHAES de Gandavo, 

1274rMAFFEI, J. Pt. Merope, Pedro de. Historia da provincia 

tragedia, giusta la prima edizione, de Santa Cruz, a que vulgarmente 

con le varie lezioni ed insieme con chamamos Brazil. Lisb., Gon9alve8, 

alcune operette, colle quali si cri- ^57^' 4**« 

tica, si difende e s'illustra la detta Cited by the academy of Lisbon, 

tragedia. Ven.. Bassaglia, 1747. 4^ MAGALLANES, Fd., see Piga- 

The edition, Verona, Giuliari, 1 796. 4*. pBTTA. 

is very fine. Aho, Cm yark UMtani e note MAGALOTTI, Lr. Opere 

iU Vine. CavaUuoct, Ltwmo, 1 763. 8». *^'*' m t ir ,«/;. Qo 

xr tutte. T.I. Ven. 1761. 8°. 

12744 — (anon.) museum Veronense ' ««.s„*«„^^ 

t J ^. ' 4^ ^ «*r,.,« No more of this edition, superintended 

h. e. antiquar. inscriptionum atque ^^ ^. 3^ p^squali, has appeared. Thi. 

anaglyphorum collectio, CUl Taun- ^^i, contains the Sagpi di naturali espe- 

nensis adjungitur et Vindobonensis. rienxe. 

Ace. monumenta id genus plurima 12756 — lettere femiliari. Ven., Co- 

nondum vulgata. Veronce, typis se- leti, 17 19, or 32, or 41. 4°. 

minarii, 1749. fol. with plates. 12757 — lettere scientitiche ed eru- 

12745 — osservazioni letterarie. Ve- dite. Fir., Tartini, 1721. 4°. 
rona, 1 737-40. 8°. 6 voll. The editor was Th. Buonareuturi. Also, 

12746 — poesie. Verona, Andreoni, Ven., O&My 1734. 4°-> and Mil 1806. 8°. 
i7«;2 8^ 2 voll 1 vols. (Ctowtci //.) 

12747 — rime e prose. Ven., Coleti, 127^58 — lettere. Fir., Manni, 1736. 

I '7 1 A^ 4 * 

^I.y 1 11 :««-« ^i,:.>.v.«4-A ^ This collection of 100 new letters waa 

12748 — della 8Cien^ chiamata ca- rfnteaded by Oiu.. Manni. 
valleresca libn 3. Roma, Uonzaga, ' . . 1 . t »» 
I7IO A." > a J2759 — lettere del conte Lr. Ma«a- 

A oJai originia ediUon. lotti 6 di altri insigni uomini a lui 

MAG MAG 1009 

acritte. Fir.. Cambiagi, 1769. 8^ MEGENBERG, see Buch der 

» roU. Natur. 

Aug. Fabroni was the editor. 12770 MAGGI, C. Mar. Rime varie 

12760 — (pseudon,) canzonetti ana- raccolte da L. Ant. Muratori (colla 
creontiche da Lindoro Elateo. Fir., sua vita). Mil., Malatesta, 1700. 
TartinL 1723. 8«. 12^ 5 vols. Also, Ven. 1708. 12°. 

*^**"*- 6 vols. 

12761 — la donna imaginaria, canzo- 12771 — commedie e rime in lingua 

mere, con altre di lui leggiadris- Milanese. Mil., Malatesta, 1701. 8**. 

sime composizioni inedite, raccolte 12772 MAGGI, Fr. Mar. Syn- 

p pubbUc. da Gaetano Cambiagi. tagma linguar. orientalium, quffi in 

Lucca, Riccomini, 1762. 8°. Georgiae r^onibus audiuntur. Ro- 

The imprmon oe the Canxoniere by itadf, mae, typ. congr. de prop, fide, 1670. 

Ftr^ Bomftion, 1762. 4MS Jen correct. f^j '^ '^ ' 

12762 — il sidro, poema trad, dall' Previously, t*. 1643. fol. 

Inglese, con aggiunta d'altri com- 12773 MAGHE, Engelbert. Chro- 

ponimenti di varj poeti. Fir., Bon- nicum b. Mariae virg. bona Spei 

dncd, 1752. 8°. ord. Praemonstratensis. BonaeSpei, 

Prarioiuljr without this appendage, i4., 1704. 4®. 

«., 1749. 8*. Very scarce. 

12763 — varie operette. Ven., Piz- MAGISTER, see Thomas. 

nJ^n'^^i'^^^r n MAGISTRUTIA, see Ausmo and 

MAGAGNATI, see Capitoli. BARTHOLOMiEus a S. Concordio. 

12764 MAGAZINE, European. MAGNA Charta, see Charta. 
Lend. 1 782-1 8 1 4. 8^ 6 vols. 12774 MAGNANI, Dm. Problema 

In monthly parta at «. It .s going on. de anno nativitatis Christi. Romae, 

12765 MAGAZINE, Monthly. Lond. 1772. 8°. with plates. 

1796-1 815. 8°. 44 vols. 12775 — miscellanea numismatica, in 

The New MonOdy Magazine began in quib. exhibentur populor. insigni- 

' '**"„. ^ 4 „^^r^ r^ ^ umque virorura numismata omnia. 

12766 MAGAZINE. The Scots Rom«,Casaletti, 1772-74. large 8^ 

Magazine and Edinburgh literary a volL 

miscdlany. Edinb.. January 1739. 12776 — Lucania numismatica s. Lu. 

—July 1817. 8^ 79 vols. caniae populor. numismata omnia. 

The Edinburgh Moffox. and Uterary mis. Romae, 1 775. 4°. 2 vols, with plates 

ccttff^ is incliKted in it (since August 1818 10799 TIv,,m.;« ««w.:«^ *.• 

famSithly part, at a..)' Iti.S««. ^%" S~ »"?«« n«m«natica 8. numismata omnia. Romas, im-fol. 

voted to agnculture and rural af- ^th 124 pUtes. 

fei«. Edmb. i8o<^2o. 8'. 20 vols. 12779 — (anon.) la yille de Rome, ou 

and I vol. index to vols i-ia. description snccincte de cette su- 

^^^Y-riy 4 p«. (4 to . VOL) tt 3.. It „ ^^ '^u^ R^„^^ Casaletti, 1778. 

m« A ^ A rwrKrrt ^ 1 , f^^' 4 Vols. With 42 C plstCS. 

MAGAZINE, Gentleman s, see There are aJso oopi« with an Italian 

GbktlemaN. title.— See also Icokarium. 

12768 MAGAZINE, Novelist's, be- 12779 MAGNI, Jac. Sophilogium 
ing ft collection of the best English libri III. Without place or date 
novels. Lond. 1 781 or 90. large 8^ (about 1470). small fol. 

33 vols, with plates. Distinguished by the peculiar form o£ the 

12769 MAGDALENA, Agst. de la. ^y ^J"cl* printing Panzer perhaps erro- 

Arte de la lengua Tagala. Mexico, J^^i "^i?^ ^ Mentelin in StrasbuiiBr. 

r/r To ~o -© » I would rather, on account of its paper- 

1009. 5 . niyirk (a p with a cross on it), take it to be 

HAGELONE, see Maodblonne. a Cologne or NetherUmd production^ as 



tliat sign never wppeuB in any of Mente- 
lin*s productions. 217 leaves with 35 
lines, without signatures, catchwords, and 
pagination. In the first 5 pages is a list of 
chapters. Leaf ^^ begins the work itself, 
leaf 41* the and book (leaf pya is blank), 
md leaf 144* in the last hne, the thii^ 
book. Leaf 217b hne 34 and 35 is the 
colophon. ZophUogium editum a fraJtre 
laoobo mofftU de Parishu: ordinU here^ 
mUa4 sanoH Auffu. ftnit fasRcUer. 

12780 without place or date. 

small fol. 

From the same press, and likewise 117 
leaves with 35 Unes, without signatures, 
catchwords, and pagination, and altogether 
agreeing with the preceding, except that it 
deviates throughout in the abbreviations. 
Thus the first two words of leaf i a are CapU 
iula trtictatfta (instead of CapUula tractate in 
the preceding), and in leaf 1 1 7^ in the co- 
lophon, Zophihlogium (instead of ZophiiO' 
g*um)y see Panzer, IV. 484. The work is 
a sort of encyclopedia or collection of sen- 
tences, and is useful in a critical point of 
view on aoofiunt of the passages quoted 
from the dassics. 

12781 — Sophilogiuin, libri III. 

Without place or date (Col,, about 

1470). fol. (Gothic letter. 

1 67 leaves in 2 columns with 38 lines, 
without signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 
nation. At the end, ExplieU Sophilogium 
feliciter. Also without place or date (Eu- 
Mtadiiy Reyser), foL 188 leaves with lines 
running all across the page, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. At the 
end, SophUogium editum a fratre Jaeobe 
Magm etc — Without place or date {Col,, 
N. GoiM de Sletttat), foL in 2 columns with 
32 Unes — ^Without place or date (about 
1 475). fol. 148 leaves in 2 columns with 40 

12782 Par., Mt. Grants., U. 

Gering et Mch. Friburger, i Jun. 

1475. fol. Gothic letter. 

The first dated edition. With 32 lines 
running all across the page, and first 3 
leaves of list of chapters. Also, t^., tMt, 
1477. 4°. Gothic letter, with the signatures 
A—Y, and often. 

12783 — le livre des bonnes moeurs, 

fait et compost par fr^e Jac. Le- 

grant. Chablies, Pt. Lerouge, i 

Avril 1478. fol. Gothic letter, 51 

leaves in 2 columns. 

This is not atranslation of the Sophilogium, 
at has been supposed. Abo, without place 
or date. fnl. Gothic letter, with 36 lines 
mnning all across the page. Geneve, L, 


Cruaey withoot date (before 1490). 4**. 
Also under the title, Le trUor de eapienoe 
etjleur tie touie bonU, Par,, Vtdoue, i53i» 
8**. with woodcuts. The English tranda- 
tion. The book cf good mtmnert, WesU 
mknstery Caxton, 1487. foL Gothic letter, is 
very scarce. — See also Vias. 

12784 MAGNUS, J. Gothorum 

Sueonumque historia. Romse, de 

Viottis, 1554. fol. 

An edition greatly sought after. In 
Swedish by Eric SchrOder, Sth, 1620. fol. 

12785 — historia metropol. ecdesise 
Upsaliensis. Romse, 1 560. fol. 

12786 MAGNUS, Olaus. Historia 
de gentibus septentrionalibus. Ro- 
mse, de Viottis, 1555. foL with 

The first edition, and more sought after 
than the edition, Bas. 1567. fol. In Ita- 
lian, Ven, 1565. fol. with woodcuts. In 
German by J. Bt. Fickler, Bas, 1567. foL 
with woodcuts. The abridgment of this 
work (by Corn. Scribon. Grapheus), Anho, 
1558 or 62. 8*. LB, 1645. 12*. AmtL 
1669. I2^ (also translated into Italian, 
French, and Dutch) is not sought after. 

12787 MAGNY, Oliv. de. Amours, 

ensemble un recueil d'aucunes oea- 

vres de Salel. Par. 1553. 8°. Also, 

I^y<>n, 1573. 12°. — Gayet^s. Par. 

1554. 8^— ^upirs. Par. 1557. 8°. 

— Odes. Par. 1559. 8°. 

All 4 vols, together are scarce, especially 
the GayeUsy on account of their offensive* 

12788 ]\IAGRI, Jac. Elucidationes 
ad quatuor libros institutionum 
Justiniani. Mexici, 1787-88. 4**. 4 

Altogether unknown in Europe. 

12789 MAGUELONNE. L'histoire 

du noble et vaillant chevalier Pierre 

de Provence et ausd de la belle 

Maguelonne fille du roy de Naples 

(par Bn. de Trevi^s). Without 

place or date. 4°. Gothic letter with 


28 leaves with 31 and 32 lines running 
across the page, and the signatures a~g, 

12790 — la belle Maguelonne. With, 
out place or date. 4°. Gothic letter 
with woodcuts. 

54 leaves with 26 lines running all across 
the page, and the signatures ot-^iit. Leaf 
2 begins, Au nom de noetre eeigneur Jeeu* 


12791 — cy commence listorye dn 
Tatllant cheualier pierre de prouence 
€t de la belle Magnelomie fille du 
nj de naples. Without place, 
1490. 4**. Gothic letter with wood- 

Whh. Hnfli nmniiig afl across the page. 

12792 — histoire du vaillant cheva- 
lier Pierre, fils du comte de Pro- 
rence, et de la belle Maguelonne^ 
fille du roi de Naples. Lyon, Gu. 

le Roy, fol. Gothic letter with 

woodcuts, 101 leaves. 

In the oopj \rhich VaOi^re possessed, 
and which was sold at the duke of Marl- 
borough*s sale in 1819 for 22L is., the last 
leaf is wanting. Brunet considers it older 
tfian the edition of 1492. 

12795 — histoire du vaillant cheva- 
lier Pierre de Provence, et de la 
beUe Maguelonne, fille du roi de 
Naples. Par., J. Trepperel, 15 Mai 
149a. 4^ Gothic letter wiUi wood- 

12794 -^ histoire de Pierre de Pro- 
vence et de la belle (Maguelonne. 
(Rouen), le Forestier (or, pour 
Mch. Angier), without date. 4^. 
Gothic letter. 

12795 — lliistoire des deux vrais et 
parfiuts amans Pierre de Provence 
e^ la belle Maguelone fille du roi 
de Naples. Avignon, de Channey, 
1524. 8^ Gothic letter. 

12796 — lliistoire de Pierre de Pro- 
vence et de la belle Maguelonne. 
Troyes* without date (17th cen- 
tury). 8^ with woodcuts. 

12797 — lliistoire du noble et vail- 
lant chevalier Pierre de Provence 
et de la belle Maguelonne. Lyon, 
Bidier^ 1625. 8^ 

Also in BibHoih^que bleue. Par, 1769 
or 75. 8*. a ToU. 

12798* — la historia de la linda Ma- 
calona, hija del rey de Napoles, y 
del mny ^or9ado cavallero Pierres 
de Proven^a. Toledo, 1526. 4''. 

Also SeviUoy de BoberHsy 1542. 4^ Sa^ 
T^gommmj Aliaraque, 1602. 4°. 

12798^ — la historia del cavalier Pi. 
erres de Provenga, y de la gentil 
MagaloDa filla del rey de Napols ; 
VOL. in. 



traduyda de Uengua castellana en 
la Uengua catalana per Honorat 
Comalada. Barcelona, Cormellas, 
1650. 4°. 

12799 — die schon Magelona...durch 
Magister Veiten Warbeck auss 
Frantzosischer sprach inn Teusche 
{sic) verdolmetscht, mit einem 
sendbrieff G. Spalatini. Ff. a. M., 
GulfiTerich, 1549. 4^ with wood- 
cuts. 50 leaves. 

Also in the Buck der Liebe Bl, 31 6. 
An abridgment in Beichard^s BibU der 
Bomane XIV. 75-97. — Bin fast kurxweu 
Uge HUtory wm der echonen Magehna, 
Without place, 1593. 8**. 

12800 — den skionne Magelona. 
Kbhvn. 1662. 8^ 

12801 — historya o Magielonie Krd- 

lownie Neapolitanskey. w Krako- 

wie, 1701. 8^ 

Concerning this romance, see MilHn 
Voy. en France T. IV. P. I. p. 354. 

12802 MAHABHARAT. Srimah- 
h&bh&rate Naldp&khjanam. Nalus, 
carmen Sanscritum, e Mahdbh&rato. 
Edidit, latine vertit et adnotatt. il- 
lustravit Fr. Bopp. Lond., Treut- 
tel, 1819. 8^ (8 d.)— Nalus, eine 
ind. Dichtung von Wjasa. Aus 
dem Sanskrit im Versmaasse der 
Urschrift Qbersetzt mit An mm. von 
Kosegarten. Jena, i8ao. 8^ (id. 

16 gr.) 

A Bengalese translation of a part of the 
Mahabharat, Serampore, 1810. I2^ 4 vols. 
The Royal library at Dresden possesses 1 
different MSS. of a free Persian translation 
of the entire Mahabharat. 

12803 MAHMOUD. Tableau des 
nouveaux r^lemens de Tempire Ot- 
toman, compost par Mahmoud Reis 
Effendi. Imprim^ dans la nouvelle 
imprimerie du Genie. Constanti- 
nople, 1798. fol. 60 pages, with 

many plates. 

The small impression was only divided 
among the ministers of the Porte, and 
those of foreign courts who reside at Con- 
stantinople. The plates are for the most 
part unnecessary and badly executed. 

MAHOMET, see Mohammed. 
MAJANSIUS, see Mayans. 

12804 MAIER^ M. II r^no di Na. 
poli e di Calabria, descritto con 




medaglie. Roma (other copies, 
Haya)^ 17^3* ^o\. 2 parts in i vol. 
with 35 plates. 

At the same time the ind part to Ver- 
gara*8 similar work. The edition, Lf^on, 
1 71 7. foL is cheaper, although it is pre- 
tended that only 100 copies were struck 

12805 MAIGNAN, Emman. Pet- 
spectivse horarise U. IV. Roxnse, 
1648. fol. with plates. 

12806 MAILATH. Koloczaer Co- 
dex altdeutscher Gedichte, herausg. 
von J. Nepom. Graf en Maildth u. 
J. P. Koffinger. Pesth, Hartleben, 
1 81 7. 8°. (2 d. 12 gr.) 

A faithful impression of a faulty oodex. 

12807 MAILLA, Jos. Ann. Mar. de 
Moyriac de. Histoire g^n^rale de 
la Chine, traduite du Tong-Kien- 
Kang-Mon, publiee par I'abb^ Gro- 
sier, avec la description de la Chine. 
Par. 1777-85. 4°. 13 vols, with 

D*Anville*s maps to Duhalde are some- 
times included. The 13th toL, or Grosier's 
Deacript, de la Chine, appeared also by 
itself, Par, 1787. 8^ a toLb. See above, 

12808 MAILLARD, Oliv. Cy c6- 

mence listoire de la passion dou- 

loureuse de nostre doulx sauueur. 

Par., J. Lambert, 1493. 4^. Gothic 


A copy on vellum in the library of S. 
Genevieve at Paris. 

12809 — sermones dominicales, qua- 
dragesimales et aurei, Parisiis et 
alibi declamati. Par. 151 1-30. 8^ 
7 parts in 3 vols. 

Scarce, but <mly of value when perfect. 

12810 — sermon pr^h^ le 5e di- 
manche de car^me en la ville de 
Bruges. Par. 1500. 4*^. Grothic 

The scarcest sermon of this author, and 
the most sought after, because the pas- 
sages are marked by the word hem ! him ! 
in the mai^in, where a pause was made to 

MAILLET, see Mascbibb. 

12811 MAILLOT. Recherches sur 
les costumes, les moeurs et les 
usages civils des anciens peuples. 


publiees par Martin. Par., Didot, 
1 804-6. 4°. 3 vols, with 296 plates 
in etching (90 fr., on vellum paper 
180 fr.). 

12812 MAIMBOURG, L. Histoire 
de TArianisme. Par. 1686. 4^. 2 
voll. (ib. 1682. l2^ 4 voll.)— des 
iconoclastes. 1686. 4*^. (1683. 12**. 
2 voll.) — du schisme des Grecs. 
1686. 4^ (1682. 12°. 2 voll.) — des 
Croisades. 1686. 4°. 2 voll. (1685. 
12^ 4 voll.)— -de la decadence de 
I'empire. 1686. 4°. (1681. 12°. a 
voll.) — du grand schisme d'Occi- 
dent. 1686. 4^ (1679. '^°- * voll-) 
— du Lutheranisme. 1 686.4^. ( 1 68 1 • 
12°. 2 voll.) — du Calvinisme. 1682. 
4**. (1682. 1 2®. 2 voll.) — de la ligue. 
1683. 4*>. (1683. I2^ 2 voll.) — 
trait<^ des prerogatives de F^iise 
de Rome. 1685. 4^ (1688. 12''. a 
voll.) — histoire du pontificat de 
Gr^ire le Gr. 1686. 4^ (1686. 
1 2°. 2 voll.) — ^hist. du pontificat de 
Leon le Gr. 1687. 4^ (1687. 12**. 
2 voll.) 

This series of Maimbourg*s writings in 
14 vds. in 4**. or a8 vols, in ll^ is now no 
longer sought after. 

12813 MAIMONIDES, Moses. Mo- 
reh Nevochim, doctor perplexorum^ 
in ling. lat. oonversus a J. Buxtorfio. 
Bas. 1629. 4^ 

12814 — porta Mosis s. dissertationes 
suis in varias Mischnajoth partes 
commentariis prcemisse. Nunc 

Srim. arab. et lat. ^itie cum appen- 
ice notar. op. et st. Ed. Pocockii. 
Ox., Hall, 1655. 4^ 

12815 MAINO, Ambr. Jason de. De 

jure emphiteotico quiestiones. Tho- 

losse, Johannes Teutonicus, 1479. 

foL Gothic letter. 

Remarkable as one of the oldest books 
printed at Toulouse. 

12816 MAINTENON. Pr. d'Au. 
bign^, Marquise de. Memoires 
pour servir a lliist. de Mme de 
Maintenon et a celle du si^e passe 
(par de la Beaumelle). Amst. 1 755. 
1 2^ 6 voU. 

12817 — lettres (recueillies par de 


k Beaomelle). Amst. 1 756. 1 2°. 9 

Hie best editioa of both articles, which 
ought not to be separated. Very scarce on 
Dtttdi paper {wM in Paris for 301 fr.). 
Tbe other editions in 11 or 15 vols, with 
maDer type are of little valae. The new 
aditiaa ai the Lettres, Ptar^ Collin, 1807. 
II*. 6 Tols., contains some inedited letters, 
and gives some others in a more complete 
liorm from the or^^inals, but the more un- 
i ntn e suu g of Beaumelle*s cdlection are 
omitted. Par^ Tardieu, 1815. S\ 3 vob., or 
■1 12\ 4 vols., is after this edition of 1807. 

12818 — L'esprit de Tinstitut des 
filles de St. Louis, par Mme de 
Mamtenon. Par.^ Renouard, 1802. 


There are 3 copies on vellum (one sold 
Ibr 40 fr. at a sale at Paris in 181 1). 

12819 MAJOLUS, Lr. De gradibus 
medidnamm. Ven. (without the 
printer's name) 1497. small 4°. 

55 leaves and i blank leaf, with the sig- 
natures A-^ Illy and 33 lines. Very 
and decidedly an Aldine.— See aJso 



12820 MAJOR, Pt. Geschichte des 
Urspmngs der Romer in Dacien (in 
waladiischer Sprache u. Schrift). 
Ofen, 1812. 4**. 

12821 MAJOR^ Th. Recueil d'e- 
atmmpes grav^ d'apr^ les meil- 
leoTs taUeaux des grands maitres, 
doDt on a fait choix dans les cabi- 
net les plus c^^bres d'Angleterre 
et de France. Lond. 1 754. foL 

Hub edition contains 39 plates on 26 
leaves. The collection was continued, and 
fiMisiiied of 67 plates in 1768. 

12822 — the ruins of Ptestum, other- 
wise Posidonia in Magna Grsecia. 
Lond. 1767. fol. (2I. 128. 6d.) 

ID leaves of text and only 4 plates. 

12823 — les mines de Paestum on 

Posidonie dans la grande Gr^, 

trad, de I'an^. Lond. 1 768. fol. 

With 14 large md 6 small plates (No. 
19 is doubled). In Ooman by Albr. H. 
IwumgSitner, H^urMb. 1781. fd. with 30 
pbtes. Let ndnet de P^BMium^ traduct. 
Hire (par Dumont). Par, 1 769. large 4°. 

12824 MAJORAGIUS, M. Ant. 
Orationes. Ven. 1582. 4^— *Oratt. 
XXV et praefatt. XIV, una €um 

dialogo de eloquentia. Ck)l. 1676. 

12825 MAIRE, Fr. le. Histoire et 
antiquites de la ville et du duche 
d'Orl^ans. Orleans, 1648. fol. 

12826 MAIRE de Beiges, J. le. 
Trois livres des illustrations des 
G^ules et singularites de Troye. 
Par., Galiot du Pr6, 1531. 8**., or. 
Par., le Bret, 1540. 8^ 

Both editions are sought after. 

12827 — < les illustrations des Gaules 
et singularites de Troye, revues et 
restituees par Ant. du Moulin, en- 
semble les autres oeuvres du m^me 
auteur. Lyon, de Tournes, 1549* 

The most complete edition, but less sought 
after in France. There is a copy on vel- 
lum. The three books of the IllustroHont 
dee Gaules appeared at first by themselves, 
Par, and Lyon, 1511-13. fol. 

12828 — la l^gende des Venitiens, 
autrement leur chronique abr^gee. 
Lyon, Vingle, 1509. 8°. Gothic 

Also, Par,f ilfam^/ (about 15 10). 4'- 
Oothic letter. 

12829 — traites singuliers, savoir: 
les trois contes intitules de Cupido 
et Atropos, trad, de Tital. de Sera- 
phin, le second et le tiers de Vin- 
vention de J. le Maire ; les ^pita- 
phes d'Hector et d*AchiUes etc. 
Par., Galiot du Pre, 1525. 8°. Go- 
thic letter. 

A copy on vellum in the catalogue of du 
Fay, No. 1894. 

12830 MAIRET, J. Sophonisbe, 

trag^die. Par., Rocolet, 1635. 4°. 

The first French play in which (accord- 
ing to Sefframanoy p. 144.) the unity of 
time was observed. 

MAISON, see Liger. 
MAISONNEUVE, see Dubois. 
MAISONS, see Dalrj^. 

12831 MAISTRE, Xav. de. Voyage 
autour de ma chambre. Par., Re- 
nouard, 18 14. 12^ 

Of this edition only 10 copies on vellum, 
30 on yellow paper, 5 on white paper in 
18% and I on white paper in la**. were 
printed. The best edition (superintended 
by Ant Alex. Barbier) is Par, 1821. i6^ 
(i fr. 50 c) 



MAITLAND, Rch., see Pinker- 

12832 MAITLAND, W. History 
and survey of London. Lond. 1775. 
fol. 2 vols, with plates. 

The best edition. Previously, LotuL 
1739. fol. ib» 1756 or 72. fol. 1 vols. 

12833 — history of Edinburgh. 
Edinb. 1753. ^^^ 

12834 — history and antiquities of 
Scotland. Lond. 1757. fol. 2 vols. 

12835 MAITTAIRE, Mch. Grsecee 
linguae dialecti.r Post J. F. Reit- 
zium totum opus recensuit, emen- 
dav., auxit F. Gu. Sturz. Lps.^ 
Weigel, 1807. 8"*. (3 d., 8 gr., on 
writing paper 4 d. 8 gr.) 

Scarce on vellum paper. Previously, 
LofuL 1706, or 38, or 42. 8°. Haga Com. 
1738. large 8^ 

12836 — opera et fragmenta vett. 

poetar. latinor., profimorunh et ec 

clesiasticor. (curante Mch. Mait- 

taire ) . Lond., Nicholson, 1713. fol. 

2 voll. 

Prized on account of its typographical 
beauty. Verv scarce on large paper (710 
fr. McCarthy.) Corpus omnium veii. poe- 
tar, etc Lond.y or Hagm Com,, 1721. foL 
9 vols, is only a new tide. 

12837 — annales typographic ab artis 
inventse origine ad a. 1500. Hagse 
Com. 1719. 4°. Annalium typ. ab 
a. 1 500- 1 536. Tomus II in 2 par- 
tib. ib. 1722. 4^ Annal. typ. ab 
a. 1536-1557. Tomus III in 2 par- 
tib. cum appendice. ib. 1725. 4°. 
Annal. typ. ab artis inventae orig. 
ad a. 1664 (1500). Tomus I (j90- 
tius IV). in 2 partib. Ed. II. 
Amst. 1733. 4°. Annal. typ. To- 
mus V. in 2 partib., indicem com- 
plectens. Lond. 174 1. 4**. All to- 
gether 5 vols., or 9 when the parts 

are bound up separately. 

Scarce on large paper. In addition, Mch. 
Denis annalium typ, Mch, Maittmre tup- 
plementum, P%ndob, 1 789. 4°. 2 vols. (6 d.) 
Both impressions of the first part must ne- 
cessarily be had. The 4th part indeed was 
meant to he a supplement, and in some de- 
gree a new working up of the ist ; but the 
publisher gave to it, without the author*s 
consent (consult ^t^. Brittainiq. XVI. 101 
etc) the title, T. I, Edit, II. y as if the ist 
part might be dispensed with by it, which 


b not the case. For instance, in this 2nd 
edition as it is called, the copious de- 
scriptions of the editiones principes of Sut" 
daSjEtymolog,Magn,, ClaudiantuDe raptu 
Proterp, etc are wanting, and much ebe 
that is in the 1st edition. Instead thereof, 
on the other hand, the md edition haa 
much valuable matter peculiar to itself. 

The work itself is deficient in order, me- 
thod, and easy inspection (the index in 
particular is troublesome to use), but it 
contains excellent notices, and cannot be 
dispensed with on account of Panzer's 
work, which is done on quite another plan. 
On the one hand it is evident that it extends 
further than Panzer's work, whidi doeee 
with 1536; on the other it does not con- 
fine itadf, like that work, to mere nomen- 
clature, but also at the same time gives in- 
formation on the lives of printers, pub- 
lishers, correctors of the press, and literary 
men, and the author institutes inquiries of 
his own respecting the history of the art of 
printing, touching upon (in part only, by 
way of digfressiou) other topics therewith 
connected. Only the strictly bibliographical 
part of Maittaire down to 1536 may be 
dispensed with in consequence of Panzer's 

12838 — Stephanorum historia, vitas 

ipsornm ac libros complectens. 

Lond., Motte, 1 709. 8^. with plates. 

2 parts in i vol. 

Also on large paper. Sought after al- 
though capable of much ,correction. The 
appendix of 4 leaves to the and part is often 

12839 — historia typographor. ali- 
quot Parisiensium, vitas et libros 
complectens. Lond.^ Bowyer, 17 17. 
8°. with plates, a parts in i vol. 

Not frequently to be met with, as is the 
case with the preceding work, to whidi it 
belongs. Scarce on lai^ Dutch paper. 

12840 — (anon,) senilia s. poetica 
aliquot in arguments varii generis 
tentamina. Lond., Bowyer, 1742. 4". 
Also on large paper. 

See also Carmina, No. 3541* Mar- 
MoaA Oxon. No. 13 162. — The series of 
pocket editions of the Latin classics, su- 
perintended by him, see at the end of this 
work among the collections. 

12841 MAJ US, Junianus. Liber de 

priscorum proprietate rerborum. 

Neap., Mthi. Moravus et monachus 

Blasius, 1475. fol. 

The first edition and very scarce. 356 
leaves in 9 columns with 46 lines, and the 
signatures a^mm. Leaf ib begins with » 


pndqgne. TarvisHy Bn, de Colonia, 1477. 
UL Gothic letter, 330 leares in 1 oolumns 
vidi 51 lines, and the signatures a-Jl, is 
fine. Also alien. 

ltU2 MAJUS, J. H. Specimen 
linguae Pniiiete^ in hodiema Meli- 
tensium superstitis. Marb. 1718. 

Alto in the Thetaur. AnHq. Ital. T. X. 

12843 MAKINTOSH. Travels in 
Europe, Asia^ and A^ca. Lond. 
1782. 8^ 2 vols, with maps. 

In French (by J. P. Brissot), Par, 1 786. 
8*. t rob. In German, Lpx, 1785. 8°. 
1 voli. (3 d. 13 gr.) — See also Macin- 



12844 MAKRE dardeke, praeceptor 

Eaeronun, sea lexicon hebneo-ita- 
co-arabico-rabbinicum. Without 
flaee {Neap.,, Jos. Archenaz)^ 5^4^ 
1488). small fol. 78 leaves. 

Eztremdy scarce, and the 6rst lexicon 
frinted in several languages. It is entirely 
in Hebrew types. 

MAKRIZI, see Almakrizi. 
HALACARNE, see Ludwio. 
MALALA, see Btzantina, No. 


12845 MALASPINA, Marcello. 

Saggi di poesie diverse. Fir., Pa- 
perini, 1741. 4^ 

12846 MALATESTA, Alex. Mas- 

saritts. Tractatus de modo equos 

frmandi. Yen. 1607. large fol. 
With €Oy 24, and 20 tables cut in wood. 

12847 — della ragione e modi d* im- 
brigliar cavalli. Roma, 16 n. large 

An Italian translation of the preceding 
wofk, with the same woodcuts. 

MALATESTA, Jos. Riocb., see 
Corpus poetarum. 

12848 MALATESTI, Ant. I brin- 
dis dei Ciclopi. Fir.^ alia Stella, 

1673. 4**- 

Edited by Oi. CindH, and tolerably 
seucei Reprinted with the BrituUsi oi 
Sahretti etc. Fir. 1733. 8*. 

12849 — la sfinge, enimmi. Nuova 
impressione, coll' aggiunta della 
Cersa parte. Fir., alia passione^ 1683. 

12850 MALATS, Sgm. Elementos 
de veterinaria. Madr. 1793-94. 4^ 
4 voll. Hipob'to EsTEVEZ exte- 
rior del caballo. Madr. 1794. 4^ 
a voll. Materia medica, por Sgm. 
Malats. Madr. 1795-96. 4°. 2 
voll. Patbologia^ por el mismo. 
Madr. 1797-1800. 4°. 3 voll. 

12851 MALBRANCQ, Jac. De Mo- 
rinis et Morinorum rebus^ sylvis, 
paludibus, oppidis etc.. Tornaci, 
Quinque, 1639-54. 4°. 3 voll. 

A work sought after, the printing of 
which was not Bnished. All 3 vols, are 
scarce, and the 3rd vol. particularly so. 

12852 MALCHUS de vita Pytha- 
gore, gr. et lat. edente Cr. Ritters- 
husio. Altorfii, 16 10. 8°. 

The first edition of this piece, also ap- 
pended to Jamblichus and Porphyry (see 
these articles). 

12853 MALCOLM, J. History of 

Persia from tbe most early period 

to tbe present time. Lond. 1815. 

large 4^. a vols, witb 22 plates and 

I map (8 guineas, on large paper 

1 2 guineas.). 

Translated into French with a continua- 
tion up to 1820 (by Langl^), Par. 1811. 
8^ 4 vols, with plates (25 fr., on vellum 
paper 50 fr.). 

12854 MALCOLM, Jam. Peller. 
Londinum redivivum, or an ancient 
history and modem description of 
London. Lond. 1802-7. large 4°. 
4 vols. (7I. 78.) 

12855 — anecdotes of tbe manners 
and customs of London during tbe 
i8tb century. Lond. 1808. 4°. witb 
50 plates (3I. 38.). Also, ib. 1810. 
8°. 2 vols, with 45 plates (il. los.). 

12856 — Anecdotes of the manners 
and customs of London from tbe 
Roman invasion to 1700. Lond. 
1812. 8°. 3 vols, with plates (2I. 
2S.). Previously, ib. 1808-11. 4^ 
a vols, with plates. 

12857 — historical sketch of the art 
of caricaturing. Lond. 1813. 4^ 
witb 31 plates (2I. 28.). 

12858 MALDONADO, Lopez. Cari- 
cionero. Madr. 1568. 4°. 

According to the catalogue of the duke 
of Marlborough's sale (where it was sold 



for iiL), this tcaroe book appeared in 
1586. It is not noticed in Anionii Bibl. 

12859 MALDONADO, Lr. C. A- 

moretti traduzione del viaggio dal 
mare atlantico al mar paciiico fatto 
da Lr. Maldonado. Mil. 18 11. 4''. 

This voyage is here printed for the first 
time. — Voyage tie la tner ailanHgue ^ 
Toctan paeifique par le Nordoueft dans la 
mer glaciale par le capUaine Lr. Ferrer 
Maldmado Pan 1588, trad. d*un MS. 
espagnol par Charl. Amorettx. PiaoenMOy 
1813. 4**. 84 pages with 3 maps. 

la recherche de la verity Par. 1 71 2. 
4°. 2 parts in i vol. Also on large 

A greatly prized edition, as is also the 
impression U>. 171a. 12^ 4 vols, (very 
scarce on large paper). In Latin, Geneva, 
1753. 4^ 3 vols. In Italian, Pavia, 1818- 
19. I6^ 3 vols. In German (by J. Ph. 
MUUer, Ch. L. Paahsow, and J. F. H. 
UWch), ^fl/fe, 1776-80. 8^ 4 vols. (3 d. 
14 gr.) In English by Taylor, Lond. 
1700. fd. In Dutch, Rott. 1681. 8^ 3 

MALERMI, see Biblia, No. 2266, 
and Jacobus de Voragine^ No. 

12861 MALESPINI, Celio. Du- 

cento novelle. Yen., al segno dell* 

Italia, 1609. 4°. 2 parts in i vol. 
Sought after and scarce. 

12862 MALESPINI, Ricordano. 
Historia antica dall' edificazione di 
Fiorenza, per insino all' anno 1 28 1 , 
con Taggiunta di Giachetto per in- 
sino al 1 286, nuovamente posta in 
luce. Fir., Giunti, 1568. 4°. 

Cited by the academy della Crusca, as is 
also the editi(m, Fir., FU. GiunH, I598.4^ 

12863 — la medesima, coll' aggiunta 
di Giachetto e la cronica di Gi. 
Morelli. Fir., Tartini, 1718. 4". 

Corrected by Ant. Mar. Bisdoni from 
good M8S. Edited from other MSS. in 
Muratori Scriptor. Ital. T. VIII. 

12864 — storia Fiorentina, col se- 
guito di Giacotto Malispini, dalla 
edificazione di Firenze sino all' 
anno 1 286, ridotta a miglior lezione 
e con annotazioni illustrata da Vine. 
Follini. Fir. 18 16. 4^ 

12865 MALFILATRE, Jac. Charl. 


L. Narcisse dans Tisle de Venus, 
poSme en 4 chants. Par. 1795. 
small 8<'. 
1 copies on vellum (one 140 fr. Caillard). 

12866 MALHERBE, Fr. de. CEu- 
vres, avec les observations de Me- 
nage et les remarques de Chevreau 
sur les poesies. Par., Coustelier, 
1722 (or, Par., Barbou, lyi^), la''. 

3 voll. 

The notes are interesting. The (Euvres 
previously, Par.t ChapeUaifiy 1630. 4**., 
and with Menage's notes, /'or. 1666. 8^. 
Chevreau*s notes at first by themselves, 
SaufmuTy 1660. 4**. 

12867 — poesies, rangees par ordre 

chronologique, avec un discours sur 

les obligations que le langue et la 

po^sie fran9. ont a Malherbe^ et 

quelques remarqnes histor. (par le 

Fevre de Saint-Marc). Par., Bar- 

bou, 1757. 8°. 

The most sought after edition. Also on 
strong and on Dutch paper (the latter very 

12868 — poesies, avec la vie de I'au- 
teur et de courtes notes (par Meu- 
nier de Querlon). Par., Barbou> 
1764. 8^ 

Well printed and on fine paper. Also 
copies on strong paper. The text of the 
preceding, with the addition of a Letire de 
Malherbe a Louis XIII., but with the 
(miission of Malherbe^s life by Racan, of 
the Discottrs sur les obligations etc, and of 
the notes of the preceding edition. A se- 
cond edition. Par., BarbSu, 1776. 8*. is in 
equal estimation. 

12869 — Poesies. Par., Didot, an 5 

(1797). large 4**. On vellum paper. 
Only 350 copies printed, and belonging to 
the Dauphin collection. Prince M(^ Oml- 
litzin possesses the only copy on vdhim. 

12870 — ponies. Par., Didot, 1815. 
8®. (5 fr., on fine paper 7 fr. 50 c, 
on vellum paper 1 5 fr.) 

MALIPIEEO, see Petrarca spi- 

12871 MALKIN,Bj.Heath. Scenery, 

antiquities, and biography of South 

Wales. Lond. 1804. 4^ with plates 

(2I. I2S. 6d.). 
Also in 2 vols, in 8^. 

MALLEOLUS, see Hemmbrlbin. 

12872 MALLET, P. H. Introduc 
tion k Thistoire de Danemark, on 


ToEB traite de la religion, des mcBurs 
et usages des andens Danois etc, 

^^°P*^- '755-56- 4**- 2 parts in i 

A prised work, whidi belongs to the fol- 
lovi^g number. In En^ish under the 
thie, Northern antiqmHes. Land, 1770. 
S*. 1 Tob. The Monumens de la mythoL 
(aee above, £i>da, No. 6577.) are only a 
of this work edited with a sepaiate 



12873 — bistoire de Danemark. Co- 
penh. 1758-77. 4^ 3 voll. 

The original edition, the 3rd toL of 
which is addom met with. Genivey 1 788. 
1 2*. 9 Tola, is augmented, but is len correct. 

12874 MAJLLIUS Theodorus, Plav. 
De metris liber, annotationib. emen- 
datOB emittitur a Jac. F. Heusin- 
gero. Guelferbyti, 1 755. 4°. 

12875 — de metris liber, observatio- 
nib. iBostravit prieterque scriptorum 
aliquot veterum apospasmatia Cor- 
nelii Nepotis fragmenta cum disser- 
tationib. suis adjecit Jac. F. Heu- 
singer. LB. 1766. 8^ (i fl.) 

jRie best edition. 

MALMANTILE, see Zipoli. 

12876 M ALMIGNATI, Giul. L'En- 
rioo orrero Francia conquistata^ 
poema beroico. Ven. 1623. 12*^. 

Only remarkable for some nroilarity to 
Voltaire's Henriade (particularly in the de- 
noocment), see Viihiion in Miilin Magas. 
€m€jfcL Amue F. T. I. p. 299. 

MAIiO de Lnqne^ see Luqub. 

12877 MALONE, Edm. Histoncal 
account of the rise and progress of 
the English stage. Bas. 1800. 8"^. 

12878 MALPIOHI, MarceU. Opera. 
Lond., Scott, 1686 (new title 1687). 
fbl. a vols, with plates. 

The ist vol. oontams 54 plates, and the 
ind 60. LB. 1687. 4**. 3 rob. is aug- 
xncnted, but is less fine. 

12879 — opera posthuma. Lond., 
Churchill, 1697. fol. with plates. 

With I title-plate, i portrait, and 19 
plates. At the end ou^t to be found a 
Ufa else of 10 pages, De strueiura glan- 
dulmr. Also, Anut, 1698 or 1 700. 4^., and 
the last time greatly augm en ted, under the 
title. Opera medica et anatomkea varia. 
Ven, 1 743. foL with plates. 

12880 — anatome plantarum, cui sub- 
juogitar appendix de ovo incubato. 

Lond. 1675-79. ^^^' 3 parts in i 
vol. with plates. 

The 1st part has 54 plates, the 2nd 7, 
and the 3rd 39, besides the title-plate. The 
work is to be foimd included in Na 12878. 

12881 MALTEBRUN. Precis de la 

g^c^raphie universelle. Ed. II. 

Far. 1812-17. 8°. 5 vols, with an 

atlas of 75 maps in large 4°. (95 fr.) 
Only 13 copies on vellum paper (190 fr.). 
The division of Europe has not yet ap- 
peared. The atlas appeared in 2 Nos., one 
of 14 maps, the other of 51 (34 and 36 fr.). 
"-^Mte der mathem, u. phyt. Geogr. ube, 
von E* A. W, V, Zimmermann, LemgOy 
18 1 5 etc 8**. with maps. — Tableau de la- 
Pologne one. et modeme. Par. 1807. 8°. 

12882 — Annales des voyages, de la 
geographic et de Thistoire. Par. 
1808-15. ^°* with plates, 25 vols, 
including the index to the first 20 
vols. (168 fr.) Nouvelles annales 
etc. par E3rri^ et Malte-Brun. Par. 
1819-20. 8^ 6 voll. (30 fr.) 

12883 MALTON, Th. Picturesque 
tour through London and Westmin- 
ster. Loud. 1792. fol. 2 parts in i 
vol. with plates (17I. los.) 

12884 — treatise on perspective in 
theory and practice, with the sup. 
plement. Lond. 1779-83. fol. 2 
vols, with 58 plates. 

12885 MALVASIA, C. Caes. Mar- 
mora Felsinea. Bonon. 1690. small 
fol. with plates. 

12886 — Felsina pittrice. Vite de' 
pittori Bolognesi. Bol., Barbieri, 

1678. 4°. 2 vols, with plates. 

There are castrated copies of this impor- 
tant work. In the unaltered copies there 
is, T. I. p. 471, the foUowing sally against 
Raphael ; " Andire cosi estatico et ellevato 
creder6 io fosse mai per essersi arrischiato 
entrare nella «ama, per rum dire umile idea 
d'un Boccalajo UrbinaUV Instead thereof 
in the copies of the 3nd vol it stands, 
** Ardire — nella tanto doita per altro e fe- 
race tempre idea del gran Rqfaelle.^* The 
second leaf of the dedication of the first vd. 
also presents (unimportant) differences, 
and the 3nd vol. in the genuine copies has 
a separate title and index, which are want- 
ing in the castrated copies. (Copies of both 
sorts are in the Royal library at Dresden.) 
Consult Gi. Pi. Cavazzoni Zanolti Leitere 
famUiari in difeta delconte Malvaeia. Bol, 
1705. 4". p. 55. (on the other side, Vine. 
Vittoria Osserviutiom eopra U libro delta 



Felsina piUric6, per dtfes^ di Raffaele da 
Urbino, Roma^ ^703. 8**.) Gt. Fantuzsti 
NoHzie degli scrittori Bolognesu T. V. 
p. 153. Fioriilo ArtUL Schrr» I. 115. 

To which may be joined, Vite de* jAttori 
Bolognesi rum descritte nella FeUina pit' 
trice, da L CrespL Roma, 1769. 4". with 
44 portraits (i scudo, 50 baj.) 

12887 MAMACHIUS, Th. Mar. 
Originum et antiquitatum Christia- 
nar. libri XX. Romee, 1749-55. 
large 4°. 12 parts in 5 vols, with 

12888 — dei costumi dei primitivi 
Cristiani. Roma, 1753. 4°. 3 voll 
Also, Ven. 1757. 8°. 3 voll. 

MAMBELLI, see Cinonio. 

MAMBRIANO, see Pr. Cibco. 

MAMERTUS, see Claudianus. 

12889 MAMMETRACTUS (s. ex- 
positio in singulos libros bibliorum^ 
auctore J. Marcbesino). Mog., Pt. 
Schoiffer, 1470. fol. Gothic letter. 

The first edition, 139 (not 117) leares in 
1 columns with 18 lines. A copy on vel- 
lum 510 fr. Valli^re; probably the same 
that is now in the Imperial library at 

12890 E^visc, Helias Heliee, 

alias de Louffen, 1470. fol. Gothic 

299 leaves in 1 columns with 31 lines, 
and with the signatures 1-23 and i-io 
expressed in German ciphers. So this 
would be the first dated typographical pro- 
duction with signatures : but Magn^ de 
MaroUes, in his Recherches sur Porigine 
de» signatures. Par, 1 783. 8°. p. 39, and 
Serna Santander, in the Mhnaire sur PorU 
gine et le premier usage des signatures et 
des ohiffres (in the Supplement to his cata- 
logue, Brux, 1803. 8^), p. 15-19, prove 
very conclusively Uiat this Ergovian edition 
is only a reprint of the Mentz edition, that 
Helias has even strictly printed the colo- 
phon and the date of that edition, and that 
nis production must first have appeared 
after 1473, since in his editions ofRoderici 
speculum vitmhum, of 1472 and 1473 he still 
does not use signatures. Dibdin in Bibl. 
Spenc. I. 155, seeks very feebly to invali- 
date Santander*s proof, and Uiinks, but 
without proving it, that Schtfffer was rather 
the oopybt of the Eigovian edition. Con- 
sult also Meusel Lit, bibliogr. Magaz, I. 

12891 Ven., Fr. de Hailbrun 


et N. de Franckfordia, 1476. 4^. 
Gothic letter. 

226 leaves in 2 columns with 39 lines, 
and signatures. A copy on vellum 19.1 fr. 
McCarthy. Concerning the work, consult 
Mt, G, Christgau Comm, de Mammo- 
trecto, Ff. ad Viadr, 1 740. 4'. OpuscoH 
di autari Sicil, XII. 191. 

12892 MAN, Wfg. Yon. Das leiden 

Jesu Christi vunsers erlosers. Son. 

ders andachtiger lere Nutzperlicher 

betrachtung auss den vier £aange- 

listen entlichen durch Wfg. von 

Man in gesatz weiss bezwungen. 

Augsp., Hans Schonsperger, 15 15. 

4°. with woodcuts. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library at 

12893 MANARA, Prosp. Opere. 
Parma, Bodoni, 1801. la^ 4 Toll. 

12894 MANASSES, Constant. An- 
nales, grsece ac lat. J. Meursius 
graece nunqoam hactenus editos 
primus nunc vulgavit. LB., Patios^ 
1616. 4^ 

Previously only in the Latin transladoa 
bv J. Leunclavius, Bos, 1573. 8"*. See 
also Btzaktika, No. is. Also in Mewr^ 
#tf Opp, T. VII. FUrr, 1741. fol. 

12895 MANCELIUS, G. Wortbuch 
der lettischen Sprache. Riga, 1638. 

12896 MANCLMUS, Dm. Liber de 
quatuor virtutibus et omnibus offi- 
ciis ad bene beateque yivendum 
pertinentibus. Par., G. Mittelhus^ 
1488. 4''. Gothic letter. 

Often reprinted. 

12897 — here begynneth a ryght 
frutefuU treatyse intituled the myr- 
rour of good maners cdteyng the iiii 
vertues called cardjnall compiled 
in Latyn by Domynike Mancyn : 
And translate into Englysshe: by 
Alexander Bercley. (2xW.), Rch. 
Pynson, without date. fol. Gothic 

Also in Sh, Brants Ship offooles, transl. 
by Alex. Barclag. Land, 1570. foL 

MANCINI Nivemoisy see Niveb- 


MANDELSLO, see Oleabius. 

12898 MANDER, 0. Schilderboeck. 


Harkm« 1604. 4^ Also, Amst. 
i6i8. 4^ 
12899 — het leven der schilders, 
Termeerd. door Jac de Jongh. 
Amst. 1 764. 8°. 2 vols, with plates. 


tuka Arbeten. Sth. 1788 or 94. 8^ 

Lhstinpiished for good veraificatMHiy 

iagcnioos pictures, and 



12901 — Fonok till ett swenskt 
RinuLexicoii. Sth. 1779. 8^ 

Endzvly arranged after Did, des rime$. 

12902 MANDEVARE, Alex. Mch. 
Piincipes raisonn^ de paysages. 
Par. 1804. large fol. with 96 

MANDEVIE. see Dupin. 
MANDEVILLE, Bn. de, see Fa- 


12903 MANDEVILLE, J. de. The 
Toiage and travaile, which treateth 
ci the way of Hiemsalem and of 
marrayles of Inde, with oth«r 
islands and ooontryes. Lond. 1725 
or 27. 8®. 

The bert edition of the English text 
nere are abo copiet on large paper of the 
edhkn of 1735* At first, Wetitninstgry 
Wfmk^ de Worde, 1499. 8^* Lond, 1503. 
8*. (ooneeming these two editions, see 
DUdrn's Amegy 11. Ss) Also, Loim/. 1670 
or 96. 4\ Gothic letter. Jb, 1733. 4^ 
ManderiOe undertook hisvojage in 1311 
or 1333, and ^»ears to hare first described 
it in 1355 in the Frendi language, from 
which be afterwards translated it himself 
into Latin. Concerning his royage, see 
HmmmSm, Mapmsin 1754. p. 1123.34. 
(Consah 16. 1755. p. 115-234.) Brum 
Bmirmpeh&i. Biehhom Geteh, der lAU, 
B. IL Th. I. p. 340. von der Hagen Mu^ 
anaa 1. 146 etc 

12904 — ce litnre est appele Mande- 
ville, et fiit ^t et compose par J. 
de Mandeville . . . et parle de la 
terre de promission, c'est-k-dire de 
Jemsalem etc. Lyoo, Bm. Bnyer, 
8 Fevr. 1480. small fol. Gothic 

la 1 oohimns, with the signatures o-p. 
A Tcry scaroe editioo. AIm, Lyon, Pi. 
B m Uei il e ry 1487. 4% and Par,y Ph. le 
Nrntj without date. 4**. Gothic letter. 

12903 — maitre Jehan de Mande- 
▼ille, leqnel parle des grandes aven. 
tores des pays ^traoges ou il s'est 

trouY^^ ensemble la terre de pro- 
mission et du saint voyage de Hie- 
msalem. Par., J. Bonfons^ without 
date. 4°. Oothic letter. 

12906 — Le grand lapidaire, ou sont 

d^ares les noms de pierres orien- 

talles, avec les vertus et propri^t^s 

d'icelles, et les isles et pays oil elles 

croissent. Par. 1561. ia°. 

Also, Luffd.y L. Laneharty without date. 
8^. Gothic letter. 

12907 — itinerarius a terra Anglias 
in partes Jherosolimitanas et in ul- 
teriores transmarinas . . . translatus 
in banc formam latinam. Without 
place or date. 4°. 

In 1 columns with 30 Unes, and the sig- 
natures o-i 3. It ends on the reverse of 
the last leaf iathe and column; BjtplicU 
itinerarit$$ dommi Joh. de Mandevitte 

12908 Without place (Fen,) or 

date. 4**. GK)thic letter. 

61 leaves (one blank), with 3$ lines run- 
ning all across the page, and the signatures 
A-H 3, with catchwords and pagination. 
The first 3 leaves contain a taMa prm^ 
Mentis Ubri. The work itself begins with 
leaf 4*, Ccmmendaeio breuit etc Leaf 6i^ 
is Ae following colophon : Bxplieit jtknera-. 
rius a terra angUe i piet ieroeohmikmas et 
in vUerioree trontmarinae editus pmo in 
linffua gaJUcana a domino iohanne de fium- 
deuiUe miHte tuo auctore. Anno inoama» 
cumie dm Mceeh, in duitate leodiensi et 
pauh poet in eadi eitUtate traelatut m 
^cta forma kUind. Quod oput vbi inceptu 
eimul et oopletu tit ipa elementa eeu nngu^ 
laru aeoreu earaoteree hrarum. qwbut tm- 
pressu videe VsNETICA, montirant mani- 
fette. Although this colophon points to 
Venice^ yet Panzer, IX. 100, thinks this 
edition was printed, Aloeti per Theoderio. 

In the copy in the Royal library at 
Dresden there is to be found in preasdy 
the same type, Ludolphus De Suchen de 
terra eaneta et itinere HierotofymitanOy 
widiout place or date. 4°. GkKhic letter, 54 
leaves with 33 lines running all across ^e 
page^ and the signatures aa i-M 3. 

12909 — das buch des Hitters Ton 
Monterilla. Augsp., Sorg, 1481. 
fol. with woodcuts. 

12910 — - — Augsp., Hans Schons- 
perger, 1483. fol. with woodcuts. 

This transhition is by Midielfeld or 



12911 — Johannes von Montevilla. 
Ritter. Strb.^ J. Prussz^ 1484. fol. 
with woodcuts. 

This translation is by Otto von Deme- 
ringen. Also, Sirb,^ Friuty 1488. 4**. 
Strb.f Bm. KisUeVy 1499. fol. with wood- 
cuts, 77 leaves. Sirb,, Hupfuff^ 1501. foL 
with woodcuts. Strb., Knoblauch, 1507. 
fol. with woodcuts. — Reyss u, JVander- 
schaft duroh dot gelobte LaruU, Jndien u, 
Persien. Ff. 1580, or 1609, or 1608. 8". 
Curietue Reisibetchreibunff, Without place, 
1690, or 92, or 96. 8°. Nioeron mentions 
also a Spanish translation, Valencia^ 1540. 

12912 — tractato delle pin maravi- 
gliose cosse e piu notabili, che si 
trovano in le parte del mondo ye- 
dute . . . del cavaler J. da Manda- 
yilla. Mediolani^ Pt. de Comeno, 
pridie cal. Aug. 1480. 4*^. GK)thic 

12913 BoL, Ugo di Rugerii^ 4 

Luglio 1488. 4"^. Gothic letter. 

In 2 columns, with 39 lines, and the sig- 
natures a-k. 

12914 Ven., N. de li Ferrari, 

1 49 1. 4^ GK)thic letter. 
12915 Fir., Lr. de Morgiani et 

Gi. da Maganza, 7 Giugno 1492. 

4**. Gothic letter. 

With 39 lines running all across the 
page and the sig^natures a-k. Also, ( Ven,), 
Manfredo da Monferrato, 1496. 4^ AfU, 
1497. 4°. Bol. 1497. 4*. Fef*., Sessoy 
15 »5« 4"» ^^n., Almte de Torii, 1534. 8". 
Ven, 1567. 8'. 

12916 MANDOSIUS, Prosp. Bi- 
bliotheca Romana s. Romanor. scrip- 
tor, centuriae. Romse, 1682-92. 
4°. 2 voll. 

12917 — Otarpov, in quo maximorum 

Christiaui orbis pontificum archia- 

tros spectandos exhibet. Romae^ 

1696. 4°. 

A new impression, Romm, 1 784. 4°. In 
addition as a supplement (Gaetano Mar- 
tini) Degli archiatri paniifici. Roma, Fa- 
ffliariniy 1784. 4"*. 2 vcAL 

12918 MANER, Julian. Canticou 
spirituel hac instructionou profitabl 
evit disqui on hent da vont d'ar 
Barbados. Fquemper^ without date. 


MANERBI, see Malbrmi. 

12919 MANESS£N,Radger. Samm- 


lung Ton Minnesingem aos dem 
schwabischen Zeitpuncte, T40 Dich- 
ter enth. durch Rildger Manessen ; 
aus den Handschrr. der K. franz. 
Bibl. herausgegeben (von J. Jac 
Bodmer u. J. Jac. Breitinger). 
Ziir., OreU, 1758-59. 4^ 2 volL 


12920 MANETHON. Apotelesmati- 
corum libri VI, nunc. prim, ex bibl. 
Medicea editi cura Jac. Gronovii, 
qui etiam latine vertit ac notas ad- 
jecit. LB., Haaring, 1698. 4-. 

12921 MANETTI. Studio degli or- 
dini d'architettura. Fir. 1808. fol. 
with 25 plates (20 paoli). 

MANETTI, X., see Ornitho- 


12922 MANFREDI, Eustachio. Rime. 

Bol., Volpe. 1760. 8^ 

The best edition. Also, Poetis, Farmoy 
Bodonij 1793. 8^ (only 100 copies). 

12923 — elementi della cronologia. 
Bol. 1744. 4*^. — Instituzioui astro- 
nomiche. Bol. 1 749. 4**. — Elementi 
della geometria piana e solida, e 
della trigonometria. Bol. 1755. 4®. 

12924 MANFREDI, Hi. Liber de 
homine (italice). Bon., Ugo de 
Rugeriis et Doninus Bertochus, 
I Jul. 1474. small fol. 

100 leaves, with 40 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination ; probably 
the first edition. A dietetic work in ques- 
tion and answer, and on account of the 
perpetual recurrence of the word perch^y 
commonly called libro del perchi, 

12925 Neap. {SixL Riessinger)^ 

1478. 4°. 

With 40 lines, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. Also, Bo/., Upo 
de Rttgerii, 1407- fol. Gothic letter. An^ 
conoy Guerralda, 15 14. 4^ Ven,y Sim. de 
Luerey 15 14. 4^ Ven., Bindaniy 1530 or 
23. 8*. Ven. 1540, or 67, or 91, or 160O9 
or 1607. 8**. Fadava, 1668. 8^ 

12926 — el porque, libro de proble- 
mas, traduc. por Pedro de Ribas. 
Madr. 1561 or 98. 8^ Alcala, 
1587. 8°. Berne, 1612. 8^— El 
porque de todas las cosas por el 
Doctor Sanedrio Rifer, por otro 
nombre de Valdecebro. Maar. 1668. 
See also Peeche. 


MANFREDI, Lelio, see Tirante. 
12927 MANGANELLO. (XIII ca- 

pttoli, intitolati) il Manganello. 

Without place or date (abont 1530). 

48 leftTBiy with the signatures ^-J>, and 
printed whh Cicero AnHqua. There is 
who aa old edition of the Futiana errante 
in the same type. 

18928 without place or date. 

38 learesy with the signatures A-Dy and 
with tolerably large cursire charactere. 

A auiuay satire 00 women, of which Pt 
Arecino was fidsely considered to be the 
anthor. It had been aheady mentioned 
In Grappa's CicaUtmenH {Mantowiy 1545). 
An eld MS. notice in a copy states: // 
M mmg mnei io fh Melanete, e perch^ aimo 
memo dueretamerUe una ffitnane in FerrarOf 
me rilevo Jeriie^ e un* alira voUa tre traUi 
A eordoy il €he rieonoteendo avere per com- 
miniame deOa dttchesttty Mfriste contra lei 
ywrrfa eua jo/ira. As to the rest neither 
editioos have any tide> but the text com- 
m e n c ca immediately on the first page with 
the saperscription // ManganeUo, 

12929 MANGEART, Th. Intpo- 
doctkm k la science des m^ailles. 
Far. 1763. fol. with plates. 

P i op e tly a supplement to Mont&uoon*8 
AmAqmii exp&quU, 

12930 MANGET, J. Jac. Theatrum 
aoatomicum. Adjects sunt Bm. 
Eostachii tabulie anatomicse a J. 
Mar. Landsio explanat®. Geneve, 
1717. fol. 2 vols, with plates. 

12931 — - hibliotheca medico-practica. 
Gener. 1695. fol. 4 voU. — Bibl. 
anatomica, digesserunt D. Clericus 
et Mangetus. ib. 1699. fol. 3 volL 
«— BiU. chirurgica. ib. 1721. fol. 
4 parts in 2 vols, with plates. — 
— Bibl. pharmaceutico-medica. ib. 
1703. foL 2 vols, with plates. — 
Bibl. scriptorum medicor. ib. 1731. 
foL 4 vols, with portraits. — Bibl. 
cfaemica curiosa s. rerum ad alche- 
miam pertinentium thdsaurus. ib. 
1 702. toL 2 vols, with plates. 

Tliese wofks have only the value of 



M ANGEUR, Pt. le, see Comrstob. 
12932 BIANICA, Mch. Aug. La 

iiica Appula. Napoli, 1806. 8^ 

S parts m 2 vols. 

12933 MANILIUS, Marcus. As- 
tronomicon libri V. At the end^ 
Ex offidna loannis de R^omote 
habitantis in Nuremberga oppido 
Gennanie celebratissimo. Without 
date. 4°. 

72 leaves, with 30 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Ex- 
traordinarily scarce, and probably the first 
edition, alUiough Mattaire, Fossi, and 
Dibdin (BibL Sp. II. i648q.) acknowledge 
the following as the first edition. I think 
it was printed in the year 1473, and have 
given my reasons in the HaU, Litt, Zeii. 
181 7, B. III. p. 642 sq. Consult also 
G. Cp, Schwarjrii Comm. de prima Jlfa- 
nilH oiironomioor, edUUme a J, Regiomofk^ 
tano Norimbergte publicata. AUorfy 1 764. 
4*. (reprinted in G. E, Waldau Thetauro 
bio-^t bibliographico. Chemn, 1792. 8". 
p. 102-121.) — In leaf 72^ 6 Latin verses 
stand before the colophon : Ridetur merito 
tciolorum etc 

12934 — astronomicon libri V et 

Arati phenomena ex verskme Cse- 

saris Gennanici. Bon., Ugo Ruge- 

rius et Doninus Bertochus> 20 

Martii 1474. fol. 

88 leaves (the ist and 30th blank), with 
35 lines, without signatures, catchwords, 
and pagination. Leaf 64^ oondudes the 
poem with the subscription ; ? FINIS ? 
Leaf 65 is a notice respecting Manilius 
and a table of the contents of £e 5 books 
of his poem. Leaf 66, a table of the con- 
tents chT Aretus, which begins leaf 67, with 
the superscription, Araihut Germanici ad 
Auffvttwn, Leaf 88b is the colophon. 
J. Fr. Po|pgius is said to have superintend- 
ed this edition. 

12935 — - astronomicon. Neapuli 

(sic), per Jodocum hoensteyn, with. 

out date (about 1475). 4"*- 

80 leaves, with 28 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Very 
scarce. At the end are the same 6 verses 
as in the Nuremberg edition. Leaf i* 
line I is, M. Mavilii Asstrovomi (tic). 

12936 — astronomicon. Without 
place or date (about 1474 or 75). 

Likewise 80 leaves, with 38 lines^ and 
the signatures a-k. Leaf la line i is, 
Marci ManiHi Attronomioon Hber prunue 

12937 — Lr. BoNiNCONTBii in C. 
Manilium comentum (cum textu 
Manilii). Rome ( without the 



printer's name), a6 Oct. 1484. fol. 
Grothic letter. 

102 leaves (the ist blank), with 46 lines, 
without signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 
nation. The commentary is of little value. 
He pretended to make use of a MS., but his 
corrections are rather his own fabrication. 

12938 — - astronomicon, St. Dulcinius 
emendavit. Medio!., Ant. ZarotU8» 
5 id. Nov. 1489. fol. 

First 4 leaves of preliminary matter (a 
letter of Dukmius and a table of contents) 
with the signature A, Then the text with 
the signatures Of-I and 40 lines. A new 
recension from a MS.— Also in die Aitiro^ 
twm, veti. Ven,y Aid., 1499. foL and in 
the Firmumif Bm. 1531 or 51. foL 

12939 — astronomicon ad Csesarem 
Aug. noviter ac diligentissime cas- 
tigatum. Romffi, Jac Mazochius, 

84 leaves with the signatures A-X» 

Without notes, and tolerably scarce. 

12940 — astronomicon. Lugd., Tor- 
Dsesius, 1566. 12^ 

The editor, Ant. Molinus, asserts that he 
has corrected this edition from MSS. Pre- 
viously, ib» 1551 and 61. Il^ 

12941 -— astronomicon libri V. Jos. 
Scaliger recensuit ac pristino ordini 
SQO rettituit. Ejosd. Jos. Scaligeri 
commentarins in eosdem libros et 
castigadonum explicationes. Lutet., 
ap. Mamertum Patissonium in off. 
Kb. Stephani, 1579. 8^ 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, 136 pages 
of text, 4 leaves of index, 291 para of 
commentaiy, and 6 leaves of index. A new 
but very bold recension, and only from 

12942 — astronomicon libri V 

explicationes (as in the preceding 
edition). Lectiones variie e MS. 
bibl. Palatini et aliis cum notis 
Fr. Jonii. (Hdlb,), in offic. Sane* 
tandreana, 1590. 8"^. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 136 paget 
of text, 3 leaves of index, i blank leaf, 415 
pages of commentary, 7 leaves of index, 
I blank lea^ 131 pages of varr, leeti.p 
and a leaves of index. An unaltered im- 
pression of the preceding edition, the new 
apparatus being added separately at the 
end. Juniu8*s various readings are not to 
be depended upon, and his own notes are 
inconsiderable. Instead of Et Cffie, Sano^ 
tandr, other copies have in the title Heidel' 
btrgm^ 1590. 


12943 — astronomicon a Jos. Sca- 
ligero ex vetusto codice Gembla- 
censi infinitis mendis repurgatum. 
Ejusd. Jos. Scaligeri not». (LB.). 
ex off. Plantiniana ap. Cp. Raphe- 
lengium, 1600. 4^ 

10 leaves of preliminary matter, 131 
pages, and 2 leaves. Then the notes wiUi 
a separate tide, 10 leaves of prdiminary 
matter, 510 pages, and i leaf, Priviilegium. 
A new recension after a very old MS. 
Renouard possesses a copy with numerous 
MS. annotations by CL Salmasius. 

12944 — astronomicon .... Scaligeri 
notse. (as in the preceding edition). 
Nunc primum ex codice Scaligeri^ 
quem sua manu ad tertiam edit, 
prfieparaverat, in luoem publ. resti- 
tute. Acced. Th. Reinesii et Ism. 
Bullialdi animadw. (Cura J. H. 
Boederi). Arg., Bockenhoffer, 1655. 


I title-plate, 13 leaves of preliminary 
matter, 131 pages, and 2 leaves. Then 
the notes with a separate title, 8 leaves of 
preliminary matter, 462 and 24 pages. 
A new performance, re-edited after 2 

12945 — astronomicon. Interpre- 

tatione et notis ac figuris illnstravit 

Mch. Fayus, in us. Delphini. Par., 

Leonard, 1 679. 4°. 

Scaliger*8 text forms the groundwork 
with some good corrections of the editor*s 
own. The commentary is flat and often 
darker than the text. After the index 88 
pages of notes by Huetius follow, whidi 
are of value. 

12946 — astronomicon, ex rec et 
cum notis Rch. Bentleji. Lond.^ 
Vaillant^ 1 739. 4^ Also on large 

A new and very clever recension, but 
often too bold, from 7 MSS. and old edi- 
tions. Bentley's portrait ought to be in- 
duded, and a large map of the heavens. 
Reprinted, Btu. 174a 8^ (16 gr.) 

12947 — astronomicon, ex optimis 

editt. reprssentatum. Ace. Cp. Cel- 

larii rudimenta astronomica, D. 

Gkegorius de steUamm ortu et oc 

casu poetico et Jul. Pontedera de 

Manilii astronomia et anno codesti 

(curantibus Vulpiis fratribus). Pa- 

tavii, Cominus, 1743. 8^ 
The text is blended from the editions of 

MAN MAN loee 

i579aod 1679. Piiied and correct. Copies Schneider, 1705. 8^ with plales 

■i» 00 Uua paper. (,^g^j ^^ ^ 

ims — astronomicon ex rec. Rch. m. . „ u . _^ ^ .. 

1L».«^1»:: -«,«* 1 .>*: • This small but very important and sub- 

BenUeji, cum selectis vanor. ac ^antial work is on7of the best books of 

prqmis notis- Cora et stud. Eliae instruction in pal»ography, and ought to 

Stfleberi. Alg., KoDlg, 1767. 8°. be more known than it is. 

^'i.d^;W which Stober very un- '^'*. MANNI Dm. Mar. Osser- 

Iiqiply tried to oon«ct in the notei from vaziom utoricbe Sopra 1 gigllli an- 

MSS. and old editions. The edition is tichi de' seooli bassi. Fir. 1739-86. 

eD^dr wofthle««.— J. J»r. Bradcenlu^tr 4'. 30 vols, with plates. 

OUmm. ai M«mL «r eUL SMeru Arg. 13955 _ le^ioni di lingua Toscana. 

1»49 - astronomicon libri V cum f ''j, 'Jo^^- 8°.-Ed. III. Lucca. 

W *S?T„^i T^H'^ **■ '2W6 - degU occhiaU da naso in- 

te«f '/J^ Mch Fay,; ace. ^^^^^^ da Salvino Armati. Fir. 

Ucntleji qnedam ammadyy. repre- o o 

S^.5rf' •*'*'*'"• T^^ 129" -ncrtizie istoriche intomo 

tlr^^r^T^i^, % % ^"^ "" ^>— ^^ '746. 

1£'.^^.;^'il'c^Uthefim.«.d >«»«8-deUe antiche tenne di Pi. 

not both of Sca]iger*s editions, and oonse- 'enze. * ir. 1 75 1 . 4**. 

^QflDtiy the work turned out very deficient. 12959 — veglie piaceYoli owero vite 

12950 — astronomicon libri V. Ace. ^®' P'^ bizarri e giocondi uomini 
M. T. Ciceronis Aratea, cum in- Toscani. Fir. 1757-60. 8^ 4 voll. 
terpretat. gallica et notis. Edente ^^* i^- ^111* S""- 4 voll. 

Alex. Guy Pingr^. Par. 1786. 8^ ^'^^ — vite di Aldo Manuzio. Ven. 

a ToQ. (12 £r.) i759- ^wge 8°. 

BflDtfey*8 text forms the groundworic, 12961 — principj della religione 

vidiiome corrections (chiefly according to cristiana in Fireuze. Fir. 1764. 

tfae editor^s own sentiments) and critical ao 

^?.^'^"',SS.8\'"^ ''^' 12^«2 - vita Bm. ScahB CoUensis. 

12951 — libri V deli' astronomia ^^^r. 1768. 8°. 

^ M. Manilio trad, da Gasp. Ban- ^^963 — il senato Fiorentino o sia 

&ii (coL testo lat.) — tVi Corpus notizia de' senatori Fiorentini. Fir. 

mt poetar. Lit. T. XVI. et X VII. "^11^^ 4°-. 

Mediol. 1737. 4**. ^2964 — vita e culto del b. Lodovico 

12952 — the sphere (or the first Alamanni. Fir. 1771- 4*'- 

l»ok) of M. Manilius made an ^ <^ Boccaccio, No. 9555 and 

Endiah poem, with annotations ?*^'*% ^^^^P^^ ^/ ^ ^**»«» 

•ndan aitronomical appendix by '" ^^^ ^^' ^•^- '^^^' ^' ^' ^ 

Edw. Sherburne. Loud., Brook, 12965 MANNING, Owen. History 

1675. fol. with plates.— The five and antiquities of the county of 

books of M. Manilius, containing Surrey. Enlarged and continued 

tbe lyttem of the ancient astronomy to the present time by W. Bray, 

ud astrology, done into English Lond. 1804-14. ^oL 3 vols, and 

▼«ne with notes, by T. C. (Th. i vol. of plates (iSl. i8s., on large 

Creech). Lond., Tonson, 1697. 8**. paper 31I. los.). 

MANlPULUScuratorum,seeGuiDO 12966 MANOEL. Fr. Vocabulario 

de Monte Rotherii. em idioma Bengalla e Portugueza. 

MANNEVILETTE. see Aprbs. Lisboa. 1743. 8^ 

l»w MANNERT, Cr. MisceUauea 12967 MANOEL. Fr. (under the 

ineistdiplomatischenlnhalts. Nrb., name of Filinto Elysio). Obras 



completas. Ed. II. Par. 1818-19. 
8°. II voll. 

An exoeUent Portuguese poet (The 
article Elytio is to be coupled with this.) 

12968 — po^ie lyrique portugaise 
ou choix des odes de Fr. Manoel 
trad, en fran9. avec le texte, par 
San^. Par. 1808. 8^ 

12969 MANRIQUE, Ang. Cister- 
ciensium seu verius ecdesiasticor. 
annalium a condito Cistercio Tomi 
IV. Lugd. 1642-59. fol. 4 voll. 
In German by Bonif. Hiltprand. 
Regensp. 1739-42. fol. 5 voll. 

12970 MANRIQUE, Jorge. Coplas 
glosadas por L. Perez. Valladolid, 

These moral couplets, greatly prized in 
Spain, previously appeared in the Cando^ 
nero general, and in the Proverbios de IrUgo 
Lop. de Mendoza, Anvers, 1558. 12**.; in 
which edition Guzman's gloss on Manrique 
is to be met with, for the first time. 

12971 — coplas^ con una glosa de an 
Religioso de la Carduxa^ y las co- 
plas de Mingo Rovulgo, y las cartas 
en refrane^ de Blasco Garay, y la 
doctrina de Epicteto. Madr. 1632. 

12972 — coplas hechas i la muerte 
de su padre Don Rodrigo Manri- 
que, con las ^osas en verso de Fr. 
de Guzman, Kodr. de Valdepenas^ 
L. Perez y del Alonso de Cervan- 
tes. Madr., Sancha, 1779. 8^ (8 rs.) 

The best edition. Probably the first is, 
SeviUoy 1494. SeePanster, Iv. 537. 15b. 

12973 MANRIQUE, Sb. Itinerario 
de las missiones, que hizo en la 
India oriental. Roma^ 1649. fol. 

MANSI, J. Dm., see Concilia, No. 
5080 and 81. 

12974 MANSTEIN, Cp. Hm. de. 
M^moires histor., polit. et milit. 
sur la Russie, depuis 1727-44, avec 
la vie de I'auteur par Mch. Huber. 
Lpz., Weidmann, 1771. large 8°. 
( I d. 6 gr.) In German (by J. Gf. 
Gellius). Lpz.^ Weidmann^ i77i* 
8^ ( I d. 6 gr.) 

MANTUANUS, see Baptista. 
MANTUANO, M., see Benavides. 

12975 MANUALE secundum titu- 
lum ecclesiffi Lincopensis. Suder. 


copie^ in edibus Olavi Ulrid pres- 
biteri, 8 Maji 1525. 4^ 92 leaves. 

The only known copy (but defective) ii 
in the University libnuy at UpsaL — See 
also Cerqueira. 

12976 MANUEL Comnenus. Le- 

gatio ad Armenos s. Theoriani cum 

catholico disputatio. Ace. Leonis 

M. epistola ad Flavianum, J. Da- 

masceni dialogus contra Manichseos, 

Leontii Byzantini historia sectar. et 

Const. Harmenopuli de opinionibus 

hsereticor. (gr. lat.) Ex bibl. J. 

Sambuci, de greecis latina fsuuente 

J. Leundavio. Bas.^ Pt. Pema, 

157B. 8°. 

Also Gr. et lot. in Front, Duoai Auetar, 
Bibl. PP. T. I. Par. 1624. (cL p. 30a sq. 

12977 MANUEL Palsologns. In 

Theodorum fratrem despotam Pe- 

loponnesi oratio^ gr. et lat. Par. 

1647. ^^l' 

Only a separate impression of the edition 
given in Fr. Comb^fim Auetar. noo. bibl, 
PP. T.II. Par. 1648. foL p. 1045 »q- 

12978 -— prfficepta educationis r^se. 
Ace. ejusd. oratt. VII et preces, gr. 
et lat. ed. J. Leunclavius. Bas., Pt. 
Pema, 1578. 8**. 

Ckmceming his Diaiogus de ChrisHanor. 
eultu, see Notices et extraits, T. VIII. 
P. II. p. 309 sq. 

12979 MANUEL, Fr. Obras metri- 
cas. Leon, 1665. 4°. 

12980 MANUEL, J. El conde La. 
canor, con advertencias y notas de 
Gonzalo Argote de Molina. Se- 
viUa, 1575. 4^ 

The first edition of this moral and poli. 
tical book of examples, which was written 
in the 14th century. 

12981 — (tbe same title). Madr., 
Carrera, 1642. 4°. 8 leaves of pre- 
liminary matter and 132 leaves. 

This edition is less correct. I also find, 
Madr. 1649. 4°* 

12982 MANUNG. Eyn manung 
der cristenbeit widder die durken. 
Without place or date. 4*^. 

6 leaves, 9 pages of which are printed. 
P. I, 6, and 9 contain 11 lines, the rest ao. 
The piece is a calendar for the year 1455, 
divided into months, and dressed up wi& 
an exhortation to the war against the 
Turks. The whole is written in rhyming 


of imeqiial length, whidi are printed 

nummg into each other, and without punc- 

toation firom beginning to end. Their dis- 

tiartMo is only marked by a kuger let- 

tff at the beginning of each vase. The 

paper is strange and the paper-maric a 

Jlooi^s head. As at Munich, where the 

only copy is to be ibund, they would have 

it to be decidedly a production of the year 

I454> so for a kn^ time the type was 

looked npoo as Outtenberg's ; a focsimile 

of it is in Aretin fiber die frShesten unU 

termikisior. Folgen der BuchdruckerkutuL 

Munek^ 1809. 4*. It was however at last 

disoo»erBd to be a production of PfiBter's 

praM, and its tme date 1472. Consult 

Neuer BL AnM^ger 1806, p. 330 sq. 

360 aq. (where the piece is printed en- 

***«)» 377 "q- «md 439. DibdMs Tour, 
III. aSa. 



12983 MANUTIUS, Aldus (pater). 
Grammatics institutiones grflecse. 
Ven., Aldus et And. socer. m. Nor. 

136 leaves (the last, whidi is unnum- 
bered, contains the colophon and anchor), 
and after the title a more leaves of pre- 
&oe by ^Mnsoros. This work, only printed 
<yc^ Mid tolerably scarce, is written en- 
tirely in Oredc, and must not be con- 
fa*r id ed with the Latin grammar. 

12984 — mdunenta grammatices lat. 
HngUK. De literis grsecis et diph- 
tbougis, et quemadmodum ad nos 
▼eniant. Abbreviationes, quibus fre- 
quenter Graed utuntur. Oratio do- 
mtniea et duplex salutatio ad virg. 
^orioass. Sjinbolum apostolor. D. 
Joannis Ev. evangelium. Aurea 
carmina Pythagorae. Phocylidis po- 
ema ad fcene beateque vivendum. 
Omnia hec cum interpretatione la- 
tina. Introductio perbrevis ad hebr. 
Hnguam. Ven., Aldus, m. Febr. 
1501. 4«. 

The first edition of this grammar, and 
extremeiy scaree. Thecolo^ion stands at 
^ end of the grammar, before the ap- 
pendage. This appendage is the same as 
vbat is already to be found in the Lascaris 
ef iM ; ibibInirod.inHebr. Ling, is how- 
e»arhere given for the first time, and is 
r^eated in the undated edition of Lascaris 
sod in that of 1513. 

1M5 — inatitationum grammaticar. 
Hbri IV (com ead. appendice). 
Vfn., Aldus, m. Apr. 1508. 4^ 
Hke sod editioD, likewise very scaree. 

19a unnumbered leaves, and ao leaves, 19. 
pondage. F^cti., AULy 1514. 4«. 210 leaves, 
and Ven,y Aldus et And, socery 1523. 4^ 
are also scarce. The following editions are 
quite at the usual price : Fen,, P, Manui.y 
1558, or 59, or 61. 8^ ib,, Aldus Afanui., 
1504, or 68, or 75, or 76. 8'. 

12986 — musarum panag3rri8 (sic). 
Without place or date (Fen,, Ant. 
Moretus, before 1489). 4°. 7 leaves. 

Of thegreatest rarity. Beprintod in ^fenp/a 
tria longe rarissima denuo etUta et illustrata 
(aJac. AforelR). Bassani, 1806. 8*.— See 
also DiCTiOKARiuM gnecum. 

12987 MANUTIUS, P. (filius). Epi- 
8tol»B et prsefationes quae dicuntur. 
In acad. Veneta, 1558. 8°. 

I a leaves of prdiminary matter, and 143 
numbered with the ciphers 6-148. This 
first edition contains only the letters, which 
forna the first 3 books in the subsequent 
editions. Ven^ Aldus, 1560. 8'. contains 
4 books. lb., id,, 1561. 8'. 5 books. lb,, 
*d,, 1569. 8«. 8 books. lb,, id,, 1571. 8". 

10 books. lb,, in tedd, Afanut,, 1573. 8^ 

11 books. 

12988 — epjstolarum libri XII uno 
nuper addito. Ejusdem quae prae- 
fationes appellantur. Ven., AWus, 

1580. 8^ 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 536 and 
130 P«ge«, and 2 leaves, index. There are 
two different impressions of this year. This 
edition, and that of Ven,, Aldus, 159a 8**. 
are the most complete Aldines. The new- 
est edition is, emendav, et iUustrav, J, Gli. 
Krause, Lps. et Ff, 1720. 8". 

12989 — lettere volgari, divise in IV 

libri. Ven., Aldo, 1560. 8°. 

i^ and 3 leaves. Ven,, P. ManuL, 
1556* S°* only contains 3 books. 

12990 — antiquitatum Romanar. liber 

de legibus. Ven., Aldus, 1557. ^ol- 

4 leaves of preliminarymatter, 80 leaves, 
and 2 leaves oi index. There are 2 editions 
with this date; the earlier has 5 lines on 
the reverse of the 80th leaf, and the second 
(somewhat enlaiged) 33 lines. Also, Ven,, 
Aldus, 1559 »nd 69. 8^ 

12991 — antiquitatum Romanar. liber 
de senatu. Ven. {Aldus), 158 1. 4°. 

4 leaves of preUminary matter, 116 pages, 
2 blank leaves, 11 leaves (Calendar.), i 
blank lea^ and 8 leaves, index. 

12992 — antiquitatum Romanar. liber 
decomitiis. Bon.. Aldus, 1585. fol. 

12993 — antiquitatum Romanar. liber 

1086 MAN 

de ciyitate Romana. Romffi^ Bm. 

Grassus, 1585. 4°. 

A combined edition of these 4 works, 
under the title, P. ManulU AtUiquUatum 
11, IV, Ven, 1595. 8*. is not yet quite 

12994 — (^anon,) de gli element! e di 
molti loro notabili effetti. Ven., 
Aldus, 1557.4°. 34 leaves. 

See also Cicero, No. 4384^9 44^Sf ^ 
and 66. Ejulsmus, No. 6867. 

12995 MANUTIUS, Aldus (nepos). 
II perfetto gentiluomo. Ven., Aldo, 

1584. 4"^. 3 leaves and 64 pages. 

12996 — orthographic ratio. Ven., 

' Aldus, 1566. 8^ 

800 and 167 pages and 10 unnumbered 
leaves. The best edition. The complete 
reprint, Veru^ Aldus, 1591. 8Ms less fine. 
At first, Ven.^ P, ManuLy 1561. 8^ Feti^ 
Aldut, 1575 or 90. 8^ is an abridgment. 

12997 — eleganze della lingua lat. e 
toscana. Ven.^ Aldo, 1580. 8^ 

The most complete edition. Ven,, Aldo, 
1586. I3^ and 16., id,, 1594. S\ are onlv 
reprints. The first edition, t^., id.y 1550. 
8**. is tolerably scarce ; and Renouard has 
a copy of ib; id,, 1573. 8^ on lai^ blue 

12998 — locutioni di Terentio. Ven., 
Aldo, 1585. 8^ 

12999 — locutioni dell' epistole di 

Cicerone. Ven., Aldo, 1573. 8^ 

Renouard has a copy on large blue paper. 
Often reprinted. 

13000 — lettere volgari. Roma,Santi, 
1592. 4**. 

13001 — vita di Cosimo de* Medici, 
primo gran duca di Toscana. Bol. 

1585. fol- 

Ol^ copies have the date 1586. 

13002 — le attioni di Castraccio Ca- 
stracani de gli Antelminelli^ signore 
di Lucca. Roma, Gigliotti, 1 590. 4°. 

Very scarce. 

13003 — de quesitis per epistolam 

libri III. Ven. 1576. 8°. 
106, 133, and 103 pages. 

13004 MANUTII, J. Pt. et P. 
Transsylvaniffi, olim Dacin dictie, 
descriptio. Romse, Accolti^ i50* 
4°. with a map. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter and 1 leafl 
Very scarce. 

See a list of the Aldines at the end of 
this work. Abo below, REVOUAftD. 


13005 MANZI, Gugl. Testi di lin- 

gua inediti tratti da' codici della 

bibl. Vaticana da Gugl. Manzi. 

Roma, 1 8 16. 8^ (50 baj.) 
Only 300 copies printed. 

13006 MANZONI^ Aless. Innisacri. 
Mil. 1 81 6. large 8^—11 conte di 
Carmagnola, tragedia. Mil. i8ao. 
large 8''. 

MAP, Ghiultier, see Roman fait et 


Yet the Saint Oraal is erroneously attri- 
buted to him : see BSschinffU Erxahhrngen 
det Mitielaltersy I. 368. As to the rest, 
the cheerful and joyous 8on|;ster well de- 
serves that accurate inquiries should be 
made respecting his life and writings (con- 
suit Lyteri Hitt, poetar, medH avi, p. 776 
etc.). Might not, for instance, the original 
text of the G€mdeamt$$ iffiiwr and of the 
Mihi ett pn^potiium, boUi of whidi are 
attributed to him, be found in some old 

13007 MAPHiEUS Volaterranui, 
Rph. Commentarior. urbanor. libri 
38. Item oeoonomicus Xenophontis 
ab eodem Latio donatus. Ff.^ Mar. 
nius, 1603. fol. 

At first, Roma, J, Besicken, 1506. foL 

MARACCIUS, see Koran. 
MARAFFI, see Figurbn. 

13008 MARAFIOTI. Girol. Chro- 
niche ed anticbit^ di Calalnria. Pa- 
dova, 1 60 1. 4^ 

13009 MARANGONI, Gi. DeUe 
memorie sacre e profiane dell' anfi- 
teatro Flavio di Koma, volgarmente 
detto il Colosaeo. Roma^ '74^* 4''* 

13010 — delle cose gentilesdie e pro- 
fiane, trasportate ad uso e ad oma- 
mento deUe cbiese. Roma, 1 744. 4^. 

13011 MARANTA, Bm. Lucullia- 
narum qusestionom 11. V. Has. 1 564. 

13012 MARANU8, Gu. Opera om- 
nia, ed. Ch. H. Trotz. Traj. ad 
Rh. 1741. fol. (6 fl. 10 St., on large 
paper 9 fl.) 

It is also added as a snp^ement to Otto- 
fUi Tlhesaur, jur. 

13013 MARATONIO, Ofilio. DeU' 
arte di amare libri due, opera ber- 
nesca. Italia, 1816. 18^. 2 volL 

MARBLES, see £loin. 


15014 MARBODUS. Liber Mar- 
bodi qnondam nominatissimi prae- 
mlis Rhedonensis (scil. carmina, 
iiber de gemmis et epistolse VI), 
ex rec. Radulphi Besiel. Rhedonis, 
J. Baudouyn, 1524. 4^ Gothic 

A rerj scarce edition, but carelessly lu- 
pertncended. Marbodi Ofmscula in HiU 
deberiiOpp, Par. 1 708. fol. are edited after 
it and 5 MSS. 

13015 — libellas de lapidibus pretio- 
sis nuper editus (a J. Cuspiniano). 
Viennae Pannonise, Hi. Victor, 7 
cal. Mart. 1511. 4®. 

Hie first edition, very scarce. 

13016 — de lapidibns pretiosis en- 

cheridion cum scholiis (G.) Pictorii. 

Ejusd. Pictorii de lapide molari 

carmen. Without place (Friburgi), 

1531. 8°. 

The sod edition, also printed from a MS. 
Par^ CA. Wechely 1531. 8^ is only a re- 

13017 — de gemmar. et lapidum pre- 
tiosor. form is, naturis atque viribus 
opuscolum, nunc primum non modo 
centum fierme versibus locupletatum 
pariter et emendatum, sed et scho- 
liis quoque illustratum per Alardum 
.£msteJredamum. Cum scholiis Pic- 
torii. Col., Alopecius, 1539. 8°. 

Alafdus has augmented and corrected 
tike vork hum a MS. and from Pliny and 
Soliiius. — De naturit lapidum liber cum 
^nmaiatL Jam ComarH in Afaoer De ma-' 
ierim med. Pf, 1540. 8*. 

13018* — dactyliotheca, scholiis G. 
Pictorii nunc altera vice supra pri- 
orem editionem illustrata. Item de 
lapide molari et de cote carmen pa- 
neg3rricum, auctore eodem G. Pic- 
torio. Has., H. Petri, 1555. 8^ 

The impreasion in Abr. Gorlai DacfyHO" 
Aeca, LB. 1695. 4*. was corrected by J. 
Omoorius, and augmented with 93 verses. 
Corrected from 5 MSS. in Hildeberti Opp, 
Par. 1708. foL 

13018^ — de genunis scriptum Evacis 
regis Arabum^ olim a poeta quodam 
carmine redditum et nunc prim, in 
looem editnm op. et st. H. Kantzo- 
▼ii. Witt., Schwenck, 1574. 8^ 

Le» complete than Alardus^s edition. 
H. MoOer was the editor. Ltd>ec.y Bal^ 

vou in. 



^^''^ *575* 8°. and Lps., Defnery 1585. 4°. 
are unaltered reprints. 

13019 — de lapidibus pretiosis en- 
chiridion, cum scholiis G. Pictorii. 
Ejusd. Pictorii de lapide molari 
carmen. Ex bibl. Bruckmanniana 
recusa. Wolfenbuttelae, 1740. 4°. 

A reprint of the edition of 153 1. After- 
wards in PlinH Hist. not. ed, Franz, T. X. 

13020 — liber lapidum s. de gemmis, 
varietate lectionis et perpetua an« 
notatione illus|;ratus a J. Beckman. 
no. Additis observatt, Pictorii, 
Alardi, Comarii etc, Gott., Diete- 
rich, 1799. 8^ (12 gr.) 

Ck>nceming the unprinted Italian trans- 
lation of Zuochero Bencivenni, about 1300, 
see Bandini Catal. codd. lot. bibl. Laurent, 
V. 283. There are 3 French translations 
besides. The one which is said to have 
been prepared by Bninetto Latini, about 
1300, is in verse, and in Hildeberti 0pp. 
Par. 1708. fol., and printed in Beckmann's 
edition. The two others are in prose, of 
the 13th and 15th centuries, one of which 
only contains the description of the 11 
precious stones in Aaron's breastplate; they 
were in MS. in Valli^re*s library : see his 
Catalogue, I. 446. and II. 245. As to the 
rest, it is very uncertain whether the work 
really is by Marbodus : see Hist. litt. de la 
France, X. 383 sq. LesHngU CoUectaneen^ 
II. 137. 

13021 MARCA, Pt. de. Dissertatt. 
de Concordia sacerdotii et imperii 
8. de libertatibus eccles. Gallicae 11. 
VIII. Acced. ejusd. dissertatt. ec- 
cles., Justi Hn. Bohmeri observatt. 
et Carmini Pirmiani adnotatt. Bam- 
bergw, Dederich, 1788-89. 4^ 6 
voll. (10 d.) 

It is a reprint of the edition, Neap. 1 771. 
4**» 6 vols, (also on lai^ge paper). Previ- 
ously, Par. 1663, or ^Qj or <704. fol. ed. 
Bdhmef, Ff. 1703. fol. Roboreti, 174a. fol. 
Ven. 1763. fol. 

13022 — histoire de Beam. Par., 
Camusat, 1 640. fol. Also on large 

13023 — marca Hispanica s. limes 
Hispanicus, ed. St. Baluzius. Par., 
Muguet, 1688. fol. Also on large 

13024 MARCEL, J. Jac. Oratio 

dominica 150 linguis versa et pro- 

priis cujusque linguae characteribus 

expressa. Par., typis imperial., 1 805. 
3 Y 



large 4**. (36 fr.) Also on vellum 


Printed on Pius VII/s visit to the im- 
perial printing establishment, as a piece 
for the occasion, and much too hastily done. 
With respect to languages it is utteriy 
without worth, and does not even contain 
all the foreign types of this press. A later 
reprint, with the same date, is distinguished 
by worse paper, by the title- vignette, which 
represents religion with the cross and cha- 
lice (instead of which the first edition has 
the French arms), and by having Nos. 56, 
78, 88 etc. not printed with movable types, 
but with tin and wooden plates: consult 
Bibliographie de la France, 1819, p. 15. 

13025 — grammaire arabe. Imprim^e 
au Caire, Tan 7 (1798-99). 4°. 

168 pages or 10 sheets. Unfinished, and 
no more has appeared : see MiUin Mag, 
encycl. 18 14, I. 190. III. 105. 

MARCELLINUS, see Ammianus. 

13026 MARCELLINUS, comes 11- 
lyrici. Chronicon multo quam an- 
tea emendatius et auctius. Opera 
Jac. Sirmondi. Par.^ Cramoisy^ 1619. 

Best in Sirmondi Opp. T. II. Ven, 1 729. 
foL p. 269 etc. and in C^attandi BibL PP. 
X. 343 etc. At first by Ant. Schonhoven, 
Par.y Ch. Wechely 1546. 8'. 

MARCELLO, Bd., see Giustini- 


13027 MARCELLUS Ancyranus. 
Marcelliaoa, ace. Eunomii tKBtaig 
viartas. Edid. et animadvv. in- 
struxit Ch. H. Rettberg. Gott. 
1 794. 8°. ( I o gr.) 

13028 MARCELLUS Empiricus. De 

medicamentis empiricis, physicis ac 

rationalib. liber, jam prim, in lucem 

emergens et integritati restitutus. 

Per Jan. Cornarium. Item CI. Ga- 

leni libri IX nunc prim, latini fact! 

opera ejusdem Cornarii. Bas., Fro- 

ben, 1536. fol. 

Also in Slephani Art. med, prino. II. 
239 sq. 

13029 MARCELLUS Sideta. De 

remediis ex piscibus, fragmentum 

poematis de re medica, gr. et lat. 

interpr. F. Morello. Lutet., F. Mo- 

rellus, 1591. 8°. 

The first edition. Corrected and printed in 
FabrieH (ed. vei.) I. 14 etc XIII. 
315 etc. Again corrected (the Greek text 
only) in Plutarch, Deeduo. lUf. ed. Schneider. 


Arg. X 775. 8**. p. 96 etc. and in Oppian. ed., 
Belin de Ballu. Arg. 1786. 8^ Birgeri 
Thorlacii Pr, de MarceUo Sideta, Havn. 
18 19. 4". 

13030 MARCELLUS, Cp. Rituum 
ecclesiasticor. s. sacrar. ceremoniar. 
S. R. ecclesiae libri III (auctore 
Agst. Patricio). Ven., Gr. de Gre- 
goriis, 1516. fol. 

A scarce original edition, yet but little 
sought after. A copy on vdlum 200 fr. 
McCarthy, a 2nd damaged copy 6 fr. the 
same. Marcellus was only the editor. 
The last time, Romm, 1750. fol. 2 vols. 

MARCELLUS, Nonius, see No- 

13031 MARCH, Ausias. Les obres 
de Mossen Ausias March, ab una 
declaratio en les marges, de alguus 
vocables scurs. Barcelona, per me- 
stre Carles amoros Provencal Lang, 
1543 a 22. del mes de Desembre. 4^ 

So Aretin gives the title in his Beitrr, 
V. 409. No. 119. In Velasquez de Diesty 
p. 55, it is thus given : Obree en vers, du 
vuUdes en canticht de amor, morals, spwu 
tuals i de mort. An extremely scarce edi- 
tion. Diez quotes beside, Barcelona, 1 545. 
4*^. and in M. BOhl's collection at Uambuig 
is, por J. de Resa. Falladol. 1 555. 4**. 

13032 — las obras poeticas di Ausias 
de March^ en lingua Limosina> 
escritas en el an 1460. Barcelona, 
1560. 8^ 

13033 — las obras del fumosissimo 
philosofo y poeta Mossen Osias 
Marco, traduzidas por Don Baltasar 
de Romani, j divididas en quatro 
canticas: es a saber: Cantica de 
amor, Cantica moral, Cantica de 
muerte, j Cantica spiritual. Va- 
lencia, J. Navarro, 10 Mar9o^ iS39- 
fol. Gothic letter. 

There is another edition in Roman 
characters by the same printer and of the 
same date. The Limosin original is an- 
nexed in both. Romani has allowed him- 
self many liberties in the translation, which 
does not contain the collected woiics, and 
often causes the poet to say sumethinff 
quite different from what is in the originiX 

13034 — obras, traduzidas de lengoa 
Lemosina, en Castellana por Jorge 
de Montemayor. Zaragoza^ 1563. 
Also, Madr. 1579. 8^ 

This translation, entirely deviating from 
the original, contains only the Cantioos de 


r, and not even these complete. The 
original is not added. 

13635 MARCHAIS, Chevalier des. 
Voyage en Gnin^, iles voisines et 
^ Cayenne, public par J. Bt. Labat. 
Par. 1730. 12°. 4 vols, with plates. 
Also, Amst. 1 73 1. 12^ 4 Yols. with 

13036 MARCHAND, Et. Voyage 
antoar du monde pendant les ann. 
1790-92, precede d'une introduc 
tjon historique etc, par Charl. Pt. 
Claret Flenrieu. Par.^ impr. de la 
r^pnhL an 6-8 (1798-1800). 4^ 
4 vols, with plates (40 fr.^ on veL 
lam paper 80 fr.). Also on large 
vellnm paper. 

Also in 5 vols, in 8**. with an atlas In 4^ 
(25 €r.) In Oerman, Lpz., Hinrichs, 1801. 
hJige 8°. a toIs. vith plates (3 d.). In 
English, Land, 1801. 4^ a ▼<ub. with an 
atlaa {^ 13s. 6d.), or 9 vols, in 8**. with 
an atlas in 4^ (iL us. 6d.) 

13037 MARCHAND, Prosp. Hi- 

stoire de I'origine et des premiers 

progres de Timprinierie. Haye^ 

1 740. 4^ In addition. Supplement 

a I'hitt. de I'impr. de Prosp. Mar. 

chand, ou additions et corrections 

poor cet ouvrage. Edit, revue et 

angm. (par Mercier^ abbe de St. 

L^er). Far. 1775. 4^* ^^^ P^^g®^ 

The aopplement, now scaroe> is better 
fhan die work itself. The first edition. 
Far. 1773. 4^ 55 peges, is still interesting 
on account of sooie differences. Merder 
gave aome corrections in a letter of 16 
pages in the Joum. de$ Sav. 1776, and 
ODQtinned to noke collections for a new edi- 
tion of the entire work. His MS. oollec- 
tkna are now in the possession of that 
respectable bibliographer M. Barbier in 

— dictionnaire historique, see Batle, 
No. 1795. 

13038 MARCHE, Oliv. de la. M^. 

moires (depuis 1435-99)* Ed. IV. 

angm. d'nn estat particulier de la 

maiaoo du due Charles le Hardy. 

Lovain^ de Witte, 1645. 4**. 

Denis Saurage first edited these interest- 
iiy memoirs in the ChnmiqueM de Fkmdret. 
Lpmf RovUUj 1561. foL Ed, II, aveo les 
mmyrtatiens et eorreetumM de J, L. D. G, 
{J. Lmutem de Gand). Gundy Saleneoriy 
1567. 4% Ed. Ill, BrtueUee^ AfUoiney 

MAR 1029 

1 616. 4^ The last time in the Collection 
des mimoires relalifs a Vhiat. de France, 
T. 8 et 9. 

13039 — {anm.) Cy commence vng 
excellent et prouffi table liure pour 
toute creature humaiue, appele le 
miroer de mort. Without place or 
date. fol. Gothic letter. 

f 6 leaves with signatures. In verae. 

13040 — (^anon,) le parement et tri- 
umphe des dames d'honneur (en 
rime et en prose), reveu et addi- 
tionne (par Pt. Desrey). Par., J. 
Petit, 1510. 8**. Gothic letter. 

Also, Par,, veuve de J, Trepperel, with- 
out date. 8*". Gothic letter. Par., Mch. le 
Noir, 1520. 8". Gothic letter. Lf/on, Ar^ 
notdlet, without date. 16*^.— See also Che- 
valier ddib^r^. 

13041 MARCHELLUS, J. Index 
criticus vocum ab iis, qui latine 
scribere velint, vitandarum. Me- 
diol., Agnellus, 1753. 4®. 

13042 MARCHESE, Annib. II Vi- 
ticondo, poema. Nap. 1738. 4^ 
with plates. — Tracedie cristiane. 
Nap. 1729. 4^ 2 vols, with plates. 
^-Carlo VI. il grande, poema. Nap. 
1720. 4°. 

13043 MARCHESE. Dm. Mar. Sa. 
gro diario Domenicano. Nap. 1668. 
fol. 6 parts in 2 vols. 

MARCHESINUS, see Mamme. 


13044 MARCHETTI. Aless. Vita 

e poesie. Ven., Valvasense, 1755. 


Saggio deUe rime eroiche, morali e saore. 
Fir,, Bindiy 1 704. 4**. is less complete. 

13045 MARCHI, Fr. de. Delia ar. 

chitettura militare libri tre, nelli 

quali si descrivono li veri modi del 

fortificare, che si usa a tempi mo. 

demi, con un breve et utile trat- 

tato, nel quale si dimostrano li modi 

del fftbricar V artigliaria et la prat- 

tica di adoperarla da quelli che 

hanno carico di essa. Brescia, Co- 

mino Presegni, 1599* fol. with 


A very scarce and interesting work. 6 
leaves of preliminary matter, 279 pages 
(books 1-3), and 22 pages for the 4th 
book not mentioned in the title. The 

3 Y2 



plates are printed in the text A copy, in 
which at the end of the 3rd book were 9 
plates, and at the end of the 4th book a 
double plate, wanting in other copies, sold 
for 1350 tr. at Santander*s sale at Paris in 

Although there is only one edition, yet 
there are differences in the copies. Some 
have a dedication al serenissimo principe e 
Ultutrusima tipnoria di Venezia (dated, 
Venexia, Novemb. 1509); in others the 
dedication is addressed to Vincenzo Gon- 
zaga, duke of Mantua, and dated from 
Brescia, 12 Mai 1600 ; a third sort have a 
new title, Brescia, Gi. Bt. e Ant, Boezoli 
Jratelli, 1603, and no dedication at alL 
The Dresden copy, although with the title 
of i599« has also no dedication. The work 
appears to have been commenced from 
1 546, and the 1 6 1 plates, which are contain- 
ed in the 3 books, to have been prepared long 
before the printing of the text, and conse- 
quently impressions of the plates are some- 
times found without the text. (The Dres- 
den copy of this impression contains 170 
plates, and therefore 9 plates more than 
the Santander ccmy.) Consult Fonianini 
dal ZenOy II. 390 sq. Faniusun Scrittori 
Bologn, V. ^27. 

130461^ — architettura militare, ilia- 
strata da L. Marini. Roma, de' 
Romanis, 1810. large fol. 5 vols, 
with plates (100 scudi). Also on 

vellum paper. 

A splendid edition, and feu* preferable to 
the preceding one. The ist vol. contains 
Prolegomena and a Biblioteca istorico-crii, 
tU fortijioazione permanente ; the 2nd vol. 
Nuova lezione e comenti ; the 3rd vol. the 
text of the earlier edition ; and the 4th and 
5th the plates. At the same time an edi- 
tion appeared of 6 parts in 3 vols, in lai^ 
4**. with 2 vols, of plates in foL (70 scudi). 

13046^ MARCH ISIO,Stanisl. Opere 
teatrali. Mil., Batelli, 1820-21. S*'. 
3 voll. 

13047 MARCHITELLI, Gi. Bt. 
Rime piacevoli. Lucca, 1747. 8°. 
2 voll. — II Salicone o sia il ratto 
dell' Urinale, poema eticogiocoso. 
Napoli, 1789. 8°. 2 voll. 

MARCIANUS, see Capblla. 

13048 MARCIANUS Heracleota 
(ScYMNUS Chius). Carmen jam- 
bicum de situ orbis. Fed. Morellus 
grseca recensuit et latine eodem ge- 
nere versuum expressit, cum notis. 
Lutet., Morellus, 1606. 8°. 

Brunet has also, t^., id,, 1596. 8^. That 


in D. Hoeschelii Geographic. AV, 1600. 
8°. p. 1-30 (see above, No. 8318), ia gene- 
raUy considered the ist impnission. 

13049 — orbis descriptio com inter* 
pretatione lat. ad verbum et notis 
Era. Vindingii. Havn., Godianus, 
1662. 8^ 

Best in Uudsoni Geogr. minor. II. 9 sq. 
where the piece is at the same time da im ed 
for Scymnus. It was before erroneously 
attributed to Marcianus. 

MARCIUS, see Galbottus. 
MARCK, see Lamarck. 

13050 MARCKART, J. Gu. Proba- 
bilia receptar. lectionum juris civ. 
Traj. ad Rh. 1737. 8^ 2 voll. (i fl. 

10 St.) 

MA RCO Mantuano, see Benavidbs. 
MARCO, Osias, see March. 
MARCO Polo, see Polo. 

13051 MARCOLINI, Fr. Le inge- 
niose sorti, intitulate giardino de 
pensieri. Ven.^ Marcolini, 1540. 

fol. witb woodcuts. 

The first and very scarce edition of this 
instruction for the drawing of cards, 
greatly sought after on account of the 
woodcuts by Jos. Ponta Grafagninus (300 
fr. McCarthy). Consult Berliner MO' 
natsschr, 1808, Febr, p. 80 (Benoni Fried- 
l&nder at Berlin now possesses the copy 
there mentioned). 

13052 Ven., Marcolini, 1550. 

fol. 158 pages^ witb the same wood- 

Somewhat less scarce, but preferred by 
some persons on account of its being better 
arranged. An accurate reprint of the edi- 
tion of 1550, with the same date, and the 
title Giardino de pensiero composto da Fr. 
Marcolini, which appeared in Italy in 
1784, is in large fol., and the representa- 
tions are engraved. 

MARCOLPHUS, see Collatio- 


13953 MARCULFI aliorumque auc 

tor. formulee veteres, editie ab HL 

Bignonio cum notis ejus auctiorib. 

et emendatiorib. Ace. liber legis 

Salicse^ notis ejusd. Bignonii iUu- 

stratus. Op. et st. Theodorici Bi- 

gnonii. Par., Cramoisy, 1665. 4^ 

At first, ed. Hi. Bignon. Par. 1613. 8*. 
and at the same time (quite different) in F, 
Lindenbrogii Cod. leg. antiquar. Ff, 1613. 
fbl. p. 1205 etc Afterwards in Bouquet 
Serr. hist. Gall. IV. 462-532. and best 


in SL BakiMH CapUtilaria ed, Chitdae. 
T,II. Par, 1780. foL Consult Hist, liit, 
dthFnmMy III. 570. 

13054 MARCUS Eremita s. Asceta. 

Tav arpmw vartp^uf, MapKOV (prffurov 

AH atnajTov, NucoXaov xai *Ho'v;((ov 

wptafivTtpov, ra ivpiVKOiuva avyypafi- 

lutnu Gneoe ex bibl. r^a. Par., 

Gil Morellus, 1563. S^, — Eadem 

kt per J. Picum. Par., Parvus, 

1563. 8^ 

Opera et aermonet best in GallatuH Bibl, 
PP. VIII. 3 etc 

13055 — sermones de jejunio et de 
Melchisedech, nunc prim, cum lat. 
interpretatione a Bths. Mar. Re- 
mondini in lucem prolati. Romee, 
de Rubeis, 1 748. 4''. 

MARE, see Marrb. 

13056 MARECHAL, Sylvain. Cos- 
tumes dnls actuels de tons les pen. 
pies oonnus, avec une notice histo- 
rique. Par. 1788. 4°. 4 vols, with 
iUominated plates. 

FoL I. hai 77 plates, wL IT. 76, vol. III. 
71, and voL IV. 81 ; all together (with the 
titie-|il8te) 305. The less fine 2nd edition 
h 4 Teb. in large 8^. VoL III. has in the 
Dotioe of the island Milo a plate which is 
DOC asoally contained in the earlier copies. 

13057 MARESCALCUS, N. His- 
tone aquatilium lib. I. et II. Host., 
in cd. Thnriis, 1520. fol. with 
woodcuts. Ldber III. ib. 15 17. 
£e^ with woodcuts. 

ExtremelT scarce : see Beekmann's Beiirr, 

13058 — annalium Herulor. ac Van. 
^.libriVII. Rost., in aed. Thu- 
riit, 153 1, fol. 52 leaves. 

13059 — deflorationes antiquitatum 
ab origine mundi. Host., in sedd. 
Thoriis, 1522. fol. 32 leaves. 

13060 — (anon.) Ein ausztzog 
der Meckelbargischen Chronicken. 
Without place or date. fol. 

10 leaves with the signatures a-c. It is 
in prose, and most not he confounded with 
Us imprinted Mecklenberg duronide in 
Ayme{Hambtirg,lnbLhiii.lL2'js). All 
Ares works, wUch are very scarce, were 
innted at the author's private press. 

13061 — enchiridion poetar. daris- 

M A R 1031 

dmorum liber I -IV. Erphordiae^ 

{Seriorius), 1501-2. 4°. 

All 4 books are very seldom met with. 
In Dresden there are only books 3 and 4. 

13062 — laus musar. ex Hesiodi the- 
ogonia. Lactantii carmen de ana- 
stasi Christi. Ovidii carmen ex 
Metamorph. XV. de phcenicis mor- 
tui reparatione. Ausonii carmen 
de festo pascatis. Claudiani carmen 
de salvatore Christo etc, Erphor. 
dise, Sertorius, 1501. 4°. 

13063 MARESTI, Alf. Teatro ge- 
nealogico ed istorico delle famiglie 
di Ferrara. Ferrara, 1678. fol. 2 
voll. — Cronologia ed istoria de* capi 
e giudici de' Savi di Ferrara. ib. 
1683. fol. — Raccolta dell' armi de' 
nobili Ferraresi. ib. 1690. fol. 

13064 MARETS de Saint-Sorlin, J. 
des. Les d^lices de I'esprit, dia- 
logue. Par. 1659 or 61. fol. with 

plates by Chauveau. 

Only sought after on account of the 

13065 — Clovis ou la France chre- 

tienne^ poeme h^roique. Par., 

Courb^, 1657. 4**. with plates. 

Also on large paper. The edition, Leide^ 
les Elaeviersy 1657. 12°. (although badly 
printed) is more sought after. 

13066 — ceuvres poetiques. Par. 
1641. 4^ 

13067 — I'Ariane de nouveau revue. 

Par., Guillemot, 1639. 4®. with 


Previously, Par. 1632. 8*. 2 vols. Also, 
Leydcy Hegher, 1644. 12°. Par, 1724. 12*. 
3 vols. In Italian by Bisacdoni, Ven, 
1650. 12". 

13068 — Ariana in ^nzos. Sprach 
beschrieben vnd auss derselben 
teutsch gegeben durch G. A. R. L. 
Leyden, Hegeren, 1644.. 12°. 3 
parts in i vol. with plates. 

13069 (the same title). Amst., 

L. u. Dn. Elzevier, 1659. 12°. 

2 parts in i vol. with plates. 

Both editions are very neatly printed. 
The Elzevier edition has inferior impres- 
sions of the same plates, but is neverthe- 
less really a new impression. 

13070 — Ariane (translated into 



Dutch). Amst.^ Elzevier, 1658. 
1 2®. 2 parts in i vol. with plates. 

MARGARITA philosophica, see G. 

13071 MARGETT. Longitude ta- 
bles for correcting the effect of pa- 
rallax and refraction on the ob- 
served distance taken between the 
moon and the sun etc. Lond. 
(1790). 4^ 

13072 — longitude tables for correct- 
ing the effect of parallax and refrac- 
tion. Lond. (1793). large fol. 

13073 — horary tables for shewing 
by inspection the apparent diurnal 
motion of the sun^ moon, and stars, 
the latitude of a ship, and the azi- 
muth, time, or altitude, correspond- 
ing with any celestial object. Lond. 
without date, large fol. 

Pierre TEveque describes it in the Con- 
fuMs. des temt an X. p. 333. These tables 
consist of 70 maps, and cost from 20 to 25 

13074 MARGUERITE de France, 
reine de Navarre {soeur de Fran- 
cis I), Miroir auquel elle voit son 
n^nt et son tout. Par., Augereau, 

'533- 8". 

A copy on vdlum 100 fr. Valli^re, and 
99 fr. McCarthy. Also, without place or 
date. 8**. 37 leaves. Under the title, Vart 
€t usage du souvercUn miroir du ChresHen, 
Par,, le Noir, 1556. 12".; and under the 
following title : Le mtrotr de Vame piche- 
resse, Lyon, le Prince, 1538. 8**. GerUtye, 
Girard, 1539. 12^ Under the last title it 
is also inserted in the following number. 

13075 — Marguerites de la margue- 
rite des princesses, tres illustre 
royne de Navarre (publiees par Sy- 
mon Sylvius dit de la Haye). Lyon, 
J. de Tournes, 1547. 8^ 2 vols, 
•with woodcuts. 

541 pages and i leaf, and 342 pages and 
I leaf. The scarcest edition of this poetry, 
and the most sought after. Besides the 
Miroir, the most interesting pieces therein 
are, Les 4 dames et les 4 gentUzhommes, 
a comedy, a farce, and La Coche, But the 
D^bai (Tamour, of which there is a MS. 
in Valliere's Caial, T. II. p. 337, is not to 
be found therein. — To this edition may be 
joined, Le tombeau de Marguerite de Fa- 
Ms. Par., Fexandaif 1551. 8^ 


13076 Lyon, Pt. de Tours, 

1549. i6^ I part in 2 vols. 
Equally scarce and sought after. 

13077 Par., Ruelle (other co- 
pies, veuve Fr. Regnaud or Pre- 
vost), 1554. 16®. 1 part in 2 vols. 
Neat, and equally scarce and sought after. 

13078 — rheptameron des nouvelles. 
Remis en son vray ordre, confus au 

?aravant en sa premiere impression. 
*&T., CI. Gruget. Par., Sertenas 
(at the end, impr. par Benoist Pre- 

vost), 1559. 4^ 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, 313 num* 
bered and 2 unnumbered leaves. In other 
copies Caveillier is mentioned as the pub- 
lisher. The 2nd edition of the Heptame- 
ron, scarce and sought after, which for the 
first time contains 72 novels. All the 
subsequent editions repeat its text. Pt. 
Boaistuau sumomm^ Launay gave the 
first edition, without mention of the au- 
thor, under the following title: Hittcire 
des amans fortunez dediee it fiUusire prtn- 
cesse Madame Marguerite de Bourbon^ 
duchesse de Nivemois, Par.^ GiUes, 1558. 
4^ XIX and 184 leaves. This by far 
the most scarce edition, which offers nu- 
merous various readings in the text, con- 
tains only 67 novels, which are not divided 
into days, and are quite differently ar- 
ranged from what they are in the other 

13079 Par., Gilles (at the end, 

impr. par Benoist Prevost), 1560. 


4 leaves of preliminary matter, 211 num- 
bered and 3 unnumbered leaves. In other 
copies sometimes Sertenas, sometimes JRo- 
binot, is mentioned as the publisher. Like- 
wise tolerably sought after. Also, without 
place, imprimi 1560. 16**. 16 leaves and 
726 pages (hitherto unknown). Par. t$6t. 
12*. Lgon, 1 56 1. 12*. Par., Normeni ei 
Bruneaut 1507. 16**. Lifon, Cloquemmy 
1572. l6^ 812 pages and 6 leaves. Par., 
de Roigny, 1574. 16*'. Par. 1578 or 8i. 
16". Par., ChappeOain, 1607. 12*. (badly 

13080 Sur Timprim^ ^ Paris, 

chez Jac. Bessin, 1698. 12^ 2 voll. 
Printed in Holland. The editions hi- 
therto cited all contitin the work in its 
original ancient style. 

13081 — contes et nouvelles mis en 

beau langage accommode au go&t 

de ce temps. Amst., Oallet, 1698. 

8^. 2 vols, with plates. 

The plates of this esteemed edition are 




Utri b m ed to Romain de Hooghe, although 
he has not mentioiied himself. The re- 
pine, AmuLj Gailety 1700. 8**. 2 vols, with 
the ame plato, is somewhat less sought 
after. The editians, Am$t., Gailety 1708. 
8*. 7 Tols. and Par, 1740. 8^. 3 vds. have 
plates by Uarreweyn. 

13062 — les nouvelles de Marguerite 
de Valois. Berne, 1 780-81. 8^ 
3 vok. with plates. 

A neat editioD, with very fine plates by 
Freuden b crger , aind yignettes by Dunker. 
The work is here given again in its an- 
cient Oyle. There are also copies with 
new engraved titles and the date 1793. 
In some copies the 3rd vol. is on inferior 
paper. There are aliw impressions of the 
plates without any numbers. The plates 
of the editioo of 1 784. I8^ 8 vols, (also in 
S*.) are very indifferent re^ngravings of 
fSbe plates in the Berne edition. 

13063 — the Queene of Nauarres 
tales, now newly translated out of 
French into English. Lond.^ Ox- 
cnbridge, 1597. 4**. 

Containing only 15 novds. 

130B4 — Margaret de Valoys Hepta- 
meron, or the history of the fortu- 
nate lovers. Lond. 1654. 8^ 
Sold at the duke of Marlbomi«^'s sale for 

13665 MARGUERITE de Valois, 
reine de France et de Navarre 
l^pomse de Henri IF,) M ^moires 
(public par Auger de Maul^on, 
8eign. de Granier). Par.^ Chappel^ 
kin, 1628. 8^ 

The first editioo, of which Renouard has 
a copy on large paper. There are 2 edi- 
tions with this date, page for page alike, 
which noay be distinguished by the first 
having after the prefiMoe i leai^ errata, and 
1 leaf, Privil^ium, which are wanting in 
the other. (Both are at Dresden.) The 
liaQowing is a worse print (probably Oe- 
neveae) : Jouste la copie impr. it Paris par 
CkappeOamj 1629. 8^ Also, Par,, Sercp, 
1643. 4^ id. 1648. 8^ Goude, Gu. de 
Bmveiy 1649. I'"* {7^ neat). 

13066 Jouxte la copie k Paris, 

1658. 1 1*'. 197 pages. 

This is a real Elzevir production ; but the 
editioo, Brmx,, Fr, Fopperu, 1658. I2^ 
197 pages (of which there are two distinct 
JBpffvasioiis of the same year, according to 
BeoooanTs Caiai, IV. 140), is no Elzevir, 
bat a Paris, production. But the edition, 
Brar., Fr, FoppetUy 1659. ii'. 197 pages, 
Im eertainiy the appearance of an Elzevir 

impression. Par., Mauger, 1665. is""* 
t6., R\b(my 1666. 13**. are common editions- 

13087 — memoires, auxquels on a 

ajoute son ^loge, celui de Mr. de 

Bussy et la fortune de la cour (par 

de Dampmartin. Edit, donn^e par 

J. Godefroy). Liege, Broncart, 

1 7 13. 8^ Also, Haye (TrSvoux)^ 

Moetjens, 17 15. 8^ 2 voll. 

Both editions are prized alike. The 
memoirs are printed after the edition of 
1715 in the Collection de» mem, riUUifs h 
VfmL de France, T. LII. p. 93-372. 

13088 — memorias, traduc. de Frances 
en Espanol por Jacinto de Herrera. 
Madr. 1646. 8^. Geschichte der 
Marg. von Valois von ihr selbst 
beschrieben. Nebst Zusatzen und 
Erganzungen aus den firanz. Quel- 
len von F. Schlegel. Lpz. 1803. 8°. 
( I d. 8 gr.) Memoirs of Margaret 
de Valois, transl. from the French. 
Lond. 1813. 12°. 2 vols. (i28.) 

Two of her letters first printed in Artigny 
Mimcire$y II. 358 etc. 

MARGUERITE de Valois, see 

13089 MARGUNIUS, Maximus. 
Poemata aliquot sacra, grsece, nunc 
prim, publicata op. et st. D. Hce- 
schelii. LB., Rapheleng., 1592. 8^. 
24 pages. 

13090 — hymni anacreontici (gr.) 
cum interpr. lat. Cr. Rittershusii. 
AV. 1601. 8^ 

His Epistola Graca c, Lai. vert. J. Elmii 
et tcholOs J, Lamii in J, LamH Delicia 
eruditor, T. V. et IX. 

MARIA, historia ejus, see Histo- 
RiA, No. 9813-15. 

MARIA Antonia, see Trionfo. 
MARIAGE, see Aymon. 

13091 MARIANA, J. Historiaede 
rebus Hispanias libri XX. Toleti, 
typis Pt. Roderici, 1592. fol. 

The first edition of the Latin original, 
and scarce. The copies are of three kinds. 
The more common have 4 leaves of preli- 
minary matter and 959 pages, the last of 
which has the catchword H I8TO-, although 
the reverse of the leaf is blank. Then 6 
leaves of index. Other copies, with the 
date, Toletiy Th, Gutmaniusy i595t con- 
tain 25 books, and go as far as p. 1168, 
when 14 leaves of indioflfi^follow. As far 



x. v> 

-7/, -Z;^ TfA N,.1 




<^ P* 959 ^^ ^'^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^® same 

{printing as the preceding. A third kind, 
ikewise of 1168 pages and 35 hooks, has 
the date, Toletiy Roderictu, 1592, like the 
copies of the first kind. — To uiis may be 
joined, HistoricB Hisp, appendix^ libri sci- 
licei 21-30 cum ind. Ff. 1606. fol. (also in 
Schotti Scriptt. hist. Hisp.) All the 30 
books for the first time, Mog. 1605. 4**. 

13092 — historise de reb. Hisp. libri 
XXX. Acced. Jos. £mman. Mi- 
nianse continuationis novae libri X. 
Hag. Com., Hondt, 1733. fol. 4 
parts in 2 vols, with plates printed 
in the text. 

Little sought after, notwithstanding the 

13093 — historia general de Espana, 
compuesta primero en latin, despues 
vuelta en castellano. Toledo, Ro- 
driguez, 1601. fol. 2 voll. 

The first edition of the Spanish transla- 
tion, prepared by the author himself, which 
has a preference over the Latin original 
on account of its additions. The editions, 
Madr. 1608, or 17, or 33. foL 2 vols, are 
also from the hands of the author; that 
of 1623 is especially prized as his last. 
Amberes (Leon de Francia), Bousqitet, 
1737-39- 8**. 16 vols, is convenient, and 
for the first time provided with the con- 
tinuation by Miuiana, but it is very in- 

13094 — historia general de £spana, 
cop el sumario y tablas. Madr., 
Ibarra, 1780. fol. 2 voll. (130 rs.) 
Also on fine paper. 

A critical and very fine edition ; that of 
Madrid, 1623, forms the basis. The con- 
tinuation of Miniana also appeared at Ma- 
drid about 1806, in foL for die completion 
of this edition. 

13095 — historia general de Espaiia. 
Uustrada en esta nueva impresion 
de tablas cronologicas, notas y ob- 
servaciones criticas con la vida del 
autor. Valencia, Montfort, 1783- 
96. small fol. 9 vols. 

A critic^ and also a fine edition. The 
edition of 1608 forms the basis, with the 
various readings and augmentations of 
those of 1617 and 23, and with very valu- 
able notes. 3fariana*s portrait is prefixed 
t ) his life. The edition which appeared at 
Madrid in 18 19 in 8 vols, with a conti- 
nuation and annotations by Jos. Saban y 
Blanco, is celebrated as being still more 
excellent. Madr. 1794. 8^ 10 vols, (with 
Miniaiia^s continuations) is also good. — 


Pedro MarUuano advertencias a la historia 
de Mariana. Milan^ 161 1. 4**. or Madr. 
1613. 4**. In opposition, Historia gen. de 
Esp. del Mariana defendida por Th. Ta^ 
mayo de Vargeis. Toledoy 1610. 4**. Gasp. 
Ibahex, marq. de Mondejary advertencias 
sobre la historia del P. J. de Mariana, 
f^alenciay 1 746. fol. or Madr. 1 795. 8**. 

13096 — histoire generale d'Espagne, 
trad, en fran9. avec des notes et des 
cartes, par Jos. N. Charenton. Par., 
Mercier, 1725. 4°. 5 parts in 6 vols, 
with plates. Also on large paper. 

At uie end of the last book ought to be 
found, Diss, stir quelqttes monnaies d^E^ 
spagne, by Mahudel, which is sometimes 
wanting. — History of Spain, translated by 
Steevens. Lond. 1606. foL Concerning the 
editions and translations of the Spanidi 
history, see MarchancL Didionn. II. 139 

13097 — de rege et regis institutione 
libri III. Toleti, Pt. Rodericus, 
1599. small 4?. 

A scarce original edition. As Henry III.*8 
murder was praised therein without re- 
serve, the parliament of Paris in conse- 
quence caused the book to be burnt by the 
hangman, June 8th, 16 10; and it was 
suppressed even in Spain at the request of 
the French court. Concerning the other 
mutilated editions, see AUg. lAtt. Zeit. 
1784, IV. 23a 

13098 — liber de ponderibus et men- 

suris. Toleti, Gusman, 1599. 4^. 

A scarce original edition. A copy on 
fine paper 10 fr. McCarthy. 

13099 — tractatus VII de adventu b. 

Jacobi in Hispaniam, pro editione 

vulgata, de spectaculis, de monetae 

mutatione, de die mortis Christi, de 

annis Arabum, de morte et immor- 

talitate. Col., Hieratus, 1609. foL 

A criminal process was suspended over 
the author on account of the treatise De 
monetcB mutat.y and the copies were bought 
up by the government and destroyed : see 
Santander*s CatcU. IV. 153. 

MARIANI, see M arisgalco. 

13100 MARIANUS Scotus. Chro- 
nica (cum Dodecbini continuatione). 
Martini Poloni ejusdem argument! 
historia. Omnia nunc prim, in lu- 
cem edita (a J. Heroldo). Bas., 

Oporinus, 1559. ^^^' 

Best in Pistorii S. R, Germ. ed. Strtiv. 
I. 44 1 sq. C. Ren. Hansen De aniiqtdss. 
cod. Maritmi ScoH exemploque ilUus achol' 


panUo, Ff, ad O. 1783. 
4 • 

13101 3f ARICONDA, Ant. Le tre 
gwniate delle fovole dell* Aganippe. 
Nap., Suganappo, 1550. 4°. 
Tbc only edition of these 30 noveUe^ and 

13102 MARIE de France. Lais, 
&ble8 et autres productions de 
Marie de France, poete anglo-nor- 
mand da 13. si^e, pnblies d'apr^ 
lea MSS. des biblioth^ues de 
France et d'Angleterre, avec une 
notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de 
cette femme c^l^bre, la traduction 
de oes lais en regard du texte et 
avec des notes et des commentaires 
par J. B. B. de Roquefort. Par., 
Didot, 1820. S*'. 2 vols, with plates 
(16 fr., on vellum paper 32 fr.). 

13103 MARIE. Traite de mecani- 
qne. Par. 1774. 4*=. with plates. 

13104 MARIETA, J. Historia ec- 
desiastica de todos los santos de 
Espada. Cuenca, 1596. fol. 4 voll. 

13105 MARIETTE, Pt. J. Descrip- 
tion des travanx qui out precede, 
accompagne et suivi la fonte en 
bronze d'un seul jet de la statue 
^uestre de Louis XV, dressee sur 
les m^moires de Lempereur. Par. 
1768. large foL with plates. 

13106 — traite des pierres gravees. 

Par. J 750. small fol. 2 vo&. with 


The 1st vol. contains 3 plates, and the 
2nd ToL (in 3 parts) 132 and 125 plates. 
A copy on Dutch paper is known. 

13107 — catalogue raisonne de diff^- 
rens objets de curiosite dans les 
sciences et arts, qui composaient le 
cabinet de Marietta, par Fr. Basan. 
Par. 1775. 8^ 

One of the richest and best catalogues of 
this kmd. See also Coelemaits, 8ante 
Baktoli, and J. Marot archit. frany. 

13108 MARIN y Mendoza, Joaquin. 
Historia de la miUcia Espanola, 
deade las primeras noticias que se 
tienen por ciertas, hasta los tiempos 
presentes. T. I. Madr., Sancha^ 
1776. large 4°. with 14 plates. 

No more has appeared. 

MAR 1035 

13109 MARIN, Pt. Dictionnaire 
fTan9ais-hollandais et hollandais- 
firan9ais. Amst. 1782 or 93. 4°. 
2 voll. 

13110 MARINA, Fr. Martinez. En- 

sayo historico-critico sobre la anti- 

gua legislacion y principales cuer- 

pos legales de los reynos de Leon 

y Castilla; especialmente sobre el 

codigo de Don Alonso el Sabio, 

conocido con el nombre de las Siete 

Partidas. Madr. 1808. 4°. 

Concerning this important work, see 
Edinburgh reviewy XXII. 50. 

13111 — teoria de las cortes grandes 

juntas nacionales de los reinos de 

Leon y Castilla. Monumentos de 

sa constitucion politica y de la so- 

berania del pueblo etc, Madr. 18 13. 

4^ 3 voll. 

Ckmceming this work, see Edinburgh 
review, XXIII. 347. 

13112 M ARINiEUS Siculus, Lucius. 
Epistolarum famib'arum libri 17, 
oratt. et carmina. Vallisoleti, Bro- 
carius, 15 14. fol. 

Very scarce. 

13113 — obra de las cosas memora- 
bles de Espaiia. Alcala, Eguia, 
1533- fol- Gothic letter. 

Also, ib. 1539. fol. In Latin in Schoiti 
Hispania illttstr. T. I. 

13114 — cronica de Aragon, traduc. 
en castellano por J. de Molina. Va- 
lencia, 1534. fol. 

131 15 MARINER. Account of the 
natives of the Tonga islands in the 
South Pacific ocean, with a gram- 
mar and vocabulary of their lan- 
guage. Lond. 18 1 7. 8^ 2 vols, 
(il. 4s.) 

13116 MARINI, Gaetano. Iscrizioni 
antiche delle ville e de' palazzi Al- 
bani. Roma, 1785. 4°. with plates. 

13117 — gli atti e monumenti de* 
fratelli Arvali, scolpiti gii in tavole 
di marmo ed ora raccolti, diciferati 
e comentati. Roma, 1 795. 4®. 2 vols, 
with plates. 

13118 — i papiri diplomatici. Roma, 
1805. fol. with 22 plates. 

See also Makdosio, No. 1291 7. 

13119 MARINI, Gi. Ambr. II Cal- 

1036 MAR MAR 

loandro fidele, stato fin* ora in 13127 — dicerie sacre. Ven. 1643 or 

tutte I'altre impressioni, per piii 74. 12°. 

conti manchevole e difettoso. Ora Previouslv, Ven, 161 5, or 18, or 38. la*. 

in questa nuova da moltissimi er- f^oenga, 161S, la**. 

rori purgato, rabbellito, accresciuto 13128 — epitalamj. Ven. 1674. la**. 

e migliorato. Ven., Gasp. Gerardi, Previoudv, Par. 1616. n«. Fen. 1616, 

1734 12^ 2 voU. ^^ ^^> ^^^^' ^'•S^- ''^• 

At fimt in 1641 under the title, CaUo^ ^^^^9 — la galena distinta in pitture 

andro Sconosciuto. Then, Ven., Turriniy « SCUlture. Ven. 1674. 12°. 

1664. 32°. 4 vols. Ven,y MUoocOy 1669 or A collection of small poems, each of 

76. 12^, 1 vols. Ven, 1726. 8*. a vols. In which contains a poetical observation on 

French by Scudery, Par. 1668. 8°. 3 vols. >^me piece of a considerable cabinet of 

(By thecountdeCaylus),-4fiw/. 1740. la'. pictures and statues. Previously, Ven. 

3 vols. In German, Nrb. 1667. la**.— i6a6, or 30, or 5a. Ia^ 

Le gare de desperati, Ven. 1662. 33°. of 13130 _ lettere con alcune poesie. 

the same author met with less approbation. Vi»n rAiTrk^i^/^ t/»& 

In French (by de la Serre), Par, 173a. ^f"' ^^^7 ^J 73*/* ' . 

Ia^ a vols. And together with CayWs ^^^> ^^'^ ^^^^' f' ^^""^ '^29. ia». 

translation of the preceding romance under 13131 — la lira, rime. Ven. 1 65 3 or 

the title, Romans heroigues de Mariniy 74. | 2°. 3 parts in 2 vols. 

Lyon, 1786. i2\ 4 jols. Le gare de despe. Previously, Ven, i6oa, or 9, or ai, or 

ro/f, m German, Ff, 1651 or 1 706. Ia^ ^^^ ^r 30, or 67. ia». 3 vols. JITO. 161 7. 

13120 MARINI, Gi. Fil. de'. Istoria i^^ 

e relazione del Tunchino e del 13132 — la Murtoleide iischiate, con 

Giappone. Ven. 1665. 4®. Also in la Marineide risate del Murtola in 

1 2®. versi. Prancoforte, Gi. Beyer. 1626. 

In French by le Comte, Par. 1666. 4". j.®. 

13121 — missioni de' padri della Al8o,iNrr6. i6i9,or46,or5o. la*. 5>itfa, 
compagnia di Gesil nella provincia ^ **' ^^**' 

del Giappone. Roma, 1 663. 4°. 13133 — il padre Naso con le sue due 

13122 MARINO, Gi. Bt. L'Adone, png^o^'e di Napoli e di Torino, 
poema m XX canti, con gli argo- Par., Pacardo, 1646. I2^ 

menti del conte Fortuniano Sanvi- 13134 — La sampogna divisa in idillj 

tale e I'allegorie di Lr. Scoto. fovolosi e pastorali. Ven. 1667 or 

Ven., Sarssina^ without date ( 1623). 74* i *°' 

.0 Previously, Par., Pacardo, i6ao. la*. 

The first edition. ^^^ 'J^ '» ***"• *^> ^ 4'' or 4h ot 52, or 

l^^^^- — ^^^" Oliv. di Varona, ^^^^^^_ j^ sferza, invettiva. Ven. 

1623. tol. j^j- j^o 

13124 Amst. 165 1. 1 2°. 2 volL j^ MU,'i62S. la'. Napoli. i6a8. S^. 

This neat edition was, as it appears, ,«,„^ 1 , j !• • 

falsely attributed to the Elzevirs. In the ^^^^^ — ^ strage degli innocenti. 

1st vol. there ought besides to be found 35 Ven., Scaglia, 1 633. 4°. 

pages, Lettere del Cav. Marino. Also, Ven. 1653 or 74. la"*. Bassano, 

,^,^ T ^' J 1 1750. ia°. In Swedish by Canut Bildt, 

13125 — - con gli argomenti del Gothenburg, ,740. 8^. In German by 

conte Sanvitale. Amst., Dn. liilze- Bthd. H. Brockes, Hmb, 1737. S\ 

vier 1678. 32^ 4 vols, with plates 13137 MARINUS. Procli vita, quam 

^o,?- ' J^®'^* * ^ *i ^* altera parte auctiorem et nunc de- 

This edition, neat, and greatly sought ,'^ ^ . j^ j*^ 

after, is often ^neSisly cited as bein^of ^^^ mtegram primus edidit, ver. 

the size of a4^ sionem^ breves notas atque elen- 

13126 Lond. (Livomo), 1789. ^}i^ ^^^]V}ot. Procli adjec. J. 

1 2". 4. voll. '^"* Paorici^iS' Hmb., Liebezeit, 

Celebrated as the most complete edition. 1 7^^* 4 * 

— Adonis potme heroigue trad, en vers par At first in Aur, Antoninus PhUos. Ti. 

CL Nicole. Par. i66a or 74. la"". guriy 1559. 8^ Fabridus's edition is also 


tt the end of Fabrim BibL Lot, LamL 
1703. 8*. 

13138 — vita Prodi. Gr. et lat. ad 

fid. libror. MSS. recensnit adnota- 

tiooeaqae et indd. adjec. J. Fr. 

BoisMmade. Lps., Weigel, 1814. 

8°. ( 1 d. 12 gr.) Also on vellum 


In Knglbh with Proeius trantL by Tay- 
Ar. T. I. Liond. 1788. 4^ 

13139 MARINUS, J. Oratio fune- 
bris pro Ant. Suriano patriarcha 
Venetiar. Ven., Gr. de Gregoriis, 
1508. 4°. 

A oopy 00 Tdhim il. 9s. PineOi. 

13140 MARINUS, M. Area Noe s. 
theaaums linguae sanctae. Ven., J. 
D^ara, 1593. foL 

Toienbly scarce, consult also Alder*9 Bibl. 
krit, Reise nach Rom p. 53. — GrammaHca 
timgma wamcUt. Bat, 158a 4^ 

13141 — annotationes liberales in 
pKalmos nova versione ab ipsomet 
illustratoa, editae op. J. Alo. Min- 
garelli. Bon. 1748^50. small fol. 
a vol. 

13142 MARIOTTE, Edme. CEn. 
vrea. Haje, 1 740. 4*^. 2 vols, with 

13143 MARIOTTI. Ant. Saggio di 
memorie iatoriche della citta di Pe. 
rugia, opera postuma. Perugia^ 1 806. 
8**. 3 ToU. 

13144 MARISCALCO, Bm. As- 
•etta, oommedia antica rusticale, ar- 
riccfaita d'un copioso indioe d*altre 
eonamedie di questo genere. Ma- 
rocco, preaso Tanonimo (Par,, 
Pramli), 1 756. large 8^ 

The 6rst editioo from a MS. The real 
name of the anthnr was Fr. Mariani. Co- 
fin abo on blue paper. 

13145 MARITI, Gi. (anon.) Viaggi 
per riflola di Cipro e per la Soria e 
Paleadna, fatti dall' anno 1760-68. 
Lucca, 1769-76. large 8°. 9 vok. 

with plates. 

Abridged in Oennan by Ch. H. Hase, 
JUmb, tjTJ' hTOB 8^ (id. 16 gr.) In 
9vedish bj Sm. Oedmann, Sih, 1 790. 8^ 
Only the first 1 vols, in French, Par, 
1791. 8*. 1 vols., or Neuwiedy 1791. la*. 

]314( — viaggio ^ Gemsalemme 



per le coste deDa Soria. Livomo, 
1787. 8^ 2 voll. 

In German, Strb, 1 789. large 8^. 3 vols, 
(i d. 6 gr.) 

MARIUS Mercator, see Mercator. 
Victorinus, see Victorinus. 

13147 MARIVAUX, Pt. Carlet de. 
CEuvres. Par., Duchesne, 1779. ^°* 
1 2 voll. 

Very scarce on Dutch paper (usually in 
33 y(M.y—Marianent BegebehheUen (Jibs, 
von F. HeL linger), Berl. 1791-93. 8". 
3 vols, (i d. 20 gr.) Der emporgekommene 
Landmann (neu Hbs, von Lotkh u. My^ 
iiu8). BerL I'jS'j, S\ (2 d,) 

13148 MARIVETZ et Goussibr. 
Physique du monde. Par. 1780-87. 
4*^. 5 vob. with plates. 

Little sought after, but seldom complete. 
The 5th vol. contains 3 parts, and 4 sup- 
plemental parts belong to the work besides, 
namely, to the ist vol., Dictionnaire de* 
termes^ to the 2nd, Table dee planites et 
euppUtn. au tome I, with maps, to the 3rd, 
SuppUm, au tome II, with maps, and to 
the 4th, Supplim, au tome III, 

13149 MARIZ, Pt. de. Dialogos de 
varia historia, em que sumariamente 
se referem muytas cousas antisuas 
de Hespanha etc. Coimbra, Ant. 
de Maris, 1598 (other copies, 1597). 
4**. with plates. 

MARKLAND. see Cicero, No. 

4467, and HoRATius, No. 10 193. 
MARLBOROUGH, see Delectus. 

13150 MARLBOROUGH, duke of. 
Catalogue of the White Knights li- 
brary. Lond. 1819. 8^ 

The auction-catalogue of the collection 
of the £nglish bibUomaniac, celebrated 
when marquis of Blandford, for his pur- 
chase of Valdarfer*s Boccaccio, It was 
sold by auction in the lifetime of the pos- 
sessor, contained 4701 numbers, and pro- 
duced 14,6651. 

13151 MARLIANUS. Bm. Topo- 
graphia urbis Romae. Romae, Va- 
ler. Doricus et Aloisins, 1544. fol. 
with woodcuts. 

6 leaves, 123 pages, and i lea^ colophon. 
The edition, Romm, Bladue, 1 560. fol. is of 
the same printing as the preceding, and 
only 6 new leaves of preliminary matter, 
and after p. 122 also p. 117-141, and i 
leaf, errata, have been added to it. The 
last time in the The*, antiq, Rom. III. 
54 Bq- 



13152 — annales consulum, dictato- 
rum censorumque Romanor. Romse, 
Bladus^ 1560. fol. 

13153 MARLOT, Gu. Metropolis 
Remensis historia. Insulis^ Rache^ 
1666-79. fol. 2 vols. 

Insults et veneunt Parisiis, 1680. fol. 
2 vols, is only a new title. 

13154 MARMITTA, Giac. Rime. 
Parma^ Viotto, 1564. 4®. 

A selection therefrom in the Parnasso 
Ual, XXXL 183 etc. 

13155 MARMOL Carvajal, L. de. 
Descripcion general de Affrica. 
T. I. P. I y II. Granada, Rene ita- 
but, 1573. T. II. Malaga, J. Rene, 
1600. fol. 2 vols. 

AU 3 vols, are seldom found complete. 
In French by Perrot d*Ablancourt, Par, 
1667. 4". 3 vols. 

13156 — historia del rebelion y cas- 

tigo de I06 moriscos del reyno de 

Granada. Malaga, J. Rene, 1600. 


Greatly prized. Finer, but cheaper, is 
the new edition, Madr,y Sancha, 1797. 4°. 
2 vols. (30 rees.) 

13157 MARMONTEL, J. Pr. (Eu- 
vres completes. Par., Verdi^e, 
1818-19. 8^ 18 vols, with plates 
( 1 08 fr., on vellum paper, 1 1 o copies 
at 216 fr.). 

A peculiarly fine edition (printed by Di. 
dot), yet with somewhat indifferent plates. 
The earlier edition, Par. i787-i8o<3. 8^ 
33 vols., has fallen g^reatly owing to it. 
The following editions are very indifferent ; 
Par., BeUn, 1819. 8^ 7 vds. (56 fr.), and 
Par^ Cosies, 1819. I3^ 18 vols. (54 fr.) 

13158 — Belisaire. Par., Merlin, 

1767. 8°. with plates. 

A prised edition. In modem Greek, 
Wieriy 1783. ia°. with plates. In Latin, 
VienruB, 1806. 8^ (id.) In German, 
Lpx. 1770. 8^ (soffr.) In English, Lond. 
1808. I8^ with plates. In Swedish by 
Jo. W. Liljestrale, Sth, 1768. 8". In 
Danish (by Just. B. Bartholin), Kbhn. 

1 768. 8**. In Polish^ Warsaw, 1805. 8°. 

13159 — contes moraux. Par., Mer- 
lin, 1765. 8°. 3 vols, with plates. 
Nouv. contes moraux. Par. 1801. 
8^. 4 voU. 

Moral. ErzahU, Ubs, von J. Ad, Schmer* 
ler, Nrb, 1791. 8°. 4 vols, (i d. la gr.), 
or translated by Gf. Ch. SchUtx. Lpz, 


1794-95 (1806). 8^ a vols. (3 d.) Nem 
moral, Erz'dhlL ubs. von C. L, Mths, 
Mauler. Lp». 1801. 8'. (i d. 4 gr.) In 
Italian by Rastelli, FW. 1789. I3*. 6 volt. 
Moral tales. Land. 1766. ia°. 3 vols., or, 
t^., Cooke, 1808. Ia^ a vols, with plates 
(5s.). New moreU tales, Lond. 179a. la**. 
3 vols. In Polish, Warsaw, 1805. 8**. 
S vols. 

13160 — les Incas ou la destruction 
de Tempire du P^rou. Par. 1777. 
8*^. 2 vols, with plates. 

In German (by J. Jo. Cp. Bode), Ff. a. 
M. 1784. 8°. 2 vcAs. (i d. 16 gr.) In 
English, Lond, 1806. la**. a vols. In 
Swedish, Sth. 1795-96. 8**. a vob. In 
Polish, Warsaw, 1801. 8^. a vols. — Mar- 
montel*8 Memoirs in German (by Becker), 
Lpx. 1805. 8°. 4 vols. (3 d. IH gr.) In 
English, Lond. 1808. la^ 4 vols. (il. is.) 

13161 MARMORA Oxoniensia ex 
Arundellianis, Seldenianis aliisque 
conflata. Recensuit et perpetao 
commentario explicav. Humphr. 
Prideaux. Ox., th. Sheld., 1676. 
fol. with plates. 

At first by J. Selden, Lond. 1639. 4**. and 
in Seideni 0pp. V6L II. T. II. p. 1439 

13162 — marmorum Arundelliano- 
rum, Seldenianor. aliorumque aca- 
demise Oxon. donator. secunda edi- 
tio (cura Mch. Maittaire). Lend., 
Bowyer, 1732. fol. with plates. 

Only 300 copies. 6 copies on large 
paper (writing tkedittm). This edition con- 
tains much that is wanting in the follow, 
ing. There ought to be an Appendix of 
1733 hi la pages with it. 

13163 — marmora Oxoniensia (ed. 
Rch. Chandler). Ox., typ. Clarend.» 
J 763. large fol. with 59, 11, and 6 
plates (5I. 5s.). 

A splendid edition, and the best. 

13164 — marmorum Oxoniensium 
inscriptiones grsecse ad Chandleri 
exemplar, editse, curante Gu. Ro- 
berts. Ox., typ. Clarend., 1791. 
small 8°. (3s., on large paper 4s.) 

13165 — the Parian chronicle, or the 
chronicle of the Arundelian mar- 
bles (in Gr., Lat. and Engl.), with 
a dissertation concerning its au- 
thenticity (by J. Robertson). Lond., 
Walter, 1788. 8^ (5s.) 

It is here declared not to be genuine. 


The genuineness is defended in «7. Hew^ 
iatt VmdicaHon qfihe autherUieilp (^ the 
Pmritm chnmicU. Land. 1 789. 8**., and in 
'\mAngwer to 9cmie critical Mtrictwres, Lond, 
1789. 8*.; also by Rcb. Oough in thevlr- 
A&Bolojfia, Vol. IX. Art. 15. p. 157 etc. 
Robeitaon defended himself against Hew- 
lett in the European MagaM, 1789. Jul, 
pw 19-21, and 1790, March, p. 206-268,^ 
Die ParUehe Chronik, ffriechitch, ub$, u, 
eriaui. von C. Fr. Ch. Wagner, nebst An- 
merkk. Bier ihre Echiheit nach dem Engl, 
GiU. 1790. 8*". (10 gr.) 

13166 MARMORA Pisaurensia, no- 
tis iUustrata (ab Annib. Oliverio). 
Ptsanri,! 738. foL with plates printed 
in the text. 

13167 MARMORA Taurinensia, 
dinertationib. et notis illostrata 
(ab Ant. Rivantella et J. P. Ri- 
oohri). Aug. Taurin. 1743-47. 4*^. 
a ToU. with phites. 

VoL I. has 20 plates, and yoL II. 36. 

13168 MARMORA, And. Historia 
di Corfu. Ven., Curti, 1672. 4^ 

MARNE, see Dbmarnb. 

13169 MARNIX, Ph. De Bienkorf 
der h. Roomsche Kercke^ ghemaect 
ende bj een getogen van Isaac Rab- 
botenu van Loven. Without place^ 
1569. 8^ 

The first and soaroe edition of a book 
which is remarkable as being the first re- 
gular production in Dutch prose. Also, 
Amatt. 1664 or 1733. 8^ Consult Ffogel 
Geaek. der horn. IMt. III. 569 sq. 

13170 — Binenkorb Dess. Heyl. 
Rdmischen Imenschwarms, seiner 
Hammelszellen (oder Himmelszel- 
len) Hnmaussnaster, Bramengescb- 
wiirni vnd Waspengetoss. Christ- 
lingen^ Ursinus 6ottgwin, 1 580. 8°. 

246 numbered and 18 unnumbered leaves, 
index and errata. The translation is by 
J. Fischart (under the name of Jesuwalt 
Pkkhart), and still sometimes sought after 
en account of its biu^esque style. The first 
editioo appeared, Christlingen, 1579. 8^ 
Ako, CkrietUngen, Ursinus Gotigteinn, 
1581. 8*. 944 numbered and 18 unnuro- 
bcred leaves, ib,, id^ 1588. 8^ 8 leaves of 
prdiniinary matter, 173 numbered, and 18 
unnumbered leaves, ib., id», without date 
(about 1613). 8°. 8 leaves of preliminary 
iBttcr, 173 numbered, and 18 unnum- 
Wred leaves. A quite different translation 
i^ Bienkorb der heil. Romischer (sic) Kir^ 
elea. Da* itt : (underneath only a wood- 



cut) anno 1576. 8^ 368 numbered leaves, 
with the signatures A-IA, A third new 
translation appeared, Amst. (Germany) 
1733- 8**- Consult also Literar, Wochen^ 
blatt II. 154 sq. 432. 

13171 MAROLLES, Mch. de. Ta- 
bleaux du temple des muses, tirez 
du cabinet de M. Favereau, avec 
les descriptions, remarques et an- 
notations composees par Mch. de 
Marolles. Par., SommaviUe, 1655, 

The original edition, scarce and sought 
after on account of the 60 plates by Bloe- 
mart. Also copies on large paper. In 
most copies Bloemart*8 too free representa- 
tion of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus is 
replaced by another representation of the 
same subject by Poilly. Copies with both 
plates are greatly sought after. The edi- 
tiou, Amst., Wolfgangk, 1676. 4'. has 58 
neat plates, which are copies of Bloemart*s. 
— Se e also Temple des muses. 

13172 — Catalogue de livres d'e- 
stampes et de figures en taille- douce. 
Par. 1666. 8**. — Catalogue de livres 
d'estampes et de figures en taille- 
douce. Par. 1672. 12°. 72 pages. 

Both catalogues are hard to be met with ; 
but the second, which contains a repre- 
sentation of 163 monograms of ancient 
masters, is the rarest. 

13173 — les histoires des anciens 
comtes d'Anjou et de la construc- 
tion d'Amboise. Par. 1681. 4^ 

Scarce. It is a translation of two Latin 
works, one of which is of the lath cen- 

13174 — memoires, avec des notes 
histor. et crit. (par Groujet). Amst. 

1755- I*"*- 3 voU. 

Previously, Par, 1656. fol. They embrace 
the years 1600-56, and are very interest- 
ing for the history of the literary and so- 
dal life of that period in France. 

13175 MAROT, Clem. L'adolescence 
Clementine, aultrement les oeuvres 
de Clem. Marot. Par., Janot, 1538. 
16^ with woodcuts. 

Lyon, Dolet, 1538. 8^ Gothic letter, and 
Lyon, Gryphius (1538). 8". are still sought 

13176 — adolescence Clementine. 
An vers, J. Steels, 1539. 8®. 2 parts 
in I vol. 

A tolerably scarce edition, in which the 
two journeys of J. Marot*s are to be 



13177 — oeuvres, augment^ d'un 

grand nombre de ses compositions 

nouvelles. Lyon, Dolet, 1543. 8°. 

ThiH and the edition, LyoUy d, Penteiffne 
du rocher, 1545. 8". are very ncaroe and 
sought after. The other old editions (for 
example, Lyon, RouUU^ 1546 or 54. 16**. 
Lyon, de Toumes, 1549 or 53. 16".) are 
only of value when &ey are in excellent 

13178 — oeovres, revues, augmentees 
et dispose en beaucoup meilleur 
ordre^ que ci^evant; plus, quel- 
ques oeuyres de Mch. Marot (publ. 
par Fr. Miziere). Niort, Porteau^ 
1596. 16*'. 2 parts in i vol. 

A very scarce and good edition, printed 
in cursive letters. The 1st part has 8 
leaves of preliminary matter and 548 pages, 
the md has 248 pages and 16 leaves. 

13179 — oBUvres. Haye, Moetjens, 
J 700. 1 2®. 2 voll. 

A neat edition, and the most sought after, 
although not the best. Copies with margins 
in good condition and without rusty spots are 
seldom to be met with. A less fine reprint 
with the ^ame date and of a somewhat 
taller size may be distinguished by the title 
of each book having a different border ; in 
the genuine edition both vols, have the 
same border. 

13180 — oeuvres, revues sur plusieurs 
MSS.,augment^,avec les ouvrages 
de J. et de Mch. Marot, et les 
pieces du differend de Clement avec 
Fr. Sagon, accomp. d'une preface 
histor. et d'observat. critiques, par 
Lenglet du Fresnoy. Haye, Gosse, 
1 73 1 . large 4°. 4 vok. Also on very 

lajge paper. 

The best and most complete edition, but 
not sought after in France. At the same 
^ time appeared an impression, ib. 1731. Il^ 
6 vols. 

13181 — oeuvres choisies de Clem. 
Marot. Par., Didot, i8oi. I8^ 

The only copy on vdlum was sold at 
Paris in 1815 for 119 fr. 

13182 MAROT, J. CEuvres (avec 
celles de Mch. Marot). Par., Cou- 
stelier, 1 723. 8^ 2 parts in i vol. 

There are copies on vellum. Previously, 
Par,<t Tory, without date. 8*. Par,, Rof^ 
fet, 1532. 8". etc Also above in No. 

13183 MAROT, J. et Marot fils. 


L'arcliitecture fran9oise, ou recueil 
des plans etc, des %lises, hdtels 
et maisons particulieres de Paris 
etc. Par. 1727 or 51. fol. 

A collection of an^tectural plates, in 
part engraved by Mariette, with the same 
title, and the date 1 737, in three folios, is 
probably one and the same with the above, 
and peniaps only augmented by Mariette 
with several plates of his own stock for sale. 

13184 — le petit Marot ou recueil 
de divers morceaux d^architectore, 
ffrav^ par J. Marot. Par. 1764. 
large 4**. with 220 plates. 

MAROT, Mch., see above, Nos. 
[3180 and 82. 

13185 MARQUES, Jos^. Diccio- 
nario das linguas franoeza e porta- 
gueza, composto a primeira vez por 
Jos^ Marques, e agora nesta qnaita 
ediyao correcto, emendado e aug- 
mentado por Joaquim Joe^ da 
Costa. Lisb. 1805. foL 

See also Costa. 

13186 MARRANO. Elementi di 
matematica. Napoli, 1803. 8^ 4 
voll. (7 lire, 50 s.) 

13187 MARRE, N. de la, et le Clerc 
du Brillet. Traits de la police. 
Par. 1722-38. fol. 4 vols, with 8 

A second edition, JtMt. 1729. (cL 4 rob. 
It is worked up afresh and continued in 
Deaessarfs DicHonnaire de Police, Par. 
1786-91. 4°. 8 vols, (unfinished.) 

13188 MARRIER, Mt. Monasterii 
regalis S. Martini de Campis Paris, 
ordinis Cluniacensis historia, libris 

sex partita. Par., Cramoisy, 1636. 


This work is important for the hiatorv 
of the place on account of the many ctn- 
ginal documents printed in it. In p. 552. 
02 is also to be found copious inforroatioa 
respecting Ou. Postel from sources partly 
unprinted, tCMether with a fine portrait oif 
him in p. 556. 

MARSAIS, see Dumarsais. 
MARSCHALCUS, see Marks- 


13189 MARSCHALL a Bieberstein, 
F. baro a. Flora Taurico-Cauca. 
sica, exhibens stirpes phenogamas 
in Chersoneso Taurica et r^onibua 
Caucasicis sponte crescentea. Char- 


kow, tjpis academicisy 1808--19. 8*^. 
a Toll. 
Reprinted, VoL /. Tubing. 1816. S\ 

13190 — centuria plantar, rarior. 
Rossie meridionalis. T. I. Petrop. 
(181 2) lai^ fol. with 50 plates. 

A ipleDdid work, 70 copies omy of which 
vere <l«tined for the public. It will in- 
dode m 2ud roL 

13191 MARSDEN, W. Catalogue 
of dictionaries, vocabularies, gram- 
mars and alphabets, in two parts. 

Lond. 1 796. small 4®. 

Scarce (only 150 copies, see MilHn Mag, 
ene^fcL 1815. IV. 453.), and not to be dis- 
pensed whh on account of J. Sev. Vater^s 
LUemtmr dtr Grammatiken {BerL 18 15. 
8*. on aooount of its alphabets, which that 
does not specify), ahhouj^ it isother- 
▼oy defective. 





13192 — history of Sumatra. Lond. 

J 8 1 1, large 4^. with an atlas in fol. 

(5L 138. 6d.) 

A prised work. This 3rd edition (pre- 
viously, IxmtL 1 783 and 84. 4^) is greatly 
au ig i neuted. In French by Parraud, Par, 
1788. 8*. 3 vols. In German, Lp». 1785. 
h^gtS\ (i d. 8gr.) 

13193 — grammar 'of the Malayan 
language, with an introduction and 
praxis. Lond., Cox, 181 2. 4^ (il, 


13194 — dictionary of the Malayan 
language, in two mrts, Malayan 
and English, and Engl, and Ma- 
layan. Lond., Cox, 1812. 4^ (2I. 

U195 BIARSH, Herbert. Horse Pe- 
laagice P. I., containing an inquiry 
into the origin and language of the 
Pelaagi, with a dissertation of the 
Pelaagic or .£olic digamma. Cbr. 
1815. 8^ (7s. 6d.) 

13196 MARSHALL, J. Life of O. 
Washington. Lond., Phillips, 1804 
-7. lai^ 4^. 5 vols. Also, ib. 1804 
-7. 8^ 5 vols. (3I.) 

In French by Henry, Par, 1808. 8^. 
5 rob. with an atlas of 16 j^ates (36 £r., on 
TcOam paper 78 (rX In German, Hm6, 
1805-6. 8*. 4 vob. (4d. lagr.) There b 
^D D. Rmmmt^i l\fe of G. Washington. 
UmL 1807. 8". In French, Par, 1809. 8**. 

U197 MARSHALL, Jos. Travels 
through Holland, Flanders, Ger. 

many, Danemark etc. in the years 
1768-70. Lond. 1773. 8°. 3 voll. 

Concerning these feigned travels see 
Beckmann*s LUerat. der Reisen, I. 674, 
681. In German, Danz. 1774. 8^ 3 voU. 
Foyage dans la parHe teptentrion, de PEu' 
rope, trad, par Pingeron, Par. 1776. 8". 
is only an abridgment. 

13198 MARSHAM, J. Chronicus 
canon iEgyptiacus, Ebraicus, Grse- 
cus, et disquisitiones. Lond., Roy- 
croft, 1672. fol. 

A good edition of this prized work. 
Lps. 1676. 4°. Franeq. 1690. 4^ are not 
sought after. 

13199 MARSHMAN, J. Clavis Si- 
nica or elements of Chinese gram- 
mar, with a preliminary dissertation 
on the characters and the colloquial 
medium of the Chinese, and an ap- 
pendix containing the Ta-Hyoh of 
Confucius, with a translation. Se- 
rampore, at the Mission press, 
1814. large 4^ (5I. 5s.) 

13200 MARSIGLI, L. Fd. comte de. 
Histoire physique de la mer (trad, 
par le Clerc). Amst. 1725. fol. 
with 52 plates. 

Souffht after. There are also copies 
with illuminated plates. 

13201 — Dannbius Pannonico-My- 

sicus, observationibus geographicis, 

astronomicis, hydrographicis, his- 

toricis, physicis perlustratus. Hag. 

Com., Gosse, 1726. large fol. 6 vols. 

with plates. 

This Latin edition contains the first im- 
pressions of the plates. Besides the vi- 
gnettes printed in the text and the title- 
plates, the 1st vol. has 46, the ?nd 66, 
the 3rd 35, the 4th 33, the 5th 74, and 
the 6th 28 plates. The French translation, 
Detoripiion du Danube Ac Hage, 1744. 
large fol. 6 vols, with plates (also with iUu- 
minated plates), is more finequently met 
with. La Hongrie et le D<mube, en 31 
cartes, Hayey 1741. large foL is an 

13202 — > r^tat militaire de Tempire 
Ottoman, ses progr^ et sa deca- 
dence, en fran9. et en ital. Haye, 
1732. fol. with plates. 

13203 — dissertatio de generatione 
fungorum. Romae, Gonzaga, 1714. 
fol. with 30 plates and i map. 

13204 M ARSUS, J. Harmonius. Co- 




moedia Stephanium urbis Venetae 
genio publice recitata. Yen., Ber- 
nardin. Venetus de Vitalibus^ with- 
out date. 4^^. 22 leaves, with the 

signatures a-f, 

A scarce piece, printed at the oommenoe- 
ment of the i6th century. 

13205 MARSUS, p. De crudeli Eu* 

rapontinse urbis excidio sacrosanctse 

religionis Christianse lamentatio. 

Without place or date. 8°. 

8 leaves with 24 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. The 
types are those of Syreynheim and Pan- 
nartz, and the piece was probably printed 
before the 8th of July, 1471. Valli^re, 
21 fr. 

MARSY, see Histoire^ No. 9792. 

13206 MARTEL, J. L'antiquite 

du triomphe de Beziers au jour de 

Tascension^ contenant les plus rares 

histoires qui . out ^t^ representees 

au susdit jour ces derni^res ann^s 

(en vers languedociens). Beziers, 

J. Martel, 1628-44. 12®. a voll. 

Greatly sought after in France, and both 
vols, seldom to l)e met with. Vol. I. con- 
tains 1 9 pages of preliminary matter, and 
Hist, de Pepesuc etc. p. 1-119; then fol- 
low in some copies, Amours de la Guim- 
bardey p. 121-149; Hist de don Peiro- 
iouno, p. i5o-i6iB; Piaintes d*un paptarif 
p. 169-183 ; PastortUe de Coridon, p. 183- 
315 ; Hist, du valet Guillaume, p. 2161-155 
(instead of 255). In other copies p. 122- 
255 are wanting, and after p. 119 are 
found instead. Pastorale du berger CMdor, 
30 pages; Histoire pastoriale, Beziers^ 
1635. 1 2**. 47 pages ; Les manages rabillex, 
Beziersy 1647. 12**. 36 pages. — Vol. II. 
contains 8 leaves of preliminary matter; 
La coUre de Pepesuo, 112 pages; Las 
aventuros de GaxettOy 136 pages ; Boutade 
sur le ooquinagcy 48 pages. 

13207 MARTELLI, L. Rime vol. 

gari colla tragedia della Tullia. 

Roma, Ant. Blado, 1533. 8^. 

A copy on vellum, 3I. (Ss. Pinelli. An- 
other in the Royal library at Paris (DibtUn 
Deoam. II. 373). Count Melzi of Milan 
also possessed a copy on vellum. 

13208 — opere ; aggiuntovi il quarto 

di Vergilio traoT dal medesimo. 

Fir., Bn. di Giunta, 1548. 8**. 

Cited by the academy deUa Crusca, and 
scarce. 4 leaves of preliminary matter, 
160 numbered leaves, 4 unnumbered leaves, 
table of contents, and 21 imnumbered 
leaves, translation of the 4th book of 


VirgiL Some copies have after the taUe 
of contents 2 pages, Erroriy with the colo- 
phon, and want the translation of ^^rgily 
instead thereof. The reprint, Lucoa, Co- 
purriy 1730. 8*. is inferior. 

13209 MARTELLI, Vincentio. Rime 
e lettere. Fir., i Giunti, 1563. 4°. 

Cited by the academy della Cruaca. 4 
leaves of preliminary matter, 56 pages, 
4 leaves, 75 pages, and 3 pages. Reprinted, 
Fir.f Cosimo GiunH, 1006. 4**. 

13210 M ARTELLO, Pt. Jac. Opere, 
cio^ : Della tragedia dialogo, teatro, 
versi e prose. Bol., Volpe, 1723- 
35. 8°. 7 vols, with plates. 

13211 — (anon.) il Femia sentenziato. 
Favola di messer Stucco a messer 
Cattabrighe. Cagliari, Anselmo, 
1724. 8^ 

A satire on Sc. Maffei, and very scarce, 
as all the copies were wiUidrawn from dr. 
culation. It was printed at Milan^ and is 
not among the author's worics. 

13212 MARTENE, Edm. De ec 
clesise ritibus libri. Antw. {Me~ 
dioL) 1736-37. fol. 4 voll. 

Better than the edition, Rothom, 1700. 
4**. 3 voll. 

13213 — et Ursin. Durand. Ve- 
ternm scriptorum et monumentor. 
ecdesiasticor. et dogmaticor. am- 
plissima collectio. Par.^ Montalant, 
1724-33. fol. 9 voll. 

13214 — et Ursin. Durand. The- 
saurus anecdotorum novus s. col. 
lectio monumentor. et diplomattun. 
Par., Delaulne, 17 17. fol. 5 voll. 

Both collections are at a very low price.— 
See also Voyage litt^raire. 

13215 MARTENS, Gu. Fr. de. Re- 
cueil des principaux traits d'al- 
liance, de paix, de tr^ve etc, coi\.clus 

Sar les puissances de TEurope, 
epuis 1 761 jusqu'k pr^nt. 6dtt., 
Dieterich, 1 791-1 800. 8^ 7 voll. 
Supplement, ib. i8oa-i8. 8". 7 
voll. (30 d. i6gr.) 

A new impressioii of the first 4 vob. 
in 18 1 7. 

13216 MARTIAL de Paris, dit 
d'Auvergne. Poesies. Par., Cou- 
stelier, 1724. 8°. 2 voD. 

They contain onlv the Vigiles de la mori 
de Charles VII, Also copies on vdhim. 

13217 — devotes louanges a la vierge 




Marie. Par., J. du Pr^, 1492. 8**. 
Gothic letter, with the signatures 

A copy on fdhim, 45 tr. Gaignat, 68 fr. 
ValB^re, 49 fir. MH^artfay. EquaUy scarce 
m Par,^ Sim. Vftre, 1494. 8". Oochic letter 
(the date 1 489 in VsJIi^re, and therefrom in 
Benii and Panzer is merdy a typographical 
error). Also, Par^ Trepperel, 1498. 8^ 
Gothic letter. Par^ Sim. Fo§ire, 1509. 8^ 

13218 — les vigiles de la mort du 

fea roy^ Charles VII k neuf pseaul- 

mes et neuf lemons. Par., Pt. le 

Caroo, without date. fol. Gothic 

ktter, with woodcuts. 

Extremely scarce^ and probably the ist 
editioa. 96 leaves in 2 columns with 
44 tines, and the signatures o-^. 

13219 Par., J. du Pre, 1493. 

foL Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

Very scaroe. 117 leaves with the signa- 
tares A^P. A copy on vellum in the Im- 
perial fibr«ry at Vienna. Also, Par.y Rb. 
BmaMer^ without date. foL Gothic letter, 
with woodcata. 93 leaves with the signa- 
cnres 0-9. Par., 3feA. le Noir, 1505. 4**. 
Oodiic letler. Par,, vetwe de J. Trepperely 
without date. 4**. Gothic letter. Par., Gu, 
Eusiace, without date. foL 

13220 MARTIAL, (anon.) Aresta 
amonim, cum comment. Bd. Curtii 
Synphoriani. Par., Marnef (other 
copies Ruellius), 1566. 12^ or 
Rouen, Mallard, 1587. 16^ 

These two editions, as wdl as those 
of Far., Serpent, 1541. 8^. and Lpon, 
1581. i6^ contain the 53nd and 53rd 
ArrH, which are wanting in several of the 
mare ancient editions, and which also are 
not by Martial but by Gilles d^Aurigny. — 
Fnerioody, Lngd,, Sb, Gr^ph, 1533. 4'. 
Pmr.^ Angler, 1544. 8°. Lugd. 1546. 8^ 
Pmr.^ Kereer, 1555. i6'. 

13221 — sensuyveut les dnquante 
ct nog arrestz donnez au grand 
eotneil d'amours, k Tencontre de 
phisieors parties. Par., (PA. le 
Soir), 18 Nov. 1535. small 4^. 
Gothic letter. 

55 lewea in 2 colnmiw with the signa- 
twes «-4r. The laet leaf is blank on the 
JtSe reekt, but has a woodcut on the re- 
vov. There are also the following un- 
htitA editions of this piece : Par,, Mch, le 
Nmr, 4". Par,, par le petit Laurent, 4**. 
(aaoo.) Plmdogers et arrette d*amourt, 
Bemem, 1647. 8«. Only the first 48 

U222 — droits nouveaulx et arrets 



d'amour, publiez par les s^nateurs 
du parlement de Cupido, sur Testat 
et police d'amour etc. Par., Ser- 
gent, 1540 or 41. 8°. 

Both editions are scarce and sought 

13223 — les arrets d'amour, avec 
Tamant rendu cordelier k I'obser. 
vance d'amour, accompagn^ des 
commentaires de Benoit de Court. 
Edit. augm. de notes et d'un glos- 
saire des anciens termes (par Len. 
glet du Fresnoy). Amst. or Par. 
1 73 1. 12°. 2 voll. 

The glossan^ p. 625-645, is not in all 
the copies. The poem Vamant rendu 
cordelier others attribute to duke Charles 
of Orleans. According to Duverdier a se- 
parate edition of this poem had already 
appeared in 1473 ; but its existence is still 
dtoubtful. The following is to be found in 
the Royal library at Paris, S'en suyt 
Pamant rendu cordelier A Vobtervance 
d*amourt. Par., Germ, Vineaut, 4 Oct. 
1490. 4"*. Gothic letter, 39 leaves with the 
signatures a 2 tog 2, Also, without place 
or date {Par., Nyver, about 1520). 8*. 
Gothic letter, ^6 leaves with the signatures 
as, — Concerning M artiars Arrets consult 
Die Minnehqfe dea Mittelalters. Lpz, 
182 1. 8**. p. 214 etc 

13224 M ARTIALIS, M. Valer. Epi- 
gcammata. Without place or date. 

178 leaves with 32 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 
I a line I is ARBARA. PI. Leaf 178b 
ends with FINIS. Audiffredi, in the 
Catai. editt. Rom, p. 415, makes out the 
types to be like those of (Lauer's) Silius 
Italicus of 1471. in 4°. and considers this 
to be the editio princepi. According to 
Dibdin, BibL Spene. IV. 532. it was printed 
at Rome by U. Han. 

13225 — epigrammata. Ferrarias 
(Andr. Gallus), 2 Jul. 1471. 4°. 

201 leaves Mrith 29 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Lea^ 
!■ line I is, PLINII 8ECVNDA EPI- 
STOLA AD. Leaf 2* begins the text it- 
self, and the first line is, M. VALERII 
phon is in leaf 201". Au extremely scarce 
edition, which Dibdin, Bitd. Spenc. II. 
169, considers to be the editio priticept. It 
is printed from a different MS. than the 
following edition of Vindelinus, does not 
contain the liber tpectaculorum, and is very 
incorrectly printed. 

13226 — epigrammata ex rec. G. 



(Meniltt) Alexandn'ni.. Ven., Vin- 
delinus Spirensis, without date 
(1472). large 4°. (not fol.) 

181 leaves with 32 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 1^ 
(the/o/to recto is blank) line 1 is, Plinii Se- 
cundi ad Comeliu priscu. Leaf 2& b^ns 
the text itself and line i is. In Amphithea- 
trum CttMaru. hetS iSi** ends the book 
with 7 Latin verses by Rph. Zovenzonius 
Ister. It has hitherto generally been con- 
sidered to be the editio princeps, but ac- 
cording to Dibdin, Bibi. Spenc. II. 171, it 
is only the and edition. 

13227 — epigrammata. Romse, Cr. 

Suueynheym et Arn. Pannartz, die 

ult. April. 1473. fol. 

The only copy hitherto known is in the 
Catal, bild. Harlej. III. 59, and Pt. Scriver 
also speaks with praise of this edition. But 
no one except Maittaire has seen it, not 
even Audiffredi, and even the Harleian 
copy is not now forthcoming. Did it 
really exist ? 

13228 — epigrammata. Without 
place or date. 4?. 

187 leaves (according to Dibdin, 178 ac- 
cording to Brunet) with 32 lines, without 
signatures, catchwords, and pagination. 
I^af i« is a registrum, and leaf 10 PUny*8 
letter to Priscus. Leaf 2a begins the text 
and the ist verse is thus set down : 
Arbara Pyramidu 
tUeai miracida memphis. 
According to Dibdin, Bibl. Spenc. II. 176, 
it was printed before 1474; but then it 
cannot be a reprint of the Cologne edition 
of 1475, which he at the same time 

13229 — epigrammata. Ven., J. de 
Colonia et J. Man then de Gher- 

retzem, 1475. ^^^' 

169 leaves with the signatures a-r. 
Leaf I a is blank, i^ has Pliny's letter, and 
leaf 2a begins the text In the last 2 
leaves is the letter of G. (Menila) Alexan- 
drinus. Merely a reprint of the edition of 

13230 — epigrammata. Without 
place or date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

With the signatures o-^, and 32 lines 
without signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 
nation. Leaf I* if blank, 1^ is Pliny's 
letter, and leaf i* line i is, M, UaleriJ 
MartiaiU Epigramato Liber pmg. Morelli, 
Bibl, PinelL II. 348, finds its types to be 
similar to those with which Vindelinus de 
Spira printed Dante in 1477 ; but Dibdin, 
BibL Spenc, II. 177> would rather attri- 
bute it to J. de Wesphalia in Louvain. 


13231 — epigrammata. Medio!., Ph. 
Lavagnia, 1478. fol. 

Also a reprint of the edition of Vin- 

13232 — Martialis opus (cum comm. 

Domit. Calderini). Ven. (without 

the printer's name), 1480. fol. 

224 leaves (the last blank) with the sig- 
natures 0-4* and A-E, 3 leaves of preli- 
minary matter; leaf 4<^ begins the text, 
leaf 220^ is the colophon, and Calderini de^ 
fensio and a regiiter follow in leaves 221- 
223. The first edition with this com- 
mentary f the commentary previously alone 
without the text, see above Calderinus), 
and often repeated; VetUf Th. Alejrandrin^ 
prid. id, Jun. 1482. fol. Fim., Bt. de 
Tortisy 15 Jid, 1482. fol. 16., ui., 17 J^ 
1485. fol. etc 

13233 — Martialis cum duobus com- 
mentis (Domit. Calderini et G. 
Merulse). Ven., Pincius, 1491. 
fol. 167 leaves. 

Also, Ven., Bemardin, de Choris, 1492. 
foL Ven. (without the printer's name), 
CaL Aug. 1495. fol. 160 leaves. Ven. 
(without the printer's name), 29 MadH 
(sic) 1498. foL 159 leaves etc. 

13234 — Martialis. Ven., in edd. 
Aldi, m, Dec. 1501. 8^ 

192 unnumbered leaves, the last blank. A 
scarce edition, about 5 copies of whidi 
on vellum are known (382 fr. Oouttard, 
33I. I2S. Pinelli, 8io£r. McCarthy). Re- 
nouard has a copy on lai^ strong paper. 

13235 — Martialis. Without place 
or date {Lugd. 1502). 8°. 

192 unnumbered leaves, the last blank. 
Page for page and line for line a reprint of 
the Aldine, and verv incorrect. With the 
same colophon as tSie Aldine, QiiMi7ii«# es 
qiU quoquo modo etc. 

13236 — Martialis. Without place 
(Lugd.) 10 Jun. 15 1 2. 8<». 

With a red lily in the title. A repetition 
of the preceding reprint. 

13237 — epigrammata castigata et 

ab obsccenitate purgata. {Par.), 

Oourmont, 1514. 4^ 

The first castrated edition of Martial, 
and superintended by Fr. Sylvius. Abo 

13238 — epigrammata cum inter- 
pretamento dictionum grecanicar. 
(Othm. Nachtgall). Arg., Knob- 
louch, 15 15. 4**. 

With Uie same apparatus, Bm., H. 
P^^ <530« 8^ 


ISS39 — Maitialis. Ven.^ in aedib. 
Aldi et And. soceri^ m. Dec 1517. 

190 numbered leaves, and 2 leaves with 
the oolophoti and andun*. A copy of the 
edioaa of 1501. There are copies on 
wUong paper, and Renouard has one on 
large paper. Lugd^ Jae, Myty 15 18. 8^ 
is a icprinl of it. 

13240 — epigrammatum libri XI V^ 
quib appositus est index jam prim. 
aeditus. Par., Vidovseus, 1526. 8°. 

13241 — epigrammaton 11. XIV 
Munma diligenda castigati. Par., 
Sim. Colinaens, 1528 or 39. 8^ 

Only oapies in good condition are sought 
after. Alsoi, ib^ id., 1533, or 40, or 44. 
ts\—Lug<Ly Sb. Gryph,, 1535, or 39, or 

13242 *- epigrammatum 11. XIV 

cum acholiis Jac. MicyDi. Bas.^ 

Henrag., 1536. 8^ 

The notes are partly selected from Cal- 
4 m in ns and partly the editor's own. 

13243 — epigrammata, receus ab 

omni verbor. obecoenitate expurgata 

et in looos drciter LXXX digesta 

mc plerisqne in locis emendata per 

Cr. Gesnerum. Jac. Micylli in 

Mart, epigrr. annotatt. Tig., Fro- 

•chover, 1544. 8**. 
A scarce edition. 

13244 — epigrammata, paucis ad- 
modom vet rejectis vel immatatis, 
ab omni rerum obsccenitate verbo- 
nimqiie torpitudine vindicata (per 
And. Fruainm). Rome, in eedd. 
soc Jesu, 1558. 8^ 

Scarce, but of no value. Also, iMgtU 
1580. 16". 

13245 — * epigrammaton U. XIV. 
£x fide vetustissimor. exemplarium 
nunc reoens emendati. Lugd., her. 
Sb. Gryphii, 1559. la^ 

It appears to have no new materials 
BfKvithstanding that the title promises 
so modi. 

U246 — epigrammaton libri etc. 

Omnia ad vetuatior. codicum fidem 

diKgenter emendata cum acholiis et 

farr. lectt. ac demum X epigram- 

natis ex vetuato cod. suis locis 

adiectia (cora Hadr. Junii). Bas., 

Pt Perna, i559- S''- 
The fint edition hy Junhis,and the first, 



properiy so called, recension of Martial, very 
scarce, but incorrect. He made use of an 
English MS. The new epigrams, which he 
admitted fnnn this MS., and which Scriver 
so impetuously ejected again, are considered 
hy Lessing, m his works, I. 230, as ge- 
nuine remains of the lost early poems of 

13247 — epigrammaton libri XIV. 
£x fide vetustissimor. exemplarium 
nunc recens emendati una cum an- 
notatt. aliquot viror. doctor. Lugd., 
Ant. Gryph., 1567. 12°. 

Cum midtU coUatua exemplanbu$, ac- 
cording to the printer^s preface. 

13248 — epigrammaton 11. XII, xe- 

nior. lib. I, apophoretor. lib. I. 

Omnia emendata et scholiis illus- 

trata ab Hadr. Junio. Antw., Plan- 

tinus, 1568. 12*^. 

Copies in good condition are sought after. 
Junius gave herein a new edition of 
his earlier recension after a MS. of Pul- 
mannus. Previously, Aniw.y Plant,, 1566. 
8*". Also, ib., i(Ly 1579. T2^ LugdLy 
Ant, Gryph,y 1584 or 88. 12°. 

13249 — epigrammaton libri XV. 
Post Hadr. Junii emendationem 
recogniti et lectionis varietate doc- 
tissimorumque viror. observatt. il- 
lustrati. Adjecto novo indice abso- 
lutissimo stud, et op. Jos: Langii. 
Arg., Zetzner, 1595. 12^ 2 parts 
in I vol. 

The first edition of this index. 

13250 — epigrr. 11. XV ex Jani Gru- 

teri jam accuratiori ad MSS. Pala- 

tina et edd. vett. recensione. Ff. 

1602. I2^ 

A new recension. Previously, Ff, 1596. 

13251 — epigrr. 11. XIV cum comm. 
Calderini et obss. G. Merulie. 
Ejusd. Martialis epigrammata se- 
lecta graece expressa a F. Morello. 
Item Thdr. Marcilii commentar. 
auctus ad amphitheatrum. Desid. 
Heraldi adnotatt. Jos. Langii index. 
Par., Mac»us, 1601. 4^. 

This edition seems to be very scarce. In 
Dresden there is only the 2nd vol. which 
contains the Oreek translation of Morellus, 
the commentary of Marcilius, the notes of 
Heraldus, and the index of Langius with 
separate titles and pagination. 

13252 — epigrammatum 11. XV. Lr. 



Ramlresii de Prado novis commen- 
tariis illustrati. Cum ind. Jos. 
Langii. Par., Mch. Sonnius (other 
copies, CI. Morellius), 1607. 4°. 

4 leaves, 388 pages, 6 leaves, 373 pages, 
15 leaves, and 243 pages. (Langius^s index 
has a separate title.) 

13253 — epigrammaton libri. Anim- 
adversi, emendati et commentariolis 
luculenter explicati (a Th. Farna- 
bio). Lond., Kingston, 1615. 8°. 

Famaby is said to have made use of MSS. 
Lord Spenoer possesses a copy on vellum of 
the edition, Lond., Kb. Junius, 1633. S°. 
(Dibdin Decam. II. 351). Also, Anut., 
Blaeu, 1644. I2^ ib., Wetstein, 1678. I2^ 
Lugd.y (Vraiitl.) 1744. n^ 

13254 — epigrammatum 11. XV cum 
varior. doctor, commentariis, notis, 
observatt.^ emendatt. et paraphrasib. 
unum in corpus conjectis. Cum 
ind. Jos. Langii. Lut. Par., Son- 
nius (other copies^ CI. Morellius)^ 

1617. fol. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 647 pages, 
text, 14 leaves, index, 44 pages, Mtuanu 
berti commonUaria, 2 leaves, 107 pages and 
5 leaves, nota Heraldi, 133 pages, index 
Lcmgiu This edition contains the entire 
materials of the Paris editions of 160 1 and 

13255 — Martialis nova editio. Ex 

rauseo Pt. Scriverii ; acced. ejusd. 

et varior. animadvv. et notse. LB., 

Maire^ 1619. 16°. 3 parts in i vol. 

A new recension, and tolerably scarce. 
Renouard has a copy on strong paper. 
Scriver must already have superintended 
an edition of Martial previously to 1619, 
which appeared at his expense, since in his 
letter of 1605 he writes. Ego in MarHale 
meo (typographo in singula folia) sex /lore' 
nos dediy et charta mihi seorsim persolvenda 
ftai: see AneL AloiaU Ep. contra vitam 
monast, LB. 1695. 8°. p. 235. By which 
he must have meant the following work : 
Anthologia epigrammaton Martialis, Jos. 
Soaliger vertit gr. Pt. Soriverius publieavit. 
{LB.)y Gvyotiusj 1603. 12°. 

13256 — Mth. Raderi ad Martialis 
epigrammaton libros omnes plenis 
commentariis explicatos curae tertias 
(cum textu). Mog., Kinck, 1627. 
fol. 16 leaves, 940 pages^ and 30 
leaves. Analecta. ib. 1628. fol. 23 


A new revision of the text, with a 


valuable commentary. The Analecta are 
often wanting. The offensive passages are 
omitted. Previously, Jngolstad. 1607 or 
II. fol. He had before superintended a 
small edition, likewise castrated, without 
notes, Ingolst. 1599* 8^ Col, 161 3. 12^ 
and often. 

13257 — Martialis. Ex museo Pt. 

Scriverii. Amst.^ L. Elzevir, 1650. 


Also, ib.y Dn. Elzevir, 1664. 24**. Nei- 
ther edition is particularly fine. The same 
text also in Amst., Janson, 1628. 16**. 
Antw., Verdussen, 1696. i6^ 

13258 — epigrammata cum notis Far- 
nabii et varior. geminoque indice. 
Accurante Com. Schrevelio. LB., 
ex off. Hackiana, 1670. 8^ 

According to Lessing, this is still the 
best smair edition, and for better than Uiat 
of Collesso. It belongs to the series cum 
not. varior. Previously, LB,, Fr. HcKky 
1656 or 61.8°. 

13259 — epigrammatum libros XV 
interpretat. et notis illustrav. Vine. 
Collesso ad us. Delphini. Par., Cel- 
lier, 1680. 4^ 

Not amunon, but also of no great value. 
15 leaves of preliminary matter, 793 paffo, 
59 pages, obscosna, 168 pages, Index. Re- 
printed, Lond. 1 701 or 20. 8*". Ven,y Coletiy 
1 739- 4". 

13260 — epigrr. demptis obscenis, 
cum interpretatione ac notis (Jac 
Juvencii). Par., Benard, 1693. 12°. 
2 voU. 

The commentary is a selection from the 
earlier commentaries. After the index 
there ought to be found 29 pages moire, 
Appendix de diis et heroUms. 

13261 — epigrr. parapbrasi et notis 

varior. selectissimis ad us. Delphini 

interpretatus est Vine. Collesso. 

Numismatibus exomav. L. Smids. 

Amst., Gallet, 1701. 8^ with coins. 

This edition is also sought after for the 
series cum notis variorum. There is a oc^y 
in which the obsoama, which usually form 
an appendix of 56 pages, are inserted in 
their places in the text itself. There are 
also copies in which the coins are neither 
mentioned in the title nor to be found in 
the book itself. 

13262 — epigrr. (stud. Mch. Mait- 
taire). Lond., Tonson, 1716. 12°. 
Also on large paper. 

With various readings and an index. 


13263 — epigrr. cum notis Th. Fitz- 
geraliL llond. 1 7 2 1^ or 40, or 55 . 8°. 

13264 — epigrammatum libri (ed. 
Abr. le Mascrier). Par., Robustel 
(other copies^ Barbou), 1754. 12^. 
2 roll. Also on Dutch paper. 

With various readings. A neat edition. 
Gtrntg, 1759- 8^. Birmingh^ BatkerviUe, 
I773« 12*. are not sought after. Manhem. 
1783. 8*. gives the text of the edition of 
1 754, but unmutilated. 

13265 — epigrr. in XII libros digesta, 
ut oni sic omnibus poetis facem 
prgferen te Jac. Elphinstonio. Lond. 
1783- 8^ (58,) 

13266 -» epigrr. ad opt. edd. collata. 
Bip. 1 784. 8^. 2 parts in i vol. (i d.) 

13267 — epigrr. ex optimar. editt. 

eoUatione ooncinnata. Lond. 18 16. 

12^ (68. 6d.) 

Also, Vimdob., Degen^ 1804. 8^ 1 vols, 
(i fl. 40 kr., on vdlum paper 11 fl. 30 kr.) 

13268 — xenia et apophoreta. Lipczgk, 

Mr. Brandiss, 28 Nov. 1488. 4''. 

Gothic letter. 

58 leaves with the signatured o-e. Su- 
perintended by J. Honor. Cubitensis. Also, 
Lpc, TktmneTy 1498. 4*". Gothic letter, 36 
leaves. //., iV. Lamperter et Btht. Mur^ 
revy 1508. 4'. Erf.y J. Knapp, 1508. 4*. 

13269 — selector, ab Hm. Buschio 
epigrammatum liber primus. Col., 
Cr. Caesareus, 15 19. 4®. 24 leaves. 

13270 — epigrammata in Ciesaris am. 
phitbeatnim et venatt., multis in 
lods emendata illustrataque adno- 
tatt. Aactore Thdr. Marcilio. Lu. 
tet., Beysinsy 1584. 8^ Also, Lugd., 
le Preux, 1593. 8^ 

13271 — floriiegium epigrammatum 

Martialis. iJoe. Scaliger vertit grsece. 

Lot., Rb. Stephanus, 1607. 8^ 12 

and 70 leaves. 

In Dresden there is a oopv with Mth. 
8lMfe*s MS. corrections. Previously, (LB,) 
1603. 8'. (sec above, No. 13455 n.) This 
tmnslsaoo contains the book De tpectac, 
entire, the 13th and 14th books almost en- 
tire, sind a good number out of the other 
12 books. Its errors are animadverted 
upon by Monnoye in the Menagtanay 1. 
325-36. A still eariier Greek translation 
of several epigrams by F. Alorellus, is in 
the Paris edition of 1601, where it fills two 
^oartD sheets. In the later Paris editions 
^ transbtioo is mixed up with that of 
Ike ep igtams tranalated by Scaliger, and is 



attributed to the latter: but Leasing in 
his works, I. 380, has again disting^uished 

13272 — Marziale, fedelmente tra- 
dutto in italiano da Giuspanio Gra- 
glia. Lond. 1782-91. 8®. 2 voll. 

13273 — toutes les epigrammes de 
Martial en lat. et en fran9. avec de 
petites notes (par Mch. de MaroUes) . 
I^ar., de Luyues, 1655. 8°. 2 voll. 
In prose. — Les XV livres de Mar- 
tial, trad, en vers avec des remarq. 
par Mch. de MaroUes. Par. 1671. 
8°. or ib. 1675. 4°* ^" verse. — 
Traduction des epigrr. de Martial 
en vers et en prose par Gkiullyer. 
Par. 1738. 12°. — Epigrammes de 
Martial, latines et fran9., nouvelle 
traduction. Paphos (Par,, Folland, 
1807). 8^ 3 voll. (15 fr.)— Epi- 
grammes de Martial., traduct. nouv. 
et complete par E. T. Simon, avec 
le texte latin, des notes et les meil- 
leures imitations en vers fran9ais. 
Par. 1819. 8®. 3 voll. (22 fr., on 
vellum paper 44 fr.) 

13274 — (177) Sinngedichte des 
Martials metrisch ubs. (von J. G. 
Zimmermann). Ff. a. M., Varren- 
trapp, 1783. 8®. (9 gr.) — Sinnge. 
dichte in einem Auszuge, lat. u. 
deutsch, aus den poet. Uebss. ver- 
schiedener Vff. gesammelt von C. 
W. Ramler. Lpz., Weidmann, 1787 
-91. 8°. 5 voll. (5 d. 18 gr., on 
Dutch paper 10 d.) Anhang zum 
in Th. ib. 1 793. 8°. (8 gr.) Nach- 
lese. Berl., Franke, 1794. 8°. (12 
gr.) — Der Postumus des Martial 
(libs.) mit Erklarr. begleitet von J. 
G. C. Klotzsch. Meissen, 1798. 8^ 

13275 — Martiall his epigrams trans- 
lated. With sundry poems and fan- 
cies by R. Fletcher. Lond., Mabb, 
1656. 8°. — Select epigrams of Mar- 
tial, transl. and imitated by W. Hay. 
Lond., Dodsley, 1755. 12°. — Epi- 
grams of Martial, transl., imitated, 
adapted, etc, by Scott. Lond., Wil- 
kie, 1773. ^^'^^ — T^® epigrams of 
Martial, in twelve books, with a 
commentary by Jam. Elphinston. 
Lond., White, 1782. 4^.— Specta- 




culorum liber (cum vers, polon. 
Jos. Epiph. Minasewicz). Varsaviae, 


13276 — Martialis epigrammatum me- 
dicse aut philosophies consideratio- 
nis enarratio s. de medica Martialis 
tractatione commentarius Caes. Za- 
BOTTi. Ven., Baba, 1657. 4°. Ant. 
de RooY Conjecturse critic«e in di- 
versor. poetar. spectacula, Martialis 
epigrr. et Com. Severi iEtnam. Ace. 
R. M. V. G. (Ryklof Mch. van 
Qoens) ep. crit. de locis quibusd. 
Martialis. Traj. ad Rh. 1764. 8°. 
Ant. de Rooy Nondum editsb anim- 
adw. crit. in Martialis epigrr. nee 
non diversor. poetat. spectacula. 
Hardervici, 1787. 8°. J. Graham 
Dal YELL, Some account of an an. 
dent manuscript of Martial's epi- 
grams, illustrated by an engraving 
and occasional anecdotes of the 
manners of the Romans. Edinb. 
1 8 13. 8°. 

Only 30 copies of Dalydl^s treatise were 
printed, 6 of which were on vellum. — Con- 
cerning Martial and his epigrams see Lea- 
ting's WerkCy I. 103-281. Concerning the 
4 Wolfenbtittel MSS. see tWrf. I. 271 sq. 
Some good readings from a Hanover MS. 
are in Klotxii Actt. liU. II. 33 sq. An 
unprinted epigram and various readings to 
books 1-8 are in AmaduHi Anecd, litt. 11. 
379 ^* 3^5* — 8ee also Perottus. 

MARTIANUS Capella, see Ca- 
PELLA. — Prosp., see Hippocra- 
tes, No. 9769. 

13277 MARTIN, Corn. Les g^nea- 
logies et anciennes descentes des 
forestiers et comtes de Flandres. 
Anvers^ Balthasar, without date. 
foL wil^ plates. 

The dedication is of the year 1580. 

MARTIN, D., see Histoire, No. 


13278 MARTIN. Gbr. Bibliotheca 
Fayana s. catal. libror. Hi. de Cis- 
temay du Fay. Par. 1725. 8^. Cat. 
libror. C. H. comitis de Hoym. Par. 
1738. 8°. Catal. des livres de la 
bibl. de I'abb^ Charles d'Orleans de 
Rothelin. Par. 1746. 8**. Catal. 


des livres du cabinet de Mr. de 

Boze. Par. 1753. ^''• 

These are the most excellent of the cata- 
logues prepared by Martin. Respectiiig 
his merit m this point of view, see Her- 
mes, V. 143. 

13279 MARTIN, Jac. La religion 
des Gaulois. Par., Saugrain, 1737. 
4^. 3 vols, with plates. Also 00 
large paper. 

13280 — (anon.) explication de divers 
monumens, qui ont rapport k la 
religion des plus andens peoples. 
Par., Lambert, 1 739. 4^. with plates. 

13281 — histoire des Gaules et des 
conqu^tes des Graulois depuis leor 
origine jusqu'a la fondation de la 
Monarchie fran9., continue par J. 
J. Fr. de BreziUac. Par., Breton, 
175 a. 4^ a vols, with plates and 

MARTIN, J., see Mysterb de 

13282 MARTIN, J. Account of 
the natives of the Tonga islands in 
the South Pacific ocean, with an 
original grammar and vocabulary of 
their language, compiled and ar- 
ranged from the extensive commu- 
nications of W. Mariner. Lond., 
Murray, 1 8 1 7. large 8®. 

13283 MARTIN, W. Petrificata 
Derbiensia, or figures and descrip- 
tions of petrifications collected in 
Derbyshire. Lond. 1809. 4°. 

13284 MARTINELLI, Vine. Let- 
tere familiar! e critiche. Lond., 
Nourse, 1758. 8®. 

13285 — istoria critica della vita ci- 
vile. Napoli, 1 764. 8''. a voll. 

13286 ^- istoria d' Inghilterra e delle 
sue colonie. Lond. 1770-71. 4^ 
3 voll. 

13287 MARTINENGUS,Tit.Pro6p. 
Poematia diversa recensita et aucta, 
graece. Romse, 1583 or 90. 4®. 

18288 MARTINET, F. N. Histoire 
des oiseaux peints dans tons leurs 
aspects apparents et sensibles. Par. 
1787. 8®. 9 vols, with plates. 

Unfinished and little prised. Dtscnpi, 
de Paris. Par. 1779. S** (•**> 4*.) 3 vol*. 

MAR MAR 1049 

^ !J«»»Jnr the Mune Martinet 18 K^ 13296 MARTINIUS, Jos. Thea- 

trum basilicae Pisanae, in quo prce- 

13289 MARTINI, Bn. Variar. lee 

tkmnm libori IV cura Dt. van der 

Kemp. Traj. ad Rh. 1755. S**« 
Pnvkmilj, Pat, 1605. 8^ 

13290 MARTINI, Emm. Epistola. 
mm libri XII. Ace. auctoris vita 

cipuae illius partes enarrationibus 
iconibusque ostenduntur. Romse, 
1705. fol. Appendix, ib. 1725. 
fol. with plates. 

A new general title, ib. 1 728. foL with 

a Gt. Majansio conscripta, nee non 13297 MARTINIUS, Mt. Novus 

pnef. Pt. Wesselingii. Amst., Wet- 
atenias. 1738. 4^ 2 parts in i vol. 

Prerioualy, Maniua Carpetanor.y 1 735. 
8". 3 parts in 2 vols. Oratio pro crepUu 
CotmopoR, 1768. 33°. is separately 

13291 MARTINI, F. H. W. Neues 
systemat. Conchyliencabinet, fort- 
ges. Ton J. Hi. Chemnitz (deutsch 
u. lat.). Nrb., Raspe, 1769-95. 
Imrge 4^. J 2 vols, with illuminat^ 
plates (211 d. 16 gr.). 

Hitherto the moat important and the best 
got up work on this part of natural history. 
Hw first 10 vols, contain 367 plates, the 
nth is an index (by J. Sm. Sc»iri>ter) to 
the first 10 Tob., and the lath is a supple- 
ment with 39 i^atea. 

13292 MARTINI, 6i. Bt. Storia 
ddla musica. Bol. 1757-81. 4^ 
3 vols, with plates. 

Abo copies on large paper in small foL 
with maigiual borders. 

13293 — esemplare o sia saggio fon- 

damentale pratico del contrappunto 

aopra il canto fermo. Bol. 1 774-75. 

large 4". 2 vols. 

In addition, An£. Eximeno Dubbio sopra 
a »agffio/oHdameulale etc i?oma, 1775. 4^ 

13294 3IARTINI, J. Cp. Thesaurus 
dissertationum, qui bus historia, geo- 
graphia et antiquitates tam sacrse 
quam profans illustrantur. Nrb., 
Felsecker, 1 768-69. 8*. 6 parts in 
3 vols. (4 d.) 

A ofJlecdon of treatises by different au- 
thors : bat the sdection is not good. 

atlas Sinensis (et de bello Tartarico 
historia). Without place or date 
(Amst, Blaeu, 1655). fol. with 17 

The BeUttm Tart, forms a separate ap- 
pendage of 33 pages. The whole is also in 
the 10th voL (k Blaeu 's Atlas of 1661. 

13298 — de bello Tartarico historia. 
Amst., Jansson, 1655. 12^ with 

Amst, 1 661. 11°. is better printed, but with 
worse plates. In Portugueze by Diego 
Oomes Cameiro, Litb, 1657. I6^ In Span- 
ish by Estevan de Aguilar y Zuniga, Madr. 
1665. 8°. In French, Par. 1656. 8°. In 
German, Munch, 1654. ii**. Anut., Blaeu, 
1655. I3^ with plates. In Dutch, Uirechty 
without date. 12". In Swedish by Ambr. 
Niedelberg, Wisingsb, 1674. 4°. 

13299 — Sinicfle historise decas prima. 
Amst., Blaeu, 1659. 8°. 

Previously, Monach, 1658. 4*. 

13300 MARTINIUS, Mthi. Lexicon 
philologicum, in quo latinse voces 
ex originibus declarantur. Ace. 
ejusd. Cadmus grseco-phoenix. Ad- 
ditur glossarium Isidori cum emen- 
datt. et notis J. G. Grievii et aucta- 
rio Tbdr. Jansson. ab Almeloveen. 
Fraefixa est J. Clerici dissertatio 
etymol. Traj. Batavor., Brcedelet, 
171 1, fol. 2 voll. 

A Hebrew etymological mania, and more 
sought after on account of the Isidorus that 
is appended to it, than on its own account. 
UUraj, 1697. fol. 2 vols, and Amtt, 1701. 
a vols, are at about the same price. 

W295 MARTINlfeRE, Ant. Agst. MARTIN-LEAKE, see Lbakk. 

Bmxen de la. Le grand diction. 13301 MARTINUS Braccarensis s. 

naire gepgraphique, historique et Domiensis. Opuscula et versus — 

critique. Par. 1768. fol. 6 voll. in Gallandi Bibl. PP. XII. 273 sq. 

The last edition of a work faulty indeed, 13302 MARTINUS Polonus. Chro- 

**^°?i^ *^*'^^, superseded. Haye, j^j^ summorum pontificum impera- 
iTJft. foL parts in 10 vols, (also on large ^ j*^ ^ ^ T-i 

mtrlzniPar. 1739. fol. 6 voU. are in torumque, ac de septem ©tatibus 
ilw lower estimation. mundi, ex S. Hieronymo, Eusebio 

3 ^4 



aliisque eruditis excerpta a Martino. 

Tauriui, J. Fabri, 23 Aug. 1477. 4°. 
The first edition, very scarce, if indeed 
this production does not rather contain 
the work of Martinus Cusentius (consult 
Fabricii BibL lai. med, ed, Mansi, V. 43). 
If so, the first edition would be that of 
J. Herold in the Marianxu Scotut. Bos, 
1559. ^o^ 

13303 — chronicon expeditissimum 
ad fidem vett. MSS. codicum emen- 
datum et auctum. Op. Suffridi Pe- 
tri. Antw,, Plantinus, 1574. 8^ 

With new completions (but also interpo- 
lations) from MSS. 

13304 — chronicon e vetustissimo 
MS. expressum et cum prioribus 
editt. collatum (per J. Fabricium 
cogn. Caesarem). Col. Agr., Gre- 
venbrugh, i6i6. fol. 

This scarce edition is reprinted in Kul- 
pUii Scrr, rer. Germ, p. 337 sq. A copy 
collated with a MS. is in the Royal library 
at Dresden. 

Concerning the different MSS. of this 
chronicle, see Opuscoli di autori Sicil. XII. 
134 etc {Schirach) Histor. Zxceifel und 
Berichtiffungen. Th.I, Hailed 1765. S°. 
Im I4n Brief e Uffenbach^s Reisen, II. 379. 
Caial. Vaiiieref III. 44. Fr. Ant, Zaccaria 
Disaertazioni f>arie a storia eccl, appartS' 
nerUL T. II. Romay 1 780. 8". p. 207- 
317. Arcf^v der Frank/. GeselUch, III. 
321 etc. 

13305 — la chronique Martiniane de 
tons les papes qui furent jamais, et 
finit au pape Alexandre (VI) en 
1503, par Martin Polonois, et avec 
les additions de plusieurs chroni- 
queurs etc. translatee de latin en 
fran9. par Sb. de Mamerot. Par., 
Verard, without date. fol. Gothic 

Not sought after. 6 leaves of preliminary 
matter and 403 numbered leaves (the ist 
blank). Marmerot made his translation in 
the year 1458. A copy of the first part on 
vellum with 16 miniatures (but 6 pages are 
made good in MS.) 105 fr. Gaignat, 1 2 1 fr. 
Valli^, 90 fr. 95 c. McCarthy. Concerning 
Herzowitz s Bohemian edition (see above, 
No. 10398), consult (Dobrowtky) Bohm. 
Liit. I. 59. The same author^s LiiL Mom 
gaz. Vim Bohmeny II. 1 46 etc. Ungar bohm. 
Buchdruckergetch. p. 26. Neuere Abhand' 
hmgen der bohm. GeselUcfs. B. II. Abth. 2. 
p. 218. — A MS. Spanish translation is to 
to be found in the Mtueo o bibHoteea del 
Margues de Manteaiegre, Madr. 1677. fol. 
fol. 108 a. 


13306 MARTIRANUS, Coriolan. 
Tragoedise VIII, como^iee II, O- 
dyssese lib. XII, batrachomyoma- 
chia et argonautica. Neap., Sinio- 
netta, 1556. 8®. 

4 and 370 leaves, and i lee^ regiairum. 
Scarce and sought after. — U Critio, tragt'^ 
dia di Coriol. MarHranOf irtuportata in 
verti toicani {eol testo lai.), Parmoy So^ 
doni, without date, large 8^ See also 


13307 — epistols fiamiliares. Neap. 
1556. 8°. 54 leaves. 

13308 MARTON, Jos. von. Ungar. 
Grammatik. 6. Aufl. Wien, 1806. 

8^ (; fl. 45 tr.) 

13309 — ungariscli - deutsches u. 
deutsch-ung. Worterbucfa. 2 Aufl. 
Wien, 1812. 8^ 2 volL (8 d.) . 

13310 MARTORELLI, Jac De 

regia theca calamaria. Neap. 1 756. 
4°. 2 parts in i vol. with plates. 
Also on large paper. 

13311 — (under the name of Mch. 
Vargas Macciucca) dell' antiche 
colonie venute in Napoli. Nap. 
1763-64. 4^ 2 vols, with plates. 

120 pages of a ^rd vol. were printed 
when the author died. 

13312 MARTORELLI, Pt. Valer. 
Teatro istorico della santa casa Na- 
zarena della b. verg. Maria e sua 
traslazione in Loreto. Roma, 1732 
-33« fol. 4 parts in 2 vols, with 

13313 MARTYN, J. Historia plan- 
tar, rarior. (decades V.) Lond. 1728 
-36. fol. with 50 plates. 

Also copies with plates strack off in 
colours. The editions by J. D. Mey«r 
(with a Latin and Oerman text), Nrb. 
1753. foL with illuminated plates; and by 
G. Wfg. Fr. Panzer (with Oerman text), 
Nrb. 1 797. fd. with plates, are little soo^it 

13314 MARTYN, Th. Flora rustica, 
exhibiting accurate figures of such 
plants as are either useful or inju- 
rious in husbandry, with scientific 
characters, popular descriptions, and 
useful observations. Lond. 1792— 
94. 8"". 4 vols, with 1 44 illuminated 

13315 — English entomologist, ex- 


hihiting all the coleopterous insects 
found in England. Lond. 1792. 
Urge 4^. with illuminated plates. 

ContMning 4a illuminated plates and 1 
pbtes of repreMDtations of medali, which 
the author had received on account of his 
Gmcfaoiogy. Also copies with a French 



13316 — Psyche, figures of nonde- 
script lepidopterous insects or rare 
moths and butterflies from different 
parts of the world. Lond. 1797. 
large 4*^. with illuminated plates. 

13317 — araneij or a natural history 
of spiders, including the principal 
part of the work of the English 
spiders by Eleazar Albin, and also 
the whole of the publication on 
Swedish spiders by Charl. Clerk. 
Liond. 1793. large 4*^. with illumin- 
ated plates. 

With I painted title-plate, 1 leaves of 
wifidals, and 1 1 and 1 7 illuminated plates. 

13318 — le concbologiste universel^ 
dessine et peint d'apr^ nature et 
arrange selon le syst^e de Tauteur 
(en angl. et en fran9.). Lond. 1 784. 
large oblong fol. 2 vols. 

This work appeared at first in 2 vols, 
with 80 very finely painted plates, under 
the Me, Figures des coqwUesy que Von a 
rmtgUHe* done phuieura voifoges faita A la 
mer du Sttd, depmt Pannie 1 764. There 
afterwards came out 1 vols, in addition, 
less finely got up, and tolerably scarce out 
qI EngiaiMl. At the beginning of the ist 
voL there ought to be a preface and an in- 
trodnctkn in French and English. There 
is alK> an edition, Lond. 1 785 or 89. large 
4*. with 160 plates, which was about one 
half cheaper than the large edition. Yet 
even the edition of 1 789 was lately sold at 
the duke of Blarlborough^s sale for 3ol. 

13319 MARTYR Anglerius, Pt. 
Opus epistolarum. Compluti, Mch. 
de Eguia, 1530. fol. 

The first edition, scarce and sought after, 
of these letters, important for the history 
of thirt period. At the same time it is less 
fine and eorrect than the following, aug- 
nenled with new materials. 

13320 — opus epistolarum. Cui ace 
Fd. de Polgar epistols (cura C. 
Pstini). Amst., Du. Elzevir^ 1670. 

13321 — de orbe novo decades III. 
Ejosd. babylonicse legationis libri 

III. et varia poemata. Matriti, 

15 16. fol. 

The 1st decade at first, Hiepaiif 1500. 
fol. {PanjK. IV. 339, 39 d,) Then all 3 
decades, Hitpali, Cromberger, 15 11. fol. 
Also, Btu,y Bebel, i^3* fol. Compiuii, 
1540. fol. Decades ^11, Par. 1536. foL 
Enlarged with Dam, a Goes De reb, mtfUop, 
etc CoL 1574. 8°. De orbe novo decades 
VIII, cvm annokUt. Rch. Haklugt. Par., 
Auvray, 1587. 8°.— Consult Mettsel BibL 
hist T. III. P. I. p. 371. Beckmann^s 
Beitrr. IV. 379. 


manum Gregorii XIII. Nova ed. 

aucta et castigata. Romae, 1 748. fol. 

Concerning the Mariyrol, Rom. consult 
Fabricii Saluiaris lux evang. p. 3 1 7 sq. E- 
jusd. Bibl. gr. Harl. X. 1 54 sq. Martgrologio 
Romano iraduc, por Dion, Vasquez. Val. 
ladolidy 1 596. 4^ See also Florentihios. 

13323 MARTYROLOGUE, le, des 
faulses langues, tenu au temple de 
dangier. Par., J. Lambert, 1493. 
4**. Gothic letter. 

This work, composed in verse and prose, 
and attributed to Gu. Alexis, is very scarce. 
Also, Rouen, Jac. le Forestier, without 
date. 4°. Penr., J, Herouf, without date 
(about 1530). 4^ Gothic letter, 13 leaves. 
It is probably one and the same with the 
following work : Le martiloge (sic) des 
faulces langues. (Par.), sur le pint noire 
dame A Vimage de S. Jean PevangeUste 
{Anl. f^erard), without date. 4**. 

13324 MARULLI. Idee suU' archi- 
tettura e sulla nettezza delle citt4. 
Fir. 1808. 4°. (15 paoli, on large 
paper 20 paoli). 

13325 MARULLUS. Mch. Hymni 

et epigrammata. Flor., aocietas Co- 

lubris, 6 cal. Dec. 1497. 4°. 

The first edition, with the signatures 
o-m and 25 lines. A copy on vellum with 
a miniature in Bibl. Petav. Haye, 1733. 
8*. p. 380. No. 1559, for 90 fr. Bon., 
Hector, 1504. 4*. Arg., Schiirer, 1508 or 
1509. 4^ Par., Wechel, 1529. 8^ are less 
sought after. An edition dT the epigrams, 
RonuB, SUber, 1490. 4°. is mentioned in 
Panzer, II. 499, and another, ib., id., 1493. 
4". is in the Leipsic University library. 

13326 — neniae. Ejusd. epigrammata. 

M. Ant. Flaminii carminum libel. 

lus. Ejusd. ecloga Thyrsis. Fani, 

Hi. Soncinus, 15 '5* ^^* 

Very scarce, and at the same time the 
first edition of the poems of Flaminius. 



13327 — neniae. Urbini, 15 15. 8®. 
A very scarce edition. 

13328 — epigrammatiun 11. IV. Hym- 
nor. 11. IV. Neni« V et alia quae- 
dam epigrammata. Brix. 1532. 8°. 

More complete 9ian the preceding edi- 
tions. Also in Po^tcB tret. Par. 1583. ia°. 

13329 MARVELL, And. Works, 
with his life by Thompson. Lond. 
1776. 4°. 3 vols. 

Previously, L<md, 1726. 12^. 1 parts in 
I voL Lond. 1773. i3°. 2 vols. 

MASACCIO, see Labruzzi. 

13330 MASCAGNI, P. Vasor. lym- 

phaticor. corporis humani historia 

et ichnographia. Senis, 1787. large 


Well got up, and greatly prized: with 
27 plates, whereof 6, 9, 11-14, 16, (8, 19, 
21, and 14-37 are double (in outline and 
filled up). The text also appeared, Senia^ 
1795. 8**. 2 vols. Istoria compleia dei van 
lU^faiioi, prima tradtunone iialiana. CoUe, 
1816. 8**. 2 voll. (8 paoli). In German by 
Ch. F. Ludwig, Lpx. 1789. large 4°. (3 d. 
13 gr.) 

13331 — prodromo della grande ana- 
tomia. Seconda opera postuma. 
Posta in ordine e pubblicata da Fr. 
Antommarchi. Fir. 18 19. large fol. 
with 20 plates. 

13332 MASCARENHAS, And. da 
Silva. A destrui9a6 de Hespanha, 
restaura9ao summaria da mesma: 
poema heroico. Lisb., Mello, 1671. 

13333 MASCARENHAS, Braz Gar- 
cia. Viriato tragico, poema heroico. 
Coimbra, Simoes, 1699. 4^. 

13334 MASCARON. Oraisons fu. 
n^bres choisies, de Mascaron, Bour- 
dalone, la Rue et Massillon. Par., 
Renouard, 1802. 12^ 

Renouard possesses the only copy on 

MASCARON processus, see Hib- 
RONYMus, No. 9696. 

13335 MASCH, And. Gli. Beitrage 
zur Geschichte merkwurd. Bucher. 
Biitzow u. Wismar, Berger u. Bod^ 
ner, 1769-76. 8°. 9 pieces (i d. 

This work chiefly describes theological 
books, and is little interesting..-See also 
le LoMO, No. 1 3 195. 


13336 MASCHERONI, Lr. Maniera 
di misurare V inclinazione dell' ago 
calamitato. Bergamo^ LocatelIi» 
1782. 8°. 

Reina of Milan possesses a copy 00 velluin. 

13337 — nuove ricerche sull' eqoili- 
brio delle volte. Bergamo, 1785. 4°. 
Metodo di misurare i poligoni piani. 
Pavia, 1787. 8®. Problemi per gli 
agrimensori. ib. 1793. 8®. L' in- 
vito a Lesbia Cidonia. ib. 1793. 8*^. 
(Also copies in 4°.) La geometria 

del compasso. ib. 1797. 8°. 
All these works are prized in Italy. 

13338 MASCI, Ant. Vocabolario 
Toscano e Turchesco. Fir. 1677. 8''. 

13339 MASCLEF, Fr. Grammatica 

hebraica a punctis aliisque inventis 

masorethicis libera (ed. J. Ph. Ren. 

de la Bletterie). Par. 1731 or 43. 

12°. 2 voll. 

Previously, Par. 1716. 8°. An abridg- 
ment by Luc. Fr. Ldande, Par. 1781. 8". 
Masclef has taken his from Oliv. Bulmi 
Methodus hebraica^ linguam S. sine pundis 
facilHme adeHscendi. Ultraj. 1618. 8*". 

13340 M ASCO V, J. Jac. G^eschichte 

der Deutschen bis zum Abgang der 

Merovinff. Konige. Lpz. 1726-37. 

4°. 2 voU. 

A copy on very laige paper in f<^ in the 
Royal library at Dresden. The first G«r. 
man histcnnan who undertodc to write the 
history of the nation (not merely of the 
empire). Translated into English by Th. 
Lediard, Lond. and Westminster^ 1737~ 
38. 4°. 2 vols, (also on laige paper ; thcone 
are also copies whose first vol. has likewiae 
the date oi 1 738). Only the first voL in 
Italian by St. Pfdlavidni, Ven. 1731. 4°. 

13341 — commentarii de rebus im. 
perii Rom. Germ, a Conrado I. us- 
que ad obitum Henrici V. Lps. 

1 74 1. 4^. Commentarii sub 

Henrico IV. et V. ib. 1748. 4®. 
Commentarii sub Lothario II. 

et Conrado III. ib. 1753. 4". 

This may be considered as a oontinuati<m 
of the preceding work. 

13342 MASCRIER, J. Bt. le. De- 
scription de I'Egypte, compost sur 
les m^moires de H. de Maillet. 
Par., Ganneau, 1735. 4**. with 
plates. Also, Haye, 1740. la^ 2 
vols, with plates. 


MASCURAT, see Jugbment. 

13343 MASDEU, Gi. Fr. Storia 
critka di Spagna. T. I. FoUgno^ 
1781. 4^ T. 11. Fir. 1787.4°. 

No more of this original edition, designed 
to be in 9 Tok, has appeared. 

13344 — historia critica de Espana y 
de la cnltura espanola, escrita en 
italiano, traduc. por N. . . Madr., 
Sancha, 1782-1800. 4^ 19 voU. 

CoDtentB and order of the vols. : T. I. 
FitMmimare. T. II. HI. Etptma antiguoj 
P. I, a. T. IV-VIII. Etp, Romanoy 
P. 1-5- T. IX-XI. Esp. Goda, P. 1-3. 
T.XII-XV..Eip.^«i^?,P.i-4. T.XVI 
-XIX. Suplemenioe, P. 1-4. To which 
any be jouied, Masdeu Respuesta & tu 
emMto cenmtr Joaquin Tragia, Madr, 
'793' 4*- (6 IS.) F. A. Casaus p Torres 
Be^mesia 6 aJgunot puntot de la hisi, orU, 
de Stp, de Maedeu. Madr. 1806. 4**.— 
Hie shove specifications are from my own 
wahr inspeiiion, and whence Brunet could 
Mfe his stateoQent €i 30 vols, with the 
istei 1783-97, 1 know not. 

13345 MASENIUS, Jac. Sarcotis 
carmen, on Sarooth^ po€me. Nouv. 
edit av. la tradact. fTan9. par Jos. 
Ant Tonssaint Dinouart. Par., 
Barbon^ 1757. 12°. 

The trsnabtion is very free* 

13346 — Sarcotis et Caroli V. imp. 

panegjris, carmina, turn de heroica 

poeai tractatus. Par., Barbou, 1771. 

la^ Also on fine paper. 

It VIS fiwmerty maintained that Milton 
W plundered the Sarcotis in his Paradise 
te: KcXeuesies aus der anmuth. Gelehr^ 
*«*. IL 167 etc — SareoHs {lot, et germ.). 
B«. 1780. 8\ (14 gr.) Sareoleay poema. 
Tmgi, 1768. 8*. Ekge de Charles F, 
^•t«e lot. de Masenhuy avec la tradueL 
fnnf- (FAnd. Jcs, Ansart, Par, j 774. 8**. 

13347 MASE RES, Fr. Principles 
of life annuities ^Buniliarly explain- 
ed Lood. 1783. 4**. 2 vols. 

See also Sckiptobxs logarithm. 

13348 MA81, Girol. Teorica e pra- 
^ d' architettura civile. Roma, 
17^8. fbl. with plates (3 scudi 20 


13349 MASINI. Vine. II Zolfo 
pi'ema, con varie annotazioni. Ed. 
11. Bol.,Volpe, 1762. 4°. 

W3iOMASKELYNE,Nevil. Astro. 

MAS less 

nomical observations made atCxreen- 
wich from the year 1765-1810. 
Lond. 1776 etc. fol. 4 vols. (8 gui* 

18351 MASON, W. Works. Lond. 
181 1 or 16. 8°. 4 vols. 

The first complete edition. Previously, 
York, 1796.8". 3 vols. 

13352 — English garden, a poem in 

4 books^ with a commentary and 

notes by W. Burgh. York, 1783. 


A pocket edition. Lond, 1803 or 13. ia°. 
In French, Par, 1788. 8°. with 5 plates. 
In German (by Ch. Fel. Weisse). Lpx, 
1783. 8". (14 gr.)— This work is not in the 
Poems, Lond, 1774. 8°. York, 1779. 8°. 

MASQUELIER, see Galbrie de 

13353 MASS A, Bt. Opusculum de 
fmctibus vescendis. Without place 
or date. 4°. 

48 leaves with 26 Unes, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination, printed 
with the types of the Ausonius of 1472. 
The date of 15 June, 147 1, to be found at 
the end, refers particularly to the compo- 
sition of the work ; at the same time the 
printing could not be much later. After 
Cap. 27fde Capero, there still follows, TVac- 
tatus de modo oonfloiendi crdeacetun, 

MASSARIUS, see Malatesta. 

13354 MASSAZZA, P. Ant L' arco 
antico di Susa. Torino, 1750. fol. 
with plates. 

13355 MASSET, J. Le poesme 
devot et chr^tien, en vers sapphi- 
ques mesurez et rhythmes, sur Is 
mort et passion de nostre sauveur 
etc. Par. 1627. oblong 12®. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library at 

13356 MASSILLON, J. Bt. Ser- 

mons. Par., veuve Estienne^ 1 745- 

49. 12°. 15 voll. 

This edition, greatly sought after iik 
France, contains, Avent, i vol. CarimCy 
4 voll. Petit CarCme, i vol. MystireSy 
I vol. PanSffyriquesy t vol. Confirencesy 
3 voll. Pseaumesy 1 voll. Oraisons fu^ 
nibresy 1 vol. Pensiesy i vol. 

13357 — sermons. Par., Renouard, 
1810-11. 8^ 13 voll. (78 fr., on 
vellum paper 1 56 fr.) 

Fine, correct, and quite complete. There 



are 4 copies on lai^ vellum paper in small 

X3358 — oeuvres. Par., Beauce,i8i7. 

8°. 4 voll. (30 fr.) 

In smaller characters and badly printed, 
but augmented with a Discours inidit. 

13359 — le petit careme. Par., Re- 
nouard, 1810. small 4^ 

2 copies on vellum. Properly a part of 

the 13th voL of No. 13357. Only 250 

copies of the edition. Par,, Didot, 1789. 
large 4**. were printed. 

13360 — le petit careme. Par., Di- 
dot, 181 2. 12^ (2 fr. 50 c, on vel- 
lum paper 9 fr.) 

A copy on vellum was sold at Paris in 
18 16 for III fr. Didot at the same time 
printed an edition in 8**. (4 fr. — 15 fr.) 

13361 — morceaux choisis de Mas- 
sillon, ou recueil de ce que ses 
ecrits ont de plus parfait^ sous le 
rapport du style et de T^loquence. 
Par., Renouard, 1810. small 4°. 

2 copies on vellum. Likewise a part of 
the 13th vol. of No. 13557. 

13362 — sermoes traduzidos do Fran- 
ces com a vida do author. Lisb. 
1774-86. 8®. 13 voll. (5200 rees). 
Predigten, aus dem franz. iibs. 

Dresd. 1753-59. ^°- ^5 ^^^' (7 ^* 
12 gr.) Wien, 1785-87. 8^ 15 voll. 
(8d. 4 gr.) Also in Polish. 

13363 — m^moires de la minorite de 
Louis XV. (publ. par Soulavie.) 
Par. 1792 or 1805. 8^ In German 
( Graiz), 1 794. 8°. ( 1 8 gr.) 


13364 MASSINGER, Ph. Plays, 

with notes critical and explanatory. 

By W. Gifford. Lond. 1806 or 13. 

8°. 4 vols. (2I. 128. 6d., on large 

paper 4I. 48.) 

The best and finest edition. — Dramatie 
works, revised by Th. Coxeter, Lond. 1761. 
8**. 4 vols. 

13365 MASSON^ J. Jani templum 
Christo nascente reseratum. Ro- 
terod. 1700. 8°. Vita Horatii. LB. 
1 708. 8°. Vita Ovidii. Amst. 1 708. 
8®. Vita Plinii secundi. ib. 1709. 

13366 MASSON, Fr. Stapeliae no- 
vse, or a collection of several new 
species of that genus discovered in 


the interior parts of Africa. Lend., 
Bulmer, 1796. small fol. with 41 
illuminated plates. 

13367 MASSON, J. (anon.) Histoire 
memorable de la vie de Jeanne 
d'Arc, appellee la pucelle d'Orl^ 
ans, extraicte des interrogatoires et 
responses k iceux etc. Par., Che- 
valier, 1612. 8®. 

13368 MASSON, J. Papir. Elogio- 
rum partes II. E musieo J. Ba. 
lesdens. Par. 1656. 8®. 

Previously, ib, 1638. 8*. 

13369 MASTROFINI, M. Teoria 
e prospetto, ossia dizionario critico 
de' verbi italiani conjugati. Roma, 
1 815. 4^ 2 voll. (2 scudi, 80 baj., 
on vellum paper 4 sc. 50 baj.) 

13370 MASUCCIO. U novellino 
con le L. argomenti e morali con- 
clusioni d' alcuni exempli per Ma- 
suzo Guardato nobele Salernitano, 
facto et intitolato alia il. Ippolita de 
Calabria duchessa. In civitate Nea- 
polis, 1476. fol. 

The first edition, extremely scarce. At 
the end is a register, by which it cau be 

13371 ^ — Massuccii Salemitani de 
quinquaginta argumentis moralibus 
ad illustr. Hippolitam. (II novel- 
lino.) Mediol., Cp. Valdatser (sic) 
28 May 1483. small fol. Gothic let- 
ter, in 2 columns with 44 lines. 

Likewise very scarce. With the signa- 
tures a-p and a register. At the beginning 
3 leaves, dedication and table of contents. 

13372 — cinquanta novelle intitolate 
il novellino. Ven., Bt. de Tortis, 
8 Jun. 1484. fol. 

1 leaves, table of contents, 73 leares, 
text, and 4 leaves, the register and list of 

13373 — novellino. Ven., J. et Gr. 
de Gregoriis, 1492. fol. with wood- 

This edition is also very scarce. The 
woodcuts are in the same style as in the 
Poliphilo of 1499. A copy, in which 
the index was wanting, was sold at Stan- 
ley's sale at London in 1813 for 36L; but 
in 18 ip a complete copy only brought 9L at 
the duke of Marlborough*s sale. 

13374 — novellino. Ven., Bm. de 


Zaimis, 29 Febr. 1503. fol. with 

13375 — cinquanta novelle, intitolate 
flnoTellino. Ven. 1510. fol. 

13376 — il novellino (da Luc. P. Ro- 
teflo oorretto). Yen., nella offic. 
Oregoriana, 1522. 4^. 

A fine and scarce edition. 

13377 — fl novellino, nel quale si 
cootengonocenquanta novelle. Yen., 
nella offic. Gregoriana, 1525. 8^ 
172 leaves. 

%. Corrado was the editor. 

13378 — cinquanta novelle intitolate 
el novellino, reviste e oorrette. 
Ven.. SessBi, 1531, or 35, or 41. 8**. 

A reprint of Road]o*s edition. 

13379 — le cinquanta novelle. With- 
out place (Fen.) or date. 8^ 

Prinitad about the end of the i6th oen- 
tory, and called in Italy, EdtMione della 
ftttOj from the printer^s symbol. 

13380 — il novellino in Toscana fa- 
vella ridotto. Ginevra {Lucca) , 
1765. 8**. 2 voU. 

19 Dords after Masucdo are to be found 
mLae9mpie$ du monde adventureuxy trad, 
emfrunf, par A. D. S. D. Par, 1555 or 
60. 8*. Par, 1581. ll^ I^yofh '57 '> or 
79»«'95- i6*- 

13381 MATAMORUS, Alph. Gar- 
>iaa. Opera omnia, nunc prim, in 
nnom corpus coacta. Ace com- 
mentarius de vita et scriptis auc- 
tons. Matriti, 1 769. large 4°. 

Amongst other things this bo(^ contains 
Ui Cmm, de iribua dZeruU penerihus, Hem 
Mrr de meUufdo etmcUmandi, CompluH, 

13382 MATARATIUS (Mataran. 
tios), Fr. De componendis versibus 
liexunetro et pentametro opuscu- 
hnn. Yen., Erh. Ratdolt, 7 cal. 
Dec 1468. 4**. Gothic letter. 

17 learea with 31 lines and si^atures. 
The date la a decided typographical error 
Uttttidof 1478. 

13383 MATEOS, J. Origen y dig. 

nidad de la ca9a y de los cacadores. 

Madr. 1634. 4". with 7 plates. 

I title.plate, 8 leaves of preliminary mat- 
^) isoWveii, text, and 4 leaves, index. 

13384 MATHEAIATICI. Yeterum 
■ttthematicorum Athensei, Apollo- 
<k)n, Philonis, Bitonis, Heronis et 



alior. opera gr. lat. pleraque nunc 
prim, edita ex MSS. codd. bibL 
regise (a Mlcli. Thevenot, J. Boivin 
et Ph. la Hire). Par., typ. r^., 
1693. large fol. 

Greatly prized. All the copies are in 
lai^ge foL 

13385 MATHEOLUS Perusinus. De 
memoria ac reminiscentia ac modis 
Btudendi tractatus. (Patav.), Pt. 
M aufer, without date. 4^. 

6 leaves with 34 lines and signatures. 
Printed at the latest in 1^75, see Fosei 
BibL Magliab, II. 1 70. 

13386 MATHEOLUS. Le hvre de 
matheolus | qui nous monstre sans 
varier | les biens et aussi les ver- 
tus I qui viennent pour soi marier 
etc, I Par., Y^rard, 1492. small fol. 
Gothic letter with woodcuts. 

67 leaves, with the signatures A^UiJ, A 
very scarce edition, and the most sought 
after of this strange work, put into rhyme 
by J. le Febvre de Therouane. *llie date 
is mentioned at the end in these verses : 

Pour Ian quejefus mie en sens 

retencM mil et cinq cene 

je vout pris otez en huit. 
The same verses are also found in an edi- 
tion, without date, small 4**. Gothic letter 
with woodcuts, which is a copy of the pre- 
ceding, and printed later. 

13387 — le rebous de Matheolus (at. 
tribu^ a J. le Febvre de Therouane). 
Lyon, Oliv. ArnouUet, without date. 
4**. Gothic letter. 

A somewhat strange recommendation of 
marriage. Also, Par.yMch. le Noir^ 1518. 
4^. 60 leaves. The edition under the title, 
Le livre du rieolu en mortage . Par,, Trep^ 
perel, without date. 4^ Gothic letter, is 
furnished with another prologue. 

13388 MATHER, Cotton. Magnalia 
Christi Americana, or the ecclesi- 
astical history of New England. 
Lond. 1702. foL with a map. 

13389 MA TON, W. G. Observations 
relative chiefly to the natural his- 
tory, picturesque scenery etc, of the 
western counties of England. Sa- 
lisbury, 1797. 8^ 2 vols, with 

13390 MATTHiEI, Ch. F. Glossaria 
graeca minora et alia anecdota grte- 
ca. Mosquee, 1774. 4^ 2 parts in i 
vol. (2d. 12 gr.) 



13S91 — notitia codd. MSS. grsecor. 
bibliothecar. Mosquensium. Mosq. 
1776. fol. 

13392 — lectiones Mosquenses^ in 
quibus opuscula varia (gr.) nunc 
prim, evulgantur. Lps. 1779. 8®. 2 

13393 — accurata codd. graecor. MSS. 
bibliothecar. Mosquensium S. Sy- 
nodi notitia et recensio. Lps. 1 804 
-5. 8°. 3 parts in i vol. 

See also Nov. Testa m. and Medici. 

13394 MATTHiEI, G. Wendische 
Grammatica. Budissin, 1721. 8"^. 

13395 MATTH.EUS. Evangelium 
s. Matthoei in linguam Calmucco- 
Mongolicam translatum ab Is. Jac. 
Schmidt. Petropoli, 1815. large 4^ 

Printed in Uigurian-Mongolian cha- 

13396 — evangelium secundum Mat- 
. thseum* ex cod. rescripto in biblio- 

theca collegii SS. Trinitatis juxta 

Dublinum descriptum op. et stud. 

J. Barrett; cui adjungitur appen. 

dix, coUationem codicis Montefor- 

tiani complectens. Dublini^ Mer- 

cier, 1 80 1. 4^ 

A complete copy <^ a MS. of the 6th 
century, and faithfuUy engraved according 
to the original. 

13397 — evangelium secundum Mat- 

theeum in lingua hebr. cum ver- 

sione lat. atque succinctis annotatt. 

Sb. Munsteri. Bas., H. Petri, 1537. 


AlsOy Bas. 1557 and 83. 8^ Par.^ Jfu 
venity 1551 and 57. 8^. 

13398 — evangelium in linguam 
Mongolicam translatum ab Is. Jac. 
Sdimidt. Petropoli, 181 8. 4^ ob- 

13399 MATTH^US de Cracovia. 
Tractatus racionis et consciencie de 
sumpcone paboli salutiferi corpis 
{corporis) dni nostri ihu xpi. With, 
out place or date (Mag,., Gutten^ 
berg, about 1460). 4°. Gothic letter. 

t2 leaves with 30 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Printed 
with the types of the Catholicon of 1460. 
Leaf I* line i is, (M)ulto4 tarn clericoi 9 
laiea4 7t<^^* Sold at Roeooe*s sale for 10 


guineas, at the duke of Marlboroi]|^*s 

for 6. 

MATTH JEUS Gurcensis, see Bab- 

THOLINUS, No. 1698. 

— Paris, see Paris. 

13400 MATTHiEUS Vindocinensis. 
Historia Thobie cum moralitatibiis 
ejusdem elegiaco carmine diligenti 
castigatione descripta. Arg., J. 
Knolouch (sic), 15 10. 4^ 

At first in the collection, Axictores ocUt. 
Lttgd, T488. 4*** (and often, see No. 1548I 
from which the atx>ve Strasburgfa editioa u 
only a reprint. 

13401 — genius sive 1>D. Thobie 
patris et f. sacrosancta historia, 
elegiaco carmine ante CCC annos 
conscripta. Bas., Oporinus, i5^3- 

Edited by BasU. J. Herold from a MS. of 
the monastery of Zwei&lt. 

13402 — historia sacra de Tobia se- 
niore ac juniore s. Matthaei Vindo- 
cin. paraphrasis metrica in Tobiam 
versibus elegiacis et Ambroaii Me- 
diol. explicatt. libelli de Tobia, ex 
ipsius operibus : cum observatt. et 
ex editione J. Ueringii. Bremae, 
Wessel, 1642. 8°. 

From 1 MSS., but more incomplete than 
the earlier editions which Bering was not 
acquainted with. Some various readings 
from a Wdfenbiittel MS. in Lgteri Hut. 
poetar. med. avi p. 766. Consult BarMi 
AdversariOf p. 1460 etc 

13403 MATTHiECJS Westmonaste* 
riensis. Flores historiarum, prae- 
cipue de rebus britannicis, ab exor- 
dio mundi usque ad a. D. 1307 (ed. 
Mth. Parker). Lond., Th. Marsh, 
1570. fol. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter (the 6ch 
blank), 440 and 466 pages, and 10 leaves, 
index. Scarce and dear in England. This 
edition is materially corrected from a MS. 
The first edition. Land. 1567. foL was 
printed from a very faulty and interpolated 

13404 — flores historiarum^ praecipue 
de rebus britannicis, ab exoridio 
mundi usque ad a. D. 1307. Et 
chronicon ex chronicis ab initio 
mundi usque ad a. D. 1 1 1 8 dednc- 
tum, auct. Florentio Wigomiensi. 
Cut ace. continuatio usque ad a. 


Chr. 1 141. Ff., typis Wechelianis^ 
1601. IbL 

4 leaves of prdimmary matter, 696 pages, 
and II leaves, index. The Miitthew is an 
unaltered impression of the preceding edi- 
tioR, and the i4>pendioes are only added 

13405 MATTH^US, Ant. Veteris 
mri analecta s. vetera monumenta, 
qaibas continentur anctores varii, 
qui pnecipue historiam bel^cam 
meoioriK prodidemnt. Hag. Com., 
Block, 1738. 4^ 10 parts in 5 vols. 
Also on lai^ paper. 

The firtt edition. LB, 1608. 8^ 10 vols, 
is Terj sddom found complete. Consult 
tTfimboeh'** RetMen III. 371. Beckmann 
iMermi. 4er Btitebeaehrr. I. 419. 

13406 MATTHESIUS, J. Historien 
▼on des ehrwurdigen in Gott seligen 
thenem Mannes D. Mt. Luther's 
Anfangy Lehre, Leben u. Sterben. 
Nrb. 1570, or 76, or 1600. 4°. 

Also, SteiHn, 1663. 4^ GustroWy 17 15. 
8*. (edited by And. O^iler). Lpz. 1806. 
8*. (1 d. 11 gr.) An abridgment by L. 
Achun TOO Amim, BerL 18 1 7. 4**. ( 16 gr.) 

13407 — Sarepta od. Bergpostilla, u. 
Chronica der freyen Bergstadt St. 
Joaciumsthal. Nrb. 15 71, or 78, or 

Fraviously, Nrb. 1564. fol. Also, Lp». 
1618. 4*. Frepb, 1679. 4*- 

15406 MATTHIOLUS, Pt. And. 

Compendinm de plantis omnibns. 

Ven., Valgriaius, 157 1. 4®. with 

L3409 — de plantjs epitome, novis 

iconibos et descriptionib. aucta a 

Jo. Camerario. Ff. a. M. 1586. 4^ 

with woodcuts. 
15410 — commentarii in sex libros 

Dioaooridis de medica materia. 

Ven., Valgrisins, 1565. fol. with 


Hie finest edition, and the most sought 
aficr, of whkfa there is a copy on bine 
paper in the Royal library at Dresden, in 
vhich the woodcuts are neightened with 
■her. Fm., Fafyris,y 1554. 58 or 60. foL 
with smaller woodcuts, are not prised. Jb., 
kLy 1569 or 85. fol., and the edition Mper- 
iawnded by Cqp. Banhiim, Bat, 1508 or 
1674. fd. are sdfl of some value.— -Crp. a 
Sitmberf Caialofirus plantar, ad VII variat 
tii, nmmentmriar, MaiOmH in Die9car. 



13411 — discorsi nelli sei libri di 
Dioscoride della materia medid- 
nale. Ven., Valgrisi, 1568. fol. with 

The finest edition, of which, Ven,, VaU 
ffrisiy 1585. fol., and Ven., AlberHy 1604. 
fol. are only reprints. The first edition of 
this often printed vrork was, Ven. 1544. 
fol.; the last^ ib, 1645. ^o^* Consult Pai- 
kirn, I. 307 etc 

13412 — commentaire sur les VI 
livres de Dioscorides, mis en fran9. 
par J. des Moulins. Lyon, 1579. 
fol. with woodcuts. 

A good edition. Of another French trans- 
lation by And. dn Pinet the last edition 
is, Lffcn, 1680. fol. with woodcuts. 

13413 — new Krauterbuch ver- 
deutscht durch G. Handsch. Prag., 
Melantrich, 1563. fol. with wood- 

The same translation augmented by Jo. 
Camerarius, Ff, a, M. 1590, or 1600, or 
36. foL with woodcuts. Bas, 1678. fol. 
with woodcuts. Translated into Bohemian 
by Ad. Huber and Dn. Adam, Prag, 1596. 
foL with woodcuts. There are illuminated 
copies both of the original and the transla- 
tions, the price of which depends on the 
goodness of the illuminations. Concerning 
the several editions of the work and the 
Bohemian translation, see Abhandtl, der 
b^ihm. GeuelUch, der Wise. 1785. Abth, I. 

P- 74 "q 

13414 MATTHISON, F. von. Lv. 
rische Anthologie. Ziir., Orell, 
1803-7. large I2^ 30 vols. (19 d. 
1 2 gr., on vellum paper 30 d.) 

13415 MATTIUS, J. Marius. Va- 
riar. lectionum s. opinionum libri 
III. Alexandrise Statiellae, Quinc- 
tianus, 1598. 4^ 

Of the edition, Ven,, Somascho, 1605. 4^. 
only the 1st sheet is printed afresh. Also 
in Roberli Miscellanea Hal. T. IV., and in 
Triga opueeular, critic, rarior. Traj. ad 
Rh, 1 755. 8^ 

13416 MATTOS, Joab Xavier de, 
Rimas. Lisb., regia typ., 1770-83. 
8^. 3 veil. 

MATURANTIUS, see Matara- 


13417 MAUDRU, J. B. Reflexions 
sur r^ucation. Par., I'auteur, 1793. 

A copy on vellum McCarthy. 

13418 — explication raisonn^ du 



nouveau systeme de lecture^ appli- 
cable k toutes les langues. Par., 

Tauteur, ^792. 4"*. 

A copy on veUum, McCarthy, offered for 
sale together with the preceding for 73 fr. 

MAUGIN, J., see Tristan. 

13419 MAUGIST. Sensuyt la tres- 

plaisante hystoire de Maugist Day- 

gremont et de Viuian son A'ere. 

Par., Alain Lotrian, without date. 

4°. Gothic letter. 

The first edition that is known of, and 
very scarce. 6 leaves of preliminary mat- 
ter, 101 leaves, and i leaf with a large 
woodcut. Also in the Hittoire de GuMn 
de Montglave, Par, 1518. fol. 

13420 Par., J. Trepperel, 1527. 

4°. Gothic letter. 

13421 — sensuyt la tres plaisante 
hystoire de Maugis Daygremont et 
de Viuian son frere. Lyon, Amoul- 
let, 1538 or 51. 4**. Gothic letter. 

13422 — I'histoire de Maugis d*Ay- 
gremont et de Vivian son fr^re. 
Par., Bonfons, 1584. 4°. 

13423 — histoire de Mangis d'Aigre- 
mont et de Viviam (sic) son fr^re. 
Troyes, Piot (161 4). 4®. with wood- 

13424 MAUGUIN, Gnb. Veterum 
auctorum, qui IX. seculo de prse- 
destinatione et gratia scripserunt, 
opera et fragmenta plurima nunc 
prim, in lucem edita. T. I. II. Lut. 
Par., Billaine, 1650. 4^ 

13425 MAUNDRELL, W. Jour- 

ney from Aleppo to Jerusalem. 

Oxf. 1699, or 1 7 14, or 32, or 40. 

8°. Lond. 1810. 8^ with plates. 

ib. 18 1 2. 12°. (58.) 

In French, Utr. 1705. 8"., or Par, 1706. 
12". In German, Hmb. 1706 or 37. 8^ 
with plates, and in PatUtu Sammi. der 
merkfvurdigti. Reiten in den Orient, Th. L 
In Dutch by O. Muntendam, Utr. 1715. 4°. 
with plates. 

13426 MAUPERTUIS, Moreau de. 
CEuvres. Lyon, 1754 or 68. 8°. 4 

13427 — lettre sur la oomke. (Par,), 
1742. 12°. 

A copy on vellum 40 fr. Oaignat, 1 3 fr. 
VaUi^ 33 fr. McCarthy. 

MAURED., see Ismaleddin. 


M AURER, Cp., see Stimmbb. 

13428 MAURICE, comte de Saxe. 
Mes reveries, ouvrage posthtune^ 
augm. d'une histoire de sa vie etc. 
par I'abb^ Perau. Par. 1757. large 
4^. 2 vols, with plates. 

The best edition. Also copies 00 vety 
large paper and with illuminated plates. 
A Gennan abridgment with a prelaoe by 
C. A. Struenaee, Lpx, tu Liegn, 1 767. 8^. 
(i d. 16 gr.) 

13429 MAURICE, J. Bt. Le blason 
des armoiries de tons les chevaliers 
de I'ordre de la toison d'or, avec 
leurs noms, leurs ^oges etc. Haje 
et Brux. 1667. fol. with plates. 

13430 MAURICE, Th. Indian an* 
tiquities or dissertations relative to 
the geography, theology, laws etc, of 
Hindostan, compared with the reli- 
gion, laws etc. of Persia, Egypt^ and 
Greece. Lond. 1806. 8°. 7 vols. 

The first vols, appeared at first in f 791 
and the following years. 

13431 — the history of Indostan, its 
arts and its sciences, as connected 
with the history of the other great 
empires of Asia during the most 
ancient periods of the world. Lond. 
1 795-98. 4°. 3 parts in 2 vols. 

13432 — the modern history of Hin« 
dostan, comprehending that of the 
Greek empire of Bactria and other 
great Asiatic kingdoms, hordering 
on its western frontier, commencing 
at the period of the death of Alex- 
ander, and intended to be brought 
down to the close of the i8th cen- 
tury. Lond. 1802-10. 4^ 5 parts 
in 2 vols. 

The 5th part of this important work is a 
supplement, and its pagination runs on 
with that of the 2nd part of the ind toL — 
See also Grovehill. 

13433 MAURICEAU, Fr. Traits 
des maladies des femmes grosses, et 
de celles qui sont accouch^es. Par. 
1740. 4^. 2 vols, with plates. 

MAURO, see Zurla. 

13434 MAUROCENUS, And- Hi. 
storiar. Venetar. libri XVIII ab a. 
1521 usque ad a. 1615. Ven., Pi> 
nellus, 1623. fol. 

In some copies the last 5 books, or the 


bnionrof the dispute of the state with pope 
FhJV. is wanting. Also in vols. V-V 11. 
of the Istoriei delle eote Venez, 

154S5 MAUROCENUS. P. Opus 
de ctema temporalique Christi ge- 
nentiooe in judaics improbetionem 
perfidiae christianseque religionis 
^oriaxn divinis enuntiationibus com- 
probaU. Patav., Bm. Patavus, Mt. 
06 aeptem arboribos^ 4 kal. Majas 

H73- 4^- 
78 leaves with 34 lines, without signa- 

tnns, cstchwords, and pagination. A very 
scsroe edttioo. In the last line but one (Mf 
the colophon there is in some copies, Bar^ 
(M tm^ n u Camtpanus Ponticurvanus for 
BsfiMomtfttf PcUavus, 

Alex. Liber de officiis, graece con- 
•criptus. Editione hac secunda lat. 
ooQvenus (a St. Berglero). L., 
Fritsdi, 1722. 4^ 

There are abo copies on large, and on 
very fange paper. At first only in Greek, 
Bmkmrett, 1719 (a>^t$), 4^ Also Or. and 
htLyLomtL 1734. 12^ 

13437 MAURON. Les cris de la 
▼ille de Londres, desdn. par lui et 
grtr. par Tempest, en 74 pi^s. 
Load. 171 1, fol. 

MAURUS, see Hrabanus and Te. 


13438 MAURY, J. Siffrein. Essai 
tor I'eloquence de la chaire, pan6- 
gyriques, ^ges et discours. Par. 
1810. 8^ a voU. — Principles of 
eloquence, transl. into Engl. Lond. 

1793- 8°- 

13439 MA VOR, W. General coL 

kcdon of voyages and travels from 
the discovery of America in 1492 
to the travels of Lord Valentia. 
New ed. Lond. 1 814-15. large 1 8**. 
38 vols, with plates and maps (81. 

^ Ae P syiy fs are abo to be had separate 
a i3*ok-9 snd the Traoeb in 15 vols. 

13440 — the British tourist, or tra- 
^'^Uer^s companion through Eng- 
li&d, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. 
I^md. 1809. krge 1 8**. 6 vols, with 
plttcs (il. lis. 6d.). 

^1 — universal history, ancient 

nd modern^ from the earliest re- 



cords of time to the general peace 
of 1802. New ed. Lond. 181 7. 
large 18*^. 25 vols. (5I. 123. 6d., on 
large paper 7I. los.) 

13442 MA WE, J. Travels into the 

interior of Brazil. Lond. 181 2. 4^ 

with 8 plates and i map (2I. 2s.). 

In French by J. B. B. Eyries, Par. 
1816. 8^ 2 vols, with plates (12 fr.). In 
German by Ebh. A. W. von Zimmer- 
mann, Bamb, 18 1 7. 8^ a vols. (2 d. 16 gr.) 

13443 MA WE, Th. and J. Abkr- 

CROMBiB. Universal gardener and 

botanist, or a general dictionary of 

gardening and botany. Lond. 1797. 

4^. with plates. 
Previously, Lond. 1778. 4°. 

MAXIMIANUS, see Gallus, No. 

13444 MAXIMILIAN, Prinz zu 

Wied-Neuwied. Reise nach Bra- 

silien in den Jahren 1815-17. Ff. 

a. M., Bronner, 1820. large 4". 2 

vols, with 19 vignettes, and an atlas 

in fol. with 22 large plates and 3 


Also copies with plates painted en 
gouache. In French by Eyri^ Par. 182 1. 
8°. with an atlas (25 fr.) 

13445 MAXIMILIAN. Ehrenp- 

forte Kaiser Maximilian I. large 


91 leaves of different sizes, after I>nrer*s 
designs, and engraved on wood under his 
direction. On 3 leaves there is the year 
15 15, on the leaf with the statue of Rudol- 
phus bellicosus 1559, and in the copy of 
the Imperial library at Vienna there is at 
the end, gedruckt am Wien M. D. LIX. 
In some copies the leaf with Milanese war 
is blank, and the leaf with Rudolph's 
statue is a copy different from the older 
leaves, which has not a ^te. Complete 
copies are very scarce. A new edition, su- 
perintended by Bartflch, Wieny 1799. fi>l. 
contains 43 leaves of the same size, 21 of 
which are etched, the plates having become 
useless. Maximilian's Trwrnyhvoagen en- 
graved on wood in 1 522 in 8 leaves suited to 
each other must not be confounded with 
this. — See also Treitzsaurwein. 

13446 MAXIMUS Sanctus s. mona- 

chns s. confessor. Opera ex MSS. 

codd. eruta, nova versione subacta 

notisque illustrala op. et at. Fr. 

Combetis. Par., Cramoisy, 1675. 

fol. 2 voll. 

1060 MAX 

13447 MAXIMUS philosophus. Utpi 

Kaerapxf^v (gJ^O* Recens. et cum an- 

notatt. crit. edid. £d. Gerhardius. 

Lps., Vogel, 1820. large 8°. (7 gr., 

on vellum paper 1 2 gr.) 

Little better than the earlier corrupt im- 
pression in Fahricii Bibl. gr, HarL IX. 
322 etc (ed. vet. VIII. 415-448.) 

13448 MAXIMUS Taurin, Opera 
aucta atque adnotatt. illustrata (a 
Brunone Bnini). Romoe, 1784. 
large fol. 

A tine and successful edition. Previously 
in several editions of Leonis M. Opp. 

13449 MAXIMUS Tyrius. Sermones 

s. disputatt. XLI grsece nunc prim. 

editce. (Par.), H. Steplianus, 1557. 

8°. Esedem ex Cosmi Paccii in- 

terpretatione (lat.) ab H. Stephano 

emendata. ib.^id., 1557. 8^ 2 parts 

in 1 vol. 

The first edition after 2 MSS. Some 
corrections are appended at the end. In 
the Royal library at Dresden there is a 
copy with MS. notes by Hi. Wolf. 

13450 — dissertationes (gr. lat.) cum 

interpretatione, notis et emendatt. 

Dn. Heinsii. Ace. Alcinoi in doc- 

trinam Platonis introductio ab eod. 

emendata et alia eJTisdem generis. 

LB., Patius, 1607. 8°. 3 parts in i 


12 leaves, 408 pages (Greek text), 6 
leaves, 412 pages, and 2 leaves (Latin 
translation), and 82 unnumbered leaves 
f notes). Stephens^s text with corrections 
nrom MSS., and with a Latin translation. 
Besides Alcinous there is also to be found 
therein, Pythagweor, Fragmenta, and Apu- 
leju8 De deo SocraiU. 

13451 — dissertatt. philosophicse (gr. 

lat.) cum interpretatione et notis 

Dn. Heinsii hac secunda edit, emen- 

datioribus. Ace, Alcinoi in Plato- 

nem introductio. LB., Patius, 1614. 

8°. 2 parts in i vol. 

10 leaves and 534 pages (text), 157 pages, 
and I leaf (notes), and 16 leaves (two in- 
dices). A new edition. The Latin trans- 
lation is printed immediately by the side of 
the Greek text, but the fragment of the 
Pythagoreans and of Apuleius are omitted. 

13452 — dissertationes (gr. lat.), ex 
nova interpretatione recens ad grse- 
cum contextum aptata, et collocata 


e regione : additis numeris, et erro- 

ribus anteriorum edition am quam 

diligenter detersis. Lugd., Lurjot, 

1631 (other copies, 1630). 8**. 

A reprint of the text and translation of 
Heinsius without notes. The numbers 
placed iu the margin are the pagination of 
Stephens*B edition. Brunet by mistake 
considers this to be a Leyden edition, and 
a complete repetition of the second editioii 
of Heinsius. 

13453 — dissertationes (gr. lat.) Ox., 

th. Sheld., 1677. 12. 

A neat reprint of Heinsius*s text and 
translation, without notes ; yet his and 
Stephen s*s conjectures are sometimes intro- 
duoed into the text. DemophUi simUUntR' 
nes et sentenHm are appended. 

13454 — dissertationes (gr. lat.). Ex 

interpretatione Dn. Heinsii. Re- 

cens. et notulis illustrav. J. Davi. 

sius. Cbr., Hayes, <7o3« S®. 

Heinsius*s text, here and there oomectedy 
but only a selection of his notes. The an- 
notations are partly critical and partly con- 
cerning the history of philosophy. It is be- 
coming scarce. 

13455 — dissertatt., ex rec. J. Davisii 
(gr. lat.) £d. altera, ad duos codd. 
MSS. locis quam plurimis emen- 
data notisque locupletioribus aucta. 
Cui access. Jerem. Marklandi anno- 
tatt. (Curav. J. Ward.) Ox., Bow- 

yer, 1740. 4^ 

A new recension after 2 MSS., in which 
Davis arranged the sqiarate dissertations 
after their order in the Paris MS., and 
considerably augmented his notes. It first 
appeared after his death. There are no 
copies on large paper. 

13456 — * dissertatt. ex rec. J. Davisii 
(gr. lat.). . . cui ace. Jerem. Mark- 
landi annotatt. (as in the preceding 
edition.) Recudi curav. et annota- 
tiunculas de suo addid. J. Jac. 
Reiske. Lps., Georgi, 1774. 8**. a 
voll. (3 d. 12 gr.) 

13457 — commentatio, quod sermo- 

num optimi sint, qui operibns con- 

sonent. Graece cum interpr. Da. 

Heinsii. Hlmst. 1665. 4°. 8 leaves. 

Only an impression of the text and trans- 
lation for the use of prelections. 

13458 — \oyoi riai ;(<opurrcov roy ko- 
Xeuca rov ^tXov. Gr. et lat. ex rec 
J. Davisii, cum castigatt., emendatt. 


et notis H. Stephani, Dn. Heinsii, 
J. Jhfmi et Jer. Marklandi. Cu. 
rav. ootasque suas adjec. J. Ad. 
Schier. At]iieiii8ad£linuiii(//^^n5/.), 
Wejgand, 1 760. 8^ 
\Za9 — sermoiies, lat., interprete 
Combo Paccio. Romee, Jac. Mazo- 
duu*,i5i7. foL 

A 0Df7 OD Telhim was in the Bibl. exqtti. 
J*"*** ("732)> p. 305. Corrected by 
««. Kheoanus, Am., /•ro6e«, 15 19. fol. 

13460 — discorsi trad, da Pierio de' 
Bwrdi. Ven., Oiunti^ 1642. 4°. 
Only after the Latin transbtion of Pacci . 
Worn abo mentioiM, Dimloghi th Mastimo 
Tint ts titUimo e spoffnuolo. ^«»., ZoL 
ftm, 1569. 4°. 

13161 — traitez de Maxime de Tyr. 
Qui soot quarante et un discours 
profondement doctes et grandement 
doqnens : De nouveau mis en Fran- 
go* (par Guillebert). Premiere 
^*t Rouen, J. Osmont. 161 7. 4^ 
—Discours philosophiques trad, du 
grec par J. H. Sm. Formey. Leide, 
Laditinans, 1764. large 12^ — Dis- 
•ertations trad, sur le texte grec, 
iTec des notes crit, hist, et philos. 
vn J. Jac Combe-Dounous. Par., 
BoMange, 1802. 8^ 2 voll. (10 fr., 
00 TeUum paper 20 fr.) 
Jk Tboa*8 Catai. has a translation by F, 
mofi, without plaee^ 1607. 12". 



13462 — philosopb. Reden, aus dem 
Grieeh. uba, durch Ch. Tob. Damm. 
BerL, Wever, 1 764. 8^ ( 1 d.) 

13463 — dissertations, transl. from 
tie Greek by Th. Taylor. Lond. 
1804. 12*. 2 vols. 

J^M aaJmam Tyriua reviied his work is 
iwhtu l in F. A, Bwnemmnm Propr, I, de 
iy«»s C^fropmdAm f9otnnone. Schneeb, 

m64MAXIMUS, Pacificus. He- 
CBtdegium (s. carminum libri X). 
Hor., Ant. Mischominus, id. Nov. 


With the signatures <*-n, and 26 lines. 
A Tery Maroe original edition of poems in 
l^tmy offensive. Amongst other things 
"••■tttions the venereal disease then^ 
(nsisequently before the disoovery of Ame» 
'**)• Thb passace is omitted in the edi- 
'■"» "t Panna, i^i, but printed in the 
«B*iitt 4e medicmey T. I. JMie^ 1766. 
^- h i»i-w6. CoofoH also MurrU Jaw. 

naiy XIV. 70. There are also poems by 
him in the Lusus V. poetar. in Venerem, 
See above^ Lusua. 

13465 — hecatelegium. Camerini, J. 

Jac. de Benedictis, 1523. 4°. 

With the signatures a-iu Likewise a 
scarce edition. 

13466 — opera. Lucreti«e II. II. 
Virginiie 11. II. Elegiar. 11. XX. 
De bello Spartaco 11. VI. De bello 
Cyri 11. VII. De bello Syllae et 
Marii 11. II. De componendis car. 
minibus. Grammatica. De decli- 
natione verbor. graecor. Poema ad 
J. Salvalium. Invectiva in Ang. 
Politianum. Fani, Hi. Soncinus, 
1506. 8°. 

In all the copies hitherto known, the 
Lucretia and Viiigiinia alone are found of 
all the works mentioned in the title, and 
yet they appear to be really complete, be- 
muse there is a colophon and register on 
the foHo redo of the hut leaf. Merrier de 
St. Leger thinks that the printer Sondnus 
had abeady printed the other poems not to 
be found here at Fano in 1500, and only 
gave this vol. the above general title, in 
order that both the vols, might be joined to- 
gether under it. 

13467 — carmina recusa ad autogra- 

phum Ant. Magliabechi. Parmie, 

Rosatus, 1 69 1. 4®. 

This edition is not complete, as is ob- 
served above. 

13468 MAYA, Man. Rodrig. Dic- 
cionario das ellypses, que mais fre- 
quentemente se achao nos authores 
classicos, interpretados oonforme o 
senthnento dos mais celebres gram, 
maticos. Lisb. 1 790. 8°. (400 rs.) 

13469 MAYANS y Siscar, Or. Ori- 
genes de la lin^a espaiiola, compu- 
estos por varios autores. Madr. 
1737. S"*- 2 voll. 

Attacked in the Diario de los litetatoa de 
Eepana II. 35 etc.; against which Mayans 
defended himself under a &lse name in 
Placido Veranio conversacion aobre el diario Esp. Madr. 1737. 8°. 

13470 — retorica. Valencia, 17C7 or 
86. 8^ 2 voll. 

13471 — cartas morales, militares, ci- 
viles y literarias de varias autores 
espanoles, recogidas y nuevaniente 
afiadidas. Madr. 1774. 8^ 5 voll. 

Previously, Madr. 1734. 8^ ib. 1756. 
8^ « vol. Valencia, 1773. 8«. 5 vols. 
4 A 3 



13472 — ensayos oratorios. Madr. 
1739. 8^ 

13473 — orador christiano. Valencia, 

1733- 8/ 

13474 — idea de la gramatica de la 

lengua latina. Valencia, 1768. 8°. 

13475 — gramatica de la lengua lat. 
en cinco libros. Valencia, 1780. 8°. 

5 yoU. 

13476 — Terenciano 6 arte metrica. 
Valencia, 1770. &^ 

13477 — prosodia de la lengua lat. 
Valencia, 1768. 8°. 

13478 — disputatt. juris^ in quib. 
multa juris civ. loca explicantur. 
LB. 1752. 4°. 2 voll. 

13479 — ad XXX jurisconsultor. 
omnia fragmenta, quae extant in ju- 
ris civ. corpore, commentarii. Ge- 
nevae, 1764. 4°. 2 voll. 

13480 — epistolar. libri VI. Valentiae 
Edetanor. 1732. 4^ Lugd. 1733. 4**. 

Cura Glo. A. Jenichen. Lps. 1737. 


13481 MAYER, J. Pomona Fran- 
conica. Description des arbres 
fruitiers, qui se cultivent au jardin 
de la cour de Wurzbourg (en al- 
lem. et en fran9.) Nrb., Winter- 
schmidt, 1776-1801. 4°. 3 vols, 
with illuminated plates (87 d. 16 
gr., on Dutch paper 145 d. 4 gr.) 

Well got up. The ist vol. contains 35 
jdates with the title-plate and plan of the 
garden, the and 77, and the 3rd 155. The 
first 2 vols, obtained a new title in 1801. 

13482 MAYER, L. Views in Egypt, 
from drawings in the possession of 
Rb. Ainslie, taken during his em- 
bassy to Constantinople by L.Mayer^ 
with an history of the country (in 
Engl, and French). Lond.^ Bens- 
ley^ 1802. large fol. with 48 illumi- 
nated plates. 

Of distinguished beauty. 

13483 — views in Palestine, from the 
original drawings of L.Mayer, with 
an historical and descriptive ac- 
count of the country and its re- 
markable places (in Engl, and Fr.). 
Lond., Bensley, 1804. (P. II. or) 
views in the Ottoman empire, chiefly 
in Caramania. ib., id., 1803. large 


fol. 2 parts in i vol. with 48 illu- 
minated plates. 

A deficiency in fiddity is objected agauist 
this work, and the colouring is also oonsi. 
dered too fiery. In German under the ddL 
lowing titles, Aruiohtcn von PaTdttina od. 
dem heil, Lande mii Erldutt, von E. F, C. 
Rosenm&Uer. LpM, 1810-14. oblong foL 
3 p^rts in I vol. with plates (ii d.). An^ 
sichten von der THrkei, haupU'dchl. von 
Caramanien, mii EriHutL von J, Ad. 
Bergk. Lpw, 1820. oblong foL with ao 
plates (6 d.). 

13484 — views of the Ottoman do- 
minions in Europe, in Asia, and 
some of the Mediterranean islands. 
From the original drawings taken 
for Rb. Ainslie by L. Mayer, with 
descriptions historical and illustra- 
tive. Lond., Bensley, 1810. large 
fol. 2 parts in i vol. with 71 illu- 
minated plates. 

Of stiU greater beauty than both the pre- 
ceding works. 

13485 MAYERBERG, Agst. de. 
Iter in Moschoviam, Agst. lib. ba- 
ron, de Mayerberg et Hor. Gu. 
Calvuccii, ab imp. Leopoldo ad Tza- 
rem Alexium Mihalowicz anno 1661 
ablegatorum, descriptum ab ipso 
bar. de Mayerberg, cum statutis 
Moscoviticis ex russico in lat. idio- 
ma ab eodem translatis. Without 
place or date. fol. 236 pages. 

Of especial rarity, and a companion to 
Korb*s travels, see Korb. The foUowiag 
is a French performance, Voyage en Moe^ 
come d^ttn ambassadeur (baron de Mayer- 
berg) envoyi par Pempereur au Cmwr 
AUjpU Mihalouncjg. Leide, 168S. ST. The 
Royal library at Dresden also possesses the 
original designs for these travels, whidi 
were never engraved. They form a vol. of 
131 leaves in f<^., which is called in die 
MS. title, Unicum in orbe exemplar, and 
were prepared by the imperial court-painter 
Rdf. Storng. 

13486 MAYNARD, Pr. (Euvres 
(po^t.) Par. 1646. 4°. Also on 
large paper. 

MAYNO, see Maino. 

MAYSTRE, see Maistrb. 

13487 MAZARIN. Lettres, oik Ton 
voit les negotiations pour la paix 
des Pjrren^ (publ. par d' Alain- 


▼•I). Amst. {Par.), 1745. i2*>. 2 


Coooemiiig a MS. of his Lettere in five 
4*. mb., see Moiier^s BeUrdge jtur Gewch. 
u. Uter. Ff. 1798. 8^ p. 41 etc 

15488 MAZARINADES. Recueil 
de pieces en vers et en prose^ qui 
ont para pendant les troubles de la 
Fronde. In 4''. and in 8°. 

is nmnerons ooUecdon of pieces, a list 
of which is almost impossible, was fonnerly 
greatly sought after, but is now only of 
▼ahie when the following pieces are to be 
fixmd therein; La pure vhiil cachie. — 
Lm cmttode de la rehte qtd dU tout. — La fa" 
9M ies putmru d cui. — Le tableau du 
rmemeni pritent ou iloge de son emU 
— Ls temperament amphibologique 
det tteHeuiee de Mazarm, par mattre J, 
CkapolL CoL 1 65 1. — La bouteiUe catsie 
a ttmihie avec une fronde auculde Maxa~ 
tin. Par, 1653, and so forth. The largest 
coflectioQ is that which Renonard possesses 
(ibrmerly Vslli^ 393 fr^ consult his Ca* 
toL III. 351 sq.). There is also a large 
collection to be found in the Royal library 
at Dmdau 

if oet of these pieces, of which those that 
are mm p o e ed in barlesqoe verse are for the 
nost part the work of Sandrioourt and 
Scamm, breathe the wildest party spirit, 
and mntain the most venomous and hcai- 
tioQs satires and pasquils. Respecting 
their importance in the history of French 
Ubliophuy, see Hermes, V. 137 sq. A 
c sfl ection of the better pieces projected 
by three Plaris booksellers in 1649 {Patm 
LeUres, I. 41.) did not appear. 

15489 MAZINI, J. Bt. Opp. omnia 
(med.) Brix. 1743. 4°. 3 vols, with 

15490 MAZOCHIUS, Alexius Sym- 
mach. In regii Herculanensis mu- 
tei tabalas Heradeenses Commen- 
tariL Neap. 1754-55. fol. a parts 
in I YoL with plates. Also on large 

With II separate plates, and several 
printed in the text. The text of both 
tables is again printed in Hugo Civil, 
Mm§az, B. 3. No. 19. Fragmentttm legis 
Bern, m acersa kUmUs Herod, parte, noHs 
eriL et eomm e nL illustrav. Get, Thdr. L* 
MmrtaolL Gott. 1816. 8^ is a good expla- 

U491 — in mndlnm Campani am- 
phkheatri titalnm commentarius. 
Neap. 1737. 4°. with plates. 

MAZ 1068 

13492 — in Tetus mannoreum S. ec 
clesiae Neapol. calendarium com- 
mentarius. Neap. 1744. 4°. with 

13493 — de antiquis Corcyrae nomi- 
nibus schediasma. Neap. 1 743. 4°. 

13494 — opuscula oratoria, epp., car- 
mina et diatribe de antiquitate, ex 
ed. Fr. Serai. Neap. 1775. 4®. 2 
parts in i vol. Also on large 

13495 — spicilegium biblicum. Neap. 
1 762-66. 4®. 3 voll. 

MAZOCHIUS, Jac, see Epigram- 
MATA, No. 6805, and Imagines, 
No. 10477. 

13496 MAZOIS, Fr. Les mines de 
Pompei dessinees et mesur^s par 
F* . Mazois pendant les a. 1 809-1 1. 
Par., Didot, 181 2-19. large fol. 
with plates. 

In 13 Nob. (each at 20 fr., on vellum 
paper 30 fr.) 

13497 MAZZA, Ang. Opere. Par- 
ma, Paganino^ 1816-20. 8^ 6 voll. 
Also in 4°. 

A complete edition of the works of- this 
esteemed poet (fiSiy). Previously, Poesie. 
Fir, 1794. 16*. a vols. 

13498 MAZZOLENI, Alb. (anon,) 

Numismata aerea selectiora maxi- 

mi moduli e museo Pisano, olim 

Corrario. Ven., Albritius, without 

date. fol. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter engraved, 
and 92 leaves of plates. M^ithout text. 

13499 — (anon,) in numismata serea 
selectiora maximi moduli e museo 
Pisano olim Corrario commentarii. 
In monasterio Benedictino-Casinate 
S. Jacobi Pontidse agri Bergomatis, 
1 740. fol. 

The text to the preceding work. 

13500 — (anon,) in numismata oerea 

selectiora maximi moduli e museo 

Pisano olim Corrario animadversio- 

nes. Ibid. 1741-44. fol. 2 voU. 

Merely mstre dififuse and separate excur- 
sus to the preceding work. 

13501 MAZZOLENI, Bd. Ant. Poe- 
sie in morte di Maria Innocenzia 

4A 3 



Bonafini di lui consorte. Bergamo^ 

Locatelli, 1784. 8°. 

A copy on vdlum, tl. is. Pin^i, and 2 
others McCarthy, 23 and 24 fr. 

13502 MAZzilCHELLI, Gi. Mar. 

Gli scrittori d* Italia, cio^ notizie 
storiche e critiche intorno alle vite 
ed a gli scritti dei letterati italiani. 
Brescia^ Bossini^ >753"^3' ^o^* ^ 

This pattern of judicious industry of col- 
lection and excdlent criticism, contains 
unfortunately only the letters A and B. 
Camillo Ugoni has made proposals for the 
continuation of this work, for which Max- 
zucheUi left important materials. 

13503 — notizie istoriche e critiche 
intorno alia vita ed agli scritti di 
Archimede Siracusano. Brescia, 
Rizzardi, 1737. 4°. 

13504 — vita di Pt. Aretino. Padova, 
Comino, 1741. 8*^. Also on blue 
paper. Brescia, 1763. 8°. 

Both books also in his above large work. 

13505 — notizie intorno ad Isotta da 
Rimino. Ed. II. Brescia, Bossini, 
1759. 8°. 

13506 — museum Mazzuchellianum 
8. numismata viror. doctrina prse- 
stantium, quee apud J. Mar. Maz- 
zuchellum servantur, a Pt. Ant. de 
comitibus Gkietanis edita atque il- 
lustrata. Ace. versio ital. stud. 
Cosimi Mei elaborata. Ven., Zatta, 
1761-63. fol. 2 vob. with 208 

13507 MEAD, Rch. Medical works. 
Lond. 1762. large 4^. with plates. 

Also, Dublin^ 1767. 8". 

13508 — opera omnia medica. Par. 
1757. 8^ 2 voll. Neap. 1779. 4°* 
with plates. 

Also, Gott. 1746-49. 8^. 3 vols, with 
plates. In French by le Coste, BouUhny 
1774. 8^ 2 vols, with plates. 

13509 MEARES, J. Voyages made 
in the years 1788 and 89 from 
China to the north-west coast of 
America. Lond. 1790. 4^ with 

To which may be joined, G. DixotCs 
Remarks on the voyage qf Meares, Lend, 
1790. 4^ 37 pages. Meares*$ Aiuwer^ 33 
pages in 4". Dixofn^s Further remaris, 


80 pages in 4**. Mearas's voyigBB alto a|»- 
peered, Lond. 1791. 8**. 2 vols, with plates. 
In Italian, TormOf 1798. 8**. 4 irols. with 
plates (t3 lire). In French by BUleoooq, 
Par. an 3 (i'jg$). 8**. 3 vch. with atlas in 
4". (20 fr.) In German by G. Forster, 
Berl. 1 796. 4^ with plates (3d. 11 gr.). 

13510 MECATTI, Gius. Mar. Dia- 
rio della gnerra d'ltalia tira i Bor. 
bon-Liguri ed i Sard-Austriaci. 
Nap. 1748. 8^*. 2 volL Guerra di 
Genova. Nap. 1749. 8°. 2 Toll. 
Storia cronologica della cittk di Fi- 
renze. Nap. 1755. 4°. 2 voll. Rac- 
conto del Vesuvio e speeialmente 
deir eruzione del 25 Ott. 1751. 
Nap. 1752. 4^. with plates. 

MECHAIN, see Delambrb. 

MECKEL. Ch. de, see Galerie de 

Dusseldorf and Hedlinobr. 

13511 MECKEL, J. F. Tabul« 
anatomico-pathologicae, modos cm. 
nes, quibus partium oorp. hum. 
omnium forma externa atq. interna 
a natura recedit, exhibentes. Fasc 
I. Cor. Fasc. II. Vasa. Lpa., Gle- 
ditsch, 1818-19. large fol. On veL 
lum paper with plates. 

Each part of 8 plates costs 6 dollars. 

13512 MEDAILLES sur les princi- 
paux ev^emens du r^ne de Louis 
le Grand avec des explications hi- 
storiques (par Fr. Charpentier, P. 
Tallemand, J. Racine» Boileau De* 
spr^ux etc.). Par., impr. roy., 1702. 
large fol. with coins. 

The preface written for this fine work 
was suppressed shortly after it was print- 
ed, consequently copies which contain it 
are scarce and sought after. It is printed 
again in Camusat's Hiet. des Joumaus, 
Copies without the preface should have 
I title-plate, i title-leaf, and 389 leares 
numbered on the under margin. Thenuwe 
complete and finer edition, Par. 1 733. large 
fol. is not dearer, and the preface is more 
rarely wanting in it. It contains beridea 
the preliminary matter, 518 leaves, aleo 
numbered underneath, and 6 leaves of in- 
dex. The edition, Par. 1701. large 4**. 
contains only re-engravings on a reduced 

13513 MEDICEA hoepes s. de- 
scriptio puhHcse gratulatioois, qua 
Mariam de Medicis excepit senatoa 


popDlaaqfieAinstelodainensis. Amst. 
1638. fol. with plates. 
dn must be taken that Soyderlioef ^ fine 
phte^ of the 4 buigomastpn of Amsterdam, 
be not wanting. This ]^te, very costly 
aixaig the first impressions, has becui taken 
out at most copies. 

U514 (MEDICI veteres.) De re 
medica hnic yoluxnixii insunt: So- 
nmi in artem medendi isagoge. 
OribtBii fragmentum de victus ra- 
tioDe. Plinii Sec de re medica 
Kbri V. Apulejus de Lerbar. virtu- 
tiboa. Ace (Ajit. Musae) libellus 
de betonica (edid. Alban. Torinus). 
Bas., And. Cratander, 1528. fol. 

The first ooDection, 11 leaves of preli- 
minary matter, 135 numbered leaves, and 
I leaf at the Old. 

13515 — medici antiqui omnes, qui 
ladnis Uteris diversor. morbor. ge- 
nera et remedia persecuti sunt, un- 
dique conquisiti et uno volumine 
onnprehenaL Ven., Aldifilii, 1547. 


Scsrce and sought after. 12 leaves of 
Rehminary matter and 320 pages. After 
W 8 two ought to be found unnumbered 
with the signature*, and the last two have 
316 snd 317 after 316, instead of 317 and 

13516 — mediciB artis principes post 
Hippocratem et Galenum. Exe. 
H. Stephanas, 1567. fol. 2 voll. 

Priaed, and scarce in good condition. Com- 
BOfdy bound in 2 vols, althoiieh the 2nd 
Itts no sqiarate title-leaf. Vol. I. has 4 
laves of prdiminary matter; 768 pages, 
AretMis etc ; 697 pages, Oribasius etc. ; 
434 pas»> Celsusetc. Vol. II. (without 
pnlimiiiary matter) has 846 pages, Ac- 
taarius etc ; 866 pages, >Etius etc. ; and 
54 leaves, index and notes. This dixnsion 
na)^ the vols, equal. Properly this is 
die order : Aretsnis, OribsMius, jEtius, 
Actnarius, Cdsus, and thus several copies 
«re bound. The Greek physicians are 
We only to be found in a Latin trans- 

13517 — medici antiqui graeci Are- 
tens, Palladius, RufFus, Theophi- 
Ina: physici et chirurgi (lat.) Par. 
^ nunquam, parti m antea, sed 
BUBc anctiores editi. Onines a 
Junio P. Crasso Latio donati. 
Qoib. access. Stephanus Athen. et 
>p«iiu Crassi quiestt. medicee et na- 



turales. Bas., Pt. Pema, 1581. 


4 leaves of preliminary matter, 297 pages, 
17 leaves, index, 212 pages, and 23 leaves, 
sdioJia and index. 

13518 — veter,um quorundam honor, 
scriptor. libri et reliquise singulares 
de materia et re medica, videlicet 
Serenus Sammon., Marcellus s. 
Vindicianus, Priscianus, S. Placitus, 
Constant. Africanus, Theodorus. 
Quos coUatis MS. et exemplarib. 
conjiinctim edid. And. Rivinus. 
Lps., Ellinger, 1654. 8°. 

This small valuable collection is very 
scarce. — See also Haller, No. 9204. 

13519 — parabilium medicamentor. 
scriptores antiqui. Sexti Placiti de 
medicamentis ex animalibus liber. 
Luc. Apuleji de medicaminibus her. 
bar. liber. Ex rec. et cum not. J, 
Ch. Gli. Ackermanni. Nrb. et 
Altorfi, Monath, 1788. 8°. (i d.) 

13520 — XXI veterum et claror. 
medicor. griecor. varia opuscula. 
Primo nunc ex Oribasii cod. Mosq. 
grsece edidit, interpretat. lat. J. 
Bt. Rasarii, item suas animadvv. et 
ind. vocabulor. adjedt Ch. F. de 
Matthaei. Mosq. 1 808. 4^. 

His edition of Rufus Ephesius should be 
bound up with this collection, which is to- 
lerably scarce in Germany, see Rufus. 

13521 — medicor. greecor. opera quae 
exstant (gr. lat). Editionem curav. 
C. Glo. Kuhn. Lps., Cnobloch, 
1 82 1 etc. 8^ 

Of this very meritorious new critical 
edition only vcis. I-III. (or Galeni^ T. \^ 
3.) has as yet appeared. 

13522 — opus aureum de febribus, in 
quo trium sectar, clarissimi medici, 
grseci, arabes et latini, habentur, 
qui de hac re ^erunt. Ven. 1576. 


Also, Ed, J, Femelhu, Ven. 1594. fol. 
Both editions are scarce. 

13523 — veterinariae medicime libri 
II, a J. Ruellio olim latinitate do- 
nati, nunc vero iidem sua, h. e. 
graeca, lingua prim, in lucem editi 
(a Sim. Grynaeo). Bas., J. Val- 

derus, 1537. 4^ 

Very scarce. 6 leaves of prdiminary 
matter and 307 pages. Ruellius's transla- 
4 A4 



tion previously, Par.y CoHncnUf 1530. fol. 
MecUcina de^ cavalii composta da diverH in 
greco e trad, in italiano. Ven,, TrameMtiinOy 
1543* S*** S^ ^i^ Chiruroia. 

MEDICI, Gi. de', see Leo X, No. 

1 1860. 
13524 MEDICI, Lorenzino de'. L' 
Aridosio, commedia (in prosa). Fir., 

Fil. Giunti, 1593. 8°. 

Scarce, and cited by the academy della 
Cnisca, which erroneously mentions 1595 
as the year of its being printed. The first 
edition probably is, Ven,, Matteo PaganOy 
air insegna della fede, without date. 8*. 
because the prologue is wanting in it. An 
edition, about the middle of the 16 century, 
without place or date. 8^ 51 numbered 
leaves, the printer^s symbol of which bears 
the motto, Nequicqtutm sapit, qui sibi noH 
sapiij and which also has no prologue, has 
the addition Noveilamente posta in luce. 
Also, Lttccay Btudragoy 1548. 8". (so 
Gamba, but Valliere, Catal, VIII. 243, 
has 1549). The pretended edition. Fir., 
Giuntiy 1605. 12**. is a correct reprint pre- 
pared at Naples in 1720. According to 
Crescirobeni, this piece was also put into 
verse and printed in that form, Bologna, 

13625 MEDICI, Lr. de\ Poesie 
vulgari, nuovamente stampate : col 
commento del medesimo sopra al- 
cuni de' suoi sonetti. Ven., fi- 

gliuoli di Aldo, 1554. 8^. 

205 leaves, and 3 leaves at the end 
for errata, colophon, and anchor. The 
eopies are of two sorts. In the complete 
copies sheet O has 8 leaves, which are num- 
bered 105-112, in others only 4 leaves, 
with the pagination 105-108, so that 10^ 
112 are altogether wanting. P. Manutius 
for instance, dturing the actual printing, 
suppressed that sheet and repnnted it, 
whereby he omitted 5 songs, two of which 
were somewhat free. The following are 
the suppressed songs; leaf 105b, O dio 
sommo bene ; leaf 108*, O tnaligno e duro 
core ; leaf 109^, Ben ch''io rida ; leaf 1 10*, 
E convien H dUca ; leaf 1 10^, Una donna 
uvea desire. That this alteration took place 
durinff the actual printing is dear from 
this, mat sheet O is (also in the complete 
copies) stated in the register as a duemo, 
and complete copies are consequently very 

This edition, very valuable of itself, and 
cited by the academy della Crusca, obtains 
a peailiar worth owing to the commentary 
written by the author himself, which as 
characteristic of his life is verv important, 
and is to be foimd in no other edition. 
This edition is so scarce, that the superin- 


tendant of the foUowing edition was not 
even acquainted with it. 

13526 — rime sacre^ unitamente a 
quelle di Madona Lugrezia sna 
madre e d'altri di sua famiglia, 
raccolte e d'osservazioni ooiredate 
per Fr. Cionacci. Fir., Donati, 
1680. 4^ 20 or 80 pages. 

Scarce, and cited by the academy ddia 
Crusca. It contains the spiritual 8ongs(Ora- 
xioni e laudi) of the Medids, namely, of 
Lr. Lucrezia, Pt. Fr. and Bn. d*AJle- 
manni de* Media. 

13527 — rime sacre etc, Bergamo, 
Lancellotti, 1 760. 8^. Also on large 

A verbal and unaltered reprint of the 
preceding collection. 

13528 — poesie del magnif. Lr. de' 
Medici, in questa ediz. nei luogfai 
mancanti e scorretti compinte e 
alia vera lezione ridotte. S'ag. 
giungono le stanze in lode della 
nencia, i beoni, le rime spirituali^ e 
altre poesie inedite, con alcune 
memorie attenenti alia sua vita, 
testimonianze etc. Bergamo, Lan- 
ceUotti^ '763. 8^. Also on large 

An edition of the Aldine impression of 
1554, augmented and corrected from MSS. 
But only two of the songs then suppressed 
are here admitted, and the commentary is 
altogether omitted. Serassi has only added 
various readings, a list of Lorenzo*s woiiu, 
and testitnomanaie, but he was not pro- 
perly an editor. The Rime Sacre of 1 760 
are usually added to this edition. 

13529 — poesie inedite. Pisa, with- 
out date. 8^ 

Only a reprint of the poems whidi 
Roscoe, in his life of Lorenzo^ has edited 
for the first time from the LaurenHana, 

13530 — poesie del magnif. la. de' 
Medici e di altri amici e contempo- 
ranei suoi, divise in due parti. 
Lond., Nardini e Dulau, 1801. 
large 4°. On vellum paper. 

A splendid edition, in which are to be 
found besides most of the poems first 
edited by Roscoe, the Sehe di amore abo^ 
and in the and vol. poems by PoUataoo 
and Bn., Luca and L. Pulci. 

13531 — - stanze bellissime e or- 
natissime, intitolate le selve d'a- 

more. Pesaro, Girol. Soncino^ '5i3* 

A very weuce edition, but whidi might 
be ww i ted from the not lev scuve edition, 
FoL, J7«Mom, 15 15 and 32. 8^ The im- 
prodoo in the foregoing book it only after 
tkeeditJonof 1513. 

13532 — fltanze alia oontadinesca in 

lode della nencia, insieme con la 

fieca di L. Pulci. Fir., mese di 

Maggio (without the printer's name) , 

'553- 4'*« 4 leaves. 

A verj tcaroe and raluable edition. The 
noie ii also the case with Fir,, appreuo 
aOe ufokt di Badia, without date. 4**. 
6 ksree, the last of which is blank. 

13533 — la piacerole e bella historia 
ddk nencia da Barberino, e della 
Beca. Fir., rincontro a S. Apo- 
lioari, 1622. 4^ 

An extremdy scarce edition of the pre- 
eeimg poem, and dted by the academy 
Mia Crusca. Abo (with other poems), 
ItttBtt {Pafma% 1802. 8^ and in the Par^ 
asm /AiA XXXIII. 9 etc. 

13&34 — ballatette del magnif. Lr. 
de' Medici, di messere Agnolo Po- 
litiani eC di Bn. Giamburlari (sic) 
et di molti altri. Without place 
(Ftr.), a petitione di Ser Piero 
Padni da Peacia, without date. 
4°- 30 leaves, with the signatures 

The first editioo of the Caruwni di baUo 
ad estremdy scarce. It is less complete 
t^ the following, but contains some 
poem not printed again.— Conjsont a bailo 
di Lr, Medki e Affn, PoRsriano, without 
phee, 1533. 4*. (In the Caial. Imperial. 

13535 — canjBoni a ballo, insieme 
«m qnello di Ang. Poliziano e di 
altri antori. Fir., Ser martelli, 1562. 
4"'- 38 leares. 

This also Tery scarce edition is augment- 
ed. A ■DaDer collection, Canzone a ballo 
CMiportr dls dherti. Fir, 1564. 4**. 4 leaves, 
^■uaiiis poems by Lr. Medici, Poliziano, 
ad Paid. 

13^ — cansone a ballo composte 
del magnif. Lr. de' Medici, e da 
H. A^olo Polisiano ed altri au- 
M« iosieme con la nencia da Bar- 
^^enno e la beca di Dicomano, com- 
poite dal medesimo Lorenzo. Fir. 



(without the printer's name), 1568. 
4^. 42 leaves. 

The most OHrect edition, and augment- 
ed, in which nevertheless some pieces are 
wanting whidi are in the earlier editions. 
Likewise very scarce. Bm. Oamba pre- 
pared an entirely accurate reprint, with all 
the faults of the original, and under the 
same date, at Milan, in i8i'i, in 4^ (only 
100 copies). In some copies 1 leaves are 
added at the end, containing the poems to 
be found in the earlier editions, but which 
were omitted in that of 1568. 

13537 — rappresentazione de 3S. 
Giovanni e Paolo, e di S. Costanza. 
Fir., Fr. Bonaccorsi, without date. 

Very scarce. Also, without place (.Ftr.) 
or date, small 4". 18 lines, with the signa* 
tures a and 6. Fir., BenvenutOy 1538. 4^ 
10 leaves, t^., da Prato, 1547. 4^ Fir, 
»555- 4**- Pi^y Ghiti, 1571. 4\ Without 
place, Baleniy 1582 or 88. 4^ Siena, 
without date. 4^ Also in the Rime taere 
of 1680 and 1760. 

13538 — altercazione owero dialogo, 
nel quale si disputa tra il cittadino 
e il pastore, quale sia piu felice 
vita, o la civile, o la rusticana. 
Without place or date (sec. 16). 


No other edition of this didactic poem on 
happiness is known. — A splendid edition 
of all Lorenzo*s poems, corrected and aug- 
mented from MSS., will shortly appear at 

13539 MEDICO, Gius. del. Ana- 
tomia per uso de' pittori e scultori* 
Roma, Poggioli, 1811. fol. with 38 

13540 MEDINA. Poesias lyricas. 
Lisb. 1 797. 8^. — Desoobrimento de 
ilha da Madeira, poema heroico. 
Lisb. 1806. 8°. 

A highly esteemed modem Portuguese 
poet, see Link's Reiee nach Portug, II. 243. 

13541 MEDINA, Pedro de. Pri- 

mera y segunda parte de las gran. 

dezas y cosas notables de Espafia. 

Compuesta por Pedro de Medina y 

agora nuevamente corregida y muy 

ampliada por Diego Perez de Messa. 

Aloda de Hen., J. Gracian, 1595. 

fol. with woodcuts. 

Scarce. Previoudy, Aleata, Pi. de 
Roblee, 1566. foL Gothic letter, with 




13542 -— r^miento de navegacion. 

SevnK 1552. 4°. 

Tbe first ^rork on imyal affairs. V arte 
del naviffore, trad, in ital, Ven. 1555. 4°. 
•6. 1609. 8^ L* art de navigtter, trad, du 
Caetiiian en fr, par N, de Ntcolai. Lyon, 
1554* fol. with woodcuts. Rouen, 1573* 

13543 — libro de la verdad^ donde 
86 contienen doscientos dialogos. 
Seyilla, TrugiUo, 1563. fol. Gothic 

13644 MEDINI, Ebn, Mauri Pes- 
sani, sententise qusdam arabicffi^ 
niinc prim. edid. ac. lat. vertit Fr. 
de Dombay. Vindob., Kaulfuss, 
1805. large 8^ (16 gr.) 


MEDITATIONES, see Bonaven- 

TURA, No. 2727. 

13545 MEDITAZIONE sopra Tal- 
bero della croce. Testo inedito 
del buon secolo della lingua. Fir. 
1819. 8^ 

MEDRANO^ see Saavkdra. 
MEER Ummun, see Gilchrist, 
No. 8515. 

13546 MEERBURGH, N. Afbeel- 
dingen van zeldzaame Gewassen. 
Leyden, le Mair, 1775. fol. with 50 
illuminated plates. 

The plates are very indifferent. 

13547 MEERMAN, Ger. Novus 
thesaurus juris civ. et canon. Hag. 
Com. 1751-53. fol. 7 voll. J. de 
Meermann supplementum novi the- 
sauri juris civ. et can. ib. 1780. 
fol. idtogether 8 vols. Also on 
large paper. 

This coUeotion is prepared without much 
care and selection. 
13548 — origines ty pographicse. Hagse 
Com., 1 765. 4°. 2 vols, with plates. 

Also on large paper. 

Full of learned and acute inquiries, but 
still more of preconceived opinions, which 
are carried even to wilfulness. It is known 
that the author wrote in favour of Coster 
and the town of Haariem, and that he 
made no hesitation to explain evident pro- 
ductions of Ketelaer^s and de Ixk^mpt^s in 
favour of his hypothesis for Coster. In his 
steps trod Jac. Visser UUvinding der 
BoehdrukkunBt, getrokken nyt het latynsch 
Werk wm Ger. Meerfnantiy met tumteke' 
ningen vcm H, Gockingoy en eene lyat 


der boeken in de NederUmden gednitki 
voor U Jaar 1500. Amst, 1767. 4*^. 

13549 — Ger. Meermanni et doctor. 
viroT. ad enm epistolae atqae obtt. 
de chartse vulgaris et linteae origine, 
edid. Jac. van Vaassen. Hags 
Com. 1767. 8**. 

13550 MEERMAN van Dalen, J. 
Geschiedenis van Graf Willem van 
Holland, Roomsch Koning. Gra- 
venhage, 1783-97. 8^ 4 voll. 

The first 2 vdls. only in German (by HL 
Cp. W. Eschenbach), LpM, 1787JS8. S\ 
2 vols. (2 d. 4 gr.) 

13551 — Berigten omtrent het Noor- 

den en Noordosten van Europa. 

Gravenhage, 1804-6. 8°. 6 voll. 

(15 fl. 16 St.) 

A German abridgment in the Bibl, der 
Reibeechr, B. 41, 42. 

13552 MEFFRETH. Sermonum, 
alias ortulus regime^ pars hyemalis 
et de Sanctis. Ven., Cp. Arnoldns, 

1479. ^^^' 

The first edition of an often printed 
work. The author is unknown as to the 
circumstances of his life ; but as he himsdf 
says in the prologue to the ist part, that he 
he had composed his work Ob honorem 
Mitnensis dioecesis, it therefore appears 
that he lived in Saxony. May not the 
Peter Mejfert, with which the lower riaswpf 
in licipzic jestingly denote the Latin 91a- 
daniy probably refer to him ? 

MEGHA Duta, see Kalidas. 

13553 MEGISER, Hi. Thesaurus 
polyglottus vel dictionarium multi- 
lingue, ex quadrigentis circiter lin. 
guis, dialectis, idioraatibus et idio- 
tismis constans. Ff. a. M. 1603. 

13554 — annales Carintbiae d. 

i. Chronica des Erzberzogtbums 

Karndten. Lpz. 161 2. fol. 2 vols. 

with plates. 

See also Antholooia, No. 693, and 

13555 MEGNANI, Gomignano. L' 
arvina d' Troja, poemetto in dia- 
letto Bolognese. Ferrara^ 1687. 

13556 — Bologna jubilant, poema 
in lingua Bolognese. Ferrara, 1688. 
8**. with plates. 

MEHUN, see Meun. 


1^1 MEIBOM, H. Renun ger- 
muiicar. tomi tres. Hlmst. 1688. 
foL 3 YoU. 

A wtFj BCj^tigoBily preparad, and inoor- 
nafy printed collection, but still indis- 



WM8 MEIBOM, J. H. Maecenas 
ft. de C. Cilnii Maecenatis vita, mo- 
Hbfis et rebus gestis liber singula- 
m, LB., Elsevier, 1653. 4^ 

In addition, J, H, m Seelen Progr. ana- 
fate md MeibomU Macenaiem. Lubec, 
»753- '♦•. 4 iheets, — See aho Bartholi- 
»r8. No. 1701. 

12559 MEIBOM, M. Antiquiemu- 

sicae anctores septem, gr. et lat. 

M. Meibomius restituit ac notis ex- 

plicar. Amst., L. Elzevier, 1652. 4^ 

An editiovi, acaire, fine, and prepared 

widi care. There are said to be copies on 

l^fPe paper, yet no one has actoallj seen 

^— The collation is this: T. I. 44 

of preliminary matter; Aristoxeni 

mieoy 7 leaves and 13a pages (bo- 

Sore p. r a table): EucS<H$ IfUrod,, 2 leares 

and 68 pages ; NtcomaehvSf 1 leaves and 

fe pages ; Aijfphas, 8 and 80 pages (p. «, 

^ and 44 are tables); Gaudeniius, 2 

haves and 40 pages; Baochiusy 2 leaves 

mod 36 pages.— T. II. 4 leaves of prdi- 

Biaary matter, and Arutides with 363 

pages nmning on, — The above article is to 

be cotipled with Auctorcs. 

1»60 — Davidis psahni XII et toti- 
dem 8. Script. V. T. Integra capita, 
quae looo spedminis biblicar. suar. 
emendatt. et interpretationum prisco 
liefanoo metro restituit. Amst. 1608. 
Worthy of notice for its history of He- 

13541 MEICHELBECK, C. Histo- 
ria Frinngeiisis. AV. et Graedi, 
1724-29. fol. 2 vols, with plates. 

U5tt — diroiiicx>ii Benedicto-Bura- 
Bom, opus posth. Curante Alph. 
Haidenfeld. Sampt. monast. Be- 
Bedicto-Baran], 1 75 1-52. foL 2 voll. 

13S« MEIDANI proverbior. arabi- 
cor. para, lat. vertit et notis illu- 
stnv. H. Alb. Schnltens. Opus 
postli. (curav. Schroder). LB. 1795. 

Only the ist part of a work planned to be 
in J vols, which only oontaina 454 of Mei- 
4Mi*s 6000 proverbs. There had previ. 

pvQvtfbioT, Afiim 

darm em venwne Pooookktna eM. H. Alb. 
Sohulteru, Land, et LB, 17J3. 4*. 

13664 — selecta qusedam Arabmn 
adagia e Meidanensis proverbior. 
syntagmate nunc prim, arabice edi. 
ta, lat. versa atque illustr. ab E. P. 
C. Rosenmiillero. Lps. 1796. 4^ 
(i d. 16 gr.) 

13565 MEIDINGER, C. de. Icones 
piscium Austriae indigenor. Vindob. 
'785-94- fol. 5 sets of ten, with 50 
illuminated plates (20 d.). 

13566 MEIERN, J. Gf. von. Acta 
pacis Westphal. publica od. West- 
phal. Friedenshandlungen u. Ge- 
schichte. Hannov. 1734-36. fol. 
6 voll. Acta pacis executionis pub- 
lica od. Niimberg. Priedensexe- 
cutionshandlungen u. Geschichte. 
Hannov. u. Lpz. 1736-37. fol. a 
vols, with plates. J. Ldf. Walther's 
Universabeg. Gott. 1 740. fol. Ail 
together 9 vols. 

Only at the price of waste paper, as is 
his Acta condOaHa Ratitbon. publica of 
1653 and 54. LpM. and GUtt, 1738-40. 
fol. 2 voll. 

13567 MEIGRET. L. Le trette de 
la grammere fran9oeze. Par., Ch. 
Wechel, 1550. 4°. 144 leaves. 

Scarce, and sought after on account of 
its singularity. The author is also known 
for his innovations in orthography. 

13668 — traits touchant le commun 
usage de I'escriture franyoise. Par. 
1542. 4°. 

IJe edition, Par, 1545. 8^ is augmented 
with three additions by Et. Dolct on the 
French language, which are not mentioned 
m the title. 

13569 — defenses de L. Meigret, 
touchant son livre de Torthographe 
fran9oi8e contre les censures et ca- 
lomnies de Glaumalis de Vezelet 
(Gu. des Autelz) et ses adherens. 
^yon> 1550- 8°. — R^ponse a la 
d^spdr^ replique de Glaomalis de 
Vezelet. Par. 1551. 4^ 95 pages. 

These two pieces rdate to the follow- 
ing attacks upon his orthography : Traiti 
touchant rancUm orthograf& fran^ con^ 
tre Vortographe d€$ Meygretittes, par 
Glaumalu de Venlet (Gu. des AuUljti 
Lffcn, 1548. 8^ or f*. 1549. i6\ RepUque 
muefurieus€8 difemee de L, Meigret {par 
le nthne), Lgon, 1551. 8*. 



13570 MEISSNER, A. Gli. Sammt- 
liche Werke, herausg. von Ch. 
Kuffher. Wien, 1813-14. 8^ 36 
vols, with 36 plates. 

13571 MEISSNER, Mch. Syntagma 
super adnotamentis philologor., in- 
terjecta diatriba de stigmatis. (Cu- 
riae Variscor.), 1623. 8°. 

Also copies with the date 1623 and 34. 
This piece, praised and corrected by Reine- 
sius in Varr, lectL p. 19 sq. and 472, is not 

13572 MEISTER, die 7 weisen. 
I. German, Hie nach volget ein 
gar schon Cronik vnd histori aus 
den geschichten der Homer. With- 
out place or date. fol. with wood- 
cuts, 38 leaves. 

13573 — Hienach volget ein gar 

schone Cronick vn hystori Auss 

den Geschichten der Romern. (At 

the end, Hystori von den syben 

weysen mey stern). Augsp., J. Bam- 

ler, 1473. fol. 

65 leaves, without signatures, catchwords, 
and pagination. The number of lines is 
unequal. Leaf la is blank. Leaf ib is a 
large woodcut. Leaf ait begins the work 
wiSi the above title. An edition, Augsp, 
1474 I consider only a typographical error 
for 1473. 

13574 — (the same title). Augsp., 
Sorg. 1478. fol. 

13575 — (the same title). Augsp., 

Sorg, 1487. small fol. (not 4°.) 

with woodcuts. 

70 leaves with 34 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 
la is blank ; leaf ib a large woodcut ; and 
leaf aa begins like the edition of 1473. 

13576 — (the same title). Augsp., 

J. Schbnsperger, 1481. fol. with 


74 leaves, without signatures, catchwords, 
and pagination. Also, t^., id., i486, fol. 
/6., m/., 1488. f<^. is not sufficiently verified. 

13577 Ingolstadt, Alex. Weys- 

senhom, 1546. 4°. 
There is also said to be an edition, ib. 

13678 — von Untreu der Weiber 
schone Gleichnussen der sieben 
weisen Maister, wie Pontianus der 
Kaiser zu Rom seinen Sohn Dio- 


cletianus den sieben weisen Mai- 
stem befihlet vnd wie derselbe her- 
nach durch Untreu seiner Stief- 
mutter siebenmal zum Gkdgen ge- 
fiihrt aber durch schone Oleichnusse 
der sieben M aister vom Tode erret- 
tet wird. Strb., Wendel Rihel, 
1549. 4°. with woodcuts. 

Also, Strb., Ch. MMer, 1577. 8«. whh 
woodcuts. CoUn, H. Neiiessem, without 
date. 8°. with woodcuts. 77 leaves. 

13579 — die sieben weisen Meister. 
Strb., Marx von der Heyden, 16 17. 


13580 — das Buch der Weissheit der 
alten Weisen, mit schbnen Histo- 
rien geziert. Ff., M. Burck, with- 
out date (before 1625). 8®. 

Also, Erfurty HerUriny 1664. 8^ with 
woodcuts, and often since then (undated), 
as a book for the people. Concerning 
MSS. of this prose edition, see HagetCs 
GrundrtMs, p. 310 sq. ; and concerning 
two MSS. Oierman woriks in rhyme, wriu 
ten in 147 1 and 1476, see ibid. p. 303 sq. 
Koch Compend. tier detUsch. Literatur-. 
gewh. II. 231. Care must be taken not 
to confound either the Btich der fVeisheii 
der alien Weisen (see above. No. 3095), 
or the Geski Romanor. (see No. 8455), 
or the translation of Burley (see Na 
3182), with this work. 

13581 — 2. /ft Latin. Historia ca- 
lumniae novercalis, quae septem sa- 
pientum inscribitur (auct. Joanne, 
monacho abbatiae de Hauteselves). 
Antw., Ger. Leeu, 6 Nov. 1490. 

4®. with woodcuts. 

55 leaves with the signatures o-t. Nei> 
ther in this nor in the following editiooi 
does this Latin edition appear in its ori- 
ginal form ; as the editor confesses be has 
changed both the names of the persons and 
the style. 

13582 — historia septem sapientum. 
Romie. Col., J. Koelhof, 1490. 4^. 
Grothic letter, with woodcuts. 

13583 — sapientum septem Romae 
historia. Delfis, Ch. SneUaert, 1495. 
4^. with woodcuts. 

13584 — historia septem sapientum 
Romae. Without place or date. 4*^. 
GU>thic letter. 

71 leaves with 16 lines, without signa- 
tures. Two different editions, without 
place or date, 4**. with woodcuts, were sold 
at the duke of Marlborough*s sale in 1819 


Cor loL 151. eadi. Abo, Albitty without 

U&85 — ladus septem sapientum de 
Astrei regii adolescentis educatione, 
perienlis, liberatione^ insigni exem- 
plor. amoenitate iconumque elegan- 
txa iUustratas, antehac latino idio- 
Date nanqnam editus (interpr. Fr. 
Modio). Ff., Feyerabendj without 
date (about 1560). 8^ with bad 

With the signatont A-^N, This 2nd 
Licin edition is made after the German 
nxDuiee. Renouard in his Catal, III. 
194. sets it down too hUe, only about 

13&86 — 3. In French. Lea aept 

nges de Rome. G^n^ye^ 23 Mai, 

1492. tmall foL Gothic letter, with 


The firtt edition, rerv scarce. 61 leaves 
vicb the signatures ^ /to JT///. First a 



13587 (xenfeve, 21 Juill. 1494. 

fbl Gothic letter^ with woodcuts, 
51 leares. 

Utt8 — les sept saiges de Romme, 
hiitoire de Poncianus lempereur, 
qui n avoit qu'ung ills qui avoit a 
Bom Dyodecian He. Lyon^ Oliv. 
Araoolkt, without date. 4^. Gothic 

12M9 — les sept saiges de Romme, 
biitoire d* Poncianus empereur, et 
de ton filz unique nomm^ Diocle- 
tian. Lyon, J. d'Ogerolles, 1577. 8**. 

This edition, as well as Lifon, 1649. 8**. 
■OBI sltered in style. Le romani det sept 
*Mn it Rom*. Tro^s, Oudoi, 1662. 8^ 
CooBBcning a fine MS. of the I3ch oen- 
tey, we Catal. VallQre, II. 634. At the 
n' of the 12th century Uebert, called le 
Ckrt, put this romance into French verse, 
from which it was shortly after translated 
iM> French proee. 

»5§0 — 4. /n English. Treatyse of 
tk seven points of true love and 
everlasting wisdome, drawn out of 
^ book which is . . . deped Orolo- 
gntm Sapientias. Here b^ynneth 
aljtill shorte treatyse that tellyth 
mr there were seven maysters as. 
KmUed togydre everych one assked 

etc. Westmynster, W.Caxton, with- 
out date. 4^. Gothic letter. 
See Panzer, III. 559. 

13591 — the hystorie of the seaven 

wise maisters of Rome. Lond., 

Purfoot, 1633. 8**. Gothic letter, 

with woodcuts. 

Sold at the duke of Marlborough's sale 
in 1819 for 4L 

13592 — the sevin seages, translatit 
out of prois into Scottis meiter, by 
J. Rolland. Edinb., Ros, 1575. 4^ 
ib. 1620. 8^ ib. 1631. 8°. 

13593 — 5. /» Dutch. Die hystorie 
uan die seuen wise mannen van 
Romen. Te Delf in HoUant, 1485. 
4^. with woodcuts. 

An edition, De^, 1493. 4^. is also quoted. 

13594 — hier beghint de historie van 
den VII wiisen mannen van rome. 
Antw., N. de Leeu, 1 1 Apr. 1488. 
4?, with woodcuts. 

13595 — 6. In Danish, De sin vise 
mestere. Kbhvn. 1673. 8*. 

Also, ib. 1707. 8'. 

Concerning this romance, see Notiees et 
extraitsy T. IX. P. I. p. 416 not. JToc^ 
Compend. der deutsch. Literaturgesch. II. 
230-33. Garret fiber deutsche VolksbUcher, 
p. 154^173. Perhaps it is rather derived 
from the Indian romance, DolopatoSf of a 
certain Sendabad or Sendebar. Thus much 
is certain, that it has some similarity with 
the Greek romance which Dader described 
in the Mhn. de Vacad. des inscrr. XLI. 
546 etc. Consult also my history of the 
Royal library at Dresden in the appended 
list of MSS. D, 33. p. 247 etc. The Ita- 
lians do not appear to have transferred it 
into their literature ; they possess however 
an imitation of it of their own in the often 
printed Compassionevoii avifemmenti eU 
Eratto. Ven. 1542. 8*. In French, Par. 
1565. 8^ and often. In Spanish, Anversy 

1573. «•• 

13596 MEISTER, G. Orientalisch- 
Indianischer Kunst- u. Lustgartner. 
Dresd. 1692. 4°. with plates. 

Containing, along with other interesting 
information, Japa ne s e and Malayan lists 
of words and conversations, and in p. 310 
a plate with Chinese and Japanese (marao- 
ters and numbers. 

13597 MEISTER, J. H. Euthanasie 
ou mes demiers entretiens avec elle 



8ur rimmortalit^ de Vkme, Par., 
Renouard, 1809. la*'. 
A copy on vellum. 

13598 — cinq nouYelles helvetieimes. 
Par., Renouard, 1805. i3®. 

Two copies on vellum. 

13599 — (anon,) Betzi ou Famour 

comme il est^ roman qui n'en est 

pas un. Ed. II. Par.^ Renouard^ 

1803. i8^ 
A copy on vellum. 

13600 MEJAN, Mr. Causes cel^bres 
et arrets qui les out decidees. Par. 
1808-14. 8°. 21 voU. 

13601 MELA, Pompon. Pomponii 

Mellse cosmographise liber. Mediol. 

(without the printer's name), 7 cal. 

Oct. 147T. 4°. 

The first edition, scarce and neat. 60 
leaves (the last blaxik) with a lines, with- 
out signatures, catchwords, and pagination. 
Leaf I* line i is, ORBIS SITVM DU 
CERE ag. Leaf 2* has a blank soaoe left 
for the Greek word irop9tMW, and leaf 59** 
is the colophon in 5 lines. The type re- 
sembles Ant. Zarotus*s Horace of 147 1, 
and his Qointilian of 1476. — An edition, 
cum comm, Cocchu Ven,, Jenton^ 1473* 
fol. is a nonentity. 

13502 — Pomponii Mellse Cosmo- 
graphie liber. Without place or 
date (about 1474). 4^. 

59 leaves with 12 lines and the signa- 
tures €tJi, Leaf I is, (0)RBIS SITVM 
DICERE ag. On the reverse of A 4 is 
the colophon, 

Pompmm Mellae Cotmograpfnm Kber 

The Greek word, L. I. C. i, is faultily 
printed iropSfios, This fine printed edition, 
which only seldom deviates from the pre- 
ceding, and is probably only a reprint of it, 
is considered by Emesti and Tzsdiucke as 
the editio prineeps, which it could not be 
on account of the signatures alone. Dib- 
din, BM. Spene. IL 385, sets it down 
about 1474. Panzer, IV. 160, and Haries 
erroneously confound it with No. 13606. 

13603 — Pomp. Melle Cosmographi 
de situ orbis libri tres. Ven., Bn. 
Pictor et Erh. Ratdolt una cum 
Pt. Loslein, 1478. 4?. 48 leaves 
with signatures. 

The edition, Fen. 15 Nov. 1477. ^^"^ 
4*. (Pang, III. 133. Santander Diet, III. 
161) is not sufiteiently warranted. 

ise^ .. Pomp. Melle Cosmographi 


de situ orbis libri tres. Ven., Fr. 
Renner de Hailbrun, 1478. 4*^. 

48 leaves with 26 lines and the sagna- 
tures «-/. The first 2 Hnes of leaf i» an 
printed in red, and the first line is, Poas- 
ponij MeU Cosmographi de. Fine, bat 
only a reprint of the preceding. Dum^tiue 
De ntu orbit. t6., tdL, 1478. 4*". wich the 
signatures o-^ is bound up with it in 
kird Spencer*s copy. 

13605 — Pomponii melle vna cu 
prisciani ex dionysio de orbis situ 
interpretatione. Ven., Erh. Rat- 
dolt, 15 cal. Aug. 1482. 4^. Gothic 

48 leaves with 31 lines and the signa- 
tures A-F, The ist leaf is a little map 
engraved in wood. Leaf 30b b^ns Dio- 
nvsius. It accords mostly with the aditkm 
oi 1478. Ven. 1488. 4*. and Hon. 1497. 
4**. are nonentities. 

13606 — Pomponius Mela. Without 
place or date (about 1493). 4^. 38 

With a prefisce by Hermolaus Barbamsy 
who has aJtered the text after his Caslu 
gait, m Melam (in his Secund, eastigaU. 
Plinian, Rom, 1493. foL) 

13607 — opus prsclarissimum Pomp. 
Melae Cosmographi cum introdue- 
tionibns et aliis tantopere neoetta- 
riis per Fr. Nannis de la Yenra 
elaboratis. Salmantics, 1498. 4**. 
with woodcuts. 

Very scarce, of critical value, and not yet 
sufildently made use oL Ven., Bn. Vens^ 
tuMf 1499. 4^ is suspected. 

13608 — Pomp. Mela Cosmographns 
de situ Orbis Hermolai Barbari fi- 
deliter emendatus. (Fen,), J. Bt. 
Sessa, 27 Oct. 1501. 4^ 

A reprint of No. 13606; and (Ven,), 
AlberHn, de lAeonm, 14 Mqfi, 1502. 4°. is 
again a reprint of it. 

13609 — > Pomponius mela de totius 

Orbis descriptione. Author Luca- 

lentiss. Nuqua antea citra montes 

impressus (ed. Gf. Torinus). Par^ 

JEg, Gormont, 1507. 4°. 

45 numbered and 1 1 unnumbered leaves. 
It follows chiefly the first 2 editions, but 
is extremely incorrectly printed. Divided 
into chapters for the first time. 

13610 — Pomponius Mela. Wittem- 
bergii, J. Viridimontanus, 1509. 4^ 

An impression of No. 13^^^ from which 


It MJdom dcviatieBy superiatanded by Bm. 

136U — oosmographia tribus libris 
digests, panro quodam conipendio 
J. Codei adaucta, quo geographiee 
principia comprehenduntur. {Nrb,, 
ffeissemburger, 15 12.) 4^ 

Qucfly after the Paris edition of 1507, 
an cftriier Venetian edition being also made 

13612 — geographie libri tres. Her- 
BM^ai Barbari in eundem integree 
cudgatt. Index in Pomponio con- 
tentorum copiosissimus. Viennae^ 
HL Vietor et S. Singrenius^ 1512* 

19 le a r ca of praliminaiy matter and 38 
aai al—cd leaves. Saperintended by J. 
CBDen, and following chiefly the oonec- 
tnos of Barfoarus. Reprinted, Lp$,, Wfg. 
Mwmac^ widiout date. 4**. Cracov. 1519. 
4*. L^m^ LdMtTy 152 1. 4^ 

13615 — Pomp. Mele scriptoris lu. 
cnlentissinu maxima cura reeogniti 
oocmographia. Par., J. Parvus^ 

30 numbered and 10 unnumbered leaves. 
Superintended by P. Phcenix, and follow- 
tttg chiefly the Paris edition of 1507, with 
the r sm i nitinn of some new readings. 

13614 — libri de situ orbis tres, ad- 

jectis Jo. Vadiani in eosd. scboliis. 

Addita qnoqne in geographiam ca- 

tecfaesi et epistola Vadiani ad Agri- 

eolam. Cmn ind. Vienns, J. Sin- 

grenius, 1518. fol. 

33 leaves of prdiminary matter, 13^2 
nuuib e r e d and i unnumbered leaf. A new 
l e c e osk m^ chiefly after the corrections of 
Bartema. Vimm^ Simffrgniut, 1520. 4*. 
foilawi its text. 

136U — Pomp. Mela. Jul. Solinus. 
Itinerariom Antonini Aug. Vibius 
Sequester. P. Victor de regionib. 
vbts Romae. Dionysius Afer de 
litu orbis Prisciano interprete. Ven.^ 
Aldus et And. Sooer, m. Oct. 1518. 

133 naaabered and 3 unnumbered leaves, 
ibe ift of which is the oolophoo, the 2nd is 
U■ri^ and the 3rd is the andior. It fol- 
Wi in Mda dbicfly an earlier Venetian 

DSK — (tlie same title). Flor., 

hereL Ph. JnntK, 15 19. 8*. 
TUsaad •&, IUl»i5*^ 8*. areooly rqiripts 

MEL 1078 

of the preceding. A Jnntine edition of 
15 1 7 is a nonentity. 

13617 — (the same title). Without 
place {Tusculani)^ Alex. Pagani- 
nus^ m. Aug. 1521. i6^ 

A very scarce edition, but probably only 
a reprint of the Aldine or Juntine. 

13618 — de situ libri tres. Cum in. 
dice. Without place or date. 4°. 

44 numbered and 12 unnumbered leaves. 
The text is blended from the editions of 
Camers and Vadianua, of 1512 and 18, 
but it has also something of its own. Print- 
ed between 1518 and 22. Its text is also 
in the edition, Titbinff. 1550. S\ 49 and 
22 leaves. 

13619 — de orbis situ libri tres, ac 
curatissime emendati una cum oom- 
mentariis Jo. Vadiani castigatiori- 
bus et auctiorib. fiactis. Adjecta 
sunt loca ex Vadiani commentariis 
summatim repetita. Rursum epi. 
stola Vadiani ad Agricolam. Bas., 
Cratander> 152a. fol. 

20 leaves of preb'minarv matter, 220 
pages, and 44 unnumbered leaves. A new 
recension of Vadianus after MSS. The 
commentary contains much that is irrele- 
vant with much that is good. Far. (Ch, 
Wmshel)y 1530. fol. 14 leaves 6f preliminary 
matter, 196 pages, and 30 unnumbered 
leaves, and ib.y id, (other copies, Roigny\ 
1540. fol. are merely reprints. Par,^ We* 
chel, 1532. 8^ 120 pages and i leaf, is 
merely the text (chiefly after Vadianus). 

13620 — de situ orbis libri III cum 
Pt. J. Olivarii scboliis. Hermol. 
Barbari in eund. Melam castigatt. 
C. Jul. Solini polyhistor. s. rerum 
orbis memorabilium collectanea, par- 
tira ad vetustissimor. exemplarium 
fid. restituta, partim scboliis iUu- 
strata. Without place or date. 8°. 

24 leaves and 407 pages. According to 
Oesner^s Biblhth. print^ at Basle by Rb. 
Winter (not at Paris). The preface is of 
1536. The text is chiefly that of the Paris 
edition of 1533, with some corrections of 
Olivarius. His commentary is of little 
value. Concerning the differences of the 
copies, see Mela by Tzschucke, T. I. p. 

13621 — de situ orbis 11. Ill, fide 
diligentiaque summa reeogniti. Sa- 
lingiaci, J. Soter, 1538. 8®. 60 

A scarce edition. Only the text (chiefly 
after Vadianus, with some oonections pe- 

1074 MEL 

culiar to it), without index and notes. 
Solingen is the place of printing. 

13622 — de situ orbis 11. Ill, summa 
fide atque diligentia recc^iti, una 
cum annotatt. Pt. J. Olivarii. Cum 
ind. copiosiss. Par., Ch. Wechel, 

1539- 8°- 

136 pages, and 20 leaves of text and 
notes by Olivarins, but augmented with 
▼arious readings from an old MS. In the. 
editions, Par., Richard^ 1560 and 61. 4* 
several of these various readings are re- 
ceived into the text. — The following is an 
edition of Mela put into question and an- 
swer : Gu, Soon* Auditor «. Pomp, Mela 
disputator de siiu orbis. Col, Agr. 1571. S**. 

13623 — de situ orbis 11. Ill et C. 

Jul. Solini polyhistor. Bas., H. 

Petri, 1576 or 95. 8**. with 20 

maps engraved on wood. 

Chiefly the text of Vadianus. Previously 
without Solinus, Bas,, H, Petri, 1564. 8". 
with maps. 

13624 — de situ orbis 11. Ill, ad multa 

nova veteraque exemplaria emen- 

dati per El. Vinetum. Ed. II. 

emendatior. Burdigalae, Millangius^ 

1582. 4°. 

A scaroe edition. But the first edition, 
Par. 1572. 4*. is still scarcer. A new 
acute recension. 

13625 — de situ orbis 11. III. And. 

Schottus recensuit et spicilegio il- 

lustrav. Additae Hermol. Barbari et 

Fredenandi Nonii castigatt. Antw., 

Plantinus, 1582.4°. 

64 pages, text; 8 leaves, index; 80 
pages, notes ; 70 pages, Pratertnissa (p. 24 
a map). Then, with a separate title, Geo^ 
graphusa et historica Heirodoti etc. of 28 
pages. Corrected after an old MS. 

13626 — de situ orbis 11. III. per Pr. 

Sanctium purgati, correcti et emen- 

dati. Salmantic«, Didacus a Cus- 

sio, 1598. 8°. 

Very scarce, and not yet made use of. 
Previously, SalmarUioB, 1574. 8°. The 
editions. Par. 161 9 and 26 (not 25). i6*** 
are verified. 

13627 — de situ orbis. C. Jul. Solini 

polyhistor. ^thici cosmographia. 

Cum notis varior. LB., Hi. de 

Vogel, 1646. 12°. 

Neat, and added to the £lz«vir collection. 
01ivariu8*8 text of Mela, Delrio*8 of Soli- 


nus, Simler*8 text and notes of ^thicns, 
wi^out new materials. 

13628 — - Is. Vossii observatt. ad 
Pomp. Melam de sicu orbis. Ipse 
Mela longe quam antehac emenda- 
tior praemittitur. Hag. Com.,Vlacq, 
1658. 4°. — Ejusd. observationum 
ad Pomp. Melam appendix. Lond.^ 

Scott, 1686. 4°. 

Both pieces belong together; and in ad- 
dition, Jac. Gronovii Ep,, qua retpondeiur 
argtUiolif, quib, in append, obtervatt. md 
Melam utitur h, VosHut, LB. 1687. 8*. 
A new and excellent recension, diiefly after 
3 MSS., with a very valuable commentary. 

13629 — de orbis situ libri III numis 
antiquis et notis illustrati a Jac. 
Gronovio. Jul. Honorati oratoris 
excerpta cosmographiie ab eodem 
nunc prim, ex MS. edita. Cosmo- 
graphia falso w^thicum auctorem 
prseferens, cum varr. lectt. e MS. 
Kavennas ex MS. Lugd. suppletus. 
Op. et stud. Jac. Gronovii. LB. 

1696. 8". 

A correction of the text of Vossius after 
3 MSS. Previously, without Groootiui's 
name, LB. 1685. 8°. 

13630 — libri tres de situ orbis cum 
observatt. Is. Vossii. Ace ejuad. 
Vossii observationum ad P. Melam 
appendix et tres indices. Ed. II. 
Franek., Strick, 1700 (other copies, 
1 701). Also on large jutper. 

A reprint of Vossius^s edition of 1658, in 
which the notes are placed inunediately 
under the text. 

13631 — de situ orbis libri III ad 
omnium Anglise et Hibemifie codi- 
cum MSS. fid. recogniti et collati 
tabulisque nunc prim, illustrati. 
Op. et St. J. Reinoldii. Isc« Dum- 
nonior. 1711. 4^ with 27 maps. 

Fine and scarce. Reinddiiu asserts that 
it was corrected from MSS. only. But 
the most important part, the coUectioa of 
various readings, has not appeared. Also, 
Lond. 1 719 and 39. 4'. with the same majA. 

13632 — de situ orbis 11. III. Cum 
notis integris varior. Ace. Julii 
Honorii oratoris excerpta coemo- 
grapbise. Cosmographia falso ^thi- 
cum auctorem prseferens cum variis 
lectt. ex MS. Ravennatis Ano- 
nymi geographia ex MS. Leidensi 


snppleCa. Cor. Abr. Oronovio. LB., 
Lnditmaiis, 1722. 8^ 

Tlie text of the edition of 1696. J. Oro. 
Borhis^ notes are here considerably aug- 
mented, and thoee of other annotators are 
•Hde d. Thia edition maintains its value, 
as the odier 3 geographers are omitted in 
theeditionof 1748. 

13633 — de situ orbis 11. Ill ad vett. 
exemplariuin fid. castigati (ab Abr. 
GronoTio). LB., Luchtmans, 1743. 


Without notes. The text is chiefly al- 
tered aoDording to Reinold's edition. Also, 
Giaaf^ Fou&s, 1752. 8*. 

13634 — de situ orbis 11. III. Cum 

notis int^;ri8 varior. Ace. Pt. J. 

Nmmesii epist. de patria P. Melee 

et adnotata in procBmium atque duo 

priara capita libri I. et Jac. Peri- 

aaaii adnotata ad libri I. capita 1 7, 

cor. Abr. Grronovio. Ed. II. LB., 

Lucfatmansy 1748. 8^ 

A new recension from MSS. and with 
Ahr. OroDorins*s own notes. The reprint, 
^A 1 78«. 8*. u lest fine. Its text is fol- 
lowd in the small editions, (by A. W. 
Eraesd) Lps. 1773. 8^ (4 gr.) and by 
J. Kapp, Curim, 1781. 8^ (6 gr.) 

13635 — (the title as in No. 1363 1). 

Ed. II. Etonae, 1761, or 75, or 

1814. 4^ with 27 maps. 

Ad onaltered impression of the edition 
of 1711. 

13636 — de situ orbis 11. Ill edid. 
Fr. N. Titze. Lineii, 1804. 8«. 

The text of Voesius, with alterations of 
its own and good notes. 

13637 — de situ orbis U. Ill ad plu- 
rimos oodd. MSS. aliorumque editt. 
recensiti, cum notis crit. et exeget. 
vel integris vel selectis varior. ad- 
ditis suis a C. H. Tzschuckio. Lps., 
Cnuias, 1 807. 8^ 3 parts in 7 vols. 
(20 d., on yellum paper 35 d.) 
Also on large vellum paper. 

A new recension and a copious exegetioal 
spf ratns, collected with great industry, 
htt orerlosded. 

13638 — de situ orbis U. Ill ad opt. 
editt. oollati. Avieni descriptio orbis 
teme. Prisciani periegesis e Dio- 
117110. Rotilii idnerarium. Vibius 

Sequester. Ai^. 1809. 8^ (1 d. 




13639 — de situ orbis. Commentario 
C. H. Tzschuckii breviore in us. 
scholar, instrux. A. Weichert. Lps., 
Vogel, 1 816. 8°. (1 d. 4gr.) 

13640 — compendio geographico i 

historico de el orbe antiguo i de- 

scripcion de el sitio de la tierra, 

escripta por Pomp. Mela, Espanol 

antiguamente en la republica Ro- 

mana; i ahora, con nueva i varia 

ilustracion, restitui()o a la suia 

Espanola, de la libreria de Jusepe 

Ant. Gonzal. de Salas. Madr., Car- 

rera, 1644. 4*'. Ed. II. Madr., 

Sancha, 1780. 8^ with plates (9 rs.). 

An earlier Spanish translation by L. 
Tibaldos, Madr. 1642. 8^ 

13641 — i tre libri di P. Mela del 
sito, forma e misura del mondo. 
Trad, per Tomm. Porcacchi. Ven., 
Giolito, 1547. 8°. 

13642 — Pomp. Mela, trad, en fran9., 

le texte vis S-vis la traduction, avec 

des notes crit., g^gr., histor. par 

C P. Fradin. Par. et Poitiers, an 

12 (1804). 8^ 3 voll. (15 fr.) 

Of no critical value. It follows Grono- 
vius's edition of 1732. 

13643 — 3 Biicher von der Lage der 
Welt. Ins Deutsche iibs. u. mit 
einem vollstand. geogr. Commentar 
eriautert von J. Ch. Dietz. Gies- 
sen, 1774. 8\ (14 gr.) 

13644 — the rare and singular worke 
of Pomp. Mela of the situation of 
the world. Whereunto is added 
that learned worke of Jul. Solinus 
poly histor. Transl. into Engly she by 
Arthur Golding. Loud., Racket, 
1590. 4^ 

Previously, 16., irf., 1585. 4". 

13645 MELANCHTHON, Philip. 
Opera. Bas., Hervag., 1541. fol. 
5 voll. 

This edition, superintended by J. Milich 
and O. SahinuR, contains his collected theo- 
logical, philosophical, and philological writ- 
ings up to 1541, with the exception of his 

13646 — opera (ed. Csp. Peucer). 
Witt, Crato, 1562-64. fol. 4 voll. 

Abo, IViU, 1601, or Htnb. 1617. foL 
4 volL This collection contains only his 
theokwical writings, and not even all of 



them. The Latin and German medita- 
tions, the PostUla Melanchthonia, and all 
his small German pieces are wanting in it. 
D. Chrytraens in consequence wished to 
have published 6 vols, in addition, which 
however did not take place : see Stro- 
beVs Neue Beiirr. I. 140 sq. 

13647 — loci communes rerum theo- 

logicar. s. hypotyposes theologicae. 

Witt. 1521. 4°. 

The first edition, extremely scarce. lb, 
152 1. 8^ is only the 2nd. The most re* 
cent edition is by J. Ch. W. Augusti, Lps, 
1 82 1. 8". (i d. o gr.) Concerning the his- 
tory of this often printed book, see G. Thdr. 
StrobeVs Versuch einer Literargeschichte 
van M's locis theol, AUd, u Nrb. 1 776. 8^ 

13648 — i principii della theologia, 
di Ippofilo da Terra negra. With- 
out place or date. 8°. 87 leaves. 

Only 2 copies are known (one at Wol- 
fenblittel) of this translation of the preced- 
ing book, executed by L. Castelvetro (see 
Ciemmii Nova amam. litU Fasc. 111. p. 
390 sq.). It appeared between 1529 and 
1554* Whether it was printed at Venice, 
Morelli, in Bibl. PitteU, IV, 30, does not 
venture to declare positively; but that it 
did not proceed from the press of P. Ma- 
nutius is certain. Consult Strobel, p. 184 
-191. He however, p . 191, wrongly doubts 
the existence of a Frendi translation : La 
somme de theologie ou lieujc communs, Ge- 
• n^, 1551. 8°. 

13649 — selectae declamationes. T. I 
-IV. Arg. 1566-69. T. V. VI. 
Witt. 1572, 71. T. VII. Serve- 
stoe, 1586. 8°. 7 voll. 

There are different editions of the first 
6 vols. The 7th was only printed once, 
and is consequently the scarcest. T. i 
and 2 were superintended by N. Gerbelius ; 
T. 3 and 4 by Csp. Peuoer; T. 5 and 6 
by Mch. Majus ; and T. 7 by Mt. Mylius. 

13650 — epistolar. farrago, a J. Man- 
lio collecta. Bas. 1565. 8°. Epi- 
stolse selectiores s. lib. I. edit, a 
Csp. Peucero. Witt. 1565 or 70. 
8°. Lib. II. (ed. idem). Witt. 
1570 or 74. 8°. Libellus III. op. 
et stud. Cp. Pezelii. Bremse, 1590. 
8^. Epp. ad Alb. Hardenbergium, 
op. et St. Cp. Pezelii. ib. 1589. 8°.. 
Lib. IV. stud, et cura J. Sauberti. 
Nrb. 1640. 8°. Appendix libri IV, 
ed. J. Saubertus. Nrb. 1645. 8*^. 
Lib. V. accurante J. Sauberto. Nrb. 
1646. 8^. Epistolar. liber. LB., 


Elzevier, 1647. 8^ Epp. ad Jo. 
Camerarium. Lps. 1569. S*'. LXI 
epp. ad F. Myconium, ed. a Cy- 
riaco Snegassio. Jen. 1596. 4°. 
XVI. epp. Lutheri, IV Melanch. 
thonis etc, ad F. Myconium, evuL 
gatae a Cyr. Snegassio. Smalcaldis 
(1593). 4°. J. Arn. Ballenatadii 
epis>tolar. Melanchth. decas I. et IL 
Hlmst. 1755-61. 4**. Mt. Lutheri, 
Ph. Melanch. u. Justi Jonae Briefe 
an Markgr. Joachim II. zu Bran- 
denburg (herausg. von Sm. Lenz). 
Halle, 1748. 8*^. J. Ant. Niemeier 
pentas epistolar. Melanchthonis. 
Hal. 1761. 4^ Epp. qusedam ex 
autographis editse a J. F. Kohlero. 
Lps. 1802. 8°. 

A complete copy of this collection is of 
the greatest rarity ; consult the aooount of 
Melancthon*s collected letters iu StrobeCt 
Beiirr, zur IM, B. I. St. i. p. 1-176, and 
in NUtzlichen BeUrr, stu den nXifug, «. 
angenehm, Wissensch, Freyb, «. Lpt, 
1772. 8^ I. 148 etc II. 232 etc. 370 etc 
440 etc There are two impressions of 
Peuoer's edition of the first book, of the 
year 1565 ; the first of 5 75, and the second 
^ 559 P^^S^^ There are different copies 
of the Epp, ad Hardenberg, : see Neuer 
lit. Anzeig. 1806, p. 184. To which may 
be added, J, StigelH Poematum voi. III. 
Jena, 1601. 8^ which contains 103 <tf 
MeIancthon*s letters. The edition in £L 
raami Epp, Lond. 1642. fol. contains only 
books 1-3 by Peucer and Pezel, and the 
letters to Camerarius. 

13651 — epigrammatum libri VI re- 
cogniti et aucti a J. Majore. Vi- 
teb., Schwertel, 1575. 8°. 

At first, HaganocBy \^. 8^ 

13652 — epigrammata selectiora^ col- 
lecta a Pt. Hegelundo et iconibus 
exornata a Sgm. Feyerabend. Ff. 
a. M. 1583. 4°. with woodcuts. 

Concerning the different editions of Me- 
Iancthon*s epigrams, see SirobeVt Neue 
BeUrr, B. II. St. 2. p. 299 etc 

13653 M BLANDER. O. Jocor. at- 
que serior. libri II. Ff. 1617 or 26. 
8^ 2 voU. 

In German, Damutadl, 1617. 8°. a vols. 
Concerning the value of this ohen printed 
book, with respect to the history of man. 
ners, see J, von MuUer^s Werkey VI. 105. 

Astronomic (in Swedish). Sth. 


1795. 8°. 2 voll. — Conspectus prae- 
lectionom academicar. continens 
fondamenta astronomiae. ib. 1779. 
8°. 2 vols, with plates. 

13655 MELANGES tires d'une 
grande bibliotheque (par le Marq. 
de Paalmy et And. Gu. Contant 
d'Orville). Par. 1779-88. 8°. 70 
parts in 69 vols. 

A catalogue ratfonnie oi the most su- 
perior works written in French in all 
•dences from the remotest period, with 
long extracts from most of them. The 
eartier rohimes are very interesting, the 
latter ones leas so, and consequently the 
work is not particularly sought after in 
Fraoee. T\kt ist and 2nd vols, were pub- 
fished anew in 1785, and the 3rd in 1783. 
The Grande Biht. was the property of the 
marquis de Paulmy (the purchaser of the 
sod part of Valli^^s library), and is now 
to be found in the library of the Arsenal at 

13656 MELDOLA, Abr. Neue por- 
togiesi. Gramtnatik. Neue Aufl. 
Lpz., Schwickert, 1789. 8^ (2d. 
18 gr.) 

13657 MELEAGER. In ver idyl- 
lioo, gr. J. Bt. Zenobettius edid. et 
iUnstraF. Roms, 1 759. 4"^. 32 pages. 

Finely fvinted and scarce. 

13658 -» reliqnie. Lectionis variet., 
▼enrionem meCricam et commentcu*. 
perpet. adjec. J. Csp. F. Manso. 
Jene, Croker, 1789. 8°. (10 gr.) 

The poems are here arranged anew. 
Printed (by Alb. Ch. Meineke) after 
Bmnck^s recension, Lps,y Schtcickeri, 1 789. 

13659 -» epigrammata (gr.), tanquam 
^)ecimen novae recens. anthologise 
grccae, com obss. crit. edid. F. 
Graefe. Lps., Vogoi, 181 1. 8^ (i d. 
4 gr., on writing paper 1 d. 8 gr., 
on Ttdlum paper 1 d. 16 gr.) 

13666 -» a primavero. Idyilio tra- 
doxido do greco em portuguez por 
J. B(arbo8a) A. S. Lisb. 1816. 4^ 
Jfeleiger's name is not mentioned in the 

13661 MELENDEZ, J. Tesoros 
rerdaderos de las Yndias, en la 
bittoria de la gran provincia del 

MEL 1077 

Peru, de el orden de predica (lores. 
Roma, Tinassio, 1681. fol. 3 voU. 

This scarce work contains not only the 
history of the Dominicans in Peru, but 
also important information respecling Peni 

MELENDEZ, see Valdes. 

13662 MELETIUS Atheniens. r«o). 
ypaxfuatrdKauLKcuv^a (modern Greek). 
*Ev€Tt270-t, tp^Ki) (1728). fol. 

A prized work. A new edition, augment- 
ed by the archimandrite Anthemius Gaza, 
Ven, 1807. large 8^ 4 vols, with maps. 

13663 MELETIUS Phrygius. De 
natura hominis (lat.) interprete N. 

Petrejo. Ven., J. Gryphius, 1552. 


Very scarce. The Greek original is still 
in MS. 

MELFORT, see Dbumond. 

13664 MELI, Gi. Poesie siciliane 
anacreontiche, colla prima traduz. 
italiana in versi a ^onte. Mil., 
Sonzogno, f82o. 12^ 

13665 — Don Chisciotte e Sanzio 
Panza nella Scizia. Poema origi. 
nale in dialetto Siciliano di Gi. 
Meli, trad, in lingua ital. da Matteo 
di Bevilacqua. Vienna, 181 8. 4^. 
2 voll. 

It is not a translation of Don Quixote, 
but a free imitation. 

13666 — poesie Siciliane. Ediz. rive- 
duta ad arricchita di note. Palermo, 
1787. 8^ 5 voll. — Nuova ed. ib. 
1 8 15. 8^ 7 voll. 

13667 — la fata galanti, puema ber- 
niscu. Palermu, eredi a' Aiccardu, 
1762. 8^ 

13668 MELIADUS, cheval. de la 
croix. La plaisante et triumphante 
histoire des hauts chevalereux faictz 
d'armes du prince Meliadus, dit le 
cbevalier de la croix, £lz unique de 
Tempereur Maximian, mise en fran9. 
par le chevalier du Clerge Royal. 

Lyon, Pierre de Sainte-Lucie, 1534. 


As yet the first edition that is known. 
The translation is said to be made from a 
Latin original. 

13669 — la triomphante et veritable 
histoire des hauts et chevalereux 
faits d'armes du plus que victorieux 




prince Meliadus. Par.^ Pt. Sergent^ 
1535. 4°. Gothic letter. 

13670 — (the same title). Par., 
Denys Janot, 1535. 12°. Gothic 

13671 — la triumphate et veritable 
hystoire des haultz et cheualereux 
faictz darmes de . . . Meliadus. Par., 
Sergent, 4 Sept. 1540. 4°. Gothic 

72 unnumbered leaves with the signa. 
tures AS. An editiou hitherto unknown. 

13672 — histoire des hauts faicts 
d'armes du prince Meliadus, dit le 
chevalier de la croix, mise en fran9. 
par le cheval. Du Clerg^. Par., 
Bonfons, 1584. 4^. with woodcuts. 

Also, Troye9, Oudott 1612. 8°. with 

13673 — historia del cavallier della 
croce. Ven., Tramezzino, 1 544. 8°. 

13674 — historia del valorosissimo 
cauallier della croce, trad, nuoua- 
mente da V idioma spagnuola in 
lingua ital. per Pt. Loro. Yen., 
Martinelli, 1580. 8". 2 voU. 

13675 — Historia von dem Ritter 

Meliadus, genannt der Ritter vom 

Creutz, auss dem Frantzos. in 

Teutsch gebracht. Strb., Martin, 

J 609. 8^ Also, Bas., Konig, 1613. 


Concerning this romance, which must 
not be confounded with the following ro- 
mance belonging to the Round Table, see 
Melange* tir. cTnne grande bibL XIV. 14 

13676 MELIADUS de Leonnois. 
Les nobles faits d'armes du vaillant 
roi Meliadus de Leonnoys (transl. 
du latin par Rusticien ({e Pise, et 
retouch^ par un anonyme). Par., 
Galliot du Pre, 1528. fol. Gothic 

13677 — Meliadus de Leonnois, ou 
sont contenus ses faits d'armes, plu- 
sieurs proves de chevalerie foites 
par le roy Artus, Palamedes et au- 
tres bons chevaliers estans au temps 
du dit roy Meliadus. Par., Denys 
Janot, 1533. fol. Gothic letter. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter and 13 a 
numbered leaves. The column-title has, 
Le premier volume du roy Meliadus etc., 
although the work only ooosisti of one 


volume. — 1 61. 58. 6d. Rozlmigh, 81. loa. 


13678 — gli egregj fatti del gran re 
Meliadus con altre rare prodezxe 
del re Artu, di Palamides, Ajno- 
raldo d' Irlanda etc. Ven., Gtigli- 
elmo, 1558-59. 8°. 2 voU. 

13679 MELIBEE. Lystoire de me- 

libee et de prudence sa femme. 

Without place or date (about 

1 481). fol. Gothic letter. 

16 leaves with 34 lines running all acroas 
the page, and the signatures A and B. It 
begins, Prologue, II est vray que apree 
que boece de cosolacion eui fait el eom p ot€ 
ton etc This piece, hitherto entirely un- 
known, is bound up, in the Royal Kbrary 
at Dresden, with a translation of Boethius 
in old French, which is also printed in the 
same type with it : see above, No. 2636. — 
Chaucer, as is known, has also given a 
Tale qf Mellebe and Prudence hie wife. 

13680 — hienach volget ein niitslich 
buchlein Melibeus genant darauss 
ein iung mesch im selber, wol rat- 
lich sein mag, wie er sich weissliefa 
in erberkeyt vn gute syte halte sol 
etc. Ein Epistel. Augsp., Hans 
Bomler, 1473. 4°. 

13681 — hie hebt sich an die Vor- 
rede in das buch Mellibey gar 
hiibsch zelesen vnd ein schone vn- 
derweisung den betriebten men- 
schen. Augsp., Ant. Sorg, 1480. 
4"^. 30 leaves. 

13682 — ein schone hystori alien 
betriebten menschen zulesen, des 
haben wir ain beyspil an dem be- 
triiebten Melibeo, wie in sein Hauas- 
fraw genannt Prudencia vnderweisst 
hat etc. Miinchen, Schobsser, 1520. 
4*^. 22 leaves. 

13683 MELIK Schahnazar, Mir- 
Davoud-Ladoux de. Etat actuel 
de la Perse, en Persan, et trad, en 
arm^nien et en fran9. par J. Chahan 
de Cirbied. Par. 1817. i8^ 

MELIS, see Stokb. 

13684 MELISSUS, P. Di Psalmen 
Davids in Teutisdie gesangreymen, 
nach Franzosischer melodeien unt 
sylben art, mit s5nderlichem fleiae 
gebracht von Melisso. Heidelb., 
Mch. Schirat, 1572. 8°. 176 leaves. 

In this extremely rare book Mti^ma$ 


aou^ lo introdnoe a new orthography. 
It is probahly one and the same work wiUi 
Ids ucnnan GeitU. GedidiUn of 1572, 
which Bouterwek, X. 49, seems only to 
■are knoiwn by report. 

lf£LXiIN. see Saint-Gelais. 

I3«85 MELLING. Voyage pitto- 
retque de Constantinople et des 
rives du Bosphore> d'apres les des- 
siiis de Melling, public par Mm. 
Treuttel et Wuiti. Par., impr. de 
P. Didot atne, 1819. very large fol. 

Tlus splendid work, with 48 plates and a 
text of 73 leaves (withoat signatures and 
puginition), appeared in 13 Not. (at 100 
fr., and mvant la letire 150 £r.). Some 
eichingt were also made of the plates ; and 
dwre is alK> a single copy on vellum, for 
which Melling*s original designs were des- 
tined. As to the rest, the text is not very 



HELLO, see Fonsbca. 

13686 MELLO, Pascas. Jos. Histo- 
ria juris dv. Lusitani. Ed. III. 
Olyssip. 1800. 4®. — Institutionum 
juris ciT. Lusitani 11. IV. ib. 1 799- 
1800. 4**. 4 voU. — Institutionum 
juris crim. Lusit. liber, ib. 1794. 4^. 

13687 MELO, Fr. Manuel de. (Un- 
der the name of Clemente Liber, 
tino.) Historia de la guerra de 
Cataluiia en tiempo de Felipe IV. 
Lisb. 1696. 4^ Also, Madr. 1808. 

13688 MELUSINE (roman tire du 

ktin de Jean d'Arras). Lyon, Ma- 

tliis Hosz, without date. fol. Gothic 

letter, with woodcuts. 

This edition, probably the first, occurs 
in the catalogue of du Fay, Na 2414, and 
in the oataloffoe of the Paris library, V a. 
No. 654. The latter copy is defective, 
wanting Ibr instance the last leaf with the 
colophoo; so that it is not known from 
whoiee the author of the catalogue derived 
the date. According to Bninet*s conjee- 
ture, this copy might consequently belong 
hsdeed to the following edition. According 
to hoB also it was printed before 1480, and 
cantains 195 leaves with 32 and 33 lines 
nuuiing all across the page, without signa- 
I catehwoitis, and pagination, and with 
ly woodcuts of the sixe of the entire 

13609 Lyon, Maistre le roi, 

without date. foL Gothic letter, 
with woodcuts. 

13690 — I'histoire de Melusine nou- 

vellement corrigee. Par., Pt. le 

Caron et J. Petit, without date. 

fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

Caron*s name is not found in any typo- 
graphical productions after 1500, conse- 
quently the age of this edition may at least 
be negatively determined. loL los. Rox- 
burgh, and 24L 38. Marlborough. 

13691 — Melusine nouvellemet im. 
prime k Paris. Par., Th. du Guer- 
nier pour J. Petit, without date, 
small fol. Gothic letter, with wood- 

In 1 columns, with the {signatures asiij. 
Very indifferently printed. Brunet seems 
to conjecture that this edition may be one 
and the same with the preceding. Guer- 
nier*s name appeared as a printer for the 
first time after 1500. La Croix du Maine 
quotes an edition, L$fony Ortwn et Schencky 
about 1500, without specifying the size. 

13692 — Ihystoire de Melusine. 
(Par., Ph. le Noir\ without date. 
4°. Gothic letter. 

13693 — I'histoire de Melusine^ nou- 
vellement imprim^e. Par., Alain 
Lotrian et Denys Janot, without 
date. 4^. Gothic letter. 

13694 Lyon, Amoullet, 1544. 

4°. Gothic letter. 

13695 Rouen, J. Crevel, with- 
out date. 4^. Gothic letter. 

13696 Par., N. Bonfons, with- 
out date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

13697 Par., veufve J. Bonfons, 

without date. 4^. Gothic letter. 

13698 — Thistoire de Melusine fille 
du roy d'Albanie et de dame Pres- 
sine, reveue et mise en meilleur 
langage que parcy deuant. Lyon, 
Benoist Rigaud (1597). 4^ with 

Modernized in the language. The edi- 
tions, Trayetj N, Oudot, 1649 or 60. 4% 
with woodcuts, are mutilated, and very 
badly printed. The following are more 
recent performances : Le roman de Milu^ 
tine par M. L. M. D. M. Par.y Rocolei, 
1637. 8\ and HUtoire de MHunne, prin- 
oetse de Lutignan^ aveo Phistoire de Geof^ 
frttifj sttrnnmrnk h la grant denl, par Fr, 
Nodoi. Par. 1700. la". (previously, ib, 
1698. ia°.) 

13699 — historia de la Linda Melo- 
syna. Tholosa, Juan Paris e Este- 




van Cleblat, 14 Jul. 1489. fol. Go- 
thic letter, with woodcuts. 

Extremely scarce. With the signatures 
a-F, and 37 and 38 lines running aU 
across the page. L«if i& is bhuik, ib a 
woodcut, and leaf 2a (with the signature 
aij) begins the text. 

13700 — Histoire der Melusine. 

Augsp., J. Bamler, 1474. fol. with 


Beginning, Das abenteurlich beweyset 
vns von einer frawen genandt Melusina 
etc This translation of the French ori- 
ginal was made by Thiiring von Ringol- 
tingen in the year 1456, and a MS. of it is 
described in Bragur, B. IV. Abth. 2. p. 
1 76 etc. 

13701 — Dis ouentiirlich buch be- 
wiset wie von einer frauwen ge- 
nantt Melusina die ein merfeye etc. 
Without place or date (Sirb,, about 
1477). fol. with 67 woodcuts. 

79 leaTes with 34 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf i 
is blank. In leaf 2 a is a table of contents, 
printed in red, the banning of which I have 
here mentioned as a title. After it is the 
pre&ce of the translator. Leaf 3a b^ns 
the work itself, and leaf 79a ends it, where 
the last or 31st line is, gott vns alien sinen 
heiligen sehen send. Amen, The printing 
belongs to an unknown press at Strasburg, 
which OiXnirs in 1476 and I477> and is 
distinguished by the peculiar form of its iS*. 

13702 — Dis ouentiirlich buch be- 
wiset wye von einer frouwen genant 
Melusina die ein merfeye etc. With- 
out place or date. fol. with 66 


90 leaves, withdut signatures, catchwords, 
and pagination. Also to be distinguished 
from the preceding by its different ortho- 
graphy in the speciHed words wye, froutoen, 
and genant. Consult nevertheless Pan- 
xer*s detUscke Ann. I. 53. Suppl. 23. 
Concerning an edition, without place, 1478. 
fol. see also his Suppl. p. 41* 

13703 — Melosine Geschicht Mit den 
iiguren. Heidelb., H. Knoblochtzer, 
1491. small fol. with woodcuts. 

In 2 columns, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. Consult Heidelb. 
Jahrb. d. Ut, 1 Jahrg. 5 Abth. p. 42 1 sq. 

13704 — Die Historia von Melusina. 
Strb., Mathis Hupfuff, 1506. fol. 
with woodcuts. 

Nagler in Berlin possesses it. 

13705 — die Histori oder geschicht 


von der edlen vnnd schonen Melu- 
sina. Augsp., H. Steyner, 1547. 
fol. with woodcuts. 

Also in the Buch der Liebe, BL 262 b 
etc. And Strb., Ch. MuUer, 1577. 8*. 
with woodcuts; and Strb., M. van der 
Heiden, 1624. 8**. A new perfonnanoe in 
F. W. ZachariaHinterlass. Schrr. Brxkw. 
1 781. 8**. p. 40-59. 

The original was written in Latin in 
'3^7 ^y •'can d* Arras, and is properly ft 
fabulous history oi the house oi Lusignan : 
consult BibL des remans, voL IL p. a 78 
etc. Matthison*s Erinnerungen, II. 388 etc. 

13706 MEMNON. Ex Memnone 
excerpts historise de tyrannis He- 
raclese Ponticse. Ex Ctesia et Aga- 
tharchide excerpts historic. Om. 
nia non solum greece sed et latine, 
partim ex H. Stephani, partim ex 
Lr. Rhodomanni interpretations 
Exc. H. Stephanus, 1594. 8^ 1 
parts in i vol. 

The first, or Gredc part is only a new 
title to the edition of 1557 (see abore» 
Ctesias), as is proved in C H. LangH 
Vila Rhodomanni, p. 335. The Ladn 
translation only is atdded new. That of 
Memnon by Rhodomann had previously 
appeared by itself JIlmsL 1591. 4". A n^ 
translation by R. Brettus in AgathardL'ei 
Memnon. Ox, 1597. 16*. 

13707 — historian Heracles Pond 
excerpta servata a Photic, gr. cum 
vers. lat. Lr. Rhodomanni. Aoc. 
scriptor. fragmenta, vett. historioor. 
fragmenta de rebus Heracles Ponti, 
et Chionis epistolse. CoUeg., dis- 
pos., recognov., illustrav. J. Cr. 
Orellius. Lps., Weidmann, 1816. 
8^ (id. 18 gr., on writing paper 
2 d., on vellum paper 2 d. 8 gr.) 

13708 MEMOIRES de I'acad. des 

sciences et belles lettres de Brux- 

elles. Ed. II. Brux. 1780-88. 4?. 

5 vols, with plates. Nouveaux me- 

moires. T. I. ib. 1788. 4^ 

In addition, Mhnoires sur le$ qmesiiottB 
proposies par Pac. d, se. et b, Brtut^ 
elles, qui ont remporU les prist en 1773-88. 
4". 39 pieces in 5 or 6 vols. Nouveaux tn^- 
mmres de Vacad. rog. des se. et belles lettr, 
de Bruxelles. Brux, 182a 4**. 

13709 — de Facad. des bell, lettr. de 
Caen. Caen, 1757. 8^ 4V0II. Rap- 
port g^n^raJe sur les travaux de 

I'ac des sciences, arts et bell, lettr. 
de la riUe de Caen, par P. F. T. 
Debriviere. ib. 1811-15. ^°- * 

13710 — de I'acad. celtique. Par. 
1807. 8°. 14 pieces in 5 vols. In 
iddidon, Memoires de la soci^t^ 
des antiqaaires de France. Par. 
1817-20. 8°. 2 voU. 

13711 — et prix de Tacad. de chi- 
niigie de Paris. Par. 1768 — an 6 
(1798). 4°. 10 pcurts in 12 vols, with 

5 puts in 7 vob. contain the Prix. The 
cditioa of 28 vob. in I2^ (Hisi. 15 vols., 
Prix 13 Tols.) is not complete. A new 
editiaa in 10 vols, in 8^. is being printed at 



13712 — de I'acad. de Dijon, 1 769- 
72. 8'. 2 veil. Nouv. memoires. 
ib. 1782-85. 8^ 7 voU. 

13713 — publics par Tacad. de Mar- 
seille. Mars. 1782-1813. 8°. 11 

13714 — de Tacad. des sciences de 
Turin, ann. 1 784-1800. Turin, 
1786- 1 801. 4*>. 6 voU. Mem. de 
I'acad. des sciences, de litter, et 
beaux-arts de Turin, ann. X-XIII. 
et 1805-10. Sciences physiq. et 
math^at Turin, an 12-1813. 4*^. 
5 veil. Litterature et beaux arts. 
Turin, 1803-15. 4^ 5 voll. — ^AU 
together 16 vols, with plates. 

In addition JUisceUanea philotophicO' 
— ^fwal . JoctgIL Taurin, Aug, Taur, 1759 
-71- 4'« 5 v*^. (from the and vol, onwards, 
vith the title Mekmges de phiiosoph. et de 

MEMOIRES de I'acad. des inscrr. 
et des sciences, see Histoire. — de 
I'acad. de Berlin et de Toulouse, 
see HisTOiRfi. — de I'acad. de P6- 
tenbourg, see Comment arii. 

U715 — d'agriculture, d'^conomie 
nmle et domestique, publ. par la 
80C d'agriculture de Paris, ann^ 
1785-91. 8*^. 26 quarterly parts in 
13 ^1«. Ck)mpte rendu k la soc. 
d'agricult de ses travaux depuis le 
30 Blai 1788 jusquau 30 Sept. 
'793> par J. L. Lefebvre. Par., an 
VII. 8**. M^oires d'agriculture 

etc. publ. par la soc. d'agric. du de- 
partem. de la Seine. Par., An 9 
(i8oi)-i8i7. 8°. 20 voll. Nouv. 
memoires, 8°. 

13716 — concernant Thistoire, les 

sciences, les arts, les moeurs et les 

usages des Chinois, par les mission. 

naires de Pekin (Amyot, Bourgeois, 

Cibot, Ko et Poirot, publ. par Bat- 

teux et de Brequigny). Par. 1776 

-91. 4°. 15 vols, with plates. 

In addition. Traits de la chronoL chu 
noise, compoai par Gattbii et publ. par 
Silv. tie Sacy. Par, 1816. 4^ a parts in i 
voL — The credibility of the work has often 
been doubted, and not without reason : 
consult WurnU) und Woilzogen Briefe attf 
ihren Reiten nach Africa, Gotha, 1794. 
8°. p. -258 sq. 

— relatifs k Fhist. de France, see 
Collection. — pour servir k Thist. 
nat. des animaux, see Perrault. 
— a I'hist. nat. des plantes, see 
DoDART. — de I'institut, see Hi- 
stoire, No. 9779. 

13717 — concernant les impositions 
et droits en Europe (par Moreaux 
de Beaumont). Nouv. ^d. avec des 
supplemens et des tables par PouUin 
de Vieville. Par. 1787. 4°. 5 voll. 

Par. 1768. 4°. 4 vols, is less complete. 

13718 — de la ligue, contenant les 
ev^nemens les plus remarquables de 
1576-98 (par Sim. Goulart). Edit, 
revue et augm. (par CI. Pt. Gou- 
jet). Amst. {Par,)y 1758. 4°. 6 vols. 
Also on large paper. 

Previously under the title, Recueil COU' 
ten. lee chases plus mhnorables advenues 
sous la ligue. Without place, 1 590-90, or 
1602. 8"*. 6 vols. The first edition, without 
place, 1587. 8**. 2 vols, (known in France 
as Petite memoires de la ligue), is scarce. 

— litter, de la grande Bret., see Bi- 
bliotheque britann. — de M. D. 
L. R., see Rochefoucauld. — du 
museum d'hist. nat., see Annales. 
— pour servir k Thist. des hommes 
ill., see NiCERON. — pour serv. k 
I'hist. litt. des pays-bas., see Pa. 
QUOT. — sur Raoul, see Borde. 

13719 — pour la vie de Fr. P^trar- 
que (par Tabb^ de Sade). Amst. 
1 764-67. 4**. 3 voll. 

Some copies have the title (Euvres choie. 



de PUr.y because many translatioiis are 
found therein from hu works. A (German 
abridgment, Letngo, 1774-79* 8**. 3 vds. 
(3 d. 10 gr.) 

13720 — de physique et de chimie 
de la societe d'Arcueil. Par. 1807- 
17. S*'. 3 voll. 

13721 — de la societe des sciences 
physiq. de Lausanne. Laus., 1784- 
90. 4°. 3 vols, with plates. 

13722 — de la soc. medicale d'emu- 
lation. Par. 1 798- 1 8 1 8. 8^. 8 voll. 

Continued since 182 1 in the BttUeHm 
de la sociiii midicale etc. Par, 1821. 8*". in 
monthly parts. 

13723 — de la soc. des naturalistes 
de I'universit^ inip^r. de Moscou. 
Moscou, 1806-13. 4°. 4 vols, with 

13724 — de la soc. royale des sciences 
et bell, lettr. de Nancy. Nancy, 
1754-59- 8°- 4 voll. 

13725 — de Trevoux, under the title, 
Memoires pour servir k Phist. des 
beaux-arts. Trevoux et Par. 1701- 
67. 12°. 878 parts in 265 vols. — 
Journal des sciences et des beaux- 
arts, par Aubert. Par. 1768-75. 
12*^. 4 vols, annually, without the 
supplements.— Journal des sciences 
et des b. arts, par J. et J. L. Cas- 
tilhon. Par. 1776-78. 12°. 18 voll. 
— Joum. de litterature, des sc. et 
des arts, par Grosier. Par. 1779-80. 

The prior series is seldom found com- 
plete, because its latter annual sets are 
scarce. Up to 1761 the contributors were 
the Jesuits Catrou, Rouill^, Toumeraine, 
Buffier, Marquer, Tellier, Germon, Castel, 
du Cerceau, Brumoy, Hongnant, Dorival, 
Souciet, Boiigeant, Charlevoix, Fontenay, 
de la Tour, and Berthier; from 1762 to 
1767 Merder de St. L^r was the con- 
ductor, from 1768 to 1774 Aubert, from 
1 774 to 78 Castilhon, and from 1 779 to the 
end Orosier. A Spanish translation oi 
Jan. and Febr. 1752 by Jos. Vicente Ru- 
stant appeared, Madr. 1752. 8**. 2 pieces 
(inord did not appear) — Vetprii des jour- 
ruUitt€9 de Trevour {par AUetz), Par. 
1771. 12°. 4 voll. 

13726 MEMOIRS of the literary and 
philos. society of Manchester. Lond. 


1 789-96. large 8°. 4 parts in 5 vols. 

with plates. 

Sevcoitd vols, of a second series have ap- 
peared since 1805. 

MEMORANDI ars, see Ars. 
MEMORARE novissima, see Cor- 


13727 MEMORIAL literario. Madr. 
1784-91. small 8^. 32 vols. 

12 parts or 4 vols, aimually. Only % 
vols, of the year 1791 appeared, becaiuse 
the journal was suspended in this year by 
order of the government. It began again 
in July 1793, from which time to 1797, 18 
vols, in small 8*". Then it was again sos- 
pended, and commenced again in 1800 in 
4 vols. annuaUy in 4^; in 1807 it was 
once more suspended, and has not tinoe 
then hem reoontinued (at least not up to 

13728 MEMORIAS da literatura 
portugueza. Publiadas pela aci- 
demia real das sciencias de Lisboa. 
Lisb. 1 792-181 2. 4®. 8 voll. (6400 

This collection partly contains philolo- 
gical and critical treatises respecting the 
Portuguese language and literature, paitly 
historical investigations into the oldier Por- 
tuguese history and stadstios. 

13729 — economicas da acad. das 
scienc. de Lisboa. Lisb. 1 789-1 815. 
4°. 5 voll. (4000 rees.) 

Containing excellent treatises. 

13730 — da agricultura, premiadas 

pela real acad. das sc. de Lisb. nos 

annos de 1787-89. Lisb. 178B-92. 

8®. 2 voll. (960 rees.) 
On agricultural economy. 

13731 — da acad. real das sc. de 
Lisb. desde 1780. Lisb. 1797-1805. 
4°. 3 vols, with plates (6000 rees.). 

Containing the larger treatises in the di- 
vision of the mathematics and natural aci- 
ences. — These 4 articles belong together. 

13732 MEMORIAS das proteis da 
segonda tabola rotonda. Coimbra, 

1567. 4^ 
This very scarce Portuguese romance it 

quoted in Debure*s Bibiiographie, No. 3804. 

13733 MEMORIAS de la real aca- 
demia de la historia de Madrid. 
Madr., Sancha, 1796-1817. 4*^. 5 

13734 — de la real aociedad eooDo- 


mica de Madrid. Madr., Sancha, 
17S0-95. 4®. 5 vols, with plates 
(120 reea). Memorias premiadas 
de didia real sodedad. ib. 1 7 84. 4^. 

13735 — de la real sociedad econo- 
mics Mallorquina de amigos del 
paTs. P. I. Palma de Mallorca, 
17*84 4«. 

No and toL had appeared up to 1789. 

13736 — actas e memorias de la real 
sociedad economica de los amigos 
dd pais de la provincia de Segovia. 
Segoria, Elspinosa^ 17B5-87. small 
4". 3 ▼ols. 

13737 ^ academicas de la real socie- 
dad de medicina y demas ciencias 
de SeriUa. Sevilla, 1 766-89. 8^". 5 
Toll. (60 reea.) 

Tliere had prwioasly appeared, f^arias 
metUcaSy ieorico-pracHctu, anO' 
y dumki-ph/trmacetUU' 
ff publicamefUe defendidtu 
m Im noi mfdedad de SemOa. T. I. Se- 
•iBo, 1736. 4^* A and vol. has not ap- 



13738 — literarias de la real academia 
Sefillana de buenas letras. Sevilla, 

»773- 4^ 

13739 — de la sociedad real patrio- 

tica de SeviUa. Sev. 1 779. small 4°. 
a Tola. 
U740 — de la real sociedad Tudelana 
de kw Deseosos del bien publico. 
Hadr. 1 787. 4^ 

13741 MEMORIE e documenti per 
BCivbe air istoria del principato 
Laccfaese. pubbl. dall' accad. Luc- 
ciiese. Lucca, 1813. 4^ 3 voll. 

13742 — storiche de' pi(i uomini il- 
hiatri Piaani (da Aug. Fabroni). 
Pisa, 1 790. 4**. 4 voll. 

L3743 — istoriche per servire alia vita 
di piu uomini iUustri della Toscana. 
Idwcfmo, 1 757. 4**. 2 vols, with por- 

13744 — deir accademia di sciense, 
belle lettere ed arti di Mantova. 
Mant. 1 795. 4^ 

13745 -* di varia erudizione della 
aocieCa Colombaria Fiorentina. Fir. 
e Lironio, 1 747-5 *• 4*** ^ ^^11. 

1374« — dcdl' accad. d' agricoltura. 

commercio ed arti di Verona. Ve. 
rona, 1807-15. 4°. 6 voll. 

13747 — di matematica e fisica della 
societk italiafl^. Verona e Modena, 
1 782-1 8 1 8. 4"^. 18 parts in 24 vols. 

13748 — concernenti la citt^ di Ur- 
bino et la descrizione del palazzo 
(da Bn. Baldi). Roma, 1724. fol. 
with plates. 

13749 — istoriche della gran cupola 
del tempio Vaticano. Padova, 1 748. 
large fol. with plates. 

MEMORIE sulle belle arti, see Qu^ 
ATTANi. — deir accad. del Cimento^ 
see TozzBTTi. 

13750 MENA, J. de. Las CCC 
(trecientas) de Juan de Mena. Se- 
villa, J. Th. Fauario de Lumelo^ 1 2 
Enero 1496. 4°. Gothic letter. 

44 leaves with signatures; leaf i is a 
lai^ woodcut, and underneath the above 
title. Leaf 2* begins the book with the 
superscription; Canuenfa el labirintho de 
Juon de mena poeta ca$telkmo etc. The 
first known edition and very scarce of this 
peem, consisting of 300 ooplas divided into 
7 stages (therefore called trecientaa\ and 
containing an allegorical picture of human 
Bfe. The edition, SevillOy PegnUxer^ '499* 
fol., which Panzer, IV. 339, only quotes as 
an edition of the §^oss of Nunez, contains 
without doubt at &e same time the text of 
Mena. He also mentions, J. de Mena 
Sobre la ooronacion de Ynigo Lopes de 
Mendofo, Without place, 5 Nov, 1499. 
4*. {AnnaL IV. 70 and 339, compare i(h). 
There is also an edition of the TrecienkUy 
GranadOj J. Vareloy 1505 mentioned. 

13751 — las CCC con otras XXIV 
coplas y su glosa y la coronacion 
del mismo poeta y otras cartas y 
coplas y canciones agora nneva- 
mente afiadidas. Zarago9a, O. Coci, 
23 Sept. 1509. fol. 130 leaves. 

Here the unfinished continuations of the 
poem (24 oopku), the Coronacion del Marq. 
de SanHUana (50 oopku), and the com- 
mentary of Feman Nunez are added. 

13752 — las CCC con otras XXIV 
coplas y su glosa y la coronacion. 
Sev., Jac. Cronberger, 1512. fol. 

Also, ZaragOMOy 15 15. fol. 

13753 — las CCC c6 otras XXIV. 
coplas y su glosa y la coronacion .* y 
otras cartas: y coplas y cacioes. 
Agora nueuamente ana'Iidas. Sev., 

1084 MEM 

Jac. Cronberger, 8 Marco 1520. fol. 

Gothic letter. 

104 numbered leaves {irecierUaSy with 
the date, Sev., Cronberger, 24 Seit. 151 7)> 
and 22 unnumbered {Coranacioriy with the 
above date of 1520). 

13754 — copilacion de todas las obras 
de . . J. de Mena : couiene saber 
las CCC con otras XXIV coplas y 
su glosa y la coroacio y las coplas 
de los siete pecados mortales c6 
otras cartas y coplas y canciones 
suyas. Agora nuevamente anadi- 
das. Sevilla, por Varela, 1528. fol. 

130 leaves. 

A fine typographical production on strong 
paper. Panzer, VII. 123, also mentions 
an edition, Sev,, Cronberger, 1 528. fol. 

13755 — copilacion de todas las obras 
con su glosa. Sevilla, J. V. (Fo- 

rela), 1534- fol. 

13756 — compilacion de todas las 

obras. Valladolid, J. de Villaqui- 

ran, i Jun. 1536. fol. 

The Coronacion has a separate title and 

13757 — copilacion de todas las obras 
(as in No. 13 754)- Vallad., J. de 
Villaquiran, 1540. fol. 

Leaf for leaf a literal impression of No. 
13754, but with blunted types and on in- 
ferior paper. The date 1640 in Brunet is 
perhaps a typographical error in place of 
this edition. Also, Toledo, 1540 and 48. 
13753 — las trecientas, glosadas por 
Fernan Nunez. Otras 24 coplas 
suyas con su glosa, la coronacion, 
con el tratado de vicios y virtudes, 
y otras cartas, coplas y canciones. 
Anvers, J. Steelsio, 1552. 8°. 830 


A neat and elegant typographical pro- 
duction. Other copies have the printer's 
name I^ucio, although they are not really 
two different printings. Also, Anvert, 
1554 and 82. 8^ The kst is entirely 

13759 — las trecientas coplas con su 
glosa y otras obras. Alcala, J. de 
Villanueva y Pt. Robles, 1566. 8°. 

A mean looking edition, but containing 
an addition of valuable old poems by dif- 
ferent authors. 

13760 — las obras, nuevamente cor- 


regidas y declaradas por Fr. San- 
chez. Salamanca, Luc. de Junta, 
1582. 8°. 

13761 — obras. Madr. 1804 or 18. 

8®. (12 rees.) 

With annotations. A MS. in 4**., Tremim 
y sets capUuios de Homero, traduddos en 
Coftellano por J. de Mena, y dedicados al 
rep Juan //. is to be found in the Museo 
del Marq, de Monte-Alegre, Madr. 1677. 
fol. leaf 113a. 

13762 MENiEA grsecae ecclesiae (gr.) 

Jan.-Dec. Ven., And. Julianas, 

^X^d (1684). fol. 12 parts in 4 vols. 

To which may be joined, Typiettm, *&., 
irf., 1685. fol. Anihologion. ib, 1712. fol. 
Concerning the Mensea Graecorum see Fa- 
bricii Bibl, gr. Harl X. 138 etc See also 

13763 MENAGE, Gilles. Diction- 

naire etymologique de la langue 

fran9., avec les origines fran9. de 

Pt. de Caseneuve, les additions et 

les etymologies de divers savans; 

le tout mis en ordre par A. F. 

Jault. Par., Briasson, 1750. foL 2 


The best edition. Par. 1650. 4^ t&. 
1694. fol. are inferior. Concerning his 
Requite des cUcHontiairet, see ArHgny Mc^ 
moire* VI. 164 etc. 

13764 — origini della lingua italiana. 
Geneva, Chouet, 1685. ^''*^- 

13755 — mescolanze. Par. 1678. 8®. 
Rott. 1692. 8°. Ed. corretta ed 
ampliata. Ven., Pasquali, 1736. 8®. 

13766 — poemata. Amst., in offic. 

Elzevir., 1663. 12°, 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 337 pages, 
and 3 pages Elegia ad MoMarinum, which 
appear to have been subsequently added. 
Sought after on account <k the printer. 
Amst, 1687. 12% is more complete. 

13767 — amoenitates juris civ. Par. 
1677. 8% Traj. ad Rh. 1725. 8«. 
Ff. etLps. 1738. 8% Neap. 1779. 

13768 — Menagiana. Ed. III. (pnU. 

par Bn. de la Monnoye). Par. 1 7 15. 

1 2°. 4 voll. 

The copies are of 4 sorts. 1. With only 
a cancel to page 129. 2, With the follow* 
ing cancels: T. I. p. 30, iio-ii, 260^ 
307, 335> 365, 370. T. II. p. 3, 15, 113- 
i5> I59> 334* and 325. T. 111. p. 106^ 
253-60, 407. T. IV. p. 21, 105, lai and 


133, 330 and 331. These caooeb are in- 
KTted in the place of supp ro M o d or too free 
pasnga. 3. With the cancels, but at the 
■me time with the suppressed leases, some- 
times at the Old of each vcA,, sometimes at 
the end of the entire work. 4. Without 
akerationa, but with the cancels printed 
together on 48 pages at the end of the 4th 
vol. onder the titie, IruRee egpurgatoire du 
Mimagiana, The copies of the 3rd and 
4th sort are most sought after. 

The editions, Amtt. 1 7 13-16. 1 2**. 4 vols. 
(toIs. 3 and 4 contain the additions by 
Jf onooye, whic^ are inserted in the edition 
«f 1 715 in their proper places), and Anut. 
1 762. 1 1*". 4 vols, hare no cancels. In the 
edition. Par, 1729. 12". 4 vols., printed 
from the edition of 1 715, the offensii^e pas- 
ssges are omitted (Brunet however saw a 
oopy in which they were appended in the 
farm of cancels at the end of each vo\.)y 
and so also in the impression in the ool- 
lectkB of the Ana (Par, 1789-91. 8". 
10 vols.) T. 2-4, where additions of the 
editor are annexed instead. As to the 
nttf the Menoffiana^ the first edition of 
which appeared. Par, 1693. 12**. by Gal- 
land and GoiiUey, bdong to the most in- 
teresting writings of the kind, in so far as 
they contain the most interesting notices 
for the history of the literary and social 
life of P^ris at that period. Manage, al. 
though at the same time he was a bwisting 
pedant, a fulsome cOkcomb, and a sneaking 
parasite, yet knew both better than perhaps 
any of his contemporaries. 

13769 MENANDER rhetor. Com- 

mentarius de encomiis (gr.), ex rec. 

et cum animadrv. Am. Hm. L. 

Heeren. Gott., Dieterich, 1785. 8°. 


Prerioualy much corrupted in the Rhe- 
imr. ^. Aidi (1508). T. I. p. 594 etc. In 
Lmtin under the title, Atenander De genere 
demmnstraHvo {irUerpr, Natale de Comiti. 
.) Vetu 1558. 8*. 



sit. ib., P. Morellufl, 161 4. 8**. 2 
parts in 1 vol. 

Menandri Tvt»iuu fAovoffrixot, with va- 
rious readings from 3 MS8. also in ^. 
sopi Fabb. ed. J. Glo, Schneider, VroHsl, 
1812. 8^ The Latin translation of the 
same proceeded not from Hieronymus Spar- 
tanus, but from G. Hermonymus of Sparta, 
see Jen, LZ, 1813. B. 3. p. 462. 

13772 — et Philemonis reliquiae, gr. 

lat. cum notis Hug. Grotii et J. 

Clerici. Amst., 'Lombrail, 1709 

(other copies 171 2). 8^ 

Thereto belong, PhUekutheri Lipsien^ 
sis {Rch, Bentleii) emendaii, in Menandri 
et Philemonis reliquias eat nupera ed, J, 
Clerici. Traj, ad Rh. 17 10. 8^ Ed. II, 
Cbr, 1 7 13. 8°. (augmented with a letter of 
Bentley*s, but the omission of Burmann's 
preface). (Joe, Granovii) Infamia emen- 
doHonum in Menandri reliquias nuper edu 
tar, auctore PhileletUhero Lips, LB, i-jio. 
1 2". (very scarce.) PhilargyrH Cantabrig, 
Emendatt, in Menandri et Philem. reliquias 
(auct, J. Com, de Pauw), Amst, 1 71 1. 8^ 
Consult Wolfs Literar, Analect. I, 24 etc 

13773 MENANDER, Arrius. Frag- 
menta legum de re militari cum 
comm. Celestini iVIirbelli. Denuo 
edid., notas et ind. adjec. J. G. 
Hamisch. Lps. 1752. 4^ 

The earlier, but incorrect edition, Bitu^ 
riffisy 1667. 12*. is very scarce. 

13774 MENARD, Ln. Histoire 
civ. eccl^. et litter, de la ville de 
Nismes, avec des notes et les preu. 
ves. Par. 1750-58. 4**. 7 vols, with 
plates. Also on large paper. 

13775 MENASSEH ben Israel Pie- 
dra gloriosa o de la estatua de Ne- 
buchadnesar. Amst. 5415 (1655). 


13770 M EN ANDER Atheniens. Ex 
oomocdiis Menandri quae supersunt. 
(Ace e comicis graecis XLI deper. 
ditis sententis). Gr. et lat. Par., 
Ga. Morelius, 1553 (at the end 
'554). 8^ 
Fine and scarce in good condition. 

13771 — et Philistionis sententise 
oocnparate, gr. Ex bibl. r^a, 
coni N. Rigaltii. Lutet., Rb. Ste- 
phanns, 1613. 8^ Esedem, N. Mo- 
rellins senariis jamb, latinis expres- 

With 4 plates by Rembrant, concerning 
which consultG^«atn/ Catal, de Pcsuvre de 
Rembr, p. 22 sq., and Supplkm. p. 13. 

13776 MENCKE, F. O. Observa. 
tionum lat. linguae liber. Lps. 1745. 

13777 MENCKE, J. Bch. Scrip. 

tores rerum Germanicar., praecipue 

Saxonicar. Lps., Martini, 1728. fol. 

3 voll. 

Copies on strong writing.paper are very 

13778 MENDELSOHN, Mos. Phi- 
losoph. Schrr. 3 Ausg. Berl., Voss, 



1777. 8**. 2 voll. (i d. 8 gr.) Kleine 
philos. Schrr. (herausg. von J. G. 
Muchler). Berl., Vieweg, 1789.8°. 
(16 gr.) Phadon od. iiber die Un- 
sterblichk. der Seele in 3 Gespra- 
chen. 5 Ausg. herausg. mit Zusat- 
zen von D. Friedlander. Berl., Ni- 
colai, 1814. 8^ (20 gr.) Werke. 
Pesth u. Wien, 1830. small 8°. 12 

Phadon translated into French by Jun- 
ker, Amtt. 1773 or 87. 8*. In £nglidi 
(bj Ciillen), Land. 1 789. 8". In Danidi, 
JTMon. 1779. 8°. Opere /ilotqfiche, Volga- 
fizz, da PizzetH, Parma, stamp, reale 
(Bodoni), [800. 8^ a voll. 

MENDES, see Costa. 

13779 MENDEZ, Fr. Typografia 

Espafiola o hlstoria de la introiduc- 

cion, propagacion y progresos del 

arte de la imprenta en Espana. 

Madr. 1796. 4°. 

It was published at the author's own es- 
tablishment, and is extremely scarce in 
Germany. I have unfortunately not been 
able to make use of it. 

13780 MENDOZA, Ant. Hurtado. 
Obras liricas j comicas divinas j 
bumanas. Ed. II. correg. por Ambr. 
Cano. Madr. 1728. 4^ 

13781 MENDOZA, Bernardino de. 
Comentarios de lo sucedido en las 
guerras de los payses baxos desde 
1567-77. Madr., Madrigal, 1592. 

In French, Par, 1591 or 1611. 8^ 

13782 MENDOZA, Diego Hurtado 
de. Obras. Madr. 1610. 4^ 

A mutilated editu>n. 

13783 — guerra de Granada, que 
hize Felipe II contro los Moriscos. 
Nueva impresion completa de lo 
que fedtava en las anteriores, y es- 
crivio el autor, y anadida con su 
vida, y lo que se avia suplido por 
el conde de Portalegre. Valencia. 
1776. 4^ 

In this edition the text is again restored 
from genuine MSS. The earlier editions 
were mutilated by order of the goremment. 
It first appeared amoiur his Obras in 1610, 
then by itself, Lisb, 1017. 4**. Madr. 1674. 
4^ Falenda (1730), and 1766. 8^ It 
must not be confounded with Hita*s works; 
see above Guerras. 


13784 — la vida de Lasarillo de 

Tonnes, y de sus fortunas y adver. 

sidades. Milan, Antoni, 1587. 8^ 

75 leaves. 

An earlier edition, Anoers. 1553* 16^. 
and an edition, Tarragona, 1 586. 1 3*. are 
elsewhere dted by Brunet. These editioosy 
as well as that En la qffio. Planimiana,, 
1595 or 1601. 8^ and ZorapouM, Perez, 
1599. 8**. contain the romance in its ori- 
gmal form, and only the first part. Roma, 
FaccheUOf 1600. I2\ Kppean to be mn- 

13785 — la vida de Lazarillo de 
Tormes, corrida y emendada por 
J. de Luna. Zaragoza, Destar, 

1652. 12^ 

Also, Par., Tiffamey 1633. Il^ and i6^ 
Boutonnif 1620. ii**. 1 voLs. (In Spanish 
and French.) The book is now rnMl al- 
most only according to this edition, and 
continuation of Lrtina. Vida de Lmm. de 
Tormesy eotejada eon los mejores ejiemplares 
y oorregida por J. Jorge KeiL Gotha, 
1810. 8^ (also in his ^t^ Espah,) Also 
Madr. 1813. la*. 

13786 — Lazariglio, il picariglio Cas- 
tigliano, o sia la di lui vita, trad, da 
Bareczo Barezsi. Ven. 1622, or 
*6, or 35. 8°. 2 V9II. 

13787 — aventures et espiegleries de 
Lazarille de Tonnes, Rentes par 
lui-m^me. Par., Didot, 1 80 1 . large 
8^. 2 parts in 1 vol. witb 40 bad 
plates ( 1 2 fr., on fine paper 1 5 fr.). 

This translation is the same as had 
already appeared, Par.y Barbinj 1678. i6^ 
Lyon, 1697. 12°. and Brturelles, 1698. 13*. 
with plates. This last edition of 1698 
is scarce, neat, and has good plates. /A. 
1699, or 1701, or 13. I3^ have inferior 
impressions of the plates. The translator 
is unknown. Another earlier tranalation 
by van der Meereu, Par. 1561. 8*. (which 
however Barbier attributes either to J. 
Gamier de Laval or J. Sangrain), con- 
tains only the 1st part, the 3nd (translated 
by Pt. d*Audiguier) was first added in the 
edition, Anvers, 155^* I3^ Also, P<ir. 
1623. 13**. Lgony 164^. 13**. The trans- 
lation made from Iiuna*s edition, par l^ 
S, D. Par. 1660. I3^ is different from. H. 
There is another beside Laviede iMMoHQe 
de Torm. trad, en vers Jr. par le sieur 
de B. Par. 1653. 4^ Also the edition, 
BrusseU. {Rouen}, 1731. is"*. 2 vols, with 
plates, appears to be a distinct transla ti o n . 
^-7* leeven van Lazarus van T*ormus. 
AmsL 1669. 12*. In English, Lond. 1708. 



13788 — leben des Lazarillo von 
Tonnes, iibs. von J. 6. Keil. 
Gotba, Steudel^ 1810. 8^ (i d. 

AUniguer^ Ungemaeh, Launen u, Btuse 
Lmm. vl Torm, Lpm, 1783. 8®. (6gr.) is an 
abbremied tnoalAtion. And ear^, Hii- 
Imiem mn Loms, v. T. LpM, 1614. 8^ 
UiM^fie Begebenhh. de» Lax, v, Torm. 
Pi«,i769. 8". a volL 

13789 MENDOZA, Jeronimo de. 

Historia da jomada de Africa. 

lisb., Craesbeeck, 1607. 4^ 

This edition is dted by the academy 
rf lisboo. — R ei m p r eua por BerUo Josi de 
Smut Fmrmhm, Lisb. 1 780. 8^ (400 rees.) 

13790 MENDOZ A, Marques de San- 
tillsna, oonde de Manazares, Ifiigo 
Lopes de. Proverbios. Sev., Mey- 
nsrdo Ungat j StanisL Polono, 15 
Nov. 1494. 4®. Gothic letter. 

Coaoeming this Tery acaroe edition, see 
StnektM PoemoM anieriores al sigh XV. 
T. I. p. XXXIV. 

13791 — proTerbios. Sev., Jac. 
Cronberger, 26 Enero 1509. fol. 

13792 — proTerbios de do jnigo 
Lopes de mendoza. Sev., Jac 
Croobeiger^ 15 Jun. 15 19. fol. 
33 leaves. 

Not notioed in Panxer. In Mr. Bdhl's 
psBNwn at Hambui^h. Aiso^ 7V>/Mo, 
Gcfp. dir AvUa^ 1525. foL StmUa^ J. 
Crmtberger, 15 Enero 153a foL Sev,, J. 
JvtaJade Vapeia, 1531. foL Toledo, J. de 
4l<i^ 1537 or 52. fol. Sev. 1548. fnh 
Aln^ Con protferUoe y teniendat del Se- 
Mca. Anvere, 1552. I2^ 

U793 — proverbios. La obra que 
liiso Jorge Manrique a la muerte 
de Rodr. Manrique. Coplas de 
Mii^ Revulgo con sus glosas. 
Anvers, viuda de Mt. Nudo, 1558. 

Also, Amoerwy Ph. Xueio, 1581, o>'84y 
or 9^ I3«. 

13794 •— proverbios utilisimos^ tras- 

Isdados del castellano gotico ol 

eorriente por Fr. X. de ViUanueva, 

^oisdos por Diaz de Toledo. Madr. 

1787. 8°. 

Also at the end of the Croniea del reg 
D. Enriqme IF. Madr. 1 787. 4*. 

13795 — refiranes. Sev., Jac Cron. 
berger, 1508. fol. 

Aho^ 16., id., 1533. 4*. Panser, IX. 



473, also has^J9u» oonlra forluna por 
el marquee Ytiipo Lopest, Sev., StanitL 
Polonoy 3 Abril 1502. 4°. and Sanlander 
Diet. III. 163, has Vita Christi /echo por 
oopku d petition de D. Juana de Cartagena, 
Zamora, Ant. de Centenara, 25 Henero 

1482. 4^ 

13796 MENDOZA y Rios. Jos. de. • 

Tratado de navegacion. Madr., 

impr. real, 1787. 4°. 2 vols, with 

20 plates (52 rs.) 

He also published in London a new woric 
on navigation in 4**. 3 YiAs, 

13797 — ooleccion de tablas para 
varios usos de la nav^acion. Madr., 
impr. real, 1 800. foL (50 rs.) 

13798 — tables for facilitating the 
calculations of nautical astronomy. 
Lond. 1801. 4^ 

13799 — a complete collection of 
tables for navigation and nautical 
astronomy. Lond. 1805. 4^ 

13800 MENDOZA, J. Oonzal. de. 
Historia de las cosas mas notables, 
ritos y costumbres del reyno de 
la China, con nn itinerario del 
nuevo mundo del P. Mt. Iguatio. 
Roma, Accolti, 1585. 8^ Also, 
Anvers, 1596. 8°. 

Translated from the Chinese, and oon- 
taining the first rqiresentation of Chinese 
characters in £urope. In Latin by Jo. 
Brulius, Antw. 1655. 4**. In Italian by 
Fr. Avanzo, Roma, 1586. 4^. Ven. T580. 
8**. and often. In Gcnrroan by J. Kellner, 
Ff, 1589. 4". In Dutch, Del/, 1656. 13*. 

MENDOZA, Peralta y, see Mon- 


13801 MENDOZA, Pt. Salazar. 
Origen de las dignidad seglares 
de Castilla y Leon. Madr., Cano, 

1 794- 4**- 

This new enlarged edition forms an ap- 
pendage to Ocampo (see below). Pre- 
viously, Toledo, 1018. foL Madr, 1657. 

13802 — monarquia de Espaila. 
Publicala Bm. Ulloa. Madr., 
Ibarra, 1770-71. small fol. 3 vols. 

13803 — croniea de el gran cardenal 
de Espafia, don Pt. Oonzal. de 
Mendoza. Toledo, Ortiz, 1625. fol. 

See also Pt. Salazar, who must.not be 
confounded with this author. 

13804 MENELAI sphaericorum U. 
Ill (kt.) Quos olim coliatis MSS. 



hebrseis et arabicis typis expri- 
mendos curav. Ed. Hallejus. Pree- 
fat. addid. G. Costard. Ox.^ sumtib. 
<icad'9 ^75^- large 8^ ii2 pages 

This edition is almost entirely unknown 
• in Germany. I consider N. Heinsius^s as- 
sertion, In Sicilia olim Menelaus tnathe- 
nuUicus est edihis^ quern semel tantum vidi 
{CI, Belgar. ad Magliab, Epp, I. 227), to 
be an incorrect reminiscence, as I am un- 
able to find any thing about it. 

MENESSIER, see Perceval. 

13805 MENESTRIER, CI. Fr. His- 
toire civile ou coDsulaire de la 
ville de Lyon. Lyon, 1696. fol. 

Scarce, and prized in France as one of 
the best histories of a town. 

13806 — description de la belle et 
grande colonne histori^e, dress^ k 
Thonneur de Temp. Theodose, des- 
sin^e par Gentile Bellin, expliq. 
par Menestrier. Par. 1702. large 
fol. with 18 plates. 

13807 MENEZES, Aleixo de. Jor- 
nada, quando foy as Serras do Ma- 
laver, et lugares em que uiorao os 
antigos Christaos de S. Thome etc, 
recopilada por Ant. de Gouuea. 
Coimbra, Loureyro, 1606. fol. 

13808 MENEZES, Fern. de. Vida 
e ac9oen8 del rey D. Joao I. Lisb., 
Galrao, 1677. 4®. 

Cited by the academy of Lisbon. 

13809 — historia de Tangere, que 
comprehende as noticias desde a sua 
primeira conquista ate a sua ruina. 
Lisb., Ferreira, 1732. fol. 

Also cited and very scarce. 

13810 MENEZES, conde da Eri- 
ceira, Fr. X. de. Henriqueida, 
poema heroico. Lisb., Fonseca, 
1741. 4^ 

13811 MENGS, Ant. Rph. Opere, 

?ubblic. da Gius. N. d' Azara. 
^arma, Bodoni, 1780. 4°. 2 vols. 
Also on iine paper. 

The reprint, Bassanoy 1783. 8°. 2 vols, 
is after this fine edition. 

13812 — opere, in questa ediz. cor- 
rette ed aumentate da C. Fea. 
Roma, Pagliarini, 1787. 4''. 

Also in 2 rob. 8**. The best edition, 
with considerable additions from the papers 
which Mengs left bdiind him, and aug- 


mented with a complete index of things. 
Obrtu publicadas por Jos. N. de Azara. 
Madr. 1780 or 97. 4*. (22 rs.) CEuvres. 
Par. 1786. 4*. 2 v(ds. Works. Land. 
1796. 8°. 2 vols. Werke, ubs, von Ch. F. 
Prange. Hallcy 1786. large 8^ 3 vok. 
(2d. I2gr.) 

MENIGKEN, see Vibulus. 

13813 MENINSKI, Fr. a Mesgnien. 
Thesaurus linguar . orientalium, Tur- 
cic«e, Arab.^ Pers., cum interpretat. 
lat., germ., ital., gall, et polon. Vi- 
ennse Austr. 1680. 3 voll. Lin- 
guar, orientalium Turcicie, Arab., 
Persic^e institntiones s. grammatica 
Turcica, ib. 1680. Complementmn 
thesauri linguar. oriental, s. ono- 
masticum Latino-Turdco-Arabico- 
Persicum. ib. 1680. fol. Altogether 
5 vols. 

A scarce edition of this important work, 
^and the most sought after. It is indis- 
pensable on account of the Latin index, 
which is not to be found in the foQovring 
edition, and is sometimes even wanting in 
the copies of the first edition, because the 
first half of it (not the whole work), already- 
printed, was entirely burnt at the siege of 
Vienna in 1683, after which Menindd had a 
smaller number of them printed again ; the 
division of the vols, is thus: voL I. 10 
leaves of preliminary matter and cfA. 1- 
2248; vol. II. (without any title) ool. 
2249^4420; voL III. (without any title) 
ooL 4421-^080 (including the appendix, 
which begins coL 5649); vol. IV. {InsH^ 
txtU. Ung. or.) 4 leaves of jnidiminary 
matter, 216 pages, and i loif of cor- 
rections; vol. V. (Complementum) 3 leaves 
of preliminary matter, and 1998 a^unuu 
(including the appendix, which begins 
ool. 1807). 

13814 ^ lexicon Arabico-Persico- 
Turcicum, nunc secundis curis re> 
cognitum et auctum (a Bn. de Je- 
nisch et Fr. de Klezl). Viennae, 
Kurzboeck, 1780-1802. fol. 4 voll. 
(220 fr., on large paper 330 fr.) 

Notwithstanding its corrections this edi- 
tion does not entirely replace the preceding, 
inasmuch as it contains neither Uie Grami-' 
mat. Turc. nor the OnomasHcon. F. Freih. 
von Binder was the cause of this edition, 
who also induced the empress Maria The- 
resa to aid it, and she paid 8000 florins as 
a subscription for 100 copies. The king of 
Poland was the only other subscriber. 
The impression was 502 copies in id], 
2 of which were on Dutch p^ier. What 
remained of the impression was booght by 


Rcnooard of Pmrit, to whom alone it now 



13815 — insdtott. linguse Turc. cum 
radimentis parallelis linguar. arab. 
et pers., ed. Ad. Fr. Kollar. Vi- 
ennae, de Ohelen, 1 756. 4^^. 2 parts 
in I voL (2 d.) 

Printed by itself from the Lexicon. 

13816 MENOLOGIUM Gracor., 
jussa Badlii Imp. greece oUm edi- 
tmn. In tres partes di visum, nunc 
prim. gr. et lat. editum st. et op. 
Annib. Albani. Urbini, 1727* ^oi. 
3 Tols. with plates. 

See alK> MEXiCA and Morcelli. 

HENON, see Maoagno. 

13817 MENOT, Mch. Sermones 

quadragesiniales Turonis dedamati. 

Par., Chevallon, 1525. 8^ Gothic 

Aha, P€tr. 15 19. 8\ Gothic letter. 

13818 — sermones quadragedmales 
Parisiis declamati. Par.> J. Petit> 
1530. 8^ Gothic letter. 

Lert scarce and fought after than the 
preceding. Abo, Par, 1526. 8". Consult 
ArUgnf Mimicires, III. 211 etc 

13819 MENS A philosophica, optime 

CDstosTuLetudinis studiosis juvenibus 

apparata. Par., Regnault, 151 2. 

8°. Gothic letter. 

This edition is not noticed by Panzer. 
Coocemin^ the often printed book itself, 
which has been sometimes attributed to Mch. 
Scotns, somednies to Theobald. Anguilber- 
tos, but whidi must not be confounded 
widi a similar work of Conrad von Hal- 
bentadt, see FrejfUtg Appar. Hi, II. 814 
et& WaUn Aliet, III. 366. Denit 


13820 MENTELLE, Edroe, et 

Mai^tb-Bbun. G6ographie ma. 

tbemadque de toutes les parties du 

moode. Par., Tardieu, an XII 

(1803-6). 8°. 16 vols, and atlas in 

foL (160 fr.) Also on vellum 

New alltfations were annexed in 1817. 

13821 — et P. G. Chanlairb. 
Atlas universel de geographic pby- 
nque et politique, ancienne ct mo- 
d«rne (de 169 cartes). Par., Chan- 
kire, an XIV (1806). large fol. 
(iSofr., 230 fr.) 

13822 — geographie comparee. Par. 

1 78 1. 8°. 7 vols, and maps in 7 


In German (by J. G. MQller), Winter- 
thur, 1785-90. 8^ 7 vols. (lod. 18 gr.) — 
Concerning MeuteIle*H other writings see 
MiUin Magas. encycL 18 16, I. 360 etc 

13823 MENTHEN, Gf. (anon.) 
Thesaurus theologico-philologicus 
8. sylloge dissertationum elegantio- 
rum ad selecta et illustriora V. 
et N. T. loca, a theologis pro- 
testantibus in Germania separatim 
conscriptar. Amst. 1701-2. fol. 
2 voll. — Novus thesaurus theol. 
philol. etc, cura Thdr. Hassei et Cr. 
Ikenii. LB. 1732. fol. 2 voll. 

These 1 collections, tlie selection of which 
ought to have been better, contain also 
several dissertations never before printed. 
A German abridgment thereof is Ch, MeU- 
horn Grundl. ErkVdr, der h, Schr, A, T, 
Lpx, 1 738-48. 4**. 6 voll. 

13824 MENTRIDA, Alonso de. 
Vocabulario de las lenguas Fili- 
pinas. Manila, 1637. 4°* 

13825 MENTZEL, Ch. Lexicon 

plantar, polyelotton universale. Be- 

rol. 1715. fol. 
Previously, ib, 1682 and 96. fol. 

MENU, see Jonbs. No. 10885. 

13826 MENUS propos, les. With- 
out place or date {Rouen, Robinet 
Mac^). 4°. Gothic letter, 12 leaves. 

In verse and in the form of a dialogue, 
and quite different from Gringore*s work 
with this title. Also, Par,^ J, Trepperely 
without date. 4**. Gothic letter. 

13827 MENZINI, Bd. Opere de 

Benedetto Fiorentino. Fir., alia 

Condotta, 1680. 4°. 2 parts in 

I vol. 

The first edition. T. I. contains. Ana- 
creontiche, poesie lirichey and (with a sepa- 
rate title) Delia coetruzione irregol. delta 
hngua TVwc., and Disoorio. T. II. Ap<^ 
logeticust de Uterator, hommum invidiOf and 
(with a separate title) De mfelicitate ter- 
rent amorU, — The following are the ori- 
ginal editions of his other writings: De 
literator. hommum invidia, Flor, 1675. 8**. 
Delia coetruM. irregoL delta lingua Toec. 
Fir. 1679. ^''' ^' terreaire paradiso 
Hbri 3. Romoy Molo, 1691. 8^ SonetH. 
ib,f id,, 1692. 8°. Elegie, i6., u/., 1697. 
8** Dell' arte poet. Fir,, Matini, 1688. 
large 8^ 149 pages (p. 1 15-149, which 



contain two canoelsy appear to have been 
printed later thereto). Lameniaxioni del 
S. prqfeta Geremia, Roma, S^enobif 1 704. 
8^ also on strong paper. Accademia Tus- 
ciUanoy opera poatuma, pubblio, da Fr, del 
Teglia. RomOy de" Rossi, 1705. 8°. 

13828 — rime. Fir.. Nestenus e 
Moucke, 1730-34. large 8^. 4 parts 
in 2 vols. 

This edition, superintended by Ant. 
Mar. Bisdoni, which contains only the 
poetical works, is properly the one cited by 
the academy della Cnisca. The first 3 
vols, contain the poetical writings men- 
tioned in the preceding article, and the 4th 
Etopedia, Canzone, CapUoh, Gins, Path- 
lucoi vita di Menxini, and Varie lejsioni. 
The Satire are wanting, but ara sometimes 
bound up with this edition, being taken 
from the first undated edition (see No. 

13829 — opere, accresciute e riordi- 
nate. Fir.. Tartini e Franchi, 

i73«-32. 4^ 4 voll. 

This edition, superintended by Fr. del 
T^lia, and not to be confounded with the 
preceding, contains Menzini^s entire works. 
There are copies on large and fine paper, 
and sometimes also with 2 different tities. 

13830 — opere. Fir. 1820. 8°. 5 vols, 
with Menzini's portrait. 

13831 — poesie. Nizza, 1782. 12®. 
2 voU. 

13832 — satire. Without place or 
date. 4^. 80 pages. 

The first edition, and cited by the aca- 
demy della Crusca, with only a half title. 
It is fisr inferior to the following editions. 

13833 — satire (con note di Ant. 
Mar. Salvini). Amst. 1718. 8^ 
Also on large paper. 

13834 — satire, con le note di Ant. 
Mar. Salvini, Ant. Mar. Biscioni, 
O. van der Broodt e altri celebri 
autori. Si affgiunge un ragiona. 
mento sopra la necessitik e utility 
della satira da Pt. Casim. Romolini. 
Leida (Lucca), van Eet, 1759. 8°. 

A good edition. The reprint, Bema, 
1763. 8**. is of no value. Also, Bema, 
1781. 4*. 

13835 — satire, con le note postume 
di Rinaldo Mar. Bracci, pubblic. da 
un accademico immobile, e dal me- 
desimo arricchite degli argomenti 
e di nuove annotazioni, coll' ag- 
giunta d* un ragionamento d' Alcisto 


Solajdio sopra 1' uso della satira 
contro il parere di Pier Casim. 
Romolini. Napoli, Rota, 1763. 4**. 
Prized on account of the various readings 
from a MS. 

13836 — satire. Lond. {Livomo)^ 
Masi, 1788. 12°. With Menzini's 

Neat, with new various readings fitHn a 
MS., and Salvini*s and Paoiuod^s life of 
Menzini. Romolini*s Ragionamento is 

13837 ^ satire con annotaz. di Sal- 
vini^ Biscioni ed altri. Lond. (Li- 
vorno. Mast), 1820. 12®. With 
Menzini's portrait. 

Also in the Pamasso ItaL XL. 67 ete^ 

13838 — arte poetica ed elegie. Na- 
poli (Lucca), 1728. 8°. 

Also, Fir. 1728.8". Praia, 1816. la* 

His Arcadia is with that of Sannazaro, 
Fen, 1746. I a". 

13839 MEO, Alessandro. Annali 
critico-diplomatici del r^no di Na- 
poli della mezzana eta. Nap., Or- 
sini, 1 795 etc. 4®. 1 1 voll. 

13840 MER des histoires. Par., Ft. 
le Rouge, 1488. fol. Gothic letter^ 
2 vols, with woodcuts. 

The ist vol. has 157 leaves, and the and 
371, 28, and 8. TUs woric is no tranaia. 
tion of J, ColumruB nuMre Mstoriar^ but of 
the Rudimentum noviiior, Lubee., 1475. 
fol. Consult Beckmann Lit, der RHae- 
beschrr, II. 43 sq. Concerning the difivv 
ent editions see lb, II. 49 sq. 

13841 Par., Ant. Verard, 

without date. fol. Gothic letter, 
2 vols. 

The ^nest edition, yet at a low price 
in France. A copy on vellum, with 427 
miniatures (but wanting the ist leaf of the 
and voL), 250 fir. Gaignat, 300 fr. Valliire, 
950 fr. McCarthy. Dibdin, in the BiU, 
Deoam, II. 364, mentions a copy of the 
Mer des histoires. Par,^ Vhrard, 1 497. foL 
2 vols, on vellum, which was formerly in 
Colbert*s library, and is now in the duke 
of Devonshire's. 

13842 Lyon, J. du Pr^ 28 

Aoust 1 49 1, fol. GU>thic letter, 
2 vols. 

13843 Par., (par N. Cousteau) 

pour Gralliot du Pre, 1536. fol. Go- 
thic letter, 2 parts in i vol. with 


13844 — mar de historias. Valencia^ 
153 1. foL 

Not noticed in Panser. 
MER dea histoires, see Chroniqubs^ 
No. 4163. 

13845 MJ^RARD de Saint -Just. 

Les hautes Pyrenees en miniature. 

Pn. 1790. 1 8**. A copy on vellum 

36 fir. Meon. Eloge historique de 

Sylram BeiUy. Par., Didot, 1794. 

iS*'. Only 25 copies. A copy 

00 TeUum, 71 fr. Merard, 25 fr. 

Meon. Imitation en vers fran9. 

des odea d'Anacr^n. Par. 1798. 

I8^ Lf'occasion et le moment, ou 

les pedts riens d'un amateur. Par., 

Didot, 1 782. 1 8°. 4 voll. La cor- 

VbeiUe de fleurs. Par. 1797. 18°. 
Bergeries et opuscules de Mlle^ 
Bomoy I'ain^. En Arcadie (Par,^ 
DUot), without date. 18°. Les 
petit J^han de Saintre et la dame 
des belles-cousines, romance suivie 
de celle de (lerard de Nevers. Par. 
an 6, 12*^. Les ^trennes du coeur 
on lluHnmage des amis au chftteau 
de Lyvry. (Par., Didol), without 
date. 12^ 

Of an theae pieces, of which for the most 
part only 25 copies were printed, there 
ue two or three copies on yellum. See 
alao Fables. 

13846 MERAS y Qneypo, Ign. de. 
Obras poeticas. Madr., Barco, 1797. 

13847 MERCADO, Pt Nova ency- 
clopedia missionis apostolicae in 
regno Cypri s. institutt. linguae 
grsDcae vulgaris. Romse, Salvioni, 

13848 MERCATI, Mch. Metallo- 
tlieca, opus posth., cura et stud J. 
Mar. Lancisii iUustratum. Roma;, 
171 7. fol. Appendix, ib. 17 19. fol. 
2 ports in i vol. with plates. Also 
00 lar^ paper. 

TUs wo^ received, ib. 1 719, a new chief 
litli^ in which the appendix also is men- 
tioned. There ought to be included a 
view of Ute Metallocheca and portraits of 
Mcrcati and Landsi ; the other phites are 
printed in the text. 

13849 — degli obelischi di Roma. 
Roma, Bota, 1589. 4^ 
VOL. lU. 



13850 MERCATOR, Marius. Opera. 
Prodeunt nunc prim. stud. J. Gar- 
nerii. Par., Cramoisy, 1673. fol. 
2 voll. 

Gamier has rather disfigured the text by 
his arbitrary arrangement and alterations. 

13851 — opera. St. Baluzius ad fid. 

vett. codd. MSS. emendav. et illus- 

trav. Par., Moguet, 1684. S°. 

Baluzius restored its gennine form to the 
text from a Vatican MS., and his notes are 
vahiable. — Opp. ea? ed. BaluzH nunc 
demum recensita, plurib. in locis restituta 
et iiluitrata, in Gallandi Bibl. PP. VIII. 
^i5-737> « the best edition. 

13852 MERCIER, L. Sb. Tableau 
de Paris. Amst. 1782-88. 8°. 
12 voll. In German by Bh. G. 
Walch. Lpz. 1783-84. 8°. 8 voll. 
(5 d. 8 gr.) Abridged (by Sm. 
Gli. Burde). Bresl. 1783-84. 8°. 
4 voll. — Le nouveau Paris. Par., 
an 7-8 (1797). 8°. 6 parts in 3 voll. 
In German by C. F. Cramer. 
Brschw. 1799. S°- 2 voll. (i d. 8gr.) 
—Theatre. Amst. 1778-84. 8*^. 
4 vols, with plates. 

13853 MERCIER de St. Leger, 
Bm. Extrait d'un MS. intitule : 
Le livre du tr^ chevalereux comte 
d'Artois et de sa femme fiW^ du 
comte de Boulogne. {Par.) 1783. 

Of this essay, to be found in the Bibl. 
dsM Roman* 1783. Jan. T. I, only i copy 
on vellum (48 fr. Cr^venna, 75 fr. McCar- 
thy) and 25 copies on paper were separately 
struck off. What a pity that this distin- 
guished bibb'qgrapher had not undertaken 
Uuiger works. His hfe is in Chardon Mi- 
langety II. 241 sq. See also Deb ore and 

13854 MERCURE galant and Mer- 
cure de France. Par., 1672-1818. 
in 1 2°. and in 8°. 

This journal, very scarce when complete, 

but little sought after, contains about 1657 

vob. in n*. and 130 vols, in 8°. The 

first commencer of it fin Febr. 1672) was 

J. Donneau de Vistf ; tbe principle fellow- 

labourers are mentioned in Barbier Did. 

det anon. II. 69. Consult also the pivfaoe 

to Jan. 1755 and Mav 1760, p. 127 sq. 

The divisions are as follows : 

I. Meroure Galani, 1672, i vol., 1673 and 

74. 5 vols., 1677. 10 vols., 1 678-1 716. 

509 vols, (including 24 voK of different 

relations). EjrtraSrdinaires, 33 rolsw 




Affaires du temSf 13 vols. — In all 571 
vols, in 1 2^ (Consult VaUih-e's Calai, 

IV. 349.) 

II. Mercure de France ^ 1 7 1 j—June 1 778. 
603 vols, in I2^ 2 vols, of which are 
bound in one. 

III. Mercure de France ^ suite publUe par 
PanckouckCy June 1778-15 Dec. (No. 
49.) 1792. 174 vols, in 12*. 

IV. Mercure de France, 15 Dec. 1702-25 
March 1 793 (with the N06. 50-07 and 
1-82 as daily papers), then as a weekly 
paper from 28 Mardi 1793 (No. 87)- 
30 Pluvioae on VII. In all 40 vols, 
in 8°., the last of which has 3 numbers. 

V. Mercure de France, impr, chez Coil- 
leauy an VII (1797)* 40 numbers in 10 
vols, in 12°. 

VI. Mercure de France, impr, chez Didot 
jeune, i Messidor an Vlll. (i8oo)-30 
Prairial an X (1802), 8 vols. Then 
continued without interruption, but by 
different conductors, from i Messidor an 
X (June i8o2) to Jan. 31. 1818. The 
Minerve Fran^aise was announced as a 
continuation (since 1818, 4 vols, an- 
nually), which went on even along with 
the following. 

VII. Mercure de France, in 8°. Recom. 
menced since July 17. 1819. A number 
every Saturday ( annual subscription 
60 fr.). 

See also Choix des andens Mercures. 

MERCURE fran9ois, see Chrono- 
LooiE novennaire. 

13855 MERCURIALIS, Hi. Opus- 
cula aurea et selecta. Ven.^ Juntos 

1644 ^^1- 

13856 — de arte gymnastica 11. VI. 
Ed. noviss. aucta, emendata et fi- 
guris authenticis Cp. Coriolani ex. 
ornata. Amst. 1672. 4^ with 

At first, Ven. 1 569. 4°. without figures. 
Also in the preceding bo(^, and in Poleni 
Suppl. thcs. antiq. III. 445 sq. 

13857 — variar. lectionum in medi- 
cinae scriptoribus et aliis libri VI. 
Par. 1585. 8°. Also, Ven. 1588. 

4 • 

Ven. 1570. 4**. has only 4 books, and 

Bos. 1576. 8*. has 5. 

13858 MERCURIO portuguez com 

as novas da guerra entre Portugal 

et Castella, Jan. 1663-Jul. 1667. 

Lisb. 1663-67. 4°. in i vol. 

The years i663-iS6 were attributed to 
Ant. de Sousa de Maoedo, the 7 pieces of 
the year 1667 are by others. No more 


13859 MERCURIO bistorioo 7 po- 
litico. Madr. 1 738-1805. 8**. 207 

No more has appeared. 

13860 MERCURIO Peruaao de h\%^ 
toria, literatura y uoticios pnblicas. 
Lima^ 1791-94. 8°. 12 volt 

For the publication of this jourxia], of 
which no more appeared, a society was 
formed under the name of the Amm' 
tee de Lima. Its object was diiefly di- 
rected to Peru, oonoeming which oountry 
it contains very important infonnatioa ; 
yet are there also poems and other essays. 
Consult Edinburgh Review, IX. 433 sq. 

13861 MERCURIUS, Hollandsche. 
Haarlem, 1650-90. 4^. 41 parts in 
9 or I o vols. De Europische Mer- 
curius. Amst. u. Haag, 1690-1755. 
4°. 66 voll. 

MERCURIUS Trism^stus. see 

13862 MERCURIUSmonachus. Per- 
necessaria de pulsibus doctrina. £x 
MS. cod. regise Neapol. bibl. edid. 
at que illustrav. Salvator Cjrillas. 
Neapoli, 1812. 8®. 63 pages. 

The author lived in the 10th or nth 

M£RE sotte, see Gringorb. 

13863 MERGENTHAL, Hans tou. 
Beschreibung der Reise a. Meer- 
farth in das heil. Land nach Jeru- 
salem Herm Albrechts^ Herzog zn 
Sachsen (im J. 1476). Lpz., Ber- 

waldt, 1586. 4^ Also^ ib. 1602. 


Both editions are mutilated, see (7n- 
schuid. Nachrr, 1 735. p. 649. 

13864 MERIAN, Mar.Sybilla. Neaes 

Blumenbuch. Nrb. 1680. fol. 3 

parts with 36 illuminated plates. 

Also with Hie Latin title, Fknrum faed' 
culi tree ad vivum depicH, Nrb. 1680. fiul. 
with 36 illuminated plates. 

13865 — erucarom ortus, alimentam 
et paradoxa metamorphosis. Amst.« 
Oosterwyk. (i 71 7). 4**. with plates. 
Also on large paper, and with illu- 
minated plates. 

Containing i title-plate, a portrait <^ Me- 
rian,and 153 plates. Previously in German: 
Der Raupen u*underbare VervHtndlung tc 
sonderbare Blumennahrung, Nrb. 1679 
and Ff, a. M. 1683. 4^ 3 volt, with 50 


pkSBi Mch. Der Rtupen beffin, tfoednel 
tmw^nderbaare f)erandering, Amst. (1683). 
4*. with 150 iUuminated plates. This 
» the basis of the Histoire des in. 



13866 — metamorpbosis insector. 
SpTJimTneiminin ofte Verandering 
der Sarinmainache Insecten. Amst., 
Vftlk, without date. fol. with 60 
phtee. Also iUuminated. 

This edhlea is wiih a Latin text. An- 
odier with the same title, i^., id,, without 
dst& fiaL with 60 pUtes, and with a Dutch 
text, has in part newly engraved plates, 
which are numbered on from leaf 41, and 
are furnished with the name of the en- 

13667 — metamorphosis insector. 
Sarinamennum. Amst.yValk, 1705. 
large fbl. with 60 plates. Also il- 

This edition is frequently to be met with, 
and is sinking daily in price. 

13868 -— dissertatio de generatione 
et BietamoTphodbus insector. Suri- 
namensium. Amst., Oosterwyk, 
1719. krge fol. with 72 plates. 
Also illuminated. 

A new impression of the preceding work 
SBgmented with 11 plates, but the impres- 
sions of €bm {dates are inferior. The same 
is the cme with the following editions: 
D um r tma w n mr la ghUraiMM ei let trans- 
/Mmationg des inseciea de Surinamf en 
frmnf. ei imtin. Ha^, Go€»e, 1736. lai^ 
foL with 72 plates. Also illuminat^. 
Cher de voortteeHng en teonderbaerlyke Ve- 
rmderingen der Surmaameche Insecten. 
jimeL, Bemardy 1730. laige fol. with 72 
plates. Also iUuminated. 

13869 — histoire des insectes de 

TEurope, dessin. d'apr^ nature et 

expliq. par Mar. Sib. Ma*ian, trad. 

da hollandais en fr. par J. Marret. 

Amst.^ Bernard^ 1730 large fol. 

with plates. Also illuminated. 

This is often found along with the French 
cdicioo of 1736 of the preceding work. 
Widft 184 plates on 93 leaves, when there 
are a piates on each leaf, or on 47 leaves, 
when each leaf contains 4 plates. The 
Dntdi original edition is De Europisohe 
Imte eitm . Amsi,^ Bernard, 1 750. large fol. 
widk 184 plates on 47 leaves. The foUow. 
iag is a collection of the plates of Nos. 
13^68 and 9: Recueii des plantes des 
Imdes par Mar, Sib. Mhian, Par.y Hti- 
TrntTj without date. fol. 

U870 — histoire g^n^rale des insectes 

de Surinam et de toute TEurope. 
Ed. III. augm. par Pt. Jos. Buc'boz. 
Par. 1771. larjge fol. 3 parts, with 
plates. Also illuminated. 

Not prized, although a 3rd part with 69 
plates is added. There is usually found 
with it: Histoire nat. de divers oiseatuf, 
qui habitent le globe, trad, du lai. de 
Jomton. Par. 1773. fd. 2 parts, with 

13871 MERIAN, Mth. Icones hi- 
blicK, prsecipuas S. Script, historias 
eleganter et graphice repraesentantes. 
Bibl. Figuren etc. mit Versen vnd 
Reymen in dreyen Sprachen. Strb., 
Zetzner, 1625. Th. II. Without 
place or date (1626). Th. III. 
Ff. a. M., Kempfier, 1627. Novi 
T. praecipuae bistoriae et visiones. 
Ff. a. M., Merian, 1627. oblong 4^ 
4 parts in i vol. 

Of III, 135, 87, and 158 pages. 

13872 — bistoriae sacrae V. et N. T. 
Bibliscbe Figuren, darinnen die 
furnembste Historien in h. Schrifl% 
begriffen. Figures de la bible etc. 
Bybelsche Figuren etc. Figures of 
the bible. Amst.^ N. Visscher, 
without date. fol. 3 parts in i vol., 
with 258 plates. 

The above is the engraved title. Then 
foUows a printed title, Bjfbel Printen. . utf- 
pebeelt door Mth. Merian, en nu.. ver- 
meerderty geteckent en in Koper gemaeckt 
door Pt. Jlendrickz Schut. Amst., Vis» 
scher. T. I. has 3 leaves of preliminary 
matter, and 62 leaves nf plates from the 
books of Moses. T. II. has i half-title, 
and 1 1 1 leaves of plates from the rest of the 
books of the Old Testament. T. III. i 
half-title, and 85 plates from the New 
Testament. The plates occupy the upper 
part of each leaf, and underneath is an ex- 
planation in Latin, German, French, £ng. 
lish, and Dutch verse, and iu Dutch prose. 
The reverse of every leaf is blank. Rein. 
Anslo mentions himself as the author of 
the Dutch verse on the last leaf of the 
New Testament. 

13873 — Todten-Tantz, wie derselbe 
in der lobl. vnd weitberulimt. Statt 
Basel gantz kdnstlicb gemahlet zn 
seben ist. Ff. 1649.4°. 206 pages, 
witb 44 plates. 

With German rhymes. Also, Ff. 1696. 
4*. with the same plates. According to 
FUssU there is a 6nt edition of 16a i. 



18874 -~ la dance des morts telle 
qu'on la voit depeinte dans la ville 
de Basle, avec I'explication en vers 
fran9. trad, de Tallem. par P. Vieu. 
Berlin, 1698. 4°. 8 leaves of preli- 
minary matter, and 99 pages with 

44 plates. 
Tne same plates as in the preceding. 

13875 — la danse des morts comme 

elle est depeinte dans la ville de 

Basle, gravee sur Toriginal de Mth. 

Merian, avec Texplicat. en fran^. et 

en allemand. Basle, 1744* or 56, 

or 89. 4°. with plates. 

The edition of 1744 is preferable on 
account of the first impression of the plates. 
See also Brt, Flobileoium, and Zeil- 


13876 MERIGOT. Select collec- 
tion of views and ruins in Rome 
and its vicinity (Engl, and French). 
Lond. 1797. 4^ with 61 plates 
(4I. 48.). 

13877 MERILLIUS, Edm. Opera 
juridica. Neapoli, 1720. 4°. 2 voll. 

See also Justimiawus, No. 1 1063. 

13878 MERINO de Jesu-Christo, 

And. Escuela paleografica o de 

leer letras antiguas desde la entrada 

de los Godos en Espana hasta 

nuestros tiempos. Madr.^ Lozano, 

1780. large fol. with plates. 

A splendid work with many and very 
fine plates; the completest work of the 
kind. See also Almeida. 

13879 MERIVALE'S Orlando. 
(Lond,) printed by Davison, 18 14. 

Utterson in London possesses the only 
copy on vellum : see Dibdin Bibl. Decam. 
II* 377? ^i^''^ which 1 have taken the 
above title. 

13880 MERLIN. Prophetia angli- 
cana Merlini, vaticinia et prsedic- 
tiones, a Galfredo Monomutensi 
lat. conversa, una cum VII. libris 
explanationum in eandem prophe- 
tiam Alani de Insulis. Ff., Me- 
giser^ 1603. 8^ 

13881 — prophetia anglicana et ro- 
mana h. e. Merlini vaticinia. Alani 
de Insulis explanatt. in eandem. 
Addita sunt vaticinia Joachimi ab- 


batis Calabri. Ff., Spies^ i6o8. 
13882 — vaticinia et prfledictiones 
anglicanse, in lat. versae a Galfredo 
Monmutensi, una cum Alani de In- 
sulis VII. libris explanationum in 
easd. Ff.^ Zunner, 1649. ^°' 
Joadiim^s predictions are also induded. 

13S83 — el baladro del sabio Merlin 

con sus profecias. Burgos^ J. de 

Burgos, 10 Febr. 1498. fol. Gk>tfaic 

letter^ 106 numbered leaves. 

So scarce, that the only known copy is in 
the Royal library at Madrid. 

13884 — Merlin y demanda del santo 
Grial. Sevilla, 1500. foL 

13885 — le 1-3. volume de Merlin 
(ou vie et propheties de Merlin). 
Par., Ant. V^rard, 1498. small foL 
Gothic letter, 3 vols. 

The finest edition, the most sought after, 
and very scarce in good condition. In 

1 columns with 34 lines. The ist voL hat 
6 leaves of preliminary matter and 31 1 
numbered leaves, the 2nd 6 leaves of prdl. 
minary matter and 171 numbered laives, 
and the third 6 leaves of prdlmimuy 
matter and 152 numbered leaves. The 
copy that was formerly MH>uthy*8, and 
is now Hibbert*s, is quite erroneo u sly stated 
in Dibdin*s Deisaau III. 175 as being on 
vellum, whereas it is only on paper. 

13886 — les propheties de Merlin. 
Par., Verard, 1498. small fol. Go- 
thic letter. 

The 5rd part of the preceding editioo, 
which is sometimes met with by itadf. A 
copy on vellum is in the Royal library at 
Paris, a ind was sold for 2 7L 6s. at Piris^s 

13887 — les propheties de Merlin. 
Rouen, J. Mac^, Mch. Angier et 
Rch. Mac^, without date. 4^. Gou 
thic letter. 

132 numbered leaves, with the signa- 
tures oo-t^o, and in 2 oc^mns. The first 

2 vols. bel<mging thereto also probably ap- 

13888 — le livre de Merlin, qui est 
le premier de la table ronde, avec 
les propheties. Par., k Tenaeigiie 
de la rose blanche (Ph. le Noir), 
1528. 4". Gothic letter, 3 parts in 
I vol. 

13889 — le I. et a. livre de Merlin, 
avec ses propheties. Par., veuve 


J. Trepperel, without date. 4^. Oo- 
thic letter, 3 parts. 

Thete f poa ra also to be an edition, 
P«r^ Ph, le Ncitf 1505 or 1507. 4**. 

13890 — le roman de Merlin i'en- 
dnntenr, remis en bon fran^. par 
S. Boulard. Par, 1797. 12^ 3 

Then is a copy on veUum. 

13891 — la historia de Merlino divisa 
inVI. libri. Ven., Luca Veneziano, 
I Febr. 1480. 4^ 

With die ngBBtnres a^-Oy in s oohimns, 
ani 44 lines. Translated from the French 
bfZorsiin 1379. The fint edition of this 



13892 — la yita di Merlino et de 
le sue prophetie. Florentia^ 15 
Mano 1495. 4^ with woodcuts. 

13893 — la vita di Merlino et de le 
sue prophetie bistoriate. Ven. 1507. 
4°. with woodcuts. 

Haym has an edition, Vbh. 1529. 4**. 

13894 — la vita di Merlino con le 
saeprofexie. Yen., Ruffinelli^ i539* 
S°. with woodcuts. 

13895 — la vita di Merlino con 
le soe profetie^ ristampate e cor- 
vette. Ven., Bm. Imperatore, 1554. 


A MS., Merlino Prqfejrie 84 irad. in 
fmrta rime da Licinio Fvlgenxio Nei 
AnUm (thst is. Vine, GaHlei FiorenHno}, 
1^8, tee in AioreUi Cod, volg. Naniani^ 

13896 — geschichte des Zauberers 
HerHn. — tfi F. SchlegePs Samml. 
romant. Dichtungen. Th. I. Lpz. 
1804. 8^ 

Coonh also Hsgen*s and BUsdiing^s 
Onrndriuy p. 153. 

13897 — a treatyse of Merlyn, in 
vcne, which prophesied of many 
Wdpet h^re in England. Lond.^ 
Wynkyn de Worde, 1529. 4**. 

13898 — the life of Merlin, sur- 
ntmed Ambrosius. His prophecies 
tad predictions interpreted, and 
Aeir truth made good by our Eng- 
lish annalls. Loud., Emery, 1641. 

13899 — Merlin's life and prophecies. 

Lond., Cooper, 1754. 8®. 

Also in the RariHet of Richmond, Lond, 
1736. 8*. 4 vols. 

13900 — Merlin's life, his prophecies 

and predictions interpreted, by Th. 

Heywood. Lond. 1813. 8°. (los. 


Concerning Merlin and his romance, see 
FabricU BiU. med. et inf, lai, and Th, 
Tanneri Bibl, Britannico-Hibem. Lond. 
1748. fol. F. Ghi^ Freytag Progr, de 
Merino Briiannico. Numb. 1737. foL 
Hauberks Bibl, magica St, ^i. p. 480 etc 
Fontanini dal Zenoy II. 191 etc Mi- 
langee Hr. d'une gr. bibl, VIII. 143 etc 

13901 MERLIN, M. Recueil al- 
phab^tique de questions de droit 
qui se pr^sentent le plus fr^uem- 
ment dans les tribunaux. Nouv. ed. 
Par. 181 1. 4°. 5 voll. (84 fr.) 

A third edition, enlarged, in 6 vols 4**. 
is in the press. At first (in larger cha- 
racters), Par, an 11-13 (»8or-5). 4^ 
9 vols, to which there were 4 siipplenental 
vols, in 181 1. 

13902 — repertoire universe! et rai- 
sonn^ de jurisprudence. Ed. IV. 
Par. 1812-15. 4**. 15 voll. (225 fr.) 

MERLINUS Coccajus, see Coc- 
OAJus. — Jac, see Concilia. 

13903 MEROTISSO, Cintio. La 
muerto entierro y honnras de Cres- 
pina, marauzmana gata de Juan 
Chrespo, en tres cantos de octava 
rima intitulados la Oaticida. Par. 
1604. 12®. 

Very scarce 

13904 MERSENNE, Marin. Quses- 
tiones celeberrimse in genesin. Par., 
Cramoisy, 1623. fol. 

The two leaves (col. 669-76.) where Mer- 
senne speaks of the atheism of his time were 
obliged* to be suppressed and supplied by 
cancels. Although this happened only 
after the completion of the entire printing 
(as in the indiex Athei is referred to in those 
pages), yet copies without these cancels are 
of the g^reatest rarity. The nncastrated 
copies b^n col. 669, Quis ui ettm Jeremia 
clamem (in the castrated copies the com- 
mencement is, Hactenui paralogitmoe A^ 
iheor, <U$cue90t habe)y and end, col. 674, 
quod non deleatwr (in the castrated copies, 
in luoem preferat et expendat). The sup- 
pressed and historically remarkable pas- 
sages are printed entire in the Bibliothtque 
Britanniquey XVIII. 408-421. Consult 



Marchand IHeHonn, I. 321. The book is 
also interesting both for other musical 
and physical digressions, and also on ac- 
count of an attempt at a new French me- 
tre, and a specimen of French hexameters 
which are therein set forth. The author 
also appears to have indulged himself in an 
inquiry almost bordering upon lascivious- 
ness: Quando se nudare iiceat (p. 1243 
sq.), where he quite casuistically treats 
of the different kinds of religious flagel- 

13905 — harmonie universelle, con- 
tenant la th^orie et la pratique 
de la musique. Par., Rch. Charle- 
magne (other copies Pt. Ballard), 
1636-37. fol. 2 parts in x vol. with 
plates and woodcuts. 

This scarce and interesting work, which 
is a magazine of almost all the musical 
knowledge of that period, is seldom found 
complete, and is not always bound up in 
the same order. The following collation is 
according to the Dresden copy and that 
which is described in Forkel's LUt. der 
Mutiky p. 408, both which are marked in 
the author*8 own hand, and consequently 
were probably bound according to his di- 
rection. (There is another collation in 
Deburej II. 543 sq.) 

Tome I. I. 48 numbered leaves of preli- 
minary matter, viz. a chief title (in Forkel*s 
copy in bkck and red with the name of Bal- 
lard as the publisher, in the Dresden copy 
only in black and with Charlemagne*s 
name), a second title with a lai^ger vignette, 
a half-title ( Traitea dela nature des sans), 2 
leaves of dedication to L. de Valois (in other 
oc^ies to the count d*Alais), i leaf preface 
au lecteur; 6 leaves, premiere prif. ghUr, 
ott lecteur; and 16 leaver table des propose 
turns des 19 livres de Pharmonie univ. 
a. 328 pages, De la nature et des proprietis 
des sans. 3. 36pagra, TroUi, de michanique, 
4. 4 leaves of preliminary matter (a half- 
title, dedication, and preface), and 382 
pages, Traitez des consonances etc. 

Tome II. I. I title {Seoonde. partie de 
Pharmon, univ. Par., Ballardy 1637), 
I leaf, prelaoe, and p. 283-443 of the 
TV. des eonsonanees broken oif in the 
preceding vol. a. 4 leaves of prelimi- 
nary matter (half-title, dedication, and 
preAu»), and 41a pages, Traite des mstrum. 
de percussion. 3. 79 pages, Livre VII. 
des matrum. de percuss. 4. 68 pages, Livre 
Fill, de rutmU de rhartnonie. 5. a8 
pages, Nouv. obss. p^P»* ^ mathim. 6. 
6 leaves, index. 

13906 — Harmonicor. libri XII. Ed. 
aucta. Lut. Par., Gu. Baudry, 1648 


(new title t6., id., 1652). fol. with 
plates and woodcuts. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 184, 4, 
and 168 pages. Previously, Par,, Baudrp, 
1636. fol. Mersenne had at first published 
a Traiti de P harmonie univ. Par. 1627. 
8**., he then wrote his Har m onica in 1636^ 
of which he gave an enlarged translation in 
the Harmonie univ. A new edition of 
the latter was his Harmonica of 1648. 

13907 MERULA, G. In libnim 
de homine Galeoti Narniensis opus. 
In Sapphus epistolam interjuretatio. 
Emendatt. in Plinium. Emendatt. 
in Virgilium. Without place or 
date (Ven., Vindel. de Spira, about 

^474)- 4°- 

85 leaves (the first bhmk), witii the sig- 
natures a-my 38 and 29 lines, without catch- 
words and pagination. Panzer's state- 
ment of 80 leaves (Ann. typ. III. 483) is 
wrong, as even the imperfect Dresden copy, 
commencing only with b 3, contains 80 
leaves. Denis, in the Supplement, awnme^ 
only 1481 to be the date of its being print- 
ed on account of the Greek types it con- 
tains, but Vindelrnus has the same even 
in his Laetanthu of 1472, and besides Ga- 
leottus answered this piece as early as 1 476, 
see above Galeottus. See also Jute- 
NALI8, No. 1 13 1 3. not. 

13908 MESA, Cristoval de. Las 
navas de Totosa, poema heroiet». 
Madr. 1594. I2^ ib. 1598.8®. La 
restauracion de Espana. Madr. 
1607. 4''. El padron de Espada. 
Madr. 1613. 8^ Rimas en estilo 
lirico. Madr. 1607 or 1 1. 4°. 

13909 MESA, Sb. de. Jornada de 
Ahica por el rey Don Sebastian 
Y unio del reyno de Portugal a la 
corona de Castilla. Barcelona, Lia- 

cavalleria, 1630. 4®. 

13910 MESCHINOT, Seign. de 
Mortices, J. Les lunettes des 
princes auecques auscunes balades 
de plusieurs mati^res. Nantes, 
Est. Larcher, 15 Avril 1493. flonall 
4**. Gothic letter. 

This very rare and wdl-prmted aditioii 
contains 2 parts of 64 leaves with the sig- 
natures a-k, and 44 leaves with the signa- 
tures A-G. A copy on veDum, 100 fr. 
ValK^re, 300 fr. McCarthy (again offered 
for sale at 250 ft*.). An edition, ib. 1488 b 
only a oonfiision with that of 1493. 

13911 — les lunettes des princes 


avec aaciines bolades et addicions. 
Par^ Ph. Pigpacbet (other copies, 
^^%°^^)> '495- ^""^ Gothic letter. 

Abo, i*«r., PigmttAety 1499. 8^ Gothic 
fccier. The foUowing are less sought after : 
Pmr^ Meh. ie N'oir^ without date, or 1501, 
or 1505. 4**. AhOy Lyon, OHv. AmouUet, 
widunt date. 8^. Gothic letter. Par., J, 
Ac Priy without date. 4°. €Fothic letter. 
^fomen, Amamutj without date. 4°. (hkhic 
kttv. Pmr^ Higman^ 152a. 4°. Gothic 
letter. Pmr^ N. Entire, 1537. 4**. Gothic 
letter (enlaiiged). 

13912 — les lunettes des princes, en- 
semble plusieors additions et bal- 
lades. Par.. Galiot du Pr^, 1 5 28. 8°. 

This and the neat edidoo. Par., Bigmm 
(other oopiei, SergeMi\ 1539* i6^ are 
piinted wiUi Roman characters, and are 

sought wftBF, 

HESGNIEN, see Meninski. 

13913 MESSALA Conrinus. De 
Angosti progenie ad Octavianum 
Aug. libellus ope cod. MS. resti- 
tntoa, tit Effemeridi letterarie di 
Boma 1831. — Delia progenie di 
OttaT. Angusto. Ven. 1544. 8°. 
Libro ad Ottav. Augusto della pro. 
genie sua (trad, da Gi. Vine. Bel- 
pnto). Fir. 1549. 9^. 

Frerioiialy hest as combined with Eutro- 
pioay Ox» 1 703. 8"*. and LB. 1 729. 8^ 

13914 MESSENIUS, J. Scondia 
illustrata s. chronologia de rebus 
Soondic h. e. Sueciae, Daniae, Nor. 
ytpm atque una Islandiae Gronlan. 
diaeque tam ecclesiasticis quam po. 
Hticm a orandi cataclysmo usq. ad 
a Chr. 161 2 gestis. Primum edita 
et obes. aacta a J. Peringsskiold. 
T. I-XIII. Sth., Enaeus, 1700-4. 
Emtome Seondiae illustr. (s. Tom. 
X V). lb-, id., 1 705. fol. In 2 vols. 

The and rcL pruperiy begins with the 
iitk pert, as Measenins himself states, 
XIII. 86, that he had prqwred 20 parts, 
of which however Peringskidld has only 
edited the above 14. Tlut the 14th part, 
which IS wanting^ was lost in MS. is made 
known in the reverse of the title to the nth 
voL CoBoplete copies are scarce. 

13915 — theatruni nobilitatis Sue- 
cans. Holm., Reusner, 1616. fol. 

1)916 MESSIA or Mkxta, Pt. 



Silva de varia lecion. SeviUa, 1 542. 

Also, Anvers, »5 W» 64> 93, or 1603. 8". 
Sevillay 1563 or 70. fol. Alcala, 1588. 8^ 
Madr. 1673. 8^ In Italian, Ven 1550, 
56, 58, or 161 1. 8°. f*. i68a. 4^*. In 
French by CI. Oniget, Par. 1552. 4°. and 
often; also, Toumon, 1604 or 16. 8°. and 
Rouen, 1643. 8**. In German by J. B. 
Gross, Strb. 1570. 4'*- Nrb, 1668. 4^ In 
Dutch, Am9t. 1588. 8^ Consult Arttgny 
Memoires, I> 415 etc. . 

13917 — historia imperial y cesarea. 
Bas., Oporino, 1547. fol. 

Also, SeviUa, Roberti$, 1547. foL An- 
vers, Nucio, 1561. fol. Madr. 1655. fol. 
In Italian, Ven. 1561, 83, 89, 9;, and 
1644. 4**» In German (by Luc. Zoleck- 
hofer), Bas. 1564. fol. In English, Lond. 
1623. 4*. 

13918 — dialogos eruditos. Ed. X. 
Madr. lyOy. 8^ 

Also, Alcala, 1551. 8*. Anvers, 1561, 
12*. Zarag. 1562. 12". SeviUa^ 1570. 8*. 
In Italian by Alf. d'Ulloa, Ven. 1557. 4**. 
In French, Par. 157 1. 8^ 

13919 MESUE. J. Incipit liber J. 
Mesne de complexionib., proprie- 
tatib., electionib. operationibusque 
medicinarum laxativar. — Incipit 
practica J. Mesue de medicinis par- 
ticularium aegritudinum. — Pt. Ap- 
poni in librum J. Mesue additio. 
(Ven., Clemens Patavinus sacer^ 
dos), 5 id. Jun. 147 1. fol. 3 parts 
in I vol. 

The first edition, and very fine. The 
ist part has 98 leaves, the 2nd (at the end 
of which is the date) 103, the 3rd 30 and 
3 blank leaves besides. In 2 columns with 
39 lines, without sigpoatures, catchwords, 
and pagination. The ist or 2nd part is 
sometimes met with by itself. Concerning 
the printer, see Sanlimder Diciionn. III. 

13920 — J. Nazareni filii Mesue 

Orabbadim medicinar. universalium 

(liber). — Ejusd. medicinar. particu- 

larium liber. Without place or date 

(about 1471). fol. 2 parts in i vol. 

96 and 105 leaves with lines running all 
across the page. With the letter of N. 
Gupalatinus, Ven, 1471, which had al- 
ready appeared in the preceding work. 

13921 — liber de consolatione medi- 
cinar. simplicium solutivar. Me- 




diol., Ph. Lavania^ 4 Aug. 1473. 

fol. in 2 columns. 
Pi. Apponi Additio is appended. 

13922 — de medicinis aegritudinum 
liber. Pt. Apponi additio. Neap., 
Bertold. Hying, 12 Jan. 1475. ^^^' 
2 parts in i vol. 

13923 — liber de consolatione medi- 
cinar. simplicium solutivar. Lugd., 
Mt. Husz et J. Silber, 31 Mart. 

1478. fol. Gothic letter. 

In 2 columns, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. It is not noticed 
in Panzer, and is the first typogpraphical 
production of Husz and Silber. — Opp. 
Ven,y Rainald, Nomomag.f prid. cai. Febr, 

1479. ^^^' ^o^<^ letter, 392 leaves in 1 

13924 — opp. omnia, ex duplici trans- 
latione, altera antiqua, altera nova 
Jac. Sylvii. Ace. annotatt. J. Ma- 
nardi, Jac. Sylvii et Ant. Marini. 
On^iia ab eod. Marino castigata. 
Ven., Valgris., 1561. fol. with 

The copies with the new title, id., ici., 
1562. fol. are less fine. Also Ven,^ Junta, 
1589. fol. ib, 1602 or 35. fol. 

13925 — libro della consolatione delle 

medicine simplici solenni. {Mo- 

dena), J. Vurster, 25 Jun. 1475. 


The first edition of this word-standard 
work : cited by the academy della Crusca 
frcHn a MS. 

13926 — il libro della consolatione 
delle medicine simplici solutive. 
Fir., without the printer's name 
or date (about 1490). small fol. 

With the signatures a^B and 34 lines, 
without catchwords and pagination. An 
extremely scarce edititm of the same trans- 
lation, 2uid preferable to the preceding. 
Also, Ven.y Zani, 1487. fol. Ven,, Q«a- 
rengiiy 1493. fol. Ven.y Arrivabene, 1521. 
fol. / lUfH de i $emplici purgativi e delie 
metUcine composte, nuovam, trad* in lingua 
ital. Ven, 1559 or 89. 8**. ib. 1621. 4*". 

13927 METASTASIO, Pt. Opere 
(ediz. data dall' abate Pezzana). 
Par., vedova H^rissant, 1780-82. 
large 8**. 12 vols, with 38 plates. 

A very fine edition and still greatly 
prized, and quite out of print. 200 copies 
on Dutch paper in 4**. Reprinted, Ven., 
Zatia, 1781-83. I2^ 16 vols, with plates 


The following also have some worth : Par^y 
Quillau, 1755-33. 8^ 12 voIL (also on 
laige and on Dutch paper). Par. 1773-83. 
12°. 8 volL Torino, 1757-88. 8^ 14 voIL 
Ven. 1 781. 12**. 16 vols, withplatei. Land, 
(Livomo), 1782. 12^ 12 vols, with plates. 
Nizza, 1783-87. I^^ 22 vols, (with 5 vols. 
Lettere, and 2 vols. Osservaxioni). Ven* 
1798. I2^ lovolL ib. 1813. l8^ i4vaU. 
Padova, 1812. 8^ 17 vols, with plates (92 
lire). Fir. 1814. I6^ 14 volL 

13928 — opere. Livomo, (lainba, 
1811-12. large 8°. 17 vols, with 
plates. Also on vellum paper. 

Containing augmentations. The iJates 
are copies of those in the Paris edition o€ 

13929 — opere illostrati di noti e 
dilucidazioni grammaticali da Zotti. 
Lond. 1813. 12°. 6 voll. (3I. 38.) 

13930 — tutte le opere. Mantova, 
1816-20. 12®. 20 vols, with 62 

The best of the modem editions in point 
of beauty and correctness. 

13931 — opere. Milano, Silvestri, 
1817. 12^ T2 vols, with 38 plates 
(36 fr., on vellum paper 60 fr.). 

Also copies on blue paper. Opere seeiie 
da NarArd, Lond. 1806. 12^ 2 volL 
Opere soelte. Avifffum, 1808. 18°. 6 vols, 
are also neat. 

13932 — opere postume, date alia 
luce dair ab. Conte d* Ayala. Vi- 
enna, Alberti, 1795. 8®. 3 voll. 
Also in 4^ and in 12°. 

Containing his correspondence, which is 
not very interesting, but it serves as a sup- 
plement to the earlier editions. 

13933 — tragedies-op^, trad, en 
fran*;. (par Richelet). Vienne, 175 1 
-61. 12°. 12 voll. Dramas and 
poems, transl. by Hoole. Lond. 
1800. 8°. 3 vols. Also on lai^ 
paper (il. iis. 6d.). 

13934 METEREN, Emm. van. Ne- 

derlandsche Historien. €U>rkani, 

1765. 8^ 10 voll. 

At first under the title, Belgieehe Hietorie 
van tmaen tyden. Deif, 159^. foL Then 
under this title, Commentarten ofte Me^ 
morien van den Nedertandtseken Staei, 
Handel, Oorloghen ende Getchiedemesen. 
Op SehoUandt buyien Danswpek, 1608. foL 
Amst., Schipper, 1647 or 63. fd. with 
plates, were fonnerly celebrated as the best 
editions. In Latin (only books 18-28) by 


Ct^ Bob, witboat place, 1610. fol. of whidi 
Anhem. 1693. ioL is only a new title. In 
Preadi by J. de la Haye, Ha^e, 1618. foL 
In Gennan (books 1-18). T. I. without 
phee, ]6ii. T. II. Amheim^ 1600. fol. 
i ToiiL with plates. The same tranabtion, 
tai 1 ooolinuatioa up to 1638 (or books 
19-55), is contained in AmsLy Janssoriy 
1617.40. ibl. 4 vols, with plates. (Amst., 
Bmmf 1669. ^ '^th the same plates, is 
odfi new title to the first 2 vols or books 
1-J8.) Am$i,, Biaeuy 163^35. fd. 2 vols, 
widi phtes, contains a new and more cor- 
rect tr an ils tio n, and another continuation 
•f 1613.32. In order to have both the 
wmii t nstioiw, the 3rd and 4th vols, of the 
pnoediog tnosbtion is sometimes added to 

M£THERI£, see Dsuuf ethbrib. 

13W5 METHODIUS. Opera gr. 

bt. in Amphilochii Opp. Par. 1644. 

fol. Abo in Gallandi Bibl. PP. 

in. 670 etc 

13W6 — oonvivium decern yirginum. 
Leo Allathis primus gr. vulgavit, 
bt vertit, notas et diatr. de Me- 
tWior. scriptis adjecit. Roinae, 
1656. 8**. Conyiyium virginum, 
nunc prim. edit, et latinit. dona- 
twniPt. Posdno. Par. 1657. fol. 
Abo in Cambefisii Auctar. noviss. 
biUgr. PP. I. 64-162. 

The notes of Alladus and Piwsinus also 
b Bippd^ Opp. ed. Fabric. II. 96 etc. 
Stmo 4e Hbero arbUrio gr, lot. in MeurtU 
Op^ T. VIII. Flor. 1741. fd. J, And, 
S^ Comm. de Methodio. Altorf,i'!S7.4\ 

METHOD US grammaticfle^ see 

GlAlOfATICJB, N08. 8769-70. 

13W7 METJE, Fr. Tesoro escon- 
w> de todos los mas famosos ro- 
Bunces asd antiguos como moder- 
QOi del Cid, con los romances de 
k)i oete infiantes de Lara. Barce- 
Jont, Sb. de Cormellas, 1626. 8°. 

13838 METOCHITA, Thdr. Hi- 
itorie Romane a JuL Caes. ad Con- 
«Mtin. M. liber (pr. lat.) J. Meur- 
«nit primns vulgavit et in ling. lat. 
tramtolit notasque addidit. LB., 
Cobter, 1618. 4^ Also on large 

Aho hi Meurm Opp. T. VII. It b not 
br Mecodiita, but b a part of the 3rd book 
Of ^ Annab oT Mdi. Olycas. 

^^^ — miscellanea philosophica et 

MEU 1099 

historica, gr. Textum e cod. Ci- 
cenzi descripsit lectionisque varie- 
tatem ex aliquot aliis codd. enota- 
tam adjec. Ch. Gf. Miiller. Pr«f. 
est Tbph. Kiessling. Lps.^ Vogel^ 
1821. 8^ 

13940 — specimina operum Thdr. 
Metochittt, quee inscribuntur vfro. 
fivrffutrurfioi km oi^ficMMrctv yvwiwtai, 
cum prsef. et notis prim. Tulgata a 
Jano Blocb. Havn. 1790. 8°. 

13941 — in physicor. libros VIII. et 
parva naturaba paraphrasis^ lat. per 
Gentian. Hervetum. Has. 1559. 4°. 

13942 METRA, And. II mentore 
perfetto dei n^ozianti. Trieste, 
»793"-97- 4°- 5 voll. 

METROLOGIE, see Paucton. 
METROPHANES, see Chitopu- 


13943 METTRIE, Jul. Offray de«la. 
CEuvres pbilos. Berl. 1774. 8**. 2 
voll. Amst. 1774. 12**. 3 voll. 

13944 METZ, Cr. Mt. Imitations 
of ancient and modem drawings^ 
from the restoration of the arts in 
Italy to the present time (in Engl, 
and Fr.). Lond. 1798. large fol. 
with 109 plates in aquatinta. 

Offered for sale at 14L by Longman. 

13945 — imitation of drawings by 
Parmegiano. Lond. 1790. oblong 
fol. 34 plates. 

13946 MEUNG, J. de. Le codicile 

et testament de maistre Jehan de 

Meun. Par., Mch. le Noir, 1501. 

4°. Gothic letter. 

There b also an undated edition in 4*". 
Abo with the Roman de la rose in the 
editions of 1735, an VII. and 1810. 

13947 — les sept articles de la foy 
et les proverbes dorez, selon J. de 
Meun, avec aucunes remontrances 
qu'il a fait au roy. Par., Verard, 
'503. 8°. Gothic letter, with wood- 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Paris. Reprinted in the same editions 
of the Rom. de la rote. 

13948 — cy sont les loys des tres- 
passes avecques lejpelerinaige mai- 
stre J. de Meun. Brehant-Lodeac, 



par FoQcquet et Cres^ 3 Jan. 1484. 

4''. 8 leaves. . 

The fint typographical prodnction of this 
littie town in Bretagne, and very scaroe. 

13949 — le miroir d^alchymie, k table 

d'^meraudes d' Hermes, et le com- 

mentaire d'Hortulain sur la dite 

table. Par. 1612. 8°. 

See also DEsritircTioir, No. 6030, Jeu^ 
and Roman de la rose. 

13950 MEURSIUS, J. Opera se- 

lecta, quae ad antiquitatem et hi- 

storiam grsecam spectant, in tres 

tomos distincta. Opus rarissimum 

et quantivis pretii, cujus dno tan. 

turn exemplana in terrar. orbe dan- 

tur. LB., Pt. van der Aa, 1724. 

fol. 3 volL 

The publidier took out of 2 copies of 
the Thesaur. AnHq. Gr. all the treatises of 
Meursiiis printed therein, and put them 
tdgether in this production under a sepa- 
rate title ; consequently the pagination and 
signatures do not run regularly on. By 
this nieans he formed 1 slog^ copies, as 
the title states. Count BQnau bought the 
Dresden copy at Sdlius's 2nd sale at Leip- 
sic in 1738 for 1% d. 4 gr. 

13951 — opera omnia, quorum quse- 

dam in hac ed. primum parent. Ex 

recens. et cum scholiis J. Lamii. 

Flor., regiis typis, 1741-63. large 

fol. 12 vols, with plates. 

A very valuable collection, and not often 
to be met with in Oermany. It is en- 
lai^ged with many pieces not before printed, 
and particularly the impressions of the daS' 
sics edited by Meursius, contained in vols. 
6-8, have new and valuable apparatus from 
Florentine MSS. But Lami was not ac- 
quainted with his MS. of Cyprus and AAo- 
dus in his own handwritings and revised, 
which is in the library of St. Mark (JHo- 
relli Bibl. MS. I. 439 sq. 444 sq.). 
On die other hand, the collection of letters 
to Meursius (in the Leipsic University 
litoury), described in the AUg, UU. An- 
Meig. 1799, p^ 1461, was already printed 
here in the nth vol. The 9th vol., or the 
Jffitt. DanioOf was also sold by itself with 
a separate title (Flor. 1 746. foL). — Before 
^lis oc^leetion, the ooDeotions of single 
pieces were greatly sought after: such a 
one there is in Bibl. Bigoi. IV. 13. 

13952 — glossarium graeco-barbamm. 
LB., L. Elzevier, 1614. 4^ 

Also in SoapukL LB. 1651. fioL 


13953 — Athene Batarn a. de orbe 

Leidensi et academia virisque clans, 

qui utramque illustrarunt, libri II. 

LB., Cloucq et Elsevirii, 1625. 4''. 

with 50 portraits. 

Also, ib. 1675. 4^ with portraits. Pre- 
viously withcut the aothor*s name, under 
the title, lUutiris aeadetma Lugd-Baiavtu 
LB. 1613. 4^ with 33 portraits; and /Ihi- 
sirium NoUandUe et fFettfrisUt ore Htmm 
ahna aead. Leidentie. LB. 161 4. 4"*. with 
the same portraits. 

13954 MEURSIUS, J. (rather N. 
Chorisb). Aloisiae Sigeae Tole- 
tan» Satyra Sotadica, de arcanis 
amoris, et Veneris. Aloisia Hi- 
spanice scripsit. Latinitate donavit 
J. Meursius. V. C. Without pkce 

or date. 12°. 

8 leaves of preliminarv matter widi die 
signatures attt; and anj (»c, the last a 
leaves blank); then the first 5 dialogues 
on 165 pages with the signatures A^Gsi 
after them. Pars aiiera. Veneres, or the 
6th dialogue, with a half-title and 78 
pages, and the signatures H^L ^ At the 
end a leaf, on the folio recto of whidi is an 
epigram (DicUe grammatici etc.). 

That neither Sigeea nor Meuiwus, Is. 
Vossius nor J. Westrenen, had the least 
part in this work, but that the parliament- 
advocate N. Chorier of Grenoble (see above^ 
No. 4110) was the real author, and diat 
there never was a Spanish original, is ge- 
nerally known: see Artigng Mimoires, 
T. II. p. 18 etc T. III. p. XXI sq. MiU 
lin Annal. Enegol. 1817, VI. 1 74. G^rdtm 
De Pereel Bibl. des remans^ II. 319 etc. 
Barbier DicL des anon. II. 490 etc. III. 
431. JN'ova ndscelL Lips. IX. 324 etc 
The Arst edition appeared, widiout mention 
of the place of printing or the date (1650- 
60), at Nicolas*s of Grenoble, and contains 
only 6 dialogues. The edition above de- 
scribed might perhaps be this first edition, 
unless it be Uuit specified in the catalogue 
of the Paris library, under K2, Now 1442, 
the title of which somewhat deviates. Aim- 
sia . . . Veneris, ex hispan. semume m lot, 
eonversa a J. Meursio. Without place or 
date. Ia^ The and edition, also undated, 
which appeared at Geneva, is enlaigod with 
a 7th dialogue, and is very incorrect. 

13955 — J. Meursii elegantie latini 
sermonis. Without place or date 

(Holland, about 1670). la**. 

A neat edition. First the above half- 
title and 2 leaves, Monitum lectori ( Vive- 
bat ante annos etc). These 3 unpaged 
leaves reckon as p. i-^. Then p. 7-166, 
the first 5 dialogues, with die signaitiires 


^4-G6t next PSort mU$rmy or the 6Ui 
dalogoa, with a half-titley an adTerUse- 
■KiU (dif ^A)fv. Sip, J, Vastri iestimo- 
i), and 73 pages. Then p. 74-86: 
medetuH mrdorem hbidmu mttH- 
P. 87-106 : Colloquium VII. Fe- 
P. 407-909 1 Do kmUbm Aloi- 
P. 310^331: Summo viro 
Efyma hortU. P. 133-338: 
0tHookitaooH voTwious oononu. 
This and part from p. i onwards has the 
aigaatnivs JT-J? 6.— Gordon de Peroel in 
ike BihL de» romansy II. 319, mentions 
another undated edition, printed in Hol- 
kgad, in which the i^Mltofia tfrrcni^ of Are- 
tino ia to be foond. 

139&6 — Aloisitt Sigses Toletanse 
aatyra lotadica de arcanis amoris et 
Veacria. Editio nova^ emendatior 
et anctkir. Accessit colloquiDm 
ante hac non editam^ Fescennini 
ex M. S. recens reperto. Amstelo- 
duni, 1678. 12^ 

Pr in te d in Germany. First 19 nnnum- 
heied leares (title, Summo viro AMsia ex 
EffmJM kotiisy and Tti^^ronw Geneth^a- 
e9m) : dien p. 1-1149 the fintt 5 dialogues 
(the ind and 3Td are united into one, and 
there are some aherations in the style), 
with the s^natures A-K 4, p. 115-324 : 
Part II. or the 6th dialogue, with the sig- 
natures A-E6. Then Part III. or the 
7th dialogue (t half-title, and p. 1-161, 
widi the signatures A-Gs)i and on the 
I e r as e of the i6ist and on the following 
unmunbered leaf, De IdutKbus Aknsim 



1)947 — J. Meursii elegantiie latini 

temoBia. Pt. Aretini Pomodida- 

■cahtt etc. Without place or date 

(about 1 750). small 8^. 430 pages. 

This edition, aoffmented with the Por- 
''^~ ^tts, ooatams in other respects the 
No. 13955, only in a different 
Aoeording to Freytag^s aooount, 
pL 139^ it a ppea red at Hamburgh or Gdt- 
tiaCSB hf Afar. Vaadenhoek. 

U958 — J. Meursii elegantise sermo- 

■la latini aeu Aloisia Sigaea Tole- 

taom de arcanis amoris et Veneris ; 

adjectia fragmentis quibusd. eroticis 

(edid. Meet). LB., tjpis Elzev. 

(Par,, Grangi)^ ^757« i^*** * parts 

m I ToL 

On Dbtch paper, scarce and sought after. 
AbOk Bkwinghamia^ 1770. 12**. 2 voll. 
Withoot pboe, 1774- 8^ or 1 vols. I3^ 

11959 — Alojsia ou entretiens aca- 

d^miques des dames. Without place 
(Holland), 1680. Ia^ 

This trandadon is by the advocate Nico- 
las of Grenoble, son to the bookseller of 
that place. Also with the title. Lea $epi 
entretiene taiynquee d*Aloytia, Col, i68i. 
12^ AMtim eu Paeadimie dee damee en 
sept eniretieru aalyriquesy augmeniie de 
nouveau. Col, 1693. I2^ ib, 1700. ia% 

13960 — Tacad^mie des dames ou les 
sept entretiens galans d'Aloisia. 
Ven., Pt. Aretin, without date. 1 2**. 

The same translatioii. The scarcest and 
finest edition. Over the columns, instead 
of pagination, are small roses. There are 
also copies with 36 indecent plates. A l^s 
scarce edition, with the same place of print- 
ing, in I2^ has 371 pages. Both were 
printed in Holland. — The following is a 
translation of only a part : A dialogue be* 
tween a married lady and a maid. Land, 
1662. 13^ 47 pages. 

13961 MEURVIN. L'histoire du 
preux Meurvin, fils d*Ogier le Da. 
nois. Par., Pt. Sergent^ 1S40' 8°. 
Gothic letter. 

Also, Par, 1539. 4*. Godiic letter. 

13962 — I'hist. du preux et vaillant 
chevalier Meurvin, fils d'Oger le 
Danois. Par., N. Bonfons, without 
date (1583). 4**. with woodcuts. In 
Roman characters in 2 columns. 

13963 MEUSEL, J. G. Das gelehrte 
Deutschland od. Lexikon der jetz- 
leb. deutsch. Schriftsteller. 5. Ausg. 
Lemgo, Meyer, 1 796-1 821. 8°. 18 
voll. (36 d. 8 gr.) J. Sm. Ersch 
Verzeichn. aller anon]mi. Schrr. u. 
Aufsatze in der 4. Ausg. des gel. 
Deutschl. u. deren 1-5. Nachtrage. 
Lemgo, 1788-96. 8*^. 4 parts in i 
vol. ( I d. 20 gr.) 

13964 — Lexikon der vom J. 1750- 
1800 verstorbn. deutsch. Schrift- 
steller. Lpz., Fleischer^ 1802-16. 
large 8^ 1 5 voll. (45 d. 1 2 gr.) 

13965 — (arum,) Betrachtt. uber die 
neuest. histor. Schrr. Altenb. 1 769 
-73. 8"*. 5 voll. (6 d. 6 gr.) ForU 
ges. Betrachtt. Halle, 1774-78. 8^ 
4 voll. (4 d. 12 gr.) Neueste Li- 
terati der G^esdiichtskunde. Erf. 
1778-80. 8^ 6 parts (2d. 12 gr.). 
Histor. Literatur. Erl. 1781-85. 
8^ 9 voll. (17 d. 8 gr.) Literar. 



Annalen der G^eschichtsknnde. Bair. 
1786-87. 8°. 8 pieces (2 d.). 

13966 — der G^escbichtsforscher. 
Halle, 1775-79. 8^ 7 parts (4 d. 
16 gr.). Histor. Untersuchiingen. 

1. Bd. 1-3. St. Nrb. 1778-80. 8^ 
(2 d.) Beitrr. zur Erweit. der 
Geschichtskunde. Augsb. 1780- 
8a. 8**. 2 voll. (2 d.) Histor.Jite- 
rar. Magazin. Bair. u. Lpz. 1785- 
87. 8®. 4 parts (2 d.). Histor.- 
literar.-bibliograpb. Magazin. Z&r. 
u. Chemn. 1788-94. 8°. 8 pieces 
(5 d. 16 gr.). 

13967 — Miscellaneen artist. Inbalts. 
Erf. 1 779-87. 8°. 30 parts (5 d.). 
Museum fiir Kunstler u. Kunst- 
liebhaber. Manh. 1787-92. 8^ 18 
pieces (5 d. 4 gr.). Neues Mu- 
seum etc. Lpz. 1794-95. 8^ 4 
pieces, with plates (2d. 16 gr.). 
Neue Miscellaneen fur Kiinstler u. 
Kunstliebh. Lpz. 1795-1803. 8"*. 
14 pieces, with plates (7 d.). Ar- 
chiv. fiir Kunstler u. Kunstfreunde. 
Dresd. 1803-8. 8°. 4 pieces, with 
plates (4 d. 22 gr.). 

13968 — deutsches Kunstlerlexikon. 

2. Ausg. Lemgo, Meyer, 1808-9. 
8^ 3 volL (5 d. i2gr.) 

See also Stbuve. 

13969 MEXIA, Ferrantd. Libro 

intitulado nobiliario perfetamente 

copylado et ordenado. Sevilla, Pt. 

Brun y J. Gentil, 30 Jun, 1492. 

fol. Gothic letter. 

A very scarce edition of an esteemed 
work. 96 leaves in 1 columns, with the 
signatures a-m. Santander, Dictumn. III. 
171. doubts an edition, ib,, iid.j 1485. foL 

MEXIA, Pt., see Messia. 

13970 MEYER, J. Dn. Angeneh- 
mer u. niitzl. Zeitvertreib mit Be- 
trachtunff curioser Vorstellungen 
allerhand kriechender, iliegender u. 
schwimmender Thiere. Nrb. 1748 
-56. large fol. 3 vols, with illumin- 
ated plates. 

The first 1 yoIs. have each 100 ]^ates; 
the 3rd has 40 very unfiuthful plates. 

MEYER, Rdf., see Todtbntanz. 
MEYGRET, see Mkiorbt. 

13971 MEYRICK, Sm. Rush. His- 


tory and antiquities of the county 
of Cardigan. Lond. 1810. 4^ with 
20 plates (4I. 4s.). 

MEYSSENS, see Effigies, No. 

13972 MEZERAY, Fr. Eudes de. 

Histoire de France depuis Phara- 

mond jusqu'^ maintenant (1598), 

avec un abreg^ de la vie de chaque 

reine. Par., Guillemot, 1643— 51. 

foL 3 vols, with plates. 

The original edition, greatly prised, cook- 
plete copies of which are very scarce. The 
following leaves are uisually wanting : T.I. 
the title-plate, the portrait of Louis XIV. 
on horseback ; a leaf, on the foHo r^eto of 
which are to be found verses en style Utpi~ 
daire, and on the reverse the portrait of 
the queen sitting with her two oiildren ; a 
dedication to the queen, with a copy of 
the Privilegium of the work ; the pre£Me 
with the signature a %* ; p. 161 the signa- 
ture P (on the reverse a portrait of Chari^ 
magne), and inunediately after it another 
leaf without a signature, also with a portrait 
of the same ; underneath and on the reverse 
is text (printed in italics) and the catdi- 
word Charlemagne. Between p. 312 and 
23 (or 316 and 337) an unnumbered leaf 
with a portrait of queen Bertha or Emine^ 
on the reverse her liie. The leaf N'niiJ 
should be twice over. The signature Oo haa 
7 leaves, so that p. 425 and 426 are only 
numbered on thefoRo recto, — T. II. a title- 
plate before the printed title ; p. i. the sig- 
nature a t^, with a leaf fc^wmg it; p. 5. 
the signature A v—- T. III. after the title 
a dedication of July i, 1651, to Oeovge 
William duke of Brunswick. Between the 
table of contents of the history of Heniy IIL 
and p. 685 (where the history of Henry IV. 
begins) are 4 leaves, which contain a title 
to the first part of the history of Henry IV. 
printed in red and black, and a dedioatiaii 
of July 29, 1651, to the same duke of 
Brunswidc. Moreover, p. 683 medals of 
the queen Louise, with a medallion of 
Henry IV. on the reverse ; and lastly the 
signatures RR rr if. These last 4 leaves 
are very frequently wanting, which greatly 
diminishes the price. Copies without any 
of the canceb are of no value. In the veiy 
scarce copies on large paper (810 fr. Val- 
li^re, 410 fr. McCarthy), which commonly 
have spots of mildew, all the above-men- 
tioned cancels are almost always wanting. 
The edition. Par. 1685. fol. 3 vols, (also 
on laive PM^er) is very little esteemed, aa 
the b<Mder passages are omitted. — In En- 
glish, Land. 1683. foL In Dutch, by Q. 
van Broekhuisen, Anut. 1685. 4^. with 


13973 — > abr^i§ chronologiqne de 
llustoire de ^unce. Amst., Wolf, 
gang, 1673-74. small 8^ 6 vols, 
with plates. 

A oflBi editioii, and tbe only one sought 
after: to whidi may be joined his ^tffoirv 
dir /V01CV aoant CUms, AnuL 1688 or 
96. amall 8*. Par. 1668. 4". 3 vols, and 
a. 1676. 13*. 8 rob. are good. The edi. 
tians of 4 volt, in 4*. or 14 vols, in 12°. 
{AmgL 1740), with a cootinuation by Li- 
miers, are cheap. The above edition of 
1673 may be completed by adding a sepa- 
nte edition of this continuation, Amsi, 
1710. la*. 

13974 MIASKOWSKI, Csp. Zbior 
rythmow. w Poznaniu, Rosso wski, 
i6aa. 4^ 2 ports in i voL 

13975 MIBCHAR happeninim s. de- 
lectus margaritarum cum Anonymi 
oommeotario (hebr.). Soncini^ Jo- 
tna ben Israel Nathan, 244 (1484). 
4°. 59 leaves. 

13976 MICALI, Gins. L' Italia 
avanti il dominio dei Romani. Fir., 
Tattij 1810. 8^ 4 vols, and an 
alias in fol. On vellum paper (55 

Tbe adas contains 60 plates and i map. 
There an 15-20 copies on a larger and 
finer reOnm paper than usual. 

13977 MICALIA, Jac. Thesaurus 
Hngaae iUyr. s. dictionarium illyr., 
in quo verba illyr. italice et lat. 
reddantar. Laureti, 1649- ^''• 

13978 — grammatica linguae illyr. 
Lanreti, 1649. 8°. 

Canally with the preceding. 

U979 MICHAEL Angelus pinxit, 
Adam sculptor Mantuanus incidit. 
1546. 4^ 

This it the title of a scarce copper-pbte 
vork of 74 leaves, including a portrait 
tf M. Angelo. See also Buowailboti. 

13980 MICHAEL (de Carcano) de 
tfeduJano. Sermonanum triplica- 
tnm per adventum et per duas qua- 
draeenmas. Ven., Fr. de Hailbrun Franckfordia, 1476. 4**. 
Gothic letter. 

In t cohmuM with signatures. Count 
M^iux posMsaes a copy on vdlum. 

13861 MICHAELER, C. Tabnls 
pmlklc antiquiasimar. teuton, lin. 

MIC 1108 

gutt dialector. (Eniponti, 1776. 8*». 

13982 MICHAELIS, J. Bj. Poet. 
Werke (herausg. von Oh. H. 
Schmid). Marb., Krieger, 1780. 
8^ 2 voll. (i d. 12 gr.) 

13983 MICHAELIS, J. D. Hebr. 
Grammatik. Halle, 1778. 8°. (8 
gr.) — Grammatica syriaca. Hal. 
1784- 4''' (« d. 4 gr., on writing 
paper i d. 12 gr.) Syr. Chresto- 
mathie. Gdtt. 1786. 8°. (20 gr.) 
— Grammat. chaldaica. Gdtt. 1 77 1. 
8^ (t2 gr.)— Arab. Grammatik. 
2. Aufl. Gdtt. 1781. 8°. (2 d.)— 
Supplementa ad lexica hebr. Gott. 
1784-92. 4**. 6 parts in 2 vols. 
(10 d.) 

£dm. Castellus (see above) belonga 
to the last work. 

13984 — Einleit. in die gottl. Schrif- 

ten des alten Bundes. i. Th. 1. 

Abschn. (Job and Genesis). Hmb. 

1787. 4^ (1 d. 4gr.) Einleitung 

in die gottl. Schrr. des N. B. 4. 

Ausg. G6tt. 1787-88. 4^ 2 voll. 

(6 d.) [Introduct. to tbe N. T. 

translated and considerably augm. 

by Herb. Marsh. Cbr. 1793. 8°. 

2 vols. Lond. 1802. 8°. 6 vols. 

(3I. 38.) Also on large paper.] 

Herb. Marsh Anmerkk. u. Zu- 

satze zu Michaelis Einleit. ins N. 

T., iibs. von E. F. C. Rosenmiiller. 

Gdtt. 1795-1803- 4''- a voU. (3 d. 
12 gr.) 

13985 — Mosaisches Recht. Ff. a. 
M. 1775-1803. 8^ 6 voU. (4 d. 
20 gr.) [Commentaries of the laws 
of Moses, transl. from the German 
by Alex. Smith. Lond. 18 14. 8°. 
4 vols. (2I. 8s.)]— Orient, u. exe- 
get. Bibl. Ff a. M. 1771-89. 8^ 
24 parts, with 2 appendices (11 d. 
10 gr.). Neue or. u. exeget. Bibl. 
Gott. 1786-92. 8°. 9 parts (3 d. 
18 gr.). 

See also Biblia, No. 2301. 

13986 MICHAUD, J. Histoire des 

Srogres et de la chute de I'empire 
e Mysore, sous les r^es de Hj^ 
derAlyetTyppooSaib. Par. 1801. 



S^. 2 vols* with plates and maps. — 

Histoire des croisades. Par. 1 8 1 2- 

17. 8^ 3 voll. (21 fr.) 

13987 MICHAULT Taillevant, Pt. 

Cy commence le doctrinal du temps 

present^ compile par maitre Pierre 

Michault. Bruges, Colard Mansion^ 

without date, small fol. 

108 leavei, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. Probably the first 
edition, and very scarce. In leaf io8b, 
before the colophon, Cp fine etc, the year 
of the composition of the work (1460) is 
stated in the following quatrain : 

Ung trepier (M) et qutUre croissant (C) 
Par syx croix (A) aveo syx nains (I) 
Vousferont estre congnoissans 
SansfailHr de mon nUUaire. 

Concerning a contemporary MS. see CaL 
VallUre, II. 2'jj. 

13988 without place or date. 

fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

An M and very fine edition. 145 leaves 
with the signatures a~i. It b^ns with a 

{prologue to the duke of Buigundy. In 
eaf 145* after the above quatrain, Ung 
trepier, there follow 16 other verses, the 
last of which is, Le doctrinal du temps prl^ 
sent hgri. 

13989 — le doctrinal de court, divis^ 
en douze chapitres selon Tordre du 
doctrinal de maistre Alexandre; 
compose par Pt. Michault, par le- 
quel Ton pent estre clerc sans aller 
^ I'escolle. Geneve, Jac. Vivian, 
1522. small 4**. Gothic letter, with 


The same work as the preceding. An 
edition, i6. 1530. 4^ (in $oubi8e*s CataL 
^o* 7374) i* ^y ^ typographical error, 
and the copy was of the edition of 1542. 

13990 — — Geneve, without the 
printer's name and date. 4^. Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts. 

1 18 leaves, with the signatures a^E. A 
pretended edition, %b, 1538. 4**. (Vallihv, 
Vll. sqq.) is only a copy of this undated 
edition, in the title of wUdi is the number 
jrjroiy, which signifies the number of lay- 
ers, not the year of printing. 

13991 — {anon) la dance des aveu- 
gles. Par., le petit Laurens, with- 
out date. 4^ Gothic letter. 

Also, Lyony without date. 4"*. Gothic 
letter. Par., veuce le Noir, without date. 
4**. Debmdine*s Lyons Catal. {BeUes let- 
irety No, 2603) has an edition, Genif)^, 


without die printer*8 name and date. 4*. 
with 4 woodcuts, without sig n atu re s, catch- 
words, and pagination ; the types of whidi 
are said to be like thoie with which Lova 
Cruse printed the BrMaire de Gmtive in 


13992 — (anofi.) la dance aux aveo- 
gles et autres ponies du 15. si^e 
extraites de la hihl. des dues de 
Bourgogne ( par Lambert - Doux 
fils). Lille, Panckoucke, 1748 (a 
new title, Amst. 1 749). small 8*^. 

An interesting and scarce coUectiao, in 
which is to be found, Le testament de Pt» 
de Nesson, La confession de la belle filler 
Le debat de Vhomme fmmdain et du re» 

13993 MICHAUX, And. Flora bo. 
realis- Americana, sistens characte- 
res plantar., quas in America sep- 
tentrionali coUegit et detexit. £d. 
nova. Par. 1820. 8°. 2 vols, with 
51 plates (27 fr.). 

13994 — histoire des chenes de TA- 
m^rique. Par., an IX. (1801). fol. 
with 36 plates (30 &., on vellum 
paper 60 fr.). 

13995 MICHAUX fils. And. His- 
toire des arbres forestiers de I'A- 
merique septentrionale. Par.^ Tau- 
teur, 1810-13. ^Ai^ ^'^' 3 ^^^ 
with 150 coloured plates (300 fr.). 

Also copies on vellum paper in 4**. with 
plain and coloured plates. The folkrRring 
is a new edition, with an English text: 
North-Amerioan sylvoy or a deseripHom ^ 
the forest-trees qf the United SiaieSy Ca- 
nada^ and Nova SeoHm. New^Uaoen, iS^o* 
8°. 3 vols, with 150 plates. 

13996 MICHEL, dit de Tours, 6u. 
La forest de conscience, contenant 
la chasse des princes spirituelle. 
Par., Mch. le Woir, 15 16 or 20. 
8^. Gothic letter. — Le penser de 
royal memoire. Par., J. de la Garde^ 
1 5 1 8. 4*^. Gothic letter. — Le si^e 
dore. Par., le Fevre, 152 1. small 
4"". Gothic letter. Also, ib., Gu. 
Fesandat, 20 Fevr. (15 21). 4**. Go- 
thic letter, with woodcuts, 92 leaves 
with the signatures A-Q. 

13997 MICHEL, J. Le mist^ de 
la resurrection de nostre seigneur 
Jesucrist (joue li Angiers trium- 
phament devant le roi de C^dk). 


Pte^ Ant. V^ard« without date. 

loL Gothic letter. 

135 la avc t with the signatures A-JS. 
Consult ooDoemiiig this very scarce work 
Miiamgn Uris dTune grande btbi. TV. 358 
•q. and my dascriptioa of the Royal library 
at l>readeii, in the list of French MSS. 
^ 73* P- 3M* Concerning another Mp- 
tteri de la rismmeAon, different from this, 




15998 — {anon.) le mystere de la 
ooooeptkm et nativite de la glo- 
rienae viei^ Marie; arecques le 
manage d'ioelle: la nativite^ pas- 
sioo, resiirrection et ascension de 
Jems-Christy jouea a Paris Tan 
1507. Par.« pour Geuffiroy de Mar- 
nef^ J. Petit et Mch. le Noyr ( 1 507). 
■nail £b1. Gothic letter, with wood- 

353 leares with the signatores A-Z and 
A-JC. A costly edition, containing three 
SSenmt mysteries in one vol. 

19999 — (anon.) le mystk-e de la con- 
ception* nativity mariage et annon- 
dation de la benoiste vierge Marie ; 
aTcc la nativity de Jesus-Christ et 
son enfiance, k 97 personnages. 
Par., reuve J. Trepperel, without 
date. 4^. Gothic letter. 

The Mpti, de la ptiuion and de la ri- 
gmnredkm are nsoaOy found in this as in 
the ly if^fiiig edition. 

ueoo* — (aaofi.) le myst^ de la 
ooBoeption^ nativite, manage et an- 
Boociation de la benoiste vierge 
Marie. Par., Alain Lotrian, with- 
out date. 4^. Gkythic letter. 

^ imres with the signatures A^Y. This 
single Bsyitery also, t£, tdL, 1539. 4^ QO' 
tibk letter, and Par., PL Sergenty withont 
dMe. 4*. Gothic letter. 

14690^ — (anon.) cy commeoe le mi- 
stare de la conceptio d' la glorieuse 
Tierge marie, la natiuite, t mariage 
dioeUe anec la natiuite de iesucrist 
I ao enfance. Par., Alain Lotrian 
et Denia Janot, without date. 4^. 

91 numbered leares and i unnumbered, 
ia 2 finiBinna, with the signatures A-T. 
CwMBlt eooceming this mystery, HitU 
«Mc dbs tke6inMy XI. 10 etc. 

14M1 — {anon.) le myst^e de la 
paaion de nostre aamueur Jdsus- 

Christ, mis en personnmes^ et joue 

moult triumphament k Angers I'an 

J 486. Par., J. Driard, 7 Mai i486. 

fol. Gothic lett^. 

First 7 leaves of preliminary matter (the 
first 2 with the signatures €MJ and aa ij, 
the 4 following without signafires, and the 
7th with the signature aj), then the text 
with the signatures a-jf and A-G. In the 
only known copy (40 fr. Gaiffnat) the title 
and last 2 leaves were competed in MS., 
so that the date is uncertain. Consult De* 
bure. No. 3187. 

14002 — cest le mistere de la passion 
jesu christ ioue a paris et a angiers. 
Par., pour Ant. v^rard, 1490. fol. 
Gothic letter, 2 parts in 1 vol. 

A very scarce edition. The first part has 
103 leaves with the signatures a~niUj (the 
last layer has only 7 kaves, instead of 8) ; 
the 2nd, 104 leaves with the signatures 
A-N Uij. A copv on vellum with minia- 
tures in the Royal library at Paris ; a 2nd 
with a miniature 1030 fr. Gaignat, 70X fr. 
Valli^ 1301 fr. McCarthy. 

14003 — c'est le mist^e de la passion 
Jesucrist^ joue k Paris et Angiers. 
Without place {Par.), printer's 
name, or date. fol. Gothic letter. 

216 leaves with the signatures A i, O iv, 
and A i~N iv. The colophon of this edi- 
tion, which is different from the preceding, 
is, CTeti la fin dn mistire de la passion 
nostre seigneur Jesucrisi qui fui JoiUe it 
Angiers et d Paris derrainemeni (sic) Pan 
mil ccec. ii^x et dix. 

14004 — le mistere de la passion de 
nostre seigneur iesuchrist nouuelle- 
ment imprimee {sic) a paris. Par., 
pour N. Despres, without date 
(about 1498). small fol. €U>thic 

206 leaves in 2 columns with die signa- 
tures o-iV. First is a Prologue eapiUdy 
whidi, leaf 6b ooL 2, h»s the subscription^ 
Cy commence le mislere tie la passion . . . 
Lequel mistere fut ioue a angiers et der^ 
nierement a parts Van 1498. 

14005 — c'est le myst^e de la passion 
de Jesu-Christ, joue a Pans et h 
Angiers. Par., Ant V^rard, 1499. 
fol. 207 leaves. 

A copy on paper, with 40 indifferent 
paintings en Gouache^ but with 17 stiltod 
{eaves (described in Debure, No. 3192), 
405 fr. Gaignat, 810 fr. MH^arthy (coffered 
for sale again at 900 fr.). 

14006 — le meme mjrst^ de la 

1106 MIC MID 

passion, avec les additions faites this mystery Hut, wdv, det thiAire$y XI. 

par tr^-61oquent et scientifique ao sq. — On account of the rfmilar tide 

K ^ ^ T n/r* 1 1 -D lOAy »*o be mentioned. La ptuwum et ia 

docteur maitre J. Michel. Par., rUurreothn deJ. c!aiee ietr^ et lee 

veuve J. Trepperel et J. Johannot, qwruu joyee de madame Marie, et ia vie 

without date. 4®. (Jothic letter. deVhomme; tragidieenvertbretont, Par.j 

164 numbered leases (but the numbering Quilievere, 1530. 16*. 

i^ipe at once from 89 to 100). Th«ie are 1^012 MICHEL de Nismes. J. L'em- 

three different editions with this title and v ^ 1 ^ j n 

of this firm in 4^, aU with the same num. *»™8 ^e la fiero de Beau<»ire. en 

bering of the leaves, but the number of vers burlesques vulgaris. Nismes, 

layers is differently specified in the titles without date. 8^. 

(48, 46, and 45).— There is the same Also in the RecueU dee poetes Gaeeome. 

numbering of the leaves, with the same 7". //. Amst. 1700. ii*". 

mistake in the numbering in Par., a Pen^ , .^laa MTPW1?r TTTQ Pt A«* 

teigne de la roee blanche (that is, Sim. 14013* MlCilJiL.IU», «. Ant. 

Co/iMirtn), without date. 4'. Nova plantar, genera juxta Tour- 

14007 — le mistere de la passion no- nefortii methodum disposita, quibus 
stre seigneur Jesucrist. Par., impr. Pjantae 1900 recensentur. Flor^ 
par Lepetit Laurens pour J. Petit, Papenni, 1729. fol. with 108 plates. 

without date, fol Gothic letter. ,^^ '^^^Z^^'A.t^ 

102 leaves with the signatures a--o tit;, ' ^^' 

and 104 leaves with the signatures A^NiHj, 14013^ — catalogus plantar, horti Ck. 

14008 — le mistere de la passion . . . sarei Plorentini. Flor., Papenni, 
avec les adictions et corrections ' 74°« ">1. with plates. 

faictes par maistre J. Michel, le- 14014 MICROCOSM of London (by 

quel mistere fut joue a Angiers ... R. Ackermann). Lond., Bensley 

et demierement a Paris Ian mil (1808-9). large 4°. 3 vols, with 

cinq cens et sept. (Par.), Mch. le 104 illuminated plates (13I. 13s.). 

Noir, 3 Fevr. 15 12. 4°. Gothic 14015 MIDDIMAN, S. Select views 

letter. in Great Britain. Lond., Boydell 

26a leaves with the signatures a~x and (1784-92 ). oblong 4°. with 53 

AA-^i. . , , , . plates (3I. 7s. 6d.). 

14009 — le mistere de la passion, Derigned to be in 25 parts, only 17 of 
avec les additions faictes par J. Mi- whidi appeared. 

chel. Par., Alain Lotrian, without 14016 MIDDLETON, Conyers. 

date. 4°. Gothic letter. Works. Lond., Manby, 1752-57. 

as4 leaves mth the signatures^-Z,^-Z, i^rge 4". 4 vols. Also on laroe 

t^tt.^^^tJ^:^^'- ^^- ^'- ^- 5 vol,, in 8». ^ 

urn ^Par Ph. le Noir, , 53^ wfr^Sl^Lt ^^ ^^^ SS^ 

or 37. 4^ Gothic letter. ^and. 1757. 4'. » vols. 

14011 — sensuitle mistere de la Pas. j^^jy _ gennana quaedam erudit« 

sion de nostre seigneur Jesuchrist. antiquitatis monumenta. Lond., 

Nouuellemet reueu i comge oultre Manby, 1745. 4°. with 23 plates, 

les precedentes impressions. Auec ^Iso on large paper, 

les additions faictes nar Maistre Also in the 4th fA. of the 4^ editkm of 

Jehan michel. Lequel mistere fut his works. 

ioue a Angiers et dernierement a 14018 — life of Cicero. Lond. iSoi. 

Paris 1539. Par., Alain Lotrian, * 8*». 3 vols. (il. 7s.) Also on large 

1539. 4°. Gothic letter, with bad paper. 

woodcuts. At first, Lond. 1741. 4*. a vols, (abo on 

153 numbered leaves and i unnumliered, lai^ psp^) > <u[i<l ^^n frequency, LemL 

in a columns, with the signatures a^KK. 1742, 8^ 3 vols. &c A rival to lus work. 

This edidon commences at once with the which praises Cicero, is Melmoth*s trans- 

Sermon de S. Jehan, and the Prologue lation of Cioero*s letters, which in every 

capital is omitted. Consult concerning way lowers him: oonnlt CiceroU Bri^ 


Mil IFiffand; II. 4g6.'-Isioria dsUa mta 
S Cieerone^ Vetu 1744. 8\ 5 yoU. Nap. 
1748-50. 4^ 5 ToU. J7I«<. de Ciciron 
IradL par Pr^wuL Par. 1743 or 49. 11**. 
4 von. In •ddition, LeUret de Cic, d 
.Artclvf, Irod. por Pr^voai, %b, 1744. ia°. 
ASm. GesehiefUe, C§ ZeiiaUer umjiwend, 
«A«. CKM» Gift. C. F. SeideL Danz. 1791- 
93. 8*. 4 TolL (3 d. 8 gr.) In Datch by 
W. J. ZflkMO, Uir. i8o3-4(. 8^ 3 voll. 


I40I9 — historm de la vida de M. 

T. CieeroQ, tradae. p<^ Jos. N. de 

Aaara. Madr.» isipr. real, 1790. 

4*. 4 Tols. with plates. 

Very findy printed, with good notes by 
die tfnuhfor. There it an iniiBrior edition 
(i30 im.) and a tplendid edition (190 n., 
the hmt baa 14 portraits from miginal 
bnsta). — Compendio de la vida de Cicenm. 
Mmdr. 1796.8^1 woSL 

\4920 MIECHOW, Mthi. de. (anon.) 

Tractatus de dnabus Sarmatiis, A- 

siana et Europiana, et de contentis 

ia eit. Cracov., J. Haller, 15 17. 

4*'. 34 leaTes. 

AhOi AV. (withont the printer's naiae) 
4 Aug. 15 18. 4^ Gothic letter, 29 leaves. 
In PiaUfrn Corp. kisi. Pol. I. I3i etc and 
in Lr. Muderi a Kolof Scrr. hitt. Pol. I. 

177 ece. which aho mentioos an edition, 
dme SmrmaHe trad, per Anmb. Maggi, 

Fem.j GioBto^ 156a. 8^ 

1¥I21 — {anon.) chronica Polono- 
mm. Cracoviie, Hi. Vietor, 1521. 
HdL with woodcuts. 



13 leaves of prdiminary matter and 379 
pilfei. The original edition, and scarce. 
Also in Pislorhu, II. i sq. There is usa- 
ally boand up with it, (Jod. L. Decii) De 
wehutmab. PoUmor. lib. I. de Jagellonum 
famiHu Rber II. de Sigismundi regis tern- 
parib. Kberlll. i6., id.^ 1531. foL 3 leaves, 
119 pages, and i leaf. 

14«t2 MIERIS, Fr. yan. Historie 
der Nederlandsdie Vorsten. Hage, 
Hoodty 1732-35. fol. 3 vols, with 
plates. Also on large paper and 
on imperial paper. 
The plates are by Houbraken, Picar^ 

14023 — groot Charterboek der €hraa- 

Ten Tan Holland, Zeeland en Vries. 

kwl. Leyd. I753-S^- ^^* 4 volL 

(10 fl.) 
14M4 MIERRE, Ant. Marin d'Ar- 


gis le. CEuvres. Par. 1810. 8°. 
3 vols. 

The two best known of his poems are, 
Leefaetes ou lee usages de Pannee. Par. 
1779. 8"*. and La peirUure. Par. (1769). 
4**. with plates. 

14025 MIFSUD, Ign. X. Biblioteca 
Maltese. Parte I, che contiene 
1' istoria cronologica e le notizie 
della persona e delle opere degli 
scrittori nati in Malta e Gozo sino 
air anno 1650. Malta^ Capaci, 
1 764. fol. 

No more seems to hare appeared. 

14026 MIKHITHAR Vartabiet. 
Grammatiea linguae Armenicae. 
Ven. 1730. 4®. 

In the Turkish language, and in Arme- 
nian characters. O&er statements have, 
Janua grammaHea lingua Armenm. Ven. 
1717. 4^ There is also by the same au- 
thor a Lexicon veteris Ungues Armetur. 
Ven, (about 1727). 4". a volL 

MIKRE, see Makrb, No. 12844. 

14027 MILBURN, W. Oriental 
commerce, containing a geographi- 
cal description of the principal 
places in the East Indies, China, 
and Japan, with their produce, ma- 
nufactures, and trade. Lond. 1813. 
large 4?. 2 vols. (61. 6s.) 

MILES, see Millbs. 
MILET, see Millet. 

14028 MILIOTTI, Alfonse. De. 
scription d'une collection de pierres 
grav^ qui se trouvent au cabinet 
imperial de Petersbourg. T. I. 
Vienne, Camesina, 1805. fol. with 
126 plates (17 d.). Also on large 
paper and on vellum paper. 

The and vcA., with plates 127-143, is 
ready, but not yet published. 

MILITARIS rei scriptores^ see 


14029 MILIZIA, Fr. Memorie degli 
architetti antichi e moderni. Parma, 
Bodoni^ 1781. large 8^ 2 vols. Also 
on fine paper. 

Also, Bassanoy 1785. 8"*. 3 volL 

14030 — priocipi di architettura ci- 
vile. Bassano, 1785. 8®. 3 vols, 
with plates by Cipriani. Oi. An. 
TOLiNi Osservazioni ed aggiunte ai 
principi di arch. civ. di Milisia. 




Mil. 1817. 8^— (Milizia) Grund- 
satze der biirgerl. Baukunst, aus 
dem Ital. Lpz.^ Schwickert, 1784- 
86. large 8°. 3 vols, with plates 
^3 d.). 

14031 — dizionario delle belle arti 
del disegno. Bassano, 1797. 8°. 
2 volL 

14032 — essai sur Thist. de Tarchi- 
tecture^ pr^de d'observations sur 
le beau, le gout et les beaux-arts ; 
extrait et trad, de Milizia, par de 
Pommereul. Haye, 18 19. 8°. 3 voll. 

14033 MILlf, Jam. History of the 
British India. Loud. 181 7. 4^ 3 
vols. (61. 6s.) 

14034 MILLiEUS, J. Praxis cri- 
minis persequendi^ elegantibus iigu- 
ris illustrata. Par.^ Sim. Colinseus, 
1 54 1, fol. with woodcuts. 

A copy on vellum 397 fr. Soubise, and 
453 fr. McCarthy. 


DIA, No. 6699. 

14035 MILLE (les) et une nuits, 
contes arabes, trad, par Ant. Gral- 
land, revus et continues par Cans- 
sin de Perceval. Par. 1806. 18**. 
9 voll. 

The beBt and oompletest edition. At 
first, Par. 1704-17. l2^ 13 vols. 

14036 — the Arabian nights enter. 

tainments, carefully revised and 

corrected from the Arabic. To 

which is added a selection of new 

tales, now first translated from the 

Arabic originals ; also, an introduc 

tion and notes. By Jonath. Scott. 

Lond. 18 II. 18°. 6 vols. (il. i6s.) 

Also in 8**. (without plates 3L 138., and 
with plates 5I. 58.) The best edition of 
this translatiou, compared afresh with the 
Arabic text, and enlarged with an entire 
v(A, of new tales, and with very interesting 
notes. The translation itself was by Edw. 
Forster, and appeared previously, LoruLy 
Bulmer, 1801. 8**. 5 vols, with fine plates 
after Smirke (also on large paper and very 
lai^ paper in 4". ; which Ust is very fine, 
and sold at 11 guineas at least); also, 
Lond. 1 80a. 8"*. 5 vols, with plates, and ib. 
1815. l8^ 4 vols- (il. 48.) Another trans, 
lation by Beaumont, Lond. 181 1. 8^ 4 vols. 
Also, Lond., SuUaby, 1809. 12*. 3 vols. — 
See also H. Webeb. 


14037 — Tausend u. eine Nacht, aus 
dem Franz, von J. H. Voss. Bre- 
men, Cramer, 1781-85. 8^ 6 voll. 
(5 d.) — Phantasus, tausend u. ein 
Mahrchen (von J. Ch. L. Haken). 
Berl., Braun, 1802-3. 8^ 4 voll. 
(7 d. 20 gr.) — Die Mahrchen der 
Schehezerade, neu erzahlt von F. 
Cp. Weisser. Lpz., Dyck, 1809. 
8*'. 4 vols, with plates (7 d. 16 gr.). 

An earlier translation, Ljm, 1730. 8*. 
12 parts in 6 vols. — MU e huma noUety 
conios areUfiiXtt, traduaridoi dofranoeM, lAtb, 
(before 1805). Il^ 8 voU. (3840 is.) 

14038 — kitaat min ilf leile ve leile. 

(Arabic.) Calcutta, 1814-18. 8^ 

2 voll. 

This edition of the Arabic original, su- 
perintended by Scheikh Ahmed ben Mo- 
hammed Schirwani Yemeni, contains ofnly 
200 nights. — Rch. Hole Remarks on the 
Arabian nights entertainments, in which 
the origin qf Sitibad's voyage and other 
oriental /logons is partioutarfy considered, 
Lond. 1 797. 8". (4s.) — See also Sikdbao. 

14039 MILLER, F. Cimelia phy- 
sical Figures of rare and corioas 
quadrupeds, birds, and plants, with 
descriptions by G. Shaw. Lond. 
1796. large fol. with 60 Illumin- 
ated plates. 

14040 MILLER, J. lUustratio sy. 
stematis sexualis Linnsei (angl. et 
lat.). Lond. 1777. large fol. 2 parts^ 
with plates. 

This well got up work contains 117 
plates, viz. i title-plate, 104 numbered 
plates, 7 plates delivered afterwards in the 
year 1780, i unniunbered plate, and 4 
plates, representations of leaves. The co- 
pies are with plates illuminated, plain, and 
both illuminated and plain 

14041 — illustrations of the sexual 
system of Linnseus. Lond. 1779. 
8-. with 104 illuminated plates. 

The last plate is in fact numbered 106, 
but loi and 104 are skipped over. 

14042 — illustration of the Termini 
botanici of Linnaeus. Lond. 1789. 
8"^. with 86 illuminated plates. 

Belonging to the preceding woik. 

14043 — lUustratio systematis sexual. 
Linnsei, quam e textu angl. edit, 
minoris translatam nunc emendavit. 


additamentis, atque indd. locnpl. 
accnraT. P. Gu. Weiss. Denuo 
edid.t revid. ac translat. germ, lo- 
capletav. Mr. Bths. Borckhausen. 
Pf. a. M., Varrentrapp, 1804. fol. 
with 108 illuminated plates (from 
76 to 88 d.). 

Dtomutodtt, 1791. foL is only an older 
tide. PrenoDsly, Ff, a. M.\ 789. 3 parts, 
wHh 104 iDuminated ^tes. 

14044 MILLER, Ph. Gardener's 
and botanist's dictionary. New 
edition corrected, newly arranged, 
and augmented by Martyn. Lend. 
1807. fol. 4 vols, with plates (14I. 

The earlier incomplete editions are at 
hm prices. An enlarged French transla- 
tion by Chaselles, with notes by Holland, 
Pttr. €t Mftx, 1 785-4^ 4°. 10 vols, with 
plates (also on large paper, with illamin- 
Med plates). The last 1 vols, contain a 
sapplonent, which is not to be found in 
the otherwise enlarged edition, BruxeU, 
1786. 8^. 8 vols. In German, after the 8^ 
edition, by O. Lh. Huth and O. W%. Fr. 
Panxer, Nrb, 1769-76. large 4**. 4. vols, 
widi ^ates (10 d. 16 gr.). 

14045 — figures of the most beauti- 
fol, useful, and uncommon plants 
described in the gardener's dic- 
tionary. Lond. 1771. fol. 2 vols. 

with 300 illuminated plates. 

Extremely indifferent. A similar coUec- 
tion of 300 illuminated plates, Lond, 181 1. 
foL 1 vols. In German, Nrb. 1773-81. 
fol. 3 vols, with 300 illuminated plates 
(60 d.). 

14046 MILLES. Ce romant est 
n<Knm^ Milles et Amys, lequel ra. 
compte les gestes et haulx fais du 
dieValier Millea tres renomme et 
de Amys. (JPar,), imprim^ pour 
Ant. Verard, without date, small 
fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

The moei costly edition of this romance. 
4 laavea of preKminary matter, 106 num- 
bered leMres and i leaf, colophon. A 
copT on veflum with 53 miniatures 312 fr. 
flaignaf^ 430 fr. VaUi^ 3300 fr. M^Car- 

14047 — faistoire des nobles et vail- 
kns chevaliers nommez Milles et 
Amys. Par., Mch. le Noir, 1 507. 4''. 

14048 — (the same title). Par., N. 
BfmfonB, without date. 4°. Gothic 
fetter, with woodcuts. 



14049 — histoires des faitz, gestes, 
triumphes et prouesses des cheva« 
liers Milles et Amys, et de leurs 

enfans. Lyon , Oli v. Amoullet » 1 5 3 1 . 


14050 — I'hystoire des chevaliers 
Milles et Amys, lesquelz en leur 
vivant furent plains de grandes 
prouesses. Par., Alain Lotrian, 

14051 '-— (the same title). Rouen^ 
veufue de L. Coste, wiUiout date. 
4°. In 2 columns. 

MILLET, Jac, see Destruction 
de Troye. 

14052 MILLET, J. Pastorale et 

tragicomedie de Janin. Grenoble, 

1633. 4^ ib. 1636, or 1700, or 

1800. 8°. Lyon, 1738. 12®. — La 

pastorale de la Constance de Philin 

et Margoton. Grenoble, 1635. 4^. 

—La bourgeoisie de Grenoble, co- 

medie. Grenoble, 1665. 8®. 

Written in the paUna of Grenoble. In 
the same dialect is also, Recueil de diverges 
piicet/aUe$ & PanHen langage de Grenoble, 
Grenoble, 1662. 8^ 

14053 MILLIN, Aubin L. Antiqui- 
tes nationales ou recueil des monu- 
mens pour servir k Thist. de Tem- 
pire fpan9. Par. 1790-98. 4^ 5 
vols, with 249 plates (76 fr.). Also 
on vellum paper and on large paper 
in fol. 

Neither complete nor well grmmded, and 
with representations often unfaithiiil. Yet 
still of great merit, because much that is 
here represented has since been destroyed. 

14054 — monumens antiques in^dits 
ou nouvellement expliques. Par. 
1802-6. 4°. 2 vols, with 92 plates 
(72 fr.). In addition, .Xgyptiaques 
ou recueil de quelques monumens 
egyptiens in^dits. Par. 1816. 4°. 
with 12 plates (12 fr.). 

14055 — histoire metallique de la 
revolution fran9. Par. 1806. large 
4°. with 26 plates (25 fr., on vel- 
lum paper 50 fr.). In addition. 
The medallic history of Napoleon, 
Lond. 1819. 4°. with plates (3I. 
13s. 6d.). 

14056 — description des tombeaux 



deCanosa. Par., Didot, 1816. large 
fol. with 14 plates (100 fr., with 
illaminated plates 200 fr.). 

14057 — description d'une mosaique 
antique du mus^e Pio-Cl^mentin a 
Rome. Far., Didot, 1819. fol. with 
28 plates (50 fr., on veUuni paper 
100 fr.). 

14058 — voyage dans les departe- 
mens du midi de la France. Par. 
1807-11. 8**. 5 vols, with an atlas 
in 4°. (72 fr.) Also on large paper. 
— Voyage en Savoye, en Piemont, 
k Nice et k G^nes. Par. 18 16. 8°. 
2 voll. (12 fr.) In German by C. 
L. Ring. Carlsruhe, 1817. 8\ 2 
voll. — Voyage dans le Milanais. 
Par. 1817. 8^ 2 voll. (12 fr.) 

14059 — nouv. dictionnaire portatif 
des beaux-arts. Par. 1806. 8°. 3 
voll. (25 fr., 50 copies on veUum 
paper 50 fr.) Gal^rie mythologique. 
Par. 181 1. 8**. 2 vols, with 180 
plates (36 fr., on vellum paper 72 
fr.) In German, Berl. 1820. S"". 
2 vols, with the same plates ( 1 o d.). 
— Introduct. k T^tude des monu- 
mens antiques. Par. 1 796. 8*^. . . . 
des pierres gravies. Par. 1796. 8°. 
. . . des medaiUes. Par. 1 796. 8*^. 
. . . des vases peintes. Par. 1811.8^. 
— El^mens d'hist. natur. Par. 1 802. 
8^. — Min^ralogie Homerique. Ed. 
II. corr. et augm. Par. 1816. 8^ 
(6 fr.) In German by F. Thdr. 
Rinck, Konigsb., 1793. 8**. — De- 
scription des tombeaux decouverts 
k Pompei. Naples, 1813. 4®. 

14060 — magasin encyclopedique ou 
journal des sciences, des lettres et 
des arts. Par. an 4 (i795)-Avril 
1816. 8^ 122 voll. (6 vols, annu- 
ally). Annales encyclopediques. 
Par. 1817-18. 8**. 12 voll. (each 
annual series 48 fr.) Table gen^- 
rale des matieres par ordre alphab. 
des 122 vol. qui composent le mag. 
encycl., r^igee par J. B. Sajou. 
Par. 1819. 8^ 4 voll. (60 fr.) 

A very interesting journal in many re- 
spects particularly on account of the essays 
inserted in it. After Millings death, since 
Jan. 1819, the Revue enopdop^tkque (12 


parts or 4 vols, annually 41 fr.), oondnctad 
by Julien, went on upcm the same plaa. — 
Sajou's index is extremely deficient and 
inappropriate. — See also Dubois. 

14061 MILLINGEN, James. Re- 
cueil de quelques m^ailles grecques 
inedites. Rome, 1812. 4?. with 4 
plates (16 paoli or. 12 fr.). 

14062 — peintures antiques et in^ 
dites de vases grecs. Rome, 1813. 
large fol. On vellum paper, with 
63 plates (24 scudi or 136 fr.). 

14063 — peintures antiques de vases 
grecs de la collection de J. CoghiU. 
Rome, de* Romanis, 1817. large fol. 
On vellum paper, with 52 plates (22 
scudi or 1 20 fr.). 

14064* MILLOT, CI. Fr. X. Ele- 
mens d'histoire g^nerale ancienne 
et moderne; el^mens de Thist. de 
France et d'Angleterre. Par. 1 800. 
8°. 15 voll. (60 fr., on fine paper 
80 fr.) 

A new edition, continued down to our 
time, Par,^ Didoiy i8ao. 8^ la voU. (73 
fr.) Elementi di storia gener, tmAoa e 
tnodema» Ven, 18 16. 8^ 10 voU. (30 lire). 
Huioria universal traduxida em vui^ar par 
J, (/. B, LUb. 1 789. 8^ 9 ToU. (5400 rs.) 
In G^erman (by J. Bertr. Hidk), with ad- 
ditions by W. £. Christiani, Lpx. 1777- 
1806. 8**. 13 vds. (17 d. 20 gr.) In Rus- 
sian, Moscow, 1804. 8**. 9 vols. Alao in 

14064^ — oeuvres. Par. 1820. 8^ 

12 voll. (72 fr.) 
— histoire des Troubadours, see 

HiSTOiRB, No. 9804. 

14065 MILNER, Jos. Works. Lond. 
1812. 8^ 8 vols. (4I. 168.) — History 
of the church of Christ to the i6th 
century, edited by Is. Milner. Lond. 

1 816. 8^ 5 vols.'(3l.) 

14066 MILTON, J. A complete 
collection of the historical, poiit., 
and miscellaneous works of J. Mil- 
ton, both English and Latin. Amst. 
1698. fol. 3 parts in i foL 

This edition of the prose works is badly 
arranged and incomplete. 

14067 — complete ooUection of the 
hist., polit., and misoell. works, cor- 
rectly printed from the original edi- 
tions. With an histor. and crit. 


aoooniif of his life and writings (by 
Th. Krch). Lond., Millar, 1738. 
foL a ▼ob. 



lis edition is e«n]^ete. 
14066 — works (in prose), historical, 
polit., and miscellaneotis (with notes 
bj Th. Birch). Lond.^ Millar, 1753. 
4^. 2 vols. In addition. Paradise 
lo6t» Paradise r^ained, and minor 
poems^ with notes of various au- 
thors^ by Th. Newton. Lond. 1 749 
and 52. 4^ 3 vols. 

These 5 .toIs. oonuin Milton^s entire 
voEks, and are greeUy prized in England. 

14069 — poetical works, with the 
principal notes of various com. 
mentators, by H. J. Todd. Lond. 
1 80 1 or 9. 8®. 6 vols. Account of 
the life and writings of Milton^ with 
a verbal index to his poetry, by 
Todd. Lond. 1809. 8^ (4I. 4s., on 
large paper 61. 68.) — In addition. 
Prose works, illustrated by C. Sym- 
mona. Lond. 1806. 8°. 7 vols. (5I. 
5s., on large paper 7I. 7s.) 

There an also copies of both collections 
OQ rery large paper. — Areopagitica^ a 
speech #0 the parliament qf England for 
Ae Bberhf qf unlicensed printing^ teWi 
maUs emd iBustraUons bg WhUe. Lend, 
1819. 8^ (14s.) — ilfi/tont EmendaH. in 
Emripidemf in the Museum cril. Cantab, I. 

14070 — poetical works, with notes 
of various authors, by Th. Newton. 
Lond. 1757, or 70, or 78. large 8°. 
4 vols. 

14071 — poetical works, with a life of 
the author by W. Hayley. Lond., 
Buhner, 1794-97. large rol. 3 vols, 
with 33 plates (15 guineas). 

This edition cannot compete with the 
mi end id productions of Didot*s press. The 
plates (after Westall) are still less satis- 

14072 — poetical works, with his life 
by Sm. Johnson, and remarks by 
J. Aikin. Lond., Sharpe, 1810. 8°. 
3 vols, with plates. Also on large 

The finest of the 8". editions. Lond. 
1808. ra^ 4 vols, with pktes; ib., Sharpe, 
1816. IS"*. 4 voIb. with plates, are also neat. 

14^3 -— poenis, both English and 

Latin, compos'd at several times. 

Lond., Moseley^ 1645. ^''• 

The first edition of the smaller poems. 
Lond,, Bring, 1673. 8*". is enlarged with 
a Tractate of education. Minor poems in 
English, Ital., and Latin, with translations 
and notes by Th, Warton. Lond. 1791. 8^ 
(8s.) Latin and Italian poems, translated 
into English verse, taith the originals and 
a fragment of a commentary on Paradise 
Lost, by W,Cowper, Lond.iSoS.4'',{2L2B.) 

14074 — paradise lost. A poem 
written in ten books. Lond., Par- 
ker, 1667. 4^ 

The first edition, of which Lond. 1668 
and ib. 1669. 4°. are only new title-pages. 
From the and edition onwards the poem is 
divided into la books. — Lond. 1691 or 95. 
fol. with plates. 

14075 — paradise lost, with notes by 

Rch. Bentley. Lond. 1732. 4''. 

Concerning this critical edition see Wolffs 
lAtt. Analekten, I. 57, not. Against Bent- 
ley*s criticism the following are directed: 
Milton restored, and Bentley deposed. Lond. 
1 732. S"". A friendly letter to Bentley, oc^ 
casioned by his new edition qf Paradise Lost. 
Ostfordy .... 

14076 — paradise lost and regain'd, 
Samson Agonistes, and minor po. 
ems. Birmingh., BaskerviUe, 1759. 
4°. 2 vols. Also, ib., id., 1760. 
large 8°. 2 vols, with plates. 

Containing Th. Newton*s text. 

14077 — paradise lost. Glasgow, Fou- 
lis, 1770. fol. Also on large paper. 

14078 — paradise lost, illustrated 
with texts of scripture by J. Gil- 
lies. Lond. 1788. 8°. 

14079 — paradise lost, book I. col- 
lated with the first and second edi- 
tions, edited by Capel Lofft. Bury, 
1792. 8*=". 

14080 — paradise lost. Lond., Bens- 
ley, 1 795-96. large 8"*. 2 vols. 

Lend., Whittingham, 1799. very large 
8**. 1 parts in i vol. on vellum paper, with 
plates; Lond., Roveray, 1802. small 8°. 
2 vols, with plates (also on large paper), 
are also fine ^itions. 

14081 — paradise lost and regained, 
with other poems. Lond. 1817. 8°. 
2 vols, with plates (il. 4s.). 

14082 — paradise regain'd, a poem in 
4 books. Lond. 1670. 8^ 

The first edition. Lond., Tcnson, 1713. 
18**. with plates, is nest. 



14083 — paradise regained, poems 

and sonnets^ and Latin poems, with 

notes. Lond., Bensley, 1796. 8°. 

A copy on vellum 1 7L 68. 6d. in a Lon- 
don sale 1 804. 

14084 — paradisi amissi liber primus 
grseca versione donatus una cum 
annotatt. a Rch. Dawes. Cbr., 1 735. 
8°. (Consult Bibl. britanniq. V. 
405 etc.) — Gu. Hogaei paraphrasis 
poetica in tria Miltoni poemata. 
Lond. 1690. 8°. Paradisus amis- 
su8> lat. redditus a Gu. d'Obson 
(cum textu angl.) Ox., th. Sheld., 
1750. large 4°. 2 voU. Lat. inter, 
prete J. Trapp. Lond. 1741-44. 4°. 

2 voU. Lapsus protoparentum, ex 
poemate Miltoni cantus VI. (in- 
terpr. L. Bertr. Neumanno). Vin. 
dob. 1768. 8°. 

14085 — paraiso perdido, traduzido 
em vulgar, por Jose Amaro da 
Silva; com o paraiso restaurado. 
Lisb. 1789. 8°. 2 voll. (1200 rees). 
— Paradiso perdido^ traduc. en 
verso castellano por J. de Escoi- 
quiz. Bourges, Gilles, 181 2. 8°. 

3 voll. with plates (18 fr.). 

14086 — del paradiso perduto, poe- 
ma inglese trad, in versi da P. Plolli. 
Lond., Bennet, 1735 (other copies 
36). fol. (on blue paper in Dres- 
den.) Verona, 1730. 8°. (on large 
blue paper, 15 fr. Sl*Carthy.) Par. 
1740. 12^ 2 voll. Verona, 1742. 
fol. (also on large paper.) — II Pa- 
radiso perduto trad, fedelmente in 
verso ital. a f route del teste ingl. 
da Felice Mariottini . Roma, 1814. 
8°. (previously, Lond. 1794. 8°.) — 
II Parad. perduto trad, da Lazzaro 
Papi. Lucca^ 181 1. 8°. 3 voll. (15 
lire.) Ed. II. ib. 1817. 12°. 2 voll. 
— II Parad. perduto, recato in versi 
ital. da Mch. Leoni. Pisa, Capur- 
ro, 1817. 8°. 3 voll. — II Parad. per- 
duto trad, in versi ital. da G. S. 
Martinengo. Ven. 1801. 4". 3 voll. 

14087 — Le paradis perdu, trad, (en 

Srose, par N. Fr. Dupre de St. 
laur, on plutot par Tabb^ de Bois- 
morand). Par. 1729. la^ 3 voll. 


The best edition, Par.^ Defer de 

Maisonneuve, 1 792. very large 4^. 

2 voll. with 12 coloured plates 

(also on vellum paper). — Trao. (en 

prose), par L. Racine. Par. 1755. 

12°. 3 voll. also on large paper. — 

— Trad, en vers par le Roy. Par. 

1775. 8°. 2 voll. — Trad, en vers 

par Beaulaton. Montargis^ ^77^- 

8°. 2 voll. — Trad, en prose par 

Mosneron. Par. 1804. 12^ 2 voll. 

— Trad, en prose par Salgues. 

Par. 1807. 8^ 

Also a metrical verrion by d*Haaterodie 

14088 '-— le m^me, trad, en vers 

fran9. par Delille^ avec le teste. 

Par.,Giguet, 1804. large 4^ 3 vols. 

on vellum paper, with plates (200 

fr., avant la L 250 fr.). 

There is a copy on vellum. Also in 3 
vols, large 8°. with plates (18 fr. On rd- 
lum paper, 43 fr.; avant la leUre^ 48 fr.), 
and without the English text in 3 vols, 
large i8^ with plates (10 fr. On vellum 
paper, 24 fr, ; avant la lettre, 30 fr.). A 
new edition, corrected, Par. 1818. 18**. 2 

14089 — le paradis reconquis trad, 
de Tangl. Par. 1730. 8^ — Trad. 
(en prose) par de Mareuil. Par. 
1 736. 1 2°. — Le triomphe de J. C. 
dans le d^rt, traduct. en vers du 
paradis reconquis par Lancelin. 
"f. 1755 or 74. I2^ — La Chris- 
tiade ou le paradis reconquis, pour 
servir de suite au paradis perdu 
(par de la Baume). Brux. {Par.) 
1 753- I2®. 6 voll. 

14090 — das verlustige Paradeiss, 
aus dem in engl. Sprache ahgefas- 
seten Gedichte in unser gemein 
Deutsch iibertragen (von £. Gli. 
von Berge). Zerbst, 1682. 8°. 

Concerning this very scarce and remarks 
able translation see Hamburp. Berkhte wm 
gel, Sachen, 1 733. p. 648 etc Be^trr. Mur 
krU. Hut. der deutsch Spr. L 85. Fttr 
HUere Litt. u, neuere Lwt, 2, Johrg, 4 
Quart. 1, Heft, p- 76 etc. DeuttA, l/«- 
tewn, 1783. XXL 51 2.5 36. 

14091 — episches Gedicbt von dem 
verlornen Paradiese, Qbs. u. mit 
Anmm. begl. von J. Jac Bodmer. 


4- Ausg. Zur. 1780. 8^ % voll. 
(20 gr.) At first, 1732. — Das 
Yerlome Paradies, aus dem Engl. 
in reimfreie Verse iibs. von F. W. 
Zediariae. Altona, 1762. 8^ 2 voll. 
with plates (3 d. 4 gr.). — Ver- 
loraea Parad. ubs. von Sm. Gil. 
Burde. BerL, Vieweg, 1793. 8°. 
2 volL (i d. 18 gr., on writing 
paper 2 d. 1 2 gr.) — Verlornes 
Purad. ir Gresang iibs. von J. F. 
Pries. Rest. 1807. large 8^— Wie- 
dererobertes Paradies nebst an- 
dem Gedichten iibs. von Sim. Gry. 
jueus, Bas. 1752. 8°. 

14092 — 't Paradys verloren, HeL 
dendicht, uyt het Engels in ryme- 
looxe maat vertaalt door J. van 
2^ten. Haarlem, 1728. 4^ Also, 
Amst. 1735. 8°. Verlooren Para- 
djrst uit het Engelsch in neder- 
duitsch Proza vertaald door J. H. 
Reisig. (1-6. G^.) Zutphen, 1791 
-92. 8^ 2 pieces (2 fl. 4 st.). — Pa- 
radise lost, translated into Welsh. 
Lond. 1819. l2^ (7s.) — In Danish 
by J. H. Schonheyder. Kopenh. 
1 790. 8°. 2 voll. 

14093 — (W. Lauder) essay on Mil- 
ton's use and imitation of the mo- 
dems in his paradise lost. Lond. 
1750. 8°. Consult Neuestes aus 
der anmuth. Gelehrsamk. II. 260 
etc 341 etc. 438 etc. 620 etc. 831 
etc 913 etc (F. Nicolai) Unter- 
sochung, oh M. sein verlorn. Pa- 
lad. aus lat. Schriftstellem aus- 
geschrieben habe. Ff. u. Lpz. 
{HaUe), 1753. 8=. Consult Thiess 
uber Klopstock, p. 194 not, Clas- 
sical journal XVI. 134 etc. — (Bn. 
Routh) lettres crit. sur le paradis 
perdu et reconquis de Milton. Par. 
1731. 12''. J. F. Pries Probe eines 
neuen Comm. iiber M's verl. Par. 
(i.Ges.). Rost, 1810. 8^ E. H. 
Barker error in Milton's latinity 
noticed and passages in Milton etc, 
explainc>d^ in Classic. Joum. VII. 
393 etc B. Symmons obss. on 
il's latin poetry, ibid, IX. 338 etc. 

14004 — Comus. Lond.^ Bensley, 



1799. 12^ with plates. — II Como, 
favola boschereccia trad, in ital. da 
Craetano Polidori. Ed. III. Par. 
1 81 2. 8^ — Como, drama, tradu. 
zione sostenuta ad literam (coUa 

traduz. franc.) Par., Dldot, 1812. 


14095 — pro populo anglicano de- 
fensio contra Salmasium. Lond., 
typis Du-Gardianis, 1651. fol. 

The original edition. There are two 
editions in 4**. of the same date and under 
the same firm, of which that of 10$ pages 
is the earlier and an English typographical 
production, that of 104 pages is a later and 
a Dutch production; and two editions in 
1 2*. (of which that of 383 pages was print- 
ed in Holland, and that of 344 pages in 
Germany.) The following was also printed 
in Germany : Lond., typ, Du^Gard., 1653. 
12'*. 378 pages. — Defensio secunda pro 
populo Angl. Lond., typis Neucomianis, 
1654. 8®. Ed, II. Hag, Com.,Vlacq, 1654. 
13**. Pro se defensio contra Alex, Morum, 
Hag. Com., Vhcq, 1655. la". 

The work in opposition to this was (CI, 
Sahnasii) defensio regia pro Carolo I. with- 
out place, sumtib. regiis, 1649. ^^^ -^^ 
without place, sumt. regOs, 1649 or 50 or 
53. la*". Of these editions in 13°. that of 
1649 is ^ Leyden production of the £lze-» 
virs. Par, 1650. 4**. In French, Par, 
1656. 4**. In German, without place, 1650. 
I3^ — Ad J, MiUonum responsio, opus 
posth. CI, SalnuuU. Divione, 1660, 4*. 
Lond, 1660. 8°. 

14096 MINERVA, ein Journal his- 

tor. u. polit. Inhalts (herausg. von 

J. W. von Archenholz u. Bran). 

Bed. u. Hmb. 1792- 1821. 8^ 

In monthly parts. The annual set of 
4 vols, costs 8 dollars. 

14097 MINGARELLI, J. Aloys. 
Anecdotor. fasciculus s. Paulini 
Nolani, anonymi scriptoris, Alani 
magni ac Theophylacti opuscc. ali« 
quot. J. Aloys. Mingarellius edi- 
dit, prffifatt. et scholia addidit, 
grseca lat. reddidit. Romse, Mo. 
naldinus, 1756. fol. 

See also Codices and RELiauiiE. 
MINES de TOrient, see Fundoru- 


MINI AN A, see Mariana. 

14098 MINIATI, Lr. Le glorie ca. 
dute dell' famiglia Comnena. Se- 




conda imiNressione corretta ed am- 
pliata. Ven.jValvMense, 1663. fol. 
with plates. 

MINNESANGER, see Manessen 
and Boner. — Minnelieder aus dem 
Schwab. Zeitalter neu bearb. n. 
herausg. von L. Tiek. Berl. 1803. 
8**. (id. 20 gr.) 

14099 MINSHiEUS or Minsheu, J. 
DuctoT in linguas cum illar. har. 
monia et etymologiis^ originationi- 
bus et derivationib. in XI. linguis, 
angl.^ cambro-britann., belg., germ.^ 
gall. etc. Ace vocabnlarium hi- 
spanico-lat. et angl. Lond., Browne^ 
1617. fol. 

14100 MINT. The mint amil and 
shurhoo mint amil, two elementary 
treatises on Arabic syntax. Transl. 
from the original Arabic with an- 
notations^ by A. Lockett. Calcutta, 
1804. large 4"^. (2I. 12s. 6d.) 

^35 P<^8^ translation and commentary ; 
31 pages, Arabic text. Also, LoruL 1816. 
large 4^ (il. laa. 6d.) 

14101 MINTURNO, Ant. (Sb.) 
L'arte poetica (libri IV), con le 
postille di Valvassori. Ven., Val- 
Tassori, 1563 (other copies 1564). 
4*^. Also, Nap., Muzio, 1725. 4°. 
also on strong and large paper. — 
De poeta libri VI. Ven., Rampa- 
zetus, 1559. 4^ — Rime e prose. 
Ven., Rampazetto, 1559. 8*. — Can- 
zoni sopra i salmi. Nap., Scotti, 
1561. 4°. — Poemata Tridentina. 
Ven., Valvassor, 1564. 8®. — Let- 
tere. Ven.. Scotto, 1549. 8®. 

14102 MINUCIUS Felix, M. Oc 
tavius, in quo agitur vett. Chris- 
tianor. caussa, restitutus a Fr. Bal. 
duino. Ex offic. L. Lucii Heidel- 
bergensis, 1560. 8°. 

The first separate edition of the text 
alone under the name of the real author. 
Previously edited as the 8th book of Arno- 
bius in Amobius, Rom, 154a. fol. Bag, 
1546 and 60. 8S Under the name of 
Minudus in Amob. Bom. 1583. 4**. Bal* 
duin*s edition repeated, Ff. 16 10. 8**. 

14103 — Octavius et Cypriani liber 
de idolor. vanitate. J. a Wower 


reoensuit. (Hmb,), te biWopdio 

Frobeniano, 1603. 8**. 

A new recensioii fipom a MS. with ^ood 
notes. Afterwards in AmoUof HeraUiy 
Par. 1605. 8*. 

14104 — Octarius ex recensioiie et 

cam commentariis Oeveriiarti £1- 

menhorstii. Hmb. 161 2. fol. 

Of no great value. Commonly in Amo- 
bius, Hmb. 16 JO, fol. With some oorree- 
tions and good notes by Hermldus in Tier- 
ttiUiani apohget. Par, 1613. 4**. — Mmucn 
Octavius. 0», 1637. 11^. and ofteo. 

14105 — Octavius et Cypriani liber 

de idolor. vanitate. Ed. nova ad 

fid. vett. exem planum, ex rec et 

cum obss. N. Rigaltii. Lutet., Dn* 

puys. 1643. 4°. 

The Paris MS. made use of afresh, with 
a few but good notes. Reprinted, 0». 
1678. I a". 

14106 — Octavius et Cypriaous de 

idolor. vanitate cum ob«. N. Ri. 

galtii et Jul. Firmicua de profmna 

ac vera religione com notia J. a 

Wower, una cum novo ind. LB*, 

Livius, 1645. ^^* 

Merely a reprint.— Ooteokit. Rolham* 
1648. I a", has the text oohr. 

14107 — Octavius cum int^ris onu 

nium notis ac commentariis nova. 

que recensione Jac. Ouselii, cajua 

et accedunt animadw. Insuper J. 

Meursii note. Ace Jul. Firmici 

Matemi de errore profanar. reli. 

gionum. LB., ex off. Hackiana^ 

1672. 8^ 

Previously, LB.y Maire, 1653. 4^. Over- 
loaded wiUi Aotes without taste and with- 
out any selection, and of no real rahie. 
Afterwards in Cffpriani OpP' Par. 1666. 

14108 — Octavius et Cypriani liber 

de vanitate idolor. Uterque re- 

censitus et illustratus a Cp. Cella- 

rio. Halae, 1699. 8^ Also, Lpa. 

1748. 8^ 

A new revision of the text with good 
notes. Divided into chapters fbr the ftxvt 

14109 — Octavius cum interns Wo- 
weri, Elmenhorstii, Heralm et Ri. 
galtii notis aliorumque hinc inde 
colleotis ex rec Jac (htmovii, qui 


et expl ioii U . tuas mdjeeit. 
Aec Crpriantui de idolor. yanitsCe 
et Jul. Firmicus Maternns de eirore 
profiuuLr. religioaum. LB^ Lucht- 
maiis^ 1709- 8^ 

A good exe^^edcal apparatus, with fresh 
eamctMfis of the text Rott. 1 743. 8**. b 
odI^t a new title. 

HllO — Octavius ex iterata rec. J. 

DaTidi cum ejus animadw. ac no- 

tis int^iis Heraldi et Rigaltii, nee 

Don Mufectis alior. Ace Commo- 

dianna cum obss. antehac editis ali- 

isque nonnullis, quse jam prim. 

prodeant. Chr., typis acad.^ 171 2. 

8^. Also on large paper. 

Preriously, Chr, 1707. 8**. (also on large 
paper.) A new and clever revision of 
the tnct, with good anmiadversions. In 
the editigo of 1 7 1 a Davis's notes are greatly 
ai^Bented. Gia^. FouUt, 1750. 4^ abo 
in 8*. is a neat impression of faJs text, with- 
out die notes. 

14111 — Octavius et Cypriani de va- 
nitate idolor. liber. Uterque re- 
oeositus et illustratus notis varior. 
telectia atque etiam suis a J. Gli. 
Lindnero. £d. II. Longosalisse^ 
'773- 8^ (^ogr.) 

Previously, ib. 1760. 8«. Very judi- 
doosly superintended as to critidsin md 
esplanadon. There is the text only in 
CWm, 1794. 8^.(4 gr.) Also in OaUmndi 
UkL PP. II. 377 etc. 

una — rOttavio recato in lingua 
ilaL col testo lat. a rinccmtro e con 
opportune oanotazioni illustrato da 
IL Poleti. Ven., Occhi, 1756. 8^ 
— L'OctaTius trad, avec des re- 
■larqaea par Gu. du Mas. Par. 
1637. 4**. Trad, par N. Perrot 
d'Abiaacourt. Par. 1646, or 60, 
or 63» or 77. 12^ Rouen, 1669. 
13^ Amst. 1683. 12^ Berl. 1696. 
12. Trad, par Pt. du Ryer. Par. 
1663. 1 3^»— Octavius aus dem lat. 
oha. Berl. 1763. 8^ — Octavius 
tnoisl. by Rch. James. Oxf. 1636. 
8*^. TransL by Lorain. Lond. 1682. 
8^. Traaal. by Combe. Load. 1703. 
8^. OctaTifu and Tertulliani apo- 
kgie fbr the primitive Christians. 
Loud. 1708. 8^ Octavius, a dia- 
logue (trensl. by D. Didrymple). 



Edinb. 1782. 12^ — In Dntch, by 
M. A. Elsevier. Amst. 1699. ^''• 
By M. Gargonus. VUessinges^ 
1712. 8^ 

14113 — J. Bt. Prilessk^ acta et 
seripta S. Theophili Antiocheni et 
Minudi Pel. Vienme, 1764. 8®. 
J. Mch. Lobstein progr. M. Minn- 
cius Fd. priscae Christianor. verao 
fidei et sanctimonitt testis. Oiesse^ 
1777. 4^ J. Cp. Bremer ep. crit. 
super aliquot Minudi lods. Qned- 
linb. 1780. 4^ 8 pages. O. F. St. 
Stieber progr. obss. nonnuUie crit. 
in quftd. Virgilii et Minucii loca. 
Anspaci, 1791. 4^ 23 pages. 

The earlier explanatory writings were 
already made use of in Liiidner*s md edi- 

14114 MINZONI, Onufrio. Poesie. 
Pisa, 1 799. 8°. with Minzoni's por- 
trait. Also on fine paper. 

14115 MIONNET, Thdr. Edme. 
Description de m^illes antiques 
grecques et romaines, avec leur de. 
gr^ de raret^ et leur estimation. 
Par. 1806-13. 8**- ^ voM- ^th 
plates (105 fr.). De la raret^ et 
du prix des m^dailles romaines. 
Par. 1815. 8*. with plates (24 fr.). 
Supplement k la description etc. 
T. I. Par. 1819. 8^. with plates. 

The detcripHon embraces only the Greek 
coins. There are also copies of it and of 
the supplement on vellum paper. 

MIRABAUD, see Holbach. 

14116 MIRABEAU, Honore Obr. 
Victor Ri^uetti, comte de. De la 
monarchic prussienne sous Fred^ 
ric le Gr. Iiond. (Par.) 1788. 4°. 
4 vols, with atlas in fol. Also 8 
vols, in 8^. In German, by Jac» 
Mauvillon and F. von Blanken-^ 
burg. Brschw. and Lpz., Dyk,. 
1793-96. 8^ 4 voll. (6 d. 20gr.> 
Collection de ses travaux a I'assem- 
blee nation, recueillies par Et. M4. 
Jan. Par. 1792. 8^ 5 voll. OEu- 
vres oratoires. Par. 18 19. 8°. 2. 
voll. (14 fr.) Les orateurs fran- 
cais : discours et opinions de Mira* 
beau, de Bamave et de Vergniaud. 

1116 MIR 

Par. 1820. 8^ 4 volL Lettres ori- 
ginales, Rentes du donjon de Vin- 
cennes en 1777-80, recueiUies par 
Pt. Manuel. Par. 1792. 8°. 4 volL 
In Grerman (by Ph. W. Hausleut- 
ner). ist vol. Ff. and Lpz.« (Xo- 
nigsb.), 17 g2.S°. Lettres ^ Cham- 
fort. Par, 1797. 8°. Lettres in- 
^dites, memoires et extraits de m^ 
moires. Par. 1806. 8°. Essai sur 
le despotisme. Par. 1792. 8^ 
(anon.) L'espion d^valise. Lond. 
1782. 8**. (anon,) Des lettres de 
cachet et des prisons d'etat. Hmb. 
1782. 8^ 2 voll. (anon.) Erotica 
biblion. Rome (en Suisse)y 1783. 
S\ Par. 1792. 8°. 

MIRABELLA, see Bonanni. 

14117 MIRABILIA Romae. Tar- 
visii, (Ger. de Flandria), J2 Apr. 

1475- 4°- 

10 leaves, the first blank. Concerning this 
often printed work see Panzer's DeuUche 
Ann. p. 43 etc. See above Item. 

14118 MIRACULI de la gloriosa 
verzene Maria. Milano^ Ph. da 
Lauagna, 19 Maji^ 1469. small 4^ 

The first known typographical produc- 
tion of Milan. Often printed ; also Fen., 
Giunti, 1591. 4^ 

14119 MIR^US, Aub. Opera di- 
plomatica et historica. Ed. II. 
aucta notisque illustr. a J. Fr. 
Foppens. Bruxell. (other copies, 
Lovanii), 1723. fol. 4 voll. 

14120 — illustrium Gallise belgicse 
scriptor. icones et elogia. Antw., 
Gallieus, 1608. fol. with 50 por- 

The portraits were afterwards introduced 
into Foppen's Bibi, Belg. See also Fabri- 
CIU8, No. 7379. 

MIRANDA, see Saa. 

MIRANDULANU8, see Picus. 

MIRCHOND, see Mirkhond. 

14121 MIRG^ L. La vie de J^sus 
Christ. Description de la terre 
sainte avec sa carte par Gu. Postel. 
Par. 1553. I6^ 2 parts in i vol. 

Scarce. The following is only a new 
title: Concordance des quatre hoangilutes 
mt iUeeours de la vie de J, C* eto. Par. 


1561. i6^ TO leavw of ppriJnriniuy 
ter, 108 leaves, 440 pages, 11 leases, table, 
and 333 pages. The a maps are afanott 
always wanting. 

14122 MIRKHOND. Historia pri- 
or, regum Persarum post firmatmn 
in regno Islamismum, pers. et lat. 
cum notis (ed. Bn. de Jenisch.) 
Vindob., Kurzboek, 1782. 4^ (ad. 
12 gr.) 

14123 — historia Samanidarum, pers. 
e cod. bibl. Grotting. nunc prim, 
edid.^ interpret, lat.^ annotatt. his- 
tor. et indice geogr. illustrav. F. 
Wilken. Gott., Dieterich^ 1804. 
4°. (id. 8gr.) 

14124 — le jardin de la puret^, con- 
tenant rhistoire des proph^tes. des 
rois et des Khalifes, par Am. Jour- 
dain, in Notices et extraits T. IX. 
P. I. p. 117 etc. — Silv. de Sacy 
memoires sur di verses antiquity de 
la Perse et sur les mediulles des 
rois de la dynastie des Sassanides, 
trad, du persan de Mirkhond. Par. 
1793. 4°. with plates (15 fr.). — 
History of Persia^ transl. by J. 
Stevens. Lond. 17 15. 8^ 

See also Teixeira. 

MIROER salutaire^ see Danse Ma- 

14125 MIROIR de I'ame (en proee)^ 

le d^bat du corps et de Tame (en 

vers), la science de bien vivre et 

bien mourir (en vers.). Without 

place or date. 4°. Grothic letter. 

95 leaves with 27 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. 

14126 MIROIR des plus belles cour- 
tisannes de ce temps (avec des vers 
holland., aUem. et fran^.). Without 
place, 1630 or 35. oblong 4^ with 
40 portraits. 

14127 MIROIR et exemple moral 
des enfans ingrats (morality ^18 
personnages.) Par., Lotrian et Ja- 
not. Without date. 4''. Grothic let- 

36 leaves with the signatorea A-^ t^- 
In the colophon it is culed le tmutire dbt 
erapault. Another edition has ^ title^ 
HiHoire de Venfant ingralf mirouer et er- 
emple moral des mauvait enfnu &ic. Lpomy 
Riffoudy J 589. 8^ 94 leaves. See oonoeni- 


img diii piece HhL umv. cfer iUAirftyXlI. 
54 w^ Aoooiidiiig to St. L^ger, the au- 
dkBT wae probebly Eustorge de BeauHeu. 
Otben hsTe oonfimnded it with Gk MaerO" 
feihm IHmL de PenfmU protUffuey trad, par 
AnL Tiren. Anven^ 1564* ^* See alto 
]£ de Fenfimt de perdition. 

14128 MIROIR de la cruelle et hor- 
rible tymimie espegnole, perpetr^ 
wax pays-bas par le tyran due 
d'Albe (par J. Ever. Cloppen- 
borgfa). Amst. 1620. 4^ with 


There is nsnally indoded Le Mtroir de la 
t ft rnmide eepmgn, perpitrie aux Indet ooct- 
demtmlet, trad, de Bm, de la$ Catae. AmsU 
\(no, 4*. with platea. Both works aold 
for 3L 3s. at the duke of Mariborough*8 
ale in 1819. 

MIROIR de Tame p^cberesse, see 
Margusritb de France. — de la 
Biort, nee Marche — de la redemp- 
tion, see Julibn. 

14129 M IROUER dn monde. 6e- 
n^re^ Jac. Vivian, 1517. 4®. Gothic 


A copy 00 veOum was diaoorered at Oe- 
Berm in 1 743. This poem is one and the 
Mme with the Mappemende of Gualtier 
de Mecz (lee Livre de dergie). Only 
the title, the banning and end are alter- 
ed, and the language modernised. 

14130 — the myrrour of the worlde 
(translated out of French into Engl. 
by W. Caxton.) ( Westmestre), Cax. 
ton. Without date (148 1 ).fol. Go- 
thic letter, with 27 woodcuts. 

100 leaves, with 29 lines, and the sjgna- 
nires a-9u The first bo<^ printed in Eng- 
IbmI with woodcuts in it, and one of the 
laim productioDs of Cazton^s press (35 il. 
IS. Rosborgfae). A and edition {Wett' 
r) Carianj without date, foL Oothic 
r, with woodcuts. It has 87 (not 84) 
with ^1 lines, and the signatures 
L (136L los. Willet, 55L 18s. Marlbo- 

MIROUER des pechears, see Cab- 
TBL. — de la redemption, see Ju- 


14U1 MIRRI, L. Le antiche ca- 
Biere delle terme di Tito e le loro 
pittnre reatitote al pubblico. Roma, 
1776. large oblong fol. with plates. 

14132 — Vestigia delle terme di Tito 
e lore interne pitture. Roma, L. 
Mini, without date. fol. 



141S3 MIRROR. A myrroure for 
magistrates. Wherein may be seen 
by example of other, with howe 
greuous plages vices are punished, 
and howe frayle and vnstable 
worldly prospentie is founde etc, 
Lond., Th. Marshe^ I559* 4°- ^^ 
thic letter. 

The first edition of the first part of a 
woric important in the history ci English 
poetry. It is an imitation of Lydgate*s 
English modification of Booeaocio De oom- 
btu virorum iiltutrium, and Th. Sackville, 
lord Buckhurst, proje<^ed the plan for it, 
by whom however there are only two 
pieces in this collection. The other 1 7 are 
by W. Baldwin, O. Ferrers, Churchyard, 
Phayer, and Skelton. A second edition, 
LoruLf Th. Marshey 1563. 4". Gothic letter, 
is augmented with 8 legends. Also, LoruL 
1571* 4°> Oothic letter. 

14134 — the first parte of the mir- 

rour for magistrates, oontayning 

the faUes of the first infortunate 

princes of this lande etc, Lond. 

Th. Marshe, 1575. The last parte 

of the mirrour for magistrates, 

wherein may be seene by examples 

passed in this realme, with howe 

etc. ib., id., 1575. 4**. Gothic letter. 

The first part here newlv added is by 
J. Biggins, and contains 17 legends. The 
second part by W. Baldwin is one and the 
same with the preceding article, and con- 
tains 37 legends. 

14135 — the first part of the mir- 
rour for magistrates. Lond., Th. 
Marsh, J 578. The seconde part, 
conteining the falles of the infor- 
tunate princes of this lande. Lond., 
Rch. Webster, 1578. 4°. Gothic 

The first part is by Baldwin, and is en- 
larged with one legend (therefore 28). The 
2nd part newly added is composed by 
Blener-Hasset, and contains 1 2 legends. 

14136 — the mirour for magistrates, 
wherein may bee seene, by exam- 
ples passed in this realme, with 
how greeuous plagues vices are 
punished in great princes and ma- 
gistrates etc. Lond., Th. Marsh, 
1587. 4^ Gothic letter. 

Edited by J. Higgins, and considerably 
augmented. It contains 74 leg<0n^ 



14137 -*— a mirour for magistrates : 
being a true chronicle Instorie of 
the untimely falles of such unfor- 

. tunate princes and men of note« as 
bane happ^ied since the first en- 
trance of Brute into this our latter 
age. Newly enlarged with a last 
part, called a winter night's vision, 
with a poem annexed, called Eng- 
land's Eliaa. Lond., Kyngston, 
1610. 4^ Lond., Kyngston, 1619. 

4^. is only a new title. 

The most complete edition, which con- 
tains all the 3 parts by Baldwin, Higgins, 
and Rlener-Uasset, and new pieces besides 
by Nioook (90 legends in all), instead of 
which however some legends of the earlier 
editions have been omitted. The part by 
Higgins is printed afresh according to the 
edition of 1587 (compared with &ose of 
1575 and 1610) in Brydffe$*$ Biblu^^ra^ 
/»Air, T. IV. 

141S8 — the mirour for magistrates. 
New edition, collated with various 
editions, with historical notes etc. 
by Jos. Haslewood. Lond., 1815. 
small 4°. 3 vols. 

Only 160 copies were printed. Conoem- 
ing this work consult Bibliotheca anglo^ 
poet. p. 101 etc Btydges Centura LU. III. 
I etc. 149 etc. Brydges Bibliographer I. 

MIRZA, see Jonbs, No. 10884". 

14139 MISCELANEA instructiva, 
curiosa y agradable. T. 1-3. Al- 
cala, 1796. T. 4-9. Madr. 1797- 
98. S''. 9 voll. 

A periodical publication. 

14140 MISCELLANEA Lipsiensia 
(curante C. F. Pezold). Lps. 1716 
-33. 8"^. 12 voll. Miscellanea Lipsi- 
ensia nova (curante F. O. Menck- 
enio). Lps. 1743-58. 8°. 10 voll. 
(at 4 d. apiece, but the 1 oth voL 
only 3 d.) 

A collection of treatises by different au- 
thors, of which however only about half 
are of any interest. The last parts of the 
loth vol. of the Miscell. nov, are almost 
always wanting, and cannot be completed. 
V(d. III. p. 315. should be inserted in the 

14141 MISCELLANEA di vane 
operette. Ven. 1740-44. 8°. 8 voll. 

The conducton were CorsaH and Gins. 
Oiac Mar. Bergantini 


MISCELLANEA, see Acaobmia 

naturae curios., Gerdbsius, His. 
TOiRB de I'acad. de Berlin, Ms- 
MOiBBS de Tacad. de Turin, Thbo- 
DORUS Prodromus. 

14142 MISCELLANY, the Asiatic, 

consisting of original producttona, 

translations, fugitive pieces eU. 

Calcutta, 1 785-88. 4^ 2 voll. New 

Asiatic miscellany, by Fr. Gladwin. 

Calcutta, 1789. 4^ 

This very scarce collection may be oon- 
siderod as the preoanor of the Aiiaik Re* 

MISCELLANY, see Harlbian. 

14143 MISCHNA s. totius He- 
brieor. juris, rituum, antiquitatum 
ac legum oralium systema, cnm 
Maimonidis et Bartenorae oommen- 
tariis integris, quib. aooed. vari<^. 
auctor. notse ac versiones. Latini- 
tate donav. ac novis iUustravit Go. 
Surenhusius. Amst., Borstius, 1 698 
-1703. fol. 6 voll. with plates. 

It is well known that the Miachna forms 
the first part, or the text of the Tafanad; 
and the QeBOun the teoood part, or the 

14144 — Mischnah, oder der Text 
des Talmud, aus dem Hebr. ubs., 
umschrieben u. mit Anmerkk. er- 
laut. von J. Jac. Rabe. Onola- 
bach, Haueisen, 1760-63. large 4^ 
6 voll. (8 d. 4 gr.). 

14145 MISSALE. See above Hrv- 
RBS. In this article I only men- 
tion those printed missals, copies 
of which I know on vellum, and 
which are no way else remark- 
able. Of the rest those which are 
important in other respects are 
treated of bv themselves in the fol- 
lowing articles. 

Mis$ale eociemm Aboentit, LftifCy Dmu 
Golhanuty 1488. fol. Gothic letter (RoyBl 
Library at Copenhagen). Secundum rU 
turn Augutteruis eeded4e. DiRngm^ tn 
mUb, 5^fta/tft jlfaj^, 1555. fol. (with ahi. 
minated woodcuts. Royal Kbnuy at Mu- 
nich.) Ad uf. et eomiuetud, eoel. Amre* 
Hanemiiy without place, PL Mercatorisy 
without date^ foL (vrith miniatures. Royal 
library at Paris.) 

Missale seeund. umm eeoL Cameiiic B**- 
tit. Pmr.^ J* Hygmtmy 1495. itH. (80 fr. 


VaKte). CarAmsiefue. Without joiaoe 
or date (about 1490). SoL Gothic letter 
(71 fr. 95 c. McCarthy). Ad us. eod, CO' 
AdkwMitaw. M^tur.y J. de PratOy 1489. fbl. 
(vith Bunntaras, Royal library at Paris). 
Fmr^ KervtVy 1543. roL (with illuminated 
wndbnta, yafr.Gaignat, 101 fr. MH^arthy). 
St€umi, fw. 9rd. Cititrewrms, Arg.y 
{Gi t\mmy§%')y 1487. £oL (500 ir. Brienne, 

copy 25 fir. MKTarthy). 
1504. fol. Ootiiic letter 
(900 fir. Valti^re). DimcewU ColoniensU, 
Far^ Wfg. HopjfUuiy 152a foL Oothic 
letter (Ro^ library at Drenden). 

md «t. meiropoi, LundenaU 
Far^ Wfy, H^pyliusj 1514. foL 
(whh mifiiaturei, Upeal library). 

Mumle mcund, us. ecel. camedraUs Mas* 

mUe ntis. Lugd.^ Dion, de Harsy, 1530. 

kL (Royal library at Paris). Jujeta riius 

St es nstitut t eed. Msidensis. Par.y J. de 

Frmio, I493> ^L (with miniatures 50 

Dulch fl^ BibL Dubois. I. 86). Bene^ 

rtUffionis monaehor, oemobii Meiiu 

^M.y G. Stuchsy without date. 

kL (Royal libimry at Munich). Missaie 

Fhr. 1645. foL {BibL Ric* 

p. 61. n. 55). 

L us. Narboneruis eo* 

lMgd.y Fradinj 1518. kL (with mi- 

50 fr. McCarthy, and oflNered 

in for sale at 100 fr.) Secundum rtt" 

' ^ msis ditsoesis. Without 

or date. foL (Lsipsic University li- 


Missaie Farisiense. Far., J, a FratOy 
14S1. foL (20 fr. McCarthy). Far.y Vi- 
fmdy 1488. 8*. (O. Hibbert, see DtMm 
Doernm. III. 413). For.y Udalr. Gerinffy 
1497. foL (in CoAerfs CaiaL) Far. 1501. 
8*. (BiU. Bahut. II. 609). Far. 1522. foL 
(wiOk ministnr e s , 121 fr. Soubise, and 
sArad for sale for 120 fr. McCarthy; a 
md eopy in the library of the Arsenal at 
fbris). P«r., FL Btfffei etc., without 
dsaa. foL (Royal library at CopeidiageQ). — 
fanarf amsmetud. frairum vrsadieaior. 
r««^ m. dte Torresams, 1496. fol. (3]. 18s. 
PiaclEy and 30 fr. MH^rthy, count Mehd 
ham a seeond copy). Far.y J. Parvusy 
15 1 7. foL Gotfaie l^ter, 2 voh. with wood- 
cots (41 fr. MH^othy). Missaie emen* 
dmimm jnatia rubrioam Pragensis eeetesim. 
Lfm , imthdeifeny 1498. fol. {Neuere Ab* 
kmmdM. dm' ISkm. Gesellst^ B. II. AbA. 

n. pw 723. Dot.d). 

JtfMMilr Aa/if6«ntffU0. Bmmb. J 492. fol. 
(vMi ■iniatnras, but defoctive, in the 
BemI libnury at Munich). Bomb., J. 
Pfiffiy 15 18. fol. (3 copies in the Roval li- 
at tfonicfa, 2 of them with mi- 
1). MUdosunse. Far.y And. Hodimn 
ai J. Alemnder, 1492. foL Oothic letter 
(wick immimtmm, dferod for sale, MH>u-. 
obj, at i5ofir.). Boiho mag e n s e , JiMAoai.. 



Ml Morinusy 1495 or 99. foL (Both in 
the library at Rouen). See also Offi- 


Missaie Salisburgense. Nrh.y G. Stuohs, 
1498. fol. (There are several copies on 
T^um.) Secundum ohorum eoel. Salute* 
burgensis. Bas.y Jao, de Ffortzheisny 
15 10. foL (3 copies on vellum, in the 
Royal library at Afunidi). Ad us. et con- 
suetud eccl. Silvaneetensis. Far , Maheuy 
1524. fol. Oothic letter (half on vdlimi^ 
half on paper, with miniatures, 10 fr. 

Missaie seeund, us. ecd. Treeensis, 
Without place or date. fol. Oothic letter 
(34 fr. McCarthy). MonasHcum seeundm 
riium et eonsuetud. ordMis ValHs umbroste, 
Ven.y Ant. de GiuntOy 1503. fol. (with mi- 
niatures, 13I. 38. a London sale, 1804). 

14146 MISSALE per totius anni 
circulum more Ambrosiano compo- 
situm. Mediol. Ant. Zarotus, 10 
cal. Apr. 1475. small fbl. 

The first printed missal and very scarce. 
213 numbered leaves. A copy on vellum 
in the Royal library at Paris ; that which 
was formerly considered as the ist edition, 
MedioLy Valdarfery 1482. fd. is not sought 

14147 MISSALE ordinis b. Bene- 
dict!. Babenbergae, J. Sensen- 
schmidt^ 30 Jul. 1481. fol. Oothic 

Scarce, and since 1462 the first dated 
Bambei^ typographical production. Lord 
Spencer has a copy on veDumy a 2nd 35 fr. 

14148 MISSALE Chaldaicum juzta 
ritum ecclesiae Maronitar.^ chal- 
daice. Romae, e typ. Medicea, 
1592-94. fol. 2 voU. 

14149 MISSALE secundum nsom 
eccL Herbipolensis. Herbip., Jec»- 
rius (sic) Ryser, 1481. fol. 

A copy on vellum in the Bodleian. In 
addition, Breviarium diesoes. Herbipolensis. 
Herbip.y Jeorius Ryser et J. Beekenhuby 
1479. fol of which there is a copy on 
vdlum in the Imperial library at Vienna. 
After the prefece of this brevianr there is 
an heraldic copperplate engraving, con- 
cerning which, see Bartsch Feintre Gra* 
veuTy X. 57. 

14150 MISSALE mixtum secundum 
regulam b. Isidori, dictum Moza- 
rabes. Toleti, Pt. Hagembach, 9 
Jan. 1500. fol. Gothic letter, 8 
leaves of preliminary matter, 469 
numbered leaves, ana 3 leaves, list 



of festiyals and colophon. — Brevia- 
rium secundum regulam b. Hysi- 
dori. ib., id., 25 Oct. 1502. small 
fol. Gothic letter* 8 leaves of preli- 
minary matter, 43 2 numbered leaves, 
and 2 leaves, list of festivals. 

Both works are seklom found together, 
as the impression was small. A copy on 
vellum in the ooU«ge of St. Ddephonsus. 
Some copies of the breviary end at leaf 
43^% and the list of festivals on leaf 432^ 
and the two following leaves, is wanting. 
Consult concerning this work the passages 
dted in Dihdin'iBibl.Spenc. 1. 135 sq. and 
the learned investigations in S€mtander*$ 
DicHonn, III. 178 sq. More recent edi- 
tions are, Mi$sale mxtum etc., pr^faHone^ 
notit et append, ab Alex. Lesleo omatum. 
Roma, 1755. 4". 1 voU. ..* op. et tmpema 
Fr. Ant. Lorenxana. Rommy 1804- foL 
(4 scudi 50 baj.) Brevtarium gothieum se^ 
cund. regulam b. Isidori . ..op. Fr. Ant. 
LorenMona reooffnitum. Madr., Ibarra, 
1 775 also 88. foL See also Lituboia. 

14151 MISSALE secundum consue- 
tud. Romanae curiae. Romae, Udalr. 
Gallus, 1 1 cal. Maji 1475. fol. Go- 
thic letter. 

The first edition of the Roman missal. 
A copy on vellum, lord Spencer (previously 
cardinal Casali and then the duke of Cas- 
sano-Serra), a second in the Megliabechian 
library at Florence. The edition, Roma, 
U. Gallusy 12 OcL 1476. fol. contains, for 
the first time, musical notes for singing. 

Of the following editions of the Roman 
missal I know copies on vdlum: Neap., 
Mthi, Moravus, 1477* ^^' (^th minia- 
tures, formerly the duke of Cassano-Serra*s, 
now lord Spencer% a ind in the Royal li- 
brary at Paris, a third in the Royal library 
at Munich). Ven., Pt. de Piant de Cre- 
mona et Bm. de Blame, 1479. >^'*' ^ ^^ 
(O. Hibbert, of Clapham, near London, 
see Dibdin's Deeam. III. 413). Nrb., G. 
Stuehi, 1484. 4^ (2 copies in the Royal li- 
brary at Munich). Ven., J. Hamman de 
LaiuUja, id. Oct. 1488. foL Gothic letter 
(M'Cuthy 145 fr., (^ered again for sale at 
100 fr., a 2nd in the private Imperial 
library at Vienna). Without place, 22 
Dec 1488. 4'». (60 fr. McCarthy). Nrb., 
without the printer's name, 1491. foL 
(Royal library at Dresden). Par., Sim. 
Vostre, without date. 4**. (with miniatures, 
5I. 158. 6d. Marlborough). Par, 1509. 8^ 
(with miniatures, 8L 18s. 6d. Lotu^man). 
Par., Gu. Eustace, 151 1. 8*. (15 fr. 
M'Carthy). Nrb., G. Stueht, 15 17. fol. 
(Royal library at IXresden). Par., Kerver, 
1517. fol. 2 vob. ^115 fr. McCarthy). 


Aniw., PkaUin., 1571. foL (Royal libnuy 
at Munidi). 

The last ecclesiastical revision is by 
Urban VIII, and the most recent original 
edition is, Miseale Romanttm eum Mtssu 
tanetor. pro eodesia umoer t aU novt Miime 
conoesiis a Pio VII. Romm, 1809. fol. 
(3 saidi 50 baj., on huge paper 4 scudi 
80 baj.) The edition, Ven.,Junim, 1629. 
fol. is castrated. In the missals Secundum 
oonmetudinem curim Romans et AnA^ 
chenrn the word ommaf is wanting in the 
18 Jan. and 22 Febr., or 25 Jan. and 
30 June. 

14152 MISSALE Romanum sinice 
redditum a L. Buglio. Pekini, in 
collegio societatis, 1670. fol. 

Consult Adier'$ Bibl. hit. Reise naeh 
Rom p. 173 not. 

14153 MISSALE ad usum Sorum. 
Loud., Pynson, 1500. fol. (jothic 
letter. Breviarium secuod. usum 
Sarum. ib., id., 1500. 4°. Gothic 

A copy of both vols, on vellum, 602 fr. 
McCarthy. St. John*s college at Oxford 
has only the missal on vdhim, and lord 
Spencer only the breviary. — Miseaie ad 
usum Sarum. Par., N". Prevoat, 1527. foL 
Gothic letter (122 fr. McCarthy). 

14154 MISSALE ecdesis Upou 
lensis. Has., Jac de Pfortzheim, 
1513. fol. 

In all the known copies p. 87-92 are cut 
out. In the same year this typographer 
printed the very scarce breviary, to be 
found in the Ducal library at Cobtirg, Bre- 
viarium seeund, ritum alme eoeleeie Aro~ 
tiensit in 4**. where leaf i is rather an in- 
decent woodcut (Bathsheba bathing). 

14155 MISSARUM. De celebra. 
tione missar. secundum frequentio- 
rem cursum dioecesis Moguntinensis 
tractatus. Without place or date. 
4"^. Gothic letter. 

30 leaves with 28 lines running all 
across the page, without signatures, catdi- 
words, and pagination. A very oJd, bat 
greatly suspected MS. notei, in the copy q£ 
uie Mayenoe University Ubrary, aacnbes 
the printing to J. Nununeister, and places 
it in the year 1463. 

Arrimage des vaisseaux. Par. 1 7 89. 
4^ with plates (21 fr.). Installation 
des vaisseaux, par Burgues de Mis- 
siessy. Par., aii 6 (1799). 4**. with 
plates (21 fr.). 

Both works are greatly prised, and tiM 
first is scarce. 


14167 MISSON, Maximil. Non. 

▼eau voyage d'ltalie. Utr., 1722. 

la**. 4 vols, with plates. 

The best edition of the English original 
ii, Ltmd. 1 739. 8^ 4 yob. with plates. In 
Q grroan , IJpz. 1701. 8^ with plates. 

MlSTfiRE, see Mtstere. 

14168 MITCHELL, Rb. Plans 
and views in perspective^ with de- 
icriptioiis of buildings erected in 
England and Scotland. Lond. 1 80 1 . 
large fol. with illaminated plates 
(4I. 4a.). 

14IW MITFORD, W. History of 
Greece. Lond. 1808-18. 4^ 5 vols. 
(9I. 6a-) Also, Lond. 1814. 8^ 
8 vols. (4I. 4s.) In German by 
H. C. Abr. Eichstadt. Lpz., Weid- 
mann, 1802-8. 8**. 6 vols. (10 d. 
1 8 gr., on writing paper 14 d.) 

MITISTOIRE, see Autblz. 

14160 MITTARELLI, J. Bd. Bi. 
bliotheca oodd. mstor. monasterii 
S. Mich. Venetiar.propeMurianum, 
ana com append, iibror. im pressor. 
secoli XV. Ven., ex typ. Fentiana, 
1779. large fol. with Mittarelli's 

. S a ti e fact o r y neither in a diplomatic nor 
in a litmry point of view; and the InetUia 
that are inserted are of little importance. 

14161 — et Anselmi Costadoni an- 
naks Camaldolenses ord. S. Bene- 
dicti. Ven. 1755-73. fol. 9 voU. 

See alBD MvRAToai Script. ler. Ital. 
MIL^, see Mint. 

14162 MIZLER de Kolof, Lr. His- 
tcriar. Polonis et magni ducatus 
I^thoanieescriptommcollectio. Var- 
tavise, 1761-69. fol. 4 voll. 

All 4 Tob. are scaroe even in Poland, 
but aitogedier impossible to be met with in 
Ocnnany. (In Dresden there is only the 
1st voL^ A 5th part indeed appeared, but 
bclbr« Its pnUicatioo it was entirely con- 
verted into waste paper by the author^s 



14163 MOALLAKAH Taraphie, 
cum scfaoliis Nabas, e MSS. bibl. 
Leidens. arab. edid.^ lat. vertit et 
lllitstr. J. Jac. Reiske. LB. 1742. 
4®. — The Moallakat, or seven 
Arabian poenis^ which were sus- 
pended on the temple at Mecca, 
a translation and arguments 

by W. Jones. Lond. 1 783. 4^ with 
Jones's portrait. — Die hellstrahlen- 
den Plejaden am arab. poet. Him- 
mel od. die 7 im Tempel zu Mecca 
aufgehangenen arab. Gedichte, iibs. 
von Ant. Thdr. Hartmann. Mun- 
ster, 1802. 8°. (18 gr.)— Silv. de 
Sacy notice hist, des anciens poemes 
arabes connus sous le nom de 
Moallakas, in Millin Magas. encycl. 
\79S> VI. 494 etc. Consult No- 
tices et ex traits, IV. 309. 
See also Antara and Caab. 

14164 MOCCIA, P. Prosodia graeca, 
ace. tract, de poesi Graecor. auct. 
Th. Morell. Neap. 1767. 8^ 

14165 MOCQUET, J. Voyages en 
Afrique, Asie, Indes orient, et Oc- 
cident. Rouen, 1645 or 65. 8°. 
Previously, Par. 1616. 8^. In 
German by J. G. Schocher. Luneb. 
1688. 4^ In Dutch, Dordr. 1656. 
4*^. with plates. 

MODENA, see Lkon. 

14166 MODESTUS. In hoc volu- 
mine continet (Modestus) de re mi- 
litari (Pomp. Latus) de Magistra- 
tibus Vrbis. et Sacerdotiis. Et de 
Legibus. (Suetonius de gramma- 
ticis et rhetoribus). Ven., Bm. 
Cremonensis ac Bm. de Carlo Ver- 
ceUensis, 27 Madii 1474. 4**. 

The first dated edition of Modestus, and 
very scarce. 46 leaves with 26 lines, 
without signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 
nation. A collector at Milan lately pos- 
sessed a copy on vellum. In lord Spencer's 
copy there is, FenesteUa de Romanor. mar 
gistraHbw, without phice or date. 4*. 
43 leaves, bound at the same time. In 
Valli^re*s copy likewise dated May 27. 
1474, before the colophon there are 6 
Latin verses. Quern legU impretius etc., 
which are wanting in the copies of the 
first kind, and neither place nor printer 
are mentioned in the colophon. 

14167 — In hoc uolumine conti. 

nentur. (Modestus) de Re Militari. 

(Pomp. lABtus) de Magistratibus 

Vrbis et Sacerdotiis. et de Legibus. 

Without place or date. 4®. 

30 leaves with 16 and a; lines running 
all across the page, without signatures, 
catdiwords, and pagination. Leaf 30* 
ends, Pinie. Lout Deo. Audiffredi, Fossi, 



flantander, mid Dibdin attribute it to 
J. Schuraner de BopardU, and ooniider it 
oontemporaneous with the preceding; but 
Bninet ascribes it to O. Sachsd and 
Bm. Oohch about 1474. Aooording to 
Valli^re** catalogue, it was printea by 
O. Lauer, about 1475. ^^ ^ ^^ ^^^ 
concerning the book De re tmUt.^ it is 
proved that Pomp. Lntus (not Modestus) 
was the real author by Amad. Peyron in 
his NoHHa Hbror, a Valperga ML Taurin. 
doruUor, Lp$. 1830. 4"*. p. 85 sq. See 
also ScRiPTOEES rei milit. 

14168 MODIUS, Fr. Novantiquie 
lectiones. Ff., her. Wecheli, 1584. 
S**. Also in Qruteri Thesaur. V. i 

14169 MODO nuovo da intendere la 
lingua Zerga^ cio^ parlar fiirbesco. 
Ven. 1562 or 1620. 8^ 

14170 MODUS. Cy commance le 
livre du roy Modus et de la royne 
racio lequel ^t mendon comant on 
doit deuiser de toutes manieres de 
chasses. C'est assauoir des cerfs 
dez biches des sangliers de cheu. 
reux de loups et semblablem^t de 
toutes aultres bestes sauuai^es. 
Chambeiy, Ant. Neyret^ 20 Oct. 
i486, fol. Gk>thic letter, with wood- 

The first editioo of this singular book, 
and very scarce. 3 leaves of preliminary 
matter (the above title and a metrical pro- 
logue in 1 cohunns), and 99 leaves of text, 
with the signatures a-M, and 31 and 39 
lines. LeafAr 4 begins a poem on hounds 
and birds, whi(^ if quite different from one 
on a similar subject by Cr^n. It com- 
mennei) Orje vau$ dira^ oommant, and fills 
16 pages, and a great part of a i7tlipagie. 

14171 — sensujrt le livre du roy 
Modus et de la rayne Racio^ qui 
parle du deduit de la chasse a 
toutesbestes aauvaiges, comme cerfs, 
biches, dains etc. Par., J. Janot, 
without date. 4^ Oothic letter, 
with woodcuts. 

The Privilegium of this edition is dated 
154 1. A copy on vdlum, 40 fr. Valli^re, 
141 fr. MK^arAy. With the same title 
also, Par.y •/. Trepperet^ without date. 4"*. 
Oothic letter, wiUi woodcuts, 4 leaves of 
prdiminary matter and 99 leaves. Par, 1 
Mart 1516. 4^ with woodcuts (Panzer, 
VIII. 100). 

14172 — le roy Modus de deduitz de 
la chasse^ venerie et ^raconnerie. 


Par., Gu. le Noir, 1560. 8°. with 

Also, Par., CorroMet, 1561. 8^. Gonsslt 
oonoernhig this work MiUmgee Urie dTune 
grande bibL IV. 62 etc 

14173 MODUS et ratio de divine 
contemplation, fait Tan 1506, transl. 
de lat. en firan^. Par., without 
date. 4**. Gothic letter, with wood- 

A copy on vellum in the Royal Iflntuy 
at Paris. Also^ Par., Cailauii, 1505. 4*. 
(Gothic letter. 

14174 MOLLER, J. G. Pt. Deutach- 
schwed. u. sehwedisch - deutsdi. 
Worterbuch. Lpz., Crusius, 1801 
-8.4^.3 volL (12 d.) 

14175 MOLLER, Levin. Nouveau 
dictionnaire fran^ois-suedois et sue- 
dois-fr. Sth. et Ups. 1745 <h' 55. 

14176 MORIN. Die Mdrin. Ein 
schon kiirtzweilig lesen welches 
durch weiland Herr herman von 
Sochssenheim Ritter (Eins oben- 
tiirlichen handels halb, so ini in 
seiner iugend begegnet) lieplich 
gedicht vnd hernach die Mdrin ge- 
nempt ist. Strb., J. GhrQninger, 
15 1 2. fol. with woodcuts. 

The first edition of this poem of knight- 
errantry composed in 1450. 52 numbered 
leaves. J. Adeljduu was the editor. 

14177 — die Morin. Eyn Sdiobe 
Kurtzweilige vnd Liebliche His- 
tori, welch durch weilandt Herr 
Herman von Sachsenheym Ritter 
beschriben, vnd hernach die Mdrin 
genant ist. Wormbs, Sb. Wagner, 
1538. fol. with woodcuts. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter fone 
blank), and 47 numbtrsd leaves. Like- 
wise widi Adel^as's preface of 151 3. 

14178 — (the same title). Wormbs, 
Sb. Wagner, 1539. fol. with wood- 

4 leaves of preliminary matter {aom 
blank), 46 numbered leaves, and i unnuro- 
bered leaf, the colophon. Widi the same 
preface. A rsally different impression 
from the preceding edition. I^ua on 
leaf aa, oof. 1, Une 14 this edition has 
Pfaan^ani (the preceding Parti/ba/), in 
leaf 15a, coL a, Une I this has A0I (the 
preceding Atfl^). Leaf 6* is another printerls 
mark, aad so ob. Also^ Pf. e. M^ Weik§. 


Hm^ 15. . • fbl. and an abridgment after 
lint edition 1538, in ReieharcPs BibL der 
Bammmej VIL 41-70. Consult oonoeminff 
ikb poem. Panzer* Deutsche Arm, I. 346. 
K%eh Compend, der deuUch LiteraturgeKh. 
L 106. IL 919. HageiCt LUerar, GrtiU' 
dri$Sy p. 437 etc 

14179 MOERIS Atticista. De vo- 
dbos atticis et hellenicis, gr. (ed. 
J. Hudson). Ace. 6r. Martini diss* 
de grsc literar. pronunciadone. 
Ox., th. Shdd., 171 2. 8^ 

Hie fint edition, bat arbitrarily ar- 
ranged in alphahedcal order by Hudson. 

14180 — A€^<( 'Arructtw km ''E^XXrjviK^Py 
e rec. et cum notis J. Hudsoni^ ace. 
Umaei Sophists At^ucov wtpi r»v 
wmfia nXonsM Ac^«>y e rec. D. Ruhn- 
kenii. Corav., notasque suas adjec. 
et pref. est J. F. Fischer. Lps., 
Fritsch, 1756. 8^ (lagr.) 

14181 — lexicon atticum com J. 

Hadaoni, St. Bergleri, CI. Sallierii 

aBommqae notis secnndum ordinem 

mstor. restituit, emendav. animad- 

Tersionibnsque illostrav. J. Pier- 

sanos. Ace. iElii Herodiani Phile- 

t«nis e MSS. nunc prim, editus, 

item ejasd. fragmentnm e MSS. 

emendatins atque auctius. LB., 

Tan der Eyk, 1 759. 8^ 

Tbe beat edition. A new reoendon from 
MSS. and restored to its original order. 

14182 — Jol. Car. ScHLJEGERi con* 
ipectus editionis Moeridis Atticistse 
de Tocibus atticis, adjecta con- 
jectiurjr. in eund. libellum particula. 
Hmb. 1734. 4^ 

14183* MORCK, Jae. H. Adalriks 
odi Obthildas Afventyr. Sth. 1 742- 
45. 4**. a voll. Westeras, 1786. 8^ 
— Thecla eller den beprofvade 
Trones Dyed (Thecla or the virtue 
of tried fiaith). Sth. 174B-58. 8^ 
3 TolL Westeras, 1786. 8^ 

Coooeming these two original Swedish 
rosnances, see Motbeeh Brief e Sber Schwe* 
4cts III. 313. 

14183*^ MOSER, Just. Sammtl. 
Werke. Berl. u. Stett., Nicolai, 
1798. 8«. 7 voU. (8d.) 

Also separately^ OtnabrHek, Getchkihte. 
BerL 1780. 8^ 2 voU. (2 d.) [Of the 1st 
edition, CkmaSr, 1 768. 8^. which only eon. 



tains the general introduction, tbe author 
had only 200 copies struck off at his own 
cost.] Patriot. Phantasien, Berl, 1804. 
8**. 4 volL (3 d. i6gr.) Verndschte Schrr* 
BerL 1 797--98. 8**. 2 voll. (2 d. 8 gr.) 

14184 MOHAMMED II. Epistolae 
magni Turci, a Laudivio equite 
Hierosolymitano editse. Romse, J. 
Ph. de Lignamine, 27 Nov. 1473. 

32 leaves (the ist blank), without signa> 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf 3a 
(the only fiiU page) has 22 lines. The 
edition. Neap, 1473. 4**. is still scarcer. 

14185 — epistole M. Turci a Lau- 

dinio (sic) Equite hyerosolimitao 

edite. Without place or date. 4°. 

With the signatures o-c, 23 lines in 
a full page. At the end, D. FINIS. S. 
Also, without place or date ( Tarvitii, Ger. 
de Flandria). 4°. 22 numbered leaves; 
leaf 20a is, Finis, G. F. 7*., and ihen a 
Reperiorium epistolar. — Withoutplaoe or 
date, Crothic letter, 23 leaves. The types 
are similar to those of Fyner of Esslingen. 
Concerning the different editions consult 
Denis Wiener Buchdruckergesch. p. 63. 
The newest editions by J. Agst. Egenolf, 
Dresd. 1680. 8^ and h^ Sim. Ooebel, Ff. 
et Lps. 1690. 12°. In Italian by L.Dolce, 
Ven,^ Giolito, i ^63. 8". 

MOHAMMED, see Koran. 

14186 MOHEDANO, Rafael y Pt. 
Rodrig. Historia literaria de Es- 
pana desde su primera poblacion 
hasta nuestros dias. Madr., Ibarra, 
1779-91. 4°. 10 voll. Apologia del 
Tomo V. ib., id., 1779. 4°. Jos. 
Suarez defensa de la hist. lit. de 
Esp. contra las acusaciones de Ma- 
chuca. ib., id., 1783. 4^ 

Unfinished. The ist edition of the ist 
voL is 1 769. That of 1779 is the 3rd. 

14187 M(JlNE, le. Diplomatique 
pr&tique ou traite de Tarrangement 
des archives et tresors des chartes. 
Metz, 1765. 4°. Supplement par 
Batteney. Par. 1772. 4**. with 
52 plates. In German, Nrb., Raspe, 
1776-77. 4°. 2 parts in i vol. with 
52 plates (4 d. 8 gr.). 

llie supplement of the French original 
received in 1775 the new title, Arohiviste 
Francois. The work may be considered as 
a supplement to the Nouveau traitl de 

MOINE, Pasq. le, see Couronnb- 





14188 MOISES, Ed. The Persian 
interpreter, in three parts : I. a 
grammar of the Persian language, 
II. Persian extracts in verse and 
prose^ III. a vocabulary Persian 
and English. Newcastle^ ^79^' 
large 4°. 

MOITHEI, see Galbrib, No. 

MOITTE, see Grbuzb. 

14189 MOIVRE, Abr. Miscellanea 
analytica de seriebus et quadraturis, 
Lond. 1730. 4°. Annuities on 
lives. Lond. 1743 or 50. 8°. The 
doctrine of chances^ or a method of 
calculating the probabilities of events 
in play. Ed. III. Lond. 1 756. 4°. 
(At first, ib., 1738. 4°.) 

14190 MOLIERE, J. Bt. Poquelin 
de. (Euvres. Amst., Jac. le Jeune 
(D». Elzevier), 1675. 12°. 5 voll. 

In this edition, scarce and sought after, 
which was repeated, t^., «/., 1679. 12°. in 
5 vols, there is to be found, instead of the 
Festin de Pierre^ written by Moli^re in 
prose and first printed in 1682, a piece 
composed in verse with the same title, the 
author of which, according to Brunet, was 
Corneille, but according to the Bibliogr. de 
France 1819, p. 175, Dorimon (not Vil- 
liers or Rosimond). The 5th vol. ends with 
a little comedy, Vombte de Moii^e. Each 
piece has a separate title and pagination. 

14191 — — Par., chez Thierry, 
Barbin et Trabouillet, 1682. 12°. 
8 vols, with plates. 

The last a vols, have the title, (Euvres 
posthumes. Of the 7th vol. in which the 
genuine Festin de S. Pierre by Moli^re is 
printed for the first time, only one uncas- 
trated copy is known (sold at rarisin 18 19 
for 62 fr.). Shortly after the completion 
of the printing, several passages, particu- 
larly in the ist and 2nd scenes of the 2nd 
act, were obliged to be replaced by can- 
cels. These castrations rdate to p. 146, 
'76, 177, 214^217, and 223. Consult 
BUdiograpkie de France 181 7, p. 362 etc. 
1819, p. 17s etc 

14192 — — Amst., Jac. le Jeune, 

1684. 12°. 6 voll. 

The 6th vol. contains the CEuvres posih^ 
and the Festin de Pierre is here uncas- 
14193 AniKt., Wetstein, 1691. 

12''. 6 voll. 

A neat edition. In the Festin de Pierre, 
p. 38 (in the 3rd vol.) the notorious scene 


is to be found between Don Juan and the 
poor man (Act 3. scene 2), which in this 
edition has even bolder passages than the 
Paris edition itself; for example in the 
latter, Juan says to the poor man, Je vewe 
te donner un lows d*or pour Vamour de 
rhumamtiy instead of whidi in the Am- 
sterdam edition it is, Je vais te donner un 
louis d*or tout ^ Pneure pourvu que tu 
veuille jurer. All these passages are 
looked for in vain in the later French edi- 
tions up to 181 7 ; these scenes were first 
printed entire in Didot's and Anger^s edi- 
tions of 18 1 7 and 19. 

14194 Amst., H. Desbordes, 

1 704. 1 2°. 4 vols, with plates. 
Neat and not common. 

14195 — — Haye, 1735. '^°- 4 


Tolerably sought after in France, with- 
out being fine. 

14196 — oeuvres. Par. 1734. large 
4°. 6 vols, with plates. 

Tolerably fine and the first better edition. 
Marc Ant. Joly corrected the text by the 
original editions of the single pieces. Mo- 
li^re*8 life is by de Serre. The plates, de- 
signed by Fr. Boucher and engraved by 
Lr. Cars, evince neither truth of composi- 
tion nor correctness of design, nor is die 
engraving particularly good. The original 
edition is distingiiished from a less esteem- 
ed reprint of the same date by the typogra- 
phical error, T. VI. p. 360. 1. I3, Com- 
teesse instead of Comtesse. 

14197 Par., David (other 

copies Bauche), 1739. 12**. 8 vols, 
with plates. Also on strong paper. 
This edition, formerly greatly sought 
after, although distinguished by nothhig 
peculiar, has not at present any particular 
value, except when the plates engraved by 
Punt after Boucher for the fidkiwin^ edi- 
tion are ccmtained therein. 

14198 — oeuvres. Amst. I74i> or 44, 
or 49. 1 2°. 4 vols, with plates by 

Prized on account of the plates. 

14199 — oeuvres, avec le commentaire 
jde Voltaire. Amst. et Lps. 1765. 

12°. 6 voll. (7fl.) 
With the same plates by Punt. 

14200 — oeuvres avec des remarquea 
grammaticales, des avertissemens et 
des observations sur chaque pi^ce, 
par Bret. Par. 1773. S*** ^ yo]s. 
with 34 plates by Moreaa the 

The finest of the editions with Bret^a 


In ^e ist put p. 66 and 67, 80 
mmd 8i (Sf^^plSm. h la vie de Moli^) 
Wight to be double^ but they are often 
wanting. The text is that of 1734. Mo- 
fi&re^s Ufe Is by Voltaire> with a supplement 
by Bret. The gnunmatical notes to the 14 
bat piec es are by an unknown person, and 
the editioii was yery hastily superintended. 
The plates by Moreau are repeated in the 
reprint of this edition. Par. 1788. 8"*. 
6 Tnls. enlarged with some new notes, and 
in lA. 1805 and 1808 (also with the year 
1805). 8^. 6 Fols. But in the last two they 
are <|iute worn out. The edition, Par. 
1778. 12**. 8 Toh. with the sune notes, is 



14201 — cBavres. Par., Didot ain^, 
1 793. large 4^. 6 vols. On vellum 

Only 150 copies were struck off, and one 
on mlam, which prince Mch. Oalitain 
pfwes — Par.y sUrioi, tTHerhany 1805. 
13*. 6 Tola., also on vellum paper, is neat. 

14202 — oeuvres, prec^^es d*an 
dkoonrs pr^minaire, de la vie de 
Fantetir. avec des reflexions sur 
diacane de ses pieces, par Petitot. 
Par. 1813. 8**. 6 vols. (36 fr., on 
▼dlmn paper 60 fr.) 

S m eo typ cd. New impressions of the 
plates in 181 7 and ao. 

14203 — oBUvres. Par., P. Didot, 
1817. 8**. 7 voll. (31 fr. 50 c, on 
ine paper 53 fr. 50 c, on vellum 

pmr 1 05 fr.) 

To tUa and the earlier editions may be 
mUtd^ Umur fUe$9 inidiie$ de MoHirw {La 
Jaimaie db BarbomUe et le Midecm Vo- 
kMty Petr^y DeMoer, 1819. 8^ (15 fr. 50c.) 

14204 — CBUvres, avec un oommentaire, 
MR diaooars preliminaire et une vie 
de Moli^re, par Auger. Par., De- 
■oer, de I'lmpr. de F. Didot, 1819 
etc. 8^. 9 vols, with Mob'^re's por- 
trait and 16 plates after Horace 

This editioQ is distinguished by a correct 
text:, a food cnmmentary, and the beauty 
flf its prmting and plates, and also contains 
ife above two hitherto inedited pieces. 
fliiWci'iftion price 90 fir., on vdlum paper 
163 fr^ on iaige volum paper with plates 
nmU la lettre 325 fr. 

To this and every other edition in 8^. may 
be added a series of 31 pUtes, after new 
4srigBB, by lioreau the younger (at Re- 
■eiiard*s 40 fi*., aoani ia leUre 75 fr.). 
Tliey are finer than those by the same 
artist m the edition of 1773. 

14205 — pseudoli fallacin, Molieri 
comoedia, fourberies de Scapin gal- 
lice dicta, lat. vertit J. Dt. Albr. 
Munter. Cellis, 1778. 8°. 

14206 — opere, trad, da N. Castelli. 
Lps. 1698 or 1740. 12°. 4 vols, 
with plates. — Opere trad, nell* ita- 
liana £ivella (da €kisp. Gozzi). 
Ven. 1756-57. 8**. 4 voll. 

14207 — Comddien, iibers. von J. E. 
P. Nrb. 1694. 8**. 3 vols, with 
plates. — Sammtl. Lustspiele iibers. 
von B. Hmb. 1752-69. 8®. 4 vols, 
with plates. — ^Lustspiele u. Possen, 
fUr die deutsche BOhne bearbeit. 
von H. Zschokke. Ziir., Gessner, 
1805. 8°. 6 vols, with plates (7 d. 
4 gr., without plates 5 d.). 

14208 — works. Lond. 17 14 or 
71. 12°. 6 vols. — Dramatic works 
in French and Engl. Lond. 1748. 
12°. 10 vols. — The misanthrope, 
transL from Moli^re. Par. 1819. 
12**.— Blyspelen, naar de nieuwe 
Bearbeiding van Zschokke. le Deel. 
Amst. 1806. 8^ (i fl. 18 St.) 

14209 — ^tude sur Molifere, ou ob- 
servations sur la vie et les ouvrages 
de cet auteur, par Cailhava. Par. 
1802. 8^ Moli^re comment^ d'apr^ 
les observations de nos meiUeurs 
critiques, par Simmonin. Par. 
1813. 12°. 2 voll. 

Consult also VaUQre CataL VIII. 74 

— les plaisirs de I'isle enchant^, see 

Cabinet dn roi. 
MOLINA, see Arootjs. 

14210 MOLINA, Alonso de. Vo- 
cabulario en lengua Castellana y 
Mexicana. Mexico, Ant. Spinosa, 
157 1, fol. 2 parts in i vol. 

Extremely scarce, and the first book 
printed in America. The ist part (Spanish 
and Mejdcan) has 144 pagei, and the ind 
part (Mexican and Spanish) 314. The 
approbation and dedication are dated 1569, 
consult Thomas Hist, of prmHng in Ame- 
rica, II. 510. Home ItUrod, to the Miudy 
qfbUlioffr. I. 206. 

14211 MOLINA, 6i. Ign. Saggio 
sulla storia naturale del Chili. Bol. 
1782. 8°. Nuova ediz. Bol. 1810. 
4*'. In German by J. Dt. Brandis. 

4E 3 



Lpz. 1786. 8°. with I map (i d.). 
In French by Gruvel. Par. 1789. 
8°. — Saggio sulla storia civile del 
Chili. Bol. 1787. 8^ Gesch. der 
Eroberung von Chili. Lpz. 1791. 
large 8®. (20 gr.) — Compendio de 
la historia geografica, natural y 
civil del reyno de Chili. Madr. 
1788-95. 4®. 2 voU. (3018.) — The 
geographical, natural, and civil his- 
tory or Chili, with notes from the 
Spanish and French versions, and 
an appendix, containing copious 
extracts from the Araucana of 
Alonzo de Ercilla. Transl. from 
the original Italian by an American 
gentleman. Middletown, 1809. S°, 

2 vols. (i8s.) 

His credibility was formeriy unjustly 

14212 MOLINA, L. Concordia li- 
beri arbitrii cum gratise donis, di- 
vina praescientia, providentia, prse- 
destinatione et reprobatione ad non- 
nullos primae partis D. Thomse ar- 
ticulos. Olyssipone, Ant. Riberius, 
1588-89. 4^ 

The original edition and very scarce, of 
a work remarkable for the controversy 
which arose concerning it. There ought 
to be an appendix of 44 pages. — Ed, II. 
altera $ui parte aucHor, Aniw.y Trogna^ 
nut, 1595. 4^ 

14213 MOLINA, Tirso de (that is, 
Gbr. Tellbz). Deleytar aprove- 
chando. Madr. 1635. 4^ Also, ib. 
1765. 4°. 2 voU. 

14214 MOLINiEUS, C. Opera om- 
nia. Par. 1 68 1, fol. 5 voll. 

14215 MOLINET, CI. du. Le ca. 

binet de la biblioth^ue de S. Ge- 

nevi^ve. Par., Dazallier, 1692. 

fol. with plates. Also on large 


With 1 title-plates, the portrait of the 
author, and 45 plates. 

14216 MOLINET, J. Les feictz 
et dictz. Par., J. Longis, 153 1> 
fol. Gothic letter, 3 leaves of preli- 
minary matter, and 138 numbered 
leaves. Par., J. Petit, 1537. 8°. 
Gothic letter. Par. 1540. 8°. with 
round characters. 

14217 — {anon.) Le temple de 


Mars. Par., le petit LaureiiB* 
without date. 4°. Gothic letter. 
Par. (with J. Trepperel's symbol), 
without date. 4^. Gothic letter. 
Par. without date. 4^. Gothic 

The last 2 editions of this poem, whidi 
is also in the preceding collection, are 
really different. Verdier quotes the two 
following pieces of Molinet besides, whidi 
must be extremely scarce : Histoire du 
rond et du carri, ^ chiq per$<mnaget. Impr, 
par Ant, Blanchard (without place or 
date), and Les vigiles de$ mortM par per^ 
aonnages. Par., J, Janot, without date. 

Concerning his unprinted cfarooide from 
1474 to 1506, which Alb. MirsDus wished 
to have published in 1610, see Bantam 
Bibl, Leopold, III. 419 etc and San- 
tander^s Catal. III. 16. See also Bovi- 

14218 MOLINO, Gi. Dittionario 
delle lingue ital. e turchesca. Roma, 
1641. 8^ 

The Turkish is only printed in Latin 

14219 MOLL, Hm. A new de- 
scription of England and Wales, 
with the adjacent islands. Lend. 
1724. fol. with plates. 

In the plate to p. 185 is represented a 
machine for beheading, long ago used in 
the jurisdiction of Halifax, which ic a cu i M fla 
the guillotine. 

14220 MOLLER, J. Homonymo- 

scopia historico-philologico-critica 

s. schediasma de scriptoribus homo- 

nymis. Hmb. 1697. 8°. 

Tolerably scarce, and very useful, al- 
though it is only the sketch of a larger 

14221 — Cimbria literata s. scrip- 
torum ducatus utriusque Slesvi. 
censis et Holsatici historia literaria. 
Havn. 1 744. fol. 3 voll. 

A pattern of industry in coUeoticm. A 
copy with numerous MS. additions in the 
Royal library at Copenhagen. 

MOLLEVILLE, see Bertrand. 

14222 MOLLIEN, G. Travels in 
the interior of A^ica to the sources 
of the Sen^al and Gambia. Edited 
by T. E. Bowdich. Lond., Col- 
burn, 1820. 8°. with 8 plates 
(2 guineas). Voyage dans Tin. 
terieur de I'Afrique aux sources 


da Senegal et de la Grambie. Par. 
1820. 8^. 2 vols, with plates (12 
fr.). In Grerman in the Magazin 
der Reisebeschr. B. 33. and in the 
Bibl. der Reisebeschr. 2e Ha]fte> 
B. 22. 

14223 MOLIjOY,Fr. Grammatica la- 
tino-hibemica. Romie, 1677. 12**. — 
Lncema fidelium de doctrina chri. 
sdana^ idiomate hibernioo scripta. 
ib. 1677. 8°. 

MOLNAR, Alb., see Bod. 

14224 MOLNAR, J. Deutsch-wala- 
chische Sprachlehre. Wien, 1788. 
8**. 2e (sehr wenig) Term. u. verb. 
Aufl. Hermannstadt, 18 10. 8^ 

14225 MOLOSSI, Gi. Bt. (anon.) 
Memorie di alcuni uomini illustri 
della citt^ di Lodi. Lodi» 1776. 4^ 
2 vols, with portraits printed in the 

14226 MOLZA, Fr. Mar. Poesie 

Tolgari e latine, corrette, iUustr. ed 

aocresciate, coUa vita dell* autore 

da Pt. Ant. Serassi. Bergamo, Lan. 

celloti, 1 747-54. 8°. 3 voll. 

The hmt edition.^ Poesie (Ital.). Mil, 
i8o8.r.(CAMfiet/t) The author's JVin/a 
Tibenna in Polvriano Stanze. Bergamo^ 

1 747- 4*- 

14227 — novella novellamente stam- 
pata et posta in luce. Bol. 1547. 8^ 

A tcaroe edition. Reprinted in Sanso- 
rino*! ooQectioD, Ven.^ 156a. 8^ 

14228 MOMBRITIUS, Boninus. 
Sanctnarium s. vite sanctorum. 
Without place or date (MedioL 
aboat 1479)- ^^^' ^ ^^^' 

In 2 odtumni with signatures and round 
cbanctcn. The ist voL begins with 3 
leare* of table of contents, and ends with 
the Patsio S. Gregoru, Spotetani presb. 
The snd voL begins, on the reverse of the 
1st leaf, also with a table of contents, and 
ends with the life of i$t. Zeno. The last 
leaf of the signature nrmny which contains 
the life of St. Nicasius, is wanting in al. 
most all oofNes. This scarce work, which 
was only once printed, contains the first 
eoUection of the original legends of the 



JmrKNALis, No. 1 1 282. 

14229 MONACO, Pt. Raccolu di 
112 stampe di pitture di istoria 

sacra, incise per la prima volta in 

rame, copiate da gli originali di ce. 

lebri autori, esistenti a Venezia. 

Ven. 1763. large fol. 

Also, Ven, 1772. lai^ fol. with 113 
phktes. Previously only 55 plates, Ven, 
1745. lai^foL 

14230 MONALDINI, Gius. Ant. 
{anon,) Vite de' piu celebri archi- 
tetti. Roma, 1768. 4°. 

14231 — instituzione antiquario-lapi- 
daria o sia introduzione alio studio 
delle antiche latine inscrizioni. 
Roma, 1770. 8**. 

14232 — instituzione antiquario-nu- 
mismatica o sia introduzione alio 
studio delle aotiche medaglie. Roma, 
1772. 8^ with plates. 

14233 MONARCHIA. Lucii Cor- 
nelii Europsei monarchia Solipso- 
rum. Ven. 1645. 12°. 

The original edition of this satire on the 
Jesuits, ofW printed, but now no longer 
sought after. In French (by Restaut), 
Amit, 1721 OT 22, 12°. ^nu<. (Par.) 1754. 
12**. Monarchie der Selbttsormen^ without 
place, 1663. 8^ It is decided that Mich. 
Inchufer was not the author, and it is very 
uncertain whether Jul. Clem. Scotus was : 
consult Vogt CaL Hbr, rar, p. 595. Frep- 
tagn AnaleotOy p. 607. LUerar. Woehen' 
blatt, I. 103. Baumgarten Nachrr, von 
einer hall Bibl. 111. 151 etc Ffoffel 
Gesch, der kom. Lit. II. 240 etc Schrockh 
Kirchengetch, seii der RefomuU. 11 1. 638- 
643. J. Gf. Kneschke Progr. I. et II. de 
auctore libeUi : Monarchia ioHpior, Zittao. 
181 1. 4^ 

14234 MONARDES, N. Uistoria 

medicinal de las cosas que se traen 

de nuestras Indias occidentales. Se- 

villa. 1574. 4^. with woodcuts. 

Scarce even in Spain. In Latin and 
French in Cp. Acosta*s works: see Aco- 


14235 MONBODDO, Jam. Burnet, 
Lord, (anon.) On the origin and 
progress of language. Ed. II. E- 
dinb. 1774-92. 8°. 6 vols. 

Only one part of the work of this inee- 
nioiis, singular person, whom Foote callod 
an Elzevir edition of Dr. Johnson, is con- 
tained in the German translation by E. A. 
Schmidt, Biga, 1784-85. 8*. 2 vols. (3 d.) 
The 1st edition of the ist part of the ori- 
ginal appeared in 1773* 



14236 MONCADA, Fr. de. Expe- 
dicion de los Cataknes 7 Aragoneses 
contra Turcos y GriegoB. Barce- 
lona, Deu, 1623. 4°. — NuevB edic. 
(por Fr. Cerda y Rico). Madr.^ 
Sancha, 1772. large 8°. 

MONCEAU, see Duhambl. 

14237 MONCONYS, Bths. de. Jour- 
nal des voyages en Portugal, Pro- 
vence, Italie, Egypte, Syrie etc., re- 
dig^ par le Sr. de Liergues. Lyon, 
Boissat, 1665-66. 4°. 3 vols, with 
plates. Also, Par. 1677, or Lyon, 
1678. 4°. 2 vols, with plates. Par. 
(Holland), 1695. 12°. 5 vols, with 


The OermAn traiulation by Ch. Junker, 
Lpz, 1697 or 1734. 4''< is very little to be 
depended upon, and is often very bad Oer- 
man. All the drawings, all the letters, 
and the other appendages, which are at the 
end of the last part of the original, are 
wanting in it. 

14238 MONCRIF, Fr. Agst. Paradis 
de. CEuvres. Par. 1 75 1 . 1 2°. 3 voll. 
ib. 1768. 12^ 4 vols, with plates. 
Nouv. ed. augm. de Thist. des chats. 
Par., 1796. 8°. 2 vols, with plates 
(8 fr.). 

14239 — (anon,) essais snr la neces- 
sit^ et sur les moyens de plaire. 
Par., Prault, 1738. 12°. with plates. 

A copy on vellum 90 fr. Valli^re, 60 fr. 
St C^ran, 79 fr. McCarthy. Also on lai^e 

14240 — poesies chr^tiennes. Par. 
1747. small 8°. 

A copy on vellum 24 fr. St. Cdran, 140 
fr. Lair. 

14241 — choix de chansons (recueil- 
lies par Moncrif). Without date, 

'757- >2°. 

A copy on veDum 60 fr. Valli^re.^ 
(anon.) Les chats. Roll, 1728. 8**. with 
plates (also in CEuvres de Caylus, T. XII.). 

MONDE, le nouveau, see Bouchet. 
MONDEJAR, see Ibanez. 

14242 MONDRAGON, Geron de. 
Arte para componer en metro ca- 
stellano. Zarag. 1593. 8°. 

This art of poetry is prised in Spaiik 

14243 MONET, J. Anthologie fran. 
9ai8e on chansons choisies depuis le 
I3e si^e. (Par.) 1765. 8^ 3 vols. 


with plates. Chansons joyenaes 
mises au jour par on aneonyme 
(Charl. Coll^). Par. 1765. 8«. a 
parts in 1 vol. 

Only sought after when the iMt book is 

14244 MONETA Cremonensif. Ad. 
versus Catharos et Valdenaes libri 
V, quos ex MSS. codd. nunc fNrim. 
edid. atque illustrav. Th. Agst. Ric 
chinius. Romse, Paleariai, 1 743. fol. 

Moneta lived about laiS. 

14245 MONETE antiche di Capue, 
con akune osservazioni. Neap. 1 803. 
4''. with plates. 

14246 MONETE cufiche dell' Imp. 
Reale mnseo di Milano (descritte 
da 0. Ottav. Castiglioni). Mil. 
1819. 4^ with 18 plates. 

14247 MONGE, Csp. Description 
de I'art de f^briquer les canons. 
Par. 1704. 4°. with plates (24 fr.). 
Traits el^mentaire de statique. Ed. 
V. revue par Hachette. Par. 1810. 
8°. (3 fr. 25 c.) In German by 
Elk. M. Hahn. BerL 1806. 8^ 
(20 gr.) Application de Tanalyse 
a la g^metrie. Ed^ IV. Par. 1809. 
4°. with plates ( 1 6 fr.). Geometne 
descriptive. Ed. IV. augm. d'noe 
theorie des ombres et de la p«vpec- 
tive, extraite des papiers de Tauteur 
par Brisson. Par. 1819. 4^. with 
28 plates (12 fr.). 

MONGEZ, see Galbrib de Flo- 

14248 MONGITORE, Antonin. Bib- 
liotheca Sicula s. de scriptoribus 
Siculis notitie locupletissinifle. Pa- 
normi, Bua, 1707-14. fol. 2 voll. 

The abate d*Angelo at Palermo hat more 
recently been employed for a long time in 
making collections with a view to a dic- 
tionary of Sicilian literary men. 

14249 — monumenta historiea S. do^ 
mus mansionis S. S. Trinitatis. Pa- 
normi, 1721. fol. — BuUie, privile- 
gia et instrumenta Panonnitane ec- 
clesise. Panormi, 1734. fol. — Par. 
lamenti generali del regno di Sicilia 
dal 1446 al 1748. PaTermOy 1749. 
fol. 2 voll. 



lOM MOKICART, J. Bt. de. Ver. 
sallies immortalise par les merveilles 
efc. en vers Hbres fran9. avec une 
traduction en prose lat. par Romain 
le Testa. Par., Ganeau, 1720-21. 
4''. a vols, with 55 and 40 plates, 
fiir 9 rch,, ouly a of which 



14251 MONI6LIA, Gi. And. Poesie 
dnonmatiche. Fir. 1689-90. 4°. 
3 veil. 

14252 MONIPENNY, J. Abridge. 
ment or sommarie of the Scots 
dironicles. Lond. 16 12. 8^ Also, 
Edinb. 1662. I2^ 

14253 MONITEUR. Gazette na- 
tionale ou le Moniteur universel^ 
depub le 24 Nov. 1789 jusqu'a la 
fin de 1S21. Par. 1789-1821. large 
foL 64 vols. (2 vols, annually). As 
an introduction thereto, Gazette 
nationale ou le Moniteur universel, 
commence le 5 Mai 1789, prec^d^ 
d'one introduction historique> con- 
tenant on abr^ge des anciens etats- 
g^n^ranx^ des assemble des nota- 
bles et des principaux ^v^nemens 
qui ont amen^ la revolution (redig^ 
par Thuau-Grandville). Par. an 4. 
large fol. To which may be joined, 
Revolution • fran9aise, ou analyse 
complete et impartiale du Moni- 
teur, suivie d'une table alphabet, 
des personnes et des choses ( lusqu'^ 
la fin de Tan y, mise en orore par 
Girod). Par. 180 1-2. fol. 4 vols. 
2 vols, of which are index. (Also 
7 vols- in 4°.) 

A complete copy is sold at the sales in 
Paris for 1200 to 1500 fr. according to the 
binding. The years 4 and 5 (of the re- 
puMicJ are printed on very bad paper, but 
there are 3 or 4 copies on better paper. 
Single annual sets have very little value, 
wicfa the exception of the years 7 and 8 
(179S-1800), which arc scarce, as a much 
simller impression was made of them. The 
iatniductioo, although republished, is not 
fo|aendy to be met with ; and as it was 
suU as high as ^50 fr. before the new im* 
pmsion, many collectors sought to replace 
n in their copies by the Avant- Moniteur 
in kL, which however is only a reprint of 
ti» MamAret (Tun Umom <k la revoluHon, 
iff BaiUy (Par. 1804. 8*>. 3 vols.), and 

consequently can by no means replace that 

Separate indices have also appeared to 
the period 1815-20; a new index likewise 
appeared to the earlier period from the ist 
Vendemiaire of the republican year 8 up 
to 31 Dec 18 14. Brunet (3rd edition), 
T. III. p. 631, gives an accurate list of 
those numbers to which there ought to be 
supplements, which are often wanting. 
At Leriche*s, libraire, qmi des AttgtuHnt, 
num. 41, complete copies may always be 
got, as also single parts of the Moniteur. 

MONNET, see Guettard. 
MONNOIES en or., see Cata- 

LOOUE, No. 3700. 

14254 MONNOYE, Bn. de la. (Eu. 

vres choisies. Haye, Par. et Dijon, 

1770. S''. 3 vols. Also in 2 vols. 

in 4°. 

The boc^seller des Ventes at Dijon was 
the sole editor. Monnoye's hfe only is by 
Rigoley de Juvigny. In the 8". edition 
the preface is wanting, which Monnoye 
meant to have prefixed to his new edition 
of the Biblioth, Franf, by de la Croix and 
Verdier. — See also Barozai. 

MONOTESSARON, see Biblia, 

No. 2182. 

MONPENSIER, see Montpen- 


14255 MONRO, Alex, (the father). 
Works, published by his son Alex. 
Monro. Edinb. 1 784. large 4"^. with 
plates. In German, Lpz. 1782. 8^. 
with plates. 

14256 — traitd d'ost^ologie, trad, de 

Tangl. par J. Jos. Sue. Par. 1 759. 

large fol. 2 vols, with 3 1 plates. 

The translator was properly a lady, Ge- 
nevieve Charlotte d'Arconville. 

14257 MONRO, Alex, (the son). 
OI>servations on the structure and 
functions of the nervous system. 
Edinb. 1783. large fol. with plates. 
In German by Sm. Th. Sommering. 
Lpz. 1787. 4°. with plates (2 d. 

14258 — structure and physiology of 
fishes, explained and compared with 
those of man and other animals. 
Edinb. 1785. large fol. with 44 
plates. In German by J. GJo. 
Schneider. Lpz. 1787. large 4°. 
with 38 plates (3 d. 8 gr.). 




14259 — description of all the bursse 
muscossofthe human body. Edinb. 
1 788. large fol. with plates. — Icones 
( 1 5 ) et descriptiones bursamm mus- 
cosar. corporis humani^ lat. et germ, 
edid. J. Ch. Rosenmiiller. Lps., 
Breitkopf, 1799. large fol. with 
plates (10 d.). 

14260 — the morbid anatomy of the 
human gullet, the stomach and in- 
testines. Edinb. 1 8 1 1 . large fol. 
with 21 plates (il. i8s.)- 

14261 — outlines of the anatomy of 
the human body in its sound and 
diseased state. Lond. 181 3. 8°. 3 
vols., and i vol. with 48 plates 

(3!- 38-)- 
MONSALVO, see Finbstres. 

MONSTIER, see Dumonstikr. 

14262 MONSTRELET.Enguerrand 

de. Les chroniques de France, 

d*Angleterre, de Bourgogne, et au- 

tres pays circonvoisins. Par., Ant. 

V^rard, without date. fol. Gothic 

letter, 3 vols. 

There are two undated editions o( Mon- 

Btrelet by V^rard, both of which reach only 

to 1467 (not to 1498). One has 47 lines, 

and in the colophon Vdrard^s residence au 

petit ponl is mentioned; the other, of 45 

lines, gives the rue neuve Notre-Dame as 

Vdrard*s address. The first has somewhat 

larger characters, but both agree, pa^ for 

page. Both have in the ist vol. 9 leaves 

of preliminary matter and 301 numbered 

leaves ; in the md 8 leaves of preliminary 

matter and 101 numbered leaves (the last 

is wrongly numliered cd); in the srd 

7 leaves of preliminary matter and leaves 

133.260. There is a copy on vellum, with 

285 miniatures, of the edition of 45 lines, 

640 fr. Vallifere, 1800 fr. M*Carthy (now 

' in the Royal library at Paris) . An edition 

of 1 498 by V^rard is a nonentity : consult 

Vallih-e's Catal, T. I. Suppl. p. 73. 

Monstrelet begins at 1400, where Fnns- 
sart ceases, but ends as soon as 1444* 
From that period to 1467 it was continued 
by some unknown person, probably J. du 
Clercq, audior (rf* a chronide of Flanders 
from 1448 to 67. {^Mhn, de Vac. de» inscr. 
XLIII. 560.) Concerning a beautiful MS. 
of Monstrelet, written in 15 10, see Val' 
lUre*sCaial. III. 194 sq. 

14263 Par., J. Petit et Mch. 

le Noir, 1512. small fol. Gothic 

letter, 3 vols. 
This edition is enlarged with Pt. Desray^s 


oontiniiation up to Charles VIIPs death in 

14264 Par., Fr. Regnault, 1518. 

small fol. Gothic letter, 3 vols. 

Augmented with a new continuation up 
to 1516. 

16265 — chroniques, contenant les 
cruelles guerres civiles entre les 
maisons d'Orl^ans et de Bonrgc^e 
etCt avec les continuations jusqu'en 
1516 (^dit. revue par Denis Sau- 
vage). Par., Chaudi^re, 1572. fol- 

3 vols. Also on large paper. 

The finest edition, and g^^^eatly sought 
after in France, notwithstanding diat the 
text is modernized and altered. The edi- 
tions. Par. 1595 or 1603. fol. 3 vols, are 
far inferior. 

14266 — the chronicles of Monstre- 
let, being a continuation of Frois- 
sart*s chronicles, transl. from the 
most approved originals, with notes* 
by Th. Johnes. At the Hafod press, 
by Jam. Henderson, 1 809. large 4^. 

4 vols, with 50 plates. 

Very finely printed at the private press 
of the translator in his estate at Hafod, 
and forming a sequd to his translation of 
Froissart. There are 35 copies in foliow 
A smaller edition, Land. 1810. 8**. 12 vols, 
with an atlas in 4". (7L 48.) 

14267 MONTAGU, Mary Wortley. 
Works, including her correspond- 
ence, poems, and essays. Published 
from ner genuine papers. Lend., 
Murray, 1803 or 1817. 8^ 5 vols. 
(2I. 5s.) 

Previously, Lond. (Par.) 1803. la*. 5 
vols. (15 fr.) A pocket edition, LotuL 
181 1. 34^ 2 vch. (86.) In French, Par^ 
Vahde, 1804. la^ 4 vols. — LeUert wriiten 
during her traveh. Lond. 1 784. 8^. a vob. 
The best French translation by Anaon, 
Par. 1805. f a^ 2 vols. In German, Lpm. 
1763. 8". 2 vols. (10 gr.) 

14268 MONTAGU, J. Testacea 
Britannica : natural history of ma- 
rine and terrestrial shells of Great 
Britain. Lond., White, 1804. 4^. 
with plates (il. 2s., with illumiiu 
ated plates 4I. 48.). Supplement, 
ib. 181 o. 4^. with plates ( 1 85., with 
illuminated plates il. i6s.). 

14269 MONTAIGNE, Mch. Essais. 
Bourdeaux, Millanges, 1580. 8^ 

The first edition, and sought afVer in 


Fnntt, ahhongh it only oontains the first 

14270 — essais. Ed. V. augm. d'un 
troisitee livre et de six cents addi- 
dons anx deux premiers. Par., Abel 
FAngelier, 1588. 4°. 

The lest edition which appeared in the 
aathor^s lifetime. He lef^ behind him at 
his death two copies furnished in his own 
hand with quite different corrections and 
addftiona. The following edition was pre- 
pared according to one;, and the other forms 
the basis of the edition of i8oa. 

14271 — essais. Edit. nouv. trouv^e 

apr^ le deceds de I'autheur, et 

angm. par luy d'uu tiers plus 

qa'aax prec^entes impressions. 

Par., Abel Angelier. 1595. fol. 

Superintended by Mademoiselle de Ooor- 
nay, and containing, besides the important 
and numerous additions and corrections 
froiD the author's MS., a long preface of 
the editor, which is wanting in the edi- 
tidos, i\ir. 1598 and 1602, but is replaced 
in that of PtKr. 1635. 4^ At the same 
tnooe these editions have the defect, that 
there ia neither a translation given of the 
pasisgDH quoted from foreign languages, 
nor are the authors themselyes mentioned. 
An index is also wanting. 

14272 — essais. Edit, corrigee, en- 

richie du nom des auteurs cites, et 

de la rersion de leor passages, avec 

la vie de I'auteur. Par., J. Camu- 

sat, 1635. fol. 

This edition, furnished by mademoiselle 
de Ooumaj with a new preface upraised 
by Bayle), and greatly corrected, is dedi- 
csted to cardinal Richelieu, and forms the 
bMb of dQ the subsequent ones until that 
by Costa in 1 734. The appended specifi- 
cation of the authors dted, and the trans- 
latioDS of the passages from them, are how. 
ever rery insufficient, as also in the edi- 
tioDs^ Par, 1640 and 53. foL; and all 3 
editions are at alow price. 

14t73 — essais. Nout. ^it. exacte- 

ment purg^ des d^fants pr^^den- 

tes etc, Broxell., Foppens (other 

copies, Amst., Michiels). 1659. 1 2^. 

3 TolL 

Neat, and greatly sought after as an 
appendage to the Elzevir series ; but not- 
withstanding its boasting title, it is nothing 
more than an incorrect reprint of the pre- 
ceding. Par., JowmeUe^ 1659. Ia^ 5 yols. 
and Par., Rmdety 166^ ii"*. 3 rols. art 
ahnott as neat, and Ism incorrect. 



14274 — essais. Avec des remarqaes 

par Pt. Coste. Lond., Tonson, 1724. 

large 4^. 3 vols. Suppldm. ib. 1 740. 

large 4^ 

For a long time the finest edition. Less 
accurate than those of 1505 and 1635, 
and modernized in the orthography. It 
is valuable on account of the very care- 
ful specification of the authors cited, and 
on account of the faithful translations of 
the passages from them. Costers notes are 
also in part of value, and ought not to have 
been entirely excluded from the more re- 
cent editions. Xhe edition, Par, 1725. 
large 4°. 3 vols, contains some corrections, 
and Haye, Gaase, 1737. 12**. 5 vols, has 
new corrections. Also, Lond, 1739. ii^ 

6 vols. The best edition by Coste is the 
5th and last, Lond., Nour$ey 1745. ii**. 

7 vols. In it and in the preceding 9 letters 
of Montaigne, Et, de BoeHe Discours twr 
la $€rmtudt and the preface of de Goumay 
of 1635, ^i^ added. The reprint of the 
same, Lond, (Par,) 1754. 12**. 10 vols, is 
neat, and scarce on Dutch paper ; but the 
later reprints (likewise 10 vols, in I^^)are 
very incorrect. — The neat edition, Atnst, 
(L$fon)y 1 78 1. 8°. 3 vols, contains the text 
of de Ooumay. 

14275 — essais. Par., Bastien, 1783. 
8°. 3 voll. 

Also copies on Dutch paper, and on large 
paper in 4°. Correct, on fine paper, with 
a good index, and the old orthography; 
but the translations of the dted passages 
and the other augmentations of Costers 
edition are wanting. Par,y BasHeriy 1793. 
8°. 3 vols, is less fine. 

14276 — essais, revos et collation^ 
sur un exemplaire corrig^ de la 
main de I'auteur (par Jac. And. 
Naigeon). Par., Didot ain^, an 10 
(1802). 8®. 4 voll. (16 fr., on vel- 
lum paper 32 fr.) 

A stereotype edition, of which there are 
at least 5 copies on vellum (one at Didot*s 
sale 600 fr.) very correct, but little pleas- 
ing, and without an index. The text is 
regulated after the and copy left behind by 
Montaigne, and the readings of de Oour- 
nay*s text are noticed as various readings. 
It is however decided that the copy fol- 
lowed by de Ooumay was by far the best. 
The 9 letters of Montaigne, BoeMt Dis- 
coursy and a selection of Coste*s notes, are 
added. Naigeon did not insert a glonary 
prepared for this edition by Fr. Ambr. 
Didot. According to the amt au leeieur 
of 13 pages there ought to be an addition of 
63 pages ccmceming Montaigne*s rdigion, 
which however was obliged to be sup- 



preiBed on aooount of the two free pM- 
sages which it contained, and it is only to 
be found in a very few copies. In such 
complete copies, p. 177-181 of the ist part 
are also double. 

14277 — essais. Nout. ^t. (don- 
n^e par Eloi Johanneau). Par., 
Leffevre, 181 8. 8^ 5 voll. with 
Montaigne's portrait. 

The most complete, the best, and the 
finest edition. 100 copies on large vdlum 
paper. Par^ Lefhjre, 1618. iS*". 6 rolL 
(15 fr.) is a very neat impression of this 

14278 — - essais (donn^ par de TAul- 
nay). Par., Desoer, 1818. large 
8°. (24 fr. on fine paper 36 fir., on 
vellum paper 48 fr.) 

Amongst other things, enlarged with a 
glossary. In very small chanicter, in 1 
columns, and yery neat. In the same cha- 
racters also, t6., id., 18 18. I8^ 4 voll. (20 
fr.) also 9 voU. in 36**. for the Biblioth. 
portative du voyageur (i i fr. 15 c., on vel- 
lum pf^)er 22 fr. 50 c.). An edition, with 
a commentary by Amaury Duval in the 
Collection dea tnoralistesfran^. Par, 1820. 
8°. 14 voll. 

14279 — saggi, owero discorsi natu- 
rali, polit. e morali, trad, da M. 
Ginammi. Yen. 1633. 4^ I saggi, 
trad, nuovamente in lingua Tosc. 
da un accadem. Fiorentino et pub. 
blic. daFilandro. Am8t.(Fir.) 1785. 
8°. Of little importance. — Ge- 
danken u. Meinungen iiber allerlei 
Gegenstande (iibs. von J. Jo. Cp. 
Bode) nebst einem Register von 
Imm. Fritze. Berl., Lagarde^ 1 793 
-99. 8^ 7 voll. (9 d. 4 gr.) — Es- 
sayes transl. by J. Florio. Lond. 
1603. fol. A new translation. 
Lond. 1776. 8^ 3 voll. ib. 181 1. 
8". 3 voll. (2I. I OS.) 

14280 — Journal du voyage de Mch. 
de Montaigne en Itabe, par la Su- 
isse et rAUemagne en 1580 et 81, 
avec des notes, par de Querlon. 
Rome (Par.), 1774. 4°. Also on 
large paper. 

Also ib. 1774. 12". 2 vols, or 3 vols, in 
small 12°. Uninteresting. 

14281 MONTALDI, Fr. Jos. Lexi- 
con hebraicum et chaldaeo-biblicum, 
ex Buxtorfii et aHor. operibus ex- 


cerptooi. Ramffi, 1789. 8^ 4 

de. La fortification perpendicu- 
laire, ou Tart d^ensif superieur k 
I'offensif. Par. 1776-96. large 4^ 
1 1 vols, with plates (300 £r.). 

Complete copies are not common. 

MONTALTE, L. de, see Pascal. 

14283 MONTALVAN, J. Perez de. 
Successos y prodigios de amor^ en 
ocho novelas exemplares. Madr. 
1624 or 26. 4®. 166 leaves. Brax- 
elas, Antonio, 1626. 8^ Sevilla, 
^^33' 4^' Tortosa, 1635. 8^ Bar- 
celona, Cavelleria, 1640. 8^ Se- 
villa, 1641. 8**. Brusselas, Fop- 
pens, 1702. 12^ Madr. 1723. 4^ 

Prized. Let nouvelles de Montaltfan, 
trad, de Vetpagn. par de RampaUe. Par, 
1644. 8**. Prodigi d'amorey rappresentoH 
in varie nooeUe da Montalvano, et iratu- 
portaU in UaU da Biatio CiaidinL Fen, 
1637. 8". 

14284 — para todos. Exemplos mo- 
rales, humanos 7 divinos, en que se 
tratan diversas ciencias, materias j 
facultades, repartidos en loe siete 
dias de la semana. Madr. 1640 or 
51.4°. Alcala, 1 66 1 . 4**. Se villa, 
1736. 4°. — La semaine, ou les 
mariages mal assortis^ contenus en 
8 nouvelles tirees des Para todos 
de Montalban, trad, de I'espagnol 
(par Vanel). Par. 1684. ia\ 2 

14285 — oomedias. Aicala, 1638. 8^ 
Also Valencia, 1652. 4''. 2 voll. 

14286 — Orfeo en lengua castellana. 
Barcelona, 1640. 8°. 

Previously, Madr. 1624. It is, according 
to N. Antonio, properly by Lope de Vega. 
(ProbaMy a translation olf tbe Chfeo by 
Poliziano ?) 

14287 MONTALVO, Alphons. Diax. 
de. Maauale s. repertorium super 
abbatem Panormitanum. Hispali, 
Ant. Marlinez^ Bm. Segara el 
Alpb. del Puerto, J 477" ^^^ 

An extremely scarce edition, and pro- 
bably the first dated typographical produc- 
tion of Seville. With signatures, without 
catchwords and pagination. The first edi* 




Ordentuuuu rm\§9 de €at- 
Zmmoroy Ant. de CentenerOy 15 Jtm. 
1485. £ol, is rery scarce. 

14288 AlONTALVO, L. Galvez de. 
El pastor de Filida. Madr. 1590 
or 1600. 8^ Valencia, 1792. 8°. 

14289 MONTANABBI. Probender 

ftrab. Dichtkunst in verliebten u. 

traurigen Gedichten aus dem Mon- 

tanabbi. Arab. u. deutsch von J. 

Jac. Reiske. Lpz. 1765. 4^. 

It has becotne very scarce. Honest 
lUsske, in the simplicity of his heart, says 
in the dedicetioa to his beautiful wife ga- 
Isnt thinffs befiore all the woiid, which 
wsa^bt weU make her blush a little. 

14290 MONTANARI (anon.). Trae- 
tato della eaistenza di Dio. Vero- 
na, 1 768. 4^ with Montanari*8 Por- 

A copy on veDom, but not a fine one, is 
in the Royal libraiy at Munich. 

14291 MONTANO, GH. Bt. Li cin- 
que libri di arddtettanu Roma, 
Rom, 1691. fbL with plates. 

14292 — aeelta de' varii tempietti 
antichi oon le piante ed alzate, di- 
segnati in prospettiva, dati in luce 
da Gi. Bt. Soria. Roma, Soria, 
1634. fbL 

MONTANUS, see Arias. 

14293 MONTANUS, Arnold. Ge- 
denkwaerdige G^esantschappen der 
Oostindische Maetschappy in't ve- 
reenigde Nederland aen de Kaisa- 
ren ran Japan. Amst., Meurs, 1 669. 
foL with plates. In German, ib. 
1669. foL with plates. 

14294 — De nienwe en onbekende 
Weereld, of Beschryring van Ame* 
rica en't Zuidland. Amst., Meurs, 
167 1. fbL with plates. 

MONTAUBAN, see Reonault. 

14295 MONTAUSIER, CharL de 

Sainte-Maure, Marq. de. La guir- 

knde de Julie, offerte k Mile de 

RambouiUet (Julie Lucie d'Ang^- 

nes). Par., impr. de Monsieur 

(Didot jeune), 1784. 8^ on vellum 


A copy on velhim (153 fr. d*Hangard, 
100 fr. le Febvre, 130 fr. d*Ouraies). 
AJbo, For. 1818. 18*. with ilhiminated 

plates (10 fr.). Printed after the ode- 
brated MS. written by Jarry, and orna- 
mented with paintings of flowers bv Ro- 
bert, which was sold at Oaignot^ sale for 
780 fr. and at Valli^re's for 145 10 fr. See 
V0Uiir9'4 Ctitai, II. 389. sq. 

14296 MONTE, Agst. Mar. de. La. 
tium restitutum s. latina lingua in 
veterem restituta splendorem. Ro- 
mae, de Rubeis, 1720. 8^ 4 volL 

MONTE sancto di Dio, see Anto- 
nio da Siena. 
MONTEBALDO Fracanzo, see 


14297 MONTECUCULI,Raimundo. 
Opere, illustrate da Ugo Foscolo. 
Mil., L. Mussi, 1807. large fol. 
2 voU. with plates (120 fr.). 

The impression is said to have been only 
170 copies, 13 of which were on vellum 
p^ier. After the original MSS. hitherto 
unused, the breaks in which Foscolo him- 
self supplied. But he is said at the same 
time to have frequendy disfigured the text 
by a r bi trar y alterations. Opercy eorrette^ 
accrete, et iilust. da Gittt, GrassL Torino, 
i8ai. 8**. 2 v(41. (11 lire, in 4^ 4oHre). 
Previously, Memorie, paste in hue per 
Enr. di Huytsen. Cot. 1704. 8^ In La- 
tin, Vienna, 1718 or 40. fd. with plates. 
In French, Par. 1711. ii*. Strb. 1735. 8*. 
Amst. 1751. 8°. ^ voll. Avee les eommen' 
(aires de Lancelot Thirpin de CrissL Par, 
1 769. 4**. 3 voll. or, Amst. et Lps, 1 770. 
8^ 3 volL with plates. 

fendi. Under this name Brunet 
mentions the Persian and Turkish 
lexicon, which I have placed under 
Fbbhenoi. See also Gaswati. 

14298 MONTEGGIA, Gi. Bt. Isti- 
tuzioni cirurgiche. Mil. 18 16. 8^. 
8 voll. (36 lire.) 

14299 MONTEIRO, Diogo. Poema 
de S. Gonyalo de Amarante. Lisb. 
1620. 4°. 

14300 MONTEMAGNO. Prose e 
rime de' due Buonaccorsi de Mon- 
temagno, oon annotazioni de alcune 
rime di N. Tinucci. Fir., Gius. 
Manni, 17 18. 12°. 

Superintended by Oi. Bt. Gasotti, and 
dted by the academy della Cmsca. Pre- 
viously in N. Pith Raccetta di rime «n- 
tiche. Roma, 1559. 8^ and in Rime di 
Bembo, Casa e G ui dio ei e s ^ Ven. 1567. 




14301 -^ rime del Montemagno. Col. 
1762. 8^ 

This valuable edition was superintended 
by Vine. Benini, and furnished with his 
annotations. A copy on velhun, aL 28. 
Pinelli, and 44 fr. McCarthy. A selection 
of these poems is in the Pamasso Ilal, VI. 
2ig etc. 

14302 MONTEMAYOR, Fr. de 
Historia general de Francia: sue- 
cesion de sus monarcas desde Fa- 
ramundo hasta la muerte de Luis 
XIV. Madr. 1 760. 4^. 4 voll. 

14303 MONTEMAYOR, Jorge de. 
Cancionero. Zaragoza, 1561. 12^. 

Also, Salamanca, i57i,or 72, or 79. 12®. 
Atadr. 1588. 8^ 

14304 — los siete libros de la Diana. 
Madr. 1795. 8°. 

The 1st edition appeared in 1562. The 
subsequent editions are, Anveres, Pt. Bel- 
lero, 1575 o*" ^- 12*. Pamphnoy 1578. 
8*. Madr. 1585. 8°. Valencia, Mey, 1602. 
12°. The following are augmented with 
the continuation of Alonso Perez: Ven., 
Vincerufi, 1585. 12°. Madr,, Sanchez, 
1 59 1 or 1595. 12°. Madr, 1602. 8°. Bar' 
ceUma, Cormellas, 1614. 8**. Mil, 161 6. 
12°. Madr, 1622. 8°. is enlarged with 
Polo^s continuation. I also find Li$b, 1624. 
8**. In the Antwerp edition of 1580 the 
following poems follow the 7th book : HiS' 
ioria de Alcida y Sylvano, Historia de ha 
amores de Piramo y Tisbe, (Petrarca) Tn- 
umpho del amor traduz. por Alvaro Gomez, 
and Sonetoa de MorUemayar. 

There are two continuations of this pas- 
toral romance ; one, not a tuooessful one, 
by Alonso Perez, in 8 books (at first aC 
ciUa, 1564. 8**. and afterwards in several 
editions of Montemayor), and the other by 
Oasp. Oil. Polo, highly prized (see the fol- 
lowing article). The Catalogue of the Paris 
library, Bell, lettr, II. 52, has also, La 
Diana de Montemayor, compuesta par Hier, 
Texeda, Tercera parte. Par. 1627. 8". 

14305 — La Diana enamorada (cinco 
libros, que prosiguen los siete de 
Montemayor). Nueva impression 
con notas al canto de Turia. Madr.^ 
Sancha, 1778. 8°. Also, Madr. 
1 80a. 8°. 

At first, Valencia, J, Mey, 1564. 8". 
Also, Anveres, 1567. 8**. ib, Steelsio, 1574. 
I3^ Lerida,Millan,ii7'j,S'', Par,, Rb, 
EstetHM, 1611. I6^ Brusselas, Velpio, 
1613. I6^ Land, Woodward, 1739. 8^ 
There is also said to be an edition, Madr, 
Sancha, 1780. 8^ Barth^s Latin trans- 


lation is also in the edition of Montenuiycnr 
of 1622. 8ee abo^e^ Baeth, No. 1689. 

14306 — les 7 livres de la Diane de 
Montemayor, trad, en fran9. par 
N. Colin. Rheims, Foigny, 1578. 
8°. or Anvers, 1578. 12®. La Di- 
ane de Perez et de Polo trad, par 
Gbr. Chappuys. Lyon, Cloquemin, 
1582. 16°. La Diane de Monte- 
mayor (avec les continuat. de Pe- 
rez et de Polo) divis^ en 3 parties 
et trad, d'esp. en franc^ (par Colin 
et Chappuys). Par., Bonfons, 1 587. 
12°. 3 voll., or Tours, Mettayer, 
1592. 12°. 3 voll. — Los siete libros 
de la Diana de Montemayor. Tra- 
duicts d*Esp. en fran9. et conferez 
es deux langues. P. S. 6. P. (Pa- 
vilion). Et de nouueau reuens et 
corrigez par J. D. Bertranet. Par. 
161 1 or 13. 8''. with the Spanish 
text. — La Diane de Montemayor 
(avec les contin. de Perez et de 
Polo) trad, en fran9. (par Ant. Vi- 
tray). ,Par. 1623 or 31. 8®. 3 parts 
in I vol. with plates. — ^La Diane de 
Montem. (avec les deux contin.) 
Nouvelle et derni^re traduct. par 
Abr. Remy. Par. 1624. 8**. 3 parts, 
with plates. — La Diane mise en 
nouv. langage par Mme Gillet de 
Saintonge. Par. 1699. 12°. a dis- 
tinct work of no value. — Le roman 
espagnol ou nouv. traduct. de la 
Diane de Montemayor. Par. 1735. 

14307 — lustige u. amorosische Dis- 
curs u* Historien der Schaffereyen 
von der schonen verliebten Diana 
u. dem vergessenen Syreno, aus 
dem Span, verteutscht durch Hans 
L. von Khueffsteinem. Lpz. 1624 
or 28. S°, — Diana von Montemajor 
in 2 Theilen span, beschriehen a. 
aus demselb. geteutscht durch J. L. 
von Kueffstein, jetzt mit Polo zuvor 
nie gedolmetschten 3n Th. vermeh- 
ret von G. P. H. (Harsdorffer), Nrb. 
1646. 12°. — Der spanische Roman 
oder Diana, aus dem Franz, (von 
1735) ^^s* Hmb. 1750. 8°. 

14308 — Diana of G. de Montemayor 


(with those of Polo), transl. out of 
Spanish into Engl, by Bm. Yong. 
Lond. BoDifant, ^S9^' ^^^ 

14309 MONTENGON, Pt. Euse- 
bio. Madr. Sancha, 1786-88. 8^ 
4 voIL Barcelona, 1793- 8*^. 4 voll. 
Perpignan, 1819. 12°. 4 voll. — El 
Antenor. Madr. Sancha, 1 788. 8°. 
2 voll. (30 rs.) In Italian, Ven. 
1790. 8^. a TolL — Eudoxia, hija de 
Belisario. Madr., Sancha, 1 793. 8^ 
(15 rs.) — El Rodrigo, romance epi- 
co. Madr., Sancha, 1 793 . 8°. ( 1 5 rs.) 
— Odas. Biadr. 1794. 8^ (10 rs.) 
— El Mirtilo o los pastores trans- 
hmnantes. Madr. 1 795. 8^ ( 1 4 rs.) 
— Friolerias eruditas j curiosas. 
without place, 1 80 1 . 8^. 

der Natur. 

MONTERE6IO, see Rboiomon- 



14310 MONTESQUIEU, Charl. Se- 
oondat, baron de la Brede et de. 
CEuvres, avec les nouv. manuscrits 
(pabl. par Bernard). Par., Plas- 
aan, an 4 (1796). large 4^ 5 vols. 
'with 16 plates. On vellum paper. 

Aho whh plates avani la lettrey and 7 
in fi)lio. The only edition with 
but not fine enough to be a show- 

. Preriondv, Amst. (Par.) 1758. 

4*. 3 ToO. Land. (Par.), 1 707. 4°. 3 voO. 
(also on laige paper.) Par.^ BasHeny 1 788. 
8**. 5 ToO. (abo in 4"*. In addition there- 
to, (EmvT€9 potth. Par. 1798. S"*.) The 
adition, jiveo les naiet d*HelviHiu sur 
Frnprii de$ Imjt (donnU par de la Roche). 
Far., Didoi t&niy 1705. i8^ 19 vdL (also 
CO rdlum paper, and joo copies on large 
Teflom paper) is neat. Of the subsequent 
editkma the most complete is B<u. 1 799. 8**. 
8 ToD. (also on huge Tdhim paper.) 

14311 — (Euvres, avec une notice sur 
sa vie par Auger. Par., Lefebvre, 
1816. 8®. 6 vols, with Montes- 
quieu's portrait. 

Ako on relhun paper, and 31 copies on 
large vdhim paper (120 fr.). Very fine, 
sod mora oomplete than the preoedinff. 
Pmr^ Ltfeborey 1818 or ao. 8*. 5 toB. 
(30 fr.) is enhuged with Montesquieu*s 
ohsti I iUuus 00 England, but is closely 
prialedy and is somtwhat less fine. Par., 



Bi^y 1817. 8^ 1 vols, is correct (15 fr.; 
also on vellum pf^)er). 

14312 — oeuvres completes. Nouv. 
iA. contenant I'doge de Montesq. 
par Villemain, les notes d'Helv^tius 
et de Condorcet^ et le commentaire 
de Voltaire sur Tesprit des lois. 
Par., Lequien, 1819. 8°. 8 vols. 
(24 fr., on fine paper 28 fr.^ on 
vellum paper 56 fr. subscription- 

A good and very correct edition, in whidi 
the numerous errors of almost all the pre- 
ceding editions are oonected. — Wirke. 
DubUny 1777. 8*. 4 vols. Land. 1800. 8**. 
3 vols. HinUrlauene Sdhrr. ^hs. von 
Eliee. do. KHster. AUenb. 1798 (new 
title, 1808). 8*>. (i d. 16 gr.^ 

14313 — esprit des loix. Geneve 
(1749). 4®. 2 voll. 

The first edition. EtpirUu de ku leyesy 
traduo. par J. Lop. Pegnaiver. Madr. 
181 1. 8**. 4 voll. Del espMtu de las leyes^ 
traduo. Kbremenle al espanol por M. V. M. 
Par. i8ai. Il^ 3 voll. SpMio delle leggiy 
ooUe annotoM. di AnL G^iovesi. NapoUy 
1777- 8^ 4 voll- <*. <8<9. 8^ MU.y SU- 
vestrij 1830. l6^ 4 voD. Geist der Ge- 
setste Ubs. von A. W. Hauswald. Gorl. 
1804. 8**. 3 voU. (3 d. i« gr.) Spirit qf 
laws. Land. 1750 or 93. 8^. 1 volL In 
Dutch, by D. H. van Nooten. Amst. 
1783-85. 8'. 2 volL — Observations sur 
Pesprit des lois {par CL Dupin). Par. 
(1757-58). 8". 3 voll. Commentaire sur 
Pespr. des loix (par Destutt de Tracy). 
Par. 1819. 8^ (6 fr.) 

14314 — considerations sur les causes 
de la grandeur et de la decadence 
des Romains. Dijon, Causse^ an 4 
(1795). ®°* * ^^^^« ®^ vellum paper 
(8 fr., on large paper 16 fr.) 

3 copies on vellum. Also, Par,, Didot, 
1814. 8**. (7 fr. 50 c, on veUnm paper 15 
fr.) In German (by A. W. Hauswald), Ai- 
tenb. 1786. 8**. (16 ^.) In English, Land. 
1 759. 8**. In Swe&h, by Olof von Dalin, 
Sth. 1755. 8'. 

14315 — le temple de Guide, avec 
iigg. grav. par le Mire d'apr^ Ch. 
Eisen, le texte grav^ par Drouet. 
Par. 1772. large 8°. Also in large 

14316 — le temple de Guide, suivi 
d'Arsace et Ism^nie. Par., Didot 
ain6, 1796. large 4-., on vellum 
paper, with 7 coloured plates. 

Only 100 copies printed; but not sought 
after, because the plates are very bad. 




14S17 — le temple de Onide, avec 

Cephise et TAmour, et Arsace et 

Ism^nie. Par., Didot jeune^ an 3 

(1795). 18^. On vellum paper, 

with 9 plates (6 fr.). 

2 copies on veUum. ParmOy Bodoniy 
1799. 8°. is fine. In Italian verse, by Vi- 
cnii, Modenoy 1761. 8^ In German, by 
Garlieb Merkd, Wevrn, 1804. 8^ (18 gr., 
on TeUum paper i d. 8 gr.) 

14318 — swiatynia wenery w Knidos. 
Parma, Bodoni, 1807. l*'g® 4*** 3^ 

A tranalatioii of the preceding work in 
Polish verse by J. Felix Tamowski, 2 co- 
pies of which, at least, are on veihim. 

MONTEVILLA, seeM akdevillb. 

14319 MONTFAUCON, Bn. de. 
Diarium italicum s. monumentor. 
vett., bibliothecar, museor. etc, no- 
titiae singulares in itinerario italico 
oollectse. Par.^ Anisson, 1702. 4^. 
with plates. 

In English, AnHquUies qf IttUff, made 
Engl, fmm the last original, Ed. II. re» 
vitidy with large improvements and oorrec^ 
tUme, eommwicated by the a/uthor to the 
editor J. Henley. Land. 1725. fol. with 
plates. Previously, Lond. 171a. 8''. with 
plates. — Ramualdo Ricoobaldi {P. Alees. 
Majfei) Apologia del diario itaL contra le 
oeservoM. tti Fr. de* FicoronL Ven, 1710. 


14320 — Palaeographia grseca s. de 
ortu et progressu literar. grsecar. 
Par., Ouerin, 1 708. fol. with plates. 
Also on large paper. 

An indispensable work, and a pattern 
not surpassed to the present day. A copy 
enriched with many additions by Villoison, 
was sold at his sale for 361 fr. Villoison 
had himself laboured for many years at a 
Oreek Palmographioj and it was afanott 
completely finished in MS. but not dis- 
covc»«d after his death : see Chardon Mi^ 
Umgee II. 18. 

14311 — collectio nova patrum et 
acriptorum gnecor., Eusebii Csesar., 
Athanasii et Cosme. Par., Rigaud, 
1706. fol. 2 voll. 
Scarce, on laige paper. 

14322 — bibliotheca Coisliniana, olim 
S^ueriana, s. manuscriptor. om- 
nium grsecor., quae in ea conti. 
nentur, accurata descriptio. Par., 


Ouerin et Robustel, 1715. foL with 


These MSS. came into the Hbrary of the 
abbey of St. Germain, and in 1 704 into tiie 
Royal library at Paris; see Mimn Magas. 
Encgcl. 1 795. V. 368. An earlier but very 
poor catalogue (by Melchised. Thevenot) t^ 
Catalogve des MSS. de la bibL du ehaneeL 
Seguier. Par, 1686. 8^. Consult iVo^iMt 
et ejTtraitSy T. VII. P. II. p. 15 not. 

14323 — I'antiquit^ expliqu6e et re- 
pr6sent6e en figures (en fran^. et 
en lat.) Par., Delaulne, 1719. foL 
5 parts in 10 voll. Supple, ib. 
1724. fol. 5 vols. wiUi plates. Also 
on large paper. 

The idea of this catalogue Jigw4 is good, 
but the representations are often very no- 
faithful. This I St edition, good ooplei of 
which are not common, is sought after; 
but the md edition, Par. Delauhtey 1732. 
foL 5 parts in 10 vols, and SuppUm. Par. 
1757. fol. 5 vols, is one-diifd diesper, oo 
account of the inferior impressions. Co- 
pies also, in which the pnndpal work is 
of the ist edition, and the supplement of 
the 3nd, or the reverse, are in less estima- 
tion than those which are entirdy of die 
I St; copies which contain only the first 
10 vols, of 1719* are of litde viUue^ as the 
Supplement of 1714 is seldom to be met 
with alone, and is dearer by Itself than 
the principal work. 

Number of the plates: T. I. P. i. 2. 
A title-plate (which is not usually in the 
1st edition), a portrait of Or. d*Eslrte, 
334 numbered plates (of which Nos. 5, 79, 
laa, and 145, are twice over), and a kxge 
^iae(Antiope) at the end of P.I I«—T. U. 
P. I, 2. 194 plates, and i unnumbened 
date (Nehalennia) at the end of P. II.— 
T. III. P. I, 2. 197 plates (of which Nci. 
16 and 97 are twice over). — T. IV. P. i. s. 
144 plates (the last is wronply numbered 
145)) of which No. 7 is twice over, and 
108 four times over, and at the end 2 un- 
numbered plates {table ikaque and ipfee). 
— T. V. P. 1. a. 104 plates.— ^mj^mMk. 
T. I. 88 nlates (of which Noi. 2, 17, 19^ 

ao> ^h 30, 37> 38, 44, 48, 49, S$, 54» 59» 
and 67, are twice over). — T. 11. 61 plates 
(of which Not. 1, 16, 39, and 39, are twice 
over; 33 thrice over; 37, 43, 44, and 50, 
twice over; 51 and 5a thrice over; and 
159 four times over). No. 14 is skipped 
over in the numbering.— T. III. 84 plates 
(of whidi Nos. 4, 5, and o, are twice over; 
1 1, thrice over ; 11, 50, ^ 64, 67, and 60, 
twice over). No. 10 is not mentioned m 
the list of ^ pktes at the end of the vo- 
lume, and is often wanting^— T. IV. 60 
plates (of whk^ Nos. 5, if, 12, 13, 4<y A9f 


51 are twiee over). — T. V. 73 plaMs 
{d whiA Nos. 3, i), and 19 are twiee 
r). Nos. 43 and 43 are od the same 

Hie nnmberB of the plates are somethnes 
wrongs but this may eamhr be corrected by 
tbe numbers marked on the mai^^n of the 
teit- — In English, Antiqtdiieiy with tup- 
fiemtniy iranakOed by Humphrey, Lend, 
I7ti-t5. foL 6 Tols. with plates. In Oer- 
■ian» GfMoA^ rom. u, andre AltsrthUmer, 
M €mtn deui$eh. Auutug gebrachi von J, 
Jm. SchaiMy mii Anmm, von J, S<U. Sem- 
ler. Nrb. 1757. fbl. 2 vols, with plates. 
y^m verb. A^fL wm J. Pd, Roih. Nrb, 
1807. fel ^th 150 plates (6 d. 8 gr., 7 d., 

14324 ^ Ie8 Inon^]llen8 de la moaar- 

due &aii9., arec les figg. de chaque 

Hsgne, que rinjnre da tems a ^parg- 

neea (en fTan9. et en kt). Par., 

Gaadouin^ 17*9-33. fbl. 5 vols. 

with plates. Scarce on large paper. 

Very interesttng, and not ofWi met 
with. Tom. I. porbuit of Louis XV. and 
55 plates. T. II. 63 plates. T. III. 69 
plates. T. IV. a plate at the end of the 
prafiMe and 54 jdates, and after Na 7 three 
4oahie plates, one of which is p. ao3, the 
sad is after Na 30, and the 3rd after 
No. 38. This work is usually joined to 
the preceding — In English, Regal and 
eodetitutieal antiquiHet 0/ France. Lond. 
1750. foL 9 Tols. with plates. 

The following is only a separate impres- 
sion of the plates of the French work 
(witlioot the text) : TTtrhor dee antiquUi* 
de ia eoterenne de France, reprhentlee en 
fi§g.d*mpe^kurtor%(finmut. HayeyHondty 
1745. idL a vols, with 304 pbtes. There 
were only 125 copies struck off on small 
paper, and as many on laige paper. 

14325 — bibliotheca bibliotbecarum 
mannscriptomm nova. Par., Bri- 
anon, 1739. fol. a voll. 

1438C MONT-PIQUET, Raonl de. 
Le lirre on traite da 8. sacrement 
de Fantel et de sea effets et valeur. 
Par-, Ant. Verard, without date. 
8«. Gothk letter. 

A copy on vellum in the Boyal library 
at Pttis. 

MONTFORT. see Rudolf. 

14117 MONTGOMERY, Alex. Po- 
ems, with biograi^ical notes by D. 
Irving. Edinb. i8ai. 8^ (iSs.) 

A Scotch poet of the i6th century. Pre- 
▼ioosiy, Peeihal te^rke. Glaeg* 1754. 13". 

MON 1187 

14328 MONTGOMERY, Jam. The 
world before the flood, a poem in 
10 cantos. With other occasional 
pieces. Lond. 1815. 12^ (8s.) The 
West Indies and other poems. Lond. 

1814. 12°. (6s.) The wanderer of 
Switzerland and other poems. Lond. 

1 8 15. 12°. (6s.) Greenland and 
other poems. Lond. 181 9. 8°. (los. 
6d.) — Poems on the abolition of the 
slave trade, written by Montgo- 
mery, Jam. Graham^ and E. Ban- 
ger. Lond., Bowyer, 1809. large 
4?. with 13 plates (3I. 3s.). Also, 
Lond., Bensley, 1814. 4^. with 
plates (il. IIS. 6d., on large paper 
2I. 1 2s. 6d.). 

14329 MONTI, Vine. Versi. Parma, 

stamp, reale {Bodoni),ijS6. 8^ Poe- 

sie. Pisa, 1 800. 8**. 2 vols. In morte 

di Lr. Mascheroni cantica, libri 3. 

Mil., anno IX. 8°, 16, 14, and 14 

pages. Strictly suppressed. In 

morte di Ugo Basville, cantica. 

Ediz. riveduta. Mil. 1821. 8°. II 

bardo della selva nera. Parma, Bo- 

doni, 1806. 8*^. Also in 4°. and fol. 

La spada di Federico, ottava (ital. 

e franc). Mil. 1807. 8^ Tragedie 

per la prima volta riunite in un sol 

volume. Livomo, 1816. 12**. Na- 

poli, 1819. 12**. 

Of his tragedy of Aritiodemo there is a 
fine edition, Parma, Bodoni, 1786. 4*'. 
(la copies on vellum paper), ib,, id., 1787. 
lai^ 8^ 

MONTICHIELLO, see Lucanus, 

No. 12359. 

MONT-JOSIEU, see Demontio- 


14330 MONTLUC, Blaise de. Conu 

mentaires (de 1521-72). Par. 1746 

or 60. 12''. 4 voD. 

Previously, Bourdeaua, 1593. 8^ 1 vols. 
Par. 1607 or 17. 8*. a parts in i voL %b, 
1 66 1. !«•. 2 vols. In Itah'an by Giul. 
Ferrari, Cremona, 1618. 4^ In English^ 
Lond. 1674. foL 

14S31 MONTORO. Obras liricaa 
humanas. Madr. 1736. 4°. 2 voll. 
MONTPALAU, see Capmanv. 

14332 MONTPENSIER, Anne 
Mar. Louise d'Orl^ns, Demoiselle 



de. M^moires. Amst.> Wetstein, 
1735 or 46. 12°. 8 voll. 

The most complete edition, but inoomect. 
Another edition of the same year in 8 vols, 
in Ti". is badly printed. Also^ Maesirichiy 
1776. 12'. 8 vols. 

14333 — relation de Tisle imaginaire. 
Histoire de la princesse de Paphla- 
gonie. Par.^ Renouard^ 1805. 12^ 

5 copies on vellum, and 8 copies on rose- 
coloured paper. The original edition, with- 
out place, 1650. 8°. is very scarce. — Con- 
sult FayetUy No. 7388. 

14334 MONTRESOR, CI. de Bour- 
deiUe, comte de. M^moires. Leyde, 
J. Sambix, 1665. 12°. 2 voll. 

Sought after in France, as an Elzevir 
typographical production, which however 
it scarcely is. The edition of the ist vol. 
ib^ id.y 1667. la"*. is from the same press 
as the above, but ib,, id,, 1663. 11°. is evi- 
dently printed in France. There is also 
an edition, «£., id,, 1664. i^""* Of the 2nd 
voL there is only the edition of 1665. Col. 
1723. 12°. 2 vols, is not fine. 

14335 MONTUCLA, Jos. Pr. Hi. 

stoire des mathematiques. Nouv. 

6d, achev^e par de Lalande. Par., 

an 7-10 (1799-1802). 4*. 4 vols. 

with plates (60 fr.). 

Previously, Par, 1758. 4*. 2 vds. 

14336 MONUMENS egyptiens, con- 

sistant en ob^lisques^ pyramides, 

chambres s^pulcrales, statues etc, 

le tout grav^ en 200 planches avec 

leurs explications historiques. Rome, 

Bouchard et Gravier, 1781. fol. 2 

Very indifferently got up. 

MONUMENS, see Hancarvillb. 

14337 MONUMENTA boica. Mo- 
nachii, 1 769-1 821.4°. ^4 ^^^^' ^^^ 
plates (52 d. 4 gr.). Lr. Westen- 
rieder's Betrachtt. iiber Vol. 16. u. 
18. der monum. boic. ib. 1795 ^^^ 
1809. 4**. (12 gr.) 

Huddled together without any selection. 
What is really useful might be included in 
2 vols. 

14338 MONUMENTA vetusta, quae 
in rerum britannicar. memoriam 
conservandam societas antiquarior. 
Londini sumtu suo edenda curavit. 
Lond. 1 747-1816. large fol. 4 vols. 

This collection, begun in 1718, is still 
going on. The ist vol. contains 70 plates. 


the 2nd 66 (5 of whidi are smaller than 
the rest), the 3rd 44 and an index to the 
first three vols., the 4th voL 52 plates. 
Set down in Laddngton*s catalogue of 
1819 at 31L los. 

14339 MONUMENTA vetera, quae 
in hortis Ceelimontanis et in sedibus 
Matthaeiorum adservantur, coUecta 
et adnotatt. illustrata a Rdf. Venuti 
et J. Cp. Amadutio. Romse, 1776 
-79. fol. 3 vols, with plates (18 

14340 MONUMENTA Paderbor- 
nensia, ex Listoria Rom., Francica, 
Saxonica eruta, et novis inscriptio- 
nib.^ figuris, tabulis gec^. et notis 
illustrata. Amst.^ Dn. Elsevir, 1672. 
4°. with plates and maps. Also on 
large paper. 

The ist edition, Paderbomm, 1669. 4*. 
is equally fine, but less complete. Also, 
eura EHcharii GU, Rinek, Ff. et Lp^ 
(iW6.) 1 713. 4*. and Lemgov. 1714. 4*. 

Ferdinand, prince of Ffirstenbeig, was 
the author. 

14341MONUMENTA typographica. 

quae latitant in bibl. collegii cano- 

nicor. regularium in Rebdorf (auct. 

And. Strauss). Eichstadii, 1787. 

4°. (i d. 8 CT.) — (Ejusd.) opera 

rariora^ quae latitant in ead. bibl. 

ib. 1790. 4". (i d. 8 gr.) 
MONUMENTA, see Boxhorn and 


14342 MONUMENTS. Egyptian, 

preserved in the British Museum, 

engraved by Medland after the 

drawings of W. Alexander. Lond. 

1805. 8°. large oblong fol. 

I know only 5 Nos. at il. is. each. The 
work was designed to be in 13 Noe. 

MONUMENTUM pacis,8ee Barth. 

14343 MOOR, Ed. The Hindu pan. 
theon. Lond., 1810. 4^ with 105 
plates (5I. 5s.). 

14344 MOORE, Ed. Fables for the 
female sex. Lond. 1749. 8*^. with 
plates, ib. 1 799 or 1 806. 1 2°. with 
plates (4s.). In German (by Ch. 
Fel. Weisse). Lp«. 1772. 8^ (6 gr.) 
— Poetical works. Lond., Bell, 
1 78 1 . 1 2"^. — Dramatic works. Lond. 
1765. 8«. 

He was also the cbief (xmductor of The 


wtridf bff Ad. FitM^Adam (among other 
edition*, lAmd, 1808. la^ 4 tuIs.). Ches- 
terfield was a oontrihutor. 

14545 MOORE, J. View of society 
and manners in France, Switzer- 
land, and Germany. Lond. 1779^ 
the last time, 1800. 8°. 2 vols. In 
German, Lpz. 1785. 8^ a vols. 
( I d.) — View of society and man- 
ners in Italy. Lond, 1781, the last 
time, 1 8 1 1 . 8°. 2 vols, in German, 
Lpx. 1781. 8^ 2 vols, (i d. 4 gr.) 
-journal during a residence in 
France in 1792. Lond. 1793. 8°. 
2 vols. In German, Berl. 1794. 
8°. 2 vols. (2 d. 4 gr.) — View of 
the caoses and progress of the 
French revolution. Lond. 1795. 8°. 
2 vols. In German, Lpz. 1 796. 8°. 
2 vols. (2 d. 4 gr.) 

14346 MOORE, J. Hamilton. New 
and complete collection of voyages 
and travels. Lond. (1780). fol. 2 
vols, with plates. 

14547 Bf OORE, Th. Epistles, odes, 
and other poems. Lond. 1806. 4°. 
(il. I IS. 6a.) Also, Lond. 1814 or 
17. 12°. 2 vols. 

14548 — Lalla Rookh, an oriental 
romance. Lond., Longman, 1817. 
4°. (2I. 2S.) In addition. Illustra- 
tions engraved by Heath from 
paintings by Westall. Lond. 1817. 

4^ (il. 5s.) 

A smaU edition of the poem, ib, 1818. 8^ 
(14s.): and of the Illustrations, ib. 1817 
or 19. 8^. (T2S.) 

MORAES, Fr. de, see Palmbrin. 

14549 MORALES, Ambr. de. Viage 
por orden del rev Don Felipe II. k 
Jos reynoB de Leon, y Cralicia, y 
principado de Asturias, para recoe- 
nocer las reliquias de Santos, sepul. 
cros reales y libros manuscritos de 
las catedrales y monasterios. Dale 
a luz con notas, con la vida del 
antor y con su retrato Henrique 
Florez. Madr., Marin, 1765. fol. 

14350 — opusculos Castellanos, ahora 
por la primera vez impresos, orde- 
nados y anotados por Fr. Valerio 
Cifaentes. T. I. Madr., Cano, 
ij^j. — Notidas historicas sacadas 



del archivo de Ucl^, de suo sepuL 
cros y calenda y del testamento del 
infante D. Enrique, con un croni- 
con hasta ahora no publicado. T. 
II. ib. 1793. — Opuscula historica, 
quor. exemplaria in R. D. Laurentii 
bibl. custodiuntur, nunc prim, in 
luc. edita, recogn. et illustrata col- 
lector e annotatoreque Fr. Valer. 
Cifontano. T. III. ib. 1793. 4°* 
All together 3 vols. 

Containing interesting pieces; viz. an 
apdogy for the annals of Zurita, a diplo- 
matic history of the countess Matilda de 
Canossa, documents for a Spanish history, 

14351 MORALISTES anciens, coL 
lection des (par Pt. Charl. Leves- 
que). Par., Didot ain^, 1782-95. 
18**. 18 voll. 

1 2 copies of the first 1 2 vols were printed 
on vellum, but only i or 2 of the last six. 
(12 vols, on vellum 400 fr. St. C^ran; 
13 vols. 570 fr. McCarthy, offered again 
for sale at 750 fr.) 

14352 MORALITY tres singuliere 
et tresbonne Des Blasphemateurs 
du nom de Dieu : Ou sont conte- 
nus plusieurs exemples et enseigne- 
mens Alencontre des maulx qui pro- 
cedent a cause des grans iuremens 
et blasphemes qui se comettent de 
iour en iour Et aussi que la cous. 
tumes nen vault ries Et quilz finent 
et fineront tresmal silz ne sen ab- 
stinent. Et est ladicte moralite 
a dixsept personnaiges : Dont les 
noms sensuyuent cy apres. At the 
end. Par., pour Pierre Sergent, 
without date, loug fol. Gothic let- 

This eztremelv rare piece, and mentioned 
only in Duverdier Bibl, Franf.y was pur- 
chased in 181 7 at 800 fr. for the Royal 
library at Paris, and no second copy is 
known. 52 leaves in 13 la vers with the 
signatures A-N 3. On the last leaf there 
are 3 woodcuts. Consult Dibdm^t TVmr, 
II. 302-3 «o. 

14353 MORALITE nouuelle, de 
Mundus : Caro : Demonia. En la« 
quelle verrez les durs assautz t 
tentations quilz font au Cheualier 
Chrestien : Et comme par coseil de 
son bon esprit auec la grace de 




Dieu, les vaincra^ t a la fin aura le 
Royaume de paradis. Et est a 
cinq personnages. Cest a scauoir. 
Le cheualier chrestien Lesprit La 
chair Le monde Et le dyable. ii. f. 
Without place or date, long fol. 
Gothic letter. 

The Dresden copy, as yet the only one 
know^n, is the same that count Brtthl*faad 
purchased for 7 a livres at Barr^s sale 
(T. II. Par, 1743. 8". p. 461. No. 3808). 
8 leaves with the signatures A and B, In 
the title under the letters ti./., which sig- 
nify the number of sheets, there is a wood- 
cut. The piece itxelf begins on the reverse 
of the title, and line i is, i> cheualier 
chrestien commence. The last 2 lines of 
leaf 8b are, 

Cyfine la Moraiite de MundtUy 
Caro, Demoma, 

See concerning this MoraliUf Hist univ. 
des thWrei, XII. 5 etc. The foUowinjg^ 
piece, printed entirdy in the tame type, is 
bound up with it: Farce NouueUe treS' 
bonne et fort ioyeueey De$ deux tauetiers, A 
troyt per$onnage». Cest assauoir Le paU" 
ure, Le riche, Et le wge, (Underneath 
is a woodcut, and below that, in missal 
characters,) Les sauetiers. Without place 
or date, long foL Gothic letter, 4 leaves, 
without signatures. The last line of leaf 4^ 
is, Fiy. Concerning this &roe, see Hist. 
umv, des thi&tres^ XI. 278 sq. Both pieces 
are in rh}'me, and probably appeared at the 
same time and from the same press as the 
preceding and succeeding articles. 

14354 MORALITE de la vendition 
de Joseph, filz du patriarche Ja. 
cobe, comment ses fr^res, ^uez 
par enuye, s'assembl^nt poor le 
faire mourir etc. a 49 personnages. 
Par., Pt. Sargent, without date, 
long fol. Gothic letter. 

With the signatures A^V, each of 4 
leaves. Concerning this piece, see Hist. 
univ. des thd&tresy XII. 66. 

143.55 MORALIT£ de Thomme pro- 
duit par nature au monde, qui de- 
mande le chemin de paradis et y 
va par 9 joum^es ; mise en rime 
frany. et par personnaiges. Par., 
Sim. Vostre, without date, 8®. Go- 
thic letter. 

14356 MORALITE nouyelle du mau- 
vais riche et du ladre, a 1 2 person- 
nages. Without place or date, small 
4°. Gothic letter. 16 leaves. 
Also, without place or date. 16*^. Gothic 


letter, 16 leaves. See concerning this pieoe 
Hist. umv. des th^tres, XII. 58 etc 

14357 MORALITE de la maladie de 
chretient^ k 1 3 personnages^ en la- 
quelle sont montrez plusieurs abas 
advenuz au monde par la poison du 
peche et rhypocrisie des her^iques. 
Par., P. de VignoUe, 1533. S\ 
Gothic letter. 

48 leaves with the signatures a-f. The 
author, Matthieu MaKngr^ mentions him- 
self in an acrostic at the end of the pieoe. 

14358 MORALITE, nourelle, d'une 
pauvre villaeeoise^ laquelle aynui 
mieux avoir la tete coupee par son 
p^re que d'etre violee par son seig- 
neur, faicte k la louange et k I'hon- 
neur des chastes et hounestes filles, 
k quatre personnages. Par., Sim. 
Calyarin, without date, small 8^. 
Gothic letter. 

16 leaves with the signatures o-dL Hie 
original edition, very scarce. A reprint 
with the same date {Par., Caron, 1800). 
8<*. 38 pages. Consult Hist. tmlo. dee 
th^Atres, XII. 19 etc 

14359 MORALITE de I'oi^eil et 
pr^somptiou de I'empereur Jovi. 
nien, mise en rime fran9. et & 19 
personnaiges. Lyon, Rigaud, 1584. 

Aocordinf to Duverdier, BibL Fr. p. 569 
(4**. edition)) an impression of an old MS.> 
and an extract from the Gesta Ramononsmu 

14360 MORALITE, mystere et fi- 
gure de la passion de N. S. Jesus 
Christ, nommee: Secundum legem 
debet mori; et est ^ unse persoiu 
nages. Lyon, Rigaud, without date. 
8''. 88 pages. 

This very scarce piece is attrihuted to 
J. d'Abondance. Consult Hist. univ. des 
thd&tresy XII. 69. 

14361 MORALITE nouvelle tr^ 
fructueuse de I'enfiftut de perdition, 
qui pendit son pere et tua sa m^re» 
et comment il se desespera. Lyon, 
Rigaud, 1608. 8^ 39 pages. 

Very scarce. Also, Lyonj ArtwuUei, 
without date. 16*. — VenfaxU prodigue par 
personnages, nouveliement translate de Im^ 
enfranf. selon le texte de Pevangile* Par.., 
wiUiout date. 4**. Gothic letter, 10 leaves 
with the signatures a-d. Histoire de Pen- 
fant prodigue par personnages. Jbgon^ iti- 



f, without date, l6^ 128 rages. Con- 
suk HtMi. univ. de» th^&ires, XII. 24 etc 

See also Gringore, Homme pechetir, 
MimofR etexemple, Mt8t£be, PxaMEir- 
Tncm, Vis de Mar. MagdaL, Vie de 
S. Laurent, etc. Concerning the old 
MoraUUsy aee Ffogel Gesch. der kom. Lit. 
TV, 198 etc. 245 etc Hist, univ, des th^d" 
trts, XII. 3 etc. 

14362 MORAXDI, J. Bpt. Historia 

botanica practica s. plantarum^ quse 

ad usuin medicinae pertinent, no- 

menclatura, descriptio et yirtates. 

Mediol. 1744 or 61. fol. with 68 

An iDdiffsrent woric. 

14363 MORANDO, Ph. Rosa. D 
Hedo, tragedia. Verona, 1765. 4^. 

A copy on venum 72 fr. McCarthy. 
Previously, Verona, 1755. 8*. 

14364 MORANT, Ph. History and 
antiquities of the county of Essex. 
Lond. 1 768. fol. 2 vols, with plates. 
Also on large paper. 

14365 MORATA, Olvmpia Fulvia. 
Opuscula (cura Ccel. Sec Curio- 
nis). Bas., Pt. Pema, 1580. 8°. 

Previousty,Ba«.i558,62,and70.8^. This 
book, now no longer sought after, was for- 
meriy of some value, merdy because people 
did DOC then so generally sin against i Cor. 
zir. 34. as now. The good lady is horribly 
insiiMd and tedious ; a fate which not un- 
freqiicntly befals authoresses. 

14366 MORATELLI, Gi. Bt. Corso 
elementare di fidca. Mil. 1 805. 8°. 
3 vols, with plates. Memorie fisico- 
chimiche. Ven. 1805. 8^ 

14367 MORATIN, N. Fernandez 
de. Obras reunidas. Madr. 1 762. 8*^. 

14368 MORATIN, Leaudro. Co- 
medias. Ed. II. Par., Baud^, 
182 1. 12^ 2 voU. (7 fr.) 

This edition is enlarged with one comedy. 

MORBO gallico, see Luisinus. 

14369 MORCELLI, St. Ant. De 
stilo inscriptionum latinar. libri III. 
RooMB, 1780. 4?. Ed. II. auctior 
et emend. Patay. 181,9. 4*^. In- 
tcripciones, commentariis subjecds. 
Rofn«, 1783. 4**. Uaptpyov inscrip- 
tionum novissimar. ab anno 1784 
And. Andreji cura editum. Patav. 

1818. laige 4^ 
These 3 works belong together. 



14370 —^ fujvoKoyiov ra»y cirayycXuoy iop- 
TatrrtKov a. oalendarium ecclesieeCon- 
stantinop. CIO annor. vetustate in. 
signe, primitus in luc. editum et 
illustratum. Romse, 1788. 4°. 2 vols. 
(3 scudi). 

14371 — Africa Christiana in tres 
partes tributa. Brix., Bettoni, 1 8 1 7 
-18. large 4®. 3 vols. 

14372 MOREAU le jeune, J. M. 
Monument du costume physique et 
moral de la fin du 18. si^e, ou 
tableaux de la vie repr^ntes en 
^g» Neuwied, 1789. large fol. 36 

See also Oarkier. 

14373 MOREAU, Charl. Fragmens 
et omemens d'architecture dessin^ 
k Rome d*apres Tantique. Par., an 
8 (1802). large fol. with plates. 

There appeared only 6 parts of this work, 
which was very beautifiillygot up. 

MOREAU de Beaumont, see Ms- 
M oiREs sur les impositions. 

14374 MOREAU, Pt. Les saintes 
pri^res de Tame chretienne, ^ites 
et gravies d'apr^ le naturel de la 
plume, par Pt. Moreau. Par. 1631 
or 49. small 8^. 

Moreau distinguished himself in the first 
half of the 17th century by the invention 
of a very tasteful running or writing type 
(called ieitres financQret), which he cut in 
3 different shapes. Besides the above book 
he printed therewith, La belle etclavey tra» 
gicomMie de Mr. de rEttoiile. Par, 1643. 
4°. LHmikUum de «/. C. trad, en franf. 
Par. 1643. S"** ^ verity de la relig. ohr^t,, 
ouvrage trad, du lat, de Grotius (par Me^ 
Meray).' Par, (1644). 8**. Les saintes fn/- 
tatnorphoses. Par, 1644. 4°. J^sus mou^ 
rant, poeme par Bigres, Par, 1647. ^'** 
Lettres missives du Sr, de Rangcutte, Par. 
1648. 8°. VEnUde trad, en vers, franf, 
par P. Perrin. T. L Par. (1658). 4*. 
In the last book three kinds of characters 
are to be found together. J. Ccrfombat, 
the king^s printer, afterwards purchased 
his types, renewed and embellished them, 
and printed therewith in 1 72 1, Aubar Mk» 
moire conoemant les tmlles. Consult Her» 
mesy V. 136. Jansen Essai sur Vofig. de 
la grav, 11-65 <^^ ^7* 

14375 MORELL, Chari. The tales 
of the genii, or the delightful les- 
sons of Horam, the son of Asmar. 




Faithfully translated from the Per- 
sian manuscript. Lond.^ Cooke, 
1800. 12**. 2 vols, ib.. Walker, 
1815. 12°. (48. 6d.) In French, 
Amst. 1766. 8°. 3 vols, with plates. 
In Grerman, Lpz. 1765-66. 8°. 3 
vols. ( 2 d. 6 gr.) 

This is no translation, but the genuine 
production of James Ridley. 

14376 MORELL, Th. Lexicon grae- 
co-prosodicum. Typis denuo man. 
davit, correxit, illustrav., auxit et 
latinam versionem subjecit Ed. 
Maltby. Cbr. 181 5. large 4°. 2 
parts in i vol. (5I. 58.) 

Previously, ^/OTkr, 1 762. 4°. Ven.i'j67.4''. 
An abridgment for schools by J. Th. Voe- 
mel, Ff. a, M. 1818. 8*. The editor 
Maltby has overloaded the work, and shews 
h'ttle knowledge of the Ore^ language and 

14377 MORELLI, Jac. Codices 

MSS. lat. bibl. Nanian». Ven. 

1776. 4°. I oodici MSS. volgari 

della bibl. Naniana. ib. 1776. 4°. 

See also Sim. Assemanki, Codices, 
and RELiauiiE. 

14378 — bibliotheca manuscripta 
graeca et ktina. T. I. (et unic.) 
Bassani, 1802. 8^ 

14379 — dissertazione storica della 
libreria pubbl. di S. Marco di Ve- 
nezia. Ven. 1774. 8°. Also on 
blue paper. — Notizia d' opere di 
disegno nella prima meta del sec. 
16. esistenti in Padova, Cremona^ 
Milano etc, scritta da un anonimo 
di quel tempo. Bassano, 1 800. large 
S^.^-Dissertazione intorno ad alcuni 
viaggiatori eruditi Veneziani poco 
noti. Ven. 1 803. large 4°. Also on 
blue paper. Only given as presents. 
•— Epistolae VII. varise eruditionis, 
quar. tres nunc prm. prodeunt. 
Patav. 1 819. 8°. — Operette, ora 
insieme raccolte con opuscoli di an- 
tichi scrittori (da Bm. (xamba). 
Ven. 1820. 8°. 3 voll. 

See also Farsetti, Pinelli, Zeno. 

14380 MORELLI, Giac. Sprolico 
in lengua Pavana in laldo di Mch. 
Battagia. Ven. 1553. 8°. 

14381 MORELLIUS, And. The. 


sanrus Morellianus s. familiar. Ro- 
manar. numismata omnia, accura- 
tissime delineata et disposita. Ac- 
ced. numi miscellanei. Nunc prim, 
edid. et comm. perpetuo illnstray. 
Sigeb. Havercampus. Amst., Wet- 
stein, 1734. ^^^' ^ ^^^^* ^^^^ '^4 
plates. Also on large paper. 

14382 — thesaurus Morellianus a. 
Ch. Schlegelii, Sigeb. Havercampi 
et Ant. Fr. Grorii commentaria in 
XII. prior, imperator. Romanor. 
numismata conquisita et delineata 
ab And. Morellio etc. Cum pnef. 
Pt. Wesselingii. Amst., Wetatein, 
1752. fol. 3 vols. Also on large 

The 3rd vol., in which are the plat«i> 
contains i title-plate, i printed title, 104 
plates (Nos. 83 and 83 of which are on the 
same leaf, and there are besides separate 
engraved titles before Nos. i, 1 1, 84, and 
97), 1 01 plates (separate engraved titles 
before Nos. 1, 13, 30, 39, 40, 44> 61, and 
76), XIV. plates, Cohimna Trajamu — 
Both works belong together. 

14383 MORELLUS, F. Regalia 
echo, epigrammata. Par. 16 10. 4^. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal Hbraiy 
at Paris. 

MORELLY, see Code. 

14384 MORENI, Dm. Bibliografia 

ragionata della Toscana, o sia cata- 

logo degli scrittori che hanno iUu- 

strata la storia delle cittk, luogfai e 

persone della medesima. Fir. 1805. 

4°. 2 voll. (24 paoli). 

An appendage thereto is BibKoffraJBm 
ttorioa diUe cUtA e luofffd dello tUUo ptmH- 
Jixio, Roma, 1792« 4''« by an unknown 

14385 — annali della tipografia Fio- 
rentina di Lr. Torrentino. Fir., 
Carli, 181 1. 8'*. Descrizione iatou 
ricccrit. della Imp. cappella de' 
principi, eretta nella basilica di S. 
Lorenzo di Firenze da Mch. Agn. 
Buonarroti, ib., id., 1813. 8**. De- 
scrizione della gran cappella delle 
pietre dure e della sagrestia veochia 
eretta da Fil. di Ser Brunellesoo, 
situate ambedue nell' Imp. basilica 
di S. Lorenzo di Firenze. ib., id., 
1813. 8^ with I plate. 


14386 MORENO, J. Exceleocias 
del princel y del buril, que en qua- 
tro sihras cantaba J. Moreno de 
Tejada. Madr. 1804. 4^ (10 rs.) 

MORENO, Jos., see Viage. 

14387 MORERI, L. Le grand die 
tkninaire historique. Nouv. ed., 
dins laquelle on a refondu les sup- 
plonens de Tabb^ (jk>ujet> revue 
et augm. par Drouet. Par. 1759. 
ioL 10 VQJL 

The 2otli and bit edition of a woik 
Mteemed notwithstanding its faults. The 
int edition appeared, Lpon, 1674. foL in 
I vtL The work was gradually augmented 
W Parayre, the Abb^ de St. Ussan, J. le 
Oat, VauHier, Dupin, Jac. Bernanl, L. 
Ft. Jos. de la Barrey Pt. Roouesand CL Pt. 
Ooujet. Concerning the different editions. 
«e Marchand. Dictionn. II. 389. The 
Ivt edition but one, Anui. 1740. fi^ 10 
▼ob., superintended by PkUel, contains 
Bodi that is wanting in that of 1 759, but 
■ very incorrect (according to Marchand, 
I- 260 and II. 195). 

14388 MORET, Jos. de. Investi- 
gaciones historicas de las antigue- 
dades del revno de Navarra. Pam- 
plona, Martinez^ 1665. fol. 

14389 — annales del reyno de Na. 
▼arra. T. 1-4. Pamplona, 1684- 
1709. T. 5. Viaua, 1715. fol. 
5 voll 

Complete copies are scarce. Tom. 4 and 
5 are by Fr. de Alesun. 

14390 MORETO, Agst. Comedias. 
Valencia, Mac^, 1676 or 1703. 4^ 

Pkwriouslj, Madr, 1654. 4^* 

14391 MORGA, Ant. de. Sucesos de 
Its islas Filipinas. Mexico, 1600. 

14392 MORGAGNI, J. Bt. Opera 
omnia in unum corpus coUecta. 
Ven. 1765. fol. 5 veil. Also on 
large paper. 

14393 — de sedibus et causis morbor. 
per anatomen indagatis libri V. Pa- 
UTii, 1765. fol. 2 voU. Lovanii, 
1766. 4^ or LB. 1767. 4**. 4 parts 
in 1 vols. Ebroduni, 1779. 4^ 3 
nOl In German by G. H. Kd- 
nigidorfer and Herrmann. Altenb. 
1771-76. 8°. 5 voll. (8 d. 10 gr.) 

14394 — adversaria anatomica omnia. 



LB. 1741. 4*^. with plates. Ven. 
1 76a. fol. 

14395 — epistobe anatomicse XX. 
Ven. 1764. fol. 

14396 — opuscula miscellanea. Ven. 
1763. fol. Also, Neap. 1763. 4°. 
a voll. 

14397 MORGANT. Sensuit Tbi- 
stoire de Morgant le g^ant, lequel 
avec ses fr^res persecutoient tou- 
jours les chretiens. Par., Alain 
Lotrian, without date. 4"^. Gothic 

With lines running all across the page. 
According to Brunet it is a translation of 
Pulci*8 Morgante (see below). 
14398 Par., N. Chretien, with- 
out date. 4*^. Gothic letter. 

In 1 cohunns. This edition may possi- 
bly be earlier than the preceding. At the 
end of the last chapter is a notice, that 
this protaical translation was. finished on 
the last day of August, 1517. 

14399 — histoire de Morgant le geant 
et de plusieurs autres chevaliers et 
pairs de France. Troyes, Oudot, 
1618 or 25. 4**. with woodcuts. 

14400 — histoire de Morgant le g^- 
ant. Lyon, Chastellard, 161 9. 4°. 
with woodcuts, 218 pages and 3 

14401 — la historia del valiente y 
esfor9ado gigante, cuyo nombre es 
Morgante y Roldan y Reynaldos 
(traduc. por Geron. Auner). Va- 
lencia, Salvaniach, 1533-35. fol. 
2 parts in 1 vol. 

14402 — libro del gigante Morante e 
del r^ Carlo Magno, con tutti i Pa- 
ladini, e del conquisto che fece Or- 
lando della citta di Sannia. Ven., 

Usci, 1629. 8^ 

This poem, in 4 cantos, is different from 
the Morgante of Piild. 

14403 MORGANTI, Bento. Num- 
mismalogia ou breve recopila9ao de 
algunas medalhas dos emperadores 
Romanos. Lisb., Silva, 1737. 4°. 
with plates. 

14404 MORGENER. Des Edlen 
Ritter Morgeners walfart in sant 
tbomas land. In eesangsweise. 
Bamberg, Hans (Briejmaler), 1493. 
4''. 6 leaves. 




14405 MORGHEN, FU. Le anti- 
chitk di Pozzuoli, Baja e Cuma, 
incise in rame e pubblic. da Fil. 
Morghen. Napoli, 1769. large ob- 
long fol. 

Title, dedication, portrait of Ferdinand 
IV., and 40 plates. Six other views and 
9 plates to Wilkins^s travels are sometimes 
added, which were also engraved by Mor- 
ghen. See also Aktichita. 

14406 MORHOF, Dn. C. Polyhi- 
8tor literarius, pliilosophicus et prac- 
ticus cum accessionibus J. Frickii 
et J. Molleri. Ed. III. cui praefa- 
tionem notitiamque diarior. litera. 
rior. Europse prsemisit J. Alb. Fa- 
bricius. Lubec. 1732 or 47. 4®. 
2 voll. 

The work is deserving of consideration 
even at the present day, were it only for 
having awakened in Oermany the study of 
literary history. 

14407 — Unterricht vonderdeutschen 
Spniche u. Poesie^ sammt dessen 
deutschen Gedichten. Liib. u. Ff. 
1700. 8°. Also, Liib. u. Lpz. 1718. 


Previously, Kiel, 1681. 8". Containing 
valuable information respecting the Ger- 
man language and poetry. 

14408 MORI da Ceno, Ascanio de'. 
Prima parte delle sue novelie. Man- 
to va. Ft. Osanna, 1585 4**. 

The original edition, very scarce, con- 
taining 14 novels. A and vol. did not 

14409 — novelie. Loudra (Livomo), 

Bancker, 1794. 8°. with Mori's 


Gaetano Poggiali superintended this good 
edition. Two copies on blue paper. A 
new novel (the 5 th) is here added, which 
was taken from the following work, p. 49. 

14410 — giuoco piacevole, ristampato 
piu corretto et migliorato, con la 
giunta d* alcune rime et un ragio- 
namento in lode delle donne. Man- 
tova, Ruifinello, 1580. 4°. 

52, 13, and 9 leaves, and i leaf, errata. 
Previously, t*., itL, 1575. 4^ 

14411 MORICE, Pt. Hyac, et Charl. 
Taillandier. Histoire ecclesias- 
tique et civile de Bretagne, avec les 
preuves. Par., Osmont^ 1742-56. 


fol. 5 vols, with plates. Also on 
large paper. 

14412 MORIER, James. Journey 
through Persia, Armenia, and Asia 
Minor to Constantinople, in the 
years 1 808 and 1 809. Lond. 1812. 
4^. with 25 plates^ i table of in- 
scriptions, and 3 maps (3I. 138. 6d.). 
In French, Par. 181 3. 8°. 3 vols, 
and atlas in 4^. (30 fr.) In Grer- 
man in the Bibl. der Reisebeschr. 
2e Halfte Th. 2. — A second jour- 
ney through Persia, Armenia, and 
Asia Minor to Constantinople, be- 
tween the years 1810 and 1816. 
Lond. 181 8. 4*^. with maps and 

?late8 (3I. 13s. 6d.). In French, 
^ar. 1 818. 8°. 2 vols, with illumin- 
ated plates (15 fr.). In German 
in the Bibl. der Reisebeschr. 2e 
Halfte Th. 23. 

14413 MORIN, J. B. Dictionnaire 
^tymologique des mots fran^. d^ 
rives du grec, enrich! des notes par 
d'Ansse de Villoison. Par. 1809. 
8°. 2 voll. (15 fr.) Also on vellum 

14414 MORIN, Sim. Pensees (avec 
ses cantiques et quatrains). With- 
out place (Par,), 1647. small 8^ 

175 pages. 

Concerning this scarce work of an en- 
thusiast, see Artigny MimoireM, III. 150 

14415 MORIN, St. Exercitatt. de 
lingua primseva. Ultraj. 1694. 4®. 

14416 MORIONDUS, J. Bt. Mo- 
numenta Aquensia. Adjectce sunt 

? lures AlexandrinsB ac finitimar. 
^edemontanee ditionis provinciar. 
chartee et chronic® elc» Taurini^ 
1789-90. 4°. 2 voll. 

14417 MORISON, Ant. Relation 
historique d'un voyage fait au mont 
Sinai et k Jerusalem. Toul, Lau- 
rent, 1704. 4°. 


14418 MORISON, Rb. Plantar, 
umbelliferar. distributio nova per 
tabulas cognationis et afiinitatis. 
Ox., th. Sheld., 1672. fol. with 20 

14419 — - plantar, historiae universalis 


Oxonienais Pars II. et III. s. her- 
btr. distribatio ooira per tabulas 
eagBAtioius et affinitatis. Ox., th. 
Sheld., 1680-99. foL a voU. 

A greatljr prised and scarce work, the 
fim put of which never appeared; in 
phce of it the preceding article is substi- 
tmed. Or., th. Shd<L, 1715. is only a 
nev titie to these 3 T<ds. — The and vol. 
\m ia6 plates (Sect. V. tab. 39. is twice 
orer), and the 3rd 166. 

14420 MORISOT, CI. Bm. Peru- 
moa. Divione, 1645. 4°. 

Aa historieal rQaianoe» in which, under 
the name of Peniviana, the quarrels of 
Gudinal Richelieu with Mary de M^ids 
and Gasloa dHM^ans are related. There 
Migfat to be found at the end a printed 
key, a list of typographical errors, and a 
Condutio of 164U, in 45 pages (according 
toBronet 35). 

MORITZ, Graf von Sachsen, see 
MORLAQUES, see Wynne . 

14421 MORLlfeRE, Andr. de la. 
Antiqiiit^, histoire et cboses plos 
remarquablcs de la viUe d'Amieus. 
Par., Cramoisy, 1642. fol. 

14422 MORLli^US. Hi. Novellae 
(80, fiftbulse 20 et comoedia). Cum 
gratia et privilegio Ces. majest. et 
SBnnni pontif. deoennio duratura. 
Neap., J. Pasquet de Sallo, 8 Apr. 
1520. 4**. 3 parts in i rol. 

no numbered and 6 unnumbered leaves. 
An eztremdy scarce collection of novels : 
it is also remarkable for having the Privi- 
kghim of the emperor and pope, notwith- 
standing Ha obscenity. It contains 8 1 novels 
(not 80 only), inasmuch as there are two 
aords numbered with 72. Straparola is 
aid 10 have made great use of &b work 
IB his iSTo^^ 

14423 — opus Morlinit complectens 
novellaa. Neap. 1520 {Par., Ca* 
fwi, 1799). 8^ 

^^y 55 copitt <^d I on velltmi of this 
Feprint were struck off. 

14424 MORNACCIUS, Ant. Ob- 
lenratt. in 24 priores libros dige- 
stor., in posteriores 26 libros pan- 
dectar., in 4 priorea libros codicis, 
ia poateriores libros codicis, ferie 
ieroiaea et elogia illustrium t(^a- 
tor. GalliK ab a. 1500. Par. 1721. 
ibl. 4 voU. 

14425 MORNAY, Ph. de, Seign. du 



Plessis-Marli. Le myst^re de Tini- 

quite e. Il d. histoire de la papaute. 

Saumur, Portau, 161 1. fol. 

The original edition, and scarce : prohi- 
bited on the 19th of August, 161 1, by the 
Sorbonne ; then preserved at the author*8 
castle, where the copies were destroyed by 
aoddent in 1611 : see Attbignk AvetUure* 
du Baron de Fceneste, T. II. Amst. 1731. 
8*. p. 'i^^ not. Also, GerUve, 1612. 8*. 
In Latin, Salmttrii, 161 1. fol. ib. 161 3. 
8^ Gorinchem^ 1662. 4**. « 

14426 — memoires, depuis 1572-^ 
1589 (1599). Without place (La 
Forest), J. Bureau^ 1624-25. 4®. 
2 voU. Autres memoires, depuis 
1600-23. Leyde, L. Elzevier, 1651 
-52. 4°. 2 voU. Histoire de la vie 
de Ph. de Momay. Leyde, Bonav. 
et Abr. Elzevier, 1647. 4**. 

MORO, see Hbivodo. 

14427 MOROZZI, Fd. Dello stato 
antico e moderno del fiume Arno. 
Fir. 1 762. 4**. 2 voll. 

MORRIS, see Diotionart. 

14428 MORRISON. Rb. Horie Si. 
nice, translations from the popular 
literature of the Chinese. Lond. 
181 2. 8^ (3s.) 

14429 — grammar of the Chinese 
language. Serampore, Mission press, 
1815. 4®. 280 pages ( 1 1.). 

14430 — ou tchhe yun fou : a dic- 
tionary of the Chinese 'language, in 
three parts. P. I. containing Chi- 
nese and Engl, arranged according 
to the keys; P. II. Chinese and 
Engl, arranged alphabetically ; and 
P. III. containing Engl, and Chi. 
nese. Part I. Macao, East India 
Company's press, 1815. Part II. 
Vol. I and 2. ib. 1819-20. large 4°. 

This lexicon, the banis of which is the 
Chinese dictionary which appeared in 32 
vohi. in 1 7 16, hy order of the emperor 
Kaiig-He, will contain 40,000 characters 
(de Guignes has only 13,316), and will 
consist of 4 or 5 vcA». But Montiicci, in 
the Parallel draum between the two tn- 
tended Chinese dictUmariet by Rb. Morrt* 
son and Ant, Montitcci. Land. 1817. 4*., 
proves that Morrison's work will be of no 
use to Europeans, because it only contains 
4 F4 



the genuine, and not also the common and 
faulty, characters. 

14431 — a view o{ China for philo- 
logical purposes; containing a sketch 
of Chinese chronology, geography, 
government, religion, and customs. 
Macao, 1817. 4^ VI, and 141 pages 

(ll. IS.). 

There is also by this author, Collection 
qfdialoffues and detached sentence* in Chi^ 
nese ami English large 8". (los.) 

14432 MORRONA, Aless. Pisa, 
illustrata nelle arti del disegno. 
Pisa, 1 787. 8*^. 3 vols., or Livomo, 
1812. 8^ 3 vols, with plates (20 
lire). — Pregi di Pisa. Pisa, 1816. 
8°. with plates. 

14433 MORSSHEIM, J. von {anon,). 

Spiegel des Regimets in der Fiir- 

sten hofe, da Fraw Vntrewe gewal- 

tig ist. Oppenheim, 1515. 4°. with 

woodcuts. Also, Ff., Schmidlin, 

1614. 12°. 

A new edition of this poem, written by 
the knight of Morssheim about 1497, see 
above under Hoffleben. 

M ORTE d' Arthur, see Artus. 

14434 MORTIMER, Th. General 
commercial dictionary. New edit, 
revised by W. Dickenson. Lond. 
1819. large 8°. (il. 10s.) Lectures 
on the elements of commerce, fi- 
nance, and politics. Lond. 1801. 
8°. (88.) 

MORTON Eden, see Eden. 

14435 MORTON. J. Natural his- 
tory of Northamptonshire, with 
some accounts of the antiquities. 
Lond. 1 71 2. fol. with i map and 
14 plates. 

14436 MORTON, Rch. Opera me- 

dica. Lugd. 1737. 4^. 2 voll. 
The best edition. 

14437 MORUS, H. Opera omnia 
(philosophica), tum quae latine, turn 
quae angl. scripta sunt, nunc vero 
latinitate donata, scholiis ab ipso 
passim adjectis. Lond. 1679. fol. 
2 voll. Opera theologica. ib. 1675. 
fol. — - Philosophical works. Lond. 
1662. fol. Collection of several 
philos. writings. Lond. 1712. fol. 
Theol(^cal works. Lond. 1 708. fol. 


14438 MORUS,Th. Workes. LoikU 

Rastel, 1530. fol. (jk>thic letter. 

Also, ib. 1557. fol. (jk>thic letter. 

Very scaroe, and set down in Longman*! 
catalogue at 1 2 guineas. 

14439 — opera omnia. Ff. a. M. et 
Lps. 1689. fol. 

Previously, Bas, 1563. 8**. and Lacan, 
1566. fol. In this last very scaroe edition, 
the Utopia is wanting. 

14440 — epigrammata. Lond. 1638. 

With a scaroe title-plate by Th. MarshaU. 

14441 — libellus vere aureus nee mi- 
nus salutaris quam festivus de op. 
timo reipublicee statu deque nova 
insula Utopia. Lovan., Theodoric 
Martinus, 1516. 4^ 

The first edition. 

14442 — de Optimo reip. statu deque 
nova insula Utopia libellus. Epi- 
grammata Th. Mori. Epigrammata 
Des. Erasmi. Bas., J. Froben, 1518. 
4°. 3 parts in 1 vol. 

With woodcuts, 2 of which are fttxn de- 
signs by Holbein. 

14443 — Utopia a mendis vindicata 
et juxta indicem libror. expnrgat. 
Card, et archiep. Toletani oorrecta. 
Col. Agr., Com. ab Egmond, 1629. 
24^. 266 pages. 

This castrated, but neat edition is very 

14444 — de Optimo reip. statu deque 
nova insula Utopia libri II. Glas- 
guee, Foulis, 1750. 8°. 

See also Erasmus, No. 6880. Concern- 
ing the Utopia^ see Ffogel Gtwch, der kom, 
lAt, 11. 33.^ 

14445 — Utopia, traduc en Castel- 
lano por Geron. de Medinilla. Cor- 
dova, 1636. 8°. — La repubblica del 
governo di Utopia. Ven. 1548. 8°. 

The last translation is probably by Dooi. 

14446 — la description de I'isle d'U- 
topie (trad, par J. le Blond). Par.^ 
Angeliers, 1550. 8^ with woodcuts. 
La mdme trad, (retouch^ par Bm. 
Anneau). Lyon, Saugrain, 1559. 
16°. L'Utopie trad, par Sm. Sor« 
^re. Amst., Blaeu, 1643. 1 12^ 
Id^ d'une r^publ. heureuse on 


llJtopie, trad, par Oueudeville. 

Leide, 1715. 12®. or Amst. 1730. 

1 2^ with plates. Du meilleur gou- 

▼emement possible ou la nouvelle 

isle dlJtopie trad, par M. T. Rous- 

•eau. Par. 1780. 12^ £d. II. ib. 

1789. 8^ 

CoDceminK the French translations, see 
i'An^ffity Mem. VI. 169 sq. That by 
GoeiMlenUe it neither fine nor faithful; 
tfattt fay Rousseau is at least the latter. 

14447 '— a most pleasant^ fruitful, 

and witty work^ of the best state 

of a public weal and of the new 

iile called Utopia, written in Latin 

by Th. More, and transl. into Engl. 

by Raphe Robinson. A new edit. 

with copious notes by Th. Frogn. 

Dibdin. Ix>nd., printed by Bulmer, 

1808. 8^. 2 voU. (i6s.) 150 copies 

on large paper in 4^ (iL 1 is. 6d;) 

RofaiiHon^ translation first appeared in 
155 1 ; abo^ lAmtL 1624. 4**. Translated 
by Burnet, Lond. 1684. 8^ — Arthur Cay^ 
kfs Memoirs qf Th, More, with a new 
trmmtiation <ff fie Utopia^ his hietory qf 
Bkkar d ill. amd hit Latin poems. Land, 

1808. 4^ 1 vols. (3I. 2S.) 

14448 — Beschreibung der Insul U- 
to|Ma, in die deutsche Sprache uber- 
setzt. Lpz., Gross, 1612. 8^ Uto- 
pia in einer neuen u. freien Uebs. 
rem J. B. K. Ff. u. Lpz.' 1753. 
8^. (6gr.) 

MORVEAU, Guyton, see Annalrs 
de chiniie. 

14449 MOSC A R DO, L. Note overo 
nemorie del museo di L. Moscardo. 
Ed. II. accresc Verona, Rossi, 
1672. foL 

With woodciits and plates printed in the 
test. The collection extended to antiqui- 
tin and natural curiosities. Preriously, 
Fedma, 1656. M. 

14450MOSCHEROSCH, HansMch. 

Wonderliche u. wahrhafte Ge- 

ichichte Philanders von Sittewald, 

d.i. Strafscbriften. Strb.i65o.8°. 2 

ToU. Also, ib. 1666-67. 8^ 2 voll. 

Properly a very free paraphrase of the 
Soenos at Quevedo, augmented with much 
pemliar to itself. The 14 histories herein 
esBtained had previously appeared in a 
sspanuo fcHin. The above editions alone 
are genuine. In the two earlier editions. 



Ff, 1645-47. 13**. 7 parts; and Leyden, 
Weingarten, 1646-47. la**. 7 parts, the 
language and matter are remodelled and 
enlarged by a foreign hand. Consult F/o- 
gel Gesch, der kom. Lit. III. 4 16 etc Koch 
Compend. der deutsch. Lit. Gesch, I. 1 75. 

14451 MOSCHINI, Gi. Ant. Delia 
letteratura Veneziana del sec. 
XVIII. tino a* nostri giorni. Ven. 
1 806. 4°. 4 parts. 

14452 MOSCHION. De mulierum 
passionibus liber, ad mentem msti 
greeci in bibl. Cajs. Vindob., turn 
propriis correctionib. emendav. ad- 
ditaque vers. lat. edid. F.O. Dewez. 
Viennae, Graeffer, 1793. 8°. ( 15 gr.) 

Also in the collection of the Gf/na-cia, 
Bos. 1566 or 86. 4**. Bas. 1597. fol. 

14453 MOSCHOPULUS. Manuel. 
Htpi ax€^o>v 8. de ratione exami- 
nandae orationis libellus (gr.) Ex 
bibl. regia. Lut., Rb. Stephanus^ 

«545- 4''- 

Often bound up with Clenardi institutt, 
Hng, gr, Lut. 1546. 4*". 

14454 — liber de partibus orationis, 

gr. Vindob. 1773. ^°* 

See also Demetr. CHALCONDTLA8,Thdr. 
Oaza, Greoor. Corinth., Homerus, No. 
1001 1. 

MOSCHUS, see Bion. 

14455 MOSCHUS, Demetr. Deme- 
trii Moscfai Laconis hoc ad Helena 
et Alexandrii. Pontico virunio in- 
terprete (s. carmen de raptu He- 
lense, gr. lat.) Rhegii Lingobar. 
diiP, psb. Dionysius impressit, with, 
out date (about 1500). 4^ 22 

An extremely scarce edition of a poem 
mentioned only by Hody de Gnecis iUustr, 
p. 314. The first 7 leares contain the de- 
dication, superscrilied, MaiesttUi regis Gal- 
liar. Poticus virvnius faiicitatem. In the 
10 following leaves is the Oreek text, which 
licfi^ins, ArifXTfrptov Mo<rxov rov Aaiconfos, 
Then the Latin translation on the last 1 2 
leaves, at the end of which is the above 
title, and specification of the printer by 
way i)f colophon. The same printer and 
editor published in 1501 Guarini erote^ 
mata^ and Dionysius (Bertochus) bad al- 
ready in 1407 printed iEsop in Greek. 
Only 2 complete copies are known, in the 
Bibl. Brera at Milan, and in the possession 



of Reiiouard at Paris, and one, which only 
oontaini the Ore^ text, in the Royal h- 
brary at Parii. 

14456 MOSELLANUS, Pt. Oratio 
de variar. linguar. cognitione paran- 
da. Lps., VaJ. Schumann, 1518. 4°. 

There is a copy on vellum, but where it 
is at present preserved is unkBOwn to me ; 
consult my History of the Royal library at 
Dresden, p. 209. 

MOSES, see Pentateuch us. — 
Maimonides, see Maimonidbs. 

14457 MOSES Chorenensis. His- 
toriie Annenicfe libri III. Ace. 
ejusd. epitome geographiae. Arme- 
niace edider., lat. verter. notisque 
illustrarunt Gu. et G. Whistoni. 
Lond. 1736. 4°. 

Scarce, and greatly prized. The geo- 
graphy at first appeared alone, Amst. 1 668. 
12^ ; and the history alone (very faulty), 
Amtt, 1695. small 8**. 

14458 — epitome commentarior. 
Moysis Armeni de origine et regi- 
bus Armenor. et Parthor., item se- 
ries principum Iberiee et Georgiae, 
cum notis et obss. H. Brenneri. 
Sth. 1723. 4^ 

14459 — m^moires histor. et gcogr. 
sur TArm^nie ; suivis du texte ar. 
m^nien de rhistoire des princes Or- 
p^lians, par Et. Orp^lian, et de 
celui des g^graphies attributes k 
Moyse de Khoren et au docteur 
Vartan, avec plusieurs autres pieces 
relatives ^ I'bist. de 1' Arm^nie ; le 
tout accompagn^ d'une traduct. 
fTan9. et de notes explicatives. Par 
J. Saint-Martin. Par. impr. roy. 
ale, 1818-19. 8°. 2 voll. (24 fr., on 
vellum paper 48 fr.) 

14460 MOSES, H. A collection of 
antique vases, altars, patera, tri- 
pods, candelabra, sarcophagi etc. 
irom various museums and collec- 
tions, engraved in outline on 170 
plates, with historical essays. Lond. 
1 8 14. 4°. (3I. 3s., on large paper 

5l- 58-) 

14461 MOSHEIM, J. Lr. de. In- 

stitutionum historic ecclesiast. an- 
tiqu8e et recentioris libri IV. 
Hlmst. 1755 or 64. 4°. (4 d.) In- 
stitutt. hist, christ. majores. Sec. I. 


Ed. II. ib. 1763. 4°. (1 d.) De 
rebus Christianor. ante Constanti- 
num oommentarii. ib. 1753. 4*^. 
(3 d. 8 gr.) — Istoria ecclesiast. an- 
tica e modema trad, da Roselli. 
Nap. 1769. 4"^. 10 voll. — Ecclesias- 
tical history transl. by Madaine, 
continued to the end oi the i8th 
century by Charl. Coote. Lond. 
181 1. 8**. 6 voll. (3I. 3s.) — Histoire 
eccl6s. andenne et modeme, trad, 
en fran9. sur la version angL de 
Maclaine (par Eidons). Yverdon* 
1776. 8^ 6 voll.— Vollstand. Kirdi- 
engesch. des N. T. frei iibs. n. mit 
Maclaine's Anmerkk. u. Zosatzen 
verm, von J. A. Cp. von Einem. 
Lpz. 1769-78. 8°. 9 voll. (13 d. 
6 gr.) Vollstand. Kirchengesch. 
des N. T., vermehrt u. fortgea. von 
J. Rdf. SchlegeL Heilbronn, 1 786- 
96. 8^ 7 voll. (19 d.) 

14462 MOSQUERA de Barrionuevo, 
Fr. de. La Numantina, poema. 
Sevilla, 161 2. 4^ 

MOTEFERRICA, see Montrper- 


14463 MOTHE le Vayer, Fr. de la. 
CEuvres. Dresde, 1756-59. 8®. 7 
parts in 14 vols. Also on writing 

Made from a copy of the edition. Par. 
1669. I3^ 15 vols, corrected and aug- 
mented by Fr. le Vayer de Boutigny. 
The two following artidw are not in it. 

14464 — (anon,) hexaraeron mstiqne 
ou les six journ^ pass^es k la 
campagne entre des personnes stu- 
dieuses. Amst., Jac. le Jeune, j 67 1 . 


The best edition, and attributed to dM 
Elzevirs. The contents of the 4th and 5th 
days are tolerably indecent. The real names 
of the persons introduced as speakers see 
in Nicerofi XIX. 13a. 

14465 — (pseudon.) quatre (neuf) 
dialogues faits k Timitation des an- 
ciens, par Orasius Tubero. Franc- 
fort, J. Sarius, 1506. 4*^. 

A scarce edition, and sought after. Tlie 
date is false, but cannot certainly be cor- 
rected to 1606, when the author was only 
18 years old. Before the 5th dialogue a 
letter of Mothe le Vayer in 6 leaves ought 



to be fimnd. The fbUowing edition is 
Tirar, and protmbly printed by Dn. Elzevir; 
JfoM, d€ la FlMtey 1671, 12°. Also, Ff, 
(Tr^voux), 1716. I3^ 1 voQ. By L. Mt. 
RaM, Btfr/. 1744. 8^ 

14466 MOTIS, J. Invectiva ccetus 
foeoiinei contra mares. — Remedium 
cootra concubinas et conjuges per 
moduin abbreviationis libri Mathe- 
oli a Pt. de Corbolio et ejus sociis 
oompilatum. Without place or date. 
Gothic letter. 

The 2iid piece of this scarDe work is very 
iDdeeent; consult ValiUre't Caitd. II. 129. 
Quite differfnt there fr om is J. Moiii Apo^ 
IflfM ■Kifitfi'iiii m t^rot ftrobrofot* Arg.^ 
Ren, Betky 151 1. 4^ 17 leaves/ 

14467 MOTRAYE, Aubry de la. 
Voyages en Europe, Asie^ et Afri- 
que. Haye, Johnson, 1727. fol. 
2 TolL with plates. Voyages en 
an^ois et en fran^ois en diverses 
prorinces de la Prusse, de la Rus- 
aie, de la Pulogne etc, Haye« Moet- 
jens, 1732. fol. with plates. 

Theae three parts belong together. — A^ 
9tn tit die Morgeniondery tnu der frontf. 
Hmmdaehr. in einen AusjKug ffebrachi. Berl, 
1783. 8^. (20 gr.) 

14468 MOTTE, Ant Houdart de la. 
(Envres. Par. 1754. l2^ 10 parts 
in 1 1 Yols. Also on large paper. 

14469 — ceuvres choisies. Par., Di- 

dot, 1811. 1 8\ 2 vols. 

Alao on kuige vellum paper, and 1 copy 
en reUnm. 

14170 — fables nouvelles, avec un 

diMXiiirs sur la fable. Par., Du. 

pais, 1719. 4*'. with plates. Also 

on large paper. 

Amut.^ Wetsteiny 1727. 12'. with good 
eoptes of the plates of the preceding edi- 
tiso, is neat. 

14471 MOTTE-ROULLANT, de la. 

Let fac^eux devis des cent nou- 

Tdles nouvelles, remis en leur na- 

tureL Par. Real, 1549. 8°. ib. 

Loogis, 1550. 8^ Anvers, Spel- 

mmn, 1558. 12''. Lyon, Rigaud, 

1574. i6\ 

Tbew 109 novels, with the exception of 
5, ue vorkings up of the tales in the cent 
•tmtUet nmveOet (see Nouvelles), and 
97 of thfln are to hie found word for word 

M O Y 1149 

in the Recueil des piaUantes et fao^Hetuei 
nouveUes. Lyon, Barricat, 1555. 16**. 

14472 MOTTEVILLE, Fran^oise 
Bertaut de. M^moires pour servir 
k rhist. d'Anne d'Autriche, Spouse 
de Louis XIII. Amst. (Par.), 1 739 
or 50. 12''. 6 voll. 

MOTTRAYE,,see Motrayb. 
MOTTI de' lilosofi, see Boethius, 
No. 2635. 

14473 MOUFET, Th. Insector. 
s. minimor. animalium theatrum. 
Lond.^ Cotes, 1634. fol. with wood- 

MOULIN, Charl., see Molinjbus. 

14474 MOULIN. Gbr. du. Histoire 
g^n^rale de Normandie (jusqu'en 
1 36 1 ). Rouen, Osmont, 1 63 1 . fol. 
— Les conquestes et les trophies 
des Norman-Francois aux royaumes 
de Naples et de Sicile. Rouen, du 
Petitval, 1658. fol. 

14475 MOURADJA d'Ohsson. Ta- 
bleau g^n^ral de Tempire othoman. 
Par. 1787-1821. large fol. 3 vols, 
with plates (500 fr.). 

This very finely got up work was de- 
signed for 7 or 8 vols. There are said to 
be 2 copies on vellum paper. The ist part 
contains besides a tiue-plate and 4 plates 
marked A, A A, B and C, the plates, 1-40, 
(of which 13, 19, and 36, delivered later 
than the rest, are sometimes wanting, hut 
may he obtained by themselves) ; the 2nd 
part, the plates, 41-137 ; and tne 3rd, the 
plates, 150-233. A smaller edition. Par, 
1 788-90. 8**. 4 parts in 5 voh. with plates. 
In German, by Ch. Dn. Beck, Lpz. 1788- 
93. 8^ 2 vols. (4 d. 16 £j.) — There is also 
by him, Tableau hittor, de POrient, Par. 
1804. 8°. 2 vds. 

14476 MOUTONNET de Clairfons. 
La Gal6ide ou le chat de la nature, 
poeme, suivi de notes sur le Man- 
tuan etc, Galeopolis (Par.)« chez 
Galeophile, an 6 (1798), 8^ with 

There is one copy on vellum. 

14477 MO YEN de parvenir, oeuvre 
contenant la raison de tout ce qui 
a ^te, est et sera (par Fr. Beroalde 
de VerviUe). Imprim^ cette ann^, 

16". 439 pag«8. 
This tolerably neat edition, printed in 



Holland between 1670-80, is generally at- 
tributed to the Elzevir press. It by no 
means however belongs to this press. Good 
copies are scarce. 

Concerning this rather indecent book, see 
Monnoye^s treatises in the Menagiana 
(Par, 17 15). IV. 313 etc.; and in Mon- 
noye CEuvrea, T. III. Haye, 1770. 8*. 
p. 398 etc. Niceron, T. 34. p. 232 etc. 
Ducatiana, II. 289. Freytag*9 Nachrich' 
ten, p. 295 etc. Melanges tir. tPune gr. 
bibL XXII. 114 etc. 

14478 Imprim^ cette ann6e, i %^. 

347 pages. 

Also assigned to the Elzevir collection, 
although it is more recent than that press. 
The fdlowing is only a new title to it : Ltf 
SalmigondU ou le manage du genre hu- 
fnain, Li^ge, 1698. 12**. 347 pages. (Con- 
sult Freytag*8 Naohrr, p. 299.) There is 
also an edition with the tide, Le coupe' 
cul de la miiancolie, ou V^um en belle hu- 
meur. Partne, 1698. 12". 

14479 Iinprim^ cette ann^e^ 1 2°. 

438 pages. 

This edition is also added to the Elzevir 
collection, and was printed about 1690. 

14480 Chinon, de Timpr. de Fr. 

Rabelais^ without date. 12°. 544 

Neat, and printed in Holland about the 
banning of the i8th century. 

14481 Derni^re ^it. exacte- 

ment corrig^e et augm. d'une ta- 
ble des mati^res. Nulle Part, 
100070032, 12®. 2 voU. 239 and 
260 pages. 

14482 Edit. augm. d'une dis- 

' sertat. sur ce livre par Bn. de la 
Monnoye, et des imitations du 
Moyen de parvenir, qui ont €t^ 
^Elites en vers lat. ou fran^. par dif. 
f^rens auteurs. (Par., Orang^), 
100070057. 12®. 2 voll. 

A neat edition, and the best ; and scarce 
on large Dutch paper. Par, 1773. 12". 
3 vols, is a reprint, not so good. 

14483 MOYLE, Walter. Works. 
Lond. 1726. 8°. 2 vols. 

14484 MOYNE, Pt. le. OSuvres 
po^tiques. Par., Billaine, 1671 
(other copies 1672). fol. with 

14485 — la galerie des femmes fortes. 


Leide, J. Elsevier, 1660. 12^ with 

Of this edition, greatly sought afVer, 
there are also copies with the date, Leide^ 
ElMevien et Par. Angola 1660 or 61, which 
are provided with the king*s jtrivilegiuwu 
Previously, Par, 1647. ^^ *^^ platea. 

14486 MOYNE^ St. le. Varia sacra 
s. sylloge varior. opusculor. gtiecor. 
ad rem ecclesiast. spectantium, gr. 
et lat., nods et obss. illustrata. LB., 
£raesbeeck^ 1685 (a new title 1694). 
4°. 2 voll. 

MOYRIAC. see Mailla. 

14487 MOZZI, M. Ant. Storia di 
S. Cresci e de' SS. Compagni mar- 
tin. Fir., Albizzini, 17 10. foL — 
Sonetti sopra i nomi dati ad alcune 
dame Fiorentine. Fir. 1705. 4°. 

14488 MUCCIOLI, Jos. Mar. Cata- 

logus codicum MSS. bibl. Alalates- 

tianse Caesenatis bibliothecte, histo- 

rica prsefifttione variisque adnotatt. 

illustratus. Caesenae, Blasini, 17 Bo 

-84. foL 2 parts in i voL with 4 


Besides its prolixity, tiresoine in part 
and quite unnecessary, this catalogue is 
deficient in accuracy. The determinatioo 
of the age of MSS. is often very douhdul, 
and the learning and knowledge of dooo- 
ments possessed by the author is very mo- 
derate; hence the tediousness and unpro- 
ductiveness of his ejcwnu. The ap- 
pended aneedota are for the most part quite 

14489 MUDFORD, W. Historical 
account of the battle of Waterloo, 
written from the first autboritj. 
Lond. 1816. large 4^ with 27 il- 
luminated plates (61. 66.). 

14490 MUHLENBERG, H. Cata- 
logus plantar. Americie septentri- 
onalis or a catalogue etc, Lancas- 
ter {in Pensylvania) , 1813. large 

14491 MUHLPFORT, H. Deutsche 
Gedichte. Bresl., 1686. 8'. Poe- 
mate (lat.) ib. 1686. 8°. 

Two Latin unprinted poems of his in 
the Crit. Bibholh, B. III. LpM, 1755. 8*. 
p. 334 etc. 

14492 MULLER, And. Opnscula 


Dooniilla orientalia. Ff. ad O., 
1695. 4^ 

The fiiUowiiig is another title (only a 
half-titJe), De Smeruium rebuM aUaque 
nmumiia opuMCuia. Consult Eiehhorn't 
IMerargeseh. V. 28, 37, 69. See also Ab- 
BALLA and Th. LUdekek. 

14495 MULLER, Cp. H. (anon,) 

Sammluiig dentscher Gredichte aus 

dem I a. 13. u. 14. Jahrh. Berl., 

Schoue, 1784-85. 4^ 2 voll. (lad.) 

A jird part remains unfinished, and is 
see Docen's Mimseilan, I. 80 etc 



14494 MULLER, F. Werke. Hei- 
dtflb^ Mofar u. Zimxuer, 1811. 8^ 
3 voIL (6 d. 16 gr.) 

MULLER, J. Reoiomontanus. 

14495 MULLER. J. von. SamniU 

licbe Werke. Tub., Cotta, 1810 

-19. 8^ 27 volL (40 d. 12 gr.) 

His Gesch. der SchweiM. Eidgenossen- 
aekaft B. 1-4. u. B, 5. Abth, i. Lpat., 
Weidmuum, I8o6-8^ lai^ 8^ (10 d. 16 

gr, on veDum paper 14 d. 4 gr.) In ad- 
didon as vol. 5. part 2, Bb. GluiX'BloM' 
keim Getoh, der Eidgenouen vom Tode 
dea Biifyerm. WaUmann bit stwn ewigen 
Frieden mU Frankr, Zlir,^ Orell, 1816. 
8*. (2d. ngr.) 

14496 MULLER, J. Ch. Karte von 
Bohmen. 25 leaves, in fol. 

14497 MULLER, J. £. Just. Prom. 
tnariuDi juris novum ex legibus et 
opt. ICtor. scriptis ordine sJphabet. 
oongestum. Lps., Fritsch, 1792— 
97. 4®. 7 voll. (22 d.) Ch. Beyb- 
Ri Sapplementum. Hildburghusee, 
Haniach, 1 800-3. 8^ 4 voll. (6 d. 

14498 MULLER, O. F. Zoologia 
Danica 8. animalium Danise et Nor- 
vegiK rarior. ac minus notor. 
(toones) descriptioues et historia. 
Havn., Schubothe, 1788-1806. fol. 
4 vols., on Putcb paper, with 160 
plates (40 d., with illuminated 
plates 77 d. 8 gr.) 

Each part contains 40 plates. The first 
1 paru appeared at first without any text, 
i&. 1777-80. foL The text thereto, ib. 
1779. I>uge8^. The author's brother had 
the mne text printed in foL 1788, and 
published the work anew under the above 

14499 — von Wiirmem des siissen u. 
salzigen Wassers. Kopenh., Faber, 
1771. 4°. withji7 plates and 2 ta- 
bles (3 d.) — Vermium terrestrium 
et fluviatilium historia. Havn. et 
Lps., Faber, 1773-74. 4°. 3 parts 
in I vol. (5 d. 8 gr.) — Hydrachnee, 
quas in jiquis Daniee palustribus de- 
texit et descripsit. Lps., Crusius, 
1781. laree 4*^. with illuminated 
plates (2 a. 12 gr.) — Entomostraca 
s. insecta testacea, quae in aquis 
Daniie et Norvegise reperit, de- 
scripsit et iconibus illustrav. Havn. 
et Lps., Mtiller, 1785. 4^. with 21 
plates (3 d.^ illuminated 4 d.) — 
Animalcula infusoria fluviatilia et 
marina, quae detexit, descripsit et 
delineari curavit. Cura O. Fabricii. 
Havn. et Lps., Miiller, 1786. 4®. 
with 50 illuminated plates. 

— flora Danica, see (Edbr. 

MULLER, Ph. L. Stat., see 

14500 MUNSTER, Sb. Cosmogra- 
phei oder Beschreibung aller Lan- 
der, Herrschaften, fumemsten Stet- 
ten,Geschichten, Gebreuchen, Han. 
tierungen etc, Zum drittem mal 
trefflich sere gemeret u. gebessert. 
Bas. H. Petri, 1550. fol. 1233 
pages, with woodcuts. 

This edition is the best for the admirers 
of ancient good woodcuts, on account of 
the views of towns being added to it for 
the first time. It contains 14 leaves in 
maps. The ist edition of this German 
original appeared, Bas. H. Petriy 1544. 
fol. That of 1 54 1 mentioned in Arettn't 
IaU, Handb, fur die baier, Getch. f. 142, 
is perhaps only a typographical error in- 
stead of 1544, as the author says in his 
dedication of 1544, that he had been for 
two years before occupied with this work. 
The editions, Ba$, 1569, 74, and 78. fol. 
have 26 maps, but bad impressions of the 
woodcuts. . The editions, Bas. 1592, 98, 
and 1614. fol. contain 26 newly drawn 
maps and several new woodcuts. In La- 
tin by the author himself, Bas. 1550. foL 
(whidi in the goodness of the woodcuts re- 
sembles the German edition of this year). 
In the edition, Bas. 1572. fol. several 
puisages, displeasing to the Roman catho- 
lics, are omitted (Crerm ArUmadw. VIII. 
94. sq.). In French by Fr. de Belleforest, 
Par., SonnhtSy 1575. fol. 2 parts in 3 vols. 



with fine (but fewer) woodcuts. — In Ita- 
lian, Col. 1575. fol. 

Consult IIager*8 Geogr. Buchersaaly I. 
79-140. WoUersdorf Repertor der Land 
- u. Seekarten I. 63 etc. 

14501 MUNZCABINET. Vollstan- 
diges Braunschweigisch-Luneburg- 
isches Miinz -u. Medaillencabinet^ 
od. voUstand. Beschreibung aller 
goldenen u. silbernen Miinzen^ 
welche dieses Haus seit a Jahrhun- 
derten auspragen lassen. Helmst. 

1747. 4^ 6 parts. 

Of this woric only 100 copies came into 
dreuladon, according to F, O. Mencken's 
Ratal. III. 115; and only 50, aosording to 
AUgem. lU, Anxeiger, 1801, p. 126. 

A oopper-plate work of the same con- 
tents is still scarcer ; in some copies it has 
this title added afterwards, Numophglad' 
urn BruntmoO'Lunebwrgense t. tiieeaurus 
numisnuUum mnemonicor,y ioonicor, el «»i- 
cialiutn, qtue pritunpee ac duces Bruntmoo^ 
Luneburg. tUt initio sec. 16. a<2 a.i 737 ctuU 
jusserunt, ttri impressa per JV. Seel'dnder 
(who mentions himself only on table VI), 
in fol. 151 leaves, without title and text 
(commonly numbered up to 147, but tables 

1 and 3 are thrice over). The engravings, 
which represent 1 383 coins and medals, are 
not striking to the eye, but are very faitli- 
ful. Abb^ Gerh. Molanus, at Loccum, 
caused indeed (somewhat after 1692) the 
Bnmswick Liineberg part of his cabinet 
of coins to be engraved, and a single copy 
to be struck off. His collection, together 
with this single copy and the plates, was 
afterwards bought for the Royal library at 
Hanover; and later still 20 copies were 
struck off, so that 2 1 copies exist in alL 
Consult AUg. Hit. Anx, Jahrg. 1800. p. 
1702 etc., and 1807 sq. ; Jahrg, t8oi. 
p. 125 sq. and 282 etc.; Spikker Be-- 
schreib, von Hannover, p. 305-7. 

MUOER feliz, see Almeida. 

14502 MUGNOS, Filadelfo. Teatro 
genealogico delle fiEiiniglie nobili et 
titolate feudatarie ed antiche no- 
bili del regno di Sicilia, viventi ed 
estinte. Palermo, 1647-55. ^*^^- 

2 vol I. 

14503 — ragguagli historici del vespro 

di Sicilia. Palermo, 1645 ^^ 69. 


MUHAMMED, see Mohammed. 

14504 MULETTI, Sb. Lettere in 
versi piacevoli. Bergamo, 1787. 8°. 
8 le.aves. 

A copy on vellum 9 fr. McCarthy. 


MULIERUM greecar. fragmenta, see 

14505 MULINARl, St. Dis^ni 
originali d'ecceUenti pittori esisten. 
ti nella reale galeria di Firenze, 
incisi ed imitati nella loro gran- 
dezza et oolori da St. Mulinari. 
Fir. 1774. large fol. 

Containing 50 rather Kadly engraved 
plates, and odoiired with Indian ink. 

MULTISCIUS, see Arab Froda. 

MUNCKER^ see Mythographi. 

14506 MUNDINUS. Anatomia, 
praestantissimor. doctor almi studii 
Ticinensis cura diligentissime emen- 
data. Papis, Ant. de Carcano, 19 
Dec. 1478. fol. 

The first edition, very scarce. The edi- 
tion, Fen, 1498. M. ia not the first book 
with anatomiod representations ; aee above 
JoANKEs de Ketam. 

MUNGO, see Park. 

14507 MUNOZ, J. Bt. Historia del 
nuevo mundo. T. I. (y onico). 
Madr. 1793. 4^ In German (l^ 
E. A. Schmid), with annotatioDS, 
by Mthi. Ch. Sprengel. Weimar, 
1795. 8°. with plates, (ad. 16 gr.) 
In English, Lond., 1 797. 8^ — -Fr. 
Iturri carta crit. sobre la hist, de 
America por Munoz. Madr. 1 798. 

14508 MUNTANER, Ramon. Chro- 
nica o descripcio dels fets e ha- 
zanyes del rey Don Jarme primer^ 
rey Darago, de Mallorques ^ de Va- 
lencia. Barcelona^ Cortey, 156a. 


14509 HUNTING, Abr. Nauwkeu- 

rige Beschryving de Aardgewasaen. 

Leyden, 1696. fol. a vols, with 243 


Alao with illuminated platei, and on 
large paper. 

14510 — phytographia curioRa, exhi- 
bens arborum, fruticum, herbar. et 
fiorum icones. Varias ear. deno- 
minatt. coU^it et adjec. Fr. Kigge- 
laer. LB. 170a. fol. a parts in 
1 vol. with 245 plates. 

The same platev as in the preceding 


1711 {Awut.), 1713 and 1717 are 




MURADGEA, see Mouradja. 

MURALTO, see Walpolb. 

14511 MURATORI, L. Ant. Opere. 

Arezzo^ iy6j. 4". 13 parts in 19 

Tols. Also^ Ven. 1 790-1 810. 8^ 

48to11. (140 f^.) 
14&12 — anecdota ex Ambros. bibl. 

oodd. nunc prim, eruta. T. I. II. 

JJediol. 1697-98. T. lU. IV. 

Patav. 1713. 4^ 4 YolL Anecdota 

gneea ex MSS. codd. nunc prim. 

emta. Patav. 1 709. 4°. 
Both works abo Neap*, Cattellaniy 1776. 

4*. 5 rob. 

14513 — annali d'ltalia dal principio 
dell' era volgare sino all' anno 
1749. Mil, (properly Fen., Pas- 

qtutU)^ 1 744-49. 4°* ' ^ ^^^' -^^^ 
on large paper. 

With addidont, MiL ( Ven^ Pofquali), 
1753-56. 8^ 17 vob. The edition, Mo^ 
iMcv, 1 761. 4^ II Tols. haa a critical pre- 
frce by Jot. Catalani. V6L 13. of the 
editiaov Lueca^ 1761-70. large 4^ 14 vols. 
nnnfaim a ooatinuation from 1750 to 
176^ and-voL 14 oontaint an index. Alao, 
Nmp. 1773.78. 4^ 14 vols. The last 
tine, MiL 1818-31. 8**. 18 yoIs. 

To which may be joined : Gius. Oggeri 
VmeenH Continuturione degU annaU d*It. 
JmiT a. 1750-86. Romoy 1790. 8^ 5 voll. 
In the abore Venetian edition of the Opere 
«f 1 790, the ArmaH fill 33 vols., including 
a oondnoation of 6 vols, up to 1805. In 
Oenoan, Lpx, 1745-50. 4^ 9 vols. 

14514 — delle antichitit Estense 
ed Italiane. Modena, 1717. fol. 
a voU. 

14515 — antiquitates italicse medii 
mri post decKnationem Rom. im- 
perii ad a. 1500. Medio!. 1738-42. 
fol. 6 voLi. with plates. Also on 

lar^ paper. 

The edition, AretU, 1 777-80. 4^ 17 vols, 
is ]ftm fine. 
1451$ — diBsertazioni sopra le anti. 
cfaitik italiane da L. Ant.'Muratori, 
opera postnma data in luce da Oi. 
Fr. Soli Muratori. Mil. (properly 
F«i., PasquaU), 1751. 4^ 3 voll. 

An abbreviated translation of the pre- 
flafing work. Monaco. 1765. 4**. 5 vols, is 
npcrintended by Oaet Cenni. Also, Roma, 
1 755 or 92. large 8*". 6 vols. 

14517 — lituigia Romana vetus, tria 

sacramentaria c<Hnplectens. Ven. 
1748. fol. 2 voll. 

14518 •— > della perfetta poesia ital. 
spiegata e dimostrata, con le anno- 
tazioni critiche di Ant. Mar. Sal. 
vini. Ven. 1748 or 70. 4°. 2 voll. 
Also, Mil. 1821. 8°. 3 voll. 

The first Italian aesthetic work. At 
first, Modenoy 1706. 4*. 2 vols. The 
first edition furnished with Sahrini^s anno- 
tations was, Ven, 1 714. 4*. 2 voll. 

14519 — rerum italicar. scriptores 
prsecipui ab a. serie Christ. 500 ad 
1500, quor. potissima pars nunc 
prim, in lucem prodit. Mediol. 
1723-51. fol. 25 parts in 28 or 29 
vols. Also on large paper. 

Complete copies are not common. The 
first 3 vds. consist each of 1 parts, Uie 
34th vd. has an appendix, and the 35th 
vol. is often wanting. Thereto belong: 
Rerum ital, scriptores ab a, Chr, M ad 
MDCy quor, potissima pats nunc prim, 
in luc, prodit {op. Jos, Mar. Tartinu\, 
Fhr. 1748-70. foL (also on large paper). 
Ad scriptores rer, UaL Muratorii acceS" 
siones historias FaverUintB, prodeunt nunc 
prim op. et stud, J, Bd. MittarelH. Ven, 
1771. fol. 

14520 — riflessioni sopra il buon 
gusto nelle scienze e nelle arti. 
Col. 1721. 4". 2 parts in i vol. — 
Reflexiones sobre el buon gusto en 
las ciencias y artes: traduccion 
libre con un discurso sobre el gusto 
actual de los Espanoles en la litera- 
tura, por Jos. San Juan y Gomez. 
Madr. 1782, 8°. (7rs.) — In German, 
Augsb. 1772. 8^ (i d. 4gr.) 

14521 — novus thesaurus veterum 

inscriptionum. Mediol. 1739-42. 

fol. 4 vols. Also on large paper 

and on blue paper. 

See also Donatus, No. 6340 and Ha- 
GEKBUCH, No. 9179 and 80. J, H, Leioh 
Specimen notar, et emendait. ad greseas 
inscrr. Muratorii, in Nova misceilanea 
Lips, I. 450 etc and in LeichU carmin, 
sepulcrall, lAps, 1745. 4*** ^P^ SaxH 
SchoRa literaria in Muratorii novum the^ 
saur, inscrr,, in Acta lit, societ. RhenO' 
Traj. T. I-IV. J. Dm ColeH HispellaUs 
inseripHonesXJ Muratoritmi thesauri emen* 
data, Ven. 1780.4°. 

MURE, see Muris. 

14522 MURETUS, M. Ant. Opera. 



Veronae, Tumermani, 1727-30. 8°. 

This collection containing scarcely the half 
of his works, was very negligently superin- 
tended, and is not fine. 

14523 — opera omnia ex MSB. aucta 

et emendata cum brevi annotatione 

D. Ruhnkenii. LB., Luchtmans, 

1789. large 8°. 4 vols. (15 fl.) 

An excellent edition. Thereto may be 
joined: Mureti variar, lectt. libri 18 cum 
observait. juris libra tingularu Ed. occur, 
et auctior (cura F. A. Wolf). Tom, I. 
Hal, 1 79 1, laige 8^ (1 d.) 

14524 — opera selecta, edente J. 

Checotio. Patavii, Cominus, 1740 

-41 . 8°. 3 voll. 

A copy on blue paper, 18s. Pinelli and 
36 fr. McCarthy. The editor^s real name 
was Ant. F. S^ghezzi. 

14525 — oratt. 23. Hymni sacri 

et alia quaedam poematia. Ven., 

Aldus, 1575 (other copies 1576). 


Renouard has a copy of the edition of 
1576 on large paper. — Oralt. Ill de $lU' 
diit literar, Ven,, Aldusy 1555. 4"*. OraU, 
et epp, Roboreti, 1737 or Ven, 1771.8°. 
1 parts in i vol. Oratt., epp. et poemata. 
Lps, 1750. 8^ See also AM(EyiTATE8 
and FRAN90IS, No. 7873. 

14526 MURHARD, F. W. A. Bib- 
liotheca mathematica oder Literatur 
der mathemat. Wissenschaften. Lpz. 
Breitkopf^ 1797- 1805. 8^ $ voll. 
(Sd. i6gr.) 

Containing only the literature of Arith- 
metic, Geometry and Analysis, and Me- 
dianics and Optics. 

14527 MURILLO Velande, Pedro. 
Ilistoria de la provincia de Philipi- 
nas. Manilla, 1 749. fol. 

14528 M URIS, Cr. Repertorium vo- 

cabulorum equisitorum {gic) oratorie 

poes. et historiarum...editum a ma- 

gistro Conrado Turicens. ecclesie 

cantore et completus anno 1273. 

Bas., Bertoldus (Rodl), without 

date. fol. Gothic letter. 

147 leaves with 36 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. 

14529 MURNER, Th. Doctor mur- 
ners narre bschwerug. Strb., Mthi. 
Hupfuif, 1512. 4**. with woodcuts, 
175 leaves. Also, Strb , J. Knob- 


louch, 1518. 4^. with woodcuts, 
175 leaves. 

An imitation of Brand's JVTorrviucft^ 
from whidi the woodcuts of the edition of 
15 13 are taken almost throughout. Mo- 
demised and interpolated by G. Mlckram, 
Strb, 1556 or 58. 4'. Ff. 1565. 8*. StrL 

1618. 4^ 

14530 — der Schekne zufft With, 
out place {Ff,?), Batt Mumer, 
1512. 4°. with woodcuts, 36 leaves. 

Probably the first edition of this oonti- 
nuation of the Narrenbeschwtfrung. Al- 
tered and enlarged, Augtp., SUv, CHktmar, 
1513 or 14. 4^ Strb., J, Knobloek, 1516. 
4*". with woodcuts, 56 leaves. Strb , with- 
out date. 4*. ib, 1558. 4**. Ff. 1567. 8*. 
Schelmenxunft (after the edition of t5i3X 
at^fg neue mit ErTdui. herautg, (by O. £. 
Waldau) . HaUe, 1 788. 8'*. (8 gr.) Coo- 
cemingthe Latin translation, see pLiTKEmy 

14531 — ein andechtig geistliche Ba- 
denfieurt. Strb., J. Oruninger, ^S^A- 
4®. with woodcuts, 78 leaves. 

A poem, in which Christian improve- 
ment is compared to a bath. An editioo, 
Strb, 15 18. 4^ is a nonentity. 

14532 — {anon,) die Mulle von 

Schwundelsheym vnd Gredt Mill- 

lerin Jarzeyt. Strb.. Mthi. Hup- 

fuff, 15 15. 4^. with woodcuts. 

A satyrical poem on different human 

14533 — die geuchmat zu straff alle 

wybsche manen. Bas., Ad. Petri, 

15 19. 4^ with woodcuts. 

A very witty and interesting poem 
against infatuated lovers. Die Gauchwmtt, 
darinn all weibische AfannsMlde fein A^- 
Jlich j/eetrafft, vnd wie sie sich beteem eoUen, 
anffg trewett vnterrichtet werden. Ff. a. M,, 
Feyerabend, 1565. 8«. with woodcnts, 
8 leaves of prdiiminary matter, 149 nuro- 
liered and 3 unnumbered leaves. Consok 
Deutachet Museum, 1779. II. 170-181. 

14534 — chartiludium Ic^ce sea 
logica et poetica uel memoratiua 
cum jocundo pictasmatis exercita- 
mento. Cracov.^ J. Haller^ 13 caL 
Mart. 1507. 4". 

The first edition, very scarce. AIm^ 
Arg., Gruninffer, 1509. 4". with woodcuts, 
83 leaves. Opera, notU et oonjeetura J, 
Baleadens, Par, du Bray, 1639. 8*. with 
plates. See above, Guischa&d. 

14535 — chartiludium institute stun- 


marie. Arg., J. Prus^ 1518. 4°. 
with woodcat8» 119 leaves. 

14&3€ MURPHY, Arthur. Works. 
Lond. 1786. 8^ 7 vols. 

14537 MURPHY, Jam. Plans, ele- 
ntioiis^ sections, and views of the 
dinrch of Batalha, in the province 
of Estremadora, in Portugal, with 
in hkUnr, account transl. from the 
Portugaese of L. de Sousa. Lond. 
1735. large foL with 27 plates. 

14538 — travels in Porti^al in the 
yeir 1789 and 90. Lond. 1795. 4^ 
with 24 plates (il. 7s.). In French, 
Par. 1 797. 4°. Also 2 vols, in 8°. 
and on large vellum paper in fol. 
In German by Mthi. Ch. Sprengel. 
HaDe, 1796. 8^ (10 gr.) — General 
view of the state of Portugal. 
Lond. 1 798. 4^. with i map and 1 5 
plates (il. 7s.). 

H539 MURPHY, Jam. Cavanah. 
The Arabian antiquities of Spain. 
IxnkL, Cadell, 181 6. large fol. with 
100 plates (42L). 

A distinguiahed show-work. To which 
the following work by J. Shakespear, 
IV Hartwd Home, and Ak>n80 dd 
CisdBo may serre as an introdaction : 
Butorf of the Mahometan empire in Spain, 
^•Mtf- 1816. 4**. with I map (il. 15s.) 

14M0 MURR, Cp. OH. de. Memo, 
nbilia bibliothecar. pubL Norimb. 
€t universitatis Altorfinee. Nrb. 
1786-91. 8®. 3 vds. with plates 


Of vsry iDoderate value, as are all the 
vritingt of this oouoeited and superficial 

llMl — Journal £ur Kunstgeschichte 
0* zur allgemeinen Literatur. Nrb. 
'775-89. 8°. 17 vols, with plates 
(i4d.) Neues Journal zur Lit. u. 
Konat. Lp«. 1798-99. 8". 2 voU. 
(id. aogr.) 

14M2 MURRAY, J. System of 
cbemistry. Lond. 1819. 8''. 4 vols. 
(2L 12s. 6d.) Elements of che. 
Wtrj. ib. 18 10. 8^ 2 vols. (il. 

UM3 MURTADI. L'Egypte ou 
neireiUes d'Egypte selon les Ara* 
bet, trad, de Tarabe par Pt. Vattier. 



Par. 1666. 12°. Egyptian history^ 
englished by J. Davies. Lond. 1672. 
MURTELLI, see Bonblli. * 

14544 MUSA, Ant. De herba Ve- 
tonica lib. I. L. Apuleji de medica- 
minibus herbar. lib. I. per Gbr. 
Humelbergium recogniti et emen- 
dati^ adjuncto commentariolo ejus- 
dem. Tiguri, Proschover, (1537). 

Previously with Soranus, Boi. 1528. fol. 
His Carmen de valetiuL coneervanda with 
Sextus Placitus, Nrb. 1538. 8°. and in 
«/. Ch. Gli. Ackermann Scrr. antiqm para-" 
biHum mecHcamentor. Nrb. 1 788. S"". 

14545 — i^ragmenta quae extant, cu- 
rante Floriano Caldani. Bassani, 
1800. large 8°. 

According to MoUni's catalogue, in which 
this book was set down at 40 paoU, only 1 2 
copies were printed ; Bninet, who sets 
it down at 3 fr^ says nothing of this cir> 

14546 MUSiE Etonenses s. poematia 
in duos tomos distributa. Lond. 
1755. 12"*. 2 voU. 

Different therefrom is, Mtisa Etoneruet 
i, oamunum delectus nunc prim, in lucem 
edUus, EtofUBf 1795. 8°. 3 vdL See also 

14547 MUS^I opusculum de Herone 
et Leandro> quod et in latinam lin- 
guam ad uerbum tralatum est. 
Ven., Aldus, without date (1494). 


The first edition and extremely scarce : 
33 leaves, with the signatures a and b 
(in some copies a and c), with 20 lines. 
The Oreek text begins in leaf 2*, and ends 
in leaf i ib, with a Oreek colophon. Leaf 
13* begins the Latin translation by M. 
Mnsurus, which ends on leaf 33* with the 
word FINIS. Strictly speaking, only the 
second production of the Aldine press (see 
LA8CARI8 above, No. 1 1735), but from a 
not very good MS. 

The edition which appeared at Florence 
about 1494 is printed from a better MS. 
(see QvouM above, No. 8615). 

14548 — de Leandri et Herus amo. 
ribus^ gr. {Par.), Mg. Gourmont, 
without date. (1507). 4°. 8 leaves. 

Very scarce, and one of the first Greek 
books printed at Paris ; see GKOiCiE above^ 
No. 8616. 

14549 — opusculum de Herone et 

1156 MUS 

Leandro (gr. lat.). Orphei argo- 
nautica. Ejusd. hymni. Orpheus 
de lapidibus (gr.). Ven., Aldus et 
And. socer, m. Nov. 1517. 8°. 
80 leaves. 

The text of Musseus sometimes deviates 
from the ist Aldine. The Orpheus is 
a reprint of the Juntine of 1500, with the 
exception of the poem De lapidibtUy now 
printed herein for the first time. — Musibus 
is also in several editions of iEsop, Bos., 
Froben, 15 18. 8*. and often. 

14550 — de Leandri et Hems amo- 
ribus, gr. CoL, Cervicornus, 17 
Jul. 15 17. 4°. 

14551 — opusculum de Herone et 
Leandro (gr. et lat.). Orphei ar- 
gonautica. Ejusd. hymni. Orpheus 
de lapidibus. Sententise ex variis 
poetis. Homeri batrachomyoma- 
chia (gr.). Flor., hered. Ph. Juntae, 
1 5 19. 8^ 104 leaves. 

The Mus»u8 is a reprint of the Aldine 
of 15 1 7 even with its typographical errors. 
The edition is more scarce than the Al- 

14552 — de insano Herus et Leandri 
amore poemation. Idem latine pa- 
raphraste Gu. de Mara. Luciani 
dearum judicium, gr. Col., J. 
Soter, 1526. 8°. 

Aldoses text, sometimes altered according 
to the Florence edition of 1494. 

14553 — opusculum de Herone et 
Leandro. Sententiae monostichi ex 
variis poetis (gr.). Par., Ch. We- 
chel, 1538. 8°. 24 leaves. Musaei 
opusculum de Herone et Leandro 
(lat.). ib., id., 1538. 8^ 8 leaves. 
Musaei opusculum de amoribus Le- 
andri et Herus, Gu. de Mara 
paraphraste, J. Vatelli commen- 
tariis enarratum. ib., id., 1538. 8°. 
36 leaves. 

Neat, and all 3 pieces are seldom found 
together. The commentary of Vatelliis is 
of no value. Also with Hesiod, Fhr,, 
♦ Junta, 1540. 8*. Ven. 1543. 8". A new 
recension after the Florence edition of 
1494 in Stephani Poet, gr, 1566. Also 
with iCsop, J^n/tr., P/an/., 1567 or 72. la®. 
With a metrical version, and with alterations 
of the text (probably from a MS.), but 
most of them unhappy, by And. Papius, in 
Dionya De situ orbis, Antw, 1575. 8°. 

14554 — de Ero et Leandro poema 


lepidissimum (gr.). Latino car- 
mine ita, ut versus versui et ver- 
bum verbo psne respondeat, reddi- 
tum ab Eilhardo Lubino. Rest., 
Myliander, 1595. 4°. 16 leaves. 

14555 — de Herone et Leandro (gr. 

lat.) : a Csp. Barthio interpretatus 
•et inlustratus. Ambergse, Schon- 

feld, 1608. S"*. 69 pages and 4 


A youthful work of Barth, then Ji 
years old, with a metrical version by him. 
S WeitxH Nota in Mutenun una cum tit* 
dice (without the text), AmbergtB, 161 3. 
12*". is scarce, but of little value. 

14556 — erotopa^nion Hems et 
Leandri. Cum versione lat. prorsa- 
vorsa: cui access, alia ejusd. arga. 
menti poematia : quae singula col- 
legit et commentario libro illustrav. 
Dn. Parens. Ff., Fitzer, 1627. 
large 4". 

3 leaves of preliminary matter, 240 pages, 
and 4 leaves, index. Tderably scarce. 
The editor's criticism is unhappy, and his 
commentary of no value. Therein are also 
de Mara's and Barth's Latin, and Marafs 
French translations, Barth's Leandridoe U, 
III, Ovidii Epp, Leandri et Hermie etc 

14557 — Hero et Leander, cum 

notis P. Voetii. Ultraj., a Zyl, 

1645. B^ 

Very scarce in Germany. The text of 
And. Papius of 1575. 

14558 — Musfiei, Moschi et Bionis, 
quae extant omnia : quib. accessere 
qusedam selectiora Theocriti ei- 
dyllia. Impressa majore charactere, 
sculptura adornata, latinoque car- 
mine reddita, graecis e regione ap- 
positis. AutoreD. Whitfordo. Lond., 
Roy croft, 1659. 4"- ^^ 2 plates. 

3 leaves and 143 pages. Ib. 1(^5. 4^ is 
only an older title. Neat and scarce, 
printed in capitals, and prized on account 
of Whitford's metrical version. 

14559 — de Herone et Leandro 
carmen (gr. lat.), cum notis Jac» 
Rondelli. Par., Cramoisy, 1678. 
8°. 16 and 44 pages. 

Containing various readings of a Paris 

14560 — de Hero et Leandro poema 
(gr. lat.). Recens., notis varior. 
et suis indicibusque instnixit ac 


de Mjiaato dissertationem premisit 

J. H. Kromayer. Halae, 1721. 8^ 
Stephens*! text with a few idterations. 
Knxnayer*! own notes sre valuable. 

14561 — de Hero et Leandro carmen 

(gr. lat.). Ulostris historia antiqua 

drills seculo IV. et V., ancipitibus 

ceteris Romfle et imperii Romani 

hti^ Arcadio et Honorio caesaribus, 

ooddentali et orientali imperio di- 

Tiso, Stilichone beUi duce vivo et 

defdncto. Hebnst. 1725. 8°. with 


The paradoxical von der Hardt sought to 
prore in this edition, that the poem was 
only aDegorica), and referred to the over- 
throw of the Roman and Byzantine empire 
after Stibcho*s death. A new edition 
(eqinaDy scarce with the first, but without 
the Latin translation) has the title, Mti- 
stnu m historiam imperii Rom, gectdo IV. 
si V. Goihay 1751. 8**. He gave an en- 
larged edition in his suppressed Comm, in 
JH mm» HelmuL 1738. fol. AH 3 editions 
have KraBoayer*k text. 

14562 — de Heron e et Leandro 
carmen (gr. lat.). Cum scholiis 
graecis nunc prim, e cod. MS. bibl. 
Bodlej. editis. Ex rec. Mthi. Rover, 
qui yariantes lectt. et notas ad- 
jecit. LB., Haak, 1737. S"*- with i 

Abo on strong Dutch paper, and 2 copies 
en reflom in 4**. (one was purchased at 
RdvePs sale at 100 Dutch florins for the 
Royal hhrary at Paris). Krcnnayer*8 text, 
wi& a few alterations, together with va- 
rioos readings from 7 MSS. and 1 7 editions. 
Hie SchoHatt, here first printed, is of 
litde value. The Ladn translations of 
And. P^us, Sept. Florens Christianus, 
and Whitibrd are added. This edition, 
the editor of which was then only 18 yeara 
of aeB, should be had along with ochraderV 
F. ud. Carpsovius superintended a mere 
imp r e s si on oif the text, Helnut, 1 749. 4^ 

14563 — de Hero et Leandro carmen 

(gr. lat.) ; cum conjecturis ineditis 

Pt. Francii, ex rec J. Schraderi, 

qui Tariantes lectt., notas et ani- 

madrersionum librum adjec. Leo- 

Tard^ ran Dessel, 1743* B^ 

This editor, then 10 years old, used the 
eoBatioo of a MSS., and sought to correct 
Rdrer*s text, particulariy by a comparison 
of Mnasus with Nonnus. Uis annotations 
contain orocfa that is unnecessary and that 
Bdg^t be diqiensed with. 



14564 — avvenimenti tra Erone e 
Leandro, poema greco di Museo re- 
cato in versi italiani sciolti (col 
testo greco) da G. B. C. (Gi. Bt. 
Casaregi). Fir. 1750. 4°. 

14565 — de Herone et Leandro car- 
men (gr. lat.) ab Ant. Mar. Sal- 
vinio italicis versibus nunc prim, 
editis redditum. Accedunt praeter 
lat. interpret, variantes codicum 
lectt., selects adnotationes et index 
grfiecus verbor. Recensuit et illus- 
trav. Ang. Mar. Bandini. Flor. 
1765. large 8**. 108 pages. 

An entirely worthless edition, without 
the least new materials. 

14566 — de Herone et Leandro car- 
men gr. Ad optimas edd. et cum 
lectt. variantibus selectisque emen- 
datt. ac metaphrasi D. Whitfordi 
accurate recusum (cura F. Bd. 
Carpzovii). Magdeb., Zapff, 1775. 

Containing the various readings of the 
earlier editions, the best of which he has re- 
ceived into the text. His eariier notes to 
Mussus in his Observati. in Pakfphatum. 
Lps. 1743. 8**. p. 107-138 are a youthful 

14567 — les amours de L^andre et 
de Hero, en grec et en frany., par 
de la Porte du Theil. Par.,(Z)t^), 
1784. 12°. with I plate. Also on 

fine paper. 

The edition by L. H Teucher, Lpz. 
1789 or 1795. 8^ or HaUe^ 1801. 8*. 
(5 fiT^-) ^ ^^y ^^^ schools. 

14568 — de Herone et Leandro car. 

men. Recognov. et adnotationib. 

instrux. C. F. Heinrich. Hannov. 

Ritscher, 1793. 8°. (iigr.) 

A new revision of the text, with the 
help of a MS., not hitherto made use of. 

14569 — les amours de Leandre et 
de Hero, trad, en fran9. avec le 
texte grec., la version lat., des notes 
crit. et un index par J. Bt. Gail. 
Par., an 4 (1796). 4®. with i plate. 
Also on vellum paper. 

The French translation is by de la Porte 
du Theil. Oairs notes are of no import- 
ance. It is also added to GaiPs edition of 
14570 — Mus8eo8.Ur8chrift, (deutsche) 
Uebersetzung, Einleitung u. krit. 
4O 2 



Anmerkk. von Fr. Passow. Lps., 
Fleischer, 1810. 8°. (i d.) 

Additions thereto in the prefiioe to Pas- 
sow's edition of Longus. 

14571 — de Herone et Leandro car- 
men, rec. et iUustrav. E. Ant. Mo- 
bius. Halae, Schwetschke, 1814. S''. 

(12 gr.) 

14572 — lusus amatorius s. poem a de 

Herone et Leandro e grseca in lat. 
ling, translatum, auctore C. B. (C. 
Blake). Lond. 1694. 4^. 

14573 — gli amori di Leandro e 
d' Ero (trad, da Pt. GabbrieUi). 
Ven. 1709. 4°. Di Museo gli amo- 
rosi awenimenti tra Ero e Lean- 
dro, trad, dal greco in lat. ed in 
versi ital. da Fr. Mazzarella-Farao. 
Nap. 1787. 8°. Le avventure di 
Ero e di Leandro trasportate in 
verso ital. da Girol. Pompei (col 
testo gr.). Parma, Bodoni, 1793. 
4°. (10 fr.) Only 100 copies, ac- 
cording to Bodoni's assertion. Le 
avventure di Leandro ed Ero, tras- 
portate in verso ital. da Girol. 
Pompei, con alcune altri poemetti. 
Par., Renouard, 1802. 12°, 

4 copies of the last book on vellum (one 
copy 110 fr. CaiUard). The first Italian 
translation is in Bn, Baldi Versi e prote. 
Ven. 1590. 4*. p. 591 etc Another in 
Teocriio trad, da RegolotH. Torino, 1718. 
8**. See also above, No. 14564 and 65. 

14574 — Museus, ancien poete grec, 
des amours de Leandre et H^ro, 
trad, en rhithme par Clem. Marot. 
Par., Corrozet, 1541. 4°. In Italics. 
Also, ib., Angelier, 1541. 8°. In 
Roman characters. Les amours de 
Leandre et d'Hero (trad, en prose). 
Par., Cellier, 1681. small 8^ Les 
amours d'Hero et de Leandre, tra- 
duct, libre par C. L. Mollevaut. 
Par. 1805. 12°. 

See also above. No. 14567 and 69, and 
Akacreok, No. 578. 

14575 — Lieb-u. Lobgedichte von 
Hero u. Leandern aus dem Griech. 
in hochdeutsche Reimen ubersetzet, 
sampt nothwendiger Erklarung 
durch Oh. Alectorandrum. Lpz. 
'633* 4**- Hero u. Leander (ubs. 


von C. Ehreg. Mangelsdorf ). Lpr. 
1 7 70. 8^. Hero u. Leander aus dem 
Griech. (von J, G. Schlosser). Pf. 
a. M . 1 77 1 . 8^. Hero u. Leander, 
iibs. (von Grillo). Halberst. 1771. 
12**. Hero u. Leander, von C. A. 
Kutner. Mitan, 1773. 8**. Altenb. 
1784. 8". Hero u. Leander in 
deutsch. Hexametem. Bas. 1784. 
8°. Hero u. Leander iibs. von 
Furchteg. Ch. Fulda. Lps. 1795. 
8^. (4 er.) Der nachtliche Schwim. 
mer od. Hero u. Leander. Ronneb. 
1799. 8^. (8 gr.) Hero u. Leander 
ubs. von van Alpen, mit Zugaben. 
Colin, 1808. 8°. (16 gr.) Hero u. 
Leander, nach Musseos, von A. L. 
Danquard. Heidelb. 1809. 12^ (5 

Other translations in Stolberg*s and 
Alxinger*s poems, by L S. O. Sprengel in 
the Olla Potrida 1784, L 158-155. See 
also above, Na 14570. 

14576 — Hero and Leander, by Cp. 
Marlowe. Lond. 1598.4^ ib. 1600. 
8^ By G. Chapman. Lond. 1600, or 
16, or 29. 4^ Musseus, or the loves 
of Hero and Leander, with anno- 
tations upon the original, by Rb. 
Stapylton. Oxf. 1645. 4^ Lond. 
1647. 4°. The loves of Hero and 
Leander, by G. Bally. Lond. 1 747. 
8®. The loves of Hero and Lean- 
der, a poetical translat. by J. Slade. 
Lond. 1753. 4^ Hero and Lean- 
der, a poem. Lond. 1774. 4°. 

14577 — Intrades Tal uti Kgl. We- 
tenskaps Academien af Abbe Mi. 
CHELE88I ; jamte dess Ofwersatt- 
ning af Musai Skaldedikt och Ovi- 
dii Bref om Leander och Hero. 
Sth., Fougt, 1772. 8^ 

MUSE, see Sanclbmbntb. 

MUSEE des antiques, see Bouil- 
lon. — des monumens fr., see Lb. 
NoiR. — Napoleon, see Pbtitra. 


14578 MUSGE fran9ai8 ou collection 
complete des tableaux, statues et 
basreliefs, qui composent la collec- 
tion nationale, avec I'explication des 
sujets et des disoours sur la pein- 
ture, la sculpture et la gravure, par 


S. C. Croxe Magnan^ Visoond et 
Emeric David. Public par Robil. 
lard-Peronville et Pt. Liaurent. Par. 
1 803-1 1, large fol. 4 vols. 

Thn uple ndi i i woric appeared in 80 Noe. 
tt 4 pbtn each (at 48 fr., ofoani la iettre 
96 fr.). The 4 vols., whidi fonn the first 
•eries of the work, oontain altoeether 344 
leases, indnding the portraits given in the 
different Nos. as supplements. In some 
eopiee the title is printed in gcJd. 

Sinoe then Henry Laurent (die son) has 
gwinnmoed a second series fk this work^ 
under the title, Mmie royal, which is 
likewise to consist of 80 Nos. (at 48 and 
96 fir. cmIi) ; but as yet it has only reached 
the half of that number. All the 8 vols. 
wiU conaeqne n tly cost 7680 fr., or 13,360 
fir. 00 very large paper. 

14579 MUSELLIUS, Jac Numis- 
mata antiqua ab eo coUecta et edita. 
VercMMe, 1750-60. fol. 4 vols, with 

The lat voL contains 11, af, and 145 
plates; the and, plates 146-359 and 7 and 
13 plates; and the 4th vol. (the 3rd has 
only test), a portrait, a, 13, and 81 plates. 

14680 »- antiquitatis reliquiae ab eod. 
collectae. Veron«, 1756. fol. with 
I portrait and 1 83 plates. 

MUSEO Capitolino and Fiorentino, 
see Museum. — Chiaramonte and 
Pio-Clementino, see Visconti. 

14M1 MUSEUM Capitolinum, phi- 
losophormn, poetar., orator, viro- 
mmqae illustrium hennas conti- 
Dens, cum animadvv. (J. Bottarii 
et N. Fogginii) italice primum, 
nunc latine editis. Romse, 1750- 
83. fol. 4 vols, with plates. Also 
on large paper. 

Tlie 1st voL 90 plates, the and 83 and a 
title-phte (Gtore), the 3rd 91, and the 4th 
6^ The 4th vol is often wanting. The 
irst edition with Italian text, Rom, 1741- 
48. ioL a vols, with plates, should be com- 
pleted by means of the 3rd and 4th vols, of 
edition. See also Ouasco. 



14582 MUSEUM Cortonense, in quo 
retera roonumenta complectuntur 
aoagljpha, thoreumata, gemmae in- 
scnlptieque> a Fr. Valesio, Ant. Fr. 
Gorio et Rdf. Venuti notis illustra- 
tom. Romse^ ^7S^' ^^^' vnth 85 
plates. Also on large paper. 

14583 MUSEUM criticam, or Cam- 

bridge classical researches. Vol. I. 
(Nos. 1-4). Cbr. 1814. Vol. II. 
(Nos. 5, 6). ib. 1815. 8°. 

Each part 5s. More important than the 
Classical Journal, but it appears not to 
' have been continued. 

14584 MUSEUM Florentinum, ex- 

hibens insigniora vetustatis monu- 

menta, quie Florentise sunt in the- 

sauro Mediceo, cum observatt. Ant. 

Fr. Gorii. Flor. 1731-42. 6 voll. 

Serie di ritratti degli eccellenti pit. 

tori, descritte da Fr. Moiicke. Fir. 

1752-62. 4 voll. Serie di ritratti 

originali d' eccellenti pittori, in se- 

guito a quella gi^ pubblic. appresso 

Ant. Pazzi, con breve notizie com. 

pilate da Oraz. Marrini. Fir. 1 765 

-66. Ail together 1 2 vols, in large 

fol. with plates. 

A complete set of this important and well 
got up work, which loses much in price 
when the last vols, are not included. 

T. I. II. Gemmm (1731-32), each lOO 
plates. T. III. SUUtuB (1734), 100 plates. 
T. IV.-VI. Numitmata (1740-42), 121 
plates. The Serie di ritratti (50 portraits 
of which had been already published in 
1 748 without any text, which are greatly 
sought after as first impressions) contains 
55 portraits in each vol. 

To the sbove vols, may also be joined, 
Serie di riiraiti cT uomitti Ulustri Toecani, 
con gli elogi ittorici dei medesimi. Fir. 
1766I73. lai^ foL 4 vols.; the first 3 of 
which contain each 50 fine portraits, and 
the 4th 53. 

14585 MUSEI Kircheriani aerea no- 
tis illustrata (a P. Contucci). Romse, 
Zempel, 1763-65. fol. 2 parts in 
I vol. with 23 and 22 plates. 

14586 MUSEUM Odescalcum s. the. 

saunis antiquar. gemmar., quae a 

Christina Suecor. regina collectee 

in museo Odescaloo adservantur et 

a Pt. Sancte Bartolo quondam in. 

ciss nunc prim, in lucem proferun. 

tur (cum enarratt. N. Galeotti). 

Romse, i75i> fol. 2 vols, with 49 

and 53 plates. Also on large paper. 

The editions, Rom, 1747 or 50. fol. 3 
parts in i vol. with the plates 1-54 and 55 
-103, are not prized, because they contain 
no text. 43 plates had been alr^y pub- 
lished in 1 702, with a fine title-plate. 

14587 MUSEI imperialis Petropoli- 



litani res naturales et artificiales. 
Petrop. 1742-45. 8-. 2 parts in 
6 vols. 
Complete copies are very scarce. 

14588 MUSEUM Tessinianum, opera 
C. Gst. Tessin (lat. et suec, ed. C. 
Linnaeus). Holmiae, 1 753. fol. with 
12 plates. 

14589 MUSEUM Worsleyanum, or a 
collection of antique basso-relievos, 
bustos, statues^ and gems, with views 
of places in the Levant, taken on the 
spot in the years 1785, 86, and 87 
(by Rch. Worsley). Lond. (printed 
by Bulmer), 1794-1803. large fol. 
2 vols, on vellum paper, with plates. 

This work, printed with the gfreatest 
splendour, and containing about 150 mas- 
terly plates, is a companion to the Marl- 
borough gems (see Delectus above), 
which it far surpasses in beauty. The au- 
thor had it printed at his own cost (amount- 
ing to 27,000!., more than 180,000 dol- 
lars), and made presents of it only to his 
friends and to the libraries of the English 
and Scotch universities. It never came 
into the market. The actual number of 
copies struck off is g^reatly disputed. Bru- 
net states them at 50, according to a letter 
of Worsley's in his own handwriting ; ac- 
cording to Savage's Librarian^ !• 97 Bq., 
there were 250 copies; and according to 
Dibdin*s Bibliomania^ P* 7 > ^ (compare his 
Decameron, II. 387), 200 copies of the ist 
vol. were printed, and only 100 copies of 
the 2nd vol. Dibdin had his information 
from the printer, Bulmer himself. The 
plates to the 2nd vol. were published at 
the same time as the ist vol., and the text 
to the 2nd vol. was delivered afterwards, 
and incomplete copies are in consequence 
often to be met with. A complete copy 
was bought in England for 400I. {DibditCs 
Decam. II. 387) at Townley's side (Lon- 
don, 18 15); but by the bookseller Arch 
for only 96I. 12s., and he offered it again 
for sale in his Catalogue of 18 15 for 130!. 
The 1st part was bought at a Paris sale in 
181 1 at 735 fr. for the Royal library at 

The introduction (according to MilRn 
Annal, encyd. 1818, II. 149, the entire 
description also) is by Visconti, and the 
greatest part of the Italian translation (for 
Uie work is in English and Italian) by 
Bodini, at that time poet to the London 
opera. The appendix mentioned in the 
introduction, which was to have contained 
a descriptive catalogue of the pieces of the 
ooUection not mentioned in the work itself, 
did not appear. 


14590 MUSEUM Wormianum s. hi- 

storia rerum rarior. tarn naturalium, 

quam artificialium, tarn domesticar. 

quam exoticar., quae Hafhiae in aedib. 

authoris servantur. Adomata ab 

Oleo Wormio. LB., J. Elsevier, 

1655. fol. 

With woodcuts and plates printed in the 
text, a tide-plate, and the portrait of the 
author. No longer sought after. 

MUSEUM Beslerianuni> see Bes- 
LER. — British^ see Combe. — Ca- 
raffa, see Daniele. — Chiaramonte* 
see Visconti. — Cospi, see Lsgati. 
— Cuiicum Borgianum, see Adlbr. 
— Dresd., see Becker and Plat. 
— Etruscum^ see Gobi. — Gottwal- 
dianum, see Gottwald. — Guar- 
naccii»see Gobi. — Mazachelliannm, 
see Mazuchelli. — Moscardo, see 
MoscABDO. — Nani, see Nani. — 
Napoleon, see Petitbadel and 
Mus^B fran^ais. — Pioclementinum, 
see Visconti. — Regalis societatis, 
see Gbew. — Regis SueciK,see Pre- 
DENHEiM. — Regium, see JACOBic 
us. — Richterianum, see Heben- 
8TBEIT. — Romanum^ see Causeo. 
— Sanclementianum, see Sanclk- 
MENTius. — Veronense, see Maf- 
PEi. — Vindobonense, see Cata- 
logue, EcKHEL, and Numismata, 
No. 14955. 

14591 MUSGRAVB, Gu. Geta 

Britannicus. Ace. domus Seven- 

anse synopsis chronologica et de 

icuncula regis ^Ifredi dissertatio. 

Iscae Dumnonior. 1715. 8^ 

Containing a new edition of the life of 
Geta from the ScripU, hist, Avg.y which is 
here attributed to JuL Capitolinui. 

MUSICS antiquse auctores, see 

MUSLADINUS, see Sadi. 

14592 MUSSLER, J. {anon,) £q 

tandem libellus, ex captivitatis te- 

nebris, quasi ab Oreo, in lucem^ a 

Venetis principibus reuocatus pri. 

uilegioque auctus (Opuscula varia). 

Ven., J. Ant. de Nicolinis Sabien- 

sis, 1539. 8°. 

The author, previously rector of the 
Nicoku mdiool lit Leipng, had during hit 


»bod« ml Padum and Venioe, whither he 
had gooe at tator to some young Germans 
ef consideration, brought violent animosi- 
taea upon himself, partly perhaps by his 
own impmdenop) whidi alao had an mflu- 
oiee oo the printing of this book. It re- 
mained long with the censor, and when 
at length the printing was permitted, much 
was obiiged to be omitted, and other pas- 
sages were covered over with priuters* 
ink. Consult (Weller^s) AUes out alien 
TkeiUn tier Getehichte Th, /. Chemn. 1 763. 
8^. p. 966-376. Netier aUgem, lUerar, 
Amauiger 1808, p. 151 etc 

The book is extraordinarily 8carce> but 
only interesting with a view to Leipzig 
fifierary history. Complete copies are sel- 
dom to be met with, as the book was 
printed very much by piecemeal and with 
intemipdons. The usts of contents given 
in diffoent passages of the work cannot be 
uaed for collating it. The Dresden copy, 
made up out of two incomplete copies, I 
have had bound up in the following order, 
with regmrd in part to Mussler^s assertions : 

The above title (on the reverse the Ve- 
netian PticUegimn), 39 unnumbered leaves 
with the signatnres a>«rr (which contain a 
aeeond title, OrtUio de liberalib, dUcipl., a 
table of contents, and VicUmm (ledicaHo ; 
have in leaf 39^ the catchword Ditpu- 
but no signature oo\ 31 pages 
with the signatures AA and B (a new 
title, OrttHo m prima itutihitt, imp, lee- 
Hone, a table oif contents, some letters, 
Mtuleri Protetlatio and Querela libelli ; 
N. B. Musler had the and sheet, or p. 15 
-30, afterwards reprinted, which reprint 
contains things entirely different, and is like- 
wise in the Dresden copy), 1 79 pages with 
the s^natores A-M (In explicait. instUutt. 
imp, eimAo and PK, a Mauffis Scholia) ^ 46 
pages with the signatures Aa-Cc (Ratio de 
D. Pmtngartnero)^ 8 and 173 pages with 
the s%Datiu«s a and aa-U (Apologia rustica 
cvm atUhoris protettatume\ 1 l&if, the re- 
gieter^ and f blank leaf, p. 177-200 (Dis- 
pmiaHwmum themala), p. aoi-236 (Sacrum 
deo fmf:furaceo% p. 237-354 ( Consilium 
jcAofaji.), p. 355-412 (ConHl, scholoMl. te- 
ctrmhim; then p. 413^448 are wanting in 
the Dresden copy), p. 449.^80 (In Priotti 
Cieeromhfohtm ; ' the last pe^ is wrongly 
mnnbered 749]^ 87 pages with the signa- 
tures a-/ (Epislola scholast. ; p. 87 con- 
tains the printer*s colophon). 

14593 MUSNICKI.Nicod. Pultawa, 
poema epiczne. Polock, 1803. 8*^. 

14494 MUSSATUS,Albertinu8. Hi- 

storia Augusta Henrici VII. Cae- 

saris et alia, quae extant, opera. Lr. 

PigDorii spicil^o, nee uon Felicis 



Osii et N. Villani castigationib., 

coUationib. et notis illustrata. Ven., 

ex typ. ducali Pinelliana, 1636. fol. 

The first edition, and scarce, of this very 
valuable woric ; mutilated copies of which 
are sometimes said to be met with (but not 
so often by far as is generally supposed). 
It is printed entire in Gravii et Burmanni 
Thesaur, antig. Ital, T, VI. P. II. Only 
his historical works and his tragedy Ecce- 
rinii (corrected and augmented from MSS.) 
in MuratorU Scrr, rer. Ital. T. X. The 
loth book of his history translated into Ita- 
lian verse by Gius. Oennari in the Nuova 
racoolta degli oputc. scientif, efilol, T. 36. 

van. Introductio in philosophiam 
naturalem. LB. 1762. 4^ 2 vols, 
with plates. Physicae experimen- 
talis et georoetricse dissertatt. LB. 
1729. 4°. Tentamina experimen- 
torum naturalium captor, in acad. 
del Cimento, ex ital. versa. LB. 
1 73 1. 4°. with plates (see below, 
Saggi). Elementa physical. LB. 
1 741. 8°. Compendium physices. 
LB. 1779. 8°. Institutt. logicse. 
LB. 1748. 8^ 

14596 MUSTOXIDI, And. lUu- 
strazioni Corciresi. Mil. 1811-14. 
8°. 2 voll. — Notizie per servire alia 
storia Corcirese dai tempi eroici iino 
al secolo XII. Corfu, Sarandopulo, 
1804. 8°. 140 pages. 


14597 MUTIO, Girol. Egloghe, di. 
vise in cinque libri. Ven., Giolito, 

14598 — rime diverse : tre libri di 
arte poet., tre libri di lettere in 
versi sciolti, la Europa etc, Ven. 
Giolito, 1551. 8^ 

14599 — battaglie con alcune lettere. 
Ven. 1 581. 8°. Napoli, Mosca, 

14600 — lettere. Fir. 1 590. 4^ 

14601 M YL^US, Cp. De scribenda 
universitatis rerum historia libri V. 
Bas., Oporinus, 1551. fol. 

The best edition of a tolerable scarce and 
very remarkable book, which contains fun- 
damental draughts of the history of nature, 
culture, manners and art, of the world and 
its people, and of literature, which might 
be enhuged upon in a greater work. The 



idea was (especially for that time) bold 
and excellent; and if the worthy Meusel 
could not find more in the book than 06- 
iervadonea maximam partem ex trivio pe- 
tUas (BibL hist. vol. I. P. I. p. 4), his 
judgment was, at least, very trivial. As 
if such a project were not in itself of 
some value. But the actual performance 
also presents much that is interesting : 
thus, for instance, a short sketch of lite- 
rary history is already given in thb book 
(consequently long before Bacon*s time). 
The author was a Swiss {Leu''* Schweizer- 
lexikon, XIII. 504). It is remarkable that 
it was also a Swiss and a Miiller who first 
formed the idea of a general history of 
mankind in the largest sense of the word. 

The book is also to be found in the 
Penu arHs histor. (Bos. 1574, or 76, or 
79. 8*.) The edition, Fhr,, TorrenHnuSy 
1548. 4". 197 pages, in other respects fine, 
and still more scarce, is much more incom- 
plete. The edition under the title, Hermes 
academicusy nunc in lucem revoceUus per 
J. G, Mullerum. Jencs^ 1624. 8°. is by no 
means neat. 

14602 MYLE, Abr. van der. Lingua 
Belgica s. de linguee illius commu- 
nitate turn cum plerisque aliis^ turn 
prsesertim cum latina^ greeca^ per- 
sica. LB. 161 2. 4°. 

MYLIUS, J. Ch., see Placcius. 
MYLLER, see Cp. H. Mullbb. 

14603 MYREPSUS, N. Nicolai 
Alexandrini liber de compositione 
medicamentor. secundum loca, lat., 
N. Rhegino interprete, cum anno- 
tatt. J. Agricolee Ammonii. In- 
golst., Weyssenhom, ^54i« 4^* 

This tran^tion is so different from the 
foUowing one, that it scarcely seems to be 
one and the same book. 

14604 — medicamentor. opus in 

sectiones XLVIII. digestum, Ln. 

Fuchsio interprete et cum ejusd. 

annotatt. Bas., Oporinus, 1549. fol. 

This translation is also in Siephani Me-- 
dic€e artis prince. Also under the title, 
Theatrum medico-pracL Nrb. 1658. 8®. 

MYRROUR, see Mibouer. 

14605 MYSTfeRE. Sensuit ung 
mystere de Tinstitution des freres 
prescheurs, et comece sainct Domi- 
nique, lui estant ^ Rome, vestu en 
Thabit de chanoyne regulier ; & 36 
personnaiges. Par., J. Trepperel, 
without date. 4*^. Gothic letter. 

38 leaves with the signatures a~g. Val- 


liere*s copy was originally bound up with 
the Legends de Msgr, 8. Dominique (Par., 
J. Trepperely without date. 4*". Go^ic leU 
letter), translated into French by J. Mar- 
tin; and in that case he was also the 
author of this mystery, as the SQperscHp- 
tions of the chapters of the legend are com- 
posed in the same metre and taste as those 
in the mystery. 

14606 MYSTfeRE. Sensuit le my- 
stere de monseigneur sainct Pierre 
et sainct Paul, contenant plusieurs 
aultres vies^ martires et conversions 
de sainctes etc. Par.^ veuve J. 
Trepperel et J. Jehannot, without 
date. 4°. Gothic letter. 

130 leaves with the signatures A^Z. 

14607 MYSTERE. Sensuyt ung 
beau mystere de No6tre-I>ame, k 
la louenge de sa tr^-digne nativite, 
d'une jeune fiUe, laqueUe se voulut 
habandonner a p^he pour nonrrir 
son p^re et sa m^re en leur extreme 
pouvret^, et est k 18 personnaiges. 
Lyon, Oliv. AmouUet, 1543. small 
8^ Gothic letter. 

48 leaves with the signatures a-/. Very 

14608 MYSTfeRE. Le premier (et 
second) volume du triumphant my- 
stere des actes des apostres trans- 
late fidelement a la verite Histo- 
riale, escripte par sainct Luc a 
Theophile. Et illustre des legen. 
des autenticques et vies de sainctz 
Receues par l^lise, tout ordonn^ 
par personnages (par Amould et 
Sim. Greban, avec quelques correc- 
tions de Pt. Cueuvret ou Curet). 
Par., pour Gu. Alabat de Bourges, 
par N. Couteau, 15 Mars 1537. fol. 
Gothic letter^ 2 parts in i vol. with 

This edition is less sought after than that 
of T541. The 1st vol. contains 10 nnnom* 
bered leaves of preliminary matter, then 
leaves 3-169 (93 and 93 are skipped over 
in the numbering) and a unnumbered 
leaves (the last blank). The md voL oon* 
tains 7 leaves of preliminary matter, a 18 
numbered leaves, and at the end an un- 
numbered leaf, on the fo^ raeto of wfaidi 
is a rondeau. 

The duke de Valli^re formerly (now '^L 
de Solenne at Paris) possessed a copy, in 
the first part of whidi 4 leaves were to be 


liaond wbicb are wanting in other copies, 
and are printed in a smaller Gothic cha- 
FBcter; 'namely, one between p. 167 and 
168, and three aUter p. 169. 

14609 — le meme triumphant my- 
stere des actes des apotres. Par., 
Amonl et Charles les Angeliers, 
1 540. 4®. 2 vols. Gothic letter. 

The ist ToL contains 10 leares of preU- 
mtnary matter, 197 numbered leaves, and 
I ieal^ printer*s symbol. The and, 8 leaves 
of preliminary matter, 35 1 numbered leaves, 
and I leaf,'printer*s symbol. 

14610 — le premier (et second) vo- 
lume des catholiques oenvres et actes 
des apostres, r^digez en escript par 
sainct Luc Evangeliste et Hystorio- 
mphe depute par le sainct Esprit. 
Par., Am. et Charl. les Angeliers, 
1 54 1. — ^L'apocaHpse saint Jean Z6' 
bidee, ou sout oomprinses les vi- 
aknis et rev^tions qu' icelui saint 
Jehan eut en Tisle de Pathmos etc. 
Par. 1541 . fol. Gothic letter, 3 parts 
in I vol. with woodcuts. 

The edition the most sought after, which 
is augmented with the Apocalypse, but is 
in consequence destitute of the table of 
contents and of the prologue of the first 
two editions. It is therefore wdl to possess 
an 3 editions. The ist part contains 5 
leaves of preliminary matter and 210 num- 
bered leaves; the 2nd part, i tttle-leaf, 180 
numbered leaves, and i leaf, printer^s sym- 
bol; lastly, the Apocalypse, 46 leaves (in- 
'A^^fw'g tne title). — Crp et prodamation 
^mbBqme^ pour jauer le nUstire des octet 
Jes apoires. Par., Denis Janot, 1541. 4^ 
4 leaves. Consult MHanges tires (Tune 
gr. biU. TV. 360 etc Hist, uttw, des 
iUiiresy XI. 94 etc. 212 etc 

14611 MYSTfeRE. Lemyst^redu 
cfaeraUer qui donna sa femme au 
diable, k dix personnages (repr^ 
aente en 1505). Without place or 
date, small 8^. Gothic letter. 

Very scarce. 28 leaves with the slgn». 
tvea A~D, In the copy in the Royal 
Anry at Paris, the ist sheet belongs to 
— y?^**f^ undated edition in Gothic cha- 
racten. A later rqirint, without place 
or date (Par., Carmty about 1800). 8^ 40 
lasves. See concerning this mystery Hist. 
Set aUdires, XI. 185. 

1^12 MYST^RE. Sensuit le mi- 
tt^ du tr^ ^rieux sainct Chri- 
•tofle par personnages; nouvelle- 
meut imprim^ a Paris. U est ii 34 



personnages. Par., par la veufue 
feu J. Trepperel, J. Jehannot, e^c, 
without date. 4^. Gothic letter. 

20 leaves with the signatures o-d £z- 
tremdy scarce, and quite different from 
the mystery by Chevalet (see Che valet). 

14613 MYSTfeRE. Sen suit le mi- 
st^re du tres glorieux martir mon- 
sieur sainct Christofle par person- 
nages nouvellement imprim^ a Paris 
et est h. 33 personnages. Par., J. 
Jehonnot (Wc), without date. 4^. 
Gothic letter. 

20 leaves with the signatures A-D. The 
same as the preceding. 

14614 Par., en la rue neufve 

nostre Dame k Tenseigne S. Nico- 
las, without date. 4''. Gothic letter, 
20 leave . 

In MiorCs Catal. (Par. 1803. 8'.) this 
edition is wrongly stated to have 38 cha- 
racters, and the date 1500. 

14615 MYSTfeRE et beau miracle 
de S. Nicolas k 24 personnages. 
Par., Pt. Sergent, i^ithout date. 4", 

14616 MYSTfeRE. Mist^e du vieil 
testament par personnages, jou^ k 
Paris, historic et imprim^ nouvelle- 
ment audit lieu. Par., Pt. le Dm 
pour Gf. de Marnef, without date, 
fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

The first edition. 336 leaves, including 
the title. The edition, Par., pour J, Petit, 
without date, foL appears to be of the same 
printing, though with the name of another 

14617 — s'ensuit le myst^re du vieil 
testament par personnages. (Par,), 
la veufve feue J. Trepperel et J. 
Jehannot, without date. 4^. Gothic 
letter, 2 parts in i vol. 

14618 -* le tres-excellent et sainct 

myst^re du vieil testament, par per- 

sonnaiges. Par.^ J. Real, 1542. fol. 

Gothic letter, 424 numbered leaves. 

This edition is the most sought after, 
and is almost as scarce as the preceding. 
There are also copies with the name of the 
publisher. Vine Sertenat or Ou. le Bret. 
Concerning this mystery, consult Hist* 
univ, des thidtres, XI. 5 1 sq. 

14619 MYSTfeRE. S'ensuit le mi- 
stere de la saincte Larme comme 
elle fut apport^ de Constantinople 



k Vendosme. Without place or 
date. 8°. Gothic letter. 

MYSTfeRE de la conception, see 

Michel. — du crapault, see Mi- 

ROiR, No. 14128.— de la passion, 

see Michel. — de la resurrection, 

see Resurrection. — de la saincte 

hostie, see Jean. — See also Bien 

advise, Incarnation, Morality, 

Patience de Job, Vengeance. 

Conoeming the Mysteries, see Flogel 
Gesch der kom. Lit. IV. 234 etc (consult 
IV. 134 etc. 19a etc.) Hist. univ. des 
thedtret. T. XL Par. 1780 8*. p. 10 etc. 

MYTISTOIRE, see Autelz. 
MYTHOGRAPHI graeci, see Gale. 

14620 (MYTHOGRAPHI.) My- 
tholc^ci latini, in quibus Hygini 
fabulae, Fulgentii Mythologiae, Jul. 
Firmici de errore profanar. religio- 
num liber, Albrici de deor. imagi- 
iiibus liber. Omnia ex rec. Hi. 
Commelini. {Heidelb.)^ ex biblio- 
pol. Commelin., i599* S'^* 

14621 — mythographi latini^ ^J^- 
nus^ Fulgentius^ Lactantius Placi. 
dus et Albricus. Th. Munckerus 
omnes ex libris MSS. partim^ par- 
tim conjecturis emendavit et com. 
mentariis perpetuis instruxit. Amst., 
a Someren, 1681. 8°. 2 parts in 
I vol. with plates printed in the 
text> and Munker's portrait. 

BeloDging to the series cum notis varior. 
—See ako Fulgent lus, No. 8006, Hy- 
GIN us, No. 10433, AucTO&Es, No. 1344. 

MYTHOLOGIA .Esopica, see M. 

80PU8> No. 220. 


14622 NAAMLYST van neder- 
duitsche Boeken, als mede van 
fransche en latynsche Werken, O- 
ratiea, Dissertatien, Konstprenten^ 
Pourtraitten, Landkaarten etc., ge- 
duurende de Jaaren 1790-93 in 
onsVaderland uitgekomen. Amst, 

Saakes, ^794» 8°- — ^^^^ '!• ^^ ^e 
Jaaren 1794-98. Amst. 1799. 8^ 
— Deel in. of de Jaaren 1799- 


1803. Amst. 1804. — Deel IV. of 
de Jaaren 1 804-1 808. Amst. 1 809. 
8°. — Deel V. of de Jaaren 1 809- 
13. Amst. 1 814. 8^ — Deel VI. of 
de Jaaren 1814--18. Amst. 1819. 
8°. It is going on. 

This catalogue, yery carefully executed, 
and bibliographJcally aocorate, is for mo- 
dem Dutdi literature what the Bibliogrt^ 
p^ie de la France is for modem Freudi 
literature. A number appeared monthly 
(at 3^ stiiber, the whole annual set cost i fl. 
5 St.), and 5 annual sets form a vd. with 
complete indices. In each number the 
books are scientifically arranged, and the 
journals and almanacs are placed by them- 
selves at the end of the year. In NoTem> 
ber, 18 1 1, the continuation was forbidden 
by the proper French authorities, and the 
Naamlffst first appeared again in 1814, 
and the parts wanting were afterwards 
delivered. The work carried on the ear- 
lier Naamregitter van de bekendste en 
meest in gebriUk zynde NederdttUtche Boe^ 
ken, welke sedert het Jaar 1600 toi het 
Jaar 1761 «yn uitgekomen; voorheen vit- 
gegeten door J. von Abcoude, verbeterd en 
tot aan het Jaar 1787 vermeerderd door 
R. Arrenberg. 

Would that Weidmann's fair-catalogue^ 
now completely unfit for use, might at last 
become what those French and Dutdi pat- 
terns are. An edition in parts wouM be 
the best. 

NACHFOLGUNG Chri8ti,see Imi- 
tatione. No. 10498^. 

14623 NACHRICHTEN, unschul- 
dige. Under the following titles, 
Altes u. Neues aus dem Schats 
theolog.Wissenschaften. Witt. 1 701 
(new edition, 1704). 8^ Unschul- 
dige Nachrichten von alten u. neoen 
theol. Sachen, Biichem, Urknnden 
etc. Lps. 1702 (new edition, 1 705) 
-17 19. 8^ 18 voU. Fortgesetxte 
Sammlung von alten u. neuen theol. 
Sachen. Lps. 1720-50. 8°. 31 voU. 
Neue Beitrage von alten u. neuen 
theol. Sachen. Lpz. 1751-61. 8°. 
II voU. Theolog. Annales oder 
Begriff der unschuld. Nachrr. Lps. 
1715-54. 8^ 5 voll. Die frOhauf- 
eelesenen Fruchte der theol. Samm- 
lungen von Altem u. Neuem. Lpz. 
1735-42. 8^ (bound up in the se. 
T^^ 1735-42 of the Fortgesetzte 
Sammlung). Hauptregister ilber 


alle diese Sammlungen. Lpz. 17121 
-55- 8°. 5 voU. All together 71 

The originator cif this journal, which 
oootains many good anecdoia in letters 
and documents, as well as information re- 
electing ancient and scarce theological 
works, was Val. £. Loscher. The subse- 
quent successive conductora were Mch. H. 
Reinhard, J. Erh. Kapp, and J. Rdf. 
Kiesling. Two distinct abridgments are 
J. Cp, Amaaum Ausxug der betten Sohrr. 
u. Maierien in alien Theilen der Theol, 
Wueenachafien. Th. 1-4. u. Th, 5. SU i. 
Roih, 1745-58. 8'. Bd, Bom (Bj. Bieler) 
NeueriijgFn. Schaixkammer aUer iheol. W%8- 
tenteh^fUn, Lpjg. 1746-47. 8^ 4 volL 

14624 NACHTIGALL d. i. aus Job. 
Friedricbs des Mittlern, Herz. zu 
Sachaen, publicirten Schriften, vom 
Ursprung, Anfang u. ganzem Pro- 
cess der Wirzburgischen u. Grum- 
bachischen Handlungen ein korzer 
Auszug. Without place, 1567. 8®. 

Concerning this extremdy scarce poem, 
see LeMeing^s BeUr'dge, I. 103-134 (where 
it is printed entire), Murr JounuU, X. 
^33- (Kloee) Neue liierar. UnterhaUunffen 
Jm. 1774, p. «i-37. Oiia Potrida, 1783, 
L 131 sq., Metuel Hietor. Ut. Magaz, IV. 
164^170. Another ancient poem by the 
author of the NachtipaU, which serves as 
an explanation of the Nttchtigally is printed 
in the Deutach, Mfuetun, iTjg. I. 61 sq. 

NACHTIGALL, Othm., see Lusci- 


NAELDWYK, see Chronyk. No. 

NAHARRO, see Torbbs. 

14625 NAIGEON, Jac. And. (anon.) 
Notice sor la vie de La Fontaine. 
Dijon, Cansse, 1795. 8^. 

Of this memoir, to be fmmd in several 
editions of the fiibles of La Fontaine, only 
a few copies were printed separately : 5 on 

NAIMA, see Tarichi. 
NAIN, see Tillemont. 

14626 NAIRONUS, Fanst. Bre- 
riarium Maronitar. (chaldaice). 
Romie, 1666-67. fol. 2 voll. De 
origine, nomine ac relig. Maronitar. 
ib. 1679. 8". 

His smaller Diteursus de mluberrima 
poHane eahue $. cafL Roma, Hercules, 
1671. IS**, is scarce. In the same year 
another work appeared thereupon, Virtk 

NAO 1165 

del kafe desoritta da Dm. Magre, Roma^ 
167 1. 4*'. 

14627 NAKIELSKI, Sm. Miecho- 
via s. promtuarium antiquitatum 
monasterii Miechoviensis. Craco^ 
viae, Csesarius, 1634. fol. 

The history of this monastery is of very 
great rarity. 

14628 NALIN. Novello in dialetto 
Veneziano. Ven. 1819. ^*'» 

NALUS, see Mahabharat. 

NANGIS, see Joinvillb. 

NANI, Bn., see Db, No. 5840. 

14629 NANI, Bt. Historia della 
republ. Veneta. T. I. Ven. 1662 
or 76. T. II. ib. 1679. 4^ 2 voll, 
ib. 1686. 4°. 2 voll. Also in Isto- 
rici delle cose Venez. T. VIII. IX. 
In French, Col. 1682. 12^ 4 vols, 
with plates. 

14630 NANI, Jac. Monumenta 
graeca ex museo Jac. Nanii Veneti, 
illustrata a Clem. Biagi. Romfie, 
1 785. 4°. with plates. Monumenta 
grseca et lat. ex museo Jac. Nanii 
descripta a Clem. Biagi. Romie, 
1787. 4°. with plates. Paolino de 
S. Bartolomeo monumenti Indici 
del museo Naniano. Padova, 1 799. 
4*^. Collazione di tutte le anti- 
chit^, che si conservano nel museo 
Naniano. Ven. 1815. 4®. O. Aur. 
Guarnieri dissertazione sopra un 
antica ara marmorea esistente nel 
museo Nani. Ven. 1 785. 4°, Museo 
cufico, see Sim. Assbmani. 

Concerning the library bdonging to this 
museum, see Sim. Assemani, RELiQUiiE, 
Codices, and Morelli. 

14631 NAOGEORGUS (Kirch- 
mbybr), Th. R^num papisticum, 
nunc postremo recognitum et auc 
tum. (Ace. satyra in J. della Casa^ 
de dissidiis componendis lihri II, 
satyra in catalog, hsereticor., syl- 
vula carminum aliquot). Bas., Opo* 
rinus, 1559. 8°. 

343 P&ges <^nd 16 leaves. An edition of 
1 6 1 9 is onnly a new title. Previously, mudi 
less complete, (ib.) 1553. 8^— 7%« popish 
kingdome or retgne qf Anti^risi, englgshed 
by BamabeGooge. Lond,, Denham, 1570. 
4". Gothic letter. 

1166 NAO NAS 

14632 — satyrarum libri V pn'ores. della lingua italiana libri III, con 
Bas., Oporinus, 1555. 8"^. un discorso intomo alia storia del 

300 pages and i leaf. Also in the De- Pienionte. Fir. 1813. 8**. 2 voll. 
iiciapoetar. perm. IV. 997 etc. Osservazioni intomo ad alcune an- 

14633 — tragoedia nova Pammachius. tiche monete del Piemonte. To- 
Viteb., J. Luft, 1538. 8^ rino, 1813. 4°. plates. 

84 l^ves (3 of which are blank) Also, NAPOLI, see SlONORELLI. 
AuguskBy Wexssenhom, 1539. 8*. In Ger- ^_ _' ^ ,.____ „ . 

man, without place or date. 4*. 14640 NARAYUN. Bajneeti, or 

14634 — incendia sen Pyrpolinices *^^ exhibiting the moral doctrines 
tragcBdia. Viteb., G. Rhau, 1541. 8^ «^.^^« Hindoos, translated from the 

Title and 49 numbered leaves. The wiginal Sanscrit of Naraynn Fun- 
most scarce piece of this author, according dit into the Brij Bhasha, by Sree 
to Brunet Also, Viteb. (without the LuUool al Bhasha. Calcutta, 1809. 
printer^s name), 1541. 8"*. 56 leaves. In go 

^maa, i)«- Mortbra^, vntiu^t place, ^^^^ NARDI, Jac. Ck,media di 

U635 — tragoedia nova mercator seu »«'i«^- Without place or date. 4°. 

judicium. {Bos.) 1 540. 8°. ,. ' » '~^. 'j* the rignrtures a^ and 3. 

'' ^ ^ *^^ unes. Pnnted at Florence at the com- 

75 leaves. Also, without place, 1560. 8». mencement of the 16th century. 
08 leaves. In French, Le marchand coiu , , . .in . s j. t«- 

verH, ( Genhje), J. Crespin, 1558. 8°. ; 14642 — le histone della dtta di Flo- 
without place, 1561. I2^; and enlarged renza dall' anno 1494-1531. Lione, 
with the CoftUdiedu pape m^, without Ancelin, 1 582. 4°. Also, Fir., Ser- 
plaoe, pour Cl^Augny, 1585. I6^ (Ge- -„ftrtplli icfi>4 !<> 
nh3e\ Fr. Forest, 1591. i6«. ib,, Chouet, ™a"«">> *504- 4 • 

1594. 11**. In German by Jac RuUch, 14643 NARDINI, Famiano. Roma 
without place, 1545. 4'. ; and by an uu- antica. Ed. IV. oorretta ed accresc. 

^twSS!!^"^rr^7lS^UnVio^"-' delle nuove scoperte. con note di 
x^thout phice or date (about .570). 8 • ^^^ j^j^,^ j^^ ,g g. 8^ 

14636 - Hamanus tragoedia nova 4 ^ols. with plates (.0 scudi). 
sumpta e biblus. Lps., Mch. Blum, „ . . J^ ,^, « . , 
I caI 8° 6a leavPft- Previously, Roma, 1666 ori 704. 4'. with 
1543- o -04 leaves. ^^^^ ^ i^^^ go ^ ^^ jj^^^ ^,^^u^ 

14637 — Hieremias, tragoedia nova, editions are incorrect and unsatisfactory, 
ex prophetaHieremia sumpta. Bas. ^ARES, see Harlby, No. 9285. 
(icci). 8°. 108 leaves. * ^ o 

14638 -Judas Iscariotes, tragoedia 14644 NARRATIVE of the insnr- 
nova et sacra: adjunct® sunt duo ^^*^" which happened m the Ze. 
Sophoclis tragoedia, Ajax flagellifer ^^^^ oi Benang m the month 
et Philoctetes, ab eodem autore car- f^A^^^^i "^ (^7 Warren HasU 
mine vers®. Without place or date '"§»>• Calcutta, 1782. 4^ 

{Bas. 1552). 8°. 8 and 120 leaves. Scarce and interesting. 

In German by J. Mercur. Morsheymer, NARRENSCHIFF, see Brandt 
Strb,, K'opfflein, 1556. 8*. and Badius. 

All these pieces are so sought after in Concerning the other NarrentehiffiBny 

France, that they bring several dollars ; lee ( Wellers) AUet out aUen Th^ien der 
No. 1463 1 and 34 even so high as 9. In Gemsh. II. 235 etc 

Oermwiy they are at a very low price, 14545 NARUSZEWICZ, Ad. Sta- 
notwithstanding their ranty. _. 1 ytt. ^ xkt 

^ ' nisi. Wiersze rozne. Warszawa, 

NAPIER, see Bncyclopjedia, No. ,804. 8^ 2 voll. Historya narodu 
6697- PoUkiego. T. II- VII. ib. 1803-4. 

14639 NAPIONE, Gi. Fr. Galeani. 6 vols, with portraits. (The ist 
Della patria di Cp. Colombo. Fir. part never appeared.) Historya 

1 808. 8^. Del primo scopritore del Jana Karola Chodkiewicza. ib. 
continente del nuovo mondo. Fir. 1805. 8^^. 2 voll. 

1 809. 8''. Deir uso e de' pregj 14646 NASARRE, Pablo. Escuela 


mnsica, 8^;iin la practica modema. 
Zaragojsa, 1724. fol. 2 voll. 

14647 NASCIMENTO Silveira. Fr. 
do. Coro das musas juntas por 
Venns na casa do Sol^ em obsequio 
do& reis fidelissimos e de todos os 
mais famosos Lusitanos antigos e 
modernos. Lisb. 1 796. 8°. 4 voll. 
(1440 rees). 

14648 NASH. Th. Martin's Months 
minde^ that is, a certaine report and 
true description of the death and 
fonerall of olde Martin Mar-pre- 
late, the great makebate of England 
and £Either of the factions. Lond. 
1589. 4**. — Haue with vou to Saf- 
fronwalden, or Gabriell Harney's 
Hont is up. Lond. 1596. 4°. 

The satirical writings of this author are 
at a high price. Longman offered the first 
ibr 8L 8s., and the other for 17]. His 
Retune 0/ the knight of the poite from 
HeiL LomL, without date. 4**. Gothic let- 
ter, was bought at Oordon^s sale in London, 
18 1 6, for 5L Nash repented of his satirical 
writings in the prrfaoe to his Chrisfs teares 
•err Jerusalem, Lond, 1613. 4**. (at Long- 
man^a 9L 9s.) Of these Tearee there is a 
new reprint. 

14649 NA$H» Tb. Collections for 
the history of Wc^cestershire. T. 
L II. Lond. 1781-82. fol. with 40 
and 35 plates. Supplem. ib. 1799. 
fol. All together in 2 vols. 

14650 NASIREDDIN. Bins ta- 
babe geographicie, una Nasir Ed- 
dini, altera Ulug Beigi. Op. et 
stud. J. Gravii nunc prim, publi- 
catae et commentariis illustratce. 
Lond. 1648 or 52. 4^ 

Also in the Geograph, Gr. Hudtoni, 

14651 NASIREDDIN Tousi. Kitab 

Eadides etc. (i. e. commentarius in 

Euclidis elementa geometriie^ per 

Mohammedem fil. Mohammedis^ 

arabice). Scutari, 1216 (1801). 4^ 

322 pages. 

Quite different from the Arabic Euclid 
priated at Rome in 1594. 

14652 NASMISADE. Gulscheni 
Chule£a (The rose-bed of the ca- 
liphs, in Turkish). Constantinop. 
1143 (173^)- small fol. 130 leaves. 

14653 NASPO Bizaro. Calate fan- 



tantiche che canta Naspo Bizara da 
Venezia Castellan sotto i balconi di 
Gate bionda Biriota, per cavarse la 
bizaria del cervelo el martello del 
stomego. Ven.^ Dm. Nicolini, 1 565. 
4°. 44 leaves with 5 plates. 
A burlesque poem in the Venetian dialect. 

14664 NATALIBUS, Pt. de. Cata- 

logus sanctorum et gestorum eorum. 

Vicentise, H. de S. Urso, 1493. fol. 
The ist edition of an often printed work. 

14655 — le grand catalogue des saints 
et saintes etc. trad, du lat. de Pt. 
des Natalies en fran9ois. Par., Gktl- 
liot du Pr^, 1523-24. fol. Gothic 

letter, 2 vols. 

A copy on vellum 100 fr. at Sellers sale 
at Paris in 1761. 

14656 NATALIS, Hi. Adnotationes 
et meditationes in evangelia, quae 
in sacrosancto missse sacrificio toto 
anno le^ntur. Antw., Nutius, 
1595. feu. with plates by Wierx 

and others. 

The first edition: sought after on ac- 
count of the best impressions of the plates. 
There are two title-plates therein ; the one 
{Evangel, hist, imagines) is of 1593, the 
other (Adnotatt.) of 1594. At the end of 
the work is the year 1595. Sometimes the 
153 plates of this work are found with the 
title>plate of 1593 alone, and these im- 
pressions in that case are still earlier than 
the edition itself if the plates have only a 
single series of numbers. A second num- 
ber was afterwards added to each plate, to 
point out their places in the text. 

The editions, Jntw. 1595 (with the ad- 
dition, tecunda editio) and 1607. fol. are 
less prized. 

NATALIS Alexander, see Alex- 
ander. — Comes, see Comks. 

14657 NATIVELLE, Pt. Traits 
d'architecture. Par. 1729. large foL 
2 vols, with 1 25 plates. 

14658 NATIVITE de notre seigneur 
J^us Christ, par personnages, avec 
la digne accouchee. Without place 
or date. 8°. Gothic letter. 

34 leaves with the signatures a~f, 

14659 NATOIRE. Tableaux de la 
chapelle des enfans trouv^ de 
Pans, peints par Charl. Natoire, 
grav^ par Fessard. (Par, 1752- 
57). large fol. 15 plates. 



14660 NATTA, M. Ant. De dei 
locutione orado. In acad. Veneta, 
1558. 4^ DedeolibriXV. Ven., 
P. Manut. 1559 (other copies 1560). 
fol. Volumina qusedam nuper ex- 
cussa. Ven., Aldos^ 1562. fol. O- 
pera. ib., id., 1564. fol. 

Only of value to collectors of Aldines. 

14661 NATTER, Lr. Traits de la 
m^thode antique de graver en pi- 
erres fines^ comparde avec la md- 
thode moderne, trad, de Tangl. 
Lond. 1754. fol. with 37 plates. 

14662NATTES, J.Cl. Scotia depicta, 
or the antiquities, castles, public 
buildings^ noblemen and gentlemen's 
seats etc. of Scotland, illustrated in 
a series of finished etchings by Jam. 
Fittler from drawings of Nattes, 
with description. Lond. 1 804. large 
fol. with 50 plates (61. 6s.). 

14663 — Bath and its environs illus- 
trated by a series of views, from 
the drawings of Nattes, with de- 
scriptions to each plate. Lond. 
J 806. fol. with 30 illuminated 

14664 — Versailles, Paris and St. 
Denis, or a series of views from 
drawings made on the spot, illus- 
trative of the capital of France. 
Lond. 181 1, fol. (lol. I OS.) 

NATTIER^ see Galerib de Lux- 

NATURE considerde, see Buc^hoz. 

14665 NAUCLERUS, J. Memora- 
bilium omnis letatis et omnium 
gentium chronici commentarii Tu- 
bings, Tb. Anshelm, 15 16. fol. 

The copy on veUum in the Public library 
at Nuremberg, which is mentioned in SoL 
ger's Catal. I. 219, as a Basle edition of 
15 16, but of whid^ there is no such edw 
tion, is probably a copy of this first edition. 
Of the other editions, the best is that by 
Lr. Surius, ftimished with a continuation 
up to 1564, Col. T564. f<A. 2 roll. The 
later editions, for instance, Coi, 1614 or 
75. fol. have not the continuation. 

14666 NAUDC. Gbr. Consideration 
politique sur les coups d*^tat, par 
G. N. P. Rome {Par). 1639. 4". 

It is asserted in the short preface that 


only I a copies of this first edition were 
printed. This is at least not applicable to 
the above Paris production, of which more 
than 100 copies exist. If it be really the 
case, an edition must be understood to 
have appeared at Rome (where Naiidsnu 
was at that time living). However this he^ 
the Paris impression sdll brings in France 
from 20 to 30 fr. The hist time, avec des 
reflex, par L, D. M, (L. de Majf,) with- 
out place, 175a. I a*. 3 volL 

14667 — advis pour dresser une bib- 
lioth^ue. Par. 1627. 8°. Ed. II. 
augm. ib. 1644. 8"". 

In Latin in Mader. de bibUoih, Aceeee, I. 
p. 7I-I34- Of very litile interest. Con- 
sult Hermet V. 137. — See also Juoe- 


14668 NAUFRAGE. Le grant nau- 

frage des fols qui sont en la nef 

d'insipience, navigeans en la mer 

de ce monde. Par., Denys Janot, 

without date. 4*^. Gothic letter. 54 

leaves, with woodcuts. 

The woodcuts are from the French poet- 
ical version of BrandCs NarreneeMffj see 

14669 NAUGERIUS, And. Opera 
omnia^ curantibus J. Ant. et Cajet. 
Vulpiis. Patav., Cominus, 17 18. 
4°. Also on large paper. 

The first typographical production of the 
Volpi-Cominian press. In this collectioo, 
which was reprinted, Ven, 1754. 8^. there 
is also to be found his Viaggio fatto in 
Spagna et in Francia (previously, F«n. 
1563. 8^); but three poems, whidi are 
wanting here, and only one of which had 
been already printed, are in ViH Juvenatii 
oormtna, Neap. 1 786. 8^ The earlier edi- 
tion, Oratt, II. oarminaque nommUa. Ven.^ 
Tacuinusy I530* fol. ; and in Hi, Fraeeu» 
torH opp. Ven, 1555. 4^ is less complete. 

14670 — oratio in funere Ln. Laure- 
dani. Without place, 1521. foL 

A copy on vellum 15 fr. McCarthy. 

14671 NAUNTON, Rb. Memoirs, 
with some of his posthumous works. 
Lond. 1814. 4^ with portraits. 

On large paper in foL There are abo 
copies wiUi the impressions of the portraits 
on satin. 

NAVAGERO, see Naugkrius. 

14672 NAVARRETE, Dm. Pern. 
Tratados historicos, politico6> ethi« 


006 J religioeofi de la monarchia de 
China. Madr. 1676. fol. 

Tlie tad toI. of this interesting work 
was suppressed by the Inquisition. 

NAVARRE, roi de> see Poesies.— 
reine de^ see Marguerite. 
NA VIGATIONE, see Cadamosto. 
NAVIGATIONES, see Vespucci. 
NAVIGATIONS, see Hakluyt. 

14673 NAVIGATIONS de Brin- 
gaenarilles. Rouen, Dugort, 1544. 
16®. with woodcuts. 

This imitation of RabeUis^s PatUagruel 
(one and the same with the Nctvigatwm de 
Panurpe, in Dolet*8 edition of Rabelais, 
1549) also ai^ieared, corrected and aug- 
mented under the title, Navigation du com-' 
pa gf wn it, fa bouieilie. Rouen, Dugori, 
1545. i6'. Par^ Micard, 1576. 16*. 
TVtftf, veuve de N, Oudot, without date. 
i6^ and under the title. Voyage et naviga^ 
tifon de Bringuenarme, Rouen, I578« i^*** 

NAZ31I Zade, see Nasmisadb. 

14674 NEANDER, Mch. Liber 
Tere aureus planeque scholasticus, 
quo continentur haec: Pytbagoree 
carmina aurea, Phocylidee poema 
admonitorium, Theognidis gnomo- 
logia, Colnthi Helens raptus, Try. 
phiodori de Trojn excidio (Nili 
capita 8. praeceptiones). Omnia 
greooJadna, con versa simul et ex- 
posita a Mch. Neandro. Bas., J. 
Oporinas, 1559.4°- 

94 pages and 10 leaves (Pythag. and 
FlMicyL), 186 pages and 9 Icayes (The- 
flgnis), 8a pages and 7 leaves (Colnthus), 
13.^ ¥^9^ ^^^ ^ leaves (Tryphiod.), 43 
pys and 3 leaves (Niliis). The first 
edition, more scarce but less complete. 

14675 — opus aureum et scholasticum, 
in quo continentur Pythagorse car- 
mina aurea, Phocylidis, Theognidis 
et alior. poemata (gr. lat.). Edita 
omnia stud, et cura Mch. Neandri. 
Lps., J. Steinmann, 1577. 4^ 2 

The first voL contains 789 pages, the 
2Bd, 268 pages, 8 leaves, and 191 pages. 
The and edition, finer and enlaiged. Yet 
of ancient authors only Quintus Smyr- 
ncus and Ludani somniom are added. 

14676 — Argonautica, Thebaica, 
Troica, Ib'as parva, poematia graeca 
aotoris anonymi (Lr. Rhodomanni), 



primum edita cum argumentis. Lps* 
1588. 8^ 
NEARCHI periplus in Oeograph. 
gr. Hudsoni, T. I. See also Vin* 


14677 NEBRISSENSIS, Mim Ant. 
Introductiones latinse. Salmanticie 
(without the printer's name), 17 
cal. Febr. 1481. fol. Gothic letter, 

in 2 columns. 

The first edition of this grammar, and at 
the same time the first typographical pro- 
duction of Salamanca. Only 1 or 3 copies 
are known. The 2Dd edition, t6., 3 id, 
OcL 1481. fol. Gothic letter, has about 4 
leaves more. 

14678 — tratado de gramatica sobre 

la lengua castellana. Salamanca 

(without the printer's name)^ 18 

Agosto 1492. 4°. Gothic letter. 

Extremely scarce. There is an (dition 
contrefaite of it, made about 1770, but 
very easy to be distinguished. 

14679 — lexicon e sermone latino in 
ispaniensem (latino-hisp. et hispano- 
lat.). Salmanticie (without the 
printer's name), 1492. fol. Gothic 
letter, 2 parts in 1 vol. 

The I St edition, and extremely scarce, of 
this often printed book. In 2 columns. 
The md or Spanish and Latin part has no 
date. I am acquainted with the following 
editions, Antw. 1545 or 15 70. 4**. Granaia, 
1567 or 1658. foL Madr. 1683, or 1754, 
or 1758, or 1791. fol. HiepaUy 1735. f<j. 
Emendatum, auct,, looupl. per Ildeph, 
Lopen de RuUno$. Madr. 1771 or 78. fol. 
2 voU. 

14680 — rerum a Fernando et Elisabe 
Hispaniar. regibus gestar. decades 
II, nee non belli Navariensis libri 
II. Acced. Roderici (Toletani) 
chronica alieeque historiie. Apud 
inclytam Granatam, 1545. fol. 

S6, 124. and 77 numbered leaves. The 
I St edition, very scarce, and not easy to be 
met with complete. Ed. II. ib. 1550. 8^ 
18 leaves of preliminary matter, 213 num- 
bered leaves, and i unnumbered leaf. Also 
in the Script, rer. Hi$p. — Chronica de h» 
reyea catolico* Don Fernando y Dona 
liabeL Faliadol.y MartineM, 1565. foL 
ZaragoMOy '567. fol. 

14681 NECKER, Jac. CEuvres 
completes, publies par le baron de 
Stael. Par., Treuttel et Wtirz, 
1821-22. 8°. 15 voll. (90 fr., on 
vellum paper 1 80 fr.) 



14682 NECTARIUS Hierosol. 'Eiri- 
TOfuj Tfjs UpoKocfwcrii liTTopias, Ven. 
1677. 4*^.— npoff Tos wpocKOfiurBturas 
0€(r€i9 irapa r«>v cv 'Upoaokvftois <t>f>a^ 
Topav, trepi Tfjs apxfjf rov irafira, ay- 

1682. fol. Confutatio imperii papse 
in ecdesiam, interpr. Pt. Allix. 
Lond. 1702. 8**. — De sacramento 
eucharistise in Gennadi! Homiliie 
de sacram. euchar. Par. 1709. 4°. 
— Enarratio in Oallandi Bibl. PP. 
XIV. 1 28 in append. 


NEEDHAM, see Gboponica. 

NEERGARD, see Bruun. 

14683 NEES von Esenbeck, Ch. Gf. 
Das System der Pilze u. Schwamme. 
Wurzb., Stahel, 1816. large 4°. 
with 46 illuminated plates (22 d. 
i6gr.). — Horse physic« Berolinen- 
ses. Bonnie, 1820. fol. with 27 

WEF des dames, see Campegius. — 
des fols, see Brandt and Badius. 
— des princes, see Balsat. 

14684 NEF, la, de sante, avec le 
gouvernail du corps hnmain et la 
condamnation des bancqnetz, k la 
louenge de diepte et sobri^t^, et 
le traicte des passions de Tame 
(moralite k 38 personnages, par N. 
de la Chesnajre). Par., Ant. V^- 
rard, without date (1507). 4°. Go- 
thic letter, with woodcuts. 

In 2 columns, with the nignatures a~q ttv'. 
A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Pans. The work is very scarce, and 
bean a high price in Paris. It is in prose, 
and only me prologue and the md half in 
verse. The initiab of the last 18 verses of 
the prologue form the author*s name. 

14685 — — Par., Mch. le Noir, 
1 5 1 1 . 4**. Gothic letter, with wood- 

14686 Par., J. Janot, without 

date. 4°. Gothic letter, with wood- 

90 leaves in 1 columns, with the signa- 
tures A^iij. 

14687 NEGRI, Giul. Storia degli 
scrittori Fiorentini. Ferrara, Po- 

matelli, 1722. fol. 
A very faulty work. 


14688 NEGRO, Fr. (anon.) Tra- 
gedia de F(r.) N(egro) B(a88ane8e) 
intitolata, Libero Arbitrio. With, 
out place, 1546. 4^. 

The first edition, but leas complete^ of 
this scarce satyre, on the doctrine of the 
Roman Catholic diurch. Consult Nuova 
racooita d*ojmsc, tcientif. e/Uol. T. XXIV. 
Na 6. p* 77 etc. FVigel Geseh. der kam, 
LUt, II. 119 etc Zeno retracted in Fon- 
lomm, 1. 381, his earKer opinion {letters IL 
476.) that Pt. P. Vergerio was the author. 
The edition, without place, 1547. 8^. is 
little known. 

14689 — della tragedia di M. Fran- 
cesco Negro Bassanese, intitolata 
Libero Arbitrio. Edisione seconda, 
con accrescimento. Without place, 

1550. 8^ 

176 leaves, with the signatures A-Y, 
This most complete and most sought after 
edition is properly the third. 

14690 — liberum arbitrium tragoedia 
Fr. Nigri, nunc prim, ab ipso 
authore latine scripta et edita. 
Genevae, J. Crispinus, 1559. 8**. 

14691 — tragedie du Roy Franc- 
Arbitre,nouuellement traduited'ita- 
lien en fran^jois. {Geneve), J. Cri- 
spin, 1558. 8^ 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, then 
p. 17-308, and I leaf, errata. A scarce 

14692 — tragedie du Roy Pranc- 

Arbitre. En laquelle les abus, 

pratiques et ruses cauteleuses de 

I'Antechrist sont au vif declare, 

d'un stil fort plaisant et recreatif. 

Nouvellement traduit d'ltalien en 

Fran9oi8. Ville Franche, 1559. 8". 

426 pages. 

This edition, printed in large characters, 
is still scarcer than the preceding, and is 
the most sought after in France. 

14693 — Fr. Niger's tragedie, enti- 
tuled Freewyl, transL by H. Cheeke. 
Without place or date (about 1589). 
4°. Gothic letter. 

Sold at the duke of Marlborough's sale in 
1819 for 1^1. 5s. 

14694 NEITSCHITZ,G.Cp. von. Sie- 
benjahrige Weltbeschauung durch 
Europa, Asia u. Africa. Budisain^ 
Baumann, 1666. 4°. 

Also, ib, 1673. 4'. Nrb. 1674 or 86. 4*- 


WSrmb. 16^8. 4*". Coniult Beokmann's 
LUL der Jiaseiewchr. I. 233. 

14695 NELLI, B. C. Piante ed 
alsad deir insigne chiesa di S. 
Maria del Fiore, metropolitana 
Fiorentina. Fir. 1755. fol. with 

14696 NEILLI. Giustiniano. Le 
amcMtMe novellej dalle quali cias- 
oano innamorato giovane puo pi- 
j^imre molti utili accorgimenti nelli 
caai d'amore. Without place or 
date. 8^ 

This very icaree little book was jMrinted 
in the i6di century, and contains only 
1 n&^th, whidi relate to the town of 



14697 — due amoroee novelle di 
Ginst. Nelli. Without plaee (Lt- 
wmd), 1 798. S"*. 

Of tfak new edhkm 12 copies were strudt 
off on blue paper aad without mutilation. 

14698 NELLI, Jac. Ang. Commedie. 
Mil. 1762. 8^ 5 voll. 

NELLI^ Ft, see Andrba da Ber. 

14699 NEMESIANI, M. Aurel. 
01vmpii> et Titi Calphurnii Si- 
csii Docolica. Nuper a situ et 
aqoaUore vindicata, novisque com- 
Bientariis exposita, op. et stud. Rb. 
Titii. Flor., Ph. Juncta^ 1590. 4''. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 206 
pages, and i leaf^ colc^on. The edogues, 
at first under die name of Calphumius 
(for whom they are also claimed by Wems- 
dor^ in Poet. kU. mifi. II. 15 tqX in the 
SUhu. Jtai. Ronuty 1471. fol The Cyne^ 
§eAem at first with Gr&HuSy Fen., AkU, 
1534. 8*. Afterwards the best edition of 
hedi poems in the PosUb lai, min. Pi. 
JRmmunnL LB. 1731. 4^ 

14700 — Nemesiani eclogs IV. et 
Galpomii eclogae VII. cum notis 
aelectis Titii, MartelU, Vlitii et 
Pt. Burmaoni integris (curav. C. 
A. Kiitner). Mitav., Hinz, 1774. 
8*'. (i6gr.) — Gratii cynegeticou et 
NeieariaiH cynegetioon cum notis 
adeetis Barthii, Vlitii> Johnsonii 
et Ft. Bnrmanni integris (curav. 
idem), ib., id., 1775. 8^ (2a gr.) 

Beth boolEs are only impressions from 

wrkmm paper. Both poems best in Wemt- 


dorfii Poet. lot. mn. T. L II, where also, 
T. I. p. 273, the poem De laudibue Her^ 
cuiisy preriously attributed to Claudian, is 
claimed for Nemesianus. Concerning the 
other editions of Nemesianus see the ar- 

Epiorammata (6804), Geobgica, GaA« 


14701 — la bucolica di Nemesiano e 

di Calpurnio volgarizzata da Tomm. 

Gius. Farsetti. Ven., Colombani, 

1 761. 8^ 

The translation of Nemesianus previously 
in Farsetti^s Disoono sopra ii tr<Maio delta 
natura delP egtoga. Ven. 1753. 8°. 

14702 — les pastorales de Nemesien 
et de Calpurnius, trad, en fran9. 
avec des remarques et un discours 
sur r^logue (par Mairault). Brux., 
Winf Jd, 1 744. 8^ 

14703 — poesies de M. Aur. Oljrmp. 
Nemesien^ suivies d'une idylle de 
Jer6me Fracastor sur les chiens 
de chasse, par M. S. Delatour. 
Par., an 7 (1799). 18°. Also on 
vellum paper. 

14704 NEMESIUS Emesenus. De 

natura hominis liber unus. Nunc 

prim, et (grsece) in lucem editus et 

fat. conversus a N. Ellebodio. 

Antw., Plantin., 1561. 8^ 181 

pages, 5 leaves and 142 pages. 

The first edition of the Greek text, and 
scarce. Printed from 2 greatly mutilated 
MSS., and very incorrect. In some copies, 
after the Greek text, there follows in 
p. 181 a list of typographical errors, which 
IS wanting in others, and instead thereof is 
only the signature M i. It is merely an 
impression of this edition, in Ducat Attctar. 
bibl. PP. T. II. Par. 1624. fol. p. 466 sq. 
and in the BM. PP. Par. 1644. fol. 
T. XII. p. 748 sq. 

14705 — de natura hominis liber 
onus (gr. lat.) denuo rec<^itus, 
et MSS. codicum collatione in in- 
tegrum restitutus annotationibusque 
insuper iUustratus (cura J. Felli). 
Ox., th. Sheld., 1671. 8^ Also on 
strong paper. 

8 leaves of prdiminary matter, 345 
pages, 2 leaves and 49 pages. After a 
MSS. which however were very seldom 
made use of. The text is little better, but 
the annotations are good. — Also Greek 
and LAtin in GatlamH Bibl. PP. VII. 

353 »q- 




14706 — de natura hominis gr. et 

lat., post. edit. Antverp. et Oxon. 

adhibitis codicibus nee non duabus 

vett. versionibus Cononis et Vallae, 

denuo multo quam antea emen- 

datius edidit et animadw. adjecit 

Ch. F. Matthsei. Hal., Gebauer, 

1802. 8^ (3 d.) Also on writing 

A new recension after 7 MSS. 

14707 — de natura hominis liber 
(lat.) G. Valla interprete (ed. Gau- 
dentiusMerula). Lugd.» Sb. Grypb., 

An earlier translation by J. Cono in 

Gregorii Nyas U, VIII. de homine etc 

Arff. 15 II. fol. where the treatise is 

wrongly ascribed to Gregor. Nyss. 

14708 — von der Natur des Men- 
schen, aus dem Griech. ubs. von.... 
Osterhammer. Salzburg, 1819. 8^ 

In Italian, Operetta d* un autor inoerio 
raccoUa dal sapienHss. Salomone e dal gran 
BasUiOf della natura degli animaliy e trad, 
da greoo in voigare da Dm, Pizximenti, 
Without place or date. 8°. 
NEMIUS, see Eulenspikgel, No. 


14709 NEMNICH, Ph. And. All- 

gemeines Polyglottenlexikon der 
Naturgeschichte (in 10 Sprachen). 
Hmb. u. Lpz. 1 793-98. 4°. 2 voll. 
(30 d.) Comptoirlexikon in 9 
Sprachen. Hmb. 1805. 4°. (6 d.) 
Waarenlexikon in 12 Sprachen. 
Hmb. 1 797-1 802. 8^ 3 voll. (15 d.) 
Neues Waarenlexikon in 1 2 Spra- 
chen. Hmb. 1821. 4°. 3 voll. 
(2 Louisd'or.) Lexicon nosolo- 
gicum polyglotton omnium morbor. 
etc, decem diversis linguis. Hmb. 
1800. fol. (5 d.) Brittische Waa- 
renencyklopadie. Hmb. 18 15. 4°. 
(6 d.) Franzos. Waarenencyklo- 
padie. Hmb. 1815. 4^ (4 d.) 
J. H. RoDiNO allgemeines Wor. 
terbuch der Marine in alien Europ. 
Sprachen. Hmb. u. Lpz. 1793-98. 
4^ 4 vols, with 1 15 plates (25 d.). 

14710 NENNIUS. The historia 
Brittonum, commonly attributed to 
Nennius, from a MS. lately disco- 
vered in the library of the Vatican 
palace at Rome, edited in the loth 


century by Mark the Hermit, with 
an Engl, version, facsimile of the 
original, notes and illustrations by 
W. Gunn. Lond. 18 19. 8^ (i8s.) 

Previously in Th, Gale Scrr, hi$L BrU 
tann. T. I. Ox. 1691. fol. 

NEOPHYTUS, see Gaza, No. 

14711 NEPER, J. Mirifici loga- 
rithmor. canonis descriptio ej usque 
usus. Edinb. 1614. 4**. Also, 
Lugd. 1 620 (other copies 1 6 1 9) . 


This scarce work is the first upon loga- 
rithms. A further derelopement and appli- 
cation of them is the same author's Mir{fici 
logarithmor. canonis oonstruoHo et ear. ad 
naturales ipsor. numeroe habUudinest ed. 
Rb. Neper. Edinb. 161 8. 4^ Also, Lugd. 
1620. 4^ 

14712 — rabdologise s. numerationis 
per virgulas libri II. Edinb. 1617. 
8^ Also^ Lugd. 1626. 12°. and 
LB. 1628. 12°.— Trad, da M. Lo- 
catello. Verona, 1623. S°. 

14713 — arithmetica s. levari thmor. 
chiliades centum. Ed. II. aucta 
per Adr. Vlacq. Goudae, 1628. foL 

This work, commenced by Neper and 
corrected and finished by H. Briggs, first 
appeared at London in 1624. Also with 
a French text, Gcude, i6a8. foL See also 

NEPOS, see Cornelius. 

14714 NEPTUNE Americo..8epten- 
trional. contenant les cotes, isles, etc. 
de cette partie du monde, depuis le 
Gronland jusqu'au golfe du Mexi. 
que. (Par.) 1780. large fol. 1 title 
and t8 maps. 

NEPTUNE atlantique, see Dbs- 
BARREs. — fraii9ois, see Bellin. — 
oriental, see Apres. 

NERALCO, see Ercolani. 

14715 NERI, Ant. L* arte vetraria, 
distinta in libri sette. Fir.^ Ginnti. 
161 2. 4^ 

Cited by the academy ddla Crusca it is 
true (at first t^., id., 1592. 4^), but Fir., 
Rabbidali, 1661. 8^. is fiu: more correct. A 
new edition, Fen., Penxana, 1787. 8*. — 
De arte vUriaria U. VII. cwn Cp. Merreti 
obss. et notie. Amst. 1668, or 69, or 86. 
I3^ with plates. Art de la verrerie de 
Neriy Merret et Kunckel^ trad, de FaOem. 
par D' • * • (d^Holbaeh). Par. 1751. 4*. 


^ritfa plates. Also on large paper. In 
German hj F. Geissler, F/, u, LpM. 1678. 
8^. with plates. See also Kunckel. 

NERICAULT, see Destouches. 

14716 NERLI, Fil. Commentarj 

de* intti civili occorsi dentro la 

dttk di Firenze dall' a. 1 215-1537. 

Augusta {Fir,), Mertz e Major, 

1728. small fol. 

Praised by Varchi and Segrd in their his- 
tories of Florence. 

X£SS£LL, see Lambecius. 

14717 NESTOR. Russische Anna- 

len in ihrer slavon. Orundsprache. 

V^erglicben, ron Schreibfehlern u. 

Interpolationem moglichstgereinigt, 

erklart u. ubs. von A. L. Schlozer. 

GoU., Dieterich, 1802-9. 8°. 5 voU. 

(4d. i8gr.) 

Unfinished, reaching only to the year 
980W Therewith may be bound up, Jos. 
MmUer AltTUts. Geschichts nach Nestor, 
BerL 181 a. 8^. (18 gr.) — The earlier trans- 
btioo by J. Bd. Scherer, Lpst, 1774. 4^ 
(f d. 16 gr.) is quite worthlcM. 

14718 NESTOR, Dion. Onomas. 
tioon 8. vocabularium. MedioL, 
Ln. Pachel et Uld. Scinzenzeler, 
prid. non. Jan. 1483. fol. Gothic 


Tbe 1st edition. Also^ Ven,y Tridino, 
1488. ioL 158 leaves. Ven,, Pirunuty 
1496. foL and often. The last time, Arg.y 
PtSmMj 1507. foL Consult Classicai Joum, 
IX. 361. X. 54. 

14719 NESTORII sermones. epi- 
stolae aliaque oposcula gr. et lat. 
— in Marii Mercatoriis Opp. ed. 
Gamier. T. I. II. Par. 1673. fol. 
Epistolae ejns varise — in Harduini 
Condi. I. 1277 etc, Mansi Concil. 
IV. 886, 891, 1021, 1099, 1 23 1. 

14720 NEUBECK, Val. W. Die 
Gesundbninnen, ein Gedicht in 4 
Gesangen. Lpz., Gdschen, T798. 
fol. with plates (10 d.) 2e verb. 
Aosg. ib. 1809. 8°. (20 gr., on 
Tellum paper i d. 20 gr.) 

NEUBRIOENSIS, see Guilibl- 


NEUP Preux, see Tbiumphb. 
^is, So. 7873. 



14721 NEUPPORGE, de. Recueil 

el^mentaire d*architecture, eonte- 

nant plusieurs Etudes des ordres 

d'architecture etc. Par. (1757). fol. 

8 vols, with plates. 

This worlc of little estimation is seldom 
found complete. 

14722 NEUMANN, Fr. Populor. 
et regum numi yeteres inediti, col- 
lecti ac illostrati. Vindob., Tratt- 
ner. 1779-84. 4°. 2 parts in i vol. 
with plates (4 d. 1 2 gr.) 

NEUWIED, see Maximilian. 

NE VELETI mythol<^a iEsop., see 
iEsoPus, No. 22c. 

14723 NEVIZANUS, J. Sylva 
nuptialis, in qua ex dictis modernis 
plurimie quaestiones quotidie in pra- 
ctica occurrentes in materia matri- 
monii, dotium, iiliationis, adulterii 
etc. enucleantur. Lugd., J. Molin^ 
1524. 4°. Gothic letter. 

This and the edition Par,, Kerver, 
152 1. 8^. Gothic letter, is preferred in 
France to the editions, Lugd. 1545 or 71. 
8^, in which the passages against women 
are said to be softened. Also, Lugd. 1526 
or 56. 8**. Without place, 1540. 8**. Gothic 
letter. Ven. 1570 or 73. 8^ Lugd. 1592. 
12^ Without pbice, J. Lertout, 1602. 8**. 
Ff. 1647. 8°. Notwithstanding all these 
editions the book is scarce. 

NEWCASTLE, see Cavendish. 

14724 NEWES from Scotland, de- 
claring the damnable life of Doctor 
Plan, a notable sorcerer, who was 
burned at Edenbrough in Januarie 
last 1591. 4^. Gothic letter. 

At the commencement of the 19th cen- 
tury Buhner of London reprinted a single 
copy on vellum for Mr. G. H. Freeling; 
see Dibdin*s Deoam. II. 377. 

14725 NEWTON, Is. Opera qu» 
extant omnia, commentariis illus- 
trabat Sm. Horsley. Lond. 1779- 
85. large 4''. 5 voll. 

A line edition and already scarce. Opff#- 
eula. LauMonn, et Genet. 1 744. 4^. 3 vols, 
with plates, is cheap. 

14726 — philosophiae naturalis prin- 
dpia mathematica. Lond. 1726. 
4^^. with plates. Also on large paper. 

The best edition. At first, Lond* 1687. 


4H 2 



14727 — philosophise naturalis prin- 

cipia mathematical perpetuis com- 

mentariis illustrata communi studio 

Th. le Seur et Fr. Jacquier. Genev. 

1739-42 or 1760. 4°. 4 parts in 

3 vols, with plates. 

In English by Motte, Land. 1729. 8**. 
3 vols, vb, 1803. 8°. 3 vols. In French by 
Mme du Chastelet, Par, 1759. 4^ 2 vols, 
with plates. 

14728 — arithmetica universalis cum 

commentariis J. Castillionei. Amst. 

1 76 1 . 4**. 2 voll. 

The earlier editions are cheaper ; for in- 
stance, LB, 1733. 4**. In Eni^ish by 
Raphson, Lond. 1 769. 8'. In French by 
N. Beaudeux, Par, 1802. 4^. 2 vols, with 
plates (i8fr.). 

14729 — analysis per quantitatum 
series, fluxiones ac differentias* cum 
enumeratione linear, tertii ordinis. 
Lond. 17 II. 4^ 

14730 — enumeratio linear, tertii or- 
dinis. Sequitur illustratio ejusd. 
tractatus^ auct. Jac. Stirling. Par. 
1797.8°. (7fr.) 

14751 — treatise of the method 
of fluxions and infinite series, with 
its application to the geometry 
of curve lines. Lond. 1737. 8°. 
with plates. 
In French (by BuflFon), Par, 1 740. 4*. 

14732 -^ two treatises on the quad- 
rature of curves and analysis by 
equations, transl. by J. Stewart. 
Lond. 1745. 4°. 

14733 — optickfr, or a treatise of the 
reflexions, refractions, inflections, 
and colours of light. Lond. 1740. 
4*^. ^^'ith plates. 

Previously, Lend, 1718 or 21. 8^ 

14734 — optices libri III. lat. red- 

diti a Sm. Clarke, nee non ejusd. 

tractatus duo de speciebus et mag- 

nitudine figurar. curvilinear. Lond. 

1706 or 19. 4°. with plates. Also, 

lAUsannae, 1 740. 4^. with plates. 

In French by Coste, Par, 1 722. 4*. and 
(by Marat) Par, 1 787. 8**. 2 vols. 

14735 — lectiones optic«, in scholis 
publicis habittt. Lond. 1729. 4°. 
with plates. 

14736 — the chronology of ancient 


kingdoms amended. Lond. 1728. 
4*^. Also on large paper. 

In French (by Oranet), Par. 1728. 4*. 
and by Reid, Genhfe, 1743. 8*. Relhtad 
by Freret in D^erue de la ehronoL Par,. 


NIALSSAGA, see Saga. 

14737 NIBBY. Ant. Viaggio an- 
tiquario ne' contomi di Roma. 
Roma, 1 819. 8^ 2 vols, with 42 
plates. — Del foro Romano, deUa 
via sacra, del anfiteatro Flavio e 
dei hioghi adjacenti. Roma, 1819. 
8*^. with plates. 

14738 NIBELUNGEN. Das Ni- 
belungen Lied (u. die Klage) in der 
Ursprache mit den Lesfoten der 
verschiednen Handschrr. herau^e- 
geben durch F. H. von der Hagen. 
Berl. 1 8 10. 8°. (2 d. 8 gr., on 
writing paper 2d. 18 gr.) Der 
Nibelungen Lied sum erstenmal in 
der altesten G^talt aus der St. 
Galler Handschrift mit Verglei- 
chung der ilbrigen Handschrr. he- 
rausg. durch F. H. von der Hagen. 
2e mit einem vollstand. Worter. 
buch verm. Aufl. Bresl. 18 16. 8^ 
(i d. 8 gr.) 3e berichtigte Aufl. 
Bresl. 1820. 8^ (id. 1 8 gr., on 
vellum paper 2d. 18 gr.) Der 
Nibelungen Lied in der Urspradie 
mit den Lesarten aller Handachrr. 
u. Erlautt. der Sprache, Sage u. 
Geschichte^ herausg. durch F. H. 
von der Hagen. Th. I. Der Ni- 
belungen Noth. Bresl. 1820. large 
8^. (3 d. 16 gr.) — Das Nibelungen. 
lied. Die Urschrift nach den besten 
Lesarten neu bearbeitet mit Einleit. 
u. Worterbuch von A. Zeune. 
Berl. 1815. 12^ (1 d., on fine paper 
id. 12 gr.) — Bruchstuck des Nibe- 
lungenliedes aus einer Handschr. 
des 13. Jahrh. Mit Bemerkk. 
iiber die Gesangsweise u. uber 
die geschichtl. Personen des Liedes. 
Von Jul. Leichtlen. Freyburg, 
1819. 8°. 

The kit part of the Kideimffm LM^ 
together with the Klagej wen fint priatei 
with ChriemhUderu Roche u. die ^ff^ 
von J, Jac, Bodmer, Zikr, 1757. 4^ The 


wbole St fint in Ou H. Mtt]]er*t Samm- 
hmfi. Tk, 1. Beri. 1784. 4^ 

14730 — das Lied der NibeluDgen, 
nmgebildet von Jos. von Hinsberg. 
Mundien, 1812. 8^ with plates 
(a d.) Das Nibelungenlied ins 
Neudeutsche ubertragen von A. 
Zenne. Berl. 1814. 8°. (i d. 8gr.) 
Das Lied der Nibelungen metrisch 
libs, von J. Gst. Biisching. Lpz. 
u. Ahenb. 1815. 8**. (1 d. 8 gr.) 
Die Nibelungen (dramat. bear- 
beitet) von Fr. Rd£ Hermann. 
Lpz. 1819. large 8^ (i d. i8gr.) 

U740 — (G. P. Dt. Giesecke) fiber 

der Nibelungen Liet. Hmb. 1795. 

4\ A. W. Schl^ Bruchstiick 

einer bistor. Untersuchung iiber 

das Lied der Nibelungen, in F. 

Sdikgel's Deutsch. Museum St. 1, 

6, 7. Fr. Jos. Mone fiinleit. in 

das Nibelungenlied. Hdlb. 181 8. 

8**. C. W. Gdttling fiber das Ge- 

schicfatliche im Nibelungenliede. 

Rudolst. 1 8 14. 8^'. Desselb. Nibe- 

lungen a. Gibellinen. ib. 181 6. 8°. 

(10 gr.) F. H. von der Hagen die 

Nibelungen^ ihre Bedeutung fur 

die G^enwart u. fiir immer. Bresl. 

1819. 8^ (i d. 4 gr.) C. F. L. 

Amdt Glossar zu dem Urtexte des 

Liedes der Nibelungen u. der 

Klage. LOneb. 1815. 8*". 

AknoM too much tor my book to men- 
tBon with reqMot to a period now gone 
bf, in whkh m remarkable pedantry and 
waitt of tatte presented itaelf. Hintorical 
nocket reipecting the poem inV, d, Hagen 
Gr mn dris M snw Getch, der deuiteh, Poetie, 
^ 79 etc 

14741 NICANDRI Theriaca. Ejusd. 
Alexipharmaca. Interpretatio in- 
Bominati authoris in Theriaca. Com- 
mentarii diversor. author, in Alexi- 
pharmaca. Expositio ponderum, 
mensarar., signor. et characterum 
(gr.). Yen., Aldus et And. Asu- 
knus, m. Aprili 1523. 4^ 

91 mnnhered learet [on the first 35 Ni- 
€Mid«r with the date m. Nov, 153a, next a 
blank leaf (reckoned a« 26), and then ^e 
•cholia with the date m. Apr. 1523.] and 
I leaf; the anchor. The 25th leaf is 
wrongiy numbered 19, and the pist is also 
fz, A acaroe edition, and sought after, 

NIC 1175 

containing a good text. At first with 
Dioteorides, Fen., Atd , i4gg. 

14742 — Theriaca. Ejusd. Alexi. 
pharmaca. Interpretatio innomi. 
nati autoris in Theriaca. Commen- 
tarii diversor. autor. in Alexiphar- 
maca. (gr.). Col., J. Soter, 1530. 
4^. 3 leaves and 103 pages. — The. 
riaca et Alexipharmaca (lat.) cum 
scholiis, interpr. J.Lonicero. ib., id., 
1531. 4^ 4 leaves and 109 pages. 

This edition is the first that differs from 
the AUine, and deteriorates the text. In 
the part, which contains the Latin transbu 
tion, some copies hare on the reverse of 
the last leaf a list of typographical errors, 
which is wanting in others, and the page 
blank. (Both sorts at Dresden.) 

14743 — Alexipharmaca (gr. lat.) 
J. QoTTBbo interprete. Ejusdem in- 
terprets in Alexipharm. prsefatio 
et annotatt. Par., Vascosanus, 
1 549. 8^ 

70 numbered leaves and i leafUdmiavenerun: 

14744 — Theriaca (gr. lat.), Pt. Jac. 
Steue interprete et enarratore. Va- 
lentise, J. Mey, 1552. 8^ 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 93 num- 
bered leaves," and 1 leaf, printer^s symbol. 
The text is printed from the Cologne 
edition of 1530. 

14745 — Theriaca (gr. lat.), in- 
terprete J. Gorraeo. Par., Gu. 
Morelius, 1557. 4*^. 4 leaves, 106 
pages, and i leaf. — Alexipharmaca 
(gr. lat.) J. Gorraeo interprete. 
Ejusd. interpretis in Alexipharmaca 
praefatio et annotatt. ib., id., 1557. 
4^ I title-leaf and p. 11 1-2 23. — 
In Nicandri Theriaca scholia auc- 
toris incerti. In ejusd. Alexiphar- 
maca diversor. auctor. scholia (gr.). 

ib., id., 1557. 4^ 80 pages. 

A fine edition. It is again printed in 
J. Gorrm Opp* Par, 1612. fol.— The 
Oredc text (without the scholia), corrected 
from the scholia and from conjecture, in 
Stephani Poeta prmokpes Par. 1566. fol. 
p. 318 sq. This text is repeated with 
J. Grevinus*s Latin translation of the 
Theriaca, and J. Gorrwus's of the Alexi. 
pharm. in Jao, Leciii Corp poetar, gr. 
Genev. 1606. fol. T. I. p. 637 sq. 

14746 — Theriaca et Alexipharmaca 
(gr.). J. Gorrhaeuslatinisversib. red- 
didit, italicis vero Ant. Mar. Salvi- 
nius. Ace. variantes codicum lectt.^ 




selectae adnotatt. et graeca Eutecni 
Sophistse metaphrasis nondum edita. 
Curante Ang. Mar. Bandini. Flor., 
ex off. Mouckiana, 1764. large 8°. 

This edition is insignificant as far as the 
text of Nicander is concerned, but it con- 
tains Eutecnius from 2 MS8. for the first 
time, to which Bandini gave additions 
from another MS. in his CaiaL bibL Lau^ 
rent. III. 330. 

14747 — Alexipharmaca (gr.) cum 
scholiis graecis et Eutecni Sophistse 
paraphrasi grseca. Ex libris scrip- 
tis emendavit, animadversionibus- 
que et paraphrasi lat. illustrav. 
J. Glo. Schneider. Hal., orphano- 
tropheum, 1792. S*'. (i d. 4gr.) 

14748 — Theriaca (gr.) cum scholiis 

grsecis auctioribus, Eutecnii meta- 

phrasi graeca, editoris latina et car- 

minum deperditor. fragmentis. Ad 

libror. scriptor. fidem recens., emen- 

dav. et illustrav. J. Glo. Schneider. 

Lps.. Fleischer, 1816. large 8®. 

(3 d. 8 gr.) 
The printing of this edition is incorrect. 

14749 — Theriaca cum emendatt. 
Rch. Bentleji hactenus ineditis — 
in Museum crit. Vol. I. Cbr. 
1 814. 8°. p. 370 etc. 445 etc, 

14750 — deux livres des venins par 
Jac. Orevin, ensemble les oeuvres 
de Nicandre trad, en vers frany. 
par le meme. Antw., Plan tin, 
1568. 4°. 2 parts in i vol. — Jac. 
Grevini de venenis 11. II. op. et 
labore Jer. Martii in lat. serm. 
conversi (ace Nicandri Theriaca 
et Alexipharm. in lat. carmen re- 
dacta). ib., id., 1571. 4°. — J. C. 
Zeunii animadvv. ad Nicandri car- 
men utrumque. Witt. 1776. 4®. 

Conoeming the Vatican MS. of Ni. 
cander, tee De la Porte du Theil in No- 
tices et extroUsy T. VIII. P. II. p. 121 sq. 
and concerning the editions, ib. p. 124 sq. 

14751 NICCOLAI, Alfonso. Prose 
toscane. Fir., Viviaui, 1772-73. 
4°. 3 voU. 

14752 NICEPHORUS, Callisti ill., 
Xanthopulus. Ecclesiastical his- 
toriie II. XVIII. in duos tomos 
distincti, ac grieoe nunc prim, editi. 
Adjecta est lat. interpretatio J. 


Langii, a Front. Duono cum grapcis 
coUata et recognita. Lut. Par., 
Cramoisy, 1630. fol. 2 voll. Also 
on large paper. 
The best edition. 

14753 — TTc/ji crvoTcurccoff rov (rtp€ia'fuov 
oIkov Tfjs iv KoyarayrcyoviroXct diAotoxpv 
^rijyrjg, icai rttv €V avr^ imtptfntwi rcXc- 
(rBeurav 6avfiar»Py km 6 fiios KX17- 
fjLtvTOSf apxitmaKtmrn) Bov\yap<av, <nry' 
ypa<l>€is napa rov Oeoffnikaicrov, (Ex 
MS. edidit 'A/i^p. Ila/iirc/Kvv) . Vin- 
dob. 1802. 8°. 

This work did not come into the market. 

NICEPHORI Constantinop. bre- 
viarium histor., see Byzantina, 
No. 2. — Breviar. chronograph., see 
Byzant., No. 5, also in Jos. Scali- 
geri Thesaur. tempor. LB. 1658. 
fol. and Anastasii Versio in By- 
zant. No. 19. 

NICEPHORUS Gregoras, see Bt- 
ZANTiNA, No. 23. — Blemmidas, see 
Blemmidas. — Bryennius, see By- 
ZANTiNA, No. 3, and C. du Fresne s 
notes thereto in Cinnamus Byzant. 
No. 1 1 . 

14754 NICEPHORUS Hieromona- 

chus. Sctpa tvos ir€rr€KovTa inrofunf 
/ioriOTtfv €ls Tfjp oKTomxotf KOI ra 
Tmv /Soo'iXcMdv, ffiij wpcoTOv rwoit cVcdo- 
deto-a. (Catena in Octateuchum et 
libros regum.) 'Ev Acc^i^, 1772- 
73. fol. 2 voll. (lod.) 

14755 NICERON, J. Pt. (anon.) 

M^moires pour servir a Thist. des 

hommes illustres dans la r^publ. 

des lettres. Par. 1729-45, 12^ 43 

parts in 44 vols. 

Oudin, J. Bt. Michault, and Ooujet took 
part in this woik, whidi is as useful as it 
is readable. The 10th part has a eeconde 
partie of 316 and XX pages, which are 
wanting in very many copies, and abo 
contains additions and corrections to part 
i-io. The 43rd part is also often wanting. 
Incomplete copies however are of little va- 
hie, as it u very difficult to complete them. 

14756 — nachrichten von den B^e- 
benheiten u. Schrr. beruhmter Ge- 
lehrten, fibers, u. mit Anmerkk. u. 
Zusatzen begleitet. Halle, 1749- 
77. 8^ 24 voll. (12 d.) 

This translation does not contain aD the 


biographies of the original, but on the 
odier hand, it has some new ones. The 
additioDS are also considerable. Parts [-15 
were superintended by Sgm. Jac Baum- 
gaiten, 16-93 by F. Ebh. Rambach, 23 
and 34 by Ch. D. Jani. 

NICET AS Acominatus, see Byzan- 
TiNA, No. 13. 

14757 NICETAS episc Aquilej. 
Opuscnla^ quae snpersunt, duo, nunc 
prim, conjunctim edita eidemque 
▼indicata atque illustrata, additis 
aliquot deperditor. fragmentis (edid. 
Pt. Braida). Utini, tjpis Vendra- 
mianis, 1 8 1 o. large 4\ 

147&8* NICETiE Eugeniani narra- 
tionem amatoriam (de Drosilli et 
Chariclis amoribus) et Constantini 
^lanassis fragmenta edid., vertit 
atque notis instruxit J. Fr. Boisso- 
nade. Par., Bobee, 1819. la^ 
2 volL (15 fr.) 

The first edition. Concerning the Paris 
Cmiex of Nicetas, see NoHces et extrmUy 
VI. 213 sq. 489 sq. 

14758b NICETY phUosophi inter- 
pretado in tetrasticha monosticha 
Gregorii Nasianz. Ejusd. para- 
phrasia in epigrammata Magni Ba- 
tilii. Joannis Geometrse epigram - 
mata. (gr.) Ven., Pr. Zanetus, 

14759 NICETAS Serronius s. Hera- 
deota. Catena graecor. patrum in b. 
Job, ex duob. MSS. bibl. Bodlej. 
oodd. graece nunc prim, in lucem 
edita et lat. versa op. et stud. Pa- 
tridi Junii. Ace. textus Jobi ore 
XfP^^ juxta veram et germanam 
LXX. seniorum interpretationem 
ex bibl. r^. MS. cod. Lond., typ. 
rep., 1637. fol. 

His Catena ffrmeor, PP, in Matth. in 
BlIU, CarderU SymboL grtBcor. PP. in 
Matth. T. II. Tolot^y 164^ foL 

14760 XICETiE Trevirensis opuscula 
et epiatolae— tit Gallandi Bibl. PP. 
XIL 769 etc, 

14761 NICHOLS, J. Bibliotheca 
topograpbica britannica, containing 
antiquities in Kent, Sussex, Mid- 
dlesex, Surrey, Lincolnshire, Bed- 
fordshire, Berkshire, Derbyshire, 
Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, 
Warwickshirey Cambridgeshire, Suf- 

N I C 1177 

folk, Scotland, Wales, and Leices- 
tershire. Lond. 1780-90. 4^ 52 
numbers in 9 vols. Miscellaneous 
antiquities. Lond. 1792-98. 6 num- 
bers in 2 vols, with many plates, 
was a continuation. 

This work is very scarce even in Eng- 
land, and Longman offered a copy of all 
the II vols, for 94I. ids. Mr. Gough took 
part in it, but the note in the article 
GouoH, No. 8734, is to be erased. 

14762 — history and antiquities of 
the town and county of Leicester. 
Lond. 1795-1 8 1 2. fol. 7 vols, with 

This is Bninet's statement. But I find 
otherwise 8 parts or vols, in fol. (70I., on 
large paper lool.), and in addition thereto 
besides, ApperuHx (indexes and additions), 
Lond. 1816. foL with i map and 8 plates 
(5L 5s., on laige ^aper 7I. 7s.). This 
work also is very scarce in England al- 
ready, and large paper copies are extremely 

14763 — progresses and public pro- 
cessions of queen Elizabeth, among 
which are interspersed other so- 
lemnities, public expenditures, and 
remarkable events, during the reign 
of that illustrious princess. Lond. 
1 788-1 805. 4°. 3 vols, with plates. 

As almost all the impression of the 3rd 
vol. was burnt in 1808, with the au- 
thor's remaining stock, complete copies are 
very scarce. Longman offered a copy for 

14764 — literary anecdotes of the 
eighteenth century, comprizing bio- 
graphical memoirs of W. Bowyer, 
printer, and many of his learned 
friends, and incidental view of the 
progress and advancement of litera- 
ture in the kingdom during the 
last century etc. Lond. 1812-15. 
8°. 1 o vols, with 3 2 portraits and 4 
plates (ill. IIS.) — Illustrations of 
the literary history of the 1 8th cen. 
tury, consisting of memoirs and 
original letters of eminent persons. 
Lond. 1 81 7-18. 8°. 3 vols, with 
portraits (4I. is.). 

This work, without order and prolix, hut 
very important for British literary his- 
tory of the preceding century, is the au- 
thor's Biographical and Uierary anecdotes 
qfW.Bowffer. £<md. 1 782. 4^ re-modelled. 




The 7th and loth vob. contain tables 
of contents, which are well done, and 
which remedy the defect in the arrange- 
ment. The printing and plates are even 
below mediocrity. — See also Hogarff^ No. 
9900 and 10. He was also the conductor 
of the GentlematCi magasnne, 

NICHOLSON, Herb., see Dunn. 

14765 NICHOLSON, W. The 

English, Scotch, and Irish historical 

libraries. Lond. 1776. 4^. 

The best edition of a book no longer suf- 
ficient for the purpose. 

14766 NICHOLSON, W. Journal 
of natural philosophy, chemistry, 
and the arts. Lond. 1797. 4^. 5 
vols, with plates. — Introduction 
to natural philosophy. Lond. 1787. 
or 1805. 8°. 2 vols, with plates. In 
Italian, Fir. 5800. 8°. 3 vols, with 

Slates. In German by A. F. Lii. 
ike, Lpz. 1787. 8°. with plates. 
—Dictionary of chemistry. Lond. 
1795. 4°. 2 vols. — Dictionary of 
chemistry, with its application to 
the arts and manufactures. Lond. 
1808. 8°. (il. la.) — First principles 
of chemistry. Lond. 1796. 8°. In 
German by C. H. Spohr. Rigd, 

1791. 8°. 
See also ENcrcLOPiEOiA, No. 6703. 

14767 NICODEMU8. Evangelium 
Nicodemi incipit feliciter. Without 
place or date {AV., Gth, Zainer), 
fol. Gothic letter, 14 leaves with 
34 lines. — Historia s. evangelium 
Nycodemi de gestis a principibus 
sacerdotum de passione et resur- 
rectione domini. Without place or 
date (about 1499). 4°. Gothic letter. 
J 6 leaves.— -Evangelium Nicodemi 
domini nostri ihesu christi discipuli. 
de eiusdem passione. Lps., Mich. 
Lotther, 15 16. 4°, Also, without 
place or date. 4^. Gothic letter, 
II leaves. — Gesta salvatoris nostri 
J. C. secundum Nicodemum, quae 
invenit Theodosius Magnus in pras- 
torio Pontii Pilati, ex hebr. lingua 
in lat. translata. Antw., Gu. Mon- 
tanus, 1538. 24°. Also, Par., 
Gkiultherot, 1545. 24^ 

Best in Fabridi Codex Apoer. N, T, I. 
413 sq. and Greek and Latin in And, 


Birch Auetar. cod. apoer, N. T, Hafn, 

1804. 8^ 

14768 — Nicodemus his gospel. 
Lond., Julian Notary, 1507. 4^ 
Gothic letter. Lond., Wynkyn de 
Worde, 1509, or 11, or 12, or 18, 
or 32. 4"^. Gothic letter. Nico- 
demus his gospel. By J. Ooustu- 
rier (with a pref. by J. Warrin). 
Without place or date. 8^. 3 leaves 
and 173 pages. Nioodemus's gos- 
pel^ by Jos. Wilson. Lond. 1767. 

The edition of 151 1 at the duke of Marl. 
borough*s sale, 1819, produoed 32I. i is. 6d. 
In Angk>-Saxon in the Heptaieuchus, edid, 
Ed, ThtDaiiet, Or. 1698. 8^ 

14769 — Euangelium Nicodemi, 
auss dem latein in das teutsch ge- 
bracht. Without place or date. fol. 
Euangelium Nicodemi, auss dem 
Latein ins Teutsch gebracht. With- 
out place or date (16th century). 
8**. 27 leaves. 

Conoeniing the piece itsei^ oonsuH Gu. 
Brtmn DiMquiiiiio dg indole, eetaie ei um 
evang. Nicodemi, BeroL 1794. 8**. 

NICOL, see Roxbubghb. 
NICOLAI, Alf., see Niccolai. 

14770 NICOLAI, J. Tractatns de 
siglis veterum. LB. 1703 (new 
title 1 706). 4°. 

14771 NICOLAI, N. Mar. De' 
bonificamenti delle terre Pontine 
libri IV. Opera storica, critica, 
legale, economica, idrostatica. Roma, 
Pagliarini, 1800. fol. with plates. — 
Memorie, le^ ed osservaaoni solle 
oampagne e suU' annona di Roma. 
Roma, 1803. 4°. 3 voll. — Delia 
basilica di S. Paolo. Roma, 181 5. 
fol. with 1 8 plates. 

NICOLAI, N., see Ncolay. 

14772 NICOLAUS I. Pont. Max. 
Epistolee. Rom®, Fr. Priscianensis, 
1542. fol. 

Very scarce. 

14773 NICOLAUS V. Pont. Max. 
Liters indulgentiarum Nicolai V. 
Pout. Max. pro regno Cypri 1455. 

This letter of indulgenoe, printed oa 
a small leaf of vellum, is the first known 
typographical specimen with a date. The 
date haid ibnneriy only, beco r e Km i wl to 


iti com p o Mtfc m, but it k evident from tihe 
two eopiei described and printed entire in 
the BibL Speno. T. I. p. XLIV. sq. that 
the year 1455 is really to be undenttXNl of 

Tlie indulgence is in a patent form, 9 
Kngfah indies broad and 6} long, contain- 
ing 31 Hnes in aD, and consisting of 3 
paragraphs. The first commences, Vnu 
ttfnls Chriii^fitUiUfS jmteM HUeras ttufMs- 
terif FAUUNUS Chappe, and finishes 
vith the date, certidnly printed (not writ- 
Mo, as Fischer thought in the LeipM. IML 
Zik, 1803. InUU. 131. No. 3. p. 33). 
Datum .... Anno dSU Meeookf 

Se mgro .... MensU 

(Hie empty spaces, mariied with dots, were 
intended for the addition of the place and 
day 00 which the letter was obtained for 
any body). The second paragraph begins, 
Fonma pienittime ahtoluHonis ei remissUmu 
m rtte. The third. Forma plenarie re- 
mis ma m$ m wtorHs arUcuio. It ends. In 
noie pri» eiJUU ei 9pu8 sancti Amen, The 
beginning of eadi paragraph is printed 
wttb that sub-kind of missal type which 
Fischer {Beeehreib. iypoffr. Seiienh, III. 
62.) calls the Donatus-type ; the rest with 
the CathoKcon-type, a sub-kind of the 
Bota-type (Ab, III. 67). But that the 
statement 01 the year ^pBes to the print- 
ing seeutt to be evident for the following 
reasons: 1. The indulgence was onlv of 
foroe^ as is expressly stated in it, for three 
reckoning from the ist of May, 1451 
. . concessit oomibus . . qui infra 
a pri m a die Maji amd domini 
1459 indpiendum pro defensione cathoL 
fidei et regni pradicti de facultatibus suis 
en^rerint). 2. Pope Nicholas V. was 
alrwdy dead on die 15th of March, 1455. 
Dot for what purpose could an indulgence 
hare been printed still later, the validity 
ei which had already expired in the year 
1455, aa weD by the death of the pope, who 
had granted it, as by its own restriction to 
three years? 3. One of lord Spencer*s 
copies, according to the interstice fiDed up 
in handwriting, was issued at WUrtxburg 
on the 7th of'Mardi, J ASS* ^ Heinrich 
Deup pr echt and his wife Anna, and is 
frmuihed with the pope*s seal ii\ yery good 
preservation, and very neatly copied in the 
Bi6L Spenc; and this last circumstance 
pbees tibe year of printing, 1455, beyond 

Gnsolt also Schelhorn's Ergoizliohkei' 
ten, II. ^"jS. HmberKm AmUecia medU 
mvif p. 565. Meermann. AretviCt Beiirr, 
TV. <rt etc (where die printing is set down 
oohr aboDt 1474). Fiteher Et$m sur tee 
w mn w mene iffpogr, de Guienberg, p. 42 and 
Sg. The same in LeipM. lAU, Zeit, 1803. 
InieiL Bl, No. 3. p. 33. Santander Die- 
titan, I. 94. III. 3oa* Bemhart Anticht 



von der Geteh, der Btiehdruekerlnmttj p. 9 
and 19. IndulffenHar, iHerat NiooUA V. 
impreeeas anno 1454 maHioumgue epochae 
vindieavit J. Fr. Liohienberger, Arg,iSi6, 
4*. Rtum, Nfferup Viher den im J. 1454 
ffedr, Ablattbrief Nicolai V. Kopenh. 1811. 

14774 NICOLAU6 Damascenus. Ex 

N. Damasceni universali historia 

sea de moribus gentiam libris ex- 

cerpta J. Stobaei collectanea, quae 

N. Cragius latina fecit et seorsim 

edidit. (Geneva), Pt. Santandrea. 

nus. 1593.4°. 

Properly a piece of N. Cragius De rr- 
publ. Laoedcmumior. ib, 1593. 8**. Also 
in Gronovii Thes. Ant. Gr, VI. 3843 etc 
— FragmentOy in H. ValetH EscerpL Pei- 
reseian. Par. 1634. 4^ p. 414-517. Also 
with jEIiani Faria hist. ed. Corag. Par, 
1805. 8^ and with jElianus. Lps.y Tauck- 
mtM, 1820. 12°. 

14775 — historiar. excerpta et frag- 
nienta quae supersunt, gr. Nunc 

Erim. separatim edidit, versionem 
it. dupucem, notas integras H. 
Valesii aliornmqae viror. doctor, et 
suas, nee non testimonia veterum 
ac recentior. de Nicolai vita scrip, 
torumque notitia adjecit J. Cr. 0~ 
rellius. Ace. dissertatio de Nic. 
Damasc. gallice scripta auctore Fr. 
Sevin. Lpz., Weidmann, 1804. 8^ 
(i d. 12 gr., on English paper a d. 
8 gr., on Dutch paper 2 d. 16 gr.) 
— Supplementum, continens anno- 
tatt. et emendatt. Diam. Coray^ F. 
Creuzeri, J. Schweighseuseri, H. 
Bremii, J. Ochsneri et alior., quib. 
suas adscripsit J. Cr. Orellius. Ace. 
Theodori Metochitae capita II. de 
politia CyrenKonim et Carthaginen- 
sium. ib., id., 181 1. 8^ (15 gr., on 
English paper 21 gr., on Dutch 
paper id.) 

14776 NICOLAUS (Falcucdus) de 
Florentia. Antidotarium. Tracta- 
tulus quid pro quo. Synon3rnia. 
Ven., N. Jenson, 1471..4®. 68* 

The first edition, very scarce, and printed 
with the types of the Decor puellarum. 

14777 NICOLAUS de Janua. Com- 
pendium morale. Without place or 
date. fol. 1 79 leaves. 

With the same types and the same ad- 

1180 NIC 

justment as the Historia Friderici (see No. 
3158). Without signatures, catchwords, 
and pagination. First 8 leaves of index, 
then I blank leaf. The work itself com- 
mences on the following leaf; Incipit liber 
qui dicUur copendium morale uHlis pro 
ser I mombus & collacUmibus/aciendis, Pro- 
logus. This contains 1 70 leaves. At the 
end; Explicit compendium morale. It 
is not noticed by Panzer, and is probably 
the same work of which Dibdin (7\wr, 
T. III. Append, p. XXXIV.) saw a copy 
in a private library at Nuremberg. 

14778 NICOLAUS Smyrnaeus Arta- 
basda. 'EKfppcurK numeror. notatio- 
nis per gestum digitorum. Graeca 
nunc prim, prodeunt. Item vene- 
rab. Bedae de indigitatione et ma- 
nual! loquela liber. F. Morellus 
recensuit, attica lat. vertit et illu- 
strav. Lutet., Morellus, 1614. 8°. 
7, 8, and 8 pages. 

So scarce that Renouard in his Catal, I. 
284. thought that this tract was still un- 
printed. Afterwards in Greek and Latin 
in Pt. Possini Catena graoor. patnim in 
Marcum. Rom^y 1673. foL p. 449 etc. 

NICOLAUS Alexandrinus, see My- 
RBP8U8.— de Ausmo, see Ausmo. 
— Cabasil., see Nilus. — Clemangis, 
see Clemangis. — de Cusa, see 
CusA. — de Lyra, see Lyra. — My- 
repsus, see Myrkpsus. — de Orbel- 
lis, see Orbbllis. — Panormitanus, 
see TuDESCHi. 

14779 NICOLA Y, L. H. von. Ver- 
mischte Oedichte u. prosaische 
Schriften. Berl., Nicolai, 1 792- 
1810. 4°. 8 voll. (13 d. 16 gr.) 

Also on Swiss paper (35 d.). 

14780 NICOLA Y, N. Les quatre 

premiers livres des navigations et 

peregrinations orientales de N. de 

Nicolay. Lyon, Gu. Rouille, 1568 

(other copies 1567). fol. with 60 

plates, 7 leaves and 1 8 1 pages. 

The first edition of a work less esteemed 
for iu contents (see Beckmann Lilt, der 
Reia, I. 654 sq.) than for its plates. The 
remaining books have not appeared. These 
plates (by L. Danet) are important on ac- 
count of the orientsd costume, and appear 
to be faithful. 

14731 — les navigations, peregrina- 
tions et voyages fails en Turquie. 


An vers, Silvius, 1576 (other copies 

J 577). 4°. with woodcuts. 

The 60 fine woodcuts are said by severd 
bibliographers to be after designs by Titian. 
This however is not true, as the designs 
originated with Nicolay himsdfl A part 
of the woodcuts is by Ahasuerus de Land- 
feld or LonderseL 

14782 — discours et histoire veritable 

des navigations, per^rinations et 

voyages, faicts en la Turquie. Le 

tout distingue en 4 liures. Reueue 

et augment^e de quelques figures. 

Anvers, Arn. Coninx, 1586. 4**. 

with woodcuts. 

8 leaves of preliminary matt^, 309 pages, 
and 7 leaves of index. The woodcuts are 
the same as in the preceding, but the edi- 
tion is less fine than the two former. 

14783 — le navigazioni e viaggi della 
Turchia, trad, dal ^ancese da Fr. 
Flori. Anversa, Silvio, 1576. 4"*. 
with the same woodcuts. — Ven., 
Ziletti, 1580. fol. with plates. 

14784 — der Erst Theyl Von der 
Schiffart vnd Rayss In die Tiirckey 
vnnd gegen Oriennt beschriben 
durch N. Nicolai. Aus der Frant- 
Z08. Sprach in die Teutsche ge- 
bracht. Nrb., Dt. (^erlatz (w), 
1572. fol. with 60 plates. 

3 leaves of preliminarv matter, including 
the title-plate, and 100 nimibered leaves. 
The plates are very faithful engravings, 
and are generally illuminated. The trans- 
lation is faulty and incomplete. 

14785 — vier Biicher von de Raisz 
vnd Schiffart in die Turckey be- 
schrieben durch N. Nicolai. An- 
torff, W. Silvius, 1576 (other co- 
pies 1577). 4°. with woodcuts. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 315 pages, 
and 4 leaves, table of contents. An unal- 
tered impression of the preceding transla- 
tion, with the woodcuts from No. 1478 1. 

14786 — Schipvaert ende Reysen ge- 
daen in 't I^d Turckyen. Antw., 
Silvius, 1576. 4**. with the same 


In English by Th. Washington in the 
Collection qf voyages and travels, T. L 
Lond, 1745. fol. p. 553-70^- 

14787 NICOLETTI, Fil. Rime spi- 
rituali alia b. virgine di Loreto in 


Roma. Roma, Mascardi, 1635. 4^ 
8 leaves. 
A copy on vellum 15 fr. McCarthy. 

NICOLIUS, Cam., see Epioram- 

MATA, No. 6807. 

NICOLO, see Galerib de Fou- 

NICOLSON, see Nicholson. 

14788 NICOMACHUS Gerasenus 
Arithmetics libri II. gr. nunc prim, 
excusi in lucem eduntur. Par., We- 
cbel, 1538. 4°. 77 leaves. 

A rery acaroe edition : printed again with 
lite Theoiogumen, ariihmeHc., ed, F. Att, 
Lpt$, 181 7. 8^ Consult also Jamblichus, 
No. 107 15. — His Manuak harmonicea in 
ikeAuctor, aniiqtuB musicte, Amst, i6$2, 4**. 

14789 NIDER, J. Prseceptorium 
divinae l^s. Col., J. Koelhof de 
Lnbick {sic), 1472. fol. 

The first dated edition, very scarce, and 
at the same time the first book known 
with any certainty which has signatures. 
In 2 columns with 39 lines and tJne signa- 
tures a ij up to mm Uij, without catchwords 
and pagination. After the colophon are 
28 leaves, table of contents, without signa^ 
tores. Leaf i* col. 1 line i is, Incipit pro- 
lopug in espofUia — . The <^er editions 
are not particularly sought after. 

14790 — manuale confessorum et 
tractatus de lepra morali. Par., 
3Ich. de Columbaria, U. Gering et 
Mt. Crantz, i. Mart. 1473. fol. 
Gotbic letter, in 2 columns. 

Tbe first dated edition. Of the edition, 
without place or date (Nrb,, Koberger\ 
UL Gothic letter, with 31 lines, there is a 
copy at Munich, in which it is stated in 
old handwriting, that it was bought in 
1471 {Areim BeUrr. TV, J91). 

14791 — fomicarius. Without place 
OT date (Co/., U, ZelU * 47^-73). 
fol. Gothic letter. 

3 colunms with 36 lines. The first 

14792 — consolatorium timoratse con- 

sdentiae. Par., U. Gering, 16 Dec. 

1478. 4^ 

With the signatures a-r. The first 
dated edition. 

14793 — hie hebt sich an das aller- 
nuczelichest bach genant. die vyer 
md zwainczig guldin harpffen. 



Augsp., J. Bamler, without date, 
fol. 1 01 leaves. 

Probably the first edition ; in which the 
woi^, which is properly a free translation 
of Casnam CollaU. palrum, is attributed tO' 
a preaching monk, Henry of Nuremberg. 
But all the subsequent editions unani« 
mously attribute it to J. Nider. Also, 
Augsp,, J, Bamler, 1472, or 88, or 91. foL 
Without place (Augsp., 6th. Zainer), 1476. 
fol. Augsp., Ant. Sorg, 1484 or 87. foL 
Strb., ML Schoit, 1493. fol. Wessoprunn, 
Luc. Zeyssenmayr, 1505. fol. 

14794 NIEBUHR, Carsten. Be- 
schreibung von Arabien. Kopenh., 
M oiler, 1772. 4°. with plates and 
maps (6 d. 16 gr.). Reisebeschrei- 
bung nach Arabien u. andern um. 
liegenden Landem. ib., id., 1774- 
78. 4°. 2 vols, with plates (16 d.). 

14795 — description de TArabie 

(trad, par Mourier). Amst. 1774. 

4°. with 25 plates. Voyage en 

Arabic et en d'autres pays circon- 

voisins. Amst. 1776-80. 4°. 2 vols. 

with 72 and 52 plates. Recucil de 

questions proposees k une soci^t6 

de savans qui font le voyage de 

r Arabic, par J. D. Michaelis, avec 

un extrait de la description de TA- 

rabie. Amst. 1774. 4°. 

The 4 vols, are commonly put together.. 
The copies on large paper are not finer 
than those of the usual size ; but copies on 
large Dutch paper are very scarce. See 


14796 NIEM, Theodoricus de. Hi- 
storiee, qua res suo tempore durante 
perniciosissimo schismate inter Ur- 
banum VI. et Clementem Anti. 
papam eorumque successores gestae 
(a. 1 3 78- 14 10) exponuntur, libri 
IV. (edid. Sim. Schardius). Bas., 
Th. Guarinus, 1 566. fol. 

Reprinted, Arg, 1609. 8^ At first, 
Nrb., Petrejus, 1532. fol. (only 3 books). 
— Hm. van der Ilardt in discrepantiam 
manuscriptor, et editt. exemplis H. de Has- 
sia et Theod. de Niem. Hlmst. 1715. 8". 
(i sheet) containing the impression of a 
passage from a Pegau MS. which greatly 
difiTers from Schardius*s edition. — His Vitte 
pontificum a Nioolao J V. usque ad Urban, V, 
in Eccardi Corp. fust. med. tevi, 1. 1461 sq. 

14797 NIEMCEWICZ, Jul. Ursi- 
nus. Spiewy historyczne z Muryk^, 



i Rycinami. Warszawa^ 1816. 8^ 

with plates. 

This collection of historical national songs 
for the Poles contains at the same time a 
concise Polish history in ezplanatioa. There 
is already a 4th impression. 

14798 — dzieje panowania Zygmunta 
m. Krdla Pokkiego. Warsz.1819. 
8^. 3 vols, with plates and fiacsi- 
miles (48 Polish guilders). 

14799 — Kazimierz wielki drama we 
3ch aktach. Warsz. 1792. 8°. (2 
Polish fl.) Bayki i powiescL (Fa- 
bles and Tales.) Warsz. 18 17. 8°. 
(6 Polish fl.) Ed. II. ib. 1820. 8^ 
2 voll. 

14800 NIEREMBERG, J. Euseb. 
Honor de 6. Ignacio de Loyola, en 
que se prcmone su vida y la de su 
discipulo S. Fr. Xavier, con las 
noticias de gran multitud de hijos 
del mismo S. Ignacio. Madr. 1645 
-47. fol. 4 voll. Varones ilustres 
en santitad y letras de la compaiiia 
de Jesns^ Tomo V. y VI. a los 
quatro del P. Nieremberg, por 
Alonso de Andrade. Madr. 1666- 
67. foL 2 voll. 

The 5th and 6th vols, are very seldom 
met with. 

14801 — historia naturae, maxime 

peregrinae, libris XVI. distincta. 

Antw., Bths. Moretus, 1635. ^^^' 

with woodcuts. 

How he could in this book have copied 
from Hermandez, which was printed 16 
years later, is shewn by Beckmann in his 
BgUrr. IV. 531 not, 

14802 NIERSZESOVICZ, Deodat. 
Dictionarium latino-annenicum su- 
per sacram script, et libros divi 
officii eoclesiie Armenae. Romae^ 
congr. de prop, fide, 1695. 4^. 

14803 NIESIECKY, Csp. Korona 
Polska. Lwow, 1728-43. fol. 4 vols, 
with woodcuts. 

A greatly prized genealogical and he- 
raldic work. Very scarce, and reoogpuzed 
by the Austrian government as vidid in 
proof. Commonly 18-30 ducats. 

14804 NIEUHOFF. J. Het Ge- 
zantschap der Ne^rlandtsche Oost- 
Indische Compagnie, aan den groo- 
ten Tartarisdien Cham, den te- 


genwoordigen Keyser van China. 

Amst., Jac. van Meurs, 1665. foL 

with plates. 

The original edition. With i portrait^ 
I title-plate, i heraldic plate to the dedioa- 
ti(m, I map, and 35 plates, together with 
many plates printed in the text. The 
plates are uncommonly neat, and in this 
Dutch edition are the nrst impressions. 

14805 — legatio batavica ad magnum 

Tartarian Chamum Sungteium, lati- 

nitate donata per G. Horn. Amst., 

Jac. Meursius, 1 668. fol. with plates. 
I map, 34 separate plates, and sererml 
printed in the text. Impressions of the 
same plates, and still tolerably bokL 

14806 — ambassade de la compagnie 
orientale des provinces-unies vers 
Temperenr de la Chine ou grand- 
Cam de Tartarie, mis en fran9. par 
J. le Carpentier. Leyde, Jac. de 
Meurs, 1665. fol. with plates. 

14807 — die Gesantschafi: der Ost- 
Indischen G^selschaft in den Ve- 
reinigten Niederlandern, an den 
Tartarischen Cham u. nunmehr 
auch Sinischen Keiser. Itzund 
zum zweiten mahle verb. u. verm. 
Amst., Jac. Meurs, 1669. fol. with 


I portrait, i map, 34 separate plates, and 
several printed in the text. The plates are 
the same, but Uie i m pre ss ions in this edi- 
tion are considerably weaker. Those in 
the 1st edition of this translation, Awut^ 
Jac Mcrt, 1666. large 4^ are better. 

To this voyage b to be added the de- 
scription of the and and 3rd embassy to 
Chma bv Olfert Dapper: see Dappbk, 

^O- 575^ *nd AMBAS8ADE8, No. 493. 

14808 — gedenkweerdige Brasiliaense 
Zee-en Lant-Reize. Amst., Jac. 
van Meurs, 1682. fol. with plates. 
Also on large paper. 

I title-plate, i heraldic plate to the dedi- 
cation, I map, and 3 plates. 

14809 — Zee-en Lant-Reixe, door 

verscheide Gowesten van Oostin- 

dien. Amst., Jac. van Meurs, 1682. 

fol. with plates. Also on large paper. 
With 44 plates and maps, and several 
plates printed in the text. Tlie plates are 
very neat. The work is conmionly bound 
up with the preceding. 

14810 NIEUWLAND, Pt. Gedich- 
ten. Amst. 1788. 8^ Nagelaaten 


Oedichten. Haerlem, 1797. 8^ (i fl. 

16 St.) 
An flrteemcd Dutdi poet. 

14811 NIFO, Fr. Mar. Descripcion 

geognifica y economica de todos 

Im pueblos de Espana. Madr. 1 769 

-75. 4**. 4 voll. — fcorreo general de 

^pana. Madr. 1769. 4^ 3 voll. — 

Estafeta de Londres. Madr. 1786. 

8**. a voll. 

He was also the editor of a journal, 
Cason de Satire^ 6 colecdcn de muchae 
fitMOM ejtguisUas de autoret etpcSkolet en 
frma jf vereoy whidi first appeared in 1760 
in 7 Tols., and was reprinted at Madrid in 
17S1 m 6 rob. 8^ 

14812 NIOELLUS Wireker. Spe. 
ealnm stuhonim. Withoat place 
or date. fol. 7 a leaves. 

This edition, probably printed in Hol- 
land, oontains 72 leaves with 30 lines, 
widioiU signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 
natioiL. It begins with a prose prologue 
md Omilkeitmm, which fills 5 pages ; and 
m leaf 4* fbOows a seoood and metrioal 
prokgiie, Suedpe pauea Hbu Here the 
the author is called VigeQus. 

In dhis satirical poem, oonoeming which 
see FKgei Geeeh, der horn* LU. II. 321 sq., 
onder the image of an ass, which instead 
of its short tail wishes for a long one, a 
monk is r ep re s en ted, discontented with his 
eonditioo, and striving after an abbey. 
The atotlior is abo calM, but incorrectly, 
V^sttns and Nigaldus. The Cologne edi- 
tioos of 1471 and 1478 are very uncertain. 

14813 -» Brunelltis in speculo 8tu]to4. 
(Underneath is a woodcut.) With- 
oat place or date. 4^ Gothic letter. 

60 leaves with the signatures aif^i^ 
and 33 lines, without catchwords and 
pagination. Judging by the paper-marks 
and the types, it was most probacy print- 
ed at Cologne by J. Komoff, between 
1480 and 85. It has not the prose pro- 
logoe, but leaf a ij commences at once 
wSh the netrical prologue (Suedpe pamca 
liM), in the first verse of which the au- 
thor is rightly caDed NigeUtu. The last 
a fines (or the 15th and i6th) of lenf 60b 

Bru meS i tn jji s eufo ttuUorum 



1814 — veteris Vigellii speculum 
stultomm. Without place or date. 
4^ Gothic letter. 

61 leaves with the signatures a i-h m(|. 
It ends in the 9th lineof leaf 6iS PanMer, 
IV. k»8-87i. A very defective edition 

(without place or date, 4*. whidi also has 
the prosaic prcrfogue) described in ffam^ 
berger*M ZttverloM, Naehrr. IV. 306. ap* 
pears to be different from this. 

14815 — liber qui intitulatur Bru- 
nellus in speculo stultorum. Nar- 
ratio Galieni de bruneta et bicomi. 
Narratio de gallo et querimoniis 
galline. Brunellus conuertit se 
ad singulos status hominum. Col. 
(without the printer's name), die 
ult. Febr. 1499. 4^. Gothic letter, 
with woodcuts. 

69 leaves with signatures. It likewise 
has the prose prologue. See also Mutt'm 
Joumaiy XrV. 362* 

14816 — speculum stultorum. Par., 
J. Petit, 1506. small 4°. Gothic 

Not noticed in Panzer. 

14817 — Nigaldi Wiroker, Angli 

bardi, speculum stultorum. Par. 

1601. 4^ 

A very scarce edition. Also in the 
Praxis jocandi, //. 1604. 8**. p. 353 etc 
under the title, De atimno aeimnos moree 
atque mffenium eorUra naiwram exuere 00- 
narUe narraiio, f 

14818 — Brunellus Vigelli et vetula 

OvidiL Seu : Opuscula duo autor. 

incertor. : prius quidem Vigelli, qui 

fertur, speculum stultorum ; poste- 

rius vero libri tres de vetula Ovidii, 

falso sic dicti (curar. Sm. Closius). 

Wolferbyti, typis Sterniis, 1662. 8°. 

with I plate. 

Concerning this edition, which is also 
scarce, see Burckhardi Hist, bibl, Guelferb. 
I. 1 10 etc. — A new impression of the poet- 
ical prologue from a better MS. in L^fseri 
HUU poetar. me<Ri tfvt, p. 75 1 etc. 

NIGER, Fr., see Negro. 

14819 NIGER, Pt. TracUtus ad 
JudflBor. perfidiam exstirpandam. 
Eslingen, Cr. Fyner, 6 Jun. 1475. 
4®. Gothic lett^. 

43 leaves, and 6 leaves after the co- 
lophon. Renuurkable as die first book, 
in which Hebrew characters are to be 
found. But as there is a great diiFerence 
between merdy two words and an entire 
book (for only die fint two words of Ge- 
nesis and the Hebrew alphabet are printed 
in Hebrew, and all the other Hebrew words 
which occur are printed in Latin diarac 
ters), the honour of the first Hebrew 



typographical production belongs not to 
Germany, but to Italy. See Jarchi. 

14820 — Also hat ein endt das buch 
welichs wirt genet der stern mes- 
chiah . . von Peter schwarcz. Ess- 
ling, Cr. Feyner, 1477. 4''. 321 


An enlarged (German description of the 
preceding work, and likewise with some 
Hebrew characters. The first leaf is blank 
on the folio recto, and has a woodcut on 
the reverse. Leaf 2* commences the pre- 
&ce, without any further title. 

NIHAL, see Gilchrist, No. 851 i. 

14821 NILUS Asceta. Opera qu8e- 

dam nondum edita (gr. lat.). Pt. 

Possinus recens. et lat. vertit. Par., 

Cramoisy, 1639. 4^ 

There are also herein NarraHonea and 
Oratio in Albianum, which are not in the 
following edition. 

14822 — tractatus s. opuscula. Ex 
codd. MSS. eruta Jos. Mar. Suare- 
sius grsece prim, edidit^ lat. vertit 
ac notis illnstrav. Romse^ typis 
Barberinis, 1673. fol. Also on large 

At the end, after p. 705, there ought to 
be 5 imnumbered leaves of corrections. The 
f<^owiiig article also belongs to this edition. 

14823 — epistolar. libri IV. (gr. lat.), 
interpr. Leone Allatio. Additse 
sunt varise lectt. in ejusdem Nili 
narrationem de c«de monachornm 
ex variis codd. MSS. Diatriba 
quoque ejusd. Allatii de Nilis et 
eor. scriptis. Romse, typis Barbe- 
rinis, 1 668. fol. Also on large paper. 

The 1st edition was, Nili Epp, ntmc 
prim, edita ex bibL MetHoea (gr.) op. et 
stud. Pt. Possini. Par., typ. reg.y 1657. 


14824 — admonitiones (gr.) in lat. 
linguam traductse ac illustratse op. 
et labore St. Schoning. Franek.^ 

Radaeus, 1608. 8"^. 

There is also therewith, Agapeti Soheda 
regia gr. lat.; and after p. 579, Ariatoteles 
De virttUilnu et vitiit gr. lat. on 19 un- 
numbered leaves. 

Previously in Moh. Neandri Optu au^ 
reum. Bos. 1559. 4^ and Lp$. 1577. V- 
Nili Partenetica (gr. lat.J interpr. N. Gla^ 
Mero. limb. 1614. 8°. (also a piece of N. 
Gkueri Apocrypha^ paranetica, pfUMogica. 
ib. 1614. 8°.) The Upsal catabgue has, 
Nili Capita paranetica, gr. In Tratusgl- 


vania Corona, 1540. 8". — Partenetica e 
codd, Darmatad, et Bemensi edid. Fr, X, 
Werfer, in Acta philologor. Monaeens. 
III. 63-118. 

14825 — les narrations ou discoors de 
S. Nil, contenant la persecution et 
le martyre des Hermites, avec la 
captivit^ et la delivrance de Th6o- 
dnle son fils, mis nouvellement en 
fran9. Par., J. Gaillard, 1649. ^''* 

14826 — capita de octo vitiis genera- 
libus^ gr. cum vers. lat. antiqua, tn 
Palladius De vita Chrysost. Par., 
1680. 4^ p. 356 etc. — Eadem, gr. 
cum vers. lat. et notis Fr. Combe- 
fisii, in Combefisii Auctar. noviss. 
bibl. grjBc. PP. T. I. p. 307 etc — 
Alia capita de octo vitiis, gr. cum 
vers. lat. Jac. Billii et notis J. Bt. 
Cotelerii, in Cotelerii Eocles. gr. 
monum. T. III. p. 185 etc. — Mar- 
tyrium S. Theodori^ in Gkdlandi 
Bibl. PP. T. IV. p. 114 etc— Hi- 
storia ciedis sanctor. patrum in Sina, 
in Acta Sanctor. m. Jan. T. I. p. 

954 etc 
NILUS Cabasila seu Thessalon.^ see 

NINON, see Lenclos. 

14827 NISAM el omem (i. e. de di- 
rectione populorum s. tactica, tur- 
cice). Constantinop. 1144 (1731). 
large 8°. 

14828 NISBETT. A system oi 
heraldry, speculative and practical. 
New eoit. Lond. 1816. small foL 
2 vols, with 5 r plates (7L 7s.). 

14829 NISIELY, Udeno. Prc^n- 
nasmi poetici. Fir.^ Matini^ 1695- 
97. 4°. 5 voU. 

The best edition, superintended by Ant. 
Mar. Salvini. The true name of the 
author was Bd. Fioretti della Contea di 

14830 NITZSCHWITZ, Hm. No- 
vum b. Marise virg. psalterium. In 
monasterioTzennse in Saxonia^ 1 49^- 
4°. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

16 and 90 leaves with the signatures 
a--/ Hi and neat woodcuts. Extremely 
scarce, and offered for sale by Weigel at 
Leipsic for I3 dollars. 

NIVELLE, see Chauss^k, 

14831 NIVERNOIS, L. Jul. Barbon 

Mancini, due de. (Euvres. Par., 
Didot, 1796. 8°. 8 voll. Also on 
Tellum paper — (Euvres posthumes, 
publ par N. Francois (de Neuf- 
chateau). Par., Didot, 1807. 8^ 

2 voll. Also on vellum paper. 

Of the 1st collection there are 25 copies 
OQ Ukrge paper, and 4 copies on large vel- 
lum paper. Of the 2nd collection £ere is 
no large paper copy. 

14832 NIZAMI poetffi narrationes et 
fiibule persice, ex cod. MS. nunc 
prim. ediUe, subjuncta versione lat. 
et indice verbor. (cura L. Hain). 
Lpa., Wolf, 1 80a. 4°. (3 d.) Also 
on large Dutch paper. 

14833 — the Sekander Namah of 
Nizami, with a selection from the 
works of the most celebrated com- 
mentators, by Beder All and Mir 
Hiissaim Ali. Calcutta, Hindoo- 
itanee press, 1 8 1 1 . large 4°. 

14834 NIZOLIUS, Marius. Lexicon 
Ciceronianum, nunc crebris locis re- 
fectum et inculcatum : ace. phrases 
et fonnuke linguse lat. ex commen- 
taiiis Stephani et Doleti, curante 
Jac. Facciolati. Patav. 1734. fol. 

The best edition. Also, LoruL 1820. 8*>. 

3 vols. (2I. 128. 6d.) This often printed 
work at first appeared under the title, 
ObtervatL in Ciceronem, Ex PrtUo AU 
bmmk TBrixiw), 1535. foL 2 voU. Of the 
hxsr editions, Ff. 1613. fol. is a good one. 
A Dev edition. Par,, Delalain, 1821. 4^ 
is announced. 

14835 NOBILIAIRE de Picardie 
(par N. de Villiers et N. de Rousse- 
Tille). Without place or date (A- 
miens, 1708-17). large fol. 

Scarce. The copies contain sometimes 
caily 437 leaves, sometimes 453 and 2 
leaves of armorial bearings. A copy on 
▼eBam (bonnd in 4 vols.) 850 fr. Oaignat, 
1210 fir. Valli^re..-.iSee also Chevilla&d. 

NOBILIARIO, see Bracblos and 

14836 NOBLE, Eustache de. (Eu- 
vres. Par., Ribou,i7i8. 12°. 19 voll. 

14837 NOCEDA, J. de, j Pt. de S. 
LucAR vocahulario de la lengua 
Tagala. Manilla, 1754. fol. 

NODAL, see Relacion. 

NO£I, see Barozai. 



14838 NOEL, Fr. Philosophia Si- 
nica, cognitionem primi entis, cere- 
monias erga defunctos et ethicam 
juxta Sinaruni mentem complec- 
tens. Pragfie, 1711. 4°. — Historica 
notitia rituum et ceremoniar. Sini- 
car. in colendis parentib. ac bene- 
factorib. defunctis, ex ipsis Sinen. 
sium authorum libris desumta. ib. 
1 7 1 1 . 4®. — Sinensis imperii libri 
classic! VI, nimirum: Adultorum 
schola immutabile medium, liber 
sententiarum, Memcius, filialis ob- 
servantia, parvulor. schola, e sinico 
idiomate in lat. traducti. ib. 1 7 1 1 . 4°. 

These works belong together. 

14839 — livres classiques de I'empire 

de la Chine, recueillis Mr Noel (et 

trad, par Pluquet). Par., Didot, 

1784-86. 18°. 7 voll. 

In this translation, which is also some- 
times added to the Mobalistes, Noel's 
esteemed preface and notes are omitted. 

14840 NOELS nouvellement com- 

posez k Thonneur de la nativity de 

nostre saulveur et redepteur Jesu. 

Christ, qui se chantent sur le chat 

de plusieurs belles chansons. Lyon, 

CI. de Nourry (about 1520). 8"*. 

Gothic letter. 

8 leaves with small woodcuts in the form 
of an encircling border. There is included a 
song in the Lyonnese rustic dialect. Other 
collections of Noels see in ValIUre*s CaiaL 
VII. 151 sq. 

14841 NOSSELT, J. A. Anweisung 
zur Kenntniss der besteu allgem. 
Bucher in alien Theilen der Theol. 
4e Aufl. Lpz., Weygand, 1800. 8°. 
(2d. 12 gr.) C. F. Liebeg. Simon 
Literatur der Theol., hauptsachl. 
des i8n Jahrh. (als Fortsetz. des 
Nosselt). Lpz., Kohler, 1813. 8^ 
(2 d. 6 gr.) 

14842 NOGUERA, Jac. De ecclesia 
Christ! ab hnreticor. conciliabnlis 
dinoscenda. Dilingise, 1560. fol. 

A copy on vellimi in the Royal h'brary 
at Munich. 

NOIR, see Lenoir. 

14843 NOLLET, J. Ant. Lecons 
de physique experimental. Par. 
1759. 12°. 6 voll. In German, 




Erf. 1748-72. 8^ 9 vols, with 
plates (9 d.). — L*art des experi- 
ences. Par. 1770. 12°. 3 vols, with 
plates. In German, Lpz. 1771. S°, 
3 vols, with plates (3 d.). 

14844 NOLLI, C. DeU' arco Tra- 
jano in Benevento, inciso e posto 
in luce. Nap. 1770. large fol. with 

14845 NOLLI, Oi. Bt. Nuova pi- 
anta di Roma. {Roma), 1748. fol. 

14 leaves in all. 

14846 NOLTENIU8, J. P. Lexicon 
lat. lingnee antibarbarum. Ed. III. 
recogn., emend., locupletata cura et 
stud. 6. Jo. Wichmanni. Berol., 
Lange, 1780. 8^ 2 voll. (5 d. 8 gr.) 

14847 NOMSZ. Maurits van Nas- 
sau, Prins van Oranje, in zes Zan- 
gen berjrmd. Amst. 1 790. 4^ (2 fl. 
16 St., on large paper 3 fl. 6 st.) 
Gabriela vui Vergy, Treurspel. 
Amst 1792. 8^ (8 St., <Mi liurge 
paper 16 st) Maria Antonetta van 
Oosteuryk, Koninsin van Vran. 
kryk, Treurspel. Amst 1794. 8^. 
(6 St.) 

14848 NONIUS Marcellus. De pro- 

prietate sermonis. Without place 

or date {Ratna, G. Lauer, about 

1470). fol. 

The first edition. 141 leaves (according 
to Dibdin, 137 according to Fossi) with 40 
lines running all across the page, without 
signatures, catchwords, and pagination. 
Leaf I a it blank. Leaf ib is a letter of 
Pomp. Lsetus, which begins, Pompanig 
Gaspari blondo Sahiiem. Nonius itself com- 
mences in leaf 2a, and the first line is, (S)J?- 
In leaf 146^ there are 8 verses in praise of 
the author : Eg scripiis rerutn. ui fertur, 
eognouiUur omnii etc.; and leaf 141a is a 
regUt^. Lstos superintended this edition, 
with the help of Vdscus and some friends, 
after several M8S. 

14849 — — Without place and 

printer's name, 1471. fol. 

163 leaves with 36 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. First 
la leaves of preliminary matter in 3 co- 
lumns. Leaf 13a bogins the work itself 
and line I is, {%)ENIVM EST TE^ 
DIVM ET ODiuM, Leaf 163a is the 
oofephon : Finito Ubro ktut et ^oria Chrisio, 
M, CCCC. LXXL The printer is un- 


known, but certainly neither IT. Han nor 
N. Jenson. Dibdin, in BibL Spene. III. 
95, takes it for a production of Milan or 
14850 — compendiosa doctrina ad 
fllinm de proprietate sermonum. 
Ven., N. Jenson, 1476. fol. 

191 leaves with 34 lines and the signa- 
tures a~J8, First 19 leaves of iudez in 2 
columns, then i blank leaf, and leaf 3i* 
begins the work itsdf. The colophon is in 
leaf loi*. Very finelv printed. A copy 
on veUum in the Royal library at Paris ; a 
second, with 52 finely painted initials, was 
bought by the duke of Devonshire in 1815 
at J. Edwards's sale for 199L los. 

14861 — — Ven., without the print- 

er*s name, 1478. fol. 

la leaves of index, and 133 numbered 
leaves with signatures. 

The editions from 1480 to 15 19 are to be 
found with Uiose of Festus and Varro : see 
above, Grammatici, No. 8780-83. 

14852 — de proprietate sermonum, 
jam demum innumeris locis resti- 
tutus, multis locupletatus, ope ve- 
tustissimor. codicum et inanstria 
Hadr. Junii. Additus est Folgen- 
tii Placiads libellus de prisoo aer- 
mone, ab eod. repurgatus. Antw., 
Cp. Plantinus, 1565. 8". 

The first proper recension of the text. 

14853 — de proprietate sermonis, et 
Fulgentius Placiades de prisoo aer- 
mone, eum duobus locnpietibas in- 
dicibus et notis viror. doctissimor. 
Par., JEgid. Beys, 1583. 8^ 

Chiefly the text of Junius. 

14854 — de proprietate sermonum, 
et Fulgentius Plandades de prisoo 
sermone, innumeris locis restitud 
et locupletati: adjectis in eosdem 
notis Dion. Gothofredi. Par., Che- 
villot, 1586. 8*». 

Also in OoihcfretU Auetwr. ImL Rng. 

14855 — Nonii Marcelli nova editio. 
Additus est libellus Fulgentii de 
prisco sermone, et notae in Nonium 
et Fulgentium (eura Josix Mer- 
oeri). Par. (other copies, Sedani), 
Perier, 1614. 8^ 

A new recension after MSS. and old edi- 
tions, and hitherto the best editioo. 

14856 — Cp. Wasb strictune et emen. 
datt. Nonianae. Ox. 1685. 4^. 
Very scarce. 


14857 NONNIUS, L. Diaeteticon 
8. de re dbaria libri IV. Antw., 
Bellerus, 1645 (other copies, 1646). 


The 1st edition, ib. 1627. small 8^ is far 
more incomplete. By him there is also, 
lekthjfophoffia s, de pitcium ettt, Antw, 
1616. 8**. 

14858 NONNUS Panopolitanus. Pa- 

raphrasis evangelii secuudum Joan- 

neiD, gr. Without place or date 

{Fen., Aldus^ ^S^i). 4**- 

51 unnumbered leaves, with the signa- 
tures aaaa to kkkk; one blank leaf at the 
end. The ist edition, very scarce, which 
has neither title nor preface. As the Latin 
Crmnslation, whidi Aldus meant to have 
appended, did not appear, the incomplete 
copies seem to have been inconsiderately 
de st ro y ed in his wardiouses. Sometimes 
k is round bound up with Gregoru Nax, 
earmma, Ven^ Aid., 1504. 4^ It has 
ineorrectly been set down in the year 1508, 
and some p^sons have entirely doubted its 



14859 — paraphr. evali^'^. secund. Jo- 
aDoem, gneco carmine, studio De- 
metrii Dues Cretensis edita. Ro- 
mm, 1536. 4^ 

This edition must also be very scarce. It 
ii in die catalogue of the Royal library at 
Paris ; but is not noticed by Panzer. 

14860 — Tralatio sancti evangelii se- 
eandmn Joannem (gr., cura Ph. 
Melanchthonis). Haganose, J. Se- 
cerios, 1527. 8°.— Nonni in evang. 
S. Joannia paraphr. grieca et concio 
ChrywMtomi de magistratibus (lat., 
interpr. Cp. H^endorphino). ib., 
id., 1528. 8°. 

Meliuicthoo corrected the text. The 
translation of Hependorphmtu is very in- 

14861 — in evang. S. Joannis para- 
phr. gneca, a Cp. H^endorphino 
latina ^acta (gr. lat.) Par., Jac. 
Bogardu«, 1541-42. 8^ 2 parts in 

1 vol. 

Probably only a reprint of the preceding. 
Also wi& HamerooerUra. Ff., Brubam, 
1541. 8*. 

14862 -— fura^Xff rov Kara *lticannjp 
iyuv tvayytkiav (gr.) Par., Mt. Ju- 
venia, 1556. 8^ 168 pages. 

1484^ — oonversio evangelii secund. 
Joannem graecis versibus conscripta, 

nunc prim, ad verbnm latina fiacta 
multisque in locis emendata per J. 
Bordatum. Par., C. Perier, 1561. 

4 • 
6 leaves of preliminary matter, 196 pages 

and 2 leaves. Bordatus has restored about 
80 verses firom a MS., but their genuine- 
ness is suspected. 

14864 — translatio vel paraphrasis S. 
evang. secundum Joann. Cum vers, 
lat. Erh. Hedeneccio interprete. 
Bas., Pt. Pema, 1571 or 77. 8=. 
Also often. 

Also with Homerici ceniones. Exe, H. 
StephaTi. 1578. I2^ 

14865 — grseca paraphr. S. evang. 

secundum Joannem (gr. lat.), nunc 

prim, emendatissima et perfecta at- 

que integra, op. Fr. ^Nansii, cum 

interpretat. lat. et ejusd. notis. 

LB., Fr. Raphelengius, 1589. 8°. 

2 parts in i vol. 

Nansius has made use of the earlier edi- 
tions, corrected the translation, and added 
369 verses of his own composing. Thereto 
beings Fr. Nansii ad Nonni paraphr. 
curtB aecundtB, LB., Raphelengius, 1593* 

14866 — metaphrasis evangelii se- 
cundum Joannem, versib. heroicis 
(gr. lat.) cum MS. cod. Palat. col- 
lata, verbor. indice aucta, brevib. 
notis illustrata, rectius aliquot in 
locis versa op. F. Sylburgii. (Hdlb.) 
Hi. Commelinus, 1596. 8°. 

A good edition. But the numerous re- 
prints of it are of no value. 

14867 — grieca paraphrasis S. evan- 
gelii secund. Joann. cum interpr. 
lat. Fr. Nansius emendavit, polivit 
etauxit. LB., Raphelengius, 1599. 


A new modification of an earlier edition. 

14868 — paraphrasis sancti secund. 

Joann. evangelii (gr. lat.). Ace. 

notDe P. N. A. (N. Abrami), Soc. 

J. Par., Cramoisy, 1623. 8**. 

A new revision if the text. — A new 
recension, with a severe commentary, is, 
Dn, Heinsii Arittarchus sacer, LB. 1627. 
8°. (see above Heinsius, No. 93 74)^ 
Against this commentary appeared Csf* 
Urrini Normus redivivue. Hmb. 1667. 





14869 — dionysiaca (gr.) nunc prim. 

in lucem edita ex bibl. J. Sambuci. 

Cum lectt. et conjecturis Qer. Falk. 

enburgii et ind. copioso. Antw., 

Plantin. 1569. lai^ 8^ (not 4"^.) 

12 leaves of preHminary matter, 899 
pages, and ten unnumbered leaves. Tne 
first edition very scarce. At the end are 
some corrections by W. Canter. 

14870 — dionysiaca (gr.) niinc denuo 

in lucem edita et lat. reddita per 

Eilhard. Lubinum, cum lectt. et 

conjecturis Ger. Falkenburgii et in- 

dice copioso. Hanov., typis We- 

chel., 1605. 8^ 

The only new matter in this very 
incorrectly printed edition is the Latin 

14871 — dionysiaca (gr. lat). Pt. 
Cunsei animadversionum liber. Dn. 
Heinsii dissertatio de Nonni dio- 
nysiacis et ejusd. paraphrasi. Jos. 
Scaligeri conjectanea. Cum vul. 
gata versione et Ger. Falkenburgii 
lectt. Hanov., typis Wechel., 1 6 1 o. 

Only a new title to the preceding, to 
which Pi, Cunai animadw, etc. LB., L, 
ElxetneTy 16 10. 8^ is here added. Both 
parts together are scarce^ and greatly 
sought after, because as yet this is the 
only complete edition. 

14872 — dionysiacor. libri VI. ab 

octavo ad decimum tertium, res 

Bacchicas ante expeditionem Indi- 

cam complectentes (gr.) Emendav., 

omnium Nonni libror. argumenta 

et notas mytholog. adjec. G. H. 

Moser. Hdlb., Mohr, 1809. 8°. 

(id. 12 gr.) Also on vellum paper. 

In addition, G. H, Moseri progr, addUa^ 
menta ad ntam sex Nonni libror. edUionem, 
U/nuSy 1814. 4^ (2 sheets.) 

14873 — dionysiacor. libri 48. Suis et 
alior. conjecturis emendav. et illus- 
trav. F. Graefip. Vol. I. lib. i — 24. 
Lps., Vogel, 1819. 8°. (3 d. 8 gr.) 

14874 — les dionysiaques ou les 
voyages, les amours et les con- 
quotes de Bacchus aux Indes, trad, 
du grec (par CI. Boitel or Boitet). 
Par., Fouet, 1625. 8^ 

14875 — ra koto, 'Yfivov koi Niicoiov, 
Des Nonnos Hymnos u. Nikaia 


(Greek and German l^ F. Grafe). 
Petersb. (Halle,Heinmerde),i8i3. 
4^ (4d. 12 gr.) 

14876 — narrationes XX. ad CSre- 
gorii Naz. oradonem in laudem Ba- 
siUi M. £x duob. codd. Monaoens. 
nunc prim, edits et illustr. «- in 
F. Creuzeri meletemat. e disciplina 
antiquitatis. T. I. Lps. 181 7. 8^ 

P- 52-97- 

His cinwytTfii r»v Urropimy in Gr^orm 
NoM, tn Julian* inoectiwB II. Etomp, 
i6ia 4^ In the Catalogue of the mar- 
quis de 6. Philippe (Hiofv, 1736. 8^),is to 
be found, T. II. p. 383, n. 34^6 : Traeta- 
tU8 gracua Nonni gente jEggpHi, qui phtra 
poemata gnaee weripnl, Mtmuseripium op» 
Hmum in 4**. NVUl de hoc reperitur in 
FaMoH bibl, gr,^ ui videtur in iniUo ma- 

14877 — Nonnos von Panopolis der 
Dichter. Ein Beitrag zur Geach. 
der griech. Poesie von Ouwaboff, 
mit Anmm. von F. Grafe. Pe- 
tersb. 1817. large 4^ (i d. 8 gr.) 
Jonath. A. Weichert Diss, de 
Nonno Panopolitano. Witt. 1810. 
4^. N. SoHow commentatio de 
indole carminis Nonni ejusdemque 
argumento. Havn. 1807. 8^ 

14878 NONNUS.Theophanes. Noni 
de omnium particularium morbor. 
curatione liber gr. et lat. nunc 
prim, in lucem emtoa et oonvenus 
per Hieremiam Martium. Aig., 
Josi. Rihelins, 1568. 8^ 

14879 — epitome de curatione mcnr- 
bor. gr. et lat., ope codd. MSS. re- 
cens. notasque adjec. J. St. Ber- 
nardus. Gothee, Ettinger, 1704- 
95. 8*». 2 voU. (4 d. 12 gr.) iUao 
on writing paper. 

14880 NOODT, Ger. Opera omnia 
juridica cum ejusd. vita a J. Bar- 
beyracio. LB., 1735 ^^ ^- ^^ 
2 voll. (12 fl.) 

Also, Neap. 1 786. 4^ 4 rolL 

14881 NOORT, Oliv. van. Beachry. 
vinghe van de Voyagie om den 
gefaeelen Werelt dloot, ghedaen 
door Oliv. van Noort 1598- 1601. 
Rott., Jan van Waesber^ien, ( 1 60 2), 
oblong 4^. with mapc and plates. 

See also Description, No. 5999. 

NOO NOS 1189 

14S82 NOOT, Jan van der. OBu- Speeuhtm BriUinmmy a demfHpHm of Mid- 

vres poetiques (en flamand et en dle^mtd ffartfordthire. X^wwi. 1 723. 4^ 

franc.) Anvers, 1504. fol. with ^"P'*^- 

plrt^byVoe. 14889 NORDENFLYCHT, Hedw. 

V«7 scam mil in Holland. There is Charlotte. Utvalda Arbeten (Po. 

AohYhim,Abr^des<bmaenvre8 0lym- ctns, edited by J. Fischerstrdm). 

pMn, en ven holUmd, etfrattf. Ancer$y Sth. 1778 or 8 1. 8^. 

1579. ioL with plM6B. She was called the Swedish Sappho. 

14883 NORBERG, And. Suenaka i4890 NORDFORS, Eric. Diction- 

Sth. 1777. 8°. nairenouTeauportatif su^dois-fran- 

4 ▼^U. ^is. Sth. 1805. small 4^ 2 vols. 

NORBERG, Mthi., see Codex, 14891 NORISIUS, H. Opera om- 

No. 4887 and 88. nia nunc prim. coUecta et ordinata. 

14884 NORDBERG, O. And. Ko. Verona. Tumermani, 1729-32. fol. 

ming Karl XII. Historia. Sth. 4 vols, with plates. Istoria delle 

1740. foL a voU. Trad, du Sue- investiture. Mantova. 1741. fol. 

dois (par Charl. Gst. Warmholte). These 5 vols, together form a complete 

Have, 1742. 4^ 4 voll. Also on J^on of hb w«-ks.-(^. 0^ *«^ 

/^/-T-r-T j„, logiea, cum noiu Lr. Bertu Ven. 1700« 

large paper. Aus dem Sen wed. tkbs. foi ^ vols. 

i7 fol' , vSr**"'^' "'"''* '''^^' "«*='.- ««n«t«P''« Pisana Caji fet 

i^fik NORDeW pi V aire Lwcii Cffisarum dissertationibus il- 

j.i:. ^ ^ J 'xT V" '/- J j^ lustrata. Ed. auctior et emenda- 

dBg^te et de Nub.e (trad, du ^^^ pj j ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ 

danois en fran^. par des Roches de 
Parthenais). Copenh. 1755. large 


W. . roll, with plates. Also on -J^^'j^^^J^ Sd"pela^ 
very la^e paper. PIm, 1764. 4°. 

t«fc^^^S!^S^'^T*' '* **^*a^^^ ^^^^^ NORMAND. Charl. Nou- 
^^^^^^i tie-piate» i portrait, an 159 ^q^j^ parall^e des ordres d'archi- 

tecture des Ghrecs^ des Romains et 

14886 — vovage d Egypte et de ^ u- ^^ auteurs modemes. Par. 1 8 19. 

phoes (66^, on vellum paper ^^' Madr. 1799. 8^ 2 voU. 

,3a fr.) NORT, see NOORT. 

With important additions, but the pkites NORTH, Rog., see Eleaz. Albin. 

« not ao fine as In the preceding. j^gg^ NOSTRADAMUS, C^sar de. 
14«7 — travels in Egypt and Nu- L'histoire et chronique de Pro- 
Lond. 1757. foL a parts in vence. Lyon, Sim. Rigaud, 1614. 

I vol. with plates. Also on large fol. 1092 and 63 pages. 

pop^f* A work interesting on account of its 

The engravings are impressions of the genuine chronide-style. 

''^!!SJ?^AT!!*r'^ ^*^ ^£^C 14896 NOSTRADAMUS, Mch. Les 

' editioii. Also, Lomd, 1757. 8^ with , ^^ » ii# ^ n 1. 

From this Enirlish translation is propneties. Lyon, MacC ilonhom- 

ngusn translation is I'-v^^—^-.^w. 

tbe German one (by J. F. Es. Steffens), me, 1 555* o*'. 

Bred, 1779. 8«. 1 vols, with plates (a d.). rj^^ g„^ ^i^i^^^ ^^ ,^3^,^ ,,„^ ^^ 

14888 NORDEN, J. Speculi Bri- containing 4 centuries. The first complete 

tanniie pars, a description of Corn, ^''ij?" J*^ T^^ !? ^ '^T^ 
n 4 J Q Jo •*!. 1 * ^508. 8'. Also, t6., uL, 1568. to*, re- 
wall. Lond. 1 728. 4 . with plates. ^^^^ of which are, Lymiy 1568. 8». (print- 
There are i o<^ies on vellum, see Dibdin ed about 100 years later, and very slovenly,) 
IL i6S» There is also by him, and Tropes^ Ruau, without date. 8**. 




14897 — les vrayes centuries et pro- 

ph^ties, avec la vie de Tauteur. 

Amst.^ Waesberge^ 1668. 12^. with 

I title-plate. 

A very neat edition, and the most sought 
after, and joined to the Elzevir produc- 
tions. An cdii, oofUrefaiiey which has been 
spoken of by some bibhographers, seems, 
according to Brunet, not to exist, and to 
be only a confusion with the slovenly edi- 
tion, Amst. 1667. 12°. Equally incom- 
plete, but not fine, are. Col,, Volckery 1689. 
8". Rouen, Besongne, 1691. 12". — True 
prophecies and prognostications o/Nostrad-, 
transi. by Garencieres. Lond. 167a. foL 
Prophetien van Nostrad (Dutch). Amst. 
1715 8^ 

14898 — d^laration des abus, igno- 
rances et seditions de Nostradamus, 
de Salon de Craux, nouvellem. trad, 
de lat. en fran^. Avignon, 1558. 
4°. Les contredits du Sgr. du Pa- 
vilion les Lorriz (Ant. Couillard) 
aux fausses et abbusifves prophe- 
ties de Nostrad. et autres astro- 
logues. Par. 1 560. 8°. J. Ajm6 
de Chavigny commentaires sur les 
centuries et prognostications de 
Mch. de Nostradamus. Par. 1596. 
8°. also Lyon, 1603. 8^ Eclair- 
cissement des v^ritables quatrains 
de Mch. Nostrad. without place, 
1656. 12°. De Jant predictions 
tir^s des centuries de Nostrad. 
qui se peuvent appliquer au temps 
present. Par. 1673. ia°. Bths. 
Guynaud la concordance des pro- 

?heties de Nostrad. avec Thist. 
W. 1693, or 1709, or 1710, or 
17 12. 12^ (Leroux) la clef de 
Nostradamus. Par. 1710. 12^ 

Consult also Artigny Mhnoires, II. 285 
etc III. 145 etc. VII. 23. (Adelung) 
Gesch, der menschl. Narrheit Vll. 105. 
Eob, Toms kleine Sehrr. Lpat, 1791. 8^ 
p. 397 etc 

14899 NOSTREDAME, J. de. Les 

vies des plus cel^bres et anciens 
pontes provensaux, qui ont floury 
du temps des comtes de Prouence. 
Lyon, Alex. Marsilij, 1575. 8°. 

258 pages, I blank leaf, 6 leaves of index 
and I leaf, colophon. The original source 
of information, and very scarce, for a most 
interesting period. The notices are not 
indeed always entirely free from ftuilts, 


or to be depended upon throo^^ioot 
(Hist, de Languedocy II. 519.); ^ the 
same time they are derived £rom au- 
thors almost contemporaneous^ and tinoe 
lost; and several of his accounts, whidi 
were formerly doubted, have been con- 
firmed from MSS. afterwards diaoovered 
(Raynouaard oawn d*amtmrs, p. XCIF). 
He may be the most securely used in thw 
dition. His notices are certainly also to be 
found almost verbally in Cis, Nostradasmu 
Hist, et chromque de Provence (see No. 
14895); yet they are not given entire, 
and are scattered separately throughout the 
whole work. 

14900 — le vite delli piu celelnri et 

antichi primi poeti provenzali« dm 

Gi. Giudici in Italiana (linraa) tra- 

dotte. Lione, Aless. MarsiUj, 1575. 


954 pages, I blank leaf, and 7 leaves in- 
dex. This translation (not suc ce s sfu l in 
itself) is also worthy of consideration. Al- 
though the translator asserts, p. 19, Ho io 
osservato di tradurre U test^ puntaimentey 
per non far torto alP autore; yet nocwidi- 
standing occasionally some not unimportant 
differences in the names are to be found, 
also in Lat^franco Cigala, p. 135, his plain- 
tive poem on his bdoved Berlenda is in- 
serted, which is wanting in the French 
original, p. 134. Cresdmbeni gave a cor- 
rected and enlarged translation of Nostn- 
damus in die and part of his Istoria deila 
volgar poesia; also with a separate titfe, 
Roma, 172a. 4^ 

14901 NOTA, Alb. Commedie. 
£d. II. accresc. e corretta dall' au- 
tore. Torino, Pane, 1 8 1 8. 8®. 4 vols. 

with Nota's portrait. 

The best edition. Also, 3fiL 1819. la*. 
4 voU. His plays are greatly prised in 

14902 NOTARA, Cbrysantus. In. 
troductio in ge<^raph. et sphsram, 
neograece (eoL J. N. Alex. Manro- 
cordatus). Par. 1716. foL with 

14903 NOTICES et extraits des 
manuscrits de la biblioth^ue du 
roi. Par. 1 787-1818. 4^ 10 volL 
with plates. 

This work is also joined to the Mhmoiret 
de tacad, des insert, 

NOTIS variorum, editiones cum, see 
at the end of this work. 

14904 NOTITIA utraque cum wi- 
entis turn occidentis ultra Area* 


dii Honoiiique Caesarum tempora. 
Pneoedit And. Alciati libellus de 
magutratibna, civilibusque ac mili- 
taiib. officiis. Cui suocedit de- 
scriptio nrbis Romse, qaae sub titulo 
Pub. Victorii drcumfertur, et altera 
urbis Cplitanae incerto autore. Sub- 
jungitur vetustus liber de rebus 
bellicis ad Tbeodosium Aug. et filios 
ejus scriptus, incerto auctore. Item 
dispntatio Adriani Aug. et Epicteti 
pbilosophi. (Edidit Sgin. Gele- 
nins). Bas., Froben^ I55^* fo\. 
with woodcuts. 

107 unDiimbered leaves. The woodcuts 
in the Ihcsden copy are neatly iUuminated. 
Tlie first complete edition of this imp<n-- 
tant work, concerning which however Pan- 
cirollos erroneously maintains, that it was 
p ti ute d after a MS. of Marianus Scotus. 
Its text is not very correct, and the repre- 
•entatioiis are modernised. 

Complete MSS., and furnished with re- 
prasentations, are very scarce, and col- 
lectrrely appear to be copies of an old and 
long lost MS. of the library at Spires 
( B mr m a nm atfUoge epp. IV. 149.) Con- 
sult cooceming the work, FabneU bibi, 
UU, Ed, vet. I. 752. III. 573. Ejusd. 
bibi. gr. HarL VII. 526. Tirabotchi biU, 
Mod. IV. 13 (who, however erroneously, 
snpposes it to be printed in Banduri impe* 
timmwietU.) MarMbibL MS.l. z^i-^o. 
Saxii mufmeut. II. 492. And. Aldatus is 
■id to have first published it in his book 
D9 wtrnffitinUibui ehfUibus ei milUaribus 
^Pkii t , 1528; yet neither Labb^ nor Mo- 
raOi could find this edition, afiter which I 
also have every where sought in vain. 
niere is indeed an edition, And. Aleiati 
de ^mmque pedum prmeeripHone: de nut' 
gietrmb. eML et mi&tarib. qjffleiit. Ltigd.^ 
Sh. Grpphiuty 1530. 8^ It was afiter- 
wardt often printed with this book in the 
wofks of Alciatus. What however Ald> 
atos gave (under the title, indese digniia- 
imm emihmi miRiariymHpte in oriente et 
9eeidemie\ Is only an abridgment ; he omit- 
ted dlao the repr es en tations. 

14905 NOTITIA utraque dignita. 
tom cum orientis turn occidentis, 
ultra Arcadii Houoriique tempora, 
et in earn Guidi Panciroli commen- 
tarium. EJusdem de magistratibus 
monieipalibtia liber, nee non de 
XIV. utriusque tarn vetens quam 
ooTc urbis regionibus libellus. 
Nunc noviasime Fr. Rhnardesii 
commentariis illustratum et Gu. 



Marani tribus indicibus auctius fac- 
tum. Item Luic editioni adjunxi- 
mus tract, de rebus bellicis. Cum 
duplici indice. Ultima editio auc 
tior et correctior. Lugd., Hugo a 
Porta, 1608. fol. with woodcuts. 

16 leaves of preliminary matter, 222 and 
35 numbered and 13 unnumbered leaves. 
The edition of Pancirolus, which previ- 
viously appeared, Ven. 1593. fd. and ib. 
1602. foL is corrected from 2 MSS. and 
provided with a learned commentary ; but 
the representations are still less faithful, 
and at the same time less fine, than those 
in the edition of 1552. This edition ought 
to be had along with the following. 

14906 — notitia dignitatum utrius- 
que imperii, orientis scilicet et oc- 
cidentis, ultra Arcadii Houoriique 
tempora. Et in eam Guidi Panci- 
roli commentarium. Ejusdemque 
de magistratibus municipalibus re- 
busque bellicis et tam novae quam 
veteris Romse libellus. Ace. huic 
edit, totius imperii Rom. typus et 
index. £d. postrema auctior et 
emendatior. Genevse, St. Gkimone- 
tus, 1623. fol. with the same wood- 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 271 pages, 
6 leaves of index, 196 and 39 pages, and 
2 leaves of index. This edition, in part 
differently arranged, is enlarged with the 
tjfpua imp. Rom. and with a tabula de V 
ditBeesibus orientU ; on the other hand, the 
commentary of Rhiuu^esius and Alciatus 
de mqgittratibut are wanting in it; the 
dedication to PandroUus de magistratibus 
munioip. is also omitted. The typogra- 
phical errors of the preceding edition are 
only in part corrected. Cp. Cellarius^s 
MS. annotations to a copy of the edition of 
1623 are printed in J. F. A. KinderHng De 
bibhoth. 0€snobii Bergensis. Magdeb. 1771. 
4^ p. 103-X12. 

14907 — notitia dignitatum imperii 

Romani, ex nova recens. Ph. Labb^. 

Par. typ. regia, 1651. 12*'. 

A new recension wi^ the various read- 
ings of the earlier editions, but without the 
coomientary and representations. Labb^s 
death prevented a larger edition for the 
Corpus hist. Bgz. Reprinted, Ven. 1729. 
foL in the Venetian edition of the Bysan- 
tine historians ; (commonly bound up with 
O. Codinus).— The NoOtia, the hist time, 
with PaneirolH Comm. in GravH Thes. ant. 
Rom. VII. 1309 etc. where however the 


1192 NOT 

representations are quite disfigured, and 
are merely invented by the engraver. 

NOTITIA hist. Htt. de libris, see 

14908 NOTIZIA della vera liberta 
Fiorentina« con la sincera disamina 
e confutazione delle scritture e te- 
sti pubblicate per negare ed impug- 
nare i sovrani diritti degli impera- 
tori Bopra la citta e lo stato di Fi- 
renze (da Gf. Fil. de Spannagel)^ 
without place (Mil.), 1724-26. 
fol. 3 parts in 2 vols. 

Of this book only 50 copies ai« said to 
have lieen privately printed by order of the 
emperor Charles VI., for the court of Vi- 
enna ; besides which the printer struck off 
by stealth 8<nne copies for himself. At the 
same Ume the book is not so very scarce, 
and is very little sought after. 

NOTIZIA, see Borromeo. 

14909 NOTIZIE istoriche sulla vita 

di Giuliana CoUalto. Ven. 1756. 4^. 
A copy on vellum 9 fr. M*Carthy. 

NOTTI Romane, see Vbrri. 
NOURRY, see Bibliotheca pa- 

14910 NOUVELLES de la repub- 
liqne des lettres (Mars 1684 — 
Fevr. 1687 par Bayle^ jusqu'en 
Avril 1689 par de la Roqne et 
Barrin, depuis Janv. 1699 — Juin 
1718 par Jac. Bernard et J. le 
Clerc). Amst. 1684-1718. 12°. 56 

From May 1689 to Dec. 1698 nothing 
appeared. A 3rd edition, Amst, 1715-20. 
1 2^ 56 voll. 

14911 NOUVELLES litteraires. 
Haye, 1715-19. 8°. 11 voll. 

Reaching to 17 May 1719. Nwnettet 
KtUraires. Par,, Meniere 1733-34. large 
8**. arc different therefrom. Consult Char^ 
don MeiangMy II. 189 not. 

14912 NOUVELLES. Les cent 
nouvelles nonvelles, compos^es et 
rdcit^es par nonvelles gens depuis 
nagu^res. Par., Ant. V^rard, 23 
Dec. i486, small fol. Gothic letter, 
with woodcuts. 

The first edition, and very scarce, in 
which each nouvelle has a woodcut. 153 
leaves, with the siKnatures A-T, of which 
^ has 9 leaves, Fby T 10, but each of the 
other layers has 8. 


14913 -^ les cent nouuelles nouuelles. 
Par.» Ant. V^rard, without date, 
foL Gothic letter^ with woodcuts. 

An edition not less scarce. 10 leaves of 
preliminary matter (title and table of ood- 
tents), and 158 leaves of text, with the 
signatures B-Hh, The last leaf only con- 
tains V^rard*s symboL 

14914 — les cent nouvelles nouvelles. 
Par., N. Desprez pour Durand 
Gerlier, 3 Fevr. 1505. small foL 

Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

Less fine and less dear than V^rard^ 
editions. The woodcuts aro rude. Yet it 
sold for lol. at the Roeooe sale. Mon- 
noye, in his notes to Croir du Mmney men- 
tions an edition, Par,y N» Detprex pom- 
J, PetUy without date. 4*". Gothic letter, 
in a columns* 

14915 — les cent nonvelles. SEn- 
suyuet les cet nouvelles cotenant 
cent hystoires, ou nouveaulx cdptes 
plaisans a deviser en toutes bonnes 
compaignies par maniere de ioyeu- 
sete. Lyon, Oliv. Amoullet, with- 
out date. 4"^. Gothic letter, with 

With the signatures a-r, and 40 lines. 
The first 7 l^ves contain the title and 
table of contents. This edition also is still 
sought after. 

14916 Lyon, Oliv. Amoullet, 

1532. 4^ Gothic letter. 
With lines running all across the page. 

14917 Par., veuve de J. Trep- 

perel et J. Janot, without date. 4"^. 
Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

14918 — les cent nouvelles nouvelles, 
contenant cent histoires nouveaux, 
qui sont moult plaisans k raoont^ 
en toutes bonnes compagaies. Col. 
(Amst.), Pt. GaiUard, 1701. 8^ 
2 vols, with plates. 

An edition greatly prized, the pbtes of 
which are after Roniain van Uooghe. The 
pUtes are sometinies printed in the text, 
and are sometimes to be found on separate 
leaves. These last, according to Benonard 
and Brunet, are later imprenions. The 
edition, Anut, 1^33. la*. 7 voD. with the 
same plates, is httle sought after. A<^«, 
1 733. la^ 2 volL is wdl printed. See also 


14919 NOUVELLISTE (le) du Par. 
nasse, ou reflexions sur les ouvraoea 
nouveaux (par Pt. Fr. Guyot dea 


Fcmtames). Pte. 1733. f 2^ 3 roll., 
<« ib. 1 734. 1 2**. 2 voll. — Obeerva- 
tioiiB snr les dcrits modernes (par 
des PontaineSy Oranet et Freron) 
Man i735-Ao6t 1743. Par. 1735 
-43. 12^. 34 volL^'-JiigeineiiB snr 
qnelqaes ouvrages nouveaux (par 
des Fontahies, de Mairault, Freron 
et d'Eatr^). Avignon {Par.), 1 744 
-46. 12^ II voll. 

ThflM 3 jouTMli, the fint two of which 
wi n woffnmad by ooaunand of th« higher 
powen, may wrve as an introduction to 
#'r6rwi Atmee HU, (from 1 754)* 

14920 NOVARIA, Th. a. Thesan- 
ma arabico-syro-latinus. Rom»^ 
de propi fide, 1636. 8^ 

See abo Ageumla. 

14921 NOVATIANUS. Opera qu« 
sopemant oBNiia, post Jac Pameiii 
recensknem ad antiquiores editt. 
castigata et a multis mendis expur- 
gata: illnatrata etiam copiosissimis 
observatt. et notis. Stud. J. Jack- 
son. Lond.» Darwj et Browne, 
1728. 8°. 

The belt edition. Jackson rejected fe- 
deral emendations iHiidi had been made 
in Lmm MeUmU AHemonH {Sm. CreUm) 
JwUmm evang.JooMnk, T.I. Land. 17^6. 
S*. On the other hand appeared. Arts' 
mmm D^entio emendaHonum m NowUianQ 
facktr. eonku J. Jaekmm. Without phiot 
( LtmdJ) 1 739. 8**. t wberewi^ oompaii 
B i bH ot h. raimmtUe, IV. 285 etc. 

The earlier edition by ICd. Welchman| 
Or., A. ShM., 1714. 8^ is carelessly done. 
Opira ia GaUandi BibL PP. III. 987 etc, 

14922 NOVELAS ainorosas de los 

mejores ingenios de Espaiia. Zarag. 

1649. 8^. Alao, Barcelona^ 1650. 1r. 

Bock editions are very inoorrect. Best 
in Lcpe th Vega Obratf T. VIII. p. t sq. 
Tlw fint 4 only tan by Lope, the remain- 
ing 4 are by unknown autibon. 

14929 NOVELAS esoolhidas de di- 

rersoa aotom. Par. 1820. i8^ 2 

▼on. (5 fr.) 

See also CoLXOCioiTy No. 491a, and 
LavckS} No. 1 1684. 

NOVELISTS magazne, see Maqa- 


14924 NOVELLA di Ipolito (Bnon- 
delnonti) e Liooora (di Baidi). 



Triviso, (Ger. di Flandria), 8 Nov, 
147 1. smaU 4^ 

This very scaree edition is probably the 

14925 without place or date. 

4®. 1 2 leaves. 

This edition appears to be more modem 
than the preceding, by its correct ortho- 
graphy. It begins without farther title;, 
NeUa magnifioa 9 MHssima ciiia di Fu 
route etc. ; and ends with the sin^ word 
Firde* McCarthy possessed a copy on yeU 
lum, which is quoted in his CaiaL T. I. 
p. 543. No. 3595. under the title, Huto" 
rieta amormafra lAonora tU Bcvrdi e Hip^ 
polito Bondaimonie di Firenxa. The ds^ 
1471, added therein, was not to be found 
in the copy itself according to Brunet. 
This copy (as well as another which Ma- 
rolles saw) was bound up with Leo Bt. de 
AlberHs De amore and in amorie remedioy 
both of 147T (see above, No. 345); and in 
consequence MaroDes also took these novels 
for a work of Albertis and for a typogra- 
phical production of 1471. 

14926 — historia Hipoliti. Mutinse^ 
Mch. Volmar, without date. 4^. 

An edition hitherto wholly unknown. 
Panaer himself was quite unacquainted 
with the printer. 15 leaves with 24 lines 
and the signatures « and b. The first 
a lines of leaf i* are, (n)ELA. MAG- 
NIFICA J e beRsnma CUa de FiorenMo. 
Leaf 15^ line 33 and 74 has the colo- 
phon : 

EjpplioU hitiorU HipoHH Ipreeea mtOine 
per me magitirum Michahelem Volmar. 

14927 — Hippolito e Lionora. Turino, 
Fr. de Silva, without date. 4^. 
Probably printed between 1500 and 1516. 

14928 Lond. 1813. 8^ 

Only 50 copies printed. This edition 
forms the commencement of a collection of 
the rarest Italian novels, designed to be in 
several volumes. The articles Hippolito, 
No. 9770*, and Historietta, No. 9853, 
are to be erased. 

14929 NOVELLA cio^ copia d' un 

caso notabile intervenuto a un gran 

gentiluomo Genovese; cosa molto 

utile ad intender e di gran piacere 

etc. alii illustr. gentiluomo di Ve- 

neziu M. Vincenzo Cancelliere da 

Pistoja astrologo. Ven.^ without 

date (16th century). 4*^. 

This novel is one and the same with 
the first in the Notti of Straparola. An 
impression lately made at London is 
of the same siae and mentions the same 




place of printing as the original edition. 
Also, Ven. 1558. 8°. 

NOVELLA, see Grasso. 

NOVELLiE, see Justinianus, No. 


14930 NOVELLE. Le ciento no- 

velle antike. Without place or 

date. 4°. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter (title, de* 
dication, and table of contents), 51 num- 
bered leaves, and i blank leaf, with the 
signatures A-I, At the end is simply 
FINIS. This very scarce edition (sold 
at Stanley's sale, London, in 18 13, for 
59I. 17s.) agrees both in type and text 
(even to trifling differences) with the 
following, but appears to be somewhat 
earlier. No copy ik the ist edition, which, 
according to testimony scarcely to be doubt- 
ed, appeared, Fir., apud S. Jticobum de 
Ripokg, 148a or 83 (Fotsi Bibl. MagUah, 
T. III. prcBf, p. XXI.), is as yet known. 
On the other hand, another edition, Le 
ciento novelle aniikey without place or date, 
4^. 8 sheets with the signatures a-h, and 
printed in Italics, is only a later reprint of 
the edition of 1525, and is to be found in 
Sansovino*s collection of novels, Ven. 157 1. 
4**. The author of these novels is un- 
known. Consult concerning them Novell 
liero Itai. T, /. Ven, 1754. 8". pref. p. 
IX. sq. Manni in his edition (see below. 
No. 14934), T. I. p. 1-23. 

14931 — le ciento novelle antike. 
Bol., nella casa di Girol. Benedetti^ 
nel mese di Agosto, 1525. 4^ 

A very scarce edition, superintended by 
C. Oualteruzzi, and cited by the academy 
della Crusca 6 leaves of preliminary mat- 
ter, 40 numl>ered leaves, i leaf, errori, and 
I blank leaf. It is somewhat incorrect, 
but stands at a high price (23L los., Rox- 
burgh, 14L 14ft. Marlborough). 

14932 — Hbro di novelle, et di bel 
Parlar Gentile. Nel qual si co- 
tengono Cento Novelle altrauolta 
mandate fiiori da C. Gualteruzzi. 
Di Nuovo Ricorrette. Con aggi. 
unta di quattro altre nel fine. Et 
con una dichiaratione d' alcune delle 
voci pill anticbe. Fir., i Giunti, 

14 leaves of preliminary matter (the last 
blank), 165 pages, and i leaf, colophon. 
This edition, superintended by Vine. B^- 
ghini, and also cited by the academy della 
Crusca, deviates greatly from the preoed- 
ing. 18 genuine novels of the earlier edi- 
tion are here omitted, and in their place 


are put 19 spurious and later ones. The 
orthography also is modernized. 

14933 — libro di novelle e di bel 

parlar gentile, nel qual si conten- 

gono .... quattro altre nel fine (as 

in the preceding title). Fir. (A^o- 

poU), 1724. large 8**. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter and 166 
pages. A reprint of the preceding edition, 
with a partial use of that of 1525. The 
pseudonymous editor calls himself Fidalgo 
Partenio. Oamba praises this edition. — 
The 15 oldest novels are in the NovMero 
Ital, T. I. Ven. 1754. 8^ 

14934 — libro di novelle e di bel 
parlar gentile, contenente cento no- 
velle antiche, servite di norma e di 
materia al decamerone di Gi. Boo- 
caccio, mandate fuori giii da C. 
Gualteruzzi, ora di nuovo con an- 
notazioni di D. M. M. (Dm. Mar. 
Manni). Fir., Gius. Vanni, 1778- 

82. 8°. 2 voU. 

In the text a reprint of 1572. Manni*8 
preface and notes are valuable. 

14935 Torino, Davico e Pico, 

1802. 8^ 

Superintended by Gi. Bt. Ohio with 
great care, and furnished with a very im- 
portant preface concerning the authors and 
merit of these novels. 

NOVELLE cento, see Sansovino. 
— galanti, see Casti. — Concerning 
Italian novels in general, see Bor- 


14936 NOVELLE tre deU' ingrati- 
tudine, dell' avarizia de' principl 
modemi, e dell' eloquenza. With- 
out place or date (i6th century)-. 8**. 

Very scarce. The third of these no- 
vels is printed again in Noveitiero lial. 
T. IV, {Ven, 1754. 8^.) with the conjec- 
ture that Sperone Speroni might be the 
author of it. But Mm^i {Cat, PinelH^ 
V. 17.) saw a copy in which there was 
written in the mai^n of the and and 3rd 
novels by a contemporary hand, Dello «e- 
ceilenHssimo M. Marco da Mantoa, 

14937 NOVELLE, facetie, motti e 
burle di diversi autori, riformate e 
corrette. Siena, 1604. 8*^. 160 pages. 

14938 NOVELLE. Cento novelle 
amorose de i signori accademici In- 
cogniti, divise in tre parti. Ven., 
Guerigli, 165 1. 4°. 3 parts in i voL 


14939 NOV£LL£ otto, stampate a 
spese de i signori Oiac. conte di 
ClanbniBsill, Tomm. Stanley e Wo- 
gan Browne. Lond., Giac. Ed- 
wards, 1790. 4^ 

Only 2$ copies were printed, 4 of which 
(not 2 only) were on bad vellum. One of 
these reilum copies 598 fr. McCarthy. 

14940 NOVELLE di alcuni au- 

tori Fiorentini. Londra {LitHtmo), 

Bancker, 1795. 8^ 

4 copies on Mue paper. This collection, 
▼cry carefully superintended by Ckiet. Pog- 
giafi, contains 26 novels. 

14941 NOVELLE di antori Sanesi. 

Londra {hivomo)^ Bancker, 1796- 

98. 8**. a voll. 

Abo 4 copies on blue paper. GaetanoPog- 
giali was the editor. 

14942 NOVELLE scelte rarissime 
Btampate a spese di XL. amatori. 
Lono., Bensley, 1814. 8^ with 

Of this collection, which contains 7 no- 
Tcb, only 50 copies were struck off (Re- 
Dooard, III. 173). Aconrding to Bninet 
3 Tols. appeared. 

14943 NOVELLE della repubbl. 
delie lettere. Ven. 1729-64. 4^ 
36 voll. 

14944 NOVELLE letterarie, pub- 

blic. in Firenze (da Gi. Lami). Fir. 

1740-69. 4°. 30 voll, Novelle lett. 

continuate da Gius. Pelli etc, ib.r 

1770-95. 4^^. a6 voll. 

Probably more of both journals has 

14945 NO VELLIERO italiano.Ven., 
Pasqualigo, 1 754. 8''. 4 voll. Also 

00 large paper. 

This odtection, superintended by OiroL 
Zannetti, contains 78 novels selected from 
the best authors. 

14946NOVELLIEROitaliano. Lon- 
dra (Livonro), Bancker, 1791-98. 

8^. 26 volL 

Under this fictitious title, the edition of 
old Italian noveUsu superintended by Oae- 
tano Fqggiali at Livomo is set down in 
catalogues: it consists of the following 
works: BandeUa, 9 voIL; Boccaccio, 4 
ToU; ErtMMo, i voL; GnufMiifd detio Ltuca, 

1 voU. ; G'wcanm Fioreniino, 2 voU ; Moriy 
I woL ; NooeUe di alcuni auiori Fioreniiniy 
I Tol. ; Novelli Hi autari Sanssi, 2 voU. ; 

N U M 1195 

Parabotcoy i vd.; Sacchettiy 3 volL See 
each of these articles. 

Of this collection there are several copies 
on blue paper, and one on vellum. 

14947 (NOVELLIERO). Raccolta 
de' novellieri italiani. Mil., SiU 
vestri, 1817. large 16®. 26 voll. 
(75 livres de Milan). 

Of this reprint of the preceding coUec 
tioo, enlargeid with 2 inedited novels by 
Lasca, there are 4 copies on blue paper. 

14948 NOVELLO, Triffon. Su i 
progressi della storia naturale con. 
siderata in tntte le sue disrama- 
zioni. Ven. 1809-11. 8°. 7 voll. 

An interesting work. 

14949 NOVERRE, J. G. Lettres 
sur la danse et sur les ballets. 
Lyon, de la Roche, 1 760. 8"*. Vi- 
enne, 1767. 8^ Par. 1783. 8^ In 
German (by J. Jo. Cp. Bode). 
Hmb. u. Brem. 1 769. S*'. ( 1 2 gr.) 
— Recueil de programmes des bal. 
lets. Vienne, 1776. 8°. — Lettres 
sur les arts imitateurs en general et 
sur la dance en particulier. Par. 
1807. 8^ a voll. — CEuvres. Peters- 
bourg, 1803. 4°. 4 voll. 

NOVUM Testamentum, see Tbsta- 


NOYSE, see Schrenck. 
NOZEMAN, see Sepp. 
NOZERENUS, see Coonatus. 

14950 NOZZOLINI, Annib. Rime. 
Lucca, Busdrago, 1560. 4^ 

There is herein, besides other things, a 
translation of Claudian's Rape of ProseV'-' 
pine in veni sciolH, 

14951 NOZZOLINI, Gius. Rime. 
Fir., i Giunti^ ^S9^' 4*** — Sogno in 
sogno^ ovvero U verme da seta, 
poema. Fir. 1628. 4"^. 

NUBIENSIS geographus, see E. 


NUFHUT, see Shuekh. 
NUMA, see Gihan. 
NUMI, see Torremuzza. 

14952 NUMI .£gyptii imperatorii 
prostantes in museo Borgiano Veli- 
tris (auct. G. Zoega). Romse, 1787. 
4^. with 22 plates. 

14953 NUMORUM antiquor. scriniis 
Bodlejanis reconditor. catalogus cum 



commentario (Pr. Wise). Ox., th. 
Sheld., 1750. fol. with 23 plates. 

14954 NUMISMATA serea maximi 

moduli primique XII. Augusti ex 

auro, dudum Romse in coenobio 

Cartbusise, nunc Vieunae Austrise 

in gaza Caesarea. (Roma), 1727. 

foL witb plates. 

Father de Rochefort, procurator-general 
of the Carthusians, had collected this cabinet, 
and caused these plates to be engraved, in 
order to their lieing published. After his 
death, the brethren o( his order sold both 
the cabinet tuid the plates to the emperor 
Charles VI. Bartoli, who was entrusted 
with the removal of both, without having 
farther permission, had some impressions 
made privatdy in Rome, which afterwards 
were most carafully suppressed by the pro> 
per Austrian authorities, as not only the 
plates, especially in the circumscriptions, 
were full of the g^rossest faults, but also 
among the very coins themselves more 
than 2CO false ones were discovered. The 
work is consequently extremely scarce, al- 
though at the same time destitute of all 
value. Debure, Bibliogr, No. 5828, men- 
tions an edition, Vienrusy 1 750. fol. 

14955 NUMISMATA cimelii C«- 

sarei Regii Austriaci Vindobonen- 

sis, quorum rariora iconismis, cetera 

catalogis exhibita (op. et stud. Jos. 

de France, Valeut. on Val^ Erasmi 

Froelich et Jos. Khell). Vindob. 

1754-55. large fol. 2 vols, witb 25 

and 1 1 2 plates. 

See also Catalogue, No. 3700, and 


14956 NUMISMATA selectiora in 
sere maximi moduli e museo Fr. de 
Camps. Concisis interpretationib. 
per (J. Foy) Vaillant illustrata. 
Par., Dezallier, 1694. 4*^. 

With I title-plate and 59 leaves of coins, 
well engraved by Ertinger (not Eslinger), 
whnee name, together with the nnmb^ of 
the page, is placed on each leaf in the right 
comer below. This edition is greatly to be 
distinguished from another with the same 
title, and the date. Par,, DezaUiery 1695. 
4°. which is a reprint prepared in Holland, 
and agreeing line for line. The latter is 
distinguished by a title printed in red and 
black (that of the edition o{ 1694 is black 
only), by the omission of some marginal 
notes of the preceding edition, but particu- 
larly by the plates, which are infierior, and 
not quite faithful copies. The nimiber of 
the page is here on each leaf on the right 

comer 0^000, and on the first plate (en no 
ii^CbetyiMP.Schoanebeektc. Thenamber<tf 
plates is the same. Brunet knew only the 
latter edition, and assigned very little value 
to it; but that of 1694 may well make 
pretensions to greater considenukm, oo ac- 
count of the fine original plates. 

14957 — selectiora numismata aerea 
maximi moduli (e museo Fr. de 
Camps, delineata et sculpta a Fr. 
Eslinger [Ertinger]. Par. 1696). 
4*'. Also on large paper. 

Under this title Brunet specifies copies 
of those plates without any text, which 
probably contain more plates than the pre- 
ceding edition. They afterwards appearedy 
likewise without any text, under die title, 
Antigua JRomanor. mperator. ncHmsmafti 
ex mre nuunmo, oHm ab abbate de Campt 
oollecta, et quorum nomtmila J. Fof Vml^ 
lant ejepUctUionibus ittueiramtj nune in eu 
melio ducU (PEstriee servata. Without 
place, 1737. very large 4**. Thereto may 
be jdned, Dm. SetHm descriplio telecHor, 
ntimigmatum e museo oUm abbaiis de Campty 
postea d^Ettriety tabulae teneae 126 amU' 
nen$. Berol. 1808. 4°. 

14958 NUMISMATA antiquain tres 
partes divisa. Collegit olim et aeri 
mddi vivens curavit Thomas Pem- 
brochise et Montis GK>merici Comes. 
Prelo demum mandabantur. {Lond.) 
1746. 4°. 2 vols. Also on large 
paper in foL 

This work, scarce and greatly sought 
after, is very finely engraved, but has no 
text. Although the title only specifies 3 
parts, yet it reaUy contains 4. The ist 
contains 1 title-plate and 38 plates, the and 
a mint-knife and 98 pUtes, the 3rd 139 
plates. Then follows, with a separate title, 
Numi anglici et acotici cum aHquot nfimu- 
matibue recerUioribtu. CoUeigU Thomae 
PembrocMm et MonHe Gomeriei Comesy 
with I title and 31 [dates. Before the ist 
part there is in some copies an index i^e- 
pared by Jos. Ames in English, which was 
only given as a present, and is therefore 
wanting in most copies. 

NUMISMATA; see also Abigoni, 
BiB^ Mazzoleni, Sanclbmbn- 
Tius, Thbupolus, and Vbnuti. 

NUNEZ de Leao, Duarte, see Lbao. 

14959 NUNEZ^ Hernan. Refranes 
o proverbios en romance, que col- 
ligio J glosso Hernan Nudes. Sa- 
lamanca, 15^5. fol. 

A very scarce edition of this odlection 
of proverbs in alphabetical order. 


14960 — — Salamanca^ 1578. 8^ 

14961 — refranea o proverbios en 

romance qne coligib j dossb Her- 

nan Nunez ; y la filosona vulgar de 

J. de Mallara en mil refranes glo- 

sadoe: item les quatro cartas de 

Blasco de Craray echas en refranes. 

Madr., Martinex, 1619. 4^ 

With the mme appendages also Leritia, 

14962 — refranes o proverbios, re- 
vittos J enmendados por Fr. L. de 
Leon. Madr. 1804. 8^ 4 yoll. 

Considerably enlarged certainly, but at 
the same time omitting those proverbs 
which were not passed by the censor of the 



14963 NUR8IA, Bd. de. Pulcher- 
rimum et utilissimum opus ad sani- 
tatis oonsenrationem. Romae, J. Ph. 
de Lignamine, 14 Jan. 1475. small 

1 37 leaves with 1 1 fines, without signa- 
tores, caidiwords, and pagination. The 
first edition, of which there are also copies 
in which a dedication by Lignamine to 
Sxtos » prefixed, and Pt. de Apono De 
venemish appended. 


NUSRI, see Giixbbist, No. 8514. 
NUZA, see ^ubita. 
NYDER, see Ntdsr. 

14964 NYERUP, Erasm. {anon.) 
Symbols ad literaturam teutonicam 
antiqaiorem ex codd. manu exanu 
tis, qui Havnin asservantur, edits 
inmtibuB Pt.. F. Suhm (curante 
Erasmo Nyerup). Havn. 1787. 4"^. 

NYON, see Vallikrs. 


14965 OBADIAS Armenus^ quo cum 
analysi vocum Armenicar. gramma- 
tica et collatione versionis Anne- 
nice cum fontibus aliisque versio- 
nibus, exhibetur primum in Ger- 
oiania specimen cboracterum Ar- 
Bienicor., ab And. Acolutho. Lps., 
t3rpi8 Justini Brandi, 1 680. 4^. 

The first Armenian printing in (Germany. 

14966 OBERLIN, Jer. Jac. Mu- 
seum Schopilini T. I. Lapides, 

marmora, vasa. Arg. 1785 (1770). 

4^. 3 parts in i vol. witb plates. 
OBICINUS, see Novaria. 
OBRIEN, see Bribn. 
OBSEQUEN8, see Julius. 

14967 OBSEQUIALE secundum ec 
desiam Augustensem. AV., Rat- 
dolt, 1487. 4**. Gothic letter. 

Two copies on vellum in the Roy«l li- 
brary at Munidi. Ratdolt's first typogra- 
phical production at Augsburg. 

14968 OBSEQUIALE seu benedic- 
tionale secundum ecclesiam et dio- 
cesim Frisingen. Babenberg8e> H. 
Petzensteiner et J. Sensenscbmidt^ 
1484. 4''. Gothic letter. 

Two oq>ies on veUum in the Royal 
library at Munich. 

14969 — liber obsequiorum ecclesis 
Frisingensis. Without place, 1 569. 


A copy on vellum in the Royal Ubrary 
at Munich. 

14970 OBSEQUIALE ecclesis Ra- 
tisbonensis. Nrb.^ G. Stuchs, 1491. 
4''. Gothic letter. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Munich. 

14971 OBSEQUIALE secundum Sa- 
lisburgensis ecclesiae ritum. {Nrb*)^ 
G. Stuchs, 1496. 4°. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Munich. 


14972 OBSERVATIONES miscel- 
haietb in auctores vett. ac recentio- 
res, ab eruditis Britannis a. 1731 
edi coeptK^ «um notis et auctario 
varior. viror. doctor, (cnra Pt. Bur- 
manni et Jac Ph. d'Orville). Amst. 
1732-39. 8°. 10 voll. Miscellaneae 
observationes criticie novse in auctt. 
vett. ac recentiorea (cura Jac. Ph. 
d'Orville). Amst. 1740-51. 8^ 
4 voll. 

Each vol. contains 3 parts. The first 
2 vols, are translations of Mi$eelUmmmt 
observations upon authors ancient and mo- 
dem. Lond, 1731. 8^. 1 vols, of which 
J. Jortin was the editor. Against this 
English original appeared, Remarks on 
the miscelL observatums upon authors on- 
eient and modemy m several letters to a 
friend (1731); which on account ai its 
scarceness has been reprinted in the Clas* 
steal Journal^ IX. 90 sq. 229 sq. 




OBSERVATIONS sur Thist. nat., 
see Gautier. — sur un livre, see 
DupiN. — sur les Merits modernes, 
see NouvELLiSTK. — et memoires 
sur la phys.^ see Journal de phy. 

OBSONIA omnium horar., see An- 
TflOLooiA^ No. 693. 

14973 OBSOPiEUS, Vine. De arte 

bibendi libri IV. et (Mth. DeHi) 

arte jocandi libri IV. Accedunt 

artis amandi^ dansandi practica, 

item meretricum fides^ aliaque fa- 

ceta. LB. (Commelinus), 1648. 12^. 

135 and 280 pages. 

The first edition of this often printed 
book is, Nrb.y Petrejua, 1536. 4**. In 
German by Or. Widcgram, Freyburgy 
'537* 4"- 50 leaves. G>nsiilt Freytoff** 
Nachrichten, p. 184 191. 

OBSOP^US, J., see Sibyllarum 

14974 OCAMPO, Florian d\ Las 
quatro partes enteras de la cronica 
de Espafia, que mando componer 
el Serenissimo rey don Alonso Ua- 
mado el sabio. Uista y emendada 
mucha parte de su impression por 
Florian Docapo. Zamora, Agst. de 
Paz y J. Picardo^ 9 Dec. 1541- fol. 
Gothic letter. 

427 niunbered leaves in 2 columns. Of 
this extremely scarce chronicle, which must 
not be confounded with the following work, 
Ocampo was only the editor. Concerning 
it, consult Gatp. Ib<mez Memoriat his- 
tor. del rei Z>. Alofuo el Sabio. Madr, 
1777. small foL p. 461 sq., where it is 
proved that Alphonsus himself was the 
author of it, and that Ooampo^s edition is 
very faulty. Not less incorrect is the edi- 
tion (with the chronicle of kings Sancho 
and Fernando), Vattttdol., Mig, de Her- 
rera, 1554. f(A. Concerning the historical 
worthlessness of the chronicle itself, see 
Ibanez I. c. p. 565 sq. 

14975 — I08 quatro libros primeros 
de la cronica general de Espana. 
Zamora^ J. Picardo a costa de Pedro 
Museti, 15 Dec. 1543. fol. Gothic 

The first edition, very scarce, but con- 
taining only 4 books. Corrected and en- 
larged, but still only 4 books, ZamorOy 
without date ( 1 545 ). 4**. 

14976 — los cinco libros primeros de 


la coronica general de Espana. Me- 
dina del Campo, de Millis, 1553* fol. 
This ^rd edition contains the 5 th book 
for the first time. 

14977 Alcala, Inigues de Le- 

querica, 1578. fol. 

222 numbered leaves and 8 unnimibered 
(Tabid). It does not contain more than 
the preceding edition, but is prized in Spain 
as the most correct. In the preface to the 
edition of 1792 there is another editioa 
mentioned, Valladol., Sb. de Catnas, 1604. 
fol. ; but Brunet says that this is another 
chronicle. If it really bears the title given 
by him, Lot quatro partes de la eoron. de 
Esp,f then it is an edition of No. 14974* 
As to the rest, Ocampo^s chitmide only 
reaches to the 2nd Punic war, and the fol- 
lowing article is a continuation of iu 

14978 — Ambr. de Morales coro. 

nica general de Espaiia (lib. I.-X.). 

Alcala, Lequerica, 1574. fol. Libro 

XI. y XII. ib., id., 1577. fol. Las 

antiguedadas de las ciudades de 

Espana. ib., id., 1575. fol. Los 

cinco libros postremos (XIII.- 

XVII.). Cordova, Gbr. Ramos Be- 

jarano, 1586. fol. All together 

3 vols. 

In vol. III. p. 333-350. there ought to 
be a IHscurso de la verdadera deecendeneia 
del S. Domingo. Morale^s work is coo- 
duded by Prudendo de Sandoval Historia 
de los reyet de Castilla y de Leon. Pam- 
phna^ 1615 (new title, 1634). foL To 
which may also be joined, Saieuar de Men- 
doMa Origen de ku tUgnAdades eeglaree de 
CastUta g Leon. Madr. 1657. foL 

14979 — coronica general de Espafia 
que recopilaba Florian d' Ocampo. 
T. 1. II. (lib. 1-5). Madr., Cano, 
1 79 1. Coronica general de Esp. 
que continuaba Ambr. de Morales. 
T. 1I1.-VI1I. (Hb. 1-17). ib.. id., 

1 79 1. Ambr. Morales las antigue- 
dades de las ciudades de Espana y 
viage del mismo. T. IX. X. ib., id., 

1792. 4^. Altogether 10 vols. 

To which may be joined, Prtid, de 
Sandoval Historia de los reges de Costilla g 
de Leon. {T. XL XII.) ib., id., 1792. 
4**. 3 voU. Ambr. de Morales Opuaeulos. 
{T. XIII.^XV.) ib.,id, 1793. 4'. 3 roll. 
Salajsar de Mendoza Origen de las digni- 
dades seglares. {T. XVI.) ib., id., 1794. 
4°. Eadi vol. of this fine and very care- 
fully superintended edition costs at Madrid 
20 rs. in sheets. 


14980 OCCAM, Gu. de. Dialogor. 
libri VII. adyersns hsereticos ; ejusd. 
tract, de dogmatibus Johannis Papse 
XXII. Without place (Par., Ce- 
sarU ei Stot), 1476. fol. 

In Raman diaracten. The first edition, 
rery acaroe. 

14961 — opus nonaginta dierum. 
IfUgd., Trechsel, 1495. ^^^* Gothic 
letter. Dialogus. (16., id., 1495). 
foL Compendium errorum Jo- 
hazinis XXIL ib., id.^ 1496. fol. 
Gothic letter. Super potestate 
pcmtificis octo qusstionum deci- 
siones. ib., id., 1496. fol. Gothic 
letter. (These 4 pieces also in Mich. 
€lolda8ti Monarchia S. Rom. imp. 
T. II. Ff. 1614. fol. p. 313-1235). 
Quiestioiies et decisiones in IV. 
liliros sententiamm^ acced. ejus cen- 
tiloqiiium theol. Lngd.» Trechsel^ 
1495. fol. Gk)thic letter. Quodli- 
beta VII. cum tract, de sacramento 
altaris. Arg., (Mt. Flack), 1491. 
foL Gkythic letter. Summa totius 
logicse. Bon., Hector, 1498. fol. 
Gothic letter. (Also^ Ox. 1675. 
8^.) Expositio super totam artem 
▼eterem. Bon., Hector, 1496. fol. 
Summuls in libros physicor. Bon., 
Hector, 1494- ^ol. Gothic letter. 

14982 OCCO, Adf. Imperator. Ro- 
manor. numismata a Pompejo M. 
ad Heraclium ab Adf. Occone olim 
oongesta. Augustor. iconibus, notis 
et additamentis jam illustrata a 
Fr. Mediobarbo (Mezza Barba) 
Birago. Nunc vero a^nendis ex- 
purgata, additionibus criticisque ob- 
aenratt. exomata curante Ph. Ar- 
gelato. MedioL 1730. fol. Also 
on large paper. 

With I portrait, i title-plate, and coins 
printed in the text. At first, AtUw.^ 
Pimni^ I57^> 4**- without any representa- 
tions. The eariier edition of Mediobarbus, 
MetUoL 1683. foL with plates, is not 



OCEANUS juris, see Tractatus 
unirersi juris. 

14983 OCELLUS Lucanus de uni. 
▼ersi natora, brevis et absoluta qua- 

litatumelementarium enarratio (gr.) 

Par., Cr. Neobarius, 1539. 4°. 

The first edition, rery scarce, and not 
made use of by the last editor. A Latin 
translation by Gu. Ch. Aurelius with Ari' 
stoteles De tnundoy interpr. Gu. Budao. 
Par. 1541. 12°. 

14984 — de universi orbis natura 

(gr. lat.), J. Boscio Lonaeo inter- 

prete atque commentatore. Lovan.^ 

Pt. de Colonia, 1554. 8°, 

The text appears to be printed after the 

14985 — de universi natura (gr. lat.) 
interprete L. Nogarola. Ven. 1559. 

4 • 

14986 — de universi natura (gr. 

lat.) interprete L. Nogarola. Ejusd. 

Nogarolae annotatt. in Ocellum et 

epistola de viris illustribus Italis 

qui grsece scripserunt. Ed. III. 

collatione exemplarium melior facta. 

(Hdlb.), Hi. Commelinus^ 159^* 


59 pages, 2 leaves, and 48 pages. The 
editor, Hi. Commelinus, made use of the 
Venetian and Lovanian editions, and added 
various readings. There appear to be co- 
pies with Geneva as the place of printing. 

14987 — de universi natura (gr. 
lat.). Textum e grfeco in lat. 
transtulit coUatisque multis exem- 
plaribus, etiam MSS.^ emendavit^ 
paraphrasi et commentario illus- 
travit C. Emm. Vizzanius. Pars 
physica (et polit.) Bon.^ ex typ. 
Ferroniana^ 1646. 4°. 

12 leaves of preliminary matter, 348 
pages, and 8 leaves. Between leaf 224 
and 235 is a second title. A new recension 
from 3 MSS., but incorrectly printed, and 
the various readings are not to be depended 
upon. The translation and paraphrase are 
obscure and in bad Latin; but the oom- 
m^itary contains much that is good. 

14988 — (the same title). Amst, 
Blaeu, 1661. 4°. 

13 leaves of preliminary matter, 319 
pages, and 6 leaves. Better printed, but 
the printer has introduced concision in the 
pmnting out of the MSS. made use of.^ 
Then in Th. Gale Opusco. mythoi. Cbr. 
1671. 8^ and Am$t. 1688. 8^ 

14989 — Ocellus Lucanus en mc 
et en fran9. avec des dissertations 



?ar le Marq. d'Argens. Berl., 
laude, 1762. 8^ (i d. 4gr.) 
His translation is extramdy indiiFerent. 
— -Ofld/ttf LtkC' Sur PtnUvers et Timie 
de Locretf trad, par d^ Argent, Par,^ 
Bastien, an 3 (1794)- small 8**. is without 
the Greek text. A copy on veUum, t a fr. 

14990 — Betrachtungen des Ocellus 
von Lucanien uber die Welt (Greek 
and German). Aus dem Griech. 
in das Franz, ubs. u. mit verschied- 
nen AbHandll. begleitet vom Marq. 
d'Argens. Aus dem Franz, ins 
Deutsche ubs. BresL, Hom^ ^7^3* 
8-. (i6gr.) 

This translation at second hand is quite a 
failure. The animosities of the French 
original are omitted in the annotations. 

14991 — de la nature de I'uni- 

vers (en gr. et en fr.) avec la 

traduct. ^n^. et des remarques 

par Batteux. Par.^ Saillant^ 1768. 


Commelinus^s edition forms the basis, 
with a hasty use of a Paris MSS. The 
school-edition, by H. W. Rotermund, LpM. 
1795. 8**. (4 gr.) is of no value. 

14992 — de rerum natura, gr. Ad 
fidem libror. MSS. et editor, re- 
censuit, commentario perpetuo auxit 
et vindicare studuit A. F. Gu. Ru- 
dolphi. Lps., Schwickert, 1801. 
8^ (id. lagr.) Also on writing 

14993 — In German by Cp. Gf. 
Bardili in Fiillebom's Beitrr. zur 
Gesch. der Philos. St. 10. S. 1-77. 
by J. G. Schulthess in Bibliotb. 
der griech. Philos. Th. 3. Zur. 
1 78 1. 8**. On the nature of the 
universe, from Ocellus Lucanus, 
European magazine^ 178a. p. 181^ 
262, 350, 429. 

14994 OCHINO, Bernardino. Apo- 

logi, nelli quali si scuoprano li 

abusi, sciocheze, superstitioni, er. 

rori, idolatrie et impieta della sina- 

goga del Papa : et spetialmente de 

suoi preti, monaci et frati. Without 

place (Geneva), 1544. 8°. 

60 very incorrectly paged leaves, with 
the signatures A 2-H 4, and wiUi the 
printer's symbol, Pressa valeniior. This 
very scarce piece contains only the ist book 


of the apologues. There are copies which 
mention the place and printer {Gemevoy Ge^ 
rardo) in the title. 

The places where Ochino*s writings, whidi 
are chiefly undated, were printed, 1 have 
tried to determine after an accurate exami- 
nation of the types and paper-marks. The 
earlier ones were printed at Genera, by J. 
Oirard, in the years 1542-44. The printer's 
symbol has the inscription Pretm ««- 
lenHor, the paper-mark is generaUy a wine- 
glass, and the types are sometimes Italics 
and sometimes Roman characters. The 
Dial, del purgatorio only, with its transla- 
^ns, 1555 and 56, was printed at Zurich 
by And. and J. Gesner. All his other 
writings issued from a Basle press, without 
any printer's symbol, and mostly without 
anv paper-marics, sometimes in Italics 
(which are distinguished by the cunred top 
of the / and by the g), and sometimes in 
Roman characters. According to Geeneri 
Bibl, ed. Fris, p. 115, it was Isingrin who 
printed the first a vols, of the Pre^Rdte, 
but in the lAber de oorparU ChrieH prm- 
senUa (printed with the same Italios) and 
in the Dialogi XXX. (printed in Roman 
characters) Pt. Pema mentions bimsdf as 
the printer. According also to WundCt 
MagaxinfUr die Gesch. der Pfabs, I. 1 18, 
Pt. Pema was involved in troubles on ac- 
count of his printing Ochino*s woi^ at 
Basle, and for that reason took refuge at 
Heidelbei^ (although Schelhom in his Er- 
goizlichk^teny III. 1189, doubts this). As 
to the rest, Pema himself was an Italian 
who had Aed on account of rdigion, and 
this circumstance is in favour of his being 
the real printer. 

14995 — des hochgelehrten vnd Gott- 
saligen mans Bn. Ochini von Senis, 
fiinff Biicher siner Apologen. Durch 
Cp. Wirsung verdeutscht. Without 
place, 1559. large 4*^. 5 parts in 
I vol. 

Each book has its separate title. Whence 
he has taken the translation of the 4 re- 
maining books, which are not in / the 
original he does not say. The dedication 
is dated 1556, and the place of printing 
was probably Augsburg. The 5th book 
is frequently wanting in the copies. 

14996 — rier Boecken dw Apologen: 
Beschreven int Italiaensch door 
Bn. Ochinum. Eertyts overgeset 
wt de Italiaensche inde Mooch- 
duytsche sprake door Cp. Wirsingh, 
ende nu wt den Hoochdu}rtsche in 
onse gemeyne nederduytsche tale 
door Oer. Suetonum. Dordr.» Ca- 

nin, 1607. 8^ 9 leaves and 366 



14997 — catechismo^ overo insti- 
tntione diristiana^ in forma di dia- 
logo. Bas. 1561. 8^ 

a Ibbvm of preliminaiy matter, and 313 
pages. Probably printed by Pema, and 
wUk the same Italics as the Prediohe* 

14998 — dialog! VII. sacri, dove 
ai contiene; nel I. Dell' inamo- 
nuvi di Dio. Nel. II. II modo di 
diventar felioe etc, Ven., N. d'Ari- 
stodle detto il Zoppino, 1543. 8°. 
55 leayes. 

14999 — dialogi XXX. in duos libros 
divisi, quorum primus est de Messia, 
oontiiietque dialogos XVIII. Se- 
cundus est cum de rebus variis, 
turn potissimum de trinitate. Bas., 
Pt. Fema, 1563. 8°. 2 vols, of 440 
and 478 pages. 

This Latin translation is by Sb. Cas- 
ViSSao, They never appeared in Italian. 
The printer mentions himself In the last 
page. The 3ist dialogue, on polygamy, 
was the oocasioQ of Ocluno*s being deprived 
of his official employment at Zurich, and 
of his being banished the town. The 
UudogOy which he in consequence wrote in 
Ins defence^ was printed for the first time 
in Sdielhom's ErgotMUchkeUen^ III. 1007 
—35, and the answer of theZoridi ministers 
tiianMo, ib. III. 3157-94. 

15000 — a dialc^e of polygamy^ 
written originally in Italian : Ren- 
dred into English. Lond., Garfeild> 
1657. 12^ 61 pages. 

The translation is from the Latin, not 
from the Italian. — The eases qf polffgamyy 
eoneuUnagey and divorse (inmsl, from 
OdUa). Land,, Pof/nej 1733. la**. 

15001 — dial(^o del purgatorio. 
Without place, 1556. 8°. 

3 leaves of preliminary matter, 130 pages, 
and 4 leaves, index and errata. Eridently 
printed by And. and J. Gesner at Zurich. 

15002 — de purgatorio dialogos 
(lat. vertit Thaidttus Dunus). T^., 
ap. Oesneros, without date. 8"^. 

3 leaves, 1 1^ peges, and 6 leaves. The 
p o stsc r ipt of the translation, p. 115, is 
dated 4fdL i>0i0. 1555, although the original 
int appeared in 1556. 

15003 — dialogue touchant le purga- 
toire» trad, en fran^ais. Imprime 
par Ant Cerda, 1559. 8^ 1 28 pages. 

15004 — Dialogus d. i. ein G^sprach 

von dem Fagf heur verteutscht. 

Ziir., And. u. Jac. Gresner^ ^555' 
8^ 171 pages and i leaf. 

15005 — dlsputa intomo alia pre- 
senza da corpo di Giesu Christo, 
nel Sacramento della cena. Bas. 
1561. 8°. 287 pages.— Prediche no- 
mate laberinti del libero o uer (sic) 
seruo arhitrio. ih. without date. 8"*. 
3 leaves and 260 pages. 

Both books belong together. The types 
are the same Itah'cs as those used in the 
Prediche, and the printer was probably 
Pema. There are also copies of the se- 
cond book with the ((lowing new title: 
Prediche del R, Padre Don Serafino da 
Piagenzay dUte iaberitUi etc. Pavia, with- 
out date. 8*". 3 leaves and 260 pages. 

15006 — liber de corporis Christi 
prsesentia in coenfe sacramento. Cui 
adjunximus ejusd. authoris Laby- 
rinthos de divina prsenotione et 
libero s. servo hominis arbitrio. 
Omnia nunc prim, ex italico in lat. 
serm. translata. Bas.y Pema^ with, 
out date. 8^. 

4 leaves, 301 pages, and i leaf, and then 
the LabprtnlM with a separate title (and 
consequently often found by itself). 2 
leaves, 261 pages, and i leaf. Pema men- 
tions himself in the title of the Labyrinihi, 
The types are the same Italics as in the 
preceding work. 

16007 — epistola alii molto Magni. 
fici Signori, li Signori di Balia 
della Citta di Siena. Geneua^ i 
Nov. 1543. 8^ 12 leaves. 

With the symbol Pressa valenHor, The 
printer was probably J. Oirard. This 
letter, together with that to Mutio, are 
also in the Prediche, T. II. 

15008 — epistre aux magnifiques 

Seigneurs de Seine etc. Auec vne 

autre epistre a Mutio Justinopoli. 

tano. Translatees de la langue 

Italienne. Without place, 1544. 

8°. 25 leaves. 

In somewhat different characters, cer- 
tainly, but with the same paper-mark (a 
wine^Uus) as the preceding, and probably 
likewise printed at Geneva by J. Girard. 

15009 — epistola Hieronymi Lu- 
censis ad Bn. Ochiaum, cum re- 
sponsione ejnsdem. C^enev., J. Oi- 
rardus, 1543. 8°. 



15010 — expositione sopra la epistola 

di S. Paulo alii Romani. Without 

place, 1545. 8°. 

382 pages, with the signatures A 2-R 5 
and the printer^s symbol, Presta valenHor, 
Probably printed at Geneva by J. Girard 
(so also Gesneri Bibl, ed. Frit. p. 115). — 
Tlie Bodleian catalog^ie has Ejepositio epist. 
ad Rom,y de ital. in lot, transkUa. A V,, 
,... f 8**. Gesner also, /. c, mentions a 
Latin translation by Sb. Castellio. 

15011 — Ausslegug der Epistel Sant 
Pauls zun Romem. Augsp., Ph. 
Vlhart, 1546. 8°. 3 and 149 leaves. 

15012 — expositione sopra la epi- 
stola di S. Paolo a i Galati. With, 
out place, 1546. 8°. 

15013 — Predigen vber die Epistel 
Pauli zu den Oalatern, vorteutscht. 
Augsp., Val. Othmar, 1546. 4°. 
98 leaves. 

— labyrinthi, see Disputa. — ^Liber, 
see Disputa. 

15014 — responsio ad Marcum Brixi- 

ensem, abbatem ord. S. Bened. 

Without place, 1543. 8°. 

34 leaves (the last 2 blank). With the 
printer^s symbol, Presaa valeniior (there- 
fore printed at Geneva) and the same 
paper-maik, as the Sermones ( No. 
1 5019 and 3o). 

15015 — responsio ad Mutium Jus- 
tinopolitanum. Without place, 1543. 


Probably also printed at Geneva. 

15016 — risposta alle false calumnie 
ed impie biastemmie di tetre Ambr. 
Catar. Polito. Without place, 1546. 
8°. 40 leaves. ^ 

The answer to Ambr, CtUarino Laiu 
oeloUo Polito Rimedio a la pesHlerUe doU 
trina di Bfu Ochino. Roma, 1544. 8^ 
which piece was directed against Ochino^s 
Epist. alii Signori di Siena. 

15017 — prediche (T. 1.). Without 

place (Geneva), 154a. 8°. 

Containing T. I. Pr»i. 1-20 of the later 

15018 — sermones (T. II.). Without 
place (Geneva), 25 Jan. 1543. 8^ 

Printed in Italics, with the signatures 
a i-k 5. Containing T. I. Pred, 31-41* 

15019 — sermones (T. III.). With- 
out place (Geneva). 1543. 8°. 

In Roman characters, with the signa- 


tiires A 3-i{ 5, and the printer*8 symbol, 
Presta valentior. Containing T. II. Pred, 

15020 — sermones (T. IV.). Stam- 
pato in Oeneua, d. 3 Nov. 1 543. 8*^. 

In Roman characters, and the signatures 
a 2-q 5. C/Outaining T. II. Pred. 27-5 1 . 

15021 — sermones (T. V.). With- 
out place (Geneva), d. 15 Martii, 

1544- B^ 

In Roman characters, with the signa- 
tures A 2-1 2, and the printer^s symbol, 
Pressa valentitn: Containing T. IL Pred. 

15022 — sermones de fide (T. VI.). 
Without place (Geneva) , 1544* 

In Roman characters, with the signa- 
tures a 2-0 5, and the print^^s symbol, 
Pressa valentior. Containing T. III. 
Pred. 1-22. 

These 6 vols, of the original editicm are 
far more scarce than the later ones. They 
are likewise in Italian notwithstanding the 
Latin title. 

15023 — prediche (P. I.). Nouella- 
mente ristampate et con grande 
diligentia riuedutte et corrette. Con 
la sua Tauola nel fine. Withoat 
place or date (Bas.^ Pi. Perna), 

In Italics, with the signatures a 2— Z> 5. 
The last 3 leaves are a tavola in 2 leaves, and 
I blank leaf. Containing 50 Predd, 

15024 — (the same title). Without 
place or date. 8°. 

It is a 2nd edition of part i, in the same 
type (but much neater), and with the same 
signatures. The first 4 lines in the tide 
are in larger character than in the pre- 
ceding. It agrees with it page for page, 
but may be distinguished by leaf 2a line 
8 in the preface ^ding with saii^ece hti 
(in the preceding saHsfece) and line 9 with 
sati^are (in the preceding satis-). Leaf $•> 
line I che cosa e el has the e without an 
accent (in the preceding i with an aooeot). 

15025 — la seconda parte delle pre- 
diche, diligentemente corrette. Con 
la sua tauola in fine. Withoat 
place or date (Bas., Perna). 8**. 

In Italics, with the signatures aa 2-KK$. 
The title is set down in 7 lindb, the revens 
of the title is blank, and besides the tmfola 
of the second part, that of the 3rd is also to 
be found therein. Containing 65 Prvdd.^ 
the Epist. alii SS. di Siena^ and the EpisL 
a Mutio. 


li%26 — k seoonda parte delle pre. 
diche, aocDratamente castigate. Con 
la sua Tauola in fine. Without 
place or date (Bas., Pema). 8°. 

The 2nd edition c{ part 2 in the same 
type (but far neater), and with the signa- 
tares oa %-MM $. The title is here in 6 
lines, OD the reverse of the title is an 
addros, ailo pHssimo leUore, and at the 
tnd is merdy a tavola to the and part. 
The contents are the same. 

15027 — la terza parte delle pre- 
dicbe. Without place or date 
{Bas,, Perna), 8". 

In Italics, with the signatures a, Aaa- 
JLU S. Containing 79 Predd, and Tes- 



15028 — la quarta parte delle pre- 
diche. Without place or date {Bas., 
Perna). 8°. 

In Italics, with the signatures AAaa 2- 
VYjfif 5. Containing 51 Predd. 

15029 — la quinta parte delle pre- 
diche. In Baflilea (Pema)^ 1562. 

375 V^fS^* <^^ ^ leaves tavda, in Italics 
wkh the signatures, Aaa 2^ 5. Contain- 
ing 50 Predd. This 5th part is the 
■cuisest, and is often wanting. 

This 2nd edition of the Prediche is 
indeed less scarce than the Geneva edition, 
but it is far more complete. There are 
abo said to be copies to which the false 
name, Thomas de SenU or Thonuu epkc. 
JntHnopoRlanus, is prefixed Against these 
Prrdiehe was first of all directed : Le men' 
Hie Ochiniane dei Mutio Justinopolitano. 
rif»^ GioUtOy 155 1. 8'. 

15030 — sermons de Bn. Occhin en 
fran9ois nouveUement mis en lu- 
mi^ k Thonneur de dieu etc. 
Without place, 1561.8°. 1 8c leaves. 

Containing 22 Predd. Renouard, in his 
CakU. I. 116, thinks it was printed at Ge- 


15031 — swantzig Predige Bernhar- 

dini yon Siena (iibs. von Jos. Hoch- 

•teter). Neuburg, Kilian, 1545. 

4". 4 and 85 leaves. 

Containing T. I. Pred. 1-20 of the 
Itafian edition. lb. 1556. 4°. is enlarged 
with 6 Predd. Cp. Wirsung also mentions 
in the dedication to his translation of the 
Apoloffij dated 1556, that he verschiner 
Zeit eiHehe BUeher Oohini vnd sunderlich 
4m 4 Theti teiner Predigten ausgehn »u 
Imnen vorhabetu geweten. 

15032 — sermons translated into 
English. Ippeswich^ 1548- S'^* 


15033 — syncerfe et verae doctrinae 

de ccena domini defensio contra 

libros tres Jo. Westphali. Tig., m. 

Jan. 1556. 8°. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter and 203 
pages. One of the rarest of Ochino^s 

15034 — Bn. Ochine's tragedie or 
dialoge of the unjuste usurped pri- 
macie of the bishop of Rome and 
of all the just abolishyng of the 
same, translated out of Latine into 
English by J. Ponet. Lond., Gwal- 
ter Lynne, 1549. 4°. Gothic letter. 

15035 — von der Hoffnung aines 
Christlichen gemiits. Augsp., Ph. 
Vlhart, 1547. 4°. 8 leaves. 

15036 — ain Christlichs schons vnd 
trostlichs Bett (Gebet). Augsp., 
Ph.. Vlhart, without date. 4°. 4 

15037 — ain Gesprech, der flaischli^ 
chen vernunfft, vnd ains Gaistli. 
chen oder glaubigen Christen men- 
schen etc. Augsp., Ph. Vlhart, 
without date. 4°. 14 leaves. 

OCKAM, see Occam. 

15038 OCKO Scharlensis. Chronyk 
van Friesland. Leeuwarden, 1742. 

OCONNOR, see Connor. 

15039 OCTAVIA, die romische (von 

Ant. Ulrich. Herz. zu Braunschw. 

u. Liineb.). Nach dem ehemali- 

gen Entwurf geandert u. vermehrt. 

Brschw., Zilliger, 171 2. 8°. 6 vols. 

with plates. 

A 7th part, which however only contains 
a fragment, was printed, Wieriy 176a. 8**. 
Brschw., Schroder, without date (about 
1 740). 8**. 4. vols, with plates is well printed. 
The edition, Nrb. 1685- 1707. 8^ 6 vols, 
contains this historico-political ronuuice in 
its original form. A companion to this 
romance, which contains the Roman his- 
tory from the emperor Claudms to Vespa- 
sian, is Die durcfiiauchtige Syrerin Ara* 
mena, by the same author, Nrb, 1669 or 
78. 8**. 5 vols., in which appears the 
history of the patriarchs of the Old Testa- 

15040 OCTAVIANUS. Eine schone 
vnnd kurtzweilige Hystori von dem 
Keyser Octauiano (aus dem Franz, 
libs, von W. Salzmann). Strb., 




Griininger, 1535. ^^^' ^^^ wood- 
cuts, 66 leaves. 
Also in the Buck der lAebe BL i sq. 

15041 — Keyser Octaviani Historie 
(Danish). Kbhvn. 1662. 8*». 

GoDoeming an unprinted French Mjfstire 
d'Octavien et de Sibylle TiburHne, see 
HisL unto, des thidtres, XL 64 sq. 

15042 ODAXIUS, Typhis. Carmen 
macaronicum de Patavinis quibus- 
dam arte magica delusis. Without 
place or date. 4^. half Gothic letter. 

Extremely scarce. 10 leaves, without 
signatures, catchwords, and pagination, 
printed at the end of the I5lh century. 
First is a tetrastich, Est auctor Tiphitt 
LeoniotUy atque Parenxus etc The poem 
itself begins, Fortunam miseram ei oasttm 
risUfUe certe. The author (properly 7Y/f 
deffU Odasj) is the oldest macaronic poet 
known, consult BibL Pinelli, II. 436. 

15043 ODDI, Sforza degl'. Com- 
medie, di nuovo ristampate. Yen., 
Sessa, 1597. 11°. 

ODEPORICON, see Rch. Bab- 


15044 ODERICUS, Csp. Aloys. 
Dissertationes et adnotatt. in ali- 
quot ineditas veterum inscriptt. et 
numismata. Romie, 1765. large 4^ 
with plates. 

There ought to be found therein, 1 por- 
trait; I dedication^plate ; i plate, p. 26; 
I woodcut, p. 27; a table and 1 plate, 
p. 131 ; I woodcut, p. 331 ; i printed in- 
scription, p. 323 ; 1 plate, p. 385 ; and 
I plate, p. 3po. The rest of the plates 
were printed m the text. 

ODOARDS, see Desodoards. 

15045 ODORICO. Elo^o storico 

delle gesta del b. Odorico con la 

storia da lui dettata de' suoi viaggi 

Asiatici illustrata (daGius. Venni). 

Ven., Zatta, 1761. 4°. with 2 


The best information respecting Odorioo^s 
travels is in the Nuova raccolia ttopuso, 
scient\f, eJUol. T. 25. No. 9. p. 128 sq. and 
T. 29. No. 9. p. 27 sq. The first sketch 
Odorico wrote in Itah'an in 1318, whidi 
18 in the Riccardi Kbrary at Florence. In 
the year 1330 Ougl. de Solagna composed 
a detailed Latin description of this journey, 
as it was imparted to him by Odorico by 
word of mouth. This was soon dissemi- 
nated in numerous copies, which bore dif- 
ferent tides, and had various differences one 
With another. Only those passages which 


relate to any reUgious point an printed 
(very inoorrecdy) in the Acta SS, Jan, 
T. I. p. 986-92. The Latin original ap- 
peared compl^ for the first time in the 
above woric This edition is firom 2 MSS. 
and very carefully superintended. 

There are also 3 Italian translatioos. 
Pontioo Virunio published one at Pesaro 
in 1513 {MorelH Cod, voig. Namani, 
p. 90), a second, in which however much 
IS omitted, is given by Ramusio in his col- 
lection (Ven, 1558. fcH.), T. II. p. 245-54, 
and a MS. of the third is described in JVo- 
relU Codtd volg, Namaniy p. 00. A Freodi 
translation of die year 1531, by J. le Loog^ 
is in MS. in the Royal hhrary at Paris. — 
Consult also Vita e viaggi del b, Odorico da 
Udine detoritti da Baailio AtqismL Udine» 

'737- 8"- 


15046 CECUMENIUS. Commen. 
taria in acta apostolor., in omnes 
Pauli epp., in epp. catholicas omnes. 
Ace. Arethie explanatt. in apoca- 
lypsin, gr. et lat. Interprete J. 
Hentenio, emendatore et praelectore 
hujus editionis Fed. Morello. Lut. 
Par., C. Morellus, 1630-31. fW. 
2 yoll. 

At first in Oredc only, Venmm^ fraiff 
Sabiiy 1532. fol. Henteniu8*s Latin trans- 
lation at first, ArUw, 1545. foL 

(EDER, see Flora Danica. 

15047 (EFELE, And. Fel. Rerum 
boicar. scriptores nusquam antehac 
editi. A v., Lotter, 1 763. fol. 2 volL 

15048 OEFENINGEN. Taal- en 
Dichtlievende Oefeningen van het 
Grenootschap Kunst wordt door 
Arbeid. verkr^en. Leyd. 1775. 
8°. 7 veil. — Prysverhandelingen 
van hetfelfde Genootschap. ib. 1 782. 
8°. 4 voll. 

Digte. Kbhvn. 1803. 8^— Poe- 
tiske Skrifter. ib. 1805. 8^. 2 voU. 
— Nordiske Digte. ib. 1807. 8®. — 
Axel of Valborg, et Sorgespil. ib. 
1810. larae 12^ In G^ennan, 2nd 
edition, Stuttg. u. Tub., Cotta, 
1820. 8^ (20 gr.) — Palnatoke, et 
Sorgespil. Kbhvn. without date. 8°. 
In German, Tiib., Cotta, 181 1 or 
19. 8^ ( I d.)— Staerkodder, Tra. 
gddie. Kbhvn. 181 2. 8^ In Ger- 


man, Stattg. u. Tub., Cotta, 1 82 1 . 
8**. (20 gr.)— Farak, Syngespil. 
Kbhvii. 1812. 8^ — Hagbarth og 
Signe, et Sorgespil. ib. 1816. 8®. 
In German, Stut^.» Cotta, 1819. 
8°. (21 gr.) — Akddin oder die 
Wnnderlfunpe, ein Dramat. Ge- 
dicht. 2. verb. Aufl. Lpz., Brock- 
bans. 1820. 8°. 2 voll. (4 d.)— 
Hakon Jarl. Trsp. Tub., Cotta, 
1809, 8**. (2ogr.)— Correggio, Trsp. 
ib., id., 1816 or 20. 8^ ( I d.) — Ge- 
didite. ib., id., 1817. 8^ (i d. 
8gr.) — Mahrchen u. Erzahlungen. 
ib., id., 1817. 8°. 2 voll. (3 d.) 
— Hugo von Rheinsbers, Trsp. 
(ubs. u.) herausg. von Raf. Chris- 
tiani. Gott., Deuerlich, 1818. 8^ 
(16 gr.) — Lndlam*8 Hole, ein dra- 
mat. Mahrchen, u. Freya's Altar, 
Lttstsp. BerL, Nicolai, 1818. 8^ 
(i d. 18 gr.) — Der Hirtenknabe, 
eine dramat. Idylle. Lpz., Brock- 
bans, 1821. 12®. (aogr.) — Erich u. 
Abel, Trsp. ubs. von Lowtzow. 
Schlesw. 1821. 8°. (1 d. 4gr.)— Die 
Ranberbnrg, Singspiel. Stuttg. u. 
Tub., Cotta, 1821. 8^ (20 gr.)— 
Robinson in England, Lustsp. ib., 
id., 1821. 8°. (20 gr.) 
15660 OELINGER, Alb. Vnderricht 
der Hocfa Tentschen Spraach. Gram- 
matica seu institutio verse german. 
hngam. Arg., Wyriot, 1574. 8". 

Tbis Oerman grammar, written in Latin, 
ii KMiietimet erroneously taken for the 
Me u z'aee Neuttet out der anmuth. Ge- 
ieknmmk. VI. 398. 

1M51 OELRICHS, Gh. Thesaurus 
dissertationum juridicar. selectissi- 
mar. in academiis Belgicis habitar. 
Brem. et Lps. 1768-70. 4^ 6 parts 
in 2 vols. (7 d.) Novus thesaurus 
diasertatt. etc. cum appendicis Vol. I. 
Brem. 1771-82. 4®. 6 parts in 3 
Tola. (7 d. ]6 gr.) Collectio dis- 
aertatt. jus pnbL spectantium in 
acad. Belgicis habitar. Tom. I. 
Brem. 1781. 4^ (i d. 8 gr.) Col- 
lectio diMertatt. historico-antiqua- 
rio- juridicar. in academiis Germanise 
habitar. Brem. 1785. 4^ (i d. 
8 gr.) Collectio dissertatt. jus nat. 



et gentium spectantium in acad. 
Belgicis habitar. Brem. 1777. 4^ 
(20 gr.) 

15052 OELRICHS, J. Collectio 
opusculor. historioo-philol-theol. se- 
lecti argumenti, inprimis in Gto* 
mania et Belgio separatim editor. 
Brem. 1768-70. 4°. 2 voll. (2d. 
16 gr.) Germanise literatse opus- 
cula h]storico.philol..theol. ib. 1772 
--74. 8^ 2 voll. ( 1 d. 1 2 gr.) — Beliii 
literati opiiscula historico-philcu.- 
theol. ib. 1774-76. 8°. 2 yoU. 
( I d. 1 2 gr.) Danise et Suecise li- 
teratse opuscula hist., philol., theol. 
T. I. ib. 1774-76. 8^ (id.) 

15053 OELRICHS, J. G. Am. 
Commentarii de scriptorib. ecclesin 
latinse prior, sex seculor. Lps., 
Weidmann, 1791. large 8°. (i d. 
16 gr.) C. Trg. Glo. Schonb- 
MANN bibliotheca historico-lit. pa- 
trum. lat. a Tertulliano usque ad 
Gregor. M. et Isidor. Hisp., ad 
biblioth. Fabricii lat. accommodata. 
ib., id., 1792-94. large 8°. 2 vols. 
(4d. i6gr.) 

Both works are too diffusely designed, 
inconveniently arranged, and not finialied. 

15054 OESTERREICH, Mthi. Re- 
cueil de quelques dessins de plu- 
sieurs habiles mattres, tires du ca- 
binet du comte de Bruhl. Dresde, 
1752. fol. I title and 40 leaves. 

15055 (EUVRE. Sensieult une ceuvre 
nouvelle contenant plusieurs mate- 
res, et premiers. Lan des sept 
dames. Rondeaulx et balades da- 
mours. La derniere eglogue de 
Virgile. Une louenge dytalie de 
Virgile. Une oraison de nre dame 
on est compris le fondement de 
la foy christienne. Une ballade 
reprenant les erreurs des rhetori- 
ciens rimeurs et baladenrs. La 
premiere fiorse de Plaute nommee 
amphitrion laquele compret la nais- 
sance du fort hercules, ^aite en 
rime. Et ung sermon que fist 
frere oliuier maillart a bruges lan 
mile et cinq cens. Et tout en la 
fin seront mises aulcunes oorrectioni 




des fkultes des impresseurs par 
ordre^ car lacteur ne veult sounrir 
que Ion die quil aye fait le liure 
ainsy quil est impresse ches eux 
dont pora corrigier son liure sil luy 
plaist. Without place or date {An- 
vers, Ger. Leeu^ 'S^S)- sniall 4°. 
Gothic letter. 

Of this extremely rare hook, insufficiently 
descrihed hy Debure, No. 2969 ; M. de 
Solenne at Paris possesses the only known 
copy (recbimed from Valli^^s library hy 
the library of St. Genevieve, and sold at a 
Brussels sale in 18 19 for 350 fr.). It con- 
sists of 3 sections : the ist of 96 leaves 
with the signatures A-Pj the 2nd of 108 
leaves with the signatures aa-4t (at the end 
of the same 2 1 leaves, errata), and the 3rd 
(Sermon de MaiUard) of 1 2 leaves with the 
signatures aaa and bbb. At the end of 
the 1st section (leaf P 5) is a concluding 
verse, whicii gives the year 1503 (not 
15 1 3 as Goujet BibL fr, XI. 28, would 
have it). 

OFFENBARUNG, see Gutmann. 

15056 OFFICE de la vierge. Par., 
Metayer, 1586. l2^ 

A copy on vellum, 4 fr. McCarthy. 

15057 OFFICE des chevaliers de 
Tordre de S. Esprit. Par., impr. 
roy., 1703. 12°. 

A copy on vellum, 41 fr. Vallih«. 

15058 OFFICIA sanctor. s. brevia- 
rium juxta ritum ecclesiae Maroni- 
taruDi, chaldaice. Romse, de prop, 
fide, 1666. fol. 2 voU. 

15059 OFFICIUM cathedralis ec- 
clesise Rothomagensis. Pars hi- 
berna. Rothom., J. de Bourgoys, 
1492. 8°. 

A copy on vellum in the library at 
Rouen, see DtbdirCs Tour^ I. 1 78. 

15060 OFFICIUM defunctor. ex 
breviario Romano accommodatum 
cantui ecclesiastico dicecesis Augus- 
tanse. Without place or date. fol. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
at Munich. It begins with the signature 
mij^ and consequently seems to be incom- 
plete, although the pagination commences 
with I and goes to 47. 

15061 OFFICIUM in festo S. Di- 
daci. Romae, Bladus, 1588. fol. 

A copy on vellum, 15 fr. 95 c M'Car- 


15062 OFFICIUM b. Maris virg. 

Ven., N. Jenson, 1474. 32**. 

Very scarce, and printed in red and 
black, see Panzer^ III. 100. According to 
DibdirCa Decam, III. 398. lord Spencer 
possesses a copy on vellum of an edition, 
Ven,y Jenson, 1475. ^4"* Gothic letter. 

15063 OFFICIUM b. Mari» virg. 

I am acquainted with copies on vdlom 
of the following editions. 

Neap,, MoravuM, 1478. 8'*. {BibL iWc- 
cardi, p. 1 1. No. 331). Valentus, 1486.4*. 
{G^Uingen). Ven., J, Hatnan de Landoja, 
1488. 24^ Gothic letter ^Lord Spencer, aee 
Dibdin Decam. III. 398). Ven,, Jutsu ae 
impensis Luc. AnL de Giunia, per Emerie. 
de Spira, 1496. 16**. Gothic letter, with 
miniatures (offered for sale by Molini 
at Florence in 1807 for 120 paoli). Ven.^ 
J. de HalHs, without date (before 1500). 
I6^ (iL 15s. PineUi, 12 fr. M'CarthA 
Ven., Luc Ant. Junta, 1501. 8^ with il- 
luminated woodcuts {Bandini Annai. Junt. 
I. 8). Ven., Stagninus, 1506. I8^ with 
21 miniatures (9 fr. McCarthy). Par., 
Hardouyn, without date (1510). 8^ with 
illuminated woodcuts (M. Nag^ at Bertin, 
a 2nd copy in the Royal library at Copen- 
hagen, a 3rd in Bihl. Riccardi, p. 71. 
No. 576). Par., N. Htghman, 15 12. 8*. 
with woodcuts (Bibl, Riccardi, p. 71. No. 
578, where also No. 581 is a copy of the 
same in Spanish, on vellum, ib,, itL, with- 
out date. 8". with woodcuts). Par., Pk, 
Pigouchet, without date. 8''. {BibL Ric- 
cardi, p. 72. No. 26). Offieium majue 
b. MaruB virg. 8*. with woodcuts (a copy 
on vellum in the Royal library at Munidi, 
but defective, and the last page with its 
specification quite illegible). 

15064 OFFICIUM simplex septem 
dierutn hebdomadis, ad usum Ma- 
ronitar., chaldaice. Romae, 1624. 

OFFRAY.^see Mettrie. 

15065 OGEE. Dictionnaire histor. 
et g^ogr. de la Bretagne. Nantes, 
1778. 4°. 4 voU. 

OGER, see Ooibr. 

15066 OGERIUS, C. Ephemerides 
s. iter Danicum, Suecicum, Polo- 
nicum. Ace. N. Borbonii epistole. 
Par. 1656. 8^ 

Well written, and greatly to he depended 
upon. It is scarce, but an idit. contn^/mte 
is said to have appeared at Ilambuigh in 
the 1 8th century. Consult FreytagU 
Nachrr. p. 134. Beckmann LitL der 
Rei$, II. 069 sq. 

O G I O K O 1207 

15067 OGIER. Le ronimant nomm^ 15074 — Oger le Dannois, due de 

Ogier le Danoys, parlant des belles Dannemarche, qui fiit Fun des 

▼ktoires et gnindes prouesses qu'il douze pers de France. Troyes, 

eat, ensemble plusieurs nobles prin- i6io. 4"^. with woodcuts. 

ces fran^ois contre les Sarrasins et 15075 — visions d'Oger le Danois au 

infid^es (trad, de rime du roi royaume de Feerie. Par., Ponce 

Aden^, en prose). Par., Ant. Roffet, 1542. la". ib., id., 1548. 

Vcrard, without date. fol. Gothic 8°. 
letter. I™ 3 bonks, and in verse, by an unknown 

o * u J 1 •*!. *v • .. author. Both editions are scarce. 

158 onnumbered leaves with the signatures j n i. ^ t j i 

aUDU^. A scaroe edition, the most sought 15076 — il bbro delle battaglie del 

after, but len complete. The later edi- cavaliere Ogiero el Danese, in ot- 

tkms are enlargred with Ogier's adventures ^y^ ^^^ ]yf jl^ J^ Ang. Scinzen- 
in &iry<-huid, and his return to France. A . ^ a^ 

copy on vdlum with 57 miniatures (but J^^^Jwr^' ^^ xt 

wHhout the ist leirf) an fr. Vallikre, OGILBY, see BiBLiA, No. 2123. 

500 fr. McCarthy. There are two French 15077 OGLE, G. Gemmje antique 

itMnanoes of Ogier, consult Hist. lilt, de la cffilatK. or a collection of gems, 

;l;:'^^^V^^^^■«lJU!i. e-^-a b, a. au Bosc. e1 il 

G^dHu Mur Getch. der deuisch. Poesisy lK)nd. 1741. large 4°. With 50 

p. 175. plates. 

15068 Par.. N. Chretien, with. The bad "PT^"*"''"" "L *i^ "»*' 

M<,^^r^mj o i^ 1 • 1 4^ which are not at all to be depended upon, 

out date. 4**. trothic letter. ^^ o„ly ^^^^ ^f ^^ first 50 plates, from 

15069 — Ogier le Dannoys, Due de {Levesque de GraveUee) Recueii de pierree 
Dannemarche, lequel, avec I'ayde ffrav. antiques. Par, i73»-37*4''- ^ voU. 
du roy Charlemaigne, chassa les A continuation did not appear. 
Payens hors de Romme, et remist OHSSON, see Muradgba. 

le Pape en son si^. Par.. Alain 15078 OX HEN ART, Arnald. No. 

Lotrian et Denis Janot, without titia utriusque Vasconiae turn Ibe- 

date. 4^. (Jothic letter, with wood- "cae turn Aquitanicie. Ed. II. 

cuts. emend, et aucta. Par., Cramoisy, 

15070 — Ogier le Danois, due de 1656. 4°. 

Dannemarche etc. Par., N. Bon- ^ One of the ^^ J<>'!f! ?.\^^?^^^^ 

^ •-.!- -L J -. o n 4,v,' this ancient province. This pretended and 

Ions, without date. 4°. Gothic ^.^j^„ ^ ^^^^ ^^ the same with the ist, 

letter. Par,, Cramoisy^ 1638. 4*. and only the 

15071 — Ogier le Dannoys, due title and last 2 leaves are printed anew. 
de danemarche: qui fut lug des 15079 OISELIUS, Jac. Thesaurus 
douze pers de France etc. Lyon, selector, numismatumantiquor., cum 
CI. Nourry, 7 Nov. 1525. fol. Go- singulor. succincta descriptione. 
thic letter, with woodcuts. Amst., Boom, 1677. 4°. with 118 

The editions of 1539 and 40, which plates. 

Bninet quotes from Debure, Na 3816, are QREANUS. see FiRUZABAD. 

:;SSktthS^*u^1^^1re ;^^ng 15080 O'KEEFFE. Dramatic works. 

of the romance of Meurvin, not of Ogier. Lond. 1 798. 8°. 4 voU. 

15072 — histoire d'Ogier le Danois, OK ELL Y. see Kblly. 

due de Dannemarche. qui fut I'un 15081 OKOLSKI, Sim. Orbis Po- 

des douze pairs de France etc. lonus, in quo antiqua Sarmatar. 

Lyon, Rigaud, 1579. 8*». gentilitia. . .pramia et arma specifi- 

In Roman characters and greatly prized, cantur et relucent. Cracov., C«sa. 

^ 1 TA • J j« rius, 1641. fol. 3 vols, with wooa- 

15073 — Oger le Dannois, due de * ^ ^ 

Dannemarche, run des douze pairs """"c^nstanUy becoming scarcer. There 
de France. Par., Bonfons, 1583. j, ^Iso a copy in the Royal library at 
4®. with woodcuts. Dresden with coloured coats of arms. 




15082 OLAPSEN, Egerhard, et 
Biame Povelsbn Reise igiennem 
Island. Soroe, 1772. 4°. 2 voll. 
Reise durch Island, aus dem Dan. 
Ton Jo. Mch. Geuss. KopenH. u. 
Lpz., Faber, 1774--75. 4®. 2 vols, 
with plates (5 d. 12 gr.). Voyage 
en Islande, fait par ordre de S. M. 
Danoise (r^igl d'apr^ les me- 
moires d*0]afsen et Povelsen), trad, 
du danois par Graulthier de la Pey- 
ronie (les deux derniers volumes 
par Biomerod). Par. 1802. 8°. 
5 vols, and an atlas in 4^. (30 ft*., on 
vellum paper 50 fr.) 

To which may be joined: OL Olafsen 
oekonomisk Reise igiennem de nordvestl.y 
nordl, og nordottU KarUer of Island. 
Kbhvn, 1780. 4**. 2 voll. In Oerroan^ 
Dresd, u, Lpz. 1 787. 4°. (3 d.) 

OLAUS Magnus, see Magnus. 

15083 OLDHAM, J. Works, with 
memoirs of his life, by E. Thomp- 
son. Lond. 1770. 12^ 3 voll. 

Previously, Lond, 17 10. 8^ 

15084 OLEARIUS, Ad. CoUigirte 
u. vermehrte Reisebeschreibungen, 
bestehend in der nach Muskau u. 
Persien, wie auch J. Albr. von 
Mandelslo morgenland., u. Jiirg. 
Andersen's u. Volq. Yversens ori- 
ental. Reise etc, Nebenst (Sadi's) 
beygefugtem persian. Rosenthal u. 
Baumgarten. Hmb.,Wiering, 1696. 
fol. with plates printed in the text. 

Previously, ScfUeew, 164.7, or 56, or 63. 
fol. with plates. Id English, Lwid. 1669. 
fol. In Dutch, Amat, 1 65 1. 8^ with plates. 

15085 — voyages fiaits en Moscovie, 
Tartarie et Perse par Ad. Olearius, 
trad, et augm. par Wicquefort. 
Amst. 1727. foL 2 parts in i vol. 
with plates. — Voyages faits par J. 
^b. de Mandelslo, mis en ordre 
par Olearius et trad, par Wicque- 
fort. ib. 1727. fol. 2 parts in 1 vol. 
with plates. 

There are also copies of both works, 
which ought not to be separated, on laige 

Stper. An earlier French translation of 
learius, Pat, 1656. 4^ 

OLEARIUS, P., see De. No. 5841 . 
OLERON, naval laws by, see Hist, 
lit. de la France XIII. 96 sq. 


15086 OLIMPO da Sasaoferrato, 
Baldass. Parthenia. Ven., Bin- 
doni, 1525 or 39. 8^ — Pegasea. 
Ven., Zoppino, 1525. 8®. ib., Bin- 
doni, 1539. 8°. — Olympia. Ven., 
Sessa, 1532. 8°. ib., Bindoni, T53B. 
8®. ib., Gi. Padovano, 1541. 8°. — 
Nuova phenice. Yen., Bindoai, 
1538. 8°. — La gloria d'amore. Ven., 
Sessa, 1530. 8^ ib., Bindoni, 1539. 
8°. ib., Gi. Padovano, 1544. 8^ 
— II lingua^o. Ven., Bindoni, 
1524. 8°. — L' Aurora. Ven., Bin- 
doni, 1539. 8°. — Ardelia. Ven., 
Roffinello, 1544. 8"^. ib., Bindoni, 
1548. 8^— Camilla. Mil. 1525. 8^ 
Ven., Bindoni, 1545. 8®. 

Copies, in which these small ooUeotions 
of poems are bound together, are greatly 

15087 — libro nuovo d'amore, do^ 
il linguaggio, I'Ardelia, la Camilla, 
la Parthenia, e I'Olympia etc, Ven. 

'555- 8**- 

15088 OLINA, Gi. Pt. Ucelliera 
owero discorso deila natura e pro- 
priety di diversi uccelli, con il mo- 
do di prendergli. Roma (other 
copies, Bracciano), And. Fei, 162a. 
4°. with plates. 

Only prized on account of the plates by 
Tempesta and Villamena. But the edi- 
tion, Roma, 1684. 4**. is cheap. 

15089 Oliva, Fernan Perez de. Obraa. 
Cordova, Gbr. Ramos, 1586. 4*^. 

Containing, among other things, two tra- 
gedies and some poems. 

15090 — obras poeticas del maestro 
Oliva. Madr., 1787. 8*^. 2 volL 

15091 OLIVEIRA, Ant. Gomes d*. 
IdyUios maritimos. Lisb. 161 7. 8^ 
Sonetos heroicos. Lisb. 1641. 8^. 

Both cited by the academy of Lisbon. 

15092 OLIVEIRA, Man. Botelho 
de. Musa do Pamaso, dividida em 
quatro choros de rimas portugue- 
zas, castelhanas, italianas e latinas, 
com sen descante comico, reduzido 
em duas comedias. Lisb., Manes- 
cal, 1705. 4^ 

OLIVERIUS, Annib., see Mab- 
MORA Pisaur. No. 13166. 


OUVEBO de Castilla, see Oli- 



15095 OLIVI, Gius. Zoologia adri- 
atica, o8sia catalogo ragionato degli 
animali del golfo e deUe lagune di 
Venezia. Bassano, 1792. 4^ with 
9 plates. 

15094 OLIVIER de Castille. Cy 
commence le liure de Olivier de 
Castille et de Artus d'Algarbe, son 
tr^royal compaignon^ (transL de 
lat. en fr. par Ph. Camus). G^ 
n^e, 3 Juing 1482. small fol. Go- 
-thic letter. 

67 ImveB, with the signatures A-I 3. 
The first edition^ and extremely scarce. 

15096 — Olivier de Castille. At the 
end, Cj fine lliystoire de OUvier 
de Castille etc, Dieu leur pardoient 
et k tons tresspassez. Amen. With- 
out place or date. fol. Gothic letter, 
with woodcuts. 

A very scarce edition. 52 leares with 
the sagnatures Ai-Hiiii and 40 lines. 
It bei^ns with a separate title, the reverse 
of which has a woodcut, and ends on the 
/9ii0 redo of the last leaf with the colophon. 
The types are entirely the same as in the 
Sept eagee de Rome, GerUve, 149^* 

15096 — Thystoire de Oliver de Cas- 
tille et de Artus d'Algarbe, et de 
Helaine fille au roy d'Angleterre, 
et de Henry filz ae Olivier, qui 
grans faictz d'armes firent en leur 
temps. Par., veufue J. Trepperel 
€t J. Jehannot, without date. 4°, 

Gothic letter, with .woodcuts. 
WUh the signatnres a i-m iij. 

15097 Lyon, 1546. 4^. 

15098 — I'histoire d'Olivier de Cas- 
tille et d' Artus d'Algarbe, avec les 
proaesses de Henry fils d'Olivier. 
et de Helaine fille du roy d' Angle- 
terre. Par., N. Bonfons, 1587. 4^ 

This and the preceding editions are little 
sought after in France. 

15099 — la historia de los nobles ca- 
▼alleros Oliveros de Castilla y Ar- 
tus d' Algarbe. Burgos, 1499. fol. 
Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

lilOO — - (the same title). Valladol., 

J. de Burgos, 1501. fol. 
I&IOI — (the same title). Sevilk, 

Jac Croinberger, 1507. fol. 

15102 — libro del cavallero Oliveros 
de Castilla y de su buen amigo 
Artus de Algarve. Alcala de He- 
nares, J. Gracian, 1604. 4^. 

15103 — historia de i valor osi caval- 
lieri Olivieri di Castiglia et Artus 
di Dalgarue. trad, dalla lingua 
roagnuola nella toscana per Fr. 
Portonari. Ven., Portouari, 1552. 
8^ Ven., Spineda, 1612. 8". Ven. 

1622. a**. 

15104 — in disem buch werden be- 

griifen vnd gefunden zwo Histo- 

rien. Die erst Hystori von zweyen 

treuwen gesellen, Olwier u. Arto. 

Die ander Hystori sagt von zweyen 

briidern Valentino u. Orso. G^ezo- 

gen vss Frantzos. zungen in Diitsch 

durch W. Ziely. Bas., Ad. Petri, 

1521. fol. with woodcuts. 

6 and 183 leaves. Very scarce, and not 
noticed in Panzer's DeuUch. Anna!, 

15105 — ein schone vnd kurtzweilige 
History, die da sagt vonn zweien 
Konigs Kindem . . Olwyer u. Ar- 
tus. Ff. a. M., Weygandt Han, 
without date (1560^70). 8°. with 
woodcuts and the signatures A-P, 

The first piece of the preceding transla- 
tion. — Concerning the romance itsdf, see 
Milangee tir. (Tune gr. bibL V. 78 etc 

15106 OLIVIER, Gu. Ant. Ento- 
mologie ou histoire natur. des in- 
sectes. Par. 1789-1808. large 4®. 
6 vols, with 363 illuminated plates. 

This well got up work I4>pearad in jo 
Nos. at 34 fr. Of the Nos. 1-33 a number 
of copies were struck off ou Dutch paper ; 
of Nos. 24-30, only 2 copies (one of which 
has the {dates on velhun). T. I. contains 
Genre 1-8, or 497 pages and 63 plates. 
T. II. Genre 9-34, or 485 pages and 63 
plates. T. III. Genre 35-65, or 557 pages 
and 65 plates. T. IV. Gtmre 66-80, or 
519 pages and 72 plates. T. V. Genre 81 
-92, or p. 1-612 and 59 plates. T. VI. 
Genre 93-100, or p. 61 3-1 104 and 41 
plates. In the first vols, each genre has a 
separate pagination, and in the entire work 
tfaie plates of each genre are numbovd se- 
parately. Genre 17, 30, 41, 44, h$^ 57» 
74-76, 89, 91-96 are marked with bis, 
MHien the piates are liound separatdy in 
2 vols, the work forms 8 vols. 

15107 — voyage dans Tempire Otto- 
man, TEgypte et la Perse. Par. an 




9 (1801-7). 4°. 3 vols, and atlas in 
large 4°. 

At the same time also in 6 vols, in 8^. 
with an atlas in 4". Each of the two edi- 
tions 48 fr. In German by C. L. Methus. 
MQUer, Lpz, i8o6>8. 8*. 3 vols, with 
plates (7 d. 8 gr.). Another translation in 
the Bii)L der Rets, B. 6, 21, and 36. 

— de Nort, see Noort. — de Serres, 
see Serres. 

15108 OLIVIERO. Ant. Fr. La 

Alamanna. Ven., Valgrisi, 1567. 

4®. 2 parts in i vol. with woodcuts. 
Together with this poem on the Smalcald 
war, there ought to be by the same author, 
with a separate tide, Carlo V. in Olmuy 
U (yrxgvM d* amore^ and Canzone stUie 
guerre d* Italia. 

15109 OLIZAROVIUS, Aaron Alex. 
De politica hominum societate libri 
III. Dantisci^ Forster, 1651. 4^^. 

The first Polish treatise on the law o( 
nature, written in Latin, which, aocoi'ding 
to the HalL Lit. Zeit. 1813, B. I. p. 833, 
stands between Grotius and Puffendorf; 
but according to the judgment of the Wie- 
ner Lit. Zeit. 1813, p. 141 1, is nothing 
more than the most confused mixture of 
moral-political and legal inquiries (but the 
latter only occasional and chiefly positive), 
about DomuSf Civitas, and Respublica ,* the 
author of which was not at all acquainted 
with Grotius. 

15110 OLMO, Jos. Vincente del. 
Lithologia o explication de las pie^- 
dras J otras antiguedades, halladas 
en las canjas que se abrieron para 
los fundamentos de la capilla de N. 
Senora de los desam parados de Va- 
lencia. Valencia, Nogues, 1653. 4°. 

OLQFSON, Gudmund, see Saga. 

15111 OLSEN, P. B. En Dags 
Loesning (a poem). Kbhvn., Stein, 
1785. 8°. 

15112 OLYMPIODORUS. In me- 
teora Aristotelis commentarii. Jo- 
annis grammatici Philoponi scholia 
in primum meteorum Aristptelis. 
Gr. et lat., J. Bt. Camotio inter- 
prete. Ven., Aldi filii, 1551. fol. 
2 parts in i vol. 

The 1st vol. (Greek text) contains 108 
• leaves, the 2nd (the Latin translation) 1 39 
leaves, 4 at the beginning, and i with the 
anchor at the end. — See also Plato. 


OLYMPO, see Olimpo. 

15113 ONGARO, Ant. L' AJceo, 

iavola pescatoria, con gV intramezzi 

di Bt. Guarini, descritti e dichiarati 

dall' Arsiccio (Ottav. Magagni). 

Ferrara, Baldini, 1614. 4^. 

The best of the ancient editions. At 
first, Ven., Zilettiy 1582. 8*. Then, Fer- 
rara, Carafa, 1588. 12**. Fen.^ Boiifadio, 
1592, or 99, or 1605. 8°. Ven.j TebahHniy 
1603 12°. Ven.y Bertanoy 1613. 12*. 
Nizxoy 1784. 12**. Also in the Pamaseo 
Ital. XXIV. 89 etc But among all best 
with Tasto Aminta. Padova, 1722. 8". — 
Alcie peecherie ou oomidie fnartfie, trad. 
deV ital. (par Roland Bristet). Par. 1596. 
I6^ Rouen, 1603. I2^ 

15114 — rime. Famese, Mariani, 
1600. 8°. Also, Ven., Ciotti, 1620. 

ONKELOS. Targum s. paraphrasis 
chald. V. T., see above, Biblia» 
No. 2227* and 2235. J. G. Bd. 
Wieneri Diss, de Onkeloso ejusque 
paraphr. chald. Lps. 1820. 4^ (la 


15115 ONOSANDRI strategicus s. 

de imperatoris institutione. Ace. 
Ovpffuuov itrtTrfSrvfia (gr. lat.). N. 
Rigaltius nunc prim, e vetustis codd. 
graecis publicavit, lat. interpreta- 
tione et notis illustrav. Lut. Par., 

Saugranius, 1599 (at the end, 1598). 


The first edition of the Oredc text. 19 
and 160 pases; then the notes (with a 
separate title), 4 leaves of preliminary mat- 
ter and 96 pages. 

15116 — strategicus .... illustravit 
(as in the preceding title). Ace. 
seorsim in eundem Onosandrum 
Jani Gruteri uberior commentarins. 
Item iEmilii Porti breves observatt. 
£x offic. Commeliniana, 1600. 4^. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter and 95 
pages. Then Rigaltius^s notes (with a se- 
parate title), 4. leaves of preliminary mat- 
ter, 67 pages, and 4 leaves of index. Next 
Gruteri IHtcureue (with a separate title of 
1604), 4 leaves of preliminary matter, 18a 
pages, and i leaf. Gruter's notes are 
wanting in most copies, because they were 
delivered afterwards. The text of this edi- 
tion is only a reprint of that given by 

15117 — strategicus s. de imperatoris 
institutione. Ace. Urbici inventum. 




gr. ac lat. Interprete N. Rigaltio, 
cnjns item adjicinntur note ; ut 
iten Jani Omteri discursos varii. 
In bibliopolio Commeliniano, 1604. 


Qnly a new title to the preceding edition. 

15118 — strategicus s. de imperatoris 
institatione (gr. lat.), notis s. dis- 
sertatt. J. a Chokier illustratus. 
AddiUe variantes lectt. ex codd. di- 
Tersor. MSS. depromptse. — J. a 
Chokier Thesaurus politicor. apho- 
rismor. is also to be found therein. 
Romae, 1611. 4°. Mog. 1613. 4®. 
Ff. 1619. 4°. 

The text ia that of Rigaitius, and the 
TBrious readtngt are only those already 
given by him. Oipiea are often met with 
in which Onosander is found by itself, and 
whidi then are without a prmcipal title 
and date. 

15119 — Strategicus s. de imperatoris 
institutione liber (gr.), ad codd. 
MSS. fidem expressus et ex anti- 
qnor. tacticor. collatione notis per> 
petuis criticis emendatus, nee non 
figuris seri incis. illustratus. Ace. 
duo indices una cum versione gall, 
baronis de Zurlauben. Cura et 
stud. N. Schwebelii. Nrb., Raspe 
(1 761). fol. with plates (3 d.). Also 
on writing paper. 

Sdiwebdius made use of 3 MSS. and of 
Jos. Scaliger^s and Is. Vossius^s imprinted 
corrections, but he did not have the notes 
of Rigaltins printed entire. 

15120 — de Optimo interprete atque 

adeo de re militari (lat.), Nicolao 

Ssguntino interprete. Bas. 1541, 

or 58, or 70. S**. 

Previously with Vegetnu etc. Roma, 
SlUr, 1494. 4\ The translation is from 
a good MS^ but is not successful. 

15121 — de re militari commentarius^ 
in lat. serm. convi-rsus a Jo. Came- 
nurio, et nunc prim, a filiis editus. 
Praeterea Fr. Petrarcha (epistola) 
de officio et virtutibus imperatoris. 
Nrb., Kaufmann, 1595. 8°. 

10 leaves of preliminary matter, 150 
pages, and 1 leaf. Translated from a very 
defective MS., but very happily. 

15122 — frrparriyucos s. de imperatoris 
institutione liber (lat.), N. Rigaltio 

interprete. Item Basilii Imp. ex- 
hortatt. LXVI. ad Leonem fil. Cum 
Ferrandi, diaconi Carthag., regulis 
VII. duci religioso observandis. 
Hlmst., hered. Lucii, 1619. 4®. 

15123 — de re militari primero volu- 
men. Onosandro Platonico de las 
calidades y partes que ha de tener 
un excelente capitan general, y di 
su officio J cargo. Traduzido de 
Griego en Castellano por Diego 
Gracian. Segundo volumen. Cesar 
renovado^ que son las obseruaciones 
militares, ardides y auisos de guerra^ 
que U80 Cesar. Tercero, quarto y 
quinto volumen. Disciplina militar 
y instruction de los hechos y cosas 
de guerra de (Gu. du Bellay seign. 
de) Langeay. Traduz. de frances 
en castellano por el mesmo. Bar- 
celona, CI. Bornat, 1567 (at the 

end, (1565). 4°. 

12 leaves of preliminary matter and 203 
numbo^ leaves. 

15124 — Onosandro Platonico dell' 

ottimo capitano generale, et del suo 

ufficio. Trad, di greco in lingua 

volg. italiana per Fabio Cotta. 

Ven., Giolito, 1546. 4°. Also, ib., 

id., 1548. 8^ 

If this translation were really from the 
Greek, it must have been from a MS. 

15125 — I'art militaire d'Onosender 
(sic), mis en langue fran9. et illu- 
str^ d'annotations par Blaise de Vi* 
gen^e. Par., Abel Langellier, 1 605 . 
4°. — Le g^^ral d'arm<§e par Ono- 
sander. Ouvrage trad, du grec par 
le baron de Zurlauben. Par. 1757. 

The last translation is also in Schwebel'a 
edition (see above) and in Zurlauben BibU^ 
oth. miiUairey fUstor. et polU, T, I, Par. 
1760. l2^ — A 3rd translation in CharU 
Guischard MSmoires milUairet tur les Greet 
et les Rom. (See above, Guischard.) 

15126 — Unterricht eines Feldherm 
(deutsch) mit Anmm. von Alb. H. 
Baumgartner. Manheim, Schwan, 
1786.4°. (i d.) 

Only a new and separate title to one piece 
out of Bawngartner^e VoUst'dnd, Sammlung 
aUer Kriegsschrtfsteller der Griechen. ib, 
*777« 4*- (« d. 12 gr.) An earh'er transla. 



tion with FronHnus tfon den puten RiUhen 
u. ritterUehen anschlegen der Hauptieui, 
MeyntZy 1532. foL 

15127 — Onosandro Platonico of the 
generall captaine and of his office : 
transL out of Greke into Italian by 
Fabio Cotta^ and out of Italian into 
Englysh by Pt. Whytehorne. Lond^ 
W. Seres, 1563. 8°. 

ONUS ecclesiae, see Joannbs Chie- 
mensis, No. 10784. 

OOLLAH, see Jonath. Scott. 

15128 OORLOGHEN. Dit syn 
die wonderlycke oorloghen van 
den doorluchti^e hoochgheboren 
Prince, Keyser Maximiliaen. Hoe 
hi hier eerst int landt quam. Ende 
hoe in vrou Marien trouwede. — At 
the end, Gheprent Tantwerpen, bi 
my Willem Vorsterman, without 
date. fol. Gothic letter, with wood- 

84 unnumbered leaves in 2 oc^umns, and 
Tfith the signatures A-X, This very 
acaroe book, worthy of a closer investiga- 
tion, is mentioned neither in Panzer nor 
in Vogelii Biblioth, Attstriaoa, Vorsterman 
printed subsequently to 1511. 

15129 OPERA nova contemplatiya 
per ogni fedel Cristiano, la quale 
tratta delle figure del testamento 
vecchio : le quali figure sono verifi. 
cate nel testamento nuovo: con le 
sue expositioni etc, Nuovamente 
fitampata. Ven., Gi. And. Vavas- 
sore, without date (1510-12). 4^ 

This Italian Biblia paupertan contains 
lao representations engraved in wood, and 
compl^ copies are of the greatest rarity. 
A fiill description of it is in Cicognara^s 
CaUd, I. 339. 

15130 OPERA nova di laude, facta 

e composta da piii persone spiritual!. 

Ven., G. Rusconi, 1512. 4**. 

In this collection of UnuH are to be found 
those of Belcari, Oiustiniano, the Medici, 

OPERA et fragmenta poetar., see 
Maittaire. — nova intitolata il 
Perche, see Manfrbdi. — patrum 
Toletanor., see LoREN^ANA.^posi- 
thuma B. D. S., see Spinoza. 

OPERE burlesche, see Berni. 

15131 OPITZ, Mt. Teutsche Poe- 


mata vnd Aristarchos Wieder die 
veraditung Teutscher Sprach, Item 
Verteutschung Dn. Heinsii Lobge- 
sangs Jesu Christi, vnd Hymni in 
Bachum. Sampt einem anhang 
Mehr auserlessner geticht anderer 
Teutscher Poeten. Dergleichen in 
dieser Sprach Hiebeuor nicht auss- 
kommen. Strb., Eberh. Zetzner, 
1624. 4^ 

8 leaves of preliminary matter and 340 
pages (a plate before p. 1). The first col- 
lection of his poems, and very scarce, but 
without any arrangement. The editor, 
who subscribes hinuelf D. Z. G. J., was 
J. W. Zinkgref. The poems of Opitz end 
p. 104. Then follow, p. 105-11 7, Aristar- 
chus de coniemtu lingua teuton, ; p. 1 18- 
141, Heinsii Lobgeeang auf J, C; p. 143 
-160, his Hgmnui Bacchi ; p. 161—214, 
poems of other German poets ( Zinkgref, 
Melissus, Weckherlin, Csp. Kirchner, etc.); 
and p. 235 etc Opitz*s Zlatna. 

15132 — acht Bucher Deutscher Poe- 

matum durch Ihn selber herausge- 

geben, auch also vermehret vnnd 

vbersehen, das die vorigen darmitte 

nicht zu uergleichen sindt. BresL, 

D. Miiller, 1625. 4^ 

53 leaves of preliminary matter and 244 
pages. The first edition, superintended by 
Opitz himself, and consequently important 
in a critical point of view. But inrtead of 
the 8 books mentioned in the title^ the 
Dresden copy, at least, only contains 5. 
{poet. W'dlder.), 

15133 — deutscher Poematum i . u. 
2. Theil: zum andemmal vermehrt 
vnd vbersehen herauss gegeben. 
Bresl., D. Muller, 1629. 8^ z parts 
in I vol. 

Properly the 4th edition. 

14134 — deutsche Poemata, aufia new 
vbersehen vnd vermehret. Dantzig, 
Hunefeldt, 1641. 8^ 

16 leaves of preliminary matter and 952 
pages. The 6th edition, which seems to have 
something peculiar to itself, and to contain 
pieces which are even wanting in later 

15135 — weltliche Poemata zum 
4tenmal vermehret vnd vbersehen 
herraus [sic) geben. Th. I. II. Ff. 
a.. M., Gotze (1644). 8^ Plorile- 
gium varior. epigrammatum. ib., 
id., 1644. 8**. 2 voU. 
The 7lh edition, and praised by 


ger as partknlaTly good. It may be com- 
Dleced I17 the addition of Geisti. PoemaUu 
lBre»L\ D. Mmer's Erben, 1638. 8^ 

15136 — opera poetica. Das ist 
Geistliche Tnd Weltliche Poemata. 
Vom Autore selbst zum letzten 
Tbersehen md verbessert. Amst., 
J. Jansson, 1646. 12^ 3 voll. 

This 8th edition is scarce and neat, but 
isnlty. T. L 1 1 leaves of preliminary mat- 
ter and 394 pages. T. II. 336 pages. 
T. IIL 333 pages. The and axid 3rd vols. 
hmre the date ^ 1645. 

15137 — opera geist - u. weltlicher 
Gedichte, nebst beygefugten vielen 
mndem Tractaten sowobl deutsch 
ala lateinisch. Bresl., Fellgiebel, 
without date (1690). S°, 2 voll. 

Tlus loth edition is the most complete, 
bat at the same time the most faulty. Ff, 
«. Ljxs. 1734 8**. is only a new title. It 
mn tains the foDowing diTisions, with sepa- 
rate titles and pagination : Gediohte T. 1-3, 
PaoMbi Davids, Prosodia germanica, 

15138 — Oedichte. Von J. J(ac.) 
B(odmer) a. J. J(ac.) B(reitiiiger) 
b^orget. i.Th. Zilr., Orell, 1745. 

Ae preceding edition forms the basis of 
tins escdient critical edition, unhappily un- 
finished, with the various readings of all 
the others. The AriMtarohtu as well as 
tibe Lobge9ang mtf den heil. AnnOy which 
aane to he fimnd therein, are wanting in the 
fioDowing edition. 

15139 — deutscbe 6edicbte» von 
seuem ubersehen, ausgebessert, mit 
AnmeriLk. erlautert von Dn. W. 
TriJler. Ff. a. M., Varrentrapp, 

1746. large 8^ 4 vols, with plates. 

Incomplete, uncritical, with arbitrary al- 
termtioiis in the text, and with insipid an- 
■otations. Opitz*s book on German poetry 
IS pcefixed* 

The original edition of Opitz^s single 
poems cannot be noticed here, save only 
on aooonnt of its rarity : Mi. OpUsi danak- 
fmltude JmBihy ttdtat of Mftgmu Skeel, 
Kbktm. 1666. 4*'- 

15140 OPPENORD, GiUes Marie. 

80Q oeavre contenant diff^rens frag- 

inens d'architecture etc. Without 

place or date (about 1750). very 

krge foL 
An indifferent collection of i ao plates. 

U141 OPPIANUS. De natura seu 



venatione piscium libri V. (gr.) 

Plor., Ph. Junta, 1515. 8^ 

64 leaves with the signatures a-A. The 
first edition of this poem, very scarce and 
very correct. The editor was M. Musurus. 

15142 — de piscibus libri V. Ejusd. 

de venatione libri IV. Oppiani de 

piscibus Lr. Lippio interprete libri 

V. Ven., Aldus et And. Socer, m. 

Dec. 1517. 8^ 

166 numbered leaves (of which 103 and 
104 are blank) and 2 unnumbered leaves, 
the colophon an danchor. The book De 
piscibus is a very foulty reprint of the 
Juntine edition, but De venatione is here 
printed for the first time from a MS. (al- 
though likewise very faulty). Superin- 
tended by Fr. Asulanus. 

15143 ^- de venatione libri IV. (gr., 
cura J. Bodini). Par., Vascosanus, 
1549. 4**. 38 leaves. — De venatione 
libri IV. (lat.) J. Bodino inter- 
prete. His accessit commentarius 
varius et multiplex ejusd. interpre- 
tis. Lutet., Vascosanus, 1555. 4**. 
4 leaves of preliminary matter and 
no numbered leaves. 

This finely printed text (of which there 
is a copy at Dresden with numerous MS. 
annotations by Cr. Ritterfausius) is only a 
reprint of the Aldine; Imt Bodinus has 
often corrected the text in the commentary, 
whidi contains much that is good. Tur- 
nebus accuses him of having stolen many 
of his corrections from him. Bodinus*s 
translation was reprinted, Luiel., F, Mo* 
rellus, 1598. 4°. 

15144 — de piscatu libri V. De ve- 
natione libri IV. (gr.) Par., Adr. 
Turnebus, 1555. 4°. a leaves of 
preliminary matter, 207 pages, and 
4 leaves. — De piscatu libri V. (lat.) 
Lr. Lippio interprete. De vena- 
tione libri IV. (lat.) ita conversi 
(ab Adr. Tumebo), ut singula verba 
singulis respondeant. Par., Gu. Mo- 
relius, 1555. 4®. 3 leaves of preli- 
minary matter and aoa pages. 

Neatly printed, and a new recension, 
partly from a good MS. and partly from 
conjecture, with the various readings of 
the Juntine and Aldine editions. But 
Turnebus has depended too mudi upon his 
MS., and in the book De pisoatu he has 
fbUowed the Aldine more than the Jun- 
tine. — Oppiani de pisoib. iraetaius, soho* 
ms G. PieUnH iUustratus is in G. PitOorH 



MediciruB tarn simplioes quam composiiiB ad 
omnet feme oorporia hum, affecius. B(U.y 
H. Petri, 1560. 8°. 

15145 — de venatione lib. IV. De 

Eiscatu fib. V. (gr.) cum interpret, 
it., commentariis et indice rer., 
confectis stud, et op. Cr. Ritter- 
shusii, qui et recensuit hos libros 
denuo et Adr. Turnebi edit. Paris, 
cum tribus MSS. Palatinis contu- 
lit: inde et var. lect. et scholia 
f^rseca excerpsit. LB., Fr. Raphe- 
lengius, 1597. 8°. 

44 leaves of preliminary matter; 376 
pages, text ; 20 leaves and 344 pages, com - 
mentary; 164 pages, scholia; 2 leaves, 
postscript and errata. (The scholia are 
also sometimes bound up immediately after 
the text.) A new recension after 3 MSS., 
sometimes too hasty, with a new transla- 
tion, and a good oonmientary, but too little 
explanatorv of the subject matter. A copy 
of this edition, considerably enlai^ped by 
him for the purpose of a new edition, 
which in 1610 he still designed to pub- 
lish, was found in £. Sal. Cyprian*s Bibl, 
{^Lps. 1733. 8°.) p. 88/. It is his text 
in Lectii Corpus poeL gr» 

15146 — de venatione libri IV. De 
piscatione libri V. cum paraphrasi 
graeca libror. de aucupio, gr. lat. 
Curav. J. Glo. Schneider. Arg., 
Konig, 1776. large 8°. 

6 copies on Dutch paper, and 3 on large 
Dutch paper in 4°. A copy of the Greek 
text of this edition on vellum in 4**. 200 fr. 
at d*Ourches*s sale (Paris, 181 1). A new 
recension firom MSS. and conjecture. Ad- 
ditions in Schneideri Analecl, orii. Fate, /. 
Ff, <u O. 1777. 8°. p. 31 etc 

15147 — poemata de venatione et 

piscatione (gr.) cum interpr. lat. et 

scholiis. Ace. Eutechnii paraphrasis 

XfyvTixwf et Marcelli Sidetse frag- 

mentuni de piscibtis. T. I. Cynege- 

tica, ad 4 MSS. codd. fid. recensuit 

et suis auxit animadw. Jac. N. 

Belin de Ballu. Arg., bibliopol. 

acad., 1786. 8°. (7 fr., on kurge 

Dutch paper in 4®. 25 fr.) 

Of the and part, or the poem De pitoatUy 
only 40 pages of the Greek text were 
printed, and which are only to be found in 
a very few copies. Belin here reinstates 
the old readings in opposition to Schneider, 
and often receives back into the text evident 
errors of the transcriber, and conjectures 
supported by no MS. 


15148 — cynegetica et halieutica 

(gr.) ad fid. libror. scriptor. emen- 

dav. J. Glo. Schneider. Ace. ver- 

siones latinie metrica (D. Peiferi) 

et prosaica, plurima anecdota et 

index graecitatis. (T. I.) Lps., 

Weigel, 1813. S''. (2 d., on writing 

paper 2d. 16 gr.^ on vellum paper 


A new revision of his earlier recen- 
sion. This 1st part contains the Gredc 
text, Peifer^s metrical version, critical an- 
notations, and various readings. Observa- 
tions on this edition in Amad. Peyron No- 
tUia libror, a Valperga bibL Tamitu do* 
naior, Lps, 182a 4°. p. 78 sq. 

15149 — de piscatu libri V. (lat.) 
Lr. Lippio interprete. In Colle, 
Callus Bonus, 12 Sept. 1478. 4°. 
Gothic letter. 

64 leaves, with the signatures a .^-A 5, 
and 32 lines. The first edition of this 
translation, and very scarce, since mn 
earlier edition, ib., id., 1471, is extremely 
suspected. Leaf la line 1 is, Uiia Oppiam 
Laurentii Lippi Collisie ad ma. Oppian 
ends hza, and on the reverse follow, /Mt- 
tica (sic) Lr, Lippii ad..,Lr. Medieem, 
The colophon is leaf 64*. 

15150 — alieuticon s. de pisdbos 

libri V. e graeco traducti (a Lr. 

Lippio). Post Oppianum sequun- 

tur disticha ultra centum authore 

Lr. Lippio. Plinii natur. historiK 

libri duo (IX. et XXXII.). P. 

Jo vii de piscibus liber unus. Hos 

authores J. Csesarius recognov., 

castigav. et scholiis explanav. Arg., 

Jac. Cammerlander, 1534* 4°. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, and 15 a 
numbered leaves. 

15151 — libri de venatione IV. Lat. 
carmine redditi a Mch. Piocarto. 
Ambergse, Sdionfeld, 1604. 8°. 

15152 — della pesca e della caccia, 
trad, (in versi sciolti) dal greco e 
illustrato con varie annotazioni da 
Ant. Mar. Salvini. Fir., Tartini e 
Franchi, 1728. 8°. 

15153 — les quatre livres de la 
venerie d'Oppian. Par Florent 
Chrestien. Par., Rb. Estienne, 
1575. large 4°. 6 and 40 leaves. — 
La chasse, po^me, trad, en fran^. 
par (Jac. N.) Belin de Ballu, aveo 


des remarques, suivie d'un eztrait 
de la grande histoire des animaux 
d'Eld^miri, par M. (Silv. de Sacy). 
Strb. 1787. 8^ (5 fir.)— Les ha- 
lieatiques, trad, du po^me grec 
d'Oppien^ par J. M. Limes. Par., 
Leb^e, 1 81 7. 8*^. (6 fi*., on vellum 
paper 12 fr.) 

151M — die Jagd, ein Lehrgedicht. 
Aus dem Griech. des Oppian's in 
deutsche Verse fibs, (von Sm. H. 
Lieberkuhn). Lpz., Schonermark, 

'755-8°- (4gr-) 
151S5 — halieuticks of the nature of 

fishes and fishing of the ancients. 

Translat. firom the Greek (into 

Engl, verse, by Diaper and J. 

Jones). Oxf., th. Sheld., 1722. 8°. 

— The first book of Oppian's cyne- 

geticks, or poem of hunting, transl. 

into Engl, verse by J. Mawer. 

Lond., Osborne, 1 736. 8^^. 

U156 -^ Jani Rutgersii glossarium 

grscmn (vetus in Oppianum), nunc 

penitus restitutum, vindicat. atque 

illastr. a F. Strunzio. Witt., Zim- 

mennann, 1719. 8°. P. Jac. Fortsch 

de Oppiano. Lps. 1749- 4°. Dn. 

Peuceri progr. Oppianus SS. literas 

iUostrans. Isenaci, 1745. fol. 
See abo Eutkcnius and BRODiCUS. 

OPSONIA omnium horar., see An- 
THOLOoiA, No. 693. 

OPSOPCEUS, see Obsopceus and 

SiBTLLf . 

15157 OPTATIANUS Porphyrins, 

Pnbhlius. Panegyricus dictus Con- 

(tantino Augusto. Ex cod. MS. 

P. Velseri. AV., ad insigne pinus, 

1595. fbl. 6 leaves. 

The fint separate edition; reprinted 
*ith a criticBl appendage by Ch. Daum in 
M. Feiteri Opp, Nrb. 1682. foL At finit 
in {Pt Pithon) Epiffrr. el poematia veU, 
P», 1590. 8*. sect. II. p. 235. 

151W — Fortunii Liceti encyclopae- 
& ad aram Pythiam Publilii Op- 
tatiani Porphyrii. Patav., Crivel- 
Imiiis, 1630. 4°. 

BeK in Wemtdor/U Poet, lat, tnin, 

IMW OPTATUS Milevitanus. De- 
Hbttio Africans historiie ecdesias- 



tica^ s. Optati libri VII. de schis- 
mate Donatistar. Victoria Uti- 
censis libri III. de persecutione 
Vandalica in Africa. Cum anno- 
tatt. ex Fr. Balduini commentariis 
rerum ecdesiasticar. Par., Fremy 
(other copies Sonnius), 1569. 8^ 

Balduinus here worked up afresh his 
very scarce earUer edition, Par, 1563. 8*. 
(of which there is a reprint, Ex bibliopol. 
Commelin, 1592. S'*.) J. Cochkeus first 
edited Optatus in Cr, Brunus De hcBreAcU 
in genere, Mog, 1 549. foL 

15160 — de schismate Donatistar. 
libri VII. multo quam antehae 
emendatiores ac emendationum ac 
notar. libello illustriores. LB., 
Patius, 1613. 8*^. 

The text of the edition of 1509, the ist 
recension of Balduinus, with tne various 
readings of his 2nd recension, and some 
corrections by Csp. Barth. 

15161 — opera cum notis et obss. 
Gbr. Albaspinsei. Ace. ejusd. de 
veteribus ccelesiae ritibus observa- 
tionum libri II. etc. Par., Sonnius, 
1631. fol. 

The text of the 2nd recension of Bal- 
duinus. Very incorrectly printed, and as 
clumsily furnished. 

15162 — de schismate Donatistar. 

libri VII. In eosd. notae et eraen- 

datt. Merici Casauboni. Lond., 

Legat, 1631. 8*^. 

The same text, with short but excellent 
notes. His corrections are only from con- 

15163 — opera cum obss. et notis 
integris Gbr. Albaspinsei, Fr. Bal- 
duini, Csp. Barthii, Mer. Casau. 
boni etc. Ph. Priorius annotatt. 
et .praefatt. adjecit. Ace. Facundi 
j)ro tribus capitulis concilii Cal- 
ched. libri XII. cum annotatt. Jac. 
Sirmondi et ejus Facundi opuscula. 
Adjectse sunt Gbr. Albaspinaei obss. 
ecclesiast. cum aliis ejusd. opp. 
Par., Dezallier, 1679. ^^^' 

The text is printed from the edition 
of 16 1 3, and the intrinsic value of the edi- 
tion is small. Previously, Par., Duptdiy 
1676. fol. (also on large paper). 

15164 — - libri VII. de schismate Do- 
natistar. ad MSS. codd. et vett. 
editt. coUati et emendati, quib. ac- 



cessere historia Donatistar. una cum 
monumentis ad earn spectantibus, 
nee non geographia episcopal is Af- 
ricse ; op. et stud. L. EUies du Pin. 
Lut. Par., Pralard, 1700. fol. 

A new and good recension after 5 MSS., 
with the notes of all the earlier editors, 
which follow after the text in this edition, 
but are placed immediately underneath the 
text in the reprint, Antto. 1 702. foL His 
text, with some new critical notes, is in 
GaUandi Bibl. PP. V. 461-675. A smaU 
edition by Fr. OberthUr, Wirceburgiy 1 790 
91. 8°. 1 voll. — Vhutcire du tchisme, blot- 
phemeSy erreurt etc. des DonoHanSy icrite 
en lot, par Optut, mite en langue franf, 
par Pt. VieL Par., Morel, 1564. S\ 

15165 OPUS eximium de vera diffe- 
rentia regise potestatis et eccle- 
siasticse^ et quae sit ipsa Veritas 
ac virtus utriusque. Lond.^ Ber- 

thelet, 1534. small 4°. 

Lord Spencer possesses a copy on vellum 
(previously in the Harleian library, and 
■old at Towneley*8 sale in 18 14 for 21 L los.). 
Brunet saw a second copy at a Paris sale. 
The work is attributed to Henry VIII. 
king of England. , 

OPUS aurenm, see Neander. — de 
febribus, see Medici, No. 13522. 

15166 OPUSCOLI di autori Sici- 

liani. T.I. Catania, 1758. T. II 

-XX. Palermo, 1759-78. 4". 20 


An interesting collection of essays and 
small pieces on all scientific subjects. SaU 
vad. Mar. di Blasi*s bibliographical trea- 
tises therein are very us^ul for biblio- 
graphers. The list of modern books that 
have appeared in Sicily, whidi is appended 
to that work, is very serviceable. In the 
dedications of each part there are good 
general notices respecting celebrated Italian 
fomilies. A continuation of less import- 
ance is, Nuova raccoUa di opuac, di auiori 
Sicil, in 9 vols. 

15167 OPUSCOLI sdentifici e letl 
terari^ ed estratti d'opere interes- 
santi. Fir., Daddi, 1807-18. 8°. 
22 voll. 

Going on in the Nuova coUexione di 
opuiooH e noUMie di ecienjse, leUere ed ortL 
Badia Fieeokma, 1830 etc. 8°. with plates 
(i voL annually in 5 numbers, ao padi), 
conducted by Fr. Ingram!. 

OPUSCOLI scelti, see Ahoretti. 
— scientif. e filol., see Raccolta. 

OPUSCULA mythological see Gale. 


— grecor. sententiosa, see Onoius, 
No. 8631. 
ORACULA, see Sybilub. 

15168 ORAISON fnn^bre de Mme 
de Lionne. Laon, 1 585. 4^. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal Hbruy 
at Paris. 

ORAISONS, see Mascabon. 

15169 ORARIUM. Par., Hardouyn, 

1530- 8^ 

A copy on vellum with fine miniatures 
in the library of St. John*s college, Oxford, 
see Dibdin't Deoam. II. 368, from which 
book the above statement is taken. 

1 5 1 70 ORATIO dominica iroXvyXwrTor. 

plus centum linguis, versionibus 

aut characteribus reddita et ex- 

pressa. Editio novissima speci- 

minibus variis quam priores comi- 

tatior (ed. B. Mottus). Lond. 

1 700. small 4°. 76 pages. 

A reprint of the cdlection by Ludskcv 
(see above). Some of the worse formuJm 
are exchanged for better, and 1 1 new ones 
are added. But Chamberlatxe*8 oc4. 
lection (see above) is better. — See abo 

15171 ORATIO dominica in CLV. 
linguas versa et exoticis charac- 
teribus plerumqueexpressa. Parmae^ 
Bodoni^ 1 806. fol. 248 pases. 

The entire impression of this splendid 
work was purchased by the duke de Leucb- 
tenburg (viceroy of Italy) and never came 
into the market. There are copies on 
vellum paper, and only 2 on French 
vellum paper. 

ORATIO, see Anontmi. 

15172 ORATIONES claror. homi- 
num. vel honoris ofliciique causa ad 
principes^ vel in funere de virtuti- 
bus eor. habit®. In acad. Veneta^ 

155?- 4°. 
This edition akme is of any value. CoL 

1566. 8^ Par. 1577. 8^ are not sought 


15173 (ORATORES Graeci). Ora. 
tiones horum rhetorum. .^schinis. 
Lysiae. Alcidamantis. Antisthenis. 
Demadis. Andocidis. Isaei. Dinarcfai. 
Antiphontis. Lycurgi. Gorgie. Let- 
bonactis. Heroais. Item .Sschinis 
uita. Lysiie uita (gr.) Ven., Aldus 
et And. socer, m. Apr. 1513. fbl. 
2 parts in i vol. 

2 leaves of preUminary matter, p. 5->J97 


(between p. 14 and 15 in some copies there 
is a bbnk leaf with the notice, Hoc folium 
cemghUmaio Ubro abtdndendum, ne tit Hbi 
migr legendum impedimenio, nikU enim 
deest)j I blank leaf, and 16a pages (the 
ktter with a separate title, Orationet m- 
fmeripUnr, rhetorwn etc.). The Isocra- 
tesof 1513 (see above, No. 10580) forms 
tiM 3rd part, being indeed an entire 
whole of itself, without which howerer the 
sbore ooDecdoa is incomplete, as Alddamas 
k onhr to be found with it. As to the 
reit, this edition is rery incorrect according 
to Stephens^s judgment, although it stands 
at a high price. 

1517'! — oratomin veterum orationes^ 
.£schini8> Lysis, Andocidis, Isaei, 
Diiuirchi,Aiitiphonti8,Lycurgi, He- 
rodis et alionim (gr.). Cum in- 
terpretatione lat. qnarundam. Ex- 
cud. H. Stephanus, 1575. fol. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, 313, 191, 
and 178 pages. A new recension fin the 
iEscfaines and Lysias from MSS.), and 
finely printed. To which may be joined 
Coycioyss (see above, No. 5097). 

U175 — oratomin Graeciae praestan- 
tissimoruiD, Antiphontis, Andocidis 
et Issi, orationes XXX., interprete 
Alph. Miniato. Nunc primum gr. 
et iat. editae. Hanov., typis M^- 
cfaeUanig, 1619. 8^ 599 pages. — 
Orationes politlcae Dinarcbi, Lesbo- 
nactis, Lycurgi, Herodis, Demadis: 
gr. ac iat. nunc primum simul 
edit« (cura Jani Gruteri). ib.^ id.^ 
16 19. 8^ 8 leaves and 254 pages. 

Boidi parts are usually boimd up in 
1 ToL To which may also be joined, 
L^mm OraU. ib.y id.^ 1615. 8^ (see Lt- 

U176 — oratorum graecorum quae 
lapennnt monumenta ingenii^ e 
bonis Ubris a se emendata, notis 
critids, oommentariis integns Hi. 
Wolfii, J. Tayloris, Marklandi, alio- 
nun et auis, indidbus denique in- 
itnixit J. Jac. Reiske. Lps., 
Sommer, *77o-75' S**. la voll. 
Also on writing paper. 

This greatly prized edidon, in which 
nerert h e l BBS uocratot does not occur, is 
shvady tolerably scarce, and is daily 
rising in price (30 d. at first). Co- 
pia on writing' paper are still more 
Ksne. T. I. II. Demotih. T. III. IV. 
JPjehinet. T. V. VI. Lyfiat. T. VII. 
ifnt and AiU^ii^on. T. VIII. LesbonaXy 



Herodet, Anii§ihenesy Alekhmuu, and OdT" 
gias, T. IX-XI. Apparatus crit. ad De* 
motth, T. XII. Indices operwn Demosih. 
See also Cokciones and Auoee. — yPu- 
neral ortUions in praise qf military meny 
trantl/nm the Greek of Thucydides, Plat&, 
and Lffsiasy by Th. Broadhurst. Land* 
1811. 8^ (15 8.) Orazumi miUtari, rao* 
colte per Remigio FioretUino, Ed, II. Ven,y 
GioHtOt 1560 or 85. 4^ (previously ib,y id.y 

15177 ORBINI, Mauro. Historia 
del regno de gli Slavic boggi cor- 
rottamente detti Schiavoni, dalla 
loro origine insino all' a. 1370. 
Pesaro, Concordia, 1601. fol. 

ORBIS novus regionum^ see Grt* 


15178 ORDENAgOES do regno de 
Portugal (5 livros) novamente cor- 
rigido na segunda empressam. Lisb.» 
J. Pt. Bonhomini, 15 14. fol. 

The 1st edition of this collection is not 
vet known. Also, lAtb, 1565. fol. Oothio 
letter. ib.y Craesbeeck^ 1603. foL 

15179 ORDENAgdES e leis do 
reino de Portugal, com as collec- 
9oes das leis extravagantes, decretos 
e assentos ate o anno de 1747 e 
sens reportorios e remissoes. Lisb., 
no convento de S. Vicente de 
Fora, 1745-60. large fol. 2 voU. 
(24,000 rees). 

Prepared by order of king John V. 

15180 ORDENA56ES del rei D. 
Affonso V. Coimbra, 1792. 4**. 
3 voll. (3200 rees). 

ORDENE de chevalerie, see Bar- 
BAZAN and Ordrb of cbyvalery. 

15181 ORDINAIRE, Vy des chre- 
tiens. Par., Verard, 1494. fol. witb 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library 
*at Paris. Often printed. Consult also 
Gautier Obss, sur Phist, naturelle etc 
T. II. Par. 1751.4'- P- '81. 

15182 ORDINE de cavalieri del 
Tosone. Nel* academia Venetiana^ 

1558- 4°- 

4 and 18 leaves. One of the scarcest 
pieces of this press. 

ORDINE del ben viver, see Gloria 

15183 (ORDNUNG der Gesundbeit.^ 
Hie nach volgt ein nutslich buch 



das ein hocbgelerter bewerter Doc- 
tor in der ertzney . . . . weyt gesucht 
vnd zu samme gelesen hat .... 
Vnd ditz buch mag man nene vnd 
heyssen Regime Sanitatis zu teutsch 
das buch von der ordnug der ge- 
suntheyt. Nrb., F. Crewssner, 
without date. fol. 3 1 leaves. 

Prot>ably the oldest edition of this distetic 
treatise, written for Rdf. count of Hohen- 
berg, which in this edition consists only of 
3 books, and must not be confounded with 
another Oerman Regimen sanitatis, which 
contains a translation of the Schola Salem. 

15184 — hie nach volgt ein niiczlich 

regimet, wer sich damach haltet, 

der mag sein leben lang in ge- 

suntheit behalten. — At the end: 

Das nuczlich buch v5 ordnug d' 

gesuntheyt hatt getruckt vri vol- 

ledet. Hanns Bamler zu Augspurg, 

1472. fol. 50 leaves. 

This edition is enlarged with a 4th book. 
Also, ib.y ut, 1475, or 76, or 83. fol. and 

15185 ORDO compendii diurni nun- 

cupati juxta ritum Romanse curiae. 

Ven.j Octav. Scotus, 1479. 

A copy on vellum (without any state- 
ment of the size) is mentioned in Zaccaria 
Excursus literarii, I. 109. This pro- 
duction, not noticed in Panzer, may 
be also the first book known to be 
printed by Scotus, who was hitherto 
thought to have only been printing since 

15186 ORDO baptisandi secundum 

ritum Rom. ecclesise. Ven., in 

sedib. A. Sabiensis, 1539. 4°. 

Count Melzi at Milan possessed a copy 
on vellum, see Dibdin Decam. III. 11 1. 

ORDO missalis, see Missale. 

15187 ORDONES de Cevallos, Pt. 
Viage del Mundo. Madr. 1614 of 
91. 4^ 

15188 — tradado de las relaciones 
verdaderas de los reynos de la 
China, Cochinchina y Champaa. 
Jaen, Cuesta, 1628. 4°. 

15189 ORDONNANCES de IWdre 
de la toison d'or. Par., le Noir, 

1523. fol. 

A copy on vellum, 4I. 48. Marlborough, 
London, 1819. 

15190 ORDONNANCES de Pordre 


de la toison d'or. Without place or 
date. 4®. 

Copies on vellum, f 00 fr. Valli^re (an- 
other undated edition on vellum in 4**. 
Valliere 30 fr.), 43 fr. Servais, 121 fr. 
Sema, 62 fr. M'Ccuthy. See also Cok- 


15191 ORDONNANCES de lordre 
de S. Michel. Without place or 
date. 4°. 

A copy on vellum, 71 fr. Picart, 10 fr. 
Lair. Siee also Livre des statuts. 

15192 ORDONNANCES (les) let- 
tres patentes du Roy : Sur le faict 
des mynes de France. Lyon, J. Pa- 
trasson, 1575. 8°. 

A copy in the Royal library at Dresden. 

15193 ORDONNANCES royaux sur 
le fait de la justice et I'abbr^viation 
des proc^ par tout le royaume de 
France, publies au parlement de 
Paris en Septembre 1539. Par., 
par N. Couteau pour Galliot Dupr^, 
(1539). fol. Gothic letter. 

A copy on vellum, 15 fr. MHIJarthy. 

15194 -^ Par., par Denis Janot 

pour Galliot Dupre, (1539). 4*^. 

A copy on vellum, 36 fr. Saubise, 97 fr. 
5 c McCarthy. This edition is reaJly dif- 
ferent from the preceding. 

15195 Rouen, par Abr. Gaenet 

pour Gralliot Dupre, 1539. 4*^. Go- 
thic letter. 

A copy on vellum, 23 fr. Valliere, 29 fr. 
5«c McCarthy. 

15196 ORDONNANCES des rois 
de France de la troisi^me race, 
recueillies par ordre chronologique. 
Par., impr. roy., 1 723-1 820. fol. 
17 voU. Table chronoW. des 9 

Premiers volumes, par Villevault. 
W. 1757. fol. It is going on. 
(576 fr., each vol. 36 fr.). 

This important collection readies only to 
March 1473. Copies without the i'4th 
vol., which is very hard to be procured by 
itself, lose more than a third of their value. 
T. I. was superintended by Eus. de Lau- 
ridre, T. II-VIII. by Denis Fr. Secooste, 
T. IX. by Villevault, T. X-XIII. by Brew 
quigny and Villevault, T. XIV. by Bre^ 
quigny alone, T. XV-XVII. by Pastoret. 

15197 ORDRE (r) de chevalerie.— 
At the end, Cy fiuist I'ordre de 
chevalerie ou on peult facilement 
cognoistre et entendre la noblesse 


de dievalerie, la mani^e de creer et 
faire lea chevaliers etc, Lyon sur 
le roisne. Vine. Portunaris de Trine, 
1 1 Juill. 1 5 1 o. fol. Gothic letter. 

19 leaves with the ngnatures <i-9. It 
•eemf to lie only a piece of Symphar. Cham' 
pier Recueil ou chromque det hittoires du 
roj/aume d*Auttrasie, ^oncy, 15 10. fol. 

15198 (ORDRE.) The book of the 
ordre of chyualry or knyghthode 
transL out of Frenaahe into Englisshe 
by me W. Caxton. Without place 
or date {Westmeitre, Caxtan, 1484). 
foL (rothic letter. 

53 leaves (the ist blank) with 26 lines, 
snd the signattuies aiU{;Hj. Only 3 copies 
are knotm; 2 complete, in the British 
MtiMum and in the Bodleian, and 1 de- 
Cectireoopy in the possession of Lord Spencer. 
The types are those of Caxton*s Chronicle 
of 1480. The piece is a translation of the 
Ordene de ehevalerie (see BAaBAZAN, 
abome) and not of the preceding. 

ORDRE, see Etats. 

O'REILLY, see Annales des arts. 

15199 O'REILLY. Irish and Eng- 
lish dictionary. Dubl. 1817. 4^ 
(2I. 10s.) 

ORFORD, see Walpole. 

15200 ORIBASIUS. CoUectaneorum 
artis medicae liber, quo totius cor. 
pons huroani sectio explicatur (gr.) 
Par., Gu. Morelius, 1556. 8**. 

15201 — anatomica ex libris Galeni 

(gr.) cum vers. lat. J. Bt. Rasarii, 

curante Gu. Dundass. LB., Lange- 

mdf. 1735. 4^ 
See also Chiruroia. 

15202 — synopseos ad Eustathium 
filiuin libri IX. quibus tota medi- 
dna in compendium redacta con- 
tinetnr (lat), J. Bt. Rasario inter. 

^ prete. Ven., P. Manutius, 1554. 
8^. 3 16 leaves. 

Also, LvieLy Audoemu Parvus, 1554. 

U203 — collectarum medicinalium 
Kbri XVII. (lat.), J. Bt. Rasario 
interprete. Ven., P. Manutius, 
without date. 8"*. 

Also, Par,, Bn. Turri$anus, 1555. 8^ 

15204 — commentaria in aphorismos 
Hippocratis, hactenus non visa, J. 
Guinterii industria eruta et nunc 

OKI 1219 

prim, edita (lat.). Par., Sim. Coli. 

naeus, 1533. 8°. 

Also, Ven,, Sabio, 1533. 8*. Bas,, Cra- 
tander, 1535. 8°. Palav,, Cadorinut, 
1658. 12". 

15205 — opera quse extant omnia, 
tribus tomis digesta (lat.), J. Bt. 
Rasario interprete. Bas., Insingrin, 

"55 7- 8°. 
Also in /Stephens*s ArHt med. princ, 

I. jtg sq. 

15206 ORIENTIUS. LibeUus, qui 
inscribitur commonitorium fidelium, 
denuo coUatis duobus MSS. codd. 
ex lectione Mt. Delrii et Edm. 
Martene editus, recognitus atque 
integro libro secundo auctus, ej us- 
que et varior. notis illustratus, cura 
H. Ln. Schurzfleischii. Witt., 
Schrodter, 1706. 4°. In addition 
H. Ln. Schurzfleischii Orientius 
supplemento auctus s. nova e cod. 
MS. biblioth. Oxon. recensio, item- 
que curae posteriores ad librum II. 
Orientii. Vinarice, 1716. 4°. 

At first by Mt. Delrio, ArUte. 1600. 13^. 
Then by Lr. Ramir. de Prado, Salmantica, 
1604. 4^ and by And. Rivinus, Lps. 1651. 
8**. New impressions in Martene et Du- 
rand Theutur, anecdotor, V. 19 sq. and in 
Gallandi BibL PP, X. 185 sq. 

15207 ORIGENES. Opera omnia 
(gr. lat.)^ ex variis editt. et codd. 
recensita, lat. versa atque annota- 
tionib. iUustrata, cum copiosis indd., 
vita auctoris et multis dissertatt. 
Op. et St. C. (et C. Vine.) de la 
Rue. Par., Vincent, 1733-59. fol. 
4 voU. 

Also on very large paper. A greatly 
prized edition. In the (}erman copies the 
4th voL is often wanting. In addition, 
Oriffenis Scholia in pentateuchum, Josue, 
Judices, regee^ proverbia, eccietiatten, Job, 
Ptalmoa, Matthaum et Lucam, gr, laL, in 
Anaieott. tiav, vett, patrwn, Ven, 1781. 
fd. p. 3 sq. or in Gallandi Bibl. PP. XTV. 
append, p. 3 sq. 

15208 — opera (gr. lat.) ad edit, de 
la Rue recusa (cura Fr. Oberthur). 
Wirceburgi, 1780-94. 8°. 15 voU. 

A slovenly impression of the Imre text 
with a translation. 

15209 — opera omnia, lat., ex variis 
antiquis interpretatt. edita, stud, et 




lab. Jac. Merlini. Par., J. Parvus, 
1512. fol. 4 parts in 2 vols. 

A copy on veUum, 401 fr. Valli^re, and 
475 fr. M*Caiiiiy (again offered for sale at 
600 fr.). Otherwise not sought after. 
Also, ib. 1519 or 22. foi. 4 parts. — Opp.y 
tat., stud, et lab. Des, Eratmi partim versa, 
partim recogn. Bos,, Frobek, 1536. fol. 
ib., id,, 1545. fol. 2 voll. 16., Episcop,, 
15 71. fol. 2 voll. Opp. lot., nunc stud, et 
lab. Gilb. Genebrardi partim cufngr<pca ve- 
ritate collata, partim libris recens versis 
aucta. Par. 1574, or 1604, or 161 9. fol. 

15210 — hexaplorutn quae supersunt. 
Ex MSS. et ex libris editis eruit et 
notis illustrav. Bn. de Montfaucon, 
Ace. opuscula quaedam Origenis 
anecdota. Par., Guerin, 1713. fol. 
2 voll. Also on large paper. 

Consult Masch Bibl. sacra P. II. Vol. II. 
p. 230 sq. Corrections to the Hexapla 
from different MSS., see in (Eichhorn's) 
Repertor. fOur bibl. u. morgenl. Litt. I. 
217 sq. IV. 257 sq. VI. 195 sq. VIII. 85 
sq. IX. 157 sq. X. 58 sq. XIII. 177 sq. 
XIV. 183 sq. XV. 38 sq. H. Owen Cri- 
tical disquisitions, containing some remarks 
oti Masius^s edition qf the book cf Joshua 
and on Origenis Hexapla, Lend, 1 784. 8®. 

15211 — hexaplor. quae supersunt. 
Auctiora et emendatiora edid. no- 
tisque illustrav. C. F. Bahrdt. Lps. 
et Lubecae, Donatius^ 1769-70. 8°. 
2 voll. (4 d.) 

15212 — in S. Script, commentaria, 
quaecumque graece reperiri potue- 
ruDt. Pt. Dn. Huetius graeca pri- 
mus maxima ex parte edidit, varias 
edd. contulit, lat. interpretationes 
adjunxit, notis et obss. illustravit. 
Rothom.^ Berthelinus, 1668 fol. 

2 voll. 

LtU. Par. 1679. fW. 2 vols, is perhaps 
only a new title. Reprinted, Col, (Ff. 
a. M.) Gensch, 1685. fd. 2 voll. 

15213 — in Grenesim homiliae 16. In 
Exodum homiliae 13. InLeviticum 
homiliae 16. In Numeros homiliae 
28. In Jesum Naue homiliae 26. 
In librum judicum homiliae 8. (lat.), 
d. Hieronymo interpr. Ven., Aldus, 
m. Febr. 1503. fol. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, and 182 
numbered leaves. One of the rarer Al- 

15214 — philocalia, de obscuris S. 
Script, locis a Basilio M. et Gre- 


gorio theol. ex variis Origenis com- 
mentariis excerpta. Omnia nunc 
prim, graece edita op. et stud. J. 
Tarini^ qui et lat. fecit et notis 
illustrav. Par., de Forge, 1619. 

Par,, Cramoisg, 1624. 4"» >» only * **«*^ 

15215 — contra Celsum libri VIII. 

et Gregorii Neocaes. Thaumaturgi 

panegyricus in Origenem. A Dav. 

Hoeschelio gr. et lat. nunc prim. 

editi. Ace. notae et indd. AV., ad 

insigne pinus, 1605. 4°. 

4 leaves of preliminary matter, 441, 25, 
and 511 pages, and 9 leaves. The trans- 
lation is by Sgra. G^enius. 

15216 — contra Celsum libri VIIL 

Ejusd. philocalia (gr. lat.). Ghi. 

Spencerus utriusque operis versio- 

nem recognovit et annotatt. adjecit. 

Cum ind. rer. et verbor. locupletiss. 

Cbr., Field, 1658. 4*^. 

With H5schel*s notes on the book agBinst 
Cdsus, and Tarinus's on the PhilocaHa, 
This edition is more scarce, better printed, 
and more correct than the second, Cbr., 
Hayes, 1677. 4*". — Pt. Tamburim RaffUh- 
namenti std I. libro di Origins contra Cslta. 
Pavia, 1 786. 8". J. Ctmningham Disser- 
tation of the books qf Origen against Cdsus. 
' Lond. i8ia. 8^ (as. 6d.) 

15217 — contra Celsum libri VIII. 

lat., interpr. Cp. Persona. Romae^ 

G. Herolt de Bamberga, m. Jan. 

1 48 1 . small fol. 

264 leaves with 33 llnes^ without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf la 
is blank, and i^ is a letter of Thdr. Gaa 
(here Gazinus) to Persona. Leaf a is a 
dedication to Sixtus IV. bjr Persona (in- 
stead of which in other copies is a letter to 
J. Mocenigo), and leaf 3* begins the work 
itself. The last leaf contains a Registrum 
quintemiorum, A copy on vellum in the 
Royal library at Paris (probably the same 
which Laire and Audlffredi saw in the Vm- 
tican ?). The traoilation is very fsohy. 

15218 — traite contre Celae ou 

defense de la religion chret. contre 

les accusations des payens. Trad. 

du grec par Elie Bouh^reau. Amat., 

Desbordes^ 1700. 4**. 

At the end are notes and conjectures on 
the Greek text. In many copies the pub- 
lisher has taken away the preface, errata, 
and index to the notes, see Basnage HisL 
des ouvrages des sav, 1 700, p* 419* 


16tl9 — 8 Bucher von der Wahrheit 
der christl. Religion, ubs. von J. 
Lr. Mosheim. Hmb.^ Bohn^ i745* 
4°. (2d. 18 gr.) 

An ludian translation, Pavioy 1787. 8^ 
n also mentioned. 

15220 — dialogus contra Marcionitas, 
exiiortatio ad martyrium, responsio 
ad Africani epistolam de historia 
Susannie. Grsece nunc prim. pro. 
deant^ cum versionib., notis^ indd.^ 
lectt. varr. et conjecturis op. et 
stud. J. Rdf. Wetstenii. Baa., 
Bertsch, 1674. 4®. 

15221 — ir€pi €vx'1^ avvTttyfia, fi^xP*^ 
roudc rov xpovov avcicdorov. Cum lat. 
interpr. et brevib. notis. Ox., th. 

Sheld., 1686. I2^ 

Greek scholia on the Pater Nosier are 
added, which bad previously appeared 
uod^ the title, Origenis t. alteriua doO' 
(orit grexi avyxpovov scholia in orat. dotnin. 
etc Gr. et kU. nunc prim, prodeunt et 
itUerpr, Fed. Morelli cum ejusd, noHs. 
LmL, Morellus, 1601. 8^ 

15222 — de oratione libellus. Ace. 
Marci Diadochi sermo contra Arianos 
( gr. lat. ) a J. Rdf. Wetstenio. 
Bfts^ Rertscb, 1694. 4^. 

15223 — de oratione liber (gr. lat.). 

£x nova coUatione cum cod. MS. 

Holmicmai recognitus et emendatus, 

una cum Anonymi scholiis in orat. 

domin. Quibus subjunctse sunt 

«rad]ti cujusd. viri notK partim 

crit. partim exeget., ab editore 

Gu. Reading. Lond., Tonson et 

Watts, 1728. 4^ 

'niis edlUoo, printed at the expense of 
the editor, ia scarce and fine. 

152S4 — compendium historise phi- 
ioaophicae antiquse s. philosophu- 
mena, recc^ita, illustrata passim- 
que oorrecta a J. Cp. Wolfio. Ace. 
Jac. Gronovii notae int^se. Hmb., 
Liebeseit, 1706. S*'. 

Preriouslv printed for the first time in 
Gronovii Thes. anL gr, X. 237 sq. 

15225 — opus peri archon s. de 
principiis, correctum et ordinatum 
ac interpretatum a Constantio Hye- 
rotheo. Ven., Laz. Soardus, 15 14. 
Delame did not make use of thb edition. 



Hyerothens caused the text to be printed 
from another MS. than that used in Mer- 
lin's edition of 15 11, yet not very different. 

ORIGINE des loix, see Goguet. 

15226 ORIGINE, r, des puces. 

Lond. 1749. large 18°. 36 pages. 

Entirely engraved. A new impression of 
the plates, t6., id.y 1761. 18° A poem, by 
no means remarkable, with passages some- 
what free. 

ORIGNY, see Dictionnaire, No. 

15227 ORION Thebanus. Etymolo- 
gicon, ex museo F. A. Wolfii pri- 
mum edidit, annotatt. Larcheri, 
Wolfii et suas indicesque adjecit 
F. Gu. Sturz. Lps., Weigel, 1820. 

4^ (3 d.) 

This work belongs to the Ettmolo. 
oicuM, No. 6999. 

15228 ORIVUOLO, Bm. Le sem- 
plicitli owero gofferie dei cavalieri 
erranti, ottave in dialetto Trevi- 
giano. Without place or date (16th 
century). 8°. 

ORKNEYINGA— Saga, see Saga. 

15229 ORLANDI, Pellegr. Ant. 
Abecedario pittorico contenente le 
notizie de' professori di pittura, 
scoltura ed architettura, in questa 
ediz. corretto e di nuove notizie 
accresciuto da Pt. Guarienti. Ven. 
1753. 4°. with 3 tables of mono- 

A good edition of a very fioilty work (at 
first, Bol. 1704. 4°.). An edition, conti- 
nued by FV. Fuga to 1775, appeared under 
the title, Supplemento aUa serie de* elogi 
e ritraUi degH wmtihi illustri in piitnra etc. 
Fir. 1776. 4°. a voll. (see Serie). 

15230 ORLANDINUS, N. Historia 

societatis Jesu, Pars I. s. Ignatius. 

Romse, 161 5. fol. or Antw. 1620. 

fol. Pars II. s. Lainius, auct. Fr. 

Sacchino. Antw. 1620. fol. Pars 

III. s. Borgia, auct. Fr. Sacchino. 

Romee, 1649. ^^1. Pars IV. s. Eve- 

rardus, auct. Fr. Sacchino. Romse, 

1652. fol. Partis V. Tom. I. s. 

Claudius, auct. Fr. Sacchino. Romse, 

1661. fol. Partis V. Tom. II., 

auct. Jos. Juvencio. Roma;, 1710. 

fol. Partis VI. Tom. I. ab a. 1616, 
4 L 1 



auct. Julio Cordara. Romae, 1750. 
fol. Altogether 7 parts in 6 vols. 

Complete copies of this work are scarce. 
There may be added to it, Imago primi 
seculi 80c» lent, Anita. 1640. fol. (see 
Imago), and Rectteii de pieces, tonchmU 
rhisi. de la comp, de Jestu composee par 
Jos. Jouvenci, ei supprimee par arret du 
parlement de Paris* LOge^ 17 13* 12**. 
(p. 88 and 89 ought to contain representa- 
tions of a pyramid). 

ORLANDINO, see Limerno. 

15231 ORLEANS, Charl. d'. Po^ 
sies publi^es par P. V. Chalvet. 
Grenoble, 1803 (new title, Par. 
1 809). 1 2°. (4 fr.) 

The only edition, but extremely faulty, of 
these very agreeable poems from the middle 
of the 15th century. Concerning a MS. of 
them, see VaUUre's Caial. II. 264. 

15232 ORLEANS, Cherubin d'. La 
dioptrique oculaire. Par. 1671. 
fol. 3 parts in i vol. with 60 

15233 ORLEANS, Jos. Pt. d'. His- 
toire des revolutions d'Angleterre. 
Par. 1729. 4^ 3 voll. Histoire 
des r^volut. d*Espagne (revue, con • 
tin. et publ. par Rouill^ et Bru- 
moy). Par. 1734. 4°. 3 voll. Also 
on large paper. 

There are also editions of both in 1 2°. 

ORLEANS, see Pas des annes. 

15234 ORLOFF, Gr. M^moires 
histor.,po]it. et litter, sur le royaume 
de Naples, publies avec des notes 
et additions par Amaury Duval. 
Par. 1819-21. 8° 5 voll. (20 fr.) 

15235 ORLOGE de sapience, trans- 
latee de latin en fran^ois. Par., 
V^rard, 10 Mars 1493. fol. Gothic 

A copy on veUum with 13 miniatures, 
305 fr. McCarthy; a 2nd copy defective, 
3 1 fr. the same ; a 3rd in the Royal library 
at Paris $ and a 4th in the possession 
of Mr. Hibbert in England. The copy on 
vellum, ib., id., 1483. fol. in the Harleian 
Caial. T. III. No. 3206, was probably of 
this edition. There is also an edition, 
Par., VAwrd, witliout date. fol. Gothic 
letter, with lines running all across the 
page. Dialogue de la Mgesse ^temelle 
avec son disciple, irad. du lot. par de 
Vienne. Par. 1684. la**. 

Of the Latin original I know the follow, 
ing editions : {Henr. de Swto) Horohgium 


€Biemm aapientim (aee. centum medUaU. 
passionis J, C. ei hora de teiema so- 
pienOa). Without place or date (fSth 
century). 4**. (This edition, not noticed by 
Panzer, is in the University library at 
Leipzic) lAber qui horohgium sapienOa 
intUulaiur a quodam de ordine pnBdie. 
Par. 1479. 4°. {Caial. de la bibL du roi, 
Theol. if. 363. not noticed by Panzer). 
Horologium aiema sapienOte ei haras de 
miema sapienOa, AlosH, Theodorie. Mar- 
tiniy without date. 4°. Gothic letter. Alao^ 
Ven., Quarengis, 1492. 4**. CoL, J. Lan>- 
densisy 1496. 4^ ib., id., 1501. 8^ Col, 
1509. 8'. Par., J. Peiii, 151 1. 8*. 
H. Susanis Opuseula aHqtwi pia. Par. 
1578. 8^ Opera e Suevioo iditm^ in la- 
tinum reddUa a Lr, Swrio. CoL 1588 or 
1615. 8°. An Italian translation, Orologio 
della sapienza di fraie Enrico Susone, 
trad, in liaUano. Fen., Lucre, 151 1. 4". 

15236 — der Seusse. Angsp., Ant. 
Sorg, 1482. fol. with woodcuts. 

108 and 146 nnmbered leaves. Thn 
mystical and enthusiastic book of devo- 
tion, if not an original, is at least a trans- 
lation of the alwve Horologium, This 
German edition contains, besides Suso*s 
life, his book of eternal wisdom, his dia- 
logue on truth, his little book of letters, 
and an ascetic romance of an unknown 
author. Die tieun Felsen. A second edi- 
tion has the title. Diss buch das da gedidU 
hoi Amandus, genanni Seuss. begreiffi m mi 
vU guier gmsilicher leeren, Augsp,, Hans 
Oihmar, 1512. fol. with woodcuts. 

15237 — treatyse of the seven points 
of true love and everlasting wisdome 
drawn out of the book which is 
written in Latyn and deped orolo- 
gium sapientiae. We8tm3rn8ter» Cax- 
ton, without date. fol. Gothic letter. 

Sold at Willett*s sale in London in 1813 
for 194I. 5s. 

15238 ORME, Rb. History of the 

military transactions of the British 

nation in Indostan from the year 

1745. Lond. 1780, or 99, or 1803 

4°. 3 vols, with maps (3I. 15s.). 

The first editions (1763 and 77) of this 
esteemed work appeared anonymously. J. 
W. von Archenhoht die Engl'dnder in Irv, 
dien, nach Orme, Lpst. 1786-^. 8^ 3 vob. 
with maps (3 d.) — ^There is also by him. 
Historical fragments of the Mogul empire, 
Lond. 1805. 4^ (il. 8s.) A general idea qf 
the government and people of Indostan. 
Lond. 181 1. 4^ 

ORME, Edw., see Williamson. — 
Philib. de \\ see Lorm E. 


15239 ORNATI, gli. delle pareti ed 

i pavimend delle stanze dell' antica 

Pompei incisi in rame. Napoli, 

stamps reale^ 1796-1808. large fol. 

2 vols. 

Each ToL of this work, which may be 

joined to the ^n/ic^a dt ^rco/., has a title, 
I leaf, jue&oe^ and 47 pUites. 

ORNATUS muliebris^ see Hollar. 

15240 ORNITHOLOGIA methodice 
dige^ta atqne iconib. seneis ad vivum 
illuminatis ornata (lat. et ital. a X. 
Manetti^ I^r. Lorenzi et Violante 
Vanni). Plor. 1767-76. large fol. 
5 vols, with 600 illuminated plates. 

Tolerably executed, and not common out 

OROLOGIUM, see Hobologium 
and Orloob. 

15241 OROSIUS. P. P. Horosii in 
Christian! nominis querulos libri 
VII. Augusts, J. Schussler, cir- 
citer Junii nonas septimas, 1471. 
fol. Gothic letter, 

130 leares (the first 7 of which are a 
Beyistrum pro capiiuUs totiua Wm mqui- 
rtm&$) with 35 lines, without s^natures, 
cttdi words, and pagination. The first 
edition, fiuthfuUy printed from a very good 
MS., and in Uavercamp^s judgment the 
b«i of the ancient editions of Orosius. 

15242 — historiee castigate per^neam 
Vulpem. (Vicentiffi), Hm. (Levi- 
Ispis s. Lichtenstein) de Colonia, 
without date (about 1475). fol. 

100 leaves with 39 lines, without signa. 
tares, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf la 
is Uank; in leaf ib is a notice, printed 
in imall capitals (Scias velim etc.), of 16 
Knes ; leaf aa b^ns the text, and leaf looa 
kas a colophon in 12 Latin verses ( Ut ipse 
^tithu etc. k in the 6tlu£th of which the 
nune of the printer is mentioned. This 
editioa contains a text very carelessly and 
arbitrarily superintended. 

Other copies of the same press with the 
tame eolof^ion mention in the verses 6-8 
I^onardus (Achates) de Basilea instead of 
the above Hermann as printer. They pro- 
bably printed the book at their joint ex. 
penae, and each phiced his own name in his 
portion of the copies. The copies with 
l«onard*s name are the more scarce. 

U243 — historiar. libri VII. Ven., 
Octav. Scotus, 3 cal. sextilis 148^. 
78 leaves (the ist blank) with 42 lines, 



and the signatures o-n. This and both 
the following editions are only reprints 
of the preceding, and have the same con- 
cluding verses, with the exception of verses 
5-8, which are omitted. 

15244 — Paulus Orosius. Ven., 
Cp. de Pensis, 15 cal. Aug. 1499. 


72 leaves with 46 lines, and the signa- 
tures o-^m. 

15245 Ven., Bemardin. Ve- 

netus de Vitalibus, 12 Oct. icoo. 
79 leaves with 44 lines. 

15246 — P. Orosii historiographi 
clarissimi opus preestantissimum. 
Par., pro J. Petit^ 21 Jan. ico6. 

Also a reprint of the Vicentian edition. 

15247 — (the same title). Par., J. 

Petit, 18 Sept. 15 10. 4°. 

18 leaves of preliminary mattei*, 123 
numbered leaves, and i leaf, printer*s 
symbol. The same text, furnished with an 
index and marginal notes by L. Thiboust. 

15248 — (the same title). Par., 
J. Barbier, 13 Nov. 1510. 4°. 

15 leaves of preliminary matter, and 1 1 o 
numbered leaves. A reprint of the pre- 
ceding with the same preface by Thiboust. 

15249 — (the same title). PaV., 
{Bn. Aubri), 8 Aug. 1517. 4°. 

16 leaves of preliminary matter, and 105 
numbered leaves. Also a reprint of the 
preceding with the same preface. 

15250 — historiar. liber e tenebrar. 

faucibus in lucem editus, una cum 

indicibus adjectis. Par., exc. Pt. 

Vidovaeus impendio J. Parvi, caJ. 

Nov. 1524. fol. 

Superintended by Sb. Mengin. The same 

15251 — ad versus paganos historiar. 

libri VII. Nunc demura ab innu- 

meris iisque fcedissimis ac hor- 

rendis mendor. monstris vindicati, 

ad multorumque vett. exemplarium 

fidem sedulo restituti. (CoL), Eu- 

char. Cervicomus, 1526. fol. 

10 leaves of preliminary matter, and 124 
pages. Corrected by Gerhard Bolsuinee 
after 3 MSS. ^ 

15252 — adversus paganos historiar. 
libri VII. Nunc denuo cum M88. 
exemplaribus abquot collati dili- 




gentiusque excusi, cum ind. rer. 
(curante J. Caesano). Col., Cervi- 
cornus, 1536. 8^ 

A new revision. Repeated, Coi., Gene- 
pausy 1543. 8**. 

15253 — adversus paganos historiar. 
libri VII. vetustor. libror. auxilio a 
mendis yindicati et annotationib. 
illustrati op. et stud. Fr. Fabricii. 
Col., Cholinus, 1561. 8°. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 346 num- 
bered, and 5 unnumbered leaves. A new, 
but often too bold, recension from MSS., 
and from comparison with other authors. 
The annotations are both critical and exe- 

15254 — adversus paganos. . . . Fa- 
bricii (as in the preceding). Quibus 
nunc access, ejusd. Orosii apologe- 
ticus contra Pelagium, de arbitrii 
libertate. Col., Cholinus, 1574 or 
82. 8°. 

An unaltered reprint of the preceding 
edition, with the addition of the ApolO' 
geticus, which appeared for the first time 
with the title, Orosii Liber apologeticus 
contra Pelagium de arbUrii libertatey nurus 
prim, editus : item Hieronymi epistola adv, 
Pelagium (ed, J, Costerius). Lamm, 1558. 
9°. and then printed with Fausttu De 
gratia Dei. Baa, 1559. 8'. 

15255 — adversus paganos historiar. 

libri VII. Vetustor. libror. auxilio 

a mendis vindicati et annotationib. 

illustrati a Fr. Fabricio. Additse 

nunc demum L. Lautii notse et 

And. Schotti recensio. Quibus 

etiam access, ejusd. Orosii apolo' 

geticus contra Pelagium de arbitrii 

libertate. Mog., Cholinus, 1615. 


Only the text and notes of Fabridus, 
enlarged with the corrections of L. Lautius, 
and incorrectly printed. The ist chapter 
of the I St book is augmented from a Ge- 
nevese MS. Repeated, Mog. 1663. 8*. 

15256 — adversus paganos historiar. 
libri VII. ut et apologeticus contra 
Pelagium de arbitrii libertate. Ad 
fidem mstor. adjectis integris notis 
Fr. Fabricii et L. Lautii recensuit 
suisque animadversionib. nummis. 
que antiquis plurimis illustrav. Si- 
geb. Havercampus. LB., Potuliet, 


1738. 4"^. with coins printed in th« 


LB,^ Luchtmans, 1 767. 4^ is only a new 
title. A new recension after 1 1 AISS. and 
old editions. There are no copies on large 
paper (see Retumard Catal, IV, 51), al- 
though sometimes such are mentioned 
(Cat. Solger, II. 122). The most recent 
impression of the works of Orosius in 
Galkmdi Bibl. PP, IX. 13 sq. 

15257 — P. Orosio tradotto di lat. in 

volgare per Gi. Guerini da Lanciza 

novamente stampato. — At the end, 

P. Alex. Pag. Benacenses. F. 

Bena. V. V. ( Toscolano, A lest. 

Paganino), without date. 8**. 

Concerning other uncertain editiomi, see 
Paitoni III. 41. 

15258 — les histoires de P. Orose, 

trad, en hsiu;. Par., Ant. V^rard, 

without date. fol. Gothic letter, 

with woodcuts. Senecque des motz 

dorez des quatre vertus en fran^oys 

(par le traducteur d'Orose). ib.» 

id., 21 Aoust 1491. fol. Gothic 

letter, with woodcuts. 

These two pieces belong to eadi other, 
and are found together in the later edi- 
tions. Of the Orosius there is a copy 
on vdlum in the Royal library at Paris. 
The translator was not Lr. du Prenuer- 
fait, but probably CI. SevsseL — Also, Par^ 
Vimrdy 1509. foL Gothic letter. Par.y 
Mch, le Nok-y 1515. fol. ChHhic letter. 
Par.y Ph, le Noir, 1536. fol. Gothic letter. 

15259 — Chronica vnd beschreybung 
so er geton in Latin, yerteutsdit 
durch H. Boner. Colmar, Bm. 
Griininger, 1539. fol. 

The 1st edition of this translation, and 
tolerably scarce. A 2nd edition has the 
title, Chronica vfid beschreHnmg dee vmb^ 
kreisset vnd gelegetiheit der gantxen Welt 
etc Without place, 1552. fd. 120 num- 
bered and 3 unnumbered leares. Ff. a. M. 
1576 or 81. fol. is altered in style. It is 
both by itself, and also joined to the follow- 
ing book : Generalchronica d. i. Beschrei- 
bung vieler namhaffter u. unbekannter 
Landscha/ten, Ff. a, M, 1576 or 81. 

15260 — the Anglo-Saxon version 
from the historian Orosius, by i£l- 
fred the Great. Together with an 
English translation from the Anglo- 
Saxon (by Daines Barrington). 
Lond., Bowyer, 1773. 8**. (78.) 

Hormesta A Ordtti, ^ftani oHm pttrio 


th uavi i ^/reduM mapnus, ad 
exewtflar Jtmiamtm detcripium edidii Gu. 
Eittob, Ox,y th, Sheld., 1690. 8^ is only 
an announcement. Ektob^s edition did 
not appear. Concerning Alfred's transla- 
txiD, see Beckmann's Liit. der Reisebeschrr. 
I. 457 sq. — Concerning Orosius, see 
amongit others Fhrex Espaiia Sagrada^ 
XV. 316 sq. 

ORP£LIAN,seeMo8£s^ No. 14459. 

15261 ORPHEUS. *Op<^»r •Apyo- 
vm/ruca koi vfi»oi, Upoickov Avkuw tov 
iPiXoao<f>ov vfi^oi, Flor., Ph. Junta, 
19 Sept. 1500.4°. 

51 leaves Hn 7 layers) with the signa- 
tures a~i|. The first edition, fine, correct, 
and very scarce, and from a very good MS. 
The poem De lapkRhus is wanting here, 
and appeared for the first time in the im- 
pression ai Orpheus with Musatu, Aldiy 
1517. 8**. whidi in other respects is a re- 
print of the edUio princeps. R^rints of 
the Aldiue Orpheus with Mtumtu, Fior., 
JwiLy 15 19. 8^ (yet here the text of the 
poem De iapuRimt has som^hing pecuHar) 
and with Hetiodus, Fiar,^ Junta, 1540. 
8*. or Ven,y Farriy 1543. 8°. 

15262 — ArgoDautic»n opus grsecum 
cum interpr. lat. incerti auctoris 
(Leodrisii Cribelli) recens addita et 
diligendusquam hactenus emendata. 
Bas , And. Cratander, m. Jun. 
1523. 4°. 56 leaves. 

Scutje. An edition, t6., id, 1529. 4^ is 
only a typographical error. Merely a re- 
print of the ^HHo princeps in the text. 
Cribdhis^s translation, made from a very 
good MS. is also with f^'alerius Flacciu 
AUi 1523, and Burtnanni 1724. — A new 
recension, but without MSS. in H. Ste- 
pkam Poet. gr. 1566. 

15263 — Orpheus antiquissimus et 
c^ytimus poeta, philosophus Tris- 
megistus de lapidibus, nunc demum 
latio jure donatus, Hannardo Gku 
merio interprete. Ace. ejusd. Han- 
nardi scholia. Ace. praeterea argu- 
meiitoin. in Orphei libellum (De- 
metrii Moschi), Ren. Perdrierio in. 
terprete. Leodii, Morberius, ^Sl^' 

5 leavvs, 35 pages, and 9 leaves of notes. 
Very scarce, but of no vame. 

1&264 — - irpoyMMrrifca irtpi aticfuov, 
Pn^ostica de terrie niotibus, in- 
terprete J. Ant. Baifio. Lut., F. 
MoreUus, 15S6. 4^ 

U265 — Orphei et Ariphronis hyroni 



in .^sculapium et sanitatem^ gr. 
lat. ex interpr. Jos. Scaligeri et 
Fed. Morelli. Par., Libert, 1615. 

A copy on vellum in the Royal library at 


15266 — Argonautica, hymni et de 
lapidibus (gr. lat.) curante And. 
Ch. Eschenbachio, cum ejusd. ad 
Argonautica notis et emendatt. Ace. 
H. Stephani in omnia et Jos. Scali. 
geri in hymnos notse. Traj. ad Rh., 

van de Water, 1689. large 12°. 

After Stephens*s text. A defensive pi^ce 
against the recension in Le Clere^i Bibl. uni- 
verseile, XV. 98 sq. is furnished by Pandul- 
fu» CollentUius (J. Sm. Schoder) guper argo- 
nauticit Orphei et paribtu libeliis novo mu-' 
nere ab And, Ch. Eachenbaoh ediiis lambe' 
ratoris gallioani tajfationea ejepen(lU. With- 
out place (Nrb.), 1690. small 8". — And, 
Ch. Efchenbach Epigenes de poeti Or^ 
phica in priscas Orphicor, carminum me^ 
morias liber commentaritts, Nrb,, Endter, 
1702. 4*. 

15267 — Argonautica, hymni, li- 
bellus de lapidibus et fragmenta 
(gr. lat.) cum notis H. Stephani et 
Eschenbachii. Textum ad codd. 
MSS. et edd. vett. recensuit, notas 
suas et ind. gr. adjecit J. Mthi. 
Gesner. Curante G. Ch. Ham^ 
berger. Lps., Fritsch, 1764. 8°. 
(I d. 12 gr.) 

25 copies on writing paper. Stephens's 
text forms ^e basis of this new but very 
insufficient recension. — The hymns ia 
Greek with the Italian translation of Anu 
Mar. Salvini are also with Henodut ed. 
Zanolini. jPator. 1747. S**. 

15268 — de lapidibus poema Orpheo 
a quibusdam adscriptum, gr. et lat., 
ex ed. J. Mthi. Gesneri. Re- 
censuit notasque adjec. Th. Tyr- 
whitt. Simul prodit auctarium 
dissertationis de Babrio. Lond., 
Nichols, 1781. large 8°, 

XVIII and 125 pages, and at the end 
Auctarium diss, de Babrio, with the pagi- 
nation 50-55. 

15269 — Argonautica (gr.). Ex 
libris scriptis et conjecturis viror. 
doctor, suisque aucta et emendata 
interpretatus est. J. Glo. Schnei. 
der. Jense, Frommann, 1803. 8°. 

There are 5 or 6 copies on vellom- 



paper. This edition should be had along 
with the next. 

15270 — Orphica (gr.) cum notis 
Stephani, Eschenbachii, Gesneri, 
Tyrwhitti, recens. Gf. Hermann. 
Lps., Fritsch, 1805. 8^ (46.) 

There are 6 copies on vellum-paper, one 
of which was sold at the duke ckT Marl- 
borough*8 sale iu 18 19 for 6L — Orphica 
{cura Gf. H. Schafer), Lp$,, Wexget^ 
1818. 8^ (i2gr.) 

15271 — Orphei opera (lat.), jam 
prim, ad verbum translata et mult is 
in locis emendata per Renat. Per- 
drierium. Bas., Oporinus, m. Febr. 
1555. 8°. 178 pages and 7 leaves. 
— Die Argonauten^ aus dem Griech. 
(in Prosa) von C. A. Kiitner. 
Mitau, 1773. 8°. (also with his 
Museeus. Altenb. 1784. 8^) Die 
Argonauten (metrisch iibs.) von G. 
Cp. Tobler. Bas. 1784. 8°. (3 gr.) 
Die Ilymnen des Orpheus, ubs. 
von demselb., in Schweiz. Museum, 
1 784. St. 9 and 1 2. and 1 785. St. 1. 
Fragmm. aus dem Gedicht von den 
Kraften der Steine, iibs. von dem- 
selb., ib. 1785, St. 12. Hesiod*s 
Werke u. Orfeus der Argonaut, 
von J. H. Voss. Hdlb. 1806. 8\ 
(id. 16 gr.) Orpheus Hymnen, 
griech. u. deutsch. In dem Vers- 
maasse des Urtextes zum erstenmal 
ganz iibs. von Dn. C. Ph. Dietsch. 
Erlang. 1822. 8^ — The mystical 
initiations or hymns of Orpheus 
transl. from the original Greeks 
with preliminary dissertation on the 
life and theology of Orpheus, by 
Th. Taylor. Lond. 1787 or 92. 8^ 


15272 — J. Corylander. diss, de 
Orpheo Greecor. philosopho. Liond. 
Gothor., 1754. 4**. Delisle de 
Sales histoire d'Hom^re et d'Or- 
ph^. Par. 1808. 8°. (against 
Wolf.) J. F. Facii epistola crit. 
in aliquot Orphei et ApoUonii 
Rhodii Argonaut, loca. £rl. 1772. 
4°. Emendatt. in eum una cum 
fragmentis ejus ineditis, in Amad. 
Peyron notitia libror. a Valperga 
bibl. Taurin. donator. Lps. 1820. 
4°. p. 68 sq. Orphic remains hi- 


therto ineditedy in the Classical jour- 
nal, XVII. 158-163. J. Ch. Gu. 
Gerlach diss, de hymnis Orphicis. 
Gdtt. 1797. 8^ 1mm. Gli. Bu- 
schke de Orphei argonauticis. Ros- 
toch. 1806. 4**. (7 gr.) Bn. L. 
Konigsmann prolusio crit. de state 
carminis epici quod sub Orphei no- 
mine circumfertur. Slesvici, 1810. 
4°. Gf. Hermanni progr. de argu- 
mentis pro antiquitate Orphei argo- 
nauticor. maxime a Konigsmanno 

allatis. Lps. 1811.4^. 

Consult alto Cat Btmao. T. I. Vol. l\, 
p. 1480. 

15273 ORSATO, Sertorio. Li marmi 

eruditi ovvero lettere sopra aleune 

antiche inscrizioni. Padova, Fram- 

botto, 1659. 4°. Marmi eruditi 

owero lettere sopra aleune antiche 

inscrizioni. Opera postuma colle 

annotazioni di Gi. Ant. Orsato. 

Padova, Comino, 17 19. 4°. 

Both works, different from each other, 
belong together. In the first, p. 146, ao en- , 
graving should be found.— -(Gt. Dnu PoU 
otutro) Apologia m d\fe»a di Sert. Orsato 
contra le censure delT autore del museo 
Veronese. Padova, Comino, 1752. 4*» 

15274 — de notis Romanor. coro- 

mentarius. Patav.^Frambotto, 1672. 


Also in Gr€svH Thes. Ant. Rom. XI. 
508 sq. An abridgment by J* St. Bernard, 
Haga Com. (raUier Par.^ CofusteUer)^ 


15275 ORSI, Gi. Gius. Considera- 

zioni sopra la maniera di ben pen- 
sare (ed altre opere). Modena, So- 
liani, 1735. 4^ 2 volL 

At first, Bol. 1703. 8*".— ilwM. NisatOy 
1781. small 8^ 

15276 ORSI, Gius. Agst. Istoria ec- 
clesiastica. Roma^ Pagliarini, I754 
-62. 4^ 21 voU. Continuaziooe 
dal sec; VII. della chiesa al sec. 
XIV. daFil. Ang. Becchetti. Roma« 
1770-88. 4^ 17 voll. Istoria d^li 
ultimi quattro secoli della chiesa. 
Roma, 1788-97. 4°. 12 voll. 

Of this woric, priced in Italy, there aW 
appeared an edition in 11°. 

ORSON, see Valbntin. 

15277 ORTA, Garcia de. CoUoquioe 
dos simples e drogas e cousas medi. 


cinaet da India. Qoa, J. de Endem, 

1563. 4^ 
In Lftdn by C. Chisiua, Aniw. 1567, 74, 

79) <^ 93* S*- ^'^ ><^ C/totl ExoHo, (LB,) 
1605. ^<^ ^ Italian, Ven. 1589. 8**. In 
French hj Ant. Colin, Lytm, 1619. 8*. 

15278 ORT£6A, Casim. Gomez. 
De noFa quadam stirpe, seu Coty- 
ledonis, Muzizoni et Pistoriniue de- 
Bcriptio, cum ear. iconibus. Matr. 
1773. 4"^. Tabulae botanicse. ib. 
1773. 4^ Tratado de las aguas 
termalea de Trillo. ib. 1778. 4^ 
Historia natural de la Malagueta d 
pimienta de Tabasco (piper Jamay- 
cense), ib. 1780. 4?. Tablas bo- 
tamcas. ib. 1783. S"*. Curso ele- 
mental de botanica, teorico y prar 
tko. ib. 1785. 8°. 2 parts. (In 
Italian by Oiamb. Guatteri. Parma, 
Bodoni, 1788. 8°.) 

15279 — novar. aut rarior. stirpium 
liorti regii botan. Matrit. descrip- 
tionnm decas I-VIII. Matr. 1798. 
4^ in I vol. with plates. 

The real author is said to be his son- 
mJaw HippoL Ruiz ; see lAnk Reise naoh 
P9irtugaly I. ill. 

— Flora espafiola, see Qubb. 

U280 ORTELIUS, Abr. Theatrum 

orbis terrarum^ tabulis aliquot novis 

Titaqne auctoris illustratum. Antw., 

Vrintiosy 1603. large fol. with 

maps. Theatri orbis terrar. pa- 

rergen s. veteris gec^raphiue tabulse. 

ib., Moretus, 1624. large fol. with 


The best edition of a work no longer 
indeed sought after, but historically re- 
■ukaUe. The first edition of the Thea- 
tnun appeared, Antw. 1570. larse fol. 
with 53 maps. With a Dutcn text 
{Antw.y, 1598. large foL With a Oennan 
lest, Amtorfy van Diest, 1574 (at the end 
1573). large foL t^., Pkmtiny 1580. huge 
ftl In Italian by Fil. Pigafetta, Anversoy 
ttmmp, Pianim,f 161 a. hu^ fol. In 
Spuush, Theatre del orbe de la Herra, 
Amberety i6i3. laige £cL With a French 
tatj Anoerty 1598. huge foL Consult 
WoitersdorTs Repertor. der LofuU u. See* 
kmrtefiy I. 67 sq. 

— capita deorum, see Capita. 




ORTIS, Jac, see Fobcolo. 

15281 ORTIZ, Bias. Summi templi 

Toletani perquam graphica descrip- 

tio. Toleti, J. Ayala, 1549. 8°^ 
149 and 9 leaves. Very scarce. 

15282 ORTIZ de Zuniga, Diego. 
Anales ecclesiastioos y seculares de 
la ciudad de SeviUa desde 1246 
hasta 1671. Madr. 1677. fol. 

Scarce and prized. 

15283 ORTIZ, Fr. Epistolas fa- 
miliares. Alcala. 1552. fol. 

15284 ORTIZ y Saenz, Jos. Com- 

Sendio cronologico de la historia 
e £spafia. Madr. 1 795-1 803. 8^ 
7 voll. 

15285 — viage arquitectonico-an- 
tiquario de Espana. Madr, 1803. 
4°. 5 voll. 

See also Vitruvius. 

15286 0RT06RAFIA de la lengua 
castellana, compuesta por la real 
academia espafiola. Madr., Ibarra, 
1770. 8^ with 9 plates. Ed. VIII. 
ib. 1815. small 8^ 

ORTOGRAFIA ital., see Faccio- 


15287 ORTOLFF von Bayrlandt. 
Artzneipuch. Nrb., Ant. Koburger, 
1477. fol. 

4 leaves, table of contents, and 80 leaves 
with 39 lines, without signatures, catch- 
words, and pagination. The first edition. 
The date is in leaf 4^ of the table of con- 
tents, and as these 4 leaves are sometimes 
wanting, it consequently appears as if 
there were an undated edition, whereas 
such an edition is nothing else than an 
imperfect copy of that of 1477. Also, 
Augsp., SoTffy 1479 ^ ^^* ^^^' ^*> 
«t, 1488. 4°. Also under the title, Ein 
ArUmeybuch rnm alien geprasten der men- 
achen. Augtp., Schobuer, 1490. 4°. 

15288 ORTULUS anime. Arg., W. 

Schaffener, 1498. S"^. 

A copy on vellum in the King's private 
library at Stutgard. 

15289 — ortulus anime cum ora- 

tionibus aliquibus superadditis, que 

in prioribus libris non habentur. 

Arg., J. Grilninger, pridie kal* 

Febr. 1500. 8°. Gothic letter, with 


This edition contains very unseemlv re- 
pretentatiuns, the most offensii-e of which, 



leaf 119, repments St. Ursula, togeChflr 
with lome of the 11,000 virgins, quite 
naked, and the lustful glance of a man 
fixed upon them. 

15290 — ortulus anime. Par. 1538. 
1 2°, Gothic letter, with woodcuts. 

A copy on vellum with illuminated 
woodcuts (but without a title^ in the 
Royal library at Munich. The Latin 
editions, which appeared at Nrb.^ Peypus^ 
15 18, 19, and 20. 8"*. have woodcuts by 
Springinsklee and Erh. SchOn; consult 
Dibdin Decam, I. 57 etc. 

Concerning the Latin and German edi- 
tions of this book of prayers, which are 
all more or less interesdi^ on account 
of their woodcuts, see HeUer*s Leben 
Cranach's, p. 357-364, where however the 
Latin edition, Arg,, WelHnger, 1503. 
small 8*". Gothic letter, with woodcuts, is 
not noticed. A book with a similar title, 
see above, Jaedik de (Uvotion, 

15291 — hortulus anime, zu Tewtsch 
Selewurtzgertlein genat. mit vil 
schonen gebeten vii figuren. Nrb., 
F. Peypus, 8 Mai 15 18. 8*». with 


A copy on vellum in the Royal library at 
Copenhagen (probably the same diat for- 
merly occurred in Bibl. Schonberg. Amst. 
1745. 8^ T. II. p. 14. No. 189). The 
first known edition of this translation is 
Strb., Griiningerj 1503. 8*». Nrb., Peypus, 
15 19, 8**. is furnished with 57 woodcuts by 
Springinsklee and Schon. A new modifica- 
tion, according to the protestant doctrines, 
is Horhdut Aninue. Lustgarten der Seeleru 
WUt,, Rhawj 1547. 4°. with 53 woodcuts 
after Cranach*s designs, ib., Rhau Erben, 
1550. 4». Ff. a. 3f., Giilfferich, 1548. 8^ 
wiUi other woodcuts. In low German, 
Oriulut Anime to dude. LgpHck, Cr. Ko" 
cheloffen, 1516. 12'. 

A book quite different from this, and 
treating of the truth of the Christian reli- 
gion, IS Der Seelen WUrtzgart, Ulm^ 
Dinckmut, 1483.4*. with woodcuts. Augep., 
Schontperger, 1484, 88, or 96. foL with 
woodcuts. Augsp.t Othmar, 1504. foL 
Strb., Hupfuff, 1511 or 15. fed. with 
woodcuts. At first under another title, 
Nrb.f Crettunery 1473. fol. ; consult Paiu 
Mere DeuUche Ann. I. jt and 376. 

The article Hortulus, No. 10192, is to 
be extended to this. 

15292 ORTUNEZ de Calahorra. 

Espejo de principes y cavalleros, en 

el qual se cuentan los hechos del 

cavallero de Febo y de su hermano 

Rosicler. ^arago^a, 1617-23. fol. 

4 parts in 2 vols. 
A very scarce edition of the original of 


the kn%ht of the sun (tee abova, Amadis, 

No. 484 and 489.) was sold at Stanlejr's 
sale in London in 1813 for 38I. 178. Be- 
sides Ortunez, Pedro de la Sierra, M&rcot 
Martinez, and FeliciaDo de Silva are men- 
tioned as authors. 

ORTUS sanitatis, see Hortus. 
ORUS Apollo, see Horapollo. 

15293 ORVILLE, Jac. Ph. d*. Si- 
cula, quibus Siciliue veteris rudera, 
additis antiquitatum tabnlis, illu- 
strantur. Edidit et commentarium 
ad numismata Sicula, XX. tabulis 
seneis incisa, adjec. Pt. Burmannus 
Secundus. Amst., Tielenburg, 1 764. 

fol. with plates, 2 parts in 1 vol. 

T. I. has I portrait and 30 plates. T. II. 
has 30 leaves of coins and 3 plates. BquaDy 
important and bitter is his CritioaffanimeiH 
manes «/. Com. Pavonis palmu, AmuL 

1737. 8^ 

15294 OS ANN, F. Analecto critica, 
scenice Romans poesis reliquias 
illustrantia. BeroL, Dummler, 1816. 
8^ (i d. 6gr.) 

15295 OSBECK, Pt Dagbok dfwer 

en Ostindisk Resa. Sth. 1757. 8°. 

with plates. 

In German by J. Oli. Oeoigi, Rmet. 
1765. 8^ with plates. Voyage to China 
and the Eaet'Indies, with a voyage to 
Surate by Olqf Torht^ traneL from Germam 
by «/. Rhld. Forster, Load, 1771. 8^. 
2 voii. with plates. 

OSBORNE, see Collection, No. 
OSCI et Volsci, see Accursius. 
OSIAS, see March. 

15296 OSMONT, J. Bt. L. Die 
tionnaire typogr., hist, et crit. des 
livres rares, singuliers etc. Par. 
1768. 8^ 2 voll. 

Now of no value at alL As Debme had 
preceded, something better might weU have 
been expected. 

15297 OSORIUS, Hi. Opera omnia. 
Hi. Osorii . nepotis diiigentia in 
unum collecta. Romie, Perrarius, 
1592. fol. 4 volL 

A scarce oolleotion and prised. 

15298 — de rebus Emmanuelis, regis 

Lusitaniae, virtute et auapicio gestis 

libri XII. Olyssipone, Oondisalvus, 

1571. fol. 

480 pages and i leaf errata. A very 
scarce original edition. Also, CoLy Birek' 



15749 <"* 7^ or 80. 8\ lo German 
by Jac. IXxniniciit), Ljmt. i705< 8"* 
IB gr.) In French (by Sim. Oouliut) in 

Hittoire de Portugal. {S, jGervaise), Fr. 

Eaiiennsy 1581. ibl. Ptw, 1581 or 87. 8^ 

Alwin Engtiih. 

15299 OSSAT, Am. d'. Lettres, 
avec des notes hist, et polit. de 
Amelot de la Houssaye. Amst. 
1708 or 32. 13°. 5 voU. 

At first, Pmr. 1624. fol. In Italian by 
Cuuni, Ven. 1629. 4**. 

OSSERVAZIONI, see Fil. Buo- 
KARBOTi and Maffbi, No. 1 2745. 

1&300 OSSIAN. FingaU epic poem, 
and other poems by Ossian, transl. 
from the Ghielic language by Jam. 
Maqpherson. Lfond. 1762. 4°. 2 

Abes I'OMdL 1773 or 96. 8^ 3 vi^ Par, 
1783. 13°. 4 vols, and often. Edinb, 1803. 
I3^ 2 vols, with pkites, is neat. Cheaper 
editioDS are, fFien, Sammer, 1801. 8^ 
4 Tois. with plates (3 d. 4 gr.). Lpz.^ 
Pkmkery 1805. 8^ 3 voD. (a d. 8 gr.)- 
Sttn Dtamoy le Oitian, Cirran, Ulatme 
etc AnderU poems of Ostian^ pubHsh, hy 
J. Smith. Ltmd. I 'jSj.S", 

1S301 — the poems of Ossian^ con- 
taining the poetical works of Jam. 
Macpherson, in prose and rhyme, 
with notes and illustrations^ by 
Malcolm Laing. Edinb. 1805. 8°. 

2 vols. (ll. IDS.) 

Laing sought to render the genuineness 
cf the poems suspicious; consult Edinb, 
Bevimp, VI. 429 sq. 

153«2 — poems, to which are pre- 
fixed Blair's three critical disserta- 
tioQs and a review of the contro- 
▼ersy relative to the authenticity of 
the poems. Lond. 1 806. 8°. 2 vols. 
(iSs.) Also on fine paper with 9 
plates, and on large paper. 

1&303 — the poems of Ossian „ in the 
original Oaelic, with a literal trans- 
lation into Latin by Rb. Mac- 
&rlan. Together with a disser- 
tation on the authenticity of the 
poems by J. Sinclair. And a trans- 
lation from the Italian of Cesarotti's 
dtsaertation on the controversy re- 
specting the authenticity of Ossian, 
with notes and a supplementary 
ly by J. Mac Arthur. Published 



under the sanction of the Highland 
society of London. Lond., Bulmer, 
1807. large 8°. 3 vols. (2I. 2s., on 
large paper 3I. 13s. 6d.) 

A verv accurate and faithful edition of 
the Oaelic original, which places the ge- 
nuineness of the poems beyond doubt. 

15304 — Dana Oisein mhic finn, air 
an cur amach airson maith coit- 
cheannta muinntir nac^oeltachd. 
Dun-Eidin (Edinburgh), 181 8. 8^ 

A new edition of the Oaelic original by 
J. Macgregor Murray. — Finffol, a poem in 
6 bookst rendered into verse by G, Harvey. 
Lond, 1814. 8^ (los.) 

15305 — obras^ traduc. del ingles a 
la prosa y verso castellano por Jos. 
Alonzo Ortez. Valladol. 1 788. 4**. 
Fingal y Temora, poemas epicos de 
Osian, antiguo poeta celtico, tradu- 
cido en verso castellano por Pt. 
Montengon. Madr. 1801. 8^ 

The reriew of the last translation, in the 
Memorial liter ario^ 1801. p. 26, considers 
Ossian to be only a fabrication of Mac- 

15306 — poesie di Ossian, trasportate 
in italiano da Mich. Cesarotti. 
Pisa, 1801. 8®. 4 voll. 

4 copies on large writfaig paper. The 
best edition of this translation. At first, 
Parma, 1763. 4^ 2 vols. Also in Gen- 
rotti*s works. — Ntum canti di Ossian^ pub' 
blicati in inglese da Gi. Smith, e recati in 
itaHano da Mch. Leoni, Fir. 1813. 8^. 
(lopaoli). Ed. III. riveduta, Ven. iStS. 
8*. 3 voU. 

15307 — Phingaleis sive Hibemia li- 
berata, epicum Ossianis poema e 
Celtico sermone conversum ab Alex. 
Macdonald. Lond. 1820. 8^ 

15308 — Ossian, ills de Fingal, barde 
du 3e si^e, po^es galliques, trad, 
sur I'anglais de Macpherson, par 
Letourneur. Ed. nouv., augm. 
des po^'mes d'Ossian et de quelques 
autres bardes, tradnits sur I'anglais 
de Smith, et pr^c^6e d*une notice 
sur r^tat actuel de la question rela- 
tive a Fauthenticit^ des poemes 
d'Ossian, par Ginguen^. Par., 
Dentu, 1 8 10. 8°. 2 vols, with plates 

( 1 2 fir., on vellum paper 24 fr.). 

The best edition of this translation, 
prized in France. At first, Par. i777* ^"• 
2 vob. (also copies in 4".) Another 



translatioD, Ostian P^^sies galHqiies en vert 
fr. par P. M, le Baour LormUm. Ed. IF. 
Par. 1818.. 18*. with plates (5 fr., on 
▼ellum paper 10 fr., at first, ib, 1801. i8°.) 
has not the simplicity of the original. 

15309 — Ossian's u. Sined's Lie- 
der (von Mch. Denis). Wien, 
Degen, 1791-92. 4°. 6 vols. On 
vellum paper (20 d.) Ossian's 
Gedichte^ aus dem Engl. u. zum 
Theil der celt. Ursprache iibs. von 
Edm. von Harold. Mannh. 1782. 
8°. 3 volL (i d. 3 gr.) Neuent- 
deckte Gedichte O's, iibs. von eben- 
dems. Mannh. 1795. 8^ (14 gr.) 
O's Gedichte^ neu verdeutscht (von 
J. W. Petersen). Tub. 1808. 8°. 
(i d. 8 gr.) Die Gedichte von O. 
aus dem Engl, ins Deutsche ubs. 
von F. Lp. Graf zu StoUberg. 
Hmb. 1 806. 8°. 3 voU. (4 d. 12 gr., 
on vellum paper 8 d.) O's Gedidbte 
ubs. von F. W. Jung. Ff. a. M. 
1808. 8^ 3 voll. (3 d.) O's Ge- 
dichte nach Macpherson, von L. 
Schubart. Wien, 1 808. 8°. 2 voll. 
(5 d.) Die Gedichte Oisians aus 
dem Graelischen, im Sylbenmaasse 
des Originals, von Ch. W. Ahl- 
wardt. Lpz., 181 1. 8°. 3 voll. 
(4 d.) O's Gedichte, rhythmisch 
iibs. von J. G. Rhode. 2. verb. 
Aufl. Berl. 1 8 1 8. 8°. 3 voll. (4 d.) 
O's Gedichte, aus dem Engl. ubs. 
u. mit dem Engl. Text b^leitet, 
herausg. von J. F. Arnauld de 
la Perri^re. Coin, 1817-18. 8°. 
4 voll. O's Camilla, ein dramat. 
Gedicht, iibs. von Ludewig. Kgsb. 

1 80 1. 8^ (3 d.) Sulmora, Tochter 
Cuthullin's, ein Drama nach Ossian 
von Edm. von Harold. Diisseld. 

1802. 8^ (10 gr.) 

Of these translations the best are those 
by Rhode, StoUberg, and Jung. That by 
Ahlwahrdt is executed with great in- 
dustry and profound knowledge, but is less 
pleasing to the general reader. 

15310 — de Gedichten van Ossian 
in 't Nederduitsch door P. L. van 
de Kasteele. i. (and only) Deel. 
Amst., Allart, 1793. 8°. (2 fl.) 
Gezangen van Ossian. Door den 
Baron de Harold ontdekt en nit- 


gegeeven. Naar het Engelach 
in Nederduitsdi Proza vertaald. 
Leyden, Thoir, 1794. 8^. (1 fl. 
10 St.) Fingal, in zes 2^aiigen, 
Naar Ossian gevolgd by W. Bil- 
derdyk. Amst., Allart, 1 805-6. 8°, 
2 voU. (5 fl. 4 8t.)— Skaldestycken. 
ofversat. Heft I. II. Ups. 1794. 
8°. In Danish by Alstrup. Ko- 
penh. 1790-92. 8^ 2 voll. 

15311 — report of the committee 
of the Highland society of Scot- 
land^ appointed to- inquire into the 
nature and authenticity of the 
poems of Ossian. Edinb. 1805. 8^ 
( 1 28.) Consult Edinb. Review, VI. 
429 etc. — Some of Ossian's lesser 
poems, rendered into verse, with a 

Sreliminary discourse in answer to 
fr. Laing's critical and historical 
dissertation on the antiquity of Os- 
sian's poems. By A. Macdonald. 
Lond. 1805. 8°. (78.) — J. Sinclair 
on the authenticity of O's poems. 
Lond. 1806. 8°. — Patrick Graham 
Essay on the authenticity of the 
poems of Ossian, in which the ob- 
jections of Malcolm Laing are par. 
ticularly considered and refuted. 
Lond. 1807. 8°. (i2s.) — Ossian's 
Gedichte in Umrissen, erfiinden n. 
radirt von Ch. Ruhl, nebst Erklir. 
von Heinze. Petersb. 1805-6. ob- 
long fol. 2 parts (8 d. 12 gr.). 

Concerning the earlier oontrovenies about 
the genuineness of Ossian^s poems, consult 
Ekhhom Lit, Gesch. I. 781. 

15312 OSSINGER, J. Fel. BibUo- 
theca Augustiniana histor., crit. et 
chronologica, in qua MCCCC Au- 
gustiniani ordinis scriptores eorum- 
que opera tam scripta quam typis 
edita inveniuntur^ ad ordinem aL 
phabet. redacta. Ingolst. et AV. 
1 768. fol. 

Industriously collected, and useful for 
consultation. Luther is wanting, and is 
only shortly noticed in Staupitz*s lifie. 

15313 OTFRID. Evangeliorum lib^ . 
Evangelienbuch in aitfrenckischen 
Reimen durch Ottfrieden von Weis- 
senburg vor 700 Jahren beschrei- 


ben. Bas., (without the printer's 

name)^ 157 1. 8**. 

This Teiy waroe first edition was super- 
intended by Mth. Fbuaus. A new critical 
edition in */. Sdtiiieri Thetaur, anHquu 
fa/Mm Tetiion. T. I, UhuPj 1737. fol. — 
—Boimer BruehsiUeke von Otjried nebat 
mk itm detiiaehen Spraohdenkmdhiem, he- 
mtp. dttrch H. Hoffmann, Bonny 1821. 
4". (18 gr.) DL von Stade Specimen lee- 
tiomtm onHquar, Francicar, ex OtfiitH 
BMi evangdhr, Stada, 1708. 4^ C. F. 
PtMoU De laboribue Otf^ridUmit Dt, de 
Slsd^ inthe Mucellanea Lips. V. 56-66. 

Conoeniing Otfried consult HagefCe IM, 
Onaidrm xtir Geeeh, der deuttehen Poeeie^ 
p. XXVI sq.y where the foOowing re- 
fBRoees are aiw added, Hiet. Rti. de Franeey 
y. 368 sq. FreytoffH AnaleotOy p. 648. 
Hwmherger ZuverlHse, Nat^urr, III. 622. 
Neuer Geeth, der deuiteh, Poesie, I. 13. 
J^nknt Lex. deuteeher Diehier, IV. 145 sq. 
Btmttrwek Geeeh, der Poeeie, IX. 4^, 75 
iq. PL And. Grandidier Notice eur la vie 
et lei wsoragee d^Oifried. Strb. 1778. 8^ 
JreHn's Beitrr. IV. 182. 

IMU OTHO, J. H. Lexicon rab- 
Imuco-philologicum. In limine po- 
sjtum est Massechet Schekalim no- 
tis illostratum. Continuis addita- 
mentis auctum est a Justo F. Za- 
cfaariK. Altonae et Kilon. 1757. 8^ 

OTRANTO, see Walpolb. 

OTREB, see Fludd. 

15315 OTTLEY, W. Younff. An 
inquiry into the origin and early 
history of engraving upon copper 
ind in wood , with an account of en- 
gravers and their works» from the 
ioTention of chalcography by Maso 
Fioignerra to the time of Marc- 
Ant Raimondi . Lond. , Arch, 1 8 1 6. 
Itrge 4°. 2 vols, with many plates 

50 copies on laige paper with first im- 
Fonons of the plates (a copy of whidi 
I'idungton offered for sale at t8 guineas). 
Tks too dear book is nothing more than 
ta QDcritical oompilation of what was al- 
nady known, blended with some unprored 
r«ndoxca and preoonoetyed opinions, by 
*kich the history of the art has not been ad- 
i^UKed a single step. It incidentally deter- 
nina in favour of the Haarlem origin of 
pinting without producing any tenable 
Kroand for so doing. — See dso Oalleet, 
No. 8105. 

1W16 — OTTO Frisingensis. His- 
toriar. Hbri VIII. et de gestis Fri. 



derici I. ^nobarbi libri II« Rade- 

vici libri II. (de eodem Friderico) 

prioribus additi. (Cura J. Cuspi- 

niani). Arg.,Mthi.Schurerius, 15 15. 


The I St edition, very scarce, after a 
Vieuua MS. 

15317 — chronicon s. rerum ab O. C. 
ad sua usque tempora gestar. libri 
VIII. Ejusd. de gestis Friderici 
I. libri II. Radevici de ejusd. 
Frid. eestis libri II. Ountheri poets 
Ligunnus S. de gestis Friderici 
libri X. Bas., Perna, 1569. fol. 

Superintended by Pt. Pithoeus with the 
use of other MSS. — Both works corrected 
in UrsHtH S. R. Germ. T. I. p. i etc 
The Chronicon in Timer BibHoth, Cittere. 
T. VIII. p. I etc Frederic's life, corrected 
from Vienna MSS., in Muratori S. R, 
Ital. VI. 629 etc. The same in German 
in Schiller's Memoiren Abth. I. Bd. 3. 
Concerning a MS. of his works, see Merk^ 
wfinUykk. der Zapf. Bibl. I. i etc. 5 etc. 
Consult also Archiv der Fran^f, GeselUch, 
III. 224 etc C. fV. Schumacher Beilrr. 
jKur deutsch. Reichihist. Eisenach, 1770. 
4*. p. I etc Hist. litt. de France, XIII. 
268 etc. DL Hm, Hegewisch Hist, «• 
lilt. Aufsatxe, Kiel, 1801. 8*". p. 222-231. 

15318 OTTO von Passau. Diss 
buch ist genant die vier vnd tzwen- 
zig Alten oder der guldin tron. 
Without place or date. fol. with 

152 leaves with lines running all across 
the page. The first 2 leaves are an index, 
the 3rd contains a woodcut on both sides; 
leaf 4* begins with the above title printed 
in red. At the end is simply Amen. The 
types, among which the M is distinguished 
by its peculiar form, are unknown. 

15319 — diss buch ist genant die 
vier vnd czweinzig alten od'd* guldin 
tron. Augsp., Ant. Sorg, 1480. 

fol. with woodcuts, 260 leaves. 

The first dated edition. Also, ib,, id., 
1483. fol. with woodcuts, 4 and 196 leaves. 
Strb., J. Sohott, 1500. 4''. with woodcuts. 
Strb.^ J. Knoblauch, 1 5o8.foL with woodcuts. 
Concerning the work itself, which is a 
book of devotion, see Bouterwek Gesch. 
der Poetie, IX. 494. 

15320 — het boeck des gulden 
throens of de vierentwintig Oudva- 
ters. Utrecht, 30 Meert 1480. 

Also, Harlem, 1484. fol. Zwoll, 1485. fol. 



D9lffU 1488. fid. r/r. 1489. fi>L with 

153?1 OTTO, Everard. Thesaurus 

juris Rom., continens rariora me- 

lior. interpretum opuscula, in quib. 

jus Rom. emendatur, explicatur, 

illustratur. Ed. II. auctior et 

emend. Traj. ad Rh.» Broedelet, 

1733-35. fol. 5 voll. Also on large 


An interesting and esteemed collection. 
Previously, t^. 1725. fol. 4 vols. B<u, 
1740. fol. 5 vok. is a faulty reprint. See 
also Meermakk and Maranus. 

OTTO, see Otho. 

15322 OTTONAJO, Gi. Bt. Can- 

zoni owero mascherate camascia- 

lesche. Fir., Torrentino, 1560, 8°. 

104 pages. 

These canzoni first appeared in the 
Triomfi of 1559. p. 298-397 (see Tai- 
OMFi), but the auUior caused them to be 
taken out of the copies again, corrected 
and enlai^^ them with 4 canzoni, and 
then published them by themselves. Conse- 
quently, this edition can only serve to com- 
plete those copies of the Triomfi which 
have ^is deficiency. The marquis Tri- 
yubdo has a copy on large paper. 

15323 OTWAY, Th. Works (plays). 

With notes critical and explanatory 

and a life of the author, by Th. 

Thornton. Lond. 1813. 8^ 3 vols. 

(il. i6s.) Also on large paper. 

The best edition. Lond, 1757 or 68. 
12°. 3 vols. %b, 181 2. 8% 2 vols. (il. 48.) are 
less prized. 

15324 OUDAAN, Jo. Poezy. Amst. 
17 12. 8°. 3 voll. Tooneelpoezy. 
ib. 1712. 8°. 

15325 OUDEGHERST, Pt. d\ Les 
chroniques et annales de Flandres, 
contenant les choses m^morables y 
advenuesdepuis 620-1476. Anvers^ 
Plantin, 1571. 4°. — Nouv. 6dit. 
enrichie de notes grammaticales, 
histor. et crit. et de plusieurs cbar- 
tres et diplomes, qui n'ont jamais 
^te imprimis, par Lesbroussart. 
Gbnd^ Ooesin, 1789. 8°. 2 voll. 

15326 OUDIN, Casim. Commen- 
tarius de scriptoribus ecclesise an- 
tiquis illorumque scriptis tam im- 
pressis quam MSS.^ ad annum 


1460. Lps., Weidmann, 1722. fol. 
3 voll. 
OULTREMER, see Passages. 

15327 OUPNEK'HAT i. e. secretum 
tegendum^ opus continens antiquam 
et arcanam^ seu theologicam et 
^ilos., doctrinam e quatuor sacris 
Indor. libris. Rax beid, Djedjr 
beid^ Sam beid, Athrban beid, 
excerptam; ad verbum e persico 
idiomate, samskreticis vocabulis in- 
termixto, in lat. conversum, dis. 
sertationib. et annotationib. illus- 
tratum stud, et op. (Abr. Hyac) 
Anquetil Duperron. Arg. 180 1—3. 
4**. 2 voll. (36 fr.) 

15328 OUSELEY, W. Persian 
miscellanies: an essay to feu^ilitate 
the reading of Persian MSS. Lond., 
White, 1795. 4**. with 9 plates 
(il. 5s.) 

15329 — epitome of the ancient his. 
tory of Persia, transl. from the 
Jehan Ara, a Persian manuscript, 
and accompanied by the original 
Persian. Lond. 1799. ^**' ^^ 
plates (98.). 

15330 — observations on some medals 
and gems bearing inscriptions in 
the Pahlavi or ancient Persick 
character. Lond. 1801. 4^ with i 

15331 — the Bakhtyar Nameh or 
history of prince Baklotyar and 
the ten visiers, a series of Persian 
tales, from a MS. in the collection 
of W. Ouseley (with the Persian 
text). Lond. 1801. large 8^ (188.) 

15332 — travels in various countries 
of the East, more particularly in 
Persia. Vol. L Lond. 1819. 4**. 
with an atlas of 23 plates in foL 
(3I. 13s. 6d.) 

See also Ck>LLECTiON8 oriental and Ebk 

15333 OVAGLIE, Alonso d'. Isto- 

rica narrazione del r^no di Cile. 

Roma, Caualli, 1646. fol. with 

plates and woodcuts. 
A toleraMy scarce work. 

15334 OVERBEKE, Bonav. ab. 
Reliquiae antique urbis Romans, 
quarum singulas perscrutatus est. 


ad Tiwrn deliiieavit^ dimensus est, 
descripdt, atqne in »s incidit Bo- 
nav. ab Orerbeke. Opus postumum 
ediutm a Mch. ab Overbeke. Amst., 
Greilius» 1708. large fol. 3 parts in 
I ToL 

Prised on account of its accuracy and 
the dqKndenoe to be placed in the designs. 
This Latin editicm is less frequently to be 
met with than the French. The copies 
dioiild be collated according to the specifi- 
Citioo at the end of each part. 

U335 — les restee de Tandenne 
Rome, feehercbez avec soin^ me- 
nurex^ dessinez sur les lienx et gra- 
res. Amst.9 Crellius^ 1709* large 
fol. 3 parts in i vol. 

Theedhioii, Hagfe, 1763. foL 3 parts in 
I ToL, which is furnished with both a 
French and a Latin text, has fiEir inferior 

1S336 — d^li avanzi dell' antica 
Roma. Opera postuma di Bonav. 
Orerbeke, tradotta e con varie os- 
terrazioni critiche riflessive aocre- 
Bciuta da P. Rolli. Lond., Cban- 
goion, 1739. large 8^ with coins. 
In addition, Stampe degli avanzi 
deir antica Roma, rinnovate ed 
socresdnte da Oiac. Amiconi. ib. 
1739. ^ol* with 150 plates. 
Neat re-engraviugs oif the earlier edi- 



1M37 OVERBURY, Th. Wotks. 
Loud. 1756. small 8^ 

His best known poem is The W\fe, 
at fint piiMished, Land., Lisle, 1614. 4^ 

mS8 OVIDIUS Naso, Publ. 1 ) 
Opera, Opera. Bon.^ Bths. Azo- 

guidns, 1 47 1, fol. 

The first edition of the works of Chrid, 
sad at the same time the first typographical 
pnidoction o£ Bokigna, and of the most ex- 
traae rarity. With 39 Unes, without sig- 
aaturss, catchwords, and pagination. 

First 3 leaves, which contain the dedica- 
tion of the editor, Fr. Puteolanus, to Fr. 
Gooaga, and Ovi(d*s life. Leaf la line i 
i*i BieUeue Puteolanus parmensis Frdeisoo 
pit and leaf 3^ ends with the following 00- 
kphoo : Hmus opera omnia. . . . Balthesar 
(lie) Asuffuidus Ciuis Bononiensis honesHs" 
loco naius ptimus in sua eiuitale orHs 

■ifiii'nuiiu lueiUor ^f suma necessiiutHne 
■^' eiiuMciissimus ad utiUiali humam 
9tneris impressit ; MCCCCLXXL Leaf 
4* contains a T^Unda 004 re4 que svt I hoc 
r, and leaf 4^ is blank. Aooording 

to this table, from leaf 5* the sepante 
pieces fallow in iliis order : 

E^nstolaf (leaf 5* line i is, ANC TVA 
PENELOPE^. Afnorum Hbn III. (how 
many leaves these two works occupy, I do 
not find stated). De arte asnandi et de re- 
medio amorisy 4 1 leaves (with the colophon, 
F. OmtUi . , .. de arte amadi ^ de remedio 
amoris lU>ri feHeiter expHcimU Deo laus), 
Metamorphoseos Hbri XV. 155 leaves. 
(Leaf i& begins with the 6 verses, Orba pa~ 
rente suo, the first line of the poem itself is, 
N NOVA FERT ANIMVS, and leaf 155b 
is blank.) InvecHva in Ibin, 9 leaves 
(ends in leaf 9a). Fasti, 64 leaves (leaf i* 
line I is, EM FOR A CVM causis. At 
the end, LA VS DEO.) TrisHa, de Ponto, 
de police, philomela, de medioam. faciei, de 
nuce, 94 leaves. (At the end, F, oiddU 
nasonis de nuce libellus explicit). 

Of this edition, the separate pieces of 
which are sometimes bound up in a differ- 
ent order, only five copies are known, 
generaUy incomplete; in the Royal li- 
brary at Paris ^wanting 2 leaves), in the 
library of the kmg of England, in the li- 
braries of Lord Spencer (some leaves com- 
pleted in MS.) and of the earl of Pembroke, 
and Audiffredi saw the 5th in the possession 
of the canon Devoti. ,The Imperial library 
at Vienna possesses besides the FasH of the 
same. A facsimile of the types is in Dibdkn 
Bibl. Spenc. XL 193. The existence of a 
copy on vellum, whidi, according to Dibdin*s 
Bibliomania, p. 435, was formerly in the 
chapter-house at Padua, is altogether doubt- 
ed by Brunet. 

The preliminary observation may be here 
made, that hitherto, both with respect to 
accurate bibliographical description, as also 
to critical estimation of the editions of 
Ovid, surprisingly little has been done. I 
thought myself bound on this accoimt to 
write these articles more copiously, but 
fnim want of personal inspection, much 
must still be left undetermined. 

15339 — opera. Without place or 
date {Roma, Sweynheym et Paru 
, nartz, 1471-72). to], 2 voll. 

Complete copies of this second edition, 
the impression of which was 275 copies, 
are also extremely scarce. With 38 lines, 
without signatures, catchwords, and pagi- 

The 1st vol. contains altogether 117 
leaves, and leaf ib begins with a dedication 
of the bishop of Aleria to Pauhis II. whidi 
is dated from Rome 15 cal. Aug. 1471. 
Leaf aa begins the Metamorphoses (which 
fill this entire ist vol.), and line i is Fro» 
positio 4; inuoeoHo. I. Leaf 177* ends with 
FINIS, and with the 8 well known verses, 
Aspicis illustris etc 

Li the 2nd voL of 308 leaves, leaves 1-35 



an Amorum Kbb, III. (whidi begin leaf ■• 
with the supencriptioii, P, OmdH Namnit 
de sine Hhilo LibeUtu ad Cupidinem Ele^ 
gia\ leaves 36-67 De arte anumdi et pulex, 
leaves 68-78 De remedio amarit, leaves 
79-131 Ccniol. ad Liviam and Epp» he^ 
roidet, leaves 133-145 Ntuf, medicaUi fa^ 
e%e$y Ibisj leaves 1 46-341 TristiOf de Ponio^ 
SapphOf leaves 141-308 FatH, which some- 
times are bound up differently, and leaf 
308^ has the following colophon : 
Ftnie. tn. librarum Fattarum OmdH 
Ad. Ti, Cesarem Germanieum Aug. 

15340 — opera. Ven.^ Jac. Rubeus, 
1474. fol. 2 Toll. 

Finer than either of the preceding, and 
complete copies very scarce, yet probably 
only a reprint of the Bologna edition. 410 
(according to Fossi 411) leaves with 43 
lines, without signatures, catchwords, and 
pagination, and sometimes bound in 1 volt, 
(from leaf 314). 

Collation; leaves 1-14T Metamorphosee 
(141 leaves, leaf 1* begins with a super- 
scription in small capitols, and leaf 141** 
ends with the 6 verses, Orba parenie tuo^ 
and with a colophon of 4 lines in small ca- 
pitals, the 4th of which is FINIS). Leaves 
141-1 13b Epittolm heroides et de arte 
amandi (71 leaves. The Are amandi 
begins leaf 186* [or 45a] and ends leaf 
213b with a colophon of 2 lines in small 
capitals). Leaves 114-155 Amorety Remed. 
amor.f De medicam. faciei and Nujf (41 
leaves, the Amoret beg}n leaf ir4a with a 
superscription of 1 lines in small capitals). 
Leaves 156^.313 Patti (58 leaves, they 
begin leaf 156a with a superscription of 
1 lines in small capitals^. Leaves 314-319 
Epistola contotatoria (6 leaves). Leaves 
330-359 7Vw/ia (40 leaves). Leaves 360- 
-397 De PorUo (38 leaves). Leaves 398, 
399 Pulex (1 leaves). Lcavw 400-^07 
In Ibin (81 leaves). I^eaves 408, 409 
Ovidii vita (3 pages, and at the end of the 
tame the graertJ colophon together with 
the date). Leaf 410 Tabrda (as in the 
Bologna edition) and Calphurmi carmen 
ad lector em. 

The pretended undated Jenson editions 
in VaUier^'s Catal. (T. II. p. 03.) and Pi- 
nelli*s (T. II. p. 354. No. 4804, consult 
Saniander DicHonn. T. III. p. 114. No. 
1031.) were only defective copies of this 
edition by Rubeus. 

15341 — opera. Pann», St. Co- 
rallus, I Jul. 1477. fol. 3 voll. 

Complete copies of this edition, whidi 
appears to be a reprint of the Roman and 
Venetian editions of 1471 and 74, are also 
scarce. With 39 lines, without catchwords 
and pagination, but with signatures. Com- 
monly bound in 3 vols. 


The 1st voL has 187 leaves, with 
natures A-V. Leaves 1-5 contain a to- 
bula and a life of Ovid by Calderinus, 
leaf 6* begins the text of the Metamor^ 
ph^tee, but the signature A i ooounenoes 
only in leaf 9. L«if V 7* ends the Jf«te- 
morphoeet with FINIS, on the reverse is 
a list of all Ovid*s writings contained in 
these 3 vols.y and underneath the colophon 
and date. 

The 2nd vol. {Heroidety Rbri atmor.y de 
arte amandiy de remed. anuMr.y in /6tn, Sa^ 
bin* epp.) has 140 leaves with the signa- 
tures aa-^rr (of which the signature gg h 
twice over, first with 8, and then with 
6 leaves), it begms with Hereidetf and ends 
with Sabini epp. 

The 3rd voL has 166 leaves (the last 
blank) with the signatures Ai-Vcy and 
begins A la with the Fasti. The ist line 
H 6a line i is .P. Omdidu (sic) Namnis De 
Tristibg lAber PrUng. The TrisHa end 
leaf O 4*. Then leaf O 4** line i is .P. 
Ouididii (sic) NasonU De Ponto lAber Pri. 
mtu, which work ends leaf T 6*. Next 
follow leaf T 6S DepuUoe; T 7s DepKu 
hmela ; T 8% De medicam. faciei ; V la, 
De nuce; and V 4% Contolatio ad lAuiamy 
which ends leaf V 9b with the word 
FINIS. Leaf V 10 is Uank. 

Only the 3rd vol. is at Dresden. The 
undated impression of the Heroides and 
Fasti, which Dibdin (Tour, IIL 4^) 
found in the Imperial library at Vienna 
and could not determine about, bdongs to 
this edition. 

15342 — opera. Medio!., Ant. Za- 

rotus, 3 id. Sept. 1477. fol. 2 


A very scarce and fine edition. The 
I8t vol. contains the AfetamorphoeeSy the 
ind the other writings. — See below. No. 

15343 — opera. Bon., per me Balda. 
serem (sic) de Azzog;nidi8 due 
Bononiensem, 1480. fol. 2 or 3 

' vols. 

This extraordinarily scarce edition is 
printed with different types from those of 
the editio princeps. With 39 lines (59 in 
Fossi, II. 264, is a typographical error) and 
with signatures, but without catchwords 
and pagination. 

There is yet no description of a complete 
copy. The ist vol. contains in the signa- 
tures o-tf, probably the Heroides; then 
follow, leaf / 1* the yfMoret (Hne 1 is VI 
MODO nasoms fuera)y whicfa fiU 31 
leaves, and end leaf h I2^ LA US DEO. 
Next on 41 leaves with the signatures i-ai, 
the books De arte amandi (leaf • 1* hue i 
is QFIS in hoe artem) and (leaf m \^) Ds 


At the end of the last, on leaf 
M II ^ if the fcdlowing colophon : 
FubUi OttuHi nojonw sulmoneruU peeks 

idwd di mis anumtH Sr de remedio mnSii 

JbBeUer (dc) expHduni. Deo laus. 

Then foflow, according to Fotsi, on the 
dgnatum n^y TrisHa, De PoniOf De jm^ 
Hegj De phUomena (sic), De medic, facieiy 
and Denuee. 

Hie FasHy Liber in Unn^ and Cemo- 
ktio ad Liviam fill the signatures rr-MZ, 
4-jp, and (again) mm. Whether there be a 
•^nature oo-^ I do not know. 

The and vol. of 156 leaves with the sig- 
aatunes A i-Q 3 contains the MetamoT' 
fkoeet. Leaf la line i is, Orba parenie 
mo oMc«93 uohtmina cemity and in leaf 156* 
is Uie coiophoa and date. (In Dresden 
there Is onily tliis voL and the signatures, 
/-■I, of the I St Tol.) 

1S544 — opera (emendata a Bamaba 
Cebano). Vicentie, Hm. Levilapis 
{Lichienstein), 1480. fol. 2 voll. 

A fine but not very scarce edition, and 
solj a reprint of an earlier impression. 
Cdsanus only superintended the correction 
of the press. With 48 lines and signa- 
tures, without catdiwords and pagination. 

The ist roL or the Meiamorph, (dated 
pniSe id, Aug. 14S0.) has 166 leaves with 
the signatures A-Vy the first 5 of which 
contain a preface of Bonus Accursius and 
Grid's life, and the 6th-8th a UOnOa, 
The text begins leaf 9a.— The and vol. 
(dated 6 id, Maji 1480.) has 146 leaves 
with the signatures a~hhy and contains the 
odier works. 

Blaittaire and Panzer also quote an 
ediiioo of the 2nd vol., t^., id,, XI. Cal. 
Od, 1484. foL 

16545 — opera. Yen., BerDardin. de 
Novaria^ i486. 2 voll. 

With 53 (sometimes 54) lines and signa- 
tures, without catchwords and pagination. 
The ist voL or the Meiamorph, (dated 
13 Jan. i486.) has 146 leaves (the last 
blank) with the signatures ^-5'. Leaf ib be- 
fins with a letter of Bon. Accursius, leaves 
s-8 contain Ovid*s life and a table of the 
eontents of the Metamorphotet, Leaf oa 
begins the text, and line i is, P. OVIDII 
2nd vol. or the rest of his writings (dated 
17 Nov. I486.) has 118 leaves (of which 
a 1 and i 1 are blank) with the signatures 
a-«, j*, and oo-m. Leaf sa line i is, P. 
TiE. The hist leaf is a register, 

U346 — opera per Bonum Accur- 
rium et Valer. Superchium emen- 



data et correcta. Yen., Mth. Cap- 
casa impensa L. A. (Giunta), pridie 
cal. Jan. 1489. fol. 

15347 — heroidum epistolse. Auli 
Sabini. Epistolae tres. P. O. N. 
Elegiarum. Libri tres. De arte 
amandi. Libri tres. De remedio 
amoris. Libri duo. In Ibin. Liber 
unus. Ad Liviam epistola de morte 
Drusi. De nuce. De medicamine 
faciei. Yen., Aldus, m. Dec. 1502. 
8^ — Metamorphoseton libri quin- 
decim. Ad Marinum Sannutum 
epistola etc. Yen., Aldus, m. Oct. 
1502. 8°. — Fastorum. Libri. VI. 
De Tristibus. Libri. V. De Ponto. 
Libri. nil. Ven., Aldus, m. Febr. 
1503- 8^ 3 voll. 

A new, recension from MSS. which Aldus 
himself seems to have superintended. Nau- 
gerius only superintended the edition of 
1515. The most sought after of the 3 Al- 
dme editions, and copies in good condition, 
not made up from different editions, are 
equally scarce and costly. 

The 1st vol, or the Heroides has 202 un- 
numbered leaves (the 120th or the last of 
the signature qq is blank), the 2nd voL or 
the Metamorphotet (according to Aldus*s 
arrangement properly the ist vd.) 64 leaves 
of prdiminarv matter (the last blank) and 
204 leaves of text ; the 3rd vol. 86 leaves 
(the last blank) for the Patti (with a sepa- 
rate odophon, m. Jan, 1502.), and 118 
leaves for the Tristia and De Ponto. 

Lord Spencer has a copy of all 3 vols, on 
vellum (bought at PAris's sale, 1790, for 
63L), and a second copy is in the Bodleian 
(Dibdin Decam, II. 368^ The ist voL 
{Heroid^ on vellum in tne librarv of the 
king of England, and the 3rd vol. ( TVw^ta) 
on vellum by itself also in the Bodleian 
(probably the same copy which was for- 
merly in the Harleian library). 

15348 — opera. Without place or 
date (Lugd. about 1503). 8^ 3 


The first Lyons reprint of the first 
Aldine (with which it agrees, page for 
page, even to the typqgraphioal errors), 
nearly as scarce as the original, and to be 
distinguished finom the fi^owing reprint 
by the leaves being unnumbered. The 
titles of the ist and 3rd vols, are like 
the Aldine, but the 2nd voL has only 
the simple title, Ovidii Metamorphoteon 
libri XV, 

The 1st vol. has 202 unnumbered leaves 
(leaf 120 or ^ 8 is blank). Aldus*s letter 
to Sannutus on the reverse of the title 



u wanting, and in leaf ii 5* the Greek text 
18 omitted in the passage fnnn Suidas. 
The 2nd vd. has 204 unnumbered leaves 
of text, I blank leaf, and 20 leaves (cor- 
rections, Ovid*8 li£e, and Index fabular.), 
and the first 44 leaves of the preliminaiy 
matter of the Aldine are omitted (Aldu8*s 
letter to Sannutus, the Privilegium, and 
the Index gr. lat.). The 3rd voL has 88 
leaves for the Fasti, the last 3 of which lure 
blank ( for the sheet /// is here a qua- 
temio, not a temio), and 1 18 leaves for the 
Tristia and De Ponto, and is distinguished 
from the Aldine only by the omission of 
the two colophons, but it has Aldus*s letter 
to Sannutus. 

15349 — opera. Without place or 
date (Lugd. about 1512). 8°. 3 

The second Lyons reprint of the first 
Aldine, equally scarce, and with numbered 

15350 — P. Ouidii Nasonis uita ex 
ipsius libris excerpta. Heroidum 
epistolse. Amor urn libri III. De 
arte amandi libri III. De remedio 
amoris libri II. De medicamine 
faciei. Nux. Somnium. yen., Al- 
dus et And. socer, m. Majo 1515. 
S°. — ^AuDotationes in omnia Ouidij 
opera. Index fabularum, et csete- 
rorum^ quae insunt hoc libro se- 
cundum ordinem alpbabeti. Ovidii 
Metamorphoseon libri XV. ib., 
iid., m. Febr. 15 16. 8°.— Cla. Pto- 
lemeei inerrantium stellarum signi- 
ficationes per Nicolaum Leonicum 
e grueco translatse. XII. Romano- 
rum menses in ueteribus monimen- 
tis Romse reperti. Sex priorum 
mensium digestio ex sex Ouidij 
Fastorum libris excerpta. P. Ovi- 
dii Nasonis Fastorum lib. VI. 
Tristium lib. V. De Ponto libri 
Hit. In Ibin ad Liviam. ib.^ iid., 

m. Jan. 15 16. 8**. 3 yoU. 

The second Aldine, superintended by 
Naugerhis. A new recension from MSS. 
and still more from conjecture. Complete 
copies are neariy as scarce as those of Uie 
first Aldine. 

The 1st vol. (Heroid,) has 16 leaves 
of preliminary matter (the last blank), 1 72 
numbered, and 10 unnumbered loives. 
The 2nd vol. {Metam,) 48 leaves of preli- 
minary matter (the last blank) and 204 
numbered leaves. The 3rd voL {FmH) 21 
leaves of prdiminary matter, numbered 


underneath, f blank leaf^ 227 numbered 
leaves, and i leaf, colophon and anchor. — 
There are copies on rcJlum. 

Of the ist voL there is an idU, eontr^aUe 
with Aldus*s name and anchor, and the 
same cdophon and date, prepared by the 
Florentine GiuntL It may be distinguish- 
ed by the andior bang inverted, and 
by its having only 8 leaves of preliminary 
matter (without the preface of Asulanus) 
and 1 76 numbered leaves. This impression 
is on the whole nothing more than copies 
of the 1st vol. of the Juntine of 15 19« ^th 
the addition of a new title and a new odo. 
phon, and with the omission of the prefare 
by Ant. Frandnus. Probably the Giund 
published copies of the other 2 vob. under 
Aldu8*s name. 

15351 — Ovidii vita. Heroidum epi- 
stolae. Amorum libri III. I>e 
arte amandi libri III. De remedio 
amoris libri II. De medicamine 
faciei. Nux. somnium. Pulex et 
Philomela (cum praef. Ant. Fran- 
cini). Flor.» ber. Ph. Juntae, 1519. 
8°. 8 and 176 leaves. — Metamor- 

f)boseos libri XV. nunc primum in 
ucem dati castigatissimi. Index. . . 
locupletissimus (cum praef. C. Vi- 
viani). Flor., her. Ph. Juntae^ cal. 
Sept. 1522. 8°. 40 leaves of preli- 
minary matter and 208 numbered 
leaves. — CI. Ptolemaei inerrantium 
stellar, significatt. per N. Leonicum 
e Graeco translatae. XII. Romanor. 
menses in veteribus monimentis 
Romae reperti. Sex prior, mensium 
digestio ex VI. Ovidii fastor. libris 
excerpta. Ovidii faster, libri VI. 
Tristium libri V. De Ponto libri 
IV. In Ibin. Ad Liviam. Flor., 
her. Ph. Juntae, m. Apr. 1525. 8^ 
3 voll. 

Copies of an 3 vols, are very scanae. 
According to Renouard*s assertion {CataL 
II. 170.) there is an earlier edition of 1519 
of the 3rd vol. which I do not find either 
in Bandini or elsewhere. 

15352 — opera, quibus in omnes me- 
tamorphoseos fabulas Lactantii ar- 
gumenta accesserunt. Atque H. 
Glareani et Longolii annotatt. Item 
fragmenta quaedara Ovidii ex libris, 
quae magna ex parte periere, epi- 
grammaton. Et carmen ad Piso- 
nem. Bas., H. Petri, 1523. 8^ 


153&3 — epistolse heroidum cum 
oommen tanis varior. Tusculani^ Alex . 
Paganiniis, 1533. 4^. Libri de 
arte amandi et de remedio amoris, 
ana cum commentariis Bm. Menilse 
et aliis additionib. ib., id.^ T526. 
4^ Metamorphoscon liber cum 
Rph. Regii enarratt. ib., id., 1526. 
4**. Pastor, libri VI. cum com- 
mentariis Ant. Constantini et P. 
Marsi. ib., id., 1526. 4°. Tristium 
libri V. de Ponto libri IV. et 
opuscula, cum comm. Bm. Merul». 
ib., id., 1526. 4°. 

AU 5 Tols. of this edition, printed with a 
▼cry peculiar type, are extremely difficult to 
be met with. 

1S554 -^ opera. Castigata ad fid. 
▼ett. exemplarium a J. Sichardo. 
Access, omnium aeditionibus, quec 
in hunc diem extant, fragmenta 
qucdam Ovidii hactenus non visa, 
ex libris qui periere epigrammaton, 
et carmen eruditissimum ad Pi- 
sonem. Bas., Ad. Petri, m. Mart. 
1527. 8^ 
This edition must be of especial rarity. 

15355 — Amatoria. Heroidum epi- 
stolae. In Ibin. Ad Liuiam. De 
nnce. De medicamine ^Eiciei. Frag- 
menta. Carmen ad Pisonem incerti 
aotboris. Par.^ Sim. Colinseus, 
1529 or 36. 8°. — Metamorphoscon 
libri XV. ib., id., 1529 or 37. 8°. 
— Pastor. Ubri VI. Tristium libri 
V. et de Ponto libri IV. ib., id., 
1529 or 36. 8°. 

A neat and uncommonly scarce edition, 
in which the A^naioria of 1 5 29 is extremely 
difficult to be met with. In one of these 
two editions AIdus*8 text is sometimes al- 
tered from Paris MSS., consult Stephani 
PMeudO'Cicen, p. 71, and EJusdem ep. de 
i^fpogr. 9ua, p. 22. To which may be 
joined, Eratmi RoL Comm, in nucem 
OvitBi et duot hffmnoe Prudent. Par,., 
Sim. Coim., 1526 or 35. 8*. — Opp, i6.,id,, 
1541. 12°. 3 Fds. are equally neat and 



15356 — opera. Ven., bered. Aldi et 

And. toceri. 1533-34. 8°. 3 voll. 

The third Aldloe, less fine and less 
■earoe than the first two, but yet scarce 
eofoogfa in good and complete condition. A 
reprint at the snd Aldine in the first 

2 vols., but in the 3rd voL (Fasii) a new 
recension by Honorat. Fasitelius. 

The titles of the separate vols, are the 
same as in the 2nd Aldine. The ist vol. 
(Hermd.) 12 leaves of preliminary matter 
(the last blank) and 180 leaves of text, the 
last 8 of whidi are unnumbered. The 2nd 
voL {Meiam.) 32 leaves of preliminary 
matter, numbered underneath (the last 
blank), 204 numbered leaves, and i leaf 
with Uie anchor. The 3rd voL {Fasti) 
91 leaves of preliminary matter, numbered 
underneath, 3 blank leaves, 227 numbered 
leaves (3 blanJc after the Ftuti and as many 
after ue Tristia), i blank leaf, and 4 
leaves, various readings and colophon. — A 
copy on large paper, 1 34 fr. Crdvenna. 

15357 — opera. Lugd., Sb. Gry- 
pbius, 1 536-39* or 40, or 54. 8°. 3 

This edition appears to be a reprint of 
that by Colinaeus. Also, ib., id,, 1546. 
12°. 3 volL 

15358 — opera quae vocantur ama. 
toria, cum doctor, viror. commen- 
tariis. His access. Jac. Micylli an. 
notatt. Ejusd. Micylli locor. aliquot 
ex Ovidiana metamorphosi retrac- 
tatio. Bas., J. Hervag., 1549. fol. 
8 leaves of preliminary matter, 5 28 
pages, and 16 leaves, Metamor- 
phoseos libri XV. cum commentariis 
Kph. Regii. Adjectis etiam anno- 
tatt. Jac. Micylli nunc prim, in 
lucem editis, cum locupletiss. in- 
dice, ib., id., 1543. fol. 14 leaves 
of preliminary matter, 355 pages, 
and 2 leaves. Fastor. libri VI. 
Tristium libri V. De Ponto libri 
IV. In Ibin. Cum commentariis 
Ant. Constantii, P. Marsi, Bm. 
Merulae, Domitii Calderini, Zarotti, 
multo quam bactenus usquam et 
elegantius et emendatius excusis. 
His access, enarratt. Viti Amer- 
pachii. Jac. Micylli et Ph. Me- 
lanchthonis annotatt. cum locuplete 
ind. ib.. id., 1550. fol. 4 leaves 
of preliminary matter, 793 pages, 
and 5 leaves. — 3 vols. 

In an exegetical point of view not wholly 
uninteresting, and there is also somewhat 
critical in the Amatoria. 

15359 — opera cum argumentis et 

notulis Guid. Morillonii. Antw., 

Plantinus, 1561. W. 3 voll. 
Neat copies and in good condition are 
4M 2 



scarce. Also, t6., id, 1566, or 75. or 
78-82. 16°. 3 vols. Naiigerius*8 text, yet 
the later of these editions at least appear 
to have something pecuhar by Vict. Gise- 
linus. Moreover in a bibliographical pdnt 
of view they are not sufficiently known. 

15360 — Opera cum argumentis et 

annotatt. Tb. Freigii, additis Quid. 

Morilloni in heroides et A. Sabini 

epistoks tres ac in Ibin argumentis 

et annotatt.; ace. Erasmi comm. in 

nucem Ovidii. Bas., Henricpetri, 

1568. 8°. 3 voll. 

Previously, •&., W., 1560. 8**. 3 vols. — 
There is no edition of Ovid by Ciofani 
of 1575 or 82. He published in these 
years only his critical observations without 
the text, see below. 

15361 — beroidum epp., amores, de 

arte amandi. de remedio amoris. 

Omnia castigatiora ex postrema Jac. 

Micylli recognitione et recensione 

nova 6r. Bersmanni^ cum indica. 

tione divers® scripture et locor. 

quorund. explanatione. Lps., Stein- 

mann, 1582. 8^ Metamorpboseon 

libri XV. Ex postrema Jac. Mi- 

cylli recognitione et recensione nova 

Or. Bersmanni, cum ejusd. notatt. 

ib., id., 1582. 8^ witi woodcuts. 

Fasti, tristia, de Ponto, dira? in 

Ibin, balieuticon. Ex postrema etc, 

(as above), ib., id., 1582. 8". 3 


A new and good recension from MSS. 
and old editions. EtL II. AucHor. Lpt., 
hered. SteinmafuU, 1590. 8"*. 3 volL Ed. Ill, 
Lps. 1596. 8*. 3 voll. Ed, IF. auetior. 
Without place, tffpis Voegelin., 1607. 8**. 
3 voll. Ed, V, Typit Voegelin., without 
date. 8°. 3 voU. Ed, VI, Lps., Gross, 
1620-21. 8^ 3 volL 

15362 — beroidum epp. Amorum 
libri III. De arte amandi libri 
III. De remedio amoris libri II. 
etc. Lond., Th. VautroUerius, 1583. 
16"*. Metamorpboseon libri XV. 
ab And. Naugerio castigati et Vict. 
Oiselini scholiis illustrati. ib., id., 
1582. 16°. Fastor. libri VI. Tris- 
tium libri V. De Ponto libri IV. 
In Ibin. Ad Liviam. (Cum notis 
And. Naugerii). ib., id., 1583. 16°. 

3 voU. 
This small edition, extremely scarce on 


the oontiiient, appears to be a reprint of 
the Plantine edition. 

15363 — operum T. I. ea continens 
quae vocantur amatoria, cum varior. 
doctor, viror. commentariis, notis, 
obss. et emendatt., unum in corpus 
congestis. Ff., typis Wechelianis, 

1601. fol. T. 11. in quo libri 

£E»tor., tristinm^ de Ponto, cum 

varior. doctor, viror. etc, (as above). 

ib. 1 60 1, fol. T. III. in quo me- 

tamorpho8e«06 libri XV. cum com- 

mentariis Rph. Regii et annotatt. 

Jac. Micjlli: et carmen in Ibin, 

cum comm. Domitii, Zarotti et 

Jac. MicyUi. Quibus access, ob- 

servatt. Here. Ciofani et Gr. Bers- 

manni note perpetuse. ib. 1601. 

fol. 3 parts in i vol. 

This edition has nothing pecoliar. The 
1st part 6 leaves of prdiminary matter, 
500 pages, and 8 leaves of index. The 
2nd part 1 2 leaves of prdiminary matter, 
388, 175, and 244 pages, and 6 leaves 
of index. The 31^ part 2 leaves of pre- 
liminary matter, 340 and '99 pages, and 8 
leaves of index. (LB,), ex off, Rapheieng., 

1602, or 161 1, 12. 24^ 3 parts in 1 vol. 
Amtt., Jansson, 1610. 24^ 3 parts in i voL 
are insignificant small editions. 

15364 — opera. Dn. Heinsius tex- 
tum recensuit : ace. breves notK ex 
Jos. Scaligeri potissimum codice et 
Palatinis Jani Gruteri. LB., ex 
off. Elzevir., 1629. 12**. 3 voll. 

None of the finest of the BUzevir editions, 
but greatly sought after when in good 
condition. The ist voL 12 leaves of preli- 
minary matter (including the title^late) 
and 344 pages. The 2nd voL 8 leaves of 
preliminarY matter and 444 pages. The 
3rd vol. 6 leaves of preliminaiy matter and 
410 pages (the last is wrongly numbered 
420). A newrecension irom MS& Itt text 
is repeated in AmsL, Jansson, 1634 or 6^* 
24**. 3 voll. ib,, Blaeu, 1638 or 49. 1 2^ 3 voQ. 

15365 — operum editio nova, accu- 
rante N. Heinsio. Amst, L. £1- 
zevier, 1652. 24°. 3 voll. 

This first edition of a new reoensioD by 
N. Heinsius is very indifferently printed, but 
tolerably scarce. The reoensioa is from 
excellent materials, and executed with great 
acuteness, but is sometimes too bold. 

15365 . — operum editio nova. N* 
Heinsius recens. ac notas addidit. 


Amst, ex off. Elzevir., 1658-61 

(of 1663). 12**. 3 voU. 

A new wDriung up throughoot of hii re- 
oemkn of 1651, from new materials. . Less 
•ought afler by the collectors of the Elzevir 
impmsions than that of 1639, but fiu* to 
be p ie f eiied in a scientific point of view. 
The very numerous notes are either to be 
found at the end of each voL or else form 5 
tepante vols, by themadves. The title- 
pbte, at the commencement of part I, 
. besit thedate 1662, but the printed title of 
thii voL is 1658, that of the and 1659, and 
that of the 3rd 1661. — Anut., Elzev.y 1664. 
94*. 3 vols. •&., itLy 1676. ia°. 3 vols, are 
iwedtioDs of ^is text, but an edition of 
1668 is a non-entity. 
Burmann, iu his large edition, 1727, 

Sive the apparatus for a new edition whidi 
einsius haid left behind him. 

15567 — opera omnia ex rec. N. 

Heinsii, cam notis varior. accurante 

Corn. Schrevelio. LB., Pt. Leffen^ 

1662. 8°. 3 vols, with plates. 

The selection of notes is rather bad, 
yn is this edition sought after on account 
of the good plates to £e Metamoqphoies, 

15368 — opera omnia cum inteffris 

N. Heinsii lectissimisque vanor. 

notis. Studio Borchardi Cnippin- 

gii. LB., Hack, 1670. 8^ 3 vols. 

with plates. 

The notes are here enlarged, and the se- 
lection b somewhat better, but the plates 
sre bad copies of the preceding. The re- 
petitions, Amst^ Blaeuy 1683. 8^ 3 vols, 
with plates, and Amtt,^ Waetberff, 1702. 
8*. 3 vols, have still inferior impressions 
of ue plates. There is a later reprint 
of 2 vols, of the last edition with the same 

15S69 — opera. Literpretatione et 

notis illustrav. Dn. Crispinus ad 

nsom Delphini. Lugd., Anisson, 

1689. 4^. 4 volL 

One of thie rarer editions in Utum Del- 
jAim, and the only one of this series whidi 
•ppsared out of Paris. Its index is cor- 
rected in the reprint, Ven, 1731 or 79. 4"*. 

15370 — opera. Pt. Burmannus 
ad (id. vett. exemplarium castigavit. 
Traj. Batav., van de Water, 1713. 
I2^ 3 voll. 

A second title has the year 1714. A 
new recension and very correct. A reprint 
of it, Am$L^ Waesberge, 17^5. la**. 3 voD., 
prepared without Burmannus permission, 
has in die title the fdse statement, aecu- 



rante N. Ileinsio, without mention of 

15371 — opera, cura Mch. Maittaire. 
Lond.^ Tonson et Watts^ 1 715. 12''. 
3 voU. Also on large paper. 

The various readings are added to the 
3rd voL Al80> LontU 1771. 11°. 3 vols. 

15372 — opera omnia, cum integris 

Jac. Micylli, Here. Ciofani et Dn. 

Heinsii notis et N. Heinsii curis 

secundis et alior. in singulas partes 

partim integris partim excerptis ad- 

notatt., cura et stud. Pt. Burmanni, 

qui et suas notas adjecit. Amst., 

Janssonio-Waesbergii, 1727. 4°. 4 

vols. Also oh large paper. 

Once more a new recension from MSS. 
and old editions, and enlarged with the ap- 
paratus left behind bv Heinsius for a new 
edition. A fine edition, and as yet the 
most complete, but very incorrectly printed. 
It has become scarce. Thereto may be 
joined, Pt. Burmanni Prt^aHo ad Ovidii 
edit, majorem, nunc prim, ediia. {Atntt. 
1 756). 4". It was at first laid aside, be- 
cause in it he had severely attacked the 

15373 — opera. Lond., Brindley, 
1745. 12^ 5 voll. 

15374 — opera. Amst., Wetstein, 
1751. 12**. 3 voll. 

15375 — opera omnia, ace. chresto- 
mathia (et Massonii vita Ovidii), 
curante J. Pt. Millero. BeroL, 
Haude et Spener, 1757. 8^. 4 voll. 
(2d. i6gr.) 

15376 — opera omnia ex rec. N. 
Heinsii, cum ejusd. notis integris. 
Curav. indicemque verbor. adjec. 
J. F. Fischerus. Lps. 1 758 (a new 
title 1773). 8°. 2 voU. (3 d. 8gr.) 

Heinsiut*s notes are here given entire, 
also those which Burmann at first edited^ 
Masson's life of Ovid is added. 

15377 — opera, quae supersunt. Par., 

Barbon, 1762. 12^ 3 voll. Also 

on fine paper. 

Burmann's text, with use of the cor- 
rections which Pohtianus had written on 
the margin of his Ovid, to be found in the 
Laurentian library. Repeated less finely, 
ib^ id,j 1793. I3^ 3 voll. (15 fr.y^Opera. 
Mairiiiy 1 785. 8%, I merely mention as a 

15378 — opera ad opt. editt. collata. 
Pr»mittitur vita ab Aldo Pio Ma- 




nutio coUecta cum notitia literaria. 
Bip. 1783. 8**. 3 voll. — Ed. anctior 
et emendatior. Arg. 181 1. 8^ 3 
voll. (6d.) 
15379 — opera omnia e rec. Pt. Bur- 
manni. Curav., indd. rer. et verbor. 
adjec. Ch. 6. Mitscherlich. Gott. 
Dieterich, 1796-98. 8**. a voU. 
(2 d. i6gr.) 

Burmann*8 text, with a restoration of 
some old readings, and a better punc- 
tuation. The ^ vol. or the index did 
not appear, and the paper and printing 
are bad. 

15S80 — opera. Parmse et Medio!., 
Aloys. Mussi, 1 806-8. fol. 6 voll. 

Only 103 numbered copies of this splendid 
edition were struck off. At the end of the 
6th Tol. is Masson*s life of Ond (130 d. at 
Ooschen*s in Leipsic). 

15381 — opera ad fid. edit. Bur- 

manni expressa. Lond. 181 5. 12^ 

3 voll. (iSs.) 

Neat. Lpi., TauchnUM{ 1820. 12**. 3 
voll. (id. 20 gr.) is a stereotyped small 

15382 — 2. Heraides, Heroides, de 
pulice, de philomela, in Ibin, de 
rustico. Without place or date. 


This edition, printed in Italy before 
1480, is probably a piece of the collected 
works, Medicl.y 2^roiWy 1477 (see above, 
No. 15342). 66 leaves with 35 lines run- 
ning all across the page, and in R<nnan 
characters, without signatures, catchwords, 
and pagination. The first 2 lines of leaf i* 

Leaf 55* De pulice, leaf 55b De phUomelat 
leaf 57a In /6tn, and leaf 66* De rustico. 
Leaf 66^ ends in the 36th line with Finis, 

15383 — liber Ovidii epistolarum. 
In Monteregali, per Ant. Mathiae 
et Baldisalem Corderium, 18 Febr. 

1473 • 4°- 
64 leaves with 27 lines, without signa- 

tures, catchwords, and pagination. It is 

properly only a piece of the Juvenal of this 

year, see above. No. 1 1 196. 

15384 — heroidum liber et de obitu 
Drusi Neronis ad Liviam consola- 
toria. Medio]., Jac. de Marliano, 
5 Mart. 1478. fol. 

15385 — epistolae heroides cum com. 


mentariis Ant. Volsci et Hubertini 
Clerici Crescentinatis. In loco Ca- 
salis sancti Evaxii, On. de Canepa- 
nova, 8 id. Sept. 1481. fol. 

Concerning this scarce first edition of 
these two commentaries, see Panzer, I. 
271. The only tvpographical productian 
of Casal of the 15th century. 

15386 ^— epistolae heroides cum comm. 
Ant. Volsci et carmen in Ibin cum 
comm. Domitii Calderini. Ven., 
Bt. de Tortis, 8 Nov. 1482. fol. 

72 leaves (the first and last blank), with 
the signatures a-m. Repeated, Ven,, Th. 
de Aleaandria^ 1482 or 84. foL MedioLy 
Pachel et Sdnzenzeler^ 1483. fed. Ven-^ 
Tortis, 16 Mart, 1485. fol. (62 leaves with 
the signatures a-k). Ven , Bm, de Zanis, 
1487 or 91. fol. Mediol,, Sdnzenzekr, 
1488. fol. Ven.y J. Tactdnusj 1497. foL 
Lugd,f J, de Jonvelle, 15 16. fol. 

15387 — heroides cum consolatoria 
ad Liviam et libro de philomela. 
Mediol., Cp. {Valdarfer) Ratis- 
ponensis, 21 Nov, i486, fol. Gothic 

15388 — epistole cum duobus com- 
mentis (Ant. Volsci et Ubertini 
Clerici, et liber in Ibin cum comm. 
Domitii Calderini). Ven., Ph. Pin- 
cius, 4 non. Febr. 1491. fol. 

102 leaves with the signatures a~r. Re- 
petitions of this edition with these two 
commentaries are, Ven,, Bonet, LooaieOns, 
14 caL Nov, 1492 fol. 96 leaves with the 
signatures a-q. Ven,, Bm, Veneius de 
Ragasonibus, jo Nov, 1492. foL 102 leaves 
widi the signatures a-r, Ven., ML de 
Rovado, 19 caL Jan, 1493. foL ^en,, 
Sim. Papiens,, 15 Jul, 1496. fol. Ven,, 
Aluysius de Vurisio, 1501. foL 

15389 — heroidum epistole. Romc^ 
St. Ouillireti, without date. 4*^. 

With the signatures o-Jlr, without catdi- 
words and pagination. Printed at the end 
of the 15th centiuy according to Crevenna*s 
second catalogue. No. 3936. 

15390 — heroidum epistolae^ Sap- 
phus atque in Ibin argutie. Cum 
triplici explanatione (Ant. Volsd, 
Ubertini Crescent, et Jod. Badii) 
altera familiari: et cum totius operis 
exactissima castigatione. (Lti^.), 
J. de Vingle, 3 non. Apr. 1500. 
large 4°. {not fol.) Gothic letter. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, and 194 
numbered leares. The date in the 90^ 


lophflo, Anmo groHoB M. ccece. tij. Nonas 
ApriStf is aomecimes erroneously under- 
icood for the year 1503. The following 
are reprints of this edition: Lugd., N, 
Wn^y 1505. 4^ %h,y CI DatHui, 1508. 4^ 
ib., J. ThomtUf 1513. 4^ t^., Robiony 
1514. 4^ with woodcuts. MkUoL 1517. 
foL with woodciits. 

15391 — epistolse heroides Ouidii 
diligenti castigatide exculte aptissi- 
mis ftguris ornate. Commentatibus 
Aot. Volsco, Ubertino Crescentinate 
et Omnibono. In Ibin vero ultra 
Domitii (Calderini) scripta habes 
Cp. Zarothi exquisitissimas decla- 
ration's. Ven., J. Tacuinus de 
Tridino^ 10 Jul. 1501. fol. with 


140 leaves with the signatures a-t. The 
voodcuti are not uninteresting. The fol- 
lowing are repetitions of this edition : ib.y 
UL, 30 Jui. 1510. f<J. ib., id,, 13 Mai 
151 2. fol. widi woodcuts. MedioLy Go^ 
tardut de Ponte, 1515. fol. Ven., G. de 
RMtamibus, 1520. fol. f^n., «/. Taetdntu, 
1538. foL 

15392 — epistolarum heroidum liber. 

Lps., Jac. Thanner^ 1502. 4^ Qo^ 

thic letter. 

97 leaves with 18 lines, and the signa- 
tures o-r. 

15393 — epistolse heroidum diligenti 
castigatione excults aptissimisque 
figaris ornatse commentantibus Ant. 
Volsco^ Ubertino Crescentinate et 
Badio Ascensio. In Sapphus epi- 
stolam Domitio Calderino^ 6. Me- 
mla et ipso Ascensio. In Ibin 
Tero ultra Domitii etAscensii scripta 
babes Cp. Zaroti exquisitissimas in- 
terpretatt. Praeterea Bt. Esnatii^ 
Aldi Manutii aliorumque doctor, 
viror. in totum opus observationes : 
ace. et Lr. Abstemii libri II. de 
qaibusd. locis obscuris. Taurini, J. 
Ang. et Bemardin. de Sylva, 8 

Aug. 1517. fol. with woodcuts. 

144 leaves with the signatures AS. 
The woodcuts are very indifferent copies of 
those in the Venetian edition of 1501. 

15394 — heroidum epistolae. Auli 
Sabini epistolae tres. Item ejusdem 
P. O. N. de nuce elegia. De me- 
dicamine faciei ele. Arg., ex off. 
Schureriana, m. Mart. 1518. 4^. 

93 leaves with the signatures A-P, 
Also, ib^ id.f m. Majoy 1520. 4°. 



15395 — heroides et A. Sabini re- 

sponsiones. Publ. item Nasonis in 

quendam^ quem vocat Ibin, cum 

Guidonis Morilloni argument is et 

scholiis. His adjecimus J. Bt. Eg- 

natii obss. Omnia multo, quam 

hactenus^castigatiora. Col., J.Ojrm- 

nicus, 1543. 8°. 

Various readings are sometimes placed in 
the margin. 

15396 — heroides epistolae, cum in- 
terpretibus Hubertino Crescent, et 
Jano Parrhasio. Ejusd. Sappho 
cuin Domitio, et Ibis cum Cp. 
Zaroto. Cum enarratt. Jod. Bad. 
Ascensii in haec omnia^ et annotatt. 
J. Bt. Egnatii. Ven., Bonellus^ 
1560. 4°. 

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 158 
pages, and i leaf, printer's symbol. Neatly 
printed. Also, Veiu 1558 or 74. 4^ ib., 
ZaUeritu, 1587. 4^ 

15397 — heroidum epistolae et A. 
Sabini responsiones, cum Guidonis 
Morilloni argumentis et scholiis. 
Item J. Bt. Egnatii obss. Nunc ab 
Jac. Rossetto auctse scholiis ac de- 
lectu versuum prudenter et argute 
dictor. Ven.,ex bibl. Aldina («/. Gar^ 
raus), 1588. 8°. 

2 24 pAgM ^^^ 8 leaves. Previously, 
Ven,y et bibi. Aid., 1583. 8*". 

15398 — heroidum epistolae^ amorum 
libri III. de arte amandi libri III. 
de remedio amoris libri II. aliaque 
hujus generis. Omnia ex And. 
Naugerii recensione. Guidonis Mo- 
rilloni argumenta in epistolas. Antw., 
ex off. Plant., 1593. 12°. 

Various readings and corrections are 
sometimes noted in the raaigin. 

15399 — epistolarum heroidum liber: 
interpretatione et notis iUustrav. 
Dn. Crispinus in us. Delphini. 
Lond., Bonwick, 170a, 8®. 

Also> Land, 1714, 72, 27, 34, 43> 6t, 
83, and 88. 8^ The last time, LoruL 
1813. S\ 

15400 — heroides et A. Sabini epi- 
stoln ex emendatt. N. Heinsii, 
Pt. Burmanni et C. E. Heusingeri 
(ed. Cr. Heusinger). Brunsv. 1786. 
8^ (8 gr.) 




15401 — epistolee^ cura H. Homeri. 
Lond. 1790. 8**. 

15402 — heroides et A. Sabini epi- 
stolse e Burmanni maxime rec. 
editae cara D. Jac. van Lennep^ qui 
et suas animadw. subjecit. Amst., 
Hengst, 1809. 12°. (i d. 2i*gr.) — 
Ed. II. priore auctior et emen- 
datior. ib., id., 181 2. 12°. (3d.) 

With good corrections and explanations 
of its own. The precursor of a laiger cri- 
tical edition. 

15403 — Ovidius in Sapho. Lps.« 
Jac. Thanner, 1499. 4°. Gothic 

8 leaves with 17 lines, and the signa- 
ture A. 

15404 — 3. Amatoria. De arte amandi 
libri III. De remedio amoris libri 
II. Without place or date {Col., 
Cr, de Hotnburch), small 4®. Go- 
thic letter. 

70 leaves with 24 lines, without signa- 
tures, catchwords, and pagination. Leaf i* 
line I is, Ouid{J N(UonU Suimonensis de^ 
and the Art amandi ends leaf 49** (on 
which page there are only 14 verses) with 
the two lines : 

OukUj Nasonit Sidmcnentit poete 

de arte amandi Explicit ; 
The poem, De remedio am,y which fills 18 
leaves, li^ns leaf 50a : 

Otddij Nasome Sulmoneneis poete de 

remedio amoris Uber pm^ Ineipit. 
It ends leaf 67a : 

Ottidij NMome Solmanieis poete 

de remedio amoris Explicit. 
Then follows on 3 leaves a poem with the 
superscription, Dietami ort&natu p /rem 

Amoldu Buerick Described for the first 

time by Brunet in the Catal. des livres du 
cabinet de M. {(F Churches). Par. 181 1. 8^ 
p. III. No. 647, where this edition was 
bought for 105 fr. 

15405 -^ de arte amandi libri III. 
De remedio amoris libri II. With- 
out place or date {Col., U. ZeU, 
1471-72). 4**. Gothic letter. 

67 leaves with 34 lines, without sifBa- 
tiires, catchwords, and pagination. The 
first poem also here fills 49 leaves, and the 
sei'ond 18. This edition, described in 
Dibdin's Bibl. Spenc. II. 202, so accu- 
rately agrees even to the minutest circum* 
stance with Brunet^s description of the pre- 
ceding edition, that it might be taken 
as one and the same with that, did not 
Dibdin expressly assert, that in Lord Spen- 
cer^s copy the commencement of the Remed. 


amor, deviated from Bnmet*s description. 
(At the same time he does not specify the 
deviation.) There is also a slight differ- 
ence in the ccdophon of the Remed. amor., 
which in Lord Spenoer^s copy, leaf 67*, 
runs thus : 

Otddeij (sic) Nasonis solmonisis poete 

De remedio amoris Explicit S« 
The Dietamen Am. Buerick is also not to 
be found in this copy, and instead thereof 
the Liber trium pueUarwny from the same 
press, is bound up with it. (See belowy 
No. 15490-) 

15406 — de arte amandi libri III. 
De remedio amoris libri II. Au- 
gusts, Gth. Zainer, 15 cal. Pebr. 

1 47 1, fol. Gothic letter. 

57 leaves with 28 (not 29) lines, without 
signatures, catchwords, and pagination. 
T^ first dated distinct edition of these 
poems, but later than both the above edi- 
tions of his entire works of 1 47 1, as Febru- 
ary was then the last month in the year. 
It seldom deviates finom the common text, 
and is not so very scarce in Germany. 
Leaf I a line 1 is, Publij ouidij nasonis 
sutmonensis. tie. The Ars amandi termi- 
nates leaf 42b. Leaf43* begins the /toiMd. 
amor., and line i is, Publij ouidij nasomit 
sulmonen. The colophon is in leaf 57b. 

15407 — de arte amadi t De remedio 

amoris cum comento (Bm. Merulse). 

Ven., J. de Tridino, 3 non. Julias 

(in other copies Majas) 1494. fol. 

56 leaves with the signatures a-^ and 
A-C, Also, ib., id., 28 Jun, 1506. foL 
51 leaves. Me^ol., Ln. Vegius, 3 SepL 
15 10. foL 51 leaves. Ven., J. de Tri^Gno, 
19 Sept. 1509. f<^ 51 leaves, is enlarged 
with an index and woodcuts. t6.. id, 20 
Febr. 1518. fi)l. 47 leaves. Ven, (without 
the printei**s name) 4 Jan. 15 16. fol. 

15408 — ars amandi ad Juuentutem 

romanam. {Lps.), Jac. Abiegnus 

{Thanner), 1498. 4"^. Gothic letter. 

72 leaves with 17 lines, and the signa^ 
tures A-M. Also^ %b., id., 1503. 4*. 

15409 — duo libri continentes amoris 
remedia (industria Am. Woste- 
feldes emendati). Lps., {Jcu:. Than- 
ner), 7 id. Jun. 1501. 4°. Gothic 

26 leaves with 17 lines, and the signa- 
tures A^D. Aho, ib., id., 1$ SepL 1503. 
4^ ib,, id., 1507. 4^ ib., id., 1511. 4'*- 
18 leaves with the signatures A^C, and in 
Roman characters. The earlier edition, 
ib., id., 1498. 4"*. Gothic letter, 30 leaves, 
is incorrect. 


15410 — artis amandi libri III. 
remedn amoris II. castigate im- 
Dressi (cum pra^. Jo. Vadiani). 
Viennae, Victor et Singrenius^ 1 5 1 2. 


15411 — de remedio amoris libri 11. 
De philomela elegia. Arg.^ ex 
ledd, Schorer.^ m. Mart. 1514. 4^ 

34 leares with the signatures A-F, 
1M12 -^ amonim libri III. I>e 
medicamine fieuaei et nux. Infinitis 

Ce eiroribns e MSS. exemplari- 
emacolati. Una cum Dm. 
Marii Nigri enarratt. Ace. pnlex 
et philomela. Ven.^ J. Tacuinus de 
Tndino, m. Jan. 15 18. fol. 
IMlS — de remedio amoris libri II. 
In Ibin. (De nuce, pulex, philo- 
mela). {^Arg.\ ex off. Schurer.^ m. 
Majo 1520. 4**. 34 leaves. 
1M14 — amatoria^ e rec. Pt. Bur- 
manni cum varietate lect. prsecipua 
(curav.Ch.Qli. Wernsdorf) . Helmst., 
KiOmb'n, 1788 or 1802. 8^ 2 voll. 
(I d. 8 gr.) 

1M15 — 4. Metamorphoses. Meta- 
morphoseos libri aV. Without 
place or date. fol. 

A very scarce and fine editioa. 195 
feftvas with 31 fines, without signatures, 
cstchwQffds, uid pagination. Leaf i* line i 
iti N moua fert aHug muiaUu did format, 
hod 195* enda with the following colophon 
IB snaU totals : 

PwbGiNaMomt OmdH PeRgni 
poH^ darisrimi liber ulHm 
taut imeiamoffMeoi JvUd" 
This edition, printed at the latest in 1473 
aooording to Dibdin, BibL Spene. II. 204, 
has the same typ^ which occur in the 
/Vapfrfhit and TVMhit, without pUoe, 
1471. fol. and it appears to be a Roman ty- 
pegripluciil production* 

15416 — - metamorphoeeos libri XV. 

Without place or date. fol. 

Also very scarce. With 39 lines, with- 
eot mgnatnres, catdiwords, and pagination. 
It be^ns with the 6 Latin verses, Orba 
ftnnU 9w>y the first 5 of which on account 
of the spaces left vacant for the initials fill 
ro fines. It ends on the folio recto of the 
iMt leaf in the a8th line with/nw. The 
types re s em ble those of Plautus, Ven, 1473. 

15417 — metamorphoses. Mediol., 
Ph. de Lavagnia^ 5 Jun. 1475* fol. 

Very scarce. 180 leaves in Roman cha- 



meters, without signatures, catchwords, 
and jMigination. It begins with Bcmius Ac- 
cursius's letter and Qvid^s life, and ends 
with 6 liatin verses, Orba parente mo, and 
with the colophon. — ^An edition. Fen,, per 
Jae. {Btibewn) noHone gaUicum, 1471. fol. 
quoted by Panzer, III. 91. fitnn Denis* 
I cannot find confirmed by any other testi- 

15418 — metamorphoses. Ferrar., 
Agst. Camerius, 1476. fol. 

One of the rarest editions of the ilfeto- 
morphoses. It begins, like the Bolpgnese 
edition of the Opera of 147 1, with 3 leaves, 
which contain a dedication of Fr. Puteo- 
lanus to the cardinal Oonzaga and Ovid's 
life (underneath which is the year 1476). 
Leaf 4*- begins the text with tne 6 verses, 
Orba parente tuo. On the folio recto of the 
last l«if is a colophon in 8 Latin verses : 
Finibue autonie moiue etc Only every 
loth leaf has a catchword. 

15419 — metamorphoses. Without 
place or date (Lovan,, J. de JVest^ 
phalia, not before 1475). fol. Go- 
thic letter. 

With 36 fines, and the signatures o-oo. 
This veihal reprint of the Roman edition 
of the Oferaci 1471 begins, leaf i& (signa- 
ture a 2) with the dedication of the bidiop 
of Aleria, and ends, on the/o/to recto of the 
last leaf with FkUs. The types are the 
same as those with which J. de West- 
phalia printed J. MiUe repertorium in 


15420 — metamorphoseos liber. Par- 

mse (^thout the printer's name), 

1479. ^*^^' 

191 leaves with 36 fines, and signatures. 
Leaf i*(signaturea i)Hne i is,PV.OVIDII 
ing to Denis and Affd the printer was 
And. Portilia, whidi is doubted in Bibl. 
Speno, II. an. Bnmet, who attributes 
this edition to the printer, St. CeraUus, and 
refers to Na 3941 of the and Crevenna ca- 
talflgua, has confounded it with the edition 
of the Opera, Parmm, 1477. 

15421 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
Parmse, And. Portilia. id. Majis 

1480. fol. 

188 leaves (the first and last blank) with 
40 lines, and the signatures a i-j* 3, with- 
out catchwords and pagination. Leaf 1 ia 
blank, leaves 3>5 are Tabula fabularum 
OvidU metamorpSkoseot, of whidi leaf 2* 
Leaf 6 contains Ovid*s fife by Domit. Cal- 
dcrinus. Leaf 7* begins the text, and line 
NENSISME. Leaf i88b contains the 0(K 
lophon in 5 lines. 



15422 -— metamorphoseon libri XV. 
Pinerolii, Jac. de Rubeis, cal. Febr. 
1480. foL 

170 leaves with the tignatores ^-JT. 
This scarce edition, without further preli- 
minary matter, commences with the text 

15423 — metamorphoseos libri XV. 
cum argumento fabular. Lactantii 
Placidi. Ven., Laz. de Saviliano, 
3 Mart. 1492. fol. with the signa- 
tures AS. 

15424 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
ex recognitione Boni Accursii. Ven., 
Cp. de Pensis^ 7 Jan. 1492. fol. 
1 1 8 leaves. 

15425 — * metamorphoseon libri cum 
commentariis Rph. R^ii. Ven.^ 
Locatellus impensis Octav. Sooti, 
1493. foL 

The first edition of this commentary, but 
edited without the author's knowledge, and 

15426 — metamorphosis cum integris 
ac emendatissimis Rph. Regii enar- 
ratt. et repraehensioue illar. inep- 
tiar., quibus ultimus quatemio pri- 
mse editionis fiiit inquinatus. Ven.^ 
Bn. Benalius, without date (1493). 

The first edition superintended by Regius 
himself. Repeated, Ven,, Sim, BxbUaqua^ 
7 id. Sept, 1493. fol. Par., And, Brocard, 
6 Sept. 1496. 4**. Ven, (without the 
printer's name) 1496. fol. Ven,t Sim, 
BibUaquOy 8 id. Jul. 1497. fol. {Fen,) 7 
Febr. 1505. fol. 167 leaves. 

15427 — XV. metamorphoseos libri 
diligentius recogniti cum familiarib. 
commentariis (Rph. Regii) et ind. 
alphabetico ab Ascensio collecto. 
Lugd., N. Wolff, 29 Nov. 1501.4®. 

Gothic letter. 

TO and 308 leaves. The notes of Jod. 
Radius Ascensius are also included. Re- 
peated, Luffd.y CI. Davost, 1504. 4^ 

15428 — XV. metamorphoseos libri 
diligentius recogniti cum familia- 
ribus commentariis et ind. alpha- 
betico ab, Ascensio collecto, ac 
etiam cum sententiis textus ac fa- 
bular. narrationibus. . .per J. Deuer- 
dellay. Lugd.^ J. de Vinsle, 23 
Jun. 1506. large 4°, Gothic letter. 

10 1 numbered and 5 unnumbered leaves. 


15429 — metamorphosis cum lacu. 
lentissimis Rph. R^i enarrationi. 
bus^ quibus plurima ascripta stint^ 
que in exemplaribus antea impressis 
non inueniuntur. Ven., Ql de 
Rusconibus, a Maji 1509. fol. with 

Repeated, Mediol.y Ln. PacM^ 1 JVor. 
1 5 10. foL with woodcuts, 8 leaves of preli- 
minary matter, and 166 numbered leaves. 
Ven.y J. TVMmtnia, 15 13 or 18. foL J##- 
diot, 15 1 7. foL yen,f G. de RuaoemAutf 
20 Apr, 15 1 7. fol. 

15430 — metamorphosis Ovidiana 
moraliter a Th. Walleis explanata. 
Par., Ascensius, 1509. 4°. 

Also, ib.f id,, 15 11. 4^ Par. 1515. ff*. 
Par., Th. Laun^, 152 1. 8\ A French 
translation, see below, Na 155^9. 

15431 — > metamorphoseos libri mora- 
lizati : cum pulcherrimis fieibular. 
principalium figuris. Ovidii XV. 
metamorphoseos libri: cum ipeins 
poete vita familiaribusque commen- 
tariis: et rerum verborumque in* 
dice : ac etiam cum Lactancii Fir- 
miani Cocli in singulas fabulas argu- 
mentis, nee non et tropologica non. 
nuUar. fabular. enarratione per 
Pt. Lauinium. Lugd., N. Wolf, 8 
cal. Aug. 151 1. Is^ge 4^. Gothic 
letter, with woodcuts. 

6 leaves of prdiminary matter, 119 nnm- 
bered and 9 unnumbered leaves. Pre- 
viously, Lv^,, St. Gveynard, 15 10. 4*. 
Also, Lugd., Jao. Sacon, 11 Jim. 1512. 
fol. Lugd., impensis J. Robiam, 4 SepL 
15 13. large 4^ Oothic letter, with wood- 
cuts, 8 leaves of preliminar}' matter, 194 
numbered and 6 unnttobered leaves. Lttgd., 
Jac. Myt, 18 Jun. 151 6. fol. 

15432 — metamorphoseos libri mora- 

lizati enarratione per Pt. La- 

vinium (as in the preceding title). 

Adnotatt. prseterea Ph. Beroaldi* 

J. Bt. Pii, Jani Parrhasii, L. Ckfilii 

Rhodigini et Jac. Bononiensis hue 

curavit adjiciendas J. Theoderic. 

Bellovacus. Lugd., Jac. Huguetan, 

pridie non. Maj. 15 18. large 4°. 

Oothic letter^ with woodcuts. 

6 leaves of preliminary matter, 206 num- 
bered and 6 unnumbered leaves. 

15433 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
Index repertorius omnium fobu- 


lar. illis pneporitiu est. Arg., P. 
Goes et J. Schott, 27 Jul. 1515. 

8 fetycs of preUminaiy matter, 243 num- 
bered learet and i unnumbered, with the 
ligMturei^-F. Alao, ib,, ex mI, Schurer,^ 
1515- 4'. 

15434 — metamorplioseos libri XV. 
Cum Rph. Regii, Lactantii et Pt. 
LsTiiiii commentariis, appositis e- 
tiam figuris. Ven., J. Tacuinos, 

7 Sept. 1534. fol. with woodcuts. 
Aho, Fen. 1540. fol. 
1M35 — metamorphoseos libri XV. 
cum Lactantii Placidi argumentis. 
Lngd., her. Sim. Vincentii, 1542. 

15436 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
Donati argamentis compendiariis 
et adnotatt. marginalibus Gyberti 
Longolii illustrati. Ace. H. 61a- 
reani adnotatt. non vulgares. Co]., 
Mt Gymnicus, 1546 or 51. 8°. 

Preniwiy, 16., id,, 1538 or 42. 8'. Bae., 
H, Petri, 155 1 or 60. 8*. 

IM37 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
cum Lactantii Placidi argamentis. 
Omnia a J. Raenerio denuo reco- 
gnita. Lugd., PreUon, 1555. i6^ 

15438 — metamorphoseon b'ber I. 
com annotatt. Longolii. Par., Bru- 
mennius, 1570. 4°. 

15439 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
Rph. Regii explanatio, cum novis 
alterius viri additionibus. Lactantii 
Placiti (tic) in singulas fabulas ar- 
pmienta. Coebi Siiodigini, J. Bt. 
Bgnatii, H. Glareani, Gib. Lon- 
golii et Jac Fanensis annotationes. 
Cam ind. Ven., N. Moretus, 1586. 
^ with woodcuts. 

61eBves of preb'minary matter, 315 pages, 
•nd I leaf. Previously, Ven., J. Gr^itu, 
i5^5- ^- with woodcuts. 

15440 — metamorphoses, argumentis 
brerioribus ex Luctatio grammatico 
coUectis expositae, una cum vivis 
angular, transformationum iconibus 
ni aes indsis. Antw., 1596. I2^ 
^h plates. 

15441 — metamorphosis, cum indice. 
Bx bibl. Pompeji Pasqualini. Romse, 
Mascardus, 1614. 8^ 

This was the first complete verbal index 
to the MeUamm^hote*. 

O V I 1246 

15442 — metamorphoseon libri XV, 
cum commentariis Jac. Pontani, et 
in Ibin And. Desselii et Fr. Sanctii 
uberiores notationes. Antw., hered. 
Nutii, i6i8. fol. 

15443 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
notis illustrati op. et stud. Th. 
Farnabii. Par., Morellus, 1637. 
fol. with plates. 

At first, Lond. 1636. S**. Also^ Amtt. 
1639, ^ 50> or 55- "**• ^'OfidL 1677. "*• 

15444 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 

interpretatione et notis illustrav. 

Dn. Crispinus. Recens. J. Freind. 

Ox., th. Sheld., 1696. 8°. 

Only the best of Crispinus*s notes are 
here given, and much of his own is added 
by Freind. 

15445 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
expurgati et explanati. Cum ap- 
pend, de diis et heroibus i)oetici8, 
auctore Jos. Juvencio. Kothom., 
Lallemant, 1705 or 17. large I2^ 

15446 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
interpretatione et notis illustrav. 
Dn: Crispinus, in us. Delphini. 
Lond. 1708. 8°. 

Also, ih. 1719, 30, 37, 44, 51, 63, 65, 
78, and 85. 8^ The last time, ih. 18 13. 
8*. (i6s.6d.) 3fon<r(w, 181 1. 8°. (i06.6d.) 
is another reprint of this edition. 

15447 — metamorphoseon libri XV. 
Dublinii, ex offic. G. Grieson, 
1729. 4®. 2 voU. 

A isopy on large paper, 80 fr. McCarthy. 

15448 — metamorphosis, e Pt. Bur- 
manni recensione. Amst. 1748. 

15449 — metamorphoses. Recensuit, 

varietatelectionis notisque instruxit, 

et indd. duos adjec. Gli. Erdm. 

Gierig. Lps., Schwickert, 1804-7. 

8°. 2 voll. (5d., on writing paper 


A new revision of the text. Tlie ear- 
lier edition, ib. 1784^7. 8'. 1 vols, only 
contains Burmann^s text. 

15450 — 5. Fasti. Libri fastor. 

cum interpretatione P. M arsi. Me- 

dioL, Ant. Zarotus, non. Jun. 148^. 


Also^ Ven., AnL BacHbovius, 27 Auff. 
1485. fol. AfedioL, ScmMenxekr, 4 id. 
Nov. 1489. foL Ven., T. Z, P., 27 Oct. 
1493. fol. 166 leaves. 



15451 — £Ei8toram libri cum commen- 
tario Ant. Constantii Fanensis. Ro- 
mm, Eachar. Silber, 23 Oct. 1489. 

15452 — fiEutorum libri VI. cum 

comm. P. Marsi et Ant. Constantii 

Fanensis. Ven., J. Tacoinus, prid. 

id. Jun. 1497. fol. 

Repeated, ib^ id., pruUe id, Oct. 150a. 
foL 4 leaveM of preUminary matter, 198 
leaves and i leaf. 

15453 — fiastorum libri cum argu- 

mentis in libror. capitibus additis. 

Without place or date {Lps,, Than^ 

ner, about 1500). 4°. Gothic letter. 

98 leaves with 26 lines, and the signa- 
tures A~Q, Also, Lps., ML Herbipol., 
1512 or 13. 4**. Oothic letter, 100 leaves 
with the signatures A^R, 

15454 — £Mtor. libri diligenti emen- 
datione tvpis impresse (sic) aptissi- 
misque figuris ornate (sic) com- 
mentatoribus Ant. Constantio Fa- 
nensi (et) P. Marso^ additis qui- 
busdam versibus qui deerant in 
aliis codicibus, una cum tabula in 
ordine alphabeti. Ven., J. Tacui- 
nus de Tridino^ 4 Jun. 1508. fol. 
with woodcuts. 

I a leaves of prdiminanr matter, and 199 
numbered leaves. The foUowing are merdy 
reprints: MedioL, Ln. Paehel., 17 Febr, 
15 10. fol. with woodcuts, 12 and 199 
leaves. Ven., J. Taeuinus de Tridino, 12 
Apr. 152a foL with woodcuts, 10 and 187 

15455 — Ovidius de fjEwtis per Faus- 
tum (Andrelinum) recognitus an. 

notatusque. Par., J. Petit, 1509. 


Prerioosly, Par.y N. de PraHs, 1505* 

15456 — fastor. libri VI. diligentis- 
sime recogniti. Addito calendario 
Romano venerandie vetustatis, nun- 
quam antea impresso ( cura Ph. 
Gundelii). Viennse, Victor et Sin- 
grenius, 5 non. Oct. 15 13. 4°. 

15457 — festor. libri VI. Vita Au- 

thoris. Index praeterea a nobis ad- 

junctus. Arg., ex sed. Schurer., m. 

Jun. 1515- 4°« 

98 leaves with the signatures A^Q. Re- 
peated, Lpi.y Tharmer, 15 17. 4^ 


15458 — fastor. libri. Antw., i. 
Theobald. Gk>umiont* 1527. 8^ 

15459 ,» fastor. libri VI. Lat, 
Vascosanus, 1554. 4^ 

15460 — C. Neapolis anaptyxis ad 
fiastos P. Ovidil Nasonis (cum 
textu). Antw., ex off. Plantin., 

1639. ^<^^* 

16 leaves of preliminary