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cytrm & [ 07«*- 














of this monumental work precludes all thoughts of comparison or rivalry. 
Also the excellent works of Fliigel, Flttgel-Schmidt-Tanger, Grieb-Schroer, 
the small Muret (in 2 vols.), Heyne, Paul, Kluge, Heintze, Saalfeld ; the New 
English Dictionary, Cassell, Webster's International, the Century, the Stand- 
ard, Aunandale, Chambers, Skeat, and many others, were frequently con- 
sulted, and rarely without profit. A comparison of these valuable works with 
the books enumerated by Miss Weir as her chief authorities shows at a glance 
the great strides made in the field of English and German lexicography since 
the publication of the first edition in 1888. 

The chief points in which the present edition differs from the original are 
the following : — 

Not only have numerous mistakes and misprints been corrected, and many 
thousands of new words and phrases been added, but a large number of the 
old renderings have been corrected and re-arranged. Words etymologically 
connected have, as a rule, been grouped under the same heading, while in 
many cases homonyms of different origin, which had been confused in the 
former edition, have now for the first time been separated. The forms of all 
the strong and irregular verbs, besides appearing in the Indexes, have been 
entered iu their alphabetical place in the main part of the Dictionary. 

In the German-English part the German accentuatiou has been indicated. 
In the English-German part, and in the lists of the German strong and irregu- 
lar verl>s, the latest official spelling of 1902 (as adopted by Germany, Aus- 
tria, and Switzerland) is given. This spelling, which will probably be gener- 
ally adopted in the future (e. g. Efeu, Ttir, gibt, imslandesein), has hitherto not 
appeared in any other English-German dictionary. Wherever the spelling of 
German words in Part I. and Part II. disagrees, the spelling of Part II. 
should be followed. The spelling of Part I., however, is the one which until 
now is found in nearly every ordinary German book. 

A great improvement on the old edition is the insertion, in brackets, of the 
case required in particular phrases by German prepositions that take more 
than one case. The want of such information is the frequent cause of mis- 
takes in German composition, and the way to avoid these common errors is 
not always readily discovered even in larger dictionaries. The prepositions 
required in connection with certain nouns have as a rule been added (e. g. 
Ehrfurcht (vor), Hoffnung (au/) t Lust (zu), Abntigung (gegen), etc.) The 
cases have been added in all such reflexive verbs as do not take the accusa- 
tive (e. g. sick denken, sich einbilden, sich verschafferi). The somewhat mislead- 
ing etwas and jemand have been replaced by the terms tint £., einer S. and 
einen, tinem. In the English-German part great care has been bestowed upon 
the rendering of foreign terms by their German equivalents. In conformity 
with the moderate principles of the " Allgemeiner Deutscher Sprachverein," 
German renderings are generally given alone or in the first place, where in 
the previous edition the English word had merely been rendered by a German 

Among the new words and phrases inserted will be found many thousands 
of idiomatic phrases, well-known proverbs that have no literal equivalent in 
the other language, and familiar quotations ; many ordinary dialectal and col- 
loquial expressions, and a number of German slang terms in common use that 


often prove puzzling to English students. There will also be found the chief 
new cycling and motoring terms, ordinary military, postal, railway, tennis, 
historical, geographical, phonetic and linguistic expressions, newspaper terms 
mnd advertisements, the chief technical terms of commerce, education, litera- 
ture, aud art. Space was gained for the very numerous additions by the omis- 
sion of some lengthy translations of unimportant Biblical passages, some little 
used and obsolete words, vulgarisms aud rare scientific and technical terms. 
In many cases space was saved by the suppression of compounds, the forma- 
tion of which presented no difficulty and the component parts of which were 
given under their separate headings, e. g. " butter-dish " Butterschale, " water- 
melon" Wassermelone, etc. On the other baud, •* butterfly" Schmetterling, 
" waterlily " Wasserrote, had, of course, to be given, as well as words in which 
one part of the compound is inflected in German, such as " sunflower" Son- 
netiblume, •* woman-hater" Frauenhasser, Weiberfeind> "goose-quill" Gansc- 
fedcr, etc. Thus, while compounds such as Apfelhaum f Buchmacher, OUampe, 
or " breadfruit tree," " house door, " " tiger-cat, " and many others could 
safely be omitted, words such as Siindflut, Maullier, Heerstrasse, or " lady- 
bird," " titmouse," " wormwood," and others are given. Accurate information 
as to the best German pronunciation is given in the books by Vietor, Siebs, 
Johannson, and others (see p. ix.) which are cheap and easily accessible. The 
appendix to the first edition, containing a synopsis of the changes iutroduced 
into German orthography in 1880, has been omitted, as it is now quite out of 
date. Students should consult the little official Prussian spelling-book, and 
the handy and cheap works by Duden and Sarrazin, the full titles of which are 
given below. For fuller information on all these works, and for a synopsis 
of the chief difficulties of German pronunciation, students may refer to my 
book on the " Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages " (Cambridge : Uni- 
versity Press. Third edition, 1906). In dividing up words the combination 
ft is now considered inseparable, hence ne'fteln, tro'ften, etc. In case of doubt 
concerning the best spelling of certain English words I have often been guided 
by the " Rules for Compositors and Readers," at the University Press, Oxford, 
by H. Hart, London and Oxford, 1907. 

The very full indexes of names (including the chief colloquial forms of 
proper names) and abbreviations, and the lists of strong and irregular verbs 
in both parts, are for the most part new, and will, it is hoped, greatly add to 
the usefulness of the book. The insertion and explanation of some important 

der grosse Schweiger, der rote Prinz, die rote 
\e Fritz, or terms such as Erlkonig, Riibezahl, 
rtehude, etc., will probably be welcome addi- 
the briefest possible manner, some common 
I be explained. 

or me the pleasant duty to render my hearti- 
id kind friends who, by sending me contribu- 
j assisted me in my work. Among ray friends 
due to Professors Fiedler, Herford, Napier, 
2has. Elsden, G. Morier-Hinde, Tule Oldham, 
tncis Storr, Josiah Walker. Of former pupils 
of the Misses G. M. Parry, H. Sollas, and J. 


Burne, and of Messrs. H. Brown, £. C. Quiggin, Thomas Rea, and F. £. 
Sand bach. I am particularly indebted to my friends and former pupils Mr. 
£. Bullough, and, above all, to Miss Minna Steele Smith, Head Lecturer in 
Modern Languages at Newnham College, who have with the greatest care 
assisted me in the revision of part of the proofs. Much that is good in the 
book is due to the assistance received from these various kind helpers, while 
I must alone be responsible for its shortcomings. My thanks are also due to 
the great pains bestowed on its production by the printers of Cambridge, 
U. S. A., and the care and resourcefulness of their able press reader. I now 
dismiss my book from the quiet study into the bustling world and its mani- 
fold claims on it with the parting words of the good old Sir Richard Ros : 

" Goo, litle book, God aende the good panage . . . 
And specially let* thia be thi prayere 
Vnto hem all that the wil rede or here, 
Wher thou art wrong, after ther belpe to call*, 
The to correct* in eny parte or all*. " 

K. B. 


10, Ckahmbb Road, 
August, 1906. 

A large number of minor corrections and improvements have been made in 
this reprint, and all the misprints noticed have been corrected. I shall be 
grateful to any users of this book who will kindly either point out to me 
actual mistakes, or call my attention to important omissions (for a book of 
this size) in order to enable me to introduce further improvements into subse- 
quent editions. My thanks are due to Professor Walter Rippmann, M. A., 
Mr. Francis E. Sandbach, M. A., Ph. D., Mr. E. C. Quiggin, M. A., Ph. D., 
Mr. Thomas Rea, M. A., Mr. G. Morier-Hinde, M. A., Mr. A. Henry, M. A., 
Mr. E. Barry, M. A., and Mr. G. W. Bullen, for kindly sending me correc- 
tions and suggestions. 

k. a 


10, Charms* Road. 
Easier, 1908- 


Ofonlaf of Words etymologically related and having an initial syllable or sylla- 
wmi Into blea in common are grouped under this initial syllable or syllables. The 
•"■•*••■ completion of each word (the suffixes and second components), being 

printed in full-faced type, readily catches the eye, thus obviating any 
difficulty which the breaking up of the words might otherwise present. Words 
formed by terminations (derivative words) come first in each group in alphabet- 
ical order, the compounds following in the same order, but separated from them by 
the abbreviation Comp. (for Compound). 1 No attempt has been made to distinguish 
between primary derivatives (such as Jhrafl, SB I tune, £inund) and secondary (as triutoat, 
Bpitltx, lie bfid)), such distinctions being deemed beyond the province of a work like 
the present. 

Ust of When a prefix, suffix, or component of a word is enclosed in brackets it 

Braoksti. is to be understood as signifying that the unbracketed word is a synonym 

by itself, and when taken with the bracketed word or syllable forms 
another synonym, which may be used in the same sense as that in which the un- 
bracketed word is used . thus (9(nt-)tt»er signifies that «ber and gMtttoser are both equi- 
valents in a certain sense of the English word * vein ' ; in the same way, (eiw)toaaVtt, to 
dip; (er)litHdj, venial; electric(al), efeftriftfj ; crook (ed) -backed, stttfettg, etc., etc. 
But if a word or phrase enclosed in brackets in one language be followed by a word 
or phrase enclosed in brackets in the other language, the contents of the one bracket 
are to be understood as translating the contents of the other: for example — to do 
good (evil), (Unfed ($3fe 9) ran — where 93fe0 is the translation of the bracketed ' evil/ 
and the phrase ©off! ran of the phrase ' to do evil.' When a German word or words 
enclosed in brackets is followed by no bracketed word or words in English, the con- 
tents of the bracket are for the purpose of showing the case required by the German 
verb it accompanies, or for some other grammatical purpose; thus, when 4 to court* is 
to be rendered by (finer * erf on) sen $of madjen> (einer $erfon) is inserted for the pur- 
pose of informing the student that, although the English verb governs the accusative 
case, the German requires the dative ; in the same way, ' to court ' is further defined 
as fid) (an eine 6.) (emersen, in order to exhibit the fact that in this sense of ' court ' 
the German equivalent is followed by the accusative with urn. In the German- 
English division (einem era>a0) is employed as a short way of saying that the verb to 
which it is joined governs the dative of the person and the accusative of the thing. 

When several synonyms are given, all answering to one sense of a word, 
they are separated by commas, whilst those representing different 
senses are separated by semicolons ; thus — ftatt, decay, ruin, downfall; case (Gram.) 
— * decay/ * ruin/ * downfall/ being all synonyms of $att in one sense, are only sepa- 
rated from one another by commas, but they are separated from ' case/ which repre- 
sents a wholly different sense, by a semicolon. A phrase, on the other hand, even 
when exhibited in wholly different senses, has the different renderings divided only 
by commas; before each new sense, however, in the English-German part, an explana- 
tory word or phrase is inserted in parentheses * as — to break down, ira Honefimen fein 
(a* a p.'s health), bardjfaOcn (at an examination), ttmrorrfcn (as a carriage) — or — to 
come round (recover), fidi erfcofen, (change one's opinion) fdnflanfen, fid) sesenfen, fidj 
tuber* btftmtn, (return, as an anniversary) ftiebertelireit, (return, as a term) f&ttifl 
toerbcn, (change, as the wind) fidj brefeen, etc. 

1 English words given under Comp. are not always written as compounds. 


English St*- In Part II., or the English-German division of the work, every new 
onyBftorBx- gense in which a word is taken is either preceded by an English syno. 
Jl^JJSJJJ n J m l m ^ oman tyP 6 m parentheses, as — to doom (sentence ) dc rarteilca; 
words. (destine) btHimmtn — or followed by some explanatory word or phras* 

in italics in parentheses, as — to do, ertacife* (hndness) — or — to drivel, 
geifrra (as infants) — . In place of a synonym, a word is occasionally preceded by an 
explanatory clause in italics, as — to drink {of beasts) faafen — which denotes that 
' drink,' when expressing the action of a beast, is translated by faafra and not by 
trinftn, which is the word employed in the case of human beings.' 

f of The gender of German substantives in this part, too, is shown by 

0*™**, the accompanying article ber, bie. bo* ; but when an adjective is given 

Jy^oompl^ 1 w ^ tne substantive the article is usually omitted and the gender 

nylncArtlols shown by the termination of the adjective, as — dry measure, tvdtmtt 

or Adjective, mafe ; dry cough, trotfeaer $aftra. 

Tat term The term part, (for particle) has been employed throughout to de- 
' Particle.' no te a class of words, so numerous in the German language, which, 
while possessing a certain force, have no precise syntactical relation to 
the other words in a sentence. This is the only particular in which the ordinary 
terminology of English grammarians has been departed from. 

SlMllarly Words differing in meaning and origin, but spelt alike, are num- 
spelt words bered, so that no difficulty can arise owing to their separation for ety- 
SJJsSl 1 " 1 mological reasons under different heads 

For an explanation of abbreviations, see Abbreviations (p. xiv.). 

1 These words are, of coarse, only approximately synonymous. 

» It is, of course, to be understood that where a synonym of, say, an adjective is explained, the 
substantive, etc., corresponding to this adjective, and included in the samo article, is not in feaeral 
separately explained : as — Pleasant, adj., frctmbtub {as a room); (lively) mooter, etc. aatJ, *., 
bic ftmrabli&fcit; bic Vhntterfcit. 


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IV. Pronunciation. 

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* The English and America* dictionaries consulted for the present book, e.g. the New English 
Dictionary, Catsell, Webster's International, Century, Standard, Annandale, Chambers, Skeat, and 
others are too well known to require the full titles to be given in this place. 

t For older and larger books, e.g. the still unfinished dictionary of the brothers Grimm and 
their successors, the works of Daniel Sander*, etc., I refer to my " Handy Bibliographical Ouide 
to the Study of the German Language and Literature, for the use of students and teachers of 

1896 ; pp. 48 sqq. 
% «18» means that the sixth edition was published in 1899. 






dancing, Xan|funfl. 


abbreviation, abbreviated, Vbtftr)ung , 


dative (case), Sotto, iBemfalL 



definite, befKuntt. 


accusative (caw), ttttufatto. 


demonstrative, bemonfrrotto, bimoci* 


acoustics, tttufKf. 



adjective, Ibjefrto, 9igcnf<baftlU0Ti. 


dialectal, btaUtrifd), immbartlid). 


adverb, fcbtxrbium, 9tebenu>ort, ttnu 


diminutive, Dirainurto, Cerftane. 




agriculture, 2anbttrirtf<haft. 


diplomacy, $ip(omarie. 


algebra, term in algebra, ttlgebra, aU 


drawing, 3cid)Ottuitfi, $cid)nm 

gebraifdxr VuSbrurf. 


dyer, dyeing, &&rber, frdrbmt. 


Americanism, ttmfritaitifinuf . 


dynamics, $tmamtt. ftraftlrhre. 


analogous, analog, anatogifd). 


ecclesiastical, rinbUd); ecclesiastical 


anatomy, ttnatomic. 

history, JHtTbrngrfcbidjte. 


architecture, Vranterhtr. 


electricity, vUttrijilat. 


arithmetic, Vritbmerit. 


etliptical(ly), efltptif*, (auflafftrngl. 


article, ttrtitel, Qef (blrdtfltoort. 



(the flue) arts, bit f (hdnen &unftc. 


engraving, Qhraoifrttutfl. 


artillery, ftttUIrrie, Qefftukfonft. 


entomology, Cntomologfe, 3nfcta« 


astronomy, ftftamomit, 6terniunbe. 



astrology, flfrrologte, 6ternbcutcrei. 


substantive of the feminine gender, 

ftttX. T. 

auxiliary verb, QUlfft)eit1D0rt. 

toeibttibrl fcaupttoort. 


Bible, biblical, ©ibrf, biblifd}. 


familiarity), familiar, wrrraufid). 


baking, in bcr Oadtrei gcbr&ud)(kbfJ 


farriery, ^uffdjinitbchanbtDflt. 



fencing, $«bttunfl 


biUiards, ©IHarbf pid. 


figuratively, bilblub, flgfirfid). 


bookbinding, ©ud)btnbmi. 


fireworks, frtumocrt. 


bookselling (trade), ©udjbanbd. 


forgmg, fr mmerfdwiebctunfl. 


botany, $flan|«tfunb«, SBotanit. 


fortification, Scfefrigunglrunfl. 


brewing, brewery, OraUfTCi. 


foundry, foundry-work, QKefcfTct. 


building, ©autwfen. 


freemasonry, $rrimaurerci. 


bMfefer, $Uifd)er, Wcfcgcr. 


furriery, ftttrf dmeTtt 

Cal. Prln. 

calico-printing, aattun-Drudrrri. 


genitive (cue), (Benitib, ©flfafl. 


cardplaying, flartenfpiel. 


generally, grtodbnlid). 


carpentry, gimmrrmannitunft. 


geography, Geographic, (rrbbcfdntU 


carriages, dc , $ubru*f en. 



chemistry, ttbcntu, 6d)cibefunft. 


geology, Otologic, <Jrbbef<baffenhtit 


chronology, ffbronologU, geirreoV 


geometry, Oeomerrie. 



gilding, $rrgo(ber(unfl. 

C. L. 

commercial language, tautm&nnifdxr 


glassworks, ©la»biitt«. 



grammar, Qramntatit. 


colloquialism, ttulbrud bcr gcwohu. 


gunnery, 9efd)tifcrunft. 

Udjen ttmganglfpraaV 


gymnastics, OttnuiafHf . 


comparative (degree), 6tfigerungft« 


baben, to hare. 



heraldry, Oeratbif, ©appentttnfL 


compound word(s), |ufammrnaefektrl 


history, $efd)i<btt. 

©ort (jufammtngefeHte ||5rttr). 


horology, Ubrma<brrtunfl. 


oonchology, ftond)olioIogte, Cdjaltur. 


horticulture, Odrtnerri. 



hydraulics Qbbraulir; hydrostatics. 


confectionery, $u&aba&txt\. 

Cpbroftarif, ©affmodgftunft 


conjunction, ftoniunftion, ©iitbrtoort. 


ichthyology, frifd)tunbe. 


cookery, ftodrfunft. 


impersonat(ly), unptrfonlUb. 


cooperage, ©dttcbmt. 


imperative (mood), dmpefOth). 


cricket, 6d)lagbaaf pid. 


indefinite, unbefHmmt, uabeiHinoMih. 











tndec indeclinable, trabtfTimerbar, rafter- 
inseparable, miff llreuufid). 
Interjection, %Uttr\ttUOU, tfltpfflt- 

interrogative, fragenb, Qfragttoort. 
fa«aria6/e, un&er&nberlid). 
irregular (strong), imregtlmftfeig 

ironically), ironifdj. 
JetrftA, iUbifd). 
joinery, £ifd)Urei. 
law-term, JurifHfdKT BuIbTWf. 
literally, budtf&blid). 
locomotive, Sotomotioe. 
topfc, Sogtt. 
substantive of the masculine gender, 

mtfratliaV* $aupttoort. 
machtnery, 2Rafd)inentDcfra. 
magnetism, URagnetiftmuft. 
manq/atfwr<?(*), Jabrtt, 9Ramifa!tUT. 
masonry, 9Raurerarbeit. 
mathematics, 3Ratbematit. 
mechanics, 3Red>amt, ttftoegung** 

Uhre, ariebwerMUbr* 
medicine, 3Rebi|in, fyiltunbe. 
metallurgy, SRetatturgie, fciitteittoefen. 
meteorology, <Dtcteorologie. 
military term, mttit&rifd), Solbaten. 

mOArr, mitftny, BHifler, SWflhlwefen. 
»»iny, ftargbau, mineralogy, 2RU 

wrinrtn?, SRUnswefen. 
moUusca, WottuSten, ©eid)tiere. 
imMtc, Vhtflt, Xontunft. 
mythology, SRqtbologic. 
substantive of the neuter gender, f dd). 
lube* fcauptttOTt, see eubet.n ; also 
natural history, $aturgefd)td)te. 
nautical term, nautical affairs, €>d)if • 

ferauftbrutf, Smoefen. 
nava/ term, 3Rarinean*brtid 
(tn) opposition {to), (im) Gkgatfafe 
Opt. op/i«, Optif . 

Org. or^an, Orgcl. 

Orn. ornithology, Ontitbologie. 

p. present participle, $artijipium ber 

p.p. part participle, $artijipium bcr Ber. 

Paint painting, 2Raterct. 
Pnp. paper-manufacture, $apierfabrita* 

Fori. parliament, parliamentary expression, 

$artamettt. $arfament*augbrud. 
part. particle, $aTtitet. 

perm. personal, perf Sntidj. 

Perap. perspective, $erfpettibe. 
Fharm. pharmacy, $barma|ie. 
PhiL philosophy, ^bilofoplyic 

PhiloL philology, ^hiloiogfe. 








phrenology, $brenologie. 


physics, WW- 


physiology, ^bqflotogie. 


plural, tDtebrjabl; noun in the plural. 

6ubftamu) in plural. 


pneumatics, $tieumatit. 


poetry, $oefte, $idjttun*t. 


politics, $ofirif. 


possessive, befifeanjeigenb. 


pottery, $dpferei. 


present tense, gegennxirtige QfU. 


printing, $ruderet. 

pron. * 

pronoun, frurroort. 


provincialism, ^TotrinjiattSmul. 


proverb, ©pndjtooTt. 


preposition, $r&pofttioit, ©erhaitttflr 


q. ▼. 

good vide, fiehe bid. 


reflective (verb), fteflegimtm. 


railways, (tifenbabnnxfen. 


Roman Catholic religion, tatlplifdjc 



regular (weak), TegtlmSfeig (fdjtoadj). 


religion, Religion. 


rhetoric, ttbetorif, Rebefunft 




substantive (in the 2nd part), Sub* 

ftantto (im §toeiten Zeilc). 


saddlery, ©attlerei 


saltworks, ©afyfieberei 


sculpture, IBUbbauerrunfl. 


sempstress, sewing, Wfiberin, ft&beret 


«< or =, flebe ober oleUb. 


separable, jertrennlidj. 

Sew.-macb. sewing-machine, 9l&bmaf djhie. 


shipbuilding, ©drift* baufunbe. 


shoemaking, 6d)Ut)ma<berei. 


singular, (tiujahl. 


slang, Slang 


«m#A, «mtiA'« uw*, Sdjmieb, ©djmit- 



spinning, Spinneret. 


sport, 3agbtoefett. 


indicates the infinitive used as sub- 

stantive when it is necessary to dis- 

tinguish it from n. = v.n., bc|ei<bnet 

ben fubftontioifd) gebraudjten $nfl- 

nitio, too er bom n. = v.n. ju unter* 

fdjeiben ift. 


sugar-refining, ttafftaieren be* 



superlative (degree), 6upertatitt. 


surgery, Ghirurgie. 


surveying, civil engineering, $etb« 

mefehmfl, 3ngenieurtunfi. 


technical term, ftunfiauSbrud. 

Tail. - 

tailoring, €dmeiberri. 


tanning, fio^gerberet. 


technology, 2ed)noIogie. 


telegraphy, electric telegraph, %*U* 

grapbie, eleftrifdjer telegraph. 


theater, %\\ta\rc, €(baufpiet 


theology, Zbeologit, «ottelgeWjrfom- 




(the l 


r $fcea. v.a. to eat away, remove by caustic*. 
'infleln, v.a. to obtain by ogling; to spy out 
he track) ; bie tttdjrnng einer vlaner — , to 
gauge the line of a wall with the eye. 

«rfcMft«, it. v. I. a. to bake fully; to bake in 
too hot an oven ; to mark a Une with small 
posts. LL n. (atcr. h.) to finish baking. 

ftrfratCfl, «. I. a. to bathe, to wash thoroughly ; 
to wash away, to get rid of. II. n. (aux. ij.) to 
flni«h bathing. 

■Jfetftben, v.a. to foment thoroughly. 

UVtMutMt v.a. to set buoys, to mark by beacons. 

Wbatgtn, r. L a. to skin. II. r. to tire one- 
self by wrestling or boxing. 

tlb'bangea, v.a.; einem etftmt — , to extort 
something by fear from someone. 

tfttan, «n. (— c«) work(ing); mine-digging; 

fUKbonen, v.a. to remove, finish, or demolish 
a building: to work a mine; to exhaust or 
drain a mine ; to abandon a mine ; to pay off 
with the produce of a mine the expense of 
working it. 

MVtKtTtn, v.a. to strip of berries. 

ftftttfrblf N. ir.v.a. to countermand; btf Varabt 
if* obbefogU H, the review has been counter- 

«btct*ltt1t, ir.v.a. ; ben £nt — , to remain 

ft******* ir.v.a. to bite off ; fidj bit ftfigef -, 
to bite one's nails; fid) bor gatfcen bit Btragt 
— , to split one's sides with laughing ; rr vat 
after CaW* ben Itobf aigebiffea, he is past 
all shame. 

ftfbetjffl, v.a. to remove by caustics; to 
macerate, to dress (skins). 

tfffctOMIMtn, ir.v.a. to partake of , to get a 
share of, to come in for ; erttad — , to get 
(blows); er bat in bcr Gfftlaftt nidW —/he 
has not been hit in the battle ; to remove, get 
loose or off ; er fovft ben Gtiefet nbfct — , be 
is unable to get off his boot. 

ftffcernten, ir.v.a. to call home, to recall; 
to appeal to a higher court (archaic) (Law) ; 
einen 9ro^e| — , to change the venue, remove 
a cause from one court to another. 

•JPfrcfttl— en, v.a. & n. to countermand. 
— »»S» /. counter-order. 

ftfteten, v.a. to recount in prayer; to avert, 
or atone for by praying ; to pray off, pray 
mechanically; ben NofenrranA — , to tell 
one's beads. 

***ttetn,v.a.;einenier»o* -, to obtain 
from some one by beg g ing. 

ftbtCiatlen, v.a. to pay off or in full ; to dis- 
charge (a debt) ; to liquidate ; er M|lt feint 
Gtfjnfben <n finrttften Staten ab, he pays 
his debts in yearly installments. 

If fpictcn* iTV - 1- «• to bend off, turn aside ; 
to propagate by layers ; fid) — > to diverge. U. 
n. (out. f.) to turn off, aside. 

ftbtili, n. (— — er) copy; image. 

tibtill— en, v. I. a. to portray; to paint or 
model from ; to delineate ; to describe. II. r. 
to be reflected; ber «inmel tifbet M i» 
flteere to, the sky U reflected in the sea. 
— nnf ,/• representation ; illustration ; picture ; 

•SSSfken, v.a.; einent etinai — , to refuse 
something to someone {arch.) 

WMttfen, v.a. to smooth with pumice-stone. 

fllrMnten, ir.v.a. to unbind : to detach by bind, 
tag (warts, etc.) ; to wean (eta ttaO bon ber 
Ihtt) — ) ; to castrate ; to hoop (a cask). In 
8wim German it is used Jlgur at iv * ty for to 
settle briefly or to say briefly ; fnrft oigebnn* 
ben* hi short. 

ftfttitt-e. /. (pi. -en) *!>ology; deprecation; 
— e tfetni, to ask a man's pardon, to 

nVMtttit <r,i4. to apologise tor; to 

2 ftilttlts*« 

beg off ; einent ttma* — , to apologise to some- 
one for something ; to obtain by begging (rare), 

HIKblafen, »>.v. I. a. to blow off or away ; to 
blow (a horn, etc.) ; to sound (the hour*). II. 
n. (aux. b.) to cease blowing; ben eolbottH 
— , to sound a retreat. 

•b^laffen, vm. (aux. f.) to fade. 

tjb^blatten, v.a. to pluck off leaves. 

■JbtlOttern, v.n. (aux. h.) to scale off (of the 
skin in small-pox). 

■JfUittcr-n. r. I. a. to strip of leaves. TJ. r. 
<k ». (aux. b.) to lose the leaves ; to exfoliate ; 
topeel off. — ttMfl, /. exfoliation. 

tjb / btinen, v.a. to blue (0/ linen). 

ttbtleidjen, I. v.a. to bleach duly. n. ir.v.n- 

iaux. f.) to fade, grow pale. 
itlenen (wrongly ftbttihien, not connected 
with bltttt), to thrash, to give a thorough beat- 
ing, to beat black and blue. 

ttMIUien, vjt. (aux. f.) to flash off; to mist 
fire; (aux. b.) to cease flashing (coll.)\ fie liefe 
ibn — , he met with a rebuff from her (coil.) ; 
etnen — (often, to give some one the slip. 

tJVtlilca, v.n. (aux. f. <*r b.) to drop the 
blossom, to cease blooming ; to droop, fade, 
fall (0/ flowers) ; bit fleffen baten abgeblflbt, 
the carnations have done bleesoming, are over. 

ttbttfcnen, *•«• to polish, to rub. 

•h^bT—en, v. I. a. to bore quite through. II. 
n. (aux. b.) to finish boring. — et, at. auger 
nishingthe* " 

for fin 

I the bortag of a bole. 

MMttrten, v.a. (einent etwaf) to borrow from. 
MftolmDM, v.a. to emboss, to model in wax. 
•Jb'bTonb, m. (_e#, pi. «bbrinbe) waste of 
metals (in testing y etc.), or of chalk (in bum- 

witHMtf t m. (_*, pi. -) one that has lost 
everything by fire (dial.). 

ftfiraffen, v.a. to brace (the yards) ; to fin the 
■ails after they have been braced back (Naut.). 

Hbtrattdjen, v.a. to wear out or off. 

ttbtrOttfen, v.». (aux. b.) to cease fermenting; 
to cease storming. 

•b'bredr-en, *.•*. <fc n. (aux. f. <* b.) to 
break, break off, snap; to break up; to 
demolish, dismantle, pull down; to abate, 
deduct ; to pluck, gather (fruit, flowers^ etc.) ; 
etnen fhrieftncdnel —en, to break off a cor- 
respondence ; |ebe SRfonte, bie id) ber tlrbeit 
— en faun, every moment I can snatch from 
work ; tin Sort— en, to divide a word ; abgt- 
brodkne tBorte, broken utterances; nrfr 
tooften bobtn —en. no more of that, let us 
drop the subject ; fnrj —en, to cut short, inter- 
rupt suddenly ; tin wrift —en, to take down a 
scaffolding ; bit (glieber — en 2 to break off (the 
flies), to diminish the front (MUit.)- bo* iaott 
—en, to break up the camp; Rtttt -^tn, to 

strike the tents; bie Srfttfe tTitt* 6d>ijre< 

gangway: bie fkllen 

to knock off the balls (Typ.)\ einent 

—en, to cast off the 

Vferbe bie CHfen —en, to unshoe a horse ; 
ben Waff —en, to carry away the mast ; »ir 
fJmtm nuB nid)t« —en lalfen, we can abate 
nothing, allow no discount, take nothing off ; 
einent in ber fctAabUotg —en, to cut one's 
pay short; fid) (dot.) et»a* -en, to deny 
oneself, deprive o. s. of ; er bridjt M f oaar 
an ber ftabmaf ab, be even stinu himself in 
food. — nnfl . f. taking down, demolition. 
Hfbrennen, w-.v. I. a. to burn off: to bum 
down ; to set on fire ; to fire off ; to oleanaii by 
fire ; to temper (steel, etc.) ; to calcine : 
tin Miff rein -, to born (weeds, &c.) off 
the bottom of a ship. II. n. (aux. f.) to ba 
burnt down ; to be damaged by fire ; to go off ; 
to cease burning, go out; ffbgtbrajnrtr, 
* * * nome ; 

people burned out of house and 1 


ftenennerf — , to let off fireworks; er bat oaf 
Mis) Obfitbrannt, he has fired at me ; b«i 




Aftnbfrant ift abgebrannt, the powder baa 
flashed in the pan ; id) (in abgebrannt, I am 
penntlosi, cleaned out, ■tumped (/am.). 

tbbrebiatn'r,/. abbreviation. Comp. — fftrift, 
/. shorthand {writing). 

*f taring— CM, tr.».a._ to get off, out, away, 

i; to 

; to divert ; to drive out of one's head 

de ; bom re djten&Bege — en, tomialead ; 

babon (affe id) mid) nidjt —en. I wiu not be 
dissuaded from it; ed tft eine Grille Hon Him, 
non ber man ibn nidjt —en tann, it U one of 
hie whims which there is no driving out of his 
head. —•*§./. bringing off; — nngd«f often 
eine* Miffed, charges for getting a vessel off. 

ttb'brOXfrc, v.a. to crumble off, to break off 
small pieces. 

8f broaVln, v-a. to crumble away ; to peel off. 

ttPbTV*, m. (-ed, pi. stMrftdK) tfceact of 
breaking off, pulling down; damage, injury, 
loss; rupture; discontinuance (of relation/); 
the thing broken off ; the place where a house, 
etc, has been pulled down or fallen ; deduc- 
tion, discount ; abatement (in price) ; a break 
(in type); — tJbnn, to damage, to be prejudi- 
cial to, to injure, to impede ; fid) (dot.) felt ft 
— than, to deprive oneself of ; ein $and oaf 
ben — berfanfen, to sell the materials of 
a house that is to be pulled down ; ein f si or* 
tiger — oinlomattfaer fte&iebnngen, sn 
immediate breaking off of diplomatic relations. 

« Wrfutig, adj. brittle ; derogatory ; prejudicial. 

Hforntrn, f .a., so scald, to seethe. 

tJb*bfrwfB, v.a. to brush off, brush clean. 

by serving; to finish by serving; her grei* 
toiflioe bient fein Sabjr tb, the volunteer 
serves his year. 
Hbtingen, ir.vxu to beat down in bargaining ; 
to cheapen (by haggling) ; to dismiss an appren- 
tice ; etnent etttttd — , to hire from one ; 
to obtain a.tb. from s.o. by negotiating ; to bar- 
gain one out of a thing ; roir baben ben $reid 
hu funfftebn SRarf abgebnnaen, we have 
agreed upon fifteen marks for the price ; flu) 
(dot.) ermad — faff en, to allow an abatement ; 
tffi babe niir nidjto — faffen, I have made no 

ebWebntitren, v.a. to gain by dispute ; fid| — , 
to tire oneself with discussing. 

ttb'DDttnertt, v. I. a. to thunder forth. II. n. 
(aux. b.) to cease thundering; bid QktoitttX 
bonnert fid) ab, the thunderclaps of the storm 
grow weaker and weaker. 

fcrdrfttgen, v.a. to force away; einem etto** 
— . to extort from s.o. 

HI a. to turn off, to separate by 

1 m (as on a lathe). 

ill o-twist off ; to turn off (gas. etc . V 

III >.a. to thrash off ; to thrash ; to 

i g ; tbgebrotoen, p.p. <fc adj. 

i ?d mar ailed borber abgebro* 

\ preconcerted; abgebrotoene 

( ckneyed ideas; abgebrofdiene 

\ Donplace and empty phrases. 

ill .a. to force away ; einem ettOft* 

— , to extort, wring a thing from one. 

flbsbrobcn. v.a. ; einem ermad —, to extort 
from s.o. by threats. 

flbtmtf. m.(-(e)d,p/.«bbrnife) impression; 
copy-print; single copy; stamp, stamping; 
fossil remains, fossil ; mark : the act of pulling 
the trigger ; the trigger ; ein Gfobd— , a plas- 
ter-cast; abermaitger — , reprint; — oorber 
Gfftrift, proof-impression, proof-print. Camp. 
— gsrran, n. (— (e)d, — e) copyright. 

•b'orndYn, f.a. to print, to imprint, to stamp ; 
to print off. 

fSb/brfitfrn, t. La. to separate, loosen or set 
free by pressing ; to pull the trigger, to fire off 
(a gun) ; ed brntft mlr bad $ew ab, it breaks 
my heart. II. n. (aux. b.) to weigh anchor. 

ttb^nnftltt, v. I. a. to change a Ught color 
into a darker one. U. n. to assume a darker 

ttb'tttttfttH, v.n. (aux. f .) to evaporate. 

•b'bfinn— r«. v.a. to convert into steam, to 
cause to evaporate. — ttttg, /. evaporation. 
Comp. — nngd=t«ttd, n. drying-bouse. 

•sVcbXCynm, v.a. to level, make even. 

Mb'etfen, v.a. to take off corners ; to dent, scal- 
lop; abgeedter Strbftatt, spiculated crystal. 

Hb'eifern, v.r. to worry oneself ; to exhaust one- 
self by seal, eagerness, or anger. 

CPeifen, v. L a. to clear from ice. n. n. (aux. 
b.) to thaw ; ed bat abgeeift, the ice is gone. 

IVbenb. m. (— d, pi. -«) evening; eve; the 
west (especially in biblical lanauage) ; biefen 
Hbeob, this evening; bente abenb, to-night; 
anf bente abenb, for this evening ; geftent 
abenb, yesterday night; morgen abenb, to- 
morrow night; atte abenb ©MMenbe, every 
evening ; am beUigen — , on Christmas eve ; 
— bed Sebend, decflne of life ; ber fflinb toebt 
and — , there is a west wind ; ed ftlrb — , it is 
getting dark ; am — , Att — , anf ben — , in the 
evening; $n — eflen, to sup; gnten — , good 
evening; gegen — , towards evening; west- 
wards, occidental (WW. d> high style; technie. 
long.). — !i<b, adj. evening; western. —A. 
adv. in the evening, of an evening ; ed ift nod) 
nidjt aller £age — or man f ott ben Sag nidjt 
bar bem — loben, (prov.) we have not yet 
seen the last of it; don't whistle before you are 
out of the wood. Comp. — cab***,/, evening 



devotion, prayers : reapers. — Matt, n. evening 
(newa)paper. -IWt, »., — tffea, *. supper. 
— fcSaratemag, /. evening twilight, dusk. 
— filter, m. <— g, jrf. — ) hawk-moth. — gOBg, 
m. evening walk ; westerly lode. — gegent, 
/. west. — gCfcBfdpaft, /. eYening party, 
dinner party; oroftt — ffffflfdiaft, rout. 
— laab, n. Occident. — Under, w». inhabi- 
tant of the west ; man from the west. — lilts 
ttfeb, <w0'. occidental, belonging to the west. 
— ntabl, usually bad fringe — mabl, the 
Lord's supper ; the holy communion ; bag — • 
Ota 1)1 nebmen, to partake of the Lord's supper, 
to communicate; bad — snafif reifften, to 
administer the sacrament. — atahlgsgoft, m. 
communicant. — aMfclgsfeUft), *». a chalice, 
communion-cup. — atakUftt, /• supper. — s 
ftfaaauaage, n. ocellate sphinx. — panft, 
m. the true west, west-point \Astr.). — regen, 
m. the Utter rain (B.). — rat, n., —rate, /. 
evening glow, sunset glow. — foane, /. setting 
sun. -fimnensfetottn, m. light of the setting 
•an. — ftaaMtfa, n. serenade. — ft em, m. 
evening star, Venus, Hesperus. — fttOftaat, 
m. evening station (Astr.). — tOB, m. night 

dew. —Hub, m. ; bet ornte 6tubent bat ben 
— tifesj bet nnf , the poor student haa supper 
with us. — ttnnf, m. evening draught ; (coll.) 
nightcap. — tnartg, adv. westerly, westwards. 
— Prtte, /. western amplitude {Astr.). — - 
Mrfttbr «*. evening wind ; west wind, zephyr. 

Vbentener, n. (— g, pi. — ) adventure. — fe)B, 
to live the life of an adventurer, to seek adven- 
tures. — er, (Wbenrenrer), m. adventurer; 
knight-errant, —frill, OTbentenrerin), /. 
adventuress. — lid), I. <wf7. adventurous; 
wonderful ; strange, odd ; quixotic, romantic ; 
fantastic. II. adv. adventurously, etc. — li<b= 
ffit* /• adventurousness ; romance, quixotism ; 
strangeness ; — (itftfetren, pi. strange things. 

fibber, I- adv. again, once more ; tanfenb ttttb 
— tanfenb, thousands and thousands {lit. a 
thousand and another thousand). In some 
cpds. fiber denotes ill, a bad kind of (cp. ttb 

of (cp. m 

; nein — , ] 

in Bbgott, ttbgnnft). n. conj. but r 

say (expression of astonishment) ; nttu — , but 
now ; say ; — . — ! but alas ! III. subst.n. an ob- 
jection ; bte ©adx bat ein — , there is a but in 
the question ; etc fBenn* nnb bte — g, the con- 
ditions and objections, the difficulties in the 
way ; tin fflr nw nnb ein — baben, to make 
some objection or other. Camp, —adit, /• re- 
newed and increased ban, double-ban (archaic). 
-Dlanbe, m. superstition. — glittbifcb, adj. 
dr adr. superstitiously. — glanbigfeit, /. eu- 
perstitiousness. — tttalig, adj. reiterated. 

repeated. — BMlg, adv. again, once more. 
— faat, /. second sowing, —flag, adj. silly 
(rare). — tofiff, adj. foolish, —mid, m. 
false, strained wit; cradneas; absurdity; im- 

becility. — mifcig, adj. de adv. crasy, foolish ; 
— nrtbtg reben, to rave, to dote. — mine* m. 
dismcunation, ill-will. 

Werfenn— en, ir.v.a. ; e inent etamg — f to de- 
prive s.o. of by a judicial sentence ; to set 
aside a plea, —ling, /• abjudication, dispos- 
session by judicial decree ; — una ber burger- 
fidten C? prenred»te, deprivation of civil rights. 

ftfrrttm, v. I. a. to reap, to harvest. II. n. 
(aux. b. ) to finish reaping. 

fSrmbern, v.a.; cinem erawg — , to wrest 
something by conquest from someone. 

IWrrrnate, / (Jr. ahrotonum) southernwood. 

WtMKtn, e.r., see flbfifftera. 

Vb'eWen, ir.v. L a. to eat off, up, to clear (a 
plate), to leave nothing on (the table) ; to sit 
out (a long dinner); rinen JhtOdX* — . to 
pick a bone. II. n. (aux. b.), to finish eating ; 
abneaeffewbaben, to have done eating, to rise 


*bf ac*— <a, v.a. to partition, to divide into 

partments; to classify. — nng, /. division into 
nto ; ranging on shelves, etc. ;c 

tlb'jibelH, v.a. to shred (beans, etc.). 

tWalr— e«, ir.v. I. a. to break by driving 
against; to cart away; to make a road or 
a track by driving over; to wear out by 
driving ; to overdrive ; ein JRob — tn. to drive 
awheel off; ber Softor b?at feine irranfea- 
befnifce abgefabren, the doctor has driven 
round to see his patients. II. n. (aux. f.) f to 
set off, to depart ; to start ; to put to sea ; to 
•lip off, to glide; fahr ab! be gone! (vulg.); 
ber dttg fabrt uat 3 ttbr ab, the train starts 
at three o'clock; er fnbr febr fibel ab, he 
got ofT badly, got the worst of it. — t, f. (pL 
—tea) departure; starting time. — |gs«rt, aa. 
place of departure. — tgs*frran, m. platform 
from which the train starts. — tgsStit, /• time 
of departure. 

ttfrlaaTin. (-eg, pi. KbffiOe) slope, descent; 
falling off ; apostasy ; defection, revolt ; short- 
weight, loss in weight; escapement; fall of 
water; pi. waste, refuse, clippings, shreda, 
cuttings, scraps, combings, offal; ber — enter 
garbe, fading of a color; — garifdpea atari 
Ttnactt, contrast between two things ; — bfg 
£anbe*, faU of the leaves; — ber ftirbcr- 
lanbe, revolt of the Netherlands. Comp. 

— Wnbler, ««• teller of offal, -tsrftre, /. 

waste pipe. 

etaVfaBen, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to fail off ; to slope ; 
to decrease, to decay ; to desert, to revolt ; to 
fade; to fall back (Aft/.); to lose flesh; to go to 
waste ; to contrast strongly ; f nU ab ! ease the 
helm (Vaut.); e * fStttbabet nidit bief aft, 
there ia little profit to be made out of, by it ; 
6ie lief ujn— , (coUoq.) she snubbed him, she 
gave him the cold shoulder ; she gave him the 
slip ; ber ttbgefauene, the apostate ; bon &ott 
— , to become recreant to God; er iff baas 
Qtanben abgef alien, he has apostatised ; bad 
©djiff ftel bom SrridK ab, the shin fell from 
her course ; abfallenbe Dnalitiit, inferior qual- 
ity, "off" Quality. 

CbTOOig, adj. falling off ; shelving, sloping ; 
decaying ; disapproving, dissenting ; ready to 
desert ; disloyal, rebellious (archaic) ; — toer* 
ben, to revolt; »o*t QHauhtu — merbea, to 
turn apostate ; fid) — (ftber eiaea) uufteru, to 
criticise unfavorably, to cut up ; efnen — 
befdKibea, to give a negative answer to s.o., 
to refuse, to decline a request. 

ftbfangen, ir.v.a. to catch, snatch from ; to 
prop ; to stab, to kill game (wunded, with the 
hunting knife) ; bag Staffer — , to turn off 
water; ftaabea — , to catch customers, to 
entice away customers. 

H*"*"*"'"'" v.n. (aux. b.) to lose color ; to finish 
o stain ; abgefarbt, p.p. d- adj. 
colored ; bai Xnig bat rot abge* 
cloth haa come off red (upon some- 
firbt nidit ab, the dye does not 

fj k I. a. to take off the fibers. IL r. 

b.) to lose the fiber ; to unravel. 

U v.a. to aort or separate ; to weigh 

ts) ; to bend, weld (iron} ; to eom- 
,~_, ^ - .He ; to draw up ; (Jam.) to catch, to 
seise, to arrest : in bfinbigen fttBf brfttfea ab- 
gefaftt, couched in concise terms; laf bilb fa 
nidit babei — ea, beware of being caught while 
you do it. — et, m. (— trg) one who draws up 
(a statement, etc.) ; editor; writer. — aag, /. 
composition, style, wording ; drawing op, pan- 
ning, writing. 

«IKfa*ra, v.a. to atone for by fasting; go) - , 
to faat to exhaustion ; abgefaftet, Pp- <*" adj. 
exhausted with fasting ; famiahad with hunger. 


ttPfoalta, vjn. (our. f.) to rot and fall off. 

UVH+ttn, ir.vM. to get bv fighting ; fid) — , to 
fight to exh austio n ; fid) utt ©predjen mil ben 
XMrabea — , to gesticulate in speaking. 

*7fC*Cra. tr. I. a. to pluck {feather*). 
lose the feathers, molt. 

fctfttta, vui. to sweep off ; 6tonb — , to dust ; 
—be SRttrel. detergents; ber abgefegte ©aft 
fiat* $irf<iei, the peel of a deer's horn. 

*tfCtlf<6t1l, v.a. to cheapen (Ay hagglina), to 
haggle, to beat down ; to obtain by haggling. 

IWfertla— tUt *•**- to finish; to dispatch, to 
expedite; to forward; to dismiss; fttrfl— fit, 
to send about one's business, to treat curtly, 
to snub. — CT, w». (— ero\ pi. — er) sender, 
dispatcher. — ting, /• act of finishing ; dis- 
patch ; clearance, expedition, smart rejoinder ; 
reproof, snub; dismissal. Comp. — aaflfts 
ffttin, m. customs declaration ; permit. — s 
ttagftsftClC,/. dispatch offloe. 

ftPfCttta, v.a. to skim off the fat; to grease. 

nyfencbten, v.u. (a«*. h.) to dry up. 

HMtnrr— n, v.a. to fire off, to discbarge ; abac- 

K Bert ! fire ! (MUX -nng, /. discharge, nr- 
g, etc.; — Itttg bfT GkfdjUfce, cannonade; 
miter — iiiig ber Jlanonen, guns saluting. 
Hf^ebeln, »«. to fiddle off. 

HfHrbCTlt, v. I. a. to clip or break off the edges 
of glass. II. n. «u ttbfebern. 

HIKflRb— ffl f w\*. I. a. to satisfy, to compound 
with (creditors) ; to pay off ; to portion ; abge- 
fttnbrne Vrinften, appanaged princes. II. r. 
to come to terms (mft einem, with someone), 
to be quiU (with someone) ; fid) gnt(id) mtt 
eiaent — « to settle things amicably with 
someone. — Bug, /. act of satisfying; set- 
tlement; oompositioa, compromise. Comp. 
— BBflwsflel*, n., — Hnf ftsfttUMie, /. money 
paid to get clear of all claims ; sum in full of 
all demands ; composition, compensation ; ap- 

MvfSgtXU, v.a. to reckon with the fingers ; to 

thumb over; to finger or play (a tune). 
ft Wftbril. «. 1. a. to empty (apond) by fishing ; 

fea« fkfte — , to take the cream of; einem 

f ttPftd — , to cheat one out of a thing. II. a. 

(aux, b.) to finish fishing. 
MwU&tn, v.a. to flatten gradually, to shoal, to 

level, to slope ; to become dull (as trade). 
fifton— tU, v.a. to wash (ore) ; to rinse (linen). 

Comp. — fo|, n. buddle. 
MPIeatfCB, ir.v.a. to un plait, untwist. 

Vfletea, v.a. (einem et»a4) to obtain by 
*fd>— fJI, v.a. to flay; to pick the flesh 
i the bone). Comp. — cifm, — ttteffer, »• 
ng-knife, flaying-knife. 
••'ft****. <t.pj». (aux. f.) to fly off. 
tjytiCim, ir.v.n. (aux. f .) to run off, to flow 

off or down ; to ebb. 
ttfRiifeen, v.a. to make to float away ; to float 

down a river, 
fifing, m. flight, departure (of migratory birds). 
*fi*fritt, v. I. a. to deprive of wings. 
••'SnE m. (-flf#, pi. *bfln«e) Towing off; 

ebb; discharge, defluxiou(if«d.) ; refuse-fluid. 

— be# Ok Ibe* , efflux or drain of money. Comp . 

—grab**, m. drain, — rdbre, f. waste pipe, 



tjrfnlg— C, /. succession, sequence. — e«, t>.n. 

fata, f.) see ©erabfolgen. 
tttfaltcrn, v^. to extort from ; eiaent ein 

Qcftiabni* — , to extort a confession from 

someone by torturing. 
«bf crbcr— n, vm. to call away ; (einem etumS) 

to demand from, make a claim against ; einem 

9ted>enfd)aft — n, to call one to account. 

— aafl* /• » demand from ; recall. 
Wtotm,/. (pi. —en) form, mold. 
Wfanatflr v.a. to mold, to form from a 


mold; eintn @d)tth — , to take a shoe off the 



I, v.a. (einem ettoa£) to search out, 
kin by pumping. 
HI r vm. to cut down, to root up (a /ore*)* 

III , v.a. to inquire of, to ascertain by 

i ; einem fttnbe bie Qkammarif — , 

i child's grammar. 

HI , ir.v.a. to eat off. to browse ; to com- 

l — , „r Qram frifrt Ujm bad $er ab, 

grief gnaws his heart. 
tjifrierea, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to be bitten off by 

cold, to be half frozen ; er bat fidj bie 3eben 
abgefroren or bie £ehen ftnb ibra abgefroren, 
his toes are frost-bitten. 

Hb'fiiaen, v.a. to smooth off, to plane smooth. 

if bTn nr , /. removal or transportation (of goals) ; 
carting off, carriage ; disabling (of an antago- 
nist) (students 1 slang). — lofclt, m. cartage, 
carriage. — to*gm, m. dust cart, mud cart, 
night cart. 

•bfit it— Ca, v.a. to lead away ; to carry off, 
down, away ; to export ; to mislead ; to purge ; 
to draw wire ; to snub ; to discharge a debt, 
put to one's credit ; er nmrbe in <#croabrfam 
abgef ttbrt, he was removed into custody ; btefe 
ttrpei fttnrt ju ftorf Ob, this medicine is too 
strong an aperient; (fain.) er iff fffmn abge- 
furjrt ttjorben, he has got his answer; ben 
qobe id) Qi&n^enb abgefiibrt, I have beaten 
him hollow. — eilt, p. A adj. purgative, 
aperient; — enbe Wuoffllt, abductor muscles. 
— nng, /. removal, carrying off ; evacuation ; 
purgation ; —nng einer 8d|Mib, wiping off of 
a debt. Comp. — (nag$)>mittrl, n. aperient. 
— ntlttdsrobre,/. waste-pipe. 

Mb'fUOen, v.a. to fill out ; to draw off (wine) ; 
fflein anf ftiafdjen —. to bottle wine. 

Hb'Hirdien, v.a. to divide by furrows. 

•rf fitter— n, v.a. to feed, to fodder, —nng,/. 
feeding, the last feed at night ; great evening 
party, rout (coll.). 

Hb'fttbe, /. (pi. — n) tax, tribute, duty; draft, 
bill of exchange ; delivery, place of delivery 
(South German). — n, pi. fees, dues. Comp. 
— bfUdltia, adj. liable to taxes, assessable, 
taxable. — nsfrei, adj. duty-free, free of taxes. 
— n=tt»efen, n. (state of) imposts and taxes. 

flb'aabrea, ir.v.n. (aux. b.) to cease ferment- 

ftb'aaafl, m. (— t g, pi. ftbgfinge) departure ; 
deduction ; tare ; sale ; decease ; loss ; exit ; 
(arch.) want; miscarriage (Med.)\ pi. scrap- 
ings, filings; gttten — Ijaben, to have a 
ready sale ; ed finbet feinen — t there is no 
sale for it, it is a drug in the market ; nad) 
— ber ntannUdien fiinte, failing heirs male ; 
in — font men, to fall into disuse; to decay. 
Comp. — dsredmnng, /. note of tare, tare- 

Hb'ging— ifl, adj. going off, departing; sale- 
able; excremental; declining; sloping, un- 
even ; deteriorating ; missing (of ' paj>ers % etc.) ; 
shabby. — (tng, m. waste matter ; abortion. 
—felt n. refuse, clippings. 

Vb'ganftln, v.a. (einem etmad) to obtain by 

Urge ben, »>• v. I. a. to give, to deliver; to de- 
liver up ; to furnish a contingent ; to give (an 
opinion) ; to pay (taxes) ; to draw (a bill) ; to 
be good for ; to transfer ; einen SBedjfel, eine 
Xrarte anf einen — , to draw on one, to give a 
check or draft on one ; bted iff ffir @ie abttt* 

geben, this has been left for you ; einen SoU 
attn bon einem 9teniment ftu einem anbern 
— f to draft a soldier Irom one regiment to an- 
other ; er bfitte einen guten *r*t abgegeben, 
he would have made a good doctor ; er fann 
einen geugen — , he can bear witness ; einem 
eiaJ — , to give one a cutting reply, to gire 


writMHw. p.p. de adi. sloping. 

•bjfcbrofdjc*, adj. triu. 
nUefdwt («o*efia«t * '«• ****), ».». (o/ 

the now obeoiele dbfeinteit. to skim (off), to 
scum) <& adi. crafty, cunning, knowing ; ein 
r Qdfenudjt* an arch-rogue, an out and out 


one a blow ; eioent chute" — , to share with 
one ; e* loirs toobf ettt>o4 —. something is 
sure to happen ; jefct gtebt c* «bcr rrwa* 
db, we (you) are in for it now ; fines; Warren 
— , to play the fool. II. r. ftdj wit iemdHb(em) 
—, to frequent one'i company; mit bem 
SRenfdien oebe id) midj itidjt db, I won't 
have anything to do with that fellow ; ftdj mit 
ettoa£ — , to occupy oneself with a matter; 
er giebt fidj oicl mit ben neueren 6prodien 
db, he spends a great deal of his time on mod- 
ern languages. I1L n. (aw. b,.) to deal (cards) 
for the last time. 

MVithTtuut. pp. o/aforemten de adj. burnt 
out; (/am.) without money, out of cash, 
stumped. See ttbbrennen. 

*b / trbriKbe«, p.p. de adj. broken off; abrupt. 
See ttbbretfjCH. —ktit,/. abruptness. 

Wflrtrfitt, p.p. de adj. (colloq.) insensible 
(to) ; cr ift gegen 6d)dnbe — , he does not care 
for disgrace, he has no feeling of shame what- 

See ttbbre • 

oWgegriffeo, pp. of ab'greifrn de ad>*. worn 
by thumbing; — < SKftllfte, worn coin; — eo 
Qebetbndj, well-worn prayer-book. 

Written, ir.v. I. n. (a«x. f.)togo off, to depart, 
to start ; to swerve ; to go astray ; to deviate, 
digress ; to relinquish ; to come off, wear off ; 
to make one's exit ; to pass (Med.) ; to be in 
want ; to be missing ; to lose ; to selL to And 
purchasers ; toenn debt bit fjoft db ? when 
does the post go? boaon faun id) nidjt — , I 
must insist on that ; Horn tyreife — # to lower 
the price ; debt niifctl Oom tJretfe db ? is 
there no reduction? is this your last price? 
ber fjfds aebt Hut* db, the path goes off to 
the left ; tr Iftftt fidj nidjtd — , he denies him- 
self nothing; Hon ber ©djnle — , to leave 
school ; oon C wem ttntte — , to resign an office ; 
er ift abgegftftgen toorben, he has been dis- 
missed (coir.); mit Sobe — . to depart this 
life ; bad Jttab gtag db, the wheel came off ; fete 
ftdrbe nind db, the color faded, came off ; 

ft fiob tor ^ ■■ u - ^s 

passed won It* 

ttiffe db, I re- 

quired for tl I? 

am I the w -, 

she shall wi ft, 

exit Shylocl ut 

badly; bo* irt 

went off w< b, 

she had an is- 

eoant (man *, 

to send off, by 

walking ; to measure by steps. 

flllKtet*§e«, p.p. A adj. taken off; — * $Urf- 
beilbcit, dividends collected or cashed. 

flUKgcUCtt, »•«• to get by avarice ; fin) ettt>d$ — , 
to starve oneself through avarice. 

Ht'teUtert, PP. de adj. seasoned ; -t 3ig«r« 
ren, matured, well-seasoned cigars. 

flUKgcUMVCft, P4>. de adj. expired; due, payable. 

WKgfleot. p.p. de adj. decrepit ; faded ; worn 
out ; blase'. — hf it, /. decrepitude. 

oWfiClrtfltf p.p. de adj. remote, distant; — er 
©ein, wine long laid down. —fecit. /• re- 
moteness, isolation. 

ftb/gf If itCt, pp. d- adj. derived (Mus. de Oram.). 

Uo'deoidtfet, p.p. de tnterj. settled, agreed, ail 
right, that *s a bargain ! 

flWitMCffea, I* PP- de adj. measured ; slow ; 

formal. II. adv. with careful adjustment. 
-fefit,/. regularity, exactitude. 

flb'tettdgt, p.p. de adj. disinclined, averse. 
— *cit,y. d ^yni*ti natJ 4ffl t repugnance. 

fllb/gCsmfef. adj. worn out, used up; stale; 

tPgCOrfeMCte, m. (~n, pi. — «) deputy, dels- 
gate member (of a »enute\ political representa- 
tive ; ein — *r, a member. Comp. -~n=fed»6, 
house of representatives, chamber of deputies ; 
b«* brentifdje — n §*ni, the Prussian 
Chamber of Deputies, the Prussian House of 
~ ** vresentatives. 

H of ab'reimen. 

H > tan off ; to beat. 

H i. deducted ; — btOOft, setting 


H qf db'rei|CB de adj. torn, 

adj. declared (enemy). 
►/dbfenben. — t, m.(—tu y pi. 
tr; tin — er, an " 

WteftMt, m. (-Ce)#, pi. «b0efiN0e)d /«***- 

col term in the long, of the madenmger* denot- 
ing the latter portion of a stansa, the Jormer 
half being coiled ttttfaefdnd. 

WKtefdMeSm, PP- d?adi. solitary; secluded; 
separate; defunct; dead; — er ®eift or —t 
fceele, departed spirit. HKit, seclusion, 
secuded spot; solitude, privacy, retirement. 

«Piefft<ilfe«. PP. de adj. polished ; refined, po- 
lite, —fecit,/, refinement, elegance of manners. 

tjytffftlOfffll, p.p. de adj. retired, secluded; 
concluded ; exclusive ; closed, settled. — bttt, 
/. seclusion. 

UVgtitomndt, adj. tasteless, insipid; absurd; 
in bad taste. — Jcit, /. absurdity ; insipidity ; 
bad taste, bad breeding. 

flUKgtfetCft, p.p.; — 00H. without regard to; 

apart from ; — bOOott bog, without mention- 



«.); -t 



t ©effl- 

fchout rig- 


tired out, 

\ntm ben 
e; fiorm 
f, to steal 
-, to gain 
-, to get a 
be etojft* 
II. r. to 
tic.); fid) 
1th com- 



ike lessons regularly, n. a. 
be — fit, to beer off from the 
ay (Naut.). — Itttfl. /. hin- 
it, hindering, impeding. 
i. to settle ; to bargain for; 
bargaining; to treat of, to 
litem ettotS —tin, to pur- 
of a person. — Istttttt /• 
e, essay ; negotiation, 
lot at hand, mislaid, lost; 
lost; — gefommeit fcin, U 
^« <*-*!_!. 

». to hang down ; to incline : 
ice from ; to depend on ; t§ 
nfeeit ab, it depends on dr- 
;. adj. stoning, declivitous; 
lent on, subject to; — tee 
pUne. -igtdt, /. slope, 
to unhang; to take off or 

emove with a rake, 
languish ; to pine away (from 
X tint ©ttdje, to grieve at 

to harden. II. r. to inure 


ake the resin from (a tree). 
cittern ein»«S — , to snatch 

unwind from a reel ; to play 
and without any expression 
•a of music, a poem). 

> cut off, to cut down. 
iftln* v.a. to separate into 

to skin. II. n. (aux. b..) to 

. to lift off ; to uncover ; to 
out in relief ; to cut (card*) ; 
lose turn is it to cut ? cine 
iismount a gun ; 9)<tbra — , 
. II. r. to detach itself, to be 
rought into relief ; fete belle 
auf bent bunfetn $t»ter- 
ft ab, the light figure U set 
gainst the dark background. 
tc«, v.a. to loosen ; to un- 

r. f.) to heal completely. 
aux. f|. dot.) to help down 
, to supply (a ward) ; beat iff 
that cannot be helped ; eilter 
-, to remove a difficulty; 
-, to correct a fault; ©€• 
-, to redress grievances, 
hug to one's heart's content, 
isses (fam.). 

i tire by hunting ; to run down 
em etload — , to worry one 
II. r. to tire oneself out, to 
b. a lot of trouble. 
ehiem etttwd — , to obtain 

. to howl. II. r. {fam.) to 
h howling. 

item ettotS — , to get« 
a. f.) to limp off or away. 

> smooth with a plane; to 

declined, unfavorable; un- 

etch off, away ; to fetch ; to 
U.) ; einen — laffen. to send 
Sie bei3brem«aier — »* 
it your father's ; ber StageiS 
i carriage will come for u»e. 




Wltflt, n. (— f 0) chips of wood ; dead wood, 
ftb/frljrtt, f .a- to cut down, to dear of timber 

(a wood). 
«bt»r6tft, v.a. / r teem ettoaJ — , to learn 

from s.o. by listening. 
Utter— Cft, v.a. to learn by hewing ; ftedj. 
nttngrn —tit, to audit account* ; tie genocn 
— Clt, to examine witnesses (Judicially) ; $f a» 
«e» gegeit efaumber —en, to confront wit- 
nesses. —Mitt* /• hearing; trial, examina- 
W%V& f m. (— e i) remains of a meal ; broken 
meat ; offal ; dross ; cut (at cards) ; — (ber 

" " Jt "~ (DefrSfdiaft), offscum, rough- 


to worry ; to perform badly. 

ke (obs.). 

ress, relief. 

to shell ; to blanch (almonds). 

(out. f.) to hop away. 


1 adj. turned, on the wrong ride, 

, (aux. f.) to lose one's way ; to 
• — HH§, /• deriation ; aberra- 

( — -en), boy of the top 
secondary school ((Bumnaftam, 
v»ch»iuimic/ "ho is going in for his leaving- 
certincate examination (SWatltritot«t»rfl- 
fmta. ttrifebrfifvitg). -cnstrolettria't, n. 
academic proletariate. — f ttsinrfiflMlg, /. leav- 
ing-certificate examination in the best second- 
ary boys 1 schools. 

ftlr*|*dKrtt. t\r. to get out of breath by over- 
exertion, to run hard (coll.). 

VIKiagCtt, v.a. to over-ride, over-drive ; to walk 
down, stalk (game) ; tintm ettna* — , to res- 
cue, recover something from a person ; fiA — , 
to overexert oneself, to exert oneself greatly. 

W\0&*n, v.a. to unyoke. 

ftfcturtf/reit, v.a. to deny formally (under an 

gb'falteft, v. a. to cool ; fBeht — , to ice wine. 

ftbTdnttltflt, v. a. to comb off; to shoot off the 
crest of a parapet. 

VPrimiririt, v.a. ; tintm ctnntd — , to get 

from s.o. by fighting. 

VbTrttttflt. v.a. to take off the corners ; to take 
off the selvage. 

flbTomrllt, v. a. ; etnen — , to rebuke a p. from 
the pulpit ; to give a p. a good scolding (coll.). 

MVtOpPCn, v.a. to unhood ; to cut off, lop, dock. 

flbTftrten, v.a. ; cittern ttmai —, to stint one of 

•bfarrtlt, v. I. a. to remove in a cart. n. n. 
iota, f.) to go in a cart (rare). 

flP'tartft!, v.a. to concert, to plot ; till alge* 
ftrtetee* Spiel, a preconcerted game. 

MVtaHtiCtt, v.r. to exhaust oneself by morti- 

ttftauett, v.a. to separate by chewing; to bite 
off ; fldtl bie 9Mge( — , to bite one's nails, 

flb'tanf , m. (— $, pi. fTbfftnfe) purchase, the act 
of purchasing ; act of buying off (a daim, etc.). 

fthfUMfCIt, v.a.; tintm ttt0*9 — , to buy 
from s.o. 

Vbfittf — CT. m. purchaser. — (id), adj. redeem- 
able; purchasable. 

Vfefcfrlett, v.a. to cut the throat ; to flute, to 

Vfef f (NT , /. (no pi.) the turning away, renuncia- 
tion ; alienation, estrangement ; — ban l9ott« 
backsliding; — toon bcr €finbe, desistance 
from sin, conversion. 

•btfbr— fit, v.a. to turn away; to distract, 
divert ; to brush awsy ; fin abgeftbrter 9ffen. 
a broom worn to the stump ; f|<fj ton tintm 
—til, to turn from one, withdraw one's assist- 
ance from a p. ; to turn one's back upon, —ft, 

— et) sweeper. 

eparate, or cleave by a wedge ; 
to buy from s.o. (vulg.y 
press (wine). 

. to exert oneself, to toll hard 

o fathom ; to cord (wood). 
litem ctttad —, to get tram 
, or by a lawsuit. 
. to unpeg. 

fllPf Ifc-ftl, v.a. to clear, to clarify ; fid) — tn, 

to grow clear. — M«i,/. clarification. —ftttfvs 

iCfail, n. decan t i n g vessel, decanter. 
HPnatfo, m. (-**, pi. —t) cast, Impression ; 

copy, press copy ; proof, 
tlb'flatfchfn, v.a. to print off (a proof sheet, a 

medal, etc.) ; to dab : to stereotype ; to copy ; 

to slap, smack (vulg.) ; to refuse (in dancing). 
Hbftetffm, v.a. to copy in a scrawling manner. 
flbfltihCit, v.a. to undress; to partition off; 

bie State — , to take off the service (NautX 
flUKTIeiltttiat, v.a. to pinch off. 
Hbflettcro, v.a. to climb down. 
MVtllmpttU, v.a. to play badly, to strum off (a 

flbTUUlfru, v.a. to beat, to knock off; to beat 

up ; to thrash, to beat soundly ; duett fhrobe- 

batten — , to strike off a proof sheet. 
•IKfltatbem, v.a. to nibble off, to pick (a bone). 
ftbTttaDra, v. L n. (aux. J.) to explode. II. *. 

fillf White — , to fire off a gun (coll.). 
nVtntpptn, WrtnaWtU, v.a. to break off in 

little bits; to sttat; ebtrm am 80bne -, to 

curtail one's wages. 

fHKrnoMferrt,/. stinting. 

ftbfnrifflt, &. v.a. to ptnch (or to rip) off ; bm 
fBmb —. to haul the wind ; to ply to windward : 
elJtem 661 tie ben fBtab — > to take the wind 
out of a ship's sails; to gain the wind (or the 
weather-gage) of a ship. 

UVtntiHn, v.a. to pinch off. 8ee fcbfneiftn. 

tHKfttidttt, v.a. to crack, snap off; to wring off. 

nVtn&fax, adj. removable: 
ftfcfllWeilr v.a. to unbutton 

to take off the 

buttons; etttem ctltat — , to take something 
away from someone without his noticing ft 

«b/fltttWtt, v.a. to unbind, to undo. 
HbTnBtftbfll, v.a. to smother with 

. I. a. to boil down; to decoct; to 

Mvt&QCMty- A. ». WU UUU UUWOj wwwni w 

elixate ; Wildl -, to scald milk ; ^rfidite taut- 

Sim — , to stew fruit; abgrfocbter Xrcttf, 
ecoction. II. n. (aux. b.) to finish cooking. 

*Pf0m«aftlterf1l, v.a. to order off, to de- 
tach ; cr ifl 5nr graicn Vrmrc ■BramMn* 
biert, he has>ined the majority (/am.). 

tlbfonrmc «* Kbrammtiitg. 

tlbfOWmen, I. W.v.n. (aux. f.) to come away, to 
deviate; to getaway; to swerve; to digress; 
to be descended from ; to fall into disuse ; to 
go out of fashion; to fall to leeward ; bomSkfe 
— . to lose the way; ffotttn Bit toobf tmt 
eterrelftttnbe — ? can you get away (or be 
spared) a quarter of an hour? id) Bin btftm 
abtefsmmeit, I have jrlven it up; in) bin mm 
metner frftbrren ttnftdit obgef otnnten. I have 
altered my former opinion ; ntit frntanb — , to 
come to an understanding with one ; er ftm 
— , we can do without him. II. subst. n. fall- 
ing into disuse ; origin, descent ; composition, 
agreement ; fin — tttffeit, to come to an agree- 
ment. — f tfetft, /. offspring, posterity. 

nVtommlUu, adl able to get away, not 
wanted, disposable, disengaged. 

fttfitarailiiii, •». I— *\ j>/. — e) descendant' 


MVtouttvUitn, v.a. (/am.) to take the UkeneM 
of ; to portray. 

MVtipHu, vm. to decapitate ; to top, poll (trees). 

VfeTobpeta, v.a. to uncouple, unleash (dogs). 

UVWtn, v.a.; tintm erwad — , to get 
from s.o. by wheedling. 

*rl»#en, v.a. to take away by tasting. 

MbttamtU, vm. to remove, to clear away. 

fttfr*%C«. v.a. to scrape, to scratch off; gift 
bie €kfcnfie — , to scrape one's shoes; fro* abl 
get away I (coll.). 

Mvtniuktn f v.r. to grow hoarse by screaming. 

Wtreifen, *. I. a. to divide by a circle ; to en- 
circle. IL n. (aux. f.) to fly off with a circu- 
lar motion. — |, adj. eccentrical. 

WlticfCft, v.a. (tintm erautf) to obtain by 
making war; to get; to remove, get off (vulg.); 
tttoai—, to get a reprimand ; to get abeabng. 

ftkfttftClll, vjo. to scribble off, copy scrib- 

HtWfnWw, v.a. to fry, roast; bod 6l — . to 
clarify (Typ.). 

UWttftmcln, v.a. <fe n. (aux. f.) to crumble off. 

Wrtrftmmt*, v.a. to bend down, to crook; to 
fire off. 

tMKtttfCllt* v.a. to bowl off; to vote, to reckon 
by ballot. 

MV&m—tn. v.a. <fr n. (avx. U to cool; fid) 
—■tH, to refresh oneself, to cool down. —ftng, 
/. cooling ; refrigeration ; refreshment. Comp. 
—H%, a. cooling vat. 

WTu%b—t*. usually — 4*en, v.a. to publish 
from the pulpit; to proclaim, announce; to 
resign (Law). — Iftftltft, /. proclamation, pub- 
lishing ; poblishing of the banns ; notice, warn- 



*,/. (Pi. sWttnfte) deecent, parentage, 

origin ; breed, race ; agreement ; *ou niebriger 
— -. of low origin. 

MVtmPkn, %9tuPPtn, v.a. to cut the top, to 
nip off; to lop. 

Wtinuiie*, v.a. to give a good scolding (coll.). 

HlVTin— CS, v.o. to shorten; to abridge; to 
abbreviate ; to lesson, curtail ; to reduce to a 
lower term (Arith.). — *r, m. abridger, epi- 
tomise. — «Mg, /.abbreviation; abridgment; 
reduction (of fractions, etc.) ; —una m ©djrei- 
btw, shorthand. 

ftWiffen, vm. to Us* away (e.g. XMntn); 
to kiss again and again, to kiss to one's heart's 

. Ofrae — » incessantly; bottfommene* 
— , plenary indulgence. Comp. — brief, m. 
letter of indulgence ; dispensation, —grill, n. 
shrove-money. — babn, m, delivery cock; 
blow-off cock. — QatlftCl, m. selling of indul- 
gences. — fritter, — prroittr, m. vendor, 
preacher of indulgences. — tPHdK* week of 
Corpus Christ! day, Corpus Chnsti week. 
— «rtf I, m. ticket of indulgence. 

HanafffM; ir.v. I. a. to drain, let off ; to decant: 
to rack (wine) ; to launch (a vessel) ; to unbend 
(a bow); to anneal (steel); to reduce (i* 
price) ; anf bctben Seiten etwaS — , to split 
the difference ; fin $a§ — , to broach a cask. 
IL n. (our. b.) to leave off, to desist. 

flb'latib, m. (-$, pi. -t) ablative. 

flUKIatten, v. a. to take off the laths. 

tl (Khmer n, v.a. to lurk, watch for ; to obtain, 
leara by watching ; bent ffltlbe bie 8#fjrte — , 
to spy out the track of the game. 

Hb'tottf, w». (— eS) running off; lapse, expira- 
tion (of time, of a treaty, etc.); wane; 
apophyge (/ircA.), gutter; issue (of a matter); 
ebb; — eined tBedtfeld, maturity of a bill. 
Comp. -<e)=frtfr, /. (etneS SBedifel*), time 
(or term) of payment. — (o)=U>dj t n. vent- 
hole, outlet. -<o)=ri**e, /. a sink. — <*)= 
robre,/. a waste-pipe. 

ftbtotlten, «r.v. I. n. (cox. f.) to run down; to 
run off or astray; to set off, to depart; to 
elapse, to expire; to become due; to start 
(racers); to issue; bal Staffer l&uft 0*, 
the tide turns, ebbs; bad £td)t (anft ttb, the 
candle gutters; bie tlbr iff a bar (anf en, the 
watch has run down ; brine ttbr ift abgefan* 
few your sand has run out, your hour is come 
(poet.) ; — fatten, to parry a thrust ; to answer 
sharply, to set down; to start (races); to 
launch (a ship) to dispatch (a letter). IL a. 
to wear off by running ; to attain by running; 
to get the better of ; fid) bie Corner — , to sow 
one's wild oats; bad babe id) (atir) ffingft ait 
ben Sdjnben abgefaufen, I knew that long ago. 

fllPUhlfrr, m. (—4, pi. — )that which runs off; 
spool ; thread out of place ( Weav.). 

HlKllllttCllr v.a. to wash out the lye ; to steep 
in lye. 

flWtfllftltrtt. SeeW\tnq 

fitKIanidKn, v.a. 

lie in wait for. 

t. (— e£, pi. — e) vowel-gradation, 

•egular change of vowels, usually radi- 

ms of the same word and in etymo- 

onnected words). 

v.a. to change the (radical) vowel] 

>e deitttiorter, strong verbs. 

v.a. to ring the bell for the train to 
Ana mtrb gfein) abgefautet, the 

e train will be rung in a minute. 

, v.a. to clear, to clarify ; to refine 

o filter ; to wash (ore). 

[. v.n. (aux.j.) to die; to become 

II. subst. n. decease, demise, death. 

\a. to lick off. 

v.a. to skin ; to unbuff [piano ham* 
men, etc.); to beat. 
mKleg— en, I. v.a. to put, take off ; to lay off, 
down, aside (garments, arms, a burden, etc.)\ 
to slough off (shin, etc.) ; to give up (habits) ; 
fRedjcnfdiaft —en, to render an account, to 
account ; bie SMeibet —en, to undress ; 9tf d> 
nung — en, to submit accounts, to give in an 
account, to account ; eitten Sib — en, to take 
an oath ; Rtuani$ —en, to bear witness ; ein 
Befennrnfe — tn, to make a confession ; bie 
&inbtrfd)ube —en, to be no longer a child ; 
ftttte, lenen €ie ab, pray take off your 
things!; cine ©djulb —en, to pay a debt; 
Keffen —en, to layer pinks; ftarren —en, to 
throw out cards; ttrbeUtr — en, to pay off 

9e Vfrf enonen. 

. to learn by listening ; to lurk, 



workmen. II. v.n. (awe. h.) to be delivered of 
young ; to put out to sea ; to decline, fail. 
— er, m. (— ero\ pi* — er) layer ; scion ; a cub ; 
■prig, shoot, — nng, /• laying off, giving up, 
rendering ; layering ; profession of faith ; swear- 
ing, taking of an oath Comp. — esfefrler, m. 
wrong letter, misprint. — t sf|HUt» m. distri- 
buting rule (Typ,). 

%\y\t%n—tn, v.a. to lean, torn aside; to 
remove ; to keep off. avert ; to decline, excuse 
oneself. — ttttg, /• declining, refusal. 

ftpfeiertt, v.a. to perform on the lyre; to 
drawl, to deliver mechanically (a speech, an 

flUKIeiten, ir.v.a. ;einrm etttia* — , to borrow from s.o. 

Vfteift-ttt, I. v.a.; einen (fib —en, to take an 
oath (in due form) ; to pass, to serve (0. g. bad 
VHIitariatr, the year of military service). 
II. subd.n. ; — f n ber $icnfrpf (id)t, perform- 
ing the military service. — llttg, /. serving. 

MVmtfm, adj. capable of being turned aside, 
drainable ; deaucible. derivable. 

Wfltit—tn. v.a. to divert, lead away; to mis- 
lead ; to draw off, drain ; to trace back ; to 
derive ; to deduce ; to let off, escape. — er, m. 
conductor; conduit-pipe, channel; fHifc— tr, 
lightning-conductor; cut 9Hdjt— er, a non- 
conductor. — nng, /• a leading off ; diversion 
(of a stream, etc.); derivation. Comp. 
-HIMtferittttf, /. sewer, drain. — nngns 
fill*,/, derivation syllable, suffix. 

•rlenf— en, v. I. a. to divert; to avert; to 
parry; to turn away. II. n. (owe. h.) to turn 
off; to swerve, —watt, /. diversion; etnen 
— ttng$«angriff madiett, to effect a diversion 

Wlernen, v.a. ; einem f r»a« —, to imitate, to 
learn ath. from s.o, by looking at him. 

flflffen, ir.v.a. to read off ; to read aloud, over ; 
to pick off, to gather ; nam 8(att — , to read at 
sight; till 9tt& — , to wear out a book by 

•tKleuglt— eit, v.a. to deny, disown, disclaim. 
— et. m. denier. —nng,/. denial, disavowal. 

Vnfiajten, v.a. to give a lighter shade to ; to 
clear (woods). 

•IKlicffT— a, v.a. to deliver (over, tip); to con- 
sign, —una, /. delivery; issue (of provi- 
tions) ; nad) erf ©later — ting, after delivery, 
when delivered. Comp. — Wlgftsfftein, m. 
certificate of delivery. — nugftstng, *»• day 
fixed for delivery. — nngftstertttitt, m., 
— nng6=Ktt, / settling day. 

WlttflCII, ir.v. I. n. (aux. f.) to lie at a dis- 
tance, to be remote; (aux. h.) to lie until 
mellow, to grow mature ; to settle, to clear ; 
fill abgclegener SBcg, bypath. II. r. to get 
rubbed off with lying \the hair, etc.). 

VfliVten, v. a. ; cittern crttmd — , to obtain 
by cunning from s.o. 

MwtOdtn, v.a. to entice away; to obtain by 
flattery, to lure from; ehtem ertttti — , to 
coax one out of a thing ; einem Xbranen — , 
to draw tears from one. 

VfKUxferU, v.a. to loosen (earth round roots). 

ftb'Ubnen, va. to pay off ; to discharge. 

flrUHdK*, v.a. to cool, quench; to slake 
(lime)\ to temper (iron) ; to wipe, blot out. 

■rI5f— «♦ v. I. a. to loosen, unloose ; to cut 
off, to sever ; to take off ; to detach ; to com- 
mute (a penalty) ; to set a watch ; to relieve 
(guard)', to redeem (a pledge), buy up; 
•Oldfenbf Vtittel, resolvents, pectorals 
(Med.). II. r. to be detached ; to peel, drop 
off ; to succeed in turn, alternate, relieve one 
another. — (g)IUa, adj. A adv. capable of be- 
ing untied ; redeemable, —nag, /. loosening ; 
amputation ; relief, relieving guard ; ransom ; 

10 Mmirffcn 

ttbf 9tta, v.a. to unsolder. 

tW'llldjfett (also «fe(ttgfen and Unluten). v.a. 
to learn by lurking; einem cttOaJ — f to 
swindle one out of a thing (coil.). 

ftb'lugev, ir.v.a. to deny by lying; ebtent 
ermad — , to get from s.o. by lying. 

UlrwUKtr— en, v.a. to undo, to loosen ; to detach ; 
to finish; to settle, arrange definitely; fine 
©djulb — f to discharge a debt; fin <$kfd)ftft 
— , to settle a business, to transact a business ; 
bad iff ei'lt — , that goes ail in one, that 
makes one job of it; bad iff abaenwfht! 
agreed I it *s a bargain ! done t ; abgematjt, in 
order (Comm.). —nng,/. arrangement, settle- 
ment ; stipulation, agreement ; adjustment. 

HPntftgern, v.n. (aux. f.) to grow lean; atge- 

agert, p.p. <& adj. emaciated. 
flllKtttaben, v.a. to mow, to cut off, down. 
Wfmaftlen (p.p. abgeraablen), v.a. to grind 

thoroughly, to finish grinding. 

ftPmalm— - en, v.a. to dissuade from, to warn 
against. — enl, p. <& adj. dissuasive, —nag, 
/. dissuasion. 

fUKmaleit. v.a. to paint, to portray, to copy, to 
depict, describe ; fid) — laffen, to have one's 
portrait painted (/dm.); (*| bid) — 1 non- 
sense, bosh ! (coll.). 

ttb/tttangeln, v. I. a. to mangle thoroughly. IT. 
n. (aux. ft.) to finish mangling. 

*b'mar«*jeit, v.r. to overexert oneself, to tire 
oneself out (coll.). 

MKmargeltt, see ttbmrrgrfn. 

fUKwartm, v.a. to mark out, to lay out (a 

«b'marften,v.a.; baton ta|t fid) nidjtd — , 
nothing can be deducted from this. 

*btnarfO>, m. (-td.W. ttbmtrfdie) departure ; 
marching off, march. — iertH, v.n. (aux. f.) 
to march off; 9Rann ffir aRatrn — icren, to 
file off. 

« Smarter*, v.a. to torment ; einem ettoad — , 
to extort from s.o. (by tormenting him). 

ftb'tnafc, n. the measure of a thing, dimension. 

HfttMtt— en, v.a. to fatigue, to weary out; 
gan& abgemattet, quite knocked up. — ung, 
/. harassing, tiring ; weariness, exhaustion. 

HIKttteiern, v.a. to turn out of a farm; to dia- 
possesi a person (coll.). 

flb'meifaVlt, v.a. to mash duly (Brew.). 

flUKmeifceln, v.a. to chisel off or out. 

Ht'mergeln, *•<*• to waste, to emaciate; fin 
abgemergefter &tenfdj, a worn-out indi- 
vidual, a man without strength or savor. 

HIKttterfen, v.a. to observe, to perceive; to 
learn by observing ; einem crttia* — , to learn by observing a p. 

•btneff— en, ir.v. a. to measure off ; to measure, 
to gauge ; to survey ; to suit, make to suit ; to 
compare ; er mffit fetor ttulbrfitfe nid)t ab. 
he uses unmeasured language; anbere naaj 
fid) fcfbfr —en, to judge of others by oneself; 
bie Beit — en, to apportion time, to time; 
einen *er* — <n, to scan a verse; ba# ift 
nia)t al^nmeffen. that cannot be gauged, 
there is no standard for that. — tt , m. (— er#. 

v rveyor. —nag, /. 

it; survey. 

H eck of grain (as pap 

e the miller's toll. 

H rom; to farm. — er, 

», hirer, tenant. 

H mlnish, to lessen. — 

ilng; reduction. 

M manure. 

f| tera model ; to copy 

H I or free from moss. 

f| BOUt. 

f| great exertions, to 

It 1), v.a.; rinen— v to 

flfliitStigcit 11 HMhttat 





m^niltfm, v.a. to prune (a vine) ; fid) — , to 
stray away; bie £ttieige rtltfCH fid) at, the 
boughs are straying from the trellis. 

HIKraff It, v.a. to browse ; to cut the grass. 

ftfrftleil, v.a. tonally r. to cease raging ; her 
8rttrat bat fid) abaeraft, the storm hasoeased 
raging, the storm u over. 

•Prat— en, ir.v.a. to dissuade from, advise 
against ; cr v&t rair Hon met item Strbaben 
ab, he dissuade* me from my purpose ; eittent 
ffttic <£ebanfen — t n, to guess or divine one's 
thoughts. — nng, /• dissuasion. 

tlPrancb— en, t».n. (au«. f.) to evaporate, to 
exhale. Cotnp. — fcfyaie, /. evaporating dish. 

UPrSlHtero, ra - to «noke thoroughly. 

fllbTdttfen, v.a. to pull off, to tear off ; fid) — , 
to come to blows, to fight with all one's 
might, to stuffle. 

vtbTfUtm, m. (— d) rubbish ; clearing away (of 
wood) ; chips, loppings of wood ; shelf ( Jftn.). 

flllr*r3ttttl— f tt, v.a. to dear, to remove ; ben 
$ifd) —ett, to clear away (the tea thinps, etc.). 
— Iinf »/• removal, clearance ; forest clearing. 

ftPronnen, v.a. to clear of caterpillars. 

ftfredKn, t\a. to rake off. 

•bTethfl— e«, v.a. dc n. to settle accounts; 
to deduct, subtract ; to make allowance for ; 
fern ftornrteU abgeredtnet ifl er ?c. r making 
allowance for his prejudice he Is, etc. ; etaige 
etetten abgeredjnet, with the exception of 
a few passages. —nng, /. settlement (of 
accounts), deduction; discount; attf — nag, 
on account ; — nng batten, to balance accounts. 
Comp. — nnggsfag, m. settling-day, day of 
liquidation, audit day. 

•Prtd)t— t, /. wrong side (of cloth). —en, 
v.a. to dress the wrong side of cloth, —ft, 
adv. on (or) to the wrong side ; wrong side out- 
wards, see feerfebrt. 

vfPKDf , /. (pi. — n) agreement ; denial ; — 
freffen or (obs.) ttefjnten, to concert together, 
stipulate, agree, make an appointment ; id) bin 
r# (genit.) nid)t in — , I do not deny it ; now 
usually : fa — fallen, to dispute, to deny ; id) 
ftelle bad nidjt in — , I do not deny it ; bad iff 
briber bie — , that is against our agreement. 

ftPrtdfn, v. I. a.; elite ©. — , to agree upon, 
to appoint, concert a th. ; efaem — , to dissuade 
one from ; abgerebeterntafen, according to 
arrangement ; ettte abgerebete feadje, a set- 
tled affair ; id) will babei weber jnreben nod) 
— , I will say nothing either way. II. r. to 
fatigue oneself by talking ; to talk one's fill. 

fjfregnen, «• I- <*• to beat off by raining. II. r. 
dc n. imper. to cease raining ; to bat fid) abge* 
regnet, it has ceased raining. 

fib'reib— en, ir.v.a. to rub, to rub off ; to grind 
(colors), to wear by friction ; reiben €ie mid) 
tftd)tig ab, rub me down well ! ; fid) —en, to 
chafe ; bie 6d)nbe — en, to scrape or wipe one's 
shoes. — Ml /. rubbing down; friction 

tJPrridjen, v*. to reach down ; to reach ; to 

VPrftft, /. departure. 

ttt/rcifen, vm. (out. f.) to set out, to start, to 
depart ; —en nad) (dot. ), to set out for, leave for. 

tibfdil— en, ir - r - I- »• (<""• f.) to break off ; to 
tear ; obgeriffene 6fibe. disconnected phrases ; 
nteint Ofcbntb rei&t ab. I lose all patience. II. 
a. to tear, break, pull, wrench off; to pull 
down ; to wear out ; to come to an end (roll.) ; 
to draw a plan of ; to sketch ; to force (a lock) ; 
bad reift la gar nid)t ab, there is no end of 
it (coll.) ; er fiebt feqr abgeriffen an*, he looks 
very much out at elbows. — er, m. one who 
tears off; sketcher; tracing-machine. — s 
Ond,/. avulsion ; sudden break (Mum.). Comp. 
— falenbcr, m. sheet c ale n da r , calendar b 

tJPrettC*, ir.v. I. n. (awe f.) to ride away ; to 
ride along or past (a line of troops). IL a. to 
break (a horse) ; to wear by riding ; to override ; 
to lose by riding (as a shoe) ; to make the horse 
cast a shoe. 

WKrettftCfl, ir.v. I. a. to knock off in running ; 
einem ernmd — t to get a thing from one by 
running ; einen — , to tire a p. by walking too 
fast. II. n. (aux. f.) to ran away. III. r. to 
fatigue oneself by running. 

tJPrtttt— en, v.a. to adjust, to measure exactly ; 
to level ; to regulate ; to train, to teach tricks, 
to break in (<mantmo/); ein 6d)iff —en, to fl* 
a ship for sea; ein gut abgerid)teter £nnb, a 
dog well in hand. — er, m. a trainer ; one who 
levels, dr. —ana, /. the act of training ; train- 
ing, breaking in, drill. Comp. —boa 
straightening hammer. — fteitfdX, /. i _ 

whip ( Vet.), -frdb, -fttHf, m. straightening 
anvil. — ttHUjen, m. break, brake. 

tJPrifgfltt, v.a. to bolt the door ; fid) —, to bolt 
one's door. 

tJPrifftln, vm. (awe. 1.) to flow down gentiy ; 
to drutsle down ; to trickle down. 

•Print— fn, v.a. to bark, peel, strip off the 
rind ; to take off the crust. — ig, adj. having; 
a gaping rind or crust ; without bark or crust. 

fibTingen, ir.v.a. to gain by wrestling ; to twist 
off ; etnem etttad — , to wrest from s.o.. 
to wring (concessions, a confession. etcA ; fid] 
— , to wrestle to exhaustion ; fid) tot 7«bei> 
lontbfe — , to wrestle, struggle with death ; to 
writhe with agony ; fid) (dot.) bie 6*nt won 
ben $anben — , to wring one's hands in de- 

tlbTittnen, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to run off, flow down. 

•UKrifc, jn. (-Hf|f)ed. pi. -<*» hasty sketch ; 
nlan; draught; abstract, summary; outlines, 
first sketch. 

UbTitt, m. (— ed» pi. — t) departure on horse- 
back, the riding away, the start. 

«b / rwen, v.a. to clear of reeds, to remove the 
reeds from (a pond, lake). 

fiPmlen, v. L a. to roll away, off, down ; to 
transport goods from the railway-station to the 
town; to unroll; to unfold; to mangle; ein 
San — , to pay out cable. II. ». (aux. f. dk 
|.) to roll, run down ; to finish mangling. 

tJb'raftCK, v.n. (aux. f.) to rust off. 

flllr*rfi4vn, v.n. to move off, displace, remove; 
bie AtUen — , to begin with a new line. 

flyrntern. vm. (aux. f.) to row off ; fid) — , to 
tire ow*#^if by rowing. 

tlb'mf, m. (—4) recall; calling away; procla- 
mation, —bmt, adj. that can be called away; 
within call. 

fiPrnf— en, ir.v.a. to call away or off; to 
recall ; einen —en laffett, to have a p. called 
away from his work, to send for one. — nng* 
/. proclamation ; recall. Comp. — ttttggs 
fd)reiben, n. letter of recall. 

Idli m. signal of recall. 

irriKrln, *.a. to t 

fiPrifeln, v.a. to reprimand severely (coll.). 
fiPribren. v.a. to beat up, to stir ; CHer — , to 
beat up eggs. 

«b / rinien, fibrnnien, v.a. to round off, moke 

round ; to round (periods in writing). 

«bTnf*fen, t».o. to pluck off. 

•Prnft— en, v.a. to take down a scaffolding ; to 
disarm; to demobilise (/room, an army). — nng, 
/. reduction of the army, disarmament ; attge* 
ttteine — nng, universal disarmament. 

flbTttffdjen, v.n. (our. f.) to slip off, to glide 
down ; to snoak off, to leave (by train) (coll.) ; 
to die (coll. <fr vulg.). 

flPrittetn, v.a. to shake off. 

fiPf ibeln, v.a. to cut off with a sword, saber off ; 
to cut off clumsily (bread, meat, as if with a 

tJIKfadrtt, v. 1. a. to unload; to divide into 



















HIKfdrtrrettr v.a. to unharness. 

fteWdHafttr*, v.a. to slaughter, to kill (oaimoif 
for food), 

«»'f*t*ft, »». HrM, ;rf.»f<*ttgf) whet is 
beaten or hewn off, fragments ; rebound ; dimi- 
nution; fall in price; contrast; repulse; re- 
fusal, outlet. Tent; c£ {fit tin grafrr — , it 
differs widely ; attf — . in part payment ; on 
account; ba* ©ret if* in — grfomntftt, bread 
is down ; wit — * rt Ottfen, to sell at a reduced 

HHdTiili— fit, t>.». L a. to beat off ; to strike ; to 
cast (a medal, etc.) ; to refuse, reject ; to repulse, 
repel; to dam off; cinem sen ftopf -en, to 
strike off a man's head; eistctt ttfrrbf ftqttirif 
—<lt, to dock a horse's tail ; fin gelt —en, to 
strike a tent; fine ©riffr — «n, to break up a 
bridge ; einc ©ettftelic —en, to take down a 
bedstead; bic ©fgfl— ftt, tounreef the sails; 
ftafli ttngriff — , to repel an attack; ben 
Written — , a German running game ; tints 
6to| —fit, to parry a thrust; cinem trtnaS 
runb —en, to give one a flat refusal; 6ic 
b&rfen ti mir nidjt -*n, I win take no re- 
fusal; Gaffer — ftt, to make water. 11. n. (auz. 
f ,\ to abate, decline, fall off ; to fly back, to 
rebound; bie Stab fdjifiat ab, the cow gives 
less milk; bie Jtsitr fitfat ab, the cold 
abates. Comp. — ft=o«If ifcf , /. money lent 
to be paid back by installments. — vs|afl«ttH, 
/. part-payment, payment on account, install- 

WrlttUte— iff «#• containing a refusal ; nega- 
tive; brittle; — igr rtntwort, /. refusal. 
— lid), adj. in part payment, on account. 

ftyjdMamiiiett (tWdjlawntftt), v.a. to clear 
of mud. 

fJeVfAUtaftrltt, v.r. to meander, wind away; to 
leave quietly, to slink away (coll.). 

Wf*lti*e«, ir.v. I. a. (cinem ttw*9) to get 
by sneaking. II. v.n. <fr r. to slink away. 

^Wmtir-tn, ir.v. 1. a. to grind off ; to wear 
away ; to polish ; to whet, sharpen. II. r. to 
improve one's manners, —ft, m. polisher. 
—(tit n - grindings, shreds ; cutler's dust. 

mPWldfen, v.a. to carry away on a sledge; 
to wear out (clothe*, etc.) by dragging. 

tUKfCfclf intt n, v.a. to rid of slime ; to clean fish. 

IHK OMeiken, «•«• to wear out. 

lUK djltttWrtt, v.n. (auz f .) to saunter off. 

«*' djlttttfTtt, r.a. to shake off. 

tWdiltttbfTtt, v. I. a. to throw off with a sling ; 
to shake off. II. n. (auz. f .) to fly off. 

flltfftltfttttt, r.a. to smooth, polish off (with a 
plane, flic, etc.). 

*Vf<b(tffc— ftt, ir.v. I. a. to separate by locking 
up ; to lock off, up ; to close, settle (a bargain, 
etc.); to unlock, unchain, unfetter (prisoner*, 
etc. ; rare) ; to seclude ; to wind up, to balance 
(account*, etc.) ; tftttK Qfttrag — fit, to sign, 
close an agreement ; fid) —fit, to seclude one- 
self ; abgeffbloffen leben, to live in seclusion. 
II. n. (auz. h.) —en ftbtr ftnf €. to decide 
upon a th. — f no, p. <t adj. definitive, final. 
—lie), adj. A adv. positive, final, definitive. 
— anil, / locking, making up; seclusion; 
settling (of account*, etc.). 

«*/fdpItt»fe«, v.n. (auz. f.) to slip off; to slide 

WKHfelfirfen, v.a. to sip off. 

MKfftittt, m. (-Iff*, pi. Vbffftffiffr) closing; 
close, conclusion ; winding up ; settlement. 
Comp. — notf ,/. note of sale ; contract. — ftrs): 
tUfoll, n. recess, minutes. — ftrfitaafl, f. leav- 
tag examination (at the end of a sir yearr court* 
at a fflealfdrale, ^rofltimnaftum, or ftea( 
proo,bmnaftnm). — rtdmnna, /. balance of 
account, final account. — Jfttfl, •». broker's 
contract, broker's note. 

WdWUUf, m. (-f «) bad taste (©/trine, etc.). 

1 x. to kiss heartily, to smotfaex 

1 L o. to eat up (greedily). IL n. 

e done feasting. 
1 L a. to know by tasting. IL n. 

e a bad taste. 
1 /. ill-favored, unsavory. 

1 v.a. (cinem ertoaS) to obtain 

i out of. 
1 .v.a. (vulg.) tee Hbtof rfftt. 

\ ,^ w r I., ir.v.n. (auz.\.) to melt off, 

away, or down. II. reg. v.a. to separate by 

melting; to clarify; to melt off. Comp. — s 

Iraki, m. fusible wire. 
tWfChntirrfn, v. I. a. to grease ; to transcribe 

negligently ; to pirate ; to thrash {vulg.). TL n. 

(auz. b.) to give off grease, to stain. 
tWfdjmttfcrn, v.n. (auz. b.) to soil, to allow the 

dirt to come off ; to blot (Tup.). 
flPfdmaarn, v.a. to unbuckle. 
WtftnalNKn, v. I. n. (atar. f.) to snap; to stop 

suddenly. 11. a. to snap off ; to leave suddenly 

(coll.); to lock, to bolt. 
•PfdmrtsV-fa, ir.v. I. a. to cut off ; to clip; to 

crop, poll; to deprive of ; to settle (account* by 

tame*)', to cut out (a paper pattern); bit 

jjnf nqr — *n, to cut off the supplies ; cinem ben 
©eg —ftt. to stop a man's passage, communi- 
cation ; etnem bad ©art —en, to stop one 
short; finent bie ©hrt — tn, to injure one's 
reputation ; cinem bif Jttbft — f n, to cut a 
person's throat. 11. n. (auz. b.) to form a 
contrast, to differ. — ttttfi, /. cutting off; re- 
dsion ; nipping ; amputation. 

tUKfdmeten, vs.imp. ; t» bat Rd) abaefdmcit, it 
has ceased snowing. 

tUKfUmr Bftt, v. L a. to jerk off. IL n. (aux. 
f.j to fly off with a jerk. 

flHdjn iWOS, v.a. to dip, snip off ; to trim (the 

tlffdmUtfeln, v.a. to cutoff small pieces (coll.). 

VlKfUmm, m. (-f *, pi. -f ) cut ; segment ; sec- 
tion; paragraph; division; 

Eiriod; musical section ; a pattern (cut oufii 
trenchment, trench, retreat; balance paid 
In addition. Comp. — As 1 in if , /. cutting line 
(Typ.) ; line of section (Math.). — ftstofnfci, 
m. anile of a segment. — AsirUten, n. eso- 

UVMmitl (IW*nUrfd), a. (-«, pi. -) snip- 

pings, clippings, shavings. 
fib'fdwilkln, V*. to cut into chips, chip, 

whittle away. 
tiff djnfirf tt, to unlace ; to detach by tying ; te 

measure out, lay out, separate with the line. 

r*""^ v. L a. to obtain by begging. TL 

to rattle, whirr off; sunk away 

.a. to scoop off, to skim, to scum. 
th ghort o) m. emigration tax; 
ff shoot. 
v.a. to plane off ; to slope, slant; 

l f v.n. to scratch off, to scar: to 
sy, to bolt (colt.) ; to die (coll.). 
hot. «b v fdjra»|Ktt), r.a. to scrape 

v.a. to unscrew, to screw off. 

... r.a. to frighten, scare away ; finfw 

oou ... — , to deter one from ... by fear ; to 
dissourage ; to sprinkle hot things with a liquid ; 
f r lift ff (ft If iejt — . he is easily intimidated ; 
abaefdjretfted Gaffer, lukewarm water. — I, 
p. & adj. serving as a warning ; horrible, forbid- 
ding ; tin — bf # *3f ifjpicl, » warning (agahuty 

tWfdnrf i»— ftt, ir.v.a. to write out, transcribe, 
copy ; to wear out by writing ; to countermand ; 
to put off : to deduct ; to carry to one's credit. . 
— or, m. (— f r#. pi. — f r) copier, copyist ; pla- 
giarist. — mi', /. plagiarism. — ««t, / 




copying, transcribing; transcription. Comp. 

— e=aebibf,/. copying fee. 
VPUfcreiftt, tr.v. I. a. to crv, proclaim; cittern 

Ctoal — r to get a thing from one by crying. 

H. r. to fatigue oneself by •creaming; fid) 

fete ffehlc — , to scream oneself hoarse. 
MWGrtlttU, tr.v. La. to measure by steps, to 

pace ; to paaa along, to walk past. IL n. (auz. 

f .) to step aside, to etalk away ; to swerve ; to 

WTftrift, /. (pt. — f li) copy, transcript ; efoe — 

seamen, to take a copy ; cine beglanbigre — f 

an attested copy. — ltd), adj. <fc adv. as a copy, 

copied out. 
fteVforitfta, v.a. to cut off with a sickle ; to 

cap, to weaken by cupping ; to strip, to rob 

Hr f uwten# *-*• to roll down ; to saw off ; to 

grind coarsely ; to divert (a water-course). 
Hrf djttJMttn, v. I. a. to scale. II. r. to scale off ; 

to chap. III. subst.%. desquamation. 

[p/. «bfd»t»ftnae), actoil 
raault, somerset (Qymn.). 
, (auz f.) to set sail, sail a* 

disease, superabundant JUsh, etc.). II. r. te 

weaken oneself by sweating ; to exhaust o.a> 
nWOmirtn, ir.v.a. to deny by oath ; to abjure ; 

cittern ttto*4 — , to deprive one of something 

by an oath. 
eWfftMMM*, m. (pi. 

ing down, somersault, a 
«tVfCf €l«, v. I. n. (auz f . ) to set sail, sail away ; 

Horn ©tab* — , to be*, off. U. a. fie feaeiten 

bie 9Waftcit ab, the masts were carriedaway 

fUKftSSwr!' I. adj. <k adv. visible ; within sight ; 
conceivable; in abfehborer Beit, within a 
measurable (or reasonable) space of time. 

WKfefeen, L tr.v.o. <fc n. to look away from ; 
to perceive ; to watch an opportunity ; to see 
to the end of ; to conceive ; to aim at ; batten 
abgefeben, apart from this consideration; 
etttem cnot* an ben Hugen — f to antici- 
pate one's wishes, divine one's thoughts ; t§ 
tft fd)t»er abftttfefjen, it is hard to foresee or 
to imagine ; ba ifit gar rein Chtbc ab^nfebcn. 
there is no prospect of an end ; bad war auf 
mid} abgefeben, that was a hit at me ; i» t§ 
btrauf abgefeben ? is that the object?; etaent 
ttto*& —, to learn ath. by looking at or 
on s.o. ; bad bafl bn t»on beinem ttcbenmann 

abaefcben, you have copied that from your 
IL subst.n. a looking away from; 

3hbor. „ .. „ 
gn, purpose ; the sight upon the barrel of 
a gun or upon an optical instrument. 
fUKJCidf,/. fiosaeilk, refuse of silk. 
■bHCif— en, v.a. to wash out soap; to 
with soap. —una,/, washing out the soap; 
filf niiig with soap. 
flyfcigtra, v.a. to measure depth (with a plum- 
met) : to separate silver from copper. 
tUVfeifccn, v.a. to strain, filter. 
Hb'fein, I. ir.v.n. (auz. f.) to be off, away ; to be 
broken off ; to be abolished (Law) ; n»ir finfe 
nod) nxit at, we are still at a great distance ; 
id) fin aoilj aft, I am thoroughly tired, I am 
quite exhausted. I am out of breath, I am 
knocked up (coll.). IL subst.n. the being off, 
the absence ; the state of exhaustion. 
WVeitf, /. vault, wing(o/ an edifice); aisle 

(of a church). 
Wffite, /. off side, part farther off, reverse (of 

a coin). 
«bfei'ten, prep, from any one's side, on the 
part of (obs. Law) ; — meiiter, for my part, as 
for me (obs.). 
tUKfcitft, I. adv. aside, apart, aloof; — bom 
Siege, away from the road ; — bon ber grofcit 
fteerftrafte, away from the beaten track. 
u. prep. — bee Gtraftc, off from the street 
fUKfena— en, ir.v.a. to send away, to dispatch; 
to depute ; to detach (Mil.). —ft, m. sender, 
consignor; shipper; dispatcher. — nag, / 
sending off, dispatching, dispatch; convey- 
ance, shipping. 
fUKfenaen, v.a. to singe off, to burn slightly. 
Hb'feitf— ea, v.a. to sink (a shaft) ; to layer or 

set plants. — ft, m. layer, slip. 
ftbfentifrrn, v.r. to absent oneself. 
VIKfCt— tor, adj. removable; deposable; sal- 

VIKfrU— m, v. L a. to set down ; to deposit; to 
remove (from office) ; to depose (a king) ; to 
cashier (an officer) ; to dismiss, to discard, to dis- 
charge ; to bring forth (clandestinely) ; to wean ; 
to pick out with contrasting colors ; to set up 
in type ; to break off ; to throw off, to unhorse : 
fBaaren —en, to dispose of goods, to sell 
goods ; febt ab ! ground arms ! II. n. (aux. h.) 
to put off (from shore) : to settle (of liquids); 
to contrast (of colors); to discontinue, to 
stop, to pause, to begin a new line ; to be 
faulty (Min.) ; to finish composing (Typ.)\ to 
take the glass from the mouth, to stop drink* 




tog; M (Beftetn fe#t *b, the rock cracks, 
breaks i er trant bie gange ftlafdK en*, abnc 
eternal abxnfeben, he emptied the whole bot- 
tle at one dmught. I1L imp. to result In. IV. 
tub*, n. fault (in a stratum) ; deposi t ion ; sub- 
sidence (of water*); hesitation (in speaking, 
etc.). — nng,/. deposition (0/ jertmen/) ; re- 
moval (from office); composition (Mum. ds 
Jjgp.) ; —nnjftb^Dffibd, ox i dis a t io n , Corn/*. 

•UKKbtf'"'^. -Cl) Tifw; design, purpose, 
end, aim; obnc — , unintentionally: in be* 
be ftcn — f with the best intention ; e* ift ber — 
gent&ft. " answers the purpose ; it is in accord- 
ance with the intention ; in — nnf , (with ace.) 
with a view to, in reference to, as to. Comp. 
—#slO+» L adj. unpremeditated. ILodr. unin- 

llb'fbbtU* ds tttflftflt*, adj. ds adv. in- 
tentional, deliberate, premeditate, purposely. 
— fett, /. (twofold accentuation a* in abftdjt' 
lid}) premeditation, preconcerted design. 

sWfMtrrn, v.n. (aux. f.) to trickle down. 


*b/|ifbCii, ir.v.a. to seethe, to boil; cfaten 
Snrat — , to make a decoction, to decoct. 

*UKfl«ieit,<r.t>. I. o.tosingon'; to chant ; to re- 
dte. U-r. to exhaust oneself with singing. UL 
n. (otoe. h.) to sing to the end, finish singing. 

Hbffcn. ir.v. L n. (aux. b.) to sit away from ; 
(aux. f.) to dismount. 1L a. ; elne Gdjnlb — , 
to pay a debt by remaining in prison. 

*bf tloen, vm. the full salary ; to pay off. 

tHri0ln't, adj. ds adv. absolute ; unconditlonaL 

ftbltlutio'tt, /. absolution ; etnem btc — ertei- 
lett. to give the absolution to some one. 

«M<tlttti'0Mttft, m. absolutism. 

«M#lbie / ren f v* to absolve, to acquit; to fin- 
ish, oomplete (one** studies at college). 

*bf Ottter— Ht, adj. separable. — Itdj, adj. 
separable ; separated, apart. 

gbfonterlid), adj. peculiar, singular, odd, 
bixsrre; adv. principally, chiefly, expressly. 
— feitr /• singularity, peculiarity, oddness, 

•bf OttdCT— «, ••«. to separate, to divide ; to de- 
tach; to secrete (Med.); to abstract (ideas); 
fls) -HI, to separate, seclude oneself; tin 
gig* — n, to portion off a child (Law). — ttttf, 
/. separation, division; seclusion; sequestra- 
tion ; abstraction ; secretion (Med.) ; individu- 
alization ; jointed structure (of rocks) ; isolation 
(PhysX 6>mp. —tjntftsWrntfgcn, n. power 
of abstraction ; power of secreting (Med.). 
— tttttfeteUtefl, n. sign of separation. 

nWoUUlfi, adj. out of the sun, shady (rare). 

«hf orbie'renbr p. de adj. absorbing ; -e TOittel, 

MWotttll, v.r. to wear away with anxiety. 

sWtttttra, / ( j* -C«) aWption ; electrifi- 

ftbf btflten, v. I. a. to split off. U. n. (aux. f.) 

to get separated by splitting. 
'Vbf panaris , vm. to unbend; to slacken (a 

drum, etc.); to relax ; to unyoke ; to unharness ; 

to exhaust utterly ; ben &afan — , to uncock 

(a pistol); tin Qktfit — , to strike a tent. 

*bf ff tXMttt, p.p. & adj. tired out ; seedy. 
flb'fbannen, v.a. to entice (away), to seduce, 

to cause to be disaffected (06*. )• 
*bf banfttg, «bf Knftig. adj. alienated, dis- 
loyal ; — ntadjen, to seduce from allegiance ; 

einem cine fjerfon — man)en, to alienate the 

affections of a p. from ; — merben, to desert ; 

to become disaffected. 
tf b/jb«ren, v.a. to spare from ; id) win el mir am 

Vhtttbe — , I will pinch myself (in food) for it. 
*tr1bdfe«. v. L n. (aux. %.) to finish a meal. 

TJ. a. to clear (a plate, a tree, et c.) by eating ; 

bo feed, entertain ; einen wit feeren (Batten 

— , to put one off with fair words; einesi 
f Mr a — . to cut one short. 

Jb'fiwnfrtg, see tUfb*nfrig. 

Hb/f Jttrr-ttl, v.a. to barricade ; to exclude ; to 
separate, to lock off; to isolate. — nng,/. 
act of barring; separation; isolation; solitary 
confinement; exclusion. — ttnggsfflrr**, «w 
prohibitive system; system of solitary con- 
finement. Comp. HPMtlr i». stop-cock (of the 

«b*fbiegd— n, v. I. a. to reflect (as from a mir- 
ror). ILr. to be mirrored or reflected. 

tJb'fblelen, v.a. to play (off) a tune ; to wear out 
with playing: to pay off by playing (oards, 
etc.) 1 nnm etotte -. to play at sight (Mus.). 

fllbf bUUte*, ir.v. La. to spin off ; to pay a debt 
by spinning. IL n. (aux. q.) to finish spinning. 

tJb'ftrifeen, vai. to take off the point, to blunt ; 
to cut, make (a pen) ; to point (ends of the hairy. 

ttKWUtam, v. I. *. (am. f.) to splinter, to 
come off in splinters. II. a. to splinter off. 
m. r. to exfoliate. 

*bf Itttte*, vm.; eintn —, to ridicule a p. (obs.y, 
einettt ttmafi — , to get ath. by deridmg a p. 

nvm**t, /• (usually MHtht) egTeemelnt, 

•bf bretb— en, ir.v. 1. a. (einem e«tM<) to 
give a sentence against, to pronounce sentence) 
of deprivation ; to give up (Med.) ; to gainsay, 
deny, refuse ; einem tOe £offnitug —tn, to 
take away all hope from one ; einem b*6 Se- 
ben —en, to condemn s.o. to death ; bie Hrite 
baben ibm bad Seben abaefbraiben, the doo- 
tors have given him up ; elite ©ttdk — en, to 
talk over a matter; Xalent fawn man tbm 
nldjt —en, there is no denying that he has tal- 
ent; idt fbredk t§ ^bnen nUqt ab, I do not 
dispute It with you. II. n. (aux. b.) to decide ; 
to decide hastily; to dogmatise on; fiber 
(cine 6.) —en, to give a decided or unfavor- 
able opinion upon. — cut, p. dt. adj. dog 
eel, unfavorable; — enb nrtetlen fiber 1 

or tint €ad)e, to pronounce an adverse criti- 
cism on s.o. or — - erifd>, adj. decisive, 
magisterial; dogmatic; unfavorable. 

fjb/fmrengen, v. La. to cause to fly off; to 
burst, to blow up with gunpowder ; to chip ; 
to cut off from the bulk of the army, to drive 
off from the herd. II. n. (aux. f.) to gallop off. 

fllb/fbrtaier, ir.v. 1. n. (aux. Uto leap off or 
down ; to jump off ; to map off ; to chip off; 
to crack off (as paint); to gape, warp; to 
rebound ; to desert, change (one's party) ; to 
shift (from one subject to another) ; to shuffle, 
to prevaricate ; von einem t3erfbTed)en —, to 
retract a promise. II. r. to fatigue oj. by 
lumping, to tire o.s. with leaping. 

tJ»f ttrifcftt, v. L a. to squirt off. II. ft. (aux. f.) 
to spirt back ; to set out for a trip (stud. si.). 

*b'»bre», m. (-Web'.p/.-ifOen) (rare, sm 
BbfrrSftftng) ; result. 

•Ur-fbTOf-cn, v.n. (usually «b / ffammtn) (aus. 

I. j to be descended from. 

•Hbrilllint, m. (-4, pi. -e) offspring, de- 

«bf brndj, m. (pi. KbfbrfiAe) a sentence, ver- 
dict, final decision ; — bee fiebenl, sentence 
of death, doom. 

•burning, m. (-t t )t t pi. «bfbrnnge)» leap; 

leaping off ; double (of a hart) ; snapping (of a 

spring, etc.) ; digression ; falling off ; contrast ; 

disparity: renunciation of a claim. Comp. 

— SztBioiel, m. angle of reflection. 
ftbfbttlen, v.a. to wind off from the reel, to 

unreel, to unspool. 
Hb'Jbfil— tn, v.a. to wash ; to rinse : to wash 

off, up. — lost. n. hogwash; dishwater. 

—nttfl, /• (act of) rinsing, washing, washing 

up (of tea things, etc.) ; ablution. 

Wffflfoi it Wtnqnaimn 

• —be Often, fUnding out ears, sticking oat 

« UVKtbltU, ir.v.a. to atoll away ; to learn by 

stealth ; eterm tttomi — , to steel from s.o. 
flllr*freifeu, v, I. a. to stiffen ; to prop, to under- 

Wrfmfetl, v. I. a. to stiffen ; to prop, to under- 
prop. IL n. (aux. f.) to grow stiff. 
nWW—cn, ir.v.n. (am. f.) to descend; to 

alight; to dismount; to put up (at an tot, 
etc?). —Old, p. <fc adj. descending ; —tuber 
Wfmt&mttJ, descending rhythm, trochaic 
or dactylic rhythm (see Vbgleitrob). — n«g r 
/. descending ; alighting ; descent ; deaoansfon 
(Astr.). Camp. — e=qo«rtier, n. resting 
| piece, place where to put up, night quartan, 

temporary lodging ; billet (Mil.). 
% HaVfteK— CO, vm. to put away; to put down (a 

burden, etc.) ; to abolish ; to remedy, redress ; 
to remove (nuisance*, etc.) ; to mix with yeast; 
to season, flavor (beer) ; to stop, throw out of 
sear. Comp. — bflbn, m. regulator tap. 

UwftVttWUtt, v.a. to chisel off. 

%tnttmptln,v.a. to stamp. 

UWvttbCU, I. 1r.v.n. (aux. f.) to die away or 

out, to wither, to perish; to fade away; to 

\ become paralysed, benumbed; to mortify; 

meter ©Item finb mir febr frkb abgeftor- 

ben . I lost my parents when very young ; ber 

t ffiett — , to withdraw from the world ; alien 

fkrgttttanngen abaeftorben fete, to be dead 
to au pleasures. II. tubst.n. death, mortifica- 
tion, atrophy ; decay ; extinction. 

ftpfridft m. a copy, pattern pricked off; what 
is dug or cut off ; contrast. 

Hb'jrieg, m. descent, climb down. 

ffcVftUstm — ett, v. I. a. to tune: got obge- 

frumnte (SMwfen, weU tuned bells; to lower 

the pitch ; to outvote (= uberfttinmen ; dial.). 

II. n. (aux. b.) to give one's rote, to record 

I one's rote, to vote ; eteetn — en, to disagree, 

dissent from (dial.) ; fiber ***** -*n Men, 
to nut a th. to the vote ; gebeim birrrij ettnun- 
\ tftttl —en, to vote by ballot. — ig, adj. dis- 

cordant, dissonant ; disagreeing (in opinion). 
— HK0« /• *ct of voting; suffrage ; division, show 
of hands ; d is s on a n ce ; ber ttntrag rottrbc utr 
— nttg gebradft, the motion was put to the 
vote ; burd) —una gefaftter ©efdjtefc, reso- 
lution; graoe (Untv.)\ fid) ber— ttttg entftal* 
ten. to abstain from voting ; geftctme —una, 
voting by ballot; nantentttdje — mtg, poll, 
polling; — tnt0 burd) $ainnte If prong, di- 

ftb'itodrff, 9.a. to hive a new swarm of bees. 

HbnteWeU, v.a. to uncork, to unstop. 

Wno%—tn f ir. v. I. a. to knock off, to thrust 
off; to scrape, plane; to rub off; to strike 
short ; to play staccato ; to repulse ; to break ; 
eft mirb ifjm bad $er$ -en, it will break his 
heart ; fid) bic 4>orner —tn, to sow one's wild 
oats; eine 6fbnlb —tn, to pay off a debt; 
bie ttienen —en, to kill the bees and take 
their honey ; Sonne —en, to shed one's teeth, 
n. n. (aux. b.) to push off, to shear off, 
to get clear of the shore, to set sail. — f aft, 
adj. repulsive, repugnant; fid) abftoftenb* 
(ffatnren), antipathetic (natures); repellent. 
— nttg*/. act of repelling; repuudon. Comp. 
— setae*, <* — ungesjeirtjen, n. staccato 
sign (Mut.). 

HtKffrafen, v. a. to punish, chastise (thoroughly). 

•bfttahie'ren, v.a. to abstract. 

«IKfrr«t)|, tn. (— *, pi. -tn) a reflected ray; 

WftUM^-tn, v. I. a. to reflect. II. n. (aux. b.) 
to be reflected. — M?*,/. reflection, -nag*? 
minfcl, m. angle of reflection. 

HbttTO'rt, adj. 2r adv. abstract; -er SegHff, 
abstract idea, abstraction. 

ftPftraagen, v.a. to unharness (hone*). 

Wfoajosferea, ». 1. a. (eine ©ache) to wear 



18 ttttttttit 

oat. n. fag oj. ; to toil hard; to work o.s. 

to death. 
WftretCII, «.». (our. tt.) to strive to got loose 

or away (from the center); bit — be Jtttft,/. 

(»1*re»efttrfl) centrifugal force. 
Hrftrtid*— «, w*. v. I. a. to wipe, strike off ; to 

scrape off ; to strop (a razor) ; to beat (afield) 

tot game. II. n. (aar.f.) to sneak away; to 

quit the nest. Comp. — fall. n. straight edge. 
HTfftreifen, v. I. a. to strip off ; to skin ; to slip, 

draw off ; to lay aside ; to do away with. II. 

». (aux. f.) to wander, to roam ; to digress; to 

glance off. 
ftyftretten, ir.v.a. to dispute; to deny; einem 

effete* — , to obtain something from one by 

dispute ; bo* (effe id) mir nidjt — , I won't be 

argued out of that. 
ftlp-grht, m. (— #. pi. —t) act of skimming ; re- 
duction, diminution ; that which is taken off, 

skimmings; litharge. 
«bftri<fr», v.a. to knit off (the stitches on a 

needle) ; to loose, untie. 
tlfr'ftTief f Itt, v.a. to curry, rub down (a hone). 
%V\tt*mtn, v. I. a. to float or wash away down 

a stream. II. n. (aux. f.) to flow off rapidly ; 
to become 
to ebb and 


[of ore); to 
o shade off. 

nil; to stu- 
t truncated 
t, blunting, 

the greatest 
ng, to calm 

id fall; pre- 

II. n. (aux. 

xk,out; to 
\j. truncate. 
search and 

d; extract, 
iigently, to 



n — rettcn 

.-„*.., j — jtraint; fin 

torftttdjer — , a lay abbot; infntterter — , 
mitred abbot; tBirbf eine! -f*, abbot- 
ship, abbacy: bfr Staffer nils ber — , (well 
known poem by Bilrger, adaptation of) 
John and the Abbot of Canterbury, —el', 
(pi. -fi'cit) abbey (building) ; abbacy (office). 
— filict, ad/, abbatial. 

tib'ttfeln, v.n. (aux. b.) to finish dining. 

« W3frttt, v.a. to wainscot. 

tWtafcItt, v.a. to unrig, dismantle ; ein tbgett- 
lettee* ftrnueu&iramer, a faded beauty (coil.). 

ftbttnjm, e. 1. a. (0.9. einen Oater) to dance. 
II. n. to dance off or down ; to get off (coll.). 

nVtunCM, v.a. <St n. (aux. f.) to thaw off. 

MWHmmtlM, v.n. (aux. f.) to reel, stagger 

ftttftttffteil, v.a. to exchange ; to barter. 

MVttlU tn. share ; appanage ; compartment (of 
a railway carriage). 

WUUtn, v.a. to divide, to share; to classify; 

to portion off ; to partition off ; to divide into 
degrees ; to separate into lots ; Stinker — , to 
pay off children, to give children their due 
share (Law). 

tmctlttnt (^«^>orf «Dtei1uni),/.diTisioo; 

separation (from); division (of an army); 
set (of a form in school) ; classification, section, 
division (of a subject, etc.) ; compartment (of 
a railway carriage). Comp. — Mtflftsirfafcett, 
n. hyphen; mark of separation. 

nvttnf—tu, v.a. ; einen €cb«ft —tn. to sink or 
deepen a shaft or pit. —ft, m. pitman. 

MMiun, ir.v.a. to take, put off ; to lay aside ; to 
abolish ; to settle ; to dispatch ; to kill, to exe- 
cute ; fid) feinel QIauben* —, to free o.a. from 
one'sfaith ; to renounce ; (= fid') abgenrifenttt.) 
to give up, er let fid) ben Zrnnf abgetfean, he 
has given up drinking (port.) ; tie .frrnb ben 
einem — , to abandon one ; etmte* gef ajminb — r 
to huddle up a thing ; cine OPgetftmc 6«Cbe, a 

„ settled affair. 

itKf-iu (p/.-innen), ibtif'fbi (pf. -urn). 
/. abbess. — lio>, adj. as an abbot, belonging 
to an abbot, abbatial. 

flUKtatCII, v. L *. to rage or cease raging. ILa. 
einem etoal — r to bully one out of a thing. 

•Jb'ton— en, v. a. to shade. — ttttg,/. shading; 

tJb/tft— TN, v.o. to kill, deaden ; to mortify (in- 
clinations, etc.). — ttni,/. mortification. 

tJtfnUt, m. (-<e)*) detachment (of cavalry). 

tlb'hrnbfn, v.a. (aux. f.) to trot off. 

UPrrag, m. (-<e)e\ p/. ttbrrtge) payment; 
compensation; what Is carried off; damage; 
einem — t|un, to injure one (rare). 

•s^trng— CH. ir.v.a. to carry away; to pull 
down ; to level ; to clear (the table) ; to pay 
(debts); to sketch, to brace; to wear oat 
(clothes), —nag, /. carrying off, demolition ; 
dismantling (cfa fort) ; leveling (of a hill, 
etc.) ; payment, liquidation. 

tllr'tranern, «. I. n. (aux. |.) to put off mourn- 
ing. II. r. to pine away with grief. 

ftyrVanVeln, v.n. (aux. f.) to trickle down. 

nVtVtim-tU, ir.v. I. a. to drive off; to repel, 
repulse ; to overdrive, to Jade (horses) ; ein «*• 
getriebener 0tnl, a Jade ; ein ft ins —fit, to 
procure abortion ; einen »on einem i&utt —en. 
to dispossess one of his estate ; — enbe Vtitttl 
(ttbtreibc-JRittel), abortive medicines. II. n. 
(aux. f . ) to drift off. —XT, m. refiner of metals. 
—MM, /. (be r Seitee'frndjt) miscarriage pro- 
cured by an unlawful operation. 

«bfreil«-t*r, -It*, adj. separable. 

•Jb'tTenn— en, v.a. to separate ; to disunite ; to 
unrip. — nntf /• separation ; ripping off. 

flUKtrf WO!, v.a. to build like a staircase (a wall, 

•Jb'tret— en, <r.«. I. a. to tread off ; to form by 
treading; to wear out by walking ; to pace out; 
to relinquish, resign ; to transfer ; to abandon ; 
er trot feinem Wejfen bit Wegiemng «b, he 
resigned in favor of his nephew ; einem etna** 
—tn, to yield up a right to one ; einen noe) 
nidjt faBlflcit Oediel -en, to discount a bill. 
II. n. (aux. f.) to retire ; to withdraw ; to make 
one's exit ; to quit, to secede from ; fie lief ibn 
— en, ahe ordered him to retire ; tritt *», exit; 
treten Ob, exeunt (stagedirectionS; tttttt «• or 
abgetretcn ! break ranks ! ; bon stntit —en, to 
resign an office ; bei einem —en, to alight, stop 
atap.'a house ;fidj— en orfld)btef>ft|e— en, 
to scrape one's boots (be/ore entering a sense), 
to wipe the dirt off one^s shoes. — CT,«». coder, 
resigner, transferrer ; scraper. — nni./. tread- 
ing off or out ; cession ; abdication, withdrawal ; 
surrender ; exit ; berfenigc, tn ben ste — «ng 
gefdjifbt, asaiirnee. ~8n#«sfmrift, /•, Of 
nng*=nrfnnbe, /. deed of cession, instrument 
of conveyance, assignment. 




tJtfritl, m. (-<«) driving off or away; driv- 
ing the cattle down fr. the Alps (dial.) ; cutting 
down, felling (For.) ; refusal (Law) ; id) feafae 
ifam be n — fterfttrotfjeit, I promiied to give him 
the ref usal of it. Comp. — vsreftt, right of re- 
fusal, prior right of purchase. 

flfhriefm. ir.vjn. (aux. f. ) to trickle down, drip. 

ftl/trtft, /• right of pasturage, common ; drift, 
leeway (Naut.). 

Hh'tr i»ffH r ir.v.a. to drink off ; to drink a small 
quantity {from a glass) ; to sip off. 

flftritt, «. (-*. pi. ~C) withdrawal; abdica- 
tion, renunciation ; cession, abandonment ; 
exit ; death ; alighting ; privy, water-closet 
(vtda.); step (before a door)\ grass trodden 
down by deer, abatures, foiling ; fcincn — neb* 
•ttn. to withdraw, to retire (obi.). 

ftftrotfnen, v. I. a. to wipe dry; to dry; to 
drain. IL a. (our. f.) to dry up, wither 

ftPtrelftt, v.*. d> r. (aux. f.) to slip away, to 
pack off. 

*WtT*flM»fl«, v. I. a. to drum off ; to publish 
by beat of drum ; to drum ; efe 6riUf «nf sent 
Jnavirr — , to hammer (or bang) away a piece 
of music on the piano. II. n. (trtfA fa.) to cease 
drumming ; to beat the tattoo. 

«frfr*tf-fa, nVtrWtln, v.n. (aux. f.) to 
trickle down ; — ftt tofjftt, to drain ; 6o)ntBiA 
x- oitf hot 9rtten ant €*iefte —ftt to If en, to 
baste roast meat. Comp. —bunt, /. plate- 

tWtrttftt. r.a. (cittern etta**) to bully out of. 

tittrawjpfm, v.a. to trump; cinent tine Statu 
— , to take a man's card by a higher trump ; 
rati — , to snap one up, snub one ; to gives p. 
a set-down or rebuff. 

•b'trinntf, adj. faithless, recreant; disloyal, 
rebellious ; — WttotU, to revolt, to desert ; to 
turn apostate ; — ntatfjen, to seduce, draw off 
(from a cause, etc.); von ber Religion — t 
apostate ; ber — e, deserter, recreant, renegade, 
apostate; turncoat. — fcif, /. disloyalty; 

shoulders, to exculpate oneself by throwing 
the blame upon others. 

ftbtunmfcn, v.a. to beat soundly, to administer 
a thorough drubbing (vulg.). 

«b^O»bd-blir, I. adj. declinable, capable c4 
being inflected, capable of inflection. II. v. a. 
to conjugate, to decline. — nng, /. (usually 
«b«l«nlUnt) inflection ; declension, conjuga- 

ftPKHUlpeltt, v. I. a. to inflect ; to decline (noun*\ 
to conjugate {verts). II. r. to be inflected; 
lie* Setrnwrt totnbeft fid) regeUnafctg a*, 
this verb is conjugated regularly, is weak. 

Hbtoanocnt, v.n. (aux. f.) to depart, to wander 

UPtoftttttll, v.n. (aux. f.) to totter away; to 
decline from the right way. 

ftBttart— - tn, v. a. to wait for; to await; to 
watch for; to tend; to attend to; er fttttt 
nldltf —en, be is always in a hurry ; is) toiff 
0ie b* — tl, I will wait for you there ; feine 
Aeit — tn, to bide one's time ; ben ftegen — <n, 
to wait till It has stopped raining, tilT the rain 
is over. — ttttt* /• waiting for ; attendance on, 

flytnirfo, prep. A adv. downward ; down- 
wards; aside: — bed &luffee> down the 
stream ; — fabrtn, to descend (a river) ; to go 
down stream ; ntit ifam gelt *# — . he Is on the 
decline (health), his affairs are going from bad 
to worse (business). 

*0 / n>afo>— en, ir.v.a. to wash ; to wash off ; to 
clear by washing. — nng, /• washing off or 
away; ablution; lotion. Comp. —bcdtn, ». 
a wash-basin. 

ftDtedffern, v.a. to water, to soak; to drain; 
cine ©cfttof He — , to slope a threshold so as to 
let the rain fall off. 

HtKRieben, ir.v.a. to finish weaving ; to work off 
by weaving. 

•HrWethfel— n. t. L a. to exchange ; to vary ; 
to modulate (the voice). 11. n. (aux. fa.) to do 
alternately, to alternate ; to intermit (as a 
fever). — no, I. p. <fc adj. changeable ; In- 
termittent ; alternate. II. adv. by turns, alter- 
nately, —nng, /. exchange ; change ; vicissi- 
tude ; alternation ; modulation (Mas.) ; variety; 
iitr — nng, for a change, — ungfttoctfc, adv. 

UPBCfl, m. (-(e)*, pi.-*) by-way, by-path; 
wrong way. -* fndjen, to try shifts ; attf — € 
fnfaren, to misguide, to seduce ; anf — e gera* 
ten. to go astray. — §, adv. out of the way, 
Mide. — fant, adj. de adv. out of the way; 

UPaXtCfl, v. I. a. to blow off, away. IL a. 
Caux. f.) to blow over ; to blow from. 

tJP'tDebr, /. fence ; defense ; repulse ; guard, 
parry. Comp. — ntittel, a. means of defense, 

•rmebr— f n, v.a. to fence, ward off ; to avert ; 
er (<i|t flet) nidjt —en, be won't be kept off, 
won't oe rebuffed, —ling,/, act of parrying, 
warding off; protection from. 

UPtortOK*, I- v.a. to soften ; to detach by soak- 
ing. II. v.n. (aux. f.) to grow soft and fall off. 

fUKWeid)— en, ir.v.n. (aux. f . ) to deviate, swerve; 
to diverge; to digress; to depart from; to 
pass, elapse; to decline, deflect (as the mag- 
netic needle); son ber ©abrfarit —en. to 
swerve from the truth; er loeifQt trill en 
ftingerbreit «b, he will not abate an inch, re- 
tract a word ; tnir toeiiften fefar *on einanber 
oo, we differ widely ; im abaettifftenen 3afare, 
last year (obs.). — <nb, adj. dt adv. varying ; 
Irregular ; oblique ; devious ; —tube Coniten- 
ttfar , declinator, asimuth-dial. —nng » /• devi- 
ation, variation ; deflection ; declination ; dive* 
gence ; exception ; softening. 

9itrl9eiie«, v.a. to feed on, to grass (a meadow) \ 





to feed {a flock) ; bit «|» ifl ctnrior ibtt, the 
mountain pastures are grated quite bare. 

WttCiaCtt, v. I. a. to expiate by tears. TL r. to 
cry one's eyes out. 

•frintif— tn. ir.f.a. to refuse admittance to, to 
reject, send away ; to refuse ; to repulse, beat 
back ; to nonsuit, to dismiss (a cam; Law) ; 
tint —at, to send one about one's business ; 
ft (fifttM niftf —fit, he will take no refusal ; 
time* fBrdtfrl —tit. to protest or to dishonor 
a bill. — «»g, /• refusal, rejection ; disavowal ; 
pro test a t io n , non-acceptance ; non-suit. Camp. 
— «ng ftstrfftct* ; — nag* -atftitib rrbnltat, 
to be non-suited. 

tjitattfcftt, v. I. a. to whitewash, whiten. II. 
n. (mix. h.) to lose whiteness (oAt.). 

tjb'Bif Iff*, v. I. a. to wither, to cause to shrivel. 
II. ». (aux. f.) to wither off. 

ttbt0ttt»-~fc0r or — lift, ad/, preventible. 

tjbtatnb— Ot, rea. <fr ir. ». I. a. to avert, pre- 
vent ; to ward off, parry ; »«* moOf titatt — Ot, 
God forbid. II. r. to turn away from ; to de- 
sert, —if, adj. alienated, estranged, averse 

—ifl madftn, to alienate, to divert from, to 
seduce ; cinfM ettotd — ig nw " 
one of a thing. - 
ward; alienation. 

—to raadk n, to deprive 

one of a thing. — n«g, /averting ; parrying ; 

tHUPCrfC H , ir.r.a. to throw, cast, fling, knock 
off ; to yield (a profit) ; to knock down ; to 
* ; to cast, shed (/earners, 
>w ; 3«r if — , to whelp. 
., see «bttK ff Bftfit. -*, 
— b. absent-minded, lost 
f. absence 

•t tram* — , to gain 

(aux. h.) to cease thun- 

nt, to rub off {the point) ; 

ing ; to whet. 

lish with wax ; to cudgel 

id off, to unroll ; to wind 

cify, to appease. 


nanage to get rid of 

unwind, untwist ; to reel 
vu , w «>• mvwu uj m pulley (good*). 
Vfnitnfta, v.a. to warn off by a nod or beck, 
to beckon not to take any notice, (colloq. p. 

van. nagetnaaloi ; idj hair tbgrnwnftn, I 

nave declined, I have said no (cotiT).) 
nVmittf+*Htn, v. I. a. to ruin by bad manage- 
ment, to mismanage. II. n. dr r. to get ruined 
by bad management. 

ftb'»ifdH-t«, ». I. a. to wipe off, wipe ; bat 
Stan* — tn, to dust; fidj — en, to wipe one- 
self clean. II. n. (our. f . ) to steal away (vulg.). 

—tt, m. one who wipes, dusts; duster. 

— Ottg . /. wiping up or off. Comp. — IfUM* n , 

m., —fata, n. duster, dish-cloth. 
VPlPitteril, v. I. a. to scent out. II. n. (aux. %.) 

to cease thundering; (aux. f.) to decora pose 

and fall off (from the action of the atmosphere). 
WtPMftmi, v.a. (ciltem ftauitf) to obtain by 

«y»«rf, m. (-*, d/. ttbfeftrff) a throwing 

down, off, away ; refuse ; offal ; produce, pro- 

t throw (aJ dire), 

W»firf—f IN, v.a. to cast more than another ; 
(trnrat tr»«0) to win at dice, —it, o#. 
inclined to kick (of a home). 

ftPtoirfiett. v.a. to throttle ; to kill. 

ftb/tnltttt, v.a. <fr r. (our. b.) to cease raging. 

fllttlMl— «, ».«. to pay off; to discharge; 
final -at. to pay one out. — ang, /. pay- 
Beat la fall. 

flHr*|2tle«, v.a. to count oat. off; to subtract; 

to number, reckon ; to put in a heap (Prud.) ; 

id) faun t* mir an sen fttngrrn — , that I can 

easily conceive, my senses tell me as much. 
tlb'*ai*fH. v. I. n. (aux. |.) to shed the milk 

teeth. II. a. to take off with the tooth-plane, 

to*- J — A 

flPlanfttl, v.a. to obtain by quarreling ; to scold. 
*fe'*a»fCft, v.a. to tap; to draw off; to bottle, 

to cheat; Slut — , to bleed. 
tHKiaMberit, v.a. ((intra rrto**) to get by 

witchcraft, to charm out of. 

•f-"* to take off the bridle. 

W to fence in ; to separate by a 

W to pay tithes; to levy tithes. 

HI L a. to waste, consume; fine 

id — ra, to pay oneself by Hv- 
rs expense. II. n. <fc r. (oax. 
y. — t HO, p. <fc «*/. wasting, 
f nbf Jtrtnfqt it, an em a ci a tin g 
r. -_a*g,/. emaciation; con- 

ftl 4, p/.—) mark of distinction; 

>/. insignia. 

HI a. to sketch, to draw ; to copy a 

rk off ; fid) cm $orijimt —fit. 
w „— .« „— ^minst the horixon. — nag, / 
copied drawing ; sketch; plan. 

flUrtarttll, v.a.; tinfat etttttl — , to wrest a 
thing from one. 

•Jb'Jfftf In, v.a. to unwsrp. 

«b / *ifb— fa, ir.v. I. a. to draw, pull, take off; 
to turn off, to divert, to dissuade ; to abstract; 
to subtract, deduct ; to distill, rectify ; to drain ; 
to clear (*oup, etc.), to skim ; to rack off (urine, 
etc.) ; to Up, to bottle, to decant ; to blanch 
(almond*) ; to smooth ; to whet, sharpen ; to 
straighten; to sise, adiust (a vriaht)\ to di- 
vert (attention) ; to boll out (color) ; to lower 
(u>aga)\ bat $nt, bit ft If iter— at, to take 
off one's hat, one's clothes ; bif K0*ffcc>t 
— at, to scalp ; cincn frraaoogat —fa, to 
pull, take off a proof; fin «bflc$ooeiier &• 
griff, an abstract idea ; nbgtAOtaif Kaffar, 
distilled waters. II. n. (aux. f.Jto retire, re- 
treat ; to go off guard, be relieved (Mil.) ; to 
retire with disgrace ; to leave service ; ans bfr 
ftf frnng — tn, to evacuate (a stronghold) ; *** 
(bfr) ©«dK —at, to come off guard, to be 
relieved ; b> intliffe — f n, to slink away ; ff in 
(Bdnnrr jiebt bit tHinb nan inmnbJ his patron 
withdraws his aid; rait f inor Itaof tt fcaif —at. 
to be baulked in one's design (coll.), —Oil, p. 
&- adj.; bfr — Otbf , subtracter. — «r, m.(— f r# f 
pi. —tt) one who draws off ; abductor, —ant* 
/. drawing, moving off; distillation ; diversion ; 
subtraction ; a b straction. Comp. —ainff, /. 
alembic. — bOftm, "»• tvmpan-aheet. —Mil, 
n. metachromotype (Tup.). -O'ffn. *. 
scraper ; hackle (for flax % etc.). — ffilf, /. 
smoothing file. — ftaf o)f, /. retort. — Mir*, 
tn. alembic. — If *fT , n. raaor-etrop. — Ma#ff I* 
m. abductor (Anat.). — ftfl at* m - draining- 
plow. — »rf fft, /. proof-press. — Iff in, m. 
hone, —mil, /. number to be subtracted, 
subtrahend. — |fat» *• distilling utensils. 

fiatiflat, v. I. it. (aux. |.)auf ftnM«— , to aim 
at, to tend to II. a. to strive for. 

tJfSirfr In, v. I. a. to measure or delineate with 
compasses; to define strictly. II. a. to be 
ridiculously nice or measured In one's behavior. 

flPlantt, /. (pi. *»*a6ttr)bfeed,race;ooadntt l 
sewer ; channel (Found.). 

«Dlng, m. (—4, pt. rTbAftaf ) departure, retreat ; 
scum; proof-impression; trigger; drain, con- 
duit ; outlet ; deduction ; — am Gkttuftt. 
tare; nin — f blaftn. to sound the retreat t 
ben— ntbram, to retire; naa) — bar Mttu. 
" ; •*** — f clear. Comp. 


-^stogex, at. proof-sheet. — g=g ratal, m. 
drain. — gsflfcaa), n. check by discovery ; see 
KtfAaft. -+;Mtn\t, /. culvert. .-Jslflftl, 
/. minuend. — fts|iegel, m. draining tile. 
— gslftll, m. emigration fine. 

Vt/S**fen, ••a. to pou off. 

*f lootfen, o.x to pinch off; eincm ernia* — , 
to squeexe or extort something from one in a 
mean way, to snap away. 

nVWtdtn, v.\.n.<k a. (etna*, attf cine ©.) 
to aim at. II. a. to unpeg. 

VfSMda-ttt, v.a. to branch off. — nng, /. 
(ac* o/) lopping, pruning ; (bed Skged) devia- 
tion, branching off. 

VfHPUfm, v.a. to pinch off. 

VPlttUlgea, ir.v.a. to obtain by force ; rittcm 
fttoad — , to extort a thing from a person. 

nVWitmtn.v.a. to wind off thread. 

Vea'ele, *e «fajic. 

rjcadOMir/t *., «« ttfabemie, re. 

VCCajHMTie'ren, v.a. to engross, to forestall. 

«CCf«l, m. (oZ«o **tt Sltif'nO (-*, J* -e) 
accent ; fdjarfer — , *cute accent ; ticfer — , 
grave accent ; gebefcnter — , circumflex accent ; 
acfttffcener — , acute accent ; gcfdjlcif tcr — , 
circumflex accent ; xttetgUtftger — , nuctuat- 

21 g»e» 

ftttlfea, to shrug the shoulders; fiber bit — 
Ottfeten, to scorn, look down uoon ; attf bci> 
ben — tt tragett, to favor both sides; attf bie 
leiftte — nebmeu, to treat lightly ; bie — n 
feangen, to be out of sort*. Comp. —ball ft, ft. 
shoulder knot. — - If ill, n. upper bone of the 
arm. — grnfe, /. axillary gland. — fktf, •»., 
— ftitf, n. gusset, shoulder-piece. — grille, 
— f Oble,/. armpit. — feemb, n. sleeveless shirt. 
— flOJN'C,/. shoulder-strap, shoulder-piece ; pi. 
wines. — naht,/. shoulder-seam (of adresi,etc.). 

— row, /. *« — bein. —rote, /. fiddle hung 

over the back of the mediaeval traveling min- 
strel (obs.). —HM,n.,see-Uappt. — trrfgC*, 
m. time-server ; hypocrite. — trob&cl,/. epau- 
lette. — mdctl, n. shrug of the shoulders. 
Hdlt, R«>n. <><</. (sometime* Kdtfe if the nutnerai 
stands predicatively ; ti filtb ibrtr Odjr(c)) 
eight ; — Xage , a sennight ; a week ; fcente fiber 
— Sage, this day week; binuen — Sagen, 
within a week ; fealb — , half past seven ; mil 
— en tabrett, to drive a coach and eight; 
ber, bie, bft*. — e, the eighth, —el. n. (— el#, 
pi. —el) eighth part ; quaver (Mus.\ ; arc of 46 
degrees; octavo. — end, adv. eighthly. — er, 
m. (—erg, pi. — er) anything oonsisting of eight 
parts; an eighth; figure eight. Comp. — s 
glitter ig, adj. octopetalous. — 1&, n. octagon. 
— frflg, adj. octagonal. — f sfcalfc, wven and a 
half. — elsforw, -elsgrotbt, /• octavo size. 
— enter, m. stag having eight branches to his 
antlers. — erslet, adv. of eight kinds. * ' "" 
— filttg, adj. <fc adv. eight-fold. — | 

antlers. —erslet, adv. of eight kinds. — fad), 
filttg, adj. <fc adv. eight-fold. -fa*, n. 
tahedron. — tiilrrig, adj. eight years old. 

— tl*Hg, (Mus.) octave. 

— riemer, •». an 

— Ntal, adj. eight 
light (a race boat). 
— feittg, adj. octagonal. — fflbig, adj. octosyl- 
labic. — f Wtttttg, adj. yoked with eight hones. 
— fdrtlfcig, adj. having eight quartering* in the 
coat of arms, etc. — tSgig, adj. weekly, for 
a week ; for eight days. — nniDierSig, num. 
aaj. forty-eight ; cut alter — tutbbier^tger. a 

man who took part in the revolution of 1848. 
— t»od)eittli<*, adj. every second month. 
— lefctt, num. adj. eighteen. — lehnte, num. 
adj. eighteenth. — ttilig, adj. of eight lines; 
octave {pod,). — |fg. num. adj. eighty ; ein 
— Atgcr, an octogenarian. — Sig^abrlg, m. 
octogenarian. — iigfte, num. adj. eightieth. 
l Md)t f /. (no pi.) attention, care, heed ;. in — 
tubmen, to take care of ; to observe, mind ; — 

8 even attf , (ivith ace.) to mark ; to pay attention 
), to be careful concerning ; gebt — , mark ye ! ; 
84 (ace.) in — tubmen, to take care, beware ; 
% nebme mid) bor ibm in Vd)t, I beware of 
him. —bar, adj. respectable. — bartett,/. 
respectability. — ]am, adj. mindful, attentive. 
— famffit, /. attention ; heedfulness. Comp. 

— en«=n>crt, see — nngd-mert. —log, adj. 

negligent, inattentive. — lofigffit, /. inatten- 
tion, heedlessness. 

»Hd)t, /• ban, outlawry ; — unb 9ann r outlawry 
and excommunication ; in bte — be rf a Hen, to 
become outlawed ; einen in bie — crfltiren, 
to put 8.O. under the ban, to proscribe one, 
to outlaw one. Comp. — brief, m. writ of pro- 

„ Bcription. — <«)=erndrun0,/. outlawing. 

|(bt. tee (£d»t. 

ItaVt— en, v. a. & n. to regard, to esteem ; to 
deem; to pay attention to; beffen ungead)tet. 
nevertheless, regardless of this. — ling, /• 
attention ; esteem, respect, regard ; tjah — ung! 
have a care I; — nng! attention! (MU.)\ ben 
@efefc;en —ung berfdjaffen, to vindicate the 
law ; pov einent —ung degen, to hold one in 
high esteem ; einem— nng cittnofce n, to inspire 
one with respect; feint —nng be&eigrn, to 
pay one's respects; —ung gebCtt auf (ace.), 
to pay attention to. — ttttft=einfljH|enb, adj. 

— — nagftstoKttgtittg, /• <*&*** 


f«tm 83 


of respect. — «ngg;U>g, adj. disrespectful. 
—nn&*:WU. adj\ respectful. —MlggsWcrt, 
— Mnggsttirgig, adj. respectable, estimable. 

_ —tttlggsmtaig, art>. disrespectful, IrreTerent. 

mWt— tn, v a. to outlaw, proscribe ; gedffttet 
MOB getamtt, outlawed (oy tte 4afe) and 
excommunicated (by the church). — cr, m. 
man outlawed, outlaw, —nag, /• outlawing 

8 proscription. 
jKtrr, prep, and adv. MIX (Naut.). 
aYltU, tu*. to groan heavily. 
«'dtr, m. (— g, pi. Stfer) field, arable land; 
soil ; acre (square measure, pt. bit Btfer) : ei* 
fetter — , a rich soil ; ben — bantu, be fatten, 
to till the ground. Camp. — tan, "». agricul- 
ture, —taller, m. husbandman, —tans 
fdmlC, /. school of agriculture. — tart, n. 
ridge (m a /!«/rf). -tafteHnng, /. tillage. 
— gafle, barren tract, or patch (in a rte/rf). 
— ga«l, m. farm-horse. — gf II, n. land tax ; 
farm-expenses. — gefefe, n. agrarian law. 
— bof, m. farm; farm-yard; farm-house. 
— ntedjt, m. farm laborer. — fall ft, n. arable 
land. — l*bn, m. laborers wages. — tit til It, 
m. husbandman. — mlttndxn, n. water-wag- 
tail, —roil!, m. ridge between fields. — bief, 
». draught cattle. — tualK,/- roller. — »frfs 
fttaft,/. agriculture. — ttUg, n. agricultural 
implements. Be/ore mod botanical terms, Hrfer 
r= field, wad, or corn. — taltfiftft. m. great 
wild valerian. — etrcttjweig, m. chickweed. 
— taflUMtrt, »». dwarf-elder. — grinMrant, 
n. meadow-scabious. — flff, m. hare's-foot 
clover. — ftetre, /. prickly parsnip. — ntiftK, 

/. mountain calamint. — rattte • J. fumitory. 

""""" m. charlock. — f>argel, to. 
wort. — maltauHfrr, m. woodroof. 


-fftlf, m. charlock. 

wt>rt. — maitauHfrt. ™. 
Modern, v.a. to till, to plow. 

Mttf m. ate ftft. 


HCHe,/. ***ftt*. 


Hctna'r, m. tee ttftttar. 

ll'tatttg— feige, /. Egyptian fig, sycamore. 

— -OPfel, m. Adam's apple, thyroid cartilage. 
Ktaif/rnt, a. to add, to sum up. 
%\W, I. int. farewell 1 IL tub*, w. farewell, 


«tcb«r, H'taWr, t». stork (<«a/.). 

VtCl, m. (— g) nobUity; nobleness; Horn — , 
of noble birth ; bf r niebere — , the gentry. 
-fg,a»ltS,o<tf. noble. -fd*ft,/. aristocracy. 
Comp. — grtattf. m. patent of nobility. — gs 
tadl, n. peerage-book, —ftallg, m. the nobil- 
ity ; in tall — ftanb erfctan, to ennoble, raise 
to the rank of a peer or knight. — fl|d)t, /. 
tufthunting, lore of titles, etc. — f &<Wg» adj. 

ftlKtn, v.a. to ennoble ; to dignify ; to give 
worth to. 

VfrOt, m. adept, one expert In alchemy (lit. : 
one who hat found rii. /Ai panacea). 

Witt,/. (p/.— «) rein; lode; streak, grain 
(in wood); bit g of bene — , hemorrhoids; &ur 
— laffrn, to bleed : elite bidjlf rifcbe — , a poeti- 
cal rein ; eg if* feme gnte — on ibm, there is 
no good in him ; cr tat feine — tan feinem 
ttater, he is wholly unlike his father. — |g, 
tee Vberig. Comp. — brndl, m. Tarioocele. 
-geoanta, n. venous system. -geltttt, 
-fftgeta, n. vascular plexus. — gettttdjg, *. 
polypus, —taut, /• choroid. — fnoten, 
— frw* *». varicose vein. — Ulfl* m. blood- 
letting. — lafc=rif en, n. lancet, phlerae. —falls 
font, /. phlebotomy. -fafcsfdmiWfr, m. 
lancet, —fait, /• tourniquet. -rUMrig, «d/. 
nerved (2W.). —ftfj|*g» m. beat of the pulse. 
— tMffer, a. lymph. 

i'tar-Sei. *. (-Seng,/* -<*«) Utile vain. 
-fc, adj. veined, full of veins. ^ 

Stern, tf.a. to grain, vein (toomf, etc.). 
Weil', I. int. farewell. II. tubtt.n. farewell. 

«»jf/*, in/, (co//.) = «be, Stolen. 

HoVnft, m. (-en, />/. ~e«) i 
league; deputy. 

Hbfuffic/rrn, v.a. to adjust, regulate ; fid) — , to 
adjust oneself; to dress properly. 

tiller, m. (— S, p/. — ) eagle; fttltgfr — , 
eaglet; bopptittr —, two-headed eagle: tar 
meiblidK — , female eagle ; bf r — frtifdje, 
the eagle screams. Comp. — fthRlilfe adj. 
aquiline. — blttnf, /. columbine. — Tttlc, /. 
eagle-owl. — fifdj, m. sea-eagle (Icht.). — ftttig, 
m. eagle's pinion. — gcler, m. bald eagle. 
— taU, »• a species of agallochum, Amboyna 
wood. — horff, m. aerie, eyrie, eyry. — Ittltg' 
liltg, tn. young eagle. — frailt, n. female forn. 
— naffr /• aquiline nose. — or***, »»• order 
of the Eagle ; Witter be! ffftmarAett (or rottn) 
flblersorbeng. Knight of the Black (or Bed) 
Eagle. — ftetn, m. aetite. 

KdWiaifhrie'ren, v.a. to administer. 

VdMirat, m. [— g, pi. — «ie f 6f«<T Man -*lc) 
admiral. -it«'t,/. admiralty. — f dMft BWlta", 
to sail in company. Comp. — itftgsgeriW, *• 
Board (or Court) of Admiralty ; Sorfigentar 
tag — itatg-gerfatg, First Lord oi the Admi- 
ralty. — gs brief* m. sailing orders. — g=r«t, 
m. admiralty. — g=fdjiff, n. flag-ship. 

«tat>t— ie / retl. ».a. to adopt. — |'g, oo>*. adop^ 
tive, adopted ; (in compounds, e.g. — fgs 
tOdrter,/. adopted daughter, f/c.)- 

«tae'W-r , /. (p/. -e«) address ; direction ; place 
of residence ; firm (C. L.) ; on bif — € bon. ta* 
— e, care of. — «'t, m. (— it'teil, pi. -+*ttu) 

Serson addressed; person recommended; the 
rawee. Comp. — <%)=bttlh, n. f — (tDsfaleils 
tar, m. directory. — (%)stare«H, »• registry 
offlce, enquiry office. — (fc)=Kttel, »"• labeL 

fltaelr-lr'reil, r.a. to address; to consign; er 
tat widj att ©ie — iert, he has directed or 
sent me to you, recommended me to you. 

Hftta'llt, m. (— g) advent. Comp. -gstagff, 
m. ember goose. — gs$cit, /• advent season. 

KtaOfa't, m. (— ett, pi. —en) barrister, advo- 
cate. — M'r,/ advocacy. Comp. —targe bit* 
rett, d/. lawyer's fees. 

VtaOilfren, v .». (ouz. b.) to follow the law. 

H'erO — (trisyllabic; only used in compounds). 
— btotlfl'mif, /. aerodynamics (Physics). — ta- 
UfMifa, adj. aerodynamic (Physics). — liff, 
m. pi. aerolite. — nau'til, /. aeronautics. 
—ffg't, m. air-balloon. — ffa'tit, /. aerosta- 
tic*, —ftft'tif*, adj. aerostatic. 

flff— e«, v.a. to mock, make a fool of, to ape. 
—fret', /. chaff ; mimicry. — iftfj, adj. apish. 
—in, /. (p/. — inueti) she-ape. 

Hfpe, »• X— «» p'- — «) a i*« monk«y; 

(AfecA.) ; knapsack (soldiers' si.) ; f inflt — « 
on einent gefreffen tafcett, to be Infatuated 
with a person ; feinem — n Surfer getan, 
to be extravagantly merry (coll.) ; fid} elatn 

(fleinen) —n Fanfen, to get tipsy (st\ Comp. 
— nsortlf , adj. monkeyish. — Nsfrafce* J* 
— nsgefiOit, n. monkeyish grimace. — «s 
gefdlletbt, n. quadrumana. — nstnng, adj. 
very young ; bag — nfttttge OCnt, the young 
ninny (joe.), -ftslieta, /• blind partiality 
(for one's children). — nsRllfe, /• fiat nose, 

— n=btnfctar, m. pug. — n=f(tanta, /. very 

great shame, scandal (tl.). — flsfdWaiU, m. 

ape's tail ; droll fellow. —nzHtln, m. monkey 

betoar. — nrmfibdKH, n. she-ape. 
tlffeft, w»- (— g, p/< — e) emotion, passion, affeo* 

tlon. — ionteTt, adj. see dkneigt. Cosip. 

— i0Mg=brei#, m. fancy.prioe. — log, odj. 

dispassionato. — loflgfeit,/. apathy ; oalmness, 
flWeit— ie'rm, v.a. to affect. — Wxt, p.p. a) 

adj. affected ; bag — iertt Sefen, sffe "- 
Hfftal^er, *f tartar, m. guelder rose. 

ICffiriereit 38 ftforitiemi 

nia)t9 Qnte*, I have a foreboding of erflj 
— en faffen, to cause a foreboding, to fore* 
shadow; bcr Stuabt Heft ben flRamt —en. 
the boy gave promise of the man. —Silt,/. 
foreboding, presentiment; feint — Itttg! no, not 
by any meant I («*.); (tint blafft — URfi ao* 
finer Gaap bofren. to hare not the faintest 
notion of a thing or how to do a thing. Comp. 
— mtfidslo*, aq;. without misgiving or pre- 
sentiment ; unsuspecting. — Mlgtsf ajftJCT , full 
of presentiment, portentous. — ntlgftstafl, ao>*. 

„ bodeful, foreboding ; mietruetfuL 

ft'bftlidj, «(/. similar, like, resembling; analo- 
gous to; er fitbi fetnem ©ruber febr — . he 
looks very much like his brother; o*0 fiebt 
ibnt — , that Is Just like him ; — maeien. to 
assimilate. —ttlt, /. resemblance, similarity, 
likeness; analogy. Comp. — feitftsafftcUU 
Hon, /. association by similarity. 

ffbom, m. (— «, pi. — c) maple. 

ft'tr-ftM, n. spicula (Bot.). -«,/. (pi. -«t) 
ear of corn ; bte tattle — e, tare, —en Itfftt, 
to glean. — ia, adj. (in compounds, e. g. f urj» 
2b ng) having abort ears or spikes. Comp, 

^ -fiuftaftatfl, adj. epicate. 

tl'breit, v.a. dc n. to form into ears, apike; to 
glean ; to plow before sowing. 

ttt'Cbf*, vm. to gauge, see (Sidjen. 

B'ift (/aw syllables), n. A sharp (Jtfat.). 

Ufil&em— ft', /. (id. — ie'en) academy: univer* 
eity. — Her (jmm.afabe'mirer),m. (—iter*, 
pi. — Iter) academician; Platonlst. — tfol 
(»r<m. ofoWmifd)), cuty'. academic ; — ifd>tl 
©icrttl, n. quarter of an hour's allowance 
(German university lectures begin at a guar tor 
past the full hour). 

Htf'llf ,/. (pi. —en) acada, locust tree. 

Hlflfi./. whiting: columbine; whitlow. 

ftfrtyfttftV-on, n. ( pi. —a) acrostic. 

Uft, m. (— f$, />/. — e) act; deed, document, 
legal instrument (*« fcfte); pose, position, 
attitude (©/ a model) ; whole figure of a nude 
model (Sculp. Paint.) ; ton eiiter 6a<bt — 
nrbntett, to take a written certificate of a 
fact: to take note of a fact (coll.). Comp. 
— leUttlt*. n. drawing after a nude model. 

Vt'tC. /. (p/. — B) act; deed, bill, document; 
(pi.) public papers, reports ; ettoa* jn ben 
—It legen, to pigeon-hole, to shelve a th« 
Comp. — nrttlfufd), m. bureaucrat, red-tapist. 
— nsftfitf* n. official document, deed. 

«ft-!e, /. (pi. —few) ahare, fund, stock. 
— itftriftr, m. (— iotta'r*. p/. — iona're) ehare- 
holder. Comp. —tensafefdmitf, m. coupon. 
— ietuaefeOfAaft, /. joint-stock company. 
— iensftintler, m. stock-jobber. — iensias 

baler, tn. shareholder. 

Kttio'll , /. battle, encounter (obs.). Comp. — #s 
rutin*, m. sphere of action (of a warship until 
it wants fresh coal). 

tmi't, adj. active ; effective ; actual ; er tft tei 
bent 8orp& gtoruffta — , he Is just now a mem- 
ber of the students' club Boruasia. — a, (pi.) 
assets, outstanding debts. — ita't, /. activity. 
Comp. —bonbef, m. export trade. — fajnls see —«. — ft*Jtt, m. asseU ; effective 
condition (Mil.). 

Iltt ttft'r. m. (pi. —t) actuary. 

Uf II 'ft— if, /. acoustics. — if<h, adj. acoustic. 

Hlabilfter, m. (-$) alabaster, — n, adj. of 

Slant, m. chub ; eleca m pane. Comp. — beerc, 
/. black currant. 

HUTm, m. alarm ; — btaftrt or — fdtfftgen, to 
sound an alarm, beat to arms ; Minber — , false 
alarm. Comp. — UliXfe, /. alarm-bell, tocsin. 

— tanone, /. «ignai-gun. — anartiere, n. pL 

alarm-quarters, quarters near the enemy. 
— faRoi, n. alarm-signal ; signal light, beacon. 
Worwie'ren, v.a. to alarm, to beat up. 

Wan'*, «. (— *) alum. -««, adj. of alum. 

_ig, «e -urtig. Cwip. -nrtig, -fcalt tg, 

«t^ aluminous. 
KUn'ttCn, v. a. to impregnate with alum. 

«1H «. Me}*, j?. -?n) elf (J^). Vf , 

*'!*, /. (l* -n) white poplar (**.); •*>•* 

VOtcr (c©*.), — «» *#• £ «*>• "^y* foolish, 
simple; weak-minded; absurd; —tied Acng, 
nonsense; stuff and nonsense. —CI', 7- 
usually -ttct$€it.f. (pi. -n-bctten) silliness; 
absurdity ; silly action. — tg, adj. = olbcrn. 

Vlbnttt, n. blank book, scrap book ; album for 
photographs or postage stamps. 

sYllmatrtl. n. albumin(e) T albumen. 

nUt*U*v{'U-CV, m. (-er*% fl. -tt); Alexan- 
drine (vera* of twelve syllables). — if*, «</. 
<fc adv. Alexandrian ; Alexandrine. 

tflfail*, to. foolery, idle talk. — cr, m. silly 
fellow. — frrfi', /. tomfoolery; — ereieii 
treiben, to play foolish tricks. — tg, adj. 
silly, sham. 

fttgCtrft,/. algebra. -If*, adj. algebraical. 

«1gC,/. sea-weed. — Nsgrttg, «#. algal (tfoO. 

UlimVat, ». alimony. CYwnp. — atif*, /. 
alimentation. — <n=gClb, n. allowanoe for 

fUitttCHtie'ren, v.a. to maintain (Law). 

fW. to. auk (Om.). 

«'W»Jl.n.(-(e)«,p/.-c)alcohoL -frllHg, 
ad/, alcoholic, —if ft, to. a man given to 
taking too much alcohol. — ifdl, adj. alco- 
holic. — iftfTtll, v. to alcoholize. 

VltJBCn, to. (— * ,/»/. — ) alcove, recess in a room. 

flfi, I. n. (— S) the universe. II. adj. (— cr, 
— e, — C0) <mm collectively, all, entire, whole ; 
used dishrtbutively, every, each, any, all; — C, 
ftc — c, all of them ; — c 9Rcnfd)cn, all ™«n. 
everybody ; — e bdbc, both of them ; ouf — e 
8*|IC, in any case; fttrf -e SBetfe. by ail 
means, in every possible way; — c bret XogC, 
every third day; — c Stage, every day; — e 
©fit, the whole world ; everybody ; ofcne — e 
ttrflldX, without any cause ; ohlte —en 3wei« 
fef, undoubtedly; bor — en $ittgen, above 
all, first of all ; — c nub Jcbc fioffnnng, all 
and every hope ; bf i — ebent, for all lhat ; 
used substantively; — ee\ everything; every- 
body; — €0 rannte ba&in, all people were 
running there ; fiber — ee\ above all things ; 
■nt — tt in ber IBelt, for any sake, for the 
whole world ; —tt tout enftttd't, every one 
was delighted, charmed ; cr iff — e$ in —tin, 
he Is all to all (bci, with) ; cr if! —en — tt, 
he Is all things to all men ; cr fan* — ce\ be 
can do anything, is good at everything ; —tt 
anfbicten, to strain every nerve ; tt Ift — tt 
tint. It is all the same; —t9 9R3glid|e, all 
that is possible ; — e fur einen nub cincr fur 
— C. Jointly and separately, collectively and in- 
dividually, with oneness of interest, solidarity ; 
— tt bnrd) cinanber, higgledy-piggledy ; — tt 
in aUcnt genommen, taking one thing with 
another ; —tt, nuv nidjt, anything rather than, 
anything but ; — e* ton*, all that, whatsoever. 
III. — c, adv. all gone, all spent, at an end, ex- 
hausted ; ba$ Qklb iff — c, the money is spent 
(eotf.V, tt ift -c mit iqm, it is all up with 
him, he is done for (coll.) ; id) bin gait* — t , 
I am quite exhausted (coll.) ; — f ncrben. to 
be spent, to run out ; bir Xununen tocrben 
nidlt — Ci there is no end of fools (prov.). 
—(Kit, / sum of all, totality, universality; 
greatest extension (of a term). Comp. (%U in 
eomp. generally = universally ; all ; prefixed to 
adverbs it is sometimes archatc and q/ten causes 
no appreciable change of meaning). — &Cs 
fennt, adj. notorious. — bCTtit*, adv. al- 
ready. -4W, -**rt, <**». there. -WfbKtl, 

24 OTcto 

conj. whereas. — CigCn, adj. ; — cigCttC* (M, 
freehold, —cin, tee Kttctn. — rrbn'rwcTt 
m. the All-merciful. — getfT, « God, Give* 
of all. — gefaHifl, adj. tune-eerving, politic, 
pleasing both sides. — fCftCttWOrt,/. osnol- 
presence. — gCgCMtBirttg, adj. omnipresent. 
— gCttUld}, oJv. gradually. — gCtttCtn. adj. dt 
adv. universal, general; int — gcntcincn r m 
general; cis — gcmcinc$ 9»ttttl, specific; 
man fagt C# — gemetn, it is commonly re- 
ported. — gcntCUl'bcgrtff. m. general 
cept. — gnrCo>t, adj. all-just, 
— gCttHlUig, adj. all-powerful ; y-~-t~~««. 
-Bdttcrci, /. pantheism, -gfitlg, adj. afl. 
bountiful, most kind. — *fil, »., — btU=tttit= 
td, n. panacea, sovereign remedy. — fcftCIV 
adv. here. — tabrlidl, adj. annual ; adv. an- 
nually, every year. — ttaftt,/. omnipotenoa. 
— ttUldjtig, adj. omnipotent. -ntttblUl (6«*f 
spellings: gUmalid| r oUtttalifl) adj. 
degrees, graduaL — nu»naf lidl, adj. <fir adv. 
monthly, every month. — «<ia)tlid), adj. <k 
adv. nightly, every night. — fcitig, adj. mri. 
versal; versatile; — ffilig crwigcw, to look 
at on all sides ; — fcitigC ©ifbttttfl, liberal «* 
cation. — ftnnb. adv. at all flmes, alwmjr 
-tagig, -tagUd), adj. daUy ; common; 
monplace; ordinary; — tag lin>C# ^icber, 
tldian fever. — tag#:rtcib, n. every-day < 
— tagd=tttCHfd|, w. commonplace fellow. — « 
tfttftsttClt, /• work-a-day world, -fflflts 
tttOrtC, household words. -HPtltCSfc* 
adj. all-governing, sovereign, all-ruling. — s 
bntCT, m. father of aU (God; often applied to 
Wodan). -mi\t,adj.%VL-viis*. b W tf»Ct fr 
/. supreme wisdom. — tpiffcnb, adj. rniisj 
scient. -tpiWftihcit./.oinniscienoe. -Hiifes 
rd, /. pretension to know everything. -HP*, 
adv. where. — WdoVntUdl, adj. dt adv. lss|> 
pening every week, hebdomadal ; weekly, beb- 
domadary. —lilt adv. too, much too, quite tosv 
— itlglCid), adv. all together. — innwl, ash. 
all at once; all together. 
Hie, tn comp.; — bal; rro* —bent nnb — *nsv 
for all that and all that. — tttftl, adv. always, 
yet, still, of course ; cin fftr — «mI. onoa bar 
aU; — msl Wtnn, whenever. — n=foi#, «atp. 
in any case, at all events ; by chance, posesT 
perhaps. — nsfolfli", adj. casual, event 
-nt=\>albtn, adv. everywhere, in all pha 
— fatttntt, adv. altogether. — tOCgC, adv. mv% , 
where; always; quite; in every way, surely, 
undoubtedly. — HWilC, adv. always; just nam. 
—It it, adv. always; at all times. 


VOcC./. (pi' — n) alley, walk, avenue. 
S8Sar4e>, /. Ad. ^rn ) f UBf< 7L^ m 

rift, adj. & adv. allegorical. — iflcTtn, 1 
& v.n. to allegorise. 
ItOci'n, I. indec. adj. & adv. alone, sole, shwfcs; 
solitary, apart, by one's self; bit* — »*K%t 
binrcidjen, this alone would suffice. II. osls. 
only, merely; ntd)t— . . . f unbent ?c. t nwj 
only . . . but, etc. UL conj. only, but; 4*1 
roofltc tt gem tbnn, - id) fonnte ni#t« 1 
wished to do it, but I could not. —if, «j«> 
ic adv. exclusive, only, unique; be? . l i e 




ftlcr. gen. pi. of ** (i» comp. wiih the sup. 
= of all; with titles = moat; the accent fall* in 
meet cases on the second pari of the compound, 
cj. aVLtxeVntf)', -djrtMidrtt, adj. most 
Christian ; 6e. W«teft«t bcr -tbrtftlidjftc 
fttnta, His mo* Christian Majesty (a ftt/e ojJL 
daily given to the King of France). — »illg«, 
ado. to be sore, of course, by all means, 
indeed; it Is true. — crft, adj. A adv. first of 
all ; in — ttfk, first and foremost, originally. 
— (HMO, indec. adj. {orig. pen. ptnr. = of all 
hands), of all sorts and kinds, diverse, sundry; 
—ban* fiodpffetmiq ! I a»y, that is excellent ! 
(si.). — fetltge*, pi. All-Saints; All-8alnta- 
&y. -SiliftVte, ». holy of holies. -Id, 1. 
indec. adj. see — banb. U. n. medley, hodge- 
podge. — tie**, adj. dearest; best-beloved; 
delightful; charming. — NUMtnfts front iff*, *». 
long-rooted, wild, broad garlic. — matte* , I* 
adv. in every way, entirely. IL conj. since {obs.). 
mttft, L ad/, most of all, most part. II. adv. 
especially, chiefly. — ttoOft, L a<tf. the very 
next. u. adv. close, hard by ; immediately. 
— fCClm, pi. All Souls' (Day), -fdtd, o«fc. 
on all sties; from all parts; altogether. 
—WiTt*. adv. everywhere. — tPClt#:freimb, 
•». everybody's friend. 

«**«*, /. (Pi- -*R) alliance, league. 

•SttCr-Ctt, ».o. to ally, unite; bit -ten, the 

<9o(b, the precious metals, such as gold ; — 
CNrfdiRlbigitnfl, by way of excuse; nifty* 
— , nothing but ; fetlt fifttrlt — cr, no prince 
except him ; cr rbttt nidjt* — fbiden, he does 
nothing but play ; — cr font, when he came ; 
a« gut, — ba| m ** <* »f0tocrfcit fotttc , too 
good to be thrown away; an fine, — b*ft cr 
boJ uidrt mcrtcn fotttc, too clever not to 
notice that ; f otoobf cr — id|, he as well as L 
— (f)0. see Hlfo. Comp. (urilh accent on the 
second part, e.g. aldbo'lb). — *al». adv. as 
soon as; forthwith, thereupon, presently, at 
once, immediately. — §a«n, adv. then. 

Hlf 0. 1, adv. so, thus, so much, so far ; bic Gaffe 
Ocrqflft fid) — , the matter stands thus. IL 
conj. therefore, consequently ; idj fling — bin, I 
went accordingly ; (Bic wottcii — niait ? You 
won't, then? Comp. —bait, see HIKbatb. 

Hit, adj. A adv. (comp. alter; sup. altcft) 
old ; ancient, antique, long established ; stale ; 
bad, unpleasant (dial.) ; cr if* f — toic id), he 
is my age ; cr if* intmcr bcr — c, he is still 
the same ; c<* bictbl bctnt —en, there will be 
no change ; b«0 ift cttDftd — Ce\ that is nothing 
new; — tbitn, to assume a knowing air; — 
verbeit, to grow old ; bic —en, the ancients ; 
Steilte — CR, my forefathers; my seniors; bad 
—t, old thing; id} Mciftc »ei« — Clt, I stick 
to the old way; mcitt — cr, my old friend; 
old fellow, old chap ; my principal ; my father, 
my governor (si.); bcr aire ff*Uf» <•«• Kln « 
Frederick IL of Prussia ; — er , see Utter. Comp. 
— bftdTtt, adj. stale. — bcfoMlt, adj. long- 
known. — Cbrrourbig, adj. time-honored. 
— ntrtdl, ». reservation of property made by 
an old person making over his estate to an heir ; 
fid) aufS — entcii jttriitfjicbtu. to withdraw 
from actual participation in a business or in 
general affairs. — fUtfCT, m. cobbler. — ftolls 
ftflfj. adj. old Franconian; antiquated. 
— iMiett, m» foreman; old bachelor (rare). 
— glftttbig, adj. orthodox. — tofttCtttf*, adj. 
Old High German. — fattyflif*. Old Catholic 
(since 1871). — flttfl, adj. knowing, precocious. 
—IO«bsam«0««,m. late hiirh bailiff. — ntfis 
ftCT , elder, senior master, patriarch, e.g. Goethe, 
Haydn. — tttObifd), adj. out of fashion, old- 
fashioned, —wnttrr, /. grandmother, —s 
■eroiftb, adj. Old Norse. — WlOlOf f, m. 
philologist (or scholar) versed in ancient lan- 
guages ; classical scholar. —reidWttulrr, m. 
First Chancellor of the (new Oerman) Empire, 
i.e., Prince Bismarck. — tHttCT, m. grand- 
father, progenitor, patriarch. — Mjtrrlta}, adj. 
ancestral, primitive, old. — tertatrt, adj.; 
— fteriaftrte* Watntum, prescriptive prop- 
erty. — Oertrrtflt , adj. of long acquaintance. 

— berbem, vi. ancestors. — tpciberbaft, 
-i»eiber=manig f adj. anile. — weiber= 

IOttttttcr, m. Indian summer, gossamer, 
t, m. (— (c)e\ pi. — c) sHo, counter (or second) 
tenor. — ift,«». counter-tenor singer, — Wtfn, 
/. contralto singer. Comp. — flCtgC, /. see 

©ratfdje. -WfittWel, m. -srfdeti, n. aito- 

clef. —fHtttme,/. counter-tenor. 

tUta'R, m. (-8, pi. -t) balcony; platform; 

tjfta'r, m. (— *, pi. -* A Bltd're) altar. Comp. 
— bltttt, n. altar piece. — bad), n. offlce-book 
(EcdX — biCHCr, m. priest ministering at 
the altar; acolyte. — feltfl, m. chalice. 

„ -blO*. m.. — ftStte, /. chancel. 

f|lt— <, /. oldness (oft*.). — er, adj. compar. oj 
«(t, older, elder. — trsfid) (usually dtf Hid)) 
adj. parental, —em, pi »ee CHtertl. — Cff, 
adj. superlat. of alt, oldest, most ancient. 
— CftC, m. A f. senior, elder; bit — cftcn, 
the elders (£.). — lioi, adj. and adv. eld. 
erly, oldish. Comp. — et=*lttttfT, /. great, 
grandmother, ance str ess. — entslev (usuaUjf 




tittvnlri) adj. orphaned, parentless. — ers 
%*ttX, m. jpeat-gTlandfather, ancestor, patri- 
arch. — eftensamt, n., — efrenstehrbe, f. 
eldership. — ffttttsrtlfjf, n. right of primo- 
UYttt, n. (—4) age, old age ; antiquity ; epoch, 
age ; bad blftbcnbr — , the prime of ufe ; tmra 
ftebt ibm fern — nidjt an, he does not look hie 
age; bii in bad ftMttefre— , to the hut, to the 
latest period of one's existence; bor — d, 
ton— 4 ber.of old, anciently ; — fd)tt*t bor 
Sborfceit ntfftt, the old ones too are aome- 
timea foolish (prw.). — tum, n. (—tstmd, pi. 
—timer) antiquity. — tjtmeiei', /. antiqua- 
rianiam. — f umler, m. antiquary ; dabbler in 
antiquities. — tfimlio), adj. <Se adv. antique, 
— -'--" "---- serlafc, m. exeno " 

*ltt,/ seniority. 

Comp. — 4serlafe, m. exemption 

age. — isfolgc/aeniority. -*s 

genbfc, m., — 4sgeaeffta, /. one having the 

because of age. 

same age as another ; of the same age ; con- 
temporary. — AsfdftMUt, adj. decrepit. —4s 
fdimadX,/. weakness oi !old age. -fefrafc,/. 
stage of life. — tttmftsfftrfdKr, »*• antiquary. 
— t«mt2iefellfa)*ft, /. antiquarian society. 
--tsm4stttliac, /. arch»ology. — tttrnds 
frfitf, ». antique. — dsberflcbernng,— dsber:: 

forsmift/. old age pension (scheme), old age 

insurance. — tnm4s»tffeilfAaff, /. know- 

ledge (or science) of antiquity or antiquities ; 

mttrfttio'tt,/. emotion, anger. 
Wterie'ren, v. I. a. to affect, alter, influence ; 

to excite, annoy. 1L reft, to get excited, to 

become vexed. 
VUrr«, r.n. (ouz. h.) to become old, age ; to 

decline, decay. 
«Urrnt'#mi1#, m. altruism. 
Vbtmn— i'f f n. boarding-school connected with 

a day-school, —n 6» m.(pL — i) boarder. 
ttltC«l-t v /.alwoto. — «T, «<;. alveoUry. 
fUbftla'rlaut. m. alveolar continuant (w*. a 

consonant formed by pressing the point of the 
' " i rirfp* a© 
m» a kind ofde 

whose turn is it to play ?; — Chief, after all,' in 
short ; abbreviated a. e.g. fjrotttfttrt a. W. = 

Snffirrt am flWaln. F. on the Main. // 
u the superlative of the adverb. — brftat, 
; — ebeften, soonest; fib (in — beften 
baran, I have the best of it; — aKrr-erftrn, 
at the very first 
liaMU, —a, n. a m al gam , — ifrtN, v.o. to 

Hmara'nt,m. (—4, p/.— fit) amaranth. — en, 

adj. amaranthine. 
KttMJft'aC. /. (pi. — «) amason; virago; horse- 
n, female equestrian. Comp, — *sf (rib. 

tongue apaintt the ridge above the upper teeth, 
hence a kind of dental). 

m (= on bent) *e Hn ; mer if* — ©bielr ? 

fled, pi. —ffe) anvil; incus 
-, small anvil. Comp. — fah*» 

n. lady's riding-habit. — ftsfttfll, m. 
ite (species of felspar). 

WmbC, /. (pi. — n) combination of two num- 
bers ; two fuoky numbers drawn, double prise. 

Vmber, a*. (—4) amber ; gratter — , ambergris. 
— i'«e, /. ambretne. (For cpds. see «rabrtf) 

H'mbflfc. m. (-ff " 
(Anal.). fia«b- k . „_, 

/. face of the anvil. — fftmirb, m. black 

H'mbra,™. (—*)** «mber. Comp. — banm, 
m. sweet-gum. — bttff , nu perfume of amber, 
fragrant-odor. — fetl, »• ambreine. — |d||, 
n. species of sandalwood. — fngel, /. musk- 
balL — if, n. oil of amber. — ffanbe, /. am- 
ber tree or plant. 

Ittttrtf— i*» *• ambrosia. — if*, <k#. ambro- 
sial ; fragrant, delicious. 

•mbrOfia'nifdl, adj. Ambroslan (Eccles.). 

ITKirHe, /. (/>/. — n) ant, emmet. Comp. — fjs 

Mr, — nsfreffer, -nsjager, m. ant-bear, 
-nsri,».aiit'fr«gg. — ttsboafm, 

m. ant-hill. — «= fried**, n.,— «sbmfev.»^ 
— «=fdHIBibeT, m. formicatioiL — Ilsi«n0frr. 
/., —ItsldniC, m. lion-ant -«=fgrjnre, / 
formio add. 

U'tttel— (in comp.). — f»rn, m. a kind of spelt or 
German wheat — tttefcl, n. starch ; spelt flour. 

*'tttflttMi» m. descendant of (the East Gothic 
king) Amala; especially: follower of Dietrich 
von Bern, noble Goth. — enlifb, n. cycle of 
epic songs on Dietrich von Bern and his Gothio 

Hm'mana, m. (— Vmmamter) magistrate ; 
bailiff (in Switzerland and parts of Germany). 

K'mme f /. (pi. — n) nurse, wet-nurse ; $iw — 
tljnit, to put (out) to nurse. Comp. — itrmirs 
djen, n. nursery tale. — llsffllbC, /• nursery. 

%'mmCT,f. (pi. — «) yellow-hammer (Orn.). 

KmmeMa'f, n. ammonia; faUfanre^ —, chlo- 
ride of ammonium: fdrtorffTfOttred — , sul- 
phate of ammonia. — a'ltfd), adj. ammoniacaL 
Comp. — ga9, n. gaseous ammonia, ammonisr 

H'mmonfborn, n. (— (e)#, i^. «mmim#^ir« 
iter) ammonite. 

UttMefie'./. loss of memory. 

thnndttr,/. (p/.— «) amnesty; (political) par- 
don. Comp. — befrf t, n. act of oblivion. 

H ,^ ""'-"^^ Moves, amoreta 


M a. to liquidate, 

(annuities, etc). 
Ion, liquidation. 


I. Biff**-,/. 



tl'Wt, n. (— e#. p/. ftmter) any responsible situa- 
tion, office, charge, place, employment, official 
position, board, court, council ; administration ; 
jurisdiction ; domain, sphere of duty ; concern ; 
guild ; ecclesiastical duty ; ministry ; mass; 
place of public business; tin 5ffe»Hid)f# — 
befleiben or ittne fjabcn, to fill a public office; 
ba# &u0tn&rtiae— , n. the Foreign Office; 
eittem — e borfrcoett, to hold or fill an office: 
eiiten fritted —td ettrfetjeit, to deprive one of 
his situation ; fraft meittel — e«, by virtue of 
my office; bait — 1# meant, ex officio, offi- 
cially ; fein — atttreteit, to come into office, to 
enter upon one's functions ; fritted — T0 ttfalim 
(or toortrtt), to perform the duties of one'i 
office, to officiate; bad fcobe — brrria)ir« f 
fjaltrtt, to administer the sacraments, to sty 
mass (Rom. Cath.) ; e£ ifc meittrd — r* nidjt, 
it is not in my province, it is not my businesa 
— lid), adj. de adv. official, ministerial. Comp. 
— loifi, adj. <i* adv. out of office ; out of employ- 
ment ; private. —matM, m. magistrate ; bail- 
iff ; domain judge, steward. — mannf ffjtft, /. 
bailiwick; jurisdiction or dignity of an amt> 
mann. — metfte r » «". master of a guild. —4s 
alter, n. seniority in office. —4= ante ten, s. 
official authority. — Asbefebl* m. official 
order. — »=befdrberung, /. official promo- 
tion. — Asbrriajft m. official report —4s 
befftetb, m. sentence, decree. — 4sbflperber, 
m. candidate ( for an office). — ftsbejtrf, st. 
extent of jurisdiction. — 4sb!att, *• official 
gazette. — -4sbadj» "• official register, court- 
roll. — gs briibcr,m. colleague. — 4sbiraer, 
m. serjeant, beadle, usher. — 4sborf, n. vil- 
lage of a jurisdiction. — 4=eib, m. oath of 
office ; ben — detb abfegeit, to be sworn into 
offloe; etma4 ottf ben —drib nebmen, to 
make a declaration, deposition on one's oath 

ttmtifteit 27 fbtltffett 

lift — blr, do by me as I do by you ; — fcinett 
SMicftR it., by his looks, etc. (to perceive, 
know by) ; cittern *nt $er$en (leant, to be 
near one's heart, dear to one ; er ftorb — eittent 
Weber, he died of a fever ; e£ 1ft — Ut &tlt, it 
u about the time, the time has come ; bit Totrtftc 
(or e#) if* — mir. it is my turn ; e* if* — bent, 
btft er abreift, he is on the eve of depart- 
ure;H*e$ — bent? is that ao? Used with 
ace, signifying 1. progression or motion towards 
a place or thing (vn answer to toodltt ? where 
to?); 2. expressing duration of time (m an- 
swer to, bid Wtftm ? to what time, etc. ?) ; 3. 
after verbs of believing and remembering; 4. m 
answer to the question an tOttt ? an »a$ ? to 
whom ? to what Ifor other relations see idioms; 
flit* gbtg e$ — em Hrbeiten, they now set to 
work ; fclnc Sodjrer — einett Jtaufmaitit *er- 
fjeirateit, to marry his daughter to a mer- 
chant; er gewobate fid) — elite ftrihrftAe 
Jtof*. he accustomed himself to a frugal diet; 
idl gtRg ~ bie Shfir, I went to the door; — 
biefceweftrt ! to arms! fall in ! (Mil.) ; »nttt 
bie Neifce — mid) tonunt, when it comes to 

end; bid- 
ders; — bie 
ie door; id) 
of you; iff 
f ion't believe 

ivrite to him ; 
9 for you; bom 

|| i morning till 

bit 9Warf, it 
| t marks; e£ 

rr ba, there 
»rs; e* giltg 
jws. II. adv. 

, „, _,. „ pward; close 

to, adjoining; Hon fjeute — . from this day 
forth ; UOR milt — , henceforth ; often — , up 
above ; utttctt — , below, at the end ; berg— , 
uphill ; Gimme 1— , heavenwards ; neoen— , 
close by ; (in berga'n, bimmeta'n, nebena'n, 
an lakes the stress). III. Separable prefix, mean- 
ing at, to, on, etc. In case a possible compound 
is not given in the following lists, look under the 
simple word. 
Mnamtrt, m. (— tn, pi. —en) anchoret, ancho- 
*n'a<fertt, v.a. to earth (potatoes). 
KtiaWg (— tftf) rare), adj. analogous, —if, /. 

(pi. — ie'eit) analogy. 
Vital*/— fC, /. analysis. — fffrcn, v.a. to ana- 
lyse ; (Oramm.) to parse. — tiff* /. analytics. 
— life), adj. analytical. 
*'fl<tfla6, /. pineapple. Comp. — OOftlle, /. 
light hock flavored with pineapple slices (in a 
large punch-bowl) . 

Kn'arbeiten, v.a. to join on to; gegett emeu 

— , to oppose one. 
*ttara>-le', /• (W- — iCcii) anarchy. -if* 

(pron. ana / rrf)ifrfj), adj. anarchical. — Iff* m. 

Hi ur. f.) to become natural to; 

• inborn, connate. 
«i /. -e), Hno'tbema (-*, pi. 

Hi breathe upon. 

Ill oatomy. — ifer (pron. «««- 

-iter*, pi. —ifer) anatomist. 

dissect. — if d)( pron. aitate/* 

If > ogle, leer at; to look at ten- 

H . to stick to, cause to adhere 

n. (aux. |.) to cleave, stick or 

% o break a way for (reforms). 

ft clod, ball, clot. 




ftsyfcitttela, v.n.; rait einer or einent — , to 
make friends with, to flirt with. 

•■to****, vm. to bewitch, inflict by witch- 
craft ; toie ongebttutt, as if spell-bound. 

tint**, m. (— *, pf. ftntftittett) cultivation, 
culture; settlement, wing, Addition (to a build- 
ing) ; outhouse. — b*T, — litfj, adj. cultivable. 

tWItt*— f«, v.a. to till, to cultivate ; to add to by 
building ; fid) —en , to establish ooeeelf , to se tUe. 
— ft. m. (— er£, jk. — er) cultivator; settler. 

Vtt'bffrhleu, tr.v.a. to enjoin ; to command, to 
order : to recommend, give in charge to. 

Vlt'hef hut, to. earliest beginning, origin. 

Hlftetalten, ir.v.a. to keep on. 

«*bei', oeHr. annexed, inclosed ; — . f olgt, here- 
with von receive ; please And inclosed. 

Mn' L a. to bite at; to take a bite 
of , eat. II. n. to bite, nibble ; to swallow a 
bait ; cttf tine Gad* — , to take the bait {Jig.). 

Kltte!*****, v.a. to relate to. to concern; no* 
Midi anietongt, as for me, for my part. 

ftfltelCtt, v.a. to bark at, yelp at ; to snarl at 

tln'prtttew**, v.a. to accommodate or adapt to ; 
fid) ber &utttc ienutnbe* —, to fall in with 
some one's humor. 

•nternnnten, *.«. to fix, to appoint (einc 
ftrift, einen Xermin ; it is not connected with 
JNftttttt, m.). 

VRtffttt, adj. aforesaid, above mentioned 

nnttt—tu, v.a. to adore, worship, idolise. 
— ft, *». (— er*, pi. — er) adorer, admirer, 
loyer. — *«*, /. adoration. Comp. — ««i*s 
**grWg,ad>. adorable. 

sWferrfffr*, ir.v.a. to concern, refer to. — h, 
p. <fr adj. concerning, as for. 

Mu'bCtttlU, v.a. to beg of ; to annoy by begging. 

Untie*™, v.n. <fr r. ; fid) bf i (or mil) einent 
— , to obtrude oneself, to intrude on a p., to 
make friends with a p. {coil.). 

sYnttrgen, tr.v.a. to annex; to bend towards; 
to subjoin. **0f SOften often — anbei. 

•n'Wet— fit, ir.v. J. a. to offer, proffer, pro- 

C; ber 4>err bot mir feine Xienfte *n, 
gentleman offered me bis services; eflte 
Qklegenfteit bieret fldi an. «» opportunity 
offers itself. II. n. (aur. h.) to start a price 
(at auctions), antebOf en , p.p. & adj. offered ; 
letter (Comm.). — **tt, /. offer. Comp. 
— tt«g#=frret#, m. starting price (at auc- 

Vntinbe*, ir.v. I. a. to tie on or to ; to tie up 
(Hort.)\ to strap; to moor; rinen Wren—, 
to contract a debt (slang); einen Unat 
Qeinrtttaae) — f to make one a (birthday) 
present (rare) ; ein Unit — . to wean a calf ; 
am &«ft— , to tether; ein ©ud) (einent 
anbern) — . to bind up a book (with another). 
II. n. (aux. Q.)ntiteinem— , to enter into rela- 
tions with ; to nick a quarrel with ; fitTA flMflC* 
buttbeu fein (wit einem), to be blunt, bluff, 
abrupt, brusque; to cut one short, to rebuff 
one. to give one a sharp answer. 

Untitle*, ir.v.a. to blow at, upon ; to blow up 
(fire) ; to inflame ; to sound ; bie 3«gb — , to 
sound the signal for the chase ; einen — , to 
rebuke a p. sharply (si.). 

Ifntlitf, m. (-$) look; view, sight; aspect, 
appearance ; beta erften — , at first sight. 

UntlUTen, r.o. to look at, look in the face, 

Untlinj— eltt, —en, v.a. to leer at, to blink 
or wink at. 

tint lifce*, v.a. to cast a furious look upon, to 
dart a look upon ; to throw a ray on. 

«ntltVlt«, sYnbUftr**, v.a. to bleat at; to 
bellow, growl at. 

Kn'ewbren, v.a. to bore, pierce ; to tap (casks). 

V«trt*fe*« «u*. de n. (aux, |.) to rush at 

1(*tretfjC*, ir.v. I. a. to broach ; to open ; to 
break; to cut (a loaf, etc). IL n. (aux. f.) 
to enter upon, begin ; to break, to dawn ; to 
beffin to rot ; bei — bem X«ge, at day-break. 

«*'trC*NC», ir.v. L a. to light, to kindle ; to 
set fire to ; to mark by burning ; — taffen, to 
burn (meat, etc.); bs* £id)t ifl ongebrsimt, 
the candle is partly burnt; bie «*eifen ft** 
angebronnt, the food is burnt. II. *. (aux. f.) 
to catch fire; to kindle; nidjt* — taffen, to 
be very active (prov.). 

Kn'kTinfltwr, adj. d> adv. salable, msrkerabls. 

•n'hring— en, L ir.v.a. to bring about, fat or 
on ; to bring to bear ; to put in operation, set 
to work ; to apply ; to construct, fix, put up ; 
to dispose of; to invest, to place, settle (ckil- . 
dren % etc.) ; to sell ; to pass off ; to depose ; to 
lodge information against; id) faint bie 
naffen JUeiber nifbt — en, I cannot get my wet 
clothes on ; ei*e tofittt —en, to marry a 
daughter ; einen €dbn —en, to settle or to find 
aplace for a son ; (gel* —en. to place money ; 
Sedifel -en, to negotiate bills; bie $nn»c 
—en, to set on the dogs; ein Sort— en, to 
put in a word ; fir Hon —en, to pass as cur- 
rent; modi angebrod)*. seasonab l e, apt; ein 
modi ongebrooiter 6to|, a home thrust. IX 
subst. n. denunciation; busmess. — er, «- 
(— tr$, pi. -tr), — iM,f-(pL — amen)informer v 
tell-tale ; accuser. 

Hn'brild), m. (-(t)*, pi. Unbridle) break, 
beginning ; first act or break ; opening; ; rot, 
mold; decay; — bei Sagei, day-break; 

fln'trlcbig, adj. & adv. beginning to break; 
rotten, spoilt, moldy. 

tln'trite*, v.a. to scald, soak (with hat 
water) \ to infuse, steep. 

ttntriflen, v.a. to bellow, roar at. 

Kntrunittten, v.a. to growl at ; to scold. 

Hn'brfiten, v.a. to begin to batch ; tHgebri- 
tttt (tier, addled eggs 

UndjsVHc, llndNliiif, see tinfd)obi«. 

Kn'toubt, /. (pi. —en) devotion; feine — net- 
Hd) ten, to say one's prayers, attend to one's 
devotions. Comp. — grloft, irreverent, 
undevout. — ftslofif feit, /. want of devotion, 
-^sitangen. devotional exercises. — •;**•% 
adj. devotional, devout. 

Unbidltelei', /. ( pi. -en) bigotry ; hypocrisy ; 
religious nonsense. 

K*tid>t— ein, v.n. to affect derotion. tobe over- 
pious ; to act the hypocrite. — ler(— \ttd,pi. 
—lee), — lerin, (pi. -lerinnen) devotionist. 

devotee, hypocrite. 
«Oa$t^W. rf> adv. 

-lerifdi, adj. bigoted, 


pious; fie bdrte — An, she listened with all her 

heart, with close attention. 

Hfltimnifn, r^i. to dam up. 

ffn'ftnnern, v.a. to oonUnue, to last 

Kfl'bCnfttt, n. (— #, pi. — ) remembrance ; keep- 
sake, memento, token ; memory ; inm — ft* 
ifcn, in remembrance, in memory of him ; fell" 
gen — 6, of blessed memory ; bad — elneS 
$ei(igen feiern, to keep a saint's day, to com- 
memorate a saint. 

Untrr, idj. other, else, different: second, 
next; used substantively or as pron. (ber, bie, 
bad — e, ein — er, elne — e. ein — e« r or 
cnbrer, nnbre, anbre*, but anbemt, nnbern) 
any one else, anything else, some one else; 
frut — er, no one else ; uid)t* — ee\ nothing 
else; einen t«g nnt ben — n, ©very other 
day ; einmai fiber hm$ — e, repeatedly ; efali 
nnt bn$ — e, alternately, by turns; etM# i«# 
— e geredmet. taking one with another; fefb 
— , myself and another, we two ; smter —en, 
among other things; ein — er, another ; einer 
Obcr ber — e, some one or another ; b«# til 


29 Esftagen 

ftbM* — eg, that'* a different 
altera the case; -* JHeiber 
change (one's clothea); boe* - 
opposite shore; bir — t ©cite ( 
the reverse (of a ootn) ; bie — 
Sttdjeg). the wrong •**• (of 

©r— en einnee'inerben, to ohang 

— * 6aiten anfjiebctt, to alter one'a behavior ; 
to come down a peg. — g, asegnberi. Com©. 
—Id, ***« ad/, of another kind. -isflH, 
adv. otherwise, else, ta the oontmrv case. — Ms 
tfilg, adv. on the other hand. — fcitg, cufv. on 
the other aide, -trbolb, «*» Hnbertfrttlb. — s 
»irttg. adj. of or in another place. — ttirtg, 
adv. elsewhere. — tgfit* a<fo. inanotherplaoe ; 
at another time; otherwiae; — HKtte $ofg(, 
eeeond oontinnatton, — IPCitig, adj. from an- 
other quarter ; done in another way or at an- 
other time; further, furthermore; — UttitigC 
$ftlfe erfcMrten, to expect help from another 
ttattXg, adv. otherwiae; elae; differently; 
under other drcumatancea ; nifbtg — aie\ 
nothing but ; irgenbnw — , somewhere elae ; 
etiotg, wad — . something elae ; — Merita, 
to change ; fid} — bffmttcn, to change one'a 

; to) font! ntdjt — , id) mtt| ladjen, I can- 
not help laughing ; ttidjt — , exactly so, just ao ; 
MJCma — , »• — , if indeed, provided ; tncntt 
— nid)t, unless. Comp. — fllottbigtr, m. a 
dissenter, heretic; one holding a different 
(retifums) opinion, heterodox. —tog, aJr. elae- 
where. — tnobtr, adv. from some other place. 
— tpeMn, adv. elaewhere, to another place. 

ftartcWt*!*, mnwtttka'1*, odj. one and a 
half (IX. the second (only) half) ; — $funb, a 
pound and a half. — ig, <k(/. sesquialteral, one 
and a half times aa many. 

§« / s<r— «, r.o. to alter, change; fin) — n, to 
altar, vary, reform, change ; to change one'a 
mind ; »a* iifft fid) ttidlt — n, there is no 
help for it. — bar, adj. d* adv. alterable, 

_l.l • -^IM 44 *.!» 4 I «1 >X/.^\ 

tract hablU; —be ©ettmnbtfduift, approxi- 
mating affinity (Ctern.). fid) (do/.) bit Wei- 
nnngen tnberer — , to adopt the opinions of 

««rin**'ber. ad9. together; to or against one 
another. Comp. — fngCtt, v.a. to join. 

ttliefew'te,/. (/>/. —a) anecdote. 

ftlrtrfeln, v.a. & imp. to disgust. 

ttn'CttUrfeblttt, ir.v.a. to recommend. 

«H'eiBWiite--eB, v.n. to aasume the feelings of 
others. —USIg, /. adoption of the sentiment* 
of others ; true appreciation ; feint — ttttg fur 
dfftfefeeitett frentber Sitterttnr. a fine appre- 
ciation of the beautiea of foreign literature. 

««'trbt, L m. (—it, pi. —n) heir-apparent; 
next heir. U. n. (— g) heritage. 

ff a'Crbtn, v.a. to transmit by inheritance ; to 

lU'trbtft— m, L ir.v.a. to offer. H. -^m, n^ 
—»«•»/• offer, proffer. 

tflt'erfatt«terttia«tfl f adv. confessedly. 

%n'tTtfnU—Ht, — IUD, adj. A adv. recog- 
nizable; that may be acknowledged. 

flll'erfeil«— en, ir.v.a. to recognise, appreciate ; 
to own, acknowledge (sep. ; but sometimes used 
in$ep. id) anerfenne, which should not be 
imitated) ; nld)t — en, to disown ; id) erftmte 
Ott, I acknowledge, admit — t=tti#, /. d> n. 
acknowledgment ; clear perception (of a truth, 
etc). — ung, /• acknowledgment; accepta- 
tion (Comm.); recognition. — nnggsWcrt, 
adj. worthy of recognition, commendable. 

lU'erftfHlffeil, I. ir.v.a. to imprint or implant 
in. II. p.p. dc adj. innate. 

Vn'fatfXn, v.a. to blow into a flame ; to kindle. 

ttaTOfcrltt, v.a. to string to, to thread. 

tta'fabrbar, adj. accessible (shore), fit for land- 

H«7*hT— e«, *"•»• I. »• («*«• f.) to drive up to; 
to arrive ; to drive, to strike against ; to put 
in (at a port) ; to descend a shaft ; be i einem 
— ftt, to drive up to and stop at one's house ; 
angefnbren footmen, to arrive in a carriage, 
to arrive. II. a. to carry or bring near, up or 
to ; to land ; to address angrily, rudely ; ntsttt 
innf. bie Sente nictit fo —en, one must not fly 
at people like that; tDai ttotlcn 6ie? fttfyr 
er mid) an. whn~ -*o you want? he asked me 
gruffly. — t f /. (p*. —ten) approach, arrival ; 
(Min.) going to work ; landin?-place, place 
of arrival. Comp. — ftfctdjt, »'• descending, 
down-cast shaft (Mm.). 

ffnloS. m. (S,pl. fcnffiUc) onset, attack, 
"t, assault; fit; paroxysm; fall against, 
pi. yearly returns; — tint* (ihtteg, 
to an inheritance ; fnnf tige Mnfoflf , 
inheritance in reversion; bie ftafdOe (nil 
Sogefberben) the perching-eticks. Comp. 
— gsreoVt* n. right of inheriting, reversion. 

tfn'fftllen, ir.v. 1. n. to fall against or towards; 
to fall to (Late, of properly). II. a. to fall on, 






do? eiR<|tya^— , to set up ss a tradesman; 
Bttt ihnt If* nidjtd aR&RfaRgCR, there is no 
doing anything with him ; et»a£ berfebrt — . 
to begin something at the wrong end ; idj Rtetf 
Rid|t$ boatit ORARfORgfR, 1 do not know what 
to make of it ; lagfR ©if arir. arte ©le bed 
— . tell me how you manage that. II. n. (aux. 
%Mo begin, originate. OL fia) — , to begin 

•Jafoag— <r, ». (— cri, i* -ft), — art*, /. 
beginner, tyro, —lid), L <k(;*. incipient, ori- 
ginal. IL adv. at first. 

btafalea, v.a. to take hold of, to setae; to 
set about; to touch (a chessman) ; faff en ! 
bear a hand!: falfffe — , to bungle; tttoaS 
teiat refttea (me or BUpfei — . to go the 
right way to work, to ast about a thing in the 
right way ; $erlett — , to atring beads. 

slR'ftttlCft. vm. (aux. f.) to begin to rot. 
anOtfanU, p.p. & adj. rotten, decayed. 

V«ftd)tbar, adj. <(: adv. controvertible, dis- 
putable, open to controversy or doubt. 

•afedrt— CM, ir.v.a. to attack, to assail; to 
trouble; to tempt; to contest; toad ficflt bin) 
OH? what is the matter with you? toad fUftt 
win) bad or? what is that to me? —Hug,/. 
attacking, contesting; attack; opposition; 
vexation; (Tkcol.) temptation. 

tttt/feilCII, v.a. to begin filing ; to file (a point). 

UaWns— W, v.a. to bear 111 will to, to show 
enmity to. —Rag, /. persecution; enmity, 

VRffrtig— CR, v.a. to make, manufacture, to 
get up. — vug, /. making, manufacturing, 

Vafffftla, v.a. to fetter, shackle, chain (to); 
enchain (Jig.). 

Ktl'jeMdlttlt, v.a. to moisten, to wet. 

HltTettflt, *.a. to mix with grease ; to baste. 

Vn / ftllCm f v. L a. to set on fire, to heat; to in- 
flame, fire, animate, encourage, excite. II. n. 
(aux. b.) to begin firing. 

HflfhrfltfTen, vm. to varnish over. 

fjn'gaauatll, v. a. to inflame; to sear; to ani- 

Ha'gatttro, vm. to flutter up, to come on flut- 

*R'flClfal, v.a. to put on a patch. 

Mu'M-tn, vm. to implore, —nag, /. suppli- 

VR'tCtf b)cR» «.a. to grin at, show the teeth to. 

Utt'flUfrtl, v.a. to patch, sew on to ; to patch up. 

Mu'mitUt tr.v.n. {aux. f.) to fly to or against; 
C* fctegt ifcat Rued «n. be succeeds essUy in 
everything; bit Jtaratieit ij* itat tote angc- 
I earn, that illness attacked him very sud- 
denly; (bat flub eiiiige rfeeologifdK fteiratiiiffe 
ORgf ffoflCR, he has picked up a smattering of 

H«'fkfcfft% *r.v.n. (aux. f.) to flow towards; to 
wash, to run by ; to rise, swell. 

fttt'gdfe— Ctt r vm. to float to; to cause to drift 
to. — Mug, /. a floating to ; alluvium. 

fjR'fflaVa, v.a. to call down a curse on, to 
curse at, to meet with curses. 

«R'*Hg, m. (-d. pi. «af age) flight; flying to 
or against; sudden approach ; tinge; smatter- 
ing; copse; — Hon Mite, slight blush; — 
bojtftmrfietr, fit of folly. 

ftR'fttfc, m. (-fled, pi- VnHflfc) flowing on, 
towards or against ; swelling; flow, rise {of the 
tide) ; alluvial deposit. 

fjR'latea, v.n. (aux. f.) to rush on (as a flood). 

RJaWRCT- (C)R. v.o. to demand as due, to 
claim. — RRg, /. claim, demand ; pretension. 

etafrtge* /. (J*. — R) inquiry; demand; auf 
— . on inquiry, on application. 

VRTOgea, reg. (A <r.) v.n. (aux. ft.) to ask in 
passing, to put a question, to ask. 

UtflXtfh-**. *••»«. to gnaw; to corrode; ete 

angefrefff aer data. » decayed tooth. «*•* 
adj. corrosive, corroding. —RRg, /. corrosion, 

fjRfrtRRlKR, vs.; fa) mil eiatai — , to be- 
come intimate with s.o., to enter upon friendly 
relations with s.o. (coll.). 

ftafriertR, ir.vji. (aux. f.) to freeze ; to frees* 
fast to. 

HBfrtfcb— fit, v.a. to freshen, to refresh ; to re- 
vive, reduce (metals) ; to animate, stimulate, 
arouse ; ciltf 93untbf —fit, to pour water down 
a pump, oagrfrtfefat, p.p. & adj. spirited. 
— fr, m. refiner (Metal?). —Rug, /. refresh- 
ment ; touching up (a picture) ; reduction (of 
metals); encouragement. Comp. — RffR, s*. 
refining furnace. 

*Rf*gC, /. (pi. —a) an inserted leaf ; rider (to 
a proposition) ; ia ber — , inclosed (o6#.). 

tJR'fagfR, **°* to fit on to. 

%nii§tn, v.a. to join to ; to add to, to subjoin. 

WR'fHVlfR, v.a. to touch, to feel ; to know by 
the feel; fid) -, to feel; ed fibU fit* »ei« 
OR, it feels soft. 

H*f«br, /. (pi. —en) conveying, transporting, 

HafabrtMr, adj. addudble; what may be 

Haffibr— ca, v.a. to lead on ; to bring up to or 
near ; to head, conduct, lead ; to guide, direct ; 
to quote, cite ; to allege, adduce ; to train ; to 
hoax, dupe, cheat, trick, take in ; einc WmtC 
— Cn r to hunt (a pack of hounds) ; aat aagf • 
fttbrtett CrtC (abbrev. a. a. D.) toco citato, in 
the before-mentioned place or passage, see 
above ; anjeffthrt » caught ! taken in ! ; — fr, 
m. {— trd, pi. — rr) leader, general, 
ler ; msouctor ; 

m. (— i 

r-in-chlef ; ringleader 
— tVtl', /. hoaxing, imposition. —ROg. /. 
command (of an army), leadership ; quotation ; 
allegation, pleading ; hoaxing, taking in, de- 
ception ; training ; faiffbe— MMg. misquotation. 
Comp. — RRggslCIOKR, n. sign of quotation, 
quotation mark, inverted comma. 

H R'filCR. v.a. to fill, replenish ; to cram. 

URTRRfelR* v.a. to sparkle upon. 

UBfnrt,/. (pl.—tn) landing-place, wharf, quay. 

Kll'OabC, /. (pi. — R) declaration ; account ; esti- 
mate ; sketch, plan ; assertion ; earnest-money, 
deposit ; denunciation ; nacfc — , according to 
statement ; nad) feinrr — , according to him. 

Ua'gttJtR, v.a. to gape at. to gate at. 
VR'gifRCRf v.a. to yawn in one's face ; to 



HR'AORg, m. coming near, advance, approach; 
ft inbltdK r — , hostile approach, attack. 

KR'giiRgiO, adj. permissible, permitted, feasi- 
ble ; t§ ift nidjt — , it is not possible, It will 
not do. 

UR'fleb— <R, ir.v. ha, to begin to give (obs.) ; to 
assign (a reason) ; to declare, make a statement, 
give an account of ; to mention ; to estimate ; to 
denounce ; to inform against ; to instance ; to 
give in advance, give In part payment ; to sug- 
gest ; to sketch, plan ; ftdf — tn, to denounce 
oneself; to accuse oneself; bra Ton —tn, to 
give the keynote, to lead the fashion ; (BriRbf 
—en, to specify reasons; g&aren — c«, to 
enter goods at the custom-house ; bie 99f Itbfe 
—en, to start, raise the tune ; fcrntR fttsteit 
— t« f to give or send in one's name ; fein fcltrr 
— , to state one's age ; ff in €bicl — f tt, to call 
(the points in) one's game. IL n. (aux. %.) to 
deal first (at cards) ; to follow suit. — fr, m, 
(—erg, pi. — fr) stater, declarer; informer; 
talebearer; author; first dealer (cards). — 
crd', /. (pi. -^rtFCR) informing, talebearing, 
informer's trade. — rrifd), adj. infoming, 
sneaky. — li<h, adj. A adv. cileged; pretended, 
ostensible ; nominal ; ber — luhf VrtU, the 
price quoted ; — lifter Wtffcu, — lilftf rRetttR, 




adv. in the manner stated ; eta — (infer P«llf« 
m*nn, a person calling himself or supposed to 
be a merchant. Comp. — CsIiftC, /• ship's 

««'ftCbifl»C, n. (— #, pi. — ) gift, (birthday) 

Mm'titkOTtn, adj. inborn, innate ; connate. 

tta'tCtOt. n.(-*d,pl. -tHftrst) otter ; first bid; 
— Wtb ftaajfrage, supply and demand. 

tttt'tcfcrifccn, w.v.n. ; cittern ttm* — fatten, to 
confer upon s.o., grant to a.o. 

MWgtitnttn, «ee fcnbenfen. 

Vn'gf triage, n. (—$, pi. — ) appendage, amulet ; 

Kft'gCDftl, ir.v. L a. to approach ; to apply to, 
to solicit ; to concern, have to do with, be re- 
lated to ; mtt SUttttt — , to approach with en- 
treaties, to beseech, to memorialise ; eutctt — . 
to concern ; ftHt* gebt 'S mid) ««? what 's that 
to me ? er oeht mid) ttidltd an, he is nothing 
to me ; er oat un4 nm eute ttnterjf&fcuug on- 

SegftMgen, he has applied to us for support; 
1 HMirbc Hon ibm not ettte milbe &abt 
angegongen, I was asked by him for a charity. 
IL a. (aux. f.) to begin, commence ; to begin to 
take root ; to grow ; to catch fire ; to spoil or 
rot, to go on (oj clothes); to be practicable ; to 
be endurable ; bad geqt Itifftt an or fo oef»t '# 
ttufct en, that won't do; ber ©erfuff mirb 
Wwkt nea) — , the loss will not be so great after 
alL — », L <kfj. beginning; bet —ber OTolftt, 
at nightfall, dusk ; tin —ber ©olbot, a young 
soldier, a {raw) recruit; fin —ber wrofeffor, 
a scholar on the way to become a professor ; 
eis —ber Stnbent, a freshman ; —be Stfcon* 
%t\t, budding beauty ; eitt —ber $reifc iger, a 
man Just turned of thirty. 11. prep, concerning, 
aa for ; nut — b, as for me. — M, adv. at 
first ; in thebeginning. 
Iln'grtcirfttet, adj. connected by or on account 
of marriage ; fin — er Setter, a cousin by mar- 

-IfO low, 

n de adj. adapted 
suitable, conform* 
; correspondence, 

i, agreeable, 
4 * <<6e*r- t " 
see him.** 

esy place, green* 
need, appointed. 

Jen <& adj. smit- 
(fber, a wounded 

<fc adj. respected, 
ident, residing. 
tee ; countenance $ 
ton — $n — , face 

nvce. — #, prep. 

considering; im- 

Ftomjumtg ererit) 
iral, innate; cue- 
lad; adapted. 

tttoad) to accus- 
>custom oneself to. 
luring to; — nitg 
! bad habits. 

xlily or longingly ; 

or on; to cast on, 
o asperse (prov.); 
fen, the dress fits 

m, luster or glare 

ince, cast a glance 

ttihite. —HII0 f /. 

y links, attach to, 
combination with 

; bie — e ftirifte, 
lurch of England, 
to kindle, to catch 

e; Werbe — , to 

ter of English phi- 


,e.g. Ungfo-fttr* 

ac. — ic/,/. angle 

lare on. 

o a glow ; to mull 

color; to look on 
tux. f.) to begin to 
dj. heated to red- 
open to criticism, 
handle, touch ; to 
; to undertake, to 

dispute, impugn, 
affect injuriously ; 
Rb — en, to attack 
inb fefcr angegrif- 

unstrung; etttutf 
t the wrong way ; 
iffen, my eyes are 
iffm, are much 


ftttftlttft 84 

Utttttttff , /. arrival,advent ; origta,desoent(o6«.). 

Utttsttfertt, v.a. to laugh at, to look at laugh- 
ingly, to smile upon ; to favor. 

Vtt / uf6KlH, v.a. to smile at or upon. 

VbIMC,/. (pi. — tt) a laying out ; plan, arrange- 
ment; rough sketch; pleasure ground, (pi.) 
grounds, park, promenade ; talent, ability ; nat- 
ural tendency; predisposition; capital; thing 
annexed, appendix ; foundation-works, ground- 
work; — a*r Qiffet, a tendency to goat; tttf 
her — tocrfeen ©ie erfefeen, you will see by 
the annexed. Comp. — fnfeita'I, n. funds. 
stock, business-capital. — toftM, p/. cost of 
construction. — jNMMttt n - inTestment-paper, 
lineal men! slims 

tTttlattfe— en, v. I. n. (o*r. f.) to land, to disem- 
bark, to get ashore. II. a. to put (a boat) on 
shore. — «ttg, /. landing. 

mfWm*,/. lamfag-place (oft*.). 

JUtftttgtlt, v. L ». («er. f.) to arrive at, to 
reach. II. a. to concern, to relate to. — h, p. 
used as prep, concerning ; as for. 

«ttf*fc, m. (-ffe»\ pTtnia^t) letting in ; ap- 
pearance; cause, occasion, motive; e# bat 
*Sett — bttJUl, it seems very probable ; nfcne 
fttttR — , without the slightest reason or pro- 
vocation ; ju cittern Okrndjte — gefcen, to 
give occasion to a rumor, to raise a report. 

*«'la*ett, ir.v. I. a. to leave on ; to let loose, let 
— . *~ » *~ ~* — 1«-.. ^ rocajv^ treat ; 

given him a sharp 
> promise ; ei* fan* 
aliftt, a promising 
nicfat fttel en, the 
well so far; feoJ 
e weather is fine. 
*.) a propos of ; on 

tJalanf, m. He)«, p*. VttfSttfe) start, ran; 
rise; onset, attack; concourse, crowd; apo- 
phyge (Arch.) ; er n*6«t einen — nm €fertn« 
gen, he took a run before leaping ; her — fee* 
t9*ffer£, the rising of the water. 

ftaf aufftt, ir.v. L n. (auz. f.) to run up to, to 
rush against ; to attack (obs.) ; to begin to run ; 
to rite, swell ; to get dim, rusty, moldy ; fifed 
— . to run a bad chance, to be badly received ; 
feir f>i*dK ffiaft foaft aa, the plain rises with 
a gentle slope; in biefcm ftclrrlfiaft aUt* 
an. everything grows moldy, rusty in this 
cellar; fdltoOTA — foffe*, to make black; 
ettbf felon — faffea, to make steel blue. solicit, importune ; to attack (obs.). 

Uttlaat, m. (—$, pi. — e) initial sound, letter 
or letters (Oramm.) ; int — . initially, when 
initial (Oramm.). 

till Ian ttfl, v.n. to begin with a sound, letter or 
letters ; fea« Sort lattret mit d an, the initial 
letter of the word is K. — fe, adj. & adv. 
initially) (Gram.). 

MulittttU, v.a. to ring the bell (as a signal to 

Nit on, against, to ; 
to plot; to sketch; 
ti the fire) ; eiltem 
; INetfea —en, to 
•efer —fit, to take 
t! (Mil.); ftfucr 

•gte ftf aer, Ihcen- 

i hand, give 

; —fit, to concert, 

rr— *a, to put on a 

l, to invest money ; 

; cine Gtafet, *., 

k town, etc.; fine 

Aoionie —tn, to plant a colony; cittern 

tiferfee feen ganat -tn, to bridle a horse ; 

feie fcfcte £aafe —etl, to give the finishing touch 

to (an, aec.) ; er legte e# feoroaf an, he made 

it his object. H. r. to lean against ; to adhere 
to; to board (a ship). III. n. (aux. fe.) to 
land, to lie to ; to lie alongside ; — en oaf (ace.) 
to take aim at. —*«§»/• the putting on; laying 
out, planning ; establishment; employment, 
investment (qf capital). Comp. — tzWMtttm, 
pi. markers. — {sfnHpfc, n. padlock. 

*tt'lfi<e)tt, n. (—$,/>/. -) loan (obs.). 

«a1efett— e, /. (pL —en) a rest, the back of a 
chair, etc. Comp. — pnatt, m. point of sup- 
port (Mil.). ^^ 

Hn'lefcttett, v.a. <ft r. to lean against ; feie tkSOh 
—, to leave the door ajar. 

tUrlribc. /. (pi. —a) loan ; r hie — auufcea, to 
raise a loan. 

Ka'Icittten, v.a. to glue on; (Geol.) toaggluU 
nate (Gram.). 

Unleit— en, v.a. to guide to, to conduct ; to 
instruct ; to train ; *o introduce (to a aburjr, 
etc.). — ttHg,/. guidance; methodical instruc- 
tion; introduction; method; primer. 

Ku'IernCtt, v.a. to acquire by study ; to train, 

Utttienen, I- ir.v.n. to lie dose to, to join, to 
border on ; to fit well (of clothes) ; to stand to, 
steer (Naut.) ; to concern ; fid) (dot.) augelr* 
gen fcin iaffea, to bestow care upon, to have 
at heart ; cittern — , to urge or solicit a p. ; —fee 
tBinffl, adjacent angles. II. smbstjn. adja- 
cency; concern, obiect of interest; anxiety, 
cause of solicitude ; desire, wish, aim ; request. 

VttffaV- fn, v.a. to allure, to attract, to entice. 
— en ft, p. 4c adj. attractive, alluring. — CT, 
m. (— er#. pi. — er)enticer. —ttiu, /. (pi. 
rinnen) flirt, coquette, —nng, /. entice- 

Knaiten, v.a. to solder to. 

KttOigett, ir.v.a. to tell s.a an impudent false- 

Hn'lnDm, v.n. to go to windward, to luff. 

Hn'mntfeftt, v. I. a. to fasten, fix, join to, or on ; 
to light (ajfrr); to mix; to adulterate : einen 
eaiat —, to dress a salad ; mil Gktpfttt — . 
to spice; ftnrfcen — , to temper colors; Half 
— , to slack lime. II. r. fid) on einen metfeni, 
to accost one ; to approach one, to make up to 
one, to insinuate o.s. into one's favor. 

Ktt'tttabttfn, v.a. to exhort, to admonish; to 
animate, urge on ; to dun (a debtor) (rare). 

Kntttnlen, v.a. to paint ; to give a coat of paint. 

Htt'ttUUrfdj, m. (-*i,pl. UnntSrf die) advance («/ 
an army). 

Kn'tttrtrfdlieTfn, v.». («». f.) to advance, to 
march on or up. 

Kn'tttafc— m, v.r. to claim, pretend to; to 
usurp, arrogate; to presume; nm* mnfet 
fett feir an ? what do you presume ? — tat, 


p. <t adj. arrogant; niffet — Cttfe, 
1 — —ltd), adj. <t- adv. i 

fftfene —nng, ina> 



sumptlve; arrogant, —nng 
usurpation ; arrogance ; 
lence. Comp. — nttgAsfeOfi, adj. full of arro- 
gance ; very presumptuous. 

Kn'ntelfecn, v.a. to announce ; to notify; to re- 
port, to usher in ; fid) — faffcn, to have one- 
self announced ; to send in one'* name ; fin) jg 
tttoad —, to offer oneself for, apply for. 

Utt'Mfrf— CM, r.a. to perceive, observe, nooct; 
to note, write down. —er. »». (— er#, pi. — er) 
observer; annotator. — lld)r adj. <fe adv. ob- 
servable, —nng, /• remark, obeervatioa; 
note, annotation. Comp. — Csfeud), n. note* 
book. — en#;nKrt, «dj. worthy of note. 

Hn'ntefen, ir.v.a. to measure, take the measure 
for ; to fit, suit, adapt ; cittern eittCtt ftaff — » 
to take a p.*s measure for a coat, gnjfs 
tttefen, pp. A adj. suitable, proper. 

Vnntrt. adv. herewith (rare). 

Ktt'tttttt, /. agreeableness ; charm, grace, grao*. 
sweetness, amenity, —if, adj. pise- 

fdnnten 35 ttitrtgcft 

L n. (one f.) to fit. to suit. n. a. 

fit; to adapt; fid) (aoc.) bCH *3et' 

-, to accommodate o.a. to circum- 

*,/>. d> <utf. well-fitting; lit, suit- 


v.a. to prop ; to pale up, to empale. 

.a, to whistle at ; to hiss at. 

II, v.a. to form a plantation; to 

Itivate $ fid) — tn, to settle. -<r f 

pf. — cr) planter, settler, colonist. 

ilantation, planting; pi. improve- 

v.a. to fasten with pegs; to stretch 

v. I n. to plow against. U.a.&ru 
plow, to open a furrow. 
c. to pitch ; to stick to with pitch. 
vm. to graft ; to glut, gorge (vulg.). 
i*. to daub or paint coarsely, 
a. to knock, knock at loudly. 
v. I. n. (atix. b.) to knock violently 
uttle at. II. {aux. f.) cr it «nge> 
r font mgcpollcrt, he came up in 
g or in a noisy manner. 
l, v.a, to announce with the trum- 

(— $) act of bounding against; 
act; bruise. Camp. — (6)::»ill(cl, 

?.n. (arc. f.) to bound against, 
Ir.v.a. to recommend, praise. 
t.a. to press or squeeie against. 
%*Ptriltttn, v.a. to try on, fit on. 
v-a. ; cittCtt — , to drink to a person, 
p., saying $roft (*/.). 
v.a. to borrow money of a p., to 
ney out of a p. (si.). 

(— C#) drees, finery ; dressing. 
a. to dress out, bedizen. II. r. to 

> deck oneself out. 

, v.a. to amalgamate (metali). 


a. to fasten the yards with a parrel 

, v.a. to fasten by ramming, ram 

'.a. to fasten by tendrils, to twine 

'.a. ; etnen — , to giro one a severe 
rebuke } to speak harshly to a p. 
v.a. ; etnem tttout — , to advise, to 8.0. 

v.a. to begin to smoke, to light (a 
loke for the first time (a new pipe) ; 
y smoking ; to smoke brown ; fine 
to season or color a pipe, *flft*s 
. <k adj. smoke-colored ; seasoned. 
, v.a. to smoke a little ; to drive 
irfume against ; to fumigate. 
, v.n. to rush up; aitgerottfoH 

> come up with a rustle. 

v.a. ; etnem ertoa£ — , to charge 
bo someone, or a person with some- 
ttkon ; to rate ; to impute, to attri- 
- Uabtn e£ mir An bod) angercdjnet, 
ercharged me for it ; id) redjne ifjnt 
lf» febr bodj an, I value greaUy the 
tas done me. 

(— 1§. pi. —t) claim, right ; flit 
C Sadje btfben, to have right to, 
dm to a thing. 

J. —n) /. address, harangue, allo- 
wtrophe (Rhet.). 

v.a. to speak to, to accost; to 
to accuse ; etnem etwad —tn, to 
oe to (do or buy a thing). Comp. 
.. vocative case. 

v.a. to stir up ; to incite ; to stimn- 
llude to, make mention of; on* 
terfaitltttttg, animated conversation. 




—en*, t ti mi i l i tfn g. interesting, suggestive. 
— «ng, /. tbe alluding to; stimulus, incita- 
tioo, stimulation, stirring up ; hint, mention- 
ing; fat — wig bringen, to allude to, touch 
upon ; to mention, suggest ; anf — una »on ( 
st tbe instigation or suggestion of ; ernjai bet 
einem »ieber hi —nng bringen, to remind 
one of ; geifrige — , intellectual stimulna, 

Mm'Ttibtm, ir.VM. to begin to rub ; to get, to 
gire by rubbing ; to rub against. 

VBteifcea, v. L a. to string ; to file ; to arrange 
in sequence ; to baste on. II. r. to follow ; to 
join ; to rank with ; fUfc — Urfjen, to be placed 
in the same rank with ; all btefeu ©a* laffe n 
fid) etne flRenge ftoiarrnngen —, numerous 
deductions result from this proposition. 

tU'rtim, m, alliteration {metre). 

Hn'reifcen, ir.v.a. to tear off ; to begin to tear, 
break or cut ; to make a first sketch. 

tU'rrttrtt, ir. v. I. n. (aux. f.) to ride towards ; 
to ride against ; to stop or alight ; er tent on* 
gerittm, he rode up. IT. a. to break in (a 
hone) ; to ride up to ; to charge. 

VifreU, *». (— eg, pi. — nngen) incitement, 
motive, incentive. 

m«'reU— fB f v.a. to incite, induce (*n, to); 
einen jam ©3fen —en, to entice one to do 
wrong, —-cut* p. d* adv. attractive, —tt, m. 
(— er#, pi- —ft) instigator. —Hug, /. Instiga- 
tion ; incentive ; provocation, encouragement. 

Hn'rettUKln, v. a.; einen — , to Jostle against a 
p. on purpose ; to pick a quarrel with a p.(cott.). 

Vn'rrtttten, reg. dc ir.v. t a. to rush upon, to 
assail. IL n. (aux. f.) to run against ; to start 
with a run ; ongerannt font men, to come run- 
ning, to come in great haste ; fibei — , to meet 
with a bad reception, to catch a Tartar ;ba btft 
bn ntttl fdj8n angerannt, there you have 
caught it hot (si.). 

ftn'riutfe,/. (pi. -n) dresser. 

Hn'rtdjt— en, v.a. to prepare ; to cook ; to dish 
up; to regulate; to produce, cause; e£ iff 
altgfrid)rct, dinner, supper is served ; ma* 
baft bu angeridiret ? what have you done ? 
ba baben ©Te wa* @a)dneg angeridiret, you 
have put in your foot nicely (colF). — II rig » /. 
dressing, preparation, etc. ; detent (Horol.). 
Comp. — fanfe, *ee it Od) fun ft. — lefel, *»• 
ladle. -fdlfiWfl,/ platter, dish, -tifd), m. 
kitchen table, dresser. 

Va'riCfiien, ir.v. I. n. to emit a smell. U. a. 
to smell at ; cinem e ttoad — , to know by the 
smell of a p. ; id) babe ibm ben Xabat angero* 
(ben, I perceived that he smelt of tobacco. 

VnTittgeit, ir.v.n. (aux. ft.) to struggle (against). 

Htt'rittlten, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to run against (of 
water, etc) ; to run or flow near. 

Vn'ritt, m. (-X&) approach on horseback ; first 
ride ; cavalry charge. Comp. — gsgelg, n. 
earnest money paid to troopers for an outfit. 

K*'rikett, v.a. to slit, scratch a little 

Kn'roBen, v.l.a. to roll against. II. n. (aux. 
f . ) to approach rolling, to roll up or on. 

Vn'rtffreil, v.n. (aux. f.) to rust (on) ; to begin 
to rust. 

Kn'r&dtifl, adj. notorious; infamous; disre- 
putable, —felt, /• notoriety, disrepute. 

Un'ritfeil, v. L n. (aux. f.) to approach; to 
advance. II. a. to move or bring near to. 

Kn'mtcrn, v.n. to row against; to row up, 
approach rowing. 

ttu'rttf , m. (— 4) call, shout ; appeal ; summons. 

•»'rm— e«, ir.v.a. to call to ; to challenge ; to 
invoke, implore ; to appeal to ; to hail (a ship) ; 
to call up (Telegr.); to ring up (Teiephon.); 
A nm tfeugen —en, to call to witness. — er, 
m. (—ere*, pi. — er) appellant —nng, /. call- 
ing to, appealing to ; appeal ; invocation. Comp . 
—Wlggsgeri*!, n. court of appeal. — nng*= 
ritfjttt. m. judge of appeals. 

Kafibrea, v*. to touch ; to 

mix; eagerabrte 8*rben, 

jenurnbe* gntrn ftamen — , to hurt m. ns 

ttn'rifren, v.a. to arm, prepare for. 

%U§,abbr. of on bo*. 

fU'tifeft, 9M, to sow (/or the Jhrst teste), 
begin to sow. 

Hn'fage, /. (pL -n) 
ment; summons; me* 

*«f Og— tn, co, to bring word to ; to 
notify, giro notice of .intimate ; to —— «—* 
€le fagen an, it is your turn to call ; fog(e) a 
speak 1 say on! tell me! fid) — m, to aamoso 
an intended visit ; fid) —cm lalfen, to and 
one's name (as a visitor). — er, «i. (—€*#, 
— er)notiner, mea s migeT . —sag,/, nottt 
tion. Comp. —tcittm, m. written notice. 

Hn'figCw, v.a. to begin to saw ; to saw a 1 

KnMamatelll, v.a. to collect, aocumukste 
— . to collect, gather. 

%ni*mmUmn, /. simulation. Comp. 

n wfSWig, adj. settled in a place, domiciled , er 
bat fidj — grntadjt, be has taken up his abode. 
— frit, /. domiciliation ; right of settlement. 

*«f at), m. (—t$,pl. «nfab.e) putting to orapom: 
deposit, crust : mouthpiece (of a wind-hutr*- 
tnent) ; method of blowing (aftute t tic.) ; touch 
(on the piano) ; attack, onset ; start ; rate, 
charge; disposition, tendency; statement 
(ArithA ; estimate ; leaf (of a table) ; reinforce, 
patent breach (of a gun) ; (pi.) charges, items. 
Comp. —growt, /. differential quantity ; btf 
— groften fntfrn, to differentiate. —9rtH, 
m. taxation. — redWIing, /• differential cal- 
culus. — rolrr, n., — rttrr, /. adjutage*, 
mouth and nose (as organs of speech ; Phonel.). 

Vttlangm, ir.v. L n. (aux. b.) to (begin to) 
suck. II. a. to suck. IIL r. to attach one- 
self by sucking ; to take (of leeches). 

Kn'fattfelll. v.a. to breathe gentiy on, to play 
around (of wind, etc.) ; angf fSttffU, tipsy (si.). 

Kflf anfeit, v.n. to come storming, to approach 
noisily ; oitgefanfr tominen = anfanfen. 

••af axiff— m, *.a. to provide ; to procure ; to 
furnish with ; er tat fid) big Vtttfl OWfe* 
fthafft, he has bought that book. — er, »*. 
(— er§, pi. — er) procurer, provider ; remitter ; 
overseer. — nng , /• procuring, etc. ; provision ; 
remittance; — nng beg ganggeratel, the 
purchase of furniture. 

r Hn'fOMtffen, ir.v.n. to create with or in ; to im- 
print on ; bad ift tint angefdjaffen, that is 
iunate in him. 

Ktt'fdtfften, v.a. to provide with a stock or 
handle ; to mount (put a stock to) a gun ; to put 
tops to boots. 

tln'jcbiien, v. a. to begin to peel or pare. 

Vn'ftfKtn— en» I- v.a. to look at ; to contemplsts. 
II. subst. n. looking at; aspect. — enii/* 
d> adj. Intuitive ; oonteraplative ; —en* (ft- 
fennrni*. intuitive knowledge, -er, «*. 

J— trg, pi. — er) looker-on ; contemplator. — c 
id), adj. A adv. intuitive ; perceptual, mtuV 
tively evident ; clear ; bit 6«dK ift -lid) flsT, 
the thing is self-evident, —nng, /• view ; pe^ 

ception ; observation ; contemplation ; tjn* — 
nng brhtom, todemonstrste ; exhibit Comp. 
-nng#=begrif», m. intuitive idea, -mi* 

bilg, conversation picture. — nnggsCrreilts 
Hit,/, intuitive knowledge. — nnggstlters 
riait. m. intuitive method of tnstractke, 
pictorial instruction, object lessons. — niggs 
bermdgen, a. power of intuition. 
Hnfdtfin, m. (—4) appearance; likelihood; 
show; bent — nttd), apparently; brn — 
boben, to appear as if ; alient — nad), to til 
appearance ; gdj (dot.) ben — geben, tosswas 
the appearance. 




_ Jt1«fccintll, tr.v. L a. to shine upon. II. n. 
( 4aafcc -JJ*i •? «wh»t. —h. P- & «tf./ cine 
— h€ Qkfaljr* an apparent danger. 
tUffCfeCltC*, »a <* n. to ring the bell. 
tUff dtidtn, v.r. ; fid) *n cttna* — . to prepare 
for ; to get ready ; to begin, set about ; to be 
riiaposwd for; er fdjtrfrc fin) gut ba&n an, he 
■et about in the right way. 
tlnf *tcfc>— Ctt, <r. ». L a. to shove or push 
against IL n. (aux. h.) to hare first bowl (at 
mkitUe*). — cr, m. one that shoves ; additional 
leaf {©/a table). — fd, *. ( — feld) appendage, 
fltfT<s)irlC8, v.a., to squint at; to look at 

aakavnt ; to oast a sidelong glance at ; to ogle. 
fsM'f dlidl — Cllt L to wound by shooting ; 
to fire * gun for the first time ; to add (as a 
supplement, etc.) ; to sew in (sleeves, etc.) ; ritt 
a*JJXfd|»titfT dber, a wild boar wounded by 
a soot ; CMgeftftofff it, wounded ; somewhat tipsy 
(W.) ; cracked or smitten ; lovesick. II. ir.v.n. 
amx. f.) to rush along ; to rush against ; to shoot 
forth ; to be adjacent to ; in grQfcnllett —til, 
to crystallise; (oar. b.) to shoot first, begin 
•hooting ; to shoot against ; mtr fdfieftt an ? 
who has the first shot ? III. subst.n. see — Utlfl. 
— ««fr /• crystallisation. Comp. — fffffl, m. 
filler. — »ittffl, m. gilding brush. 
Va'fdtifrn, r. I. w. (an*, f.) to approach in a 
vessel; to touch at; to ground. II. a. to ship to. 
Vn'fdMMflieht, ».n. (aitr. f.) to grow moldy. 
Mvnmttt*, vm. to harness. 
•U'W«g, m. (-$, jrf. 8nfd)(age) striking 
against, stroke ; phhce struck against ; striking 
(of a dock); affixing, posting np; placard, 
poster ; touch (of a player) ; butt (of a gun) ; 
clapper ; embrasure ; calculation, computation ; 
estimate, valuation ; tariff ; plot, design ; rab- 
bet (of a door) ; surf ; game of tag or touch ; 
advice ; bad $aitd if* iflt — C, the house is ad- 
vertised for sale ; in — bringen, to take into 
consideration ; feme Pofren t» — brinoen, to 
caleulate or charge expenses ; int — t Qaltf II, 
to point (a gun), to present (a rifle) ; ctnen 
gtbeimtn — grgen cinen madjen, to conspire 
against one ; cure it (cidjten — bo ben, to have 
a light touch (Mus.). Comp. — fnbCtt, m. 
basthig thread. — jcftel, m. placard, poster. 

tln'ftflliefcfN, *-•*• I. a. to fasten with a lock; 

to chain to ; to annex, join on, inclose. II. r. 

to join, attach oneself to; to follow; fid) 

bdttig — , to go heart and hand with ; rtrfjt* 

anjefdjioffrn i dose to the right 1 (Mil.). 

ULn. (auz. h.) to fit dose. 
««'f4I«|, *>. (-ffe»\ Pi. SUtfdilfific) a joining, 

accession, addition ; thing annexed, inclosure ; 

junction, correspondence (of trains) \ fit (of 

clothes); ben — DCrfaUtttCIt, to miss one's 

train ; — on einen 3ng boben, to meet another 

train; feinen — habett, to meet no other 

train, to go no farther ; cr finbet fcittf tt — , he 

finds no companion, nobody will join him. 

Comp. — ItatMl* junction railway, branch line. 
Hn'fctmUMfcten, v.a. ; einen — , to look at ao. in 

a languishing manner. 
Hn'fd)tttt(fen, v. I. a. to taste. H. n. (aux. &4 

to scent (the game). 
*«'fdjHtei!|flS, ir.v. I. a. to dash, or throw, 

against. II. n. (aux. b.) to begin to throw. 
tta'fdjnteljrtl, reg. & ir.v. L a. to begin tf 

melt or smelt ; to fasten by smelting. II. n. 

(aux. f.) to begin to melt ; to adhere by melting. 
Vn'fAmtCOftt, v.a. to fasten to by forging; to 

chain, to fetter. 
tta'fdmtiCfleil, v. I. a. to bend or press to; to 

adapt. II. r. to cling to ; to nestle to (one) ; to 

conform to. 
Hn'fchtniertlt, v.a. to smear; to daub; to cheat 

(coll.) ; to adulterate (wine) ; see ftllffdimtcrflt. 
rln'fdJntlltUtln, v.a. ; efoen — , to smirk at s.0. 
Tltt'fd)naHcn, v.a. to buckle on ; fi* tma§ — , 

to get hold of &th., procure ath. (si.). 
Kn'fdward)e«, v. a. to snarl at ; to snap at. 

rln'fftnaiibcn, tJn'fcbmmie*, v. L n. (aux. f.) 

to come puffing and blowing. II. a. to snort at ; 
to snub ; to assail with angry words, address 

Ktt'fdUSCibcn, ir.v.a, to begin to cut or carve, to 
give the first cut to ; to fit by cutting ; to cut, 
to notch. 

VntdmcOrtl, v. I. a. to jerk against. II. n. 
(aux. f.) to fly against. 

tta'fCtmttt, m. (-t*, pi. -<) cut, first cut ; the 
act of cutting Into or first ; notch. 

Utt'frfraiffrfn, v.a. to smell at (of dogs). 

If n'ftfjttnrfttt v.a. to lace to, to fasten with a 
string or cord. 

HltfdWb-f. — i*,/. (pi. -fn) anchovy. 

ff n'fdtrnttben, v.a. to screw on, to screw up. 

tin'fdireib— *tt, Ir.v.a. to write on ; to write, 
note or put down ; to enter, charge to ; to as- 
cribe to ; rtugf f djricbf n ftehen, to be in a certain 
estimation (bet eincm, with one) ; fibel ange* 
fdjricbcn fein, to stand in bad repute, to be in 
(some one's) bad books; nidjtd —en la Wen, to 
buy nothing on credit. — tt, m. ( — tr$, pi* 
— cr) marker. Comp. — f=bud| y n. note-book, 
household book, account book. — fstftftf, /• 
tablet, note-book. 

Vn'fdtfeirn, ir.v.a. to scream or call at ; to hail ; 
to talk gruffly er angrily at. 

ffn'kbreftfn. ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to stride up to. 

Tln'[(hTOte,/ (pi. — n) selvage, list. 

rln'fdtfOtett, v.a. to roll near; to form the 

fin'fdmb, w». (— 9, pi. «nf4ttbc) first shove, 
first throw ; anything added. 

rtn'tonben, v - a - to shoe. 

rtfl'fdnUbiaen, v.a. to accuse of; to charge 
with; einen eine# $iebftab(d — # to charge 
one with theft. 

Htt'Hbtiten* v.a. to stir up, to Take ; to excite ; 
to inflame ; to foment (a quarrel). 

ttn'fdmn, m. (-ffed, pi. «ttfdintfe) shooting 

first ; rheumatic attack ; crystallization ; rush. 
tln'fdriittett* v.a. to pour out against ; to heap 

up against; to 

idintiNtrltt, v.n. (aux. f.) to approach 




to approach 

wagging the tan or 
fawningly ; to oome like a 

fltt'fdWttttjen, v.a. to sprinkle. 

fttt'fQjWart— CM, v.a. to blacken ; to calumniate. 
— er. «. (— tr*,pl. — er) slanderer. —Hug, 
/. calumny, backbiting. 

«»'f4t»«%e», v.a. ; einem etn»«J — , to talk one 
Into (doing, taking or buying). 

fttt'f£l»efcC«, vju (aux. f.) to approach hovering, 
fly towards. 

*n'fo)nttfeln, v.a. to fumigate with sulphur. 

«tW*»rifaeil, v.a. to weft (to); to braae; to 
wound (Sport). 

ftnf ftBCleil, reg. ». (auz. f.) to 
swell, to increase bv swelling. — 0, p. adj. 
ds adv. crescendo (Mus.). 

fllt'VdJUKBtltl— in, v.a. to cause to float; to float 
towards ; to form by alluvium ; to deposit allu- 
vium. — IMfl, /. floating down or on : allurium, 
aUurial deposit. Comp. — Ntt06=re<9t, n. right 
to alluvial earth. 

Vn'fdnaintnten, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to swim up to. 

Mn'fGmirttn.v.n. to come, arrive (coll.). 

ftn'ttf tin, v. I. n. (atcc. f.) to sail near or up to, 
to run foul of a ship. IL a. cine it $ftfen — , 
to touch at a port. 

W*'fe#— W, I. tr.v.a. to look at or upon ; to see ; 
to regard, consider ; to respect, esteem ; einem 
etnmi —en, to perceive something in, recog- 
nise as characteristic of one ; matt fteht e* ibnt 
nlcht an, he does not look (like) it j man ftebt 
t§ Hbm gteia) an, mel ©eifteS ftinb er if*. 
you can read his character in his face ; id) M 
um fnr feinen ©ruber on, l took him for his 
brother ; — en fur, aid, to consider, to take 
for ; erntoJ rait —en, to witness, to look on 
with toleration, suffer, let past ; ein febr onge* 
febener Wtain, a man of high repute; einen 
Iber bit fcdjfel —en, to look down on one ; 
et wirb bafur anaefeben toerben, he will be 
punished for it. YLsubst.n. looking at ; appear- 
ance, aspect ; consideration, authority, 

quence; esteem, respect; fid) ein —en geben, 
to give oneself airs ; ttDtm —en nadj, to all ap- 
pearance ; nor $ott gilt fein —en ber IJerf on, 
God is no respecter of persons. — ttslid), 
adj. ds adv. important, considerable ; stately, 
portly; eminent, conspicuous; fine-looking; 
lie — ntttfjften Wanner ber ©tabt, the prind- 

rl or most important dtisens. — nslidjfett, 
importance ; dignity ; stateliness ; conspicu- 
wimnw. — ttltfl, /. looking at, viewing ; con- 
sideration; in — nng, seeing that, whereas 
(Lane) ; in —una feineS ft(ei|ed, in consider- 
ation of his diligence; in — nng ber ttnti* 
fvnrnng, with regard to execution. 

nn'fenflen, v.a. to singe or burn a little, begin 
to singe. 

Hn'fe%— en, I. v.a. to put to or near ; to join ; to 
apply ; to add to», affix, join on ; to fix, estab- 
lish ; to form ; to sew to ; to charge in a bill ; to 
rate, tax ; to appoint (a day, etc.) ; to begin to ; 
to set (tree*, etc.)\ ganb — ,*o wash earth to 
the shore ; er nwttte ben Soldi —en, he was 
about to stab ; ben $etf)er —, to put the gob- 
let to the lips; ftoft —en, to gather rust; 
Xctfel an fMiffier —en, to glue the covert 
on books; bie freter —en, to take up one's 
pen ; ben Gpaten —en, to begin to dig ; cine 
Stabnna: — en, to ram down (a gun-charge) ; 
Anm iffentfidWn Oerfonf —en, to put up for 
sale. II. v.r. to settle down ; to stick to, be 
deposited. IIL v.n. (aux. b.) to take a run 
(be/ore leaping) ; to try ; to begin ; to thrive ; 
to sprout; to make an onset. IV. subst. n. 
eflloresoence (Chem.) ; juxtaposition; welding 
of steel with iron ; bat — en ntttf n 6toffe»% 
the apposition of new matter. — er, m. (— ere\ 
pi. — er) driving-bolt ; rammer, -nng, /. the 
act of applying, putting near or to; the thing 

put near or added; application; ap, 
juxtaposition ; prothesfs ( Surg. ), 
-blOtt, n. fly-leaf (TypX 

1Ufi<9t, /. (pi. -en) looking at; sight, 
prospect; opinion, notion, view; ell T 
bon befoiranften — en, a man of narrow 1 
bet — birfed. on receipt of this; &a 3*rex 
gutigen — , for your kind inspection, on ap- 
proval. — ig, adj. ; — ig toerben (ummii 
gen., rarely vrith ace.) to get sight of. 
— ftsjMfttnrte, /. postcard with view 
place from which ft is sent, illust ra ted post- 
card. — fenbnng, /. consignment for iaapae- 
tion or approval ( Comtn. ). — fsfeite, /L 
front, forepart. — ftstftfel, /. table, snmmauy 
(of history, etc.. given on a single sheet). 

Hn'Redclei', /. (pi. -*n) settlement. 

Wn'Reb— el=n, v. I. a. to settle, colonise. H- r. 
to settle, establish oneself. — Utt, •». (— frr*, 
pi. — ler) settler, colonist. — eUnnfl, /. colo- 
nization ; colony, settlement. 

Hn'gnnen, tr.v.a. to desire, require of; einem 
ertttal — , to demand from s.o.; to impute. 

Hn'fintern, v.n, (awe. f.) to form stalactite-like 

fU'ft*, m. (— e«, pi. — e) settled abode, doami- 
cile ; landed property. 

ftn'Rtten, ir.v.n. (aux. b.) to sit close to; to 
stick, adhere to; to be domiciled, settled. 

«n'l*ratt, m. (— eS), -*, /. draught-cattle; 

•n'ftmnn— en, v.a. to yoke to, to put to; to 
stretch; to strain; to exert; to bend (sails); 
er fte| — en, he ordered the carriage to be got 
ready. — nng, /. harnessing, yoking; exer- 
tion, straining. 

ftn'Vpeien, ir.v.a. to spit on or upon. 

finfbiel. n. (-*, vi. -t) 
nn'Mtl-<n f v.t.n.(< 

[aux. |.) to begin to play ; 
to play first; to allude to. IL a. to lead a 
suit, a card; to try (a musical instrument). 
—nng. /. allusion (an! cine 6., to a th.). 

«n'fbie|en, v.a. to pierce with a spear; to 
impale ; to spit (meat). 

tm'fbinnen, ir.v. I. a. to join by spinning, fto 
spin together; to contrive, plot, hatch; to 
begin. IL r. to originate, to spin to; rttMd 
fptnnt fid) an a toifd)en ben bciben, an affection 
is springing up between these two. 

nn'VbiHen, v. a. to point, to furnish with a point, 
to sharpen (a pencil). 

nn'fbornen, v.a. to spur, spur on. 

fln'fbradK, /. (pi. —n) address, speech ; sp> 
peal ; tone (of an instrument) ; claim (Lav). 

ftn'flnrtdjrn, irv. h n. (aux. h.) to sound, emit a 
•ound ; bci etnettt — , to call on one (rare). IL : 
to address ; to appeal to ; to interest, to pleass ; 
to touch ((he heart, etc.) ; to claim ; to call ; 
einen nut ernmf — , to beg of s.c, to ssk 
S.O. for —t,part. prepoeeesaing ; 

ible ; einc —be Oemtntnng, a plausible con- 
jecture ; ge bat ttwatf febt — bc$ in ibrratla- 
feren, ahe has a most engaging appea r ance. 

Hn r flnrenrten, v. La. to put, force to a gallop: 
to force against ; to explode against ; to begin 
to explode ; to besprinkle. U. n. (aux. f.) to 
gallop up or on. 

Ilnf fringen, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to begin to spring 
or crack ; to crack or bounce against ; tuft* 
fprnngen fomnten, to come running or tap- 
ing along ; (our. fa.) to begin to run, leap; to 
tele the first leap ; er liefbtftf *ferb ii«M- 
he made the horse lead with the off foot. 

Hn'fpriHen, v.a. to squirt at, b e sp ri nkle. 

««4brudj, m. (-«. pi. «nfir*dK) addi-si; 
chum, title, pretension ; — baben ttnf eiltr e., 
to be entitled to a th. ; — BtadKM nnf , in - 
nebnten, to claim, demand, pretend to, to oome 
in for. to occupy, to tax ; e# nittOttt wetneArii 

»»n febr in — , it takes up too much of lartnaa. 

before I saw, etc. ; e * ftmtb tmr on efne flefae 

©eU, it wm only a short time (before) ; lift 

babe nidjt angeftanben ibm An fagen, I hare 

f| not hesitated 1o tell him; el ftebt i*T atfe* 

»of)( an, eU ehe says and does is in good taste; 
bad ftrbt inir nidjt an t that does not please 
me; mad ftrbt btr bow nteinrn 6a<ben a*? 
f| which of my things would you like to have? 

M Rflftftlffl, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to mount, ascend; 

V angeftiegen foiitmai, to come stalking along. 

91 Hnfttl— m, t.Lcto place, put near or to, to 

post, assign parte or j ' 
point, employ ; to ai 
banquet, etc.); to est 
take; to make (an 
comparison) ; to do, 
H contriTe ; to institute 

tote in) ed —en foil, 

set about it. n. r. \ 

behave ; to feign, pret 

9 — en, to aet about a 

pretend to be, act at 
lid) an, he cut a m 
nid)t an ! do not m 
wobj ba&n an, he ee 
—ft, m. (— erd, />/. 
(to a place) ; author, 

«/». handy, able, adr — , — ww .„ r „ 

appointing, arranging, etc. ; appointment, poet. 

Hniteninten, v.a. to atem, push, preas against. 

Hnltrrbcn, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to devolve on; bat 
ift ibttt anaeftorben, that has fallen to him by 
death, he has inherited it. 

Iln'ftenern, v.a. to steer towards, to make for. 

Mn'ftid}, *"• (— d) »<* of piercing or broaching; 
the first draught from a f reshly broached cask 
(of beer); frifojer — , * fresh glass of beer (from 
a new cask); puncture (of fruit by insect*). 

HnftUfen, v.a. to embroider ; to stitch on. 

tin'mebtn, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to be driven along, 
drift or ty (as dust). 

•tnftiefdtt, v.a. & r. to put on boots ; onae* 
ftiefelt fonunen, to come striding along (coll.) 

nnftteren, v.a. to stare fixedly at. 

KinHft— Ctt. v. L a. to cause, set on foot ; to 
plot; to incite, instigate; to stir up; to 
suborn. II. subst.n. (—end), —**§,/. instiga- 
tion, machination ; the suborning ; contriving ; 
— nng einer ftenerdbrnnft, incendiary. — er, 
*». (— er*, pi. —tx) originator (of a plot), 
causer ; instigator ; suborner. 

nn'Rtmni- tn, v.a. to begin to sing or sound; 
to strike up ; to give the key-note ; tune 
(fiddle). —ttHfl, / the striking up; intona- 
tion ; tuning. 

Hn'ftofc, m. (-ed, pi. ftnfftdfte) a striking 
against, shock, impulse, impulsion ; attack, par- 
oxysm ; stammering ; scandal, offense; ofane — 
rruirrn, to expound fluently and without hesi- 
tation ; — nebnten an (finer 6. ).u> take offence 
at, be scandalized by (a th.) ; gtein be* — ed, 
stumbling-block ; — am ©robe, kissing-crust. 

Rnftofc— Ctt, *r.v. I. a. to strike, push, knock 
against; to touch, clink (glasses); to Join; to 
nudge ; to attack (of a disease); to fine-draw ; to 

Sve offence ; atigefto§ene£ Ob ft, bruised fruit. 
. n. (aux. h.) to run, dash, stumble against ; 
to touch, abut, border on ; ntit ben Wiafent 
—en, to touch glasses; toir fHrften ml feint 
(Skfnnbfteit an, we drank to his health ; ntit 
bent stobfe —en an or briber, to knock one's 
head against; ntit ber £nnge or im ffleben 
—en, to hesitate, stammer; —en wiser, 
gegen, to offend, shock ; bri rinrnt —en, ts 
scandalise s.o. ; nnr ntdit —en ! beware of gir.. 
ing offense 1 — Cttb, P- & *dj> contiguous, ad. 
joining; bad — enbe dimmer, the adjoining 
Rn'ftefcift, adj. A adv. scandalous, offensive, 
shocking, indecent, causing scandal, objection- 




the tail or wriggling; to approach 
fawnltagly ; to come like a dandy. 

Vn'toNKfBieit, v.a. to sprinkle. 

MW\4man—tn,v.a. to blacken ; to calumniate. 
— er. «. (— tx*,pl. — er) alanderer. —nng, 
y. calumny, backbiting. 

«n'fd)W*%en, *•«• / einem rttoa* — , to talk one 
Into (doing, taking or buying). 

ftttf (fcNKhea, vm. (auz. f . ) to approach hovering, 
fly towards. 

Uu'[tytO€ttln, v.a. to fumigate with sulphur. 

*«'t*Sdfce«, v.o. to weld (to); to brass; to 
wound (Sport). 

ftttf 4»elen, reg. n. (auz. f.) to 
swell, to increase by swelling. — ft, p. adj. 
de adv. crescendo (Mus.). 

Hn'VuWettlQ— f n, *.c to cause to float ; to float 
towards ; to form by alluvium ; to deposit allu- 
vium. — nng. /. floating down or on ; alluvium, 
alluvial deposit. Comp. — nnggsrcnjtf n. right 
to alluvial earth. 

«tt'f<kWtttmm, ir.v.n. (auz. f.) to swim up to. 

Mn'YOmiXXtn.v.iu to come, arrive (coll.). 

gnnef tin, v. I. n. (ata. f.) to sail near or up to, 
to run foul of a ship. IL a. einm $afen — , 
to touch at a port. 

fttt'fet— Ctt, I. tr.r.a. to look at or upon ; to see ; 
to regard, consider ; to respect, esteem ; cinent 
ettnad —en, to perceive something in, recog- 
nise as characteristic of one ; malt ftedt el ibnt 
nifllt an, he does not look (tike) it; malt fieftt 
t§ Una gteia) an. we* ©eifteS SKnb er iff. 
you can read his character in his face ; id) fop 
Urn fftr feinen Brnber an, l took him for his 
brother; —en fur, aid, to consider, to take 
for ; etoad ntit —en, to witness, to look on 
with toleration, suffer, let pass; fin febr ange* 

{ebener flRann, a man of high repute; einen 
kber bie ttdifei — e n, to look down on one ; 
er wirb baf fir angefeben nxrbrn, he will be 
punished for it, ILsubst.n. looking at ; appear- 
ance, aspect ; consideration, authority, conse- 
quence; esteem, respect; fin) ein —en geben, 
to give oneself airs ; attent — en nadl, to all ap- 
pearance ; nor (Bott gilt ft in —en ber Vrrfon, 
God is no respecter of persons. — asliffe, 
adj. de adv. important, considerable ; stately, 

ry; eminent, conspicuous; fine-looking; 
-nUftftcn Wanner ber 6tobt, the princi- 
pal or most important citizens. — MslUfefrtt, 
/. importance ; dignity ; stateliness ; conspicu- 
onsness. — nng, /• looking at, viewing ; con- 
sideration; in —nng, seeing that, whereas 
(Law) ; in —una f cine a* ftieite*, in consider- 
ation of his diligence; tw — ttng ber *n*- 
fftbrang, with regard to execution. 

Hn'fettfteu, v.a. to singe or burn a little, begin 
to singe. 

Mn'f €%— €*, I. v.a. to put to or near ; to join ; to 
*PPiy * *o *dd *°t affix, Join on ; to fix, estab- 
lish ; to form ; to sew to ; to charge in a bill ; to 
rate, tax ; to appoint (a day, etc.) ; to begin to ; 
to set (trees, etc.); gonb — .*o wash earth to 
the shore ; er wofltt ben $olcfc —en, he was 
about to stab ; ben $e4jer —, to put the gob- 
let to the lips; ftoft —en, to gather rust; 
Xetfel an 8udkr —en, to glue the covers 
on books; bie weber —en, to take up one's 
pen ; ben 6baten —en, to begin to dig ; eine 
Sabang —en, to ram down (a gun-charge) ; 
&nm iffentlioWn Oerfanf —en, to put up for 
sals. II. v.r. to settle down ; to stick to, be 
deposited. IIL v.n. (auz. ft.) to take a run 
(before leaping) ; to try ; to begin ; to thrive ; 
to sprout ; to make an onset. IV. sub*, n. 

i(Chem.U juxtaposition; welding 
of steel with iron ; baf —en nenr a 6 toffee*, 
the apposition of new matter. — *r, m.(— erg, 
pi. — er) driving-bolt ; rammer, -nng, /. the 
act of applying, putting near or to; the thing 

put near or added; application; apposition; 
juxtaposition; prothesis (Surg.). Comp. 
-Molt, n. fly-leaf (Typ.). 

1U'fi*t, /. (pi. -en) looking at; sight, viow. 
prospect; opinion, notion, view; cut Wax* 
ban befdjranften —en, a man of narrow views ; 
bei — btefe*. on receipt of this; &n 3fcrer 
gntigen — , for your kind inspection, on ap- 
proval. — ig, adj. ; — ig inerben (usually tdth 
gen., rarely with ace.) to get sight of. Comp. 
— #=Mttorte, /. postcard with view of the 
place from which ft is sent, illustrated post- 
card. — fenbung, /. consignment for inspec- 
tion or approval ( Comm. ). — gsfette, /. 
front, forepart. — gstoffl, /. table, summary 
(of history, etc., given on a single sheet), 

•n'Rc&etcK /• (pi. -*n) settlement. 

fctt'fif 9— elsn, v. I. a. to settle, colonise. JX r. 
to settle, establish oneself. — jscr, •*. (— let*, 
pi. — ler) settler, colonist. — ClsNttg* /. colo- 
nisation ; colony, settlement 

Mu'innen, ir.v.a. to desire, require of; finest 
ttHud — , to demand ath. from s.o.; to impute. 

ftn'finttrn, vm. (am. f.) to form stalactite-like 

■n'fa, m. (— eg, pL — e) settled abode, domi- 
cile ; landed property. 

ftn'Rfeen, ir.v.n. (aux. b.) to sit close to; to 
stick, adhere to ; to be domiciled, settled. 

fln'Mttun, ». (— e«), -*, /. draught^oatUe ; 

itn'fpann— en. v.a. to yoke to, to put to; to 
stretch ; to strain ; to exert ; to bend (sail*) ; 
er (ieft —en, he ordered the carriage to be got 
ready, —nng, /. harnessing, yoking; exer- 
tion, straining. 

Wnf peien, ir.v.a. to spit on or upon. 

llnftHel. n. (—8,1)1. -t) innings. 

ttn'Wef-tn, v. In. (aux. q.) to begin to play; 
to play first ; to allude to. II. a. to lead a 
suit, a card; to try (a musical instrument). 
—nag./, allusion (anf eine €., to a th.). 

•n'fblefcen, v. a. to pierce with a spear; to 
impale ; to spit (meat). 

«n'f»i»nen. ir.v. 1. a. to join by spinning, to 
spin together; to contrive, plot, hatch; to 

2 begin. IL r. to originate, to spin to; etttmi 
(brat fid) an nuf cben ben bciben, an affection 
springing up between these two. 
Hn'fbifcen, v.a. to point, to furnish with a point, 
to sharpen (a pencil). 

nn'ftwnen, v.a. to spur, spur on. 
Hn'fnmdK, /. (pi. -n) address, . 
peal; tone (of an instrument) ; claim (Low). 

H»f Prethen, ir.v. L n. (aux. b.) to sound, emit a 
sound ;beieinent— , to call on one (rare). ILa. 
to address; to appeal to; to interest, to please; 
to touch (the heart, etc.) ; to claim ; to call ; 
einen not etumi — , to beg of s.o., to ssk 
S.O. for — m, part, prepossessing ; plsns> 
ible ; eine —be Serntutnng, a plausible con- 
jecture ; ge bat etwatf febr — bci in ibrem fa* 
feren, she has a most engaging appearance. 

Hn'fbrengen. v. I. a. to put, force to a gauop: 
to force against ; to explode against ; tobagm 
to explode ; to besprinkle. U. n. (aux. f.) to 
gallop up or on. 

Hn'fbringen, (aux. f.) to begin to 

or crack; to crack or bounce against; ange* 
fprnngen fontmen, to come running or leap- 
ing along ; (aux. h.) to begin to run, leap; to 
take the first leap ; er tie# ba*9fcrb (inta-, 
he made the horse lead with the off foot. 

Hn'fnrifcen, v.a. to squirt at, besprinkle. 

niftandj, m. (~# pi. «nfbrn^) c addiesi; 
claim, title, pretension ; — baben anf eine v., 
to be entitled to a th. ; — otaaVn anf, in - 
nebnten, to claim, demand, pretend to, to cons 
in for, to occupy, to tax ; e# nitttntt meinfArU 

in for. to occupy, 

takes up too much of my I 

«>f>ilra 89 fltoHiftg 

before I saw, etc. ; e£ fittnb itur tit fine Heine 
©eU, it was only a abort time (before) ; {$ 
babe nid)t angrftanben ibm ah fagen, I hare 
not hesitated To tell him; el fte« for ttftt* 
toofjl an, aU she says snd does Ufa good taste; 
bo* ftebt ntir nicbt an, that does not please 
me; tea* ftebt bir bon meinrn 6adten an? 
which of my things would you like to neve ? 

HnftrtgfH, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to mount, ascends 
angeftfegen footmen, to come stalking along. 

ftnttcl— Ctt, v. L a. to place, put near or to, to 
post, assign parts or positions to ; to place, ap» 
point, employ ; to arrange ; to get up, giro (a 
r _, -c.J-.tor^' F ^ —'" 

banquet, etc.); to set in operation; to under- 
take; to make (an experiment) ; to draw (a 
comparison); to do, cause (mischief, etc.); to 
contriTe ; to institute, set up; id) tofift nidjt, 
mie id) e£ —en foil, I don't know how i am to 
set about it. II. r. to lie in wait (Sport) ; to 
behave ; to feign, pretend ; to fuss ; AM erwafl fill 
— t n, to set about a th. ; fid) —en a\4 ob, to 
pretend to be, act as if ; er ftefite fid) ifimintr* 
lid) an, he cut a miserable figure ; ftett bid) 
nidjt on ! do not make a fuss ! er fteDt fid) 
uiobf bdAtt an, he sets about it in good style. 
—ft, m. (— ere\ pi. —er) employer, appointor 
(to a place) ; author, instigator. —If, adj. & 
adv. handy, able, adroit, fit. — nttg, /.act of 
appointing, arranging, etc. ; appointment, post. 

nwntmmtn, v.a. to stem, push, press against. 

Hnlterben, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to devolve on; bat 
ift ibm angefftorben, that has fallen to him by 
death, he has inherited it. 

tln'ftfttern, v.a. to steer towards, to make for. 

Rn'ftioj, m. ( — 4) act of piercing or broaching; 
the first draught from a freshly broached cask 
(of beer); frif o)er — , » fresh glass of beer (from 
r m^mi M *b\ . TMi nc ture (qf fruit by insects). 

Hi embroider; to stitch on. 

Ill (aux. f.) to be driven along, 

i ist). 

Ill is r. to put on boots ; ange* 

\ to come striding along (coil.) 

Hi stare fixedly at. 

Ill a. to cause, set on foot ; to 

] , instigate; to stir up; to 

i .n. (—end), —lint* /• inatiga- 

U v «, UM ^ UUWMV a ; the suborning ; contriving ; 
— ung einer ftenertbrunft, incendiary. — tt, 
m. (—eri, pt. — er) originator (of a plot), 
causer ; instigator ; suborner. 

Hnftintra—en, v.a. to begin to sing or sound; 
to strike up ; to give the key-note ; tune 
(Addle). —MSB, /. the striking up; intona- 
tion ; tuning. 

Unit**, m. (-e», pi. ttntftdfte) a striking 
against, shock, impulse, impulsion ; attack, par- 
oxysm ; stammering ; scandal, offense; obne — 
cruiren, to expound fluently and without hesi- 
tation ; — nebmen an (einer 6. ),to take offence 
at, be scandalized by (a th.) ; Stein bed — €#, 
stumbling-block ; — am ©robe, kissing-crust. 

Hnftpfe-tn, ir.v. I. c to strike, push, knock 
against ; to touch, clink (glasses); to loin ; to 
nudge ; to attack (of a disease); to fine-draw ; to 

Sve offence ; angeftof ened JDb ft, bruised fruit. 
. n. (aux. h.) to run, dash, stumble against ; 
to touch, abut, border on ; ntit ben dHftfern 
—en, to touch glasses; urfr friefen anf fehte 
Gkfnnbfcctt an, we drank to his health; ntit 
bent ftobfe —en on or toiler, to knock one's 
head against; ntit ber gunge or Un ffleben 
—en, to hesitate, stammer; —en briber, 
gcgen, to offend, shock ; bei einem —en, ts 
scandalise ao. ; nnr nid)t —en ! beware of giv- 
ing offense I — enb, p. <& adj. contiguous, ad. 
joining; boJ — *nbe dimmer, the adjoining 
Hn'ftdflifl, adj. A adv. scandalous, offensive, 
shocking, indecent, causing scandal, objection- 

fto(hra|fcit a 

•bie ; bruised, decaying ; stumbling (of hones). 
— ttit. f. impropriety; offensiveness ; indeli- 
cacy, indecency. 

fttt'ttrablett, v.a. to cast rays on, to beam upon. 

fttt'ftriMttftr v -o. to fasten to or with cords ; 
kit Werbe — , to put the hones to. 

•n/ftrew— en, «.». (aux. ft.): gegen ernm* — en, 
to strive against a th. Comp. — esfroft, /. 
centripetal force, 

MufttdtU, v.a. to strain, stretch (to). 

Mu'HrtUbtt f. paint, water or oil color. 

t^TTretuV— «t, ir.v.a. to paint, daub over; to 
mark or underline (a passage in a book, etc) ; 
«it Steer —en, to tar; twig —en, to white- 
wash; dne (ikige — en, to begin to play on a 
violin ; to try a fiddle; eiae« erwad —en. to 
make one pay for, to punish ao. (coil.). 
—ft, *». (— er*> pf. — er) house-painter. 

ttttftreifen, r.n. (aux. b. d> f.) to grass, rub 
against, touch lightly in passing. 

ttirfttetti— en, v. La. to force; to strain; to 
stretch; atU Sfraftf —en, to strain every 
nerve ; elite —robe ftrfrett, a work requiring 
great exertion ; einen— en, to fatigue a person ; 
ber Heine $rn<f frrengt bie Kngen fegr on, 
small print is very trying to the eyes ; ben (Pcift 
— en, to exert the mind. IL r. to exert oneself ; 
to tax one's energies, strive, make every effort ; 
fUt fiber bie 9Ra|en — en,to over-exert oneself. 
— nnf , /. exertion, effort ; strain ; struggle. 

UnTtTUO, m, (— 4, pi. — e) a painting or daub- 
ing over ; coat of paint ; tint, color ; varnish, 
gloss, coloring; tinse, shade, slight admixture; 
air, appearance; ewer 8adK einen gnten — 
aeben, to gloss a matter over, make it appear 
its best ; to palliate a thing ; citt — bon (9f (tbr- 
fantfeit, a smattering of learning ; tin — bon 
43d)t»ertnnt, a dash, an air of melancholy. 

lln'frrUfen, v.a. to knit on to ; etrftrapfe — , to 
foot stockings. 

ttafhrSmen, v. In. (am. f.) to flow towards ; 
to advance, flow near ; to nock together, crowd 

towards; — on (ein ttfer), to wash. IL a. to 

deposit, wash up on. 
iWftfitf— <In, —en, v.a. to piece, to patch. 

-DM,/, patch; piece added. 
ftnlNilben, v.a. to new-top (boots). 
«inhmn, tn. (— $, pi. Hnfrurnte) rushing up, 

attack, onset, charge, assault. 
Wftititten, v.n. (aux. f.) to rush along; (with 

anf, an, gegen, miser, x.) to attack violently, 

to storm, aamiL 
ttttfrnrt, «. (— 1$, pi. fcwfturje) violent onset, 

charge ; shock, collision. 
sYnftntten, v. I. a. to throw up against. II. n. 

(aux. f.) to rush against; to tumble against; 

ftngefltnrAt tontnten, to come on with a rush, 

to come up in great haste and excitement ; to 

charge ; to fall violently against. 
ttn'ftiten, v.a. to prop up; fid)—, to lean 

against, support oneself on. 
ttn'fnct-ea, I. v.n. (aux. to.) to ask, sue, apply 

(mm CttOQ&, for something) ; to solicit, request, 

petition ; to make a requisition. II. subst. n. 

solicitation, petition ; application, requisition ; 

anf —en bon, at the suit of, upon the appli- 
cation of. — enb, p. <fc adj. supplicatory ; ber 

—enbe, the petitioner, —ft, m. (—erg, pi. 

— er) one who solicits ; petitioner, suitor (rarr). 

— nng,/- application, requisition, suit, request ; 

instigation. Camp. — tsfdireiben. — nnfl*= 

fd i re i be w . n, letter of request, requisition. 
ftnt**0nifHf4, adj. & adv. antagonistic. 
Hn'tOfein, v.a. to rig, to equip (a ship). 
Vn^fanien, v.n. (aux. b.) to lead off in dancing ; 

(aux. f.) to approach dancing ; to strike against 

in dancing ; er fam angetan^t, he came <*/.). 
nn^tObben, v. L n. (out. t . ) to grope at ; to knock 

against. IL a. to take hold of awkwardly. 
ftnrtnften, v.a. to touch, to handle; to attack; 

D ffatitffm 

to question, impugn, dispute ; to hurt, injure 
(one's reputation, etc.); to infringe (on erne 9 * 
rights) ; einen — , to lay hands on one. 

Hn'tannteln. v.*. (aux. f.) to tumble, reel sua, 
stagger against; to approach staggering. 

Hlttei!, m. (—*,/>/. — e) portion, share; dhri- 
dend; lot; sympathy, interest; — baben «sj 
einer 6. , to participate in a th. ; — «efjsxen mm, 
to take an interest m, sympathise with, partici- 
pate in. Comp. — later, «♦., —in,/, partici- 
pator, partaker; shareholder. — 1*#, adj. <* 
adv. neutral; indifferent; muympathetic. 
— Miftfg, adj. d> adv. proportionate, accord- 
ing to one's share. — fdjein, **., — «?b*r? 
foreibnng,/. share. 

fln'flnn, ir.v.a. to put on, don ; to do to, inflict, 
offer, show; to bewitch; einent Chirr* 
(»0fe*) — , to benefit (injure) a p. ; fie) (dot.) 
efn £e<b (or SetbeeO— , to lay violent bands 
on oneself; fttfj Atttong — , to constrain 
oneself; fin) eine HJttre — > to allow one- 
self a pleasure; bad Mbdjen fiat t$ ilm 
angetban, the girl has quite charmed him ; 
einent Qenralt — , to offer violence to one; 
einent Gdjonbe — . to bring disgrace on one ; 
Strafe — , to inflict punishment; einent or 
einer 6. dbre — , to do honor to a p. or 
a th. ; einen &afen — , to make, touch at a 
port anietfrn, p.p. & adj. dad, attired. 

Hnti — in many compounds co r respo n ding to 
the English anti-.«.0.9lnri4Hft,«nrifeniit f 
onrifebriffft, ttnriirrobte. etc. 

*H'H— (bTitmeb, adj. <fr adv. antichristisn. — 
frttir. /. reply to a criticism, -btttbte'./ (pL 
—batble'en) antipathy, —bennatima,/ ante- 
penult. —fVfe,/.(^.~«ief en) antithesis. 

Vntif, adj. antique. — e, /. (pi. —tn) sn 
antique ; antiquity. Comp. — ensUnWCT, •*• 
dealer in antiquities or curiosities. 

ttnrintfn, —turn, n. anUmony (ebiefafani). 

sYn'ribben, v.a. to touch lightly, tap ; touch upon 

in talking, mention briefly (coll.). 
Unti'O— na, /. Roman type ( Typ.). — na/r, ». 

(— ua'rd, pi. — na're) antiquary ; second-hand 

bookseller ; dealer in antiques or curiosities. 

— ttariat, n. business of a dealer in old books 

or art-curiosities ; second-hand book shop. 

— na'rifdl, adj. seoond-hsnd ; archaeological, 

antiquarian. — mitn't, see UntignUit. Comp. 

— nasfdrrift,/. Roman type. 
Vnf innte^ren, vm. to become antiquated. 
nntiauM't, /. antiquity. Comp. -tnzftUi 

ner, — ensfommler. m. collector of antiqni. 

ties or curiosities; virtuoso. — rfl:Uben, *»., 

— enslonblnnn ,/. old curiosity shop. 

Hn'f (i%, n. (— e», pi. — e) countenance ; face. 
Comp. — f dte. / front-side (A rch. ). 

Vn'tbben, v.n. (aux. b.) to thunder against; 
(our. f . ) to come on blustering or raging. 

tfn'traben, v.n. (aux. f.) to trot up to; to trot 
on ; angetrabt f ontmen, to come trotting up. 

ttntrafl, ♦». (— 4, pi. tlntrilge) offer, tender, 
proposal ; proposition, motion (in Parliament^ 
etc.); einen — frfflen, to make a motion, to 
move (Pariiam.) : einen — nnterfHibett, to 
second a motion ; (einer Xante) ehten — jnt* 
to propose (to a lady). Comp. 

m. mover (of an address^ resolution). 

Vnfroften, ir.v.a. to carry, bring near to. up 
to ; to propose, offer, tender; el ttnrbe WR 
ein Bint angetraaen, an appointment was 
offered to him ; attf etwa* — . to move, make 
a motion, to request, desire ; ti tonrbe attf »lt 
8ilbung eined 9ln#ftfwffe* angetraaen, a 
motion was made for going into committee or 
that a committee should be appointed. 

Vntronen, v.a. to marry (a woman to a man), 

to unite in marriage. 
I, ir.v. f. a 


a. to light upon ; to con- 

cern; anf frifdjer tfa — , to take in tht 

nuhtfku 41 ttotPCTictt 

KtttOIHtrDl, v.n. to toddle on; ottgewatfelt 
fomnteit, to oome toddling on (coll.). 
1 Rtt'ttMll— €M, v.n. (am. f.) to roll near (like 

waves). — Uttft, /. rolling on ; crowding near ; 
fit, paroxysm. 

Rudolf, m. (— e$. pi. -e , also «»n»atrf) law- 
yer, attorney, solicitor; agent; — ber vBlon- 
btaer, official assignee. — finer 6tabt, syndic 
— icbaft, /• agency, attorneyship, proctorship. 
Camp. — 4=0ebn(rr,/. attorney's fees, agent's 

Nn'tnalKn, «.n. to begin to waits, to waits 

first: to level or press with a roller (earth). 

Kn'IOftUCII, v.a. to roll against, on or to. 

Ntt'tnatt*— <l=n, v. I. ». (atu% f.) to walk up to, 

to approach slowly. II. a. imp. to befall, 

oome over, oome upon ; to attack, to seise (o) 

illness, etc.) ; tool Wanbelte bid? an ? what 

came over you, what was the matter with you, 

what did you think of ? ed toimbelte {fan fine 

\ SIbnitnQ an, » presentiment came over him ; 

c6 toanbelte mid) cine £>bnmad)t an, I was 
seised with a fainting fit. — I = ung , /. seisure; 
fit, paroxysm ; touch (of pity ^ etc.), slight attack; 
inclination to. 
HnlMnten, v.n. (am f.) to totter up or against, 
f HtttDdrtten, v. a. to heat or warm a little; to 

begin to heat 
Rnlpart— en, v.n. (out. b.) (with anf cine 0.) to 
1 wait for; to be the owner in expectancy. 

— fdMft,/. reversion; expectancy; er fat bte 
— ftbttft anf fetneS »a*erS SCrnt, he has the 
reversion ox his father's office. — fdjaftltd), 
adj. <fc adv. reversionary. 
Hn'ttirtcr* m. reversioner, expectant, candi- 
date. See Gtttit— , flMlitar— . 
Hn'Mtiffern, v.a. to irrigate, to moisten. 
Hn'tOCOCttr reg. <& ir.v.a. to weave on to. 
Httt9C5etn t v.a. to fan ; to wag the tail at. 
I Nn'mefecn, v.a. to drift against; to blow to- 

wards, upon, against ; to seize upon, fall on, 
I come over; (gnrfeften wehte Ujn an, horror 

seised him. 
NttlDCtdKtt* v.a. to soften a little, steep, soak. 
HntPftf— «, ir.v.a. to assign, allot; to point 
out, show ; to designate, appoint ; to instruct, 
direct ; to admonish ; to refer (anf einen, to 
one) ; fid) —en laffen, to take directions or 
advice ; man bat tnidj anf Bit anactoiefen, I 
have been directed to apply to you ; er ttnrbf 
auf fin) felbft anaetntefen, he was thrown on 
his own resources; id) merbe Sljnett 3hr 
(gfctb — , 1 shall give you a check for youx 
money; hie Beamten finb angetutefen, the 
officials have instructions to. — er, m. ( — er$, 
pi. — er) director; instructor ; adviser ; assignor. 
— nni, /. assignment; direction, injunction; 
check, bill of exchange; advice; method, 
course ; in finer —ung feftgefefet, secured by 
deed of assignment ; mctbobifdjc — , system- 
atic instruction. 
Hn'roenobor. adj. <fe adv. applicable; prac- 
ticable; available. — felt, /. applicability; 
Hn'toeitb— *n, reg. <k ir.v.a. to employ, use, 
make use of ; —en anf cine ©., to apply to 
a th. ; piclc aWfibe be i tttoa$ —en. to bestow 
much pains on a thing; SorftQt —en, to 
take precaution ; angetuanbte xBiffenfdjaf ten, 
applied sciences; angeuianbte nnb abge&ogene 
9egriffe, concrete and abstract ideas; anoe- 
toanbre (Sbemie, experimental chemistry; 
—en &n einem Awerfe. to employ for a pur- 
pose ; ed)meid>eiet ift bei mir uidjt gut ange* 
UHinbt, flattery is lost upon me. — ling, /. 
application ; practice ; employment ; — ung anf 
etnen beftimmten ftfatt, application to a spe- 
cial case ; in ber — nng, in practice. 

Hn'werb— en, tr. v. I. s. (am. n.) (urn er»a£) 
to sue for, solicit. II. a. to raise, levy troops} 

fttterfm 4 

eta ttogeianrtcKCT, a recruit ; fUt — « foffcK, 
to enlist; 6olbatfH foflen angfmoroett »er- 
belt, men are to be enrolled for active sendee. 
— ft, m. recruiting officer or sergeant. — ttU0, 
/. enlistment, enrollment, levying, levy. 

MafWitftn, ir.r. 1. n. (aux. ft.) to have the first 
throw, begin to throw. throw at ; to 
throw on (clothes, etc.) ; ftaff — , to roughcast. 

Jn'nKVf M, n. the being present, presence (ofe.) ; 
abode; property; estate, farm, house. — t>p.<C: 
of/, present; Jebcr— be, every one present; 
hie —sen, those present, the audience ; bOffe- 
|CC jrte — be! (ladles and) gentlemen t — #Ctt, 
/. presence. 

«t»1»etai. v.a, to begin to whet, to whet; see 

*W»ieCT«, v.a. to disgust; fUfj attgctoibcrt 
fifcfcK, to feel disgusted. w " 

ttlrtBittttttra, v. I. a. to address wbiningly. TX 
n, («cr. f.) to approach whining. 

tttt'tninbf It, tr. v.a. to draw up, put to by means 
of a windlass. 

fctt'fetllfCII, v.a. to wink at ; to beckon to ; to 
ease the sheets of fore and aft sails (Naut.). 

ftn'Minfeln, v.a. to whine at, to moan at 

fttt'fetmttt, v. I. a. to fasten by turning a peg ; 
to fasten by a turnbolt. II. n. (aux. f.) to whirl, 
spin against. 

vWtoefr4—Cfl. v.n. (aux. ft.) to live near, close 
b/ ; to be present to, to attend (= beifeofnteit) ; 
etatr Btrfrf flung — m. to be present at a re- 
presentation. —tr.m.(—rr#,p/.—er) neigh- 
bor ; dweller near (a river) ; borderer. 

%WW*m, ">. (-(f)e «, pi. ftutofidrfe) growth ; 
increase; increment; accretion; fmiQer — , 
young c o p s e. 

*arteWf4e«, v.a.; einem ft*** — , to wish 
something to happen to one ; to adopt (Late) ; 
ct »iwfd»tf mir bid <»ntt$ an, he wished 
that much good might befall me ; fit n*unfd)tf 
ifc« 9ifc# •«, she wished him evU, she im- 

UWWUtf, tn. (— # of. Untnirfr) a throwing, or 
laying on; dashing (uith mortar); deposit, 
alluvium ; first throw ; hasp (of a trunk, etc.) ; 

eWfttfftttt, v.n. to begin to throw; to have 
the first throw (uith diet). 

ttBrtnttrtrtS, v.n. (our. f.) to strike root; to be 
rooted to the ground. 

e*Jr*|*t|, /. number, quantity, multitude. 

Mn'tMtn, v.a. to pay on account; to pay a 
first installment. 

tt»1itiai. r.a. to begin to count ; to reckon, to 
count, to tell. 

*Ul**t-tn, v.a. to broach, tap (a cask, etc.) ; 
to tap (Med.) ; to nettle, badger, chaff (vulg.) ; 
to pump (coll.); ft*™ —at, to get 
(money, a secret, etc.) out of a person, to 
pump a p. (coll.) ; to pick a quarrel with s.o. 
(roll.). —Hag, /. personal attack (collX 

tt»t*atrr«, v.a. to fascinate, bewitch ; to root 
to the spot by witchcraft ; to bring on one by 
sorcery. ft*ftej«tttCTt, p.p. <*• adj. spellbound. 

WsMsKn, v.a. to bridle, put on a bridle. 

fttt'lrtftra, n, (—4, pi.—) symptom, sign; 
token ; augury, omen ; forebodm*. 

ttnlrissttta. v.a. to mark, note ; to make a note 
of; to signal; ctaCM ft*** — , to put to one's 
account, attribute to ; to make one pay for 

eWsttif ./ (pt- —U) notice, Intimation ; adver- 
tisement ; announcement ; declaration ; indica- 
tion ; symp to m ; proof ; grriaVtf Hfef — , denunci- 
ation, miormation against; fine — atatfcm or 
tkxm, to file a declaration. Comp. —ami, n. 
inqmry-ofrke; regislry-omce. — M*tt, n. 
advertiser; advertisement sheet or Journal. 
— triff , m, letter of intimation or informa- 
tion, oin 


tta'jrifl— m, v.a. to 

-m, v.a. to announce, to notify; tonsV 
; to point out ; to indicate ; to ausror ; 
ify, lead to a supposition; to deciam 

to give a receipt for (C. Z,.) ; to 
); cutem f tt»«4 —en, to inform or 

to signify, lead 
(value, etc.) ; to 

advise (C.L.)\t 

apprise one of a thing ; final — tn, to denounce 
(a criminal)', dfffMtUffc —tn, to procsebm. 
anteteift, p.p. 6c adj. (lit. : pointed out m» the 
proper thing to do), advisable, necessary ; CT 
hie It e# fftr angeicigt, be deemed it p " 
— t**,p.&ad).; -*«bc Strttartrr, 
strative pronouns; bfgi— mbf %ktm9vttt t 
possessive pronouns. — ft, m. (— tr$,p*. — cr) 
one who points out ; advertiser , informer ; ex- 
ponent (Math.). — uitfl, /• informing ; adver- 
tising ; information (against). 

«n'|rtttl, m. warp, weft, woof. 

■it'lrttCl— « f v.a. to set up a web; to weave a 
plot. — nitfl, /. setting up of a web; plotting. 
—Ct, m. (-tr$, pt. — cr), —fa,/, (p*. —tears) 
plotter, contriver of a plot 

Mn'litk—tn, ir. v. I. a. to draw, poll (on, in, etc) ; 
to draw tight, tighten, screw; put on clothe*, 
dress ; to make the first move (at a Qame) ; to 
haul home (Naut.) ; to suck up, imbibe (ms c 
sponge) ; to attract ; to quote, cite ; to stre 
to drive home (a screw) ; to breed, raise (a 
etc.) ; to cultivate, train (trees, etc) ; to draw in 
Uhereinj); fid) (ace.) — f«, to dress, attire ©-«.; 
fa (dot.) ettmii —en, to apply something to 
oneself ; f intn Mf nen Wfttfiferli —.to turn over 
a new leaf (pror.); «Hgfjagf«f etflni, pes- 
sages referred to, quotations. IL «. (one %,) 
to draw ; to stick, hold fast (as glue, efc.); to 
begin to draw; to lake effect; hie Mfe! 
Afebrft an, every stroke tells ; her «tgt 1 ASfkt 
an, the nail draws, takes firm hold7 (««^f.) 
to draw, or march on, near, to approach ; to 
enter upon service, upon office; to rise (m 
price) ; »a# ^err f«« «ngr^O$m r the army 
came marching on. — ml, p. <v <miV. see c m : 
attractive ; mteresting; — ntbr ftraft, power of 
attraction; — fuse iRiric!, astrini 
cines. —ft. m. (— ct#, pt — CT) I 
ringer (0/ a M/) ; adductor (Anal.), —««•,/. 
attraction; quoting, dting ; xarftrlinV -HOSf, 
gravitation. Comp. — ttmfi#str«ft. /. (force oT) 
attractive power, attraction. —Hllt#= !#•,««>. 
unattractive. — ««g*;»«att, m. centre of 
attraction. —jXmmtX, n. dnisalin^rooa, 

stnlifthm. v.a, to bias at. 

IWaftt,/. (p/. HMAiflte) breeding; 
tioln; nursery ;sewerj breed. C 
pi. breeding -pigs. 

•nil " 

. Comp. 

etn / |Hdrni, wui. to Trinkle with sugar. 

%n'l*%, m.(-4, pi. Mnxmnt) adrawfeg near, ap- 
proach ; getting, putting en (of clothes) ; dress- 
ing; dress, apparel, clothes; accootennents ; 
costume, toilet; first move; entrance upon 
duties ; taper ; eta — €*t*tn. » »»* of lace ; Wt 
fktab if! im — f , the enemy is approaching ; 
f* ifft fttoa* tai— , there is soo»ethmg hTSe 
wmd ; t* it eta Okwittcr im — , a storm Is cosa- 

ing on. Comp. —&?§€*&, n. entiance-money; 
tax paid by strangers for permission to issiih m 
. — ♦st«f.e».day of entering upon duty. 
\m. adj. <£ adv. sarcastic, severe ; per- 
offensfve, abnsrve; fcim 6if «idK -. 
don't be personal, —frit, /• sarcasm, invee- 
tive ; offensiveness ; personal remarks. 
«*!§*>-*», v.a. to kindle, light (afire, etc) ; 
to ignite, est on fire; to inflame. — CT, 
" pt.-tr) incendiary ; Ughter, kmdl 
—nu$. /• ignition, act of kindling. 
sWprifofra. v.a. to squeeas or force sgaanet, 

to force on (ciothes, *?.). 
Unlmtdtn, v.a. to tack, nail, er peg on. 

8W|f ff ./. JtoMan harp. 8oe Index 0/ Jitmrn, 
aVrt—tt,/. aorta. Cmnp.—tnxtmmnvtttAMA 
fnafrlnli of the heart. 


«»attit 48 Irttitta 

tJ v.a, & n. to applaud. 

« (^. — m) fingering (J/«*.). 

• — liCrtn, v.a. to apply, bestow- 

9 .a. to retrieve. 

II v.a. to drew, finish. — - n'r» /. 

II p/. — n) apricot. Comp. — ns 

cot tree. — nsjlfirfia), m. neo- 

H April ; cintn in ben — fdjitfen, 

^ .«— » — „wril fool of one ; ift ber — feuojt 
ntib noft, fo fiiUt e r bent Staner ©cheim' nub 
ft«$, when April blows his horn, 't ia good for 
nay and corn \prov.). Comp. — ftlftf, n. vicis- 
situde of fortune. 

H#ft'*,/. (p/. -n) apaia (Astr.\ 

VOUOre'B, n. a water-color drawing. Comp. 
—«Mler,w*. painter in water-colon. — ifrc« v 
v.a. to paint in water-colors. 

Mttar—tO'n./. equation, —or, m.(pron. $qno'- 
tor) equator, equinoctial circle or line, the line. 

HHUObft', m. (—5) aqua vita. 

gdMllibrift, m. (~-tn,pl. —cw) rope-dancer. 

ttr'bCit, /. (p/. —en) work, labor, toil ; result 
of labor ; performance, composition ; employ- 
ment; fermentation; eiltgelegte — , inlaid 
work, marqueterie ; erttOvene — , embossed, 
raised work, relief ; getriebene — , chasing ; 
$onb— , needle-work ; t4 ift in ber — , it is in 
hand, is being made; bet ber — ft in, to be 
quick at one's work ; fid) on bte — HtOdKlt. to 
set to work ; £onb an die — (egrn, to set to 
work, put one T s hand to ; oott fewer $onbe — 
lebew, to live by manual labor ; (#attb)— Ctt» 
pi. hand-made articles; ftfariftlidk — *lt, com- 
positions, essays, —fain, adj. <fe adv. laborious, 
industrious. — f ontfett, /. industry, diligence. 
— ftlill, adj. labor-loving, toilsome. Comp. 

— neber, m., — oeberin, /. employer, —nebs 
ttter. m. workman, laborer, clerk, —nebs 
mertn, /. woman who does paid work ; 
working woman, factory girL — #santeife, 
/. working emmet. — ftsbentel, *». work- 
bag. — ftstiene, /. working bee. — f djen <& 
— MdXO, L adj. work-shirking, idle, lasy. 
IL / laziness. — ^elnfrellnng, /. strike. 
-HMibtt* adj. able-bodied, capable of work- 
ing. — ftstetrSltfie, n. press of work. — *s 
gerfifr, «. scaffolding. -HtegefelfdMft, /. 

working party ; gang of workmen, — $s fan** 
work-house; penitentiary. -4sf3ftlben, n. 
work-box; tool-box. — ftsfatttttter, /. labora- 
tory. — ftsforb, m. work-basket. — 4=l0fc«» 
m. wages, pay for work. — 6sliH9, n. man- 
hole (m boilers, etc.); working or lading hole 
(Glass-w.). — 4smann, m. workman. — *s 
nodm»eie=fteOr, /. place where Information 
as to work wanted is gratuitously given to work- 
men. — *sf»em,/. lock-out. — *stifo), m. 
work-table. — 6sttnfSli0r odj. incapable of 
working. — ftstPOflf* m - overseer; clerk of 
works ; gauger. -Hlsjeil, /. work-hours, work- 
ing hours, time. — ftsfteuil, »• tools. 
Ht'Dett— en, v. I. a. to cultivate (land) ; to work, 
execute, fashion ; fid) hutbltrdj —en, to work 
one's way through ; fid) burner liefer in bie 
SBttt bjnein —en, to work oneself into a 
rage ; em 6djiff fiber fine ©ant —en, to force 
a ship over a sandbank ; fid) front —en, to 
knock oneself up with work. II. n. (awe. b.) 
to toil, labor ; to ferment ; to work (as a ma- 
chine) ; —en on einer ©. , to be busy with, em* 
Soyed on ; —en mit, to transact business with ; 
Si — c boron, I am at it ; bod Gdjiff — et» the 
ship labors ; e£ — ei fid) fd)led)t, work pro- 
gresses badly, —ft, m. (— er$,p/. — er) worker, 
workman, laborer ; ber — er ift fefoe* Softnei 
Inert, every laborer is worthy of his hire 
(prov.) — trsaneftont, m. strike. — cr straw* 
f. question of the working classes, social qua*- 




tlon. —trill* /• (— crinnen) working woman, 
female laborer, factory girL — etcfdhlft, /. 
working men, working class. — CTsfdHlftf m. 
protection of labor. —tr^Ptttt, f. lock-out. 
— Cfsftimfcr m. working class, laboring ols s sos 
— trsUfrcitt, m. workmen's club or union. 
Crstttfillllttgeit, /• P L ^rtiaana' dwellings. 

ttntai'ftifo), actf. archaic 

ftrdtfa— iTi, m. (-logen, pi. — tbgen) arche- 
otogist. — Iw'flifftl* <*#. archeological. 

strife, /. (pi. — a) ark; sounding board, air- 
chest of an organ. 

stt'lfei— (tn oomp.) — dia'COime, m. arch-dea- 
con. —Mtl, tn. (— pt'ld) archipelago. — 
tft't. m. (—ttrttn, pi. — tePren) architect. 
— tcfto'nito, adj. & adv. architectural. — 
ttftn'r,/. (pi. — tettn'ren) architecture. 

ftrdtfttC'dif 6. adj. Archimedean ; — e ©djrttttbe , 
■crew-propeller, Archimedean •crew. 

Urdritrot, *». (— #, pi. —t) architrave. 

sttdH'D, n. (— ee\ p/. — e) archiTea. —n'T, m. 
(— are\ p/. —are) keeper of the archiTea, regis- 
trar ; Matter of the Roll*. Comp. — f ebdllOC, 
n. record office. 

grg. I. «tf. <fc adv. (firaer, graft) bad, mis- 
chievous, wicked; groat; severe; deceitful; 
utter, arch, arrant; hard, aad; id) fpatte 
niditd — e$ babei, 1 meant no harm by it ; int 
firgftcn {talle. if the worst come to the worst ; 
er benft bon fete rntanis — e$. he thinks ill of 
every one ; etnen — en ftcM" betehen, to 
commit a grave error ; etx —ft Satafdrau- 
d*r, an inveterate smoker; bad iff AM — , that is 
too bad ; r £ wirb imtnr r ftrger , things go from 
bad to worse ; matt bat imt febr — ntt§han- 
belt, he has been very badly used, cruelly 
treated; £M — ntit einem berfabren, to be too 
severe with one. II. subst.n. e£ ift feln — 
Ott (in) iftm, there Is no deceit in him ; pbne — , 
imdesigning; bit ©elt liegt im —fit, this 
is a wicked world ; br i end) lit at nod) atted 
int —en, you are still far behind (trt/A your af- 
fair* or preparations). — fceit, f. wickedness, 
malice. Comp. — Im,/. cunning, craftiness, 
deceit; artifice, intrigue. — lifttg, adj. dc 
adv. cunning, crafty, deceitful. — loft* adj. 
A adv. innocent, guileless; harmless; unsus- 
— lOfigfeit, /. harmlessness ; guile- 

jasness. — Rnnlg, adj. dc adv. suspicious; 
malicious (rare). —ttiHe, m. ill-will, mischiev- 
ouaness, malice (rare). — Ipobn, m. (no pi.) 
mistrust, suspicion; Jealousy; surmise; — tnobn 
htQtn gtgen einen, to suspect a p. — mob: 
MX, tuuaUy -WObnen, v.a. to suspect, mis- 
trust. — ttpbnf fd), adj. ds adv. suspicious, dis- 
trustful; Jealous. 

ttrflrn, n. argon (Chem.). 

ftr'grr, m. (— g) vexation ; anger, chagrin : spite ; 
einent &nm — , In spite of one. —lid), adj. 
<k adv. annoying, vexatious, provoking ; 
easfly annoyed ; angry, vexed, put out ; snap- 
pish, crusty; scandalous; flttf einen or eine 
6. —lid) (fill, to be irritated at a p. or a th. 

tlfger — N, «\n. to annoy, vex, put out of temper, 
irritate ; to scandalise ; to offend ; fid) — n, to 
take offense, lose one's temper, fret, worry 
oneself. —nig, n. (— ffc e\ pi — ffr) scandal ; 
offense ; vexation, anger, annoyance ; tin — ni# 
nebmen an finer 6., to be scandalised at 
a thing ; — nie* geben. to cause annoyance, to 
shock the feelings, to hurt. 

sVrie,/. (pi. — n) tune, air, song (Mus.). 

efriftntra't, m. (— en, pi. -tn) aristocrat, —if, 

/. aristocracy. — tfd), «rfjf. aristocratic 
•ritfcWCt-iX/. arithmetic, -ifrrfpr.-mefi. 

fer), m. ( — ifer) arithmetician. — s 

ifdl (pr. — mc'tifd)), <*#• <fe adv. arithmetical. 
WftebMfie'r. m.arquebusier(rt«.er*l/0o/j0&Wer). 
Rrftifd), adj. ds adv. arctic, northern, towards 

the North Pole. 

stmt, (firmer, firmft) adj. dt adv. poor, needy; 
meager, scanty; barren; miserable ; deepiea- 
bie; e in— er, a poor man; bit —en r the poor; 
bie bericbameen —en, poor people that are 
ashamed to beg, the deserving poor ; — c Wit- 
ter, fritters ; etn — er 6finber, a poor wretcb ; 
a condemned criminal ; id) — er ! ill — C ! un- 
fortunate wretch that I ami —an rutrr 
©.. destitute of, void of, poor in a th. ; — gm 
6d)5nbeit, wanting in beauty. — felif. ©xfa. *ft 
adv. poor, needy ; paltry, wretched, miserable ; 
despicable. — felfiftif, /. wretchedneaa, mis- 
ery ; paltriness. — ni , /. indigence, poverty ; 

the poor. Comp. — CttsftttftOJf , /. all 
charity-school ; institution (for poor people). 
— Cn=iefe%, n. poor law. — en^fOne. a. alma- 
house, poor-house. — en staff e, /. poor-box ; 
relief-fund. — CttsHftege,/. care of the poor, 
charier organisation. —<H=Mrf tr, ". reliev- 
ing officer ; overseer of the poor ; almoner, —-cms 
fdjllle, /• charity-school, free-scbooL —at; 

fttner, /. poor-rate. — e=ffinber:«lnnie, /. 

wild chicory. — CsfiNfttTsScfiatt, n. mien of 
a criminal. -~4sf§llfters*UMfleta, n. knell 
rung for an execution, passing belL — Cs 
f finber s ftarrtn. as. the hangman's cart. 
— e=fnnbet=6itt»l, m. stool of repentance 
— f nstUHIt, m., —tnc**r1tt\KT, m. overseer 
of the poor ; poor-law guardian. f M tefff. 
n. system of providing for the poor, charity 
•mi, ». (— e#, pi. — e) arm ; fore-leg (of a 
beast) ; beam (of scales) ; branch (of a candle- 
stick) ; shaft (of a barrow , earn age y etc.) ; arm 
(of a chair) ; shank {of scissors, etc.) ; lee (of 

longs) ; — ber 6e 

ar (ftange, yard-arm ; el 
Ctfen, to help one (coll.); 

freien -tn. unpinioned ; bie — e fibereinonber 
ffbjagen, to fold one's arms; ber leelHUbe 
~, the secular arm. Comp. — tbtr, sat 
— bitttftbcr. — bsinb, n. bracelet. — btnbe. 
/.sling. —Waft, n. preserver. — blntabCT,/ 
brachial artery. — brttd), w. fracture of the 
Mm. — bmft, /. (pi. Itnnbrfifte) cross-bow. 
-bmft = fdm%e f «. archer. -*efie*t, a, 
brachial plexus, —geige,/. tenor viol. — ififs 
fcbmeihe, n. armlets, bracelet*. — fccber, m. 
brachial levator. HHM>lf,/. armpit. —Ml* 
a. pommel. — farb, m. basket with a ben. 
die. — lettne, /. elbow-reat. — UndMrr. m. 
chandelier, branched candlestick. — f*#, adj. 
without arms. — netb, m. brachial nerve. 
— fd>ime, /. armlet; radius; splint: turner's 
arm-rest, -fponge, /. bangle. — feffel, m. t 
— ftttllf m. arm-cbair, easy chair. 

nrmatU'r,/. (pi. —en) armament, equipment 

nmter', / (pi. -tn) army. Comp. — bfffbt, 
m. order issued by the comniander-in-chisf, 
general order. -Hbrridrt, m. army report, 
bulletin, dispatch. — fOrltt, m. army corps 
(consisting tn Germany of 2 $ibift*nen or 4 
Crigaben). — lieftrant, m. army contractor. 

ir'wel, w. (— 4, pi. —) sleeve ; ntit onffleftnln- 
ten — n, with tucked-up sleevea ; bie — &nrfitf • 
ffbfagen, to turn up the cuffs, or sleeves ; sttf 
ben — beften, to tell a fib to (coU .); ettna^ (ace.) 
an* bent — f diurtefn, to do a thing off-hand or 
to do a thing with the greatest ease. Comp. 
—ball, a. sleeve-board for ironing. — lid), a. 
sleevebole. — WCfT, n. English Channel. 

nfm— cr, *» Urnt, adj. — lidl, adj. dt max. 
poorish, needy, poor, miserable, scanty, ptnfil 
— lidrffit*/. poverty, scantiness. 

Hrwifr— CH, v.a. to equip (a vessel) ; to ana (• 
magnet). — nnfl, /. armament, equipment. 

HrfttM, n. (—*) aroma. — tifllB (pr. aranur** 
rifd>) «*/. « odv 

— titie'rtn, ».«. 

to perfume, render aromatic. 

WTTOrf, fllrraf , ll'raf , as. (— #) arrack, rack. 

Itrrdf* ««. (— re\ j*. — e) arrest ; attachment 




nU — belegen, to seize; — anlegen, to 
sequestrate. — a'ltt, m. (— ttnttn, J*. — an- 
ten) prisoner. 

HrrCtiCrcn, r.a. to arrest. 

«Cf*. «. (-e*\ f* «rtte> ■»»♦ W™ 1 P~t, 
posterior, bottom, backside, breech (vulg.). 
Zomp. -****,/. buttock (vulg.). — leKt,». 
breech leather of miner*. — (inflft, a/*3 nrfte 
Haft* = riUtttngd, tttrfmirt*. 

VrfCaif, »• (7-*) • rie - n »°; flrtjegette* -, 
nsCive arsenic, — OliWb, adj. araenical. 
Comp. — Md, *. arssniate of lead, —butter, 
/. chloride of anenio. —fall. "»• araeniate of 
lime, —fir*, m. araenical pyrites. — fpmg, 
in. regulus of arsenic — rnbitt, m. red orpi- 
ment. — fttBCT, adj. consisting of or contain- 
ing araenio; —\aurtt 2>at&, ». araeniate. 
— ttitrfel* "*• sulphate of arsenic. — ttWffCt= 
ftpffgatf, n. arseniuretted hydrogen gas. 

mrt, /. (pi. —en) kind, species, sort ; race, 
breed; nature; manner; method, way; mood 
(Gram.); propriety; good-breeding; cine — 
feffftitArn, * species of plants ; ein*tg in fetner 
— # unique ; and ber — fdjiagtn, to degener- 
ate, to vary from a type ; — lofft nidjt Hon — , 
what is bred in the bone comes not out of the 
flesh ; btf &*Ttp\ (anftung her — , the propaga- 
tion of* the species; bon gottlidjer — , of di- 
vine origin ; bit — bed SobCttd, the nature of 
the soU; bad ift blot elite Hebe**-, that is 

3 a figure of speech, a way of talking ; auf 
► — , in this way, at this rate ; ber — fiettte, 
people ; tin qnter 9Rann nod) fetner — , 
a good fellow in his way ; ed tft auf acmiffe 
— fdjon gefffteben, it is in a manner done al- 
ready ; t§ hat feine— . It is not polite, seemly ; 
er bat fetue — , er bat feine fieben*— , he has 
no manners. — ig, adj. good, well-behaved ; 
polite, courteous, civil, kind, friendly; nice, 
agreeable, pleasing; fet — ig ! be good! as 
suffix; —like, resembling (as gfottaben— tfl, 
in ballad style ; gut— to, good-natured; 
bd*-ig, malicious), -igfeit, /. (pi. — ig- 
fetten) good behavior : politeness, courtesy, 
civility, kindness; civil speech; prettiness, 
comeliness; nioeness (of manners) ; er bat ibr 
attcrfet — iatcitttt gefagt, he said a number 
of pretty thing* to ner, paid her many com- 
pliments. Comp. —name, m. specific name. 
•flrt, /. plowing; arable land. — bar, adj. 
arable. Comp. — lobn, m. wages for tillage. 

-banblet,»?». drug- 
medicine chest. 

label ; prescription. 

recipe. — glaft, n. phial. 

gist, chemist. — ffifttbtn* ». wo«uvuw vww> 

— f router , pi. simples. — funbe./., — f nnft,/. 

pharmacy, medicine. — ttttttCl, n. remedy. 
— tttttteUlebre, /. pharmaceutics, pharmaco- 
logy- — f CbMnt, »». medicine chest. — tTa«f , *». 
draught. — bcrf&retbllttfl,/. recipe, prescrip- 
tion. — Win, m. medicated wine. — Wtjfetts 
fdwft, /. science of medicine. — jettel, m. 

ctor, physician, 
}X,S- (/>'• — ge- 


■, A flat major; 

» (card*) ; grain 

icr — , benzoin ; 

; gemeiner — , 

en). — iler.m. 
-if*, adj. <ft 

:, embers; In — t 
>urn to ashes, to 
be In, to calcine ; 
r, is very well off 
. ashy. Comp. 
[fid), adj. ashy- 
ih-tray. —ens 

— ensbrobel, 

iderella. — ens 
g, adj. ashy (in 

-..-„ „ — .->. — ensfaftcn, 

m. dust-bin, ash-box. — TOstrilg, m. funeral 

urn. — en=lauge, /• lve <* WOO(i »<*«»• — en= 

bflttttie,/. cineraria. — en=faU. n. potassium 
carbonate. — ettsficb, ». cinder-sifter. — urne, 
/. (funeral) urn. — Otstfebfr, m. tourmaline. 
— er= WittttHKb, m. Ash- Wednesday, -farbe, 
/. ash-color. — gran, adj. ashy (in color). 
bid in 3 — e, ever so long ; beyond all measure, 

tpast all conceptions (si.). 
'fiber, m. slack-lime. 
'fd>ern, v.a. to reduce to ashes; to bestrew 
with ashes ; to slacken (a hide). 
Wit, m. (pi. — n) A H'fin, /• (pi- ~nen) asa, 

name of the old German gods ami goddesses. 
HftK'ft, m. aspects, configuration (AstronX 
Hfbir— a'ttt, m. — a'ntin,/. aspirant, candidate 
for a post. — tf'ta, — «'te, aspirated stop 
( /* j* A* ; d» 6* g* ). — OtUKn, /. aspiration. 
Hfbirie'ren, v.a. to aspirate, to sound the aspi- 
rated stop. 
Hfc', ».«*«*. 

n'^tn, t'lKtt* «•«• (««• *•) to graze (o/<fe«r). 
HWefnr-a'nt, m. (-anten, />;. —anten) in- 
surer. — *'m, /. (p/. — an$en) insurance, 
assurance; bie — onj batibicrt anf 9W., the 
insurance is effected on M. — o/t, m. ( — aten, 
insured. — a'tor, »»• 
) assurer, insurer. Comp. 
Icy of insurance. -Hints 
on a policy. 
<& n. to insure. — lets 

— o>ren) assessor; judge 


-, giver of a draft. 

ol. —en) drawee. — e, /. 

«sign, to draw. 

Comp. — gericbt, n., 
>urt of assizes. 
/. —m) assistant ; clerk. 
—3) partrw; »irfUd)(It 


46 Kttf 

— , active, working partner; fritter — , sleep- 

«fftoi£*trjlj v.a. to associate; ift bote mi* 
mtt ifntt affdCiiert, I have entered into part- 
nership with him. 


_„. ■ifren, v.a. to aseonete. 

ft fftTt— ifrt«, v.a. to assort, to sort. — tttr/«t, 

n. assortment (Comm.). 
ftft, m. (-*$ p/. £ftc) bough, branch ; knot (*i 

wood) ; fig (da/.) einen — fadkn. to split 

with laughter, to laugh exceed rely (si.). Camp. 

—1*6, n. knothole. Hmf , n. branches (V 

Sfftr, /. (pf. -n) aster, China aster. 
ft— *m, ». (-djen*. p/. — djen) twig, small 
bough, —iff °^- branching ; knotty, gnarled. 
— ling, m. (— lingj, pi. — linge) young bird 

„ that has left the nest. 

tfttf/i-tl, /. sjsthetica. -ifer, m. (-iter*. 
pi. —iter) astbetician, lover (student, profes- 
sor) of esthetics. — ifd}, a</. <£ adv. esthetic. 

ttftro— irg, m. (— logen, pi. -ioQtn) astro- 
loger, -logic/, /. astrology. -l?tif<9, adj. 
astrological. —Mm, m. (—no men, pi. 
— nsmen) astronomer. — «*«tie', /. astro- 
nomy. — no'atif 6, o«y. astronomical. 

ftfn/l, n. (—4, p/. — f ) asylum, sanctuary. 

ftf — C«, *n. (— f ml) breath, respiration ; spirit ; 
tarter —em, shortness of breath; fdhoerer 
—em, asthma*, —em fasten, —em fdwfen, 
(—cm (iiebnt, o6#.) to draw breath, to breathe ; 
I —cm an ttdj baton, to hold one's breath ; 
em, breathlesi ; ein Uferb toietor am 
_ t f amine R faffen, to let a horse get JU wind; 
victor am —em lontmen, to recover breath. 
— e«s Mr* adj. breathable. Comp. -tttsldg, 
adj. breathless. -ttttslOftgfCit. /. breathless 
ness. —casing, m. breath, respiration ; eiwcti 
tiefea — entAUg tbuit, to draw a deep breath ; 
ber lebre — cmAUg, the last gasp. 

Arm— CO, I. v.a. A n. to breathe ; totoer —en, 
to gasp. II. tubs*, n. act of breathing. — un§, 
/. respiration. — nnt*s0Crinf4, n. respira- 
tory murmur. — anflftsOrtattC, pi. organs 
of respiration or breathing. 

ftttC-WttN*, m. atheism, -i*, m. (-iflcn, 
tf. -ifren) stheist. -iffrrci',/. *« -«mn#. 

I'ttor, m. {-#) ether ; sky. — if* ( p 
tilfy.adj. ethereal; -ififte bit, pi. 
oils (PA**.) ; — ifffje 6t0lfe, Imponder 

ftitlct'. m. (-en, pi. -en) athlete. 
oaV. <& adv. athletic. 


rifOl (pr. atbe'- 
)U, p/. ethereal 
' -if*, 

(-<***, J* -(IDf <"«* tWa'nten) 
Comp. — format, a. atlas folio. 
ftPfe*, usually ftflaft, m. (-(ff)c*, p*. 

— (ff)e) sfttin. -{fDcn, a#. made of satin. 

Comp. — fcm», n. satin ribbon. — trocar, 

— tar#f*t, m. brocaded satin. 
fttfM. n. atom, particle, —iff, m. atomist. 

— iftif*, adj. atomic (-al) (Chem.). 
«r«0f>Mr'-*,/.(p/. -en) atmosphere. -if*, 

adj. atmospheric. 
£tf*, tiff* ! (long a) that serves you right ! 

(exclamation of mockery). 
ftttftft, /. charge ; tgemefar inr — rt*t« ! pre- 
pare to charge ! (MU.) 
*tttut—*y, n. (— ntei, ol. — «te) attempt on a 
—wttt, m. 

he who did it 
— Hick, v.a. to attempt 

i*s life, outrage. 

culprit (Avmortmi). 

an attentat (coil.). 
Vttfft, -Hit, n. (-e#, p/. -e) oertincate. 

— ifTfll, v.a. to attest, certify. 
•flic*, m. (-«.p/. -e) dwarf-elder. 
%ttt*?$€nmib€l, n. furniture serving a double 

H^SETcp/. -») magpie (oftstrf.) *« (Jlfirr. 

§%'— Mr, adj. etchable, that may be eaten by 
an add; corrosive. Comp. — tolltf, "»• etch- 
ing. — grttttt, ««. etehmg ground, —tell. 

m. quick-lime. — frtft, /. causticity, corro- 
sive power. — fanft, /. the art of etching (on 
copper, etc.). — WOntCr, /. aqua-fortu styW- 
— mtttel, n. corrosive. — HttWl, /. etddng; 
needle. — imlncr, n. corrosive powder. — 
fftitt, m. lunar caustic. — fttff , m. caostic. 
— IMfer, n. solution of aqua-fortU for etch- 
ing ; caustic solution. — iei9ltllltg, /• etching. 
Hy-tn, v.a. to feed (ofr*.). —nag,/, feeding, 

#%'— tH, v.a. to feed, bait ; to bite, corrode (as 
a* acid) ; (Surg.) to cauterise ; to etch (o» 
copper, ate.). — ttnfl, /. cauterising; etching. 

Mil ! oh (exclamation of physical pain, aim of 
mockery after hearing a bad joke). %u Wt% I 
oh, oh! 

Much, conj. & adv. also, too; even; likewise; 
after mer. mad, mcifter, tone, x. = ever, 
■oever; otme — tour Att fragm, without so 
much as asking; — Wldjt, neither, nor . . . 
either; nid)t Nitr . . . fsubfm — , not only 
... but also ; nit* menu — fmoit, memi — 
girid), even though, although ; tos — , where- 
soever ; mcr e# — \t\, whoever he (it) may be ; 
dbf r — , but. but yet ; «*» mag cr — n*4 U 
ttldj fein, let him be ever so rich; sirffT 
9timp ift fdiait, - toftet er triel r this ring is 
handsome and well it may be, for it costs a 
great deal; men* e# Mltr |e« — 3ri* Hl 9 if it 
be not already too late ; Hub memt er — ie- 
Aflbit. and even if he pay; wiflft an td — 
Hw»? wiU you be sure to do it f hifk b« — 
ttiarflidj? are you really happy T ba* mire 
- an ber 3rii ! it is, I tidnk, high time 
indeed ! ef flCfoVfK taMRlt e# — wolf , when- 
ever it may happen ; fo ff br er — Udjtt, how- 
' he laughed ; — nod), still ; f o grsf 

i often as. 

ever much 

— , (P Off — , ssgreat, as 

auctio'n,/. ***ttftioi«. 

■llsi-e'lU, /. (pi. --e«Aeit) sudienee 
ing ; reception ; AMr — enA f ommen, to be ad- 
mitted to an audience. — tm'r, m. (— te ur#, 
pi. — tear*) ofBcer of justice (Mil.). -Imr, 
m. (pron. Unbi'tor, pi. «ttbtts / re«) Judge 
advocate. — ttria'f , n. (— teria'M) office and 
duties of a Judge advocate, of a military Justici- 
ary. — t**rtett,».(--tVrittm*) lecture-room; 
people (ttudenU. etc.) attending a lecture. 
Comp. -Ciusfa*!, *>., — e'ni-iimmer. a. 
presence chamber. 

*«^./ (I*- -») brook (obt.); fertile plain, 
meadow (watered by a brook) ; pasture. 

«M'er— , (m.) Comp. -htfhn. m. t -buba, a. 
mountain (or heath) cock; capercaiUie. 
ber — bafelt fealAi, the capercailUe plays. 
— babubaU, /. pairing time of the mountain 
cock, —tonne, /• mountain hen. — *o)t, •»- 
urus, bison ; aurochs (fo*$U) 

Wttf, I. prep. With dat. signifying red, or 
limited motion in a place; on, upon; in; of; 
at; by; — ber (me lifgen, to lie on the 
ground ; — ber Mite fbieictt, to play on the 
flute ; bie Cfrtrr famimmt — torn Seidk, the 
duck swims on the pond ; — ber (trot, on 
the earth ; — ber €tf Ue, on the spot, immedi- 
ately ; — ber Weife fein, to be on one's way, 
on a Journey, traveling; — fluent Oerge 
gcbtn, to walk about on a mountain, along 
the ridge of a mountain ; — ber Cfrafe, m 
the street; — feinem $immer, in his room; 

— tor tytttt bienen, w serve in the navy; 

— biefer Oett, in this world ; — torn Warfte, 
in the market; — tor £>od)fdjlllc (up) at the 
university ; c* tit nidW — M* it is of no 
consequence ; tofel — fill baton, to be of great 
importance ; — torn Santo moknen, to live is 
the country ; — eHtem UttgC blinb, blind of 
an eye : — cinem ©ale, at a ball ; — femtr 
Ceire, st his side, on his side ; bit <ffet ift 
gonA — meincr •cite, the honor is all for 


m; — kn nftcbftrn xBege. by the 
w*y. F?i/A aee. when signifying motion to 
a place, or change; or to/ten used not locally, but 
metaphorically; on; in; of; immediately 
after; at; by; to; for; all bat, up to; to- 
wards; up; — final ©erg fteigrn, to climb a 
mountain; fatten 6te bit goaibe — bea 
Sift, place the lamp on the table ; — «edj- 
nana, on account; Rd) »erlaffen — , to de- 
pend on; — Ylnfrage, on application, on in- 
quiry; — atetae (we, upon my honor; — 
ftonigdawrt, upon my royal word ; — feinea 
gr«K, on no account; — benrfd), in German; 

— f 4 aeae, a new ; — 'd efjefte, at soon as pos- 
sible ; — 'd fcefte, in the best possible way ; — 
fricfe %tt. in this way, at this rate ; er if* frol* 

— feiae Jtiaber, he U proud of his children : — 
bad dffra fb«A«rtn gchen, to walk after din- 
ner; rr fregtng eine ^Qorqett — bie aabere, 
he committed one folly after another ; — feben 
$«fl, in any case, at all events ; — etnatat, all 
at once ; — cute* ©Hd\ at a glance ; — eutea 
gag v at one draught; — fin $aar, to a T., 
very accurately ; — bit ftaft getea. to post ; 

— ble f oft gebea, to go to the post; — bie 
ttaisvrfitat gebea, to go to the University, to 
go up; — eteen &eigen, to point to one ; Wit 
febeben ed — bat Obenb anf , we put it off to 
the evening; — eine geniiffe (gntferanag, to 
a certain distance; fftaf Wnnb — bea Ctna- 
bratAstt, 5 lbs. to the square inch ; — feauntbed 
Qkfaabbcit trittfftt, to drink to a person's 
(good) health ; id) bin — ntorgen eingelttbcn, 
I have an invitation for to-morrow; ed rttbt 
— fefbea ttttb 2ob, it is a matter of life and 
death; dflr bid — tint*, all but one ; — 
8efefjl bed ftonigd, by order of the king ; ed 

Kbt — neaa, it is getting on to nine; tin 
crtef — find, a quarter past twelve ; brei 
Bbtrtel — bier, a quarter to four; bid — 
tveireren ffefefcf, until further orders; — 
eiae a Dtaat fteigea, to climb up a tree ; er 
let ibit — Wfftolen jgeforbert, he challenged 
him to a duel with pistols ; bad gefit — meiae 
ftoftro, I pay for that ; — ©ache Ate ben, 

to mount guard ; — bie 3*b audgeljen, to 
„ , _ . , - .._-* 1Jch 


iss ; 






47 Uuftmmtu 

-, to puff up ath., make too much 

8 a th. IL n. to bag (of clothes). 
\ v.n. to start up in anger; to 

in an angry manner. 
\ ir.v.a. to keep on {one's hat) ; to 

; fid) (dot.) —, to reserve for as. 
\ .v.a. to open by biting ; to crack 

1 | t ir.v.a. to get on ; to get open ; 

e (a task, etc.). 
1 tg. & ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to burst 

:k, chap ; to gape, split. 
1 v.a. to improve, raise (salaries) ; 
, r— ch (clothes). — ung, /. ameliora- 
tion, improvement, raising (of salaries). 
Huf'bCtte*, v.a. to put up a bed, to make a bed 


"~ "# 


biffed Obft mt fid) aidjt -en, this fruit 
not keep (well), — er, m. (— erd, pi- 
m. storer, one that lays up. —Mag , f. stoi 

nnf'beioabr— en, v.a. to put by, store up; to 
stow away; to reserve; to preserve, keep; 

* ~ ~ fid) aidjt —en, this fruit does 

' " * -tr) 

. . storage; 

preserving; keeping; storing away. 

MttPbitgea, ir.v.a. to bend up; to unfold. 

UnrsHefen, ir.v.a. to cite, to summon ; to call 
up, order out, call for service ; to proclaim ; to 
gfve notice of; to exert, put forth; eitt 
Qrautbaar — , to publish banns of marriage ; 
fie wnrben geftern Aant erfrenatafe Sffentlidj 
anfgetoren, yesterday their banns of mar- 
riage were read out for the first time; fie 
bet atte ihre Kelp anf , she displayed all her 
charms ; afted — , to strain every nerve, to 
make every possible endeavor. 

Hufbinben, ir.v.a. to tie on, fasten on; to tie 
up, tuck up, truss up ; to untie, unbind ; einettt 
eramd or etnen ©area — , to impose upon a 
person, hoax one, to make a person believe (a 
falsehood), to tell a fib ; to green one {coll.). 

ttUPbldben, "•«• to puff up, swell ; to innate. 

Unrblnfen, ir.v.a. to blow up, innate : to blow 
(a bubble) ; to blow open ; to raise (dust) ; to 
rouse by blowing (a horn, etc.) ; eind — , to 
sound a nourish with trumpets ; Attnt Settle — , 
to strike up or accompany a dance (with a 
wind instrument). 

Unfbldttern, v.a. to open, turn over the leaves 
of a book ; to look up (a word, a passage) ; fie) 
— . to expand, to open out. 

HUT bleiben, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to remain open ; to 
sit up, remain up. 

HNpblra, m. upward glance ; — jn ®Ott. lift- 
big up the eyes, or one's thoughts, to God. 

nufimefen, v.n. (aux. H.) to look upwards; to 
flash, glitter up, appear in gleams. 

HnPbluhcu, v.n. (aux. f.) to come into bloom; 
to open; to begin to nourish, flourish; eine 
—be Gdionheit, a budding beauty. 

ttnf'briimen, v.a. to adorn with trimming. 

Ilnrbraffen, v.a. to bring to, heave to (Naut.). 

Hut' bra tfn, ir.v.a. to roast again, to broil ; to 
consume in roasting. 

rtuf'brattdXttr v.a. to use up, waste, consume. 

ttnrbranfen, v.n. (aux. (j. <fc f.) to rush up, 
(begin to) roar ; to effervesce ; to ferment ; to 
get into a rage. — B, P- d> adj. passionate, 
irritable; boisterous; effervescent. 

HnfbTetben, I. ir.v.a. to break open, up; to 
brittle, eviscerate (a stag) ; to stir in the vat 
(Brew.y, £<tttb — , to cut off the sward of 
land. II. v.n. (aux. f.) to burst open, to open ; 
to burst ; to rise from table ; to start, decamp, 
depart. III. subst. n. breaking open or up; 
piercing (of a canal) ; bursting (of an ulcer). 

Mufbreitea, v.a. to spread, stretch out; bad 
Sifnjtna) - to lay the cloth ; bad <£r& — , to 
clean the ore. 

VaHnretttfea, ».«. ; einem einea — , to give a 

man a blow, to strike one (si.). 
Mafbreaaea, ir.v. L a. to burn up, consume ; to 




brand ; to scald {clothe*). IL n. (aux. f.) to 
bum up suddenly ; to kindle. 
ttnf'bTittg— m» ir.v.a. to raise ; to bring un ; to 
rear; to introduce (a fashion, ete.)\ to levy, 
__«_.*„ .v ._ L _: ^ restore to 

> capture, 
be, enrage, 
en, to get 
i». (-cr* f 


t of break- 
; deoamp- 
; breaking 
lound the 

Mnytnwmmtn, v.a. ; etaem ttmad —.to put 

*.th. upon a p. ; eUtent eaten buntmcH Stutgen 

— ( to call one a silly boy (with the intention of 

calling one out to a duel) (dud, dang). 
Hltfbiirbflt, v.a. to Impose a burden; cincm 

ttto*4 —, to attribute or lay to one's 

Rltf'birfteit, v.a. to brush up, make trim. 
ttll 'bOttKIt, v.a. to crown a man (at draughts). • 
*N tgtttttfn, v.a. to dam up. 
Uw'mummttn, v.n. (aux. J.) to dawn ; fine ttf>- 

nnng b&otmerte ibnt onf . it dawned upon him. 
ftttfoamlfeit, vm. (aux. f.) to rise in steam ; to 

ttnfbcrfetl, v.a. to spread (a table-cloth) ; to 

uncover ; to disclose, reveal, expose. 
WMngeit, reg. <fc ir.v.a. to bind apprentice, 

to indenture, to apprentice. 
ttMf'tonnmi, v. I. n. (aux. f.) to open with 

great noise. II. a. to awake by thundering. 

HI. red. gtf) — , to dress showily or vulgarly. 

aufgeaonnert, pp. <* a<*y. tricked out or 

dressed out showily (colloq.). 

■Hpbrangfrt, t>. I. o. to open by pressure ; to 
push open. II. r. fid) etttem — . to obtrude one- 
self upon, to intrude ; Qkbattfett, die fid) bfttt 
Qktnfite — , thoughts that force themselves 
upon the mind. 

BftTbrc bftt, v.a. to screw open ; to unscrew ; to 
turn (a cock) ; to screw to ; to untwist, unravel. 

HttP&rini— Cn, tr.r.a. to press upon, urge on ; to 
obtrude ; fid) —fit, to intrude. — ft, m. (— f r«, 
pf. — f r) intruder ; importunate person. 
—Md), adj. dt adv. importunate; obtrusive. 
— (Writ, /. (p/. -UdjfeitClt) importunity, 
obtrusi veness. — ting, /. obtrusion, intrusion. 

stttflrofrfn, v.a. to untwine, untwist. 

VNftnuf, m. (— <e)e\ p/. Hufbriife) surcharge 
(of postage damps). 

tlttrorNd*en, v.a. to impress, imprint ; to set to, 
affix (a seal) ; to use up in printing ; to sur- 
charge (a postage damp). 

ttufbrfitfen, v.a. to press open ; to break up ; to 
press on, to stamp on ; to imprint. 

ttnttmifeil, v.n. (aux. f.) to be swelled up, 
bloated, aufftf tlMff n, p.p. & adj. puffed up ; 
bloated; turgid (of style). 

ttufrinaitter , adv. one upon another, one after 
another. Comp. — fOlge, /. succession, 
series. — folgftib, adj. <f adv. consecutive. 
— fttfccn. n. collision, clashing together, con- 
flict. — nrfiben, n. running foul of another 
ship (AW.). 

VllPftfflt* v. L a. to break ice ; to clear away 
ice. II. n, (aux. ||. <£r f.) to thaw. 

•ttfetltbfllt, m. (-$, pi. -e) stay, abode; 
sojourn ; haunt ; delay, hlnderance ; demurrage 
(Naut.). Comp. —3:: forte./ — •sfdKitt, 
m. certificate ox permission to reside (in a for- 
eign town). — 4sOTt, *». dwelling, place of 
residence, abode, resort ; domicile (Law). 
— wsjeitr /• period of sojourn, stay (in a place). 

Ilnf rrbtfNf It, v.a. to erect ; to edify (poet.). 

tUt'erlegen, v.a. ; etttem etma* — , to lay one 
under an obligation : to enjoin on a p. ; to 
impose (taxes); fid) Among — , to force on ese lf . 

n*VtrKt9—tU, ir.v.n. (aux. f.} to rise up; to 
rise from the dead, amtrlrattbett, p.p. A adj. 
risen. — ttttg,/. resurrection. Comp. — ttttfl4= 
felt, n. Easter. — ttttggstftg, m. Day of Re- 
surrection, Easter-Day. 

BttPeTttXtdjett, v.a. (out. f.) to awake, wake up. 

UurftW€d—€n t v.a. to wake ; to raise from the 
dead. — ung,/. resuscitation. 

BtlPersielKts, ir.v.a. to rear, train, bring up. 

flttffibCln, v.a. to string (beads); to untwist, 
unravel ; to baste (folds). 

■ttPhUrr— «tt, ir.v. I. n. (aux. f.) to ascend ; to 
drive up; to mount, rise, fly up; to start tip; 
to fly open ; to run, drive against ; to run upon, 
run aground ; to get into a passion. IL a. to 
drive open ! to raise (a road, garden, etc) ; to 
cut up a road (by driving) ; to mount (guns) ; 
to pile on (dishes on the table). — cut, p., 
— crif d), adj. passionate, vehement ; irritable. 
—it/- ( J*- —fen) Moendmt 
driving up ; rising ground. 

ttttfTaOeit, ir.v. L n. (aux. f.) to fall upon; to 
fall open; einem — , to strike, astonish, to 
shock, to offend : attf erttM* — , to light on (of 
birds, etc.) ; e# fiel Xtte* alien attf, it struck us 
all (as strange). II. a. <fr r. to hurt, wound by 
falling. —*. p. t auffaQii, aa>. <* adr. strik- 
ing, extraordinary; shocking; — b gefleibct, 
showily dressed ; fein 9e rragen mar fe fc? — b, 
his conduct gave occasion to much remark, his 
behavior was very strange. 

Vntfftltfll, v.a. to unfold ; to fold up. 

Httrmng— fit. ir.v.a, to catch while fan motion; 
to snap, snatch up ; to collect (rain-water) ; to 
intercept ; etnem €d)iff e ben ©ins —en. to 
take the wind out of a snip's sails ; mo babes 
6ie bag anfgefaitgett ? where did you pick 
that up ? Comp. — fsglgg* «. object*!*** 
— fcftattge, /. lightnmg conductor. 

ttuHarben, v.a. to re-dye, to dip afresh. 

llMHOff— en, v.a. to collect; to catch (rain- 
water, etc.) ; to string (beads) ; to take up (a 
dropped ditch) ; to comprehend, conceive, 
take in ; fd)tt*r —en, to be dull or slow of ap- 
prehension ; elite tRoue gut —en. to grasp the 
character, a part (in acting) well. — tMg, / 
act of grasping ; comprehension. Comp. 
— nngerfrafr, /. power of comprehension, 
perceptive faculty. 

Httff eilen, v.a. to open by filing ; to file anew. 

flMrfhtfeeil, tr.v.a. to find out; to seek out. 

HurHaaVrn, v.n. (aux. f.) to flare up. 

UurUdsjittieR, v.n. (aux. f.) to flame up, break 
into a flame ; to blase. 

Uttf'gfdlieit, ir.v.a. to plait, braid up; to twist 
up ; to unplait, untwist, ravel out. 

UttTgiegeit, ir.v.a, (aux. f.) to fly upwards; to 
perch (as a bird) ; to ascend ; to end hi smoke; 
to fly open (of doors, etc.); to explode; — 
fftffen, to blow up; eineit XradKH — l«1fen« 
to fly a kite. 

Uttf'dng, m. (-«, pl. «ttfnuflf ) flying or flight 
upwards ; ascent (of a balloon). 

nuntrftem, m. (— 6, pl. —) summoner ; ehaV 

H of lOT bet— n, v.a. to summon; to challenge; 
to invite, ask ; ba* beift ttwfflf f orbert ! this 
language is equivalent to a challenge ; —use 
Slitfe, inviting, challenging, provocative 
glances; barf id| 6ic Att» XattAC —it ? may I 
have the pleasure of dancing with you? m«tt 
forterir thit attf ein £ieb 511 fbtgen, he was 
called on for a song. — littg, /. invitation ; 
challenge; citation, summons; eilte gfedjtg* 
— uttfl trlafitn, to issue a writ, a wimtnona 
Comp. -ttitgesfa^trcibes, n. summon*. 

ft ttff ttntft 

MwVfrtmt*. v.a. to put on a form ; to turn up 
the brim of a hat. 

tUfforfl— *n, v.a. to afforest, to plant trees on 
waste land. — nag, /. afforesting, afforesta- 

Vttffreffetl, ir.v.a. (of beasts) to eat op; to 
devour, consume ; to corrode. 

ftltPTrifCfce*. v.a. to freshen up, renew; to 
touch up {Paint.) ; to awaken, revive (memory, 
pri^/, efc.) ; to inspirit. 

flMpfudrbor, adj. that may be erected; that 
may be represented, acted. 

fJIafmlr— tU, v.a. to lead up; to establish ; to 
represent, perform, act (a play, etc.); to exe- 
cute, play (apiece, Mus.) ; to build up, erect ; 
to mount {gun* on a battery, etc.) ; to mount 
guard, porta sentry ; to enter (to one's account) ; 
to produce (witnesses) ; to specify (in a list, 
etc.) ; to lead off (a dance) ; fid) —fit, to con- 

40 ftaflotten 

untwist ; to uncurl ; to break up (of iee) ; to 
come up (o/ pbmts) ; to open, expand ; to be 
spent, consumed; to be contained without a 
remainder (mathem.); to be merged, disap- 

rr ; to go on (0/ a hat, etc.) ; §hr $Utbonb 
aufgegongen, your bonnet strings have 
come undone ; ser 9Ronb ift aufgeaongen, 
the moon is up; jefej aebt ntir etrt fctdjt au\, 
now the matter becomes clear, I begin to com- 
prehend ; e£ fling wir tin ne ucr Stent anf, a 
new life dawned lor me ; ber Qfrofi flffat anf, 
it begins to thaw; in Stand) — , to end in 
smoke ; in Shelter — , to be consumed by Are ; 
tt la&r Hit! — . he spends a great deal ; brei 
hi fnnfacbn gefr auf, fifteen can be divided 
by three without a remainder ; 5 gebt ttifilt in 
9 attf , 9 cannot be divided by 5 without a re- 
mainder; cine 9lea)nnna — laffen, to strike a 
balance ; toedifelfemge @d)ttlbcn — laffen, to 
set off mutual debts; — in, to coincide with ; 
ibr (&lud ge ht in bent Hirer lothter anf , her 
happiness is bound up in her daughter's; 
Srenften gebt fortan in $eurfdilaub anf, 
from this day on Prussia is merged in Germany. 

guftctUirt, p.p. <6 adj. see fcttf Karen ; en- 
lightened, cultivated ; civilized ; liberal-minded. 
— feeif, /. enlightenment. 

ttnfgcfoalrflr pp. & adj. easily accessible, talk- 
ative (coll.). 

Without, pp. & adj. in good spirits (coll.). 

Httf'gelb, n. (— t $, pi. — e?) premium (C. L.) ; 
deposit, earnest money. 

tluf'gelegt, p.p. & adj. disposed; inclined; 
gttt — fetn, to be in good humor, in a happy 
mood ; er iff &um @ingen nidjt gut - hei 
not In a #fog »pg mood. 

%Upittdumt,p.p. & adj. in high spirit* ; nidit 
— fein, to be in bad spirit* ; to be depressed, 
gloomy. — btit, /. cheerfulness, gaiety. 

thtf'gefang, m. (— g, pi. ttnfgefange), the 
former part of a stanxa clearly consisting of 
two portions, the latter being called Hogr* 
fang. The — is usually subdivided into two 
egual portions called gtottf tt. 

Vuf'ge fdMttt ! int. look out 1 look up ! take oour- 

9Jt <Sc adj. intelligent, bright; 

ft »• <fc adj. see ttuftoerfen ; 

1 iurned-up nose. 

9Jl to pour upon vto infuse ; bet 

gCgoffen, the tea is made. 
Hi -btr WtWtbmuet, anapaestic 

icigtnber fflbntljinud. 
f|I '.a. to dig up; to trench. 

g up ; trenching. 
tfl to snatch up ; to take up. 

Ill > gird up, tuck up; to girth 

; to ungird. 
Hi f3, pl. Httfgfiffe) infusion ; 

•p. — ticroxn, pi. infusoria ; 
geftoretlb, infusorial. 
Hi m have on, to wear ; to have 

. the head ; to have to do, to 

have as a task ; $u bid — , to be overburdened ; 
baft bu bente met anf ? have you got much 
home work to-day ? bte @ad)C hat uid)t6 anf 
ftdj, the matter is of no consequence. 
tJttfljatfen, v.a. to hew open ; to hoe up, loosen 

with a hoe ; to peck, pick up. 
HuPbafm, v.a. to unhook, to hook up. 
Httrfealfen, v. I. a. ; einrm ettoad —, to load 
one with ; to put on to ; impute to. II. r. to 
saddle oneself with ; to incur. 
■nf'balt— fit , ir.v.a. to hold up or forth ; to stop., 
arrest ; to retard ; to put a stop to ; to sustain, 
keep up; to keep open; to detain, to delay 
ben fteinb —en, to keep off the enemy; fk 
bei ffleinigfetten —en, to stand upon or dwei 
on trifles ; qaUe bin) bet foUften ftleinigteitea 




niffjt anf, don't low your time with such 
trifle*; fid) — en, to atop (in a place) ; fid) bet 

tit* to stay at a person's house ; fc.W 
haft ftd) |e« in D. anf, A. N. U now (a) resi- 
dent In O. ; fii| Ober erwaS — «n, to And fault 
with, to make game of ; fid) fret IBorten —en, 
to stick to* dwell on words. —€V, tn. (~tr$, 
pi. — er) stopper, detainer ; catch (of a lock) ; 
guyrope (Naut.) ; breeching (qf Aarn«M) ; re- 

r instrument for stopping. 
— ftei, / faultfinding, ■coffing. — tint. /• 
hindrance, delay, detention; stopping, stay; 

ttnf 'fa*>g— tn, v.a. to hang up ; to hang ; ebtent 
etlbad — en, to palm off a thing on one, impose 
upon one, to infect one with (a disease) (vulg.). 
Comp. — CsbQBOl, m. drying place. — fslttttgs 
frf, /. suspensory muscle. — *:f (fenfire, />/. 

Kuf'baTcben, v.a. to catch up; ftenigfeifen — , 

to pick up iu 
*nFfa«*In, v .a. to wind, reel (thread, etc.) ; to 

wind up, twist up; {iff} Hon her ©rbe toteber 

— . to rise slowly from the ground (collA ; fid) 

toteber — . to recover slowly from an illness 

Unftitttfrln, v.a. to form into small heaps; to 

earth up. 
Httpb£nf— e», I. v.a. to heap or store up; fid) 

— en, to accumulate, to become congested. II. 
tn, *ubst. »., —ling, /. » heaping up, accu- 

ftttptefc— e«, I. tr.r.a. to lift, raise, take up; to 
pick up ; to weigh (anchor) ; to arrest, appre- 
hend ; to break up ; to raise (a siege) ; to keep, 
reserve, preserve, store away, provide for ; to 
suspend (the free list in theaters, etc.) ; to re- 
peal, annul (a law, etc.) ; to suspend from action, 
destroy the force of ; to hold up (the hand) ; 
to do away with (punishments, etc.); to finish, 
end(ooam«; a quarrel, etc.) ; to put an end 
to (friendship, etc.) ; to reduce ( fractions) ; 
••Syrian liament; 

bie Safel n tests rose 

from table; to arrest 

a criminal ; ippress a 

convent ; fr I, to dis- 

solve partn — en, to 

break silenc n, he Is 

well taken c nnd febr 

gnt aufgeb VV v«, »-od hands 

with us; ber ftidirer fat ben Sertrag anf- 
geboben, the judge declared the agreement 
null and void; eiw ttrteit —en, to quash a 
judgment; fid) gegenfeirig — en, to compen- 
sate, to destrov each other ; anf aef (hoben ift 
nifftt anf geboben, postponed is not abandoned ; 
forbearance is not acquittance (prov.) ; in efoer 
6aoV anf geboben fein, to be destined for a th. 
n. nd>*/.n. lifting (up) ; beta —en ber $mrbe , 
on a show of hands; Die I — fH§ tOtgnt ftfei* 
nigfetten. much ado about nothing ; ttUHbf it 
6ie boo) baton fein —end, please don't make 
a fuss about it. — er, m. (— er*, pi. — er) 
elevator ; see — etttttM e(. — ttng, /. the lifting 
or taking up ; elevation ; abrogation ; suspen- 
sion ; suppression ; removal (of restrictions) ; 
raising (of the host; of a siege) ; breaking up, 
dissolution ; ending ; see —tn ; bei — nng ber 
Snfef, when the cloth was removed, at the 
conclusion of the meal; —nng elite # 
Befefcl*, repeal of an order; —nng einer 
Slfage, non-suit; —nng einer Serfatnntlnng, 
dissolution. Comp. — fsbtnfet,/. suspensory 
bandage (Surg.), — fsmngftl, m. levator 
(AnatX — ttttggsgtridjt, n. court of cassation. 

fjfllPfecfiffI, v.a. to pin, tie up; to stitch upon, 
fasten to; to unpin, undo, unclasp; einent 
er»*4 — , to palm off on one. 

•»Pt*ittr— n, v.a. to make clear, brighten : to 

liven ; fi|y — n, to grow bright, 
dear up. -nng , /. enUveamest, 
clearing up. 

ir.v.a.; einem —en, to help svo. 
o succor, —ft, m. (— ct». pt* 
o helps another ; a cord to help 

t.a. to clear, to brighten up ; to 
ht up ; to elucidate ; to enlighten ; 
i tint) ; fidj — en, to clear up (of 
Bttle (of liquors). — nng./clari- 
htening ; heightening (of a tint) ; 
tplananon ; 4*"i»g h frwP4»»* t ; dear- 

a. to hang up, hang (obs.). 

7.a. to rouse, start (game, etc) ; to 

.instigate, — f 

or. —nng,/. 

tip, aid, i 
. to hoist up (sails, a flag, etc.). 
lr.; fid) ettttte* — , to take on one's 
aux. lOto get, hang on one's back. 
.a. to fetch or draw up ; to haul 
bring (a ship) close to the wind ; 
le threads of a warp. — er, tn. 
-er) relieving tackle ; halliard (of 

v.n. (aux. q.) to prick up one's 
n attentively ; bod) — , to listen 
' greatest attention. 
v.n. (aux. f}. ) to listen attentively ; 
p, end, give over; gu jnbfra 
>d payment ; jn bonbeln — , to 
ness; bdV botfj nnr ttttf ! pray 
ne l ba bort bod) ailed anf ! (coil. 
) benn bod) tterfdjiebened anf !) 

Brything, that is indeed too much ; 
m ffBrt bie ©emutHdjfeit nnf, 
rs must be taken seriously, busi- 
es. II. subst. n. cessation ; obnc 


,n. (aux. f.) to bound into the sir. 
I. a. to cough up (blood, etc.). II. 
o cough aloud. 

i. to start, rouse (game, etc.) ; to 
c.) ; eltlCtt — , to hunt one up. 
, v. I. n. (aux. h.) to wail, set up 
i. II. a. to rouse by wailing. 

Hnf'Jnbcln. v. I. n. (aux. b.) to 

for joy. II. a. to rouse with 

v.a. to comb anew or up (the 
■a (a wig) ; to re-cog {the wheels of 

.a. to hood (a hawk). 
-#. pi. Unf fonfe) buying up, pur- 
eculation. — en, v.a. to buy up; 
—nng,/. buying up; forestalling, 
n. (— 9, pi. — J forestaller, eo- 

a. to pile up (cannon balls), 
.n. (aux. f.) to sprout, germinate, 
ip. — b, p. A adj. dawning, bed- 
, fresh. 
—en, v.a. to unchain, unfasten, 

a. & n. (ma. f .)■ to tilt up. 
i. to fasten on with cement. 
<.n. (our. fa.) to gape ; to open out 
ecome torn. 

(Huf'flttrm), v.a. to clear uo; 

to enlighten, instruct, inform ; to 
i — en, to clear up (of weather), 
(of the countenance, etc.); bt# 
t (tlart) fid) anf, the weather U 

—CT, "•• (— er«, pi. — er) clearer 
'cry, etc.) ; finer (of wine) ; instroc- 
isr, apostle of culture. — CffrVt 




sham-enlightenment. — ting, /• 
up; explanation; clarification; en- 
lightenment. — ttttflftsfndll,/.,— ttH0*sVttt, 
f. mania for enlightenment. 

tf ttfTIOttben, v.a. to pick up ; to open by pick- 
ing with the fingers. 

tlMf — nctett, I. v.a. to paste on; to fasten. 
II. v.n. (aux. b.) to adhere, to stick. UL subst. 
is. jaaperhanging (act of). 

Unftlrdfftt, 9M. to daub on colon. 

ffuffliatett, v.a. to unlatch (a door). 

MurtlotftU, v.a. to open by knocking; to 
fs atari by hammering ; einen —, to arouas s.o. 
(from deep) by knocking; to tease (hair, 
wool, etc. of a mattress, etc.). 

MnftNajftn, v.a. to crack open (nuts, etc.). 

Huvtm&tftn, v.a. to unbutton ; to button up. 

tIaPtVKlHtm. v.a- to tie, bind up ; to string up, 
hang 7a criminal) ; to untie, undo a knot. 

tJnffsHQCS, v. L a. to boil up, warm up, boil 
again, it a. (aux. b.) to boil, bubble up. 

V»f't*»**tCn, L ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to rise, get up ; 
to come up ; to recover (from illness) ; to pre- 
vail ; to come into fashion ; to prosper, get on 
fat the world ; — foffeit, to give rise or scope 
to ; to allow to rise and to spread ; to suffer ; 
lair bttrfrn folffte Bmeifet ittdit — la Rett, we 
mast prevent the rise of such doubts; belt 
Stint — » *<* com** B°» row, sail up the river ; 
fee* 6miff f »mmi n»r fcinem atnber anf , the 
ship answers to her helm. II. subst. n. getting 
up, etc. ; recovery (from sickness) ; introduction 
(of a fashion) ; rise hi the world ; sanctioning. 
nwfammUui, ». (—&, pL —t) upstart, 

tUPIJlPf— tm, v.a. to head (pins, etc.). — cr, 
**. (— er#, pi. — er) workman who heads pins. 

tUKftWeln, v.a. to undo a leash, uncouple. 

ttRpfratbtfl, v.*. (aux. f.) to burst open with a 
crack ; to crack. 

tUffratm, v.n. (aux, h.) to crow aloud, set 

UnVtttomptln, fUffretttbeln, v.a. to bend 
back, turn up ; to card wool a second time. 

tUtTT*mj»en, v.a. to turn up the brim of a hat. 

HllrtrsA— Cft, v.a. to scratch up, open; to 
raise the nap of cloth ; to card (wool) ; cine 

, n. {aux. f.) to rise, run up, 
ftfer iff arfgelaufen, the 
aground (ashore); ber fttttf 
■iver is rising ; bad ©Oil — 

impost, duty ; charity c 
ing ; judge's order. Injunction ; tnic ftarf ift 
bte neue — ? of how many copies does the 
new edition consist ? unoera nberte — , reprint : 
berbefferte unb bermebrre — , a corrected 
and enlarged edition; ba* 8ud| bat ftttiolf 
— It tritbt, the book has gone through twelve 
editions; eincat Cine — itjltn, to issue a writ 
against one. 

Vttf lager*, v.a. to lay in stock, store up. 

Httflang— en, v.a. to band, reach up. — ft, m. 
(— ers\ pi. — er) futtock (iVau/.); writ br re 
— er, top timbers. 

VnPlaffeitr tr.v.a. to allow, cause to rise; to 
loosen; to leave open; cine Gtatbe — , to 
abandon a mine. 

HttPlaner— n, v.n, (aux. b. ) to lie in wait (einem, 
for one). —tt, m. one who lies hi wait, spy. 
-MMi/- the ly»«« to **»*• 

«llf laRf, m. (-e*\ pi. ttuf(fittfe) mob, riotous 
crowd ; riot, uproar ; swelling ; increase ; souf- 
fiet, raised pudding ; — ber gUlfeM, increase 
of interest. 

ttaPUMfen, ir.v. I. n. (aux. f.) to rise, run up, 

swell; ber 2>ambfei " * 

steamer has run agn 

(Sufi ttuf, the river U *«»"«, v«v out* — 

laffen. to man the vards. anfgelanfen, pp. 
dc adj. inflamed, bloated, swollen. II. a. to 
open or make sore by running. 

VRf'Iaufer, m. ship's boy. 

ttUrUtaff r, m. raised cake or pudding ; charging 
man, stoker. 

Vuf Jabieren, v.a. to beat up (a river, etc.), 

tllirlCbeti, v. I. n. (aux. f.) to be revived; to 
live again ; to be invigorated, cheered up. IL 
a. to touch up, retouch (a picture). 

tlMf fell— tn, v.a. to put, lay on, apply ; to lav on 
(hands, odors, etc.) ; to impose, inflict (a fine ; 
a tax, etc.) ; to enjoin (silence) ; to take an im- 
pression of ; to publish, issue ; to show one's 
hand {at cards) ; to lay up (a ship ; stores) ; to 
lean {the elbow) on ; to be disposed or hi a cer- 
tain humor ; to tender an oath ; id} tnar nidft 
ba&n (aunt ©ingen, ?c.) aufgelegt, I was not 
in the mood for it (for singing, etc.) ; einem 

Sferbe ben Battel —en. to saddle a horse ; 
ant— en, to hold the b»nk (at faro, etc.) ; 
toieber —en, to reprint (a book) ; einem feferbt 
bad fmfeifett —en. to shoe a horse; einem 
erwad eawtblidiee —en, to throw disgrace 
on one. —ling, /. application (of a plaster, 
etc.) ; imposition (of hands; fines, taxes, etc.) ; 
infliction (of punishments) ; laying up in ordi- 
nary (of a ship). Comp. — tsgelft, n. club 
money ; trades union contributions. 

Wttflebn— eu, v.r. to lean, lounge, loll (against); 
to rear, prance ; {with gegen) to oppose, resist ; 
to revolt, mutiny. -Hug, /. rearing ; loun- 
ging ; opposition, revolt, mutiny. 

WnPlefen, ir.v.a. to glean ; to gather or pick up. 

Vnf'lendrtett, v.n. (aux. b.) to flash up, rise re- 
splendent, shine. 

ftttflimten, v.a. to heighten the lights (Paint.), 

fUrUenen, *r.v.n. {aux. f.) to lie, lean on; to 
be out of service or employment; to bear 
upon {the bit) ; einem — , to be incumbent on. 

Unf'lOaern, v. a. to loosen {earth, etc.) ; to shake 
up (a featherbed); to unfix; fid) — , to get 

9ui'l9bern r v.n. (aux. f.) to flash, flare up. 

HuKlbdbar, adj. <tt adv. soluble, -frit, /. 

Huf'Iof— en, v. L a. to resolve, dissolve; to 
loosen, untie ; to solve (a problem) ; to reduce 
(fractions) ; to resolve (a discord) ; to decom- 
pose ; to analyze (Oram. <5c Chem.) ; to break 
(a spell) ; to break up {an assembly) ; to dis* 
solve {partnership, marriage, etc.) ; to disband 
(troops). IL r. to get loose ; to melt, dissolve; 

ftofutau)Ctt A 

to become clear: to die. — ftlO, p. dk adj. 
solvent ; -tube flRittf i, dissolvent*. — <e)ltd>, 
#00 —bar. — Bug, /. loosening; ; dissolution, 
decomposition ; solution ; analysis ; elucidation 
(of a mystery) ; resolution (of a discord ; of 
forces) ; conversion (0/ an equation) ; denoue- 
ment {of a plot) ; dissolution (of a partnership, 
etc.) ; death ; dinresia ; bit —ttttg ber ftorbf tt 
int Staffer, tempering, mixing, dissolving the 
colors for painting. Comp. — ttttgftstttirft, /. 
science of analysis, analytics (Math.). — nnflfts 
letyre, /. analysis (Logic). — Nnftvsmittei, n. 
dissolvent, solvent, —nag* =1*14*1!, n. nat- 
ural (Mus.). 

ffnPmad»m, v.a. to open ; to undo, untie ; to 
turn (the cock of a barrel) ; to unlace (stays) ; to 
begin (a new set of books, C. L.) ; to turn up 
(the sleeves, etc.); to put up (curtains; an um- 
brella) ; to fix, get ready ; bie gabereifefren 
—,to settle the average (C.L.) ; aafgemadjiee* 
£f tttftt, dressed linen ; ftct} — , to rise, get up, 
to prepare to start ; to set out ; ficfi auf 1Mb 
batoot! macbf n , to run away, to decamp. 

HttPmarfd), m. (— e©\ pi. ttnfmarfdie) march- 
ing up; drawing up (of troops), —term. v.n. 
(aux. f.) to deploy; to march up; — term 
faff en, to draw up. 

tlttf'tttert— fU, v. I. a. to note, distinguish by a 
mark. II. n. (aux. h.) to attend, give heed to. 
— fttm, adj. ds adv. attentive, mindful, obser- 
vant; eutcn auf einc 6adK — fam madjtn, to 
call a person's attention to a th. ; to remind a 
p. of a th. — f aill! fit, /. attention ; — famteit 
erregen, ab&teften, to attract attention, dis- 
tract one's attention; finem eine — famteit 
ermeifen, to show one an attention. 

Uttf'milCfm, v.n. to object, remonstrate (coll.). 

Haratanler— n. v.a. to awake, arouse ; to en- 
courage, inspirit ; to enliven ; to urge on, incite ; 
flit — n, to cheer up, take courage. — Kb, 
p. d> adj. rousing, encouraging, animating. 
— fr, m. one who gives encouragement, cheers 
up. —ttttg, /• encouragement, incitement; 

fUPmnkeu, v.a. to object; tinem erftml — , to 
rebuke s.o. because of (coll.). 

UllpRdb— m, v.a. to sew on ; to use up in sew- 
ing. — ff 9 tn. luck. 

Ultrnabia— e, /• taking up ; borrowing, loan (of 
money); reception ; admission (into holy orders; 
to a club, etc.) ; advance, improvement, promo- 
tion ; survey ; taking of a photographic picture, 
sitting, photograph (Photogr.) ; — e bereiten, to 
give a reception ; to honor (a bill, etc.) ; — e 
an Jtinbe tftatt, adoption ; in — e feut, to be 
in favor ; in — e F ammen, to come into fashion, 
favor, etc., to prosper; in — e brittgftt, to 
bring into notice or favor; to patronise, for- 
ward; — e fhtbm, to meet with a good recep- 
tion. Comp. — rsfdjein, m. certificate of admis- 
sion. — CsffilMg, adj. admissible, eligible (for 
election, etc.). -CzjdlMglrtt, /. admissibility, 
eligibility. — tcpt W ttstfl , /. entrance examin- 
ation. — estofirbig, adj. worthy of admis- 

UnPltebm-tn, ir.v.a. to take up; to take in, 
shelter ; to take possession of ; to appraise, esti- 
mate ; to hold, contain ; to absorb (Chem.) ; to 
receive, entertain ; to elect ; to admit ; to draw 
up (a statement) ; to raise, borrow (money) ; to 
pick up (stitches); to adopt; to survey, 
down ; eine fteftnttg —en, to make a grc 
plan of a fortress; fid) in eine (gefeUfchaft 
— en laffen, to become a member of a club, so- 
ciety : bie mUUt —m, to catch the scent ; 
f 4 nttt einem — m, to cope with, oompete, be 
a match for; jut, fibf I —en, to take well, ill ; 
— f n f fir, ale, to look upon, consider as ; in 
fid) (ace.) — tn, to appropriate, make one's 
own. — ft 1 *»• receiver, one that takes up. 

> ttttfratt 

VnPncireltt, v.a. to unlace, untie, undo. 

VRf'ttJttrrm, v.a. to note down, to charge. 

tmrnitigrn, v.a.; finem ermoJ — , to force on one. 

UnPlMrter— tt, v.a. to offer up, sacrifice ; to dedi- 
cate, devote to. — ttft, adj. sacrificing; de- 
voted. —tt«g,/. sacrificing ; sacrifice. — Mtftds 
tMlll, adj. devoted. 

tJuPtHUfm, v. I. a. to pack up: to make off with 
(coll.) ; einem etmai — . to load or saddle one 
withath. IL n. (met. I,.) to pack off (mi?.). 

UnPtmlmm, v.r. to climb a rope hand ovex 

tJllf'lMff— fit, v. I. a. to adapt, fit (a lid; a hat, 
etc.). II. n. (aux. f.) to fit; (aux. h.) to pay 
attention, attend to ; to watch, to spy ; fiscal 
— en, to waylay one ; attfgebaf t ! attention ! 
be attentive 1 mind I take care 1 lookout!— cr, 
m. (— erd, pi' — er) watcher; excise officer; 
overseer; spy. 

flnf'bfeifm, ur.v.a. d> n. to pipe, to play on a 
pipe ; einen — , to rouse (wake) by whistling; 
einem beftfnbtg — , to dance attendance 00 
one ; to be at one's service. 

tUPPflftttjea, v.a. to set up, erect; to mount 
(guns); to raise (a standard) ; ba* Geiteugc- 
niebr bfian&t anf ! fix swords (bayonets) ! ; ffd) 
bar femonb — , to plant oneself before a per- 
1 — 

III a. to plow up. II. n. to strike 

1 ag. 

Hi s. to ingraft; to rabbet, join. 

til (aux. f . ) to burst open, crack ; 

> come suddenly upon a p. 

til ». ; fid} — , to ruffle one's feav 

9Ji (.to polish up. 

Ill to imprint, stamp, impress on. 

Hi (aux. f.) to spring up or open; 

►ounce against 

III to toss, jerk up. 

Hi to press open ; to press again ; 


8l .a. to try on (a hat). 

Ill to limber up (suns). 

Hi tf) dressing, decking ; finery ; 

u.__~ v .._, unlngs. 

tJnPbUfcru, v.a. to clean, brush up; to make 
smart ; to dress up, deck out. 

HttPattelm, ir.v. to. to steep, soak in water. 
II. n. (aux. f.) to bubble, well up; to swell, 
rise, expand. 

HMf rafftR, v.a. to rake up ; to snatch up, col- 
lect hastily ; to pick up ; fid)— . to rise quickly, 
arouse oneself; to set to work energetically; 
to recover from an illness. 

HnPragen. v.n. (aux. h.) to jut, tower up. 

HnfrablKlR, vs. ; fid} —.to rise quickly, to pull 
o.s. together, (coll.) see fid) aufraffen. 

flnPranff n, v.n. d r. to creep up (Botan.). 

Hnf'randlfR, v.a. to consume by smoking, to 
smoke up. 

HnfTdnm- tn, ».a. to arrange, put In order; to 
clear, take away ; to thin, reduce in number ; 
to widen (a hole) ; to dredge (a harbor) ; to 
plunder, empty ; ba£ £ager —tn, to dear out 
the stock (C. L.). — er, f*. (— er*. pi. -er) 
see Hufreiber. fRanmnabf t. — nng, /. clear- 
ing up, airanging, making tidy. 

flurraufebm, v.n. (aux. \.) to rush up, fly open ; 
to rise with a rushing noise. 

•«f'rCd)H— fn, v.a. to reckon up; to put to 
one's account; to specify (charges); gfgrn* 
feitig —en, to balance accounts. — «af, /. 
act of reckoning, balancing of accounts. 

Hnfrtlfct, adj. <& adv. upright, erect; straight; 
— balrru, erbaftm, to maintain (order); to 
support (a friend) ; to uphold (a doctrine, etc.) ; 
fktk — erbaltm, to sit up, hold oneself up, to 
keep up one's courage, to maintain one's 

l.frttfen 08 fltefWietn 




m. (—tt$,pl. — er) opener: box-keeper: turn- 

key. — ««•»/. opening ; disclosure. 
flttf'fdflingen, w\r.a. to fasten with a loop, 

twine; to untwist; fie) — , to twine upward, 

to creep up. 
ftttf'f*Itme«, vm. to rip. slit up; to slit open, 

«P; onfaeWUfter £aa)t?, crimped salmon. 
M*r Wmmen, vm. (aux, b.) to burst into sobs, 

*&*>!«*,*». <-We#, J* *nffdjlfifje) opening 
up. milnrtiritig ; disclosure; information ; eluci- 
dation; — filer cine Cadie geben, to explain 
a th., inform, give the particulars of a matter. 

UuWQm*U\tU t vuu to eat up, to waste by 

ftttpfcfcttettrrtt, v. I. a. to smash open. JX n. 
(aux. f.) to crash, dash against; to yield a 
loud sound. 

Uttfldnttiereit, v.a. to smear on, to spread. 

tJnnminfen, v. a. ; eine €ad)e —, to adorn a 
matter with false colors, paint up. 

Vnf'fdnttOren, v.a. to stew again. 

tJuHanabcln, fJuWdmabeliere*, v.a. to 
pick up ; to eat up (coll.). 

ftttffajNOlMK*, v. I. a. to snap, catch, snatch 
up; to pick up (a smattering). II. n. (awx. f.) 
to spring;, fly up ; to cnap (as a spring). 

fcttWftnelb— en, ir.v. L a. to cut up, open ; to 
notch; to dissect; to rip up. unrip ; em ©ttdj 
—en, to out the leaves of a book. IL n. (aux. 
q.) to brag, boast, swagger, talk big. draw the 
long bow, to exaggerate. — er, m. (— er#, pi. 
—ft) swaggerer, boaster; exaggerator. — ereV, 
f. (pi. — mirit) bombast, boasting, gascon- 
ade ; exaggeration. — nnfl, /. cutting up cr 

«nna}«eRen. v. I. a. to Jerk, fling up. IL n. 
(aux. f .) to fly up with a jerk. 

Wfajnftt, »• f-e#, f* -e) cutting open; 
cut, slit, incision ; assay of gold ; falter — , 
dish consisting of various kinds of cut meat, 
slices of cold meat ; henre giebt e* talten — 
ftltttt ttbenbbrot, to-day we shall hate cold 
meat and sausage for supper. 

•ttffdjttOKb*™, «nW*ufiffetn, *.a. to track 
by the scent. 

Buff (fenfire*, v.a, to cord up, fasten in or on ; 
to lace ; to string ; to unlace, untie, uncord ; 
M — , to come undone (of parcels). 

flnWdlObfrn, v.a, to stack up, put uito cocks. 

UuWmtttU, 9M. to scoop or ladle up; to 

flnffftSIIitti, m. (-*, pi. -e) •boot, sprig, 
scion ; stripling, overgrown child ; upstart 

fcttff djranbtn, reg. <fc <r. v.a. to screw on ; to 
screw open, unscrew ; to screw up*, to exalt. 

UttFfdirerfe n , L v. a. to startle; to rouse, 
frighten up. II. ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to start up. 

flnmrti, m. (-t* t pi. -c) outcry, shriek, 
scream, veil, shout. 

Uttff djrefWn, ir.v. a. to write down, take a note 
of ; to enter, to book ; to put to one's account ; 
to record ; bu bift anfgefdjrieben, you are in 
for It (coU.). 

ttttHoWf jrn, ir.v.n. (aux. b.) to cry out. scream. 

««W*rtft, /. (pi. -en) address, direction; 
superscription; Inscription; label (on goods, 
bottles, etc.) ; signature, indorsement ; epitaph. 

ttttff (fcftten. v.a. to roll up (a cask) ; to punch 
open ; to widen a hole (with an auger, etc.) ; to 
grind coarsely. 

ftnftdjnt, *»• (— i) postponement, deferring ; 
delay; adjournment; respite; gal-Inn* ofrnf 
— t immediate payment; bie €ad}e ieibet 
feitttn — , the matter must not be delayed. 
Comp. — istffebl, tn. reprieve. — •= brief, 
m. letter of respite. 

fUHtftfiJMPrttf v.a. to throw up with a spade. 

*ttH4iren, v.a. to stir up, poke. 

II»W«jfir*—es), v.a. to tuck up (a skirt, etc.) ; 

to unglrd, let down ; bie Gegel —en, to fnri 
the sails; fid) —en, to tuck up one's clotbea. 
-tt, m. (— eri, pi. — er), - 
holder, ladies* page. 

•JttPfdJtttteln, v.a. to shake up, arouse by i 

UnPfdlfitten, v.a. to heap or throw up; to i 
on or into; to store up; to raise (earth) ; k*a# 
^nlner — , to prime a fire arm, (obs.) to per* 
powder on the pan of a gun. 

Vttff djfifeen, v.a. to open or close sluices. 

ftttrlfttofinient v.a. to truss up (a hone's tstO) ; 
to serve up fish with the tail in the mouth ; M 
— . to spread th* tail (as peacocks). 

UttPfdittanen, v.a. to blacken afresh. 

«nf'fdhiHt%en, v.a. ; einent etinaJ — , to psO» 
off a thing upon a person. 

tlttf'fdnneHen, I. v.a. to cause to swell; to 
puff out; to animate, encourage. IL ir.v.n. 
(aux. f.) to swell; to rise; to surge up; to 
heave ; to tumefy, grow turgid ; her fionrai 
fajnuflt ihW *nf , his blood is rising, he begins 
to grow proud (vulg.). 

UttnAnienraier/. lsnding-place for floatwood. 

Hut Mdntemm— <n r v.a. to wash up ; to land float- 
wood; to deposit (sand, etc.); to let in the 
tide. — er, m. (— er#, pL — er) workman 
who lands floatwood. 

UttWAfeinten, ir.v.a. to swing upwards ; to 
brandish; fid) — , to soar upwards. 

UttWdtonng, m. (— e#), twing ; soaring ; soaring 
up ; flight (of fancy, etc.) ; elevation of soul, rap- 
ture; einen nenen — nebnten, to receive) a 
f *— h impetus, to rise again. 

Ilnff tk- en, L ir.v.n (awe h.) to look up, upon. 
II. suint.n. observation; stir, sensation ; er 
toottte attei -—en berntetben, be wished to 
escape notice; —en erreaen, to cause a sen- 
sation ; bie €ad>e (or r #f ifr nid)t inert, bwf 
man fo bit 1 — en# babon ntaajt, the matter is 
not worth making so much fuss about. — er, 
m. (— er$ r pL — er) overseer, inspector ; war- 
den; proctor; curator. Comp. — er stbit, «-» 
— ersftele,/. InapectorahlD. 

llnHe%— en r v. I. a. to set on or up; to put er 
pile up ; to put on (a hat ; a kettle ; a patch, etc) ; 
to put down, note ; to stake ; to affix (a seal) ; 
to crown (a man at draughts); to serve up 
(dishes}; U>a*(theanchor); ba*9tM ~ 
to prick the chart (jfaut.) ; eine Wf<* 
—en. to cast an account, draw a bill ; eine 
€d)nft —en, to compose, to draw up (a writ ; 
a memorial, <fe.); bte Jtirone — en, to crown; 
f einen ftojrf —en, to be obstinate about a thing ; 
einem earner —en, to cuckold one ; bitte, 
«ie anf , pray put on your hat. IL r. 
oppose, be refractory; to sit upright; to 
mount (on horseback). III. n. (aux. b. J to pat 
forth (shoots, etc.); —en Ittffttt, to allow to 
mount; bie itffcne ber tthrriber fetken onf , 
the teeth of the wheels don't catch (Horoi.). 
— er, n. (— er# , pi. — er) one who puts m, 
loader, etc. — erin, /. hair-dresser (rarr). 
Comp. —boll, n. baker's fueL — efitjre,/. 
spout. — front* r /• noonday rest from work. 

tlttrfHnt, /• inspection ; superintendence ; care, 
charge; control; guardianship, keeptng; ia- 
vigilatlc^ (a/ an cramino^Ofi) ; cu«todV i mder 
— frrben, to be under control ; — fnairen, to 
superintend; — fftfjren (bei Vrftfnnaett). 
to invigilate. Comp. —*=bebirbe./. board 
of superintendence or controL — vstejirt* 
m. inspector's district. — +:t»ntttee, ». 
visiting committee. 

*nf fkben, reg. & ir.v. L a. <Cr n. (aux. %. <b f.) 
to botl up. II. a. to blanch (silver). 

UnPflefew, v.a. to fasten on by 

to oppi 

llnfllll, ». (— et» mounting (on hot 
vm — bereif, read> to mount (MU.\. 


««ffi*c« M «atW« 

v.a. to set up, fix; to pin up; to 

ist (a yfaa) ; to fix (fr 
awu) ; to dress (the hair) ; to aban- 
(cott.) ; r Hi fcidjt — en, to aet up a 
ra till 2id>t —en, to enlighten a p. 
ft* I, f. corking-pin, nursery-pin. 
r.v.n. (aux. f.) to stand up; to 
; to appear, arise (as a prophet, 
up; to break cover; to right (0/ a 
•cover (/rem an illness) ; to rise, 

ftalt ftefct anf, the nation rise* 
tyrant, etc.); to mutiny (soldiers 

officers)', to referment; (aux. b>) 
w open ; to stand firm upon. 
.a. to stiffen or do up. 
, 1. ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to ascend. 

. ed fticg cut Gfebante in mtr 
lght struck me ; ber £eig fSngt 
igen, the dough is rising ; bad ©lut 
(JJffidjt anf, the blood rushed 
; — enber Slfjiltfantttd, ascending 
nbic rhythm; (for anapaestic, see 
>). II. subst.n. mounting (a horse, 
t ; dispersion (o/ a /o^) ; exbala- 
w* etc.); bad —en ber ©eMr- 
sterical fit — Utlfl, /. ascension 
lalation (of vapors, etc.); flfrabf 
t ascension. Comp. — <=rtcmen, 
-aps (of a carriage). — IMgfts 
i, m. ascensional difference. 
, v. I. a. to set up; to erect; to 
v up; to put or make up (a btd, 
dv&nce (an opinion); to set Ja 
' for sale) ; to post (se 

_j forward (instances, etc.); ebtf 
— Tit, to make an assertion ; ed 

t£ mil Ujnt —en, nothing can be 
him. II. r. to draw up (in battle* 
, form; to stand up (to dance). 
ratting up, arranging, disposition; 
, array (Mil. ) ; assertion, statement ; 
ward, nomination (of a candidate). 
*tCgfl, m. cheval-glass. 
I, v.a. to prop up, support ; to force 
- anf cine ©., to lean upon a th. 

v.a. to quilt on. 

'.a. to stitch or embroider upon. 
[, n.a. to raise the pitch of (Mus.). 

v.a, to start (game) ; to hunt up, 

, v.n. to groan aloud. 
7.a. to rouse up, disturb, startle. 
ir. v. I. a. to knock, kick open ; to 
iv or push up; to knock against 
o stave (a cask) ; to gall, raise (the 
n. (aux. f.) (etnent) to rise up (in 
i); to run aground; to meet with, 
; to happen to ; to re-ferment ; to 

bad — , rising of the stomach, 

hiccoughing ; er (eibet bief am — , 

disposed to eructation ; ba iff mi* 
tf anted anfgeftoft en, there a strange 
enod tome. 

adj. sick ; flat, add, sour. 
It, v.n. (aux. f.) to aspire, soar up; 

upwards. — TOO, P- & odj- *•!»*" 
g,/. aspiring; exertion. 

m. (— ed, pl.—t) public auction, 

H, ir.v. La. to lay on; to spread 
'tread, etc.) ; to stroke up; to strike 
«h up (cloth m.). 

.v.I. a. to turn, tuck up (one's cuffs, 
ise, wound (the skin). II. n. (aux. f.) 
>uch the surface ; to trail, sweep. 
, v.a. to strew or sprinkle on; to 

». (— ed, pi. — e) fee ftnffltreidj. 
(of the pen), up-bow (Mus. string 


06 ttttftDrrftx 

tJnfftllf— e«, «.o. <k n. (aux. f.) to raise or rise by 

degree*. — «»§» /• climax (JZAef.) • gradation. 
UurnjilPCU.vM. to oock (a hat, etc.) ; cine auf • 

%<mlptt Waff, » tiirned-up nose. 
ttttrfturiefl, v. L a. to clap on ; to turn up. II. 

n.laux. f.) to fall violently on or against. 
tttlffrtUKItr v. L o. to trim up; to torn up, 

cook. IL n. (dux. ft.) to start. 
ffnfftfiDCtt, v.o. to prop up; ft* — , to lean 

MurSu^h-tn, e.o. to hunt up, seek out ; to look 

out (e passage, etc.) ; to gather ; to take the 
, bearings (Aoail.); to go In quest of. — **0 r /. 

tJnff untttteil, v.*. (aux, f.) <fc r. to accumu- 

late, run up* 
Unftoftlit, v^. to dish, serve up; to fold (the 

> emerge, appear, 

MuVtifol*, v.a. to rig (a ship) ; re aclrtefct ««f • 
getftteft, rigged shipshape; fufa — , to trick 
oneself out (cotf.). 

ttttf'taft, m. upward beat (Mw.)i unaccented 
syllable (or syllables) before the first accent in 
the metrical line, anacrusis. 

ftnPtftllCfeea, v.n. (our. f.) to 
rise to the surface. 

ftttftftaett, v.n. (atur. f.) to thaw; to become 
lively, talkative, to become communicative. 

ftnf'tfa*, ir.v. L a. to open ; to disclose ; to 
put open. IL r. to open ; to blow (of flowers) ; 
to clear ; to loom, appear on the horUon ; fid) 
— , to get started or established (dubs, societies). 

tttrttfaxn* v.a. to set on the table, serve up; 
etnem etttwi — , to serve, regale one with a th. 

•llftrflfl, m. (— eo" pi. *uftrage) transfer (o/ 
property) ; commission; order; errand, mes- 
sage, commission ; laying on (o/ colors) ; int 
— e bOM, by order of; ftdi eUted —$ Ctttlc- 
biartt, to acquit oneself of a task ; eine it — 
aneftthrett. to execute a commission. Comp. 
— dsbeforgtr. m. agent; commissionaire; 
messenger. —gcher f m. employer; customer. 
— 6= ban feci, m. commission business. 

ttttftrftgttt, fr.r. La. to carry up, serve up; 
to lay on (color) ; to ink (the rollers, Tup?) ; 
to draw (a plan) ; to transfer, convey (pro- 
perty); to commission; to charge one with 
(a duty) ; to wear out (clothe*) ; cr hot mlr 
Hele @r&fe on feben now Sbneu airfgetra- 
gen, he charged me with many greetings to 
each of you ; einem cine Sir be it — r to set one a 
task ; bad febenbbrot ift auf getragen, supper 
is served or on the table. II. n. (aux. h.) to 
be bulky, make a p. appear too stout. 

tttftroJlfelll, v.n. (aux. f.) to drop or trickle 

nuVtVtih—tm, ir.v. L a. to drive up, cause to 
rise ; to start, dislodge (a stag, etc.) ; to put up 
(birds) ; to hunt up, to procure (tcith difficulty), 
to get hold of : to swell up, distend ; to raise 
(prices; money; dust); to levy, impress 
(troops): to hunt, rummage out: to drive 
upon, fasten on. II. n. (aux. f.) to run 
aground. — et,m. (— ere\ pf.— er) beater (for 
game). — lid), adj. <fr <ufp. that may be found 
with difficulty. Comp. — CsttU, n. roller of a 
mangle; rolling-pin. 

ttttffrettnett, v. X a. to rip, unrip ; to undo. IL 
n. (aux. f.) to come asunder. 

Vnrtretrn, <r.v. L a. to open by treading on, 
crush open. IL n. (aux. f.) to step up or on ; 
to appear, come forward ; er tTflt aU Othello 
t«f, he appeared in the part of Othello ; all 
6d)HfrfrtO«r — , to come forward as an au- 
thor; er if! mil clnem stsfpruifce attfgetre> 
ten, he has advanced a claim; ftum erftCM 
TO«l — , to make one's debut ; gcgen elnen 
— , to rise against one; ale* Seuge — , to 
tppear as witness; fanft, leife — , to act, pro- 
ceed cautiously, gently ; bit* Bar Up? trfU* 

—.this was her first public appearance, bar 

Ullftrittr m. (-$, pf. -f) treading on; step, 
doorstep; horse-block; appearance; scene (m 
a play) \ scene, event; banquette (Fort.); 
erfrrr — , first scene. Comp. —ban!, /. 
treadle (in tacemaking). 

tlnf trOttttttebl, tr.a. to beat the reveille, beat up. 

Mm 'trnsapfra, v.a. to trump ; to snub, snap up. 

tin 'tttttoen, r.a. to furl (sails, etc.). 

ftttrtMpfttt, v.a. to stop, to dry up (vOa towrf); 
to press down gently (gold leaves). 

«uHiraten, v. a. to raise (as high as a tow), 
to heap; ftdj — f to tower up. ftttfgetiftttt 
p.o. <£: ad[;. high-heaped, towering. 

Uttrtllfdxn, v.o. to touch up (a draxeing) with 

tlttflMdirtl, v.n. (oca. f.) to awake, wake up. 

UtthoaOlfeil, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to grow, shoot up. 

VttrindOClt, r. tt /r.p.a. to weigh; tobalsnoe: 
to outweigh ; to lift, raise (by a crane). 

%nVma%—tm f v.n. (aux. f.) to boU up; to rag*, 
foam up; to roll, heave up. — Hug, /. act of 
boiling up, ebullition; efferveeosnoe ; emo- 
tion; transport. 

Vnf'tnaUcitr v.a. to wind on a cylinder; to pot 
on rollers. 

VttftnaUCtt, v.a. to roll up; t\*tm titmi —, 
to burden one with a th. 

tUffnOM*, m. (—ti) expense; expenditure, 
consumption; display; bell — frctrtffcab. 
sumptuary ; pict — madKR, to live at great 
expense. Comp. — 0=0rfe%, «. sumptuary law. 

tlRrieSrmeil, v.a. to warm up; to bring up 
again, renew (a dispute, etc.). 

«ttf»art-tii, v.*. (aux. h.) (eistm) to wall 
upon, attend on ; to wait; to call on, pay one's 
respects to ; to beg (of dogs) ; Umn irb Mnrit 
—en? may I offer you someT; id) toifi g(eU| 
bootit — eu, you shall have it directly , ettstai 
off —tn, to dance attendance on one : totmrtt 
limn id) abueu —en? what can I do tor yea t 
— HUB, /. waiting, attendance; visit, cere- 
monious call ; — una bei £off oebctt, to be 
in waiting (at eourtj; —nag bei $orb»f lit*, 
attendance (also music) at weddings; ehsTM 
feine — ung mmben, to pay one's respects to a 

p. Comp.— e s fro*,/, waiting i ^ 

telb f a., —est$^n t m. I— for i 

Hnfwirtet, m. (— #, p/. -) attendant, waiter; 
steward, —in, /. waiting maid; waitress; 
stewardess. Comp. —l*bR f m. waiter's fee. 

ll«f»ihPt#, adv. upwards ; ben ftluf — or ftrmf 
— , up stream ; — grrtd)tf t. erect ; — fetea, to 
look up. Comp. — Utfttt, m. adductor 

Ullf^pafi— e«. ir.v.a. to wash up, away, off ; to 
up in washing; flcft (dot.) bte #«nbe - 

to wash one's bands sore. Comp. — Ml, o., 
— fgbrl, «- tub for washing up in. — fit**, 
/. scullery. — MMfer, n. dish-w 

UllfaKrf— en, v.o. to rouse, awake; to animate. 
— er, m. (— f r£, p/. — *r) awakener ; alarm- 

VaPvehett, v. L a. to blow up or open ; to blow 
into a blase. II. n. (aux. f .) to rise. 

VRptttCtdtftt* «•«. to soften; to soak; to temper 
(colors) ; to open by softening. — b, p. <* oa^ 

nnf^neinen, vj*. (aux. ft.) to burst into tears, 

trnfftttifftt, w>.v.a. to show forth, exhibit; to 

tUftnettbftt, fro. & ir.v.a. to spend, expend; 

ntibe — , to bestowpains (tirf cine 6., on a 

th.): toergebiifbe ©trte — , to waste one's 

••Plnertea, ir.v*. to cast up (earth, m rssv 

part,etc.)i to dig (a ditch) $ to throw «#•»(« 

HnftoWefo 07 fttfje* 

hoist, crane, windlass; lift; act (of a play); 
elevation, drawing (of a hovse\elc) ; appearanoe- 
beam '.of a balance) \ oovey {of young birds); 
equipment; — ftn $ferbe, cavalcade. Comp. 
— brltfe, / drawbridge. — 6=gel», n. look 
charges; enuiage. 
tfttfligli*, *#. A adv. dilatory (Zo^V 
flnfimdlllieftt v.o. to force open by pressing; 

1 etnem efne eadie — , to force a th. upon a p. 

tluft*itnfen» ir.v.a.; eiiicw — , to force on one. 
Illl'g— t, n. (— ed, pL —en); (dim. Vngfeto, eye- 
let, little eye) eve ; face ; right, view ; person, 
soul ; guide, leader ; bud, germ ; pip, spot (on 

1 card*; dice); eye (of a needle); luster (of precious 

stones); stitch (in knitting); anything resem- 
bling an eye (cavities in bread, toheydrops in 
cheese, grease drops in soup, etc.); bad Tta)tt 
—t (tlnt$ ftferbed, wit 0eang anf ben 

1 Welter), the off-eye; bad fiitfe °A, the r 

eye; mtt b (often —en, with the naked _^. T 

1 etnem bie —en mt$frechen, to put a person's 

eyes out; can* — e nnb Dftr feto, to be ail 
attention, to look* alive; to metoen —en. In 

ttit b I often —en, with the naked eye; 

bie —en au$frechen, to put a person's 

eyes out; can* —t nnb Dhr feto, to be all 
attention, to look* alive; to metoen —en. In 
my view, In my opinion • ed niirb fur ttttd 
fanre —en geben, we shall meet with a bad 
reception; grofte —tn ntafften, to open one's 
eyes in surprise ; bie —tn gittgen iqnt fiber, 
his eves were suffused with tears ; er tft ihnt 
ein $«ra tot — e, he Is an eyesore to him ; 
he U a thorn in his side ; he annoys him ; nttt 
fdieeien —en nnfeben, to look upon with an 
evil eye ; eteem ben Xanmen anfd — e fetjen, 
to keep s.©. under one's thumb, to keep one 
abort; bad naft »ie bie ftanfc anfd -e, it 
does not at at all : einent ©onb in bie —en 
frrenen, to throw dust into or to cast a mist 
before one's eye, to deceive a p. ; tin — e 
ftttbruifett, to wink at, connive at ; ft In — e 

Sutfjttn, not to sleep a wink; er ift mir and 
en —en ge foramen, I have lost sight of him ; 
au9 ben —en feben, to make light of; el 
fiefat ifant ber ©dial! and ben —en, he looks a 
rogue ; er If* torn nrfe «u* ben —en gef dmitten, 
he Is as like him as he can be ; ed bant feine 
Jtrftbe ber anberen bie— en an*, there is 
honor among thieves ; er fiat ed iftr on ben 
—en abgefetien, be anticipated her wishes; 
er tfant aned, toad er feiner &ran an ben 
—en aftfeben fann, he does everything he 
can think of to please his wife ; biefe ftarbe 
fast febr in bie —en, this is a very glaring 
color ; femanb toe* — e fatten, to have an eye 
on one ; fine ©adje im — e be halten, to keep 
one's eye on something ; ed fief mir fogleidj 
tod — e, it caught my eye at once ; to bie 
—en faOenb, striking, evident; to bie —en 
fprtogen, to stare one in the face ; in bie —en 
ftedVrn, to suit one's fancy, to tempt one; 
miter bier —en, between two persons, ttte 4 
tftte; among ourselves; private; nnter oier 
—en fatten, to tell in confidence ; — e nm — e, 
an eye for an eye ; fomm' mir nifty toieber 
•or bie — en, never let me see your face 
again; ed ffbtoimmt mir oor ben— en, I feel 
giddy, dixxy ; my brain turns; id) baft' ed i&ttt 
an ben —en angefeften, I saw it by bis face ; 
id) babe ed ibm nnter bie —en gefaat, I told 
it to him, said it to his face ; bei etnem bad 
ftalb in bie — enfdjlagen, to offend a person's 
susceptibilities; ger mir and ben— en! get 
out of my sight ; and ben —en, and bent ©inn, 
out of sight, out of mind ; er ift utit einent 
Manen — e baoongefommen, he got off pretty 
cheap or with but a small loss; —en recbtd ! 
eyes right! —en aerobe and! eyes front I 
(Mil.). Comp. -nbfel, m. eyeball. — boUett, 
m. eyebolt (Naut.). [ For other compounds of 

m Stng, *ee Knaen— .] 

#ng— eln. v. I. a. to graft, Inoculate, bud. H 
n, (mix. i) to ogle; to look about (At«i^.). m. 


53 « tt * 

tubtl.n. grafting, Inoculating; ogling; bc# 
—tin nrtt bem 6d)tU>e, scutcheon-grafting. 
— idtf, o4/. ooellate, eye-spotted. — ig (m 

.) -eyed. 

eomp.) -eyed, «.$. blan-angtg, blue-eyed. 
—If in, n. Uttle eye ; bud (0/ a /rfan/). 
tln'flen— (Comp.) — tdtat, m. cat's eye. 
— ftllltyfter, /. ophthalmic vein (^na/.). 
—Stalin), oof/. ooellate, Uke an eye. — «rtt, 
m. oculist. — b«0, n. ophthalmic bath, eye- 
douche, —fender, m. eye-cup. — fealfont, m. 
eye-salve. — bete*, n. spasm in the muscles 
of the eye. — feeftwg, m. optical delusion. 
— WId. n. visual image. — blenfee, /. shying- 
blind. Winkers. — bUd\ m. moment, instant ; 
twinkling ; im — Mtif, in a moment ; ttttf c tnen 
—Miff, for a moment; lidjte — bfifff, lucid 
intervals, moments of consciousness ; in biefem 
— btfife, at this moment. — blicf'lid), I. adj. 
momentary, instantaneous. II. adv. instanta- 
neously, on the spot, instantly, forthwith. 
-felt<», **> -bUrf Ud|, II. — b0%, m. glance 
of the eye. — felgte, /. pimpernel. — bogflt, 
m. iris. — braue (/«» correctly — bntnitf ), /. 
eye-brow; rait berDorrageuben — branen. 
beetiebrowed. — brcum^bOf" - — "tel 
curve. — feienrr, m. eye-serve *n. 

eye-service. — brfife, /. 1* id. 

— bVBfrfbcit, /. dimness of t= 

iftttfeKKg, /. inflammation of fie 

— entftitubttng, blearedness; — 

WtAibtbttna. xerophthalmy. tlj. 

evident, obvious. — forbf ,/. a es. 

--fel, n. film(o/M« eye). — /. 

(utffferigr, gfadartigt, aqu as) 

humor of the eye ; frbftallent it, 

crystalline lens. — Red*, m., — « on 

the eye. — tintttern, n. tw m- 

mering) of the eye. —Ill ft, ... of 

the eye. — ffrttifi, adj. eye-shaped ; ocellate. 
— iffdWmlft,/. exophthalroia ; swelling of the 
•ye- — *efa>t»jh\ n. agilops, egilops. — getQoU, 
n. nebula, film on the eye. —gin*, n. eye- 
glass; quixzing-glass, monocle. — gl««fdlki= 
fer, m. lens-grinder. — grofee, /. cavity in 
the forehead over the eyes, —bant, /. tunic, 
or coat of the eyes; baric —bant, cornea; 
brattnc — baut, choroid coat; tprife, or 
g(nteinfd>aft(idK —bant, conjunctive mem- 
brane. — Itfbir, /. orbit, socket {of the eye). 
—*WtUtUtiHnh*n* t /. orbital inflammation. 
— file!, m. itching of the eye ; sensual grati- 
fication of the eye. — tloWe, f. blinkers; 
patch (over the eye). — trett, m. orbit. — Iffeer, 
n. see 6<f|f nff bf r. — lefere, /. ophthalmology. 
-lid, n. {pi. -liber) eyelid. -lifeersbrnnfe, 
m. uloer on the eyelid. — (ibfTsfnorpf 1, m. 
tarsus. — li*fr?fr«tttpf, m. twitching of the 
eyelid. — ltd), *. opening of the iris, pupil. 
—to, adj. blind; eyeless. — Inff,/. pleasure 
of seeing; delight of the eyes. — Weill* n. 
judgment of dlstanoe, etc. by the eye; eye- 
sight ; tin antcS —mat babrn, to have a sure 
eye. — inert , n. view, aim, object ; fein — ntf rf 
ftttf Cine ©. ridftrn, to aim at a th., to have 
a th. in view. — ntittfl. n. ophthalmic 
remedy ; —mittef ftn 8u|f rfttbent (DrbrannV , 
eye-lotion. — ntRetfl, m. abductor oculi; 
muscle of the eye-ball. — nnfef In. pi. needles. 
— nfTb, m. optic nerve. — uid)t(fl), n. tatty 
(Min.). — *a*T, n. pair of eyes. — papftel, 
/. spiked mallow. — pnlfcer, n. anything inju- 
rious to the eyes ; diamond type ; very small 
or Illegible handwriting. — PBnff, m. object In 
view ; aim ; sight. — nit* m irritation of the 
eye; aee aUo — tnft —ring, m. Iris. —riff,/. 
xerophthalmia. — falbf , /. ointment for the 
eyes. — Hfeein, m. Inspection ; personal obser- 
vation; evidence; appearance; in — fdKin 
nebmen, to inspect; bem — fibrin nan), to 
all appearance. — ftfeeinltfl), adj. self-evi- 

dent, manifest, obvious, apparent: — fubrr*- 
ItdK r ©f tt* i«, ocular demonstration. — ftfectas 
Hd)ffit, /. obviousness; self-evidence; appa- 
rency. — fd»rm, m. shade for the eyes. 
— fdUogttbcr,/. ophthalmic artery. — fdtifUn, 
m. rheum. — f<b>leitHHll||, m. ophthalmor- 
rhea. — fo)mnu6, m. feast for the eyes, 
delightful sight. -fdWfdY, /. spotted snail. 
-fajO&be, /. weaknessof the eyes. — Maria; 
den, n. atrophy of the eye-ball. — fpicftfC 
m. speculum oculi, eye-mirror, onhth^iir ^r^ fii 
— fplfl, n. play of the eyes ; ogling. — f praefcf, 
/language of the eyea m —\*rk%t, /. syringe 

le eves. 
...,_. — fproffe, /. ~brow-antler. 
— ffnar, m. cataract. — ftfOjen, n, shooting 

the eye. 

in the eye. — ftein, m. 

white copperas. — ftern, m. pupil {of the eye) ; 
favourite, pet, darling. — tabat, w. eye-snuff. 
— taufdmng,/. optical illusion. — trdffr, m. 
the bulb through which the germ shoots forth. 
— trelbenO, adj. gemmiparous {BotX — tries 
fen , n. running from the eyes ; blearedness. — 
triHfrnbf it, f. xerophthalmia. — tTOtf , m. eye- 
bright {Bot.) ; consolation {ftgw.). — terOMs 
felung,/. emaurosis.gutU serena. — ftorffll, 
m. proptosis, protrusion of the bulb of the eye, 
— toaWerfnott,/. hydrophthahnia. —met, «. 
pain in the eyes, sore eyes. — ftteifce, /• deligta 
of the eyes; pleasing sight. — UJfifc, n. the 
white of the eye. — ttf iff , /. eye-shot, ranee 
of vision. — mittper, /. eyelash, —mint, 
m. wink. — minlfl, m. corner of the eye, 
canthus. — fennel, /. root of dandelion ; root 
of valerian {Bot.). — t*blt, m. eye-tooth, 
canine tooth. — tftttber, m. fasHnatkm. 
— tfUflf , m. eye-witness. — lengni*, n. ocular 
proof. — tirff!, m. iris; orbit. 

Vutinrie'ren, v.a. & n. (ow. b.) to 

Hugn'ri-tint, n. {-una, pi. —en), 

m«gtt% m. (— #). August {the month). Coma. 
-Mfer.m early oats, -bopffn, m. haet> 
hops. — fir fdk,/. morella cherry. — BlanttC, 

tlU'gnft. Augustus 
«U'jfi ttjrin, Augustin, Austin. 

{proper name). 

4 „ in, Austin. — er, m. Austta 

friar. — ersflofter, n. monastery of Austin 
friars. —erstttfrlQ), m.,-ersnonne,/. Austin 
fnar. Austin nun. — fTsOrbfn, m. order of 
Austin friars {or nuns). — ifd), a<;. Aufue- 
UnrtiO'n,/. (-en), auction, public sale ; in bit 

— flCben, to put up for public sole. — ihr, sa. 
(-«r«, p/. -nirf ), -a'tor, m. (-ctorl.yi. 

—utarfM) auctioneer. Cirnip. — 4rfonintill*T, 
m. broker. — tsgfbfitMren, /■/>/. auction fees. 

Uttrttel,/. (p/. — n) auricula, bear's ear (Sot). 

tint, L prep. With dat. out of ; from ; of ; by ; 
for ; on, upon, on account of ; in ; — bf r Wabf , 
out of fashion ; — 8 d) rung, out of respect ; er 
ill — ben Xttfiftigen, he U turned of forty ; 

— botte m 4>atff fdirf im, to scream at the top 
of one's voice; nut 6 tonrbf — brr Hnttr- 
nebntiotg ? what was the result of the under- 
taking T — 93ari0 fommrn, to come from 
Paris ; — nnferer SWifte, from amongst us; — 
lemanbed Oerragrn fa(if|rn, to conclude 
from a person's behavior; — (£rf*br*Hg 
If men, to learn by or from experience ; f r i( 

— Sonbon gf bfirrtg, he is a native of London ; 

— 6t!bf r gf raacbt, made of silver ; er be rfte bt 
feinen Of rnf — bf m Qlrnnbf , he U a thorough 
master of his profession ; mad* Hlirb — ibr 
toerben ? what will become of her T — ^brr * 
©rieff frffbf itb, I see by your letter; — 
freier 6a«b. by free choice, spontaneously ; by 
hand (a/ can W etc.) ; — cigener ©«bl, rot 
untarily ; id) ffbe — bm ^fitttnaen. I mm by 
the newspapers; — $a$, through Ua t sa j, — 



trfefat ttrfodktt, from many reasons, on many 
grounds; — bfajfem $erbao)t, on mere sus- 
picion ; — JRange i an, for want of ; — giebe, 
from love, out of lore ; — berfd)iebene» (grim- 
fceu, for many reasons ; — Gktjorfam jgegen 
ttn, in obedience to him; ed war blafT— 
Cc^cri gefagi, it was only said in jest ; bf Re- 
fecn — , to consist of ; — gforfftfc, designedly ; 
— bcuSngen, — bemSftnn, out of sight, out 
of mind. II. adv. <k Sep. prefix, over; out, 
forth ; forward, in front ; done with, up with, 
ended, past ; finished ; fabr — iabrei'n, from 
one year's end to another ; ddre mid) — , hear 
me out, let me finish ; er tocif meber — nod) 
era, he is at his wit's end ; he does not know 
what to do or to say ; uttb bontit ift ed — , and 
there is an end of the matter ; bie ftird)e ift — , 
church is over ; triltfc ed — , drink it up ; ed 
Iff — mit tbra, it is all over with him ; bott 
(gntttb — - thoroughly, radically ; $rum*f — I 
out with the trump. 

Kr# — (separable) prefix, denoting out; tho- 
roughly, sufficiently, to the eud. For possible 
compounds not found in the following lists, see 
the simple verbs. 

Mw&falltUf va - to groan out, forth (one f s life). 

Mmi'QOtXm, v. I. a. to plow up ; to exhaust land 
by cultivation. II. v.n. to cease plowing. 

fcttforbfit— fit, v. L a. to work out; to hollow 
out ; to train ; to complete, perfect ; to elabor- 

ttufbcnfleu, ** ttudbiegen. 

tUd'beuJ— <, f. gain; net profit; share; — e 
fd)fte$en, to decide the dividend doe to share- 
holders ( Cotnm.). Comp. — ezbOgCU, m\ profit- 

flllflKIlt— tn, v.a. to draw a profit from, to 
exploit; au#gtbctttei merben, to be taken 
advantage of. — ttttsj, /. (of mines) exploita- 
tion ; working of a mine ; spoliation (fig.). 

UttOifgeR, ir.v. La. to bend outwards; to 
bend. II. n. (out. b.) to turn aside, off; to 

— j- -.„,. — , ^Teinem — , to make 

se to one. 

n er for sale ; to out- 

ve notice to quit. 

II jf development. 

tl l, develop, cultivate, 

t; to render accom- 

er education ; fie tft 
ighly accomplished ; 
t frftr attdaebifbct, 
hort time ; ben Sew 
—en, vo renaer tne ooay active and supple, to 
go in for gymnastics or bodily exercises. 
— tv t m. (— erd, pt, — er) developer ; finishing 
master; improver. — ung, /. improvement, 
development; finishing education; culture; 
— nng bitterer SeHrer, training of secondary 
teachers; — nng bon fflefruren, drilling of 
recruits; —una eined ©efdrtourd, a gather- 
ing (Med.)\ — nag bed sUvptvi, physical 

Utte^binben, ir.v. a. to untie and take out (of a 
parcel) ; to unbind (sheets from a book) ; to 
loose ; to tie up (Tup.) ; to tie (a fine specimen) 
to the outside of a bundle or parcel. 

Vnd'bitten, ir.v. a. to beg for, ask for; to re- 
quire ; bad bittc id) mir and or bad roifl id) 
mir audgebeten baben, I must insist on this, 
I won't suffer that ; barf id) mir — ? may I 
trouble you for?; barf id) mir bad &aik — ? 
please pass the salt 1 ; mir finb bente openb 
andgebrren, we are asked out, or we have re- 
ceived an invitation, for to-night. 

fUtdWaf— tn, ir.v. La. to blow out (a light, 
etc.) ; to empty by blowing, to blow (an egg) ; 
to Slow up, swell by blowing ; to publish by 
sound of trumpet, blase forth ; to blow to the 
end ; to improve (a flute) by blowing ; ebtent 
bad &oendHd)t -en, to kill one (cotf.). TLn. 
(aux. 6.) to cease blowing. Comp. — {zbabn, 
m. blow-off cock (in steam-engines). 

ftnd'bleibea, L ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to stay away, 
fail to appear ; to be wanting ; to be left out 
(of a word, etc.) ; not to take place ; eine (&t* 
iegeubeit blteb nid)r longe au^ t an oppor- 
tunity soon presented itself ; bf r fpuld bteibt 
tbm and, his pulse has stopped ; betne @rrafe 
foO nid)t — , you shall not escape punishment: 
ed ftnb mebrere Soften audgebttcben, several 
mails are due. II. subst.n. non-appearance, 
absence, non-attendance ; non-arrival ; — ber 
Babtang, failure in paying. 

Vud'bleicpen, I. v.a. to bleach out (stains, etc.), 
II. teg. & ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to finish bleaching; 
to grow pale, fade. 

Un^blitf, m. (— d) outlook, proepeot, view; 
ber — tn bie gutunft, the prospect of the 
future, the outlook. 

tUtWItttKn, v.n. (aux. b.) to cease flowering; 
to decay, fade ; bie ffltfen baben audgebltthTt, 
the roses are over. 

Uud'bluten, v. I. n. (aux. b.) to bleed ; to cease 
bleeding. IL a. bad Seten — , to bleed to 
death, to die. 

Vnd'DObren, v. a. to bore (out) ; to drill ; to cat 
(a screw) ; to tap (a cask) ; tttgelf drtttig — f to 

ftnfbrottJt, tr.v. L a. to toast out or sobV 




dently. D. n. (aax. f.) to be well rotated; to 
*.) to 

drip in rotating. 


ttaVbraufen, v.n ds rtfi. 

raging, quiet down, 
•unbred)— CM, tr.v. 1. a. to break* force out ; to 

▼omit , to lop, prove (trees) ; to pluck off , to 

Ey (stone); to shell (peas, etc.); etnen 
—CM, to draw a tooth. II. n.(<rucf.)to 
out (a* /Ire ; a disease ; perspiration ; sedi- 
tion, etc,) ; to break loose or out of prison ; to 
become known ; to break forth, burst out ; to 
be out (of teeth) ; ber Kngfrfdtwelf brad) ifen 
au£, he broke into a sweat with terror; in 
Sbrinen —en, to burst into team — ct, ». 
( — erf, pi- — rr) ripping chiaeL 

nuVtVCit— en, v. I. a. to spread, stretch (*fo 
arms; a cloth; sails; winy; branches; a man- 
tle; a report, etc.); to extend (shelter; one's 
power; the limits of an empire ; a business, etc.) ; 
to spread out ; to lay (tablecloth) ; to air ; to 
spread abroad, divulge, circulate ; to propagate 
(vines; mankind ; diseases ; opinions; the gos- 
pel, etc.); to broaden out ; ttor einent —en. to 
unfold, display to one. II. r. to go into details ; 
to gain ground; to spread; to branch; to 
spread, make progress ; fid) (ace.) fiber einr fc. 
—e«, to enlarge on a subject. — ang, /. 
spreading, extension; propagation; diffusion 
I of knowledge, etc.); promulgatioi 
-tt«a#=fablifetj f /. &ffu*ibllity. 
f ttdlt, /. propag a nd i s in . 

ffn+trennen, ir.v. I. a. to burn out . 
ise : to scale (a cannon) ; to bake, fire (bricks, 
etc.); to remove by burning; to scorch; to bum 
down. n. n. (awe. h.) to cease burning, to go 
out ; (out, f.) to be consumed inwardly ; rut 
an#gebraa*ter ftenerberg, an extinct voi- 

; to cauter- 

tJaftriageil, o\t>.o. to bring out ; to get off ; to 
hatch ; to launch ; to take out (Mains) ; to pub- 
lish, circulate (a secret) ; to introduce (a nov- 
elty) ; tint dkfttnbbcit — , to propose a per- 
son's health, to toast a person. 

ftaft/fcrtld), m. (-<e)d,p/. ttnttrfidie) outbreak, 
eruption (of a volcano ; of measles, etc.) ; explo- 
sion ; escape (from prison, etc.) ; elopement ; 
flight (of folly) ; outburst (of passion, etc.) ; the 
purest wine that runs from the tub before the 
choicest grapes are pressed, wine of the first 

Sea; gnat — fommttt, to break out; feint 
rdtsm &nm — fonsnten loffen, to give vent 
to one's tears. Comp. — leber, n. eruptive 

UnrbTlfceH, v.a. to scald (a vessel). 

HuMnmtU, I. v.a. to hatch ; to brood over, 
plot. II. v.n. (mix. h.) to cease batching. III. 
subst. n. incubation, hatching : plotting. 

tmftgotdM, v.a., to dig out (coll.). 

ftu+tugeln, v.a. to iron. 

tltffmilo, m. {—§,j*. «n*bftnbe) selected 
specimen, pick (see Unlbinben) ; model, pat- 
tern ; paragon ; quintessence ; fie iff rill — ton 
€d)dnbeir, she is a paragon of beauty ; ein — 
•Her ediefaie. an arrant knave, arch rogue ; 

— bra ©0* be tt, a regular demon. 
RttfttlRftiS* odj. <fr adv. excellent, exemplary, 

extraordinary, adv. exceedingly, uncommonly; 

— gelcbrt, of profound erudition. 
flttWirfiten, v.a. to brush out ; to dust. 
%U*/bu%tn, v.a. to expiate fully, make ample 

amends for ; to plant newahoots in the place of 
dead ones; to mend (nets). 

tUrCBlt— , see «n#fn(t— . 

Mm+fmnrntn, v.n. (an*, f.) to evaporate, 
exhale ; (our. h.) to cease steaming. 

flttf'tfaWfll, v.a. to cause to evaporate ; to 
extinguish (fire) ; to smoke out (a fat). 

flnWirmt*. v.a. to disembowel 

ttRfttfaer,/ perseverance ; persistence ; steadi- 
ness, endurance. 

ffUwtHliern, v. I. a. to endure ; to hold oat 
against. II. n. (aui. 6.) to hold out, last; to 
persevere, be steadfast. — e, n. <fr adj. per- 
severing, steadfast ; perennial (Bot.y 

fttld'ftfbltbar, adj. that may be extended, 
expanded; diffusible; ductile. —frit, /. 
expansibility ; diffusibiuty ; ductflity. 

•ttd'oebu— en, v.a. to extend, enlarge, expand ; 
to dilate ; to spread out ;—en auf etnai or rise 
6. to extend to s.o. or ; tat au£geocfpv 
teften ©in we, in the widest sense ; we it t*£gr- 
bebnt. widespread; fidj —en, to expand, 
spread, develop. — - eitO f p. dc adj. expansive. 
— ««§» /• expansion ; extension ; dimension ; 
extent ; comprehension (of a term) ; dilation ; 
— ung bed $ertfnd. diastole. Comp. — svgft- 
fraft, /. expansive force, elasticity. 

ftttybettnHtr, arf;. imaginable, conceivable; 
capable of being reasoned out. 

ftR&'benfetl, ir.v.a. to contrive, invent, devise ; 

to think out, follow out a train of thought ; M 
— , to exhaust oneself by thinking ; fid) (da£) 
ettna* — , to imagine ; idj faun ttttr few 

ptffenbe* Qefdjenf fiir tbn — , I cannot think 
of a suitable present for him. 

ftllft'otllt— en, v.a. to interpret, explain (a 
dream); to decipher; fibff —en, to misinter- 
pret. — nng, /. construction, interpretation. 

Mtt6'birnen, v.n. (aux. 6.) to serve (out) one's 
time ; to end a term ox service ; to become 
superannuated; ein an$gebicnrer t3rofefftfr, 
an emeritus professor ; ein au£gcb tenter eel- 
bat, a soldier who has served his time, an old 
soldier, a veteran. 

URA'bredjfeln, v.a. to hollow out (on a lathe) ; to 
mold pottery (on the tcheel);U> onish turning ; 
to elaborate. 

ftuAtreben, v.a. to turn out, turn off, put out 
(a lamp, gas). 

ftttWrefdJrfl* ir.v.<u to thrash out 

•JurbTtttf, m. (-$, pi. %ud*tudt) expression ; 
phrase ; term ; QefUhtd— , expression of coun- 
tenance ; ein beralteter — , *n archaism ; ete 
uberlabener— , p l eon as m ; flnnfc— f technical 

term; bilblidjcr — , figurative term, expres- 
sion; berbtfintter —, allegorical expreasW; 
mtt —, with expression (Mus.). Comp. ' 

CTtr /• style (of expressing o n es e l f ). -HIslfCT, 


, adj. expressionless, devoid of expraa- 

_ WB, adj. dc adv. expressive. 

nmVmtwdtU, v.a. to print in full, print at full 
length ; to express (clearly, Tup.) ; to work off 
(a form). 

fmrbrnd— en, *o. to press, to aqueeae out ; to 
strain, wring; to express, utter; nidjt wdt 
tSorten amt&uorndtn, inexpressible. — lia>, 
adj. dc adv. express(ly). — lldsfcitr /• express- 
ness (of instructions, etc), expudtnesa. 

%uVmmH-tn, v.n. («««. I.) to exhale (in per- 
fume), —nng. /. exhalation (from flowers, 
etc.); bouquet (of wine). 

Nns^bUloen, v. L a. to endure (sufferings) to 
the end. II. n. to cease to suffer ; cr fiat •«!• 
gebufbet, be endured to the end, his suffer- 
mgs are over ; he is dead. 

tU#tllltft**r. adj. evapoxable. — t ett, /. evap- 

flna^onnten, v.n. (aur. f.)to evaporate, paaioff 
in vapor or perspiration. 

«nr»inft-tn, r.o. to sweat out ; to exhale. 
—■Mi* /• evaporation ; effluvium ; exhalation ; 
perspiration; fdtfblidx — Mttgm, dampi, 
night perspirations; nnnterflidK — nng,/.mv 
peroeptiWe perspiration; «nfteirenbe « — 
contagious enluvium. 

Mtt«einnn'oer f adv. asunder, apart; _. 

Comp. — OTingen, — tbttU, ir.v.a. to separate, 
sunder, divide. — fttbren, ir.v.n. (amx. f.) to 
atart asunder, to separate suddenly ; to diverge ; 
— f «brenbe €tr*hlen, divergent raya.- 

ftttlrfffc* 61 fttttfttfr 

Uui'UnttU. v. I a. to heat thoroughly ; to bom 
out (Cap.). IL n. (oar. h.) to cease firing ; tn 
lash out; fciitten — , to kick (of hone*). 

VaftWjeil, v.o. to line with felt; to staff with 
heir (toddles, etc.) ; to nub. rebuke. 

UuV*****X, adj. disooverable; — maftttt, to 

«tt*'Vin»-fn («*. fteranlffnben), w-.v.a. to find 
out, discover. — ig, adj. dt adv. (only with 
madjen): matbe dknoffen bon anient Wnfe 
— igtJMk out associates of good reputation ; 
eht WtirieC — ig tttttdjCtt, to devise en expe- 

Uttft'flfftot, v.a. to dimw fish (a pond, etc.); to 
fish out (secrets). 

Hit ft' Ha mate*, * a. to scale (a gun). 

tlaf flatten, <r.»fl. to unplsit, untwist; to line 
with wicxerwork ; to mend (hurdles, etc.). 

ftttt'Jtlfen, 9j*. to patch up. 

VuCfllegen, ir.v.n. (aux. (.) to fly out; to es- 
cape, run away; to make an excursion; to 
leave home ; er iff then erft andgf flogcts, he 
has left home for the first time. 

VnffUefceil, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to flow out; to 
disoharge itself ; to issue ; to emanate. 

tlnf flnfteH, tr. L a. to curse. H. n. (aux. %.) 

%**$!**/$' tttt*ffftfftte) flight, act of flee- 
ing; evasion, shift, subterfuge ; bci feitier erftca 
— t at his first setting out; tine elenbe, 
fttqfe — , a shuffling excuse ; fbtdflftditc ma* 
Atn (or fucbett) to dodge, shuffle, prevaricate. 

Vttfittg. m, (-S. p/. *it#flftge) act of flying 
out, flight ; ramble, trip, excursion ; first flight 
(of young birds); fledglings; entrance (to a 
beehive); pigeon-hole. 

Ullfflugler. m. (— g, pL — ) excursionist, 
tripper (coll.) 

HU*'fn%. m.(-(ff)c*, p/.« H gfrftffe) a flowing 
out sluice ; effluence ; discharge (of matter) \ 
outlet, issue, mouth ; flux, issue ; emanation ; 

Hlt#Mlttt f /. outlet, waste-weir; channel. 

«wgWg— en, e.a.d>n.;einem etmal — tn or 
— en laffen, to deliver up a th. to s.o., to have 
a th. delivered up. Comp. — esfdKin, m * 
bUl of delivery. 

tta*1*r»erer, m. (— g, pi. — ) challenger. 

Unfforder— n (u*.$eran*?orbeTn), v.a. to can 

out for a duel, to defy ; Srombf — n, to lead 
trumps, -—unfit/, challenge ; defiance. Comp. 
— ttHgftstrief, m. letter of defiance, written 

Hngfirfcem, v.a. to dig, get out of, to get up 
(Min.); to effect, produce. 

Hn#fWW— en, v.a. to enquire after ; to search, 
fish, trace, hunt out; fhtttt —en, to pump a 
person; femonbeS Vtefosrngen — en, to sound 
one (as to kin views, etc.). — er, m. (— erS, pi. 
— er) investigator; pryer, spy; discoverer. 
— UM, /. investigation ; sifting ; prying out 
Comp. — ttngg^metbobC , /. method of inves- 

UnrfTflg— en, reg. ds (r.v.a. to ascertain by 
questioning ; to sound, pump (a person). — er. 
w. (— er$, pi.— er) interrogator. — mi',/ 
pumping, sounding (of a person). 

tittwfreffen, ir.v.a. to eat up. consume : to 
hollow out; to waste; to corrode; todoi 

thing forbidden, to make mischief (coll.) ; mad 
hat er audarfreffen ? what evil has he done V 
(coll.); ber gunge fiat mieber einmal etmae* 
Ottlgefreffen, the boy has again made some 
mischief (coll.). 

Vtttfrieren, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to freese up; to 
frees© right to the bottom ; to be injured by 
freezing ; (aux. 6.) to cease to freese. 

YsttftfUQXeln, v.a. to belabor (with the flat of a 
sword); to thrash soundly. 

tlttftfttgr, /• exportation ; export trade ; gnr — 




geeignet, exportable. Comp. — OTlifef, pi. 
export-good*. — teuttf I, m. export trade. — 

Mmit, f. d»wKck(c. x.). -Hbeta, m. 

bill of sufferance, cocket —WmtttUtPl. «- 
ports, —mil, in. export dutj. 

ttttftfitrbar, «#. exportable; practicable, 
feasible. — fetf, /. practicability. 

Utt&ftln—tn, va. to export ; to transport (crim- 
inals) ; to purge ; to carry Into effect ; to exe- 
cute, carry out; to realise, work oat; to fulfil 
(an engagement) ; eiuent CtoftJ —fit, to take away (secretly) from 8.0., to pilfer (coil.) ; 
■osecute (a scheme; a lawsuU); to finish 

to prosecute < 
draw (a c 

) ; to pursue (asubjet 
r) ;' to amplify (a c* 

to play (ana**); tocleenouWa txmrf). — ct,m. 
(— er», pi- —er) exporter: finisher; achiever. 
— m (pr. Ottdffor^dQ *• «tf. detailed, cir- 
eumstantial ; — llrJ^e (Erjabf una , » full, true and 
particular account. LL adv. & detail, circum- 
stantially ; -iidj jdjreiben, to write fully ; id) 
tin bei ttnterfnajung bed ?c. fehr — lutj An 
SBerte gegongen, I hare been very particular 
In examining, etc. completely. — -ttdPfeit, /. 
minuteness of detail; prolixity. — nng, /. 
carrying on, out ; exportation ; evacuation 
(Med.) ; prosecution (of a scheme, etc.) ; execu- 
tion (of an order); realisation (qf a plan); com- 
pletion (of a building. He.) ; performance (of a 
play, etc.); fulfillment (of a contract, etc.); in or 
ftttr —nng frriugen, to put into practice, to 
carry into effect. Comp. — nngdsgOUg, m. 
excretory duct. — ttNf tsrifcre, /. eduction- 
pipe (which carries off expended steam from the 
cylinder of an engine). 

tttrtifi— CM, v.a. to rill out; to stuff; to fill; 
to pour out, to empty; to stop, close; to 
supply (a deficit) ; to fill up (time ; a form, 
etc.); jctttanbed 6reuc —en, to supply a 
person's place. — eno, p. dt adj. expletive ; 
— tube flRnfif, ritornello. — tttlg, /. act of 
filling up, out. padding ; paneling, etc. Comp. 
— Uttg*=»«rtifrt, /. expletive particle. 
— ttHgdsfUbe,/., — ttngtsnftttt, w. expletive. 

tfoitf nttcr— tt, v.a. to provide with forage ; to 
feed up, fatten ; to use up fodder. — ttttf , /• / 
— tttta bcr €tila>f orren. half-port (Itaut.). 

truest**,/. delivery (of letters, etc.); edition 
(of a book) ; expenditure ; issue ; distribution ; 
publication, announ cem ent; in — bring en, 
to expend, to charge ; — nab if iitnabnte in 
fibminftinunung bringen, to make both 
ends meet, to make receipts balance expenses. 
Comp. —fcttdj, n. cash book. — redjunng, /. 
calculation of expenditure. 

tmrtifcreit, r. & *.:n. (awt. 6.) to cease fer- 
menting ; (ata. f.) to rise by fermentation. 

Unrgoug, m - (—(«>#, pi- fendgfinge) act of 
going out, exit ; outlet, vent, issue ; passage out ; 
issue, result; catastrophe, denouement; ter- 
mination, end, close ; exodus (of the children 
of Israel) ; procession (of the Holy Ghost) ; 
nbtgenber — , feminine ending (Meier); 
fhtmbfer — . m as culin e ending (Meter) ; tint* 
— ntfiitro, to take a walk ; ben — batten, to 
be churched ; bet Qftttf batbrci ftadgonge, the 
river branches into three fork*. Comp. -HM 
bttttft, •». point of departure, starting-point. 
-Hfeftftf, n. finale (Mus.). -+--ittu(,m. 
permit. — 0s|al. in. export duty. 

tmrtatm. •nd'iaten, r.a. to weed out 

Uttfgfb— «, ir.v. I. a. to give out ; to distrib- 
ute (orders, etc.) ; to deliver (letters) ; to deal 
(cant*); to issue (bank-notes; proclamations, 
etc.) ; to spend, lay out (money) ; to give (the 
word. Mil.) ; to give (a daughter in marriage) ; 
to give out, pass off for; to set on foot (a 
rumor); to yield (a profit) ; fid) — f«. to spend 
all one 1 * strength ; to run short of money ; fid) 
fir ftblig —tn, to pass massif off for a noble- 

tt aiett fid} fftr cinen grsfen Oefefcr- 

£, he pretends to be a great scholar. IL 
' " 1 to jisld 

man; tx { 
ten and, 

n. (aux. h.) to bear, yield, bring in; 
abundantly; to sound; to give tongue 
hounds) ; bad JUrn giebt ittdit and, the c 
falls short. — er, m. — erd, jrf. — er) diatri- 
butor; drawer (0/ a bill, etc.); utterer (a/ 
a cAfdfc, etc.); caterer; dispenser (of drugs). 
—ttiu,f. housekeeper. Comp. — Crgd*, av 
small change ; pocket-money. 

HufgebOt, n. (— cd, pi. — f) setting up for 
sale ; first bid at an auction. 

tmrgebttTt,/. (/>/• —en) offspring, production ; 
abortion; — ber &otLt, diabolical scheme; 
hell-born being, fiend. 

Vttf/getinge, n. reservation, righU reserved. 

«n«'gebcn p w-.v.n. (a«x. f.) to go out; to pro- 
ceed; to start; to aim at; to fail, come to am 
end, be exhausted ; to be fulfilled (of dreams, 
etc.) ; to come out (as stains) ; to come off (as 
boots); to fall out (of hair); to fade W 
colors) ; to go out (of light, etc.) ; to becosne 
illegible; to be spent (of money, etc.); so 
result, terminate, end in; to project; to 
expire (of time); to die (of plants); to ramify 
(Anal.) ; to rise (of dough) ; frei — . to go 
free; einen Befeljt — teffen, to issue • 
decree ; eilt ©ttdf int $rntf — teffen, to pub- 
lish, edit a book; er ifr leer ttwgcgnngem, 
he has gone away empty-handed ; bcr beUifle 
Qklft atbt mom Safer nub €obne an*, So 
Holy Ghost proeeedeth from the father and 
the Son ; —be zBanren, export goods ; id| grV 
ban bent ©rwtbfttfce and, I start from the 
principle that ; — auf cine €., to aim at s.tfc. : 
anf Oetrel —.to go a-begging ; er ging bonurf 
and mid) $n argern. his object was to annoy 
me ; Re gingen onf ntein Serberben onJ, 
they jSot&d my ruin; er fdjttsbte, bU Upsb 
ber Wtent anting, he talked till he was out 
of breath; bieOkbnfb gebt mir «n#, 1 lose an 
patience ; bad Sort gebt attf ein € and, the 
word ends in 8; wic mirb biefe €ad»e — T 
how will this end?; —ber Sttnfel, salient aagie- 

tttfgCtebli, p.p. i adj. fluted. 

Unfttlafftn, p.p. & adj. wild, unruly, frolic- 
some ; wanton ; extravagant, excessive. — tctt , 
/. bolsterousness; wildness; wantonness. 

tUtfteniafbt, p.p. & adj. settled; determined 
on, decided; confirmed, undoubted; arrant; 
eine — e ©ahrbtit, an undeniable truth ; ein 
— er Mnrte, a confi rmed (out-and-out) ras- 
cal ; ein — er itenner, an undoubted connois- 
seur, an admitted authority. 

tinrgeniefcen, ir.v.a. to enjoy to the utmost 

tinfgenomatcn, p.p. ds prep, save, except, with 
the exception of, barring. 

Hnrgebhut, adj. pitched out, 1 
proof (Jam.); — t Uthitn, 
throats ; eine — e ©nrgel baben, to be a hard 
drinker (coM.). 

flttf lefdmitttn, pp. cut out : cut to snaps (*/ 
postage stamps) ; low-bodied (dress). 

VntsatttiHt, adj.; —e £ente r very dever 

tmrge404ff , p.p. scalloped (of pottage stamps). 

tlnrgdeUlniet, aisopron. nuHtmVnet, pp. 
& od/T excellent ; distinguished. Ulustrious, 

tmrgiebig, adj. plentiful, abundant, rich, 

«n# / giei|--en, ir.v.a. to pour out; to diffi . 
shed ; to fill up, load (a stick with lead) ; to vent 
(one's anger) ; bad ftinb wit bent Dabe —cm. 
to throw away the good with the bad, to act 
without discernment; fcin AttA —en, to un- 
bosom oneself, —nng,/. effusion; libation; 
descent (or coming) (of the Holy Ghost). 

Hn^gWen, v.a. to fill with plaster. 

tmrtlrid). m. (— f#) settlement, 
— tOt, adj. compensable, 

tmrglCtst-C*, *r.v.a. to 

ise ; to compensate, make up for (a loss, eto.) ; 
to level ; to settle (a dispute, etc.) ; to balance 
{accounts); bie VHftKrftanbniffe finb «n$- 
gf glitteit, the misunderstandings hare been 
arranged ; montii 6ie meine fNea)nnng —fit 
BfoBm. balancing thereby my account. — etto, 
p. otorfV. compensatory. — er, m. (— fr$, jm. 
— er) adjuster : reconciler; comptroller; com* 
pensatftig pendulum. — «*§, / equalisation, 
adjuatment: balancing, clearing; balance; 

ation, settlement; compensation; 

arrangement; \uv — nng biffed 
<9fgenfta*bf *, m order to close this trans- 
action. Comp. — uunicm&ntt, f. cash bal- 
ance, odd money. — nnggsttttge, /• adjust- 

tlnd'gleiten, ir.v.n. (our. f.) to slip, tilde. 
MmfiliPmtU, ir.v.n. (aux. b.) to go out 

tmrglirfOm, e.n. (oux. f.) to slip, slide (coll.). 
maftlftteK, ».«■ to heat thoroughly; to 

1Ia#*r«tCtt, crv.a. to dig up, out ; to disinter, 

exhume ; to excavate ; to unearth (a badger) ; 

to grab (a Irss iu o f ) ; to engrave, sink. 
Vvrgritm, e.o. to bone (ayUA). 
~ ~ Ctfni, <r.v. L a. to seise, pick out {of a 
r) ; to handle, feel ; to wear out. IL a. 

(amx, k.) to stretch ; to step out (of horses). 
UsaVfTittftm, »«. to groove out; to flute; to 

carve in high relief. 

9ltt«yiMttdl r m. (— e#) act of exhaling; exhala- 
tion ; breath ; fume. 

tUft'boadren, e. L a. to exhale ; [tint 6eete — . 
to breathe one's last, expire. IL a. (amx. h.) 
to expire* 

UnVtautU, *r.v.a. to hew out; fine fMtbfinie 
in Bxantur — . to hew out a statue in marble, 
to carve ; to thin (a /ore*) ; to cut up(a«toKoA- 
tered animal) ; to lop (trees) ; to engrave (a* in- 
scription); to flog(oofr.); fin anigehonenc* 
ftantenfelb, an exhausted coal-mine. 

HuVWuttU, v.a. to skin, flay ; fid} — , to cast the 

VttwteQ— *tt, ir.v.a. to lift out or up ; to take up 
(a plant, etc.); to take off the hinges (0/ a door % 
etc.) ; to draw out (with a siphon) ; to lift up the 
detents (Horol.) ; to lift out the fdhn (Typ.) ; 
to pick out, select ; to signalise, distinguish ; to 
draw (recruits) ; to tell off, levy (soldiers for 
special duty) ; fid) ben ttrnt —en, to dislocate 
one's arm ; eta fcndgebobf ner, recruit. — er» 
m. (— er£, pi- — er) rateh (Horol.) ; a machine 
for lifting and transplanting ; trowel ; recruit* 
ing officer. — ttttg, /. levy, oonscription, draft. 
Comp. — fsfpau.m. composing-stick (Typ.). 

UuVtKdtU, v.a. to hatch ; to plot, brew, devise, 
contrive; cine $an*e bent teinen ttbler 
*ng. you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's 
ear (prov.). 

Vaftctleit, v. I. a. to heal or cure perfectly. 
IL n. to be healed, heal up. 

ttaffcelf— en, ir.v. I. n. (our. J.) to help out; 
to aid ; to accommodate, supply with. II. a. to 
help off. — er, m. (— erg, j*. — er),— in,/ 
(p£ — fameit) help, helper ; occasional assistant. 

*«r|ieb, m. (-?, p/. -e) what is hewn or cut 
out ; opening of shafts. — tttcifcd, m. hewing 


UnWlW— ftt» v<a. to hollow out ; to groove ; to 
chamfer, flute; to excavate; to undermine. 
<raftgftf|lt,p.p.<* "patriate (£<*). -nng* 
/. excavation ; grooving ; fluting (of a column, 
etc.); bie —una attf finer «rnt(rnfl, the 
groove of a crossbow. 

tUflJOl— en, v. I. a. / eitten —en, to pump one, 
ascertain by pumping. IL a. (aux. 6.) to lift 
the arm (for throwing, striking, etc.);$u eintttt 
®tomnge —en, to take a run in leaping ; met* 
—en, to go far back in narrating anything. 
— er, tn. (— er$, pi. — er) name of certain 
ropes (Naut.). 

Vnfr'faoren, v.a. to hear out, to hear to the 

nnftfrab, m. (— e$) levy, choice. 

Unrifilf-e, «n»tHf-«, /. aid, assistance; 
stop-gap ; accommodation ; id) babe Ufrl M of 
aid — e gebrant^t, I have only employed him 
as a stop-gap. — 4=f»<h, m. assistant cook. 
—dslebrer, m. teacher engaged for temporary 
assistance. — gsffattfttieler, »p. understudy. 
— ftelttBg,/. temporary situation. — 0s»eife, 
adv. as a makeshift, temporarily. 

tUA'bJlftn, v.a. to shell, hull (peas, etc.). 

tUffcungern, v.a. to starve out ; to starve. 

tlllff Often, v. I. a. to hunt out, expel ; to un- 
earth la fox). TL n. (aux. f.) to ride out hard ; 
(met. ft.) er bat anggefagt, his hunting days 
are over. 

Uneaten, see Kndgaten. 

VnaVtittMlfen, v. I. a. to fight out. IL n. (aux, 
b.) to cease fighting. 

tlngf nnen, v.a. to chew out, extract by chew- 

tUtfanf, m. (—€9,plHu91uuU) buying out or 
up ; outbidding ; ransom. 

Ultg'fattfen, v.a. to buy out, buy the whole 
stock; to forestall ; to outbid ; bie £eit — , to 
make the most of one's time ; bie (Belegenfeeii 
— , to Improve the occasion. 


ttoffcfct— €*» v a. to chamfer, to flute. 
/. fluting, grooving ; chamfer. 

Htt#'trhr— CM, v.a. to sweep out, sweep dee*, 
—tot, n. (— 3) sweeping*. 

UuVtCiltn, v. t a. to fit, provide with wedges ; 
to thresh (vulgX U. r. <Cr n. (aux. b.) to end 
disappears suddenly. 

UufttUtVn, vm. to press out (wine), 

Huitttbcn, v.a. to notch, indent; to mfll (the 
edge of a coin), ftaftgeftttt, p.p. <* adj. en- 
grailed (i^m), serrated; rin onlgetcrbteJ 
©tott, a notched leaf. 

tUtsVftrnol* v.a. to stone (fruit); to take out 
the kernel ; to cull, pick out; to seize on the 
gist of. 

tintftaflCit, vm. to sue for, to demand, prose- 
cute: fid) — , to tell all one's grievances. 

Unt'lMtfftei!, t.a. to slap; to hiss off (the 
stage); to condemn (a play) ; to blurt out. 

Hn«vn*a1*tt, v.a. to pick out (with the fingers) ; 
to cull (ore) ; to think out, devise. 

ftOftflelKtt, v.a. to stop (a Arte) ; to paper ; fine 
edKUttcl mil «3a»tcr — , to line a box with 

tUffleib— «, r. I. a. to undress; — en ftetfen, 
to assist in undressing. II. r. to take off one's 
clothes; to dress up. — uH§,/. act of undress- 
ing. Camp. — {slimmer, n. dressing-room. 

ftntflingeln, v.a. to publish by ringing a belL 

flnv'flingen, ir.v.n. (aux. b.) to cease to 
" ) ; bie 



to die away (at an echo) ; 

• Mr be Hang in 

cin $ocft and, the speech ended with cheers, 
flnft'nppfen, v.a. to beat out (as dud) ; to clean 

by beating ; to thrash, drub. 
UnftWigClN, v.a. to st 

subtilise, to excogitate, to 
nch out ; to slip off ; to 

discover by sul 

ttttffttdfeil, v.a. to . 
leave secretly, to run away (coU), 

fUfttnUbeln, vm. to settle by dicing; cine 
§fofdie JBein — , to settle by throwing dice 
who is to pay for a bottle of wine. 

ttttAflMfecn, extract by boiling ; to boil 
sufficiently ; to scald (a vessel) ; au£gf f od)tf d 
&Icifdl. meat which has become juioeless by 
overboiling. IL n. (aux. i.) to boil over or 
away ; (aux. b. ) to cease boiling. 

UuftommtU. t ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to come, go 
out ; to break out (of fire) ; to break out of the 
shell; to become public, get abroad; to hold 
good, answer the purpose ; to agree, live peace- 
ably with ; to make do ; id) fan* tmnutatid) 
bamft — , I can't possibly manage with so 
little ; cr rontmt faum nth fetnen vintunf ten 
and. he barely makes both ends meet ; cr niirb 
mit biefer <jrntfd)u(*ignna nidjt — , this excuse 
will not do; ed ift ntit tbm nid)t antaifom- 
Btm, there is no living with him ; id) romnte 
nid)t mit bcr fceibe and, I shall not have 
enough silk for it ; id} merbe fdjon mit tbm — , 
I shall no doubt manage to get along with him. 
IL subst. n. act of getting out ; competence, 
peaceable intercourse ; ein — treffen, to come 
to some agreement, to find ways sad means. 

Uttftfdrntn, v.a. to pick out the grains. 

«n6Wtrn, v.a. to select by tasting ; to taste 
fully, to experience thoroughly; to consume 
by tasting. 

ttaftromrn, I. v.a. to expose for sale ; to dis- 
play, make a parade of ; to show up, to let 
see. II. subst jt. ostentatious display. 

tttttfrofcrn. r. I. a. to scratch out, erase. II. 
n. (aux. b.) to cease scratching ; (aux. f.) to 

run away, to scratch (rulg. 
tfofttrittbe*, ir.v. 

v.n. (aux'. f.) to creep out of; 
to come forth ( from the shell) ; bet Sink fried) t 
an* ttttb ein, the wind chops about. 

«U*f ifeJen, v.a. <k n. (aux. f.) to cool thor- 

toitft-ft— a'ltt, m. aa s cn ltator (died.) ; rang 

lawyer attending at court; first grade of • 
barrister (Law). — ottl^n, /. auscultation, 
stethosoouy. — ****, m. = — ant (Law). 
Vttvfstfttrrrn, co. to ausoult, to urm«ti** 
ausoultati o nCflfed.); to listen, to attend (erf m 
court of law). 

•natnnb— en, «nft^nnMa>oft~en, v*. to 

explore ; to discover by spies ; to reconuoifsr. 
— Ct« n. spy, informer. 

«ttw'ftinft # /.(p/.«ttdfnnfte)wayont; mesne of 
subsistence; intelligence, information: expe- 
dient, resource ; id) fragte ita nm niter* — 
fiber, *., I asked him for fuller pnitfeosan 
as to, etc. — er% /. mteUigenoe-cfnoe, inquiry 
office. Comp. — gsbnrctttt, n. see Haft's 
tnnftti. — e=mittel f n. resource, expedient 
— ftCfle, /. intelligence office. 

tlttwfinftCla, v.a. to invent, contrive (with see 
great art); to elaborate. 

HnrUunm, *. I. a. to laugh at; to deride, 
laugh to scorn; fid) — , to laugh one's fill. 11 
*. (aux. b.) to cease laughing. Comp. — #r 
inert, — vsmfitMS* adj. & adv. ridknloom. 

QQwIab—en, tr.«.a. to unload, unlade; das- 
charge; to project; ein ©euKbr— en, to daw 
the charge from a gun ; fid) —fit, to I 
erupt. — e~ ' " * 

-cr . m. (—tte f pL — er) ■ 

f-rod (Phyt.). — nng, /. unloadins;; 

drawing (of a gun charge) ; projection (Arc*.). 
Comp. — esftftcn, pi. charges for rnitnadtng 
— eslohn, m. tonnage. — esOrt, in. port of 
discharge ; landing-place, wharf. 
UttefOge, /. ( pi. — ttj disbursement : outlay, ex- 
advance (C. L.)\ stall, bench (for 

'e of wares) ; posture of defense, guard 
(fienc.) ; fcte — kfieber er flatten, to reimburse ; 
ti lobnt bie — n nia)t, it does not pay. 
tlttftlaud, n. (—**), foreign countey, foreign 
parts; int ~ f f abroad ; 5«. ttnb nws^lon*. 
country and abroad ; Sooren bont— t, foreign 

UttsVlinn-er. m. (-er#. jrf. -cr) foreignsc. 
sllen. —ttev,f. predilection for things foreign; 
affectation of foreign ways. — ifo>, adj. for* 
eign, alien ; exotic ; outlandish. 

Uttflangen, v.n. (aux. h.) to be srrfflcfcsnt, to 
suffice, to do; turn 6trctnW — , to lift up the 
arm to strike, to aim a blow ; biefe Snnanc 
nitrb ftbmcrlid) — , this sum will be scarcely 
sufficient; »u mirft mit biefer (fnrfdMtlbignng 
nidjt — , this excuse will not help you. 

VttfUtagen, v.a. to stretch out, extend. 

Wink, tn. Hf)f«, pf. *u*Mt) outlet 

Hnftlalf-eil, <r.v.a. to let out, let go ; to lei 
off ; to give vent to ; to melt ; to leave out, 
omit ; to overlook ; to let out, widen ; frint 
tBttt an einem —en, to vent one's soger on a 

S arson ; anJgelafjene ©utter, melted butter k 
a) —en, to express one's mind ; er lief M 
nid)t meiterani, he did not explain himsslf 
further; ein attdgelaffene* Seben. a riotous, 
dissolute life ; ein auforCaffene* fcaiftcn. sn 
unrestrained, boisterous laugh, —nng./. let* 
ting out ; discharge (fromprison, etc.); leering 
out; omission; efiipse, ellipsis (IWef.); elision, 
expressing an opinion, utterance, remarkXsl 
Comp. — nng*=ieid)en, n, apostrophe; mark 
of elistftn. 

nuy\<mU m. (— el, pt. stn^lonfe) running out, 
leakage ; effusion ; setting sail (of a ship) : 
projection ; mouth (of a river) ; net profit (of 

Hnrianf— en. fr.v.n. (mux. f.) to run, flow out; 
to leak ; to discbarge itsslf into ; to put to 

to clear a port ; to project (^rcA.) ; to i _ 
run out ; to branch out ; to diverge ; to come to 
an end ; to run down, to cease running (Aesr* 
gfasi); berOefefef turn —en, sailing orders: 
bie (fcrbfen (onfrn on**, the peas drop out of 
the pods; bfijtn -<n, to taper off ; Mfc-tor 

tfalliitfct to fhtfnmteni 

Wttflifft— Clt, v.a. to put out, extinguish ; to 
efface, obliterate; to erase ; to pay off (a 
debt); to blot out (one** guilt, BX —ft, m. 
(— ft 8, pl'—tv) extinguisher (of a candle) ; 
quencher (of afire). —ltd), adj. that may 
be erased or extinguished, —ting, /. oblitera- 
tion ; extinction. 

mufl3f«H-etl, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to go out, be 
extinguished ; to become illegible ; to become 
extinct, to die ; bit SanUft lofff) aul, the lamp 
became extinguished. 

Hat/Men, v.a. to draw lots for ; to raffle. 

ttaftiff— tn, v.a. loosen, draw out, release; 
to cut out ; to redeem, ransom ; produce ; einett 
Vrm — «lt, to dislocate an arm ; aitdAUfdfeu, 
redeemable. — ttttg r /• act of releasing; re- 
deeming ; ransom ; reimbursement ; disloca- 
tion ; ratch (/foro/.). 

UttfrffiftCIt, v.a. to air thoroughly; fid} — , to 
take an airing. 

tlMftrwiMtoK, v.a. to make out; to take out 
(stains); to shell (peas, etc.); to open (oysters) ; 
to draw (poultry); to extinguish (fire, etc.); 
to make up, constitute; to decide, arrange, 
determine; to settle (a dispute); to end (a 
fatantiO; to stipulate; to matter; to draw a 
cover (Sport) ; to procure, get for another ; to 
discover; to amount to; finett — , to scold 
(vulg.) ; t$ ma<ht itidjt* au&, it is of no con- 
sequence ; toir l»aben eft fa au6gema<ftt, we 
have settled the matter thus; r$ ift einc 
atlfaemautte 6afftc, it is a settled affair; 
Woo baft bit mil tftm aitfntmadten? what 
have you to arrange with him ?; fur aitdge' 
ntan}t amtcbmen. to take for granted ; and- 
aeraadjt! agreed I; fin ftttlgemactter IKarr, 
&<ht Im, ft downright fool, a thorough knave; 
er ift era attdgemadjter ®djnrft, he is an out 
and out villain ; eittf m efltcit $if lift — , to pro- 
cure one employment; toad ift ftttdgemafftt 
toarbett? what has been decided on?; fie mogev 
e$ mit einanber — , let them fight it out 
between themselves. — 0, p. dt adj. constitu- 
ent; amounting to. 

VurtttOblettr v.a. to grind thoroughly. 

fJUfmalett, v.a. to paint ; to color ; to illumi- 
nate ; to finish (a picture) ; fid) (dot.) et»a6 
— , to imagine (in detail). 

ftttftsntarfd), m. (— <S, pi. Kitlmftrflfte) march- 
ing out, departure (of troops). 

n*Vm*rlmtrtU f v.n. (am. f.) to march out. 

HuVWUmttU, v.a. to line with stones or masonry; 
to wall up. 

tUttttterfleltt, v.a. to emaciate; to exhaust 
(land); to enervate, debilitate; fin au0ge« 
ntergeirer SBuftlittg, a worn-out roue\ 

HttS'mm— fll, v.a. to sort, pick, cull out; to 
reject, remove (what is bad); to take sway, 
reject (Math.), —tutu* /• abolition, abroga- 
tion, elimination, suppression, effacing, pro- 
scription, purification. 

•ttfmcff— eit, ir.v.a. to measure out ; to take 
the dimensions of ; to survey ; to gauge ; to 
retail ; to apportion. — ft, m. (— t rS, pi. — er) 
surveyor. —ting, /. measuring, 

~ ] gauging; bir — ttitg 

, to take a ship*s bear- 

: out on hire; to dis- 
lirher rent; to take a 
lido of one's own house. 
Jie dung out, to cleanse 

it up, furnish, 
n. (aux. b.) to empty, 
|, /. mouth (of a river). 
oin; gerfoger — f to 

barge, reject (soldiers) ; 
trd; to expurgate (pas* 




sage* from a book) ; einen gdjriftftetter — f to 

expurgate an author's writing*. 
ftttfKMCN, »•«• to embroider; to stitch; to 

quilt; to adorn with needlework. 
ga#'tt*toft-e, f. (pi. —en) exception ; »6ne 

a without exception, abeolutely. Comp.—ts 
m. exceptional case. — gefe%, n, excep- 
a law. — #sf*H» *»• exceptional clause. 
— tstneife, adv. by way of exception, excep- 

MnVrntym—tn, ir.v.a. to take out; to draw (a 
/owl: a tooth) ; to select ; to except, exempt ; 
cr ntnunt attee* nuf 9»rg an*, he takes every- 
thing on credit ; andgenitttnten, except ; fid) 
—en, to make a figure, be distinguished ; to 
look, hare a oertain appearance; fid) fd)fed)t 
— . to look bad or ill; blfff ftarhe nintntt fid) 
feqr gnt anl, this color looks very well. 
— ettfc, p. ds adj. rare, exceptional, extraordi- 
nary ; exquisite, adv. exceedingly. 

gat's**— tn, v.a. to wear out ; to utilise fully. 
— nng,/. utilization. 

MnVHatm, v.a. to unpack. , 

««6'!MMMK«, v.a. to line with pasteboard. 

IlKt^flvw-ea, v.a. to seise, dUtrain. — er. 
nu (—et$ fP L -*r) distrainer. — MM, /. dis- 

tJfeft'ptarrc*, v.a, to separate from a parish. 

Mut W t i\tM t ir.v.a. to hiss off the stage (an 
actor); to conde m n (a play). 

ftNWfUtftartt, v.a. to pare (completely). 

ftnWtite*, v.a. to plow up, turn up in 

etaWUfeil, v.a. to ooat the inside with pitch ; 
etn an£ge»i<trer Vtagen, the stomach of an 
ostrich (i.e. a strong digestion). 

VtttVptitfela, v.a. to paint inside; to efface by 
painting over. 

VttW'ltal, ausploes. 

tJteftVmttttt, v.a. to smooth, to iron. 

«»f»U%f«, v.n. (aia. f.) to burst; to burst 
out; to blurt out. 

«»ftV»I*atCni, v.a. to blab, let out (wcrefe, 
ete.) ; fid) — , to hare a good talk. 

•■aVlPliMCr— «,v.a. to empty, strip, desolate by 
plunder. — er, «. (— ere> p/. — er) plunderer. 

fJttftVttvlftertt, v.a. to stuff, pad ; to line. 

ttaf|**f*B*£1l, r.o. to trumpet forth ; to make 
universally known ; febten eigne* ftngnt — , 
to blow one's own trumpet. 

*«r»ratea. ••«. to stamp, impress ; to coin. 

HVftVMrcMiOl, v.n. (aux. h.) to hare done 
preaching, come to the end of a sermon. 

MmWntlkn, v.a. to crush, squeeze out; to 
extort, force from. 

nnV*t*9tU, vm. to try thoroughly; ©eta — , 
to taste wine. 

UNaVftrigClR, v.a. to cudgel soundly. 

*»nMI«MKn, v.a. to pump out ; to exhaust (air). 

MuVtfUtit m. (— e$) ornaments; trimming. 

n*V*U%tn, v.o. to clean, cleanse, sweep out ; 
to polish up ; to adorn, decorate ; to snuff out 
(a candle); to prune (trees); to pick (teeth, 
etc.); to sponge (a cannon); to rebuke, blow 
up (coll.) ; fidj — , to deck oneself out. 

SnrrOierf*. v.«. to scrape out, erase. 
nWineeln. «*•*****«, Hnfraneen, v.«. 

to surround with a beading ; to lag the edges; 

flMtferittsctt Slitter, crenated bares. 
MuVrwmwrtU, v.a. to put away as useless; 

*n#r*ng ierfe IMeiter, cast off clothes. 
*Kw l t*1fi, v.n. (aux. i.) to cease raging, become 

quiet ; to abate ; her etnrnt hat fid) a*#geraft, 

the storm has spent itself, 
tfrf'tanchen, v.a. to consume in smoking ; to 

smoke out (afox % etc.). 
*«W*ttfett, v.a. to pluck, tear out; er rnnfte 

fa Qat.) ale $a«re All*, he tore hU hair. 
et«rr«H«— m, v.a. to clear out, away, off; to 
out; to gut (a house); fid) (fiat) hie 

Dfcren —en, to dean one's ears. 

(—tt4,pl. — er) dearer out ; gun-pick. - 

/. act of clearing out, cleansing or removiaaj. 

Hnifethn— e« r v.o. to CMtup(aw«t);toimss 
a calculation, calculate, compute. — mm*}, /. 
computation, calculation. 

Kne^reee, /. (pi. — n) excuse, pretence; _*• 
dditiidje — , legal quibble; nidjt* *f* -5L 
nothing but evasions; Gie fine nk urn efer 
— Derlegen, you are never at a loss for am 

anrreeen, v. i. n. (aux. h.) to finish >P«***»f. 

to speak freely ; (af mid) — , let me f 

a. einent ftWaS — , to dissuade from doissg 
a thing, to talk one out of (an opinion^ esc.). 
III. r. to excuse oneself from ; to exculpate 
oneself; to have one's say out; fa) wsM 
einent — , to come to an understanding; with 
a person after a thorough discussion. 

flnrreftnen, v. I. a. to wash out, wash away. 
II. r. (out. b.) to cease raining. 

Vnft'reiben, ir.v.a. to rub out, off, away. 

Kne^reioyn, v.n. (our. b.) to suffice, do ; to net. 

«n#Tei%— en, »>.r. I. a. to pluck, tearoat; to 
pull up; to extract (a tooth); ItnfMnf —em. to 
weed; an* hen ^inhen —en, to wreaick, 
snatch out of one's hands. II. n. (eicr. f.) tonsa 
away, decamp, abscond (coll.) ; to bolt (<rf e 
Aora?) ; to desert (MU.) ; to ^ be c * 

to be worn, torn; anigeriffene gnafc f isfr n . 
worn out button-holes; nne%eriffenc veVkt* 
broken down dams, dykes. — er, a*. ( — cre\ 
pi. — er) deserter; runaway (coll.). 

flnfreiten, ir.v.a. dt n. (aux. ft.) to ride) onaV 

Unrrenf— en, v.a. to dislocate. —nni»/« Re- 

Kne^rennen, ir.v. I. a. to knock out in nnmnag. 
II. n. (aux. h.) to cease running; (awe f.) to 
start from. 

flnfrenten, v.a. to root out, dear, eradkatev 

flnrrheten, v.a. to rig, fit out, equip (a wsssef). 

«nrHd>t— en, v.a. to make straight or towel; 
to turn outwards; to execute (an order) ; to 
deliver (a message); to accomplish (a pur- 
pose) ; to fulfill (a bequest, etc.) ; to defray (e»> 
penses); to give (a dinner, etc.); to prevail, 
effect; to rebuke; to calumniate (obsol.); £{* 
f innen nei ifent Die! —en, you have great In- 
fluence with him ; nid)t# —en. to labor in 
vain ; admit i(c nidjK nn#gerU|tet, that » of 
no avail, won't do; 6ie latreen hneei «it%t# 
—en, you won't be able to do anything in the 
matter ; riditen 6ie ikm meinen Qlrnf i 
give him my kind regards, present my 
menu to him ; id) merle e* —en, I ■ 
fail to do so; tBile —en, to draw a oovar . 
— er, •». (-er*, pi. — et) one that <T 
cutce, etc.; discoverer (of a mine); 
(of a xcill) ; defrayer (of expense). — nng, /. 
giving, getting up (a banquet, etc.); defraying 
(expense*)-, performance, execution, deUrary; 
part of a dowry. 

Vttf^rieVen, v.o. to chamfer, flute ; to rifle (the 
barrel of a gun). 

Wnyrittflen, ir.v. I. a. to wring out ; todisiocats ; 
einent ttou* — > to wrest something from 
one. II. n. (aux. %.) to finish wrestling ; er Ml 
anfgernngen , his struggles are over ; he is dead. 

«n#T jnnen, <r.v.a. (aux. U to run, trickl e oes. 

Unrritt, m. (-e#,p/. -e) ride, excursion en 
horseback; departure. 

nnf/fmtn, v.a. to root out, stub up; to dear (a 
forest), prepare (land) for tillage. 

Vne^rvlen, v.o. to roll out ; to unroD. 

Vttf^rvtt— en , v.a. to extirpate,extermlawto, veal 
out. — er, n*. (—erf, j*\ — er) s xiir pe ter . 
—nng,/. extirpation. Comp. — nnflfl frkfl, 
m. war of extermination. 

Unrr&tftlt, v. Ln, Owe. f.) to 




mora out ; and beat Sttger — , to decamp. II. 
a. to throw out of gear ; ciaf &iit — , to com- 
mence a new line ( Typ.y auMCTUdt, p.p. & 
atsj. out of gear. 

VnaVrnf, m. (— <t)t,pl. — e) cry; outcry; pro- 
clamation; public sale; exclamation; inter- 

•n^raf — CH, ir.v. I. a. to proclaim ; to publiab 
{banns) ; to cry (/or sale) ; to publish (by the 
town crier). II. n. (aax. h.) to cry out, ejacu- 
late, exclaim ; to oeaae crying, calling. — er, 
m. (— er#, p/. — er) crier, hawker ; bellman, 
town-crier ; herald. —nng,/* act of crying {/or 
tale) ; proclaiming ; publishing (o/ banns) ; cry ; 
exclamation, outcry; bic — ungen her ©er- 
ranter in ben 6tra|eu ooa Bonbon, the cries 
of London. Comp. — nngt^ttUttl, ». interjec- 
tion (Gwa). — UNftftsjeUtKII, n. mark of 
exclamation (Gmn.), 

Vnfrnben, *.*. A r. to rest, take repeat; 

— van finer Hnftrengnng, to rest from or 
after an exertion. 

Vn#'mn»en, v.a. to round ; to round out. 
ttneTnpfen, *.a. to pluck out. 
Vnfrnft— en, *.a. to equip, fit out ; fin &rieg$- 
Miff —en, to fit out a man-of-war; nrit tier- 
nnnft andger&ftct, endowed with .reason. 
— f m. (— er*%/»'. — er) fitter out, preparer. 
tg, /. fitting out; preparation; outfit, 
ttniWnrfdjen, v.n. (auz. f.) to alip, lose one's 

footing {coll.). 
Vn¥rilteitt, v.a. to shake out ; to shake soundly. 
«n«Vf C«t, /. {pi. —en) sowing ; seed ; seed-corn ; 

— in £*dkr, dibbling. Comp. —faro, *». 

«n«V?£tn, r.a. to sow (seed); to disseminate 
{errors; discord* etc.). 

gnffogC, /• (/*• — «) declaration, assertion, 
statement ; deposition ; predicate {Oram.) ; etne 
oerufttfiffte — ftlnut, to give eridence, make a 
deposition ; — onftdren, to receive an audit 
{Law) ; eifctifsje — , deposition on oath ; £eu- 
ten—, eridence ; affidavit ; febte — betnetfen, 
to prove one's statement ; and) — after, by all 
account* ; anf feine — bin, from what he says. 
Comp. — bfgriff, m. predicate. — \n%, m. 
affirmative proposition. — tVCffC* /• mood (in- 
dicative, subjunctive m.). — nwrt, n. word 
that predicates or affirms, verb. 

Vttff djalt— en, v.a. to eliminate ; to put out of 
use or circuit. — er, m. cut out, commutator 
for breaking contact, —nag, /. putting out 
of circuit. 

Vngfcttinten, v.r. to be thoroughly ashamed 
(vula.) ; to lose all sense of shame (obs.). 

«««'f*anf, m. (— <e)d), retail-license; public 
house, ale house. 

ttoffdjorre*, v. I. a. to rake, scratch up or 
out; to dig up; to insult; to drive away by 
scraping with the feet (way 0/ expressing dis- 
content). II. n. {auz. h.) to fling, kick out ; to 
scrape with the feet. 

flHeVfdiarten, v.a. to notch, Indent. 

«nrfa>M— Cn, — ieren. v.a. to shade {Paint.). 

ffnrfdianen, v. I. a. (aux. b.) to look out; 
(Had) eittem, for one). II. n. to look, to have 
an appearance ; tranrig — , to look sad. 

If tttfajanfein, v.a. to scoop, shovel out. 

flnft'fdKia— en, I. ir.v.a. to separate ; to reject ; 
to segregate; to secrete (Med.); — enbf tUe- 
fftge. secretory vessels. II. vr.v.n. (aux. f.) to 
secede, to withdraw from a body of people, a 
club, a party, etc. ; —en au$ einent Serbntibe, 
to leave a society ; —en an* bent Oeftftftf tg- 
bftrif b, to retire from business. III. subst.n. 
— nng, /. separation; secession; secretion; 

— nngg-organe, excretive organs. 

ffttffdjelicn, ir.v.a. to reprimand severely, 
scold ; — taegen einer 6. , to rebuke for a th. 

If nrfdienfen, v.a. to pour, fill out ; to help one 
to (trine, etc.) ; to sell, retail (liquors). 

VnffdKnern, v.a. to scour out ; to wear out by 

flttgfdjidra, v.a. to send out; to send op an 
errand ; anf Jtomntfltlb* — , to detach, draft 
off (MUX 

Huffdjieben, ir.t.a. to shove out; to draw 
(bread /rom the oven) ; to draw out, lengthen (a 
telescope-table) ; to finish (a game at bowls). 

Unrfdjiejf— Cn, I. ir.v.a. to shoot out ; to shoot 
for (a prize); to improve (by shooting) ; to wear 
out by shooting ; to reject, cast out {/rom a 
number); to sort; to impose {the columns, 
Typ.) ; to discharge (ballast, etc.) ; eitt Kebier 
—en, to shoot all the game in a preserve ; ein 
.ftantorntann nwrbe aufgefdjoffen, a captain 
was selected (obs.). II. Vv.n. (aux. f.) to 
sprout, shoot forth. III. subst.n. act of shoot- 
ing out, etc.; rejection; projection of a ship's 
stem. — er, m. (— er#, pi. — er) sorter {in 
paper-mills). — UUg, /. see —en, in. 

Unffdjiff— en, v. I. a. to put on shore, disem- 
bark, land; detrain (Mil.), —nng,/. disem- 
barking, disembarkation ; detrslnment of 
troops (Mil.). II. n. (aux. f.) to put to sea. 

ffUgMftimjlfcn, v.a. to scold thoroughly, abuse 

HneWdrtrren, v.a. to unharness. 

fluft'fdjladjten, v.a. to cut up for sale (a car- 
cass}; to parcel out, to sell in portions, to 
retail; to take out the entrails (a/ a slaughtered 

ffHeVfu>lafcn, ir.v. I. n. (auz, b.) to sleep 
one's fill or enough. II. a. to sleep away ; 
fid) — , v. refi. to have one's sleep out, to 
sleep one's fill ; to enjoy a good night's rest ; 
audgefdjfafen baben. to have done sleeping ; 
andgefditafen If in, to be wide awake, to be 
stirring ; ff ittf tt ffldttfd) — , to sleep oneself 
sober; guten SRorgen ! ttuggefiftfafen ? 
good morning I Did you get a good sleep 1 

«ttfi'fd|laa, m. (-*9,pl. «ttgftblfiflf) the first 
blow ; kick (of horses) ; budding, sprouting (0/ 
trees % etc.); cutaneous eruption, rash, exan* 
thema ; exudation (on a new wall) ; lining (o/a 
carriage, etc.) ; border, trimming ; turn(lng) of 
the scale ; result, event, end ; playing oil (at 
ball, etc.) ; tint ftcber gicbt ber fBngc ben — , 

a feather will turn the scale; per 6d|l«6t tat 
— gebfa, to turn the icaJe, decide the issue of 
a battle ; bic 6timtte, bit em — giebt, bie — 
gefrcttbe 6ttmnte, the casting vote. Camp. 
— filltftl, m. hammer used in pounding ore. 
— ftcbet, n. eruptive fever. — VtflWftt, /. 


fiforf.). — «st9infcl» m. angle of elongation 

HnrfdllaO— ea r I. 6\».a. to strike out, to beat, 
dash, knock out ; to take (a bedstead) to pieces ; 
to flatten out; to line; to hang (with paper or 
tapestry) ; to trim, face (with fur, efc.) ; to un- 
twist, disentangle ; to unfold, lay out, spread ; 
to cut out or stamp (paper, leather, etc.) ; to 
notch, indent ; to refuse, decline (an invitation, 
etc.) ; to gave up (an inheritance) ; to ward off, 
parry, ft. tr.v.n. (awe b. ) to strike the first 
blow; to play off (a ball); to lash out (as 
hones) ; to strike the hour ; to incline to one 
side ; to cease to sing (of nightingales, etc.) ; 
(aux. I.) to break out (in pustules); to grow 
moist, be covered with an exudation ; to result, 
turn out ; to break out, burst forth ; to sprout, 
bud; fhic anJgefifefagetie Stunk*, a full 
hour. III. substM. refusal; renunciation (of a 
right) ; eruption, etc —cad, p. <fc adj. decid- 
ing, decisive. 

«KfVf«ia0Cr, ». (-e\P*. -). -Utt /. striker; 
kicker: sorter ; server (of a ball). 

Mltte^MHCiffll, ir.v.a. to grind down; to take 
out by grinding ; fid) — , to wear off or out. 

*tJttft^4MCif fa, v.a. to convey on a drag or sledge. 

Mu&\men*CT*t »• I. a. to hurl forth ; to knock 
out. H. n. (aux. f.) to swerve, deviate. 

UufWliek—tU, ir.v.a. to lock out ; to exclude ; 
to excommunicate ; to debar from ; to justify 
(I)fp.); to loosen, unfetter^ to except, to ex- 
empt ; leister, t etaea aataefifejoffea, no one 
excepted, without exception ; fid) —at, to 
separate oneself, secede. — end, p. <k adj. 
exclusive ; exceptional ;• excepting ; excluding ; 
fid) -eaa, disjunctive. -If*, I. adi. & 
adv. exclusive ; exceptional ; — Hd)f & War* 
reiki, exclusive privilege. II. prep, exclusive 
of. — lidjtctt, /. exelusivenesB. — ttttg, /. 
exclusion ; expulsion ; exemption ; barring out ; 
privation; excommunication ; (pi.) justiners 

UnrtoiuAtett, v. I. a. to sob out; fid) — , to 
sob to one's heart's content. II. n. (aux. b.) to 

have done sobbing. 

(aux. f.) to slip out, creep 

tJaff tMfirfea, v.a. to sip up, empty by sipping. 
Vn+Wlnfc, m. (-<fi)e$) exclusion ; exception ; 

exemption; ant — etae* einijgea, with a 

single exception ; mil — ber Cffratliutfeit, 

with closed doors. 
fcllffdNttcUrtt, I. v.a. to extract by smelting; 

to melt; to fuse. II. ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to melt 

out. run out by melting; to dissolve, melt 

VnrfdWlierett, * .a. to smear ( inside) ; to grease ; 

to compile without judgment. 
Wlt#f timor tn. v. I. a. to get out by stewing. 

TI. n. (aux. f.) to run out in stewing. 
fTnrfdHnfitfm, v.a. to deck out; to adorn, 

embellish, decorate. 
tjaftf dmoabea, v. I. a. to get out by blowing 

the nose ; fid) bit Waff — , to blow one's nose. 

IT. n. (aux. I).) to recover breath, cease panting. 
IfUwf dmilttm, v.a. see Hnjfdjmtubfn ; to 

smiff out (f Ae candle). 
Vite/fdmdw— ftlt ir.v.a. to cut out ; to carve ; to 

cut off ; to pink ; to castrate : to sell by the 

yard ; to prune. atteftrfdraitrf*, PP- <* odj. 

orenate, serrated; low-bodied (dress). —ft, 

m. (— era\ pt. — er) cutter out ; retail dry 

foods merchant; — tr Mi uHaatteartffea, 

68 fhtlffrime* 

silhonette cutter. — aai, /. act of . 
out, excision. 

Hud'tdmttt, «. Me)#,p/. -e) act of < 
out ; notch ; scallop ; cut, slit, piece c 
geitaag* — , newspaper cutting; 
(Geom.y, slope (of a sleeve); counter foil; 
crotchet-passage (in a glacis) ; crenelle (jFbvi.) ; 
— tint* ftcafier*. embrasure; £eiMm ■£* 
airretfigf at — , bodice with open square ; csf 
bf« — BertOttfttt. to sell by the yard or 
retail. Comp. — Mabel, m. retail aeroery. 
— tPOatrm, P<. retail dry goods, retaO drapery. 

*b^f<tmifcC(l)tt» *•<*• to carve out, cut oat. 

nuWMwtU. v.a. to scoop, ladle, bale oat ; to 
empty, dram off; to exhaust; to deal com- 
pletely with. 

flatfd&hltttfl, in. ( -e) euckar, shoe*. 

«n#^0>Tf4h— <«, I. ir.v,a. to write out ; to copy ; 
to pirate, plagiarise ; to write to the end, tmi ' 
(a letter, etc.); to convoke (by writing) ; to i 
point (a day, etc.); to Impose (taxes) ; to saa 
(contributions); to proclaim, promulgate; to 
advertise (a vacant post) ; to write in full ; ctar 
aaftgefdjrtebrae $*uh, a fully developed, a 
current handwriting; hie autofdWcacae 
6tinUHe, a part of the score written by i 

fid) — ett, to exhaust one's powers on 
(o/Hterarvmm); tt bat fi* aitfacf dfrie frrn, 
he has nothing new to say in his books. H. 
ir.v.n. (aux. b.) to cease to write. III. suf 
copy, copying; order; writ; levying (of i 
etc.); promulgation; convocation, etc; 
—ett erlafien, to issue a proclamation. fib, 
p. <Sc adj. convoking, having the power to 
convoke ( as s em b l ies). — et, a*. (— er*, 
—tr) copyist, transcriber ; plagiarist, 
/.plagiarism. — «ag, /. see — ett, TEL 

tM'fdnreifN, ir.v. h a. to cry out, exclaim ; to 
err for sale ; to proclaim (as the town crier); 
to cry down. II. a. (aux. %.) to cry out. 

If «#f dffCU— Ctl, ir.v. La. to psce, step out (a 
distance), traverse. II. n. (aux. f .) to step out ; 
to go too far, overstep (reasonable limits) ; i 
mag **<* — «l, it requires a good 

till , 

— img, /. excess, extravagance ; 

««rf(iratC1t, v.a. to roD up (a cask out of the 
cetlar,ete.); to sell by the barrel ; to eat, gnaw 
out; to scoop out. 

tJt^utiUMKtt, va. to scoop out, to shovel 

If ■•qdHirett, v.a. to rake out. 

*w*'\<*mM,m.(-if<Ki,pl. flitffdjafft) 
(of good from bad) ; that which is separated (both 
the chosen and rejected); dross, refuse, waste 
matter; choice or best part ; elite ; committee ; 
board; commission; draught of cast cavalry 
horses; militia, — bf* fttetf, the lowest 
rabble/ ' "" * ~ ..— . 


ment ; allgcatenter — , committee of the whole 
house. Comp. — boflm, m. waste-ef ' 
outside sheet. — gebKfre. pi. rejected i 
— Vtitglcid, »• member of a board, coma 
or syndicate; syndic — JHMMer, ft. ' 

abble ; bie jrdleren unb rugerrii WaJ f tbJ Wt , 
eneral sndsub-committees; ge|iMfto1Htea> 
f r — , executive committee, board of ninaga 

Wnrfdrtittett, r».o. to pour out, shoot out; to 
All up (a ditch\; to give freely, shed, shower 
down ; eittcni fein sjerj— , to unburden oue*s 
heart, open one's mind to one ; bent Arm 
ff hi AtTA — , to pour out one's soul before 
the Lord; bae* IHiib wit beat Burnt — , to act 
without discretion, reject the good with the 
bad; fid) bar Saftett -, to split one's sides 
laughing or with laughter. 

Wna^dnawTttt, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to cos* out by 
suppuration ; (aux. %.) to cease to suupaials 

WarfdWlrwni, ».«. (aux. f.) to swarm out (at 
bees) ; to form a line of skirmishers, to pt o o ssfl 
m extended line (MIL) ; (am. i.) " 
down, to cease to sow wild onto. 

«tffi|»a*fa OB «Hfe|e« 




to pause, stop, intermit; to hare the lint 
move (at draughts, etc.); to play off (Bill.); 
to crop out (Min.): feine Orbeit if* bie(en 
6tortsngen andgefebt, his work is liable to 
numerous interruptions; chl — enbe6* grieber, 
an intermittent fever; err 9ttI4 fetft battfig 
auS, the pulse frequently stops or is very 
irregular. — tin*, »*. (— ling*, t* — Hane) 
foundling, child exposed. —Hug,/, a setting 
out; exposure; intermission ; suspension; 
ejectment ; censure, exception ; settlement (of 
a pension, etc.) ; landing (of troops) ; exposi t ion 
(of goods). 
«ttd'fCnf|C«, v.a. to sigh forth ; fid) — to sigh 

one's fill or to one's heart's content. 
lUrfW,/. (/>/. -en) prospect, view ; expecta- 
tion ; bad gaud bat bie — anf ben &luf , bie 
6tr*fe, the house looks on the river, faces the 
street; er t*t —fit auf clttr flute 6 telle, 
he has hopes of a good appointment ; cine fdjihie 
— auf GMttn*, a fair chance of happiness. Comp. 
-gsfalg, -gspiagtfjea, n. belvedere. 
— gstntat, m. belvedere tower on the top of a 
hill or mountain ; look-out. 

n. (aw.f.)to trickle out, percolate. 

v.a. to extract by boiling. 

'.v.a. to excogitate ; to concoct. 

v. I. n. {awe. %.) mit SBaaren — , 

1 or baskets with goods for sale. 

fit — , to stay, sit out one's time 

adj. expiable ; reconcilable. 

, v.a. to expiate; to reconcile; 

B —en, to make one's peace with 

_ w T — ke it up. —HNS, /. atonement; 

tlllft'fOKPfT--*, v.a. to separate, single out ; to 
sort; to select. — ting, /. separation; selec- 
tion ; excretion (Med.). 

Rnft'ftrten, fJdift'fortttrm, v.a. to sort, cull, 
separate; to set or lay aside. 

ffng'tPng— en, v.a. to spy out. -ft, m. (-erg, 
pi. — er) spy, scout. — crti', /• espionage. 

flnffptntt, m. (-eg) baiting-place; stage. 

■Jnffpantt— fn, v.a. to unharness, unyoke; to 
set, spread (sails) ; to stretch (a cord) ; to ex- 
pand, stretch out; to spread out (nets); to 
slacken (a spring, wire, etc.) ; to unframe (a 
drawing, etc.) ; to relax (exertions) ; to unfold ; 
bie ftaft fpannt bier ane, the mall changes 
hones hen ; gftnijidt —en, to take a complete 
rest (coll.) ; id) win brei fBotben -en, I wiU 
take a three weeks* holiday (coll.); titttm et« 
toad —en, to take something secretly from a p., 
to help oneself to a th. (coll), —nng, /• rest 
from work, relaxation ; holiday (coll.). 

Waff Paten, v.a. to span; to leave a space to 
be filled up (Paint.) ; to keep back, to reserve 
for a special purpose. 

VMtVfJKtfll, reg. A ir. v. I. a. to spit forth, 
out. up. II. n. (our. %.) to spit, expectorate. 

MuWPCn*— €«, v.a. to distribute, dispense; to 
administer (the sacrament). — nng, /. distri- 
bution ; administration (of the sacrament). 

flttgf pm— en, v.a. to spread out v distend ; to 
shut out. exclude ; mil anigefperrten ftetnen 
aeben, fteben, to straddle, to stand with the 
legs wide apart. aaggcfperrt, pp. & adj. 
astride; straddling, —nng,/. exclusion. 

If Uft'fbi(IC«, v. I. a. to play out ; to lead ; to 
play to the end ; to improve (or wear out) by 
playing on ; to raffle ; biefefbe ftflrbe wieber 
— . to nturn a lead ; fid) — , to exhaust one's 
self by playing, not to know what to play next. 
U. n. (aux. b.) to lead (at cards) ; to play off 
(BUI.); to finish playing; taxr fpiett an*? 
who begins ? who leads ? 

91 U (ft* i Mien, ir.v.a. to get by spinning; to spin 
out; to lengthen out; to enlarge upon; to 
devise, imagine, plot. 

Wngfpi*— ttt, v.a. to point off, to kwy..* «• 
calculate accurately (dial.) ; eiae nnJ ge Fp is >bC 
£fige, a cunning lie. 

«tt#f Hm4>—C, /. (pl.-tn) pronunciation, eenssv 
elation, accent, utterance; oonvercotioa, 4ia- 
cusdon ; utterance; bie betrtftdje — e bcr &U* 
ben, tho distinct articulation of the rrllabksa; 
Hfbtige — e, «>>*** pronunciation, risjbt sto- 

cent and enunciation ; orthoepy ; orthophony-, 
frentbariige —t, (foreign) accent ; irrftW — c # 
Irish brogue; ligpelnbe-e, lisping;e(«e fia*- 
~'~- - - - - - ' tenritfc' 


he talked the matter out fully or in detail 

fifdK — i, a Saxon accent ;er bartejBtt 

fiber bielen (ekgeaftafr. 

ater ebie belle - 

his father. Comp. — <C)s*CSri4HUMgt /• 

ration of sounds, phonetic notation. 

/. theory of pronunciation. — Iff 

teacher of pronunciation, master of 

— (C)=»iHrteTbn<*, n. pronouncing dictionary. 

Buffered^-**, ir.v. L a. to pronounce, articu- 
late; to utter, express; to pronounce, pass 
sentence on ; nid)t aulgefbredien teerbem* to 
be silent, mute (of a letter) ; «id)t omeUa- 
fpredKn, unuttenble; feint Ifrmfbenfrii 
— en, to express one's gratitude. II. r. to op sab- 
out one's mind ; to e xp res s one's opinion ; tode- 
clan oneself (/or or against) ; to manifest ; to be 
stamped, expressed (upon one's face) ; toexJseos* 
(oneself, one's subject) In speaking, aaggef *TPs 
(pen, p. p. ds adj. pronounced, avowed, strongly 
marked, decided, in. n. (aux. %.) to flats* 
speaking ; to articulate, etc. — par, adj., —In*, 
adj. expressible, uttenble ; pronounceable. 

fluff brriten, Kngfpreiira, v.a. to extend, 

w^r^gi^ ,,,,i9efml * tC,, *"***' 
flttgf Pttagea, v.a. to sprinkle; to' spread (a 

report) ; to blast out; eta fjferb — , to pot a 

horse to a gallop. 
«n#f btingen, ir.v. I. n. (aux. f.) to leap oat, 

spring forth : to fly off ; to escape; (our. %.}tm 

cease springing; —be IBinfel, salient angW 

II. a. fid) ben fyttft — , to sprain one's foot; 

fallen 6ie bie ftinber go) - f let the childre. 

run till they an tired, romp to their hearts? 

flttg'fttriten, v. I. a. to squirt out; to pot oat 

fin (as an engine) ; to syringe ; to inject. TJ. 

n. (out. f.) to spurt out. 
flUfr/f progen , v.n. (ata. f . ) to sprout, shoot fotth. 

n. \ata. j.) vo qwi 


nt/fptJS, ?'(H:e)#;H to9bt*Cn)< 

of opinion; decision, finding, verdict, 

award; dictum (of an authority); 
maxim ; — ber i^efdiwerenew, verdict ; — her 
fdjiebdriditer, award (of arbitration); her 
deriaWbof f elite einen -ah ©imfren beg 
Oeriagten, the court deddetTin favor of the 
defendant; ben — tbnn, to pass sentence on, 
give a decision. 

flttg'fprttteltt, v. I. a. to sputter out. IL «. 
(aux. \7) to bubble out. 

Undf prfihen, e. I. a. to emit (sparks), vomit 
forth, cast up (fire, etc.). II. n. (out. f.) to be 
cast up, to fly out in sparks. 

Vng'fpraag, *>. (-<e)#, pi. Vngfpringt) a 
leaping out; projection. Comp. — gstptstrt, 
*». angle of reflection. 

flud'fpilen, v.a. to rinse out, cleanse by rinsing ; 
to wash away, to undermine (as a river). 

If ngMpfir— e«, v.a. to track out, trace. — CT, 
m. (—erg, pi. — er) tracker ; detective. 

If nwltafier— en, *.a. to dress up, deck out, be- 
dizen ; to equip ; to trim, edge ; to line, —nng, 
/. outfit, equipment, trimming ; b e d ls e nment . 

Hufftantftfen, v.a. to treed out (com); to 
pound, beat out. 

HuffeM*, m. (-e«. pi. Vniganbe) •trike ; out- 
standing debt ; ttrbeiter— , etrike ; Perftccac 


71 fhtffarafft 

ttefVftillw-cr , m. hire of bees that have outlived 
ill* winter, —it, adj. striking, on strike ; in 
arrears, outstanding. 

l* r slfyftatt-*tt, v.a. to provide with ; to portion, 
to flattie something on (a daughter) ; to endow ; 
to wets Wish ; to equip. — «■£, /. outfit, por- 
tion ; dowry, wedding trousseau ; establishment 
(qfason) ; sfrne — nng, portionless, dowerless, 

*«#3titts*ll, v.a, to doat, beat oat the daat. 
taaaVKtUMKn, v.a, to floe soundly; to scourge 

publicly, expel by whipping (obs.). 
Wn»ft cdf tn, ir.v.a. to cut out (peat, etc.) ; to 
scuffle (a walk); to put out (the eye*) \ to 
open (oysters) ; to cut out, supplant; to dig (a 
ditch) ; to pay out (cable) jjafel — tn, to carve, 
engrave m bas-relief ; f hi Shifter — tn, to prick 
out a pattern ; ein paat ftfofticn fBcin nut 
ftmrasftt —TO, to crack a few bottles of wine 
w/tth one's friends, —ft, m. (— erf, pi. -tt) 
outrigger ; spanker-boom ; bowsprit. 
MvVHtdtn, v.a. to hang out, display (a flag, etc.); 
to mark out (with pegs); to dibble in ; to put 
out, thrust out. 
ttatVttrv—Ctt, ir.v. L ». (awe. ft. and f.) to stand 
out; mil ©aorta — tn, to keep a stall;-- rnbe 
MalbCtt. outstanding debU; id) fcabc Oct* 
— CM (au$\nftthtn), I have money owing to me ; 
— fft»e# Qkbalr. arrears of salary; (auz. f.) 
9U 6«nasfong ftefit nsd) and, the collection 
Is not yet made ; bit Kntwort frebt nod) SU$. 
the answer has not yet come to hand ; to stand 
to the end. II. a. to endure, undergo, bear : to 
brook, put up with, endure ; id) fann i&n utdjt 
— tn, I can't bear him. — lid), o#. bearable, 

*n«Vftrig— ftt, *••*.». (an*, f.) to get or walk 
out ; to alight ; to disembark ; to land ; and* 
ftftirgCM febl, to be set down. Camp, —t: 
Putt), st. arrival platform ; landing stage. 

UuilttimtU, v.a. to pick, take away atones 
(from land); to mark, line, or fortify with 
stones; to stone (fruU). 

KnAfffJ— «, v.a. to expose, set out; to ex- 

ftnftftobern, v.a. to rummage out; to drive 
out. beat up (game). 

flnt'jtSHfeu, *•«• to grub up, root out ; to clear 
(a forest). 

VutVttOpftn, *.a. to stuff (birds; chairs; etc.). 

MnVH$Ktn, v.a. to rummage through, search 

ffnftftof , m. (-eg, pi. Kngftite) lunge, thrust, 
pass (Fenc.). 

ftufftOfeen, *■•»• I- «• to thrust out, to knock 
out ; to expel ; to remove, to relegate ; to do 
away with ; to stave in (the head of a cask) ; 
bad faeiftt bent ftaffc hen ttoben — , that 
means spoiling all at once ; to scuffle (walks) ; 
to expel ; to utter ; to set (topsails) ; to elide, 
cut off (a syllable) ; QlotaM afteruugen — , to 
utter blasphemies ; f tnnt ©cuf$er — , to heave 
a sigh ; etnen €d)rei — , to scream ; 6d)tnt»f - 
ttbrn — , to launch invectives, to abuse; 
&3crtpunfd)ttnaen — , to utter imprecations; 
einen ftlud) — , to rap out an oath ; einen and 
einer Gkff ufdjaf t — , to expel a p. from a club. 
II. n. (aux. b.) to push first ; to make a pass or 
lunge ; (auz. f.) to burst forth. 

nnVjtXWtn, v.a. dc n. (auz. h.) to emit rays, 
radiate, shine forth. 

H**frrtlf— ttt, v.a. to reach out, hold out, 
extend ; to stretch out, expand ; fid) —en, to 
stretch oneself, extend one's length. — CT, 
m. (— erg, pi. — er) extensor (muscle). —nng, 
/. extension, stretching. Comp. — tttttttel, m. 

ffttg'Ttreidttn, ir.v. I. a. to smooth, stroke out; 
to obliterate, erase, strike out (a word, name, 
etc.) ; to fill up crevices ; to grease (a cake-tin, 
etc.); to flog soundly, to whip out of a place 
(obs.) ; Bfclf Vnfafce to finer ftedranng — , 
to cancel many .terns in an account; bic 
ftarbC — , to work (the ink) on the table (Typ.). 
II. n. (aux. f.)to roam, rove about ; to beat for 
game ; to step out, hasten ; to crop out (Min.) ; 
einen 8ogel — (affen, to give a bird rise 
before shooting. 

ffttd'ftrcifrtt, v. I. n. (aux. f.) to rove, range, 
wander about. II. a. to shred (beans). 

«U$ftren— Cn, v. a. to scatter abroad, to dis- 
seminate ; to circulate (rumors) ; bm €tantrtt 
ber Atoierradit — en, to sow the seeds of dis- 
oordT — ttng* /. dissemination ; circulation. 

fftt*ftri4, m. (— eg, pi. — e) blotting out, era- 
sure ; granular tin. 

HnyftTOttl- tn, v. I. a. to pour forth. II. n. 
(aux. f.) to stream, issue forth; to emanate; 
to break forth (into lamentation, etc.). — nng* 
/.act of flowing out; emanation (of tight); 
radiation (of heal) ; current (of electricity). 

Hn$ftUdimtt, v. I. n. (auz. j.) to finish one's 




to barter, change, exchange; bag — e* bet 
GJebanren, the interchange of idee*, 

Uttftetl— CI, *.a. to distribute (imtcr, among) ; 
to dispense (favor*; alms, etc.); to divide, 
Apportion (mart*, etc.) ; to lame (orders) ; to 
admmietirr (the sacrament) ; to deal out (Mow) ; 
to asnre out (men/, e*c.). — «!># P> d? adj. 
distributive, —or,™. (-erg p/. — er) distribu- 
tor ; dispenser. — ung, /• distribution ; appor- 
tionment ; administration (of the sacrament). 

MWfttt,/. (pi- — n) oyster; — n onfteoVn, auf- 
nuubett, to open oysters; — n fongen, to 
dredge for oyster*. Comp. — fciftf , /. ojster 
bed. —Met, — bwgel, m. ovster-oatcher 
(OrnA --fang, »., — fif^eref, /. ©yeter- 
dredging ; oyster-bank (the place where oyeter* 
ewe taken). — Meter, m, oyster-opener, 
oyster man. —lager, a, see —bant, —tain), 
*». spat. — WCWrr, n. oyster-knife. — «Cfc, 
n, dredge. — ttsgrng, m. ostracite. — 
MtetT,/. oyster patty or pie. -(tt)sf*ale, 
/. oyster-shelL — fteto, m. see — n-grng. 

nnfttnn, ir.r.a. to pall, take off (cioiAet) ; to 
nut out (a ItyAJ) ; to cancel (debit) ; to erase ; to 
invest (money) ; to let, farm out ; to send away. 

nUffiefen, v.a. to deepen. 

iTnfttlgen, v.a. to destroy utterly, extermi- 
nate; to eradicate; to efface, obliterate ; surd) 
Write — , to wipe out by repentance. 

*«4/t0ben, *>.*. (aux. i.) to cease raging, abate 
in violence; fin) — , to oxhanst one's fury, 
quiet down. 

n*Vf***, «.»» to cease being wild; fid) - to 
romp to one's heart's content. 

*«rri«etl, v. I. n. (aux. $.) to die away, cease 
to sound. II. vm. to sound, to breathe forth. 

*ttf/tr***tt, v.n. (aux. f.) to trot out; eht 
lifers — lafjen, to make a horse trot out, trot 
his best. 

t«rtr«0, m, (-<e)g, pi. «tt*rrage) the carry- 
ing out ; end, Issue ; decision ; arbitration ; fine 
6. ftUM — bringen, to determine, decide a th. ; 
eine 6. geridjtiidj Aurn — bHngen, to go to 
law; per — her Gfldk, while the case Is 
amicable arrangement, 
a court deciding doubt- 
the princes of the German 

era between Um 

ful matters 

a«rtT«ietl, ir.v. I. a. to carry out; to bear 
the full time (of women who are with child) ; 
to carry away ; to divulge ; to retail (gossip) ; to 
asperse ; to wear out ; to decide ; to arbitrate ; 
to amount to; etner, her hie Crieff ton her 
Ml anttrtgt, letter-carrier, postman; eilt 
ttidjt auggetragenei JHnb, a prematurely- 
born child ; bad 9ab — muffen. to pay for 
(the faults of others) ; cine gtrettfadK bnrd) 
Ulehirinlrer — lafjen, to leave a disputed 
matter to arbitration; (g tragi hie P often 
ttfd)t au9, it does not cover expenses. II. n. 
(aux. b.) to yield ; to cease bearing (of tree*). 

•nrtTqW. m. (-g, pi. -), -in, /. letter- 
carrier : light porter ; tale-bearer ; tattler. 
— el', / tattling ; gossip ; tale-bearing. 

nttgtrattern, •.*. (aux. h.) to mourn the 
due time ; to leave off mourning ; to cease to 

ftnrrrftttfeltl, v.a. A n. (am. f.) to drop in 

small drops, to distill. 
ftaWTfinNten, v.n. to cease dreaming ; to dream 

out or to the end; fid} (dot.) rtntftJ — , to 

fancy ath. in one*t dream. 
•»#freib— e«, ir.v.a. to drive out; to eject, 

expel ; to dislodge (an enemy) ; MsKif —fit, 

to cause to perspire ; Tenfel — -en, to cast out 

devils. — tM9, p. <* adj. expulsive, expelling ; 

€*»ei|--enbe Wirtel, ■udorifics. -««g,/. 

%MwtttHn, ir.v. I. a. to tread out (grape*, ete.) ; 

to trample out (/re, ete.) ; to wear out, widen 

' SNnherf djnte *m*tetrruem 
- the spoon, to be no longer a 
' €<t)nbe — , to supplant ones 


by treading; hie SNnherftfjnte 

baben, to be pest t 

child; einembie L .,..,. 

to cut one out. IL n, (aux. f.) to i _ 

to lead off ; to come forth ; to withdraw from 

(a company) ; to secede (from a ehurc k, etc.) ; 

to retire from (an office, etc) ; to s b noon d ; 

to desert (Mil.) ; to go somewhere ; to 

(a* in hernia, etc.) ; to overflow, ' 

river*) ; had anggetretenc 9(nt, 

blood; fttiHfc fftb atttfaerrttts, rivers 

overflowed their banks ; her f?l«t ttxtt 

hen Bergen amS, the river issues from th* 

fUrtrtttten, ir.v.a. to empty by drinkfac. to 
drain (a giau, etc.). 

Vttftritt, *». (—«, pi. — e) stepping out; •aver- 
sion (AMr.); recession; retiring, retirement 
(from an office, etc.); disappearance, abnoond- 
mg, dessraon; protrusion, prolapsus (JhVel); 
doorstep ; porch ; ante-chamber; balcony ; her 
— anJhiefentSehen, death, departure; ter- 
se* fyluffcf a«e hen 8ergen f the kssasssj 
of the river from the mountains Cwsap. 
—♦sbOgen, m. arc of vision. — 4=»nnft. •*- 
point ox reappearance. 

fftt#/lT#tfn--en, v. L «. to dry (up); to ■>■■ s 
(timber) ; to drain (a marth). U. a. (aux. f.)to 
dry up. — enh,P ^aaf;.desiccatiTe, sjsjg. 
/. desiccation ; drainage (of land). 

If nrtTMlnUfn, v.a. to pubttsh by beat of dross ; 
to publish, spread abroad ; to drum out ; to 
condemn (a play) by shuffling and stampuaej. 

UnWafAen, v.a. to paint, draw in Indian ink. 

flttrib— en, v.a, to practioe (lots; medicmnc, 
etc.); to exercise (authority ; privilege, etc.); to 
perfect by practice ; to execute, carry out ; so 
commit (crime*, etc) ; Had* tn einettl 

to take revenge on one. — enb, p. dt arfi. prac- 
ticing; executive; —tuber Vrgt, pracminsssr. 
—tt, «». (— et#, pi. — er) practtoer; psae- 
titioner ; perpetrator. — ItOI, adj. practioabee ; 
practical, not speculative. — ttfjgt /• prar**oe 
(opp. to theory) ; practioe (of one** profeetiem) ; 
exercise (of privilege) ; execution (of dump) ; 
perfecting by practioe ; in — nng hrngesi. to 
put into practioe. 

■nrherfanf, m. (-#) a selling off, clearance 

If urterfnttftft, v.a. to seU off, dear a shop ; *** 
Shearer mar auisertanf t, eil the seats ha tne 
theater were taken ■ 

flKftSWodrien, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to ahoot, grow 
out, sprout; to grow irregularly; to s tea in 
full growth; to crystallise ; er iff iinttn Ott*> 

>|e»aoWen, he is humpbacked; onlgraiBsn) 
enef fjleifd), proud flesh ; ein ** $* tm m+ 
fenef WahoSen, a fully grown up girl, a foil 
grown girl ; (our, b.) to cease to grow. 

Vllt'maortt, reg. d: ir.v.a. to weigh out; to sell 
by weight, to retail ; to choose by weight. 

nnV)M9l» /• choosing ; choice, selection ; assort- 
ment ; set ; fine — treffen, to make a selec- 
tion ; tftne — , indiscriminately ; fine — beat* 
fiber Sieber, a selection of German songs. 

MnfrmHkltU, v.a. to choose out. select, single 
out, Axon. gutf#ewwbIt,PP^ Reelected, 
choice; antgetMfcfte 6oibaren, picked sol- 
diers (for special service) ; au#gett»iq(re 9e- 
bidjte. selected poems, anthology of poetry. 

Hu+'nMlUrn, v.a. to roll out ; to finish a wans. 

« Herman herer. m. (— g, pi. — ) emigrant. 

ffttwwwHher— n, v.a. (aux. f.) to depart, set 
out ; to emigrate ; (aux. b.) to complete one*e 
travel* —nng, /. emigration. 

Vng'tnirat— en, r.a. to warm thoroughly ; to an- 
neal. Comp. — esffen. *». annealing fursnea. 

UnA'nwrren, v.a, to wait to the end, hold out 


flnmMlrt-ig, adj. foreign ; abroad j onftnajdj 

fbttoftttt* 78 


»*£ Wbttfrerittm ber — teen Kngelegenbei- 
tro, the Foreign Office; Wmtfrfr ber — lam 
ttngelrgenbetten, minister of foreign affafrs ; 
rttt — tger ftrruitt. » friend abroad, in foreign 
part* ; — iger Serufjrerftatter, foreign eorre- 
epondent (of a newspaper) ; @te toaren aflf 
— tat, they ell came from foreign parte, they 
were all aliens. —4, adv. outward ; outward* ; 
abroad; — d teftimntt, outward bound, deatined 
for abroad ; bit 6»u)e bed ringed — d feben, 
to torn out the toes. Comp. — dsgefebrt, 
«#. addorsed (iT«r.). — wsiWT , *»• abductor. 

Kuev'HiafCtCn, tr.v.a. to wash, to wash up, out ; 
M — r to W * flh out (pf colors). 

Hlla^Wdfffr-lt, v.a. to soak, steep (herrings, etc. 
so a* to remove the saU). Comp. — nngtslinte, 
/. load-waterlme. 

ttuft'tncdrfrl, m. (— d) exchange. 

fUw'meftfel— tt (gegen cine 6.), ».«. to ex- 
change, to change for a th. ; cut ondgetDedV 
felted *inb, a changeling. — nag, /. see 
fcndnifdjfcL Camp. — nngtsncmag, m. 

VnfKKft, ». (-ed, pi. -t) way out, issue, 
outlet; opening; means, remedy, way out of a 
or the difficulty ; shift, evasion. 
tJttfmclKtt, v.a. to blow out ; to waft away. 
TlnyiaeUfr-Ctt, l- v.a, to soften, soak thor- 
oughly ; to get out by soaking, softening. II. 
tr.vjk (aux. f.) to turn aside ; to give place to, 
make way for, withdraw (be/ore another) ; to 
yield; to elude, evade, avoid, shun ; to shirk ; 
to modulate, change from one key into another 
(Mus.)- y einent ©*•** —en, to parry a blow. 
— end, p. A adj. evasive. — ling, /. act of 
giving way before, place to ; yielding ; evasion, 
avoidance, shirking, etc.; elongation (Surg. 

Astr.); modulation (Mus.). 
" i (on a railway). 

Comp. — cs»lafe, 
sfwene, / «d- 

*ttw*n>Ufeln, v.a. to unfold, unwrap; to 
tangle; to develop; fid) — , to extricate one- 

flnft'ttineefn, v.a. to unswathe. 

ffttfrtniltften, ir.v.a. to wring out; to draw 
out by a windlass ; fid) — (and), to extricate 
fflt^HJif (from). 

Vltd'ttMrfen, v. L a. to work out ; to take out ; 
to pare a horse's hoof ; to contrive, manage, 
effect, obtain (uHih trouble); ben Seig — , to 
knead the dough ; etnen feerbaftungdbefefaf 
gegen ehten — , to execute a warrant against, 
have a warrant served upon a person; fid) 
(dot.) etttttd — , to obtain for oneself. IL 
n. (auz. b.) to operate fully, to take effect ; to 
cease to work or operate. 

Vnfttntrren, v.a. to disentangle, unravel. 

UnrtPtfuVn, v.a. to wipe out or away; to 
efface, rub out ; €taub — , to dust out ; etne 
sTanone — , to sponge out a cannon ; fiift bit 
ttugen — , to wipe one's eyes; etnem etnen 
(or fin*) — , to give one a sudden blow (ooU. 
also used figuratively). 

ffnfKiittern, v. I. a. to decompose (by expos- 

u «.__ -.<_ \ . 

wash away. 

Hud'nmrf , ». (— d, pi. ttudtourfe) the act of 
throwing out ; ejection ; thing cast out ; excre- 
ment; discharge; expectoration; outcast; 
refuse, dregs, scum, rubbish ; first throw (at 
games) ; oscillation (of a pendulum) ; waste- 
paper; flotsam, jetsam. Comp. — feUttt, n., 
— bogen, m. waste sheet. — ntfinjen, pi. 

Httw*l»firf— <ln, v.a. to raffle for or away, 
—ling, m. (— Uttgd,/><.— finge) outcast. 

VttgtOUrsrln, v. I. a. to uproot, root out. n. 
n. (auz. f.) to shoot out roots. * 

ttnfSad'— €«, v.a. to notch, indent, jag ; to 
engrail (Her.) ; to scallop, vandyke. ttttgges 
inrft, p.p. <fc adj. crenate, denticulate ; scalloped 
{of postage stamps). — nng, /. (bad ttudge* 

Mifte) indentation ; denticulation. 


Muf WW— en, v.a. to pay out, over, away ; bar 
—en, to pay down in cash. — et, m. (— erd, 
pi. —tr) the person that pays; cashier ; pay- 
master, —nng,/. payment. 

ttttd'tfblen, v: I. a. to count out ; to sell piece 
by piece or at retail. II. n. (aux. b.) to count 
to the end; to cease to count. 

*Uf liifcneln, v.a. to indent, notch ; to tooth a 
(watch) wheel. 

Vnt'tatnen, v. I. a. to cut teeth (in a comb). 
II. n. (aux. f|.) to have done teething; bad 
ftinb bnt andgeaabnt, the child has cut all its 

Vttfaonfen, v.a. to retail (liquor). 

Vufiedlttt, v. I. a. to drink up or off . II. n. 
(aux. f). ) to c ease carousing. 

tJttfiebttten, v.a. to take tithe ; to decimate. 

Hnd'jenr— en, v. i. a. to consume ; eine — cnbe 
tfranfhctt, a wasting disease, consumption; 
einen —en, to impoverish a person, eat one 
out of house and home, drain a p. II. n. (aux. 
f.) <Sc r. to waste away ; er ftetrt and. he is 
in a decline, —nng, /• consumption, phthisis j 
bie —nng baben, to be consumptive. 





elttg'irfrfjn— tUt va - to mark out; to distin- 
guish; to treat with distinction; to mark 
(poods) ; to copy out (a postage) ; to draw out, 
finish a drawing; anigeftetdntete Winner, 
distinguished men ; aulge&eidntete Snnettbeu, 
eminent virtues ; fid) — en. to distinguish one- 
self, excel. UUHntltmtt, p.p. & adj. distin- 
guished, excellent. — Uttg, /• distinction ; re- 
spect, consideration ; mark. Camp. — ||M: 
inert, — Uttg«=»nrbig, adj. worthy of distinc- 
tion or of special notice. 

%tn&'lU b— en, ir.v. I. a. to draw out, extract ; 
to draw, take off ; to make an abstract of (m 
writing) ; to make out (an account) ; to rue 
{the barret of a gun) ; to extract (the charge of 
a gun ; the square root, etc. ; juices) ; to take 
out (colors); to stretch (clothes, etc.); fid) 
—en, to undress ; einen 3<tbu —en, to draw a 
tooth ; ttnfrant —en, to pull up weeds ; einen 
—en, to undress a person ; to fleece him ; id) 
babe biefe 6tetten and gnten 6djrtfrftettern 
anggejiPgett, I extracted these passages from 
the writings of good authors ; ben alien Sbflttt 
or SRenftben —en, to put off the old man, to 
turn over a new leaf. II. n. (aux. f.) to remove 
(from a house, a town, etc.} ; to emigrate ; to 
have the move (Chess, etc.)', to march out; 
to take the field (Mil.) ; cr if* bar ad)t Xaotit 
ongge&Ogen, he left his quarters eight days 
ago. — er, m. (—erg, pi. — er) epitomlst ; per- 
son or thing that takes off or out. — nng, /• 
act of drawing out ; extraction (Chan. ; Math. ; 
Surg.; etc.); undressing; pulling, taking off. 
Comp. — frnbe, /. d ro ssi ng -room. — rtfOJ, m. 
telescope table. 

•nd'jler— en, v.a. to adorn, decorate, orna- 
ment ; to bedeck ; bag —en etneg Miffef. 
the dressing of a ship. — er, m. (— tvi,pi. — er) 
decorator. — nng, /. decoration. 

Un^lintntem, v.a. to square (timber) ; to line 
(a shaft) with timber work, to brattice; to 

Huft'linnen, v.a. to line with tin. 

Vnt'lirfeln, v.a. to measure, mark out with 
compasses; ntted — , to do everything by 

tU»'jtfd*n, v.a. to hiss oft* (the stage). 

« M«V|ng, m. (— g, pi, «|u£&ttae) marching, going 
out or off ; departure ; drawer ; leaf (of a 
table) ; number drawn (m a lottery) ; removal ; 
precession ; emigration ; extract (from a 
book: from /hirers, etc.) ; abstract, epitome, 
abridgment ; proviso ; bUl ; ber bfebfte, itUtt 
— , quintessence; — ber Jtiuber §6to.tU, 
exodus; in einen — bringm, to epitomise; 
— fineS Stftfjeg, sliding drawer in a table. 
Comp. — blatt, n. leaf of a telescope table. 
— vsftraben, m. underditch. — «s»eiff, 
adv. in the form of an extract. 

Vn*'}nbfen, v.a. to pluck out ; to undo (knots) ; 
to unravel ; to disentangle ; au£ge&n»f tt £em- 
numb, lint. 

HntbCttttCttat, /. authenticity. 

Vntien'tijdj, adj. authentic. 

llNtVenHfiCrrn, v.a. to authenticate. 

«ntO— (in comp.) — biPgrabbtf , /• autobio- 
graphy. — biOgra'Dlif o>, adj autobiographi- 
cal. — fti»«Tt,m. self-taught person. — gra'W, 
m. autograph ; autographical writing ; copying 
machine. — nra'bbifd), adj. autographic. 
— fra't, m. autocrat. — rratie', /. autocracy. 
— ffraf H6, adj. autocratic. — nta't, m. auto- 
iton. — wa'tifd), «#. automatic ;— matifdje 

Jmren, automaton figures. — nmmif, f. the 
t of self-government, autonomy. 
~- .jr. m. (-g, ©/. gnto'reu) author. -itg't. 
jr. authority ; hit beften — ftSten. the persons 
best qualified to judge. — fdftfft, / authorship. 
Vutvrifw/ren. v.a. to empower, authorise. 

« ntilttf/T, ad/ auxiliary. 

VtMl, a. written security, surety for pmymisjil 

« btlifle'ren, v.a. to stand security, go bail. 

HtHUl'ce, /. (pi. — n) advance, money advanced ; 
ntit — berfanfen, to sell to advantage, mX a 
profit ; ntit — bCAabten. to pay beforehand. 

UlrancenK'nt, n. (— g, pi. — |)prefermefit. pro- 
motion, advance in rank or office. 

tltMMI— eteTen, v. I. n. to be promoted; is 
Sienfte — cieren, to rise m the service. H. 
a. to advance (money) ; to put on (docks, dc.y 
— togen'r, m. a gentleman cadet, military 

Hbattt'gcrbe, J. van, vanguard (Mil.); v*a 

Vba'rie, «ee $a»orie. 

If bf mori'a, *. Ave Maria, Ave Mary. — Ida- 
ten, a. Angelus (bell). 

« bc'ri, m. £-eg, p/. — (f)e), obverse (0/ a c*i»). 

«bt'#, Ubi'fi, m. sd^ce, intelligence (C.£A 
Comp. —brief, *»• letter of advice. — ftfjif, 
n. advice-beat, aviso. 

If bigCren. v.a. to advise (C.L.). 

n bi%«, adv. at sight (C. 1.). 

ttrt./(i*£#e). ax, hatchet. Comp. -»Urtt, 
n. ax-blade. — |eUR,».neckofanax. -jtteU 
m. >»*»*hi^ of ^n jjl 

ft'im, v.a. to feed ; to bait, ase «#tn. 
H4t«ntn1 (m comp.) — freit, m. 

circle. — «br, /• asimuth <UaL 
Hfn'r. m. (— (e)#, nop/.) asure-stone, 

Asulite, lapis lasuli; asure color. — a, a**/. 

azure, asury. Comp. — bl*a, o<f/. sxure. 
mifmbn, lU^auint, *. unleavened bread. 

13, I, B, b; B-flat (JTtis.); a mark depre*s4*g 
the note before which it is placed a semiteme 
lower (b-flat) ; had Dnabrat 9, or fJ^Ojui- 
brat, a mark M) rendering the note to which 
U is prefixed yu/ natural; bft*6tfta* gent em* 
— mod. -bur, the piece is in the key of B-Aat 
minor, in the key of B-flat major ;for abbrevim- 
lions see Index at the end of the German-Bng- 

f|a ! fettb ! tnferf. bah ! pooh ! pish I pshaw! 

tJ8 ! interj. baa (bleating of sheep). 

fjoor, «ee «ar. 

" " el-el',/, babble ; twaddle, -er, m. (prem. 
"" )(-er#.p/.-er) babbler. 
1.) to babble. 

bachelor*s degree ; B. A-, 
B. Be. (degree of). — «#, (pron. OaceafOsr*- 
renl) m. bachelor (of arts, etc.). -a«=»irs*, 
/. baccalaureate. 

iHwuei— er, /. oaoou 

Bahrein, v.a. (aux. 
©aecalaure-Hrt, n. 

HacdM'nt. m. (—en, pt. —en) wcrsldper 
of Bacchus; Bacchanal, reveler; traveling: 
scholar, scamp (obs.). —in, /• a prlsstusi of 
Bacchus ; a female bacchanal, bacchante. 
— ikt), adj. bacchantic, bacchic 

fMCttnii, often written «#/d|n« (in comp.). 
-feUC, PodXins/acn^. BsochsnsHan feasts, 
Bacchanalia. — Iteb, n. Bacchanalian song, 
dithyrambic. —flab, m. thyrsus, thyrse. 

" ' .(-ed,p/.ft3ia)e,<f^.i3aa)^) brook, 

, rivulet, rill. Comp. 
ousel, dipper. — binfe, /. bulrush. 
/. brooklhne, — fa%rt, /• water-course 
channel made by ram; bed of a brook. 

ber, — bolnnber. m. guelder-rose. — frebg, 
m. cray-flsh. — frefe,/. water-cress. — mfcew, 
/.crane-fly. — ftttsr,/., -ftClldjen, ».watstv 

wagtail, —meibe,/. crack-willow, osier. 

«ad7-e, /. (pi. -en) wild sow. -er, ■*. 
(-er«. p/.-er) wild boar. 

castle (NauL)i pant; berth ; looker; pkdbsr. 




botrl ; bomb. II. adv. backwards; abaft, aback 
(£j» comp. = larboard). Comp. — b*rd, m. lar- 
board; —barb bad Ruber ! port the helm ! 
—hut, •»• larboard bow. — 4;gefe0f, m. 
i. HIM. *». backstay. -*s*dlf, 
i forming a mow, 
r, /. (/>/. —en), — en, m. (— tut, pi. — en) 
c ; bow (o/a <A^>) ; part of a gunstock ; 
(pi,) atdebaams; cheeks; mit eingefflttenen 
— CK, hollow-cheeked ; blrfe — c, swollen cheek ; 
bie —en belntbttten, to talk big; -tn be* 
f»tt*ft>rirt#, fiddle of the bowsprit. — ig, a#. 
(owJv** com pound*, aUo—b{id\t, for tout, ror- 
badig, rttbiifig) cheeked. Comp. — easflttts 
fffcaitt, ». cheek-piece ' * 5 

part. m. whiskers. - h 

leered. — ttuarutc, / 
dimple in the cheek. — 
bone. — easriCttteil, j. 

— ensfhrttfl), m. box 01 e 

face. — <lt=ffreif f m. 1 t. 

cheek-piece; headstall - 

walls(o/a*t7n). — <»= ti 

(iM<.). — tttsflldj, n. , 

m. molar tooth, grinder. , 

f. box on the ear. 
Bad"— fa, rep. <* <r.». I. n. (our. ft.) to bake; 
II. a. to bake (bread, etc.) ; to burn, fire ( pot- 
tery, Hies) ; to dry (fruit) ; to stick (coll.) : in 
finer $fan*e —en, to fry ; ff tn ©rob iff ifam 
fdjtn gebftdrtt. there is a rod in pickle for him. 
Comp. — «ftfr1, m. baking -apple. 1— bled), 
a. sheet of tin used in baking. — dtttt, n. 
bake-boanL —fffO), m. baked fish ; fried fish ; 
girl in her teens, half-grown school-girl, girl 
that is not yet • out,* but already past child- 
hood, boarding-school miss, bread-and-butter 

-t s f dnoatttttt, m. bath sponge. 

/. bathing tub. — {=|imntcr, n. bathroom. 

fifl'b— en. v.a. & r. to bathe ; in Slut —en, to 
wallow in blood ; ber, bie — enbe, the bather. 
— ft, m. {—tt$, pi.— ft) bath-keeper; barber- 
surgeon ; bather. —tttV, f. baths. 

Half* ***«7- bang* pop ! ; id) bin gang -.lam 
dumbfounded, I do not know what to say (coU.). 

BiWdVn, *>. (— 4, pi. — ) bands (0/ a clergyman, 
proctor, etc.). 

ttaftO'gC,/. baggage. Comp. — fattCM, m. bag* 
gage-cart or wagon. — ttMgen, *». baggage 

tHtante'U— e,/. (p/.— en) trifle. Comp. -gts 
rtftt, n. base-court, —tinge, — fat*,/, petty 
esse (Law). — tttifcig, adv. disdainfully, as a 
~*~ -fa)«I»ei|./>/. trifling debts. 

', m. (—3. jw. —) person or machine for 

ig out mud, etc. , dredger. Comp. —ma 2 
, /. dredging machine, dredging steamer. 
, n. dredging net. 

n, v.a. (aux. h.) to dredge. 

!L„ r Jerj. baa (bleating of sheep). — IrttttW, 
n. sheep {nurtery word) ; a stupid fellow (*/.). 

©3(K— ett» v.a. to foment, stupe, bathe. Comp. 
—(entrant, n. plant used for fomenting. 
— (C)rmttrel, n. fomentation, 

_._ ., /. (pi. — en) path, pathway, road; rail- 
way, railroad ; course ; orbit ; trajectory, track 
(of a comet) ; face (of a hammer, plane, anvil, 
etc.); groove; breadth (of fabrics); fid) (dot.) — 
bredjen, to force one's way ; bie — b re then, to 
break the ice, to beat a path ; *ur — flcpctt , to 
go to the station ; duf bie — briugen, to take 
to the station ; to put in the right way, to 
start, introduce (a topic); — bed Ketend, 
£e»en*— , career, path of life; Writ-, 
race-course ; (SMeit* 
entrutfter 8tern, a 
trbeUer, «*. navvy. 

ring, epoch-making; 

erwork. — bredier, 

railway viaduct, rail- 
f. railway journey, 
tck, the line. — hdf, 
|;iltfbfftOr, m.sta- 
pathless, trackless. 
(cycl.). — ffCiH, m. 
ons). —ffo new, m. 
lal-man, line-keeper, 
nthway; to smooth, 
*r ; etnent ben SBeg 
rht way for. 
tier, barrow, litter, 
ag of the wounds of 
1 out on the bier at 
rderer, by means of 
ilar belief, the per- 
ir was ascertained. 

«e Heine — , creek, 


;) bayonet ;(b«3) — 

— auffrten, to fb 
! bayonet In charge! 
to charge with the 
nen, to carry at the 

'" . crossing 

it with bayonets; to 
buoy. Comp. — as 
t, cudgel, cane of the 
; dried ling. Comp. 


ery. — at::?**: 
-OlPgte', /. bac- 





fl*<tteritl*0f f* f a. bacteriological. 

Salf^HCC,/. balance, equilibrium. 

ttabtnder't m. beam, balance; engine-beam; 
balanoe-wheeL — IIUlfCtHnC, /. beam-engine. 

ValtfUCifr— CM, v.a. to balance. Camp. — 
Wnritt, m. goose-step (iftf.). Hhwtft /. 
balancing-pole. — ftaflfieUbfA, p/. balancer* 

0*|», adv. (elier, (obs.) softer; am elpefte*) 
soon, shortly, directly; almost, nearly; quickly; 
easily; ft font — , be came before long; id) 
more — geftorben, I had nearly died; fa — 
atf, as soon as ; as ; ed if* — gefagt, it 's easy 
talking; je eber, jc lieber, the sooner, the bet- 
ter ; — fa, — fo, now one way, now another ; — 
heifer, — rraurtq, one moment merry, the 
next sad ; — bad erne, — bad anbere, first one 
thing, then another ; sometimes this, sometimes 
that. — ig, I. adj. early; speedy. II. adv. 
soon. — 4gft, adv. as soon as possible. 

gltaftin, m. (— §,pl. -*) canopy. 
Itrian, m. valerian. — f fort , /• valeric add. 
— trejtfeit, pi. valerian essence. 
9*lf » *». (— ed, pi. WUac) bag; skin, sloughed 
■kin; busk, pod, shell, case, chaff; bellows; 
cyst; brat, urchin; wretch; her bfrfe — , 
paunch ; bie 8a(ge treten, to blow, to work 
the bellows (of an organ). Comp. — blame, 
/. glumous flower. — ettsdctfcl, m. upper 
Wrd of bellows. — e*=Uttfe, — ensulefe,/. 
noasle of bellows. -<ncUiUtl**$<. f. bel- 
lows-valve. — CllsregiftCT, n. wind-indicator 
(m an organ). — CNsHtofllftel, m. bellows- 
handle, -tnstretar, miftttettV, m. organ- 
blower. — gefdmmlft, / encysted tumor. 
-faUfcl,/ follicle. 
9*l'g-cn OBil'g-en) v. I. a. to skin, n. rtfi. 

to cast the skm; to wrestle, fight; to romp. 
— er, m. (— erd, pi. — er) wrestler, fighter. 
-ml', /. (p/. -trcieti) tussle (cow.). 

Batten (o6#. Balte), m. (-d,p/. -) beam, raf- 
ter ; balk, ridge between furrows ; loft ; bar, 
chevron (Her?) ; bass bar of a violin ; Staffer 
hat feuie — , water is not planked over 
(prov.); bic — ber Gufibrfirfe, orlop-beams 
(Act*/.); — bed Qrbinid, corpus callosum 
cerebri {And.). Comp. — attftr, m. build- 
ing damp, brace. — battb, n. dove-tail 
(Corp.). — brCrfe,/. wooden bridge, — df<fc, 
/. raftered ceiling. — fiCriift, n. scaffolding. 
—tCtiOtd, a. cornice. — lOftC, /. flooring. 
— frreif, m. fesse (Her.). — fteia, «». corbel. 
— fti%e, /. — trfiaer, m. corbel, girder. 
— IMgC, /. steelvard. — ftotrf , a. wood-work, 
timbers (of a budding). 

BalffM, m. (— d, p/. -e) balcony. 

MM, w. (-ed. p/. OdUe) ball ; globe, sphere ; 
ben — onfrieien, to serve a ball ; to play off, 
lead ; bett — im fluff grange fangrn, to catch 
the ball at the bound ; etneu ■— madjen, to 
pocket, hole a ball (BUI.) ; ritt fntfn gemaftrer 
— , a good hamrd (BUI.), —an, —at, -wtOftf , 
•ee SaBon, fJaffst. Ballotage. Comp. 
— larmig, adj. spherical, —hand, n. tennis 
or racket court, fives court. — hp||, n. bat. 
— Re*, n., — ffbiagCir m. racket. -ftrttfdK, 
f. battledore. — roft, /. guelder rose. 
— fftwfttr, m. racket-player, batter. — fttiel, 
n. any game at ball, tennis, rackets, fives. 
— ftodT, m. cue; bat. 

»0«l, m. (— d, pi. Ctttte) baU, dance ; ouf Bftftr 
flCben, to go to dances. Comp. —tame,/- lady 
partner at a dance. — but, m. opera-hat. 
—fie if, n. ball dress. 

©aiO'bC,/. (p/. — «) ballad, lyric-epic poem of 
moderate length. Comp. — MsMoKeTt m. 
ballad-writer. -HUiidlfung,/. ballad poetry. 
— ttjjabr, n. year in which Goethe and Schiller 
composed many of their finest ballads (1786-87). 

— BsfHI. m. ballad style, —foil, f». the true 

ballad style. 

fta'Uafr or fjauafl, m. (-<d) ballast; best — 
eittfdjtrjfn, to take in ballast; mtt — . in bal- 
last. Comp. —lalnwg,/. dead freight. 

Ba'OC, /. cannon ball (obs.). 

HaHei', /. (pi. —en) oommandery (Teutonic mtd 
other orders); bailiwick. 

Ikr'Ae*, m. bundle, bale, package ; ten wshiib 
(of paper) ; a weight, measure (for /tar, s*l±, 
etc.); palm (o/ the hand); ball (o/ la« /<**); 
sole (0/ a hone 1 * foot) ; button (0/ a /ot/) ; bsOl 
(Typ.) ; handle (of a plane) ; track, foot-print 
(of game). Comp, — binder, m. packer. — 
famber=l0h|i,m. packing, package. — tCftCB* 
m. foU. — eifen, n. ripping-chisel. — sprtW* 
m., —toll. n. ball-stock (lip.). — fstttjtr. 
p/. racks (7^p.). — roooren, p/. bale-«ooda. 
— n>e iff, adv. in bales. 

f3a'den, v.a. to form into a ball, conglobate ; to 
double up, to clench (the fist). 

ttaller — tt, v.a. to make a noise ; to throw, so 
shoot. Comp. — biftjfe, /. pop-gun. 

ftaBf'tt, n. (-d. pi. -e) ballet. -tSttirr* aa^ 
— tdtUfritt, /., baUet-dancer, figure-girL — 

m'fr,/. = -taoieriw (si.). 

fjan'bora— en, — tfieTen. vm. to alter for the 
worse, to make pseudo-improvements (as did 
the printer Johann BaUhorn) (usually Of rfeal- 

HaOiHif , /. ballistica, science of projectiles. 

BalOtl', m. (— d, pi. — d) balloon; globular 
receiver (Chem.); ctlicn — aafblafm, to in- 
flate a balloon. 

OaQot'f m. bale of goods ; measure of sheets) of 

fJaOot-a'ftC, /. act of balloting; ballot. 
— te'rett, v.n. (aux. h.) to vote by ballot. 

fjal'fant, m. (— d. pi. — e) balsam, balm. 
— i'BC, /. balsamine. —If* (pron. balf**- 
mifdj) <»(/• balmy ; fragrant ; balsamic. Comp. 
— apfel, m. balm apple. — baHW, m. balsam 
tree; balm tree, — (baum)boU, n. xylobsO- 
samum. — plfitC, /. blossom of the balsa 
tree; balsam blossom; any fragrant blossom. 
—baft, m. fragrance. — dnftfUl. a«f>. balmy. 
—griff, m. spirit of balsam. — fari, n. bal- 
samic resin. — fraat, n. any balsamic plant ; 
marvel of Peru. 

f3alfamie / rett r v.a. to embalm, to render frav 

f) [of capercaillics and several 

fj h.) to pair; to play; brf 

le capercaillie playa 

» ed, pi. -<ff)e), -rabr, «. 


) bob, pendant, tassel, 
ingle, to hang down (eoff.). 
>l. — (Qe) saddle-cushion. 
, (furs) ; to hang down, 
place, trite, banal. 
I) banana. — «=f*fcr, /. 

fkiNa, I- n. ( ©anber : dim. r3£nbcVM. 
a narrow ribbon) band : ribbon ; hinge ; hoop (of 
a cask) ; swathe (of a sheaf) ; ligament (AnatA ; 
ligature, bandage ; tie-beam (of a roof, etc.) ; 
covered point (Backg.); 64ub — , shoe-lacs; 
8»im— , tape ; eia — madWn, to make a 

tat (Backg.). n.a.(— ed,p7.— e) tie, bond; 

»/.) fetters, bonds: ebettdied —.conjugal tie. 

I. m. (— ed, pi- mubt) volume, tome; 
binding (of a book). —+'*t, f. {pi. -OfCa) 
bandage; trust -agift, m. (— afifctt. 

I, p/. —en) narrow-minded 
rrow-minded, low thinkms;. 
Comp. — Kttel, m. bank 

ttihtfeften 77 ©at 

ftonfett, «. — let, *» Sanqnicr. — 0, m. 
dc n. bank, bank-money. Camp, —agent, 
m. exchange-broker. — ogifl, n. *v wflio- 

-attfe (-aetie) /. bank-stock. -aftUmar 
1 (— actian&r) m. bolder of bankstock. —ails 

nttifung, /. cheque, bank bUl. — frr«(ta, m. 
bankruptcy ; — brucb madjen, to fail. — 
brstdJi0, a#. bankrupt, insolvent — tana), n. 
^n^tti g book. — f acta. n. banking-line, H""^ 
business, —ffiblg, a<y. negotiable, bankable. — 
0triftat»n. chamber of commerce. — - getPolbCn. 
bank-safe, buWon-vault,sate-aeposit. —falter, 
m. banker. — fgntO, ». banking account ; ba- 
ton ©if fin —tonto bei und, do you bank with 
us ? j tin— f onto er3ffnen,toopenacreditata 
bank. — tt*tC,/- bank note ; bank bill (Amer.) 
m — neten, pi.* — natenanftgabe, /. note-issue. 

-natcnpapier, ». currency paper. — Miens 

Mttllaitf, m. notes in circulation, paper- 
fj currency. — jMbter, n. bankable paper, se- 

curity. — prOClira, /. power of attorney to 
transact banking business. — fcbrfu, m. tee 

—note. —Jdjrnber, m. bank-clerk, — werte, 

pi. negotiable papers. —UK fen, n. banking 
affairs. — JCttf 1. «*• bank-note; check, —lets 
telbllCb* n. check book, —tint* m. rent of a 
fj BSn'fe I— ge fang, m. ballad-singing ; low popu- 

m lar ballad, —tvamtt, m. hawker, peddler. 

— fftnget, n». rhymester, itinerant singer, 

singer of coarse and vulgar ballads in unarostic 

f meter and melody. — fangerei',/. singing of 

worthless ballads, popular poetry of a senti- 
mental or vulgar character. 
1 Bant(f)ra'tt, L »». bankruptcy, insolvency, 

failure. — macfcen, to fail, break ; to become 
a bankrupt, to smash; betruaeriffber — , 
fraudulent bankruptcy. IL adj. dc adv. bank- 
rupt; — merben, to fail. Comp. —befell, 
m. flat in bankruptcy. -tserflorttllg, / 
declaration (or act) of bankruptcy. 

Sanfert, m. (-S, pi. -e) bastard. 

Banff tt, n. (-«, pi. -e) banquet ; bank ; ban- 
quette {Fort.) ; side space (Railw.). 

BonNet, Ottnqute'r, m. (— *,p/. -4), banker. 

8attn, m. (— e£) territory, jurisdiction; pro- 
| scription; public summons; curse, charm; 

ban ; excommunication ; fleiner Utrdjen— , 
I interdict ; in ben — tbuu, to excommunicate, 

to put under the ban of the church; ben 
— aufhcbctt, to remove an interdict. Comp. 
—brief, m. interdict. — bnOe. /. Pope's bull. 
—UttO), m. anathema. — fttabl, m.; ben — 
fhrabf fd|(enbern, to fulminate excommunica- 
tion (aegen einen , against one) ; to thunder out 
a bull of excommunication. — fttrttO), m. 
excommunication ; exorcism. — tpaffet, n. 
private fishing pond of a feudal lord. — tOCTf , 
n. statute labor, —mart, n. exorcising word ; 

Ban'n— en, v.a. to banish, expel; to put under 
the ban ; to forbid, to reserve an exclusive privi- 
lege concerning ; to enchant ; to conjure 
up or away ; to banish ; to fix to a certain 
place; feftaebamit, rooted to the spot, 
charmed. — er, m. (— er3, />'. — cr) exerciser. 

Ban'ner, n. (—*, pi- — ) banner. Comp. — fcerr, 
m. banneret. — lettfe, P*> armed retainers 
under a banneret. — frftger, "». standard- 

Ban'ttig, adj. dc adj. extraordinary, very great 

Hananier, *». me ttanfier. 

©anf— e, /. and m. {pi. —en) bay, recess (in a 
barn for sheave*). ~-tt, m. (— er#, pi- —tt) 
workman who piles up sheaves in a barn. 

1 Oar, wi. (— §, pi. — t), technical name given by 
the mastersingers to a song of several stanzas 
composed according to the strict rules la"* 
dowu by them. 





*0aT, adj. & adv. bare, naked, destitute of; 
pure, unmixed ; ready (of money). — c gafh 
Imtg, cash payment; — cr Grtrag, net pro- 
oaeds, proceeds in cash ; — bc&ablcn, to pay 
cash ; gegrn — . for cash ; fir — e SWun^e 
Itebntett, to believe implicitly, to take for 
gospel ; — 1& 0f lb (or — (0elb), ^sAy money ; 
caah ; — cr ttnftnit, sheer nonsense. — fdmft, 
/. ready money ; stock ; property. Comp. 
— beittig. adj. barelegged. — froft, to. black 
frost, --fuller, to. barefooted friar. — f fifeelC, 
n. little Hiss Barefoot. — f tt%tg, ** — bf Ulifl. 
— battbtig, a4>'. dV adv. bare-headed, unbon- 
neted, uncovered. — Uwfett, n. prisoner's 
base (a game). — fttMf, m. cash-purchase. — 
tftt i£, to. cash price ; ju betgef ttgteu — Hrri- 
fen, at the annexed cash prices. — fmettfler.m- 
sansculotte. — fenlung, /. consignment of or 
in specie. — tM>rfd)tt%, m. cash advance. — 
lafclenb, aft. ; — $ablenbe ©auftn, specie-, 
cash-paying banks. — ioblttttg , /. payment in 

x Whr {-**, pi. —en) bear ; riit lunger — , bear's 
cub ; brr grofte — , the Great Bear, Ursa 
maior; brr grofte ttltb Heine — , the Greater 
and Lesser sear; — fit anbhtben, to con- 
tract debts; cincit —en abbfobnt, to pay a 
debt; eiitent einen — en auibinben, to hoax 
one, play one a practical joke: ber — 
brnmntt, the bear growls ; nnjeleffter — un- 
Ucked cub, bear ; rude fellow (ftgur.). — in, /. 
(pi. — ittnen) abe-bear. Comp. — beifcig, adj. 
quarrelsome, surly. — fttzaTtig, adj. ursine. 

— oubeifter, m. bull-dog. —enctedt, f. 
bear-skin cover. — en = bid, see ©arumr*. 
— rttztang, m. bear-hunting; bear-trap. — 
CnsteR, n. bear's skin. — ettzfett. ». bear's 
grease. —Ctt=ffibreT, m. bear leader ; tutor, 
cicerone (si.). — encfttfa, »». arctopas {Bot.). 
— en=bn%. ettsfcefce, f. bear-baiting. -f*s 
tkittt,/. bear's skin ; auf ber — enbant (it gen, 
to be laty. — ensjKhiter, to. idler, sluggard. 
— en=b8ttr, to. keeper of bears, caretaker; 
Bootes (Astr.). — fftsfiitte, /. extraordinary 
cold, awful cold (coll.). — ettsfUut./. brook- 
ursin ; acanthus (Bot.). — tftsttlafetg, adj. <fc 
adv. very great, extraordinary (cW/.). — f*s 
tttfifce, /. bearskin cap ; busby (miliL). — ens 
#hr, n. arctotis (A?/.). — tnsttrlein, ». auri- 
cula. — ensbfeife,/. bourdon pipe (of an organ). 
— <Hsra«IK,/.bear-caterpiUar. — en ; Barter, 
to. bear-keeper. — eusitsittger. to. bear- 
garden. — IftW* to. club-moss, lycopodium. 
— Winfel, to. lesser periwinkle. — tPntt, /. 
bear's wort ; saxifrage ; periwinkle ; ©ow- 

^r^'(-(f)*t^- -*■> = <**<* <^ <o/ ->- 

'©dr, m. (—4, pt. — e) ram(mer). rammer-log. 

«©3r, m. He)«,pi. -«) dam ( jbtftf".). 

©aTa'tft, /. soldier's hut, barrack; wretched 

©arba'r, m. (—en, pf.— en) barbarian. — ei',/. 
barbarity, cruelty; uncivilisation, vandalism. 
— CB (in comp.) barbarian, e. g. ©arto'ren- 
ffbttiftrinc, pi. swarms of barbarians. — ifdl. 
adj. dc adv. barbarous ; barbarian ; cruel ; id) 
babe — tfd»en $unger. I am fearfully hungry 
(cotloo.)-, id) (in -ifa mnbe. I am awfully 
tired \coUoq.) — i'»mn«, m. barbarism. 

'Bur/lK, /. (pi. -n) barbel (Jcht.) ; lappets of a 

'©art*,/, barb, lappet 

©urbteT, to. (— #, pi. — f) barber. Comp. 
— betTett, n. shaving-basin. — MCffer, n. 
rasor. — rifMCU, m. (ra»or-)strop. — ftttbe, 
/. barber's shop, toilet saloon, shaving and hair- 
dressing saloon, —toilette, /.. — ieng, *. 
shaving case. — |eidje«, n. barber's pole or 

8«rbie / ren, v.o. to shave ; to fleece, 

floV — taffen, to get shaved ; ffaen iter kc« 
Kdffel — , to dry-shave, to fleeoe, to ohasit a p. 

©nr'Aent, m. (-^, p/. -c) fustian; friacr. 
gefdlperter —, dimity. — en, adj. of ta^kmm. 

©O'rb— e, m. (—en, pi. —ttt) bard ; minatral ; pi 
—en gefrdrig, bardic, bardish; tleiacr — r. 
bardling. — tift, m. <fc n. (-icre*,p/. — irtr) 
war-song of the ancient Germans; song; In tfeie 
style ; a certain kind of patriotic drama i *"' 

by Klopstock containing songs of the bsvrds (= 
old German prieMt, a* Klopdock underwtood the 
name), —if a), adj. bardic.Wdiah ; bir — ifs^r 
fibril, bardic lays; tee — mgebrfttt. — tms 
tttttt, n. period of bardic song; bardic km. 
Comp. — en=ge brnO, n. roaring of the bsuda 
(mid of the exaggerated tongs on old Gemam 4 
jecU written in the second half of the ei 
century by followers of Klopstock). ' ___ 
gefflnne, pi. songs of the bards ; bardie bay*. 


bare place in the woods; copse. 

Bore'tt, n. (—5, p/. — e) cap; cardinal's) hat; 
skull-cap. Comp. — mm, m. haberdashery. 

©nrg. twrte, impf. indie. «t «oy. ©/ - 

Bo'rltim, m. (—*J>1. — e) barytone. 
Sorf, /. bark, -tfift, /. long-boat. -€, f. 

bie tieinere — e r lighter, barge. 
tktr/IOUfeil, n. (prisoner's) base, a nmning 

for boys. 
fHhr«l-e, enTttl-^ /. barm, yeast. 

— two, n. bread baked with yeast, 
ttarmber'jig, ad>. <k adv. compassionate ; 

itable; — tr ©ruber, monk hospitaller; 

6djtt»efrer, sister of mercy or charity. 

felt,/, compassion, charity, mercy, 
©i'rmntter, see ®<b«rraurrcr. 
Barn, m. (-<e)#. pi. — e) crib, 1 
Boro'd', adj. quaint, odd, queer. 
ttOTtttte't-tr, *• (also m.) (—n^pl. — er) ba- 
rometer. — rtftfj, adj. barometrical. Comp. 

— ersftana. m. height of the barometer. 
tJoro'tt, to. (—$,jrt.— t) baron. —in,f. (pL 

— ittnen), — effe,/. (pi. — effen) baroness. 
Ua'rre, /. bar, ingot ; rough whalebone ; pole (•/ 

a piano, etc.). — n» to. rail; parallel ban 

(Gymn.). Comp. — tt;gOll f n. gold in ingots. 

— tt=b3tt»Ier, m. bullion dealer. 
tkmrie're, (trisyll.) barrier, guard, railway-gate ; 

tferft. ©arid), m. (—t$, pi. — t) perch (/dW.). 
©arid), adj. dc adv. rough ; rude, tart, brusque. 

— Wit, / rudeness, roughness. 
©arft, ©arfte, impcrf. tndie.dsubj. of btrtra. 
©art, to. (— e#,p/. ©«rte. d<«. ©artaien) beard; 

comb (of a cock) ; wattles (of a turkey) ; wbis- 
k->r«(0/ a cat) ; barb (Bot.) ; nn, barb (ofjUhem) ; 
choke (0/ artichokes) ; beard (of grain) ; growth 
(on a /ou/ «A?p) ; tail (of a comet) ; beard (of 
oysters); wards (0/ a key); rfttett nm ben — 
geben, to cajole some one; in ben — brunt* 
men, to mutter to oneself; rr tarbt in ben 
— , he laughs in his sleeve ; GtffttttlT — , mus- 
tache; ©ntfen— , whiskers; cittern in ben — 
fflgen or merfrn, to cast in one's teeth ; fttf} 
nm bei Jtaifer* — fTreiten. to quarrel abooi 
trifles; to light for a shadow. — if*, adj. 
beardless, smooth-faced. Comp. — fectfr*, "• 
shaving basin, —bins*,/, mustache-trainer. 

— geier, *». golden vulture. — (rafter, t*. 

barber (coll.). — !n«PCn,p/.gUls(Oni.,/c*s.). 

— mdnndien, n.. — nteife, /• bearded titmouse, 
too*, n. earthmoss. — nelfe, /• Sweet WO- 
x(Bot.). — «n%, /. Albert. — JMlttT, «v, 

— fdierer, to. shaver, barber. — folbe, /.. 

— tildjfe, /. pomade hongroise. — feife. / 

shaving soap. — tttijett, m. bearded wheat. 

— innge,/. tweesers. 
©wTte, /. (pi. — n) broad ax; upper jaw of a 

whale ; unprepared whalebone. 
©oVtei— tt, v.o. to mill cloth. Comp. — t»*. ». 

cloth of the first dressing. 


girtig TO 0M« 

berbcrfte — ,masked battery. Comp. —%t\M%* 
n. niece of ordnance. — feitC, /. broadside (of 
Bft'feen, «. a small German coin now no longer 

Q current ; cr bat — , be is well off. 

t fkm» m. (—ti, pi. — t, — ten, o&i. Bine) build- 
ing, erection, oomtruction ; edifice, structure ; 

*1 working (of a mine) ; fabric (of the universe) ; 

build, frame, form (of man and beast*) ; kennel, 
earth, den, burrowing-place ; style of architec- 
ture; cultivation, culture, agriculture (espe- 

•I dally assumx) ; ffrfer— , agriculture ; GkrtCtt* 

— , horticulture ; SBein— , cultivation of Tinea, 
wine growing; fterg— , mining; tie Jttrfte ifl 

t int —(e) beg riff en, the church U being built ; 

auf ben — fomnten, to be condemned to the 

3 public works (as a convict), —bar, adj. capa- 

ble of cultivation ; worth working. — ltd), adj. 
relating to buildings; in good repair; in — 
M lidictn Bnftanbe, habitable, -re, /. see ftm • 

_, dffenf(id>e —ten, public buildings. Comp. 

1 — Ofabcmie', /. academy of architecture. 

— nfadCtttiftr. m. pupil (or beginning archi- 
tect) at a school of architecture. — affPTb, m. 
building contract or agreement. -Html, n. 
board of public works. — anfftlaft, m. build- 
er's estimate, —art* /• style of architecture ; 
construction, structure. — ftttffeber, in. in- 
spector of buildings; district surveyor. — bifttff , 
m., — frobne , J. statute service in building. 
— raSit* adj> osy* ruinous, tumble-down ; — 
fanifl nierben, to decay. — faHtftfttt,/. state of 
decay, dilapidation. — ffibrer ,m. overseer of the 
building works, young architect, —gcfangcncr, 
I m. convict employed on public works. — gCs 

ritt, n. building utensils, —gerfift, n. scaf- 
fl folding. -gefeafdWft, /. building society or 

company. — f Cfefe, n. building act ; building 
regulation. — baubtntrter, m. building arti- 
san. — btrr, m. proprietor of a house to be 
J erected ; member of the Board of Works in 

a town. — hof , m. timber yard. —tall, 
n. building wood, timber. — tlafe, m. build- 
ing-block, brick (/or children). — fontwifs 
fl^tt, /. Board of Works. — foftttt, />/. ex- 
penses of building; cost of working a mine. 
— funft, /• architecture, engineering. — f infts 
1 let, m- architect. — Icnte. pi. workmen em- 

ployed on a building. — metfrcr, m. architect ; 
1 master-builder, —rot, m. Board of Works; 

member of this board ; government architect ; 
state (or public) surveyor of works or build- 
ings; title given to distinguished architects. 
— rebC, /. carpenter's speech when the wood- 
work is up. • — rillr m. plan, architect's draw* 
ing. — fdjnie, /. school of civil engineering 
or architecture. — ftiittC, — fttOe, /• buUding- 
ground ; site. — frll» m. style of architecture. 
— fnojt, /. building mania. — bcr»flfter, m. 
clerk of the works ; overseer. — bfrtaatrnnff, 
/. Board of Works. — W€tt , n. edifice, build- 
ing. — meff n, n. architecture, building-depart- 
ment, building concerns. — litrat, m - archi- 
tectural ornament. 
*Batt. interj.; —mail, bow-wow (barking of dogs). 
BattOf, m. (— efl, pi. 9itta>e) belly; paunch; 
bulge ; abdomen ; einen — madtftt, to bulge 
out ; fid) (dot.) ben — balten, to hold one's sides 
(with laughing) ; anf bent — e (tcacn, to lie flat 
on one's face ; f ein cm — e fTdftnen, to worship 
one's belly, to lead a life of gluttony ; f anfet 
— , sluggard ; ein boiler — . ein leerer ftobf , 
a fat belly, a lean brain ; in compounds usu* 

ally belly- or abdominal-, —ill, adj. bulgy, 
convex; bellied : ventriculous (BotX Comp. 
— bonder, pi- hoops round the middle of a 

cask. — pfDCtfUttfltn, — Dftfen, pi. abdominal 
integuments. — bruti), m. rupture. — br fiftta , 
adj. raptured. — brnftbanb,n.,— catnbreffe, 
/. truss. — bC<frn (in eomp.), epigastric. 



•—Water, m. belly-slave, glutton, gourmand. 
— enJUlUDUUg./. toflammation of the bowels 
or stomach. — feu, n. peritoneum. — feOsents 
ftfinbung,/. peritonitis. — finne,/., —gaffe, 

/. rentral fin. — gn%, m. diarrhoea ; dysentery. 
-tlitbCXt pt. feet (of bird*), hindfeet (of 
bouts). — gorfttttgen, p/. buntlines (Aba*.). 
— griutUten, n. violent colic; belly-ache*, 
griping, —furl, m. belly-band; roller; sur- 
cingle, — fueipeu,n. gripes, —tlfrttttfrfittf, 
adj. hypochondriac — rettter, m. ventrilo- 
quist. — Kiami,/. ventriloquism. — riemen, 
m. *w — flurt. —ring, m. inguinal. — f|Ki- 
d*l, «. gastoic juice. -fJcWlrtrfiff, /. 
pancreas. — ftia), m. tapping (for dropsy). 
—0*9, n.belly-ache, stomach-ache. — Minis 
fpatt,/. tympanitis, —made, /. underlocks. 

Siu'dK, fceu'dte,/. steep, buck, lye. 

Ban'oxa, v.a. <fr n. to bulge out. 

Bfttt'QKttt ©en'*C«, »a to buck, soak, steep 

Vill'dH-eit, v.a. & a. to bulge out. —if, ad/. 
(suffix) .bellied. — lingt, adv. lying Sat on 

one's belly. — ttNg, 
rexity of a column. 

/. protuberance, con- 

9*ntC,/. (pi. — n) hut (in Ma mountains, e.g. 
fo <A* Biesengebirge). 

Bou'eu, v. L a. to buOd; to construct; to till, 
cultivate ; to raise (flowers, etc.) ; to work (a 
cafae) ; to make (a road) ; fid) — attf fine €., 
to be founded on a th., to rest on ; raeblgr* 
•ant, well made, well-shaped (of men, etc.); 
fid) (dot.) riitcn fettAitfl — laffen, to have a 
suit made for o.s., to order a new suit (coil.). 
IL n. (omz. ft.) to count upon, rely on (attf 
emeu) ; Scute, auf bie matt ($attfer)— tann, 
people to be thoroughly depended on. 

"JBatrfT, m. (—&, pi. — } one who builds or con- 
structs; builder, constructor (especially as the 
second part 0/ compound) e.g. Orgelbauer, 

•fkni'tr, to. (— J d> — n, pf. —«) husbandman, 
peasant: wealthy peasant ; rustic ; boor, clown ; 
knave(Cardj) ; pawn (Chess). — (n);f<tHlft,/. 
peasantry. Comp. — benge 1. to. sturdy young 
rustic; country yokel, lout. — -frau » /• oountry- 
woman ; peasant's wife. — If lit, n. base ten- 
ure; socage. — tttagl), /. farmer's servant. 
—tUtr*ft,n. coarse, black bread. — ttsburfd), 
m. oountry lad, young peasant. — NrHimf , 
/. country lass, peasant girL — usffegef, 
•». churl, boor. — Usfraklte, /• statute 
labor. — Hsgut. n. farm. -Hisliofi »*• 
farm, farm-buildings. — Usferl, to. yokel. 
— UrfUtel, to. smock-frock. — (M)shtCdrt.m. 
farm servant. — Usfrieg, m. Peasants' War 
(«p'«V ^525 M Germany). — UsfdKUfe, /. 
pot-house. — HsfOrale, /. village school. 
— f<*»Oier, m. or— flMlgCHtl, /. brother or 
sister of brother- or sister-in-law. — NsfittCttr 
pi. rustic manners, customs. — fDtel, *• 
peasant drama, theatricals acted by peasants 
1 e.g. the Oberammergauer Passtonsptet). — ns 
ftOUb, to. peasant class, peasantry. — nstrorfrt, 
/. rustic costume. — Hsgalf, n.,-4 = leuiC,pt 
peasants, country-folk. — nsmirtftgaft, /. 
jjottage farm, homestead ; agriculture. 
•U'er, i». (rarely m.) (Wrrf-)cag« J •▼kry. 
' Xtyt— in, /. (P/. -fatten) female peasant, 
tsant's wife; farmer's wife. — IfO) (9ou* 
tlfdj), 007. rustic ; boorish. -Hd> (fjaue rllO)), 
adj. countrified ; rural, country ; — iidjc Critic, 
oountry sports. 
Bourn, m. (— f #, p/. Bourne, rfrfm. Bonuuften, 
fMuntlehl) tree ; pole ; beam ; boom ; — her 
(grfeuutuif, tree of the knowledge of good 
and evil ; - be* £eben«, Sebenf— , tree of 
life ; er ffcbt ben Gotb tor ((ante r) fNlumen 
" he does not see the wood for trees 

80 gtnW) 

as the tree is such is the fruit ; bar — f Ut 
nidjt auf ben erften ©rrtid), Rome wm no* 
built in a day. Comp. — adJOt, m. sand 1 
— abulid), —ar H*, adj. arborescent. - 
Iter , /. mangrove oyster. — Oft* /. falHn* 1 
—tolnt, /. oonnarus (Bet.), —br***, «a. 
blight. — Clfc,/. dryad, hamadryad. — C«tt, 
/.black-billed whistling duck. -tnlC,/. Httba 
horned owl. — faB, m. windfall wood. — fsnrs* 
m. oakfern, polypody. — fUOte,/- t r e e m o—. 
— fra%, m. canker (Min.). -frsio^. am. 
green tree-frog, —gang, m. avenue of tnsi 
— gan«, /. brentgoose ; barnacle. —g*rtC*, 
m. orchard ; tree-nursery. — -gcjft, »• dryad. 
-geUuber, n. espalier, —grtle, /. hi 
bug; tree cricket. — grttlMft*/* clump of 
—fader, m. great black woodpecker. 

n. resin of trees. —betfC, /. hedgw-row. 
-biblK,/. bill-hook. -heltfT, ». oomnoi 
black elder. — bukn, n. crested cunusow. 
— ttftr, m. garden beetle, -loin, •». caaoe. 

—nee, m. laburnum. — frietler, — tinricr, 
m. tree-creeper (Orn.). — tufbeu, in. pyrasni- 
dal cake (baked on a spit andresembl&to the 
trunk of a knotty tree), —tuns*, /. dend r ology, 
—long, adj. tall, strapping; lanky. —!•»*, 
/. woodlouss. — lerdx,/. woodlark. — Wit* 
f. woodbine. —(Uttgcnrraut, n, tree-nsosa. 
— matter, m. pine-marten. — meftT* «. 
pruning knife; dendrometer. — nnfl, /. 
walnut. — tttojtttPbe. /• wood nymph, dryad. 
—51, n. olive oil, sweet oiL — pfbuUUn*. /. 
tree-nursery, plantation. — Uitfer, m. tree- 
creeper. — nielter, m. wood-lark. — reirer. 
m. see — Iriefber, ». — mfe, /. hollyhock. 
— faff, m. sap. — fige, /. cross-cut saw, 
grafting saw. — fdiere, /. garden sbeara. 
— fdjilf, n. bamboo. — fftlag. m. folimga 
(Paint.). -f*r3tcr, m. stag-beetie. -fm«k, 
/. tree-nursery. — fdnnamttt, m. agaric 
— fei*C, /. bombasine. — ffotttm, m. trunk 
of a tree. — fforf , adj. very strong, robust. 
— frein, m. dendroUte. — fHU, adj. quite 
silent, quite still, -fforf, m. stump. — Ion, 
n. guest-rope (NautX — moiN, n. grafting 

wax. — mawe, /. tree-bug. — mirier, m. 

(wood)rsnger. — tOfibf, /. white willow. 
— mert, ». follsge (Paint.). -moHf, /. cot- 
ton. —tUO Ben, adj. made of cotton ; — HfoKroe 
©oat, tarletan; — tooQcnrrf aftntir, n e nke — 

— malenstodit, m. cotton wick. — maiens 

fatrif,/. cotton mill. — maOensgam, n. cot- 
ton yarn. — totBeu^ffreidKT, m. carder. 
— maOensimg, a. cotton-stuff, print, cottooa. 
— IMlliftt, — moOig. adj. cottony. — **■: 
fHinumaf djine, /• spinning Jenny. —iMast, f. 
arboriculture. — tficbter, m. arborist. —mas 
her, m. German tinder. 
©aVut— (ben (-dKn^, p/. — dkn), — lefn, 
n. (-(find, pt.-leiu) Utile tree; ,»ea> 
felt bad -hJku' fnielen, to play at puss In 
the corner. — idt, adj. tree-like. — tg, o4J. 

SU'tttel,/. (p/. -n) tassel, pendant. 
n'tttelH, v.n. (out. b.) to hang danglinf. to 
bob, to swing ; ber (itcrl) ntnft — . haug him 1 
1 6iunten, v.*. to fasten (a cart-load of hay vast 




^ ».«. <fc r^f. to rear, to prance; go) 

— , to stand on hind legs. 

Hang—, okofaug— . —barf, m. chubby fac»; 
blowas. — tirfig, adj. chubby-faced. 

taonfo>, m, (-e#. pi. fWnfoje) pad, bolsterj 
bundle ; compress (Surg.) ; tuft ; roll ; in — 
nnb ftateu, in the lump. In the gross, whole- 
sale. — tg, adj. swelled, distended. Comp. 
— irmel, m. puffed sleeve. — fonf , m. {also 
f^anfebfOttf ) purchase m the lump, wholesale 
purchase, -fuutwe, /. (atso Vanfailnnune) 


81 ©focdett 

Bi»f*«ett, n. (-*, pi. -) little pad ; pledget, 

fkWffbcn, v.n. (auz. $.) to swell out, stick out. 


,©<«*, 6* a J«h ! bang ! 

r, to. (— $, jrf. — e) b -saer ; fancy fair. 

cwi'fl— aft, «• (p*. —en) bacillus, -entrant, 
n. basil (So*.). 

f3f, inseparable prefix (weakened from old pi, 
i*AtcA,urA#»» accented, became bet). It is joined 
with verbs, and change* an intransitive into a 

Urmsitwe verb (e.g. anrtporten auf cine ftrage, 
forage beanttoorten) or changes ike 
* of die 

object 'of (he action of a transitive verb; it is 
also used to form transitive verbs from substan- 
tives and adjectives. Verbs precedeil by this 
unaccented prefix do not separate it in their 
conjugation. The glottal stop is clearly heard 
in all compounds with be — beginning with a 
vowel, e.g. be*ad)reu. For possible compounds 
not found in the following lists see the simple 

tkiffcftttiDm, v.a. to have in view, aim at, 
intend ; ber beabfidlttgte gttcif , the end in 
▼lew, the object proposed. 

fJCO'drt— tU, v.a. to take heed to, pay attention 
to ; to regard ; to take into consideration ; er 
— Ctt miib taunt, he scarcely noticed me. 
— KK8> /• consideration; notice; regard. 

Comp. — entstvcrt, — una*=n»ert, adj. 

worthy of notice, noticeable. 
fJCsMmi, v.a. to till, to cultivate. 
BcaVaU^r), ' 

-c(r) f (obs, -etc(r) ), m. (-en, j* 

, functionary ; official ; public officer. — s 

CHstmfftaft,/. bureaucracy. —tUzWTtin, 
m. civil-service association. — €tt=|9*figfett* 
/. red-tapism. 
BeeVRftft— i*<tt (rarely — tU), v.a. to make 
asudous. -HIM, /. anxiety, anguish, uneasi- 

palpitate ; to thrilL to quiver ; Dor fyTOft — , 

to shake with cola. II. subst.n. trembling; 

tremor; thrill; vibration; tremolo (Mus^S; 

dtb—tU, n. earthquake, —end, p. & adj. 

tremulous; shivering. — er, to. ( — ere", pi. 

— er ) tremolo-stop (in organs). Comp. — e =SUg , 

to. see — «r. — fopfdien, n. nodding mandarin. 
IJC'fccm, v.n., to quake, to tremble (coll.). 
t3Cbia'tter— II, v.a. to cover over with leaves. 

— X,p.p. <Se adj. foliate, leafy. 
fefbiVmetl, v.a. to flourish, to cover with 

flowers (not*.). 
Qebrfi'meitf v.a. to border, trim (with fur. He.). 
tjebrtrteu, v.a. to hatch ; to brood over. 

fjeeaffi'ne,/. (pi. — n) wipe. 

Se'dier, m. (— 0, pi. — ) beaker, cup, bowl, 
chalice, goblet; can, mug; tumbler; Grater 
(Astr.)i cup, calix (Bot.); ftfrfjen — , ash- 
tray; %abat8— f tobacco jar; fflttrfcl-, 
dice-box. Comp. — blUUte, /. common 
burnet. — fdrttttg, adj. cup-shaped. — tell, 
m. hard drinker. —Wei, n. jugglery; cup- 
and-ball. —flutter, m. toper, hard drinker. 

tJk'CbeTn, v.n. to tope, tipple, carouse, boose. 

9e'<fot, n. ( -) basin; pelvis (AnaL); 
cymbal (Mas.): vortex (of a whirlpool). 
Comp. — abmein>on0 ( /. malformation of 
the oelvis. — einfletoetde, pi. pelvic viscera. 
— boble, /. pelvic cavity. — fdMttger, m. 
cymbal-player; brasier. 

©CDU'dV- en, v.a. to roof (a house). — UUg, /. 

t$) consideration; delibera- 

fceba'dlt, I. m.(- ... 
tion; ©or—, foresight; prudence; — neb* 
men anf cine ©., to take into consid- 
eration; nttt — , advisedly, carefully; tnit 
gtttem — , after mature reflection. II. adj. 
itent (on), thoughtful (of) ; attf ettttae* — 
fein, to be Intent on a thing, to consider a 
matter. — fattt, adj. considerate. Comp. 
— If>ft. adj. <fr adv. inconsiderate. 

Oetwte, imperf. ind. & subj. 0/ bebe'ttfen. 
SebddVtig, adj. A adv. circumspect, discreet, 
prudent; deliberate; considerate, —felt, /. 

consideratenesB ; prudence ; habit of delibera- 
tion. . 

geftatftPIHft, adj. (obs.) see BebSditig. 

©e&a'ltfl, tteMfn'ae, imperf. ind. & subj. of 

©eOan'fen, v.r. to return thanks for ; to refuse ; 
fidi bei etnem ftreunbe — , to thank a friend ; 
barar bebanfe id) tmrfi ! no, thank you, I beg 
to be excused ; I do not want to have it. 

OebO'rf, m. (— <e)d) necessary supply, require- 
ments, requisites; demand (C. £.); — ait 
cuter ©., need of a th., demand for ath. ; nteitt 
— , all I need ; ftriegd — , material of war. 
Comp. — tsltfie, /. list of requirements, list of 
things needed. 

©cofindne, imperf. of bebftnfen. 

fjefcin'erlia), adj. regrettable, deplorable. 

fjefcra'er— it, 1. v.a. to pitv (cinen toegen, one 
for) ; to deplore, bewail (cine Sadie, jemanbeft 
Sob, a thing, one's death) : to compassionate: 
to regret, be sorry for ; id) — e fctjr, baft id) 
©ie bctetbiat babe, I am extremely sorry 
for having offended you. II. subst. n. sorrow, 
regret; pity. Comp. — *nft=R>ert, — eitfts 
tUfir&ig, adj. deplorable, pitiable, unfortu- 
nate, to be regretted. 

flebe'd'— en, t>.a. to cover; to shelter, protect, 
screen ; to escort (BfU.) ; to convoy (Naul.) ; 
to cover over or up; to obscure, hide from 
view; Srttppen auf bem fH&dsnat —en. to 
cover the retreat of troops; ber Cintmel ift 
—t (— t Hd)), the sky is (growing) overcast ; 
fid) —en, to put on one's hat; bitte, —en ®ie 
fiat 9 pr»y» put on your hat; pray, be covered. 
— t, p.p. ct- adj. ; Wtmxtn mtt —ttn Saracn, 
plants with seeds inclosed in a pod; —it 



ftettrric. maaked tettery; — tc 6ti«»e. huaky 
▼oice (Mus.); —ret Qfong, covered way 
(/''or*.), verandah. — nng,/. covering; cover, 
integument; escort, convoy; breastwork, 
epaulment (Fori.); ooeultation lAmtr.); 
security (C. £.)• Comp. — nngftsfdjiff, ». 
Sk&Ctlf— f«, I. ir.v.a. to consider, ponder, 
reflect on ; to mind, heed ; to care for, bear 
in mind; to provide for {in one'* trill, etc.); 
—en 6ie, baf 6te ed nerfbrodfen baben, 
mind that you have promised it; cittm Qtit 
ettnad —en, to provide one with ; fid) —en, 
to deliberate, weigh, consider, to take care ox 
number one ; fid) onberd —en, to change one's 
mind; fid) fined JBefferen —en, to think 
better of a thing. II. tub*, n. reflection, 
deliberation, consideration; opinion; hesita- 
tion; scruple, doubt, qualm; — en trorten, to 
have misgivings, to make scruples. -—IMP* adj. 
doubtful, suspicious ; critical ; serious ; delicate, 
nice ; hazardous. — lidjfett, /• scruple, doubt- 
fulness; scrupulousness, nicety; hesitation; 
timiditv; seriousness, critical state ; — lidjtet* 
ten bairn, to have scruples, to scruple. Comp. 
— ICit* /. time for reflection. 
tjefcen't— en, v.a. to inform; to set right, 
direct, enjoin; to give to understand; to 
signify, mean, imply ; to portend, forebode ; to 
beckon ; to be of importance ; bed hat ttid)td 
gn —en, it is of no consequence; toad faft 
bad —C« ? what does this mean? how now? 
— end, p. adj. <£ adv. considerable ; important ; 
full of meaning, significant, weighty ; ntd)td — 
e«b f of no consequence. — f MM, adj. significant. 
— fomfeit,/. significance; importance. —MM, 
/. signification, meaning ; importance ; sign ; ent 
attaint Han — ung, a man of high standing* of 
consequence. Comp. — nnggsgefdWfcte, /. 
history of the development of the meaning of 
words, semasiology. — Mttggsleer, adj. devoid 
of meaning, meaningless, trivial, insignificant. 
— vnggsleirt. /• science of the meaning of 
words, semasiology. — UNggslOd, adj. mean- 
ingless, unimportant, insignificant. — nngftz 
fdjmer, adj. full of meaning, momentous, 

wtance. — nngftstoonbel, m. 

ie meaning of words (in the 

a language). 

;'., intimidated, embarrassed, 

I. a. to serve, wait on ; to fin, 
»f (an office)', to serve (gutuY, 
—en. to follow suit (card*S\ 
revoke. II. r. to help oneself; 
r 8ad)e —en, to make use of a 
c.) elner Gkiegenbeit —en, to 
of an opportunity ; bitte. —en 
U help yourself. — tf(r), m. 
an, flunkey, lackey. — tettfctfft, 
—nng, /. service, attendance, 
ate; household ; service (Artii.); 
A* o«»t — wiMt, at your command, for your 

use. -nngft:mannf*aft (eined Oefdinted). 

/. gunners (MUit.). Comp. — ten sglOdt, /• 
servants' bell. — tCllsfftle, /. cringing soul, 
servile character, —tens fU., m - rumble, 
dickey. — tettsiitttmer, n. servants' halL 

ScbfCNftttfCr), m. employ*. 

Brbl'ng, m. (ob*. Oepi'ttge, n.) = fkbi'ngnng. 

fcent'ng— en, teg. <fc ir.v.a. to stipulate, bar- 
gain, agree on or for ; to settle (term*, etc.) ; to 
postulate ; ein ©d)tff —en, to charter a vessel. 
— t, p.p. <t* adj. conditional, uuallfied ; hypo- 
thetical; —re ffanabme. conditional accept- 
ance ; Hon ettnad — i fetn. to depend on. be 
affected by a th. — t=beit, /• conditionaiity. 
— f=fein, n. condition, conditionaiity, limita- 
tion by certain conditions. — nng, /• act of 
stipulating; stipulation, condition, proviso, 

terms; — ttngfn einreidjen, to make a timflni 
for ; nnrer ber —nng, on condition, provided ; 
a«f — nngen eingeben, to accept conditioM; 
nnrer fetner —nng, on no account; mmttx 
feber — una. in any case. — nngftslo*, adj. 
<£r adv. without condition, imconditiosmKlj). 

-nngftsf**, m. hypothesis, -nntt^bveifc. 

adv. conditionally. 

©ebran'g-fn, v.a. to oppress, grieve, afflict ; to 
press hard, — er, m. (— erd, pi. —*t)o w* m 
sor. — t, p.p. <fr adj. in distress, in difflcoltie*. 
-«i#, /. (J* -HUfOf), -Wig, /.p u — m u i; 
oppression ; affliction ; distress; embarrass- 

£etran'en, (archaic <* poetic) = bebrabem. 

9eftriri*n (Sefcrtrneln), v.a. to sou (?y drip- 
ping) (coll.). 

Ikbra'b— en, v.a. to threaten, menace, griev- 
anoe. — lid), adj. <t- adv. threatening ; — lis** 
fBOTte, threats, menaces, —nng, /. manav 
cing ; threat ; commination (Late). 

Setm'tfen, v.a. to print on. 

fiebri'rf— fn, v.a. to press ; to oppress, harass, 
distress. —tttm. (—erd, pi. — er) oppressor. 
— **g»/. oppression. 

Sebnn'gen, p.p. of bebingen. 

fjebi'nfe*, I. v.a. imp. to seem ; mill tebistfttr. 
methought, it seemed to me. II. tub*, n. ones* 
ion ; nteined — d, in my opinion, to my tifeink- 

6ebnr>en, v.a. to intimidate ; to cheat (**. ). 

f3ebiTf-<tt, ir.v. L n. (out. %.) <* imp. (pen.} 
to be in want of, need, require; ed bcfrerf 
reined fktnctfed, no proof is required; bar 
Rube —en, to need rest, n. a. ; <gefb — tn, to 
want, need money, —aid, n, (— nKIQed, pL 
— ni(ff)e) necessity, requirement; grbra#» 
—niffe, necessaries of Ufe. -nidrOnfralt, /. 
public place of convenience, public lavatory. 
—tig, adj. in need of, wanting; neceasitona, 
poor, needy. — tigfeit, /. indigence. \ 

©ebtt'teln, v.r. ; fid) - toget tipsv(rf.). 
felt, p.p. A o^VfuddW, tipsy (il.). 

tkeb/ren, vm. to confer an honor on; to 
honor ; bad Qfcfl mit feiner (skaenmart — , 
to honor or grace the feast with his presence ; 
id) beebre midj ^fmen aui*&i§tn, I have the 
honor to inform you, or to announce to you. 

©eefbtg— « (tkei'bCIl), v.a. to oonfirm by 
oath; to put one on his oath, to swear in (a per* 
mm) ; —re ttndfaje, sworn deposition, affidavit. 

9ee'agen, v.a. to cramp; to constrain, contract; 

to narrow; id) f&bfre mid) febr beenat, I felt 

under great restraint; beengre Snft, doss 

fkfrb— TH, v.a. ; etnen —en, to be a person's 

heir, inherit from one ; — t ff in, to have hairs. 
tketMg— «, v.a. to bury (only of human 

being*). — UNg. /• interment, burial. Comp. 

-nngdsfeier,/ funeral obsequies. -Wnfis 

tdften, p*. funeral expenses. 
fkfr-e,/. (p/. -en) berry. Comp. -brOa.A. 

bilberry-blue, -encabnlid), -ensnffltt 

0eet 88 gcfffigcln 

commit to, oommend to the care of; to Intrust, 
to •end by a p. ; tote ©ie —en, as you wish; 
—en ©ie fonft nod) ettoaS, do you wish any- 
thing elae ? have you any other orders ? ; time, 
toad if* bir befeble. do as I tell you; $ott 
befobfen ! good bye! God be with you! ; fid) 

m ®Ott — Ctt, to commend one's soul to God. 

m —end, p. & adj. imperative, dictatorial ; bit 

— cube &orm, the imperative mood; fin — 
enbe r Son , a tone of authority. — er l(c)ft , n. 
little imperious person (dial.). 

SSkffhl— fgW, t?.a. to command (a regiment, an 
army) ; — igt Hon* under the command of, led 

m JefeVnbcn , *.a. to show enmity to, to persecute : 

■ er iff mil ttttS befetnbet, he is on bad terms 

with us. 

BefCfMg-Ctt (©CfCften), «.<*. to fasten, make 
fast; to pin; to tack; to fortify; to establish; 
to strengthen ; mit ftfigefo —en, to nail; b* 
nmrben bit {gtemeinen im GMauben — t r so 
were the churches established in the faith (B.). 
—ting, /. act of fastening; fastening, that 
« which strengthens; fortification. Comp. 

— ungdsfttnH, /. science of fortification ; nn- 
terirbifdK — ttngSfltnfl, military mining. 
-nngd=t>fttbl, m. palisade, -nngdrwerfe, 
a n.o/. defenses. 

BfffM'dJt— en, v.a. to dampen, moisten; to 
water. — ung,/. moistening: irrigation. 

BefCU'em, v.a. to fire {with enthusiasm, etc.). 

BCffdxn, «. (-S, p/. -) ato ©S'ffdjcn, bands 
(of a Protestant clergyman, a proctor, etc.). 

BeffC&crtt, v.a. to cover with feathers; to 
mount an arrow with feathers ; fid) — , to get 

Beffftl, tJeftCWfr, ©eficW, ** Befe'bfcit. 

BeR'nd— en, I. ir.v.a. to find, deem, oonsider: 

e$ tourbe fftr rotfont befunben, it was deemed 

advisable ; fid) —en. to be, to fare, to feel ; bie 

©Odjf — et fid) tticbt fO, that is not the true 

| state of the case; fid) in Cerlegenfteit — en, 

to be embarrassed ; ©ie — en ftd) in einem 
feitfomen 3rrtnme. you labor under a 
strange misapprehension; toie —en ©ie fid)? 
how are you? ; ©ie —en fir^ boti wobl? you 
are quite well, 1 hope?; tnir —en nnS (ier 
febr toof|(, we are very comfortable here; 
fid) on elnem Orte —en, to be (stationed) at a 
place. II. subst.n. state of health ; condition ; 
the being in a certain place, opinion; nad) 
— en ber ©a die, as things turn out ; nan) — en, 
as you may think fit. —lid), adj. dc adv. to 
be found; existing; irgenbtoo —(idi fein, to 
be somewhere or other; atLt in feiitem flabi- 
nette — Kdjen ©eltenijetten, all the curiosi- 
ties contained in his cabinet. 

©efle'd— en, v.a. to defile, pollute ; to blot, spot, 
stain; to patch, heel {shoes, etc.); jemanbeS 
gnren ftanten —en. to sully a person's reputa- 
tion. — unn, /. stain, spot, blot; staining; 

' contamination, pollution. 

fjeflel'fe-tn, tr.v.r., — igen, reg.v.r.; fufiehtcr 
Qafa — ioen, to study a subject, devote one- 
self to, ©rbestow pains upon, it ; — ige bid) Att 
gef atten, study (or take pains) to please; id) 
babe mid) tamer befliffen. I have always sed- 
ulously endeavored; er —igt fid) ber H&rAt, 
he studies brevity. 

*tM'm. p.p. tf befJeiften, adj. A adv. stu- 
dious (etner ©adje); assiduous, diligent; in- 
tent (upon), devoted (to) ; citt — er ber JHedjtt, 
a student of law; ein $anbe(0 — er, a clerk, 
attendant in a shop. —licit, /. sedulousnesa, 
assiduity. —Him, adv. sedulously. 

©eni'fc, imperf. 0/ befleitcn. 

fkem'ttcrn, v. a. to bespangle, cover with tinsel. 

fjcfto'ren, v.a. to cover with crape; mit beflor- 
ttm S?Utt, with crape on his hat. 

©Cflft'gel— tt, v - a - to Ornish with wings; to 




lend wings to. to accelerate, to urge on. — t, 
p.p. dc adj. winged. 

tirfoVle, Befit/left, imperf. subj. A p.p. of 

Bcfo'ig— W, v.a. to obey ; to comply with, act 
up to; to adhere to (a custom; a principle). 
— ■&•» /• following, etc.; observance of, sa- 
herenoe to (orders, etc.). 

•cHhr&Ct— ft, m. (— f r»\ pi. -f?) forwarder (o/ 
letter*. He.); forwarding agent ; promoter; in- 
stigator ; patron. — lift), <&*/. favorable, con- 
ducive, furthering, accessory to. 

Ikts^rocT— «, v^x. to forward (letters, goods, 
etc.); to dispatch (otirfnm); to further, pro- 
mote, advance ; to assist, advance ; to prefer 
(to an office) ; utr 9tf tfe — R, to mature. — 
•ttfi,/. forwarding (0/ ooodt, «<c.); furthering 
(o/ p&nu) ; promotion ; advancement ; encour- 

fjffr«<b/t-fn, »•* to freight (a vessel). — ft, 
m. (—erf, pf. — er) charterer ; freighter ; ship- 
per. — ftttg, /• freighting. 

©ffr«'g-fn, «#. Air.v.a. to interrogate, ques- 
tkm, examine; fin) bfi finfttt — fn (fiber 
clue 6. «r Wfgfn finer 6.), to consult with 
a person about a th. — nng, /. questioning, 

Bcfrfl'— «, i\a. to free, set free, liberate; to 
rescue ; to discharge (troops) ; to release (from 
obligations) ; to acquit (of charges; of debts) ; 
to disengage ; bffreit ff in Don, to be exempt 
from (taxes; military service, etc.); ficfp Don 
eittrnt —en, to get rid of a person. — fr, m. 
(-*Tf , pi. —ft) liberator. — tf(r), m. one 
who is exempt or free. — nng, /. liberation ; 
deliverance ; exemption ; disentanglement ; 
immunity, etc. Comp. — ungfsgflb, n. 
ransom. — ftngfsfrifg, m. war of indepen- 
dence ; bif — mtg#*frtf gf , the war(s) 
of liberation (of Germany against Napoleon 
/., U13-1815). 

ftffrfttl'g— m, I. v.a. <fc /mp. to appear strange, 
astonish, surprise ; bif $ —ft mid) *<m ifim, 
this surprises me in him ; ftift —fit laffrn, to 
feel surprised. II. subst.n. surprise, —end, p. 
dc adj., — Iid>, adj. odd, strange, surprising. 
— «ttg,/ see— fn, II. 

©ffrfun'*— fn, v.o. to befriend, favor; to 
connect by friendship ; —ft ff in mit, to be the 
friend of , to be on friendly terms with ; fid) 
—en, to become friends; fid) — fn raft, to 
make friends with ; reconcile oneself to ; f r 
— tte fid) bn(b mit ff infr neurit £agc, he soon 
became reconciled to his new situation. — ft, 
1. p.p. & adj. friendly; allied, akin; —ttt 
gdtjlen, amicable numbers; bfr, bif — ftf, 
friend, relative, connection. II. adv. on terms 
of friendship. — nng, /. befriending ; friendly 
terms; friendship; affinity, relation. 

9efrir/fti*t, adj. W/arbffrirbigt (*M. 

fkirifslg— Cft, v.a. to satisfy; to gratify; to 
appease: famcr &n — fn, fastidious, dainty; 
te (linfrifbigrn. -**•, p. <fr adj. satis- 
factory. —nng,/. satisfaction ; gratification; 
fence, inclosurs; — nng gemab>enb, satis- 

Bcfm'wt— fn, v.a. to fructify, fecundate; to 
fertilise; to impregnate. — ttttg, /. fertilisa- 
tion ; impregnation ; fecundation, fructification ; 
berborgrnc, unntrrtt i<bf — nng, cryptogamy; 
— -«»g V* Qfetgrn, caprincatlon. Comp. — 
OTglirroVe, F pistil (iot.). 

tVfn'g— fn , v.a. to empower, authorise. — n Id, 
/ ( pi. — ni( ff)f ) authorisation ; authority ; war- 
rant; powers (of an envoy, etc.); faculty; 
license ; r htm —nig e rtf Hen, to authorise a 
person ; ff inf — ttifff ubtrffbrf itfn, to exceed 
— t, p.p. & adj. authorised; 
' legitimate; g* f&r -* 

one's powers. 

baUen, to think oneself entitled (to), justified 

flfffirl— fn, v.a. to feel (the pulse, etc.); to ex- 
amine by feeling ; to fumble ; to handle, mauL 

tkfnm'ntf In, v.a. to cheat (si.) ; to investigate 
(si.); to manage, get done (si.). 

©ffn'nb, m. (— f *) state in which a thing in 
found; nail — , see nod) ©fftnbfn. Comp. 
— bericbt, m. report. — bnd), «• inventor 
Journal. — fdKin, m. certificate of the c 
tion of a thing. 

©ff iroVt-f n f v.a. to fear, to apprehend ; to 
■aspect. — nng, /. fear, apprehension. 

©ffn'rtPOTt— fn, v.a. to speak (or write) in 
favor of, recommend; to support, second, 
advocate. — nng, /. recommendation, sop- 

©fga'b— «, v.a. to endow; to bestow upon, to 
give presents to. — |, pp. <k adj. gifted, 
talented; endowed, —nng, /. endowment; 
(pi.) talents. 

fkga'fffn, v.a. to stare at or upon, to gape at. 

©fgu'ngrn (pp. of bfgfbfnj, adj. gone or 
walked over; committed; ftn — fr CBfg, a 
beaten track ; fin — ff ftfbfer, » mistake that 
has been made, a fault that has been coca. 

Vcgw'ngnig.n. (H|T)fg.p/.^fOf)ce]ebratSo», 
solemnisation ; gel (ben—, funeral. 

©fgn'nn, ©fgin'nf (©fgon'ne), imper/. ind. 

©fgn'tt— fn, v.r. to pair; to copulate, to couple. 
—nng, /. pairing; copulation; strbergfnc 
—ting, cryptogamy (Bot.). Comp. — «ng#s 
trifb. m. sexual instinct, -ttngg^idf, /. 
coupling time; pairing time; time of fecun- 
dation (Bot.). 

fjfgnn'nfrn, v.a. to swindle, take in, cheat. 

fjfgf 'b— fn, ir.v. I. a. to negotiate, transfer : to 
seU; to pass(a note); in— en, negotiable (CL.). 
II. r. to betake (onesej/ ) ; to set about (tmttnan, 
«k.)i W Anr 9)nbc — fn, to go to bed, to rest ; 

Iift anfbif frittlbt -en, to take to flight ; fill aft 
eittent {Rtgintr nt —en, to Join one's regiment ; 
ill Cttj ben ©f g — f n, to set out (on one's jomr* 
ney); firb) in Hkjullt — f H, to venture into dan- 

Sr, run the risk ; fich in bf n Crbf ftonb — en, 
marry; bfgifb bid) an bfin 4kbft. fall to 
your prayers ; r$ bf gab fich, ba|, it fell oat, 
chanced that ; fa t inf r €«(b> — fn. to give up, 
renounce a th.. withdraw one's claim to a th. ; 
id) bfgf bf mini ntf inf $ ©•rtf i(g, I will forego 
my advantage. — fftbf it, /., —nig, n. evsna, 
occurrence, adventure. — nng, /. giving up ; 
negotiation of a bill (C. LX 

©fgf gft-tfl, v.n. (out. f.) (dot.) to meet, mast 
with, light upon, encounter ; to befall, hsppsn, 
come to pass; to obviate, prevent; mat ill 
$bnen — <t ? what has- happened to yon ? ; ■ 
ctfen (linniirffn &n — fn, to obviate all 
objections; jfntcnbfg SBnnfdifn — fn, to 
meet, to anticipate one's wishes ; f inf m graft 
— fn, to receive, treat one rudely, harshly ; ft*) 
— ftt, to concur (in a with, etc.). — )g, n. 
(— <W)f##P'- — (H)f ) occurrence, event. — ftftfj* 
/. meeting, encounter ; treatment, usage. 

©fgfb— fn, ir.v.a. to traverse; to pace off: to 
frequent (a road) ; to beat (for game) ; to visit, 
inspect ; to celebrate (a festival) ; to commit 
(an error, etc.) ; fin fliltbfbicl — fn, to per- 
ambulate or beat the bounds of a parish ; go) 
—en = fid) begntten. -nng. /. celebration, 
solemnisation ; commission, perpetration, 
Comp. — nnggsfgnbt . /• sin of oommlssWin 

©fgfbr, m. dc n. (—4) desire; in — . m 
demand (C. L.) ; W*J ift ^br — ? what do 
you want? 

©fgc^bt— fn, I. v.a. to long for, desire ; want . 
to hanker after ; to crave, demand ; mnf — nt 
etc? what do you want?; btt fiflfl ttiHt -Cft 


85 fttgtiff 

factor, giver of happiness. Comp. — infills 
fdJW. v.a. to congratulate, felicitate. — IPfi«2 
Kbung, /. congratulation. 
Segna'b— ttt, — igen, v.a. to pardon ; to favor, 
grant faTora to. — ignng. /. pardoning; 

Erdon; amnesty; favor, grace. Comp. — 
ttngftsgefttdj, n. petition for mercy. — 
_ nngtsrfdjl, n. prerogative of mercy, right 
to pardon* 

fcegnii'gen, «.r./ fid) — ((nffen) on eincr 6. .to 

content oneeelf with a th. ; to be satisfied 

(with), to acquiesce (in). 
8C09 / tttte f BcgO'nncn, <mper/ «i. <fc p.p. oj 

«c0o"ft. «c*8'Jfe, tBrgeVffm. <«?«/. *uf. d> 

subj. A p.p. o/begie'$en ; tote rin begpffener 

fhlbcf, shamefaced, dumfounded, abashed, 

©eflra'ben, #r.t>.«. to bury, inter; to conceal; 
fid) in ber ($tnfamfeit — , to bury oneeelf in 
solitude ; ha ttegt bcr £unb — ! there '• the 

f3f«riPan«« f n. (-(fi)ee\ pi- ~<H» burial ; fune- 
ral; obsequies; burial-place, grave. Comp. 
-teierlidjfetten, — flebrfind*, pi. funeral 
rites. — grfifte, p*> vaults ; catacombs. 
— lif 0, n. dirge. — blftfc, m. cemetery. 

v3cgra'f CM, v.a. to cover with grass ; to lay down 
in grass (land) ; tograse; fid) — .to be covered 
with gross ; to feed, grow fat ; begrafr, grassy. 

©Cgrci'f — Ctt, <?■*>- I- a* to touch, feel, handle ; 
to include, comprise; to comprehend, under- 
stand, conceive ; Cfngfanb ttmrbe nidjt mit in 
ben fytieben begriffen, England was not 
included in the peace ; frfjftefl tttoa9 —en, to 
be quick of comprehension ; ctttJa0 fdjtoer 
— fit, to be slow; id) — e nidjt, too ct bieibt, 
I cannot imagine where he is ; in fid) — en, to 
include, contain; biefeS ©ort — t mefcrere 
Ofbrnnragcn itt fUb. this word has several 
meanings ; begriffen fein, to be engaged in, to 
be about a thing ; bn* 6au9 ift tot ©att(c) be- 
griffen, the house is being built, is in process 
of construction ; in f orttooijrenbcr ttnfregung 
bear iff Clt r in a state of constant excitement; 
on? ber Weife begriffen fein, to be travelling; 
fiber bcr fcrbctt beoriffen fein, to be at work ; 
tot Snntarf dj begriffen fein, to approach, be 
on the way ; beta ttttftieftcn begriffen fein. 
to be just dressing. II. r. to recover, recollect 
oneself; to be easy of comprehension ; bnf 
— t fid) (eid)t, that is easily understood. —lid), 
adj. & adv. comprehensible, conceivable; 
einem crowd — Hd) madjen, to make one 
understand, make one see a thing. — Udjfftt, 
/. conceivability, intelligibility. 

tfetrt'Sllfrar, adj. limitable ; definable. 

Btgrt'na— ttl, v.a. to bound (countries, etc.) ; to 
limit, circumscribe; to define, limit; jened 
$an£ — t nnfere ftndfidjt, that house shuts 
out (or obstructs) our view. — t, p.p. <fc adj. 
bounded ; narrow ; limited. — tsfcftl, /• limi- 
tation ; finiteneaa. — ttttg,/ limitation ; limit, 

©Cgti'fft w». (—8, pi- — e) comprehension; con- 
ception ; idea, notion ; concept ; extent, circum- 
ference ; contents ; ber fe forte — e, crude notions, 
wrong ideas; einem einen — bcibrhtgen, 
to convey some idea to one ; fa(fd)cr — , mis- 
conception ; f dimer turn —en fein, to be dull 
of apprehension, to be slow, to be a duffer ; fid) 
(dot.) einen — marten, to form (for oneself) a 
conception ; e* ift fiber fcinc — e, it is beyond 
his powers of comprehension; that passes 
his comprehension ; eitt f nrjer — . epitome ; 
im — <e) fein, to bo on the point of, in the act 
of ; id) toor eben im —(e) je., I was just going 
to, etc. ; id) toor im— An geben, I was about to 
go. -lift, adj. ideal Tabatract; rein -lid), 





abstract : oonceptional ; conceptual. Coinp. 
-*=*frim«**i, /-definition. -#=!•<*, «• 
category (Lo?.)- — #5 l*r«WgCtt,n. intellectual 
capacity. -Htel»f?tt)ed)fel«ng,/. confounding 
of idea*. — 4st>ertnimtttg, /. confusion of 
Waae. — #=$ergUf ftCTIMg, A analysis of con- 

Betri'ttr-ttt, v.a. to base, found; to prove, 
make good (an assertion, etc.) ; to offer reasons 
for; to confirm, — er, m. (— er»% p/. — er) 
founder, establisher; originator. — Ung, /. 
founding; establishment; argument (of a 
book); preamble (of a bill); confirmation ; 

tkgrfi'nett. «.a. to make green ; fid) — , to grow 
green, to burst into leaf. 

Segrn 7 *— en* »•«• to greet, salute, hail ; to wel- 
come. — ttttg,/. greeting, salutation; welcome. 
Cowp. — ttttgftsfdjttfe, *». "dute. 

fkgn'drtt, vm. to look at, to peep at (ooUoq.). 

gctnt'n*,/., (fJeg(*)i'ttC,/.)Beguine(m<rm6<r 
0/ an onto* qf female* in Holland and Germany \ 
established for devotion and charity). 

tkftinftig— TO, v.a. to favor, befriend; to 
patronise; —i Hon, favored by. — ft, m. 
(— e?r, p/. — er) patron; partisan; abettor. 
— «ng, /. encouragement, patronage; act of 

Scgg'rten, «.«• to gird. 

BCgttf OdH-<tt, v.a. to give an opinion on ; 
—tnbe BttUt, body of experts. — ttnft, /. 
formal opinion, expert opinion ; examination. 

Betifert* adj. opulent, rich ; well to do; — er 
jtbel, noble owners of large estates ; eitt — er, 
a wealthy man ; rich landed proprietor. 

tkti'tigen. v.a. to appease, to propitiate. — *, 
adv. soothingly ; in an appeasing manner. 

©Cbonf— en, v.a. to cover with hair; fid) — en, 
to get hair. — t, p.p. dV a<#. pilose ; hirsute. 

0C|kVbig, <»<;'• d> arfr. in easy circumstances; 
comfortable (= bebag(id)); corpulent, stout 
(of person*) ; etn — er alter 4>err, a portly old 

tjrbnff— C*, r.a. to burden, charge with, load ; 
to infect, affect with, —ft, p.p. dV adj. sub- 
ject to (fainting, Jus, etc.) ; loaded with (W<*«, 
etc.) ; afflicted with, affected by (disease, etc.) ; 
mit 6d)tt(ben -ft, deeply in debt; -ere Ou- 
ter, encumbered estates. 

8ett'g-ftt, I. v.n. (aux. %.) (dot.) to please, 
■nit; e* — t ifjttt ntd)t, it does not suit him, 
hedoes not like it; fie tiefen e* fid) -en, they 
made themselves comfortable, enjoyed them- 
selves. II. tubst.n. comfort, ease ; enjoyment ; 
—ttt on efner 6cdK finben, to take delight in 

a thing, —lid), adj. <t' adv. comfortable ; er 
ttMdjt t» fifft —lid), he takes his ease, makes 
himself comfortable or at home. — lidjfrit, 
/. comfort, ease ; sociability. 
VCta'lt-ftt, I. ir.v.a. to retain; to maintain; 
to carry (Arith.); to remember; fan Stage 
— en, to keep in view, not to lose sight of ; 
ffine $r*fftt"g — f tt. to retain one's self-com- 
mand, to keep one's composure or temper; 
Jet fid) — , to keep to oneself; ftedjt —en, to 
maintain one's point, to gain one's cause ; fur 
fid) —en, to keep to oneself, to keep secret ; Me 
Cberbnnb — <tt, to maintain the upper hand, to 
be victorious ; one* ftclb — en, to remain master 
of the battlefield (Mil.); ha* UWt intnter 
feinen fBert, that will always fetch its price ; 
on fid) —en, to retain. U. tubst.n. ba« —en 
itttb (rrieffen ber 6ftnben. binding and loos, 
in* from sin. III. p.p. at adj. t\xi — ettf $ 
tdjlff, aship tliat has escaped from danger; 
mMi -en, oft »nd sound ; ber — ene Anr*. 
the true course; —ene (inter, goods in good 
condition. — b*r. adj. retainable, —lid) (usu- 
ally *#r*cttltUa)), prtp. wUhgm. with 

j «fr^i*e-HItittju 

ration of. — ftttt. adj. retentive («/ i»«saary\ 
l«ting. -f onf cO retentivenese. 

9eWlt-cr, m. (— «W, pi. -rr) reservoir ; tsv 
cepUcle ; fish-tank. -*|g, *. (-nKf)e#, P* 
— ni(ff)e) place to store things in and keep tti was 
in good condition ; cover (for game) ; iusui nnjii ; 
receptacle ; box, bin ; shrine (for retics) ; can 
(/or iri/rf tea**). 

«e|0'nd-tin, r.a. to handle (an object, a *mh- 
ject); to manage; to treat; to inaripolaie, 
manage; to dress (wounds) ; to bargain for, to 
chaffer; biefcr fcrjt —tit mi* beibe, tbm 
physician attends us both; vie tin Heine* 
JHnb -etn, to treat like a baby; »ie ctera 
ftremben —tin, to make a stranger of <os»?) ; 
etnen reb(id) — eln, to deal honestly with om: 
fie ottMt t&, Stinhtt an —tin, she n " 
stands the management of (or how to 
age) children; tint IBlinre — efa, to ehei 
or bargain for, an article ( C. L.). — lntaS r /. 
treatment ; management, manipulation ; C 
ing (of wound*); bargaining ; firftliT 
professional medical attendance, 
art, /. mode of treatment, usage. 

tjf bo'ttg, m. (— e«, pi. Oebonge) anyt 
ponded for ornament ; banging(s) ; apj. 
dangling ears (of dog*) ; kmgjhsir (on the jtett 
of hone*) ; — ber Sottine inr&Sittter, mow aad 
Ice on the trees in the winter. — en, <*dj- hang 
with; having large, hanging ears; ber £amb 
(ft Jd)9n —en, the dog has handsome ears. 

BebaVgrn, ir. d> reg. vm. to hang (walls, «fc.) ; 
to put up (curtains, hanging*, etc.) ; to cover 
with ; to tie (a hound) and lead it; to attack, 
to stick fast to (game); fid) tttit eft*** — , to 
deck oneself out with: ltd) wit fdXtdber* 
Senten — , to keep bad company. 

tJcbafr— f n, I. v.n. (am. b.J to persevere, con- 
tinue, persist in; to remain firm, steadfast; 
ant, bet, in ttmti —en, to persist in, insist 
upon, continue to do, be steadfast in sorau 
thing; er beborrte bnronf, fftnf JNarf $m 

iarbern, he stood out for five marks ; fteif «rf 
rinent 6inne —en, to be obstinate; wk isb 
irburrt bin id) Jtaed)t , M >oon as I do not 
move on I become a servant; fefl Ottf ftinmf 
Sinne—, to stick firmly to one's purpose ;§r! 
feinent Borfa^e — , to stand to one's re ao b n 
tion. II. *ub*t.n. perseverance, persistence; 
—en in WnbC, permanency, vis inertisa. —list, 
adj. & adv. persevering, persistent; ortant, 
unyielding, firm; — ltd)Cr ftfeift, assiduity; 
— IidK# t3irten, importunity; — fidKr ttige*- 
fiim, obstinacy, nig-beadedness: etn ottcim, 
ber —lid) bei feinent ©orjabe bieibt, a asm 
constant to his purpose. — lidntft,/. pararwer- 
ance, persistence, steadfastness, stability; 
— iidjff it fftbrt Attnt Bief , perseverance brings 
success, everything comes in time to him who 
can wait (pror.). — ttttg, /. *ee — (idjfrif. 
Comp. —MU$^zHrmMtn f n,riMbmrtim,i^ 
ertness; persistence of motion. -Mils 
Snfftnb, m. permanence; persistence; resist- 
ance (of machine*). 
f3ebnu'en, ir.v.a. to hew ; to trim, dress, square 
(timber, stone) ; to poll, lop (trees) ; to assay 
(Min.) : eln -tr Qfeng, nn exhausted lode, 
fcebott'bt-ftt, v. I. a. to assert; to affina, 
avouch ; to keep, maintain (one** station ; one** 
reputation or character; 
to make 
uphold 1 

remain biwiar ox un uMunmii 

—en, that I'll be bound ; ftn tiei —en, to over- 
state one's point, to go too far. n. r. to bold 
one's ground; to make good one's position ; to 
hold up, be firm («/ price*, eteX — < ~ 
<fc adj. ; — tnber e«4|, afflrmative (« 
lb.)!**!** -56^*^ 




jMhMon, etc) ; holding oat ; ba$ if! eiae bio fa 
— uitt, that is merely an assertion. Comp. 
—UUMzmttt, n. predicate. 
tlcj^mn— fll, v.a. to lodge, house, take In; 
1 — tn, to settle. —Wig,/, lodging ; house, 


Vctt/lf, m. (-*, pi. -t) expedient, shift; 
device; excuse; resource. 

■Jcfce'lf— en, ir.v.r. to manege, contrive ; to con- 
tent oneself (mit, with) : to neve recourse to ; 
»ir -tn mi rnntmeriifb, we make shift to 
live; er matte ftdj mit (titer Sfige —en, be 
wm forced to reeort to a lie. —-lift), adj. 
auxiliary; serviceable ; serving as an expedient 
or excuse (rare). 

0e9Cflig— CM, v.a. to importune, bother. 
—«•••/. importunity. 

Scbfltt— tU, v.a. to pat on a helmet ; to coyer 
with a helmet; — tt ftrieger, aoldiera with 

adj. <k adv. handy, agile, nimble ; 
'. agility, activity ; adroit- 
, . w htneas. 
©dXThCrg— Til, 1. r.a. to lodge, shelter. II. 

«o*. —en, n., — UUflt/- lodging. 
Bele'rTfo)— -TU. «>.«. to rule over, govern ; to be 
master of; bte ftefhmg — t bit 6t0bt, the 
fin t hiss commands the city ; ttir I Swten bit 

Bcfcr'tttv-e, adj. & adv. h 
•droit. — i0tC tt. /. agilii 
nees ; dexterity ; lightness. 

fktN'tfOtn, adj. <£r adv. on one's guard, cir- 
cumspect, prudent; careful, heedful; wary, 
— fcit, /. caution, discretion, dr- 
mre ; watchfulness, 

©Ci, L prep, {with dot.) about; 
among(st) ; at ; with ; in possession of ; by (at 
instrument) ; by, upon (in oaths) ; at the house 
of; during; for; by; m company with ; near, 
by, at the side of ; to ; on, m case of ; under 
penalty of; in connection with, along with; 
considering: in spite of; in presence of; iffe 
Mbe leilt §k(b — mit, I have no money about 
me ; — atte feinem Unglurf, amidst all his 
misfortunes; — ben 9i omern, amongst or with 
the Romans: er geniefit feine grofte ttdjtnng 

— tt*#\ he is not held in very high esteem 
amongst us; — trt erften ttnbhlf, at the first 
glance, at first sight ; — einem antfabfen, to 
knock at a person's door, to mate enquiries 
of a p., to sound a p. ; — m offenen ftcnfttr 

Sifeen, to sit at the open window ; er tnofant — 
einem ©liter, he lives at his father's; — 
Cifdje, at table ; — m (Sffen, at one's meal, at 
dinner; — fiofe. at court; — nt Gbiefe, at 

Slay; — biefer Wadjridjt, at this news; — 
em *3tt<f>fa&nb(er, at the bookseller's; — m 
6<4eiben, at parting; — ©onnenottfgttng, at 
sunrise ; — ber $anb, at hand, handy ; — fei- 
nem ffiortc nebjnen. to take (one) at bis word ; 

— ber $od)fteit, at the wedding ; — m gener, 
by, near the fire ; — Stone, °y °*y »~ M*» bv 
(candle-)light; — einem au#4aUen, to stand 
by one ; — feinem 9Zamen nennen, to call 
(one) by his name ; — ber 6«nb nebmen , to take 
by the hand; er ergrtff fie — ben $aaren, 

by the hair; — m £imme(, 
It, to swear by heaven, by God ; 
lot for your life ; by no means, 
- toeitent beffer, better by far ; 
{ten, during his lifetime; — 
. that, notwithstanding ; — fldf 
onsider in one's own mind ; — 
o be (up) tn years; — hfflcra 
daylight ; id) mar batnafd — 
iU off at that time; — fid), — 
I, to control oneself, to keep 
, — gnter £a«ine. in good hu- 
mor; nifftt — £aitne feitt, to be to bad spirits, 
out of humor; nid)t — Stimme fein, to have 
no voioe ; — $onter, in Homer ; — £citen, in 
good time, early, betimes; — JLUttr Qkfnnb* 
beit, in good health ; — ber Htrthe, near the 
church; bic 8d)(ad)t — 6eban, the battle of 
8edan ; bf flcflt — eebnn, defeated 14 Sedan ; 

— 8eibe£ftra?e, upon pain of death ; — meiner 
6ee(e, upon my soul; — meiner Geligfeit, as 
I hope to be saved ; — nfiberrr fiber learnt a, 
on second thoughts; Sfeifer — Ufeiler fnir^tc 
«,,.. _«, /_ -,fter)puj a , r crashed down ; 

in, over a glass of wine ; 

keep to oneself; — fid) 

oneself; er bat ftet* — 

t, he has always access to 

r Jtofiftei befditoxren, to 

ice ; bad iff — Mint gana 

same to him ; that makes 

w «*-««.w «* u « ~use ; — bem SBtnbe fegefa, 

to sail dose to the wind ; er bat mid) — Setter 

ttllb pfennig bexabit, he has paid me to the 

last farthing ; — ®ott iff atted manHd), with 

God all thing* are possible ; — biefen Serben 

ftcbt ber ftonfnnltib, these verbs take the 

subjunctive ; — nn£. with us, at home, at our 

house ; er flna — m ieb;ten an t he began with 

the last ; — ibm beriiere id) bie Oebnib, I lose 

all patience with him ; — pffenen ftotftcm 

fdjioftit, to sleep with the windows open ; — 

QJcfegeubcit, u) m occasion, as opportunity 

offers; — Ceite, aside; — m Seben erbal- 


88 SeUtgcr 


ten, to preserve, keep alive; — einonber, 
together ; — aUt beat, with all that, notwith- 
standing ; oeftf Urn — . to order from, through, 
to bespeak of. II. adv. almost, nearly, up to, 
about ; — femdbttttbert 9Rann, nearly six hun- 
dred men; — fethg 3«br filter, about six 
years older. III. adv. or sep. prefix, near, 
near by, beside, in addition ; as accessory ; as 

•3da ? n. adv. dose by (but anbtV, herewith). 

flCt'aitfor, m. kedge-anchor. 

©Ci'bejKlU- fit, ir.v.a. to keep on, retain (tn 
office) ; to keep (a/ hand) ; to keep, retain, pre- 
serve. — Httflt /• keeping ; retention, continu- 

Bettiegm, ir.v.a. to inclose (Txnc) ; bePgebo- 
gett, inclosed (Law, C. L.)\ ftth(rfal.) etWft* -, 
to p os s ess oneself of a thing (colloq.). 

gei'binben, «r.».a. to bind with, to tie to, to 
bind up with. 

Oti'blatt, n. supplement (to a newspaper or 
periodical) ; extra sheet. 

fjf i'bOte, m. (— n, p'. — n) extra messenger. 

©eittring— m» I. ir.v.a. to bring forward ; to 
produce (witnesses); to cite (authorities); to 
adduoe (reasons, proofs) ; to deal (blows) ; 
einent erttutg — en, to impart something to a 
p., to teach; ftenntni* —en, to teach, in- 
struct; r Infra einen *3egriff —en, to give one 
an idea of, convey some notion of; fin cm 
%roft —en, to comfort a person; einent cine 
SBmtbe —e« t to inflict a wound upon a p.; bent 
fteinbc eine ftieberiage —en, to inflict a 
defeat on the enemy ; eittcm Ofnriftt —en, to 
inspire one with fear; eittcm fttr&nei, ©ift 
—en, to administer medicine to, to poison a 
person; etnem eine fdtfimme SReinmtg »ott 
einent unbent —en, to insinuate evil of a per- 
son to another. II. subM.n. ; —en einer ftrau, 
wife's marriage portion. — Wig, /. producing, 
production (oj proofs, etc.). 

•Cf'djt-C,/. (pf. -tn) confession ; feine -e ab> 
Icgen, to confess; etncm (bie) — e bdren. to 
confess a person ; *nr — e gcben, to confess. 
— igCT, m. (— igerg, pl> — iger} father con- 
fessor. Comp. —ganger, m., —Hub, n. peni- 
tent, oonfessant. — gelb, ft. shrove-money ; 
confessor's fee. — gcbeittnif), n. secret of 
the confessional. — negrl, n. seal of confes- 
sion. — fftrbj, m. confessional; confessional 
box. or chair. — tatter, m. father confessor. 

©ei'ttot— en, v.a. a n. to confess. — enbe, m. 

<Sc f. penitent, person confessing. 

©effc— e, num. adj. both ; atte — e, both one and 
the other; both of tbem; f einer ton — en, 
neither one nor the other ; in —tn ftfitten, in 
either case ; — c fttr einen unb einer fflr — e, 
each for the other ; mir — e, we two, both of 
us. — erlei. indee. adj. of both sorts, of either 
■ort ; —erlei 0efd)fed)t0, of either sex ; of 
oommon gender. — {g,n.both; — eg,VMhtner 
ttnb ftranen, botn men * nd women. Comp. 
— ersfeitifl, adj. on both sides, mutual, recip- 
rocal. — crsfeftd. adv. reciprocally, mutually. 
— lebig, adj. amphibious. 

fiCi'brelen, v.a. to bring, heave to (Naut.). 

ftfrfcTtttftll, v.a. to print (in addition), to 

fteitrirfrn, v.a. to affix (one's seal) to. 

Beieinfnoer. adv. together. 

flCftrle, ro. (— «, pi. — n) co-heir, Joint-heir. 

9nf ftO, m. (— g) approbation ; applause ; t$ hat 
meinen — , I approve of it ; — totnfen, to nod 
approval ; — ffnben, to meet with approval ; 
fWrtnifdjer — , loud applause, acclamation. 
Comp. — geber, m. applauder. — (g)smf, m. 
shout of applause. — *;be)etgnng, /. mark 
of applause. — gsfrieb, m. love of approba- 
tion (Phren.). 

0eH«lai f ir.v.n. (am. f. dot) to come into 

the mind, to occur to one ; (cffen 6iefid) nU*t 
— j« fagen, don't think of saying; je*t fill* 
eg mir bei, now it strikes me, it occurs to me ; 
einer 9erf on, einer 6adje — , toapprove ©«, «r 
applaud, a person or thing; fentattbc* 9tri- 
nung — , to coincide with a person's views ; 
einent — , to side with a person. 

Bei'faltff, adj. incidental; assenting, approv- 
ing ; — anfnebmen, to receive with approrsd ; 
to receive graciously {of superiors). 

tWfDlgen, v.n. (aux. f.) to follow; to be 
annexed, inclosed. — b, p. d? adj. 

fkifSg— tn, v.a. to add, subjoin, 
— nng, /. addition, annexing ; attribute 

fjeifttb, tn. wormwood ; artemiaia ; trass iqf a 

©ei'geben, ir.v.a. to add, Join to ; to appoint (as 
an assistant); to associate (in an office, an tmder- 
taking, ctc.)\ flein — , to come down a peg; 
to give in, to become submissive, to lower one's 

pretensions or tone, to sing si 
tiet'geben, ir.v.n. (<ror. f.)lo go with, be Joined 
to ; to occur to; eg fling mir nidjt bei, Ursi &■ 
r ~ ht of offending him ; 

ce into one's head, to 
f3( urnamed. 

f3( ant to an official. 

fji yets, hors d'oanrre; 

fli . inclosed (of letters). 

& f, m. (-4) teste of 

he thing itself, after 

f* i*te; fldj einent — , 

flri'glieb, n. additional member ; small mold- 
ing (Arch.). 

tkileV, adv. beside, at the side of ; besides, 
moreover ; rait — , by the way, by the bye. 

CfWIf-f, ©ei'MUf-f,/. assistanoe, aid, suc- 
cor; — e an ©elb, subsidy: — e an Wmrs* 
fffmf t, auxiliary troops, ---lid), adj. helping ; 

Sei'bOlen, v.a. to haul aft (the sheets) (Nav.y 
Iki'TOntnten, ir.v.n. (aux. f .) to come at, get at, 
get near; to come up to, to reach; to be inc l osed, 
annexed ; ifrat ift ntdlt bfi^uforawen, there fa 
no getting at him, no making an impression on 
him; ber fyefrnng ift nidjt bei^nfttncmni. 
the fortress is inaccessible ; nidjt — , to fall 
short of ; bierin foramen »tr ben f^rauofen 
nidlt bei, in this respect we are inferior 
to the French ; f cittern gdmben (mir ber) — , 
to repair one's loss. —0, adj. following ; In- 
closed, annexed ; — b erbalttn Sie gfnmtrt. 
Inclosed plesse find invoice ; fid) (dot?) — fef . 
fen, to dare, to presume, to imagine; 1*4 btr 
nidft — , don't take it into your head. 
Veil, n. (-9, pi. -f ) hatchet. Comp. -brtrf. 
m. builder's certificate ; grand bill of sale, regis- 
ter of a ship (Naut.). — fiffB, n. bar-iron. 
— tertlg, adj. ready built, finished ail but the 
rigging. — fdrtntg, adj. 
--rraiit. n., — nflanie, /. 
-fdmerfe, /. DokbeSa. Hrein, m. ax- 

stone, oflte. —Hid, m. hatchet-helve, —{red. 
m. walking-stick with a kind of hatchet at the 
top (obs.). — trfiger, m. lictor; halberdier; 
bill-man. — ttmriel, /. oommon blue iris, 
tki'ldge, /. (Pi. —n) something added ; mrioe- 
nre, letter inclosed ; supplement (to 
paper, etc.)\ appendix; deposit; 
mft — , a dish of vegetables with a silos of 
meat ; f>leifd| mil — , a dish of 

fceiaager, n. (-g. pi. —) nuptials (old 
col term applied to persons of high tmM) ( 

gtiUg 89 BriWff 

ft in — ! not a bit, by no means, not at all (ji.). 
— ibCtt, n. ossicle, small bone, —em, adj. of 

f bone. — tdtf, *#. bony. — tg, adj. (suffix) = 

legged, m fruBtmoemig, bandy-legged. 

| -3T«g, m. (-lino*, **. -Itage) leg-hide 

(5Aoem.) ; leg of a stocking. Comp. —after, /. 
crural vein. — SbttlUfc, ad;, osseous; shaped 
like a leg. — bred), m. bone-glue; Narthe- 
dumossuragum(£o*.)* — breftjer, m. osprey. 
— bmrt),n. fracture of the leg. — toibd)iB,adj. 

f broken-legged. — brucb»labe,/ splinters, cra- 
dle for keeping a broken leg in its proper posi- 
tion. — fclirr, adj. exceedingly thin, meager. 
-filllle, H&KlU, /. caries. -Jggel, #. 
the talaris {Myth.), — ffigmtg, / articula- 
tion. — geige, /. »ee Gtambe. -geriWe, 
-"- lft,/.osi 

— gettilt,n. skeleton. — 0Cfct|M»tlIft, t 
tumor. — getttidtt, n. exostosis. — gla#,o. 
alabaster glass. — graft, n. *» —bred). 
— homifCb, m. greaves, cuisses. — hai, tn. 
basking shark. — taut, **. charnel-house. 
-tWItf, /. periosteum, -bebel, -bfber, m. 
elevator (Surg.). — beil, n. comfrey (£*.). 
— bpble,/. bone-socket. — Heifer,/)', trousers. 
— neitersr*0eil, pi. parts in which women 
appear in men's clothes (Theat.). — f (eiders 
fitoffe, pi. trouserings. — fltObf, m. bone 
button; condyle, —lade, /., — ICber, n. leg 
of a riding-boot. — lei 01, m. bone-glue. 
— loft, adj. boneless. — VtebJ, n. bone-dust. 
— ffigC,/. bone-saw. — fdteUflt, /* shackles, 
fetters. — fdHflte, /. splint; (pi.) greaves. 
— fftratlbe, /. the boot (torture). — f«|tnarS, 
adj. dc n. ivory black. — fbat, m. bone 
spavin. — tneO, n., — tPUTI, m. oomfrey. 
fjeiita'b, Qeina^he, adv. almost, nearly, welt 
nigh ; as prrjlx of adj. = sub, as — rofrf ar- 
btg, subfeRuginous ; e£ ift — einerfei or 

— OoRtlbf , it is much the same thing ; id) Wire 

— geftorbett, I had almost died, I was on the 
point of dying ; — hotte id) Co* ibr gef ogt, I 
was within an ace of telling her; er ttMire -• 
gtfnKdgeR, he was all but defeated. 

Qei'nattt, m. (— nd, pi. — n) surname, epithet; 

etll fbdrttftier — , a by-name, nickname; 

SBUbelm I. rait bent — n ber 6iegreid)e, 

William I. surnamed the Victorious. 
©ei'nerbett, pi. accessory nerves. 
Set'orptten, v.a. to appoint as assistant o% 

adjunct ; betaeorbnet, coordinate ; adjunct. 
BeiWerd, n. \— *, P*. — e) spare horse; led- 

horse. reserve or relay horse. 

BeWMftt— e«, v.n. (auz. b.); l 

agree with one in opinion ; id) pfUdlte feutett 

aKeiltttltgett bci, I am of the same opinion, I 
agree with his views; eilter 9Ra|rege( —en, 
to approve of a measure. — Hltg, /• consent ; 
assent; approval. 

«ei'rat, m. (-<e)»\ pi. Qtltatt) advice; (oxid- 
ant) counselor; jurtftifdjer — , legal adviser. 

Besir'reit, v.a. to mislead, confuse; er 12|t 
fitb tlietjt — . he does not allow himself to be 
disconcerted, he sticks to his opinion. 

Oeifaai'meit, adv. together; feme (gebanTett 
— babett, to have one's wits about one; — 
tiid)t befteben fomteit, to be incompatible; 
tad — feitl. the being together, union. 

«eif a-fc, *el'fa-We,m.7-<tDett,p'.-<1?)e!t) 
inhabitant of a town or borough who has no 
rights of citizenship; small farmer; squatter. 
Camp. — (ff)cn=rcait, n. right of settlement. 

Uet'foH, m. (-e$, pi. tteiffite) addition ; apposi- 
tion; admixture; er vertraitte mir bad 
Gfebetatnit mit beat — e, baft, he imparted 
the secret to me, adding, etc.; obwf — , 
unalloyed. Comp. — tsort, n. apposition, 
epithet (Oramm.). 

f3d'fd)ief|rtl, ir.v.a. to contribute, to advaace 
(money/) ; to add (= bf i'ftcnent). 

©ei'WMff, n. cock-boat ; tender (#a«0 





flkifftltf, *>. (-<*) cohabitation, ooition; 
UtteDcltdKr — , concubinage ; fornication. 

©CifC llaftB, ir.v.n. (aux. h.) to sleep with. 

icWtllifer. m. bed-fellow, bed-mate. 

Bci'k Wat*, /• concubine. 

ScWStaj, m. (-*#, jrf. feiffttige) base or 
counterfeit coin. 

fJet'fdMltgen, tr.*.a. to add, superadd, subjoin, 

flCi'fdrtieftOtf *••»•«• *> incloee ; to add. annex. 

flci'fi$l«*l *«. <-**• p/. ©eitattMfe) inci- 
sure ; int — fenbe in), inclosed 1 send. 

gcWchlfiffd, m. (-*, pi. -) false key. 

ici'fdmlH-eil, t tr. t>.a. to write by the aide 
of, on the margin ; to add in writing. II. gubst. 
a. writ or letter appended to the principal one. 
— ft, m. (— ere\ pi. — er) assistant clerk or 

fkt'fftrlft, /. (pf. — en) annotation, marginal 
note; postscript, additional document 

0Ctf*a¥ r m. (-ffeb\ »/. sBriMitffe) contribu- 
tion, additional payment, share ; see fktarng. 

IWI&iffel, /. ipC-n) sidfrdiah, hors d'aurre ; 

ttCi'feitt, »• (— S) presenoe ; in uteinent — , in 
my p r es en ce ; OQtte uteitt — , without my being 

Betfei'tf, (06*.) tfetffi'tft, adv. aside, apart; in 
an undertone, stage-whisper (Theatr.). — 
Uiltn. to sec aside ; forget; Mar* — ! Joking 
apart i *- bringen, to purloin. 

fW'ffH— f«, v.a. to put to, set on (the Are) ; to 
lay aside; to bury, entomb; to add to, to 
adjoin ; tae €ege I — en, to crowd on all sail. 
— **0, /. entombment, burial. 

0ef|i%, m. (-*$, »/. — e) preeenee at an assem- 
bly; right to a seat in council. 

Bcrflt— C«, tr.*.*. (aux. b.) to act as assessor 
to a judge ; to sit by ; to have a seat in (a com- 
mittee, etc.). — er, m. (—tr*,pt. — er) asses- 
sor; member of a committee or syndicate. 
Comp. —ttznmt, n. assesBorsbip. 

fki'flMCl, n. example, precedent ; eta — geben, 
to set an example ; a(* — anfttbren, to in- 
stance ; gum — , (aborev. i. fj.) for example, for 
instance, such as, rii.; fid| (dot.] tin — nebmtn 
an etnem, to take an example from or by a p. ; 
tin — auffteOett, to make an example ; tin 
«bfdjrf(fenbe£ — . a warning example. Comp. 
—lip*, adj. <fr adv. unprecedented, unexam- 
pled. — toWttcif,/. matchlessnfsi.singnlsrity, 
exceptional condition, — fstPCiff* adv. by way 
of instance, for instance. 

tki'f bringen, ir.v.n. (aux. f.); citicm — , to 
hasten to one's aid. to succor, help one. 

©Ci'fc— Ctt. tr.r.a. <fc n. (aux. b.) to bite; to 

prick, sting (a* <A« coTwcvTir?) ; to burn, bite 

i^mm ane*W*e*v/ m%*w%*rim*\ *** iw~ L ^ ~ *~ 2a# 

(<w mtufan/, pepper), to it ' 
Cine ©. —fit, to take a bite 
nidi* jn —en oser ^u bred) 
nothing to eat ; to be starvi 
—en, to take the bait; in I 
— en, to swallow the bitter pi! 
to bite the dust, to die (coll.) ; 

S. — , to snap at a person, 
tange —en, to champ th 





Attfaminen —en, to gnash tt nn 

bft* ttUnt —en, I cannot m «0 

beitt mid), my skin itches in 

bif Wttgen, it makes my eyei p. 

& adj. pungent, hot, stinging , •»«.», «ot»Jc ; 
ein — enber fBtb. a poignant wit ; bad — enbe 
biefer Vndbrnat, the pungency, sarcasm of 
these expressions ; cine —enbe Ckbre ibcrt, a 
keen, sarcastic style; —enbe ft a (re, nipping 
cold ; anf cine —enbe 99eife, sarcastically, bit- 
terly. —inAjob*.; rune usually biff ig) odj. A adv. 
snappish. Comn.— befTt,/. capsicum, —fob!, 
m. beet. — fotb, m. muxxle. — mitttl, n. cor- 
rosive. — rgbe,/ rsd beet. — mnrt, /. pMquo 

riter, pL 

ace, etc); 
jo bear a 
nduce to, 
tng ei 
• the i 



story sen- 
ntial part 
r, etc.). 
be present 
abit with, 

I with, 
liquor m 
ted ; oose, 
on ; hawk- 
»g. Comp. 



ttlt n. corrosive, mordant, 
m. hawk, falcon. 

caustic. — *9gCl, 

> tan, to 
■ode; to 
; to fly 
hk meat 
I meat; 
5, p. & 

U mark 

».); chi 

in good 
o be an 


.~ w^^-w ^~^r affirma- 

— Uttfl, /• afflrtnatire answer, 

. aaMrtion. Comp. — tMfttsfal, ». ; 

tot — wtg^fatt, in case of an (answer in the) 
affirmative. — nngd;fafc, see —tuber 6ft*. 
— BHt#=»eife, adr. affirmatively. 
Befalirt. «*;. aged, atricken in yean. 
fkjoilft'MCrft, v.a. to bewail, deplore, bemoan. 
Comp. —tzmtrt, -tsttfgrftig, adj. dk adv. 
lamentable, deplorable. 
tkUntfyira, Sefn'bein, v.a. to receive with 

exultation ; to rejoice or exult at. 
fjefiteqifcil, v.o. to combat, stand np against, 
do battle with; to attack, oppose {opinions, 
etc.); to overcome, subdue, control (one's pas- 
sion*, etc.). 



— »»*9?0tfr8f4aft, /. mission, missionary 
society. — ungdzftKbt. /., — «tttfe»*t. /. 
proselytism, pxopagandism. —Unt§zt*t\CU, 
n. propaganda 
©efen'tt— f tt, ir.v.a. to confess, admit, acknow- 
ledge (sins; a crime; the truth) ; to acknow- 
ledge (the receipt of a letter); ftarbe —en. to 
follow suit (cards) ; —en 6ie fttorbe ! be candid ! 
throw off the mask, no more disguise! fid) 
(iicc.) ju einer $ljat —en, to acknowledge 
having done something; fid) fdjutbig — en, to 

E* guilty; fidi ^r Sfbulb — en. to acknow- 
a debt; fid) &n einer {Religion —en. to 
ss, embrace a religion ; fid) jnr djriftiidjen 
WtHgion —Ctt, to profess oneself a Christian. 
—tt, m. (— tr», pf. — tr) one who confesses or 
professes (a religion); follower; (Sbnarb ber 
— er r Edward the Confessor. — tttii, n. 
( — tniffed, pi. — rntffe) confession, avowal, 
acknowledgment ; (r^imota) denomination ; 
GHauben* — rntf, creed: bad fdjrtftUdjc — 
tniS, recognizance ; bo? eibUdK — rnU, affida- 
vit. Comp. — tnitzfeicr./. sacrament of the 
Lord's Supper. — rmftsfdjriftcn, J>*. symbolic 

©Cfla'g— tU, v.a. to lament, bewail, deplore ; to 
commiserate; fid) —en, to complain (fiber 
elne ©., of a th. ; bei elnem, to a p.). — te(r), 
m., — te, /. defendant, accused (in a police- 
court, etc.). Comp. — endrtnert, —ends 
tour big, a( V- lamentable, deplorable. 

fJettat'fdKn, v.a. to clap, applaud (a performer); 
einen — , to calumniate (usually berf(arfd)en). 

tjefle'ben, v. L a. to paste on; to line (with 
paper) ; to label. II. n. (aux. tj.) to stick, ad- 

©efle'(f— fen, t\a. to blot, blotch. 

Qeflti'&Cttf v.n. to strike or take root (o6#.) ; 
to thrive (rare) ; to stick in the mire (obs.). 

tjetlei'd— en, v.a. to clothe, dress, array; to 
drape (Paint, etc.) ; to cover over, to deck (an 
altar) : to hang, paper (a room) ; to line, face ; 
to wainscot; to shoe (an anchor); to invest 
(vcith authority, an office, etc.); to occupy (a 
post) ; to fill, hold (a situation, etc.). — ttng, 
/. clothing, draping, etc.; clothes; drapery; 
lining (of a mine, a wall, etc.); inlaying, ve- 
neering, facing; hangings ; tapestry; mantel- 
piece ; investiture ; administration, exercise (of 
an office) ; bic ftuftere — nng an einem ®d>tf?c, 

©efletftern, v.a. to bedaub, besmear ; to plas- 
ter, paste (over) ; to slur over, palliate. 

tjeriem'm— en, v.a. (p.p. often bettommen, 

which see) to pinch, straiten ; to oppress (the 
heart, etc.) ; in —ten ttmftSnben, in straits, in 
straitened circumstances. —ling. /. oppression 
(of the chest) ; anxiety ; anguish (of the heart). 
BcflOttt'mett, p.p. <fc adj. anxious, uneasy; op- 

S rested in breathing; depressed. —bett, /. 
lepresston ; anxiety ; oppression (of the chest). 

UefWfen, v.a. to beat, tap; to test by knock- 
ing, to percuss (Med.). 

fjenn'gel— n, v.a. to criticise, censure, pick 
holes in (a book, etc.) ; to subtilise, —nng, /. 

tkfnci'b-en, v.r. / fidj — , to get tipsy (stud, 
si.). — t, p.p. dc adj. tipsy (stud. si.). 

•Jefnnr/ren, v.a. to snarl at ; to grumble at. 

OctOW/men, ir.v. I. a. to get, gain, obtain, have; 
f ami id) ein dimmer — ? can 1 have a room ? 
e£ if* nid)t $n -. it is not to be had ; guft&n 
tttoad —, to take a fancy to a thing; id) 
fonnte ibn nidjt &n feben — , I could not get 
a sight of him, could not get an interview with 
him; Oefebfe — , to receive orders; id) be- 
fonune eine 9Warf berand, I get a shilling 
change; fie bat ein eobndjen —, she has got 
a little son ; einen ftorb — , to meet with a 
repulse, a refusal ; $nnger — , to grow hungry; 




fjnrdrt — , to grow afraid ; ggnr&ei - 
or take root: Aftlrae — , to cut I 
£ftN» *n WW — r to descry 1 


, to strike 
■ teeth ; bag 
land; cine 
Itrantbeit -, to fall ill; eine onfteifenbe 
Strantbtit — , to catch an infectious illness ; 
ben gdjttubfen — , to catch cold ; mleber — , 
to recover {something lost) ; ertnag frrtifl — , 
to get a thing finished ; to succeed in doing a 
thing, to bring about a th. ; ettaa* Ilcb — , to 
grow fond of a thing. II. n. (aux. f.) to agree 
with one, suit one; »obl befomnt' eg Stolen ! 
much good may it do you ! bless you ! {said 
after meeting) ; bicfe Gbelfe befommt mlr, 
this food agrees with roe ; eg tnirb ibm fdrtettt 
— , he will be none the better for it, he will 
fare badly with it, he will suffer for it; eg 
tetan Ibm ubcf, it cost him dear; if* fmbe, 
bof ** «>* «W>* — ift» l think her the wo ™ e 
lor it ; fie baton einanber ettMld) — , they 
hare got married at last. 

tkfittWlt*, ooy. salubrious. 

fJefomJlimentie'ren, r.a. to compliment; fid) 
oegenfeitig — , or einanber — f to exchange 
compliments or civilities. 

IJefdPlig— tn, v.o. to provide with food, to 
board. — Mttg, /. boarding, catering: board, 
diet ; teerin bcftfbt bie — ttng? what does the 
board include? fBobnuttg nub — ting, board 
and lodging. 

Uefraffitt— CM, r.a. to strengthen; to affirm, 
aver, to corroborate, confirm (one in a rietr, a 
statement); to ratify Ureaiies % He.). —011(1, 
/. corroboration, confirmation; affirmation. 
Comp. — nnggseift, m. affidavit. 

UtfroVi— en, v.a. to wreathe, crown with a gar- 
land, festoon. — 0110, /. festooning, crowning. 

fkfrat'lCtt, Oefresi'ligeit, r.a. to make the sign 
of the cross upon ; to affix one's mark or cross 
to ; fid) — , to cross oneself. 

Bcmc'gfB, r.a.; einen — , to fight one, make 
war upon one. 

Ikfriff— ClH, r.a- to carp at. pick holes in. 
—let, m. (— Jerg, pi. — ler) faultfinder, carp- 
ing critic, ca viler. 

©efrit'ieln, v.a. to scrawl over, to scribble on. 

©Cfmrt— en.r.a. toincrust; fidj —, to get or 
be incrusted. —ana,/, incrustation. 

BetiM^HCr— U, v. L a. to grieve, afflict, dis- 
tress, trouble ; to seise {Law); nm or nber 
elite feadK — t fein, also ob {obs. ) or megeneiner 
6adje — t fein, to be grieved at, concerned for, 
anxious about a thing ; 6dm(beu balbrr —it, 
to distrain. U. r. to sorrow, grieve oneself, fret 
(fiber, at) ; to concern oneself about, to care for, 
mind ; to meddle with ; — e bid) nid)t bariber. 
never mind that : id| — te mid) tticbt Ml fie, I 
took no notice of her ; er — t fidj urn nldjtg, 
he cares for nothing ; er — t ftd) gar nldjt nm 
mils), he does not care a button about me ; he 
pays not the slightest attention to me ; — e bid) 
nm bid), mind your own business, —nig, n. 
(-nlffeg, jW. -niffe), <fr /. {pi. -trifle) «o- 
licitnde; grief, affliction. — t, p.p. ds adj. 
grieved, afflicted ; solicitous, anxious. 

OefttlKb— en, v.a. to depose, give evidence on 
oath ; to prove, manifest, demonstrate. — nog, 
/. manifestation, averment, 


Wtbrltt, v.a. to smile at. 
la'djen, r.a. to 

to laugh at. ridicule, Comp. 
-wslPCTt,— gsltirgtg, od». dt adv. ridiculous. 

OeUfb— en, ir.v.a. to load, freight ; to burden. 
— Hng, /. act of loading. 

fteld'g, m. (— g, pi. ©tloge) anything laid on or 
upon, slice, meat slices, bits of cheese (on sand- 
uHehcs) ; foil (of a looking-glass) ; fur {of the 
tongue, Med.); ©clflgf, documents proving 
something, vouchers {incorrect spelling instead 
o/t3efege; *r9etrg). 

SeUrHcr-n. v.a. to besiege, lay siege to; to 

invest (a fortress) ; to beleaguer (a garriMm) ; 
bie —ten, pi. the besieged. — er (-*r* r j*. 
— er) besieger. — ttttg, /. aiege. Comp. — 
tt«g*slMtterie, /• siege battery* ■ ■g ig s 
toerte, pi. approaches ( parallels, trenches, etc. ). 
— WSggslUffang, m. state of siege ; btr ffeter 
— ttngdftnftonb, the minor state of siege (m 
some ntantt/uctming towns with many sodaliMs}. 

fkia'ng, m. [—*) amount; importance; Uvm 
— , important ; ntdjt nan — , or bott feisent — , 
of no account, of no consequence, ineonaklca> 
able. Comp. —reid),^. considerable, weigiity, 
momentous, important. 

ttelanfttor, adj. actionable; to be got at. 

I3elan'g— en, v.a. to concern, belong to; ci*CB 
gertd)t(id| — , to take legal proceedings i 

a person, to proceed against a. p. (at law) ; 
mag raid! — t, as for me. —end, p. d adj. 
touching, concerning, —nag- /• pro—ui t fcosi, 
suit at law. 
fkhtPfCU, ir.v.a. to leave at rest or as it wa*v 
©elOl'f— en, v.a. to load, lade, freight ; to bur- 
den, encumber ; to overload, overcharge ; to 
charge to one's account, to debit with ; erbltat 
— et fein, to be tainted with a(n) hereditary 
disessn ; to be full of ancestral features (eoiiS. 
-nttg,/. charge ; load, burden ; debit ; erfrliss* 
— «ng, affliction with a(n) hereditary diwsisw, 
hereditary habit or proclivity, hereditary taUnt. 
— nng^-jf ttgf f m. witness for the proaecutioa. 
QeliPtig-en. v.o. to burden ; to trouble, a 

bother, molest; to bore, harass; ml* Bitten 

—«n, to importune; nrnd^Mnng— en, to dim. 

— eng, p. dc adj. burdensome; lisissnhig . 

importunate; bormg; oppressive. — H«g, /. 

burden ; molestation ; importunity ; a bore. 
Belotten, r.a. to cover with laths; to batten; 

to rib (a roof). 
f3e!au'ben, v.a. to cover with leaves; to fotfcftg» 

(Archit. ) ; fid) — , to burst into leaf. 
Belan'ern, r.a. to lie in wait, watch for ; efsca 

— , to humbug one, take one in. 
tJeUtnf , m. (— #) amount, sum ; ber gon^e — , 

the sum total; big Jlim — e ban, up to the 

amount of. 
*3el*n'fen, <r.r^i. to walk, go over; to visit, 

inspect ; to cover ; fid) — en auf , to amount bo ; 

(anf) tele lot* beianft fid) bag <9anAe ? what 

does it all amount to? what U the sum total f 
Qelan'ftfl-en, r.a. to listen to ; to play the spy 

on ; man — t tree 4 , we are overheard, some one 

is listening. — et, »». (— erg,jW. —er) eeT*o- 


Bel'dJCn, *n. round top of a mountain (dtmL = 
tkrg) ; ber Okbmeiler — , the Oeoweller bal- 
loon (in Alsatia). 

f3ele / b— en, v.a, to enliven ; to animate, invigo- 
rate; to cheer; to elevate, —end, p. dt 
adj. enlivening; restorative, cordial; genial; 
animating. — t, p.p. dt adj. lively; b ^" 
—tkeiU /• animation; liveliness. — I _. . 
enlivenment; act of animating. Comp. — 
nnggsgerfnd*, pi- attempts to restore ani- 
mation. — Nttggsmiltrl, pi. restoratrvea. 

fJele'dYn, r.a. to Uck {over). 

«)ele / ger— tt, r.a. to cover with leather; to buff 
{the hammers of a piano). —Hng, /. leather- 
ing, buffing {of a piano). 

Bele'g, m. (—eg, pi. —t) document serving as 
voucher, voucher ; receipt ; proof, verification, 
example ; fur, coating (of the tongue. Med. So* 
Cklaa) ; efnen - llefern jn. to famish evi- 
deuce of. -fdKin, *»-, -#itf, n. vonohar. 
— ftefle, /. quotation, citation; evidence, 

I3elf/g— e«, I. r.a. to cover, overlay; to lay 
down {carpets; turf; boards; stones; Him; 
nails, ete.)\ to carpet, board, pave. He.: mit 
$leien or erertern — . to board ; mit gwrfen 

— , to turf ; to silver (a mirror) ; to shoe (a 


98 Btm ttft n 

teheri) ; to hoop (a cask) ; to show proof of, 
verify; to secure, retain {a place); cut &tttt6 
mil Sotbattn — en, to quarter soldier* in a 
house; cine 6tabt rait $rap»en —fit, to gar- 
riaonatown; mit €trafe — tn, to inflict a pun- 
ishment on ; fine BtUtt — en, to cover a mare ; 
wit ftlndi —at, to curie ; mit tUrre ft —en, 
to arreat ; mit ttbgobctt —fit, to impose taxes 
on ; mit $cl»cifc it — en, to demonstrate, show 
by proofs ; t fatten ©ft ba£ —? can you furnish 
proof of that? gfcfb —en, to invest capital; 
Vorfefuitgm — en, to enter one's name for a 
course of lectures, to pay lecture fees ; cine —tt 
6Hmmc, a husky or thick voice; ettt —tt& 
Snrrrrbrot, a sandwich ; feme* Ufa* — en. 
to mark one's place (so as to retain it) ; iff) babe 
frrri Slate —t, I have reserved three seats. 
1L adj. situated, —mill, /. covering, over- 
laying, laying down or on, etc. ; the coating (of 
a Leydcnjar, etc.) ; —vug boil Sttuertt, taxa- 
tion ; — ting Don Gtefbern, investment of capi- 
tal. Camp. — boUer, P 1 * belaying pins, cleat*, 
etc. (Nani.). 

OelCft/n — en, v.a. to enfeoff; to invest with. 
— ff(r). w». vassal. —ling,/, enfeoffment. 

9elrb/f — «•#_"•«• to instruct ; to advise ; apprise ; 
ftfft —at (ajftn, to take advice, listen to reason ; 
lot but) —fit, be advised ; man bat mid) erne* 
onbrrn — t, I am otherwise advised ; (einen) 
cine* Cf ffent — , to undeceive, to set right. 
— f«d, p. H- adj. instructive ; didactic. — ttng, 
/. instruction ; information, advice, correction. 
Comp. — ll«g*s*ale,/. talent for imparting 

VklCitt, <uij. corpulent, stout, fat; mob(— , 
corpulent ; er ttrirb — , he is falling into flesh. 
— fecit, /. corpulence, embonpoint. 

BcIriPifttfrtigefl, r.a. to settle a life annuity on 

think proper, resolve ; —en ©ie nod) ertoae* ? 
would you like anything else ? —en Bit eitt- 
AUrrctCtt, please to walk in. IL v.n. <fc imp. 
(aux. b., dot.) to please; toad — t 3bnen ? 
please? what is your pleasure? what do you 
wish? what will you have? mir — t e0 ttidlt, 
I don't like it, dont wish for it ; t§ — 1 Sftttcn. 
fp &u fagen, you are pleased to say so ; mir e* 
Slraett — t, as you please ; tttentt'0 — t, if you 
please ; when you like. 111. subst.n. will, plea* 
sure;nad) — en, at will, ad Ubitnm(Jf«u.); id) 
frefle e£ hi 3ftr — <n, I leave it to your discre- 
tion ; «an) $brem —en, as you please. — ig, 
adj. dc adv. agreeable, to your liking ; in — fgtr 
Q»rd|e f of any size you choose; nebmen ©it 
etnen — igen 2Wafcftub an, take any standard 
you like ; ju jrbct — tgen Aett, at any time 
that will suit, at any time whatever. — t, p.p. 
«* adj. favorite ; popular ; fin) bet eincitt — t 
tttadjett, to ingratiate oneself with a person, 
to set into a p.'s good books. 

9c0a5Plt f na, /. belladonna, deadly night-shade. 

Qcl'ltn, v.n. (awe. b.) to bark, bay, cry; to 

BfUetrift. m. (— tn, pi. —tn) literary man; 

person of literary taste. — CTCr , /. pretension 

"- "' *-■ ' dge or taste. — if 4), adj. 

lettres, belletristio ; — ifdje 

try magazines. 

1 praise, commend. — U*g, 

g) commendation. Comp. 
». second best premium. 
, n. commendatory letter. 

f it may be rewarded. 

o reward; to recompense; 
" " ;fmted)t 

t> treat ungratefully ; 
., __ __, — fnb, p. <fe adj. remun- 
erative. — ft, »». ( — ere\ pi. — fr) rewarder. 
— nut, /. reward, recompense ; gratuity ; pre- 

Belnnyfen, r.a. to cheat, take in, outwit (coll.). 

©fltt'gCtt, ir.v.a. to deceive by lying; e? befog 
fit, he told her a lie. 

©elllf'Hg— fit, v.a. to divert, amuse, entertain ; 
fid) —en, to make merry, enjoy oneself, —tub, 
p. dc adj. amusing, diverting. — tt, m. ( — ere\ 
pi. — er) merrymaker. — ttng,/. amusement, 
entertainment, merrymaking. 

BrmSoytig-ftt, v.r. (gen.) to take possession; 
of, seise, make oneself master of ; me f die SBltt 
— tt fid) bfincr? what fury possessed you? 
fid? bed Styrimc* (nriberred)t(iuY) —tn, to 
usurp the throne. — IMg, /. (act of) obtaining 
possession of ; seizure. 

to/If n, v.a. to bedaub ; to paint (over). 
an'nen, v.a. to man (a ship). 
idn'teln, v.a. to cloak ; to palliate. 

laf'ttn, v.a. to furnish with masts. 

flrmei'nStt— «, v.a. (<fr r. with gen.) to make 
oneself master of, to seize ; to subdue, gain the 
mastery over; to overcome (difficulties, etc.); 
bit 8djn»ieriglriren bed $eurf$eit — n, to 
master the difficulties of the German language. 
—Wllg,/. overcoming (of difficulties), mastery. 

fjenttrb— t U, r.a. to mention, to report. — Ct, 
p.p. A adj. aforesaid. Comp. — t tcTstttafieit, 
adv. as afore said or reported. 

Oenini'gCttr v.r. to meddle, intermeddle. 

fkttterPtHir, adj. perceptible ; sensible, notice- 
able, —frit, /. perceptibility. 

©enter 'f— f «, v.a. to observe, perceive ; to note ; 
to take notice of ; to remark ; f r tt)*t a(£ —tt 
tt midl nid)t, he pretended not to see me ; he 
cut me ; tttie nnten — t, as noted below ; er — t 
f 3 fefp ftbei. baft, he takes it very ill that. 
— lie)* adj. & adv. see —bat l tt mikfjre 
fid) gcrn — fid) ntadien, he would fain attract 
notice ; cittern —fid) maffjf n. to observe, hint, 
point out to one. — nng, /. observation, re- 
mark ; note, annotation ; — tntgtn am fRtttbe, 





marginal notes; aotige — -mitt aefyaea, to 
take due note; fid) (do/.) fdjriftttme -aagen 
madjTO, to take notes. Cofnp. -tagsaicri, 
— tagsmfiratg* adj. worthy of remark, note- 
worthy. — aaggsgobe./- power of obeenration. 

erwitOfiQCII. *.a. to pity. Camp. -$5Ȥr= 
gig, adj. pitiable. 

Btmiftelt, «tf. of means, in easy circum- 
stances, well off, well to do. 

BCftWaert, adj. moldy, ooTered with mold. 

BeaWgela, v.o. ; eiaea — , to take a person in, 
to cheat (at card*) (/am.). 

BoaWfea, v.n. (auz. f.) to be overgrown with 
moss; cut bemoofteS $aapt. bemsofter 
Barfdj, sa old student, a student of many 
terms {dud. si.). 

BOM n't— en, I. v.a. to trouble, give trouble ; 
barf td) ©if baram — ea ? may I trouble you 
for it? II. v.r. to take trouble, pains; to 
strive, endeavor; —en Bit fin) bod) aid)t, 
pray, don't trouble yourself; fid) am eineit 
—TO, to interest oneself on behalf of a person ; 
—TO €ie fid) mit mir biaeia, just step in with 
me; er — te fid) bir Bpradje &a erferaea, he 
took pains to learn the language; — t feia, to 
seek, to struggle. — tab (= peinfidi), adj. 
painful, unpleasant, vexing (died.); eifrtgft — t 
um, eagerly bent on. III. subst.n. —vug, /. 
trouble, pains, effort, exertion; feiae — ung 
amrbe tint ftergfttea, he was rewarded for 
his trouble. 

Btmi'ftigea, v.o. to induce (to do, etc.) : now 
only used in the phrase fid) (ace.) fcem&tigt 
febflt or ffthfen, to feel induced or obliged. 

BCsVatfrra, v. a. to fill a mother's place or to 
be a mother to; cm faage* W&bdjea — , to 
chaperon a young lady. 

Bcatd/bart, adj. neighboring, adjoining, adja- 

Bcandyridtfig— en, «.«.; einen Hon ettnad 
— TO, to acquaint, apprise, send word, inform, 
warn one of ath. — er, *»• (— erg, pi. — er) 
informant, informer; authority. • — nng, /. 
communication, notification; intimation; no- 
tice ; report ; advice ; not —nng bitten, to ask 
for information or instructions. Comp. — 
Mlgdstrtef, m. letter of advice. — aaggs 
tPOftf n. cautionary word. 

ScuaoVtriligCII, v. a, to prejudice, to injure. 

Seatl— m. v.a. to gnaw, begnaw. benibble. 
—t.p.p. ds adj. eroded, suberose (Hot.). 

Bcai'gca, v. a. to sew round, upon ; to patch. 


Hattfen, v.a, to name, surname, call 
Bcaa'aat, p.p. & adj. named; — e &ahU* t 

Beaar'n— en, v.a. to scar; fid) —en, to cica- 
trise. —t,p.p. dc adj. scarred, —nng,/. scar. 
-" *' to feast or indulge 

rer, wrap in mist ; to 

sate; to intoxicate; 

ry. — t, p.p. ds adj. 


b ; withal, besides. 

Obeaebeit) to bless 

r. — aag, /. bene- 

f. — g) Benedictine 
ine nun. Comp. — 

on*, (pi. 
— tn*ai, — in, m. 
Comp. — imrfreis 

ce ; performance for 

take away; to sixe 
, to take away from, 
ift hu et»ni -. to 

spoil one's pleasure In a th. ; einem friara 
3rrtunt — , to undeceive, disabuse one of his 
errors. II. ir.v.r. to behave, demean oneself ; 
to act; fid) — mit, to concert or agree with. 
III. tubM.n. conduct, behavior; »** feint 
— . good manners, gentlemanly behavior ; § si 
mit einem megea einee tanK in — fetea, 
to confer with a person about a thing, to agree 

' with a p. about a th. 

Beaei'aea, v.a. (einen, einen nat eiae €L, or 
aiegen eiaer 6., einem etma*) to envy; is) 
beaeibe €ie am 3lrt Jtraft, I envy yoar 
strength ; fie — Unt, they are envious of him. 
Comp. — -gsaJCrt, adj. enviable. 

Beaca/n— €«, ir.v.a. to name; to designate; to 
christen; eiaea Sag —TO, to fix sv day; 
beaaaate Bablett, concrete numbers. — cabV 
adj. denominative. — aag, /• naming, desig- 
nation; appellation, denomination; sBriba* 
aater eiaerlei — ang brinoen, to reduoe frac- 
tions to a common denominator ; f elf d)f — aag. 

a. to wet, to moisten; to sprinkle; 
, to bedew. 

(-g. pi. -) cudgel, club <«*•.); 
") ; bar (of a printing-press) ; clap- 

bell); unmannerly rough fellow; 
, silly fool ; groger — , great loot ; 
bantling; little urchin. — Cj%/ 

s, rudeness, boorish trick. 

c^ ih, boorish, rude. 

Benoafaten. past part, o/beaefyaea. 
/. (be)numbedness, numbness; stupel 
Beao'tigea, v.a.; eiae ©. — dc efaer e. 
usually eiaer 6. beaotigt feia, to be in 
stand m need of a th. ; 


or to stand in need of a th. ; bag bntaiigtr 
Cttefb, the necessary money; beairigtea 
frit*, in case of need. 

BenaH'bitr, adj. usable. 

Beaafi-ea, (BeaiPi— ea,) r«. to make ant 

of, utiliie ; to profit by (an occasion, fie.) ; to 
take advantage of (a person, etc.); — e bk 
^kfegeabeit, improve the occasion, embrace 
your opportunity I —nag, /. act of using, mak- 
ing use of ; use; freie —aag cine* <**rtra4 
babea, to have the run of a garden. 

©ea|— H. n. benxile. — i'n, n. benzine. — #e 
(pr. ©e'njO.C), /. benxoin ; (in comp.) bao- 
soic — s^slHiri,». gum benxoin. — acsfisUC, 
/. benxoic acid. 

Bew'badjt-ea, v.a. to observe; to watch; to 
discharge, do (one's duty, etc.); to execute («* 
ortfcr); to keep (silence; a /esffaafl; to 
respect (laws); — eabe, observant; inquiring ; 
xn — enbe Xinge, things to be obaerred. 
— tt, n. (—erg. pi. — er) observer, —aag, /. 
observation; observance. Comp. — aagg: 
|eer v n. army of observation. 

BctVIca, v^>> to oil. 

Beit '•era, v.a. to order, direct, command. 

Beaa'lfea, v.a. to load. 

Bcafma'ira, v.a. to plant; mit $etfea — , to 

BralaKtera,r.a. to piaster (over); mit etriaea 
— , to pave. 

Bcali'gea, v.a. to plow. 

Beaiaf ela, v.a. to touch with the brush ; Is 

Bcaolftera, v.a. to stuff ; to wad ; to uphokav. 
Beaa'aern, v.a. to powder. 

BCgUfm, adj. convenient, commodions: eoav 
fortable ; fitting ; opportune ; proper ; ludolsnt, 
fond of ease ; er met* e# M — sa atamra. hs 
knows how to make himself comfortable; 
msdjTO 6ie eg fid) — , make yourself comforta- 
ble or at home; WTOtt el Sgaea — IH, at 
your convenience ; fin — er tfafgaag, aa easy 
ascent ; eia — er Bvmmeraaxag, -— -"- 

fitting summer suit ; fine — e , 

a good opportunity; mein Jrtaab 



Ufa — er fRenfffl, my friend is a somewhat 
indolent fellow, my friend likes to take it easy ; 
eta -tt gtllggeniffe, a fellow lodger easy to 
get on with. 

&€ QU Cm—cn, v.I. a, to accommodate, anit. II. 
r. to accommodate oneself, conform, put up 
with, submit to; to yield to, comply with; 
io) autftc win) ba*tt —en, I had to give in to 
it, to make the beet of it; fid) nad) ber £eit 
—tn, to go with the times. III. n. eg — t ifjnt 
Itiffet. it doea not suit, doe* not please him. 
— iWfCit, /. convenience; suitability; ease, 
comfort; indolence; (place of) convenience, 
priTy, water-closet. — ttftfeltgsIlebC,/. indo- 
lence, laziness ; lore of comfort. 

fiOtBi'tfrn, vm. to foliate, silver (mirrors). 

gcr ft Vmm, v.a. to frame. 

9txmn f bcn t ©eriVbcln, fkrSnteni, *.a. to 
rlTe a border or edge to; to mill, to edge 

fJeT«JKlKtt, v.a. to roughcast, to plaster (a teaO) ; 
to pay (wig.). 

BfTOtm,P. I. a. to cover with jjtms, to sod. II. 
r. (<mx. f.) to be overgrown with turf. 

9tVn't—tn, tr. r . I. a. to furnish with what is 
necessary, to endow ; to counsel, advise (06*.) : 
hif fBcIt if* tool)! -tit, the world is well 
arranged, is what it should be; ©If flttb 
fdVeo5t —m, you are ill advised; &ott — e 
his) ! God direct you ! eiitnt Ufan —en. to 
concert a plan. II. r. to take counsel together, 
to deliberate; er beriet fldj mil tbnt fiber bit 
Ccdfe, he conferred with him about the matter. 
— end, p. <fc adj. consultative, deliberative; 
tine — robe 6nmme baben. to have a voice 
if*U not a vote) (in a council, etc.). — er, m. 

to) ; (in {ft bftfttt — t eber nidjt ? am I 
Jed to it or not ? cvgf rbf iefttidj —t, exclu- 
sively privileged. — Uttg, /. title, right ; quali- 
fication; birgerttcbe — ting, civil right*; 
franchise ; — nng ftunt einiaQrig-frctotttigett 
£etrt$bienn\ privilege of one year's military 
service as a volunteer. Comp. — ttttgd=tt>ef Cn, 
n. standards and examinations required for ad- 
mission to certain professions, privileges con- 
ferred by special examinations. 

fBttfh—tU, v.a. ; eilten Jtt tttoaS —tn, to per- 
suade one to a thing, to talk one over; ermoQte 
fid) ntdjt —en faff en, he was not to be per- 
suaded ; man —ft bie fiente leicht beffen (usu- 
ally J« beat) wad fie wunfeben, men are easily 
persuaded to what they desire ; ettt>a£ — en, to 
talk a matter over, to consider a th. ; fid) —fit, 
to persuade oneself ; fin) rait cittern — ttt, to con- 
fer with, deliberate, take council with a person, 
concert (a plan) with one. — fatt, adj. elo- 
quent. — fattufit, /• eloquence; rhetoric 
— 1» PP- adj. ct adv. eloquent; talkative; 
eitte —tt £unge baben, to have a glib tongue, 
to be a fluent speaker ; auf bag — t(e)ftf, in the 
most eloquent manner. 

flCte'gt, adj. (lit. stirred up), brought up, men- 
tioned, in question ; bie — t ©d (fie, the before- 
mentioned matter, the point in question. 

fjerep'nett, v.a. to rain on or upon. 

Beret's), m. & n. (— g, pi. — e) scope, range, 
reach ; compass ; sphere ; province ; anfer 
f ' t. beyond my reach ; not within my 

] rithin my province; ittt — f ber 

I in, to be within call or well within 

< if — gtneite. adv. within reach. 

fk v.a. to enrich ; unfere Hennrniffe 

ge our stock of knowledge ; fid) — , 
I nxe's nest. 

>.a. to cover with hoar-frost. 
\a. to hoop, to rim (casks). 
a. to travel over or through a coun- 
1 it, frequent (fairs, etc.) ; — (affen, 

1 [strict visited by commercial travel- 
ers, to work by travelers (C. LX 

Vcrft't, adj. ready, prepared ; — batten, to keep, 
hold in readiness. — g, adv. already ; almost 
(dial.). — fdXtft, /.'readiness, preparation; 
&elb in — fchaft baben, to have money in 
hand. Comp. — ftfbrnb, adj. available, dis 
posable. — WiOlg, adj. & adv. ready, willing ; 
readily, willingly ; bie — ttriflige fttmabme, due 
honor, acceptance (of a bill, etc.). — toiuigs 
frit, /. readiness, willingness; attjU groge 
— tniKtgfeii, over-readiness, officiousnees. 

'fktei't— fit. v.a. to prepare, make ready; to 
procure ; etnettt ben ttntergong —en, to work 
one's ruin ; etn Qktrfinr ttnrb baraug —ft, a 
drink is prepared from it. — er , tn. ( — erg, pi. 
— er) preparer. —ting, /. preparation ; manu- 
facture; dressing. 

*flerei'l— tn, ir.v.a. to ride over, visit riding (a 
country) ; to train, break in (a horse) ; berttten, 
mounted (Mil.) ; broken in. — er, m. (— erg, 
pi. — er) rough-rider, horse-breaker, trainer; 
riding-master. Comp. -ttsgefeMdMft, /. 
company of equestrians. — ttzBtitW, f. 

©erett'n— en, ir.v.a. to invest, blockade; to 
assault, storm; to run against. — nng, /. 
assault (of a fortress). 

Here*'-**, v.a. to repent, regret. — *ng, /. 
repentance, regret ; remorse. Comp. — ettgs 
Wttt, adj. regrettable. 

Berg, m. (— eg, pi. — e) mountain, hUl; mtten 
am — e, at the foot of the mountain ; bie $aarc 
ftanben mir jn — e, my hair stood on end ; — e 
nerfetfen, to remove mountains (Bibl.); fen* 
fetid beg —eg ff in, to be in the decline of life, 
going down hill ; mir finb nodi nidjt ftber ben 


9tt% 8 

— , we are not out of the wood or round the 
corner yet; nnt biefe grit it er ffdkrlidl 
ftber ttUf — c. by this time he la certainly off 
and away ; fiber — ttnb Sfcaf, aoroae country ; 
(wit finer 6ad>e) binter bent — e batten, to 
dissemble, to be unoommmilrmtiTe ; binter bent 
— e toobnen and) nodi £eute. do not be too 
clever; golbene — e OerfjpreaKn, to promiae 
wondera; am —t fteben. to encounter a diffi- 
culty, to come to a stand-still ; ba frcbea bie 
(Danen am — t ! there U the rub ! — id|t, °dj> 
(now unusual) mountain-like. — if , adj. moun- 
tainous, billy. Comp. (usually mountain—, 
rock— , alpine —, mining —, name — ). — fl'b, 
adv. downhill. — abbang, m - •lope, ascent, 
declWity. —a born, m. aycamore maple. 
— Otabctttte. /. achool of mining or mines, 
mining academy. — olatttt, m. rock alum. 

VWCtt /• mountain bunting, anowbtrd. 

»fd, / ring-ousel; blackbird. — atttt, n. 
mining office ; board of minea. — a'ttor — «lf, 
odr. uphill. — arbeit, /. mining (industry). 
—art, /. any metalliferoua mineral or stratum, 
matrix of the ore. — anfter, /. rock-oyster. 
—tuff am, m. naphtha, —ban, m. mining; 
working of mines; eiuen —ban anftelten, to 
open a mine. — ban f»nft./. science of mining; 
metallurgy. — bCflttlte(r), m. mining official. 

— befdrretber, m. oroiogist. — befctiretbung, 

/. orography, orologv. — betPObner, m. 
mountaineer, highlander. — bUtt, ft. ultra- 
marine, lapis lazuli, — bvXf, m. mountaln- 
n wild goat. -brann,n. umber. — bnfte, 
jmmon-beech. — Had)*, m. marmot. 
— Wfttl. /. (Heine) mountain saffron ; (grofte) 
cotton thistle. — bofelf, /• Alpine chocard or 
chough. bO if, ft. mountain-Tillage ; mining 
Tillage. — brofjfl,/. singing thrush. — rbfjls 
|fl|j, n. bastard senna. — CshOffe, a. as high 
as mountains, extremely high. — rrlf ,/. gray 
alder; alpine aserole. — Cftsftltf. m. moun- 
tain sprite (protector of the wild animals). 
— f stiff* <*■ *• deep as mountains, extremely 
deep. — fabrt, /. excursion into the moun- 
tains; voyage up stream, —fall, m. com- 
mon stone-falcon, —fall, m. land-slide, land- 
slip- — fnulbaum, m. alpine buckthorn. 
-Him, adj. natiye (min.). — fertig, adj. 
sickly, broken-down (of miner*). — fftt, n. 
fossil tallow. — frnet, n. ignis fstuus ; signal 
fire on a mountain. — fcj, m. enthusiastic 
alpinist (coll. ). — Rebcrtouriel, /. yellow gen- 
tian. — Rnf, m. brambling, mountain finch. 
— fJtdtU, m. small mountain town; mining 
village. — HrffCfe, n. asbestos, mountain cork. 

-torenr, /. char, -frribcit, /. right of 

mining; privileges of a mountain or miner's 
town. — frleb, m. (arch.) (= fk(frieb) ; don- 
ion, —tana, m. rein of ore. — gebraactj, ">• 
mining custom. — genenfdrrriDer, m. con- 
troller of mines. — fittft* m - mountain-sprite, 
gnome. — flflb, n. yellow ocher. — geriart, n. 
court for deciding mining causes. — gtritilffts 
erbnung, /. miners* code. — gffet, n. 
mining law. —gift, n. arsenic. — s1t#fcl» m. 
aummlt. — glad, n. rock-crystal. — glat; 
•ttig, adj. crystalMform. — f raft, ft. species 
of bent grass; tweet scented vernal grass; 
sheep's fescue grass. — grat, m. mountatn- 
rftdge, crest, —grin, ft. lesser periwinkle; 
mountain green ; (feinftel) Olympian green 
(Min.). — gttt.n. minerals; fossils. — friar, 
ft. pliable asbestos. —Willing, m. yellow- 
beaked linnet. — babn, m . ** ftnrrqafm. 
—%•!•€./• mountain-slope, hillside. — bone,/, 
pick, pickax. — btfMbttttann. m. superin- 
tendent of a mine or mines. — bffT, *»• mine- 
owner. — %S)lbCT, m. r#d-berried elder. — 
k*t|, n, lissiform asbestos, rock-wood, wale. 
-**«, ft. rwUegged nartridf*. -felt, m. 


carboniferous limestone. — Itm*, sa, tone* 
(ftsed *» a ftttue). — ftftf, /. wild cat ; moaa- 
tain lynx. — frgtC, m. conical (or sugar-loaf) 
mountain. — teller, m. cellar cut in the rock; 
name of an inn on a hiU. — frffel, m. deep vsi- 
ier, gorge. — fettC. /• mountain chain, rids* 
of mountains. — ttffer, /. mountain psaa. 
— fno**, *». miner, pitman. — fsMMMPHMt. 
/. miners' association. — front, orfj*. aun enai 
from the miners' (or alpine climbers') rtitsaw ; 
= — frrtig. -trtftOl, m. rock-crystaL 
— tNHie, /. orology ; sdence of mining, metal- 
lurgy. — tnMbtge(r), m. oroiogist ; expert is 
mining. — fofcfer, n. native copper. — lanl, 

— niebl, n. u 

* — naibfabrer.m.iospsc- 

q|. n. petroleum, bitnman 
rulation(s) for the mini 

n. hilly country, upland, highland. — tinlg. 
adj. de adv. in miner fashion, usual amo n gst 
miners. — IrbrT, n. a kind of asbestos, 
mountain cork; miner's apron. — left**. / 
mountain slope. — lette(n), m. metallic dsy. 
— ieute, pi. miners; mountaineers. — liw, 
/. martagon. — ttUinn. tn. miner; moua- 
taineer; — ntonn bom fieber, actual miner; 
— ntonn bon ber faotr, one employed in tht 
office of a mine; — ntann bom rl***** 
smelter. — wdnnchtn. -mannlein. «. gnama 
— minnifcb, adj. mining; relating to miner* ; 
usual amongst miners. — mntttttstTCl, J- 
mountain ervngo. — tttan#» /. lem(mUBg. 
\ dust, marL — «df C f /. ksjf. 
— tttCifter, m. aurTeyor of 
«*««. — merle. /. ring^juseL —mil*, /. 
rock milk, agaric mineral, fossil farina. — 
Munie,/. calamint — ttOlbfabrer. m. inspso- 
tor of mines. — nbmb' * -*..-- -- 

bill (Mythol.). —jit, n . 
— arbnung, /. regulatia . 

— t»fdl, ». mineral pitch, asphalt. — JaruVeTbe. 
/. bituminous earth, -prebigt, / lC*ri$ft\ 
sermon on the mount, —rat. m. board at 
mining directors; member ox a ooancfl of 
minea. — rottf,/. marmot. — rtost, ft. right 
of working a mine : mining privilege ; minsri' 

code. — reien, (— reigen, — rct|c«), •»• 

alpine melody; miners' song; popular poem 
(originally sung by bands of m inert). — TtttC* 
/. mountain range. — rote, /• rock-rose (eis- 
tu*y f alpine rose, rhododendron. — rOt f a> 
rea ocher. — rnTttr, /. common elm : cork- 
elm ( Utmus suberosa). — nttf a>, m. land-slSds, 
land-slip, —fall, «. rock salt. — fn~ " - 
depression in a mountain-ridge, 
layer, stratum; extra work done 
by miners. — ftfdltttCtftfr, *». 
accountant or controller, purser. — ffMSafe 
/. raTine, gorge, glen, cleft. — ffbtttm, >t 
Scotch Highlanders. — fcbfiler, m. student st 
a mining academy. — f ftypaien , pi- damps (or 
choke) in a mine. — fo>tt»aCbe,/.rockswanow. 
— fdmefel, tn. natiTe sulphur. — feftn, •*• 
produce of the mines. — ftrigfT, m. mountain 
climber, alpinist. — ftdrA, m. whtte-hesdsd 
Tnlture. — ftrafKr /• niounUin-road ; hlUy 
district between Darmstadt and Heidelberg. 
— ftTPttt, m. torrent. — ftnri, m. fall of a sia 
or mine; landslip. — fndrf, /• puhnonsry 
disease, miner's consumption. — fanyf, +- 
bog (at the top of a mountain). — tan be, / 
smaller wood pigeon or stock-dore. 
mineral tar. — tt'tttrr, *« — ab. 
matter, m. superintendent of a mine, —fell* 
n. mountaineers, highlanders ; miners. — 
nnrnb, /. precipitous side of a mountain, bkol 
— laHMTaWn, m. assayer of the mines. — nsftt 
ft. mine; pit; tin — merf banen, to sink, to 
work a mine. — «crf#saftic, /. ahare ■ » 
mine. — Wtfen, ft. mtning matters. MtlCfr 
».nredampa(<ftftiift«). — toinbt,/. ty-hsosr 
suckle. —»•>€,/. mountain flax. — sVOYt, «■ 
mining Urm. — |ebntC, m. tithe frosa tma nro 
dmosofminsa. -^rta^^maw*abAssjit>ca 

I, m. lana-soos, 
ne after hoon 


crossed by a hammer). — itfttt, n. native tin. 
— iinu&bttt m. native cinnabar. 

Bcrflonint'te, /. (&• — tt) bergamot. Comp. 
— «sil, (fkrgamrttfU,) n. essence of berga- 

0C¥*g— en, ir.vxu to save, secure; to save, re- 
cover (shipwrecked goods, etc.) \ to conceal ; to 
■bade (Paint.); ftdi — en nor, to save, conceal 
oneself from, to flee from ; er iff gebargen, 
he is safe; bie 6cgel — en, to shorten, take in 
•aiL — Cs (in comp.) == salvage. — €t f m. 
(— era, J* — er) salver, saver ; biebifdjer — er, 
wrecker. — nng, /. salvage. 

fjcrfdtf, «». (— *, pi. — e) report, statement, 
(official) return; intelligence, information; 
advice (C. L.); — erftotten, to present or 
hand in a report, to report, to give an account 
of; last — , according to my report, as per 
advice. Comp. — abftatter, — er Hatter, m. 
reporter, relator ; returning officer (at elec- 
tions). — crftttttlMflf /• reporting ; report, in- 
formation. — Otitis, adv. in the form of a 
report. — jettf If ». bulletin; notice-paper. 

Ocrtnytta, v. a. to inform, to instruct; to 
report ; to order, arrange ; to train (a hawk) ; 
einenfaifd)— , to misinform one; einentetniad, 
tiara ftber tttoa* — , to report upon, inform 
of, acquaint with, notify, give notice of ; id) 
foffe miffl — , I allow myself to be set right or 
to be corrected, I listen to advice, I listen to 
reason; etnen ftronfett —, to administer the 
sacrament to a sick person. 

fjcriftytit— «, v.a. to set right, rectify; to 
arrange ; to adjust (scales) ; to settle (a debt or 
bill; a dispute) ; to correct (errors; proofs, 
etc). — igttttg,/. correction; emendation, rec- 
tification ; adjustment, settlement ; payment. 

BertfCtra, co. to smell, sniff at; to scent (of 


'f Cltt, «.«. to irrigate. 

ScrifTca, ©eriefeltt, «-a. to channel, flute, 

groove (Archil.). 
Sert'n% «• (-*. pi. -t) ♦MCemtt; • Wndof 

flannel for printing on. 
©CTiatCt, p.p. «fc adj. covered with bark, crust. 
Qeri'tt, *». (— -eS) district under the care of a 

mounted inspector; squad (Mil.). 

97 ©ernljrcii 

upon, cheat; to beguile; to fascinate, charm. 
— h.p. <b adj. ensnaring, fascinating, charming. 

htrudWbtia—tU, v.a. to respect; to have re- 
gard to ; to take into consideration ; to consider, 
bear in mind; to take notice of; oime irgettb 
hie ftidjtigreit *n —en, without any regard to 
correctness. —nng,/. consideration, regard. 

©CTtt'f , m. ( — $, pi. — e) calling ; vocation ; pro- 
fession, business, office, employment ; walk of 
life ; province, function ; faculty; sphere; her 
ittnere — , the inward call ; divine summons ; 
fcinen — fterfefaft baben, to have missed one's 
vocation ; e£ tft meat — niffit, it is no business 
of mine; einem — e geborig, professional. 
— gs. (in comp.) professional. Comp. — gs 
ttiamtf adj. <L adv. professional. — gsreife, 
/. official tour. — ftsjiltat, m. soldier by pro- 
fession, professional soldier. — 0s|n«fcl, /. 
choice of a profession. 

tjemf— Ctl, I. ir.v.a. to call; to call together, 
convoke, convene ($uf ammen— en) ; to call 
up (bad spirits, by excessive boasting, etc.), to 
bring ill-luck upon (by boasting of); to blame, 
censure; to call (Theol.)\ lie Mel — ewe fbt- 
gefcgenbeit, the much discussed affair; ein 
—ewer fttdjter, » qualified judge; einen *n 
eittem Vmre —en, to appoint a p. to an office, 
to offer a professorship to a p. ( Univ.), to call (a 
minister) ; fid> ttttf eaten —en, to appeal to. 
refer to, to make use of a person's name ; baronf 
barf man fidj nidjt —en, that cannot be taken 
as precedent ; bernf e t* nid)t I don't forespeak 
it (by untimely praise or boast)\ ; nnberufeu ! let 
the devil rest ! II. p.p. <k adj. see ©errnfen : 
Wobt — , of good repute (poet.)-, id) fitble mid) 
—en, I feel called upon (to). — er, m. appellant. 
— nng,/.* — Uttggs, (in comp.) act of summon- 
ing or of appealing ; call ; vocation ; appeaL 
unflgsgerunt, n. court of appeal. — nnggs 
red)t, n. patronage, right of nomination. 

Cetttll— Cn. v.n. (aux. b.) to rest; enoa? —en 
la ft en, to let a thing be, leave a th. alocd ; id) 
Wiu ed bobei, barouf —en laffen, I will be 
satisfied with that, I will let it pass ; —en Oltf 
einer ©. . to be founded on, to depend on ; btel 
— t auf etnem ^return, this is due to a mistake. 

©eTtt'big— *fl, v.a. to tranquillize, quiet, pacify ; 
to mitigate, assuage (pain, etc.) ; to compose 
(the mind; fears, etc.} ; to lull ; to bridle, curb 
(the passions) ; fid) — tgen, to make one's mind 
easy, to compose oneself; fid) bei einer €5. 
— igen, to be easy in one's mind about a thing, 
to be satisfied with a thing as it is. — igent, 
p. dc adj. sedative. — igtf, m. calmer, pacifier. 
— igttng, /• quieting, calming; ease of mind; 

©erftb/m— en, v.r.; fid) einer €5adie —en, to 
boast or brag of a thing. —I. p.p. de adj. 
famous, celebrated ; fid) — t niadjen, to render 
oneself famous, to make oneself a reputation, 
to distinguish oneself. — tbeif , /• celebrity, 
renown, distinction ; person of fame, lion, star. 

©erjibr'baT, adj. tangible. 

©erniKr— e«, v.a. to touch, to be contiguous ; 
to touch, to touch upon, allude to ; to meddle 
with; to concern, affect (one's interests, etc.); 
bicfc Baitt barf nidjt — t werben, this string 
must not be struck ; no allusion is to be made 
to this subject; fid) —en, to touch one an- 
other. — end, p. oe adj. contiguous ; touching ; 
tangent, —nng, /• contact ; act of touching ; 
contiguity ; collision; appulse (Astr.)\ refer- 
ence to (a subject) ; in —nng footmen, to come 
in contact (with). Comp.— nuggsaffoeiatiim, 
/.association by contiguity. — UttggselettrisU 
tat, /.galvanism, voltaic electricity. — nnggs 
Had*?,/, surface of contact. — nnggslefte. 
/. science of touch, haptics. — nnggslinie,/. 
tangent (Oeom.). — nnflgsftttnft, m. point of 
A -ung*2»infel, »». angle of contact. 





Bernnfen, v.a. to pluck; einen — , to fleece, 
plunder a p. 

Bern'fcen, v. I. a. to begrime, blacken with 
toot. IL *. (ma. f.) to grow sooty. 

Bert/I, ». (-»% Pj. -t) beryl; metrgrnner 
— # aquamarine. Comp. — f rtC, /. glucina, 

9cf«Ptti«, fJclnVbtrn, *.a. <fc r. to bcelabber 

9cf tV-««, «.«. to ww (a field, etc.). — (e)t, p.p. 
<* adj. towed: studded, strewn; ntit eternen 
—ft, bespangled with stars, star-spangled. 

©Cfali— C«. *.a. to My; to purport; to prove; 
b*J 6«t nttt)t6 AM — en, that is not very Impor- 
tant ; 3b* ©rief — t, the purport of your letter 
to; b«Jf — t bie ttnrerffftrift, that to attested 
by the signature, —tMp, p. d: adj. to the effect, 
•to* — 1» P/'- <* «#• aforesaid. Comp. — tfts 
ntftfcrn, otfr. as before m e nti oned. 

xBewtttt, tr.a. to string (an instrument) \ t*ti 
tefaittte* (gentftt , deUcately sensitive disposi- 

Brlo/m— «, v. L a. to sow; impregnate. II. r. 
to be propagated by seed ; to run to seed, —t, 
adj. seeded. —nnf,/. sowing; propagation 
by seed. 

fcefs'n, m. (-*% pi. -e) mixxen; ben — (**. 
nuuften, to set the mixxen. Comp. —ban*, 
m. mixxen-boom. — Irttttftttage, /. mixsen- 
top-gallant mast. — fbjgge, /. rear-admiral's 
flag; gallant. — t*«r#, *». mixxen-top. -TW, 
/. inixxen-yard. — nHUln, /. mixxen-ehroud. 

Oefittftig— m, *.a. to allay, assuage; to ap- 
pease ; to soothe ; nin)t A» —en, un 
implacable. — rnb, adj. assuasrve. 
— tYi*, /. appeaser, calmer. —«nf , /. allay- 
ment; calming, appeasing. Camp. — nng*s 
nUttl, n. palhatiye ; sedative, lenitive. 

Sefa't, QtlvitTimp/ .ind. frefiten. 

feWl, m. (-el, pi. tk fa*e) trimming (of a 
dress, etc.) ; border (of doth, etc.) ; embroidery. 
— ||| r /. garrison ; crew (of a man-of-war) ; 
wards (of a lock) ; — img legen in einen Ort, 
to garrison a place. — UM#;reu>t, ft. right of 
garrisoning. Comp. — ffttt, /. braid, braid- 

©Cfnnfen, e.r. ; go) — , to get drunk (tw/o.). 
TfnWWg— m, *>■<*• to injure, damage; to 
' 'it, mildew; to wound; fidf —en, to hurt 
df; Icitwt AH —en, easily damageable. 
— cr, m. (— er*\ p/. — er) causer of damage ; 
one who hurts or injures. — t, p.p. <t- aa>'. dam- 

^trf.) ; 
„ Bj. warranted tree from ai 
BefdMfm, tl. fr-.r.a. to create. IL reg, v.a. 
to procure, see xtnfo)«ffen. HI. pp. d- adj. 
I; f* ift er — , it 's the nature of that 
c r ea tu re, that's his nature; gut — , in good 
condition, in good circumstances ; fo ift hie 
flBeft — , that r s the way of the world ; toif ift 
her t9et — ? what tothe oondition of the road T 
hie 6noK mag — fein ktie fie wottt, let the 
matter be as it may ; bic 6adK ift fo —, the 
matter stands thus ; — wif e* ttottf , of what 
quality soever. —%tit,f. nature, quality, kind, 
constitution; condition; disposition; humor; 
idiosyncrasy, peculiarity; nad) — fcit her 
ttntffeanbe, according to circumstances. Comp. 
-bett#s»#rt, ft. attribute, adjective. 
BtfAntfttt— en, v.a. to occupy, employ, keep 
busy, engage. — t, p.p. de adj. busy; occu- 
pied with ; bet einent — t fein. to be in one's 
employment, to be employed by; ntit ttmai 
—i \tln, to be occupied about or with a thing. 
r, *». (— er#, pi. — er ) employer. — n«g , /. 
lion, business, pursuit; fa)Were long- 
r —Wig, drudgery. 
1en f v.a. to furnish with a shell or cover ; 
to toth (a ceiling) ; to board (a floor) : to put a 
handle to, to haft (a Imtfe). 


aged ; (weather) beaten ; fd)Wer -t, tipsy (si.). 
—nnf, /. damage, injury ; average (Naut.) ; 
frei Hon — *»g. warranted free from average. 

procure. * 

1 f3ef0b a 1en t v.a. to husk, pare, peel; to hark 

"fkfnM'i— m, «•«. to cover (of horses). — CT. «. 
(—fr«, pJ. — er) stallion, stud-hone ; st*d- 

fjefdayni— en f v.a. to shame, confute, d toc c sM s r t, 
make ashamed, abash. — enfe, p. dt adj. die- 
graceful, reflecting shame upon. — t, Pf* 
dt adj. abashed, confused. — «nf« /. ooafa- 
sion, shame ; act of making a p. ashamed. 

fjefttotfen, v.a. to overahadow ; to shade. 

t3eftt>in-e«r v.o. to assess. — nnf, /. sjsm» 

f3efdHtn'-*n, v.a. to view, behold ; to teepedt, 
examine ; to gaxe upon ; to contemplate ; niner 
or fritifdj — , to critidxe, review (irrtfwer); 
fid) —tu, to examine oneself, look into ene'i 
own heart, etc. — enb, p. <fc adj. ciontijsxfsi 
tive; bet— tuot.see— er. — CT, «». (— ♦f*, pi. 
— er) looker on, spectator; inspector; searcher 
(of a ship) ; critic ; contemplator. —lift), adj. 
de adv. perceptible; intuitive; contemplative; 
meditative, —nnf, /. viewing, looking ; exam- 
ination; inspection; contemplation ; ftci sji> 
berer —Wig, on closer i nsp ec tion. Comp. 
— en#=n*rf, adj. worthy of obeervatioa. 

fkf Cbefb, ift. (-t&, pi. -t) knowledge, aceurtte 
information ; inatructiona, directions; aaawer; 
award, decision, decree; nnt eine 6. (tter 
eine 6., bon finer 6.) — miffen, to know, to 
have knowledge or intelligence of a thing;, tea* 
acquainted with it ; — trinfen (einem), to driex 
a gtoss of wine with the proposer, to pledge 
one; idj tneift bier feinen — . I am a stranger 
here ; I don't know what to do, I am quite at 
sea about this; hi einent $«nfe — »iften, to 
know one's wav about a house; einent — ftgri 
faffen, to send one word, let one know; eincti 
ban tttoa$ — geben, to inform one of a thing; 
bid nnf meiteren — , till further orders, pro- 

fjef uXft— en, I. <r.4.a. to allot, assun, aspsr- 
tion ; to direct, order ; einen fiber eine eosbi 


to Inform one of a thing; if* lofr 

, ,.., I am open to conviction ; er ft jm 

feinem ttegimenfe befdjiebcu, he to ordered 
to Join his regiment; er befdiieb win) nnf Wf 
f bfgenbe fB»o>e, he bade me call on I" 
week ; einen AU fidj - 
«eH*t-en f tosun . .„, .„, 
ate one's pretensions, resign o. s. ; er xeeit M 
AH — en, he knows how to limit his desires, be 
knows his place; fid) (ntit finer 6«n)e, or hi 
ftaml) —en, to acquiesce in, be satisfied wnh, 
concede ; wir —en and gem, we concede wfll- 
ingly (that, etc.). II. adj. dc adv. modest : dis- 
creet; unassuming; moderate. — ■enjeit, /. 
modesty ; diffidence ; discretion ; demurenesi ; 

f3efdKf»— m, lr.v.a. to shine upon, xaadtost; 
ban ber ©tune befcqlenen, sunny. 

fJefdKfHif— en, v.a. to acquit, receipt; toissm 
a certifloate of ; to vouch for ; to attest, certify 
to; id) toil! ^bnen ben dnqrfang -en, I win 
give you a receipt for it; hlrnuit -f n«, I 
hereby testify ; io) — e 6erm A. gf m, I sa«e 
much pleasure in testifying to Mr. Z. -nnt. 
/. act of certifying; certificate; 
receipt, acquittance. 

fjefdjrn'r— en, v.a. to present with ; er , 

ntit SatiUer* SBerfen, be made me a press* 
of Bchiller's works; reio)Iio) -t, laden wnh 
gifts or presents, richly endowed. nn g, /. 
givmg away of presents ; do n a ti on. 

shear. tL 

f3ef<byr-en, I. tr.r.a. to shave; to I 
reg.v.a. (einent er»a#) togive, to t ^ __ 
to make a present: am fjjeibnadbren -f«, to 
give as a Christmas preeent or gift. — sjfM./. 
bestowal of gifts; distribution of (CIlhtbuQ 
gift, present ; eine f n)#ne -HsnJ ! • 

BtW*tn 99 Sefflrimttit 



a thing. — *nb, p. & adj. restrictive. —t t 
p.p. £ adj. limited ; narrow (in capacity) ; 
circumscribed (in means); in —tent 6utne r 
in a certain or restricted sense ; fin — tcr ft Ojpf , 
a narrow-minded person, ft dull mind, ft duller 
(coil.). — tfceit» /• narrownees; scantiness; 
(intellectual) dullness, stupidity. — ISMf , /. re- 
straint ; limit, limitation. 

tjefdjrci't— C«, ir.v.a. to write upon, cover with 
writing; to describe, depict, portray; to de- 
scribe (a circle, etc.) ; nuftt fju —fit, indescrib- 
able, —ens, p. dt adj. descriptive; — tube 
Aeit. imperfect tense ; —tuber Xttt, descrip- 
tive letter-press ; —tube Warnrwiffetifdiaften, 
i.e. mineralogy, botany, xoftlogy. — er, m. 
6— tt§ f pl. — er) describer. — (id), ao*;. <fc adv. 
describable. — nng, /. description ; inventory ; 
in compound* often —logy or — graphy ; — ntlg 
bed 8eibed, bcr Crrbe. bed Gktoafferd, ber 
tttgef, ber $if*e, ber ihtodyat, eined Orted, 
bcrzBelt, physiology, geography, hydrography, 
ornithology, ichthyography, osteology, topo- 
graphy, cosmography, etc., etc. 

tkfd /r c V tH, ir.v.a. (in older German sometimes 
reg.) to cry about, at (a thing) ; to decry ; to 
disparage; to render notorious; to bewitch. 
cast a spell on ; to over-praise ; — 6ie ed nifty ! 
don't crow over it ! let the devil rest 1 ; ber tefit- 
tefftrcite Aattftrrtnnftler, the far-famed ma- 
gician (obsTy. 

BeHfcrei'teN, ir.v.a. to walk on, step over ; to 
cross (a threshold, etc.) ; to bestride (a horse) ; 
ben ftedjtdtneg —, to go to law ; bad (Sfcetert 
— , to occupy the marriage bed, to consummate 
one's marriage. 

&rt<bTfe / tenrr=Wtlfetfl, adv. as I have Just 
said, as described, etc. 

©efdjro'ten, v.a. to clip the edges, to trim ; to 
curtail, cut down ; to nibble. 

BtfdNl'tCII, va. to provide with shoes; fid) — , 
to put on one's shoes. 

©efdrol'btg— en, v.a. (einen einer ©adk) to 
accuse of, charge with, impute to. — er, m. 
( — er£, pl> — er) accuser; plaintiff. —t,p.p. 
deadj.; ber — tt. person accused, defendant. 
— Ung,/. accusmtion, impeachment. 

fjefffcnm'nteln, r.a. to cheat, to take in (coll.). 

tjefapttW — en, v. a. to cover with scales, to 
scale; to take in {coil., see Befftntmnefn). 
—%,p.p. d- adj. covered with scales, scaly. 

Brfatttftai, v.a. to throw, cast on; to pour 
over ; to cover with. 

Btffbjt'l— en, v.a. to protect, guard, shelter, 
defend; to favor; to patronise; to fence in. 
— CT, ». (— ere> pi. — er), — Crl«, /. protector ; 
guardian ; patron, patroness. — ung, /. protec- 
tion, defense ; patronage. 

fkfdWMfltn, v.a. to persuade, wheedle, talk 
over ; to slander, speak ill of. 

©ddWCi'l-en, v.a. to cover with sweat, to 
cover with blood (Hunt.). — t, p.p. & adj. 
sweaty, bloody. 

BcfftWrt, /. (no pi.) <* n. (-d, no plX -*, 
/. (pi. —ben) trouble, difficulty ; hardship ; in- 
convenience, annoyance ; grievance, ground of 
complaint; complaint, malady; weight; — be 
tier efatt complain of a th.; fttbf • 
-btn, headache; forperltdje —ben, bodily 
complaints or troubles; bie —ben bed tt(* 
terd, the infirmities of old age ; ©rnft —be, 
difficulty of breathing. —lid), adj. trouble- 
some; painful; difficult, hard; cumbersome, 
inconvenient ; importunate ; einem —lid) fein, 
fallen, to inconvenience, annoy a p., to be a 
burden to one; bad Qkben fattt ibnt —fid. he 
walks with difficulty. — fidftdl. /. trouble- 
someness; burdensomeness ; hardship; incon- 
venience, trouble ; toil ; difficulty. — ntd, /. 
(p/.-«ffe)*»«-be. -t, p.p. i adj. heavy; 
1 ; encumbered, mortgaged ; — ter ©rief , 

100 8rfe*tt 

letter containing money. — nng, /. bantering, 
etc.; burden; encumbrance, mortgage; f 
ble. Comp. — fttzbncb, n. boot for enU 

ble. Comp. — btsbneb, n. 
complaints. — tCsfifcrCT, 
—hCzputttt, m. grievance. 

f)ef0t»e / rftt, v.a. to load, charge, burden ; to 
encumber ; to be troublesome- to ; to clog, lie 
heavy on (the stomach); to bore; to burden (Iks 
memory); fid) — , to complain (bei tinea 
fiber einttt, to a person of someone). 

HefCfrttli'Cbtti— en, v.a. to still, soothe, appease; 
to allay; to silence (conscience); to bosh up; 
to compose (a quarrel), —tt, m. ( — trd, if 
— er) soother, calmer, appeaser; composer (•/ 
quarrels). — ttUf, /. lulling, stalling, appeas- 
ing; hushing-up. Comp. — nngd=gei», *• 
hush money. 

fkfitnnaVr— en, ir.v.a. to affirm, testify on oath, 
take one's oath to ; to conjure ; to exorcise; 
to conjure, adjure ; entreat. — er, m. (— trd, 
pi. — er) conjurer ; exorcist, iragidan. — Of, 
/. confirmation by oath ; exorcism ; adjuration, 
imploring, entreaty. Comp. — nnM=*«*. *> 
conjurfng-book. — nngdsFoTntel, /. form ef 
adjuration; incantation, charm. — mwfi' 
funff ,/• (art of) exorcism ; magic, necromancy. 

Hefffl— en, v*. to animate; to enliven, 
inspirit. — er, m. (— erd, P/. — er) enHvesjer; 
animater. — t, p.p. ds adj. animate; harisf 
a souL — ung, /. animation. 

Hefe'geln, v.a. to navigate, sail (the ocean, etc); 
ble ftufte -, to coast, sail along the ooset; 
ein 6d)iff — , to fit a ship with sails; to joins 
ship at sea. 

Befe^en, ir.v.a. to look on or at; to inspect; 
to examine ; fid) — , to look at oneself, to look 
round about (archaic = fid) nmfeben) ; tost 
Xrad)t $rftgef — , to get a sound thrasbiof 
(coll.) ; bei Sidjte — , on closer inspection, 
viewed in the right light ; fid) (dot.) ersMd -, 
to visit, view ; £u — , on view, for inspection. 

Hefei'tig— en, v.a. to put aside; to remove, do 
away with (difficulties, etc.); to put an end to, 
ittte ( 


(disputes, etc.) ; to explain away, i 
for. — t, p>p' & adj. done away with ; on the 
shell —nag,/, act of putting aside: removal 
(of difficulties) ; settlement (of quarrels). 
Vligen, v.a. to bless; to make happy, 
ffn, m. ( — d, pl> —) besom, broom; 1 
maid (dud. si.) ; nene — fefartn gut. new 
brooms sweep clean ( prov.). Comp. — ftnier , 
m. broom-maker. — gOTbe, /. the broom- 
girls, the housemaids (stud. si.). — trite. /• 
/bog-heath. — retd, n. birch-twig, -frifj, 
m. broomstick. 

Hefen'ben, r.a. to send for one's vassals (oes.); 
er befenbet fidi, er befenber feint ^tfbau 
he summons his thanes (obsX 

fkfeff t*t PP- (e/befi*en) * adj. possessed; 
ber — e, demoniac — teit, /. p o ss e ssio n (hy 
the evil one), demoniacal poss e ss i on ; diabolism, 

f3efefl— en, v.a. to put, Uy on ; to trim, gar- 
nish, border ; to set (trilh jewels) ; to patch 
(shoes); to occupy; to garrison; to man (« 
ship) ; to mount (guns) ; to stock (a pond) ; to 
furnish (a dinner table); to plant (uktJk tnm); 
to mount (guard) ; to fill (an office) ; to fill sp 
(a vacancy); to engage (a place); to stske, 
lay money on ; to guard (of cards); ts esv 
tribute the parts (of a play): ntit ©*nbmi, 
e»iicn, «kiV-f«. t<> ***** with ribbons, wnh 
lace, with fur; ntit (Hnmobnent ~ *~ 
people; ed »ar nlled — t, «Tory 
engaged ; ber Vtttil if! -t, the com. 
is full ; — t, engaged (tcatrr closet) ; 
t+mt mar ntit mti Stavttn — t, my <. 
was guarded by two small cards; tin gK 
—U9 etftrf, a well cast piece; Jebt CrlnAbl 
m«r breimni — t, each part was i 




three voices; ein ftftrf — tt§ Drdkfter, a 
weU-fllled orchestra. — nng, /. trimming; 
bordering, edging; the taking possession of, 
occupation ; the nomination (to an office) ; fill- 
ing (of a vacancy) ; presentation to (a Iwing) ; 
distribution (o/ parts), cast (0/ a play) ; instru- 
mentation (Jfe*). Comp. — f ftlstgCL -ftdfcel. 
m. pavior's rammer. — nngg=red)i, n. right 
of presentation, patronage, advowsan. 

QefeKf'ttn, «.«• to sigh over, lament, bemoan. 

Dcftar?— igftt, v.a. to inspect ; to surrey ; fine n 
fceidwara »on Onttdmegen — igrn, to hold 
an inquest over or on a corpse, — -{get, m. 
(— igerd, p/. — igfr) inspector, surveyor; 
Ttewer, searcher; f sdmerftanbtge r — igf r , ex- 
pert, —ignna,/. inspection, survey; — igung 
river £eidK« coroner*! inquest; visitation. 
Comp. — igttNggsteriCtt, »». inspector's re- 
port. — igttltggsgebfifcreit, pi. surveyor's 
foes. — igttltggsreife, /. tour of Inspection. 

©cUCs^el— n, ».a. to colonise; eitt 8«nb — n, to 
settle in a country. —ling, /. colonisation. 

Rf ftfg'fcrr, ad J- conquerable, vanquishable. 

fkfle'grl— n, v.a. to seal, put one's seal to. 
— ««g, /. sealing (of a deed). 

f£eftr / g — CM. v.a. to vanquish, overcome, con- 
quer, subdue (passions); surmount (difficul- 
ties). — CT, n%. ( — erd, pi. — er) conqueror, 
victor. — nng,/. conquering; conquest. 

faffing, m. (pi.— e), ©c'finge,/.; fdjmarje — , 
bilberry, myrtle whortleberry (also called 
OUffttere) ; rate — . red whortleberry. 

Btglt'gt*, ir.v.a. to sing, to celebrate in song. 

Btfia'a— tn. I. ir.v.r. ; fid) (anf erne 6.) — en, 
to recollect, remember, to call to mind, think 
of, hit on ; fid) fined $rffern -en, to think 
better of a th. ; ftdj eined anbrrn —en, to 
change one's mind; er iff f dwell bffomten, 
he is quick in taking his resolution ; fid) — en 
(ttber etvr 6.), to consider, deliberate, reflect ; 
sfcnf fU| &n — tn, without thinking or consider- 
ing, at once; ftd) toifber —fit, to come to 
oneself again. II. subsLn. reflection. —nng,/. 
recollection ; reflection, consideration, deliber- 
ation; mieber *nr —nng tontmen, to 
recover consciousness; fie mar nidM bci 
— HSg, she was beside herself, she was uncon- 
scious; rr bfieb bei —nng, he retained his 

points of law. —nng, /. possession, property} 
manor, estate ; (pi.) dominions, dependencies. 

9ef Off en, p.p. & adj. drunk, tipsy (vulg.). 

Ocforlen, v. a, to sole (shoes, etc.). 

©efOl'tf— en, r.a. to pay; to give a salary to; 
to have in one's pay ; —etc XrttWen, stipen- 
diary troops. — nng, /. act of paying (wages, 
salary, etc., to) ; salary, stipend, pay, wages. 

©efpft'ber, adj. particular, peculiar ; separate, 
distinct, especial; odd, strange, singular; id) 

8a be feine — e ttbftdjt babet, I have no par- 
cular purpose to effect by it; ind — e. in 
particular; nidjtd — ed, nothing particular; 
— e $abarie, Particular or simple average; 
fine — e SBobnnng, a separate lodging; jrbrr 
Sell hid — e, each several part; — e ©ffehle, 
special orders; btf —en (Stgenfdjaften einer 
VftdnAf , the specific qualities of a plant ; bif 
— ftt ftmftanbf, the particulars; ntfine — e 
SReinnng, mv individual opinion; bad — e, 
the concrete (Log.)\ the particular ; the extraor- 
dinary. — fecit, /• specialty; peculiarity; 
strangeness, oddness; individuality; (pi.) de- 
tails, particulars. — 0, adv. especially, in 
C articular ; apart, separately, severally ; pecul- 
rly ; extraordinarily, greatly, much. 
SefOlt'tten, p.p. (of be ftnncn) <fc adj. prudent, 
circumspect ; thoughtful, discreet, considerate ; 
in full possession of one's mental faculties. 
leit, /. prudence, circumspection, thought- 
aess; presence of mind, self-possessiou ; 
mit — belt, discreetly. 
©Cfat'g— en, ». I. a. to take care of; to pro- 
vide for ; to do, effect ; to manage (a business, 
etc.) ; to execute (a commission) ; to discharge 
(Junctions) ; to conduct (divine service) ; bad 
Sefte eined ftreunbed —en, to look after a 
friend's interests. II. n. (auz. f.) to be appre- 
hensive of, anxious about; rr mar urn nnd 
widjt mf nig — t, he was not a little anxious on 
our account; fin — tfd Httdfffarn. a care- 
worn look, a look of anxiety; einm — t 
mad)fn, to alarm one ; feien ©if gang rnbig, 
id) mrrbr ed —en, be quite at ease, I shall 
see to it. — er, m. (— f rd, pi. — er) manager, 
conductor; care-taker; executor (of a commis- 
sion) ; agent. — lid), adj. anxious, solicitous. 
— Uffeff it, /• apprehensiveneBS, tearfulness; 
fear, anxiety, solicitude, —nig,/, (p/. — nifff ), 
care ; anxiety, apprehension ; superintendence, 
management: in — nid geraten, to become 
ajarmed. — fattt, adj. careful. — ung,/. the 
taking care of ; care, management ; execution, 

Serformance; fie hat bit —nng meiner 
riudfidjen ttngffegfnfjritfn, she manages 
my domestic concerns. Comp. — nigsPOO, 
adj. solicitous; disquieting; apprehensive. 
— unggsgCbiHiren,/". commission fees. 

OefPOft/ncn, v.a. to span ; to string (an instru- 
ment) ; to put (horses) to. 

©ffpei'en, ir.v.a. (in older German sometimes 
reg. p.p. bf fpett) to spit or vomit on. 

BefPtf'geln, v.r. to look at oneself in the glass; 
to take an example (an. from, by) ; to be mir- 
rored (in a glass, river, lake). 

©efpii»'nen, ir.v.a. to spin over; frcfponncnc 

8aiten, covered strings, silver strings (music). 
flefPit'iCtt, v.a. to thin ; fid) - .to get tipsy (*/.). 
$tm%t,P.p. & adj. tipsy (*/.). 




eefbot'leln, 8cfMf CM, v.a. to jeer at, ridi- 

©effcre'd)— Ctt, ir.v.a. to discuss (a subject), talk 
over, arrange, agree upon ; review (a book) ; to 
bespeak, eiigage ; to order ; to conjure, charm 
in words; fid) mit einent —en, to ooufer, par- 
ley with one; ftdj mit einem —en uber fine 
6. , to deliberate upon a th. with a p. —ung, /• 
conversation ; discussion ; review (of a book) ; 
settlement; conference, parley; charming, 




ftefbrinfen, *■•»•«• *> k»p »p<» ; *> <*▼«■. 

Pc t»ri P im, v.a. to wet with » squirt; to be- 
spatter ; to play upon (with an engine) ; to stain 
(with blood). 

f)ef Paten, v.a. to wash (a shore); to ripple 
over, against; ban ber Gee befpilt, sea- 

fjgf fCTf «#. <* odr - (co mp ara ti ve of ant) better ; 
a little more ; fc mcftr left* — , the more the 
better; befrs — , so much the better ; fid| — in 
8d)t nebinen, to be more careful ; — ft* rben, 
to amend, to get better ; to clear up (of weather) ; 
fefct ftebt ed wit Ulttt — f his affairs are looking 
up ; er oat ed —, he is better off; fid) find 
— tt beffnnen, to think better of it; eined — u 
belcfcren, to set right; — binanf, a little 
higher up, more upwards ; — f d)rrien , to about 
louder; 6ie tdnnen nid)td — ed tftnn *i§, 
you cant do better than. 

Beffer— fl, *•«• &> better, improve upon ; to 
amend, reform: to repair; to correct (oastage* 
in a book); ntdjt All — n, incorrigible; tfd) 
— n, to improve, gain ground, rally, get well; 
— « bid) ! improve, mend your ways ! — nag, 
/. improvement, amendment, amelioration; 
reformation ; convalescence ; gttte —una ! I 
wish you a speedy recovery ! er ift ttttf bent 
IBfge ber — U«fl, he is convalescent, or is 
mending ; ed ift — nng eingetre ten, there is 
a change for the better. Comp. — |gM: 
Mtelt,/. house of correction. — ttNgdsfitig, 
a4y. capable of improvement, improvable. — 

•Ngftsmirtel, ». corrective. -una#=f<tmle. 

/. reformatory. 

fjeft, <*& <* <*fr. («*wr/a«w o/ gut) best ; 
ber erfle — e, the first that comes; id) fanb 
ed am —en, I thought it best; snfd — e. In 
the best possible way; aitfd — e bennben, to 
make the most of; nao) — rtn or meinent 
— e* fBiffen, to the best of my knowledge; 
An 3brfttt —en, in your Interest; mm —en 
ber ttmten, for the benefit of the poor ; 
bad ©ef*e, the prise; bad — e thim or 
gewbrnrn, to win the prise ; erttdi Attin — en 
gebftt, to give as a treat, to treat a p. to 
a th.. to give, to stand (a few bottle* of vine), 
to relate (a *tory etc.) ; gebcw ©ie mid ein 2ieb 
Smn —en. give us a song; ehten Annt —en 
haben, to hoax one, to turn one into ridicule ; 
man batte ifcn Aunt —en, they were making 
fun of him; ettoad Annt —en (anfd — e) 
bttt ten, to put the best construction on a mat- 
ter ; re ben 6ie ah meinem —en, speak in my 
favor, intercede for me ; hn —en Vrbriten, 
in the midst of (hard) work ; feine — e Vtann- 
fdjof t, the pick of his men ; bie gebre ban 
ber —en ©elt, optimism ; in ben —en Snbren, 
in the prime of life; rr tft anf bent —en 
fBeac , he is In a fair way to . . . ; ber — e 
Vienfn) bon ber ©e(t, the best feUow in the 
world ; ntfin — er. my dear sir ; my dear fel- 
low (famU.S; ineine — e. dear madam; my 
dear Mrs. A. —end, adv. in the best way ; 
cmbfeblen ©ie win) —end, remember me 
most kindly (to); —end embfobjen ! fare- 
well, good-bye! (on leavetaking) ; idj bonfe 
—end, very many thanks, thanks very much, 
thank you very much. Comp. — ntdglidl, 
I. adj. best possible. II. adv. %% well as possible. 

Ceftan— en, v.a. to appoint, to invest with (an 
office). — nng f /. appointment ; installation, 
investiture; salary: warrant, commission. 
Comp. — ttngdsbrteft *»• (letters) patent, 
diploma, commission. 

6eft0 / nb, m. (—eg, pi. fkftftnbe) permanency, 
duration, continuance ; certitude ; stability, 
firmness ; amount, value (of good* in hand) ; 
balance, remainder (C. L.) ; lease of a farm ; 
Hon — fcin, — baben, to be durable, lasting, 
to endure, last; Aaffrn— , cash-balance; 


— eined fBafbed, stock of trees (in a teomf); 
ber toirflidje — finer ftrmee, the effective 
state (mutter roll) of an army: ber eifem* — 
(eined fiefebud)*, einer iandbibH#tbef) 
what should of necessity be contained (*t « 
reading book, in a family library), the neces- 
sary constituent! ; stock contents; in — geben, 
to let on lease; mil — Wecbtend. mwrnlly, 
legally; ber — bed ©nttd ift K., the estate 
comprises etc.; tbsdftinbe nnb ffeftftnbe, 
assets and debts; in — geben, to let to fans, 
to farm out, to let by lease, to rent (to). Comp. 
—brief, m. lease of a farm. — ***, n. inven- 
tory. — itib,n. clear account, babmce fas cash; 
rent of a farm. — gnt. a. farm 1st on lease. 

-to, «0*. * 

shaky, transitory; of no duration. 

frit, /. iMtabiiity. -teil f s%. 

part; ingredient. 

Hmiii'b-er f m. sss Vidjttr. - 

adv. continual, continuous, perpetual ; *™-"*— *. 
steady, unchanging, steadfast; durable, inva- 
riable; faithful; firm; fixed, standard, bend- 
ing ; continually .perpetually, constantly, faith- 
fully. — ige 9a(nra, standard of vatos, 
fixed price; »ir miffen in ber — igea (rrsw 
rang Ic ben, bat *.# W6 mu-t Ut « te bxmxiy 
expectation of, etc.; —toe ©rsffn, conataat 
quantities (Math.) ; ber »inb tnebtr —if and 
Oeften, the wind had settled in the west; 
—iged Setter, settled weather; — rr Winb, 
steady wind (No**.); -t ftaAfrage. steady, 
brisk demand; — er Siebbaber, conataat, 
faithful lover; ein An «ed)t— iger eertrog, 
a legal contract. — igteit, /. continuance; 


itnlty; pet s ev era nce, 

e; perpel 
icy, faithfulness ; 

f3eftirT— en, v.a. to confirm, corroborate; to 
strengthen, fortify. — nttg, /. corroboration, 
confirmation, strengthening. 

fcetitii-ett, v.a. to confirm, establish (in m 
office, etc.); to confirm, corroborate, verify, 
indorse (statement*, opinion*, etc.) ; to sanrtioa, 
authorise, make valid (lav*, etc.); to ratify (s 
treaty) ; to acknowledge (the receipt of a UMtr); 
to ascertain (the number q/ etagt, etc., en « 
trood); geridjtlidl —en, to legalise by oath; 

Sri) —en, to be confirmed, hold good; tfe 
laajrUtt — te fin), the news received confirm- 
ation, proved to be true. — nng, /. oonflrav 
ation, corroboration ; ratification ; sanction. 
Comp. — nttgdznrteil, n. confirmatory judg- 

©efratf— en, r.a. to convey (to a place) ; to bury, 
—nng, /. burial. 

fkHos/ben, vm. to cover with dust ; to get dusty. 

Beffdn'ben, v.a. to cover with dust. 

t3ewo>— <n, <t.vm. to prick repeatedly, to 
atitch ; to bribe, corrupt ; ben ttanbftTeifea, 
bad flsbitaicben —en. to headband (Bookb.); 
Heber — en. to quilt (Shoem.). — er , m. (— erd. 
pi. — er) briber ; suborner (of evidence). bar, 
-litb, adj. corruptible, bribable, -gsjrtrtt, 
/., -IttWHt, /. corruptibility. -n«g t /b* 
bery ; bribe. Comp. — br«9t, m, s hoem a k e r * 
waxed end for boot-beels; stitching tarsal 
— nabf, /. flat seam, —art, m. s hoe i iM i fc s rt 
pricking awl. 

tjefrrrf, n. (-4. n/. -e) case; case of tassra. 
ments; box of compasses; knife, fork sad 
spoon ; case for these ; ship's reckoning ; tobni 
or scheme of the dimensions and scantlings of a 
ship ; bod — ntanfcn, to work the reckoning: 
ntit bent — borand (Anrnrf) fein, to be sbsW 
(astern) of the reckoning. 

©enVrfen, v.a. to stake, rod (pea*, etc) ; to afttot 
(hop-pot**, a bed with potato**, etc.); to JIM 

8c0(fer 108 Bcjhttten 




tofen ft* httot ******** ki*t -en, this 
■am will easily cover your expenses: er 
b*|trirtmir b*Jlfc*t,ne disputed my right. 
— cr» «•• (— er*. J* — er) opponent, antago- 
nist ; defrayer (of expense). — «ng,/. ©ombet- 
ing; defrayal (of cod). 

ftettrett'ai, »a to bestrew, sprinkle over. 

0Cwrrtf— m, ».«. to knit on or round ; to in- 
snare, charm; due — enhe Stinmte, a charm- 
ing roioe. — nag, /. entanglement ; insnarmg. 

8dttV~Mf «>a. to forniah (a *A$>) with gun*. 
— t, p.p. d> ad>'. — t nit, mounted with. 
— *att /• armament (o/ a *A£>). 

grit lr /nV-fll, *•«. to storm, assault, assail ; to 
besiege. —Bag,/, storming: assault. 

fktir't-ta, *•<>• (<**» hefinrat «•<**«) to 

startle, surprise, pot out; confound, throw 
into confusion ; to terrify, dismay, —i, p.p. 
d> adj. confounded, put out, dismayed ; — t 
fri*, to etand aghast, be thunderetruok ; eilt 
— tt$ ©ffidjt ntadjen, to pull a long ace. 
— »*g»/« confusion ; consternation ; dismay. 

t3fi ft**, m. (-€*. pi, — e) visit, call ; company, 
visitors; attending, attendance; frequenting 
(Ufa place) ; turner — , flying call ; longer — , 
long stay; visitation; riant — tbftotteu, to 
pay a visit, make a call ; er hat — , he has 
company, there is somebody with him; tnir 
tefrc* bieten — , we have many visitors. 
Comp. — *=f*|, m. ; nit eineni oaf — Ifaf 
fteben, to be on visiting terms with a parson. 
— ishnrtC,/. (visiting) card. — i*g, •». (reg- 
ular) visiting day, reception day, at-home day. 
— iiauaer, »., dravring-rooin, sitting-room, 
reception room. 

BrisW—OI, v.a. to visit; to resort to, to fre- 
quent, to call on or upon ; cr — t hie Jttafte 
rC|Cfni|it* he attends church regularly ; id) 
— te ihft an? einen eprnng, I just looked in 
at bis residence; feint ©orlefnngen tnerben 
ff fcr — t, his lectures are very well attended ; 
rill 1rorf — ter Drt, a place of public resort, 
that is much frequented, —ft, tn. (— tr#, pi. 
—er) visitor. 

Mda'ieltt, «a to soil, befoul, sally. 

tXta'g-Ctt, v.a. (Law) to appoint a day; to 
date; (einen) —e», to summon, cite (to appear 
w» comfy* — t, p.p. d> ««. aged, stricken in 
years; due (ofaoUl) ; »of|( — t, bed — t, weU 
advanced in years. — «ag, /. date. 

Betayid— «, ».o. to rig (« M^p). — a«g,/.rig- 

0Ctart--Cll v *•«. to handle, touch, finger; wtttt- 
ttfcWt— <•»*<> maul, fu mble. — nag, /. feel- 
ing, Angering, touching ; contact. 

sVton't— en, r.a. to stun, dm, deafen ; to stu- 
pefy; to bewilder, confuse : to addle (the brain); 
to keep under (one's body), — fafe, p. tfe «v'. 
deafening (aoias) ; narcotic (smell). — aag. /. 
deafening ; bewilderment ; state of insensibility, 
stupefacUon. — attgftsaiittel, n. narcotic 

Qfttn'ftt, v.a. to bedew. 

tVtf, L /. d> n. the stake lost at cards; person 
who loses at cards. II. adj. ; — msdWn, to 
win the game (coll.) ; er id — . he has lost the 
i, is boasted or looed (coll.). 

game v 


teftfa, v.a. to tar. 
. Jtfrlig— fa, v.a. to assign a share ; to interest; 
M or oa ehter 6. — t ff in. to have a share or 
an interest, to be interested in anything; fid) 
•ft eintr Cache —en. to take an interest In. 
be interested In; id) »nrbe mitt) nifftt babel 
—t oaten, nttltn, I should not have engaged in 
tt, should not have had anything to do with It, 
If; hie —ttn,p/. the parties ooncerned. — aag, 
/. share, interest in an undertaking ; participa- 
tion in a crime. 
«ft— en . t>. L o. to beseech ; to utter in prayer ; 

beads; er —ere bad Sateraafer, he snid the 
Lord's prayer. EL a. (ouc b.) to pn»y; |asr 
(Hub nod)) Mlhe — > to say grace ; er — cte 
tehen fthenh, he said his prayers every n%hc ; 

—en nm eitte 6., to pray for a thing. — cr, 
m. (— er*, pi. — «r) one who prays. Comtp. — 
hrMhtr, m. devotee, bigot. — bndl, a. prmyer 
book. — fakrt, /. pilgrimage. — liMtr, / 
prayer-bell, angeras(i2<m. Catk.). -~nf|C«, *\. 
hassock. — fanl, •♦. chapeL oratory. — 
fehfbKl, m. hassock. -fdtfktT. /. derotee, 
bigot. -#nh|, m. praymg-deak, priedlea 
chair. — frnnhe, /. prayer-tiine ; prayer- 
meeting; bie — frtmbe ha 1 ten. to read or say 
prayers, to hold a prayer meeting ; to officiate 
at prayers. — ftnnien:t>tta>, n. breviary. — 
tag, m. day of prayer or thanksgiving, fast- 
day; Rogation day (in Le*t)\ Snft* nub —tag, 
day of humiliation. — tPOdK,/ Rogation ■ ■■> 
BetCw'er— «, v.a. to assert (the truth of ), protest, 
asseverate ; to swear (to). — «ttf »/• ssatmrs 

—en. v.a. to give practical proof of, to 
►y facts ; to practice, manifest, pot hito 
practice ; feine fiehre —en, to act ace - 
to one's teaching ; ftd) —en, to bestir < 
to take active part in a thing. — ttftg,/. 
tical proof, application, practice. 

»3et|i'r-eil, v.a. to befool, delude, dupe; te 
hifatuate. — tsheit,/. besottednesi 
/. befooling; delusion, infatuation. 

Bet%t8'«— en, v.a. to bedew with tears; to w 
for. ->t, pp. d> adj. tearful, weeping. 

tkthttlid), adj. engaging, obliging; active, 1 
Uy stirring ; officious, —frit, /. of&okxsMM 

f^efhn'n, vs. to bestir oneself, to be active. 

©etitel— U, 9M. to give a title to; to « 
style, call, —anf, /• entitling, title. 

SeW*-* to (tkt*mn), vm, to dupe, ehssm. 
— mg,/. duping. 

fieta'n— eit, v.a. to accent, stress, a uuan— Is ; 
to emphasize, lay stress on ; eine — te 6itte, 
an accented syllable, a stress syllable. — Us*. 
/. accentuation; emphasis; stress; fdjn*h tH» t 
— , level stress, fluctuating accent. 

t3eta/nie. /. betony (Bot.). 

fietre/on, m. (-1) respect ; consideration ; ac 
count ; point of view ; in — , considering ; in 
— jieben, to take into consideration; nh%t 
in — fanunen. to be out of the question; to be 
of no moment; in jebein — , in every respect 

tktraaYt— en, v. a, to view, consider; to contem- 
plate ; to weigh, regard, reflect upon ; *Se! 
redjt — et. altogether, taking everything into 
consideration; wir — «n hie CfldK 9m finer 
OOBA onheren ©eite. we look at the matter la 
quite a different light. — er. *». (— frt, pi- 
— er) one who considers, beholds, a 
—Mug, /. the act of looking at; u^ 
contemplation; consideration : view, ^.w, 
way of thinking; — nngen onffteflen. tomsdi- 
tate, reflect; in — nng be*X„ tn ooneMsnv 
tion of, He.; out of regard for, etc. ; nngn 
machen or anfletten iher (eine C.) to raise* 
on a th., to animadvert upon a th. Comp, — 
nnt#=hidier, pi. books of meditation. 

«etrl^Sra*conrfderab^ -ttit t /.om> 
siderableness, importance. 

fjetro/i, m. (-e#, pi. eetrlge) amount ; ass 

tjetra'gm, L *t.vm. to lay on, overlay; bo 
to, amount tc 
nnng ? what 

to, amount to: miesiel s<trigt nteine 8en> 
" ' adoesmybillcometorhowBMca 

is my bill T II. ir.v.r. to deport, conduct ess* 
self, to behave ; fin) foXedlt — , to - 11 -* — 
to conduct oneself til. UL mbtt.t 
conduct, demeanor, bearing. 
fktran'Ctt, v.a.; etnen mit einer S. -v* 
intrust *.th. to s.o., to intrust one wtthbJbvi 
mit einent ttntc — . to appoint to an onha. 

ttetnmcnt 105 fSttMn 

tive; illusory, fallacious; —lid) fannbefa, to 

2 cheat, to play feat and looae. — lidjfcit, /. 

falsity, fallaciousness ; deceitfulness ; fraud, 
fll SCtt, n. (arch, poet. dial. ©CttC ; dimin. ©f ttdKtt, 

** ©f ttlem) (-«*, /><• -€«) bed ; channel, bed ; 

layer ; lair (of beads), form ; ein elenbed — , 
S * pallet ; — nttt ©ort)anaen, a four-porter : bed 

** with curtain*; fid) ftU — (in* — ) legen, to go 

to bed; au — (in* — ) bring en, to put to bed; 

am — tf at the bedside ; bad — biitf rt, to keep 

one's bed ; ein — OUf fdjUaen, to put up a bed ; 

in —t, abed, in bed ; nnf bent — ber (Sbre 

{terften, to die on the field of battle; er ift 
d)on AU — , he is already in bed; baS — 
fiber Ate l)tn, to put clean sheets on a bed; 
©djcibnnn turn Sifcb. »nb — f divorce from bed 
and board, divorce a mensa et thoro ; Aran fen* 
— , sick-bed; ©terbe— . death-bed; ffiorfjett- 
— , child-bed ; AttciftititfriQed — , double bed ; 
gimmer mit Atoci —en, a double-bedded room. 
Comp. — bebanfle, n. bed-curtains, valance. 
— bf Clt, »• bed-lath, bed-board. — **<fc. /. 
™ counterpane ; (tttottene — becfe) blanket ; («• 

ftebbie -becfe) qu^ -M% /• , hot ^£ r 
bottle, —frnn,/ bed-maker (Univ.). — fctfc, 
w». foot of the bed; field basil. — gang, »». 
spaceat the bedside. — flettO*, "»m — fiCttOffltl, 
_ /bed-fellow. — aeroi, n. bedding, bed-furni- 

* ture. -flCften, n. bedstead. -tjittttttel, m. 

tester. — f Often, m. press-bed. — fro«$, *»., 
-r-tXOnt, /• canopy. — laftf, /. press-bed ; bed- 
stead. — laaerig, adj. bed-riddea ; confined to 
bed. — Ittfen, n. sheet. — »fanne,/ warming- 
pan. — ttfOftC,/., — HfOftCtl, m. bed-post. — 
tafgtjl, m. bolster. — fStllC, /. bed-post. — 

?*ieber,m.,-f(|iCWeI,/. bed-pan. -Wt*? 

gen, m. stretcher, truckle bed. — fmroni, 

m. press-bed, wardrobe-bedstead. — feffCl, m. 

t aofa-bed. — fofo, n. bed couch. — f»itt»c, 

— fttUt, /. bedstead. —tad), n. sheet. — 
fibtTAUft, *». pillow-case; bed-tick. — bors 
letter, tn. bed-rug. — miirttter, ro. warming 
pan ; hot-water bottle. — Wfifd*, /• bed-linen, 
bed-clothes. — tttHltrl, *»• alcove. — jeug, 
n. bedding ; bed-clothes. — ItBiOUt), m. tick- 
ing, striped cotton. 

Htt*t—tnt VM - to give (one) a bed ; to make a 
bed ; to put to bed ; fid) —en, to make one's 
bed; tote man fi* bettet fo fdjtfft mon, do 
well and have well (prov.) ; er hat fidi toarnt 
acbettet, he has feathered his nest, he has a 
comfortable position ; er ift nidjt nuf Siofftt 
gebettet, he does not lie on a bed of roses ; 
He —en fidi Aufanuncn (»on einanber) they 
sleep together (apart) ; id) — e ntir flnf ibrent 
6ar«C, her coffin shall be my bed (poet.). 
— Mit, /. bedding; platform (Arch., Artil.)\ 
-una cined ftrafcn*, betoealidje — nng, 
traversing platform ; — ttttgM *er Htmonen, 

ttettfl, m. (— S) act of begging ; beggary ; trash, 
rubbish, trumpery; ber gan&e — , the whole 
(paltry) show; ift bad ber ganje —? is that 
all the show? — ft', /. begging, mendicancy ; 
importunity; trash; fidi ant bie — ei legen, 
to go begging ; Serein gecjen — , charity organi- 
sation society, —baft, adj. <Si adv. beggarly. 

©eftel-n, v.n. («u*. ft.) to beg; -n nineine 
ntUbe ©abe, to beg for alms; ficft ttttfl -n 
legen, to live by begging, to go begging ; feine 
Sttmft debt — n, this artist finds no patronage. 
Comp. — orm, adj. wholly destitute, very poor. 
-brief, "»• Wing-letter ; license to beg. 
— btOt, n. bread of mendicity, of charity. 
— brnber , m. professional beggar ; mendicant 
(friar), -brnberfdwft, /. begging frater- 
nity (R. Cath.). -bnbe, — Junge, m. begging 
boy. — btrne, /., — mdMlCn, n. begging-girL 
-frobl,/., -mm, n. begging woman, beggar. 




— tt. m. (— ttd, P*. —ft) keeper, caretaker ; 
»cr &efccint)fcgel-er, keeper of the privy 
9rm\ —MM, /. keeping ; preservation. Camp. 
— fat*, adj. cautious, c&reful (rare). — nngds 
tnitttl, n. preservative. 

fecwntrteit-tit, »•«- »<> ▼ er!f y» p* ™ the 
troth of. — ttttg, /. ▼eriilcatioii ; guT — uitg 
beffen, in faith whereof (Law). 

PfWFiVr— **r r - *• a - to establish as true ; to 
prove, verify, authenticate, certify; to prove 
by testing, show by trial, approve; eitt— ter 
ftrtURb, » trusty or tried friend; tin —ter 
ecftriftftrtter, a standard author, n. r. to 
prove true; to hold good; to stand a test ; bad 
Qferttdjt — t fidj. the report turns out to be 
true; einc $flan*e, bte fid) ail fccilfam 
aeaen bad ftieber — t, a plant that is good (or 
a specific) against fever. — tsfccit, /. proved 
excellence, authenticity. — 11 1! ft, /. proof; 
Terifi cation, confirmation ; trial. 

facwaltettP.n. <fc «#. woody, wooded. 

fkWftl'Urag, /. embankment. 

fkwil'tlften, ».a. to overcome, to overpower, to 
get the mastery of. 

BctDOtt'ta:— B, *•<». to wander, travel over. 
— t, p.p. <*r adj. skilled, experienced, versed 
(til, ui) ; well read ; conversant (in, with). 

neUWnbt* PP- ds °dJ- circumstanced, condi- 
tioned; bei fo -«n Umftonben, such being 
the case, under these circumstances ; )0 iff bte 
Cttfbe — > that's how it is, so the matter stands. 
— nt#, /• condition, state (oj affair*), case ; 
ttftdj — «t* ber Um ft fin be, according to cir- 
cumstances, as circumstances may require; 
load ed aud) bamit ffir etnc — ntd hat, be the 
case as it may; ed M bamit fine gan* 
dlltrt — «id r the case is quite different ; ed 
bat bamit foCaenbe -nid, the matter is as 
follows; bamif foot ed erne eigene —ntd, the 
circumstances of the case are peculiar, there is 
a special reason for that, thereby hangs a tale 

up, to set or put in motion ; in — ttttft fe*e«, 
to set agoing, to actuate; Jin) in — ttWfl fctfCH, 
to set out, to move; atte $ebe( in —una 
feften, to set every spring in motion ; er ijt 
ftetd in -nng, he is always stirring; ficf» (dot.) 
—una madjeu, to take exercise; — uitg bed 
£cibed, physical exercise; brebenbe — ung, 
rotation, rotary motion; rudiauftgc — nng, 
retrogression ; — ung ber$Sttbe, gesticulation. 
Comp. — grant, m - reason (for action), motive, 
inducement. — frtft, /. motive power. — 
ntt0«=dte, /. axis of rotation. — nngds 

grunb, see — grunb. — nngdsfraft, /. motive 

power, impetus, force. — nngdsletyre, /• sci- 
ence of mechanics. — nngdslOd, adj. motion- 
less. — Uttgdstttafc, n. measure of motion; 
paces (of a horse). — ttttggstttittrl, »»■ motor 
power. — ttttg*=U>itfC, movement-games 
fin kindergartens). — nnggstr iCb, »» • momen- 
tum, impetus. — nngdsittfel, "*• deferent 

©emeb/r-fn, v. a. to arm. — t, p.p. & adj. 
armed; windbound (Naul.). 

BCWCi'd— W, v.r. to take a wife, to marry. — I, 
adj. wedded, married. 

Setnei'bCtt, v. a. to let cattle graze, to pasture 

BtUtCi'nen, v. a. to weep for, deplore ; to mourn, 
bewail, lament. Comp. -Hotter*, adj. deplor- 
able, lamentable. 

©eWCi'd, m. (-<f)ed, pi. -(f)e) act of proving ; 
proof, evidence, demonstration; — fttbrctt, to 
prove, adduce proof, to demonstrate ; $ttm — * 
beffen bient, in support of this is the fact ; — 
ber ttmttoalidlfeit, reductio ad absurdum; 
ber — binfte, it was a lame argument. —Oar, 
— lift, adj. demonstrable. Comp. — nrtlffl, 
m. point to be established by evidence, factum 
probandum; proof, voucher. — attflagC, /• 
judicial injunction to produce proof ; count (qf 
an indictment); (point of) argument (Ix>g.). 
— aofnabtttc, /• hearing of witnesses. — 
f fibre?, w*. one producing proof, demonstrator. 
—ffibruttft, /. demonstration, showing proof. 
— gmnb, tn. argument, reason (b), plea, proof, 
evidence. — ittflrtttS,/. period when proof has 
to be adduced. — traft, /• power of proving, 
of demonstrating; ber Btuge but fcier feme 
—fraft, this witness's evidence is inconclusive. 
— tttittCl, »»• argument, proof, evidence. — 
fdjriff, /• document containing evidence or 
argument. — fteOe, /. quotation in establish- 
ment of proof; proof text (Theol.). —Wlge, 
m. witness. 

QCtOCi'fcn, ir.v.a. to prove, to show ; to dem- 
onstrate ; to manifest ; to establish, make good 
(a claim, etc.) ; fid) banfbar — , to show grati- 
tude, to prove grateful. 

9e»rt'fern, v .a. to whiten. 

ttetnenten, I. ir.v.n. (aux. f.) ed — faffen, to 

let (a thing) be, let take its course, to rest sat- 
isfied with, to acquiesce in (a matter) ; id) (affe 
ed bei 3brem ttrteile — , I acquiesce in your 
decision. II. subst.n. babet batte ed fein — , 
there the matter ended ; ed mag bavei fetn — 
Mtn, let it be so then; ed bat bamit fein 
eigened — , there is a special reason for that, 
thereby hangs a tale. 

flewe'rb, "»• (-«d) endeavor (to acquire); 
bosiness; suit. 

©CWer'b— en, ir.v.r. (um eine €5.) to seek to ob- 
tain something, to sue for (a thing), to solicit 
(votes), to become a candidate for (an office) ; 
(id) (ttttt ein $ranenaimmer) —en, to court or 
woo ; fin) mit -<n, to compete with. — t X. m. 
(— erd, pi. — fr) suitor, solicitor; candidate 
(for) ; aspirant (to) ; suitor, wooer. — nng, /. 
application, candidature, competition, canvass, 
solicitation ; courtship, wooing. 

gqotteit 109 «er 

}l'bli\*,adj. Biblical, scriptural ; -e Qefcfcidlte, 
i Scripture (or sacred) history ; — C $bcoU>fltt, 

•a. BibUcal Theology. 

m Md'beere, /. bilberry, blueberry, whortleberry. 

5 ^I'cfe, HJt'rfrl, ** *itfe. *icfel. 

jt'&erb, archaic form, o/Steber. 
SHe'&er, otf. upright, honest; stanch, loyal; 
trusty; ingenuous; honorable. — tfit, /. 
loyalty, true-heartedness ; probity. Comp. 
— 4CTI, n. loyal heart, true-hearted, honorable 
fellow. — maun, **. man of worth, of integ- 
rity ; man of honor ; gentleman ; worthy. — 
Manner, pl> of — tnantt : sometimes used iron- 
ically: worthies, phiUstines. —Meier, m. a 
would-be man of honor. — lltficrei', /., or — 

fl MtCiertUttt, n. behavior of a would-be man of 

honour. — film, m. tee — feit — tOWt m. 
hearty voice (rare). 

fl Bie'g— iHir. adj. pliable; flexible; declinable. 

— e,/. (pl> — etl) curve, bend, bow. 

ft Bie'g— tU, ir.v. I- «• to bend, curve ; to bow ; to 

decline, inflect; to refract (light). II. r. to 
bend ; to warp ; to turn, to incline ; fid) 

B fdjmiegen nnb —en, to be yielding, to cringe. 

III. n. (aux. f.) to bend ; (aux. ft.) to turn ; um 
bie (ftfe —en, to turn a corner; — fttttt, adj. 
<£ adv. flexible ; yielding ; supple ; lithe. 
— famtelt, /. pliancy; suppleness, flexibility. 

fj —Mti, /. bent, curve ; bend ; declension. 

Comp. — esfdB, m. case (Gram.). — (e)s 
Mattel, w». flexor. — unfte^faQ, m. *«« — e- 
fall. —Willie,/, pliers. 
Bte'lie, /. {pi. — n) bee ; a southern constella- 
tion. Apis, the Bee; $0Jtig— , honey-bee, 
hive-bee; *rbettd— , working bee, worker; 
bie faille or mannlidie — , arone ; bie — n 
berreffenb, concerning bees, apiarian ; bte —It 
fined 6ta(fed, the hive ; bie — fummt, the 
bee hums, busses; {left bie — , ttiie ftornig 

8e tft, behold the bee, how angry he is ; ber 
lien tttnft, it cannot be helped, necessity has 
no law (coll.). Comp. — tt=baT, m. common 
bear. —ttsltttt, *»•"*— n-Attdjl. — n=b*ttlH, 
m. water-elder. — n=oetjanMttnfl, /. man- 
agement of bees. — n strut, /. embryo bees, 
— n=falf, m. honey buzzard. — nstSnflfr, 
— nsfrefler, m. bee-eater (Orn.). — ttsfaffer, 
to. a bag to take bees in. — ttsflng, tn. stock 
of bees, of hives. — nsfeorS, »•, — nsfitt, m, 
bee-bread, bee-glue. —II:: band, n., — as 
fttttte, /. bee-house, shed for bees, apiary. 
— nsbeide, /• wild rosemary. — n=flfe, m. 
creeping white trefoil. — nstdniftin, /. queen- 
bee. — nsforb, m. bee-hive; garden thyme. 

— nsMdnndjen, n. drone. — ttsfdmmrm, *»., 
— ttsfttwf, to. bee-hive. — ttsbttter, m. bee- 
master; hive-owner. — nsNMbe, /. honey- 
comb. — ttzKHld)*, n. bee's-wax. —05 
tueifel, — nsnieifer, ™. queen-bee. — ns 
MOlf, to. bee-eater. — nrjeUe, /. cell (in 
honey-comb). — nsfteOig, adj. honey-combed. 
-n=$nd>t, /. bee-keeping. -n=$tt(bter, to. 
bee-master, bee-keeper, apiarian. 
©t'er. n. (-ed, pi. -e) beer; <£ier— , egg-flip; 
fiaoer— , lager (beer), bottled beer, beer for 
keeping; banned — , Gained — , «nall beer; 
(eimrei — , bitter ale, pale ale ; bnntled — , 
porter; stout; befanberd feincd nnb feftr 
flatted — , audit ale (Univ.) ; *u — f flcbrn, to 
go to the ale-house ; beim — e Ifatn, to sit over 
one's ale ; ttma& »ie fanred — audbieten, to 
offer s. th. for a trifle, for a mere nothing ; bad 
— ift faner, the beer is pricked ; bad — flat 
einen €rtri), the beer has a touch : fttafdjen— , 
bottled beer ; — aom $aft, — frifd? bom ftafl, 
draught-ale. Comp. —bant, /• ale-house- 
bench. — (0%, to. coarse bass voice (*twi. si.). 
— (and), *». paunch ; corporation (hum.), 
— battiOJ, to. beer-vat. — frraner, m. brewer. 
— brauerei', /. brewery; art of brewing 



— bmbrr, *•*. pot-companioii. 
m. student*' rules for drinking (stud.). — ftfcr, 
m. very great seal ; excessive activity (collX 
— fifriif ««(/. extremely sealous, most studi- 
ous Icolt.). — rWifl* m - vinegar made of beer, 
-fall, n. beer-caek. -ftfbel, /. bad fiddle. 
— Heftier, m. scraper on a fiddle. — fifdl, m. 
flab cooked in beer ; piece of pitch or cork 
found in one's beer (hum.). — gifdjt, m. yeast, 
beer-froth, —gait, m. beer-house cuatomer. 
— ielfe, n. beer-money ; gratuity ; ale-tax. — 
M*, m. top. HJO( ( /. beer saloon. — 
9#U#t w. ale-house, public house, pot house 
(vulg.). — beber, "*. beer-machine, beer poll, 
pump, befe, /• barm. — fftftfdNlle, /. ©old 
beverage or soup made of beer, lemon, cur- 
rants and bread-crumb*, —tonne, /. beer- 
can, ale-pot, tankard. — faTTCH, m. brewer 1 ! 
dray. — fneM*,/. ale-house, pot-house (vulg.). 
— fruit *•• Jug. °»»*% pot* —!*<**» «•• »»*«* 
amount of beer played for at cards (stud. at.). 
-mtlttn, pi. beer-posset. — »(I)««(t)f4Kr, 
m. adulterator of beer (/am.). — ftrtber, m. 
beer-taster. — rebe, /. (humor.) speech made 
at a students' meeting at an ale-bouse. — rtife, 
/. visiting (in one day) the ale-houses of a town 
or quarter (/am.). — fdMut, m. right of re- 
tailing beer, place for retailing beer, public 
bouse. — fofcttttn, m. beer-froth. — fdKttt. 
in. publican, ale-house keeper. — fd)enfr, /. 
beer-house, pot-house. — fdjrdtfr, m. cellar- 
man; brewer's drayman. — fdjttiengel. m. 
*e— bebfl. —f eiftel, n. beer-glass, pint, beer- 
mug. — ftat, of cards (6fat) played 
over one's beer. — ftube, /. tap-room. — 
tCttae, /. Canadian spruce. — tOUBf,/. vat; 
big-bellied fellow (hum.). — rriftttT. m. fun- 
nel -fcirt, m. publican. -»irt fd)aff , /. 
ale-house, public-house. — flrtfd), m. bush as 
sign of a public-house. — ti|r|C, /. wort, 
sweet-wort. — fatter, m. tapster. — iritnili, 
/. humorous gasVtte got up to be read at a con- 
vivial meeting of (German) students (studX 
— (Wei, m. ribbon attached to the watch 
(Mud.) — SMHUig, m - monopoly of beer-selling 
ma district. 
Diefttr, I. m. bister (Paint.). U. adj. dark, 
uncertain, astray (prov.). 

ie'ten, ir.v.a. to bid, to wish (good morning \ 
etc.) ; to make a bid (at a tale) ; to offer, prof- 
fer, present (the hand; aid, etc.) ; t9f Niger — 
all ein aabe rcr, to underbid s.o. ; fcif — , to 
expose, or offer, for sale ; XtO^ —. to bid defi- 
ance to, to face, to defy : eineni bit 6btie — , 
to resist, oppose a p. ; fluent bie €tirn — , to 
face s.0. ; JBffafft — , to check, to give check 
(to) ; ben Kfitfen — , to turn one's back on ; bad 
bftrfte ntir nientanb — . I would suffer that 
from no one; id) (affe ntir bae* niftf, I won't 
stand that, put up with this; eht Uitftlutf bie- 
let bent anbern bie $anb, misfortunes never 
come singly. — *e(r), fMeter, m. bidder ; bcr 
Wcift-bf . the highest bidder. 

fHgattt— ie>, /. bigamy, —if <h, adj. bigamous. 

ftignfnte,/- trumpet-flower, bignonia. 

fftflg'rt, adj. bigoted, -file', / bigotry. 

SiMllterir./. Jewelrr, trinkets. 

fHla'KS,/. (pi. -en) balance ; bie - ftieben, to 
strike the balance; reine — , net-balance; 
robe — , rough balance, trial-balance. Comp. 
—f#ge«, m. balance-sheet. — etnr*, a., 
— redmuflg, /. balance-account. 

8ilCIISie / reit, r.a. to balance (an account). 
ilft, n. (— e*\ pl. — er) image, figure, picture ; 
portrait ; effigy ; idea, image, representation ; 
counterfeit ; figure-head ; illustration (of a 
book) ; metaphor, trope ; emblem, symbol ; ( pi.) 
court-cards ; bad gegoffene — , the cast, graven 
image; bad ffbone — , the beautiful woman 



(Bit* often = ftran, Viftbften in older pormiar 
poetry) ; ftratten— , woman ; <£t»4— , plaster 
oast; gcbrna — , life-picture, biographical de- 
scription ; Won**' — , man ; 6iwn— , eonblcsa, 
symbol ; ©tf in— , statue ; negatibel — , »*#»- 
tive (Phot.); er tonrbe im — e oerfrremxt, be 
was burnt in effigy; (e* bietet fio» cut «■• 
bered — , the scene changes; nuidim Bit fb*j 
ebtmal ein — bobon ! just picture it to your- 
self ! just fancy! 
©N't— en, v.a. to form, to fashion, to ahapa ; to 
constitute, form, compose ; to train, diaciplbW ; 
to cultivate ; to improve ; to organise ; rim fetr 

eebtfbeter SKonn, » highly cultivated mam; 
en WafbAUfl —en, to form the rear ( Jfrt.); 
Snbiter —ti ben (9enerib 3**i*\ Jwptter 
becomes Jovis in the genitive, —en*, p. & 
adj. plastic; composing, constituting; educa- 
tional, instructive ; — rnbe Aunffte, formative, 
plastic arts (in a wider tense including t t r cA Hee- 
ture, sculpture, painting) ; —tnbtT Stfnrfrftrr. 
sculptor; (also) painter, architect. — CT, m, 
(usually — ner) maker, artist. — lia), o4j„ 4 
adv. figurative, metaphorical ; typical, 
m. (— ner#,p/. —ner) modeler, tma 
sculptor, statuary; artist; molder, < _ 
— Iterei', /. plastic art, sculpture, — acriHlV 
adj. relating to sculpture ; creative. — n fci, *• 
(— niffc*, pi. — niffe) portrait; Ukcssasa; 
effigy; parable. — font, adj. plastic, tractate; 
cultivable. — fomfeit. /. flexibility, adaptrrs- 
— MMi, /. formation; ftra. 

tape ; organisation, constitution ; t 
cation, cultivation, culture ; civilization ; 

ness. plasticity, 
fashion, s" 

cation, cultivation, culture; civilisation; ■#• 
lebrte — ung ,/. classical education ; liberal eaa- 
cation ; schonrship ; ein Wontt bon gelcbnrT 
— mtg, » scholar ; ein Mann ton fetarr — 
nag . an accomplished gentleman ; a man waa 
has had a liberal education ; a bne — WM*. OlflV 
erate, rude, uncultivated. Comp. — esfrtft, /. 
plastic power. — e=fanft, /. plastic art. — ets 
d(bat, m. flgurate agate. — er=onbrt«9M, /. 
image-worship. — matttftfalltti, /. axbsnV 
tion of picture*. -^^Wbel,/ pictorial Bftaa. 

— er=blenbe, /. niche, — er^bogen, am. *b> 

ture-sheet. — er^bttdj, n. picture book. - 

beutung,/. iconoiogy. — ersbienff , «•. fa 

worship. — ersfibeT, /• illustrated primer. — 
ersiigrl, m. painted moth. — trsftnft, /. 
pattern. — er;galerte, /., picture gaUerv. 
— ersgfbtyt, ** rebus. — fe«n»el, m. trais 
In pictures (paintings, prints). — er ^biaJ 
m. picture-dealer. — errbanbidnrift./. ill 
nated manuscript ; manuscript containing ■ 
aturea. — er= Cabin ett, n. (small or p r i tmtt) 
collection of painting*. — ersfrmicr, ■•. emv 
noisseur of picture* — labett, «*•. pictUTf ifaal 
er'sshop. —ttsltttrt,/. iconoiogy; traraing 
by allegory, —ttsvtim, adj. copiously iSnv 
trated; figurative, abounding in metaabora. 

-frsfdnrift./. hierogiyphica. -cT=tbTaabe ^ 

metaphorical language. — n^ffirnttmb. adj. 
iconoclastic. — frsffirtter, •"• imag^reahw ; 
iconoclast. — f«rnier, m. image-maker. — fars 

Merstnnff, /• plastic art. 
pedestal. — giefor, •»• 

Jlirfierei', /. art of casting 
oundry. — %*neT, m. sculptor. — 

/. sculptor's art, sculpture, statuary. , 

tilt, m. badigeon. -banfTrhmt. /. art at 
sculpture. — fcmerrfdnile, /. snads— j lat 

sculptors. — baner=n>erttatt, /. ■ u atpn V i 

studio. — bibfd). adj. extremely Bsaaw ; 
ein -bftbfoV* ftdblben, a real beaaty. - 
lag. adj. void of images or figurea. -Habbs 
mater, m. portrait-painter. ~faHnTr t a*i 
extremely neat, extremely pretty (d4*L\ — 
f«nlf./*ut W ;-^i«lf A «#ftrbe, -^ 
' " u — fiulensnMraor, ». star 
— fdjni%er, a*, wood-carvar. 




>iers) ! <gter. 
Skfcn — at, 
nf bit ftafc 
; id) werbe 
-fit, I thall 
it eifcad <iuf 
tin upon one 
He, rhythmi- 
er. II. r. to 
Of dependent 
|. d. <fc at/;. 


Illd,/. tying, 

f . within ; — 
th; — adit 
; — furjera, 
tly. II. adv. 
p. =) inner, 
I, n. Central 
m or dyke, 
■land trade, 
waters of a 
a port, wet 
rade ; home 
vat. —lank. 
Mf*. 1, adj. 
lM,/. inland 
trade, inland 

Inomial; ber 

sedge; bent- 
^-F*t, adj. 
, rush-grown, 
rering rush, 
he*. — ttts 
#, n. club- 
frail, rush 

, adj. rushy, 
silky wool of 

m the follotc- 

ber. — gras 

/. biology. 



? and 3 per*. 

— Cn, adj. 
m. see — c. 

-<o)s|ii|er v 

m. a fungus 
*r, w. pine- 
uice. —ens 

te falcon. — 
k. — tonne, 
*e — hemte. 
ilMagt, /• 

»d-piece (0/ a 
— tt»fcl, *»• 

n=9annt, »». 

, m. perry. 

1). — ntottf, 

n. pear-bit 

-tnsfaft, w». 



us matt 


©iff*-**, (©grf *-Ctt.) **. to hunt, to stalk 
deer. Camp. — rofer,*. sporting rifle. — CT,m. 
(— <r$, pi. — er) hunter ; deer-stalker. — gcs 
ttHMfe, n. hunting suit. 

©trft, 5 per*, ting. ind. of feerfttn. 

©|g, I. prep, or particle joined with a preposition 
to give it a special or additional force ; as far 
m to; up to; down to ; to ; till, until ; even 
to; — an, up to, even to; — en feat $al£ in 
©dlttlfeen ftetfen, to be over head and ears in 
debt; Re nrnrbe rot — on bie Cbren, «he 
blushed up to her ears ; — en or in fern %0o, 

— i*m $obe, till death ; — attf , to, up to, 
down to, even to, with the exception of, all 
but; fie fftarben afle — anf brei, they all 
died but three; feine £retrabUd)feit er- 
frretfte fid) — anf bic ©ebienten, his kind- 
ness extended down to the very ■errant* ; — anf 
cine Stleinigfeit, to within an aoe ; er tent — 
enf eine Weile b»n ber 6tobt. he came to 
within a mile of the town ;— «tnf bm bentiflen 
Sag, till to-day; — anf* or anf ein $a*r* to 
a shade, exactly ; aUt& ift feeftablt — anf 
etttige Watt, all is paid except a few shil- 
lings; — labttt, till then, by that time, so 
far; to that place; — bate, hitherto ; — *nr 
©erfafljeit, till due ; — bierber, thus far ; - 
not nenn ttbr, till nine o'clock; — nad) 

Sari#, as far as Paris; — fiber ben Jtopf 
J ©offer gefeen, to go beyond one's depth ; 

— jn bent ©etrage bon, to the amount of, 
amounting to, to the value of ; er lanrbe — 
An Sbronen gerftbrt, he was moved even to 
tears ; bon fed)4 — fieben, from six to seven ; 

— j ebt, till now, hitherto, as yet ; — febt nod) 
nid)t, not as yet. II. conj. till ; roortet — id) 
tontme, wait till I come. Comp. (no stress on 
fell). — Irr, adv. as far as here, till the 
p r e sent time, hitherto, up to now, till now. 
— feerig, adj. of the time until now ; hitherto 
existing. — long, arff. so far. as yet. — IdcU 
If*, adv. sometimes, now and then, oocasion- 

©t'fow, m. musk ; nad) — rietfjenb, musky. 
Comp. —tod, m. musk-beetle, —bin Me f /. 
sweet centaury, sultan-flower. — tntf, /. 
musoovy duck. — feirfdj, m. musk-deer. 

— fate, /• civet cat. — tnabentrant, n. 

Orchis bifolia. — fSmtT, pi. musk-seed. 

— niertn. pi. nag-musk. — ret, «., —tier, n. 

musk-deer. — ftfjtbfin, "• peccary. 

Btfften, n. (— g. pi. -) a little bit. a morsel ; 
a little ; a moment (penally used adverbially) ; 
fein — fhrofe, not a bit (a morsel) of bread ; 
feln — ©erntbgen, his little fortune; ein — 
frfib, rather early ; ein — feonge, somewhat 
uneasy or frightened. 

©i'fdpf, m. (—§,pl. ©lfd)ofe) bishop; bishop 
(hot punch of spiced ciarri)\ bishop (Orn.). 
Comp. — gsavftt, n. episcopate. — 4=fe*f, »• 
episcopal palace. — gsbot, m. miter ; Alpine- 
barren-wort. — e;tttfi%C,/*e— *-bnt. — gs 
Orna't, m. bishop's robes. — gsfil, m. (bish- 
bop's)see. — gsftab, m. crosier. — *2fe9§r»C, 
/. episcopal dignity ; episcopate. 

©i'fOftlidj, adfi adv. bisnoplike; episcopal, 

episcopalian ; pontine, pontifical (Rom. Catk.) ; 
►in — gefinnter, an episcopalian ; €eine — e 

n. see ©igdjrn. — (f)el (Jamil. <fr dial A set 
-djen; -<$**. m. (-(ff)eitg, jrf. — (f|)m) 
morsel, bit; a mouthful; eta fetter or ein 
gnter —en, a toothsome morsel ; teinrn — en, 
not abit; fiber —en, custard apple. — (#)*•, 
adj. given to biting ; biting ; rabid ; sharp, snap- 
pish, cutting. Comp. -<W)ensindfC f adv. ia 
mouthful*, bit by bit. — Mate. /• bite, snap. 

©iff, 2d pert. sing. pres. ind. of fein. 

gjWer./. (pi. -nf bistre, bister. 

©U'taM, n. (-§,pi. ©Utibner) bishopric ; epav 
copate ; diocese, see. 

©ftf-C, /. (pi. -en) request, petition, en- 
treaty, supplication, suit, prayer ; lentfitiot — , 
supplication; brtngenbe — e, solicitation; ml 
babe eine — e an eie, I have a favor to ask 
of you ; bie fieben —en be# ©ateranfet*. the 

(Bnaben, His Grace the Bishop, 
©iff. /. cutting northeasterly wind (esp'lty in 

Biftrnif, ©(Mai't, m. biscuit; e*t>otxr -, 
Savoy cake. Comp. — ft+rKlan, n. biscuit or 
bisque ware. 

Bill ©***• imperf. ind. <f- subj. of feeifen. 

tirmut, m. <k n. (pi. -e) bismuth; -mi- 

baltenb, bismuthai. Comp. — finre, /. bis- 
muthlo acid. 

8 if ttt, m. (-#. pi. -*> bison. 
i|»m.(-(ff)c<,K-(ff)c) bite; sting. -0>en f 

seven petitions of the Lord's Prayer ; bit fr* 
feente — e, the seventh petition (humor, demg- 
nation of a shrew) ; id) batte nod) fine • 

©ie, I have one more favor to beg of yon ; 
feine — e, at his request ; etne — e feel cii 
einleaen, to make a request of one. — 1 „ 
I. adj. precarious (Late). II. adv. by way 
of petition, begginglv. Comp. — Ifetirf, 
*»., — fdirtibcn, n., — -fdjfiff, /• written pe- 
tition ; beggmg letter ; eine — fdirift e in rc id » m 
(bei), to petition, -fokrt, /. pilgrimage, 
—tang, m. procession. — gefnng. m. roga- 
tion, litany, —gel UCfe, n. petition, suit, request 
— fttfler, m.. — fttlrriU, /. petitioner, snppo- 
cant. — tariff, adv. as a petition, beggJngry. 
— mort, «. entreaty. 
©iff— en, ir. v.a. to ask, request ; to entreat ; to 
Invite ; ba ntddire fdj bed) febr — m, 
please, what you are saying; ffir einen 
to intercede for one ; etnen nni 
—en, to beg one's pardon ; (ehten) 

«nt ©erAeibnng 

pardon ; (einen) jm> ml — «t 

to invite to one's bouse ; einen nnt CrXcnfenil 

— e«, to ask leave of ftp.; fenrf inb 6tc nm 
3breu (bperten) 97«men —en? may I ask your 
name ? ein Beiffeen feet id), I asked for a sign 
(pod.) ; — e, don't mention it (fa ansmter to 
thanks) ; I beg your pardon {— what did you 
say 1 or as a potite contradiction) ; — e, gefeen 
6te mir ein <»M CBnffer. give me a Am at 
water, please; bflrfid) ^bnen be If en ? ©ittr 
fdjon, may I help you ? Please (do); —t ftgen 
€ie mir. pray, tell me ; tofinffben 6te aaw 
ein 6rfitf ffJetfd) ? ©ittr ! do you like another 
piece of meat T Thank you ; id) — e Cfie ! you 
don't say sot id) banfe 3bnen fir 5b« 
gfrennblidiielt. O, -e, e« ift gern gefebebm. 
many thanks for your kindness. On, pray 
don't mention it, you are very welcome. — er, 
(ber — enbe.) m. (—erg, /«. — er) requester, 
asker, inviter. 
©it'ttr, adj. dc adv. bitter; severe; sharp, 
stinging ; acrimonious ; rancorous ; — e ft (age, 
bitter complaint; — e Tbr&nen tneinrn, to 
weep bitterly; — er QHrnft, sad earnest; 
—fait, bitterly cold, —frit, /• bitteraeai; 
acrimony ; ( pi.) bitter words. — lieb, I. adj. 
bitterish. II. adv. bitterly, —ling, m. bitter 
mineral spring ; small species of carp 
pepper. Comp. — tbff I, "•• colocynth. 
adj. % extremely angry ; very wicked. 
/. holy or blessed tblitle. -fXU,f 
-fdnfe, adj. very hostile. — fnlf, m. naf 
nesian limestone. — flrf, m. bock-ben, 
marsh-trefoil. — (rant, n. ox-tongue. — fTffe, 
/. scurvy-grsas. — WtnbcUH, n. oO of bfttsr 
almonds, —fall, »• Epsom sslta; sulpbateof 
magnesia. — ftt«t, m. «re-talf. — frit, «, 
}ade. — ffOff. m. bitter principle (CAmA 
— f fib. I- ndj. bitter-eweei. II. n. bitt e r sweet, 
woody night-shade (Bot.). — tra#frt, a*, 
bitters. — nHifn, n. water Impregnaisi with 
sulphate of magnesia. — tndfet,/. wUfei wD- 
kw. — ftjnrt,/. gentian. 


Wirmtu 118 ttlottfrtt 

• ' hone ; cinctt 6teitt —en, to huff (at draught*) ; 

bed lafet fid) mdtf —en. that cannot be done 

fl in a twinkling; citiem ill bie Dhren — en, to 

whisper in one's ear ; fie —en in ei'n $orn, 
there is an understanding between them, they 

| play into one another's hands; tool bid) tttdjt 

brettttt, bad — C ttidjt, let well enough alone 

I (prov.), —ft, w. (— «rd. p/. — er) blower; 

grampus. — icbt, adj. like blisters. — ig, adj. 
blistered; bladdery; vesicular. Comp. — f= 

I &alg,».( pair©/) bellows. — tcMiztttttr, 

| m. organ blower. — Csbalten, /rf. washboards 

fl (Naut.). —esbaflr m. bassoon. — rsfffft, w. 

« bottle-nosed whale. — e=inftrutttent, n. wind- 

instrument; iJotoette bon — cittfrrumettten, 
brass-band. — CslfMb. *• «pout-hole (o/ a 
wAa/e); blow-hole (ofajtule). — Csrofcr ,». blow- 
pipe ; peashooter ; (bellows) pipe. — fstDCtl, n. 
bellows of an organ. — <fl)=inftt«Went t n. «e« 

1 — e-infrrument. -<*)sfabette, /.brass-band. 

— {d)=HtttfW, /. music for wind-instruments. 
BUi'fer, ». (— d, J>*. — ) player (on a wtnd.<n> 

| strument); machine for blowing; repelling 

| magnet ; tourmaline. — fl', /. blowing. 

©lafonie'rett, v.a. to emblazon. 

BlaftMem-iC,/- bl «phemy. — ic'rm, v.a. 

dc n. (ata. ft.) to blaspheme. 
BUr** (compar. blaffer ««r blaffer ;«wer/. bfaffeft 
& brdffeft) aa>'. dr adv. pale, pallid; faint in 
color; fcine — C Abating, not the faintest 
idea (coll.) ; toteit— , pale as death. Comp. 
— blUtt, n. pale blue. — rbt, »• phik. 

fl Btlff— €»/• paleness, pallor; star, white spot 

(on the face of a horse, etc.) ; blase (on a cow, 
etc.). — (%)sdKtt, n. animal (aw, Aorae) with 
a blase (pet name). 
©Itt'tl, n. (-ce\ p7. ©tatter) leaf (o/ a plant: 
of a book; of a screen; of a table) ; blade (of 
the shoulder; of grass; of an oar ; of a sword; 
of scissors, etc.) ; newspaper ; sheet (of paper) ; 
breadth (qf stuff ') ; flap, skirt (of a doat % etc.) ; 
weaver's reed; written or printed music; 
membrane ; jltegenbe ©Hitter, pamphlets, fly- 

j leaves, occasional papers; name of an illus- 

trated comical Munich paper ; bie offcntUfbcn 
©latter, the (news)papers, the press ; ttom — C 
(»eg) fbielen, to play at sight; Singen bom — , 

I sight-singing; *Bein bon bier ©(attern, wine 

four years old ; feiit — bor ben SRnnb neb* 
men, to be plain spoken ; er nimmt fein — 
bor ben Vtonb, he does not mince matters; 
bad ffcebt anf einem anbern — e, that is an- 
other thing ; bad — bat ftrf) aetoenbet, the 
tables are turned ; bad — fiel ibm, he grew 
afraid; mir frfpirft bad -> I begin to see 
clearly; I am surprised; etn netted — (ittt 
ftbendbnib) beninnen, to turn over a new 
leaf; ein — cinfibtagcn, to turn down a 
leaf (in a book). Comp. — jftttlift, adj. leaf- 
like. — anfttH, m. stipula. — ftttge, n. leaf- 
bud. — DCil, n. broad ax. — DCSetCbttttttg, 
/. signature, printer's name (affixed to a sheet). 
— bfcir n. lead in thin sheets. — blttttie, /. 
phyllanthus. — breite, /. breadth (of cloth). 
— eifen, n. sheet-iron. — flriftt>* n. pith, or 
pulp, of plants. — fdrmig, adj. leaf-shaped. 
-flettaod, n. foliage plant. -flOl*, n. gold- 
leaf. — bfiter, m. catch-word (Typ.). — 
faOWe, /. leaf-bud. — labttt, adj. shoulder- 
shot, strained in the shoulder. — land./* plant- 
louse. — to*, adj. leafless. — reid), adj. 
leafy, with rich or luxuriant foliage. — s 
rib«W,/.Aber(<>/atea/). — f Oei&C, /. aheath 
(Bot.). — fdjilb, n. a species of grasshopper. 
— feitr, /.leaf, folio, -ftlber, n. sUver-leaf. 
— fticL m. leaf-stalk. — bfTgOlbnttg. /• gild- 
ing with gold-leaf. — toeife, adv. leaf by leaf. 

— meifer, — jriger, m. index. — jeicben, n. 

book-mark. — Sinn, n. tin-foil. . 

©lfitt'-*eit, «• Hftcnd, pL -flat) i«flat; 





blade {of grass); small sheet of paper; mem- 
brane (of the brain)', fontanel; (metallic) foil; 
(pi.) lamina. — cr. te Watt ; (in comp.) see 
below. — trig, adj. & adv. leafy ; laminated ; 
flaky; foliated: (*» comp. =) leaved; foliate. 
Comp. —tti(akyhU, m. fall of the leaf, leave* 
fallen from a tree ; defoliation. — CT scree, f. 
acetate of potaah. — crscri,n. black or foliated 
tellurium. — ersfgle,/. leanneas. — cr=ge= 
|h*jft*ed,n. puff paste. -CTsgClb, «y. feuflle- 
mart. — crsfafcic, /. slaty coal. — cr=U>*, 
o<f>. leafless. — ersaMgCtt, m. third stomach 
of ruminant*, tripe. — ersfdwiWCT.p/.lamel- 
Urostrals (Oni.)- — CrsfojlaaaMB, m. agaric ; 
(eftbarer — crfaaiaaim) mushroom. — crs 
Mt,m.foliaceousspar. — CTsftaab, m. folia- 
tion. — crstabat, m. leaf-tobacco. — erstctg, 
m. puff paste. — frslPCTf, n. foliage (o/jo Pain/., 
<4rc*.). — crsamdJg, w». foliation. 

fjlattca, t.a. I. to strip or clear of leave*. II. 
todeooy (a buck by whistling on a leaf) (Hunt.). 

Blatter, /. (pi. —a) pustule, pimple, pock; 
bie —a, small-pox ; $nf«mmeii flieieabe —a, 
confluent small-pox; —a ber Bajtociae. 
measles; — n ber 0djafe, rot. — in, adj. 
papulous, pustular. Comp. — gift, n. virus of 
small-pox. — grab*, — ttttrbC, /. pock-mark. 
— fra»t, n. a species of ranunculus. — mafig, 
— mtrbig, adj. marked with small-pox. —as 
iatbfaag,/ vaccination. — fteia, m. varioUte. 

Blitf Cta, v. J. n. (aiix. h.) to turn over the 
leaves (of a book, in cittern Bacftc). H. a* to 
strip of leaves; fid) — , to exfoliate, to rise in 
flakes (Cjok.). 

BUtt, L <h<A blue; aiure (Her.); ber — c 
Bioataa, 8aint Monday, Saint Crispin's day, 
black Monday ; — nao)ea, to take a holiday ; 
bie fBocfcc — mefben. to be idle all the week ; 
to take a week's holiday ; e hie in ciaea — en 
$mtft bonttadKtt. to humbug one, throw dust 
in one's eyes; fern — eg SBaaber febett, to 
be struck with wonder at seeing a thing; 
— e Bcinbca erjoblea, to tell incredible 
stories, to tell lies ; — c« Huge, black eye ; mil 
efaeat — ca Huge baboafoatntca, to have 
a narrow escape; to come off cheaply; eg 
bwirb mir — nub rot urn bie Huge it, I turned 
giddy. II. n. (-*#), bad -(e), blue (colour), 
bmeness; asure; the sky; ia£ — e biacia, 
hap-hasard, thoughtlessly, at random; Ber* 
li«er — , Prussian blue; Stoaigg— , royal 
blue; be* — e bom $immel foroabca, to 
talk off a donkey's hind-legs (coll.); 
r letter" " 

Brief, military 1 

r (in the official blue envel- 

ope); —eg ©Int. blue blood, aristocracy; — e 
Botae, blue-pill, bullet; — e 3aagea, Ger- 
man infantry (Jam.). Comp. — titer ig, adj. 
blue-veined. — dttgig, adj. blue-eyed. — 
Htt, m. Brae-beard, -gem. /. bilberry. 
-rate, /. the wild duck, -ftttfe, m. Falco 
eaesius. — farbea;er|, n. cobalt. — geoig, 
adj. blue-epotted. — fmM. m. arctic fox. — 
fn\, m. brae-hawk. — gcfiacrt, adj. impreg- 
nated with prussic acid. — glag, n. smalt. 
—gran, adj. livid. — boll, n. logwood. — 
frllcbm, n. brae-throated warbler {Sylvia 
smoeica). —fob I, •*• red cabbage. — frdbC, 
/. the roller (Orn.y. — weif e, /• blue titmouse. 
—flare, /. prussio add ; — fftarezBerbia- 
baagea, cyanides; — laurtc&aiyt, prussiates. 
— WWtttel. m. dapple-grey horse. — facttt, 
as. nut-hatch ; nut-pecker. — fttia, m. asure 
■tone. — ftift, m. blue pencil. HtnMftfrf, 
m. blue-etocking ; informer (obsot.). — tOMPC, 
A wood-pigeon. — gagel, m. song-thrush. 
BUM— C. f. blueness; blue (for linen , etc.); 
asure (of sky); blue starch, —el, m. (— rl0, 
of. — eh beetle, beater; rolling pin; blue 
starch, -tin), adj. bluish, -flag, a*, btue- 

BlSa'Ctt, v. I. a. to cause to be brae, to dye 
blue (linen, etc.). II. r. & ». (<occ *.) to 
grow or appear blue. See Bfeaca. 

Bustt'Ctt, v.n. to be blue; ber $iauaef »f«mf, 
the sky is blue ; f owe it bie Bcrge — , so far as 
the blue peaks are seen. 

Bit*, n. f-cg, pi. -e) thin plate of metal; 
tin ; girdle, griddle ; staff, nonsense {si.) ; gr> 
toal&teg— , rolled metal ; fa)arar*eg «Hfeii>— . 
sheet-iron ; tocifteg — . tin ; ftgrfeg — doable- 
plate; reineg — , bosh (coll.); rebe bud) fria 
— , do not talk nonsense (coll.). 

©le'dr-e*, v.a. & n. (««. b.) »o pay, to fork 
out ; to have to pay, to bleed (coll.). — T(r)a, 
adj. of sheet-metal or tin ; tint —erne Baoifc* 
a tin canister. — «er, m. tinmai 
Comp. — gefebirr, *. tin (mug, efc.). 
ler, m. tinman. — baaifcbal, m. gauntlet. 

— laabc, — atfi%e. /• helmet. — facbra, av 

griddle cake. — mafl!, /• brass band: mnsst 
of a brass band. — fdjere, /. shears lor cut- 
ting tin. — totager, — ffbOtieb, m. white- 
smith, tinker. — liaa, n. tinfoil. 

fjlftfea, v.a. ; bie S&tmt — , to show the testa 
(«ttf or gegea eiaea. at one). 

Blei, n. (—eg) lead; plummet; pencil (= 
Sleiftift) ; bante — e, (monw-)colored pencils« 
jm Valber aab — berarteut, co n d emn ed ts 
be shot; gefMufte* — . ilugs; geroltcg — , 
sheet-lead; — in ©Ifcftlt, pig-lead ; *n§ -. 
boa — , leaden ; ^eafter— , window leadssg . 
—era, adj. leaden ; cr fdjtDtmmt arte eta — 
enter &ifd» (eiae — erae Sate), I 
swim. — ig, adj. lead-like, leaden, l 
ous. Comp. — kbCT, /. lode or vein of 1 
—wTbtit,/. Plumber's work. — «rbrittT, «. 
plumber, —barttt, m. lead-spar, b e rga sflt 
n. lead-mine. — blfife, /. arseniate of lead. 
-bau> r n., -MdKT.K the leads. -Mrr. 
m. plumber. — braltt* ***. spun lead. — graft, 
/.lead-crystals. — et|, n. lead ore. — efig,*. 
lead vinegar, -far big, adj. Uvid, lead- 
colored. — frier, /• lead pencil, —gel*, a. 
yellow monoxide of lead ; chromate of lead. 
— giefcer, m. plumber, -glefcerei, /. lead 
works. — glaai, m. galena, lead sulpbide. 
— glitte,/. Utharge. — groa, adj. ateef gray. 
-grabC,/. lead-mme, -*9r*tXl f n, chloride 
of lead; muriate of lead. — bitte, /• lead 
works, —fall, m. see —t$ti%. — itefH. "• 
vessel lined with lead. — f1a«*OI, **. V*€<* 
lead. —fOlif,/. painter's colic, — fagrf,/. 
bullet, —lot, n. plumbline; lead, plummet; 
atit beat —lot aaterfaebea (ergriabea), to 
take soundings; atit beat —lot abatrfea, to 
plumb. — atalbe, /. pig of lead, —am, •» 

lead monoxide. — TC<t)f, n. perpendicaJar. 
-rabr.n.pencUcase. -r»re./. Ud;P*pW. 
rat, n. see Bieaaige. — fnlage, /. dross 
' lead. -fCbaar, f. sounding lW -«ft. 

m. imd^mdi : Hrift^gl^j^m^ra^ 

SKiuig ia» emmsm 

b line, level. - 


te paint. — «Hsti 

n. pencil case. — -frtffsfli ,_,, 

flHier, m. pencil-sharper. — taftla.n/.i 
lead. — bergittaag, /. lead poisoning, phsa- 
bism. -berKbiaf . m. leading (o7 cuskm 
houses). — OMge, /• P>nmb " 
aiaffer, n. Ooulard water. - 

lead. -ajei*sfarbe,/.whitei 

m. plummet; heave of the lead (tfaat). - 
tatfer, m. lead aoetate, sugar of lead. ~M, 
m. act of drawing window-leading ; wiaso* 
leading ; glasier's vise. 
BlCfbea, L ir.e^ (our. f.) to be, LU i ir s M i, 
remam, stay ; to last, stand, endure ; to star 
away, tarry ; to be left, remain ; wirb ge laagt 
-, will she stay long? ftrbea — , to step, 
stand still; wo fiab wit frebra geblirbetf 
where did we leave off' baaei araf eg-. 
there the matter must rest; W* id **jfi*** 
bea ? what has become of him T MgArt 




bttibt fo longe, mother is very long in coming ; 
laffen 8k bad — , let that alone; bad werbe 
id) »ohl — laffen, I shell take rood care not 
to do thie; bad foil er moftl — laffen, he had 
better let that alone; I should like to eee him 
attempt that; Met* mir bom 8eibe ! stand 
off ! babon — , to keep clear of ; ed bfetbt 
babei ! agreed! ed btetbt beint tllteit. things 
go on just aa they were; er bleibt bet feiner 
9Reinnng, he persists in his opinion ; ed bleibt 
tatter und, this is confidential, we will keep it 
to oarselTes; fie fittb anf bent &rt)tatfjtfelbe 

Kblieben, they fell on the battle field ; attf 
n^e- tobeslain; fie ~ mit ber gab- 
(tntfl AUffirf, they are in arrears ; ed bleibt Httd 
KifQtdfibrig aid, nothing is left us but to ; ©ie 
ffcrnen tni?3Qrem »ate 511 $anfe — , «P»™ 
me your advice, I don't want it ; ge (aff en — , to 
keep one's temper ; fterfen — , to stick fast. II. 
subst.n. abode, stay ; bier ift nteined — d nidjt, 
here is no abiding-place for me, I cannot stay 
here. — t, P. d> «/}'. permanent, abiding ; —be 
(Eisbrftffe, lasting impressions ; —be gfarbe, 
fast color ; »o bleibt . . ? whereis? 

Blet*, «(/• psle, wan, paUid; faint; faded. 
— t, f. pallor, paleness; bleaching; bleach- 
green. — crt, m. (— f rtd, pf. — erte) pale red 
wine. Comp. — ersfak, ». chloride of lime. 
— tariff, adj. livid. —fall, m. tee — er*fal*. 
— Plata, m - bleaching ground. — ttnlber, n. 
bleachmg-powder. — fttftf , /. chlorosis, green- 
sickness. — f id)tig , adj. maid-pale ; chlorotic. 
— Mfftr, «. chlorine water. 

«Ifi'Cb>— en, L v. a. to bleach; to blanch; bet 
(fmft, ben fetne SRfibe bleidjet, that earnest- 
ness (of purpose) which is not afraid of any toil, 
II. tr.v.n. (W. b. <fc f.) to grow, turn pale 
to fade. III. subst.n. bleaching. 

.—er) bleacher. — CTin,/. laundress. 

Sfflt^H*, Mpl?—tn) Wind ; blind window or 
door ; niche («* a wall) ; blinker, winker ; dark- 
lantern ; blend (Min.) ; sight (of a gun) ; blinds 

' ^ 


fl* — laffen, to appear, to put in an appear- 
ance, let oneself be seen. 11. a. to look, express 
by looks. 

BitCb, WifOC, imperf. indie, & mbj. of 

©lied, Blie'fe, imperf. indie. & tubj. of Mat en. 

fJHnb, adj. & adv. blind; false, sham; tar- 
nished, dull; blank; hidden; uninflated (of 
tails); without judgment, blind; dazzled; — 
on or attf einem Stage, blind of one eye ; -<r 
Solbat, dummy, man of straw ; — er Bogcn, 
blank sheet {Typ.) ; -ed Qkfe*t, sham fight ; 
— e $atrone, blank cartridge ; — e Stub fbielcn, 
to play at blind man's buff; — e Serfteige* 
rung, sham auction;—' 9Rancr, dead wall; 
JHippen, sunken rocks;— ertytffagier,™' 

ger who avoids paying, deadhead T—er Stanf, 
fictitious purchase; — ed 6rf)loft, deadlock; 
— ed (SMntf, hazard ; — er (Jifer ftbabet nnr. 
seal without knowledge is frenzy (pro v.) ; — ed 
Qelb, undecipherable coinage; — er Spiegel, 
a tarnished mirror ; — fdlief Ctt, to fire in the 
air ; — faben, to load with blank cartridge ; 
btr —^ (feie — < ?C.), blind man (woman) ; bie 
— e, sprit-sail; ber — e, dummy (cards). — 
belt, /. blindness. — littfld, cv/t. blindly, 
blindfold. Comp. — bO&ett. m. false bottom. 
—barm, m. caecum. — geborenc(r), *». one 
born blind. — nettolbe, n. casemate. — |oU, 
n. wood to be veneered. — fdjlctd*, /• slow- 
worm, blindworm ; snake in the grass (fig.). 

Winf, L adj. glittering. U. m. gleam; dear 
spot in a cloudy sky. 

fjlltt'fen, v.n. (aux. ft.) to gleam ; to twinkle ; to 
wink; to sparkle. 

Witt'l-en, -tin, v.n. (aux. %.) to blink, wink, 
twinkle, nictitate (Med.). — (|)er, tn. winker, 

©lift, m, (-f d, p/. -C) A*** (of lightning} ; light- 
ning; bom — e aernbrt, struck by Ughtnmg; 
tote t»om — e getttbrt, thunder-struck ; $ob — t 
interj. sounds ! thunder and lightning 1 ber — 
f d)foae brein ! deuce take it ! »eg wic ber — , 
off like a shot. Comp. — abltitfr. *». light- 
ning conductor. — blanf f adj. resplendent (or 
very) bright or shining. — blau, adj. black 
and blue ; thunder-struck. — (ed)eile,/. light- 
ning-rapidity. — fnnfen, m. electric spark. 
•— fnnge, m. devil of a boy, sharp lad; fine 
boy; capital fellow. — wdbel, /. smart girl; 
splendid girl. — bbOtOgrabbit, /. photograph 
obtained during a flash of lightning. — fawbCT, 
adj. spruce, very pretty. — f fblafl , m. thunder- 
clap. — fcbneB, adj. & adv. swift as light- 
ning. — ftnff, m. electricity. — ftoJcbalHg, 
adj. charged with electricity. — ftoffsfaniier, 
m. condenser. — ftrabj, m. lightning-flash, 
flash of lightning. — |Hf, m. name given to 
an especially fast train, e.g. flying Scotchman. 

fUitlrn,*. I. imp. <Cr n. to lighten; ed bU*t. 
it is lightning ; there is a skirt gaping (girls* 
si.), fl. a. to glance, flash, sparkle ; ctnen ^n 
Stoben — . to strike a p. down (by a glance) 
like a flash of lightning (poet.). 

mod, m. He)« f pi ©lorfe) block, log; 
boulder; stocks. (SerbrefQcr) tn ben — 
legen, to put (criminals) in the stocks. Comp. 
— Wet, n. pig-lead. — breber, m. block-maker. 
— brurf, m. block-printing, —band, n. log- 
house; log-rampart (/./»/.). — ftoU. «• log- 
timber. — far r en, m. timber-truck. — nagei, 
m. wooden peg, pin. — rab, n. truck wheel; 
solid wheel. — fOXtbe (— Wtte), /. puUey. 
— ffigC,/. pit-saw. — ftflifr.n. raft dismantled 
ship, hulk, —f fife, /.bar-soap. — ftfid\n.pig 
(of iron, etc.). —taubcf ringdove. — bCTS 
battb, m. English bond (Mas.). — fciagen, m, 
truck. —Sinn, n. block-tin. 

BUkfalie, /.(/>'.— n) blockade. Comp. — Off i 




djer, m. runner of a blockade. — ftfo}W«»CT, 

n. blockading squadron. 
BUkf/dKtt, »• utUe bio 


rtock. small log. 

ttlo'fftn, v.a. to stretch (boot*) over the tree or 
last ; to block {hats). 

©Ukftifr— TO, v.a. to block up, to obstruct; to 
blockade (Mil.) ; einen 8*0 —en, to send a 
ball into a corner-pocket, to make a coo (bil- 
liards). — nng, /- blocking up, blockade. 

BUrt- C, «tf. weak-sighted, purblind ; imbecile ; 
bashful, shy; stupid. — tgfett. /. purblind- 
ness, weakness of sight; imbecility: bashful- 
ness, coyness, timidity. Comp. --ftottg, adj. 
weak-sighted, purblind ; idiotic — RIM, m. 
imbecility : weakness of mind ; nonsense ; bltt* 
frenber — mm, great nonsense, fine fun; — 
flntt ntdjen, to make great fun: — -ffott 
fdimaten, to talk n o nsense. — fhtttig, adj., 

Sl&ttU, v.n. (aux. ft.) to bleat; to low. 
I***, adj. blond, fair ; blond (tact) ; far (bte) 
— C, fair-complexioned person ; fine — e, blond 
lace (Comm.y, ehte ftttjle —t, » ghws of pale 
Berlin beer (Berlin*.), -i'ne. /. (pi. — fnc tt) 
blonde (woman). Comp. — fopf , m. fair-haired 
person. — U>dlg, adj. having fair curly hair. 
1310%, I. adj. bare, naked ; destitute : pure, mere ; 
drawn (of a sword); nit —CM MObff, bare- 
headed ; anf — er $ant, next to the skin, on the 
bare skin ; — cr Hrgttofan, mere suspicion ; her 
— e Qkbnnfe, the mere idea, or the very 
thought ; bad — * fcttgf , Bdttottt, the naked 
eye, sword ; — c ffiorh, empty words, mere 
words; fid} — fifbftt, to expose oneself, 
to betray oneself; to lay oneself open (Fenc.) ; 
— If gen, to lay bare; ed liegt — cm £age, 
it is manifest; — fteUdt, to expose, to com- 
promise ; anf einem — tn Vferbe rtiten, 
to ride bare-backed. II. adv. barely ; merely, 
only; — nnt 3bnen am gefafien, simply to 
~ lofret — cine flRarf , it 

, e3 I 

please you (coil.), %v »*,»*» — (IH « wmu... 
costs only a quarter (coll.). Comp. — grftf Bt, 
adj. open, unmasked ; unprotected. — ICgnng, 
/.denudation. — ftCflUMg,/- exposure. 
91«Vfc(t /• 0* — «) bareness; nakedness; indi- 
gence ; bare place (in a wood, etc.) ; weakness, 
weak point ; blot (at backgammon) ; eiltc — 
laffen (or ge ben), to leave open, unprotected ; 
fdiarfen 9lffm cine — laffen, to be unpro- 
tected againjt sharp bites ; fid) (dot.) tint — 
gebfn, to expose oneself (to attack, ridicule, 
ctc\ to commit oneself. 

Sldfim, v.a. to unoover, expose (obs.). 
fon'fc, /., ©In'ff,/. (pi. -n) blouse; smock- 
frock; shirt-front. 
t5lfi>— m, *•*. (our. %.) to bloom, blossom, 
blow ; to flourish ; to effloresce ; nier Gifrae 
—ten mir. I had four sons in the flower of their 
youth ; etf — t fcin (Ditto*, fortune smiles on 
him ; feflt 19* iAen — t, he is in hickf* tray) ; 
bie &grl —en in bent fytndK, the sails open 
out in the breese, the sails are swelling in the 
wind (pod.). — enb, P. d> adj. blooming; in 
blossom ; verdant ; florid ; flowery ; bat — enbe 
Utter, prime of life, flower of one's youth ; 
—enter Stibfinn, stuff and nonsense ; —tube 
3ttUgfran, budding maiden. 

©lii'm-ibcn, — Idn, n. (-*ene\ -teing, ©/. 

— djen, — lein) floweret ; floscule ; scut ; virgin- 
ity maidenhood (coll.). Comp. — <Kns«rttg, 
adj., very pale, very weak (of coffee). 
faWff, m. very weak coffee (cou.). 

Blutorltt, r.n. (aux. b.) to beflowei 
to gather, seek for flowers; to fly 
to flower (as a bee). 

BlNfe— C. / (pi. —en) flower, blossom ; star, 
white spot ; bouquet (ofunnc) ; yeast ; gloss (on 
linen, fie) ; tip of the tall, scut (Sport) ; efflores- 
oance (Chem.) ; trope, figure ; best of anything, 
choice, pick, elite, flowers virginity, — "~~ 

(At stole); 

hood (rare, coU.y, bead (of a pustule, etc. ); 1 
bie — c fbredKU, to speak in metaphors, to talk 
with covert allusion ; bie —c Hon eftond (»«*€*, 
to have the first of a thing; id) tununc bir 
tttetttC — , I pledge you the first draught (oj m§ 
glass of beer, students' si.), — tdtf (oV), — ig, 
adj. flowery. -4ft, m. (-if'ten, pL -4f ten, 
florist. Comp. — Ciuartifl, adj. floewnlows; 
flowerlike. — ett=b«tt, m. norioulture- — «s 
bCdjCT, m. calyx. -ttubcet, n- flower-bed- 
-Cnrlinbe,/. festoon. -ensbinfC,/. tow- 
ering rush. — cnsblott, n. floral leaf, petal 
— Cn=bUttlO*, o^apetaloua. — C*=*£f*ft 
in. cluster of flowers; corymb. — rtls 
perianth. — msetbC,/. garden-mold. 
CftftC,/. flowering ash. — m=Hor f ». 
bloom ; show of flowers ; flowering tune. 

gartner, m. florist. — en=gfbangc, 

flCtOittbe. n., — ensf dmnr,/. festoon, gmrland. 
— CnsgCftfB, n. flower-stand. -augttPil. 
». flowering plant. — enrgittin, /. Flora, 
goddess of flowers. — m=grlffd, m. style: 
pMU(Bot.). — ensbanbltr. m. florist, nursery- 
man. — enrbnOe, /. involucre, —cuztttm. 
m. calyx. — aufohL m. cauliflower. 
fOtb, m. nower-basket ; oorbel (^rcA.). 
torfo, m. battle of flowers. — CwsfrMO, 
m. chaplet of flowers. — en = front./, corolla. 
— m=lfiftf, /. initial or final flourish (fw.). 
— OUlefC, /. flower gathering; anthoiogy- 
— Cn=tttdbd|en f n. girl who binds and sAi 
flowers. — en^Wofcr, m. flower-painter. 
— enrtttell. n. pollen. — m=bfttb, m. flower- 
strewn path. — fturcidj, I. adj. abotmdiaf 
in flowers; florid. II. n. floral kingdom 

-ciuffteibe. /. discus, -en ;f diet be, /. 

sheath. — enrffberbe, /. flower-pot. 

SirW, m. umbel. — tt=fdjrift, 
adK./ language of flowers. — tU sffltf , J. 
ry side (o/ a skin). — fl=fttttgr(, ». smlk. 
-en^fticl, m. peduncle, -enrftielftinbij. 
o^/. pedunculate, peduncular. — msfteXf, »• 
flowering pot-plant; flowers. —-OuftTani,*. 
noeegay. — fttsftinT, "• bed of flowers ; flower- 
painting. — tttstiCt, m. imperial tea. — f«s 
Iflbf, w. flower-pot. —tm-Wttt, n. festoons, 
ete. — en = S< it, /. flowering season. — f«s 
tndlt,/ *ee — en-ban. — m=lfidjttt, •*. flo- 
rist, —cnsiniiebrl,/. flower-bulb. 

ttln'mttt, rui. to adorn with flowers (obc); to 
figure (silk, etc.). 

tBlumera'nt, adj. nale-brae [bleu mourant) ; stir 
ttfirb gOUA — , I feel quite dissy or giddy (coti.). 

Olttff, /.blouse, smock-frock; tunic. — tu 
ntann, m. workman. 

Sin'fe,/. beacon, light-house. 
Int, n. (— e«) blood; race, lineage; sap; Jake 
(of plants, etc.)', tin fnngC* — , a young tkmc 
or creature; geronnene* — , clotted blood, 
gore; einem — Inffen, to bleed a person; — 
ftiflen, to staunch blood; — anlmerftn, to 
spit blood; bU «uf# — , to the quick; bi# 
anf* — fd)Ulgen, to beat till the blood oomei; 
bon gntcm — e, thorough-bred; t» liegt «■ 
— C, it runs in the blood; fin (Beftftt wk 
0K14 nnb -, a complexion like nhes ssa 
roses; bofed — nwuben. to arouse angry Im1> 
ings; ntit fcttrnt -f . m cold blood; feni - 
geriet or W€t in ttalnng, hi* blood was spw 
— ig, adj. de adv. bloody, cruel; — ige »«• 
nen metem, to shed tears of blood; -igc 
Mutebt, sanguinary battle; — ig bfifen, to 
draw Woodby bitrng. Comp. Be/Ore ssme 
adjectives (e.g. ami <mtf |nng) tf is used m % 
men uUcnsitive and does not take tM 
accent. — vbgOttg, m. loss of I 
rhage. — OfT, /. blood-vessel. „ 

, congestion (of blood). — ntm f adj. mot 
a church-mouse; deficient in red sM, 
— nnft, n, blood-shot eye. 

Mite H7 

JUrt— Clt, v.n. (attx. b.) to bleed ; to abed one's 
blood, die ; to suffer ; mir —ft ba* 6eT , my 
heart bleeds; er foil bafftr — en, he thall 
pay for that (co//.). 

Ml, •». (-4, jsf. mdt) book; run; he-goat; 
battering-nun; blander, bull; Jack; horse (/or 
clothes, etc.); andiron; block; beam; stocks; 
rack ; machine for lifting or supporting weights ; 
coach-box ; trestle ; stool ; buttress {of a bridge); 
bridge (Bill.); debauched fellow; (in ftctfct 
— , a clumsy fellow, clumsy Dick ; eistem ben — 
fteben (treten), — faring™, to play at leap- 
frog; —, to leap the buck (Gym.); 
ten — nnt tStartner matfjen or fe*en, to set 
the fox to keep the geese ; einen — fftieften 
tadjctt, to make a bull, (commit a) blunder ; 
— ftoft Uyn, he mopes, sulks (vuia.) ; n* i- 

nen. biYeScn bet — ft'ft|t, to sob'coxmil- 
snrely {vwg.)\ [as suffix in comp. = 1. male, as 
Wit-, roebuck ; Sfegen— . he-goat ; 2. stand, 
Tack, horse, rack, machine, etc., as ©r<m»— , 
fteuer— , fire-dogs; Jhttf dj—, coach-box :; 6fae 
— f machine for sawing wood]. — id)t (oo*0» 
— {g, adj. rutting, in heat ; smelling as a goats 
lewd ; obstinate, sulky. Comp. —btinig.adu 
goat-footed ; wayward, stubborn. — Mc, /. 
hammer-cloth. — fcQ,n. goat's hide. — gffrfU, 
n.body of a coach. —lifer, m. capricorn- 
beetle. — faftcn, m. boot (of a coach), —las 
fettC,/ sledge-carriage (for mountain artillery). 
— Irter, ». buckskin. — ttieffer, n. comb- 
maker's knife. — mfifcle, /. timber windmill 
built on trestles. — ttfetfC, /• bagpipe. —4s 
bttrt, ru. goat's beard. — gstCttfel. m. flask 
for Wursburg t 8tein* wine; this wine Itself; 
lady's pouch to carry prayer-book; old-fash- 
ioned usage, stupid old custom, the old jog-trot. 
— ftsbCtttelet, /• (attachment to) antiquated 
customs. — gzbCtttler, m. old pedant. — 
fftCtttd, m. foot-board. -H»sf&%i||, «#• goat- 
footed. — 9s bum, n. hartshorn ; bucks-horn ; 
goats-horn {Mus.y, elitfii inS — #Hom jantn, 
to intimidate s.o., to frighten one out of his 
wits ; to bully one. — tsQfrttCr, p}- eye-bolts 
Naut.). — fHiCl, n. leap-frog. -fttnmg, m. 
caper, gambol; capriole; — fbrftnge tttaojett, 
to caper, to gambol : to frisk. 
0*T, m. (-e$) (—Met, n.) strong Bavarian 

beer ; bock beer : double beer. 
Botf'-aen, ©prfdKn, ». (--<bene\ p/. -djen) 
kid. — Tin, *« Sotfctt. —if*. «*»• lecherous. 
Bo'tfen, *.n. (ous. ft.) to be in heat ; to plunge 
and throw out the hind legs, as a horse ; to nave 
a goat-like smell ; to be refractory; to sulk. 
Brttrn, m. (— *\ pi. —) bay {on theBaUie)e.ff. 
©reif tfwalber — , 3a9m«nber — . M n 
OO'bCtl, m. i—#. pi. — or 83ben) ground ; soil ; 
landed property ; bottom ; floor ; footing ; loft, 
garret; barn ; crown {of a hat ; of an artichoke); 
back {of a violin, etc.) ; ground (of a texture) ; 
cake {of wax) ; bed {of a billiard table) ; basis 
(Anat., Bot., etc.) ; cine $ofc mit bopptittm 
— , a box with a false bottom ; — fatten, to get 
a footing; einem — abftcloinnen, to gain 
ground upon one ; einen nnter ben — brut- 
gen, to brings p. to his grave; einen — ut ein 
§faf. UHcn, to head a cask ; auf bent — fd|(o- 
fen, to sleep on the floor (= ftnfl boben) ; to 
sleep in the garret ; Simmer auf ebenent — » 
room on the ground-floor ; 5U — fdjfagen, to 
knock down; ftedjt— , fencing-room; frU&— , 
flooring, floor. Comp. —ball en, m. ioist. — 
befdHlWenbeit, /. condition of the soil, nature 
or quality of the soil. — bUtt, n. outside leaf 
of tobacco. — bled), n. sheathing. — bobne, 
/. dwarf kidney bean. — brcttCT, pi. bottom 
boards ; heading {of casks) ; laths {of bedsteads). 

—rule, /. barn-owl. — fenfrer, n. garret- 
window. — ftiCftf »>• breech-molding {of a 



*)• — SCMofl* n. ground-floor. — %*fts 
IPC!./. windlass/ — fccfe, /. dregs, ground*. — 
tammtr, /. garret. — freait, m. loan on 
landed security. — fondf, /• science of soils. 
—(00, ad/, bottomless; enormous; baseless; 
bo* — lafe, it. the bottomleaa deep; er ift tin 
— lofed $aft, he is insatiable; be is a spend- 
thrift. — IMJMttC, /. bilge-pomp. — r«J, »• 
main wheel (Hor.). —fall, m. dregs, grounds, 
sediment, residuum. — ftSttaffl, <w0*. reoeptac- 
ular, hypogynous ; original. — fteitt , m. nether 
millstone. — find*, ".breech (t^a <7M») ; head- 
ing (of a auk). — teig, «n. under-crust. — 
t|ir, /. garret-door. — freWC, /. garret- 
stairs. — $1H#, tn. ground-rent ; storage. 

fJOeVme— tt, v.a. to head (a <ra*t) ; to insure 
(vessels) ; to reseat (troupers) ; to floor, plank 
(a room). — rei', /. bottomry; <#f(b anf 
—rei aadtbtnt (anfnehttten), to advance 
(raise) money on bottomry. Comp. — rtf's 
frr/iff, m. bottomry-bond. — rei'sflClCT, (— 
rd'=nc IrmtT,) m. advancer (raiser) of money 
on bottomry bonds. 

•ovftfr, *»• (-ee\ J* -e) puff-ball (Bot.). 

©•i, Wllf, /»V«r/. indie. & subj. of btCgf tt. 

VftCII, w. (-*, pf . -. HWgen]) bow ; bend ; 
curre ; arc ; arch, vault ; bow (0 a fiddle ; of a 
saddle; of a window, etc.) ; port {Bill.) ; bind, 
tie (Mum.) ; sheet (of paper) ; till bebrtttfter — , 
a printed sheet ; cut gebrtttf rer — , an elliptical 
arch ; fgiefer — , sloping arch ; fffegeitber — , 
flying buttress; einen — fbattnctt, to bend, 
draw a bow ; innerer — . intrados ; fin$erer — , 
extrados; cittcil — fajlagen, to describe a 
curve ; in ftanfcb, ttttb — , in the lump ; bet 
fthlft maCbt einen — , the river makes a bend ; 
ber — ftttjifdien ben Bttttelbnnften, amplitude 
Ustr.); ffH| — • boy's bow; ftrieben*— , 
Wegeit— , rainbow, —ft, ©Ofitltt, m. bow- 
maker, bowyer (obt.). Comp. — teiridratMg, 
/. signature, aheetmark (TVp.). — bobm, *». 
bow-drill. — ***, n. vaulted roof. — flfthe, 
/.convexity. — firttig* «(/• arched, —farm, 
/. folio. — fibrttng,/. way of bowing, style of 
bowing (Mus.). —gang, m. arcade. — gfTfift, 
«. center timber of an arch. — grBfce, /• ** 

—farm. — NIc,/. portico, -fnfrrnmente, 

pi. all instruments played with a bow (Mum.). 
— Utile, /. curve. — r OBC, /• lintel of the door- 
post. — fitC,/. bow-saw. — fdHefcrn, n. arch- 
ery ;-fmfct'Bef«Hf*«ft. toxophllite associa- 
tion, archery dub. — ftbjftfe, •». key-stone. 
— fdnrtibcr, m. writer by the sheet; penny-a- 
liner. — fdjttfc, *>• shot from abow ; curved fire, 
indirect shot (Art.) ; distance or range of a bow 
•hoi. — ftf)i|r, m. archer, -fdjifcltt, /. 
aroherea*. — (fine, /. bow-string ; chord of a 
segment. — fflte, /. f olio-page. — fmwttfl , *». 
curvet (of a hone). — ftrtO), *»• stroke of the 
bow (Mus.) ; style of bowing (Mus.). — tbfir, 
/. vaulted door. — incite, adr. in sheets, by 
the sheet; archwise, —tab I. /• number of 
sheets (qfabook). — iHrfrl, m. bow-compasses, 
©w'g— «, sat Sogett. — If, adj. curved ; ainu- 

©Ob/le,/. (»*. -tt) pbmk, thick board ; madrier 
(fbrf.);bowl. Comp. — tuoetff, /. raftered 
ceiling, —tufige, /. pit-saw. 
-*-- v .a. to plank, to cover with thick 

118 »ilj 

/. wild caper. — ttsflCC, m. stinking beam- 
trefoil. — nsfimif. a«. Twelfth Night's lobag. 
— «=tnChro, m. Twelfth-Night cake. — «= 
fdmfe, «n. mark on a horse's teeth by wbioh its 
age can be known. — ftsftojlgc,/.,— «sftc«tra, 
m. bean-stick ; (ongc — nf^OMgt, a person as 
long ss a lamp-post. — «s|tr»|, «. beam 
straw; grak tote — nfrrab, extremely rtxU, 

».H,^- )Uttlebean. 

(p/. — tt) bean ; mark in a horse's 
nwi , rrcJb— . horse-bean, fleld-boan ; ®an— , 
broad bean ; rirfifdK — , French bean, scarlet 
runner ; mcifr — tt, haricot beans ; blsnr — , 
blue pui, bullet ; trine — Inert, not worth a 
straw. Comp. — «=baum, m. cytisus. — «s 
Cflt n. pea ore, granular iron ore. —mzXtHt, 

t30b/n— f(r)tt, v.a. to wax (a floor \ etc.) ; to rub, 
polish (fumitory etc.). —ft, m. (— er*. pL 
— er), — art*, /. polisher. Comp. — 0£t. /. 
smoothing ax. — nfirftt, /• ecTubbing-brush. 
— lo|M»en, nx. cloth for polishing. — itn%, n, 

©Shlfbafe, m. r-n, p/. -n) bungler, botcher; 
interloper ; unlicensed broker. 

fJObr, m. (—eg, pi. — c) auger. Co»»p- — «Wf. 
/.bradawi. — Cggr, /. drill-harrow. — fifes,*. 
bit (qfbits and braoe). — flfet. m. death-watch 
(Ent.). — fra%e, /. the metal taken out of a 
cannon by boring. — trifcCTr "»• ■coop (Mim,). 
—inch, n. bored hole, gimK-hole. — UHPrl, av 
scouring-bit. — mafo>iHe, /. boring maenms. 

— mnfoKl. /• PhoW — »tng. m. arm- 

plow. — Mriem, m. priming-spike (ArtUX 
->10tte, -fCheine, /. bresst-plate (of a oVflA. 
-Wl3f • /• Wt. Htange, /. boring roi 
sinker. -minbC. /. lack (^rf.). HMtn, 
m. ship's borer (Teredo). — tTttg, n, boring 
©Oh/r-f*, ». I- «• topierce,bore, drill ; ete eWf 
in ben Qntnb —en, to sink a vessel ; bad ©rrtt 
—en, ton cd am bftnnfren iff. to pick out 
the easiest work, to shun trouble; er mag 
r _«__*. — .„^„„ b^ likes to take 

«. (rafc.)» 
i tr, «•. (— eri, 

dercer; nrafcr 
r, cylinder-bft; 
id-brace; 9Rri- 
mlet; eAibei- 

«l Obaise. -en, 

§ -ntbfbfttb, 

mo|t, the buoy 

_ r „ r pi. —t) vessel 

for laving buoys; small single-masted Dutch 
tei. Comp. — n:fafren, m. 

(ii)sree», ».; H«)slciSc v '/.t '— («)sfeil. i 

sNIb (** suffix forming nouns, cp. Engl, -erd, e.f. 

irnnfen— . drunkard ; Wanf— , brawler). 
"^Ifilir,/. (p/. -tt) bowline (AW.). 
f3al1-e,/.(pJ. -*«) ball ; bulb; round capsok; 
. — «. oay.^ swollen ; bulbous. Comp 

Bailer, «• (-*, i^- — ) «n»ll mortar or csa- 

«0l^9erf , «. HeX, o/. -e) bulwark ; basnom, 
rampart. Comp. — ftslttCtrt, /• counter^^srd 
(/brf.). — #st«mi, m. tower bastion. 

Holotiie'fer, «•• (-*, ^. -) (- W«ba>t] 
lap-dog ; bfr fttTitttarige — , King Charier 1 

f3eWtt«, m. bole, ooarse red pigment; bolus. 

$*U, m. (-eg, of. — e). -<«, m. <T*«*._fJ- 
—en) bolt ; crossbow bolt or arrow ; rivet ; paw 
peg (of wood, iron, etc.); heater of an bom; 
ouarrying wedge; finem atte* AH —en art* 
ien , to misinterpret all one says ; bit — Ctt str- 
fmiefen, bie ein onbertr gebrent bat, to bt 
another's cat's-paw. Comp. — ettsMftt), a. 
washer; rosette (Artil.). -ensNKwfC. /W 
gun. — Cttsrtr.g. m. shackle. — CMsfflJIfi, 
n. bar-lock, cylindrical padlock. — (Cg> 
itrooc, cdj. & adv. bolt upright. 




.. /. (pi. — CW) (obaot.) great gun, 

bombard ; bombardoon, ancient musical wind- 
instrument. — t~mCnt, n. (-eme'lltd, pi. — 
enu / ntd) bombardment, shelling. — ie'r, m. 
(— ie'rd. pi.— ICrt) bombardier. 

9omlMrile f r— fit* *•<*• to bombard, to shell. 
— tt*g, /• bombardment, shelling. Comp. — 
fttiff, ». gtmboat, floating battery. — fgfer,m. 
brachinus, bombardier-beetle (Ent.). 

flombafi'n, m. (— ed) bombaiin(e) (Comm.). 

fJtWMt, m. (o/jo pr. fjomba'ft) bombast, fus- 
tian ; big talk ; high-flown language. — if ft, 
«*/. bombastic(al), fustian, inflated, highflown; 
— e 9tebe, pompous speech, high words. 

9*m'b€,/. ( pi. —n) bomb-sheU ; bomb ; mit — tt 
bffdjicftf N, to bombard, to shell. Comp. —Us 
few* adj. bomb-proof, quite safe ; quite certain 
feotf.) ; had ftrfct — *feft. that is quite certain 
(/am.) —Rsfcffcl, m. mortar. — ttsfifft, /. 
caisson. — nsfidKT, fee — nsftlt. — Ustottc 
fd, n. shelling; shell-practice. — fUlfilller, 
*». fuse. 

Sm'WCl./.(p/.-«) tassel. 
r. m, (pi. — d) check, draft, order. 
BbO'tl, j». (/>/. — d) bonbon, sweetmeat, sugar- 
fjtfaifilff re*, v.a, to make good, indemnify 

fjtfattl't, /. good quality (of an article) ; sol- 

rency, credit, reliability (of a firm). 
fJaaittCrta. v.a. to value, to rate, to tax. 
QOM'ae, /. (dry) nurse ; nursery governess. 
&9U'l* t m. boose ; black-coat, shaveling (/am.) ; 

bigwig (hum.). 
fjfttf, ». (— ed. j»/. — c d> ©3te) boat; bad 

KifC — , the long boat ; Mhr— , ferry boat ; 
ttwtgd— , life boat ; mit cine nt — fa brew, 

fjoritle'rt. «#. narrow-minded, ignorant, stupid. 
— (Kit, /. narrow-mindedness. 

faorra'go, tHWretftf), m. bongo (Bo/.). 

BoVfe, /. (pi. — *) purse; exchange; attf he? 
— , on 'change; bit tottattgebenbe — r the 
standard market. Comp. — It = trior fee, /. 
exchange-committee. — *sfceri<tft m. marked 
report, list of exchange, stock-list. — ns 
Uatt.n. exchange list ; commercial newspaper. 
— ttsfibill, a</}. negotiable; — ttfsfatac fea- 
picre, marketable stocks. — Hsgrrtftt,/. com- 
mercial board. — nsgerfiott, »• stock-jobbing 
rumor; hoax. — Stsgefdriifte, p/. operations 
in the stocks. — ttstafle, /• exchange. —Ms 
ford, m. rate of exchange. — n=Kt«fler, m. 
stock-broker. — tutttafetg, ad/, in conform- 
ity with the exchange regulations. — gsorfes 
tlimg,/. exchange regulation. — «=jHU>ierr, 
/>/. stocks. — itsfdMdJCr, m., — MsffticI, n. 
stock-jobbing. — ttsfdmiisifcier, m. stock- 
adventurer. — ttsftticler, t/i. stock-jobber. 
— tuffrradK, /• stock-exchange slang. — «s 
ICttCl. to. stock-list. 

fjorft, i»»p/. <n<fic. o/berfren. 

fjorft, »». (— *d, p/. — c) crack, cleft, chink, 
burst ; einett — befommen, to crack. 

*3dr'&c, (tWrfle.) &»,,/. «o>. o/ terften. 

BaHl-*, /. (p*. -e») bristles; seta (*W.). 
— igf adj. bristly; curly; setaceous (Bot.). 
Comp. — Ctuarttg, adj. brisUy ; setaceous. 
=««ft, /• bent, -**=ffifcler, to. dr. 

ripede. — eilsgrad, n. sea-reed, bent. — <«)s 

*Rfcl, to. bristle J ^ — "- 


i paint-brush. — ttifft* m. 

SOT'Htn, v.r. to bristle up ; to stand on end. 
art, n. (fUhrt, n. dial.) (-ed, pi. -e) shelf, 
board; ©ttdjer— , book-shelf. — fteitt, to. 
edge-stone, border-stone. 

Bt»rte, /. (pi. — n) edge, border; galloon; 
trimming; selvage; gofbene — , gold lace. 
Comp. — ttsarteit, /. fringe-making, lace- 
making. — Rsmadjer, m. lace-make, fringe- 
maker ; ribbon- weaver. 

Etor'tflt, v.a. to trim, to braid (a drest, etc.). 

tW, W\-t, adj. & adv. bad ; Ul ; evil ; wicked ; 
angry; sore; cross, ill-tempered; malicious; 
einett —en ftnf hftfcett, to have a bad reputa- 
tion ; -e Qeifter, evil spirits ; cut -e* ©ei*. 
a shrew ; er war fehr — e anf mirfj (Uber 
Cttvad), he was very angry with me (at or about 
a thing); fidj — C fffflen, to feign anger; — e 
ttngeit, sore eyes, evil eyes; — er ©Tirf, evil 
eye ; er meittre ed tticfpt — e r he meant no harm ; 
— e Seittn. bad tunes, hard times; bad — C 
SBefcIt, epilepsy ; ber —e ^tnib, the snappish 
dog ; bad — e $ing, whitlow ; bcr — e, the evil 
one, the foul fiend, the Devil ; bad — e, evil, a 
sore, mischief; ®ntt$ mit —em bcrgeltett, to 
return evil for good ; bamit ftebt ed — aui, 
the look-out for it is bad, it is in a bad way. 
— liffp, adj. A adv. malicious; — lidK Serfaf" 
f nttg , willful desertion (Law). Comp. — art ig, 
adj. malicious, malevolent; virulent (/evers, 
etc.); infectious; wild, vicious; bad, wicked. 
— Cstoidrt, to. (— cwidjtd, pi. — fttidjtt, — e- 
ttjiatter) scamp, miscreant, scoundrel. — toils 
lift adj. malevolent. 

fjtndh-ttt, v.a. to slope; to escarp (Fori.). 
— Wtta,/. slope ; scarp (Fori.). 

fJOd'— oort, adj. & adv. malicious, ill-inten- 
tioned; malignant; mischievous; sngry. — 
t«ftigfCit77^nallee, malignity, -tcit, /. 
malice, spite ; malignity ; ill-nature ; naught!- 
ness (of a child) ; ill-temper; crossness. 

BO'fcel, ©OHCI (f30k = fn9el), /.bowl(o/ nine 
pint). — n, v.n. (awe. 6.) to play at nine 

©Off— fin, — (fl)ifrm, v.a. <tr n. (anx. b.) to 
emboss (in if at). Comp. — elrarbett, /. manu- 
facture of toys, etc. ; nick-nack. — ir^T ^orbriti 




/. embossing. — ietsfteitf , n. embossing stick. 
— ifYsMOW, n. modeling-wax. 

fj*t, imp/, indie, of bitttn. 

fttO'tt— « , /. botany, -ifer, m. botanist, atu- 
dent or teacher of botany. — if fb, adj. «*r arf r. 
botanlcaL — ifie'ren, v.n. (aux.||.) tobotaniae. 
Comn. — iflcTstnnttmel,/. phunVbox. 

De^t— e, •». (— tu,pi. —en) meaaenger ; poatman, 
carrier ; ettt eigener — C, expreas messenger ; 
htt fttefmbe -e, the lame poet, the invalid 
newamongor ; tin rrirntfcer — e, an estafette, 
courier ; —en (aufett, to go on messages, to 
run on erranda. — i« r /. female messenger or 
carrier. — fftaft, /. (pi. — (flatten) message, 
errand ; news, Intelligence, embaaay ; frobe — 
fftftft, joyful tiding* ; evangelium, gospel ; cine 
— fdjaft beforgen, to take a meaaage; eine 

— fotaft anuria) ten, to deliver a meaaage. — 
former, m.(— ftbafrcrS, j*. -fdjafter) ambas- 
sador ; bet JHIbfniax — fdjafter,nuncio, legate. 
-fftaftertn, /. ambaaaadreaa. -fa*rftU0>, 
adj. ds adv. in the form of a meaaage. — 
f<90ft«sfefretiir, *». aecretary to the ambassa- 
dor, at the embaaay or legation. Cotnp. —ens 
sunt, n. dispatch office ; office for conimiasion- 
nairea. — ensfron, /• female meaaenger. — 
ettsgong, m. errand ; the distance a meaaen- 
ger '^ea. — enslittfrr. m. errand-boy ; car- 
rier — en = l0|« r m. de n. messengers fee. 

— Cnsttteifter, m. overseer of the messengers 
(in German post-offices) ; ti] * " 

joWlf, n. packet boat ; 

, n. porter's badge. 
BtVtr, imp/, subi. qf bitten. 
Sot'asa'fttg, adj. subject (as a country), subordi- 
nate, obedient. — frit, /. dominion, away. 
VotMber (tJottidKr), m. (-g, pi. —) cooper. 
— tv.J. trade or workshop of a cooper. Camp. 
' ads. — #0U, n. staves, 
sk of the Leipaic fair. 
. — e) coop, tub, vat, barrel, 
soup or broth; beef-tea. 
ortable soup ; beef-tea tab- 

'. — e, — #) bouquet. 
) box-compass, 
bowl ; spiced wine, cup ; 
>unch; Wotiocltt— , daret- 
n, to make a bowl. 

to boycott. — nng, /. boy- 

), adj. dr adv. fallow, un- 
— e# /• fallow ground, fal- 
ne of rest (aaric). Comp. 
id. — Wfrel,/.neld-eryngo. 
3k (Orn.). — finr, /• tract 

„enne, /. golden plover. — 

fcttfen, n. see — ftogel. Ha«t, n. year of reet; 
year of Jubilee (B.). — fSfet, m. fern beetle, 
dung beetle. — lottffr, m., -lerdje, /. field 
lark. — tttfnndKn. n. muahroom. —ttt OH at, 
m. June. — f a>net>fe, /. curlew. — fcsgel, m. 
curlew; brr Heine — nogel, dotterel; brr 
grofe —beget, plover, atone curlew. — ftttt, 
/. fallowing time. 
QriPdie, imp/, subj. o/brttbtn. 
0ra'O)en, v. a. to plow up fallow land ; to clear 
(a vineyard) of weeds; to dress (/far); to 
plow and seed (a pond /rom which the water 
has been drawn). 
Brad, n. dr m. (—eg, pi.— e) refute, —en, r.a. 
to sort out (refuse) ; to beat (/lax). — et. w». 
(—erg, pt. — er) sorter. — ig, «</. brackish. 
Comp. — tt) Offer, n. brackish water. 
IJrW*. <*•(-- n,p/. — n)» hound, aetter, pointer. 
Bri'gttt, n. brains. Comp. -#nrft, /. pig's- 

Srab/nre, Brat'ne,/. (p/. — n) border, 
rdrnCtt, v.n. (aux. h.) to brim (of the sine). 
Brant, m. (— eg, />/. — e) awl, punch ; broom, 

fjram— (*» comp.); —lege!, n. (bag grvfe) 
maintop-gallant sail. — frenge, /. top-gaUaat 

Brawnt^ng, m. (-(ncg.p/.-cfje)! _ 

— (f)ie / rftt, v.n. to bluster, swagger, hector, 

draw the long bow. 
©ra'ttte,/. brim, edge, border ; (/vr) trimming; 

hedge, shrubs, etc., as in closure of a field. 
8ran'dX, /. (pi. — n), branch, line, depart- 


Brann, m. (— e#. />/• ©ranbe) burning ; fire, 

conflagration ; fire-brand ; gangrene, mortifica- 
tion, sphacelation ; mildew ; blight ; brand (on 
cattle) ; burn ; scald ; batch, burning ; baking 
, (of bricks, etc.) ; cauterization ; mark or name 
burned into a box, etc. ; particles of burnt pow- 
der, etc. left in a gun after firing ; fuse (Artil.) ; 
ardor; metal-refining; intoxication (*/.); in — 
geraten or font men, to take or catch fire, to 
kindle; in — ff*en or frerfen, to set on fire; 
in — freben. to be on fire ; bet fafte — , mor- 
tification (of the flesh) ; sphacelus ; »er feetfc 
— , gangrene ; mit — ttttb 3Horb, with fire and 
sword ; cinen — baben, to be tipsy (si.) ; — un 
QktTtlbt. heating of grain ; as the first part of 
compounds qften: fire-, sometimes: brown-. 
— et, m. (-t V 8 t pl. — er) (= — f udj*) fire-ahip; 
fuse. — ifbt, adj. tasting, smelling aa if barnt. 
— ig, adj. blasted, blighted gangrenous. — 
riedicn or — fduuecfett, to have a smell or taats 
of burning. Comp. — ttKT, /. crural vein. — 
benle f /.carbuncle(3f«f.). -blafe,/ blister. 
— blatter,/, acar. —grief, m. official attesta- 
tion of loss by fire; threatening (incendiary) 
letter. — tireftOT, m. commander of the nta- 
brigade. — eiltter, m. fire-bucket. — eifrt. 
n. branding-rron. — tntt,/ sheldrake. — eTL 
n. bituminoua marl. — enle, /. screech owl 
—fatfe I, /. incendiary torch, fire brand ; — 
fade! bee* Strirgeg, torch of war. —felt, adj. 
fire-proof. — Refer, n. inflammatory fever. 
— ffftf , m. barren piece of land ; see — flctfrn. 
— jleden, m. mark of a burn. — fltt%. m. lava. 
— TltlOv, m - brant-fox ; sorrel horse ; freahmaa 
In the second semester or half, —gang, / 
brent-goose, —gaffe, /. space between houses. 
-fllOdr,/. fire-beU. — goll, n. refined gold. 
— gaten, m. chimney-hook. — faffC, /• fire- 
insurance-office. — ford, m. fire-guard. — torn, 
n. mildewed corn. — tttgel,/. fire-ball, bomb. 
— 13 belt, pi. iron window shutters. — legfr, 
m. incendiary. — Ifgttng,/ arson. — letter. 

/. fire-ladder. — lod), n. touch-hole. 
— tttarf , n. scar from burning ; brand (on « 
criminal, on a box, etc A ; stigma. — ttUten, 
—tttarfen. r.a. to brand, stigmatise. —Ms 
fdjine, /. infernal machine. — ntaner , /. fire- 
proof wall, party-walL — wand, /. field-modss. 
— ntebl, n. flour of bUghted corn. — write, 
/. coal-titmouse. — nttttel, n. remedy ks 
burns. — $1, n. empyreumatic oil. — OMer, 
n. burnt-offering. — $f all, m. stake. HrftU. 
m. fire-bolt. — ttragC, m. assay. — rafttC 
/. congreve rocket, fire-rocket. «-ro|r. «. 
hose (of fire engine). — robre, /. train, rom 
— fiittre, /. pvroligneoua acid. — fftaben, « 
damage caused by fire. — fftnftftt, v. a. to k) 
under contribution (in time of u<v) ; to rarafs 
— fdMftnng, /. extortion, ravages. — fo)lrlrr. 
m. bituminoua schist. — fdtiff, n. firt-abhx 
— fdlitttntel. m. flea-bitten grayhorae. — Rlstt, 
n. refined silver. — f ante, /• first or inner sak 
-ftittC, -fteOe. /. acene of a confiagiKsm 
-fain, m, brick, -ftifter, m. incsoony. 
-ttiftling, /. arson, -fbfir. /. flrtjnol 
door. — Oerfidymng, /. fire-insursnes. -^ 



, /. fire-watch ; guard-ship. — ttMMPC, 
: burn ; scald. — ieidjett, ft. brand, mark of 
barning ; beacon fire ; sign of fire. — ttng, n. 
the composition of which bombs, shells, etc., 
are made ; tinder. — i liegel, m - fire-brick. 
Stan'*— en, v.a. to break, to surge (of waves). 
— nag, /• seething of waves, breakers ; surf. 

Srann'te, imp/, of brennen. 
ravnttofin, m. (— 4. pi. — e) brandy, gin, 
spirits. Camp. — bUfe, /. stiU. — brttttttr, 
««. distiller. — brettnerei', /. distillery. 
— teiHt m. spirits of wine, alcohol. — nafc, 
/. bottle-nose (coll.). — fftCttfC, /. gin shop. 
— IMgC,/. alcohol(o)meter. 

'flrtHe, m. (— «, pi. — n); ©raf'fen, m. (-#, 

J>*. — ) carp, bream. 

nfraPfft /. (p/. — «) brace; bit grofen — n, 
the main braces. 

Sraf'fra, v.a. to brace ; to trim (the tail*) ; 
bidft betnt Stnbe gebraftt, close-hauled. 

Brit, Bratft, 3 de 2 pe. ting. pres. ind. of 

©rw't— m, I. n?. <fc ir.r.a. <*: ». (our. %.) 
to roast ; (int Dfen) to bake ; («nf bent ftofte) 
to grill, broU: (in ber $fannc) to fry; (am 
0bie#e)to roast on a spit ; (en ber Sonne, 
in ber Sonne) to bake, to be scorched ; ftcrr 
gcbraten, bnrdigebraten, well done ; wenig 
(or &u Wenig) gebraren, underdone ; ju fchr 
gebraten, overdone. II. subM.n. roasting, 
etc. III. m. (—end, pi. —en) roast meat, joint ; 
eia fetter —en. a godsend, a windfall (colloq.); 
ben — en begteften, to baste the meat ; htn 

— _MB ^Mft>»(f»«t fcrt Knit, til a MMlt ' fc»M — #M 

uses, employs, take*, quinine; ber ttrftt — te 
Cptnnt, the doctor administered opium ; m*tt 
— t fid) nidjt &n nmnbern, it ia not to be 
wondered at ; er — t ein ttrnanenfur, he ia 
taking the watera. II. v. imp. (pen.) ; e$ — t 
teinei gktneife*, no proof ia required. 

BrinaYltft, ** (Bebrautiluft. 

Brau'f,/. (p/. — n) brow, eyebrow. 

Bran'— en, *.a. to brew. — er, m. (— eri. pi- 
— cr) brewer, -ersgil**, /., -ersftimft, /. 

brewers' guild. — ercr, /. (pi. — erei'en) brew- 
ery; brewer's trade. 
Qrann, o4j. brown; tawny; — e* gferb, dun 
horse, bay horse; bie — e, a girl of a dark 
complexion, brunette; ber — C, bay horse. — 
Cle, /. species of warbler. Comp. — bleiert, 
n. brown phosphate of lead. — brennett, v.a. to 
tan, sunburn. — rif enftttn, m. brown iron-ore. 
— gelb, attj. bister; — geibed $ferb, sorrel 
horse. — toll, m. brown apar. — febldKtt, n. 
whin-chat. — loty, »*• borecole. — foblc,/. 
brown coal ; lignite. — foblettzbaltig, «(/'. 
lignitic. —rot, n. red ocher ; adj. russy. — 
fdKffe, m. a piebald horse. — fdjeifig, «//. 
piebald. — ftetn, m. m a ng anese. — ftrriflg, 
arti. brown-streaked. — tnnri,/. brown-wort ; 
yellow fig-wort. 

Srau'nC,/. incorrectly for ©rflMC. 
rfltt'n— T,/. brownnesa ; quinay ; ftttjftnbUdje 
— -c, quinay ; hfiutige — e, croup. — en, v. I. 
a. to tan; to brown (meat, etc.). II. r. 
(aux. f|.) to grow or become brown. — lid), 
«(;'. browniah. 

Qrauo, ♦». (— (f)e$) tumult ; in fccuS unb — 
(eben, to live riotously, in revelry, to lead 
a gay life, a life of enjoyment. — (f)e, see 

Brau'f e, /• effervescence ; fermentation ; (— anf • 
fa$) rose (of a watering-pot) ; in ber — fein, 
to be fermenting. Comp. —bad, n. douche. 
— -erae, /. bituminous red day. —Wire, 
pi. years of hot-headed youth. — fw, — 
toinb, m. blusterer, hot-headed fellow. — 
UnlbCr, n. effervescent powder, 8eidliti pow- 
der. — ftein, m. aeolite. — Vein, m. spar- 
kling wine. 

tSratt'tae, /. {pi. — tt) bump (from a bruise). 

tiran'fen, r.n.Caux. h.) to storm, T*ge(aswtnd) ; 
to bluster ; to hum, mux ; to snort ; to ferment ; 
to effervesce ; to roar, bellow ; to be impetuous ; 
to be furious ; to water, to sprinkle ; bif Dbren 

— mir, I have a singing in my ears ; Uor S9TU 
— b, boiling with rage ; bie —be SugCttb, im- 
petuous, passionate youth. 

Braut, /• (pi- SrAnte) betrothed, affianced 
bride; intended, fiancee; bride (only on the 
wtiiding day) ; «c ift — , she is engaged, 
betrothed ; fie iff nteine* frrennbed — , she is 
engaged to my friend, she is the intended of 
my friend ; bittt grflften $ie 3br fVr2n(ein 
— , please remember me to your intended or * 
to Miss X. ; bed .$tm«te(6 — , bride of Jesus 
Christ; nun; mer boo* &iM hat, fiibrt bie 

— beim, fortune gains the bride, or the lucky 
man gains the fair lady (prov.) ; — in $atren, 
small fennel-flower. — idntft, /• engagement. 

Comp. — aaftfrattttttg , /. trousseau, —band, 

n. wedding favor. — betf . n. bridal bed. — 
ffibrer, m. best man. — fubrerin, /. bride's- 
maid. — gentadj, n. bridal chamber, bride- 
chamber; nuptial apartment. — -gefdjevf, n. 
nuptial present, wedding present. — ges 

fdmieibe. n. bridal jewels. — Jnngfer, /. 

bridesmaid ; species of butterfly. — fawmer, 
/. bride-chamber, bridal chamber. — fleib, 
n. wedding-dress. — front, m. bridal garland. 
— Urnf, m. running for the bride, wedding 
feast (obi.). — lente, pi. bride and bridegroom, 
betrothed pair, the betrothed. — lieb, n. nup- 
tial song. — ttteffe, /. mass before the nuptial 



ceremony. -HUUbt,/. wedding-night. — bo*r. 
n. betrothed couple. —ring, t#». ling exchanged 
on betrothal; wedding-ring. — fo>*%, »». 
dowry. — fdHM, /• lookout for a wife ; ant 
ber — f<t«u fcitt, or anf bie —Ulan gcben, 
to go a-wooing. — fattftMu 1 . «*. nuptial orna- 
ments; bridal attire. — fruid, m. state of 
being betrothed, brideahip. — fctftcr, m. 
bride's father; ben — bnter nadjen, to give 
the bride away. — BtTbCt, m. one who asks 
a woman in marriage on behalf of another, 
match-maker. — bKrbnttfl,/. match-making. 
— lug, m. bridal procession. 

Vrin't-ftCll, »• utUe bride, beloved bride. 
— igtW, m. (— igamS, p/. — ig«me) affianced, 
husband elect ; nana*, intended ; bridegroom (on 
the wedding day only) ; bitte emnfefyen ©tc 
mid) 3brem 4>errn — igont, please give my 
kind regards to your intended, or to Mr. X. 
—U<*, adj. dc adv. bridal ; bride-like. 

Brat), at/;. <fc arft>. excellent; gallant; honest, 
upright; worthy; fine; clever; brave; good; 
el iff fetor — boil 3 bite u, ba| 6te, it U very 
good of you to; — getnafbt ! well done! er 
tH ein — er Srerl, he is a right good fellow, 
he is a good sort (coll.) ; eilt — e* SMnb, a 
good child. — (Kit, /• honesty, uprightness; 
excellence ; bravery. — ft, I. m. (— 94, pi. — o£) 
bravo. II. int. bravo! Comp. 

n. shouts of bravo, cheers, loud acclamation. 
' "ravery. — •nTsitle, /. bravura 

r. <fc oJr. fragile ; brittle, —frit, 
brittleness; refrangibility. 
ke (techn.). 
ir.r.a. to break ; to break up or 
pluck off, gather ; to fracture (a 
arry (stones); to break through, 

, V w promise, etc.); to infringe (an 

agreement) ; to fold (letter*) ; to refract, inter- 
cept (a ray); to crush (malt, oats, etc.); to 
blend, mix (trine with water; colon, etc.); to 
card (wool); to hackle (flax, etc.); to shed 
(teeth) ; to force (a passage) ; to break (a fall, 
etc.); to soften (leather) ; to neutralise (acids) ; 
elite Xttppt — make a landing-place in 
a staircase ; elite fetffcc ber £dngc ncd| —en, 
to split a thing up; nidjtd &u — en unb ut 
beiften babfM, to be sadly pinched ; to be 
starving ; etwad fur* nttb flein —en, to break 
a th. into atoms ; finer ftlafrfje ben $«W 
— en, to crack a bottle ; ffebn —en, to force 
a passage, make a way ; bie (£be —en, to 
commit adultery ; ben 3t«b fiber einen ©er- 
bredKe —en, to sentence a criminal to death ; 
to put on the black cap; to condemn; Wot 
brtdV CKfen, necessity knows no law (prov.) ; 
tmat Met* Stale —en, to do a th. abruptly ; 
einen 6rreitbom 3«nne -en. to pick a quar- 
rel ; eine gcbrocfeene Gdireibart, an abrupt 
■tyle ; gebrocftene Cdjrift, old English type ; 

Jebrodkne Xbftr, folding door ; gebrodkner 
[ecorb, arpeggio; gebrocfeene* $«d), curved 
roof; gcbrodkne 3ab(, fraction (Ariih.); 
gebrMJene Xltppt, staircase with a landing- 
place. II. ir.v.r. to break (as waves) ; to be 
Interrupted; to be refracted; to change; to 
vomit, become sick ; to change color (of 
wine); to come to a crisis; bie SMlte brifftt 
go), the cold is abating, or getting less severe ; 
b«# in hum —en, that is enough to make one 
sick. III. ir.v.n. (aux. \.) to break, snap off, 
come asunder ; to break forth ; to dawn (as 
theday) ; to become ruptured ; to become bank- 
rupt; to cut through (as teeth through the 
gums) ; to appear, occur (as ore in mines) ; to 
scrape, scratch off; in tftfttn —en. to be 
found in strata ; M $erj briftt Mir. my 
heart is breaking; gebroftenen £erattt*. 

122 Brett 

broken-hearted ; bie ttngen bradjen isjnt, his 
eyes grew dim, he died ; Sbranen bradW* i%r 
au4 ben tlugen, tears flowed from her eye*. 
IV. subst.n. violation ; breach ; breaking ; beat 
ing, dressing (of fax, etc.). — CTliCf, — CTtfch, 
adj. <Sc adv. sick, inclined to vomit {roilX 
— nng, /. breaking; refraction; arpeggio 
(Mus.) ; breaking, vie., certain changes of the 
radical vowel, owing to the influence of vowels 
in final syllables (different from ord. Umfaat ; 
Gram™.). Comp. — urjnci, /. emetic 
— bCtCl, m. ripping chisel. — t*t*r, f. cosa- 
mon kidney-bean. — Cifw, n. crowbar; 
lever. — fiebcr, »• fever attended with 
vomiting. — "llegC, /• blue-bottle fly. — fcaaBs 
WCr, m. hammer used in copper milla, or for 
pulling down buildings, etc. —tamm, m. 
hackle; card (for wool). — ttflfcrl, «w- rip- 
ping chisel. — mittel, n. emetic — wibjlr, 
f. crushing mill. — nu%, f- vomit-nut. 
—Sniper, n. emetic powder. — Uttnft. at. 
point of refraction, diffraction, etc. (OpL). 
— m|r, /• cholera. — ftOttge, /. crowbar. 
—nng#sebene,/. plan of refraction. — tjpfia, 
m. antimonial wine. — nKinfttin, m. tartar 
emetic. — tpttrtt — »«r|Cl. /• ipecacuanha. 
— |Cng, n. implements for breaking ones 
doors or pulling down * 

IMe, /. 

©rebimine, /. mess, pickle, perplexity (si.) ; 
einem an* ber — belfen, to get one oat of a 
scrape or out of a fine mess (*M. 

Brei, m. (— e#) pap; pulp, mush; puree; »fe 
bie ftc^e urn ben bei|en — btrantgeben, to 
beat about the bush ; ben — tttrfffeittcn, to 
spoU an affair; niele kbfr berberben ben 
— . (too) many cooks spoil the broth (pro*.). 
— tojt, *dj. <k adv. pappy, pulpy. Comp. — 
nrttfl.ttO. paplike- —gefmillft,/. atheroma 
(Med). -HW»f, »». pap-boat. -nMfoitit, 
m. poultice. — meiCD, adj. pulpy. 

Hreit, adj. A adv. broad ; wide ; flat ; e* ft 
fo — «(« long, it is as broad as it is 
is tantamount to ; unit nnb — , far and wide; 
4 golf — , four inches wide; 8 ftnft Umg 
unb 5 — , eight feet by five ; eine — gebrisTte 
«sfc f a flattened nose ; fid) — macfeen, to givt 
oneself sirs, to swagger, to boast ; ctW«# — 
rreten, to dilate upon a th. ; einen am ciner 
eetftc — ffUlagen, to persuade, or bully, one 
to (do) a th. ; einen —en $infet ffthren, to 
have a bold touch (Paint.) ; — f 6ege(, square 
sails; fie ctyiblte mir ein Sanger nub — 1$ 
bernber, she spun a long yarn about it. — e, 
/. (pi. —en) breadth, width ; gauge (of a 
railway line); measure (qf a column, 7\p.); 
flat of a sword ; latitude ; an open plain ; — f 
(ber XarfteOnng), verbosity, prolixity ; ber 
Wat* liegt enf ber -e, the flax is spread 
(for drying); in bie — t gfbftt, to grow 
broader; to get stout. Comp. — nttt/.— 
beil. n. broad-ax. — beinffl, adj. d mdr. 
straddle-legged ; with outstretched legs. - 
brnftif, adj. broad-chested, -eifen, »• 
sculptor's chisel. — enzgroO, m. degree of 
latitude. — CHsfrelg, m. circle of latitoiW; 
p/.-en-freife, parallels of latitude, -fifcbj, 
adj. broad-footed, — gcftirnt, adj. havings 
broad forehead, broad-fronted (of oxen* ek.y 
— «Qlb, n. leaf-gold. — |Ht«mer, m. uatte* 

ing hammer. — tiPH, adj. 
platicephalous. — lanb, *» maple. -Mllfl. 
adj. flat-nosed, broad-nosed. — rattbtg, adj. 
having a wide margin ; broad-brimmed. - 
fdmobel, m. broad-bill; wide-mouth; ahsv. 
•lor (On,.), -fdwibkr. pi. latirostek 
-fdmlttrfg, adj. broad-ahouldered. -flfT, 
/.wide gauge (raMw.). -fbnrifl, adj. lavvbf 
broad tracks, a wide gauge; (jig.) haagbiy, 
imperious; bombastic, fustian ; HlWbJlMn, 

threttnt 128 fjhrfef 

wall ; eta — for bent Jtoftfe ftabeit, to be stupid* 
a blockhead ; fed)* — f r 1Mb 5»Ct — dim. the 
coffin ; cr ift tjtfd) ant — C, he is at the top of 
m.~ ♦— . — k-^ _ fownteu, to succeed ; 
m brought to justice ; fea 
1 bernagett, there is the 

dy can get any further 
I ageUAealr.y, eitt 6tttrf 

play is acted ; ntit — em 
I room y etc.); ntit —frit 

ben, ». (-4k**,p/.— 

—Cm, adj. made of 

ip.—ersoitoe f /. booth, 

, w j:*aQ t n. shingle roof. 

— ers*erfftlag,t»., — ersttmnb,/. plank par- 
tition. — crslBCrf, n. planking. — erstann, 
m. palisade. — mfable. /. sawinilL — nogel, 
i m. floor- or plank-nail. — fftfC, /• pit-saw, 

a plank-saw. — fdmfittr, m. sawyer. — fbifl, 

n. any game played on a board, back-gaminon, 
| draughts, etc. — ftein» *»• man at draughts. 

«*€>**, n. (-<c)0\ p/. -*) (papa/) brief., 

©renia'ritim, n., fin 

I ©renia'ritim, n., ©rebleT, n. (— s, p/. — e) 


Brf }rl, /• (also tpeU fjret'jd) (p/. -«) crack- 
| nel, bun, cake twisted into the form of a 

double ring. 
©rich, imperii, of breojen ; ©rldrtt, ©ridjt, 

2 <fc 3 p. rfna. pre*, irui. of brt(ben. 
Cri'rfC,/. (p*. -tt) lamprey (/cM.)- 
Brief, m. (-««, pt. — e) letter; epistle; writ- 
ten document ; charter ; paper {of pins) ; bills, 
sellers, offers (CommA ; — fare* 3ttfanb, in- 
land letter; — ffir* Kultonb, foreign letter; 
nnter — ttttb 6legcl, under hand and seal; 
• ' --*---! fcj r m j t _ nB ^ @Je0e( f I warrant 
i bound for it ; — ttttb 6iegcl fiber 
in, to have in writing, to hare a sure 
ttttb (gefb, bills and money, asked 
»»"»•) » 3^» tberter — , your favor 
XBedifel — , draft (Cowmh.); cingc 
— , registered letter. — (ben, n. 
»/. — djen) note, billet ; a hasty 
ft, adj. <fc adv. epistolary, written, 
_„ v — linger ©erfebr, correspond- 
ence. — fdjaftttt, pi. letters, documents. 
Comp. — flbgabe, /. delivery of letters. — 
Obel, m. nobility obtained by letters patent. 
— Uttttafame, /. reception of letters. — ttltf s 
gabf,/. posting or mailing (of) a letter. — 
HftfflatK::fteaMKl f ro. postmark. — onffdjrift, 
/. address of a letter. — fllt*flabe. /. deliv- 
ery (of letter*) at the counter. — Wdmierer, 
m. letter-weight. — bcntfl, m. letter-bag. 
— fcOflttt, m. sheet of note paper. — bud), n. 
letter-book, copy-book (C. LX — COtteept, 
n. rough copy or sketch of a letter. — tOUs 
»ert, n. envelope. — filtttllirf, w. letter-box, 
— Ctttttmrf . m. first draft of a letter. —fad), 
n. 'pigeon-hole,' letter rack. — feOeifftt, »• 
mail; dispatch box. — form, /• form of a ' 
letter; epistolary style; in --form brtthftt, 
to fold as a letter. — hrotbt, /., — fleUl, 
— POVtO, n. postage. — gefef ittttti*. n. privacy 
of letters; bie* tft eitt — flCbfimnUJ, this is 
private and confidential; *a£ — geqeimntt 
DC ttmfarttt, to keep the confidential communi- 
cation private ; ba$ — gcbeintniS berleften, 
to disclose the contents of a private letter. 
— geWdlbe, n. archives. — gttf , n. goods ac- 
companying a bill of lading. — itttHtbtr, ">• 
bolder of a bill of exchange. — f arte, /. let- 
ter card; letter bill (C. L.). — fatten, m. 
letter box; pillar box; post box (AmericX 

—Hammer, m. letter-dip. — fonbert, n. 

envelope. — mabbf, /• portfolio, writing-case. 

— marie, /. postage-stamp, —marietta 
album, n. postage-stamp album. — martens 

attdftf atttttt,/. philatelic exhibition, —mars 
UustnuH, /- philately; jttr — martettfimbe 

^ • -■- — 



gebdrtg, philatelic -MMrfensliettHlber, m. 
philatelist, stamp-collector. — marten sfattUtts 
lttttg,/> collection of postage-etamps. —Mas 
Kin, pi- pius in a sheet. — Matt, f. letter- 
wafer, —tttfftfter, n. port paper, note paper. 
—Ml, /. mail, poet. — neftstart'f, «»• rate of 

Cige, table of portage. — WreWe, /. copy- 
press, letter press, —probe, f. sample 
inclosed in a letter. — fan, m. letter bag. 
— f djolter , m. letter-box (in a window or wall). 
— tarrit* rfsmff./ art of letter writing, epls- 
tolography. — fdjttlgeil, pL arrears of corre- 
spondence. — ftedjer, m. file. — fteBer, «»• 
letter-writer ; drawer of a bill ; guide for letter 
writing, polite letter writer ; — fatter fftr gie- 
frenbe, the love-letter writer's manual. — ftil, 
«%. epistolary style. — ftreidjer, »». paper- 
knife. — tUfdK, /. pocket-book, portfolio. 
—f«»t* r /. carrier pigeon. — tote,/- {rate of) 
portage, —trigrr, m. postman. -ttttlfd)!*g, 
m. envelope. —Wage, /. letter balance or 
scales. — tardtfel, m. correspondence ; fie fteftt 
«it ifraen in — tt>cd)ff I, she keeps up a corre- 
spondence or corresponds with them ; mit etlttot 
et*t* — ttrdriel onfangen (unterbaiten), to 
ieo (carry on) a correspondence with a p. 
ef eit, v.a. to {transmit by) mail. 

„ .ft, BrU'tC, ind . <k subj. imperf. cf grttett. 

Irtga'b— C, /. ( pi. -*n) brigade. — icT, m. 
(—ie , r#, W. ^e're) brigadier-general. Comp. 
— esObllltaMt, m. aide-de-camp to a general of 

©rifg,/.(- J*-*) brig. 

Brttftt, n. (p/. — *) briquette, pulverised coal 
baked in brickahaped blocks. 

tMritOt-e, /• rebound of a ball (Bill., AMI.). 
— iCre» r v. I. a. to cross a ball into a pocket. 
II. n. (awx. b.) to play off the cushion (BUI.). 

Vrifla'Mt, I. adj. brilliant. II. m. (-tn, pi. 
—en), brilliant, diamond. — ie'ren, t>.a. to 
out facets on a diamond. 

•rill-*, /. (pi. -en) (pair of) spectacles; 
glasses, goggles (against dust, glaring sun) ; 
lunette (Fort.) ; hole (in a closet) ; fin em fine 
— e anffefcen or —en bertanfen, to color any 
one's spectacles, to influence a person ; to hoax, 
deceive one ; turd) bit fgvarftr — e fe ben, to 
take a gloomy view of everything ; buret) eine 
frcmbe — e ft ben, to see with another p.'s eyes. 
Comp. — mitogen, m. bow of spectacles. 
— Cllsfattrral, w. spectacle-oase. — tUs 

staler, «. opadan. — en = rinse, pi. »p«>- 

tacle-frames. — easfftlOMge./. hooded snake, 
cobra (de capello). — ettsfWrifer, m. spec- 
tacle-glass cutter, lens-grinder. — enstrogrnb, 
«#. spectacled. — tncWCXt, n. lunette. — m= 
tirfrl, «*- caUipers. 

QriQie're*, v.n. to shine; to excel. 

erimlO'dttm, w. trash, nonsense. 

Brtn'gm, ir.v.a. to bring, fetel to 

conduct ; to lead, induce, cav » ; 

to bring forth, to bear (f»oef.) to 

bring word ; ehte €acbe f ert m- 

plish a thing ; eftM* Attftanbl — . 

to accomplish a th., to bring C0 

boo) or writ — , to succeed In to 

get on in the world ; cr bat C tfiff 

febr b«b btnan« gebramt, »«d 

great proficiency in music ; et lb* 

Cben — , to serenade a persot — , 

to make a sacrifice ; er bring t er , 

he does not get on, can get n< mi 

eine Okfnnbbeit-, to drink A; 

OM ben fjettclfttb — f to reduce to beggary ; an 
ken Sag — , to bring to light ; an fid) — , to ac- 
quire, take posses si on of ; an ken SNann — , to 
dispose of; to find a husband for, marry; anf 
kie 6eite — , to put aside, out of the way, 
save; achieve (obs.); conceal; einen ami* 
tefrrtc — . to provoke a.©. greaUy ; eintn 

anf ettt)a# — , to put one in mind of, i 

something ; (etna*) auf etnen — . to lay toosK's 

charge ; anf bte 8etne — , to set up, to raise («■ 

army, etc.) ; anf nene JRedranng — , to place to 

a new account ; einen aufter fid) — , to enrage 

s.o. ; einen babin — . to Induce, prevail upon, 

persuade one ; ee baQtn — , to bring matters 

to such a pass ; id) bringe eg btr, I drink toyoa, 

I pledge you ! (obs. stud, si.); in Drbnung — , 

«- A ..~. n „ A . i M •;« &».«>•«. — t to reduce to a 

to a conclusion; 

sh; fine €odje 

ng ; ed braduc 

him out of bis 

te into account; 

in Serfc — , to 

throw susnicioB 

bring into bad 

Jong with ; Ml 

t, this involve* 

fe — , to see sr 

to find in one's 


, v tnd ftber feist 

ftamilte — , to entail misery upon one's family; 
etnen nm tttoa& — , to cause one to lose some- 
thing ; urne* JJeben — , to murder, rejt. to com- 
mit suicide ; nm bic Gbre — , to dishonor; 
nnter bte Chrbe — , to bring down to the grave ; 
nnter bie Sfente — , to make known, circulate; 
nnrer Wegein — , to reduce to rules; sea 
~'U|e — , to get off (a boot, etc.) ; etmatf BW 
th (ace.) — . to lay by, to save ; etnen |i 
. d) — , to bnng s.o. to one's senses ; eiaxi 
n ttttaS — . to induce a p. to do a thiag; 
t§ or fid) £U etwad — , to bring oneself to, 
to contrive ; einen A nnt Singen — , to induce 
one to sing; &um 6d)tueiaeR — , to put te 
silence ; JU Jtakter — , to put (down) on paper, 
reduce to writing ; }tt gafl — , to ruin ; jnr 
©Oflfommenbeit — . to bring to perfection ; 
jut eprad* — , to start or to broach (a 
subject); wieber Anfammen — , to raUy 
(troops) ; meine Steunng bringt t$ mit gaV. 
my position involves, renders it n»— * — 
©ringer, m. (-«, pi. — ) causer; 

Stff ef/. (pf. -n) breexe, Ught wind, 
friffdx, see «3rttf dK. 

WTOWl— n, r.a.r. &• n. (aur. h.) to ( 
-tg. (Bra'rflig,) adj. crumbly, friable; fra- 
gile; crisp. 

©ro'tfen, m. (— g, pi. —) crumb, fragment; 
(pi.) scraps. See the Index of Names, 

Sreb, n. See 9rot. 
mllfln, v.n. (aux. %.) to bubble, to boil op. 
rafO't, m. {-tg r pi. —t) brocade. -«U 

adj. brocade(d). 
fHrO'Dtm, UrtKbCn. m. (— g) steam, vapor, 

exhalation ; foul air (Min.). Comp. — ft*J. 

m. ventilator-pipe. 
fJroWe'r— en, r.a. <4- n. to embroider. — sjnjg, 

/. embroiderv. 
9robf f f3rogf, m. breeching (of a gun). 
©roi'babn, m. (-g) light, pale and sweet bear 

made of wheat (northwest of Germany). 
Brum, n. (— ft) bromine. — fglinm, n. broada? 

of potassium. — mafferflDn' sfSnrC, /. hydn> 

bromic acid. 
©rom'beer-e (short o),/. ( pt. —en) blackberry; 

fa gemetn Wie —en, as plentiful as black- 
berries; —en fttdkn, to go blackberryiaf. 

Comp. —fgltrr, m. green butterfly. -VhMb, 

m. bramble, blackberry bush. 

Srpmi'b, n. (~g) bromide. 
ranm— laa,(— aWcrrf;. bronchial, —ten,**. 
(pfw». eron'djien) bronchia, -i'tig, /. bnav 

©ronn, w.(— (e)g. p/.— en): — en, m. (-erf, 
pi. —e«) tpring, well, fountain (high stfUy 


125 Stifle* 

ffrsml-t, /. brouse, brass. — en, «#. made 
of bronze. — ifreil. v.a. to bronze. 

/rf. -f n) (cftmfe. Sro'frfmdkn, ©ro'famleui) 

<**• /• (j* — ») brooch. 

'«*«, n. (-i, j* -) (co//'*) sweetbread. 
„_.<*)— te'rett, v-a. to stitch together (ai a 
pamphlet ; to weave, embroider (Manuf.). 
—WTt. p.p. <fc adj. in paper cover, in pamphlet 
form, in boards, atitched. — fl'rt. /. (pi. 
— IPren) pamphlet. — WxtUzlmtibtt, «». 

9&UI, n. (alto ©ro'feleln) small morsel, 
crumb. — « . v.a. An, to crumble. 

tlr*t. ». (— eb\ P*. — f) bread; loaf; support, 
livelihood ; ein — gntfer, a loaf of sugar, sugar- 
loaJ; borgegeffenel — , anything enjoyed 
before it baa been paid for ; fein — berbietten, 
to earn one's living ; fein eigne* — effen, to 
be one's own master ; in femanbee 1 — ftcben, 
to be in a p.'§ service ; bie ftnnfc gebt nadi — , 
art goes a-begging or looks for what pays ; 
fffa — babfu, to have a competency ; fete 
fitted— bobftt, to be well oft, ba* ©eidje 
HOin — c, the crumb of bread ; bfttf lie be — , 
the daily bread ; ba£ Itebe — nifbt baben, to 
be in great strata ; ftambf nine* Itebe — , strug- 
gle for hfe; tr fann menr a(9 — effen, he is 
up to a trick or two ; fie fbort fid» bad — bom 
Mm** ab, she is stinting herself. Comp. 
-fcMMR, m. bread-fruit tree, — tentel, m. 
food-bag, haversack. — brei, m. pap, panada. 
—tm€t*, ». breadwinning. -gelebrte(r). 
w. one who makes learning merely a means of 
gaining hie livelihood, professional scholar. — 


»»..■«•»«. ouiployer; head. — fammctt 
try. —fori, m. bread-basket ; cittern ben 

tori biter tyhsgen, to keep one on short 
owance, to reduce a p^a supplies, — lo#, 
;'. without bread ; unprofitable ; out of em- 

OS . 

adj. witho 

ployment ; — loff Jlftnfte, aits that do not pay. 
— nungclr m. dearth. — neid, m. commercial 
jealousy, trade rivalry. — ttfUrfter, n. bread- 
poultice. — roibcl,/. rasp, —rinbe, /. crust 

of bread. — roffctT, m. toasting fork. — fdbUS, 
/. inspection of bread. — fOMttfel, /. oven- 

— linbC, /. sling. — bodj, n. curved roof. 
— borf , n, village near a swamp. — tifett, n. 
scrap iron. — foOtg, adj. decaying. — ftlftfl, 
n. broken glass. — rtdmnng, f. fractions 

(Ariih.). -febiene, -fdrtnbel, /. splint. 

— ffeitt, m. quarry stone ; ashlar. — ftttet, n. 
fragment. — frtrfstbeife, adv. fragmentarily, 
in fragments. — tcil. m. fraction, —staffer, 
m. bogwater. — jail, /• fractional number. 

BrsV0i0r odj. fullof breaks or flaws; brittle; 
fragile ; ruptured. 

BraVd— €,/. (pi* —en) bridge ; viaduct ; pontoon ; 
shelf (Typ.)i bar (of a buckle) ; scaffolding ; 
etne— e fiber einen &(u$ fibjagen, to throw a 
bridge across a river ; bdttgenbe — e, suspenr 
non bridge ; einem bie — c treten, to give a p. 
a helping hand, to aid him, to take his part *, 
fiiebenbem %t\*b bun' golbene —at. build 
golden bridges for the fleeing foe (prov.); 
atfe —en bmter fid} abbredjett, to leave 
oneself no means of altering one's coarse of 
action, to burn one's ships. — Mtg, /. wooden 
floor of a stable. Comp. — eflsbabtt, /. way 
across a bridge. — en £ ban. m. bridge-building, 
—ensiogen, m. arch of a bridge. — CttsDvW, 
n. pontoon boat. — Msgelft, n. bridge-toll. 
— encfOd), n. wooden pier. — enst**?, m. 
tete-de-pont (Fori.). — e*=ltbne, /. balus- 
trade along a bridge. -tnslrfeiler, m. pier, 
pile (of a bridge). — efl'ffbreibfr, m. receiver 
of the bridge toll. — ettzttMge, /. weigh- 
bridge, patent weighing machine. — tUsjOU, 
tn. bridge-toll. 

Bnt'ber , *». l—§ t pi. ©rftber) brother ; friar ; — 
in fcboflo, brother-poet; — Stttbio, student; 
— ©fronbinger, traveling artisan (from 
Straubing in Bavaria ) ; eut iuftiger — , a 
Jolly fellow; gleirfjf ©ruber, gfeidpe Stapprn, 
share and share alike (prov.) ; bad iff e£ Witter 
Orfibern toert, that's a reasonable price. 
— febaft, we ©rftberfdjaft. Comp. —<«)s 
I ittbf n. brother's child, cousin. — fn%, m. fra- 
ternal kiss ; kiss of peace. — UebC,/. fraternal 
love. — 106, adj. brotherless. —morb. m. fra- 
tricide. — tttdrberifdj, adj. fratricidal. - 

©rfi'beir, pi. see ©ruber; bie bannbmtgets — , 

fratelli di misericordia, monk-hospitalers ; bie 
niebcren — , Minorites; bie granen — , Cister- 
cians; — ber beiiigen Sungfraa, Carmelites ; 
bie m&brtfdien — , Moravian brethren; bie 
bobmifien -, - bom Gkfe* Gbrifrt, Huss- 
ites. — eben, n. (—(bend, pi. — djett), — lei*, 
n. {-tein«. pi. -iein) little brother; dear 
old boy. — lid), adj. & adv. fraternal ; me 111 e 
-licfce 2lebe, my brother (coll.). -lidtfett, 
/. brotherlineas, fraternity. — febaft./- brother- 
hood, fellowship ; — fdjaft trinfen, to drink the 
pledge of brotherhood ; to drink to thee and 
thou. Comp. — getneinbt, /. (fraternity oj ) 
the Moravians. 

tSm'bem, v.n. (auz. f.); Hier if* niaV 5 s» — , 
nothing to eat here (eo/Z.); mit ifjm iff ni(fit gut 
— , it Is better not to joke with him {coll.). 

Brute, /. (pi. — n) soup, broth ; sauce ; gravy ; 
infusion ; juice ; dye ; eitte (ange — , a tirade, a 
long yarn; in 

©rfi'b— en, v.a 

ing tub. — | 
Cben, n. sauce- 


am dreadfully 

ing hot, boilii 

einem eine € 

tail news to a 
Brfibl, m. (- 

©rfil'l— ett, v.a. & n. (out. b.) to roar, bellow; 

to low. Comp. — *ffe, m. howler. — frofdj^m, 

bull-frog. —Qd&f m. roaring bulL 



BraWtttt la, (Srim'aiel*,) *.o. <fc n. (< 

to grumble ; to mutter. 
fHram'ttt— C«, «. I. n. (ok*. fi # ) to make a low, 
continuous, marling, rolling or bussing noise ; 
to growl ; to snarl ; to low ; to buss ; to grum- 
ble ; to rumble ; in ben ©art —en, to mutter to 
oneself ; to grumble to oneself. II. a. ; eitt £ieb 
— tm, to bum sn air ; etttHtd —til, to mutter 
something ; f r milt —en, be must go to prison ; 
be sits in jail, be is obliged to be hi prison 
(ooltX —«r t m. (— cr»> pi. — et) grumbler, 
growler ; blue-bottle fly ; great gun ; tee —bat. 
— ig, — if<t» adj. <£■ adv. grumbling, peevish. 
Comp. —Mr, —toff, m. grumbler, growler. 
—Ml, *>• bourdon (0/ an organ) ; double-bass 
(rton. ^fca, n. Jew's-harp. HliW,/. 
blue-bottle fly. — fiftr, m. dung-beetle. 
— freiffl, *»., — tfifCl, m, humming-top ; musi- 
osl top. — fftfttel, ss. head-ache caused by 
drinking ; cinett — fd»obf i bflben. to be seedy. 

Sr&Mftt, adj. brownish ; bit -f , brunette. 
r»«ft, /• rut, heat (of animal*). — fa, v.n. 
(awe. h.) to rut. Comp. — |Clt ff /. rutting- 
Braatfr— «, v.a. to burnish. — ft. m. (— tti, 
pi. — cr) burnisher. Comp, — fifca, *., — 
MM,m. burnisher. 
tfrim'nett. m. (— g, pi. — ) spring ; wen ; foun- 
tain; well of mineral waters; mineral or spring- 

water ; shaft (Attn.) ; meiitc Slfine flab 61 ben 
— gtf aflf a, my plans hare inlacarried, come to 
nothing, have ended in smoke ; bm — Jttberfftt , 
tor mt b«! Jtiab bjaeia gc fallra it, to shut the 
stable-door when the horse is stolen (pro*.) ; 
rriafta, to drink the water*. Camp. 

— «rtt, as. physician at a waterinf-pmoe. 
—Mm, n. basin of a fountain. t c ti lttr, 
a*, reservoir. — tttrtT, ««. sinking anger. 
— Clatfr. •». well-buckei — ftafafaag, /. 
weU-inelosure. —fait, *». visitor at a water- 

water-cress. — Cur./, course of mineral waters, 
-life, /.list of visitors at a spa. -«Ki*rr. 
1. Inspector of wells; master of a water-cure es- 
tabliahment. — fibre,/ water-pipe. — ffttfCa. 
gfl, «». beam, lift(/or the wW/ tmctrfL —ftil, 
a. well-rope. -HKrftat. m. sending (or trans- 
mission) of mineral waters. tagier, a. 
spring water. -H)fit, /. season (/or islvi? (to 

«m«t./.(pl«riw*t«) ardor, passion; test 
rut ; conflagration, ore (oasW.). 

tJrtVtii, adj. <* aeV. burning ; ardent ; In heat 
mstful;senenaL —frit, /. ardor ; beat. 

Unit, /. (j* Sritf) breast; bosom; chest 
breast piece («/ « eW); »*a brr — eafbsit- 
aea, to wean; Mia bit — •erlea, to bridle 
up, give oneself airs; in friar — grerfra. to 
la's conscience ; er DM e* oai brr — . 
trosasethsaa; hehasacold; tmaua 
- f coaae to my heart; jtiab ca btr 
— , — — -^ baby. Cbatp. —after, /. thoracic 
Tea; auasssary tsIb. aUa c i . /• pectoral 
averse beam, yen 

beam, b e ta , a. breastbiwie, 

saamt. —MOV ». baH length portrait ; beet. 

U no* chest biimgsi, 

-Mm, / «ffbsa 
-trifc, /. pectoral gland 

bread. — ■^ffrs* a. beak of stays. 

ksjag. /- mmimmatVm of the cheat, -Iff, *- 

of katteapreav tf i Kb, •- breast \ff JmetaV 
-•Hrr. at thorertce ifteLV 
- * v ,W-mss 

136 tfrfrtt 

— gUebeT, p/. wings (of birds); fore-feet (#J 
mammals). — gftafCl, n. wainscot, 
n. breast-pump; nipple-glass. — " 
m. breast-armor, cuirass, —boat, 1 
— bfible,/. cavity of the chest -r«fthl. ■ 
chest (cavity). -Uttt. /. breast-plat* stras 
(5odVW.).— rmNtetl.m.breaat-bone. — faU^cfsL 
/rf. pole-pieces (*VkW/.). — friUtf , adjTtSmSA 
with chest disoaso ; consumptive. — frsmftctt 
/. disease of the chest. — fnwfc, /. frffl, 
ruffle. —la!}, m. stomacher, doublet; bib. 
— lebtr, n. leather apron. —If hue, — HUMCr, 
/. breastwork, parapet railing. n UitlC t, a. 
pectoral, expectorant, —ttiniitn*. adj. 
ctorant — rtiltiflMlfl, /. ezpectoantioB. 
ilb, m. & n. breast-plate ; thorax (BmL\ 
tmt.f. chest-voice, -frrfifftl. «.sh4rt- 
— tfirf, n. breast, brisket (0/ s*a*> 
— t»Cb, n. neck-cloth. SMrtC» /- sdppla. 
-^rjC«sbr<fcl,m.nipple-shkld. — tP«|rT: 
fHO>t f /. dropsy of the chest. — Ipekc. /. 

breastwork, rampart. — mtrf , a. fore-part ef 
an organ. — ttllnbe, /. wheel and axle (JfavV 

t3rfiff-6ni, n. little breast. — ig, <tdj. (jsa% 
m comp. =) -breasted, -chested. — «ab% /• 
breastwork, rampart ; (window) sUL 

f3riPte«, v.r. to give o.s. sirs, to plume oasssV 
(on a th.. flber erne 6.)* to brag about a tb, 

Oril, /. (p/. — €11) brood; fry, spawn ; brato; 
act of brooding or hatching; bit $*■** it is 
ber — . the hen is sitting; — fc*«*, to snaws, 
to stock with spawn ; bie g*ttjr — tsisMt sittbtl, 
they are a worthless set. Comp. -Hbtaef, /• 
drone. — d, n, egg for batching. —+e*M f f 
sitting hen. — *fra, m. hatching oven. — 
UteibC , /. comb containing the embryo bess. 

Qtntfl, adj.&adv.bnUL — if it,/. " 

CrSt-fw, r.o. <fr n. (oss. |.) to sit (on osar); 

to brood over, to hatch. — ig, adj. siidlei 
f3rart». adt. gross, in gross {weight, etcX 
SiKtr {8e*h berman: ©«*), m. (-«. pL -hi) 

boy, lad; boy-child; servant; vassal; aws, 

scamp ; knave (of card*). Com *^ 

av, -Hisltiet, a. knavii trick. 

t3ir-<*ll. a. (- 

-erri', / (jpf. -trci^i) 
knavish trick. — Ul. /. woi> u . f wuhm^ 
ifab, mdj. knavish, vflssinoua, m i sc bi ev oia v 
Irta, a- aw — «)rw. 

tJsrtb. n. (-t«, p/. fJWbbrr) book; quire (•/ 
jws«r); a fall sott (0/ «rrrf*); six tricks (a* 
wJWsO ; ria rated — . a book in sheets or sjamv, 
in — f briagra. in* — eiatragea, to bask; 
-talrm. bir tMbtrr ftkrm. to keep accoaaav 
to keep the books. Camp. -**Ci, m, sstsst 
nobility. -tiatfT, av book-bmdar. -bit: 
•ersgau. a. hmf-goid. -brasf. ». nftstssj 
of books; typograpbed (; 
l aaXl . a ^ jrmter. 

mg ; prisdiug-oSDoa. — I w 

see ask. ksjaaVTrbTtfc, /. 1 


k luraaig. tjarliag,, 



s>«rasB); tat rorgr vr* 

r,*.toakallw. -toMn«,/.k* 




fjgy*«w*3ttdi. —ft', /.library. Comp. 

— onffeber. — benmbrer, to. librarian. 

— fcrttt, a. bookshelf, -jrentt*, to. biblio- 
phile. — gtfrefl. n. bookshelves, book-case. 
— Nile, /. public library, free library. — 
taH>C t /. bibliography. — tnnbtger, m. biblio- 
grapher. — tttofter, to. book-wright literary 
hack, — naTT, to. bibliomaniac. — fdal, to. 
library. — f amtttlnng. /. (book* of a) library, 
collection of book*. — f(na«,/. critical review of 
booka. —fftrnnf , m. bookcase. — f*m<be,/. 
written or literary language. — Winder, to. ; 
fcrrbbartr — ftonber, revolving book-caw. — 
fttfbf./. bibliomania. - tafdje, /. satchel. — 
rrddier, to. second-hand bookseller, —gets 
Irfber, to. owner of a lending library, —tiers 
|TU9nt«, »• catalogue of booka. — Igefeu, n. 

literary concerns, literature, 
bookworm ; plodding boy (in schools), 
f. bookishness, bibliomania. 

— »Ut, 

fjTttfb*, to. ste — bonnt Comp. — bannt, to. 

tlMfC, /. (/rf. — n) box ; case ; pot, Jar ; cylin- 
drical veaael ; tube ; pipe ; barrel (of a rifle) ; 
rifle, carbine ; box (of a wheel); socket. Comp. 
— asfnfCl,/. rifle-bullet. — nslattf, to., — ns 
rokr, n. rifle-barrel. — nstttfUfeer, to. gun- 
— nsindfter, to. master-gunner. — ns 
m. gun-stock, — nsfffenfte, m - rifle " 
— Cnsf fbmiefc, to. armorer. — ns 

f tanner, m. nfle-charger. — nsnieiifd)iefeen, 

a. rifle-competition. 

aSvtVftnt, »»• (— <n r />*• —en), -*, m. (—end, 
p/. — f «) letter, written character ; type ; gro* 
fer —t, capital letter. — fur — , letter by let- 
ter, literally. — ie'ren, v.a. to spell ; fa(fd) 
— ieren, to misspell. — ie'rsbttd), n. spelling 
book, horn book. — ie'rstttCfbOfte, /. alpha- 
betic method. — ie'rsfftie!, »• spelling bee. 
— ifrnafl,/. spelling. —Ill, at(j.(tn compds.) 
-lettered, consisting of letters. Comp. —ens 
fs)|fC, /. sequence of letters, alphabet. — 
ensglCUDnng, /• algebraic equation, —ens 

firfel, «. logogram, — eturetbnnng. —ens 
rettoenrnnn, /. algebra. — ensfftleleret. 

* 1 x*f -m <^-A^I<f • 

buffalo bide. — fgftf , m. white-headed duck ; 
blockhead. —Jeter, n. buff leather. 

—Wamm6, n. buff-jerkin. 

Biff— eln* v.n. (out. h.) to drudge, to toil hard, 
to slave (si.), -f lei', /. hard work (si.). — 
ler, m. plodder, smug ; one who crams (si.). 

Bftffef I (sometimes: tBttffet, pron. in the French 
way)n. (— g, pi. — 4% SJnffctte) sideboard ; bar. 
— ftoulein, n. bar-maid. — UUutV, to. bar- 
man. — titttttter, »• refreshment room. 

OMi *»• (— <e)S, pi- 8ttge) bend, bow ; flexure; 
shoulder, point of a horse's shoulder ; joint, 
hock, hough ; bow (of a ship) ; bag $ferb ift 
ant — e tonnb, the horse is collar-galled; 
Shtie— , bend of the knee ; Qorber— , shoulder 
(of quadrupeds). Comp. — an fer, to. bower. 
—ban 5e«, pi. fore or breast-hooks. — lahttt, 
adj. shoulder-strained. — ISlme, /• shoulder- 
slip, strain. — fnriet, ». bowsprit — flange,/, 
fore-mast. — ftfirf, n. breast-piece, brisket (q/ 
oe^); hawse-piece (Naut.); bow-chase (Artil.). 

IMi'gel, to. (—§. pi. — ) bent (or curved) piece of 
wood (or metal); ring; hoop ; guard of a sword- 
hilt ; trigger-guard ; gimbals (Naut.) ; (gteig— ) 
stirrup. Comp. — brett. n. ironing-board. 
— eifett, n. box-iron, flat-iron ; tailor's goose. 
— eifeushe!*, m. tailor (hum.), -fett, adj. 
firm in the stirrups. — log, adj. without stir- 
rups, —riewen, »». stirrup leather, —fife, 
/. bow-saw. — tHfb, n. ironing blanket. 

IMI'0— eln, v. a. to smooth (with a flat-iron), to 
iron, —ler in,/- ironing woman. 

fjng— fie'ren, v.a, to tow. — ReTsboot. — 

gattt't'fsbOOf , n. tug, steam-tug. — ffeTsfan, 

a. tow-rope. 

Bii'tel, m. (— 4, pi- — ) (dfcrf.) hUl : humpback 

BnOT-e, to. (-eir pi. -en) */..(* t<«). 

—In, /. (<» o ^o«* *««« now only *» ^y* **»*• 

and poetry) lover ; lady love, sweetheart ; gal- 
lant ; mistress ; paramour. 

Bull — <n. v.n. (auz. h.) to woo, to make love to; 
to have illicit intercourse (mit, with) ; to strive 
(nnt, for) ; to vie (mit, with). — er, to. (— t r$, 
pi. — er) lover, paramour, —mi',/, coquetry; 
wooing ; illicit intercourse. — fr in, /. courte- 
san, kept mistress. — etifdl, adj. amorous; 
unchaste. — f (baft, /. (pi- — f d)af ten) amour ; 
love-affair ; object of love, mistress, paramour 
(obs.). Comp. -gime, — fdm»effer, /. para- 
mour ; prostitute ; wanton ; bawd. 

BnlKne, /• dam to turn the courer of a river t 
quay, wharf ; flah-well; crawl (for fish). Comp. 
— nsttteifter, to. quay-keeper, wharfinger. 

Bfib'n— e,/. (pi. —en) scaffolding ; stage, boards 
(of a theater)-, gallery; orchestra (for musi- 
cians) ; scene of action. — ettsonttieifung, /• 
stage direction. — cnsbefeijr, n. stage proper- 
ties. — ettsbefleibnng, /. stage-decoration, 

h —oisfleber, n. stage-fright, —ens 


geretbt, adj. fit for the stage, theatrical. — 
ensggtt, to. deus ex machina. — ensfnnbig, 
adj. having theatrical experience, —ens 

woler, m. scene-painter. — ensniannfrrint, 

n. acting copy. — enstttifcig, adj. scenic, 
theatrical. — tnsfrreid), to. dramatic touch. 
— en=frfid\ m. play for the stage, acting play. 
— enrttwnb, / side-scene, -fnstnni, »». 
ballet. — enstnerf, n. machinery of a theater. 

— enstoertmeifter, to. machinist, —ens 

tnirflatn, adj. theatrical, full of scenic effects. 

Bfib'nen, v.a. to board, to provide with a scaf- 

Bttf , Bute, imperf. ind. A subj. of batfcit. 

BttfOO— iter. to. writer of a bucolic or pastoral 
poem. — ifd), adj. bucolic, pastoral. 

©nl'ge, /. (pi. — a) leather bag, leather bucket 

x fhi!1--e, to. (—en, pi. —en) bull, bullock. 
Comp. — gogge, /•» — ensbeifcer, «. bull-dog, 
— ensbene, / buu-baiting. 

»©»He,/. (pi. -n) seal (on a deed) ; papal bull s 



BNlen 188 

iwWIn document i bit go (bene - (JttrM IV.) 
Ill* Ool«l«i Dull (ISM), Camp.-nJtxtiHT, 
m, Imlllit. 

SNlffM, <*». hulk | pontoon (A*eio\). 
Nl'lfr W,*e, to bubble. -li f *tf. bubbling, 

viPlib. *». ; *tfltl- yellow thraah, oriole, 

Vim* **# •* •«»# ; »l», btw — , ciing- 

fttur* ft, **..♦ tlnfN -*l m«4m. to fofor 
a at roll, to take » comfortable walk (col/.). 
tlft%S.aawdUitcJ<4tering} teaineiB; negU- 
torn* I b«* id l« flttt t»lt -tlr( ft the* it 
ta)«*l gnue tmrMMonoM (retf.). —flit* «*</. 
uuput\t4ttel« oeroWek ek»w. --fla, r.R. {mux. 

, oareWok ftk>« 
10 iwoNi U*HS 

to teei about; 

eWbr om4 tmroheaty. — btr, •"- i— 4er*\ 
frtf MWr, Ww. dawdler, 

I,) H> weete 

a»4 mre l wety. 

MWr» Ww\ 
.. . , tV»v^ ■ ttafctttt, 
till tftrtr N, he e\»e e^doaettohoof work. 

iMtW* Ht 4*wdhs lo take It eeay, to work 

*\j- awd woheety. — *tt\ a*, i— 4er*. eV. 

etow^oach ; 

trawtp. tVotf** 

cr ttbrt 

ti*Mtt% •»* •*>* Moim Parttfton»*»nr tnia. 

**** K*iW» *t «M««. It ev 1 

Tflftppi' VojrrJL t*H YfiTi fiMft : w*je*jba»d ; \ejod 

*« vtveu WoA a* mbwb mfcimr oaoia ere art; 

*M Ot^ fOjrtWMbT "■» eethe*; bCY 
^„^, v *•* Omooh Oi»t< awotwoi . err 

oik e#* brt im x tb* ^ •■ o/ *#' 

VM WOA \*% TVtfMMlM yM| - -e 

-»-— * er*^\ Horo — tfteeeBOjrm. a* 
«k « VMM. i>oy. ' 

%». W 4r»*V *- xwbttm 44 • «no«^ ! 

***•*• *, IkfckkrtO. M I ^ 

<^ ve>*rrt •. "** i»on o t «o» 

«W *■■ -vJ * ris*. -* »w<wo a 


on ; they wore oil at fixem and oevoot ; c* imtc 
imttter — cr, the oonfnrion was eror gHH i io i; 
fie fletbCt fUfe »if ber — t ahe it oat of noon. 
In* ; tint — e ft «rtr . a courtyard ; — « 8B«cicb, 
ohUdron'a toya; — t Hcibr auMbcn. to pair of 
buties and gontlomon: -c fjfeijriftc w—j- 
oolorod pondla. — left,/, gaynoai (•/ coicrt). 
Comp. —bTtttf, av colored inmrioninn, priav 
ing in colon; (itbognHbtfoVr — bnot, 
chromolitbogrftph<y). — fctflf, adj. «an> 
gated, Bpf>Uftd T apecklod. gCMPftifirtt, •#. 
tartan, cb«ckero£ f d m f &V «<;• ndnd; 
parti-colored, checkered. ' Hfe>ilen»*, •* 
opalotcont locrf, n, fnrrlory. 

IbttT — rstbvabm. defirorod. 

ftaraW, «. (-#.K -#) bwrei 
ofiko. — ftrtt. am. (— tnr*bra. »*. — trs%i) 
red4apiot. -frt^./rwl ti ■ n ii iilln 
Cooy -tntil./ bactaaSjanioB. 

CQJTf , /. (J* -^)f«tiBMplace«rawom(oa>.^ 
caoUe; c&aoVl ; atroogbiH ; (ohw of) aom 

Co*^— tan. am 
tion of a lootli 





— ftfwle, /. middle-class school, higher grade 
CetewMm t a r y) school ; bobere --fd)ll(e, higher 
•miiriln trlass school (In wA. no classics are 
UmmakCu — fbni, m. pubuo spirit (m a eiliun). 
— ffaml, «*. citlien dia. — ftftS* "*• pave- 
ment, sidewalk. -t»ge»», /. pubUe spirit; 
cawio virtue. — tMUtt, —WW, /. dty- 
inilitia;rdty)vohinteer force. — IliefrsttaiM, 
we. ndhtte-xnan, (city) volunteer. 
!8irfAiii.(-«,p/.-f«); -C, m ; (-ftt,jf 
— r«) young man, youth, boy, lad; twain 
(poet.); fellow, comrade; student (usually a 
Go* man student after the first year); appren- 
tfcoe>; officer'* man or ■errant; fellow (in 
familiar expressions such as alter — , Btttf 
-, -, etc.). -fiisUfclft, /. (derman) 
nte* Assooation (formed in ISIA" for 

moHHntl purposes); assorisrion of 

rT ^' aeing poUtical and liberal principles. 

5f*tfttl)ar, *•• member of a ©mrfaW 

U — tfV#, «#. <lr aaV. student-like; 

jovial; aneeremonions, free and easy; 

Comp. — outran*, »»• cuetom 

students, college ways. — CttstttllQ, 

m, confederacy of (German) students, —fits 
st. oonYiYial customs prevailing 
tenta. — Cttsftortfte. /. students* 

J« f ». college life, students* 

Ufa. —Cttstfestt, P*. etudento' songs. 

MXiWmn, n., fJirloyiein, n. little boy, lad ; 

stripling; whipper-snapper (contempt.). 

Sift— t. /. Q* — W) brush, whisk. Comp. 

— OUft*Slt0, «t. brush-proof. — flubinKr, 

m. brush-maker. — fiuraa, »• knife-cleaner. 

f Jir' jt cM , vus. to brush; oieb mir eta* an — , 

■ i me a drink (coll.); mir babett tool gebftr- 

: f we hare ouaffed our fill (ooll.). 
_ _ rtig, adj. {especially in compounds) born, 
of birth, native of: titter—, of noble descent. 
BttT'lCl— ■, «fa> fto'lCla, *.n. (ouz. f.) to 
" (aeod wer Aeeb). Coin^. — fcmitt, 

Virld. »• ( — i, p*. — ) croup, rump; hind 

part of a beast or bird. 
BnUb, m. (-*«, pf. ©ftfebe ) bush ; small wood, 

underwood, brushwood, thicket, copse : covert ; 

tuft; bunch; oitf be* — Mobftn, to beat 

about the bush. — iu>t (o©*.), — ig, adj. 

repentance. — tCjt, m. text for the 
on a day of fasting and prayer. — ibuBB, /. 
exercise of penance. — frit, /• time of repent- 
ance and penance; Lent. — SCOe, /. peniten- 
tiary celL — i«0>t,/. penitential didpline. 
Vfi'fl— CHr v.I. a. to make amends for, to atone; 
to repair, mend ; to fill up (a gap); to compen- 
sate; to expiate; ffatm — m, to make a p. 
atone, to punish a p. (obs. & poet.) ; feisf gltfl 
—en, to satisfy one's desire ; febte* $*rft 
—fit, to quench one's thirst (arch, ds poet.)* 
II. n. faux, b.) to suffer for, do penance, atone 
for (fftr). —er, m. (— tt4, pi. -ft) peni- 
tent ; one under penance ; gittfen — er . stopgap. 
— «■§.♦/. penance, atonement, expiation. 

Su'ten, aA. (Low 

(Low G*i., <n cpd*. =) out, outer 

fjlltt, adj. & adv. short and thick, stumpy; 

blunt ; obtuse. — C. /. (p/. —en) flounder. 
©Ut't-e, (tlltt't— «.) /• (p/.-«*) tub, coop; 

wooden vessel; basket for carrying on the 

«.__*. J ' -* — ) cooper. 

« liff; jailer. 


burn; fid) 
ten taffen, 

oon ©rot 
be fleeced 
HM letweU 
ebn, to bo 
be meed 
*r. -iB, 
w ; — bem- 

id drakes. 

— blmmt, 
i. ~>r«t f 
ti — *rot, 

ir, butter- 

wwvmw-vw, w~.~. — iw»«m, ^* fitter-print. 

— fdlttC,/. butyric acid (CAw».). — fOdfoVlt, 

«.; cte — ifbclfn^eit fctn, to be fastidious. 

—fttmptl, HfoVCl/ «•. churn-staff. HhiKr, 

/. = — brot ; — ftitlltn Werfm, to make ducks 

and drakes (coU.). — trig, m. rich crust, flaky 

paste. — *0*el, m. butterfly (dial.), —toed, 

m. butter-roll. 
fjltt'ifr, m. (— «, p*. — ) awkward fellow % 

UllU, •»f|— CK, «• wn (of fruit; of a tumor}\ 

sore in the eyes or nose ; snuff (of a candle); 

ba ffelft btr — cm, there 's the rub ! (eotf.). 
Villi* m. blow (or stroke), fall (accompanied by 

a dull noise) ; bogy, bugbear. 
ftot'aaBOIIIS, m. bogymsn, bugbear. 
?Jtlt'*f»fCbetbf ,/• bull's-eye glass, gbws-roundel. 

Comp. —ndtjitit, f. mock old German lyrics. 
Uttfe'topf , m. grampus, bottle-nosed whale. 

Words beginning with fa **...., CI... M 

CO...., Clt...., and not given under $ should be 
looked for under ft ; those beginning with tfb» 
also under &di; those beginning with $f...., 
€!....» or €(••••» under 3 or ft. Foreign words 
of the same form and meaning in both languages 
hare, as a rule, been omitted. 

C, C, C, c; <£ = Do (Mus.\; (J-Ditr (TOott), (the 
key of) G major (minor); ftontrn (£., contra 
double C ; (§,. ©(blflfff 1, G clef, bass key. 

Co/ore, m. & n. (— 4, pi. — S) the frame (or 
skeleton) of a regiment ; tody (or list) of regi- 
mental officers, cadre, ske.eton. 





Caftf n. (—*,pU — g) cafe; coffee-house (less 
elegant than a catf) ; — ftynttOSIt, (■mail) music 
hail, silig-song shop. 

C<fU>m*l r n. (— -g) calomel, mercurous chloride. 

€««tb— ictatr v.a. to deal in bill*, to do ex- 
change business. — V\t, m. (— fatten, pi. 
—if Kit) financier. 

f •Wl^fdKhoU, ft. Oampeachy wood, logwood. 

Carom**!— tfgf, /. cannon (a* billiards). — 
iC'rnt, v.a. to cannon (of billiard*), to oollide. 

C«rter» tar'ier, m. <fc ». place of detention, 
lock-up (a/ schools and universities); brtt 
6ttttibeit — , three houra of d et en t ion or keep- 
ing in. 

§*rrt', n. (— g p/. — g) square. &* Home. 

COTtiCre, /. 0* — «) career; course; gallop; 
etee gate — ntaffteit, to get on in the world, 
to be quickly promoted. 

Cftrttftfl— O/gr, /. (p*. — a'flen) pasteboard 
work, binding in boards, —ic'tcn, v. a. to put 
In boards. —Wttt adj. (bound) in boards. 

Ciftt'Tf /. (p/. —fit) caeura, break in the metri- 
cal line; tlingenbe — , feminine csasura; 
Jtttmpfe —, m as culine ensura. Comp. — rtim, 
in. caesura of one line rhyming with that of a 
conseoutiTe line* 

Cefr-Cttt, m. (— eit'fclt, pi- — en'reit) assignor, 
transferrer. — fct'frur, odi. transferable, nego- 
tiable. — ifm. v.a. to cede, surrender, assign. 

CCfcet, /. (pi* — W) cedar. — n, adj. of cedar. 
Comp. — <a)~hj)||, n. cedar wood. 

Celebr— «'*t, m. (— «n'teit,p/. — tmfttn) offlciat- 

ing priest (a/ mass) ; celebrant. — ie're*. t>.a. 
to celebrate ; b«g 6od>amt — ieren, to celebrate 
high mass. -itVt, 7 (Pi— Ua'Uu) celebrity, 
shining light, star. 

CfW— • f »• (— og. P*. — »* •»" —I) violoncello, 
-ift, m. (-if'tew, p/. — irtm) Tioloncello 
player. (violon)oellist. 

CrlnlOT, ad/, (in compounds =) ce' mlar. — JHU 
ttolOflie, / cellular pathology. 

Crittl^fC, /. (pi. -*) oellulooe, celluloid, wood- 

f el'te, see fteftc. 

Cewfltt, *»• <* »• (— (e)g) cement. — feTm, 
r.a. to cement; to conrert into steel. — Wc 
rang, /. oementation; converting; auf bit 
— irrtntg beAigfio), cementatory, cementi- 
ttont cementing. 

Ceaf— ifrea, v.a. to examine books, etc.* before 
publication; to review, criticise; to censure; 
to certificate (school work). —*T, m. (pron. 
ttett'for, jpl. —0 / rm) censor (o/ the press). 
— grsaMt, ». censorship. — «*, f. (pi. — 
tr*rtlt) censorship of the press; report (m&tfhly 
or at end of school term), statement of conduct 
and of marks obtained, school certificate. 

ffttt, n. ; pro — . per cent. 

*€tUt. m. (— g, pi. — g) cent (a coin in America 
and Holland). 

*€€Ut,f. criminal Jurisdiction. Comp. — gtriott, 
n. court of penal Judicature, hundred- court. 
— fUggf i /. criminal charge. 

trotcjTmt/l, <wfi. centesimal, hundredth. 

iffltifrlie, /. (p/. -*) centifollous rose, cab- 

COTtgratttt, ». (— <e)g, P*. — e) centigram, 

the hundredth part of a gramme. 
CentiMCter, (m. <*) n. (-g, pf. -) centimeter, 

centimeter, the hundredth part of a meter. 

Cntfner, ftcRfntr. «». (— g,p^.— ) hundred 

weight (ooor. cwt.). Comp. — UH, /. heavy 

burden. — fftlpcr, a</. extremely heary. 
Cflttri/I, «//. oentraL —e, /. line joining two 

(or more) centers, —if ft. adj. central (obs.). 

— ififren, r.o. to centralise. — iflr/rnttg, /. 

f m'tmw, ». (— g, p/. gtnrrm) center ; teg — 

treffm, to hit the bull's-eye, to make a bull 

(coll.). Comp. h»hm, i». center-bit. — gs 

|F«rtfi, /. the Roman Catholic (ult 
party in the German parliament. 

Cerca'lifB, K cereals. 

UtrtnXOU— if,/, (p/.— ie'eiOoeremoiiT. 
ity. — ie'B, I. n. ceremonial. 11. oop. 
ceremonious; precise. — iiftft, a<f/. cexvn 
formal, punctilious; jKrJt(id) -tig ftiB, •• 
stand upon ceremonies. Comp. — ieasncUct 
(pron. &f re mVltif Utnf ifrcr), m. master of tts 

CerCHi'g, n. (-«g) beer; (cererisial) wotd ef 
honor (stud, si.) ; auf — , upon my (stodea*V 
honor! (stud. si.). Comp. —****€. A 
— Wifee, /. round little brimless drinkm* er 
beer cap, students' cap. 

CtrniC'r— fH, v. a. to invest, besiege, faleefc- 
ade. — ttM0r /• investment, siege, bloca-nan 
— mggsbm, n. investing army, ~ 

CertJCUttOUlit, /. Bologna i 
sausage, best kind of smoked i 
(inferior kind of sausage). 

f eg. n. C flat (Mum.). 

Icfrtfll, /. (pi. -*u) 
— <r*r, m. (— «'rg, p/. — «'re) assignee. 

«ba»0 / he r /. parley, shamade ; — HmistsjtM er 
glofcn, to beat or sound a parley (for is w 
tiw on XersM o/ surrender) ; to give in ( >#.). 

«bot«a'ice«, ». (-g pL -g) rl.iiV;tiai 
Comn. — tfftig, adj. chameleonic. 

ClKIIIMMOlier. m. (— g) champagne (wine), ta 
(coW.) ; hettttdkr — , sparkUng hock or w*> 
aelle; bcrbcr — , dry champagne ; iriftt fUJB 
mother or ntnffierettber — , still rh a mpf s; 
fforf mttfBerrnstr — , sparkling champagne; 
tine TftofdK — » & bottle ^f ohampagne ; — fi 
(Sig f iced champagne. Comp. »gsj|f, /. 
champagne-cup. — prolrfm, ». <" 
cork ; btc — bropfcn fnaUrm, the c 
corks popped. 

€ha«tHJr»ent. v.a. to drink champagne { t»r> 

ClKHOigngllt m. (— g. p/. — g) chattpigaoa, 
field agaric, eatable mushroom. Comp. — 

faaCCt /.mushroom catsup, ketchup. 
VS^Ul n. '(oe*i/—og)"chaos. ^-d^ifft, •**. ^ 


€) dignity of a 

orf t- . chaotic. 
«h«T0'gf, /. (pi. -tt) charade; 
to act charades. 

t aUfftttCSt 

Gfcmrt'tcr, m. (— g,p/. — e, pron. Gl«r«fterf) 
character, mental constitution, d l sno sJ rfrs i ; 
title, dignity; type, print; part (theat.y Comm. 
—bild, n. portrait of a p. drawn from lUa. 
— PIHfetrabe, m - characteristic letter. 
adj., — bnfl, od[/. having a firm character, a 
fast, reliable. — fOpf , m. faoo full of expt 
—log. adj. having no firm character, i 
cipled, fickle; -Toffg Okfifht, oountansnet 
destitute of character, dull or lifeless lacs. 
—ma$U,f* character or fancy dress. UMI 
bernng, / characterisation. — **g, ■»• char- 
aoterisUc, trait. 

€t*r*fter— ifffreil, «.o. to describe a cents* 
ter, to charaoteiise; to style, to give a titls ta 
—iff if,/, sketch of a character, chnra**erhn- 
tlon. — M'tMft* adj. charaoteristle. 

«h«r— frti'tag, — wtdK, •** it«i fuiiag, 

^hnT'ge, /. appointme nt , rank, post, poatlai; 
bie — II, officers and non^iommisstoned oJaatri; 
biehgfhftfli^of-Hl, the highest court 

the principal members of the royal 1 
*tar>iC. /charge, attack, onset (MU. y ekeX 
wburgre'r-ftt, v.a. to charge, attack (Mil.y 
— te(r), m. (non-commissioned) officer ( Mr — 
ten, the officers of (students') clubs. -HMSt/ 
charge, charging (of a Jlrearm, etc.). 
CNritati. * T (-HI. P^. -g) dim imim — eii 




#5s>*r1at*n, m. (-g, p/. -g <fe -e) charlatan, 
quack (doctor), mountebank -, in ber t(rt fined 
— g, quackiah. — Trie', /., — ift'ftttt*, m. 

charlatanism, quackery. 

Ctjemnic'ren, v.a. ; mit rinem flRabtfcen — , to 
cavrry on a flirtation with a girl. 

Ctoraftfr, n., eojarnif r (-*,*(. -e) hinge, 

idiaben. to poll linen-rags, to shred 

CtflBffrc', /. (pi. -en) high road. 

— SHIB. m. road making. — gelfc, m. tornpiKe 
money, toll. — gelb=einne9mer, m. toll- 
collector, turnpike-keeper, —bang, n. toll- 
bouse. — infbefror, «n. surveyor of roads. 

CfNWfVifrett, v.a. to make a public road. 

**€&. tiftttf , m. (— g, nl. -4) check. Comp. 
— f sjfttttt, *. system of paying by check. 

Cb*T, m. ( — g, pi. — g) chief, chief commander ; 
principal, head (of a firm); <9efd)tnaber — , 
admiral bi command; gtotatttone — , com- 
mander of a battalion, major ; ftomjXMte — , 

them— if, f. chemistry ; — ic (eftenber SBefen, 
biochemistry. — ifft/Iif*, pf. chemicals. 
-JfAttf*. "*/. chemicaL 

€|C'm— Iftr, m. <rf*> — Utt» (coll.) scientific or 
analytical chemist; student or teacher of 
chemistry. — if 6, adj. chemical ; —if (be $rfi- 
BTflte , chemicals. — -iff, m. analytical chemist. 

WSmWtU n. (-*), -C,/. (false) shirt front. 

Cfre'rttb, m. (-g, pl.-4& Ghe'rttbint) cherub. 
— fRiHfc, ad/, cherubic 

CteMlcrC*! t arf>. chivalrous, gallant, polite (to 

CticfBC fcdrtfa'ne, /. (pi. -en) trick, arti- 

CliftVc, /• (pi- — *) cipher, in ciphers ; crypto- 

cftaSsrV-C. /• (l* —en) chimera, fancy. 
— ifo), <h&. chimerical, fanciful, Utopian; 
— ijtfje £0ffMltngett, vain hopes, empty 

I, m. i—0, in. itqorairj nymn, aninem, 
i song ; psalm tune. Comp. — bnd), in. 
i book, anthem book. — tttdfeig, <*#. d> 
bymn-like. —tttrlOdir/, /. chorale, tune 

service, -nrtig, ad/, choral, — Wfajtf , m, 
suffragan or local bishop. — ftireftor, m. 
chorus-master, conductor of the chorus ; choir- 
master. — fr*ft, /. canoness. — ffibrtr, m. 
first chorister (Bed.) ; choragus (Anc. Theat.). 
— 0*H0, m. aisle. — gebflfe, m. acolyte. 
— gCfaHg, m. singing in chorus ; choral song ; 
anthem (Ecel.); etaftinuniger — gefnng, 
plain chant, Gregorian chant, canto fermo. 
— tKttB, n. surplice. — bert, m. canon, pre- 
bendary. — tnabtt m. chorister, choir-boy ; pf. 
cherubs (/am.). — letter, m. master over 
the choristers. — ntftf*, /• ap*». — NIMtftT, 
ofBdating nun. — Pttlt, n. lectern, reading 
desk, —rod*, m. clergyman's gown ; cope ; 
stole, —finger, m. chorister, choir man. 
— fdriUff , m. chorister, choir boy. — ftnbl, 
tn. choir stall. — IftCife, adv. in chorus, tutti. 

fffttra'I, m. (— g, p/. Gbora'lf) hymn, anthem, 

sacred song; ~ ~ ' "" "~ — ** ~ 

hymn boolL 
adv. hymn-li 
of a hymn. 

«torttt«'»M»#)» wi. (-**,&• —en) chorlain- 

«hrefto«ttWe / , /. (pi. -en) anthology, selec- 
tion of poems or gems of prose, reading book, 

fbrt'e, /. (pi. — (e)n) theme; dissertation or 
essay on chosen topics composed according to 
definite rules (Rhetor.). 

€ tariff, I. m. Christ (the usual form is now 
(Sbrtftttd, out the older German shortened/arm, 
(gfjriff, survives in popular hymns and also 
tn some compounds) ; — ift erftoitben, Christ 
has arisen; ber beilige — , Christmas; 
Christmas box or gift; cin nmnberltyer 
— , a curious sort of fellow, a queer fish (coll.). 
H. At. (—en. pL — «n) Christian, —in, /. 
female Christian. — en = belt, /. Christendom, 
—ensrnttlr »• Christianity ; Christendom. — s 
lift, adj. Christian ; adv. Christian-like ; kindly ; 
— lidk giebe, charity ; mit bent 9Rantef — ft- 
dK r fiiebe bebetfen. to draw a veil over (a per- 
son's failings); — (Ufie geitredmnng. Christian 
era; -lid) folate Ifeartci, Christian Socialist 
party. — Itdrfeit, /. Christianity; Christian 
nature. — ttg, m. (— i, Dal. — o, Ace. — nnt, 
Voc. -t ) Christ ; bar —o or tor — i Gkburt, 
b. c, before Christ ; nad) — i ®tf>UTt, a. c, after 
Christ, in the year of our Lord, a. d. (= anno 
domini). Comp. — flbcnfc, m. Christmas-eve. 
— bttwm, m. Christmas-tree. — beftfjernng,/. 
giving of the presents or presents given on 
Christmas eve. — bortt, m. prickly-leaved 

holly, —ensgrttieiite or— eitsgrttieittbe,/. 

community of Christians. — fnsftttb, n. Chris- 
tian child. — enzmenffb, m., — en=fcele, /. 
(good) Christian. — ftft, n. Christmas; etn 
frSfiitdjcd or bergnfigted — fcflr, a merry 
Christmas. — geftfjtttT t n - Christmas present ; 
Christmas box ( to errand-boys, postmen, rail" 
teay-men, etc.). — finDlrfn, n. infant Jesus. 
— mette, /. Christmas matins. — ttumot, m- 
December. — Uadft, /. night of Christmas eve. 
—tag, m. Christmas day. — ttgsbilft, n. 
image of Christ, image of our Lord ; crucifix. 
— ttisfaUff m. Christ's head; divine counte- 
nance. —Kit, /. Christmas or Yule time. 

tfbrtfttl— tt, v.a. to affect a Christian bearing, 
to be a bigoted Christian. — ef, /. affecting a 
Christian bearing, bigotry. 

«brtftom'a-<e), m. (—en, pL —en) christoic 
gist. — W, J. christology, general doctrines 
regarding Christ. 

Chrom, n. (— (e)g) chromium, chrome, —u's 
tlfdj, adj. chromatic; — ottJdK Xonfcittr, 
chromatic scale ; — fltifdjf Hone, chromatics. 
— Il'tif, /. chromatics, science of colors. 
Comp. — gelb, adj. chrome-yellow, ehromate 


188 Cite* 

of lead. — foacr, adj. chromic; — f*nre$ 
6«U, chromate. 
CtTP'n-ir, /. (p/. -ifen) chronicle; in cine 
—if einrrftgen, to chronicle. — ifo, /.; 


"-nologiet. - 

[dj, no/* chro- 


Camp. — 

— tr emtraam, to cnromcie. — 
eftfter be? —if a. Chronicle (5.) ; -i 
fnhrenben 66ft(er£, diary of a 
scholar. — if*), ad;. <fc adv. chronic. 

-*— # „\ _». 


coxy. Camp, 
isted chicory, 
tart cider, 
fit — , strong 
i or well-sea- 
loee not draw. 

Mf!*tt, ft. wrapper. — ttsCinlflgC, /. fill- 
ing^). — «setMi,».,— Nstftlfte,/. cigar-case. 
— asfftlnrifftttt, «•• manufacturer of cigars. 
— wsWfce, /. cigar-holder, mouth-piece ; cigar 
tip (to* 61/ of a cigar). — nsftnjgttCl, m. 
cigar end. 
•tfa'oe, Cka'ie,/. (pt.—n) dcada; graashop- 


in'gnlnni, n. (— *, »/. — * de Gfngntn) dn- 
gulum, a tort of belt put over the stole of a 
Roman Catholic priest. 

fir'CO, firf a, adv. about, nearly. 

Cirtelfr, ft. (— e\ pi. — r ) circular, pamphlet, 
fix sheet. Comp. -fftreiben, ft., -f6rtft, 
/. circular note ; round-robin. 

CtrteHe'rett, v.a. to circulate, to pass or sand 

gift, ». G sharp ; — , — , C double sharp. 

Ctfelif'r— <«, v.a. to engrave with a chisel, to 
(en)chsse. Comp. — orbeit, /. chased work. 
— tJattUfter, m. chasing hammer. 

f ifter'nc,/. (pi. — n) cistern, (water-)tank. 

fitaKtlf , /. ( pi. -n) citadel. 

wit-«'t. n. (-«'t(e)e\ p/. -tt're) quotation. 
—•tWn.f. dtation, summons. — tcVea.v.a. 
to call up, summon; to quote; an* bent 
Gk»afbrnt£ — ieren. to quote from memory. 
Comp. — n'tensfftafc, m. collection of familiar 
quotations. — it'tsjttttU m. summons, 

fill, adv. Immediately, at once. 

Cttrono't, ». (— *, p/. — e) candied lemon. 

Citro'tte, /. (pi. — n) lemon. Comp. — nsgflb, 
adj. lemon-colored. — n=b*U, »• candle 
wood. — ttsftrtffe, /. lemon-squeeser. — «s 
faff, m. lemon juice ; lemon squash (made of 
lemon-juice with addition of soda-water and ice). 

— tufanrr, adj.; — n-fanre* teal*, citrate; 
— n-fenre* CHfensrbb, dtrate of iron. — n= 
fdwle,/. lemon peel — «sfd*ilK, /. slice of 
lsmon. — ttstMgel, m, brimstone butterfly. 
— tt-tnmf. m., — nsMMffer, n. lemonade. 
CttH'I, I. adj. de adv. dvil ; courteous ; moderate, 
reasonable ( prices), II. ft. civil body, dvillans 
(opp. to military men), —iff, m. dvilian. 
Comp. — anmirter. m. person (oyfen an old 
soldier) who has a claim to a government ap- 
pointment; candidate for employment in the 
dril service. — *nj*g, m. plain dothes. 
— b**mtf<r), m. dril officer, dril servant, 
government official. — f be, /. dvil marriage, 
ceremony before a registrar. — flcritbt, ft. 
dril tribunal. -aertaftbarteit, /. dvil 

Crisdictiou. — gefcfcbttd), ft. code of dvil 
w. — fantmer, J. court for dvil law cases ; 
record court. — floge, /• dvil action, lawsuit 
— fkiewtttf, /. plain dothes. —pT*U%. m. 

dvil suit. -H*«rts*r*a«at, /. dvU code. 

— ft*«v, wkdtisenship; legal __ 
sen with regard to right* anddutiea. — fbjsjftts 
benntfer, m. dril official, registrar. HhUsMs 
regifftr, ». registrar's list; parish rei ' 

— nronnni, /. (ceremony of) marriage 1 

a registrar. — berfOTgnng, /. claim to a> peel 
m the dvil service, a (small) govexnmen 
— bemiglifnng,/. dvil government or a 

Ci»ilif«t-i*vn, /. (pi. -i^nen) dritt 
culture; bie —ion fcetreffenb, dvilirstinsMl 
Comp. — *Tifdj, adj. promoting (the caaaw) ef 
dviusation. — iM»sic|trclUi«iai v pL civfl- 

odvilise, to 
; to polish {Jig.). 

t «* — #) water-closet, W. C. 
, (as a rule used en tkepsm* 


bice*) codex, msanscript , 

oj religious tracts). 

) (Min.) 
(C)s) celibacy; 

or hawking of books, ete r 

Iportage (otp. 
W9WUM, sa. 
sensational novel, penny dreadfuL —m?9tz 
ffjcrlnt, m, Dublishing office of chef), ssnav 
tional literature. — en'r, m. itinerant book- 
seller, tract vendor, hawker; musinouyf 
(fl9-)- — ie'ren, r.o. to hawk about, to ssD 
m the streets; to spread, disseminate (news). 
wOWme / nt, m. (—4) students* way of living, 
convivial code among German students; — 
reiren, to make a hobby of the strict observ- 
ance of the convivial code (si.). Comp. — MiUt* 
adj. in conformity with students' rule*. 
— tiifcritf, adj. contrary to students' 

Cotttni't, m. r— pi. — ) merchant's clerk 
Log-house clerk; — 



ConMHtgnn'n, m., ftmiiMgnw'n (— $, - 

ner ; JKIIer — , sleeping partner. 
Cona'fel, n. (-*, pi. -) dining hall (to i 

CMCtiPt, itntett, ft. (-e«, ft. -e) i 

copy, first draft; einen cni bent — e 

gen, to confuse a p., to put a p. out; mmi _. 

— e fanunen, to become confused (to a spears, 

etc.). Comp. — bndj, ft. note book, scribbliaf- 

book. — ftftftier, ft. scribbling paper, 
wondr-oi'be, /. (pi. -oi'ben) conchoid- - 

riien, pi. shell flab. Htfi»I**te%/.c»ncitt> 

«OMCi*— ie're*, v.a. to draw up, to pen (dowaX 

— ifnt. m. (— ieir'ten) drawer up (of m doe* 

menf) % drauglitsman. 
f ftnert, Rtnii'e, aaj. % condse, brief, curt. 
COnfiliic'ren, v. a. to give to a student the 

44 consilium abeundi " (i.e. yearning to lesw J** 

vnivtrsity), to rusticate, send down ({/war. sL). 

«on'tre f mw'tvt, ••n'ier (m r om po um d t =) 

counter, contra. — wkniiml, m. rearadaihil 
— banb, adj. contraband. — fcm*C , / snsf 
gling ; smuggled goods; goods not allowed to 
be impoitedVforbidden goods. — » 
v.a. to countermand. — tturrfr, /• 
countermark, —mine. /. counter i 
mittfttsftftOK, ». araignee (fori.). 
m. counter-dance, quadrille. 

6*«:»et'te. see flofe Pre . 

CwTw*M, /. circle of listeners, audience (Vu*> 


emigen'w*, p/. oorrections to be mads. 
«s>tn*. m. (n<. (Wen) drvieion (o/ si saW 
/orw»), (parallel) set. 




Cnbhl-t. tttlfll-t, o#. fluent, nay (jfcfe) ; 
accommodating, complaisant, liberal ; fair 
«). —it/- readmeaa, complaisance; fair- 

pohoid ss everyi 

tetriiiise,/ gree 

CstttltVr, /. (ehade of) color; a students* dub 
(soearingr distinctive colored budget and caps) ; 
Bad it btefefbe — in 0rftn, that it the same 
thing over again with very little difference 
{coll.). Comp. —ftuheut, m. student belonging 
to a dob wearing distinctive colored badges. 
See jtorbdftabent. 

CtfWliffC, / (pf. — n) wing, morable scene; 
adde-eoene (o/ a theater) ; conliaae, apace in a 
atock-excbinge set apart for unofficial busi- 
ness ; connecting link (of a railway engine) ; 
te bie — fpredKn, (to speak) aside, to apeak to 
a p. behind the scenes; — « rtiften, to play 
to the gallery; hotter ben — n ftrrfen, to 
know the ins and out* of a thing, to be at the 
bottom of everything. Comp. — nsfieler, n. 

nervous fear of the footlights. 

JH, a. greenroom talk. — «s 
,*>/ greenroom intrigue. — nstttoler. 
►-painter. — n=relfcer, m, senaational 
actor, ranter. — BsWilrrrT', / ranting, play- 
ing to the gallery. —UztgdtT, m., — «s 
f oS lCP Cr, m. scene shifter. 

C*B*% «• (— d, J*. — d) (railway) compartment ; 

%a*S5ft,n. (— d, pf. — d) comic song (fti ope- 
retta*) ; topical verses or lines. 

C*ST, /• ooort ; levee ; addresses paid to a lady, 
courtship ; cine m flR&bdjen hie — madjen or 
idnuiben, to court a girl ; er madrte ibr bie — , 
hepaid hie addresses to her ; ffela|t fid) {dot.) 
tent bie — mad)cn, she is a great flirt, ahe 
U fond of admiration : ei*e — baltrtt, to hold 
a levee. Comp. — fSfcift, adj. being entitled to 
appear at court. -HftatfjtT, -jtfjftfiitr, m. 
oourter, b ea n , ladiee' man; suitor, admirer. 
-Haodjerei', — f dme iberet', /. flirtation. 

Cmrra'ie, /. courage ; bad if* bopptltt — , that 
ia twice aa much {coll.). 

Cturft/nt, I. adj. current; $* — em Vreife, at 
the current rate. n. n. (--(e)d) currency, cur- 
rent money, coin of the realm. 
*****&*-** tUTttrt^tt/.camk {of a hone). 

fdnreibHfdl, m. roll-top drop cabinet. — frs 

*hr, /. watch with cylinder (or horiaontal) 

escapement, lever watch. 
CW*HoWbet,/.(p/.--n) cymbal. Comp. 

— fcbliger, m M — fCbliigerin, /. cymbalist, 

cymbal player. 
Wn-ittx. fffis— ifer, m. (-iter*, pi. -Her) 

cynic (philosopher), cynical person. — ifdj, 

otf)'. cynical, impudent, aaucy ; grossly eenaual ; 

dirty, foul. — Hfmnd, m. cynicism ; doctrine 

of the cynics ; impudence, a] 
CWCTf /. Cyprua plum. Comp. — Wilt, m, 

wine from Cyprus, Cyprian wine. 
CWrtf'fe, /. (pi. — it) cypreaa. — a, adj. of 

cypress, cyprine. Comp. — tubftattt, m. 

cypress (-tree). — ftshftin, m. grove of 


,.£,/. <J*^)cyrf (*«*.). 

a'fo, **• *^$fd)afo. 

tf died) *n the Index of Nt 


$, «, D, d ; Re, D (Mut.\ ; $ bttr, D major; 
f) moB, D minor ; for abbreviation* tee Index 
at the end of the German-English part. Comp, 
—fdtfeber, m. D-valve (in steam engines). — 
lug, m. = $ttrd)ganga&ug, through train; 
oorridor train, vestibule train (Amer.). 

$ft, I. adv. (a) there ; here ; bier ttttb — , here 
and there ; now and then ; — if! fete ginmter, 
there ia his room; — bfa id), here I am; 
toer — ? who goes there ? (MMt.) ; toad — ? 
what ia the matter? too — ? where? loo 
betlll — ? where then, pray where ? ttidjtd 
— ! nothing of the kind, by no meana ; non- 
sense ; be — ! halloo t — brauften, out there ; 

— broben (brttnten), up (down) there ; Hon — , 
from there, thence ; — ttttb bori, here and 
there ; Ipieber — , here again, back once more; 

— fell!, to be present, existent, on the spot, at 
hand, to bare arrived ; bad — fein, existence, 
life ; fftr mid) ift bad gar nid)t —, for me it 
is non-existent; ber itaifer toirb — ttttb 

— fid) attfbatten, the Emperor will stay at 
such and such a place ; — bleifren, to stay. 
(b) where (obs. de poet.) ; eht Drt, — mid) 
niemattb fettttt, a place where I am unknown. 
(r) then, at that time: menu id) — nod) 
lebe, if I am then still alive ; fa, — toirb matt 
aber fraaen, true, but then people will ask ; 

— war ed &tt Wit, by that time it was too late ; 
boil — Oil, thenceforward, (d) when (obs. dt 
poet.) ; Ait einer 3eit, — aOed fid) regie, at a 
time when all were stirring. II. part, general- 
ising, -ever, -soever, or merely emphatic; 
ed fafbe. toer — totfl, whoever likes may 
laugh ; aid — finb, such as. III. part, after 
ber, bie, bad, to bring out the relative sense; 
afle, bie — faaten, all who came. IV. in 
compds. vith preps, for a dot. or ace. ting, ds 
plur. of ber, bie. bad, or o/er, fie, ed, uted 
with regard to things, not persons; id) nttt§ 
©ie — »-ait ert intent, I must remind you of 
it; er %*t mid) — bor getoarttt, he has 
warned me of it. V. interj. ; — J there I — , 
mat baben wir 'd ! there ! now we are in for 
it t VI. conj. then, under these circumstances, 
aince, because ; inasmuch aa ; while, whilst ; 
although ; — unit, — bod), aince, since 
Lideed; — fottft, whereaa; — qittgegnt, on 
the contrary, whereaa; — fie fine (fttfllan- 
berin ift, fo mn| fie bir engttffbe epradje 
berftebett, as she ia an Englishwoman ahe 
must understand English; — ber ftaifer 
eittfah, ba$, the Emperor perceiving that. 

Saber, adv. thereby, thereat, therewith, by 
that, by it ; at that place, near, dose by ; with 





184 ftt«e 

idgment: ttftd) meter* — fenliem, 
5TtCll*. to my opinion, 
mirftmet Sn'gCgCtt). 1. arfr. iwart 
on ; in comparison with, orer aga in a t 
n,exchaiige, for it; on the contrary; 
? hand (= ace. ©/ a a>w*. or j>*ra. 

Ejection! U. conj. »g»te* ******* 
o that, on the contrary, on the other 
then; bft* ift »«*t, ~ J?** J»* 
[ttCM *t. f that is true, on the other 

uk* be denied, etc. 

4, pi. -tu), -C, /• (pi- -€•) *V 

iv. at home ; in one'a own country. 
utime* I***), 1- •*; *~™+ *"* 
>, from that, (also conj.) banc*, fel- 
on, therefore; — f««mt «*y*S: 
appepathat. ^ ^ J»3fr?2e«7fe 

= along; away, as ; — fdHrstcrm, «• 
ig t to come up strolling. 

adv. thereabout*, 
fo. here, to thia place (06*.) 

e, time, atate; thitherward*; («*« 
b as *ep. prefix =) away, along, 

?; £w7 eeWm - w J«S w 

• nrd (Bifid ill — . my good for- 

01 !£?; M -; V to «*!?• ^ 

babe Id) r* «ir *rtegriil twy. 1 
reVbring it to that; tr 1>rir*t cd ft 

..-r^ — j -i; er ■■ 

k yt it lightly, at rmuuvui , *»?»*«•" 
rapoketothl! effect ; meter «rtoaj 
iny opinion la; bkfr fctef- — ***** 
theae thing* have no beai. 
- >itm fte» -, theae 


is that what he ia driving at *_— ~- 
r .a. t©carrytoaplace,tobrmgtya 

point; e* ^"^"i* ^I^. 
fiuoceed wiU» a th., aucceed ao farwA , 

-fcrtegen, prevail ■^JgP"* 
. adv. on the contrary, —mca, •".»- 
mcertain. HtelCH, *.«• («* °^?Hgf 


do opinion on a subject. 

rither, fade away. 

i. adv. behind, behind there. 

J, ad*, behind that or it; therebebJnd, 

i it; r* frerft rr»«* -, th SHtT t SZ 
ian meete the eye ; e* inor^mmmp 
re ia nothing in it; — frame*., »• *► 
md out (CO//.). 

h, m. dr n. gunwale of a ship. 
-Md), a*- dactylic -»•• (■*» 

'"•ruin ( J«ri«A /w .) ; *« - *•*■. 
M>rt of money (coil.). .... 

*«?. quick ! fdio/0. /J™*? "•££ 
in i»mn.). ~**J a^r^iw/li 
deer, -frtlk — »•• /• «"* doa 
/.fawn. -4Wli. ^ fe«Eff» - - 
-i«. adj. A adv. then betog, of tfet 
hie —tar ftimifite, the then i d ga h w , 
^7%. «S !? in thoaa dayt; at that 

'— r'UCT, f»d«?. adj. from Dm***"' 

en (*eW, e«c.); rte -iertrt Wi***"™' 
laecua twiat barrel. —t (prom. %trmtm\ 
-tr*. pl. — tr) damaak. -Ittym- 
ifrrit). ad/, damaak, made of dam*. 
J.Vpl. -«) »~iy» gentlewoinm;o>iat; 
(o< card.) ; kinglo/dro^); *mjjji; 

ire hare a game at draught* T im- 

$ftW*f— ei, *.*•. (ouz. ft.) to smoke; to tend 
forth steam ; to rise as vapor ; to reek ^evapo- 
rate. — ft, m. (— tv§, pi. — f r) steamer. 

t&m'Pl—CU, vm. to damp; to suffocate; to 
quench, to extinguish ; to suppress; to quell; 
to depress ; to subdue ; to mutfie (drum*) ; to 
steam, to stew ; to Uy (dutt) ; to put a mute on 
(a violin) ; nut gebambfter 6tunme, below 
one'* breath, in an undertone. — cr,w». (— tr$, 
/>/. — er) extinguisher; damper in steam en- 
gines ; mute, damper (an violin*, pianos, etc.). 
— ig. adj. short-breathed, asthmatic; short' 
winded. — wig, /. quenching, etc. Comp- 
— bfttnne, /. stew-pan, stewing pan. 

$afa'd) (tometimet $a'U ad)), adv. after that, 
afterwards, thereafter ; accordingly, according . 

to that ; towards, to that ; upon that ; for thai 
% or It ; (^ doJ. of a dem. or pert. pron. governed 

by nam) ; er ftebt gaitA — and, he looks very v 

I much Uke it ; fehen 8ie -, look to it. 

$a*e / ben f adv. near it, next to it, by the side 
of it ; close by, beside ; {alto conj.) moreover, i 

besides, at the same time, also; (= dot. or f 

% ace. or dem. or pert. pron. governed by , 


Jiang, fca'nge (rare) imperf. ind. & tubj. qf 

SftMC'tar (*l*> Q*rnl€'*€r) adv. on the ground; 
down ; er licgt franf — , he is lying ill. Comp. 
— Ucgfttf I* tr.r.n. to succumb ; to be broken ; 
to be ruined or subdued; to languish. ll.tubtt. 
n. prostration, depression. 

tmnt, m. (— e3) thanks; gratitude; reward; 
| prise, palm (at a tournament) ; — fa am, — 

abftatteft, to return thanks, to thank ; feinent) 
feinen twrbinblifbften — andfrrccqeu, to 
return hearty thanks ; cittern fur ewe Gadfe 
— Wiffen, to be thankful (grateful, obliged) to 
s.o. for a tb. ; er tneift ed (gen.) mir feinen 
— , he is anything but grateful to me for it ; 
fd)ted)ten — rait en». berbienen, to be paid 
with ingratitude for a th» ; nut — annebmen, to 
accept with gratitude ; ®ie tnftrben mid) An — 
i berbfiicfttcn, loemt ©ie, you would much oblige 

J me by ; fdjonen — ! many thanks ! ©ott fei — ! 

thank God ! ber Settler wunfcbte mir ®9ttt* 

— . the beggar expressed the wish that God 

j might reward me ; t§ (einent) att — e tnadten, 

to give satisfaction ; (ba* fBortfie foflen toffen 
ftabn nub) feinen — b«Au baben, much 
against their will, whether they tike it or not 
(obt.) or without receiving any special com* 
mendationforit. —bar, adj. grateful, obliged ; 
(gegen einen, to a p.) ; profitable, advanta- 
geous; effective, — barfctl,/. gratitude; Aur 
— borreit bcrnfftotet, bound in gratitude. 
Corns. — tffttrefff, /. vote of thanks. — 
beietgnng, /. proof or mark of gratefulness. 
— CttftstBCrt, adj. worthy of thanks. — fCfT, 
n. thanksgiving feast, -g*ttcft»ieilfr, m. 
thanksgiving service ; Te Deum (Rom. Cath.). 
— iieb, n. hymn of thanksgiving. — Offer, n. 
thank-offering. — ftTCtigt, f. thanksgiving 
sermon. — ret*,/, speech in returning thanks, 
thanks. — fagUUg, /. returning thanks. 

Son'tru, v.a. & n. (ouz. h. dot.) to thank, 
return thanks ; to owe, be indebted ; to return 
a salute; to decline an offer; ttotten ©ie 
ettttai trinfen ? (id)) banfe, will you drink 
anything ? No, thank you ; btr banfe id) ntein 
Sera, to you I owe my life; — b erbaUen, 
received with thanks, paid, settled (C.L.). 

Qonn, adv. then, at that tiroo; thereupon; — 
ttnb vault, now and then; fefbft — , evet 
then, —en, adv. ; non —en, (from) thence. 

$aro/n (tometimet $a'ran), $r«IH, adv. thereon, 
thereat, thereby ; at or on it, that, them ; to it 
or that; about, near it or that; in regard to 
It or that ; (= dot. or ace. of a dem. or pert. 
pron. go wne d by on) ; ttttbe — , close by, dost 



to; on the ere of ; er toar italic — fete 

fete* W PCtiitttV, he ni near toeing hie 

life; jeStiUW) - * "t 

\lg — f he Is herd at t 

, — bin, I don* kno ; 

f »o* brtnf mtb — , » 

wee nearly (fearing); » 

fatt:— gtanien Mftffei 

— ttegen, to lie near , 

toeonoern; ftm* (fog* 

e? im 


ter ? mir if* ntdW — oc (cam, it ie a matter 

nest money. 

fttrnn'ft, $mit#, «**. thereout, therefrom; 
thence ; from oat of it, this, that, them ; forth 
from it ; by reason of It or that (= dot. of a 
pen. or detn. pron. governed by atti) ; id) 
AMOK mir ntfftt* — , I do not mind that or tt ; 
— felgt. henoe it follow* ; *** mire out 
(fete — ? whetwiUbetheendof tt? e^fanu 
aiaW — ftttrben, nothing can come of it, it 
cannot be done ; — font id) ntffjtftttg ftttrben, 
I cannot make it oat. that beate me. 

9*r/fteft. v.n. (auz. |.) to starre, famieh ; to be 
In want (on enter 6., of a th.); einen — 

Inffen. to etanre a p., to allow a p. to 
JNrolft— f« f fr.v.a. to offer, to hold out, tender. 

; exposition^ 
iftferifdW —Wig, en artis- 

,/> °ff< 
on; Cine 
tlo performance. 
Sftr/ftrinfien, tr.v.a. to bring, to offer ; to make 

(a sacrifice, etc.). 
ftftffi'tt, £reill, adv. thereto, thereinto ; Into It 
or that ; to it or that ; in addition, over and 

£: ace. of a pen. or detn. 
); fid) - Unbelt, fftgen 

more ; on. along, into or against it, that, eto. ; 
'= ace. of a pen. or detn. pron. governed by 
►en, fftgen, fd)Ufen, to aeoom- 
__-_, «-«„ to a thing ; — geften. to glre 
Into the bargain; often — , orer and abore; 
fin) — geben, to submit to ; fid) — legen, to 
meddle, interpose, interfere; — reben, to 
Interrupt; — sjifliarn, to coneent to; — 
Mfogen, to strike at random, to strike in. 
JNmjNrf*. 1 de 3; 2 pi. stng. pre*. md. of 

frrrfn, ktim, adv. therein, in there ; in, within, 
at it, that or them; (xs da*, of pore, ordotn, 



' by in); mil — begriffra. h> 
t {usually brm'aen), oof*, them 



— #,p/.— or — e) loan, 
pf. —en) loan. -n,* 
1 . . mg,/. lending, loan. 

bo wg; her bilfe — , the colon. ^ Cwsy. — 
pnnPUinrBI* m. tape-worm. "~~ "*"* ^ 
m. gattrocele. — -ftffn, *. 
compounds: fliao-, IB©-, 
peristaltic motion. — wfHOJ. in. 
hernia, -tariff, /. intestinal gland. 

toe colon, —fen, n. peritoneum. fts?ftet\ 
n. gastric fever. — 
— fTittttta, n. col 

membrane, peritoneum 

nal canal. — fet/It, /. enterology. 

caul. — f«ite, /. catgut string (Mum.). — 
fttjfeint, m. mucus. HfoHtltt, 

-fttag, m. intestinal 
cobc. -bant,/ ml 
meum. — Irani, m. ! 

— fdiaMItl, m - appendix to the caecum. — 
f>ri5eT7 clyster pipe, -HKTfafllrftnng, /■ 
stoppage of the bowels. -vttfaWsUmg,/. 
twisting of the bowels, rolrulus. m |f ns tt, 
p/. ssoarides. 

Soma'dj, «ee $«nad) ; er frtgt nidfti — , he 
does not mind it; — ban stilt, to net accord- 
ingly J -e* fkh trifft. - e* ffitti, as ft se*v 
pens; t& ift sillig, nler t$ III nnoj — , itii 
cheap, but it Is worth no more; fctnc ftri§* 
finb Hils)t —, his strength is not equal to H. 

SOflKIl, adv. on account of it, that, them; at ft, 
that, them ; (= dot. of a pen. or detn. ■ 
governed by oh, now replaced by swrftberY 

^nfr-e, /. ( pi. -en) kJkvSying ; kim ; f 
sis, consumption, atrophy; roup (la • 
-tn, v.a. to kiln-dry; to smelt (esnpir). 
Comp. -jttKT, it. hectic ferer. — fet Ttly a. 

kflni -fndW', /. consinn^SM!' %S5L 
adj. coneumpUre, hectic. 

fcttr'reidr-en, v*. to reach forth ; 
present, administer. — nttg* /• < 

9ftYtoll*r, adj. fit to be represei 

JWffel— e«, f^ to place, bring before; 
exhibit, display; to state; to represent; is) 
— tn, to present itself (to the mind, etc); M 
— en (eoi. poeiO to appear, to come forward,* 
be seen ; «ttrio)Hg —en, to misr e pr ese nt . — er, 
•*. (— tti, pi. — er) representer, actor. — sjsjg, 
/. exhibition; representation; performsnes; 

-^ * «-a ; Stjrifti — nng im Tem$tU 

hrist. Cosjip. — n " 





; to 

Noting or describing. 

o prove, demonstrate ; Is set 

n f adv. orer there, orer yoa> 
ier, opposite. 

r, adv. orer that or It ; there- 

xmcerning it or that ; of It er 

^nt ; orer and abore ; bislilsi ; 

time, before that ; across II er 

that ; (= dot. or are. of a pen. or oVm. prss. 

governed by 0ber); e*tT — . P**t tt 

fftnf flWnrf nnb — , flre marks and i 

in the : 

Rebt niH)ti, nothing wr p ass u that; - ift 
fin Attjerfel, there is i 
gebt brtttttr nnb — , ererything to i 

einAttjerfel, there is no doubt about It; t§Z# 

turvy ; fid) — (her) tttnoVn, to make for s 
th., to fall upon a th. ; — ifl er getnricn, se 
died In the mean time or while engaged on ft ; 
toir merben — fterben. we shall die bear* 
that; — ift er ernnben, he is shore that. 
$#/rotn (also tnm'w), »r« w, oo>. thersiabost 
around It or that; for It or that; rasnecttogfc. 




that ; (= ace. of pen. or item, pron. governed 
by um) ; — f ammeu, to loae ; — bringett, to de- 
prive (of) ; — mil, became ; — bag, (to) that ; 
CT IPCti— f be is aware of it; e* fci — , let it 
U aol no matter I for ought 1 care I ee* ift 
mix fcfcr — pi than, ntdjt «., it is very impor- 
tant that I should not. etc.; t* ift mir nur 
— ft* f btttt, all that Iukormj only object 
ia to. 
tommu'ttm, totun'ttn, adv. below, down there, 

ft>*Ttt«'ter v Srita'trr, adv. under that, it, them, 
there: beneath it, that, them; among them; 
lees ; (= dot. or ace. of a pert, or dem. pron. 
governed by nnter); $mi ^obrc nub — , two 
years and under ; — fann idb e# ntdjt geben, I 
cannot give it for leas; btetf ift bal befte — , 
this is toe best among or of them ; toa* fttd)t 
cr — ? what is hia object in it? aUt$ ging 
•rftftcr nnb — , all was topsy-turvy. Comp. 
— f IfffC**, adj. subjacent. 

9e)6, nom. <£* aec. of the neut. ring, of ber. I. 
oV- «^- the. n. ret. pron. which, that III. 
dem. adj. that, it. IV. dem. pron. that one, it. 
Comp. —Itnlnt, tee berfenige. —mal, adv. 
this time, this once, for this time. — felbe, see 

SftMctn, I. ir.v.n. (am. f.) to be there present, 
to exist ; b«* it nod) nid)tbagen>efen, that is 
unprecedented. II. tuhet.n. presence; exist- 
ence; life ; mdbrtnb meinei —4, whilst I was 
present ; gleta)£fitige0 —, co-existence ; 
ftamjlf um9 —, struggle for life, struggle for 

iffltft, adv. there, In that very place. 
""" ij. of that place. 

it. silly, dull {dial.). 

at, eonf. thai; - nidjt, lest; — nur nid)t, 
. . not ; f n — . so that, so as ; 


-, tlU ; nifftf — id) Wttftte, not that I 
of , — btt romntft, iff mir licb, I am 

glad you hare come ; fftr ben ftatt — id) fterbe, 
m esse of my death ; er ift *tt fto( a aft — er 
eft annefrmen mdd)te. he is too proud to accept 
it; — <9ott erbarnt(e) ! may God have mercy 
onus! God a mercy t 

— «t«rfdj, m. long march, — »fUuU*,/. peren- 
nial plant. 

'^au'er— H, vm. (aux. h.) to last, continue; to 
hold out ; to keep (of meat % Jruxt) ; es — tf 
fiber cine Gtunbe ebe, it was more than an 
hour before; bad 6tnd — t mir flit lange, I 
find the play too long ; er ftttiu in ber Jtafte 
nidjt — n, he cannot stand the cold (ob§oi.)i 
lorae Self — «b, short lired ; fenge — 119, of 
long duration. 

*$*ll'er— «, v.a. <fr imp. to make sorry, to regret, 
to grieve ; ber ttrme fieri — t mid), I am 
sorry for the poor fellow ; btt — ft mid), I 
pity you ; e* — t mid), e0 getban u baben, I 
regret having done it ; mid) — t meitt (Dels 
ntdjt, I do not mind the expenditure; fid) 
(ace.) ettnad — n laffen, to grudge, begrudge 
a th. ; bie Witter iiegen fin) iftr tjfut nid)t -it, 
the knights did not mind risking their lives, 
w illing ly abed their blood. 

$aB'mrn, m. (—#pl.—) (arch. $anm) thumb; 

rinem bctt — aufbruefeu, auf ba* tinge bal- 
ttn or fftjftt, to keep a tight rein on one ; einem 
ben — batten, to support, patronise one; to 
wish a p. well, to accompany s.o. with one's 
good wishes who undertakes a difficult task. 
—•bid, nom. propr. Tom Thumb. Comp. 
— bfUger, m. flexor. — ftrefeer, m. flatterer. 
— Of fidct, m. handle, doorlatch ; protector, pa- 
tron (/«*».). —flaHtter./. Castanet. — frofl, 
/. handscrew, jack. — Icbfr. a. thumb-stalL 
— fftranbC,/., — ftarf , m. thumb-screw ; eittfm 
— fdjroubew anfeien, to press one hard (coll.). 
— tpeUt,/. tumbling-shaft. 

$a«m'ltna, m. (— *, pt. —t) (also fcanmet- 
fing) thumb-stall, oot; ber tieinc — , Tom 

Q**'n-t, f. (pi. —en) down. — i<|t 9 — ig, adj. 

*$an#, n. Mf)eS, pi. Sftnfer) deuce (*i dice 
throwing) ; ace (in card playing). 

, 2>au6, m. ; niie ein — , like something remark- 
ably fine ; gepuftt wie ein — , very smart ; id) 
bin ein — (int 3eid)nen), I can (sketch) to 
perfection ; ei ber — ! (ichaf) the deuce t 

$anO'tt, (*ometimei ^a'bon) adv. therefrom, 
thereof, thereby ; of, by, respecting it, that or 
them; thence; hence; away; off (=dat.ofa 
pen. or deni. pron. governed by Don); mad babe 
ia) — ? what do I get by it? e* iff ntdjt meit 
—, it is not far off; bleibt — ! keep off I — 
ftrittgen, to save; — f smitten, to make off, 
escape ; mil genaner Wot — footmen, to have 
a narrow escape; fin) — nutd)en, to make 
off, run away, take to one'* heels ; — ft a gen, 
to carry off, get, obtain. 

$«pt'r (tometime* $a'por), adv. before it, that 
or them ; for, because of, from it, that or them ; 
against it, that or them ; (:= dot. or ace. of 
pen. or dem. pron. governed by nor); — furtbte 
id) mid) ttidlt, I am not afraid of it ; bftfe bid) 
— , beware of it ; — bebftte tttid Glott ! bo fel 
OJott nor ! God forbid ! see Xaffkt. 

SatOi'dCr (mmeUme* ^aOniDCT), adv. against 
it, that or them ; to the contrary ; (= ace. of a 
pen. or dem. pron. governed by mtbrr) ; id) 
babe nid)td — , I have no objection to it ; bofiir 
Itnb — . the for and against, the pro's and con's ; 
fin) — feftett, to oppose. 

$04tt' (sometimes $a^U), adv. thereto; to, for, 
at it, that or them ; for that purpose, to that 
end ; moreover, besides, in addition ; (= dot. of 
pen. or dem. pron. governed by gn) ; — ift er 
btt. it is for that purpose that he is there ; — 
genoTt 3eit, that requires time ; — fomtttt, add 
to this; nod) — , besides, moreover, to boot; 
— f ommen , to arrive (unexpectedly)) to happen, 
to supervene ; to get by it, obtain ; in) t OttttttC 
nie — , 8efnd)e jn matben, I can never find 
time to pay visits ; — tbnn, to add to ; to make 



haste, to set about it; — gt*TO, to contribute 
to; tr fttruft OH*) — # be also has a word to 
say; tt gefcirt «it — , be is one of the party; 
fc fc»f nil tt Hit* bif $(** -• •»• •* n fi 
and he accompanied her on the Ante. Camp. 
HMl (pro** totynMl). ado. then, at that 

feUMfffteil, ado. between, amongst them, m 
between, in the midet of it, that or them , there 
between ; (= dot. or ace. of vers, or dew*, pro*, 
gowned oyimifrfjrv) : e# fit her Uaterfeieb 
— , (*f), there is this difference (that); — 
tawnes. to intervene; war* Rt4t# — f avast, 
if nothing oome to prevent (if) ; — retro, to 
interrupt (a conversation) ; fin) — fffclagTO. to 
interpose. Comp. — {ns)ft, /• intervention. 
— UCfcH*, «<</. intermediate. — fdjreihro, 
w-.r^. to write between the lines. 

*VI*rt-e,/.(pl. -TO) debate. -Wrt*,**. 
din. to debate. 

*€***. n. (-*) debit; i« — ftefcro, to be on 
the debit side. Comp. — JMftal, m. charge; 
Hem charged. — fcite, /. left hand side (of 

tortUm. (-*) sale. -#/»t. m. dealer, selling 
agent; retailer. — «T, "•• (— •ra'.p/. — •'rro) 
debtor. Comp. — tttttttiffi**, X committee 
appointed to examine a bankrupt's effects. 
— fJMfC, /. bankrupt's estate. — «*rfokTTO, 
n. legal proceedings in case of insolvency. 

$ettttC / r— en, r.o. to debit, charge to one's ac- 
count ; flgaarro —en, to dispose of, sell goods. 
-Mg./. charging, debiting; sale, disposal. 

Qctfitirretl, v.n. (am. h.) to make one's first 
appearance (on the stage, etc.). 

Sfta'tt, ttft/n. m. (— |. p/. — e) dean. —of, n. 
(-art*, pi. — <r*h?) deanery. 

fcecror'ber, Sciror'her, «*• (— fi. /* — ) Daeem- 

&***-*'*, n. (-a't*. pi. — e/tf) office of a 
dean, deanship. — Ci', /. deanery. — t, (pron. 
XcnWnt) «•. (—ten, pi. —ten) dean. 

$C'dXT, m. dt n. ( — tf , pi. —) a quantity ornum- 
ber of ten (especially of hides). 

SeriaWl, tttimtl, adj. decimal ; jperitbtfrfjer 
— , circulating decimal. Comp. — fcradj, m. 
dffpimsl fraction. — MMfit , /. < *t***-*^ 1 balance. 

***. «. <-e*. J* -c) deck, -e, /. (p/. 
— en) doth, corer, coverlet, quOt ; veil ; rug, 
cover; case; ceiling ; roof ; skin ; integument; 
coat (A not.) ; sounding-board (Mus.)\ cover, 
pretense, pretext; — f etae* fl»rfdKrba<re*\ 
hammer cloth; getccrtt — , tarpaulin; — -c 
efae* Vferbe #, horse-cover ; — « ebte* fNut**, 
book-cover ; nntrr ei«rr — e ftrtfta, to con- 
spire together ; to be accomplices; fid) nad) her 
— C frreifeil.todo as one can, act according to cir- 
cumstances, to cut one's coat according to one's 
doth. -Cl, m. (-elf, pi. -f 1) lid, cover (0/ 
a box, etc.) ; tympan ( Typ.) ; operculum (Bot.) ; 
cornice (Arch.)i apron (/IrfiV.); hat (coll.). 
Comp. — talfea, pt. beams (0/ a *Wp). — 
left, n. plumeau. —Matt, n. wrapper (0/ 
<rfpor»). — fUfcfdjCT, m M eUtoame, /. tan- 
kard with lid. — ClsfOTt, m. basket with lid. 
— TOsfctfjtfr, m. mat maker. — TOsgrfJsile*, 
— Msftfitf, ». painted ceiling; sky-scene 
(Tfe*.). -forte, /. body-color. -firoift, 
at. covering varnish for etching. — fiattfi, *». 
oovert-way (fVW.). —(ant, /• integument 
(Anal.). — sjUMtd, m. cloak (to a design). 
—«Cti. *. sweep-net (5po»f). — wffUiCT. m. 
warrant officer, non-commissioned officer; 
ttftet — tffieier, master. — ftTOfc. a. thatch. 
— ttOYlttll, — Wmnfiro, p/. deck^ransoms. 
— Afllfi, n. table-linen. 

$C<f— CO, r.a. to cover (a/so JTi/.) ; to protect, to 
conceal ; to reimburse ; to pay for ; tea 2ifd) 
—TO, to lay the (UbJe)cloUi ; ci ift flCberft, 
the table is tadd; fir fed)* •erfmmi -TO, to 

188 ftefai 

lay covers for six persons ; eiara fBea%k I -<■, 
to meet a bill; tfaliagfi* gebctff fris. * 
have siiflkient security, beeumoently assured; 
fi* -fit, to coincide (Miath.)^ W# — emer* 
3«sfeT«, claying, bottoming. — er, •*- (— frt. 
pi.— «t) one that covers; slater, thaftcner. 
roofer ; layer of a doth, etc ; (in v m it . =) 
•decker, «t^-«T, three-decker (^o^.). - 
»«§./. covering, protecting, tie. 

ftj*(MatlL): % Comp. 

mmt(Fort)i covering (0/ a debt, a leem, efc) 

_ -MvfstrsMPai. pt 

^Mck'rcau^Mtic^ca. *-«• todedk^ns, hv 

scribe to ; to make a pr tatat (of). 

ft amcieTro, tcsttitfrro. vux. to deduct, 
ietm, /. (£o*r <7»»./or ^irac) girt (•/*» asrf 

<rf i^rfart, Hamburg, etc.). 
tefc'ft, L m. (-«#. pL -t) defect. IL •*>• 

defective; damaged. — WrtU, vm. to part* 

(an accoimO. — ftl, edi. defective. Comp. 

*" " * sheet. 

is^m) defense. -f% 
. — toe ergreifro, to act es 

the defensive. 
SdUifr-tll, v.a. (o«. J;.) to file off ; Mrfri 

--TO, to march past. Comp. -cm, /- levee, 

drawing-room. — «*rfdj, m. march past (pa 

fffhlUi^. ody. definite; finaL 
$cfrt«»— rtit, •». (— «n / ten, pf. — «rtei) 

cheat; smuggler. — IcTOI, r*. d> ». (oa*. 

h t yil , a*, imperfect 1 
od>. defensive; sit —to 

fj.) to cheat ; to smuggle, 
ftftil, adj. dc adv. thorough(ly), strongOy) 

'$f ftftt, m. (-^-i,p/. — ) sword ; um — trtifea, 
to draw the sword. Comp. — {fete, /. fiat of 

_, -firwifit «dV. ensL _ 

m*.«.«word^flt. -ittStafie. -wt%c«f^ 

sword-belt, -nfalif , / sworiblade, — tafiff, 
m. pommel; ein alter hentfoVr — !no»1, •» 
honest blade, an honest and jotiy old fellow, a 
man of the old stamp. — uMMKl* /• aword- 
belt. — f tfjeihe. /. sca£bard.^-MsV as. swora- 
thrust. —flaw, at. sword-cane. 

»$rgCil, at. (— fi, pi. — ) thane, warrior ; vassal; 
hero ; eta alter $«lt—, a staunch old warrior, 
an experienced old blade (usually implytnf 
tcith lime theoretical training). 

$ffro*ie'rt«, *•«- to degrade; to reduce fc 

fteta'-ttr, adj. extensible, ductile, maDeabhv 
-hOTfeit, /. extensibility ; ductility, maUsa- 
bility. —1401, n. stretcher (for gloves* etc.). 

tfh/M— TO, v. L a. to stretch, extend, lengthen, 
expand ; to drawl (one's words) ; to produce (« 
line) ; gebebjlte 6Uhe, long syllable. IL r. to 
stretch; to last long. — nng, /• extension; 
(grfa*— ***,/> compensatory (voweJ-)lengtb- 
ening (Gram.). — nai6^Ha>TO, a. mark of 
lengthening, sign that a vowel sound is sua* 
tained ; draimnex (accent) ; diastole (RAetX 

MA. m. (-ffi ( pi. — f) dike, dam; embank- 
ment. Comp.— aafrr, at. foundation of a dike. 
— flraf, m., — haalrtmann, m. dike-grave sw 
— nmm, m. ridge, copinr/ ofa dflss. 
T, m. dike-master. — fdjofc, n. dfin- 

rates. — angf, m. dike-inspector. 

a. diking matters. 
t^fi'dr— TO, r.«. to dike. —CX, m. dttcber t <fikar, 

feidVfel,/ (pi. — n) pole (o/a carriage), beam, 

shaft, thill. Comp. — f afcel, /. ahafb («/ a 

earl, etc.). — nofitf, m. thUl-pto. » f tTi, »- 

shsit-horsa, wheeler. 
tciayfcm, vm. ; efMlfi — , to bring shont, 

to get a th. dona (coll.). 
$et«, (-, -f , -) I. pom. adj. thy, thkna. B. 

— (arch, df poet.), -fr, gsn. sing. 9/ tm. 




of thee, thine; t»ir fcafren — geioarttt, we 
' wo waited for thee (ottoi.). III. /mm. pron. 
Exm; biefer ttaoenblta' ift — , this moment to 
In*. IY.».welNeia,IV. — CT , -e, — e#, or 
*Ct\ »if , *0# — C, voa.pron. tee— igf . — fge. 
(aer, bie. bad — ige) »«». pnm. thine; bad 
— e or — ige, thy property, thy put ; tbnc bad 
— e or —ige, do your duty ; bit —en or— igen, 
vtrar (thy) family or people. Comp. —ttz 
feitw, adv. on thy side; for thy pert, as con- 
cern* thee; in thy turn. -etcfalben, -tts 
mtnen, —CtcmUCU, adv. on thy account, for 
thy en be, as far aa thou art concerned; for aught 
thou canst. — fgsgletnfea, indee. adj. Apron. 
the like of you, men aa thou, of thy kind. 
ePRtttft /• swell or surge (of the sea), surf. 
' fit*, r.n. (awx. b.) to fall astern (NaxUX 
M#, m. deism. — tifdj, adj. deiatical. 
i^^t-c, V. decade. — ifo>. adj. decadal; 
— ifoW gMfenfttfrem, decimal aystem of 

FeVto, $CC«'a, *•. (— d, pi. — e) 
fclfft, »*• (— d) Decalogue. 
'OtiC'rea , *.«. to hot-press (cfott) ; to luster. 
_JUn»— aVIar, «. (— I. »/. Seriaatato'rea) 

deelnlmer. — nti^H,/. declamation. — ieTftt, 
•ux. to declaim. 
fcenatict— ea, *•*. to declare; fBaaren ant 
Ruttamtt — en, to enter goods at the custom- 
house ; — ter tvert, registered value (of a 

t>Cfli«-s/Wl. orf/. declfaahle <&**».). 


ttw*». /• declension (Oram.): deel 
-Wb*T, od>*. declinable. -te*rC», 

».a. to 


ScrattltC'r— «, v. L a. to out a dreai low, to 

(leave) bare the neck and shoulders. II. r. 

to wear » low-bodied dreai; to go bare-necked ; 

to bare one's neck and •boulders; fa — t fid) 


, —tn) democrat, —if', 

/. democracy. — ifo), adj. democratic. 
fewOHfhriClitotf, m. stick for the blackboard. 
SC'aUlt, /• (— , no pi.) humility, lowliness. ~#s 

Mil. adj. humble. 
$C'matig, c<tf. d> adv. humble, submissive, 

meek ; condescending, gracious (obt.). 
fcCatatig— ea. v.a. to bumble; to humiliate, 

abase ; to subdue ; fid) —en, to submit ; to stoop, 

to eat humble-pie; grbcntutiflt merben, to 

be humiliated, to have to come down (a peg). 

—nag, /• humiliation ; depression ; abjectaces. 
$Cn, ace. ting, of bcr r def. art. dem. adj. ds reL 

pron. o/ fcer, bit, bad, def. art. ds 

dem. adj. 
Scna'r, m. (—«,»/. — e) denarius. 
$C'aea, dot. pi. tf ber, bie, bad, d«m. de re/. 

—-*'*-», to such as. 

3 p/. — ) edge (of a tcythe, etc.). 

9 whet a scythe by hammering. 

t ea'gaeflebtr, n. dandy fever, 

2 imaginable, conceivable; bad 

krbatttlid, the most beautiful 
tation conceivable. — QOrfeit, 
. — 116). (in compound*) adj. 
•™-„.„. v.^ —art, /. way of thinking; 
mind, disposition; cr bat etne cblr —art, 
he has noble ideas, is high-minded. — MID, n. 
device, image, idea. — -fanlbCtt, /. mental in- 
ertness. — fteibcif . /. freedom of thought or 
opinion. — tTttft, /. cogitative faculty ; intel- 
lectual power. — ICbrr, /. logic. — «*l, n. 
monument, memorial ; Mint — tno(, in memory 
of, in remembrance of. . — munit, /. com- 
memorative medal. — fgalf, /■ memorial col- 
umn. — fdjrtft, /. record ; memorial ; memoir ; 
memorandum, a formal application; inscrip- 
tion, —farad), m. motto, sentence ; maxim ; 
devise. — naggsort, /. tee —art. -bcrd, 

m. commemorative verse. — ttnrbig, adj. 
memorable, notable, worthy of thought. 
— tttfirbigftit, /. memorable occurrence; a 
thing to be remembered ; (pi.) memoirs; me- 
morabilia, commentaries (of Cmsar). — frfs 
dxn, n. monument; memento. — Jfttel, m. 
memorandum; phylactery; punishment, cor- 
rection, caution ; box on the ear. 

$en't— CB, ir.v.a. de n. (auz. b.) to think (on 
einen (arch, de poet. : fined), of a p. ; an etne 
6adK (orcA. depoet.: finer ©. or cine ©.), 
to call to mind, remember ; to muse on ; to 
reason, reflect on; to be of opinion, believe, 
suppose ; to hold opinions ; (with gn de inf.) to 
intend, contemplate, design ; fid) (dot.) —en, 
to form an idea of, think, imagine, fancy, con- 
ceive, realise ; er — t an niditd aid, he only 
thinks of ; id) — e nid)t ben Sob, I am not think- 
ing of death, there is no thought of death in my 
mind (poet.) ; fo lange id) —en fann, so long 
as I can remember; ber 9Renfd| —t, <&9tt 
Icnft, man proposes, God disposes ; anf etne 6. 
—en, to contrive, plot, plan ; — tn Bit fid) nnr! 
only think ! imagine ! too —en 6ie bin ? what 
do you think? what are you thinking of? id) 
barbtf batt or wc'tjl, I do think so, yes in- 
deed ; bei ftdj —tn, to think to oneself ; man 
— e fid), suppose, imagine ; bad babe id) mir 
wobj ge batft, I thought as much ; bin nnb ber 
— en, to revolve in one's mind ; mod —tn €>ie 
&n tban ? what do you mean to do? ebe( — enb, 
noble-minded, generous-minded ; ci, id) bdd)te 
gar ! why, that ia out of the question ! bad 
—en. thinking, thought, cogitation; fcbtlo- 
fobbtfuVd —en, philosophical speculation; 
Hefed— en, deep meditation. — er, m. (— erd, 
pi. — er) thinker. Comp. — ersfrirn, 
thoughtful brow ; intelligent forehead. 

$Caa, I> conj. then ; for ; than (after a compar. poet.)\ er i|t aiifttd, — er iff 





fraaf, he eats nothing, for he la HI; toer Ift 
reidjer — cr ? who ia richer than he ? II. adv. 
in that caae ; unless, or elee (obs.); cr btfflkit 
tttidj —, unlaai he pay me ; id) (afte bid) nidjt, 
ba fegaefft mid)—, I will not let thee go, ex- 
cept thou bleat me ; cd fei — , baft, unless, 
proTided. III. (oos.) but, exoept ; nidrtd — 
09lh, nothing hot gold. IV. part. ; too tft cr 
— ? where can he be ? where ia he ? I wonder 
where he ia ? witfo — ? how to ? mod — ! what, 

Sfa'ttOd), eonj. yet, nevertheless, foT all that, 

fteauncia'at, m. (— ca, pt. — «*) informer. 

$Ctte'ftfX, /• (#«*. —It) despatch; telegram. 
Comp. — UsttittV, "»• mounted telegraph 
nieseenger ; mounted orderly. —n=fdlltiffel, 
m. telegraph code. — Urttttg, m./ im — *• 
nxgf , by telegraph. 

$Cp0rt- atioX/tranaportatlon. — icTd, tr.o. 
to transport. 

SeftVa— end, n.(pl. — m/tla) deponent (Gram.). 
— Cat, m. (— en'ren, p/. — ca'tea) depositor 
(th Mrfoos-oYmfe, etc.); deponent. — ff'rca, 
e.a. to deposit (valuable*) ; to depoae (a* a /aw 

fWfU-«:, m. (-*rd, p/. Xf boRto'ren) trae- 
tee, depositary. — am, *. (—nm$,pl. ttpO'R' 
tea) deposit. Comp. — easgelatr, />/., — CHS 
faff, / tnistfund. — cn:fdXi«r ». deposit 

ftcaoffebie'rea, v.a. to dispossess. 

$f IKIHrn, v.a.; einen — , to come down on, intimi- 
date a p. (*i.) 

tXpttt-*'t, n. (— a'td, p/. — a/If) extra allow- 
ance, allowances (to officials). — ict'tt(r), *n. 
(— irr'ttn, pt. — icr'te(a)) deputy, member of 
a deputation. 

fCT, (Xie, ^«#,V I- w«. ting- of def. art. the ; 
gaximai bed Xaaed, twice a day. II. nam. 
sing, of dem. adj. de pron. that, this, he, it ; 
that one ; — tmb — , such and such a one, so 
and ao ; — 9htrr — ! fool that he is! bad 
ffob bit maimer, ttKldjf, those are the men 
who; bci afle beat, for all that. HI. nom. 
sing, of rtl. pron. who, which, that; ttltfer 
Oater. — t>n bift im 4>imnu*(, our Father who 
art in Heaven ; her $ii bon bent $inuac( lift. 
Thou who comeet from Heaven ; bad miffea 
loir, bie wir bie Qeatfcnjagen, we who hunt 
the chamois know that. IV. Sometimes to be 
renderrd by the. Engt. possessive; cr hat bett 
sYrw gebrodjea, he has broken his arm ; Je 
ricf ben €ab», she called her son ; er but fid) 
fat ben ftinger 0?fa>nitte!i, he has cut his fin- 
ger. V. gen. de dot. sing, of bie, def. art. de 
dem. adj. de dot. sing, of tie, dem. de ret. prow. 
Vh gen. ofpL bie, def. art. de dem. adj. — «t, 
see Screa. — fr, pen. pi. of ber, bie, bad, 
dem. prim.; bad Okfdiledjt — er boa Sidntanf, 
the race of the Biamarcka. —*, of 
ber, bit, your ; his ; — o Qfaabea, your Grace ; 
(cine Vtafeftftt babea -o VHnifirern bef oftfea, 
His Majesty has directed his ministers ; in com- 
pounds: — oaalben, — omegtn (arch.) = bed* 
bolb, bedttiegen. Comp. — t i'nfr, adv. at some 
future time, some day, hereafter. — fin I 'fig, 
is to be, future. — gfftalt, adv. in 
b or manner ; to such 

adj. that la to be, future. — gfftalt, adv. 
such shape or manner ; to such a degree ; 
fruit, bof, eo that, -gleidxa, <na>c. adj. of 

; t**: 

such kind, such like, the like ; -gleiftea babe 
ia) nie gefebea. I never saw the like ; — gleidjeu 
Here gifbt cd nid)t, there are no such ani- 
mals ; nab — gie idjen, and ao forth. — jtaige, 
** terfetiige. — Iff, indee. adj. of that sort 
or kind. — moJrinft, adv. see -* inft. — 
malm, adv. now, at present. — «Mlig, adj. 
actual, of thia time. — wafer* * adv. to that 
degree ; in such a manner ; ao much. — tribe, 
eetSerfelbf. -**Uc, -bKilea, mow. 

while. — Kit, ad*, at that time, at |ii nit 
-Sritig, adj. for the time bemg, actual, fw-awatne. 

Serb. adj. de adv. compact, firm, solid ; powerful 
hardy; smart, severe, sharp ; hearty; tullrng, 
keen; blunt; rough, uncouth. — t)rftt # /- 
compactness; firmness; aturdinees; kfHiitsfS, 
bluntnesa ; (pi.) bard words, home truth-a. 

St/rtn, gen. sing. /. de gen. pL m. /. dV as. of 
ber, bie, bad, dem. de ret. pron's; foafc friar 
eimneii, id) babe —genua, buy no flowsn, I 
have enough of them ; id) fab AlPei VtiWDrai, 
- tiklidjter febr fd)on »areti, I aw two 
girls, whose faces were very beautiful. Comp. 

— Uhalbcn, — tsttctea, (urn) —%-. 

adv. for her sake, on her account, 

-Xitr, D fiat major ; — 

account, on whose account. (£*ren is wed Jew 
the gen. rmg.f. de for the gen. pi. of all ge m i t rv 
of a*Id)er. ref. pron. % de occasionally to oaves' 
ambiguity for the pots. adj. iftr.) 

SfT'jenigf , (2>ieienige, T**\cnt%t, pi. &t* 

*igCU) dem. adj. depron. those ; such ; he, saw, 

it (before a ret. pron,). 
fctrib— atUBl, n. derivative. — ir/rew, »a ta 

tcrfelbe, (Siefetbe, Sadfefbe ipi. ^iefettra) 

terfflbtge, dem. adj. de pron. the same, the 

self-same ; ber fikin ift gat, io) foaa 3bjaca 
beafelbea entbfeblea, the wine is good. I ears 
recommend it to you ; er fbrad) baa jeiarai 
eafme nab rftaaue bie Saleate bedfef bag he 

spoke of his son and praised his talents ; aajd 
befeblea fto**) 3Hr fcibea ? what k yoor 
(Grace* s % Highness% etc,) pleasure? 

$er'»<f4, m, (_fc)d, pi. -*) t ■■ 

^fd, n. Dfiat(A/tti.)- : -r 
5Wofl, D flat minor. 

»$f g, (sometinuts spelt $ef ) gen. sfno. (ortA. 4> 
poet-) of def. art. ber, bad ; bxd Broe id) cf, 
bed Ktcb id) fing', whose bread I eat, his opin- 
ion I ■ * * ' Comp. — fald, adv. ia 
this a case; on that aocosmt; 
tharef< adj. eventual, partaismf 
to thai ge Beftiatmaagea, ev«a> 
tualdc -glffoa,l.m<*«.*wjl 
aimilai, WM . HM p. u . atfv. in like manner, after 
the same fashion, likewise. III. eon/, as alee; 
fa »obl er aid fie, — gleifbea feia Safer, not 
only he and she, but also his father. — baft, 
adv. de conj. on this account, for that reason, 
therefore. — attgea, — uilra, adv. «* conj. 
on that account, for that reason, therefoas; 
ebea — axgen, for that very reason. 

$c fert— ta'r, m. (— ea'rd, pf. — ea're) d eas r te r . 
— ie'ren, v.n. (ma. f.) to desert, run away. 

fccftanieTra, v.a. to designate (for). 

fcfdltlf-fftiO'n, /. dlsinlectloti. -^eftia^d; 
witfef, ». disinfectant. — Uie'rea, t/.a. tc 

tffpeftieT'lidj, adj. disrespectful, trreversat 

tttVVt, m. (-#1,/*— ea) despot. — ifdj,s*V 
despotiam, dsspoos 

despotic. — itVmad, m. 

»ef« i« m 

d aers. — tttmltd), adj. character!** 

1 rmans ; thoroughly German. 

v 4. —a) device, motto ; bill (o/ #» 

9x\ Satufttfti. 

n p/. —0) leader of the Janlxariea 

— >asha, Oriental despot. 

- [P 1 - — ») diagnosis. 

_ " -en, jp*. — f n) deacon. — at, it. 

•el »/. -0>te) diacooate. -if'Ril,/. 


-$, jrf. — e) dialect — MdrtUBfJ, /. 

7- — forfdmng, /. investigation 

— ffd), of/, dialectal. 

r. dialectics. -ifer, m. (— iffr*, 

alectician. — ifd), ad>. dialectic 

$ei -*, /»*. — f ) dialogue. 

n (—en, /rf. — fit) diamond. — tn, 

$C1 rods, set with aiamouds, diamond ; 

Eidjjctt, the diamond wedding (the 
Iversary of the wedding day). 
a isglantr m. adamantine luster. 

$C1 f, /• diamond pencil. — (rit)s 


pray of diamonds. 
t, regimen; ftutbpc 
b ice. — CM , /. dietetics, hygiene. 
* ...... 


t, regimen ; fnoppc —, low diet, 
ice. —CM, / dietetics, hygiene. 
, legislative assembly. — fN ( »/.) 
, allowance (esp'lly to deputies). 
=gf lotr, pi. board wages ; allow, 
ti >ns ; payment of members (of par- 


t ij. diatonic. 

e in. 

c adv. close (in texture, etc.) ; thiok, 

d *ct ; tight (as vessels) ; — on , — atlf , 

t loae by ; — bf im fflinof fegcln, 

f rind; —t$ <&olb, massive gold; 

I lb, a thick wood ; cine — t $f iff , 

t b. — t, /. closeness, density (obs.). 

$C make close or tight : to condense ; 

t hip). Hirlt, -iatrlt, /• ciose- 

i tire, etc.); density; quality of re- 

1 perriousneea, Comp. — batttmfT, 

1 hammer. —ttvmttttU, adj. 

J igled. 

1 . to make close or tight ; to con- 

1 k (a ship). 

1 . v.a. d- n. (otix. ft.) to compose ; 

o make verses, write poetry. II. 
ditation, musing; composition of 
—fit nnfe Sradjrett, thoughts, aim, 
—ft, m. (— f r$, pi. — f r) poet, 
letess. — fTifdl, adj. de adv. poetic. 
(— erliitg*./>/. — frltttgf) would- 
aster, bardling. —Bug,/, poetry, 
i; fiction. Comp. — frsilber, /. 
— fTrfrfibtit, /. poetic license, 
n. Apollo. — fT=roH, n. Pegasus. 
n. poetical expression ; the words 
—tnnH* /• poetry, poetic art. 
; /. style (of poetry). — wtgfts 
lltg*s»fri»Ogfn. n. poetic power, 
., power of imagination. 
dv. big ; thick ; fat, stout, corpu- 
inous; cilt —tt SRfltfd). a fat, 
cine — f SBaitb, a thick, big wall ; 
iurdled milk ; bad — f (fltbf , butt* 
unbe (fill, to be fast friends, to be 
te (coll.); rttva* — tiabtn, to be 
i. (coll.) ; fid) mit f iwf r 6octje — 
«st of a thing, to talk big (cot I.). 
ness, ifc.; density ; body. — idjt, n. 
— idjtf ) thicket. Comp. —b«udj, 
-Mlld)tg, ad;, big-bellied, -bdit, 
fcmn, m. great gut. — fcOig.adj. 
d. — boUtfr, pi. pachydennata. 
Ij. thick-shelled. — fWf, m.chub 
•ckhead, obstinate fellow (coll.). 
\j. obstinate {coll.). — Icibifl. adj. 
— Bbrigr arfj'. dull of hearing 




— timet, m. braggart. — tblimi', /. bragging, 
boaating (mil. of), —Jirfel, m. callipers. 
$i*Cl*tt'1», 2>iM*nm*ei', interi. tweedledum, 
tweedledee, flddle-de-dee ; heyday (imitation of 

Addling and merry music] 
f)lC» /• *inQ- nam. «fr ace. of 
pron. III. rel. pron. IV. nom. ds ace. pi. of 


def. art. IL dem. 


ber, bie , bad. t'omp. — felbe, #ee $erfe(be< 
— Weil, «ee$iett»cU. ' 
fcieb, m. (-ed.irf.-e) thief; kaittt ben -! 
atop thief I —mi', /. thievery, theft; lar- 
ceny (Law); — erei beruben, to pilfer. 
—t»,/. female thief. — ifm, I. <*#. thievish ; 
capital, excellent, jolly (coll.). II. adv. by 
theft; splendidly (coll.). Comp. — (e)gs 
ban*. /• gang of thieves. — (Odstxtferet, f. 
receiving of stolen goods. — dsfcclfet, *»*• 
thief's accomplice. — gsgefiftt, n. hangdog 
look. — «=bobt(» /• neat of thieves. — #= 
Interne, /. dark lantern. — JfefdMnffet, m. 
picklock. — ftsfidjer, <w0'. thief- or burglar- 
proof. — jtabt, ro. theft, robbery; fietttcr 
— ftabl, larceny ; ber Of if fartf — ftabl, plagia- 
rism; nachtlidxr— ftabl (mit CHnbrndj), bur- 

GuVle," /. (frf. — «) board, plank, deal; floor 
(of a barn) ; hall, vestibule ; ceiling ; loft. 

ftie'lf n, vo. to floor ; to board, plank. 

JWe'n— ftl, v.n. (out. b.) to serve ; to be of ser- 
vice to ; to assist ; to do service (a* a soldier, a 
servant, etc.) ; to be good for, useful to ; Att et« 
toad —en, to be fit for something ; bf I einem 
—en, to be in one's service; einem —en, to 
serve a person ; bad — t Att ttidjtd, that is of no 
use; banttt ift ntir nidjtgebient, I don't like 
that, that is of no use to, will not do for me ; 
ien) Att —en. at your service ; tooin — t 
of what avail or use is it? biefed 
ffatmort, this may do for an answer ; ed 
ntir Attr SBarnuna —en, it will be a 
to me; fonn ia) 3b*en ntit einem 6tni 
Srteifd) —en. may I help you to a slice of 
meat? wonttt fann id) 3bnen —en? what 
can I do for you? — er, m. (— erd, pi. —ft) 
(man) servant, attendant ; official ; reverence, 
how ; gc borfamer — er ! your obedient servant ; 
no, thank you! ftummer — er, dumb-waiter, 
dummy ; »ie ber $err, fo ber — er. like mas- 
ter like man (pror.). — fritt, /• maid servant, 
maid, -frftpoff, /• the domestics. — lift, 
adj. ds adv. serviceable. — lifbfeit, /. servioe- 
ableneas. Comp. — erstradlt, /• livery. 

ftifltfl, m. (— ed, pi. — e) aei v ce ; worship ; post, 
employment ; office ; good turn ; tin gttter — , 
a kind turn; ante — e, kind offices; int — e, on 
duty (Mil.), in waiting (at court) ; in — freten, 
to enter service, to go to service; — neb* 
men, to enlist, to go to service ; — bf i ber 
frfltme, active service, service with the colors ; 
ben — cuff aflen, to give notice ; bei einem int 
— e fteben, to be in a p.'s service ; in aftibettt 
— r. in ordinary; with the colors; etaett — 
fniben, to look out for a place ; mad frebt Sbnen 
Att —en ? what can I do for you ? eiu — ift bed 
onbern Wert, one good turn deserves another ; 
ed ftebt Ctbnen ah —en, you are welcome to it, 
It is at your disposal ; einem out ben — boffeu, 
to watch one closely; AUUI — (abbr. a. $.), 
serving with the colors, in active service 
(Mil.) ; anfer — (abbr. a.$.), out of place, off 
duty, unattached, retired (Mil.); tin flRafor 
a.$., a major on half pay. — fear, adj. service- 
able ; liable to serve ; subject ; er manlt fid) aflf 
©eft —bar. he makes everybody subservient 
to him ; —bare gkifiter, ministering spirits, 
servants, —barf fit, /• servitude, bondage, sub- 
jection, —(id), adj. dc adr. connected with the 
service ; official ; —Hebe #3te flnng, official posi- 
tion ; — berbinbert, prevented by duty. Comp. 
-alter, ». seniority in office. — attjttg,**., — 

servant. — eifer, m. seal of oaoa 
», adj. devoted, —fab ift. <*</. «* ««r 
service. — fertig, adj. o m ckw ; abft- 

netd,n. uniform, livery. — befltffen, nay. < 
ciotis; serviceable ;sealoua to serve. — fe*ttC p 
domestic i 


office or service. 

ging. — frei, adj. exempt from service or mn£bV 
tary duty ; off duty. — getoiig; adj. compiaJ- 
sant. — %elb, n. money paid in lieu of service, 
—grab, m. military rank. — fem, «. naMtor. 
lord; employer. — ififtttflg, /. rendering of 
service ; service. — lofen, m. servant's wage*. 
— IO«. adj. out of service. — tttOgb. /. maid- 
servant, —maun, •>. vassal, feudatory ; owt 
porter, town porter. —pfennig, at. earnest 
pledge, —bflilbt, /.liability to service, doty af 
office ; (attgemeine) — bffifbt, (universal) cosn- 
pulaory military service. — bfMdtfig, -fo*BU 
big, — berWOnbt, adj. liable to do certain aer- 
vices. — fbrite,/. maidservant (coll.). -Hffis 
tanglid). adj. unAt for military service. 
— borfdfrift, /. rule of the service, inatrae- 
— tntHig, adj. ready to serve. — trtt. 

/. time spent in service. — tttdjt, /. discipline 
of the service. — IttHlttg, m. right to another's 
services ; compulsion to serve. 

SifttfttOi, w. (— d, pi. -e) Tuesday. 

$ieft,c«m/.o/$iefed. Comp. -beinglid), odj. 
referring to this. — fafld, adv. in this cbjss. 
— Ilfrrig, a^/. of this year. — mal, adr. tan 
time, now. — tttalig, adj. this, 
— feitig, adj. on this side, on our i 
feitd, adv. de prep, with gen. on this tide. 

m<'\tT,™,$it>\t./^it'\t*,ortit4.n ipL 
biefe) dem. adj. de pron. this, that, these, the 
latter, this one, etc; biefer ifk ed, ban ttKlebrm 
mir fbraa>en, this is the man we spoke of ; am 
bierten biffed, ben bierten biefed, on the 
fourth instant ; nor biefent, ere now ; biefed 
ener ^and, (bis house of yours; biefer Xage, 
(adverbial gen. pi.) one of these days; Mtr 0r> 
mabrbeitnng biefed, in faith whereof. 

$iftri&, m. r-d, pi. -e) pick-lock. 

Siewei'l, adr. de conj. as long aa, during the 
time that ; while ; becauae. 

$t»ferettl-t*Trn, v.a. to differentiate. Cea^. 
— ialcredwnng, /. differential calculua. 

$iff-*'t, n. (-*t$, pi. -O'te) dictation. — 
atn'r, /. (pi. — arn'ren) dictatorship. — 
atO'rifdl, adj. dictatorial — iefttt, »«- to 

tittieUQ'T. n. (-d. pi. -e) dictionary. 

f)ilatt^— inn, n. writ of respite ; postpone- 

pi. -****). - 

tory treatment (of affairs). 

(— on'ten, 

att'tin, /. dilettante, 

adj. di adv. amateurish. 
$ine / r, n. (pi. — d) (grand) dinner. 
Sing, *. (-ed, pi. -e or -er) (bod tag #. 

coll.) thing; matter; creature; transaction; 

law court, meeting (o&».); cause (o&f.); mod 

ift bad far tin — ? what is this? gnter -e 
fein, to be In good spirits; gnt — tnit Beik 
Qaben, things take time that are done waU; 
afler guten -e finb brei, three ia a mrky 
number (prov.); bad bBfe — , whitlow; bad 
gebt nid)t ntit ren)ten —en An, there k 
something uncanny about it ; nor alien —ft. 
first of all ; above aU ; bad — d, (coll.) Mm 
thing; ber fleine —dba, the Uttle wight, an 
Uttle what *s his name ; — dfirtbf n, name gtwa 
to any place or thing, the real name of wsfcb 
one cannot remember; what do yon eaO fct 
—bar, adj. that may be bargained for er 
hired, -f IdKtt, -■ Uttle thing, -iisb, «f> 
<fr adv. relating to thinga, not pe r sons ; ml ; 
judicial (/>rw); -HdK fllOflf, real ' 
Comp. —brief, -^rttrl, m. contract. 
adj. confirmed by law ; einen — feU 
secure or arrest a p. — gelb, a 




$ia1— C*# reg. <fr ir.v.a. <k n. to enter Into 
""• ■ with; to 


— *'t, m. (-a'ten, hi. —ft/ten) diplomatist. — 
*f itar, w. (-a'tttcr*. il. -o'tifer) diplo- 
matist, schemer. — a'tifd). act i*. diplomatic ; 
artful ; — uttfd) jctrtuc flbfdjrtft, exact copy. 

» bargain for; to hire; to 

engage ; to bribe ; to haggle. 
_ M?hT. *». (— *, p*. — ) spelt, German wheat. 
Stn'tt. *e $tnte. 
SUttWc./. (jrf. -n) diocese. 
$l»bt»crhf4,/. diphtheria. 
fcinitio'ng, m. (-a <* -en, nj.-e.fe -en) 

diphthong. — ie'rtn. v.n. to diphthongise. 
SiJUO'sB, n. (—4, pi. — e) diploma, patent. 
* -n'tei 

$ir, «tof . Jtno. o/ $n, to thee. 

$trf ft, ac/;. dr atf». direct ; at first-hand : — e 
gcftrfarte (nad)), through ticket (for). —Wu, 
/. direction ; management ; directory, board of 
directors. — *r. m. (— are\ p/. -rmi) direc- 
tor ; manager ; head-master (of a school). — 
tOrCttslttrfattUttlttng,/. Headmasters* Confer- 
ence. —+T*'t, n. (— ota't*,pt. — ora'te) head- 
mastership (©/ a school) ; residence of a gover- 
nor or headmaster. — o'rinBt, n. (— n'riume', 
i>l. — oMen) directory ; board of directors. 

$ trtfttfrtM, v.a. to direct, manage. 

$ir'Bf,/. (p/. — ») (ortg.^ but note arch, depo+t.) 
maid, girl ; (imw) low woman, bad girl, hussy. 

$i«, *. (JVtM.) D sharp. Comp. — »ttr, n. D- 
sbarp major. — nwl. n. D-sharp minor. 

Mta'Mt, m. (— 4\ pi. — e) treble, soprano, 
-iff, m. (-i'ftrit, p/. -i'fren) treble-singer. 
Comp. -fftliflfl, «• C del. 

Sigfo/nt, $l«f#n't— «, m. disoonnt ; deduction, 
rebate ; »ic tiehrefftnen Bit — ? what is 
the rate of discount ? — ifrCH, v.a. to dis- 
count; — terter 8e4fcC, discounted bUl, bill 

t\iltfl, adj. separate, distinct ; prudent, dis- 
creet, modest. — io'n, /. ; fid) «ttf —ion e rge • 
lev, to surrender at discretion. Comp. — iosjgs 
togf , pi. days of grace. 

f igft'rg, «. (-<f)e*. pf. -<Qr) discourse. 

$itf tn-*nta, p/. books on sale that may be 
returned to the publisher. — f «f r m.(-r , tltm, 
pi. — ftt'tm) manager ; agent. — i'bel, adj. 
that may be disposed of ; available ; unattached 

©ermanifHf , university teacher or professor 
of Germanic philology. 
$Odj, adv. dc coni. ; pari, (accented or unaccented 
according to the meaning; it is accented if it 
implies a contradiction or a strong assertion) 

Et, still, however, nevertheless ; for all that ; 
t ; at least ; though ; surely ; obgleidj ed Oer« 
total ift. arfdjiebt e* —, {accented) although 
it is forbidden, it U done all the same ; ge* 
fftfbe C* — ! (unacc.) O how 1 wish that it 
would happen ! bu toiUft niifct fomnten ? — ! 
(ace.) you will not come? O, yes, I will! 
lour finb bier nidjt aUein. — , gicftdjen, we 
are not alone here. Tes, Lissie, we are; 
lengne nidjt. bu ficfifl rtf — ! (ace.) do not 
deny it, you do see it; btt fiehft e* —? (unacc.) 
surely you see it, you can see it, I suppose f 
fir ift bdftftdj, aber cr liebt fir — , (ace.) she 
is ugly, yet he loves her ; hilf mtr — I (unacc.) 
pray (or do) help me I battcft bu ba# — gleiq 
gtfagt ! (unacc.) if you had but said so at once I 
|a — , yes indeed, yes yes : nr in — . no, no ; 
nidit — , certainly not ; e* ift — »ofj( nidjtd 
©6fe^ ? there is nothing wrong, I trust ? (aft 
t$ -, please, let it alone ! fci - rubig ! be 
quiet, will you ! — $trr XBirt, bad babnt ©if 
nid)t gut grman)t, say what you please, Mr. 
Landlord, you did wrong in this case. 

$P<«t, m. (— ee\ pi. — f ) wick. Comp. — halter, 
m. wick-holder ; burner (of a lamp). 

$Od\ m. dc n. ; fa)inuniltrnbrd — , hoating dock. 
— t, /. dock (for vessels) ; — f mit ©d)len« 
fctttfaurcn, dry dock. — en, v.a. to dock(«Aip#). 

^O'd— C, /. (p2. — en) small column, baluster, 
rail; skein, hank, bundle ; doll, smart girl (obs.); 
plug ; jack (of a harpsichord^ etc.). — m, v.a. 
to roll together ; to wind up into (a skein) ; to 
stock sheaves. Comp. — en=g(ldttber r n. 

$Og'ge, m. def. (pi. — n) bull-dog, mastiff. 

$0g'ttta,n. (— 3, pi. —t*, now usually $Og'mctl) 
dogma. — mfttgefdHfttCr /• history of doc- 
trinal theology. — Hf, /• (pron. Sogma'tff) 
dogmatics, —titer, m. (pron. $ogiaa'titrr) 
(-Hftr*,pi.-rtftr)dogmati»t. — tifdj, adj. 

^Ob/lf, f°'(pl. — n) jackdaw, daw; prostitute 
(si.) ; old hat (si.) ; bit — fr a d)^t t the jackdaw 
caws. Comp. — n=AC1t, n. jackdaw^ nest. 

Sob/ae, /. (p/. — ti) bird-snare, gin, springe, 
noose. Comp. — MsfftifQ, m. sprmge-lme. 

^OM#r, m. (— 9, pi. Softo'rctt) doctor; phy- 
sician, surgeon ; — bcr StedjtC, doctor of laws 
(LL.D.); — berWiofopbie, doctor of philoso- 
phy (Ph.D.); einrit hum — madjen , to confer the 
doctor's degree on a p. ; ben — macbrtt, to ob- 
tain the degree of doctor ; cr bnt fetnen — in 
ftarfin geutadjt, he passed his examination for 
the doctorate at Berlin (coil.) ; cr bat fid) ben 
— in VHhtdlf n gcfeolt. he got his doctor at 
Munich (coil.). — fl'nb, m. candidate for a 
doctor's degree, —a't, »•(— fl't(e)d,p/. — a'tc), 
—grab, m., — ttfirbe, /. doctorate, doctor's 
degree. — in, /• doctor's wife ; lady-doctor. 
— fdKlftr/* body of doctors ; medical profession. 
Comp. — arbelt, /. thesis, —lint, m. doctor's 
«P ; fid) (dat.) ben —bnt bo If it, to obtain the 
doctor's degree, to become a doctor. — ingCs 
nimr. m. doctor of engineering (abbr. D r lug.). 

^•ftmriCren, v.a. A v.n. to win, also to obtain, 
the degree of doctor, to pass an examination 
qualifying for the doctor's degree. 

$0?nUtenttt / ren, «.a. to prove (by documents), 
to show. 

$Oldj, «. (— *9, pi. — f) dagger, poniard. 
Comp. — tttrffer, n. bowie-knife. — ftotf, m. 
swordcane. — ftn%, — ftldj, m. stab of a dag- 

Sold— f, /• (p/. —en) umbel; in —en. umbel- 
— ig, adj. umbellate, having the form 





of an umbel. Comp. — eilstragcai* adj. um- 
belliferous — ens tTttn be,/, corymb. 

StH'tar, m. (— *, irf. — *) dollar. 

$#i'mon, m. dol(i)man. 

Sol'ttUffd), m. (o^) = —or. -^tt. «.a. to In- 
terpret. — cr, m. C— cr#, /^. — er) interpreter. 
— < rci', /. stupid or confined interpretation. 
— *Mg,/. interpretation. 

Qom, m. (— (C)* f ^.— C) cathedral, cathedral 
church ; dome, cupola (ArcA.). Comp. — <taor, 
m. choir of a cathedral. — bedmnt, m. dean 
of a cathedral. — fruit,/, canoness. — frcis 
hcit,/. cloee of a cathedral. — tjerr, tn. pre- 
bendary, canon. — bcrrnsUbWMtf, m. canoni- 
cal*. — fapitrl, n. (cathedral) chapter ; dean 
and chapter, chapter-house. — {infer, /. cathe- 
dral, minster. — Pfflff , m - canon ; bullnnch ; 
ber — bf aff Ofcfft. the bullnnch pipes, —pttz 
itgCT. m. cathedral-preacher; pastor of a 
cathedral church. — 9r*bft, m. provost of a 
cathedral. — finger, »*• cathedral chorister. 
— ftfjttff , /• cathedral school, grammar school 
attached to a cathedral. Httft, n. chapter, 

Sitti'ttC./. (p*. -H), $0«*nt*l'gnt, n. do- 
main, demesne. 

fttwici'l, SomitCl, n. (-*,»/. -c) domicile, 
residence; address for payment (C. L.). 
Comp. — tteftfCl* tn. removal, addressed bill 

$»tttn— nn'te, /. (pi. — on'ten) dominant 
(MusX — ifrca, v.n. (out. b.) to domineer, 
to lord it. 

fomUlifsy»rr, *». (— #, P*. — ) Dominican friar. 

5*VmUU), I. m. (— g pi -4) domino (ctoo^t). 
II. n. (—3, p/. — g) game of dominoes; — 
"*t*e, W- dominoes; — fHiclett, to play at 

$«a'ttrr, »• (— e\ p/. — ) thunder ; nam — ge< 
rftbrt, thunderstruck. Comp. — btsdtfe, /. 
blunderbuss. — fell, *»• thunder-bolt 

— fftlug, m. thunder-clap. — fTTellll, m. flash 
of lightning. — gs'tog, «». Thursday; ber 
grnnc — gfag, Maundy-Thursday; ber feifte 
—Stan, Thursday before Lent — gsfSgtg, 
ad;', on Thursday; — g;tflgltd), <«*/• every 
Thursday, on Thursdays. — tofttrr, I. n. 
thunder storm ; scolding, blowing up. II. int. 
sounds ! hang it ! —Wirt, n. terrifying word. 

$*n'ncrn, v.n. (aux. 6.) to thunder. 

to&ptl—ktit, /. doubieness, duplicity. Comp. 
— aBlcr, m. spread eagle (Her.) ; the German 
Empire ; Austria. — babn. /. double-track 
railroad. —better, m. dice-box. —birr, n. 
strong beer. — brnd) r m. compound fracture 
(Surg.) ; compound fraction. — dentin, adj. 

' * & 




being wfth two natures. — ftftttgig, adj. double- 
faced, deceitful. ^iRgigfrit^.deositfumess. 
&0*'lPti— «, v. I. a. to doable ; to sew double ; 


to sole, to line. II. n. (aux. 
stakes ; to play at dice or 1 
cheat (at play). — t, adj. <t adv. double, two- 
fold, twice ; brc i —t, three-told ; ttt 
Hbffbrtft, in duplicate. — «ag, /. ' 
(Xaut.); cheating (at play). 
$orf, n. (—te. nT^oVftr) village; mmw , *— 
tout bsbmifuK Xflrfer, that's aU Greek ts> 
him. — f<b«Tt, /. villagers (cotlcctinUy) ; vfl- 
lage {community). Comp. — btngel, m. t o es 
try bumpkin. — betOObner, •». rlllef*r. 
— flnr, /. circuit of a village. — fCMCis**, 
/. rural pariah. — gefdjUbtC, /. village staty, 
tale of country life. — Jnnter, m. 
squire. — frog, «i. village inn. —Mat 

rustic —starrer, — brebiaer, m. 

parson. — riftter, m. village magietrnto ; 
chief in a village community. — fdtemfc, /. 
village inn. — f dmlwetiter, *». village i ' 
master. — f<t)ullC, *». *oe — Hotter. 
*>8rf-*cii (-ibeii*, pi. -*e«), 

^Icui*, pi. -lein) little village 1 
, m. villager. — lid), a. rustic p 
Sorn, m. (— e0,/rf. — e«; 5)3r , ner(o6*.))t 

prickle ; spine ; prick-punch ; tongue (9/ m 
buckie) ; cr ift mtr efai — tm Hxgc, be is a 
thorn In my side, —en, adj. thorny (06*. ). — 
idlt, (obt.) — ig f adj. at adv. thorny ; 
Comp. — gffiet, adj. thorny. — bL , 
bramble. — fifd), m. stickle-back (7cA/.). 
fortfaD, m. spinal process. -#fitr«Kt« f a, 
briers. -HTOMKK. n. Sleeping Beauty. 

^ or 're It, v.n. (an*, f.) to become dry, to dry; 
to wither, to fade. 

Ser'rett, v.a. to dry, to bake, to kiln-dry. 

fcorfal, adj. dorsal; -« *3i(bniig»loeife ber 
Ponfononten, consonants aitlcuUted by the 
action of the ridge (dorsum) of the tongne 

fc*rt, fcwr'ten (00*.) adv. there, yonder ; — 
broben, np there ; — bine in. in there ; — 
benttttr there about ; — ftinanf , up there ; — 
fjinand, — beranS, out there ; — bunmter, 
— binab, down there; nan — ««*, thence. 
— ig, adj. d> adv. of that place, there. Comm. 
—ber, adv. from yonder, thence, —bin, esV 
to that place, thither. 

ff»rj4. m. (-e*, p/. -f ) cod-fish < TchL\ 

$Wc, /. (pi. -* ; dim. W6rn) box, erf- 
box. Comp. — n^bannt, m. mountain ptae. 
— nrrftttrf. n. painting on a snuff-box. 

ICW,/.(p/. Toitn) dose ; ^n ftorfe — , overdoss. 

^ir*tig, adj. stupid, dull ; mir ift benre gnu—; 
I feel to-day rather stupid (coil.). 

Soft, m. (—§,pt. — e), -<n, m. (— eng r pL — en) 
wild marjoram. 

$0t— O/l, <"/;'• pertaining to a dower. ■ i f te n, 
v.a. to endow. Comp. — «l;giter, pi. glebe 


StgjttM 145 »tcf 

to walk deep in the mad. — tg, adj. muddy, 

v dirty, foul ; nasty. Camp. — tofar, "*• dung. 

s beetle. — tatttn. m. scavenger's cert, dung- 

« cart. — 104, n. slough. 

1 TCffdl, also $rtrid), I. adj. fallow, unculti- 

" vatid. U. to. (-e*, pt. -e), fellow land. 

« — ling. *»• eatable mushroom, champignon. 

a Tf(K— bar, a<0'. * «<»• that m »y ** turned or 

: twiated, revolving ; —oarer Vudprftanber , re- 

c rolving book-case. — IttlB, »'»• I— ling#, pi. 

1 — (ingc) spring-wheel ; handle of a wheel ; sheep 

* suffering from ■taggers. Comp. — aOjfe,/. axis 

J of revolution, —habit. /. rope-yard. — bant, 

I /. turning-lathe, —ban OS, m. turn-stile; / 

5 handspike. — brfide,/. turn-bridge. —cHCIt, 

1 n.,— ftabl, m. chisel, turning gouge. — franfs 

< *CU, /. giddiness ; staggers (oj theep). — frctll, V 
i n. turnstile. — OtgCl, /. barrel-organ. — 

1 Iwntt, w». center of motion ; pivot. — rat, 

$1 n. fly-wheel ; cordwheel. — roflc, /. mangle. 

I —f^ibr /. potter's wheel ; turn-plate, turn. / 

$1 table; disk. — ftroilt, m. rotatory current. — f 

< ftulll.f". revolving chair; music-stool. — ttWr ' 
$1 m. dumb-waiter, table turning on a pivot. — \ 
$1 turm, »». rotatory turret (Mil.). —nag*? 

1 efltPfOii, n. spheroid. — nng«=ttinfel, pi. 

$1 coordinates (JfaM.). — tDOgC, /. torsion-bal, 

1 anoe. -teirfel, m. teetotum. -tfblcr, m. 

turnstile. —gauge,/, tweezers (7\). — |tng, 
n. twisting apparatus, twisters. 
$1 Drf/b- m, I. t.a. to turn ; to twist ; to wTest ; 

to distort; fid) — cs, to tarn; bit ftragc — t 

J id) um, the question hinges on ; bif @a<heit 
Snnrn UCft —en, matters may take a (favora- 
ble) turn ; cittern cine Wafe —en, to hoax one. 
II. v.n. (nux. b.) to turn ; to veer (of wind) ; 
nn einem OJefc^r -*n, to twist a law. m. 
subst. n. turning; turn, revolution, rotation; 
whirling;— en int ftopfe, giddiness, swimming 
_ in the head. — enO, />. « adj. turning; rotary. 

J rotatory ; giddy. — CT, *». (— er$, p/. — cr) 

| turner ; wfnch ; slow waits. — nng, /. turn, 

I rotation ; revolution ; turning ; bie baibe — ttttg 

ber Jtnrbel, the half stroke of the crank. 
Drci. I. num. adj. three ; f be man — MttU 
fann, in a trice. 11./. three. — fcdl, /triad, 
tripllcity. —ling, m. (— (ing6, p*. —(Inge) » 
number of three, small coin ; triplets. —gig. 
num. adj. thirty ; in bit —gig tontttten, to get 
into the thirties. — ttfger, m. (— ftigereVfrf. 
— ftiaer) man of thirty years; wine of 1830; 
Inhen-ligerOiabren, in the thirties, -fcigs 
iflhrig, wlj. of thirty years ; ber — flfnfabrige 
firieg, the Thirty Years' War (1G18-1648). 
— fctftjt, num. adj. thirtieth. — fctgftfl, n. 
thirtieth part. — fcjgften*. adv. in the thir- 
tieth place. Comp. — aCWei. pi. three-eighth*. 
— adjtelstaft. m. time of 3 quavers (Mus.). 
— ormtg, adj. three-armed. — blatt, n. tre- 
foiL — blatter tg, a^7 three-leaved. — tnn», 
m. Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria, Italy, 
tinoe 1883). — doppelt, adj. A adv. triple, 
three-fold, —erf, n. triangle. — ftfig, adj. 
triangular, three-cornered; — ecfioer Vrnt* 

mit*'e*. deltoid muscle. — crfgslenre, — erfs 

mefcfmift, /. trigonometry. -rftl'teit, /. 
triad; trinity. — f i'Mig, <uf/. A adv. triune; 
ber — eintge mtU the Tripersonal God. — 
ei'ntgfe it, /.Trinity. -einigfctt*=btfenncr, 
m. Trinitarian. -fintgtCUdslrUrt,/. Trinita- 
rianism. — etlei, indec. adj. of .three kinds, 
three-fold. — fad), adj. & adv. threefold ; triple; 
treble; {before comparatives it is sometime* 
merely a term of amplification); — f arf|C (9rp*.e, 
trinomial; — fatfjf ftrone, triple crown, tiara 
(of the pope) ; ntit — f adjer SRaner , with triple 
walls. -fftitig. adj. & adv. threefold. - 
fattigfttr,/. Trinity, -falttgfrtteshinme,/. 
heart's ease, pansy. — farbig, adj. tricolored; 




HHnOlid), adv. every third boor. — tigig, «tf. 
three days old ; lasting three days ; — tSglgeg 
fyieber, tertian fever. —titrttUtatt, m. time 
of 3 crotchets. — ttHnfel, m. triangle, —had, 
m. trident. — $ftfig, «*;'. three-pronged. — 
lefeig, «(/. tridacrylous. — Kdl, «*>*. thirteen. 
— ICgnte, n. thirteenth. — K**tel, ». thir- 
teenth part. — Xiafig, a</. three-forked, trl- 
dented. -Wttttlztitt, m. time of three 
minims, three-two time. 

fcrci'cr, l. gen. o/brtt: Sagebnift — ftinber. 
diary kept by three children. II. m. a piece of 
3 pfennige (before 1871, value about half a cent) 

$rrtft, adj. d> adv. bold ; courageous, confident, 
pert. — iflff it, /• boldness; audacity, assur- 
ance; confidence; courage ; eble —in ft It, won- 
derful (amount of) cheek (hum.)\ $nnutt— lg« 
frit, brasen-facedness ; audacity. 

»5tfB, m. (— g, pi. — t ) drill(ing); diaper; strong 

$rCfd>— C,/. thrashing. — Ctt, fr.r.a. to thrash. 
— ft, w». (—erg, p/. — er) thrasher. Comp. — 
tide, /. thrashing floor, — gegel, m. flail. 

— mOWe, /. »ee —inert. —Hunt, /.. «•« — 
biflc. —ttaUr,/. roller, —mttt, n. thrash- 
ing machine. 
fcrffl— ieTcn, *.a. to train ; to drill ; to break 
in. — it/rang, —«*,/., breaking In, training. 

§ riff A, tee treefdj. 
rlrWIinfl. trOfdYIing. «. (-eg, pL -t) 

common mushroom. 
triffcm, r.n. imp. to drizzle. 
'tril'l— e», v.a. to turn round ; to drill (toidiers). 

—Or, m. driller, trainer. — ing, m. (—tag*. 

p/.—tngf) spring wheel. Ocwip. 
drill sergeant. 

*$ril'l— *«, v.o. to drill, to bore ; to bore, liswmsnw 
weary, torment ; mil bent Ruber -m. to work 
the steering. Camp, — hnyrer, m. drill. — 
egge, /. drill-harrow. — (if 0), m. etectricml . " 
—Wngdrtn, w. a kind of pillory. 
/. ridgeXilL — fdgC,/.haok-«u 

Qtll'lTb, $rfl*, m. see SreH. 

trilling, m. (— g, p/. — e)one of three i 
at a birth, triplet. 

$rta, «ee Darin. 

$rtn'g-en, ir.v. I. ». (mcr. $. «* f.) to pm 
forward; to press, throng, crowd; to pews 
trate, pierce ; bttrd) . . . —en, to force one's) waj 
through ; anf elne 6. —e«. to be urgent far. 
insist upon something ; in etuen — en, to urge 
strongly upon a person ; bie 3e«* — 1» •*"• 
lit ben Okift eineg Siftter* — e». w 

enter into the spirit of a poet ; in bie Snafgri* 
gen —en, to break into the trenches. II. «. («r 

8chUUr % Goethe, often = the modern triages) 
to urge, force, compel. — eni, p. & adj. preaa- 
ing, urgent; cogent ; — enb erfudlt, earn 
or urgently requested, —lid), adj. de 
urgent, pressing. — lUtjteit,/. urgency. 

$Tin'nen, adv. within. 

&if*, imperative; ftrifd*, $rif*t, 2 <* 3 
p. tg. pre*, md. of bref die*. 

$rtt't-r. num. adj. third ; bttttt) bie — e $«xb, 
indirectly ; ber — e Vtaltn, the umpire ; be? 
©fdrffi ift febon in ber -en $nnfcth« bill 
is already indorsed ; gnm CErften, ftabern tnsb 
—en ! going, going, gone ! ben —en nbfo)ls> 
gen, to play third (a game), —el. n. (— e(f , pi. 
—el) third. — eng. num. adv. thirdly. Camp. 
— esfcftfb, num. adj. (lii. the third half, iu~) 
two and a half. — lefct. adj. last but two; 
antepenult, —ttafbft, adj. next bat two. 

$f ""■ ~ tfu. 

$1 there aboTe, on high. 

$1 (-*,£<.-*) dru gget. 

ft) uga. Comp. — erie^tmre*, pL 

riea. — bnnbtttng , /. drug-ware- 
inbler, m. druggist. 

t (HW, Pf. -en) druggist. 

Si i. <lr n. (einent ntit etmgg or eiarm 

reaten, to menace with. — nug. 
lace. Comp.— griff »*>. letter ooD- 
«™. B v.w«-t«, — mgrt* n. menace, threat. 

Srtb'ne,/. (»w. — n) drone. 

Srornen, v.n. (aux. tj.) to utter a low, dull 
sound ; to thud ; to roar, boom ; to resound. 

SrdVnig, adj. slow, sleepy, dawdling (a?.). 

$r#rlidtf (oof.), Srolltg, adj. dt adv. droll, 
amusing, funny, facetious ; queer, odd. 

SrOttieia'r, m. (— g. p/. — e) dromedary. 

$r*mmf t-e, /. (ois. <fe /wet. /or Sronbeie) 

v.n. (aux. %.) to 
4nd. A rubj. oj btf 

(p/. —en), trumpet 
blow the trumpet (obs.). 

Srofd), Srir1a)e, imperf. 

trofaVre, /. (/»/. — n) cab, hackney 
drosky, coach (Amer.). — n=gnnl, m. sack- 
ney Jade. — nstmlttjriflfc, m. cab-stand, -ns 
fntfdXT, tn. cabman, driver ; cabby {hum.). 

^Of'fCl, / {pi. -n) thrush. Comp. -garl; 
sTdtrig — barr, King Thrushbeard. b tnr , 
J mountain ash. 

•Sriffel, /. (pi. -H) throttle, throat; AdaaH 
apple. Comp. —nber./. Jugular vein. — bfil. 
n. throttle ; collar-bone, — fUMM^C,/. throttle 
ralre (Mack.). 

^rof'feln, «.a. to throttle, to stramrle. 

trifc, »». (-eg, pi. -e) high bailiff (a mUt). 
— ei', /. baUiffship, bailiwick ; residenee of s 
high bailiff; t'anb-fi', district, shire, afo- 
rinoe, part of a kingdom {e.g. of Hetmm 
before 1806). 

Xrfi'b— en, —or, «ee Dnriben, JDifilcft 




feCUlf, m. (— e 4, pi. — e) compression, pr es sur e ; 
impulse ; squeeze ; spring ; print ; printing ; 
proof, impression; stamp; type; oppression, 
depression (of prices; of spirit*) ; weight; 
burden ; grievance, hardship ; — her Scatter* 
trait, gravitation ; in — geben, to print, to 
bare printed, to publish ; in — geben, to go 
to be printed, to be printed ; e£ tnirb att bie- 
fem Sua\ gebrndt, this book is in the press. 
— bar, aq/> that may be pressed or printed. 
Camp. — fterifttiger, *». press-corrector, 
reader for the press. — beridWgungen, pi. 
corrigenda, corrections. — tOflCtt, "». proof- 
■beet, proof. — bttdjftttbett, ;*. type. — ets 

artcit, /. presswoxk. — er=f«rbe, — ars 

SMtfriC, /. printer's ink. -trlanttti*, /. 
primmtar. — fefclcr, m. misprint, erratum, 
printer's error. — {ebterstenfC I, n». malignant 
spirit causing misprints. — feMrrsttrrttUMftr 
n. {list of ) errata. — fertig , adj. <k adv. ready 
for (the) press, -fefttflteit, /• resistance 
(PAs>.). — fantt, /. form (TVp-); printing- 
block — frtibcit, /. Uberty of the press. 
— tot*, /. head of water, height of fall. 
— [air, *• date of the printing of a book. 
— Men, pi- expenses of printing. —Craft, 
/. pressure (PAus.). — liMKfcttt, n. com- 
press (8urg.). —If gang, /. (act of) printing. 
— weftar, «. pressure-gauge. —model, n. 
», printing-block. — art, m. place of printing 
or publication ; imprint (of postage stamps). 
— Mb€,/. proof. — »UttMK. /. forcing pump. 
—\*<Qt f f. printed matter, printed papers; (by) 
book post. — fdtfitt, /. type ; publication. 
—ftangf, /. forcing lew. — ftemtKl, m. pis- 
ton. — nMlgC,/. areometer. — ttttUe. /. press- 
ing roller, cylinder. — tttaren, pi. (cotton) 
prints. — IDtrf , n. forcing-pump. 
fttn'd— «, r.a. to press, impress ; to stamp ; to 
print. — cr, m. printer. —fret',/, press, 
printing press. 
fcrM— en, v. I. a. to press, clasp, squeeze; to 
pinch ; to jam ; to oppress, afflict ; to vex, de- 
press, weigh down ; to annoy, afflict ; bell $Ut 
tnl (SefiaTt —en, to pull one's hat over one's 
eyes; fein &iegel anf eine 6. — f«, to affix 
one's seal to a th. ; einen on* $er$ —en, to 
preasap. to one's heart, to embrace a p. ; einent 

*, a mystic sign against witches and evil 

spirits; club-moss (Bot.). 
$nii'd-t\ m. (-en, pi. -en) Druid, a Keltic 

priest. — en=tun, n. Druidism. — tfdl* adj. 

DruidicaL Comp. — en = Dentinal, n. cairn, 

$ru». short for baruuu 
Srun't— M, adv. below (there). — or, tee $0- 

muter ; — er burn) fein, to be lost hopelessly ; 

to be looked down upon (famX 
$r«'f— «, /. (pi- —en) decayed ore ; glanders. 

— id)t, adj. decayed, hollowed by weather. 

— en = ran me, pi. m. cavities in rocks studded 

with crystals. 
fcri'f— t, /. (pi. — <tl) gl»nd ; glandular swelling. 

—iB, adj. at adv. glandular. Comp. —ens 

fettle, /. bubo (Med.), -ougefdmtulft, /. 

swelling of the glands, struma. — en = fronts 
heit, /. disease of the glands ; strangles. 
$m'f CH, pi. dregs, lees ; husks of grapes. 

Sfftnn'iti, Sftian'iel, /• <tn.(pi. -n) jungle. 

$n, I. pers. pron. thou ; mit cine m anf — mtb 
— fteben, to be so intimate with one as to call 
him * thou ' ; to be on intimate terms with a p. 
— , bcr — int $unmel wobneft, thou who 
dwellest in heaven. 1L n. bein nnbered — , 
thine other self. 

$tt'al, to. (— §, pi. — e) dual (number). — 
Iftttttt, to. duattsm. — tf'ttfd), adj. duaustic. 
-iti't,/. duality. 

fcnblefte,/. (pi. — n) duplicate; doublet. 

Sublo'ne,/. (pi. — n) doubloon. 

tuca'ttn, see Xntoten. 

tou'd— en, v. L a. <fc n. (aux. b.) to bow ; to 
stoop; to humble (one), bring down (one'*) 
pride. II. n. <fc r. to duck, dive ; to stoop ; to 
knuckle under : to accommodate oneself to cir- 
cumstances. Comp. — ettte, /. diver (Ortu). 

$U<ftttanfer. to. (sometimes spell Snrfmaufer) 
(— $, pi. — ) sneak ; hypocrite ; sly-boots ; dis- 
sembler, sharper. 

$UDel— &ef'. On. &) n. twaddle ; verbiage ; trifle. 
—•umber, interjection imitating the sound of 
a wooden wind instrument, esp'lly that of a 
bagpipe (Xnbeffad 1 ) ; tweedlededee ; see%\btU 
bum, —el', /. wretched piping or singing. 

$U'de(— n, v.n. (auz. h.) to play on the bagpipe 
or flute; to play or sing badly. Comp. — fatten, 
m. barrel-organ. — fun\ m. bagpipe. 

Sutler, m. wretched bagpiper or flute-player, 
monotonous singer. 

fcuCU, n. (— #, pi. — «) duel ; — anf txqtn, 
Siftofen, duel with swords, pistols. — a'nt, m. 
(— nn'ten, />/. — an'ten) duelist. — te'reu, ».r. 

to fight adueL — fudltig, adj. eager to fight 

^ue'tt, n. (—5, pi. — e) duet, duetto. 

$llft, m. (— ed, pi. Xfirte) scent, fragrance, ex- 
halation; vapor. — tg, adj. misty, charged 
with vapor ; fragrant, odoriferous. 

$nf't-en (obs. inf'ten)t;. I. n. (aux. ft. & f.) to 

exhale fragrance, to scent, to be odoriferous, 
to send forth fragrance or perfume. II. a. to 
smell ; to perfume. — end, adj. scented. 

$lljtt(e), adj. tipsy (si.) 

wt'a'teM, m. (— *\ pi. — ) ducat (a coin no longer 
current; value ofsiltvr ducat about 80.90, and 
of gold ducat about 82.25). 

£nl)r*bar, adj. endurable, tolerable. 

»nlTl— en, I. v.a. to suffer, endure ; to bear 
patiently, to put up with ; to tolerate (opinions); 
to connive at. II. subst.n. sufferance, endur- 
ance. — <r, m. (— er#. pi. — er), — erin, /. 
sufferer. — nnfl, /. endurance ; toleration. 

f>Ulb / fom. cut/, enduring, patient, tolerant. 
— felt,/ toleration, spirit of toleration. 

^Iimm, <uf; <& »fr. dull, stupid ; foolish, silly, 
ridiculous ; unpleasant, awkward. — r d $>tua., 
(stuff and) nonsense; eine — f Qkfd)id)te, en 
awkward affair. — er 3tinge, (if said to adults) 




fool (the acknowledged word of challenge for a 
duct\\ bad ift — , that U a nuisance (colt.)\ 
na, fo — ! I shall not be such a fool (coll.). 
— b> It, /• etupidity, folly ; nonsense j a silly 
action; (pi.) fooush tricks. Camp. — tart, 
m. dolt. —Ore iff, adj. foolhardy ; impudent, 
forward. — tOpf, — fT=iq(M)n, m. blockhead, 
simpleton. — fa h U. adj. foolhardy. 
Sfimm'lrr. Summ'ting, m. simpleton. 

$nmif , o<//. <fc adv. damp, moist ; musty ; doll, 
apathetic; gloomy; stifling, heavy; dull in 
sound, heary, hollow, muffled; — tinra, to 
rumble, mutter; to thud; r* mad)t mtr ben 
ftopf ganj — , it stupefies my brain. —t& 
6rreben, vague aspiratious ; striving not clear 
as to it* ultimate goal. — bf it, J. dullness, 
hollowness; vague aspirations (obs.); gloomi- 
ness; stupor, insensibility, torpor. — fg, adj. 
dc adv. damn, dank; moist; fusty, musty. 
— iflfritr /• dampness, mustiness. Camp. — 
fta», m. dull-miudiMiness, stupefaction. 

fcn'nc, Qh'Ut, f. (pi. — n) sandhill. — « r pi. 

fcfin'B— fn, v.a. to dung, to manure, —ft, m. 
(—tT*) manure, dung; fibtff tuber — f r, com- 
post. Comp. — f smittCl, n. fertiliser ; fertil- 
ising substance. — JaiidJC,/. liquid manure. 

Sau'ffl, 1. adj. <fc adv. dark, obscure ; gloomy, 
cloudy ; dim ; mystical ; mysterious ; faint. II. 
subsUn. (— g) obscurity ; ambiguity ; darkness ; 
il»~-ft,in the dark. — beit,/. darkness; ob- 

fun'rrltt, v.n. (aux. b.) to grow dark or dim. 

$fill'fel, m. (— $) self-conceit; arrogance; — 
fofaeit, to be self-conceited. —baft, adj. self- 
conceited ; arrogant. 

Mmttln, imp. v.n. ; t$ bftnfeft Htm, he fancies 
in his conceit (obs.). 

tount—tn, ir.v. I. n. (ant. b.) <fr /win. to seem, 
wok; appear; t$— t mid) (or mtr), mid) (or 
tttfr) — t, metbinks, it seems to me, I fancy ; 
e£ bautfctr ibn, it seemed to him, he thought ; 
tfjlte, toa4 bir gttt — t, do what you think 

Koper ; rd Xooutt mir — , it seemed to me, 
e idea struck me. II. r. to Imagine oneself, 
fancy ; fir bftnft fid) fdtftt, she imagines her- 
self beautiful ; fir —fit fid) load, they think a 
great deal of themselves ; rr DM1 ft fid) WO0 
9t edited, be has a high opinion of himself ; rr 
bftttft fid) ma* bflrduf, he boasts of It, think* 
much of himself on account of it, is proud of it ; 
fid) (dot.) —ctt Ittffcu, to conceive an idea, to 

2>Untt, adj. thin, fine ; small, slim ; slight (silk); 
weak (fluid*) ; serous (blood) ; scarce ; rare 
(air); diluted; — f Cbren baben, to have a 
quick ear. — f, /. slenderness, thinness; 
spsrseness; rarity. — en, — mtftflt. /rf. flanks. 
Comp. — tadlftr adj. thin-faced, lantern- 
Jawed, —birr, n. small beer, —dorm, m. 
small intestine. -*ffa(C)t, adj. sparsely 
sown, thinly scattered, scarce. — Icibifl, adj. 
l*nk. — UblafltU, v.a. to beat out, flatten 
(metal*). — {Hmmifl, adj. shrUl. — rndj, n. 

fcttttfr, m. (— f $, pL $ftVfre) repor ; misty 
exhalation ; fume ; steam ; Coflet— , dust 
•hot ; r infra rlnen blanen — bormatben, to 
humbug one. — (ft, aaj. dc adv., vaporous, 
"nlrty. foggy; damp. Comp. — bilo, — 

Efbilbf. n. illusive image, phantasm. — 
li«d*«, n. steam-globule. — frcU, m. at- 
mosphere. — lod), n. airhole. 
fcttttfren, v.n. (aux. h.) to rim as vapor; to 

ffiafrrn, v.a. to stew. 
$ nobC't, n. (— f t) duodecimo. 
tnVM,f. (pi. -fn) rejoinder (Law). — ey*, n, 

bill In sets (Comm.). 

$*T, ad}, major, sharp (Jftct.) Cmw. — 
ttttoTt, /. major key, tone majot. —tmtfeittT, 
f. major scale. 

$ard), L prep. tri/A ace. through; by; 
means of ; across ; throughout, during ; c 
to; bad gon^r 3afar — , the whole 
through ; — Den Strom fdjmtmmc*, to 
across the river ; — hie fttagrr feb«. to be 
Indulgent, not to be particular ; — bit Coft* 
by post ; — 3ttfau\ by chanoe ; — $trt§ kmt 
rr Cft* errttdlt, he has acquired it by diligence. 

II. adv. throughout; thoroughly; tnruagk. 

III. sep. dc insep. prefix. ( Verbs, comptmstded 
with bard), when separable, have (he prinetjml 
accent on burd) ; when inseparable, on the root of 
thevtrb.T/iemeanmgoftunS»insucJ t com 

is a* a rule through or thoroughly (or oi 

another,) and, in a number oj inseparable * 
pounds: to pass time in.) Comp. (usually mat 
accented on bttrdj). -HU'4. adv. throu^kovt, 
thoroughly, quite; absolutely, positively, by 
all means ; —on* nidjt, by no means, not aft 
all ; tncil ©it r* —uu* too Hen, since yon av 

mk* nrwin It; ( £ {ft — att# bCrfdjifbm, It IS 

afferent, -ciaan'irr, orfr. hi 
il-mell, promiscuously. 

§v.a. (sep.) pass in groaning. 
II, v.a. (srp.) to work throogh; 
,ke one's way, get on, get throo**. 
% v.a. (insep.)U> breathe throogh; 

$ .a. (sep.) to corrode comple tel y. 

Si v.a. (insep.) to thrill through, 

e thoroughly. 
$1 ir.v. (sep.) I. a. to bite throasjfc ; 

»e. II. r. to fight it out. 

$urdybcUf a, v.a. (sep.) to corrode, eat throssjk 

with a corrosive, macerate. 
QardVbttrn, v.a. (sep.) to go through In praytng . 

to rehearse ; '* v A J ! 


to rehearse ; (insep.) to spend in prayer. 
Urftbfttrln, v. I. r. (sep.) to begone** w 
live by begging. II. a. (insep.) to i 


through begging. 
^urdKbCtlteui, v.a. (sep.) to sift, to bolt (jlamr). 
^nruVblafrn, *r.v.a. (sep.) to blow through ; to 

blow to pieces ; to blow, play over. 
Slirdjblflftern, v.a (sep. tt insep.) to torn over 

the leaves (of a book) ; to skim throogh. 
Sardyblriirn, (sep.) (less correctly spelt birsV 
_ biaarn) see $nrd)pr&arla. 
^wroybUrf, m. (-t* t pi. _r) view, prospect, 

visU; peep through ; penetration. 
Sunftblitfrn, v. I. n. (aux. b.) (sep.) to took, 

peep, appear through. II. a. (insep. d* srp.) te 

penetrate, pierce with a look, see throogh. 
Surtbbobrrn, v.a. (sep.) to bore through; (av 

sep.) to penetrate ; to pierce ; to perforate. 
SttrnVbratflt, ir.v. a. [sep.) to roast weD er 

thoroughly, burtb'gebrattn, p.p. <* adj. well 

turdlbretbrn, ir.v. I. a. den. (aux, f.) (sep.) to 

break through. II. a, (insep.) to break or com 

through, to pierce ; bnrdjbro'dKnc strtcit. 

open work ; filigrane. 

t>nrdj'brfnncn, ir.r.n. (aux. b.) (sep.) to 1 

through ; to abscond (colloq/). 
$uraybrtnftfn, ir.v.a. (sep.) to bring t 
to squander, dissipate ; to bring up, rear; M 
— , to maintain oneself, get on ; fid) fhrlut — . 
to make shift to gain an honest livelihood, 
fid) r&ntmrrUcb — , to manage barely to aakt 
both ends meet ; rr bat frtu ga«iee sfrnaJtra 
burd)g(brad)t. he has squandered all ha tor. 
tune, he has made ducks and drakes, of 
his fortune ; bit Ar&tr boffen (ba 

brfnorn, the doctors hop- to pull him thfoajh. 
nrdYbrudi. m. (-« *, jA. twribbradV) bresek; 
rupture; eniptlon; cutting (of teeth); (net 

$nr4fci4t 149 Stmtttntn 

Uep, de iauep.) to 
RlJ - to g " 


; firs — to get on by living 
) ; to get out of a difficulty, 

) to Mk in torn; tt 

1 one's way by asking. 

1. a. (tnstp.) to freeze com* 

iwc f.) («p.) to be chilled 

age, transit Comp. — {90, 

a. (wp.) to convey or lead 
to an issue : to accomplish, 

dulate (Jtftu.) ; to support a 

iRg, /. the carrying through ; 

somplishment (of a design) ; 

nance (of a task}. 

lt)4, pi. SurtfjgSltgc) a pass- 
S Highfare ; passage ; gateway ; 

floodgate; transit (A sir.). 

oroughfarme ! private ! Cop. 

dng or transient maccord. 
i > — infhmmntt. — tsgrrcfts 

jj t way ; thoroughfare. — fts 

with transit goods. — ftsiMs 

< nslt-instrument. — A=n*tf, 

«*.). — #sU* iM, m. permit, 
h rough carriage. — 0=iOD, 

! — 4st*$, m. through train ; 

< tlbule train. 

de adv. thorough, radical; 

; current, prevailing. 

L. n. (oitt. f.) (*g>.) to go, 

pierce ; to run away ; to es- 

• kss, be approved ; stampede, 

flittgen mit mtd burn) we 
the horses, they ran away; 
nam bimfe the mules stam- 
r SiUd ift nodi ira Unttr- 
itgctt neither of these bilk 
Lower House ; ber ttttrraa 
otion was carried ; bad grot 
mug fo m(t — that may 
xburd) be is a very straight 
to walk, go through or over; 
etouch ; to peruse ; to wear 
• $ufte — , to walk one's feet 
go, walk through. — ft, p. 
; — ber flttg through-train; 
rough-carriage; --be (Signs* 
characteristic. — d£, adv. 
tally; throughout, in every 

irtime* SuruVanrbfit,) v.a. 

> tan (leather) thoroughly; 

>undly (coll.). 

a. (sep.) to poor through, 

n. {out. h.) (sep.) to glow 
srp. de insep.) to make red 

a, (*ep.) to dig through; 
>y digging. 

(intrp.) to fill with shudder ; 
t*. fait burdjflrattt the host 
illed with cold horror. 

(*ep.) I. n. (ffox. h.) to pass 

; to proceed without cere- 
or ; to act decidedly ; to pre- 
sr out by handling. — ft, p. 

. (*ep. ds insrp.) to reflect 
riy, examine throughout. 
uider ; sink. 
, (in a wood). 
%. (up. dt irurp.) to hew or 

— • (*7>-) to cut one's way 
-, (*«>. ) to give s.o. a thrash' 
ounaly (coll.). 




S » r<y j Kd*l«, f.a. («ep.) to hackle flax thor- 
oughly ; to criticize, to censure ; to expose m 
man's weaknesses in detail ; to cut up (a per- 

$arayfce(fea, iv.v.a. (sep.) ; elncra — , to help 
one through or out of, to support, assist one ; 
fid) mit tttoaS — , to come off with, to get on 
by; fid) motif am — , to work hard to make 
both ends meet. 

trntQWHen, v.a. (sep. A insep.) to heat through 
and through ; to heat well or thoroughly. 

$«ttfefc0falen, v.a. (stp. <fc insep.) to hollow 
throughout, undermine ; to excavate. 

$urdyfanUro, v.a. (sep.) to beat thoroughly (si.). 

$arts)ir / rea, ».«. (tiuep.) to wander through, to 

$ard)f*gea, •"• I- «• (*ep.) to hunt through ; 
(Jnsep.) to hunt through, gallop oyer, scour. 
U. «. (insep.) (aux. b.) to pass through in hunt- 
ing ; (aux. f.) to hasten through. 

$urd)faat'Btera, r.a. (ftuep.) to pass in lamen- 
tations (a day, a night). 

Saruytdmbfrn, v .a. (*».) to fight out ; to get by 
fighting ; to maintain la point) ; fid) — , to fight 
one's way through or out ; fid) turd) 6d)Wie- 
rigfeitrtt — ,to overcome difficulties. 

$ard)faaea, $ardrfdaea, *.a. (sep. <& in$tp.)u> 
ebew thoroughly ; to repeat over and over again 
(coll.); to ruminate on. 

toWtmtttn, v.a. (sep. & insep.) to knead well. 

WurtftOmmtU, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) (sep.) to come, 
set through ; to come off ; to reoover ; to pass 
{examinations] ; mit feiaer (fittnabme — , to 
make both ends meet ; mit eiaeat — , to succeed 
with a person ; f o tommt f r aidjt bttrtb, in this 
way he will never succeed ; he will not be let 
off with that ; er toirb in ber fJrttf una f djawr- 
lift — , he will hardly be able to pass his exam- 

ftttruYtdnam, frvn - («**• *•) tap-) *° *• * Wo 

to get through or pass (co//.) 

ftttrdtfofttll, r.a. (*p.) to taste (thing*) one 
after another ; to experience fully. 

$»rd)treil'ieit, vm. (insep.) to cross (lit. & Jig.). 

tmxMn'^tUf v.a. (insep.) to spend (time) in 

ftttfWiarmttt, v.a. (#*p.) to pass, spend («*»«) 

ttt«b>&^ «•. MfDf fl, P*. SardYloffe) totting 
through ; what lets through ; passage ; sieve ; 
filter; opening. 

ftttrdKI«1r-Ctt7 L <r.«« (*ep) to let through, 
suffer to pass ; to strain ; to filter ; to transmit 
(light, etc.). —tab. p. d: aoy. pervious ; nid)t 
— «ab, impermeable ; ft in Gaffer —cub, 
waterproof; Uimfamtt—tnh, fireproof. II. 
subst. —en, n., —ttllg,/. transmission. 

Surcyiandrf, /. (pi. — en) Highness, Serene 
Eighness; <Jto. (= ffner) — , your Highness; 
6c. — babcit bcfsbUlt «., His Highness save 
orders that, etc.; Cho. — moUrn gfruben, 
may it please your Highness. — ig, adj. most 
high, serene ; Illustrious ; august. — igffit, /• 

j Highness (Ww.) 

ftnrfiVUuif, nu running through, passage, flux, 

ftardrtoaffa, ir.v. I. n. (aw. i.)(sep.) to run 

through ; to filter. IL a. (insep.) to run all 

over ; to peruse hastily ; to wear out running ; 

eia <0cr&d)t burdjloufi bir 6tabt, a report U 

going about the town ; atU gftbea — , to hunt 

through all the shops. 
ftardKlegea, v.a. (sep.) ; tint Crro&e — ,to cut 

a street through or across. 
$Brd)lcadrtfa, v.n. (#p.) to shine through, n. 

a. (insep.) to fill or flood with light, to light 

(up), illuminate ; to send rays through, irra- 

Sardtfirflfa, 1r.v.r. (sep.) to make sore by lying ; 
fU| — , to get bed-sore. 

Sardrto'cbea, usually SartatifrbrrB, w-«- <— - 

sep.) to perforate, pierce, punch; to tmsbjeb, 

infringe (coll.). 
SHnyiiftftt, v.a. to air. 

fcnrdjatmen, tr.r. (wp.) I. a. to help as* ey 
II. r. to get off or help oneself oat by 


X>ardKatadKttr v.a. («p.) to finish, to i riw 
plish ; to experience, suffer ; f r bat vie I e suS e 
geatad)t, be has gone through a good dead. 

SttTdKmarftfc, m. marching through ; gottiag-ag 
the tricks (at cards). — iCTta, vm. (owx. {.) 
(**p.) to march through. 

Sttrftmeffftt, ir.v.a. (sep. & insep.) to ssasv 
sure throughout, to traverse. 

Snnfmrffer, m. (-^, i>/. -) <j 

Surdl'mnffCH, v-n. (owx. ft.) (sep.) to be* < 

to pass, to be forced to get through or f 
$UUbtttllfter--ttr *>.a. (sep. dk insep.) to pas* 1 

review, overhaul; to examine, scrutinise, scai 

— anfl. /. examination, inspection, e uutia y. 
^urdiacilKii, v. I. a. (sep.) to sew thro * 

(insep.) to quilt. II. r. (sep.) to work i 

fingers sore. 
Saroraaffea, ir.v. I. n. (aux. b.) (sep.) to 1st 

the wet through. II. a. (insep.) to wet thor- 
oughly ; wir fame n go** bardmsftt briat, *« 

got home wet all over, completely drenched. 
SaraVarbattn, ir.v.a. (sep.) to examine ; toam- 

lvxe; to go through (something with esc); 

rtticn — , to censure one. 
$ardy*afe.m. narrow pass, defile. — <ff)iCTm, 

v.a. (sep.\ to pass through. 
$ttrdyjKttfdM*ll, v.a. to whip soundly. 
$urdh>lum*fen, v.n. (aux. f.) (sep.) to fan in 

an examination (coll.). 
SardKttffifteln, v.a. (sep.) to beat, ondga! 

Sardyaaalen, v.r. (sep.) to get on withdUBceky 

or with great labor. 
^ardWUrr— en, v. a. (insep.) to traverse. — 

nag,/., bie —nag be# banfffa <frb»eiW, the 

crossinff of the Dark Continent. 

$ attar afea, v. i. n. (aux. \.) (sep.) to 

through furiously. II. a. (sep. * 

rush furiously through or over. 
$urdrT«Vfelu, r.a. (sf.) = banbf attea. 
Xarcbrdadiera, r.a. (*?. <t (n««p.) to i 

fumigate ; to smoke thoroughly. 
^Urdnreihaeit, v.a. (sep. & insep.) to i 

count over ; to revise ; to pass in reckoning (oaf.). 
SatrdyrefUea, v. I. n. imp. (aux. f.) (sep.) to rate 

through. II. a. to drench ; tnir amrni tflr 

pottifl bard)gercgact, we were all comptete\y 

Sarifreibca, ir.v.a. (sep.) to rub through: to 

rub sore ; burcbgcrie bene flurtofff la, maalei 

^BrdKreife, /. passing through, pmssas> 
^ardireifen, i. 1. n. (aux. \.) (sep.) to tnvel 

through ; to traverse. II. a. (insrp.) to tmel 

over. — be(r), m. traveler, passer-throagB. 

Sardnreivfttt «••». i. «• (*tp- <fr *«*7>)to 

asunder, rend. IL n. (aux. f.) (sep.) to b 

<fr uu^p.) to 

I. a. (sep. <£• insep.) to taw 
H. n. (««. f.) (sepO 

rend, get torn, 
tarcbreitea, ir.v. I. n. (aux. f.) (srp.) to mw 

through. II. r. (*rp.) to gaD by riding. UL* 

(insep.) to ride all over. 
$ar<brraaenr I. ir.v.n. (aux. f.) (sep.) to r» 

through, scour. II. reg.v.a.(sep.)to runthnafa, 

pierce ; (insep.) to run all over. 
Sardtrirtela, v. I. n. (aux. \.) (sep.) to flew 

through murmuring. II . a. (insep.) t» flew 

tatSSnjf ••• (Tiff^^ ^ r< Wk) brea^reat 
awritt, m. riding through, pssssge on baaav 
^Brt/rilTfa, v.a, (sep.) to stir op wtl\ to 




ZurOirutttin, v.a.(tep.<bintep.) to shake thor- 
&tsrcb6 = bimft ba£. 
SurfQfSlieil* «.a. (**p. <£ iaiep.) to saw through. 

fKtnftfaUea, v.a. (tep. & intep.) to salt well. 
nn«f<illtm, v. (#ep. <fr fojtp.) I. a. to leaven 
thoroughly, n. n. (our. fc.) to become leav- 

IL a. (fcuep.) to nil 
, ir.v.a. (tep. <fr tn*ep.) to pees (to) 

XwnfefdHiani, «. I. n. («p.) to eoond through. 
II. a. (fa«ep.) to fill with eoond. 

t>UT<Wbantn f v. I. »• (attz. b.) (*fp.) to eee 
through. II. a. (to««p.) to look through, to 
penetrate ; to see into the heart of one ; itb 
b«rn)fd)«Bf fettie Aittffe, I tee through hie 
game, I am up to his tricks. 

$«rnWt*1l'mi, v.a. (intep.) to chill all over, to 
fill with shuddering, to fill with awe. 

SttTaVfdKinra, ir.v.n. (aux. ft.) (tep.) to ahine 
through. — ft, p.p. (JGrooy. transparent ; translu- 

toMT&ldKntru, v.a. (tep.) to scour or rub 
through ; to wear by rubbing. 

$«r4wlirfc— til, ir.v. I. n. (aep.) (an*, fc.) to 
shoot, fire through; Unix, f.) to dash, fly 
through. II. a. (tep.) to count over, to count 
by casta; (insep.) to shoot through ; to interline 
(Tjfp.)i to interleave (a book); to cross the shut- 
tle; to partition. ottrdtfdlOffCIt, PP- & «&'• 
interleaved. Comp. —little, jr. space-rule, lead 

Slinftfdrtffttt, v. I. n. (aux. f.) (tep.) to sail 
through. II. a. (tep. ) to ship through ; (intep.) 
to traverse, to navigate. 

&ttTo>f<*iai«Crn, «. I. n. (att*. b.) (tep.) to gut- 
ter, glimmer through. IL a. (i 
with splendor. 



$*ruyfcfclftg, m. opening; strainer, colander; 

punch, piercer; filter; gun-pick; piercing, 

punching ; straining. 

fcaTayftfelagen, ir.v. (tep.)l. a. to beat through ; 

to make an opening in ; to pierce ; to open ; to 

strain, filter ; to beat soundly. II. r. to cut one's 

way through (an enemy) ; to struggle through 

life ; fid) htaunerUffj — , to live in straitened 

circumstances, from hand to mouth ; — ber 

CW Dig, decisive success; complete success. III. 

». (aux. %.) to penetrate ; to wet through ; to 

operate (of medicine); to blot ; to have effect ; to 

tell; fjatoirr, sal tticftt bttrchfdiWat. paper on 

which ink doss not run ; matt ffftffigt tie <frt- 

fen bnnb. one puts the peas through the 

•trainer; »ri fetnem geriitgen dHttrommen 

hat et frh toil bnnfigef tifagett, in spite of his 

me he vet managed to mak* both 

fc n. 

t by 



ip or 

i to 
th a 

; to 



$fird>ftft0eft 1 

through; to perforate, to stab: to gore. U.a. 
(sep.) to cut or dig through ; &f trelbe —en, to 
turn com; fie ftedjfa out eiaoaber bard], 
they play into one another 1 * hand* ; (insep.) to 
transfix, thrust through; burd)ftoaK«, rou- 
letted (a/ postage stamps). — erci'» /• under- 
hand joint practice; — erti treibea, to play 
Into each other's hands. — nag, /. piercing 
through; perforation; Mtfaatnteagefeftt — 
una, compound perforation (0/ postage stamps). 

SttntfltigCfl, <r.v. I. n. (m. f.) (in.) to pais 
through, to mount through. 11. a. (insep.) to 
stride, stalk over ; to climb up or orer. 

Sttroyfrid), m. out; aperture ; cutting through, 
out ; intrenchment ; roulette (of postage stamps). 

$«r6>ftibcrif . r.a. (sep. de insep?) to ransack, to 
rummage ail through. 

frmlHtcfef*. *r.v.a7(jep.) to thrust through ; to 
break or injure by thrusting ; (insep.) to trans- 
fix, to thrust through, stab, gore. 

Sardritrahlai, v. 1. n. (a**, f.) (*».) to 

through. II. a. (insep.) to irradiate. 

SnretttrriaVn, ir.v. I. 0. (sep.) to strike out, 
cross out, erase, cancel; (wurp.) to ream 
through. II. n. (aux. f.) (sep.) to pass through 
rapidly ; — fee Stale, trajectory (of a comet). 

frirdritreifra, v.a. (sep. dc insep.) to roam aU 
inroads into. 

_„.., erasure; passage (ofbirds). 

tourMTbmtn, v.a. (insep.) dc n. (owe. h.) (sep.) 
to stream, flow rapidly or run through. 

vtim , tO nam 

fcaroyHrjdj, m. 

tea, v. I. n. (onx. f.) (*p.) to fall 
through. II. a, (insep.) to thrust 
with vehemence. 

Sardritfir'atea, v.a. (>»».) <fr ». (an*, b.) to 

rush through ; to agitate. 
tatttftirirM, v. I. n._(aux. 

suddenly thr 

through with 
2>ardjfao>-*a, v.a. (#tp. <Cr *i*fp.) to search 

thoroughly, to search all over ; ge ricbtltd) — tti, 

to search by order of a court. — ting,/- search. 
$ara)taajea, »• I. a. (sep.) to wear through 

with dancing; to dance through; (insep.) to 

pass in dancing. II. n. (aax. f .) (sep.) to dance 

fttrdrtiM**, v. I. n. (our. f.) (sep.). n. a. 

(insep.) to rage through, to ravage. 

tontmmiu, v. 1. ». (our. h.) (*p.) to sound 

through. IL a. (wurp.) to resound, ring with. 
Stirchtraaertt, va. (sep. dc insep.) to pass in 

$ttraytrdufclB ( v.n. (out. f.) (*p.) to drop 

through, to drip. 
SarfttriaaKtt, v.a. (sep. <fc wuep.) to pass in 

9aroytrc7b(a t ir.v.a. (sep.) to drive through ; 

to carry through, effect ; to strain. 
SaruYtrrtftt, tr.v.a. (sep.) to tread through, 

wear out by treading ; to tread thoroughly ; to 

work by treading (earth, etc.) ; bit ©cintTOU- 

htm — • to tread the wine-press. 
SaruYtrifb, m. cattle-path ; right of way or 

pasture for cattle. 
Sardttrietea, p.p. (of insep. v. bardjtreiben) 

<fr adj. sly, artful, canning ; arrant (knave) ; 

practiced, skilled. — enheii,/. cunning, craf- 
tiness, slyness. 

fcardytrtefea, ^nruytriMcln, <r«raytro*fea, 

v.a. (aux. f.) (sep.) to trickle through. 

$ar4»*d»rn, v.a. (sep. dc insep.) to watch 
through, to pass waking. 

$Bnr4»«a>ff«, *.v.n. (auz. f.) (sep. dc insep.) 
to grow through ; to be streaked (Bot.) ; to be 
marbled (of meof). II. p.p. dc adj. streaked. 

f nrtealfea, v.a. (sep. dc insep.) to full or 
mill thoroughly ; to give a sound thrashing 

£aru>»aafeCTa, r. I. n. (aux. f.) (stp.) to wan- 
der through. II. a. (insep.) to traverse. 

tatttoirwea, v.a. (sep. <k insep.) to warm 
through or thoroughly. 

tarftftMt'fcrtt. v.o, (insep,) to irrigate, to soak. 

3 »fer 

$ardjtaatea, v. 1. a. («**. f.) (sep.). n. & 

(fcuep.) to wade through, to ford. 
$ardm>e't>f1l, v.a. (insep.) to interwewvn; ts 

SaruVloeg, «». (—eg, pf. -<) thoro oahnia , 

Santtuc'g, adv. throughout, altogether. 
$ orator ben, v. 1. n. (a*r. b.) (a*p.). n. * 

(insep.) to blow through, breathe throng*. 
$ardra>etd>ea, v.a. de «. (an*, f.) (m*-p. * **>) 

to soak through ; to steep ; to become soft. 
$nro)uiri'Ben, v.a. (MMrp.) to pass in wbsbsjsj 
tutWW€tHn t tr.v.a. (sep.) to cast throngs; ts 

SuroWiReVn. ir.v. I. a. (sep.) to wind 1 

U. r. (sep.) to struggle (ssuUfuU V ) t 

(tnsep.) to entwine. 
Sarotoiatern, v. ( insep.) I. a, to ^ 

II. n. (our. b.) to pass the winter; to 1 

$ttrdm»irfea, v.a. (sep.) to knead thoroughly; 

(insep.) to interweave (cloth). 
^uroVmifoVn, v.n. (oux. \.) (sep.) to sfe> 

through, escape. 
SardMQtrtern, v.a. (insep.) to intemix wtt 

substances dissolved by the action of tke sit. 

to intersperse with weathered minerala (ckk^s 

used in P.p.). 
fcnrdmigalea, v. I. a. (insep.) to grab, root «f ; 

to rummage, ransack. 11. r. (sep.) to work 

$ttr<l)»ur'ieit, v.a. (<itsr/».) to fill with sfiest 

to s ea so n thoroughly ; to scent ; to bbsbobi fjay.> 
2)uroyiabIra, v.a. (sep.) to count orer. 
Sttrttftedftftt, v.a. (*fp. <* insep.) to 


^nruViricanctir v.a. («rp.) to 

transparent paper, to trace ; to < 

*abitr mm —, tracing paper. 
$Mnbiiebea, t'r.r. 1. a . («».) to dnw, psfi 

through ; to pass through (<Wwi*) ; to Xhtml 

(needles) ; to censure ; (insep.) to interweave, 

to Interlace, lace ; to soak ; fin Stack* — , ts 

traverse; mil Qhriftea — , to trench. II. a. 

(aur. f.) (sep.) to go or march through. 
fcaroWtcra, v.n. (tnsep.) (ow. h.) to tiaa 

Surd/toO. m. passage-money ; transit-dsrty. 
turdua'aVa, v.o. (t«*7>.) to give a stilisi 

shock to, to convulse ; to flash through, 
^ardr'jagem. psjwlng through ; through ifiauahl; 

passage ; architrave ; passage (of Mnti; mm rnrm*. 


fcareriwtfagea, rep., (rare) ^aroyml—fi. 

ir.v. a. dc r. (sep.) to force (one*s way) t" 

fcfirf— «, ir.v.n. (am. b.) to be permits**; ts 
need, want; to be able; to feel authorised; 
(obsol.) to dare, venture, trust nnasalf a»; 
barf id) fragen ? may I ask? 6ic biraraj ha# 
mdjt tqaa — ea» you ought not to bawo dan* 
that; mtnn icb bittea barf, if you pbssss; 
feat bfirfte eg hu fait ff in, now tt wApses- 
ably be too late; barftber -tu Bit M_ aafi 
ttiaabera, you must not be surprised atlts eJ 
barf nur finer . . ., one has only to . 
own barf boffea, it is to be hoped ; e# 
ria Sriffatei (fin, it is probably aa ess 
ter; bier — ea fetae Bettei aagetlcwt a 
stick no bills; eg barf nifmanb brrcte,"* 
one is admitted, —fig, adj. needy. Bad****, 
poor ; sorry, paltry ; shabby ; lnsufkasak — 
tgfeit./. poverty, neediness; moosaaam av 
f arf tc, turl'tt, impmf.ind. & subj. «/ |Mg> 
^art, adj. dry; arid; lean; maagjorstaM 
withered ; blunt ; — e CBorte, plain ha 
— e, /. aridity, dryness, drought ; lesusaa, 
rllity. Comp. — hgam, m. corooUssis 
adj. spindle-legged, 
hca, pL 1 


aw* iro «w 

«v iroporttooal ; equal, 

w> »octUL — lofcltft, 


-tcitiB, adj. con- 
tract of country; 
Dess;genetftte— e f 
©mp. — tt=bufd>Cl, 
>ugh one line. 
$ make even, level; 

ubst.n. planishing! 
metric, plane geo- 
vel road. — tt, *»• 

, -if tttl) cabinet- 
f Ittt, m. ebony tree. 


boar: boar. Comp. 

-*Cifd>, n. brawn, 
f . Indian, bog. — 

t >; etat — geben, to 

tux. h.) to echo ; to 
the aound. 

ach; true; lawful: 
| trated wine; — e» 

ifolitt— e*,a "nail 
9 fcerfctt, real pearls, 

il or pure quality; 

Camp. —gCfarbt, 

;e; corner; angle; 
uadrangle ; Vd|t— v 

1 -4tn.n.(—4tn9, 

i •mall corner: tn- 

i ; ci» — iftew neben, 

1 9 a abort distance ; 

ben ©eg bringen, 
me little distance. 

1 wner ; angle, nook; 

facet; solid angle ; 
ftliffene — e, fwet ; 
nsiderable distance ; 
/.) ; aw alien — en 
ton alien —en nnb 
te. — it, adj. angu- 
|f it, /angularity; 
lalfen, m. corner- 
corner-clips ; heed- 
-tottt, n. bracket, 
Itr, m. commiasio- 
lg workman. — ff s 
►T, n. corner or pro- 
m. hip (^4rcA.> 
ber. — I0d), n. cor- 
e, /. corner pillar ; 
f liftr °4J' prismatic, 
board. — ftcin, *». 
diamond (Cards). 
— toeife. adv. cor- 
t, to cut into facet* 

oth. —simmer, n. 

corner of a street. 

ltd)—, beech-nut. 

ant, clear ; striking. 

□ ; noble ; lofty, ex 
ber,bie—e, person 

e high-minded man 

llty W mind % etc.), 

(Bang, a rich vein ; 

[tia. m. (— inge\ />J. 

i aristocrat, atheling 

uriier.m. patrician. 

intlewoman, noble- 
noble-minded. — 
— fair*. /• f*lcon. 

— triolein, *. un- 
ink. —bjrfd), m. 
mor. — fnabe, m. 
>f high degree, page. 





— Iente, pt. *ce —maim. — maun, *». noble- 
man. — mSnnifd), adj. nobleman-like. — tttes 
taOC, pf. rare metals, —milt, m. highmmded- 
ness, generosity, magnanimity. — ttfitig, adj. 
noble-minded, magnanimous. — fteitt, m. pre- 
cious stone, gem, jewel. —tonne, /• silver fir. 
abies pectinata ; lofty fir. — tbat, /. noble 
deed. — tgeife, n. edelweiss, lion's foot. 
— fetid, n. deer ; high-class game. 
•dtft, «• (-f g, PL -e) edict. Comp. -fll's 
ladling, letter citatory. 

tiiCrm, v.a. to edit ; to bring out 
tlf(r), m. nobleman in rank below a baron; 
knight; e.g. Qnftob, (gbler &n $ntli*. 

•ffC?t, m. (-eg. p/. -e) effect, -tu, p/. 
effects, goods and chattels; securities, stocks 
(C.X.). —I'll, arfj. effective, real, in specie, 
ready money. Comp. — ensfcitt&ler, m. stock 
Jobber. — ens banbel, *». stock-exchange busi- 
ness (C. L.). — bafdjmi, /. straining after 

•fffttttifrm, v.a. to effect, to execute. 

ifgOregCieTett. v.n. to effloresce. 

g}ga'(, adj. dc adv. equal ; all one, the same ; orer 
and over again, without stopping, always (*/.)• 

fgel, m. (— g. p/. -) leech. 

tfi/g— e, /. (p/. —en) harrow ; listing, selvage ; 
fffttom — C, brake. —en, r.a. to harrow. 

•gO-ifntttg, m. (p/. &floi*'meil) egotism. self- 
ishness. —1% m. f--H'ten, pi. -if'ten) 
egotist. — if'tifdj, adj. selfish, egotistic 

•grenleTen, v.a. to gin, clean the cotton. 

W%—t, I. acfr. sooner, earlier ; before ; formerly. 
II. eonj. before, ere ; — c tt fontmt, before he 
comes. — tt, adv. (compar. of ebe) sooner ; 
rather; formerly; earlier; fe —tt, \t lieber, 
the sooner the better ; ttm fo —ft, ao much the 
more ; nid}t — cr big, not until, not unless ; id) 
tootth* — e? fterben, I would rathei die ; — er 
silted anbere aid, anything but. — eft, adj. dc 
adv. {tup. of ebf ) earliest ; first ; next ; speedi- 
est; soonest; am — eften = am leidMeften, 
most easily, sooner than anywhere else ; mit 
hem — eften, — efter Xage, very soon, one of 
these days ; anf0 — efre, by the first opportu- 
nity. — eftetlf, adv. as soon as possible, at the 
earliest opportunity; soon. Comp. — esbettt 
(— esftefVes), adv. before this time, heretofore ; 
ere now ; of old. — esAeftern, adv. the day be- 
fore yesterday. — esgi*, — f =taal«, adv. for- 
merly, of old; — e-ma(g fJrofeffor an, late 
professor at. — esttftlig, adj. of a former time, 
former, late, old. 

ffce, /. (pi. — n) marriage ; matrimony; wed- 
lock ; imeif aibe — , bigamy ; bielfatfje — , poly- 
gamy; mifbe — , concubinage; cine — ft if ten, 
to bring about a marriage ; fine — bdttjiirben, 
to consummate a marriage ; einr — fcfjUrftett, 
to contract a marriage ; — n tee r ben im lim- 
ine 1 gefdlloffett, marriages are made In heaven 
(prov.); tint — befteaeltt, to consummate 
a marriage ; an|er ber— geboren, illegitimate. 
— litb, adj. de adv. matrimonial, conjugal; 
legitimate ; — lidjf Jtinber, legitimate children; 
— 11* madjen, to legitimatize. — lichen, v.a. 
to marry. Camp. — band, n. marriage bond, 
conjugal tie. —belt, n. nuptial bed. — 
brecben, ir.v.n. to commit adultery. — btes 
dKT, m. adulterer. — bredjerin, /. adulteress. 
—brnft, n%. adultery. — bund,™ , — btinbnig, 
n. matrimony. — fog ig, adj. nubile. — feinb, 
m. marriage-hater, misogamist. — Iran, — 

Cattin, /. lawful spouse, wife. — gfltte, m. 
kwful spouse, husband. — grtttabl, m. t — 
gemablin, /. lawful husband, lawful spouse. 
— geiTaVt, *. divorce court. — gefet), *»• rnar- 
riagelsw. — battle,/- consort, better-half. — 
berr, m. wedded lord, husband. — bin tern i«, 
n. obstacle or Impediment to marriage. — 
kben, n. wedded or married life. — leiblidj, 

adj. legitimate, lawfuL — lettte, P* 
people ; the married couple. — -tiei 
tee — fran. —lug, adj. unmarried, 
— IHtigfeit, /. single life or state; si 
blessedness {iron.); celibacy. — auuui 
(pi. —manner) husband, married dsa 
*aar, n. married couple. — iMtfte*. f>l. 
riage article*. — Pfltdlt, /. conjugal dwtjr. 
—prornratar, m. matrimonial agent. _ - - ^~ 
n. marriaffe law ; marriage right. — f g 
matrimonial affair ; matrimonial suit. -— { .- 
ger, »• adulterer. — f(ba%, •». «i«rwiy. 

-fieibenb, adj. divordve. -fdieibmjnm, /- 
divorce. — fdKibnngg=t»raee|^ «.. Is%ci 
bnng#=riaae,/. divorce suit. — tdsritaia«gc 
f brnd), m. decree absolute (divorce). — f ebjCfJ, I. 
tubMyf. aversion to marriage. II. adj. avdvess* 
to marriage; misogamist. — fegen, ««. anptsat 
blessing ; issue, children, —frond, m. ■■■■iiissl 
state, wedlock. — ftetttt, /. dowry. g UtlCl^ 
m.,— fHWertn,/. matchmaker. — traounsS, 
/. separation a menaa et thoro; jodieiai 
separation. — berbtttbnng, /. inatrtmc«Ba] 
alliance. —bergleUfe, m. marriage cositraeB. 

-berldbnig. «., -berfl^udj, m. 

— bertTOg, m. marriage settlement, 
n. wedded wife. — tt»CTbeT, m. suitor. 

9 'been, adj. brasen, of brass, of bronze. 

vVni, m. grandfather, grandsire (Svria did.\ 

(f gr'bar, adj. dc adv. honorable, of good re- 
pute ; respectable ; honest ; decorous. — Mt* 
/. honesty ; respectability ; propriety ; ri| ssa 
bleness; honorableness. 

•^— e, /.(pi- —en) honor; reputation; nsk; 
glory; praise ; 

s ; credit ; r teem — e beseigew. 

ertoetfen, to do. show honor to "a persaa; 
gdttlidK — e ertticifrn, to pay divine booors; 
ffKt — e gereilfeen, to redound to one's hoswr; 
ant (meine) — e, upon my honor; Rdj {daL) 
eine — e barang in a (ben, to deem it an fm as r. 
in —en baiten, to honor ; ^n —en beg T af tg . 
in honor of the day ; bri —en blriben, to pre- 
serve one's honor, one's reputation ; fat —en* 
in all honor; 3hr ©ort in —en, with dm 
deference to you ; mil —en $M metbes. wiik 
all respect ; bie Vrfttnng mil —en befrebev, 
to acquit oneself creditably in an examiatatka, 
to do well in an examin ation ; einen beider— e insult, to wound a p.'s honor; ■sa- 
ble — e brtngen, to dishonor, seduce ; . 
CBedjfrt afle — e mtberfabren laffen, to fe 
meet, a bill (C. L.) ; mit mem babe i* Ml 
— ? whom have I the honor to address? — 
enbaft, adu honorable. — enbaftigtett. A 
honor, uprightness. — ltd), adj. d: mdm. joss, 
honest; honorable; fair, true-hearted, faith- 
ful ; ein -lithe* Qegrabnig, a decent burial ; 
ein -lidjer Wart, a harmless fellow; -ft* 
mfibrt am lingften, honesty is the best peocy 
(prov.) ; rr metnt eg — (idj (mit ihr), his hrtssv 
tions are honorable; mite teem— IUs)intgerfe 

8eben, to deal fairly with a p. — tUMrit,/. 
onesty ; honorable dealing. — fowl, «*>. 4 
adv. honorable, respectable (ob*.). Comp, — 

begierde, /. ambition, -begierig, adj. * 

adv. ambitious, —ber an bung. /. ml iiism 
tion. — dnrft, m. thirst for honor er gtory. 
— ensfttttt, n. post of honor; honenry 
office; preferment. — enzbwbn, /. career W 
honor; road to honor. — e«:be1tfX av 
visit of ceremony, formal visit. — fUsdOris 
gong, /• mark of esteem, (milltaryl mJsba 
-en=bnrgetTflbt, n. (honorary) freedoms** 
c*ty. — ensbftttte, /. hvly or maid of 1 
— en serttiriMig,/.(fttii) apology. - 

m. point of honor. — ensfcft, adj. 1 

(obs\ — en:gebW»tni«, n. pious i 

— ensgffOlge, n. retinue, escort (of \ 
-ensgebalt, m. pension. 

tffttn 156 ffo 

but can in mod cases be rendered by the worthy 

— . (£ee(£breubo(b.) 
#i, int. indeed ! ay I why ! efc. .• — mantm ntdjt 

gar ! you don't say so I you don't mean it I — 

mad ! oh, ti/w«>nt> j 
•*, n. (-<e)$, *•-<*) w; Utiimitb) gefot- 

lenc* — , hard (aoft) boiled egg; frifdjt* — , 
new laid egg ; funic* — , bad or addled egg; 
berlorene — er, poached eggs; cut —ah fcfafi* 
(etl baton mtt, to hare a crow to pluck with ; 
fie aleicfccn fid) wit tin — bent anbern. they 
are m like as two peas; er if* cben frft sue* 
bem — gcfrodien, he is just out of his thell, 
he is a greenhorn ; fiimmre bid) nidjt nm »n- 
getegte — er, don't meddle with things that do 
not concern you ! man mug iton anf affeu, tnie 
cut robe* — . he is extremely touchy ; bad — 
win finger few aid bie $ennc, don't teach 
your grandmother to suck eggs ; audffbf n tote 
and bem — gcbettt, to look as if one had just 
stepped out of a band-box. — djen, n. little 
egg. Comp. —totter, m. (<fc n.) volk of egg. 

— ersbedjer, m. egg-cup. — er=bier, *». egg- 
flip. -^sgrfifK./Tp^i ««**•• — frsflfe./. 

custard. — er =(*<*«, — er-flaDen, m. omelet, 
pancake. — erzfrebd, m. female crawfish. 

— erslegeno, of/. oviparous. — crsleger, j* 
oripara; biefe $fibner finb gnte — fcger, 
these hens are good layers. — ItfciC, /. ellipse. 

— ersiaifrl, m. egg-spoon, — crsftffanme,/. 

victoria plum. — ersrftbm, m. custard. — er: 
fan*, m. ovary (Anat.). — ersfftole, /. egg* 
shell. — er=fd)nee, »*• whisked eggs, —era 
ffOd\ m. ovary (tfrf. dc Anat.). — ersftodr 
ttafferfttmt, /. ovarian dropsy. — ersfnbirc, 
/. soup made with eggs. — furmtg, adj. oval, 
oblong. —gelt), n. yolk. — rtt*0, adj. % — 
runbe f /. oval, egg-shaped. — mcife, *. atta- 
men ; white of an egg. — tteifesftoff , m. al- 

•t'tt. ****. hey ! heyday I — ftOjttia, hUerj. d> 
n. by-by, lullaby, hush-a-by. 

•fbe. /. (pi. — «) yew tree. — «, *(/. yew. 

CN'Offm, m. <-{$)*, jrf. -e) marsh-mallow. 

frtw,/., -e, /4»,/, -e. /• (Arch.) (pi. -en) 

gauge, standard, —en, v.a. to gauge. — er, 
II i'djer , m. (— -er #.p/. — er) gauger. Comp. — 
atttt, n. gaoging-onTce, testing place of weights 
and measures. — mat), n. standard, —me is 
fter, m. gauger, standard-onloar, sealer of 
weights and measures. — ftab, m. gauging* 

•i'tb-e, /. (pi. -en) oak. -el, /. ( pi. -ein) 

acorn; gland; glans (Anal.); club (Cards). 

—tn, <wy. d> <"**• oaken, of oak. Comp. — els 

fftrmift , adj. glandiform. — el= bfiber , m . jay. 

— fUmebl, n. ground oak-bark. -tlsjH, f». 

nut-oil. — eUfaiinein, n. pig fed on acorns. 

— CUsblatf, n. oak-leaf. — ensbrnd), m. 

branch of oak-leaves. — ensfeft, oAj. firm or 

hard as an oak. — gruttO, m. vale of oaks. 

—lorn, *» (gimborn. — taUcben, n., — 

fafte./. •qoirrel. 
tiaVhorn, n . (— *. 

homdjf n) squirrel 
•ft. m. (-eS, p*. 

cration; etnen — 

to take an oath, sw 


in; (einem) ben 

oath ; id) fann etn 

swear to it ; — b< 

— ltd), adj. & adv. . nv . u , », - «,~~ ~—- , v. 

bat fid) —ltd) berOffidiret, he is under on oath ; 

—lid) erbdrten, to depose on oath ; — iidje 

fttttdfage, afndavit, sworn deposition. Comp. 

— bmd), m. perjury. — pruO>ig, adj. d> adv. 

perjured, forsworn ; — brftfbig toerbrn, to per. 

jure oneself. — Cdsfarmel, /. form of oath, 





-^sfrtWfi, ad*. uih» oath, attested. — efts 
ICifhmSr /• affidavit; taking an oath, act of 
oweariug. — tenofe, m. confederate. — Hfs 
u*ffe*fO)aft, /. league, confederacy. — 

fdm»ur, m. oath. — bergrffen, adj. forsworn. 

— 9€ rWti$ttmb, adj. non-juring. 
f foam, m. (— *% /W. — e) son-in-law. 
9i r 9€Mt t /.{pi.—n)Uaxd. Camp. -HUOTtig, 

ad/. <b adv. lixard-like, lacertine. 
•i'bcr. m. (-$ pi. -) (-cute, -non*, /., - 

b*gCl, **•) elder-duck, eider-goose. Cornp. — 

baunen, — &unen, ni. eider-down. 

6iftr# m* (— «) seal; ardor, fervor; passion; 
emulation ; Winter — ffbobef »nr, the more 
haste, the lea* speed ( prov.). Cornp. — f ttd)t, 
/. jealousy. — f fifttelf i' f /. petty Jealousy. 
— f fidjtig, adj. & adv. jealous, envious. 

f fftr — tt, v.n. (aux. b.) to be zealous ; to act or 
advocate with seal ; to vie, emulate, rival ; to 
declaim passionately against (grgen)* to be 
envious} to grow angry at (fiber fine ©.). 
—ft, m. (— er*, pi. — er) sealot. 

•if rig, adj. A adv. sealous ; eager ; p assi ona te ; 
emulous; fid) ientonbee' — annebnten, to in- 
terest oneself warmly for one. —Kit, /. seal ; 
; officiousneas. 

Ci'gfft* adj. <& adv. proper, own ; peculiar, spe- 
cial; nice, delicate; odd, strange, curious; 
exact; difficult, delicate, ticklish; specific; 
real; eta — e* (Sut. a freehold; — e genre, 
serfs; au$ —em ttntritbe, spontaneously; 
cine — t Vu$fbratf)e, a peculiar Drouunciation ; 
— « tRnnbari, idiom ; bad iff fbm — , that is 
peculiar to him ; — efBtdjfrf, bills of exchange 
drawn upon oneself; fur — e Medmuttg, ou or 
tar one's own account; — er Core, special 

jer. — fttit, /. peculiarity; oddity; 
idiosyncrasy; (tu ber Cbradw) Idiom, idio- 
matic turn. — 4, adv. expressly ; on purpose, 
peculiarly. — fdjttft, /. attribute ; characteria- 
tic quality; nature; character; condition; 
peculiarity ; property; ftarbe if! cine — fdwft 
be£ 8idjte£. color is a property of light : elite 
gBttlifte — fcfiaft. a divine attribute ; in feiner 
— ffbof t *!*, in his character of. — tnttt, w. 
(— f tttttd, P*. — tfimer) property ; ownership ; 
ton*fi(icbed — tnm, movable possessions, goods 
and chattels ; nttbenteglidiee' —turn, real prop- 
erty, —tumfrretbt, n. right of possession; 
law of property; copyright; ownership. — 

tnmftztfrarr, /• property tax ; toeffen — tnnt 
ifl bled ? whose property Is this? to whom does 
this belong? — tfiMtr, m. (— turner #, pi. 
— turner) proprietor. — tfimlid). adj. dV adv. 
belonging exclusively to. proper; (pron. eigrn* 
tfint'Ufh) peculiar: original, characteristic; 
specific ; queer, odd. — tStttliibfeU, /. pecul- 
iarity; singularity; characteristic —Hid), 
I. adj. proper; true, real; intrinsic; bit — 
tliftett ttmftanbe, the real circumstances, the 
particulars. 1L adv. properly speaking; in 
actuality; tea* foil bad — tlid» brbenten? 
what does that really mean T —Hid) babe id) 
e* nidjt erwartct. to tell the truth I did not 
expect tt ; m«* toilft bit — tUcb r what do you 
want, pray T Cornp. —art, /. originality, indi- 
viduality. — ortig, adj. of a peculiar kind, 
peculiar. — ofintel, m. self-sufficiency, con- 
eaitedness. — ge»i<bt, n. specific weight. — 
gat, n. freehold. — Wnbig, adj. A adv. with 
one's own hand; autographic; — bfinbiger 
Brief, autograph letter HMlff , /., -MW*» 
/. self-help, self-redress. — Itf be, /. self-love. 
—tab, «. self-praise, blowing one's own trum- 
pet ; — |ob frinft, self-praise le no recommen- 
dation (prov.i. — mficbtig. adj. A adv. arbi- 
trary, despotic} fid) (dot.) — wadnifl Ked)t 
bf1*fd)t#en, to take the law into one's own 
hand*, — sjrittfl, n. specific remedy, —name, 
HM| t e%. self-interest. — 

»eWg, adj. selfish. -nftltfgfrtt. /. 
ness. — fftaftAsbWl, n. adjective. - 
t». self-will ; positiv en ess, caprice. - 
adj. A adv. self-willed; capricioua; 
strong, obstinate. — fndlt,/. egotism ; semev 
ness. — fndJtig. adj. •elfish. — ton. m. ; — 
ton etaed Sofald, characteristic sound CF«c*) 
of a vowel —mine. *». willfulness. 

tto/n— en, v. L r. to be adapted or salted (jn. 
Jot). II. n. (aug. b.) to be one's own ; to sen, 
befit, behove; aeetanef ffir, in, qn s Hl s i , 
suitable for, adapted lo; t* — ft ibnu ft is bn 
property; it is characteristic of hint (eat.}, 
—ft, m. (—ft*, pi. — er) owner, proprietor. 

f>t'-la«i, n. (-fttub^, pi. -tnbeT *^^- 
-Wnbtr, m. (-IfinbereV pL -UrnbCT) n- 
lander. — landifd), adj. <x adv. insulax. 

•il— f, /. haste, speed, dispatch : grvftr -e, 
hurry ; in (ber) — f, in baste ; e* bai Umt — e. 
there is no hurry about it. — t|, adj. A asfc. 
hasty, quick, speedy, hurried ; hie eon* 9 
nin)t \o — ig, the matter ia not so nrgent; 
nidjt f — Ifl 1 dont be in such a hurry 1 smb 
bracbre ibn — ig ta eta ©ost, he waa hums*" 
into a boat; fie btttte nUbti — ifirrt* S> **"*• 
ai§ bte gon*e «tfdjid)re in berWadjbnr^s* 
bernsunrragett, she could not rest unul she 
had tola the story to the whole neigKhnriwoA. 
— i«Wt, /. precipitation. Oomp. -bjtt,* 
express messenger, courier. — ftttbS, sn> 
hasty, precipitate. — fertiglfit. /. e*e> 
haste; haatiness. — fnbre, /. quick com — 

—ant, n. goods forwarded by paaaanasr 
or mail train, 'with speed,* "with diepsfenV 
— Worfd), m. forced march. —*•*,/. bsbbV 
coach. — fenbting, /. pwoel (sent) by fast 
train, —too gen, m. maU-coach, ata 

Rg, m. express or fast train ; forced i 
—en, v. L a. to hasten. II. r. to nsafcs 
haste, m. n. {awe. f. d> I).) to hurry, saaba 
haste ; eilt, immediate (on /etf«r#) ; nan« —en 
©ie fo ? why are you in such a hurry f ft 
—en nifbt febr bomit, they take tlaair tfcne 
over it ; — e ntit fijeile, slow and stcatdy was 
the race (prov.). — mi, P<*dj. <*• eat*, 
speedy ; in haste. — enb#, adv. hastily. 

tiff {obi. A port, for <f M), nvm. eleven. — fj. 
m. wine of 1811 {exceptionally fine), 

ti'nter. a*. (-#, />/. -) pail, bucket; 
measure. Camp. — fettC, /. backnt- 
— Wife, adv. by buckets, by psilfula. 

tin, adv. d> sep. prf/tx in, inio ; asrrklb — , 
across the fields ; 3abr and, 3abr — , rverj 
year, all the year round. 

till. 1 (tine, #!«), iMf-oW. a, an; *»** fv 
— f what sort of, what (aesd <m «m •rf/A. IL 
m*m. a<<;. one ; the same ; noo) — nseu, ene> 
more ; — ffir atte Wal, once for all ; in — em 
fort, in -em Crftrfe fort, inceasanUy ; fie finb 
ben — er 0r9fie, they are the same sise ; ef 
{ft -«, it is one o'clock; e# iff balb -fs» 
half past twelve. IU. pron. (— CT, — C. --i*Wt 
one, a person, they, people ; the one, tn* (eta.) ; 
the one for us, our ; a certain portion, sssst 
(poH.)i —4 um* anbere, alternately; nan) 
— #. another word with you; further; — er 
nad) bent anbera, one by one ; fo — er, snobs 
one; — # iff Wot, one thing is needful;-* 
ffbifft fifb nitht ffir afie, the same thing bn* 
suitable for everybody ; — er ffir one no* a* 
ffir -«n r jointly and severally : nmiCT ~ 
one of us ; one such as I ; — § tarn f 
grrr dmet. taking one with the other 
— anter ^irte, I am tho Rood a 1 -- 
ifl ntrine? *erAen - Okfeflr. 
(chosen) friend of my heart (obt.) 
botblibfifben Vtagifrrat, to the 
aldermen of our Cowt. ; e# {ft — 
fatten, there has been a shower of 
snow has fallen. — tt, I* (— C* 

ho ton 

«* 1OT «* 

a ' one-handed. — btit*sgia«bigC(r), m. unite. 

b riau. — Mt#sle&rc,/. monotheism. — frit*:: 

» MmlC, /. (Iiafterc— l»«iWf Aulr) uniform type 

- of secondary ecbool of the highest grade with 

p classical ana modern sides in which all pupils 

{, receive the same instruction in the lower forms. 

m HPCiWstrirt, m. oonoentrativenees. — tfOig, 

ft adj. Jt adv. with one voice, unanimous ; harmo- 

d nioua, — tcQigfrit, /. unanimitv. — b*rtt, n. 

uuioorn, one-horned animaL — fgfrsma'fern, 

7 adv. in some measure or degree, somewhat, 

J rather, —i ft frig, adj. dt adv. lasting a year ; 

J one year old ; —\abtiQt Vfhntftf, annual. — 

J iibriec(r), *»., ata> Hifcrtgs9retoMligcr, 

* m. Oerman soldier who serves only one year 

* with the colors (at his own expense), German 
7 one year volunteer; — J&brigrr frrttwiUigen- 
" biettft, one year's military service. —Hang, m. 
/ unison ; accord, harmony ; in — f fang brtngcit, 
J: to make agree, to tune ; im —Hang ftcben. to 
I agree. -flaPIMg, adj. univalve. -lOJWg, 
■ adj. monocotyledonous (Bot.). — liufig, adj. 
J one-barreled, —mat, adv. Apart, once, one 
fl time ; once upon a time ; some (ftdure) time ; 
; once for all ; just, only, for once ; anf —ma I, 
; all at onoe, suddenly ; nod) -»a(, once more ; 
1 nodi — mat fo fdjatt, twice as beautiful ; uidrt 
~, —mat, not even; aud) jcfct mdjt — mai r 

* what, not even yet ? irgfnb — mai, some time / 

I or other ; ba c£ nnit — mat fo iff, things be- 

ing so, as matters stand ; id) bin UUtt —mai 
fo, that is my way. my nature (I can't change 
{ it); bn wirfr nfnii — mai rot? you don't 

] even blush ? ; (after imperative* :) f om«t —mai 

1 her, just come here Cfor a moment) ; bad iff 

•j mir —mai unbegrtiflid), well, I must sayl 

i can't conceive it ; —m*i ift feinmal, onoe 

is no custom (prov.U frrttcn ©if fid) —mai 
( por. only think; ee war —mai, once upon 

a time there was. — maUtittt, n. once one ; 
1 multiplication-table. — tnalig, adj. dt adv. 

< happening but onoe, solitary, — ttlfittttig, 

< adj. monandrian (Bot.). — matter, m. one- 
masted vessel, —mat, m. unanimity, con- 
cord, agreement. — ttltstig, adj. dt adv. 
unanimous, of one mind ; with one consent, 
nem. con. — miftgteif, /. unanimity. — 
dtf , /. (pi- — oben) solitude, desert, desolate 
place, wilderness. — dbrig, adj. one-eared. 
— HfinbOT, m. one-pounder (ArtiL). —rets 
tig* a(l J o{ one row i single-breasted (Tail.); 
unilateral (Bot.). -fat tig, adj. one-stringed. 
-f<DHWerig,a<6' «ingle(o/ a bed). -fd)urlg. 
adj. single-shear (at wool). — feitjg. adj. <fc 
adv. one-sided ; partial, biased, —fcltlgtf it, 
/. one-sidedness, partiality, narrow-minded- 
ness. — fiibig, adj. dt adv. monosyllabic, tad* 
torn, laconic; — fubiged SBort, monosyllable. 
-fifbigrelt, / taciturnity. -fHig, adj. 
having but one seat. —Winner, m. one- 
horse vehicle. — {pdunig, adj. dt adv. drawn 
by one horse. — flwrtg. adj. single-railed. 
— ftimmig, adj. dt adv. for or of one voice; 
unanimous. — fHmmigfdt, /. unanimity, 
harmony. — floctfflr adj. one-storied (house). 
— ftsttftlftt, adv. In the mean time ; for the 
present, just now ; for a while ; temporarily, 

provisionally. — ftsttHlig, atli. dt adv. tem- 
porary, provisional. — tttg«=fuegc, /. ephe- 
mera. — tigig, adj. ds adv. ephemeral. — 

tflwig, adj. & adv. monotonous. — tBttigftit, 
/. monotony. — trocfet, /• concord, union; 

r, agreement. — trifttig, adj. dt adv. 

ious, united, accordant. — trSdftig s 
":ty; harmoi 

J. lUUUUMMijr. — l«WVl, J» wuwru, uuivui 

harmony, agreement. — trddrtig, adj. dt adv. 
harmonious, united, accordant. — trSdftig:: 
felt, / unanimity ; harmony. — fttfibig, adj. 
monogynous (Bot.). —tall, /. singular num- 
ber (Oram.). —J* big, adj. one-toed, mono- 
dactylous. — f*l(n), single, separate, detached, 
odd. — irI=Ottf*a(Httng, /. detailed enumera- 
tion. — fCUbing, n, individual thing; uniquo 






thing. -ICUM, m. individual oue, -jd- 
9*ft. /. solitary confinement. — telsfftMaf, 
m. single combat, hand-to-hand fight. — lel- 

Ittirr, m. sinr , - , ~-" - •* 

irUlebea, *. 

m. retailer. — jc!l„ „ _ 
creature (oatA —liiH§ f adj. ot 
inch long or thick. 

huh*, nano-to-nana ngnc — |ns 
lingle-loader or shooting gun. — 
•.Isolated life. -Jfl=t*rtrt„ffT, 
— IrislDtfea, n. individual ; unique 

SU'ftaYrit, v.a. to plow in. 
ia'arbeittB, v.r. to make oneaslf thoroughly 


quainted with. 
_ /ifnVr— a, v.a. to burn to aahee ; to calcine ; 
to reduce to ashes, to burn down. — «**,/. 
incineration, burning down. 
fin'atmttt, v.a. to inhale. 
f in'fi»en, v.a. to etch in. 

f ia'baflra, wia'baateren, t.a. to pack. 

ttu'paifoat— (tfr)ea, v.a. to embalm. — 
ieruag,/. embalmment. 

tfa'boab, m. (— *, />/. CKuboabe) binding, 
cover of a book ; — in $a*»e. in boardsT-- 
in £eiaea, bound in cloth ; baibfraaA — , half 
bound; Jfofbfeber — , bound in calf: ptffl* 

lK! c !n7A. li,np 00Ter; ~ mi * ®°ttfo1Wlft, 
with gilt edges. 

•in'baoen, v. L a. to build one thing in an- 

« other. II. r. to build (a home) in a place. 
tt'JKthlieil, ir.v.a. to include in the bargain. 
a'begrelfea. 6\t\a. to comprehend; to in- 
clude, contain; mit eiabegriffea, included, 

tiaitfheiten, /r.v.a. / eiaeat r toad — , to keep 
back from s.o. ; to withhold, aave. 

••atvilCtt, v.a. to etch in ; to pickle (meat) ; to 
•oak ; to vein (wood or leather) ; to mortify. 

tiN'tCtdmaim, *>.v.a. to get in («mA 1 «fc. j. 

•iMlKTnf— Ol, ir.v.a. to convene ; to call in 
(cwrcn^y, etc.) ; to call in or out (/roop*). 
Utttr /. ; — aag her tteferbea, calling in the 
men of the army reserve for active aervioe. 

•tutettdlt, v.a. to collect or obtain by begging ; 
fid) — » to get admission by begging. 

tia'betten, v.a. to put up a bed in ; to imbed ; 
fifH — . to procure a lodging in. 

tta'teltCv— tU, v.a. to include. — «ng, /. 

Wallet-fa, tr.f . I. a. to bend inwards, down- 
wards or back ; to inflect. ria'grbogea, p.p. 
d? adj. inflected; sinuous. U. ». (aux. f.) 
--TO la, to turn into. —Bag, /. the bending 
inwards; inflection; recess. 

•iatilt— Ca, v.a. (with dot. of reft, pron.) to 
fancy, imagine; to think, believe; to natter 
oneself ; to take into one's bead ; to be con- 
celled ; fid) (dot.) tm*§ <raf cine 6. —fa, to 
pique oneself on, to presume upon ; f inflf • 
Iffbet, conceited; Imaginary; ba biibe* Sir 
eta, ba feift boa aOeat aatrrrUbtrt, you ima- 
gine yourself informed about all ; er btlbrt fid) 
bjej eia, he is full of conceit: fir biibet ft* 
bicf aaf ibrc boraehatea fkrbtabaagra eia, 
she piques herself much on her fashionable 
connections. —nag, /. imagination; conceit, 
fancy ; ia ber — aag berbaabea. imaginary, 
fancied. Comp. — ttttggsfcraft, / (power of) 
im a gin atio n ; (eiaer — aagtrrcft freiea gnat 

_ laffca, to give free range to one's imagination. 

•ia^iaV-Ca, ir.v.a. to bind (a book); to tie up 
or on ; to furl (soil*) ; to take in (a reef) ; 
Ciaew ttWai — ea, to enjoin upon, charge 
with ; (form ttatftea r toad — ea, to make a 
present to one r s god-child. Comp. — f sgelb, 
n. god-parent's christening gift. -CsnaKf, 
I. bookbinder's needle ; flat awl. 

tia'blttf— en, ir.v.a. to blow, breathe into 

whisper, suggest, prompt. Insinuate ; to blow 
down (wall*), blow in (window*, tie.). — Mag, 
/. blowing in ; suggestion ; insinuation. 
•t*??*^ ,?** £:*• **L~) Pfoinpter; sug- 

tWMettttt, (leu correctly) #iM'blia*«, tx 

to knock into one, inculcate. 
♦ia'Mirf, m. (-e*, pi. _ e) ghmoa into; as 


Sia'bobrttt, v.a. to bore a hole in. 
ia'bnttea, ir.VM. (aux. f.) to shrink ha NMt 

#ta'brra>-*n, ir.v. I. a. to break down ; to nuB 
down ; to break open ; to commit burglary, to 
break into a house. II. n. (aux. f.) to break 
in, give way ; to begin, draw on, appro*** ; is 
set In (at winter, etc.) ; bie fta*tirto>t m. 
night is coming on: bei -enber 9ta*L at 
nightfall. -<r f m.(~er* t p/.-e t )uSiW- 

#ia 7 breaaea. ir.v.a. to burn in, brand; tosB- 
neal ; flHfhl — r to stir in flour to soup, etc 

tia'briasen, ir.v.a. to bring in; to noose; as 
bring in as profit, yield; to fetch a price; U 
bring with ; to introduce ; cinjaJ nitrbeT — . 
to make up for, make good something ; bmJ 
briagt ber ^oftfn eia f what is the poutis* 
worth? fie beriaagt ibr (iiagebraiatr^ ah* 
claims her dowry. 

tia'briKfea, r.a. to crumble, to break brea4 
etc., into small pieces; tt»tf eiajatrotfr* 
babea, to be well off, to have wealth ; if% (doCi 
etniad —. to get into trouble; to get into a 
fine mess (coll.) ; er atab aaa calefies, atl 
f r fid> ringe brodt fiat, he now reaps whnt he 
has sown. 

♦ia'bracb, m. (—4, pi. gfobrfiffte) bouae-breaav 
ing, burglary ; invasion, inroad ; trespass : — 
ber Kaoft, nightfall. -tzttxMctnm^/. av 
surance against burglary. 

tia'bfimer— a, v.a. to naturalise; to 
chise; SSrter —a, to adopt foreign 
into a language ; fi(t| — n, to settle as 
citiien; eiagebargerte Sebaaiorter. mds 
borrowed from foreign languages which have 
become quite German; naturalised loan- woniav 
— nag,/ naturalisaUon. 

^ia'bafif t /• loss, damage. 

tia'bgfeca, v.a. to suffer loss from, to loan by, 

via'biwatea, v.a. to dam in; to es 
riagebSatatted Saab, reclaimed land. 

tia'baatpfra, v.n, (otic f.) to dry by i 

Sa'biiaUrrea, v.a. to stew down ; to 
attcatiftea, v.a.; eia f>reaibaiart~>togive 
to a foreign word a German appearance (***% 
©rrfehe, ©rabb* . Srataaat, Oldbef). 

tia^brialta, v. I. a. to squeeze into, to lores 
into. If. r. to crowd in ; to intrude ox into. 

tta'briag-fa, ir.v.n. (am. f.) (in ftmut«) u 
enter (into) by force ; to break in ; to press 
upon ; to penetrate, to pierce ; to soak ; to en- 
force (an argument) ; to search into (a i 

— lUb, adj. penetrating; affecting, fanprsanh i, 

forcible; intrusive, forward} urgent. "' " 

frit,/ impreasivene 
pi. — Huge) intruder. 
tfatrad* . m. {-t*. pi. diabrfitfe) 

»ruj urgent. — ISSSS 

-liag, in. (-Iin«*. 

mark, sUmp ; — ma (ben, to produce an 1 

to imprint. Ceam 

sion, a sensation, —en. v.a. 

— •slO#, adj. unimpressive. 

& adv. impressive. 
♦iB'brirf— ea, r.a. to press in; to 

squeeze together ; to crush in ; to shut, clsm 

— Iia> r adj. «£• adv. impressive. 
wi'ara, v.a. to unite, to form into one; be* 

geriare XearfdjUab, united Germany. 
ffa'eaflCa. v.a. to narrow, oomiweaa, coadbst; 

to limit, define closely ; to concentrate, 
ti'ntr, see din • — nadj brat tabern, one by 

one, by turns; f o — , such a one. 
wla'eraten, v.a. to reap, harvest, gather k«( tt 

win, gain, acquire. 
tiB'rtrokrea. v.a. to accustom to drbn^ to 

drill thoroughly. ^^ 

Cittfibeltt 109 Cittgeiorttt 

•i to suggest; finest Witt —at, to inspire s.o. 

with courage ; einem SWitlelb —en, to touch 
one with pity ; ebtem cin ©erUmaeu — f «, to 
#i excite a desire hi a p. — ttUft, /. infusion. 

tin'tofc. m. Mff)e#, pi. CHnflftflO flowing In, 
influx ; influence, power, iway, credit ; interest 
{at court, etc.) ; ba# Sttgnngtn feat — «nf 
bit 9Rf nf djett, men are influenced by pleasure. 
Comp. — rein), adj. influential, — fflhre,/. 
ingress-pipe, feed-pipe. 

vin'fMifter— II, v.a. to whisper to ; to insinuate. 
— UM0»/« whispering to ; insinuation, innuendo. 

tint Orftcrn, e.a. to call in {debt*) ; to demand 

vinTreffen, ir. *. I. a. to eat up ; to swallow. IL 
r. <fc n. (our. h.) to eat into, to corrode. 

tinfrif*— (ig)«n, r.a. to inclose, fence in. — 
ignng, /. inclosure; lebenbtge —ignng, 
quickset hedge. 

vin'friertn, ir.v.n. (aw*, f.) to frees* in ; to be 
ice-bound. ein'gefrorffl, p.p. A adj. frost- 

•infndMffl, v.a. ; einen fur ehte $tufnng — , 
to cram a p. for an examination {si.). 

•IH'ffii— €U, v.a. to fit in, insert ; to join to- 
gether; to splice; to dovetail; fid) —en, to 
become a part or a member of. — ttttg, /• fit- 
ting in ; insertion ; dovetailing. 

viM'TUbr, /. (/>/. —en) import, importation; 
bringing in, housing {corn, etc.); — • nitb Vn#> 
fufar-oerbot, prohibitive system. Comp. — 
tymtel, m. import trade. — liftf,/., — regiftfT, 
»., — tabeUe, /. bill of lading ; import tariff. 
— prattlif , /. bounty on importation, —mas 
rm , pi. imports, articles of importation. — 100, 
m. import-duty, entrance-duty. 

vinljibrfrar, o<0'. importable. 

•in'Hw— tU t va ' to bring in; to import; to 
introduce {customs; people; young ladies into 
society, etc.) ; to usher in ; to set up, establish ; 
to induct {to a living, etc.) ; in tilt Vmt — TO, 
to invest with an office, install ; einen tebtnb 
— en, to quote or cite a person's words. — ft, 

Jm, ( — ere, pi. —ft) introducer; importer; 
inductor. —MM, / introduction ; importa- 
tion ; installation. — ttngtsfftrriftftt, n. let- 
ter of introduction. 

vinlfiuen, v.a. tofiU in, fill up; in&teftfttn -, 
( to bottle. 

vitt'ga**, /. peUtion, presentation (qf a re- 
quest, etc.), memorial. 

vttt'gang, m. (— <e)e\ pi. (gingangt) entering, 
entry ; arrival ; place of entrance, inlet ; door- 
way, hall ; passage (Anat.) ; mouth {of a river) ; 
adit {of a mine) ; introduction ; importation ; 
access; preface, preamble; exordium; pre- 
lude, overture ; prologue ; — bon Qkfb, getting 
in of payment ; natk — * on receipt or pay- 
ment ; txrbotener — , no admission ; — bet 
SJeffe, introit; feinen — Ruben, not to be 
received, to make no way, have no effect. — £, 
adv. on entering; at the beginning. Comp. 
— istalh, n. book of entries ; entrance book. 

— •sbcnarattmi, /. bin of entry. — tsinrri*. 

m. entrance money. — -ftsretC, /. inaugural 
speech or lecture; prologue. — •sftfuft *• 
overture. — fts|O0, m. entrance duty, Import 

vill'gatters, v.a, to inclose with hedges or 

win'gfb— en, ir.v.a. to give in; to insert; to 
suggest, prompt, inspire ; to hand in, deliver, 
present ; to give {medicine), —ft, m. (— erS, 
pi. — f r) suggester, prompter. — ttttg, /. ad- 
ministration ; presentation ; inspiration, sug- 

vtn'gebOTfn, p.p. & adj. native, indigenous ; in- 

nate; e# ift Jebent (Wntfttot) — , it is the 
inborn tendency of our being ; b«4 fteojt bet 




— Htitifan. to naturalise. -e(r), •*. na- 
**• 5 ft [ft ftte -er. be U an alien. 

tWgrgritltteC*), ». the capital advanced ; the 
dowry of a wife. 

fin'gcbcnf adj. mindful of, remembering. 

•i^^fAi _ ^ mcarnate . in Teteimte (fi g \ 
. ha*h,minoe. ' ' 

^ ,- ' »•(«««. f.)to go in, enter; 

to come in, arrive ; to make search, penetrate ; 
to fall into ruin, decay ; to ceaee, come to an 
end ; to understand, conceive ; to enter into 
(particular*); to shrink; to come to band; 
«ttf Cine 6. — , to aoquieeoe in, agree to a thing ; 

1" *£?*_£• ~ *° ***•» • emrch ™« » ****«> «o 
familiarize oneself with ; anf ben €tbm — 
to enter into the spirit of the joke ; rr aina 
eifrig anU*ometune* in) bit €«d»c fin, hS 
took op the matter warmly ; cuttf* unb — , to 
frequent (a haute) ; — laffen. to give up, leave 
offset drop ; e r lief bad Ok fuW t -, be gave 
up business; bic Vflattje tft eingegongen, 
the plant has withered, is gone ; b«l gebt tbm 
gfott fin, he likes to hear such things, he can 
readily believe that; he learns it with ease ; 
bos l mill ibm Kidjt -, that wiU not go down 
with him. II. o. e inett fjergfcf * -, to come 
to terms; cine 9Be ire — , to make a bet. fill': 
gCgOttgetl, p.p. A adj. paid, received in cash;, 
cingcgangrne (briber, receipts. — », adj. A 
adv. searching, exhaustive, in detail. 

tin'gcmatW. p.p. A adj. preserved, He.; — e 
6«4en, ftf. sweetmeats, efc. — eX»), ». pre- 
ssrves; pickles. 

titt'gnttrtnb— <n r v.a. to Incorporate. — nng, 

4 incorporation, 
'grntuntntt, p.p. A adj. muffled up. 
•in'genommen, pp. A adj. «* Gimtctmen ; 
ban rinem — , prepossessed in favor of; er 
iff febr ben ibr — t he is irfatuated with her; 
Hon fid) — , conceited, full of one's own lm- 
oegen cinen — , prejudiced against 
my head is 
don; preju- 





; frugality, 

, adept, 
to. II. 


f)e) avowal, 

> grant; to 
Is, entrails, 
r. ooBllaoar- 

f in'gftncibr^r), m. initiated 

»ltt'0e»SfcnCfl, v. I. a. toaoe 

St used to ; to settle down. 
'tCftnnrlt, pp. A adj. deep-rooted ; invete- 

#Ut'ge|Oge«, pp. A adj. retired, secluded, soli- 
tary | .confiscated, -Vclt, /. retirement ; soli- 
tary life. 

tin'gteiteu. *-•«.<*. to pour in ; rin 0(a# tBcin 
— , to pour out agists of wine ; to infuse (into) ; 
to oast hi; mit Otei — . to fill in with lead. 

titt'fltttettt, r.a. to inclose with bars or a 
railing, to grate. 

ftin'araltttt, I. ir.v*. to dig in ; to engrave, 
chase, cut into; to bide ; to bury ; fid) — , to 
burrow, to intrench oneself. 

fttn'grcifoit *>.e.o. (out. %.) to 

fe b 

hold (o/ a latch, an anchor, etc.); to gears*. 
gether; to interfere with, intrench upon; ts 
strike, touch (a lyre, etc.) ; to set to work, set 
about; to mark the track (of deer); i* rfaMe* 
ber — . to interlock {as ooawheeUy, to be inter- 
dependent, to coincide; etnent in feme Sebr 
— , to interrupt one ; in jemonbe* ttrobsr — . 
to encroach on another's privileges ; timrm m 
'tin Sntt — , to Intrench upon another's oato»; 
cinmtbcv —be ©iffcnfdjefreu, cages* 
*■; —be WJotrtgete, enemtie •» 
; ber $unb grnft ein, the dog catehes 
the scent. 
•In'griff.m. (-g *>/.— e) oatching, i 

encroachment, miringement, intei 
(with); trespass (on, tn); invasion; 
tion ; catch (of a lock, etc.). 

Comp. —rdbrf, /. feed-pipe; furnace pips 
(Found.). — iierfcn,/* infusoria. 

Vtn'bdiftn, v. a. to cut into, down or up, 

tin'hjifdtt, v.a. to hook in, to clssp. 

Vin'haftn, v.a. to fasten with a book ; to bosk 
in, to bite, catch, hold. 

tin'balt, m. {—&) stop, check; probJbttfam; 
impediment ; — ttjun, to stop, check ; — gcMr* 
ten, to order to stop, to bring to a ■*-^ M 

♦In'batt— TO, &-.*. I a. to check, restnim; is 
hold back ; to gather, to pucker (a iran, ale.) ; 
to follow, observe ; bie Kelt —en, to be vsm«- 
tua). U. n. {am. b») to stop, leave off; to 
pause; to desist; bait ehl ! stop I lemweff! 
mit ber Oe^ablnng —en. to stop pnjmsaw 
— ttng,/. observance {of/eatU % «<r.). 

tiU'banbCln, v.a. to purchase; etttlwJ tjrft-r . 
to include in a bargain. 

win'biinbig— en, va. ; etnem rrnmg 
band over to s.o. ; to deliver ; to s 
one (awrii). — nng. /. delivery, consis _ _ 
Comp. -nngftsfcbeiU, m. bill of delivery. 

win'bangen, v.a, to hang up ; to pat in ; to pwt 
on its binges (a door) ; to ship (a * 
skid (a wheel). 

ftiu'baudjf n, v.a. to inhale ; to inspire, 
into; to inculcate, instill. 

tln'bauen, ir.v. ha. to hew, out into or < 
to cut up; to break open. II. n. (o«r. L 
oharge (Mil.) ; in or anf ben gcinb -, to t 

in upon the enemy. 

titt'ttb— CM, I. ir.v. a. to lift into; to pert s 
form into the press; to collect. U. SHbstjs. bmv 

A PO»ing(3ryp.). -tt«g,/.oollectk»(e/sa»»> 

winOKften, v.a. to sew in, to stitoh in; to tk 
(paper*, etc.) ; to tack together. 

Cinfjegen, v.a. to fence in, to inclose. 

ttttteimif*. adj. native; indigenoas: "hi i 
tic; home-bred; home-made; endemic; ver- 
nacular; — e Vrobnfte, borne produce; — c 
SifHtung, national poetry; — er tfrirg. etvll 
war; — e ^frstt^en, indigenous plants; — sjj*> 
(ben, to naturalise, to domesticate, to aejonssa- 
tlse ; — tocrben , to settle, to feel at hoaee ; bk 
—en, the natives. 

titt^Kimfen, va. to get in ; to bring boss*. 

ftn'ftttraten, v.r. to marry into a famllr. 

•in'bcU— en, v.a. A n. (our. |.) to light »*s: 
mir baben ridjfig eingetei^t, w» Sw bsetsi 
our room well ; rinem —en, to make Is wsm 
fora person, to frighten one. — ft. es, fta> 

^f^.foker. -nun,/, heating. 

titt'tClf-OI. {r.v.n.(aux. %.) to prompt, Jog bto 
memory ; rinem — «, to assist one. -gg. m. 
(-<r#. pi. — f r) prompter 

f in$Cl(g, adj. A adv. unanimooefry). 

tin^bemnten, v. a. to lock (a whVeh, put o« bbs 

winbe^r, adv. A *ep. prefix, along, forth. Cbjean 
(with verU of motion, often implying jtfsftfisjeA 
— fCtak ir.v.n. to more along ; to puew; to 




•ruder about. —frltitXtU, v.a. to strut, 

talk along. 

■'(WW, v.o. to break in, to train (Sport), 
tffn- in, v*a. to bring in ; to haul home (the 
jwu, a rope, ate.) ; to go to meet ; to go and 
etch in great Hate; to obtain; to collect 
votes); to take in (sails); to overtake; to 
oake up lorUost time, etc.) ; retrieve; fcmftft* 
>e* (fta»illig«ttg — f«r to get a p. *s consent. 

'oy. -talk,/, (etner ftniwne), 

il'Meta, *.». to shrivel. 

t'tifttOt v.a. to wrap or muffle up or in ; to 


ntg-4tt, «a to make one, unite, cause to 

gres; ft* — m, to agree, —felt, /. unity, 

armour, —nag, /. union, unification. 

l'i»pf— <«, v.o. to inoculate, vaccinate; to 

anient. -HIM* /• inoculation ; vaccination. 

I'laf**, v. I. a. to drive, chase into; to in- 

ili;cbttm€tkrtdtn— f to frighten a person, 

rike terror into one ; etnen $tmb — , to train 

dog (/or sport). IL n. (aux. f.) to rush, to 


'tamlm, vm. to heat very much {coll.). 

fallen, ff.a, to lay in lime ; to join with 

ne ; to soak In lime-water. 

'fofftmSf v.a. to cash, to collect (money, 


fonf, «*. purchase, marketing. Comp. — $s 
Id, n. purch a se- m o n ey. — ftsredmiMg, /• 
count, bill of costs. — ftsJMrrfv, »». cost- 
fee ; first coat, prime cost ; purchase money. 
taafrn. v. I. a. to buy In ; to purchase ; to 
rvey. II. r. fin) (dot.) etwee* — , to acquire 

tlBfar , ». (— *, »/. — ) purchaser ; purveyor. 
feh|—c f /. (jrf. — en) hollow fluting, groove. 
«P. Hitfalf »• gutter-tile. 
tenfCft, v.a. to groove ; to provide with a 

fetor, /. patting up at an inn ; inn ; lodging ; 
ri ft* fefift). contemplation, 
tf ferea, vji. (aux. f. ) to turn in, to enter ; 
put up at ; to stop at! alight; to make a call 
:i, upon) ; frei or in fid) — , to examine one- 
f , turn in on oneeelf . 

tfilcn, vm. to wedge in; to fasten with 
dges, plug ; to inculcate, drive in. 
tclern, vm. to lay in, to cellar. 
terken, vm. to notch, Indent; to crimp 
Va*) ; to engrail {Her.). 
ttrfct— «, vm. to imprison, incarcerate. 
nRft,/. incarceration, imprisonment. 
'tttttU^v^a. to hook In. to chain. 
'tiUtitoH, /. legal adoption ; equalisation 
property am o n gs t children of different mar- 

n oger* , »a to sue (at law for a debt). 
(ItWUBCT—U, v.a. to fasten with cramp- 
in ; to bracket; to insert in brackets or pa- 
itheees. -««§• /• (bae «tnae!Unuiterte), 
fccket; parenthesis; the words inclosed in 

nebetn*, a, (-(e)e\ pi. <K»He*eDudkr) 
>k for pasting (scraps, cuttings) in, scrap 

HcieV-fa, 14. to clothe ; to invest with (a 
form* a religious garb, etc.) ; to lay out (a 
mm) ; en*** gut — «, to give a pleasing 
a to a thing ; fin) —en Uffen. to don a uni- 
n ; to become a soldier ; to take the veil ; to 
jr a monastery. — ■uft, /. clothing; in- 
iture ; taking of the veil ; wording, form. 
(infra. 9M. 4 n. (cms. f.) to fetch ; elnge- 
ft, '^ 

wtbelM, 9.a. to gag, fasten by a gag. 
ttiPCM, 9. La. to pinch In. ILn. {n 
op at an hm (siomg). 


tifffnitfe*, break, to bend in (or Ms 
knees); to fotovp (a* a carpenter** rule). ILn. 
(on*, f.) to break down; mil etttgefwilftai or Qeinen, with bent-in knees. 

f in'fnnpfen, vm. to tie up, tie in ; to add. 

tin'flKfeen, v. 1. n. ((tux, f.) to decrease and be- 
come thick by boiling. IL a. to I 
boiling ; to boil down ; to preserve ; to pot. 

> f fr* i < > ki»n by 

wiufatttusen, I. ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to come in; to 
come forward, appear ; to get in ; to arrive ; 
to become bankrupt ; to petition, to apply to ; 
to interpose, intervene; ed fain Una eftt, it 
occurred to him ; — gegea, to protest against ; 
mit cine r Wage, einem Sittfchrriben — , to 
bring an action (against), to memorialize ; er rft 
nntfeinen fcbfdjteb etngetommeu, he hassent 
in his resignation ; bie eingetomraenen BUtfen, 
the interest paid. II . tubst.n. income, revenue ; 
interest ; rent ; proceeds ; temporalities (Ecd.); 
ein iAbrfichrd — , (yearly) income, annuity. 
Comp. — ftCMCT,/. income-tax. 

tin'felMKltl, v.a. to inclose, fence in. 

wittfraltten, v. I. a. to put, pack up; to pur- 
chase; to arrange, to get into order; fid) — , 
to get one's things into order, to arrange one's 
room. II. n. (aux. b.) to shut up shop, to fail. 

Cill'freifetl, v. a. to encircle, to isolate. 

•itttriedKtt. ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to creep in or into ; 
to shrink, shrivel up ; to veer (Naut.). 

•infrietttt. v.a. to get on (boot*, etc.) ; to have 
to swallow (medicine) (coil. ) ; to overtake (coll. ). 

tin'tvlm9tU,v.n. to slacken (of the wind); 

HUINHWN, »•»• *V M ^ i mwii v«V •' w> www; 

Sgegen ben SBittb — , to sail close to the wind. 
Ut'trtfctln, vm. to scrawl in or on. 
ttl'fMnft, /. (pi. (KnfMnfte)comingtn, arrival; 

(pi.) rents, income, revenues. 

Hrffirten, v.a. \ 

•ili'fjtirten, v.a. to reduce, to shorten ; to warp 

(a *Mp)i to foreshorten (Art). 
Wn'tasV-CII, ir.vM. to invite; to summon, to cite. 

—mi, p. eVady. inviting, attractive. — €t,w%. 

( —tr) host; inviter. —««•,/. 

Invitotion, summons. Comp. — «MvsfnTtt,/. 

Invitation-card. — MMsfdrift,/. invitation ; 

learned treatise, di sse r ta tion, essay , i 

Wtt'lah— tn,fr.v.a. to load in, to lade, to freight 
— er, m. one who loads. — nut,/, lading. 

witting— <» /• a laying in ; inolosure (in a letter, 
etc.) ; stake (at play) ; deposit ; money paid up 
(on share*) ; share ; filler, Inside* (of cigars) ; 
stiffening (in shirts, etc.)', bttrd) — e, under 
cover. Comp. — CsVOU, n. wood for inlay- 
ing. — «rsre6t« n. permission to lodge. 

•in'lagern, v.a. to lodge ; to billet, quarter ; to 
store : to imbed, stratify. 

wiN'to*. m. (-(ff)e#, pi. (fUtMffe) letting in; 
admission ; inlet; wicket-gate. Comp. —geld, 
n. entrance money. — f arte, /. card of admis- 
sion, ticket; voucher. — ftaJtPe, /• valve. 
—Of en, m. smelting furnace. — irreU, m. see 
— gelb. — iWr,/. small gate; wicket. —Hens 
til. n. suction valve. 

• tn'laW— CM, ir.v. I. a. to let in, admit ; to let in, 
fix in ; to countersink ; to immit (Med.) ; ttidjt 
—en mourn, to refuse admittance. II. r. (uHth 
«itf eitte G.ori* tint 6. or mit einer 6.) to 
engage in ; to venture on ; to meddle with ; id) 
Iaffe mid) baranf nid)t ein, I will not have 
anything to do with it ; anf folate fteagett laffe 
id) mid) nirbt ein, 1 shall not discuss such ques- 
tions j fid) ln# ®ef»rad> —en, to enter into 
conversation; fid) anf e hie ft laae —em, to an- 
swer an accusation. — MM,/, trimming; im- 
miasion (Med.) ; answer (Law) ; set Cfofaft, 

#i«na%lio), adj. detailed, particular, special. 

#inaauf , m. (—5) entering ; arrival. 

tinlmrfen, ir.v. I. n. (aux. f. ) to come in, arrive ; 
to enter (a harbor) ; to come to hand (of dis- 
patches) ; to pour in (o/ orders) ; to shrink (of 
doth), n. a. ; einem bie tbftr — , to assail a 
p., to bore, trouble, ne st ai an. 








wtb/Uiuten, v. a. to announce by ringing, to 
ring in (the New Year, church time, etc.). 

tUrtrfcCtt, vs. to grow or get accustomed to, to 
familiarise o.s. ; ficb in fine 6. — , to get famil- 
iar with, enter into the •pint of a thing ; cm 
tiff eingelcbter guftanb, • state of things long 
existing and familiar to the people. 

wiu'leg— en, v.a. to lay, put in ; to inclose ; to 
fold up, turn inwards; to store up; to deposit; 
to gain, earn; to pickle, preserve ; to lay in, buy 
{for future use) ; to couch (a epear) ; to inlay ; 
to quarter, billet (soldiers) ; to set (vine*) ; to 
enter (a protest) ; to put away (good*), pack up ; 
to shut up shop ; till (anted) ©ort fir einen 
—en, to intercede for one, speak on his 
behalf; (fcbre — m tttit, to gain honor by; 
eingeiegre ttrfreit . inlaid work, mosaic work. 
— ft, m. (— ere% pi. — e r) one who lays in, etc. ; 
layer, shoot ; inlayer ; depositor ; one who 
pickles, etc. ; packer (of Jish, etc.). — nng, 
/. laying ; inclosing ; preservation. Comp. 
— ttwtnUutU, «. veneer. — fstctftl, m. 
inner tympan (Typ.). — fsgfttel, /. folding 
fork. — CsboU, n. veneer. -<sln»ital, n. 
deposit; capital. -Csfirittf** n. Utter 
(Wear.). — e=ftnbJ, m. folding-chair. 

•tnleit— W, v.a. to introduce ; to prelude ; to 
Institute (a lawsuit) ; to bring about, manage ; 
to usher in. — en*, p. ds adj. introductory, 
preliminary. — vug, f. introduction, pream- 
ble ; exordium ; (pi.) preliminary arrange- 
ments. Comp. -Hmg*s»iffenf<Wfen f p/. in- 
troductory sciences. 

wiu'Ienten, v. I. a. to reduce, to set (a limb) ; 
to lead into a certain channel (of conversation, 
etc.) ; to turn right ; to restore. IT. *. (aux. b.) 
to bend, torn in ; to turn back, come round ; 
to return to ; to resume ; to amend, reform. 

•tnOemen, v. a. ; fid) (dai.) ettb*# — , to learn by 
heart; elnem ettMf — , to make s.o. learn to hammer into s.o, 

tintefett, ir.v.a. to gather, to collect; fan 8«- 
tetnififcen eingelefen fein, to be well read in 
Latin, to read Latin with great ease. 

tHntenato— en, v.n. (aux. b.) to be clear, to 
be evident ; b*t toitX mir tttojt —en, 1 cannot 
see that, I am not quite clear (or satisfied) 

, v.a. to deliver in or up, hand over. 
ir.vM. (aux. f.) to be quartered, to 
to be inclosed in. 
v.a. to put into prison (el.), 
v.a. to give by spoonfuls ; (etnettt 
, to administer with a spoon, 
n, v.a. to lodge with (bet etnem). 
, adj. redeemable. 

, v.a. to ransom, redeem ; to take 
) ; to recover, to discharge (an ac- 
-nng, /. redemption ; ransom ; tak- 

t.a. to solder In. 

vja. to prime (a cannon). 

v.a. to lull asleep. 

„ , v.a. to pot into; to store up; to 

wrap, put up ; to preserve, to pickle ; to slake 
(lime) ; ben £eig — , to knead into a dough 
with water, milk, etc. eiU'genMo*, p.p. dc adj. 
preserved, pickled. tin^enuubte*, »• pro- 

f in'Mablen, ir.v.a. to grind (for future use). 
tinlntrftfj, m. (-eg, pi. CNmafof**) i 
ing in, entry. — tarfn, v.n. (oust, f.) to 

ttn'msnem, v.a. to fix In a wall, to wall up ; to 

immure, imprison. 
tHn'meifceln, v.a. to work on or Into with the 

f tn'ntengen, see tfinmifdjen. 
tiftr"nlictrtt, v. a. dt r. to hire, to rent ; to take 
rooms, to engage lodgings, 

ti«1»ifQ>en, r.a. to intermix, to mingle; fa% 

— , to meddle with, interfere ; 9?f bcvfftoVmt 
in einen %t^/t% — , to raise collateral t—m 

wln'mnmmeln, v.a. dt r. to muffle or wmp en. 

win'tttnMb— en. v.n. (aux. b.) to discharge) 
(waters) into (a river) ; to run into, to jam ; be 
inosculate with (A not.). — nng, /. Junction. 

tfiu'tnunien, v.a. to coin ; to recotn. 

•iU'niben, v.a. to sew in ; to sew up in ; to em- 
bale; to take in; to shorten; to embroider. 

tin'nnhnu, /. (pi. — n) receiving; receipt; 
revenue ; taking (po**e**ion of) ; captors ; — 
nns SuAgtbe, receipts and expenditure. 

SiU'nrbmtwr, adj. that maybe taken; not enslih 
in'ne^nt-fn, ir.v.a. to take in ; to gather m ; 
to take (possession of), to capture ; to aces 
receive (money* **-) l to engage (a pi a cr ); 
take (medicine) ; to occupy (room) ; to ehmm, 
bewitch, fascinate ; to take in (soils, oemeat, 
etc.) ; to receive (a person into one** sonar) ; n> 
collect (taxt*)\ to include (in a corirWefun); 
—en fir, to interest for, prejudice in maw 
of; —f« gegen, to prejudice against; sen 
$er$ —en, to touch the heart; ben flsfef 
—en, to take one's head, to make giddy ; amf 
Wittagdmnbf —en, to lunch, to dine (esarly) ; 
bad ftadjteffen or gbenbbrot —en, to sap, to 
dine (late) ; tnenig —en, to have a small in- 
come ; fine* Snbern 6tette —en, to s ue c as t 
to another's place ; biefrr QJemn) nintsnt smt 
ben Aobf etn, this smell makes me fans); 
fifb bon feiner Seibenfiftaft —en (affra. tsbs 
carried away by one's passion, cia'teasmmmr*, 
p.p. & adj. partial (fur, to) ; bigoted ; fofmtasesd 
(bon. with) ; prejudiced (gegen, against) ; rr 
tH fnr 6ie febr eingensnunen, he is ssmm 
prepossessed in your favor. — enb. p. dc adj. 

aptivating, taking, charming, engagmsj. 

». (—erg, pl» — er) receiver, collet 

— mi', /• oolleotorsnifw — 
ig,/- taking in, occupation ; capture. 
^in'neien,t -a. to wet, moisten; tosponge(e*sm). 

taxes, tolls, etc.). 

nng*/. taking in, occupatfc 

wib'Hirfrn, v.n. (aux. f.) to fall 
#in'ttifre(t)n, v.r. to build one's nest 

in a place ; to nestle ; to creep into ; to i 

ate (oneself), eitt'geutftet, pp. <* adj. Irmly 

established, Inveterate, 
ftin'ndtigen, v.a. to urge, force to take ; eincm 

etmn* — , to prem a thing on one. 
vin'dlen, v.a. to oil, to grease, 
vin'orbnen, v.a. to dispose in proper order; ts 

arrange ; to classify. 
vUtHMf— <B, v. I. a. to pack up in; 

—en, to put up goods. II. ». (awe |.) t» ] 

up ; to shut up (*hop) ; to stop, to 

silent; to give way (coil.); to " 

good looking (coll.). —nng,/. | 
wM'fttfbben, v.a. to paste m. 
vtu'bafCQett, v.a. to smuggle In. 
~' * toflt( 

n, v.a. de n. 



•in'iHinf— en, v.a. 

< tt, m. (- 

ClmSllUIulatf • 

•I f v.a. to inclose with pales; bos 

*, v.n. (aux. f.) to pass m. 
to beat Into; to ' 
tr*, pt. 



t to a pariah. 

I, r.a. to pen in, crowd;" toe 
I, v.a. to plant ; to imp! 
p.p. ds adj. Inveterate, nun 

n, v.a. to fix in a paveea 
b a pavement ; to put a phm 
, vm. to peg In. plug ; to fes 
I, v.a. to cork in or up ; to I 

In; to engraft; to implant. 

H, v.a. to fasten with pitch j tol 




•ta^rag en, v.a. to imprint ; (einem etnit#) — , 

to inculcate, to lmprett upon, to imbue with ; 

fUfl (dot.) tttoai — , to impress something upon 

one's memory. 
•ittfredifiril, v.a. to inculcate, to preach into ; 

fldt — , to practice oneealf in preaching, to be- 
i agood preacher. 



v.a. to press, to put into the 

press; to squeeze in, to abut up in the furnace. 
9ln'¥TPb{itr)CU f v.a. to try ; to rehearse. 
•in'ttrfillf In, v.a. (einem crwaS) to beat into. 
•inlMMNPCn, v.r. to change into a chrysalis. 
tin'aMflttier— m, v.a. to quarter, to billet ; fin) 
tot cittern —fit, to take up one's quarters at 
■.one's house. — nng, /. quartering; (pi,) 
soldiers billeted. -•**-/ 

#iN'4ftellen, v.a. to soak, to steep. 
wln'qnerUtt, v.a. to twirl in, beat up. 
f inTtf ffeil, v.a. to grasp at, to snatch up. 
•iMtftf meft, v.a. to frame ; to tenter (cloth). 
#i«'rm»S*C(l)«, v.a. to ram, drive in or down. 
wln'tonftteren, v.a. to enroll (Mil.). 
vtn'r2B<feeri!» v. a. to smoke, to fumigate. 
winTonm— *«, v.a. to giro up (a room, a 
Aouse) ; to clear, put away ; to bouse, store ; 
(cteem etM€) —en, to concede, allow, grant ; 
(ctaem) feinen fHot —est, to giro up one's 
place to ; eittetn tin gtntnter — en, to accommo- 
date s.o. with s room. —nng, /. concession, 
granting ; housing ; allowance (in weighing). 
vtn'rannen, v.a. to whisper to, to suggest, 
vtn'reajnm, v.a. to reckon in or add, to com- 

prise or include in the account ; to allow for. 
tllt'redC, /. (pi. — n) objection, exception; 
opposition, remonstrance; plea; — tqnn, to 
protest against , feitie — ! no replying ! don't 

tK'rcScn, v. L a. to persuade one to; to talk 
one over ; to conrinoe one of ; ctaem Stttt — , 
to encourage one. II. n. (atu. q.) to inter- 
rupt, to contradict; to object, oppose; to 
protest ; rebe mir ttidjt etn ! don't interrupt 
me ! er lift M wicbt gem — , he does not 
like interfering or contradicting; foffen Git 

6d) {• ttma* nifftt — , do not allow yourself to 
stalked into that. 
ttaTeis— en, (r.9.a. to rub in ; to rub down 
into, grate ; fid) — en, to rub oneself, to use 
embrocation-, ft* (dot.) belt 3fu* wit 6ttlbe 
—en, to rub salve on or into one's foot; fid) 
(dot.) ben Srm nrit ftantnferof —en. to rub 
one's arm with camphor-oil. —nng, /. embro- 
cation, rubbing. 
wil^reidpenr v. I. a. to deliver, hand in, pre- 

—en,to prepare for; ficb— en wad), to adapt 
oneself to ; fid) barttad) —en, to take measures 
accordingly ; gut etngeridiret, weU regulated, 
comfortable. — UUg, /. adjustment ; arrange- 
ment; contrivance; setting (Surg.) 
modation, fittings ; furnishing ; 
establishment; justification (Typ.). 

vin'riegeln, v.a. to bolt in, shut up. 

fin'ritt, m. (— t $, pi. — e) entry on horseback. 

win'roOCtt, v.a. to roll up ; to enroll. 

vitt'rflften, v.n.(aux. f.) to grow rusty; to get 
fixed by rust ; to become stupid or dull by in- 
action, to be impaired by inactivity ; to become 
clownish ; fin eingeroftetel ftoef , a deeply- 
rooted, inveterate evil ; eisgeroftete ftefafen, 
throats unfit for singing for want of drink. 

win'rfirf— e«, v. I. n. (aux. f.) to march into, to 

#t«'f0HH- en, <r.v.a. to suck in ; to imbibe, ab- 
sorb, —ting,/, absorption, imbibition. Comp. 
— f sMittel, n. absorbent. 
vitt'fdHHhtCln. ir.v.a. to put in a box ; to fit one 

box into another ; to insert ; to mix up. 
-•-—"-- — i. to insert, put in. interest 

boltett ettfle, an Interpol*. 
daltrter Sag, sn intercalary 
isertion ; interpolation ; inter- 
-ttng#s|eid*n,». caret (A)- 
tfc r. to intrench, fortify, 
einem ctnittl) to impress on ; 

to scratch, scrape in; to 
> hide by scraping ; fid)— , to 

^fl-; fifty fefbft (bod), nic- 

> estimate oneself (highly, at 

to rock to sleep, 
to pour In ; to pour out, to 
I Weta — . to tell one plain 
to; ffftenh cfat! All your 
■, to help one to (wine, etc.). 
to stratify, put into a layer 
gefftiattet, p./>. d> adj. inter- 

> send In, present. 

v.a. to shove in, to put in ; to 
; to interpolate; elngefffto* 
■e-geriiftte, pi.), side-dishes, 


164 Ctefftfeirpt 

-fel, *. (-feW, pi. — fel) in- 
sertion; interpolation; epenthesis. — IK|> /• 
insertion, •boring in; interpolation. Com/;. 
— t sielften, *•• parenthesis. 

•in'fQiefetn, *-.*. I. a. to shoot in or down ; to 
batter down, to deposit, to par in, to contri- 
bute (money) ; to put in ; fine Rftnte — f to try 
or aaaeon a gun. U. r. to practice shooting ; to 
beoome a good shot. 

•tfjf d)ifl— tn, v. 1. a. to embark, to ship ; to 
entrain (troops in railway carriages). II. r. to 

K on board, to embark. Ill n. Tour, f.) to sail 
—ling, /. embarkation ; shipping ; — nug 

Hon Golbaten in (gifcnbaJnt&ngen, entraining 

of troops. 
#iftf Airren, va, to bsrmu t 
f in'fSUMkten, *.«. to kill for household use. 
•Undriofen, &•.*.». (our. f.) to fall asleep; to 

die away ; to be dropped (of a subject) ; to get 

benumbed ; be r $ut Iff nttr eingefalafen, my 

foot is asleep or has gone to sleep. 

•fn'feWaftr— «. f.a. to lull to sleep ; to lull into 
security. HW, p. <fc of/ narcotic, soporific ; 
— *»t Witte (, opiates, soporifics. — ntt0, /. 

the lulling to sleep ; soporification. 

tin'fftlttg, m. (-4, pi. fritfdlfcge) act of driv- 

ing, beating, striking in ; thing beaten in ; hand 

shaking (over a bargain) ; wrapping up ; wrap- 

5r ; woof, weft; cooperage ; porterage ; hous- 
r, storing : part turned down or in (a* a lea/ 
a book) ; inclosure ; tuck, fold, plait ; hasp ; 
counsel, advice ; $ettel Utti — , warp and woof. 
Comp. — esiam, n. weft-yarn. — esfcttf . m. 
spring hat, folding hat. — esmeffer, n. clasp 
knife. — t sf Cite, /. shot silk. 

•infdtfogen, ir.VM. to drive, knock in; to 
break, burst in ; to break (in pieces) ; to turn 
down (a tuck; a page, etc.) ; to wrap up (in 
paper\ envelop ; to sulphur (wine) ; to enter 
upon (a course) ; to take (a road) ; to bandage 
(a hoc/); to inclose; bit ttmte — , to cross 
one's arms ; Dannie — , to earth the roots of 
trees; (Her — ,to beat eggs; Qerreibe — , 
to sack corn ; man tot iin ben £ir*fdWbe I 
einpeffHUoen, they have knocked out his 
brains. 11. n. (aux. h.) to shake hands (as 
token of agreement); to strike (of lightning) ; to 
dig for ; to succeed ; to yield a good crop ; to 
have reference to ; to concern ; (aux. f.) to sink 
In (of colors) ; to be checked (of diseases) ; to 
prosper ; xid)t — , to fail, to miscarry ; btefrr 
ftnebe ift gut etngefditegen, this boy has 
turned out well ; faflag tin ! give me your 
hand on it t agree or consent to it t say 4 yes ' ! 

•in'fcnligiH, «<#• & «**. belonging to; perti- 
nent; competent; hie —t Siftemrnr. the lit- 
erature (books and articles) on the subject. 

tin'fdHcfften, ir.v.r. (aux. q.) <fr ». (aux. f.) 
to creep in, steal in ; to insinuate oneself into. 

#iu161etfrtt, ir.v.a. to grind in ; to cut in or on. 

tMftlrrfen, v.a. usually ein'fftlflMKn, v.a. 
to drag in ; to bring in ; to smuggle in. 

tin'fd)lte%-*n, ir.v. I. a. to lock in or up ; to 
close up ; to inclose ; to comprise, include ; to 
Invest (a toicer % etc.). XL n. (aux. h.) to catch 
(of a lock) \ to lit close. — ft, m. (— er#\ pi. 
—tt) one who shuts up ; bucket-valve (of a 
P*™p)- — lift), adj. <fr adv. included, inclusive. 
— nng, f. locking in, up ; inclusion, oomprisal ; 
inclosure; blockade; confinement. Comp. 
— Hn*«=*fi<9en> *>• bracket; parenthesis. 

•itt'fftlingen, ir.vM. to swallow (down); to 

#inf dHttoVn, v.a. to swallow, gulp down. 

•insfdMununrm, v. I. ». (our. f.) to fail into a 

slumber, to fall asleep ; to die an easy death. 

«nfd)I§rfen, v.a. to sip in, sup up. 
n'Mttt, m. (-<fDe#, pi. <*inf*(ft1fe) inclo- 
sure; Inclosed letter; parenthesis; MACh — , 
after the doors are locked up; mfe — bee 

ftinber, including the children ; ftrirf i 
letter with inclosure; a 14 — , 
Comp. — iddKtt, n. bracket, 

vU'febmficbcl— n, v.r. to fa 
creep into favor (bei tineas, with < 
p. <fc adi. Insinuating. — Wk%, /. f 

titt'ffbwetken, ir.v*. to break, dasb in (ewfeV 

'ttn'fdMneUcn, reg. <£■ ir.v*. to cans* to aaeh 
down ; in einent edNnetytegef — , to oa. 

Wtt'ftfnaeltett, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to naatt (doem w 
»*»J i (M) —, to melt away, to itimiisab by 

tinMdMniertn, vm. to smear, grease ; tooO. 

lillQMMHR, v.n. (aux. f.) to catch, snapfe. 
Comp. — febet,/. spring-bolt. 

finfoaeib— en, ir.v. I. a. to cut Into ; to est 
up ; to notch ; to make loop-bolea. H. av (aax 
|.) to cut. — eni, adj. incisive; decBBfce, 
peremptory ; thorough, important. — sjag,/, 
incision. Comp. — CsMOHltne, A — CsMt, 
n. screw or wheel-cutting engine. | fjpr 
/. book-binder t s handsaw. 

#ln'fa>ueien, v.imp. to snow into ; to saww m. 

tttt'fqnitt* m. (-Te)*,p/. -t) cuttinsi in er m* ; 
incision; cut; notch, indentation; 
(Math.) ; ciesura (Pros.) ; porthole, « 
loophole; cutting (Rathe.); harreai 
— tstirr, n, insect. 

#itt'febjiircn f vm. to cord ; to lace up, ee tte ; 
fid|— t to lace one's stays; fin) eng — , banei 
oneself tightly. 

♦> jtt'J (bofftn, v.a. to fill in ; to ladle into. 

ftin'forilir— en, c.a. to limit, bound; to i In en 
scribe; to narrow; to check, curb; to r*4oc*,«- 
cut down, curtail, retrench (expensms} ; a» it- 
strict (rights, etc.): fid) nnf eine 0. 
restrict oneself to a th. ; Un eingef 4 
Ginnt, in a limited sense ; strict!/ < 
cingefdir^ntte Wonnnlie, limited ■ 
erngefdirnntre VnfUbten, narro 
eni, p. A adj. restrictive. — nng, /. 
tion ; retrenchment ; restraint ; 
wit —nag, in a 

ftin'ffbrrtfcn, v.a. to frighten into; to sOsnw 
by terror. 

•tn'fdireib— en, ir.v.a. to write in or down; l» 
inscribe; to enter; to book; to rrejtetn . s» 
enroll ; to note ; er liel fio) -en. btksisi 
name entered; he booked his place; ni m 
Warriff I —en. to matriculate ;_ er fctrir* M 
ein, be entered his name ; (#eb€ff — em nrfo. 
to book or register luggage. — CF 
pi. — er) regfatraKy). ~ii«i f /. 
enrollment ; registration ; entry (of m 
Comp. — esamt, ». registry (o/teeV 
brief, m. registered Ufter. — esfcfjf 

booking^fflce. -tc%t\*, n., — CsgrMfr./ 
entrance monev ; booking fee ; fee tor regav 
traUon. — es(bbe, /. * ~ 

fcnftttttt , /• registered 1 
•>iVfcbreTt-<n, »v.vji. (««. f.) to 

Interfere, interpose. — unfi , /. inti . ,. 

vin'fcbmnMrten. vin'fdirnnMPcUi (cast) m 

(aux. f.) to shrink, to shrivel up. 

•infibttb, ~. (-«, jrf. OinfMbe) P«Hhgfci 
thing put in addition; leaf of a lining kir 
insertion ; interpolation (in a text). 

vin'fcbidlter-n. v.a, to abash ; to I iiUlnsffcni ; 
to overawe. — nng, /. intimidation. 

f in'fnmlen, va. to school; to break infa&sexV 

I WdWlL m (-5ne#. #* «U[«ftsfbJ 
advanced; deposit; share; conblbutsfua, say- 
ment on account ; weft, woof ; — Irflbjft, * 
lodge a deposit, advance (a sum of — saeA 

tiU'fogtten, v.a. to pour in (som*k***t i 
to sack. 

tin'febinirien, vm. to blacken ; to sali •» b> 
trodnce secretly, to smuggle la. 

Ci«f«lMte« 165 (HnfHWoi 



fine ; to coop, pound, cage, fold, etc. — ttttfl, 
' confining, imprisonment. 
.Jfoitltn, v. I. o. to lull asleep (by music}. 
11. r. to practice (music); eingef&ielt, well 
practiced ; *a* CUarte ti ifft nut ekgefbieft, 
the ensemble of the quartette la admirable. 

tia'WltltCa, ir.v. I. a. to insert by spinning; 
to spin round ; einen — . to put s.o. into pri- 
son, to lock up (si.). II. r. to spin something 
round oneself (as a silk-worm); to entangle 

litt'fUrodKr/ (pi. — n) objection; protest: — 
tbUtt or erqebett, to protest, to take exception. 

tiU'fbredKn, ir.v. I. a. (ciltcnt etttttd) to incul- 
cate, instill ; to inspire with ; to influence, per- 
suade to ; SWut — , to encourage ; Srpft — , to 
comfort. IL n. (attar, h.) to protest (against, 
gegen) ; to traverse (a plea) ; to oppose ; to 
interrupt (conversation, etc) ; bet rincttt — , to 
call on one, to pay a short Visit to one. 

tin'flHXttgttt. v. I. a. to sprinkle ; to burst 
open ; to split, cleave ; to marble (a book). IL 
n. I awe. f.) to gallop into. 

ttn'flHriltgeil, «*.*.n. (auz. f.) to leap in; to 
catch with the spring (of locks) ; to bend or 
turn in; — ber SBtlttef, re-entering angle 
(Fort.) ; — fflr dwelt anbercn, to take (a* 
short notice) the place of some one ; &ur ttud- 
bilfe — . to help by taking another person'i 
work; bet einer Serbinbnng — , to join » 
society, an association, a club (a students 1 term), 

till'fttrit— C1I, v.a. to inject, to syringe. — « t 
m. (— er*, ^/. — er) syringe. — nug, /. injec- 

*U'f»rud),m. (— *, p/. (ginfftrudje) prohibition, 
protestation, opposition ; — tbun or erbeben, 
to enter a protest; to non-placet (Univ.); — 
ijran gegen eitie $eir«t, to forbid the banns. 
Comp. —icrtdft, n. (right of) veto; non 
placet (Univ.). 

9\n'\*nnt€U, vm. to bung (a ca*). 

vtU'ftanO, m. (— e#, t. (ftnflanbe) entrance 
upon an office or privilege ; — gebf U r to pay 
one's footing. Comp. —ftsftflt, n. entrance fee 
to a dub, etc.) ; bounty (Mil.). 
.UftCdKU, tr.r. I. a. to prick, to puncture; te 
stitch in, to trump. II. n. (auz. f.) to stand 
out to sea. 

ffin'ftrtfen, v.a. to stick, put in ; to put up ; to 
pocket; to sheathe, to hide away ; to imprison. 

Gtlt'itCh— ttl» ir.v.n. (auz. f.) to enter (a service) ; 
to partake of ; to enter into righto ; in tie 
SRiete —en, to take possession of a house; 
(auz. h.) —en fur einen, to be a substitute 
for s.o. ; — ett fttr (einen or etttM*), to answer 
for. — tv, to. (— er*, pl> — er) aubstitute 
(Mil.) ; surety, bail. 

vilt'fteqlfn, ir.v.r. to introduce oneself stealth- 
ily, to steal into. 

vin'fteig-en, ir.v.n. (auz. f.) to mount, step 
into; to get in, to take one's seat (in a coach, 
railway-compartment) ; to embark. — tt t *». 
(— er8, pi. —er) passenger (about to start). 
Comp. — CsftfOe,/ departure platform. 

wtnften— *H, v. L a. to put in ; to put into the 
ranks, to recruit, enlist ; to discontinue ; to do 
away with ; to put off ; to suspend (payment) ; 
to focus (Phot.) ; to strike (work) ; to abolish 
(abuses, etc.) ; bad ftencr — *n, to cease firing; 
bie »rbett -en. to suspend work, to (go on) 
strike. II. r. to appear ; to set in (of winter, 
etc.) ; fid) tuieber —en, to return. — ting, /. 
recruiting, enlistment ; cessation; suspension; 
strike (from work); discontinuance; tfittoti* 
jj|j ( —ting, temporary suspension, intermission. 

ff infrfttimcn, v.a. to panel (a door) ; to set 
akimbo (the arms). 

ffinfttmmeit, v.n. to agree, to consent; to join 
in (with the voice), chime in. 

♦tttTtiWKtt, «.a. to dip in, immerse (eoU > 

i ( 


6i*'ft0»feit, v.a. to stuff In ; to fill (a pipe). 

fitt'ftofem, ir.v.a. to push, drive, knock or run 
in ; to ram {a charge) ; to stave (a cos*). 

titntreid**, ir.v.a. to rub into; to put into, 
draw in, sweep in, pocket ; to fill up (crevice) : 
«tte* — , to clear the board. 

•in'ftrfUflt, v. I. a. to strew into; to Inter- 
sperse ; to disseminate ; eingeftreute 8e nter* 
fun gen, occasional remarks. II. n. bent Sicfj 
— . to litter down cattle. 

•in'ftritfj, m. (— $, ©/. — <) act of pocketing or 
clearing {stakes) ; slit, nick: (p/.) traverses {in 
a mine) ; — an elncm Sdiiuffelbari, ward in a 
kevbit. Comp. — bofcltn, pi. boarding planks 

tia'jtritfen, v.a. to knit into. 

#iu1tr9ttl-f tt, L v.n. {aux. f.) to flow or stream 
in. II. subst.n. — ung, /. influx. 

SittftStfrn, v.a. to piece ; to patch. 
iR'fhliirrCflr *>-<*. to con ; to practice, study, 
Kt up; to rehearse; finftuokrt tperben, to 
rehearsed, to be in rehearsal. 
ttnfturttien, v. L n. (aux f.) to rush in (anf 
einen, upon s.o.) ; anf fcinr (defunbteit — , 
to ruin one's health by excesses. II. a. to 
overthrow, dash in. 
ttuHturi, m. (-e$, pi. (ginfturae) fall, down- 

fall, crash ; — bon (grbmaffen, landslip, land 

slide ; — eined &d)*tilte8, caving in ; — ban 

ttrbbaitten, slipping of earthwork; bm — 

broben, to threaten to fall. 
tiMftttrieil, v. I. u. {aux. f.) to fall in ; — anf 

r inen or tttva&, to fall upon s.o. or 1L 

a. to dash in, demolish. 
6ia'ta06fUege» /• ephemeral {or day or Hay) 

fly. Comp. — Ifirm, m. passing noise, noise 

of short duration. 
tU'tattftttt, v. I. a. to dip in ; to immerse ; to 

imbue. II. n. {aux. f.) to dive, duck, plunge. 
tin'taufd), m. (— ed, />/.— e) exchange. 
#in'tatlfd>— en, v.a. to exchange, to barter, to 

receive in exchange. — ttttg, /. exchange. 
ttttf Cil— t tt, v.a. to divide ; to distribute ; to 

classify; to graduate {a thermometer, etc.). 

—«ng, /. distribution ; division ; economy ; 

arrangement, classification. Comp. — ung&s 

grant, m. principle of a classification. - 

ttng«rgrab r m. degree. 
tilt'tOnnC*, v.a. to barrel (beer, herrings, etc.). 

tin'rrag, m. (— e$, pL (gintra'ge) woof, weft ; 

prejudice, damage, detriment; (rincm) — 
tbnn, to prejudice, injure ; cine lit (gefefce — 
tfran, to infringe a law; ed tbut Sbrer ebre 
rcinen — , it is no disparagement to your 
honor. Comp. — tbttOlQ, adj. derogatory. 
•iB'trag— *n, I. ir.r.a. to carry in ; to gather 
in ; to work in the woof ; to enter, to post (en 
a ledger) ; to book {a debt) ; to yield, bring in ; 
to register; anf Sanbfarten —en, to map; 
rein -en. to clear, to net ; ein l«efd)fift, met* 
died toentg etatrfigt, an unprofitable business. 
II. tub*, n. —ung, /. carrying in ; entering, 


„ -.Jb, adj. A 

adv. lucrative; profitable, productive; — ficbe 
gfrfinbr, fat living, —thtfrit, /. profitable- 

Citt'trautat, v.a. to steep, soak (in), impreg- 
nate ; to come true, be realised ; id) tnerbe ed 
ibm — , 1 '11 make him suffer or pay for It 

f {tt'tTinff In, v.a. to drop in, instill. 

•in'treffrn, ir.v.n. {aux. f.) to fit in, coincide, 
agree ; to happen, to be fulfilled ; to arrive ; 
MtdU ftnr Beit — . to come late, to be over-due ; 
3bre VrobbeAeibung ift etagetrpffen, your 
prophecy has come true. 

Gltt'freib— en, ir.v.n. to drive in (into); to drive 
home ; to collect {debts) ; to exact {payment) ; 
to embarrass, nonplus. — cr f »>. (— erd. 

166 eintoettte* 

pi - 

er) collector; whipper-in; driver-ia. - 

•In'trgg— cr, m. (-erd, pi. -*r) r 
bookkeeper, entering-clerk. —1(a), adj. A 

hhb, /. exaction ; collection {of debts, etc); 
driving in {stakes). 

#in / tT(ten, ir.v. I. n. {aux. f.) to enter, step ■: 
to begin ; to enter on (an office) ; to set m ($' 
weather, etc.) ; to take place, occur ; to set » 
wards {of the tide) ; to make one's appearaao , 
f fir einen — , to intercede in favor of s-o. ; to 
act as s.o.'s substitute, to take the place of to. . 
eingetretener $inberniffe baiter, on account 
of unforeseen obstacles; ber fttttf triti ft* 
ben 9ergen and nnb in bie Stent ein. tat 
river issues from the mountains and enters tit 
plain. IL a. to stamp ; to trample down ; to 
kick open ; vo tread down (shoes). 

ftta'trid)tern f v.a. to pour Into with a funnel; 
einent tttoa§ — , to drum into a p. 'a head, 

ftin'tritt, ro. (— g, pi. —t) entering on {an «J*v, 
etc.) ; entry, entrance, admission ; oommenc*- 
ment ; setting in {of winter, etc.) ; ingreai ; - 
in£ $ttt, enlisting ; — tad Seven, outset a 
life. Comp. -HMfibtg, odj. admissible. -4: 
gelt. n. charge for admission, entrance moatj 
-*=fOTie,/., — ecfdxin, m. ticket of sdsnv 
sion. — «siifltmer f n. parlor; ante-chamber. 

ffin'troditf n, v.n. {aux. f .) to dry in, to dry ia> 

ftn'tunfen, v.a. to dip in; to sop. 

•iR'ttten, v.a. to practice, to exercise ; todtffl; 
He hat fid) (dot) bad 6rfid* forgfilrw t» 
gefitt, she has practiced the piece caxeulfy. 

•fn'berleib— tu, v.a. to incorporate, to emboiy, 
to annex. — Uttg,/. incorporation, annexatioB. 

ffin'berftanb— toot, v.a. to bring to an tmfe 
standing. -nif,n. (-ntlfed, pL -t*- 
intelligence, understanding; agreement; ii 

gntetn — niffe mft . . . leben. to be on food 
:rms with; beimlifbed —nil. secret osdv- 
standing, secret intercoorse ; ooUaeion. 

•interlteten, ir.v.r. to agree witb ; to uwfcf 
stand one another; eintterftanfcen fein, »» 
agree, be agreed (fiber eine 6., upon aOt,. 
einberfianben ! agreed ! 

•intbodlfen, ir.v.n. {aux. f.) to grow into ar a. 

ftin'ttage, /. loss in weight by selling retail 

ftin'Otigen, v. I. a. to weigh and putln ; tovssjl 
down. II. r. to diminish by being weighed. 

ftintnalfen, v.a. to full close (doth); to ofl 

•taloaliftt, v.a. to roll in {seeds, etc.). 

tln'ttiattb, m. {—c§ t pl. <&\mw&n*t) obitetim. 
pretext. Comp. — frei, adj. & adv. wftae* 
objection ; read(il)y. 

ffiutnauberer, m. (— d, pi. — ) immigrant 

*IBlBanbeT— n, v.n. {aux. f.) to unmifn*. 
—una,/, immigration. 

ftiatDartft, adv. inward(a) ; — geten, to tsn 
in the toes in walking. Comp. — lifter, «- 
adductor {muscle). 

ffin'maWern, v.a. to soak, steep in water. 

ffintoeben, reg. A ir.r.a. to weave in, kster- 
weave ; to damask ; to intersperse ; ens? rte* 
qetwb te(r inflcroobnif )(?rAafal*ttg ,an epissk 

•inloecbfelU, v.a. to change ; to acquire by c* 

ftitttoeben, v.a. to»blow down (a hut). 

f in/toetdjen, v.a. to eoak, to steep. 

ffht'toeib— en, v.a. to initiate ; to receive (is* 
etc.) ; to ordain ; to consecrate ; to Inaarsn* 
to handsel ; ein (ftngetoeibter, one hires* 
adept. — nag, /. consecration; iniasO» 
Comp. — nnggsfcier,/. inaugural itiu—g. 

•inlpeita— en, reg. A ir.r.a. to object, tato •> 
ception to ; to oppose ; to demur ; to s^sV 
lenge (Loir) ; bagegen (i|t ficft niaHd -A 
there can be no objection to that ; etna*** 
ben, objectionable ; ber — enbf, the ujiiu— ' 
— ttng, /. objection, exception ; repfj; |ta> 
etc.; — nngen nerbringen (modxn) ocfA 
to make objections to or against, to <f 




•Ulnerfen, *r.r.a. to throw in ; to break by 
throwing ; to rejoin ; to object ; to baste. 

•UfBilfeUl, v.a. to envelop, wimp up; to curl 
(the hair) ; to twaddle ; eittCtt — in, to entangle 

throwing ; to rejoin ; to object ; to baate. 


a p. in. 
•UnDiegftt, v.a. to rock asleep; fie tniegett 

a** tan&u nnb fingen bid) tin, they 
t, dance, and sing thee to aleep. 

_ shall 

•intBtllirt— en, v.*. (aux. h.) to conaent to, ac- 
auiesce in ; to subscribe to ; to permit. —una, 
/ consent, assent: penniaBion; fdprtftliqk 
— una, acceptance (Late). 

•tttteUNtartt, v, L a. to preeeire till winter. II. 
m. (attr. f.) to be overtaken by winter. 

#i*'tt»irf— «fl, v. I. a. to interweave ; to work 
in (patterns). IL ft. (aux, %.) to Influence ; to 
operate. — t «&, p. <fc adj. influential, effective. 
— vnit/. influence; interweaving. 

#iattU>%«- CH, »». to inhabit ; tuir finb go** 
eingewoftnt, we are quite settled ; fid) — tn, 
to make oneself at home. — <lti, p. <fe adj. in- 
habiting ; inherent. — CT, m. (— ere\ />/. — f r) 
inhabitant. — eT=fO>oft,/. inbabltante. popu- 
lation. Comp. — errjahl, /. amount of popu- 
lation. — trsjillnng./. census. 

vlsr'toolcn, ir.v.n. to wish to get in : bt* feW 
mir nifftt ein, I cannot swallow (or under, 
stand) that. 

*iV»*rf, m. (-*, al. dht'ttmrfc), objection; 
opening for letters In a pillar-box, etc. ; eitten 
— mamtu, to make or raise an objection, to 
take exception (to). 

vhrtnttrjeiM, v.». (owx. f.) to take root, to root ; 
to become inveterate ; tiff eingettmr&eltc 
UberttttfiKngex, deeply rooted beliefs. 

vla/kUfra, vm. to indent; to notch. 

<Hn1*ll— CH. v.a. to pay in. — «ng, /. pay- 
meni. deposit. 

viu'tfqlen, v.o. to deposit ; to count in ; to in- 

vin'jahaen, »•«. to indent ; to dovetail. 
tta/jinn— C8, r-o. to hedge in, to fence in. 

-HMf ,/« fencing In ; fence. 
vin'tefren, »j». (our. b.) to <Hi 

s; ber ©ein anf $affern aebrt ein, wine 

iiminish, lose, 

m wood diminishes by evaporation. 

Ctn'lcMm— «, tr.a. to mark in, to note; to 
draw m ; fid) —en, to enter one's name ; to 
subscribe. — Ullfi, /• entering, writing down ; 

ffin'fttettar, adj. A adv. retractile ; recover- 
able ; liable to confiscation. 

#tft'li(b— en, cr.v. I. a. to draw, pull in ; to 
remove ; to get in, take in, collect ; to absorb ; 

vin'Sfeingen, <r*M. to force into ; einem etttftj 
— . to force one to take 

fsW, n. E-sharp (Mum.). 

wiS, ". (— (f)e$) ios ; ice-cream ; apathy ; heart* 
leasness ; — effett, to take an ice ; in — gefttbtt. 
iced; auf bent — f faufen, to skate; $u — 
— feerben, to congeal, freexe ; nam — t befe^t. 
ice-bound ; gebeKbed — , floating ice ; murbel 
— , unsound ice. — (f)ii, adj. icy. Comp. 
— UdMt. m. translucent agate. — OJMHirat, 
m. refrigerator. — urttg, adj. icy, like ice. 
— babn, /. ice, elide ; skating place ; opportun- 
ity for skating. — bar, »n.poW bear. — nCttf, 
/. snow-berry. — berg, m. iceberg; snowy- 
mountain. — beta, n. pig's foot salted: eee 
(gidbein. — bltttttC. /. ice plant. — borf, to. 
ice-breaker. — breuKr, — ftfabl. »». starling 
(of a bridge). — bruo), tit. breaking up of ice. 
—timer, to. ice-pail. — fatyrt, /. skating, 
—fifted,/. fishing under the ice. — flatten, 
— wlet P*' floating icebergs, — frei, adj. 
free from ice. — gang, to. breaking up (and 
floating) of ice ; drift of ice ; ice bow (of a 
whaler), —gran, adj. hoary. — hftfeifeu, n. 
calkin, ice-shoe. — fetter, m. ice-house. — 
fabler, m. cooler, —laul, m. skating. — 
meer, n. polar sea; ftorbliifce* — meer, 
Arctic ocean; ©uMtdicS — tttffr. Antarctio 
ocean. — nttgd, n. frost-nail ; mit — nfigcitt 
bcfdjUgcn. rough-shod. -HMHtft , m. freeiing. 
point. — ftnoOf, /. floe, lump, block of ice. 
—((brant, »». ice-safe. — fd)ttb, m. snow-shoe. 
— f»at. tn. crystalline felspar. — fproWen, pU 
brow-anUers. — ffein, m. cryolite. — ftUflCtt, 
pi. calkins. — bOflel, m. kingfisher, —yxdtn, 
— SOffeil, m. icicle. —Vint,/' frozen xone. 

vi'ff I!, v. I. a. to cause to freese, to make into ice, 
to ice ; to break the ice from; (o# — , to break 
loose, free (coll.). II. n. (aux. f.) to turn to ice. 

6i*'bettt, ». hip-bone (Anal.) (not connected 
with Qfc). 

fi'fen, ». (—$, pi- —) iron ; horse-shoe ; sword, 
weapon ; iron instrument or tool ; (pi.) irons, 
fetters; cr fd}iagt fiber bif — , he kicks over 
the traces ; an fa (rem — fterben, to die 
by the sword ; Hot bridjt — . necessity knows 
or has no law; einen in — legen, to put one 
in irons; $er&en bou — , hearts of steel; — 
in ©an fen, pig-iron ; (gttg — , cast iron; fRoft 
— , pig iron ; fohienfaHred — , carbonate of 
iron ; man mu% ba# — fdjmicben, fo (ange 
ed bei§ ift, you must strike the iron while it 
is hot ; ettoad Anin aittn — nterfen, to consign to the rubbish heap, to give up as useless 
or superseded (said of ola-fathtontd people 
or ideas). Comp. — apgattfl, *». iron-refuse. 
— artig, adj. ferruginous, —babn, /. rail- 
way; railroad; mit ber —babn geffbuft 
toerben, to be railed (of troops) ; auf bie — 
babn aebradjt merben. to be entrained (of 
troopaf; rd ift bie botfrfte — , it is high time, 
no moment is to be lost (si.). — babnsnftie, 
/. railway-share. — babnsoretttfe, / brake. 

— bnbnsMtttm, m. embankment. — bobner, 

m. soldier belonging to the German railway 
brigade. — babnrfabrt, /. railway- journey. 
— babnsgeVeOf(Mft. /. railway company. — 
bnbnsbOT, m. (railway) station; depot. — 
babnsttefc, n. net of railways. — bubn= 

aner)fdinieae./. sleeper. — babnsfdiienen, 
. rails. — baOnsfa)tttofer, m. book for read- 
g in the railway compartment. — babns 

Srerfe, /. line of railway. — babnsberbtu: 
nng, /. communication by rail, —babns 
ruagrtt, m. railway carriage or car. — bOQU: 
Sttg, »•>. railway train. — oanm, tn. iron-wood 
tree. — bart.m. kingfisher (Orn.). — beifcer, 
m. braggart, bully. — bltttt, n. Prussian blue. 
— bledl. n. sheet-Iron. — blttte, /. arragonite, 

— brano, m. loadstone. — bronnstaif» — 



*» fflf 

*Ta««sf»«t, m. dolomite. -IttW. •»- lron- 
wire. — trafttslMUItfcU. ». flat-rope of Iron. 
— artftsfril, ft.cableof lxon-wire. — 0r«fe, 
/. crystsllijed iron-ore. — <T0e. /. ferruginous 
earth. — ftj, n. iron-ore. —fori*. /. iron- 
«ray. -JfiliuW, *• Iron-fllings. -tajt, od>. 
firm or herd m iron ; inflexible. — ffaf , m. 
Iron-strain, iron-mold. — frfffer, m. brag- 
gart, bullv. — flttfctrfi',/. iron-foundry. — 
00%, st. iron casting, iron founding ; cast-iron. 
— UkzWOttn, pL foundry goods, hardware. 
— lalcig, adj. oonteining iron; ferruginous, 
chalybeate. — fcuttulfr, m. forge(-haminer), 
tron-worka. — halthelf tn. iron-trade. — 
fcd«okr f «». iron-monger. — hart, L adj. hard 
as iron. n.».(— 4) Terrain (Bot.). — hut, m. 
steel cap, helmet. —hfitthoi r i». aconite (AX.). 
— hfittt, /. iron-works, forge, —fall, m. cal- 
cined iron. — fte#, m. iron-pyrites. — ficfel, 
*». ferruginous quarts; silicate of iron. — 
fI»«M»eil, »». pig of iron. — fnetfct, »». envil- 
plate (7.). —tram, ••. iron trade; iron- 
mongery. — fr*Mt, ft. verbena (Bot.). — 
trtftol. ««. crystal of mars. — «ofcr, m. 
black oxide of iron. — 0X00, n. ferric oxide. 
— *f *»Blf n. ferrousoxide. --vlttof sOft** n. 
magnetic iron. ->*x9»|ri :: fall* ». ferrous salt. 
—JHI«ier, ev, —plotte, /. armor-plate, iron- 
plate, — taclf , /• ferruginous spring. — 
r*t*, m. hematite. — fsiU« n. sulphate of 
Iron. —fail,/, nig of iron. — f d*tbe, /. min- 

ag stock; inaisjpenseoie 
Utfcgraf, Ludwijr II. of 
tr — e $cr&oe, the Iron 
») ; her — t Sraiuler, the 

lead. -**H0e, /. iron rod. -tiMftvr, /. 
tincture of iron. — bttrlOl, m. sulphat e of 
iron, ferrous sulphate, —mare*, pi. iron- 
mongery, hardware. — Buffer, n. chalyb- 
eate water. -HBfrft ft. iron-work(s). — 
teng, ft. iron tools. 

•Hem , adj. A adv. iron, of iron ; hard, strong ; 
Inflexible; unfeeling; steady, indefatigable; 
unredeemable ; inalienable (Late); — e0 ftapU 
tei, money sunk of which only the interest is 
paid; — to flreUA, iron cross {Prussian war 
medal, 1813-15; 1870-71); — rr Qeftaltb, un- 
changeable or standing stock; tadispenaable 
■mount; her -e £a*»on - - ■ 
TburingU (tll72); her - 
Duke (Lord Wetlfnaton) ; her -f STallAler, 
Iron Chancellor (Prince Bismarck); ha* 
$hor, the Iron Gates (of the Danube). 

•ftel, adj. A adv. rain ; frivolous ; empty; perish- 
able; nothing but. mere; — Jehl ouf cine €., 
to be rain of a th. ; — f (Bffdiuiafe, Idle or 
silly talk, —frit, /. Tanlty ; Mthingnees. 

•Her, a*, c* n. {— 0) matter, pus; s&nNer — , 
gleet; botortiger — , purulent discharge. 
~ifl» adj. A adv. purulent. Comp. -abfltlfc, 
m. (purulent) discharge. -befprtCTn*, adj. 
suppurative. — henle, /. absceaa. — h|i04K«, 
ft, pustule, pimple. — Male, /. carbuncle. 
— tr**,/ empyema. — me*gen», adj. sup- 
purative. — WU%, m. running (from a sore). 
— frafc, m. corrosive ulcer. — gf Ifuf, n. ar- 
thritioahsoess. -0rt<fe»|||ft, J. abscess. - 
i«Md|e r /. ichor. — f0CT,m. cyst (of a tumor). 
— ftfttf, m. core. — trteffll, ft. blennorrboBa 
(Med.) — SiebCtt, ft. suppurating. 

•iter— II, v.n. (am. |.) to suppurate, fester; to 
discharge matter. — ni, p. A adj. suppurative. 
— Bug,/ suppuration, festering. 

•ff I, I. m. (—0, pi. — ) nauseousness, nausea ; 
loathsomeness; disgust, aversion; re* ift mtr 

Sum — , I am sick of it ; I am disgusted with it; 
lefer -orbiefe* — , that nasty fellow(co/A). 
II. adj. (obs. % replaced by eflig) nauseous; 
loathsome ; disgusting ; squeamish ; particular 
Cece.), dainty (oL.); delicate (Mcotor). ' *' 

adj. A ado. nauseous: loathsome. dlaguetfJaer: 

-it (•nig), adj. A adv. see Qttl, II. ; diam- 
greeable, rude (oof/.). Comp. - 



m. elephant's trunk ; Sphinx's elpenor ( Jffm. i. 

•lega'll-( r L««f/. A orfr. elegant. 1L ea. <g«av 

tle)man of fashion; beau, dandy, coxcoemfc, 

~ /. elegance, refinement, poUeh ; 


•legiC, /. elegy, poem written on any subject 

in elegiac meter (hexameters A pentamyeeers) 
(such as Qoethe's * Elegien *) ; mournful 
written in any meter (such as 
and Hdlty'$ • Elegien »). 
•le'0ifd), adj. elegiac; -f fkrfe, 
mournful verses, melancholy lines. 

•Itftr-ieUii't, /. electricity. -He». *+y. a 

ode. electric — ifie'rtktr, adj.Aadv.o\etotrm\- 
able. — iVietrm, v. a. to electrify. — «, (m comp. 
= ) electro. — OH, m. amber 

Co»id. — tettirWserracr, •». 

-iefiltf sleiter, •». conductor. -HritsVlts 
m. electrometer. — icit«i / t4=wTften. 
current. — iftetsfJUlWlIC, /. eJee- 
trical machine. — 0=ttuVllif,/. electrieml en- 
gineering. — «sffn)1lifrr, •» eleotrioml eav 
-«5teuy»ifch, adj. elcctrotecfcaftcel 
dng to electrical engineering). — #s 
toP* a. electrotype. 
•leftte'Bt. ft. (-VTp/.-f) element; principle. 
(in comp.) elementary ; rudimentary ; 
* — N*. ». prisaai; 

• primary temesaw, 
teacher of the element*. — tTsUfcalf. /. 
primary school. — ft'rsfttift, m. opaL — aVTs 
Hlttrrriu>t, m. primary education. 
^Offti, n. elk (06*. /or dim). Coaep. —0s 

b«Ht,/. elk akin. 
^'leni (—0) misery, distress; want, pansoy; 
foreign country, exile (obsolX II. oft>. 4* 
oo>. miserable; wretched, pitiful: (farmher! 
wretch! — ig, s^Hltnb. — iglid), •«». ma> 
erably, wretchedly. 
•lentfcr, ft. (-0. P*. -t) elk, mooss(-deerV 
•lejMti0 / R0sliiHfrl, m. elevation (0/ a pun). 

preparatory. Comp. — a/TzhMfe, ». 

first book. — frsielrcr, •». 

••If, m. (-tn, pi* • 
fairy ; goblin. 

■shaft. <*4/. 



Comp. -f urbfthfr /. hill where fairiee^aooa. 
— eil=fpHi0ill, /. fairy queen. — ewsrcitri. 
m. dance of fairies. — CWsfutafc, at. elf-ftrrow. 
«•!! (obs. •!» ), fum. aJ>. eleven, -rr, m. <- 
rr0, p/. — tr) the number eleven ; aolmer of 
the eleventh regiment ; wine of the year 1011 
((tiller); corpration of eleven. — ff, asm 
adj. elerenth; fifft -i, with tm «t*em 


— ttU «• (— tell. Pi. — tei) the eleventh pert. 
— teil#, adv. in the eleventh place. Comp. 
— td f n. hendecagon. — tVzltv f indee. adj. 
of eleven kinds, — fait* adj. elevenfold. 
— malt adv. eleven time*. — fUotg, ad>. hen- 
decaevllabic — ft sbalb, n«m. a^;. ten end 

•If Cttbcitt, *. (—4) ivory, —em, adj. nude 
of ivory. 

Clkftftfreftf v.a. to elide, to cut off or suppress (a 

•Ittttfttttfre*. r.a. to eliminate. 

•Men, interj. long live I (Hunger.). 

•IOC, /. (/* -*) yard, ell. Comp. -ttstrfit, 
adj. an ell broad. — ttsfeattltCf, m. draper's 
trade. — ttsUttg, adj. an ell long. — tt=tttafe, 
«. ell, yaxd-measure. — nsreittr or— ttsriffer, 
m. counter-jumper. — nsttaarCtt, pf. drapery, 
dry-goods. — «s*cife, adv. by the ell, by 
the yard. 

#ia(ca)hO0ftt f m. (— S, pi. — ) elbow ; mtt ben 
— ftofeis, to elbow ; bte — frci baben, to have 
elbow room. 

Sl'ler, /. (j* -n) eee (frle. 
W»— ft, /. eUipee ; ellipsis, -tif dj, ody; ellip- 

tltttf'fettfr, n. ; Sanft — , (Saint) Elmo's fire ; 
Jack o* Lantern. 

•If C /. (pi- — tt) alder (tree) ; shad (fish) ; sail- 
maker's awl. 

•Iff— (in comp.). — hauttt, m. black alder 

fitter,/, (pi. -*; magpie. Comp. — angf, n* 
(now usually £&blierauge) com on the toe. 

•IfCT— f 16* adj. & adv. -parental. — n, pi. par- 
ents; nidjt ban fftfefttctt — tt fein, to be first 
rate, excellent (coll.). Camp. — nsloft, adj. 
orphan, orphaned. — tumor OfT, — ttsttSOrD, 
s». parricide, crime of parricide. 

ftttUM'I, «. d> ». (— 4) enamel. — lif'rct!, v.a. 
to enamel Comp. — bilO, n. painting on 

169 Cm|>3reft 

to him, remember me to him most kindly; flit 
(do/.) ettoad embfofclen fcln laffett. to take 
good care of ath. 11 r. to bid farewell ; to present 
one's compliment*; — e mid) (SUttett). I wish 
you good-day ; fid) fcettttltd) —en, to abscond ; 
fid) uuf fran^oftfd) —fit, to take French leave, 

vmauibtfren, v.a. to emancipate ; cin count- 
fttbtrrre* ^ranmsimmer, * strong-minded 
woman ; a new woman. 

f mMUfrrn, v. a. to pack ; fid) — , to fill out. 

f m'bet— (in camp.). — guttd, /. ember gooes. 

tmblrao't— ifd), od/. <Cr adv. emblematic 
— tRe'ren, ».«. to symbolise. 

fmtgrie'rem, v.n. (our. f.) to emigrate. 

§ mine'ttl./. (pi. -*«) eminence (Ittte). 

f ttt'merltttg, m. (— $, p/. — e) yellow-hammer 
(Orn.); cockchafer-grub; (ttuiber) morello 

to abscond, "—ft, m. (— er«, pi. . . . 
mender. — ttttg, /. pi. (recommendation); 
introduction ; compliments ; ntit fffjdner — ttttg 
an ©te, with best compliments to you. Comp. 
— f n#=tm?rt, — f uftsrourbtg, aaV. worthy of 
recommendation, commendable. — MttgAs 
f arte, /. business-card (0/ commercial travel- 
er t)\ card of introduction (to gentlemen), 
— ung#=brief , m. letter of introduction. 
fttttbfin'fr— bar, adj. sensitive ; sensible ; percep- 
tible, —elel'./.fp/.—clci'en) sentimentality. 
— fin, v.n. (aux. b.) to affect sensibility. 
— Xtti m. (— (cr$, pi. — ler) sentimentalist. 
— lid), aay. <fc adf . sensible ; sharp ; grievous ; 
sensitive ; tender ; sore ; irritable, touchy; nice ; 
fugitive; — (idje JWtrbr, fugitive color; bad 
if! felne -lid* 6 telle, that is his sore point; 

Jrraanb —(id) bcrlcften, to wound a person 
leeply, to hurt a man's feelings grievously. 
— ll&feit, /. sensibility ; sensitivenesi ; irrita- 
bility. — ling, see —ler. — Hi», /. sentiment, 
feeling (rare), —(am, adj. & adv. sensible ; 
feeling ; susceptible, sentimental ; delicate ; 
touchy. — famfCit, /. susceptibility; senti- 

wtttbRn'O— «, ir.v.a. to feel ; to perceive ; to be 
sensible of; to experience ; fibcl — , to take as 
an offense. — CltO, p. <& adj. sensible, sensitive, 
sentient; perceptive. — ttng, /• sensation; 
feeling; perception. Cotnp. — ttnOe^CigeiU 
(fit, /. idiosyncrasy, peculiarity of sensation. 
— Uttgisfatlig, adj. capable of feeling, suscep- 
tible. -mtgO=?abigfftt, /. perceptivity. 
— nttfiisfraft, /• power of perception. — 
ttttfidslaut, m. Interjection ; exclamation 
(ofo.). — nngftslOg, adj. unfeeling ; apathetic ; 
callous. — ttttgftsfiti, m. sensorlum. — ttttg#s 
btrmdgen, n. perceptive faculty. — ttttg#s 
Wort, n. interjection (oU.). 

wtt0fi r n0 (o<der*mt>fttnn),imp. o/embfonactt. 

wtttbfubMCr 1 de 3 pen. ting, imperf. tubj. oj 

f mvwlcn, p.p. o/tmpUhUn. 

wmbfun'ken, p.p. o/era»nnben. 

wtttb^a'— ff,/. emphasis. — tifdj, adj. emphatic; 

wtttbi'r— If , /. empiricism. — ifft, m. (-ittv$, 
pi. — iff t) empiric. — ifd), adj. <Se adv. empir- 

ffntbO'r, I. adv. A «rp. prefix, up, upwards, on 
high, aloft Comp. — or Of it m, v.r. to work 
one's way up. — bringCU, v. a. to raise, to 
promote. — QClffn, ir.v.a. to help up ; to assist. 
— bringen, tr.v.n. (ata. f.) to work up; tiefe 
Cettf^er branarn *u$ ibrer ©ruft — , she 
heaved deep sighs. — btbftt, ir.v.a. to exalt, 
raise up ; to elevate (the host). — fcrbutlg,/. 
elevation (of the host). — fotttmm, ir.v.n. {aux. 
f.) to rise in the world, to thrive. — font titling, 
m. (— fontmfing6, pi. — rotnmttttge) upstart. 
— ragen, v.a. ^o tower (fiber, above). — 
fdXttne, /. loft of a barn. — fdjroingen, ir.v.r. 
to rise, soar up. — fteigCH, v.n. to rise, to 
ascend. — ffreoen, v.n. (aux. h.) to aspire. 

— frrebenb, p. * adj. aspiring. — treiben, »r. 

v.a. to force upwards ; to sublimate (Chenu). 

•tttbO'r-f,/. (pi. —en) choir seats, gallery (in 
chnrchee). — tirdK, /• choir, raised gallery. 

wtnbo'r— <tt, v. I. a. to rouse to anger or indig- 
nation; to excite; to enrage. — 1, p.p. & adj. 
indignant. II. r. to revolt, rebel ; to grow furi- 
ous. — fnb, p. dtadj. revolting, shocking. — ft, 
m. (— e r$. pi. — er) insurgent — t rif a), adj. A 
adv. mutinous, —ttng, / rebellion, revolt 1 




end ; conclusion, issue 

MgvSgCtftr •»• muti- 


\ active ; industrious, 

t. —frit, /.industry, 

ti) encyclopedia, 
e. — <bfU, n. (—!«)€«*, 
tent, bit ; fomuirit @ie 
it, do accompany me a 
*, n. (— e*, p*. — * n) 
limit ; close ; termina- 

tion (q/ a lease) ; goal, aim, object, purpose ; 
(point of an) antler ; fin $irfd) bon 10 — f It 
(tin &th*— tv), a stag with 10 antlers; bcr 
*«g flCQt S* —** the ^ U declining ; an 
aHctt Ortttt nub —en, everywhere ; t>on alien 
— en, from all quarters ; bid an* or jura — f , 
to the last ; bal aufterfte — , the extremity ; 
bad traurige — «, the catastrophe; au bent 
— f , for that purpose ; &tt bent — f , oa%, in 
order that ; &n — e. at an end, over, towards 
the end ; am — e, m the end, after all, upon 
the whole ; finally, at last ; perhaps, possibly ; 
bad — r bom SJiebe iff, the upshot is ; cr griff 
eS am re djtcn — e an. he set about it the right 
way; einrr 6adje {dot.) tin —t madjen, to 
put an end to a thing; ; ju — < gehen, to draw 
near ethe nd, to expire ; ju — f bringrn, to 
bring to an end, to finish ; — e gut, atit0 gttt, 
all »s well that ends well, —lid), I. adj. final, 
concluding, last ; finite ; ultimate. II. adv. at 
last: in short; after all, quickly (obs.). — 
tiftfrit, /. flniteneas. -ftbflft, / end, issue. 
Comp. — «bfidrt,/. final purpose, ultimate in- 
tention. — DCfdWib, m. ultimatum ; definitive 
sentence or judgment. — budfftabc, m. final 
letter. — frgfbnitf, n. ultimate or final result, 

upshot. — trttarnng, /. ultimatum. — <*s 
genannte(r), — f#=untenctdmctc(r), *». 

undersigned. — gefd)»ittbigt tit,/, terminal 
or remaining velocity. — giltig, — gfiltig, 
adj. A adr. final, definitive, conclusive. — JC, 
n. a rope's end (NautX —tt\04pt, /. termi- 
nal bud. — turSU ngt/.arocope (Gram.). — 
|f)6, adj. endless, boundlets, infinite. — lofigs 
feit, / endlessness, infinity, — ftnntt, tn. 
end ; terminus, extremity, larthest point. — 
retttt, m. rhyme at the end of a verse or a 
metrical line : twrgeUbriebene —reime. bouts- 
rimes. — ftlbe, /. final syllable. -fibrnd), 
m. final judgment or sentence. — ftntton, /• 
terminus (Railw.). — ftrbfttft, standing at 
the end; — ftehrnbr ffleiftnung, below-given 
account. — «rf ttdlC. /• final cause. — nrtfit, 
n. final decree. — |ff|, n. final aim. — pnerf, 
tn. main design, ultimate purpose, final object, 
tnrdnrtft. Gnt'dirift = fTnridjrift (obs.). 

fnbftttifo), <*dj. «* <*dr. endemic. 

fln'b— <ig)en, v. I. a. to put an end to, terminate, 
conclude ; to accomplish ; to finish ; frin Veben 
—en, to die. II. r. to end, conclude ; to close ; 
fBortct. bie (fidi) anf o — igen, words ending 
in o. III. n. (awe. b.) to come to a conclusion, 
stop, cease; to be over; to die. — ttttg, /. 
ending, termination, end. 

tnonife,/. (pi. — n) endive (succory). 

tnerg- it',/, energy. — ifdi, (pron. ener'gifdj) 

adj. <fr adv. energetic, with vigor. 
#ft'g» — t, adj. <£* adr. narrow ; tight ; close ; 
strict; confined; select; lm — eren Ginne, 
strictly speaking ; — t r tttem, asthma ; in — tr 
tktmnbrnng fein, to be a close prisoner ; —i 
mndkn, to narrow, tighten ; — ertr fltt^fttlttft 
select committee ; — grbunben, confined within 
narrow limits. — C, /• (pi. — en) narrowness; 
tightness ; narrow place; strait; difficulty, 
dilemma; efnen in bie — e treiben, to drive 
one into a corner. —belt. /• narrowness; 
tightness, crowded or confined 

state. Comp. — briftig , adj. narrow-rhestsid 
asthmaUc — brifttgfXr), m. asthmatic pe*> 
son. — herjigf odj. narrow-minded ; illiberal 
— Path *». narrow pass, defile. 
wtt'gel, m. (— $, pi. -) angel; tilt — fsg 
bnrft bad Simmer, there was m> g eese r ai 
silence in the room (idtom.). —(fern, (#BsKC)= 

iein), n. (—4en*, pL -4en) uttie aa«du 

cherub ; siskin (Orn.). -+ak t adj. <& ad*, ma- 
gelic; angelically. Comp. In nuntemts r^m~ 
pound* the Jlrsl part o/tcMchutUQti — ifmmx* 
like an angel, angelic, e.g. — frotttw. — rr isi, — 
fd)on, etc. —bett, n. open bed without pasta. 
— Mamd»en r n. mountain everlaataxtsj (Bmt.\. 
— brot, n. angelic food, manna. sjlrisb, 

adj. angelic — |oi, m. angel fish. — s>C«V, 
n. angels' hair, lametta (decoration of tht 
Christmas tree). — folPfibfn, n. cherub's bead ; 
sycamore. — front, n. mountain amicau — 

tnacber. m., — madieTin, /. baby kiiie*. — 

\fat, /. angelic host. — §MU%, «. torn 
dation; Ave Maria. -H»=f4*%, «*a. swvsc- 
heart, dear love. 

wtt'0— en, v. I. a. to narrow, to contract; Is 
oppress ; to pinch (as a shoe). II. r. to con- 
tract, grow narrow. — cm, v.a. to ma\ke nar- 
rower ; nerflutbt fei, »er feinrd Msttrn 
®Ttn& — f rt, cursed be he that remove** sa§ 
neighbor's landmark (B.). 

wn'geriiug, m. (—$«/.—*) grub of cockebaiav. 

•nglonberei', / (pi —tn) Anglomanias 

'(rllgliVlD, I. adj. English ;— e* 91flU, royml bhsa; 

' — t 6nnt, gold-beater's skin ; — e ftrttmfhrfe. 
ricketo; —*4 fieber^j satinet ; — c* 9st«tct. 
court-plaster; — *r Bfbtoeif. aweatint; aiak- 
ness. II. adv. in the English fashion. 

2 0Ug1ifd). adj. 6c adv. angelic, like angesa(eAs.); 
bcr — f (Srnft, the annunciation ; Ave Maria. 

6llftr0 / 6» indec. aili. <& atlv. wholesale. 

SttbarmO'nifd), adj. enharmonic 
ttjantbeme'ttt, n. (— *) overflow (meter). 

vUTe, m. (— n,pl. — n) plowboy (ob*. dial.). 

«Jntrl,m.( - 

) ankle. 

9, pi. —) grandson, grandcbiU; 
-fn,/i ■ " " • 

descendant, —in,/, grand-daughter. 

A>nfla'be f /. enclave, a place or territory whicb 
is entirely surrounded oy the territories of an- 
other power. 

•nfli'tf-fa, /. enclitic {Gram.), -ft*, adj. 

Cttftftttiaft, m. ( —en) panegyrist, 

vno'rttt, adj. dc adv. enormous, exoessivsw 
— itfl't./. (pi — ita'ttn) enormity. 

(rttt, insep. and unaccented prefix ; in < 
tion with other words gcn'lly = fortb " 
away, dis — ; also has a sense a/ t 
negation or separation ; in one or hco'esuet CSS 
stands /or an. The prt/U rtttb — <• a dmsktit 
o/cnt— . Notice the glottal stop in tumpumm4% 
beginning with a rowel sound. 

(rnta'fceln, v.a. to degrade in rank; to *s- 

vNtorfen, »•»■ ( rttcr - f.) to degenerate. -HHtV 
/. degeneration ; deterioration. 

wntaVHer-n, v.r. (finer endk) to dispose sf, 
to deprive oneself of ; to separate oneself frsm. 
divest oneself of ; to abstain from ; to rss**. 
renounce ; rr — te g(b feiner ^orrtcka!. W 

gave up his privileges. — nng , /. iisssba ; 

parting with ; alienation (o/ pr o p ert y ). 

•ntbC'br— en, v.a. (gen. (now obs.) dc mec) m 
do without ; to dispense with ; to miss, want ; 
id) fann nodi etnmi —en. I have still sosasto 
■pare; ba* (ikrtidft —t feben (Hnabei. Om 
report is without any foundation; is) lm 
bid} nidjt —en, I cannot do without jom, I casv 

not spare you ; kn foflft —en. ti> * 

nounce! — iid>, adj. dispensable, « .__ 
— ltd) ma (ben, to render superihsooa; t 
•ede. — lidlteit, /. supernuonissa 




/. abstinence, want, privation ; the doing with- 
out : renunciation ; self -denial. 
fittbtC'tCH, ir.v.a, to bid, command; to an- 
nounce ; to present, offer ; cillCBt fcinctt (9ruft 
— , to present one's compliments to a person ; 
&tt fiffe — , to send for, summon to one's pre- 

Ftttsin't— <n* ir.v.a. to unbind, untie, loosen ; 
to set free, release {gen. or ton, from), dis- 
engage; to absolve; to exonerate; to evolve 
(fiat); cntbttnben toerben, to be delivered, to 
be confined, to give birth (of child). — Uttg, 
/. releasing, absolring; unbinding; release; 
delivery, confinement, birth. Comp. — ungds 
taftftft, /, -nng#s|*n*, *• lying-in hospital, 
maternity hospital. — nng6=!nmt, /• obste- 
trics, midwifery. — UUgtsnrteU, n. final 
acquittal, absolution. — U«g*2|0nge, /. ob- 
stetric(al) forceps. 

Fntntit'tern, v.a. to deprive of leaves; ficb — , 
to shed its leaves. 

ntfclo 7 dt*r vr - to dare, to venture ; to divest 
oneself of shame ; to be ashamed ; cr ent- 
biibere fin) nidjt ju be ban* ten, he did not 
Mush to affirm, he had the impudence to 

tttnlsVflr— €*» *•<*• to denude ; to strip ; to ex- 
pose ; to uncover (the head) ; to dismantle (a 
fortrtm) ; to unsheath. — t, p.p. <fr adj. bare ; 
destitute, denuded (0011, of). — una, /. denu- 
dation ; baring ; iHtmantllng ; deprivation. 
ntbl&9€U, ••». (aux. f.) to blossom up or out 
of, spring up in blossom (poet.). 
UtferC'lfeCn, ir.v.r. to forbear ; to abstain from ; 
to break loose from ; fief) ttidjt — tdnnen, not 
to be able to restrain oneself (from). 
tttbrcn'Rflt, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to be lighted, to 
take Are, to become inflamed or fired; to 
break out ; to fly into a passion ; in £iebe — , 
to fall violently in love. 
ntbnn'dcn, p.p. of entninben. 
niMtar, •tttsttNift, «</. discoverable. 
Btdfd'— C«» v.o. to discover; to uncover; to 
disclose; to detect, find out; fid) — en. to 
make oneself known, to rise to view ; frfti 4?er* 
—tm f to unbosom oneself- — cr, m. ( — erS, pi. 
— cr) discoverer ; discloser ; detective. — -Wig, 
f. discovery ; detection ; disclosure. Comp. — 
Uttfllvsrcife,/. voyage of discovery, expedition. 
n't— €♦/. (pt. — en) duck ; canard ; lying news- 
paper report ; rlrfifdK — e, Indian or Guinea 
duck ; frit — t anoft, the duck quacks. •— 
erHs). m. Hrl4«,o/. —eridk) drake ; roitber 
— erifs), mallard. 2>fm. — <fecn, ». (— <beu, p/. 
dien). —Ida, a. (— (ein*% »/. — lelit) duckling. 
Comp. — <n=tT«fen, m. roast duck, —ens 
jagD. /. duck shooting. — cnspfufcl* m. duck 

ritC^r— f«, ra. to dishonor ; to ravish. — 
end, adi. dishonorable, disgraceful. — er, 
m. ( — eri.pL—tt) dishonorer. —ling,/, dis- 
honoring; defamation; degradation; ravish- 
ing ; decoration. 
%t€ltfm—en. vm, to expropriate. — «ng, /. 

ittllku, 9.%. (aux. f.) to hasten away from. 

Ifcr**— e*, tA to disinherit. — «ttg, /. dis- 


'Icr— CT, m. (— cr*. pf. — er) boarder (0/ a 

kip). — «, r.a. to grapple, to board (a ship). 

-Mmm, f. knajiWng (a ship). Comp. — ticil, n. 

osfcrdlxisj k. — itfett, ». grappling book or 

00. — Pag*/, boarding-pike. 

folKtrm, er. •>.». (aux. f.) to escape ; to slip 

tt froia; tfctfe Center enrfnhren feiner 

ruft, dmmp ssgWsscaped him. 

fafOrif, sr^us, (ae». f.) to faU out of ; to 

~a\pa (<!lfiinsjsa t to fall from; bir 6fldjc 

rr ssrfr pffM T*"* * fl * ir bjwl ****• • u PP ed 

Cntfoi'ten, v.a. to unfold ; to deploy ; to de- 
velop ; to grow smooth ; fin) — , to expand* 

ftntfctr'bcn, v. I. a. to deprive of color ; to dis- 
color. II. r. to change color, grow pale. 

6ttt?a'fertt, v.a. to shred (beans, etc.) ; to take 
off the fibers. 

Cr ntfcr'n— fn, v. I. a. to remove, put away ; to 
dismiss ; to alienate. II. r. to absent oneself ; 
to get away ; to disappear; to withdraw, retire ; 
to turn off, deviate, wander from, stray from. 
— t, p.p. «fc adj. far off ; distant, remote : — 
tefter unfat, slightest occasion ; roe it — t, bad 
&U tbnn, far from doing so. — nng, /. going 
away, removal ; separation ; distance, range ; 
eccentricity (Astr.) \ in getuiffen — nngen, *t 
set distances ; in be r — nng fteqt man, faraway 
one sees ; Gktpcbrfcner flat cine — nng turn, 
rifle-fire at a range of. Comp. — tcrrUICtfC, 
adv.; nid)t — tcrtoeife, not in the least. 
— nng#: traft. /• centrifugal force. — IMggs 
ttttttt , m. apsis. 

Ctttfef'feltt, v.a. to unchain; to release from; 
CUrfcffcltc <£ff tttentc, raging elements. 

^ntflant'tttenf v. 1. a. to inflame, to kindle. IL 
n. (aux. f.) to be inflamed. 

(rntftCi'f^t, p.p. dt adj. fleshless; lean; —re 
Irnoukn. skeleton bones; —tt ^onbe, hands 
devoid of flesh. 

•ntflie / gen v ir.v.n, (aux. f„ dot.) to fly away 

0ntflietCtt» (aux. \. 9 daL) to run away ; 
to escape, to flee from. 

tntllie'nen, ir.v.n. (aux. \. t dot.) to flow from, 
inane from, emanate from. 

vUtfremVp— cn, v.a. (einem ettuad, etnrnd ben 
einent) to estrange; to alienate; to pilfer. 
—nng,/. estrangement, alienation. 

vntffib'r— Ctt, vm. to carry off ; to abduct ; to 
elope with ; to kidnap ; fie M fitf »pn ibttt —en 
luff en, she has eloped with him ; er —tt fie, 
he ran away with her ; ein UtfibnVn —en nnb 
beirarm, to make a runaway match with a 
girl. — cr r *». (— tt$ t pi. — er) abductor; 
raviaher; kidnaper. — ttng t /• abduction; 
elopement ; kidnaping, rape. 

6ntgr/gCtt« I- prep, (with preceding dot.) against, 
in face of ; opposed to ; towards. II. adv. A 
sen. prefix^ counter ; in opposition, towards, in 
face of, to meet ; ber &inb iff un* —, the 
wind is ahead of us; rtuf, ibnt — ! up, let us 
meet him ! Comp, — orbfitcn, v.a. <<• n. (aux, 

J., dat.) to work against, to counteract. — 
llffen, v.n. (dat.) to look forth upon, to look 
forward to ; to meet the looks of. — cifat, 
v.n. (aux. f., dat.) to hasten to meet. — 
flCben, ir.v.n. (aux. f., dat.) to go to meet; to 
face (a danger, etc.). — fldfftt, p.p. <t- adi. con- 
trary, opposite. — geftCUt, />./>. <<rad;. objected: 
antithetical (Rhet.). — btfltftt, ir.v.a. to hold 
towards or against ; to oppose, object ; to con- 
trast, compare (with), — fonitttcn, ir.v.n. (aux, 
f., dat.) to advance to meet; to meet (ad- 
vances; a person, etc.); to obviate, prevent. 
— lonfett, ir.v.n. (aux. f., dat.) to run to meet; 
to run counter to, oppose. — nebwen, ir.v.a, 
to accept, receive. — febcn, ir.v.n. (aux. h.» 
dat.) to look forward to ; to await, expect. 
— feferu, v.a. (dat. <fr ace.) to set over against ; 
to oppose ; to contrast, put in competition 
with ; to object, oppose. — fefenng, / oppos- 
ing ; comparison; antithesis. — ftCOeu, ir.v.n, 
(aux. f . , dot.) to stand opposite to ; to oppose ; 
to confront, face (a foe, etc.). — jteOen, v.a, 
to oppose; to contrast; fid) — fteuen, to ob- 
struct, stand in the way of. — Mirfen, v.n. 
(aux. b., dat.) to counteract; to check; to 
repel (Med.). — iicben, ir.v.n. (aux. f. f dot,) 
to advance towards. 
•ntgeg'n— ««f *•«• (einem etoa*) to rejoin, 
reply; to object; to retort, —nng,/. reply. 





•tttgetm, ir.v.n. (out, f„ dot.) to get away 
from ; to escape, elude ; to avoid ; to fell ; t$ 
fOltlt Sbjten nidjt — , you cannot fell to ob- 
serve it ; ber tttent entging ihm, he lost his 

tntgeiftent, v.a. to deprive of the vital princi- 
ple, of the soul, of life ; to startle, shock. 

fntgelt, m. An. (— e$) requital; retribution; 
recompense; remuneration, —-lid). <k(/. to 
be paid, to be recompensed ; tm— lidj, free 
of charge. 

tntgfl't— en, tr.f .a. (einem tt»**) to nay, 
atone for, suffer for ; einen tttoad — ctt laffcn. 
to make one suffer or pay for a thing ; lo$ mid) 
bad ttidjt —en, do not let uie suffer for that t er 
foil Btir bod — Ctl, he shall pay for this. — ttnft, 
/. recompense, atonement ; nbne — ttttg, gratis, 
free of charge, no charge. 

tntgi'ng, imperf. o/entgeljen. 

ttttglet'f-m, v.a. (a«x. f.)tonm or get off the 
reus; — m laffen, to derail (a Jratn). to throw 
a train off the rails. — nttg ,/. running off the 
rails, derailment. 

tfttgleiten, ir.v.n. (aux. f., dot.) to slip, slide, 
escape from. 

CtttgUCnera, v.a. to deprive of members; to 
dismember ; to disorganize. 

CtttiUm'inCa. teg. <fc ir.v.n. (aux. f., dot.) to 
become kindled, to blaxe up, to shine forth. 

ftntgltt'beit, ir.v.n, (aux. f.) to kindle ; to be 

fntgdt'tern, r.a. to deprive of divine attributes, 
to rob of gods. 

ttltgfS'tttt, v.a. to bone (afUh). 

Cntilr**— fin, —Cll, v.a. to ungird. 

CtttMat— tn, v.a. to deprive of hair, unhair. 
— f. p.p. de adj. hairless. Camp. — ftftggs 
mititU n. depilatory. 

vOtbolt— en, *r. *. I. a. to hold, contain ; to 
comprise, comprehend. II. r. to keep oneself 
away ; to abstain, forbear ; fife ffonnte mid) be£ 
£adKttl nidjt — * n, I could not help laughing ; 
fir rtnnte fid) bed ftBeinen0 nicftt — en, she 
could not refrain from weeping. — fattt, adj. 
dc adv. abstinent, abstemious ; temperate ; con- 
tinent, chaste. — famfeit, /. abstemiousness, 
abstinence ; continence, chastity ; temperance. 
— ung, /• abstemiousness ; keeping away 

ffntl»ntr't-en, v.a. to behead, to decapitate. 

—IMg, /. beheading, decapitation. 
tfntWu'ttH, «•«• to flay, to skin. 
ergtgf'ben, ir.v.n. to lift off from, take away ; 
(eine* fitter €ddK) — , to relieve of, to exempt 

" 't-laffen. 

urn fetned 
re a p. from 

jrate. — er, 

•1. — nng, 

{pea* % etc.). 
— t, m. 
-tifd), adj. 

to liberate. 
Inity, tode- 

kernels out 


tttttOm f nteit f ir.v.n. (aux. I, dot.) to are* off * 
away, to escape (from). 

QnttQp'pCln, v.a. to slip, to uncouple* (depr). 

•tttfotf en, v.a. to uncork. 

tttttfr'ttent, v.a. to disembody. 

#tttfr8f't(ig)-*n, v.a. to debilitate, fat%ne, en- 
feeble, enervate ; to exhaust {land) ; to ilissiw 
(pauionj); to invalidate (Log.), —t 
adj. effete, exhausted; invalidate! 
— Ullgr /• enervation ; exhaustion ; 
(Med.); invalidation. Comp. — *ng)A ^fitter, 
n. low fever. 

ttttla'o— eft, ir.v.a. to unlade, unload ; to im 
from, exonerate ; to relieve (of a owrtsVia, etc.): 
to discharge (of electricity, etc.) ; btr fB#ttr 
etttlub fid), the cloud burst. — CT , ws, ( — CT*, 
f/. — er) discharger (Phy*.). — *ngU /. ea> 
loading; discharge; exoneration; eruption. 

(rtttla'ng, adv. <t prep, (usually tcitA em e*d 
/otf. da/. / ©ykw with preceding ace.) sUooe; ; a 
bent fffHffe — or ben ftlttf. — , along tlae river. 

fHlfor'teit, v.a. to unmask. 

$ntlaf'f— TO, ir.v.a. to let go, permit to leero ; to 
dismiss, discharge ; to disband ;to prorogues ; n> 

absolve, release ; to dissolve (a meeting) 
free ; rait $enfton —en, to pension off. 

p. de adj. dismissive. — UUg, /. 
discharge ; release ; er bat urn or nacfnu frier 
—una, er iff nnt fetne —una eingervnennrn, 
he has tendered or sent in his Tflejiiarion 
Comp. — unggsanrrag, m., — nng+rfefcria. 
m.. — ttftggsiettgttiv, n. discham-pnper 
(Mil.); ticket-of-leave. ^nggsf ftrcltca, *• 
letters of recall ; letters dismlamry. 
wnflaf'f— en, v.a. to unburden ; to ease ; raVrve 
of; einen fir tm** —en, to credit one w*s 

(C.L.). — ung,/. discharge. Comp. — saggc 
Senge, m. witness for the defendant. 

tntlatt'ben, va - to strip of foliage. 

(rntUtn'fen, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to nan awaw ; to es- 
cape (from, dot.) ; to desert. 

fcntie'big— en, v. I. a. to set free ; to exempt 
(from, pen.) ; fein $er$ —en, to make a dees 
breast of it. 11. r. to acquit oneaelf of, rid 
oneself of ; fid) feineg 6erfpred)en< — en, *• 
keep one's word or engagement ; fUf| einer 
Bofffljaft —en, to execute one's cftimnisaVi 
— ttMg, /• discharge, acquittance ; release. 

f Utlec'reit, v.a. to empty out. 

6ntle'gen, adj. remote, distant. — %eft,/. rs> 
moteness, distance. 

Gnfleb'B— en. v.a. (etnent tttoa*. etnHii ban 
einem) to borrow; entiebnte flBortrr, kaa 
words. — er, »»• borrower. — ling,/, borrow- 
ing ; loan ; nneingeflanbene —una, plagiariam. 

<f«riei'b-en, v. i. a. to wu. u. V tor — ** 

suicide. — ung , /. suicide. 
entlei'ten. ir.v.a. (einem etma*) to 

( from a p.). /* 

(rUtlO'ben, f.r.tobreak off an engagement (<«&). 
9ntl0 / drn, v.a. (do/.) to draw from, to elk*. 
CttHnan'n— en, v.a. to castrate ; to emascalats; 

to unnerve, unman. — ung, /castration; sa- 

manning; enervation; emasculation. 
fttttwaf'ten, v. a. to dismast. 

Snfnie / nfd)t, adj. Inhuman, barbarous; bmflm , 
nfnltt'nlgen, e.a. to put (an adult) vaaw 
tutelage. ' 

(rntmn^tig— en, v.a. to discourage, diabearfce. 
daunt ; einen t nrd) IMiffe —en , to stare one •» 
of countenance. — ttUgt /• disoonragsmsiit. 

vntnab/Me. /. taking out, ordering ; lei — am 
6 6d)nrAen, by taking (or ordering) six spree*. 

(rntnerm— en, <r.v.a. to take away; te fief 
from ; to borrow from ; to understand from ; 
to learn; to gather; ((Belt) dttf einen —el, 
to draw upon one ; an* einem OnsV ftlesJ 
—en, to quote from a book ; on* fenmner l 
©orten ermag —en. to gather from whet a p. 
has said. — er, m. drawer (CX.). 




Battier'** — en, *.«. to enervate, to unnerve. 

— QUg, /. unnerving, enervation. 
(f tltOtnOlO'g, m. (—en, i^. —CO) entomologist. 

— tfd), a<#. entomological. 
orttttHMl'ICttl, vjr. to take off one's coat of mail. 
iZntPfVOP'fe*, v.a. to uncork. 
SntPrcffCM, v.a. to press, squeeze out ; rinrm 

eft toad — , to extort something from a person. 
GntVUp'pCn, v.r. to burst from the cocoon; 

fUft — , to reveal oneself ; to turn out. 
(frntqnarmtil, v.n. (aux. f.) to rise in vapor. 
&ntOUf I'leil, ir.v.n. (aux. f., da/, or ttU6) to flow 

forth, issue from. 
•ittraffea, v.a. to snatch away; fid) — , to dis- 

engaffe oneself from. 
SniTa'tCn, trp.a. <fr n. (aux. ft., fat.) to dis- 
pense with ; to do without. 
tttttxatfeltt, v.a. to unriddle; to make oat; 

to guess, 
ffatrcc'. /. or ». (— $, pi. —g) entrance ; admis- 

sion ; entree; entrance-money ; ante-room. 
Cntrci'fettt, Ir.v.a. to tear away; (cincm CMmd) 

to snatch away, to rescue {from). 
GntTtVttn, v.a. to escape by riding. 
•SitfrWr't— t II, v.a. to pay what is due. — ttttg, 

/. payment, due discharge (of debts, etc.). 
£ a trta'HeH, ir.v.a. to wrest from, wrench sway ; 
to break forth (from) ; citt Stufyer CHtrann 
. ftfft ifprer 8rnft, a sigh escaped her, she heaved 
a sigh. 
#Btrta'BCtt, ir.v.n. {aux. \., dot.) to run away, 

to get away, to escape (from). 
ffutTOl'len, v. I. ». (aux. f.) to roll away or down. 

II. a. to unroll. III. r. to unfold itself. 
6ntT uYdt*, vm. to match away, carry off, re- 

tfttrfitl't)— CM. v.a. to unround (the lips). — 
■nil* /• unrounding {e.g. pronouncing ctt 

#«rtuPt— m, «. L a. to provoke, make angry, 
irritate, enrage. II. r. to become angry or in- 
dignant ; to By into a passion. -— Itttg, /. in- 

dignation, anger, wrath. 
•tttftf/g— f«, v.r. <jc n. 

{aux. ft. r dot.) to re- 
nounce, resign, disclaim ; to waive (claims) ; 
to relinquish, to abdicate ; bcr — enbe, dis- 
clsimer, renouncer; geifligcn Oktranttu — 
cube, teetotalers. —nng, /. Uttf <fc ace.) 
abandonment, renouncement, renunciation, 
resignation ; abdication, abjuration; bet (finer 
Xftron— sag, on his abdicating the throne. 
ftntla't, «». (--c*) relief, succor. — trubpen, 

pi. troops sent to effect the raising of a siege. 
•fntfdkVtfg— CM, v.a. to indemnify, to compen- 
sate, —nut, /• indemnity, compensation. 
— ««gesfOf ttTBttg,/. claim for damages, 
•f MtfdM'lfn, r.a. to wash, take the gum out of 

(silk, elc), to scour ; to shell. 
fntfcfcaa'lBCa, v.n. {aux. f.) to gush forth foam- 

fMtfdjUl'fCM. tr.v.n. (aux. f.) to fall asleep (oU 
poet.); to die, to pass away; bcr (sic) (fcttt- 
fd) latent, the deceased. 

•SntfCllla'gCM, i'.f.r. (</«».) to divest oneself of, 
get rid of ; to part with ; to dismiss from one's 
mind ; to decline ; to cast off ; fid) bcr ©or- 

6cu — . M) banish care ; fid) cine* fcttttf d)C» — , 
> renounce a wish. 

•tttfaWften, ir.v.n. (aux. f., da/.) to slip off; 
to sneak away; to escape. 

9ntf<fclei'frn, v.a. <k r. to unveil ; to reveal. 

•f nifCQUCf}— en, to unlock ; fid) —en, to 
determine (511, upon) : to decide (iiir, on or 
in favor of), to make up one's mind. — ting, 
/. resolution ; resolving (on) ; fixed purpose. 

fMlfaWfCM, p.p. de adj. resolved ; resolute ; de- 
termined. — fteit,/. decision; determination, 
resolution ; fixity of purpose. 



up one's mind. 

StttfAulIKIlar, adj. <k adv. excusable. 
tttffftul'oig— C M, v.a. to excuse, exculpate ; to 
justify, defend; fid) — CM, to apologize (bet, 
gegett, to; toegen. for); c£ (a$t ftdj nifftt 
—Ctl, it admits of no excuse; id) bitte mid 
&U — Cll, pray, excuse me ; I would rather be 
excused; id) mug mid) bet ifttn —en, baft id) 
It., I must apologize to him for, etc. ; fie lafit 
fin) tocgen ttnp*ft(id)fctt — en, *he begs to be 
excused on account of indisposition ; — ew 
©ic, I beg your pardon; &u —en, excusable. 
— nng. J. exculpation ; excuse, apology ; id) 
birte (Sic) urn —nng, I beg your pardon. 
Comp. — nngo^fCftreiben, n. written apology. 

6>Htfdm)e'PCn, v.n. (aui. f.) to soar up or away. 

6ntf<MttC / ?e(n, v. a. to desulphurete. 

ffMtfffmMtn'tnen, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to swim off, to 
escape by swimming. 

Gntfdjwtn'ocn, ir.v.n. (aux. f., dot.) to disap- 
pear ; to vanish. 

ffntftflt, pp. d- adj. dead, lifeless. 

(frntfcn'oCtt, ir.v.a. to send off ; to let fly ; ts 

(rntffte/bar, adj. removable (from office) ; re- 

^ntfet'i— fit, L v.a. to displace; (einen finer 
S telle) to dismiss (from office) ; to suspend ; to 
cashier ; to depose (a king, etc.) ; to relieve (a 
garrison, etc.). II. v.r. to shudder at, be terri- 
fied, amazed, shocked, startled by (uor). HL 
eubdn. terror, dread, fright, horror. — lid), 
adj. terrific, frightful, horrible, shocking. 
— lidfrit, /. (pi. -lidjfettcn) frightfuiness, 
terribleness ; atrocity, —nng, /. dismissal; 
deposition ; suspension ; deprivation (of a cler- 
gyman) ; relief (of a garrison). 

&ntfin'frn, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to sink down or away 
from, to drop, to fail ; c£ enrfanf nn£ ber 9Wnt, 
our courage failed us. 

^ntffn'nrn, ir.v.r. (fid) einer €facfte) to recol- 
lect, to remember (something). 

6ntfinn'li<ften, v.a. to spiritualise. 

ffntfirt'HdMing,/. demoralization, depravation. 

fntfU'snt, v.a. (finem $fcrbe) to dismount 
(from a horse) (rare, poet.). 

ftntfpin'nCU, ir.v. I. a. to plot, devise (rare). 
II. r. to arise, originate in ; to ensue ; to de 
velop;cS cntfbann fid) cfn 6trtit,(etn @e» 
fed)t,) a quarrel arose, (a skirmisli began). 

GlltUnre'dr— en, ir.v.n. (aux. \.,dat) to answer, 
suit ; to respond to ; to meet (a denumd) ; to b« 




adequate to ; to correspond to {expectations); c£ 
entfbracb meinett (£rwartungcn ntdjt, it fell 
abort of or did not oome up to my expectations. 
— C«d, adj. suitable : corresponding. 

6utiPVi?%tU, ir.vM. (aux. f.) to arise, to spring, 
to sprout ; to result (from). 

•ntfOritt'gfn, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to spring away, 
escape ; to spring from ; to arise, originate in. 

ttttfJMHI'ftCltt, v.a. (aux. f.) to bubble, gush 

ttttfprfi'beit, v.a. to fly forth in sparks or 

6lltftatll / Mf1t r v.n. (aux. f.. dot.) to descend 
(from) ; bent ^itmncl — b, heaven descended, 
heaven born. 

•ntfrCI— m, L ir.r.n. (aux. f.) to begin, ori- 
ginate (on*, in) ; to arise (att£, from) ; to be 
formed by, to grow out of ; to break out (as 
fire) ; road if* barau* en tf tan ben? what has 
come of it, what has been the upshot of it ? 
Cttrftebf rooS ba rooUc, come what may ; (aw*. 
f|. , dot.) to fail, be wanting (obs.). II. ,rao«c.n. 
beginning, arising, origin, —unfl, /. see — t tl 
IL ; genesis ; formation (0/ metals). Comp. 
— llttfldrttrt, — lW0*::t»etfe, /• nature, man- 
ner of beginning or origin. 

tlltftei'iril, tr.t.n. (aux. f., dot.) to arise from 
or out of, to emerge, to descend from. 

•KtftCll— < n, v.a. to deform, todisfigure, deface, 
mar, to distort (a meaning, etc.) ; to garble (an 
account) ; to misrepresent (/acts), —t, p.p. d> 
adj. disfigured, deformed. — nng,/ distortion, 
misrepresentation ; disfigurement ; defacement. 

•ntfrr^WCt!, v.n. (aux. f. # dot.) to flow forth, 
to gush down from. 

#nnHir'Srri, v.n. (oux.\.,dat.) to fall down from, 
to tumble away ; to burst forth (from). 

fntfgb'Men, va ' to "P 1 * 1 *' fttone for - 

•MtfnVWg— en, v.a. to free from sin, to purify ; 
to absolve. —nag, /. purification ; absolution. 

Gttttfin'foV- Cll, v.a. to undeceive, to disabuse ; 
to disenchant; to disillusion; to disappoint. 
— "WJ* /. disabusing ; disillusion ; disappoint- 

Gntibro'n— <n, v.a. to dethrone. — ttttO v /. 

•tttboTfer— n, tr.a. to depopulate. — t, odf/. <fc 
p.p. depopulated, —una,/, depopulation. 

# nttoadnfR, tr.v.n. (aux. f., dot) to outgrow. 

f nttoalrnetl* v.a. to disarm. 

#MftO allien, v.a. to cut down the forests of. 

tllttttaff ft — a, v a. to drain ; to distill, —ling, 
/. draining, drainage. 

•ttttuffter, coni. either; — bieft nber had, 
either this or that ; ba£ — Obfr, the alterna- 

•ntWd'dj— en, fr.v.n. (oar. f.) to give wav; to 
escape (as gas, etc.) ; to abscond ; to evade (pur- 
suit, etc.); to vanish, dissipate (as darkness, etc.). 
—unfit /• escape; elopement; absconding; 
disappearance. Comp. — nngftstbMMK, /. es- 

Gntttft'b— <H, v.a. to profane; to violate. 
— nnfl, /. profanation ; defilement ; sacrilege. 

•ntttlt n'fc— HI. nw.<t ir.v.a. to pilfer, to purloin, 
to steal ; to embezzle. — HMO, /• purloining, 
theft, embezzlement. 

tfnftoerf— tn, ir.v.a. to sketch, trace, rough, 
draw ; to project, draw up (a document) ; to 
plan, design ; to invent (a plot); to draught (a 
statement); to frame (a bill); wlftnc —en, to 
make plans, —ft, m. ( — cri, pi. — - er) de- 
signer ; inventor ; projector, f ranter (of a bill). 
Comp. — ttUflAsfbenf,/. projection (Math.). 

#Ht1»Ct / t— tn, v.a. to depreciate, reduce in 
value. — nng, /. depreciation ; cancellation 
(of postage stamps) \ gebertug —nng, pen- 
marked (stamps). 

Quttoi'dti— n, v. La. to unroll, unfold, un- 
* tj to unwrap; to evolve; to develop; to 

deploy (Mil.); to solve, explain ; to display. 11 
r. to expand ; to evolve ; to develop itself : e» 
ttrirb ftdj — n. it will be cleared up ; e* — t M 

381, things (will) turn out welL « — aaft, .' 
evelopment ; evolution ; denouement ( TAmai^y 
formation (Phys.)-. evolution (MatA.^ Jsfa j 
Cowip. —nn$6z\C9Tt,f. doctrine of € -*-** ~ 
— nngezbertobe, /. period of * 
(ageof) ' 

(age of) puberty or pubescence. 
rntwin'ben, ir.v. I. a. (etnem etnwiS) 

from ; to extort. IL r. (aVrf.) to exfcri< 

self ; to burst away (from). 
vnttoirten, v.r. to unfold, to develop iti»ff 
•nttnir'ren, v.a. to disentangle, imravel; to 

extricate (from confusion). 
wntttli'fdjcn, v.n. (aux. f. f dot.) to slip nwey 

from, give the slip to, steal away. 
• n tinny n— en, v.a. (cinrn cincr earfer, ran 

Don einer @atfje) to disaccustom ; to wean (« 

infant), —ting, /. weaning ;disuae. 
vnt»drrcn r v.a. to uncloud j fid) — , to 

6ntttffirtifi— m, v.a. to degrade; to 

nor ; to profane. —Haft , /. degradation- 

•nnbu'rf, m. (— (e)«, pT. &nt»irr'fc) dreqgtt 
fo/ a document) ; sketch, outline, deai|rn ; pro- 
ject, plan, sceme ; ber erftc — , the first ekeeeh, 
rough draft ; eiucn — tnatbf M. to make or draw 
upa plan ;einen@efe^ — borbrtngni, to nstm- 
duce a bill (inparltament). Comp. — WeH%rr , 
m. schemer, projector ; speculator. 

•ntltinr'Kl— «» v.a. to root out, to uproot 
— Ml*,/, rooting out, uprooting, eradication. 

ff ntlau'bfrn, v.a. to disenchant. 

•nwel— tn, ir.v. L a. (einrtn etnMd) to taks 
away, remove ; to withdraw ; to deprive of. IL 
r. to avoid ; to forsake ; to evade, shun : fUft brr 
OJcrf Cfltigfcit —tn, to fly from justice ; ft* 
bem Wborfflttt — rn. to throw off obedience ; 
fid) fewer edmtbtgfctt — e n, to withdraw froo 
or shun one's duty. — Mb, p. dr adj. privative. 
— nng, /. withdrawal ; removal ; deprivation ; 
abstraction (Chem.); —nng bftf QceramsW 
bed ©tnnogend, sequestration of property. 
Comp. — ttnifesfm: , J . lowering syetem ( JbW.). 

•ntliPfCT— bar, adV. explicable ; decipherable. 
— er, m. (— <r$, P*. — er) decipherer. — a, r jo. 
to decipher, to make out (bad writing); till &#* 
ferteif grontm — n, to decode (a dispatch m 
eipfter). —nng,/. deciphering. 

•ttfjfi'a— <H, I. v.a. to enchant, chana, de- 
light, overjoy. II. — tn, substjt., — «af, /. 
rapture, delight ; inm — <n. ravishing, charm- 
ing. — enb, p. dsudj. delightful, raptnrona, 
charming. — t, p.p. de adj. charxneo, eatap- 
tured, overjoyed ; iff} bin — t boa ifjM, I ess 
charmed or delighted with him. 

•tttifi'gf I— N , v.a. to unbridle. — t, pp. d •*. 
unbridled : licentious. 

•tttJiinb'— bar, adj. inflammable. — bcrfrit 
/. mflamroabilfty. —lid), adj. infianonatory. 

(f Btjfin'b— f«. v. I. a. to ldndio ; to irtflams ; to 
irritate (Med.). II. r. to catch fire ; to bacons 
inflamed ; to break out (as tr or), —ft, »#- * 

iu(/. inflamed. — nng, /• ignition ; in 

tlon. Comp. — nngdsfletrr, ». infrsmnwtrvj 

fever. — ttUg«:ttlibrig, a</. anUpbJagisna 

•nfjlWi', adr. <t- «fp. prr/f r, in two ; SO T . 

apart. Comp. — bredKH, rf- n. («nvL) 
to break in two, asunder. — - ftftm. *•*•*• 
(aur. f.) to go to pieces, to break. — fete, e. 
v.n. to be torn or broken. 

•ntU»ei'— rn, v. I. a. to disunite, to separate;* 

set at variance. II. r. to quarrel ; fie fM*t Ml 
Is trytog tc 

beiben SWenfcbcn a» —**> **>« 
make mischief between the two 


p.p. A adj. at variance ; fie uattrngS— t # tavy 
had fallen out. — vug, /. dissension ; varlsnei 
wn'lton, m. (-5, pL -f ) genttan (Bl± 




GpaaUt'tt, /. {pl. — «) epaulet. 
%pl*VK*t— tfd), adj. ephemeral ; perishable ; 

— tfdjcStoamt, perishable goods {fruit, etc.). 

— C, /. ephemera ; one-day fever. — i'ften, pl. 

ephemeridee (Astr.) ; pamphlet*, newspapers ; 

Ct>ft*A, m. (-a) Ivy ; mil — *cttmd)fttt, ivy. 

clod. Corns. — ortig, adj. hederaoeous. 

— rantt, f branch of ivy. 
evident— te', /. (/* — te'cn) epidemic — if*, 

adj. {prim, cbibt'ntifd)) epidemic. 
tflHflcVne, w. (///. — n) epigone, descendant {of 

great men). — ncttlttt, n. decadence or decay 

In literature or art. 

im. -tfttf*. 

Mtry. — ifet, 

It) epic poem, 
rr) epicurean. 

1. -frufie'cn) 
ic. — lo'ft, »». 
— Ma'niafts 

(/• episodical, 

celery, marsh- 

tgnititrift, *». (— <H, pi. —en) rope-dancer. 

#g*i*— a'gf, /• {pi. -agro) equipage ; equip- 
ment ; suit or set of things ; cr fat —age, he 
keeps a carriage. — ie'rCII, v. a. to fit out, equip ; 
to man (a ship). 

i#r, pert. pron. he ; you {to inferior* or rudely, 
sprit with a capital letter, obi.) ; — ift c$. it is 
he ; — fefbfi , he himself ; roie fartfe* — ? what 
is your name ? {obs.. to inferior*). 

*%t 9 compounded vrith verbs it insep. and unac- 
cented; the p.p. loses the ge, as cradjret, 
deemed ; it usually gives to verbs the idea of be- 
ginning, or of attainment by the action of the 
verb; it often eouaJs auf, e.g. crfrcfcflt, etc.; 
notice the glottal stop in compounds beginning 
vith a vowel sound. 
%tatytt%, L v.a. to think, deem, consider, 
opine, be of opinion ; to imagine, to presume. 

frame of mind. — UMg, /. building up ; con- 
struction ; edification. Comp. — unggs 
fdtfift, /. devotional publication, religious 
tract. — MlgtsreoC,/. edifying (religious) dis- 
course. — nnggsftunfte, f. hour of devotion. 

#rlK— , in compounds usually = hereditary. 
—liar, adj. inheritable. 

•rlH-t, I. m. (— n, pl. — tt) heir; successor; 
nttttataftiilber — e , heir presumptive ; latyrltbc 
—<lt, rejoicing heirs; ofmc IciMtdK —fit, issue* 
less, destitute of children. II. n. (—ft*, pl. 
— fdjaften or —purer) heritage, inheritance. 
— itt, /• female heir, heiress. — (id), adj. <Se adv. 
hereditary, inheritable; — (itfj bfjtfeeti, to pos- 
sess by inheritance; — (id) bffaftft, affected 
with a hereditary taint ; full of ancestral fea- 
tures; — lidK ftkfafrung, hereditary taint, 
hereditary habit or proclivity. — lidtffU, /. 
devolvability of property. — - f djaft,/> heritage, 
inheritance. Comp. — HDf I, m. hereditary no- 
bility. — amtr n. hereditary office. — anfal, 
m. heritage. — anfprucb, m. claim to an in- 
heritance. — iKgrabnig, n. family vault or 
burying-place. — feeredltigt, adj qualified to 
inherit. — bffifc, m. hereditary possession. 
—tit, m. vassal's oath of fealty. — fiflfn, 
adj. possessed by inheritance. — einfefcung, 
— ernennung, /. institution of an heir. 
— fiWfl, adj- capable of inheriting. — fttfl. m. 
heritage, succession; fortune in reversion. 
-faifO, adj- hereditary, entailed. -Wigs 
frit, f. entail; bic — fattigfeit auffteben, to 
cut off the entail. — ffbkr, to. hereditary 
defect ; family failing. — feint, to. hereditary 
enemy, sworn enemy, old enemy ; nation hos- 
tile through generations. — - folge, /• succes- 
sion by inheritance ; heritage ; bcfttntmtc — 
f olge. next of kin ; bic — f olge beftitttnten, to 
entail. — folgesfrifg, to. war of succession. 
— Jolttfr, m. heir, successor. — fprftcT, to. 
hereditary gamekeeper. — frail,/.,— bfrrin, 
/. lady of the manor. — getlOfe, m. joint heir. 
— gcriCht, n. court-baron. — gcticbtdrberr, 
m. lord of the manor. — gtfeffen, adj. pos- 
sessed of real property, —grlttb, to. scald- 
head. — grOHbcridg, to. heir of the grand 
duke. — grunt, m. heirloom, landed property. 
>-gUt, n. patrimonial estate ; heirloom. — 
tyetT, m. feudal lord, liege lord, lord of the 
manor. — berrlidj, adj. manorial. — fai= 
fettnm, n. hereditary empire. — futtf. to. 
purchase in perpetuity. — lattO, n. hereditary 
land; patrimonial acres; bic faifcrlidjcn — 
fanbe, the Emperor's patrimonial dominions. 
— Inffer, to. testator. — (afferin, /. testatrix. 
— Irlire, /. tradition. — lew, »• hereditary 
flef. —M, adj. disinherited, without inheri- 
tance ; without an heir. — ncfetuer , to. inheri- 
tor. — Ottfel, m. wealthy uncle whose pro- 
perty a p. hopes to Inherit. —jHldjt, f. fee-farm, 
copyhold. —pHQtCt, m. tenant of a long 
lease, copyholder. — brtttl, to. heir to a 
reigning princ< 
sion. — rcgtft 
or — fttfff , to. 
m. share of in 
bulk {of an ini 
legacy duty, pr 
to. testator. • 
trix. -fdjoft 
property by wll 

— fdileidxr, 1 

ground rent. ,^«.^ r ^. B ~ * 

tote), encumbrance. — fffcfT, to. testator. 
— ft8nde,p/. herediUry corporation. — ffener, 
/. legacy duty, probate duty. — ftenersgefefc, 
n. law oonoerning legacy duty. — fttttf, n. 





heirloom. — fbfttig, adj. greedy of inheri- 
tance. — fgnde, /. original sin. — tautc,/. 
wealthy aunt whose probity a p. hopes to in- 
herit. — teil, n. portion, inheritance. — tWfes 
ftx, /• {rich) heiress. — gmrag, m. settle- 
ment of succession, —ber mitten, n. patri- 
jnony. — itne, m. fee-farm rent, ground- 
rent; quit-rent. — lingsfillt, ». fee-farm. 
— iiod=«antl r m. lease-holder. 
tr'ben, v. 1. a. to inherit ; Hon feinem Cater 
— , to eucceed to one's father's property ; hied 
fctttc rr Hon feincr Wintter geerbt, he in- 
herited this from his mother. II. n. (aw*, f.) 
— anf, to descend to, to devolve on; bie Jtrone 
crbt auf Um, be is heir to the crown. 
#r(C / ben« v.n. (aiur. h. <fc i.) to tremble, to shud- 
der at (nor) ; to vibrate (of sounds). 
trbCtCtt, vm. to obtain by prayer ; to solicit, 

frbet'teln, v.a. to obtain by begging, to beg. 
$rbCtt'tcn, v.a. to gain or take as booty, to cap- 
•rbict— ftt, I. ir.v.r. to offer; to volunteer. 

II. subst. n. offer. — nng,/> offer, proffer. 
Crbit't — Cttf irva. to beg, request, ask for ; to 
obtain by entreaty ; to prevail upon ; cr laf t 
fin) —tn, he is moved by entreaties ; er Ia§t 
fH widjt — tn. he is inexorable, —lid), aojf. 
<fr adv. exorable, yielding to entreaty. 
#Tbit'tft— «, v.a. to provoke, incense, irritate, 
embitter ; to make uneasy {poet.). — ttng, /. 
exasperation ; bitter anger, animosity. 
•tblttl'f— m» v.n. (aux. f.) to grow pale: to 
fade ; to die (in poetry). —ttng, /. pallor ; 
growing pale. 
frblei'fben, ir.v.n. see (frbfaffrn ; to turn whl 
mrbWdtn, v.a. to catch sight of ; to descry ; to 
perceive, see, discover ; ba* Sidjt ber zSclt — , 
to come Into the world ; to be born. 
trblin'bat* * •«• (aw*, f.) to grow blind. 
trbttf'flem v.a. to obtain by borrowing, to get 

on credit, to borrow. 
•rbO'fra, tfrbO'fem, v. I. a. to make angry, 
provoke. IL r. to grow angry ; to fume, fret. 
frbO'ft, p.p. A adj. vexed, angry. 
#rt>b v tta. a<;'. ready or willing to do a thing. 
#rferau'fefl, v.a. to (begin to) roar, to send up a 

trbre'dKn, I. ir.v.a. to break open ; to break; 
fid) — , to vomit, to be sick. II. subst. n. break- 
ing open, forcing; opening (a letter, etc.); 
vomiting; fteigung &nm — , squ esm inline — 
Comp. — beforoernb. — erreaenb, adj. eme- 
tic. — ffiOfnb, adj. ant(i>emeric. 
%xV\t, /. ( pi. -n), pea ; bie grofle engfifoV -, 
marrow-fat pea; auf frinen &finben fonn 
man — n Wen .you can sow a peck of peas upon 
his hands. Comp. — n=brei, m. pease-pud- 
ding. — nzgeridlt, ». dish of peas. — Ms 
brinteffin,/ princess on tbe pea, very delicate 
and particular girl. — NsfojOtf, /. pea-pod. 
— Msfnbbe, /. pea-soup. 
trbdtonrtt, /. pea sausage, condensed pea soup 
(in form 0/ a hard sausage, /or cooking ; used 
by the Germans in the Franco-German tear). 
ftrlnflrn, v.a. to gain by ooquetry or by vicious 

love ; to obtain by courting. 
•r/w— f » /• (old gen. & oat. ting. — CK ( now — 1 1 
—fn turrttvsf /» many compounds; pi. — en) 
earth, ground ; soil, clay, 'lust, dirt ; the earth, 
the world ; auf bie — t tttfrfen, to throw upon 
the ground ; bif — f faurn, to bite the dust ; 
anf —en, on earth, alive, in this world; flu 
cbener — t, on the ground floor; gelbe — <, 
yellow ocher; gebrannte — e, terra cotta; 
toieber nur — e merben, to return to dust ; brr 
— t gteid) maftett, to level to the ground ; bie 
ftfifftc iff fiber ber — t, the kitchen is above 
ground ; fiber bie aau& — f , sil the world over. 
—CU f (JlritpartQfcemp.=) earthly, terrestrial, ' 

of this world. — to)t, (obs.) — tg, «f> earth* 
(Jomp. — flCbfe , /. axis of the earth. — asm, 
/. ring-ouzel. — OWl, m. potato. — mr +C tttu. 
pi. earth-works, digging, —or better, si. oV 
ger ; navvy (Jiaittc?) —Oft, /. kind of carts 
or soil, species of clay, —or tig, ad;, earthy. 
-babn, /. orbit (of the eartR). — *Mi, m. 
globe, world. — b*ttt, /. banquette (/brl); 
terrace, —ban , m . earth-work, enibaakxaent ; 
underground work, crypt, cave, vault. — 
bC ben, n. earthquake. — bebeMrmeffCT, •- 
seismometer. — beere, /. strawberry. b e ; 
fdnrriocnb, oay. geographical. — brfdrrribcr, 
m. geographer. — befdnreibung, /.geography. 
— boben, m. the earth, ground, soU ; bea 
— boben g(eid) ntadien, to raze. — b 
ndauger. — branb, 1 

wi. ground 

. subter 

Are. — brett, n. mold-board (o/atdov). 
bfirgeT, m. inhabitant of the earth, ma 
— brttdj, m. a sinking of the ground. 
meffer, m. diameter of the earth. — rn=bvs 

molwer, m.,— ensbfirgrr, «., — m=§*1*i»t 

n. mortal, human being. — fttstTCadC* /• 
earthly toy. — <ngC,/. isthmus. — m=ftst, 
«., — en=JObn f m. child of this world, mortal 
—en; fiOW, m. clod of earth ; 1&ott fo\«f bci 
SNenfcbrn aui einent — enllof, Ood forsMd 
man of the dust of the ground. — rastebfS* 
n. life in this world. — fiunoi, /. troobla 
of this life. — ensmhm, m. earthly glory. 
—fnrrtinb,». the earth. — enr iO>0O%. m. th« 
interior of the earth. — tttsttftrtt, adv. eartb- 
warda. — tnztouUtn, n. pUgrimage on earth 
— f nrtnnrm, m. earthworm ; mortal. — fbbn, 
m. ground-ivy. —fall, adi. day-colored, 11 vii, 
ashy-gray. — faO, m. smking of the earti, 
landslip. — farben, — farbfg, set H«»l 
— feme, /• spogee. — femrohr, n. terre> 
trial telescope. — fhlfftrnU,/. solar ecfipsv 
— Uddjr. /. surface of the earth, —fin*, m. 
spring-tail. — forfttVr, m. geologist, —fir: 
fdwnfi,/. geology. — gaRC,/. lesser centaarj; 
vine disease, —gang, m. vein (irtn.) ; taxmti 
— geborfn, adj. earth-born. — geift, * 
gnome; Spirit of the Earth. — gemdk •• 
earthly smell. — gefffeofi, n. gronnd-ao*. 
— gfttfidlg, f». Isnd plant or vefetebk 
— flleidirr, m. equator. — grfitt, n. aap-grem 
— gfirtel, «n. tone. — halUg, adj. caatmimm 
earth. — balttticffrr, m. semidiameter of t*t 
earth. — b«r|, n. bitumen, asphalt; grOnv 
— bari, amber; etafriffbc^ — barj, ela tor bt 
-bafe, t». jerboa. — bone, /. pickax. - 
Wle. /. cavern. — falf, m. limestone wuA 
—fane, /. map of the world. — f lofc, •>. doi 
see — en-flo|. —target, **. terrestrial Dot* 
— frei#, m globe ; orb, sphere of the carta 
— freigstiMie. /. horison (tine), -frrfr. /. 
hedge-mustard. — fngel,/. terrestrial gkk 
— fnnbe,/. general knowledge of the eartk, 
geography, geology, geognosv. — hmMtt *}• 
versed in geography, etc. - Uge, /, -logfl. 
«. sw — (Aiint. --Iclrr , /. geolojhr. -ttoir, 
/. ground-line (P(Kn/.) — WOgnef !««!»#, "• 
terrestrial magnetism. — minnd)en,« gtt»* 
dwarf. — Man6, /. field mouse. g Wp t« 
m. geometrician ; mining instrument (A*> 
— «e%ctnnft. — WeWnng, /. geometry ; •» 
desy. -tnittrlDnMftig, adj. g ao c iel * ' 
— ttumfi, »• club moss ; pttrgiermbeg —mm, 
Ioelandmoss. — infigC,/. pufnn. — ssorgrt, 
/. truffle. —Nile, /. jperfeee. — tMhW 
fdnreibnng, /. physical geography -sbm 
fifioV,/. surface of the earth. — il t a.sK^ 
leum. — |»eib, a. bitumen. Mr k aV •> 
-gfricnw,/. broom. -W, ••. post (*/* 
eor<A). -reUl, n. earth, soil, groeadjtW 
world at large. — tinbe, /. crust (o/Oe sjibU 
^i^e,/.5ra^pip.. ^-rgft./ ^dwrfjs* 
rose. — rfitftnt «^ ridge of hUM. ■ 

Crtunttn 177 CrfrtMen 

< gcfd)OOf t, experimental ; in — una brinaen, tc 
a learn ; aue*—imfl, by, froni experience. Comp. 

— Uttggsarst, m. empiric (doctor). — ungfts 

< bentetd, m. practical proof. — unggsfrcig, 

I in. circle of experience, sphere of knowledge. 

1 — ttttggslog, a«(/. inexperienced. —111106= 

1 fttSjtfgt ad/ <fc adv. empirical ; —nngd-maftig 

toiffen Wit, baft, we know from exp 
— Utt0*=rcto), adj. experienced. — tM06s 
fall, m. principle derived from experience. 
#rfaf'fCHr *•<*• to lay hold of, to seize ; to com- 
prehend ; redj* — , to realise. 
9rfC(fe/ tCtt, ir.v.a. to obtain by fighting, to gain ; 

bttl ©iea — f to win the victory. 
GrAny— Sat*, adj. discoverable, devisable. — 
f am, adj. inventive. — f atttfcit, /. inventive- 
ness, ingenuity. 
ffrftu'b — en, ir.v.a. to find (out) ; to contrive, 
invent; to fabricate (a story); er hat bad 
Vttloer nid)t erfunben, he will never set the 
river on fire (prov.)\ t§ toirb erfunben wer« 
btn, baft, it will be found that (obi.), —tt, 
tn. ( — tth, pl> — cr) designer, inventor. — 
trifd), adj. & adv. inventive. — B«0, /. inven- 
tion ; device. Comp. —ungg-gab*, — unggs 
fraft,/ power of invention, inventive faculty. 
j — ttMg*;jMtent,n. inventor's patent. — ttttggs 

J rcitfp, — unggsOOfl. adj. inventive, ingenious, 

d — ung^sttiagtf, m. inventive mania. 

•1 &rft'fd)cn, v. a. to fish out ; to pick up (by arti- 

•rflrben, v.a. to obtain by entreaty ; (aft bid 

— ! be moved by my entreaties ! 
•rfO'lg, rn. (—el, pj. — t) success, successful 
#< issue ; result ; aflc Oemufjunaen bite ben 

Oftne — , all efforts proved unavailing. — log, 
L adj. unsuccessful, unavailing. 1L adv. 
vainly, in vain. Comp. — reid), ad/, success- 
ful ; pregnant in results. 
• Crfol'gfn, v.n. (at«x. f.) to ensue, result, come 

t of, follow from; to take place; toad tttirb 

barait* — ? what will be the result? bie 
ttnttoort ift nod nidjt erf olgt, the answer has 
not come yet, no answer has been received. 
I •rfOr'dCT— ltd), ad;', requisite, necessary; — 

lid>cn ftatB, in case of need, if necessary. 
I -Ui#, n. (-(fi)eS. j* -<&)€) requisite, exi- 

gency; <pl.) necessaries (of life); — nid fttt 
etnent 9imtc, qualification for an office ; nad) 
t — nt$ ber untftSnbe, according to circum- 

1 Grf or'&er — n f v .a . to require ; render necessary ; 

to demand ; ban Mr tote eS bie 6adje — t, act 
as you see fit, according to circumstances. 
Grfor/fnV- tn, v.a. to search into, investigate, 
explore; to fathom; to discover. — tt, m. 
(— er$, pi. — er) investigator; discoverer. — 
lid), adj. invcstigable, etc. — Uttg, /. investi- 
gation; exploration. 
frfta'gen, re.g. dk ir.v.a. to find out by asking; 
r _!*i„i •.»... _ r no one can tell where he 

I iquire at . . . 

9l ,re, have the impudence to. 

(frl » rejoice, gladden, delight ; 

II. r. to rejoice, be rejoiced 

i ver a th.) ; to take pleasure 

th.); to enjoy (genX — 

, gratifying ; — itdje Wad)- 

satisfactory news; bad — 

what pleases me most is. 

(f ux. f.) to freeze ; to suffer 

, ,_ i cola, perish with cold. 

erfro / reit, p.p. <fc adj. frozen, benumbed with 
•rfri'fd}— fn, v.a to freshen, refresh ; to re- 
create; to cool, refrigerate; fid) — en, to 
take refreshment — eno, p. & adj. refreshing, 
cooling. — OH0, /. recreation, refreshment; 
— nngen u lid) negnten, to take refreshment* 





trf&lf— e« ( ».«. to fill (iiirt ; to fulfill, perform, 
make good ; to accomplish ; to realize (expec- 
tation*); cine ©itte — tn, to comply with a 
request ; ff in t3erf*re<feen —tn, tokeep one'* 
promise ; fich —tit, to be fulfilled. —nng, /• 
fulfillment, acooinp1 < fh"itn* t reslintiofi ~. til 
— nng bringen. to fulfill ; in —nng geben, to 
be in coune of fulfillment, be fulfilled. 

CroSn't— ttt, v.a. to complete, perfect ; to re- 
store ; to supply (one** place) ; to make up (a 
deficiency) ; to recruit (an army ; one** ttrengtk, 
etc) ; to supplement. — tUh, p. dt adj. sup- 
plementary; completing, complements!. — 
nng,/. completion ; supplement ; complement ; 
reparation ; recruiting ; redintegration. Comp. 
— nnggsban*, »». supplementary volume. 
— nnggzMntt, n. supplement (*heel). — ttttggs 
bggen, m. imperfect sheet, cancel (Typ.). — 
ttM0*;farbta, ©/. complementary <y>lors. — 
ttttggslJCft, n. supplementary nmiber. — 
ttnggsWanttf tfjaf 1 1 /. complement (of soldiers, 
etc?). — nnggsftTidb, m. W, eUipsls (Typ.). 
— ttnggsftiicf, *. complement. —111100= 
tpabl,/. bye-election ; supplementary election, 

— nnggsftfiff, ». complement. — MIS* 
ipabl,/. bye-election ; supplementary election 
— UttggsMinftl, m. complement of an angle ; 
supplementary angle (Math.). — unggstoor:: 

terbnd), n. supplement to a dictionary. 

* p, obt 

y stratagem. Coil.). 
Qtnt^—tU, 1 v.a. to deliver up, yield to ; to 

•rftat'teru, v.a. to pick up, hunt up, obtain (by 
' " ' " ' ' ' "oil.). 

trouble and often by strata* 
trflCb— *«, t v.a. to del 
give as a result, show, prove ; to yield ; on 
geftettte Unitrfncbnnafn faaben —en, the ex- 
aminations instituted nave shown. II. v.r. to 
submit, yield, surrender ; to acquiesce (in) ; 
to devote oneself to ; to become addicted, give 
way to ; to come to pass, happen ; to result, 
* >llo - - 

follow ; fairraug erniebtft cfi, hence it follows ; 

" " " flrtttcbeu fBiuen — tn, to resign 

i will of God ; fin) fluf Qnobe 

j — tn, to surrender at discretion 

Utionally. HI. p.p. At adj. devoted, 

tttlb tttlflliabe — tn, to surrender at discretion 
or unconditionally, m. p.p. <6r adj. devoted, 
attached ; resigned ; submissive, humble; mtfer 

-tn(ft)eg, our letter (C.L.). — tnft, (*wp.) 
adj. or adv. most devoted ; most humble ; 3br 
— enfter Wiener, your obedient servant, yours 
respectfully; idj bittr —tnft, I beg respect- 
fully, may I beg . . . ? icb bonfe — tnft, I am 
very much obliged. — tnbeit. /. fidelity, loy- 
alty, devotion, resignation; submissiveness ; 
addictedness ; nerficbern Bit fie nrciner 
— enbeit, present my humble respects to her. 
— ttig, n. (— ni(ff)eg, p'. — ni(ff)e) result, con- 
sequence ; sequel ; sum, product (Math.). 
— Wig, /. submission, resignation ; surrender 
(Mil.) ; ttttt — ttttg , resignedly. Comp. —nigs 
|0g, adj. without result, ineffectual, vain. 
•rgrfKR, ir.v. I. a. to walk to the end of ; cr 
fan* bal nicbt in e inent Sage — , he cannot 
go so far in one day (of**.). II. r. to walk, exer- 
cise oneself ; fich im (Garten — , to walk about 
in the garden ; gift — in, to indulge in, launch 
forth into ; ficb in €kbe(treben — , to indulge 
in words of rebuke. lIL n. (aux. f.) to go 
forth ; to come out, be issued ; to be passed ; 
(fiber einen) to befall, happen, betide; — 
lo Wen, to issue; ein Urteil — loffen. to pass 
sentence; Hecbt — tafTen, to let justice take 
her course ; etloag fiber fin) — Unen^ to bear 

o go, 


patiently; (u*ed impers*lly with dat.) to go, 
fare with; to become of; eg erging iftw 
fAledtt, things went badly with him; »ie 

tsfirot eg bit — ? what would become of 
you ? ntgge eg Ibnt »obf — ! may he prosper ! 
frgd'gen, v. a. & r. to gain by fiddling. 

irgte%g', adj. productive. — UH, /. produc- 
tiveness; lucrativeness ; fertility. 

•tglC'%— Cn, <r.e. I. a. to pour out or forth. II. 
r. to overflow, gush forth ; to empty, discharge 
itself, fall into; to break forth ; fie* VnSbrantn 

—en, to burst into tears. — «*§, /. 

efflux; discharge; overflow. 
trglin'trn, v.n. (out. h.) to sparkle, shb» 

forth ; to burst forth in splendor. 
trgtinVmen, ir.v.n. (aux. f.) to begin to glow; 

to glimmer, gleam up. 
ftrgtliten, v.n. (aux. f.) to (begin to) glow, 
frggfl— €U, (•rgeflim i*an olderJorm^M. 

to delight, please ; ficb an eilter 6. — tn. to 

take delight in a th., be amused with at*. 

lag ; 

;htfulness; (pL) 

— nng, /. d 

menta. —nng, /• delight; pleasure. 

trgron'en, v.n. (aux. f.) to grow gTay; to 
dawn ; ergmttt ift ftfjnu bie feeU, the day- 
light has died away (poet.). 

Grgretf— tn, ir.v.a. to lay hold of, seise; ts 
apprehend ; to affect, touch ; to make net at, 
avail oneself of ; to assume (the offensive} ; to 
enter on, apply oneself to (a trade, etc.) ; to 
have recourse to (mean*) ; bie fikilfcn —en, 
to take up arms ; bie frlndit — tn, to take 
to flight; eitte fctrtei —en, to espouse a 
cause ; auf frifebt r Xb«t —en, to take m ta* 
act ; bag ^afennanier — tn, to take to oW» 
heels ; bie <8e(cgenneit beun 6<*i>»fc -en. 
to take time by the forelock, —en*, a. 4 
adj. touching, affecting ; impressive ; p r ases 
site. —nng,/. seizure, appreheoskn ; takssj 
in hand, taking to. 

glrgTim'ntrn, v.n. (aux. f .) to get anpy or fori- 
ous: erarimmt angfeben, to look fierce. 

•tgrfin'gH-tn, v.a. to fathom, investigate, ex- 
plore thoroughly ; to penetrate (a mystery' ' 
get to the bottom of ; nifty &tt — tn, unJ 
omable, inexplicable, — er, m, (—trt,pt. — 
Cr) investigator. — lid), adj. <f* adv. 
able, penetrable. — nng, /. * " 
search; exploration. 

frgrfi'nm, v.n. (aux. t.) to grow gn 

JriVk. m. (pi. cSrgfiWe) eftusion ; 

VrOa'OCn, adj. <C- adv. raised, elevated; ex- 
alted, noble: lofty, sublime; stately; — c 
Arbeit, relief, embotsed work ; batb — t •*• 
belt, demi-relief ; qan^ — e Arbeit, high-relief; 
— c Arbeit madiien, to emboss: fiber fcni 
€cbtcffa( — f superior to one's fate; is) bis 
barfiber — , fo cttoag ftn thnn, I am above 
doing such a thing ; bag — t, the sublime. — 
beit, /. sublimity ; nobleness, grandeur ; relief 
(Sculp.); eminence, illustriouaness ; piotub er- 
ance (Med.) ; stateliness. 

•rbalf'bar, trbuiriiCb, adj. obtainable; ate* 
servable; sustainable. 

•rhai't— en, I. ir.v.a. to keep up. to keep frost 
falling ; to preserve, uphold in life ; to ■asis- 
tsin, support ; to get, to receive ; to obtaht; to 
save, preserve ; to maintain (order; one's pise* 
or rank; reputation^ etc.); einen bebm 

tttig —en, to fetch a higher price; sjcni 
le biefcg -en. when this reaches you ; «stt 
— e ben Jcintig ! God save the king I Rift -flt 
to keep on one's legs, to maintain ooeS por- 
tion, to continue (current, etc.) ; ficb — tn btn, 
to subsist on : gcb felftft —tn, to support «•► 
self ; ficb in dnnfl -en bei. to keep in n*sr 
with ; ficb gut — tn, to wear or keep well : M 
fell — en anf , to continue at (a certain prm* 
roir woOen nng in &(eibung felbfk — en,** 
will find our own clothes. IS. p.p. <f adj. sb> 
served; received; paid (C. L.)\ gut -tn,* 1 
good repair or condition. — tt, **. (— erg."** 
— cr) preserver ; supporter ; upholder. — «•• 
/. obtaining • receipt ; maintenance, etc. C**f- 
— nnggsbrtle, /. sight-preservers. — sjfjggs 
ttlittel, n. means of subsistence ; antin 
f rbttn'beln, v.a. to buy ; to acquire by t_ 
frhn'ftm, v.a. A r. (ftcft) to haw (oiennft 
trgnVrtnr w. to expect ; to waft tetw 

m*rttu iTO (grffcfftt 

4 gewahrenb, recreative; *nr — tmg bet Rei- 

I leaden, for the relief of traveler*. Comp. 

— «ng*=bebfcrttlg, o<^. wanting reaction or 
I rest, in need of a change. — nngft=ftuntC,/ 

recreation time, play-hour ; leisure-hour. 
.rbor'dxn, v.a. to learn by listening. 
wTWf— tilt *•<*• to give a favorable hearing; 

4 § rior'dyn, v.a. to learn by liatening. 

to grant ; to hear ; (obs.) ; bal ift aan^ niter* 
bdrt, it is quite unheard of, that u shocking. 
— HN0» /. favorable hearing (of a request). 
trin'ner— Ii(b f adj. £ adv. present to the menv 

S'\ t4 if* mix — lidl, I remember; fo sift 
r — ltd} ift, so far as I remember. 
•rtn'ner— n, v. I. a. (ctnrn an cine 6.) to 
remind, put in remembrance of, call to mind ; 
to draw attention to ; to mention ; to admon- 
ish; (dial. North Germ.) to recall, to remem- 
ber. II. r. (wtth gen. or an tC* ace.) to recall, 
remember, call to mind; bafrfU fete ettPai 
baaeaen an — n ? have you any objections 
to it f. baben €ie nod erwad £tt — n? have you 
any further remark to make? — en&, />• <& 
adj.; firfj — ettb, commemorative. — Mlg,/. 
reminiscence ; recollection ; reminder ; remon- 
strance ; eimal in — nng frrtngen, to remind 
of, call to mind ; ofattC Uorlauftgc — nng, with- 
out previous notice ; $ur —ling an (ace), in 
remembrance of, in memory of. Comp. — 
nngftzblld), »• memorandum-book. — ttttgts 
frott, /» — migdsllCTIItOgeit, n. memory, 
recollecting power. — iMgOsflMft. /. mne- 
monics. — unggsfdiriftt /. memorial, in me- 
moriarn. — ttngftsJCUIiett, n. keepsake. 
vTf a'gCB, v.a. to get by great exertion or by hot 

pursuit; to overtake; to hunt down, 
frrfal'tfn, v.n. (aux. f.) to grow cold; to cool. 
(frrfaTt— en, r. I. a. to cool. II. r. to catch 
cold, —ttng, /. catching cold; cold; cine 
ftarfe —ung, a bad cold. 

| Grf 8tttttf tn, v.a. to gain by fighting or a struggle. 

i (fcrTatt'fen, v.a. to buy, purchase ; to bribe, ©or- 

j rupt ; fid) (ace.) — iantn. to be corruptible. 

Grfe'den, v.r. to make bold, to dare. 
^rrfenn'bar, adj. recognisable, capable of being 
known ; perceptible, discernible. 

( fcrfen'u— en, <r.v.a. to know, perceive, appre- 

hend ; to understand ; to recognise (an. by) ; 
to take cognisance of ; to grant, permit ; to 
know (carnally) ; to credit (C. L.) ; to judge, 
decide, pass sentence on ; to diagnose (Med.) \ 
er gab (ein 9Wt 6 fatten fiber biefe Stoning jn 
— en. he showed his displeasure at this inter- 
ruption, intrusion ; fidb &u —en geben, to make 
oneself known ; ber Skrbrctbcr erfonnte ft4 
nidit fur fdjulbig, the criminal pleaded not 
guilty; eine ft lag e fftr gegrfinbet —en, to 
find a true bill; erfannt fein fftr, to be 




trtlir'-tor, -liO), adj. explicable, -fcurs 
ttit,/. explicability. 

#rfUKr— CM, v. I- a. to explain : to expound ; to 
define ; to account for ; to declare ; to an- 
nounce, pronounce; to) Unit mir bad n'ubt 
— en, I cannot account for it; —en fur, to 
pronounce to be ; iu bie ttd)t —en, to outlaw. 
II. r. to explain oneself ; to declare oneeelf for 
(a party) ; to make an offer of marriage, to 
propose ; — e bid) be nttfcber. explain yourself 
more clearly ; barand — t fid) fein ©t nt bmtn, 
that accounts for his conduct. — er, m. (— crd. 
pi. — er) commentator ; expounder, —t, p.p. <t* 
ad/, professed, declared ; bentttO) — t, clearly 
set forth ; fin — ter $etnb, an open or sworn 
enemy. — nng, /. declaration ; explanation ; 
elucidation ; definition ; avowal ; solution 
(Maik.) ; manifesto ; bie It I? ft — nng eine* 
(iefanbtcn, ultimatum; letjwifllflf — nng, 
wilt Comp. — ung«-artr /. mode of ex- 
planation. — tingisfdnrift, /• commentary. 
— nng#=twrfn<», m. attempted explanation. 
— nttftfsWiffrilfdMft,/. henneneutica, 

#rf1CfPIiA, adj. <fr adv. sufficient; advantageous, 
profitable ; large, considerable. 

#/rf1ettcrn, v.a. to attain by climbing ; to climb 

trfotn'Mfcur, adj. cllmbable, attainable. 
#rfliWttCH« W-.V.O. to attain by climbing, to 
climb up. 

#rf1tn'gen, ir.v.n. (m. f.) to sound; to resound. 

wTfli'geitt. *•<*• to invent by subtlety ; to ascer- 
tain by minute or subtle investigation. 

#rfnonm f v.n. to give a report, to crack forth. 

•rrfren, adj. select, chosen, $ie -en, pi. the 

•tfra'sten, *.». (aux. b.) to crash, begin to 

f rrranfm, v.n. (aux. f.) to fall sick or ill. 

tftfifncn, v.r. to make bold, to venture, dare. 

#rfun'ben. vjo. to gain information about ; to 
recouooiter ; to explore. 

frfnntig— CU, v.r. to inquire, make inquiries 
(bei einew nad) finer 8., of a p., for a th. ; 
ttKgen finer 8., about or concerning a th.) ; 
fidi —CM laffen, to cause inquiry to be made, 
to send for information. — nng, /. inquiry, 
search; — nngeu einijeben Ibcr einc ©., to 
collect information on, about a th. 

trfin'ftCl— n, 9.a. to pretend, to feign, to af- 
fect. — t, PP> <£ adj. sham ; affected ; forced 
{of *tgle) ; artificial ; ba4 — te. affectation. 
— KM*/ pretense, sham; affectation. 

#rfn y rcn, ir.v.a. to choose, elect (obs. d> poet.). 

frU'bCn, v.a, d> r. to refresh. 

•rlafKro, ».*. (aux. f.) to become lame, to 
grow weak, to be w