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Full text of "A general collection of treatys, declarations of war, manifestos, and other publick papers relating to peace and war : in four volumes"

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TreattS of Peace and Commerce, 

Maoifeftos. Declarations of War, and other 
Pul)Iick Papers, from the End of the Reign of 
Qaeen Anne to the Year 1731. 

VOL. IV. Containing 

Several Trutyi betwixt King 

GHTfi 1. ind the Emperor, 

I7M. 171*. '7"8- 
Hit Treaiyi with fana, Spain, 

and HtiUnd, 1715, 1717 


■^wo Treaty* >i Vienna between 
the Emperor, Crtal BhtAim^ 
and HalUnd, 17 ji. 

Vith many oihers, 10 be feeit 
the Conteois. 


The CJuadniple Alliance beiwixi 
the EmpcTor, France, England, 
MiVilUnd: t7iX. 

Trniy betwixt King Geir^t ti E- 
Itaot of Hannovtr, and ihe 
Qjtcn of Swtdm, in relation 
IoSmbmb and ('(ri^M, 1719. 

Treirj ai Hannivir betwixt Grtal 
Briiim, Tranci, and Frnfity 
1^^, Wiih fome Aniclei re- 
Ijiiagto Tharn. 

Tttiii betwixt King George 11. 
and the Duke of mifimiuitU, 

A Supplement of Treaty*, ovi 

omiilcd in the preceding Vt 

lumes : particularly, 
Kine Charlei U'j Declaration of 

War againft Holland, 1673. 

With ihe Anfwer of t^e SiaieJ 

General thereto. 
treaty betwixt Queen Annt and 

the Houfe of Luninburgh, \ial. 
Her Treaty of Coinmerce with 

PtTlMljl, I70J. 

Her Declaration in favour of the 
Caialini, 1701;. 

Swtral Paper* relating 10 Don King Geome the Firfl's, and the 
Carlai'i SucrefQon 10 Tuftaiiy, I FriKch King's Declarations of 
Sc. 1724, 1728, 17JI, I WaragainftS^a/n, 1718, 1719. 

T'Wiy at SnilU belweAi Great JTreaiys at Vienaa between the 
8rf(i:jf(, Iranee, and Spain ; I Emperor and Spain, 172^. 
172$, I With divers more. 

To which II fubioin'd, 
aConpleat Lifl of all ihc Treatys and publick Papers ir^ 
(hele 4 Volumes, in an exafl Chronological Ordt:r. 

'iMitJ for J. J. and p. K n a p to k, ]. Dar b r, D. Minw in- 
TBRandA. Ward, A. Bettesworth andC ft\^ tui^ 
}■ feu BEX TON, J.OsBiOKs and T. l,o s gi* t.^, C„. 
^/j/vGrow, F. Clay, J. B a t le^, B«ft 6T t. «>* 
mi-"^TcaETT, M.DCC.XXXn. 

t • 

/ ,1 







O F T H E 

Fourth VOLUME 

Threat) ietween Charles VI. Empercr^ George Kii^ 

\ of Great Bricaio, and the States General of the 

i United Provinces, for the Reftitution of the Spa- 

l Netherlands to his Imperial Majefyy and maiw 

te ^ ftrong Barrier to their High Mightimffes i 

ftft Antwerp^ Nov. 15, 171 j. Page i 

of Alliance between his Imperial Majefiy and his 

inoick Majefty^ May 25, 17 16. jj 

•/ Alliance and Guaranty between Lewis XV. of 

ice, George King of Great Britain, and the 

$ General, for maintaining the Succejjio'n to the 

ns 0/ France and England, and for the Demolition 

ardyke; concluded at r^^ Hague, Jan. 4, 171 7. 

pdrufle Alliance between the Emperor^ the King 

|oce, and the King 0/ Great Britain, (into which 

\mis General afterwards entred) for promoting the 

ki^ Europe, &c. made at hox^ony Aug. 2^ I7i8» 

[ Conditions of the Treaty between the Emperor and 

fg of iSicily, 60. Separate Articles relating to tf 

A 2 "* 

f m 

Kings of Spain and Sardinia, 6S. Acceffton of tbe 
King of Sardinia to the Quadruple Alliance. 79 

"Treaty 0/ Commerce between Great Britain and Spain, 
co»c/Wf(i rtt Madrid, Dec. 14, 171J. 81 

Convention between tbe Emperor, the King o/Great Britain, 
and the States General, relating to the Execution ofcef 
tain Articles of the late Barrier Treaty ; Dec. 21, 1718. 


Treaty 0/ Peace ief!i:een George KingofGreit Britain dj 
EleBor and Duke o/Brunfwick, and Ulrica Eleonora 
Queen 0/ Sweden, in relation to Bremen and Verden ; 
concluded «( Stockholm, Nov. 9, 1719. 99 

Treaty betwixt the King of Great Britain and the Qiieen ' 
0/ Sweden ; by luhich his Majefiy engages to affifltbe " 
fitid Queen againjl the C%ar of Mufcovy, and her Ma- 
jefiy engages to guaranty the Succeffion of the Crown of 1 
Great Britain in the Family of Bruofwick ; Jan. 21, I 
1720. io(S 

Treaty between Great Britain and Spain, concluded at 
Madrid, June ij, 1721. 119 

Treaty 0) Defenjive Alliance-, betwixt Vrzacs, Spain, and 
Great Britain, concluded at lA&And., June 1$, 1721. 

Declaration of Lewis XV. King of France, renewing the 
EdiBs and Arrets of bis Predeceffor Lewis XIV. againji ' 
his Proteflant SiibjeBs i May 14, 1724. 129 i 

\ The Pragmatick SanSion, -aiith regard to the Order of S^c* ; 
ce(jiott of all the Kingdoms and Dominions of his Imperial,'} 
and Catholick Majefiy ■■, made at Vienna, Dec. 6, I724' 

_ ^ n9 

m^Defenfive Treaty of Alliance concluded nl Hanaover, Sept. 
3, 1715. between the King of Great Britain, the moji 
Chriftian King, and the King o/Pniflia; With three 
Separate Articles relating to Thora, (ire. 1^6 

I Accefpon of the United provinces to the Treaty of Viinaa- 
ver, Aug. 9, 1726. H^ith their feveralDedarationSy 
and Secret Articles. 1 5 j 

Acceffim of the King and Kingdom of Sweden to the Tj-Pfl- 
y«/ Hannover, March 14, 1727. 161 



Tn^) af Alliance between Great Briuia, France, UnA 
Denmark, April i6, 1727. ^ 167 

Preliminary Articles between the Emperor and the Allies of 
Hannover, y%«'^ at Paris, May 31, 1727. 174 

7reaty ietwixt King George 11. and the Duke of Wolfcm-^ 
buttle, Nov, 25, 1727. 178 

Convention between Spain and Great Britain relating to the 
Execution of the Preliminary s figrfd at the Pardo^ 
Mar. 6, 1728. 182 

Injhument of Reverfion for fulfilling the Conditions exfrefi 
bj Lewis King of Spain, in the Letters of Iwveftiture of 
the Duchy s o/Tufcany, Parma and Phccntiz^ in favour 
of Don Carlos,- Feb. 28, 1724. 185 

Copy of the particulrir Guaranty by the King of Great Bri- 

im for fulfilling the faid Conditions oj Invefiiture ; Jan. 

' 2j, 1724. 187 

Emperor's full Power for fubflituting Count Charles Borro- 

meo to take pojfeffion of the Duchy of Tufcany, April 

13, 1728. ^ 190 

hpetial Refcript to the EleSiorefs Palatine Dowager born 

Ducbefs o/Tufcany, to permit Don Carlos to takepof" 

jiffm of that Duchy I April 13, 1728. • 192 

tmfmr's A^ndate to the SubjeBs and Vajfals of Tufcaoy, 

io^^dbwwledge Don Carlos /or their Sovereign ; April 

. ^iy 17^8. . 194 

Imparial Decree to the Senate <f Florence, to permit Don 

OltIos to take pojfefjion of Tufcany ; April 13, 1728. 


Order of the Aulick Council of the Umpire to the Governour 
of tl)e Milanefe, to put Don Carlos into pojfeffion of 
Tufcany; May j, 1728. 199 

Treat! of Peace at Stv'^Xt ^^w^^w Great Britain, France, 
«»iSpaini Nov, 9, 1729. 201 

Accejjion of the States General of the United Provinces t^ 
the faid Treaty i Nov. 9, 1729. ^ ^ 209 

Treat} of Alliance and Commerce M^ween Great Britain and 
the Nation of the Cherrokees in America, Sept. 20, 

^730. . 213 

Treat} at Vienna, between the Emperor^ Great Britain, 

'^^i Holland; Aiarch i5, lyjx. ^. a\T^ Scjatatt 



Articles rtlating to Tufcany, Parma, Eaft Friefland, fcc- 
22 J, &c. 

Another 'treaty concluded at Vienna between the Emperw,\ 
Great Bricain, and Spain; July 22, 1731. 2JI 

"The Treaty or Family Convemiom, fign'd by the Mmflers op 
Spain and Tufcany at Florence, July 25, 1731. p* 
237. Difpofitiou made by the Jaid Miuijiers for the Re- 
ception and Re jideme of Don Carlos. 344. H^ith the 
Accejjion of the Great Duke of Tufcany to the lafh Treaty 
0/ Vienna. 24^' 

"Treaty of Union and Defenjirve Alliance between the Ete£h- 
rates of Saxony and Hannover, concluded at Drefden^ 
Aug. 3, 173 I. 248 

A Supplement of Treatys, and other publick Pa- 
pers, omitted in the preceding Volumes. 

Declaration of War by Charles H. King of England a- 

gain ft the United Provinces, Mar. 1(572. 254 

7heAnfwer of the States General of the Uniced Provinces 

to the f aid Declaration. 2$9 

Treaty of Peace at Carlowitz between the Emperor o/Ger- 

mmy and the Grand Seignior, Jin. 16, 1699. 290 

Treaty at Carlowirz between the King and Republick o/Po- 

land, and the Grand Seignior^ Jin. 26, itfpiJ. 302 
7i&eTiirki(h I/ifirument of the Peace enter'd into between 

the Grand Seignior and- the Venetians- iil Carlowitz.^ 

The Imperial and Polifh Iiifirumeut of the Peace efiahl^i 

biticeen the ftiid Powers at Carlcjv/ilz, J^n. 26, ifippi 

Treaty of Alliance between the Kings o/Great Britain an4 
Denmark, and the States General of the Uniced Pro- 
vinces; Jan. 20, 1701. 32} 
Treaty betwixt Anne Queen of Great Britain and the 
flba/f 0/ Lunenburg, June 21, 1702. 330 
Treaty of Commerce betwixt Qiteen Anne and Peter £11^, 
I o/Portugal, concluded at Lisbon, Dec. 37, 1703. 334 


THe i; u w 1 Jb JN 4 2J. 

Declaration of Queen Anne/or fuf porting the Spaniard^ 

and particularly the Catalans, who Jhou^d acknowledge 

Kif^QiSLtlcs III. for lawful King 0/ Spain ; May i, 

1705. 33d- 

7reaty of Peace between the Emperor and the mofl Cbrifiiau 

Kingj concluded at KsL{i2Ldt^ Mar. 6, 1714. 338 

Jreaty of Peace between the Emperor and the Empire on the 

one part^ and the mofi Chriftian King on the other y eonn 

eluded at Baden, Sept. 27, 17 14. 358 

King George tbefirji's Declaraiiott of War agait^ SpaiO^ 

Dec. 17, 1718. 378 

'The French Kings Declaration of JVar^ and Manifefio 

againjl SpsLin, 17 19. * .382 

Treaty of Peace between the Emperor of Germany and the 
Grand Seignior at Paflarowitz, July 21, 1718. 401 

Treaty at the fame Place qnd Time betwixt the Venetians 
and the Turks. 415 

Treafy of Alliance between the Emperor^ as Sovereign of the 
Hereditary Countrysy and the Kings of Great Britaia 
and Poland, as Eleclors of Hannover ""and Saxony ; 
made at Vi^nnzy Jan. 5, 1719. 429 

Convention between the Emperor^ and the Kings of Great 
Britain a^d France, for granting a farther Term to King 
Philip 0/ Spain in relation to the SucceJJionA Tufcany^ 
Parma, d^^. Nbr. i&, 1719. . • i -^ V 455 

Convention between the King o/*Gf eat Britain and the Lan4' 
gr/ive c/Heffe-Cafl'eU Mar. n, «^7^7- 4} 8 

Treaty for a firiEi Union btt^sft Kirig Charles II. and 
Lewis XIV. of France, July i5, i6j2. 441 

Convention at London in relation to the Duties laid on 
British IVooBen Cloths exported to the Auftrian Nether- 
lands, July 26, 171 5. 444 

Convention for explaining the Articles of the Affiento, or 
ContraBfor Negroes, between Great Britain ^»i Spain, 

May 15,171^. .4^9 

Treaty of Peace between the Emperor and the King of Spain^ 

concluded at Vienna, April 30, 1725 • * 4S7 



Treaty of Commerce between the faid Potentates at thefattit 
Place, May i, 1725. *4<?y 

Treaty of Guaranty tetween the faid Potentates at the fame 
Place and 'Time. * 48 a 

Treaty of Peace between the faid Potentates at the fame Plactj 
JuDe7, lyzy. *4Sj 

Thefe four Treaties were negotiated by Ripptrda. 

Articles of Peace and Commerce between King George 
and the E}»peror o/Morocco, Jan. 14, 1728. 457 

57 < 

'DireHions to the Binder. 

B Place the two Sheets mark'd * G g, * H h, he- J 
H tween Page 456 and 457. 


Charles VI. Empeior of ilie Romans^ and 
Catholick King of Spahiy on the one 
Part, iand George King of Great Bri^ 
tainy and the Lords the States General 
of the United Provinces of the Nether-* 
landsy on the other Part 5 


Entire Refiitutkn of the Spanifti Netherlands ta ^ 

his Imperial and Catholick Majcjly ■■, ' wish the Referve ' ' 
of afirong andfolid Barrier to the/aid Necherlaiids iH- 
favour of Iheir High Migbtifiejfes j as &!fo of tbe year- 
ly Payment of fevtral great Sums, as ivellfor the main- 
\ tename of the faid Barrier^ as for the Reimburfement 
cf tbofe which were due to them before. Made at 
Antwerp, tbf 15/6 of November 1715. Together 
Kith a fe par ate Article relating to Mortgages of the fame 
Date, and Forms of the Oaths to be taken by the Cover- 
aors of PlaceSy Ftdl Powers and Ratifications. 

FOrafmuch as it pleas'd theAlmighty to reflore Peaco 
fome lime ago to Europe, and as nothing is moco 
defirable and neceffary tnan as far as poffibic to re- 
etiablifh and fecure the common and publick Safety 
and Tranquillity j and whereas the Lords the States Gene- 
ral of the United "iProvhices have engag'd to icm\t 'ilRft j 
iiaberia^j^s to his Impstial and Catholick Nla\cft\ Cbarlcs 1 

^B^ 2 treaty between the Emperor, England, £?£-. 

^r VI. as ii was ftipularcd and agreed by the Treaty madeat, 
the Hague the 7th of Scptembey 1701, between his Impe- 
rial Majefty Zeo/o/^ ot* glorious Memory, his Sritaiimck 
Majefty William III, alfo of glorious Memory, and the 
faid States General, that the faid Potentates fliould agree 
upon what related to their reciprocal Interellsj particular- 
]y with refpcfl to the manner of eflablifhing the S'ecurity 
of the ^el her lands, to ferpc as a Barrier to Great SritaitI 
and the Utiited Trovhices, and with refpefl to the Com 
mercc o{"thc Inhabitants of Great Sritain and the Unitei 
Provinces. And whereas at prefent, his Imperial aui 
Catholick Majefiy Charles VI. to whom the faid Nelber- 
ltn/4s fiiall be remitted by this Treaty, bis Sritannick 
Majefty King George, both at this time reigning, and thfl 
lawful Heirs and Succeffbrsofthe faid Emperor and Kingi 
and the States General of the United 'Provifices, aflanj 
therein by the fime Principles of Ftiendfhip, and with' th 
fame Intention, to procure and eflablifli the faid mutui 
Sccuriry, and the more to confirm a ftrifl Union, have ff 
that end nam'd, comniiffion'd and appointed for thei 
Minifters Plenipotentiaries, viz. his Imperial and Catbff 
' lick Majelty, the Sieur Jofepb Lotharitts Count ^ 
Kcnigfegg his Chamberlain, Couniellor of War, and Lieu' 
tenant General of his Armys ; His Sritamiick Majeftj 
Tfijtiain Csdcgan Efq; his Envoy Extraordinary to tbefl 
High Mightinefles the States General of the United 'Pro- 
vitices, Member of the Parliament of Great Sritaim 
Mafter of the Wardrobe, Lieutenant General of hisArtnyt 
and Colonel of the fccond Regiment of his Guards : Am 
the Srates General Meflieurs Sruno Fander liiijjen, lau 
Burgomailer, Senator and Counfcllor, Penfiimary of thjt 
CityofGo^^rf, Affcflbr in the Councils of Hemfrades di 
Scbielaud, 2)ykegrave of Crimpenerrtiderde j Adolphttt 
Heury, Count de Recbtereittljozd of j^imelo and Frie/eve&u 
&c. Prefident of the Lords the States of the Province ot 
dverj/jffcl, and 2>roJhrt o? the Qaattcr o( ZealSTid ^ ScatO 
He Gockinga, Senator of the City of Gromngeii, and Adrian 
de Sorffelie, Lord of Getdermalfen, &c. Senator of the 
City o\ Ftttjhing j the three firft Deputys of the Aflen^ 
bly of the Lords the States General, on the part of 
the Provinces of Holland and Wejlfrijeland, OveryJ^l^ 
Groningen and Omtands, and the fourth. Deputy of the. 
Council of State of the United Provinces. Who being 
affhmbhd in the City of Anfwerp, which by comtnon 

^ Confen: had been nam'd for t^e ?Uce o'l Caii^jeS^t *»A 

w"w^ : ■ 

171J. in relatim to j*^? Spanifli Netherlands. 3 
hating exchang'd iheir full Powers, Copies whereof are in- 
fericdat ihc end ofihis Treary, after many Conferences, 
liieeagreed for, and in the nmnc ot his Imperial and Ca- 
iholick Majcfty, hii Srttannick Majefiy, and ihe Lords the 
Stares Generiil, in the manner as follows. 

I. The States General of the Ifiiite/i Provinces, imme- 
dlaiely after the Exchange ot ihe Ratificaiions of the pre- 
fentTreaty, Ihiil by virtue of theOrand Alliance in 1701, 
and of the Engagements they have encr'd into fince, re- 
mit to his Imperial and Catholitk Majefty all the Pro- 
vinces and Towns of the Neiherlanr/i, with their Depen- 
dcncys, as well thofc which were poffeffcd by the late 
Kingof^d/w, Ci-eirles II. of glorious Memtiry, as thofs 
which were lately given up by his late Majerty the moll 
Chriftian King alfo of glorious Memory ; which Provinces 
ard Towns tofi;ether, as well thofc that are remitted by 
tliis prcfent Treaty, as ihofe which were remitted be- 
ftire, /hail hereafter be and compofe in whole or in part, 
kt one undividable, unalienable and unchangeable Do- 
Diiin, which Jhall be ir.feparable from the Eftatcs of the 
Houfc of Atifiria in Germafiy^ to be enjoy'd by his Im- 
perial and Catholick MajeHy, his Heirs and SuccefTors, in 
full and irrevokable Sovereignty and Propriety j that ia to 
fey, with tefpeft 10 thcfotmer, as they were enjoy'd or 
ought to have been enjoy'd by the late King Charles II. 
of jglorious-Memory, purfaant to ihe Treaty of Rypuiick j 
andwithrefpetS to the U tier, in the fame manner, and upon 
the fame Conditions as they were furrender'd up, and re- 
nitied to the Lords ihc States General by the late moil 
Cbriftian King of glorious Memory, in favour of the moft 
auguft Houfe of .-4«_/ir(0, and without any other Charges, 
Mortgages or Engagements, which may have been coniU- 
tuted on (he part of the States General, and to their Profit. 

II. His Imperial and Catholick Majefty proniifes and 
et^ages, that no Province, City, Place, Fortrefs or Terri- 
tory of the faid Nfif/.'er/ijWi fiiall befuiTcnder'd, transfer'd, 

? tinted or defcend to the Crown of Fra?!ce, nor to any 
fiiKe or Princefs of the Houfe and Line of France, nor to 
any other who fhall not be the Succeflbr, Heir and Poffef- 
fotof the Dominions of the Houfe oi Auflria in Germany^ 
eiiW by Donation, Sale, Exchange, Marriage-Conttafl, 
Inheritance, Teftamcntary Succeffion, or ah inteflaco^ ot 
upon any other Tide or Pretext whatfoevci. Bo v\v«w«. 




4. 'treaty between the Emperor, England, ■ 

any Province, City, Place, Fortrefs or Territory J 
laid Netherlands^ (hall ever be fubjcft to any other Prioct 
than tbi; Succeflbj-s of the faid Houfc of j^uflnti ; only e» 
ccpting what wa* formerly yielded to the King oi'Pru^. 
and what (hall begiven up by the prefent Treaty to thelaii 
Lords the States General. 

III. Whereas the Safety of the Aiiflrian Netherland 
vnW chiefly depend upon the numbi:r of Troops that may b< 
kept in the fiid Nerberlaji.-is, and Places that are to foro 
the Barrier which ha« been promis'd to the Lords thi 
States General by the grand Alliance, his Itnperial am 
Caiholick Majefty, and their High Mightinefles have a 
greed conftantly to maintain therein at their own Expenc 
a Body of from :o 1055000, whereof his Imperial am 
Cstholick Majefty (hall provide three ^/f/ii-j, and the State 
General f^o fifths. Provided always, that if his Imperis 
and Caiholick Majcily niall dimlnifh his Qiiota, it ihal 
be in the Power of the faid States General, to kflen theii 
in proportion : And when there is any Appearance of Wa 
nr Attack, the fiid Body (liall be augmented 10 40001 
Men, according to the fdme Proportion j and in cafe of ai 
tuat War a farther Force (hall be agreed upon, accardii^ 
as (hall be found neceffaiy. The Repartition of the fai 
Troopi in time of Peace, for as much as concerns the Place 
committed to the Guard ot the Troops of their HigbMigb 
tineirea, (liall be made by ihcm only, and the R.epartitioi 
of the re!l by the Governour of the Netherlands, by iiB 
parting reciprocally to each other the Difpoiirions the] 
iliall have made. 

IV. His Imprriai and Catholick Maycfly grants to thi 
States General a privative or feparate Garifon of their avn 
Troops in the Towns and Caftlcs of Na?nur and ^oiirnss 
and in the Towns of Mentii, Ftirnes, Warnston, T^TB 
3.aA Fort Kjtoque -J and the States General engage ihea 
iclves nor to impioy any Truops in the f^iid Places, whid 
altho in their own Pay belong to any Prince or Nation thai 
may be at War with, or fumefled to be in EngagemenG 
contrary to the Intcrefts of his Imperial and Catholick 

V. "Tis agreed, that in the Town of 'Detidermoiid ther 
Jhali be a common Garifon which /hall be compos'd for th 
prefent of one Batallion of Imperial Troops, and on 
Batallioo of the Troops of the States Genera! ; and that il 
heredftcr if ihou'd be neceffary to augment the faid Gari 


171^. in relation to the Spanifh Netherlands. 

fon, fuih Augmentations fhal] be made equally by tho 
Troop* of both Pdrtys, and by mutual Concert. Tba 
GoTcrnour fhall be put in by his Imperial and Caiholick 
Mjjctty, and, logetber with the Sabaitern Officers^ fhall 
tiki an Oath to thi; States General, never to do or fuffer 
any tbing to be done in the laid Town, which may be pre- 
judicial to their Service, with refpcfl to the Vrefetvation of 
the Town and Garifon : and he /hall be oblig'd by the laid 
Oath to grant free Paflage to their Troops alwaj s, and, as 
often as they Ihall deiirc ; provided it be demanded before- 
hand, and thai it be for 3 tnodetate Number at a time. 

VI. His imperial and Catholick Majcity contnts alfo, 

Aat in the Places hereby granted to the States General 

to hold their feparate Garifons in, they may place fuch 

GoTcrncurs, Com munders, and other Officers that compolc 

the State Major as they fliall ihink fit, 00 condition that 

they (hdll be no Charge to his Imperial and Catholick. 

M^jedy, not to the Provinces and Towns, unlefs it be for 

tonvenient Lodging, and the Emoluments accruing from 

I the Fortifications, and that they be not Perfons who may _ 

L^frdilagreeablc or fufpeflcd to his Majefly, for parti.;ular 

^^^kCons that may be given. 

^HpTII. Which Gove rnours, Commanders and Officers fhall 
^Kl entirely and feparately dependent on and fubje^ to the 
Ifolc Orders and Jurifdiflion of the States General, for all 
that concerns the Defence, Guard, Security, and all other 
military Af&irsoftheir Places. Butthe faidGovernours, as 
well as their Subalterns, fhall be oblig'd to take an Oatb 
to his Imperial and Catholick Majefly, to keep the faid 
Places true to the Sovereignty of the Houfe of ^ujlria, 
and not to intermeddle in any other Affairs, according to 
ihe Form that is agreed upon and inferted at the end of 
this Treaty. 

VIII. TheCencralsfhali give to one another reciprocally, 
a! well in the Towns where his Imperial and Catholick 
Haicfty has a Garifon, as in rhofe intruUcd to the Guard 
of the Troops of their High Mightinefles the States Gene- 
ral, the Honours ufually paid according to their GharaSer, 
and the Nature of their Service j and in cafe the Govcr- 
nout General of the Netherlands come into Places commit- 
ted to the Guard of their High Mightinefles, the fame 
Hontjur^ fliall be paid to him which he ufuaily receives 
in the Places garifon'd by the Troops of h\s \tn^e.t\!\ a»i. 
Cuihoikk Majeily j and ie /hail even give the \jQi:4x\iai&-. 


6 'treaty hetm^m the Emperor^ England, &c. 

but all this vvithout prejurlicc to the Sixth Article. And 
theGowernours, ot in rhcir abfence the Commanders, ihall 
^ ; to the faid Governoar General of the Difpofitions 

by them m:ide for ihc Security and Guard of the Placc^ 
committed to their Care ; and they fhall have a due Re- 
gard for the Changes which the faid Governour General 
Jh^ll judge proper to make. 

IX. His Imperial CathoHck Majefty grants to the Troopa 
of the States General, wherever ihey are in Garifon, tnfl 

f fr^ ExerciL ol their Religion, foas to be In particular places 
, convenient and proponionable to the number of the Gari^ 
fon, which the MagiOratesniall affign and maintain in every 
'.Town and Place where there has been none affi^n'd already. 
,and to which Places no external Mark of a Church fhalt 
be given: And it (hall be ftriftly enjoin'd by both PartyS 
to the Civil and Military Officers, as aifo to Ecclcfiafticks, 
and all others concerned, to hinder all Occafion of Scandal 
and Controverfys that may arife upon the Subje£l of Reli- 
;ion % and when any Difpute or Difficulty mall happen, 
loth Partys Jhall amicably accommodate it. And as foe Re- 
iligion, with regard to the Inhabitants of the Aujlrian Nff- 
' thertauds, ail things ITiall continue and remain on the fame 
Foot they were during the Reign of Charles II. of glo- 
' rious Memory. 

X, All the Ammunition, Artillery and Arms of the 
States General, as alfo Materials for the ForiificaiJons, Corn 
in time of Scarcity, Provifions to put into the Magazines 

»when there is an Appearance of War; and moreover, the 
Cloih and Furniture for clothing the Soldiers, which fhall 
' be certified to be defign'd for that ufe, fliall pafs freely — 
and without paying any Cufloms or Tolls, by virtue of 
Paflporrs which fhall be demanded and granted, upon the 
Specification fign'd ; on condition neverthclefs, that at the 
firft Coftom-houfe of his Imperial and Catholick Majefty 
where the l^id Provifion?, Materials, Arms and Mountings 
Jhall enter, and at the Place where they are to be unladen, 
the Boats and other Carriages may be duly vifited, to hin- 
der the Mixture of other Merchandize therewith, and ro 
prevent Fraud and Ahufe; againfl which it fhall be always 
lawful to take fueh Precautions, as Length of Time and 
Experience (hall fhew to be neceflary: and theGovernoura 
and their Subalterns fhall not be permitted in any manner 
[^iaifoever, to hinder the Efefl of this Article. 

\yi§. in relation to the Spanifh Netherlands. 7 

XI. The Stales General may chanjjc their Ganfons, and 
tk Difpofition of tHe Troops in the Towns and Places cotti- 
niined to their particular Guard, according as they (hall 
judge proper, and no body (hall on any pretence wliatfo- 
e»cr hinder or flop the Paffage of the Troops, which they 
fliail from time to time fend thither, or draw from thence. 
And the faid Troops may even, in cafe it be requir'd, pafs 
thto' all the Towns ofSraliaut and Flanders, and thro' all 
the open Country, and make Bridges as well over the C»- 
nsl betwixt Srr/ges and Ghent, as over all other Canals antl 
Rivers which they /half find in their Road j on condition 
ncverihclc^ that they (hall be the Troops of a Prince or 
iSation not in War with his (mperial and Citholick Ma- 

Kefly, nor fufpefted 10 be in sny Engagement or League 
fairary to his Inteielh, as is faid above in the fourth Ar- 
K, and that Notice (hall be given of it beforehand, and 
Bqucfl made to the Governour General of the Naher- 
mh, with whom the Routes and other AtTairs (hal! be 
legulatcd, by fome Perfon who (hall have their High Migh- 
tinefles CommifTion. The Regulation made by the States 
General for the PafTagc of the Troops, (hall be obferv'd 
tctc as it is obfcrv'd in their own Country : And the States 
General (hall obfcrve to make the faid Change of Gari- 
fgns, as well as the Difpoliiions neceffary to it, with as 
little Charge and Inconvenicncy as pofTible to the Inhabi- 

XII. ForaPmuch as 'the common Safety demands in Time 
of War, or in imminent Danger of War, that the States 
General (houM fend their Troops to Places that are moft 
espos'd to the Danger of being attack'd or furpriz'd, 'tis 
agreed between his Imperial and Catholick Majefty and 
the States General, that their Troops (hall be receiv'd in- 
to the faid Places, as far as (liall be neceffaty for their Dc- 
(enfe, when it (hall be evidently the Cafe j always provided, 
that this be done by Agreement and Concert with the Go- 
vernour General of the Netherlafids. 

XHI. The States General may at their own Cofl and 
Ejtpence, caufe the faid Towns and Places to be fonily'd, 
either by new Works, or by cauling the old to hi re- 
pair'd, and maintain them, and generally provide all that 
they fhall find necelTary for the Security iiiid Deferfe of 
the faid Towns and Places 5 excepting that they ihs.\[ not 
caufe new Fortifications ro be built, without wvitt^ notice 
oi'itheforcl ad to the Govrrnour General 0? x\vc "NetleT- 
^_ B 4 UnAl^ 

FP 'treaty betiseen the Emperor, England, C£c. 
iatids, and having his Opinion and Advice thereupon, noi 
bring the Charges thereof to the Account of his Imperia! 
and Catholick Majefty, or ihe Country, without his faid 

Majeily's Confcnt. 

XIV. For the Security of the Communication between 
the United 'Pyovitsces, and the Places of the Barrier, his Im- 
perial and Catholick Majerty /hall take care fo to order it, 
that the Letters and Meflengers, as well ordinary as extra- 
ordinary, may pafs freely to and from the To-voe and Placet 
of the Barrier, and thofe of other Countrys ; on conditiofi 
that the faid McfTengers carry no Letters or Packets &t 
Merchants, or other private Perfons, which as well for thq 
Places of the Barrier, as for all other Countrys (hall be 
put in at the PolKOfliccs of his Impcria! and Catholick 

XV. As for the Artillery, Magazines and military Pro- 
vifions which their High Mightineffes have In the Towns 
and Places which they remit to his Imperial and Cathp- 

_ lick Majefty, they (hall be allow 'd to carry them out-witb- 
■ put any Hindrance, and without paying any Cuftoms or 
f^Tolls, as well thofe which they brought thither themfclves, 
£s the Artillery mark'd with their Arms, and loft in the 
late War, cr otherwife belonging to them, and found in 
jhc faid Places when taken; unlefs his Imperial and Ca- 
tholick Majefty defire to take the faid Ariillcry and Ara- 
iHunition upon his own account, and agree with their High 
Mightineffcs for the Price, before the Places are furrender'd. 
And as for the Artillery and Ammunition at this time' in 
the Places committed to the Guard of the Troops of the 
States General, they fliall he left to their keeping and 
direflion, according to the Inveniorys that fliall be drawif 
up and fign'd on both fides, before the Exchange of the 
Ratifications of the prefent Treaty j but they ftiail not be 
tranfported clfewherc without common Confent, and tha 
Property ftiall remain to hia Imperiai and Catholick Ma- 
jefty, for as much as they are found in the faid Places at the 
lime of their Ceflion or Surrender. 

XVI. In cafe the Provinces of the Juflrjan Nether- 
Isjids be attack'd, and it happen (which God forbid^ tha( 
ihe Enemy's Forces Oiou'd enter Srshant, to a£i there, 
and lay Siege to any Place in the faid Province, or any of 
thofe that form the Barrier, their High Mightinefles /hall be 
permitted to caufe their Troops to enter and take Poft in 
the Towns and flacss on the 'Demer ftom the ScheUe to 

17 ^5- '" '■^'-^'""^ '" ^^^ Spanifh Netherlands. 9 

^eMaefe, as alfo to make Retrenchments, Linei and In- 
JRlations there, as much as the Circumftances of the War 
m\ require, to hinder rhe (arthcr Progrcfs of the Enemy j 
Bviden the whole be done in concert with the Governout 
[pcral of the HecherUnds- 

iCVil. As it appear* by the Experience of the laft War, 
K for fecuring the Frontiers of the States General in 
HR^f'*!, it wasneceffary (o leave fomanyconQderable Bo- 
ss of Troops there, that the Army was thereby very 
jch weakenM ; To prevent this Inconvenience, and tho 
ptterio fecure the faid Frontiers for the fuiure, his Im- 
erial and CathoJick Majefty yields to the States General 
Such Forts, and as much of the Territory of the j^ujlrian 
'Bsitders bordering upon the faid Frontiers, as they /hall 
i9ot to make the nccelTary Inundations, and for covering 
Icm ftom the Scbelde to the Sea, in places where they 
c not already fufEciently fecur'd, and where they cannot 
i fecur'd by making Inundations upon thofe Lands oaly 
Alt already belong to the States General. 
> For this purpofe his Imperial and Catholick Maje(ly a- 
iM^etand approves, that the Limits of the Slates General 
in Vknders fhall hereafter begin at the Sea between Slan- 
hiihrg and Heyfl^ at the piace where there arc no Downs j 
piovidcd they do not caufe or permit any Villjges or Houfes 
lobe built near that Poft, nor fuEFtr Fifhermen to fettle 
diere, nor make any Sluices to the Sea there, 
t And their High Mighiineffes promifc moreover, that if 
pey think tit to caufe any Fortiltcations to be built at the 
^d of their new Limits, they will take care not to weak- 
Si the Dyke j and they will not only deftay the extraordinary 
ppences that may be incurr'd on account of the faid Fortifi- 
Cationi!, but will alfo indemnify the Inhabitants of the 
Au^rian Netherlands from all Loffes ihey may fuHain, 
in cafe the Sea comes to make Inundations thro' the faid 

There (liall be drawn from the Poft abovenam'd a direfl 
Line to Grootewege, from whence the Line /hall be con- 
tinued towards IJcyJl, and from Heyji it fhall go to the 
I ^ie-hoeck and Sjvarte-Jltiice, from thence to Fort St. 
Skiias, which his Imperial and Catholick Majefty yields 

t'o.foll Propriety and Sovereignty to their High MightinelTcs, 
(piOTiJed the Gates of the Sluices of the faid Fort be 
Me open in time of Peace;) and in like manner he gives up 

, lo treaty between the Emperor, England, ^c. 

the Land ficuate on the North iide of the abovemention'J 


From Fort St. Donas, the new Limits of the States Ge- 
neral Ihall extend to Fort St. yd, from whence they JhaU 
fall in with the old ones near the Town of Middleliurg }< 
which Limits (halt be continu'd along the Zydelings tDyket 
as far ^s ih' Place wheie the Eckeloje fVatercourfe and the 
JVd'er loop mt-et at a Sluice. 

After this the Limits fhall run from the Graaf-Jsetns 
2)yke to the Village oi 'Sonchom, (the Proprietors of whole- 
Sloices are pecmiaed to place them where they were be-' 
fore) and from Soitchoiit the Line ftiail be continu'd ftrait 
forward to the antient Limits of the States General. , 

His Imperial and Catholkk Majcfly gives up alfo, in 
full and entire Sovereignty to the States General, the Ter- 
ritory fimate on ihe North fide of the Line. 

And in regard it is neceffary for their intire Security, that' 
the Inundation be continued ixom. Souchoztt, as far as the 
Canal of Sas van Ghent, along the Graaf-yaani. 'Dyke, their 
High Miahtineffes Ihall be permitted in time of War to 
take pofleffion of, rfnd fortify all the Sluices that they Ihall 
find in the Grmf-Jaiijzi Dyke, and the Zydetingi 3Jyke. 

As for the Town of Sas van Ghent, the Limits fhall 
be extended to the Diftancc of two thoufand Geometri- 
cal Paces J provided that no Villages be included in that 

And for the Prefervation of the Lower Schelde, and the 
Communication between Srahant and Dutch Flanders, 
his Imperial and Catholick Majefly gives up to the States 
General the full and entire Property and Sovereignty of 
the Village and 'Polder oTDoel, together with the holders 
of St, Jtine and Ketenijfe. 

And whereas in Time of War it will be neceffary for the 
better Secutiry to make Inundations thro' the Sluices, 
between the Forts of the Meer^nA the^er/?, his Imperial 
and Catholick MajeOy (hall as foon as the Barrier rs at- 
tack'd, or a War begun, remit the Guard of the Terle 
Fort, and the Sluices, to their Higii Mightineffes} provided 
that as foon a» the War is over, their High Mightineffes 
Ihall reflore the faid Sluicei aiid Fort to his Imperial and 
Catholick Majefty, together with thofe which they Ihall in 
that time have taken poffeffion of on the Graaf-Jasns 
2>}ke and Zydeiivg% Dyke, The States General Ihall not 


gijJS- ■ '" ^^f<'i*'>n to the Spanifli Netherlands. 1 1 

fflaJre any Inundation in time of Peace, and when they find 
t}itm^t:\vts oblig'd vy make any in time of War, they 
/hall give previous JJotict; of it to the Governour General 
of the Kslberlands, and concert the Affair with the Genc- 
nIs that command the Armys in the Netherlrmdi : Pto- 
mifing moreover, that if upon occafion of the giving up to 
ihem lome Sluices (wherenf the Inhabitants of die ^M/iW«» 
flauden fliaJl retain the free Ufe in time of Peace) they 
JliouM happen to fuffet any Damage nr Prejudice, eiihcc 
from the Cnmmanders, or other ratlitary Officers, the 
States General" /hall not only remedy it immediately, but 
ftisUalfogive Satisfjftion to thofc concern 'd. 

And becaufe by this netv Situation of the Limits, it will 
be DtccfTary to alter the Toll houfcs, for pri: venting Frauds, 
whith IS a Cafe wherein his Imperial and Catbolick Ma- 
jefiv, and iheir High Mightinefles are equally concern'd, 
tbePlaccs fliall be agreed on for eftablifhing the faid Offi- 
>CCi, and for fuch farther Precautions as it Ihallbe thougbc 

(WTCnient to take. 
_ It is moreover ftipulated by this Article, that a juft Va- 
jlBStion fhali be made before the Ratification of the prefent 
Tteaty of the Revenues arifing to the Sovereign, ftonj the 
liinils which fliall be yielded to their High Mightinefles 
by rliis Article, as alfo of what Profit accrued to the Sove- 
gn, by the renewing of Grants on the Foot that they 
re agreed to for thirty Years lart paft, to be deduced 
dfet off from thu annual Subfidy of jooooo Crowns. 
K^d the Roman CathoHck Religion (hall be prefcrv'd 
' maintain'd in the Places given up as above, on the 
e footing as it is now, and was exercis'd in the Reign 
jrKitig C&arfe; II. of glorious Memory j and all the Pri- 
vileges of the Inhabitants Ihall be prefcrv'd and maintain'd 
in like manner. 

The Fort of Rodefihttyfen /Hall be raz'd, and the Diffc- 
rciices touching the Canal of Sruges fliall be rcfer'd to 
the Dccifion of neutral Arbitrators chofe by both Partys; 
piorided that by the giving up of the Fort of St. Honai 
'Kc People of the Town of Sit/yi Ihall not have more tight 
npon (bat Canal, than they bad before that place was 
yielded up, 

XVIII. His Impetial and Catholicfe Majefty yields to 
tWr High Mightinefles the States General forever, in 
fiill Sovereignty and Propriety, the Town of f^enlo in the 


z I'reaty betiveen the Emperor, England, tic. 

nppei Quarter of Guelderlajidt with its Frecinfl and Jurif- ' 
dinion, and rhe Fort of St. Michael, and moreover the Fort 

o( Stevenf-jnaen with its Territory or Jurifdiaion ; as alfo 
as much Land as /hall bo neceffary to augment their Forti- 
fications on this fide the Maefe : And his faid Majefty pro- 
mifes, that he will never caufe to be built, or permit any 
other to build any Fortification of what Name focver, with- 
in the diftance of half a League from the faid Fottrefs. 
Moreover, his Imperial and Catholick Majefty gives up to 
the States General the Amtnanie of Motitfon, confiiting 
(with exception to the Villages o{ S-ivalmt and Etmt, which 
he refctvea to himfelf) of the little Towns of Nieufladt and 
Ecbt, with the fojlowing Villages, viz. Ohe and Lack, 
Roofierev, Sraght, Secfd, !Betfen, Viodorp, 'Pofterf, Serg, 
Lin, and MoKtj'ort, to be pofTcls'd by the (aid States Ge- 
neral in the manner as they were enjoy 'd by his Majefly 
King Charles II. of glorious Memory, with the Prefec- 
tures, Burghs, Fiefs, Lands, Funds, Quitrents, Revenues, 
Tolls, of what nature foever, Subfidics, Contributions and 
Colleftions, Fealtys, Demefiies, and others whatfoever be- 
Songing to the faid Places given up aaaforefaid. The whole 
hotsfcver without prejudice to, and faving all the Rights 
which may belong to the King of 'Pnijjia, &c. and not- 
withHanding all Exceptions, Pretenfions or Cavils already 
made, or that may hereafter beform'd todifturbthc States 
General in the peaceable pofleffion of the Places yielded 
up by the prefent Article ; all Compatfs, Conventions at 
Difpofitions contrary to the prefent Article, being decm'd 
null and void. 

Provided, and be it underfiood, that this Surrender i( 
made with this exprefs Claufe, that the Statutes, antient 
Cufloms, and, in genera!, all Privileges Cii'il and Ecclefi-' 
aftical, as well with regard to the Magillrates and private 
Ferfons, as to the Churches, Convents, Monafterys, Schools, 
Seminarys, Hofpitals, and other publick Places, with all 
their Appurtenances and Dependency^, as alfo the Diocefao 
Right of- Eithop of xhz ILiircmoude, and in general every 
thing that concerns the Rights, Libereys, Immunitys^ 
Funflions, Ufages, Ceremonys, and the Exercife of the 
Catholick Religion, ftiall be prcfetv'd and fubfifl witht 
any Charge or Innovation, either dire£ily or indireftly, 
all the Places yielded as above, in the fime manner as in 
rbc Time of King CharUs 11. of glorious Memory, aai 
as ic /hall fee expJain'd on both fides moti tiW-j, i,n «& 


171^. in relation to the Spanifli Netherlands. 13 I 

eD|Dirpute happens on that account j and the Offices 
of ihe Magiftracy and the Police, /hall be given to none 
but Perrons ol ihe Catholick Religion. 

The Right of Collation to Benefices, which has been 
hiibcrio in the Sovereign, fliail hereafter belong to the 
Biftiop oi Ruremonde ; on condition that the faid Bencfieei 
Ihall not be given 10 Perfons difagreeable to the States 
General, for panicular Reafons that may be alledg'd. 

Tis alfo ftipulated, that the States General /hall not 
pteiend to have acquir'd by the Ceffion of the Town of 
Eibli any Right ot Judicature or Aiipeal, with refpcfi to 
the Chapter of ?7jorM, or other Lands of the Empire j and 
h [hill be free ibr his Imperial and Cjthoiick Majerty to 
nommate fuch Place as he /hall think fit for the faid Judi- 
cature or Appeal. 

And becaufe the Inhabitants of that part of the upper 
Quaner which is hereby farrender'd, can no longer carry 
iheir Procefs, in cafe of Appeal, to the t^ourt of Ruremon/ie, 
ii fiiall be free for their High Mighiineffes to eftablifh a 
Conn of Appeal for their Subjefls, in what part of the Pro- 
race ihey think fir. 

^18 moreover agreed. That all the Dutys on Import 
Bxport, which are levied along the Maeje, /hall not 
(Ijicreaa'd or IclTen'd, in the whole or in part, but by 
common Confcntj of which Dutys hi^i Imperial and Catho- 
lick Majeily fhall receive to bis own Profii thofe which are 
collefied at Rwemon/ie and N'ava/gne, and the Lords the 
Stales General thofe which are paid at VctjIo j and foraf- 
much as the faid Duties upon the Maefi in general, as 
alio thofe upon the Scbetde by way ofSubfidy, are appro- 
priated to the Payment of two diAin£l Annuities, viz. one 
of 8000Q Florins a Year, and another of 70000, by virtue 
of a Tranfaflion pals'd and concluded the ifith o( Tiecem- 
icr-16%1, with his late Majeiiy of Great ffr/Vd/w King 
William III. 'tis agreed that their High Mighiineffes, by rea- 
ion ot the Ceflion abovemention'd, /hall give a yearly Sup- 
ply to his Imperial and Catholick Majelty in the payment 
of the faid Annuicys and other Debts, which may oe there 
mortgag'd, in proportion to the Piodace of the Duties of 
Import and Export which they /hall receive, the whole 
accotding to the very Conflitutions of the faid Annuitys. 

And as for the Debts contrailed and conftituted upon 
die Generality of the upper Qfiarter of GweliJer Ian li, ^& 
SiateJ General /hall concac in the Payment tK?;tso?, ^o^ ^o 


14 Treaty between the Emperor ^^n^znAy &c. 

much as is their Quota, according to the proportion fet 
forth in the Matricuia of all the faid upper Quarter. All 
the Documents and Papers which concern the upper Quar- 
ter of G//^///^r/^«// fhall remain as heretofore in the Ar- 
chives of Kuremonde, But *tis agreed, that an Inventory 
or Regifter of them fhall be forni'd at the meeting of 
Commiffarys from his Imperial and Catholick Majefty, bis 
Majeily of Vrziffia^ and the Lords the States General 5 
and an authentick Copy of the faid Inventory fliall be given 
to each of thofe three rowers, that they may always have 
free Accefs to all the Papers and Documents, whereof thcj 
may have occaiion, for the Part which they feverally poi- 
fefs in the faid upper Quarter of Guelder land ^ and an 
authentick Copy of fuch Papers fhall be delivered to them 
on thefirll Demand. 

XIX. In confidcration of the great Charge and extraor- 
dinary Expence which the States General are unavoidably 
cblig'd to be at, as well for maintaining the great number 
of Troops which rhey are engag'd by the prefent Treaty to 
keep in the Towns above nam'd, as for fupplying the great 
Sums abf )iutcly necefTary for the maintenance and repair 
of the Fortifications of the faid Places, and for furnifhing 
them with Ammunition and Provifions, his Imperial aDa 
Catholick Majefty enaaf/ s and promifes to caufe to beannu- 
ally paid to the States General, the Sura of 500000 Crowns, 
or i2.5fH>oo Florins iDntch Money, over and above the 
Revenue of the Part of the upper Quarter of Gueldcrland^ 
given up by his Imperial and Catholick Majefty in Pro- 
priety to the States General by the iSth Article of the 
prefent Treaty, as alfo over and above the Coft of lodging 
the Troops, according to the Regulation made in the Year 
KJpS, in the manner as fliall be particularly agreed upon: 
which Sum of 5CCC00 Crowns, or 125C000 l-Iorins 2)iitcb 
Money, fliall b^ fecur'd and mortgaged, as it is by this Ar- 
ticle fccur'd and mortgaged upon all the Revenues of the 
/I '■'/}}'»• a. 'J. NctbcrUiifHs in ccn'.ral, including therein theCoun- 
tiys yi'.'lded up by Fra7:cc ; and in particular upon the clear 
neat Revenues of the Provinces oi !Byahain and Flanders^ 
iuivl of the Counrrys, Towns, Chatcllanys and Dc;;^endcncyj 
\ich! *d up by FrafjcCy according as 'tis more particularly 
fpccify'd by a feparate Article, as well for the faid Mortgage, 
a:. i»)r the Means and Terms of receiving the faid Sums. 

\\\\ the faid Payment ef the Subfidy of 500000 Crowns, 
cr 125:. oj Floiinj 'Dutch Money, fliall commence from 


MJ. in^elafkn to the Spanifli Netherlands. 15 

Uyof the figning of the ptefcnt Treaty^ from which 

bcdcdufled the Revenues of the Towns, f hatclla- 

land Dependencys yielded by France, in [jroj^ortion to 

T'erm claps'd from the faid Day, till the Day on which 
Paid Councrys Jhiill be remitted to his Imperial and 
jioiick Majefty, in proportion to what the States Gene- 
Wl receive, 

:X. His Imperial and Catholick Majefly by this Article 
confirms and ratifies the Capitulations granted to the Pro- 
vinces and Towns of ihe Netberlandi, heretofore tall'd 
Spmijby at the time of their Reduflion to the Obedience 
cfhisfaid Majelty, together with ihe general Admi niftra- 
liongfthc faid Country therein, cxercis'dby Great Srirahi, 
and the States General of the (/H/;eii yrtw/jicej, the law- 
ful Sovereign havinehecn reprefented by their Miniftert 
whorefided at Sritjhh, and by the Council of State com- 
miffion'd to the general Governmenc of the did Ncther- 
kndi, in purfuanceof the Power and Intiruflions that were 
giten them, and of the Requcfts that acre made on the 

JJttof the two Powers, as well in matters of Regale, 
aflice and Police, as of the Finances ; as alfo the pArticu- 
1« Adminiftration of iheStates, Provinces, Gfrilegcs, Towns 
andCommunitjs in the open Country, as aifo of thcSovc- 
teign Cottris of Juftice, and the other fubaltern Courts and 

Which Afls of Police, Regale, Juftice, and the Finance*, 
fhall fublifl and have their full and entire eSe^, according 
to the Tenor of the faid Afls, and Sentences pafs'd: The 
wbolc ID the fame manner, as if they had been done by the 
liwful Sovereign of the Country, and under bis Govern- 

XXI. Every thing that is compris'd in the foregoing Ap- 
mlcfliBlWlfo be obferv'd, ratify'd and maintain'd on the 
part of his Imperial and Catholick Majefly, with refpcdl to 
the upper Quarier of GwWffr/iiwi^, and the Countrys con- 
gaet'd from France (of which King Charles II. of glorious 
Memory was not in pofTcffion at his Deceafe) for all the 
Difpoiitions made in the Nanrie, and on the part of the 
States General of the United Provinces. 

And as for what concerns Ecclefiaflical Benefices and 
Bignitys, thofe who have been prefer'd to them, and are 
now in Poffeffinn, /hall not be dilplac'd ; and thofe who are 
not yet ioPofleffion, fhall be admitted to them -wuWw 
sny Ojjpojjriwj, but by the ways, aod ^f> i\^e Otie.i o'i 



l6 treaty between the Emperor^ Englani, &c. 

JudJce, according to the Laws and Cuftoms of tho Coun- 

XXn. His Imperial and Catholick Majefly acknow- 
ledges, and promifes to Tatisfy the Obligations cnter'd in- 
to by his Cathoiick Majefly Charles II. of glorious Me- 
m(H7, for the Lcvys of Money which their High Mighti- 
neff;s caus'd to be negotiated for his faid Majefty, a Lift 
whereof is fubjoin'd to this Article : and as there have not 
yet been remitted to the States General the Obligations of 
the Sp»mjb Nelheriati/is, for the Sum of jooooo Florins a 
Year, for Payment of the Intereft and reimburfing the 
Principal of 1400000 Plonns taken up at Inteteft in the ■ 
Year 1698, to be employ'd on the neceffary Occafions of 
the Frontiers of the faid Spaniff} Netherlatids, and fou^ 
Years Intereft amounting to the Sum of 224000 FloriiM,-, 
wherewith the faid Capital of 1400000 Florinsis inctoas'd'^, 
which Obligations the laid King Charles II. of glorious Me- 
mory, promis'd to cauTe to be given, tho chey were not ; his 
Imperial and Cathoiick Majefly promifes hereby to cauEe 
the Obligations to be given by the States of the Provinces 
of the faid Netherlands, and immediately after to be do- 
liver'd to the Aid States Gcnerai according to the Tenour" 
of the faid Obligation of his Catholicit Majefly of tho joth— j 
of jWiy 1698. at the firfl meeting of the States, or at far— J 
theft wirhin the Term of two Months after the Exchangt-"- 
of the Ratifications of this Treaty. 

yi Ltji of the feveral Sums negotiated by tbd 
States General^ at the requejl of his Catho- 
iick Majefiy Charles II. of glorious Me- 

ive ' 

hundred feventy five thoufand Florins, at 
five per Cent, on the Dutys of Ihiport and Ex- 
port by Sea, made by an A£l oitbccemher 13, 

1690. 1575000 

I., Upon the fame Fund, at five/f/ Cent, rais'd 
'hy in A.&.Qi March 11, id^i, ~— 525000 

,. A. 

171;. in relation to the SpaniQi Netherlands. 17 

5. At five perCetii. alfo upon the Revenues of 
ihc upper Quarter of Gueldcrlajid, by an Aft 
oijm.ij, 1591. ' . ■ 3^7000 

4, and ;. At fix /■£■/■ Ccf/(. upon the Import and 
Excort, purfuant to two Afls of the 4th and 
iiloi May, 1693. ■ 730QOO 

6. Aifive/er Cent, upon the fame Fund, railed 
iheinhof v^/r/V, 1(595. — " 66^000 

7. At live ^f r Cf «f. upon the lame Fund, raifed 

byan Afl ofXwi'. 14, 1695. 14.4.0^00 

8. 9i 10. At Bve per Cent . upon the Revenues of 
the Province oiNamur, and by wjyof Sublidy, 
on the Sea-Revenuc«, and ihu Domains of the 
*■ ince of Zy.vf?ffi«r£, by thcfcveral A£ts of 

'■ ID, 1S95. Sept. II, ifiptf. and March 6, 

fj), amounting in all to — '— 800000 

At file per Ceiit. upon the Revenues of the 
Ptovofty of Mons, raifed by an Ad oi jpnl 

30, 1696. joo&oCJ 

■i- The Sum of one Million and 400000 florins 
harper Cem. was rais'd upon the Subfidys 
:the Provinces of the Netberlandi, upon the 
.etnittances from Spain, and fubfidiaiily upon 
the Sea-Revenues, Item, 11403O ©orins foe 
four Years Inrerert of the faid Capital, con- 
formably to the Tenor of the Obligation of the 
;oih of ,14(1^', irtySj which both logethermake 
tiieSumof ■ ■ i(r24oco 

Total 8 J 96000 

XXIII. In like manner his Imperial and Cathoiick Ma- 
ifiy acknowledges, approves, ana confirms all Levys of 
toney (a Lift whereof is fubjoin'd to this Article) which 
there have been oceafion to make for things indifpenfibly 
neceflary for the Prefervation of the Sp&nifb Netherlands, 
and for the Maintenance of the Troops of his Imperial and 
Citholick Majefty, during the Ptovifional Government of 
Great Srttain, and the States General of the United 
Provinces, and made by their High MightinefTcs, in con- 
tett with her Sritaamck Majefly : His Imperial and Ca- 
Uiolick Majefty promifing to iaiitfy and caufc tVic livi 
^yoiiarions duly to be tegiHet'd id the Chambcts o^ v.Vo 




j8 treaty between the Emperor^ England, &c. 

Finances and Accompts, and to caufe an K& thereof to be 
dcliver'd to their High Mightineffes in Form, alfo tocaufe 
the Capital and Interells thereof, without Funds and Mort- 
gages, as well Principal as Subfidiary, appropriated for 
that end, to be paid -. And his Imperial and Catholick 
Majefly ihall not, without Leave ot the States General^ 
make any Alterarion in the liireflion or Adminiftration of 
the Mortgages, upon whith Kcgotiations have been made, 
but Ihall leave the fame to their High Mightineffes, con- 
formably to the Tenor of the Obligations ; and if ttofe 
Funds arc not futficient, what is wanting Jhall be fupply'd 
ty theStates of the Provinces of the faid A'/firina Nether- 

A Liji of the Money negotiatsd during the 
'Provijional Government of her Britaonicic 
Majejiy and their High Mightineffes in the 


In 1707, 500000 Florins were advanc'd at five 
fer Cent. Intereft upon the Revenue of the 
Pofl-Office, to be lent to Sarcelona for the 

And 40G000 Florins more, at five fer Cent, upon 
the Cuftoms of Import and Export in FlUn- 
ders, for the Service of the Ncceffitys of the 
Netherlands ; the Inteteft of which 400000 
Florins was fettled on the Poft-Office. ■ 

In Fehruary 1709, ajoooo Florins were raifed at 
five fer Cent, upon the Sca-Duiys, to main- 
tain the Imperial and palatine Troops. 

In May 1709, a Sum of jooooo Florins was ad- 
varc'd at five per Ce?it. upon the fame Condi- 
tions, on the fame Funds, and for the fame Ufc. 

In Aifgtfjl the fame Year, was alfo rais'd a Sum 
often hundred thouland Florins, on the fame 
Conditions and Funds, and for the fame Ufe. ] 

^L Conditions a 

?15- in re/aiiofi fo the Spumih Nciherhnds. jji 

Flcrins, < 
, the Vear iT'O, a Sum of three hundred thou- 
Jknd Florins was negotiated at GxJ'er Cent, up- 
m ihe Revenue of the Poft-Office, to provide 
Ibr the Cbitgc of the, Imperial anA 'Palatine 
IVoops, in the Service of his Imperial and Ca- 

holiclc Majefly. ■ joooooi j 

» upon the Dutys of Import and Export in 
"kn/iers, at Rxper Cem.v'tz. 6vefcrCem. on 
he CuDoms in Fiatiders, and one per Cent, on 
W Revenues of the Sea, to defray the Char- 

M of ihc Imperial Troops. 40c 

) upon the fame Funds, and ai Cw per Cent. 
12. nvcfer Cent, on the Duiys of Import and 
xporr in Fianden, and one per Cent, on the 
eventies of the Sea, for the fame Ufc. 500000 3 
mote upon the fame Funds, at the fame In- 
reft, and for the fame Ufe. 340(1 S * 

' upon the Sea Revenues at five per Cent. 

t the fame Ufe. 300000 ' 

fyrch 1 71 1, upon the Revenues of the Pofi- 

fice, at &xfer Cent, for the fame Ufc. 300000 ^ 

iecember I ytz, upon the Sea-Revenues at 

refer Cent, for the Ncccffitys and Fortifiga- 

las aiMom, St. Ghijlaia, and Acth. aaS 

alung together the Sum of 4tfi89j5. the Employment 
■eof, as alfo of the Sum of 550000 Florins, which the 
jivers of the Dum of Export and Import in FlandeTSt 
Ih'd by Bills of Exchange to the States General in 
I, of looooo Florins which they receiv'd of the Re- 
ic of the Medianaters, and of 105000 Florins iTjving 
niftake in the Calculation) which they have receiv'd 
le third Chamber of the Council tii Flanders, has been 
y'd to the Plenipotentiary Minifterof his Imperial and 
lolick Majelly, in the manner as it is more particular- 
:plain'd, by the Declaration fubjoin'd to the Account 
e Negotiations and Moneys fomiih'd, and of the Em- 
ucBt thereof, fign'd upon the fame Day. 
XIV. A Litjuidation of the Pdyment made of the In- 
t and Principal of the Loans, mention'd in the two 
;olng Articles, fliall be proceeded on as foon as poflv 
by which Liquidation nothing fliatl be brought to tba 
mt of their Hi^A M/g/jrinefles, but what has Veiv 
C 2 a.aM»\Vi 


26 treaty between the Emperor^ Englani 

a£lually aiid really paid, by virtue of the faid ObljS 
and on the pattof nis Imperial and Catholick Majeffy,' 
Difficulty or pretence of Abatement or Diminuiion Ifa 
be made againft the P^.ym<:nt of the faid Intereil, by i 
fon of the Non-poiTeflion of the Secuiitys, Confifcatipu 
Time of War, Depravation of the Mortgages, bcca't^ 
the Diminution of the Dutys of Export ana Import, 0( 
any o;het Caufe or Pretext whatever. Ndther Ihall 
Imperial and Catholick Majelly difconiinue Paytncnt 
the Recovery of the Incereit or the Terms ofRc-imbaJ 
ment, by leafon of this Liquidation, hut the Payment fl 
be coniinued according to the Conditions of the Obligatii 
till it fhall appear that all the Loans, and the IntefCfls 
on them be entirely acquitted and re-imburs'd j after w! 
the Mortgages JTiall be duly difcharg'd and rcllor'd. , 
XXV., Moreover, by the prefent Article ate ratifr'" 
confirm'd 'all Contrafls for Bread, Waggons, and til i 
rage of the Imperial and 'Palatine Troops, made by 
Minillers of the Two Powers at Srujfels, or by theCtil 
cil of State commiffioned for the Government of the X«i 
. iandl^ at the Requell of the faid Mlnifters j and in 1 
manner are confirm'd and ratifj'd all the Paymentf 
ready made for that purpofe by the Council of the f m 
ceiy and the Orders given by the faid Council for alSgt), 
the remainder of what is due for the faid Bread, For 
and Waggons, upon the growing Dutjs of the four Spet 
purfuant to the Requell of the Council of State ; a 
the faid growing Dutys Jhall not be diverted to any oi 
Uies, under any Pretence whatfoever, before the tja 
takers who have deliver'd the faid Bread, Forage, 
Waggons, be iniirely fatisfy'd, according to the Tenot 
their Contrafls, purfuant ro the Requcftsof the Mini 
of the two Poteniaios, and to the Orders of the Counci 
S;aie, and the Council of the Finances, 

XXVL As to Commerce it is agreed, that the S 
Merchandize and Commoditys coming from Great Sri 
and the Uuiied 'Provmces, and cntring into the j^ujli 
Netber!a?iiis, and alfo tbe Ships, Merchandise and C 
moditys going from the laid Netherlands to Great Sril 
and the United 'Provinces, /hall pay no other Dutys of; 
portation or Exportation, than what are paid upon the 
lAit Foot, and particularly fuch as were regulated beR 
the fi^nin^ of the prefent Treaty, according to the RequeJ 
made to the Council of Siate u2r»JJe(s b-j ttie Minille* 

TV ll 

171^. in reUiSion to the Spanifh Netherlands. 

oft6«neo Powers, dated the 6i\i o^ November : ancifocTcrv 
tlll'ng Ihill remain, continue and rubfill: generally upon the 
itat Font, without any Alteration, Innovation, iJiminu- 
^ or Augmentation, under any pretence whatibevcr, till 
th Imperial and Catholick M.ijcHy, his Syirannick Ma- 
j^y, and the I,ords the States General fhail Drltcrwife ap- 
point by a Treaty uf Commerce to be made as Toon as pof- 
wk. In the meintitne, the Commerce, snd all t'lat de- 
pends on it between the Subjeils of his Imperial and Catha- 
ud Majefty in the Jtijii-inn Ncfl'srit/n/fs; and thofe of 
t\it V'Uted 'Provinces, in the whcle and in p;irt, fiuli rc- 
iTiiin upon the Foot eftabiifh'd, >nd in the manner ap- 
pointed by the Articles of the Treaty concerning Com- 
oerce, made at Jlltii/Jler the ■^Qth uf ^aiitrary i6:^S, be- 
tween his Majefiy King 'Philip IV. of glorious Memory, 
■nd the faid Lords the States General of the United 'Pro- 
vinces ; which Anicies arc now confirm'd by the prefent 

XXVII. That the Fornfications and all the Works of 
the Citadel of Liege, as alfo thtife of the Caftle ot Hiiy, 
and »Il the Forts and Works (HjII be raz'd and demolifti'd, 
ft as never lo be rebuilt or reftor'd. Provided and be it 
underlttjod, that the faid Demolition /hall be miide at the 
Expence of the States of theCounity of Liege, to whom the 
Materials (hal! remain, to be iold and tranfported elfe- 
where. The whole by the Order and under the Dircc- 
(ion of the States General, who /hall for that end fend 
fcrfons capable of having the Direflion of the faid Demo- 
liHon^, which fh-1! be begun ioimediately after the Signing 

1 of the prefent Treaty, and (hall befinifh'd in three Months, 
Of (boner if polTible ; and that in the mean time, the 
Rarifons of the States General of the United ■Provi?!CCS 
ftiall not go out of the f^td Phces before the Demolition is 
XXVIII. And for the further Security and Performance 
of the prefcnt Treaty, bis Sritamiick Majeflry ptomifes 
Hid engages to confirm and guarantee it, in .ill its I'oiius 
and Article?, as he does by thefe Prefents accordingly ■^ 
eoniirm and enter into the Guaranty of it. -j 

XXIX. The prefent Treary (h 11 be ra<ify'd and ap- 
prov'd by his Imperial and Catholick Maie'H, by b;s Sri- i 
"■ ,Wff3/fft Majefty, and by the Lords the S 'les GeuetAH^ 1 
"jfAeUaiied -Provirjces i and the R.uiecanoiis thaW^^eit- 

withioHs Weeks, or Tooner il pofftb\e, to\)& ^ 

C 3 -^MW-iJ 



22 Treaiy beiiiieen ibe Emperor, England, &c. 

puted frotn the Day of Signing. In Witnefs whereof, « 
the Minilters Plenipotentiary of his Imperial and Caths 
lick Majufty, his ^riraiimck Majelly, and the Lords rt 
States General, by virtue of our refpeflivc full Pow« 
hdve in their N^mes fign'd thefe Prcfent^ and thereto J 
fix'd the Seals of our Arms. Done at Anfjssrf, Nov. ?? 

CL. S.) 7. Z. C. a Konfgfegg. 

(L. SO Jf". Cadogan. 

CL. S.) S. V. muffen. 

CL. S.) The Cmnt de Rechtertn. 

CL. S.; S. L. Gockiiiga. 

CL. S.) Jdr. V. SorJJ'ele Sig. v. GeUertiiaifeu: 

Form cf iheOnthfor the Governour of Dendeimoade. 

1 N. N. who by the Appointment of his Imperial aoi 
•■■ Catholick Majefty am Governour of 7)endermonde, A 
promife and fwear that I will never do any thing, nor fuffi 
anything to be done in the faldTown, which may bepn 
judicial to the Service of their High MightinefTes the Stati 
General of the United Provinces, wiih refped: to the Pr* 
fetvatiop of the Town and Garifon : and that I will alwa^ 
and as often as they defire, give free paflage to thei 
Troops, provided it be required beforehand, and thatthi 
faid Troops do not pafs in too great a Number at on 
rime, The whole conformably to the fifth Article of thi 
Barrier Treaty, a Copy of which has been coitimunicacei 
to me. So help mc God. 

j4 Form cf tie Oath for the Govertm/rs of the 'Places. 

T N. N- fwcar and promife, faithfully to keep 
^ which has been committed to my Government, in full S 
vcreignty and Property for his Imperial and Catholick Ma 
iefly, and never to give it up to any other Power; and th| 
1 will not meddle direflly nor indireftly, nor fuffer any oi» 
whatfoever under my Command, to meddle with any A( 
fair concerning the Political Government, Religion, aa 
Things Ecclefiailick, Juftice, and the Finances, nor eve 
in any matter whatfoever, contrary to the Rights, Privi 
Jegcs and immunitys of the Inhabitants, whether Clergy o( 
JLaymen, or in any other Affair w\iic\\ iQe,s-aQ\ ftJii^G-Vi 1:1 

sr relation to the Spanifh Netherlands. 23 

\ Frefervation of the Place, and to* the Maintc- 
he Garifon committed to my Care ; but that I 
all thofe matters to his Imperial and Catholick 
8 the lawful Sovereign, and to the States and 
If, whether Spiritual or Temporal, as far as it 
; to each of them ; promifing on the contrary to 
i with Force of Arms always, and as often as I 
squired, for the Maintenance of the Orders of the 
the Prefervation of the Tranquillity againft ail 
fhall ofier to oppofe them. Provided, and be it 
I, that it fliall ne lawful for me to execute the 
lich the States General (halt give mc, conforma- 
1 in purfuance of the Treaty between his Impe- 
latholick Majcfty and their High Mightinefles. 
3 God. 

^tmer of bis Imperial and Catholick ATajeJiy. 

tries VI. by the Divine Clemency, Emperor 

; of the Romans^ Semper Auguftus^ King of 

Sfiaiftf Hungary^ Sohcmia^ &c. Archduke of 

uke ofSurgundy^ Srabatit^ S/iria^ Carinthia^ 

d Wirtemltirgy Count of Flanders^ H^pfiiir^% 

, Gcritz^ &c. &c. &c. Whereas the late lo- 

ya of Peace, which by the Providence of Go<? 

between us and the moil Serene and mof 

» and Lord, Le'V:is XIV. the moll Chrifliat 

tnce^ at Raftadt and Saden^ are now haflening 

ion, and Affairs are fo circumftanc'd, that the 

ling Treaty of Security betwixt us and the 

jral of the Uvited Netherlands may be fct on 

II (peed, and amicably concluded on both 

iding therefore in the Fidelity, Wifdom and 

of our trufty and well-beloved Chamberlain 

» of War, the "S ohle ^ofeph Lothar ins. Count 

', Velt-Mar/hal of the Holy Roman Empire, 

lifh'd him with full Powers for this purpofe, 

an unlimited Commiffion, to a6l, treat, and 

uming the faid Barrier, in our Name, with 

of the aforefaid States General furni/h*d with 

inand, in a Place appointed for the Treaty ; 

our Imperial and Royal Word, that we will 

y and approve all and fingular the Articles 

lU accordingly ad;, agree to, and tratv{a&^ ^^ 

C 4 TCLMOtl. 


24 'treaty hetwem the Emperor^ Englai 

much as if they had been <lone and cranfafled G 
in our Vrerencc. 

In WitncTs where f, we have fign'd thefe Prefems wq 
Dur own Hand, and commanded them to be (eal'd with 
Imperial and Royal Sea!. Given at our City o( Vienna, d 
tfrh Day i>f Aiig'fji 1714, in the third Year ofour ReU 
as King of the. Rom/ivs, the i ith as King of •S^dffl^Jj 
the fouttli as King of Htmgary and Bohemia. 




JOHN FRE'3)ER!CK. C J. Seilera, 

By the Command of his Sacred 

Imperial Majefly. i 

Sign'd, ■ 



Full To'xey of she 'Phmpoientittry Minijlersof his Erita 
nick Majcjly. 

f^EORGE by the Grace of God, King of Great S 
•-^ mn. Franca and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, 

all and* every one to whom thefe I'refents flial! con 
Greeting. Whereas by the Treaty concluded at Utrec 
Jan. ■^-;, ly-f j. between our latemoft Dear Sifter and Cou 
^jtne, Queen of Great Sritain, France and Ireland, eh 
the High and Mighty Lords the States General of t 
United 'Rrovince% of the Necherlandi, it was agreed to c( 
flitute a Barrier for the fjid Lords the S.ates General 
the Provinces of the Spanrjb Nt-'therlands, and to fettle t 
Method of Commerce in the faid Provinces, when his I 
perial and Catholick Majefly fliou'd enter into the poffl 
iion thereof J We thought it very much concern'd i(s aj 
pur Kingdoms, as well as our common Friends, to nominf^ 
fame &L Fcrfoa, every vva^ qua.\il'^''A fat "BttfintGL of that fo| 

•^'Wl \ — •■ 

171J. in retation to the Spanifh Netherlands. 2^ 

to lepfit 10 Ant-JCerP in our Name, and there to Tettle the 
jfortliitJ Barrier and Commerce. Therefore know ye, that 
ve wholly confiding in the Fidelity, Wif^om and £xpeti< 
CKCofout irufly and well-beloved, Wiltram CadcgaaEfin 
cur AmbafCidor Extraordinary to the tnoft High and 
Mighty Lords the States General of the Vniied 'Provinces 
tUite Ncrheriai:/ii, a Member of our Parliament of GreaJ 
2nrfliw,Mjfter of our Royal Wardrobe, and Lieutenant Ge- 
neral in our Armjs, and Colonel of our Second Troop of 
Guards, have nominated, conilituted, madcandordain' 
we do by thefe Prefcnts fign'd wiih our Royal Hand, nomi- 
nate, confiitute, make and ordain him, our true, certain, and 
ttiidoubtedCommiflioner, Proflor and Plenipotentiary, giv- 
ing and gtanting to him all and all manner of Licenfc, 
Power, and Authority and Command, both general and 
Ipedal, to meet for us, and in our Name, with the Mini- 
nets of his Impcciat and Catholick Majeify, and of the 
lords ihc States General of thei United Netherlands, and o- 
tkr Princes and States whatJbever, fufficienily authorized ^ 
in like manner, at Anfiverp, or any other Place, and to con- 
fult, renew and conclude fuch Leagues and Conventions, 
as alfo fecret or feparate Articles, and all other things 
which may be moft cfifcdual for happily obtaining the End 
aiorcfaidj and in our Name to fign whatfoever /hall be 
by him renew'd, agreed upon and concluded, mutually to 
deliver and receive the Ratifications, and to do and pet- 
fcrm all other things whaifoevcr neceffary to be done, in 
as ample Manner and Form as we ourfclves cou'd do, and 
perform if we were prcfcnt: Engaging and promifing on 
our Royal Word, that we will in the beft manner approve, 
ratify and confirm ihofe things which ihall happen to be 
renew'd and concluded by our faid Coramiffioner, Proflor 
and Plenipotentiary, and never fuffer ihem to be violated 
or contravened by any one whatfoever, either in whole or 
in part. In Witnefs and Confirmation whereof, we have 
commanded, that the Great Seal of Great Sriiain. /hall 
beaihx'd to thefe Prefents fign'd with our Hand. Givenat 
our Palace of St. James's, the nth Day of O£ioher 1714, 
\a the fiiQ Year of our Reign. 



f 25 treaty between the Emperor, England, i 


^Kftbe Full lowers of the Minifters 'Plenipotetitiary^ 
p Lords the States General of the United FroviDcq 

npH Estates Genera! of the United 'Provincei 
-*■ Netherlands, To all and every Perfon and '. doth or may concern, Greeting. Whereas li 
State of Ajfdirs nothing is lo us more cfe£rable, than tbat 
an Agreement may be made with all fpeed between us and 
his SiCied Itnperial Majeiiy, concerning all thofe things 
which are necefTary to conllitute a Barrier in the Provinces 
o{ tUe Spamjh Nt'fherlandi for out Security, wc therefore 
confiding in the Wifdom, Experience, and Fidelity of the 
Sictirs Srtiao vander 'hiiffen. Senator, Counfellor, and 
Syndick of the City of Gouda, AffelTor of the Council of 
Schieland, atiA 2)ykcgrave o{ Crimpea ^ jidolphns Henry, 
Count de Rechteren, Lord of jSlmeloe, Chief Prcfident of 
Zatland in OveryJJel, Scaton of Gcckinga, Senator of Gronin- 
gefti and jldrian de SorJJele::, Z-ord of Geldermelferi, and 
Senator of i^/;f/5/H^; the three firft, Deputys in our Affetn- 
bly from the Provinces of Holland and iVeftfrifeland, 
Oveyyjfel and Groningen and the Ommelands, and tho 
fourth, Deputy in the Councilof State from Zealand ^ Hare 
nominated, chofe and conlHtuted them, as we do hereby 
nominate, chufeand conl^itute them our true and undoubc- 
'ed FLenlpotcntiarys, that they may for that end a^, treat 
and conclude with him or them, who Jhall be commifliion'd 
with the like full Powers on the part of his Sacred Impe- 
rial Majefly, whatlbever fiiall be thought ufeful or nece£[ary 
on both fides for eonftituring the faid Barrier, with all mat- 
ters thereto belonging : Giving and granting for this pur- 
pofe to our faid PJenipotentiarys, jointly or feparately, and 
even to any one of them, when the others are abfent, or 
otherwife hindcr'd, all the full Powers that can be, and at- 
fe general and fpecial Command, that they may in this 
Caufe tranfdft, conclude, make, fign and fuhfcribe the 
neceffary Inflruments, and finally do all things which wo 
ourfelves might do if we were prefcnt, what need foever 
there might feem to be of a more particular Commiffion : 
Promifing moreover, that wc will hona fide approve and 
ratify whatfoever thefe our faid Plenipotentiatys mall joint- 
iy or fe^iarateiy, or even any one of them, when the others 

pw. m relation to the Spanifli Netherlands. 27 

ifcabrcntot hinder'd, do and conclude by virtue of ihelb 
JVefoits, and that we will difpatch and deliver our R.atifi- 
Hiions tliertjof in folemn Form. In Tcftimony whereof wc 
bun caus'd thcfc Prefcnts to be fign'd by the Prefidcnt of 
ou«AS'::mb)y, and our Regidcr, and to be fcal'd with our 
Great Seal. Sign 'd at the Hague, the 28th o( SeJ>:emhr, 


fiy Command of the aforcfaid Lords the States General. 

Separate Article. 

V\7 Hercas in the tjith Article orthe Treaty of Barrier 
for the States General oftheUJufe/i 'Provinces in 
the Aiiftriaa Netherlands, concluded this Day, being the 
i!th of Nover/ther 1715, between his Imperial and Catbo- 
lidMajefty, his Sritanaick Majefty, and the faid Lords 
tbe States GenTat, it was agreed that there fhou'd be a 
mote fpecifick Explanation by a feparate Article, with re- 
gard to the Mortgages, and to Ways and Means for collcfl- 
""g the Subfidy therein mention'd ; his Imperial and Catho- 
licl: Majefly, for the better fecuring and facilitating the 
'aymentof the faid Subfidy of jooooo Crowns, or 1150000 
riorifi! tDtttcb Money, granted annually, and flipula:ed by 
tiic (aid Article, has particularly charg'd the Sum oftfioooo 
florins 2)a/ci Money annually, upon the Countrys, Towns, 
Cbateilanys and Dependencya, yielded by France, accord- 
ing m the following Repartition, viz. Upon the City of 
Toiimay 55000 Florins ; upon the Chatellany of I'ournay 
call'd the 'Jotirne/is, i;ooo Florins j upon the City and 
Verge of Memn 90000 Florins j and upon that part of Jfejl 
Tlanden which was yielded by France, fiiarc and /hare a- 
(ike among the Towns, Chatellanys and Dependencys, 
440C0 Florins ; and the Rclidue thus, viz. One third upon 
theSublidys of the Province of Sralanf, amounting to the 
Sum of a 1 5 5 5 57 Florins ; and upon thofe of the Provincfe of 
Flanderi, two thirds, amounting to the Sum of ^i6666~ 
Florins, making all together the faid Total Sum of jocooo 
" wne, or ti^oQo* JcloiiriB^nrch Money. 

-con t 

: .' Eli' 

t n 

• •I 

.• 1 




.a L. 


. 1 .«• 


J ' 

■ • r • • 

« • f . k 

• .. 



reiatim to the Spanlfli Netherlands. 29 

I Separate Article /hall have the fame Force as 
(ilA Treaty of Barrier, altogether as much as if it w» 
;in infcried verl/alim, and it fhali be ratify 'd at the 
time as this Treaty. 

Witnels whereof, We the Miniflcrs Plenipotentiary 
Imperial and Cathoiick Majefty, his Sriranaick Ma- 
and the Lords the States General, have fign'd this 
rt Article, and caus'd it to be fcal'd with the Seals 
of our Arms. Dune at Antwerp ihe ijthof November, 

^K (L. S.) y. X. C. Komsfiss- 

^B (L. SO tf"- Cadogan. 

^H (Z.. S.) S. V. Dfifen. 

^^V(L. S.) The Count dc Rechteren. 

^H {U S.) S. L. Gockw^^a. 

^■(L. S.) Adr. V. Sorple Lord o^ Geldermalfe. 



bnferial and Catboltck Majcjly's Ratification of the 
Surrier 'Treaty, 

WE Charki VI. by the Divine Clemency, Elcfl Erapetor 
* ' of the Rcmaui, Semper jSnguJius, and King of Ger- 
JBiWj', Spaiut Htii/gary, Bohemia, S>a!matia, Croatia and 
Sckmtia, Archduke ^ jujlna, Duke oi Surguiidy, Sra- 
in'T, Stiria, Carintbia, Car'iiola, Limburg, Luxemburg, 
Gutiigrtand, and upper and lower Silefia nudfVirlef/iI'erg, 
IM of Siralia, Marquifs of rhe Holy Roman Empire, 
■ »w, Moravia, upper and lower Zufatia, .Count of 
■tirg, Flanders, Tyrol, Frioiil, Kyhurg, Goritz, and 
ir. Landgrave of Alface, Lord of the Sdavonian 
•'hes, ^ort Mahon and Salines, Sec. &c, &c. Do . 
known, and certify to all and every one whom it 
. ns ! Whereas foon after the Treaty of Peace made 
th France laft Year at Sadcn in S'xiJJcrlaiid, it was a- 
jrrad between us and the raofl Serene and moft Potent 
King of Great Sritain, and the Stares General of the 
United Netherlands, that the Articles cf the Alliance eo- 
ter'd into at the HsguCt on tlie yih of Septemher 1701, 
which ftill feem'd to remain on both fides for performance, 
ihould be finifh'd as foon as poflible, in a Congrefi of Mi- 
niftcrs fully impower'd that ihou'd be held at Antnserp j 
and firft of all ni^t thofe Places, Cilvs» atid SOTU%.t'a.\w\\% 
si out Netherlands /houJd be fpecifj'd, ssVvttvse.tcx.'iVe. ^ 



treaty between the Emperor^ England, i3c, 

■for the Security, Safe-guard, Bulwark and Barrier of the 
Provinces and Terrirorys of the faid States General, and 
that the other Matters thereto appertaining, might be fet- 
tled i which by the divine Favour, and by the friendly 
Offices of ihe faid moft Serene King of Great Sritain, was 
on the ijth Day of i^ovember laS, decermin'd bctweeii 
the faid MiniHers Plenipotentiary, whofe Names are 
derwritten in the Articles and Terois that follow. 

Flat liifertio. 

That we have approved and ratify 'd, as we do, by 
tue of thefe Frefents, approve and ratify, all and lingular 
the Articles made, tranfa£ted and concluded, in purfuance 
of the Command ahovemention'd, between our Minifters 
Plenipotentiary, and thofe of the King of Great Sritain^ 
and the States General; andpromifc on our Imperial; 
Royal, and Archi-ducal Word, that we will firmly and rc- 
ligiouHy fulfil and obferve thofe Things which concern us, 
and alfo take care, that the fame be obferv'd by our Sub- 
jefts, and that we will not fufier them to be contraven'dj 
being very confident, that the Eleflors, Princes, and States 
of the Holy Roman Empire, after mature Confideration of 
the Importanceof the juFairs in queilion, will without dif^ 
ficulty confent and accede to thofe Poiais which the prelent 
Stale of Affairs render'd neceflary to be ftipulared in the 
XXVIIth Article, concerning the Levelling of the Fortifi- 
cations of ZiVge, and the Gaftles and Forts of Huy. In 
Witnefs whereof, we have iign'd thefe Frefents with out 
own Hand, and feal'd them with our Imperial and Royal 
Seal at F'ieniia, Dec. zi, 1715- in the jth Year of our 
Reign as King of the Remans, the i ;th as King of Sfaittt 
and the 5th alfo as King o^ Hungary and Sohemia. 


"iPhilip LcJiis Count 4c Sinzendarf, (L. S.) 

\ Sy the Comtnaiid of hia Imperial and Catholick Majefly. 

John George Suol. 

1715. ff rc/tf/zon ^0 ^/j^ Spanifli Netherlands. 31 

j'tannick Majejly's Ratification of the Sarrier 

^Esrge by the Grace of God, King of Great Sriratn, 
^ France AnA /rr/dw/if, Defender of the Faith. Toailand 
1 Angular, to whom thefe Letters fhall come. Greeting. 
J Whereas the Minifters Plenipotcnciarys aflembled at Ani- 
\ verp, as well on our part, as on the part of his Imperial 
Find Caiholick Majoiiy, andof the High and Mighty I^rds 
I the States General of the United Netherlands, and fuffi- 
iently empowet'd and auchoris'd, have concluded and 
figo'd a cetiain Treaty on the 15th Day of thia prefeot 
Month c^ November, in the Form and Words following. 

Fiat lirfertio. 

We having feen and confidcr'd the Treaty above written, 

i have approv'd and ratify'd the fame in all and lingular its 

Articles and Claufes, as wc do by thefe Ptefcnts approve 

and ratify the fame, for outfejves, our Heirs and Succef- 

I forsj engaging and ptomifing on the Word of a King, That 

we will religioufly and inviolably perform and obfervc the 

I faid Treaty, and all and every thing therein concain'd, and 

I never fufEcr (as far as lies in our Power) that the fame be 

1 violated, or in any manner contravcn'd by any other. In 

I Witnefs whereof, we have caus'd the Great Seal a^ Great 

I Britain to be affix 'd to thefe Prefents, lign'd with our own 

I Hand. Given at our Palace of St. Jaines the 30th of 

I Sove/aher I7i5t in the fecond Xeat of our Reign. 



Ratification of the Carrier treaty hy the Lords the 
States General of the United Provinces of the Neiher- 

The States General of the Untied 'Provinces of the 
Netherlands, to all to whom thefe Prefents fhall come, 
Gtecting. Having feen and confider'd the Treaty con- 
tluded and fign'd at Anfaierp on the i jth of Nowmher 
'7IJ, by the Mioiiiers Fienipot«ntiarysof hislmYena.\aai. 

3!2 treaty 6.ef-ween the Emperor^ Enghnd, Sec. 

Catholick Majefly, his Majefty the King of Great Srit&if^ 
and of our States, fettling the manner in which i)3c Aufiriaii 
Ncibcrlan/ts fhall hereafter ferve as a Barrier to Great Sri- 
tain and out State, according to the following Trcatj 
hereafter inferted, verbatim. 

Fiat Infertio. 

We approving every thing that was done by out Deputy 
and Minillers Plenipotentiarys, when they concluded ant 
lign'd this Treaty, have confented to, approved and rai' 
fy'd it, and by thefe Prefents do confent to approve ad 
ratify the fame ; promifing fincerely, and honAfidc to kfieS 
obferve, and ratify it in all and every Article, without ccd 
travening it in any manner whatfoever, dircSly or indi- 
reftly. In Wiinefs whereof, we have caus'dour great Seal 
to be afEx'd to thefu Prcfciits, after having order'd them 
o be fign'd by the Prefident of our Affembiy, and undcr^ 
ign'd by our Regilter, s.t x\ie Hague, Jan. 14., 171^. 

With the Signature of 

Wi Vatidey 2)ees. 

And on the Fold was written, 

By order of the faid liOrds the States General. 



And Seal'd with the great Seal of red Wax. 

Hii Imperial and Catholick Majefty's Ratification of f Js 
feparate Article of the Carrier -Treaty. 

"Vjn" E Charles the Sixth by the Divine Clemency, Elei, 
^^ Emperor of the Romaasi Semper Atigvflus, and Kin| 
o^ Germany, Spain, Hungary, Sohemia, I}almatia,Croatis, 
Sciavenia, Archduke of Auftria, Duke of Snrgua/^i 
Sraha^t, Stiria, Cahnthia, Carniola, LimMirg, Ltixem- 
^"^, Gaelderlsndt and upper and Yo-set SiUjia and Wtf' 

tein>)r — 

'elation to the Spanifli Netherlands. 33 

ncc of S'vnbiaj Marquifs of the Jloly P.oman 
Hrgaii\ Moravia^ ui^pjr and lo'A-cr L'fla:ia^ 

Naf/iur^ Lamlgravc of ylljacc^ Lord of the 
ScUiV'.K'iff^ 'Port Mi'lcu and S:l:ns^ &lc. &c, 
)wn and tcrtiiy, to iili and lr.\cvji-r whom it 
fter it had for very impo-.ranr Regions been 
general Terms in the XlXth Article cf this 
5COCCG Crowns /houid bt' juid as an annual 
the Garifons of Scate^ General, it was 
y a fcparate Article to explain it mure fuliy^ 
butc the faid Suhfid* nv (/1-ifles into the fe- 
ces of our jWf/Zv;*/^ v//j, by a Regulation as 

Fiat Lifcrtio. 

approv'd of this fcparate Article and its Con- 
'omife by thefe. Prefents to obfcrve them, and 
take care that they be perform'd by ourSub- 
ifully and religiouily as the Treaty itfelf. In 
5rcof, we have fubforib'd thefe Prefents, and 
to befeal'd with our Imperial and Ro\al Seal, 
mna the 2 ill day o{ December ^ 1715. in the 
our Reign as King of the Romajis^ the 13th 
S^ah^ and the 5th as King of Hungary and 





v Subfcrib'd, 


takmandof his Imperial and Catholick Majefty. 


l\ Sign'd, 




34 'treaty between the Emperor^ England, f^^i 

^i Mnjejiy o/Great Britain'; Ratification of thejcpo^ 
Article of the Sorrier 'treaty. 

r^EORGE by the Grace of God, King ofGreatSrl 

^^ France and Ireland^ Defender of tba F^ith, £^c. 
aJl and, fingular to whom thefe Letters fliall come, Gk! 
Jng. Whereas a feparate Article appertaining to the X* 
ty concluded on the 15th of this Inlujit l^ovcmher 9X.-A 
'•jjerp, for conflituting a Barrier, was lign'd at tl^ £| 
Xitne and Place by the fame Miniflers FlcnipoteiM^ 
fuxni.fh'd with fufficient Authority, in the Form and W^i 

F/tfr Iiifertio. 

Wc having fcen and confider'd the (cparate Article ab( 
written, have approv'd and ratify'd the fame, in all an^: 
gular its Claufes, and do approve and ratify the fagiQ 
ourfelves, our Heirs and SuccefTors ; engaging aitd ] 
m.iling on our Royal Word, that we willobfcrve, aqt 
much as is in our power eaufe 10 be obferv'd, allaod^QKi 
the Things in the faid feparate Article contajn'd. lit \i 
rcfs zfiA (Confirmation whereof, we have fign'd thef^ I 
Gints with our own Hand, and caus'd them ro Ije, fcs 
with the great Seal o^Grcr.t ^i-it/^in. Given ar ouiSal< 
of St.y^wijj's, the ^oth Day of M-ytw/^i-r, A. D. 
in the fccond Year of eur Reign. 

T'be Ratification of ihr feparate Article of the San 
•Treaty by the Lordi tbc States General of the Uni 
Provinces of the Netherlaods. 

npHE States General of thsZ/aited T'rovinces of ( 
"•■ Nesherla?jds, to all who Jhall fee thefe Letters, Grc 
ing. Having feen and exatnin'd the feparate Article of I 
Treaty concluded and lign'd it Atit-wetp, ontheijtb 
2^^gemher il^U I'V *he Miniflers Plenipotentiafysof i 


in relation to the Spanifh Nctherland?. 

.1 and Catholick Majcfty, of his M>-;cfty the King 
* Britain, andthofcof our State, for rcgularing the 
in which the Anftrian Tsetberlandi fhali hcrcatr-cr 
a Barrier to Great "Britain and our State, the' 
f which feparaie Article is as follows. 

Fiat Infertic. 

iving appi:ov\1 of all that was done by our Deputy's 

potentiary MinKters, when they concluded and fl^^n'd 

rate Article, have agreed to, appro v*d and rati !yd 

do by thefc Prcfents agree to, approve, ?.nd ra.ify 

nifing fincerely and bcn^i fide to keep, obfervc and 

t, without contravening ir in any manner whatfo- 

cftly or indircflly. In Witnefs whereof, we have 

ir great Seal to be affix'd to thefe Prefenr?, after 

rder'd them to be fign'd by the Prefident of oar 

, and underiign'd b; our Regifter, at the Hagrte^ 

1 7 16. 

of Alliance between his Impe-- 
Jy^jefiy^ and his Britannick Ma^ 

as it was amended and concluded 
\ph of May, 17x6. 

Name of the Holy and Undivided Trinity^ be 
wn to all whom it fhall concern. 
;r the Auguft Emperor of the Romans^ Charles 
o^Sfain^ Hiwgary and Sohemia^ Archduke ot 
)uke of Surgundy^ &c. and the mofl Serene 
reat Sritainy France and Ireland^ Duke of 

and Lunenburg^ Eleflor of the Holy Roman 
ad recaird to mind the fignal Benefits which 
:d from the fincere and conflant Union of their 

and therefore after ferious Coniideration of the 
\c of A£&irs, applying them(clvcs to renew the 
:ir common Cood» it came to pafs, that with 

■'Jl Amu 

\yi6, the Emperor and King George t. 

.rt of his ficrud Ri;yil Majefly oi Great Tir'italn^ 

iber boiU of Horfe and Foot. 

Siate of {he War fliould rather require Kaval 

.r in whole or in part, inlicad of rhc afore- 

nd- Forces, he {liall be obiig'd lo lendssm^ny 

- as fhal! bs equivalent to the fjid immbcr of 

r,,i in cafe th»t greater Supplyn, cither ofJ^and 

a-Forte'i (hould bs necertarj', the iimcfiiall he ^'^^^^^ 

||ut Delay between tho Confederates, and they ; 

y&amicably on bnih fitlss. 

L Tis figrecd, that no other Prince or Power be? 

lot' admitted to the afurefaid League, witliout t1ie 

^tt Cimfent of the Confederates, and in the f'lmc m in- 

ta.Sij 2s it Ihall be IlipuL^ted and agreed on betwixt 

P. And whereas nothing is more wifli'd fiir, by both 
pCionfcdcrates, than by their joint AffiftarcL' to fccure 
welfare of bqth by this Treaty, and to prclave the 
PpBlick Peace inviolable 5 and as ris by no means in be 
Ijoiibtedi that the High and Mighty State' G^:nrral of the 
' 'p,d 'Provinces of the Netherlands wi-1 be willing, to 
l^nd promote a Work fo ufeful and ne^clTsry by thi.;ir 
^Ce, tqr 'his caufe we do now declare our Willinf,nefs, 
Billy to admit the faid States General into the present 
mV/, but even to invite them amicably,* and without 
■y to accede to it. 

HII. This Treaty (hall be ratify 'd in fix WeeI«,or fooner, 
3iblc- In Witnefs whereof, the Plenipoientiarys both 
t Bicrei Imperial and Catholick Mjjelty, and of his 
d Royal Majeftyof Grear "Sritcifj, have fign'd and 
ilhefc Prefencs. Done at IVeflmiaflcr, May 15, jJ.IAl 




(L. s.; 
■JL. s.; 



Otlo C'rifl. Count rft? i-'olkra. 
y^Jm Thtlip Hoffmin. 
Wtlliam aXCamerhttry. 



f. Sifaholie, 


gS I'lcatyhet'-jieenibe Emperor and King Gtor^l. 


Separate Article. 

5'TpIS moreover agreed, thatif inProcefsof Time a WaiJ 
■^ iliouid break out betwixt his Sacred Imperial Majeflg 
and the Onoiaaii Empire, the Treaty of Alliance this dag 
concluded with hia facred R-oyal Majefiy ofGreui Sriteo^ 
fhi.\\ in no fenfe be confirued to appertain or be extendoiE 
to it ; nor ihalt a War witti (he I'urks be reputed a Cale d 
Bmiirgency. In Witncfs whereof, the Plenipotcntinrys, ^a 

■ Sign'd as abovea 

r 'I'be Emferot-'i Rstificatio:}. 

T™" HAT we having infpe£led and conlider'd the Articles o' 
•'■ the faidTreaty,haveapprov'dandratify'd them all, wiili 

the fepatate Article, as we do by virtue of thefe Prefents a] 
prove and ratify ibe Things thereby done and tianfaflla 
Promiflng on our Imperial, Royal, and Archiducal W« 
That we will firmly and religioufly fulfil and obferve then 
in all refpefls. In Witnefs whereof we have fign'd aci 
Ical'd thele Prefems. Given at Vienna the 50th of jj'wj 
lyiif, in the 5th Year of our Reign as King of thei£o/HditrJ 

' the i;th as King of S^aifit and the 6th as King of Sohi 

Ijffia and Hungary, 


Philip Zeivis, Count de StUjeiidorf- 
By the Command of his Sacred 
Imperial and Catholick Majefty, 


lyS/tsty between Engl. France, attdHpWznd. •; 9 

^ Treaty of AU'tance between Lewis XV. 
^^ King of France and Navarre, George 
^K'.^ffg' of Great Britain, and the Lords 
^^ the States General of the United Pro- 
vinces, for the jMa'tntenance and Gua- 
ranty of the 'Treatys of 'Peace made 
at Utrecht in 1715, and particularly 
for matntatnhig the Order of the Sue- 
ce^ion to the Crowns of France and 
England, as eflab/ifi'd hy the faid 
. Treatys^ and for the Demolition of 
I the 'Port of Mardyke. Concluded at 
I ?/?e Hague, the ^th of J&nwary J ^7^7' 

LEIFIS by ihc Grace of God King of Fr.ii:ce mA 
Navarre, tn aV. who /liOl fee rhefe Prefents, 
Greeting Whereas our Trully and Well-bcioved 
the Abboij^o Sois, Counfcllor in oidinary in^our Council of 
Slate i and our Trufty and Well-hclovcd the Sicur 4c 
Chaieauncrff, ^ztuMs de Cajiagucre, Honorary Counfcltor 
in our Court of Parliament at 'Taris, our Ambaffadors Ex- 
iHordinary and Plenipotendaiy, have by virtue of the foil 
IWcH which we "ave them, agreed to conclude and 
figll the folio win^ Treaty ofDefenfive Alliance, on the 
4ln of this prcfent Month of Jantmry, with XViHwifi 
tord CsAoian, B^ron of Reading, Knight of the Order 
rf St. Andre'j), Mdfter of the Robes to oar moft dearly 
beloved Brother the King of Great Britain, Licuienaat 
General of his Armys, Colonel of the fecotid Regiment 
of his Guards, Governourof the//?^ ofWight^ and his Am- 
baffadoT Bxtraordiaary end Plenipoceniiat^, w\w >N»saL\^o 
D 4 5ainflfti& 

40 Treaty of Alliance and Guaranty : 

fijrnifh'd wUW full Powers ; and with ihe Sieur ^ 
j?^fV, Bufgomarterof /;«//j;fA, Curatorot ihe Uriiverfe 
ot H rjie/".i/ck ; lVtghol4 Vnfjikr 'Does, Lord of l^oriiitic 
of rhc Older of the Kobiluy of /AZ/^Wand H'ejIJ) lejlaa. 
Samuel CcrjiJick, Senarorof ihu Town of Kccre; Fffdet 
j^JriaK, Bjron Je Rkce.-ie, Lord ^e Retifivcn^e, EmtaijK 
'huyfen AnA Moerkerken, &.<:. PrcfiJcnt of the Kubilin 
the ?(ov\nce, nf Urreckt i Ulbc ./}yiva van HSiirTnaaia, i 
Jiffof ihe Xoliiliry a^ Iccivarden ; Anthony Eckoi/ty 1 
eotnafler of ihc Town of Csmpen 5 and WicherWtc^, 
EmgoiDaifer of the Town of Gnningen., all Deput* 
their Affembly, ofi the part of the States of Gw/rferM 
Holland and ii^cflfriejlaiid, Zeniand^ Utrecht, Friers 
Overyffel, Grcningen, anj OfHKelav/is, in quality of ' 
nipoiciitiarys frum their High Migh tinvHes, our K 
dear and great Triends thL- Siates Central of the CA«| 
provinces of the Ni:ibiT/«'ids, hkewifi: fuini/h'd with i 
• Powers, 

Fornfmuch as the mofl Serene and moft mighty Pril 
Ze'-.cis XV. by the Grace of God, moll Chriftian Kiiift 
France and Navarre, the moll Srrere and mofl naig 
Prin;c Ge-rgc, bv the Grace of God K ing of Great Sri^ 
Duke afSriwfiiick -n.l Lnnenbttrg, Ekaorof iheHolyfii 
man Empire, ii^c. and the High and Mighty Lords the Stt! 
General otihe United 'Province!, of the Nahertandi, bd 
dcfiroui 10 cniToboratc more and more the Peace 5^ 
cftablidi'd h.-tvvecn ihiiir Kingdom-: and Sraies refpca^W 
to remove io!irL-ly on every fide all Caufe of T " ' 
which migh: in any manner whatfiicver diiturb ih 
quilliiyot ihcir dominions, and to bind yet more ftroQj 
by new Ties, that Friendfiiip which is b':tween thcm^ 
order to attain To falut^iry an End, they have thuHg^t 
neceffary to come to sn Aoreement hetwen themfclr 
And to that piirpaf,; iheir Majellys aforcfaid, and ths,i 
Lords the States General have nam'd, viz. 

The moil Chrifllan Kinj^j his AmbaOadors Ext»« 
nary and Plenipoteniiarys, the Sieur WitllaJiZ du Soi'r, J 
bot of St. 'Peltrr d' AirvaiUi, oi St. ^/itjl, and of Nm 
formerly Preceptor to his Royal Highncls the Dun 
Orleans, K^p&nt of the Kingdom of France, Coanf^ 
of Stdte in Ordinary j and the Sieiirs 'peter Atitbany 
C.hp.flsauiiet/f, Martjuifs de Cajl.'rgneyc, Honorary Ct; 
/divr 10 the Pstliament of _^^/'ij, and Aaibaffador'' ^ 

17 17' ^rfw*?^" England, France, and Holland. 4 1 

Msui? Chn<^i3n Majcfly 10 the Lords the Statei General 
" United "Trovmces. 

Kiog of Greal 'Sritaia has nam'd his Ambaflador 

-lordiwrvand Plenipotentiary, the Lord IVittiamCado- 

,6aroo a^ Rcisdiug, Knight of the Order t Sr, j^ndreix, 

etofrbe Robes to the King o^ Great Snraiti, Lieu- 

lE General of his Arnijs, Colonel of the fecond Rcgi- 

lis Guards, and Governour of the f/lf of Wight. 

the Lords ihe States General have nam'd rheir 

and Plenipotentiatys, the Sieurs ^ohn vav Fjfen^ 

laflcrofthe Townof Zaf/'/'fw, Curator of the L'ni- 

Hiirdcr-xick ; Wiglold (^cinder 2)06^^ Lord of 

Mffc, of the Order of the Nobility ai Holla?! d and 

(Jtand, Grand Baily and Dykegrave oi' Rhyiiland ^ 

Heivjius, CounfLllor, Penfionary Keeper of the 

al, snd Superintendantof the Fiefs of the Province 

i and li''fjifrieflaiid ; Sainuet Coiiwck, Senator of 

1 of rcere ; Frederick Airiati, Baron de Rbeede^ 

lenpxoiide, I'mniinckhi/yfcnAviAMaerkfrkctj, &c. 

It of the Nobiiiry of the Province of f7/reW.T; Vibe 

ttSarKiama, Bailyof the 'SohiVny o( Lcewarderi ^ 

£ckbom, Eurgomaiter of the Tbwn of Campeji^ 

wr lichen, Burgomajter of the Town of G*-ow/«- 

iSputys in their Aifembly, on the part of the States 

tfAtftMd,U lla»d3nAWeflfrie(}a>!d,Aeala7id,Utrechr, 

Hfjliind, Ovcixffsl, Grcnir,gen and the Ommelands. 

Wbo after having communicated 'heir full Powers to 

Mcanother, andaftL-c having exchdng'd the fame according 

10 Guftom, agri_fd upon a Treaty of Dcfenfivc Alliance, 

between the tnoft Ciinftjan Kiti^, the King of Grear Sri- 

tilP, and the Lord- the St"es General of the United 'Tro- 

vkm, their Kmgdoms, Dominions and Subjefls, on the 

fbtlotting Conditions. 

I. Tfiat from this Dav forth and for ever, there Jhail be a 
,uid inviolable Peace, a nioft iinccreand intimate 
I , and a molt (ttifil Alliance and Union between the 
.'i.rene Kings, their Heirs and Succeflbts, and the 
States Gener-il, their LanJs, Countrys andTowns 
V, and ihcirSutijtib and Inhabitants, as well wiih- 
..t" Fjirope: and that the fame be preferv'd and 
; in fucfi manner, that the coniriiling Partys may 
liiiiifully and reciprocally reap their Profit and Advantage 
nictcby J and th^t by the moA convenistit mcaWts iWl^t}*!- 


4a Treaty of Alliance and Guaranty.\ 

fes and Damages which might befal them, may b 
and prevented. 

U. And forafiiitich as it is known by Expcrient; 
thflt the near Abode of the Perfon, who in the Life-tui 
of King J&mei [I. did take upon him the Title of Priq 
of Waki, and fince the Death of the fdid King has taki 
the Title of K-ingof Great Si^itaiii, may excite Comm 
tions and Troubles in G*-^«:3mai?;, and the Dominiq 
depending ihercon, it is agreed upon and determin'd, tii 
his mod Serene Majerty the mo£t ChriHian King do <] 
Jigi: himfelf by theprefcnt Treaty, to engage the laid Q 
fon to depart out of the Country of Avignon, and to- 
and take up his Rcfidence on the other fide of the jjffi 
immediately after the Signing of the Treaty, and havi 
the Exchange of the Ratifications. And the mod Cft 
flianKing, yet farther to teflifyhis £nccre Delire, not on 
to obferve all the Engagements which the Crown of Fr*3 
has formerly entcr'd into concerning the laid Pcrfon, ic 
gioufly and inviolably, but alfo to prevent all mannet' 
Bufpicion and DifHdence tor the future ; doLS again pi 
mile and engage for hitiifelt^ his Heirs and SuccettM 
not to give, or furnifh at any time whatever, direflly ' 
indirefily, either by Sea or by Land, any Advice, Aidi 
Afljfiance by Money, Arms, Ammunition, Military StpR 
Ships, Soldiers, Seamen, op any other manner of be 
whatfocver, to rhefaidPerfon, who takes upon himlelftl 
Title beforemention'd, or to any other Pcrfons whateve 
who having Comtniflion from him may in confcqueni 
thereof difturb the Tranquillity of Grcsr Srita'm by opq 
War, or by fecret Confpiracys, or Infurreftions and Rebq 
lions, and make Oppofition to the Government of his i?rj 
rannick Majeiiy. ' 1 

Moreover, the moft Chriflian King promifes and engi 
jies, not to permit the PerTon above defign'd 10 retun 
ut any time hereafter to Avignoyi, or to parsthro'tn 
Lands depending on the Crown of France, on pretena 
of returning cither to Avigfton or to Lorrain, or fo mudj 
as to fct loot on any part of his mofl Chriflian Majeftyj 
Doivtinions, much IcJs to rclldc there under any I^ame q 
Appearance whatfoevcr. J 

III. The faid moil Serene Kings and the faid Lord 
the States General do aifo promife and engage themfelve^ 
reciprocatly ,to rcfufc all kind of Refuge and Protcftion tj 
ebc ituhjcdi of either of tViem, who have been, or fliaj 

17^7- between England, France, an;/ Holland. 43 

be declared Rebels, whenever it /hall be teguefled by the 
coomAing Party, whofe Subjefls thufe Rebels fhall be 
known to be, ^nd likewife 10 compel the fuid Rebels to de- 
Mft out of th'j Dominions under their Obedience, in a 
Week's time after the Mimfler of the faid Ally Ihall hsvc 
tctiuired it in his Mailer's Name. 

IV. And the raofl Cbriilian King being ilncercly defi- 
Tous, tiiai every thing herccofbrs sgrcud on with the 
Crown of FrOfice concerning the Town of 'Dunkirk, raay 
be liilly executed, and that nothing be omitted which 
ihc King of Great Sritain may think neccflaty for 
the entire Defttuflion of the Port oi Dunkirk, and to pre- 
vent all manner of Sufpicion that there is an Intention to 
make a new Pert at the Canal of Mardyke, and to put it 
to Tome other Uii; than draining off the Waters which 
might drown the Country, and carrying on the Comtncrce 
ncceffary for the fubfilienee and maintenance of the People 
of tiiat pan of the M,'//'*W(iwA, which is only 10 be car- 
ty'don by fcna!! Boats, that are not allow'd ro be above 
)i foot wide j his moil Chriflian Majefty doth engage, and 
promife to caufe every thing to be executed, which the 
Sicuri'/iiiTyi/fchismoflChriflian Majeiij's Envoy, having 
fall Power for thai purpofe, did agree to at Hsmptcjj-Ccuri, 
as iscontain'd in a Memorial of the .--^tb oi Novtmi/cr^ 
i'i6, fign'd by the Sicur d' fhherviille, and by ihe Lord 
VifccBSt To'XTiJhend, and Mr. Merbue7r^ Secretaries of 
SiKc for Greet Srhain, which is as follows. 

An Explanation ofivhat Jbou'd be itiferted in the 
iVth Article of the Treaty concerning the Canal 
[Barf Sluices of Mardyke. 

'^H AT the Great PaiJage of the new Sluice of Mar- 
' dyke, which is 44 Foot wide, /hall be demoii/h'd frotn 
Up to bottom, that is to fay, by taking away irs * Ss- 
i^irs, Planks, * Sliski, * Lougrincs, and * 'Tiaverjiaes, 
fiom one end to the other j and by taking off the Gates, the 
Wood and Iron-work of which ihall be taken to pieces, and 

£ Thefe are Tetmt for Beamif V(. which cinnoi be rr»d«*d 

all thcfe Materials be employ 'd elfewhcre to lucl 
as his molt ChriHian Majclty fliall think fit; pn 
neverthclLf , that they be never made ufe of for an^ 
Haven or Sluice at iDimkirk or Mardyke^ or in any 
place vvhati'ocvcr, within two Leagues fiom cither o 
two Places : it being the Intention of the conrraSii 

other Place whatever alor.g the Shore, at fuch Diftai 
on tb-tt Ccuit. 

2. That the little Sluice /hall remain as it is at p; 
with refpetl ro i^s Depth, provided the Breadth thei 
reduc'd to \6 root 5 that is to fty, by advancing tl: 
ifiycr dc la ^Pill-J ten Poor on the Wellfidc, after 1 
'tak'ja itway 6 Vool of the Flo rin£», and the Builcs 
* RrJ.'icr J.!i alonq on the Gmc fide, the rcmainin 
Foot Oi' Plank or Flooring being neceffary to fcrve I 
Foundauon ofa new * Sajojer^ and forafmuch as tl 
Sajcye: mull be advuncV. ten Foot towards the Eai 
there fii ii iikewifj b-i demoiifi.rd ten Font of the fan 
on the Weil-lide from thvi Four.iiition, to the end tfa 
pixfer.t ilvivlitT may never fervj for a Sluice of n 
broJid. a^ :i is :> ;=( pn:lent. 

5. He J. To;.:?, r.fid rafcinc-Work from the JDoKX. 
thci li.:e \vr.'--.'j iho Tide riles upon the Strand, wht 
Ii.f'h \V :V:r, dcwn m the iowcit Ebb, fluil: be demf 
Oil l>.i"ii fj'.!e*J ct li^e nc-v Ciinal, and made level wi 
S:'.f •■•- .. ' •'■'» tile S.Givjii vv.'A Ftfo'ne-Woik that aie 
tiv • \C\ Jav .1. n-i ^'i c'.irr \\ i:\vay and enij^loyM t 
uie i.> lis \\)ii\'- C\i\\ \ I) M .jt^ly lh.:.\ t^iink lit 5 pri 
how;.v.r, til. It .'h. ) he n -v r n, aii* of for any I 
Haven .it i.:V.7../,// A. or M-nrhkCy or any otluT Pliice 
ibever, v-ir'.;i»"i tAM K..-:r;K*r. 'ro'n ciih^r wfiiiot-.- two F 
the Ir.tonrion oi';lK i\.::>'; -clin-, • od /..e .Ha 
iiropofe to t'.ivTi.'e.*;.'. \'.< t!.i Tr '\"-- p;'i.i''. :!ir :iC 

1717. ktiveen England, France, cn^ Holland. 

intJrhe Woik finirti'd, if ptiffible, within two Months after 
tkKJtification. But tor as much as it has been reprefent- 
eJ, ibst becaafe the Seafoii is fo far advanc'd, chcy cannot 
iain to nanow thi; Radicr of the fmall PafTagc, nor detno- 
liffi the great Radiet till next Spring, it js agreed chat this 
Wort fliall be begun g^, and emircly pedeaed if poffi- 
"' the manner abovcmention'd by [he end o(^u?!c, 1 7 1 7. ' 

The Demolition of the Jettecs or Peers on both fides \ 

old Canal or Port of 2)u?!kirk, fhall be entirely 
'^and made level with the Giound, all the wayfrom 
iweft Ebb, as far as within the Town of 2)uiikirk j 
ind if there Ihall remain any ficcesot' Tim Slauc, Chateau 
/crd, and Sofiiit; EJpcrmce, they /hall be totally laid flat j 


ibis Treaty fhall be ratify 'd, the King of Grea* \ 

and the Lordt the States General of the UuHei 
a may fend Cotnmiffionets to the Spot, to be Eye- 
fes of the Execution of this Article. , 

have figu'd this Article ptovifionally, and upon con- j 

h be approved by his moll ClirHiian Mjjclty, his 
t Majelly, and the Lords the Stales General of 
i 'Provinces. At Hamploii Court rhc i-Jih of 
in the Year 1711S. Sign'd by 2)' JhlcrvtUe, 
and -p. Alethuen. 

E ft tieiiig the true End and Purpofe of this Alliance, be- 
ll fflC laid moil Serene Kings, and the Lords the States 
to prefeise and niainjain reciprocally the Peace 
quillily of their Kingdoms, Dominion: and Pro- 
,.lablUh"d by the iaie Treatvs of Peace, concluded 
n'd at Un-ccbt the nth of^ Aj>rH 1715, between 
1 Serene Majcltys the moll Chriftian King, the 
'Great 'Bntain, and the faid High and Mighty 
fie States General of the Uiu'.eA 'Proviuccs ; 'tis a- 
ipon and concluded, thit ail and lingular the Articles 
fiSid Treatys of Peace, as far as they relate to the In- 
^6f the faid three Powers refpeflively, and of each of 
'■is particular, and likewife the Succeffions to the ' 
1^ Great Sritain in the Proteftant Line, and to the 
a tf France, according to the faid Treatys, Hiall re- 
'n their full Force and Vigour ; and that the faid moft i 
TCings and the faid Lords the States Genera! do pro- i 
"T reciprocal Guaranty for the ExccmUotv o't ?iXi 'i^ft J 
t,c«fl«j«y in the faid ArtkVcs, ^q Uic as x'tvc'i I 


46 T'wfljfy ef Alliance and Guaranty 

resard the Succcffions aad Intereffs of the faid Kiogdor 
and States as aborclaid, and lilcewife for the malntainii 
and defending of all the Kingdoms, Provinces, StaM 
Rights, ImmunityB and Advantage';, which each of t 
faid Allies refpeftivcly /hall really be poflefsM of, u L 
time of the Signing of this Alliance. And for this end (I 
faid moll Sei-ene Kings, and the Lords the States Geneti 
have agreed and concluded between themfelves, thdtifai 
one of cheFdid Allies be attack'd by the Arms of any Prim 
ot State whatever, the other Allies /halt interpofe die 
good. Offices, with the Aggreffbr, to procure Satisfdflioo I 
riic Party offended, and to engage the Aggreflbr to abflal 
intirely from- all kinds of Hoftility, 

VI. But if fuch good Offices have not the expcfled El 
fe£i, to reconcile the two Parties, and to obtain a Si 
lisfaflrion and Reparation of Damages within two Monthi 
than thofe of the Allies who have not been attack'd, flia 
be oblig'd without Delay to nffiil their Ally, and to fucoif 
him, the Succours hereafter mention'd, viz. 

The moft Chriftian King, 8000 Foot and sooo Haefe. 
The King o^ Great Sriiai?!, 8000 Foot and 2000 Hbtfi 
The States General 4000 Foot and ioqo Horfe. 

But if the Ally who (liall beengag'd in a War, as afore 
liiid, chufe rather to have Succours by Sea, orcven nrefci 
Money to either Sea or Land-Forces, the fame (hall b 
ieft to his Difcretion; provided a Proportion be always oV 
ferv'd between the Sums given, and thenumber of Troop 

■ above fgecify'd. 

And to the end that there may be no Difputc about thj 
Point,, it is iiipulated that rooo Foot Soldiers /hall b( 
valued at the Sum of roooo Livres per Month, and lOO 
Horfe at the Sum of 5.0000 Livres per Month, DufC, 
Money, reckoning 11 Months in the Year 5 and Succottrs b] 
Sea Iliall be valud ai the fame proportion. 

VIL 'Tis likewife Itipuiated and agreed upon, that ; 
the Kingdoms, Countrys or Provinces of any of the Alli( 
arc diftwb'd by inteftine Qulrrels, or by Rebellions on ai 
count of the fjid SucceffionB, or under any other Pretext 
whatever, the Ally thus in Trouble /hall have full K-ig& 
to demand of his Allies the Succours abovemention'd,.oi 

ibch part ihaeof as he. fhall judge necel][ary, at the Go£ 

England, France, end Holland. 47 

the Allies that arc obliged to ruroiih thel* 
Qiali be fent within the fpacc of two Months 
' manded ; favJog however, as is uf'orc&jd^ 
requires them his free Choice to demand 
by Land or Sea: and the Allies fhall be 
leimburs'd of what Charges they fliall be at for the Suc- 
cours given, by virtue of this Article, within the (pace of 
» Vear after thofe Troubles are pacify'd and appeas o. But 
10 cafe the faid Succours be not fufficienr; the faid 
Allici fliall agree in Concert to furnilh a greater Number, 
indalfoifihe Cafe .require it, they fliall declare War a- 
giinft the Aggrcllbrs, and allill one another with all their 

Viil, The prefent Treaty flial! be ratify'd by their Moft 
CdriiKan and Sriraunick Majertys, and the Lords tho 
Siites General, and the Letters of Ratification /hail be 
delivet'd in due Form on all fides, within the fpacc of four 
Weel:! or (boner, if pofliblc, counting from the Day of Sign- 
ing thefe Prefents, 

In Wiincfe whercol; We the underwritten beinp; veft- 
cd with Full Powers foam their mod Chrillian and Sritaj:- 
nick Majcftys and tha Lords the States General of the 
United Provinces, have in their Kames fign'd ibis prefent 
Treatv, and caus'd the Seals of our Arms to be thereto 
•ifix'a. Done at the Hague, Jan. 4, 1717. 

Sign'd by the P]enipotentiar>s-abovenam'd in the Prcam- 
w bie to the Treaty. 

^he French King's Ratification. 

I \ff^ having approv'd the faid Treaty of Defenfive Alii- 
f '' ance, in allandHngujarthe Fointsand Articles therein 
(txitain'd, have, by the Advice of our moft Dear and Well- 
beioved Unde the Duke ofOrieans, Regent of our King- 
dom, accepted, approv'd, ratify'd and confirm 'd, and do 
hy thefe Prefents, fign'd by our own Hand, approve, rati- 
fy and confirtn the lame, as well far ourftlves, as for our 
Heirs, SucceflM^, Kingdoms, Counirys, Land^, Loidfliip 
ud Subje^s } and we promifc on the Faith and Word of 
a King to keep and obftrve the w^mIo inviolably, without 
ever coatrareniag' the fame, dlie^y or indite^ly, in an^j 

48 "treaty of Alliance and Guaranty 

affix *(i 

In Witnefs whereof, we havQ 
thcfe Prei'ctit?. Given al 
7. and in chc Iscond Yes 

fort or manner whatloever 
cius'd our Seal to be a 
^aris, the ioch 0^ January, 
of our Reign, 



And lower, 

By the King, 

The Duke of Orleans the prefetit Regent. 



Seal'd with the great Sea! of Yellow Wax, Ribbands i 
■Blue Silk with Gold Twill:, the Seal incloR-d in a SiV*«' 
Box, with the Arms of Francs and Navarre engrav'd j 
ihe Lid, under a Royal Pavilion fupported by two Aogeta 

7'hcfeparate Article, figfi'd and ratify 4 lefn-eeiiVnncc ^ 
and Holland. 

Vtr Hereas in the fifth Article of the Treaty of Alliance I 
' ' concluded this Diy between their moll Serene Ma- f 
jeflys, the mod Chriliian King and the King of Great 
SrUaiti, and the High and Mighty Lords the States Get 
ral of the United 'Provinces, a reciprocal Guaranty 
agreed upon for the Execution of all the Conditions m 
tion'd in the faid Article, and likewife fot maintaining a 
. defending all the Kingdoms, Provinces, States, Dominionl 
[ Immunitys snd Advantages, which each of the faid Alfiflj 
" refpeftively fliail really be poffcfs'd of at the lime of m 
Signing of the faid Alliance ; the underwritten Amba^ 
dors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiarys of his moft Chrii 
tian Majefty, and the Deputys and Plenipotentiarys of tU 
faid Lords the States General, have agreed, that withoiti 
any manner of Derogation from the firll Article of the faiw^ 
AJJiance, according to whkk tiietc flia.ll be an invioUblel 

llip^ffi England, France, rtSi/Holland. 49 

a flrift Alliance between rheir faid Majeflys, 
suidthe fiid Lords the States Get)t;ral, their Dominium 
jrarfSubjefli, as well within Furcpe as our of ir, the Goa- 
\ rantyftipulart-'d in the 5th Article of chefaniL' Treaty, ftiall 
I imitake place in regard of his moft Chriftian Majelfy and 
I rllcLords the States General, but only for the Dominions and 
J fodt'flions which they have refpeiliveJy in Europe ; which 
J haifoio be underllood of the Succours IHpuUted and pro- 
I inisU mutually in the £ih Article of this Treaty : which Suc- 
t courslhaii alfi) bclitniced within Europe, with regard to bis 
I mofi Chrillian Majefly, and the Lords the States General. 
The prcfcnt Separate Article ihall be of the fame Force 
as if it was inferred verhatim in the Treaty, and fhall bo 
racify'd at the fjinc time as the Treaty, and the Ratifica- 
tions /hail alfo be cxcbang'd at the fame time with thofQ 
of the Treaty. 

In Witnels whcreofj we the underwritten, vefted with 

■ ihc full Powers of bis molt CJiriflian Majefly, and the 

;I.ords the States General of the United 'Provmces, have 

in their Karnes fign'd the prefent Article, and thereto 

Ml'd the Seals of our Arms to be afhx'd. Done at iho 

! ihc 4th of ^amiary, 17 17. Sign'd by the Mini- 

bf France and Holland inention'd in the Pream- 

'be Full Tower of the Tie nipt entiarys of 
Grcac Biicain. 


•J EORGE Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwal and Ro- 

* thefaye, Duke and Marquifs of Caml/ndge, Earl of 

\iUford-Uavent Carrick and Chsjier, Vifcount Nonhaller- 

n. Baron a^Tewkeibury and Renfrew, Lord of the Ifles, 

id Steward of JcW/itw/i, Knight of the molt noble Order of 

ilic Garter, Guardian of the Kingdotn of Great Sritain, 

idLieutenant in the faid Kingdom, to all and iingulac 

whom thefePrefenis /hall come, Greeting. Whereas, the 

ofl Serene King of Great Sritaiu, &c. our mofl Dear 

id i9o(t Honoured Lord and Father, has nothing To much. 

Heart as to preferve the Peace already eflabliih'd 

ritb the neighbouring Kings and States inviolable, aa 

' SB lies in his Power : And whereas it xav\ Vie. q^ 

Jiitle Service to this end, that he fliou'd cou&ttn 4t\\ 

■" A. /v. E VutwaS^i. 

50 Treaty of Alliance and GuarantyM 

increafe that Friendship which he cultivates with t . _ 
Brother, the mod Chrillian King, and the High and Mil 
ty Lords the States Genera! ot the Uniteei Trovincesi 
the Netherlands, by new Ties of Benevolence, attd Cj 
ventions for mutual Defence, his Srilaunick MaieftyJ 
therefore given it in command to us, to verbis Mioiffi 
at the Hague with fufficient Powers for promoting and n 
fefling the faid Work, fo advantageous andfo neceffarw 
the Publick Security and Peace. Know ye therefore, d 
we having very great Confidence in the Fidelity, Frudei 
and Experience in Negotiations, of the Right Hoiu 
ble WtUicm "LoiA Cadogan, Batoa o? Rcadttig, MaA< 
the Robes to his Majefiy of Great Sritaiti, Lieutct 
General of his Forces, Colonel of the fecood Royal Rj 
meniof Guards, Govcrnour of the I^e of Wight, and J 
baffador Extraordinary of his faid Majefly to the U 
and Mighty Lords the States General; and of Horace U 
pole Efq j Member of the Parliament of Great 'SritA 
and reiiding at the Hague alfo with the Charaflerofl 
Sritijb Miniiler and Plenipotentiary to tl^e faid Lords i 
States General, have nominated, made and conftittiq 
as we do by thefe Prefents nominate, make and conftifl 
them our true, certain and undoubted CommiffioiM 
Minifters and Plenipotentiarys on the part of the moQ:j 
rene King of Great Sri rahi, our moft Dear and moft E 
noured ImtA and Father ; giving and granting to tlfl 
jointly or feverally, by virtue of the Authority taJ 
committed, all and all manner of Power, Licenfc i 
Authority, together with a Command both general I 
ipecial, provided however that the general do not J 
logate from the fpecial, nor vice verp, to meet, cod 
treat, agree and conclude with the Miniiler or M 
fiers of the faid mofl ChtiiHan King, vefted in E 
manner with fufficient Powers, and alfo with the J^ 
flers of the faid Lords the States General fully au^ 
riz'd in like manner, jointly or feparately, ofand d 
cerning fuch Conditions of a League or Leagues, witbij 
jaid moH Chrillian MajeHy and the States General, jd 
]y, or, feparately, as aforefaid, as may be moft eSicaci 

'{orattainii^ to his Sritaiinick Majefly's View abovetd 
tion'd, ana tofignall thofe Articles lb agreed upon l 
concluded, in the Name of bis SritantiickmajtRyt and 
^raw up, exchange and receive all the neceffary Infl 

Mtents foe rfaat purpofei and in g,&n%tai]l to do and perfi 

1717. klweenEn^htviy France, ^WHolland. 51 

ill tiiirg) in any manner necefldry, or thai they fhall juJge 
tDfiraiieDi for eftablifhing and confirmirg the Ar;itle*of 
ikPescc and Fricndfhip wiih tiew Tics as aforefaid, in 
mimple Manner and Form, and with the fame Force and 
Efieflas the Taid moft Serene King of Great Sritairt him- 
it(f cou'd do and perform, were be prefent in Perfon. En- 
fieing and promifing in the Name of his M,ijefty afore- 
Jiid, ibat he will approve and ratify, and rcligioudy and 
intiolably obfcrve, every thing that the faid Com njiffioners, 
Minilters and Plenipotertiarys, either jointly or feparatcly, 
Diall uanfad, conclude and fign, by virtue of ihefc Prefems ; 
Ud that he will to hit ui mull take care that the fame be 
oMcfr'd by all others whacfoever. In Wiinels and Confir- 
maiioa whereof, wc have caus'd thefc Preftints, fign'd 
villi our own Hand- Writing, to be feal'd with the Great 
Seal of Gfeai Sriiaii}. Given ax St. James's Palace, the 
ijih oi OSIohr, A. D. I7itf, and in the 3d lear of bi| 
MijeQy's Reign. 

« » m * • C 




- "■• » 

.'•'7/ j:»i 

» ,;. 

• > 

: PS- 


. i< 


' « « 

• • • • 

-■■■ Of t:. 

, ijiS. tk Emperor, France, England, &c. 53 

Jfm tbe Treaty. To 'u;hicb are moreover added 
^QSrait andfecret ArtidfS, coticernwg the Grar.l of 
" of three Mor.'hi to (he Kings of Spain and 
1, for accepting the ConHiliotii of Peace offer* d to 
Pl4 of ff''a\s and Means to procure a Peace l>y 
t, af Armi, upon thar Refufdl c/ tbnfe Conditions. 
't)W Artidefor ebferving the prefenl Treaty and Al- 
, attd pitting it in Force, altho the S.'jtes General 
Iff United '^cthcthnds J?jou!d rcfufe to accede Id it. 

a'the Harac of the mejl Holy and Undivided Trinity. 

t Jcncwn to all whom it ^oth, or may any way 

Whereaithemoftferene and moft po'ent Prince George 
King of Great Sriiain, France, and Ireland, Duke of 
[Srunfivick and LriTienl/tirgh, Eleflor of the Holy Romun 
iFrnpirCj {Sc. and the molt I'erena and mod potent Prince 
'Ityn XV. the moft Chrifiian King, ^c. as liltewife the 
High and Mighty States General of ih: United 'Provinces 
of [he Netherlands, being continually intent on preferving 
(the Bicfling of Peace, have duly confidered, that notwitb- 
'landing by the Triple Alliance concluded by them on the 4th 
)^ January, 1717. their own Kingdoms anJ Provinces were 
rp»idcd tor, jet that the Provifion was neither To general 
rfofiilid, as that the publick Tranquillity could long 
lurifh and laft, unlefs at the fame time the Jealoufys 
jtohich were ftiil increafing between fome of the Princes of 
IttTope, as perpetual Oecafions of Variance, could be re- 
JMoved : and being convinced by Experience from the War 
itinjled the laft Year in Paly, for the timely extingui/lijng 
whereof by a Treaty made the iSth of yv/y in the 
bfcar 1718, they agreed amorjift themfelves upon certain 
[Ihrticles of Pacification, according to which a Peace might 
!lie brought about and eOabiifhed between his facred Impe- 
!iUi Majelly and the Kmg of Spain, as likcwife between 
jbiiTaid Imperial Majefty and the King of Jc//j'j and far- 
■fltcrgave a friendly Inviution to his Imperial Majelly, that 
ant oF his Love for the publiek Peact- ^nd Quiet, he would 
jreceivc anJ approve the faid Articles of Convention in his 
jbwn JTaine, and accordingly that he himfelf would accede 
iio the Treacy made b/ them, the Tenot of wWc\i \& « 
'" wcrJ). 


54 the ^iadruple Alliance beivnen 

I Condiiiom of T*eace letiveen his Imperial Majejiy 
Royal Casholick Mujejly, 

I, "pOR- quieting the Difturbances lately raifed, contra 
•*■ to the Peace q'l "Baden concluded the 7 th of Sefrt^ 
. k^r 1714, as likewife to ihc Neutraliiy eHablifhed 
jt«/V by ihe Treaty of the i4rh of March 1715, then 
Serene and moll Potent King of i'/ii/B obliges hirafelf 
reftore to his Imperial M^jeily, and accordingly fhall "f 
mediately, or at the fattheft after two Months 10 
reckoned ftom the Exchange of the Ratilicattoni of . 
. ptefent Treaty, aflually rettore to his faid Imperial I 
jefiy the Ifland and Kingdom ofS^rdhua, in the ConJ 
on wherein he fciz'd it, and fliall renounce in Favour of 
Imperial Majefly all Rights, Pretenfions, Interefls '; 
Claims upon the fald Kingdnm ; fo that his Impenail 
iefty fully and freely, and in the manner which ne jodj 
belt, our of his Lose to the Publick Good, may cifp 
of itasof bis own Ptoperty. 

II. Whereas ihe only Method which could be found' 
for fixing a durable Ballance in Eur(fe was judged tO 
this, that it fhould bean eftibhfhed Rule that the KIc 
doras o( France and Spain fhould never go together (rf 
united in one and the fame Perfon, or in one and the fai 
Line, and that ihofe two Monarchy* fhould henccibfWi 
fof ever remain feparate ; and whereas for confirm itigt" 
Rule, fo neceffiry for the publick Tranquility, thofePl 
cec 10 whom the Prerogative of Birih might hare given 
Right of fuccecding in both Kingdoms, have fulemnly^ 
nounct^d one of thofe twoKingdoms for ihemf.-lves an4' 
their Pofierity ; fo that this Separation of the two Mo&ii 
chys has paffed into a Fundamental Law in the Genera 
Jifiembly commonly called Las Cortes, whicli was receivf 
at Miidrid the 9th of November 1711, and confoHdated ' 
the Treaty of C/i-r«/'/, the 1 ith of .^/^r// 1715. His Impel 
Majcfty being willing to give the utmoli Petfoflinn 10 ftf 
ceffary and wholefom a Law, to take away all GtoudJ 
Sufpicion, and to promote the publick Tranquillity, Ai 
tccept and agree to thofe things which were done.mifi' 
and eflablifhed in the Treaty of fitr«^^, with regard (on 
Right and Order of Succeflion to the Kingdoms of fri** 
and Sfiain^ ^nd doth renounce as well for himfelf, as f 
his Heirs, Dcfcendenis, and SucceKors., >R.a.\t. xad Femd' 

1718. tbe Emperor f France, England, &c. 

sU Rights, and sH and every Pretenlion whatfoever, 
one in the leaA excepced, to any Kingdoms Domin: 
and Provinces ofthe Sfanijb Monarchy whatfoever, where- 
of the Catholick King was acknowledged to be the right- 
WPoffeflbr by the Treaty oiUrreckt-, andwill caufeio be 
node out in due Form accordingly folemn Afts of Reoun- 
mtioD, which he will caufc 10 be published and regiftred 
io the proper Courts, and promifcs that he will exhibit the 
n(qal Indrumenis thereupon to his Caiholick Majelly, and 
lothe contra3ing Powers. 

III. By virtue of the faid Renunciation, which his Im- 

, perial Majefty has made out of Regard to the Security of 
iWEuropt, and in Confideration likewifc that the Duke 
of Orleans has for himtelf and for his Defcendents renounc- 
ed ail his Rights and Claims upon the Kingdom of Spain, 
OD Condition that neither the Emperor, nor any of his De- 
Ibendents, fhall ever fucceed to the faid Kingdom ; bis 
"Imperial Majefly doth acknowledge Tbilip the Fifth to 
I be lawful King of Spain and the Indies, and doth promife 
iio give him the Titles and Prerogatives belonging to his 
Dignity aod his Kingdom; : And moreover, he will allow 
him, ti\i Defcendents, Heirs and SuccelTors, Male and Fe- 
male, peaceably 10 enjoy ali thofe Dominions of the Sps- 
nijh Monarchy in Europe, the IiiHies, and elfewhere, the 
,PoltelIion whereof was allowed to him by the Treaty of 
J/irecht; nor will he direflly nor indirefUy difturb him in 
the faid PoiTeflion at any time, nor will he claim tohimfelf 
any Right to the faid Kingdoms and Provinces. 

IV. In return for the Renunciation and Acknowtedg- 
.SKtitmadc by his Imperial Majcfly in the two foregoing 
: Anicles, the Catholick King, as well in his own, as in the 

Kame of his Heirs, Defcendents and Succcffots, Male and 
I Female, doth renounce in favour of his Imperial Majefly, 
kis SucceEfors, Heirs and Defcendents, Male and Female, 
all Rights and Claims whatfoever, none in the leaft being 
Ckeepted, unto all and every the Kingdoms, Provinces 
sod Dominions which his Imperial Majefly doth polTefsin 
, halji or the Nesbertandit or may accrue to him by virtue of 
thii prefcnt Treaty j andhe doth wholly abdicate all Rights, 
Kingdoms and Provinces in Iialy, which heretofore belong- 
ed to the Spanijh Monarchy, amongft which the Marquifate 
of Final yielded by his Imperial Majefty to the Rcpublick 
I vUGtvoa in the Tear 1719, is underftood to beex^efl^ 
iiprebended } and be wili caufc to be coade q\ii attoti- 
B 4, \u^l 

I,'56 the ^admple Alliance betwem 

1 Ingly folemn Afls of R.eimndatian in due Form, wbich hi 
I will caufe to be iiublifh.-ci and regifter'd in the propei 
I Courts, and promifss that he will exhibit the ufual Infirn 
I mem; thereupon (o his Imperial Majelly and the conirafl 
F ing PoA'crs. His Catholick M/jeiiy d'jth in like mannei 
[ renounce the Right of Rcverfion of the Kingdom of J(ci 
rto the Crown oi Spain, whicli he had reffrved lo himfel 
\ »nd all other Claims and Prettzrfions, under Preiext when 
Fofhe might difturb his Imperial MajeHy his Heirs an 
y SiiccelTors, diteflly or indire^ly, as well in the aforefi 
; K-ingdoms and Provinces, as in all other Dominions, whi 
i te afluaily poffeffes in the Nslberlandi, or elfewherc. ^^ 
V. Whereas in cafe the Grand Duke of 7/(/Cii»jVi orj 
' 'Dv^^'ParjnaiaA'Ptscentia, or their Succeffirs, fh| 
die without Maie liTue, the Prctenfions of SucceflioK 
the Dotninions poflLls'i! by rhcm might kindle a new V 
jn j! aly, oa account of the different Rights of Succeffi; 
whereby after the Deceafe of the next Heirs bctbre o 

tthe prtlent Q_jeen of Spah/, born Duehefs of'Parma, cla"^* 
the faid Dukodoms to herfclf on the one part, and thp I .^^ 
peror and Empire on the other part. To the end thereJE 
ihat the greit Difputej, and the Evils arising from ihfij^^^ 
may be timely obviated, ir U agreed, that tlte States a 
Puchys at pref^nt pofTciTtid by the Grand Duke of 7i(jC 
ny, and Duke of 'parma and 'Placsmia aforefaid, ^ 
in time to come be held and acknowledged by all thejE 
trailing Powers as undoubted Male Fiets of die Holy J 
man Empire. His Imperial Majerty on his part dotn C 

»fent by himfelf, as Head of the Empire, that whensv^ 
Jhall happen (hat the laid Duchys fhall lie open for W 
- of Heirs Mai?, the firll-boin Son of the ("aid Queer 
Spdi»i ind his DefcenHenTs, being Males, born in lai 
Matrimony ; and in default of them, the fecond born, 
other the younger Sons of rhe /aid Queen, ifany fhall' 
horn , together with their Male Defcendents, born in h 
fill Marriage, (liail in like manner fucceed to all the! 
vinces aforefaid. To which end it being neceflary that^: 
Confent of the Empire be alfo given, his Imperial MaJ9 
will ufe all his Endeavours to obtain it; and having fl 
tained it, he will caufe the Letters of Expedlativc, c) 
taining the eventual lovefiiture fur the Son of the fi 
Qjieen, or her Sons, and their Legitimate Male DefcQ 
dents, to bs expedited in due Form ■ and he will cau 
\ t^e fdid Letters to be delivered to the Catholick King In 


1718. the Emperor, France, England, &c. 

mediately, or at leaft after two Months from the Exchangci 
rhoAati^c.iiions : Withour any Darnage nevertheiefs, or Pre- 
itidice 10 ihe Princes, who row Iiavc PoflfeJfion of the faid 
DHchyr, wViich PofTeflioh is to remain intirely fafe ro them. 
Uu farther agreed between his facred Imperial Majefty 
md the Catholiek King, that the Town a( Leghorn may, 
tnd oughr, perpeiually to remain a Free Port, in the fame 
manner as it now is. 

By vinue of the Renunciation made by the King of 
Spain, of 2I! the Dominions, Kingdoms and Provinces 
in }!sly, which heretofore helonged to the Kings of 
.Cfdid, that King (hall yieJd to the aforefaid Prince hia 
Son, the Town of 'Pcrto Lon^one, together with that 
pin of rhe Ifland litbat which he aflually poflefll;s there- 
in j ant) ^all deliver the fame up to him, as foon as that 
?rince, on (he Extinflion of the Male Pofterity of the 
GrJiid Dutte oiT'i'fcany, fhall be admitted into the a3ual 
PniTcffiDO of his Territorys. 

Ir is moreover agreed to, and provided by folemn Con- 
ma, that none of the afotcfaid Duchys or Dominions, 
« any Time, or in any Cafe, may or ought to be poffefled 
by a Prince, who at the fame time holds the Kingdom 
n^Spdhi J and that no Kingof i'^d/w can ever tjkc upon 
him the Guardianfliip of that Prince, or may be allowed 
exercifc the fame, 

Laftly, it is agreed, and thereto all and lingular the 
Pinyg contrafting have equally bound themfelves, that 
ilnever /hall he altowcd, durine the Lives of the preTent 
PofTeflors of the Duchys of -Jjifcany and 'Parma, or of 
iKeir Male SocceiTbrs, that any Forces of any Country 
whatfever, whether their own or hired, /hall either by 
tile Emperor, the Kings of Sbahi and France, or even by 
the Prince appointed, as above, to the Succeffion, be in- 
troduced into the Provinces and Lands of the faid Du- 
tbysjnot fhall any of them place any Garifon in the 
Otyi, Potts, Town!!, or Fortrefles therein {ituated. 

But that the faid Son of the Queen of .SjSfl/ff, appointed 
I'll (his Treaty toihe Succeffion of the Great Duke ofT'i'f- 
Mwy, and the Dake of 'Parma and 'Placentia, may be 
ttnte fully fccured againQ all Events, and may more cer- 
tunly depend on the Execution of the Succeflion prooiifcd 
liim; and likewife that the Fief, con^ituted as above, 
Bsy remain inviolable to the Emperor and Empire ^ it is 
'S^ed on hoth SiJes, that Garifons, not excecivti4^°'*" 
w wet 


the ^adrupk Mliance betvietn 

t the Number of fix Thoufand Men, which L„.., 
put into the principal Towns thereof, via. Legt^oYn, yS 
to Fermro, 'Parma, and T/acentia, be taken from amoi 
the S-viifs Cantons; which Cantons are for this purpofe. 
be paid t>y the Three Contracting Powers, who ha' 
taken upon them the part of Mediators. And theft 
Garifons are therein to be continued till the Cafe of t 
faid Succeffion (hali happen, when they fliall be oblij 
to deliver the Towns to the faid Prince appoinied to t 
Succeffion J neverthelels, without any TrouhtcorCha^e 
tbeprcfent PoiTeffors, and their SucceiTors being Males, 
whom likewife the faid Garilons are to take an Oath of Fh 
lity, and are to affume to themfelves no other Authority th 
only the Guatd of the City committed to their Charge. 

»But whereas this beneficial Work may be longer delsy 
than is canvenient, before an Agreement can be Bid 
with the S-'iXif! Cantons about the Number, Pay, a 
Manner of cftablifhing fuch a Force ; hi^ Sacred Ro: 
Sritamiick M^jefty, out of his fingular Zt:al lor the U 
Work, and the publick Tranquillity, and for the eaili 
obtaining the End piopoled, will n*t in the mean tit 
refufs to lend his own Forces for the ufe abovementione 
if tbe rttt of the coniraAing Powers think good, till il 
Forces to beraifedin the •S'';t>(/i Cantons can take upon the 

(the Guard and Cuftodyof the faid Citys. 
VI. His Catholick Majefly, to teftify hi* fincere Inc 
nation for the publick Tranquilliry, doth confenr to all ihU 
hereafter meniion'd, with regard to what is letiled aba 
ihc Kingdom oi Sicily for the Advantage of his Impe^ 
Maieily, and doth renounce for himfelf, his Heirs and Sv 
ceffbrs, Male and Female, the Right of Reverfion of tfc 
Kingdom to the Ciown of Spain, which he exprefly 
ferved to himfelf by the Inflrument of Cefllon, dated t 
loth oijmie 1713. Out of Love lo the publick Good) 
moreover departs from the faid Aft of the loth of yra 

1171^, as far as is ncccffary ; as likewife from the fixth A 
tide of the Treaty of tTV/^citf betwixt himfelf and his Ro 
a! Highoela the Duke of Savoy ; as likewife in gcner 
&om every thing that may oppofe the Retroceflton, Di 
polition and Permutation of the abovcmentioncd Kingdoi 
oi Sicily by this prcfent Treaty eflablifhed. On Conditio 
nevetthelefs, that tbe Right of Reverfion of the liland an 
KJn^^om of Sardinia to the faid Crqwn may be yieMf 
aaj allowed to bim, a» tkCie&fict vn tVv^tbeand Article 1 

the EmperoTy France, England, G?f. s^ 

feottons beiwoen bii UenA Imperial NtajcRy and 
T^t Siciiy w fiiribfr rxpUin'd. 
rtw EmpervF iivH tb« Caifaolick Kintt mutually 
pid bintl theinliilve) to a reciprocal Defence und 
►of all the Kingdoms a»d Prorincei which ihcy 
po0e&, or the PofTeflion whcreoT ougbc to beloog 
py virtue of the prefeni Treaty. 
Hit Imperial M*jcHy and hi* RoyJl Carholick 
'ftiill Immediately alter E»changc<rf the Ra(ifi«»- 
fefe preri^ni Convcniion«, put in Execution sUanJ 
tCondiiions therein comptchcndid, and th^i virb* 
HCe of two Months ar the fArtht-ll, xnd laftfu* 
Ifbe Ratificaootuof the (siA Conv«ntiou fliall 
tgC<l at LohMm wiihio the fpace of two Momb^ 
iputcd from the Oiy offijtning, ot fooDct it pnlBble. 
Ucecation of the Conditioni heinii prcviaufly per* 
their Minillcrstnd Picniporcniiaryj by them ro be 
isll in the Placu of Congrefs whuh they fhali Jgrco 
h ail fpccd ftvcraliy fcitic and dcrermiiw ihc other 
iheir particular Peace, under the Mediation of the 
Tu^liiif; Powcn. 

'iher Agreed, that in the Tieat\' of Peace par* 
a be made between the Emperor and the King 
'< general Amncfly f)iall he gamed to jill Perlooi 
Ite, Uigniry, Dcgiec, or Sck w'.utlbescr, whc- 
Siftica! or Military. Poliiiual or Civil, who fi»l- 
f Party of the one or the oihcr Pnnce during the 
i' in Virttic whereof all and flngular the faid Per* 
be pcrmtiied to rtKL-lve, and nicy may rCMieiM 
lOD and Ufc of their Goods, RigliH, I'tiwilcget, 
DigntiyK, and Immunitvs, and fbnil ule and 
'arae at frady a^ they did enjoy them at ihc be- 
ihe lift War, ot at the time when they begun 
Rilclvc* to the one or the other P<irty. al) Con- 
Arrerti, and Scnteocei mnile, pafU-d, or pro- 
uiing the War, to ihe contrary nnt with Handing, 
I be h1^ld at null and of no Bf^6l. In Virtue 
if ihe aforefaid Amnefly, it fball be Uwful and 
and lingular the faid rctfom, who followed one 
tt Party, to return to their Country, and lo c«- 
rOodi in the fame mnnnetas if no War had hap- 
J a fiill Liceoee is given ihcm to take care of 
feftj, either by thcmfclTCi if they fhould bo 
!|Ql their Aitotoeyt, if they fliould choofe ra- 


6o 7he ^adruph Alliance hehvecn 

ther to abfent themfclves from their Country ; and the 
may either fell, or any oihcrway, according tothsirPlei 
fure, difpofe of them entirely after the fame manner the 
might have done before the beginning of the War. 

Conditions of the 'Treaty to he concluded het-xeen his i^ 
rial Maje/iy and the King of Sicily. 

trecht to the Houte of Savoy, being foiely tna^ 
for rendering that Peace fblid, and not on the account of M 
Right the King of Sicily had thereto, has been fo far fro 
bringing about the End propoCd, that, 2l5 M Europe z\ 
wicnefs, it has rather proved the great Obftacle which hi 
dered the Emperor from acceding to the faid Treaty's, i 
afmuch as the Separation of the Kingdoms of Naples M 
Sicily y^o long ufed to remain under the ftme Dominion, ai 
to be called by the Kame of both the Sicilies, has not OD 
been found oprofite 'O the common Interefts and mutn 
Prefcrvation of both Kingi^oms, bat likewife to the Repo 
oi 3.\\ Italy, being conlianrly produ£tivc ofnewComitt 
tions, while neither (he anticnt tntercourfe and muiij 
Relation between the two Nations can be deftroyed, o| 
the Interefts of the different Princes can he eafily recoDC 
ed ; For this Reafon it is, that the Princes who Grft m^ 
the Ucrecht Treatys, have thought it lawful for them, 'cv 
without the Confent of the Pattys concerned, to abrc^s 
that one Article of thofe Treatys which regards the Kat) 
dom of Sicily, and is not any principal Part of the fi 
Treatys, (bundingthemfelvea chiefly upon thePe Reafoi 
That the prefent TreJtv will receive its Increafe and C^ 
pletion from the FmperorN Renunciation; and that 
the Exchange of Stciiy for Sardinia^ the Wars whj 
threaten Jtaly may be prevented, inafmuch as the EoipC 
might rightfully attack Sicily, which he never yetrenoui 
cd, and which fince the Infr^ftion of the Neutrality of //i 
by the Seizure o^ Sardinia, he may tightfully recover' 
force of Arms : Befidea that the King of Sicily may becoi 
poffefs'd of a certain and durable Dominion by the Bew 
of fo folemn a Treaty with his Imperial Majefty, and g 
ranty'd by the chief Princes oi Europe. Being moved the 
fore by fo great Rcafons, they have agreed, that the K 
of Sicily ShiW reftore to his Imperial Majefty the IH^nd tU 
Kingdom of Sicily, with aU its De^ai\4tTi,c'j^ s.'rA A.ij^en3 

the Emperor^ France, England, Gfc. 6i 

he State wherein they now are, immediately, or in 
Dths at the farthell from the Exchange of the Rati- 
j of the prefent Treaty. And he fliall in favour of 
peror, his Heirs, and Succeflbrs of both Sexes, re- 
all Rights and Pretenfions whatfocvcr to the faid 
01, as well for himfelf as his Heirs and Succcflors,^ 
d Female 5 the Rcverfion thereof to the Crown of 
:ing entirely taken away. 

return his Imperial Majefty Hiall yield to the King 
the Illand and Kingdom of Sardinia^ in the fame 
n wherein he fhail receive it from rhe Catholick 
nd ihall renounce all Rights and Intereiis in the faid 
31 for himfelf, his Heirs and Succeffors, of both. 
n favour of the King of Sicily ^ his Heirs and Suc- 
:hat he may hereafter perpetually pofTeG the fame 
i Title of a Kingdom, and all other Honours an- 
the Royal Dignity, in the fame manner as he pof- 
e Kingdom of Sicily^ on Condition neverthelcfs, 
Reveriion of rhe fai*! Kingdom of Sard nia fhall 
ed to the Crown of Sf^aiii^ whenever it may hap- 
'he King of Sialy /hall be without Heirs Male, 
he Houfe of Savoy fhall likewife be deftitute of 
ale : But in the fame manner altogether as the 
?rfion was fetrled and ordained fo - the Kingdom 
by the Trearys of Utrecht^ and by the Aft of 
3 purfuance thereof made by the King of Spain. 
is Imperial Maieily fhall confirm to the King of 
the C'^flions ma :e to him by the Treaty (igned at 
e 8fh ot November^ 1705. as well of that part of 
y of Mcnt ferrate as of the Provinces, Citys, Towns, 
^ands, Places, Rights and Revenues of the State 
which he now doth pofTcfs, in the manner where- 
lally doth pofTefs them; and he will IHpulate for 
bis Defcendents and Succeflbrs, that he never 
'b him, his Heirs or Succeflbrs, in the pofiTcflion 
:, On Condition neverthclcfs rhar all other Claims 
jnfions which he mny poflibly make in virtue of 
Treaty fhall be and remain void. 
s Imperial Majefly fhall acknowledge the Right 
no o* Sicily y and his Houfe, to fucceed immediate- 
K.ingdom of Spain and of the Indies^ in cafe of 
•e of King Vbilip V. and his Poftcrity, in Man- 
ttled by the Renunciations of the Catholick King, 
of Serry^ and the Duke of Orleans^ and by the 


63 the Quadruple Alliance between 

Tteatys oF Utrecht; and his Imperial Majefty 
inife as well for bimlelf as for his SuccefCors am 
dantt, that at no time he will ditcflly or indireflly ,^ 
or any way a^ contraty to the fame. It is declared iwve 
ihelcfs, that no Prince of the Houfe of •Jut'oy who fhall ~ 
cecd to the Crown tyi Sptin, may poflcfs at ihe fame 1 
Any ProTince or Dominion on the Continent of leafy \ u 
that in fuch Cafe, thofe Provinces ihall devolve to the 
lateral Piinces of that Houft who (liall fucceed thcreio 
.after another, according to the Proximity of Blood. 

V. His Imperial Ma|cfty and the King of .^city ftii 
give mutudl Guarantystor all the Kingdoms and I'roViM 
which they actually pol^cfs in Italy, ot which fhall acci 
to them by vitiue of this prefcnt Treaty. 

VI. His Impctial Majefty and the King of Sici(y ima. 
diaiely after the Exchange of the Ratifications of there Co 
mentions, {hall put in Execution all and every the Cotd 
tiont therein contained, and that within the Space of 
Months at tin: fiirrheft: And the Inftrumcnts of the ~ 
cations of the faid Conventions fhall be exchanged 
ttea within two Months from the Day of %ning, « 
if po£[ihlc. And Immediately after the previous E: 
of the faid Conditions, ibeir Minifters and Plcnlpal 
*<y them 10 be named, (hali in the Place of Conj 

hall agree upon, with all (peed fevcrally (etdc 
'Point* of iheir particular Peace, under the Mcdiati 
tbtcc Contracting Powers. 

Hit abovenamcd Imperial and Catholick MajcL 
extremely inclined to promote the Peace propofeo^ 
avert the dreadful Cal^Lmitys of War, and out of hu 
Dclirc to rciilc an univcifal Pacification, hath accOH 
a ^irc- mentioned Conveniluni, and all and lingular I 
ticlcK thereof, and hereby doth accept the (ami;, f 
cordingly has entered into d particular Treaty wiihtl 
Powers abovcfaid, on the fbUowing Condiiiont. 

I, Thar there be and remain between his Sacrc< 
rial Catholick Majclly, his Sacred Royal MajeAy a 

^ritdta, hit SacrcdRoyal mo(t Chril^an Majc(l?, 1 
"~" ..-..- « ilofihe 

^Bfligh and Mighty Lords the Staiea General o 
^^KefbtrlaiiJs, and ihcir Heirs and Succcftbrs, a mat 
^^ttlliance ; in Virtue whereof each of them arc 
^^rofervo the Daminions and 5ub;e£tt of the olbcrs, 
wife to maintzio Peace, to promote mutually the Into 


I Brnpiror, France, England, tSe. 59 

r bcitt'ccA hit tuTtA ItnpcrUI M^jcAy aad 
IJ'h.vT)' wlJirihcrtxpUin'd. 
\ Empcmt aod rbc CatfaoJick Kioi; motutlly 
I bintt ihcnirclwt to a redpfwckt De4eacs and 
I ali the K.ingd(ims and Prurincn wKith tbcjr 

f;[f, or ihc PtwcfTton whereof ouglu n belMg 
irtue of the prcreni Trcary. 
|[ M^jcily and hii Royil C^tholtck 
Ul imtncdUicly^aftrr Hicliani^ur t^e Raiito.- 
\ frcrctit ConTcnliona, put in Eiteninon allanj 
pMiiiom tbcrciit cfliBpreiim(li;({, and th^t iririt- 
|r oF two Monrht it the f^rthctl, snl litllru- 
(e R^iiRcdiioMof the fjid Om*entiai)« Ouitl 
id Bl Ltftdtn within the fpaire of two Moniki^ 
Ittd fium (he D>> orfijtning, n* loaner il' p(4Bble. 
Nation of the Ccmdi'tem b«ii>it previoulty pci» 
iir Minilltfta ami Plenipoivatiirji by tKtm n> be 
tiitthi; place of G)n;;refi whi-^h (hcj flu}] agree 
kU fpced ri:Tt:ral)y fettle inddstirrmiMibe other 
if partkuiar Peace, under the Mediation of the 
Sing Powcn. 

sr agreed, rhst in the Troatv ef Peaee par- 
Ik nude between iht^ Emperm and thn King 
l^cneni) Amnciiy fliali be (frinicd (o all I'effeoa 
I Digtiitj-, Degree, or Son whjtfpeTtrr, who- 
■flkol or Military, Political or OvU, who fol- 
irty of the one or the mbcr Vn^it d^Hmi the 
) Virtue whereof all und fiDBulurrhr r^idPer- 
pcTRliticd lorec'ire, and tnev mjy roceiro 
bind Ufo of ibeirG»odt, Kighit, Pn»tLeg«, 
gnttyt, arta) Immunii^i, and fbilt ufc atvd 
ic 1) freely ■> tbry did enioy them at the be- 
le laft War, or at the ilmc wHen ihoy bcnn 
Pelvca ID the one n the uiher Pdtiy, all Con- 
fcrti, and Sentcncei mud*, paff^-d, ot pr» 
(1^ the War, 10 the L-ooirarv tintwithlUiKTin^ 
ft held at null nnd of no £{!c^ lit Vittuc 
ticafnreriid Amoct'tv, it /hill be Uwfot and 
d Rngutur the fatd ■pcifou*, who followed one 
Piny, » rctgrn to their Couriry, and tocn- 
tda in tbe(aoic mAnneru if do War had hap- 
a. tiilt Licence it given tbcm to take care of 
!t*, either by thcralefvei if they IhcMid be 
f their J\itorneyi, if they fiioald cbootc nr 


564 The ^ladruple JUHance between 

Terriiorys within eight Days aficr Application made b; 
his Imperial Majefty. , 

iV. On the oiherhand, his Sacred Itnperial and Caibc 
lick Majefty, his Sacred Royal Sriiamick Majefty, ar 
the States General of ihe United provinces, promife i 
themfeives, their Heirs and SuccefTors, that they ncTfl 
will direflly or indireftly difturb his Sacred naofi Chrifti ' 
Majefty in any of his Dominions to the Crown oi prsni 
now belonging. On the contrary, they will and ouj' 
guard and defend the fame againft all and fingulai 
may attempt to invade them in a hoOile Manner; andi 
that cafe they will and ought 10 turnifhfuch Succours as li 
mofl ChrilVian Majelty Dial] want, according as berea(c<( 
is agreed upon. 

His Sacred Imperial and Catholick Majefty, his Sacn 
Hoyal Majefty oF Great Britain, and the Lords the Sta^^^ 
General, do Hkcwife promife and oblige themlclvcE, tl^ 
they will and ou^ht to maintain, guaranty, and defend ^ 
Right ofSucceflion in the Kingdom of Frafice, acconJii 
10 the Tenor of the Trcatys made at Utrecht the iiihj 
u^/iril 1715. obliging themfclvcs to lland by the faid Sucra 
fion plainly, according to the form of the Renunciation m»q 
by the King of Spai?>, rhe 5 th of November 1711, and b 
a folemn Aci accepted in the general Afftmblyof theStati 
of Spahi the pth Day of the Month and Tear aforcGiM 
which thereupon' pafled into a Law the 18th of .^rei 
1713, and lattly was elkblifhed and fettled by the Treaty) 
of [/trecht : And this they fhall perform againft ail PetfoH 
wharfoevcr, who may preiume to difturb the Order of tb 
faid Suceeffion, in coniradi^tion to the previous Afls, 
Treatys fubfcquent thereupon. To which End they { 
furnifh the Succours, according to the Repartition agrcf 
on below. Farther, when rhe Matter may require it, [h^ 
Jhall defend the laid Order of Succeflion with all their Ffl 
ces, by likewife declaring War againft him who may j 
tetnpt toinfringeor impugn the fame. 

Moreover, his Imperial Royal Catholick Majefly, and hi 
Royal Sritawiick Majefty, and the States General, i 
likewife promife, that they will not at any time give a 
grant any Protection or Refuge in their Dominions to tht 
Subjea^ofhis Royal moft Chriflian Majefty, who aaually 
are, or hereafter fhali be declared Rebels ; and in cafeanj^ 
fuch fliail be found in tbeit Kingdoms, Provinces and Do- 
minlons, they ihall commiind i\iem 10 dei^^Ltt the famtffl 



1718. fix Emperor, France, England, ^c. 6^ 

within the fpace of eight Days after Application made by 
the faid King. 

V. His Sacred Imperiat and Rbyal Otholick Majcfty, 
isalfo his Royal molt ChrilHan Msjclly, and rhe Siatcs 
[ General of the Utiited 'Provinces, Aa bind thcmfelves, 
iheit Heirs and Succcffors, 10 maintain and guaranty the 
Eucccdion in the Kingdom of Great Srirmt!, as tftablifh'd 
by the La*s of that Kingdom, in the Houfe of* his Sri- 
liHiJich. Maii:fty now reigning, as Jikewifc to defend all the 
Dominions and Provinces pofleflcd by his Mijcily And 
ihey fhall not give or grant any Proteflion or R.cfuge iii 
»ny part of their Dominions 10 the I'erfon, hr his Dtfccn- 
dents, if he (hould have any, who during the Life of 
yamesli. took on him theTiiJcof Prince oHVales, and 
fincc the Death of that King affumcd the Royal Title of 
King of Grfat St'iTain. Promifing alike for ihe'tnfelves, 
their Heirs and Succeflbrs, that they will not give to the 
fiid Perfbn or his Defcendents, direiHy or indireflly, by 
Sea or by Land, any Sulcout, Counfcl or Aflidance what- 
Ibever, either in Money, Arms, Military Stores, Ships, 
Soldiers, Mariners, or any other Manner whatfoevcr. The 
fame they fhall obferve with regard to thofe who may be 
ordered or commiffioned by the faid Pcrfon of his De- 
fcendents, to diDurb the Goveniment of his Snr.T!i:ick 
Majefty, or the Tranquillity of bis Kingdoms, whether by 
open War or clandelHne CDnfpiracys, by raifing Seditions 
and Rebellions, or by exerciling Piracy on his Sritannick 
Majelly's Subjeas. In which lafl Cdc, his Imperial and 
B.(»al Catholick Majefty doth promirc, that he will in no 
wife allow that there be any Receptacle granted to fuch 
Piiares in his Ports in the Nerherlands. The fame do his 
_ Sacred mod Chritiian MajcOy and the States General of 
lite United 'Provinces ftipulate, with regard to the Ports 
in their refpeflive Dominions : As on the other hand, his 
Sritaunick Majelly doth promife that he will refufe any 
Reftige in the Pons of his Kingdoms to Pirates infcfiing 
llie Subjefts of his Sacred Imperial and Royal Catholick 
)ttijefty, of his Sacred Royal moll Chrilliao Majerty, or of 
^Lotds the States General. Laltly, his Imperial and 
~\ Citholick Majcfty, his Sacred Royal moft Chriftian 
_jfty, and the Lords the States General oblige them- 
Itm, that they will never give any Retuge or Proteflion 
in iny part of their Dominions to fuch of hU BriCflniitcfe 
Majcfty'j Subje£is, as actually are, or hereaftct fi\i\.\ \k. &c- 

66 ^ke ^adrupk Alliance Between 

• c1are<] Rebels ; and in cafe any fucli Jhall be found in 

of their Kingdoms, Provinces and Dominions, they Jha 
command them, within eight Days after AppHcationniadt 
by the faid King, to depart out of their Tcrriiorys. An< 
if it (liould happen that his "Sacred Sr//iJ««/cfe Maj^ 
fhould be invaded in any part in a hoflile Manner, bislttt 
peria! and Royal CatholicK MajeUy, as iikewife his Royal 
moft Cfarjftian Majefly, and the States General of &^ 
United Trovhices do oblige ihemfelves in that cafe to fa 
nifli the Succours hereafter fpecificd. The fame they ai 
to do in favour of his Defcendent^, if ever it Hiould bappq) 
that 'they fliould be difturhed in the SucceliGon of the Kiqd 
dom of Grest Sridihi. 

VI. His Imperial and Royal CathoHck Majefty, ai 
t;heir Royal Sritanuick and moft Chriftian Majeftys, i 
bind themfelves, their Heirs and Succeflbrs, to proteft ani 

*guar-nty all the Dominions, Jutifdiflions and Frovincoi 
which the Lords the States General of the United ^rn 
^i:css aflually foCrefa, againft all Perfons whatfoever tt^ 
may difiurb or invade them j promiJing to furnilh them" 
fuch cafe with the Succours hereafter mentioned. H^sb 
perial and Royal Caiholicfc Majefty, and their Royal Sri 
taaxick and moft Chtiilian Majeftys, Iikewife oblige th«n 
feives, that they will give no Refuge or Ptoteftion in iuq 
of their Kingdoms to the Subjei^ts of the States Geoefai 
who are, or hereafter /hall be, declared Rebels j and ifw 
fuch {hail be found in any of their Kingdoms, Domibifi 
or Provinces, they will take care to fend them out of thf 
Dominions, within the Ipace of eight Days after Applican 

. inade by the Republick. 

Vlf. When it /hall happen that any one of the fourcflg 
tracing Powers fliall be invaded by any other Prince 
State, or difturbcd in the Pofleflion of their Kingdoi 
or Dominions, by the violent Detention of their Subje^ 
Ships, Goods or Merchandize, by Sea or by Land, thd 
the three remaining Powers (hall, as foon as they are W 
quired thereto, ufe their good Offices that the Party faf 
feting may have Satisfaflion for the Damage and Injucy i 
ccived, and that the Aggreffor may abftain from the Pi 
fecution of his Hoftility, But when thefe friendly Offic 
for Recondilation and procuring Satisfaction and Repan/ 
tilon to the injured Party fhall have proved iofufficient, i( 
that cafe the High Allies, within two Months after Appl» 


1718. the Emperor, France, England, G?r. 6y 

ration m^de, ftiall fiirnifh the Party invaded with the fol- 
lowing Succours, jointly or feparatcly, viz. 

His Imperial ^nd Royal Catholick Majefty, 8coo Foot, 
and 4000 Horfe. 

His Sritannick Majefty 8000 Foot, and 4000 Horfe. 

His moft Chriliian Majefty, 8coo Foot, and 4000 Horfe. 

And the Lord3 the States General, 4000 Foot, and 2000 


But if the Prince or Party injured, inftead of Soldiers 
chufes rather Ships of War, or Tranf^^orts, or Subfidys in 
Money, which is left to his Difcretion, in that cafe tho 
Ships or Money defired jfhall be granted him in proportion 
to the Charge of the Soldiers to be furniftied. And that 
all Ambiguity with regard to the Calculation and Charge 
of /iich Sums may be taken away, it is agreed, that a 
Thoufand Foot by the Month fhall be reckoned at ten 
Thoufand Florins of ^o/towrf, and a Thoufand Horfe ftiall 
be reckoned at thirty Thoufand Florins o( Holland hy the 
Month ; the fame Proportion being obferved with refpeA to 
the Ships. 

When the above-named Succours ftiall be found infufS- 
cient for the Neceffity impending, the contrafting Powers 
ftiall without delay agree on contributing more ample Sup- 
plies. And farther, in cafe of Exigency, they ftiall amft: 
cbeir injured Ally with all their Forces, and declare War 
againfl the AggreiTor. 

Vni. The Princes and States upon whom the contrac- 
ting Powers ftiall unanimoufly agree, may accede to this 
Treaty 5 arid the King of Portugal by Name, 

This Treaty ftiall be approved and ratified by their Im- 
perial, Sritannicky and trq^ Ghriftian Majeftys, and by 
the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the 
United Provinces y and the Inftruments of Ratification ftiall 
be exchanged at Lojidon^ and reciprocally delivered within 
the fpace of two Months, or fooner, if poffible. 

Id Witnefs whereof. We the underwritten (being fur- 
niftied with fiill Powers, which have been mutually com- 
municated, and the Copys whereof having been in due 
Form by us collated and examined with the Originals, are 
f Word for Word infertdd at the End of this Inflrument) 
have fobfcribed this ^prefent Treaty, and thereto put our 

Seals. Done at London the ^J^^;^.': Amio fDomini 


(L. ^,> 



■08 7%e ^adruple Alliance betiseen 

CL.'S.) Chr'if. "Penterridter ab AdetJJjaufen. 
(L. SO 70. 'P/«;. mjfman, 

CL. S.) W^ Crt;;^ 

(L. SO 'Parker C. 

CL. S.) Sunder laiiH 'P. 

fL. SO if/ffg^oa C. y. X / 

(L. SO Kent. 

fL. SO HoUei l^fivcfflle. 

(L. SO i^o/fow. 
^, CL. SO Roxhnrghe. ^ 

i - TL. S.) -Bdrkeley. < 

'■n ■ (L-s.j y.Oagsi. 

Seprate and Secret Ankles. 

I, VirHcreas the raoft ferene and mnfl potent King- 
^' Great Sritjia, and the moft fcrene and moff | 
tent the moll Chrillian King, as likewife the High ■ 
■Mighty Lofds the States Central of the United Nelbi 
lands, by virtue ofthe Treaty between thetn this Day ca 
eluded and iigned, have agreed on certain Conditio! 
whereby a Pea^e may be made betwixt the moft ferei 
and moll potent Emperor of the Romatis and the mo 
fcrene and moll potent King of S/ain, as alfo between H 
facred Imperial MajeOy aforefjid and the King of Sici 
Cwhomhere^ftcr it is thought fit 10 aW ih^King of jSsin 
uia) which Conditions th^y havi^ communicated to 1 
three Princes aforefdid, as a ^jfis of the Peace to be ef 
blifhed between them : His facred Imperial Majefly, 1 
ing moved by the moil weighty Rcalons which'indul 
the King of Great Sriiahi, the moft Chrillian King, (, 
the States General aforelaiH, to take upon themfcWc* 
great and fo wholefome a Work, and yielding to their c 
cumfpccl and urgent Counfela and Perfuafiona, declai 
that he doth accept ihc faid Conditions or Articles, I 
of ihum excepted, as fixed and immutable Conditions,, 
cording to which he agrees to conclii9c a perpetual Pel 
with the King of Sj/ain, and the King of Sity(//H/(i. 

11. But bccaufc the King of Spain and the King 

Sardwm have not yet confented to the faid Conditions, i 

Imperial Majefty, as likewife rheir Royal Sritannick ai 

. wait C/irirtian Majeftys and the States General afbrefat 

have agreed to allow them tot con^cTiun^iV^KXa, tUcfgai 

\y\^. the Emperor, France, England, &c. 69 
of three Months, to be computed from the Day of fign'ng 
this prefent Treaty, as judging this Interval of Time fut- 
6cienc for them duly to weigh the faid Conditions, and 
finally determine and declare iliemfelves, whether they arc 
willing to accept them as fixed and immutable Condiuons 
of their Pacification with his Imperial Majcliy, as from their 

i Piety and Prudence it may be hoped they will doj and fol- 
bwiog the Example of his Imperial Majefty, that they will 
be induced to moder^ie their Paflions, and out of regard 
w Humanity, that they will prefer the pubiick Tranqui.iity 
10 their own private Opinions ; and at the fame time not 
only fpare the Effufion of their own People's Blood, but 
avert the Calamitys of War from the other Nations of 
Europe .- To which End, their 'Britannick and moll 
ChriftianMajeliys, and the States General of the U'litcd 
Nelberlaads, will jointly and feparafely coniributc their 
moft cS^ftual Offices, for inclining the f^ild Princes to fuch 
an Acceptation. 

III. But if, contrary to all Expeflation of the Partys a- 
bovCcontraQing, and the Wifhesof all Europe, the King 
of Spain, and the King of Sardinia, after the Term of 
thtec Months clapfcd, (hould decline to accept the faid 
Conditions of Pacification propofed betwixt them and his 
Imperial Majefty, fince it is not rcafonable that the TranT 
quillity of Europe fhould depend upon their Reliifal, or 
private Defigns, their 'Sritannick and moft Chrirtian Ma- 
leftys, and the States General, do promlfe that they will 
join their Forces with thofe of his Imperial Majefty, in 
order to compel thein to the Acceptance and Execution of 
theaforefaid Conditions. To which end, they willfurnilh 
tiis Imperial M^j^fty jointly and feparately with the felf- 
fame Succours which they have agreed upon for their reci- 
procal Defence by the 7th Article of the Treaty figned 
this Day, unarimoufly confeniing that the moft ChriTiian 
King (hall, inflead of Soldiers, contribute his Quota in 
Money. And if the Succours fpecified in the faid leventh 
Article /hal! not be fuffieicnt for compaliling the End pro- 
pofed, then the four contrafling Partys Ihal! without delay 
igtee on more ample Succours to be fumlfhcd to his Impe- 
ml Majefty, and Ihall continue the fame till his Imperial 
, Ma)efty ftiall have teduced- the Kingdom oi SicUy, and till 
hie Kingdoms and Provinces in Jraly ftiall enjoy full Secu- 
lity. It is farther agreed, and that in cxprefa Words, that 
if, by rcafon of the Stjccours ^vhich thcu B rirannttV. 4v\^ 
F 3 Oi^ij'k. 



70 tlie ^adruple Alliance between 

moll Cbiiniau Majellys, and the Lords the States Genori 
fliall futnifli to his Iropctial Majefty, by Virtue and 
Execution of the prefciu Treaty, the Kings of Spain a 
Sardinia, or either of ihem, iball declare or wage Wi 
agai,nll any one ol the faid ContrdftotK, either by atiackJl 
them in their Duminions, at by violently detaining the 
Subjcds or Ships, their Goods and Merchandizes by " 
or Land, in th.ii cafe the two other of the contraf 
Powers ftiall immediately declare War againlt the faij Kitig 
oi Spain and Sardinia, or ag^^in^ him of the two KJngI 
who ihaj] have denounced or waged War againrt any "' 
of the faid conccaiting Powers ; nor /liall rhey lay di 
their Arms before the Eoipetor fhall be pofltfs'd of Sieifi 
and made fecure with regard to his Kingdoms and F 
vinces in Il^^fy, and iikewife jufl Satisfaflion /hall be gi', _ 
to him of the three contrdfling Powers, who IhallhsiE^ 
been invaded or fuficted Damage by reafon of the prefeni 
Treaty. ^ 

IV. When only one of the two Kingsaforefaid, whohaw 
not confented to :he Conditions of Peace to be made will 
his Imperial Majt;fly, ihall accept ihem, he Iikewife 

i'oin himfelf with the four contracting Powers, to coi 
lim that ihall refufe the faid Condition!!, ami Hiall furiul 
his Quota of Succours according to the Diflribution w i 
jnade thereupon. 

V. If the Ca-holick King, out of regard to the Publicii' 
Good, and a Perluaiion that an Exchange of the King 
doms of Sicily and Sardinia is neceffary for the MaintH' 
naricc.ofthcgcncral Peace, Hiali agree ihereio,and emb»( 
the Condition:, of Peace to be made with tUv Bmperoc'* 
above; and on the other hand, if the King of i'i»r<rf/« 
fliall rejeft fuch an Exehange, and pcrfift in retaining SlcHy 
in ihatcafe the King oi Spain /hall rertore Sardinia totUe 
Emperor, who (faving his fujireme Dominion over it_J fliall 
put the fanic into the Cuftody of the moil ferene King of 
Great Sriia:;;, and of the Lords the States General, "^ 
fo long lime, lili Siaiy being reduced, the King of i 
dinia Ihail (ign the aboi-e-mentaoned ConditionsofalVei 
with the Emperor, and ftiall agree to accept the Kingd 
ef Sardi;ua as an Ei^uiyalcTit for the Kingdom o{ Sci, 
Ifhicb being done, he lliall be admitted into the Po0efl 
thciepf by the King oiGrcgl Britain and the States GeoQ 
%i\, £ui if his Imperial Majedy /hould nut be able 

ffioquf^ Sicii^'i agd reduce it under his Pow^r, in that c 

[yiS. the Eraperor, France, England, &c. yx 

be King af Great Sritain, and the Srates General, /halt 
■eflore ro htm the Kingdom of Sardinia j and in thcmean 
imc hJG Imperial Majefty /hall enjoy the Revenues of the 
aUI Kingdom, whicn Ihall exceed the Charge of keeping 

VI- But in cafe the King of Sardinia jTiall conlent to 
he faid Exchange, and the King of Spain (hall refule, in 
bis cafe the Emperor being aided by the Succours of the 
tflof the Contraflots, (hall atiaCk iiJr.V/H/(i, with which 
IUCC01IIS they on their Fart promifc to furniHi him ; as ilie 
unpeior promifes on his parr, that be will not lay down his 
Irma till he fliall have poirent::d himfclf of the whole 
kingdom tX Sardinia t which immediately after fuch Pof- 
ellion he (hall give op to the King a^ Sardinia. 

Vn. But if both the Kings of S/>a in and Sardinia /hall 
ppole the Exchange of Jyc//y and Sardinia, the Emperor, 
□gether with the Succours of the Allies, /hall in the firil 
lUce attack Sicily, and having reduced it, he /hall turn 
lis Anns againft Sardinia with fuch a Number of Forces, 
wfiidei the Succours of the Allies, as he /hali judge neccf- 
iry fi>r both Expediiions : And, having Ukewife reduced 
'Sardinia, his Imperial Majefty /hall commit the Culiody 
hereof to the King of Grfiif Sriraiti, and to the Lords 
he States General, till the King of Sardinia /hall hava 
igned the Conditions of Peace to be made with the Em- 
leror, and (hall confent to accept the Kingdom of Sardi- 
MB as an Equivalent for the Kingdom of Sicily, which 
ten is to be deliver'd up to him by his Srirarmick Majefty 
ind the States General; and in the mean time his Imperial 
Wijetty (hall enjoy the Revenues of that Kingdom, which 
[ball exceed the Charge of keeping it, 

VUI. In cafe the Catholick King and the King of Sar- 
iiaia, or eithetof ihcm, (hdll tefufe ro accept an'Tcxccute 
rtie abovefjid Conditions of Peace to them propofL;!!, ,ind 
foe that Reafon the four contraiiing Powers ihall be cotn- 
pelled to proceed againfl them, or either of them, by open 
Force; it is expreily covenanted, that the Emperor (what 
Progrefs focver his Arms m^y make againli the faid two 
Kings, or either of them) (hall be content, and ought ro 
Kquicfce in the Advantages, by mutual Confent yllorted 
to him in the faid Conditions; Power ncverthelefs being rer 
ifervcd to his Imperial Majefty of recoi'ering ihe Rehta 
j^liith he pretends to have over that part of ihc Huchy 
of Militn, which the King of Sardinia now poff<:ffi«» c^- 
^^ F 4. ^M 


ya The ^a^ruple Alliance between 

ther by War, orbya Treaty of Peaccfubfcquent upon (iii 
War J Power being likewife rcferved to the other thrt 
Allies, in cafe fuch a War Should be undertaken againAthi 
'K\t\^^s ai Spam n\A Sar/itTiia, to agree with his Impeili 
Majeiiy in appointing fonie other Prince, in whofe Fa»oi 
his Imperial Majeily may difpofc of that part of lb 
Duchy of Mwiferrat, now pofleff^d by the King of ^ 
i^;k(V, in Exciufion of the faid ^Jng ; and to what otb 
Priiice or Princes he may, with theConfent of the £tdj»i 
grant the Letters of Expcflative, containing the evcnn 
Inveftiture of the States now pofTeffed by the Grand Dal 
pf I'ujlan^, and by the Duice of 'Parma and 'Placevtia,' 
Exclulipn of the Sons of theprefent Queenof ^^/n. Ill 
Declaration being added, that in no Time or Cafe what 
ever, either his Imperial Majefty. or any Prince of I 
Houfc of j4tijlria, who iball poffels the Kingdoms ■ 
Provinces of Italy, may aflert or gain to himfelf the I 
Ducbya o^^r»icany and 'Par»ia. 

IX. But if his Imperial Majcfty, afier his Effbris bj 
fufficient Number of forces, and the Succours and otn 
Means of the Allies, and b) ufing all convenient DiligM 
fhould not be able by Arms to fubdue, or toeltablilh hii 
felf in the Pofltflion of Sicily, the contrafling Powctii 
agree and declare, that bis Imperiil Majefty is, and ftl 
be in that cafe altogether free and difcharged trom eve 
Obligation entered into by this Treaty, of agreeing 
piake a Peace with the Kings of S/ain and SardintAt i 

'the Conditions abovcmentioned. All oiber the Artidei 
this Treaty ncverthelefs to remain giod, which mutu;^ 
legard his Imperial Majeily, their Sritawiick and in 
Chrirtian Majcftys, and the Lords the States General 
the United Nnherlandi. 

X. However, as the Security and Tranquillity of^KH 
js the End and ycopc of the Renunciations to be made 
his Imperial Majellv, and by his Catholiek Majefty, ■' 
themlelyes, their Dcfccndents and Succeffnrs, of all 8 
tenfions to the Kingdom of Spahi and the I/idi'es, co 1 
one part ^ and on the Kingdoms, Dominions and Prfl^ 
cesof/ffl/y. and the Aifjlrian Nerherlands, on the oA 
part: The laid Renunciations fliali be made on the o 
Biul ibe other Parr, in Manner and Form, as in the feca 
3nd fijurih Articles of the Conditions of a Peace to be ma 
l^eiween his Imperial Majefly, and his Royal Cathol 

MiJ^O^yt ^^s bccp agreed- And tho U>e Catholick Ki 

lyiS. the Emperor^ France, England, &c. 73 

Jhotild refiife to accept the afbrefaid Conditions, the Em* 
peror nevenhelefs Ihall caufe the Inftrumentsof bis Renun^ 
ciadoo to be difpatch'3, the Publication whereof however 
Ml be defered till the Day of figning the Peace with the 
Catholick King. And if the Catholick Kins fliould con- 
ftontly perfift in rejecting the fa id Peace, his Imperial Ma- 
jefiy nevenhelefs, at the Time when the Ratincations of 
this Treaty ihall be exchanged, fhall deliver to the King of 
Great Britain a folemn AA of the faid Renunciations, 
which his Sritannick Majefty, purfuant to the common 
Agreement of the contraAing Powers, doth promife fhall 
not be exhibited to the moft Chriftian King before his Im- 
perial Majefty' (hall come into the Pofleflion of Sicily. 
But that being obtained, then the Exhibition, as well as 
Fubiication ot the faid A61 of his Imperial Majefty *s Re- 
nunciations, fhall be performed upon ^he firft Demand of 
the moft Chriftian King. And thofe Renunciations fhall 
take place whether the Catholick King fhall fign the Peace 
with the Emperor, or no 3 by reafon that in this laft Cafe, 
the Guaranty of the contrading Partys fhall be to the Em- 
peror in lieu of that Security, which otherwife the Renun- . 
ci^tions of the Catholick King would have given to his Im« 

Firial Majefty for Sicily^ the other States of /rj/y, and the 
rovinces of the Netherlands. 

XL His Imperial Majefty doth promife, that he will not 
attempt or enterprize any thing againft the Catholick King, 
or the King o( Sardinia^ or, in general, againft the Neu- 
trality of /r^/y, inthatfpaceof three Months allowed them 
for accepting the Condi rions of their Peace with the Em- 

?eror. But, if within the faid fpace of three Months the 
tatholick King, inftead of accepting the faid Conditions^ 
ihall rather pei^ft in the profecuting of hisHoftilitys againft 
his Imperial Majefty : Or, if the King of Sardinia fhould 
with Arms attack the Provinces which the Emperor pof- 
fefies iu Italy ^ in that cafe their Sritannick and moft 
Chriftian Majeftys, and the Lords the States General, - 
oblige themfeives inftantly to fornifh his imperial Majefty 
for his Defence, with the Succours, which in Virtue of tho 
Treaty this Day figned, they have mutually agreed to lend 
one another for their reciprocal Defence ^ and that jointly 
or feparately, and without waiting the Expiration of the 
two. Months otherwife prefixed in the faid Treaty, for the 
employing of friendly Offices. And if the Succours fpecified 
by the faid Treaty ihouid not be fufficient for At txvd ^xo- 

64 ^'^^ ^adrupk Alliance between 

Territorys within cigbc Days al'icr Application made b 
bis Impetial MajeAy. 

IV. On the oiher hand, his Sacred Imperial and Caibo 
licit Majefty, his Sacred Royal Sriratmick Majefty, an 
the States General of the Uniied •Troviacei, promife ^ 
themfclves, their Heirs and Succeflbrs, that ihey neve 
will diie£lly or indiredlly difturb his Sacred moft Cbriflia| 
Majefly in any of his Dominions to ibe Crown of Jrttsft 
now belonging. On the contrary, ihcy will and ought ti 
guard and defend (he fame againft all and Angular w' 
may attempt to invade them in a hoflile Manner; and 
that cafe ihey will and ought to tiirnifh Tuch Succours as . 
moil Chriflian Majeiiy fliall want, according as hereafto 
is agreed upon. 

His Sacred Imperial and Catholick Majefty, his Sacee 
Royal Majefty ot Greiit Srirain, and the Lords the Stal* 
General, do hkewife promife and oblige thctnfelvcs, dl 
they will and ou^ht to maintain, guaranty, and defend d 
Right of Succtflion in the Kingdom of Prance, accordii 
to rhc Tenor of the Trcatys made at Utrecht the iiihj 
^fril 1715. obliging themfclves to (land by the faidSucfl 
fioD plainly, according to the form of theRenunciationmad 
by the King of Spain, the gth of Novemler 1711, andb 
a folemn Afl accepted in the general Afltmbly of tbeStaK 
of Spain the 9th Day of the Month and Tear aforefaidi 
which thereupon- pafted into a Law the i^ih of M^ycb 
1715, and jaftly was cilablifhed and fettled by the Treaty 
of Uirecbt : And this they fhal! perform againft all Pet&D 
whatfoever, who may prcfumc to difturb the Order of tif 
faid Succcftion, In coniradiflion 10 the previous A£ls, a| 
Trcatys fubfequenc thereupon. To which End ihey (hi 
fucnifh the Succours, according to the Rcpariition agr^ 
on below. Farther, when the Matter may requite it, the 
Ihall defend the faid Order of Succeffion with all theirFot 
ces, by likewife declaring War againft him who n 
tempt toinfringe or impugn the fame. 

Moreover, his Imperial Royal Catholick Majeiiy, and hi 
Royal Sritanmck Majefty, and the States General, di 
likewife promife, that they will not at any time give o 
grant any Frotcflion or Refuge in their Dominions to th< 
Subjects of his Royal moft Chriftian Majefty, who afluall: 
are, or hereafter (hall be declared Rebels ; and in cafe an' 
fucb fhall be (bund in ibeir Kingdoms, Provinces and Do 
minJons, they ihail comin;ind ibcnv ta depart the famt 



1718, thi Emperor, France, England, (Sc. 

nitiin the fpace of eight Days after Applicaiion made 

'lisW King. 

V. His Sacred Imperial and Rojfal Cdtholick Maiefly, 
uiSfo his Royal moft Chriilian Mnjcfty, and the Sratcs 
General of the Urtired •Provinces, do bind thcmfeWes, 
iMrHeits and SuccclTar, 10 Diaintjin and guaranty the 
Succeflion in the; Kingdom o(Griai Srirain, as tftablifti'd 
by the Laws of that Kingdom, in the Houfe of his Sri- 
Unaick Majetty now reigning, as likewift; to defend all the 
Dominions and Provinces poffefTed hy his Maje.fty And 
ihcy fhall not give or grant any Protection or Refuge in 
nf part of their Dominions 10 the Perfon, at his Dt.fcen- 
dem», if he fhould have any, who during the Life of 
yamcsU. took on hiin the Title of I'tince oi Wales, and 
fince the Death of that King aflumed the Royal Title of 
King of Great Srirain. Promifin^ alike for (hcmrdves, 
their Heirs and Succeflbrs, that they will not give to iho 
U\i Pcrlbn or his Dcfcendents, direftly or indireflly, by 
Sm ot by Land, any Succour, Counfe! or Aflillance what- 
Ibevcr, either in Motiey, Arms, Military Srorcs, Ships, 
Soldiers, Mariners, or any other Manner whatfoever. Tne 
lame they fhall obfetve with regard to thofe who may be 
otdered or commiffianed by the faid Perfon or his Dc- 
fcendents, to dillurb the Govemmenc of his Srir,v:/:ick 
Mjjefty, or the Tranquillity of his Kingdoms, whether by 
cpen War or clandiiitinc Confpiracys, by railing Seditions 
and Rebellions, or by cxerciiing Piracy on his Sritanuick 
Mijeily's Subjects. In which laft Cjfe, his Imperial and 
RoyjlCatholick Majefty doth promife, that he will in no 
wile allow that there be any Receptacle granted to fuch 
Pirates in his Ports in the NerherlaTidi. The fame do his 
'Sicted n\o\k Chriftian Majelly and the States General of 
■the Uniled 'Provinces ftipuiaie, with regard to the Ports 
in their refpeflive Dominions: As on the other hand, his 
Swflfflo/c/t Majelly doth promife that he will refufe any 
Refiige in the Ports of his Kingdoms to Piraies infefling 
the Subjefts of his -Sacred Imperial and Royal Catholick 
Majcfty, of his Sacred Royal mo[t Chtilfian Majefly, or of 
tW Lords ihe States General. Ldllly, his Imperial and 
Ro^al Catholick Majefty, his Sacred Royal tnoft ChrilBan 
Mijefty, and the Lords the States General oblige them- 
jeUes, that they will never give any Relugc or Proteflion 
in any part of their Dominions to fuch of his Sricaniiick 
Majetty'i Suhjcih, as afluaJ/y are, or hcreaftei IVvaW \>e. ^c- 
>■ Vot,JV. F A«fe\ 

66 ^he ^adruplc Alliance bei-wem 'i 

clared Rebels ; and in cafe any fuch /hall be found is 
of their Kingdoms, Provinces and Dominions, they il 
command them, witliin eighr Days after Application m 
by the faid King, to depart out of their Tcrrilorys. i 
if it fliould happen that his ■ Sacred Sr/Yaaa/tvfe Majj 
fbould be invaded in any part in a ho{lilc Manner, hisi 
perial and Royal Catholick Majelly, as likewjfe hisRj 
noft Chrtllian Majefly, and the States General ai j 
United provinces do oblige thcmi'elves in that cafe to i 
nifh the Succours hereafter Ipecificd. The fame they i 
to do in favour of his Defcendents, if ever it fliould hral 
tliat they fliould be difturbed in thcSuccefConof theKlj 
dom of Great Sritain. j 

VI. His Imperial and Royal Catholick Maiefty, 4 
their Royal Sniafirikk and raoft Chridian Majeftys,,] 
bind thcmfelves, their Heirs and Succeflbrs, toprotefl^ 

'guaranty ali the Dominions, Jurifdiflions and PfovIbj 
which the Lords the States General of the United J| 
"^{icss aflualiy j-affe(s, againit all Perfons whatfoever n 
may iliftutb or invade them j promiiing to furnifli then 
fuch cafe with the Succour^i hereafter mentioned. Sitt 
perial and Royal Catholick Majelly, and their Roy»l 8 
laimick and mofiChriftian Majeftys, likewifc oblige th« 
felves, that they will give no Refuge or Prote£lion iaij 
of their Kingdoms to the Subje^s of the States Geod 
who are, or hereafter fhall be, declared Rebels ; and if 1 
fuch fliall be found in any of their Kingdoms, Dominii 
or Provinces, they will take care to fend them out of ^ 
Dominions,wi:hin the fpace of eight Days after Applicai 
. made by the Rcpublick. 

VII. when it (hall happen that any one of the foDrt; 
trafling Powers Hiall be invaded by any other PriiK< 
Stale, or dillurbcd in the Pofleffion of their KJngdo 
or Dominions, by the violent Detention of their Subjci 
Ships, Goods or Merchandize, by Sea or by Land, t1 
the three remaining Powers (hall, as foon as they arc 
quired thereto, ufe their good Offices that the Party : 
fering may have Satisfaftion for the Damage and InjtKy- 
ccived, and thai the AggrefToc may abl^ain from the J 
fecution of his Hoflility. But when thefe friendly Ofii 
for Reconciliation and procuring Satisfa^ion and Repi 
tion to the injured Party (hall have proved infufficient, 
that cafe the High Allies, within two Months after Apj 


J- . . f. . V A .■ 

■X " 

1718; the Emperor, France, England, CSc. 6y 

cation mgde, fliall fornifh the Party invaded with the fol- 
JowDg Succours, jointly or feparately, viz. 

His Imperial ^nd Royal Catholick Majefty, 8coo Foot, 
aod 4000 Horfe. 

His Sritannick Majefty 8000 Foot, and 4000 Horfe. 

His moft Chriltian Majefty, 8coo Foot, and 4000 Horfe. 

And the Lord3 the States General, 4000 Foot, and 2000 

But if the Prince or Party injured, inftead of Soldiers 
diufes rather Ships of War, or Tranfporrs, or Subfidys in 
Money, which is left to his Difcretion, in that cafe tho 
Ships or Money defired /hall be granted him in proportion 
to the Charge of the Soldiers to be furniftied. And that 
all Ambiguity with regard to the Calculation and Charge 
of fiicb Sums may be taken away, it is agreed, that a 
Thoufand Foot by the Month fhall be reckoned at ten 
Thoufand Florins of Hoiia^id^ and a Thoufand Horfe fhall 
be reckoned at thirty Thoufand Florins of Holland hy the 
Month ; the fame Proportion being obferved with refpeA to 
the Ships. 

When the above-named Succours fhall be found infufB- 
cient for the Neceffity impending, the contrafting Powers 
fhall without delay agree on contributing more ample Sup- 
plies. And fiirther, in cafe of Exigency, they fhall amfl 
their injured Ally with all their Forces, and declare War 
agaiofl the AggrefTor. 

VIII. The Princes and States upon whom the contrac- 
ting Powers fhall unanimoudy agree, may accede to this 
Treaty 5 arid the King of Portugal by Name, 

This Treaty fhall be approved and ratified by their Im- 
perial, Sritannick^ and moft Chriftian Majeftys, and by 
the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the 
United Province Sy and the Inftrumentsof Ratification fhall 
be exchanged at London^ and reciprocally delivered within 
the fpace of two Months, or fooner, if poffible. 

Id Witnefs whereof, \Vc the underwritten (being fur- 
nilhed with full Powers, which have been mutually com- 
municated, and the Copys whereof having been in due 
Form by us collated and examined with the Originals, are 
Word for Word inferted at the End of this Inftrument) 
have fubfcribed this /prefent Treaty, and thereto put our 

Seals. Done at London the !^ fi;»;?';- jinno Domini 

2d ct Auguji^ N . b. 


(L. %•> 


T^e ^adruple Alliance between 

CL.'S.) Chrif. 'Pentemdter ab Adeljhavfen 
CL. SO yo. 'Phil. Huffman. 

(L. S j 'Dubois. 

CL. SJ W. Cam. 

(L. SO Parker C. 

(L. SO Snndei-taiid'P. 

CL. SO Kivgflon C. 'P. S. 

(L. S.) Ke^i. 

(L. SO Hotlei -Ss'j.-ci'flk. 

CL. SO //o/row. 

CL. S.) Roxhurghe. 

CL. S.) -Berkeley. 

(-L. S.J y. 0*<£gi. 

Separate and Secret Articles. 

I, VyHcreas the moft fercne and moft potent Kin 
' ' Grear Sritaiu, and the nrtift ferenc and mol 
tenr the moll ChrjllUn King, as likewife the High a 
Mighty Lorc!s the States General of the Uaired Neth 
(etiids, by virtue of' the Treaty between them this Day en 
eluded and iigned, havki agreed on certain Conditic 
whereby a Pea;e may be made betwixt the moft feti 
and moll potent Emperor of the Romans and the m 
ferene and mod pofjnt King of Spain, as alfo between 
fairred Imperial NIajeny aforefjid and the King of Sic'i 
(whomherBifter it is thought fit lo call thefKing of , Jar 
«/iiJ which Conditions ih^ry have communicated to i 
three Princes aforcfaid, as a Eafis of tht Peace to be q 
blifhed between them : His facred Imperial Majefty,"- 
in2 mo^ed by the molt weighty Rcafnns which' indv 
tht; King of Greac Sritaiii, the moft Chrillian King, i 
the States General aforefaid, to take upon themielve* 
great and fo wholefome a Work, and yielding to theif i 
cuml'pccl and urgent Counfels and Perfuafions, deda 
that ne doth accept the faid Conditions or Articles, 
of them excepted, as fixed and immutable Conditioi 
cording to which he agrees to conclude a perpetual Pc 
with the King of ^/;i;?;, and the YJingoi Sardinia. 

n. But bccaufc the King of Spain and the King 

Sardinia have not yet confented to the faid Conditions, 

Imperial Majerty,. aa likewife their Royal ^ritannick* 

. mai\ Chriftian Majei)y% and the States General aforeft 

fjsve agreed to allow them for cotittt^un^, tUeteto, thefpa 


1718. the Emperor^ France, England, &c. 69 
of three Months, to be computet] from the Day offign'ng 
thiiprefcnt Treaty, as judging this Interval of Time fui- 
duly t ->--■.".■• 

ficicnr for them duly to weigh the Paid Conditions, and 
fimlly detertnitic and declare iliemrelvcs, whether ihcy are 
villiog to accept them as fixed and immutable Condiiions 
ofthcir Pacification with his Imperial Majcily, as from their 
Piety and Prudence it may be hoped they will doj and fol- 
iewing the Example of his Imperial Majefty, that they will 
be induced 10 moderate their PafGons, and out of regard 
to Humanity, that they will prefer the publick Tranquillity 
10 their own private Opinions ; and at the fame time not 
wilyfpafe the Effufion of their own People'* Biood, but 
avert tl»e Calamitys of War from the other Nations of 
SsTope : To which End, their SrifU'iiiick and moft 
Chriuian Majellys, and thu States General of t!ic United 
l^etherlttiidi, will jointly and feparately contribute their 
moft effeftual Offices, for inclining the faid Princes to fuch 
In Acceptation. 
III. But if, contrary to ail Expeflation of the Partyi a- 
' bove contraSing, anil rhu Wifhes of all £//ro/'f, the King 
^ of Spain, and the King of Sardinia, after the Term of 
three Months eiapted, fhould decline to accept the faid 
Conditions of Pacification propofed betwixt them and his 
Imperial Majefty, lince it is not rcafonable that the Tran- 
quillity of Europe fhould depend upon their Refufal, or 
private Defigns, their 'Brildnmck atid molt Chrillian Ma- 
icitys, and the States General, do promifa that they will 
join their Forces with thofe of his Imperial Majefty, in 
order to compel them to the Acceptance and Execution of 
the afbrefaid Conditions, To which end, they will furnilK 
hi) Imperial Majefty jointly and feparately with the felf- 
fame Succours which they have agreed upon for their reci- 
procal Defence by the 7th Article of the Treaty iigned 
this Day, unanimoufly confen:ing that the moft Chrillian 
King (hall, inftead of Soldiers, contribute his Quota in 
Money. And if the Succours fpecified in the faid levenih 
Article fhall not be fufficient for compaffing the End pto- 
pofed, then the four contrafling Partys ftiall without delay 
;e on more ample Succours to be furni/hed to his Impe- 
Majefty, and mail continue the Umz till his Imperial 
jefty fhall have reduced the Kingdom of Sicily, and till 
Kingdoms and Provinces in Jraly Ihall enjoy full Secu- 
. It is farther agreed, and that In exprcfs Words, that 
by reafon of the Succours ^hich theVc ariianiucK iv\* 


JO tlie ^adruple Alliance between 

moll Chridiau Majeily.;, and ihe Lords the States GeDOraQ 
Jhali furnini to his Imperial Majcfty, by Virtue and i 

Execution of the - — 

Siirdinia, oc eithi 


3giti,nft any one ufthe 
in (heir Doni' 


Tteaty, the Kings of Spain an 
them, {hall deciaie or wage Wad 
laid ConirJi^otii, eithet by attackJi^ 
them in their Dominions, or by violijntly detaining th«iJ 
Subjefls or Ships, their Goods and Merchandizes by 6 
or Land, in that cafe ihc two other of the contra£lia| 
Powers /hall iminediatcly tieclare War againll the (aid Kio| 
oi Spain and Sardinin, or ag'iinfl him of the t*o Ki^ 
who /hall have denounced or waged War againfl anyoi 
of the faid contrailing Powers ; nor (hall ihey lay dow. 
theit Arms before the Emperor fliall be poflefa'd oi Sioi^ 
and made fecure with regard to his Kingdom-; and PrK 
vinces in Ifsly, and likewife juft Satisfadion /hall be gi?rt^ 
to him of (he ihree contrafling Powers, who /hall Oi 
been invaded or Iu£fered Damage by rcafon of the ptd 

IV. When only one of the two Kings aforefaid, who bawj 
not confented to ihe Conditions of Peace to be made wil 
his [mpErial Majerty, /hall accept them, he likewife fliaH' 
join himfelf with the four contrafting Powers, to compel' 
him that ihall refufc the faid Condition^ and (hall furnifh 
bis Qj^ota of Succours according to the Diftribution to be 
made thereupon. 

V, If the Ca'holick King, out of regard to the Pkiblict 
Good, and a Pcrfua/ion that an Exchange of the King: 
doms of Sicily and Sardinia is neceflary for the Mainte- 
nance of thegcBcral Peace, /liaii agree thereto, and embrace 
the Conditioni of Peace to be made with thv Emperor M 
above j and on the other hand, if the Kin^ of .yufji/ai* 
fh&U rejeS fucK an Exchange, and pcrfift in retaining Sicily ; 
in thatcatc the King o^ Spam /hail reOore S<irdma tothft 
Bmjietor, who (faving his lupreme Dominion over it_) fhall 
pi)t the fame into the Cuflody of the molt ferene King of 
G>'eaf Srisain, and of the Lords the States General, foif 
fo long time, till Sicily being reduced, the Kins of SaT^ 
dinia /hall iign the ab&ve-mentioned Conditionsot aTreaijt. 
with th^ Etuperor, and /hall agree to accept the Kingdosi 
ef Sardi?ua as an Equivalent for the Kingdom of .flc/'/y^ 
ft'hich being done, he fliall be admitted into the PofleffiW; 
ihercpf by the King a^Greiit Britain and the States GenQ> 
$al, But if his Imperial Majefly /houtd not be able 

[ foaqaex Siciij; and reduce it under his Pow£r, iathatcalft 


1718. the Emperor^ France, England, ^i 

fee King of Great Shtah, and the States General, ftii 
reftore to him the Kingdom of Sardinia ; and in ihc-mean 
time his Imperial Majedy fhall enjoy the Revenues of the 
Taid Kingdom, which fhal! exceed the Charge of keeping 

VI. But in cafe the King of Sardinia ihall confcnt to 
*e faia Exchange, and the King of Sfaia /hail reful'o, in 
this cafe the Emperor being aided by the Succours of the 
rO of the Concra^ors, HialJ atiaCk Sardinia, with which 
Guccours they on their Part promi fe to furnifli him -, as the 
Empeior promifes on his parr, that he will not lay down his 
Arms till he fhall have poffefled himfeif of the whole 
K-ingdom ^^ Sardinia, which immediately after fuch Pof- 
feflion he ftiall give up to the King o^ Sardinia. 

\U. But if both the Kings oi Spain and Sardinia fliall 
Bppofe the Exchange of i'/c/^jt' and Sardinia, (ii^ Emperor, 
together with the Succours of the Allies, fhall in the iirlt 
□lace attack Sicily, and having reduced if, he fl^all turn 
fiis Arms againft Sardinia with fuch a Number of Forces, 
befidet the Succours of the Allies, aa he (hall judge necef- 
[ary for both Expeditions : And, having likewife reduced 
Sardinia, his Imperial MajeUy /hall commit the Cultody 
thereof to the King of Grcd/ Srifaift, and to the Lords 
the States General, till the King of Sardinia fliall have 
Egned the Conditions of Peace to be made with the Em- 
peror, and /hall confcnt to accept the Kingdom of Sardi- 
nia as an Equivalent for the Kingdom of Sicily, which 
then is to bedeliver'd up to him by his Sriraimick Maje&y 
and the States General J and in the mean time his Imperial 
M9}cfty /hall enjoy the Revenues of that Kingdom, which 
fiiall exceed the Charge ot keeping it. 

VIII. In cafe the Catholick King and the King of Sar- 
ilinia, or eiiherof them, /hall refufe to accept arnl-.-xecute 
|rite abovefaid Conditions of Peace to rhem propoiiii^. And 
fcr that Reafon the four contraiiiKng Powers (hall be com- 
pelled to proceed againft them, or either of tliem, by onen 
force J it is exprclly covenanted, that the Empi^tor fwhat 
PfOgrcfs focver his Arms mny make agarnit the laid two 
Kiog!, or cither of them) /hall be content, and ought to 
acquidce in the Advantages, by mutual Confenc alloited 
tDitim in the faid Conditions ; Powerncverihelefs being re-^ 
jfctved to his Imperial Majctty of recovering thcr R ghrs 
which he pretends to have over that part of ihe Duciiy 
sf MiinVi which the King ot Sardinia now ooSiiffi^s, c\- 
■- P 4 vV« 


72 The ^adruple Alliance between 

ther by War, orbya Treaty of Peacefubrequent upon fucB 
War J Power being likewife referved to the other thro 
Allies, in cafe fuch a War fhould be undertaken again!) thi 
Kings of ^i-ij;;; and <SJirfl'/»/fl, 10 agree with his Imperii 
Majefty in appointing fome other Prince, in whofe Favoi 
bis Imperial Majelly may difpdfe of that part of rt 
Duchy of Afoinfeirat, now poflefll^d bv the King ofjai 
diniay in ExcluCon of the faid Jtmg ; and to what oihi 
Piiiice or Princes he may, with the Confent of the Empir 
grant the Letters of Expi;Qaiive, containing the eventUi 
Inveftiture of the States now pofltffcd by the Grand Duk 
pf I'ufcany, and by the Duke o^'Parma and ^lacemia,\ 
Exclufion of the Sons of the prefent Queen o^ Spain. ThI 
Declaration being added, that in no Time or Cafe whatf 
ever, either his Imperial Majefty, or any Prince of tl 
Houfc of Anflria., who Aiall poffefs the Kingdoms ai 
Provinces of //a/y, may alTert or gain to himfelf the i^ 
Duchys oiTujcany and ^Parma. 

IX. But it" his Imperial Majelly, after his Efforts bi 
fufficient >] umber of forces, and the Succours and oB 
Means of the Allies, and b> ufing all convenient Diligeaffl 

- fhould not be able by Arms to fubdue, or toellablifh bit 
fdf in the PoiTiiflion of Sicily, the contraiting Poweisi 
agree and declare, that his Imperial Majefty is, and ilii 
be in that cafe altogether free and difcharged trom evei 
Obligation entered into by this Treaty, of agreeing 
make a Peace with the Kings of Spain and Sardima-y 
the Conditions abovcmentioned. All other the Articles 
this Treaty neverthelefs to remain good, which mutua! 
legard his Imperial Majefty, their Sritamnck and WH 
Chrirtian Majcftys, arjd the Lords the States Genet^i^ 
the United Nftbertamis. 

X. However, as the Security and Tranquillity of£an 
js the End and Scope of the Renunciations to be made 
his Imperial Majellv, and by his Caiholiok Majefty, ' 
themfeiyes, ihdr Defccndenrs and SucceiTnrs, of all E 
tenfions to the Kingdom of Sfifsin and the Indies, 08 I 
line part ^ and on the Kingdoms, Doininions and PrffTJ 
ces of Jtaly, and the Aujirisn Netherlands, on tbo o' 

- ' part : The faid Renunciations iliall be made on the 
Bind ibe other Parr, in Manner and Form, as in the fecoi 
and fourth Ifttticles of the Conditions of a Peace to be ma 
^.eiween his Imperial Majefiy. and bis Royal Gatholi 
MdJcHy, has beta agreed. And tho jhe Catholick Ki 

lyiS. the Emperofy France, England, &c. 73 

ihodd refufe to accept the aibrefaid Conditions, the Em* 
peror neyenhelefs fhall caufe the Inftrumentsof his Renun- 
ciation to be difpatch'd, the Publication whereof however 
ihall be defered till the Day of fiening the Peace with the 
Catholick King. And if the Ca£olick Kine fhould con- 
flancly perfift in reje£ling the fa id Peace, his imperial Ma- 
jefty neverthelefs, at the Time when the Ratifications of 
this Treaty fhall be exchanged, fhall deliver to the King of 
Great Sritain a folemn AA of the faid Renunciations, 
which his Sritannick Majefly, purfuant to the common 
Agreement of the contracting Powers, doth promife fhall 
not be exhibited to the mofl ChriAian King before his Im- 
perial Majefty' fhall come into the Podeflion of Sicily. 
But that being obtained, then the Exhibition, as well as 
Publication of the faid A61 of his Imperial Majefty*s Re- 
nunciations, fhall be performed upon Ihe firft Demand of 
the moft Chrifiian King. And thofe Renunciations fhall 
take place whether the Catholick King fhall fign the Peace 
with the Emperor, or no 5 by reafon that in this laft Cafe, 
the Guaranty of the contracting Partys fhall be to the Em- 
peror in lieu of that Security, which otherwife the Renun- . 
ciitions of the Catholick King would have given to his Im« 

Fmal Majefly for Sicily^ the other States of /r^/)^, and the 
rovinces of the Netherlands. 

XL His Imperial Majefly doth promife, that he will not 
attempt or enterprize any thing againfl the Cathohck King, 
or the King of Sardinia^ or, in general, againfl the Neu- 
trality of //^/j^, in that fpace of three Months allowed them 
for accepting the Conditions of their Peace with the Em- 
peror. But, if within the faid fpace of three Months the 
Catholick King, inflead of accepting the faid Conditions, 
ihall rather peiSfl in the profecuting of hisHoflilitys againfl 
his Imperial Majefly : Or, if the King of Sardinia fhould 
with Arms attack tne Provinces which the Emperor pbf- 
fefles m Italy 'j in that cafe their Sritannick and moft 
Chriflian Majeflys, and the Lords the States General, - 
oblige themfelves inflantly to fumifh his Imperial Majefly 
for his Defence, with the Succours, which in Virtue of tho 
Treaty this Day figned, they have mutually agreed to lend 
one another for their reciprocal Defence ^ and that jointly 
Of feparately, and without waiting the Expiration of the 
two. Months otherwife prefixed in the faid Treaty, for the 
employing of friendly Offices. And if the Succours fpecified 
by the faid Treaty fhould not be fufficient (or tVi^'&xvd ^^x^- 

r 74 'the ^ladruple Alliance between 

' pofed, the four contrafling Partys fhall immediately agreo 
amongft themfelves to lend more powerful Affiflance to- 
his Imperial Majefly. 

XII. The Eleven foregoing Articles are to be kept fo-^ 
ctci by his Imperial Majeity, their Srttamuek and moft 
Chriilian Majcilys, and the States General, for the fpace 
of three Months, from the Day of the Signing, untcis it' 
fhall be unanimouQy agreed by ihem to Hiorten or prolong" 
the faid Term : And tho tlie faid Eleven Articles be fepa- 
tatc from the Treaty of Alliance, this Day figned by the 
feur contrading Partys aforefaid, they /hall neverthelels 
have the fame Power and Force, as if they had been Word 
for Word inferted therein, fince they are deemed to be ao 
efleniial Part thereof. 

The Rariiications thereof fhall moreover he exchanged 
at the fame time as the other Articles of the faidTreaty. 

In Witnefs whereof. We Virtueof tha 
full Powers this Day mutually exhibited, have fubfcribed 
thefe feparatc Articles, and thereto have affixed our Seal). 
Done at Lojidon, the ^^{ ^'^l%\ ' Anno lioraim i ; iS. 

(L. SJ Chrif. "Pemerndter ab 

Ch. S 3 70. 'Phil, mffmsn. 

(L, SO Dubois. 

CL. SO W. Cait. 

(L, SO PsTkcr C. 

(L. SO Sunderland 'P. 

(L. SO Khgjiou C. y. S, 

(L. SO Kmr. 

CL. S.; Holies NcTcafile, 

(L. S.) 'Bolton. 

(L. SO Roxhxirghe. 

CL. S.) Berkeley. 

(L. 8-3 J. Cri>ggs. 

Four Separate Articles. 

I. VrrHereas the Treaty rhis Day made and figned be- j 
'* tween his Imperial Majefty, his Sritmnick Ma- 1 
jefly, and his moft Chriftian Majefty, fcontaining as well l 
fueh Conditions as have been thought moft equitable and A 
proper for eftablifhing a Peace betwixt the Emperor and j 
the Catholick King, and betwixt the faid Emperor and ' 
ihe King uf Sicily, as the Conditions of an Alliance made ' 

fui I 

lyiS. the Emperor^ France, England, &c. y^ 

for pr«fer?iflg tke publick Peace between the faid contrac- 
ting Powers) hath, been consn^unicated to the High and 
Mighty Lor da the States General of the United Netbef^ 
lands : And whereas the Separate and Secret Articles like- 
Mri£ figned this Day, and containing the Meafures which 
it has been thought fit to take for putting the abovefaid 
Treaty in Execution, are likewife Aiortly to be propofed to 
the States General afbrefaid : The Inclination which that 
Republick has fhewn for reftoring and eftablifhing the 
publick Tranquillity, leaves no Room of Doubt but they 
will moft readily accede thereto. The States General 
aferefaid are therefore by Name inferted as contracting Par- 
tys in the (aid Treaty, in moft certain Hope that they will 
enter therein, as foon as the ufual Forms of their Govern* 
meat will aUowt 

But if^ contrary to the Hopes and Wifhes of the contrac- 
tiag Partys (which neverthelefs is not in the leaii to bo 
fafpefted) the faid Lords the States General fhall not tako 
their Refolution to accede to the faid Treaty 5 it is ex-- 
prefly agreed and covenanted between the faid cootra^ing 
Harrys, that the Treaty abovementioned and this Day 
£gned, ihall neverthelels have its E&Q: among them, and 
: /hall in all its Claufes and Articles be put in Execution, in 
' the fame manner as therein is fetforth, and the Ratifications 
■ thereof (hall be exhibited at the Times above fpccified. 

II. But if the Lords the States General of the United 
. Netherlands Ihould happen to think it too hard for them 

to contribute their Share of Pay to the Swifs Cantons, for 
mainuining the Garifons of Leghorne^ ^ortG Ferraro^ 
^arma and ^lacintia^ according to the Tenor of the 
Treaty of Alliance this Day concluded 5 it is exprefly pro- 
vided by this Separate Article, and* agreed between the 
> four conrraAing Powers, that in fuch cafe the Catholick 
r King may take upon him the faid Share of the Lords the 
\ Stales General. 

III. Whereas in the Treaty of Alliance this Day to be 
figned with his Imperial and Catholick Majefty, as like- 
wife in the Conditions of Peace inferted therein, their Sa- 
cred Royal Sritannick and moft Chriflian Majeftys, and 
the Lords the States General of the United Netherlands^ 
io ftyle the prefent Pofleilbr of Spain and the Indies Ca- 
tholick King, and the Duke of Savoy King of Sicily^ as 
^\^QlL\Ti^o\ Sardinia : And whereas his Sacred Imperial 
tod Catholick Majefty cannot acknowledge thcfe t^o Ptvtv- 



76 The ^adruple Alliance between 

ces as Kings, befote they flial] have acceded tothisTrca 
hi* Sacred Imperial and Catholick MajeAy, by this Separ 
Article which was Jigned before the Treaty of AUIar 
doth therefore declare and protcll, that, by the Til 
there either given or omitted, he doth not mean in I 
leafi to prejudice himfelf, or to grant or allow the Titia 
King to the faid two Prircesj only in that cafe when tl 
ihall have acceded to the Treaty this Day to be figned, 1 
Aiall have agreed tothe Conditions of Fcaccfpecify'd thcrt 

IV. Whereas fome of the Titles which his Sacred I 
perial Majefty makes ufe of, cither in his full Powerj, 
in the Treaty of Alliance this Day to be figned with hi 
cannot be acknowledged by his Sacred Royal moft Ch 
tian Majefty j he doth declare and proteft by thisSepae 
Article, which was figned before the Treaty of AUian 
that by the faid Titles given in this Treaty, he doth : 
mean to prejudice either himfelf or any other, or that 
in the leall gives any Right thereby to his Imperial 2 

Thefe four Separate Articles /hall have the fame Fo 
as if they had been Word for Word inferred in the Tre 
this Day concluded and £gned, and fl^all be ratified ini 
fame Manner, and the inflrumenis of Rarification fl 
be delivered within the fime time, with the Treaty 

In Witnefs whereof. We the underwriiten, by Viitu( 
the full Powers this Day mutually exhibited, have figi 
thefe four Separate Articles, and thereto have afH)Kd< 
Seals. Done at London, the ^^ ^?;^;.^ Anno 2)M| 

IT'S. ' " ' ■■ ; ; 1 

(L. S.; Chrif. Tenterridier ab Adeljbatifen. ''^ 

CL. S.) Jo. 'Phil. Huffman. \ 

CL. SO 'Dubois. '' 

,(L. SO IV. Cant. 

(L. S.) Tarker C. 

(h. S.) Sunderland T. 

(L. SJ KiMz^on C. T. S. 

CL, S.J Kern. 

(L. S.) Holies Ne-ixfajlle. 

CL. S.) Sdton. 

(L. S.) Roxburgbe. 

(L. S.) Berkeley. 

(L. S.) 7. Craggi. 

lyiS. the Emperor J France, England, &c. 77 

fi^j Britannick Majejiys Full Towers. 


GEORGE^ by the Grace of God, King of Great 
Britain^ France and Jr^te;/^, Defender of the Faith, 
Duke of Srunfwick Lunenburg^ Arch-Treafurcr of the . 
Hoiy Roman Empire, and Prince Elcftor, ^c. To all 
andfingular to whom thefe Frefents fhall come, Gr eting. 
Having'perceiv'dfo many latent Seeds of War in the Trea- 
tys concluded at Utrecht and Saden^ that the Calamitys 
of £ttro/tf far from being extinguifh'd feem'd only a little 
foorh'd and delayM, we immediately apply'd all our Cares 
and Thoughts that we might root up all the Caufes of 
taking Arms, by entring into folid and durable Conditions 
of Peace 3 and whereas the War which is broke out betwixt 
the Emperor and the King of Spain rages more and more, 
and begins to fpread farther, we doubled our Diligence, 
to the end that we might without delay reftore the 
publick Tranquillity, difturb'd by thefe Commotions. 
And as we have receiv'd Advice, that the Heads of Pa- 
cification which we, together with the mod Chrifiian King, 
and the Lords the States General of the United Nether- 
Um/Sf thought very reafontble to be propos'd to the Par- 
tys already engaged, or that were like to be engag'd in the 
War, are not unacceptable to the faid Emperor of the 
RofnanSf fuch is his Zeal for the publick Good; and where- 
as 'tis to be hop'd moreover, that the other Princes whom 
it coiicerns, after mature Confideration of the Terms, will 
at length make no difficulty to embrace them, we have 
thought fit on our part to nominate certain Perfons, every 
way-qualify'd to difchargc the Office, for bringing fo no- 
ble and fo wholefom a Work to an Iffue. 

Know ye therefore, that having very great Confidence 
in the Fidelity, Wifdom, Integrity and Diligence of the 
moll Reverend Father in God, our Right Trufty and en- 
tirely beloved Counfellor, VTi lliam Archbifhop of Canter- 
■ tttry, Primate and. Metropolitan of all England 5 our Right 
Tnifty and well beloved Counfellor, T^homas Lord Varker 
Baron of Macclesfield^ our High Chancellor ofGreatSritain 5 
^ our Trufty and well beloved Coufin and Counfellor, Charles 
I Earl of Sunderland^ Prefident of our Council ^out "Bw\^VitT^tv3X- 
t ty and entirely beloved Coufins and Cout\feV\ots^ E^uclsn 

yS ^/je Quadruple AUiance between 

Duke o( Kwgjlofi, Keeperof ourPrivySeal; Henryl 
of Ketitt Steward of our HoBlhold ; Tl-^omas Ottke o(l 
caftie. Chamberlain ot our faidHoulhold; CbarleiUM 
SoUoa, our Lieutenant and Governour General of our ¥ 
dom oi Ireland ; Jt}b7i Duke of Marlborough, Captain G 
raiBfourArmys; zaA yohn Dtxkc ai Roxkurgb, onco 
Principal SecretarysofState; our Right Trufty and wel 
loved Coufins and Coanfcllors, Jamei Eirl of Serkley, 
Commi^oner of our Admiralty 3 ffill/am Earl Cra 
Baron of Jfiagbeia 5 Jamei Earl Staiibope, anothe 
OUT Ftincipal Secretarys of State ; and our Right t*i 
and well-beloved Counfclior, Jamei Craggi Elq; ant 
of our Principal Secretarys of State : \Vc bavc nomiKi 
made and conC^ltuicd, as we do by thefe Frefents, o 
nate, make and conLlituic them, our true, certain and 
doubted Com mi Hi oners, Minlfters and Flenipotemia 
giving and graniing to them all, or to any three or b 
of thetn, all and all manner of Licenfe, rower, and 
thority, and Command, as well general as fpecial ( 
vided that the general do not derogate from the fpe 
asid £ contra) to mccr, treat, confuli, and conclude lot 
and in our Name, with tbe Minillcr or Miniilers, as 
of our good Brother the iimperor of the Romam, as of 
good Brother the moft Chriftian King, as alfo of the L 
the States General of the United 'Provinces of the Jsjtf 
lauds, veftcd with fuffici em Powers, of and concerntag: 
Conditions of Peace, as may be mofl efficacious fof apg 
ing the Troubles of the War, and for relloring ai;d ( 
.blilHing the common Tranquillity of EuropCy and «! 

' and concerning any Arricles, cither Separate or Sei 
and finally concerning all Matters wbicb Jliall feem 1 
conducive to the promoting and perfefling of the, 
Work ; and to fign, deliver, and receive in our Name 

■ Things whatfoever-that fliall be accordingly agreed i 
and cuncluded ; and to perform and perfect all other 1 
lers neceffary to be done, in as ample Mjnuerand Fori 
we our felves fhou'd do and perform, if we were on 
Spot: engaging and promifing on our Royal Word, 
we will accept, approve and ratify in the moft authen 
manner, all things whatfoeverthat fhall happen to be 
eluded by our faid Commiffioners, Minillers, and Plen 
tentiary^, or three or more of them ; and that we will n< 
fuSbr them to be violated by any Perfon, or in any mai 
coatraven'd, either in whokocwpMt, \tt^\Wiafsand i 


1718. the Emperofy Fr^incc, England, &c. y^ 

finnatioD whereof. We have caua'd thefe Prerents, fign'J 
with our owii Hand, to be feald with our Great Seal ofGreaf 
Sritain. Given at our Palace oi Ken/tttgton^ the 24th day 
iX.^Hly^ ^- 2>. 1718, in the 4th Year of our Reign. 

the AB of Mmiffion andJcceffian of the King 0/ Sardinia 
to the treaty ^Quadruple Alliance. 

Hereas a certain Treaty, and Separate and Secret 
-Articles, as likewife four other Separate Articles re- 
lating thereto, and all of them of the fame Force with the 
Erincipal Treaty, have been in due Form concluded and 
gned by the Minifters Flenipotentiarys of his Imperial 
and Catholick Majefty, of his Sritanvick Majefty, and of 
hismoft Chriftian Majefty, atZondov, the ^^^^0^-^ laft 

?.ft, between the contrading Partys abovemention d, the 
enour of aU which, Word for Word, here foUoweth. 

Here were infertcd, 

. 7^e Treaty. 

Separate and Secret Articles. 

T'he Four Separate Articles. 


And whereas farther, the then King of Sicily^ whom it 
I is now agreed to call by the Name of the King of Sardinia^ 
[ according to the Intention of the Treaty and Articles above 
I ialcrted, has been invited to accede fully and amply 
\ to all and Angular of them, and to join himfelf in due Form 
( to the concrading Partys, as if he himfelf from the Begin- 
; nii^ had been one of the G)ntra£):ors: And whereas the 
laid King of Sardinia^ having maturely weighed the Con-^ 
editions particularly exprefs'd in the Treaty and Articles a- 
bove inierted, has not only declared himfelf willing to ac- 
cept the fame, and to approve them by his Acceflion, but 
m like wife granted fumcient full Powers to his Minifters 
^pointed to |>erfe£l the faid Work. That therefore an Af- 
Sir fo beneficial may have the defired Succefs, we the un- 
^written Minifters Plenipotentiarys of his Imperial and 
Catholick Majefty, of his Sritannick Majefty, and of his 
:jlttofi Chriftian Majefty, in the Name and by the Authority 
>^if their iaidMajeftys, have admitted, joined, and aflbctat- 
nal^^Ad by thefe Prefents do admit, join, andaffocm^^tVv^ 
'^ **rdaid Yikmg^of Sardinia^ imo a full and total 1?^titvw5bA^ 

he mme A 


' eo The ^adrupk jUliance between 

of the Treaty above inferted, and of all and fit 

Ariicles thereunto belonging 5 promifing by the 

thoriiy, that their aforetaid Majeftys, jointly and fepara 
ly, will intireiy and exaflly perform and fulfil to the (I 
VJingoi Sardinia, all and lingulatthe Conditiuns, Ceffio 
Contrafls, Guarantys and Securitys, contained and fee foi 
in the Treaty and Articles abovementioned ; it being f 
ther provided, that all and UnguUr the things agreed ui 
by the Secret Articles againtl the King of Sardinia, fr 
by this his prefent Accetlion wholly ceafe and be abolifhi 
On the other hand alio, we the underwritten MiniA 
Plenipocentiarys of the King of i'a/-ii/fl/a, by virtue of ( 
fill! Power in due Form exhibited and allowed, a Co 
whereof is added at the End of this Iniirument, do herd 
leftify and promife in the Name of the faid K ins, that c 
King and Mailer afocefaid doth accede fully and amply, 
the Treaty, and to all and lingular the Articles therein 
hove inferted; That by this folcmi^ Acceffion he dothj< 
hitnfelf to thcconcrafling Partys abovefaid, as if he him{ 
ftQOi the Beginning had been a Party contrai^ing : And tl 
by virtue of this Afl, his faid Majefty the King oi Sariii 
doth mutually oblige and bind himfelf, both for himfi 
his Heirs and Succeffots, to his Imperial and Catholi 
Majerty, to his Sritannick Majefty, and to his moft Chi 
tian M<>3elly, and to their Heirs and Succeflbrs, jointly a 
feparacely, that he will obferve, pctform and fulii), alia 
Angular the Conditions, Ceffions, Contracts, Guaraiitysi 
Securitys, in the abovewriitcn Trcatys and Articles, 1 
prefs'd and fet forth, towards all of them jointly, and ei 
of them feparateiy, with the fame Faith and Contien 
as if he had been a contraftiog Party from the Beginni 
and had made, concluded, and figoed, jointly or feparatl 
the fame Conditions, Geffions, Conirafls, Guarantys, 1 
Securitys, with his Imperial and Cathulick Majefty^^ 
Sritannick Majeily, and his moll ChritUan Majelly, 1 

This Inftrumeni of the Admiflion and Acceffion of 
faid King oi Sardinia (hall be ratified by all the coaio 
ing Partys, and the Ratifications m^de out in due f< 
fliall be exchanged and mutually delivered at Londoti, vf 
in the Space of two Months, or fooncr, it poffible, io 
reckon'd from the Day of the figning. 

In Witnefs whereof. We the Plenipwtentiarys of the P* 
contrafling, being on every Part furniflied with fufScient I 
ers, ijave/igned thefe PrefenwwivhQVrt Hands, andtbq 

the Emperor^ France, England, Gfr . 8 1 

ourSeals. Namely, the Plenipoteritiarysof his Im- 
d Catholick Majefty, of his Sritanntck Majcft) , of 
ay the ¥iAngo{ Sardinia, at Londin, the--^fii^^J^-, 

Plenipotentiary of his moft Chriftian MajcOy at 
le Day of Nvvewber, in the iear of our Ltrd 

S.) Chrif. Te7iterridrer ab Jdcfjbaufen. 

S.) Jo. 'Phil. ILffman. 

S ) C. l^rovam, 

5.) C.dela'Perroufi. 

5.) "Parker C. 

S.) Sunderlaud P. 

S ; Kent. 

».) Holies Ne'xcaflle. 

i.) SoUon. 

.) Roxburghe, 

5.) Stanhope. 

o/ Commerce between Great Bri- 
/>72^ Spain, concluded at Madrid^ 
1 /^th of December 1 7 1 j . 

.'reas fince the Treatys of Peace and Commerce, 
tcly concluded at Utrecht, the i^th of July and 
le pth of December 1713, between his Catho- 
jf and her late Majefty the Queen of Great 
glorious Memory, there remained Hill fome 
about Trade and the Courfe thereof^ and his 
lajetty and the King of Great Britain, being 
maintain and cuicivate a firm and inviolable 
?riend/hip, in order to attain to this good End 
ly their two Miniflers underwritten, mutually 
lalified, caufed the following Articles to be con* 

^riti/b Subjeds /hall not be obliged to pay 
faer Dutys, for Goods coming in or going out of 
^orts of his Catholick Majefty, than thole the 
iame Goods in King Charles the Secondli tiioc 

G fcte«,4i. 


82 Treaty of Commerce with Spani 

fettled by Ccdules and Ordonnances of the faidl.. 

Predeceflbrs : And altho the Gratias commonly c 
delfardo, be not grounded on any Royal Ordonn; 
nevertheiefs his Cathoiifk Majelly declares, wills am 
dainr, that it be oSrerved now and hereafter as an ii 
lable Law; which Dutys fhall be exaded and raifed 
and for thcfiiturc, with the fame Advantages and Fai 
to the f^id Suhjefts. 

II. His Mjjcrty confirms the Treaty made by the, 
tijb Subjefts with the Magiftrares of St. jiiidero, ii 
Year 1700. _ 

III. His CaiholUlt Majefty permits the faid Subje£ 
gather Salt in the Ifle of Toyiugas, they having euj 
this Liberty in the Reign of King Charles 11. witbow 

IV. The faid SubjetSs fhall pay no where any hig1|[i 
other Dutys than thofe paid by the Subjeds of his Q 
lick Majeily in the fame Places. 

V. The faid SubjeSs fiiall enjoy al! the Rights, I 
leges, Franchife*, EKemptions and Immunities wbat( 
wbieh they enjoy'd before the laft War, by virtue of 
Royal Ceduies or Ordonnances, and by the. Articles of 
Treaty of Peace and Commerce made atMsdridln i. 
which is hereby fuliy confirm'd 5 and the faid Sufe 
fliiU be us'd in Spain, in the fame manner as diei 
favoured Nation, and confcquently all Nations fllAll 
the fame Dutys on Wool and other Merchandizes can 
in and going out by Sea 1 and all the Rights, Privili 
Frinchiies, ExemprionB andlmraurarys that (liall be( 
ted and allowed to the faid. Subjefts the like fhal 
granted, obferv'd and permitted to the Subjefls oiSfiaii 
the Kingdoms ofhis Majefly the King of Great Sritai 

VI. And as Innovations may have been made In Tij 
his CJtholick Majefty promifcs on his part to ufe hisulj 
Endeavours to abolifh them, and for the fijtute to 6 
them to be avoided : In like manner the King of G 
Sritaiii promifcs to ufc all poflible Endeavours to abi 
all Innovations on his part, and for the future to C 
them by all mean? to be avoided. 

VII. The Treaty of Commerce made at Vcrecbt^ 
ffih ai T>ecemher 1715, Jhail continue in force, except 
Articles that (hall be found contrary to what is this \ 
concluded and fign'd, which Jhall be abolifh'd and rend 

of no force, and efpeciall^ the three Articles comnv 

1718. Corrjentiori about the Barrier Treaty. 83 
caird ExplaDaiory : And ihcfe Prefents /hall be approved, 
radfy'd and excliang'd on each iide, within ihe Sp,.ce of 
Gx Weeks, or fooner, ifpoflible- In Wimers whereof, and 
by virtue of our Full Powers, Wchave fign'd tbelePrcfcnis 
ai Madrid, the 14th of 2}eceml>er, in the Xeat 1715. 

(L. S) Af. de Sedmar. 
(U S ) George Suhb. 

Convention between Charles VI. Emperor 
of the Romans anJ Catholick King 
of Spain, George King of Great Bri- 
tain, and the LorM the States Ge- 
neral of the United Provinces, re/atitig 
to the Execution of certain Articles 
and Joints of the Barrier Treaty, 
concluded on the \'^th of November 
1715. Sign d at the Hague ?^e iid 
0/" December 1718. 

IOME of the Articles of the Barrier Treaty, con- 
ludcd on the rsth o^ November 1715, between his 

bperial and Catholick. Majelly, his Majefty the 

f Great Sritahi, and the Lords the States General 
yaiied 'Provinces, being impoffible to be perfbrra'd, 

HI of certain Difficuliya that have oecurr'd j and his 
the King of Great Sriiain, and their High 
Biefles, being alike defirous to remove thofe Dhtfi- 
fcy the mod agreeable Methods, in order to attain to 
few propos'd by the faid Treaty, and the better to 
Ti the Foundations of a folid Friend/hip and a good 

landing, to which alt the Fartys are indin'd, his 
jj and Catholick Majefty, his Maielty the Kin^of 
Wriisifi, and their High Mightineffesbave noTama- 
' G a l<4, 

84 Convention with tbe Emperor and Holland, 

ted and appointed to treat iheteof, viz. his Imperial 
Caiholick Majefly, the Sieur Hercules Jofeph ZeW 
^iircneui. Marquis /ie 'Prie £? de "Pancalier, Count t 
Mittelcviirg i£ de CaflUloa^ Lord de Sr. Servolo £«j Otftt 
novo in Carnicla, of Frida-w £y RahoTjJlein in AufiriOy ''*^ 
Schiuige Selvar £<? Si. Midos in Hungary, a Grande&J 
Spain, Knight of the Order of the An^imiciada, Pifl 
Counfellor of his Imperial and Catholick Majefty, ll 
Minitier Pienipotemiary for the Government of the jj 
iherlands, and his Ambaffjdor Plenipotentiary, fore 
eluding and figning this preftnt Treaty, for the execut 
of the Treaty of the Barrier : His Sritdimick Maj6 
William Earl CadcgatJ, Vifcount of Cavcr/ham, Barbs 
Reading and Oakley, General of the Foot, Colonel of; 
2d Regiment of Foot Guards, Governour of the J^t- 
mghr. Mailer of the Wardrobe, I'rivy Counfellor, Ki^ 
of the moft nob!e and mott antient Order of St, Andft 
and his AmbalTador Extrordinary and Plenipotentiary tM 
Lords the States General of [he C/«yrc.rf iProi'/«c« :-^ 
iheir High Mightinefles, the Sieurs yobn van Wynheri 
Lord of Glinthorfl, of the Body of the Nobles of the Qo 
ter of f''eluwe, in the Province of Guelderland ; fn^ 
vander !Does, Lord of ISbortwyck, of the Order of the Si 
bility o( Holla/id itid Weftfriejland, High Bailiff and Vfi^ 
^rave of Rhinland ; Anthony Heinfzns, Counfellw St 
iionary, Keeper of the Great Seal, and Superintendant 
the Fiefs of the Province of Holland ini IVeftfrieJIlxn 
Adrian P^elters,\ate Echcvin, Senator and Penfionary of i 
Town of Aliddlehiirg in Zealand ; Gerard Godart 7« 
man Ameroijgen, Canon of the Chapter of St. yohn 
Urrecbt, Afleflbr in the Council of Subfidys, conftituri 
the chief Member of the Slates of the Province of CTfrec, 
Grand Huntfman of the faid Province, and Affeffor iq t 
Council of the Hecmrsdei of the River of Leek ; 2}aitA 
de Kempeiiaar, Senator of the Town of Harlingea, 
Friefland ; Everard Rouje, Burgomailer of ^eventef 
OveryJJel ; and Eger ^a)»'ii»ga, Lotd in Zeeryfy .S«l 
Lcertantis and ZanAt, all refpeftively Deputys in onr j 
femhly on the part of the States of Gueiderland^ ffolld 
and ifejlfriejlaud, Overyjfel and Groningen, and the 
melandi ; who by virtue of their refpeftive full Powe 
after having held feveral Conferences together, have a 
. M £61loVs. 

1718. in relation to the Barrier Treaty. 85 ' 

I. Whereas certain Difficultys have arifen with rcfpcfl j 
to the 17 th Article of the faid Treaty of Barrier, which re- \ 
lates to the Security of the Frontier*, and the extending j 
of the Limiu of (heir High MighiineOes in Flanden, 1 
from whence Inconveniencys may arife, which aJlthc Party s | 
are defirous 10 prevent, 'tis agreed to fublhtute the prefent 
Article in the place of the faid 17th Article. 

His Imperial and Catholick Majefly agrees and approves, 
that for the future the Boundarys of the Stales General in 
Flanders fhall begin at the Sea to the N, W. of the Fort 
of iT. yflK/now dcmoli/h'd, which his Majefty yields 10 
them together with ten Rods of Land, each Rod confid- 
ing of 14. Foot round the Ditch of the Counterfcarp, to the 
Weft and South fides j and a JUait Line Ihall be drawn 
from the Dyke' which is to the South of the faid Fort, 
mark'd by the Letter A on the Map which has been form'd 
and lign'd by all the Partys, thro' the bolder cali'd Haft' 
gms, as far as where it joins to the Dyke of Crommefidyke, 
mark'd B, paffing along by a Ditch on the Weft fide of the 
faid demolifh'd Dyke, and frain ilicnce to the Canal cali'd 
Neeuifgcdbelft mark'd C, anA from thence to the NeeUTO- 
gedhelft IDrykoeck mark'd D ; from whence the new Li- 
mits (hall run along a Watercourfe and Ditch, mark'd £, 
as fai as to the Line mark'd F, which Watercourfe and 
Ditch fhall remain to his Majclly. From the Letter F , 
they (hall be continu'd along the fjid Line beyond the 
Toll-Houfe of his Imperial and Catholick Majefty, mark'd 
G, in an Angle, where it (liall enter the Dyke again, and 
run thro' the litile Polder level with a Ditch as tar as the 
Waterfall of the Black Sluice, and continued on the point 
of a Redoubt or Traverfe, which is upon the Dyke beyond 
the two Canals of Saute and Soute, mark'd H, near the 
Fori bf St. ^onat, which his Imperial and Catholick Ma- " 
jefty yields in full Sovereignty and Propriety to the States ■( 
General, together with the Sovereignty of all the Land litu- 
atc to the North of the Line, mark'd as above; provided 
that the Gates of the Sluices of the faid Fort be, ao^l con- 
^rintic taken down in time of Peace, and that the Proprie- 
^^fes be permitted to fink the Thrcftiold- level wirti tliac of 
^^te Black Sluice, and toinfpe^ them as often as they think 
^Kcc^ry, to the end that in time of Peace (he Water may 
I always have a free Current to the Sea, 

G 5 "£v3ffi». j 

86 Convention ivith the Emperor and Holland, 

From the Taid Poll, thcnew Limits ihallrcturnbaclc along 
«he Foot of the ^yke, towards the Voider, call'd the^orWl 
End, and from thence along the Sea i)yke, as it is fet 
do*n in the Map, as fat as the antient Boundarys, to the 
Cut in the 7)yke which clofes the Creek of Lapfihare^ 
mark'd I; and the Land on the North fide of the Line 
ihall belong to their HiphMightincffes in Sovereignty, 

From thence the old Limits Jhallbe conrinued as farm 
the 3iarh&ra Voider^ at which Place thenew Limitsihall 
enter and begin at the Foot of the ^Dyke, running alonj 
that Voider, and the L&uraine Voider^ to the long Street 
mark'd K ^ and from thence in a flrait Line along the fftid 
Street to the 2)yko which goes from Sonckboiite, to ^ 
Harbour of Sonckbonre, mark'd L ; and from fhence ihcj 
Jhall enter into the Chapel 'Polder, and continue in a ftrait 
Line to an Angle of the Grafjanfdyke, mark'd M; Aflj 
from thence along ihe 'Dyke, as far as the Red 'Polder. ]^ 

His Imperial and Cathoiick Majelly yields to thdj 
High Mighiineffos in full Sovereignty the Sarbary Tolder 
Laiiraine 'Polder, Chapel 'Polder, and the Red 'Polder j 
except what is rcferv'd by the Line above drawn in the 
Chapel and the Laurame 'Polders, which ihali remaii 
to his Imperial and Cathoiick Maefty, 

Their High Mightineffes permit the Owners of tiK! 
Sluices of Soiickhouie to replace them where they were 
before, and that the faid Sluices may have their Cunents 
direflly to the Sea, as they had before the late War. 

Their High Mightineffes fhall be permitted in timcof 
War, when 'tis ncceffary for the Defence and Security of 
their Frontiers, to occupy and fortify the neceflary Pofls in 
the Grafjanfdyke and Zydlingfdyke. 

As to the Town of iSViJ vsn Ghent, the Limits fhall be 
extended to the diflance of two Thirds of two Geometri- 
cal Miles round the Town, beginning at the Angles of the 
Sajiiofis, which fhall terminate on the fide towards Zelfate, 
at the Point of their antient Limits on the Bank of tho 
Canal of the Si^i. 

And for the Prefervation of the Lower Schclde, .and fi 
the fake of the Communication between Dutch Srahattt. 
and Flanders, his Imperial and Cathoiick Majetty gives up 
to the States General the full and entire Sovereignty of 
the Village and 'Polder of !Doel, as alio of the 'Polders of 
St. .4>we 3.rii Keteiiiffe ^ provided neverthelefs, that tho 
Territory of their High Mightinefles Ihall not extend be* 


in relation to the Barrier Treaty. 87 

' Forts of the Vearl and LiefkcjiJIjoccK fdrthec 

Midway between the two Forts. 

penal and Catholick Majcfty, as foon as the Bar- 

oe attack'd, or a War begun, fhall deliver up 

of Fort Vcarlto their High Mightincfles j on 

everthelefs, that as loon asfuch War is at anenJ, 

rellore the faid Fort Vearl to his' Imperial ami 

Majefty, together with the Pofts they fh ill have 

le taken pofleflion of, on the Grafjaf/f^yke and 


;igh Mightinefles promife moreover, that if upon 
'giving up to them fome Sluices (whereof the 
I of Auftriaji Flanders fhall retain the free ulc 
Peace) they fhou'd fuffer any Damage or I'rc- 
her from the Commanders or other military 
le States General will not only remedy it im- 
but likewife make Satisfaflion to thofe con- 

lufe, from this new Situation of the Limits, 
e a neceffity of changing the Toll houfes to pre- 
, wherein his Imperial and Catholick Majefty 
Jgh Mightinefles are equally intcrefted 5 other 
jftablifning the faid Toll houfes fhall be agreed 
18 the farther Precautions that itfhallbe thoughc 
to take. 

moreover be ftipulated, that a juft Valuation 

ade, in three Months time, of the Revenues 

overeign receives from the Lands that fhall be 

their High Mightinefles by this Article ; as 

have arifen to the Sovereign by the renewing 

Its on the foot they hive been agreed to for 

paft, to be dedu6led and ftruck oIfF from the 

\y of 500000 Crowns j but the Payment of the 

mall not be retarded by reafon o^ the faid Va- 

lich Lands fhall not be charg'd with any Tax- 

what they now contribute in the publick Af- 

cording to the Rate they are valued at. 

an Catholick Religion fhall be prcFerv'd and 

D the Places abovemention'd, in rho fame 

vith the fame Freedom of publick Exercifo 

to the fame Extent as this Freedom was fti- 

iC 18th Article of the Barrier Treaty. 

ietors of the Land*? and other Ellates firuate 

[iimits of the faid Ccflion, fhall retain tho 

G 4 Enjoy- 


88 Cotmentkn mtb the Emperor and Holl 

Enjoyment of the fame, in fiillPofieffion andProprii 
all th; Prerogaiives and Rights thereto anncx'd, none ' 
ferv'd nor excepted 5 and fhall moreover be continued p 
ticular Lords of- the fsid Lands and Eftates, and maimaii 
in the peaceful Propriety and Pofleffion of the Jurifdiflii 
appertaining to them, In al! the Degrees of high, mea' 
and low Jurfdiilion, as they have cnjuy'd the fatnebitht 

'DitiTono^ Rodenhttyfen fhall be demoli/h'd, and tb 
Difputes touching the Canal of Sruges /hall be refei 
to the Decifion iif neutral Arbitrators, to be chofen ( 
both fides; provided neverthelefs, that by giving up oftl 
Fort of St. Do.m, ihofcof th:: Town o^ SLuys {hnWxt 
have more Right uw.n thatCanuI than they had before tb 

In confequence of the Ceflions included in this Arnd 
their High Mightinefles delill their Pretenfions to all oth 
Lands and Places which were yielded to them by the I7( 
Article of the Barrier Treaty, which Ihall remain as ttM 
did before under the Dominion of his Imperial and Cai 
lick Majefty. 

II. Whereas his Imperial and CatholickMajeflyproOM 
by the igth Article of the BirrJer Treaty, tocaiifeiQi 
paid to the States General the Sum of 500000 Crowll 
Year, amounting to one million two hundred and ^ 
thoufand Florins of UoU&ndy at the Terms fpecify'd 
the faid Treaty, in cnnfideration of the great Charges at 
extraordinary Expence*, ro which the Lords the Stat 
General are indifpcnfibly oblig'd, as well for maintaid 
the great number of Troops, which they are oblig'd 
, the faid Treaty to keep in the Towns and Places 
the faid Barrier, as for fuppariing the great Charge' ab 
lutely neceffary for the maintenance anti reparation 
the Fortifications of the faid Places, and for fupplying the 
with Ammunition and Provifions. 

And his Majefty, dsfirous that his Promife may 
piinftualty executed according to the Tenor of the faid i] 
Article, having for that cndfbewn their High Mightint' 
the DifGcultys and Inconveniencys that might arife in 
performance of the faid Article, as alfo of the feparato 
licle of the faid Treaty, with regatd to the AffigomenH n 
upon the Subfidysof the Proviijces of Srahaiit and Fti 
den, and the Quarters, Diftrifts and Chatellanys tb<" 
In j3icnrJjD;i"d, for liie Sum of ^40000 FJorins a^Holtandt 

lyiS; in relation to the Barrier Treaty. 8g 

Hit Inpeml and Catholick Majefly and the Lotds the 
Sn^e< General have agreed upon another Repartition, and 
upon another fpecial Morfgage, which ftnl! be fubftituied 
in the place of the faid Mortgages and Aflignments, upon 
the Subfidys of the Provinces of SriJ^iiHr and Flanders^ty 
ver and above the General Mortgage upon all the Reve- 
nuGs of the Atiftriaii Netherlands flipulated by tht; faid 

Namely, that his Imperial and Catholiclc Majeflv. for 
the better fccuring and facilitating the Payment of the 
fjid Subfidyof 50C000 Crowns, or 12 joooo Florins 2)uicb 
Money per Annum, afTigns a Sum of 700000 Florins, or 
180000 Crowns, inlicuoftheSum of tfiocco Florins affefs'd 
upon the Cbuntrys, Cit>s, Chatellanys and Dependences, 
made over again by France ^ the Revenues of which con- 
fifl in the Aids and Subfidys payable by the faid Towns 
and Chatellanys, in the IJutys of the four Members of 
Banders, and other Dulys of Domains, in that call'd the 
four 'Parars far bonnier, and other Taxes for the Forti- 
fications, iheRanfom of thofc call'd Co?jf/M«. 4/(7; futVo', and 
ID the Emoluments, and oijier Gratuitys, which were paid 
~"" the lime that the faid Towns and Chatellanys were in the 
oi Frtl'iCe, to the Intendanrs, Governors, and other 

^n on the EflaMifhment in the Places : And that he 

iocs this for all the Dutys and Impofls in general, which 
their High Mighiinefles have enjoy'd hiiiierto in whole 
or in parr, without any Exception whatfoever. 

On condition that no Diminution or Alteration be made 
in them to the prejudice of the faid Mortgage. 

The awarding of the Farm of the fiid Dutys of the 

four Members of Flanders /hall be made in publick to 

tbe highcft Bidders j provided ncverthelcfs, that in cafa 

""''■Inrolvency of the Farmers and their Securitys, his Impe- 

Hand Caiholick Majefty fhall make good the Deficiency 

^ of the other Branches and Revenues of the Towns, and 

Ltelhnys above m en tion'd, or out of his Demefnes in the 

M Aujirian Netl-erlaiids, as far as amounts to the Sum 

fooooo Florins a Tear. 

id when any Abatement is folliciccd, bywhichthc Rc- 
lues of the faid Farm, or of the Aids and other Dutys ' 
i ImpoQs above fpccity'd, may not be fufficicnt to pro- 
ce the entire Sum of 700000 Florins, it fhall not be 
tited till Provifion be made for the faid Abatement in 
leoiher fufficient Way to their faiisfaflion. 


90 Conveniion with the Emperor and Holla] 

His Imperial and Catholick Majefly affigos and 
over the remaining J50000 Florins of /fo//(T;;rf, oraiooSt 
Crowns, upon all tht: Revenues of the Tolls abovemen- 
tion'd, arifing from rhe Dutys of Imporration and Exporta- 
tion paid in the Jujlrian I^etherlands, which are only 
engag'd by way of Subfidy to iheir High Mightmeffei 
for their Levys of Money on feveral occafions, or for An- 
ruitys in the Country, and the like certain Charges. 

Kamely. the Toll-houfes of 3r«^/j, SaigberotK, ?»'- 
lemont, Charltroy, Mons, Aeth, Beaumont ^ CourtrAy\ 
Tpres, 7'ournay, Neivpart, of the Province of Luxeflifi 
hurg, and that oi Mechlin, /hall generally and fcverally 
be mortgag'd for thefaid Sum of 550000 Florins. 

And lor the better fecu ring the Payment of the laid 
Sum bis Majefly engages, by ttie way of a Subfidiary and 
Supplemental Fund, the Sura of 25000D -Dutch Florins 
fer Ann. out of the firft and cleareft Revenue from the 
Dutys of Import and Export of Ghent, Sri/ges and OJlend} 
promifing that they fhall be entirely paid in five Yearej 
out of what remains in Arrearofthe Principal and Inter 
reft of one million and forty thoufand and iix hundred 
Florins, which were rais'd upon thofe three TolMioufe* 
in 1710. _ 

His Majefty likewife promifes that no Alteration fhall 
be made in the Dutys of Import and Export, which may 
leffen the Revenue thereof to the prejudice of the Moft- 

And if his Majefly in procefs of Time judges it neceflaty 
to triake any Alteration m iheLevy of the faid Dutys, by 
which they may happen to be diminifh'd, fuch Alteration 
ihaii not be eftablilh'd till a fuflScient Fund is appropri- 
ated to make good fuch Deficiency. 

■His Imperial and Catholick Majefly doth by this Con- 
vention command the Receiver General of his Majefly's 
Finances, and him that fliall be eftiblifli'd to pre fide in 
chief in the Countrys made over again, that by virtue of 
thefe Prefents, and according to a Copy hereof, they pay 
every three Months, computing from the firft of this Inftant 
^December i^i^, to the Receiver General of the States 
General in thofe Countrys that are made over again, in 
fuch Coioj or fuch Money as is receipcd at the Toil-hoafes 
and at his Majefly 's General Receiving Office, an exad 
quarter part of the Sum of 280000 Crowns, or jooood 
:£iufcb Florins j and to the Receiver General of bisMi^.' 

1718. xn relation to the Barrier Treaty. 9 1 

jelly's Fininces in theCityof ,^H/W(-r/, to pay alfo anexafl 
fourrh part of the remaining Sum of 550006 Florins, or 
iiMOO Crawns, without flaying for any other OrJcr or Af- 
fignmcntj ihefe Prefents being to ferve inllead ofanOrder 
or AHignmenr, both now and hereafter : and the faid Pay- 
ments (hall be allow'd them in their Accompt wiih his Im- 
perial and Catholick Majefly, as much as if ihey had made 
ihcra to himlelf. 

As for the Arrears of the faid Subfidyof 500C00 Crowns, 
er lasoooo Florins of Holland, fer Annunt^ that have ac- 
crued from the ijth of November 171 5, the Day on which 
the Barrier Treaty was fign'd, to ihe lafl day o( November 
lad, 'tis agreed, for avoiding all manner of Dlfpuic touching 
ijhc Produce in that time, of the Revenues ofiht Towns 
l|nd. Cbatcllaoys made over again by Fravce, which have 
^^L^iuoumed to above 500000 Crowns fer j}i)nuin, all 
^^nec dcdufled, as their High MightineSes have fliewti 
^^^iimates thereof, which ihcy have cnus'd to be drawn 
pand communicated, and which have been examin'd by 
me of the Commifliontrs of his Imperial and Cathollck 
Hajefty's Finances, and alfo for putting an End to the Dif 
lutcs tnat have arifcn on account of the Non performance 
f certain Articles of the faid Treaty, with regard to the 
^y of the faid Arrears from the iith of Nov. 1715, to the 
jft o( yanaary 1718, which on the part of ihc Sratcs are 
ad up at above 400000 Crowns ; their High Mighiineffes 
fill be content to take for all thofe Arrears, from the 15th 
f Nov. 1715, to the faid firft of Jfinmry 1718, 200000 
*towns or 500000 Florins of HQliand, payable by loooo 
browns a Year, till rhe Sum Total is difcharg'd j provided 
hat the intire Subfidy be paid to them from the beginning 
if the prefent Year, in manner following. 
Namely, That the Atrears of the firTl 8 Months of the 
iclcnt Year, amounting to the Sum of 5^5355 Florins, 
Sou% 8 Deniers of Holland Money, (hail be paid in the 
Bc manner by aoooo Crowns a Year in part of Payment, 
is aforcfaid, immediately after the Payment of the faid 
fbrears of the preceding Years. 

L For fecuting the Payment of both the one and the other, 
B» Imperial and Cathollck Majelly engages, and makes 
per by way offpecial Mortgage, the Dutys of Impott and 
ucport of the Totl-houfes of Ghent, Sruga and Oftend, 
»er and above, and without prejudice to the Sublidiary 
Ingagement of the faid Toil-houfes for the Sum of 2 jcooo 


92 Convention with the Emperor tf»i/ Holland, 

Dutch Fiorins a Year, ftipulated by the prcfent C<hit< 

For the greater Security whereof, the Aclminiilrati 
General of the Dutys of Import and Export, fhall, by ( 
Bond which they give for the yearly raymcnt of jjoc 
^mcb Florins, during the 6 Years of their Adminiftrati 
charge thetnfeivcs with the Payment of the fix firft Porii 
or Teems of the faid Arrears; and after the Expiratioi 
the Term ofiheir Contrafl, or Receipt, the reUihau 
paid by Quarter-parts by the new AdminiflratorJ, « 
thofe whoifhall then have the Regie and Receipt of ' 
faid Dutys, at Ghent, Sruges and OfteizH, after theo 
ner and under the Engagements ftipulatcd iot fccuring 
Payment of the 550COO Florins. ' 

The Surplus, or the three Months remaining of the< 
tears of the prefent Year, amounting to the Sum of 11 J 
Stitch Florins, Jhall be paid in 1710 5 his Imperial and 
tholick Majefly particularly appropriaiing for the Faya 
thereof, the Revenue of the Towns and Chatellanys m 
over again by Fraiice, over and above, and without u 
dice to the Appropriation of the yoocoo Florins a 5 
made by this Convention. 

Their High Mightinefles /hall enjoy the Revenaes ol 
Counirys made over again to the lalt day of laft tJavetn 
and /hall be at liberty to proceed by way of Ei^ecl 
for the Recovery of rhe Arrears of the Revenue 
. the faid Town? and Chatellanys, that are and iMy 
come due to the laft Day of hft November i'^JOt 
this purpofe to make ufe of the fame Methods of Ejced 
againfttne States [the Ecclefiafticks excepted) Magifll 
Towns and Chatellanys, Farmers and others, as tMy.' 
flipulated for the Recovery of the 700000 Florins vS 
affign'd upon ihe faid Revenues, and may alfo maKe< 
the fame Method with regard to the 1150G0 Fiorina v 
are made over to them, conformably to the foregoiof 

And whereas his Old Majefiy has put his Dutys o 
port and Export into Adminiflration and Direftion 
bound the Admin ifirators General or DiretElors of till 
Dutys, to pay a fix'd Sum yearly for the Improvemi 
his Majefiy's Finances; the' Adminiftrators Genera! 
reflors of the faid Duiys, /hall enter into an Obligl 
under a voluntary Condemnaticn, which /liall be det 
by ihc Grand Council oi Mechlin, and by thofe of SM 

ni8. ifi relation to the Barrier Treaty. 93 

and Flinders, to pay every three Months during the Time 
of their Adminiftration the faid fourth part ofthc Sum of 
jfoooo Florins of Hollatid, to tine Receiver General of the 
Umled ^rovifjces, or his Order, as is faid ; and ihc prcfcnt 
'Aniclclhall fufEceforthc Difcharge ofthc faid Adroini- 
limors or Direflori, with the Acquittance of the faid Re- 
(civct General ofthc United 'Provinces. 

The fjid Adminiftrators General, or DifLflors, fhall ob- 
lige ihcmfelves by the fame Aft, to pay oft", by equal Pay- 
ments in J Years, what remains to be paid to the States 
General of the faid 1040615 Florins, riiis'd in 1710 upon 
the Toll-houfcs of Ghent, 'Briigei and OJlend, with the 
Interetls ihat (hall accrue every "Year; 10 the end, that 
when tlie j Years are expir'd, the faid ToU-houfes may* 
be eniircly difcharg'd from the faid Levy. 

And on the failure of the Payment, after the manner a- 
bove ilipulated, as well of the Sums of the Sublidy of 
jooooo Crowns, or 1250000 'Dmch Florins, as of the faid 
Money rajs'd upon the ToU-houfes, the Lords the. States 
General may proceed to Methods of Compulllon and Exe- 
cution, even by way of Violence, againft the Receiver Ge- 
neral of his Majdty's Finances, and againft the Receiver of 
the Countrys yielded back again, who fhall be both refpon- 
fible and liable to an Execution, for the particular and fub- 
aJtern Receivers of the Funds aflign'd to their refpeilive 
Provinces ; if either the Receivers General, or the others, 
divert any part of their general or particular Receipt to 
ihe Prejudice oF what is contain'd in the prefent Conven- 
tion; provided however,' that this Article (halt noc take 
place againft the Receiver General of the Finances, but in 
cafe of the Management of the Dutysof Import and Export. 
His Majefly grants the fame Power to bring an Execu- 
tion as well againft the Toll- houfes, engag"d previoafly by 
r Ipecial Mortgage, as againft the ToU-houfes engag'd fubii- 
diarily 00 fjilure of the former, and againlt the Funds of ' 
the faid Country made over again, as ailb againft the States, 
except the Ecckiiafticks, and againft the Magiftraves of the 

f Towns and Chaiellanys of the faid Country yielded back 
again, if they make any Scruple or too long delays in aflef- 
£ng and furnifhing the Impofts, which they are oblig'd to 
raife fcr his Imperial and Catholick Majefty. 
\ And this Execution againft the iaid States, excepting - 

\ the Clergy, and againft the faid Magiftrates, fhall be 
» made in tocJv'smc, and on the part of Wis^aicft^^-, m^^ 

94 Convention with the Emperor and Holland, 
in theufual manner j his Majefty for this end authorizing 
Governours of rhe Barrier Towns who have taken 
Oath to him, and fubjeiSing the fald States therei 
[except the Clergy) and the fJid Magirtrates by virtue 
the prefent Convention, as well as the faid Funds, 
thofe were fubjefled to it which were fpeeially mortgaj, 
antt aflign'd for the refpcftive Sums of the faid Sub£( 
by rhe njth Article, and the feparate Article of t 
Barrier Treaty. 

The Officers of Juftice, to whom it /hall appertal 
ihall be oblig'd to give the neceflary Ailiftance of thi 
Office, when thofe who bring the Writs that (hall 
order 'd and iffueii in favour of their High Mighcincfles, 
gainft the Adminiftrators of his Majefty's Dutys of Irapo 
and Export, as well as againft their Aflbciatcs, fliall h« 
recoutfe to them, in order lo proceed to the EKCcution.' 
the faid Writs, according to the rcceiv'd Ufage of the Ti 
bunajs from whence they arc difpatch'd ; in the famem, 
ner as .ihey are ufed to execute the Sentences which 1 
Natives and other Inhabitants of the Aiijlriaa Nelberlai 
obtain there. And as to the States of the Netherlat, 
yielded bick again, (the Eccleiiafticks excepted) Mag 
ftrates, Toll houfcs and Funds, Execution may be iffue 
againfi (hem in the manner as is agreed by the *" 

And finally, beGdes the Order which {hall be give 
by his Majcfty to the Governour General of the AuflriS 
JSfctherlands, the prefent Convention (hall fetvc inflead c 
a fpecial and irrevocable Order and Inflruflion, for him *^f 
his future Su^rccfTors, in purfUince of which they (hall, Ml 
form and caufe to be perfbrm'd what is (tipulated by t| 
prefent Convention ; and are esprefsly forbid not to diva 
or fuffer to be diverred by the Council of State and 1 
Finances, by the Dircflor General of the Financfts, <W 
any other Perfon whatfoever, any Sum of the ReventiS 
abovemention'd of the faid Towns and Chatellanys, nori 
the faid Adminiftraiion, Management and Receipt of th 
Dutys of Import and Export, for any occaiion whEttfoeTi 
tho never fo material and argent, unlefs of what fhall i 
main after the Payment of the faid Quarrers; which Pa; 
ment (hall nor be retarded, much lefs refufed under colou 
ofCompenfations, Liquidations, or other Pretences of wha 
Name or Nature foever they be : in confequence of whii ' 
their High Mighlineffes ihe Stilts Gene.ia.ViL'i^Qunce, a 

, an 

"r — ' 

1718. in relation to the Barrier "Treaty. 95 

entitely give up, by virtue of the prefent Convention, every 
Aflion and Mortgage wbich had been flipulatcd by the 
ijtii Article of the Barrier Treaty, and its Ceparate Arti- 
cle, againft the Provinces of Sralant and Flanders, their 
Jiirifdidions, Chatellanys, the 7 Quarfers of j^iittverp, 
and againft the States and Receivers of the faid Provinces. 

!ll. The Arrears due of the IntcreO of the Sums rais'd 
upon the Revenue of the Pofls in the Anjlriari Netherlandi 
being very confidcr.ibie, hii Imperial and Caiholick Ma- 
iefty promiles and engages to remedy it, bycaufing entire 
rayroent to be made both of rhe Inrereft and Principal as 
foan as poffibic ^ and till this is perforni'd, his Imperial am) 
Catholkk Majelly will give very Orift Orders that the 
Revenue of the Polls may be employ'd conformably to 
tbe Bonds, and that no pan of it be diverted to the prejii- 
dice of their Cements. 

IV. The Lords the States General having made confi- 
derable Advances towards pajing off the Iniercft of the 
Moneys itvy'd as Tpecify'd in the Barrier Treaty, it has 
been agreed and concluded, that the Sum of 705011 Flo- 
tins, 1% Sous and 10 Denicrs, which hisCatholick Majcfly 
owes to their High Mightinefles, according to the Liqui- 
diiion fettled on this Day the iid of iiecemhey 1718, 
ftiall be paid off by equal Portions cf locoo Crowns ot 
50M0 Diilcb Florins a Year, to commence immediately 
iftet the 6 Years of the prefent General Adminiftration of 
the Dutys of Import and Export ; his Imperial and Gatho- 
lickMajefty engaging the laid Dutys in Fianden as they 
uencw raifed, and as they (hail conrinue to be rais'd after 
ibeend of the faid General Adminiflration, for paying off 
the faid Sum of 705011 Florins, 18 Sous and 10 Deniers, 
by way of fpecial Mortgage : and till the fame is effeftually 
psid off, he I^all caufe Intereft to be paid for the faid Sum, 
or that part of it which fliall remain unpaid, at the rate of 
two ana a half /cr Cent, per ^mntm. 

In order to facilitate the Payment of the faid Intereft of 
Two and a half ^er Cent, per Ami. their High MighrinelTes 
confi-nt that it be computed by the double Canon of 800G00 
f'wins per Ann. rais'd upon the Revenues of the Province 
'^'Samttr, and fubfidiarily upon thofe of the Mayoralty and 
ftovince of Luxemburg:^ on condition that the faid double 
Cstwn be continued proportionably to the time that the 
Reimburfementofthe faid 800000 Florins ihaii be retarded 
t'y the faid Dijnijiution. 




gS Convention -with the Emperor and Holland, 

V. To put an end to the Differences touching the An 
Icry and the Magazines of Wjt, and particularly concei 
ing the Propriety of thofe aiVenlo, St. Michael and 51 
venficaeri, PUces yielded to the States General by i 
Treaty o( Barrier, his Imperial and Catholick Maje 
gives up all Claim to the faid Artillery and Magazines, 
condition that their High Mightineffcs recede, as they 
by the prefeni Convention, from the Demand of the MoU' 
due to them, in purfuance of the Ail pafs'd at Antiga 
the 5Q:h of January 1711?, by the Count de Konigfei 
Plenipotentiary of his Imperial and Cacholick Majelly, I 
the Powder, Bali and other Amfnuniiion, which the Coi 
miflioners of bis Imperial and Catholick Majefty took (1 
hisAccompt, agreeable to the faid Aft, and to Lifts lign 
by the faidCommiffioncrs, which amoutit in value to aboi 
looooo Plorins : but his Imperial and Catholick Maje^ 
makes no Claim on account of the Powder and Amtnun 
tion belonging to France, which was found at the Redu 
tioD q{ Anttnerpt Mechiin, G^e?if, and other Places of tl; 
Aufirian Netherlands. 

VI. The States Generalimmediateiy after theExchanj 
of the Ratifications of the prefent Convention, fhalltem 
10 his Imperial and Catholick Majefty the PofTeffion at 
Enjoyment of all the Towns, Chatellanys, Diftrifisiii 
Jurifdiftions made over again by France, according to t\ 
Tenor of the firft Article of the Barrier Treaty. And h 
Imperial and Catholick Majefty Jhall iikewife rcraii 1 
their High Mightiiieffes, immediately after the Exchanj 
of the faid Ratifications, the Pofleffion of the Land ai 
Polders which he has yielded to them in Flanden by tl 
firtt Article of this Convention. 

VII. The Barrier Treaty, and its Separate Article ' 
the ijth of Nove}nh£r 17^5, fliaH he confirm 'd by the 
Prefents, in all and every of its Articles. 

VIII. Forafmuch as for the greater Security and ben 
Performance of the Barrier Treaty, his Sntannick M 
jefty has confirm'd and guaranty'd the faid Treaty, lb I 
faid Majefty doth promiu! and engage to confirm and gu 
raniy the prefent Convetiiion, as he doth confirm ai 
guaranty it by this Article. 

IX. The prefent Treaty (hall be ratjfy'd and apptov 
by his Imperial and Catholick Majefty, by his SriTaam 
Majeiiy, and by the Lords the Stares General of the C/>ii(. 
iProvincei, and the Ratitcauoiia ftviWVi exchang'd in J 

f ■ m II 

17 18. in relation to the Barrier T'reaiy, o' 
Wcefc^ or Iboaer if poflible, after the Day of its bci 

In Witncfs whereof, We the Ambaffjilors and Plenij 

KDtiarys of bis Imperial and Carholick M^jcliy, and of 
\ai Sntamiick Majclty, and the Dcpuiys and Plcnipoten- 
riaiy* of the Lords the States General, by virtue of our re- 
fpenive Powers, have in their rumcs fipn'd rfat-fc Prefcnrs, 
wd thereto fct the Seals of our Arms. Done at the Hague, 
ihe asd of •Deccmher., 1 7 iS. 

(L. S.) The M de Trie. 

CL. S.) Cadogati. 

(L. S.J J. h. V. pyynherget). 

(L. S.) ff^- Vander 2)eei. 

(h. S ) '7. miii/ii/s. 

(L. S.) G. G. 'Taen van Amcrongen. 

\l. S.) 2>. Z>. Kcmpenatr. 

(L.SO Everard Rottfe. 

(L, S,) E. I'ammivga. 


FOL. IV. H ffeaty 


T'reaty of 'Peace hefwixt George King 
{?/ Great Britain as Ele£ior and Duh 
of Brunfwick, and Ulrica Eleonora, 
§ueen of Sweden ; hy <whkh, in put' 
fuance of the Prehminary Treaty^ co'Sf 
eluded July |-| 1719, the 2)iichys 
Bremen and Verden are yielded to t 
faid King as Ele^or and Duke 
Brunfwick, 'with the fame 'PrefogA 
fives and Titles as the Crown of Sw< 
den pojfeffed them hy the Peace 


Inrhdtng theyeln^ the Rigbl of Fake and SeJJien «' 
Dieii of the Empire, the BireSforflJip in the CirM 
Lower Saxony, and the Rights to the Cathedral & 
ter 0/ Hamburg, and that o/" Bremen i as alfo ti^4 
friety of She Town of Wilfliaufen, with its BaiiftS 
held heritofore by the Duke of Brunlwick as dPl^t 
In exchange whereof, the Kiug, Elector and IM 
jsromfeth her Swedilh Majefi-^, to caufe a Millm 
Crowns in Money of Leipfick, lo be paid to bS 
three Terms, to maintain the Subjeils and InbabttaKti 
all their Rights, Liberies and Privileges, as well 9 
regard to Religion, as in other refpeSts, and to prod 
favourable Jujlice to he done according to the Promife 
the late King Charles XII. to thofe whojhall appeal 
Jiavt been aggriev'd in the great and general Rtdu^ 

r . '^^ 

'in rekiion to Bremen and Verden. 99 

ide heretofore. Tbe_ Ki«g alfo promlfith, 

kiSiy lo maintain all former ^realys made wiib ibe 

von of Sweden, including, therein [be Guaranlys in 

mr of tbs Uoufe 0/ Holftein Gottorp, and like- 

^ife lo re»evj ihem at this time, in ctnfortnity So the pre- 

fint Uniiit. Coneluded at Stockholm, ibe ^b of 

November 1719. 

In the i^lamc of the Holy Irinity. 

BE it known by thefc Pr:f:jnts : Whereai 
blesofthe North, which began without the Holy 
Roman Empire, did iikewife in courfe of Time in- 
fell (ome of the Provinces depending on the faid Empire, 
andafterwarda penetrated as far as the Circle of Lower 
SixOtiy, which was the reafon that the moH illuitrious and 
moft potent Prince and Lord, George King of Great Sri- 
tiin, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of 
Sraufwick and Zunenhirs, Aich-Treafuter a{)d Elcflor 
cf the Holy Roman Empire, as Duke and Eleflor of 
iruvfwick and Lunenburg, was involv'd in the War ; 
llie moft lUuftrious and moil Potent Princefs Ulrica Bleo- 
Bsrrf, Queen of Sweden, the Goih and Vandals, Great 
Duchefs of Finland, Duchefs of Schotien, JSJlbofia, Li- 
wma, Carelia, Sreinen, Verden, S'ettn, 'Pomerania, 
tajfubia AoA VAndalia, Princefs of Rrjgeii, L,ady of Iiigri a 
tad TVifmar, Countefj Palatine of the Rhine a-nA Sava- ' 
TiOy Duchefs of fullers, Cleves and Serg, Landgravine 
»nd Hereditary I'rinccfs of Hrjfe, Princefs of Hircbtfeld, 
Countefs of Cstze?!etlel'c^en, IDiets,, jiiegeuhain, Kidda 
] »nd Scbaumbourg, &c. and his faid Sritannick Majcfly 
,hive with a Ciiriliian and laudable Intention, confider'd by 
l*hat meafures they might not only 'prevent greater Mif- 
jfcrtunes, and the Ruin of Counrrys and Nations being oc- 
Caiion'd by fucb a War, but chiefly to rellore Peace and 
'IVanquillity betwixt their faid Majellys, and to eftabli/h 
'aai renew the good Harmony and mutual Underftanding 
betweert the two Partys. For this end the moft [Uullriouj 
ami moft Potent Prince and Lord ZeiL'/i XV. the moft 
ChriOian King af France and Navarre, employ 'J his good 
Offices and Mediation by the Noble Lord ^amei de Cani- 
fredoti, hisMiniftcr refiding at the Swediflj Court 5 and a 
Prejiminary Treaty of Peace was aflually ac^teedon be- 
i, . Ha x-Kfttw 


^^ '■ ^ 

iDO Treaty between Great Britain and Sweden, j 

tween their la+il M.^jeflys, which was concluded at Stocfb- 
holm the ^l ofy///yla(l, in which it was Itipulated tba 
Peace (hoi^M be formally concluded betwixt them on th 
foot of tht faid Treaty, and that a folsmn Inftrumci 
fliou'd be drawn up for that purpofe. For the advancin 
and perfefting a Work lb defirable and falutary, the Pico 
potentiary Miiiillerson both fidts beinp veiled with fuffid 
em Full Powers, have in the name of God enter'd intoi 
Conference, viz. on the part of her Svnedi/b Majefty, th 
Count Gjiftavui Cronhielm, Senator of her Majelly aa 
the Kingdom, Prefident of the Royal Chancery, an 
Chancellor of the Academy at Upfal-, the Count CW/i 
Giijlaviis 2)ucker, Senator of her Majetly and the Kii^ 
' dom, Velt Mar/hal and Counfellor of War; the Coiu 
Gvftavus /Usm ' Senator of her Mjjefly and il 
Kingdom, and Governor of Stockholm ; the Count Jfijl 
i2in do la Gardie, Senaror of her Msjelly and the Kiiij 
dom, and Prefident of the College of Commerce; U 
the Baron 'Sanicl Nicholas de liopken. Secretary of State I 
her Sivedfjb Majefty } and on the part of his Sritaatiit 
Majefty, as Duke and Ele<£tor of Srunfwick and Luni 
hnrg, his Plenipotentiary, MiniUer and Colonel, j^dolph 
Frederick de Saffcwitz ; who have agreed to the follawio 

I. A lafling and fincere Peace and Friendfhip fiiall 1 
eflabiifli'd and confirm'd by thefe Prefenfs, between J 
S'-vediJJj Majelly and the Kingdom of Szi-cdcii on thed 
part, and his Sritamiick Majelly as Duke and ElcS 
of Srtmfwick jAineniurg, and his Ducal and Eleflon 
Houfe on the other part; and both /hall fincereiy and n 
fl^ntly do every thing in their Power for ibitngthening d 
Bands of Union and Confidence between them, as IBD 
aspoffiblcj and all Holliiitys and warlike Procecdinei 
the one part againll the other /hall entirely ceafein 
this time, ,^_ 

II.. Th'ere fhall alfo be on both fides, a perpetual 
JLvfoh and Amncfty of whatever the one has commiD 
hoftilely igainll the other, of what nature foeverthei 
tion was; in fuch manner that nothing done by either Pan 
or by their Subjefls, (hall be correfled or reveng'd, but' 
very thing fhall by thefe Frefemi be abolilh'd, and for ei 
bury'din Oblivion. 

Ul, J 


fin relation to Verden and Bremen. i°^^^| 
ks her S^xediJJj Mijefty, by virtue of the Prclimi-^^^ 
Mty Treaty of Peace concluded "/iity r," 17IP, wirh his 
^ritannick Majefty, as Duke and Ejetlor 'of Bruiif-xick 
snd Lunenburg, did then jieid, fu (he does by virtue 
of thefc I'refents again yield for hetfelf, the Kingdom of 
Sveden, and her Suceeffors and Delcendcnts, to his Sr"'- \ 

maick Majefly, as Duke and E[eflor of Srunfivick and 
Ztinenhurg, and his Succcfibrs for ever, the Duchys of 
Sremen and Veriteii, plena jure, with all their Rights and 
Dcpendencys, in the fame manner as thof: Duchys were 
among others appropriated, according to the Xth Article 
of the Treaty of Peace at Ofuabrtig-, dated the [\ OSlvher 
l6^S, and as the King? and Kingdom of i^acy/fwbave fincc 
that lime poffcfs'd, do now poflefs, or ouf>ht to have pof- 
fefs'd the ijid Duchys, with their Rights, Appendages and 
Appurtenances, without any Exception 5 and principally 
' jfui figriorii of the Eailywick andTown oi I'llfhanfifi, 
'[^11 its Right' and Dependencys, which was formerly 
Hands of the Eleflbr cf S'-a«yavc^ ; in fuch man- 
iwever, that no demand flialKbe form'd upon her 
y or the Kingdom of Su'eiieu for any Engagements 
which the fjme are, or m.ay be incumbL:r'd, cither 
BOW or hereafter: Giving up the whole together, and eve- 
rj Particular thereof now and for ever, with the fimc Pre- 
rogatives ai her S-xediJh Majcfly and her Predecefibrs in 
lliB Government, as well as the Kingdom q^ Sit-eden^^ had 
poffefsM them, without any Diminution or Refcrvation ; as 
llTo without exception of any Rights, inteftine or foreign, 
iskcep and poflefs them in Propriety, without any Dif- 
Butc, Hindrance cr Intcrruptirn on the part of her Srxcdijb 
Hajefty, or her Suceeffors ; yieldini; up, and renouncing 
by thcfc Prcfents in favonr of his SrJieanick Majefly, 
li Duke and Eleflorof S'^tinpxick and I.tineiiburg, and 
iis Heirs for ever, all the Rights fhe hath, or ever had, 
it ought cither one way oranother to cljirh, to the Duchys 
fSreiK^t' and p^erdeu, in general and particuiar,both a? to 
be Dircflorfhip in the Circle of Lower Saxony, a Seflioti 
Ud Vote in the Diets of the Empire and the Circles, or any 
^ing clfe, by what name foever call'd ; Refigning in the 
Ifimc manner by ihefe Prefenis, to the Subjefls and Inhabi- 
tams of the faid Duchys, all their Ojths and Obligations by 
'Which they were bound to her Majefty and the Kingdom 
■of S'Jiedeity and transfering them by the fame to hU Ma.- 
jefty o^ Greet Srirain, as ZJu^e andEledoi of 2ruiij''fflicV. 
r_ H 3 »x^. 

102 Treaty between Great Britain and Sweden, 

anci Liinenhurg, and to bis Heirs, as their prefent fole a 
perpetual Sovereign Lord^ and in like manner, the Chap 
of Hambui-g and that of Sremen, together with the Perfti 
appertaining to the latter. Subjects, Tenanrs in Fief, Fartai 
and Tributarys, as well in the Town of Sremeri, as th( 
who live in what are call'd the four Gohen of Sremt 
and all other Places which are there, /hail be by virtue 
thefe Prefents freed from their faid Oaths and Eng^ 
mentd taken to the Crown and Kingdom of S-iveden, 
made over to his Sritannick Majefty, as Dnke and Ht 
af Srwijwick and Lunenburg, and bis Heirs, 

Her Swed'JJ} Majefly, for her felf and her SucceEK 
docs, by virtue of thefc Prefcnts, again renounce theyH 
Feudi which flic and her Predecefibrs had, on account. 
the Duchys oi Syemen and ycrdei?, acq.uir'd of the I 
perors and the Holy Empire, and hitherto enjoy'd j 
transfers the fi'iA jfura Fendi in like manner to hla . 
lamiick Majefty and his Heirs. 

And the Archives and Documents which relate taj 
Duchys of Sremen and Vcrden, fhall bon^ fide, wUb- 
the fpeed poflible, be put into the Hands of Petl 
nam'd and authoris'd by his Sritannick Majefty, to n 

IV. His Sriiannick Majefly, as Duke and Eleac*'. 
Sriiiifwick and LuneTibiirg, does as well for himfelf mi 
Heirs, promife and engage on his part to the States, Sub^d 
and all the inhabitanis of the Country, both in the Toll 
of the faid Duchys of "Bremen and Verden, and all SI4 
that do or may depend tbcreon, no Perfon cxcepted^( 
confcqueutly to every one of them, to maintain and del 
their juttiy acquired Libertys, Eflatcs, Rigbia and' B 
leges, in general and particular, in the fame manner as" 
faid States, Subjeds and Inhabiianis cnjoy'd and pofll' 
rhcm, and as ihey were granted to ihcm by the Peaci 
Wefiphaiia, as well as the free Exercife of the two 9 
gions, according to the Aii^iburg Confeflion, as to wl 
they /hall at all times be ]eft to their free Choice, witl 

And in cafe that eifhcr the one or the other is not; 
aflually confirm'd in the Expeflatives of certain Prebe 
of the Chapter of Ksrabiirg, granted by the former Kit 
of Sweden, or bought of others, fuch Expcflatives, ac4 
d'mg to their Rights and Origin, /hall remain entire ; in fn 
mamcF nevcrch clefs, that fot I'Wt t^Mtt, ■*iheti a VacaB 


1719* '* relation to Vcrden and Bremen, 103 

happens, no body fliail be prder'd to thofe who ate the 
Bearcn of ihcm. 

V. The Reduflion and Liquidation eflablifli'd every 
where by the preceding Government of Sweden, having 
given occdfion (o many Grievances of the Subjefls andln- 
Eabitinis, the late King of Sixedeu of Glorious Memory, 
in Juilice ro the Caufe, was determin'd to give a Security 
by Letters Patent, that in cafe any of the Subjefts cou'd 
prove, that any Eflate julHy belonging to them had been 
taken irom them, their Right ihou'd be prcfervM; in con- 
f.quence of which fevcral were reflored lo the Poffeflionof 
ilicit Eftaies formerly difpuied, or fequeftcr'd by virtue of 
the faid Reriuftion, or any other Pretext ; which Right has 
been again confirm'd to them fince, by their laft Affembly 
ofthcjcth of jWuji laft. 

'Tii thercfLre agreed and flipulated by thefe Prcfents, 
between the two conrrafling Sovereigns, that the Ceffion 
made of the Duchys oiSremen and Verden^ by the afore- 
raid third Article ofthcprefcnt Treaty, /hal! not prejudice 
the Rights and Juft PretenGons of the Subjefls and Inbabi- 
Isnts of the faid Duchys, or their Heirs, XwXa^ intra vel 
iitira territoritim; but the fame fiiall be maintain'd by his 
Sritantiick Majcily, gs Eleflor of Srimfwick and LniicK- 
iurg, to all Intents and Purpofes in the fame manner as they 
sre now by her S-Txed'iJJo Majefly, and as they may be cer- 
itlfy'd now or hereafter. 

VI. In like manner, purfuant to what is Aipuhtcd by the 
fecond Article concerning the Amnelly, the Elates, Houfes 
ind Propertys of any Pcrfons whatfoever, who had been 
Jut under Arreft by tealon of the War, ftiall be reftot'd 
md tciiMo'd to the Lawful Proprietors, whether they live 

•oel extra terrmrimn. 

!. Neverthelef;, all Negotiations aflually made in 
id Duchys, and during the S-ivediJb Kcgcncy, failico 
, lill the faid Duchys were invaded by his Danijb 
', by reafon of Debts and Farms which were levy'd 
ry'a into the Royal Chcft, and the Sums put into it 
|c faid Regency, Jhal! remain in full Force, in fuch 
ler that the Creditors, and thofe who have legal Bonds 
'dequence of their Loans of Money, and Mortgages 
furrender'd, iball enjoy theContrafts which they have 
;ir Hands, and the Engagements included therein, till 
virtue of their Contrafls they are quite expired, and 
\ iteit Moneys advanc'd are all paid j at wHvch utoc 'ftia 
p H 4 "EOtaXM, 




J04 Treaty between Great Britain and Sweden, 
Eftatcs, and Houfes fituate or belonging in and to the faii 
Duchys, fo engag'd to the faid Creditors, fliail become il» 
Property of his Srilannick Mdjefiy, as DuVc and Eleflo 
of Sruifwick and L'l'ienburg. and his Succeflbrs, andibai 
be incorporated in his Cliamber. But the States fhall b 
cbiig'd to pay every thing negotiated upon the Bonds 
Security of the faid States. 

VIH. aU Sritannick Majelly promin.-th by thefe Pfl 
rents, not only as King, but alfo as Dulce and Eleflori" 
Si'unjkoick and Lunenburg, to renew from bencefbil 
wiih her MdjeRy, and the Kingdom of SwedeHy the flri 
Alliances and Treatys of FriencKhip heretofore eftablifii' 
with the Predeceflbrs of her Majelly and the Kingdom < 
S-xedcn, as well as the Guarantys, which by virtue of lb 
Treaty of Peace concluded between the Allies of the iSonl 
or by that which may be concluded hereafter, fiiall be ag 
ply'd to the Advantage of the Ducal Houfe of Holjieii 
GoHorp, and to regulate the fame according to the preroi 
Junflure of Affairs. 

Moreover, his Sritativkk Majefly, as Duke and Ele,ft( 
of Sriinfivick, engines to ipay at IIa??ib/'rg to iisi Sv)ed^ 
Majtfly the Sum of a Million of Rix dollars, innewab 
valid Pieces offingle and double Marks or Drittels, accon 
jng to the Allay of Leifjic in the Tear Kfpo, of wbic 
each fine Mark of Silver was worth 12 current DoUu 
And tis feflled, thit one third of the faid Sutn, W 
3i3355' Ki«doilar?, fiiall be paid at Hamburg to hi 
S'xedijh Majefiy upon her Receipts, before the ugning 
this Inrtrumentof Peace, which fliall accordingly rcma 
in force J and the reft of tbe faid Million of Rixdollanflu 
be paid Ipoedily, and without fail at Hamburg all at one 
upon proper Aflignments and Acquittances, in five or \ 
Weeks time after the Exchange of the RatificAiiont 
this Treaty of Peace, 

IX. The Treaty of Wcjlphalia, except where it it i 
ter'd by this Treaty, or othcrwife where it may be altei 
by Treatys that may be concluded in the North, 'flialli 
main in its full Force and Efficacy ; and the twocontraflil 
Sovereigns engage themfclves feverally to do every thii 
that Ihail be judg'd ncceflary for the Obfervation of tl 
faid Treaty of Ifeftphalia. 

X. The two convrafting Sovereigns referve to thoB 
ielvcs by this Article to demand and accept his Imperi 


1719* '" relation to Verdcn and Bremen. loc 

Majcfly'« Guaranty for this Treaty, and thatof other Pow- 
ers, according to the Circumilance of Affair'. 

XI. The Ratifications of this Peace /hall be difpatchM 
in two Months time at fattheft, and cxchang'd one with 
the other here at Stockholm. 

XII. In Witncfs of the above, two Copys, both of one 
ind the fame Tenor, have been made, which have been, 
lign'd and feal'd by the Plenipoteniiarys of the two con- 
irifting Sovereigns, of which one has been given to each 
Fifty. Dorx ^x Slockbolm, the 20th of ^flurwi^r 171J). 




(L. S.) GUSl'AVUS .■mAM T'AUSE. 

(L. S.) M. de la GARDE. 

fL. S.) ZJ. N. van WPKEN. 



lo6 treaty of Jllmnce and Guaranty 

Treaty between Ulrica Eleonora ^eei 
0/ Sweden, and George Kii:^ of Grea 
Britain, for 1 8 Tears, concluded by tin 
Mediation of the mojl Chrijlian King 
by which the "Partys agree to aM 
me another mutually, in every cafe t^ 
necefjtty, on the Hajii of former 'Ireatfi 
which are hereby reajftmd. And thi 
King promifes the ^een to affifi het 
as foon as pojftbk with Snbfidys ani 
Soldiers, in the prefent War agamjt 
the Czar o/Mufcovy, and to cmtintu 
fuch Ajfflance till a 'peace is rejloredi 
and the ^leen hinds her felf and iff 
Kingdoms to the perpetual Guarantji 
of the Siicceffion of the Crown of Gieii 
Britain in the Family of Brimfwick Lib 
nenburg. Made the iiji 0/ January 

WHEREAS the moft Serene and moft Potent 
Princefs and Lady, Ulrica Eteonora, Queen oF 
the Sv-'cdes, Goth! and Vandah, &c. &c. ficc. 
and rile moft Serene and mofl Potent Prince and liOrj) 
George King of Great 'Britain, France and Ireland, De- 
fender of the Faith, Pultcof Sriinfwick and Lunerthurg,- 
Atch-Treafurer ancl KIcflor of the Holy Roman Empire, 
ifcf the better aHeriing and conf tmio^ aii intimate Friend- 

■p. : 

1720. between Great Britain cWi/ Sweden. 107 

Ihip aod clofe Union, and for increaling and promoting the 
■Welfare and Securiiy of the faid Sovereigns, and their King- 
doms and Subjects, thought it expedient that the for- 
mer Treatys made between the famous Kingdoms of Swe- 
i^fsand Great Britain, and between the former Sovereigns 
of the f.iidKingdorlis, /hou'd now be reaCfuni'd, amended, 
icnew'd and accom mod died, and apply'd to the prcfent 
State of Adairs, by the Mediation, and under the Guaranty 
ofbisiacred Royal Majefly o{ France, who for that end was 
pleas'd 10 ,Tpj>oim and inflrud his Refident M. deCamfredon, 
to be his Pjeiiiporenciary, and efpccially that Treaty which 
was made for i8 Yeats at the fl^^w in 1700, between 
his Ro\al Mnjetty of Sweden, CbarUi XII. of bleffcd 
and moll elortous Memory then reigning, and his Royal 
Mjjeiiy uf Great Sritain, mUiam III. alfo of bleffcd and 
tnofl glorious Memory then reigning, and which expir'd in 
llie Year 171S, Her facred Royal Majefly of .JitWc'; Ijas 
therefore been pleas'd, for perte^ing this falutary Work, 
hwfiilly to Cftrftitute and fully to authofife his Excellen- 
' z^CaantCljerles Gitjlavusa ^.ticker, Senator ofher Majefly 
Ind the Kingdom, Velt Marfhal General, and CounfcUor 
at War ; and his Excellency Count Giijlavus Adam a 'Taiil/iet 
another of her Majclly'sand the Kingdom's Senators, Velt 
Matlhal General, and Chief Governour of i-frc^fe/'o/OT j alfo 
his Excellency the Count Mugmis He la Gardie, her Ma- 
jeijy's and the Kingdom's Senitor, and Prefi.ient of the 
College of Commerce 5 and his Excellency ^ohn Count 
lillienjledt, her Majefly's and the Kingdom's Senator, and 
Counfelior of the Chancery; and finally, his Excellency 2Ja- 
viel Nicbot(t! de Hopkcv, Free Baron, and her Secretary of 
State : and hts facred Royal Majelly of Great-Britain has 
nmmiffion'd his Excellency John Lord Carteret, Baron of 
Hawnes in the County of Sedjord, one of the Lords of his 
fiedchambet, Lord Lieutenant of the County of2)evo», and 
his Ambaffiidor Extcaordinjty and Plenipotentiary at the 
Court of his Sacred Royal Majefly of Sweden : Who having 
duly exhibited and communicated their Full Powers in a 
Congrefs at Stockholm, and held divers Conferences on that 
Account, did, after accurate Knowlcdg and Diftjuifition of 
thipgs, according to the Importance of the Affair, agree and 
conclude to make the Treatys of the firft of A[arcb 1665, 
J(ocfeto/«, andthe fith of y«Hci7co, at Stockholm, the 
s and Foundation ; provided neverihelefs, that a Negotl- 
%he enict'dinto imajediately, wltUout. Lots ot Time, bM 

Jo8 Treaty of Alliance and Guaranty 
the Commiflionefs of both Pattys at Sccckbotm, concerning 
ihofe things which relate to the Commerce of both King- 
doTTis, and of their Suhjefts, and which conditute a part of 
theTreatys of ifirfj and lyco ; and as for every thing which 
relates to mutual Friend/Hip, good Correfpondence and 
Security, the fdid Tteatys cf i6(fj and 1700 arc by this 
ptpftot Treaty intircly confirm'd and corroborated, with 
Additions and Alterations only to render them better ac- 
commodated, and more applicable to the prefent State i)( 
Affairs, as will appear to be more at large fet forth,- pro- 
vided and ilipulated by the following Articles. 

I. Therefhallbe a fincerc, conftant and perpetual Fricni- 
Ihip, League and good Correrpondence between herSacted' 
Royal Majefty of S'Ji'eden, and the Kings her Heirs and' 
SucceSors on the one parr, and his Sacred Royal Majel^ 
ai Great Sritaiu, and the Kings his Heirs and Succe^oT^ 
on the other Part, and all and lingular their Kingdom!, 
Dominions, Provinces, liland':, Lands, Colonys, Citys, 
Towns, People, Subjefls and Inhabitants, and confequentlj 
all their Subjefls and Vaflals, both now and hereafter, withSdi^ 
Europi and without it, in all Places borh by Land orSeii 
and on the Frefh- Waters } fo that neither they nor either «l 
them ftiall do any Detriment to the other's Kingdoniti 
Provinces, Colonys,wheteverfituate, or Subjects, norpermiQ 
much lefs confcnt that ir be done by others ; but ihaltcn^ 
brace each other's Inrcrefts with fincere Affeflion, all mlt 
ner of Good Will, and mutual Afieflion. 

II. In like manner, both of the Confederates, and their 
Heirs and Succeflbr';, fiiall be oblig'd to take care of and 
promo-e their mutual Advantage and Honour with all Ap 
plication, 10 difcover and bring to Light all Dangers, Coo' 
fniracys and M.icbinations of tiie Enemy, as foon as the) 
cme fo their Knowledge, to oppofe the fame as far as lit 
in their Power, and to employ and unite their Counfels an 
Porces, for averting and hindring them ; for which reafoi 
it (hall not be lawful for any one of the Confederates, eitbef 
by himfelf, or any others whomfaevcr, to negotiate or tX 
tempt any ihingto the Detriment of the other, oreventotb< 
Damage of the other's Lands, Dominions, or Rights whereto 
ever, fituateeiiher by Lander Sea ; and they Hiallinno wifi 
fijpport the other Confederate's Rebels, or Encmys, to hi 
Prejudice, nor fhail receive or admit any of his Rebels am 
Traitors inro his Dominions, much lefs afford them aw 

[ Jidrhs, Aid and Favourj or fu£fcr or permit fuch Advii 

1720. between Great Britain and Sweden, 109 

Aid or Favour, to be given by his Subjects, People or In- 

Ml. And particularly as to Rebels, juft now mcntion'd, 
wborocver fhall be declar'd a Rebel and Enemy, by Let- 
ters fcnt from either of the Confederates to ihe other, he 
ihall be indintly reputed as fuch by that Confederate to 
nhom fuch Letters Jhall be fent; and all the Stipiilations 
flude by this Alliance againll the Encmys and Rebels of 
lather, ftiall be put in force. 

IV. And to the end that. the laid Friendfhlp and good 

Correfpondence may be cultivated every Day with greater 

Jiiccefs, 10 the Advantage of both the Paid Princes, and their 

K-itigdoras and Sul'jefls, and the Profc£lion of the Protef- 

Unt Religion, and that their Security may be the better 

provided for and guarded, 'tis agreed on both fides, that 

the'mo^l Serene and m ft potent Kings and Kingdoms of 

Svueden and Great Sritai?;, may be united as clofely ai 

'boQible, by a particular Defenfive Alliance, as ihey arc 

oy tbefe Prefents join'd together by the clofctt Alliance, 

Rnd reciprocally obiig'd to the mutual Defence of their 

[Kingdoms, Dominions, Provinces, States, Subje^s, Pof- 

■jEeffiotis, Rights, Liberty of Navigation and Commerce in 

[ihe Saltick, the Somd, the Northern, Weflern and Sri- 

wi/b Seas, and in ihe Channel^ as alfo of the Privileges and 

j^Srerogaiivc' lawfully belonging to either of the Confederates, 

^8 well by Compjfls and rcceiv'd Cuftoms, as by the Law 

fcf I^ations and Hereditary Right, againft all manner of In- 

n«ders, Aggreffurs and Difturners, whether by Land or Sea 

Wn EciropCy as is more panicuUrly dcclar'd hereafter. 

V. Ifii happen therefore that her Royal Majefty, and 
ler Heirs antiSucceflors, the Kings and Kingilom of S-:t:e- 
*4e*t, be invaded, infcftedor difturbd in their Kingdoms, Do 
linions and Provinces, 1 Hands and Jurifdi<Hions, either with- 
their Kingdoms, or wiihout, or in thofe parts a^Gertnany 
iw belonging to the Kings and ICingdotn of S-W/le>i, or 
fen in their Poflcflions and Prerogatives, Privileges and 
thereon depending, or in any other manner whatfo- 
[«vei hinder'd and molelted in the Freedom of Navigation 
Commerce in the Seas and Channels abovemention'd, 
any one or more Kings, Princes, States, Republicks 
'.ebeis, or by any one or more ill-defigning Perlbns in 
?, his Sacred Royal Majefly of Great Britain, and 
sand SuccelTors the Kings thereof, fliall, after 
xeguired, conllancly alTift the moV]y 

no treaty of Alliance and Guaranty 
Queen, and her Heirs and SuccefTjrs, the Kings and King 
6omiaf SiveJe/i, againllall fuch Aggretfors, DiHucbcrsai 
Rebels, with an Army of tfooo Foot, on the Terms, ai; 
in the manner as are hereafter flipulated. 

VI. And ihofe Auxiliary Forces which flialJ heresft^ 
be fo defir'd, IhaJ] be all fent in 4 Months after they aroii 

?uir'd, or fconer ifpoffible, to fome convenient Place M 
ore to be nominated and appointed by the Patty who iti 
fires them; and the Preparation and lending of fuch SlU 
cours fhall in no wife be retarded, much lefs ihall thd 
friendly Offices be wholly withdrawn, which by virtue 
this Alliance, the Confederate who is fent to is firft ofi_ 
to make trial of for obtaining an amicable Compofitiod''. 
and when the Forces are feni and arriv'd, they ftiall h 
maintain'd and fubfifted at the Expence of the Ally wh( 
fends them, till Peace be obtain'd, or as long as the Confe- 
derate who requires them thinks them neccifary ; provid«cl 
however, that while the Succours are in h'u DoniinioittJ* 
they may be futnilh'd with all Neceffiirys for Food 
Raiment, ai as reafonable a Price as his own. 

VII. it /hall be free for the Confederate who requires 
Succours, 10 chufe whether he will have the whole num 
of Forces abovemcntion'd, or only a part thereof, and 
refl in Military Stores, Ammunition, Provifion, Ships,: 
the neceflary Equipage, reckoning each thoufand Foot^ 
Month, as long as the War lafts, at th*e rate of 40do Ib] 
rial Dollars i which matter the Commiflionersonboth'fii 
ihall agree on bona fide without Delay, 

VIII. But- if there be Danger, that the Auxiliary Ft 
may be hioder'd in coming to the Place where they ; 
be neceffary f:;r him that requites them, the Confederi 
fhall be ob:ig'd to join their Ende.ivours that their Pifl 
may be made more fafe and eafy 5 and it Jhall be laiKl 
for the Confederate ofwhom they are required, to appoM 
his (:>wn General to cuninnand his Forces, arrd theuiM 
Ihall be kept as clofc together in one Body, as the Statsfl 
the War will admit of; which is to be underwood in fucVfl 
Senfe, that they may not be difpers'd in Pattys, to Pi» 
remote from each other. And he who is appointed Ge 
ral of the Auxiliary Forces , Ihall be fubje£l to 1 
Command of the Ally who requires them, or to his Gefl 
in Military Operations; and all things which rclntc to Aft 
and all other Military Events, Ihall be To order'd as is I 
uthai Ca&QDi in War, and in cafe of ftdcntlhing Succouri' I 

mo. between Great Britain anJ Sweden. 1 1 1 

and tbe fame Rule ftiall take place if Ships Jhou'd bappca 

lobe lent inflead of Land Forces, whicn, as Auxiliarys, 

{hall be oblig'd to carry ihe flag of ibe Ally who requires 


I X. If it happen that the determio'd number of Forces 

be not fufficient for the Greatnefs of the Danger, as in cafo 

the Aggrefliirs be fuccour'd by the Auxiiiarys of any of his 

Confederates and be fo flroog as to ovcr-j>ower and defeat 

dther of the Allies, then the other Ally fnall be oblig'd as 

(bon as poffible to affitl the Patty iiijur'd and opprefs'd, 

fapt b as many Forces as he can both by Sea and Land, and 

IfeKecumaiy SubUdies ; provided neverthelefs, that in fuch 

^^K the Manner, Nature and Timeof giving iuch Aid may 

^H^tded according to the Exigency of the Affair. And 

R^as the Kingdom of Si^eden has long ere now been 

InfeAed by feveral neighbouring Powers, even while the 

Treaty which was concluded in the Year 1700 ftill iubfills, 

ndasthe War continues hitherto, fonhisreaibn his Sacred 

Smial Majefly of Great Britain thinks himfclf oblig'd, as 

teU by the Treaty abovemcntion'd, as by virtue of thefo 

Prelects, to give thofe farther Succours to her Sacred Royal 

Majefly and the Kingdom of S'xeden, as arc hereafter 


XI. And whereas every amicable Method has been hi- 
therto attempted, but without fuccef;, for putting an end 
I to this Northern War, according to the Delire of hec Roy- 
al Swedijh Majefty, his facred Royal Majefty of Grcat-Sri- 
tain doth declare, and bind himfelf by tbefe Prefents, that 
[he will not fuiftr any more time to he waflcd in vainly at- 
' tempting fuch a Reconciliation, but will next Spring fend 
ai (Irong Squadron of Men of War to the Kingdom of 
';», as Succours to afl in conjunftion with the Men 
If of her facred Royal Majefly of S-ixedeii, under 
nmand, and at herDifpofal, for repelling the Inva- 
Sweden by the Czar of Alufcovjy, and for fpeedily 
^Dg a juft Pe:ice from him ; and all Operations that 
be perform 'd by their joint Forces, /hall be order'd 
ll^os d in a previous Council of War, held with the 
landersof the Squadrons of both Crowns: but for the 
before the auxiliary Forces are fent, the Party that 
any Force or Injury fliali give notice to the other 
.tid then both of the Allies Jhall ule their Endeavours, 
te Invaders or DilWbers may be induc'd by fair 
M abftain from fuch Violence and Injut^, Odi^xV-atc 

112 'treaty of u^Uance and Guaranty 

may not be a Neceflity of having recoutfe to Arms; and il 
the Offender fhou'd be fo obAinate, that he will not cond* 
fcend to do Jullice by amicable mcafurcs, and confcquenily 
the Party injur 'd and offended be compell'd to repel tW 
Violence done to him, and any farther Dillurbance b] 
Force of Arms, then the faid Forces Ihall be fent withoul 
delay, and fuch Supply fhati be continued till the Fart] 
injiir'd has obtained full Sarisfaflion. He fhall be accouae 
cd an Aggreffor, who extorts a jurt Defence by lojurys. 

Xil. it /hall likcwifc be lawful for both of the Confe 
derates, and their Subjefls, to enter the Ports of eitha 
with their Men of Wjt, and other Ships of Force, thefl 
to winter and flay, and to poflcfs and enjoy the Immuai' 
tys and Privileges of thofc Ports j provided that they whi 
are not the common Enemys be not infefled in fuch Porti 
or at their entrance, northat the Traffick to the faid Pot 
be interrupted, much lefs wholly cut off. Tis alfo detc 
min'd by the mutual confent of their Royal Confederal 
Majertys, ihat a particular Negotiation for Navigatio_^ 
and Commerce be immediately fet on foot at Stockhalm 
for the mutual Advantage and Emolument of both Ni 
tionsj and in the mean while, and till the fame has Jl 
effefl, 'tis covenanted and agreed between both the Alli© 
that there ihall be a reciprocal and entire Freedom of N( 
vigation and Commerce in all forts of Goods and Mcrchai 
dize, thro' all and fingujar their Dominions JurifdiSiaii 
and Territorys fituate in Eiirofe ; fa that it Ihall be lawfiil ft 
one another's Subjeils freely and fafely to enter by Lan 
or Sea into cither's Kingdoms, Provinces, Illands, Citfi^ 
Towns and Villages, and there to refide and exercit 
Commerce in all fortt of Goods and Merchandize, the In 
portation and Exportation of which are not particular! 
prohibited and reiirain'd by the Laws and Statutes of b<rf 
Kingdoms ^ provided ncverthelcfs, that fuch Freedom i 
Commerce be not extended to any other Places thHii 
thole Sea-ports which have hitherto been open'd for il 
Trade of any foreign Nation: in which faid Forts, Towi 
Citys and Places, it Ihall always be free and lawful i,^^ 
the Subjects of both of the Confederates, not only to ft» 
relide and inhabit there as long as they pleafe, without a' 
Molcflaiion, Oppreffion, Redraint or Limitation of tin 
but alfo to iranfport them felves from thence, with tin 
Goods, Merchandize and Effefls, elfewhcre, whenfoei 
and ivhere/bever thc^ think fit^ without any Detrimeb 

[ I720. between GteM. Britain and Sweden. 113 

Delay or Impediment, und^erany Pretence, unlersthey have 
borrow'd Money, and contrafled any juft and lawful Debts } 
nor fhall tlie faid Sabjefli be obliged to pay any Tribuies or 
Taxes of anj kinci, under any Pretence, during theirSray in 
the DominionsandTerritorys of either of the Confederates,' 
which the Nations in the moft intirc Friendrtiip are not 
i»blig'd to pay. And to the end thar the Mertaniile Affairs 
^^te faid Suhjeft^may b<"contirm'd andincro^s'd an much 
Hinffibtc, and thAi Commetce may be rei:iproi:ally pro- 
^Hd between both Kingdoms, the faid Allies bind one 
Holer, and Severally en^ag-; that the Metchandlze and. 
Itnufaflutes of both Nations (hail hereafier pay no other 
Tiibuie nor Taxes, than what are a'rcady trtab^ifli'd ; and 
Ihall enjoy Tach Immunity, till all Points relating to their 
niitua) Commerce be more cl'^ariy and firmly decided, by 
ilpecial Convention or Treaty to be forthwith eonciudcd^ 
and always to be obferc'd for the Ufe and Profit ol" both 
Nations: nor ftiall it be lawful for the Subieils of both 
ihe Allies lefpeftivety, to claim and demand greater rates 
iw (he Weight and Menfuration of the Goods and Mtr- 
rfiandize by them imported and exported, than what ara 
demanded and p.iid by the Ciiy.'^, Inhabitants and Subje^fli 
of both Kingdoms. 'Tis moreover agreed and etta- 
hiifh'd, for a general Rule between ihc fwid Confe- 
derates, that all and fingular their Subjeft. Ihall enjoy 
Ktoual favour, at leali in all things, and on every occafion, 
ph the Dominions and Territorys fubjeft on borh fides to 
[their Obedience; and that they /hall ufe and poCTcf^ the fame, 
itrivileges, Libcttys and Immunirys which the Subjefts of 
any other Prince or State, even in the ftriileft Amity, do or 
may hereafter ufe, enjoy and polTefs. 

XIll. Whereas by virtue ol- the fourth and fifth Articles 
t»f the Treaty of 1700, both Crowns were oblig'd reci- 
l^ocally to furnifh the Succours therein IHpulatcd ; on the 
jijlonditions nevenhelefs, which are fpecity'd in the XVIth 
litrf the faid Treaty, viz. that if the Confederate apply'd 
ifjo for Succoufs Ihou'd himfelf be involv'd in a War, either 
sisigainft his own Subjefls, or againl> a foreign Enemy, ho 
Il'Jftou'd not only be oblig'd, during fuch War, to furni/hSuc- 
';,cours to the oiher Confederate demanding them, but 
rmighi alfo after three Months previous notice recal the 
Auxiliary Forces, fcnt in aid of his ConHderate, by virtue 
lofthe League; and whereas it happen'd that her kie' la- 
yered Royal Majefl-y of Great Srit&in was hctfe\i ftnq.atf ^ 

yov. IV. I \ft 


1 14 Treaty of Alliance and Guaranty 
in i. War againft the Crown of France, till the Tcai 
1715, when the War was concluded by the Treaty gi 
Peace at Utrecht, and therefore neither couid nor ough 
to be bound to furnifti the Subfidys promis'd to the Crowi 
'of Sivedea j yet forafmuch as the Kingdom of S'weii. 
has been in War from that time to this, and for ilu 
reafon demands (he Swedijb Subfidys which are in Arrcai 
and whereas the Subjefts of his facred Royal Majefi 
oi Great Britain demand juft Satisfaflion for their S' " 
and Merchandize intercepted by the Swedijh Men of .. 
and Privateers, and afterwards confifcated ; and whereas 
like manner the Suhjefls of her facred Royal Majefly. 
S-Ti'eden require iuft Satisfaflion for their Ships and Gofl 
intercepted by the Men of War and Privateers of Gtt 
Sfitai/i ; for this reafon 'tis agreed by the contra£tii 
Partys, that Commiflarys fhall forthwith be elefted 
both fides, to examine and liquidate the Complaints rel 
ing to the Ships and Goods fo intercepted and taken, d 
it may appear what part the one owes to the other, a 
that what is accordingly due, after a Calculation made-i 
both fides, may be punctually paid within the term fil 
by the Commiflioners for fettling rhofe PrCtenlions. 

XIV. But the Prerogatives mention'd in the begimii 
of the twelfth Article, as granted by either of the Coi^ 
derates to the Ships of the other in his Harbours, fliall 
no wife be indulged to the Enemys of the other. N 
fhall it be lawful for the Subjeft^ of either of the Colli 
derates, to affirt the Enemys of the other Confederate ; 
hi> Inconvenience and Detriment, or to ferve them did 
as Soldiers or Mariners by Sea or Land, and therefore 
Ihall belaid under the feverefl; Prohibition. 

XV. The prefent Treaty made between the mofl S< 
Mooarchs of Sive den and Great Britain, fhall notdert^ 
in the lead from the B-egalitys, Rights and DominioB 
her facred Royal Majefly of Sweden in the Baltickx i 
from thofe of his facred Royal Majefly of Great Sr^t 
in fhofc commonly call'd the Sritijh Seas ; but both of I 
Confederates fiiall hereafter prcferve and enjoy ail the P 
rog fives and Privileges above mention'd, with all tbingsi 
pending thereon, as they have polTefs'd them hithei 
freely and without any Cavil. Which Enjoyment of 
things as aforcfaid mufl be undetilood on both, fid 
/s VI <:f>, this prefent Treaty. 

1720. between Great Britain and S wedeni 1 15 

' XVI. After the Confederate required as afbrefaid, hath 
feothisAaxiliarys, ordifcharg'd his Obligation according to 
rbeLa^ws of Treatys, 'tis necefTary that Proviiion be made 
in like manner for him and his Security ^' and therefore 'tis 
agreed on both fides, that the Confederate who fends 
forces to the other Confederate at his requefl, fhall always 
i>e reputed as an Auxiliary, and not be involv'd in tho 
War for fending fuch Afliftance 5 nor /hall any Treaty 
rf Peace or Truce be enter'd into, nor any Sufpenfion of 
Amis concluded for a confiderable time, which may be hurt* 
^ fill to the other Confederate, without including and fecur- 
ing him that fent fuch AfEftance. But if he mould be in* 
Tolv'd in open War with the Aggreflbr, or any other • 
■ whomfbever, byreafon of his fending Succours, then nei- 
l ther /hall condefcend to agree to any Preliminarys, or 
^ to any general Treaty with the Enemy or Enemys, with- 
l out the Confent and Counfel of the other, but all things 
ihail be afled and treated with mutual Help, Communi- 
cation and Counfel, till mod: ample Proviiion is made with 
common Confent, for the fufiicient Security and due Satif- 
i&dion of both Confederates. Above all, it /hall be by no 
&eans lawful for that Ally who is firft engag'd in the War, 
to make Peace, before the other Ally, who by virtue or 
this Treaty has fent Help to his Ally, /hall have ample 
Satisfaflion made him for any damage from the Ene- 
luy, and be fully reftored at lead to his former State, . 
mich he*was in poflefHon of, or had a juft title to before 
the War began, in cafe that his State and Condition fhall 
have futfer'd any Diminution in the progrefs of War. 

XVII. This Condition is exprefly added to the former, 
concerning fending Help at the requeft of his Ally, * That 

• if it happens that either of the Confederate Kings, ei- 

• ther he of whom Help is required, or he who re- 
^ quires it, /hou'd be engag'd in War againft a common 
^ Enemy, or be molefted by any other neighbouring King, 
^ Prince or State, in his own Kingdoms or Provinces, (to 
"* that he of whom it is required may juftly account 
"• lach Moleftation for a real War) to the averting of 

* which he that requires Help might otherwife by virtue 
:• of this Treaty beoblig'd himfelfto fend Auxiliarys, then 

* the other Ally fo molefted, if any Auxiliary Forces were 

• fent at the requeft oPthe other Ally before the Invafion, 
" may after three Months Notification recal them to 

* his own Mad bis Kingdom's defence^ and v«\v\\^ V^ ^^ a 




1 16 Treaty of Alliance and Guaranty 

' ptcfs'd wirh fuch Invafion, he fhall not be obligM to fci 

* the promis'd Succours, as happen'd heretofore during tbi 

* War which continued fo many Years bctwixi the Crowi 
*. of Great Britain and the moil Cbriftian King. Ant 
' altho that Treaty oF 1700, which Ihali be rt- ckon'd 

' the Bafisofthis, wascnter'dinto upon this condition, ai 

* this which is concluded even now, ciu^hi to he sxphio'i 
' in that manner hereafter, neverthelefs his facrcd Ri 
' Majcfly of Great Sritahi, in order to give the mofi 
' nil Tokens of h),i Friendfhip to the Crown of & 
' den, Qiigjgc& /ro hac vice, that the prefcnc War bciwM 
'_^rhe Crowns of Greac Britain and Sjiain, Ihai! by 
''means hinder her Royul Mijcfty of S'.i>ede n fiom \ ^ 
' taining the Aids afluaUy flipulated by this Treaty,] 

* from enjoying and being lupported by the fame, tillH 
' Peace is happily reftored, viz. the SubfitUs and Squadn 
' of Men of War, promis'd in the Vlllth' and IXth Att 

* cles, till a Peace wai rcflor'd with the Czar of Mafcevf 
' but if the War with 'Denmark Ihou'd, contrary to C 
' peflation, laft longer than that with the Czar, thenooi 
' the Subfidys /lialt be csntinued. On the contrary, \ 
' facrcd Royil M-ijcfty of Sivedea obliges herfcif ntitl 
' admit of any Terms which may be propos'd or offe^ 

* to herdiredly or indireiSly bythe Kingof i^iim, ifthn 
' Ttirms are capable of doing any prejudice or damage 

* the Caufe for which a War has been carry 'd on fotfel 
' xA Tears againll Sfain. Moreover, her facred Maiel 
' of Sweden obliges herfelf, her Heirs and SucceOcD 

* to maintain and guaranty the Succeflion to the CrM 

* of Great Sritaiii, as it is eflablifh'd by the Laws of [I 
' Realm, in the Fa^.iJy of his Uritarinick Majeftv no 
' upon the Thrcnc, and likcwife to defend all the Doa 

* nions and Provinces pofll-fs'd by his MdjeUy; and that ft 
' will not give or grant any Shelter or Refuge in any part 
' her Dominionsto ihe Perfon or his Dcfcendents, if he fliM 
' haveany, who in theLifetime ofJ^iiMall. took theTil 

* of Prini;e of Jpales, and after his Death the Royall 
' tic oCKJng of Great Sritairi : promifing likewife for hf 
' felf, her Heirs and Succedbrs, that Jhe will not direB 
' or indireflly give the faid Pcrfon or his Defcendenl 

* any Aid, Counfei or Affiftancc whatfocver, either" 

* Money, Arm-, military Equipage, Ships, Soldiers, J 

' riners, or in any other manner whatfoevcr ; and tH 
' /kc wiiJobferve the fame Vi«amuoti with regard to thi 

H|20. between Great Britain and Sweden. 1 17 

^'Rtfbna who may be commanded or commiflion'd to di- 
' fturfa his Srtraun'ick Majefly's Government, or ihc 
' Tranquillity of his Kitigdom, cither by open Wjf, or 
' clandertine Confpiracies, or in exciting Seditions and 
' Rebellions, or in conoroiciing Piracys upon his Sriian- 
' nick Majefly's Subjefls ; in which lad cafe, her facrcd 
' Royal Majefly of S'ii:eden promilcs that fhe will by no 
' means permit any Refuge lo be given to fach Pirates 
' in the Harbours of her Kingdom. Lattly, her Royal 
' Majefly of Swe/iai obliges herfelf, not to give any Pro- 
' teflion or Shelter in sny pan of her Dominions to thofe 
' Subjefts of his Royal Majefiy of Grfnt Srirain, who 
' are now, or fball hereafter be dcclar'd Rebels ; and that 
' in cafe there happen to be fuch in her Kingdoms, Pro- 

, ' vinces and Dominions, fhc will command them to depart 
' her Terriiorys in eight Day.s after ihe Warning given 

I ' them from Court. And if his faded Royal Majelly of 
' Great Sritaia (HjII happen to be invaded in a hollilc 
' manner, fhe obliges herielf Co fend the Succours above- 
' meniion'd, and to do the fame to his Defcendents, if they 
' Jhall happen to he diftarb'd in the Succeilton to the 
' Crown o^ Great Sritahi. And forafmuch as it is of the . 
' greatefl Importance to the Proteflant Religion, to tho 
' Commerce of the Kingdoms of S'xsdeu and Great Sri- 
' tain, and to all Chriftcndom, that the Sattick may not 
' be in the Power of the Czar of AInfcovy ; if therefore the 
' faid Ciar refufc to make a Peace with S'Xeden, and 

• (o lertore thofe things which arc requir'd for the 
' fecurity of the Kingdom o^ SzveAcn, and to rc-eHabIifli the 
' fame Freedom of Commerce in the Saliick, as both 
' enjoy 'd before the prefent War, in this cafe his facred 
' Royal Ma'jcfiy of Great Sritaiu obliges himfelf not only 
' to futnifh thofe Aids which arc exprefs'd in this Treaty, 

* for obtaining ihe fame by Force of Arms, but he promifes 
' 10 ufe all his Endeavours, and to employ all his Offices with 
' his Confederates, that they may help Sixeden with Sub- 
' fidys, and confequcntly furnith the Crown of ^wp^fM with 
' the means for keeping the Czar within bounds.' 

XVIII. And altho the Allies fliall be oblig'd to fend 
Auxiliarys to one another, according to the Articles 
above, yet that Obligation /hail not be fo far extended, 
as that all Friendfhip and mutual Correfpondence fliall 
be taken away and prohibited with the Enemys of the o- 
ihet Confederate ; for fuppofing that one ot xUe Cnvifeie^ 
I 3 .tws* 

rli8 treaty of AUimce and Guaranty 
rates Ihou'd when required fend his Auxiliarys, and not t 
engag'd in the War himfeiti it rtiallthen be free for hi« 
Subje£ls and Inhabitants to have Trade and NavigatitwJ 
with the Enemys of that Ally who is engag'd in the War j^ 
and it /hall be lawful for tlie.-n to carry any Goods whaifo«l 
ever to them, thofe only excepted which are exprefly fi^ 
bid, and commonly call'd Contraband, ^nd decfar'd Turk 
by the common Agreement of all Nations. 

XIX. Forafmuch as both their Royal Majcftys aboTO- 
meniion'd do hereby declare that they are rtill bound bV 
certain Cnnveniions and Treatys formerly enier'd into wir| 
other Powers, and that they are willing to obferve the 
fame duly, according to the Stipulations of the faid Atiicles, 
but that neverthelefs they are not at this tinic bound byany 
Articles and Claufes therein contain'd, which may or ought 
to weaken and obftrufl this prefent Treaty in any maDOOt 
or under any prLtence ; To the end therefore, that the Faitli 
of the Confederates, and their Ptrfcverance in this Alliance, 
may appear the more reciprocal, and that the Minds of 
their Subjefts and Friends may be the more confirm'd, 
both their Royal Majcftys abovemention'd do oblige ther 
felves, and declare that they will iincerely and honifii 
iland to all and every one of the Articles of this Treat 
and that they will not depart a Tittle from the genuine an 
plain Senfe of the faid Articles, under any Pretests of PtoB 
Friendship, former Treaty, Contrafi and Promife, or fi 
any other Colour whatfoevcr; but that ihey will give d 
feflual Orders that all the Things which they have pid 
tnis'd in this Treaty, as ihe State of Affairs fhall requil^ 
be fpeedily and fully put in Execution by themfelvet, t 
their Minifters and Subjects, according as they are expiefi^ 
ftipulated, and this without any Limitation, Exceptiondi 
Excufe, thofe excepted which arc exprefi'd in the preco 
ding Articles of this Treaty, 

XX. This defenfive Treaty ftiall laft i8 Years, before 
the end of which the Confederate Sovereigns may again 
treat concerning its farther Continuance, if it fhall leef^ 
good to both of them. 

XXI. Whereas this Treaty has been concluded purfaanl 
to Powers and Orders receiv'd on both lides, fo the laine 
ought to be approv'd and raiify'd in due and folemn Form 
by both their Sacred Royal Majeflys o^ Sioeden and Greai 
Sritain^ and the Inftrumenrs of their Ratification be 

delivet'd and exchang'd at Siockholm within the fpace 

between Great Britain and Sweden. 1 19 

5 Months, to be reckon'd from the time of this Sub- 
it or fooner if poffible. 

le greater Evidence and Confirmation of all Things 
I9 two Copys of this Treaty have been made, one 
1 the aforcfaid Senators and Secretary of State of 
ed Royal Majefty and the Kingdom oi Sweden^ 
I'd and confirm 'd with their Seals, as the other has 
the aforcfaid Ambaflador Extraordinary and Pie- 
ary of his Sacred Royal Majefty oi Great Sritam^ 
e all particularly impower'd for that end, and that 
id the fame Day, viz, the 21ft of January 1720. 

Treaty between Great Britain and 
in, concluded at Madrid, June ij, 
S. 1721. 

ring pleafed the Divine Providence todifpofe the 
ts of the moft Serene and Potent Princes, George^ 
ie Grace of God King of GreatSritainy Fraf/ce^ 
^dy &c. and "Philip V. by the Grace of God King 
the IndieSy &c. to forget all the Grounds of Dif- 
I and Mifunderftanding that have given Occafion 
t, for fome time, the Friend/hip and good Cor- 
;e which before flourifhed between them ^ and 
•annick and Catholick Majeftys beinc; now defi- 
tew and re*eftabji(h them by the (trongeft Ties, 
ilated and agreed by their under-written Mini- 
lotentiary, named to that Purpofc, the following 

, for the future, there fhall be, between his Sri- 
ijefly his Heirs and Succefl[brs, and bis Catholick 
s Heirs and Succeflbrs, as alio between their 
Dominions, Sovereignt}8, SubjeAsand VaiTals, 
n and inviolable Peace, and a perpetual and fin- 
fhip, and a general Oblivion ot every thing that 
lone, 00 both Sides, upon Occafion of the laft 

I 4 n. Tho 

J20 T7-eaiy concluded at Madrid 

II- The Treatj-i of Peace and Commerce, concluded a( J 
Utrecht on the ijth ot July, and the 5th oi ^ecemher, iftj 
the Year 1715, wherein are comprehended, the Treuyj 
made at Madrid in the Tear i66i, and the Cedulas thete-Jl 
in mentioned, JhalJ remain confirmed and ratified by tl ' 
prefent Treaty, except the Third, Fifih and Eighth A 
tides of the fa id Treaty of Commerce, commonly callel 
Explanatory ; which have been annulled by virtue q 
another fubfequent Treaty, made at Madrid the t4ihd 
the Month of 'Ijecember 17 1 5, between the Minifters ?ia 
nipotcntiary, named for that purpofe, by their SritaiHtiA 
and Caiholick Majeflys, which Treaty remains likewi^ 
confirmed and ratified ; as alfo the particular Conltsl 
commonly call'd The j^^enfo, for tne Importation I 
Negro Slaves into the Spanijh Indies, which was m 
the jSihof Mni'ch in the faid Tear 1715, in ConfeqoE 
of ihe liih Article of the Treaty of Commerce of D 
tr^cbl ; and likewifc the Treaty of Declaration, concetnid 
thatof the _.^^i';7ro,madc the 16th of jW«v lyitf: all wl" 
Treatys, mentioned in this Article, with their Dedi 
lions, Jhall remain in their full Force, Virtue and VigJ 
in every thing, wherein they fhall not be contrary tort 
and, to the end they may have their entire Efffcfl'tf 
iVccumplifhmenf, his Caiholick Majefty will caafe I 
Circular Order.?, Cedulas, 10 he difputch'd to his T' 
Roys, Govcrnours, and other Miniller-, to whom it 1 
belong, of the Ports and Towns m /Jj/WrJc/t, that tbeS 
emp'oyed for the Traffick of Negroes by the Koyzl6D 
pany of Great Sri'ain eftabliflied at London, iiiaf| 
admitted, without Hindrance, to trade (ceely, andia^l 
fame manner as they did before the lart Rupture beilD 
the two Crowns ; and the above-mentioned Cedulasfl 
be delivered as foon as the Ratifications of the pn* 
Treaty (hall have hccn exchanged ; and at the. J 
time his Catholick Majefty will ^ive his Orders to 
Council of the Indies, that the Junta, compofed of MJ 
ftera taken out of that Council, and appnjnied for the 
Cognizance (exclufive of all others) of the Caufes that K-^ 
fpeci tie faid Jffisfiro, may again have its Courfe, adra 
of, and confaltupon thofe Affairs, according to the'P-^ 
eftablilh'd at the Time of its Appointment ; and « 
what regards the Obfervation of the Treaiys of Feacei 
Cammcrce, Circular Orders fhall be difpaich'd to allt 
Goi'efnoars of SJ^aiu, to the end that they may, witfi 

1721. between Great Britain and Spain. 121 

anyof tbdr Interpretations, caufe them to be ob(erv*d and 
accompliflied ^ as in like manner ihall be given, on tho 
Part of his Sritannick Majefty, the Orders which fhall 
be demanded, and judged neceflary for the Accomplifh- 
mene of every thing that has been ftipulated and agreed 
between the two Crowns in the abovemention'd Trea- 
tys of Utrecht ^ and particularly as to what may not have 
been put in Execution of the Points fettled by the Eighth, 
Eleventh and Fifteenth Articles of the Treaty of Peace, which 
mention the leaving to the Spaniards the free Commerce and 
Navigation to the Wefi Indies^ and the maintaining the 
antient Limits in jimerica^ as they were in the lime of 
King Charles II. the free Exercife of the Catholick Re- 
ligion in tbe.Ifland oi Minorca^ and the Cod fifhing in 
the Seas of Uew fonndrland ^ as well as with regard to 
all the other Articles which may not hitherto have been 
put in Execution, on the part of Great Sritain. 

III. Forafmuch as by the Seventh Article of the Treaty 
of Commerce of Utrecht it was agreed, that all the Gooda 
confifcated at the Beginning of the former War fliould 
be reftored, in regard the Confifcation thereof had been 
made contrary to the Tenor of the 3dth Article of the 
Treaty of itf(J7, his Catholick Majefty, in like Conformity, 
will order, that all the Goods, Merchandizes, Money, 
Ships and other E£Rf£ls, which have been feized, as well 
in Spain as in the Indies^ by virtue of his Orders of 
the Month of September 17 18, or of any other fubfequent 
Orders, at the. time before the War was declared between 
the two Crowns, or after it was declared, be fpeedily 
reftored in their fame Kind, as to thofe which fhall 
be (till in Being 3 or, if they are not, the jufl and true 
Value of them, at the time that they were feized 5 the 
Valuation whereof, if, by Omiffion or Negleft, it was not 
then made, fhall be adjufted, according to the authenttck 
Informations that the Owners fhall produce before the 
ordinary Magiflrates of the Towns and Places where the 
faid Effefis fhall have been feized. And as it is certain, that 
the Orders of his Catholick Majefty ("altho thev direfled, 
that Inventorys of thofe Goods and Efiefls fhould be made 
and drawn up, and Accounts and Declarations fhould be 
. kept) have not, however, been executed in that manner 
in feveral Places, it has been agreed, that if the Propri- 
etors make it appear, by legal Proofs, Informations, and 
ather Documents^ that any of them ha\e bttxi ot£v\\\^4l 

laa Treaty concluded at Madrid 

ID the faid Inventorys, his Catholick Majefly will give exi_ 
prefs Orders, that the Value of thofe Things which IhallhaTO 
been omitted, be paid by the Trcafurets or other Peifont, 
thro" whofe Neglefl Tuch Omiflions fliali have been made 

IV. it is mutually agreed, that his Siitanmck Majefly 
fliall give Order to his Governours, Officers, and other Ml- 
nifters, to whom it /hall belong, to caufe to be rellored all 
the Goods and Eftefts of the Subjcfls ofhis Catholick Ma- 
jefty, which they fliail prove to have been feized and eon- 
fifcated in the Dominions of his Srieanaick Majcfty, upon 
Occafion of the lalt War ; in the fame manner as it ha^beea 
fettled in the foregoing Article, in favour of the Subje^ 
ofhis Sritattnick Majcfty. 

V. It is alfo agreed, that his SriiaTinick Majefty flial! 
caufe to be reltored to his Catholick Majefty all the 
Ships of the Spanijh Fleer, which were taken by that 
of E'lgldnd, in the" Naval Battle that was fought' ii 
the Month ai Jugitfi 1718, in the Seas oi Sicily; with th( 
Guns, Sails, Rigging, and other Equipage, in the Cona- 
tion they are at preriinc ; or elfe the Value of thofe which 
may have been 'old, at the fame Price that the Purchafea 
Oiall have given, according to the Proofs and Vouchertj 
and for the Execution of this Rellitution, his Sfitaami^ 
Majefty /hal! caufe the proper Orders to be difpatch'd, ink 
mediately after the Ratification of this Treaty. It is alii; 
declared, that the other Pretenfions that there may be, i 
both Sides, between the two Crowns, concerning Matte 
whereof there is no mention made in the prefent Treat 
and which are not comprehended in the Second Artie 
hereof, ftiall be treated of at the approaching Congrefs 

VI. The prefent Treaty fhall have its Effefl immedr 
ately after it Oiall have been mutually ratified ; and <th( 
Letters of Ravification fliall be exchanged in Six Werff^ 
after the Signing, or fooner, if poffible; deferring m Pui* 
lication till the General Peace mall have been concluded U 
the Congrefs of C'lwiraji', between all thePartys concerned 
or till their Sritatinick and Carholick Majeftys ihall hav 
particuUriy agreed upon it. 

In Witnefs whereof, we the under-written Minifters Ple- 
nipotentiarys of his Sriianitkk Majefty and his Catholicl^ 
Majefty, being furnilhed with our full Powers, which have 
itcfo ffliicudly communicated^ and Copys whereof Ihall be 


1721. J'reaty with France and Spain. 123 

here under tranfcribed, have figned the prefent Treaty, 
and affixed thereto the Seals of our Arms. Done at Ma- 
dridthe 13th oijune^ 1721. 

(L, S.) William Stanhofe. 

(L. S.) EL Marquifs de Grimaldo. 

\ Treaty of ^efenfive Alliance^ hetwixt 
\ France, Spain, and Great Britain. At 
Madrid, June 13, 1711. 

7"^H E Dififerences that have happen'd betwixt their 
Sritannick andmoft Chriftian Majeftys on the one 
part, and his Catholick Majedy on the other, having 
iu>t a little impaired the Friendfhip which they always (hew« 
cd to oneanotner, it has been alone time their ardent Wi(h 
to re-eftabli/h the good Correfpondence and fincere Amity 
Bi^hich ought to prevail among them, and which will always 
be tbeftrongett Support of the Greamefs/o which God has 
rais'd them, and the furefl means to preferve the publick 
Tranquillity, as well as the Happinefs and mutual Advan- 
tages of their Subjects ^ and 'tis with a View to cement and 
:orroborate, if poflible, thefe Difpofitions, which ^re as 
conducive to the mutual Glory and Security of their Crowns, 
as they are conformable to the Welfare and Tranquillity 
of all Europe^ that their Britannick^ mod Chriftian, and 
Catholick Majeftys have refolv'd to unite in fb ftrid a 
manner, that they may afl hereafter as if they had 
Qnly the fame View, and the fame Interefl : and for this 
end the moft Serene King of Great Sritain^ &c. having 
given full Powers to treat in his name, to William Stan- 
oppe Efck Colonel of a Regiment of Dragoons, a Member - 
of the Parliament of Great Britain^ and Ambaflador 
Extraordinary from his Sritannick Majefty to the Court 
of the Catholick King; the moft Serene the moft Chrif-. 
^tiaa Kiuf having given full Powers for the fame end, to 
^ohn Saptift Lewis Andratilt de Langeron^ Marquifs 
p/« MaiUevrier^ Lieutenant General of his Atra^s^ Gotcv- 

124 Dejenjhe Treaty betwixt 

mander and Grand Croix of the Military Order of 
Zofiis, his Envoy Extraordinary to his Catholiek Majcfi] 
and the moft Serene King of Sfaia having likewife grae 
cd his full Powers for liie fame end to 7jon yofe^h GA 
maldo. Knight of the Order ofSr. ^ago. Governor ! 
Rueira and Auzechal, a Member of the Council of ti 
Indies, and his Firft Secretary of State and the Di 
patches ; they have agreed on the following Articles. 

I. There fhall be hereafter and for ever a ftrifl Unli 
and a fincere and lafting Friendfhip between the mt 
Serene King of Grest Sntain, the moft Serene the n 
Chrillian King, and the moll Strene King of Spi 
their Kingdoms and their Subjefts, and Inhabitants of ll 
Counttys under their Dominion ; fo that the Injurys oi I3 
mages fuEFer'd during the War, to which an endhasbei 
put by the Acceffion of the mott Serene King of Spih 
the Treatys of LoniioVy dated the id of jliiguft if, 
Jhall be bury'd in eternal Oblivion, and that for the' 
ture each /hall take the fame care of one another's Sa(! 
as of his own, and not only inform his Ally of the Di 

f:r that may threaten him, but alfo oppol'e with alll 
owerthe Injurys that may be done him. 
U. In order tg eftablilh this Union and Correfpondei 
firmly, and to render it yet more advantageous totheCreff 
of their Srilannick, moft Chrillian and Caiholick W 
jeflys, they promife and engage by the prefent Treaty 
Defenfive Alliances mutually to guaranty the Kingdoi 
Provinces, States and Countrys under each other's Dm 
nion, in what part of the World foever lituate j fo th^ 
their MajcOys are attack'd, contrary to what was refiif 
on at the Treatys of Uincht and Saden, and contaarj 
the Treatys of London, and the Stipulations which fll 
be'made at Camhray, they (hall mutually aflift oneii 
ther till the Difturbance is at an end, or till they ai 
tisfy'd, by the Reparation of the Damages which they 
havfc fu9er'd. 

III. In purfuance of t,he foregoing Article, the M^ 
nance and Obfervation of the Treatys of Utrecht, Sm 
London, and of that which is to be made at Caitlh 
for putting an end to the Differences that are to be decii 
betwixt the moft Serene King of Spain and the EmpC 
fhall be the chief Aim of the prefent Alliance. Aoi 
Hrengthcn it the moie, ttxe moft Serene King of. Gt 

1721. France, Spain, flW Great Britain. 125 

Srirain, the moll Serene rhe moft Chriflian King, and 
ihemoli Serene Kin^ u^ Spaiti, fhail by concert ir.vitc fuch 
Powsrs as they /hill (hink fii to enter into the prefent 
Treaty for the common Good, and for the Prcfcrvacion of 
thepublick Tranquillity, 

IV, If it happen (which God forbid) tbat, contrary to 
the Qid Treatys of Utrecht, Saden, London, or the Sti- 
pulations of thofe which fhall be made at Cambray, ihcir 
Sritanxick, moft Chriflian and Catholick Majufiys fliou'd 
be atrdck'd, or in any manner diflurb'd in the Enjoyment 
of their Kingdoms and Countrys by any Poteni.iic, they 
promife and engage to employ their good Offices as foon 
as they ftiall be required, in order to procure for the Party 
attack 'd SMisfaftion for the Wrong dune to him, and to 
hinder the AggrclTor from continuing his Hofliliiys ; and 
if ithappen that his good Offices be not fufficitnt to pro- 
cure fucn Reparation out of hand, their faid Majcftys pro- 
mife to fjrniOi the ibllowing Succours Jointly or fepa- 

r rateiy, viz. 

' His2fr/7il«w/ct Majefty 8000 Foot, and +000 Horfc. 
His moflChrifiian Maj. fty S^ooq Foot, and 4000 Horfe. 
His Catholick Majefty 800Q Foot, and 4000 Horfe. 

If the Party that happens to be attack'd, defire Men of 

War or Tranfports, or ev.:n Subfidys in ready Money, in 

the room of Troops '" thst cafe he fh^li be at liberty to 

make his choice, and they fhail furnifli him wiih the faid 

Ships or Money in proportion to the Expence of the 

Troops ; and in order to prevent all occafion of Doubt in 

ihe Calculation of the faid Expence, their Mdjeilys agree 

i that loco Foot fliaj] be fettled at locoo 2>u:cl' Flurins, 

f' and rcoo Horfe at 50000 Florins per Month, obferving the 

■ Jame Proportion with regard to Shipping: Their faid Ma- 

5 jeflys promifing to continue and maintain the faid Succours 

^ as long as the Troubles /liall laft ; and if the faid Succours 

k be not furficient to repel the Attacks of the Enemy, they 

/ball agree to augment them ; and if it be necclTary, their 

laid Majeftys (hall mutually affiftone another with all their 

Forces, and declare War againll the Aggreflbr. 

V. Their Srirannick, moft Chriftian and Cstholict 
Majeftys, being entirely fatisfy'd in the Sentiments which 
the Duke of'Par?aa has always manifefted towards th.em> 
and bein^ lieftrous to give him Marks o^ t\\s Cin%\).\a.t "S.- 

iz5 Tiefenfive treaty befjDiXt 

fteem and Affeaion whicli they have for him, they pro- 
mife and engage by virtue of this prefent Treaty, to grant 

him particular Proieflion for the Prcfervation of his Ter- 
liiorys and Rights, and for the Maintenance of his Dig- 
nity ; fo that if nc be liiflurb'd contrary to ihc Treatys of' 
Peace already made, and contrary to what fhall be ftipu- 
lated in ttiofe that are (o be made at Camhray, they fliafl. 
join their good Offices and Efforts, ro obtain jufl Satisfkc-- 
tion ; and if it be refus'd, they /hall agree on McafurestOi, 
procure it for him by all other methods that Ihall be Wk' 
their Power 

YI. His Catholick Majefty being defirous to give his 
Srltannick Majcfty, and his moft ChrilUan Majefty a 
particular Proof of his Friendfhip, confirms as far as tha 
may be occafion, ail the Advantages and Privileges whij 
have been granted by the Kings his Predeccffors toM 
I\nglijb d>nA French Nations; fo that the trading Suf^ei 
of the moft Serene King of Great Sritaiii, an3 tbe tnc 
Serene the moll Chriftian King, /hall always enjoy 
Spain, the fame Rights, Prerogatives, Advantages ai 
Privileges for their Perfons, Commerce, Merchanfliifl 
Ettates and Effefts, which they have enjoy'd, or which tb( 
ought to have enjoy'd by virtue of Treatys or Agreement 
or by virtue of all thofe which hive been ordiall be gran( 
ed in Spain, to the Nation that is mod favour'd. 

Vll. The prefent Treaty /hall be ratify'd by theit Sfl 
tatinick, molt Chriftian and Catholick Majeflys, and tb 
Ratifications /hall be mutually deliver'd in due foTii 
and exchang'd in the fpace of iix Weeks, reckoning ' 
the Dayof figning, or fooner, if poffiblc. 

In Witnefs whereof, we the underwritten Minifters, Pie 
nipotentiarys of hia Sricanmck Majefty, his moft Chriftiat 
Majefty, and his moft Catholick Majeiiy, having mutually 
communicated our full Powers, have fign'd the prefiin 
Treaty, and thereunto fet the Seals of our Arms. Done 
it Madrid the 13 th oi^ufie 1711. 

Sign'd, ^ 



(L. SO Marquifs de GRIMALHO. 

172 1. France, Spain, <?«^ Great Britain. 127 

1% Separate Article of the Hkfenfive Alliance hetwetn 
Great Britain, France and Spain, concluded at Madrid, 
the I itb of June N. S. 1721. 

TPHE Minifiers Plenipotentiarys of their Sritannick^ 
^ mofl Chriflian and Cfathollck Majeftys, have this Day 
fign'dy by virtue of their refpeftive full Powers, a Treaty 
of Defenfive Alliance between their faid Majeflys : They 
have fiirther agreed, That the particular Treaty, whica 
has likewife been iign'd, this Day, between their Sritan* 
nick and Catholick Majefiys, whereof the Tenor follows, 
ftiaU make a part of the faid Treaty of Defenfive Alliance, 
concluded between England^ France and Sfain, 

Sere is infertedy verbatim, the Treaty between Great 
Britain and Spain, concluded at Madrid, the i^tb of 
June N. S. 1721. 

T*HE abovefaid particular Treaty fhall have the fame 
Force, as if it were inferred Word for Word in the 
Treaty of Defenfive Alliance, figned this Day, between 
the three Crowns^ and the Letters of Ratification /hall 
be exchanged at Madrid^ in the ufual Manner, within 
the Space of fix ^eeks, to be computed from the Day 
of Signing, or fooner, if poffible. 

In Witnefs whereof, we have figned thefe Prefents, by 
virtue of our full Powers, and have affixed thereto the 
Seal of our Arms. Done at Madrid the i^thof ^une^ 

(L. S.) William Stanhope. 
(L. S.) Langeron Maulevrier, 
(L. S.) El Marquifs de Grimaldo. 

Another Separate Article of the Defenfive Alliance he- 
tween Great Britain, France and Spain, concluded at 
Madrid the i^th of June N. S. lyiu 

THE Minifters Plenipotentiarys of their Sritannick 
and moft Chriflian Majeflys, having this Day fign'd, 
with the Minifter Plenipotentiary of the Kin^ ot S^ain^ 
by virtue of their re/pedive full Powers, a TCt^^^^ ^^ 

128 Treaty with France and Spain. 

Defenfive Alliance 5 the abovefaid M inifters of 
Sritannick and mofl Chridian Majeftys have alfo a 
between themfelves, by virtue of the fame Powcn, 
as the principal Intention and Aim of that Alliai 
to maintain and preferve the Peace and Tranqiuli 
Europe^ in which it cannot be doubted but the \ 
General of the United Provinces of the Netberlmu 
difpofed to concur, and to give their AfliftancCy th 
proper Occafion fhall be taken, in Concert, to inyite 
thereto ; and their faid Sritannick and moft <>t 
Majeftys promife and engage, in the mean time, to I 
tain the Treaty of Defenfive Alliance, made at the^ 
between the King of Great Sritain^ the mod CU 
King, and the faid States General of the 4th of 7Sli| 
17 17, N. S. and that nothing fhall be done, dkcBt 
iiidireflly, to its Prejudice. 



•ationofLevisXV. King of Vrance 

Navarre, renewing the EdiUs, 

cts and 1)eclarations ijfiied by 

•is XIV. his Tredecejir, againjl 

Stthjedi of the Reformed Reli- 

i, enjoining that the Roman Ca- 

!fi he the only Religion exercii d 

is Kingdom, and commanding that 

re 'Punifbments be infiiSed on thoji 

Jball refiife to perform the "Da- 

thereof even tho they are on 

r 'Death-Xeds. Given at Vet- 

the x^th of May 1714. 


y'lS by the Grace of God Kini^of France, 
\Ifiivarre, ro all whom theTc prclcnt Lenci« 
jl come 10, Greciiiiff. Of all ihe great Dcfignt 
late King bur molt hnnaurcJ l.oril and Grcac 
a did form, during the Courl'c of hU Reipn, 
loe wc ha«c more at Heart tu purfuc and to fco 
than that he had coocetrcd uitcrly tu cxtin- 
lercly in this Kingdom, lo wliichnc applied 
h sa indefxtigahle Cam id the liiil Moioeni 
, With a View to fupport u Work !>» woithy of 
d Piety, we catne no looncr to he of Age, bm 
1 chief Care wa* to have rcnrcremcd l» at iho 
elaratiocu, and Arrets of the Council liTucd upon 
£tt in order lo renew the Oifpnfiiioai mitde 
i to ifljoin all oar Officers to caufo them to be 
1 the Andcft Manner poffible i but we hA\ 


J 3© "^he French Kii^s Declaration 

been informed, that for feveral Years pall thi 

a. Remiffnefs in the Execution thereof, efpeciaHy in 

- - ' ■ - -^ ■ ■ ' hePl 

Provinces that have been aflidcd with the Plague, an^ 
which there is a greater Number of our Subjecls that ! 
merly have made Profeffion of the pretended Relvi 
Religion, and this thra' the falfe and daiigcroiis Iraj" 
ons which fonic amongft them, who were not iim 
re-uniied to the Catholick Apoilolical and Roman R 
ot]> and being befidcs prompted by InfHgationi. ttOia 
broad, have endeavoured fccrctly lo inftnuatc during 
Mnotiiy- Ail which having induced us to give new 
tcniion to a matter of fo high an Importance, we \ 
found that the chief Abufes that have crept in, and w) 
call for the fpeediell Remedy, relate principally to rae 
lawful Meetings, the Education of ftc Children, ibg 
lijjation incumbent upon all thofe who have any,pu| 
Employment ut prot'^fs the Catholick ApoHolical 
Roman Religion, the Pains and PenaTtys a^inll^ thp 
lapfcd, and the Marriages; upon all which Heads we_ 
rclblvcd to explain out Intennons in plain and e' 
Teims. For which Rcafons, by the Advice of oar 
cil, and out of our fpecial Grace, full Power and 3_ 
Authority, we have declared and ordained, and by,i 
Prefents, ligned with our own Hand, do declare, iui 
will and pleafe: 

I, Thai the Roman Catholick and ApoftolicalB 
be the only one profels'd in this Kingdom, an? ^ 
Tertiiorys and Dominions ; forbidding all our ^i(a 
of what State, Condition, or Quality loever they"- 
perform any other Exercife of Religion than thai 
Catholick Faith, and to meet for that purpole 
Place under any Pretext whatfoever; upon Pairi, ifdj 
to be fcnt to the Galleys for Life, and if a Wom4 
be fhaved and confined for ever to fuch Places 4y 
Judges ftiall think iit, and to have both their J 
confileated ; and even upon Pain of Death if they Ul 

II. Being Informed that many Preachers are rifeb 
rife up daily in our Kingdom, who make ii their only^ 
iiefs to excite the PcopJe to revolt, and divert theiij 
the Dutys of the Roman Catholick Religion, w 
Jain, that all Preachers that /hall have held N 

againji bh Tntefiant Suhji^i. 

! iiTcin, or pcrformM any Funflioti, be puni 

., accor.iJng to the Dcciararion of itic M<H 

■■r. again[( the Minillurs of rhe preriiiitled I 

.i^iun. To ihjt the Pdid pain of Deaih may i 

! ;'>r ibc future only Commirijrory. Wo tikc- 

.11 our Subjcda to receive the nbovcQid Mini- 

^iicfs, lo harbour, aid and afliU them, or lo 

L*i;ii.-3ny Communication liiredly or indircilly with ih^^^ 

Ijiad we enjoin thoii; thai fhall know any thinR of i 

Pp're ttiT? proper OlBcers of that Piitcc Nolice of it : \ 

-' ill, in eafi: of Contravention, to be ftnt to 1 

Tifc, if a Man, and if a Woman to be fhavcd 

■ during her Li^e to fui;h Pl-cCs as the Judg- 
yk proper, and to have both their Illlates C oiH 

I, in. Wc ordain and command all our Suhjc£ls, ai 

npccially thofc iKit have formerly been of the preic 

nCeformc^ Rfiligion, or which are born of fuch PjreoS^ 

lilohtTc their Children chr:ik'nt;d in the I'arifh-Church 

Inhere they live, within 14 Hours aftet ihcy have been 

Kirn r,n!- Ti they hr,vc got a Liccnfe of the Archbifhop 

r the Dioccfs to put off [he Ceremonyiof Bap- 

?Iity Rcafons. We a'So enjoin the Midwivcs 

I'-jrlons that aiilil Women in their Lahoiiri!, to 

sivi; Noijcc to the Curate of the Pl.icc where the Child is 

Bora, as a;fi> our Ornccr* and Hi.-'h jutliireuo fee it Itriaiy 

fcc«u(i?d, andco fine the Tranf;;re[lors, or to purifh thetn 

—.'— ''■■ ■ -'v, acconling to the "Nature of rhe Cafe, 

-- iiie Hiiucation of tiie Children of Parents that 
f; been of the pretended Reformed Religion, 
l">rn of Parents that have ptofefled the lame, 
■i.itthc Edia of the Month fi^ Jamiayy i68<S, 
jration? of the tjth of 'December 1S3S, and 
. of OUahcr I7C3, be fully executed. And 
. ._■ forbid all our faid Subjefls to fend their 

■ of th'.; Kingdom to be educated, unlefs they'd from \xs a Permiflion in Writing, figned 

.: Sccrctarys of State, which wc will not grant 

L>:en fully fjlisfied that their Parents arc good 

and this on Penalty, in cafe of Contravention, 

:■: h; ioipofcd in proportion to the F-lVue and 

jnts, which Fine however Hull not 

ires, and ftiall be contir>ucji fu a* 


^Tlbe French King's Deciaratii 

our Prohibitions} which we enjoin our Judges to lee fi 
cKecutcd . i 

V. Our Will is, that Schmil-Maftcrs and Miftrtff 
fi;( up, if poffible, in all ihe PariJhes where there are 
ill orj-jr to iiiilrufl ali the Childrcti of both Scx» } 
chief Myllcrys and Dutys of the Roman Catboltcje! 
gion, to carry them lo Mafs every working Day, Jf 
poflibic, ro oivc iheni the iiecc(r;iry InOru^lions Vpi, 
tjubjc^, ana to uk\: arc that the) go to Church onoU 
and Holidays J lind alfo tcath th'^m to rc^d, anctef 
write, if there be otcjlionfor ilv; lattct ^ s]| ihts mat 
to tbc Dirtftions of the Arch-Bifliojts aud Bifbtq 
fuant to the sjth Article ofthcEdiftof 11S95, 
£cclclia{tical |utirriiiHon : For which End, 'tJL 
that in ihofuPi-iccs where ihyreis no Fund for it, 
Mfbich (Itall he wannid for eftablifliJng ihc fail, 
and Millrdles ihull h^: r^iifcd by the Inh^bitant^fi 
cccdiiij( 150 I.ivtcs for a MdHiir, and ino IJ«b 
Midteft^ iind that the Writings for (har I'urpo/ct^ 
drawn up gratis, upon Notice given us by me i, 
iliopg, Eifhops, and Ciimniiffarys, eOahlinicd in g 
vinccF, for executing our Orders. 

VI. Wo enjoin every Father and Mother, 
othct Pcrfons, ro whofc Care the Educaiioti of ( 
is committed, and particularly of tfiofc Children i 
Father or Moihcr has ever profcficd the prefi 
Reformed Kciigion.^ or whith are horn of FuM 
that Rt^liflion, 10 lend them to Schools, and,'g 
C&ccchiGngs till they arc 14 Years old, even tlld| 
hsvc pafTea that Age arc to be fent to the pufafflj 
flru^ions every Sunday and Holiday till ihcy comg'^ 

able and bound 10 have them indrui^ed a 

i ihcm to the College, or elfe to put ihcm ii 
■* " ' " * ' id w?: " ■ 

Age of 10 ; unlcfs ihcy be Perfons of fuch QualirVJ 
■ " " ' at natnciii 
^ , or elfe to put ■ 
tcrya of R.ej;uIrirComtnuniiys. And w?: enjoin i 
M to hove n wdichful Eye over (he InllrufliQ^n 
|]d Children in their fevcral Parlflies, even with n 
3 thofe who do not go 10 School. We exhort aq^M 
r the fame time, the Arch-Bi/hops or Bifliops cm 
p inform ihcmfclves about it; and we comiadiJ4 
fibers and others, under whofe Tuition thofc Chlj 
J and in particulwr thofe that arc rfillinguifli'd byB 
: by their Employments, to prefent their Children ( 
ire at home, whencvci the Arch-Bifhops or BiR 

againjl hh Vroteflant Subjicii. i ; 3 

IciU for them in ihe Courfe of their Vifitation, to give 
I an Account of the Inftruftionsrhey have had in Matters . 
eligion. Adi! our Judges, Attorneys, and High Juf- 
_ arc charged m make all diligent Enquiry, ana 10 
the nccelTary Orders for executing our Will in that 
Jlelpefl, anrl to fine thofe who fhall he negligent in thcit 
Duty, or fo bold as in the Icaft to coniravcnc : Which Fines, 
Mtwilhilanding any Appeal, arc 10 be paid provitionally 
how great fiiever they may be. 

Vil. And for rendring the Execution of the preceding. 
Article ftiil more effeilual, our Will is, that our Attorncysi 
and thofc of the Hii;h Juftices, (hall eaufc to be put inm 
theit Hands every Month, by the Curates, Vicars, Schoo!- 
Uiif>cn and MiflreiTes, or others inirulted herewitii, an 
exaS Lift of all the Children, who (hall not go 10 Seltool, 
or ID the publii'Ii Catecbifings and InHruflions, with an 
Account of iheir Names, Age, Sex, and of the Names o)* 
ihetr Parents, Tutors, and Guardians, or others iiitraitcti 
with their Education; and that they fluil take cate to 
give an Account, at leaft every fix Months, to our Attorneys 
GenLtal, every one in thcit feveral Dillrifls, of what Dili- 
gence they have ufed in this Rcfpcft, to the end that 
they may receive (he n;.ce(rjry Orders and Direiliona from 

VUI. And for as much as the AGiflarce of Spiritual 
Guides is in no time To neceffary, efpeciaily to fjch of 
ourSab](^*S* as have been lately reconciled to the Church, 
as in Cafe ot S)cknc(8, which equally endangers both 
their Life and Sslvaiion 5 our W'ill is that ihe Phyficiam, 
or if there be none, the Apothecarys or Surgeons that 
Jhall be called to vilii the Sick, be obliged to give notice 
thereof to the Curates and Vicars of the Parifhes wherein 
the Sick live, as loon as they (hall thinJt that their Illnefs 
ii dangerous, if they find not that they have already been 
fcni for ; to the end that the fiid fick Perfons, and parti- 
cularly the new Converts, may receive the Spiritual Ad- 
vice and Confoiation, which they may fiand in Need of, 
3gether with the Benefits of the Sacr^iments, whenever 
' Curates and Vicars /hall find they are fit to receive 
, We enjoin likewifc the Parent*, Servants, and ail 
Peribns that ftiall be about the faid fick, to procure 
free accefs, and (o receive them with ail the Re- 
. ajid Deference due to their Cbarailer: And wt; will, 
(uch of the faid Phyficians, Apothccatji itvi ^ix^ot«, 
K 1 ■s.i 

__iSiiCglciMlh(;irDury intl 

life all Parents, Scrviinrs, »nA others tiiccru 
who R\3.\\ tcfiifc to cSc W\,A Curutc; and Vii 
fent by tbein, Acuclk to the Sick, fhtill be G 
to ihcit OtVcncc : Anil even thar ihc I'kyfici 
carjs and Surgeons, Jliall Ue lorbid the Ekci 
FiofclTions upon ibe iL-cund Dcfiiulr. AH cq 
a* [he Cafe /h<il] require. 

IX. We lilvcwife cinoin ail Curates, Vicard 
charges with ihc Cure of Souls, to be diligei 
ihc Sick, of what Condition an,! Qjaiity (be 
and parciiul'trly ihofc rlinc hace bc^n of the [ 
formcdRcligioii, orarcbornofruchPirciifR, l' 
in privjte, and by (hemlclvc', lo leceivc ' th< 
of the Cburcb, giving liicm for thac Pgrpofe J 
Inlhnifliom, witli all the ?r-jdctic<^ ;nid Cbarif| 
ihcir Miniiiry. Aud in ca^c. out of C'^tcmpt i 
niy fixhoctations and AJvicci, ilic fiii Sick^ the Sacraments fo oftl-rfri to ihcm, and t 
clare afterwards publickly that ihcy will did 
tended RcfurmtdJRcligioo, an.l pcrfill ii 
t)\cy hsvemade during their Sickneff, 
after they arc recovered, our ri^iliffaaod i 
pfofccutc them at the Rcquclf of our Atto 
aace of which ihcy arc to \yr. baniihed for c 
their VA&Ki confifciiffd ; jnd in thofc I'iac^ 
iiilarcs cannot be conGlcjicd, ibcv nidllpay* 
lliiillnoibcLcr-'than ihoMoicty of their Blldt 
contrary they happen t» die in (iich an uohai 
we ordain th^t even their Memory be prufe 
liid Baiiifisiind Scncfdials, hi ihe Rctjui " 
ncj'», in the I'orm as direiEii^d by the Ariii 
Tide of the Ordinance of tli« Month of v?i^ 
ttto Bifi'fl that flicir Memory be condcmneffl 
'^'\t*Vf cou£(cateil, repealing ht-rcby the < * 
jitBlned in the DecUratious of the :<^th o 
|;ibe Sth of yl/(j:-i:/' 1715, which for ihe I 
Execution To iat as ibey src not cow 
:. And in cafe there be no Royal BnU;^ 
tec where fiich a I'ail Ibal] have happened, ,; 
Kd Royal Judge.-:, apd, if tiieri? be no fueb, th 
tab Jiiliicc^ fhitll take the Informations, ani 
Shi^ Keepers of the RoUs nf our Batlyw* ' 
IttlHtip^ under whofe Jurifdiflion ibe fni 

ly^V againji his Prcteftant Subtests. 135 

(-r (n :hure thar lake Cognizance of Royal Cafes with- 
:■ ut of the abovefaii] High Juftiecs, in or<icr w 
'■■ pronounce Sentence ag;iinil them ; from which 
, -•> roay appeal 10 out Couris of Parliament. 
\Villi<, that the Contents of ihc preceding Article 
! without any other IVoofof the Crime of Rc- 
ihe fick Pcrfon's rcfufing the Sacraments of 
: h offlred to hitti by the Curatcv, Vkats and 
uHed with the Cure of Souls j and hi* publick 
I Dcd^iaiion, s? menion'd above, fhall be a fufficii;nt Proof, 
1 loihof his Refufdl andof bia publick Declaration, warrant- 
iCilbythe Depofiiion of theCurates, Vicars and others that 
I litre tile Care of Souls, and of thofe that have been ptefeni 
\ when be made the fatd Deciaratior. So that it will beiieed- 
V-f. lar -^t Judges to jio to the faid fick Perfons Hcufcs to 
■ ijibal Proccfs of their Refufal and Declaration, 
;: the fiid Curates and Vicars that have vifitcd 
-. Perfons, be obliged to fi-nd for the faid Officers 
r inform them of the Refufal and Declaration 
m ) rei'crfing in this Rcfpcfl the Declarations 
:U of JprituU, and the Sth of March 171;, 
■.:y arc contrary to the prcfent and preceding Ar- 

XI. And whereas we are informed, that what contri- 
bute* mod to confirm or make the faid fick Perfons tclapfc 
Tarmec Errors, is the Prercnec and the Exhor- 
uiie concealed Proccflants, who fecrctty aflift 
I. Condition they ate then in, and take advan- 
. ,,. .. ... Principles they have been prepoflefled with 

ftooi tlitir Infancy, and of the weak State they arc re- 
dated to by Sicknefs, to make them die out of the Bofon\ 
ofiKc Church i we ordain, that our Bailiffs and Senefcbals 
cd in the manner abovcfaid, againfl thofc that 
uhd guilty of this Crime, whereof our Provolls 
' .niges may make Inquirys, as likewife the High 

, ^ ... Tuch Places where fucti a thing fhall happen, 

p c-if^ they be not under a Bailywick or Royal Senefchal's 
Ciattj on Condition however to fend their Informations 
In (be Royal Bailywick, as above, in order to be tried 
inil cnndcmned, if guilty, by our BailiSs and Senefchals, 
01*. The Men to the Galleys, either for Life or for a li- 
mited time as the Judges dial] think fit ; and the Women 
lo be lliaved, and confined to fuch Places as our Judges 
K 4. fliall 


136 The French King's Declaration ' 

ihall order, cither for Life or for a cerra 
we leave liktwife to their prudent Diftrciion. 

XII. Wc ordain, thui purfuant to the former i| 
ces of the Kings our Prcdeccflors, and the Pra£lUl 
ed in our Kingdom, noncot'our Subje^s Jhall b 
and employed in any Place of Judicature in o 
Bailywicks, Sencrchalfhips, ProvoLlfhips and Jaa 
neitlier in thofeofHigh Jufticcs, nor in Place* Q 
and Aldermen, and other Officers of Town-Hotrf 
ther they come loit by vlrme of their Office, or by^ 
or othcrwife, including even all Offices of Regl_ 
lorneys, Koiarys, Sergeants and Bailiffs, of what 1 
on foever they be ; and in general none (hall bea 
into any publick Office or Funftion, either by ■ 
Right or Commiffion, even in the places of oar J 
and our Royal Palaces, urlcfs they have a Certificjl 
the Curate, or in his Abicnce ftom the Vicar of rii 
in whiL-h ihcy live, of ihcir good Life and Behalf 
that they atluaily follow and praflife the Romao^ 
and Apollolick Religion. 

XIII. Our Will is likcwife, that no Licenf^ 
granted in the UmverJliyK of our Kingdom to tffl 
have fludifd in Law or in Phyfick, without fuch Certi£ 
from the Curates whicW they (liall produce 10 thofed 
arc tiy give them the faid Liccnfes ; Which Certir 
Ihall be mentioned in the Letters of Licenfc to be4 
up and delivered 10 them, in default «f which I 
be void. This Rr-gulaiion however /hall not t 
Foreigners that fhali come 10 ftudy and take the I 
in the Univerlitys of our Kingdoms^ on CondiiionOH 
Conforraiiy of the Declaration of the srtth of FettM, 
itfSo, andthc Ediflcf the Month oi March 1 70?, rivflj 
grees they have thus obtained fhail be of no ufe tod 
in our Kingdom. 

XIV. The Phyficians, Surgeons, Apothecary* 1 
Midwives, as alfo the Bookfellcrs and Printers, Ihall l' 
wife not be permitted lo pradliie and carry on their T 

- in any Place of our Kingdom, without producing fi 
Certificate, which (hail be mentioned in their Lice. 
2s alio in the Sentence given by the Judges, with rein 
to thofe that are to tiifce the Oath before them, with 
which ali fhall be void. 

XV. Our Will if, that the Ordinances, Edifls a 
chntions of the Kings our PredecefTurs relating to I 

^ -' ■■•nr.. :• . 

1714. againjl his Protejlant SubjeSfs. 137 

tiageii and particularly, tbc £di£l of the Month of March 

lif}, utA loe Declaration of the ijthot Jum a^ the 

laruYeitr. be executed la iheir full EKteni by our Sub- 

jeA lately reconciled to the Cathoitck Faith, in ihc fame 

I ntnncr as they are by all our other Subjcfts ; enjoining 

I them 10 abrcrve in the Marriages they are willing 10 con- 

, the Solcmnitys prefcribed by the Canon Law re- 

id asd obfcrvcd in this Kingdom ^ as alio by the forc- 

kOrdiDances, £di^s ^nd Declarations : all this upon 

vcnaliyt therein contained, and even upon exemplary 

tuuncnti as the cafe fbal! require. 

fVl. The Children under Age, whofe Parents. Tu- 

DT Guardians are gone out of our Kingdom, and rc- 

I tnta foreign Countrys on account of Religion, may 

■iff coniia^ Marriage without asking and uaying for 

Jponfeor of their faid ablent Parents, Tutors or Guar- 

■} on Condition bowevei to do it with the Conl'ent and 

! of their Tutors or Guardians, if they have any 

K-ingdom, and if not, fome (hall be named for 

upolis 3 as alfo with the Agreement of their Rcla- 

l it they have any, and if they have none, with their 

mdi and Neighbours. To which end, our Will is, that 

^(brc they proceed to the Contrail and the Celebration 

of their M^riage, there (hail be called together before the 

■ Royal Judge of the Place of their Ahodi;, in the Prefencc 

' of our Attorney, or in cafe there is no Royal Judge there, 

\ hcfore the Ordinary Judge of that Place and the Attorney 

■Fifcal, fix of the nearelt Relations, as well on the Father's 

I M the Mother'.! Side, and fuch as are good Roman Catho- 

I |t;ks, bciides the Tutor 'and Guardian of the faid Minors; 

I and for want of Relations, fi>t Friends or Neighbours e- 

I diully <juaHtied to give their Advice and Confent, if there 

\ DC Occafion ; and therequifitc Writings fhall be made and 

^delivered them gratis, and without paying the Fees for the 

Sice, Seal, Comptroll, Inlinuaiionsorothers. But in cnTe 

Bonly the Father or Mother of the faid Minors be gone 

BFtoe Kingdom, then it will ba enough to call toge- 

tlbree of the nearelt Relations to either of the Parents 

IW left the Kingdom ; or, for want of them, three 

nhbours or Friends, which, with the Father or the Mo> 

I who flial! be prefent, and the Tutor and Guardians, 

iiere be any befides the Father or Mother, fhal! give 

Ir Advice and Confent, if there be occaGon, to the pro- 

I Mirriage } which Confent in all the C%Cu a.^^-q« 

138 7^e French Ksng^i Declaratk 

fpecificd fhall be fummariiy mentioned in the. __ 
Marriage, which is to be figned by the forefaij^j 
Moiher, Tutor or Guardian, Relations, NcigHboiiri 
friends, as likewife in ihe Pari/h Books where ihcj 
to be married ; To that in all tbcfe cafes the faid Chfl 
cannot incur the Pufiidimcnts Tet forth in tne Ordi 
againil Children of good Familys that marry againO 
Parents Confent, To which Purpofe, we have r&« 
and do repeal, only in this Regard, the faid OrdnTj 
which for the reft ihall remain in force and be uillj 

XVII. Wc forbid all our Subjeas, of what Gondii 
and Quality foever, to confent or approve that their T 
dren, or ihofc whofe Tutors and Guardians they Aal 
marry in foreign Countrys, either b^ figning t\xa Coiit 
of the faid Marriages, or by a foregoing or fiibfeq- 
Deed, for what Caufe, and under what Preiext' IS 
without our fpecial Permiffiun in Writing, figned !§' 

.of our Secretarys of State3 upon Pain of being f^nt'to' 
Galleys for Life, if a Man j if a Woman, to be banifh'd 
ever, and befides, to have both their Eltates confiTcU 
and where Confifcation cannot take place, to pay a I 
which (hall not be tefs than the half of their Eftates.' 

XVIII. Our Willis, that in all ihe Arrets and Jiidgj 
whicfc fliall include Confifcation of thofe that flikw^ 
incurred it, by virtue of the different Difpofitiohs^ 

Srefent Declaration, our Courts and our other Ju^ 
ain, that out of the Eftates fituatcd in Countrys whcK; 
fifcaiiun does not take place, or where their Eftatea by^ 
Nature are not fubject iq Confifsjation, or that fliall lui 
confifcated for our Behoof, a fine /halt be levied rhal^ 
notbelef* than the half of the faid Eftates^ which fiio 
likewife the confifcated F.ftates, fliall be put into theft 
of iholc that have the Adtniniftration of the Forfeited m. 
of thcabfent Proteftants, to be employed with the KcJ 
of the faid filiates for the Maintenance of our new 'Coi 
Subjefls that fliall want that Aliiiknce : which fhalllitiE 
be obferved with regard toal! oiher f incsof whatK'aV 
ever they be, that fhail be impofed upon thofe ihat o 
vene artd'afV againll ibis out Declaration, To that the.Rci 
grs or Farmers of our Domains fliall lay no Claim to tts: 
And we command all our beloved and trufty Courifell 
cur Courts of Parliaments, and all ourothcrOfficcrsai^ 
litCi whom it may concern, to caufc the prefcnt Declal 

egaiti/i his Protejiant Suhjei^s. 


pubUJhcd and rcgi£hcd, and tocaufe tobcob- J 
^e Conttints tWarcof, to be executed in every I 
"'ing*o t]i?ir Foim and Tenor. For fuch is our 1 
Ciica^tFtrfiiilles, ihei4thofjUy 1714, and j 

<be 9i!i. Sigdcd LEiVIS, and counterfigncd, 

tiflg'e Order, liclphiv. Count 4e iProvence, 

and fealcd with the great Scxl un yellow 

upon heating and at the Rcqueft of tbe 
loroey General, to be executed in their full Form 
, ana Copys compared la be fecit to the B<iiLy- 
Scnefchiih of the Diihid of this PurUament, 
C.rUccwite read, publilhed, and cegiHred, with 
ba DepLiiys of the King's Attorney-General, to 
Spd executed, and 10 certify the Court there- ( 
A Month, conform to tbe Arret of this Day. 
in Parliament, M"}' 51, 1724. Signed Tfa^ 

\ragmatuk San^iion^ and 'Perpe' 
LaWj ivith regard to the Rule 
Order of the Succeffion, atid t7idif- 
4e Union of all the Kingdoms^ 
wnceSy and Hereditary ^onmn- 
of his Imperial and Catholick 
-(ff Vienna, the 6th of Dz- 

t.f.ES by the Grace of God, Emperor of 
^evfam, always Auguft, King of Germany, Ca- 
f Zeofi, Arrcgm, tbe two Sicilys, ^erufalejn, 
'^ihemia, 2)al}!tatia, Croatia, Sdavonia, Na- 
_. _, 4a, Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, Majorca, Se- 
Ufiut, Cordova, Corjtcs, Murcia, Jaev, the Ai- 
^M/r<i, Gibraltar, the Canary IJlanilSy and th^ 


140 The Imperial Pragmatick SanB 

Eaji and Wejl-hidiei, the HIands o(Terra-FM 
Ocean ; Archduke of Aujlrtat Duke of Sargum^ 
rain, Srabant, Lhuhurg, Luxemburg, GticlAerlandy 
Ian, Sliria, Cariathia, Carniola, Winemberg, uppei 
Jowef Sile/ia, Jthem and Neof atria ; Prince 01 .S'oii 
Marquifs of ihc Holy Roman Empire, Surgaw, Mot 
higher and lower Liifatia j Count of Hapsburg, Ban 
Artoh, 'Tyrol, Sarcclona, Perrete, Kybourgb, Gi 
RouffiUon and Cerdagne^ Landgrave of Aifsce, Marq: 
Ortjlan, and Count of G' eeano j Lord of the Marc 
Sclnvoma, Tort-Mabofi, Sifcay, Moli'tie, Salias, 3^ 
and Malines, &c. 

We make known to all and every Perfon, to vAi 
appcrtaineth, that the Emperors of the RojHansi 
Kings and Archdukes of Aiiflria our Anceflors, ftie 
their paternal Love and prudent Forcfight, iookft( 
deal ofcarc to elHblifh in our Augufl Family a Rub 
Form of Succeffion, to be for ever therein follow'd^ 
ferved invariably by ail their Pofterity of both Sex 
all Events which ine Divine Pruvidcnce might giva. time to come. That the Order for this Suec 
was introduc'd and fix'd thro 'out the whole Extent,! 
vaft Dominions, Kingdoms, Lordfhips and Province) 
ncrally and particularly, and in all without DiftinQn 
hinder rhe Difmcmbring and Divilion thersof atnon 
Heirs of our Auguft Family. That among otbei 
Emperor Ferdinand 11, our mofl honoured Great ( 
father ofGlotious Memory, by his Will of the lOihA 
ifiii, confirm'd by his Codicils of the Sth of Aitgu^ 
fettled the Order of Sueceffion between the Arclli 
his Children and their Male Ilfue, by way of pc^ 
Feoffment in Truft, ordering that the Females flun 
nounce the Inheritance, and be content with their £ 
faving always their Right of Rcvcrfion ; that the 
Order was conform'd to by the late Emperor Leopok 
moil honoured Lord and Father of Glorious Memory f 
as Chief of our Auguit Family, and the only one du 
a Right to difpofe of his Kingdoms and Herediur] 
vinces, cflablidi'd the faid Feoffment by the P^ 
which be made the izthof. September 1705, betwo 
mod dear and well beloved Brother the Emperor S 
of Happy Memory, then King of the Romans^ and. 
all his Kingdoms and States iituate as well in li| 
Country, as in the S^aniJIi Monarchy, and thQ % 

S^e Imperial Pragmatjck SanSlm. 141 

iciCofi and converted ihe faid Order of SuccelCon 
: Right of perpetual Primogeniture in favour of 
^_ 1 1 and for the greater Security he added lo this 
ftery folemn Afls of Suceeffion, or Family Deeds, 
were accepted and confirmed by the Oath* of the 
tnAii^ Panys on both 6des, and in which, after the 
|cr had been lettled and clearly explain'd, which was to 
jbfcrv'd between the faid Emperor yofeph our Brother, 
u« and our Dcfccndents, or either of the two who 
u'd fntvive the oiher, and his Poftcrity, as to the manner 
tcditig each other, as well in our iaid Kingdoms and 
40D this fide of the Empire, as inrhe Spamfh Mo-, 
and the Countrys thatcompofe the faid Monarchy jf 
lUcewife principally agreed and eftablifli'd rhat the 
Tale, as long as there were any, fhou'd exclude 
lies, and ihat among the Males, the Elder fiiou'd 
all his younger Brothers ftom the whole Inheri- 
1 ibat the SucceJIion to all thofe Kingdoms and 
herever Htuate, fhall remain entire, undivided, 
ijirablY attach'd to the eldeft of the Males aecord- 
le Order of Primogeniture. In which faid Cove- 
1 Conventions, rouching the SuccclHon, the man- 
'alfo been fettled and tegulated, wherein the Arch- 
.jMight to fuceeed on the Failure of the Males, if 
t which God forbid, Ibou'd ever happen. Aft* 
in of the Emperor fofefh^ our molt dear Bi 
s being aifb become the only Succcflbt and Heir, 
^ our own Righr, as by the Right of Blood, and byj 
of the Difpolirions made by our Augull Ancedors, 
ttt the Kingdoms and Hereditary Dominions in th^j 
ipire, and now finding ourfelves the folc ablblutc 
^Wdgn thereof, have by our Declaration and Settle- 
nt poblifh'd the 19th of ^^^rrV 171;, in prefcnce of a 
at number of our Privy Counfellors, Govctnours or Pte- 
:nt« of our Provinces, and others of our MinJiters, re- 
r'd not only the Right of Primogeniture, already fo 
lly cftablifli'd and rooted in our Auguft Family, bur 
C moreover by virtue of our full Power and according to 
Exigency of the State of our Affairs, erefled the fara 
) the Form of a Pragmatick Sanflion, andperpetu;^ 
irrevocable Ediil, exprefsly explaining the faid RigHl 

iogcniture and Suceeffion, more clearly ertablifh" 
late Emperor Leopold^ between the Male Princes 
i&ugnfl Family, and on Failure ttetco^ ts.'.wi'iA. 



142 The Imperial Tragmatick SanSfi 

in like manner to the Archdutciicfles, we have 
intelligible and cxprefs Terms, rhat on the Failure' 
Males, ihc Succeffion /hall devolve in (he firft 
to the ArchdutchefTes oar Daughters, in the fccond 
to rhe Atchautcheffes oar Nieces, the Daaghtenof ai.. 
ther; and in ihe third place to the Archdurc&efibs ourSil 
and finally to all the Heirs Defccfldents of bothScxMt" 
ing our WiU that in all thofe Cafes they prcferve the oi 
lineal Succeffion, as it is mark'd in our laid Rcgula tion, 
is intirely conformable to thm which is cftablifli'd ' 
Males, according to the Rank of Primogeniture ai 
SucccHion. In putfuance and in execution uf this 8 
the moft Serene Archdutchefs Miry yofcpha, »1 
bum Princcfs Royal of Hungary, Bohemia, ^ 
(W(3 Sicilys, the prefent Wife of the moit Serew: 
Royal of ^Poland, and Elefloral Prince o( Saxony, 
only before her Marriage declare that ftie arlher'd 
Accepted the Deed? of the Family, the Right of Ptii 
ture already eftablifh'd in our Aucult Houfe, 
laid Order prelcrib'd for the lineal Succeflion, ci 
her Approbation by her Afl of formal Renui 
and by her Oath, but fhc alfo ratify'd it by the lil 
which fhe repeated after her M-rtiage. And at thtfi 
time the moll Serene King of 'Poland, Great Dl^ 
Lithtiania, Eleflor oi Saxony, her Father-in Law, i 
the moft Serene Prince Royal and Elefloral her Hi 
acknowledg'd it, and obliged themfelvcs by folcnnl' 
10 obferve the faid Right of Primogeiiitutc, and 
order of Succeffion, It is alfo in conformity to 
Uifpofitions, that by a Declaration and SMpulatioti.' 
ly folemn, was referv'd the Right i^f rhc laid moft^l 
Archdutchefs and her Deicendcnts, of both Sexcs,)] 
etcd to the Kingdoms of her Anceflors, and to 
Jinan Provinces, according to the Order of the ] 
the Rule eftabli/h'd, on failure of Archdukes, whii 
forbid. The fame was obfetv'd afterwards by ft 
Serene Archdutchefs Majy Amelia, bom Prince© 
o( fiiifigary, Sobctiiia, and the two Sicilys, Wifij I 
moft Serene Eleftorat Prince of Bavaria, who in like' 
ner before her Wedding declar'd that fhe adhcf 
and accepted the Deeds of the Family, the Right ol 
toogsniture already cftablifli'd in out Auguft "m 
and the faid Order prefer! b'd fortheVmcjl Succeffioiu 
firming her faid Aft of ft.^^TCi\34X\QB ^ Uct Aft of™ 

» I^er'ial Prdgmatiek SdnSIion. 143;, 

L and by her Oath, Kaving alio rarify'd it by 

Inb which Oie repcateit zfier her Marriage ^ 

' ir the laoH Serene the Eleflor of ffrtWuWrt, 

S-Law, as alfo ihc mod Serene ihc Elcfloral 

' Husb^nil, rccogniz'd and bound ihemfelvcs 

, Oaih, in plain Terms. 10 obferve (lie faid 

: Pfimogeniturc and ihe faid Order of Succeflion, 

'dience of the aforcfaid Settlements, by a DzzWtf 

i ^(ipulation equally folcmn. At the fame timi 

ibc moll Serene Archdutchefs, and hc#' 

)oih Sexes, (heir Right of fuccecdii 

" her Anccftors, and to the Aafirifn 

to tiie Order of Birth, and the cfta- 

Jfon Failure of Archdukes, which God 

iEdering that 'tis of very great Importance 

?eacc, and Tranquillity of our Hereditary 

I we pofTcfs in the Neibeflands, that the 

llule, of the undividable Succeflion of all 

pand Hereditary Provinces, fituate either 

iGerfffat'y, and the faid Right of Ptimo- 

Ji'd in our Augult Family, be receiv'd, in- 

fbilfh'd and proinulgated in our f lid Provincei 

Hihcrland!, as a Pragtnatick Sanflion, and a 

'ocablc Law j and that in order to 

Law, there be a Derogation from 

Sing the Piinccly Succeflmu of the faid Pto- 

' ifh'd in our Selherl/t-'ids by the Emperor 

" immortal Memory, our Prcdeceflor, by his 

mflion, of the 4(h of Nivcmlfr 1J49. rc- 

1 of their States in their Affemblys, and hi- 

ing there in force, and from all Cufloms of 

' M, fo far only as the laid Sinflion and Cuf- 

ihformable to the faid Order and Rule of 

in all other Refpet^s fhall be obferved 

1 heretofore; we have caus'd the aboBc 

nnicated and propos'd to the refpeflive States 

^ liD'ces of the faid Ncfherlajuls, to the end thar 

t tontbrm to thiiPiagmatick SantHon, perpetual 

Settlement of the undivided Succeinoii ; and all 

I having maturely deliberated thereupon in their 

; Affemblys, and particularly rcftefled on the 

Lod. Advantage which might rcfult from it to qui 

^ Loyai Subjefls, they did unanimoufly and vi ' 

■ , and with ali Refpeft, Su>5miK\o'a a 



144 '^^ Imperial Pragmatick SanSii 

Gratitude, accepted of the faid Pragmatick J 

EetuaiLaw, Settlement of the Succeffion, and andlyf j 
fnion to and of all our Dominions both within Gtm 
and without, as a perpetual and irrevocable Law, lb (an 
it relates to the Regulation of the Succeffion to the Lot 
fliip and Sovereignty of each of the faid Provinces, andi 
undividable Union of all our Hereditary Countrys and J 
minions ; confenting moreover to the Derogation from I 
Pragmatick Sanftion cflablifh'd in November 1549, 
the late Emperor Charles V. of Glorious Memory, u 
as the fame is not conformable to our faid Pragma^ 
Sanflion, concerning the Succciliou to the Sovereigotji 
the faid Netl-erlaniis, And they have moft earneilly 
treated us, as is tnanifcfl from tne ASs of each Frovii 
which they have produc'd to us, to caufe our faid 
matick Sanflion and perpetual Edi£l to be publifhVI, 
the end thai it may for ever beobfervedthro'out oar H 
ditary Kingdoms, Provinces and Dominions, as an in< 
cable and unalterable Law. 

We therefore, after great and mature Deliberation, 
Advice of our Plenipotentiary in the Government iher 
our Lieutenant Governour and Captain General of 
faid Countrys, and efpecially after naving heard our 
preme Council, eftablilh'd about our Royal Perfoo fiw 
Affiiirs of the faid Countrys, have in purfuance of the 
ceptation thereof, by the faid States of the Provinces of' 
Netherhfids, and at their Requeft, of our own c«r 
Knowledge, Authority and abfoiute Power, which 
claim as Sovereign Prince and Lord of ihofe Country^' 
der'd, appointed and decreed, as we do by thefe Prcw 
order, appoint and decree, the faid Pragmatick San8]l 
Settlement of the Succcfiion, and undividablc Union of 
our Dominions, both within Germany^ and withontltt- 
a perpetual and irrevocable Law in out faid Nechgrlagi 
and that in Confctjuence thereof, the Succeffion of alj 
Hereditary Provinces of our faid Countrys, fliall hercs 
fall in the Lump, andundividably, according to the I 
Right of Primogeniture, and Order of lineal SuccdEt 
to the Male Dcfcendents, and for want of fuch, wti 
God forbid, 10 the Archdutchefles our Daughters ; a\m 
obferving the Order and Right of Primogeniture, with 
being ever partition'd : and that for want of any I; 
Heir of either Sex defcending from us, the Right of 
i bcritance of all our fa,id Provinces fhal) fall to the F' 


irm r^r our Rrorhrr Tfic Emperor ^<ifrf>h, of * 
" ^ ' .f both Scxci. 

And thai if 
I ffercilitary 
_ illtojrSiik-K, 
^il I>d"^_r.(iciHi u! b iliScxcij and fucccffipoly 
Ktr Lines of the Augull Fami'y, cacli accord* 
' ■ ri'rimfjgcnitutc, and to ihc Precedency 
. '., noiwithftsfijini; ilic R<.-guU- 
roing tbi; Princely Suc.'llK'n of 
Mifh'd in ili^rit,"- C ■Muy-' by 

, . ul the EmiH-fut C'.;'.'.'i V, cii 

Wf 1)4^1 and »1i ihu CuUixni of any of 
[ frotn which, for the Rciifbtn and Con- 
i.:m1o[i'(!, \i.'c tiivc- by our fiid Antho- 
,in} do now derogate, as 
icnot;>lo to 
.- Will thai in alUther 
. .1. .uii .^.>.>, -nd Vigour, and hu ob- 

dva it In Cominind to our f^id Council of 

ti*d in our Zjtc Co-wf y/ i the I'rcfidem and 

t G»Jnd Council ; tht Chancellor andMiim- 

1 of SrBba'i! ; (be Govcrnour, Prcli- 

; of our Council at Lu.vemh'jrg ^ the 

:mbert of our Council in GuelMct^^iit j 

lut at Z.'wf n;^, Fitukj^eriKHil and Ds-'slbeHt, 

f Coantry^ beyond the Afsefe ; the Prefidunt 

Vofoor C(jun;il in FUvi.icn ; thoGrMid Bai- 

i^' and Member* of our Council of i^amur $ 

t^tarvay and the Tourtiefii j the Prcfilcnn 

• of our Chainbcr of Accomprs j the Audi- 

jai and all our other Jufticiarys, Servant*, 

Ittbjc^s, pfcfenr and to come, and every one 

nicular, That they retain and obl'crvc this our 

ice, Decree, and Prigmatick Sanation, 

.J rctain'd and obferv'd inviolabli and ftir 

Wtua] and irrevocable Law ) That our So- 

'and the Chambers of Accompts \)roC'ifd 

3jonof thefe Prcfenif. and thai ^heycuite 

^iflcr'd, in order for the entire Accomplifh- 

mime to c«me. Moreover, we wi.l aiij 

lilight of thel'e Prefcnts, liifj-atch'd (torn one 

ryi ol" State, full and i;nt:rc CvcAil uvs-j ^j6 


ntottio^ll FUcnwhoo itihsll be i 
^b i» our Plcafurc. And lo rhc end ihadt-iL 
ever (.izrilirmM^ind clUblifh'd, wc bave (iga'd ibdc PI 
with out own Haod, and cjuj'd our Great Set) Ki|| 
fixM ihet(.-tri. pivcn at out City and InipcrCal I 
o1" I'lvnmi in Aufiria, ilic lith Day of" Vecemit 
Year of our Lotd i7£4i 'he nth of our RKign i 
rotj ibc ltd s& King ai S^ain, and (be ■ ;th all^ 
of Htif^ary and ^theatta. * 

Pfiacc ^ Cwdoafta \ 
(L. S J B; Otdcr of hji 
W. F.deKl 

1Def€nfin:e Treaty of^//iance hetvMii 
Kn\g o/Gicat Britain, tbemoji Cbt 
Kingj and the King ^Pruflia, tam 
at \\-Anno\txthe ^i/oySepcembcrl 
With three Separate Articles rem 
Thorn, and to the Contingency ( 
againjt the Emperor and E?r. 

THEIR MaicHys the Kinp of Great S\ 
moll Chriltian King, and the King a 
bavincf, with Plearoie, oltfcrvcd how i 

A all the Treatys that rubfill between 

(ftoTn which they declare that ihcy 

^way to jctogJtc by this prefcm Treaty) 

smpx fir 10 take, b^tbre Iianil, new Mcalurcs, 

i'Ptlror banccs /hnuttl arifc in HiircjiCy by agrcc- 

upoii what may be neccll'ar^, not 

K and tnc moll edcniial Imcreits ot iheit 

■t alfo with regard 10 the general Good 

fUpon thcfe (JoDfidctaiions, and with 

^uia Srilanmckt moll CbriOian, and 

irhave given thcic full Powlts; that U to 

k Majeily toCharU; WfcoxxM 7i-X',JI'a:^. 

Is Lieutenant in the Coumy uf JTsr/oM, 

I'raoil Noble Order ot" the Carter, and hia 

BSwie} his tnoli Chriiiian Majclly, ici Fi-a,:cii 

ratio. Lieutenant Genera! of bis Atni>*, Di- 

ral of his Horfc, and of his Dragoons, Govet- 

vt'^auphm, and his Ambafiador to the Qid 

fe|CiDgoTGr«; Si-nain ^ and his 'PrirJ/t/JJi ^U- 

pa Chrijlophcr de liallenrodty his Mmifler of 

'» Envoy Extraordi[);iiy lo the W\A mofl Icrene 

. ^rSrrta'ni-f who, by vinue of the faid full 

feing with all pofiible Atiention weighed the 

^{Mcafurcs to attain the End which iheir faid 

nie. to thomfelvci, have agreed upcn the fol- 

Jhall be now, and in al! Time coming, a true, 
iviDlabIc Peace, the moft lineere and intimate 
~flhd the moliftriii Alliance and Union between 
C'tnoH forene K ings, thcic Heirs and SuccefTors, 
nionj, Counrrys and Towns fituatc in their re- 
mtorys, and their Suhjcais and Inhahiianis, as 
be of jB«ro/(r j" and the fame fhall be prefcn-cd 
ted JD fuch manner, that the contraftini» Pjrtys 
Uly promote their reciprocal Intereltsiind Ad- 
nd pcvont and repel all Wrongs and Damagi:s, 
( proper means they can lind out. 
I^he true Aim and Iniemion of this A!!i::ince 
}etn the faid Kings i& mutually to prefcrvc the Peace 
iTranquUlity of their tefpcfiivc Kingdoms; ihcit a- 
fiid Majeftys do promile to each other their recipro- 
IlUranry fur the proicdling and nuinraining genetjlly 
je Dominions. Caunirys and Towns both in and out 
BU«r, whereof each of the Allies (hall be actually in 
mS f. : ?c«eS\v.ft 


■14^ 'in.: 

^T'oiVt-iiion at the t;TT'._-oi ic.r i.|iiiinj> 

slTo a'l ihr Ri^hn, Ifnmunitys and Adfipclj 
ly i!i'»ri: rciJt'ng ro Trade, which rhc fjid 
ougTiT i(i enjoy rtrpiftU-^ly. Ami ro this Enff 
h»*t; aertcdj th^t if o«r nl Rcfcntmc^t t 
this Allunev, or gpoo anv o(hi:r frctcxt, an}?, ontfj 
Tdid AlUct niDulil be iittutkc<l fn hoililc ntann? 
/houtti rmtlir iny wrong from, a»y Prince or SntcW 
vcr, lUc DtLi^r Allies /Kii)! t^tnploy their good (9 
procure SiUulitcflon to be givrn lo the injufifd M 
tn engage ibc AggtcHbc in Torbefir any fuiifin jra 
Wrong. ^ 

in, And ifanyorthecoDtra^tyr Pjrtvi^ ftiotJi^ 
Iv atriclc'cl, or molcAcd in the sbovcLid dlniM 
tha p(>ti<) OlHccs ahavumcniitin'd Oinuld not bo i flB 
■I to pnicuTU ajuli S^titfjflirn tor ihr Wfoijl 
maces' ilirrii: to the inJucM [*ait>-, then tOt: ooB 
wimin i^u'i Mdd:Iu til'tcc A(iplicai(on (hdl) li^H 
them, fhiill fuinifh the fo.lowjng Succoursj^H 

. Hii '.;.i;iilv ihe King of Gnat 2?r//tf/)»S| 

■ J n M.ii<:lly /IvjII, in iho^ 
Vr...' ■■■ ':■:^^u{ F.JOP. and li.ur TboBfidi 

■ /in,! ni- :vh.|':ily, tho King of '7W/w, tinM 
tlircc 'I'houfiinil Foot, and twoTliou^uiid ITurfe. V 

liutir iho Taifv aiMcktd Jhould ritliRrde^W 

Men tif U'itr, ot Trsnrpnrr Sh}ps or cvi;n SubSJfl 

t}:^y, which XfMlluiw;iyi be iuft to hl^. ChciiaHg 

tir^cr VJrtys fliall fupply bim with Shipt oIihI 

j'TOjwrtie'i to the Exjjcncc of the TtOOjii to b^H 

1^ nbfivc. And to remove all ro^nnut of Im3 

BenHr'I I'} rhi^ r.vncncir, the ciintrs^in[> PatTyajJ 

Hnr ortL' Thoul^miJ l'>m Ihill be v,<lui:d At tcD « 

^S&.'r/.- Guiidrra by rhu MdrUi ; and one TbBufiJI 

ut ibir^ ThwiDud GuMdurit of tKc hmc Money iflH 

Month : Bmlthc Comrutiiiion fha 1 be made lo |B 

« tithe Me.1 i.r Wjr and Tranfiion Ships. iS 

Mjilri nhnvc r|H:i:ififriI dtinot prowc rutfuicnt tociffl 

^|Hl"t <ii be tnide tu thu injuiC'l Pjrty, ihen« 

Hfn'mi! r^rtv* (hall aj^rcc ingcthcr upon furrltn| 

^1 he I'uniilh'd i nnd fin.)lly, in cafe of Nudt.S 

j'^.'Il:'. null aiCit the iniurcd Partv wi;h all i^U 

^11 .j Hui! t-vaa (IcsUrt: Wrfr igainlt ibc Aggrc£fbr9 

(aid'rhrt'c omftSrent* Kiiiff' arc 
; ioA more clofcl)* ih? it ' ' " 
!■ m, by all [lofliblc 'luf.' 
fefiilcncc, thty li.ivc |,^: 
Viit'o no TrLiaty, 
wh may, in any manner wbaiivcr. b:; 
^efls of cachoi!ii;r; hut trvim faiihfullg 
r to each oiher the Propurils ihat mn-tie 
tkoA nbi to lake, upon v ' 
ludon, othcrwiff dun in ■ 
' Examtnstion of wbii ■ 

Jhtcrcils, and be propet tc] ._ _ .. . ,; 

B^j, which is To ncceflary lo bcpuliji 
■ne geneial Peace. 
JChriftUn Majcfty being pjri"..-iiT.'rfy '■ 

Ktrantce of the Tri:-nys ui'Ji'. 

jBgofthc rn»il<:f,es and Lilvr:> 
lOd their S''il/if:/i:i-h and ; 

jhat Body, ciblcrvinji wm, .,j„, 

I and of Cumplaiiu that m^y at Icn^ild 
on a War, which, by fjtal OonfM 
t from ir, mif;ht ftt all EuroPc on f irej 
^ I being ever attcniivc lo whar n).ny e 
p TraiKiuillity of the Empire in panicuMl 
fo/f in gentTsI, do cii!?,in:« ara promif 
mer mucunjly in maintaining and c.'iufitf 
me abovcfaid Treatys, and the other AiM 
Sttled the Affairs of the }-.mpire, arc lookq 
T^« and Foundation of the Tranquillity 
Body, and the Suppuit of its Right!;, Fria 
piunitys, which their abovcfaid M^jeSj) 
^lo lecurc in a lolid Manner. ! 

Bent Alliance fhall fublili during the fp^d 
I to be cumpuicd frm:) the Day of l' 

Sriranrirck, moft Cliritlian, and 'PrujH 
'^ylte the I'rincca and States which llidfl 
lupun, to acccdi: to the rrefcnt Tr-aiyB 
w agreed to invite particularly ihc l.or 
1 oCthv '■Province:. 
tScat Treaty fii^H be appioicd and i 
fejcfiys tbL- King of Gu}; iir::iiii], t1|| 
UDg, and the Kin^ oi 7' ■■ '■"■ 
B.rfelivered it\ the l\' 

Bit> Crtnftiio Majcily ma\ fumifli W ■! 

• l.c Diflnrlarcc whi.h ihey v^ 
rv 'hey ptidtti, ilie Fmpircilidi 
l„„ Lid ntilt C;hril\i-.n M:icttci« 

f 'Unlai't, ain1 'in: niot Scr 
Inicfltt wnulil I>ct1tc Ocufiflll 

Iritain, France, an^ VuiSi^t. 151 

i their Quota in Troops, or in any other _ 
» whatever, even tho ihcir faid SnramiicfM 
vMtfjcAys Oiuuid not be com prch ended atnoM 
"Declaration of War which the Empire fliouldfl 
~~yi'a}ice, but they will even aft in conccrtfl 
brillian MajclKi until the Peace dillurbcdfl 
Ji be fertorcd ; hia faid Sriraiiiuck Majcllyl 
ftig, moreover, to execute in fuch Cafe iho-J 
_ lis concluded with his moft Chrirtian MaJ 
A On bU [tart promifcs faiihl'uily to obtetvc th«a 

Third Separate Article. 

I'bappcn, that, notwithAinding hismofl Chril4 
^ Jly's firm Rcfolution 10 ohferve cxa^ly ali hi^ 
piliregardtoihe Empire, inthofe Things in whicbl 
^eso no Derogation tncrerrom by the prcTent Trca>^ 
JtoAA be attempted on the Part of the Empire to] 
f^ReloIation againft Franee, to the PrcjudivC oM 
' LLCuarantyofPofllffions, as it i= HipuUted l>yl 
™"Md this Day j his Sniamiick Mijclly andl 
Kefty promife in fuch Cufe to emphy (hcirl 
^dit and Authority, the mod cftetluallyf 
]b, either by ihcir own Vote*, and thofe oifl 
ncndlliip with them at the Diet, or by allfl 
IS, to prevent any thing bein*" done coo-^ 
ifaaainll aJl E\pe£taiion, and notwiihJ 
%t Endeavour^ War /hould be declareJl 
uo ihc Part of the Empire, altho in ihisB 
feing no longer a defcnfivc one, they might J 
■tac>i>nii be obliged to furnifli any Quota .; 
ttDoubi bctwcun their faid Mjjei^ys, i? ihej 
"jp could not he difponred with ftom perrl 
iiy as Members iit' that Body, their iliid* 
''riijjiiit Majeltys do refeive to themfelves 
«f furnifliin^ their Quotas of Foot or of Horic. 
nl'roops, or of fuch as they fliall take into theit * 
abet Prince, fit their own Choice i and their 
'h.^ra0aa Msjcftys (liall not, on accountJ 
i their Quotas, bs deemed 10 have adeda 
iVeaty figneti this Day, which fliall can»f 
^%rce: Their Srire?ii:ick ar\A 'PriiJ/i/ia Ma-J 
'] do: to fumifh m fuch Cifc any other «" 

*--r -' Troflps againft htt 
^ - ', ^rc obli^ifd (o find Ibri 

.c^ ' (iibcr Rtrfpctli pcffiurin^ 

ft..' .Gctnvtn* to hi* Ciitl i 

7.lj;La>', Lvli'-i i'c, lii> Kri (hall i>o( nn acount 
Quo!;* cxciiifc aoy HoUiirty afl,3iai\ ihc Tcrrttomtt 
jcCt* ot ititf liiid moll Srrcnc Kinp of Grrat Sf 
ihc fai'l tnol' Serene King of" 'f'riffh. m thtt, 
Dt cllc-vherc ; nor dciriiinrt, m pwrjcnd co ai 
tiotts, Vcr-tgc, Q'4arMrri, Vi^Agz, or oihczr [Jiinj 
CllAlfiC of thtfaiilCounitj'sancr 'rcttiiofi ■.. i 
B-bulu«v(!f. In liko manner, ic fhaif : 
ihc I'uiilTeniinns, I'Uoi.-*, Countrys .. 
Bilh any of (fao tittl Things lo tiit Eii-j r 
tiiD Mojcil} } vt^a docs al(b otiilgv: : 
im lib parr, ilint if in ibc HmMUL- 
cumc ro be taiccD. lilcc lo thofc iiu:-: 
A»''<l*^ '" 'fa*= |«uj(niice ot the Kiiu -, 
tnA^Prajfta, \m mort C'lrillun Majcllv * 
tlidir part, aoiUvill not UilcoHlIil) ibctu wit£' 
t,.-y r liV'LT, in j.ufr,nn:--.frV.ii__Tn'.i 

tbi: Unii^ iiui»iKr, and i!>c i^aiUicriMon& liictcnjDJ 
« iLvli^op'.:'! ur the Ciint Time i* rbiT Truaiy. 
WfuJiCot", wc ba\i: (ignttl ihtlc: Attklcj, aililj 
thtriiD the SmUoF out Armt. Uuni: at j ~ 

(L.S.) n,i"i/!^fn.l 

}e jlccefftm of the Unired Provinces 
Trtnty of ^Defenjlve jiUiancey 
iat Hannover on the -id c/" Septcm- 
715. A'lade at the Hague the 
i/'Auguft 1726. 

etftbe mjl tiHy nod Vaimdtd Trieili^ 

. ngof 

- own 

■ '7^1t 


' . by 

-■J by 


w . .J/., j uiiu ill ihL- •■.■jir,.; ul" liii; J^n^s ihcic 
Atiiiiv iarirird the (lii I^ariii the Siatc. ricncril 
lio ilic fjiil Trcary, dnit tho fcp-iran: Article^ 
■y 10 ibcJlsrcciDcot ~:o itie iticntW ArfMe of this. 
*'i whiohwiih [hatpAmci: -AtJli:l«»icht;ro. JO- 

I Fin Jnfirii9' 

i--. Gi: 

.;-i- the 



154 Accefjion of the United Provincesj 

of the publick Tranquility in general (withoat __ 
Peace ofthcir Republict cannot be fecure) as in patifctlE 
for ihi; Mainii:nancc of i(s Commerce, without whiL-Ij It ci 
notfubiift J and as they arc fully conyinc'd moreover, t 
the Aim of ibi'. Alliance doss not at all tend to ^vo ^ 
Jeart Infringement to any former Treaty or Alliance, ci 
trailed either by thenj, or by any one of them, withotld 
Princes or States, but that iheir Intention is rather to ^ 
Toboraie them ; and that the grand View of this AIlU 
only tends to the uniting of themfelves the more clo' ' 
gether, without giving Offence to any Perfon 1 
ever, for the Guaranty, Proteflion and Maintena 
the Dominions, Countrys and Towns, in or out 9 
which each of the Allies fhall be aflually in Pofle 
the time of the figning the faid Treaty, as wel 
Rights, Immunitys and Advantages, particular 
relating to Commerce, either in Europe or oi 
which each of the Allies cnjoy'd at the time of tbi 
of the faid Acceffion. 

Moreover, the faid Lords the States General h . 
petiuaded, that by their Accc([ion to the faid , 
Hannover^ it is not rcquir'd of them that they ft " 
take the general Guaranty of the Treatys of t 
axiA Olivet, mention 'd in the fifth Article of the 1 
Hannover, and in the firil of the fepatatc Articlei 
general Guaranty they were never engag'd j but d_ 
Guaranty in this tefpefi extends only to the Rjg) 
Poffcffions, which the High Allies, or any one r' 
have accjuir'd by thofe Trsiity?, and which the] 
the time of the Signing. 

And as to the Affair of T'horti, mention'd 11 
the fcpiratc Articlesof iheTreaty of Ila/imver, i 
engage to employ their amicable Offices jointly i 
high contrafling Powers, 10 obtain a reafonabli 
rion and Reparation for the Infraflion of the "! 
Oliva; and in cafe thofe amicable Offices 
ploy'd without Effeft. and it /hou'd be thought i 
to do any thing further, then their High Migh"-^' 
be at full Liberty of giving their Thoughts, u 
oblig'd 10 any thing more than good Oifices, 
renew their Agreement. 

Finally, (ince this Alliance has a particular \ 
eftablifhmeni of an iniire Confidence between thi 
^ing Pattys, and the Lords the States General, 

B>entii;)n d 

s and 
»fe iif 

/Af Treafy a/" Hannover. 

Swil! with all Confidence mutually commtii^^ 
buRhts (o each other about tho ways and 
iVJcall be ihought inofl effl-£lua! in tale nf 
"^ ; and Maintaining the Po: 

in'd, as well ihurcrcladngtoCommei 

, ff Ct out of Europe. 

ias in ("uil Perfuslion and firm Confidcf ^^ 

tfac real Aim and Intention of ihcir faid M«i- 

3 Lords ihc States Gtnernl, to give a 

to uniie clofuly with them, and of thci 

their Fricndfiii}) and Alliance, hai 

. i to the Treaty, and the feparate Ai 

Bj Slid bave for this end appointed the Siet^ 

■ I, BaroD lie Lin'eto, Lord of F£t\ Baia 

1 Droflart of Seiiovors j Arnold de '/.xiym 

s Buigomafier and Senator of the CityJ[ 

Ruari of the Territory of •Pueteu, Baif^ 

iB of Scbieland j Ifaitc ven Hocrnhecck, 

r of the Stares nf the Province of J 

■itpand. Keeper of the Great Seal, 

%ai tne Fiefs of the faid Province j Nich^ 

bte Burgomaltcr of the Town of I'hol^^ 

J/'Trffi vs7t Ainerovge, Knight of the Tm 

B,- And a Commjndcr of the faid Order ff 

pt Hunifman of ihe Province of Utrec^ 

van Sehurmaa, Burfjomailer and Seqj 

Jin of Sot ^ Eversrd Rotifc, Buriioman 

r Devenier ; and Liiml/eri IL-my £jff»A 

freningcn, all Dcputys in the Aflembly'a 

i tbc States General, on the part of tlf 

&Wcr/fffl^, miLirid and Sl'fJlfrn'flaiaf^ /M 

^Jr'rieflafid, Ovcry//i-i, Groiiin'^eii and Omm 

fcve fovnifh'd iheni with full Poa-crs toagud 

Keffiim with the Marnuifs de Fcm'ton, PH 

^f his Moft^ Chrlrtian Majetty j l^U. Fhif 

f of his Mdjcfiy the King of Grnrr Sntaa 

}trtjhf^eit, Plenipotentiarv of hiR Majelty k 

ma, likcwife vcfted with 'full Powers: I 

B'aving had a Conference together, cameJ 

Agreeinent ; That the faid Lord? the Staq 

U:ccde (as ihc fud Depuiys and Pk-ni_ 

Tcctar'd that ihey do accede, in their Nittn 

Jialf) to the faid 'I'rcary and fo:iarite Ar 

ItHteaifelfei to their (aid }*1,iyi'ii'jsV.\f*^ 

'rzsty ^/"Jlannovcr. 


Sfparatt ffvrf Sfttrf jfffMe. 

lapjicn, ihii li r AccclTion 

»y, ilicy miy b -b'A, in (uch 

they m«)'W ot. ^, .;. ■ - urfc in Amu 

sncc, and rhit then liic tim-; iicccffiry lo 
hiccelj of ihc Oftici-* which (lull l>!; ctrploy 'd, 
no: bcrf. n-, xY.K-.t AlJici »rc uMi^t'd to hinufh 
Ti: a'jtcd by ihc i'iiitd Atticle 

m may he i tuofidL'rahlc ?reja- 

tr-. n cxpm'd lo the moll itcoreui 

|ti>':uL i'L>><:; lULLriur'd by ihcPfiDCi:^ their At- 
fMoit ChnHian, Ifritaniuct: ind '/'n'J/hia Ma- 
Hlt 10 gtru the Lorilt ihc Snii;i ijcner^l* 
fcf iheir Onccrn for the r>f ihcir 
■iSTc hccn pV.v*'d to i:nga<(e und ninfnirr, that 
nrorc/iid, whkh muy put the fjid RepuMick. 
■Hngcr, ihcy u^ill fumtni Hie SuKgut^ fi.pu- 
K ihiiil Article jbovemcatiuQ'd, cfcn withuot 
■lit: KTue of the OfBcci ind Infhtvcci which 
■ on foot with ihi: Aggtcdor, lo prucurc the 
Br RepuMtibn r«julf'd. 

Bric fnill icmain fecret, and have the fiinc 
■c were InCyjcd verliaitm in ihc Trcat\' ibi« 
Bd ac<* fipnM : !r fhiM b^ ritiri,'d jn ike'rainc 
ff ■ '1 ." ■ 'i.j^a'd in the 

b t_oV, wc fho 

t ■'' liv vinuc 

t ■; ,_ , . i.Ul Chrimnn 

^^nfl I'i cJrtJJ ;6' ■''.'>; J.'.-, liii: King of '/'rWjjl'V, 
Kocd» tho Statu Cenenl a( the Cfnttr^ 'Pr9' 
B'lSgn'd thfi prcfcnt Article, and caut'd tho 
Hm3 10 be ih£rcioa£%'d. Oaneat thu /£tgur» 
■kmI 172.5. 

K Sign'd, 

B!'hcMflrqa!r4 de FimcfffO. 

156 Accejjion of the United Provincfl 

itiiiig thar is (herein contJin'd, in ihe lameiA 
they hail coniratlird wiih rhcm from rhe be^niH 
their lligrt Mighf inttlTca acknowledging iheir findfl 
tion 'O be futh as is exprefs'd abovs, ihdr faid nfifl 
accept of tbi^ir High Mightinefles Acceflion, as tM 
bafladnrs, Miiiiliers and Plcnipntcniiiiryg havM 
thariheydo dcccpi cjf the faid AcccQiun, in the In 
on the behalf of iheir faid MajeUjs, engaging, el 
to iheir High Mightineflci in every thing tg 
lain'd in chf laid Ticaiy an-l feparare Anides, j3 
fame manner js if they had contrafled with^ 
jctlys from the beginning. Jj 

The Succours which their High Mighiineffl 
fumiHi in cafe of need, not having been regu]^ 
Treaty, 'tis agreed that the fame Ihall be 4eoqM 
1000 Horfc. For clearing up of the 6th Arcid 
Treaty, 'tis dedatM, that after the EKpirationfl 
teen Years therein meniion'd, the whole Jhall a 
the Terms of preceding Trcatys, as they fubfiS 
the high contr.iiliiig Powers, and efpeciallyij 
Terms of the Alliance ftipulated in the Year lyfl 

This prcfent Treaiy for the Acceffion of thaS 
Heral ftiall be approv'd and ratify'd by the3 
the mofl Chriflian King^ the King Q^Greac S^ 
the King of 'PraJJia, and by the Lords the Sta,i»| 
of the United 'Provinces of the Nciberltindi, an! 
tificatiiins fhali be produc'd here at the Hogue^ ll 
Jpacc of two Months fiom ihe Day of figning ^ 
fetus, or fuoner, if poflible. In Wirnefs wber^l 
underwritten Pleniporentiarys conHituied for ™ 
.aforefaid, and vefted with the full Powers of tuj 
flys the mort ChriOian King, the King of Grm 
the King of Truffia, and the faid Lords jfl 
General, have fign'd the prefeni TteLity, and A 
Seals of our Arms to be thereto affix'd. Iw 
Ha^iie, the iith of y7ff5«y? 171(5. ■ 

Sign'd, I 

fL. S.) The Marquifs de Bnelon. ■ 

(L. S.J IV. Fmb. M 

(L. S.j C. C. de Linteio. ■ 

(L. S.J /i. V. Zmien v/^a Nievdi. ■ 

fL. S.) //. van Hotirnbesck. H 

^the Treaty o/'Hannovcr. 

mSffara:f and Secret Article. 

« the States General having rcprcfcntcd tfl 

IJipen, that in Revenge for their flcceC^ 

[y, (hey may be attatk'd or diUurb'd, i 

ftey may be obiigM to have rccaurfc lo Atf 

.hcc, and ihar then the time neccfiaryT 

Ikiccefs of the Offices which fhall be employ'd, 

I before, their Allies arc oblig'd to mrnifli 

fce Succours {lipulated by the Third Article 

frof Her,)!0vcr, may be a cunfidcrable Preju- 

votid leave them cxpos'd lo the moll vigorous 

Teut being fuccout'd by the Princes ihcir Al- 

^oft Chriftian, Srilawikk and 'Prfjian Ma- 

T 10 give the Lords the States Qenetal a 

F ihcit Coticero for the Fteftrvation of their 

^Vc been plcas'd to engage and ptomife, that 

jTcraid, which may put the f:iid Repubiijj^ 

bingcr, they will furnifli the Succour^ ftl^ 

f third Article aboveroention'd, even wlthi 

s Iffue of the Offices and Inftaitcci whii 

\m foot with the Aggrcflbr, to procure the 

tHeparation requir'd, 

Re mall remain fecret, and have the fame 

'lEiwere iniertcd vcrhaiim in the Treaty this 

I and fipn'd : It /hall be ratify'd in the fame 

ihc R.EittticatiDns Jhall be exchang'd in the 

Stic Treaty. In Wiincfs whereof, we the 

icitig appointed Plcnlpotentiarys by virtue 

iwcft af their Majcdys the moil Chrirtian 

Eing of Grfiir Sritahi, the King of ^j-Wj" 

tords the States General of the UnittA 

pfign'd the prcfent Article, and caus'd 

) be thereto affix'd. Done at the/J}ij 

J'httMrtrquirs dc renelon. 
F Fisieb. 

V tbe fimc Dcputvs who Gsti'd xVi^ \9.ot 
■"if-; ' .1»,£CLA- 


tit^n tftbe United F^vj 

T17"Herc« in the firrt Article of the Tfd 
»' Hanmvcran the -^d oi Septemher i7»yj 
Majcfiys the Motl Chrillian King, the King a 
tat'iy and ihc Kin^ofTrnffia, imong oihcfi^ 
» mcntian ol'ih!; ^KUmin^tioa to bt: made ofa 
pet for maintaining ihcBallanci; oF Power, noT 

gcfcrv'd in Jitlropf for the fake of Pmcc in 3 
epuiys of ihc States Gt^ncral of the U-iuev 
witn the Confcni of the Minifiers of the Three co3 
Powers, h*vo refcfv'd ittothemfdves, th^twbcntl 
Jcliys think it ncccCTafy to concert logcthct, and i. 
tlfc the fnid States General concerning fuch Point* 8 
to the Maimcnunce of a BiilUncc of Power it» Bi» 
X.iOrtU the Smick General /hall in evcr>' [uriieuia 
for their Cooccn, retain the lamcLtbeiry they bf(»l 
ihcir AccclTion to the faid Treaty, without beEns ' 
riictt AcceHian to cogjgc in any Meafurcs whicfi 
not agree lo. 

Thu DccUratioD (hall he raiify'd in the fatne ^ 
and the lt.atiliiaiions thereof /Iiall he exehang*tf3 
fame time a» thofe of the Treaty, of which we iH|jl 
Written who arc tunl>i(uied Plcni])otenti4rys, b^ii 
ihc fiil! Powers of their Ma'teOys, the Moll C 
King, the Kin^ of Gnat Britain, the King of 3 
and the Lords the Stales Gencr<t) of the i/r/tt^ 
viitets, have Jigu'd the prcfcnt Declaration, 
caut'd the Scab of our Arms to be thereto alEx'diJ 
at ttic Hague, the pth oi Aiignjl ijiC. 


(L S.; The NLrquiC, /ie Fmbii. 
(L. S.) IF. Ftialj. 

(Anil by the fame Dcputys who have 1 

Art of AceclTionJ 


;/o t&e Treaty cf Hannover, 

Separate Jriicle. 

f ff "lis clear and indifputable, ihat their High Migh- 

■ - '^■^ che Lords the States General of tha l/nited 

TtHc Nelkerlctfiiis, by the fifth and fixih Arli- 

"I'reaty of Murijler, in ihc Year 11(48, made 

'^^S^ia and the Rcpubllck of the Uialed 'Pro- 

^^^^acquirM a Right which excludes the Subjtfh 

^^^^Rffl Neiberlatih, as well as the Subjcfh of all 

^^^^ms, which at that time conllitiitcd a part of 

^^flS Monarchy, from Navigation and Commerce to 

, within the Limits of the Privileges or Chat- 

i'Y the faid Lords the States General to their 

^(l-India Companys 5 and that this Right by 

■: falls evidently under the Guaranty of the 

iiich the Allies ate mutually engag'd by virtue 

Article of the Treaty, coticludetl at Hinnover 

p{sjnher ijij : Neverthelefs, in order to cc- 

jiiiner of Doubt and Scruple upon that Head, 

;iitcn AmbafTadors, Envoyj Extraordinary, 

tcntiarys of their Moil Chtirtian and Sriraa- 

1, at the Requeil of the underwritten Dc- 

ibtentiarys of their High Mtghtinefles, havo 

to dcclart, as they do by tbefe Pfefciits de- 

■ Name, and on the Part of their Majeflys, 

.1 Right refulting from the 5th and tfth Ar- 

. Treaiy o( Aianjler, is included in the Rights 

Allies guaranty by the fecond Article of the 

■iinmver ; and that if by reafon of the Excr- 

■- Right, or in Revenge for this Alliance, any 

, deling /hou'd happen, and his Imperial Majefly, 

Expeflation, fhou'd fulpend or Hop the Pay- 

: Subfidys due 10 the Republick for the main- 

:hdr Troops in the Barrier Place?, or the Pay- 

hiterefts and principal Sums bortow'd upon di- 

UTign'd by his Imperial Majefty for the Security 

i .lyment, or if he Jhou'd make ufe of any fort 

i! or Violence, that then 'tis their faid Majeftys 

Intc'iiiiin, that the Allies fiiall proicft and maintain the 

liitd Lords the Slates General, conformably to the Alliance 

which iliey have this Day acceded, and /hall without 

- j^cpncijrT the mofl effe^ual and proper means for main- 

""■T faid Lords the States General in this Right, 

i5o Accfffitm of the United Pq 

and in ttic Exetcilc thvreof, and Qiafl' L 
tgainft «ll Cutilequcnces rt-rulnn^ ttum fhc ud 
mit tu proccci) to V!iilcncc againlt the Oftenlt^ 
inihe I'utirsnr clfewhcfc, bt-ftiru ilio cunmS, 
af tbiiAJIuncc hnvcconccrti-t) what to do t^ 
Thii fcparjic A/tide fhall tic of ihc Ume Forctfi 
hsd bvcn infcned word for word in the TreanJ cblll 
Sfld fign'd tliit Day : Ii fHal! bi.* ratify 'd in tbu ft^ 
ner, atid the Itatiticarloflt flull be cxchant;'d wid 
fame rime m ihc Treaty, In Wilncfi wlicreB*; ^ 
ondccwriclcn, cnnl!ituTnl PlctDipsrcntiaryj, by ' 
(iitl t'owcn fnim their Majcil)^, ihc molt Chrmh^. 
the King of Great lintiHn, ioA the Lordk ib* 
General, b:ivc iiuiAltbc prcfcic Article, ^itdiherf" 
ibt: S<ratf 'ifour ArniJ tn be ofiix'd. Hhmc ax lU 
the -itlt of Jai[iifi ifiil. 

CSi'gn'd by the iwo MiniRcrs oF Frjiwce i 
»nd aim by ihe Dcputyi, m abore-) 



•pur. Dfipulys of iliu Lords the State* Geifl 
''■ UaUe4 'Proviticcs, baring communiearcd l4.^ 
niflors of their Maieftjs the moft ChrilVun ] 
Kiiig of Grtei Srirait,'aai the KiriR of 'Pn 
Rcfulution tiikcn by their Uigb Mi>>htinc{Ics 
10 the Treaty ttf Ifennovrr, accotdin^ to the Iw 
tnnde to tbtrm I>y t'tn: faid Minitlcrs on the jran c 
Mnjtfllyt J ond bjiving added, ibat ihcrv the itdjT 
tvi were t'cllsd with a full Tower, am! t 
ready (o [irocced to the Cnnctation and Si^nTm 
Treaty and fcpamic Ariic!c> drawn up upon i 
ciHIian : 

The Mirguift 4e Fr>fl<"t, Plciupotcntiary nf^ 
ChridiJin Ma^eliy, and Mr. pitnt. PknipotcntUrt 
'Sriic/inick Mjjelly, have dedat'd, that they affi 
relied wilh full Powets, and that they were tt*i/i 
elude and fifjfi j but thcSieor A Afeynb-rrtfirt^n^ 
his 'PrH0ian Mjj-'fty deelaiing, that behad'-( 
(fLtiv'd Ofdcri ftir the full Power* to tbe fan 
9 tilt King hit Mailer, the PlenijiotcntiMys i 
[LCku^ajtL 411(1 SriiAiimeh, &la^cil)». 

1726. lb the 'treaty of Hannover. 16 r 

puiysscd Plenipoteniiarys of the Lords the States General, 
anfidwing that there was no more time to he loft, and 
that every farther Delay in completing ihc Aeccffion of 
ibeRepublick to the Treaty of Hannover, cou'd not but 
^ difadvaniageous to the End propoied by the Paid Treaty j 
Uil It the fame time there being nd reafon to dotibt^ 
thit his Msjcfty tiic King of 'Priiffia will likcwifc au- 
■rkoriae his Minifter to fign the Treaty of Acccflion, and 
^paraie Articles: In Confiderailon, and in lirm Confi- 
dence hereof, they have ptoceerfed to the figning of ihc 
{fefent Treaty and Separate Articies leaving a (pace 
Su the Minifler of his Majefty the King of 'Pnijfia to 
Jign ID kike manner, as foon as he has received his full 

Nevcrthelels 'tis agreed and ftipulated, by this Separate 
Aniclc, that if, contrary to Expedlation, his Majefty 
'ic K-ing of Truffta doth not come to fuch Refolution, 
" Id Treaty and Separate Articles ftia!l, however, be 
_ce, and put in Execution by the contracting Powers, 
tbeit Ckufcs, in the manner which has been rtipula- 
l^d that the Ratifications ihereof fhall be excbang'd 

In Witnefs whereof, we the underwritten, who are 
^imcd Plenipotcntiarys, by virtue of (he full Powers 
if their Majellys the moft Chriftian King, and the 
'ing of Great Srifahi, and the Lords the States General, 
'c lign*d the prefent Article, and caus'd the Seal of 
Arms to be thereunto a£Eix'd. Done at the Hague, 
IC 9th a( Juguji 1 7 iff. 

(Siga'd by the Minidenand Depuiys as above J 

fc. IV 

i62 AcceJJion of the King fl/"Swe(leii 

Acceffion of the Kim and Kingdom 
Sweden to the Treaty of Hannov( 
Tinted at Stockholm the i^th 
March 171*. 

la'rhe Ndiite of the T)2oJl Holy T'l-'nnty^ 

BE ii I;no7jn unto all and every one to whom it i). 
or may appertjin, that his Mije% the moil Sere) 
King of S:vf.-ie», having been amicably invifej, < 
the Pdrt of their Nhjcliys ihe mofl Serene KJog*, i 
Kh^g of Great Sr'naifJ, the moft Cbriilian King, awl,. 
King afPrnffia, by iheit Miniftcrs, to accede to tb^; 
fcnfivc Alliance which their Majeilys concluded a 
'- noverihz 3d of Siptatiher 1725, and loihe three ^piq 
I Articles annexed ihcreunto ; which, aii well as the ^idi 
lUnce, have the maintaining and prelerving of the j^ 
' Tranquillity, ami particula.-ly that of the North n^M 
only Ohjeft, the Tenor whereof is as follows. 

F'lal Inferiio. 

And his Majsily the moft Serene King of Sneed^m 
^always difpofud to concur in fo falutary a View, and^ 
(-dcfirous to (liew how agreeable this Invitation was 10 
I Las authorized, by his full Power, in due Form, his( 

miffdryj, the under-written Senators of the Kiogdoi 
' Sivcdcn, and Members of the Chancery, to enter Into 
I ference-wrti* tfee-ander-wmten-Miniiiers Flenipotcn' 
[ from their Majeftys the XCing of Great Sritain zi , 
I moft Chriflian King, provided with like full Powen^l 
I regotiaiing and agreeing upon the Acceffion of his Majl 

the King, and the Crown of S-zveden, to the faid *" 
' nf Alliance concluded at Hannover^ and to draw up a 

an Ai\ in Form for that Purpofe ; the faJd Miniliers PI 

petentid^ and CoRimiffatss havine, been ia Confet* 

1 fe« 

^ to the treaty ^/TLinnoven 163 

il Times upon that Subjcft, and having produced their 

3wer8 on each Side, agreed upon uhar tbilows. 

; Majefly the moll Serene King, and the Crown of 

*;/, declare and promifc, that his fiid M.ijeily, his 

and Succeflors, do fully accede to the dcfcniivc Alli- 

oncluded at Hannover^ and here above infcrted 5 as 

Te to the three Scp.iratc Articles that arc thereunto 

;d 5 and that his Majefty and the Crown o( Siveden^ 

cue of this foiemn AccefTicn, do join and aflociatc 

:lvcs as a principal conrrailinc; Party to their Majeftys 

ft Serene Kings, the King oiG car £n:ahidnd the 

hriflian King, obliging and engaging thcmfelves to- 

heir faid M*ijcflys, their Heirs and Succeflbrs, joint* 

feparately, to obferve and fulfil faithfully and efix;£lu- 

the Conditions and Chufes comprehended in the 

eaty of a Defcnfive Alliance, and the three Sepa- 

ricles thereof, and to furni/h, when the Cafe of the 

t fhall happen, a Succour of three thoufand Foot and 

oufand Horfe, according to the Obligations of the 

, the whole in fuch Manner, and as faithfully, as if 

:i\y and the Crown of Szvedcn had been a principal 

ng Party from the Beginning, with the above- 

ft Serene Confederate Kings, and had concluded 

eir faid Majeftys jointly or feparately the Articles 

editions expreiTed in this Defcnfive Alliance, and 

.rate Articles thereof. 

Majeftys the moft Serene Kings, the King of 

rit^in and the moil Chriftian King, do admit and 

his Majefty and the Crown of Sixeden to the a- 

Treaty q{ Haitnover 5 as likewife to the three ^e- 

rticles which are thereunto annexed, as a principal 

)g Party 5 declaring and promifing, on their Part, 

' Majellys, their Heirs and Succeflibrs, will obferve 

jointly and feparately, faithfully and e(Fe£lually^ 

efl to his Majelly the moft Serene King and the 

Sixcden^ all the Conditions and Claufes contain- 

faid defenfive Alliance and the Separate Articles 

ft of Acceffion fhall be approved and ratified, on 
f their Majeftys the King oi Great Sritain^ and 
^hriftian King, and of hi< Majefty and the Crown 
rj and the Ratifications thereof Ihall be exchange 
Space of two Months, to be reckoned froi 
3 figning this prefent Aft, or fooner, if 

Ma ^ 

I&4 Accejflon (file Kirtg £/" Sweden 

In Witnefc whereof, we, by virtue of our lefpeSiY 
Powers, hiTefign'd thisprefent A£l, and have fetour 
thereunto. Done at StockHinJi the of Jifarcb i 
O. S. 

(L. S ) 5. TTyntz. 

(L. S.) M. y. de G:sr<-. 

(L. S.) J. Saveer. 

(L. SO Cas EkellaA, 

(L. S.; 7. V. Duhen. 

(L. S.) 2?. X. Tc;; ffo/JtV;;. 

(L. S.) y. -ff. /^ c;; Kod'e?:. 

Separate Jrticles. 

AL*koby the A£l of Acceffion and Admiffion 1^ 
""^ this Day, his Majefiy and the Crown of S'xedenM 
purely and fimply to the Treaty of Hannover^ tbcMiml 
ricniporentiary of their Sritaiinick and mod Chrifliaiil 
;cilys have however agreed with the Cotnmiflarys flf 
faid Majefiy, to the Exceptions and Articles which fbOoi 

I. As the Defenfive Alliance concluded at HannMt 
ui oi September 1725, has no other View but the ft 
and Tranquillity of Europe^ and particularly that of 
North, their Majeflys the King of GreatSritain^ and' 
moil Chriftian King, as likewile his Majefty the Kingi 
the Crown of Svceden declare, that, being not cngagpi 
-iny Treafys or Conventions with other Powers that 
contrary to this Alliance, the faid Treatys and ConTCod 
ihiili not be weakened by this Acceffion, but fhallrcfl 
in their full Force ; and their Majeftys declare, at tbct 
Time, that they are, at prefcnt, and fhall continue ata 
in a flim Refblution to keep and fulfil, inviolably, alh 
h^vS been ilipulatcd by the abovefaid Alliance of ifo;;««)i 

wiiliouc iii'glc^linf', or violating the fame in any wife, tt> 
tlic Pretence ot former Treatys and Engagements, oriu 
anv otluT lV<:fc'nce whatfoever. 

II. His iMdifily and the Crown of Siveden havinj 
J ciVcilioiis at pref:nr out of Eunpe^ rcfcrvc to themfe 

^jij. tothe Treaty o/" Hannover. 165 

tki fhcir Guaranty ftiali not be extended beyond the 
BounJj 0!' Europe. 

lU. The King and the Crown o^ S'xcHen having fhcwn 
tilt tbey dcfire not to be under the Obligation offending 
tk Troops fiipulated on their Pan in the Afl of Accefllon 
toiheTreaty of Wifwwoifcr, and by the Secret Article ol t^le 
picfent Treaty of Acccffion; iqto Countrya too far off, it is 
igreed, atnong the contrafling Pattys, that, when the 
Cafe of this prefent Treaty fhalJ happen, ihe faid Troops 
(hill not be employed in Iialy, or in S^ia'iti, but they may 
anvwhercelfej their Sr//(iH?;/ci and moft Chriflian Ma- 
jelfji ptcferving always the Right of demanding the Contin- 
gent of five Thoufand Men, liipulated on the Part of the 
King and of ihc Crown of S'X'edei], in the Adt of their 
Acccflion to the Treaty of Hannover^ in Money or in 
Shift, putfuant to what is feiiJed in the faid Tceaiy of 

IV. His Majefly and the Crown of Sweden, in order to 
temoTe all Poflibility of Doubr, with refpeft to the Afls 
neniioned in the fifth Article of the Treaty of Hannrrjery at 
liifing determined concerning the Affairs of the Empire, 
declare, that, by the faid Afls, they undetftand no other 
than ihofe which have been received and approved by the 
State* of the Empire in the ufual manner. 

V. HU Majetly and the Crown oi S-xeHeii declare, that 
ihey accede to the two lart Separate Articles of the Treaty 
of tfdWffOW)", as finding nothing therein contrary lo the Ob- 

J^iions wherewith bis faid Majefly is bound to the Erape- 
~^gnd the Empire, as a Ptince of the Empire, 

H. As by' this Acceiilion his Majefty the King and 
\^a'v)Tio{ S'Jiedeji, enter into no Engagements with any 
trPowerwhatfoever, exccptthofe that are comprehend- 
by Name in the Treaty of Hannover, and whofe Mi- 
_W» fign thefe Frefents, their Majertys, the King of 
ftai Srttain, and mofl Chriflian King, as iikcwife his 
'1 Majefty and Crown, do promife each other reciprocal- 
not to enter, without the Knowledge of each other, 
without mutual Concurrence, into any Engii^ements 
any other Power, that may be contrary to this Treaty 
ihcfe Separate Articles and Secret one, or invalidate 
fime in any wife. 
Their Sriiamiick, mofl Chriflian and S'jreiiijb Maje- 
bare agreed, and do promife each other reci^to- 
/, that i^ in Hatred of this prefctit Ticw^, «k \mJi«* 
M 5 »»•■* 

i66 Accejjion of the King 5/' Sweden 

any other Pretext equally unjuft, they fhould beattacVd| 
infelled or troubled, jointly or feparaiely, by any Power 
whatfoever, they will make it a common Caufe againft 
the Aggreflor 5 and ihey will mutually fuccour and affift 
each other faithfully, and in the moil ready and efieAual 
Way, according to the Exigency of the Danger, and ac- 
cording to the Situation of their Affairs, rcfpeftively, witht 
out excufing thcmfeives, under Pretence ot being in War 
themfelves, or under any other Pretence whatfoever. 


Secret Article. 

HEIR Sritaimick and mofl Chrifiian Majefiys, to 
ihew their Friendfliip towards the King and Crown 
of Snjceden^ promife and cng.3ge, by virtue of this prcfent 
Secret Arricle, to pay at Hatnhtirg^ Amflerdam^ or Jw- 
don^ as S'xeden fhall chufe each, for three Years facccf- 
fively, the Sum of fifty thoufand Pounds Sterling a Year, 
cr the Value thereof, according to the Exchange, to to 
paid in two Payments each Year, from fix Months to fix 
Months, by way of Advance 5 and whereof the firft Pay- 
ment for the prcfent Year fliall be made immediately at 
rer the Exchange of the Ratifications 5 and the fcconJ 
Payment, for the fame Year, a little while afterwards, 
^nd as focn as the nccefiliry Difpofirions can be made for 
\\\M Purpofe: the third Payment to bci^in a Year aftortk© 
Exchange of the P^atifications^ and io the reil from fix 
Months to fix Months. 

His Maiciiy and the Crown of S-ivcJen oblige thcmfeives, 
and promife, on their Side, by this Article, to hold io 
Rcadinefs, bcfides the Succour agreed upon bv the A3 
of this prefcnt Acccfllon, a further Body of fevcnThoufa J 
Foot, end three Thoufar.d Hcrfc*, to bj employed whctC 
the Cafes of the Alliance fliall rrndcr it ncccflary. 

Provided, that wht-n tiieir Z''>/r.'7/7;;/f/c ond moflChriftiafl 
Majeftys ihy.W r'-quiro the Service of thci'e ten ThoufanJ 
Men, ihov lliall be in their Pay, and nor in that of the 
K-inj; * {ortcv/c.v; which Pay, as wcl' r.s what concerns the 
Reciiiirs and other Matters dcpenciirr; therecn, fhall be 
then rcttlcd by a |arrici.'!ar Convention; his Maieilv ao*J 
the Crown of S'J'tiit'H rcfcrvipo to tljerrifcives the Richtof 
recilling this Body of Troops, or ot not fending it out ot 
th'j Kingdom, a: iuch times when any real and imminent 




•1727'. to f^^ Treaty o/'PI:innover. 167 

Klhall render it DcceJlary ibr the Defence of theic 
ntoions and Provinces. 
Sepame Aniclcs, and the Sccrei one, fhail have 
: Force as if they had been infettud Word for Word 
£1 of Acceiiion, concluded ami fign'd this Day j 
11 be ratified in the fjine manner, und the Ratifi- 
aiinn thereof (hall be exchanged at the fjmc dmc wiih 
tWe of the Afl of Acceffion. 

, h \Viinc& whereof, we, by virtue of our rcfpcflive full 
Powets, have (ign'd thefe prefcnt St-purite Articles, and 
tks Secret one, and have fct our Seals thereunto. Done «t 
the iijih of ^ffjrc/^ O. S. 1727. 

fL. S.) S. 'Poymz. 

ISO M- 7- ^e la Garde. 
S.) A Saucer. 
S-J Clas Ekehlsd. 
S.) J. V. U>tihen. 
S.) 2>. ti. Vm Hopken. 
8.) y. H. ron Kccbcn. 

freat^ of jiU'iance hefween Great Bri- 
tain, France, and Denmark, April 1 (S, 

WHEREAS their Majeflys the Kins of Great 
Sruain and the moft Chriftian King are al- 
ways attentive to fulfil their Engagements, and 
tt watch over the Quiet and Security of their Frienils 
IBd Allies J and, us their fjid Mjjellys have really C^uf« 
lobelieve, that the Alnfcoviies and their Adherents may 
fton concert Means, and make Difpofiiions to come and 
tock the Dominions of his Majeliy the Kingof 2Je«- 
Wurfe, either to take away by Force frnm his 1)ani{b 
tttjcily the Duchy of Slefivick j or to prepare the Means 
"tcxccuting other Projcfls contrary to the Tranquillity 
•fAc North, and of the lower Saxany, and of tbt; Coun- 
•01' *hich ate of Concern ro the contraftip^ ?a.«is \^ 




j68 Treaty of j^Uiance bet'ween 

the Circle of Wcjiphaliai, and as their Sriianmck an 
moft Chrillian Majeilys are fo much concerned in Iniere 
to take due Precautions againft every thing ihat, by troi 
bling the Peace of the faid Countrys, may, at the fan 
time, give a Blow to the Tro-ity of Hinmver, as it elp 
cially confirms the Treatys of Wejiphalia ; and to jj 
ihemfelves in a Condition to execute faithfully the Gifl 
rantys given againfi: any Invjfion or Hoflility on the.[H| 
of the Czarina, or of any other Power whatfoever, wnil 
ihould come and attack the Duchy of Siejhvick : Tfet 
'Jiritanuick, moft Chrillian, and 'DiXmJIj Majeflys hh 
thought fie (ogive their full Powers, that is to fay, If 
Sritatimck M^jefly lo yobii Lord Glenorchy, Knigbt 
thB Order of the 2iaih, and Envoy Extraordinary fiom' 
Maje(^y the King of Gfeat Sriiain to his Majefly i 
King of Denmark.; his moft Chriftian Majefty to 3*^ 
W-omt, Count oiCai/jUIy, Knight of the Grand Crofiord 
Order of St. ^obn of ^erujaiem. Captain of the ^ 
of his moll Chrillian Majefty, and his Ambaffador PJM 
potenciary to his Majefly the King of 1)enmarki as Hfc 
wife his i)anijl} Majelly to his Minillers, vi%, Ulricki 
doiph of Holjlcin, Count of Holftenbiirg, Knic;ht of tt 
Order of the Elephant, Great Chancellor, Privy-Couj 
fiiltor of the Council, and Chamberlain to his Mawfl 
ihG King of ^emiiark ; John^George of Jloljlein, Lo{ 
of Mollenbagen, Knight of the Order of the Eieplian 
Ptivy-Counfcilnr of the Council, and Governotir of tl: 
Bailywiek ciTdnderUy for his Majcifty the King of 2)fl 
mark-j and Cbrifiian Le-xh o^'Pleffeu, Lord oiTif/h^ 
Silfoe and Glorup, K*iighc of the Order of 2)!imiel>rog, ai 
Privy-CoQnfellor of the Council of his Majefty the Klfl 
of Denmark i who, having maturely weigh'd the Circuil 
{lances of the Times, and the Dangers which threw 
iho Dominions of his lianiflj Majelly, and which ini 
trouble the Quiet of lower Saxony, and of the CouMi' 
above-metjtipncii, baye agreed open the following k 
(idcj. Ik 

L His Dawijh Majefly being wholly perfuaaed, A 
their ^ritamiick and moll ChriHian Majedys will fid 
the Engagements and Guaraniys given, with refped-! 
the. Duchy of Slefisick, and that they will ufe all tl 
Efforts imaginable to main tain the Quiet of the lower Sa. 
§ny 3 ^'s 'Dsn'ijh Majeftj, to toncuc in the fdiae Ei»' 

\72.7- Great Britain, France, amfDenmirk. 169 

^(nifes to keep on foor a Body of Troops of twenty four 
thoufanit Men, their Officers, Equipages, and Artillery, 
which ftall aflemblc withoui any Delay, in the Piaca 
thitfhall be the moft proper; and ITiall march every where, 
isit Ihall be tieedfal, upon thi; Stii certain Advices which 
Aall be receiviid of the Motion of the Mufiovtte Troops, 

■ or of any other Power whatfocvec which fhall come to 
mack Skfxick, and to trouble the Quiet and Tranquillity 
of the lower Saxony, and of the Provinces belonging lo tho 

i bigh Concraftors in the C\rc\e of ff'eJlph/tHa. 

I |[. Hi5 2}anyjj Majcfty further obliges himfelf, when 

I the fiid Body of Troops of twenty four rhoufand Men comes 
10 match, to have on fool at the fame time another 

I liody of fix thoufand Men, defign'd to re-inforce the for* 
mcr Body, if iherc be need. 

I 11!. And, towards helping, at prcfcnt, his 'Datiijb 
Majefty to fupport the Lxpence h^ will be obliged to 

' make tor fulfilling the Engagements fpccified in the pre- 
cedent Articles, his moft Chriftian Majefty promifcs to 
oufe to be paid to his 'IBamJJj Majeily an annual Suhfidy 
of tbtcc hundred and fifty thoufand Rixdollars, current 
Money of 2)e»;KsrA ; which /halt be coniinued for the 
Space of Four Years, to be reckoned from the Day of the 

I Ratification of this prefenc Tteaty, and fhall be paid ex- 

\ afliy every three Months, by way of Advance, at Ham- 

I IV. His moft Chrifiian Majeflypromifes further, in or- 
der to eafe his Danijh Majefty of Part of the Charge he 
will be at, in cafe the faid twenty four thoufand Men 
fiiould be put in March towards the Place of Rendezvous, 
I to take twelve thoufand Men into his Pay, in fuch tnanner 
thai, as the Defence of the King of 'i)e!imark is their 
firft Concern, his moft Chriftian ^Majefty ftial! not pay 
ihcm but on the Foot of nine Thoufand, in the fame Fro- 
jottionashis Sir«(/& Majefty gives to his Troops when 
ihey are in the Field, as well tor the Pay of each Regi- 
mentof Foot and Horfe, as for that of the Staff-Officers 
of each Regiment, of the Genera! Field Officers, and of 
iW Artillery, in proportion to the Number of twelve 
tWfand Men of his Troops, Officers, and other Perfons 
Wctflary for his Service. 

V, The Pay, in the manner it is juft now exprefi'd, 
ft'llnot begin (o be on the Account of his moft Chriftian 
Majcfly, but from the Day of the firft Rcvic-w vjVvOq ^■i^\ 


'i7» ■ 'Treaty of Alliance between 

be made before his Majefty's Commiffary General, wliet 
the Troops (hall be drawn together in a Body, as an Aima 
in order to take ehc Field 5 the firft Month ihail be mM 
by way of Advance, and lb from Month to Month, S 
long as the Paid Troops fhall be in the Pay of his moffl 
Cfarillian MajeUy. 

VI. And altho his mod Chriftian Maiefty might w 
Juftice pretend, that the Subsidy Jhould ceafij on 1 
Day that the Pay commences ; however, as it may ht 
pen that the Payment of thcfe Troops might begin t) 
fore the q^ Denmark could receive any effeSualSw 
cour from tiie fdd Subfidy, his moft Chriiiian MiieB 
is willing to confent, that, if the faid Pay of the Troop 
Jhould commence before the King of llenmsrk fhouli 
have received two Years of the Subfidy, then he will cob 
linuc the Subfidy as long as is necelTary, to the end dial 
the King q^ "Denmark m^-^ always have two Years of ib( 
Subfidy, what was pLtffi^d, and what was to come, bei^ 
reckoned ; and if, after the faid two Years, ihe.f* 
Troops fhould remain no longer in the Pay of his m 
Chriftian M<<ic%, then the Subfidy flipulatedin the tbu 
Article fhall continue to be paid to his 'D&niflj Majeftjl 
the End of the four Years, which is the Term of the prcEa 

VII. His moft Chriflian Majefly will, when he Jhallfa 
required to do it, fend a Commiffary upon the PIm 
toaffift at the Review which /hall be made ofthefcl 
Troops in order to march; the fjme Commiflkry (fe^ 
likewife take the Names of the Regiments which filll 
then go into the Pay of his moft Chriftian Majeftyj fa 

■ fhall examine whether they are duly equipped, mouQt^ 
and armed; the giving of the vacant Commif[ioQs,M 
the Adminiftration of Juftice, /hall, as before, be do« 
by his l^amjh Majefty; The Commiffiry General ft« 
his Mijefiy fhall aflift at all the Confuhations for the Mi 
htary Operations ; and, altho it is not poffible to detec 
mine beforehand as to any Cafe of War, which doth ng 
vet esift, it is however agreed in general, that the tw^Bi 
Thoufand Men of the Troops iti the Pay of his moil Chtil 
tian Majefty, on the Poor of nine Thoufand Men, fliiU 
be treated in ail things with a perfect Equality, as tl( 
twelve Thoufand Men entirely in the Pay of the KIb| 
of 'Denmaik. 

lyay. Great Britain, France, <7Wi/ Denmark. 171 

VIII. If it happens, that his faid moll Chriflian Ma- 
jcfty fboo'd not think that he has any more need for the 

SuccAurof his Allies, to continue the Payment of the faid 
Troop*, he ihall be obliged to give his Dsnijb Majetly 
iJiffltice (hereof two Months before. I 

IX. Hi^ Srilenmck MajcHy, on his Gde, /hall hold I 
in a Reidinef* 10 march a Body of twelve Thoufand ] 
^CD, 10 be joined to the twenty tbui" Thoufand Men of ' 
htitanijb Troops abovementioncd, upon the firft certain , 
Pdv)c«s which fiiait be received of the Motion of the 

M/e Troops, or of ihofe of any other Power what- 
j ibat fhali come to attack SleJ'-wick, and double the 
l|Rod Tianquillity of the lower Saxony. 
"Hia 2>a!7>jb Majerty having given his Sriiannick 1 

' 10 underliand, that, being engaged by this prc- 
Mtjf to march a confiderable Body of Troops into ■, 

■er Saxony, his maritime Provinces will lie espoftd i 

k Entcfprizes of his Enemys ; his Uricannick Ma- 
^»*being always difpoftd to provide, according to his 
Ptigagemcnts, as a good and faithful Ally, for the Sccu- 
pfy of the Dominions of his 2)atii/h Majefly, promifes 
nd cDgages 10 fend to the Succour of his iJatiJb Majcfiy, 
h>on the firft Advices of the Motions of the Mufcovite 
leet, which ftiall give juft Occafion for Fear, a futficient 
tjuadron of good Sliip« of War, to help to cover the Sea- i 

'oaHs of his ^AniJJ} Majcfiy, and to hinder the MuJcQ' \ 

ites irom attacking the fame. ^ 

X[. And aitho incir Sritamiick and moQChriftian Ma- 
:ftys arc not obliged to any fixed Snccour for the King of ,| 

^l^iira/nark-j however, as they defirc to keep at a dillance 
^tn the Dominions of that Ftince all Invafion, the I 

lonfequcnce whereof would be doubilefs to kindle the ' 

fire oi A War in Violation of the Treaty of JIaimover, as | 

ifccwifc of theTreatjsof /r^_/7//j3/;ii } which would oblige 1 

hem to come to the Support of their Guarantys, and lo 1 

be Succour of their Allies, who might be attacked, ur 
Ik 'danger of being ib ; to this end hit moll Chrillian ^ 

VUjefly en';ages to hold always in a Readinefs a Bo- 
jy, at icaif-, of thirty ThouUnd Men 5 which Body f 

i^ll be deflined, whenever his faid MajcOy ftiail be 
Quired, to march to every Place where it (lull be ■ 

leedful, and as it Jhall be agreed, or to make Diver- 1 

bos, or other Operations neceflaty for the common Ad- 1 

pniage, and for the Sccoriry of his Allies \o iHs ¥.to- i 



1^2 'Treaty of Alliance between 

pire or in ihe North : anil, at the fame time, bis ^rh 
nick Majefty engages to hold likewiTe in Rcadi 
another Body of Troops, which muft not be lets 
twelve Thoufand Men, to be deflined, in the famet 
ncr, for marching every where, as it /hall be needful, 
as it /hall be agreed, either to make Diversions ore 
Operations necefiary for the Security of his Allies in 
Empire or in the North, as the cafcftial! require. 

XII. As the Mufccvites, or other Troops that 
join ihcm to come and attack the Dominions of the K 
oi^etiinark, in order to take from him the Duchy of, 
•wick, may endeavour to pafs thro' the Coumrys fubje 
the King of 'Prvffia, which the Allies perfuade rfw 
fclves that this Prince will not fail to refufe ; in cafe tt 
fbie, that the Czarina, or any other Power whatlbi 
fhould endeavour to force the Paffes thro' the Tcrrh 
of the King of 'Priiffia, or attack him, or occafion an 
jury or Damage to him, by redfon of the RcFufal whic 
Majefty might give to the letting the Atufcovites, on 
Adheicnts as abovcfaid, pafs thro' his Country! $f 
the contrafling Kings /hall caufc their joint Ann 
inarch to the Succour of the King of Trujjis^ andti 
make War upon thofe who fhali have invaded ot tfW 
bim, until ihe Attack and Danger /hall ccafe, and ik 
jury and Damage be repaired. 

Xlil. The Ratificarions of the ptefent Treaty (hs 
exchanged at Copenhagen in iis Weeks, to be rKlu 
from the Day of the figning of this Treary, or fooOt 

In Wiinefs whereof, we have fign'd this Trea^i 
have fet the Seal of our Arms thereunto. Dni 
Cojienhngen, this itfth Day of Jp-il, in the Year 1,79 

CL. S.) Glcnorcby^ 

Separate and Secret Jrtklei lelongitig to the Treagt 
Denmark, April 16, 1717. 

A L T H O his moft Chriftian MajeOy might ju/lly 
-^ rend, that the Troops which he takes into hi: 
ought to take an Oath to himj however, his 2) 
Majefly having refolved to command in Perfon the c 
derate Army, it is agiecd, in conlideration of his 31 


Bi'eat Britain, France, fl;:i Denmark. 173 

tto rely in tliat matter on his Royal Word, for 
irTuanE to the Engagements which he has entet'd 
lie Treaty iigned mh Day ; but if it fliould hap- 
t his Dati!0 Majefly Jhould change his Refolu- 
lefaid, and that the coniraftinK Kings fliouM find 
ic 10 (eparate the Body of Tmop!, for the Ad- 
rf" ihe common Caufe, then the faid Troops, in 
«f his moll Chrlftian Majefty, (hail take the Qjili 
ia ihe ufual Form. 

'their Sritamiick and tnoft Chriflian Majefiyshave 

Itiaordinary Efforts for the Inierelis of ific King of 

t, his 2)ani/b Majefty promifes not to difpofeof 

of his Troops, cither direftly or indireflly, con- 

I the Interelis of their Snranmck and moft 

IB MajeAys ; and it is agreed, that, as long as this 

^lafts, his 'Zlanijh Majefty fhalj not give or fell any 

f his Troops to any Power whitfoever, till after the 

b^ been concerted with their Srifamiick and tnoft 

■ Majeftys, againfl whofe Interefts he promifes to 

'81 *"g^g'"g himfelf Hkewife 10 oppofe, every 

'here it (hall be needful, every ihing that may bo 

Srojefled contrary thereto, by any Power what- 
ich their Sritanmck&aA. mofl Chriflian Majetly* 

I agreed, that if his moft Chridian Majeily fhould 
I employ the twelve Thoufand Men which he 
Ae Foot of nine Thoufand, for Affairs which hav- 
;(pe£l to the Security of the King of ^entnarkf 
ily concern the Good of the Service of his moft 
Majefly, or that of the Alliance of Hanmver, 
lafe the King of Denmark fhall not make any 
to giveihem for the Service of his moft Chrlftian 
1} and a Convention ihall be made, for that Pur- 
eWeeks after the Demand fliali have been made 
Boft Chriftian Majefty. 

td conlidering, that if the Mufccuites fhould coma 
id 10 penetrate into the North, and trouble the 
"the Empire, they could not have any other paf- 
I thro' the Territorys of ?Pp/a?;Jj and, as it can- 
bubted, bur that this Kingdom remembers ftill 
itders which the Mufcovites committed there b 
■■» ago, it is agreed, by this prefent Article, to 
ICftte to the King, and ro the Rcpublick of ^o- 
poocert which has been forin<:d 10 \iii\A«t tVc^w 


1 74 Prelimhiary Articles Between the 

entering into the Empire, and to invite them to tAl 
likewiTe on their Part, the moll eSefluai Meafutes to fit 
the Pafles which the Mufiovitei would be dc6roa«>' 
taking in the Terrirorys of ihc Repubiick of ^ehit 
Done at Copenhagen^ this iiith Day of April, in the Ytt 
17:7. ^" 

CL. S.) Gieaorcby. 

The 'Preftminary Articles hetisseen tht 
Emperor and the Allies of Hannovci 
^gn'd at Paris, May 31, 1727. N. S. 

BE it knnwn to ail and every ont.-, that whei 
within fome time part, many things have happc 
which might have given Occafinn to the diftitri 
of rhc Peace of Bnrcfe, unlefs a Remedy had been W 
dily applied ; his Sacred Imperial Royal Catholick M 
jeily, his S.ictcd SritaniiicU Majefly, his S«red i 
Chriflian Majefty, and the High and Mighty Lords tfae Stan 
General of the United Vrovitices of the Nctkerlan4St if^ 
fcverally (liew themfclves difpofed to feck every poffiE^ 
Means of compofing all thefc Differences; and in urJ 
to attain this End, they authorized by their full Powci 
thit is to fiy, his Sacred Imperial Royal Catholick Ml 
jerty, M.S^ronde Fonfeca ^ his Sa^; red SritannickW 
lefty, M, Horntio JVatpole ^ his Sacred moft Chriftil 
Majefly, M, Count He AforvHte, his Minirter and Seen 
tary of State, and Knigbt of the Golden Fleece j m 
lilicwipe the High and Mighty Lottls the States Generfll 
llie United Nether tavdi, M. WilUam Sored ^ who ii 
after mature Deliberation among themfelves, and havit 
fi'verally communicated their full Powers, Copys whcrei 
win be found hereunder tranfcribed, have, by virtue^ 
the fame full Powers, agreed upon ihe following Al 

1. HisSacrcd Imperial Royal Catholick Ma'refty havit 
obfcrved, that the 0/lend GommMce has raited Jcalouf*" 

1727. "Emperor and the Allies o/" Hannover. 17^ 

and nco Diiquiei, among fome neighbouring Powers, 
doei, for ihe fake of the publkk Tranquilliiy of Europe, 
confenr, tbat ihc Privilege (commonly called the Oclicy) 
ffitmi w the O /?{■;; ^ Company, and all Commerce from 
rhc Aiijitian Neiberltmdi to tne ludiei, be fufpended for 
the(p<tce of feven Years. 

U. The Righis, or thofe things which, by virtue of ihc 
Trcatys of Utred'!, Saden, and Quadruple AUidnce, and 
lllfi) of thofe Treaty* and Conventions that preceded 
■the Year 1715, and do not afftft the Emperor and the 
States General of the United Netherlands, have been pof- 
ftflcd by any of the Contrafling Power-, fliall remain un- 
touched } but if any thing Jhould be tbund to have been 
altered therein, or not to have been put in Execution, the 
JllTeraeion ma.le, or the Thing nor executed, /haii, iti 
a Congtefs to be heltl, be difcufled ard decided, ac- 
cording to the Tenor of the laid Treaiys and Convcn- 

HI. Confequcntly, all the Privileges of Commerce^ 
■ihiA the £«^')y& and French Nations, and the Subjeas 
if the Stares General of the United N^'d'crlandi, have 
ieretotbre, by virtue of Treatya, enjoyed, as well in Eii- 
^pe as in Spain and rhe Indies, fli-ill be reftored to that 
[Jfage and Regulatl'n which are according to what was 
lipulated with each of them, by Treaty* antecedent to the 
fear 1735- 

^ IV. The Princes of the North /hall, by their rcfpec- 
S« Allie*. be Invited and required to abftain mutually 
&aai all Methods of Force, but rather to embrace ail equi- 
table Means for conciliaiing a Pacification between them- 
fclveSi and the contrafling Partys promife, that till 
the CotigreG (hereafter mentioned^ begins, in which the 
t^i/potes between the intervening Partys fhall be amicably 
k&oSl'd, they will nbt, direfliy or indlredly, under any 
blour or Pretext whatfo-ver, proceed to any manner of 
Pbrce, by which the prefent State oi" the North, and of 
nwer Germany^ may be diflurbed j but fincercly promife 
tobe ready to enter into any Counfels, by which Hoftiliiys, 
(fany fhould happen, may beappeafcd. 

V. Immediately after thefigning of the prefent Articles, 
all Hodiliiys whatfoever, if any have happened to be bc- 
BitD, fhail ceafo ; and, wi h re([>efl to .S/jii/«, within. eight 
nys after bis Catholick Majcfly /ball have received rhefe 
kned Articles, thofe Ships which, bcfoie t\ie ^4\i. CtSa.- 

■\j6 Preliminary Articles between tbs 

lion, ihall have failed from Ofiaid for the InJiet^ aai-. 
whofe Names ihaJl be declared in a certain Lift tobi 
made in thi; Name of his Imperial Royai Caiholick Mii 
jelly, ftiall bt; allowed to return freely and fafely from tin 
Jndiei lo Ofteadi and if any Ships Ihould chance to havt^. 
been taken, they Jhail faithfully be reftored, with llie 
Goods and Merchandize kden in them j the like fafe Rfr^ 
turn Jball be granted to thofe larger Ships of Burden (com^ 
motily called Galleons) in this ftrm Trull, that ihe Cn^ 
tholick King, with rcfpefl to the Lading, or Tlunfll 
and Merchandize contained as well in the larger as lefic 
Spattijh Fleet, (termed the Galleons and Flotilla) will ai 
in the very lame manner that he has always hetCtoforf^ 
ufed, in times of greater Freedom j the Confequencc 
which is, that the Bngiijh Fleet Ihall not only depa 
as foon as may be, from 'Portotello, and ail Ports in j^ 
rlca, belonging to the King of i^d/w, but I{<ifiirj 
the Commander of that Fleer, Ihall return with itto^ 
rufe ; by which the Subjefls of his Catholick Mtjs, 
in the Indies, may be freed from all further MoteftSfl 
.or Unealinefs. Commerce ihall be exercifcd in Atltei 
by the Engtijb, as heretofore, according to Treatys. 
like manner, the Eugli^, Fmicb, or 'Dutch Flce( 
which may happen to hav« their Station on the Spa7i\ 
Coafts, or on thofe belonging to the Emperor, (hall, wil 
all the Expediiion that may be, immediately, from A 
Time the faid CeiTation fiiali begin, retire from thence, 
to the end the Inhabitants of thofe Coafts and Shon 
may be faic and free from ail further Difquiet and Feai 
and it Jhall not be lawful for the faid Ships to attetn 
any thing, direflly or indireflly, againft the tbidu 

VI. The Ceffation of Hoflilitys /hall laft as long aa I 
Sufpenfion of the Privilege granted to the Oftend CotD]_ 
ny, that is to fay, for feven Tears ; whereby, in thatSpace. 
Time, the Rights and reciprocal Pretenfions may be co 
venicntly conciliated, and a general Facitication thetel 
the morefirmly eftablilhed. 

VU, If, after the ligning of thefePreliminarys, any I 
flutbances fhould happen to be raifed, under any PreiCi 
whatever, or Acis of HofHIitys committed between t 
Subjcits of the contrafting Powers, either in £iirope, 
in the Indies, they /hall, by joint Aflirtance, repair ll 
Damas.cs fu/lain'd by their tefpeiliifc Subie£ls. 

X !.- ■ — 

[ 1727- ^i>tperor and the Allies o/'Haimover. 

VIII. The preceding Articles being accepted and fign'df 
tlierelhall, within 1 he Space of four Months, to be 
putcilfroni the Day of figning, a Congrcfs be formed at 
Jix Is ChaPelle-^ within the Courfe of which, the Rights 
ardPtCtervfiocsof the contrafting Powers, and of thofe who 
fliill be invited to ihe faid Congrefs, fhall be examined, 
dlCcufled and determined. 

IX. The Plenipoteniiarys to be nominated fhallnothare 
ifl iheit Retinue more ihan two Gentlemen, two Pages, 
ind fix Servants or Foo'iaenj that ihey may the foaner 
mike ready for iheir Journey, and that all Emulation, 
Luxury and Expence may be avoided. 

X. They Ihall not obfcrve any Ceremonial, and fhall 
tecp to the fame Regulation which was obfervcd in the 
!te Congtcfs at Caw^brsy ; and this for declining ihofc Di^ 
bitys which might arile concerning Precedency, the Li- 

^ry, however, of ptotefting, being left to every one at 

XI. The feveral Powers Jhal! earneftly enjoin their rc- 
peftive Plenipoteniiarys, to avoid all Obftruflions or Era- 
sraflments which might, in any manner, protrail or 
Ifturb the Congrefs. 

[ XII. Tlie Raiiticationi of thcfe Anicles (hali be mutual- 
w exchanged within the Space of two Months, orfooner, 
f poflible, from the Day of iigning them, 
\ In Witncfa whereof, we, the Mioiilers Plenipotentiary of 
Us Sacred imperial Royal Catholick MajeHy, of his Sacred 
XJiyal Sritanmck Majefty, of his Sacred Royal moft Chrif- 
kian Majelly, and of the High and Mighty States Genera! of 
he United Provinces of the Netherlaiidi, have fubfcribed 
nefc Articles with our own Hands, and fealed the fame 
bith our Seals. Done at TariSt the laft Day of ihe Monti 



a the Year of o 

■ Lord 


, S.) Mark B^ron oi Fovfcca. 


178 treaty het-wixt King George II. 

"rhe Treaty betnaixt King George II. ij 
the Duke of Wolfcnbuttlc, Novem 
15) '7W- 

WHereas tfie mort Serene Houfe of ^niJifaiick 
iienhurg has always cndeavour'd to prefervc' 
coltivate an iniimatc Fricndlhip between afi 
Branches ; which has not only contributed to the Gloryj 
Happinefs of the faid moft Serene Houfc, but alfo to 
Advaniage of the Prcteftjnt Religion, the IntercA wl 
of the faid Houfe has at all times had at Heart ; hU) 
jefty the moft Serene King of GreatSritatri, EleJ 
Srutjjkvick Lu}2enhiirg, and his moft Serene Higfan' 
Duke of Sra^'fivick Zuneiiburg Wetfenhutile, juagli 
it will be very proper, as well for the mutual Good < 
Houfe, as for that of the Proteflant Religion, tD flrenj 
the antient Union by new Ties made between bii 
Majcfly, and his faid moft Serene Highnefs ; with k 
only to give each other a mutual Guaranty for ibeil 
Countrys, and without the lead Defign to caufc any IX 
bje, or to do any Prejudice cither ro the Emt ' 

pirc, or to any other Power whatfoever; to th 
have, on each Side, given fufficient full Power, that] 
fay, his faid Majefty the moft Serene King of Great- " 
tnhisFiivy-Counfellors, IPff^fj-Lo'd King, Baron of 1 
High Chancellor of Great Sritah?, William Duke 
vopjhiie, Prefident of' his Privy-Council; T'hontui 
'frevnr. Keeper of his Privy Seal; 'thomas HolteSi-. 
i)f Ne-ivcajlle, one of his Principal Secretarys of S 
Charfei Yifcount 'towjjjjjen/i, one other of his prinj 
Sectetarys of Srate; and Sir i!o3frr ?PJ//'ff/e, Knignl 
moft Noble Order of the Garter, and firft Commiffioi 
hi-! Tteafury : and his faid moft Serene Highnefs the 
of S'ltnfkvick ZuTjenburgWiilfeiil'Uitle, to the Sieur Ce 
3)etleff Covar ofDehv, hit Frivy-Minifler of State, 
dsnt of the Chamber oF Convents, Dean of the Cbai 
St. Sld'fi at Srunpxick, Hereditary Cup-Bcarcr ol 

'J. and the Duke of Wolfe mbuttle. iyq 

__jbey xS GanAerJhicrn, Lord of TVefi/ibaufia ind RidJag- 
htujhs. Knight of the iiam/b Orders, and his Plenipoten- 
mryrohU Majefly of Grear-Sritain. Who, having con- 
frrrrd together on Means the moft proper to attain the Ends 
afwrc-meniion'd, without doing Hurt to any one, have 
agreed upon the following Articles. 

I. Thdt there (hdll be an intimate Friendfhip, and i 
fincere, firm and unchangeable Union between the faid 
King and thefiid Duke, their Heirs and Succeflbrs; which 
fliali be ^o exaflly and feithfully obferved, that the con- 
Irafling Partys fiiall not only advance their mutual Intercftsi 
but /hall alio keep off from each other ail Injury and 
Damage whaifoever, and /hall travecfe, as much as pofli- 
ble, every prejudicial Defign that may be formed againll 
cither of the laid contrafling Partys, purfuant to the Trea- 
tj-j and Conventions that are already fubfifting between the 
two Brsnches of the faid moft Serene HoufCj 
wlL That by virtue of this flrii^ Union, the faid con- 
M^ig Partys do promife to a/lifl each other mutually, by 
^^HOtunfels and by their good OtHces, every where* 
^Hk ir ihall be needful. And as the moA Serene King 
W^veatSritain promlfes to guaranty to the faid moA 
mrene Duke all his Countrys and Dominions; (b the Taia 
Ibofl Serene Duke promlfes his Guaranty to the mo/l Se- 
rene King, for the Defence of his Kingdoms of Grfrf^ffr/- 
tain and leeland, and of his Countrys and Dominions in 
^ierma^. And whereas the Treaty concluded at Zell the 
kth of May 1671, between the moil Serene Dukes of 
^Srunpxick Lunenhirg^ already obliges the moft Serene 
Duke 10 maintain alwajs, as far as po^ible, the PofTe/lion 
>f the Town and Fortrefs of SrunJ'ivick, for the common 
Secutiiy of the faid moft Serene Houfe, his faid moft 8s- 
t^ne Highnefs renews hereby the whole Tenor of that faid 
Arildc} and engages never to deliver his faid Town and 
Portrefs of Srunfivick into the Hands, Poffeffion or Power 
if any one whomfoever. 

I 111. Thar, in cafe the abovefaid Countrys and Doini- 
bions of either of the contrafling Partys be threatned with 
jto Attack or Invafion, then they /hall concert together, 
pjthout LofsofTime, the Means to repuife their EnemyS; 
Kid /hall regulate, immediately and without Delay, the 
proportions of the Succours to be given mutually j it being 
■relfundet/iood, that the Succours which ought to be fur- 
] N i nilhed 

j8d Treaty he/icixt Khig George 1 

ni/hed to his SritSfniick Majefly. on the Patii 
mod Serene Duke, acciTding to ihe faid Concarr'tL 
made, Jh^ll not be Settled at lels than Five Ttiol^ 
Men. I 

IV. That the abovefaid mod Serene Duke havisf 
prcrented lo the abovefiid King, that, lor putting f 
tnainiaining himTeif in a Condition and Siiuatioo toj 
the better and the more fecutely the Obligaiioni whid 
was about to comraft with his Majeily, he fhould btt 
liged to take uponhimfelf thofc large Expences whic^o 
be made for the keeping up a Body of Troops iofSs 
to gujtd hia own Country, Towns and Fonreflcs, in j 
of Danger, and to go to the Succour of the Cotiqm;s 
Dominions of the faid moft Serene King, if there mi 
any need of it; his Majefty, the faid King, in Coal 
tion of what is here abovefaid, promifcs topay to tbc 
Duke the Sum of Twenty five Thoufand Pounds 8t? 
by the Year, during the Space of four Years : which H 
Sum of Twenty .five Thoufand Pounds Sterling Aa 
payable in equal Portions, from Three Months tul 
Months, to be reckoned from the Day of the Ratified 
of the prefent Treaty. 

V. In Cafe that, contrary to all Expeftation, any P 
or State whatlbever (houid have a mind, in Hatred fi 
Treaty of Friendfhip and mutual Defence made, andl 
this Day, to make any Infuli upon the Country*, T 
and Ttrritorys appertaining to the mod Serene Dak 
Srinifwick Ltinenhurg Wolfenbunh, or caufe any ^ 
or Damage to him there, his Majeliy the King o^ 
Sr'rtaiii promifcs and engages to guaranty the iaul 
Serene Duke from fuch Inhilt, and to do all in bivA 
to put an End to all Injury and Damage which migl^ 
pen to him in Hatred of the abovefaid Treaty. i' 

VI. That this Treaty of Alliance and Friendfli^! 
be ratified in due Form by the faid raoft Serene £^ 
Duke, and the Ratifications Jhall be exchanged' b 
Space of Six Weeks, to be reckoned from the Day<d 
Signing, Dt fooncr, if it can be done, 

■ In Witncfs whereof, wo the under-written being | 
cd with full Powers from the moft Sertne King of _ 
Si'itaia, and the moft Serene Duke of Sru/ijwick £t 
hur^ Wolfefibuttle^ have in their faid Names, 
prefent Treaty of Friendfhip, and have cauled d 

■m^de Dtilc o/"Wolfembuale. iSl ^| 
to be fet ihereunto. Done at Wfjimivficr the ^\ 


jtb Diy of Novejiil-er, in the Year 1727. 

. S.) Count of 2ifi«. 
. &) 2)cvop//jire CP. 
, S.) Trevor C. 'P. S. 
<. &) Holies Nc^t-cajile. 
. S.) 2'o'ivii/heN/i. 
. S,) R. miple. 

Separate yJrticie. 

WHetess his mofl Serene Highnefs the Duke oflfolfen- 
ifHirle hatlj promifecl, by the third Aitide of the 
Treaty figned this Day, to furnifh hisMajefly the King of 
3ieat Sriiain, in ihe Cafe as is there fpccified, with si 
Body of five Thoufand Men; and his faid mofl Serene 
H^ncts having reprcfented the gccar Inconveniencys chaC 
nlghi happen 10 him, if the laid Body of Troops fhould 
it to be iranrported into the Kingdoms of Great Srii.T/» 
ind IrelatiJ, according to the Contents of the Second Arti- 
cle of ihc fiidTrcaty ; the f^id mofl Serene King confents, 
fhai ibe Troops which the faid mofl Serene Duke ought 
lo furnifh him with, fhall not he obliged ro pafs over into 
the faid Kingdoms of his faid Majefly, but that they (hall 
patbe* beetnployed either to replace tbofo which may be 
jiawn from the Dominions of his Md el{y in Gfrmany, or 
tabe put into the Garifons of the Scales General, in (he 
room of the Troops of the faid States, whi<;h may pafs 
ovcrinio the Kingdoms of his taid Maicfly, as the Whole 
Ihall be more exaflly regulated when the Cafe /hall 

This Separate Article fliall have the fame Force as if it 
were infened Word for Word in the^ Treaty concluded and 
fign'd this Day. / 

It fliall be ratified in the fame Manner, and the Rati- 
fications thereof fhall be exchanged at the fame time with 
the Treaty. 

In Witnefs whereof, we the under-written, being provid- 
td with the full Powers of the mofl Serene King of Great 
Sritaiiii and the moll Serene Duke of Srti/pjhvick Lunen- 
iurg Wnlfe/thttttle, have in tiieir faid Mames, ficn'd rhc 
pRKUt Separate Article, and caufed the Seals of oui Arms 

i Tv—t^m 

182 CwnJi?n?;'offie/wera Spain iZS^Great Britain 

to be put thereunto. Done at If'ejlminjier, the z5th pi 
oi iiovemher, in the iear 1727. 

Here the fame Names as hef&re. 

Coni^ntion between Spain and Great Britair 
relating to the Esecuthn of the 'Pre' 
I'lmhiarySj JignA at the Pardo, the 6tk 
o/March 1728, N. S, 


Hereas certain Difiicultys have arifen upon ibcEx 
ccution of ibe Articles which are called Preliif^ 
narys, and which were fign'd at Quarts the |Ift 
Day of Jf(y', and after at f^/eand the 13th of y««ff, ijiT. 
by the Miniflers refpeflively furni/hed with fufficient £i| 
Powers^ atid whereas, by a certain Declaration madebj 
the Count 4e Rorhemhurg, with the Confent of all tho 
Partys, and approved, ihe aforefaid Diificuliys have been 
happily adjufted ; of which Declaration, and of the Ac- 
ceptation ihereofbyhis CathoHck Majcfly, as the famewac 
exhibited and fumcribed by the Marquifs dc la 'Paz, In 
his Name, and by bis Command, the Tenor hereof fol- 

Whereas, fince the figning of the Preliminary. 5, certain 
Difficulty^ have arifen between the contrafling Partys, in retai 
lion to theReftiiution ofPrizes that have been taken ond- 
therSide; and, pafnely, that the yWwce/v-^rfericft and il 
Cargo, belonging to the Sowh-Sea-Comfsny, has been i^i 
cd and detain'd by the Spaniards at Ls Vera Crua 3 which 
Difficultys have delayed the Execution of the Preliminary!, 
the ejichanging the Ratification with Spain, and the opeit- 
ing the Congrefs : his Sritaniiick Majefty, to ikcilitata 
Matters as much a lies in his Power, and lo remove all 
Obfkfles that obllrucl a general Pacification, has declared, 
and given his Royal Word to the moft Chriftian King, 
that ne will, without Delay, fend Otders to his Admirali, 
■ If'Sf and Uo/ter, or the Chief Commander in bis Sread, 
l/u Ivirhdraw from the Seas of the Indies and of Spain-, and 

ry2%.. relating to the PreUminarys, 6cc. 183 

thai he confcnts that the Coniraband Trade, and other 

Caufes of Complaint, which ihc SpamarHi may have in 

relation to the Ship 'Prince Frederick, fiiall be ilifcufled 

and dccidL-d in the Congrcfs; that all the rerpeflive Pre- 

tenfions, or each Side, fhall be produced, debited and dc- 

I cided in the fame Congtefs; that therein Jhall lilcewifc be 

^ifeu0ed and decided, whether the Prices taken at Sea, 

B^acti Side, fhall be reOorcd^ and that h.\i 'Jtritatwkk 

^HtOy will abide by what fhall on all this be regulated, 

^^K-my Part, 1 promifc, in the Name of the King my 

^|Kcit by virtue of ihc Orders and full Powers which I 

^Bwe received for that Purpofc, that this DifcufHon, to be 

Kade at the Congrcfs, fhali be faithfully executed; that 

ftlie Excbangeof the Ratificationsihallbe pertormed with- 

Pout delay, and that the Congtcis fhall meet, infallibly, 

Vnd tfce feoneft that (hail be poffible, according 10 what 

lihall be agreed by the Minifters of the conirafling Partys 

piiho /hall happen to be at Tarh ; provided his Caiholiifc 

lldajelly will give his Royal Word, 

I. To raife, immedlaiely, the Blockade of ff/^M/fdr, by 
fending back the Troops to their Qjiarters, by caufing the 
Cannon to be drawn off, the Trenches to be filled up, and 
the Works made on the Occalion of this Siege 10 be ds- 
Qsoliflied, by re-eflablifbing every thing on each Side, con- 
formable to the Treaty oiUlrecht. 

If. To fend, without delay, hisOrder, clear and exprefs, 
for delircring up forthwith the Ship 'Prince Fnderick, and 
her Cargo, to the Agents of the S'juth-Sea Compa-!iy\ who 
Ucat Vera Cru^, that, when they thinkfit, they may fend 
bcrto Europe^ andmrellore the Commerce of the £75/;^ 
bfaiion in the Indies, according to what is IHpuUted by the 
t^ffiemo Treaty, and agreed by the Second and Third Ar- 
ticles of the Preiiminarys, 

■ III. Tocaufe the Effefls of the i^/orj7/tf to be immediately 
delivered to thofe to whom they belong ; and thofe of the 
|Ba//eo»i, when they return, as in time of Freedom and 
j»f fall Peace, according to the Fifth Article of the Prelimi- 

' IV. That his Catholick Majefly docs engage, in the 
; manner as his Sritaunick. Mdjeity has engaged a- 
. , tp abide by all that fhall be regulated by the above- 
I'Sifcuffion and Decision of the Congrefs. 
~~^vca at the Pardo, March 4, 1718. 

(L. S.) RQthemJiwci- 
N4 \^ 



184 Convention bct-ween Spain nnd Great Britain. 

I, the under-written Martjuifs lie !a 'Pa% declare, by a 
cjtpters Order in the Royal Name of the Caiholick Kio] 
my Mafter, in ConCt-quenLie of his full Power, (hat his S 
jefty, out of his conltant Deiicc to fadlitate the Kegotlt 
tions for an univerAil lafting Peace, \& comeinro an Accep 
tattun of, and does effcf^ually admit, the Propofals laK 
made by the Count de Rotheifihur^, Mlnifler and PlenijH 
teniiary of his mod CiiriftiaD Majelly, according 10 WU 
is here next ahove infeitcd. 

In Witnefs whereof, I fign thisprefent Declaration, a._ 
put thereto tbe Seal of my Arms, at the 'Pardo^ Jilarcb j 

E. C. Marquifs 4e la 'iPta. 

We the under-written Minifters Plenipotentiary, diiL 
authorized, to the end the above written Dcchraiion u 
Acceptation may obtain the mod full Force and VigOH. 
have figned this fpecill Iiiflrument of Confent and Apg 
bation, in the Name, and by tbe Coofcnt of our refpca 
Maders, and have a£|i,\ed our Seals thcteunto^ Mitw 

CL. S.) S. S. Co. _ 

(L. S,) S.KeeiJ. 

(L. SO Roihemliurg. 

CL. SO £■ C. Marquifs de la 'Paz. 

(L. S 5 F. Vavder Meer. 

* C^Py ^f '^^ Inflriiment of Reverfioriy 
for fulfilling the Conditions exprefs d 
by Lewis Khig of Spain, in the Let- 
ters of the Invejiiture of the duchies 
of Tufcany, Parma, and Pia«nda. 
At Madrid Feb. 28, 1724. 

LEWIS \>y the Grace of God. KiRg of CaJiiUe^ 
Leon, Arregon, Sicily, Naples, ycrufalem, Na' 
. varre, Grenada, Toledo, Valencia, Majorca, Se- 
ville, Sardinia, Cordotia, Corjica, Murcia, Jaen, Al- 
garve, Algezira, Gibraltar, the Canary JJtandi, the Coii- 
tiDcnt, Iflands, and Ocean of the Ea^ and Wejl-Indies, 
Atcbduke of Jujlria, Bukc of Siirgandy, Sralan: and 
Milati, Count of H^tpihurg, Flanders, 'Tirol and Sar- 
1 (cl07ia,h<irAo{Sifcay, Mechlin, 6ic. Whereas ihe Count 
' d£ St. J^evan, and the Marquifs Seretti Landi, our Ple- 
nipotentiary s at the Congrels of Camiray, by virtue of 
their fuil Powers, and of the sth Article of the Quailruplo 
Alliance fign'd at London the ;d of Aug:iji 1718, and ac- 
cepted at the Hague by the King our Faiher the itfth of 
Fel/ruary 1710, ailmittcd of the Imperial Letters Patent, 
containing the Reverfion and eventual Invcfliture of tha 
Pudiies or States of Ti'fcany, 'Parma and 'Placentis, in 
fjpour of the mort Serene Infante Don Carlos our Broiher, 
and Son to ihe moft Serene Lady the Qiicen, HerciUtary 
Duehcfs of 'Parma, and his Defcendants and Male lOae, 
born in lawful Wedlock ; and in default of fuch, in favour 
of all the other Sons of the faid mofl Serene Lady ihe 
"^ucen, and their Male liTue : which Letters Patent bc- 
lign'd and feal'd by the Plenipoteniiaty* of his Hjcrcd 

' Thft Pjtewwm rut wadi fulflitk till 1728, th m^fl of thun 
vur* fis,^d fietiir. 

'i86 Kingof^^2AXis Injlrument ofReverfim 

ImperM Majefty, they deliver'd a certain InflrumcDti 
the following Tenor. 

Wc the underwritten Miniflers, Plcnipotentiarys ofli 
Sacred Royal Catholick Majefty, do receive as full Perifl 
171 ance and S^^tisfaflion of the 5th Article of the Quadnpl 
Alliance fign'd at London the 2d of Anguft 1718, and «i 
ccpted by the Catholick King at the Hague the i5(li(| 
February 1720, the Imperial Letters Patent conttiin| 
the Reverfion or eventual Inveftiture of the Duchjfi i 
States of T'ufcany^ Varma^ and Tlacentia^ in favovi 
the mod Serene Infante Don Carlos^ Son of the Qpea^ 
who is Natural Duchefs of ^artna^ and bis Male DeCn* 
dants born in lawful Wedlock ^ or after their Death, Isfr 
vour of the (aid Queen's other Sons, and their MakDfr 
fcendants : which Deed has been this Day deliver'd (o ■ 
in due Form, by the Pleniporentiarys of his Sacred Impe- 
rial Majefty, before the Plenipotentiarys of the Kog^ the 
Mediators. And we promife in the Name of his Sicied 
Catholick Majefly, that all and fingular the Con^tioiii 
cxprcfs'd in the laid Letters Patent ihall be facredly vA 
inviolably executed and obicrv'd, according to the Tenor al 
the faid Quadruple Alliance, on the part of his Saciti 
Royal Catholick Majefly, and the mod Serene the In- 
fante Don CarloSy and his Heirs and Male Succeflbrs, asJ 
his Brothers therein mcntion'd, towards his Sacred Im{«* 
rfal Majefty. In Witnefs whereof, we have fign*d and 
feal'd this prefeut Inflrumcnt, by virtue of the full Poweit 
granted to us by his Sacred Royal Catholick Majefty : tod 
tor the greater Corroboration thereof, the fame /hall be 
duly confirmM by the Ratifications of his Sacred Roytl 
Catholick Majefty, which Ihall be deliver'd within fa 
Wccks, or fooner, if poffible, from the Date hereof, to ike 
Miniflcrs Plenipotentiary of his Sacred Imperial Maicftjf 
at Cambray. Done at CamVray^ the Day of^anusrji 
A?njo 1724. 

(L. S.) The Count .-fc St. ISfEP^AN. 

;L. S.J The Marcjulfc de SERETri LANDl 


AN T") whereas the Copy of the Tad Inftrument tranf- \ 
***• lated and inforted as above, was fcnt to us, af^er ha* j 

vinr]; perus'd the fame thro'out, and maturely conGdcr'i i 
.". ji'v tl:ir.r; rlicfe:n contained arri cxncli'd. we determio*'! \ 


724- as to tije Trmejliture of TnCcany, &c. 187 

I apptove and ratify it ; and therefore do promife that 

II and fingular the Conditions cxprefs'd in the Did In- 
miDCiit, which at one and the fame time was tranfmitted 
Jits, and accepted by us, as well as the Ratification of 
iio eventual Inveftiture, ftiail be fuiftU'd, and inviolably 
bfcrv'd according to the Tenor of the faid Quadruple 
Uilatice, towards his Sacred Imperial Majefty and the 
jopite, both by us and the moft Serene the Infante Don 
'.artos our Brother, and his Male Heirs and Succeflors, 
iwfully begotten, and on failure thereof, by his Brothers 
neniion'd in the faid InveHiture, to which we refer. In 
yiloeU and Confirmation whereof, we have commanded 
bcfe Ptefcnl! to be difpateh'd, after being fign'd with our 
*n Hand, leal'd with our Privy Seal, and counterfign'd 
y the under-written Clerk of our Privy Council. 


ih. S.) I the KING. 


of the particular Guaranty or Se* 
curity by the King of Great Britain, 
for frifillhig the Conditions inferted in 
the Letters of the hvejliturej granted 
hy the Emperor, concerning the ^Duchys 
of Tufcany, Parma, and Placentia. 
j4t St. James'i, the i^d of ]znuAry 
1 721, O.S. 

"^ EORGE by the Grace of God, King of Great 
■w Srrrahi, France and Ireland, Defender of ihe 
— * Faith, Duke of Srunfivick Ltmenhurgh, Arch* 
eaAirct, Prince and Eleflor of the Holy Roman Empire, 
all and Jtngular to whom thefe Prefents Jhall come, 
eeting. Whereas a ccttaia Inflrument o£ Gu^ta.i^t^ ^t^ 

188 King o/" Great Britain'j Guan 
be perform'd by the Emperor of the Romani? .^ 
eluded and fign'd in the Form and Words hereafter 
tion'd, between Us anti our good Brother the moft ( 
tiati King, by Plenipotcntiarys impower'd on both i 
and fuificienrly authoriz'd at Camhray the 24th of tbi 
ftant Jammry N, S. And whereas by ihe Treat 
the Quadruple Alliance, lign'd the id oV Avgufi i?l 
London, and afietwardi accepted and folcmnly tatif)'' 
the Catholick. King at the N'lgrie, on the ifith of Fehr 
1720, it was covenanted and decreed by the coB 
Confcnt of ihe Pattys, according [o the Tenor of ihfl 
Article of ihe Terms of Peace betwixt the EmMn 
the Catholick King, that the Stares or Duchys nw^ 
Poffeffion of the Great Duke of T'ufcany, and ^^ 
of 'Payma and 'Placcmia, fhall forever hereaficr:' 
krowledg'd and held by all the contrafling Powoa^j 
doubted Mafculine Fiefs of ihe Holy Roman EoipilBJ 
his Imperial Majedy confenred hkc wife, by hlioif 
Head of the Empire, that if there fiould happeij & 
Chafm in the Succeffion to ihc faid Duchjs, ftr W 
Male Iffue, then the Infante of the prefcnt mafiS 
and moil Potent Queen 0!" Stniii, and his Male 13 
dents horn in lawful Wedlock ; and on failure therec 
fccond or orher younger Sons of the faid Queen,! 
ftiou'd be bocn, fhou'd fucceed in like manner to s| 
faid Provinces, togerher wlh their Male I'oflerfW 
fully begotten; and that fur this End his Imperial 1% 
after having ohtaiti'd the Conlent of the Eitipire, 1 
take care that the Itifiruments, containing the S.CT 
and eventual Inselliture in favour ofthe Son or Sonti 
faid Quccn and their lawful M.lIc DefLendaois, lliui 
difpatch'd and deliver'd in due Fotm to the Cat! 
King. So now the fame is really pctformM by m 
Execution and Accompli/limenc of the laid Treaty \ 
Imperial Majefly ; and moreover fuch Inrtrument of 
ment has this Day been deliver'd in doe Form jt 
Kings the Mediators, and by them been tranlinitM 
the Catholick King, as hereafter follows. 

N. B.- Here ivai inferted the Liftnimeat of the . 

As the Kings the Mediators therefore acknow 
thit the £tnpctoc has on his Patt aofwcr'd what wi 

^notB'InveJliture of TnkdJiy, ^c. 

bim by the Treaty of the Quadruple Alliance^a 
ft 10 the Difpatch and Delivery of the Initni-^ 
.everfion infertcd as ahove ; fo on tbcir Part they'l 
(elves to his linperial Majefly by this particulac j 
,', that all and iiagular the Clanfes exprefs'd t«-J 
Eve Deed of Feogbaent be religiouUy fulBIlM by the | 
Breoc Prince Charles of Spain, Son of the Queen »-.J 
■, and by his SucccHbrs nominated to the faid Ficfsja 
Specially that in cafe of a Chafm, real'y appeariaM 
1 (he Succeffion, and afterwards whenever that nappeni^V 
bcfaid Prince, and the reft abovemention'd, fhall either~ 
bemfclvcs, or by Perfons fufficiently authoria'd, after the 
mpemi Difpenfaiion obtain'd, be oblig'd to receive the 
ftual andproperlnveftiture from his Imperial Majefiy and 
lis Succeffors in the Empire, at the Imperial Court, wirh- 
n a Xear and a Day at fanhcH, after being put in Fofcf- 
!on, and /hall moreover take the ufual Oath of Fidehty. 
Therefore his Royal Majefty of Great Sritain, and his 
Loyal Moft Chtiflian Majefty, do by this particular Gua- 
gnty and Surety, promife jointly and fcveraliy for them- 
:!ves and their Succeflbrs, as they acknowledge themfelvcs 
J be already oblig'd by the Tenor of the aforefiiid Qua- 
«ple Alliatice, that they will, whenever the Cafe requires, 
:rioufly maintain the Performance of all and lingular the 
^ndiiiom of the above inferred Feoffment, and that they 
fin and ought to preferve and defend the Fief of the faia 
}uchys belonging to the Emperor and Empire inviolable. 

This prtfent Inllrumeni of Guaranty /halj, in order to 
nake it more valid, be duly ratify 'd by his Royal Ma- 
eftv of Great Srilain, and his Royal Moft Chfitlian Ma- 
efly } and the Ratifications fhall be deUver'd to the Plc- 
li^ientiurys of his Imperial MajeHy at Cambray, within 
bur Weeks, or fooner, if poffible, after the Day of the 
>4(c hereof. In Witnefs whereof, we the underwritten 
'lenipoientijrys c! his Royal Majetty of Great SritaitJ, 
[ild bis Royal MofV Chriflian Majefiy, being vefled with 
ilfficient full Powers for that end, have fign'd and feard 
his Twofold Inftrument. Done ztCambray^ the i+th of 
wrjf, N. S. 1714. 


S.) WHirWORrH. 



190 Emperor's Power to Count Borromeo 

XlT £» after Perufal and Examination of the above Ii 

^^ ment of Guaranty, have approv*d and rarify*d 

fame in all and Angular its Articles and Claules, as « 

by thefe Prefents approve and ratify the fame for ourfe 

our Heirs and Succeflbrs ; engaging and promifing on 

Royal Word, that we will facredly and inviolably peri 

and obferve the faid Inftrument of Guaranty, and all 

Angular the Things therein contained, and that as & 

lies in our Power, we will not fufier the fame to bei 

latcd or contravened by any Perfon in any manner wiiii 

ever. In Witnefs and Confirmation whereof, we Ini 

caus'd the Great Seal of Great Sritain to be aflhV 

thefe Prefents, fign'd with our Royal Hand. Givenitu 

Palace o^ St. 7ames\ the 23d of January O. S. 17*^, in 

the Tenth of our Reign. 

N. B. His fnofi Cbrifiian Majefiy^s AEl of Gnarnt^ 
leh2g almofl verbatim the fame^ mutatis mataaii 

V/5 needlefs to itifert it. , 

Copy of the Emperor s full ^ower 
fnhjiituting Count Charles Borroi 
to take "Pofefpon of the "Duchy ofl\ 
cany, ^t Vienna, April 13, 171JI1] 

WE G:arle% VI. iSc. Be it known to all Mcnl 
thefe Prefents, That whereas by the Confeotj 
the Eleftors, Princes and States of the Holy T 
man Empire, and the Concurrence of the Crowns of Pr4 
and England^ we have order'd the plenary Accom]' 
mcnt of thofc Things which arc dctcrmin'd, decreet 
ftipulatcdy not only in the Letters of the eventual 
vciiiturc, but in the Quadruple Alliance made at IM^ 
in the Year 1718, betwixt Us and the moft Serene 
n:olt Potent the Catholick King of Spain^ and aftem 
ratify *d at our Imperial Court in 172;! for keeping upt 


72?. to take Popjton o/'Tufcany, tSc. 191 

mient RJght of the Imperial Sovereignty with rerpeS to 
be Great Duchy of fafiany and its SucccQion, on fai- 
ure of Male iflue in the Family of Mcdicis, in favour of 
he moft Serene Prince Charles Infante of Spain ('eldcft 
fon of the prefenc Queen Eliz^aheib, Daughter to the 
Duke of Taritia and 'Plscenlia) and his Dcfcendentr, iSc. 
Hud whereas we have had fufficient Experience of ihc 
fidelity. Prudence, and AbiJitysofthc "HdaXf^ Charles, Count 
SerroitKO, we have particularly appointed, nominated and 
CAndituted, as we do by the Fulnefsof our Imperial Power 
ind Authority, appoint, nominate and conDituie him our 
Imperial Plenipotentiary, with a Power of appointing one 
ct mote in our Imperial Name, of whofe emire and un- 
feigned Fidelity to us he Ihali be certain, to the end that 
as Toon as he has Notice given him of the Deceafe of the 
moft Serene l/^obn Gaflon, Great Duke of I'll/cany, the 
only Survivor of his Family, he repair immediaely to the 
Duchy o( Tufca^y, attended by our Imperial Forces, with 
I ftrift Obfervation of military Difcipline, and a View to 
jain the AffbfUons of the People ; and that as foon as he 
las made our Imperial Intention known to the Princefs 
Oowager of the late moil Serene Eleflor, and the Senate 
if Florence, by Letters and a Decree, which we alfo de- 
iver to our (aid Plenipotentiary, he take care that our 
Imperial Mandate, direaed to the Vaffalj, OiEcer-, Sol- 
ijers and Subjects of T'lifcany, be pofted up, and made 
jublick at all the ufual Places ; that he declare the Oath 
hhich is faid to have been taken to the faid Princefs Dowa- 
^t, by the faid ValTals, Soldiers and Sublets, null and 
roid, as being contrary to ours, and the Rights of the 
Holy Roman Empire, and to the declared Suffrages of ai- 
taoft all F.iirope ; that confequenily he abfolve the Vaflals, 
Officers, Soldiers and Subjetis from their Oath, and all 
Oilier Obligations to the faid Princefs Dowager ; and tt- 
juliy, that in our Name, and in that of the Holy Roman 
Empire, he take true and real Pofleffion of the Duchy of 
Wi^cany, with all its Rights and Appurtenances, as they 
nie really pofTefs'd by the late Duke, at the lime of the 
teeaty fign'd 'it London, in favour of Prince C/jfl'Vei the 
Inknte of Sfsin, as the next true and lawful Lord, and 
Au Vaffal, by virtue of the Treatys abovementlon'd : fav- 
ne thofe Rights which (liall be prov'd to appertain to the 
Rincefs Dowager of the late Eleflor 'Palathie, or others, 
Iftlier by allodial Right, or any other juft Title not be- 




ig2 Imperial' Refcript relating to 

longing to a Fief of the Empire. Moreover, either hior 
fdf, or hisSubftitutc or Subliitutes /hall tlo and perfora 
every Tiling that may and ought to be done by tnetani 
and Cuftom of the F.mpiie, for obrainirg true and aflui 
Poiri:fiion : PhHnifing and engaging on our Imperial Wor^. 
that we will approve and ratify all and every fuch Tran* 
Jaction. In Witnefs and Confirmation whereof, we have 
fign'drhcfe Prefents with our own Hanjj and caus'd' then 
to be feal'd with our Seal. Given at our City of Vi' 
ennSi &c. 

Copy of the Imperial Refcript to th 
Ek^orefs Palatine Donz-ager, hoi 
Diichefs of Tufcany, to permit Doi 
Carlos Infante of Spain, to take ^oj 
feffton of Tufcany. Vienna, the i Jfl 
of April, 1718, 

CBJRZES VI. £?c. It has been tnoft 
rept^Tented to us, that the moil Serene Ccjniiii 
late Duke of Great T'nfcany, the Father ailf 
Dilcflion, made a certain pretended Difpoiition o»r-j 
sfiih of November 1715, by Virtue wheieof, in cafetE 
he and his Son John Gaflon Ihou'd die without n&tui 
Male Iffue, lawfully begotten,, your Dilc£lion Hiou'd a) 
ought to fuocced in all its Provinces, and the Appurieaast 
thereof, with the Dignity of Great Duke or Duels; 
And whereas the propofing fuch an Order of Succc^ 
is altogether contrary to out undoubted Imperial S^ 
reigniy, and to the Sacred Sovereignty of the Rani 
Empire, to our Feudal Duchy ofT/z/i-iaflV, and its Am 
dages, which i^ not only, firmly eflablifli'S beyond aU'C_ 
tradiflion by the moft famous Laws both antient andB 
dern, but alfo juftly rccogniz-'d, comprisM and confine 
by all the cotitrafling Pattys in the folemn Treatysof j 
-sfc^snd/^/Vwfffl; becaufe 'tis well known, that in cafe 

172S. "D. Citlos's fah'fjg Pop^o?2 c/TuCczny. 193 

fuch Failure of the Male Line in the Houfe 0? Ms.iicis, for 
want of nitural IfTue lawfully begotten, it belongs oniy to 
us as £tnperor and Sovereign Lord of the Rofntif/s, i^nd 
to the Holy Roman Empire, to dil'pofe of the faid Duchy 
' ''7'ufcany\ to the next lawful Prince and ValTal of us, 
id the Holy Roman Empire, as wc had already difpos'd 
"it, by vinuc of Letters Expeflative, having the Force 
1 Virtue of an eventual Invcftiture, which wcgranttil 
(he mod Serene Prince Charles, Infante of S/'^un, on 
i ptb of ^December iTii,. fo wc cannot be fo far want- 
to ourhigheft Office of Imperial Power and Authority, 
lich is 10 prefervc the Laws of our antient Imperii;! So- 
ireignty, but we fhall obferve and promote every Thinj; 
'hich /nail be thought julf, equitable and convenient, in 
:Ie of fuch Aperture in the Succeffion as aforefiid, for 
:^U)ring and obtaining free Q^iiet, and full PofleflTon of 
« faid Duchy of ^I'vfcan^, for the moft Serene Prince 
ubarles, in our own Name, and in the Name of the Holy 
Looian Empire. Therefore as to the pretended Difpofition 
lade by the late mod Serene the Great Duke Cajmo, and 
b whatever is, perhaps, by Force privately or pcecatioully 
Uriv'd, and faid to obtain the Eft'eifl of it, we do by 
> Fulnefs of our Imperial Power entirely make voici, 
'ogate, and annul all and evcrv part of it, as in itfelf 
hll and void, dcfeftive and rafli, tho perhaps even an 
mth has inlcrven'd ; as wc have declared the fame mads 
Ud) abrogated and annuil'd by our Imperial Patents and 
■Ccrecv: and for this end gave a Power to our Imperial 
■ommi{Iary and Plenipotentiary in Italy, Count SorroJiies, 
y fubllltuie one or more Commiflary or Commiirarys in 
6W ItnperialName, that he tnay cot fail to commit this 
" If ferious Mind and Intention into entire Execution, as 
aapoffible, cither by bimfclf or another. And weex- 
Vour Dilefiion paternally and friendly to renounce 
"ptefaid Difpofiiion of the faid Duke, and moreover 
tin &om founding any Pretence to the Succeffion ; 
' voa wou'd fuffer our Commiflioner, or the Perfon 
iDbflitutcd as Commiffioner or Deputy for the 
ofTeflion of the faid Duchy of Ttffiany, and its 
iDances, to afl freely according to the Tenor of his 
or, without attempting or contriving any Attrmpt 
contrary : for by this means your Dileflian will 
your own Inrereil: mofl, and make the moll fcafo- 
~ ovlfion againfl the imminent Dang^sc ot ^i:4X 

IV, O ^M.\ft 

: ^ 

194 Emperor's Mandate to th Tufcans, 
Ruin which thrcateni the Provinces and SubjeSs c 
c«/i_j'j tfpccially cor.liJsring ihat wc (hall except 
Cummiind ihofe Things which are known lawfully 
long to your Dileflion, or any others whomfocver 
lovh^l Right, or any othet ju ft Title, not belong 
Picl of tilt Empire r for if tlie worft /hou'd hapf 
iliou'd be oblig'd to have recourfc to Remedys in lE 
ofiHe Eijipire, confiftent wiib the Feudal Law. 
e-xpL-£t better Things from the Obedience and Dey 
youi Oileflicn to our Inteteils, and the IntereAG 
Holy Roman Empire ; and for the reft we confiftx 
our imperial Favour and Good-Will, Vienna, tUeJ 
J^rU, 171^. i' 

Copy, of the EmperoY^s Man^.ate t 
&iikje£is and Vajfah of Tufcan' 
acknowledge Don Carlos for thei 
lereign, and to perform due Ser'm 
him. Vienna, April 13, 172S. 

E Charles VI. tf^c. make known and ca 
atl and lingular the Lieutenant Govcrcioiita 
fellors, Preiors, £?c. of the Duchy of i 
hdonging to us and the Holy Roman Empire, awi 
fcverai Cicys, Cafties, Towns and Territory s thei" 
pertaining, as alio to the Senate and People of J 
the Colonels of the Militia, the Captglna 
, and to all the Soldiers, and all oihers^ ,c 
foever Prebetnlnence, Dignity, Condition «■ Dq^ 
or hereafter. , ., 

After it was agreed by the 5th Article of the Hm 
Alliance concluded on the ad of JusuJltyx^A 
prefcrving rhi; antienc Rights of the Imperial Sow 
the States or Duchys now poftefs'd by themoft-Sei 
Great Duke of 'fafcany, ftiall for ever beiM&M 
inowJcdg'd by all the comtacling Partysj At: i 


1. in favour of Den Carlos. 19^ 

iline Fiefs of the Holy Roman Empire 5 we alfo as 

of the Empire, not without the Approbation of the 

Roman Empire, confcnted, that it at any time a 

Q fhou'd happen in the Succedion to the faiil State 

chy, for want of a Male Heir, then the moll Se- 

Vince Charles, Infante of S/ah;^ eldeil Son to the 

t Q»ieen, and his Male Ifiue, born in lawful Wcd- 

jnd for want of fuch Iflue, thciecond or other youn- 

n3 of the faid Queen, if flie ihouM have any, fliou'd 

) manner, togetaer with their Male Iflue, born ia 

Wedlock, fucceed to the faid Duchy. 

refore fince the Cafe is fuch, that iF the faid Prince 

k, and his other Male Dcfccnvlcnts, or his Brothers, 

:ir Male Heirs, as aforcfaid, duly do and perform all 

igular the Services to us and our SucceiTors, the 

Bmperors and Kings of the Roviavs^ and to the 

.Oman Empire, which it becomes the fiithful and 

It Princes and Vaffals of Ital}\ conflantly, and in 

[s, to do and perform at our Imperial Court, by 

Cuftom, according to the antient and perpetual 

itipns of Fiefs 5 we in Conformity to the aforefaid 

icle, and not otherwife, and in finccre Executi.on 

^ve promised on that Condition, to grant and be- 

the faid Prince Charles^ the ufual Imperial Di^ 

f the expe£lative Letters, containing the eventual 

ire, according to the Imperial Form and Style 3 

bat end we have beerf pleas'd to grant for ourfelves, 

Succeflbrs in the Imperial Throne, the Emperors 

Kings of the Ro7i?a72S, to the faid Prince Charlcs 

Defcendents, as alfo to his Brothers by the prcfent 

f Sjfaii2y and their Male Heirs as above, inat al- 

^, or fhall hereafter be born in lawful Wedlock ; 

le Imperial Decree and Diploma, dated the 9th 

mler 1723, we granted expeftative Letters of 

Virtue and Efficacy as an e'ventual InveiHture, 

eventually infeoff and inveft the faid Prince 

yt himfelf and his Male Heirs, begotten in lawful 

, and alfo for all and Angular his Brothers above- 

I, and their Male Iffue, born and to be born in 

edlock, in cafe of the abovemention'd Chafm and 

;/». in cafe the prefent Poffeflbr of the Family of 

Qiou'd die without lawful IflTue Male, capable of 

ffion) with the Fulnefs of our Imperial Pow^ 

to the Order and Law of Primogeniture cxpw 

O 2 


196 Emperor's Mandate to the Tufcans," 
and rcceiv'd in the Imperial Law, in the fjid great Duchj 
or State of T///Cii«_y, as a true Imperial Male Fief of /w/j 
and in all the Rights and Appurtenances belonging loi^ 
now really and lawfully poHefs'd j by virtue of which Itt 
feoffment, the faid Prince Charles, in cafe the Succeflioi 
to the faid Duchy or State become vacant, as above, imgh 
immediately challenge and obtain the entire PoiTeffion am 
Adminilhationof the whole, viz. of the Duchy and Stall 
now pofleis'd by the Duke of T'iifca7jy, as foon as thi 
lawful Male ItTue of the faid Duke /hould fail. AoJii 
like manner it was on the other hand expreOy piomii'd 
engag'd, and (lipulated 10 us, by particular Cr>unier-Deeil 
fign'd by the Spanijb Pleniporenciarys at Cambray, the 
:4th of yamiary 1124., and raiify'd by the moftSeteni 
King Le'.vis the aStii of FeVruary following, and fiirtlie 
conGrm'd and corroborated in the fame Year and the faiw 
Months, by the feparatc Inftrumcnts of Surety, commonl 
call'd Guaranty, of the molt Serene and molt Potent tlw 
Kings of France and England, and finally by the 4th i 
licleof our folemn Treaty of Peace ar Vienna, in thel% 
171;, in the Name and ftead of the faid Charles Infas 
of Spain., and his Brothers, that the faid Prince andl 
Brothers fiiDuld, in Confideration of the faid Duchif 
State, be always faithfiil and obedient to us, and the 6^ 
lure Emperors and Kings of the Romans, and to thcHj^ 
Roman Empire, againft all Mankind; and that thcywi 
never be privy to any Counfel or Treaty, Agreementl 
Tranfaclion, where any thing Is done or concluded, laii 
manner whatfoever, againft us or our Perfon, Honour, K( 
nity or State, or to our Lofs or Detriment, or againft oi 
lawful SucceiTors in the Empire; but that they will to th? 
utmoil contribute to and promote our Imperial Hona 
and Advantage, and that of the Holy Roman Empirt 
End that moreover, if they hear of any finifter AttCDi; 
or Contrivance forming againft our Imperial Perfon, rlil 
will hinder and avert it with all their Power, and til 
care that it be difcover'd to us. That in Cafe of a re. 
Chafm in the faid Suceeflion, within a Year and a Da; 
after the time of taking PolTeflioo, and as often a»thi 
Cafi; Iliall hsppen, the faid Prince Charles, and theothei 
as above, either by themfelves, or by lawful, fuitable ani 
fuiBcient Commiffioners, after the Imperial Difpenfaiio 
obtain'd, fiiall at the ufual Time and Place, and in'tl 
ufual Style, require the real, ailuaj, and proper Invdi 

1728, in favour cf Don Carlos. 7^7 

turc fiwn us and our SucceHors the Emperors and Kings 
of the Romans, perform due Homage, and take the ufual 
O^tb of Subjeflion and Fidelity ar ihe Imperial Courf, ac- 
cording to the rcceiv'd Right and Cuflom of the Rowsu 
GfmwdH/c Emperors; in the Fiefs and Homages of /r^i/j-, 
after performing alt Services whatfotver due 10 the Impe- 
rial and Aulick Council and Chancery : And finally, that 
they will diligently obfcrve all thofe Things which it is 
convenient, and a Duty for Princes and Vaffiils, obedient 
to us and the Holy Roman Empire, to do and perform, 
wiiliout the Jeafl Difguife and T-imA ; and ihatif they do 
otherwife, we and our SucccHbrs the Emperors and Kings 
of the Romans, and the Hci!y Roman Empire, /hall not 
be oblig'd to permit the Coniinuation of the PnfTeflion of 
the fdiA Duchy or Slate. We therefore by our fuprenie Im- 
perial Power, do earneftly command ail and every one of 
you, the Lieutenint-Governours, Counfellors, Prctors, i^c. 
of the great Duchy or State of Tt/fcaay belonging to us, 
attdt}isHo\yRc7!!a7! Empire, and of the feveral Citys 
Caftles, Towns and Territorys thereto appertaining, as atfo 
^ theSenate and People o^ Florence, and the Colonels of the 
Wilitia, the Captains, Lieutenants, all tlie Soldiers, and 
all oihets, of whatfoever Preheminence, Dignity, Con- 
di lion or Degree now or hereafter, that in the Cafeabovc- 
mention'd, ye receive, with the Imperial Forces under his 
Command, Charles Sorromco, our Commiflioner and Ple- 
nipotentiary to you deputed, or his Subde legate or Sub- 
delegates, whom we have fully inflrufted and impower'd 
In take Polfcffion of the Duchy of Grfizil'tifcaiiy, and 
its Apurtenanccs, in favour of the faid Prince Charles, in 
out Name, and in that of the Holy Roman Empire j aad 
that yc perform due Submiifion and Obedience to him in 
aJlThings; on Condition, that whenever the faid Prince 
Charles happens to come to ; ou in Petfon, ye acknowledge 
him as your true and lawful Prince and Lord, that ye 

i I pay him the ufual Homage, take an Oath of Fidelity to 
I aim, perform Reverence and Obedience to him, and that 
jje dt) ail thofe Things which ir is decent and reijuifite for 
jjiiithful and obedient Vaffals to do and perform to iheir 
I'ltuc and lawful Lords and Princes, any other Ufages 
Jnotwithfianding, or even any Oath which is reported 10 
lliave been taken to the Princefs Dowager of the late moft 
[Screne the Elector 2^ii/i3;iW, or any other Perfons whaifo 
'ever W thispurpofe : from all and every otvcot vj^viA.*^ 

igS Imperial Decree to the Florentines, 

do, by our certain Plenitude orpower.exprelly derogate fli 
declare, thto' a norotious Delei^ of Power, and Nvltitj 
A^, 10 be null, void, and not ai all obligatory j anJcoAl 
<]ucniiy, we ibfolvi; ai! . ud every one of you, by vJrtuC . 
tbefc frtfcnts, from any Tye of OWigition and Oal 
whatfoever, as yc wou'd avoid ibe heavieii nifpIeaftiK*' 
us, awl rhe Holy Roman Empire, and ihc PunifhrfA. 
infcried in the Conftifjiions of the fame. And this \t W 
ierious Intention and frrm Refolution. In Witnefs whci 
wc havt; fct oar Hands to ihefe Prcfents, and fcalM tl 
wiib our ImpE!i<il Seal. At ViennUi A^ril 15, I'/iS. 

Cop^ of the Imperial decree, to the St 
nate of Florence, to permit Don Orl( 
totake^offeffion o/"Tufcany. VJefii^ 
April 1 3, 1728. 

IN the Name of fiis Sacred Imperial Majeny, ( 
moll gracioui Lord Charles VI. be it known by if"' 
Prefcnis, to'ihe Officers, Counfellors, Magifiia* 
and to the Senare and People of Florence, 

That his fiiid Sacred Imperial Mdjelly was very's'n 
to hear that the W\A Senare, tho not ignorant of tic 
doubted Feudal Qaaliiy of ibe Great Ducby fifS/^flfl 
and Its Prerogativcs^nd Appurtenances, wiih refpefttOI 
Holy Roman Empire, did nevt:rthelefs prefume, to ( 
great Prejudice and Darti3ge of his Imperial MajeflVi ' 
ihe antient Imperial Sovereignty over the faid Duchy, 
form and draw up abnor the Year 171^, a certain .■! 
tended Decree of Succeffinn, in favour of the tfovta; 
the laic moll Si^rcne Eleftor PW(i«w^, Daughter 
Dukeor7!//cj;;_jf, in Cafo that the family oi^ theJtfrJ 
Uiou'd fail of natural Iffiic Male, born in lawful Wedip 
and to extend and deliver the faid Decree to the late O 
Serene the Great Duke C^pno HI, F^lhcr of tbearocei 

in favour of Don Carlos. 199 

whereas his faid Sacred Imperial Mjjcfty alwi*ys 

nd doth tiow repute the faid Decree as intiinficVlly 

id void, fo that he has thought fit only {'rom the Ful- 

"his Imperial Power, to repeal, abrojyatc and an::'.il 

I by thcfe Preients to declare it repcal'd, abror^.ir^i 

null'd : For this Reafon, altho even an Oach hos 

iken thereupon, in favour of her andothcrs, by vir- 

thefe Prefents he has given Orders that the faid 

I and Senate be eamcftly exhorted, that fince there 

afm in the Succeilion to our Teudal Duchy of !////- 

)y the Death oi ^ohn Gojlon the laft Great Duke 

afeffor of Ti//£^wy without Male IHue, they be the 

autlous how they oppofe in any manner the Scttlc- 

f the (Succeffion formerly moJc by his Imperial \!a- 

i tho Ferfon of the moil Serene the Infcnt ■ Dcii 

Prince oi Spain 5 becaufcotherwife they are fupj to 

Sacred Imperial Majeily has commanded the faid 
be certify'd by this hia Imperial Aulic Decree, 
t Vienna with the Priry Seal of his faid Sacred Im- 

of the AuTic Council of the Em^ 
\ to the Goveritour of the Mila- 
!, to put the Infante Don Carlos 

^ojfejfion of Tufcany. 

!E laudable Chancery of the Empire havingr com- 
municated to us the Full Power, dued the i ;'h 
U. direilL'd by his Imperial Majefty to his Pi'-ni- 
^ Count Charles Sorr:^?7?eo^ for tdkinj» PofTflion 
eat Duchy of 'I'ftfzanyy in cafe the G.o«t Duke 
ie fuddenly 5 we ohfcrve, that tho his Imperial 
[4ve Notice of his gracious Intentions on the dt' 
• Utt, to the Govcrnoar the Count de "fhaun'^ 

O 4 der 


20O Order of the Julie Council, &c. 

dcring kim to aft in Concert with the faid PI 
Tcntiary, and to afEfl him as he ought to do, with a 
tary Force, but efjieciaily to afl in the whole Matte 
Secrecy, 'lis thought proper to acquaint the laid Govi 
of the Contents ot the Writing hereto annex 'd. 

For this Reafon we now fend a Copy of the J 
given into the Chancery of the Empire, to /hew yd 
ic will be agreeable to the Imperial Council of Wai 
\ou be always ready to do that Service. From the 
cilofWar, Jlfa^ i, ijzB. 

ToSignior ^ozzo d' Earti. 

W E not only refer to what his Itnperial Maje% 
to us on the tfth of Alarcb, and to what we wrote 

wJrds ;o M on account of the fudden Death c 

Great Duke of Fivrcjice, but alfo to the Letters Pal 
the 15th iilr. which were communicated to us b 
Chancery of the Empire, a Copy whereof is hew 
nex'd, whereby his Imperial Majcfty gave a Pol 
Count Charles Son-omeo, to take PoITeffion of the 
Duke's Dominions in cafe of Mortality. 

For this purpolc, Sir, we fend it 10 you as inclol 
your Inftruflion j to the end that in purfuance ill 
you may a£t in Concert with the faid Flenipotei 
and that by ivay of military Jffijiance, you may dire 
whfle with him in iht: mort leaet manner poffiblej 
cud that if fuch Cafe happens, the faid Charles Sort 
or his SublHtute, may make proper Ufe of the nec 
Succours for the taking of aftual Poffcffion, fo that 
may be fcnt at proper Times to the convenieaE 1 
without Delay, as. you, Sir, fliall think fit, accord 
vourj^rcat Wii'dom and Experience in Military A&^ 
for his Imperial Majcfty's Service, E=?c. Vienna^ A 
17^8- - I 

Xn the Name of the iUiiJiriotii AilUc Couacil,^ 
Vclt Ma)Jhat Count de Homen, Govertioiff ii 


17^9' ^reat;^ c/" Seville. 

^oe Treaty of 'Peace, Unions Frwidfitp 
and Mutual ^efenfe^ between the 
Cro'wns of Great Britain, France and 
Spain, concluded at Seville, November 
p, N. S. 1729. 

In the Kame of the moji Holy Trinity, Faibrr, Son, 
and Holy Ghojl, three diJlinS 'Perfoin, and One only 
true God. 

THEIR mofl Serene Maieftyg the King of Grerfr 
Sritain, the moft Chriftian King, and ihe Ca- 
(holick King, defiring, with equal Earneftnefs, 
not only to renew and bind more cJolcly their anticnt 
Friendlnip, but likewiic to remove whatever might here- 
after diflurb it, to the end that being united in Scnnments 
and Inclination, they may for the future a£l in every thing 
as having but one and the fjme View and Intcrefl ; and for 
ibis Purpofe, the mod Serene King of Gre^i S^itain hav- 
ing given full Power for treating in his Name toM. William 
Stanhope, Vice-Chamberlain of his Sritavmck Majefty'i 
Houfliold, one of his Privy Council, Member of the Par- 
liament oiGreat Sritain, Colonel of a Regiment of Dra- 
goons, and bis fald Majeftj's Ambaflador Extrjordinary 
to his Catholick Majcfly ; as alfo to M. Seii'jajnhi Keene, 
liU (aid Sritannick Majcfty's Miniflcr Plcnipoteniiary to 
)))a Catholick. Majefly : The mod Serene moftChrirtian 
King having given full Power for ircatinj» in his Name 
' to the Marquifs dc Srancas, Lieutenant General of his 
Arnjys, Knight of his Orders and of that of the Golden 
Fleece, his Lieutenant General in the Government of 'Pro- 
vence, and his Ambaffador Extraordinary to his CathoHck 
Majcfiv: And the moft Serene Catholiek King having 
likewile given full Power for treating in his Name to M. 
^ob'j Sapiifi 'D'Orendayn, Marquifs^ii: la 'Faa, his Counfel- 
lor of State, andfirll Secretary of State and of the Difpatchcsj 
and to M. yofeph Tariiio, Comma.ndsi oi Jicuefca in the Or- 
der of St. yames, Govcrnour of the Council of the Ttca.fat'j, 

■ \ , . 


£02 'treaty at Seville, hetii^eej. 

and of the Tribunals depending thereon, SuperiotendenI 
General of thcgeneral Revenues, and his Secretary of San 
and of the Difpatches for'Aflairs of the Marine, thelndies 
and the Treafury; The ahove-meniioncd MiniAecs htf 
agcced between ihem on the following Articles. 

I, There (hall be from this Time and for everafolidPcsw 
afltifl Union, and a fincereand conftant FriendiTiip betweCi 
the moft Serene King of Grenl Sfitaifi-, the moll Setew 
moll Ctiriftian King, and the moft Serefie King of Spm 
their Heirs and SuccefTors, as alio between their Kiag 
doms and Subjefls, for the tnutual AiTitlance and Defenlo 
of their Dominions and Interefts; there Iha 11 likewifebe 
an Ohlivion of all that is paft; and all the former Trcstys 
and Conventions of Peace, of Friendfhip, and of Com' 
merce, conclud'^d between the contrafling Powers reJpco 
lively, /hall be, as they hereby arc, cffetiually iCIiCWad 
and confirmed, in all thofc Points which are not derogated 
from by the prefenr Treaty, in as full and ample ana 
ner, as if the f^ld Treatys were here inferred Word f 
Word. Their ftid Majellys promifing not to do any thing 
nor fuffer any thing to be done, that may be contrary ll 
to, direfl'y or indireilly. 

]I. In Confequeoce of which Treatys, and inoi-dertacfia- 
blilh firmly thii Union and Correfpondence, their Srilii 
nick, tnoll Chrillian, and Caiholick Ma'fsiip, promile flu 
engage, by theprelent defenfive Treaty of Allidncc, loedi 
rantee reciprocally their Kingdoms, States, and Doai^HI 
under their Obedience, in what parts of the World 4 " 
liiuate, as alfo the Rights and Privileges of their jH 
merce, the whole according to the Treatys ; fo Aisf 
faid Powers, or any one of them, being attaclccd.^f 
lefted by any Power, and under any Pretest whftffi 
they pfomifs and oblige ihemfdives recipto;fllly td 
their Offices, as Ibon as they fiiill be thereaata ti _. 
for obtaining Sscisfa^ion to the Party injured, and &!• 
Bering the Continuance of Hoftilitys : and if it bap^ 
that the faid Offices be not furficicnt for procuring S«j 
fa£lian without Delfiy, their faid MajeDys promifti is | 
^ilh the fallowing Succours, jointly or fepaf<»iely j tbftt 
la fay, his 'Briteiiiiick Majcfly eight thoufaod FoofST^ 
four ihoufand Hotfe^ his molt Ciirithan MajeOy c' 
thoufand Foot and foutthoufand Horfe ; and his Caibf 
MijuSty eight thoufand Fode and tour (houfand H&ife. 

! — lU' 

1729. Great Britain, France, abi/ Spain. 203 

the ftrty auacked, infiead of Troops, fhould demand 
Ship of War or Tranfporrs, or even Subliiys in Money, 
he HiiB he ftee to chufe, and (he other Partys (hall farnith 
the iaid Sh'tys or Money, in proportion to the Expence of 
Troops, And for takinf- afvay ail Doubt todcliingihe Valu- 
aiioft of ()ie Suceoars, tlicir abovefaid Majtftys agree, tliat 
i tllfiufatlcl Poor fhali ba computt^d at ten thoufand Florins 
t^Ktcb Money, dnd a ihoufand Htri'e at thirty iboufand 
Florins 7.'tirch Money, by the Month j and the fame Pro- 
pornon fliall be obrervcd «iih rcfpeil 10 ibe Ships that 
OBght to be; fiJrnifticd ; th«(r faid Majellys promiiing to 
tomriiUc and keep up (he faid Succours as long as ihc 
Trouble tbail fabfifi ; and in cafe it /hould be found ne- 
tefiary, iheir faid MaJeHys fliall mutually fuccour each o- 
tberwir^ a!) their Forces, and fliall etfcn declare War a- 
gainft tbc Aggrc:flor. 

in. Tht; Mihjftcrs of hh Sritatimck Majefty and of his 
fnD&Cbriflifin Maji-Hy, having alledged that in the Trca- 
tVs ecncJuded at Vienna between the Emperor and the 
'King of S^ain, in the Year 1715, there were diveis 
I'-CfeoTcs that infringed the Articles of the Tevetal Trcatys 
iff Comnicrce, or of the Trcatys of Peace in which 
Cottnticice may be concerned, antecedont to the Year 
1715, his Caiholick Majefty has declared, as he dcclarM 
1)y the prefcnt Article, that he tJCTer meant lo grant, not will 
futfer to virtue of the faidTreatysof ^i?«wii, any 
"Privilege contrary to tlie Treatys he(e above confirmed. 

IV. it having been agreed by the Preliminary Articki, 
A« the Commerce of the EngUflj and French Nationi, 
>swci| in Btircfe as in the Indies^ fhould be re-eftabli(hed 
ftitliB Foot of the Treafys afid Conventions antecedent 10 
tile Year 171;, and particularly that ihe Commerce of tho 
ingl'Jh Nation in America ftiould be exfttcifed as hcreio- 
fiire i it is agreed by the prcfent Afiiele, that all nccefTiry 

"Shitn fliall be difpatched on toth Sides, without any De- 
lay, if they have not been fent aSrcady, as Well for the E»- 
Kution of the faid Treatys of Commerce, as for rupplymg ' 
"what may be wanting for the entire Reeftabliflimcnt 6t" 
I wiHroerccon the Foot of the fsid Treatys and Conventions. 

V. Altho it WAS Uipulated by the Prdifninafvi, that all 
rflbfiilitys fhoutd cafe on both fides ; and thatlfa'nv Trouble 
■feHoftilltys Ihouid happcti between ihc SubjeflsoV the con- 
(Wfting Partys, either i^' Eanff/e or ihe itidiei, the raii- 
fn^ling Fowcis ihouid concur for the RcYitiUOvv o^ tis.- 


£04 Treaty at Seville, between 

mages faftained by their refpcflive SubjeSit} yet notwiik. 
ibnding that, it isalledged, that on ibc Part of the Subjofts 
of hisCiiTiolick Majefty A£ts of Difturbance andHoftilityi 
have been continued j it therefore is agreed by this prcfeni 
Anide, that as to what relates to Europe, his CatbolicI 
Majefty Jhall forthwith caufe Reparation to be midl 
for the Damage! which have been fuEfered there Gnci 
the Time prefcribed by the Preiiminarys for the Cd 
faiion of Hoflilitys ; and as to what relates to Ameriei^ 
he will likewifeforihwiih caufe Reparation to be madefci 
the Damages which Ihall have been fuEfered there fiflct 
the Arrival of his Orders at Carthageaa on the iitb H, S, 
aid O. S. Day of yune lyzS. And his faid Catholid; 
Majefty fhall publilh ihs tnoft rigorous Prohibitions fill 
ptevunting the like Violences nn the part of his SubjeSi 
^fL\t ^ritannkk and moil Chriilian Majeftys promifin 
on theit Parts, if there be like Cafes, to caufe Rcparatio 
to be made for what (hall have been fo done, ana to git 
like Orders for the Prefervation of the publick Peace, ~ 
quillity and good Intelligence. 

VI. Commiirarys Ihall be nominated, with fuSidi 
Powers, on the part of their ffr;>«j;;;/cfc and CatholickJ 
jeflys, who fhali affcmble at the Court of S^am with 
ihe Space of four Months after the Exchange of the B " 
fications of the prefent Treaty, or fooner it it can be ^—-^^ 
to examine and decide what concerns the Ships and Efl^ 
taken at Sea on cither fide, to the Times fpecified in*i 
preceding Article. The faid CommiiTarys Ihall likewt 
eaaminc, and decide, according to the Treatys, the te- 
fpe£live Precenfions which relate to the Abufes that are 
fuppofi-'d to have been committed in Commerce, as well in 
the Indiei as in Europe, and ai! the other refpeiaive Pie-. 
icnfions in Antcnca, founded on Treatys, whcthenri 
tefpe£l to the Limits or othcrwife. The faid Commiflar 
Jhal) likewifc difcufs and decide the Fietcnfions which li 
Catholick Majefty may have, by virtue oF the Treaty i 
J711, fjrihe Reftitution of the Ships taken by the£j^/fll 
Fleet in the Year 1 7 iS. And the faid Commiffarys, afa 
having examined, difcuflcd, and decided the abovefail 
Points and Pretenfions, fiiall make a Report of their Pi 
ceedin^s to their 'Br'nanmck and Catholick Majcflys, w 
protnife, thatwithin the Space o.f fix Months after thema 
ing of the faid Report, they will caufe to be executed punS 

Great Britain, France, /z/ziSpainJ 205 

id exa£Uy what fhaU have been fo decided by tbo 

, Commiflarys fhall likewife be nominated on the 
*his mod Chriftian Majefly, and of his Catholick 
y, who fhall examine all Grievances generally 
ever, which the faid Partys therein intcrefred may 
sfpeSively, whether for the Reditution of Veflels 
or taken, or with refpedl to Commerce, Limits, or 

!• The faid Commiflarys fhall finifhpun6lually their 

iffion within the Space of three Years, or iboner 

1 be done, to be computed from the Day of tfao 

of the prefent Treaty, and this without any (iir- 

elay, on any Motive or Pretext whatever. 

The introoucing of Garilbns into the Places of 

», Vorfo Ferraio^ Varma and Vlacentia^ to tho 

:r of fix thoufand Men of his Catholick Majefty*s 

, and in his Pay, fhall be e£Fefluated without Lois 

; ; which Troops fhall ferve for the better fecuring 

sferving of the immediate Succeffion of the (aid 

1 favour of the mofl Serene Infante Don Carlos j and 

eady to withfland any Enterprize and Oppofition 

light be formed to the prejudice of what has been 

d touching the faid Succeflion. 

"he contra£ling Powers fhall forthwith ufe all the 

tions which they fhall judge to be confident with 

lity and Quiet of the moft Serene Great Duke of 

, and the Duke of Varma^ to the end the Ga- 

ly be received with the greatefl Tranquillity, and 

Dppofiticn, as foon as they fhall preient themfelves 

e Places into which they are to be introduced. 

'aid Garifons fhall take an Oath to the prefent 

t, to defend their Peribns, Sovereignty, FoflefSons 

», and Subjefls, in every thing that fhall not be 

to the Right of Succeffion, referved to the mofl 

ifante Don Carlos 5 and the prefent Pofleflbrs fhall 

md or exafl any thing that is contrary there- 

id Garifons fhall not meddle, dire£lly or in- 
inder any Pretext whatfbever, in Afiairs of the 
oeconomical or .civil Government ; and fhall have 
refs Orders to render to the moft Serene Great 
fufcany and the Duke of Tarma^ all the Refpefh 



frsaly at Seville', between 



, and military Hongurs that arc due tg Spvereigos iptl^e^ 
own Dominions. j 

XI. The Intent of introducing the fiid fix ihonfifn^ Sffa 

nfhis Cathojick Mdjelly'sTioopi, andin hisPay, bcjpaa 
fecure [o the moll Sirruni^ Inr,inte Don Carlos '^^itmgg^^ 
Succc^on ofihe States of '7a[/^'^'/>', T^^r/^i^ ^pd '^^^H 
his Cacholick Majcl^y promiies, m.>i well for hiifj^^^H 
6ux:ccir»rs, that as foun as the moft Si^rene Int4n[fn||^| 
to his Son, or fucli ocher who /hall UczzzA to hisl^BJ 
fluH be the quiet Poffbffijr of thofe States, and in S^f^ 
from all InvaHon, £ind other jull Grounds of Fe^f, he im 
CBufe CO be withdrawn from the Places in thofe pt^ita tV 
Trnops which fhail be his own, and not beiflngiugfo tH 
Infante Don Carlos, or to him who /hall fgcci;^ ^^^ 
Righj*, in fuch manner that thereby ihi: faid fiiicc^^oi 
or I'offcffion may rell fecurc and excmpr from all Eppot*- 1 

XII. The contrafting fewer* engage to cit^Jb, « 
cording to the Rights of Succeflion which have beep n 
pulaicdi and to maintain the mod Serene Infanie Don €M 
las, or him to whom his Ri,;ht /ha|l devolve, in tfap fo^M 
fion and Enjoyment of the States of T'l/fcany, ynfrsg^^ 
fPlceiitia, when he Ihatl once be letiled th^fre i eq defimdaM 
.from all Inf^ilt againil any Power whailbcvet, tD4^ n^l 
Intend to di/lutb him; declaring thcmfelvcs by thj* TfiB 
ly. Guarantees for ever of the Right, Pufleffioi^, "^9 
(juillity and Quiet of the molt Serine Inf^te, iwdoHfl 
iiucceflbrs to the fiid States, .S 

XIII. As to other Particulars or Rcgulaciiuis CPA^H 
ing the keeping up of the fjid G'irifans once C^MPc^l 
in the States of T!ifca?7y, 'Parr/ia and 'PUccntia. tfiW 
to be prefuraed that his Catholick Majclty and ^¥^H 
Serene Great Duke and Duke of 'psniia wiil tenpM 
fame l>y an ARreement bet'^'epn themfelves, tbaflM 
lanfiick and moli Chrifliaa'Majcllyj promife, tjiai A« (H 
»s that Agreement Ihall bc njijde, tVy will raxi^S 
guarantee it, as well to his Cathoiick Majelly, ^s oS 
moll Serene Great Duke and Dtike of Tiinuft, ^ j M 
were infurted Word for Word in ihe prL-fcnt Treaty, 'j^ 

XIV. The Stares Geeeral of th? tlifiied TfoiiiiicefVM 
be invited lo come into the prslenc Treiity and A^iWfl 
Such other Powers as fhall be agreed on, /hail lik,e^ 
be invited and admitted by Coacett into the lame T^. I 
And Ariicles. I 

ijzg. Great Britain, France, and Spain. 207 
Th« Raiifications of the prefenc Treaty iliall be 
^ifpacch'd within the Space of fix Weeks, or Cjoncr, 
if ii caa be done, to be teckoiied from the Pay of £gn- 
ing ir. 

In Witnefs whereof, we the under-written Minifiers Ple- 
nipotcniiarys of his Srirar:aick Majelly, of his tnoft Chrif- 
tian Majcfty, and of bis Caiholiclc Majcfty, by virtue of 
Out full Powers, which have been communicated 10 each 
other, Triufcripis of which fhall be hereto annexed, have 
figne4 ihL'prefeni Treaty, andcaufcdtheSealsol our Arms 
10 be aSixcd thereto, Dodc 3.t Seville, Novemlfery, 171J). 

(V. SO R^ Stanhope. 

CL-SO S. Keen. 

(L. S.) Sravcas. 

(L. S.) El Marqs. /!e la 'Paz. 

CL.S.) Z). JoJepb'Paum. 

Separate Articles. 

I. A LTHO, conformably 10 the Preliminary Ariiclei, 
■*^ itisfaid in the fourth Article of the Treaty figned 
this Day, that the Commerce of the EngUjb Nation in 
Am«rtca Ihould be re-eftablifhed on the Foot of ihe Trea- 
t}r> and Conventions antecedent to the Year 17^5 ^ how- 
ever, for the greater Exaflncfs, it is furiher declared by 
the pfclcot Article between iheir Sriiaunick and CathoIicJc 
Maj^fiys, which fliall have the fame force, and be under 
the lame Guaranty as the Treaty figned this Day, that un- 
der that general Denomination are comprehended the 
Treaty* of Pcate and of Commerce concluaed at Utrecht 
the 15th o( yidy and 9th oi December, in the tear 1713, 
in which are comprifed the Treaty of i66-j, thatmade; at 
Mn'^'td tiis 14th oCDecemher 1715 j as xlfo the particular 
Contra^, commonly called the Jljjiento, for bringing 
Negro Slavts into the Spamjb Indies, which was mado 
llie jrtih ai March in the fiid Year 1715, in confequence 
of the tweifih Article of the Treaty of Utrecht 5 and like- 
Wule the Treaty of Declaration, touching thiil of the JlJ/i- 
sttio, xciiAc May 16, 1711*: All which Treatys mentioned 
\a this Ariicle, with their Declarations, fhall, from 
this Day (even during the Examination by Commiflarys) 



2oS 'treaty at Seville, between 

be ani3 remain in their Force, Virtue and full Vigour ; fc( 
the Obfervation of which his Catholick Majcfty fhall eaufe 
tobedifpatch'd, forthwith, if they have not beendifpatcVd, 
the rercffary Orders and Cedulas (o his Vice-Roys, Go- 
vernours, and other Miniflers to whom it Jhall appcttaini 
- as well in Europe as in the Indies, to the end that with- 
'out any Delay or Interruption they may caufc them to be 
cbferved and fulfilled. 

In like manner, his Sn'caimick Majefty promifes 2nd' 
engages to publifh the ncce(r<iry Orders, if any be want- 
'-g, for re-eftablifhin;^ the Commerce of the Subje^ 
ot Spain in all the Countrys under his Dominion, OD the 
Foot fpecified by the faid Treatys, and for cau£ng them to 
be ex^ftly obferved and fulfilled. 

II. Confequently, all Ships, Merchandize and EScfls, 
which fhall not have been taken or fcized on account of 
unlawful Commerce, and which (Iiall now he proved by 
suthcntick Proofs and Documents, to have been maintain- 
ed, feizcd or confifcated in the Ports of ^rtm. eitheiia 
JEiirope or in the Indies, and namely the Ship Prince. 
Frederick and her Cargo, if they have not been teBoreJ 
already, fiiall be immediately reftored, in the janu) 
Kind, as to thofe things which ihall be found ftill remallt 
ing in that Condition ; or in Dejault thereof, the jufl vbA, 
true Value of them, according to their Valuation, whid^ 
if it was not made at the Time, fhall be reguSated byd^ 
autheniick Informations which the Proprietors Ihall ext 
bit to the Magiftratcs of the Places and Towns where ri 
Seizures were made: His Tiritafimck Majefiy promifit 
the like on his Parr,- as to all Seizures, Confifcaiions Of D 
tentions which may have been made contrary to the! 
nor of the faid Treatys : Their faid Sriiannick and t 
tbolick Majeflys agreeing, that with refpeft to the-ff 
Seizures, Confifcations or Detentions on either fide, t 
Validity of which may not yet have been fufficiently toa 
out, the Difcuffion and Decifion of them fhall be refctt 
to the Eamination of the CommifTarys, to do ihci 
cordinw to Right upon the Foot of the Treatys hereaboTl 

The ptefent Separate Articles /hall have the fame Foe 
as if thev were infcrted Word for Word in the Treaty C 
eluded and figned this Day. They fliall be ratified in L 
fam-; nranner, and the Ratifications of khL-m fhall 


Here ihefame Names as kefere. 

1729. Great Britain, France^ anJSptLm. 

Exchaoged at the iiiaie Time with thofe of ibc 1 

rnefi whereof, we, £?f. 
c at Seville, the jth Day of Xewwiirr, lyay. 

rhe A£i of ^aeffion of the States Gene- 
ral of the United Provinces to th^ 
Treaty of ^eace^ Uuiony Frieniffh'tp, 

I anJ defenfiije Alliance^ concluded he- 
i^ween the ICtngs of Great Britain, 
Prance and Spain, and Jignd at SeviU 
Nov. 9, i/ip 

utheHametif themoji Holy I'rinity, Father, Son and 
Hety Gbefi, three MfiinB Terfbns, and one only true 

THE RE AS their moft Serene Majeftys, the 

KingofG/-C3/ Srirabi, the moft Chrillian King, 

and the Caiholick King, as weU for moro clofcly 

tnitriDg the Ties of that flrift Union which fubfifts be- 

Wn them, as for the Security of iheir own Kingdoms 

"tominions, and iikewifc for the Prcfervation of the 

ETranquilliiy, have thought fit to make an Alli- 

^wixt themfelves, the Treaty whereof was con- 

^tnd fign'd at Seville the jth of NovetKber 171?, . 

p^h Mightineffes having been invited by the toi»; 

g Kitigs to accede to this Treaty, in purfuanceV 

lat tioey had agreed upon in the 14th Article. 

\V. B. Jn the crigiml Injiritment the Treaty is here 


And whereas, the (.lid Lords ih 
filwaya bad n fiilcerc Dclirv lo coot 
Booil ImcUigence and Fricndfhip . ._. ._ 
Honojc ro live with ihcir 'Sritarmick, mofl C 
Ciihoiiik Maicllys J and as iliey dcfirc t 
ilut \\ci b tlicir Power towards the ['rcferr^tloii a 
bliflirocnt of the Peace and puWick Quiet, wittiJ 
that uf [t)i> R«public)c citmiot be fccurcj t1 
tcnfibltfof ide obliging InvitJiion which b« b_. 
(licni In accede to i\\U Allianiic, being pctfiiu 
Aim tends cbicHy to bind ibcnifclvcs moretloC 

SAnd II* tbc Alliance, among other Enda, hii_ 
ibUJliifip an cmiec Coiifidciwc butwcifn 'bflij 
tartys, tl'C Soica General fuiico'i'' (bar the Alfjf 
fnally cutnmunkatc to cacU oilicr, in all C 
TliOughis, as ID the W^y3 ard Means which fll 
thtj mofl cfHiftual in cajc of Kc«d, lo prefcn 
uifi alt I'oQclltons and Rights ah-n-oMcn " 
Ttmy, \xK before iftfcricd, as w ^ '! ' 
Stercc, ai oibcrs, boib wiihin ]••:' 
Aftti whcrcis, in the firm Pci 
that ibis i* the ttac Aim snd \aic . ;_._, 

"ipOys, the fiid Lords the States Ct^-iiyilt io*„, 
ilancc of their IJdSrc to uui:c tliemfcivct clofeh^V. 
«nd of the high Jiikc:m clicy hivc for their j 
and AllisBcc, have rcloiv'd to accede to the 1 
and for that pMrpofc they have nam'd, t£c. 

K. B. Here JilUiv the Kaisa of tlv ^feny 
Vandcr Mcc?, i^c. ivba having co)^ 
have a^eed itt the metiner foHoTciiigt 

"fhar the Lords the States General fliall »t_ 
the laid Plenipotentiary has declar'd chey m 
i'jfl he dcKJs accede by thb Afl, in their Kai 
iHiir F'jrr, to the faid Treaty, obliging them tQiB 
'' \.] V'.rcilys, to all that U therein concaiit'd, 4 
i!;- ijme manner as if th'jy had contra^edv 
nil ibc Beginning j and rh;tt their Msjeilytoi^ 
f^'r Aim and Intention is fuch as h here befairejl 
iiil accept, as actually they do accept, t^^Mm 

bb MightinetTcs, as the Taid AmbalTadorfl, Mifl 
rPlcnipotcntiarys have dcciar'd, and do dccJaicS 
: and on the Part of rhcir faid Majiiftys, obijgia 
btvard their High MigHcinelTua to all that is coT 
1 thcfaid Trcjty, idtitely in the fame mam _ 
i conir^fted with tbcir Majcdys from the Bfef^ 

itfjutick Majcfly, and hi( mod Chtiflian Ma- 
Ibillideration oi ihc Lords ihe States General, 
^teircw all the Etioagemt:nis they formerly ca^ 
i fiw procuring to their Republick an entire S^ 
gu to the abolifhing of the Trade and Kaviga 
bOjifid Company to the Indies, and as to tb^ 
~ _^ Friejl.ind j and his Catholick Majefly i 
; obliges himfflf, and nn the fame Confidcn 
~1 jpto all tlie fame Eiigas^ments, a* foon a 
nica:ed to him, which the fatd L,^cii 
iaX prDmife ro do within the fpacc of thrcd 
^ckon'd from the D-;y of clie figning tbli 
r fooncr, if it hi; poiiih!c. 
s which thcit Kigh Mightincffcs -. 
^Need, cdu'd not be fettled in the Trea^ 
'. that tboy Jliall be 4000 Foot, and looa 

fi'Majelly engages to caufe entire Sitil 
' 1 for their High Mightineffes GricvanccyJ 

'ej 3,i in Europe, and to order their Tradi 

_ (ntlifh'd according to former Trcatys, Theii 

^tincfles engage in like manner to caufe thi 

! fo be rcdrufi'd, which there may l>c on the 

xCaibolick Majeily, founded upon Trcatys : and 

|.£xuninatiofl of the obovcfnid Trcarys, ihei 

Elbund Difiicultys which cannot be adjuflcd, his 

|Majcfiy and their High Mii^btincfles fiiall naraaj 

rys (o treat of them, on the fame Foot, as the' 

rV« of the orbcr Powers art: fettled by the fixth 

^jfe Articles of tho Treaty above inferred. 

tpuld happen that his Catholick Majefty fhoa'd 

(igive, at prefent or hereafter, either publickly, 

Jet Convention!, new Rights i>r Advantages k 

vwbaicver, with refceil to Trade, the fame Right 

[cages Jliall imtncdlately be granted to their High 

Ves and their Subjeflj, who fhallbc trested in 

P 5 every 


212 Acc^JJkn of the StiUei Genere^ 

every Thing as thofc of the Nation mofi fa* 
is Dipulaicd byfwtmcr 'I'restys. 

Tne Lorils the States General having repcefcntojj 
ccruin Cafes may happen, whcrt;in they may, out ofH 
for ihcir Acceflion fign'i! itiis Day, be aiiack'd or troi 
in fuch manner, that they may be. oblig'ii lo have ii 
diatc Recourfc to Arms fur ihcir Defence j and t| 
futh Cat'c the Time nccelTary for waiting fur the Suce 
the Otficci which may base been cinployM, and' 
which only their Allies arc obiig'd to furni/h them wi) 
Succours IHpulated by the fccond Anitlc of thi«,| 
Treaty, may bo the occafion of confii^crahle Freju 
ihem, and leave ihcm expofed to the mort vig4 
tacks, without thu Succours of the Princes ib^ 
his ffi";>ii««;fA Majefty, his mcfl ChriAian B" 
his Catholick M.ijcfty, in order to giie ihe f- 
a new Proof how much they are concetn'd fi 
vaiicn of ihe Rcpublii:k, have confented i 
}iro[nirc, that in the abovefaid Cafts, whici 
the Republick in evident Danger, they will 
Succours ilipuiated by the sd Article al ' 
even without waiting for the Succefs of i 
Inftances which they may have begun to eoi 
AggrefTor, fcr procuring the Satisfaflion and 
requir'd, f 

This prefcnt Treaty for the Acceffion i 
General lliail be approvM and ratify'd by hf 
:Maicilv. his mod ChriOian Majefty. and his C 
iolly, and by their High Mightineflcs the Lo^ 
General, and the Ratifications fhall be excl 
Court oi Spain, within three Months, to be t 
the Date of this prcfcnt Treaty, or fooner, if 

■|n Witncfs whereof, i£c. Done at Sev'i& 

IL. S.") IF. sr^NHOTE. 
{U S.) S. KEENE. 
(L. S.) Marquifs ^e ia TJ?.. 
^ .'I,. SO f.r. MEER. 

^a/y with the Cherrokees. 

Wj of Affiance and Commerce^ h ^^^ 
m Great Britain and the Natio^^\ 

Cherrokees m America* 


Jnuch as you Sccr^sptjiti Oitkah, Chief of t 

hj of T^Jleefif, you ScalHeiken Ket.ngnjfab, ] 

'^iUhtO'.vc, ynu OcgcittAh, you KoUaunah, 

K^Ilf, vcctc fcnt by Moy'tfy /ie 'I'dhguo, with A 

' ofibc whole Nation of the Cbirrokees, inj 

:Id ai Nikoffen the i+th oi Jpril 1750,3 

tier Cumii,\^ mrt. in Greai Sritnni, where y 

'"b Great King George, at whofc Feet the 

fcCww/wg, by the txprefs Order of Mcyteyr' 

^Jationof ihc(7/-f»-?-o^(rj, has laid the Crown 

I, the SkuUs of your Encmys, and the Plumes 

1 Mark of your SubraifTion: The King of 

who has a Tenderners for ihe powerful and 

E^of ihe Cherrckeci, his good Children and 

[^uthoriz'd us 10 treat with you ; and in this 

junFcr with you, a« if the whole Nation of 

, its old Men, us young Mi:n, its Women 

^reherc prcfent; and you ought to look up- 

B'vhich we fay to you, as if pronounc'd fiom 

J Gn:at King your ^I,-lrtc^, whom you have 

„. will confider the Words which you Ihall 

iibe Words of your whole Nation, deliver 'd 

sccrely to the Great King. Whereupon we 

Pieces of flrip'd Serpe. 

pereibrc the \Vords of the Great King, whom 

, and who has commanded us to tell you, 

!&in all Places, and on both fides the great 

d great Lakes, are his People and Childrcji 

' loves; that iheir Friends are his Friends, 

s bit Enemys i that he is plcaa'd ttvit ^V*- 

P 3 Oitax 






1: ^I^H 






,^i: on bolh ^^B 

; ^' 


1, ,^ „ , ,,_. "'^.^^H 

,'tf' l-uihcr, (>><: /»<«"J'J' oui^uL ^^H 
. , llriitlien, of Mc mJ the rimt^H 
. aya lu lie roidy ai tW Guvccd^^H 

■^ L„. ,\M Dull mold) or .xu<t ihc £>)!«^H 

■ «» of ConH„«..- «!.'.■. ■V'l""' '.V" J^B 

1 W.r A-.l, ibc Clrrrtlus. Wlnc^pM <4^H 






Wfiini the Nation of the Clierrokccs. 2 15 
lEbai rhe Cherrokea Xation {Iiall not fuSer any 
mplc to traflick wiih any oiher While Men bc*i 
kB«sIiJJj, and Jhall grant Leave 10 no other Na^ 
B build any J-crt or Habitation, or to Tow Corn ]a 
^iry, cither near any Towns of the Jndiavi, oq 
I^DOS belonging to ihc Great King j and if ana 
ucc ii bo undertitkcii, you muft f;ivt: AJvkc of it tg 
'^0/ Gnvernour, and aft as lie Ihall orJct you, fiw 
Efit£ the Rjghts of the Great King over ihc Landi 
UA Whereupon we give you five hundred weigto 
Eer Bullets, and the fame quaniity of Car " 

BSat in cafe any Kegro Slave lun^ away froiti hi] 
Hhfler into the Woods, the Indiam ol the Cler 
Ett do wh^t they can to apprehend him, ai 
bn bsci: to thr; Plantation from whence he fled, 
loireniour's Houfe j and for every Kegro whith thfl 
Item t hus retake, they flisll have a Muikci, atic^ 
HlHwf Clothes. Whereupon we give you a fio^ 
^^^Hon, with loooo Flints, and C dozen ( 

^^^^B BR Enz0jmsn has the Misfortune _ 
^^^H tbc King or Chid' of the CkerrokeA 
^^^HnJ make his CompUint to tbc Miigiil 
^^^B. the Perfon who committed the Muk 
^^^Knidi'd according to the Laws, as mucl 
^^^■cill'd an Englijhtnsny and in like mannc 
^^Hftill an Eugiijhman : the guilty Indidi^ 
^^^^rar'd up to the Governour, who fhall pu' 
^^^Kding to the EngiUh Laws, and ^s if he 
^^^Bf«M. Wbereupi:>n wc give you twelve do- 
^^HKnives, four dozvnof Kettles, und ten dozen 

Wvt arc to know, that every Thing we have iaid 
Bt ti)B Words of the Great King whom you have 
b 10 (hew that bis Heart is open ^nd lincere to 
Ben and Friends t^e Cbcrrokeei, and their wholo 
[hb puts his Hand into this Eaidciier, wtiich he 
■may be receiv'd and (hewn to your wholt >Ja- 
Mbeir Children and Grand-Cbiidrcn, 10 confiim 
Uteen faid to you, and lo perpetuate mis Tre ty 
X- and Friendrbip between the £'g'iffj iha 
»M, US long KS the Mountains and i^Jvers arc 1^ 
I P 4 beinffl 

f treaty betTceen Great Brirain, (^c. 

being, Hnd as Iwig as the Sun fhall fliine. Where 
gire jfon rhii Banddier- 

Oukab Ulah. 

Scaiihskcn Ket«i 





By Order of the Commiffionets at WritthaU^ 
oi Scftcmhi-r 1730. 

J^nd underneath, 

"Rs for ihc Security ai Moy/oy de 9elbqBfiA 
fcen, examin'd and approv'd of all ihc Aniu 
in the above Agrecnicfir, to which die (kid JT 
tiy tuy Advice given ihuir Conlcnt. 


JLEX' cerM 


tftat) of Vienna. 

am 1 

eaty of Teace and a/i//iame, befw 
fhe Emperor Charles VI. <inrf George. 
U. King of Great Britain, in -which 
'he States of the United Provinces of 
the Netherlands are included. Made 
ait Vienna, the \6th 0/ March, 173 y.. 

: lit iJmu efitt uoft Ilsly aadUniiviitid Tfit 

^ O all to wbam it tlou cf may luif waj' appcrtoin. 
E-J it known, thii the moll Serene mil moR Po- 
tent Prince and Lotd, CbsrU-i VI. Brnperat of 
Xomani, King o( S/aii:, of boih ihc Sid!ys, tlta-gary 
Sehemiit, Archduke of Aujiria, &c &c. and the 
Serene and moH P<«eiit Prince and Lotd, George II. 
« of Great Sriiahi, Fraact- and IreUrtJ, tORCtbcr 
tbe Htgli and Migltcy Lotiii the Siiiici General 
e Uaiud^rovi/Mi of the KetkerUndi, having lakca 
:onlidcr3tiaa rtie prcfcnt nnlccilcd and perplexed Suto 
affairs in Eunpe, rcriouHy bethought ihcinrclvea of 
ig poper Aluthods, not only tojirevcnt lUofc EviU 
^ mutt naturally d rife from the Cavitt and Dlvi[tDii», 
Yveic [iailv incrcafing, but alfn ra c(bbii(li the pub- 
T«nqulllit)' upon a hire and laHing Fnondauun, and 
eafy and fpccdy a manner as it was pofTiblo : For thU 
their laid M^jcftyi uu) the /aid Sntc* General, bcdng 
animated with 3 Enccrc dclirc to promote lb wholclbin 
irL, and to bring it lo Pecfcdioo, judg'd it cxpcdionc 
[Tco among tlicmrdrcs upon certain general Qmdi- 
, which might fervc at ttii: Batif fur rccondting the 
lofityj, and fettling 'be Didcrciicw of the chief Princes 
Uinpe, which ai they iire bci^ten'd among thCT"' 
9, 00 greatly citdangcr the publick TrantiuiJlTty^ 



2jS 'treaty at Vienna, liet-wem the 

For which purpofe, the mod High Piince aod L 
Eugene Prince of J^uay and 'Tie/imojit, &&ani IViffy Ct 
felloe to his Sacred Imperial and Catholick Majcllyj S 
dent of the CouncW of the j^iijlnan NeTberlandSutPii^ 
and his Lieutenant General, Major General of ibc B 
Roman Empire, and Vicar General of the Kia£<k 
and States of the faid Empire in Ir^fy, Colonel of a Ail 
ment of Dragoons, Knight of the Golden Fleece^ 1 
alfo the moft illufttious and moil CKcelicnt Lord, '3 
lip Ze-Jiis, Hereditary Tteafurer of the Hoijf RoiHOai 
pire, Count of Ziiizeiidorf, Free Baron of Er«^''^ 
Lord of the Dynaflys of Gfott, Upper S:to'!vita, f" 
Sahor, Miilfig, Loof-zan &xtAi)reskaii, Burgraveq 
ticck. Hereditary Mafler of the Horfe in Upperaiw 
cf Aufiria, Knight of the Golden Fleece, Cnamb«l. . 
his Sacred Imperial MajeOy, actual Privy Coutifellst! ] 
6tft Chancellor of the Court, £jc. and alfo the mofi ' 
triotis and moft excellent Lord, GundackerThovti^T^ 
of the Holy Roman Empire, by the Titles of Starem 
Schawnhurg and W'axemhurg, Lord of the Doitin. 
EfoheWergt LiecbtenbBgeti, Roteaeg, FreyJiaJtr'tJk 
Ober-ivalfe^ Seffeiiherg, SodenHorf, H/ttwaa, Km 
the Golden Fleece, a^ual Privy Counfellor to bwS 
Imperial and Catholjdc Majelty, Hereditary Mff 
the Archduchy of Upper and Lower Anflria, oa dl 
of his Sacred Imperial and Catholick Mujefiy ; ^^^ 
mas Rohhifon Elqj Mcmborof the Parliament mfi 
Sri/ein, and Minilkc of his Majefty, oiGreatn 
to his faiil Imperial and Catholick Majeliy, on the i 
his Sacrud Royal Majefty of Great Si-intio j and' 
on the parr ol the High and Mighty Sratcs of the t 
'Pr:oviticei of the i^e:hcrii:ndi ; being allfurnifli'd'rt 
Powers, after they had ht-ld Conference? togctlii^. 
exchanged their Ctcdeniial Letter, and full Po»ci5, I 
oponthe following Articles and Conditions. * 

I. That there ftia'l be from this ti.xe forward, il 
his Sacred Imperial Catholick. Majefty, his SJcrelS 
Majerty of GrcA! Srnaiit, the Heirs and Succeffors oP 
and the High and Mighty Lords the Smics Gak 
the Uniied Trovhices of the l<lesherla!ids, a firm, i 
and inviolable Friendfhip, for the mutual Advanira 
the Provinces and Subjcfts belonging to each of lit 
trsQ'mg Powers j and thai this Peace be fo c" '" 

•fir. Great Bricain, and Holland. 

ConiraJlofs (liall be obliged to de&od tld 
nd Subjefls of the others J to maintaii ' 
nd^promotc the Advantages of ihe other Cot 
1^ as (heir own ^ and to prevent and a vert allOlj 
id Injurys of every kind whatloever, which mighd 
ft> tticro. For tbifi end, all the former Trcatyjr 
of Peace, Friendfhip and Alliance, (hall havd 
EfifcS, and fhall prcfctvc in all and every pan? 
Farce and Virtue, and fhall even be louk'd uw 
'd and Cfinfirm'd by virtue of the ptefent Trctf 
only fuch Articles, Claufcs and Condition* 
th It ha.< been thought fit to derogate by the yuA 
" , And moreover, the faid contracting Pari|| 
iyoblij'cd ihemfelves, by virtue of this prcfctf 
mniual Defenfe, or, as it is cuii'd, Guaranty^ 
jDms, States and Terriiorys, which each iS 
;, and even ofthe Rights and Itnmuniiys cad 
^oyt, or ought to enjoy, in fuch manner, ihd 
I'lttuiually declar'd and promis'd to one anoihea[ 
tr!|I with all their Forces oppofc the Entcrprififl 
A every one who (hall (perhaps contrary to Exr 
undertake lo dillorb any of the Contraflors, cr 
\ and Succeflors, in ihe peaceable Voffeflic-nd 
^oms. States, Provinces, Lands, Rights aiW 
f which each of the contracting Partys doth d 
BJoy* 8t the lime of the Conclufion of the pteferf 

;over, us it has been frequently remcnClrated a 
((f his fmpcrial siid Caiholicfc Majefty, that th 
lianquilRty cdu'd not reign and laRlong, and thai 
(ifiire way cou'd be found out for maintaining ihq 
f Europe, than a general Defence. Engsg-'v 
j«a, Or, as they call it, 3 Guaranty for the Order 
Cccflion, as it is fettled by the Imperial Declara- 
■^i;, and recciv'd in the moft Serene Houfe of 
bis Sacred Royal Majcfty of Greai Britain, 
and Mighty Lords the States of the Uniied'Pri 
ihe IJetherlands, mov'd thereto by their ardeii 
fecurc the publick Tranquillity, and to prefecW 
:e of Europe, as alfo by a View ofthe Tetni 
ion in thefollowing Articles, which ate exceed inelj 
)ted to anfwcr both Purpofes, do, by virtue of tor 
/iHcle, take upon them the general Guaranty d 
'Older of Succcffion, and oblige thcmCdves il 


:iy : Wbich llid Aft was tear: 
Vi by the Ordcra and Eflatci ■ 
Archducnys, Prifltipliiyj, Prorincci uaJi 
loDginj; by Rigbc ot Inhcntaoo: in the mod S 
of JtiJ}ria i uti wbich h.ivc humbly anil 1 
VnoxIcdgM it, anil trJnfcrib'J u inii) ihnir pu|| 
Hers, aj iiarirj* ihc Fiir« of a Law utid Prjginr 
nun, wbielj U lo fubiilt for crcf in tlill Forte. / 
zi atioitdmn "3 thii Kuls and Order of Sitcc 
Should [ilca'c God of hi> Mtirvy to gipc his Ia|{K 
Catboli^k Maii:(ly liTuc ^Ulc. (h.-n rh<:cid«flrtr 
or. be bcint; dcjd before, the eldcll Son*! cMnQ!^ 
in c^Ic ihcR! be no M^tc Ifluc, on his ImpertxlAcJ 
lick Mikilys Dcmifc, fhc cldtfft of \iU Daor^ 
nmrt Scrtnc ArthduEhcffcs of /Jt'Jlr/T, hf > 
»nil Rinhr of Seniority, which h^-: •- 
ptc.ft-r»M, I* to fuccL-cd hU Im]' : 
K-itigtltiio) . Province*, and Dooi;.! 
41 hcnuwpollc(rct thcin t iwr/lul! 
any jcoiuni, ur for any RxafAfl wluiL-,Lr, be J 
fcpiraitd in Civoor ofhim. or her, ori>icm whtfi 
the fcciiiii), the third, or mnrc dilluni Mr^ncj 
hmc Otdct 4nd indiviAbtc ttigbi ofi 
vei in nil Evcnw, and w be ubfirrT'd U 
bit Impcrijl Maj'jOy'i Male llfue. 



1 iho Kingdoms, Provinces, or Domaina of 
Mjjcfly is now aflually in Poflcflion j 
} defeat! the fame for ever ai^ainfl all 
m prefume to difturb thitc roflcnioa 
TmucH as it hath Xiecn often reprcfented 
;land Catholiek Majcfiy, in Terms fuUofj 
the part of Ills S-icred Royal MajcUy of] 
' the High and Mijihtv Lortls the States 
■ 'Provincci, that tncrc was no furer 
ethodforclh'SIifiiing the publifk Tran- 
■'d, than by rendrtog the Succcffion of 
'any, 'Pa''m'aznd 'Placfuli/it dcfignM for 
c Infante Sow C/trlos, yci mote fecurOi 
Inrroduflion of tfooo Spemfij S'Od.era 
esofthofe Duchys; his Qit* Sacred li 
:1: Majffty, dcfiting to promote tt 
iicntions of his ffr;/(iw?jjct Majcfly 
ighty States General of the UniscA Ni 
means iippofc the peaceable Ir.trodui 
lo Samardi inro the ftrnng Place-, ot ihoj 
''Parma and 'Pluceiitia^ in purfujnci 
ibn'd Engaacmcnrs enter'd into by his d 
'y, and by theSiatea General, ^nd when 
'mperial andCaihotick Mjjcfty judf^cs thi 
npire ncceffary, he promifes ai the fai 
fe his utmoft Endeavours to obtain the 
in the fpace of two Months, cr fooncr, if 
obviate as readily as may be the Evils 

__■ le publick Pclicc, his Imperial and C; 

EJefty moreover promifes, that immEdiately afn 
Exchange of ihc Ratifications, he will nr 
he, as Head of the Empire, has gi 
jable Iiitroduftion, to ine Minirtcr of 
ST'tifianVfinA to the M\n\Hei of 'Parma 
, or wherever elfe it ftiall he thought 
Imperial and Catholick Majcfly iikewife 
IS, that he is fo fjt from any Thought 
ingany Hindrance, direflly or indireflly, 
irifons being admitted into the Pl'ces 
the contrary he will interpofc his good 
irity, for removing any unexpefled Ob- 
_ ulty that may oppofe the faid Introduc 
iqucnily that the iJooo S^anifi/ 8ol4\w»ta»'i 






222 treaty at Vienna, betmien t% 

be introducM quietly, and without ttny Dels, 
Her afoKraid, into the Orong Places as welt tj 
Duchy Qi'TufcanSi as of the I>uchys of 'Pan, 

IV. That therefore all the Articles thus agiee5__ 
the irievocable Confent of the coutrafling Panys;/] 
firmly and reciprocally cftablifh'd, and lb entirely A 
that it fhali not be lawful for the cnntrafnng Panwjl 
Tiatc from ihcm in any wife ; meaning as wcU.lhais| 
ar£ to be put in Execution without delay, and imm _ 
after ibe exchange of the Ratifications, as tbor^B 
ought to remain for ever inviolable. 

Y. Whereas for attaining to the Fnd which I 
tlfa£fing Pattys in this Treaty propofe lo then' 
has been fuund neceflary to plucx up every R« 
vilion and Kffenfion, and therefore that '' 
Ftiendfhip which united ihe faid contraflina Ej 
not only be renew 'd, but knit clofer and clotcp C 
his Imperial Catholick Msjeily promifes, and, b 
(he prefent Article, binds himfelf to caufe all C 
and Navigation to the Enjl-Jndiei to t 
and for ever in the Aujlrian Neiheii:' 
orher Coumrys which in the Time c: 
lick King of Sfiaiii, were under the I? 

and that he will ho;i^ fide aft in fuch m. . .. 

the Ojieiid Company, nor any other, eiihar i 
Jlriaii NetberlaiidSf or in the Countrys which, as i^ 
faid, were under the Dominion of Spnia in th 
the laie Catholick King Charles IT. /hall at a^ 
icftly Of indircftly contravene this Rule eftl 
ever. Excepting that the Ofteiid Company c 
once only, two Snips, which (hall fail from tV 
the Fdfl-Iadics, and from thence return to <__ 
the faid Company may, when they think fit^ 
Merchandizes fo brought from the I/2dies to Salf"* 
Sicted Royal Majefly of f^reat SniiJiu, andd 
Mighty States General of the Uuited Trovhoi 
wild pfomife on their part, and oblige themf&lw 
a new Treaty with his Imperial Majefly witB 
concerning Commerce and the Rule of Im 
nionly call'd a Tariff, as far as relates to the j 
tterlaiids, and agreeable to the Intention of \ 
ticic of the Treaty, commonly call'd (by i 
litm'm therein fettled) tha Sarrier. AaA ] 


■i fhiil immediately name Com- 
meet 2t Antv:crp witnin the fpace 
be computed from the Day of 6gniDg 
,, to agree together upon every thmg 
,c entire Execution of the did Barrier Trea- 
concJuded at ^w/cfc^-j* the ^'yth Day of No- 
11)171;, and of the Convention lince ngn'd at 
! ^i Day oi 2)eceml/er, 1718 ; and particularly 
ocw Tre;iiy there, as has been faid, conccrn- 
!, and tbe Rate of Import', as far as reiates 
Hetberlmids, and according to the Inten- 
:faid aSth Article. 'Tis moreover agreed, 
AipuUtcd, thai every thing which it hath 
It fit to leave to the Commifliooers who are 
Aativerp, /ha!! be brought to a final Iffue, 
Jufliec and Integrity, as (ooo as pofllble, and 
ncr that the laft Hand may be put to that 
at Ic-iil within the fpace of two Year?. 
,s the Examination and Difcailion of the other 
remain to be difcuffed, cither between the 
Partys, or any of their Confederates, require 
" ae than can be fpar'd in this critical Situa- 
tfaeretbrc to avoid all Delays which might 
''' to tRe common Wel&re, 'tis covenanted 
iclarc mutually, that all the Treatys and 
Ich any of the faid contraifling Powers have 
r Princes and States, Jhall fubfirt as they 
ting only fo far as they may be contrary to 
_MS regulated by the prefent Treaty j and 
[( all the Difputes which are aflually between 
■Bbmrafling Pattys, or any of their Allies, /hall 
'ily adjufted as foon as poflible ; and in the mean 
contrafting Pattys fhall mutually endeavour to 
I of thcfc who have Differences, from having 
Arms to fupport their Pretenfions. 
rake away all manner of doubt ftom the Sub- 
10 King of Great Sritithi, and the Lords the 
leral, touching their Commerce in the Kingdom 
his Imperial and Catholick Majetly has been 
^^ declare, that fiom this time forward, they /liall 
caied in the fame manner, and upon the fame Foot 
ioy were or ought 10 have been treated in the time 
|y/ffi 1 1. King of .^f^/>i of glorious Memijty, and 

224 Tnut;^ at Vienna, bettx^een 

any Nuiion In rhe Itrifled Friendship has 

VIU. There fliaU be included in this 
all tbofe who wiihin the ipace of fix Months, a' 
tifii-^tions are excHang'd, ftia!) be propos'd by 
and by common Confeot. 

IX. This prefent Treaty fiiall be approv'd and fatU 
by his Imperial and Cathotick MajeBy, by his Sad 
Royal Majclly of Greai Sriiain^ and by theHiglti 
Mighty Lords the States General of the United Nttl 
iaii/ii, and the Ratifications Jhall be given and exchaD 
at yienfia, within fix Weeks, to be computed from .1 
Day of figning. 

In Witnefs and Con£rination whereof, as ncll tfafij 
perial CotnmilTioners, In quality of Ambaffadon 'Eai 
ordinary and Plenipotentiarys, as the Miniikr of tbcK 
oi Great SritaiUy equally fumi/h'd with fuHPowent.ft 
fign'd this Treaty with their own Hands, and feal'd iii.Vi 
their Seals. Done at Vieiwa in jiujlria, the iiSth Sv 
Alarcb, in the Year of our Lord 1731. 

(L. S.3 Eugene oi Savoy. 
(L. S.) 'Phitip Lewis of Zinzendorf. 
(L. S.) Guudacker Q'homai ai Siaremhefg 
(L. S.) Thomas Rohmfm. 

Separate Article. 

1~H O by the firrt Article of the Treaty co5^ 
Day between his Imperial and Catholica 
his Sacred Royal Matefly oi Great Sritaia, an^ 
the States General of the United 'Provinces of ^ 
lauds, the contrafling Pariys did mutually promSj 
otherThings, that ihcy wou'd with all their FoH 
ihe Enterprizcs ofanyPcrron or Perfons who ft 
haps contrary to Expefiation] offer to give Di« 
any of the conti^fling Pattys, their Heirs or Sn 
the peaceable Pofleffion of their Kingdoms, 
Provinces, Countrys, Rights or Immuniiys, \ _ 
of' the Contractors doth or ought to enjoy at ^ 
the Conclufion of the prefent Treaty j the faid 5^ 
Partys have neverthelels agreed among themfelvei 
tue of the prefent fcparate Article, That if it Ok 
pen, perhaps inPtocefs of Time, that iheTurktl 

•" 1 

mperor. Great Britain, ^/W Holland. 22 J | 

birb bis Sacred ImpcriaJ and Carholick Majcfly, 
and SuccefTors, in the quiet Pofleflion ot' the 
I Dominions, Provinces, Countrys, Rights or 
If which his Imperial Majcfly actually doth, or 
njoy, the Guarantys (lipglatcd in the faid firil 
rs not to be extended to this Cafe now men- 

Wra/e Ankle Jhall have the fume Force, &c. 

iRATlON conccrnhg the Spanifh GarySsj- 
^t to be iiurodiic'd into The flrovg 'Places of 
Parma and PJacentia. 

ICb as his Sacred Imperial Catholick Majcfty 
trvUs 10 have all manner oK Security, bcrore b^ 
_jfle on his part to the jd Article of the Treaty 

tbis Day, which regulates ilie immediate In- 
vf tbe Spaiii/b Garifona inio ihe llrong Places of 
^^trma and 'Placentia, agreeably to the real 
) Intentions contain'd Sn the Promifes made and 
the Treaty of Seville, partly on the ptb, and 

be aifl Day of Noveml/er, Anno i7iy j his Sa- 

MajcUy of Great Srrfuiu, and the High and 
}rds the States General ol" the United Nether- ( 
(jOWonly exhibited thofe Promil'cs l)o?ii fide,. 
»bere fubjoin'd, to his Sacred Imperial and Ca- 
ij^y, but moreover they have tiot hcliiated to 
tcflrongt^A manner, that when they agreed to . 
tbe SpaniJIj Gatifbna into the Itrong Places of 
Psrma and 1>lacentia^ they had no Intention to ' 
ihe leaft from thofe Things which had been fet- 
e' jth Article of the Quadruple Alliance, con- 
ieBrfos i^*-" 1718, either with regard to the 
llll Imperial Majefly, and the Empire, or to 
jy of the Kingdoms and State', which his Ira- 
efty aftually pofTeffeth in Italy, or laftly to the 
m of the Quiet and Dignity of thofe who were 
lawful PoITeffors of thofe Duchys, For this pur- 
toyal Majefty of Great Britain, and the High 
ty Lords the States General of the United Ne- 

have declared, and do declare, that ihc^ «& 
ifpofcJ, anii ready to sive Vis \tftv«^^^ *^^ 


226 treaty at Vienna, bet-ween thi 

Carhoiick Majefiy, aKtheydoby thefePrelents,^ 
and futcmn Protnifes, EuiBiom, or, as they are < 
Guaranty! thsu can be defir'd, as well in relation foj 
Points above in cntioD'd, as in relation to all the other F 
ftill contain'd in the fjid jih Article of the Treaty d 
^ladrupk. I 

T^bis frefeiil 1jeclar(Hio7]JJMil have the fame FertgA 

"DECL ARA 7" 10 N concerning the Snccejpm of M 

IT being apprehended that the unexpefled Dca^^ 
late mort Serene PrJocc, Anthony Fanjefe^ iaHs I 
lime Duke of 'Pnrma and 7taccntia, might in^ioid 
retard or obOrufl the Conclulion of this Treaty, ilhu 
happen'd at the very ritne when it was upon theFlft 
being concluded ; his Imperial and Cathoiick MajeQy | 
by virtue of rhia prefcnt Ail, declare and engage, tU 
cafe the Hopes of the Pregnancy of the moll « 
Duchefs Dowager, Wife of the fdid moll Serene DkIeQ 
thaiiy whilft he liv'd, do not prove abortive, ana 
faid Duchefs Dowager Ihou'd bring aMan-Childii 
World, all that has been regulated, as well by the 54 
tide of the Treaty concliided this Day, as by the ' 
Declaration above recited, fhall take place, as mui 
the unforefcen Death of the Duke had not hap 
But that if the Hopes conceiv'd of the Pregnancy 
faid Duchefs Dowager fhou'd vanifh, or (lie ftiou'd 
a Pollhumous Daughter into the World, then bis la' 
perial Majefly declares, and binds himfclf, that infl 
introducing the Sj>amjb Soldiers into the ftrong Pla< 
'Parma and 'Piacentia^ the moft Serene Infante of ' 
Don Carlos, fhall be put into the PofTeflion of tl_ 
Duchys, in the fame manner as was agreed upon wil 
Court of Spain, by Confcnt of the Empire, andpu 
to the Letters of Eventual Inveftiturc, the Tenor of 1. 
ihail be look'd upon as repeated and confirm'd in ■ 
Articles, Claufos and Conditions ^ in fuch tnannernoH 
ftanding, that the faid Infante of Spain, as alfo the ^ 
of Spar:, (hall firflof all fiilfil theformer Treatys, ^H^ 
ihc Emperor is a conirafting Party with the Confent^l 
Empire. And whereas upon the Deceafe of the ffud^ 
j^iithony Farnefe, the Im^tual Ttooijs were not f ' 

I 1731. Emperor, Great Britain, atidWoXhnA. 

.i...a.,... Places of yarwa ani'Placejjtia, witha Vi 

Lventual Succtffion, as it was fecured to thi 
..: Infante Don Carlos by the Treaty of Loudoti^ 
. ^.all'd the Quadruple Alliance, but only to pre- 
Tcni anj Emerprize which might hjve difturb'd theTran- 
[juillity of Italy; his Sacred Imperial and Catholick Ma- 
Ijtfiy perceiving, that by the Treaty concluded this Day, 
thepublick Tranquillity is reflor'd and confirm'd as far as 
'»0flil)!c, he doth again declare, that in putting his Troops 
into the iirong Place;, of 'Parma and 'Placeniia^ he had no 
Other Intention than to fupport as far as lay in his Power, 
the Succcffion of the moft Serene Infante Don Carlos, a* it 
j fecurcd to the faid Infante by the faid Treaty of Lon- 
ion : and that very far from oppofin" the faid Succcffion, 
n cafe the Male Branch of the Houft of Fameje fhou'd 
ic utterly extinfl ; or from oppofing the Iniroduilion of 
lie Spaniflj Carifons, if the Duchefs Dowager /hou'd hap- 
eo 10 bring a pofthumous Son into the World, his Impe- 
)X Majelly dorh on the contrary declare and promife, that 
K faid Forces /hall by his exprefs Orders be withdrawn, 
[tier that the faid Infante Don Carlos may be put into 
l^flion of thefaid Duchys, according to the Tenour of 
(e Letters of eventual Invertiiurc, or that the Spanijb 
atifons nay be introduc'd peaceably, and without any 
eliflance whaievet; which faid Garifons arc to ferve 
r no other Ufe than to fecure the Execution of the Pro- 
ifc made to him, in cafe the Male Branch of the Houfe 
IPartJe/c ihould be uttcily extinfl. 

'^rejsnt 2}ec!amtio!:Jba!l have the fame Force, &c. 


DECLARATION fign'd hy the Mmfters of the 
King of Great Britain, and the Lordi the States Gemral^ 
h virtue of their Full 'Po-wers. 

iTHcreas among fcvcral Articles agreed upon in the 
I Treaty a{ Seville, on the pth and iift Day of No- 
mer 1719, in favour of the Great Duke of Ttifcany, aa 
H as of the Duchys of 'Parma and 'Placentia, it was 
HCc provided, that as foon as the moll Serene Infante 
' * t, Don Carlos, or the Prince to whom his Rights 
rolve, ihould be in peaceable Poffeffion of the Suc- 
)d«fign'd for him, and fecure from an^ \tiWV% «A 


F-nemys, and ngaiuft any ju'l Caafe of' Fear, then] 
Cailiolick Majertv fliouM prcfcnfly eu-c Ordei| 
drawing his own Ti'oops oui of the (aid OuchjVi 
thore belonging lo the Infante Don Curias, ot toli 
uj-on whom, as abovtmention'tJ, his Rislws dim 
The urdi-Twritrcn Miniflcr? of the Kinfl offi 
totit, and the Lords thu States General, do, fe 
this ptcfent IiifJrumcnt, declare, that as. Iiis L 
Jlaj'elty q^ Great Sriuiit?, nnd the High antt MJn 
-thcSiates Gcnfal wf the United Neiherlitn^ii, i 
'UccuQont'd ID fulfil what they have pcotnij'd, t 
ihcir Meaning and Intcmion, that in the Cafefl 
tbc Spaaifb Truops Jliall he Jtnmediatcljr withu 
ibc Duchys vf Tufcaayt 'Parma and ?'/i7»jui/«a 

Srt-vJ ^JfClaraiion is to bt kept JHref, id 
tlxfeji ntl'f of the fime Pttnt^ &ci ' 

Separate Arikte. 

■Tt7"Hcrcaa the Treaty concluded tbUDayi 

^ (mpetiaf CaihoHck Majefty, his Sritafffii 

-4iwJ(ho High snd Mighty Lords the State*)^ 

UnitcA 'Prn'jiacci of the Neikerknds, C04*a 

ftrib'd or fijiii'd hy t'wc-. Miniiler of the fald Sft_ 

rcGding at the Imperial Court j becaufc acco^ 

Cylloin of the KepuWick, and the Form eiP'n 

imnf, the full Powers cou'd not be diljiaich'd i 

Mimficr fo ffjon as was necefTary ; It is iigrceS.'bi 

Imperial Majefly and bia Royal Majelly ftfij 

taiv, that the faid Slates General (ihere 1)0 

Conditions in the Hud Treaty, wherein theyt'd 

larly conccm'dj /hall he held and reputed a» | 

comcailing Party, according as ihey are alio najf 

laid Treaty, in fitm Hope and Confidence that d 

FtLCt^dc to it, as faon as the ufual Forai of ih^ 

mcnt woii'd admit of it. And becaufc tlie J 

that Rci'ublick manifefts for cihblifhing andHi 

puhlick TrstKiuiiliry, leaves their faid Majeftyj 

lioubt, the faid Republick ia dcfirous of o., 

■ Toon in may be, a principal contrafling Party i 

Treaiy, to the end flic may partake of ihe J 

tiiiflipulatcd for her j bo:h iheir MajcfijaJ 

T, Great Eihaln, ctidllolhnd. 229 
i Endeavours, thar this Tieaty may bcli^n'dj 
j«f on ihe panof th.: (kidSratcs Genetal, *it'iir 
eof three Munths, to be compuicd from th- Dli 
^ing of the prcfcnt Treaty, or fooner if pcffiblea 
jpeitr'd ncceffary buih 10 his Impcria], an-J to hn 
'^ritanmck Majefly, iti order to obtain ilic Eo^ 
IJiy the prcfcnc Treaty, and for compiciing iM 
^ranquiUity, that the faid States Gi-oeral flioa*^ 
va Part and Fariner/]ilpor the fiiid Conventions^ 

tewfu Article Jhall have the func Force, &c. 

f Sicclaration conccnjn:^ Eaft Friefland. 

r$tates General of the United 'Prozwticcs of ibj 

'terlaoiis, having upon federal Occalions airur'd la 

i And Caiholick MajelJy, that how much roev(| 

fcimercHcd in the Re-eiUblifhrnent and Prc'ci 

pbe Peace in their Neinhbourhood, and by Conffl 

;hatoE the Province of Eajf Vricfland, it was 

"btention to prejudice in the leall the Ilepcnjei 

I Frovjiice of Eaj] Fricjiavd upon the Enipeid 

Tipire i his faid Imperial and Caiholick Majertw 

eStates a fredi Proof of hi-i Dclire to obliaf 

iscoiiiillcntwith Jullite, has been pleas'dl^ 

Sf'tlicm hiitrue Sentiments on that Affiir, and q 

" 1 to recover them frntn the Fears they fcem t 

^\v'A. In order to (his, no Heliiation has bet 

^ declare 10 thcra on his part by the prefent 

I [mention always was and iiill is, 

1 Amncily which he has mod gracioufJy grmt- 
b iii Er,ihdcn and their Adheteots, /hall have its 
i and therefore that the fcveral Pains and Pe- 
mounc'd againfl: thofc of Emhdcn and ihcir Ad- 
Tupon the Score of their Reniieucy j'RcfillanceJ 
T be put in Execution. And ^s for thofc of them 
i?ve actually been executed fince ihe moll gtacioi " 
^nceof the SubmiiCon made by the People of Ei 
^.iheir Adherents, the whole 'fh 11 be reilor'd 

t ir flood before the faid Submifllon wjs accepiei.., 
Wea fay before the 5d oi Afay i7-9i (iv'ti^ -wKi^w 
* 7 w nxion'd of an Aorceinept. to iivdcain\^\ ''.vA* 
"" 0.3., 

f 230 Treaty at Vienna, between the 

for ihcir Loflcs, who were piunder'd during tl 

II. His Imperial and Caiholick Majelly, b 
Rcfolurion of the nth of Sept. i:!9, moft gracio^ 
naitted thofe of the Town of Emhdcn, and 1' 
rent!, to draw up a frcfi) Account of their Grievi 
Matters wherein they thought themfelvcs aggriern 
Decrees of 1711, and the Years following, concet 
Ground of the Affairs upon which they difiet'd 
Prince J and (he faid Grievances having been \ 
exhibited to the Imperial Aulick Council, 
miffion, the oi November the fame Tear,^ 
Majefly has already ordain'd by his moll graciousN 
lion of the 5 ill of ^ugujl, that thofe Grievance! 
be examiii'd « foon as poffible. And as it has h 
declat'd, it has been and {(ill is his conOant Delife, tEs 
they fhoulH be determin'd and decided with all I 
and Difpaich that is poffibk-, according to the Agj 
Converitions and Decifiuns, which make the ; of the Province of Esji Fric/land, and v 
ferr'd to in the Prince's Reverfal Letters, pafa'dS 
to at his Acceflion to the Kegency : Pfovided ne« 
rhat under the Detiomination of thofe Agreements, Cm 
ventions and Dcciiions, none be comprehended whichvU 
abrogated and annulled by his Imperial Majelly's Aof' 
Fredeceffors in the Empire, or which fttike at ihefum 
Rights of the Emperor and the Empire over the PrtwM 
of Eafl Friejland. And bis Imperial and CitholickK 
jefiy, as a farther Proof of his moft gracious Ini 
cut as fhort as Jufticc will admit him, the Exs 
of the Grievances of the People of Einbdev, and*^ 
Adherents, has already ordain'd by his Refolution of B, 
51ft ofAngtiJl lail Year, that as foon as the Account tj^cti 
of is deliver'd to thofe who are properly to take I 
zance of the fame, according to the Tenour of the I 
tion abovemcniian'd, they (hali anfwer it very I 
and once for allj after which his Imperial Majefty, ' 
the Advice of his Imperial Aulick Council, 
every Complaint, Article by Article, which ftiail ap] 
to be grounded on the Agreements a bovemen lionet 

III, It having been already ordain'd, purfuant 
Imperial and Caiholiek Majefty's laft Refolution offl 
siflof Jtigvji 1730, that the People of the TownS 

YJ5>.s^^f», and their AdheteatSj ought to be admitted iW 

i7'5i. Eirifsror, Great Britain, ^iWHolland. 25 1 

the Affembly of the Stales, which is to be call'd together 
to deliberate freely upon the Affairs that lie before them j 
his Irapaia! and Catholick Majeily will take care, ihat 
Ibis Rclolution fhall have its imire Efieft, and that none 
of ihofe who have a Right to affift therein be excluded, 
contrary to the Tenot oF it. 

IV. A> to the Indemnilication, his Imperial Majefty 
, tVudcs it proper, that an Account be taken of the Dama- 
which according to the Tenour of the Amnefty pub- 
_ _._'d the in the Year j 728, and of the Refolutioii 

i-ofthc itth ai September lyip, ought lo be made good by 
t Ac Rcnitents J and that the (aid Account be communi- 
cated to them, that they may make their Objeftions : af- 
1 tec which his Imperial and Caiholick Majefty will caufe 
' the Difference to be amicably adjufled, or on failure of 
(in Accommodation, will, with the utmol> Equity, fix the 
Sum which /hall be requir'd to make good the Damages 

V. His Imperial and Catholick Majefty perfifts in the 
Intention he always had to take particular Care of the Pay- 
ment of the Intereft of the Sums which the States of Fn/l 
[Frie/Jatid, and of the Town of i'w/'f/ra, have borrow'd of 
ifceSubjeas of the U/iired 'Prmvces, as atfo of the Re- 
Imhurfcmenc of the Capital, according to the Engage- 
taems eoiec'd into on that account. 

jinother Treaty concluded at Vienna the 
22^0/ July 17^1. between the Em- 
pcrovy Great Britain, and Spain. 

tie i?ame of the mojl Holy and Undrnfied T'rinitym 
' Amen, 

' O all and every one whom it dotb or may con- 
ccrn. Be it known, That different Troubles having 
arifen, which feem'd even to threaten the puhlick 
buillity, about the ImroduSion of the Spamflj Ga- 
Mlito the Urong Places of 7'ufcany, d>arma and 
tf/0, which his Catholick Majefty thinks it proper to 
0.4 S«!t4. 

^32 'treaty at Vienna, between the 

' guard with his own Troops inllead of Neutral, which 
were to have been there, purfuant to what had b 
agreed upon in the Treaty of the Quadruple AUUncC: 
Confecjuence whereof, his Imperial and Cacliolick MajeJ 
and his Majefty the King of Great Srima, to prew"^^ 
Evils which might refult therefrom, did formcrly.lf 
an Agreement by ihi jd Article of ihc Treaty, gf 
and fign'd at Vienva the i tf th of March this prcl£ 
and by two Dec l^i rations thereunto annex'd. 

Now the faid Aiticle, and the Declaration^ thf 
pending, having been communicated to his Maje. 
Catholick King, according to his Defire, and he, 
likewife feen thai ihe faid Anicle and Declarations t 
only 10 render more fecure to ihc Serene Infante Don Cuf-t 
los nis Son, the eventual Succeflion to the D"'-*- ■ 
cany, Tarma and "Placeiitia : Iri Ihorr, hi 
Majefty perceiving that the Enga^emenr.- 
iween him and his Majefty the King n^" i, 
as they had been communicated to his Imperial and Qi-m 
tholick Majefiy, and explained in the aforefaidDectlrtj 
dons were entirely perform'd, he wou'd not be wgndngi^ 
bis part, to do every thing in his power to edablilh t)^ 
pubtick Tranquillity on a lucer Foot. 

To this £>!/i, on ihe part of bis Sacred Imperial ad 
Catholick Majeffy, the mofl High Prince and Lord, 3b 
gene, Prince of 'Ptedmoiil and Savoy, aflual Privy Cm 
k'Hor to his faid Imperial and Catholick Majclly, Frefiof 
of the Aulick Council of the Netherlasids, and hisli 
tenant Genera!, Major General of the Holy Roydm% 
pi re, and his Vicar General in all ihc Kingdoms and ^ 
oi Italy, Colonel of a Regiment of Dragoons, and Ki* 
of the Golden Fleece ; and alfo the moll illuArloiM 
rooll excellent Lord, 'Phihp Leivis, Hereditary Tr^ 
nf the Holy Reman Empire, Count of Zinzeiiih 
Baron ci Ernflhrniiu, Lord of the Lands of <_^ 
upper Sslo-xkz, 'Porliz, Sabor, Miilzig, Loii, Zaoiir. 
^roskau, Burgrave of Reincck, Hereditary Mailer o^ 
Horfc, Great Cupbearer in Upper and Lower jfitfirii 
this fide £-«, Knight of the Golden Fleece, Chatji 
lain to his Imperial and Catholick Majefty, a^uat I 
Counfeilor, and firil Chancellor of the Court ; togc 
with the mod illuftrious and moft excellent Lord Tbt 
Gtt^diicker, Count of the Holy Empire, of Starembu 

' Scbmiahurg and JJ'evemhurg, Lord of the LatldsJ 

>vr. Great Britain, ^W Spain. 233 

Jenheg, Rotwiegg, Freyjiat, Ham, Oher- 

iher^^ Sedendorff, Hirxaii, Knight of 

ice, a^al Priv) Counfeljor to his impe- 

(Bck Majefly, and Hereditary Marllial ot' tho 

'Upper and Lower Jaftria : And laUly, tlie 

I'ous and moli excellent Lord, yufepb Loihairf, 

■of the Holy Empire, of Konigfcgg and RothcnJ'di, 

^ jSttieiiderfj and Siavffeu, a^ual Privy Counlellor 

mperiaS and CarhoHck MajsIVy, V ice- PreGdent of 

IHc Council ot" the Nelherla?iHs, General Field Mar- 

GoTCmour General of , Colonel of Foot, 

twglit of ihe Order of the White Eagle in 'Poland. 
in;ibe pan of his MajcDy the Catholick King, the 
Iklious, and moft excellent Lord, Jama "Francii 
ICi, Dukeof Zi>/ji and Xcrica, GiAr\Aeeo£ Sfait 
I Clafs, of the Golden Fleece, of St. Ju- 
\' St. AlfxawdiT of Rrt^, Akakle-Major, firft 
_miiial Governourof the Tuwn of St. 'Philips 
rtain to his Majeily the Catholick King, Colonel. 
AMioiDer Plenipotentiary to his faid hnperlal and 
BcJc MajeOy. Laftly, on the part of his Majefiy the 
lof' Great 'Briiain, I'bo/iias Rolnnfoii Eltji Member 
fc Parliament of Great 'Britain, and his Minillet to . 
pdlmpetial and Catholick Majefly, All which Mi- 
I'ftltnifll'd with fill] Powers, after having conferr'd 
5 rhemfelvcs, and exchanged their f^id full Powers, 
Uvfi agreed upon the Articles and Conditions foUowtng. 

" .-red Mjjefty the Cicholick King having ma* 

.iin'd the 5a Article of the Treaty concluded 

March ths. prefcnt Year, having likcwifema- 

-m'd the Declarations mentioned above, which 

I two Declarations are on the point of being 

! z hss declared that he not only defires nothing; 

.hat he entirely acquicfces therewith. And in 

ii-jve ail occalion of doubt or difpuie, his faid 

[jiven Affurances, that he confeni? and is rca- 

Part, immediately towards renewing and con- 

. all their Article?, Ciaufes and Condition^, as 

I rcaty o^ London, commonly call'd the Quadtu- 

.-, concluded the =d of jingiifl 17 iS, as the 

/ rcnna in .^njlria, fign'd the 7th a^ Jniic 17:5. 

.l»i:xwe;;n his Sacred Imperial and Carholick Majefty, and 

"•^z Holy Roman Empire on the one part, and vi\sSi\^^a.- 



!i;i4. imiy m vieuiia, wtwmj 

cred Majefly the Catholick King on the other p 
ccpting only with regard to what is mentioned in 
bovemention'd Article and Declarations, concemii 
change of the ni:utrai Garifons inro Spanijb Ga 
which Article, and Declarations, have been appro' 
their faid Mdjeftys, and again corroborated by t1 
ient Treaty. For this end his Sacred Majefiy the 
lick King has declared, as he does declare by vi 
this prefcnt Article, that the Trcatys abovenana' 
be deem'd to be fully tenew'd and confirm'd again, 
fame manner as they arc by the prefent Article rs 
and agiinconfirm'd : And his Majefty the Catholid 
promifes, as well for hiinfi^lf as for his Heirs and 
Kirs, and in particular for him of his Male-Hein ^ 
enter into the pofleffion of theaforefaidDuchys ofTs 
^ania and 'Placentia, by Right of Succeflion, b 
tue of the faid Treatys, and according to the Tenoci 
Letters of eventual Invefliturc, expedited the 9^.1 
eemher 1725, in cafe the Male Line of the Pamilys^ 
d'lch and Farnefe ihou'd happen to be intirely es 
ur laClly. for him to whom that SucceffioD ihall d 
hereafter. That as well his faid Majefly as hts Hd 
Sueceffbri, and Jn particular, he of his Male Deleci 
to whom the faid Succeflion fliall devolve, fliall ei 
and be oblig'd to do and perform every thing in g 
contain'd in the two Treatys abovemeniion'd. 

II. His Sacred Imperial and Catholick Majefty, a: 
Sacred Majefly the King of Great Srita'm^ do lil 
promife on their fide, and bind thcmfelves 10 hii I 
Majefly the Catholick King, his Heirs and Succef&if 
in favour to the Male Line of the prefcnt Queen of i 
the faid MaleLine having been called to the Succe£ 
the Duchys of Tiifcafiy, 'Parma and Tlaceiitia, by 
of the Treatys abovenam'd, andaccotding to the Tfl 
the Letters of eventual Invefliture, they will emlrel 
complifh all that is lertied in toe faid ;d Articlei 
Treaty, concluded the i6x^ o? March the prefent^ 
and in the two Dcciarations mentioned as above; aU^ 
manner, as his Sacred Imperial and Catholick Majeftj 
his Sacred Majefty the King of Great Sriiam, couft 
to renew the faid Treaty of Quadruple Alliance j ai 
Sacred Imperial and Catholick Majefly confenting al 
renew the Peace of the 7th of June 17:5, conclude 
twceo his faid Majefly and the Holy Ro?;ian Empii 

J731. Emperor, Great Britain, ttrttl Spain. 23J 

I'lie nn-' !.Lirt, and his Sacred Majefty the Catholick Ktng 
1 -r part. Theit faid MajeHjs proraKe and engage 
vcs, their Heirs and SucceHbrs, faithfully to 
, iijrourofhis M^jeOy ihe Catholick King, his 

Hcin. ar.d Succeflors, all that they have engag'd to do by vit* 
jtoetif iheir Confent to tenew, viz. his Sacred Imperial 
and Caiholick Malefly every rbing contained, as well in 
itie Quadiupie Alliance, as in the faid Treaty of Peace 
cmcluded the yth of y:ine lyr;, and his Sacred Majcfly 
'lh« King of Greai Sritaiti, every thing which he is 
engaged to do by the Treaty of Qiiadruplc Alliance. 

III. Every thing which has hitherto been fettled bjr 
the cooiroon and unalterable Confent of the conttacling 
Taity&, whether in relation only to (he In(rodu£lion of the 
Spanijl> Troops, or to the Iniroduflion of the Serene Infante 
ofSfain DonCar/w, into thcDuchysof^PflrOToandiP/iicffw- 
Wfl, according to the Tenor of the Treaty of Quadruple Al- 
liance, ii to I'ervc as a Rule in cafe the Vacancy remain j 
in fach manner, however, that in this laft cafe, the faid 
Serene Infame of Spain Don Carlos, or he who according 
u the 5ih Article of the Quadruple Alliance, Hiall becail'd 
ntbat Eventual SucccHion after him, may and ought to 
EDtcr into pofTeflion of thofe Duchys, precifely in the man- 
jer exprefi d in* the" Letters of Eventual Inveftiture, dif- 
fatch'd the yth of Dccemhcr 1 72 5. 

IV". Forafmuch as care hd& been taken to communicate 
fcng fince, and at different limes, to the Serene Princes the 
Great Duke of I'lifcsny, and the Duke of 'Parma and 
^laeeiitiSy who were then both Ht'ing, every thing that 
[bait been regulated by the 5th Article of the Quadruple 
nUiance, in favour of the Serene Infante of Spain, Don 
f-,/n. ... In favour of thofe who focceed to his Rights, 
1 rhe Tteatys abovememion'd, together with 
..NonM Engagements between his Sacred Mijefty 
-k King and his Sacred Majeily the King of 
PrrffC 'Hi-.'i.i'.i! ; moreover, the abovemcntion'd ^d Article 
liF'thc Treaty concluded at Hf im a t\is ifith of March 
nls Year, and the two Declarations thereto annex'd, hav- 
ns likewifc been communicated to the Great Duke of 
Mp:any''s Minifler, and to the Minifler of 'Parjn/!, both 
pndJDg at the Imperial Court ^ and becaufi: there is no- 
king raore capable of feeuring the publick Tranquillity, 
n?tK to remove at once all the Obflaclcs and all the Dif- 
fcoltys which might be flatted, and retard the EY.«tMUoti 

236 Treaty at Vienna, between tht\ 

of what has been agreed upon between the , 

Partys ; for ihefc redlons, his Sicred Imperial an3 Ci 
lick Majefty, and his Sacred Majefty the King of Gr 
SritatTJt have promis'd and ohlig'd themfelves, each 
himfclf, bojia fide, to try all manner of ways, as fooaai 
prefent Treaty Ihali be lign'd, to engage alfo the Sei 
Duke of I'tifcany to confent forihwiih, not only to thif 
trodu^lion ofiS^an/^ Troops foofien mention'd, buEiIfi 
whatever has been formerly regulated in favour of' 
Male Line of the prefent Queen o( Sfiain, by the Twa 
Conventions and Declarations above cited ^ in fuch ntani 
however, that all that is abovemention'd IhailDOCt 
place till after the mutual Exchange of the B^dfic 
ons, even tho the Great Duke of I'lijcany fhould give 
Content to it fooner. 

V. Furthermore, his Sacred Imperial and C^l'*^ 
Majefly, and his Sacred Majefly the King of Gliiit^ 
tain declare, that they defire nothing more than w Iba 
Serene Great Duke QiTttfcany acquiefce with evetytf 
that has been fettled in the Treatys abovemeDiiapMi 
the prefervaiion of his Dignity and Repofe, as wellai 
his own Safety and that of the States which he gOFt 
V/berefore the faid contraftiog Powers piomife at^d ew 
not only to one another, but alfo to his Royal p 
nefs, to look upon all and every Point fenled in tlte 1 
tys abovemention'd to be renew'd and confitm'd, aat' 
with regard to his Dignity, as with regard to hisSaJ 
and that of the States which are under him ; and tbftf 
deriake to maintain, fulfil, or, as it is call'dt to gluUl 

VI. And becaufe (or attaining to this End, and (tr 
the wholelbm Work which the contracting Pany8i_ 
undertaken, v'lz. the entire EilabliFhment of thepn^ 
Tranquillity, nothing has been thought of more impttfd 
than the Acceffion of the Serene Great Duke to thc'^ 
fent Treaty; therefore the faid contrafling Partys \ 
judg'd it proper to invite his Roya! Highnefs to thcP' 
AcceQion, in the mod friendly manner that can be| 
they do exprefily invite him by the prefent Aiiiclej t^ 
end that his Royal Highnefs concurring on his part ( 
advantageous a Work, the publick Tranquillity of £i 
may be better fecur'd, 

VH. The prefent Treaty fhall be ratify'd and apj 
by his fldcred Imperial atvi CatWUtt Maiefty, 

ij\i. EmpifOfy GreatBritain, fl«^Spam. 237 

c,.,..^ Vfii,.{ly the Catholick King, and by his Sacred of Great Sriiaiti ^ and ihe Letters of 

;'.iall he communicated and exehang'd at P^iea- 

,;, in the Tpacc of two Months, to be reckon'd 

i'ri:m ;Hl; Diy of £gning the prefent Treaty, or fooncr 

if it c*n be done. 

' In Witners whereof, the Commiflioners of his Imperial 
-.._- ,1.. .,, il,e Quality of Ambaffadors Pienipoteniiarys 
r\. and the Miniflcrs of their Catholick and 
Majeflys furnilTi'd in like manner with 
I give the neccffary Force to the prefent 

Ttcaty , have fign'd it with theit own Hands, and (eal'd it 
with their Seals. Done at Vienna in Jujlrifft 'i^e :id 
•£n^ of yitiy, A. 2). 1731- 

flw S,) Eageae of Savoy. 

lU S.) y. L. Count of Sinzcndorf. 

(L. S.) G. Count of Ssareniberg. 

lU SO y. t. Count of Kotji^gjeg^. 

(X.S.) y. DukcofX^vtf. 

(L. S.) Thmas Rohnfon. 

The Treaty or Family Conventions y^gnd 
the Mhnjiers of Spain and Tuf- 
ty at Florence, the tph of July 
J I . jind the AcceJUon of the Great 
ike o/Tufcany to the Treaty ofVi- 
of the %id of the fame Month* 

k Name ef the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy 
* ' Ghoji. 

^HE Divine Providence having infpir'd the moft 
Serene yobn Gajlon, Great ""Duke of Tufcany, 
and the moft Serene Anna Maria Zotiifa, Eleftrefe 
Evagct 'PalatiitE, with the finccre and ardent Defire 1 
Ibichthc moft Serene Great Duke Co/mo Ul. i\\ui^».^« ' 

t& J 

'338 'treaty between Spain andT\ 

ofGlorioui! Memory ever had, oFcncringii 
futev ihat fliould be thought the moft effi " 
forprcrLfvingandfecutingagainftali Eveoi 
of SuccefTofs of their Family, iha publick 
inpaitKular thatoribcirScates, andprocirrl 
the Happineft ami Advantage of thcitSubj^ 
fictene Highn[:fl"cs a&ieraid have at lail tcf 
good Inienrions inio prafticc, hy ingaging thee! 
era to concur in this good Work, and for rcgulsi 
pacifick way the Succcflion to the Soverdgnij 
States aforcraid, in favour of a Prince fo Dridlv 
their moft Serene Houfe by lUc Tics of BIoo^' 
moft Serene Prince Don Csrioi Infjnic of .f^^s,'! 
of his Catholick Majciiy by this rrefcnt Queen] 
whont thdc Royal Highncfles nave for iba 
prcforr'd toall others, and who has been the Ohi 
wifhei of their People, on account of his illultr| 
and his other perional and hereditary QuaRt] 
give Jull caufe 10 the People of 'Tufcmiy to boM 
under the Government of fo great a Prince, tbv 
lion of the Frofperity and Tranquillity they Ml 
under the Gicat Oukes of the prelent moft Senw^) 
Family. And whereas the Conchifion of this 
Affair has been hitherto fufpended, becaufeori 
tainty of obtaining the Concurrence of hislmpeilti 
and other chief Powers of Europe, equally dcfired 
Catholick Majefty, the Great Duke, and the mofl 
Eleflrefs Dowager 'Pii/rtm/f, of which they arc now 
fince the DitHculcys that obfttuiited the fame h 
remov'd by tholart Ttcatys ; it has been thought 
upon, to negotiate and conclude directly betwDcn 
tholick Majefty and their Royal Highncfles, allf 
Convention between Family and Family, foradjuH 
regulating their feveral Intcrcfts, for facilitating an 
iiig in the moft eafy and convenient manner the Sw 
ijf the moll Serene Infante to the faid Stales, wb 
inoft Serene Great Duke, whom God long prefer* 
live, in quality of his immediate Succeflbr, as alio 
ferving the Sovereignty, Authority and Traaqul 
hii Royal Highnefs, the Honout and Intereftsoritn 
" me Elcflrcfs Dowager 'S'alatijie, and the Ad' 
leirSubjefls. For this purpofc, hisCathoUck' 
thought fit to give his full Powers to the " 

Salva/ior j^frmio, of the Order of ~ 

'reaty between Spain and Tufcany. 239 

:r at the Court of Tufcany ^ and his Royal 
as delegated with full Powers, the Knight and 
Marquifs Charles Rimtccini^ of his Council of 

Secretary of War ^ and the Knight and Prior 
atdi^ of his Council of State. Which Mini Aers 
nofiunicated their refpe^live full Powers to each 

held feveral Conferences, have agf)ecd upon the 
Family Treaty, Alliance, and perpetual Amity 
lis Catholick Majefty, his Heirs and Succeflbrs 
: part, and the moft Serene Great Duke and his 
on the other ^ in the Manner and Conditions ex- 
be following Articles. 

ler to eflablifh upon the moft folid and unaltera- 
a perpetual Alliance, and a (incere Amity, be- 
\ Koyal Family of Spain and the reigning 
'tifcany^ the Kingdoms and Crowns of his Ma- 
the States of his Royal Highnefs ; the mofl Se- 
I and the mofl Serene Eleflrefs Dowager 'Fala- 
ler, have fully agreed, refolv'd and confented, 
thftanding any other Difpofition whatfocvcr that 
6 been made in Tufcany heretofore, relating to 
iOD, according as the then Situation of publick 
[QirM, the Great Duke, whom God long pre- 
lening to die without Male-IiTue, the mod Se- 
rlnfanteDon Carlos fhall be, and ought to be his 
Succeflbr to the Sovereignty of all the Domini- 
make up and belong to the Great Duchy of 
.nd foon I'ucceflively to theeldeft Son of the faid 
id in cafe of failure of Male-KTue, theSuccefHon 
Ive by a full Right to the eldeft of his moft 
others, Sons of his Catholick Majefty and the 
leen of Spain. 

lEloyal Highnefs, and her Elefloral Highnefs, 
rous that this Regulation and Order of Sue- 
che Sovereignty of their Dominions may take 
I be executed in the moft fafe and eafy manner 
ey hereby engage to communicate the prefent 
I to the Senate, after the Exchange of the Ra- ^ 
and that they fliall bind themfelvcs by an Oath 
and inviolably to obferve the fame, if his Ca- "^ 
jcfty require it. 

sir Catholick Majeftys promife in the name of 
erene Infante Don Carlos^ andof thofe who fhall 


240 Ire'afy BetiveeH Spam cwrf''lWi!^^ 

fuccecd him in his Rights, (hat the feveral Fund 
publi^It Pelits, togeiiicr with the Revenues thercco 

pnated, (hall be prefervcd for the (aid Purpofes, si 
tbc Military Ordet of S. Stephen ftali likewifc bo 
tain'd io the State and Order it h in at prefent. 

IV. They ptomife alfo that the CoriiHtution of l] 
Temment of litfctjjiy, either Oecumenical, CtriJ br 
cal, (hall be maintain'd, as it is at prefcut ; that the 1 
Privileges and Prerogatives of the City of Florence I 
prefcrv'd, which (liall be the chief Relidence of lb 
Serene SuccelTor -, the fame Promife to extend co at 
Towns, and their refpcctive Magiilrates: All the j 
Jhalllikewife b~ maintain'd in all the AdvaniagQf(J 
ctnptions they have enjoy'd under the Regency oCl 
Serene reigning Family. And laftly, no Civil a 
Fa(h, no Bi(hopricks, or other Eccleliadical Bcm 
be conferred, but on native Subje£is of the fjid Dm 

V. The Subjeas of l'nfiat:y (hall enjoy the fad^ 
tagcs, Pranchiles and EKemptionsin ^^/»>>, whie|r 
favoured foreign Nations enjoy, with rcfpcft to € 
fons, Effefts, Shipping and Commerce. ] 

A'l. The great Duke cow reigning, having ccfl 
all Things requiiitc for fccuring the immediate S 
to the moft Serene Infante, ftiali rot upon this Ctiini 
meet with any Obitacle or Obflruflion in tho ^ 
(ife of his Sovereignty, and (liall continue togovei^B 
minions, and his People, Mith the fame Power anil f 
dency as before. And his Caiholiek Majefiy, to M 
Ellecm and Affeflion for his Royal Highncfe, b« 
gages to treat the Pcrfons of the Great Duke, MsU 
and rhofe of his Succeffors at his Courr, in the fiiiMt 
and with the fame Titles, as were given at the '^ 
Spain to the Perfon and Minillers of the moft Set^ 
the Duke of Savoy, before he was acknowledg'd j 

VII. The Great Duke, and his Si(}er the E 
promife, that ali their Eftates, both Feudal and A 
as well within as without ihe Duchys, which they I 
poffefs'd of at their Death, (hall go to the moft 8 
fame Don Carioi as Great Dakc of T'ufcany^ a_ 
Great Dukes his Succei^rs; as likewife the RJgb^ 
tronage and Ptefentation to the EcctcGaftical Bene& 
belonging to their Houfe and State 5 of which they 
difpofs in any maimci w^iatfoe.'Jtt. 

' 175 1. Treat;^ hthneen Spain and Tufcany- 24 1 

VIII. All tbe Moveables, wirliout any Difiinflion, be- 

Jonging 10 iheir Highneffes, of what Nature, Price and 

Value Tbcver they be, and in what Place or Country foevec 

aHey be, ^lail renaain at their own free Difpofal, as well for 

the Ur<;3s ihe Property, of which ihcy may dirpofc during 

'"icir Life and at their Death : And likewife a!l the Effcits 

d States ihcy (land feia'd wiih, and polTcr^ without the 

W&Ki o{ \tuf^<in^ •, and namely, the Revenues ifluiiig from 

e Inheritance of the moft Serene Great Duchefles Q^'tuf- 

_ , f'iBoria of Urliiio, and Margaret of France, their 

nndmaiher, and all Sums of Money, whatecer it bcj re- 

g however ro the moft Serene Infante Don Carlos, the 

IftrtiUery, Arms, Ammunition, and other warlike Stores. 

WlX. Their Highnefl'es oblige thcmfelves to yield to iho 

me Infante, as they do yield to him by thefe Pre- 

irthe rime that he fliall be Cteai Dukeof ////tr^jK)', 

3ie Great Dukes bis SuccefTors, all the other Sums 

ley not above fpecify'd, due lothem by Ingagements 

Tithe Anceilorsof their reigning Family and foreign 

the Crown of iS^fli^i excepted, with the Right and 

ulty they have, or may have to recover them ; andlike- 

le yield unto the faid moft Serene Infante ail their Fre- 

jEotis upon other State's and Effefls, which are not at pre- 

Itpoffcls'd by their Houfe, to the end that the State* 

B Dominions of T'ufca.ny may be inlarg'd. 

. On (he other hand, their Catholick M^Jeftys being 

y fatisfy'd with the above Conditions, promife in the 

^of the moll Serene Prince the Infante, and thofe who 

||;ceed him in his Rights, that the mofl Sereno 

, in cafe /lie furvivc her Brother, /hail and may 

B her the Title of Great Duchefs, and enjoy, during 

^^ , all the Honours and Prerogatives that have been 

By*d by the other Great Ducbc/Tes of •Tufcaiiy, and in 

jticu tar, that her Highncfs and ber Court /hall be main- 

j tbe Publick Treafury, 

D cafe tbe mofi Serene Infante fliall not happen to 

^any at the time of the Death of the moll Serene 

Jce, and that he is furvived by bis Sifter the Elee- 

leer 'Pslatiue, her Highnefs Jhall immediately 

Eer, with the Title of Regent, in the Name of 

I Seiene Infante, who fliall then be Great Duke, 

pimftration of the Government, which (he (liall ex- 

i his Arrival into his Dominions; and her Ele^ora! 

t, with the Title of Regent and Guardian, l\\a>lW-^& 

t ly. K »"»• 

242 treaty hefxeen Spain and Tufcany. 

the Ailminillration of the Government till the Prince In 
abfent or prefent, has attained fully to the i8th T 
his Age ^ and even (hall have the fame Titles after ti 
compliflimcnc of 18 Years, in cafe the moft Serene Ii 
fliall {50 out of the Duchy ox "Tufcany. 

Xli. When the moft Serene Infante is come to AgCj 
vc\\\ take the Adminiftraticn upon himlel^ he ihaili 
the moil: Serene Eleftrcfs into all his Councils of i 
Grace and JiilUce 5 and will upon her Nomination gnn 
Civil and Oecumenical Pofts, the Ecclefiaftical BeiK 
and Dijxnitysj and will leave the Superintendency of 1 
gious Places, and of the Academy ot ^ija to her £ipfl 

Xiil. His Imperial Majcfty, his moft ChriftianMijfi 
his Sritaiwick Majeily, and the Lords the Stares Gcb 
of the U:iited. Provinces of the l^ctherlands^ /hall be ii 
ted, and defircd by his Catholick Majefty, and MiBx 
Highnefs, to be Guarantees of this Convention, wbid 
Carholick Majefty and his Royal Highnefs oblige 4 
lelvcs to ratify, and caufe the Ratifications to be escbi 

lit vvunL'is \vi''jrcui, Oil uio; ivijiuicur^ x lunipuicnuai)! 

tUrvvrirtcn, oi' his C.uholijk Majefty, and of his K 
]i;f!,hncrs, by virtue of our full Powers refpeflivcly < 
ti-.uisic.ricd to Q.\Cci orhcv, aiid of which Copys ftiallh 
nexM to this prciont iv;mi!y Convention, have fign'Jtl 
Pf'jf.nts, aivJ thci vfo art xVi the Seals of our Arms. Dw 

7*7/ •;'#"■." "«' •'/ •■.'•!' '\ e I *• " T 


(\,. S.) C:ir!c Rh:i:CC!>:i, 
(L. S.) j^iilo G'rraldi, 

1| "1 '. s : •■*. ■••n.rd \y< the prcfcnt feparatc Article, ^ 
■* i;. J-; '..■• (.:-"iac i".; :■:-■! i'riVv.* iViici Virtue as if it vvasi 
(d in .1'.' (.\/*vwiiri';;i i^/nM this Day, that his Royal 1 
rcfs in order to fdvc the moil authcntick Proof's of K 
cere tukI afxlctiGnato liuciiiicns towards his CacholicI: 

treaty between Spain arid Tufcany. 243 ] 

his Royal Family, confents, if his Majerty ap- 

11, thai the moft Serene Infante Don Carlos may, 

e Life and Government of the moft Serene Great 

line and rcfide in Tufcany, in the manner it fhall 

upon 5 without beinf, chargeable to the Treafury 

^'al Highnefaand the Country, and without any Pre- 

ihe Sovereignty and foil Authorlry of his Koyai 

who perfuadcs himfelf, that his Caitiolick Ma- 

ifideration of this Confcnf, and of the flrong and 

ms that have been already or may heteafttr be 

J, will be plcas'd by an Afl of his Royal Clc- 

free and exempt the Towns and other Places o£ 

' iDi the heavy and trcublcfome Burden of re- 

'Voti&oi SpaKrarrii, or of ai^ other Nation what- 

the Country may be fumciently guarded and 

their own Garifons ; which, in cafe of necdj 

tcnied with the Money S^aiji will think necef- 

ttu Service, in'fuch a manner as /ball be af;reed 

cafe this pcrfcfl Confidence, that his Catholick 

iUengage that no Spanijh Troops or others fhall 

•Towns or other Place? q^ Tufcany^ takes place, 

Ighncis will grant Paffigc 'Cata' l'ufcai:y xa ia& 

ips, which fhall be feni into the Dominions of 

1 their obferving the Regulations which in fuch 

be made, for ordering their March, and keep- 

mderdue Difcipline in their Paflage, fo that they 

le burdenfome to the People. 

iperiai Majeily, his moa Chriflian Majefty, his 
*Majefiy, and the Lords the States General of 
iTHeikeriands, fliall be defir'd and invited by his 
.Majefty, and his Royal Highnefs, to be Hkewife 
% of the ptcfent feparate Atiicle, which ihall ba 
f hia Majefly and bis Royal Highnefs, the Rati- 
abcexchang'd at Florence within three Months^ 
i^tcd from the Date of the prefent Article, ViA 
""'ibie. Gvtnc zx Florence, July s.^, iTJi- 


5.) Trs. Salvatore Afcmio. 
S.) Carlo Rinticdm. 
SO Jacobo GiralM. 


Dijpofition for the Reception 

A *D\fpoJitwn made by the 'P/enipoteia 
arys 0/ Spain aji^Tufcany, for the R 
ccption and Refidence of the Serene I 
fante T)on Carlos, the Great Duh 
immediate Succejbr in his Dominwns. 

THE moft Serene Great Duke, and ttie moft Sere 
F-ieflrcfs Dowager ^alaiiae his Sirtcr,ben!gwilU 
and defirous to give greater and more afie£boa 
Prcofs of their EUcem for the moft Serene Prince the 
fance Don Carta, it has been agreed and concluded, t 
upon the faid moft Serene Prince's Arrival and Landing 
Leghorn, he fiiall be receiv'd by the Governour with 
the Honour? and Refpcfl due to ihe Dignity of his Ra) 
and to his Charafler and Quality of immediate SuccefCiI 
the mofl Serene Great Duke, in the fame manner ai. 
been always obferv'd, in refpefi to the late moft Set 
Prince Ferdinand o^ glorious Memory. 

One or more Gentlemen lent on purpofe by theil 
reffes, arc to be at I.egboTfi to receive and attend dnS. 
Serene the Infante Prince, who is to lodge in the vetfil 
Apartment in which the Great Prince Ferdinand ■"* 
lodge. And their Highnefles being fcniible that the 
cannot have his own £c[uipage in a readinefs upon hii! 
rival, will take care to fupply him wirh their own, and, 
them to Leghorn with a Detachment of Lifc-Gia 
Horfes of their own Stables, and proper Officers pfJ 
Houfhold and Kitchen, to attend the moft Serene ft 
during his ihorr ftay ^yLeghorn, and in his way to FUUi 
where the faid moft Serene Prince is to begin to be ' 
own proper Charge and Expcnce, with all his " 
Attendants,' as has been agreed on. 

The moft Serene Intanie upon his Arrival at 
/haU repair immediately to the Palace, where he wiH: 
an Apariment ready fitted up for his Recepiion, and 
nearcrt to the Apartment o£ Wt "£.\t&.w3.\. ^"' ' ' 

vjli. of the Jnfanle Don Carlos. 24^ 

^kdnWPalmitie, that her faid Highnefs may be as near 
as poflible to the Pnrfoo of the moll Serene Prince, and 
have the fame Care for his Prefervation, and al] other 
I things relating to the Service of his Perfon, as if he was her 
own Son. 

On all Occafions the tnoft Serene Prince the Infante 
J)on Carlos fliall be treated by their Highneffes, and re- 
ipe3ed by every body, with all the Marks of Honour and 
£Acera, which have been us'd by the Court of Florencu 
nwards the mod Serene Great Prince Ferdinand. And his 
Royal Highnefs will permit the moll Serene Infante Don 
ICirfoi to form and maintain, at bis own Charges, a Guard 
tor his Pcilbn, which is to conGft of Tufcan Noblemen, if 
he tVtnlu iit to form a feparate Body. In Tctlimony 
whereof, the underwritten Minillcrs o^ Spam and ^ttifca^y 
yave let their Hand? and Seals 10 the prefcnt Regulation 
and DiipoHtion. Dons at Fiorenee^ July 25, 


(L. SO Fm. Salvjiore Afanito. 
(L. S.) Carlo Rhiucciai. 
CL. S.J ^faceho Giraldi. 


1^ ^Declaration of the Great 2)nke of 
Tufcany'i Accefpon to the Treaty of 
Vienna, of the z id of ]u\y^ i/Ji- 

K order to obtain the falutary End which his Sacred 

Imperial Majefly, his Sacred Majefiy the Catholick 

King, and his Sacred Majel^y the King of GredfSr/- 

■«, propos'd to themfelves by iigning the Treaty con- 

idea at Vienna the 2id of ihe Month of July this 

rfcnt Year, viz. the ftrengthening of the publick Tran- 

Eiiltttty of Europe on all fidej, nothing appear'dmore con- 

i^c to that purpofe thun the Acceflion of the mofl Se- 

' Great Duke of 'Ttifcany to the faid Treaty, And 

the faid comrafling Pattys thought they oug^ht 

R J V^ 


Duke o/'Tufcany'i Accejion 

by the tfth Ariicic of that Treaty, to invieo Bis H 
Highnefs in a friendly manner to concur to ihe Trea 
forcfaifJ i and the raihet becaufc his faid Royai Higl 
is not ignorant of the Engagement which the laidP 
have enter'd into with regard to him, nor of the %QoA.. 
they have upon oiher occaCons exprefs'd ibr ma R 
Highnefs ! and belidcs, they give uim frefh Aflun 
that his Sacred Imperial and Catholick Majefty, his & 
Majerty the Cathoticlt King, and his Sacred Mdjc^ 
King o( Great Sritflitt, will take a particular care, 
make it their principal Concern, to contribute to tut 
rity and Repofe, as well as to the Security and Advaii 
of the S'ates under his Jurifdi^lion. And the fajd j 
trafling Pattys perfiiiing in their good Intentions wilt 
gard to him, his Royal High nefs, to comply wub < 
Delires as much as pofllble, and accounting h flD'S^ 
toaflbciate himfelf with fuch great Princes in fftStO 
mendable Defign to preferve and lirengthen tbcTiuE 
Tranquillity, afrer having maturely examin'd every % 
contaio'd in the faid Treaty, fo far as it conccrni hisK 
Highnefs, his Dignity and Repofc, and alfo tlie fcc^ 
anj^ Advantage of the Siatcs that arc under his Juri/9i^ 
has refolv'd to approve the fame intirely and in eiety 1 
by his Acccffion and Acceptation. 

But whereas, before the Conclufion of the faid 
was known at Flore?zce, the Minillcrs Flcnipoti 
of his Majeity the Catholick King, and thofe of Wi 
Highnefs, had fign'd in the City o( Flore we the' 
tion of the 25th of the fame Month of yr/Zy, af 
publifii'd here; and the that Convention was pi 
jween Family and Family, and wa.s delign'd on _ 
gulate the pjriicuUr Inceretls ofhis Royal Highnflfid 
Sifter the Serene Eleflrefs Dowager Talatine, ^ 
any manner of Prejudice to the Agreements or Confiis 
made between the chief Princes of Europe, fo Ata^j 
is ftipulated in the faid Convention of Florence, C3il<n 
hurt the Rights ertablifh'dby the Compafts iirf,; 
ments between the other Princes, who have not^j 
to the Convention atorefaid; it h«s neverthelels bcfii 
neceffary, that the contrafling P.iriys of the faid 
lion of Florence fliou'd by a folemn Declaration 
their Intent in makin': it : Therefore to talks ai 
Doubt concerning thai Convention, and to the 
^oya.\ Highnefs may concur with the contra^ing'l 

173 1. ^* '^'^ treaty at Vienna. "247 

if ihe Tre3!y conclji^ed at ^icnnn the iid of ynly this 
prefent Year, by acceding to the faid Treaty, whkh 
will not a tittle cimtribute 10 fectire their mutual Repole, 
tbe only thing the fiid Pariys aim at ; I the underwritten 
Eoray Extraordinary of his Royai Highncfs rhe Great 
Dulce of I'lifcany at the Imperial Court, after having pro- 
ituced the full Powers with which I am amhoriz'd, and 
fait them acknowlcdg'd, do declare and promife in the 
Naiije of his Royal Highnefs, that he incirely accedes to 
tnd approves of all and every thing coniain'd In the 
Treaty of Vienna abovemention'd, which bears D^te the 
'aid of July of the prefcnc Year, fo far as that Treaty con- 
cerns his Royal Highnefs, his Dignity, his Rcpofif, and 
ihe Security and Advantage of his Subjefls and States. 
He Orthcr declares, that the aforefjid Conveniion of the 
,15th of y«/v was concluded with no orher Defign than 
a Family Compaft, which concerns only the private Intc- 
licflsof his Royal Highnefs and his Siiier the Serene Elec- 
itrcfi Dowager 'Palauue; the faid Intcrefts being therein 
liegulared in fuch a manner, that they neither can nor 
j.tnight any ways to prejudice the Rights of the other Prin- 
Lcs who have not concurred 10 the Convention store- 
ifijd s which Rights are conlirm'd to them by the Com- 
Ipafts and Conveniions concluded between (he chief Princes 
'.of Erircpe. 

\ In Exchange, Wc the underwritten MiniOers Pleni- 
Ijotcntiarys of his Sacred Imperial and Caiholick Majefty, 
^is Sacred M^:cfty the Catholick King, and his Sacred 
MjjcUy the KingofGr^ar 3W/iJ;«, by virtue of the full 
'Jowers duly produc'd and acknowledg'd, do accept and 
receive in the Name of their faid Majellys, as well the 
"DecUration made and fign'd at f/orewt? in the Name of 
.hisRoyal Highnefs the Great Duke of'T'iifiaay concerning 
I'ibc Convention of the 25th of July, as his Royjl High- 
nels'a Acceffion aforefald to the Treaty concluded at 
Wienna in Aiiftria the sad of the fime Month of July. 
Wd that their faid MajcHys do engaae and oblige ihem- 
lelTes, their Heirs and Succeffors, to his Royal Hig'inefs, 
^W fulfil and execute whatlbever has been rcguiafed m the 
lUfiHefaid Treaty, in favour of his Royal Highnefs, i'or his 
Repofc and Dignity, and ali^) for the Security and Advan- 
of the States under his Dominion, 

R 4 '^'^^^ 

248 Treaty between the EleSioraies 

This prcfent Inftrument of Acccflion, Declaration 
Acceptation, fhail be ratify'd by all the contrafling Pa«j 
and itie Letters of Ratificaiioi. /hail bedirpaich'tTingr 
and due Form within two Montbs, to be reckon'd ftom 
Day of figning, or fooner if it can be done, and /haU b 
mutually cxchang'd and dcliver'd at Fienna in Aujlfi. 
In Witnefs whereof, iSc, Done at Vienna-, the ijft 
Sep ember 1731. 

(L. S.) Eugene of Savoy. 

CL. S.J Count of Staremher%. 

(L. SO Thilif Lewis Co<int''of SJnze!2iiorf. 

CL. SO ■ Count of Konigfegg. 

CL. SO D. of Ziria, &c. 

(L. S.) Gundakcr. 

CL. S.) I'bomas Robhifoii. 

CL. S.J Ferdinand Marquis de ^ariolomey. 


treaty of Union and Befell/I've AB&na 
between the EleBorates of Saxony 
Hannover 5 concluded at Drefden * 
"^d of Auguft 1751. 

BE it known. That whereas the Predcceflbtsof j 
Eleftoral Houfes of Saxony, znA Srunfiuick.-i 
veubtirg, have from all Antiquity maintain'd af 
ticular good Correfpondence together, which did not? 
pave the way to the Treaty ofperpetual Hereditary Urf 
which was concluded between the two Houfes in theTl 
1687, and has been continued without Interniptionii 
now, and tranfmitied down to the two Princes now rtl 
jng ; but has moreover been ftrengthen'd by theProxinH 
of Blood eflablilh'd between them, and by the perJba 
Regard which they tnutually have for each other : At 
whereas both Pattys have agreed upon thefe Grounds* 
Motives, to cultivate and cement yet more that Band ( 


*73^* (/"Saxony nnd Hannover, 249 

Union, Friendfhip, Confidence and good Neighbourhood, 
which have been found fo advaniageous hitherto, and in 
order thereunto, to agree together upon a new defenfive 
Treaty, accommodated 10 the Circotnftanccs of ihe pre- 
fent Time, and to the S^ifety and Profperi[y of their rc- 
(jic£hve Countrys and Subjects. For thefc Caufes, the two 
,Party8 have agreed upon the following Articles, which 

have been negotiated and concluded by their MiniHerj, 

fiunilh'd with fiiil Powers for that purpofc. 

I, TheDefign of this Convention and defenfive Alliance, 
is not to offend or prejudice any Perfon, much lefs the Em- 
petof and the Holy Roman Empiie, but is made only with 
a ^icw 10 maintain the Rights and Privileges of the High 
Contraflors, andlikewife to prefcrvc and defend their Ter- 
rftorys and Subjefts agdinfl all Attacks and Violences, as 
aifaagainft all rretenfions, Incurlions into their Countrys, 
lovafions by Enemys, Paflages of Troops, and Settlement 
of Quarters, Alfemblys and Reviews of Armys, Contri- 
butions and Exaflions, contrary to the Conlliiutions and 
Otdoonances of the Empire, by any Perfon, or under any 
Kime or Pretence whattoever. 

Jl. For this end, the two Confederates will put an entire 
'Confidence in each other, and hold themftlves ftriflly 
liound toaffirteach other with Advice, and efleflually to 

frocurc each other's Welfare, to watn each other of any 
|1 or Damage with which they may be threaten'd, and 
ta prevent the fame, to communicate and confult together 
fcqucntly, and with Confidence, in relation to all Events 
|*luch may give occafioo to Troubles and Dangers, and in 
Helation to the Means of preventing them ; and as much 
bspoliibtc to take futable Meafures together, and fuch as 
zaay be to the Advantage of ihc Publick, particularly to 
i.the Service, Honour, Welfare, Liberty and Safety of his 
IJmperia! Majefty and the Empire. Moreover, the High 
jContradors will order their Minifters, as well at the Dyet 
,^the Empire, as at the Meetings of the Circles, and 
jjBvery whete elfe, to corr^fpond and communicate together 
>iTh Confidence. And to the end that this good Under- 
mnding may be the lefs interrupted, in cafe any Difference 
pbou'd happen between the two Elefloral Houses and their 
jtdpe^ive Subjefts, Endeavours fhal! be us'd in the firfl 
Bdace to compofc them in an anaicable manner, and they 
plali not proceed to Hoftilitys (ill the^ ha^c ^tCNWMft'j 


250 Treaty between the EleSf orates 

tty'A all proper Methods to accommodate Matt 

III. By virtue of this prefent Alliance, the High AUii 
reciprocally promife, that if either of them be aitack'db 
any Perfon wbatfoever in his Countrys and Provinces, in 
in his Rights and Privileges, ;igainft the Conftitutionil 
the Empire, or is incommoded, diflurb'd or molcftedi 
b!»^Countrys by Enrolments or Levys, Reviews or MuQei 
Quarters, Garifon!, Marches, Contribution', Demaaili 
Provifions and Ammunition, or by any other fuch Charei 
and Exaftions j or in cafe they receive certain Advice (11 
fuch Things are likely to happen, the other (hall fiJtl 
fully fide with the iniur'd Party, and fliall beohllg'dt 
give him really and in effefl the Affiftdnce promisd i 
this Alliance : but neither of the Allies /liall beobljg'd! 
furnifli the other with Succours, if one of them, wtthoi 
communicating with his Ally, and without hii CanToi' 
attacks any one as an Enemy, and with an armed Fore 
and by that means is attack'd himfcif, and purfusilhi 
his own Country, or in his Rights, by the Party atrackMf 
his Allies. 

IV. In this Alliance are comprehended the twoEt 
torates, and the Countrys incorporated into them ; an 
all the Countrys thereto belonging fituate in GsrnttU 
Moreover, the Treaty of Hereditary Union of 1(187 ^^ 
mention'd, remains in that and all other Refpcfls i((l 
Force, a» if it was aflually inferted in the prefeoi!. 

V. As to the Succours, the High Allies are agtcci 
this tim", without making a Precedent of it, that oflj 
the two Partys (hall aid and affift the other, if thei 
liance be exifting, with 5000 Men, German Tma^^'\ 
aoco Foot and looo Horfe : but in cafe the Rcqn 
find it neceflary that there fhould be another PropotS 
of Horfe different from the former, then the Party nf 
which the Demand is made, /liall be oblig'd to coiffl 
him, and to give him al! the Affiftancs he can in Foofj^ 
in the Horfe which he dcfircs j provided he be furniS 
himfelf with one oc the other, beyond the Number fi^ 
lated in the Alliance, and can get them in readinefs ; 1 
in that Cafe a Trooper or Dragoon Hiall be reckon'd' 
the rate of three Foot Soldiers. And to the end that 1 
Difference between the Arms and their Bores in the 
rations that may happen, may not occafioti any Dlfod 

lyji. c/" Saxony JKi^ Hannover. 251 

which is fre(}uently tSe Cafe, it has been thought fit, that 
when any Kuccours are lent, rhey ftiall fet that matter 
tight beforehand in goad time, and agree upon an £qua- 
liijof Arms. 

YI. If the Succours agreed upon by this Alliance be not 
fufiieiCTt to repel the Danger, in which the Patty attack'd 
finds himfelf, the High Allies /hall agree to make them 
up double, and even treble that Number j and they fhall 
fctiie it in fuch manner, that the Party requiring (ball 
httB always st leaft twice as many Troops as the Party 
lenuired. Moreover, it /hall be in the Option of the Re- 
qmret to demand the whole, or only a part of the Suc- 
cours (lipiilated. 

VIl. Each of the Allies is obHg'd to furnifli the ftipu- 
laied Succours, fo as to be in the Requirer's Country within 
fcitr Weeks after they are demanded, without Excufe, 
Oppijfiiion or Delay, under any Pretence whatfocter. 
Keverthelefs, he (hal! not be oblig'd to break with the 
Jiggrcflor, but thail interpofe his good Offices, and do all 
Au lies in his Power to procure the Party attack'd a 
J»per Satisfa-Sion and Security: But whether his good 
OSices prove effeflual or not, the Party requir'd ITiall be 
equally oblig'd to furni/h the Jllpuiated Succours in good 
eameft, and to continue them till fuch .time as the Patty 
injured be rcflored iniirely to the Condition he was in be- 
;fofe ihc Invafion, and till the Damage and Wrong he has 
ftSirt'd be duly repaired j unlefa he that furninies the 
^uccours be invaded and purfued himfelf, and have need 
■Ulor part of his auxiliary Troops to defend and fecurc 

^Wl. When the Troops are join'd, the OtEcer who 
^Butnda the Auxiliarys, fliall without the leaft Let or 
^B»nce excrcife the Command and Jurifdiflion over 
^^Kj but he ihall he oblig'd to keep good Order and 
^BAty Difcipline, and topuniHi the Guilty inailCxem- 
^Hf manner, without any Delay, Connivance or Regard 
^Kfbever : And in cafe the Party to whom the Succours 
^Bent, is not fatisfy'd with the Chailifement which the 
^^khI or commanding OfHccr of the Party required has 
^Hed, that Oiiiicer fhall keep the Delinquents, of what 
^B[ or Condition focvtr they may be, under Arrell, till 
^Kligh Confederates have communicated together. As 
^^pie General Command in the Field, and inMilit<iry £x< 
^KioBSj it ihall reft ivith the Ally and Vi\& Gtm^xaV \cv 

rill ah^m 


252 Treaty between the EkSlorates 

whom the Succours arc lent, in fuch manner 
nothing of Importance fliali be attempted tii 
beration, and a previous Refolution has been taken spl 
the Affair in a Council of War, in Prefence of the G( ' 
or Commanding Officer lent by the Party requir'd. 

IX. The Ally who ftull have occafion for the Succi 
fliall in due lime make known the Rank of the Officerl 
defigns for the Command in Chief, that the Party aflil 
may.govem himfelf thereby, and fend a commandii 
fieer with his Auxiliary Troops, who ia not oFa 
Rank than the other. 

X. The Requirer is oblig'd at his own Expence to 
nifh the heavy Cannon, Ammunition, and alt the Amuj 
lenanccs to the Field Artillery that fhall be need&lfii 
the military Operations 5 wherein however the Party tj 
quired IhaU be aHiliing to him, in conliderationof arai 
fonabie Satisfaflion and Reimburfement, if then be i 
fufficiency of thofc Things Jn the Ncighbourhooil, aiidlj| 
can part with them without prejudice to himfelf. "" 
Party required fhal! on his part provide his Troops 
Regimental Cannon, and ihenecefldry fmall Pieces. 

XI. He that fends the Succours fhall maintain his Au 
liary Troops at his own Charge ; but the Requirer flu 
take cate that they be furnifh'd and fupply'd withwh 
Provifions and Oats they want at a realonable Price, 8I 
upon the fame Foot that he can have them for his 01 
Troops, which (hall be regularly paid for once a Mont 
except Hay, Straw and Padutage, which fhall be gi« 
to the Auxiliary Troops ^?-fl;;j. 

XII. When the Succours are aflually fcnt, theffl 
Allies will make exait Regulations for the maintenaiMQ 
the Troops, tbe forming of the Regiments, Comptt 
and other fuch Affairs. A perfcS Equality fhall be c 
ferv'd in every thing as (kr as poflible ; and all Confitfii! 
and Diforder (hall be avoided and guarded againft in di 
beft manner that can be. 

XIII. Neither of the Allies fliail demand of the othi 
unneceffary Paffagcs of Troops thro' his Countrys j buti 
cafe an indifpenfdble Neceffity require a Paftage, afti 
due Regard had to the Situation of the Country, thl 
ihail conform themfeives in every thing to the Regul 
tion of the March of the Troops, which was agreed ujK 
by both Partys the a7ih of December nSSy, and _doli 
thioB contrary thereto. 

* ' XIV. ia 

173'* ^f S^'^ony fl«f^ Hannover. 25'f 

XIV. The two High Allies rererve to themrelves ex- 
! prciiy whatever they are oblig'd to do for their Houfes by 
J tiitue ot the Family Coiupuffs j and they arc equally 

Iind hy the Alliances, Kngagements and Regulations, 
which they find tbemfeives bound to others ; and the 
ber, becaufe thry are of I'uch a Nature, that they wttl 
inierfete with the Performance of the Obligations of 
prefcnt Aliiance. 
SV. This Alliance is to lafi three Tears, atid before they 
expir'd the two Allies will confider of the Neceffity of 
itinuing it ; but if rewards the Expiration of the Term 
d, ihey fliou'd find ihemfelves in teal Danger, and 
military Operations, ihey (ball continue to furnilh what- 
:t the prefent Alliance obliges them to, till the Danger 
XVI. It is agreed and refolv'd, that if any State of the 
ipire fhou'd have an Intention to accede to the prefent 
isnce, and fhou'd fignify his Defire fo to do, he fhall 
admitted into it by common Confent and Agreement, 
)n proportionable Condiiions, which the two Allies will 
iider of when the Cafe hdppens. 
tVII, The prefent Treaty fliall be raiify'd by the two 
A Contraflors, and (he Ratifications ftiall be exchaoged 
tin the Term of fix Weeks, to be reckon'd from the 
y of the Date hereof, or fooner if poffibie, 
.dllly. Of all that is above contain'd, whatfoever has 
n thus treated and agreed upon, two Copys have been 
ic ; and the Minifters Pienipotentiarys of the two 
tys, having eachof them fign'd and feal'd a Copy, thofo 
Copys have been exchang'd. Done at jDrefden^ 







Other publick Papers^ omitti 
the four preceding V o l u iM e s. 

declaration of War hy Charles 11. /('«l 
of England, agahip the United Pro 
vinces. Ijfued m March 1671, 

WE have been always fo zealous for fhcQiueti 
Chrijiaidom, and fo careful not to inva3e at 
other Kingdom or State, that we hope 1 
World will do us the Juiiice to believe, that 
is nothing but inevitable Neceffity forceih us to the R 
folution of taking up Arms. 

Immediately upon our Reftauration to our Crownv * 
firft Work we undertook, was the etlablifhing of Peac( 
anof tbi fctrling a good Cotte^-jci'aieTicc W^'ween us and on 

1672. Declaration of War againjl Holland. 255 

Is'eighboufS J and in particular, our Care was, to conclude 

Is flrifl League with the States General of the United 'Pro- 
Wtii, upon fuch equal Terms, as would certainly noe 
hiTC been broken, if any Obligations could have kept 
them within ihc bounds of Friendthip or Juftiee. 

This League was maintain'd inviolable on oor part. But 
Jnthe Vear i5tf4 we were Hicred up by the CompUini* 
ofgur People, and the unanimous Vote of both our Houfes 
oEPwliament j finding it a vain Attempt to endeavour tho 
Ptofpctity of our Kingdoms by peaceable ways at home, 
U'biiAour Subjefls were fiill expos'd to the Injurys and 
OpptefTions of thnfe States abroad. 

That whole Summer was fpcnt in Negotiations and En- 
deavours on our fide, to bring them to reafonable Terms, 
which, iiotwithflanding all we could do, proved at length 
ireftiiual .- for the more we purlued them with friendly 
fiO|K)fi(ion£, the more obftinately ibey kept off from 
Sgreeing with us. 

Upon this enfued the War in the Tear i66$, and con- 
lioued to the Year 1 661 ; in all which time our Vi^orys 
their Loffes were memorable enough, to put them in 
d of being mote faithful to their Leagues for the fu- 
E But iollead of that, the Peace was no fooner made, 
mey returned Eo their ufual Cul-tom of breaking Ac- 
Kdiid fupplanting our Trade: 

tinSance, the States were particularly engag'd by an 
Beof the Treaty at ffrfrfij, to fund Commiflioners 10 
WtmdoTit about the Regulation of our Trade in the 
mjK4ies : But they were fo far from doing it upon that 
Ballon, that when we fcnt over our Ambaffador to put 
Einmind of it, he could not in three Tears time get 
Btliein any Saiisfaflion in the material Points, nor a 
fclUEce of the Wrongs which our Subjefls receiv'd in 

Etbe Wefl-Indics they went a little farther : For by an 
tie in the fame Treaty, wc were to rcftare Surinam 
Hb^r Hands ; and by Articles upon the Place, con- 
td by that Treaty, they were to give Liberty to all 
Bubjefb in that Colony, to tranfport themfelves and 
I EAates into any of our PJantations. In putfuance of 
lAgrecment, we deliver'd up the Place, and yet they 
bn'd all our Men in it ^ only Major Satiijler they fent 
w Frifboer, for but dcfiring to remove according to the 

256 -^'"S" Charles the Second's Declaration 

Our AaibafTador compUining of this Behaviour, aftd 
twQ years Sollicitation, obtain'd an Order for the perfbt. 
mance of thofe Articles : But when we fcnr Commiffio* 
ners, and twoShipsto bring our Men away, t\\c Hoilandefi 
(according to thcirfbrmer prafllce in the Bufincfs ofyole- 
roon for above forty Years together) fent private Ordeti' 
contradiflory to thofe they had own'd to us in publickj 
and fo the only eSefl of our G)mfniflioners Journey (hiilier^^ 
was to bring away fomefew of the poorefl of our SubjeSb 
and the Prayers and Cries of the moll conliderablc am 
wealthieft ofthetn for relief out of that Captivity. Afar 
this, we made our Complaints by our Letter in ^i^{^ ]«S 
to the States General, wherein we defir'd an Order tottlde 
Governours there, for the full Obfervancc of thofe Art* 
cles ; yet to this time wo could never receive one word of 
Anfwer or Satisfaflion. 

But it is no wonder that they venture at thefe Oi 
upon our Subjefls in remote Parts, when they dare be fo 
bold with our Royal Perfon, and the Honour of thisNi 
tion, fo neat us as in their own Country, there being lei 
a Town within their Territorys, that is not filPd ^ 
abufive Piilutes, and falfe HiftorJca! Medals and Fillaii^ 
fome of which have been expofed to the publick View 
command of the States themfclves, and in the ver 
when we were join'd with them in united Counfcla 
fupport of the Triple League, and the Peace of C 
dom. This alone were caufe fufficientfor our Dlfj 
and the Refentment of all our Subjeils. 

But we arc urged to it by Confiderations yet res ._ 
us, than what only relates to Ourfelf ; the Safety «rf 
Trade, upon which the Wealth and Profpcrity of our ft 
pie depends, the Prefervation of them abroad fiom " 
lenceand Opprefllon, and the Hollanders daring to a| 
us almoft within our very Ports, are the Things which mi 
our iuft Indignation againA them. 

The Right of the j/ag is ft antient, that it was ooe 
(he M\ Prerogative* of our Royal Predeceffors. and ou 
to be the laft from which this Kingdom /hould ever 
It was never queflioo'd, and it was cxprefly 
ledg'd in the Treaty at Sreda ^ and yet this 
Summer it was not only violated by their Commanders It 
Sea, and that Violation afterwards juftify'd at the Hagi 
but it was alfo rcprefented by them in mod Courts 
C/irjfJendom, as iidica\oa^ tot u^ t<» demand. An 


ef War aga'mft Holland. 257 

nfblence ! That ihey OiouM contend with us 
Dominion of flierc Seas, who even in the Reign 
«yal Father, thoughr it an Obiieation to fi/h in 
" takingof Licences, and for aTribuie ; andwho 
iK-tng now in a Condition of mjltinp. this Di(^ 
the Proieflion of our Ancertots, and the Valour 
[ of their Subjea*. 

bftanding all thefc Provocations, we oatiently 
iSati»faflion, not being willing to expofc tne Peace 
sndoni for our particular R-Jentments ; whilft 
d not on their pars toendcjvour to provoke tho 
Kan King againft us ; of which they thought 
:fc lecure, that for above thcte twelve Months 
bin here have threaten 'd us with it. 
I, hearing norhing from them, we fcnt another 
r to ihem, who after fevcral prcffing Memo- 
Name, could receive no Anfwcr, till after he 
y his Revocation, Then they offcr'd a Paper 
eft, That in this Conjunilure they would con- 
'tirike to us, if we would allilt thcin againft the 
(ut upon condition, that it ihould never be taken 
^lent hereafter to.thcir Prejudice, 
ie return of our faid Embair^dor, they have fcnt 
dinary one to us, who in a tnofl extraordinary 
given us to undiirftand. That he can offer us 
ion till he hath fent back to his Mailers. 
PC, defpairing now of any good Effefl of a fur- 
, we are compell'd to rake up Arms in Defence 
nt Prerogative of our Crowns, and the Glory 
of our Kingdoms j and we put our Trait in 
le will give us his Aflirtance in rhis our juft 
J, fincewehad no Wiy kft to dofcnjiiur Ptuple 
rtiSce of that Nation in Peace, but by the Va- 
*Subjeas in War. 
therefore thought fit to declare, and do here- 
tfaiM we will profecute War both by Sea and 
^ the States General of the Utiufd 'Provin* 
their Subjc^s and Inhabitants. Hereby in- 
teoftdear and moft beloved Brother theDuko_ 
High Admiral, our Lieutenants of our feveral 
ivernours of our Forts and Garifons, and all 
I and Soldiers under them by Sea and Land, 
the Attempts of the States General of the 
iwces, or their Subje^s, and to do a,n& &>;.&• 







^58 King Charles ibe Second's Declaraiion. 

cote all Ails of HoUility in the grofecution of this V/u 
agdinll ihc faid States Genera! ol x\it U'/l!tcd'Prffoinui^ 
their Vaffals, Subjects, and iDhabicanic ; willing andtr 
quiring all our Subje^s to take notice of the fame, whoi 
wc henceforth ftraightly forbid, on pain of Death, toholi 
any Corrcfpondence or Communication with the faid Stai 
General, or their Subjcfts, Cthofe only excepted whoi 
ncccffitatcd thereunto for the withdrawing their Pcrfo 
and Eftates out of the United 'Provinces.) And beeiul 
there are remaining in our Kingdoms many Subjeils of ih 
Stales General of rhe [/ailed 'Provinces, we do dcclat^ 
and give our Royal Word, that all fuch of the DmcbVi 
tion, as fhall demean thecnfclvcs dutifully towards iU| an 
not correfpond wiih our Enemys, fliall be fife in ilie 
Ferfons and Enates, and free from all MolelUtioD 
Trouble of any kind. 

And further we do declare, That if any of theXt 
Cmntry Subjefts, either out of Affe^ion to us or our G 
vernmcnt, or becaufe of the OpprefQon they me«i ■ 
at home, fhall come into our Kingdoms, they ihall be 
us ptoteiled in their Perfun* and Eilatcs. 

And whereas we are engag'd by a Treaty to fuppMI 
Peace made at Aix la Chapelte, we do finally 
That notwithftanding the Profecution of this War, 
maintain the true Intent and Scope of the faid 
and that in all the Alliances, which we have or fhall 1 
in the Frogccfs of this War, we have and will take 9 
to preferve the Ends thereof inviolable, unlcfs prtVOl« 
the contrary. 

J'uUijh'd ly Order of his Majejlfs Tri'. 

^The j^nfioer of the States General of the 
United Provinces of the Low-Count rys, 
to the foregoing declaration of War of 
the King of Great Britain. 

TH E States General of the United Vroviaces of the 
Lo'M-Couatrys ; xo all to whom fhefc Jliall come. 
Greeting. The Hopes wc had hitherto, that our 
continual feeking of Peace would, in time, prove mote 
fuccefiiful^ and ih<ai the reiterated Inl^ances of the Prince 
xAOrauge fhould at lart carryitabove the Arts which have 
hc£n U5'dagainll us, have kept us frotn publifliing foonec 
an Atifwer to the Declaration of War of his Majelly of 
Greai Sriiain ; being unwilling lo encrcafe the Fcui), or 
to let the whole World Ice at what rate fa great a King 
haih been abus'd, by the ptiblilhing in bis Name of & 
Manifeflo, wherein Truth is whatha:b bcenieaft aim'd at, 
and which is all tiill of things that defeive To little to bear tti 

' the From fo lUuflrious a Name. 

But lines all our Endeavours, as well as tbofe of the 
Vriacco^ Ora?ige, have prov'd fruitlcfs; and that our moft 
earneft Suiis are not only rcje^ed with Scorn, but are alfo 
look'd upon as Injuries, as it appears by the Exceptions that 
have been taken at the refpeftful Letter we had written to 
his faid Majeily ; the Care we are bound to have oFour 
Honour, and what wc owe to our Subjc^^, doth not 
giTe us leave to defer any longer the laying of our In- 
nocence open, and to make known to all Europe the 
JuAice of our Arms, which we Ihall be always ready to 

iiay ilown as foon as the Violence of our Enemys fhall 
cesfe J as we did not take them up, but out of an unavoid- 
able neceiTity. 

Howbeit, before we go further, wc think it necefTiry to 
deiite bis Majefty of Greet Sritain to be pe*fuadcd, that 

.. our intention is not to oflend his Royal Perfon, for which we 
hare ever had, and will ftillhave, all imaginable RefpaS j 

26o 'the States General's Anfwer to 

aliho the Arcngth ofTruth doth conlirain us to difbwn tneS 
of what hi Miniliers have perruaded him lo avcf. 

Wtf do alfo defire all thofc of the E'lgl'Jh Nari- 
whofc h-nds th.fc may come, to read ihem with an im 
paiiia- Mind, and lo feek only the Truih in ihecn. without 
corifidtnng it com s from Enemye, fince wc bear that 
Title with much regret j and th^t we defire nothing more 
earncllly, ihan to fee our 'elves united again with a Na- 
tion, 10 which we aie link'd by the ficred Bond of (ho 
fame R.cligion, befides a joint Interell in fcveral othe; K- 

We i^ever intended to call in qucDion the peaceabis 
and generous Intentions of the Km^ of Great Sfiujiii 
and we are enongii perruadi:d, that all the M;fuIlje^ 
{landing diat hath been between us fince his RedoR' 
lion, h=i(h proceeded only from the Counfels of ilkfiefl- 
ed Pcrfon^. But by rcafun that to what conceiu thB 
Perfoii of his Majcliy, (which we do not gainfay) the; &3j 
feveral groundlets Accufations relating to ourfelves, a fhoB 
and faithful Account of what hath p^fs'd mo{} confideraUe 
before the Trcaiy of Srcdu^ will fufficicntly demonfinn 
which of both Piriys hath moft endeavout'd to pceferTCI 
fair Corretpondence, and who h^ve fought Peace with tf" 
gieatclt reality and zeai. 

When his Majefly of Great Sritsin was miraculoi 
called again by his Subiccls to the Government of I 
Kingdoms, he was pleafed to make choice of one of d 
Towns to receive the Deputys that were fent to him, V 
ftay'd with us ti:l all things were ready for his Tranfpoi] 
lion. During the faid lime, we endeavour'd to give Id 
ailpoffibic Dcmonftrations of Refpefl to his Ptrlon,* 
of the fervent defire we had to purchafe his Friendflu 
and to preferve the fame inviolable. And whit we dM! 
that rcfpeft, prov'd fo acceptable to his Majefty, add i 
fo fat perfuade him of the fincerity of our Intentions, ll 
he was pleafed to acknowlcdg it much beyond what wei 
pefled; and affured us, wirh the moft obliging Exprefiioi 
that he was rcfolved, and did earneftly defire to enicr wli 
our State into a ftriiler Alliance than any of his Prcdcc' 
fors had done, and that he did hope his Refloraiion woi 
bo of no lefs advantage to the Inhabitants of our ProvincB 
rhan to his own Subjefts, and that they fhould all tafie tfc 
fruits of it with an equal fatisfaflion: Adding to this, tHi 


ictal ' 

1672. t/je Englifli Declaration of PFar. 

be /hould not without jealoufyfec us prefer the Friend: 
or Alliance of any other Prince before nis. ScvtraJ general 
Fropofals and Projfffts of Treatys were made evun Jt that 
time; after which wa fent a folemn Embafly to put ancnd 
to what had been already propos'd, and to ofter on out pari 
all that was boh reafonabteand ftalible. But our Fmbaf- 
fsidors were no foonet arriv'd, but they perceiv'd a fireat 
Alteration in the Mind and Inciinations of his fa d MajcHy, 
and (bund that forae ill-aSefltd Pcrfons had poffi:(a'd him 
againd us fince he had left the H'rgue : So that inOe^d of 
concluding the Alliance which he had propos'd to us him- 
fclf, he began to fide with other Princes againft us. And 
!n particular, thothe War we had with 'Portugal was moft 
juft and moll warrantable, yet he openly thrcarned 10 
break wiih us, if we did fcek any longer, by way of Arms, 
a reparation of the Wrongs wc had reeeiv'd Irom that 

In the mean time, o^r EmbaiTadors did not intermit 
their Inilances, and prefs'd with all poflible Zeal for the 
I concluding of a flriiler Alliance with the Crown of Ei/g- 
I idnJ. But after feJ-eral Ob>aions and DiiScultysrais'd by 
(bat Court, upon the Articles which our EmbalTador had 
|jtopos'd, in conlormity to the Projeft that had been made, 
I'whilft his Majefly was Hill at the Hague ; the Commiffio- 
Ihbra wiib whom they treated, offered them at lart, after 
nbeve a Year's delay, the Treaty which was concluded in 
mie Year itf 14 with Crom'well : And this Treaty could not 
Me confittn'd neither, but with much difficulty and trouble, 
jpnd with the addition of fevcral Points, thai made it more 
jMiladTantjgeous to us than that very Treaty of 115^4. 
P, At lail, having overcome all thofe Difficultys, and given 
llvBibe King of Greal Sritaiti fo clear Proofs of the finguiar 
l^fteem we had of his Friendfhip, we tiiougbt thereby to 
Hare laid the Foundation of a titm and durable Peace ; ancl 
Bd hope the Engli/h Minillers would have contributed oti 
■heir part, as we did on outs, to extinguifh the leall Srjarks 
MDilcord : But the Treaty was no fooncr concluded, than 
Hey begun to renew and fct on foot certain Preienfi^ns, 
Biat were regulated in general by the Treaty, but not per- 
n&\y ended And whilft the Embaflador iDo-amifg maHe 
E-ereat Noifi; in the Hagve, of a few groundlefs Demands 
^^lome private Merchants, they fent a Fleet to poffels 
n^mrelves of feveral Places belonging to us upon the Coall 
wtGuwea , and of all the New Netljerlandi \ ixA \Vm \^ 

i6± Ths States General's Anfu^er t9 

tbc midft of a felled Peace, witheui a previous D( 
of War, and wiihoutany denial on our part (o give theS 
fatisfjclion upon any CompUini they had made i and afie^ 
vards they fcis'd all our Merchant Ships that fait'd aJtnffl 
theit CoalK 

Thefc Excefles were follow'd by a Declaration of VTsr, 
during which, wom=iy truly fay, we never rcfus'd to bearkes 
to any OvLTtur^; of Peace that wa^ made to us, either^ 
Princes and States, or by any oiher unconcem'd PctTdbi 
Btit, to the conttary, we let no opportunity Hip of ma)tn){ 
Overtures of Peace ourfclvcs, upon the leaft glimpTe 
, hopes it tttight bt' done with fuccefs : Having in ordef 
I tbai tcpt our Embaffador in Fvgland, during the beft part 
of the War; aodhavingflili, ijnce his coming away, ofttt'i 
from time to time to his Mijefty of Great Sritah, tbA 
very Alternative upon whith Peace was at laft coocIadeJ, 
f which was cit'icr to ksep what had been conquet'd on ei 
iher fide, or to rertore all reciprocally) wihour feeking "" 
make sny adpaniage of the Conjunflion oi France, whi 
bad then decUr'd in our behalf. 

Ail ihii da.h fufficicntly fliew how zealous we haved 
ways been for Peace; and evt:n wiihoutany other pWl 
one (nay e^fily im3ginc we fhall ever be dffirous of wnal' 
the true Foundation of the Happinefs of our Country, bI 
is the Support oFour Trade. 

All thofe who arc in any mcafure acquainted wiHlf^ 
flare of our Affairs, can't but know that a War by Sea,M 
as this we are cngag'd in now, is of all Rocks, thai vHt 
at all times we fliall avoid with the greatel^ Care j mi H 
nothing but an inevitable Necefliiy can bring usio4 
taking up of Arms; in cafe they will but grant us ertt' 
little Prudence and Wifdom, altho they would not OWfti 
keep our Tteatys (as we inay truly fay we have ever dw 
out of a Principle of Confcicnce and Honour- And thfl 
fore the Prools which Emlaiid doth inflance in, of 8 
averfcnefi to Peace, and of the perpetual Infradionofti 
Tteatys, mufl needs carry a flrong Demonftraiion vH^— 
them, to m^ke good a Faradojc that is fo much againfti 
Senfe and Reafon. Let us then examine in order thofefl 
tended IiifraB'iom, and fee how far the Compilers of ll 
MsTiifcfio do make it appear we have violated thcTui 
of "BYe'da. 

The firfl Infraction they complain of, and which 'va' 
JikeRiiood ought to be vct^ coTv&d<itibtc.( fince it leads i 


L The 
■ JikeHkc 

1672. the Englifti Declaration of War. 263 
Van, hath four feveral Branches : i. That wc were bound 
by (he aforcfaid Treaty of ^redg, 10 Tend Commiffioners 
to Z^ndon, 10 regulate the Eaft-Jiidia Trade ; which we 
have not done, 2. That thisfoic'd the King a^ Great Sri- 
tain to fend us an Embaflador, 10 put us in minJ of what 
we had promis'd. 5. That the faid Embaflador could not 
inibree years time get from us any faii faflion in the mate- 
mi Points ; ncr, 4. A forbearance of the Wrongs which 
the Subjefls of his faid Majifty receiv'd in ihefe Pans. 

Whereupon we can't but take notice, that this, inallpro- 
fnbiliiy, is the firlt Manifefto in the VVorld ihar ever began 
irith an Article, whereof every part is a mere Suppofition, 
anJ wherein, of all the Matter of Faft that is alledg'd, ihere 
ia not the leaCl Point agreeable to Truth. For, 1. Let the 
wbnle Treaty of Sredn be read and examin'd with Care, 
no Claufe will be found whereby either in cxprcfs or equi- 
Talent Terms, we were bound to fend Commifltoncrs to 
JiOndoTii much lefs to fend any thither for the Regulation 
of the Eajh-Jndia Trade, which is rot fo much as tncntion'd 
in all the Treaty. Which makes us wonder at the futpriz- 
ing Eolc?nefs of thofe who thre publifh and aver, in the 
fight of all £aro/f, a thing which doth confute iifelf; and 
ihe Falfliood whereof may be evinc'd, by producing only 
Ae very Treaty they quote and ground themfelves upon. 
I 1. How is it poffible the King of Great Britain fhould 
lend us an Embaflador, to put us in mind of that which 
I never was, and which we could not have ptomifed, lince it 
1 Jiad not been fo much as fpoken of? ;. What efll'ntial 
LS'oints could have been mov'd upon an imaginary Cbiife 
■Wfd Engagement? and there being nothing in that rcfpeft 
Kigreeduponby the Treaty of S'rcrfd, what ratiGfddlon could 
I'oiey demand from us? 4. We m^y with Sincerity and 
jITiuih affirm, that hitherto we have not heard that our 
B^fi-Iiidia Company, fince the laft Peace, hath done any 
nrong to, or committed any Violence againft the Subjcfls 
iof the King of Great Sritaix ; and withal, that his Em- 
piaflador never complain'd to us of it in the leafl ; which 
rtindoubtcdiy he would have done, if there had been any 
[ (round for it. But to demonflrate further the Iniuilice of 
tftis Complaint, and how ill grounded it i?, we are aflured 
mom good hands, that the Committee of the Engl/Jb Eajl- 
\fydia Company, having been defir'd by the Court 10 brinii 
pin their Grievances, with a Lift of the Injurys they had 
I S 4 TC'-W"' ^ 

' 2^4 ^bs States General's Afifwer to 

rcceiv'd in (he Lidies fince the Treaiy ofSreiia j they li 
fwcr'd in writing, Th;;y had receivM none. 

But whai is liirle lefs Hirprizing ihan all the reft, is, tl 
they charge u; with vioi^ting the Treaty of SreJi 
relation lo the Eajt India Trade, which is not meniioi 
in it, iiiilfad ol'tfiurr-ing us Thanki for what we hiveda, 
in ihat icfpi.fl, wirhoui being bound to't by any Trcm 
and met. ly to let the King and all the F.iiglijh Nation Is 
at what rate we were willing lo purchafe and to ptelerT 
their FtiendOiip. In few words, rhe rhing was thus. 

The Peice which was tripled of at Sreda, being 
jefii'd by the grcatel^ par^ oi Europe, and ihe time 
too ftiort to enter into a particular Negotiation for a Treat 
of Marine between E"gl/inii aj^A us, it was agreed lonalu 
urcprr-v.fion I y of ihir which we had concluded with i^ffi 
in the ]fe<ir i65i, beginning from the ifith Article, to till 
4jdinciufivclyi it bfini;rL-rolv'd atthefanne time that, afte 
the Peace concluii d, C mm flioners fhould bechofcnonbot 
fides to agree upon a more pat titular Regulation of Martin 
for the reciprocal E. fcand Convenience of the Merchant*' 
both Nations: Which km i of Treaty^ being only to dcW 
mine the Co'itraland Goods, and to pttvent the Interm 
tion which Warcomir.only caureth in the Trade of KeiW 
Xfitions, is altogether diff rent from a Regulation of Tni 
in the B'ifl Indiei. Mureover, the Winter followiogBf^ 
/(7W(/ having dufign'd the Prefervation of the Sfanijh^ 
ihcrlattds, and hivinj; f,nt S\t ffiUiam I'empie to cnB 
into a >Cegoiia;ion with us in otder lo it, we conclude^j 
a tittle lime three fevcral Treatys with him ; u;5. Thett 
ti Xefe!:,five Le g"e between us; the other for thel) 
fence of the /.viv-CoUii/rys, which afterwaids was caOl 
the -Trit'le Alliance ; and the third an abfolute Treaty i 
Marine, which was coticluded on the j^ of Fehrtiary 
and which left no rnom for the Nomination of the 
mitlioners th:t hid been fpokcn of at Sreda, fince & 
Treaty had ferried what they fhould have treated abdl 
and ihat tht'te W3s nothing to be added to a formal and& 
folutc Regulation. 

After the Conclufion of this Treaty, fomc E',gli^ Me 
chants did reptefent to (he Court, that fome Articles of 
were doubtful and impr^flicahie; whereupon Sir ^imt 
Temple deliver'd us a Memorial, dated the siJih of ^ 
vernier itJfiS, without mentioning therein the EaJl-InA 
Trade} and on the firtt of ^sccmler following he g" 

idyz. the EngHfh Declaration of War. 265 

our Coromiffioners iwo Ariicles of the Treaty of Marine, 
which were'il of, and added to them four Articles 
tnore, lo be as a Rule between the iwo Companys in iheii 
Eafi I'tdia Trade i but which, in truth, were mere Dc- 
Baanda the Euglifl? Cumpary made fur their private advan- 
tage. Whereupon wc mult not omit, that neither in iho 
Memorials which the f^id EmbafT'dor gave us, nor in all 
tbe ConfeR-nces he had with our Deputys, he ever men- 
tion'd in the luaft the Treaiy of Sre^a, nor did ever 
ground bis Demands either upon the faid Treaty, or upon 
ai^ other Engagement or Obliga.iion on our part. 

The whole was imparted to our Affcmbfy on the very 
$kmc day ; where after a ferious Debate, aliho we might 
l»ve tefusM to make any Alteration In a Treaty which hid 
lieen concluded and ratified in the ufual Forms: That 
vithal, as ro what related to the Articles which the Eug- 
7(10 Eafi-hiiia Company had procur'd tobedcliver'd tons, 
We were not bound by jny Treaty, or other Engagement, 
to enter wiih them into a Regulation of the Hajl India 
Trade, much Icfs to grant them levcral Points, which were 
fedl for ihcir private advantage, without any poffibility for 
jut to reap tetiprocaily the leaft benefit of the faid Rcgula- 
tloa i which was alfo dircfliy coii-rary to the Laws gene- 
n>Ily Tcceiv'd in, and lo the common ufe of the Indies : And 
liBly, that they complain'd of no wrong (zs indeed they 
nuld not have done it with any JufliceJ done lo them by 
bur Company; and therefore had fo much the iefs caufe to 
Spge for a more particular Regulation, whilfl there was no 
bcccllity for it. Yet wc thought fit to pafs by all thofe Con- 
Sderaiions, and to give his Majefly of Great Sritain, 
iod all the Bnglijb Nation, this new Proof of the fingu- 
pU Eftecm we had of their Friendfhip, and of our defirc 
ptie the Kntit of our Union yet fafler, and to make it, if 
twcre poffible, indiffolubie. Upon which ground we or- 
t'd our Commiflioners to prepare an Anfwcr to the Pto- 
iDils of the afotefaid Embaffador, and to confer with him 
order to a rpeedy conclufion of that Work. And all wc 
n fay in general of the faid Negotiation, the Particulars 
ihcreof would be too tedious for thofe who arc not vcrs'd 
ihofb matters, is, That of four principal Points which 

/ropos'd by the faid Embaffador, we granted and 
upon three j and without rejefling the fourth, wc 
dy defir'd a further clearing of fome ambiguous Claufes 
leoftbe Ankles contain'd 3 which, inltead of fetclvn^a. 

I '"in 

266 Th: Stslei GemraTs Anfwer to 

good Concrpondcrcc between the two Companys, migIk^ 
have occaGon'd now Debates, and have ptov'd of dangecoiui 
confcquence. i 

And the better to evidence howdclirous we were togi'n 
■U poffible fdtisfaflion to E>^la>id, being fenfible that IH 
XiCItcrs which were wcitien on both fides, did not ia&A 
ently clear all Doubts, we fent the Sicur f^an Seumngm 
chiefly 10 put an end to the faid Treaty between the t«M 
Companys. But whether the EfJgl{ffj Minifters, whowen 
appointed to iteat with him as Comtnillionets, wereunirid 
ing 10 explain thctnfelvcs more particularly upon theatn 
biguous Claufcs, whereof a further cleating was demaodefl 
left they fhould difcover the unjuft Senfe wherein thefiM 
tended to take them afterwards ; or that they were aniid 
lefl the conciufion of that Treaty fhould have united mod 
flriflly both Kaiiors, and fo might have prov'd a nev Od 
Aacle to the War they already delign'd at that timej tbfl 
faid Van Seuaif/gcii could obtain no pofitive Anfwer upaj 
what he delir'd, and came back without any progrels dmI 
in his Negotiation; which could not he renew'a fipcci J 
reafon of (he tnifundctftanding, which ftJU encreas'dftj 
that time, unto the breakiiig out of the War. fl 

As to Sunfiam, which is a Colony upon the CtaSW 
Guiana \a America, it had belong 'd to the IBn^ljJh, jB 
fomc Ships we fent thither, mallcr'd it during the hH 
War, on the fith o^ March ifitfj. N. S, V 

At the taking of it, our OtBcers granted to the In^OH 
rants a Capitulation; wherein, amongftother thiiigj,]LlM 
cxpref^'d, that whenever any of the laid Inhabitants fI)S^| 
have a tnind toremuve out of theColony, they fhould ^H 
leave to fell their Eftaies; and that in fuch cafe the^H 
vernout fiiould take care for theirTranfportaiion, togesH 
with their, at a reafonable Rate. ■ 

After we had had the faid Colony Tome Months in ofl 
poffetSon, the EngViflj Forces conquer'd it again. BvtH 
by the Treaty of SreHa it wds agreed to furrender teagU 
cally, and transfer to each other all Right of Sovetdga 
to the Places which were pofTefs'd on either lide on theS 
JViy i66t, and that we were then yet in poffeflion of Allfl 
nam, the faid Colony did belong to u.s, and was to beifl 
ilor'd us by the Treaty aforefaid ; as it was at laft (sfim 
Jong delays, and many reiterated Inflances from ut) bv ^ 'B 
lue of an Order of the King of Great Sritaiii, dated 9 

the Engljfti Declaration of War. 267 

Kg thus pofTefs'd again of the fjid Place, one Sam- 
who commanded there at (he time our Officers 
jht the Utt Order of the King c,\' England for ilie Re- 
tioo of it, dcclar'd to our Governour ihat he intended 
ITC the Colony, and enjoy the benefit of the aforc- 
CapituUtion ; which indeed he might lawfully do. 
Dot being fatisfied with demanding tor himfelf what 
d not have been denied him, he ailed as if he had 
fltll Governour of the Colony, and demanded in a ve- 
gh manner the fame permiffion, in the name of feve- 
iBDters, as their Deputy, and thereunto by them au- 
I'd. Whereupon the Governour aforefaid being in- 
I'd, that the faid Saritjlcr did Night and D^y cabal in 
Colony, and us'd in a fcdiiious manner boih Promifca 
Threats to aflociatc to him as niiny as he could, and 
ige them to go away with himj and looking upon fuch 
.rriage as direflly contrary to the Sovert'igniy which had 
I iransfer'd 10 us by the Treaty of Sndx, by virtue 
rcof all the Inhabitants of the faid Colony were become 
>ubje6ls, and confequently could not meet together, nor 
u a Body without our leave, much lefs to make them- 
Zi Hcad^ of Partys, and to cabal againil our Intecell^ 
le faid Sajiifier had done ; our u'li Governour not 
king fit to punilh him himfelf, fent him to us to inflift 
■* Vtn what Punifliment we fliould think convenient. , 
uis Arriral, Sir IVilliam Temple having fpoken to u 
Whali; we grantedhim his Liberty. And altho tb< 
■lilts of Siiri-natn, by their being become our Sul^-J 
uA loft all Right of applying themfelves toanyo-J 
btbority but our own, and fo that no foreign PrincoJ 
Kith any Juflicc make himfelf Judge of any formwJ 
^lion ; our Suh^efls having no lawful way to go ouCv 
rerritorys but by asking our leave, which aJIb ^•'r 
pB rtP. never to have denied to any of the InhabiH 
^^T that Colony who apply'd themfelves to us, *t\ 
wOfficers : yet to let his Maielty of Great Sritaiu Teal 
'teady we were to comply with him, and how far wte r 
cftom deiigning to ufc our new Subjects with any lU-i 
r, or to deny them the leall of the Privileges whiAJ 
e promifed them in cur Name, we confented lo entetl 
1 his Majefty's Embaffador into a Negotiation upon tlieM 
matter, and to regulate wiih him the manner how , 
aforf^faid Capitulation ftiould be executed. Upon this 
:ral Difficultys did arife ^ the Court of ZwgUnd etvita.- 

1 NO'iUO^ 

268 The States GeneraPs Anfwer to 

Touring to ftrain the words of the Capitulation \ 
their (rue Scnfe, thereby lo di-ftioy as much as they coiij 
our faid Colony, and askirg every day romewhai n 
whilft ihc Intention of thofe who govetn'd was not i 
pofe Differences in an amicable way, but rather to lej. 
ftill, with much Art, fome Seed of Dflenfion, thctd 
to have an opportunity of making a Noife; and by tbJ 
falfe Complaints to pcrfuade the E'lglijb Nation, wcwJ 
flrange Tyrants who kept their Countrymen in a barS 
rous Captivity, without being moved by their Prayer 
Cries. Whereas we may truly' fay, that excepting Sm^/J 
we have heard of no Eirglijbjnan at Surinam who<iIefi(l 
lo remove, wi'houi being thereunto induc'd cither thn 
the Promifes or Threats of fome of the Agents from lEm 
U«d. J 

The firft Difficulty was concerning the Slaves, whiq 
Sniijier, with his Aflbeiaies, did pretend they might c 
ry off, and rAcalong wirh them, by v rtue oftheCapitJ 
]ation ; altho it be plain both by the Words of the CiM 
tulaiion sfbftrfaid, ad by the TelHinony of our Officql 
Vho lign'd it, that no fuch Priviitge had been grantcdfl 
tbem. But at hft, toobigeas much as we were ablef 
Maiefty of Gie^t ^riiani, we yielded that Point, ( 
confemed to what his faid Majefly dcfit'd of us, bona 
judicial foevcrthe ihing was to us. 

But as the [mention of the Court of E'lglaaJ was t 
either to deftroy our Colony, or to force us to deny til 
fomewhat that might give them a pretence of com^n 
ing of us, tho never fo unjuflly j they diil not thtfil^ 
have doi'C their work by carrying away from us a |^ 
great number of Slaves, And forcfeeing we would nrtj 
Jong without buying new ones inftead of them, tSj 
thought upon a new way to deftroy our Sugar-Won 
which they were forc'd lo leave behind, and dtfir'd afit' 
wards they might carry away the Coppers and other n 
fary Utenfils for the making of Sugar j alrho iti the O 
mon Acceptation, thro' all the Colonys of j^merics, $ 
by the manner they were fiflen'd and fix'd, they « 
properly a part of the Sugar- Works, and therefore not tr 
portable in their nature. This Demand was lo unrcafl 
rable, and fo foieif^n to alt that was fpecify'd in the CaB 
tulation, that we had but too much eaufe wholly fo r^ 
t dill to dcmondratc what value wc fet m 
the Priend/hip of the King of Grea$ Sritain^ u^ t 

672. the EngUfti Declaration of War. 26gj 

r we were willing to condefceod eren to all hisDefirc*»J 
B did likewire give way to it. 

Befides this, they defir'd they might fend Englijb Ships, 
t [he Tranrportation of fuch as fhould be minded to leave 
lie Colony ; in hopes that ihis fending mighi engage thofc 
go off, who had nor defign'd it, and not to rcjeft the In- 
Ution of fo great a King, by fuffering the Ships he feat 
fem at his own Charge, to return empty. Thefe littlo-j 
IS8 were not unknown To us. And altho this Deman^ 
iBsdireftl) contrary to the Laws and to the Prafliceof a 
blonys in America, where no Prince or State do fuiFce3 
ty Ships but their own 10 come to any Plantation they 
ipc£tivcly poffels j and that withal it waj exprelly 
jreed by the Capitulation, that our Governour Ihoula 
.rnifli with Ships (at a tnoderaie Rate) fuch Inhabitantt 
(would remove out of the faid Colony: Yet we once 
«re pafs'd by ail thole Conlidefations, and granted it, 
t we had done all the refl. 

! But by reafon they fear'd ftiil the fending of the Ships 
l^gbt tiot have the Succels they expefled, unlefs they did 
\^zt the fame time fome irutiy Agents, to give the 
^greater Reputation, and to endeavour underhand to 
■e the EngliJJj Inhabitants to go away with them j 
Bfs'd that they might name Commiffioners to carry 
gen we {ent to our Governour [in conformity to 
t had granted to his Majefty of Great Sruaia) 
I be ptefent at the executing of them. This we 
F them alio, and dclired only they would make 
■of fuch Perfons as were unconcern'd and weH-mean- 
n the end all Things might be fairly ended, and 
fijuiual Satisfaflion, But how r,)iional and juft 
Ethis our Requcft was, the Engl'JJj Court infilted 
Be often. mention 'd Sanijier 10 be the chief Perfon 
■Bmbafl'y : And being refoiv'd on our part to give 
pert Proofs of out Coniiefceniion, we oi^pos'd it no 
I altho wc had fo much caufe to fufpefl liim. 
nl End wa' put to this Negotiation by our Minifters 
tandi and liie lalt Orders wc fent to our Governour 
^reed upon between the late S<;cretary Trevor and 
touch againll the Expeftiiion of rhe other E'lgHjb 
t», who did nor thii^k wc could have been brought 
E with lb much ot' our Right, nor grant fo many 
|(«!e weie nut bound to, and which were fo ptejudi- 
fii(t u the fecret Reafons and M.ouve& >N\>.\>^\t. 

270 The States General's Anfwer i 

kept the faid Minifters from perfefling rhe priH 
beiwiien the £iiji India Companys, which was lb fin 
■vancM, made them fear likcwife left the bu&ners of J 
nam (hoald be amicably ended, neither of them agw 
with (lie Mtafures ihey had Jaiely taken at ^over, w 
the Court had gone to receive the Duchef* of Orltt 
ihey were not in the lead pleas'd with what the fai( 
cteiary Trevor had done, and began to think of meat 
flop the Execution of it ; without rcmeinbring thw 
Prayers and the Cries of thofepoorSubjifl=, who (faj 
in their Maaifejlo) long fot Relief out of their Captii 

In order to that, not during to fall openly upontbl 
Secretary, nor to impeach him ihemielves, tneytci 
the Agreement he had made to the Scrutiny of ih*t 
cil of Plantations, to fee whether they cculd not find I 
what elfe to demand, beyond what he had obtain'd 
us. And in truth ihuir Policy was fo fuccefafttl, til 
Saitijlerh\mielf, as panial as he was, had not d(:| 
10 the fail! Council that he was fatisfy'd with what w< 
granted, and had not exprclVd with fome heat hisi 
tience of going away, our Orders would not have be 
cepied and they would have made new Demandi 
us before they had difpatch'd the i'iid Ssnijlcr. 

Yet to perplex the Thing with new DifHcultya, thei 
SunifteT as ample a Commiffion, as if the Colony of 
iiam had not belong'd to ui with Right of Soveitt 
with feveral Claufes, which /hew'd plainly that ifc 
tention and Delign was to force a Denial from uc } I 
even (by an unheard of proceeding) named, at tb 
commendation and Choice oi S<tvifie>\ five ofoar S*i 
in Surinam, to be Commiflioners from and by ci 
the King of Greal Sricain. Our Miniftcrs in Et 
having had notice of it, were infinitely furprifi'd, ft 
prefs'd highly their Refentment 1 Whereupon the 1 
nam'd Secretary TVfW?^, who, as it haih appear'd 
had no Ihare in their Counfels, being fennble th 
overthrowing of all that had been done was wli 
other Miniiters did mofl delire, made feveral loQsi 
our laid Miniflcrs to pals by the juft Confideraiiot 
might have, aiid even to grant to Sanijier a Lener 
commendation, wherein they Ihould perfuade our < 
Bour to execute his Orders bmikfide^ without takiog 
tion at fuch Circumllances as might be itregular. 
«t Jail the; granted luva b^ %. kind of impluii Fail 

2. the Englifli Declaration of War. 271 

of the (trong perfuafion they had of his Integrity, 
ch is very far tirom fending private Orders concradic- 
to thofe we had own'd in publick, as is here laid to 
Charge againflall Truth, and with as little ground aa 
t they add concerning ^olercon. 

frer ali thofe Delays, whereof we were not the Caufe, 
Engljb Ships at lail went away, and arriv'd at Suri^ 
on the 19th of January 1^71, where the Commiflio- 
were receiv'd with all imaginable Civility. And all 
an fay in few words, concerning what pafs'd between 
I and our Governour, is, that on his part there was 
ing forgotten that might oblige the £»£///& Nation^ 
aving gone much beyond what might have been ex* 
ed of him, and what the Orders that were agreed up- 
ith England requir*d. But as to the Commiflioners, 
whole Carriage was a perpetual Mixture of unreafon- 
Pailion, groundlels Complaints, and unjufl Demands, 
they had nad no other Defign than to breed a Mifun* 
inding between the two Nations. They having 
il endeavour'd by all poifible' means to deflroy our 
ly, againft the Allegiance of thofe amongfl them that 
our Subjefls ^ againft the Promifes which Sanifter 
in particular made to our Miniflers in England j and 
, againft the Engagement of the King of England 
;lf, and his Royal Word, which he had often given to 
the contrary. But by reafon the Proof of all this would 
up too much time, we have ordered the publifhing 
bumal of our Governour, with his Anfwer to the Pro- 
leaibrefaid Commiffioners left with him when they 
away ^ to let the whole World in general, and in 
:ular the Englijh Nation, fee the notorious Falfhood 
at is laid to our charge, and the Uprightnefs of the 
ige of our Officers, as well as the Sincerity of our In- 

im the pretended Outrages committed againft the King 
'eat Sritainh SubjeAs, in remote parts 5 they come 

our aflronting here (as they groundlefly affirm) his 

1 Perfbn, and the Engl{/b Nation 5 which alone had 
caufe Sufficient for his faid Majefty's Difpleafure, and 
.efentmentofallhis Subjefis. Which in other words 
luch as if the Engljjh Minifters had faid, that to pu- 
the Ambition of a Bursomafter of a private Town, 
lad caus'd himfelf to be drawn fomewhat too vainly^ 
>r was at leaft to be fet in a Flame \ and i&cax l<(^ V^^- 

272 7he States General's Anjwer to 

rid a Sin could not be wafh'd away but by a Deluge 

ChriaUn Blood. 

But to anrwer this AccuHition more exa^Iy, we catin 
foffit-ieinly wonder ai the carriage of the Court of England, 
who CLiinic lojulUy to the full a War, wherein lo much is 
nocent Blood is fhcd, and which cjufcth lb general a Defo 
la:ion, by tellinj^ little Tales that huvc no ground inTrudi, 
and which arcio iducB bcneaihtheGraviiy of 1. M<J»iJeJlv 
and by their talking of abufivc Piflures, and falfe Mcd^h 
and Pillars, wherewith tScy fjy ail our Towns are fiil'^ 
For firli, ai to their felfe Pillars (which by the w-ty it ai 
Expreffion fomewhat lingular) if they mean by it that we 
have erefled Pillars to ihe dilhonour of the King oiGnst 
' Britain, or the Enghfb Nation, it will never be fbundws 
had fo much as the thoughts ot doing any thing lite it: 
And in that fcnle only thofe Pillars may with truth be 
callM Ftilj'e. 

And as to the Medals (which they alfo do call falfe) 
never knew but of a true one, whi.rein under the knowQ 
and ufual Emblems, with both Poets and Painters, ontl 
one fide War was reptefented, and on the other 'Plenfj} 
and 'Peace thai produceth it ; having under her feet 23^ 
cord in theftiapeofa Futy, that was vanquilh'd, ani 
HiOLiid no lunger defolate States that were become Friencb 

And this Medal, tho it was not done by our Order, \» 
ing look'd upon as very iiioffcnfive, one of our ProvincQ 
gave the Engraver leave to fell it publiekly ; ai ir is uKa 
to permit the Printing, and the S-ile of Books, which n 
not thought dangerous ; or out of a particular Kindnefs,! 
grant a fpccial Privilege to fome private Eookfeljcr, a» 
thus to prefer him befoie his Neighbours. Not to infil 
now upon the Right wc had, as well as any other Sot( 
reigns, to mike ufo of either Medals, or any other uful 
means, to prefctve the Memory of any Aflion, or Event 
we might have thought confiderable j and whereof e(pr 
cijUy there are fo many Inlldnces in England, 

Bur tho wc did not think the faid Medal could hai 
given the lealt oSence, yet there were thofe who did malt 
cioully make ul'e of ir, to exafperate the King of Gr«B^ 
SriTai?! : and howbeit there was nothing more falfe, no 
more groundlefs than what was fuggelted by thefe wcal 
Intormers ; y^t to take off all pretence, and to dcmotiftrat^ 
even in the leal! Circumftatices, the Sincerity of our Inteo 
thas, the Privilege giameAwxW En^taver was called ' 

, the Englifh Declaration of War. 273 

I Medals thar could be found were fupiTrtfs'd, and 
imp was order'd to be broken, to prevent i\vz coining 
more of them in private. 

the abufive Piflures, whereof they pretend all our 
. are full, the great noife they make hath no other 
but a Figure, which the Schepeii (or Sheriffs) of 
aus'd to be made of the Sieur Cornelius de Witt^ one 
ir Burgomaflers ^ and which, by a Civility fome« 
xceffive, they order'd to be huns; up in ihe Chamber 
the Council of their Town ufed to meet. In this 
\ he was drawn with a Staff of Command, becaufe 
preceding War he had aftcd in the Fleet as our 
f 5 and the Painter had added to it on the one hand 
r with feveral Ships, whereof Ibme were on fire $ 
the other a Horn of Vlenty^ out of which flow'd 
of Goods and Commodities ^ to fignify thaf War 
ide room for Peace, and that Trading and Corn- 
had fucceeded to Battels and Fights. Whereupon 
fervable, i. That the State had no (hare in the 
of the faid Pi£lure. 2. That it was not the whole 
r the Town of Dort neither, but the aforefaid 
only, that were his particular Friends. )• That 
ture (of what nature foever it might have been) 
private Room, where none but thofe of the Coun* 
le Town had right to come in. 4. And laflly, 
*e was nothing abufive in the whole Piflurc 5 and 
could be cenfur'd in it was the Vanity of him, 
either fought or accepted of an Honour, which a 
ident Man would have refused, 
ring this only Piflure, we may truly fay we never 
any other that was excepted againft, or com- 
T; and in cafe any abufive ones had been to be 
le King of England^s Minifters thar have refided 
1 us, would undoubtedly have fpoken of it, and 
U the Authors or Publifhers of them might have 
i(h*d. Which is a clear proof there was never 
thing jHiblickly known. And in cafe any have 
or difpers'd fecretly, (which yet we do not be- 
V can we be anfwerable for, or be fuppos'd to 
land in what never fo much as came to our 


bis Majefty of Great Sritahiy on pain of making 
us, expefl more from us within our Dominions, 
n do himielf within his own Kingdoms, where 
v. T it 

274 '^^^ States General's Anjwer to 

it is fuflicientty known how many bitter Libels, again&lj 
his Perfon and bis Governraent, have been difpcrs'd,] 
withAanding the ftriflreft Scarchc.s ? And It may bd 
own Court Tiath not been freer from it than the]! 
of ihe Kingdom. And tlie Liberty his Subjefli do 
haih been fo univerfal, rhat they have i.ot Ipar'd cv< 
toofl rctit'd Apartments, His Minifters have been 
worfe yet, fincc the Chancellor doih confefs in the ~ 
he made at the openingof the fotmer Seffion of Patli 
that they were accus'd openly of Treachery and 
and were call'd, even in the Ccfite-houfcs, both 
and Villains. Thefejcc his own words. 

After all this, with what Juftice can they comi 
us, who in the very heat of all our Wars, have been 
of no Exceffes that came near unto thefe j and who: 
laft have fupprefs'dof our own accord, under very (3 
penaltys, two Pamphlets that fcoke with too little rc^ 
of the Perfon of his MajcftyorGren/ Sritain, althoj 
Author feem'd to have been very afU'^ionaie to the' 
fare of our State? 

As this Article is hardly to be undcrftood, and ii h 
by no manner of proof, we fuppofe they intendeditJ 
Iniroduflion to what fblloweth ; and therefore we cat 
fute it no better, than anfwering in order to the Mal( 
Faft they do alledge. 

This is the grand Battery of the EngUjb Minil 
'Tis what they think we cannot wiihlland j and whidl 
do with the greateli confidence rely upon. Before the 
this Pretence, they knew not how to overcome a1 
Difficultys which ftill hinder'd their Defign. ThcV 
refolv'd to make War upon us : They had piomifi 
France ; and witlial ihey flatrer'd thcmfelves, it '' 
much advance their private Dt;lign at home : But the 
wanted Arguments rhat were popular enough to inceit 
Nation aRiinft us. They had nei'd of fomewhat motl 
their Piflures and their Medals. And in order to 
they contriv'd the fending of a Yatch to feek ouri 
which lay at anchor not far from our Goads, to li 
ftriking from our Admirals ; in hopes that the 
velty of the thing would occafion fome Accident 
might further their Deligns. Which Plot of I 
as we have Unce found, having too well anfwer'd 
Dell res J and excepting this nngte point, there 
nothing in all their Mmifefio, wherein the £t^l\& 


1672. the EngUfli Declaration of War. 275 
■ion may concern themfelves in the leaft ; we think it ne- 
ceffiiry, before we anfwer it more fully, to declare both 
ilioto the King, and to the faid Nation, that as on our 
jiarc we fhould be forry to deny them the Icaft Preroga- 
tive that of right may belong to them, or fo much as to 
leoter into any debate concerning what rhey may claim as ' 
[ft«lr due, when the thing dorh not re are (o us, or is noi 
cnaJe ufe of againfl us ; we do hope likewife they'll hare 
,|b much Equity, as to hear us in our jull defence j and 
L'lbat the great noife the Contrivers of this War do make, 
,Jhall not drown the Strcng h and Solidity o* our Anfwer- 
For the clearing of this point, it is to be obferv'd that 
WU ite Year itf53, as there had never been any Oifpute 
Wbout the Flag between the ^ughjh Nation and us, fo 
St was never fo much a propos'd to mt:ntian it in any Tiea- 
jj^. Which is a clear and certain proof, that tiil then the 
Kea-Commanders on both fides were fufficienily acquaint- 
jied with what was to be done in ihofe c^fcs j and that no- 
:lkbmg had been demanded in thatrefjieft by the Eiigljby 
Hit what wg had been ftill ready to grant. 

It is iikcwifc very cbfervablt.', that England had never 
my thoughts offecuring this Right of ihe Flag by a formal 
Treaty, till they began to fufpefl fome difEculry might be 
lade of paying to ihem, as a Cominonwealtb, the fame 
mr that had been paid 10 their Kings, Which in- 
■ them to have an Article about it in the Treaty of 
K, which was concluded between us in the Year iif H- 
leihird thing which is to be obferv'd, is, That where- 
j. Court of England, infiead of entering with us into 
m.& Alhance which his Majtliy himfelf had propos'd 
6 he was here, did only renew the Treaty we- 
pade with Cromwel, with fiime Addition, as we have 
lefore; the Article of the Flag being purt of the fame 
Concluded with the reH, Jan. 1661, without any con- 
Ice upon the Contents of the fald Article, or the Icall 
pination of its true fenfe, further than what the Words 
And afterwards in the Treaty of Sreda, the 
inth Article, which is fo much fjioken of, was iran- 
WA out of the Treaty of 1662, as chat of the Treaty 
Hi$2 had been taken out of the Treaty of ii$54.. So 
tto underfland tightly the true Senfe of the faid Article, 
1 go back to rhc Original, and examine what hath 
n London io the Conferences and Debates betwceiv 
wlifl? Commiffioners (whereof Crom'mi \nmfe^ voa.^ 
T i ^snx.'i 



276 7be Statci GeneraPs Jnfwer to 

one] and our Extraordinary Deputys in relation to the At 

And it doth appear by the Jsumal of our Deputyt 
which we have ready 10 produce to julHfy whai wc doal 
Icdg, (not doubting but thai in cafe the Englijh (.omin^ 
lioners have foliow'd the fame method, and tiave likewii 
regillcr'd what pafs'd, the fame Particulars will be fouil 
therein) that on the '^ of Jsovember i(ij5, the £3>s^ 
Commifliorer^ deliver'd to our faid Deputys twenty fert 
Articles, which they propos'd to be .greed upon, and'l 
make up the Treaty ihat was to be concluded. And thi 
in the fif eemh of thofe Articles, it wa^amoniift other Ain{ 
exprelly faid, that all our Ships, as well Men of War m 
others, whether fingleor in Fleets, meeting with anyofth 
Ships of War of England, fhould ftrike rheir Bag, t 
lower their Topfail. 

Whereupon our Deputies did declare, that they had Oi 
der from usioaflurethc Commonwealth, ourlmention wi 
not to make any Innovation, and that we were veryreaJ 
to pjy 10 rhc Commonwealth all the fameRetpeils, atv 
had paid to England under the former Govtrnmeiuj Ad 
that thetetote fince they would have a particular Artidel 
bout it, ir was neceffary, in order to that, loinquireofA 
oldeft aud moft experienc'd Sea Officers on both fideif i 
what manner the thing had been conAantly praftis'd, I 
fettle it accordingly for the future : And the rather, becul 
it was never mcntion'd in any former Treaty. 
! The Conferrncej, both upon that Point andfeverall 
thcrs, did continue for feveral days : But in all thattiin 
the £Kg/i/& Cummitfioners could not be brought tocDli 
into the Examination which was propos'd, nor to refer; 
(notwithllanding the reiterated hiftances of our Deputy 
to thedecidon of Seamen, as well in refpeftof the Coit^^ 
and Places, where Strikwg had till then been us'd, as I 
the Number of Ships ; which certainly they would notbK 
refus'd, if they could have prov'd that any Fleet of M 
had ever ftruck to a iiugle Ship a^ England, as thcyb 
pretended at firfl. And on the iSth oi2)eccm. V.S. I 
lowing, they gave our Deputys this Article, infleadof 1l 
former they couid not agree upon ; 

"That the Ships and VejfeH of the United Provinces, 
iveil Men of War as odvrSt meeting at Sea •wtsb apy o/"] 

1672* t^ Englifh Declaration of War. 277 

^hips eff^ar of the State ofErighnd,JhaUfirike their Flag 
%7ii Itmer their 'Tstfatl^ atid perform all the ether RefpeSi 
itie to this State, until they hepafi'd by. 

Id this new Article, the EngliJJi Commiflioners not be- 
ing able ID inilance in any Fleet that had rtruck to a fingle 
Ship, nor confequen'ly to juHify their Pretenfion, ihey left 
bm the word Fleets, which wa^ in the former Article, and 
left the thing undecided in this, 'that the Ships atid ycQeli, 
IVttbout faying more. And at laft, after fevcral Cinferen- 
Ces upon the whole Article, it was agreed on both fides to 
tnake no Innovation, and to keep the Praflice, without 
determining the fame more paiticuiariy. The faid Article 
bsving accordingly been worded thus : 

^od Naves iS Navigia di^larum Fxderatarum Tro- 

'Umciarum, tatn helltca iS ad hojltum vim propulfandam 

tnftruEIa, ^iiam alii, qu£ aiicut ' Navihus helUcis hiijtis 

iReipuhlica in Marihus Sritannicis obvtam dederiiit, vex- 

Hum fitum i tnali vertice detrahent, i3 fapremum velum 

'fmittejit,eomodo, qtto uUis retro lemponhus fub qtiocunqtie 

Mteriori Regimine ohfervatumfuit. 

7'bat the Ships and l^effels of the faid United Provintes, 

I we// Men of War as others, incetuig m the Britifh Seas 

itb any of the Ships of War of this Common-wealib, fhalt 

rike their Flag, and lower their Topfail, in the fame man- 

as hath been heretofore done, tinder any former Govern- 


This Point having been thus ended, and the whole 
'rcaty concluded and ratify'd on both fides, wegavertillour 
sneral ln(tru3ions to our Admirals and other Sea-Com- 
landars, in the very fame words as before ; not feein;; any 
ound to make the leaft Alteration in them, fincethe faid 
rticle left things in the fame condition and itate as he- 
re; adding only to them the Treaty that had been con- 
iuded, to be a Rule to our faid Officers. And fince there 
ad never been any Claufe in the faid Inftruftions, that 
[der'd the Commanders of our Fleets to flrike iheir FUg 
I any of the Englifb Ships of War they (hould meet 
ith, we did not add it neither} it being plain by all thi: 
atb been faid now, that we were m ways bound to k, 
ad that the EagUfb Commiflioners had waved tn^t p^inr, 
T 3 -iv-i 

278 The Stafei General's Anfmr t9 

and infided upon ir no longer, for no other cauffl 
thty wanteJ I'.ool^ co b ick iheir AfTcriion. 

In the mean timt rtvctal jears pafi'd wilhottt 
puic or Pifference upon that matier, between tl 
m nwealih o{ E'-glaud <-aA u?. His Mjjcfty now 
was afttrwcrds rellor'd ro i)i> Ciowns; and in ih 
which was funclu'.ied with him m 1662, the fatn 
wa' inferit-d with thi n li. but without any more ] 
t .jjianaticn, tiiher by Word nt mouth or in Wri 
i(4(i7, it was iranfcrib'd verbatim out of tbe ' 
jfiCi, to hove it the nineteenth Article of that o: 
And in ajl tl.efc Revolutions there had never bee; 
ditter/ncc uj^on tbe executing of ii, till the Mont 
j'f/? 1671, at which time the Court of Eiiglandvii 
to fend a Yatch into our Flirer, that lay at anch< 
faid belotc^ not far from our Coaft 5 which failii 
of our Admirals, fhot twice Ourp upon him, b 
■lid not ftriko his Flag, and lower his Topfiil. W 
the laid A.lmiral, who had no other Order conce 
Flag, hut 10 obferve the 19th Article of the ' 
Sreda, confidering that the faid Article did no 
whole Fleets, but fpoke only of Ships in general, 
for the abovemcnfion'd Rtafons ; besides fevq 
CircLimfiancesour Fleet lay then under, to whicl 
tide could not be applv'd ; And being defirousf 
pay to his Majcft. ut Great Britain all the RefJ 
fibiy could, he went bimfclf on board the Yat| 
was a thing almofl without precedent, for i 
afiual Comniand) and told the Captain witll 
nable Civility, that without a particular Otdl 
not take upon him a thing of thai imjn 
in cafe his Majefly of Great Sriram did thiij 
due, the Difference was to be decided with uj 
the Maflers of him the faid Admiral. 

This is the grand Crime of our Adm 
are accus'd of outfclves with fo much HeJ 
and this is the unpardonable Affront we ar<i 
wards the King and all the E'iglijh Nai 
they add of our Carriage upon this AccJ 
have a fitter opportunity to (peak of 1 
And as to the Dominion of the Seas, and si 
bute for Fifhing, (which no man can tell h J 
mention in this place) we fhall only anfwl^ 
Thitbot)\ the one and ihe otlici isaltia 

f"^ ' ' 

1672. the Englifti Declaration of War. 279 
tbisWar: And that as in all that relateth to the, Cere- 
tnony of the Plag, we never intended to make the leaft 
lonovation, and would have no other Judges to regulate 
and decide it, than the oldeft and mofl expericnc'd Sea- 
Commanders ; fo we defire no new Privilege for the Li- 
berty of Fifhing, and claim nothing in that refpe^l, but to 
keep cbre to what hath been hitherto the conftant Prac- 
tice ; and topreferve what hath been regulated by Tolemn 
Tteatys, near two hundred years fince ; and which the 
Inhabitants of our Provinces, under all Charges and Forms 
of Government, have conftantly cnjoy'd without iflLerrup- 

It is hard to apprehend what Provocations are meant here, 
fir which Satisfaction had been fo patiently expefled by the 
King of GreaT Sntstn, whilft he was unwilling to expofc 
thcVcicaai Chriftendcm for his particular Refentmcnts, 
and which made him fend us anoilier FmbalTador, as it is 
Ciid a iiitte after. For if they mean by it the Bulincfles of 
jthe£'i»/i-/ffrf/«andof5'ar;«fl»;, withourpretended abufing 
Ellie Majefiy's Petfon, which they lay to our charge; We 
|)iave already made it appear, that in all thefe refpefls the 
fl^ng/y!l5 Court had much caufe eo thank us for our Conde- 
Mceniion, far from complaining of us. And this fecond Em- 
IW^Tador they fpeak of, did never make the le^it mention 
B^it j which yet, in cafe iheir Complaints had been well 
{grounded, was altnaetber necefTary, to the end our Denial 
might have juftify'd their War. 

But on the contrary it is plain, it was not without Myftery 
ifliey recalt'd Sir {Villi am 'Temple, who had always been 
icalous to prevent, or to flop the progrefs of all that might 
breed the leaft Mifundcrftanding between both N-itions, and 
bho had ttill endcavour'd, by all poflible means, to pre- 
ferve an Alliance fwhereof he had been an happy Inftru- 
inent) entire ; to fend us a great while after an Embaffador, 
tvho neither in the Memorials he deliver'd us, nor in his 
wivate Difcourfef^, did Co much as mention what ihey have 
fincc made fo much noife about. And if this patient Ex- 
wftation relates only to the Bufincfs of the Flag, we fhall 
detnonflrate in the two following Articles the InjuHicc of 
I this Complaint. 

I In the mean time, what they do add concerning ourEn- 
1 deavours to provoke the French King againfl his Majefly of 
I Greai Sritain, is as fat from Truth as all the reft of 'heir 
I Accufiiions ; And wo do not doubt but; that aiW xVie Eflg.Uib 
T 4 ^a.vw» 




aSo ^be States General's Anpmer to 

Nation will give more credit to the fincere Proteftation m 
do make here, in the prefence of God and Men, ihat WB 
hsd not fo much as the Thoughts of what they lay to am 
charge, than to what fome French Fmiffirys do furmife, i 
niui.h .giind all Likelihood as againlt Truth. 

W^- were then fo fat irom having any fecrei Underftaod 
ing with Fraacit that we h<.ve drawn their Arms oponiii 
merely by our being entet'd int" too ftrift an Alliance wit 
the King q^ Great S''ifain, And 'tis too well known to 
£:iro/e, whether the E'Jgl'{}h Court, or We, ha?e 1 
kept [he faid Alliance, and which of us hach leall Ibu^ 
the Frieodfhip of the French King to each other's prejii 
dice. Since the Einbdffdor Mcitdg'ie was fent into Awfl 
(which ws in ihe beginning of the Year idtfp) thcleafl 
clear lighted could eatily perceive who have been thebo&n 
Friends. And after reiterated Embafly' of their grand V& 
nirters, as well as what had pafi'dai i)over, together arid 
the greai Lcvys they had given lesve to the French I 
make againti us in F.t^land, Scotland and lieland-. w 
muft needs have been of a very e:ify belief, to hal 
fanfy'd, wc had a greater (hare in the Friend/hip of d 
French, than the Courr of ^g/aW had: We, who at it 
fame time had fet out a eonfiderable Fleet, to protcfl til 
Sfanijh Netherlands, in cafeof a fecond Invafion, and wk 
wer- very eatnefl with England to fet out anorher fbtd 
fame end, that we might aft jointly, and keep up thcS 
puiation of the A.liani:e we were enier'd into; the Fm 
Kirg being then advanc'd as far as 2)u}?kirk. 

But to demonflrate further the InjulHce of this Accufadl 
our fmb^iifador In .E';;5/(2ff(^ having fcni us word, thatn 
withftarding all 'he convincing Proofs we had given ofd 
contrary, yet there were fome ill-affeOed Perfons who (9 
deavour'd to pcrfuade both the King and all the Natil 
we treated underhand with Fratsce, contrary to our I 
gagements : Wc immeiliatejy order'd him to dcclurfi. 
our n.ime tohis Majerty of Great Srha/fi, Thattoeviden 
the FaKhood of thofe Reports which were fpread abroadl 
our difadvantage, and to give his faid Majcuy eflemlal a 
undeniable proofs of the Sincerity of our Intentions, 1 
were ready to enter into fuch an Alliance with him a«b 
Ibould think fir, how fiiift foever the fame might be, ttt 
TO go far beyond any thing we had already done, for fear 
jng the Peace of Furore. 

1672. the Engliih Declaration of War. 281 
It is true, the reiterated ProEfets of our Embaflador were 
rcjeflcd withfcom: But we, egukl hatdly have imagin'd, 
that after this Proceeding of ours, the Court of England 
could lince have laid to our Charge Threats, which they 
knew full well to be imaginary, and which wo could not 
be guilty of, at a time wherein we (ought to unite us more 
iftlt^ly ; and whilfl we were too well acquainted with their 
<{ecfet Intrigues with the French, to expcfl: the Afllftance 
),af thefc againlt England. 

\, Their manner of fpcaking heie, of the fending of their 

iJecond Embaflador, doth feem to imply that cither this 

complain'd in ihe ufual Form, of all they are pleas'd to ac- 

I cufe us of in their Manifcfto ; or that Sir IViiliam Temple 

' had already made his Complaints upon the bulincl's of the 

flag, withoutreceivingany anfwer to't. As to thefirft, we 

have aJready made it appear how far the fame is from be- 

) ing true. And as to Sir Wittiam Temple, it would have 

I been hard for him to complain to us or what did not hap- 

I, but very near a year after he had left us. Bur to in- 

no longer upon the Concradiflions, which will be found 

Tiote than one place in this Maiitfejio, and to give an 

ilifwer to what they do alled^ ; it is true we did noi fend 

ittft into England upon the Difpute of the Flag. And as 

Be wete not Gtisfy'd our Admiral had violated the 19th 

itticle of [he Tri^aty of grfrffl, we thought it fit to ftay 

itt the Complaint of (he King oi Great Britain, in cafe he 

Sd conceive we bad not paid him what refpcil was due to 

lim: The rather becaufe the Propofal which the Sieur 

Bereel, our Embaflador, had made to his Majefiy and to 

Lis Miniilers, (very little after the Accident of the Flag) 

enter into Conference with them upon the fame, was 

ls|e£ted, under pretence that an Fmhaffador Ihould be 

EUt to us- And when at lalt Sit George Tlowiihig came 

rom his faid Majelly, we declar'd, i,n anfwer to the Me- 

norial he delivcr'd us the yy ^^ Jammry, that all out Ad- 

Birals and other Sea- Commander? had a (Itifl Order from 

II, to obferve punctually and regul-te themfelvcs by the 

Ijth Ariicic of the Treaty concluded at ^reda with his 

4ajefly q( Great Srhahi -j and that our Intention was to 

live it as a ftanding Rule to us, in all its Circumftanccs 1 

nt that fince the matter in queflion related to the Exccu- 

ion of an Article, upon which the Complaints made were 

pounded, it was to be obferv'd, 1. That it did not appear 

~ us, that general Fleets were compcebcndcd \w », a.t^<^ 


282 "The Slaia Gcnerati Anfwer to 

ihat notbing clfe was mcntionM therein but Ships and Vtl- 
fell indefinitely. And 1. that it was to be done ct /wai 
quo utlii retrh temporihus unquam obfervaizim fuit, ia ihi 
fame manner it had ever been pradis'd. 

Upon the firft Point, to /hew the true Senfc of the i 
Article, we ufed part of the Arguments aboveraeation''i 
And as to the fccond, we ofF;r'd a^ain to the faid Embt 
fador to enter with him, if the King his Mailer picu't 
into 2 flri3 Inquiry of the ufual Praflice concerning ill 
Flag; and that in cafe it were found that our Fleet* ha 
ever llruck to a fingle Englijh Ship, we /hould acknowld 
the thing to be due, and would difputc it no further : tn 
Intention being not to recede from what had beeti formerl; 

Thus 6r our Anfwer related to the matter in debatt 
and evidenced with how little reafon we were accufedo 
having violated the Treaty of Sreda. But we wentfurthc 
than this: And tho we knew very well that in the Examf 
nation which we did propafe, it would never be found tlu 
our general Fleets had litnck to a fingle Ship ; yet tnfiftill 
no further upon the faid Inquiry (which couid not buibt* 
prov'd much to our advantage) we declar'd that upon t( 
Confidence we had in the true and folid Fricndfhip oflb 
King of Great Sritain, and in hopes he would perftn 
what he was bound to, by the fifth Article of the Ifm 
Alliance, in cafe. France made War upon us j we tea^ 
confenied that our whole Fleets, as well as our paracuT' 
Ships, /hould iirike to any fingle Man of War, that cai^ 
the Flag of his Majefty of Great Sritain 5 thereby to e 
his faid Majefty the higheft proof of the Refpcftan^l 
nout we would at all times endeavour to pay lo grctT 
Monarch: Proffering withal to his Majefty, to agree* 
him upona certain Regulation concerning the fame, (op( 
vent all future Difputes and Controverfies. 

Thif, in Ihort, is the Subftance of the Anfwer we B 
to the Memoria] of Sit George 23owmtigi which the Co 
pilcrsofthe Mamfefto arc pleas'd to turn into il/j^iol 
whilft they knew they were not able to objefl any iM 
rational againflit: As tho to juftify their War, iheyl* _ 
nothing to do but to introduce us (peaking impettloei)' Jk 
and to make us fay what we never (o much as thought el ^ 
But thefe Gentlemen do not tell us that, left the tW a| 
Should be thotowly examin'd: andtoavoid ferious Debat •« 
which undoubicdiy would Vviz ukca oS^ the pretence ik ja 

L fliould 
^m which 


72. thf EngUfti DecJaration of War. 283 

I icek, and which ibey had need of, to keep their word to 
■.French, the faid EmbalTador 2)cnxming was oider'd to 
dve nothing from us after a cerrain number of Days that 
re prelcrib'd to him, and which rhcy knew tn be too ihort 
ime to have an Anfwcr of fo higb an importance ready, 
jer fuch a Form of Government as ours, where the Re- 
rtenefs of the Members thai have a decifive Voice, doth 
leh retard the Refolutions that arc taken. So that when 
r Aniwct was brought to hitn, he would not receive it, 
dct pretence it came too late : And whilft they extol fo 
icb in this Manifejlo their great Patience, we could not 
much as be heard, merely becaufe we had not fpoken 
ne few hours fooner. And therefore upon the denial 
ite Etnbaffador, we were forc'd to fend our faid Anfwec 
redly to the King his Mailer, tho with little better fuc- 

They ftill make themfelvcs merry, and do fanfy a cold 
llufion to the Charafler of our EmbalTador, willjuftlfy 
eir Carriage, and their invincible: Obftinacy, in refufing 
enter with biin into regular Conferences upon what he 
&s to oSer thtim from us ; as will bcli appear by what 

Our Anfwer to the Memorial of Sir George ^oianifig 
phich he refus'd to receive) having been deliver'd to his 
lajeAy of G--eat Sritaiti by out; Embaffador, he receiv'd 
Reply from the Court of Eugldnd, wherein they com- 
^in'd, our faiJ Anfwcr was nothing lefs than fatijfaftory, 
nd was full of dark and ambiguous words j with forac 
Ihcr Objcflions of the like nature. Whereupon we 
Wght fit to fend an Extraordinary Embaffador into 
hgUlfid, with ftill power to clear what might be doubt- 

II or daik, and to add fin order to it) what might be ne- 
iflary to exprcG out true Intention and Meaning j which 
as to go much beyond what had till then been agreed 
Son, in relation to the Flag, In the Gril: Conference, 
nieh the faid Extraordinary Embaffador, together with 
It Legier, had with the Eiiglijb Minifiers, they ac- 
ttainied them with the Orders they had receiv'd from 
»} and having affur'd them they were ready to clear in 
Ur Name what might be dark or ambiguous in our An- 
"'er, (without being able to bring the faid Minitters to in- 
ance in what they found amifs therein) they offer 'd them 

Projcil of an Article, or Declaration more ample in 
ruing, upon the bulinefs of the Elagj w^ieievci "w ^^v 

284 the States General's Anfwer to 

eicprefly faid, That our tJeets in u Bo.]y, as well a out 
fingie Ships, meeting wiih any of the Snips oF Wat that 
had iheFUgofUis Majefiy o* Greir 'Briiam, fhouldftrike 
their Plag and lower th ir Topfail, (which one would think 
was ihc fulleft and flrongcft expUnacory Claufe, that coulA 
be added to the igiS Article oi^reda) without annexing 
the fame, or making it depend upon any Condition or De^ 
maud whatfoevur from England. Whereupon our iaiJ 
Embafladoisdefit'd to know of the EngliJJj Commifltoncnj 
whether fur'' a Declaration would faiisty his Majefly t ana 
if fo, thf s were ready to iign it. But the Engtijh Com- 
miflior.; laanfwer'd, they expeited an Anf*er to the Kbg't 
a bo 7e mention 'd Memorial (or Reply) dited the rf of 
Fchrndry, and could receive no Papers that were not 
fign'd. And our Embaffadors tefufing then to fign it, 
before they knew wheiht-r ihe fame rtiouid be fatisladory, 
rhe Conference thus broke off withoutany further dilccurlc. 
But afterwards our faid EmbalTadors refleflitig opontbe 
flrifltiefs of the Orders they had from us, to omit nothing 
of what might demonftrate the Sincerity of our 'ntentioM, 
and the refpc^ we did bear to the Perfon of his Majefty ti 
Great Sri'iin, refolved to pafs by all other Confideraiiooi 
and having drawn up and figncd a Memorial, (wherein tl 
atbrefaid Declaration was comprehended, with a ptoml^ 
of clearing it yet further, in cafe they Hiould think it fij! 
ambiguous or dark) they demanded a new Conference) 
deliver it to the Commiffioners: But thefe fore feci ng thf 
fuch a Condefcenfion in our Embaffadors might be a gcea 
Obftacle to their Defijins, and prevent the B'each, ifl 
came to be publickly known, and they had free Confi 
renews upon it; they had the Skill to caufe their D'-claratig 
of War to be read and approv'd in the King's Cound 
which was extraordinarily call'd for that End, and wil 
great Precipitation, an hoiir before the time they had »: 
pointed 10 our Emhaffadors, for the Confcrenct: which wi 
granted them. So that when our faid Embaffadors cair 
to the place of the Conference, they were told they can 
too iatc, and that the War h?d been jufl; then refolved u 
on, and decreed in his Majelly's Council. Upon whii 
ground, the' i'/j^/j/^ Commiflioners refufed to receive *■ 
Paper our Embaffadors had written, and which ihey 
were willing to deliver, tho they were told the >yar 

w^. ^ 

1672. the Englifh Declaration of War, 285 
It is cify to imagine how great the furprizal of out Em- 
bafTat^ors was, when they receiv'd this Arifwer; and we 
ace BO Icfs aftonifh'd to fee the Court of E gisnd, after all 
the Endeavours oF our Extraonlindty Embaffadot to pre- 
Tcnt the Breach, to accufe him now To groundlcily to have 
^dar'd to them, he could offer no faiisfaflion to his Ma- 
jefty of Great Sritah, till he had fent b^ck to us. 

AU we have fuid hitherto in general, and in particular 
rte faithful Account of what pals'd in Lofidon between 
our Embaffadors and the Engljl? Miniftcf., doth fufficient- 
3y evidence with what Jullice they accufe us here, to have 
COmpcU'd the King of Gnat Sritain to take up Arms, by 
taking ftom him fas thcj pretend^ al! hopes of receiving any 
fatisfaftion by a Treaty. After that, it is not to be won- 
der'd at if they do think ;hemfelves fofecute of the Divine 
;AflSllancc in their juft Undertakings. So godly a War 
, could Dot want a hiippy Succef'i. 

Yet wc inuft not forget th^t (as we have faid it already) 

in the very moment they call God to witnefs of our Obfti- 

(itscy, and at the time this Afanifefto was read and apptov'd 

jln the Council, they expeiSed an hour after our Embafla- 

[iflors, from whom they knew beforehand they Ihoul'd rc- 

Icciveall the fatistaflion they could reafonably cxpeft : 

||And even, that this Council was call'd with fo much 

piifltion, to no other end, bur to make the Endea- 

Wurs of our Miniftcrs fruitlefs, and to leave nofuriher 

n for Negotiation. 

Befidcs, if the War, which the Couttof England is cn- 

kt*dintoagainfl us, be fuchasthey couldavoid, and which 

ney had not delign'd themfelves ; to what end did they 

i|e?eral Months before the Breach) fend Minifters to the 

Sourt of Sweden, and that of Srandcnburghi. Was it to 

kifuade thofe Princes to fland fader to us ? And do they 

Wnfc we arealtogethet Strangers to what they negotiated? 

■fuld they have us and the World believe, by an impli- 

Dpaitb, their fecret undcrftanding with France began 

[this War ; and that they were not bent upon our de- 

%on long before that time? All Europe is fufficientiy 

■inted with what hath been done in that refpefl. 

without going b:ick to lefs publick Engagement.^, and 

laniienter date, (as might be that oi TJover) in the 

radditional Articles which were agreed upon in the 

mb Gimp, and whereof the Engljb Plenipotentiarys 

felvcs fcnt a Copy to the Prince of OrflBje^ iW-^ io 


•^86 The States General's jinj^er to 

own they had already cfmcluded a Treaty againft us, on ilie 
y', oi February 1571 j rhat is, near two Months before ths 
Breach, as well as before they knew how far we migbl 
comply with them. 

Laftly, Toevidence that theirdeclaringWar wainotliiif 
lef» than grounded upon the Nccedity they fpeatt of j itii 
obfervable, they made War upon us, before they declai'2 
it; and by an unheard-of Proceeding had already faDen 
upon our Mercliani-Ships that came from the Straiti j II 
the fame time we bad fent them an Extraordinary Ba)< 
balTador, to oEIer them fatisfaflion upon what they i' 
chiefly complain of, and to let his Majefty oi Great Sf 
taiti know, how far wc were dcfirous of prefervlog hi» 

As 10 the Proteflion which is promls'd to fuch < 
our Subjefls as fhali tranfporr themfelves into the Ki'i^- 
doms of hia Maje% o?Greai Sntaiii, 'lis what we do not 
eppofc : And ail we can fay, is. That we hjve not becnu 
yet fenHble of any great Depopulation in our FroviDcet, 
thro' [he removal of our Inhabitants, nor that theyhaTB 
hitherto preler'd the Domination of our Neighbours bcfbrt 

The Conclufion of this Mais'tfejlo is no lefs furpriaiaj 
than all iherelK And if the Compilers of it had bid M 
Tcr fo little care of their Reputation, they ought much n 
ther to have ftifled (if i^ had been poffible) the Memof 
of the T'riple Alliance^ and of the Treaty of Aix, than (I 
have fo untimely put us in mind of the little value tb^ 
have fetupon their Promifcs, and the folemn Engagement 
they were entred into, both with the Crown of Spahs »« 
with us. And indeed, it is hard to imagine they ateid 
eartieft, when they teii us they will maintain the trueir 
tent and Scope of the Peace of Ai-x la Chapeile, aadpd 
ferve the Ends thereof inviolable, whilft they have eotel^ 
into a League with France 10 invade our Provinces, ■■ 
have kindled a War much more dangerous than that wfiift 
was compos "d at ^ix. 

But the better to judge of the Sincerity of ihia Decl* 
ration ; and to the end it may appear how &r the Cauf 
of England hath preferv'd the Ends of (he faid Tieit||i 
we deure the Reader to reflet upon the following Hiii4 
which we dare not enlarge upon, for fear of being toott 
^ious. This fingle Head, to clear it fully, requiting if 
Mmifeflo by itfelf. 

i6yif^ the EngUfli Declaration of War. 2' 

TbefirftThing tobeobferv'd, is, That the Treaty 
J^JT la Chapeik, was only the Complement, and perfefl- 
{ng of the Triple Alliance i wherein what was executed 
pt Aix, had been already defign'd and agreed upun: And 
that confequently ihore two Treatys cannot be divided, 
tod ought to be look'd upon as one fingle Treaty, tho con- 
cluded in feveral places, and at fome months diltancc of 
laie another. So tnat the Couii of fff.^/aw/i cannot pretend 
to have kept the Treaty of Aiic^ unleia at the fame time 
ihcy can make it appear they have not violated the Triple 
Alliance, and that they have on their part anfwer'd its true 

1. It is further to be ohferv'd, it was his Majefly of 
Great Britain who propos'd the faid AUiatice, having fcni 
us in order 10 it S)t iVitliam Temple, who did carneflJy 
prcft us to join with the King his Mafter, to flop the pro- 
grcfs of the French Arms; and by re-cQabli fhing the 
Quiet of Chriftendom, to fet bounds to a Power, which 
gave fo much jealoufy to all iiB Neighbours. 

^. That being overcome by the powerful Arguments of 
the aforcfaid Sit William Temple, wc confented lo what ha 
defir'd of us. But as wc could not but forefee, that fueli 
I'm Alliance would exafpcr.ite France, and might be at- 
tended with evil Confequences, wedcfit'dat the fame 
rime, for our greater fecurity, to unite us more ftciftly 
;*ith England, and concluded with them a Ttefenjive 
XwgKf, whith lilt then we could never obtain fince the 
KiDg's Rfftoration ; not thinking that after that there 
tould be any danger in afling jointly with his faid Majefly, 
Hid complying with his defires. 

4. That upon the fame Grounds, when Sivedea was ad- 
mitted into the fame Alliaiice, which from thence was 
^tilled Triple, it was flipulated in exprefs wotds in the 
Jicond and third Articles, That to eftablilh this Alliance 
Ipon a furfc Foundation, there fhould be for ever, between 
tnecontrafling Partys, a firm and fincete Friendfhipj and 
ihat to cultivate it, and preferve it really and fincercly, 
nPich of the U\A Confederates ftiould heartily endeavour to 
Ijrocure all Good and Advantage to the others, and to pre- 
l^rve them, as far as they were able, from all Damage and 
'reril : For which end alfo, all the Treatys and reciprocal 
jEngagements, that were refpeftiveiy between them, (tiould 
fee preferv'tJ entire, and kept inviolable. And intbc&f^V 

k» £ 

■ #« « 


. ^ m 

• • • •- • 

.:•:• .-■: :-.. ■* n l^t j-'-.-crr. 

&'•• bf::*: •? V..:-. ... r-t v..--. f.:.-. aiihvut acv PR 

from -• ' 
S^ H-t :* :•- r-cr cr. •• :'. :-...: cr. r: as, the Coart of 

cO c:id :.'.• ' •.:"'::•.'•: rr . . .;. ,-i... :.:::€ : Tfaey hare \ 

f^' a-, .i'f ': '.'••. *r. f !.r' re':- c:s, ar.d upon other < 

Jr: 'ir.-'., ii. .0 -r. ?:.-: f-'. r*h Ai-ric.e r;f the Treatjf 

5^ 2 1 K:r:^5', Por-.n a--:;« :.r.': P;:r:--« hid a r:ght tog 

M-- fiu:»rarity '»t lu*: p.: '.rr.. r.e of :he faid Treaty, 

^ in other y.'.vii, *'• c^n-ij :ht- Tlv/.V ^-^/.//itWf, 

r*"' the fame ti'.irg ha'' rjacis b .n covenanted; i 

••.:i purfij nt to t':e f-i' jVeatv, the King of Great 

J672. ihs 'EngViih- Declaration efPf^ar. 2! 

toWch the Greatncis of iv-tfsce rais'd in feveral Pnnci_., 
hai been the occafion of their unit ing themfdves, and which 
&i particular had mov'd the Court o^ Engtajid (o make ihe 
vm Overtures of it : The faid Court could roc overthrow 
inote openly all that they had done before, nor violate the 
Sri^/e Jltiance more direflly, than by fetting, as they 
llive done, all Chriflendotn in a f^amc ; and by counie- 
imicing, with fo much Zeal, the Arms of a Prince whom 
thejf had, fcr i'ome years, made it their Glory to deprefs. 

) And now upon all that has been faid (wheteinwe hope it 
will appear to every impartial Eye, that we have not us'd 
shcdinngenuou) Licenfe of our Adverfaries, in alTertin^ 
^ffhaifoever may be for their purpofe, without the Icait 
Koiour of Truth to fupportit ; but haveftriftjy conSn'd our- 
felvcs to matter of Fad, jultified by authcntick'Originais, 
IbdcI carrying undeniable Self dcmonitration along wicli it :) 
!!lVc appeal to all the World, whether or no there has been 
boy thin^ done on our parr, which may truly be laid to be 
biInftu£lion of the late Treaty at Sreda, and of the facred 
"\e Leap4e, Co religiotilly cntred into, for the common 
" ition of the Peace and Safety of all Europe. And 
ito* ihe Goodnefs of God, who has miraculouily put 
the Dcfigns of our Enemys, we are at prelent in a 
n to defend ourfelves, (jointly with our Allies, to 
'6 areflriflly united) and have no caufe to dcfpair, 
our Arms will flill he attended with that fuccefs, 
the righteous God does ulually give to fo juft a 
yet being always ready to apply ourfelves to the 
»eful ways of procuring Pcjce with all ourNeigh- 
and having more particular Inclinations to do any 
'hich may conduce to a right Underllanding with 
_gdom aiEnglafid fwhofe Friendfhip we mofl ear- 
lefirc, and ever fhall efteem as the greateft worldly 
ij We do here, in the fimplicity of our Hearts, 
,C confidence of our own Integrity, fubmit the Sin- 
this our Defence to the Judgment of the Englijb 
In general, and more particularly of the High and 
ble Court of Parliament, as reprefenting the whole 
the Nation ; whom wc are not only willing to 
liie fole Arbitrators of all the unhappy Differences 
, J the Court of England and us ; but mould account 
„_ pioft profpetous Step to an happy ^Accommodation, 
they (who muft be alloiv'd to be the bcft "Juij^cs c^ vV\^ 
- tV. 11 t^ciw 

fffi,. l\ 

290 Treaty at Carlo wltz betwixt 

Controverfy) would take the pains rightly to difa 
betwixt the true Intereft of the Nation f which the 
fent) and the artificial Pretences of (bmc few evil- 
Men, who (for fome finider Purpofes of their ovi 
little agreeable to the Duty they owe both ro G 
their Country) have contriv'd this War, in order l 
equally deftru£live to Evgland^ as to this State, 

Treaty of ^eace concluded between 
pold the moji Auguji Emperor of 
many, and Muftapha Han, Stihi 
the Turks, hy the Mediation oj 
liam III. ICtng of Great Britain, 
the Lords the States General c 
United Netherlands, at the Congi 
Carlowitz in the County of Sz 
the 16th (?/ January, 16^5^. 

./;/ tbe Na'f'/ie of $he 7/ioJl Holy and Undivided 7; 

IN pcrpcru^l Memory of the Thing, Be it k 
all to whom it doth appertain, That after 
Years cruel and deilructive War, between l 
Serene and moll Potent Prince and Lord Leopold (' 
full Titles) on the one part, and the mod Serene a 
Potent Prince and Lord, Sulran Muftapha Han^ I 
of the ^fiirk^^ and of Jljla and Greece^ and his 
Predccv^ilbrs on the other part ; the faid moft Potc 
P':rors conquering how much Blood has been fpi 
how many Provinces have been laid wailc, takin 
paflion at the affiicled Ondition of their Subjcfts, 
in[» ieriouily inclinM ro put an end to fuch great Ca 
incrcaling every Diy to the Danger of Mankind, G« 
his Mercy has permitted, that by the Mediation of t 


). the Emperor and the Grand Sultan. 291 

le and mod Potent Prince and Lcrd Williamlll. 
of Great Sritain^ France and Ireland^ and the 
and Mighty Lords the States General of the United 
inces of the Netherlands^ folemn Treatys fhou'd for 
^aufe be fet on foot, and concluded at Carlomtz in 
um^ near the Confines of both Empires 5 where the 
IS lawfully confiituted AmbafTadors PJenipotentiaryy ap- 
ig together, viz. in the Name of his Sacred Imperial 
ly of the Romans^ the moft Illuftrious and moft cxcel- 
rords, the Lord Wolfgangs Count of the Holy Roman 
re, by the Title of Count of Ottinge72^ Lord of the 
Chamber to his Sacred Imperial Majcfty, Privy 
ellor and Prefidcnt of the Imperial Aulic Council 5 
le Lord Leopold Schlick^ Count of the Holy Roman 
e, with the Title of Count oi^TaJfaw and Wenkir- 
2L Lord of the Bedchamber alfo to his faid Sicred 
al Majefly, and Colonel of a Regiment of Drdgoons, 
eputed Ambafladors Extraordinary, and Plenipo- 
ys for a Treaty of Peace with the Ottoman ^orte : 
the Name of his Imperial Ottoman Majcfty, the 
lluflrious and excellent Lords, the Lord McheTJtet 
', High Chancellor of the Ottoman Empire, and 
•d Alexander Mauro Cordato^ of the Noble Houfe 
Scarlati^ Privy Counfellor and Secretary of the 
ipire, with the Intervention and good Offices of the 
iflrious and excellent Lords, the Lord William Vager^ 
^ Seaudefert^ for the moft Serene King of Great Sri- 
d Heer ^ames Colyer for the High and Mighty States 
oiiYitUnited Netherlands^ borh Ambaffadorsat the 
Ottoman ^orte^ and Plenipotentiarys for rc-eftablifli- 
iverfal Peace 5 who difcharg'd the Mediatorial Qf- 
i Integrity, Diligence and Wifdom, and after invoking 
> of the everlafting God, and duly exchanging their 
als, have* to the Glory of the Divine Being, and 
Welfare of both Empires, agreed on the twenty fol- 
rticles of mutual Peace and Concord. 

3 Country o^T'ranfilvania fhall remain entire as it 
1 the Pcffcffion and Dominion of his Imperial Ma- 
\ fhall be circumfcribed fr.^m the Confines of^o- 
he extreme Frontier of Wilachia^ with its Moun- 
lich before the prefcnt War, were the antient 
's between Tranjilvania ononepart^ andlFi'-lac^ ia 
'avia on the other ; and from the Gonfetic^ o^ Wft- 

U 2 UclnCk 


I \ ^ 

292 treaty at Carlo witz btt-wixt 

lachia, to the River Marofchc, with its Mountains alf( 

which w£re the antient Boundarys ; fo that by obfcrvii 

ihe anticm Eoundarys on both lldcs, the fame Aialt 

■ be extended on either fide. 

11. The Province rubjecV to the Caftle of Temepma 
with all its Difiriils and Rivers, fiiall remain in the Fi 
feflion and Power of the fublime Ot/otaan "Porte. Al 
the antient Limits of T'ravjilvania, eftablifh'd in ihefoi 
going Article, from the extreme Frontier of Walscbii 
the River il/aro/ir/ie, fhall be its Limiis on the Gd( 
I'ranjilvaiiia. Thence its Boundarys ftiall be carry'd S 
from the hither Banks of the Marcfcbe to tbe HJFi 
•TeyJJe, and from ihe hither Bank of the 'I'eyffe ta^^ 
Daimhe : But the Places within the Limits, vi^ Ca^ 
j'cbes, Zvgas, Lippe, Cf&nad, Kifcani/ia, Sctjcte, fSet 
kerck, and the hither s/hlia, and between the annentli 
mus ai'Irai/Jihania, as they were fettled before the Wa 
and what other Place foever be found accordinj "' 
Rule abovemention'd, between the Banks of the 
and the Tly^e, in the Territorys of Tewc/wflffrjl 
demoiifh'd by the ImperialiQs, on this Condm 
ihcy fliall never be rebuilt by virtue of any other! 
And thcfaid Country ofl^emefivnerfhaW be left altogeS 
free; and no other Places, either greater or lefs, wW 
have the appcarence of a Fortification, /hall hereafter I 
built, either in the faid Places, or near the Banks < 
Jlfurojche and the 'I'eyjfe. 

The Ufe of the Rivers Marofchc and 7'eyJ/e, between^ 
the Province of I'etitefwaer and the Provinces fubjcft J^ 
the Emperor's Power and Poffeflion, fliall be comraoDfl 
the Subjefts of both Empires, whether for watetinj^ 
Cattle of all forts, or for Fifliing, or other Convi 
necefljry for the Subjefts. 

And whereas Ships of Burden bound from the 1 
abovemention'd, fubjefl to the Imperial Dominion, tkH 
in paiGng or repaffing thro' the River Marofche W \ 
River 'TcyJJe, or thro' the i'eyjfe to the Danube, oai 
not 10 meet with any Obflruftion ; the Navig^n 
of the German Ships, or of any others which arcm 
je£l to the Emperor, fliall by no means be difturVd I 
iheir Pafllige to and fro, but the fame fliall be fred 
and commodioufly carry'd on every where in both thefn 
Rivers: and for the prefervation of a reciprocal FrtendAfl 
sad Good-wiil, the Subjeft^ of ihe Ottoman "Forte Ihfl 

p. the Emperor and the Graiid Sultmt. 293 

! the ConTeniencea of the faid Rivers, without any 
ranee to the Filher- Boats, and Mills fhall be plac a 
de Participation and Confenc of the Governours of 
Dominions, only in fucb places where they may not 
Hindrance to the Navigation of either Etnpire. But 
t&e Paffagc of the Imperial Ships fliou'd fuEfer any 
iment, by turning off the Water of the Mirofche, it 
not be lawful to divert or turn off the Water of the 
divers, for the fake of Mills, or on any other accounr. 
t the Iflands whatfoeverin the faid Rivers, which are 
,lly in the Emperor's Power, ftiall remain as they ate 
B Poffcffion } and the Subjefls of both Dominions (haU 
>e3ccab]y and quietly, and be reftrain'd by thefcverett 
Vsfrom Infults, and from Breach of the Articles. 
1, Whereas the Country between the Rivers I'eyjje 
2iitntil'e, commonly call'd Satika, is in the fole Pof- 
D and Power of his Imperial Majefly, fo it fhall te- 
i hereafter in the faid Imperial Power and Dominion, 
Titul fhall never be more fortify'd than it is. M 

^ A Line (hall be drawn from the extremity of thsl 
id om this fide the 1'e)iJJe over againft I'ital, and from ^k 
Angle of Land which is there form'd by the Con- 
lioij of the I'eyjfi and the Canute, quite to ihc Bank 
ic Danube 5 and another Line from the hither fide of 
Teyffe to the River Scjfiir, and to the hither Bank of 
Bviiz, and from thence to the Place where the biggeft 
ich of the Sojfnt falls into the Save : and there (hail 

Fortification upon the Morav/tz, but only open Vil- 

1 built on both fides of it, fo that the faid Line (liall 
Dnfirm'd and ditlinguifli'd either by Ditches, or Stones, 
a&n, or fomc other way to ferve as the Limits of both 
rircs in the manner following. 

Be Country towards 2fe^ratfe, within the aforcfaid 
Jt9, (hall remain folely in the PofTefTion and Dominion 
;e moll Potent Emperor of the 'Turks. 
lie the Country fituatc on the other fide of the faid 
1, flull remain in the fole Poffeffion and Power of the 
Potent Emperor of the Romans i and according ro 
Limits fhall be the Poflefllon of the Rivers which 
n the Terriiorys remaining in the pofTefTion of both 


t Part of the Save which waters thofc Countrys 

to the Emperor of the Romans, fhall be pof- 

U 3 ^iK4. 

may iiidii uc jiiJiii^u eitiu uuuuucu uy rnc niioci 
the Rive Uniia: and all the Imperial Garifonatl 
JVb^;/, ljnViz:::ay ^effenovizza^ ^oboy and Sn 
part of ScfuiCy and any other fuch place in tl 
/hall be drawn out from thence, and the fame 
left intirely free. 

But whereas CaJlaiioviZy and the Iflands b 
Country of ZVb^v, towards the Save^ together 
^^^ farthermoft Bank of the faid River Unndy areas 

^j in the Power of the Emperor of the Rowans^ t 

dJ be diftinguifh'd henceforth by the aforefaid Litn 

gv? Finally, the Places beyond the Unna^ far rci 

to the Save^ which are garifon'd and poflefs'd by bo 

^ together with the Lands belonging to the famcl 

2»f prefent War, /hall alfo remain in the Power 

f J^! Party who poflefles them, on condition that C 

E£. nets who fhall be deputed on both fides, do fej 

i^ divide the Diflrifl-s and Territory's that are toreH 

^ poffcffion of both, in the Parts of Croatia^ by 

^^ Lines diftinguifhable by Ditches, Stones, Staki 

;n? other Marks for avoiding Confufion. 

^. And whoever on either fide fliall prcfuinc 

::: change, pull up, take away, or in any refpeft 

/? any of thofe Marks, the flrifteft Inquiry fhall be 

■J ter him ; and if he be apprehended, he fhall b 

1699- '''■'^ Emperor and the Grand Sullan. 293 
lo be demoli/h'd at the time of wiibdrawing the Imperia!>* 
Garilon, and the faid PJace lies very commodioufly for 
Traffick, a City may be built there with a haodromecon- 
renieni Precinct ; provided neverthclefs that it be not turn'd 
into the Form of a Gaftle or Fort, 

I VI. Tlie Limits preferibM by thefe Articles, and thofc 
which fliall hereafter be fctiled, if need be, by the Cora- 
iniffioners, flialkbc facredly andreligioully obfcrv'd on both 
fides, in fuch manner that ihey /hall on no account or pre- 
text be extended, transferr'd or chang'd. Kot Hiall it be 
Ewful for cither of the contrafling Partys, to claim or 
fctcrcife any Right or Power to any Territory of the other 
Sany, beyond the Bounds or Lines when fettled ; or to 
XDinpd the Subjefls of the other Party to pay any Tribuie 
[whatfoever paft or to come, or to fubjefl him to any kind 
]6f Exaflion ot Vexation that the Wit of Man can invent : 

wrangling fhal! be fairly remov'd. 
VII. It fhall be lawful and free for both Partys, for the 
^Kty of their Frontiers, to repair, firengtben and fortify 
TCaftlcs, Forts and Places, of which by the prefent 

Mihcy are to have quiet Poffcffion, in fuch manner 

f Jhall judge moft conFcnicni, except thofe that are 

excepted by Ndme. 

I forthe Convenience of the Inhabitants, it (hail be 
Ifor both Partys, without molettation, and withoui 

"m, to build Habitations, and have open VillaEeaj 
1 that no new Forts are ereflcd under this Pte- 

Kl. All hoflile Incutfions, Ufurpations and Invafions 
I clandeflinely, Of by furprize, and all Dcvallaiions 
Depopulations of the Territnrys of cither Dominions, 
fee deem'd unlawful, and fliail be prohibited by the 
■ft Mandates And the Tranfgrcffbrs of this Article, 
"cr they are apprehended, flial! immediately be com- 
_ to Prifon, and receive condigri I'unifhment without- 
JJy from the Jurifdiaion of the Place where ihey (liall 
committed : and whatever they have taken fhall be 
mod diligently inquir'd after, and when found, faithfully 
^fior'd to the Owners. Alfo the Captains, Comnidnders 
Kid Governours of both Partys fhall bo obJig'd to admi- 
pillcr JuHicc diligently and uprightly, on pjin, not only of 
^e Lofs of O-liee, hm oi'I.itt; and Honour. 
■ IX. It fhall aliij be unlawful to give any Sanftuary or 
uDPOrC to wicked Men, Rebels, or Malecomtow, \j\«. 

296 treaty at Carlowitz betmxt 

both Partys fhall be oblig't! to bring fuch fort of Men, 
all Thieves, Robbers, iSc. whom they {hall apprehend ii^ 
their Dominions, to condign Purifhment, aitho they bappei 
to bcthcSubjefls of thi: other Party ; and if they cannot t 
apprehended, they /hall be defcrib'd to tbdr Captainii 
Governours ; and if they happen to lurk in their Jutirdi 
tions, ihey (hall be im].owerd to apprehend and piiiiil 
them : and if ihefe don't difcharge their Duty by puruAiit 
lucb Criminals, thi^y Ihali incur the Indignation oTtbe 
Emperor, and be turn'd out of OiEce, or punifh'd ini' 
place of fho Delinquents. And to guard alfo againft Ac ., 
folenceofMcn yet morewicked, it fhall be lawful (wpd 
ther of the Pattys to entertain and maintain Man-fieileis 
CdXVA 'Priheck, and fuch fort of wicked Fcnple who ate iQ 
the Pay of neither Prince, but live by Robbery j and ball 
they and thofe who fupport them (hall be duly Duni/h'a 
and whatever Pretences fuch wicked Men make ot AmcnS 
ment of their former Lives, they fhall not be truJlcd o 
tolerated near the Frontiers, but tranfponed to oiherPUc 
at a greater diltancc. 

X. Whereas during this War many Hungarian^, 
^raiijilvariians withdrew from their Subjeflion m,' ' 
perial Majefty to the Frontiers of the Sublime 
'iPorte, and are to be taken care of in a due tnao 
Treaty now concluded between both Empires, 'i 
ed that they /hall live in Freedom and Security 
minions of the laid Empire. 

But left the Tranquillity of the Frontiers, andj 
of the SubjeSs ihou'd be in any manner, diftji 
Places where they fliall be fiK'd, fliall be far ent 
fuch Frontiers i and the Wives /hall have leave,.. 
their Husbands, and to cohabit with them in the 
Diflrifl afllgn'd for their Settlement. 

And whereas hereafter they are to be reckon'd aioil 
the other Subjefls of the moft Potent Emperor of 
ittirki, it fhall not be lawful for them ever to with^ 
from his Subjeflion any more ; and if they offer to h 
to their own Country, they fhall he decm'd Malecont 
and fhall have no Shelter nor Support from the Qern 
but when apprehended, fhall be deliver'd to the 2*«ri. 
Governors ot the Frontiers, for the greater Security of n 
Peace on both fides. 

XI. In orderwholiy lopreventallControverfys, DUbu. 
[ or Difference? hereafter on the Frontiers concerning aay^ 

1699- f^^i Emperor and the Grand Su/tan. 297 
'the Articles of thU Armiftlce, an equal number of Com- 
taiffioners ihall be chofe on botb tides, Men no ways 
coTfilous, but grave, honell, wife, experienc'd and peace- 
able i who. v/htn iSiete is need of a fpecdy Remedy, fhall 
repair to toe Frontiers, where meeting at a proper place 
wilbouc an Army, with an equal Kumbcr of Gentlemen 
.of peaceable Difpofitions, they lliall hear, take cognizance 
I'of, decide and amicably compote all and lingular fuch 
emergent Controverfys, and fettle fuch an Order and Me> 
:thod, that both Partys riay compel their Men and Subjefts 
hy the fevetcft Punilhments, to the finccre and firm Ob- 
fccvation of (he Peace, without any Prevarication or Pretext. 
.Bu(if DifpuEcs happen of fuch moment that they cannot be . 
iftdjufted and difpatch'dby ihcCommilTioncrsof both Partys, 
then ibey Ihail be referred to both the raoft Potent Em- 
■ petQfs, that they themfelves may find out, and make ufc 
of ways and means for clearing and cxtinguifhing them, in 
I « manner that fuch Controverfys may be accommodated 
in as little time as poffible, without any Neglcfl or Delay. 
I And moreover, whereas in the former Sacred Capitula- 
lioDs, all Dueis and Challenges were prohibited, they Ihall 
^cafter be unlawful ; and if any Hiall prefume to enter 
blD fingle Combat, ihey Hiall be feverely dealt with as 

XlT. Prifoners taken on both fides during the War, who 

ire yet living in Confinement, and have reafon to hope for 

Deliverance one time or other by means of this Peace, and 

amot be left in the fame miferable and calatnitous ftate of 

Captivity, without Offence to that Piety and GoodNaiute 

W which the Emperors arc admir'd, fhall be fet at Liber- 

f by way of Exchange, after the ufual or more honourable 

iSeihods ; and if chcre be more Prifotiers in number or of 

Ireater Rank on one fide than the other, the Clemency of 

loth their Imperial MajeBys who are fo well inclin'd to this 

lappy Peace, fhall not be deny'd to the refl, when the Em- 

Wafladors make folcmn Inftances for their Releafe. 

P As for thofe who are in the Power of private Perfons, or 

*Ten with the Tariarst it fhall be lawful for them to pro- 

Koic their Liberty, by as moderate a Ranfom as they can ; 

fjtad if fuch Captives cannot bring their Mallet to a fait Ac- 

jtemniodaiion, the Judges of the Place fliall end every Dif- 

kttte by a Compofition. But if this cannot be effcfled by 

KiMays and means afbrefaid, the Captives fhall be fct 

^Hmeny, if it appears by Oath, or other Evidence, tb,u. 


II their ^HR 

298 TrtiTfy at Carlowitz bctwixf 

they have paid their Ranfom. Nor IHall I _ _ 
for the fake of more Lucre oppofe their Ranfom: andff&ei 
Men are not font from the Sublime Ottoman Vorte, to aflill 
in fetting fuch Prilbners at Liberiy, it will be expcfled 
from the Probity of the Imperial Governout*, thattbeyob 
ligc the Owners to let go fuch Prifoncis, on paying down 
the full Price for which ihey were bought, that fg this good 
Work may be promoted on both fides with equal Piety. 

Finally, till the Captives on botti fides are releas'd by tbe 
means aforefaid, the Embafliidors PJcnipoieniiary fhallsfi 
theit Offices on both fides, that the poor Prifoners mrj\x 
civilly treated in the mean time. 

Xin. In rcfpeil to the Monks, and the Excreireofftc 
Chriffian Religion, according to the Riies of the Ronifa 
Catholick Church, whatever Favours were granted ih^M 
by any fo:mcr Ottoman Emperors of mod Glorious Memqrf 
in their Reigns, either by Sacred Capitulations, ot bffin' 
petial Signs Manual, cr by particular Edifis'and MsndiRi; 
the mofl Serene Emperor of the Oltcmam will hcreiftu 
confirm them in fuch manner, that they may repair (hot 
Churches, and perform their Funflions as ufual heretofwe; 
And it liiall nor be lawful for any one to moleft orextoB 
Money from the faid Monks, of what Order or Confma 
focver they be, contrary to the facred Capitulationl ail 
the divine Laws, but they fliall enjoy the Clemencj 
the Emperor as ufual. 

Moreover, it fiiali be lawful for the Embaflador of'T 
Boft Serene and moft Potent Emperor of the RioA 
at the reipiendenr Porte, to produce his Commiflion i^ Religion, and the Places of Chrittian Tifita""*^ 
in the holy Ciiy of ytriifalem, and to prefent bis Infti 
to the Imperial Throne. 

XIV. Trade (hail be free for the Subjefls of both Pat^ 
) in all the Kingdoms and Dominions of boih Empitcj, r"^ 
cording to theantient facred Capiiulations. And that lu 
be carry 'd on by both Part\s with Profir, and^ ' 
Fraud and Deceit, the fame fliall be ferried bySra 
between Commifiarys deputed on both fides, welS 
Merchandize, at the time of folcmn Embaflys on bol ^ 
and as has been ohferv'd with other Nations in Frfffl 
with the Sublime Empire, fo his Imperial Majefly'ri 
jefls of what Nation foever, (hall enjoy the Security ifl 
Advantage of Trade in the Kingdoms of the Subiimff^J 
fire, as well as the ufual Privileges in a fitting manner- 4 

99* the Emperor and the Grand Sultan. 299 

!CV. All Conditions whatfoevcr exprefs'd in the antient 
red Capitulations, provided they be not contrary or pre- 
icial to the fore?,oing Articles of this Treaty, or to the 
B Dominion and Enjoyment of the Pofleflbrs, fhall 
rcafier be religioufly obferv'd and performed 5 but thofe 
ich are in any fort repugnant to the aforcfaid, fliall be 
de null and void. 

KVI. And that this Armiftice and a good Friend fhip 

y be confirm'd and flourifh between both the moft Po- 

t Emperors, folemn Embafladors (hall be fent on both 

38, who fhall be receiv'd, honourM and treated equally 

:e, with the ufual Ceremonys, from the time of their firft 

trance to their Return to the Place where they are to 

ke the fecond Exchange ; provided ncverthelcr3 that they 

ng a convenient free Gift in token of their Friendfliip, 

ich is correfpondent with the Dignity of both Emperors: 

d according to the Cuilom which has a long while been 

brv'd between both Empires, after previoufly fettling 

utual Correfpondencc, they fhall be exchanged on the 

ifines of Szercjny and fet out on their Journeys at one 

. the fame time. 

loreover, the faid folemn Embafladors may lawfully 
land what they think fit at either of the Imperial 

CVII. The fame Rule and Order, obferv'd heretofore 
receiving, honouring and entertaining Embaffadors paf- 
ro and fro, and reuding, (halt henceforwards be ob- 
M on both fides with equal Decorum, according to the 
icular Charafter of thole who are fent. 
fhall be lawful for the Imperial Embaffadors and Re- 
nts, and all their Servants, to wear what Livcrys they 
fe without any Molcftation. 

'.oreover, the Imperial Miniiier-, \^hethcr they dif- 
ge the Office of Embafiador, hnvoy, Refident or A- 
, fhall enjoy the fame Liberty^,, Immunitys and Privi- 
j, even to the diftinguifhing the Prerogative of the Im- 
il Dignity, as the Embaffadors and Agents of other 
:es in Amity with the Refplendcnc ^Porte^ and fliall 
I free Leave to hire Interpreieis. 
he Couriers alfo, and their other Servants going to and 
etween Vienna and the Refplcndcnt T^orrc^ fhall have 
ure paffage, and have all manner of Favour fhewn 
I, that they may perform their Journey commodioufly. 

300 Treaty at Carlowitz hel-wixt 

XVIII. This Peace, iho concluded accordit^rorit^ 
ing Artides.fhall nor have its ful] Force,nor engage the Far^ 
concern'd to obfervc the Laws of it, till every thing flipii- 
latcd on both fides, as well with regard to the Limits aa to 
Evacuations and Demolitions of FIaccs,be entiri^Iy perfbroi'd^ 
for the fpecdy Accompli ihment whereof, Commiflionm 
on both fides (hall be appointed to fix and diftingniftiiiw 
Limits and Boundarys, who at the enfuing £quinox, vh> 
the z id oi March oc the I :.ri! 0. S. itfp9, fhall meet tritli 
a moderate and peaceable Retinue, at Places to be agteei 
upon among the Cotntniiltoners, by the Confent of the Gi^ 
vcrnours of both the Frontiers, and /liall within two Month), 
or fooner if poflible, diflingui/h, feparate and deteroaine liie 
Confines with clear and evident Boundarys, as they are nn- 
Oiiutcd by the former Articles; and they fhall accuratd]f 
and fpeedily execute the Statutes between the Ecaha&' 
dors Pienipotentiarys of both Empires. 

XIX. The Embaffadots Pienipotentiarys of boili Em- 
pires reciprocally engEigeihcmfelves, and promifeihat i^^ 
will infallibly procure thefe Conditions and Articles tob^ 
ratify'd by both their Imperial Mjjeflys, and that the lo- 
Icmn Ratifications lliall be exchang'd reciprocally and dalj 
on the Confines, within ;o days from tbo Day or figningor. 
fooner, by the moll illuflrious and mo(^ excellent the Eio- 
^dffadors Plenipotentiary Mediators. ~ 

XX. This Arroiftice fliall continue, and be 
by God's Eleffing for 25 Years, to count from ll 
Signing^ and at the end of that Term, or in thcmei 
both Panys (hall be at liberty, if they pleafc, to 
for feveral Years more. 

Therefore whatever Conditions arceflabiifh'd, bj 
and free Confent, between the moil Serene and 1 .__ 
tent Emperor of the Romans, and ihe moft Serene 
mod Potent Emperor of the 7'iirks. and their Heirs, Eob 
pires and Kingdoms, Countrys, Citys, Towns, SubjcAl. 
and Vaffals, whether by Land or Sea, Jhall be religioufl;' 
and inviolably obferv'd. 

And it fhall be firiilly requir'd of all the GovernoaRr' 
Generals, Militia, and all under their Vaffalage, Obedience 
and Subjeilion, that they conforming themfelves alio in so 
adequate manner to the foremcntion'd Conditions, ClanM 
Covenants and Articles, take all pufllble Care not to coo- 
itravencor infringe this Peace and Friendfliip, upon an/ 
■.^Account or Pretence whaifocvcr ; but that abflaining Iron 


1672. the Emperor and the Grand Sultan. 301 

Enmity of all forts, they cultivate a good Ncighbouthood; 
b&offing for cerrain that if they do not behave as they arc 
icreby admonifh'd, they will be moft fcverely punifh'd. 

ThcCjfctfs himfclf alio of the Cr/w, and all the Natioosof 
\z7'cirtars,hy whatfbever name call'd.are bound to the due 
Jbrervation of the Laws of this Peace and good Neigh- 
lourhood^nd Reconciliation; nor fliali they by contravening 
betn exercife any HoQilitys towards any of the Imperial 
Winces and their Subjefis or VajTals, Moreover, if any, 
ilkerof the Armys ot oi thcTarrsr Nations, Ihalldare to 
any thing conirary [o thefe Sacred Imperial Capitulations, 
nd cAntrary 10 their Covenants and Articles, he Aiall be 
loftfevercly puni/h'd. 

The faid Peace, Quiet and Security of the Subjefls of 
(Kk Empires fliall begin upon the aforefaid Day of Sub- 
;ription, from which time all Enmity on both fides fhall 
sateand belaid afide, and the Subjc^s of both Pattys {hall 
DJoy Safety and Tranquillity. And to the end that Holii- 
ty« may with the oreateft Care and Diligence be fup- 
refs'd, Mandates and Edifls ftiall be tranfmitted with all 
»eed to publifh the Peace to all the Governoura of the 
roDtiers: And whereas fome Time is requiiite for the Of- 
cers, cfbeciaily on the more remote Frontiers, to obtain No- 
cd of the Peace being concluded, twenty days arc appoint- 
dfbr that purpofe; after which, if anyonefhall premme to 
i^mit any Hoftility on either fide, he (hall be fubjcft to 
ke Penalty* abovemencioncd without Mercy. 

Finally, That the Conditions of the Peace concluded in 
icfe 20 Articles may be accepted on both fides, and invio- 
.bly obfcrv'd with all due Rcfpc£t, the Ottoman Plenipo- 
mtiarys by virtue of the Emperor's full Power to them 
tamed, have exhibited to us the Inflrument writ in the 
*urkifh.Langu3ge, and legallyand validly fign'd. We alfo, 
y virtue of our Inftruflions and full Powers, have in like 
sanner deliver'd a legal and valid Inilrumenr in the Latin 
Tongue, containing thofe Articles fign'd with our Hands and 
wl'd with our Seals. Done at the Congrclswhi.-h was held 
it Carlowilz in Szereia, under Tents, the idth a? yaimary 

%. S.) Wolfgang Counr ab Ottiugen. 
IjS.) Leopold Count Schlik. 

302 T^reafy at Carlowitz betwixt the 

^he n^reaty betwixt Auguftus II. K 
and the Republtck of Poland on 
part^ and Muftapha Han Saltan of 
Turks on the other^ by the Medh 
of William III. King of Great Brie 
and of the Lords the States Gene 
of the United Nethcdands on the oth 
Concluded in a Tent at Carlowitz, 
the County of Szerem, the i6tb 
January 1699. 

In the Name of the 7ncjl Holy and Undivided T'rhiitJ* 

IN perpetual memory of the thing ; be it known toi 
whom it doth concern. The moft Screheandiw 
Potent Prince, Will!a7nl\L King of Great Srim 
Fra77ce, and Ireland^ and the High and Mighty Lords tl 
States General of the United l^etherlandSy outofadcfi 
to {lop the Elfufion of human Blood, and to reftorctl 
Tranquiliiiy on both fides, which has been fo longdifiuA 
by a dillerencc between the Kingdom of yc/^;;rf and 
Sablin-.c Empire, having interpos'd their Mediation top 
cure ihis 7Vcaty of Peace 5 and the moll excellent Lo" 
H^' l.(.rd Ta^ct^ Baron of Scaudcfirt in the Cfii^ 
oi Srr.Jjhrd, and the Kin.^.'s Lord Lieutenant thereof, An 
b'.fTiclor Picr.iporeiJtiary on the part of his SrirafJfiicklt 
i-Mlv at thoRcfp;endcnt^P<;r/t% and the Heer 7amesCAf 
/. m!)..nailor P!i:nipotcnriary aifo at the lame ^c^rrtf ontl 
jMif oi the ilicrh and Mighty Lords the States Ccncr*!; 
tlic Ignited NcrhcrlandSy having diligently and zcalou* 
p-i/orniM the Offices and Conditions of the faid NLiHj**^ 
u/rh u rcciprf^al lucVA"\aVvU\\ •>x\\^"?xo^^tv^\'^vv \^^;co^^J^*' 

i699' King cfVo\zaA and the Grand Sultan. 303 

date and fupprefs (he faid Quarrel j and a CongrcTs of the 
AmbafTadois Plenipotentiary being appointed by the 
Mediators at Carlo-witz on the Coufines ot Szerem, where 
a Treaty of Peace was fet on foot with the moft iliuf- 
trious and moli: excellent Lord, Mehcmet Bffendi, great 
Chancellor of the Sublime Empire, and the moil illulbious 
ind moft excellent Lord, Alexander Mauro Cordato, of'ihc 
noble Famriy of Scarlati, a Privy Counfcllor of the faiil 
Sublime Empire ^ at length by God's Bicffing aficr fome 
Seffions, a Peace was happily concluded on Terms of ma- 
, lual Obligation. Therefore a Fricndlhip and Peace is again 
I petfefled, concluded, reftored and renewed between ihc 
, Jnoft Serene and molt Potent Sultan Mi/Jiaphu, Empctorof 
r the Mitjfuhnen, Son of Sultan Mahomet, and the moft 
Setene and moft Potent King ^^tigvflui 11. my moft gra- 
cious Lord, and the Republick of !Po/iJ«,/, on the eleven 
following Articles, whicn arc by mutual Confentto be re- 
, ligioudy obferv'd for ever between both Dominions j whicli 
|,'-4rncles are hereafter fet down one by one. 

/ I. The antient Friendfiiip being again renew'd by the 
[frevidence of the moft High God, together with a hearty 
[Reconciliatiun and good Neighbourhood, all HolHlitys Ihall 
Eceafe for ever on both fides, and the Subjeits fliall enjoy 
iSndbe eOabtifli'd in theirformer Security and Tranquillity j 
•and the Frontiers of the Provinces fubjefl to 'Poland, (hall 
;be feparatcd and diftinguilhed by their antient Boundarys 
jfiom the Imperial Frontiers, as well of AlAdavis, as of 
jbiher Diariits fubjefl to the fublime Empire ; nor fliill 
■*1i«e be any Extcnfion or Refiridion of the fame hereafter, 
■ui the antient Limits /hall be religioufly obferv'd and 
M as facrcd, without any Alteration and Diilurbance. 

II. All the Fortrefll's or Places, whether greater or 
tT, comprehended within the antitnt Limits of Jllolda- 

ia before the lafl War but one, and which have hitherto 
ten detain'd by the ^olcs, fhall be evacuated by their 
ildierSjai^d the Province of if/oWjiWii (hall remain intitcly 
:c, in the paclfick State it was in before the laft War. 

III. The Fortrefs of Camimcc, which is alfo fituate 
{^tbjfl [he antient Limits of 'Pclaiid as they Hood before 
ibe two hit Wars, fhall be entirely evacuated by the 
VtfaJBtltnen j and hereafter no Demand fh<ill be made by 
Me lut>limc Empire to the Provinces of 'Podolia and the 
yira/H' And whereas the antient Limits of 'PolrtnA OT\i 



5 : FT 

304 Treaty at Carlowitz betwixt 

JlToldavia are manifed, if ihere be a convenient time Af 
Evscuaiion fhall commence at the beginning of Mitik 
next, and, if poflible, fooner ; and as foon as rhe FottcefleiJ 
and Places of Moldavia are evacuated, by the wiihdranir^ 
of the 'Pdi/b Militia, and Moldavia thereby remains free, 
ihc Evacuation of the Fortrefs of Caminiec iliall alfo com- 
mence at the beginning of M^rch^ and after the A&ird 
the Evacuations is perfeflcd, ii fliall be put in executlDB 
without Hclicatibn, Delay andNegleflj and the Evaciii' 
lion of Fort Camjiiec fhall be finifh'd by the 1 5th of Mi) 
next at fartheil. And to the intent that the fame may b 
evacuated with eafe and fpeed, the fPo/ej fliall giveallthi 
Affiftance polBble with Waggons and Horfes for the iWof^ 
pottaiion ; and the Affair oftht: Evacuation fhall becarryM 
on every where with fecurity ; fo that if in the EvacnatJoi 
of the Forts and other Places howfocver foriify'd, any of 
the Subjefts have a mind ro go out, they may fafcly depart 
with their Jloulhold Goods, and other EH\:fls ; and wh» 
ever has a mind lo Hay, fhii)] have the fame Protcftiol 
without Impediment. And lince the Evacuation of ' 
Forts and Places on both fides, is to commence in the 
ginning of March next, the 'Polifi) Embaffador, who is fp 
dily to be difpatch'd to the rePplendeni Tone, fltall mi 
Re prefen ration to the Imperial Throne of the Guoi 
at Csminicc, whether their own, or fuch as were fin 

IV. None of theSubjefls ofthe Sublime Empire, ofwl 
Condition foevcc, cfpecially the lartars of any Nation 
ever, (hall on the rc()re of any Pretence or Controva 
whatfoevec exctcile Hoflilitys againCl the SubjcSsofi 
King and Republicfc of 'Poland, and againft their ftm 
liers, nor commit Excutfions, carry offPerTons to Captivit 
drive away Cattle, nor do them any Damage or injg 
and the Viziers, Beglcrbeys, and the Ham of CrimTt 
tiiry, with the other Sultans, 3,aAih.e.pyeyivo4 of Moidai 
fhall be exprefsly commanded by Royal Edicts, to be « 
diligi:nt in obferving and keeping Peace and Tranquil!^ 
on me Frontiers, and that ihuy do not injure the Subjd 
of 'Poland, by carrying offtheir People, driving away ilw 
Cattle, or by hurting or molclling them in any other waj 
and that they inquire moll llriiily after the Diflurber* « 
Tranfgreflbrsof tlie Articles ofPeace; and that wheod 
difcover them, they punifh them for Examples to ottt 
and that B.cftitut\on Vt -m^ic of VVimder to tbe PR 

i6gg. King g/* Poland and the Grand Sultan. 30^ 

Owners, and that if any aft herein negligently or carelefsly, 
they Ihall be juftly puni/h'd, either by the Lot of their 
Offices, or of Life, as Ihall be confiftent with the Divine 
Laws; And in like manner the Voles fhall diligently, and 
in all reipcfts obfcrve and cultivate this Peace, and none 
ihall dare to contravene it. 

V. Whereas the Kingdom o^ Poland has been free time 
oat of mind, it fhall not be difiurb'd by any Hoilility on 
die part of the Sublime Empire, or the Nations thereunto 
iiibjeS, under colour of any Pretcnfion whatlbever^ nor 
fliall be bound to comply with fuch Fretenfions by vir- 
tue of the Articles of this Peace. 

VI. The Tartars of Sudziac^ and other Tartars^ having 
durii^this War made Excuriions from their own Terri^torys 
mto tnofe of Moldavia^ where they committed feveral Afts 
of Rapine and Violence againft the Moldavians and their 
Country, which is contrary to the facred Capitulations 
■aade heretofore with the Kings ofVoland^ and therefore 
pigbtto be prevented and fupprcfs'd, the Tartars fhall be 

lov'd from all the Places, Farms, and other Eflates, 
lich- they are, now poffcffed of, or have newly built in 
^Uavia^ and fhall live peaceably in their own native 
I^BiiDtry, without committing any Offences hereafter. 
tVlI- The Roman Catholick Monks fhall have their 
[touches, and the Exercife of their accuftomed Functions 
to\>ut the Empire, without Molefration or DiAurbance, 
Bofding to the Edifls formerly granted them by the fub- 
fte £mpire ; and it fhall be lawful for the Embaflador 
ttnordinary of Poland at the Refplendent Vorte^ to 
dbe any further Remondrances on the head of Religion 
tiie Imperial Throne. 

VlIL. Whereas Peace gives Life and Soul to Cotnmerce, 
ich, when regulated, reduces Provinces to a better State, 
r Merchants of both Dominions, who hereafter come 
jt. go, not thro' clandeftine PJaces but by Places of pub- 

(Accefs, after they have paid the antient Duties for 
la imported and exported, fhall not be molefted with 
'fixations and Demands, nor fhall the Dutys be de- 
luded for ready Money. And all the Natives ofT^oland 
^^Ziitbuania^ and other Nations to them fubjeft, who 
for Traffick, and do no Damage, but carry on Trade, 
luying and Selling, as is alfo declared in former facred 
alations, fhall not be molellcd by the Demand of 
g't'ax caird Haracz-, 2nd other inordinaic '£x^K\oxv% •, 
i'or,. IV, X V^ 

3o6 Treaty at Carlowitz betmxt the 

but if any leaving their own Countrys fettle in the Kii 
doms of the Empire, and if other Foreigners mingle «' 
the 'Poles, telt fuch fiioultf prove lo the Detriment of 
Republick, nothing Ihall be demanded for the Arms, Hot 
and Captives of the 'PoliJIy Merchants, who having a Iq 
Discharge, are willing to return to their own Country; i 
/hall any Perfon hinder the Captives fo going away : bul 
Jhall roc be lawful for any Perfon under that Pretence 
take prohibited Goods along with them without Leai 
Moreover, in cafe of the Death of any Merchants of bo 
Dominions in other Countrys, their Goods and Efio 
niall not be feii'd or divided by theOiEcers ofeitbcrPai 
but fhall be deliver'd to a Merchant of Credit, that he; 
deliver the fame to the Heirs, according to the Inventa 
takfn upon Oath ; but if any. Difpute happen between li 
Merchants, the f^itne ihall be decided by the Provoft, tf 
Ihall do Juftice to whom 'tis due. No body ihall I 
eompeird, contrary to the divine Laws, to pay a Dc 
which is not confirm'd by Writing, or fome judicial Inft 
ment; nor /hall Difpute^ about Debts and SureiyAlip 
pleadi;d or heard only upon hitcd Evidence, but tnc Cii 
/Itall be judly and duly decided by legal wtittenloA 
menis : and in fuch Caufes the Grants contain'd and fib 
latid to other Confederate Nations, in the facrcd Cap 
laiioiis, fhall alfo be extended to the 'Polifb Merchants,] 
further, the Scnfe and Meaning ofthefacred Edi^s grid 
heretofore to the 'Poles in particular, and kept i 
Curtoily, (hall be regarded and obferv'd, 

IX. The Prifoners and Captives taken by either f 
during the War (hall be fet at Liberty, paying their 8 
fom, which (hall he fettled according to the Laws, * 
cording to rhc O^th that fliall be made of it, purfuS 
the Declaration of former Capitulations in this poiix. 
if a Captive haih ferv'd a long time, when 'tis but^ 
that his Ranfoni /hould be cheaper, if the Owner of 
Captive will not agree to take a fair and moderate R 
fuch Differences /hall be decided by the Judges of 
Places, proceeding according to Law. If upon anyacc 
Prifoners are taken out of the 'Poltjh Countrys, after 
Conclufinn of the Peace, they Jhall be difcharg'd gfl 
and thePerlona who go to and fro in the Kingdotni 
Sublime Empire, and even among the Tartars to 
the fpolijb Captives, fliall on no account be mole 
Jong as they behave peaceably, but chofe who oflendi 

1699- KirJg of Poland and the Grand Sultan. 307 

jure them fhall be puni/h'd. The Captives detain'd in 

fuUick Friibns fhall be exchanged on born iides, and fet at 
iiberty 5 and it fhall be free for the chief Embaffador of the 
VoleSi to make Reprefentations concerning his Captives to 
the Imperial Throne. 

X. Whatfoever the mofl Serene King of Poland has ob- 
tainM by the Peace flipulated with the Sublime Empire, 
Ihali remain in full Force 5 Moldavia and Wallachia ihall 
icmain in Amity as formerly with the King of^olandy and 
if any Fugitives from thofe Countrys come into ^oland^ 
they (hall not be receiy'd. If any fteal clandeflinely into 
the Kingdom of foland^ and afterwards are found diflurb- 
ing and corrupting the Country, fuch Men, when appre- 
hended, fhall be given up; and the fame Condition which 
is fo clearly and manifeflly declar'd in the former Capitula- 
tions, fhall be bbferv*d. In like manner, tho Volijh SubjeSs, 
be they Voles^ Coffacks^ or of what Nation foever, when 

, they make any Diflurbance; fhall neither be received nor 

^f prote£led here, but fent back to their own Countrys ; and 

? all Ferlbns whatfoever that fhall go about to diilurb the 

^ Peace and Friendfhip now concluded on both fides, fhall 

receive condign Punifhment. 

XI. All Conditions and Claufes whatfoever deqiar'd and 
reed to in the former Capitulations, which are in no fort 

tontradiflory to the Articles of this prefent Treaty, nor 

^contrary to the free and perpetual Rights of both Domi- 

^, nions, fhall henceforwards be carefully obferv'd, and thofe 

;Which are contrary, fhall, God willing, be made null and 

^otd. The Peace and 'Reconciliation concluded by Articles 

iiigroisM on both fides, in the mofl perfefi and exa£); man- 

^ ;r, between their Majeflys, the mofl Augufl and mofl Po- 

it Emperor of the MuJJuhnen and his Heirs, and the 

lojfl ferene and mofl Potent King of Poland and his Succef- 

I, and the Republick of Voland^ fhall, by God's Mercy, 

nain perpetual, ftable, firm and inviolable, and be pre- 

itv'd and guarded from all Diflurbance, Change, Viola- 

and Confufion,and perfevere and be continued firmly 

conftantly in one and the fame Tenor. And that all 

^oflilitys may be entirely laid afide and fupprefs'd, notice 

jill be given with all Speed to the Prefidents, Prefects 

i Governours on the Frontiers, that they take heed that 

Anfereflions be not committed hereafter, and that nei- 

er nirty damage the other, and that all on hotVi &d&% 

■dry it nncerely and amicably to one atvotVv^r, Mv^ ^^ 


508 'treaty at Carlowitz betwixt i 

the end that the Conclufion of this happy Peace n 
made known to ail Peifons, 30 Days are ailow'd 
which lime no Pretence ot Excufc fliall be admittei 
they who oppofe the Ediils which require a ftrifl* 
cnce, iTiail be very feverely punifh'd. And after tht 
ing of the Inftruments on boih fides, an Envoy /hi 
come from 'Poland to thcRefplcndent 'Porte, and ace 
10 aniicnt Cuftom bring the King's Letters Pateni 
taining the Ratification of the Articles declar'd in t 
ftruments, and Jhall alfo receive and take with hi 
Emperor's Ratifications. And afterwards the Embi 
in ordinary, as foon as it can be done with Conven 
Hiall proceed according to the aniient iaodable Metb 
the folemn Confirmation of the Articles of the Peace, 
to the Perfeftion of reciprocal Sincerity, and the abl 
Determination of mutual Friend/hip, and to the Difpci 
of the other things remaining. And therefore theb 
Peace concluded in 11 Articles, according to thole Ta 
fliall be accepted and cultivated on both fides, when 
abovemention'd Pieni potent iarys and CommifiiOnert. 
Embafladors of the moft Auguft Emperor of the f» 
have, by virtue of their Power and Authority, deliver 
legal and valid Inflromcnt, draivn up in the T'lirkljbt 
guagc, as I have, by virtue of my rower and DepoMO 
deliver'd the Articles fign'd with my own Hand, atid (a 
with my Sea), as a lawful and valid InKruuient. DoM 
the Congrefs held under Tents in Carlo--jcit& in Jiffl 
the sfith Diy of y^aijuary 169$. 

(L. S.) Sianijiani Palatine of •pofnania, Plcmp4 
tiary, and Embaflador ExtraordinaiJ itM] 
K.wgol 'Poland. .1 


699' Venetians and t&e Grand Sultan, 309 

The Turkifh Injirument of the 'Peace en- 
terd into ^e^'a;^^» Muftapha Han, Sul- 
tan of the Turks, and the moji Serene 
Kepuhlick 0^ Venice, as it was thro' the 
Mediation of King\ff iWizra III. and the 
States General, concluded hy the Impe- 
rial and Polifli Anibajfadors, tho with' 
out the 'Participation of the Venetian 
jimhajfador, in hopes that it will he ac- 
cepted hy the faid Repuhlick 5 for which 
end a certain Space of time is given and 
prefix d. T)one at the Congrefs of 

-• Carlowitz, the i\th of the Month Re- 
ciep, in the Tear of the Hegira 1 1 1 o. 

* the Name of the Lord tvhofe Mercy is Everlafling, and 
of the Almighty •who bringeth all 'thivgs to Light. 

r IT T Hereas by reafon of the Enmity and Ill-will which 
^/m/ have fubfifted for fome Years, between the Sub- 
^ ^ lime Empire and the Republick of Venice^ the 
^bje£ls were willing that Friendfhip, Benevolence and the 
gKWs of Good Neighbourhood may be reftor'd, by the Me- 
Uttioiii InfinuatioD and Recommendation of the mod Ole- 
ics, among the Great Princes and Republicks of Chriri- 
idpm, WiiliamWl. King of England^ Scotland txviA Irc- 
^ff4% wd the States General of the Netherlands ^ and a 
j^l^grefs being held for that purpofe at Carloixitz in Szcrem^ 
iar the Confines, between the Pleniporcntiarys of both 
lirtys, wben the Xf\Q^ illuflrious, and mov\ c^ccWvitiv 2.- 

3 10 Treaty at Carlowiiz betwixt the " 

mong the Chriffian Not»lity, WiUiam Lord y^f.Bim 
of Seaudeft-rt, his Sritaufiick Majefty's Embaflyoi Ei- 
traorclinary, and the Hecr James Colyer, EmttaffAi^* 
Lords the States General of ihe Neskerlsntii, wforatj 
the kind Offices of Mediators j after the EjcUp'nl 
Perofal of their refp^ftive full Powers according to imia 
Caflom, and after Negoiiaiions and Confetencei for a P*J 
were Tet on foot, purfiiant to the Imperial ManJlrtiW 
by virtue of our Authority and Deputation, ihe oml* 
lurtrious among the Chriilian Nobility, CtarksKiO^ 
Knight, notwitbftanding he had time euough iHow'il^ 
to confider of the Ariicles of the Peace, delayed »|l 
them, on account of fome Difficultys ; and for ihiiRfl* 
the moi> illuflrious and moil excellent the EirbiUtf 
Plenipotentiary of the Emperor of the Roms«i, ioJ^ 
King and Republick o^foland, out of rcfpefl loiStfM 
mioarys, fettled by the Endeavour of theaforefiid Ei^ 
dors Mediators, and by the Confent and Appmbn*' 
all the reft, and particularly to the i,d Article i« illw 
a Fortnight longer for the Signing and Exchangingwj 
Infttuments by the mutual confent of both Partys; w 
the Intent that the Republick of ^'"ra/'fe might »Hijl' 
eluded and comprehended in the Peace condudedbj 
Divine Favour, they have at length reciprocally i| 
with us, by the repeated Offices and Endeavours oFtk 
Embafl'adors Mediators, between the Sublime EoipB 
the faid Republick, the following ifi Articles, as the 
hereafter inferied verl>arun. 

I, The Morea, with all its Citys, Forireffei, 
Lands, Villages, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Woodt, I 
and in "cneral, all things elfe whatfoevcr which fti 
found to be comprehended within the whole Extent! 
fame Province, and which arenow poflcfs'd by theRi 
lick of faiice, fiial! remain in the Pofleffion and unA 
Dominion of the f^id Republick, including the full Cii 
fercnceofthe Country incloled between the Sea lA 
IJlbfKiis, in that part where Ibme of the Remains ol 

■ antient Wall are ftill to be feen; fo that there ftiall 
Extenfion made uf the Continent of the Mores itW 
. ytrrfl FirfKC, beyond the Confines of the fatd Protii" 

» 11, In regard that the T^erra Finna is under the I 

% nion oFthe Sublime Empire, it Hiall remain intirclyti 
\ Poffcflion of the faid Empire, in ibe fame Condition ii 

Ain ac the beginning of the laft War. The PotfR 


Venetians and the Grand Sultan. 3 j r 

[ball be evacuated by rbcRcpublickofl'i'w/ce, and 
e call'd Romelia fhall be demoHfh'd on that fide 
anto-j the Fomefs ofTrevefa (hall be demoli(h'd 
anner, and the main Land (hall be left on that lidu 
act and entire State. 

IHand of SatiSIa ATaura with lis Fortvefs, th» 

the Bridge call'd 'Peraccia, not extending any far-1 

the main Land ; and i\\e, {^[iaA o{ Leucate, ^"3! 

SanSa Maura, fliall remain in the rolTcilion an4h'f 

of the Rcpublick t>^ Venice. 
he Evacuation o^ Lepatifo, and the Demolition 
es o( RoTSclia and 'Prevefa, ftiall be pctform'd im* 

after the Limits oi^almatia are fcciled } and in 
rime, to prevent all manner of Hoililiiys, and 
utoEFall Occafions forfucb, the Garifuns of ihofe 
ices Ihail not ftir our, but keep within the Fortifi- 
bcreoF, and ihall not make any ExcurtionN inro the 
nd, nor offer at it upon any pretence whatfoever. 

>itant$ iheteof fliall alfo be permitted to remain 

lepart from ihenge as they fhall think proper, nor 

eafi Violence be offcr'd to them, 
le Ufe of the Gulphs that lie between the maii^ 
d the Morea, fhall be in common to both Powerig 
I [he one and the other of the two Partys oblig 
es to keep them free, and to clear them of all ma^ 
irates ana mifcbievous Pctfons. 
'he Illands of the Archipelago and of ihofe Scajj 
lain under the Dominion of the fublime Empire, i 
Jition they were in before the Beginning otihc la) 

to Tributes call'd Cdrachei lliall be exafled ftoi^ 
edls of the Republick, nor any Contributions, 
polls, levy'd, which were innoduc'd there during 
nt War. 

The fublime Empire fhall not Tot the future exaS 
ion for the time pafl or to come, from the Re- 
0^ Venice or its Inhabitants, for the lllq of /.anta( 
nd of £gina with its Forrrefs, lying neat and 3 
o the JWoj-iffl, and now potT^GM by the R 
/hall remain in the pnflcfuan of ihe laid Hcpuhlio 
Eondiiion it is in At prefeni. . 

.The Jf'ortreGesof c>«(«, Smg, Ccliit aadGalelU 
2)alma(ia, being at prvfcnr poflcli'd by the B 
\{ Venice, fhaiJ remain (or ihe future undct \\\c ^ 
>f the faid Republick, peaceaWy to cn^o'j ' 
X 4 

312 'treaty at Carlo witz Betwixt ^ 

But tbr^fmuch as (he Limits of that Province; 3ient» 
fo exadiy and fo clearly, that may be naDifcl 
bout them for the til tare ; for the Prerervationif itS 
pofe and Tranquillity of the Subjefts of both P tfjs, i 
preveiit all imaginable Differences that may in snj U 
whatfoever difturb the Peace of the Frontier), 'rii a; 
that from the Fortfefs of Cbfiifi to that of VeritI, 
Veriica to Sing, from Sing to ^uara, othcrwifedB' 
dusria, from t'ti^acz to Vergora-z, and from theacclft 
lo the Fortrefs of Ciclai and Gaheltn, rtrait UnM ft 
drawn to make the Separation of the Confine^; fctll 
twccn the faid Lines drawing towards [he Pemm\ 
nions and the Sca-Coafl, all ihe Lands and CimmT 
the Cafitcs, Forts, Towers and inclofed Places, i 
only poffefs'd by the Republick aforefaid : And«l 
Lands and Cantons chat fhall be without the fw 
they (hall remain in the Poffeffion, and under tbc: 
nion of the fublimc Empire, with all the Caftle^ 
Towers, and indofed Places comprehended thetd 
Jhatl it be lawfiil to extend or lefftn the FtontietsO 
fide. The faid Lines Ihal! be mark'd out cleadr 
linftly, according to the Situation of the Places, V 
of the Hills and Woods, or of the Rivers and Ci 
and where the Place ftiall not evidently diftingailH' 
Limits, they fliall be mark'd out by Ditches, Sc 
Pili.irs, as the Commiffioners appointed by both 
regulate the Limiti aforefaid in concert, /hall jud| 
nient. And to the end that the faid Fortrcfles n..- 
n inthePoff:;irionoftheRepublick, maybiveft 
nc Space of Territory before.them, the Coni^ 
oners fliall mark out about the FortrefTt-'S of Chain, Vlfti 
Sing, ^tieira, l^'trgerazandCiclut, fuch afpaceofGW 
as may be march 'd in an hour, in a ftrait Line or B 
Circle as the Ground viill permit- The Forircfs otw 
fhall prefcnc her Flank on that fide next Croatia, un 
the Emperor's frontiers, without doing any PrejudiceW 
three Potentates whoTe Confines {hull join to ihEfii*' 
■ mits; but they fiiall be always liblig'd inviolably toOM 
tihe Right which belonR? to each of the faid three ffl 
l*ates, accordina to rhe Agreetncnts of this Univerfalftj 
iBoih FarrisJhall tc equally bound to obfervf the faidi* 
^lld if it flioa'd happen that in the Neighbourhood of 
jlid Line, cr in the Line itfelf, there fiiou'd he any F* 
Jfepending upon tr.e I'ubUme Empire, the TcrtitoiJ' 

1699* Venetians and the Grand Sultan. 3 13 

behind that Place ihall remain intire to the Empire $ and in 
Pront a fpace of Ground fhall be mark'd out in the Cit- 
cumference of the faid Line^ and which fhall alfo have the 
Extent of an Hour's March. As for the Fortre& of Ciclut^ 
there fhall be in like manner affign'd to it in Front, a fpace 
of Ground of an Hour's March ^ and towards the Flank ther6 
fliall be a fpace of two Hours March, without the Line^ 
drawing out a drait Line to the Sea. And when the Li* 
mits are once fix'd, and the Bounds placed, and Territorys 
feparated fo as to remain in manner and form aforefaid, in 
the pofleffion of both Partys, they fhall be inviolably ob- 
ferv'd without the leaft Alteration 5 and if ever it happens 
that any Perfon /liou'd have the Boldnefs to violate the faid 
frontiers, or to go beyond the Bounds, or that the OflEicers 
themfelves fhou'd fail in their Duty and neceflary Care in 
that particular, by not punifhing the Qfienders according to 
their Demerits, they fhall themfelves be feverely punifh*d 
on both fides. And in cafe the Commiffioners fhou'd 
meet with any Difficultys, or fhou'd not agree among them- 
felves, they fhall faithfully and exaftly inform their Matters 
thereof, to the end that fuch Differences may be amicably 
adjufted by the good Offices and Mediation of thofe who 
leprefent his Imperial Majefty, and the Lords Mediators, at 
the Ottoman Torte. 

IX. The Territory and Dependences of the Signiory of 
Hagufa^ fhall be annex'd to the Territorys and Cantons of 
Ae Sublime Empire ^ and all Obftacles that hinder the 
Union and Communication of the Lands of the faid Sig- 
lUory with the Lands of the faid Empire, fhall be remov'd. 

X. Caftelnovo and RifanOy which are in the Neighbour- 
hood of CdttarOy being aftually in the Pofleffion and un- 
der the Dominion of the Republick of Venice^ it fhall re- 
main in the peaceable Enjoyment of the faid Places and 
their Terrirorys. Which is likewife to be underftood 
of any other Fortrefs whatfoever fituate in that Canton, 
-and of which the faid Republick is in aftual Pofleffion. 
And the Cdmmiffioners who fliall be deputed on both 
fides, fhall be chofc out of Perfons of known Probity, to 
the end that not being fway'd by Paffion or private Intereft, 
they may determine this important Affair with all poffible 
Equity, by making a Separation of the Territorys of the 
G)untry, and marking incm out by Tokens lb evident, as 
to cut off all occafions of Difturbance and Contention be- 
tween the two Partys. But Advice fliall be g^ivcciovv tVwi. 

- - ^ 

dants, Men of Peace, and noc given ro create Tn» 
and the faid CommKIioners /kali, wl:h the Helpof I 
be{;in their Funflion and Conferences on the orft D 
the Equinox, that is to fay -fj o£ Marcb this prdeotl 
and they Ihail wi:h al! poflible Care and Diligence a 
themfelves in dillinguifhing the G)nfines of both Fi 
in fuch manner that they may entirely finifh theSepi 
in r»o Months, or fooner if pofl5b!e. 

XII. And ahcreas both the faid Part\s have mi 
t exT^refs'd an ardent Dcfire ro be united to one anoth 
^ a ^rm and conlUnt Friendship, and to procure die 
^ quiiiiry of their Subjects, they muft naturally hti 
^ greater Averllon to fjch ill-minded Perfons as diftm 
3 Tranquillity of "he Frontiers by Robberys, and Ho 
^ of other kinJs : Therefore no Shelter or Proteflioi 
C be given on eith*:.r fide to fuch Fugitives, of whatC 
? focver they are ^ bur, on the contrary, they fliall be p 
? apprehended and imnrifbnVI, that they may havec 
E Funifhment for a w .rn rg to others : and (or the fun 

giving Support or Proection to People of this forti 
1^ prohibited. 

XIII. Both Party fhall be permitted to rcpairi 
tify the Fortreflcs in their Poffeffion, but not to ba 

^ new ones upon the Frontiers, nor to rebuild thoie 


I. Venetians and the Grand Sultan. 3 1 J 

s of the laft Treaty fliall be obferved according to 
Form and Tenour, and the AmbaCTador of the Re- 
;k fhall have leave to make new Inftances to the 
'ial Throne upon this Head. As to Traffick, the 
i Imperial Edi6ls formerly granted to this Repub- 
are confirm*d by the prefent Treaty of Peace j and 
i /hall be carry'd on in the fame manner as it was 
; the laft War, and the Venetian Merchants fliall 
all the Privileges that were ever granted them here- 

J. From the Day of figning the Treaty concluded bc- 
I the Plenipotentiarys of the fublime Enipire and the 
blick, all Hoftilitys fliall ceafe both by Land and 
and the Subje^s of both Partys fliall live in good 
dfliip and Correfpondence : And to the end that the 
rnours of the Frontiers may be informed of this Suf- 
on of Arms, the Partys are agreed on a Term of thir^ 
lys for the Provinces of Sofma^ Albania and Z)^i/* 
i^ and forty Days for the Ifle of Candia^ the Morea^ 
ther Frontiers on the fame Coaft j during which Space 
ime, the Sublime Empire and the Republick fliall 
on his part do all that is poffible to hinder the Con- 
ntion of any one of the Articles. Moreover, a fincere 
;eneral Amnefty is to be allow'd to the SubjeAs of 
Partys, for any A£lionor Crime committed during the 
which fliall be intirely bury'd in Oblivion 5 and no 
n fliall on that account be profecuted, molefled or 
h'd for the future as a Delinquents 
VI. It fliall be determined how long the prefent Treaty 
een the Sublime Empire and the Republick fhall 
nue, when the Inflriiments of it are deliver^, and 
\ the Plenipotentiarys of both Partys proceed to the 
ediate figning of the faid Treaty, in the Form aiid 
ner that fliall be declar'd afterwards. And they (hall 
ke manner agree to the Conventions that fhall b6 
;ht neceflary, for eftablifliing the Friendihip and per- 
Correfpondenceoftbe Partys more and more. 
Fter all 'tis flipulated and agreed by this prefent Inftra- 
, that if while we are here, the faid Plenipotentiary 
mice fliall refblve to accept and fign it, he may im« 
ately, and without delay, -copy the whole Inftrument, 
:onfirm it with his own Hand and Seal, and deliver 
us, and at the fame time receive from us the'Inftru- 
; confirm 'd with our Seals and Subfctipxiows ^ Y^oV\\^%l 

'3 1 6 treaty at Carlowitz betwixt the 

neverthelefs, that the abovemeniion'd Articles be not vio- 
lated or alter'd, or rclirain'd, or magnify'd, and that only 
thofe Things be added by mutual Confenr, which feem to 
tend more to the renewing the Offices of Friendfhip, witb- 
out changing the Articles of the Places and Limits. 

But if the faid Ambaffador Plenipotentiary of the Re- 
publick of Venice fliou'd remain here when we arc going 
away, without having come to any Determination, the fail 
Republick is allow'd by virtue of that Inftrument, the fpace 
of thirty Days, from the Conclufion of the Peace, to ratify 
the faid Inftrument, to tranfmit their Ratification to the 
Ambaff^dors Mediators, to extend the Articles ro reci- 
procal Offices of Friendfhip, and complcatly to fini/h the 
prefent Treaty at Vienna^ by their Ambaffador Plenipo- 
tentiary refiding there, within the fpace of two MontDS. 
But if the faid Republick does nor acquiefce in the above 
recited Articles, even while the illuftrious Mediation con- 
tinues at Vienna., and while either of the Emperor's Pleni- 
potentiarys is prefent, the Ambafladors of both Partyi may 
reafTume and direfl this Treaty ; on thefe Conditions ne- 
verthelefs, that thefundanienial Inftrument, now ftipulated 
once for all by the mutual Confent of the Partys, may bo 
religiouHy and inviolably obferv'd by both, equally alike 
in all things ; nor /hall, the Articles in this prefent Infcu- 
ment mcniion'd be call'd in queflion, nor mall one Patij 
take more Advantage of them than the other. Moreover, 
within the fpace of fix Months, from the Day that the fo- 
lemn EntbalTy arrives at Vienna from the fublime Em- 
pice, according to the Terms of the Preliminary and Fun- 
damental Inurument fo often mention'd, the Vene(ia» 
Ambaflador Plenipotentiary at Vieana ihall finifh hit 
Treaty, and to ibis end exchange the authentick [nBru* 
mcnts nectfffary for both Pdrtys ; and confequently the fff- 
uetian Republick fhall be included in this happy Peace, 
the Ccflation of Arms being obfcrv'd in the mean time on 
both fides, according to the Rcafon declar'd in the Arti- 
cles above inferted, and all manner of Hollilitys and Of- 
fences being flopp'd by Land and Sea, and no Contraven- 
tion of the Articles hereby ellabli/h'd being admitted.. 
But if this neither be pkafing ro the abovetvara'd Repub- 
lick, it /hall reft upon the faid Republick, after the Term., 
abovemeniion'd, to matiage the Affair either of War ot 
Peace by themfelve?, and not to lay the Blame upon any- 
but theiafclves. And whereas the abovcmenticn'd Atn- 
4 ba/Tadi-rs 

[699* Venetians and the Grand Sultan. 317 

^afladors Extraordinary and Plenipot^tiarys of his Impe- 
ial Majefty, and the King and Republick of ^oland^ 
n prefence of the Ambafladors Plenipotentiary Media- 
ors, have deliver'd to us the authentick and lawful Inflru- 
nent drawn up in the Latin Tongue, confirm'd with their 
Sands and Seals, by virtue of the Authority, and Power» 
ind Deputation to theni granted ; we alfo, by virtue of 
lur Power, Authority and Deputation, have deli ver'd. this 
T^alid and legal Inilrument, confirm'd with our Hands 
ind Seals. Done the 24th of the Month call'd Recie^^ 
ji the Year of the Hegira mo. 


(L. S.) MEHEMETRAMI, Great Chancellor. 
(L. S.y ALBXAiJ2)BR Mauro Cordato di Scarlato. 


3 iS treaty at Carlowitz betwixt tl 

The Imperial and Polidi Injirument 
the 'Peace to he ejiahlijh'd and obferti 
between Muftapha Han, Sultan of t 
Turks, and the mojl Serene Repuhl 
of Venice; in which Jnjlrument, 
reafon the Venetian Ambajfador i 
cuid hmfelf from ailing, the Impir 
and Polifh Amhajfadors take the \ 
netian /:ffair% upon them, and in t 
Name of the moji Serene Repi4bfic\, i 
ter into Conditions of Peace, Uavi 
the faid RepuhUck a certain /pace 
J'lme, either to accept or rejeH the 
Done at the Congrefs at Carlowitz 
Szercm, the i6th of January 165 
together with the Approbation a 
Subfeription of the Mediators, and t 
Acceptance and Ratijication of the [t 
Treaty, by the mojl Serene Repaili 
of Venice. Given at the Tiucal f 
lace the yth of Feb. 1 6951. 

In the Nariie of the tmjl Holy aitd Utidrjlded 'tritiitj 

BE it known to all atid every one whom it coDCfl 
That after a Declaration of Peace was ntadeby 
Mediation of the molt Serene ant! mofl Pot 
Prince and Lord, IfilliamM. K-ioj. of Great Srili 


g. Venetians and the Grand Sultan. 319 

ice and Ireland^ and the High and Mighty States 
sral of the United Netherlands^ for reftoring Tranquil- 
which had been difturb'd feveral Years by a War, 
For renewing the Friendfhip between the Sublime Ot- 
n Enaperor and the mofl Serene Republick of Venice^ 
ngrefs was appointed for that end, between the Fle- 
:entiarys of both Partys at Carlowitz in Szerem^ by 
ntervention of the mod illufirious and the mod excel- 
Lords, i\it Ijox A William^ aget^ B^ton of Seaudefert^ 
the Heer ^ames Colyer^ both Ambaffadors at the 
man Vorte^ the former from the molt Serene Kins of 
It Sritain^ and the latter from the High and Mi^ty 
js of the United Netherlands^ who moft diligently 
faithfully performed the mediatorial Office of Ambaf- 
rs Plenipotentiary for refioring this Peace, and after 
Exchange of the full Powers on both fides, the Con- 
I was continued. JBut the moft illuflrious, and moft 
Uent Lord, Charles Ruzzini Knt. Ambaflador Pleni- 
ntiary of the faid moft Serene Republick, after vari- 
Conferences. held concerning a Peace, even tho he had 
: enough and to fpare for confideration of the Arti- 
yet by reafon of feveral Difficultys which occurt'd to 
, cou'd not proceed in the Treaty : We therefore the 
^rwritten AmbaiTadors Extraordinary and Plenipoten- 
j of his Sacred Imperial Majefty, and of his Koyal 
efty of Poland ^ perceiving the Expiration of the laft 
m granted near at hand, and the immediate Necef- 
of bringing the Treaty to an abfolute Conclufion, in 
ird to the Preliminarys fettled at this Congrefs by the 
leavours of the laid Lords the Mediators, and by the 
fent of all of us, efpecially in regard to the Reafon 
ar'd in the 3d Article, having a defire to promote the 
ce of the moft Serene Republick of Venice^ have un- 
aken the Treaty in their Name ^ and in regard to the 
nn Foundation of this Peace, heretofore eftablifh'd in- 
ably between his Imperial Majefty, the Republick of 
ice, and the Sublime Empire, have in thebefl manner 
:ou'd, concluded a Treaty with the moft illuftrious and 
I excellent the Lords Ambaffadors Plenipotentiary of 
Ottoman ^orte, viz. the Lord Mehemet Fffendi^ Chan- 
3r of the Sublime Ottoman Empire, and the Lord 
uro CordatOy of the Noble Family of Scarlatti late 
incellor of the faid Empire, and private Secretary, 
raining fixteen Ar.ticles as follows. 

r*-*--- -~ - • ---------5 — - ,^V : - • /t.*""* 

r - r -.•J"' -' -t^ ■'• -- '^' "i --— :- /;..'t|, 

* ■/"----• 

£ t.--- '^ ; ..5.,. _^..;:j. AjT^ce, to rai 

ib'jV2 r;.c;:ec .--rc^^s, even w.h:.e :he ii.ullnous 

• ti'-r. ccr.rlr.uis it Vici^i^.^ and while one or other 
' Xxriyir.ui Mir.ifter: ?,trii^orer.:;iry be prclent, tl 

hafiarj^rs cf both Part\s tray reaffurae and din 

* 7Vjary : f-» rhjfe Ccn^iiions ncvenhelefs, that tl 
? ir.inary ar.d Funr'imcr.tal Infirumcnt heretofore fli] 

j699' Venetians and the Grand Sultan. 321 

tick Inftruments neceffary for both Partys ; and confe- 
qucntly ihe RepublLk of Venice fhall be included in this 
Qflppy Peace, a Ceflation of Anns being obfcrv'd in rbe 
mean time on both fides, according to the Reafon declat'd 
in the Articles above inrertcd, and all manner of Hoftilicys 
and Offences being ftop'd by Land and Sea, and no Con- 
ttivcntion of the Articles hereby eflablifh'd being ad- 
mitted. But if neither the abov^nam'd Republick can 
bring its Treaty to a Conclufion within the Terms above- 
nentton'd, it fliall rdl upon the faid Republick to take 
Eire of their own Affairs, And whereas the abovtmen- 
tion'd Anibaffadors Plenipotcntiarys of the Sublime Or- 
^omsn Empire have, by virtue of their Power, Authority 
ind Deputation, deliver'd to us the authentick and lawful 
Dftrument, confirm'd with their Hands and SeaJs; we 
\£o the Ambaffadors Extraordinary and Plenipotenriarys 
f his Imperial Majefty, and his Majefty the King of ^o- 
nd, by virtue of his Imperial Majelty'a, and the moft Se- 
me King of 'Poland's general full Powets, and the Lords 
mbaETadors Flenipotentierys Mediators being alfo prefenf, 
td witneffing it, have likcwife confirm 'd the faid Inilru- 
ent of the Conditions of the Peace (promoted, as above, 
' out Officers for the famous Republick of I'enice) with 
tr Hands and Seats. Done at the Congrcis of Carlomt^ 
JSzerem under the Tent, Jan. zS, ids?. 

(L. S.) Wolfgangiii C. ah Otting. 
(L. S.) Leopoldm C. Scklik. 
'■• (L. S,) S. Matachouiki. 

We atteft and confirm, by our Hands and Seals, that the 
egoing Inllruments were done, concluded and confirm 'd 
fwefence of us, by virtue of our publick Funftion as 
kdijitors, the Year and Day abovcmentioncd. 

■ (L. S.) miLIAM 'PAGET. 
(L. SO 7. COLTER. 

Vol. IV. 

^22 7Vfti/y at Carlowic^ &c; * 

jj Co0 of the Form added by the mj 

rene Republkk of Venice, for the A^ 
t'ton of the Injirument of ^eace. 

-• crZF^ST'SR VJLERIO, by the Grace of Go* 
** of Venice, &c. We make known and ccni<y,'i 
■Ae aiJih Hiy oi y^nnary 1699, according to rhel 
tation of the Empire, an InOrument of the fbllon 

' noiu was concluded in the Congrefs at Carle-wilz. 

After the infer ting of thefaid Inftrtimtnf. 

We therefore, and our Senate, do altogether an 
aod ratify the (aid lixtcen Articles of the Peacc^ j 
the moft Serene Mujla}>ba Emperor of the TarftlpJ 
Rcpublick, jpromiling on the Word of the afiinl 
'. publick, inviolably to obferve ail and fingular th^ 
' ' gndnot to fu£(er them, if we can help it, to be rid 
olhetc. In Witnefs whereof, we acknowledge di 
lents to be our A.Si and Deed, have ilgn'd them 1 
Hand, and confirm'd them with our Ducal S(^ 
'Ducal Palace on the 7th oi February 1659, 

Sylvejier Valeria Doge oiV$w^ 

The Ducal Seal is appendant inSfl 

Agoflim Sianehi Set 

3>- 323 


'eaty of jiHtance between the Kings of 
Great Britain and £>enmarky and the 
States General of the United Provin- 
ces of the Netherlands. Concluded at 
Odenfee, the 10th of]^n. 1701. 

I E it known to all whom ir concerns. After tho 
I Change of AfiFairs in Europe^ by the Death of the 
' Igtc Catholick King, his Majefty the King ofGreaf 
gi$t^ »nd their High Mightinefics the States General 

United Provinces of the Netherla7tdi on the one 
and his Majefty the King of 2)enmark on the other, 

maturely confider'd, that for the Security of their King-- 

1 and Frpdnces, it wou'd be of great Ufe to reftore 
antient Amity and Confidence, in fuch manner that 
Plight be a pcrfefl Union of Intercfts and Concord, 
n entire Confidence eftabliHi'd between them, with 
] to all Afiairsrhat might happen in Europe^ and that 
(hou'd ente&into ftri3 Engagements to one another, 
lat for this pqrpofe they jfhou'd agree on a defenfive 
ICC : And his Majefty the King of Denmark^ being 
I'd that his Majefty the King of Great Sritain^ and 
High Migbtinefles, had fent Orders to their Minifters 

Court^ to enter into a Conference with the Mini- 
xrhom his Majefty fhou'd be pleas'd to nominate to 
>f fuch defeniive Alliance, has likewife given Order 
. Minifters, 'uiz, the Sieur Conrade Count de Re- 
u^ Lord of Frijenwoldty Loyflrup^ Calloe and Clauf- 

Knt. Privy Counfellor and Great Chancellor to his 
:y the King of Denmark 5 the Sieur Siegfried de 
», Lord of Varin and Hoickeridorf^ Knt. his Maje- 

King of 2)enmark^s Privy Counfellor 5 the Sieur 

77;ottt Lord of Knuejlruf and Gaunoe^ Knt. Privy 
sUor and Deputy in his Majefty the King of !Den* 

Cbapiber of Finances 5 the Sieur Cbrijlian d« 

Y 2 Lent, 

324 "Treaty bet-ween Great Britain, 

T^nte, Lord of Sarlbaujbn, Knr. Privy Counfellot 
Chief Secretary of Wat to his Majefty the King of, 
mark ; and ihe Sieur CJmftiaa de Sehejled, Principal 
cretary and Counfellor of State to his Majefty the Kinj 
enter into a Negotiation u^on this Head, with Mr. i 
Gregg, Refideni of his Majefly the King of Great 
tahi at the Court of the King of Tienmark, ; and with 
Sieur Robert Goes, Lord of Souchborjlhtirg, their ] 
MighiinelTes Refident at the Court of fDe/iiaark : wb 
ter divers Conferences, ~and the Communication and 
change of iheir full Powers, have agreed on the follow 

' \. The defenlivc Alliances concluded between his 
jefly the King oi Great Sritahi, and the Lords the Si 
General of the United 'Provinces on one part, and his 
jefty the King oi Denmark on the other parr, on (ho 3 
NoveK/l>er 16^0, and the ^d of 'December 16^6, fliall 
main in Force, and are confirm 'd and renew'd in all I 
Articks and Claufes, except what are alter'd by th& 
fent Treaty. 

II. His Majerty the King of Great Sritain, and t 
High MightinefTes promife to pay, without any Abatec 
Default or Delay, the Sums flipulated by the faid Alii 
of itfprf, in good Money of Holland, at AmfierdaMy 
. half as foon as the Troops tnention'd in the loth At 
of this Treaty, /hall begin their March towards t 
High Mightineffes Frontiers, and the other half fixMa 

in. And as it is of very great importance to Trat 
that the Navigation be free and fafc, his MajeOy 
King ofDen'fJark promifes his Majefty the King of Q 
Sritaia, and the States General, that for iheSecuril 
Commerce, in cafe a War fliou'd happen, he will fi 
no Privateers or Men of War to come into any Pon 
Harbours in his Dominions unlefs fuch Men of Waif 
as Convoys to a Fleet of Merchant-Ships : in whicbl 
they /hall have free Entrance into his Majefty's Porn 
Rivers j but not when they convoy particular Ship 
Stragglers. Now, it fhall not be deem 'd a Fleet ofl 
chant-Ships, unlefs it conlift of forty Ships or more ; 
that number (iiali be fufficient to denominate it a Ffe 
it paffes by Jutland, but 'tis not abfotutely neceffiiry 
It be fo numerous wticn the Men of War enter inW 

Di. Denmark, ^7«^ Holland. 325 

jefly's Ports, becaufe when the Merchant-Ships come 
hat Latitude, they either fail to the Sounds or difperfe 
mfelves ro the feveral Ports of ifornvay. 
V. His Majefty the King oi7)€nmark will not oppofe 
ninth £le3orate, but proooiifes to conform himlelf to 
Contents of the 3d Article of the Treaty of 16^6^ and 
he feventh Secret Article of the faid Treaty. 
'. His Majefty the King of Denmark will make no 
;agement, nor enter into any Treaty, whereby the 
:e of the North may be difturb'd, or whereby a third 
y may be formed either in the North, or in Germany^ 
will he foment fuch Difturbances on pretence of being 
etc forc'd by former Treaty S3 but, on the contrary, his 
efty, according to the 4th Article of the abovemention'd 
ince, fliall do his endeavout to hinder any fuch Trea- 
Tom being made. 

I. His Majefty the King of Denmark exprefly ftipu- 

Liberty of Commerce for his Subjeds, in cafe a War 

'd happen ; but being unwilling however to permit 

igners to commit Frauds, by making ufe of Danijh 

orts, 'tis agreed, that immediately after the figning 

is Treaty, the Convention made in 1(^90, between his 

fty the King of Great Sritaint and their High Migh- 

es on the one part, and his Majefty the King of Den- 

on the other part, relating to Commerce in France^ 

be examin'd, in order to change it as far as it is ne- 

y for better preventing of Frauds 5 and till this Al- 

3n is agreed on by common Confent, the faid Con- 

m fhall be put in force as formerly, and fhall ferve 

Law and Rule for the faid Commerce. 

[. His Majefty the King of Great Sritain^ and their 

Mightineffcs, promife to pay 300000 Crowns Sub- 

?r Annum to his Majefty the King of Denmark^ all 

ne that the War continues ^ and it ftiall be paid in 

Bank Money at Hamburg every three Months. And 

5 it does not come to a War, but that the prefent 

ences fhou'd be pacify'd by an Accommodation, and 

he Troops of his Majefty the King of Denmark 

be aftually on the March towards the Frontiers of 

ite, his Majefty the King of Great Britain^ and 

ligh Mightineftes, ftiall in fuch Cafe be at all the 

5 of raifing thofe Troops. 

, if an Accommodation be made after the Ratifi- 
of this Treaty, but before the aftual M^tcVi oK ^^ 

Y z S.7 




326 Treaty hVMen Great Britain, 

K&xA. Troops towards the Frontiers of their High MIglld- 
ncffiJs, the King of ZJc^warfe fliall content himfelf<»iA 
one) cat's Sublldy, and a quarter of the Sum lliputaiel| 
for :he Levys. 

VIII. His Majefly the King of Great Britain alfo pro- 
miTcs in particular, to pay to his Majefiy the King ^{'Dilir 
mark what remains due to him, by virtue of the Conven- 
tion in i68p, as well for the Tranfportation of 70Q0 Mepj 
to Ireland, as with rcgaii] ro what Ail) remains due toti 
faid Troops out of their Pay, in csfe it appear byinfp ' 
ing the Accounts, that the whole haa not been paid} ai 
the fame fliall be eaftup in a Year after the Ratification 
this Treaty, and the Payment afterwards be made wilhi 
delay in theCiiy i^i Hamhiug. 

IX. And in order to remove every Obitruflion oat 
the way, his Majelly the King of IJenmark is wiDinaii 
recede from all Demands, which he may have upon tMl' 
Hiph Mightineffes, on condition that iheir High Mvghti 
nefles oblige ihemfelvcs to pay thofe Sums for his MajeflN 
which are demanded of him by the Province of Holtsui 
and the City of Amjlcrdam, and to rellore to hii u' 
Majefly ilie Bonds wliich his late Majeiiy Kinfl 
rick III. of Gloiious Memory gave to the faidri 
xnd City. 

X. His Maj'-fiy the King of ©f'?OTrtrA promifes tofe 
to the Affiltaciccof his Majeily (he King of Great Srit 
and their High Migbtinefies, as foon as ihe prcfent Tr 

is fign'd, ;ooo Horre, luoo Dragoons, and 8000 Foflt _ 
the Kingdom of 2)cnmark, and the Country of Uo^fihi 
which Troops /hall b^ duly mounted and arm'J, andfir 
ni/h'd with iheit Officers and Generals. The faid Tto^ 
fhall take an Oarh of Fidelity to his Majelly the Kingi 
Great Sritsin, and their High Mishtineflls, in the fti' 
manner as the 7000 Mtn of the 'XianJjh Troops di<I 
metly to his M'.jefiy the King of Great 'Britain, 
they cnter'd into his S(;r¥ice. The Difpofal of . 
Cuaim;ffiDtis, and the Adminillration ofjurtice, fliaU 
upon the fame Foot as they were, with regard to the! 
7000 Men- His Maiefty the King of Great SricaiOt 
their High Mightincfles, fliall pay for theRaifiogrft 
faid Troops So Crowns for every Trooper, 60 foz Ci 
Dragoon, and ;o Crowns for every Foot Soldier, 
of this Money fliall be paid as foon as the faid Forces 
aflually on theMatcW vo-gjitds their High Mighii " 

I" ' 

170 1. Denmark, and Holland. 3 27 

Frontiers, and the other half when they are all arriv'd 
there. The Pay and Maintenance of thofe Troops ftiall 
be on the fame Foot as that of the other Troops of their 
High Mighiinefles, and the Money ftiall he advanc'd to 
the 2)fl»{/& Commiffarys, for them todiOribuie it, with- 
out any Difcount or Dcduf^ion ; and the Pay Ihall com- 
mence from the Day that the faid Troops begin their 
March towards the Frontiers. And if it fhould be thought 
proper to trarlport the Troops that are to come from "Dcn- 
taark and Holfleiu, either in whole or in part, by Sea, to- 
wards the Country's in the Dominion oT the States, the 
faid Tranfpo nation fhall be at the Expence of his Majefty 
the King of Great Sriraiv, and their High Mightineffas j 
and in cafe of Neceffity, they fliall be permitted to make 
ufe of the Ships of his Majefty the King of 7)cTimark, or 
thofe of his Subjefls, to facilitate and haftcn the faid 
Tranfportation. His Majefly the King of Great Sritaia, 
and their High Mightinefle.', may keep the faid Troops 
in their Service, as long as they think fit 5 and when they 
are for fending them home, they fluU let his Ma)efty the 
K-ing of Denmark know it three Months beforehand. 
Mean time, if any Rupture or War happen, the faid 
Troops fliall neverthelefs continue in the Service of his 
Mijerty the King of Great Sritain and their High Migh- 
' tinefles, as long as the War iafts, unlefs his Majefly the 
K.iDgof 2)e»»jfflJ'A fhou'd be airack'd in his own Kingdoms 
and Dominions, for having fmrnifli'd the faid Troops; in 
which Cafe his Majefly the King of 2ieTimark tefervcs to 
himfclf the Right and Power of recalling them, as foon as 
he thinks neceflary. 

XI- In cafe that one or more Regiments or Companys 

* of the faid Troops have the Misfortune to be ruin'd, his 

I Majefly the King of Great Sritain, and their Htgh 

I Mightineffes, promife to fpay, without lofs of Time, to 

the Colonels or Captains of the Regiments or Companys 

ruin'd, the neceflary Sums to recruit and replace them on 

the fame Foot as before. And at the end of the Cam- 

paign, the fame Sums for Recruits /hall be paid to the 
2?<iw?/& Officers, as are paid to the other Officers of their 
High MighcinelTes ; to the end that the litid Troops may 
be always kept up In a good Condition, to be fent home 
. in due time, in as good Order as they came. 

' 328 ^treaty Bet'ween Great Britain, 

Xn. In Lke manner, his Majefty the King of Gretf- 
Sriiain, and their High Mightineffes promiic, ihat if 
his Majefty the King of SJe'iniark be attack'd or £(- 
turb'd in the PolTeflion of his Kingdoms, Provinces, Ter- 
ritorya. Tolls, Navigation, Commerce, or other Rights, 
they will fpcedily lend back the faid Troops, and gire 
them a Month's Pay, to bear their Charges home ; which 
Month's Pay /hall be advanc'd Jikcwife, when ibefiud 
Troops are fcnt home after the Conclufion of a Peace. 
And bcfides, they will fend ro his Majcfly the King of 
Denmark the Succours both by Land and Sea, wbicli 
are (lipulated in the Secret Articles of the Treaty of rtfjo, 
which Succours they will maintain during the War at 
tKeir own Expence ; only the King of 23raTOi7rit (hill 
be oblig'd 10 fumifh them with Bread and Forage. 

XIII. Andfor rcndring this Alliance and Union ftill moie 
petfefi, and to leave the Pattys no manner of doubt as to 
the Certainty of the Succouts, which they may expeftrrom 
one another in the manner agreed to as above, 'tis cxptelly 
contratled, that in order to form a Judgment hereafter in 
what cafe this Alliance exiils or not, if any one of the 
Pariys be aflually attack'd by Force of Arras, tho it ha( 
not made ufe of any Force yet againll the Apgreffor, that 
/hail be fufficient to determine the Cafe- But this Article 
fliall only be applicable to Occafions that may happen hcie-^ 
after. And for ihe prefenr, the Supply of liooo Men fliaU 
march towards their High Mightinefles Frontiers, asfoonu 
the Treaty is fign'd, according to the 10th Article. 

XIV. And to the end that no Broil may happen here- 
after between his Majefty ihe King a( Deiinmrk and their 
High MightineiTea on the account of Commerce, 'its noV 
agreed that the Projefl of the Treaty of Commerce aui 
Toll of the Year itfiji, upon which a Negotiation was cn- 
tred into, firft at Copc3ihage7i, and afterwards at the HagVt, 
/hall be te-affum'd, adjufted, concluded and iign'd at iha 
fame time as this, 

XV. This Alliance Hiall fubfifi for the Space of Ten 
Years, computing from the Day of figning this Treatyj and 
the Alliances of 1690, and I6'j6, which are renew'd by tWi 
Treaty, /hall alfo continue ten Years. 

XVI. The Emperor fiialJ be invited to enter into ihlt 
Alliance; and if the King ai'PrvJJia, the Houfe of i,u»e» 
hurgt or that of JJcJfe CaJJcl^ defire 10 be included in it, the 


70I. E>enn»ark, 12W Holland. 329 

[igh Allies fhail be at their Liberty to confent to it, when 
ley are agreed among one another on the Conditions 
Bon which the faid Powers may be receiv'd into it. 

XVII. For the fulltr Explanation of all the Claufes of 
tis prefent Treaty, relating to the Sums for raifing, main- 
inine, tranfponing, marching, recruiting and fending 
ick the Troops mention'd in the 10th Ariicle, 'tis cx.- 
[clsly ftipulated, that his Majefty ihe King of Great S>-i- 
i/M Ihali pay ail thofe Charges when the laid Troops are in 
is Service, and that the States General fliall pay them 
'1)60 they are in the Service of their High Mightinefles. 

XVIIL The Ratifications of this prefent Treaty (hall be 
icchanged at Copenhagen, in 6 Weeks from the Day of 
gmne it on the part of his Majeily the King of Great 
iritam, and in four Weeks on the part of the States 

In Witnefs whereof, we have fign'd this Treaty, and 
Ifereimto affix'd the Seals of our Arms. 
I (L. S.) H. GREG. 

I Done at Odenfee, the 20th of y^?j, lycr. 


Treaty I 

330 'TrCAty betiveen Great Brim^i^ 

Treaty befwixt Anne ^ieen of Gr 
Britain, and the Hottje of Lunenbi] 
^ith Separate Articles : Concluded, 
theHaguc, Jane 21, 1701. 

AK N E ij- the Grace of God of Great Btitain,fi 
a--;d Ireland, ^iicen, Hefevder of the Feifi 
to all and finguiar 'Perfon and 'Perjbns te i 
theje Trefentijball c(ime,Greeti!!g. IVI^ereas thefilkl 
Convention has heen concluded attdfign'd at the HigH 
ai^ of this prefer?! Month of June, 57, 5". between W 
the mofl Serene and mofi Higb^Trinr-cs, the £le^or, 
the 2)uke cf Brunfwick Lunenburg, for a Safply of i 

Convention between her Majeffy the ^een of G 
Britain, and their KleBoral and viQJi Si 
Uighnejfes of Brunfwick Lunenburg, for a\ 

ply of ten Thoufand Alen. 

I. ■X' H E I R Eiefloral and mod Serene Higlincffi 

•*■ Elector and rhe Duke of Srmfwick Zuatt 
promifc lo furnilh her Majefty ihc Queen oF Grot 
tain, for the Service of the Common Caufe, this Cam; 
wiih a Body of Troops to coiifilt of loooo Men ; | 
which number is alrc^dv arriv'd on the Lower Rbint 
the rc!l aifluatly on the March, to follow them with a 
iibie Diligence. 

II. Her Majefly /hall caufe the faid Auxiliary 1 
to he paid and maititsin'd after the rate of 700 
in twoRegiments of Cavalry, and 9300 Foot in la. 
mcnts of Infantry, according to the EtiabliOiment ( 
Troops of their Eleflotal and moft Serene Higbni 
liie Service of the Lords the States General of the 


tyo2. and the Uoufe of Lunenburg. 331 

Provinces ; and their Wages and extraordinary Emulu- 
tiencs ftiali amount, by the long Month of 6 Weeks or 4Z 
5ay» according to the EHimate annex'd to this Coixvt:ntion, 

the Sutn of 10571; Livres, 8 Sous j ^uich Money, 
vhicb Ihall be paid at Roterda??! evcrj^ Fortnight regular- 
w, eomputing from the firft Day of this iniiantyrrff 
S". S. Thore Troops fhall alfo enjoy in tv^ty thing elfc, 
vithout exception, the fame Advantages, fienefics, Fa- 
rours and Conveniencys, as the Troops of their Electoral 
itid moft Serene Highnefles have in the Service of their 
High Mightineffcs. 

fll. Thofe Auxiliary Troops fiiall be receiv'don theFron- 
licM of the States General by her Majefty's Commiinoner, 
and fhall then take the Oath 10 her. 

IV. Whereas according to rhe fecond Article, her Ma- 
jefly is only to pay the Cavalry after the rate of j Regi- 
ancDts confifling of 700 Horfe, norwithftanding there's a 
snucb greater number, which only pafTcs in the Fay as 
Foot} 'tis agreed on both fides, that their Elcfloral and moft 
Serene HighnetTes may, at pleafure, change for Infantry 
fuch a number in this Body of Cavalry as is over arvi above 
^the two Regiments, which are both together to conlift of 

700 Horfe. 
V, Their Elefloral and moft Serene HighnefTes refervc 
ftothemfelves the Liberty of recalling thofe Troops, either 
I'tlie whole or part, in cafe that they are aitack'd, or in evi- 
jVdent danger of being attack'd in the Dominions which 
, Acy poffefs ; and her Majefiy confents to this Refervaiion, 

And m order to faciliratc their Return in fuch Cafes, they 
.ftall not be remov'd to any great Diftance from the lowec 

' VI. Deferters fhall be reclaim'd reciprocally, and re- 
'flored hoiiff fide, without any Rcflitution of Charge or Ex- 
^nccs. And forafmuch as it often happens to be a Dif- 
ptlte, whether the Perfons reclaim'd can be reputed Defef- 
\xtn or not, there fhall notbe occafion for any other Proof* 
rcr Form of Procefs, than to find People of this fort in other 

1 Bodies, without Leave in writing from their Commanders. 

I ' VII. Tho this Convention is only made provitionally for 
I this Campaign, 'tis dcfign'd in the mean time to form a 
i'mote particular one, and for a longer Term ; confcquently 
'tis fuppos'd thofe Troops will not be oblig'd to go home 
Jafier the Campaign is ended. But if it fhou'd happen fo, 
ifiontrary to Expeflationj they IhalL be fctil WOk.\)i "C^^ 
ft ■*-'i"i^ 

then be uirar.w .1 :nmwc:iucc:v jsrorehand ro dbc 

■''""III. T'le ?-j.r:.*ica::on3 jf :hi preienr ConTCDtt 
fae exchaTia i -is^re .n r'cu* 'V\:ek3. 3r leaner if 
Done betw-ien :ae ;intier-vr:r:£:n -ne Eari ci Jfirii 
Embs.i?adcr Ercrracrciniry ind Pleriipocsndary 1 
lUieity :he -"^ieen it x/-r.r^ Sr-r.?;:^ and tiic] 
S^r/l'/z/ctr, Pieninrentiar/ it rheir E.eircrilisdmo 
H-ahneiTes -^f Sryj7rs::ck L:i:ic:ibii:"^^ i: dii A 

tiOii J arJ t'sit if ir l^ i-i our Tzzver, 'xe rrilU 

1702. and the Hmfe of Lunenburgh. 333 

Lunenburg, to defire that ftr the Security of their Domi- 
nions, their Troops, which are employ 'd for the common 
Caufe, may not bs remov'd to a greater DJftancc fron* 
ihem than for the Operations on the lower Rhine, having 
I oblig'd them to make that Refervation in the 5th Article 
of ihc Convention, with regard to thofe which ihey have 
ifent to her Majefly the Queen of Great 'Britain-, and 
baving confidtr'd afterwards that the common Caufe might 
render them neceffary, even on theother fide of the^'/iie/f j 
it is agreed 00 both fides, that when the State of the War 
ihall demand an Operation on the other fide of that River, 
in which the whole Army fhall be employ'd, the faid 
Troops ihali pafs that River and afl with ihe faid Army. 
Sut if a Body of Troops be left on this fide, confiderable 
enough to put all the Troops of their Eleftoral and moft 
Serene Highnefles upon Amon, they /hall be employ'd 
preferabiy to the other Troops of this Army : As for the 
r^ft, the fjid fifth Article of the Convention remains entire 
nt it Hands, in cafe they are wanted at home. 

II. Their Journey home becoming more tedious, by rea- 
Cm of thofe Removals, they fliail be fent home atfartheft 
^w the ijth of November, that they mayn't be cxpos'd 
kiRertheirServices to a ruinousMarch in the latent and worll 
Beafon of the Year ; unlefs it be agreed in the mean time 
feo keep them for other Campaigns, as it is intended by the 
iifiventh Article of the Convention, from which this /hall not 
■derogate in any refpefl, 

I III. And forafmuch as their Electoral and moll Serene 
Biighnel^fcs have fignify'd, that rheir Troops whith fetv'd 
ne iate King of Grekr Sritain of glorious Memory in ihe 
bte War, did not take thcOattito him ^ fo her Majelty 
Mte Queen does not demand any Oath from their Troops 
nw in her Service. 

Thefe Separate Articles fhall be of the fame Force as 
|(e Convention, and as if they were therein infertcd ver- 
\»um. Done at the Camp at Ki/neguen, the loth of 
ftf/y 1701. 


CL. S.) soriuuR. 



334 ^reat^ of Commerce Betwixt 


Treaty of Commerce betmst Anne ^teen 
of Great Britain, and Peter King q 
Portugal. Concluded at Lisbon, m 
2/th of December 170J. 

WHereas the League and flrifl Priendlhip vhld 
is between <he motl Serene and moA Potca 
Princers, j4ane Queen of Great Sritdin, aa 
the moft Serene and moll Potent, 'Peter King of yer;^(l( 
require* that the Commerce of both the Sritijb an^tbt 
yort»?ii/ Nation* (houldbe promoted as much ai p^lSblcj 
find her Sacred Royal Majefly oiGreat Sritaia bath ^■ 
fied to his Sacred Royal Majefty of 'Portugal, by theDufl 
Excellent ^obn Afecbueii Efq; Member of the E^^ 
Parliament, and Embaffador Extraordinary in "Pornult 
that it would be very acceptable lo ber, if the IVmn 
Cloths, and the refi of the H'lolle>iMf»^/i'^uresefif 
tain, might he admitted into Portugal, the 'Prohibi ' 
them being taken off : That this Matter may be 
and tranfafled, they have given their full Powers 
Commands ; that is to fay, her Sacred Maiefly of Q 
Britain to the abovefaid moll Excellent ^ohn Metil 
and his Sacred Majcfly of 'Portugal, to the moft Excel! 
Don Emauuel T'cilei Silviiis, Marquifs of AlegreiSt 
4e filla Major, in the Society of the Knights of 
Commander of St. ^oba d' Alegreie, and tif 
de Soure^ and alfo in ths College of 
Commander of St. ^fobn de Moura, and of St, Mary it. 
J«««ViJ,oneof the three Direftora of the Treafury.aodi 
of the ficft Gentlemen of the Bedchamber, and Counfell 
of State to his Sacred Royal 'Portiigttefe Majefty. Who' 
virEue of the full Powers to them refpeilively gtanti 
having maturely and diligently conltder'd the matter, hj 
agreed upon the following Articles. 

1703- Great Britain and Portugal. 33? 

I. His Sacred Royal Majefly oi 'Portugal ■ptorm^^s, both 
ill his own Name, and ihat of his Succeflors, to admit, 
for ever hereafter, into 'Portugat, the Woollen Cloths, and 
the reft of the Woollen MamifaBures of the Sritains, as 
was accuftom'd, till they were prohibited by the Laws ; 
Dcverthetels upon this Condition, 

I II. That is to fay, that her Sacred Royal Majefty of 
Great Sritaiti {hiW, in her own Name, and that of her 
SuccefTors, be obliged for ever hereafter, to admit the 
Wines of the Growth of 'Porttigal into Sritain j fo that at 
no time, whether there /hall be Peace or War between the 
l^edoms of Sritaiti and France, any thing more fhall 
be demanded for thefc Wines by the name of Cuftom or 
Duty, or by whatfoever other Title, diretSly orindireftly, 
vliether they ftiall be imported into Great Sntaia in 
Pipes or Hoglheads, or other Casks, than what fhall be 
demanded fiom the like Quantity or Meafure of French 
Wine, deducing er abating a third part of the Cuttom or 
Duty. But if at any time this Deduhion or Abatement of 
<^uftoms, which is to be made as afotefaid, fhali in any 
snantier be attempted and prejudic'd, it fhall be juH and 
;Uwful for his Sacred Royal Majefly of 'Portiigal, again to 
ufohibit the Woollen Cloths, and the reft of the Sriti/b 
Woollen Manufafturcs. 

Ill, The moft Excellent Lords the Plenipotentiarys 

Stomile and take upon themtelves, that iheir abovenamed 
laflers fhall ratify this Treaty, and within the fpacc of 
I two Months the Ratifications fliall be exchang'd. 

I For the Faith and Teflimony of all which things, 1 the 
^Plenipotentiary of her Sacred Royal Majefty of Great Sri- 
r^wJ. have confirmed this Treaty, by the Subfcriptlon of 
I'my Hand, and by the Seal of my Coat of Arms- And the 
, moft Excellent Lord the Plenipotentiary of his Sacred 
I Royal Majefty of 'Portugal, for avoiding the Controverfy 
Lubout Precedence between the two Crowns of Sritain and 
» Portugal, hath fubferibed another Inftniment of the fame 
(Tenor, changing only what ought to be changed for that 
preafbn. Given at Zisha, the 17th of the Month of 2>e- 
\tgmhf, 1703. 

(L. S.) Jolm Methuen. 

3j6 ^een Annc'j Declaration 

^e Declaration of ^een Ann« for fup- 
porting and proteBing the Spaniards^ 
and particularly the Catalans, 'wha. 
Jhoii'd acknowledge and receive King 
Charles III. for Lawful King 0/ Spain, 
as it was puhlifhd by the Earl of 
Pecerborow, purfiant to her JUajefyi 
Orders of May i, 1705. at his jirru 
njal on the Coafi of Catalonia. 

TO all the Loyal Subjeils of theMonarchy of ^4(8, 
of wliat Rank or (^ality foever. Churchmen 
Laymen, within the Dominions of the Ctown 
Spahy Greeting. 

Our Sovereign Lady Anne^ by the Grace of God, Que 
of Great Britain, France and Ireland, &c. haTlol 
thought fie 10 nominate and conftitute us General of thf^ 
Troops, which her Majefty has join'd with thofe of llu 
Lords the States Genera], and which are employ 'd to miift 
tain the jufi Right of the moft Auguft Houfe of^w^ri*» 
the Monarchy of Spain, and to affiil their other AlUcsj 
We have judg'd it neceflary and convenient to declare, be- 
fore we proceed to open Force, that we are not come into 
ihefe Parts to take pofilffion of any Place in the Namerf 
her Sritannick Majefly, or of the Lords the States Gcno- 
ral, or to bring into thefc Countrys the ordinary Devafti- 
lions and ufual Calamitys of War, but to defend and pro^ 
ttfl the good and loyal Subjeils of the faid Monarchy, 
and to free them from the infupportable Tokc of a Govetn- 
ment of Foreigners, and from the Slavery to which thcj 
have been reduc'd and fold lo France by ill-defigning fa- 
Cons. The intention therefore of her faid Majerty, andol 
fiie Lords the Scites General, being to maintain the juti 


1 705* in favour of the Catalans. 337 

ards^ who fhall not oppofe our Forces, but give Demonftra- 
ions of their loyal and due Obedience to their lawful 
Ung Charles III. fhall be prore3ed and maintain'd in their 
iLeligion^ Perfons, Eftates, Offices and Privileges, without 
my Moleftation 5 but if (contrary to our hope^) the Inha- 
utants aiid People ofthefe Countrys, fhall not concur with 
\» in the Execution of the good Intenrions of her faid Ma- 
efiy, and of the Lords the States General, we take God 
o witnefs, that tbey wilfully draw upon themfelves all the 
lofiiiitys which may be committed by the Forces under 
kur Command, and that the Blame will lie at the Door of 
itch SpAniards^ who, when fo fair an opportunity is offer'd 
hem to give Proofs of their Loyalty, -and follow the Mo- 
ives of their Duty and Interefl, /hall let flip fo favourable 
. Conjundure. 

Tf. S. Mr. Crow was fent as the Queen's Minifler to 
menoa^ in the beginning of the Year 1705, with private In- 
kniSions to treat with the Catalans^ or any other People 
i^ Sfain^ about their coming into the Intereft of Charles 
31. and to aflure thofe that acknowledged him their lawful 
Sing, of her Majefty's utmofl Endeavours to procure the 
Sfiahli/bment of all fuch Rights and Immunitys as they 
Mrmerly enjoy 'd under the- Houfe of Jlnftria. He alfo 
■rrvM Credential Letters with-^ him fign'd by the Queen, 
Si^eded to the Nobility, Magiflrates, and all Officers 
Sivil and Military of Catalonia^ defirwg them to depend 
gfe» the ^Promtfes he fhou'd make them in her Name. 
Spon thefe AfTurances (which were repeated to them by 
toery Geineral and Minifler who was fent to that Country, 
;^om Great Sritain^ my Stib]e£ls in Catalonia^ faid King 
Sbr/^5 in. in a Letter to the Queen, of 0(5?. 22, 1705, 
>ofi their Lives and Fortunes. But thefe unhappy Cata-^ 
r, being afterwards abandon'd to their Enemy s, con- 
to the Faith of the above Declaration, and (hut up in 
ilmuty where they underwent the utmofl Miferys of 
;e, (during which. Multitudes perilh'd by Famine 
le Sword) hung up the faid Declaration at the High 
r ky "OMy of Appeal to Heaven. 


A Treaty of 'Peace hefween ha 
rial and Catholick Majejly, I 
mojl Chrijlian MajeJIy, caitcM 
Jtgnei in the Talace o/Raftat, 
6, 1714. 

IN the Name of the moftHolyand UndWda 
Be it known to all and every one whom ( 
wife concern, thai Europe having been 3{ 
feveral years with long and bloody Wars, whereir 
States and Kingdoms thereof have found then 
ccrned, it has pleafed God, in whofe bands are l 
of Kings, to infpire thofe Sovereigns with a fji 
fefl Reconciliation, and prepare the Ways to 
the Wsr, begun firft of all between the moll£ 
moft powerful Prince and Lord, the Lord Le^ 
peror, defied of the Romania Semper y^iigiifiti^ 
Germany, Hungary^ Sobeinia, &c. of glorious j 
and fince his Deceale, between the moft Serene 
Powerful [he Lordy'-^fti, Emperor, gjJc. ofglo 
niory ; and afier his Deceafe, between the ml 
and moft Powerful Prince, the Lord Charles VI. 
cletSed of the Romeris, Semper Atignftus, Kin 
772any, Cajlile, jlrragon, I.eon^ the two Sicily, 
levj, Hungary, Sahem'ia, 2Jalmat'ia, Croatia, 
Navarre, Granada, Toledo, Valencia, Galidi^ 
Seville, Sardinia, Cordoua, Corjica, Murcfitr 
ji^ier, Gibraltar, the Canary Iflands, the Aral 
and I'erra firma of the Ocean ; Archduke ■ 
I)uke a^ Siitrgundy, "Brahant, Milan, Stiriai 
Carniola, Lihiltirgh, Luxcmbnrgh, Gelderlmd 
ierg, the Upper and Lower Sitejia, Cat/Aria j 
Suahia, Calalonia, Jiifiria ; Marquis qfrbe Hd 
^^npire, Sarganv, Moravia, Upper and t-owerj 
"^IW of Hapburgb, Flanders, Tyrot^ Frn>td,M 



1714- ^^^ Emperor and France. 3J9 

xorifz^ JrtoiSf Namur, Roufilbn^ Ordaigne ; Lord of the 
Sclavonian Marches^ Von Mahon^ SaUns^ Sifcay^ Moline^ 
TripoUf^ Malines^ &c. and the Holy EmDire on one Part 5 
md toe mofl Serene and moA Powerful rrince and Lord» 
;he Lord Lewis XIV. mofl Chriftian Kit^ of Frame and 
Navarre on the other : infomuch that his Imperial Majefly 
uid his mofl Chriftian Majefly, wifliing nothing more fer* 
rently than to put a flop, by the Re>-eflabli/hmentof a firm 
uid conftanc Peace, to the Defblation of fo many Provinces^ 
ind the EfKifion of fo much Chriftian Blood, have con- 
]eDted that for the more fpeedy obtaining the EffeS; of their 
Defires, Conferences ihould be held at Raftat^ between 
:he two Generals, commanding in chief their refpefiiva 
Armies, whom they have provided for that purpole with 
their full Powers, and appointed their Extraordinary Em* 
bafladors and Plenipotentiarys 3 that is, on the part of tho 
Bnaperor, the molt high Prince ^txAlaOtAy Eugene of Savoy <^ 
Sec. and on 'the part of the moft Chriftian King, the moft 
high and moft excellent Lord, Lewis HeSor^ Dukeof J^i/» 
\arSj Peer and Mare(chal of France^ &c. Who after having 
impWd the Divine Aftiftance, and communicated to each 
Other the full Powers aforefaid, have agreed for the Glory 
/pf the holy Name of God, and * the Good of the Chriftian 
Commonwealth, to the reciprocal Conditions of Peace and 
Amity, which follow. 

\ I. There fhall be a Chriftian and univerfal Peace, and z 
iroe, fincere and perpetual Amity between his Imperial 
JIajefly, the Empire,, and his moft Chriftian Royal Ma- 
' 1y, their Heirs and Succeftbrs, Kingdoms and Provinces; 
omuch that the one ihall undertake nothing upon any 
'retence whatfoever, to the ruin or prejudice of the other ^ 
Plor ihall lend Aftiftance upon any Colour whatfoever, to 
bch who would undertake it, or caufe any Damage what* 
Bver to the other. His Imperial Majefty and the Empire, 
told his moft Chriftian Maiefty fhall not protect or a^ft ia 

By manner whatfoever, the rebellious Subje^ of either 
le $ hut on the contrary, ihall ferioufly procure the Bc'^ 
EjtStt Honour, and Advantage of each other, notwith* 
Rsiodiog all j^omi&s, Treatys, or Alliances made to the . 
Il^tfary, or to be made in any wife whatfoever. 
k ii. There ifagU b^ on either fide a perpetual Oblivion 
l|i^ ^jnnefty of what has been done fince the be^iv^v^x^^ 
l{ fhU War, ip w^^rcver manner or ^^lacc^ H^^vXvt^^V^^^. 

34*5 ■ Treaty at Raftat between 

been made ; fo rhai upon that account, or any other pR9* 
icnce, noihing fhall be rfone, ot ruFFcred to be done, for the 
future to the prejudice of either Side, direflly or indire^y, 
reiiher by Fafl, within or without the Extent of the Em- ' 
pire, ihe hereditary Countrys of his Imperial Majefly, anj < 
the Kingdom of France, rotwithOanding all ConventioRt' 
made to the contrary before thcfe Prelcnts 5 but on the 
contrary, all the Injurys whichhave been rcceiv'd on eitha 
Side, by Words, Wriiings, Aflions, Hoitilitys, Damages, 
or Expences", without any refpeft to Perfons or Thing), 
Ihall be entirely abolifh'd : infomuch, that whatever mignt 
be pretended or demanded on either fide on that account, 
Ihall be entirely forgotten. 

III. ThcTreatysofl-f^./^/t^r/Zfl, Wmcgiicji, anA Rypmici, 
are confider'd as the Bafis and Foundation of the prcJent 
Treaty; and in confequence thereof, immediately anertliB: 
Exchange of the Ratification', the faid Treatys /hall bej 
entirely executed, in refpeft both to Spirituals and Tem- 
porals, and fhall be inviol.ibiy obferv'd for the future, 
cept in what fhall be derogated from the fame by the 
fent Treaty: fo that every thing fliall be generally reftoi 
within the Empire and its Dependence?, according to «4l 
is prcfcribed by the aforefaid Treaty of i?j;^ai/cit, as welff 
refpffl to the Alterations which have been made dutil 

' this War, or before, as in refpeft to what has not been ei. 
ecuied, if it appears that fome Article has not been putf( 
Execution, or that after its Execution it has been ' ' 

IV. According to the faid Treaty of Ryfivick, his . 
Chriftian Majefty fhall reftorc to the Emperor the T< 
and Fortrefs of Old Srifnc, fuch as it is at prefenr, with 
the Granarys, Arfenals, Fortifications, Ramparts or Wa 
Towers, and other publick and particular Edifices, with 
jts Dependences fituated on the Right of the Rhine, iM' 
ing to the moft Chriftian King thofe that are on theLe' 
Viamely, the Fort Mortier ; the whole conformable toti 
Claufes and Conditions infcrfed in the soih Arricleof " 
Treaty concluded at Ryfivick, in OBoher 1*97, bei« 
the late Emperor Leopold and the moft Chriftian King- 

V. His moft Chriftian Majefty fliail likewifc refioreiol 
Imperial Majefty, and the moft Serene Houfc of ,^/y?n'iJ,t 
Town and Fortrefs of Frihurgh^ together with the Forti 

. Sf. Teter, the Fott of the Star^ and all other Forts eref 
or repaired there, otmotVet ^wtsm'iia'Btacfe. FercA 

714* the Emperor and "Fv^iVicc. 341 

SriJgaUy in the Condition they are in at prefent, with- 
it demolifhing or fpoiling any Part thereof j with the Vil- 
ges of Lebemy Merzhaufen^ ^nA Kirchzarteny with their 
Ipeftive Rights, Archives, Writings, and ether Docu- 
ents, found therein when his moft Chriftian Maje% took 
tely pofleflion thereof, either fuch as are ftill in thofe 
aces, or fuch as have been removed elfewhere 5 the 
ight of the Diocefan, and other Rights and Revenues of 
le Bifhoprick oi Co/pftance^ being reierved to the fanae by 
lefe Prefents. 

VI. The Fort of Kehl ereaed by his moft Chriflian Ma- 
fty on the Right of the RhinCy at the End of the Bridge 
Strashurghy fliall be entirely reftor'4 to the Emperor 
id the Empire, without demoli/hing any Part thereof, 
igetber with its Rights and Dependences. As to the Fort 
"the 5P/7^,and others erefted in the Ifland of the Rhine 
^ait Strasbnrghy they fhall be entirely razed at the Ex- 
ences of the moftChriftian King, and none of the Partys 
lall be allowed for the future to re-ere£l the fame. Which 
k:ffions, demolifhing of Places and Fortifications above 
lecified, fhall be made within the Time limited by the 
allowing' Articles, to be reckon'd from the Day of the Ex- 
hange of the Ratifications of the Solemn .or General 
fteaty of Peace between his Imperial Majeffy, the Em- 
pire, and the moft Chriftian King ^ the Navigation and 
Jfe of the faid River remaining free and open to the Sub- 
u6ls of either Side, and to ail mch as will make ufe thereof 
xat transporting their Merchandizes : and neither of the Par- 
rv8 (hall be allowed to attempt any thing for diverting the 
ijourfe of the faid River, or rendering the fame in any 
ianner whatfoever, or its Navigation, more difficult '5 and 
^flill fhall it be lawful for any of the Partys to lay new 

Soils, or augment the antient Dutys, and compel the 
Dats to come to one fide rather than the other, to fell 
%eir Cargo and Goods, and take in others ^ but the whole 
iullbeleft to the Liberty of the Owners. 

;yil. The faid Places, Caftles, and Fortr^fles of Srifac^ 
^iiurgb^ and Kehly fhall be reftofed to his Imperial Ma- 
M^ and the Empire, with all their Turifdi6lions, Appur- 
B&ances, and Dependences, with the Artillery and Ammu- 
^on ibund therein when they were taken in this Wai*, ac- 
Ming to the Inventorys made thereof, without detaining 
ff Part upon any Pretence whatfoever j and ihall be de- 

Z 3 Y\N^\^ 


34* Tfraty at Raftat between 

livered to fucb who, after the exchange of the Ratification 
. of 'he ptefcnt Treary, and jlfo of the fbiemn Treaiy of a 
general Peace between his Imperial Majcfty, the EmpitCi 
and his moll Chriflian Mujelty, Ihali be appoinied and fpc- 
cUlly deputed for that purpofe, by his Imperial Majcflj 
aloiic, or according to the Differences of ihc Places, by him- 
Ofld the Empire, and fli^l! produce their full Powers, to the 
J'rench Inrcndant!', Governors or Commanders of ibeFlacea 
to be reilored j lo the end that the fiid Towns, Ciiadelf| 
lorts and Plates, wiih their Priviltges, Incomes, Revenue^ 
and whatever depends thereon, m.iy return under ibe Power,, 
and a£t(u1 and abfoluie PolTeflion and Sovereignty of tbe' 
Emperor and the Empire, and the Houfe of ^»/irn», ai 
they did formerly b^joug to them, and as they were fince 
pofferR'd by his moll Chrillian Majeffy j who mall refcrtc. 
to himl'elf no manner of Right, Cidim, or Prctcnfions to 
the f^id Places and their Dependences. Nothing fhall bo 
likcwife pretended for the Charges of Fortifications, or inf 
other ptivate or publick Edifices. It fhall not be lawAiHy 
on any Pretence whatfoever, to defer the fulJ and entire 
Reftoration of the laid Places beyond the Terms to be here- 
after fpecificd ; and the French Garifons fhall then inwtl 
out without moleding the Inliabitants, or putting them t> 
any Damage, or any other Sutjcfls of his Imperial MajeA^ 
and the Empire, upon pretence of Debts, or other Prei 
fions whatever they be. Likewife the faid French Tm 
fliall not be a lowed lo continue any longer in the Place*' 
be rcfior'd, than the Terms aforefiiid, nor in any ConiU ^ 
which is not to remain to his molt CKriftian Majefty, m 
take Winter-quarters therein, but/I-.all be obliged forthi 
to retire into the Dominions of hismoft Chrillian MajtAf. 

Vni. His mort Chriflian Majtily proraifes tikewifc" . 
caufe the Fortifications ccefled over againft Hmii^ - > 
€in the Right of the Rbiue, and the Iflands therein, toS 
demolifli'd at his Charges, as alfo the Bridge made on 16 
Rhnie at that Place^ and to rcftore the Ground wli« 
ihofe Forts fland, wit^ the Edifices, to the Houft< 
Saden. The Fort of Seiinge/i, with the Forts in 'l* 
Idands between the Fort of Selmgea and Fort Lp 
fiidll be likewise dcmoliih'd ; and as to the Gn 
whercan. that Fott to be deraolitli'd Hands, it (hall bi 
fiored to the Houfe of 'Bladen, together with the Ho 
That part of the Bridge from the Fore of SeUngen to 
££ws fliall be deVVto'jft&i as a.Uo'^i.'i^dtt^ieflcd on 


[714* the Emperor and Frznce. 343 

iight of the Rbine^ over againft the faid Fort Lenjois f 
ind it fhall not be lawful for any of the Partys to re-ereft 
:he fame : but Fort ZewiSy and the Ifland wherein it lies, 
fhall remain to the moft Chriflian King. In general, his 
jaoft Cbriftian MajeAy promifes to raze, at his Expences, 
ill the Forts, Intrenchments, Lines, and Bridges, fpe- 
:ified irt the Treaty of Ryfwick^ with fuch as have been 
^e£led fince that Peace, either along the Rhine^ or in the 
RbinCy or elfewhere in the Empire and its Dependences, 
none of which it /hall be lawful to ere£t again. 

IX. The moft Chriflian King promifes and engages 
iikewife to caufe the CaQle of Sitjbb to be evacuated, 
with all its Dependences 3 as alfo the Caftle o{ Homherg^ 
ftftet having demolifh'd their Fortifications, which are not 
ro be re-erefted, but in fuch a manner that the faid Caflles, 
and Towns adjoining, may receive no Damage thereby, 
the fame being to remain intirely as they are. 

X. The Towns and fortified Places above fpecified, and 
hi' general all others which are to be reftored by virtue of the 
prefent Treaty, which is relative to that of Ryfvoick^ and 
irfiereof the Arricks are to be deem'd as included in this 
Treaty, and punctually executed, as if they were veriattm 
liferted in thefe Prefents, fhall be delivered within thirty 
^8 after the Exchange of the Ratifications of the Solemn 
or General Treaty to be made between the Emperor, the 
J^inpire, and the mofl Chriftian King, and even fooner if 
pOmble, to fuch Perfons who ftiall be authorized for that 
purpofe by the Emperor and the Empire, or other Princes 
f hereof, whoaretopofleis the fame by virtueof the Ryfvoick 
Treaty. And in the mean time no part of the Fortifications, 
Or publick or private Edifices, fhall be demolifh'd or dama- 
ged, the fame being to remain in the prefent Condition they 
are irtj and nothing fhall be demanded for Expences made 
in the fame Places upon that account. The Archives and 
Documents belonging either to the Emperor, or the States 
of the Empire, or the Places to be reflored, fhall be de- 
livered at the fame time. 

XI. As the Intentions of the moft Ghriftian King are to 
execute, as fbon as poflible, the Conditions of the prefent 
^eaty, his faid Majefty promifes, that the Towns and 
graces to be demolifh'd at his Charge, fhall be razed, 
.^Ehat is to fay, the mofl confiderable within two Months at 
;Bfrfhcft* after the Exchange of the Ratifications of t^!^ 
fStHaet'al or Solemn Treaty to be made bct^e^xi 1^^ ^tn- 

Z 4 ^xw-j 

'Treaty at Raftat beti^een 

and tha 
;he Ex- J 

uly and'l 


peror, the Empire, and ihemoft CKriftian King ; and tha 
lealt CO iiderable within a Month, to reckonlrom the " 
charge af ihe fjid Rarificaiimis. 

XU. And as the mol! ChtiOijn King dcfigns truly a 
fini;cr;;ly ro re eftablifh a finccrc Un wn with the Emperoi . 
and fhc Empire, he promifes and engages, tbjt in irte 
Treaty with ihe Eleflor , Princes, and States, in the Ge- 
neral Tongrefswith the Eirperor and the Empire, he will J 
reflore to them, atid ro the Subj^fts and Vaff-U of the; | 
faid Empire, both Spiritual and Temporal, and in general | 
to all fuch who hnve been eotnprehendcd in the Peace of \ 
Rypxick, tho ihey are not named here, the Lorilfliini 
Places, and Eftates, whereof he has taken poffeffion o 
ling the prefent War, either by his Arms, or by way o 
Confirmation, or in any oihet Manner whatever; at alii 
fal1> and puT>dtu3lly to execute 'AX ihc ClaufL's and Cundi«| 
tions of the Ryjhrick Treaty, from which it fhall ixttbafl 
cxptelly derogated in the prefent Treaty, if it appears tbatf 
finy one of them has nor been executed fincc the Coodlh 
Jlon of the faid Treaty of Ryfivick. 

Xllh His Imperial Maj<^Hy being willing, on hU pirr^ 
to cxprels the ilefire he has to contribute to the SatisfaCliod 
of hii moll Chriflian Ma-efti, and mjiatain with hiiq| 
henceforth a fincere Amity and petfeil Correfponden 
agreeable to the RyftVick , Peace, re elfablifhed by tM 
prefent Treaty, conle-its that the Town of Lendatl, wij 
Its Dependencys, confifting of the Villages of iJufiUi 
2ianh£im, and ^iiechem, with their Diftrifls, fui^4 
they were enjoy'd by the moll Chtiflian King before ^ 
War, remain with irs lottilications to hie laid Majefifl 
his Imperial Mjjeiiy ingagjng to obtain the Confent ai^ 
Approbation of the Empire, in the Solemn or GeS 
ral Treaty to be made between the Emperor, thcEmpit* 
and the moftChriftian King. 

XIV. The Houfe of Srmifivick Hannover having t _ 
promoted to the Eieftoral Dignity by the Emperor, wini 
the Confent of rhe Empire, his moft Chrillian Maje^ 
Jhall, by virtue of the prefent Treaty, acknowledg i 
Elefloral Dignity in that Family. 

XV. As to the Houfe of ffiiuar/^, the Emperor and lii 
Empire confent, in confidetation of the publick TranquilW 
ly, that by vinueof the prefent Treaiy, and the GcncralW 
Solemn Treaty to be made with the Emperor and tfec E 

pire, the Lord jfofe^h Clement, Aichbimop oiCelc^tif r 

17 14* ^^^ Emperor and France* 34^ 

he Lord Maximilian Emanuel of Savaria^ be rcflored gc- 
leralJy and entir lytoall their Dominions, Ranks, Preroga* 
ives. Regalia, Eliates, Eiedoral Dignitys, and others, with 
i)l rbc Rights, and in the fame manner as they enjov*d, or 
Dight have en oy'd them before this War, and which belonged 

the Archbirtioprick o^ Cclogn^ and other Churches, to 
)e named hereafter, or to the Houfe of Savari a mediately' 
>r immedately They fhall be allowed to fend Deputy* 
vith full Powers, but wiihout Character, to. the Congrefe, 
"or the General or Solemn Treaty to be made betwcc;i the 
Bmperor, the Empire, and the mod ChriAian King, to 
legotiate and take' care of their Concerns, without any 
nanner of Oppofition, as foon as the Conferences begin, 
HM their Moveables, Jewels, and other Effefts whatever, \ 
(hall be hct?a fide reftcrcd to them, as alio all the Am- 
munition and Artillery fpiecificd in authentick Inventory* 
to be produced on both fides ^ that is, all fach as as have 
been removed by Order of the Emperor, and, of his Pre- 
deceflprs of glorious Memory, fince they took pofTcffion of 
Havana^ their P.ilaces, Caftles, Towns, Fortrefles, and 
other Places whatever, which belonged to them, and 
which fhall belong to them, except the Artillery belonging 

to the neighbouring Towns and States, which has been 
feflored to the Owners. The Archives, and other Docu- 
nents, fhall be likewifc reftored. The faid Lord Arch- 
kfliop of Colo^n fhall be reftored to the faid Archbifhop- 
ick, the Bifhopri^ks of Htldejheim^ Ratisbon^ zni Liegey 
»nd the ^repojiture of "Berchtci.gaden 5 and that entires 
tcfloration fhall not be altered in any wife upon account 
f any Law-Suits or Pretenfions, whatever they be. This,^ 
bwever, without any prejudice to fuch as had aiiy Pre^ 
^Dfions againfl them, who may protecute their Rights 
gainft the •faid Eleflors, after they are aftually re-efta- 
Ufh'd, as they did before the prefent War, according to 
>e Courts of Juftice obfcrved in the Empire. This fhall 
Iccwife no ways prejudice the Privileges of the Chapter* 
K^d States of the Archbifhoprick of Cologn^ and other 
!l|urch€s, as they were eflablifh'd before by their Union, 
*rcatyi, and Conftiturions. And as to the Town of Sp«, 
^CKO fhall be no Garifon therein in time of Peace, but the 
*uarcl thereof fh^l be trufted to the Burghers. And as 
^ the Guards of the faid Archbifhop and the Palace, they 
^«Ube reftrainedto fuch a Number as he fhall agree with 
fcc Emperor and the Empire 5 provided^ Ko^cv^t^ \Wi 

1 time of ^gr, or when there Ihall be & V\We\\\iooii ^^ 


346 Treaty at Raftat between 

War, the Emperor ^nd the Empire (liall he allowed to put 
therein fuch a number ol^ Troops as /hj!l be requifite, ac 
cording to ihc Laws and Conllitutions of the Empire, Pto- 
Tided alfo, that, in confideration of the faid eniirc Refio- 
ration, thefaid two Lords of the Hoofe o^ Savsria ftiift 
renounce for ever ai! Pretenfions, Satisfaflions, or Indetn- 
nificationff whatever againft the Emperor, the Empire^ 
and the Houfe of j^iijlria, upon account of the wcfei* 
War, But this flialt no ways prejudice the antient Righti 
and Pretenfions they had before this War, which ihejf 
may fue lor as before, according to the Laws of the Em- 
pire ; and this entire Reftoration fhall give them no ne* 
Rights agatnft any one whatfoever. Likewife all Ptetcff- 
fions againtt the Houfe of Savaria, Archbifhoprick sHi 
Bifhoprick aforefaid, upon account of the prefent Waf, 
are likewife declared void and aboiifh'd. 

By virtue of this total Re-eflablifhment of the Lor A 
aforefaid, ^ofcph Clement, Archbifhop of Colog?t, ani 
JUaximilian Emanuel of Savaria, will pay Ohedicne? 
and continue faithful to his imperial Majedy, as (he otlC 
£lc£lors and Princes of the Empire j and mall be oblige 
to defire and receive from his Imperial Majefly, therf-l 
newing of the Invefliture of their Eleflorates, Prindpl-j 
litys. Fiefs, Titles, and Rights, in the Manner and Tm\ 
prefcribed by thcLaws of the Empire: and whatevetWi 
happened on cither fide during this War, ^^11 be bnnnj 
in perpetual Oblivion. 

XVI. The Miniflers and Officers, Civil and MrllM 
of what Condition foever, who have ferved eitherof 
tartys, even ihafe who arc Subjefls and ValTals of 
Emperor, the Empire, and the Houfe ai Aaflria ; as 
all domeftick Servants of the Houfe of Savaria, ai 
Lord Archbifhop of Cologti, fhall be likewile reflo 
(he PofTcllion of all their Eftates, Imployments, Hoi 
and Digniiys, as before the War, and enjoy a geoi 
Amnetly for whatever is paft 5 provided that inej 
Amiieity be reciprocal towards thofc of their Sub]'' 
Vaffals, Minil^ers and Servants, who have followed, di 
tliis War, the Party of his Imperial Majcfty, and iKc 
pire, who upon this account mall not be mole fled 
fturbed in any manner whatever. ' * 

XVII, As to the Time of executing the tota] ' 
ration fpecified in the two foregoing Articles, it !h 
Jioiited in the GcneraVot SQVe.-Oi^Ttft'i.t'j to bemaQ 

L. the Emperor and France. ^ 347 

the Bmperor> the Empire^ and the moft Chriftiaa 
» to thirty Days after the Exchange of the Ratifi- 
IS of the faid Treaty, according to what has been 
d in the tenth Article, concerning the Evacuation of 
[aces and Towns which the oioft Chf iffilan King pro- 
to reftore to the Emperor and the £mpire 5 info*' 
that the one and the other, as alfo the Reflitution to 
Lmperor of the States a^d Countrys which the Hoafo 
varia pofleiTes now in tbe Netherlands^ be made at 
Hue time. 

V^Ill. If the Houfe of Savaria^ after their entire &e- 
non, finds it convenient to exchange fome of theip 
s with fome others, his moft Chriftian Majeity itialt 
lake any Oppofition thereto. 

[X. His moft Chriftian Majefty having given itp« 
laufed to be given up to the States-General of the 
ed Provinces, in favour of the Houfe of Auftria^ aU^ 
tiis faid Majefty, or his Allies, had remaining in their 
ffion of the Low-Gountrys, commonly caird the Sfih 
NetberlandSy (o as the late King of Spain Charles IL 
£[ed, or ought to have poftefled them, conformably 
e Treaty of Bj^fwiek $ his moft Chriftian Majefty 
:nts, that the Emperor fhall enter into poffeAon o^ 
aid Span\Jh Netherlajids^ to enjoy them nimfelf, his 
s and Succeftbrs, henceforward and^for ever, fully an^ 
eably, according to the Order of Succeifion eft'ablifhed 
)e Houfe of Auftria ^ faving the Agreements wbicb 
Bmperor (hall make with the faid^ States General of 
Jnited Provinces touching their Barrier, and the giv* 
ip of the under-mentiqn d Towns arid Plac^es. 'Tis 
vife ftipulated, that the King of ^ruJJSa fhall keep 
bat he a6luaily pofTefles of the Upper Quarter of Get- 
%ndy naniely the Town of 6^//^r, the Frefedure, Bai- 
:k, and Under-Bailiwick of Gelder^ ^ith all that bo* 
s to, and depends thereon ^ as Ukewife particularly 
Towns, Bailiwicks, and Lonlftiips, o( Strahlen^Waeb^ 
onky Midelaar^ Walheck^ Aertftn^ Aff^rden^ and 
/ 5 as alfo Racy and Klein Kevklaar^ with all theiv 
urtenances a-nd Dependences. Befides, there fhall be 
n up^ to the Kitigot^ruJJla the Ammanieofiikr/Vft^/r'- 
,,witb all that belongs to, or depends thereon : and^ 
the Country of Kejfely with all its Appurtenances and 
endonces, and generally ail that the Ammanie aitid xVi^ _ 
Diftrifl contain^ without excepting atv^ i!ick\ti^^ >3kT^sS& 

348 Treaty at Raflat between 

it be Erkahm with iis Appurtenances and Dependence) j 
the Whoie to belong to the laid King, and to the Princesor ' 
Priticefles, his Heirs and Succcffors, wiih all ihe Rigtiti, , 
Prerogatives, Revctiues, and Advantages, by what N<ime 
focvcr call'd, in the fame quality, and in the fime manner, \ 
as the Houfc of Juflria, and particularly the Idte King of ' 
Spain, pofleiTedthem ; yet with the incumbent Chaigei 1 
and Mortgages, the Prefervation of the Roma?i CatbolickJ 
Religion, and the Privileges of the States. 
' XX. And as befides the Provinces, Tqwns, Places W 
Fortrefles, which were pofflfTd by the la<e King of Sfiaiii 
Charles 11. on the Day of his Deccafe. the moft Ctiriftian 
King has made over, as well for himfel*", as for the Princei 
his Heirs or Succeffbrs, born or to be born, to the State! 
General, in favour of the Houfe of Aujli-ia, all the Right 
which he had, or might have, to the Town of MenH^ 
with all its Fortificatron=, and with its Verge ; to tb* 
Town and Citadel of Tbunjay, with all the "Joantfiif 
Without rcferving to himfeif any part of his Right to tbeiOg 
or to any of their Dependences, Appurtenances, AppeW 
dages, or Territorys mixed with, or inclofed in oihe 
Territorys : his M^jefty confents, that the States Gcners 
of the United 'Provinces fhiU reftore the faid Towns, fit 
ces, Territorys, Dependences, Appurtenances, ApfCS' 
dages, and Territorys mixed with, or inclofed in other 
Territorys, to the Emperor, as foon as they fliall li3?eiA| 
greed thereon with his Imperial Majefty, to be enjoy 'dl^H 
him, his Heirs and Succeflors, fully, peaceably, and wj_ 
ever, as well us the Spamjh Netherlands which beiois|l m 
to the late King ChaHcs H. at the Day of his DeceaH! < 
Tis provided, however, that the faid giving up oFii[ 
Spamjb Netherlands, Towns, Places, and Fortreffci | 
yielded by the moft Chriftian King, (liall not be donebi 
the faid StJtes General, till after the Exchange of tl* 
Ratificaiion of tlie Treatys of Peace between his Imped) 
Maieftv, the Empire, and his moll Chriilian MajeBj _ 
'Tis aifo provided, That St. Jmaiidvi\t\i its Dependenca d 
and Atorragve without Dependences, (hall remain coU i^ 
faid moftChriffiin MJefty; on condition ncverthclcf*, 
it diall not be permitted to make at Mortagne any Fotti 
fication, orSluice, of what nature foever it may bff. 

XXI. In nke mjnner the King confirms, in ftvoiir* 
the Emperor, and of the Houfe ot Aiiftria, the Ceff* 
which his Maiefty has a,ltcid^ made in ^vour of the ^^ ^—r- 

HobI ai 

the Emperor and France. 349 

to the States General of the United ^rovinceSj as 
ir himfelf as for the Princes his Heirs and Succeflbris 
nd to be born, of all his Rights to Fames and 
mhacht^ therein including the eight Parifhes, and 
)rt of Knocqiie 5 to the Towns of Loo and 2)ixmude^ 
heir Dependences j to the Town of Tfres^ with its 
lany, Roujfeiaer therein included, and with the other 
idences, which henceforward fhall be ^ofperifigen^ 
'072^ Commine^^ Wirwick 5 thefe three lalt Places^ 
e they are ficuate on the fide of the Lys towards 
; and what depends oh the Places here above fpe- 
Of which Rights thus transferred to the Emperor, 
jirs and Succelibrs, hfs nM)ft Chriflian Majefty re* 
none to the faid Towns, Places, Forts, and Coun- 
ortoany of their Appurtenances, Dependences, Ap- 
jes, or Territorys ihixed with or inclofed in other 
>rys 5 confenting that the States General may give 
up to the Houfe of Auftria^ to be enjoyed by that 
irrevocably and for ever, as foon as they ihall 
igreed with that Houfe on their Barrier, and the Ra- 
ons of the Treatys of Peace between the Emperor, 
npire, and his moft Chriftian Majefty, Ihall be ex- 

11. The Navigation of the Lys upwards from the 
, of the Deide (hall be free, and no Tolls or Impofi- 
hall be eftablifh'd upon the fame, 
ill. There fhall be on either fide an Oblivion, and 
ual and reciprocal Amnefty of all Wrongs, Injurys, 
Bfences, whicn may have been committed during the 
byway of Fafts, Words, or any other manner, by 
bjeSs of the Spanijh t^lether lands ^ and of the Places 
>unrrys yielded or reftored. 

:iV. By virtue of this Peace, the Subjefts of the 
Jhriftian King, and thofe of the Netherlands^ and 
9ces yielded by his moft Chriftian Majefty, fhall be 
d to travel, traffick and trade, as iair Merchants, in 
ther's Territorys, obferving the Laws and Cufloms 
F; and to fell, alienate, andotherwife difpofe of their 
s, Eftefls, Moveables, and Immoveables, fituated ip 
jrritorys on both fides. And anyone, either Subjefls 
Subjects, fhall be allowed to purchafe the fame. 
It b(ping oblig'd to obtain any other Permiftion than 
jfent Treaty. The faid Subjefts of the PV^lc^^ ^tvii 
jrys refpeStively reftored, as alfo a\i tViofc o^ ^^ 


^5o 5>fi3/y at Raftat between 

Spsnijh T^ctherlatjdi, fliall be permitted to remove froitt 
ihe faid Places and Countrys, and retire wherever ihcj 
pleafc, within a Ti:ir, with Power to feJl their ElUte»aM 
pthcr E^fls, to whom they fh»Il think fir, both befsca 
^tid after their Removal, without any Hindrance or MoleP 
tation, direflly orindirefliy. 

XXV. The fame Subjcas on either fide, Ecclefiiilicb 
and Seculars, incorporated Bodys, Commonaltys, Univef 
fitys, and Coiieses, ftiall be reflored to the Pofleffion of tbe 
Jlonours, Dignitys andEenefitCs, which they poflcfled bft 
fore the War ^ and alfo to a^l their refpeftive Ertates, Mov* 
abl^s and Immoveables, Rents and Incomes, which hsw 
been feiz'd hy reafoo of the War j as alfo to their Rights, 
Anions and Succeffions, devolved to them even fince the 
War begun ; but fhall not be allowed to claim the Re»- 
nues thereof during the Courfe of this War, till thei^Ui; 
cation of the prefent Treaty: which Reftoration IbiJl bw 
reciprocally made, notwithl^anding all Donations, CaDceM| 
fions, pecUrdtions, Coiififcation^, and Sentences, wbidM 
have been pronounced by Contumacy, without hearing ihtti 
Fartys, which fhall be void and of no cScE^ ^ with aD «G 
lire Liberty to the faid Panys to return into the CwnOI n 
from whence they removed upon account of rhe prefc* ■ 
War, to enioy their Hftates and Ineomec by themfelve!, H ■ 
by Procuration given \>y them to others, conforaublfll ■ 
the Laws and Cuitoms of the faid Country:* and SutCii-il \\ 
which Reffitution are included fuch who in the laie (ft" 
or by reafon thereof, have followed the Party of ibc W 
Powers who have made the prefent Treaty. NevertWd 3 
the Arrells and Jmlgments given by rhe wlianientSiCM hi 
cils, and other Superiour or Inferiour Courts, fromwhidi "« 
Ihall not he exprefly derogated by the prefent Treaty, DB tJ 
cake place, and have their full and entire Etfeflj and &'' ^ 
who by virtue of the faid Arrefl* and Judgm 
found in poffeffion of EJlaces and Lordrfiips, i 
tained therein ^ however, without prejudice to the Fllt| fl 
who ihall think thetnfclves af^griev'd by the faid JuigiB« 3 
and Arrcfts, who Jhall be allowed to apply to compeM b' 
Tribunals, in order to obtain the redreffmg of their GtieH^pfl 
ces by the ordiiiary Courfe of Jurtice, '^'J 

XXVI. And as to the Rents aiEgned on the Geoa f 
offuch Provinces of the Netherlands, which ihallap 
to be poffcffed in part by the moll ChriOian King, hif 
/lerial Majefty, ot ot\iMs-, \i V'j.^ latati agjreed thm i 


1 7 14. the Emperor and France. ^51 

Diall pay his Quota thereof, and CommiiTarys Jhall be ap* 
pointed pn all fides to fettle the fame. 

XXVII. As in the Countrys, Towns, and Places of th^ 
^fanifh Netherlands yielded by the moft Chriflian King 
to the Emperor, feveral Benefices have been confcr*d by 
^is moil Cnriftian Majeily to Perfons of known Capacity^ 
the iaid Benefices fo granted fhall be prefervcd to luch as 
poflefe them at prefent ^ and whatever concerns the Catho- 
[ick, Apoftolick, and Roman Religion, fhall be maintaia- 
ed iB the Condition it was in before the War, as well io 
nefpe£l to the Magiftrates, who are to be Roman C^tho- 
licks, as in refpe6l to the Bifhops, Chapters, Monafterys^ 
ike E&4tes belonging to the Order of Maltha^ and in cene- 
^1 of all the Clergy, who fhall be maintained in, and re- 
ftored to all their Churches, Libertys, Franchifes, Immu^ 
nitys, Rights, Prerogatives, and Honours, at they have 
been under the preceding Sovereigns of the Roman Catho- 
lick Religion. All and every one of the faid Clergy, ia ' 
pofilefiion of any Ecciefiaftical Eftates, as Commanderys^ 
Prebends, Parfonages, Proroftfhips, and other Benefices 
vhatever, fhall be maintained therein, without being de- 
priv'd of the fame ; and fhall enjoy their Revenues and Iq« 
pomes, and caufe the fame to be ac^miniflred and received 
IS before : as alfb all Perfons having Penfions afiigned on the 
Gime Benefices, either created by the Court of Rome^ or 
by Briefs granted before the beginning of the prefent War^^ 
Botall enjoy the fame as before, without being deprived ot ^ 
the fame upon any Pretence whatfoever. 

XXVIII. The Commonaltys and Inhabitants of all the 
Places, Towns and Countrys, yielded by the mofl Chriftian 
pLing in the Catholick Netherlands by the prefent Treaty, 
fhall be maintained in the free Enjoyment of all their Pri« 
!%rilege6. Prerogatives, Cuftoms, Exemptions, Rights, Grants 

Sineral and particular, Places and Hereditary OfGces, with 
e fame Honours, Salarys, Profits, and Exemptions, as 
they enjoy 'd under the mofl Chriflian King : Which is only 
to be underflood of the Commonaltvs and Inhabitaots of 
•he Plac&>, Towns, and Coumrys, wnich his faid Majefty 
sofleis'd immediately after the Condufion of the Treaty of 
J^ypvcick^ and not of the Places, Towns, sfnd Countrys, 
which were poflefled by the' late King of Sfain^ Charles 
SL at the Time of his Deceafe^ the Commonaltys and In* 
jbscbitants whereof fhall be maintain'd in the Privileges, Pre- 
IB^atives, Cu&xns^ Exemptions, Rights^ aud Gt^icu ^^^^^^ 

«rL.A...- *«. .^. -■* .-*.- -•- - ^A_«_«- .«. i. 

-^ .1^ »- «-• -• -•»- - - - - ■ — -%*^ • — • ^^ 

< .rif-''.-: r. ".^ ?:Tr3:i i".: ..v-".. Ait:*- in 

J- >: m A . i:c- iTj^ ?-ti :- -f.'z-^ pa.: cr 

Ti'.* Tt-.4- ^'?T:r : itc- C:r.-.: re, 

fcj 7-.- '.r" :.':': f». i ?:--r:--. 

XXX. H » 1-1-:^-. Mi ;:::; i::: r»'i trott Ca 

r-im*: \rn?, **nj any Art cr"H:it: ry rhe 
rn- or.-i*:r on prcrrce w. i-fcever; b-c en c! 
Ihi . -rrrrnvoar, ini «>.!s? ::i/, jnd,asn 
locjrr'Wfi": more an! nor; cnia mviruai Fric 
j5>o.i T.;r.d:Hlind:r.g, *o r.c^crsT.ry -or th-? Good < 

c'>nc«"*:il V? h' ■ iTao'jri.i M.'.'H", wi.i no? he 
cfTi': inv Tr'"''ib.c or Pr-j;nJ".,;c :j iiim, his mo 

iytjf* the Emperor an J Ftzncc^^ 3^3^ 

Muftria^ in that Pofleffion, dire£lly or indire£lly, under any 
Pretext, or by any Way whatever 5 nor to oppofe the Pof- 
feffion which his Imperial Majefty and the Houle of Auftria 
Ifove, or may hereafter have, either by Negotiation, Trea* 
ty, or other lawful and peaceable Way, in fuch manner 
loweyer, as that the Neutrality of Italy may not be dif- 
:urbed thereby ^ the Emperor promifing and engaging his 
S(^ord, not to trouble the faid Neutrality and the Quiet of 
haly^ and confequently not to proceed by way of Arms, 
he any Caufe, or on any Occafion whatfoever ^ but on the 
amtrary, to abide by, and obferve pun3ually the Engage* 
tnent which his Imperial Majefty is under by the Treaty 
jf Neutrality, concluded at Utrecht^ JMarch 14, 17 13 $ 
which Treaty /hall be deemed as recited here, and fhall 
be exactly obferved by his Imperial Majefly ; provided the 
Obfervation be reciprocal, and that he be not attacked : 
bis Imperial Majefty engaging for the fame purpofe to fufler 
ivery rrince in Italy to enjoy peaceaUy his own Dominions 
if wnicb he is actually poflefled^ yet this without prejudi- 
ing the Right of any Perfon whatfoever. 

XXXI. In order that the Princes and States of Italy 
lay enjoy the Fruits of the Peace between the Emperor 
Eld the moft Chriftian King, the Neutrality fhall not only 
D obferv'd with pun£luality in that Country, but Hkewife 
le Emperor Ihall do fpeedy Juftice to the Princes, or Vaf- 
Is of the Empire, for the other Places and Countrys in 
"Mly^ which have not been poftefted by the Kings of Spain 
Tthe Houfe oi Auftria^ and to which Places and Countrys 
t4B (aid Princes may have lawful Claims and Pretenfions, 
^ the Duke of Guaftalla^ Prince of Mirandolaj and the 
'ince of Caftigliofie ^ but this Ihall not, however, inter- 
]pt the Peace and Neutrality of Italy^ nor be the Subje6l 
.a new War. ^ 

iZXXIL Befides the faid Pretenfions, the Marefchal Duke 

f^illars being charged with feveral others, upon which 
^^Aiould infift, in the Name of the moft Chriftian King ; 
Ikiely, upon the Pretenfions of the Duchefs- Dowager of 
^^0Uj^ on account of the Dowry, and Articles of Marriage 
'tte l4te Duchefs of Mantua^ her Daughter 3 that of the 
^pccf% ^Urfini '^ the Princefs ^iomhinoi and laftly, the 
jpce de S. Vierre^ to the Principality of Sabionetta : And 

-die other hand, Prince Eugene of Savoy being likewile 
^*gcd with feveral Prerenfions, upon which he fhould in- 
o the Name of his Imperial. Majefty ^ tvam^'^^ \x^o^ 
o u lY. A a * ^<^tu^ 

354 7reaty at Raftat between 

Some Pretenfions of the Oikzo^ Lorrain, betides tliofe 
tain'd ia the Treaty of Ryfiaick, and under the forej 
Articles relaiing to the faid Treaty; that of the Du.' 
Modena i as alfo that of the Houfe o^ .^remherg . 
Houfc of Ligtte j and laftly, upon the Payment c^j 
Debts which the French Troops left behind ibem 
Duchy of Milan, Call which would take up too much ti^^ 
be difcufs'd in this Treaty i) It has been mutually a^, 
10 refer the Difcuflion thereof to the Conferences wh^ 3 
to be held for the General or Solemn Treaty of P&,= 
twcen his Imperial Majeily, the Empire, and b\S 
Chtiftian Majefty 5 wherein every one ftiall be perm/ £ 
plead his Rights, and to produce his Titles and B,^ 
which being exatnin'd, nis Imperial Majefty and 
ChriDian Majefiy do protnife to have all that Refpefi 
to, which Jullicc demands : But this without alte^-r 
retarding the Execution of the Peace. 

XXXin. The prefent Juncture not affording tiie= 
his Imperial Majeily to confult the Eledors, PrliKei^ 
States of the Empire, upon the Conditions of Feuc> 
for them to confent, in the ufuai Forms, in the Naen| 
the whole Empire, to fuch Conditions of tho pfc 
Treaty as concern them ; his Itnpcrial Majefly proiW 
jhat the faid Eleflots, Princes and States, ftiall fotth» 
fend in the Name of the Empire, full Powers, or elft 
Deputation from their Body, provided lilcewife withd 
full Powers, to the Place which (hall be pitch'd upoS 
drawing up the General or Solemn Treaty, to be ms^C 
twecn the Emperor, the Empire, and the moll Chiifi 
King ; his Imperial Majefty engaging his Word, thH 
faid Depuiaiion, or thoie who /hall be charged with 
full Powers, ihajl i:onrent, in the Name of the faid f 
pire, to all the Articles agreed upon between him and 
moft Chriftian Majefty by the prefent Treaty, whici 
engages and promKes to execute. 

XXXIV. As it is provided, by the foregoing Ati 
that the Ele^ors, Princes, and States of the Empire, 1 
in the Name of the Empire, fend a Deputation from 
£ody, or elfe their fiiU Powers, *br the Conferences ofj 
General or Solemn Peace to be made between his Imi' 
Majefiy, the Empire, and his moft ChrlftJan Maj 
the Place that fhall be pirch'd upon, and appointed ti 
purpofe ; the Emperor and the moft Chriftian K 
agree to fix the (aid Place in a Neutral Couatry, w 

the Emperor and France* 3^^ 

ire and the Kingdom of prance : and their Majef" 
therefore caft their Eyes upon the Territorys of 
9^land^ where three Towns /hall be propoied by his 
xal Majeflv, or mofl Chriffian MajcAy, for the 
^ of one or them, in manner following ^ that is to 
Is Imperial Majeftv propofing the faid three Towns, 
ft Chriftian Majefty fhall pitch upon which he plea- 
the 0)nference8 ; or recrprocally, if his mofl Cnrif- 
ajefly propofes the three Towns, his Imperial Ma* 
tall choofe which he is miodfid to prefer: which I^ro- 
ns and Choice Ihall be made '^^ the fame time*that 
cfent Treaty is iign'd 5 fo that there may be no De- 
|9 x^C3C Time loft, for treating and concluding, with all 
^^^^ the General or Solemn Peace between the Emperor, 
C^^ ^SiTnpire, and the moft Chriftian King ^ and that their 
^^^xQers Pleniootentiarys may meet the 15th of April 
^cP^^ cr the ift of jl% at fartheft, in the Place appointed 
'i(ot tKe Conferences to oe held in 3 ^uring which, all the 
l^Vf^^n* Princes, and States of the Empire, who befides 
iRtt%t accrues to them by the above ftipulated Execution 
Ae Articles of the Treaty ofRyfwick^ fliall have Pre- 
fioQs and Reafbns to be particularly comprehended in 
General Treaty of Peace to be made, may produce 
II5 for which his moft. Chriftian Majefty promifes to 
ive all the Regard which Tuftice requires. Neverthelefs, 
the end the Conclufion of the faid Conferences may not 
delayed, it it agreed on both fides, that they ftiall bo 
minated by the Conclufion of the General or Solemn 

S within two Months, or three at the moft, to reckon 
e very firfl Day the Conferences begin. 
XXXV. The moment the prefent Treaty fhall be 
n'd, all Hoftilitys and Violences fhall ceafe on the part 
tbe Emperor and Empire, as well as on that of the moft 
triflian King ^ and from the Day of the Exchange of the 
atifications, ois moft Chriftian Majefty fhall exa6l no more 
NQtributions, or Forage for the Troops, from the Terri- 
' 8 of the Emperor and Empire 5 neither fhall his Im- 
al Majefty and the Empire exaS any from the Terri^ 
^8 of his moft Chriftian Majefty. And in general, all 
lier reciprocal Demands, made on account of the prefent 
Eur, fhall ceafe, as well on the part of his Imperial Ma- 
iy and the Empire, as of his moft Chriftian Majefty. 
le Prilbners of State and War on both fides, fhall be fent 
jck without Ranfom j and fifteen Da^» a.itct xV^ '^^- 

Aa a * cJcia.^^ 

356 treaty at Raftat between 

change of the Ratifications of the prefent Ttealy, cai& 
Prince ftiall withdraw his Troops out of the flat Counity. 
into his own Tcrritorys ; his Imperial Majefly engaging tot 
withdraw his Troops at the fame time, and moreover to 
caufe tboii; of the Empire to withdraw out of the flst 
Country of the Archbt/hoprick of Calogn, andSavan'a: 
which Countrys and Tcrritorys /hall likewife be reQored, 
in the Form and Time fpccified in the i5tb, ifiiL, 17th,- 
and i8th Articles of the prufent Treaty. 

XXXVI. The C<niimerce forbidden during the War 
'tween the Subjefla of his Imperial Majefly, the EitipiieL 
and ihofe of his mofl Chriftian Majefly, (hall be re-efti-T 
blifh'd immediately after the Exchange of the Ratification! 
of the prefenfTreaty, with the fame Liberty it was before' 
the War 5 and all and every one, particularly the HanTe- 
Towns, /hall enjoy all manner of Security by Land aad bf 
Sea, according to the fifty fecond Article of the Treaty m 

XXXVII. The prefent Treaty /hall be ratified by the 
Emperor, and by the moft Chriftiin King ; and the Ex- 
change of the Ratifications /hall be made in the Palace It 
of Rajlni, within the fpace of a Month, to reckon frotoje 
theDay of figning, or fooner if poflible. In Witnefs wherfr-lfc 
of, the faid EmbalTadors Extraordinary and Plenipotefl-.d 
tiarys, as well of his Imperial Majefly, as of his mofl Chiif 
lian Majefly, havefignd the prefent Treaty with their 
own Hands, and fix'd thereto the Seals of their Uimi. 

Done in the 'Palace o/Raflat, the 6tb o/Match, 1714; 

fL. S.) Eugene of Savoy. 
CL. S.) Alar. 'Duke 4e Viiiars. 

Separate Articles. 

\. As in the Titles, which his Imperial Majefly alTuinet 
both in his full Powers, and in the Preamble to the TrealJ] 
which is to be fign'd this Day, between Prince Eugtnea 
Savoy, and the Marefchal Duke de Fillars, EmbafladiW 
Extraordinary and Plcnipotentiarys of their Imperial an! 
mod Chriftian Majeftys, fotne of the faid Titles may Wt 
be aeknowlcdg'd by his mnfl (Chriftian Majefly ; it htt 
been agreed by the faid EmhaCTidors Extraordinary and 
PVcntpoientiarys, b^xVis Sc-jwiw A.iuclc, iign'd by then 

; ibe Empenor and Fxance. 357 

the faid Treaty, that the Titles taken or omitted 
ler fide, fhall neither add any Right, nor do any 
ice to either of the Fartys contrafling 3 and the pre* 
^parate Article fhall have the fame force, as if it 
nferted verbatim in the Treaty of Peace. 2>one in 
tlace o/Raflat, ^c. - • 

The prefent Treaty, being for the Reafons alledg'd 
cleXXXIII. begun, continued andfinifhed, without 
juifite and ufual Solemnitys and Formalitys in refpe^l 
£mpire 3 and compofed and drawn up in the French 
e, contrary to the Ufage generally obierved in the 
^s between his Imperial Majefty, the Empire, and 
3ft Chriitian Majefty : this Difference fhall not be 
d by way of Precedent, nor drawn into Confequence, 
y ways prejudice any one whomfoever ; but for the 
, the Method generally ufed upon fuch Occafions, 
)e followed, as well concerning the Latin Tongue, as 
ng the other Formalitys : As for inftance, in the 
els, and General and Solemn Treaty to be made be- 
his Imperial Majefty, the Empire, and his moft 
ian Majefty 5 the prefent Treaty having fUll the fame 
and Virtue, as \t all the faid Formalitys had been 
'd therein, and as if it was in Latin. And this 
ate Article fhall likewife have the fame Force, as if 
inferted word for word in the Treaty of Peace. Done 

Palace of Raftat, ^c. , 

His Imperial Majefty, in' conformity to Article 
LIV. of the Treaty concluded this Day, having 
1 and propofed the three following Towns in the 
torys of Smjferland^ namely, Scbaffhaufen^ Saden in 
;, and Frauenfeld^ for the Place of Conferences for 
rcneral and Solemn Treaty of Peace to be made be- 
I him, the Empire, and his' moft Chriftian Majefty ; 
le Marefchal Duke de Vi liars not having yet received 
Dft Chriftian Majefty's Orders, in relation to the Choice 
.t Place of the three which he would prefer, he pro- 
to let frince Eugene know it forthwith by an Exprefs* 

in the Palace ^/Raftat, gfr. 

A a 3. 


^^S Treaty ^ Baden between the 


7he Solemn Treaty (f ^eace Jlgni t 
tyth of September i7«4) '^f ^^^ 
in Ergaw, in the Mame of his j 
cred Imperial and CathoJkk Maje^ 
and the Holy Roman Empire^ on a 
^art^ and of his Sacred moji Chrijiit\ 
Majejiy, on the other ^ by the Imper* 
and French Lmbajadors, 

la the Name of the mojl Holy Trinity, the Father, a 

aud Hoty Ghofi. \ 

BE it known to all Men, That whereas in theTn 
of Peace concluded by the Grace of the Almiglu] 
Rajlai, on the fixth Day of Msrcb laft, betw 
the mott Serene and moft Powerful Prince and 1* 
the Lord Charles VI. Emperor Eleft of the Ro«i 
Semper Aiigufim, King o^Germ&vy, Caflile, &c. aod 
Holy Reman Empire on one Pare j and the moft Ser 
and moft Powerful Prince and Lord, the Lord Le'jeii X 
moft Chriftian King af JFratice aod Navarre on the orhfl 
it was agreed, That fuch Things as had been tranfaflei 
RaJiaS for accelerating fo good a Work, without havingi 
ferv'd the due Formalirjs that were requifitc, or thatn 
been referred to another time, and what fhould be fei 
neceffary to be added, ftiould be perfefied in a new I 
more folcmn and general Congrefs to be held in S'xili 
iand : This has been now completed, thro' the FavOU 
God ; for the EmbaCfadors Extraordinary and PlenipM 
tiatys appointed on both Jides, meeting at Saden in Sji 
viz, on (Jie Part of his Sacred Imperial Majefty and 
Holy Roman Empire, the moft High Prince and Lo 
Ei(g^ne, Prince ol Savoy, and 'Piedmont, Knight of I 
GuJden Fleece, CoMuVcVYot o^Bt'i'.tviiVv^Swred Imfei 

1714- Umperory Empire^ andFrznce. ^59 

ilajefty, Prefident of the Council of War, Lieutenant- 
[jeneral, and Marefchal of the Holy Roman Empire 5 and 
be moft Illuftrious and Excellent Lords, the Lord {Peter 
Count de Goes in Carhherg^ Counfellor of State to his Sa- 
cred Imperial Majefly, Chamberlain and Sovereign Cap- 
;ain Provincial of Carintbia^ and the Lord ^obn Frederick^ 
Count o{ Seilern and Jjpang^ of the Aulick Council of the. 
Emperor, and Prefident of the Chancery of Aufiria : and 
on tne, Part of his moft Sacred Chrifiian Majefly, the moft 
fligh and Excellent Lord I^nvis HeSor^ Duke de Villars^ 
Peer and Marefchal of France^ Prince of Martigues^ Vif- 
count of Melun^ Commander in Chief of the Royal Armys 
of France in Germany^ Knight of the King's Orders, and 
of the Golden Pleece, Governour and Lieutenant-General 
of Provence ^ and the moft Illuftrious and moft Excellent 
Xiord, the Lord Francis-Cbarles de Vintimillia^ of the 
Counts of Marfeilles, Count du Luc^ Marquis de la Martba^ 
Lieutenant for the King in Vrovence^ Commander of the 
Order of Sf. Lenvis^ Governour of the Ifland of ^orquerd* 
leSf and Embafiador of his moft Chriftian Maiefty to the 
Cantons of Switzerland^ the GriJbnSy and the Kepublick of 
Valais $ and the Lord 2)ominick Sarharie^ Knight, Lord 
of ^S*^. Contefiy Counfellor to the moft Chriftian King, 
Mafter of the Requefts, Intendant of the Juftice, Finances 
and War, in the DiftriSs of Metz^ Toul^ and Verdun i as 
olfo of the Royal Armys on the Confines of Cbampaign^ on 
the Saar^ and on the Mozelle. Who, after having invoked 
Hie Name of God, and exchanged their refpe^ive full 
^Powers, have confirmed the Articles and Conditions of the 
'Peace already made, augmented the fame, and drawn them 
into the folemn Form, as follows: 

V, I. The Chriftian Peace, concluded at Raftat the ^th of 
^. Jttdrch laft, (hall be, and remain perpetual and univerfal, 

. anid produce a true Amity between his Sacred Imperial 
^ Majefty, his Succeftbrs, the whole Holy Roman Empire, 
. his Kingdoms and hereditary Dominions, the Vaffals and 
c Sabj^fts thereof, on one part 3 and his Sacred Royal moft 
. Chriftian Majefly, and his Succeftbrs, Vaftals and Subje6ls^ 
^'fan the other 5 and be fo fincerely obfervM and refpefted, 

'tbat the one ftiall undertake nothing upon any Pretence 
Vwl^atfoever to the Prejudice and Damage of the other, nor 
^ lend' any Affiftance to fuch who would undertake it> c^t 
- ipaofe any Dan^age whatever to the otViet ; li^v^'^t SS\^^\ 

Aa 4 %w 

360 treaty at Baden hef-wem the 

any of the Fartys fupport and aQlft the rebellious Sul>je£b 
of the other in any manner whatfoever ; but on the con- 
nary, the faid Piirrys /hall fincerely procure the Senefit, 
Honour, and Advantage of each other; notwich Handing all 
Promifes, Treatys and Alliances, made to the contrary, on 
to be made in any wife whatfoever. 

II, There /hall be on either fide a perpetual OblinoO' 
and Amnefty of what has been done by rcafon or occafion 
of the late War, in whatever Manner or Place ihe Hottilityi 
have been made j fo that upon rhat account, or any othet 
pretence, nothing fliall be done, or fuffered to be done, 
for the future, to the Prejudice of either iide, direflly orin- 
dircftiy, neither by way of Right or Fafl, within or with- 
out the Extent of the Empire, the hereditary Counirysrf. 
his Imperial Majefly, and the Kingdom of Fr<»«cfi but 
on the contrary, all the Injurys received on either fide, hf-^ 
Words, Writings, Aflions, HoQiiitys, Damages, orEx- 
pences, withour any refpefl; to Perfons or Things, fhall be 
eniitely aboli/hed ; infotnuch that whatever might 6c prft- 
tended or demanded on cither fide on that account, be 
buried in an eternal Oblivion. 

in. The Treatys of I'l'ejl^halia, Nimegiien andRyfivick, 
are the Bafis and Foundation of the prefent Treaty j and 
in confequence thereof, immediately after the Exchangeof 
the Ratifications, the faid Treaty fliall be entirely esectt- 
ted, in refped both to Spirituals and Temporals, andlhiU 
be inviolably obferv'd for the future, except in what Shi& 
be derogated from the fame by the prefent Treaty ; fo thlf 
every thing ftiail be generally reftor'd within the Emprt 
and its Dependences, according to what is prcfcrib'dbj 
the aforcfaid Treaty of Ryjivick, as well in refpc^ to l» 
Alterations made during the late War, or before, as in re- 
ipc^l to what has not been executed j if it appears thlt 
iome Article has not been put in Exccutioi;, or thai after 
JiE Execution it has been fince alter'd. 

IV, According to the prefent Treaty, and that of R^f- 
•wick, his moft Chriftian Majefly /hall reftore to the Em- 
peror, and the moft Serene Houfc of Aiiftria, the Town 
and Fortrcfs of Old Srific, as it is at prefent, with all the 
Granarys, Arfenals, Fortifications, Ramparts or Wa%' 
Towers, and other publiek and particular Edifices, with ai 
its Dependences fituared on the Right of the Rhine, letf 
ing to the moil Chriftian King thofe that arc on the Ijeft 
P9mp\y, the fort Moriier\ th? whole cpnfortnablc to iH( 


\*j 142 Btnperor^ Empire^ and France. 36 1 

Claufes and Conditions inferted in the 20th Article of the 
Treaty concluded Sit Ryfiuick^ in OSober 16 9T^ between 
the late Emperor Leopold^ and the mofl Chriftian King. 

V. His moft Chriftian Majefty fliall likewife reftore to 
bis Imperial Majefty, and the moft Serene Houfe of jiuf- 
tria^ the Town and Fortrefs of Frihurgh^ together with 
the Forts oi St, ^eter^ the Fort of the Star^ and all other 
Forts erefled or repaired there, or in other Farts in the 
Vlack For eft ^ or in Srijgau^ in the Condition they are in 
It prefent, without demolifhing or fpoiling any Part there- 
}^ with the Villages of Lebem^ Metzhaufen and Kirglh 
\srtod^ with their refpeftive Rights, Archives, Writings, 
tnd other Documents found therein, when his moft Chrif* 
ian Majefty lately took pofledion thereof 5 either fuch as 
ire fiill in thofe Places, or fuch as have been removed elfe- 
sphere ; the Right of the Diocefan, and other Rights and 
(.evenues of the Bifhoprick of Cofiftance^ being rei^rved to 
he fame by thefe Prefents. 

VL The Fort o( Kebl, ereacd by his moft Chriftian Ma- 
^fty on the Right of the Rbine^ at the End of the Bridg 
f Srrashurghj fliall be entirely reftor'd to the Emperor 
ad the Empire, without demolifliing any Part thereof^ 
agether with its Rights and Depehdencys. As to the 
^ort of the ?/7^, and others ere6led in the Iflands of the 
Uine near Strashurgh^ they fliall be entirely razed at the 
^xpences of the moft Chriftian King, and none of the Par- 
jfsihall be allowed for the future to re-eftablifh the fames 
Ufhich Ceflions, demolifliing of Places and Fortifications 
bove fpecified, fliall be made within the Time limited 
^ the tbllowing Articles, after the Exchange of the Rati- 
cacions of the prefent Treaty 5 the Navigation and Ufc 
Fthe faid River remaining free and open to the Subjefts 
F* either Side, and to all fuch as will make ufe thereof for 
«n(jporting their Merchandizes : and neither of the Partys 
kWll be allow'd to attempt any thing for diverting the 
CMirie of the faid River, or rendring the fame in any man- 
Bmt wbatibever, and its Navigation, more difficult ^ and 
ft flill fliall it be lawful for any of the Partys to lay new 
VlUtf or augment the antient Dutys, and compel the 
■dais to come to one fide rather than the other, to fell 
!^«]f Cargo and Goods, and take in others 3 but the whole 
iSsU be left to the Liberty of the Owners. 
^11. The faid Places; Caftles, and FortrefTes of Srifac^ 
^fwgbj and Kehl^ fliali be reftored to h\s \Tt\^^t\^\ 

I' tat 

Ki Trebly at Baden /5^> 

Majefty, and the Empire, wirh al] (heir JariWiSiom, . 
purienances and Dependences, with ihe AiitllcryandJ 
munition found therein when they were taken inlluil 
according to the inventorys made thereof, withoutdM 
ing any Purt thereof upon any pretence whatlbeverft 
fliall be delivered hona fide, and without any ddivoi 
pediment whatever, to fuch who, after the £jKaii|t 
the Ratifications, fliall be appointed and fpecialij dejil 
{or that purpofe, by bis Imperial Majefty alons, friW 
ding to the Differences of the PJaces, by hitn and tin B 
pire, and who fball produce iheir full Poweisto'fcePB 
Gtntralg, Governors, or Commanders of the Pl»«iiy 
teltored; to the end that the faid Towni^, GtideliiHJ 
and Places, with their Privileges, Incomes, KeTcnituI 
whatever depend; thereon, may return under ibe&M 
and aftual and abfolute Poflcflion and $overeienlT'(9 
Empire, and the Houfc of Jiiflria, as they didWli 
belong to them, and as they were fince poffcfi'd 1(1 
moil Chtiflian Majefly : fo that it may ocTCil**! 
flood, that any manner of Right, Claim, ot PrtBij 
has been referv'd to his faid moft Chrillian Maieflj',*! 
faid Places and their Dependences. Kothing millSi 
wife pretended for the Chdrges of Portificatiooi, <*J 
other private or pubiick Edifices ; nor fhall any o(!ie| 
tence be made ufe of to retard the full and eniiteRlJI 
tion of the faid Places, which !\\M be made wilb^lyj 
Days after the Exchange of me Ratification* j < 
french Garifons rtiall then march out without n 
the Inhabitants, or any other Subjcfls of his Itojc 
jcfty and the Empire, or putting ihcm to iioy 
upon pretence of Debts, or other PrctcnConi, • 
(hey be. Likewifc the ^i\A French Troops lb*Il ll 
allosv'd to continue any longer in the Placci to be W* 
than the Time hereafter mention'd, nor tn ai>yCfli* 
longing to his Imperial Majelty j nor fhall ihcyaUl 
ier-Qu3rtcrs therein, but be oblig'd forthwith lOW 
the Dominions of his mofl Chiiftian Majelty. 

VIM. Hismofl ChriBian M^jttly likcwile willfl 
F«>rti6cati(ins etched over-againU Htiniiigfn on thejj 
of the Rhine, and the Illand therein, tu be tknutf] 
his Charges, as alfu the Bridge msdc on the Rk«lm 
FUcc, reftoring the Ground where.thofc Hmts fl 

ic EdiHces, to the Houfe ofSadeti. TfaoFort_«l 
the Fotis in tWlfiitii* b<;i*ccn FortT^ 

|^. Emperor, Empire, end Fi2inzc. 363 

t Ze^vis, (hiW be likewife demolifli'd ; and a]lo that 
Part of ihc Bridge from the Fort o£ Sdmgeti to FortZe-avj, 
liiall be deftroyed, and likewifc whatever has been erefted 

on the Rigbt of the Rhine, over-againft Fort Le-ixis ; and 
it fhall not be lawful for any of the Partys to re-ereft the 
lame ; the Ground, with the Houfes, to be reHor'd to the 
Houfeof ffflj/fw : but Fott Le-wis, and the IQaod wherein it 
lies, ftiall retnain to the moll Chriilian King. In gene- 
ral, his moft Chriliian Majelly Jhall caufe to be raz'd at 
his Expences, all the Forts, Intrenchnients, Lines, and 
Bridges, fpccified in this Treaty, and that of Ryfivi'ck, 
and fuch as have been erefled fince that Peace, either 
■long the Rhine, or in the Rhine, or elfewherc in tho 
Empire, and its Dependences, which it /hali not be lawful 
to rc-erefl. 

IX. The mofl Chriftiao King ftiall likewlfe caufe the 
(^aClIc of Sirjch to be evacuated, with all its Dependences, 
as alfo the Caftle ai Uomturgb j after having demoliflied 
their Fortifications, which are not to be reerefled: but 
^ia to be done in fuch a manner, that the faid Callles and 
^owns adjoining to the fame, may not receive any Da- 
aBiage thereby, but remain as they are. 
IV X. The Towns and fortified Places above fpccified, and 
Sp general all others which are to be reflored by virtue of 
■aftie prcfent Treaty, that of iliU/^flr, and.that of ityy^vci, 
Kwhereof the Articles are to be decm'd as .included in this 
HTreaty, and therefore to be punflually executed, as if they 
a^ere verharim infetted in thefe Prefents) fhall be delivered 
Kithin thirty Days after the Exchange of the Ratifications 
Bf this prefent Treaty, and to fuch Perfons who Ihall be 
nnthorized for that purpolc bythe Emperor and the Em- 
Srite, or other Prince* thereof, who are to pofiefs the famo 
'^y virtue of the Ryfwick Treaty 5 and in the mean time, 
Jio part of the Fortifications, or publick or ptivate Edifices, 
l^hall be demolilh'd or damaged ; nor /hall any thing be 
demanded for Expences made in the fame Places, on that 
account. The Archives and Documents belonging either 
t the Empetor, or the States of the Empire, or the 
laces which the moft Chriftian King promifes to reilore, 
%\\ be likewife deiivcted at the fame time. 
J. As the li tcntions of the moft Chriflian King are 
lEccute as foon as poffible, the Conditions of liie prefent 
\ty, his faid moft Chriftian Majefty promifes, thwttL^i 
and Places ro be demolifti'd at Ua CVvit?e> ?cvii\ 

Treaty at Baden befwet 

be razed to the Giound, that is to fay, the mofl con£J»l 
able within two Months at ferlheft, and the leaR 
able within a Motiih after the Exchange of 
tions of the ptcfent Treaty. 

Xn. His Sacred mofl Chriftian Majefly pi 
Sacred Imperial Maicity and the Empire, to 
the Members, Sabjefls,and Vaflals of the laid Ei 
Ecclcfiafticks and Seculars, namely, to the L 
efTrien, the Lord Eleflor 'Palatine, the Greal 
the Tiuiofiick Order, and Bifhop of /^orw/, 
IlluHrious Order, to the Lord BiHiop of .^j 
'iio\i(e of ft^irtemlergy and in particular to thi 
Moiuhcliard, to both Houfes of Saden, and id 
all fnch as are included in the Peace o^ Ryfitid 
. ate not herein fpecially mention'd, a]) the 
Towns and Territorjs, which he has taken fi 
the late War, by his Army, or Confifcation?, 
Means whatever, contrary to the Peace of R^_ 
the faid Territorys, Towns, and Lotdfliips, 
ptefly mention'd in the prefent Treaty j as a 
cxa^ly to execute all the Conditions and Clai 
Peace of Ryfwick, from which it is not exprcfl] 
jo the prcfcnt Treaty ; if it appears, that any 
Articles of the Ryfii-itk Pcsce were not execiil 
Conclufion, or were changed afterwards, F( 
reafon his raort Chtiftian Majc/ly promires an 
execute iansfiis, and as foon as poftiblc, all . 
of the faid Peace oi Rypwick, concerning the Li 
' Zerrni^, which are fully confirm 'd by (befc Pi 
the other hand, his Imperial Majefiy and i_ 
jromife to perform all the Condiiiona and Cia( 
i Peace o( Ryfwick, concerning the Redltutiom I 
I according to the faid Peace, and namely, in reli 
ICardinai de Rohan, by reafon of his BiftiopricI 
I lurgh. 

■ Xili. The moft Chridian King has acknoi 
* e pfecedirg Treaty, and will acknowledge iot 
, the Elefloral Dignity confet'd, with thi 
" |f Roman Empire, on the Houfeof 

a Fmpcriil Majcf^y and the Empire, 
..r pirr to exrrcfs their pood AiftfB^ 
Jhriftian MajtiAy, and maintain wi til 
L fDCcrc Atniiy and pcfrpetusl I 

17 14* /Bmperor^ Empire^ and Prince'. 365 

Biid by virtue of the Ryfivick Peace, re-eftablifhed by the 
prefenc Treaty, do confent that the Town oi Lafidau^ with 
it« Dependences, confifting of the Villages of Nurfdorf^ 
fDanheim^ and ^iiiechem^ with their Diftrifts, fuch ds 
they were enjoyed 'by the moft Chriflian King before this 
War, remain with its Fortifications to hisfaid moft Chriftiaa 

XV. As to the Houfe of Savaria^ the Emperor and the 
Empire confent, in confideration of the publick Tran- 
guillity, that by virtue of the prefent Peace, the Lord 
yofefh Clement^ Archbifhop or Cologn, and the Lord 
Maxifnilian Enianuel of Savaria^ be reflored generally 
md entirely to all their Dominions, Ranks, Prerogatives^ 
ELegalia, Eftates, Ele£lbral Dignitys, and others, with all 
:he Rights, and^ in the fame manner as they enjoyM, or 
night have enjoy'd them before this War, and which 
>eIonged to the Archbifhoprick of Colcgn^ and other 
Churches, named hereafter, or to the Houfe of Savaris 
nediately or immediately. All their Archives, Papery 
Eyioveables, Jewels, and other E£Eefis whatever, fhall be 
ion^fide reftored to them 5 as alfo all the Ammunition and 
flLrtillery, fpecified in authentick luventorys, which fhall 
be produced on both fides 5 that is, all fuch as have been 
removed by Order of the Emperor, and his Predeceflbcs 
sf filorious Memory, fince they took pofleffion of So- 
MTiO^ their Palaces, Cadles, Towns, Fortrefles, and other 
Places whatever, that belonged to them, and which Aiall 
belong to them, except the Artillery belonging to the 
aoighbouring Towns and States, which has been reftored 
:o the Owners 5 but for fuch as fhall be (bund wanting, 
Lnd other things, which it will not be pofiible to reftore 
mthout great DifHcultys, the fame fhall be paid for at a 
aibnab>e rate ready Money, or as otherwife agreed for. • 

The faid Lord Archbifhop fhall be reflored to the faid 
Archbifhoprick, the Bifhopricks of Ratishon and Liege^ 
Lud the rrepofiture of Sercbtolfgaden. He fhall take 
llewife. fpecial pofleiGon of the Bifhoprick of Hilde- 
SSeiJsv, with all the Rights and Appurtenances belong* 
^ to that Church, in fuch a manner as the Bifhops there- 
^This Predeceflbrs, and the Church have enjoy'd, or were 
O enjoy before the lafl War : and that entire Redoration 
Riall not be altered or retarded in any wife, upon account 
^ any Law-Suits or Pretenfiona whatever. This^ how- 
ler, without prejudice to fuch as bad axi"] ^ ^^xctv(\c^xv^ 

3^6 Ireaty at Baden between the 

againft them, whomay prorecute their Rights agatnfl bo 
the faid Eleftors, after they are aSualiy ie-efiablifh( 
as they did before the prefent War, according to the Cou 
of Jufticc obferved in tnc Empire. This ftialf lilcewife 
wa)s prejudice ihe Privilegesof the Chapters and Stat« 
the ArchbiOioprick of Colcga^ and other Churches, fuch 
they were ellablifh'd before by their Unions, Treatys, i 

And as to the Town of Son, there Ihall be no Garil 
therein in time of Peace, but the Guard thereof fhalf 
truHed to the Burghers alone : and as to the Guards ofj 
faid Archbifhop and the Paldce, they fhail be rdlraioed 
fuch a number as he (hall agree with the Emperor arid 
Empire ; provided, however, that in time of War, 
when there fhajl be a likelihood of War, the Empt 
and the Empire ihall be allowed to put therein fuc 
number of Troops as the Reafons of the War fhall reqs 
according to the Laws and ConHitutions of the Bmpir 

In Confideraiion of the faid entire Refloratiod, the! 
two Lords of the Houfe o^Sovaria Jhall renounce for e 
all Pretenfions, Sacisfa^lions, or Indemnifications what 
againll the Emperor, the Empire, and the Houfe of 
Jiria, upon account of the iafi War, which by thele P 
fents arc declared void and of no eflfcfl, and fhall rent 
null for ever: But this Ihall no ways prejudice the aotit 
Rights and Fretcnfions they had before this laft yS\ 
which ihey may fue for as before, according to the Lam 
the Empire ; and this entire Relloration fhall givelhr 
no new Rights againft any one whatfoever. Likcwifc 
Pretenfions, Demands, Satisfaflions, or Indemnificatit 
againft the faid Lords, ^ofepb Clemenr, Archbifliop 
Colcgij, and Maximilian Emanuel, fhall be deemed « 
qnd abolifhed; aslliall a]fo all Demands and Pre(cnfioiii 
reafon of this War againft the Houfe ofSavaria, the Arc 
bifhopricks, Bifhopricks, and Prepofitures aforcfaid, 
whomfoevet they may be made. 

By virtue of this total Reeftablifhment of the L(( 
afortf-iid, ^ofcph Clement, Archbilhop of Co/^a, j 
Maximilian Emanuel of Savaria, they will pay W 
dicnce, and continue faithful to his Imperial Maieftyilii 
the other Eleflors and Princes of the Empire, and fh; 
obliged to delire and receive from his Imperial M^ef' 
tencwingof the Inveftiture of their Eleflorates, Pti.- 
litys. Fiefs, Titles, wA Rights^ in the manner and^^ 

1714- Emperor^ Empire^ and Frzncc. 367 

}refcribe(l by the Laws of the Empire : aod whatever has 
lappened on either fide during this War, ihall be buried 
n perpetual Oblivion. ■ 

X V Jk The Minifters and Officers, Ecclefiaftical, Civil, 
.nd Military, of what Condition foever they be, who have 
erved either of the Partys, even thofe who are Subiefts 
md Vafials of the Emperor, the Empire, and the Houle 
ftf jfujlria 5 as al(b all domefiick Servants of the Houfe of 
Savaria^ and the Lord Archbifhop of Cologn^ ihall be 
ikewife reflored to the Pofleflion of all their Efiates, Im** 
>loyments, Honours, and Dignitys, as before the War, 
ind enjoy a general Amnefty for whatever is pad : pro* 
rided, and upon this exprefs Condition, that the faid Am* 
letly be reciprocal towards thofe of the Subjefls, Vaflals, 
Mliniflers, and Servants of the Houfe of Savaria^ and the 
^rchbifhop aforefaid, who have followed during this W^t 
:he Party of his Imperial Majedy, and the Empire, who 
ipon this account ihall not be molefted or diilurbed in 
uiymanner whatever. 

"XVII. As to the Time of executing the total Reftoni- 
tion fpecified in the two foregoing Articles, it fhall be 
made within thirty Days after the Exchange of the Rati- 
locations, according to what has been agreed concerning 
yhe Evacuation of the Places and Towns which the moft 
jChriflian King is to reftore to the Emperor and the Em- 
pire ; infomuch that the one and the other, as alio the 
xLeftitution to be made to the Emperor of the Countrys 
which the Houfe of Savaria po0eires now in the Nethef' 
Jands^ be made at the fame time. 

XVIIL If the Houfe of Savaria^ after her entire Re- 
^oration, finds it convenient to exchange fome of their 
^tates with fome others, his moft Chriftian Majefty fhall 
opot make any Oppofition thereunto. 

XIX. His moft Chriftian Majefty having given up, and 
g;aafed to be given up to the States General of the United 
^rovinceSy in favour of the Houfe of jiufiria^ all that his 
"lid Majefty, or his Allies, had remaining in their PolTef- 
m of the Low Countrys^ commonly callM the Sfanijh 
Netherlands^ fo as the late King of Spain^ Charles II. 
^^pfle£[ed, or ought to have poflcfted them, conformably 
the Treaty of Ryfwick 5 his moft Chriftian Majefty con- 
ita, that the Emperor take poflefiion of the faid Spamjb 
etberlandSy to enjoy them himfelf, his Heirs and Sue- 
ScflbrSi henceforward and for ever,' fully %sA ^^^^^^V\;i^ 


Inaty at Badea kitmen the 

a«inA thetOy wbo may pmlecBie Aag 'RiAi 
the CmJ E:e3i>r^ after they are »3iaw 
*• they £d bcftrc ttii; pretcnt Wif, iccatu> 
of Jaltice obferrcd in mc Eoipirc. 11d| 
wiy* prejixlii:!: rbe Privtlcgci of tike Qup 
the Archbi/hopriok of Cj/(jgn, aatl orbcft 
they were edioUiH'd be&r: bj that U^ 
Con(}irat:oa4. l 

And as lo chc Town of San, there > 
tbeicin in time af Peace, bat tbe ~ 
truQcd 10 the Barber* alcse : 
r«i<l ArchUfhop aod tbePzUce, tlwf; 
fucb a number >s be fhaS agree with' 
I'.mpite i providsd, Iio5»e*et, tlut . 
when (here fhail be a liksilhood of 
giiil the Empire Ihali be allovej 
number of Troopi, ai the ReafoM off . 
Iiccording ro the Laws and Cooflita^*^^, 
Jn ConCidztiuon of the fiid ""-^ ^ - 
If I'Dtdi of the Houfe oT^i 
III PriTicnfioiij, SatisfaftiotM, or 
Miinlt the Emperor, the Em/ 
mia, upon account of the lafl 
Tenu flte declared void and of 
null Kir evert But this fliai! no 
Miglm ami Vreicnfions they 
Wliiih \Ufy may fue for as belbi 
(tie I'.miiiro ) and this entire 
«» tt*-w UigliK ugainil anyone 
»'(■«■ IPit 111. ri«, Dcnunds, Satisfaf 
*hMn\\ llif raid Lords, 7o/Sj 
tr)l\llS*U itM'l \f4xiimlian Emm 
HrtiUlt'tlifli'-'.l, ft»/liallairoali 
*iit'.| ilii» War againa the 
i"t;H>li!., ItKlinpricks, and - - 
■' r r|iin i„,iy be madq^ 
"tt \\\U total Re-^ 
)^h Ckmctit, 

JfKttmei of 

piinuu fliithful ft- 

Utid Princes f^ 

ndrivcivcfrf - 

p Invcfliiure ofi' ,, 

■tlet, and R.\g]r 



Emperor y Empire^ and France. 369 

Appendages, and Territorys mixed vvitIp,ror in- 

I other Territorys, to the Emperor, as fooh as they 
ve agreed thereon with bis Imperial MajeQy^ as it 
ated in the preceding Article, to be enjoy'd by him, 
rs and Succeflbrs, fully, peaceably, and for ever, 
as the Spanifh Netherlands which belonged to the 
ng Charles 11. at the Day of his Deceafe. 'Tis 
1, however, that the faid giving up of the Span\fb 
andsy Towns, Places, ^nd FortrefiTes, yielded by 
\ Chrifiian King, fli^U not' be made, by the faid 
jeneral, till after the Exchange, of theRatifica- 
:he Treaty of Peace between his Imperial. Majefty,. 
ipire, and his moft Qhriftian MajeJfty^ . !Tis alio 
d, That St. Amani with its Dependencies, and , 
ne without Dependences, fhall remain tp his faid 
irifiian Majefty' 3 on condition neverthelefs,- liiat it 

t be permitted to make there any Fortifijcation, pr 
of wnat nature foever .they may be. 
. In like manner the Kinj! confirms, -xnf; favour of 
pei'or, and of the Houfe. bf j^ujlria^ the Ccflion, 
iis Majefty has already Qiade in favour of ttie laifi 
> the States General of r,he United Trovinces^ as 

himfelf as for the Princes his Heirs and Succef- 
ti or to be born, of «11 his Rights to Furnes and 
bacbty therein including the eight Parilhes, and 

of Knocque 5 to the Towns of Loo and 2)ixmude^ 
iir Dependences^ to the Town of Tpres^ with its 
ly, Rouffelaer therein included, and with thp 
dependences, which henceforwai>d fhall be Vop- 
«, Varneton^ Commines^ Werwick^ (tbcfe three 
es, becaafe they are fituate on the fide of the 
l^ards Tpres^ and what depends on the Places 
)ve fpecified : of .which Rights thus transferred 
mperor, his Heirs and SuccefTors, his mod Chrif* 
efiy referves none to th^ faid Towns, Places, Forts, 
itrys, nor to any of their Appurtenances, Depen- 
Appendages, or Territorys mixed with, or inclo- 
ler Territorys 5 confentiug that the States Gene- 
give them up to the Houfe of Jufiria^ to be en- 
that Houfe irrevocably and for ever, as foon as 

II have agreed with that Houfe on their Barrier, 
Ratifications of the Treaty of Peace between the 
» the Empire, and his moft Chriftian Majefty 

IV. Bbs XXW^V^ 

370 TfeSi 

XXII. The Navigation of the Z>j npwirft, *« 
Mourh of the 'Deule, fliaJl be free, ana uoTcilli 
pofiiiotis fhall be ever ellablifti'd upon rlie fimc. 

XXIII. What has been agreed to in ihe fccwrfl 
of this Treaty concerning a general Amnefty, fli 
deeiriL-d to be repeated hetcj and ihereibreiicrcfti 
on either Jide an Oblivion, and perpciaal ffl^Rdj 
Amncfty of all Wrongs, Injurys and O^encei, vliidt 
have been commiitcd during the War, by wi[ rfl 
Words, or any oihcr Manner, by the Subject iHt 
iiijb l^etheriandi^ and of the Places and Countrnji 
or rcftored ; and on the other hand, by theSutriW 
inoft Chrirtian Majcfly J infomuch, thatnoncddl 
either ilde may be di Curbed or called (oiDia' 
rcafon thereof. 

XXIV. By virtue of this Peace, the Subjcfii^ 
molt Chriftian King, and thofe of the Spx'tS>A 
^rfWiV-t, gnd the Places yielded by his moll Clroffi' 
jefty, fhali be allowed to travel, traffick and »")%' 
Merchants, in each other's Territory.*, in obtioil 
Laws and Cuftoms thereof; and to fell, illeDn 
oiberwifc difpofe of their Eftates, EffeiU, MotU 
Immoveables, Uttiated in the Tcrritorys on boil 
and any one, either Subjcfls or not SubjcQs, Ml 
}owcd 10 purchafe the fame, without being obG^ll 
taiu any other Pcrmiflion than the prefent Trw" 
faid Subjefls of the Places and Territory) refpd 
flored, as alfo all thofe of the Spanijb Nefhtrlii 
be permitted to remove fiom the faid Flaca 4 
trys, and retire wherever they pleafe, withia'« 
Power to fell their Eftaies, and other Effi" 
ihey fliall think fir, both before and after 
without any Hindrance or Moiellation, dirt 
reftly. LafHy, Whatever has been cflabhfheil'fe 
Trcatys, and Royal Decrees, on both fide*, for A 
liiionof theRightof j^tftMs {PJcjjeat) fortI«S^ 
France, and xhc Nether laitdi, as the famehiib*! 
therio obfcrv'd, /liall be deemed as confiimollf 
Frefents, and inviolably obfcrv'd &>r ever, at if iki 
was exp'cfly mentioned here. I 

XXV. The fame Subjcfls on either fide, Eafc* 
snd Seculars, Incorporated Bodies, Cotntnonaltyi, ( 
fiiyi and Colleges, lliall be retiorcd lo the Iws 
Honours, Digv\it'js, a^id Benefices, whicb li*! 

14- Emperor^ Empire, and France. 371 
ed before the War 3 and alfo to all their reTpeflive 
:a.res, moveablo and immoyeablc, Rents and Income^, 
t lr»ave been feized by reafon of the War; as alfo to 
:ir Righis, Aftions, and Succeffions,fince devolved unto 
'm even during the War ; bi|r fhall not be allowed to 
i.tTr» the Revenues rhetrcot during the Courfe of the faid 
'"*■, till the Publication of the Treaty of Rciflai : which 
:tloration ftiall be reciprocally made, notwithftanding all 
•nations, Conceflions, Declarations, Confilcations, and 
"tences, that have been pronounced by Contumacy, 
*^out hearing the Pattys, (which (hall be void and of no 
fefl) with 'an entire Liberty to the laid Pattys to return 
>*o the Countrys from whence they removed, by reafon 
^a upon account of the War, to enjoy their Eflates and 
!9?omes by themfeives, or by Procuration given by ihem 
t'^oihera, conformably to the Laws and Cuftoms of the 
*id Countrys and States. In which Reftituiion are in- 
■Iflded fuch who in the late War, or by reafon thereof, 
^Ye followed the Patty of the two Powers who have made 
wprefent Treaty, Neverihelcfs, the Atreits and Judg- 
*Sent8 given by the Parliaments, Councils, and other fu- 
rrier orinferior Courts, from whioh it fhall not be cxprefly 
^fogated by the prefenr Treaty, (hall take plaoo, and 
live their full and entire Effeil ; and fuch, who by vir- 
Keofthe faid Arreils and Judgments (hall be found in 
Hiflellion of Edates and Lord Ihips, (hall be maintained 
Bcrein ; however, without prf;jiidice to the Partys who 
psll think themfeives aggriev'd by the fdid Judgmenti 
■dArrefls, who (hall be allowed to apply themfeives 10 
BDipetent Tribunals, in order to obtain the redrelfiiig of 
leir Grievances by the ordinary Gourfe of Juftice, 
XXVI, As to the Rents affigned on the Generality of 
th Provinces of the Netherlands, which (hall appear to be 
nflcSed in part by his Imperial Majefty, and partly by his 
nfl Chrifiian Majefly, and others, it has been agreed, 
aat each (hall pay his Quota thereof j and Commiftarys 
lall be appointed on all fides ti fettle the fame, and adjuA 
b other Difficultys and Difputes which are already in be- 
ig, relating to the Countrys to be poflefs'd by the refpec- 
Te Partys, and their Limits, or which may atife hereafter 
* reafon of the executing of this Treaty 1 which Cominif- 
^s (hall meet in a Town to be agreed upon, and (hall 
named within two Months after ibe Con'cLufion of ^.W^. 
B b a '^xw^. 


372 'treaty at Baden betveeentlx. 

Treaty, in order to determine the faid DifpUtes Hi 
pofUble Expedition. 

XXVII. As in the Countrys, Towns, and Placet o 
Spamjb Netherlands yielded by the moil ChriftiiD '. 
to ihe Emperor, fcveral Benefices have been confer' 
his moft Chriftian Majefly to Perfons of knowaCapi 
the laid Benefices fo granted fhall be prel^rved to 'm 
poflefs them at prefcni ; and whatever concerns ibeO 
lick, Apolblick, and Aowuw Religion, fliall be mainis 
in the Condition they were in betbre the Wat, as we 
refpeit to the Magilhatcs, (who are to be AwMsCa 
licKs, as in Times pafl) as in rcfpefl to the Bi/hopi, Ci 
Icrs, Monafterys, the El^ates belonging to the Ocde 
Maltha, and in general of all the Clergy, who ftui 
maintained in, and reHored to, all their Churches, Li 
tys, Franchifes, Immunity!, Rights, Prerogatives, and 
nours, as they have been under the preceding Sotch 
of the Roman CmhoVick Religion. AH andcver^o 
the Paid Clergy, inpofleffion of any Ecdeliaflica! El 
as Commanderys, rrebends, Parfonages, ProToAIhipt 
other Benefices whatever, fliall be maintain'd therein, 
out being deptiv'd of the famcj and /hull enjoy theitl 
nues and Incomes, and caufe the fame to be admin 
and receiv'd as before. Alfo all Perfons having Pe 
flffigned on the fame Benefices, either created b 
Court of Rome, or by Briefs granted before the I 
ning of the lall War, fhall enjoy the fame as before, 
out being depriv'd of the fame upon any Pretence w 

XXVm. The Commonaltys and Inhabitants of i 
Places, Towns, and Countrys, yielded by the oioACb 
King in the Catholick Neikerlands by the prefent T 
ihallbe maintained in the free Enjoyment of all their 
leges. Prerogatives, Cuftoms, Exemptions, Rights, I 
general and particular. Places and Hereditary Offices. 
the fame Honours, Salarys, Profits, and Exempric 
they enjoy 'd under the moft Chtiftian King ; which i 
to be underflood of the Commonaltys and Inhabit! 
the Places, Towns, and Countrys, which his faid V. 
poffefs'd immediately after the Conclufion of the Trc 
Ryfijaick, and not of the Places, Towns, and Coi 
which were poffefied by the late King of Spaia, Chat 
it the time of his Deccafe; the Commonaltys aod li 
tanis whereof ftiiWbc tna.\ox,iW4 \nihc Privileges, 

Emperor, Empire, an J France. 373 

Cufloms, Exemptions, Rights, and Grants gene- 
particular, Places and Hereditary Offices, which 
lyed at the time of the Death of the late King of 

C Likewife, if (befides thofe Places in the Netber- 
dded by his moft Chriftian Majefly, for which 'lis 
Ha the twenty feventh Article^ any Ecclefiaftical 
I, mediate or immediate, have been beiiow'd du- 
War by either of the Pattys, in the Countrys or 
Uch werethen in their rcfpe^ive Subjeflion, upon 
who are capable thereof, according to the Rule of 
fcjnllitution, and lawful, general or particular Sta- 
de on that Subjefl, or by other Canonical Difpofi- 
dc by the Pope; the faid Benefices, and fuch as 
«t before the War in the fame manner, fhall be 
he prefent Poffcflbrs, in fuch manner, that they 
be difturbcd in the PaffclTion and lawful Admini- 
fceteof, nor in the Enjoyment of their Revenues ; 
{hall it be lawful upon any Reafon, either pall or 
«0 cite them before any Tribunal, or molei* them 
tber Way whatfoevcr; upon Condition, neverthe- 
^^hey fhall perform and difcharge whatever they 
tpd toby virtue of the faid Benefices. 
^;HiB Imperial Majefly, and his moll Chriftian 
; /hall not for any Caufe henceforward interruptthe 
tiblifhed by the prefent Treaty, refumeArms, and 
nder any Pretext whatever, any Afl of Hoflility, the 
^thcother; but, on the contrary, endeavour Rn- 
'tAhon^fide,Hi real Friends, toftrpngthen mote and 
M mutual Pricndfhip and good Underftanding, fo ne- 
Hthe GooAof Chrijleiidom. And whereas themoft 
IlKJng, fincerely reconciled with his Itnperixl Ma- 
Ql not henceforward create any Trouble or Preju- 
iim, his moft Chriftian Majefty promifes and in- 
ikt his Imperial Majefty enjoy quietly and peace- 
i4e Territorys and Places which he aflually pof- 
|d which were formerly pofloiTed by the Kings of 
% o( j^lljiria, in Iialy ; namely, the Kingdom of 
tuhis Imperial Majefty poffeffes it j the Duchy of 
t> his Imperial Majeily aflually poffeCTts it; the 
b4 Kingdom of Sardinia ^ as alio the Ports and 
^ «hc Coafts of 'rnfcany, which his Imperial Majefty 
^ and which were formerly polTefled by the King,s 
i of the Houfe of Jiijlria j to^cthw «\i\a 4\\ iVe. 
^ £ b J "S^Ni^v* 

374 Treaty at Baden between tbi t 

Rights belonsing to the faid States of Ital^t which bit ^ 
Imperial Majcfiy poflefles, as the Kings ai Spain exerdfij 
them from 'Phitipl. to the laft deceafed King: his fa 
moft Chriftian Malefly giving his Royal Word nevefj 
tfoubic or difturb the Emperor, and the Houfe of j^uflA 
in ihat Poflt^iTion, direflly or indircflly, under any PretS) 
or by any Way whaiever j nor to oppofe the PofleSj 
which his Imperial Majefly and the Houfe of Anftria hag 
or may hereafter acquire, either by Neeotiation, TreJ 
or other lawful and peaceable way j in fucb tnanner, ba 
ever, as ihat the Keutrality of Italy may not be iroalfl 
thereby : The Emperor promifing and ctigaging his W'^ 
not to trouble the faid Neutrality and the Quiet of 7W 
and confequcntly not to proceed by way of Arms, ftaj 
Caufc, or on any Occalion whatfoever, but on the con^ 
to abide by, and obferve punctually the Engagements b^ 
his Imperial Majefty is under by the Treaty of KeutJ 
concluded at ffr^c/'/, March 14, 1715. which Treaf-^, 
be deemed ag recited here, and (hall be exaflly ohfen 
by hia Imperial Majefly 5 provided, that on the otherpi 
the Obfetvation be reciprocal, and that he be not atack't 
His Imperial Majefty engaging for the fame purpofa tok 
every Prince in Italy enjoy peaceably his own DoihIbO 
of which he is aftually pofTcfled ; yet without prejtidio 
the Right of any Perfon whatfoever. 

XXXI. In order that the Princes and States ofia 
may enjoy the Fruits of the Peace between the Empn 
and the moflChriflianKing, the Neutrality fiiall not oiilfi 
obferved with punctuality in that Country, but likewifet 
Emperor (hall do fpeedy JutHce to the Princes, or Vafl 
of the Empire for the other Places and Countrys in fli 
which have not been poffeffed by the Kings of SpUk 
the Houfe oi Atijtris, and 10 which Places and CouBI 
the faid Princes may have lawful Claims and Pretenfia 
«;«. the Duke of Gtiafialla, the Prince of Mirandola, 1 
the Prince of Cajliglioas. But this fliall not, howei 
interrupt the Peace and Neutrality of Italy, nor be aS 
jefl of a new War. 

XXXII. As his Imperial Majefty, and his roofl Chflfl 
MajeHy, have nothing fo much at heart, as to fee the D 
lick Tranquillity re-eftablifhed as foon as poffible, anc 
in order to obtain fo defirable an End, which is to p 
over all other Confiderations, they had fixed a certain ■■ 
for jierfefting tVivs Ticit^i but' having at laft pctta' 

ij-— Emperor J Empire, andFrTince. ^y^ 

t f'kC Time litniceJ was not fufHcIent for examining and 
It m xig the Affairs refer'd on both fides to this Congrefs, 
t^^ tnirty fecond Article of the Treaty of Rajlac ^ it has 
J «idg'd tnore convenient, that the Pattys mentiouM in 
^i J Article, fhall be allowed refpeilively to produce 
■ »-efpeflive Rights and Pretenfions before his Imperial 
^'tP^y, and his moft Chriftian Majefly, who ptomire a- 
t«a have regard thereunto in all Equity ; which Delay, 
^■^^«r, fhall not retard in any wife whatfoever, the full 
'^v-a. tion of this Peace, or piejudice the Rights of any one 
*5*^ foever, 

^3CX11I. Whereas, by virtue of thePeace of i!«y7d;, all 

^K»t\erof Hortilitys and Violences were to ceafc from the 

^y ^liat the Treaty was figned, as alfo all Contributions, 

•^Cc in Money or forage, and all Impofiiions or Demands 

laatevcr, upon oecafion or by reafon of the late War, as 

B^H on the part of his Imperial Majelly, as on the part of his 

"'**ft ChriftianMajctly; fo the fame (hall not only ceafcfor 

"^ fiiture, and nothing fhall be exafled upon any Pretence 

Mtfbever, but aifo all £xa£lions whatever, in Money, 

nge, or other Things, which Ihall appear to have been 

Jflde upon any Pretence whatfoever, on either fide, finco 

•Ic Date of the Ratifications of the Treaty of Rajiat, a- 

6»inft the Tenour of the thirty fifth Article of the fame, 

^»li be reflor'd honi fide, and without delay, to fuch who 

^Jiall prove the fame by fufficicnt Documents and Eviden- 

teeii and all Hoflagcs given, or carried away, on any Pre- 

ftCDce whatfoever, Ihall be releafed, without paying any 

^ney, and allowed to return home without any hindrance. 

Lnd as to what remains due for Contributions on either fide, 

» the Time limited In the Treaty of Rafiae, as aforefaid, 

ihc fame Ihall be paid within three Months, to be reckoned 

6om the Day of the Exchange of the Ratifications of this 

pefcnt Treaty : but however, it fiiall not be lawful within 

mat Time to make ufe of any Execution againft fuch as 

Biall be. flow in their Payments ; provided that they be 

obliged to give fufEcient Sccuiity fordifchatging the fame. 

All Prifoners, either of War or State, taken in the laft 
,B/ar, who Ihall appear ftill to be detained, fhall be forth- 
bviih fet at liberty without any Ranfom, and be allowed to 
ire whither tbey fhall think fit. 

Iiiikewife, if it appears that any of the Troops on either 
|, which according to the thirty fifth Article aforcf-iid, 
■e to evacuate the Places not fortified, a.nd iu\t^\T^t.^ 

376 'treaty at Baden hetivetn the 

theit rcfpeSiTc Tcrritorys within fifteen Days after ihB 
Ratificitions of the Peace ofRa/lar, arc ftill id the fald 
Tcrritorys, which 'tis hop'd they ate not, they fhall ben- 
called itnmediatcly, without any Delay; fo that the Sob* 
jefts on both fiilt-s may the fooner enjoy the BcneGu of 
Peace and Tranquillity. And as his Imperial Majefty sni 
the Empire arc likcwife to recal their Troops from tM 
open Places in ihc Archbl/hoprick of Co/og??, and ElefloriH 
oi Sdvsria, if any remain therein, they fhali be immedf^ 
atcly withdrawn. As to the reft, the Reftitution of li* 
faid Provinces and Countrys Ihall remain limited according 
lo the Form and Tenor ptefcribed in the i jih, itfih, ijth, 
and 18th Articles. I 

XXXiV. 'I'he ComracTce between the Subjefls ofhil 
Imperial Majofty and the Empire, and thofe of hismoft 
Chtiftian M^jcfty and the Kingdom of France, Ihall be 
free, from the Date of the figning of the prefent Treaty, 
with the fame Liberty as they enjoy'd ir before the Wat}, 
and all and every one of them, and namely, the Citiioi* 
and Inhabitants of the Imperial Citys and Hans-Towns, 
fhall enjov a (iill Security, both by Sta and Land, of theit 
antient Rights, Privileges, and Immunity^, which hivB 
been acqoired to them either by folemn Treaty orantieaC 
Cullom^ the fureht-r Agreement about the fame being re- 
fer'd afrer the Ratifications of the Peace. 

XXXV. All the Conventions made by thi.s Peace, JhiU 
be in force, and for ever obferved and executed, notwitii- 
Handing any thing that may be altedged or thought of to tht 
contrary} which rhings /hall remain void and beaboliM, 
altho fome of them fhould be of fuch nature as to deferrt 
to he mentioned in a more fpecial manner. 

XXXVI. All fuch as ihall be nam'd within fix Mo«l» 
after the Ratifications of the prefent Treaty by cither* 
the Fartys, with their mutual Corifent, Ihall be includedid 
this Peace, 

XXXVII. The Embaffadorg Extraordinary and Pl«4 
potentiarys of both the Parrys, promife re(pe£Kvely, th 
the prefent Peace, concluded as aforefaid, fhall be ratlfii 
by the 'Emperor and the Empire, and the mofV Chrif 
King; and that they will infallibly procure, thatthefolt 
Indiuments of the Ratifications Hiall be exchanged wilb 
fix Weeks after the figning of this Treaty, or fooner if p 


7 14- Emperory Empire^ and France* yfj 

XXXVIIL And whereas f his Sacred Imperial Majefty 
as defired with due refpe£l by the £le3ors, Princes, and 
:atesof the Empire, by a Refolution dated the ajd of 
^pril lafl, under the Seal of the Chancery of Mentz^ and 
immunicated to the French £mbafladors, that he would 
der his Embailadors to take care of the Concerns of the 
id Eleflors, Princes, and States of the Empire^ intbepre- 
Dt Congrefs) the faid Imperial and French Embafladort 
ive fet their Hands and Seals to thq pre(ent Treaty of 
sace, in order to corroborate the fame, and all the fingular 
ontents thereof, promifing to exchange the Ratifications 
' the faid Treaty within the Time liktiited, and that no 
'oteftation or ContradiAion (hall have any Force againft 
le fame* 

^one at Baden in Ergau, September 7, 1714; 

(L. S.) Eugene de Savoy. 

(L. S.) ^eter^ Count de Goe%. 

(L. S.) John Frederickt Coixnt de Seilern» 

(L. S.) Le Marefchal Due de Villars. . 

(L. 8.) Le Comte du Luc. 

(L. S.) De Sarherie de &. Contefi. 

' A Separate Article. 

I S among the Titles taken by his Imperial Majefty is 
^ the prefent Treaty, there are fome which cannot be 
ckoowledg'd by his moft Cbriftian Majefty, it has been 
^ed by the prefent Separate Article, fign*d before the 
'reaty, that the Titles ufed or omitted in this prefent 
'rcaty, oc in that ofRaflat^ on cither fide, fhall never be 
eemed a prejudice to the Rights of the other, nor^ give 
uy new Right to any one of the Pattys 5 and that this At^ 
de Ihall have the fame force, as if it were verhatiminkn^ 
I in the Tieaty. 2>iH^ it$ Badeo, the ith (/September^ 


Sign*d as above. 



378 King George the Tirjfi Dec/an 

His Majejly King George the Rrfi'i ffl 
claration of War againjl the Kiitg f 
Spain, ^«Wj/ii?W OS December 17, 1 



H E R E A S we being engag'd by Hvt 

to maintain ehe Neutrality of Italy, 1 

fend our good Brother the Emperor of 1 
in the poffellion of the Kitigdoms, Provinces BBOr 
which be etijoy'd in Europe j and being liftewiiS 
Crous 10 fettle the Peace and Tranquillity of Char 
upon the inoil juH and la fting Foundations we* 
did, for that purpofc, from time to time, comiOiC 
peaceful Thoughts and Defigns to the King dfiV 
his Minifters, and conceived Hopes that they ^ 
had his Approbation, And whereas upon the ^ 
tS Spnifi& invading in a hofiile and uniudnil 
Ifland and Kingdom of Sardinia, we did caufefl 
friendly Reprefi;ntattona to be made to him in ihf^ 
but finding ourielves obiig'd to fupport and etifiH 
flances by a Naval Strength, we did fend our Fle^ 
Mediterransan this kit Summer, with a full tf 
Intention to make ufe of its Appearance there, I 
on foot Negotiations of Peace towards reconciling^ 
engaged in War, and thereby preventing their 
miiys that mult enfue therefrom. And whet 
likewife, to teftily our molt fincere Inclinatit 
fend our Right Trufly and Right Well beltfl 
mnd Counfellor, ^amei Earl Sranbope^ one oEtL 
pal Secretarys of State, to Madrid, with full Pw 
CommifGon to offer our mort hearty EndcavourtW 
eftabiilhing the Quiet of Europe, and for cultivititjJJ 
^^ improving the Fricndfhip of the faid King oi Spi*^- 
^^ whereas notwithltanding all the Inltances we could pvi 
^B wake, ail the Tenders of Amity and Afieflion ffCrt^ 
^^L ofc, our laid Plenipotentiary return'd wiihoat | ' 
^^KJiopes of peaceable Dif^ofitions ia ibe Cud C 


I718. ■ of War again/i Spzm. 379 

abd our Admiral in the Mediterraneafr, finding alfo no 
tendency to amicable Meafures, was obliged to affift and 
proteft the Emperor's Dominions by force, which were in 
imminent Danger, by the further Invafion of the Kingdom 
of Sicily, and by the great Fleets and Armys which tha 
faid King of Sfaifi had in thofc Parts. And whereas af- 
ter ali our Efforts and Endeavours, we have found the faid 
King of Spain fo far from hearkening to Terms of Friend- 
ihip and Accommodation, that he has not only feized the 
Ferfons and Efiefls of our Subjefls, being and rcliding in 
his' Dominions, contrary to the true intent and mean- 
ing of folemn Treatys between us ^ but alfo has iffued 
forth Orders to his Subjeils to arm againft us and our Sub- 
jefls, and to attack, feize, and deftroy them, their Goods, 
Ships and Merchandizes wherefoever they can meet with 
them : And a» thefc violent and unmerited Proceedings 
have put us under a Neceffity of providing for the Good 
and Safety of our Kingdoms, and of all our loving Subjefls, 
who may be expofed to the Dangers of thefe Hoftilitys. 
without being authorized to repel Force by Force; we have 
been obiigecT with regret to call to mind the many un- 
friendly and unjuflifiable Afls which have been done to- 
wards us and our Subjefls, almoft ever fince our Acccflion 
to the Throne of thefc our Kingdoms. It would be end- 
lefs to enumerate the Complaints of our Subjc£ls, relating 
to the Infraflions of Treatys, the Breach of antient and 
eftablifhed Privileges, and the unwarrantable Obllruflions 
of their accuftomed Trade and Commerce, concerning 
which our feveral Minifters at the Court of S^ain have, 
from time to time, given in Memorials and Reprefenia- 
tions ; but notwithflanding their repeated and mod pref- 
.£ng InAances, they have fcarce ever obtained the leall 
■- iorcfsfrom the Spanijh Court j who render'd thereby in- 
"iSual the Benefits and Advantages which we hoped we 
I by Treatys and Conventions procured for our good 
■fiubjefl.^. And it appearing to us further from the Coii- 
ftdnfl of the King of Spain^ efpecially by the Infligation, 
Ttod pernicious Counfcls, u we conceive, of his Chief Mi- 
'juflcr, (by whofe Advice the true Intcreftof Spain feeras 
Smircly facrificed, and the Subiefts of that Country are 
W only neglefled but opprcffed) that the faid King, under 
-olour of bailancing the Power of the Emperor, and fe- 
aring the Liberty of the Princes of Italy, has raifed great 
'nys, equipped great Numbers of Shiga of \Wm, *r\ 

jBo King George the VirJSs Hechratlon 

made unufual Preparariom by 'Li.nA and Sea, wliidi 

ed rofct on foot dangerous Defigos of breaking thro'riii 
Trean* of P/>£C^/ and i9tfirfe», on whidi the Peiee « 
Europe was founded, and of uniring, at occafian fliool 
ofltr, upon one Head, the Crowns of France and Sfnt 
the Separation wbereofhas already coft fo much Bloodn 
Treafure, and which ought in all times to come w be tw 
vented with the utmoll Attention, and fenced a^iiHlbi 
all ihe Means which God hath pur inro the Hands of w 
neighbouring Prince* and States concem'd in that baj 
E»eiM; We omii the Encouragemenc given tothGhb 
tender to our Ctown and his Abettors, the EndeavDoii 
flir tip other Princes againA us, with rhe freguent Ma_ 
ee* thrown out, unbecoming the Dignity of crown'd Htt^ 
All which, with many other Tumults and AfirDnti,n 
Were ready and willing to put up, in cafe we could hm 
(bund rhe icaft Difpofition in the fiid Court of ^f^il 
entertain a goodand reafonablc Amity. But as t\t^}» 
ccedingi have at lall broke out into open Ho(liHin,al 
neither the lntcrpo£tion of our good Brother the a4 
ChriOian King, nor any other Means employ'd, cooldw 
cute for U!, our Allies, or our Subjefls, any jufl " ' "* 
Saiisfaflion, or Reparation} we could not any 
ftill and fee our Honour ill treated, our good Fi 
Allies unjuHly invaded, our Subjefls attacked and- 
their Commerce prohibited, and all the Damaft_ 
doncunio them, without rcfi-nting the fame iatb«_ 
we ought, and tal:ing up Armsin our jufl Defence, indfa 
the doing right to ourfelvcs, our Allies and our Subbf 
againfl the violent Enterprises of the U\A King of if^ 
We therefore, repofingour grcaiefl Confidence in^ 
of Almighty God, fwho knows the good and poai 
tentions we have all along had) have thought fit II _. 
War againrt the faid King of SMin . And wo do nH 
inglv hereby declare (he fame. And wc wil', in potftii 
of fuch Declaration, vigoroufly profecute the faid V|r*l 
Conjunflion with our Allies, being afTurcd of iheretJfl 
Concurrence and Aflilhnce of all our loving SubjcS^ i»* I 
Caufe wherein the Honour of our C<own, the MiTnteMsO I 
of our folemnTfeatys and EngagenifnM, and thePri^l 
vation of the Rights and Advantages of our SoImc^i 'i 
fo deeply concem'd. And we do hereby will and rc^<s<* I 
General of our Forces, our Commiflioncra for ewwl 
the OtHce of H^h Admiral, our l^uteniiiti n^ '*| 


1 7 1 S* 9f ^^^ ^i^i^J Spain.' 3S1 

^veral Countys, Governours of our Forts and Garifonc, 
and all other Officers and Soldiers under them, by Sea 
and Land^ to do and execute all afis of Hoftility in tbe 
Profecution of this War againfl the ftid King of Sfain^ his 
Vaflals and Subjefls, and to oppofe their Attempts. And 
we do hereby command^ as well all our owd Subjeds, as ad- 
vertife all other Perfons of what Nation'foever, not to tradT- 
port or. carry any Soldiers; Arms, Powder, Amn^iuiitioo^ 
or any other Contraband Goods, to any of the Territorys, 
Lands, Plantations or Countrys of the faid King o{S£aiti^^ 
declaring that whatfbever * Ship or VeHel fliall be xn^t 
withal, tranfporting or carrying any Soldiers, Arms, Pow- 
der, Ammunition, or other Contraband Goods, to any of 
the Tenritorys, Lands, Plantations or Countrys' of the ikid 
King of Spain^ the fame being taken, ihall be condema^d 
as good and lawful Prize. And whereas there are remoo- 
ing in our Kingdoms divers of the Subjeds of the King'df 
Sfain^ we, notwithftandrog the Ufage many of our Sab- 
jeJls have received in that Kingdom, do hereby declscb 
our Royal Intention to be. That all the Sslijefls of Spaik^ 
who (hall demean themfelves dutifully towtfiids u^, fhaU bo 
iafe in their Perfons and Eflates. -x \ . \ 

Given at our Court at St.^anHft^ the i 6th Day wf 
tDecemher 17 18, in the fifth Year of our'ReigD. 
God five th^ K IN<S. 


3S2 TT)^ French King's Declaration 

^he French Kings Declaration of W^t, 
and Mantfejio a^ainji Spain, 1719. 

HIS Majefly being true to the Engagements which 
the late King, of glorious Memory, eotred inn 
by the Treatys of Utrecht and Saden, and beJM 
fenfibly affeiled with the Advices he gave him in his \m 
Moments, to look upon nothing as glorious but Twa 
and the Welfare cf hh Ki?igdom j he has hitherto taken 
hit Meafures according to thefe Rules, which to bira Diall 
always be facred. His Majelly, with the Advice of tbe 
•Duke of Orleans, Regent of ihc Kingdom, made it (he 
£rft Objefl of his Care, to re-unite confiderable Fowenfcc 
maintaining the Peace by the Triple Alliance of the 4Cb 
of January, 1717. This Precaution, and the Neutralig 
eflablifti'd in Italy, not only continued Peace in the Domi- 
rions neighbouring on Finance, but gave ground to hope, 
thai whatever was wanting to the Petfcftion of the Trea- 
ty! of Uirecht and Sadeti, might be fupplied by new Met' 
fures for eflablifhing a more folid Tranquillity in Eurofe. 
But Spain, by violating thofe Treatys, defiroy'd in OM 
Moment, all Hopes of Peace, and gave us juflCaufe tofcar 
the Return of a War, as bloody and obftinatc as thatwhidi 
was concluded by the laft Treatys. His Majefty has neg- 
lefled nothing for cxtingui/hing the Flame that Spain^n 
kindled, but in concert with the King of Great Sritilt, 
has imploy'd all his good Offices to procure an Accomm* 
dation betwixt the Emperor and tne King of Spain,** 
advantageous as honourable for the Catholick King. Hit 
Majefty, and the King of Great Britain, have not ook 
obtain'd all that the King of Spain did moft earneftly [»«» 
the late King of France to obtain for him, but other »im 
greater Advantages. But as it could not be rely'd on, tbit 
the King of Spain's Minifter would modetate the Atti^ .- 
tion of his Proiefts, and that it was not juft the Kefofeofh 
Harope fhou\6 depend on the Obftinacy of that Mioi''''lf 
and hia feciet Views •. \i\% Mixcft^ and the Kins of GrfU I 

719* of War againJI Si^2\rL' 383 

*ntain could not refufe the preffing Infliances made to 
lem, to agree, (according to what has been frequently 
radis'd on important Occafions for' the publick Welfare) 
lat if any one of the Princes concern'd, refus'd to confent 
> the. Peace, they fhould join their Fortes' to oblige him to 
• The Emperor and the King of ^cilyM^^Q agreed to 
lis 'y but all the Meafures that vhis Majelly and the King 
f Great Sritain haye taken feparately and jointly wita 
le King of Spain^ not iiaTi/ig been able to make him fuf- ' 
end his Enterprizes, nor to perfuade him to a Peace fo 
litable to his Intereil: :^pd Glory 5 his Majefly could not-be 
ranting to the Engagements which he iemred into by tfap 
i'reaty of London^ of the 2d of Augxi^ laft, withont:doing 
''iolation to Juftice, and abandoning the Ibterett of his Sub*> 
;£ls ^ but is oblig'd, in confequence of the Third feparate 
Lrticle of the faid Treaty, to declare War againfi- the King 
f Spain \ yet, at the (ame time, conjuring him with the 
ime Inftances whichr he has long and inceflantly made to 
lim, not to refufe Peace to a Nat^n which gave him Birth, 
nd has generoufly fpent her Blood and Treafure to main- 
ain hiqfi on the Throne of Sifain^ as he himfelf owns in 
is Declaration of the 9th ot November laft. If his Ma- 
sfty be forced to make this War againft him, he has at 
saft this Satisfaflion, that he prefers nothing to that Prince 
mt the Safety of his own People 5 if he can be faid to pre- 
br it, by taking Arms, at prefent, againft Spaing fince *tis 
.s much for the Intereft of that Nation as for all the other 
jTations of Europe. And to this end, his Majefty, by the 
idvice of the Regent, the Duke of Orleans^ is refolved 
o make ufe of all his Forces, both by Sea and Land,^ under 
he Divine Prote^ion, (which he implores, according to 
he Juftice of his Caufe) to declare War againft the King 
^f Spain. And his Majefty ordains and enjoins allhisSub- 
ie£ls, Vaflals, and Servants, to make War upon the 4!^^'- 
niards 5 and has and does hereby forbid them exprefly, to 
lave any Communication, Commerce, or Correfpondence 
nrith them henceforth, on pain of Death. In confequence 
Df whipb, his Majefty has by thefe Prefents revok a, and 
does revoke all Declarations, Conventions or Exceptions, • 
contrary hereunto ^ as likewife all Permiilions, Pauports, 
Safe-guards, and Safe-condu£ls, that may have been gran- 
ted by him, or by his Lieutenants General, and other Offi- 
cers, contrary to thefe Prefents 5 and has declar'd, and 
loes declare them void and of no Effeft audits ^^^ft-* ^^v 

384 French Ksn£i Mantfefto ^i 

bidding any Perron wbalfoepcr, to hiTO anyRearil) 
iheni. His M'jefty commands and ordaioj ihc Afloitll, 
the MarcfchalB of France, GoFCrnours, and LintesOt 
Generali tor his M3Jel>y, in bis Provinces and hmf, 
M»rc(chals de Camp, Culonets, Cam^i-Mafiers, &|X>iB^ 
Chicts, and Conduflors of his Soldiers, Horfe or Fot^ 
Jh-ej7ch oc Foreigners, and all other his Officers 10 v\ml 
Aall appertain, that each of them, refpcftively, icti* 
Contenis of iheie Prefencs CKCCuud, wilhin the EkKBi/ 
iheir Command and Jurifdiflion; for fuch is thePicifwrf 
iiisMajefty, who wills and ordains, that thefePrtfcoBt* 
pablifh'd and aifix'd in all Towns Maritime, indoAn 
■nd in all Ports Harbours, and other Places of hia!^ 
iam, and the Tcrricorys under bis Obedience, ODP 
fhall require, that none may hereof pretend Cwfti 
ignorance. Done at 'J'eris, the jth oiyaamry, lytf 



And undemeaib, 
Z£ SlJH 

iHt^'fiim^itfi, there -mi ptMifi^d aifititthfM 
in$ Manifctlo .- 

Mtaiifijio : Shewing the Caufes of Rupture A 
France tan/Spain. 

ITTNGS are not accountable for their Procecdiap . 
'*' any but God himfelf, from whom thry hold thcit* 
tliOTity. Being indifpcnfibiy gblig'd to feck jhc W» 
of their People, ihey are not to give any Rcafonf*' 
Means they take for obtaining that End : and may, 1 
ding as Prudence direfls, cither conceal, or makeki 
the Mylletys of rhcir GoTCrnmcnr. But when '(i*fcfi 
Glory, and the Tranquillity of thcirPeoplc, whicl»c«l[ 
feparaied, that rhc Motives of their Refblutioiw ft«l» 
known, ihey ought to afl publJckly in the Pace rf 
Mit'otid, and to manifcfl the Julliee of what thcj 
\ in private. 

^ xench King's Manifejlo againji Spaim 385 

t^ jefty, govern'^ by the Counfels of th^e Duke of 
V^is Regent, believes himfelf to be under this £n- 
'^^, apd accounts it his G4ory, to lay before his Sub- 
^^d the whole Worldi his Reafons for entring into 
•^Hances with feveral great Potentates^ for making a 
throughout all Eurofe^ for the particular Security of 
^» andevenof 4!?p^/Vf itfelf, who a^pre^ent, mifiaking' 
rue Interefls, difturbs the common Tranquillity by 
^ng the laft Treatys. 

i Majefty can never impute this iSreach to a Prince' 
is commendable for fo many Virtues, and particularly 
ing a moft religious Obferver of his Word y fo that it 
be wholly owing to his Miniflers, who having engaged 
:>o eaiily, have found the Way to make him look up- 
s Engagement as an Argument, and a Neceffity tor 
ng b^ it. 

Majefty, in the Meafures he has taken, did propofo 
ifelf equally to fulfil two Dutys, viz, the LoVe ho 
to his People, by preventing a War which threaten*d 
\ Neighbour^ 5 and the Friendfhip which he owes to 
.ing of Spain^ by conftantly taking Care of his Interefts 
rlory, which fhall always be fo much the more dear 
xnce^ as fhe looks upon them to be the Reward of 
ng Endeavours, and of all the Blood which it hascofl 
maintain him on his Throne. 

It thefe were his Majefty's uninterrupted Intentions^ 
ppear evidently by the Fa£ls hereafter mentioned, 
i known, that in the Courfe of the late War, France 
ducM, by her Misfortunes, to the hard ]S['ece{fity of 
ting to recal the King of Spain^ and muft undoubt- 
ave had the Grief to perform it, if Providence, which 
^d Events and Hearts, had not prevented this piece 
iflice in our Enemys. 

i Rights of the Catholick King were recognizM at 
^t ^ but the Emperor, tho abandoned by his Allies, 
not then renounce his Pretenfions, nor cou'd the 
of Landau and Friburg bring him to it ^ and the 
ing of glorious Memory, who, amid ft his lafl SuccefTes, 
ofible of the extreme Neceflity which his People had 
ce, did not conclude it, till after he had made Pro- 
to the Emperor, at Rajlat^ for an Accommodation 
:t him and the King of Spain. *Twas his conflant 
to complete this Work, and to flifle the Seeds of War 
the Treaty of Utrecht had left in £uroJe> \>^ xt.5^- 

L. IV. C C \^XN»%, 

Uting only provifiooally, 

currencc, ihe Interclts of that Prince, and of liicKi^i 


His DeSgn to cement the Peace by a B^coiKiEatiafa 
iwixl ihofe two Princes was hinted ar SaJen rliei;dl 
yinu; 1714. to the Count :/e Goei, and communicuaii 
7th of Septemlcr following to Prince Ett^eat tSSutt 
who clei;lar'(t that the Emperor was not aved'etofi, AM 
fianing the Treaty oiSadcii, the King order'd tbcttrf 
cbal 4e Millars to purfue the fame Dcfign wiib PriwJt 

feae i and when ihe Count /^» Z»c was nam'd u k^ 
Lings Embaflador to the Emperor, he v 
cbarg'd by his Inlhuflions to afl according t< 
The King of Spain had often repteiem 
King, by Letters of his own Hand-writing, thid 
tion was not fecur'd by the Treatya of Utreei^ 
etifilyju^e, faid he, in one of his Letters, " 
1715. That the 'Pcace^ the Solidity ofwl ' 
^efire of all the IVorld, cstmmbe'firm, iflhi 
who has dijptited the Croieu of Spain mtb% 
(mw me for irs lawful King. 

Tou knoiVt writes that Prince in his LetKfl 
1714. That I have fiilfill'd all the 'Preiil» 
that lam ready to cmifent that Naples, the iL 
the Netherlands, Jhalt remain to the j^rcb-Ztak 
eonfentedto quit Sicily in favour of the 2)nkeq 
Gibraltar, andthe IJle ©/"Minorca infavsitr 0, 
and that I am aljb yeady to quit Sardtnts ji. 
JEle£ior of BiviTii. The Arcb-'J)tik£ ought t 
ditievs to renounce to Me -what remains of, 
Monarchy ■ Thus neither he nor I fhaU bgi 
farther to pretend aeaiufl one another. 

1 jiatter my felf lays ibe King of Spai'ttt 11 
^^y 17, iTH- That knowing of what Jmft 
titah- the Jreh-'Duke quit all his 'Preteufion 
the Indies, you'll put me in a Capacity to fff, 
Coitdiliovs as I may peaceal/ly enjoy them. 
That Prince did not think himfelf confirm 'd i 
^■6f Sp^i'i and the Indies^ but by the Eoig 
* 1 of all his Pretcnlions j and \ 
[hat Security, becaufo he km 
\ the Excremityi to which tho\ 
;i account of itie Empctor'j Prvicd 

17 19* f^rench King's Manifejio agatnfi Spalil'. 387 

fenfible Pledge of hi« paternal Friendfliip, and as the laft 
Effort with which he ought to crown all that Frafice had 
done for hi^ Interefts. The late King efndeavour'd with all 
the Affeftion of a tender Fkther, the Satisfaftion of his 
Orandfon. But as the Emperor appear'd unrhoveable, and 
that there remained a Diffidence throughout Europe^ it be- 
ing the general Opinion, that the Peace cou'd not be dura- 
ble, which did ftill keep the greateft Part of the Powers in 
Arms 5 thefe Things, with the War in the Nortl\ and the 
ChaDges that happened in Gretti Sritain^ giving Occafion 
to fear that the Flames wou-d quickly be re- kindled., there 
was fiill a necefSty of taking hew IMeafures for preventing 

It was during thefe Conjuniflurei the late King was taken 
from France by Death. His Majefty will never forget the , 
(important and wholefome Advices which he gave him in the 
laft Moments of his Life. He is willing to make them the 
Unalterable Rule of his Reign ; and by what follows it will 
l)e made evident that he has hitherto taken all his Steps 

The long Wars had left againft us throughout Eurepe 
"the Remains of an alienated Mind, and of a Hatred which 
*indy wanted an Opportunity to break out afrefh 5 and our 
Sfeighbours being ftilPfuU ofthe Jealoufys and Fears which 
jPuid been fo often occafion'd by our Succefles, and alfo be- 
^|tufe of the Refources we had under our greateft Misfor- 
mes, were already contriving to complete our Ruin, and to 
ve the Minority of the Kinc : and the Impoverifhment 
the Kingdom, or which our lelves made fuch loud Com- 
jliints, was enough to encourage our Enemys to undertake 
^y thing. The antient League was thrcaten'd to be 
[lew'd, and the Nations excited themfelvcs mutually to 
ar for the iqjportant End of fecuring themfelvcs for ever 
m a Power too formidable, and which they endeavour'd 
U to render odious by unjuft Reproaches of its unfair 

£ What better Method cpu*d be taken to difperfe that 

nrfiit than to unite with that Power, which, in concert 

■**h,us, had rcftor'd Peace by the Treaty oi Utrecht % 

b'King neglefted nothing for fucceeding in this Defign, 

I by his Care a Confidence was re eftablifli'd betwi>ct 

i? two Powers 5 and they were fpeedily fatisfy'd thgii xsRk- 

Qg cou'd more contribute to confirm a Pcaicc, w\v\cJ^"^^^ 

« yet well ctiahlUli'd, than <i defci^fivc AlWawcc \ie.x.mYX 

C c a .France 

3^8 French King's Martifejlo agalnjl SpiK' ' 
France, England, and rhc Republick of the FsiWft] 
viaces, for maintaining the Treatyi o( f/mcht teA S*ii 
and for a mutual Guaranty of their Daminioni. But k 
fiire any Negotiation was open'd, his Majefty nn M 
vice of his Defign to the King of Spaii?, The Dute tfil 
jiigrian had pofitive Orders, in April ijiS, toKquiai 
him with his Views, to ofEer him all bis Afliltance, ladH 
inviie hiro into the Alliance, wherein he ptomis'd bellitdl 
be rccciv'd with afi the rcfpcfl that he cou'd wifll in. 

After many fruitlefs Inftances, the Duke of Si. ijaH 
upon prefcnting a new Memorial, receiv'd at lallftuBl(l^, 
dinai S)el Giiidici, an Anfwer fram'd in theCibiMij 
another Minifler, who at that time rul'd all, andw 
Interpreter he only was on this Occa£on. The AnMlf 
as follows ; 'the King my Mifier having exaain'd ttl^ 
traEl feiit him, and the lafi VTreatys JtgiCd at Vam 
finds 7101 any one Claufe in them that neeHi » M 
firm'd. • 

How flrange is the Contradiftion betwixt thiiAlfc 
and the Letters that the King of Spain wrote to^l 
King, which were nothing but one continued lodil 
Rcprcfentation of the Uncertainty of his State ! Kl 
jcfty plainly perceived, that the Principles of Recondiil 
and Peace, which infpir'd him in his Proceeding), WK 
thofe which afled at the Court of jlfir^rj^ .- andtbiii 
buc too much conlirm'd, by the Diflurbancc given te 
Commerce o^ France already in Spain j by the Adfl* 
had of Alliances forming with fomc Powers, ondaffl 
of a Mifunderdanding ready to break out betwixt V 
Nations ; and by the fccret Oppofiiion which .^funil 
to out Alliance with the King of Great Sritaia, w^ 
States General. 

The King, however, thought fit to take not** 
tliis i nordid he luffer it to leflen his Friendlhip « !U 
''-r the King of Spain ; but patiently waiting tfaot 
when he Jhould come better ro uDdafttf 
IntercHs, he ordcr'd it to be fignify'd lo \u% 
be cou'd no longer forbear the concludmg of itl 

fted Alliance, yet he affut'd tim, that Tie vm 
~'n content io any thing that might be coottlT) *■ 

;^a Seis was then fent to Haooovtr, ff' 
" ;he King of Great Srtieht i ai^ 
agt<i«& on^ >N\i\<^xVuft. ^<cA Eoandii)' 

( . French King^s Manifejio againjl Spain. 3 89 

Creaty of the 'triple Miance, fign'd at the Hfgue, 
th of January^ i7*7- after that the King of Great 
x'ln himfeiF had in vain imparted (hi^ to the King of 
'2, and was alTured of the invincible Oppofiiion of the 
ijh Minifter to all Projefls of Union. 
It how favourable foever this Alliance was to the pub- 
Pranquillity, it did not make up what was wanting to 
a the Trcatys oWtrecht and Sadt}/. ; bi:caufe the Dif- 
cea betwixt the Emperor and the King of Spain, not 
ng been there adjufted, Europe continu'd flill under an 
mtainty as to her Condition, and in danger of being 
v'd again in a new War, by the fittt HoHilitys on one 
or other. Italy alone had Reafon to flatter hetfelf 

enjoying fomc Peace, by virtue of the Nemrality that 
been cftablifh'd there by Treatys and Engagements, 
:h were luok'd upon as the firft Step that cou'd con- 
: to the Peace: But tho that Neutrality was truly a 
', to which both of thefe Princes had fubmitted them- 
es, the Welfare of Europe requir'd one more fure and 
■e folemn, that might be authoriz'd by the mutual Con- 

of the two Rivals, and maintain'd by fuch Guarantys, 
tmight not be in theirPower to infringe with Impunity. 
!i a Law cou'd be no other than a Treaty of Peace, 
ch might for ever determine the Controverfys bi;twixt 
Emperor, and the King of Spain. 
i'heKing of Great Sritain was willing to attempt tho 
:uring fo great a Benefit to Europe, and imparted it to 
Majefty. He faw with Pleafure the Intentions of the 

King revive, and believ'd he fhould a£i for a Prince, 
rhom he is Itriflly united by Ties of 5'ood, in favour- 
the Execution of whatever fatherly Tendemefs had 
jcfled for him, and of every Thing that he himfelf had 
jofitively and ipflantly demanded. But his Majefty, 
) had already experienc'd, _on divers Occalions, that nor 
ig which might convince the King of Sfiain of his 
:ndfliip, found acccfs to him, cou'd no longer doubt of 
when he faw that the Marquis 4e Louville, whom be 
I fent to the King of Spain, ro impart his true Senti- 
nts, and to communictite to him things of Importance to 

two Crowns, was fent back without an Audience, not- 
hftanding his particular Attachment to the Perfon anti 

Glory of that Prince. Being thus too well inform'd, by 
pcrience, that every thing propos'd in his Name, was 
der'd fufpefled at Madrid, he requelled the King of 
C c 3 GrtM 

^o French Ki^*t Sifamfeflo ogainfi^/BS^ 

Greai Sritain to aft by hirafel^ at VieKtia vA jVtJr 
for tbc Succc(sof ihi$ great Defign ; and (o much iht uA 
becaufe he wat not auihotiE't! to treat of ihe Inucefli 
tbe King of Spain ; and bcGdes, it fuiicd the Oignitf 
fo RTCiT a Prince to dircufs them himfclf. 

The King of Great Sritain did. at tbe fame tine, il 
part htB Views at fierwa and Afaiirid. Tbey were itoi* 
^vourabiy enough at Madrid, fo lor^ ai the Fdnt <^ 
ferve to conceal ibe Emerprizes ihey bad tnband: udf 
jeScd afterwards with v<;ry little Diroetion, wnoi^ 
thought it nnt their Interefl to diflemble any ioogit- Tl 
Covtt of V^ienna had no Difpofiiion to any AccommodiM 
but on Cotiditifin, that Sicily, which till then hadbcu' 
infurmouniable Obllacio to a RcconciJiation, Ihou'dticil 
ftorM to the Emperor, becaufe hejudg'd ir abfoliittijH 
ccffiiry for the Prefer vation of the Kingdom of t^ 
But then it was hop'd, that on this Condition, tbe Can 
lick. King fhould he own'd by the Emperor, at lawfctH 
feflbr of ^^ni'w and the Indies : And fajther, whitbwi 
new Advantage to him, that the Empetor fhouWamfij 
that ihe SuccefTioni oi'Parma and 'Ptaccntia /hoolibei 
ccriained to the Quetn fif Spaint. Children. , 

The Difficultys of this Negotiation were m' ffl 
dicial 10 the Neutrality of Italy, eAablifli'd by the Tf 
ofUirccht the i4ih of ^W^rct 1715, and renew'damlci 
fifm'd by that of 'Baden, The Emperor, and ihc Kir( 
Spain, feem'd, of thcmfclvcs, to have taken FrccaotiO 
sfTuiing ihcmfclves that it Jhould not be inteifufi 
The King of Spain had taken Care, before the W« 
Kangifry, to put the Kiiigof Gz-for Sr/r/ifs in rctsl 
brance thai he was Guarantee of the EngagcmcDn ert 
into at Uerecbr^ for the Neutrality of Iraiy. And llie! 
peror, en his ilde, when the Tiiiki took the Ficid, ttg 
the Pope 10 demand a pofuivc AfTurance from ibel 
of Spain, t\iM he would not take Advantage of the I 
which the '/"iirkz had declared againil him. It •■! 
King of Sp^in'i Imercfl to make this Promife { fiirW 
been inforui'd by the King of Great Sriiainy of thelW 
concluded at Lcndoa, AUy 15, i7itf. betwixt tlie ] 
peror and that Prince, for a Guaranty of ibe Eiil|«l 
.Dominions \alialy, and of an cxprcfs Promife la aflut 
Hcafe they were attack'd i In fhorr, tbe wclJ I(W»f»JI 
I the King of Spain, was louk'd upon as < ( 
TC? than his Intcreli. 

g. French King* s Manifejio againj Spzitu 391 

could not then be fufpefled, that the King of SPaiftf 
was fully informM of the Treatys of i7i(f, would run 
Rifqiie ipf the faid Treaty with the King oi Great Sri^ 
, by attacking the Emperor in Ifaly $ and, at the fame 
?, by ailing contrary to his own Interefl, and his Zeal 
Religion. Nevertnelefs, that Enterprize broke out, 
we were inform*d that an Armament rais'd by Funds 
I Ecclefiaftical Benefices, and defign'd to maintain the 
y of the Chriflian Name, was to be made ufe of for 
ch of the Treatys. There needs no greater Proof, that 
pernicious Counfels, and the exorbitant Power of tho 
Aer, prevail'd in Spain over the Intentions and Virtues 
leir King. 

is Majefty alarm 'd at fuch a dangerous Step, fent im-^ 
iately an Exprefs to the Duke of 4$*/. Aignan^ and 
g'd him to reprefent, in the ftrongeft Terms to the 
g of Spain^ the Dangers to which he expos'd himfelf 5 
i3vhat ought to have made greater Impremon upon him, 
iprefent the Injuflice of his Enterprize. He pray'd 
I, for the common Tranquillity of Europe^ and for his 
Tonal Interefts, to refume the Views of Reconciliation, 
ich the late King his Grandfather ' and after him 
King of Great Sr/V^/», had already projefted betwixt 
1 and the Emperor. Some Days after, he again order'd 
Duke oiSt.Jignan to aft in Concert with the Minifter 
England^ who had received the like Orders for engaging 
King oi Spain y to authorize his Embafladorat Ze?«^o», 
:o fend another Minifler thither, to treat of the Means 
re-ftablifhing a folid Peace. Colonel Stanhope had juft 
n arriv'd at Madrid^ with a more particular Charge to 
Ice the fame Inftances. The King of Great Britain 
lify'd to his Majefiy at the fame time, that as the Dif* 
t was preiling, no Time was to be lofi in applying Re- 
ilys, which cou'dnot be had from any thing elfe, but the 
nimous Concert of impartial Powers ^ and therefore 
y'd him to fend an Embaflador to London^ whither, upon 
Inftances, the Emperor had already confented to fend a 
nifter. His Majefty fent thither the Abbot du ffois j 
I being as attentive to the Interefts of the King of 4^^/^, 
to thofe of his own Kingdom, he thought himfelfoblig'd 
have a Minifter at the Conference in London^ who might 
jfent to the King of Spain a Liberty to enter into the 
^gotiation, as foon as they Ihould be able to make him 
lerfland Jiis own Interefts. But all thefe redoubled In* 

C c 4. &^.t&^% 

392 French Kings Manifejlo againji Spain. 

fiances to hitn were fruitiers. In vain did they give him 
ground to hope that they fhould obtain for him from the 
Emperor, what he himftlf had fo frequently demandei!, 
Nothing was received from hit Miniiier but obflinate Re- 
fufals, and even frequent Threats to kindle a general War, 
notwithftanding all the Meafures which were taken to pre- 
vent it J Spain feem'd to look upon thofe unanitnous Senti- 
ments of the other Powers for Peace, to be a Confpiracya- 

It was upon thefe Rerufals, and upon thefe thrcatoing 
DcGgnsof Spain, ihjt the King o^ Great Srifa'm caia'i 
it to be reprefentcd to his Majclty, that it was abfolutely 
neccfTdty to put a Siop to their Effects 5 and that no other 
Method ofter'd iifelf tu the Prudence of the Impatiial 
Powers, but to form a Plan, which might be ptopos'dw 
the two Princes fcr reconciling theii Interells, and procuring, 
at any rate, their own Tranquillity, and that of all ^refe. 
This Refolution being, on the one hand, favourable fct 
ftrengthening the Peace, whii.h was his Majefly's unchange- 
able Defign, and, on the other, giving Time and Meansto 
the King of Spa'ni, for taking Rcfolutions conformable to 
hislntcreft, the King fell in wiih it. But in his Orders 
to the Abbot du Son for entring into fo necefTary a Ptojcfl, 
his Maje(}y recommended to him nothing To much, as al- 
ways to rejcft whatever misht delay or hinder the King 
of Spain from concuring in this Negotialion. What DiiE- 
cultys had not the King ai Great Srirain to druggie with, 
in Older to difTudde ihe Emperor from infifting on his Pre- 
tendons to Spain and the //Vf^/ei ; to overcome his Avcrfior 
to fee, one Day, the Dominions of 'Parma and I'nfcai^ 
poflefs'd by a Prince of the Houfc qK Spain ; and to foften 
tiis Refentments for the Infrafiion of Treatys, as to whid 
he thought himfelf entitled to take Vengeance ! It wasDiH 
wi'hout an infinite deal of Trouble; yet thofc Obflaclc* 
were gradually remov'd, efpecially when greater Advinli- 
gcs were propos'd for the King of Spairt, than weregi'fli 
him by the Treatys of CTfrecir, and, by Confequence, « 
we have feen by his Letters, even beyond what he liiDieii ■ff 
had defired. 

Thus was form'd at Loudon the Plan of the Condiiionii 
which were to lay the Foundation of a folid Peace betwixj 
the Emperor and the King q{ Spain : His Majcfty's perfco 
Friendniip for that Prince, was always demonftrated, oy i« 
|fWnce):rupted In{ltii\c<:s he maije to him to fend Mini"^'^ I 


1719* French Kin^s Manifejio agatnji Spain. 393 

y/bo might difcufe his Interefts, by the Means which he 
iiad procured for him to enter into the Negotiation, and hj 
his conftant Efforts to procure him new Advantages in the 
Treaty itfelf. But not content with thefe Steps, he pufli'd 
his Attention and Regard towards him further. He fent 
the yiaLt(i\i\^^ de Nancre to the King of aJ^^//?, to impart 
to him the Plan form'd at Loncbn^ while the King o( Great 
Britain did the like to the Emperor, 

His Majefly during the flay of the Marguifs de Nancre 
at Madrid^ for the iirfl five Months, did, without ceafing, 
reprePent to the King of Spaiji^ that it was equally his In* 
tereft and Glory, to abandon an unjuft Enterprise, and to 
accept the Conditions, which he had in a manner dictated 
himielf, by his Inftances to the late King. In fliort, and 
he reckons it his Glory to fay it, he demanded the Peace 
o^ Europe from him in the Name of France^ which had 
maintained him on the Throne with fo much Expence. of 
Blood and Treafure, and in the Name of his own Subjefic^ 
whofe Zeal and Attachment to htm, which is perhaps with- 
cut Example, did very well deferve from their Prince, that 
he fliould not deliver them up to the Horrors of War. 

All thofe Inftances, founded on the wife Conditions of the 

Plan, never drew but one Confeffion from the Minifler of 

Spain^ of the Danger to which ihe was going to expoie 

berfelf, by refitting fo many Powers ; but he faid, at the 

- fime Time, 2'bat bis Majler wou^d never give over bis 

Enterfrize^ and he was not afham'd to lay upon him the 

Blame of his own Obftinacy. In fine, his Majefty caus'd it 

to be fignify'd to him in ^une laft, That the Love he ow'd 

to his ^ople, and which ought to prevail over all other 

Sentiments, wou'd not fufier him any longer to delay the 

figning of the Treaty with the Emperor and the King of 

Great Sritain. He likewife took notice of the King of 

Great Sritain^s Engagement to fend a Squadron into the 

Mediterranean^ {or afiifling the Emperor. But nothing 

Cou*d move the Minifler, who was more and more provok a 

by the Inftances for Peace, and threatened to put all Eu- 

f'iffe in Flames. At laft. Sir George Syngj who com- 

itianded the King of Great Sritain^^ Naval Force defign*d 

iiw the Mediterranean^ did, before he enter'd that Sea, 

Sive Advice to the Minifter of Spaini of the pofitive Or- 
ers be had received to aft as a Friend, if Spain would 
give over, or fufpend her Enterprises againft'the Neutrality 
^fpaly i and to oppofe her with all bis Force^if (he ig^t- 

394 French Kings Manifejlo egainjl Spain, 
filled in ihe contrsry. But the Minider leaving no farlhef 
Gtounds of Hope, anfwer'd, I'haz be mighty tf he fleai'd^* 
ffit ihe Oriit-n, -with 'xkich be -was charg'd, in Exccmoa.f 

The War betwixt the Emperor and rhe Turki was then 
at an End, and Orders given already to march great Num- 
bers of Troops inro Italy. His Majefly fbrc'd, at lafl, by 
tbefe Circumrtances, dclay'd no longer to agree with the 
King of Great Sntaiii, upon the Terms which might lay" 
s Foundation for a Fcsce betwixt rhe Emperor and tho 
l^ing of Spain, and betwixt the former ana the King of 
Sicily. And thofe were the Conditions of the Ticaty fign'd 
»t London the ad of Jlrigijjl laft, betwixt the Minifiers 
of the King, the Emperor, and the King of Great Sri- 

But the King of Great Srirs'in, always conducted bja 
Spirit of Reconciliation and Peace, and being allodefirous 
to prevent any Mifunderllanding that might arife betwixt^ 
his Crown and Spain, on occailoo of the Succours thalho' 
was obliged to grant the Emperor, thought fit ftilJ to make 
one Effort more wiih the King of Spain : He fent Bad 
Stanhope, one of his chief Minifters, to his Majefly, with 
Orders to pafs from thence to Aisdrid, if his Majefly fouoJ 
ir convenient. 

'Twas during his flay at Taris, that we had the Newi 
of the Invafion of Sicily by the King of Spainh Troops, K 
vhicb haflencd Earl Stajthope's Journey to MainL 
He arriv'd there the beginning of Augtifi laft, andlhc 
Marquis de Nancre receiv'd new Orders to iSk in Concert 
with him. But the lively Reprefentations, redoubled bj 
both, as to the Extremitys to which the Catholick Kingt 
Iiiflcxihility might bring Thingsj the Afliirance which ihej 
gave him of all'that he poflcls'd by ihe Empetor's Renun- 
ciation, and by the Guaranty of the controlling Powers} ■ 
iiis Majcfty's Promifo to procure him the Reftoration « b 
GiJr«/Mr, which fo feofibly touches the whole Spani^ j 
Nation, and which her King has fo earneflly defir'd of i m 
long Time ; in fine, the Declaration of the Ensagenient ~ 
cnter'd into at London, ami of the Neceflity under which 
his Majefly and the King of Great Britain found ihem- 
felves to execute the fame immediately after the cxpit* 
lion of the three Months, from the Day the Treaty w«i 
fign'd at London, were all to no purpofe. 'E.s.r\ StanbTfl 
left Madrid with Grief, to fee that at) the good Ofli«(, V 
and Care cjf bis Mafler ro prevent a Declaration agaicll 

\ s^m 

1719- French King's Mamfe/Io agaifij Spain. 395' 

9/atn, were of no EtTc^l. But he had this S^tisfaflion, at 
eaft, that nothing had been left undone, to conquer the 
!)bflina<;y of the Miniftcr, who alone was the Cnule of the 
SLupture, and of the Calamity^ which fliou'd follow upoit 
t. In the iiieaD time, the Marquis dc Nancre had Orders 
n fiay there, becaufe the King was willing to llHen to tha 
e»ft Hopes which the Miniftcr bad the An to infinuate fbc 
laining Time. But his MajcRy found, at la{l, that all his 
MondeTcenlion had been in vain. A few Days after he 
vas inform 'd of the Violence committed upon the Perfons 
Icd Effefls of the Englijb in S/aiu, contrary to the i8th 
ftriicle of the Treaty of Utrecht betwixt Spain and Eng- 
Jandt which fixes the term of lix Months to withdraw the 
Feilons and Eftefls on both fides, in cafe of a Rupture. 
- The Marquis iie Nancre having left the Court of Spaifi, 
his Majefty, according to the Treaty of Lo72doii, order'd 
tbe Duke de St. Aignan to complain of the Violence corn- 
mitted againlt the Euglijb, and commanded him to de- 
clare, that the Term of three Months granted the King of 
Spain, for accepting the Conditions that were leferv'd to 
lim, being to expire the fecond of Novemher, he cou'd 
Hot but demand a dccifivc Anfwcr from that Prince ; and 
the King of Spnin perfitiing io his Rcfufal, he toolt his 
Audience of Leave. 

Hitherto we have only fpoke in general of the Condition* 
■eferv'd to the King oi Spain : But we inufl exhibit them 
horc particularly, the better 10 convince the World, not 
mly of the common Advantage, but alio of the particular 
4dvantage refulting from them to that Prince. 

Firjl, The Emperor exprefly renounces for himfelf, his 
Seirs, Dcfcendants, and SuccelTbts, Male and Female, the 
Spanijb Mornarchy and the ladies, and all the Dominions 
of which the King of Spnin was own'd to be lawful Pof- 
litflbr by the Treaty o^Ucrccht ^ and he engages himfelf 
to pals the neceffary Afls of Renunciation in tbe beft 

SecotJdly, The Succeffions to the Dominions of the Duke 
of *Parma, and the Great Duke of 'Ta/ciT^y, being like to 
Occafion great Debates, and a new War in Italy, becaufe 
Ac Queen of Spain pretends a Right to them by her 
£irth, and that the Emperor maintains, that ihe Right to 
dirpafe of them, for want of Heirs Male, appertains to him 
*Bd the Empire j it has been ftipulated, that thefc Suc- 
bs^ns coming to be vacant, by the Death of the Princes 

39& French Kings Manifejlo againji Spain^ 

now in PofTcffion without Heirs Male, the Son of the 
Queen, and his Male Iflue, and on failure thereof, (he 
(ccond Son, and the other younger Sons of the faid Queen, 
with their Male Dcfcendants, Jhall Tucceed to all the faid 
Dominion), which fliall be found to be Mate moving Fie6 
of the Empire; and that Letters of Expeftation, coDtain- 
ing the eventual Inveftiiurc of them, /hall be given to the 
Son of (he Queen, who ought to fuccced. And for Secu- 
rity of the Execution of this Difpofition, Garifons fliall bo ', 
eflablifhed by the Sivifs Cantons in the principal Place* of ' 
thofe Dominions, viz. at Leghorn, 'Porto Ferraro, 'Parmi^ 
snd 'PlacetJtia, in the Pay of Mediators, with an Oath to 
keep and defend them under the Authority of the Princci 
now reigning, and to put, them in poCTclTion of no body 
but the PrVnce, Son to rhe Queen of JjSii/j;, whcDthew 
Succeflions come to be vacant, 

thirdly, U has been ftipulated, that the Emperor, nt 
any other Prince of the Houfc of Auflria, who fhall poffdi 
the Kingdoms, Provinces and Dominions of Italy^ fliiU | 
never, in any Cafe, appropriate to tbemfelves theDoai- 
nions of Tufcctny and 'Parma. 

Fourthly, As it was nor pofllble to engage the Empow 
ays relen'd 

to defill from thePretenfions, which he has al 
to hinifelf upon Sicily, it has been agreed, that it /hall be 
quitted to that Prince, who, on his part, /liall quit totte 
King of Sicily, by way of Equivalent, the Kingdom cf 
Sardivia ^ referving to the King of Spain, thcB-igHiof 
Reverfion of that Kingdom to his Crown, as he rererv'dii 
to himfelf for Sicily, by the Ail of Ceffion which he maifc 
of it, in corfequence of the Treatys of Utrecht. ^ 

Fifthly, There is left lo the King of Spain a Tam of^ 
three Months, from the day of figning the Treaty, fe 
accepting the Conditions ofFcr'd him, which all thecontm- 
ting Pattys have guaranteed, and engaged themfelvuti 
fee executed. 

Sixthly, As it would not be jufl, that the Peaceof k 
Europe /hould depend on the Obflinacy or particular Vief 
of one or two Powers only, snd that the Emperor might irt 
be induced to deliver his Renunciation before the King* ^ 
Spain /hould come into the Treaty, if he had not fotnco- 
ther Security given him befides ; the contrafling PiriyJ 
have agreed to join their Forces to obiigs the refufiog 
Prince to accept the Peace, agreeable to what has been ^ ^ 


1719' ¥ tench Kin^ s Manifejio againj Spiin. 397 

^uently praftifi'd for the publick Repofe, on important Oc- 

Seventhty, 'Tis exprefly agreed, that if the contraflitig 
Powers be obligM to make uTe of Force, againft him who 
refufes 10 accept the propofed Accommodation, the Em- 
peror ihall concent himfclf with the Advantages ftipulated 
for him in the Treatys, how fuccefsful fbcvcr his Arms 
may be. 

£igblhly, In the laft Place, the King has ergag'd him- 
felf to obtain for the King of SJ'siii the ReRitution of Gi~ 

Thefe are the Conditions which the Miniflcr of Spaia 
fo haughtily rejffled. They are, however, fo well accom- 
modated to the common Tran*juiliity, that the King of 
Siciiy, who by the Inequality betwixt Sicily and Sardinia, 
&etns to be the only Prince who iofes by this Plan, has 
lately accepted the Treaty. 

A plain and fincere Narrative of thefe Fafls, is enough 
to enable the World to judge, what part France ought to 
have taken in fuch Conjunflures. 

The King of Spain attacks Sardinia, and takes as much 
Care to conceal his Defignfrom the King as from the Em- 
peror. After this Infraction of Treatys, and after the Em- 
peror's Declaration that he will agree to accommodate 
Alatters, what could his Majefly do ? 

By continuing Neuter, he would have equally difpleas'd 
and alienated the Emperor and the King ot Spain ; and in 
the Progrefs of the War, a Power fo confiderable as France 
could not have afted an indifferent Part. 

If ftie had join'd with Ji^ij;«, his Majetty would thereby 
have violated the Treaty oi Sadsn, and given the Emperor 
a Plight to declare War againft him, which he muft nave 
maintain'd in Italy, upon the Rbifie, and in the J^lether- 
iaads. Further, the Emperor would have arm'd againft 
liim all his Confederates, or rather all Europe, which muft 
have been alarm'd at the Conjunflion of the Forces of 
France and Spain. Thus France ftiould have found her- 
felf invojv'd again in the Calamitys of a genera! War. 

If the King bad found no other Means to prevent thefe 
.Calamitys, hut to enter into an Alliance with the King of 
Spain's Enemy, for executing the greatell Rigours againfl 
litTi, however grievous this Method might have ti«,«v \ti \i^» 
Majefty, it would have been neither the \e.^s Vft. i\<ix\^^ 
jxcesiaey. The Safety of the Peop\e, ^H^Actt \s> ■Cue- ct^■i 

■398 French King's Manife/io again/i Spain. 

ibing thatought tocommand Sovereigns, would have forc'd 
biin to embrace ii } and the Example of the late King 
himfelf, who made ali his paternal AScftion give way to 
that Duty, would as flrongty forbid his SucccSor to (acri- 
ficc it to the Rights of Blood. But how far different from 
(hat is the Part which the King has chofen ? He leagues 
with the Emperor, but it is by offering, at the fame time, 
10 the King oi Spain, even that Enetny, and the reft of the 
grcaiell Powers oi Europe for Allies, whenever he pleafes 
to accept them. It is by confirming him on his Throne, 
his Pofieffion of which will then become uncontrovertible ; 
it is by procuring him all that he ever defit'd, and mote 
than he hop'd for, and to ail Europe a Tolid and durable 

The new Enierprize of the King of Spain upon Sici^, 
^fuFficienily ftiews, that tho we ihould have contcntedodt- 
felves with relloring only the Neutrality of Italy, he would 
not have confenced to it j and that we fiiould have had ai 
much trouble to make him reftore Sardinia to the Em- 
peror, as we can have to fee the whole Treaty put in Eic- , 
cution. In flion, what cou'd have been done even by the j 
Succefs of the Spaniards there ? for that cou'd never fiive 
annuli'd the Emperor's Pretenfions to Sicily, btitonlynude 
Lim fufpend his Enterprizes for fomc time. 

His Majcfty then had no other way left for prevent)!^ 

the War, but to purfue the Projefl of AccommodaiioD I*- 
,twixt the Emperor and the King of Spain, and therel»| 
to give Peace to France, Italy, nay 10 Europe, without 
cofling France any thing clfe but honourable OfKccsj nol S 
does i: coft Italy any thing hut the Advantage which tbfl ^ 
Emperor ha^ by the Exchange of Sicily for Sar/iiuia, whid 
is counter-ballanc'd by the Bounds which the Empcrorprt- 
fcrihes to himfclf in the Treaty, and by the EngagemeiW 
which the principal Powers of Europe have enter'd into, » 
guarantee ihc Pofleflions of the other Princes of //fliyi" 
the fame State as they are at prefent. 

Spahi is fo far then from having juft Caufe to compliin 
of the King for undertaking at this time a mofi juft W«i 
-to avoid one that is the mnfl dangerous, and moft ruinoM 
for his Subjcfts j that the King has juft Caufe to complii" 
of Spain, for reducing him to this Extremity, byanot- 
" flinate Refufal of Peace, under fuch frivolous Pretexts aiM 
■ body has been huhento ca-gaUsof utiJerftanding. 

17 ip- French King^s Manifejio againji Spain. 399 

Sometimes 'tis a Point of Honour, founded on this, that 
the Succeffions of Tarma and Tlufcany are agreed to only 
as Fiefs of the Empire. But how can we believe that the 
King of Spain ihou'd be ofifended at a Condition for a 
. Prince of his Family, which fo many Kings of Spain and 
France have not only fubmitted to, but even courted 5 as 
did, in fine, the late King, bis glorious Grandfather, and 
the King of 4$^^/« himfelf ? 

Sometimes it is the Inequality betwixt the ReverfitJti of 
Sardinia and that of Sicily. But can fuch a fmall, fuch 2&1 
uncertain, and fo remote a Difadvantage, be put in die 
Bailance againfl fo many prefent and folid Advantages? 
Id fine, what ought to decide the Matter is this, that we 
cott'd no otherwiie obtain the Emperor's Renunciation to 
Spain and the Indies^ but upon this Coniideration. Ought 
the Security of the King otSpain^s Condition to be com- 
par*d with fuch trifling Difficultys ? and does not fo great 
an Intereft make all the red; to vani/h ? 

Sometimes 'tis the Pretext of a Ballance that is ab^b- 
lutely neceflary in Italy^ and which we are about to bVtfc- 
turn, by « adding Sicily to the other Dominions which .the 
Emperor poffeflTes there. But does the Defife of a mo|9 

ferrcfl Ballance deferve, that we /hould re-involve oUr 
eople in the Calamitys of a War, from which they have 
ib much Difficulty to recover themfelves ? And is not even 
this Ballance, the want of which Spain feems to regret, 
. fufficiently fccur'd, and more corapleatly, perhaps, than if 
Sicily had continu'd in the Houfe of Savoy ? The eftabliffi- 
ing of a Prince of the Houfe of Spain in the middle of the 
Dominions of Italy ^ the Bounds which the Emperor has 
prefcribed to himfelf by the Treaty, the Guaranty of fe 
many Powers, the unchangeable Interefts of France^ Spain 
and Great Britain^ maintained by the Maritime Powers $ 
do fo many Securitys leave room to bewail the want of ano- 
ther Equilibrium ? If at the time of the Peace of Utrecht 
. the Imperial Arms had been poffefs'd of Sicily^ as they 
were of the Kingdom of Naples^ the King of Spain woii'd 
ix>thave made any Difficulty to cohfent to this Difpofition^ 
«nd the Minider of «S]^/z/;j himfelf made no fcruple to fay, 
that the King his Mailer had never reckon'd on his keep- 
ing of Sicily^ and that if he made a Conquefl of it, he 
vou^d be induc'd, iince all Europe wou'd have it fo, to rc« 
£totQ it even to the Emperor. 




400 French Kiirg^i Mamfejh cgainjl Spfflff 

The true Motives of this Rcfulal, wbicb haw hithei 
been im penetrable, comt; at lail to break out. The L 
tera of the Spanifb Embaffador to Cardinal Alherm hx 
taken off the Vcii which cover'd them, and wc now ( 
with Horror what 11 was that made the Mimftcrof S}k 
inaceeffible 10 all Projcfls of Peace. He wou'd there 
have feen ail the odious Plots which he form'd againS 
prove aboriivc. He wou'd have loil all Hop&i of liyii 
cbU Kingdom dcfolate, ofraifing up France againll frm 
of having the Management of Rebels among all the (Wo 
of the State, of kindling a Civil War io the bofoia ofoe 
Ptovinces ; and in fine, of becoming to us the Scountu 
Heaven, by putting in Execution thofe feditious Prqt^ 
. and j'^r'uigivg that Mine ixhich was, according to da. 
Words of the Embafladot's Letter, to ferve as a 'Prdlit 
to the Co72jl(^grauon, What a Recompence is thJi » 
■ France, for the Treafurcs and Blood of which ihe bu^ 
fo profufe for the fake of Spain I 

rrovidence has kept off thofc Calamitys from d^ vA- 
Frevchmen, on the Difcovcry of this Treafon f 
. gainll uj, expcfl and prefs that we /hotild rcvei 
; hisMajedy efpoufes only the Interefls of hisPeo] 
, his own Paflions. Hs only takes Arms now t( 
Peace, without abating any thing of his Frient 
Prince, who, without doubt, mult abhor tl 
Deigns that were form'd againft us. Happy 
been, eou'd his Virtues have made hitn Proof ai 
furprix'd by hisMrniHer; and if by putting pernii 
fcls to filcnco for ever, he had kept to his own 
confulced his Juflicc and Religion, which do 
{bilicit for Peace. 


l^reaty at Paflarowitz. 

Aty of ^eace between Cliarles VI, 
b^ Augufi Emperor of the Romans, 
ndKing 0/ Spain, Hungary and Bohc- j 
and Achmet Han SuHan of tbOa^k 
purks. *Done in the Congrefs at Pal^B 
Irowitz in Servia, the zifl 2)ay of \ 
ily 1718. I 

JR £ ES by the Divine Mercy, Elefl Emperor 
of Ac Romam, always Auguft, K.iag of Gertnaay^ 
'Spain, and the Indies, alfo of Hungary, Sohemta^ 
tuia, Croatia, Sclavonia, and both the Sicilys, Arch- 
^Juflria, Duke of burgundy, Srahant, MiUit, 

Carinfhia, Carniola, Limhurg, Luxemburg, Wir- 
[, Uwer and Louper SileJIa and Sicahia, a Mar- 

the Holy Rut/tan Empire, by the Title of Marquii 
^ato, Moravia, Upper and Lower LiiJUtia, Count 
^shurg, Flanders, Tirol, Goritz, Ferret, Kyburg^ 

acknowledge and make known by thefc Pre{ents, to 
Tons whom it concerns, for ourfc^lves, our Heirs and 
!brs, that it has pleas'd God that by the Intervcn- 
id Mediation of the moll Serene and moft Potent 
of Great Sritain, and of the States General, after 
Conferences held under Tenta at 'Pajfaroivitz, in 
igdotn o( Servia, by Embafiadors Extraordinary and 
tcmiaryi deputed on both fides with proper Powers 
fdentials, a Treaty of Peace and FriendOiip has 
Iter'd into and concluded for 14 Lunar Years next 
, betwixt Us on the one part, and the moft Serene 
ft Potent Prince, Sultati Achmet Han, Emperor of 
VmaaSy jjia and Greece, on the other parr, on thft 
ons, and in the Form and Tcnot following. 




40? treaty at Paflarowitz, btt^ttn ^^ 

111 the Name ef the mojl Holy and Uttdmded fWai?. 

Ir having unfortunately happen'd two years ago ibtib) 
Peace and Tranquillity which was conduned and tftaWi 
at CarlowiiSi in Szerem, by the mod gloriqut Ftiawioi 
Emperors, the Eniperor of the Romam on the owpm 
and the Emperor orthe Otlemans oo the other, »ubw 
^ before the Expiration of the Term, by fome frelh Q^il^ 
between the moft Auguft and tnoft Potent Prince hwIaI 
Charles VI, EleS Emperor of the Rotaans, alwavi h^ 
King t){ Germany, Spain, andthe/W/ei, airootH»5<S 
Sobemia, Dalmaiiat Croatia-, Scfavouia, andl)«b<Sfl^ 
&c. Archduke of Aujlria, Duke of Surgundy, Srm 
Mlm, Stiria, CarUithia, Carisiola, Lhiihurg, lo» 
burg, Wmemherg, Upper and Lower ^iUJia,»T>iSaiik 
Marquis of the Holy ito»;;la Empire, with the TMlrf 
Marquis of 2«^iJMi, Moravia, Upper and Lower £i|ftB^ 
Count oiHapiburg, Flanders, Tyrol, Gerilz, flrflVft 
iitrg, &c. on the one part, and the mod SercaewJn** 
Potent Prince and Lord, the Sultan j^chiael Han, EaijOP 
of the Ottomans, AJia and Greece, on the other Ji^ J S 
the great Difturbance and Dettimem of the SalijtSi^ 1 
both, and to the Lofs of their Trade j and a bioodT* 
deilruflivc War enfucd, which brought great DetiW* 
and Defolation upon the Kingdoms, Provinces and! 
neyerthciefs, by the Divine Mercy, both En ^ 
fiovijrn'd by fuch wholefom Counfels, that tbey 
Ccnfi^raiion of Ways and Means for reconciUi 
tys and preventing the Effiilion of human BIi 
for providing for the Safety and Welfare of th 
Confequenily, by the Intcrpofiiion of the m 
mofi Potent the King ofGreai Sritain, and 
Mighty Lords the States General of the XTaiti 
eti of the NetberlandSy Things were brojight I 
that Embaffadois furnifh'd wicn fuifictent fall P< 
lent to a certain Place to treat and ccmclude a 
to renew the antient Eriendihip upon cquitablo 

Therefore on . the parr of the moil Augud, 
ind moll Invincible fmperor of xha Romans, 
Iqdrioue and mod excellent Lord 'Damiaaus Hup^ 
tie'Virmo}>t, Privy CounfcJlor to the Emperor, >»! 
fcUor of the Autic Council of War, General lul 
maader in chief of tbe Poor, and the moll cxcell^' 


718. the Emperor and the Grand Seignior. 403 
'Jchael a 'Talmatj, Imperial CounfcUor of the Aulic Coun- 

of War ; and on the part ot the moft Serene and moit 
tent Great Sultan j^c/jw«fliJ« Emperor of the Ottomans, 
A ni jifia and Greece, the moft ilJuftrious and moft ex- 
lent Lord Ibrahim ^ga, Prefident of ihe Otioman Trea- 
y of the fecond Clals} and the moft excellent Lord 
^ikTned ^ga, Prefident of the faid Treafury of the third 
ifi ; and in the name of the moft Serene and moft Po- 
JC Kins of Great Sriiai?!, his Excellency Sir Rolert 
F^««, Knight J and in the name of the High and Migh- 
Statcs General of the United 'Provinces of the Nether- 
vti, the moft illuftrious and moft excellent Lord James 
Unt Colyers, met here at •TaJ/aro-wtlz, about the begin- 
^ of May laft in folemn Congrefs } and after C nferences 
in the ufual manner under a Tent, and the full Fow- 

exhibited on«ll fides, brought this Work of Peace to fo 
Ppy a Conclulion, that they agteed mutually on the ao 
Eticles that follow. 

1 The Provinces of Moldavia anS Wiillachi/t, bounded 
litly by 'Poland, and partly by 7ran/ilvania, • ihall be 
ilinguifti'd and feparated as antiently by the Mountains, 
' fuch manner that the Limits of the antient Confines 
sy be unchangeably obferv'd on all fides ; and whereas 
'C Parts of Walliichia fituate on this fide the Riser 
%ta, are, together with the Placcsand Fort o^ 'temefwaer^ 
• the Power of his Sacred Imperial and Royal Majefty^ 
cording to the Preliminary of Z/c fo(ftdetii that was ac- 
pted as the Bafis of the Peace, they fhall remain in his 
d Imperial Majefty's Power and Dominion, in fuch manner, 
at whatever lies on the Weft fide of that River, fhall be- 
ig ro the Emperor of the Romans, and the Country on 
B Eaft fide to the Emperor of the Ottomans. 
The River j^/«M pafling out of Tran/tlvania, as far as 
B place where it falls into the 2)amibe, and from thence 
ir the Banks of the 'Danube towatds Orfava, as far as 
s Place where the River T^imock flows into the 'Uannhe^ 
lU be the fettled Confines ; and, as was obferv'd hereto- 
e with regard to the Maryfche, the Muta, with regard 
the Watering of Cattle and Filhing, and to other fuch 
:efl'ary Ufes, Jliall be common to theSubjefls of both 

[i fhall be lawful for the Ships of Burden of the GErman^, 
i their Subjefls, to pafs to andfto ftoniT'i'aTiJilr'yttnift 
_ Dd 4 «» 

*afiarowlcz, betwein ^1 

to ihc 7)annhe ; and the Subjefls of JVallschis ate illoa'i 
the ufc of Fifhing Veflcis and other Boats without Motf jl 
taiion : and as for Ships for grinding Com, ihey Ulillbc T 
fijt'd by common Conlcnt of the Govertiouts of the R» ' 
tiers for the time being, at convenient places, whtreflij 
may not prejudice the Kavigation of the Merchinti. 

And whereas (omo Sojfin, and other People ofiofiff 
Rank, fled in the War time ^^om furki/h WiUtcisUt 

men pjns ot inc^^ounrry as Dcmngato loe trnpetotdiw i^ 
Rom.ivi, they arc permitted by virtue of this mceiillfr 3 
turn CO their Familys, and there peaceably toenjoj*^™ 
Habitations, Goods and Lands, iitcc other Peoplf, 

n. The Limits of both Empires fiiallbefromd 
where the T'lMOck falls into the "Damihe, upferic^ 
along the fame, Ifperleck Saaia nui hsamienti 
remaining to the Ottaneins, and ReJJova to tbi 
Emperor; and the fald Limits arc comftiuedfio 
thro the Mountains towixAs Tar akin, which it 
the Emperor, as iirtyj?;! doe^ to the ^orte^ and 6 
the Limits are continued between both to Tflolai 
the Little Morava by the hither Shore (o Scht^ 
between' Scbach/ik and Silatia by Land to ^m 
from thence to the Territory of Zokol towatdsr 
far as the ©r/n ; iniomuch that Selgratie, Varaa 
Scbsehik, Sedka avi Sdina, with their aotiea 
tys, arc yielded to the moftAugufl Emperor of ih^^ 
and Zockiil and Rafna, with their ancient Terrico^W 
Ottoman Empire, 

The Sobjefls of the two Empires are (o enjoy tjicSj 
gaiion of the Timock, with its Advantages in a ' 

III. All Places iitu^re on both (ides the Bf 
from rhe 'Srhi to the Unna, whether open Placel 
in poffeflion of the Emperor's Troops, Ihill rcmL 
Kmperor, with their Terriiorys, according loihcPi 
f v^ of the Peace; itifomuch that the Savr^ with b 
Banks, fhall remain in the poflcffion of hi* Sacredfa 
and Royal MajeOy. 

IV, Froni the place were the Unna falls im4 
to the Territory of the anticnc Niiw/, fituatc (■ 
fide of (he faid River, and in pofTdCott of Hi3 
toqethct with yrjJ'cnoT'/s and ®oi>(wd, and feme f 
Iflands in whicb ihecearu Imperial G«rif«iu, ihillit 

: 8. the Emperor and the Grand Seignior. 40 § ' 

I their antient Territorys, to his Sacred Imperial Royal 
efly, according to the Preliminarys of the Peace. 
. Whereas the Territorys of New N(wi on the Weft " 
k of the Unna^ towards Croatia^ which then appertained 
le moft Auguft Emperor of the Romans^ were after the 
ity of CarlonufZj delivered up to the Ottoman Empire, 
eafon of fome Difputes that arofe at the time 6f the 
iration of the Limits, they fhall be again redor'd to the ' 
peror, for the Reconciliation and Satis^flion of his Sacred 
erial and Royal Majefty, and Ihall revert into his Pof- 
>n, with all the Territorys and Places exifting between 
r antient Limits. 

I. The Places which are fituate in Croatia at (bme 
ince from the Save^ and are poCfefs'd and garifbnM by both 
:ys according to the Treaty of Cartowtz^ fliall remain 
le poffeffion o£both with their Territorys 5 and the Com- 
loners deputed to determine the Limits of both Empires, ■ 
[1 decide any Controverfys that may arife, and feparate 

fix, with diftinft Limits and Tokens, the Territorys of 
thofe Places even to the Extremity of Croatia^ wnich ', 
to remain in thepolleffion of either Empire, 
is it was by the Treaty of Carlomtz^ fa it (hall he free 
lawful by the prefent Treaty to repair and fortify the ' 
lies and Forts poffefs'd by both Partys, for the Security ' 
>oth ^ and it ihall be lawful for both Partys tQ build ; 
1 Towns on the Frontiers for the conveniency of the In- 
itants without Impediment and Exception 5 provided , 
ntsfj Forts are not erefted under this Pretence. 

II. Altho the Peace is amicably concluded according to ^ 
Conditions afbrefaid, yet that all things which were * 
nis'd and accepted concerning the Confines may have 

r entire e£fe6l, experienc'd, faithful and peaceable 
imiffioners fhall forthwith be appointed by both Partys, ^ 

afiembling . with a quiet Retinue in fome convenient 
e where they think fit, within the fpacc of two Months, . 
fboner if poflible, fhalL diflingui/h and determine the ' 
fines fettled by the preceding Articles by plain Marks 
Bpundarys, and caufe the Statutes thereupon to te pot ^ 
KCcution exafUy and rpeedily. 

IIL The Limits of the Confines determin'd by thefe * 
&tys, and eftablifh'd by the Commifiiohers depute4 
or hereafter, (hail be facredly and religioufly obierv'd . 
loth fides, fo as not to be extended, transfet*d^ ot 
*'d for any reafon or pretext ; and it fhaW ivot V^^Ya^'^iSv^ 

Dd 3 fct 

4o6 Treat'^ at Paflarowitz, between 

for either of the contrafling Partys to claim or exercife an** 
Right or Power in the Tetiitory of either Party beyond iha 
Bounds or Lines once fettled, or to compel the Subjcfho) 
either Party to any Surrender, or to pay any Tribute wh«-^ 
foever, either paft or to come, or to any other kind ofj 
Exaflion, Vexation or Moleflation, which the Wit ofMan- 
can dcvife } and all manner of Contention fhall be entiretjj 
laid slide. ^ 

!X. When there is occafion for a fpeedy and mature Re- 
ncdy for removing of all Controverlys, Differences or Difv 
pute£ whatever that may arife hereafter concerning any Ar- 
ticles of this Armiflicc, or any other thing, an equal numbct 
of CommifUoners Oiall be chofe and appointed on boA 
fides the fitil opportunity, Men no ways covetous, but 
grave, honeft, prudent, espericne'd and peaceable Men i 
who meeting at fome convenient place without an ami'd 
Force, with an equal number of pcaceaWe Perfons, flull 
hear, lake cognizance of, decide and amicably accommo- 
date all and Angular fueh Controverfys, and fettle a Rule 
and Method, whereby both Partye may oblige their Sub- 
jefts by the fevercfi Penaltys, to the fincere and firtn Ob- 
fetvation of the Peace without boggling, or any mannerof 
Pretence. And if Broils happen ol fuch moment that tbtT 
cannot be accommodated and difpatch'd by the Comiii^ 
fioners of both Partys, then they ihall be refer'd to bolt 
(he moft potent Emperors, that they may find out sad 
make ufe of ways and means for healing, appeafir)g ill 
fupprctling them, in fuch manner, that all fuch Conti* 
vcrfys may be accommodated in as fhort a time aspoiliblei 
and that the Determination thereof may not on any IC 
count be neglefied or protrafted. 

And whereas Duels and Challenges were moreoverpff 
hibited by the former facred Capitulations, they (hall alfc^ 
ht unlawful hereafter; and if any prefume to enter into fit 
gle Combat, they Jhall be feverely punifh'd as Tranfgicf* 

X, Al! hoflile Excurfions and Ufurpations, and all pfl", 
vate or fudden Attiscks, Devaftations, or Depopulatiou of I 
the Territorys of both Dominions, are by the flrifleft Ohb- 
mands prohibited as illegal, and the Tranfgreflbrs o^ ''•'' 
Article, wherever they are apprehended, /hall immedi 
be committed to Prifon, and receive condign Puni(h> 
without Remiffion, by the Jurifdiilion of the Place wm 



"x8. the Emperor and the Grand Seignior. 407 

-V are apprehended ; and the Goods taken away fhall bfr 
'■^^ diligently inqoir'd after, and when found juftly re- .^■ 
W*»'d to their 0*ni;rs. The Captains, Commandiinis and 
Gtjvernours alfo of both Partys are bound and obJig'd to ■ 
«*« moft fincere Adminiftration of Juftice, without any 

Negligence, on pain, not only of the Lofs of Office, but alto 

of Life and Honour. 

XI. As to the Ecclefiaflicks and the Exercife of tha 
Chriflian Religion, according to the Rites of the KowiT» 
Catholick Church, whatfoever things the formet moft Glo- 
Boiis Emperors of the 0//fWJ^«l granted in favour therS' 
of during their Reigns, either by facred Capitulation;, o^ 
£y any otht;r Imperial Signs Manual, or by fpecial Edlfls 
and Mandates, the moli ferene Emperor of the Ottotnani 
^11 hereafter confirm the Obfervation thereof, in fuch man* 
Bcr that the faid Eccleliaflicks may repair their Churches, 
teoA exercife their Funftionsas formerly; and it ftiall not be 
lawiiil for any Perfons to demand Money, or to give any kirid 
of Moleflation to the faid Ecelefiafticks, of whatfoever Oi'- 
der and Condition they are, contrary to former Capitula- 
tions and Laws, but they ftial! enjoy the Effefts of the Im- 
perial Goodnefs as ufual. Moreover, the folemn EmbaSy 
which Ihall be fent to the Ottomaji 'Porre, from the moft 
Auguft and mofl Potent Emperor of the Roma»s, Ihall bC 
allow'd to difcharge the Commiffions he is intrufted with, 
in relation to the Chriftian Religion, and the Pllgrimagea 
in the Holy City of yerufalan and other Places of thi 
Chriftians Visitation, where the faid Eccknalticks havd 

XII. The Prifboers taken and carry'd into Captivity on 
both fides during the late and prefent War, and hitherto 
detain'd in thepublick Frifons, may, in conlideration of this 
happy Peace, expe^ their Releafe, and cannot be longer 
left in that miferable and calamitous State, without im* 
peaching the Emperor's Ciemency, amiable Conde- 
Tcenfion and Generolity ; therefore att the Captives Ihatl, 
in the antient accuftom'd manner, be fet at Liberty on both 
4des within 6 1 Days from the day of Signing this Treaty of 
Fpace. Particulatly, the 'Weyvode, Nicholns Scarlarti, his 
^oni and Servants, detain'd Frifoners in I'ravJIlvania, fhall 
be exchang'd againft the free Barons de 'Pexrsfcb and Ste'm^ 
who are Prifoners in the feven Towers in Conjiamimple^ 
and they Ihall be accordingly fet at Liberty in the CoufitvE.^ 

4o8 Treaty at V&^2.XQv\vz, betmtn ^^ 

SicA as to tbe reft, who are in the power ofpri'itcMai 
or Prifoners with the I'arrars, they Ihall be alWi» 
procure I their Reieafe at as moderate a Ranfam a 4^ 
can.: And if the Ptifoners, and their Owners cannot ipa 
the Judges ofihe Places fhall decide all Comroverfys; an 
ifthat won'rdo, the Captives /hall be let »t Lib«ij«'; 
paying to their Maftera the Price they gave fcridi i 
which fliall be prov'd and paid before Wilnefi, otsf": 
Oath i nor (hall iheir Owners oppofc their Ranfoffl,fisBl'i 
Coveioufnets of greater Gain, And forafmuch iSWM 
will be fent on the part of the Oltoman Empire, m nb; 
CfifS- o^ f.\\£ relealing fuchPrifoncrs, it will be cxpcficdfm 
ihe Prc^ity, of the Imperial Governours, f hfl^ they*I>lVl' 
the Mailers of theCapiivcs todifmifs theO//o»M«fiif«^ 
St the Rale for which it fhall be prov'd they were booj^^ 
and fu this good Work Jliall be promoted on buib &tonl 
equal Piety. ' jj 

BuMill ihe Prilbners on both fides are releai'dena*: 
Terms s&reraid, the Plenipoien iary Embafiidon Jlil' 
ule, their Intcreft on both fides, that the mrlerabie C^ii* 
may be treated civilly. . . , 

Xm. Th« Merchants on beth fidea mull e,llo» ** 
Commerce, freely, fecurcly andpeaceably, in the DomiiM 
9rb9ih£a)pircs, according 10 the former Aniclei of Ft**! 
and ;tho ^Ierph3nls and Subjcfls of the ProTiDcen iltwl 
fubjefl to tbe Emperor ofihe Romans, and that fl)iltli(» 
after be requir'd by his Majefly from the Staieio'^ 
Chridian Religion, of whatloever Kation ihey iK,lM 
liavc free and. peaceable Egreft and Rcgrefa m the W 
t/fsn Kingdoms and Provinces, under hi!- Imperial M»je^ 
Signs Manual .and Letters' Patent, accordiiif; as ihcCA 
miiTioners eppfwnted, for that purpofe Oi.ill agreCj itA\ 
/liall bc.fre&ferthefn to boy and tell, and after p»yi=f * 
neccl^ary Cu(loms, ilicy Jhall in no wife be mitlelletl, f 
protcfled, , Confuls and Inrctpteters Jhall be pUt'J is* 
Otrctnan Doipinion^, to take catc of the M^rcl'aftM AifiJI 
(as the fiiid Coromifnoners fhall agree) am' ■• - >---""ii 
Ranted rooiher Chrirtian Nations, (h.iii 
Srm'd and granted to tbcMerchdnts undr 
the Romans,, vii\io fliail enjoy.'tho fdiOc i .■ 

It /hall bp ferioufly requii'd t.£ ihc R' 
tafsis tni'fri'poli, and uiher^ia »hoin ii ' 
to gi're th? iaid Caution, that hdicaficr l, 
rclpi;fl contrawcnc the Articles af the Pcj«. iiy cumu 
linj any one Afllon cwiitat^ w « \ alfo the littiabiiAM 

8. the Emperor and the Grand Seignior. 405 

oigno^ fituate on theSea-Coafl, fhall t>e reilrain*d from: 
Hitting Piracy hereafter, or from infefling and damaging 
Merchants Ships, and fhall be forbid to build Pinnaces, 
Its, or other Piratical Ships, in the room of thofe; taken' 

them 5 fo that fuch Robbers as fhall prefjime, contrary? 
le Imperial Capitulations of the Peace,.: to. damage ,fi^'^ 
t the Ships of the Merchants, fhall not only be oblig*^) 
flore all the Goods and Things that were.ioade ^^^^'^^ 
ir all Lofs and Damage, and releafe all their Prifoners,^ 
Iiall be profecuted according to the. Law, and .punifh*^ 

Warning to others. , \ . , . . 

id that the Affair of Commerce niay be' clear of all^ 
d, whatfoever the Cocbmiffioners appointed on botIC 

to treat thereof fhall conclude and determine, fh^It 
itify'd and inferted, and added in the Capitulations. 
[V. It fhall aifo be unlawful hereafter to' give fbelter^ 
pport td Rebels or Malecontehts 5 and both Tartys^ 

be oblig'd to give condign Punifhment to fuch wickedL 
, and all Robbers and Freebooters, whom, they fhall* 
^hend in their Dominion, of which foever Party they are 
t&.$ 5 and if they cannot be apprehended, they fhall ho. 
Ib'd to the Captains orGpvemours of the Places, wherisT 
areTtnowifio fculk, which Captains qr Governoyjrs', 

have it in Command to punifh them 5 and if thefe fai)^ 
eir Duty of punifhing fuch Mifcreants, they fhall incyif 
Difpleafure • of their refpeSive Emperor» or beturnTt 
»f their Offices, or be ptinifti'd themlelves for the guilty' 
>n$. And for the better providing againfl the Mifchien. 
:h Villains, neither of the Partys fhall be allowed to en- 
in Freebooters and Kidnappers, and fuch \^icked kin^f 
iople as are not in the pay of either 'Prince', biit liv^* 
^apine^ and both they and thofe who maintain (hem». 

have condign Punifhment, and fuch wicked Wretcheis^l 
» they pretend amendment of their (liall not b^^ 
ited nor tolerated near the Co£kfines/.but removed xxjt^ 

r remoter Places. ,^ 

V. That -the Tranquillity of the Frontiers and thd* 
e of the ' Subjefis may 'not in any wifp "be diAurb^d^- 
nski^ Serezeni^ Jnthony EJlerhafi^' Forgatfch^ 4^^^., 

Mithael Czacky^ and ' other Hungdrmni,^ who re.7^* 
d from their Obedience t6 the inoft Augufl Emperor 
^RomanSy and in the time of .the late War Q^ughc. 
ge in the Ottoman D^ominions, flialllbe plac'd ar^ddifr^ 

of in tht 0^/07^^/; JDoinioions far . enoug|i\ ftota \W. 

■(|.id Treaty at Ta{h.Towltz, letween 

Irontiers ; yet theirWivcs fhall beallowM torepairtotbeffl, 
•Dd lo dwell with them in the fame Dlflri^l that is afGgoM 
for their Refidence. 

XVI. Upon the Deftiand of the Plcnipocentiarysofhi* 
Sacred Imperial and Royal Majefty of the Rojaans, that 
the K-ing ''"d Repuhlick o^'Potand might alfo be iDcIuded 
in this Treaty, 'twas anfwer'd by th^ I'urks, thatlheto 
tn fome Difputes betwixt the King of 'Poland and ihs 
fsid Republick about a perpetual and firm Peace beiweev, 
fhem and the yor/ffj but that if the 'Poles have any thing 
to propofe about Choczint, or any other Affair, theymaj 
notify the fame by Envoys or Letters to the 'Pone, wkef( 
all things /hall be agreed to according to JuAice lad 

XVI!. That this Armiftice and good Friendlhipmayle 
confirm 'd, and thrive the more between both the moftp*' 
I'ent Emperors, Embuffadors /haJI be fent on both fides,™ 
Ihallbe receiv'd, honour' J, treated and attended wirb tlio 
ufual Ceremony s, from their Entrance on the Confines to their 
Return to the plice of the fccond Exchange, and wbo (hall 
in token of Friendlhip bring a voluntary Gift agreeable ina 
confillent with the Dignity of both the Emperors; andafffi 
fettling a mutual Cotrefpondcnce, they (hall both fet oulU I 
one and the fame time in the Month oiAIarch, in the Vemw ^ 
ICqiiinnx, and be exchang'd on the Confines, after ihcOW 
oer which has been long abferv'd between both £nipi»i 
It fhall alfo be lawhil for the Embaffadors to fclW 
whatever they think fit at the Emperor's Courts. 

XVIII. The Rule anfl Cufiom of Courts in recci»inft ' 
honouring, and entertaining publickMinifters, wheihetM ^ 
their Journey or at the Places of their Refidence, /hall hert" 
after be oblerv'd on both fides, according to the Cercmonii 
us'd in former times, with equal Decorum, and acconfr' 
to the particular Prerogative of the Character ot'the Pttw 
ftnt. The German Embafladors and Refidents, an3i_ 
their Domeflicks, fhall be aliow'd to wear whaiHibij 
they pleafe, without any Impediment. Alfo the ImpC 
Miniflers, whether they have the Chara£ler of Eidw 
dor, Envoy, Refident or Agent, fhall enjoy the fame Iw 
munitys and Privileges, and the fame Liberty as the t""" 
balTad^rs and Agents of any other Princes, who arefi 
to the Ottoman 'Porce, even to the diftinguifhingo. 
Fferogaiive of the Imperial Dignity in the befl manner, 
ihall have free Powet of \iuwiij, Vwit^ceters. Courier) 

7 1 8. the Emperor and the Grand Seignior. 4 ir 

jsd their other Servants, pafliog and repairing from the 
napcrial Court to the Ottoman ^orte^ may lafciy tra.vel 
iriih a Paffport ; and that their Journeys may be ihe more 
otxitnodioui, they ihall have ail the Favour ihewn them 

XIX. The Ambafladors Plenipotentiary of both Era- 
»res do oblige themfelves, atid ptomife that they will in- 
aklibly take care that thefe Conditions and AtttcieS' Dull 
je ratify'd according to the Form here mutually ^recd oa 
>y both their Imperial Majeilys j and that the- folemn Itt- 
iiunents of Ratification Inall be reciprocally and daly eic- 
lliang'd within 30 days from the Day of Subrcripiion, or 
iboner, on the Confines, by their ExccllencyG the Amhafla- 
[lors Plenipotentiary, Mediators. 

XX. This Armiilice fhall continue and be prolong'db^ 
Qod's Bkfling to 24. Lunar Years fucceflively, from thei ' 
Slay on which the Treaty Jhall befign'd: and when tho 
[aid number of Years is expired, or even before, it fhallt 
be free for bothPariys, if iheypleafe, to prolong this Pcaco 
(or many Years more. 

Therefore all the Conventions whatfocver cftablilhcd by 
(vce and mutual Agreement, between the moO Augufl and 
mofl Potent Emperor of the Romans, and the moft Screno 
tuiA moft Patent Emperor of the Ottomanu ^ai' be facred- 
ly, rcligioufly, and inviolably ohfcrv'd by their Majeftys, 
^cir Heirs, Empires, KingdomB, Counrrys, Citys, Towns, 
Snbjeds and Valials, both by Land or Sea. 

And it Ihall be ferioufly demanded of all Govemours, 

t^CDcrals of Armies, and of the Forces themfelves of both- 

Eartys, and of all Perfons under their Protc£Hon, Obedlenco 

EUidSubjeflion, that they alfo, conforming themfelves to the 

iforefaid Conditions, Claufcs, Covenants and Articlesv do 

ake care by all means that they do nothing to violate or 

wejudice this Peace and Friendlhip, upon any account or 

pretence whatfoever j and that by abflaining entirely from 

Mil manner of Enmity, they cultivate a good Neighbour- 

kiood i iince they may be certain, that if they don^t behave 

According to Admonition, they will be inolV< ibverely pa- 


The Cham of Crim 'tartary, and all the other Nations 
\^artArs, by whatfoever Name they are cali'd, are ob- 
uj'd to the due Obfervance of tho Articles of this Treaty, 
d of the Laws of good Neighbourhood and RecondliaK 
a i and Ihall not, by concravcninc the famc» wto-cg^t. mi.>» 

4ii Treaty at Paflarowitz, B't 

Hoftilitys whatfoevcr, againft any of the Girmeis Pntrol 
and. their Subjefts or VaCTals. MorcOTcr, if«tyPd« 
■whether of other fom of Arrays, or of the Naiioniof de 
^jirtays, (hali prefume to do any thing contrary rotScfi 
facrcd Imperial CapituUtions, and tg the Aniclei tberaf, 
he Hiall be moll fcvercly punifh'd, 

The faid Peace, Tranquillity and Security of the Subjefli 
of both Empire*^ jhaltbegin from the aforelaid dajafiapl' 
iog it}>aiid after ihae time alt Enmitys on both fi^lult 
ceafs and be fupprefs'd, and the Subje^s of bothFffli 
/hall enjoy Security and Tranquillity. And with (hitffe», 
and to the intent that Hofiilicys may be reftrain'd wiiii" 
uimofl Care and Diligence, Mandates and Ediftl* 
claiming the Peace (hall be tianfmitced fbrtbwi[fa< " 
GoVemours of the Frontiers 3 and when any Spi 
is rcquir'd to give notice of the ConCluHoo of 
to the OiEcers of the remoter Parts, twenty dai 
the Tctro fix'd; after which if any Perfon prefuit 
mit/any Hoflility on either fide, he /hall be' 
to thePenaltysafiirefaid, without Remifliofl. Ai, 
AS ihet Otwaaji Plenipoientiarys, by virtue oftho- 
foil Power to them granted, ii^vc exhibited to 
antl authen[ick:ln{lruDient drawn up and fubfci 
Turk^ Language, to the end that the Terms ol 
contain'd in thele 20 Articles, and accepted 00 
laay bt inviolaWy obrerv'd with due Refpefl, W( 
virtue of our Inflruflionsand full Powers, h 
thele Conventions in the Latin Language, ; 
auihentick .InQrumcnt, fign'd and leal'd wit! 
Hands «ntl Seals. Done at the Congrcls of IPJ 
in Arwtf, held under the Tcoia, the sifl Da/ 

ii -(I). S.) 7)amjamts Hugo Count rffJi'/rjwwKj 
rD.i.(L. S,) Michael de 'Talman. 

■ Wc-Rohere Sutton Knight, on the pan of 1 
fene and moft PotemLord, George King of Grc<tf^ 
and f/amci Count Cclyer, on the part of the V 
Mighty Lords the States Qeneral of the U/iittA 
Istids,- Aolbafl^dors Mediators, by virtue of 1 
Dck OH^ce, do in like manner atccO aiid confirm (bol^ 
RiiQi:> io ddnc, concluded and cocfirm'd before itf* ' 

[718. the Emperor and the Grand Seignior. 413 

ler the Dire6lion of our Mediation, by fetting our Hands 
.nd Seals thereto, the Year and Day above written. 

(L. S.) Robert Sutton. 
(JL. S.) James CoviXit Cofyer. 

We being defirous to perfomi the Things that are mom 
ncumbent on us, by virtue of the abovecited Articles, with 
he fame Integrity with which we acceded to this Treaty, 
la ve, on our part, from our certain Knowledge, deliberate- 
y, and in the befl manner and .form that we cou'd and 
mght, approved, ratify'd, and confirmed, «s by virtue of 
bele Prefents we do approve, ratify and confirm the fore- 
aid Conditions and Articles, as they are above defcrib'd 
uid inferred verbatim ^ promifing on our Imperial and 
ELoyal Faith and Word, for ourfelves, and our Heirs and 
Succeflbrs, that we'.will fincerely, facredly and inviolably 
keep» obferve and fulfil all and Angular the Articles, as 
^ng^ as no Aflions or Motions are made by the other 
Party, repugnant to the Peace $ (hat we will and ordain 
:liat the fame be obferv'd and fulfiird on the fame Terms, 
3y iour faid Heirs and Succeflbrs $ and we oblige both our- 
"t^es and them in the mofl effe^ual manner to the fame. 
Mid dojrender them bound and obliged to it. fetting afide all 
Trick and Fraud, by theTeflimony of theie Letters fign'd 
Pirith our Hand, and feal'd with our Imperial Seal. Given 
It Vienna the 12th Day of Augufi 1718, the 7th of our 
ELeign as King of the Romans^ the 15th as King of 4^^^//!^ 
uid the 8th as King o{ Hungary and Sobemia. 


Eugene of Savoy. 

By Command of his Sacred Imperial atid Royal Catholick 


^ Apthony Jofeph zh OtxL 


Declaration made and Jigrid by the Intperisi 
bajfador to the Ottoman Ambajfadoriy in /ff 
fence of the Amhajjadori Medialars of En^ 
and Holland, that^ mtrnthjlartding thiiFsa- 
fcation^ the Sacred League made biPwc tit k 
Emperor^ the Poles, and the Veneti "^^ 
remain in full Force. 

A Ltho 'tis already manifeft, and mult be»iw 
** to the Ottoman 'Porte as to other Powers, tliifl! 
is Tuch a petpttual inviolable League between hiiSwJI 
Majefty tlie Emperor of the Ro/nans, and the Repif*'^ 
of 'Poland and Venice, that if either the one org 
finely, or all iheTc Allies iointly, be provok'd to W[ 
tnanner and at ^ny time wnatlbcvcr, it fhall be Ul^ 
and fuch of them to enter into War by Land or o) 
their common Defence, and to give one anoihtt wtitw 
Affiftance J it was incumbent on the underwritten Affil*^! 
fadors Plenipotentiary of his faid Sacred ItnperiaiMMt*)il 
by virtue of a fpecial Inftruftion, to declare thii LBp*! 
inthe nioft folem mantier, on account of the Peace now* 
eluded at 'Pajforowitz, as by thefe Prefenis they h 
been pleas'd to declare it in prefence of the AoiWp 
Plenipotentiary of the Oltoman "Porte, as well at n 
fters of the moft Serene and moft Potent Kingfl 
Sritain, and the High and Mighty States Gea 
United Ncrl:erla?j/is,-pTefem for the Mediation, 
under a Tent at PaJ/arowitz, the 21ft Day of J 

(I/, S.) 2)amiamis Hugo Count 4t f7n 
(L. S.) Micbaelde Talmaii. 

We Robert Sutton Kt. on the part of the moil 1--,- 
and mott Potent Lord, George King of GfM/JSri«f^jl 
y&mei Count Colyer on the pare ot ibe High and f"" 
ly Lordi the States General of the United NeiM 
Ambaffadors Mediators, being ask'd andddircd, ie^o 
rdlngto ourpubHck Char^f^er, by thcfe Prelena^ 
our Hands %i\d Sca.U^ tKic the DccIarailoB i^ 

^■Ul out 

lyiS. the Venetians and the Grand Seigmor, 41c 

uention'd was made and deliver'd in our Prefence by the 
noft illufiriouB and excellent Lords, liamianui Hugo 
^ount de Virmont, and Michael de Taimiin, the Imperial 
imbafladora Extraordinary, and Pjenipoteniiary to the 
noil excellent Lords Ihrahim Aga and Mekeined ^ga, Mi- 
liners Plenipotentiarys of the moft Serene and moil Po- 
;ent Emperor of the Otmaam, and that the fatne was by 
lictn accepted, and that they inoreover promis'd to tranf- 
mit the fame, together with the Treaty for a Truce, to the 
ECefplendent 'Perse. Dated the Year und Day u a- 

(L. S.) Rohert Suno7i. 
(L. S.) yames Count Colyer. 

^the Injlrnment of the 'Peace made and 
Jigrid at Paflarowitz %n Servia, the z \fi 
of July 1718, between the Repuhliek 

r Venice,' and the Ottoman Porcc. 
S the Almighty God permitted a War to break out 
between the mofl Serene and moft Potent Ahmed 
Han, Emperor of the Ottomans, AJia and Greece^ 
*.-nd the moft Serene Repuhliek of Venice, fo the Divine 
^ercy has vouchfafd to infpire the Watiiors with thoughts 
*f Peace. To which falutary end, the mofl Serene and 
fcofl: Potent Prince, George King of Great Sritaw, and 
'"ha High and Mighty Lords the States of the United Ne- 
^erklfids, offcr'd their Mediation} and thereupon the fard 
King delegated the moft excellent and illuftrious Sir Robert 
ton Kt. and the Did Lords the States of the United 

Iherlands, the moft excellent and illuftrious ^avtes 
int Colyer, their Plenipotentiarys, to put an end to the 
ifion of human Blood, and to the SLauehtu aL^^'Ot^^f^- 

J« the Name of the moji Holy Trinity. 

treaty at Paflarowitz, httwe^ 
"dtin of fo many, innocent Subjefls, and lo renew Ac niDil 
Concord ami Amity. Whereas thcrefe:c iheiiidMt^ 
'tlon has been acccpied on both fide*, and a folemnOl 
grcCi appointed OD the Coniiiies at 'PaJJartmiib ioil 
■Kingdom of Servian the mort excellent and illuUi 
I-orJs, Ibrahim Effettdi, fecond PrefiJent of the CbA 
ier, aoA- Afehemcd, third Prefidcnt of thcChimbtt,b 
fiiwtcntiarys of the refplendont !Por'f, and themjil 
cetlctit and mod illuHrious Lord Charles Ruzzini 
curator and Plenipotentiary Extraordinary of 
lick of Venice, appear'd on the Spot ; and a' 
Conferences, did at length, by the Divine Al 
the Intervention and Jaluiary OfEces of the 
Mediators, who difcharg'd their Duty with fingi 
and Indullry, agree together on the following 

'I. The Caflleof Imofcbi in Erzegcvina in I 
and in Albania T'lfcovalz, Sien>isQ>a, Utiifta, f 
^rolochf Erxano, and other Forts, Bulwark*, j 
)^Iaces, wall'd or unwall'd, which have been yi 
Kcpublick of Venice, /bail remain in their Pofi 
fiw fixing the Confines and Separation of the 1 
a Line Jliall be drawn Irom one Boundary of ibtf ■ 
to' the other J in fuch manner, that the .Place* 
faid Line, towards the Vnftetiari Dominion^ 
towards (he Sea, fliall remain in poFTcffion of fl 
lick, and the Places without the faid Line, fltall n 
the Sublime Empire, as was determin'd by thcTniw' 
Peace at Ca>-l>zvitz. The fpacc of one Hour'* Matib B 
be allow'd by tbo' CommtCTioQcrs of both Pattyt ml 
Forts rc(lor'd to the Rcpublick, which ate comptdiBl 
in the faid Linudlreflly towards the Sea, as well aiJnA 
of the Line or Semicircle, as the Cafe fhall rcfluir&< 
there be any Fort in the Neighbourhood of the laidU 
or bcymd it, belonging to the Sublime Empire, il^ 
remain to the faid Empire with all the Lands behimlltl' 
thcdiltrtni:eof one Hour's March fhall likewife be«^ 
to it in Front, by a Semicircular Line within the Ciitfe 
^^k II, According as it is {{ipulated in the Treaty of h 
^^m^Carloivirz, the Territory and Dillria of the StRaioff 
^^^^Bu(/£{ (hall coniinue to he anncx'd to the TtfnH 
^^^^^BDiltfiifl of the fublimc Empire: And therefore 
^^^^^B its Villages, Zarific, Onovo and Subsit, " 
^^^K^Republick uf Venice^ with alt ObOacks 

L fBeVenetiiu^s and tl^e Grand Se!gmor. 4x7 

. which hinder the Communication o€ the (aid Ter- 
\ fhall be reftor*d in its prefent State to the Sublime 
ire ^ in like manner the Communicatioiv of the Sig- 

of Raguja with the Sublime Empire, fhall by no 
2s be interrupted on the parr of Caftelnovo^ and 
I The Iflandfi of Cerigo in the Archifelago^ taken 

the Republick of Venice^ fhall be reflor'd to the 
Republick> and evacuated for that purpofe eighty 
\ after the figning of the Treaty of Peace. 
. The Fort Sutrin$o^ IPreuefdy and Fainizza on the 
I: of the Ar^bifelago^ and in the,TDominion of the Re- 
ck of Venice^ fhall remain in poflcffion of the faid 
iblick, by virtue of the Fundamental Article Uti 
left's^ and the Commiflioners of bodi Partys fhall allow 
Extent of an Hour's March to the Frontiers, which 
be equally divided, and the Limits and Boundarys 

Commiflioners who are Men of Probity, Skill, Good- 
md Peace, fhall be chofeon both fides, for diftinguifh- 
:he Limits in 2)alfnatiay Erzegavina^ Alhania^ and 
Irchipelago ^ who after three Months from figning the 
iment, fhall open the Congrefs at feme proper place 
a peaceable and modefl Retinue, each confifting of 
ual Number ; and fhall ufe fuch Diligence in -fixing 
toundarys on both fides, that they may difcharge 

Office in two Months time, or fooner if poffi-* 

. By how much the more neceflary it is to procure a 
Priendfliip and Tranquillity between the Subjedh of 
Empires, in fo much the greater Abhorrence ought 
to be held, who being of a reprobate Nature and 
fition, difturb the Quiet of the Frontiers, even in time 
ice, by Robberys an3 hofiile Machinations : for which 
>n neither Party fhall aflfbrd Shelter or ProteSion t9 
Outlaws, but they fhall be inquired after, purfued and 
bended, that they may receive condign Punifhment for 
Example to others. Moreover, for the future, the 
; Support or Proteflion to fuch People fhall be prohi** 

I. That all Quarrels may ceafe both by Land and Sea, 
hat a mutual Benevolence may revive, 'tis neceffary 
re notice of this happy Peace to the Governours of 
>L. IV. fie ^^^ 

4i8 Trt'd/y at Paflafowitz, beticien 

'he Frontiers ..Therefore both Partys have agreed on 
'renn of thirty days for Sof»ia, Albania and 2)almaua, 
forty days for the Ifle of Candia and other Erontierij 
ring which fpacc of Titne, both the Sublime Empire 
(he Repubiick of l^ettice /liall do all that is poffible to hi 
der the leafl Contravention of any one of the Articl 
Moreover, a lincerc and general Amnefly is to be allav 
to the Subje^s of both Partys, for any Crime commiitj 
during the; War, fo that no Perfon (liall now, or bereafil 
be call'd to account, or punifli'd for the fame. 

VIII. When the Confines and Boundarys are oncefenli 
^nd awarded 10 theit-refpeflive FolTeirors, the fame (h 
be ratify'd and obferv'd inviolably ; and if any Petl 
Ihou'd prefume to violate the faid Frontiers, or to got 
yond the Bounds, or if the Officers themfelves ihou'd M 
their Duty, by not punifhing the Offenders accoring 
their Demerit?, born they and the Delinquents fhalli 
fcverely punilh'd. And in cafe the Commiflioners iha 
meet with any Difficulty^, or ihou'd not agree among tbei 
felvcs, fincere Notice of the Caufe of it (hall be givem 
bothfides, to the end that fuch Differences may bee^ui 
]y and amicably adjuffed by the good Offices and Me<li 
tion of the Imperial, Eiigl'jh, and Sw/cZ; AmbaffidortI 
fiding at the Rcfplendcnt 'Porte -^ nor (hall HoftiIiiyi| 
exercis'd, nor the Agreement of the Subjeifls diflurb' 
nor the Peace eflablifh'd with the Sublime £mpi(e 
infring'd, for thcfe or any fuch Caufes, 

IX. Prifoners taken in the time of War, and caft ii 
Prifon, may have reafon to hope for their Delivcranw 
means of this Peace ; and Unce it wou'd be a difgrace 
the Emperor's Piety and Mercy, that they fhou'd \xt 
tain'd in the fame filthy miferablc Condition, all publi 
Prifoners fiiali be reflor'd to their intire Liberty, *"» 
the fpace of fixty one days from the Signing of the Inft 
ment ; and in the mean time, till they are ranfom'd,! 
Plcnipotentiarys of both Partys fhall tate care that they' 
tteated civilly. 

X. Wherever the Roman Catholicks have Chutcha 
Conventi, they ihali be allowed to frequent the fame, 
to perform Worfhip thetein, according to the Ri'" 
their Church, and to the Immuniiys formerly gram 
the Sultans to the French^ and if need be, they fh 
rcpair'd according to the Kulcs of Eijuiiy, and the • 

1 7 1 8. the Venetians and the Grand Seignior. 419 

rial Mandate. Kor /hall it be lawful for any one to extort 
Money from them, or otherwife to moleft them, contrary 
to Juflice, and the Sublime Capitulation. Moreover, it 
fhall be free for them to go to J^rufalem^ and other Ho- 
ly Places, and to return without any Impediment. 

XL If any of the Venetians in the Ottoman Dominions 
trade with a Perfon who defrauds him of his Pay and ab- 
iconds, whenever he is difcover'd, by virtue of the Sublime 
Etnperor's Proclamation, the Goods fhall be reftor'd to the 
right Owner ^ and if any Subje6l of the Sublime Empire 
trading with the Venetians does the-fame^ and is appre- 
liended in like manner, he fhall alfo. be obliged to re(tore 
^ifhat is found upon him^ And if any Subjcfl of the Otto- 
wan Empire contrail any Debts^ or incur Guilt in any o« 
ther manner, and make his Efcape^ no other innocent ^ 
Ferfon fhall be detain'd, nor fhall the Venetiajts be fued in 
ItM ftead. When fuch Perfon fhall make his Efcape into 
ihc Venttian Dominions, the Debt which he has contraft- 
«d Ihall, if duly prov*d, be recover^ and paid to the Credi- 
ttor ; and whoever is guilty, he fhall be punifh'd according 
SO the Heinoufnefs of the Crime: and the fame Pro- 
keeeding fhall be obferv*d on the part of the Sublime Em- 

• Xll. It fhall be lawful on both fides to renew, repair 
pod fortify fuch Caftles as are yielded up by thfs Treaty, 
ftat not to build new ones on the Frontiers, nor to rebuild 
fthofe that have been demolifh'd by the Venetians. It 
iflhall be lawful alfo to build Towns and Villages, where 'tis 
V»cpedient, on the Borders oi^I*errafif'ma^ for cultivating 
9 mutual Union and Friend/hip ^ and if any Quarrel arife, 
pthe Governors of the Frontiers fhall meet aim decide it 
^ith all manner of Judice and Harmony. 
,_ • XIII. If a Merchant pafs from the Venetian into the 

gttpman Dominions, he« fhall not be dunn'd or arrefted 
r any Debt. No Venetian Merchant fhall be. permitted 
fto go to the Exchange, or any other Place, without the 
Eafe Condu6): of his Bailo or Conful refiding there ^ and if 

Eyare fo refraSory as to prefume to go thither without 
:h P^ffi)ort, the Sub-Bafhaw fhall be affifting to the Bailo, 
MP^ not fuffer them to go. The Crews of Venetian Ships 
imall not be compelled into the Service of the Ottomans^ 
fcfit fhall be permitted to go back the fame Voyage with 
jH^ir Ships 5 nor fhall any Tribute, caird Caraches^ b^ 
Idkmandea from tboje who go to, oc letutci feotcv Ven^e 

JB e 2 ^^'^ 


420 T'reaty at Pafiarowitz, hetVDeen ^ \ 

for the fake of Trade, whether they are marry 'd o^"^*'^^ 
as long as they are not fettled in the Ottoman i.m'p:^/-''*^^-^ 
have any thoughts of returning as aforefAid. If ao/<^— ^ 
troverfy atife between a Venetian and any other Cli*^ -»' 
Tributary, and the Evidence, which ia in the Hcatof*^ -^ 
Difpute produc'd, be Fenecian, and the Advetfaryfti^ ^j 
except againft fuch Teftimony, on pretence that the ^ ^ 
ncffes ought to be Chritiians of the fame Settlement, : *■ ' 
confequenily (hou'd ptove troublefom ; 'tis neceitary, k «^ 
caufe all Chrillians are of one Religion, thar, feeing ih!* I 
themfL-lves enter A'ftions againft other Chriftians, tid* j 
Jhou'd be compcll'd to bear Wimefs, and the fame ftirfV^ 
be taken wherever 'tis offerM, and ratify'd according to o4[ 
quity. If any Venetian Merchant who is travelling 9*4 
the O/Zowuu Dominions, be attack'din any Village, robtf^id 
or murder'd in the Attack, and all his Goods delhoj^oM 
and if his Heirs or Truftecs come thither on that accoacraq 
the Caufe (hall be heard before a Court of Juftice, a ^J 
Proccfs (liall be iffued out. If any Venetian Merchrfl^a 
come into the Ottoman Dominions to trade, and die wr-n^J 
he is in the cxereife thereof, the Goveraours for the r^ \ 
being fhall not meddle with his Effects, bjit the fame ft ^ 
be put into the Hands of the Bailo or Confu! of his .e^^ 
tioii. „ 

XIV. The Repuhlicfc may at pleafure fend over r^^ 
Bailo, who, if he think fir, may Jive with his Fame ^ih 
Coiijlantinoplc, about three Years, or depart before tbe^». efij 
Term is expir'd 5 and if he refufe to bring his Famil"" Mj, ^ 
Jhall be aJlow'd to do the fame without them; and jfU 

Affairs require it, he may go home again before the tiiM 
years are cxpir'd, and another Hiall fucceed in his f^^/acM 
and thefe Bailos Aiall be treated with the ufuai 'S.c=^iiOttM 
When a Difference arifes which concerns the Bailo ""^il 
and not the Venetian Republick, the fame fhaJl be c^m-F 
nated in the manner abovemention'd ■ but he fhall r^tf Is f'' 
ohirg'd 10 undertake any Affairs which are not AcM^t'iL 
and committed to him by the Republick. Be the A^iuJ^ 
of what Nature foever, the faid Bailo ftiaJl be oblige ffjj 
declare the fame entirely to the Venetian Senate j andifnC 
Anfwer return thereupon with a Commiflion, Facullfr "Jili J 
full Power, he /hail on no pretence bemoleiled contrMylj; J 
the Prefcript, Faculty, and Imperial Capitulation, And'"'- 
of the Tributes call'dBaz, Reft, Caffabie, and Meffei 
ihii\ be demanded Cot &n^ t^^^'v\a<L\vr.V%B3.U(u, Cod 

3. the Venetians ajtdthe Graff J Seignior. 4 

prefers, and their Domcflicks purchafc with theirfl 
-y, for the fake of making Prefents, or even for th 
and Rayment. The Venetian Confuls appointcij 
"Negotiations of their own ML-rchants, may go a fli 
z)fe Ports where they rcfidei and it Jhali be free 
i^epublicif, whenever they pleafe, to change tfaofe C 
' ho refidc in the Potts of tne Oitomnn Empire, anij 

«thet fit Perfons in their ftead. And if any Pc( 

jj,** ^^ Controverfy with the Confuls, appointed by 1 
-pTe^f^G-.xr-^an Nation for the Ufe and Seivice of the Veaet. 
fJS.^^<='~%riiT\ts, their Perfons /hall not be touch'd, nor tfa 
55:o«-i£^^5 ftiut up, but all Quarrels commcnc'd againft 
t^otifVajs and Interpreters fhall be heard by ihe Refplend 

^'^"V^. The Subjea? of both Dominions /hall be alkx 
«0 **"^£Sck both by Land' and Sea, in perpetual Trang 
^ Ji*X;» Security, and without the leaft Hindrance. The S 
' SiF^^^ *^f the Venetians, as well as of other ChriiHan Prio 
9^.*^ ^re on board the Ships of Venetia?! Owners, fhall j 
spafs, fafe and fecurc, without Molellaiion and F 
^^ing carry'd into Slavery; for which reafon it /liall 
^r\ in charge to the Soldiers of , 'fliers, Tunis, Tri} 
Kliat they do nothing contrary to the Imperial Cap 
P^**^*is, and the happy Peace 5 and it /hall be given 
*"*«"ge to the Inhabitants of Titilcigno on the Coafl, t 
♦^^V do not commit Piracy, nor attack or moL-fl 
' L I**^"^<:liant Ships, Their Galleys with three Rows of C 
cf^ fljall be taken from them, with a fevers Prohibition 
*^l^*i«i any laore hereafter ; with a Provifo, that thofe 1 
'' 2vJ*^l prefume for the future to plunder the Ships of 
*^^^ JS?*"chants, contrary to the Imperial Capitubtions, i 
ip ^-' tV« happy Peace, Ihall be ohHg'd to reftore the Merch 
^'--%' fl*^^, and all other Hffcds fo taken, to the proper Ownt 
- : Ev tVt^t: the Damage be rcpalr'd, and the Slaves fet at 
{V.i-i"* Ve«"»:-y ; that fuch wicked Men be moft fevercly puni/1 
^^6 Cr.*- r ^ Juftice requires, for a warning to others ; and that 
I© o* '-^perial Wdtrancs, and the Sublime Decrees heretol 
■ge '-^^iBued by the reigning Sultans on this occafion, be intii 
i»U^ '^j;''«»ew'd, confirm'd and fulfili'd, according to their Te 
Sct'*'^C[>'''* '^"^ P^'^ of the Empire. 

^;^oO' ^^' 3CV1. Whenever Quarrels and Animofitys arifc on 
joictlt^ '"^i *fontiers, by reafon of Murdert, or other Caufes, they f 
ia^^'°f'\i^~^ decided according to Equity by the Arbitratiorv ot 
lie, ^-, .• ^Oyernours of thole Borders ; and ia wVa.t vriitv^ct ^ 
tb^^^'fW^ - Ee 5 

422 Treofy at V^itsirovrizz, Between 

they srife tKey fhall be oppos'd, fo that ii may not te 
neccflkry to refer the Complaints to the Rcfplendcnt 'PoWf, 
and PVHff/tfB Senate: therefore the utmoft Induftry (hall 
be us'd, that the Caufes may be decided on the loot, tbit 
the Partys may not bt: embroil'd with one another j and 
if the nifputeg cannot be accommodated here by any 
mean"!, let them be fairly put to Reference. 

XVII. If the ffwff/i7» Merchants by reafon of any Sale 
or Purchafc of any thing, or Money borrow'd, or Bond, Of 
on any other jull Account, appeal to Jufiice, and demittd 
the Aid of the Muhaffir or Superintendent, the Tribute 
ufually paid in the Courts fhali be paid to the MahnJ^f n 
Zam out of the Cutloms, viz.. two Afpcrs per Cent. ifA 
it /hall not be lawful to dcmapd more. The Merchann, 
Confuls, Interpreters, and oiher Subjcfls of the Rcpublick, 
and the Provinces fubjefl thereto, may repair to the Table! 
of Dues or any other juft Claimswhatfoeverof the Cadi,'n 
the Exerjife of their Commerce in the Otroman Empire, io 
buying or felling, lending or procuring of Goods, and (0>y 
caufe the Contraft to be enter'd in the 'Protocol, and re- 
ceive the Coj'ffo, or any other v.ilid Inflrument 5 andwbeB. 
any Difpuie arifes, the Corcto InflrumenC and TrottOi 
ftiall be compar'd, and be a Rule for Proceedings ; hut if 
none of thefc were to be produc'd, yet Equity wou'd de- 
mand that Judges fhou'd take upon them to decide the 
Differences in a Courfe of Juftice, fairly and equally, W 
examine the Evidence produc'd, with a becoming Diligcncf, 
and to inquire narrowly whether '(is not given by Licrti 
difhoneft, unjurt and wicked Perfons ; nor fhall the 
Evidence of fuch infamous Perfons be admitted, left it 
open a Door to Injury and Iniquity : nor fliall Sentence l» 
pronounc'd on fuch illegal, crafty, and cotrupt Evidence; 
and if any Sentence /hou'd be pronounc'd, it Aiall not aviil. 
to the end thit Injufticc may by no means fol'ow. Botw 
any of the Veneliafj Merchants, or Captains of Ships in ibs 
Sublime Empire, ftou'd turn "^iirk, and the Snip) SB^ 
, Goods on board fhou'd not be their oii-n, but Ihou'd «f 
pertain to the Venetian Merchants or Subjcfls of the Vtl^ 
tian Dominions, ihey fhall not be vex'd or molefied by inj 
Petlbn, bur the Vemtian Eailo or Confuls fhail receive M 
Ships and Merchandize from their Ham^s, left that fto' 
remain in their Power, v/hich by Right and ReaJonl 
Jongs to othcn. 

r 7 1 8. the Venetians and the Grand Seignior. 423 

XVIII. When aControverfy happens between two Vene- 
zans^ their Bailo (hall hear them as ufual, and without Mo- 
eflation ; and if any has a Quarrel with the faid Bailo in 
Zonjlantinofley the Cauft (hall be heard in the Imperial Di- 
iran, at the Refplenden t ^orte. But if the Sultan happen to 
be abroad, then the faid G)ntroverfy /hall be heard by the 
Perfon who is appointed Governor of the City and Judge 
too 5 and if any fhou'd have a Quarrel or Complaint con- 
cerning the ^Trade of the Venetian Merchants, he Ihall 
appeal to the Cadi, but he fhall not receive their Com- 
plaints in the abfence of the Venetian Interpreter. But 
the Litigants fhall not raife any Difficulty by ufing the ab« 
fence of the Interpreter for an Excufe, but they fhall be 
oblis'd to fee him forth- coming 5 and if the Interpreter be 
employed in Affairs of great Moment, they fhall wait till 
his Return. The Bailos fhall not be compelled to pay by 
reafon of other Names, unlefs the lawful Inftruments are 
prfefentj but if the Debtors withdraw themfelves,. the 
Creditors may fearch for them, and with the Approbation 
of the Judge or Governour fue for their Right : and if the 
Debtor make his Efcape to the Coafls of the Venetian 
Republick, the Bailo fhall refer the Caufe to the Repub- 
lick, that the Plantiff may recover his Suit. 

XIX. The Mujftilmen, Merchants from Sarbary and 
other Countrys, who trading by Sea and Land, arrive in 
the Doi^inions of Venice^ fhall not be molefled or fnjur'd, 
after paying the ufual Cuflom for their Merchandize, but 
snay pafs and repafs at pleafure to the Ottoman Domini- 
ons. The Venetian likewife, and other Ships which come 
into the Adriatick Gulfh^ and pafs to and from Venice for 
the fake of Traffick, fhall by no means be hindered or in- 
jur'd, if they do no hurt to other Perfons. The Venetian 
Ships, which according to the old Rule of the Cudoms 
have been fearch'd at Conftantinople^ fhall again be 
fearch'd, according to an antient Edia relating to the Cuf- 
toms, when they come to Cajiel a JUare^ and then they 
Ihali be permitted to fet fail, nor fhall they be again 
vifited at Gallipoli 5 only according to the antient Rule of 
, the Cuftenis, tney fhall oe again vifited olSF of the Coaft of 
- Caftel a Mare^ and then they may purfue their Voyage. 
= XX. If a Slave fl^ from Venice into the PttOTf^^n Do- 
minions, and turn Turky a thoufand Afpers fhall be paid 
to the Owner when he purfues ^nd apprehends him ^ and 
ifnpt the Owner but his Agent come^ orte t\xo>3&kW^ K^>^^^^ 

£04 ^"^ 



424 TVwjy" at Paflarowitz, between 

ihull likewife be paid to him ; but if the Slave \it=^ 
Chriilian, he /hall be rcfior'd in bis prefcnt Siafe. 
manner, if a Majjitiman fly from ihe Qimnan Po*— i 
into the Dominioiii of Vcvice, and conceal his Fa. i 
/hall be rcflor'd in the fame Stare ; but if he b^t 
Chriflian, a ihoufmd Afpers /hall bo ]>aid to hii dJ 
or his Agc;nt, If the Pirates of 'Marhdry come wlt^^^ 
Ships to the Venetian Illands, or their other Dom -^S 
if tRcy carry off the Inh^biianrs into Slavery, andfeU ^^ 
to Rcntetia, NaioHa, Sartary, and other Countryi, ;^^ 

futbSlaVe be f urd, he iliall be taken out of their Ii|^j;;j 

' out any Difputc, and deiivcr'd to the BaJlo or Li* ^ 

. or Aaent of the Rtpublick. The Pirates ftilt* J^ 


be reflraiti'd, and feverely puni/h'd ; but if fuch Slavc^ 
Jifvjfulmnn, he /hall be rcHor'd to Liberty. If any f'^** 
lian Subjefls carry 'd into Slavery, contrary to the Subft-** 
CspituJations, and the prefent happy Peace, be remOS 
out of one Hand into another, and give occafion fc^n 
Quarrel, thofc Venetiam efpecially carry'd into Siaverif^ 
time of Peace fhall be fee at Liberty wherc-cver they (ff J 
if they aretutn'd Mftjfulmcii^ and if they perfevereinitf^ 
Faith, they fliall by virtue ofiheprefcnt Treaty be deliv^** 
to the Venetia?i Bailo, or foinc other Pcrfon appointee 
receive them. And becaufe 'tis forbid by the Imperial 
cree, that the (a-iil^enetiani be hereafter carry'd into S!ar 
contrary to the Treaty of Peace, thole Perfons who ai 
wicked as to carry them off, Ihall be punifh'd without 
delay or pretext, to the end that the Subftance "' 
Imperial Mandate may be fulfill'das heretofore. 

XXL As it was hereioFbre, ever fincc jSrahia wa* 
quer'd by the Sublime Em;ire, two Merchant Ships &^ 
be allow'd to c^rry their Goods and Merchandize at th 
convenient Seafons from Cairo to jSlcxa»iiria, and as nwoy 
10 the Ports of 7>(>c/? in SyriSy an-lSaruth fubjefl to 21i- 
wafcm, nor (hall they be dejay'd at the flated time. Alio 
the faid tWo Ships, with a greater number of Vefleli Iwg- 
cr or fmaller, mall be allow'd to carry on their CommsK) 
without Moleflaiion, according to the receiv'd Ufcge «( 
Merchandizing. And all new and unufual Impofli Iw 
upon Goods and Money in the Ports of Coafiantinsf 
Sarutb, T't-ipcti, and other places, fiiall be taken off j f 
ihall any Pcrfon be tnoleflcd contrary to the old La* 
tho Ctifloms, Twi IhaU i.Uc ^\i VltictAat Ships^ or oib« 

hour — a 

was an 

the Venetians and the Grand Seignior. 42^ 

nor the Merchants or Merchandize, be overchars'd» 
y to the antienr Cuflom, by the Bailos, or any other 

whatfoever, but they (hall enjoy all publick Securi- 
I be fafe from all manner ot Violence. Whereat 
:nd of the War in the Reign of the Sultan Selim 
:he Sum of ijooooo Sequins, which was to be paid 
three Year«, was intircly difcharg'd, as appearis ttotu 
oks kept in the Imperial Trcafury, and therefore 
nventions and Conditions relating to the faid Sum 
ilfiird in the Reigns of the Syltans Seliman Han^ 
Han^ Amurath Han^ Mehemed Han^ Ahmed Han^ 
their Grandfons, Sultan Ofman^ and Amnrad Han 5 
ae was not again included in the Sublime Capitula- 
anted by their deceafed Parents 5 nor was there any 
z or Tumult on that account, but the Mandates 
by the deceafed Sultans were confirm'd ^ and as 
i the Renublick of Venice doth not affift the £- 
of the Suolime Empire by Land or Sea, this Peace 

always obferv'd. 

I. Forafmucb as the Solemnitys of Religion are 
] according to the Capitulations, it (hall be free for 
\etian Ambaflador to make apy farther Fropofals 
Head to the Iniperial Throne ; and what was fiipu- 

the Treaty ot Peace at Carlawhz fliall be con- 
d, except tbofe Articles which are contrary to the 
r the prefent Inftrument. 

II. The Sangiacks, Beys, Sub-Bafhaws, or other Oifi- 
he Sublime Bmpire, fhalldono damage to the Pro- 
Ports, Towns and Inhabitants of the Republick of Z^^- 
nd if any of the Subjects or Forces of his Imperial 

do fuch Damage, the fame (hall by the Emperor's 
36 repair'd, and the Guilty punifn'd. Merchants 
er Subje3s of the Venetian Republick, which go 
e Sublime Empire by Land or Sea, fhall be wel- 
/ith their Fleets, Ships, and other Veflels to the 
^onftamimfk^ Galatea and Scanderoon^ to Cairo^ 

Harbours and Havens within Gallifoli^ not fudden- 

with the Confent and Salutes of the Governors of 
ftles, unlefs they are drove from other Coafis by 
Eb or Pirates, ana forc'd to come this way for Safety : 
cafe they fhall be fufler*d to come into Port 3 but if 
they fhall give plrevious notice, and fhall not pro* 
their Voyage without Leave, and the Tranfgreflbrs 

punifh'a without offenfe to the S^tk^t^ olt Venice. 



lint I 

426 Treaty at Paflarowitz, ^efwem 

If any OtW/ian Squadron*, Forces, or Ships ineetrffll 

Venetians, ibcy fliall fhew reciprocal Friend/hip, imt I 
^ na damage to one anochcr ;' alfo ihey /hall flrilce tho'l 

Plag and give Tokens of Refpc£l to the Ships and FokM I 

of ihc Sublime Empire, faitinf> with the Imperial Audu" ij 

rity } and if any Damage be done to their Ship), CjnlCi n 

Men, Goods, or other things the whole fhall be refimdei n 

!r the fame manner, if they meet any Ships or FlceUwhltit Ig 

have the Emperor's or private Commiffions, they fhlllpiS |f 

by peaceably without any Injury; and whatfoevecDelrinKM m 

they /hall fuftcr in their Ships, Csrde, Men, Goods,* ii 

other things, the whole (hall be rcpalr'd. If tbeycliUM lii 

to fall in wiih any Pirate Ships, and t\taVen£tuni^i '\i 

off Conquerors, the Slaves that furvive thofe fcill'din^ K 

Fights /hall not be murder'd in cold Blood, but bmug^I J 

fafc to the refplendcnt Torte, that they may be fe««lj k, 

punilh'd for a Warning to others. If the Shipsofche,lffl; Iq 

perial Navy of the Sublime Empire, ileer by tea/M" m 

War towards a Coafl not belonging to the f^enetMWi™ hi 

Venetian Fleet fhall lie flill without diftutbing the In- fl 

peria] Fleet. Muchlcfs /hall the Venetians under anyp* m 

fence receive or prateft any Ships that are EnemyfWW 11 

Sublime Empire j and if any Perfon violate this lni«^ li 

Mandate in a fljgrant manner, be Ihall be punilhanf n^ 

»n Example toothers: Kor /hall ihe mod Serena Rcjui" ^| 

lick of f^fw/ce protect the Vagabonds of other Proviw^^ It 

their Caflles, Forts and Harbours, butif pofllble app«l"« fc 

and puni/h them without Delay. The Imperial M*"'''' Hj 

granted with relation to Pirates in the Reign of Sul^ tj 

jitnuratb Han, andrenew'd in the Reign of thePsilif' if 

the prefent Sultan, fhall be raiify'd. 1 m 

XXIV. If any Venetian Ship bound to the 0^^ t„ 

Dominions be cafl away in a Storm, all the He" ^ ig 

cfcape Ihall be left to their Liberty, and the EEft3s"»« c, 

are fav'd /liall be rertor'd to their proper Owners, wi'"** ije 

being injured by the Govtrnors and their Domeftid''iJ {{^ 

ether Pcrfoiis. In like manner, if any Ow^/^wShip'"''?: Si 

homewards fiiou'd fuffer Wreck by bad Weather,,'^ 1^ 

Survivctsof ihc'Crew fliall not be injut'd by thcVtStt"^- n, 

and their Eff^^eis /hali be rcfior'd to rhe proper O^iJ i^ 

without any Difficulty or Contention. From wl"*? 1| 

places the Galleys, Pinnaces, and other Ships of rbew ^ 

Jime Empire fet fail, in ihe abfence of the Maflsr, m \\ 

iJiall get proper Do^iimccvvs ^t':iWL"fc.!i\\,Q'*Jiet!, 'l"";:! 'C 


!. the Venetians and the Grand Seignior. 4.2 j 

no defign to cruife upon and injure the State of Fe^ 
and if they go a crurfing without fuch Documents, 
fhall be deem'd guil^ and moftfeverely punifh'd » 
and when after the exhibiting of fuch Documents, 
iiave done any Damage, their Bond fhall be forfeited 
•air it. In like manner, any VeJietian Ships which, 
.exhibiting fuch Documents, fail without their Mafler, 
ifeft the Ottoman Dominions, fhall give fecurity to 
the Damage good ^ and if they fail without thofc 
Tients, they fhall be deem'd guilty and puni/h'd. 
f any Tributary Perfon or Labourer flies from the 
"ne Empire, and defires Refuge in any Venetian Fort 
lie, he fhall not be entertain'd butdeliverM up, with» 
ny hefitation, in the State he then is, to the Per- 
^puted to receive him 5 and if moreover he has corn- 
el Murder or Robbery, he fhall reftore the Plunder, 
ng incumbent on the Sublime Empire to take care, 
^^hen any Perfon has murder'd or robb*d another^ he 
s the Plunder in the Condition *tis found in. 
tV. As Trade and Tillage are the Fruits of a good 
5, the Venetians may proceed quietly as heretofore 
by Land and Sea to the Ottoman Dominions, Con- 
nope^ Smyrna^ Cyprus^ TrJfoli in Syrta^ Alexandria^ 
, AleppOy and other Ports j and, after they have 
5 Afpers per Cent, as Duty for their Goods imported 
exported, according to the Cuftom of other Nations 
riendfhip with the ^orte^ they fhall not be fubjeft 
^ farther Duty or any new Expences. When the laid 
Hants arrive at any Fort, O^ere to unload any part of 
Merchandize, the Cuftomhoufe Officers (hall only 
nd the Duty of part of the Goods put on fhore, ana 
Dmpel them to unload all their Cargo. If they have 
nd to convey the Goods out of one Ship into ano- 
when they are bound to other Ports, no one fhall 
X it 5 nor fhall the Cuflomer, unkfs their Goods are ex ' 
, demand any Djuty, or compel them to unload. The 
''ian Ships that*are homeward bound, fhall pay for An- 
ge the three hundred Afpers ufually paid by the other 
>ns in Friendship with the Vorte^ and no more. If af- 
le Duty of Goods exported is once paid and the Bond 
I, the Goods fhou'dnotbe expos'd but carry'd to another 
, none fhall oppofe it either in this or in other places, 
tail a new Duty be demanded in the lafl f>lace. WKe,^ 
-uflomers barereceiv'd their Cuftom ^xVie^ ftv^Xi icv^\^^^ 


428 Treaty at Paflarowkz. 

{lop nor hinder anyone, but give (!ic Cuftom-houfe C:f" 
iiiicatei| which when exhibited at the Cullom-houresof 
Other Ports fliall be of fucn ^Effeft ss to prevent ihe 
Demand of new Cullom ; anihif they pay the Meffetaiii 
In other Ports where 'tis demanded, according to theaniieot 
Rule of the Culloms, they fhall not beovercharg'd. The 
Veuetlam, as well as other Merchants who arc Friendi, 
whofe Ships arc bound to the SubiimeEtnpjre, {hall piyto 
thcBailosand Confuls the Tribute Cottimo.csli'd ConfulaKi, 
fcr all Goods fubjcdl to Cuflom, which are carry 'd in f*- 
netian Ships under the Flag oi' St. Mark. The ErainiEi 
ftiall relide as formerly in every I'^wr/afl Port to recdre 
Cullom from the Merchants, for Goods carry'd to aoil^i 
for which reafon the /^i-«cnji?J Merchants may trade liS 
without being incommoded or diilurb'd, but fhall niba 
be proteiled and defended. Which Security fhall bp 
perpetual and univetfal thro* the whole Empire, during lb) 
Peacebciwecn the moll Serene andmoft Potent Emperorof. 
the Mtiffnimen, and the mofl Serene Republick o^Vma. 

XXVI. After thcfe Articles have been confirm'd JiJ 
corroborated on both fides, 'tis flipulated that the Riiifr 
cations /hall be exchang'd in thirty days, or Cionerifpoffi- 
blc, after the figning of this Inftrucncnt, by the MeJilBB 
of Great Sfitain and Hollanii, without any Alteration. 

When the Ottcman Ambafladors Plcnipotcntiarj W 
deliver'd the Inftrument in their Language, tohSjUj 
£gn'd, feal'd and liibferib'd, for the inviolable Obremtio* 
and Confirmation of all the above Article;, the Amiiifflt 
dor Plenipotentiary of the moll Serene Republickof f' 
H;V^,by virtueof his Power, produc'd this Iiifltutncni,ft»j» ,. 
and fubfcrib'd in the fame authentick manner. Done uiw ^^ 
tYic'V'intit'FaJfarowicz, tbcsjflof y;//)-, 

(L. S.) Charks Ruzziui Kr, Piocurator, AmbiHi*' S;;re, 
Plenipotentiary Extraordinary. 
Wc Rohert Siittsn Kt. on the part of the moftSofl 
and moft Potent Lord George King of- Great SrJtsi^ ¥9 
^/ajnei Count Colyer, on the part of the High and MipB 
Lords the States General of the United NewerlaiiU ^^\ 
ba£fadors Mediators, do, by virtue of our pubUck Cbu'*'' I 
atteflinlike manner, by our Hands and Seals, thittfaef 
niifes were done, concluded and ratify'd as above, ^ 
us, and by our Dlre^lon, the Year and Day »boTe Wli"' 
CL. S.) Bolert Sutton. , 

(ti. SO 7(fW" GouwColjET. _ ^^J\ 


719. ^Treaty between the ^mferw^ 8cci %2^ 


Treaty of Alliance hetnsseen the Emperor 
of the Romans, as Sovereign of the 
ilereditary CountrySy and the Kings of 
Great Britain and Poland, as EleUors 
tjf Hannover and Saxony. Concluded 
tf* Vienna, Jan. 5, 17 19* 

" In the It^ame of the mofi Holy ani Undivided trinity. 

WH£fi.EAS his Sacred Imperial Royal Ca- 
tholick Majedy, as Sovereign of his Heredi* 
. ^ tary Kingdoms and Dominions, and his Royal 

Majcfty of Qreat Britain^ as Eleftor of Srunfivick 
tktftenburg^ and his Royal Majefly of Poland; as E- 
[eftor of Saxony^ having a View only to their mutual 
Dcfcnfe, and to the Safety of their refpeftive Provinces 
ipa Dominions, and to fecure the Peace and Tranquillity of 
•ne Enapire according to its Conftitutions, and to the natu- 
*' Obligation of every State in the Empire, have enter- 
unM Thoughts of making a clofer Union and Confederacy 
^th one another ^ and to this end given their Full Powers, 
^?*' his Imperial and Royal Majefty, to the mod High 
1**^© and Lord Eugene of Savoy ^ Prince of ^iedmont^ 
l^^dent of the Aulic Council of War, and the Emperor's 
^^utcnant General, Major General of the Holy Roman 
'^Pire, Governour of the Auftrian Netherlands yKnight of 
.^ Oolden Fleece 5 and to the mofl illuftrious and moft 
'^^llcnt Hereditary Treafurer of the Holy Roman Em- 
^> Philip ZewiSf Count de Sinzendorf^ Free Baron in 
^Jihrunn^ Lord in Gefell in the Upper Seloviz^ ficc. 
I^'^Srave of' Reineck^ Chief Hereditary Sword-Bearer in 
fPP^r and Lower Auftria^ Hereditary Cup-Bearer in 
^J^^ia^ Knight of the Golden Fleece, Chamberlain of his 
/^^^d Imperial and Catholick Majefty, Privy Counfellor 
?^ Chancellor of the Court : and his Royal Majefty of 
J^'^ar Britain^ as Duke and Eleftor of the HoV^ Romau 
^**^pirc wirh rip Tiric of Duke and BY^etot o^ BrunS- 

43*> treaty bet-juein the Emperor and the 

tpick Lnnenlurg, to the illuflrious Lord, Fratzcis in 
de 'Pcftae, Lord of .Sf. Saphorin^ Lieutenant General ofl 
faid Mjjeily's Foot-forces, and hi» Minifter at the Impcriii i^ 
Court: And his Royai Majefly of Tolmd, as Djke ui « 
Elcflor of the Holy Roman Empire with the Tlilerf *• 
Saxony, to the mod illuilrious atid moft exeellem 1^ 
Jamei Henry, Count de Fleming, Count of the Holy Kt 
man Empire, Mafter of the Horfe to the Great Duchj if 
I.iihuania, Field Marfhal to his Royal Majefty of ftJiai 
Eleftor of Saxony, Cabinet Counrellor, Prefident of ibe 
Council of War, Hereditary Marlhal in V p^er 'Pomtrm, , 
and (he Prmeipaiity of Camhiieck, a Commander EltSof "J 
the Order o^ Malta, Knight of the Orders of the BT-ffl ^ 
P.^gle, the Elephant, and St. An4re'-A\ &c. Now ihcfjii 
Miniliers Plenipotentiary, after perufal of one aooilia'i 
Comm^loni, did at the Place, and on the Day undetww " 
ten, agree on the following Articles of a Defenfive Alli- 

I. There /hall be a firm, true, and fincere FtieoJUiir 
between the contrafling Partys abovemention'd; anilw 
fame fiiall be kept fo facredly and folcmnly, that esclut 
the Pjrtys fhall be oblig'd to contribute not only his Ad'i"-, 
and Care to promote the other's Honour, Advantage, <*[ 
Convcniency, but alfo when Occafion requires, toltodo'J 
neccfljry Succours to hinder each other's Detriment, DwF 
ger and Lofs, and to repel all hoflile Injurys and Inrnlt), L 

n. By this Convention is flipulated and eilablifh'd.iU 
mutual Defenfcof the Hereditary Dominions and ProtiUM 
which belong to the Confederates in x^t.Rjiman Gerinl*"" 
Empire, as alfo the Prefcrration of the Circles in wt 
the Aid Dominions and Provinces are fituatej foth«..-_^ 
fhou'd happen that either of the Confederates bo atticW 
in the faid Countrys in a hodilc manner, and confcquenil)' 
that the one or the other of the faid Circles be dirturb'dl^ 
the Troubles of War, the other Confederates (liall fetid W 
the Party attack'd in thofe Dominions or Circle where ih' 
Hereditary Dominions arc Jituate, the number of Forrt' 
hereafter mention 'd in the nature of a Subfidy j andiW 
with fo much Speed, that the Auxiliary Forces fhall liUfA 
without any Delay as foon as ever they are demanded, 'i" 
thcr to favour their Friends, or to give a Diverfionto'* 
Enemy, according to the Option of the Party attack 'd. 

719- EJeSfcrsoftiMnovet and Saxony. 431 

IIL And the Force's thus f^nt by way ofSubfidy, fliatl 
i maintained at the Expence of thofe who fend them/cx^ 
pting Provender for their Horfes, fuchasHay and Oatc, 
aich ftiall be furnifh'd gratis by that Confederate to 
aofe Affiflance they come 5 who /hall likewife take care 
at the Auxiliary Forces have Bread for their Money at the 
me Price as their own Soldiers. The Allowance of Pro- 
nder to every Horfe ihall be 6 Pounds of Oats, and 10 
>und$ of Hay,i^i>«f;^ vyeight ; and when Oats grow fcarce, 
ilf the Allowance ihall be in Wheat or Barley; and when- 
er it fhall he neceflary to profecute the War in foreign 
•evinces without the Territorys of the Cdnfederates, then 
ich Party /hall make the bqft Provifion he can of Bread, 
ats. Hay, and other Neceflarys, for. his own Forces. 

IV. And if it happen that two of the Confederates are 
fulted at one and the fame time in their Dominions, then 
ith /hall confult together in common concerning the Dif- 
ifition of the Military Operations, and the Application of 
e Succours which /hall be fent by the Party which is out 
' Danger, and /hall fettle the Route which the faid Forces 
:all take: 

V. But the contra£ling Partys /hall not be obliged to 
nd more Forces to the Afliftance of the Patty inlnlted, 
an what, are hereafter determined by the- nth Article; 
verthelefs they /hall be oblig'd to exert themfelves the 
:fl they can for diverting the Enemy as much as poffible 
thofe Dominions, if he nas any, which are of (b convenient 
Situation, that 'tis eafy to enter them. However, it /hall 

; convenient for the Party requiring Aid, if he fo think 
, to call for a lefTcr number of Succours than he has a 
ight to do by virtue of this Conventiqn. 

VI. Moreover 'tis agreed, that if his Royal Catholick 
ajefty fhou'd happen to be attack'd in a hoftile manner 

Himgary by any of the Northern Powers during this 
liance, in fuch cafe the reft of the Confederates /ball 
ike it their Bufinefs' to fuccour him with! their Quotas as 
tied by this Convention 5 with this Reftnftion neverthe- 
^^, that the Forces of his Sritannick M^jefty fhall by no 
jans be oblig'd to march to Hungary^ but /hall only be 
iploy'd while the Troubles continue in Hungary^ to dc- 
id xhokGerman Provinces of his Imperial Majefty, which 
2 in the neighbourhood of the German Provinces of the 
ing of Great Sritain^ or to divide the Forces of the Ag- 



A-ii Treafy between the "Emperor and the 

SefTor in fuel) of IiU DomlnloDs as may happen to be! 
e fame Neighbourhood. 

VII. Whereas 'tis agreed by the Second Article of 4 
Treaty, that if the German Provinces of either of A 
contrafling Partys Hiou'd be prels'd by his Enemy, in 
the other two Partys /hou'd repair to his AffilUnce, irili 

as great a number of Forces as the prefenc Treaty m- j 

fcctbes J it muft be undcrHood with this Exception, mk \ 

fuch Party fhou'd happen atfo to be infulted in his GifHW \ 

Dominions, and in Hungary. For if all three Jhou'diif \ 

pen to be invaded in like manner, at one and the Wi « 

time, then all ihall be oblig'd to join their Counfeli ul \ 

Armys together, with the Faith and Sincerity which to i 

comes good Allies, to tratifafl and concur in thofe thiifl | 

which may be moft neccflary and expedient for iheCoK ■ 

mon Good. i 

VUl. This Alliance /halt alfo include and fecure « , 

only the Defence and Prefervation of the KingdoBlf b 

^oland,hat the Eflabliniment of theKingof ytJ/sWUi* | 

felf in his Throne, againft all Perfons whatlocver, whoM i 

cither privately or publickiy prcfume to diflurb orowWI j 

him, direftly or indircftly, in the quiet poffeflion rfUt ■ 

Kingdom and the Great Duchy of Lithuania, wilh^ i 

their Appendages and Dependencys, without the l» \ 

Diminution. For this end, and to alHft both the Kiogul h 

Kingdom of yo/iJ«(/ equally, when Neceflity require!, il* ■ 

Auxiliary Forces mcmion'd hereafter in the Xlth Atdd^ g 

Ihsli be employ'd ; with this Reflri£lion neverthelels, tlK B 

the Soldiers of the King of Great Sritain Ihall only fef* ji 

for making a Divcrlion in the Provinces of the AggteffiTi i 

if he has any near the Dominions of his Royal Majeftyi" i 

Great Sritain, in Germany, or to defend at the RcqnJ | 

of his Royal Majefly of lPo/(i«^, bis iS**-o?; Provinces, i* | 

cafe the Saxon Forces Jhou'd have a due Call from An | 

Kingdom of Poland, to ferve againll the Enemy in!P(/Wr | 

or t'nc Great Duchy q^ Lithuania. j 

IX. Whereas therefore *tis the only Intention of tbiiAt i 

liance, with regard to 'Poland, that the Prerogativcsof lb* j 

King's Majefty, and the Rights and Libcrtys oftheFcf j 
pie Jhou'd be fafc on both fides, that the Kingdom of '?'■ ■( 

land and the Great Duchy q£ Lithuania may be prefer 1 
jntire and inviolable agaiiill all Oppreffion, and thatL 
Royal Majefty, as is provided in the preceding Arritl^w 
ihou'd be maintaWi vtv Ave c^mX^V wd.\uvdifturb'd Pofleffi* | 

tg. EleBors of Hannover and Saxony. 43 j 

Enjoyment of his faid Kingdom, and the great Duchy 
^ithuania^ with all the Appendages and Dependencys, 
nft a]l Infults, Oppr ffions or MoLUations whatfoever, 
[ther they are the Eflfeft of open W. r and foreign 
:c, or of clahdeftine Contrivances and Cabals, fecretly 
^nted and abetted by foreign Povie s 5 his fiid Royal ' 
efty further declares and promifes, that he will not in 
leafl hinder or oppofe the Stares of his Kingdoqp, and 
great Duchy ox Lithuania^ in the enjoyment of all the 
srtys, Rights, and Privileges which rhcy ought to enjoy, 
lout any Infringement; and that his Imperial MJeiiy^ 
the King of Great Sritain^ are Guarantees of this 
laration to the Republick, and together with the Tie 
guaranty, they engage their Faith that the King of 
^nd will not do any thing contrary to the Confiitutions 
Immunitys of the Kingdom. 

1, In like manner the King and Kingdom of Vohnd^ 
fe AfFe£lion and Zeal are reciprocal, /hall be oblig'd 
romote the common Caufe of tnls Alliance by all the 
hods poflible, to keep on foot the number of Forces 
ilated in the following Article^ and thereby to con* 
.on all fides for obtaining the End of the Alliance* 

the faid ^Pobjb Forces fhall ferve in a fpecial manneff 
rhutting up the Paflage to any foreign Troops» which 
1 offer to pafs jthro* Voland^ or the great Duchy of Z/- 
tnia^ towards or againft the Empire, or the Dominiona 
le three confederate Powers, including Hungary. But if 
King of Poland fhall not think the faid Forces of the 
gdom fufficient to hinder fuch Paflagey.and (hall there- 
call for the Affiftance of the Confederates in the Name 

under the Seal of the Republick, then the Emperor 
the King of Great Sritain fhall fend their Succours 
louc delay, according to the Articles of this Alliance. 
if any hoftile Aggreflion happens in the'Dominions of 
Emperor, or the Kinj; of Great Sritain^ included in 
Treaty, the King ox Poland fhall do what he can to 

the Enemy a Diverfion from Poland 5 or, if requir'd by 
Party attacked, fhall furnifh his Quota of "I^QliJh Sab-* 

I. Bis Imperial Majefly, for maintaining of this Alli'^ 
:, fhall furnifh 8000 Horfe, and as many Foot. The 

![ of Great Sritain^ as Eleftor of Srnvfjoick^ zoco 
e, and 6000 Foot, if it be to fuccour the Imperial 
nbiona 5 but if for the reiief of the ^Axon It^^'v^^^^^ 

454- rrfiiry beticeex the Emptro'y. \ 

«rt¥ ooco HcwT.-, and jac^ Foot. The Kii^ 
•t El«aor of 7«ri'«y, icoo Hoife, and 4^22 F_ 
o»cr hw 'Polijh Mojcfty, in Ac Jfsmc ot rbe 

the eommon Miltiia, rogcthcr wirii ^cca « 

Xn. irtiT reafijn of Ais AJiiaxKc, andwfiileiri 
a geiwrii Wit Kappcm to rage in me J*c»rA, 
irSiini; P.irry< Ihull be obiig'd m affiil one vid 
•II rhcir FoKcx, and tci heip each mhct roK^Hl 
by rhc murt effcftuai Methorfg. Then alfo ffciUd 
on the place ami manner of uniring their Fomv' 
general Command and Contiucr of cfae Army, M 
plying the Tatre with Proiibons^ and finally, ODlj 
tton and Execotion of the Miiirary Opera imt. 

X1!I. Till? prelear Alliance ITial: can time 1 
lffi\ the entire and (nWA Pacilicaiion of the ThhA 
North } provided however, that in the fjiJ PtaC| 
(hing be admitted contrary to th« StipuJatia 
lenr) w*(hij prefent Treaty. 

X\V. Ofher Powers alfo, efpcdally all Ac 
8f!l[e« of the Empire, aod the States General ofi 
t^frherlnnds, /hall be invited to acceJe to ibb^ 
Alliance, J^ 

XV. This Alliance /hall be racify'd by all tbefii 
rat' 1, and the Ratifications /hall be exchang'd on 4 
of hi» Imperial Maietty, and on the parts ot theS 
Great Sntain ar,d 'Poland, as Eleaors of Sniiifm 
Saxfifiy, within two Months, or footier if poffiUa.1 
Aniclcs fhall be drawn up, declaring the Acceffiw 
KinR of 'Pelaad as fuch, and of the Kingdom ef 
to this Treaty, at Icuft within three Months j vA' 
rdtify'd in the ufual Form after the manner of 
doin. In Witnefs whereof, the above Fleoii 
hiivc fionM thi« Inllrument with their own Hia 
~ 1 bci 

^^ Cnjiyi bcinp made of it of the fame Tcnot -. 
^^ihLrirn affi^'d their Seals. Done at Vienna, 
Wffaniiary, 1719. 


(I... S.) E'lge'ie o^ Sfjvoy. 
(L. S ) 'PHlip Ltn-is, Count de Sinznikrt. ' 
fL.S.) K /, dc ^Tefmf. D. S. Sa^bOTM- 
(L. S.J Count de I-kmmins. 

[p. Convention between the Emperor^ &c. 435 

Convention between his Imperial and 
Catholick Majejlyy and their Royal 
Mqjeftys, the mofi Chrijiian King^ 
and the King of Great Britain, for 
granting a farther Term of thr&e 
Months to the Catholick King Philip; 
at the Enipiration of which his Son or 
SonSy born or to be born of his pre* 
fent ^eehy Jhall be deernd as ewluded 
from the Succejpon to the ^Dominions of 
Tufcany, Paqna, and Placentia. 2)o«^ 
at the Hague, the \%th of No vein. 
1719. Together with two Separata 


L LTHO the King of Spahiy by proirafting ' th» 
m War which he fo unjuflly enter d upon^ has evet 
•^ fince the fecond of Novemher depriv'i himfelfcJiE' 
Letters Expeflative, containing the eventual Jhiyeftir 
2 of the DominioQs jpoflefs'd by th^ great Dulce ofTuf- 
y, and the Duke ot ^arma and ^Idceiitia^ which on 
ure of ijSue Male, were to devolve on theKingof 4^^/Vf 
eft Son of the fecond Venter, by the fifth Article of th& 
Lance made at London^ the xAof Aiigufi TyiS, betwlk^ 
Imperial and Catholick Majefly, his ^ritmnick iKk^^ 
y«and the mod Chriflian King 5 and altho 'tis expr^^f^ 
«ilated by the 8th of the Secret Articles, tl\^t l^il 
^g of Sfain refafc to accept of the Conditions bf ^eac6 
poaM to him after .the Expiration of three fiiIon%it 
Q thQ t)ay of figning the Treaty, ar\A tbe <i^}f«Kt.^tx\V^ 

p f a, "^^vwi^^ 

CoTmentktt between the J5«J 

I IhouM be obtig'd ro compel him to it, a new tmr 
1 fhou'd then be made between tKem, fotmimiij 
the faid Letters, Expcflaiive, with eonfcnt of inefc 
pire, tofomeoiher Prince or Princes, in exdufion of 4t 
Son of the prefent Queen of S/ain. 

Nevenhelefs his Impetial and Catholick Majefil, » 
manifeft his fincere Defire of the f ubiick Tranquilliij! «i 
to ptotnoic whatei-er might reftore a Peace, and lOcinBiiT 
wirh the ardent Wifhc* of his Allies, doih confcni, oK 
noiwiihllanding the faid jth Article of ihe Treaty efflrf 
into at Lcndou, allowing the King of Spain thtecMoBll 
lime to accede to the did Treaty, he fhall be alWilh 
Sp?cc of three Months longer, reckotiing from the iBthlf 
November 1 1191 to accede to and accept the fjidTttW) 
with this exprefs Condition, that their Royal MajefljtM 
King of Great Britain, and the moft Chriftian King, ^ 
protBife and bind themfelves by this folcmn ConTOiti«V 
that, after the faid Tertn of three Months ia expire^ta*- 
puting from this Day, if the King of .S^d/uiloesDatiBriil 
mean time accede to the Articles of Peace exptefi'd intli* 
faid Treaty, ihc Son or Sons of the prefent Queen otJlyw 
fiiall then be deem'd 2i ipfo faBa excluded, and md' 
from the Succeflion to the Dominions of 'Tujtany, 9*1" 
and 'Placeutia. And that this faitber ProlongatioDoFi*' 
I'ime, to which hia Itnperial Majefty now conrentj,niJ(t» 
the leli drawn into conlcquence hereafter, their fiid R"*"! 
Majeftys promife, that they will never defire of theEt*" 
peror any further Prolongation of Time, in fjvoof of i* 
Son of (he prefent Queen o^ Spain ; and that aftcrtbu.''* 
will inftantly agree with his Imperial Majefti 
other Prince or Princes to grant the Letters B 
of the faid Dominions, exclufive of the Son or f 
prefent Queen of Spai7i, according to the Dilpol 
Sihofthe Secret Articles. 

For thefc Caufes, and feeing that their Sriti 
moii Chriftian Majefiys have experienc'd, that ' 
C^arr, mifled by a turbulent Minifter, has bit! 
the Indulgence fhew'd to it, and from thence 
Con rather to refill with Obllinacy and Stubboi 
" ' this folemn Convention agree to the Gondii 
iperor tacks to the Prolongation of the 
Months i 4nd their faid Majcftys pron- 
ifelves that they will fincercly fuml il 
of S^ain docs i\ot %o:ed« to the Tt 

^19* Great Britain, and Frznce. 437 

prefs'd in the faid Treaty, after the faid new Term of 
ree Months, to be computed from this Day, is expir'dt 
ey will not defire his Imperial Majefty to gr^nt the Let- 
rs Expeftative, nor any farther Prolongation of Time in 
rour of the Son of the prefent Queen ox Spain^ who after 
e faid Term is expir'd, fhall be ipfo faSo deem*d as 
:cluded : and they will from this time agree with his Im- 
irial Catholick Majefty to what other Prince or Prince« 
le Letters Expedative ought in that cafe to be granted, to 
e Exclufion of the faid Prince. In Witnefs whereof, wc 
e underwritten Minifters Plenipotentiary of his Imperial 
[ajefty, and their Royal Majeftys the King of Great Sri^ 
in^ and the mofl Chriftian King, being furnifh'd with the 
iceflary Inftruflions, and after having exhibited our full 
)wers, have fign'd and feal'd this Convention, which ftiall 
I of the fame Force, as if it were inferted verbatim in the 
reaty of Quadruple Alliance ; and the Rati ^cations fhall 
I deliver'd by his Imperial Majefty, and by their Royal 
[ajeftys the Kings of Great Britain and France^ and 
lall be exchs^ng'd in 6 Weeks, or fooner if poffible. Done 
: the Hague^ the i8th Dslj o( Navemier^ 171P. 

(L. S.) Leopold ViSlorinus^ Count a Windifchgraz. 

(L. S.) Cadogan. 

(L. S.) Fleuriau de MorviUe. 

Separate Article. 

Altho it has been already ftipulated by a Separate 
le of the Quadruple Alliance, concluded H^;*^^ d. s, jaft 


t London^ that his Sacred Imperial Catholick Majefty 
hall not ^cant the Royal Title to the prefent PoffeflSr of 
he Spani/h Throne, but only in cafe he accede to the faid 
Treaty 4 and whereas neverthelefs a Convention has been 
ign'd this Day between the Plenipotentiarys of his Sacred 
imperial Royal Catholick Majefty, and of their Sacred 
loyal Majeftys of Great Sritain^ and France^ wherein 
he faid prefent PofTeflbr of the Spanijh Monarchy is 
faroVut cali'd the King of Spain and the Indies^ 'tis 
Iiought expedient to make mention of this Refervation 

The faid Separate Article fhall obtain the fame Force 
Ui if it was inferted veriafW in the Treaty utc\^^ asA^v^l^* 

Ffj >Ji^ 


4.38. Convention between the Emperor^ &c. 

be raiify'd in ihc f^mc manner; and cheRaiificaiiansrhaU 
be deliver'd within the lame Term as the faid Conventioa. 
In Witnefs whereof we the under- written, by viriue 
of the full Powers this Day exhibited to one another, b«c 
Agn'd and fcal'd this Separate Article. Done at the j~~ 
the iSih Day o( Novcr/ii/cr, 17151. Sign'd as above. 

Another Separate Jirticie. 

■Whereas fome of the Titles which his Sacred Itnperiil 
Majelly makes ufe of, cither in the full Powers, or Id tKs 
Convention and the Separate Articles now to be fubfcrib'4 
cannot be acknowleiig'd by hie Sacred Royal nioll ChiiftiU 
Majiiily, he declares and proteftn by this Separate Artitto. 
fubfcrib'd before the Convention, that t>y the fatd Tiiltr 
us'd in ibis Cuiiveniion and ihc Separate ArMclc;, he defi^ 
by DO means Intend to pn^judice eiihcr bimfelf, oraaj 
•h;r, or ioadd d-ny Riehi "o his Sacred Imperial MajeSji. 

T^ '-' Si.parate Article (h..ll beflf the fame Force, aiifil 
lerr inllrted wo,d for *ord in the Convention fubfctib'lf 
this Day, and fh .11 be raiify'd in the fame manner, andilio 
Ratifications (ball be deliver'd within rhe fdmeTermSl 

.' Convention iifclf. [n Witncf. whereof, we the untiu^ 
written, by virtue of the full Powers exhibited thl* Diyi 
have fign'd and feal'd this Artic.e. Done a[ the £%iK|. 
the iStbDay of Noveinler, 1719. Sign'd as above. 

Convention hefwixt the King of Great 
Britain and the LanJgrave of Heffe- 
Caflfd. ^ated the \ith of March, 

AFTER the King of Great Sritahi'a Declanri* 
made to the Landgrave of Heffe-Caffei was accepted 
and approv'datCfl^/the ijihofya;;. 1710, by bit 
raoft Seftne Highnefs, his Sritannlck Majefly, whoip- 
prov'dofthe Conditions fpecify'd in the faid DcclaratioBt 
otder'd his principal Secretary of State and Privy Counfel- 
jor, ihe under«nuen^*i^cQ'4WlD'*it/5eK^, toenterintoi 

1727- Convention with Hefle-Caflel. 439 

Sfegotiation with Major General 2)iem€r^ his faid moft 
Serene Highnefs's Minifter, and to draw up a Convention 
m dae fbrna on the Foot of the faid Declaration : whf> ha- 
zing conferM together thereupon, agreed in the name of 
the faid King and Landgrave on the following Ariicies. 

I. His Highnefs the Landgrave of iT^CW^/ fhall keep 
in a readinefe for the Service of his Majefty the King of 
Great Sritaitty sl Body of 12000 Men, viz. 8000 Foot 
and'4000 Horfej which Body fhall be employ'd when his 
Majefty requires it, in all places where it fhall be neceffary, 
and! as often as the Exigencys of the Defenfive Alliance 
concluded at Hannover the 3d oi September X^A^ fhall de- 
mand it. 

IL Forafmuch as his faid Highnefs has not at this time 
a Body of I2COO efieftive Men on foot, he fhall be oblig'd 
to raife immediately the number that is wanting to render 
that Body complete, and in a condition to march. He fhall 
iikewifebe obligM to maiintain the faid Body of Troops at 
his own Charge for two whole Years, to be always ready 
to take the Field whenever his Majefly fhall require it, 
during the faid Term. 

III. The Minifler of the faid Landgrave having repre- 
fented that his faid Highnefs, in order to complete the 
faid Body as is abovemention'd, wou'd be oblig'd to raife 
above 50C0 Foot and 2000 Horfe, befides furnifhing 
a great number of Horfes for the Cavalry 5 his Majefty 
the King of'Great Sritain^ in confideration of the very 
great Expcnce which the faid Landgrave is oblig'd to 
be at for the faid Leyys of Men and of Horfes, and 
for the maintenance of ihe faid Body during the Time 
that it is not employ'd in his Service, fhall p^y the 
faid Landgrave the Sum of 125000/. Sterlings at two 
Payments, viz, 75000 /. after the Ratification of the pre- 
fent Conventions, and 50000 /. in the Month of February 

IV. But in cafe his Majefty the King of Great SriT 
tain fhall have occalion for the faid Body of Troops 

^before the faid Month of February^ his faid Majefty fhall 

Say the faid Sum of 50000 /. Sterling to his Highnefs the 
iandgrave, at leafl two Months before the faid Troops be- 
gin their March. 

V. When this faid Troops enter into the Service of his 
laid Majefty the King of Great Sritain% tkc^ ftva\\\>^ M^^^t. 

Sf4 ^^^ 

44© Gorwmtion with Heflc-Caflel^ 

bis Command, and emirety ar his Dirpofal, in mitt ti 
be emp;oy'd wherever the netxffity of his Affairs, and the 
Exigency o* ihe Defenfivc Alliance, concluded at Hannsint 
ihe ^d oi Se/'temi/fr lail, (hall require. 

VI. As to the Subfidys for the Pay and M^iintenance 
the faid Tioo)>-, when ihey are taken into hi* fdidMajefty'i 
Scivice, 35 above, the whole (hdll be regulated according 
to the Convencibn made at Zoii4on t'ac ijth of Feirt 
Ary, 1701. 

VII. If his faid Highnefs the Landgrave happen tobe 
• rrack'd or molefted, out of hatred to him tor havit^ fut- 
nifli'd the laid Body of Troops, his Majifty the Kmgef 
Great ^niain fhallnot be wanting. 10 affiit the faid Land- 
prjve powerfully, in order to put an end to fuch InfuliM 

Vill. This Convention fhall be ratify'd, and the Ha- 
tlGL:.itions ihereof exchang'ct on both fides, as foon as poifi- 
blc, afier the figning of thefe PtefL'n's. 

In Witnef, whereof, we the Miniflers of the faid King 
and ihe faid Landgrave, being fuftitiently auihoriz'd, hsre 
fign'd ihis prefent C'jnvention, and thereto affix'd IM 
Seals of our Coats of Arms. Done at ff^J?ff««^er, ili« 
ijih Di March, 1727. 

CL. S.) To^.mijheni. 
(L. S-J IDiemer, 

[672.French andEnghTreafy agatn/Hlolhnd. 441 

I I ■ ! I I ^m,mmm^mmmmm^^t^^tm''mmm 

Treaty for a firiSt Union of Inter ejls her 
tween Lewis XIV. King (>jf France, an^ 
Charles II. King of England, agatnfl 
the States General of the United Pro- 
vinces of the Netherlands, hy which they 
engage to conclude no ^eace nor T^ruce 
hut hy common Confent. ^one at the 
Camp of Hcfuncky July 16, 1671. 

rH E favourable Succefs with which God has been 
pleas'd, both by Land and Sea, to blefs the jufl 
War which the Kings of France and Great Sri-- 
in were obliged to enter into againft the States General 
the United' Provinces of the Netherlands^ having inclined 
e faid States to fend Deputys at the fame time towards 
>th of the faid Kings, to make them Propofals of Peace, 
td to know on what equitable Terms they were willing to 
ant it to them 5 his moft Chriftian, and his Sritannick 
iajefly, being both touch'd with the fan^e Afieftion for 
le publick Tranquillity, and being fway'd by this Motive, 
worthy of good and great Princes, to prefer an honour- 
»le Peace to a War fo happily begun that it promis'd 
glorious an Iflue, were not averfe to hearken to .the 
opofals which were made to them by the faid States : 
t as the drift Amity betwixt their faid Majeftys, as 
:11 as the Bands of the Treatys which have united 
em in this Undertaking, gives them but one Mind, 
the Refplutions which they may form, either to put 
end to the War or to continue it, they immediate- 
communicated to each othe^ the Deputations which 
ire made to them by the faid States, in order to a- 
le by common Concert in the niaimer of admitting them , 
I r^gulatipg their Propofs^s. fixk\ because ^t ^ ^^tv^ 


44at "treaty betwixt France, and England 

ture of fuch Importance, 'the King of Great Sritaia 
thought it was for the Good of iho Caufe to imparl hii 
Seniitncms forthwith to his moll Chriftian M^jetty, and'- 
inform himfelf Jikewifc of ihc Sentiments of his Mdiefl_ 
by Petfons in whom he had an entire Confidence, he tiietfr 
fura nominated his Ambaif^tlors P^xtra ordinary, viz, tt 
Duke Q^ Suck'nsgbam his Msfter of the Horfe, the Earl 
ArlingtonWM Principal Secretary of State, and the LoidVil 
count Hallifax, a Mcmbt:r of his Privy Council, by hij fill 
Powers dated the 21II of y«;;e laft, and the Duke of jWsip 
taoarb by a like full Power of the i3.<i of the fame Moarh. 
whoafitr having affur'd his moil Chriftian Majetty oftln 
fincere and coniUnt ACt^flion of the King their Mallet, « 
continue in their firll Engag&oientK, and foundll 
together as flrong a Difpofiiion in lii^ mort Chriftian Ml 
jetty not to fcparatc their InttrclU in ihe Treaty of P«f 
which might be made, agreed on ihe following Anidt 
with the Marquifs tie Lot/vc/i, one of the Privy CounfeUoi 
of the faid moll Chriftian, Commander, Chancelta 
Grand Malkr and Supt^rintcnd^nt Generil of the P£ 
in France, Secretary of Stare, and of his Orders; atidt 
Sieur Arnauid Lord He Pomponiie, Counfe.lor in ordiawT 
in all his Councils, alfo Secret.ry of State, and of hisOrM 
who were appointed Commiffioners and PlenipoieniiJ1< 
in this Affair by his faid Majelty, and furnifh'd inlii» 
manner with hia full Power,-. I 

I. Tho the Faith of the two Kings is fach, that s&« 
the Ptomifi;s they made to one another hy their TtcitJ' 
the J lib of Ffbnia^y, to make no Peace nor Ttuce "w 
ihe States Gcn-jrJl without ihcrecprocal Conreniofb" 
their Maieflys, and till they are fuiiy fitisfy'd ; yet -■■ 
their common Enemy may have no hopes left, Iw 
grounded foever, tofeparate them in Iniereft, thcyagsin" 
gag? thcmfelves fevi;rally by the prefent Article to heirti 
to tw Propofal of Peace, without communicating the " 
to each other fpeedily, to enter into none that nwy 
inade to either feparately for bis Advimagc, and 10' 
cepc of no S:itisfa£iion till the other King is fijilj 
tented with the SacisfaSiun given to him. 

11. For this end the faid Kings pronnfe to agree tog*!"" 
on the Ccnditions, upon which they fhall think fit wt* 
dude a Peace thit may be fafe and honourable 10 f"*'. 
and not to contctrt w iYi'j KcfiTtvtwidMvon with the v 

L elude i 
H 2nd nc 

572. againjl the United Provihccs. /^'^ 

ates General, till the faid Conditions be granted to 
em. . 

III. And to the end that the Concert of Amity, Union, 
d mutual Intereft may not only be confirm'd by the pre- 
nt Articles, but may be made known to the faid States 
eneral, their faid Majeftys (hall give the neceffary Or- 
rrs for acquainting the Deputys of t^e faid States ar their 
3urt, or by fome other Method which they (hall Judge 
ore publick, that neither their Interefts nor SatisfaAion 
11 be icparare^ and by the prefent Treaty the faid two 
.ings coj^firm whatever was agreed upon and fi^n'd by 
lem on the 12th of Fehritary laft, which they again 
romife to obferve and maintain in evory Article. 
And the faid Commiffioners of his rood Chriftian Ma- 
ifiy have promis'd on the one part, as the faid Ambafla- 
ors Extraordinary of his Majefty of Great Britain have 
n the other, by virtue of their full Powers, to ca^ufe the 
refent Articles to be accepted and ratify'd by the Kings 
^r Mafters, and to procure the Ratifications thereof re- 
lefliyely in a Month's time. Done and concluded at the 
zmip of Hefurick^ the i5th of ^rz/y, 1672. 


®gn'd by virtae of their full Power, dated the a ifl of 
Ij^tne this prefent Year. 

(L. S.) H4LLIFAX. 

Sign'd by virtue of their full Powers from his inoft Chd- 
fiian Majefty. 

(L. S.) de LdUVOIS. 
(L. S.; de 'POMPONUE. 

An4 fign'd Jikewife by the other Ambaffador Extraor- 
dinary of his Majefty of Great Sritain^ by virtue of 
his full Power, dated th^ 2 2d of June the fatue 

(J::. S.; MONMOUTH. 



ec :7«7C IT'WLi 

~ ^: :":?:■ written B 

■ :,:i<>.i;fcM^ 
.; riibvthiii: 

: . , , ■■■'.i CA) willMI 

■:■■■- "- • : ■ :. ~-- ; .stheljidt 
WsoLsa Carm. «c:3ri.-: ■ _ ..rg Specific*' 

Aa^ iit n bl aacr rr Tr_-. - r ; ^ ; -rr.ircc of ibe 

ttmds^ Stt2 M^ua^ ,— ■->■.>- ^^ fabfiQ whoiiy <■ 
fiiDe f^oc » ic does st|c«~r£;. v.tboat any ^henda 
TOTst^on, I^BJbBn, ec AvjsifBcaTion id be ma^ 
any hnert wiafacwo, :i- t.\ the Funics into 
tgise apOB « Trcuy w Comm^r^. 

Djed Wool^cc Coihs. 

A F:ecc oFilie rilue of sbove 60 Floriiu, opl' 
to so. 

A, Yitec of the T^lue of abore 40 Florins, 1^^ 


of die value of 43 Florins, and nndef* 

t7i5- €xp6iied to the Aufivkn l^tthcvlzn&. 445 

Mixed Woollen Cloths. 

Fl. Sots 

A Piece of the value of above ^o Florinsi up 7 

to 90. S 

A Piece of the value of above 40 Florins, up? 

rotfo. 5 ' 

A Piece of the value of 40 Florins and under. i 00 

White Woollen Qoths. 





A Piece of the value of above 60 Florins, op? 
to po. S 

A JPiece of the value of above 40 Florins, up? 
do. 3 * 

A Piece of the value of 40 Florins and under i 00 

^raps de ^ie (Cloth to lie upon Floors) of all? « 

arts,, the Piece. ^ o 05 

Done at Zimdotti this atfrh of ^uly^ O. S. 1715. 

(L. S.) y.M de KI NIGS EGG. 

tequijition made to the Council of State at Bruf- 
iclSj theetbo/NoycmhcTy iji^. 

T being abfolutely neceiTary for the Service of his Impe- 
rial and Catholick Majefty to leflen immediately the 
'utys of Importation on coarfe Woollen Cloths coming 
^tn Great Sritain^ and from tht United Provinces, on 
e following Foot. 

Woollen Cloths Dyed. 

Fl. Soh 
A Piece of the value above ^o Florins, up to 90? 
Orins. ' S ^ ^^ 

IBrom 40 to (To. 2 00 

Of 40 and under* I 00 


Jl Piece of the value of ^o Flori AS| and fo up? j. 

itqm 40 to (To. I zo 

0(40 and under, 1^ ^^ 

446 Convention relating to fPooile/t Ciitbs 


A Piece of the value of 60 Florins, 
to 90. 

From 40 to 60. 

Of 40 anii under. 

^raps de Vie (Cloili to lie upon Floors) of all 
Sorts, the Piece. 

And to reduce the Dutys of Importation on. Brandytdiffill- 
cd from Corn coming from Great Srita'ni, andtromlbe 
United Provinces,to 3 Florins the A'Jcm, inHcad of 8 wluci 
is now paid ; you are rcijuir'J, Gentlemen, 10 give fonfatid 
the oeccffary Direflions ia the Finances, rhat the propa 
Order* may be immediately iOiied for this purpole,tDJ 
that the Col!t£lors of the Dutys of Importation and Exp* 
tation may conform ihemfclves accordingly thereto, D«» 
at the Conference at ffrz/^/i, this ijth of ^ji^/s^fr, IJ!)' 


William Cadogan^ 

Jghan Vender Sergh. 

Attcfted to be a Copy. 

y. IT. Irmplt 

A Copy of the Refolution of the Comcil ofStsiis 
minuted in the Margin of the Conjidtatm dj 
the Council of the Finances^ the -jth of NO' 
vember, 17 15. 

TJ Aving made our Reprcfentation to the Minifiers of A 
■■■■■■ Conference,, conformably to this Confultation, and i-"' 
•d alfo other Reafons to enforce it, they have newly m 
this Day another more prcffing Requifition to us, by wi 
tlicy infift abfolutely that the former be put in E«ciitiiifl 
whereupon the CoMntvV o^ vVa V\'o,a.w't\ VXitt.y, ifl« Ae " 

[715* ^^po^f^^ f<> ^^^ Auftrian Netherlands. 447 

ers therein fpecified: buc 'tis underftood that they fhail 
or have Force nor Effeft, unlefs they be approved and 
atified by his Imperial and Catholick Majefly in the 
Treaty of Barrier. This laft Claufe however^ which be- 
;ins with the Words V/5 tir?derftoody and ends with the 
^ords /;; the Treaty of Sarrier^ fhall not be inferted in 
he Orders to be fent to the Coileftors. Signed Voorj^. 

Attefted to be a Copy. 

5P. W. FrancgiuefL 

Qrder of the Council of Finances to the Colkc* 
tors of the ^utjs. 

T* H E Counfellors and Commiflioners of the Demeinsand 
•■" Finances of his Imperial and Catholick Majefty. Moff 
Sear and fpecial Friends, we herewith fend you by expveb 
Order of the Council of State appointed for the general Go- 
vernment of thefe Country's, a Copy of the Requtfition 
made to them by the Minifters of the Conference, renting 
:o the leflening of the Dutys of Importation on the coarie 
Woollen Cloths coming from Great Sritain^ 9itiA from the 
United Provinces; as alfo for reducing the faid Dutys on 
Brandys diftiMed from Com: commanding you by exprefs 
Drder of the faid Council of State to take care to regulate 
yourfelves purfuant thereto, in collefling the faid Duty9» 
ftnd xo give notice of it to your Subalterns. Mofl dear and 
fpecial Friends, God have you in his holy keeping. Smf- 
f^lSj at the Council of the faid Fipances, the 12th of Nth 
vernier 171 5. , 

To the Colledors of the Dutys of Importation and Ex- 
portation at 

Newport. . Fart St. T^hilif, 
Oftend. Scrgerhout. 

Srtiges. • Mecblen. 
Ghent. T'umhoui. 

Deniermmde. ftirlefnont. 

This is a Copy agreeing with the Minutes kept in the Re« 
giftry of the Finances. 


448 Ciinventkn relating to U^ooHen Chlht. ' 

Extras from the Tau^ fettled the \^h 
November 171 5. 

"XT S. A DifHcuUy having rifcn ahoui the Intentii 
■^ *• the Requifiiion of the iSth of Novemher 1711 
which mention is midc in the z6t\i Article of the Tf 
of Barrier, it is agreed proviiionaily to caul'c the Dai)t 
Importation on all the ditTerent Sons comprehended b 
above Tariff under the Denorairaiion ot Woollen Oi 
to be colleScd according to the Tenonr of the faid Rj 
fition of the tfth oi November, till his Imperial and Ci 
lick Maj^Ity, and liis Majerty the lL\ng oi Great SrH 
Jhall agree upon it othcrwife ; and in the mean while 
King's ColleflotB and Officers fliail permit the faidM 
failures to be imported, giving notice and taking Sen 
for the Payment of the overplus Dutys ot Impottadoi 
the Foot the fame fhali be fettled. 

A Letter from the Imperial Envoy Count Vo) 
to the Lord Vifcount Towiilhend, principal 
cretary of State. 

My Lordt 
Y O U have acquainted me that Comj-Iaints arc o 
•* of Contraventions to the x6tb Article of the Triit 
Barrier^ and I have bad the Honour to communicaK 
you what Count Kt/iigfegg has anfwet'd theteupon. 

I can declare to you befides, that for the future A 
will be an exaft Pcrforman^-e of the faid iiiih Artid 
the Treaty of Barrier of the 15th of NoveMl/er lyij, 
of the Convention at Lo7:don of the 16th oi July l7IJi 
alfo of the Declaration in the Tariff ai the i^tbii< 
•uernher 171;, that is to fay, that the Dutys on thef* 
Draperie (or Woollen Stuffs) of Eugtaad will be coilcS 
on the Foot of the coarfe Woollen Cloths, accordit| 
the Diminution cxptefled in the forcfaid Convcntiao 
London, without any Alteration, till it be agreed otb«' 
between the Emperor and the King our Mailers ; b*" 
the mean time the Merchants are to give Security to f 
the Surplus, if the Matter (hall be To determined bet** 
the tworefpcflivc Courts. 

I ara, &Ki 
LoTidon \x Atigu^ \-, v«. 

y 1 6. Ctmention relating to the Affiento. 449 

Convention fir explaining the Articles of 
the Affiento, or Contrail fir Negroes, 
hefween the moji Serene and nioji 'Po- 
tent Prince GeorgCj hy the drace of 
God, King of Great Biitain, France, 
and Ireland, 'Defender of fhe Faith, 
Sec. and the moji Serene and mofl 
Potent Prince Philip V. the Cnthohck 
jCing of Spain. Concluded at Madrid, 
the fpo/May, 1716. 

^^ BORGE,\iy the Grace of God, Kingof iSr^rf* 
-y Sritah, France and Ireland, DeFcnder of the 
k*— ■■ Faith, E^c. To all and Angular to whom thefe pre- 
Bt Letters ftialt come, Greeting, Whereas a certain Cotl- 
ttttion, for explaining the Articles of the Treaty commonly 
Ued El JJJiento de las Negros, the OntraQ for Negroes^ 
itwecn us and our good Brother I'kilip the Fifth, the Ca- 
olick King of Spiisn and the h/iies, was concluded and 
(ned by Miniflers Plenipotentiarys impowered with fufi- 
Snt Authority on both fides, at Madrid on the Jj^* Day 
' the Month of May lafi, in the Form and Words follow- 


iVtct a long War, which had a£fli£ted almoft all Europe, 
*■ and had produced difmal Effcfts, it appearing that ihe 
Ontinuance of it would create yet more, it was agreed with 
■e Queen o^ Great Srira/v of Glorious Memory, to put a 
*|> to it, by a good and fincete Peace ; and in order to 
uder it firm and foiid, and tomainram the Union between 
tc two Nations, it w^s derermined that the Affiento for 
tnlftiingour Pfejl Indies with Negroes, Oiould for tKc fa- 
*e, andduting [be tioie ezpre{red in tWTtcii'^ o^ K^- 
QT.tfj. IV. G g wiwa. 

, of I 

t ith 

4.50 Convention for explaining the 

ento, be on the AccompE of the Royal Company of B 
laniii which Paid Company having thereupon madercv; 
Reprefentatioiu 10 us by the Minifler ofGreat Sritm^ 
ter [hey had made the fame to the King their Mafier, < 
Letning fome DiEEicuItys which related to certain Atii 
of the- faid Treaty j and wc beina defirous, not onl] 
maintain the Peace eflabiiJhed with the Eiigiijb IJil 
but to prcfcrve and augment it by a perfeft good Un 
ilanding, have commanded our Minilters 10 conieiDD 
fiid Amir of the AlHento with the Minifter Plenipoteni 
of the King of Great Sritain, to the end that, as Ed 
requires, fome Agreement might be made on the (m 
lictcs, as has a^ually been done by the following Sed 

In theTrcaty of Affiento made between their Sr/ViW 
and Catholick Majeflys on the Twenty Hxth Day of ^ 
One Thoufand Seven Hundred and Thirteen, kit the 
tying of Negroes to the ladies by the Company of .£qgl 
and for the Term of Thirty Yea^, which were 10 i 
mence from the firft of Jf^_j' One Thoufand Seven Haa 
and Thirteen, his Catholick Majefty was plea fed toj 
to the faid Company the Favour of fending to the i 
every Year (during the faid Affiento) a Ship of Five! 
dred Tun, as is mentioned in the faid Treaty : on Conj 
that the Goods with which the faid Annual Ship flind 
laden, ihould not be allowed to be fold but in the ti| 
the Fair j and that if the Ship arrived in the Lidiei i|| 
the Ships from SJiaiti, the Failors employed by th^ 
Company fhould be obliged to land all the Goodi, aii| 
pofiie them in Trufl in the Catholick King's WardH 
to be kept under two Keyc, and with other Circum^j 
fpeclHed in the faid Treaty, till they could be {bid n 
time of the Fair. 

It has been reprefentcd on the part of his Sritat 
Majefty and of the (aid Company, that the faid R 
was gtanted by the Catholick King to make gooj tho 
fea which the Company might fuffer by the AificoH 
that if the Condition, nottodilpofc of the Goods but I 
timeof thePair, wcrctobeobferved, and the Fair not] 
held regularly every Year, as Experience has /hewn h< 
fore, and as may happen hereafter, the Company il 
of gaining Profir, would lofc the prime Coft ot theQ 
it being very well known, that Goods will not keej 
in rhat Ctmmtv, 4t\A ■oasucalwW At7ortoSeUQ. re 


7 16; Articles tfftht AfficntoC 451 

^ea(bh the Company defires an Affurance that* the Fair 
(hall be held ev^ry Year^ cithel: AtCartagena^ Vorto-Selh^ 
CMT J/'era Cruab^ and that notice may be given them at 
Biriiicb of thofe three Ports *tiB intended to keep the Fair, 
that they may know where to fend out their Ship 5 which 
arriving at the faid Ports, if no Fair be there held, the 
Company may vend the Goods after a certain limited time, 
ro be reclconed from the Day of the arrival of the faid Ship 
It luch Port. . . 

His Majefly being willing to give the King of Great Sri- 
ain new Proofs of his Frijsndmip, and to corroborate tho 
[Jnion and good Correfpondence between the two Nation!, 
bas declared, and deiilares, that the Fair /hall be held re- 
gularly every Yfear, either in Teru^ or in New Spain^ and 
hat Notice fhall be given to the Coart of England of the 
5xa£); time when the Flota or Qalkom will failibr the Indies^ 
ro the end the Company may at the fame time difpatch the 
3bip granted by his Caeholick Mtjefly ^ and in cafe the 
Floia and Galleons ihall not depart from Cadiz before the 
BAonth of June expires^ the faid Company fhall be allowed 
to fend away their 8hip» giving Notice of the Day of her 
Tailing to the Court of Madrid, or to the Minifter of his 
Catholick Majefty who ihall be at London ^ and when (he 
fhall arrive at one of the three Ports of Cartagena, ^ortty- 
9elh, or Vera Crtiz, fhe (hall be obliged to wait there for 
ihe Flota or Galleons four Months, to be reckoned from the 
Day of the arrival of the faid Ship ^ which Term being 
expired, the Company fhall be allowed to fell their Goods, 
nrithout any hindrance : but it is to be underflood, that if 
this Ship ot the Company's be bound for Q^eru, ftie fhall 
go direflly to Cartagetia, and TortoSello, without pafBng 
iDto the SouthrSea. 

The faid Company has alfo reprefented, that the Num- 
ber and Price of Negroes to be bought in Africa being un- 
certain^ and as they muA be ourchafed with Goods, not 
vrith Money, the Quantity of Merchandize to be carried to 
that Country cannot be exaflly fettled ^ and it being impro* 
per to run any hazard of having too few Goods for that 
Trade, it may happen that there will be an Overplus : 
wherefore the faid Company defire, that the Goods which 
Ihall remain undifpofed of in exchange for the Negroes, 
ttiay be carried to the Indies^ otherwife rhey fhould be 
obliged to caft them into the Sea ^ for obtaining this the 
faid Company ofifer, for the greater SecutUNj^ 1^4.t,\^^^^ 

G g a, ^^ 


•45X CofTuentidn for expIamiHg the 

the-fiid Goods which (hall remain Overplus, in the fifft 
Port belonging to his Carholick Majelly which their Ship 
Jhall reach, and in ihc King's Warehoufes, ro take tlic 
fam^ on Board again when the Ship Ihall be on her return 
to Europe. 

As to the Article, importing that the Overplus Goo^ 
which /hail not be difpofed of in purchafing Negroes, ta$, 
for want of Warehoufca in Africa, ate propofcd to be carri- 
ed to the Iiidieiy to be laid up in his Catholick MajcftyV 
Pons, under two Keys, one to be kept by the King's Ot 
ficeri, and the other by the Faflors of the faid Companyt 
fais Catholick Majeliy will grant it to be done only at the 
Port ofSiietios /lyres ; becaufc between Africa and the 
faid Port of Sueaos Jyres, there h not any lUand or Place 
under the Dominion of the King of Greac Sriiairx «hei6 ^ 
the Ships belonging to the Afliento for Negroei canputiojE 
but 'tis quite the contrary with refpefl to the Navigatiia t 
between Africa and the Ports of Caracas, Carsagena, iPtr- 
to-Sello, Vera Cruz, Havana, TorroRico, and St. ZJiflfiV 
go: for his SritannUk Majefty is among the Windwui ' 
Iflands poffeffed of the Iflands of Snrbadoes, Jamiciy •^ 
and fevctal others ; at which the faid Afliento Ships mtj 
touch, and leave the faid Overplus Goods, which /halltM 
have been exchanged for t\ic Negroes, and take them il 
again when they return to Europe. By this meaiu aB 
manner of Sufpicion is taken away, and the Proceedinpi il 
the Affair of the Afliento /hall be with good Faith, whitl 1 
ought to be defired on both fides, and is moft convenient., ^ 
The Faftors of the faid Company /liall be obliged, as fo* j 
as the Ship /hall arrive in the Port of Suenos Ayres, M j 
give a Declaration of all the faid Goods to his Caiiiolicl 
Majcfty's Officets ; on Condition, that all the Goods whidi 
/hail not be declared, /hall be imtrtediately confifcated aud 
adjudged to his Catholick Majefty. 

The faid Company has likewife rcprefented to bii Ci" 
thoiick Majefty fome Difficulty that has rifen about tlrt 
Payment of the Ducys of the Yejr One Thnufand SeiM 
Hundicd and Thirteen, (iipulated and agreed on by ih* 
Treaty of AfEento, in which it is faid, that the Aflientft 
was to begin on the fitftDay of May in the faid Tear: B« 
the Company h^jving at the fame lime purchafed the who.- 
NMTTiWf of Negroes, tokecpihem under his Catholick M> 
jelly's Proreflion tilt the fii^ning of the Treaty, the impoP 
ing rhofc Kcgroci into the Lidiei was not permitted, 1 

7i6. j^rttc/es of t&e AffjcTito. 4, 

albn of the Claufe which was inrerted in the i8th Arti' 
c, namely, that the Execution of the Treaty /hould noc 
ke place till the Pence fhould be proclaim d ; fo that the 
ompany was obliged to caufe tbem to be fold to the Si ('- 
(b Lolonie* at conGderable lofs. And tho the Compaivy 
ive not received any Profit, but fufter'd Lofs, by rtafun 
Fthe faid Article, and of the faid Claufe inferied iti the 
id Treaty by his Catholick Majeily's Miniflers ; yet the 
id Company are willing to give Proofs of their moil hum- 
leKefpefl to his Catholick Majefty, and propofe to pay 
ir the Year Seventeen Hundred and Fourteen, that is to 
,y, from the firfl of ^sjj that Year forwards, fuboniiting 
itirely to the PretcnCon for two Years: on Condition his 
athoiick Majefly will be pleafed to grant to the faid Com- 
»ry the Pcimiaion of fending rhe Ship on the Terms a- 
»ve cxprefled, in which his Majclly is intereiled for the 
(urih Part of the Gain, with &veper Ceor. on the other 
*ee Parts 5 fo that the faid Company oblige themfelves 
I pay to his Catholick Majeily's Order, as foon js they 
laJl have a favourable Anfwer, not only the Two Hundred 
"houfand Pieces of Eight by way of Anticipation, but alfo 
ke Money due for the two Tears : which two Sums toge- 
ler amount to Four Hundred Sixty Six Thoufand Six 
[undrcd Sixiy Six Pieces of Eight and two Thirds. 

His Catholick Majefly having confidercd the fsid Repre- 
ntation, has been pleafed to grant, as he does grant to iha 
,id Company, that the faid Ailiento Ihall commence from 
ke firfl of Mty One Thoufand Seven Hundred and four- 
^ 3 and contequently that the faid Company fhall be ob- 
ged to pay the Dutyi of the two Years, which beijan on 
te firft of May One Thoufand Seven Hundred and Four- 
ten, and ended on the firft of May One Thoufand Seven 
Eandred and Sixteen, as well ai rhe Two Hundred Thou- 
nd Pieces of Eight, by way of Antieipaiionj which Sum 
le faid Company are obliged to pay at Amjierdam, 'Paris, 
'.otidon, or Madnd, all in one payment, or divided into 
^veral, as his Catholick Majefly fhall think fit; and in 
ke like manner fhall the Payments be made for the future, 
k long as the faid ARiento lalU; for which Payments iho 
iffefts of