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German Reader 



William D. Whitney 

rsorassoK or Sanskrit, and nsruiCtDa 





1870. .-.Gotigle 

"Hk i. 

1 163144 

(Mvad acoardinc to Act of Caafiea^ k dM jiwr (>tp, by 


b dB Oak'a OOo* of Ac Dvtria Coun d At Itmted Smm fer dH SouAcm 

DitBBt of N«r Vob 

Bmend acmdiiia n Ad of Cascro*, is dx jw itje, by 


In At 0<G« of dH libnriu of Concroi. (i Wuhinctao, D. C 

■ New Tone IhDimim CMffjun, 
■i, Ij, Mrf Sj C»<r< St.. 

Uiiw Yont. 



Tax text of this Reader wm pnbluhed early in 1869, and the 
work ia now completed, later than was intended and expected, 
bj the additi<m of the Notes and Vocabulary. 

The aeleotiena making up the Beader fall into four, not con- 
spicuously marked, divisiona : namely, 1. ea^ ziarrative prose ; 
2. pieces of poetry (nearly all of them whole poema) ; 3. extracts 
from dramatic master-pieces ; 4. longer and more difficult prose 
pieces, of Tarioua character. It is by no means supposed or 
meant that any cluss, or any student, should read the work 
throof^ in course ; the instructor will pass trma one diviaioa 
and extract to another, as his taste and his apprehension of the 
wants of his papila shall suggest. My own way, with a class of 
beginners, has been to read first one or two of the selectdous 
from Erummacher and one of the stories that follow, next to 
choose pieces of various style from among the poems, then to 
t&ke up a dramatic extract (that from Schiller is Hie easiest) or 
a prose pLece (Goethe's Carnival at Bome being the least diffi- 
cult) — by which time, a class will be prepared to underta^to 
almost anything that the volume contains. A &equent chango 
of tone and atyle in the matter read helps, as every teacher 
knows, to ke^ up the spirit and interest of a class. 

Originality has been not at all aimed at in nmying the selec- 
tions ; many of them are among the most familiar pieces in the 
language, and to be found in every Beader. What I have 
sought is variety, and real merit in the pieces taken ; that any 
one who shall read the whole body of texts assembled may have 
gained a tail taste of the great and noble German literature, and 

also Bomettung of an introduction to almost ereiy style ba will 
have to deal with in his further studies. 

In the Notes, I have meant to explain such idioms as were not 
more properly treated in the Vocabulary, the more difficult con- 
atructions, and the principal references and allusions ; to give so 
numerous references to the Grammar as should accustom the 
student to using it aright in connection with his general reading ; 
to set forth the coonection of those pieces which are fragments 
only ; and to oflfer brief and sununary notices of the authors 
quoted. Thwo notices would, of course, have needed to be 
made much fiiller and more elaborate, if the body of selectiona 
had been made up with any distinct reference to the history of 
Qerman literature, or intended to illustrate its development. 
The intelligent teacher will not be at a loss for sources frooL 
which to fill up and supplement my scanty stetemeuts — even 
thon^ there is not yet, as there ought to be, a good and autho- 
ritative history in Bkiglish of Qerman literature. Some will 
perhaps find too much of repetition in the Grammar references ; 
of this, sometliing might and would have been avoided if the 
Beader had been intended to be read straight through in course : 
where selection from one part and another was intended, it was 
not practicable to give a thoroughly progressive diaracter to the 
Notes ; although in general, it is believed, such a charaotar has 
been secured. 

The design of the added Vocabulary is, in part, to save time 
and labor to the acholar. To gain a tolerable mastery of the 
German vocabulary is so very serious a task, that he who under- 
takes it is fairly entitled to have its beginning made easy to him 
by special helps — to be introduced through a briefer and more 
manageable hand-book to the full dictionary which must later 
become, and must so long continue, his inseparable friend and 
aid. One who has made himself pretty Cuniliar, by repeated 
reading, with the amount of words and phrases here given, will 
have gone &r toward breaking the back (as the saying is) of the 
whole great task. But also, in part to aid this same process, in 
part for the sske of other advantages of a general disciplinary 

character, I have wished to cast the explan&fioiiB of words into 
a form somewhat dififereut from that usual in the dictioii&nea. 
My objects have been, 1. to present more suggestivelj the deriva- 
tion and connection of the various meanings of a word ; 2. to 
call attention to l^e correspondences between German and Eng- 
lish words, as also, in & less degree, to the anslt^es between 
German combinations and derivatives and those of other than 
Germanic origin in F"gH^b ; 3. to point out the derivation of 
German words from their primitives. 

The first of these objects is sought to be attained by tJie 
general form and arrangement of the definitoons given. And 
bere I need only to remark that, as every practised scholar will 
perceive, not all the meanings of the words treated are rehearsed, 
but only those whicJi occur in the usee of the Beader, with such 
others as are needed to connect these with the etymological eig- 
uifioance of the word, or to make distinct its general value. 

The second object is mainly gained, without expenditure of 
words or loss of space, by the use of full-fiu^ and small capital 
letters, as set forth and illustrated in the introductory explana- 
tions to the Vocabulary. 

The third object is subserved by an etymological addition in 
brackets at the end of each article. Here I would carefully 
guard myself against being misunderstood as having attempted 
an etymological vocabulary proper. I have only sou^t to point 
out the regular int«mal processes of German derivation ; to show 
what German words come &om other German words, and how. 
If this limit is sometimes oveivtepped, it is done irregularly, and 
as it were involuntarily. A real etymological dictionary of 
German is a great desideratum; but an etymological partial 
vocabulary would, for its incompletouess, hardly be worth the 
labor it would cost, nor is such a work so much called for at the 
stage of German stndy which this Beader is especially intended 
to aid. 

In the brevity which has had t4> be consnlt«d in this part of 
the Vocabulary, some inaccuracies are admitted, and some di£S- 
oolt and questionable points slurred over. Sometimes, for 

example, it is not quite correct to say tliat sncli a Gemum Tord 
is derived from gucli *a other, -when ia reality it oomes from » 
more ancient word, of which that other is perhaps the neareat 
representatiTe, yet bo altered aa not to be wboll; identioal with 
it. Again, shall we say that («a an inBt«noe) Hb^ng oomea 
&om afi^angetl, like ^ang from ^ngtlir or that it is composed of 
ati and ^<mg? The true explaoatiiHi contains an element of 
both these, and in some words the one side may predominate^ in 
others the other. For the sake of simplicity and uniformity, I 
have adopted everywhere the former of the two modes of state- 
ment. And BO in certain other cases, where any one who chooses 
to apply a microscope may find the flaws be seeka. Sot, indeed, 
do I doubt that there ore more important errors ; for the &iendly 
oriticiBm and correction of wbicb, from whatever quarter, I shall 
be heartily gratefoL 

To the great and admirable dictionary of Sanders {which is 
unfortunately, however, seriously encumbered for use by a most 
shortsighted and reprehensible penurionsness of space for divi- 
sions and headings) I am more indebted than to any other 
authority ; next to that, to Weigand's edition of Schmitthenner, 
not yet completed ; on the latter I have relied so much in the 
matter of derivations, that one who examinee my work curiously 
enough will be likely to discover where it desert* me (at the end 
of the letter I). For the suggestion of the English synonymy of 
Oennan words, I owe most to Fltlgel. 

No Vocabulary like thia one, probably, was ever made abso- 
lutely complete at first; but I can truly say that I have taken 
very great pains to avoid omissions, and hope that' they will be 
found both few and nnimportant. I have meant to insert aU 
the primitives that lie back of every derivative (putting in, for 
example, gebte^li^ and gcbrtc^en on account of the occurrence in 
the text of Otbrtt^li^feit — btt^n, of course, was in already for 
other reasons) ; but it is likely that more omissions will be found 
here than elsewhere. Proper names, in geneml, an inserted 
only when there is something distinctively Oennan in their 
form, or when it was desirable to give some special explanation 

of Qieir value or derivation. No componnd word has been de- 
ngnedly left ont, althou^ a large number are Belf-explanatoiy : 
in a limited special vocabtilaiy, it did not Boem worth while to 
att«mpt drawing the line between thie class and the others which 
for the beginner reqmre explanation. 

W, D. W. 
TiXi CoLLBoa, Naw HaTan, Aogut, ISKX 



S)ntT9t 6abbot^ Jhrnmna^tt-- 

3Hc ¥flTfi4t- 0nitnina<l|tr . . 

Z)aS QunbcT Sniininad)a. . 

2Se ttdie SJlmtt (Btiitrai 

Zm Xaminibainii anbcttnu 

S)a ftanb^flt 3iinifoIbat Snlxrlen. 

XnenUnbhu" gouqui. 

£aB€S4fo6<iinVI«re.. U^Ionb 

— — ©CT fflirt^ln itBi^lerWn UWon* 

SUSSnib. 9alie 

2)06 jtrbru^mc tRinglrin eti^cnboTff. 

S>i(ISiiift5t U^Ionb 

^1^ unb JhonU^ « — fflbt^ 

ScrglUb eOtiUtt 

2M(?i)wl[i ^rine 

S)aB €^Ii)g leoncoilTl C^mlflo 

«nf bet IkbtrfQ^rt U^Innb 

J^tllbn:)ritnl ^tu 

ZulfHOtCanb Satifl 

S)it enlomtt JHn^ U^Ianb 

S)it Rn^Rtbt %nuine, SQdnt 

KbrabbmiM ^nt 

S^rKing VnapaflneOran... 

Xrogift^t (Stf^i^tc Qtantind 

Sni $aan imb ffinn Widrrl 

Dffnelafri SM^ 

SubfrMt lit* 

Stigntasnetub. SRoDotifl 

Ditbni^tnnt Stimtx 

SdWUfc e^illn 65 

2« gtriftrit ©<ilai%tnif ambt 67 

^mS, btt Wim €|iTiitgcc ftBnui SS 

aJcrSanBet mOtt 81 

IX* ©anfln* gliu^ U^Ionk S2 

Mnimrttt Swingnilli 64 

StnXauc^n. Gi^illR 65 

S)nr 3i>ubnlc^iiig lSBlf|c 70 

^Sm kiitt •SMfltx. -. Knajlafitit Ordn 73 

Irte Stcnabint ©rim 75 

anf fcetn ©tttje. ^eine 76 

3)it^4n"nbt eHfikt 78 

@(fang btE (Bttfln flbci bra ffiaffan 631^ 79 

SMc Soitt M SCoubmC S^tOR 80 

Sefang linlSTinigtl 03^ 81 

Sicb bn ipoTjcn (9St^ 81 

2>te SBubreKobKunB btS ^mtntrS S^tm|Ti> 84 

3)K&|ui^ Qfittt SS 

a)« S4i(prf<^t ©cine » 

SJieeotfln; @9t^ « 

SDn epaaicrgong e^Ha. 99 

XiaS Sicb Mn bcr eiottt. Si^UIr IM 

an* .Sllal^ bR ffltift* t Stfflng 113 

Sue .XFlana ©tnoTt" €S4inci ISO 

«nfl„gonr &Wtt 133 

2108 rtmiWe CanieDoL Sbt^e 1S4 

Jfrtnting M Jtntftrt gritbrli^ earbanffo Samnn 173 

9Ia)iaItDn« %a& 0nt>iiin« 193 

U^arafterilHl ©omlert 031^ 199 

\XtfM bit &ffpniiaii)SSti\la .^mobolbt 203 

ftit lutb Snononic fott tl9 

NOTW. ■ 235 

TOOiBUI^Br 316 

Lar or iKRWDLiB Vmbs B11 


ScKtf^eg Sefe)xi|. 

t>n trfle ^M*i%. 

©et fn^Jie S^ofl bet ©i^^ifimg neigte fii^ 3u ftinem Cnbe. 5Die 

-&* ©onne ^tte i^rt S3aljn uotfeubet. !Da« 35uiilel be« abcnbfl begann 

fic^ iiber bit Jugcnblic^e tSrbf jii Dcrbreiten. 35er erftgebomie ©o^it 

bcr @(^dpfung ftanb auf eineni ^iigel @bend, ntben i^m S(oaf|, fttit 

@ci)u^ngel iinb Stgldter. & 

Se narb immti bimlfer unb biutflcr rtngS urn bm $UgtI ; ble 

^ammnung nanbfltt fi(^ in ^oc^t, unb iKr^iUlett nit Hit biiftjger 

'•^ ®<^ltici bit $i)^en unb Sljiiler. X)it Sitbn: ber ISBgtl unb bit 

*(Mt frofftn ?aatf btr I^inre oerpummtcn. ©tlbft bie fpiettnben ?iifhf|tn 

jf^itntn einjufdjtumntent. lo 

SBafl ift bn6? ftagtt bcr 2Renf(i) mit Itiftt ®timme feinen ^iuiiif 

Itfc^ @eg(titcT. 33irb bit jungt ©^Spfung auf^Srrn, unb in i^i i^' ■ 

altrt giit^B otrftnfen ? 

eioa^ [ftdKltt unb ftirac^ : <Si ift bit fRu^ ber erbe. 

9tun erfi^ienen bie f)tmm{tf(^ni Sttf)tec ; bn SRonb gtng auf, uiU) U 

bofl Jittr ber ©terne trot Iteruor in fieitmm ©lanje. .' \.. ci. -.-^ 

Xier SRenfi^ fa^ aufniSrtd gen ^immel mit fDgem (Srftauntn ; 
bcr @ngri bed $erm oberMidte mit So^gefallen auf bm tmpon 
fc^onenben @p^n ber Srbt I)entieber. TAt SRodit narb ^Iter ; Me 
^^^■. IRot^tigaKen fi^Iugtn ftflrter unb tiinenbtr. ' ■-. .- ^ » 

u'T-'-'^ gtoa^ beril^ttt ben OTenfc^en mit feinem ©tobe. ""©: (agerte fu^ f-' 
an bem ^iTgel unb ff^tummtrte. 'ber rrfte Slnuim fam ju i^nt 
^en^eber. Oe^oea^ bilbetc itjm bie ©tfd^ttln. r.y.^,*^ , ., 
91U nun bie 3Rorgenbiimmerung begann, beril^rte fStoa^ bni 

t Jtrunnuu^n. 

©(^unnnenttKn. <St ntDotfite, unb fit^de fii^ tiur^ftrOmt tpon 

^aft unb 9ebtn. 9tu^ btr ^mmening er^obeii fuf| bie ^itgel uiib 

£I^tr ; boft {iingc Sit^t tam ^reniebec ui^ ^itpfte auf ben S^Qen & " ^ 

bci ®tti}me <£bene, bie @Ditne ftieg tmpor liitb bra^tt bnt Za^. 

l^^ ^tKr Mta\iit erblictte ba« nniertf^ffene StJb, bie aliutttr ber 

Stbenbigtn. ©taunni unb {Sonne erfiUUen {etn ^j. 'iv./iiZA^ 

®ie^[ \pxa^ (Sfoa^, au9 ber jRu^e nirb ba« ©iittli^e flcbDren. 

^arum foUfl bu biefen £ag ber Slu^e unb bent @()ttti(^ ^eiligtn. 


asit VfirfI4e. 

Sin 8anbmonn bioc^te iiu4 ber ®tabt fUnf ^cfidie mit, bie 
lofi^nflen, bie man fe^en lonnte. @rine fttnber aber fa^en biefe 
griK^t jum crftenmoi. 3!)tfl^alb rounbtrten unb freuttajjie fu^ fe^r 
UOcr bie \d)iinm Htpfti mit ben rSt^tii^en fatten unb jartcm Stoiim. -'■ 
X)arauf ucil^lte fie ber Sater unter feinroier Aimben, unb etiie 
crifidt bie ^JRutter. 
IS 9lm aibeub, old bie ftinber in ba« iSt^aftJimmerlein gingen, fragte 
ber ^ater : 9tun, wie f)aben eut^ bit fdjdnen ^e^ifel gefc^mectt? 

©trrlii^, litber SBattr, (agte bet attlttfte. Sfl ift eine fc^ne 
grui^t, fo ffinerltc^ unb fo fanft Don ®cf(^niod. Sif ^abe mil bnt 
^Stciti fordfam benia^rt, nnb iDill nitr haxmi einm SSaam erjicEien. , 
» ^rotil faste bee ^ler, ba« ^et|t I)(iue^jterif(^ mid) fUi bie' 
^"^"'■Fl O'ForgI, rote ti beni Vanbntann e'i'cmt' — 

^<if \}abt bie meinige foglet^ aufsege)|en, rief ber 3itnefte, uub 
ben ^tein fovtgeiDoefcn, unb bie Sjiutter ^t mir bie ^fte son ber 
i^tigen gegeben. O ba« f^medte fo fiig unb jerft^miljt eintm im 
26iiitunbe. — ' ■. ^ ,,. 

^aa, fagte ber Skater, bu ^nft jivar nii^t fe^c flug, obn bi^ 

naturlic^ unb nodi [iubn{^c liBtife gelfanbtU. ^ bie ^ufl^il ift 

auc^ Roii) 9}Duut genug im Seben. 

3^0 begiinn bcc jnwlte @o^u : 3<^ ^abe ben ®tein, ben ber fteine 

soiSJniber fortnarf, gefammelt unb aufadtof^t. (£« tata etn Sent 

barin, ber fi^eifto fo \&i uie rinc 9tu|. Hber meine $firful) ^6t 

k^ tMifauft iQib fo Did @eU) bafilr er^Itcn, ba| i^i, toom h^ luu^ 
bn ®tabt tomme, mo^t jtoOlfe bafUi faufen Itutn. 

2)a: ^ta f(t|Uttc(te Ixn Aopf imb fogte : JtluQ )[t baS no^r, 
abet — tiiiMid) wtniflftenfl unb natUrlu^ war e« nic^t. Smo^re ** 
bid) ber ^innnel, ba§ fiii lein flaufntann nxrbcfl ! — / s 

Unb bu, Qbinut^? frogte bn Sater. — Unbtfouf^ uhb offcn 
mxtmorttU Sbntunb : ^ ^obe meint ¥fi>^fi4 bem ®oi)n unfn4 
9Iai^bar6, bem trantoi ©torg, bn baft tjiebrr ^al, gebtod)!. (Si 
iDolUe fu iiid|t ne^mtn. X)a ^ob* i^i fie 1^ ai^ bafl iSctte seltgt, 
unb bin l^imreggeganQen. — ii 

9hut I foete btr Shittr, tvei ^ betni wo^I bm beftm ©tbroiu^ 
Don fetner $fiifu^ getnodit? 

!£ia rttfm fte alU bici: baS ftcd S&nHKt Sbnuntb eet^I — 
(Sbmuitb aber fdimieg ftilt. Unb bic 3RuttR lunonntc i^ nrit 
rinCT S^^iiine tui Siugt. ig 

Sal fBiinbrr. 

GnneS Zaiti int Senje fag ©oloinp ber ^Ungling unter bat 
^Imta in btit ®drten feined Solere, beS fltinig^, unb f^xttt Wt 
fic^ niebec in tiefen @ebanten. 'Xxx trat -Slatiftm, fctn Setter/ jit 
i^m unb fproi^ : 28a« fimteft bu fo tmft unter ben potmen? 

Xier ^iingOng (r^ob fein ^Mufit imb anttoortttc: 9!at^ ic^M 
miStbtt gem tin SSunber fc^en ! 

3>T ''^topiftt Idt^te unb fprot^ : (Sin XBunfi^, b«i idf aui^ in 
meinen iJitngliiigeja^EOi ^atte. — 

Uid> narb ec bir goiiflt^t? fragtt e)Unb« bar ffttnigflffl^n. 

(Sin 3)Iann &otU9, fu^r illat^iin fort, trat ju mit unb trug einai u 
(Sronaflem in fciner $ianb. @ie^, fprai^ er, wa oufl bicfem Aem 
IDcrbat mirb 1 S)aiauf moiirtc tr nit feinem Singer dne Ceffnung 
in bic (Sibe, unb Itgtt ben Kern ^inein, unb bebetftt i^n. %le er 
nun bie $Kinb juriidjog, ba ^ob fu^ bie <Z^q1k von cinanber, unb 
ic^ fa^ ixoii SB^tHm ^eiDottomnun. — Slber taum ^atte ^ ficM 
gqe^ ba f(f)loffen fu^ bit Stdttltin on cinanber, unb ti mortt ein 

' ". jitfe^M ^0^ in^ biiftr. 

3)amuf Fpriu^beranann®Dtteeauinh:: ©IcbSi^tl ttnbiiriwin 
i^ aufmnrftt, vrcbrnteten fu^ ficben Kefte aue bcm ©tomtn, g(rid|niEe 
• bit fuben 9nnc on ban gou^tn be« 9ltar«. 

^•4 erftauntc, abcr bn ajtonn ®ottrt niinfte, tmb gcbot mir jn 
f^eigen unb aufjumerten. ©)t^ fproi^ et, balb loeiben nnie 
®(I|bpfunsen bteitmenl — 
SDaniuf fa|tc n Safftr tn frine ^o^(e ^b aus bent JS^^* 
lOlein, ba« vorUbcr |tog, unb befpretiQte bietnul bie fltftt, unb 
^e^, nun ^ingen bte %fte aOtfaunnt ootl grttnenbei iBUittet, 
ntfo bag (in tU^Ier @(f)atteu unS umgali, bermifi^t mit litUiifat 
S)Ufttn. Soi)er, rief ii^, biefe SliiD^fgerik^t ju bent erquiiKi^en 
®(f)Ottm?— ■■ '■'■■- 

15 ©ie^tft bu xttifi, fpro^ ber SRonn ®otte9, bit imcimrfarbige 
:!9[iiti)e, rote fit out beu grilnen :tBIdttent ^orfproffet unb in 
SUfc^Eln timttebn^angt? 

Od| udIIIc rebtn, aber ein fonftcr Stnb iifntiu h bm ^(fittmt, 
unb ftteuete bte Stllt^en um un8 ^, wie roeini ber ©dince ou9 bm 
soSotfen ^emtebet^t^uebt. fflaum toaren bie SEiit^en gefimfen, fo 
^ingen jtuift^n boi ^lattent bie rotten ©ronotiUjfel ^ernidwr, toie 
bie snanbetn on ben @tiibtn Sloionft. — ^ Derlicg mti^ berSRontl 
<Sottti ia tiefem Stounen. 
^ier enbcle Station. ^ fragte (laftig ©atomo : 
IG So ift ei ? Sic ^get bet 3Iame bee gbttlii^ 3^mie« ? Sebet 
ernoi^? — 

^ emieberte 9latf|an : @ot|n ttuoibft, it^ ^abe bir ein Xiouni' 
gefit^t erja^It. — 
^e Solomo biefe fSottt wma^m, narb er betrtibt in reinrm 
80 ^rjen unb f ptoifi : Sie Dermagft bu mid| olfo ju tdiifdjen ? — 
9tat^ ubtr fuE|r fort : ^ ^abe bi(f) nti^t geUufi^t, <So^n S'fai. 
@ie^, in beni ©orten bdne« 9!atere magfl bu aUti in SOitflidiMt 
fi^uen, nie it^ bit gefagt ^be. ©efc^telict teft ni(f)t on ieglidiait 
(Siranatbauni unb anbcm bitumen baefclbigt? — 
SB 3a, foete @alomo, aber unbemerft ut^ in (anger ^tit 1 

Xm antwortetc 92at^an: 3ft e« banim toentget ein giftttit^ 

SXf fn^l Xian. ft 

XBiiIatueiIt4in(dfer®tilltiin)iiiiibeo(^tctgef(^t^t? O^bat^, 
ei vOxt unt befto giitllic^. 

erimne trft bit Slotur, ]pTa^ n buioiif, itnb t^r Sirftn! Tarn 
toirft bu leu^t an ein {fSifati fllauben, unb nid)t nod) Sui^tnt ehur 
3}faif(^n^anb bit^ ft^icn. » 

3)tt fc4l ^ientr. 

£or 3^t«i lebte eine aitt AKntgia, bie nxir thte ^Qubtrtn, unb 
1^ XoCfrtcT aai bad f^nfte ^Mm^ itnttr ber 'Boom. @it boi^tc 
abtr mtr baranf, toic fie bit SJIenfi^n ina ^krbtrbcn loden filnnte, 
unb mctm tin l^tier font, fo fprac^ fU, UKr li^rt Xodtttt ^aben 
ipoUtt, miiffe cinen Qimb (tint Sufgobt) (tlfen obcrjterbeit 3Jie[e, m 
Mn bar ^i^n^it bei ^unQfrmi Dcrbltnbtt, na'sten ee mo^U aber 
fie bnnten nic^t DoQbringen xoai bie %lte i^ntn ouflegte ; inib bonn 
^ iDar Teine @nabe, fit mugten nicberfnient, unb bo2 {jaupt »arb il)nen 
Rbgefc^logen. 9tun gtft^o^ eft, bag do Ailnigefo^n aucf) Don bei 
grofjen S(|dn^tt ber Ouiigfrau ^Mt, unb 3U fejutm ^ter fpnu^, is, 
vtitbti ^ter, lagt m\df ^iujte^en, tc^ miU um fte toerben." ,9ttut> 
menne^r,- ontmorttte ber SdaiQ ; „ge!)ft bu fort, fo ge^ft bu in bd' 
nm lUb.' Va leflle bee ©o^n ftd| niebcr, unb niarb fterbtnfttrani, 
unb ttt% fieben ^a^re (ang, unb tdn StTjt tonntt i^in ^Ifen. 3((8 
ber 3}atei nun fa^ bag cr bo(^ neitoren mitre, fprcufi cr noil ^>20 
genfttraurigfett ju i^m, .jie^t t|tn, unb Derfudie bdn ©IM; ic^ 
bxi| bit fonft ni(f)t ju ^tlfen.- SESie btr €o^n bae ^Mt, ftanb 
er auf uon fdntm Sagtr, tooc gefunb, unb mcu^te fit^ ftiii)Ii(!^ auf 

' ' <Si trug ytdf ju, a(e er buri^ etn $o!j ju reiten taut, bag er t)on 35 
»eitem ettoas ®ro6e« auf ber ISrbe liegen fa^, unb wie er pel) nii^rtt, 
lonnte er imterfi^riben bag eS ber ffland) tinea aHIcnfc^n roar, ber 
fti^ ba^ingeftredt ijatte ; ber 9aitc^ aber fa^ auft toie ein Ileiner 
iCerg. 3!)er Xiide, nic er ben 9{'eifenben erblicfte, ric^tele fn^ in bit 
$it^, unb ft)ro4i, .roenn i^i iemanb brauc^t, fo net)nit nitdi in eureSC 
SDio^." Xxt Mnigftfo^n antmottete, .uias foil i^i mil tinem fo 

bidm aRotm anfangen?" ,0," \ptoaf ber £>ide, Mi ttriO nit^S 
fagot ; iDmti tit) mitt) rnfit aai einanber t^, bin 1^ nodi breitau* 
frobmal fo bid.- J^am ba« ift," fagtc ber JKnigefo^n, ,fo Eann 
i(fl bi(^ brmufien ; tonun tntt mil.- !t)a ging ber SMitt I)inter bent 

< ^nigSfoIjn ^, intb ilbtc cine 2Bet(e fanben {ie einen anbent, ber 
lag bo aitf bet Scbe, unb ^tlc ba» 0(|r mtf ben 9{afen gelegt. <&y 
Sragte ber jfSnigAfo^n, .tDaSmo^ft buba?' „Q^ tfordft," taiU 
biortete ber 3)tann. ,{Bona(^ ^on^ft bu {o oufmerlfani?'' ,Qdf 
l^ordie na^ bem nio« in ber SScIt fu^ eben jutrfigt, benn i(^ ^clre 

MaUtS, fogar bo« @ta« f)Sf ii) mac^fen.- ^agte ber Mnigefo^n, 
nfoge mir, wa ^Srft bu am ^fe ber often ^iintgin, neldie bit ft^ne 
Zodfta \fat' SDa antuorttte er, .tc^ l^ort bae @d|li>ert fqufen, baS '>-^^ 
ctncnt grciec ben ftopf abfd)Ifigt'' "titt ftOnigefo^n fpract), ,td) 
tann bit^ braui^ ; totnm mit mir." Tia jogcn fie tveiter, unb faf)en 

uetmnal ein fioar 9U^ ba liegen mtb oud) ttmai oon ben Semen, ^ ^ 

fiber bae <^be tonntm fie nit^t fe^en. 9I(e fie cine gute ©tcecte 

fortgegangtn nuren, famen fu ju bem Seib mtb tuAlitt) and) ju bem 

^f>f. ,&," \pta^ ber Siinig«fo^n, ,n)a« bift bu fiir ein longer 

v.. ©tridi* bO," mttniortete ber Songe, ,ba8 iff not^ gar niiiiW ; 

so n>ran i4 mi(^ erft rei^t oudftrede, bin ic^ no(^ brtttaufenbmal fo long, 
unb griiger ole ber ^ik^fte Serg onf @rben. 3d) will end) gcme 
bienen, nerni ilgr mi^i tDoUt." .Somm mit," fproc^ ber ffbnie«< 
fo^ .ii^ lann bii^ braut^.* @)e 3ogen roeiter, mib fanben einen 
om SBeg fi^en, ber ^atte bie Slugen jugebunben. ©prod) ber fflft. 

isntg6(o^n ju i^m, »bift bu biinb? ober Ijoft bu bWbe Sugen, b«^ bu '^ "■ 
nic^ in boa 8i(^t feben lonnft?" ■Stein," ontttortete ber 2Rann, 
,i(^ barf bie Stnbe nit^t obne^mtn, benn moft i^ mit mtlnen Slugen 
onfe^e, bae fpringt oldbolb m9 einonber, foI(^ etne groge ©ewalt 
licgt hi meinem iSIid. £onn eui^ boe n%n, fo nill vi) aid) gem 

sobienen." „fflomm mit," ontioortete ber JMnigefDi)n, ,t(f| lonn bi^ ■ , . 
broudien." ©ie jogen neiter, mib fonben einen SRonn, ber log mji* ', ^ . 
~^ ten im ^gen ©onnenfdiein, ut^ jitterte, unb fror am goitjcn Setbe, 
> fo bog t^m Teln ©lieb ftiU ftonb. ,^Sie lomift bu frieren?" fprai^ 
ber fttinigefo^n, Rbie©anne fc^nt fa ^mm genug." „34," ant* 

16 nortete ber SRonn, .meine 91atnr ift gonj airi>erer 9rt ; je ^eiger efl 
ift, be^ me^r frier' id|. nnb ber groft bringt mir baim bur^ alle 

SHc fn^ "Sittim. 1 

«*». ftno^ ; inib je taitCT t9 ift, befto ^ign tDtrb nrir, ttnb mitten im 
@i« toim vit'i DOT $t^, unb mitten tm %mtr oor ftdlle tric^l aufl> 
^olten." .3^u bift em ipunberlic^et fieri," \pra6i ber SESnigSfobn, 
.abcT meiui bu mil biciien loillft, \o fomm tnit." IRuit jogen fie 
tvetter, unb fa^en etnen SOtann flc^en, ber mm^te dnen (angen $a(d, y-"^ 
uob fc^ute fi(^ lun, unb fc^aute Uber oUe JSeree I|itiau8. <Bprai!i) 
ber fiiiiiigSfo^n, „tDoniu^ fiefjft bu fo Eifrig?" ©a antuortete ber '^'" 
ajbutn, ,ii^ ^obf fo ^elle ^ugrn, bag ii^ itber aOe Sitlber unb Seli 
ber, ^Hf&ltT unb Serge^maud unb \>ia6) bie ganje Selt fe^ lamL" 
"Zn ^nigefoln fproi^, ,tDiIt[t bu, fo tomm mit mir, benn [d einerio 
fef|lte mir ntx^.' w^'^^'.-fc-^.-i/ i^.-.^tXi^, a- ot*** 

^un JDS ber 9bnig6foI|u mit feinen fe^tf T)ienem in bie €tabt 
tin, vm bie olte JMnigin lebte, tiot dot fie, unb fprut^, .fo i^ mic 
tun \6f6at Xoditer geben noUt, miQ ii) ooUbnngeii, naS i^r aufer> 
legL' ,Oor' (uitmoTtete bte ^Qii^^"' 'breimal nill \^ bir einen la 
Sunb aufgebeit; Itifeft bu i^n lebedmal, fo foUft bu ber ^ivcc unb <Su 
maifl nuiner %oii)tn tverben." ^praif cr, „lDad molll i^r mir juk 
erft aufgeben ?" ,^g bu mir einen {Ring toiebcrbriiigft, ben ii^ tnS 
rot^ aWeer itabt fallen laffcn." *3)a fling ber Stfnigefotin ^rim ^u 
feinen 3!)icncrn, mib ftmidi, .ber erfte i!3mib ift nid)t (eii^i ; eiit Sjiitg 20 

J^^ foU au« bem rotten aJiecr flctiolf loerben ; nun fi^offt iHati).- I)q ■: . 
fpradi ber mit ben ^llen SiuQen, ,ict) rciU fet)en no er liegt," mib 
f(^ute in bta 'SUttt f|inab, unb fagte, ,bort liegt er nebnt rinem 
©leiu." „3d| noUtc i^n luo^t ^eroue^olen," fprtuf) ber Sange, 
iHKnii id) \ifa nur fe^en fiinnte." ,^ mill id) bir ^elfen," rief berts 
Eirfe, legte fit^ nieber unb I)ie(t feintn SDZunb tnS SJBaffcr, unb lieg 
bie ajellen ^ineintaufcn, unb tron! bafl ganje aJIecr ou8, bo6 e9 
troden aorb mie cine Sffiiefe. 9iun bilite fi^ ber Sange nur tin ■' -' . 
BKuig, unb ^olte ben JRiug mit bee einen $anb fteroud. ^a mar 
ber fitinigdfo^n fro^, uiA bradite i^n ber ^Iten. ®ie fo^ ben Sting 30 
an, mib ffirat^ mit iBeimuid)ening, pjo, ti ift ber recite ; ben erflcn 
iSunb ^afl bu gtii(ffi^ gelttft, aber mm lommt ber jmeite. <£iff)ft bu 
bort auf ber SBiefe-oor nieinem ©t^loffe, ba lo^ben brci^unbert fette "•■■■ 
D^ifm, bie mu^t bu mit §aut unb ^aac, fluodjcn nnb $5mcm ber. ^' ^ • 
jeiireii; unb unten im Setlet liegen brei^unbert g-iiffri 3Sein, bit inugt» 
bu buju audtrinfen; unb bleibt von ben Odjfen ein ^ar, mib Hon 

t Oiintni. 

Iwin ©dn dn Xrflpfi^ ittrig, fo ift mfr brin 8ebot Ocrfottcn." 
@)ita[^ ber Seniedfo^n, ^barf it^ mti feint @iifte baju lobtn? o^ne 
©cfeUfc^aft fc^medt [tint SnatiCjcit." XHe Sllte (ad|te )n 9o9i)eit 
unb autnortett, ,tin«t barfft bu bir baju to3)ta, bamlt bu ®cfellf<^afl 
t^ft, ober ivdter letnen." 

Xu gins b«c fibnigSfo^n ju frinen ICiencnt, unb f)JTiu^ 3U ban 
!^den, „bu foll^ ^nitc mdn ©aft fein, unb hUfy cjntnal fatt cffen." 
3)a t^t fif^ ber ^ide Von nnouber, unb a| bit brei^tmbnt OcEifcn, 
bo6 fcin $oar Ubrig blirt, unb fragtt ob toeiltr irfiftts a(« bo» gril^ ''•'-;^ 

10 ftUd ba tofirc ; ben SQieln aber trant er gidd) oud b(n gafTcnt, o^e 

ba| tc dn ®la« nbt^ig ^atte, unb tronf ben (e^ SSiiopfen twin 

c 9}agel ^enuiter. fl\i bte SJta^fjnt ju (Snbt mar, gtng ber ftiinigSfa^n 

jur Wten, unb fagte i^r ber jneite iBunb n><ire gelSft. @ie Demiun> 

berte fu^, unb ffiraci), ,fo mit nie bu ^fS nod) leiner gebio4t> aber 

u eS Ht n(4 tin iSuitb Ubrig," imb bai^te, .bu foUft mir avift entge^en, 
unb (otift beinen ^Dpf nii^t oben er^atttn.*' ,§euf 31benb," fprtu^ 
[ie, .bring' id| meine Zoi^ttc ju bir in bdne fflammer, unb in beinen 
Krm, ba foUt i^c bdfammen {i^n, abec I)iite bid) bag bu nid)t eini 
ff^liifft ; i(^ fomme ®(^Iag jiodlf Ui)r, unb ift fie bann nic^t me^r tn 

20 beinen jtcmen, fo ^aft bu tKrloren." ,0," bad)te ber KBntgSfo^n, 
.ber @unb ift tetd)t, idf nill uo^I meine 9(ugen offen bei)alten ;* hod) 
rief er feine 33iener, erjii^ite i^ntn maS bie' Site gefogt ^atle, unb 
fpraift, ,wer weiB, loas far eini 8ift bo^inter ftedt; ajotfii^t ift giit;*-i<-.i. 
^ttt Sai^, unb [orgt bag bie O'lnigfrau nid)t niteber one nuiner 

is Sammtc fomint." ^1« t9 nun ^iadjt nurbe, ba brot^te bie 3t(te iljrc 
£od)ter, unb fii^rte fie In bie Strnie beS fiiiiiigefo^nS, unb banai^ 
fc^lang [vi) bee Songe uin fie bribe in einen firdfl, unb ber 'Side 
ftellte ftift Dor bie 3^iirt, alfo bag teine lebenbige "Seek herein lonnte. 
Tin fagen fie betbe, unb bie 3'<i"fif'^i> fpr(t<il ^<<t SBort, abcr ber 

MilRonb ft^ien burd)8 genfterauf il)r9(ngeftd)f,bQg eri^rejounberbare 
©(fion^ett fetien fonnte. @r t^at nit^te al« fie anfi^auen, uiib roar 
DoQ Srcubc unb Siebe, unb feine Slugen rourben nii^t miibe ; bad 
bttuertf bi8 elf Uf)t, ba fiet, bmit bie ilihtfte ber atteii, ein S^^^" 
Uber alle, bag fte fit^'d nid)t enve^ren tonnten, imb einfd)Iicfen, unb 

ssinbemMugenblidwor au^ bie Ounafrauentrlldt. . - '' ., >^ 
91uti f(f|(ief en fie tiart bid ciit SJitrlel Dor jroSIf, ba roar ber 3<iiibei 

Iraftloft, imb fit erUKufrtnt afit tvleber. ,0 Oomnttt imb Ungiad," 
ritf bet fliiitie«(ofin, ,nun bin U^ Deriorenl" Dit trtuen Siienw 
fineen auc^ on }U tla^ai, aber ber ^ori^ fprwf), nfeib elntnat ftlQ, 
id) VDtU ^ordien ;' ba ^on^te er eincn Sfugenblid, unb banii fprudi cr, 
a^t fi^t in eiiKm ^eif en breil)utibert @tunben Don ^ier, unb bejttm< 5 
mnt i^T @d)i(ffal; bu (annft {|icr ^Ifen, fionger; lotnn bu bii^ auf' 
Tii^tcft, fo bift bu mit tin pom ©diritten bort." .^a,- ontootlete 
bee Songe, ,abei ber nril btn fc^rfen %ugen mug mitge^, bmnit 
toit btn gdfen ntefiff^ffoi." 2)o ^udte ber gonge ben mit nttbmut^. 
btnen Slugen aufr imb im Stugenblld, isie man fine $anb limmenbet, lo 
iiHum fte nor btm wrmlhifi^ten gelfen. 9(4balb na^m ber'Songe 
bcm anbem bie ISinbe ton ben %ugen, ber fii^ nut umfi^aute, fo 
jerfpning ber i^Ifen in taufenb StUde. Sa mi^m ber 8ongc bic 
Oungfnut ouf ben Stm, trug (ie in einem 9?u jnrilct, unb tarn roicber " 
unb ^olte au4 noi^ feinen Sanvraben, unb e^' t» jniilf feeing, fagen is 
Pt atit wiebet mie sorter, unb ivaren miinter unb i^iiltt SMnne. "3in y. 

-■'< ©Wag jiDSlf f(^ti(% bic ulte ^'i"''*"" ^erju mit etnem ^efjniftfien k, 

©efu^ ate ivoQte fu fagen, ^nun tft er mttn," unb glaubte nic^t 
anbere, al« i^rt Xodfter fSfit brei^nnbett ©tunben ueit im gelfen. 
HIS fie aber ^erbeitom, unb i^te Stoctitet in ben ^imen bee Sitnig^ lo 
ffi^nS fa^, erfi^ra! fk, unb fpnu^, ,ba tft einer, ber lann me^t atft > 
i^." Vlier fie burfte nic^ie einivenben, wib mugte tl)m bie S^ngfrau " ^ 

«„ jufagen. 2ia f(pro(^ fie i^r infl O^r, .e8 ip eine @(l)anbe fiir bitfi,-''^- 
bag bn fo gemeinem SSotf ge^or(l)en foUft, unb bir einen ®ema^( 

.t. iii(^ nad) beinem @tfajlen nia^len barfft." «. >. •' 2& 

91un ^tte bic ^ungfrau iDirflid) ein fo ftotjee ^erj, bag fie 

>^ barQbn mit ^xn erfUUt liiurbe, unb am anbern SRorgen lieg fie 
breilfuiibett SDIaUer $oIj jufammcnfaliren, unb fprod) ju bem ^tfiiigd* 
fo^ bie brei Siinbe waren gelilft, aber ffienn fie if)n ^eirat^en foKte, 
mUgte iemanb ftd) mitten in bad ^olj fe^en, unb iai ^cuer au«I)als3« 
ten. ^bei boi^te fte, ivenn bre Tiiener iE)m auc^ aOed t^tlten, roiirbe 
fi^ iaif teiner file i^n twrbrennen, unb aufl Stebe ju i^r milrbe er 
felbet fid) ^ineiufe^n, unb bamt wiire fie frei. !B)ie aber bie limct 
ba« ^brten, fpra(^n fie, .mit ^ben allc etniad get^on, nm bet groftige 
mi) ni(^, bet mug aut^ baron,' unb no^men i^n unb tnigen i^n mi so 
{lolj ^incin, unb ftcdten'e an. ^ ^ub baft Seuer a 

unb tnigen i^n mi so A 

10 Orimm. 

brei Za^, M aDrt ^[j Mrjt^rt uor ; uitb a(9 ts otrbfi^, fitatib bet 
grorttec mitten in bcr %fi^e, jtttertc mit tin ISfpenlanb, unb \ptai), 
„\o tfaV t(^ mchi' ^ebtagc noHf iric^t gcfioren, unb xotatfi Iliiigec 
■ ...vflebouert ptte, war' i^ im groft trftarrt." f**^ 'tj~j 
„^ 6 iRuii nxii Erine 31u«fluc^t me^i ju finben, Me fdjOiu .Simsfmu 
mugte mit btm jhinigsfci^n fu^ octmHiflta. iUi fk aber na<^ bn, 
jfiri^ fu^ren, ftirai^ bit Wit, »ii^ fonn'« nimmmiu^t jugtbcn," unb ' 
[dlidte i^r JfriegeooK mu^, boS fotlte oUte nitbmna(^n,'ti)aS i^m**^"' 
c i^^ jioitiime, mA i^c bie Z^oi^ter jurlidbringcn. !4)er $on^ aber Ijoltt 
. < . . 10 bit Oi)ren scfpiQt, unb bie tieitnlii^ !Reben ber SUten ange^ilrt, mtb ^ 

fagte ti betn jDii&n, ber mugte !Rat^, fpttte einmol ober ittamai ili^ 
au« {liuter bem SSosett, ba enlftonb dn grog SJaffei, wotin bie 
Jhicg^DilDtT ftectcn bliebot unb ertnmten. 3t« fie nit^t jurtitRiunen,^^',^ 
fc^idte bie 3l(te gonj ge^mift^te 9!nttr, abet btr {>or^ ^lOcte fie — ' 
ifitommen, unb bai^ brm rinen bie Sugen ouf, ber guttte bie Stinbc ein ^^'' 

bi9d)m fdtarf an, ba ftjcangcn fte audtinonber ivte @Ia<. 9tun 

' fu^ren fie ungeftiJct meiter, unb aU fie in bci AtTd)t t)CT^einit^ unb >«~vi 

' '• eingefegnet uareii, na^men bie \tifi iCiener t^ren 9lbfc^ieb, unb 

fpro^en, „uir noUen ueiter unfer @[iid in ber ^It wrfuc^n." 

20 @ne tialbe @tunbe vor bcntS^Iog war dn S^orf, Dor bem ^Uttte 

ein ®[^tt)dncl)irt feine {xerbe ; niie fie ba^in tamen, fproc^ er pi 

fduei grau, .mdgt bu (uid| redit n>er ii^ bin? ii^ bin tetn Sitnigs* 

fo^H, fonbern ein Sc^dne^itt, unb ber mit bcr {Kccbe bort, ba« ift 

mein 9!atei, unb nun mUffen tvir jivd au^i baran, unb tt)m iKlfen 

25 ^iiten." ^nn ftieg er mit i^r in ein Sirt^e^oue ab, uub fagtc 

^eimlidi jn ben SSirt^ftEeuten, in ber Sflac^t folUen |ie i^r bie filnig' 

lid)en jtleiber megne^men. S^it fit nun am EDtorgen oufmot^e, 

^atte fie iiit^td anjut^un, unb bie SSirt^in gab i^r dnen atteii 9tod, 

, r ^ -1 unb ein paar alte ttioOene ©trilmpft, imb t^t mxfi ali mifi ein 

•,'i' 3oan)Qe«@e[(^, imbffiradi, „meimni(^eutr 2Rannn)Are,^(itt'i(^'« 

euc^ gar nic^t gtgeben." !Z)o glaubte fie er Uritre uiiitlit^ ein 

St^neine^irt, unb ^Utete mit i^m bie ^eerbe, unb bai^te, .id) ^abe 

..y^ed ocrbitnt mit meiiiem Ucbermut^ unb ©totj," 3)aS bauertt attjt 

3:age, ba toimte fte ti ntc^t me^r au»I)alten, benn bie gilge loaren 

u i^r ganj niunb gcuoiben. !Do lonitn ein tMor Seute, unb fragten ob 

fic iecl)t tpUgte ipcr i^r aHonn toiire. .^a," antnortde fi^ .er tft 

S)CT Xanncnbaimi. II 

eht ©i^meinc^rt, unb ip tbcn au^gcfiangen mit ein totnig 9anb ju 
t)aiibeln." <Bit fpmdjen aba, „fommt einmal mit, ivtr Ippllcn cud) 
ju il)m ^mfil^rcn," unb brotfttcn fw mi ©^lofe ^inauf ; imb wit fie in 
ben Saal tarn, ftanb ba i^t Snamt tn Kniglidjen ^leibern. @te 
ntaniite ii)n aber nit^t, bift tr i^r urn ben {)a(e ftel, {ic tilgte, unbft 
f))rn(^,. .ill) ^abe fo Did fUr bid) atUtttii, ba ^ft ^x <>u<f| fUr mii^ 
leiben folltn." 9tun uurb nft ttt^t bte $o(l)j(it gcfeint unb bet's 
nj&l)(t ^ ipotlte n oflrt mid) babei gnocfen. 



X)nuigen im 2Sa(bc ftonb ein nttbliditt Seiner S^onnenbaum. <St '"" 
^attt cinen gutcn '^lof} ; @oime tonnte a bctouimen, Suft mar genug u 
bo, Tingd inntieT n]ud)fen viele griiigtrt ^mnaben, fouoi)! Xannen 
die iji^ten. ^r fleine S^mmeiibaum n)Unfd)te aber fo [ef)iili(^ 
gnger ju nerben I St oi^tete nit^t bet ivannai Sonne mib brr 
frif^cn gufi, er Ktmuin'tt fic^ nit^t urn bie Sauenifinber, bie ba 
umijcrgingni unb t)laub°citen, wenn fie ^erau«getommen nurai, urn u 
Crbbeeren imb Jjimbeerm ju fommctn. Oft buncn fie mit eintm '^"■' 
gonjen Zopf DoU ober ^tten Srbbecren on einen @tco(|^dfuVgerei^l jv " . 
bann fe^i fie fi(^ iieben ben neinen S^menbaimi unb fagten : 
.'illeiii! wie nieblic^ tlehi ift ber!" "Xiai moi^tc btr Sauni gar nid)t 
^reii. 20 

Om folgenben 3a^re nur er um ein longeS ®lieb griif;er, unb baS ' 
^o^r baranf mar er um naif m\i litnget ; benn an ben jTonneni 
ditnmni tann man immer on ben Dtelen 9uff(i|}en, bie fie ^abcii, fef)en, 
toie Diele 3a^e fie geroai^fen finb. / " "' 

.O, nilce id) bod| fo ein groger 9mm, nie bie mtberen!" frufjte2S 
ba« Heine 4BJiumd|en ; ,bann fdnnte ii^ meine 3^9' fo i^'t "mbci 
auebreiten unb mit ber flrone in bie n>eite 'Skit ^inaue bltiten ! X^ie 
SJSgcI iDiirbnt bami 9Icfter in meincn ^""^'fl'!" bouen, nnb weim ber 
SQjinb ivelite, Ibnnte i(t| fo vorne[)m nicfen, gerabe u>ie bie oiibercn 
iorti- '•■^'— ^< ."•' ao 

<& ^otte gar (Cine S»ube am Sonnenfii^ein, on bat 93i>ge(it 

unb mt ben rotlim Soltot, Uc aRorgntS unb Wstebt Ubcr i^u ^in 
..^ Jeflttten. ,&io.v:^ 

©or ee boim roiirttr, anb bet @rfmee log fimfcutb totift ring* 

"■*'^ml|cr, fo tttin fjAufig ein |)afc niigefpningen imb ff^te gerabe iitier^ 

6 ben fletnen fflnum meg — o,bae mar i^m fo ttrgglii^! abet jTOei 

©inter Dergingni, unb im brittcn tror bafl SB&amiim fo grot, bof 

^er $afe urn ba«fdbe Ijerumlaufen mufite. O, waii)fen, roai^fen, 

grog uiib olt merben : baS ift boc^ bad einjiQe ©i^bne in biefer fEklt, 
badjte ber ^aum. 
10 Qm ^erbfte tomen immer {)ol|^auer intb faUten eiiiige ber grBgten 
SiUime ; bad gef^^ jebed ^o^^' unt> ^ iiixS' S^nnenboum, ber 
nun gotij gut genoc^fcn iDor, fi^ouberte babei ; bctm bie grogen, 
frrSc^tigcn Siiume ftelen mit fflnaden unb jtrodien jur @rbe, bie 
3roeige niurben if)nen abge^auen, bie $ftume faf|en ganj nodt, (ong 
— IS unb ff^iuol au3 ; fie loaren fpp nit^t me^r ju erfrnnen. abet bonn 
tvuiben fie auf Sagm gelegt, unb ^ferbe jogen fie bavou, aai bent 
SSiatbt t)inaue. 
So foUtcn fte b>n? Sad ftonb i^nen bcDor? 
Qm gril^ia^r, a\i bie @^olben unb ®ti)n^ famm, fragte ber 
KSBanm fie: „Stgt t^r nidft, roo^ln fie geffl^rt nurben? ®eib tl)r 
i^nen nit^t bcgegnet ?- ;,^_^ .■--;,,. 

Ilk ©dirootbcn nugten nii^t«, ober ber ©tordi fa^ nnrfiienlfii^ 
aufl, nltfte mit bem fiBpfe unb fagte : ,3a, id) gloube wofjU SKit 
begegneteii oielt neue @^tffe, at« i(^ oua ^leg^pten pog ; ouf ben 
25 ©c^iffen roorrn prSc^tigr iKaftbttume ; id) barf anne^men, ba§ fie e» 
nraten j fie fatten a:annen=@etu(^ ; idi tann DielmalS grttfeu ; bie 
prangcn, bie prangen!- '«^ >-- 1. f"-'* 

;d, ware i4 t"«^ aucd grog genug, urn Uber bnSSmcer ^in fo^ren 
ju lonnenl ffiie ift benn eigentlii^ biefefl SKeer, unb tote fie^t e« 

3((aU«?" '^•-^ ■-; 

„3a, bafl JU erHttren, ift ju loeitiaiiflg,- fagtt ber ©ton^, imb 
bamit ging et fort. 

.greue bi* belnet gngenb!- fagttn bie ©ounenftra^rtn ; ,frtue 
m beinefl frif*en ffladiSt^umfl, be» (ungen Sebenfl, bafl in bit ifti- 
„ Unb bet iBJinb Wgte ben Saum, unb ber Xim Meinte I^rilnen 
fiber l^n ; dbtx ba« eerftonb bet aronnenboum nicf)t. 

Stt tamtaiaam. IS 

SBenn a gegm bit 2Beif|iMd»tdjdt ging, nurben gmtj [unge eSume 
ficfSQt, ^iiinne, bit oft niqt tiiunal fo grog, obtr gtci^tn Slltetd mit 
bitfctn Xaniiaibaum loateit, btr iDtbnr Siu^t, niH^ iRaft t|otte, foiK 
btrn inimer baDott iDolfte. ^iefe {imgen ^iiitnu, unb ti nana 
gerabe bit aDtifi^Onfttn, be^ieltcn itmner olle i^rt ^i^^S' > H' i""^' ' 
ben ouf 2SagtR Qtlt^t, unb ^Sfnrbe jogtn fu banon, aue btrn SSoIbt 

.iCBo^in f often bit?* fcagte bei 5tanntnbaunt. „®te finb nit^l 
grbgtr alS t(^, fogar war ttner ba, ber tern oltt (leintcl XBeSi)a(b 
bttfoltoi pealle t^re 3"«'96? SDJo fo^ fie ^in?" lo 

■5)0* TOiffen wir! baf toiffen iDlr!- jioitfi^en We ©perifnge. 
.Unttn in btr (Stabt ^oben loir in bit Seiifter geft^en I Sir miffen, 
tse^in fie fal)rcnl O, fit getongtn jur grSBttn ^od|tunb ^err' f^^'u.. 
Itc^Idt, bit man nur benEen Fann t SBir fiabtn in bit Senfter gefe^n, 
unb ^btn it<ai)rgeRommen, bag fie mitten in ber watmen ©tube auf' u a »-». 
gepflanjt unb mit ben f(^uftttt ©ai^n, Dtrgolbettn aepfeln,''C>°ii>S' 
tui^, ©pietjeng nnb Dieten ^unberten Don 8i(t|ttm gef^miicft 
iwrben." hZ^K- 

^Uiib bonn — ?* fntgte ber !Cannenbaum unb bebte in aDen 
3»eigtn. »Unb bann? SBo« geff^tf)! bann?" h^„X-*^... m 

,3a, me^r ^obtn nilr nii^t gefe^ii t Das war unMtgIeicf)lt(^." — 
cC'i..cU. ,0b i(^ »ot)l aut^ beftimmt bin, bieftn ftro!|trnl>en SBtg ju bc> ^■^-i- 
treten?" [ubette btr lonnriibaum. - „a>i« ift no(^ beffer, a(« ilber 
ba« sneer jie^en ! ffiie Iribe it^ on ©e^nfudit ! SEBtire e« bod) 
S^fjnoi^ten ! 91un bin icti grog utib auegenxufifen, rate b(e anbeien, ss 
bit m Boriotn 3af|re iwggefUIirt murben I — O, wBre li) erft 
mif bem SEBagen I SBSre id) boc^ in bet mormen ©tube mit oiler 
frat^ unb ^errlif^tett ! Unb bann — ? Qa, bonn lommt mif 
ttma SSt^tm, no<^ ipeit @(f|)hteree ; hiefl^fb nitrbeii fie mit^ fonft 
fo fc^mitcten ? $4 nnig not^ etioae @rttgere«, no(^ etna* {lerrlic^erte so 
temntnt — ! %ber mo*? O, ic^ leibel kt) ft^nt mic^ I ic^ tneil 
ftlbft nii^t, mit mtr iftl- 

nf^reite bii^ nnftt !" fagttn bit &ift unb bo* @onnenli(^ ; nfmte 
bic^ beiner fri(d)en ^iigenb im greien!" 

SIbtT er frehte ^ burt^oue nii^, nnb toui^ unb wv^i ; SMnter ss 
anb ©onuner ftonb er gribt, bunMgriln ftanb er ba ; bit Seute, bie 

U KnbcTtco. 

t^ fo^ fagtcn: ,'^e ift rhi f^dnet Oouml' Uitb jm iSeiV 
iiQi*)t«jeit rourbe er oor alien junft flef SOL SSie Sft t|feb tief bin# 
bae aRart ; bn $aum fitt mit nnrni ©eufjcr ju S&ohm ; n fU^lte 
einm ©t^mni, ciiie O^nnuu^t ; n fottnte got nid)t an hrgenb ein 
i<-ys @lUd benfen ; re war tettUfrt, Don ber ^dmatt) \ijtiUa jn maiTenj^j^ 
-'.f Don btm ^etf ouf bem re*enH)otgefif)offen mor ; er n>u|(e Jo, bag tt 
bit licboi alien Aomreobcn, bie ttemen SitfdK unb Slrnnen rhigS 
um^CT, nie me^r fc^en tvttrbe, ja Dlcadiiit nic^t cinmol bie SJitgcL 
!Cit abrdfe war burc^aufl nii^t onQene^m. 

10 Iiet ©aum fom erft roiebre ju fid) felbft, al« tr, im $ofe mil an* 
bfrn «aumtn ofigetiarft, etnen aKann fagen ^8rte : .Iiieftr ^ier ift 
priii^tig I SBit brauc^ nuc biefen !- ^^^ 

9iim (amen jrott !t)lenn in voUem $u^ unb tru0en ben 2:annen> 
baum in rinen grogen, fi^nen ®aal. Stings^erunt on ben Sf^ben 

IS ^tnfltn 8i(ber, unb neben bent groSen Sfoi^dofen ftanbeu fltoge, ov.^ 
"^ i^inefifi^ 8Jo(en mit Samen anf ben iDedeln; ba flob e« ©(fiqiJeI»«eW(-., et. 
ftii^le, feibene ©op^ae, groge Xifc^e ODlkr Silbnbitc^, unb ^piet* 
geug fUr ^unbertuial ^unbert Zf)aitt — nentgftens fagten baS bie 
^nber. Unb bre !£annenbauni lourbe in ein groBtS mit ®anb ge> 

so fUUtea $ag geftedt ; aber 9llenianb Fonnte fe^ai, bag ti ein t$ag nur, 
benn ts Ivurbe liitgdum nrit gciincm ^tu^ be^iingt unb ftonb auf 
einem grogen bunten 'Xtppi^. O, mie bee Sannt btW I Sas 
mirb nun wo^t borge^en? ©oroo^l bie iJienre ala bie (! ^; 
fi^ntildten i^n. Sn rinen 5»eifl ffilngten fie Heine 9Ic(}t, au«gef(^nit« 

M ten one fnrbigem ^plet ; jebe« ^Reg war nrit ^urfenoerf gcfttflt ; | 

ixrgolbete Sepfel unb JBoUnUffe ^tngen ^tab, aU tti&cen fte feftee> 
na^fen, unb Ubet fjunbert ret^, blaue unb neigc Sii^ten^i murben 
in ben ^weigat feftgeftwft. ^uppen, bie teib^oftig ntie afienfi^ ^'^^ 
auflfo^en — bre ©ouin Ijotte frU^er nie foMie gefe^en — fc^ntebten 

so im ®rUnen, unb ^oi) oben auf ber ®p\t}t murbe ein ©tern oon 
SIitter.®oIb befefHgt; bad War )>rai^tig, ganj angembentiic^ 
,$eHte abenb," fagten mit, .^euf Sfienb nrirb e« ftra!|len !- 
„OI" ba(f|te bre Sauin, „»are efi bo<^ 9tbenb! SEBihben nur bie 

86 Slitter bolb ongejUnbet! Unb nod bami loo^I gef^e^t? Ob ba 
too^l JSfiume ta& bent XQalbc tommen, raiOt ju fe^t ? Ob bie ®fKi> , 

S>a ZamaaSxmm. U 

Ihtge dtgm Me ^Rifbrft^bm fOe^m? Cb ^ %\xt fefRmi^c, tmb 
ISSiiitn: tmb iSotnnttr ge|ct)mll(tt ftef)ett toerbt?" 
r 3a,ernetf|iii(^t Ubcl! Slber ct ^atte orbentlidK Voilntfc^mer jm 
»or Iaiitet'®c'^nfu(^t, imb 59cirlenf(fimn:jen finb fUr tinenSaum 
tbfit {d ft^linun, nje Aoti^t^merjen fUr ini« Snbere. 5 

9hni 0uirbm bie 8iii|iter angejUiibct. SSieh^ @IanjI lotb^e 
Vnu^tl !Cer @otmi bebte babd in oUni S^^floi fOf l>a| cinfl ber 
giifeftr boft @dlnc onbronnte ; rt frogtt orbtntfiift. 

t^irtt bnoolire imSI" f^een~bie ^duldn unb Kfi^tot boSSeuer y 
l^apij 0U9. ta 

^ bur^ ber ©oum itk^ ehunol beben. O, buB war eiii 

^icn! Qfim war fo bange, etmoS Don feintm ®(i)tnuif ju WC' 
liertn ; er idot gan) betSubt Don all bcm ^ionje. Unb mm gingen 
bctbe gtftgelt^itren ouf, unb ruie SRenge jtinber flibrjttn ^dn, v-v^j. 
i« raoOten ftc ben eonjen SSoma untn>rrftn ; bie fiUeren Seute lamen is 
:b&(^tig na^. £)ie jflrtnen flonben gonj fhimm — aber nur dnen 
3u0enb(i(t,batmjabeUnfietmeber,baf eenurfofc^dltt; ftttanjten vc. 
unt ben 3aitm ^ntnt, unb ein @ef(^T niui^ bcm anbcm tvuibe 

^eios moi^ fie?" bo^tc ber ^um. ,Safl foQ gef^e^P-so 
Unb bie 9t(^ter brannten biS bid)t on bie ^wa^t ^erunter, unb }enad)> 
bem fie nteberbionnten, murben {ic oulgeltifi^t, unb bonn ecfjieiten bie " ' ' " 
^nbcr bie Qilnubuig, ben Saiun ju ptiinbem. O, [it ftUrjtcn auf 
i^n ein, bog ea in alien Btvc'd^n fmxfte ; loitce er nic^t mit ber ©fri^ r . 
uidi mit bem ©otbftcme an btr Xittfe bcfeftigt gemefen, fo niiie ei u 

33te ^nber tanjten mit idrem i^rit^ltisen €i))ieljeug fientm. 9tit' 
mmA \aii m^ bem ^auntc, audgenommen baS alle fttnbermtibc^en, 
NkUkS film unb jnrifificn bie S^^i* bttdte, aber nur um p fc^, 
ob nidft ntK^ cine gelge ober ein Slpfel Mrgeffen ttorben tofire. m 

.<£tnc @e{i^ii^el eine @eft4i<t)tc !" riefen bie JKnber rnib 
jogen cinen fletnen biden Smann ju bem ^ume I|in; unb er 
fegte fui) gerobe unter benfelben, ^X^enn bo ^nb nix m ©rfinen," — 
jogteer, „nt^ ber 93aum tarai befonbtrn^ 9Iu^ baoon ^aben, h 
juju^Drail SUkt i4 erja^le nuc eine @cf4i(^ SBolIt i^r bieat 
noil 3t)ebe<aDtbt ober bte wn filumi)t>:Qun)>e f)0ien, 

bee bit Xretiim ^enrntrr flel, unti bod) ju (Sf|Rn bm vtA bit ftbi* 

,3B(bt<8lDebe!" jt^rieen fflnige, „ftlunipe'l>umpel" 

f(^een Xnbert ; ba9 nnir dn Slufen unb @d)re(tn t 9iur ber Stan- 

£ nenbaum fdiivieo qqiij ftiU unb bcu^tt, .ffotnme ii^ gar nii^t mit, 

hwrbt ic^ nt^K babd ju t^un ^abett ?" (£t toot ja tnit getDefm, ^otte 

.„ in ecUiftet, xoai a foQte. 

Unb bee Snonn ftjSI^te mk Sttumpt'liumpt, w^ct bie 
SCreppen ^enutterfiel, unb bod) ju S^mt fatn unb bit ^njtffin tt* 

lo^ielt. Unb blc JFinbei Ilatfi^ten in bie {litnbe unb ritfoi, .Stjii^el 
tria^ltl' ©itrooUten aui^ bie @Vf(^lt Don 3titbt«%ltcbe 
^tcn, aber |U bcfometi nur bie Don j{luintie'>X>umpt. Zm 
ilonncnbaitm ftanb gonj ftumm unb QebonftnooK : nit fatten bie 
:eeget im SBolbe btrglddlen crjdfilt. .Alumpe'^umpt fUl bie 

uZrtppm ^eninttr unb befom b«^ bie frinjtffm t Qu, ja, fo 0t^t 
ce in bei Sett ju I" boi^te ber Sannmbaum, unb glaubte bag efl 
tDO^ fti, mdl ti na fo nettei SDtonn nut, bet ed etj&^lte. „3a, 
ia I wer !ann e» wiffeu ? ffiieCtii^t foUe lii audi bie Ireppe I)eruuter 
unb brfommt eine ^rinjeffln." Unb et freute fit^ bcrauf, ben 

so niidiften Zoi wi^r mit Si{f|ttrn unb ©picCjeug, ®oIb unb 3riid)ten 
attgepu^t ju neiben. 

n^ftet^ea mrU ldi nidit jittem!" btu^te er. ^^i^Riillniitlirt^t 
filler mciner JJ'rrfi'^Wt frtuen. aRor§en roerbe vi) loicbrr bie @t» 
fdtii^te Don fltumpc*3!)untpe unb oieUddit aud) bie Don 3i>ebe< 

uilvebe ^ren.- Unb bti Viunn flonb bie fionje Slcu^t ftiU unb 
Slut 3Roreen (amtn btr Xiiener unb baS inSMtm ^erdii. 
n^m beginnt bee ®i$ttnid auf« 9}eue 1' boi^te ber SSaam. Vbee 
fu fd)(^ptm i^ junt 31'ntn'' ^inau«, bie Dieppe ^nauf, auf ben 

SD^obenrunb ^ier, in dnett bunOen SinttI, mo tdn ^agefili^t ^in 
fd)ten, ftelltm fit t^ ^in. .9Sa« foil ba« btbeuten?" bad|te ber 
:@auni. ,Sa« foil idf ifm mo^I madien ? ^ft mag ii^ ^ter mo^l 
^6ren foUen?" Unb er lebntt fu^ an bie aHouet unb boi^tc unb 
bffl^te. Unb er ^otte 3eit flenufl, benn t9 oerflinflen lage unb 

15 ^ViSftt : ^lienunb tarn ^inauf ; unb old tnblic^ O^manb font, fo 
geft^o^ tfl, um ttnige gro^ ftaftcn in ben SiuM ju ftetlen. 9tun 

Set Xamtrnbanm. IT 

ffautb btr Saum ganj wt^dt; man mugtt glmibnt, bag cr tiOtlig 
wrgefToi toor. 

-3e6t Ift e* SBintet brauf en !" lw(I)tt bor ©Qiim. .Die Srbe ift 
^Tt ui^ mit €<^te btbedt, bie SRmfdien Knnen miif) nii^t ))flanjtn ; 
iti^aib foil id) mo^I bid junt i^ril^ia^r ^itr im ©d)u( ftel)m ! SBie s 
no^lfwbac^t bo9 ift [ wit bie 3)teitfd)en bod) fo gut (inb I — SSan e« 
^ rair nidft fo brnild raib fo crf(i|rtini(^ rinfoni ! — 5R«^t tinmo( 
tin flfhier ^ofe ! — Jla« roar boC^ fo nitbtii^ ba braugm im SBoIbe, *^ 
Venn ber ®(^iite lag tmb bet ^afe tiorUbeif))Tane ; jo, felbft aid er 
fiber tni(^ ^inniegfiirane ; aber bamote lonnte ic^ ti nid)t leibcn. i» 
five obtn i^ te bod) fc^cdlict) rinfam !■ 

,¥ifp' piepl" fogte ba eine Itdne^iauS unb ^uf^ I)eiDoc; inib 
bom fam tio^ eine tieiiie. @te 6ef(^n!lffelten ben iomienbomn unb 
bann fc^iipften fie jioifc^en feine 3™''9f- 

,<5e ip eine graulidic flHIte !- foflten hie fieinen 5Kdufe. ,©onfE is 
ift t9 f|irr gut fein I 'Slliit ivaift, bu alter Xanntnbaum ?" 

.3(f| bin got ni(^ att !" fagle btr Sionncnboum ; „ti giebt t>\tU, 
bie meit dtter finb, ali iff) !" 

,So fomraft bu ^er?* fragten bie 50Iiiufe, .unb 1006 roeigt bu?" 
€ie marcn genattig ntugierig. R@Tid^le une bod) Don bem |(l)clnften 20 
Drt auf (Srben ! iBift bu bort geroefen ? S3ift bu in ber ®peife» 
Eammcr geroefen, loo jtilfe auf ben :!Srcttem liegen unb ©c^inten 
unter ber l^t Iiiingen, mo man auf Slalglii^t tanjt, mager ^inein 
gc^t nnb fett iftrmti tontmt?" 

,^4 tetme i^ td^tl" fagte ber €aum. ,%ber btn SQalb lennezs 
t(f), no bie @onne ft^nt, unb mo bie 9!Sgel fingen !" Unb bann 
rrja^fte er alleS auS feinec Ougenb, unb bie tteineu ^Sufe fatten 
frti^r bergleic^en nte ge^brt, unb fie ^or[})ten auf unb fagten : „3Iein, 
wie oiel bu grfc^en ^ft ! SBie giaJIic^ bu geroefen bift !• 

nS^?' fagte ber IflnneiibauRi unb bac^tc aber bas, ma3 er fetbpao 
ersflljlte, not^. ,3a, eS rooren im ©rnnbe gonj frB^tic^ 3''*"''" 
— 9!ber bam crjilljlte er oom ffieifinadjtaabenb, wo et mit ^t^en 
unb ^ic^tem gef(^mU^ roar. 

,0!" fagten bie Heinen 3}Idu[e, „roie gliliflii^ bu geroefen bift, bu 
alter IZ^onnenbaum I" sa 

>0c^ bin gar nli^t altl* fagte ber ^aunt. ,@rp bitfen SSiuter 

la Intotfn. 

(tn u^ Qont Salbt fldommnt I 0(^ bin lutr fo hn S! 

„mt \(ifin bu eigil^Iftl- faeten bit neinen af^dufe. Unb fn bee 
nfii^ften ^la^t famen .fte mit Dter anbtm fleinen 37?iiufcn, bie bni 
S Soum foIUen crid^fm ^iinn, unb je ntefjr tr erjd^Ite, befto bnitln^n: ^^-^ 
crinntrte er fxd) fdbft an aliti unb boc^tt ; „(S« toacen botti gang 
frb^iii^ 3"'f"' 5Uier (le Snnen wiebet lommm; ftlumpe. 
3!) u m p e fiet bit Zrepfiot ^erunter unb er^idt bod) bJe ^rinjeffm ; 
tiieUet(f)t tonn i(^ au(^ erne ^rinjtffut Mommm !" Unb bann bai^te 
10 bet Xonnenbauiu an tine tUine, niebli<l)e :@irTe, bte braugen itn 
iBMbe tvud)^; bai tarn pet ben Xannaibaum cine roittlxi^, f(^ne 

.Ser ift Slump t^'S^ampt?" frogten bie Grinen Wia\t. Unb 

bann crid^Ite brr Siannenbautn baf gonje WHlfc^ ; er btntte fu^ 

16 jebefl eiiijeliKn S5Sorte8 nitfinnm ; unb bie tteincn SJiSufe toaren no^e 

boran, oita rciner greube bi8 in bie @pi^ bee ©aume« ju fprinfloi. 

Qn ber fotgenben 9Iad)t (amen roeit me^r iDtdufe, unb am ®onntage 

fogar jnici Statten ; ober bie ntetnten, bie (S^6fi6)U fei nii^t ^Itbfi^, 

«■{ unb bae bt^iibte bie fleinen 3Riiufe, benn mm ^ielten |ie au(^ tveniQei 


.aSiffen fie nuc bie eine ^t^ii^tc?" fragten bie 91atten. 
,9Iuc bie eine !" fagte bet ®aiim ; .bie ^iirte id) an meinem %i&3» 
Iid)ften Sbenb ; bamolfl bai^te \i) nidjt baron, toie Qtfldfitf) w^ nor." 
„!Dae ift eine ^iitlift jiimnieTtldie @ief(^ii%te ! SJiffen jte feine t>Dm 
" ta^pid unb Zal^XUft? Stiae @tieife{ammer>®ef(^i(^le ?" 
^Jtein !" foflte'ber Soum. rju^ - u^^^^ 
t'^mm baiiten roic bafiirl" enviberten bie dtatttn, imb gingenju 
ben tl)ngni jurilct. 
X>ie neinen SRiiufe btieben jule^t out^ roeg, unb ba feufjte ber 
so Saum : .S« Moi bod) gonj ^Ubfdi, al8 fie um mitft fierum fagen, 
»<-w bie benKglic^n Iteinen aititufe, unb jul)iirten, mie i^ erjiiljlte! 91ml 
ift au(^ bad Dotbei ! — ^ber led merbe baron benfen, mic^ ju freiien, 
tuenn id| mieber ^erDorgenommeu rcerbe !" 
aibcr wonn flefdia^ bo» ? — 3o ! ee war rine« SIRorgen9, ba 
. sislomen Eeute unb roirt^fdfaftetm auf btm ISoben ; bie fiaftcn 
iDurben veggefeftt, ber ®oum tourbe ^enioraejoseh; fit morfen i^n 

Z)R XnRKnbaiin. II 

ftdOi^ jianlhfi ^ort gegett ben Qa^bm, lAer rin 'SAttm f4Ie)>tite 
i^ fogtek^ narfi bei Xiep)K ^in, too faer Xag (eut^tete. 

„0{uit btgtnnt bae Seben mlettcr !" txu^tt ber Vount ; ct ^^(te bit 
fTif(^ Suft, bie nften ©onntnftra^ten — unb mm mar er biau^eii 
im ^Dfe. Stiles gtng fo gefd)nnnb ; ber ^aum Kigag Vitlfig, fid)6 
A*^ felbft ju betrm^ten ; ba mat fo Skfes ring«um^er ju fef|en. 'Dtr 
^f ftkg an etnen @arten, unb a\it» t)lUi)te bartn ; bie iRoftn fiingtn , 
fo frifdt UHb baftti* fiber ba» Kern* ^tter ^eroue, bie ginbenMume '^*"*^ 
bU^, unb bit @(l|iDaQ>ra floge n um^er unb fagten : HQirim^iinY' 
Kit, mtbi Warn ift lommen I" W>t( ti mot nid)t bet Stannenbaiuu, lo 
ben ftc ntejnten. 

„9Iini toetbe i^ (eben I- jubette biefer unb breitett fehie Slf^^V 
twit aut : obei w^, bie ade toorm Wrtroctnet unb getb ; unb er log ^^ 
vTM^ ba im SSinM jtvifd^en Unfraut unb 9Ie}Teln. SDer @tem von ®oU>< 
pai^tt fag nod| oben in bei ®pt^ unb gliinite im ^eUen Sonnoi' is 

Qm {)ofe fe{bft fpielten ein )iaar ber munteren j^nber, bie jut 
Sei^iuu4te}eit ben ^onm umtanjt fatten unb fo fro^ tiber i^n ge< 
OKfen liMten. Sin« ber Keinfteu Ttef ^ unb rig ben ©olbfttm ab. 

,'Sie^, 11)08 ba no4 an bem ^Sgiii^en atten 3:aniienbaum fijjt 1" 20 
fogte efl uidi tiat auf bie ^lo^S'' fot*o6 ^ niter feinen @tiefeln 

Unb ber Simm fa^ ouf aB bie JBbmm-i^ta^t unb j^fi^ Im 
®arten : er betroifitete ^ feibft m^ tofbifc^te, bag er in feintm 
bunteln ffSivSti anf bem :^oben geblieben tvSre ; er gebot^te feinerts 
frifiVn 3ugenb im SB^Ibe, bee tuftigen Set^nadtttabenba unb ber 
tlcinen SROufe, bie fo munter bie ®ef(t)i(^te Don ftfumpe'lCumpe 
ongc^itrt fatten. 

fliBorbei I tiorbd t- fagte ber alte :S9auin. .{riltte id| mit^ b«^ 
gefreut, ale ii^ M nod) fonnte I SJorbci I vorbei 1- so 

Unb ber Sati^t hm unb I|ieb ben :8amn In Heine ®t9A ; ein %. 

i«>^«M. gtmje^ SStinbel (ag bo ; tieU floderte ee ouf unter bem grogtn :iSraii' 

teffel ; unb er feufjte fo tief, unb jeber ©eufjer loor etnem neinen 

•****^ eijuffe gleit^ ; be«^b liefen bie StMotx, bie bo fpieKen, Ijetbei unb 

fe^en \idf oor boS 0nier, blidten in baSfelbe ^inrin unb riefen : ss 

.^jiff ! ${iff I' aber bei tebem flnaUt, bet rin tiefer @ea^ec toor. 

b«|fe to: SBaum m tbien SDmntntog tm fSSoStt, okcr tine fittnlcrw 
noi^t ba braugciv uwmi bie ©icmc funtdten ; n bo^te an ben tSei^ 
Rac^tMbmb mb on ft(inn)K<^uin)», ba« einjige 3I!(l^nffen, imtdiei 
er gt^rt ^otit luib ju erjii^Ien tsugte, — unb bann nar ber Saum 

» Mrbrannt. 

!£)(e Jhuiben fpteUen fan @arten, unb btr Qdnfle ^otte b<n @etb>> 
ftaa auf ber :S^ft, btn bn enunt an fdnem glitiflii^flen Sbtnb 
8ttni0cn ; nan ma ber onbei, tmb mit bem .@aunt xaac rt borbei 
unb ntit beT@tfif|i(^aiu^; uorbtf, uorbd 1 — nnbfo gcfilrtmit 


Hub erf tn. 

@8 iDaren cfaimat fiinfunbjnanjis 3i"<if°'t>'i^ ''■c Viaxtn oDe 
CrUber.bemi fu maren con rinem otten jinnernm Sitffri fleboren V)OX* 
btn. ^« ©cne^r ^iclten fie im ^m unb bae^tfit^t gnabe iui«; 
rot^ unb btau : fo ^trrttc^ roar i|Tc Untfoim. T>ai ^Utrcrfte, \saS 

15 fie in biefer ^It t|ttrtcn, aB bei Xieifel tion ber @<^ai^tel Qtnominnt 
wurbt, in btr fie loflen, mor bo* iffiort : .^''"•fol*"*'"' '" S)a»rief 
tin tlehter ^abc unb flotfc^te in bte ^dnbe ; tt ^atte fit Mommm, 
benn tS xom ftin @ebuTtetag, unb rtellte fte nun ouf btm Zi\i^ auf. 
^r rine ®o(bot Qti(^ bent anbent (eib^aftig, nur tin dnjlgcr nar 

toetnaft onbtrd ; ber fyittt nuc tin JQtin, benn tr loar jute^t gegoffen 

Uorben, unb ba ^attt bat ^inn t>ict|t gtreic^t ; bod) ftonb tt eben fo 

ftft auf fiintm rintn Stint, at« bit anbectn auf i^rtn judtn, unb 

fltrobe tr ift ti, btr mtrftottrbig rourtt. 

^f btm Xi\i)t, auf »e((i)em fie aufgtftedt murben, ftanb tncleft 

26 onbere @piel}eug ; abec ba«, roai am mtifttn in bie Slugen fiel, nnr 
tin taeUiiiti @d)Io6 Don ^apitt. iJunti bie Heinen gtnfttr lonnte 
man gerobe tn bit ©file ^ineinfetitn. *or bem ©djlofft flanbtn 
Qtine iBiiume tinge urn eintn Ittintn iStiitgtt, btr n>tt tin flarec <Stt 
aueff^en foUtt. 'S<iftoimt Don 3Bai^ ft^roammen baraiif unb f))ie> 

«gelten fi(^. ^9 n>ar 9ltle« niebli^, aber baS ^Jlitblti^ftt iimt boc^ 
tint GeuK 3)ame, bie mittat i» ber offtntn ®(^o6tI)i)ie ftoUi ; fie niar 

3)n pon^oftt ^famloIbaL H 

tn^ inifl ^dtiicc oiiAgcf(^inBoi> obfr fit ^attc tintu 9ti>d Domllctfttn 
gtRon an imb tin fttint4, f(^tnale9 6(autS SBmt Hbtx bit ©dfulttnt, 
SifBix^ etntm ©enonb ; mitten in bitfent \a% tint g{&n}enb( gfitter* 
toff, ebtn fo grog ivie i^r qohjcS @efi[I)t. X]ie tteint !£)oine ftreitte 
t^ btiben Krmc aufl, btnn fie bMtt eine STttnierin ; unb bann ^ob fie 5 ' 
bad eine ^rin fo ^tx^ en^iDr, ba| bei ^innfotbot eft buri^uft nic^t 
fiiibm Imndt unb glaubte, bag fie, gerobe toie er, mn ein $)ein t)abt. 

^l^t todit cine ^ou fUi miiif !" bo^tt er ; ,aber fie ift fei|r 9or> 
ne^m ; ^e too^nt in tinem ®i^fft ; i^ ^abe mu: dne ®ti)adfttl, unb 
ba fuA mir filnfunbjnanjia barin ; bae ift hin Ort fUc fie I 3)«^ ii 
id) ntu| fni^R, mtt i^r Setonntft^ft ju madien I" Unb bann [egte cc 
^, fo fang er Dor, f)inter eine ©i^upftabaddbofe, totUtfc auf bent 
Sif^ ftanb ; ba tonnte er rec^t bie Qeinc, feine S^ome be^ai^ten, bie 
forlfu^r auf einent Seine ju fte^en, o^ne auft bem ®tei(E|gen)i(t|t 3U 
tonunen. 16 

ale (S 3n>enb nurbe, lamen aOe bie onberen ^innfolbaten iii i^rc 
@d|a(t|tel, nnb bie Scute im ^aufe gingen ju ^ttc. ^Run fing baS 
€))icl)eug an ju fpiclen, fou)Dl)l „l&i lemmt JStfut^," ots oittt) „^eg 
fasten" unb .CoU geben," I)ie ^innfolboten roff elten iit bet ©dtadc 
ti, benn fie tDoOten mtt babei fetn, aber fie tonntcn ben TuM nii^M 
ab^fwtt. 35et Dlugtaader miu^tc ^inrjelbaiime, unb ber ®riffet 
beluftigte fuf| aitf bee Safel ; ti roar ein Sdmt, bag ber Aanarien> 
Boael baoon emoi^te unb anftng niitjufptecfien, unb jmar in Serfen. 
Site beiben ISinjigen, bie fit^ nic^t Don ber ©telle benegten, narat 
ber 3tn)if olbat mib bie Sjinjerin ; fie ^lelt fuf| gan j gcrabe auf etnet tt 
Suftje^fpi^ 10^ ^tte btibe Sltine ati^eftretft ; er »ar eben fo 
ftonb^ft ouf fcinem einen Vcitu ; feine Slugen wnoanbte er tetnen 
Slugenblid wn i^r. 

3e^t f^Iug bie UI|r jniiff, unb tlotfdi I ba ftirang ber 3>(Iel Don 
ber ©(^fpftabadebofe ; abec te wax Itin Zabad barin ; nein, f on* M 
bem ein fteiner fdmorjer flobolb ; baS tvar fo ein jtlinftfta<t 

,3i>>nfotbat !" fagte ber ftoboQ) ; .fteti bod) nldit nod) bem, wa 
biOi ni(f|t« ange^t [- 

SIbtr ber 3(tntfoIbat l^t als ob er ee nli^t ^Orte. 

.Oa, nwTtt tmt bi« morgenl- fagtt ber ^bolb. 

AU tft nun SDbrgtn tourbc unb bit ftinbtt aufftanben, nutbe ber 


3iiutfoIbat in ba< ^^tf^ stfMlt uiA, tear eft mm bei JFoIioIb obei 
bcc ^Kflmiib : auf (inmnl flofl ba6 9*4*" o"f *">*> **'' ©olbot fid 
^Id Ulm: Aofpf aue btm britten StoitmtrT ^immttr. 3^ae ttiat tine 
erf(^re(flidit t^^rtl (^ ftredte bus Setn Qcrabe in bte ^^e unb 
' s bticb auf btm 2:[(^ mit btm ^omttt itoi\dfm bm $flaftnfttinm 

I^i l^cnfttnUx^ mib bci Heine Anoiie bunen fosftidi ^immter, 
unt i^n ju fudien ; obtr obgleii^ fie naE|e banui martn, auf i^n ju 
treten, toimten fte i^n bod) nit^t erUidtn. ^JUte ber ^inxfolbat 

10 gtnifcn : .^itr bin id| 1" fo ^ittten fu i^n nw^t gefunbtn ; atirr er fanb 
ee nic^t fill fiafftnb, taut ju fdjreitn, loeil ei in Unifonn mar. 

"Sixm ftng ti an ju regnen ; balb fteten bie Strofiftn bJdtter ; tnblit^ 
iDurbt c« dn oibtnttidftr ^to^gett. W.i ber VDibtt mar, fanttn 
jroci ©tragntbuben. 

U .€ief| einmaC !■ fagte ber tint, ,ba tiegt ein ^tnnfolbat ! ZM mug 
^inoud unb auf bem fta^ne fa^itn I" 

MiA ba ma(^ttn fie etntn Aa^n ton eintr ,3eitung, fe^ten ben @o[* 
baten mitten in benfelben, unb nmi fegeltt er ben Slinnftein t|tnunter ; 
beibe fflnaben liefen ntben^cr unb flatfc^ttii in bit ^iabt. ®ott be* 

20 roo^re unt I rtxa fc^tugen ba fttc XDcUen in bem Stimifttfnt, mib mUfy 
ein Strom war ba! fa, ber fRtgen ^atte abtc oni^ Qtftut^etl Vai 
^apterboot fdjauftlte auf unb nieber, unb mttunttr bre^te t« fii$ f o 
gefC^minb, bog ber 3i"[tfoIbat bebte ; aber tr blitb ftanbfiaft, iicr308 
teine 3]2ttne, fa^ geri^ ouS unb ^irit iai ©etne^r im Sinn. 

u 3){it einemSnal tncbber$a^unteceinelanQe9iinnftein>SrU(tt; 
ba Uurbe ti fo buntd, al« miire et in ftiner ^aijtti. 

„@o mag i(f| mm ^tntommen ?" bai^t ti. »0a, fa, banm tft bee 
fiobolb ®d)alb I 31(f| ! ftigt b«^ bie Utim X)ame ^itr im fto^ne, ba 
miii)tt ei l)ier metnetuiegeti noc^ einmal fo bunM feini- 

80 :^ lorn pUi|}ti(t| eint gre^ ZSafferratte, mtUlft miter ber StinnfttJU' 
Sriltfc me^ute. 
.Jwft bu etnen ^ag ?- fragte bit Matte. „^n mIt bem ?affe !■ 
SIber bee ^imifolbat fc^nieg ftttl unb ^tctt bae ®en>e^ nod) 

S& a>er fta^n futjr boBon unb We Matte tjinttr^er. $u ! wit fle(fd|te 
fie bit Sa^ne, unb ritf ben |»rijftia«en unb bem ®tro% ju : ,^ltet 

Xm ftunb^fte ^umfgOML 33 

i^! ^oUeti^nl (Er ^teinenBoUbcjo^! (St ^at ben ^| ni^t 
flegeiflt !" 

31ber bit ©trBimntg tourbe ftSittr uitb fl&rto ; ber 3(nnfoltiat 
Eonnle \itfon bo, mo bit Srilde auf^itrte, btn ^llen Sag erblittnt ; 
allciit rr ^brte avdf einen btaufcnben Xon, bee noffi etnen ta)>fertnt s 
IDlaitn erf(t)redin fontttt. SRan btntt nui : bit @9^e mUntxtc ba, 
no bit IBdlde ctibcte, gcrobt in eiiun grogen iSanal dn : bad uQcbt 
fur i^it eben fo gefit^TEii^ feiit, ols Hix tins, tiiun gro^n Saffnfall 

Stun irar ei f4on f d na^ babd, ba^ n nit^t me^r an^tttn toiinte. !• 
iDtc Sa^n fu^r ^iniiue, ber arme 3tnitfo[bat ^ielt fii^ fo fteif wit er 
[oimte ; ^tiemonb foUtt t^m mu^fagen, bag tr mit btn %igeii Uiitfe. 
^er Staifti ft^iturrte bret, Oier 3Ral ^erum, unb roar Hi jum 9tanbe 
mit Sajler gcfilUt : er miigte fiiifen I Tier ^im^oTbat ftanb biS on 
ben ^i im Saffn, unb tiefer unb tiefcr fanf ber ^Ijn, me^r unb u 
me^T (dfte ba« ^icr fi(^ auf ; nnn ging baft Saffer Uber be« ®ol< 
boten ^))f. ^ bocfftc er an bie Ileinc nieb(i(^ XSnjerin, bie er 
itie nu^r ju @tefiif|t betommrn foUte ; uitb eS Flong oor beS 3<'*>'* 
folbaten O^ren : 

„^bre l)liti * Siiegrtnidnn 1 20 

Sxn Zob mugt bu ecltiUni 1* 

9hm ging ba8 ^aiiier ent^roti, unb ber 3i>inf'>It«»t ftfltjle fjinab— 
uurbe aber augenbfiiflidi Don tinent grogtn i^fc^ Dettdflungen. 

O, roie buntel roar ti im 3ifd)(eibe I Xia roar efl nod| finfteret, 
old unter ber !Rinnfleln>9Tiide ; unb bann iDor ti ba [o eitgc. 3(beru 
bar ^innfolttat blieb ftanb^aft unb lag, fo long er loar, mit bem 
@etiKl)r im Strm. 

'Ser 3if<^ fc^roomm ^In unb ^er ; er ma^tt bie aUererft^retnitt)^ 
:S3enKgungen ; enbti^ lourbe er ganj ftiQ ; efl burdifu^r i^n roie ein 
^(i^ftra^l ; ba« £i(^t f(^ien gonj tlat, unb cine @tlmme rirf lout : 30 
,J)er ^innfollwt !" 25er ijlfrf) roar gefangen, ouf ben SRarft ge- 
broi^, bertouft unb in bie ftilc^ f)inaufgeIommen, n>o bie fflik^in i^n 
mit cinem gro^i SOIeifer ouffc^nilt. ®ie fo^ mit i^ren beiben 
tJingem ben Solbaten mitten um ben Scib unb trug t^n in bie ©tube 
^inein, no otie einen foli^ mertnilrbigen iDtonn {e^en rooUtcn, beru 
im aifaiQen rineft W\^ ^mgcreift nor ; aber ber ^innfolbot 


gar n^^t flolj. @lc fittOtat l^ oitf tiai-21f4i, unb ba — ttebi, vM 
fonbccbar tann ti bo(^ in bnr ^It jugt^nt I !Det 3innfo(bat ma 
in btrfelben ©tube, in bet er frU^ geiMfen mor j et fo^ biefcltptn 
^nber, unb boefetbe ©pietjeus ftanb auf betn Z^^ : baS ^enlii^ 

ft<Sd|[og mit bei niebtic^ ndncn Xdnjerin. @te ^iett fii^ nix^ auf 
bem einen Sein m^ t^otte bad anbere ^oi) in ber $uft : fit mat aui^ 
ftonb^. txa ril^rte ben ^imtfolboten ; ec nxir na^e bantn, ^iim 
}u KKtnen, abtr ti pa^tt fic^ nid)t. Sc faE| fu an, abet fie [agten gar 

u ^ nal|m ber eint bcr Itcinen ftnaben ben ®oIbaten unb barf i^n 
gerabe in ben Ofen ; unb a gab gar teinen ®runb bafilr an ; es mar 
[i(^ bre ftobolb in ber ^pfe, ber @c^Ib baron Dar. 

'X>tt 3i>iiifolbat ftonb ganj beleuditet ba unb fu^lte eint $i^, bit 
erfd)ce(fli(^ mar ; obtr ob fie von bem totrflii^tn geuer ober von btr 

16 ifitbe ^enUi)rtt, bad mugte er nic^t. !3)ie j^orbtn tvaren rein von 
i^m abgegongtn ; ob bad auf ber {Retft gtf{^^, ober ob btr Summer 
baraii ®<^ulb toor, tonnte iRiemanb fagtn. <Sr fa^ bie fleint Xwnu 
on, fit blitttt i^ii an, unb tr fit^Ue, bag er fcl)mtl)e ; abtr n«^ ftanb 
tr ftonb^f t mit bem &mtt)i iin Srm. Xio giiig plij^lii^ cine ^iir 

»auf, ber ZQinb ergriff bie Siiinjtrin, unb fie flog, einer <S9l))l)ibe 
gtci(^, gerobe in ben Ofen jum ^innfolbaten, loberte in Slammen auf 
unb fort tsar fic. £« fdimolj ber .^nnfolbat ju einem Sluntpen, 
unb als bad aniibc^en am folgenben 3^oge bie Slfrfje ^eraudna^m, fanb 
{ie i^n aid ein Heined 3<ni^cij. SSon ber !i£(lnierin ^ingegen not 

S& nur bie Slttterrofe ba, ui^ bie mar (o^lf{^n>arj gebronnt. 


Hhi „ntibiiir." 

San btm, Dafl htm giiitti im ZBafbt btgtgnet »ar. 

„g« mBgen nun etmo aif)t lage ^et (tin, ba ritt \i) in bie frclt 

Sieit^ftQBt tin, wet(f)e bort jtn(eit bed gorfted gelegen ift. fflolb 

borauf gob ed bartn rin fi^ttned !tuntieren unb ERingelrennen, unb ic^ 

fi^onte mtinen &aul unb meint Simje md^ Slid ii^ nun einmal on 

Sal .UnbbM." » 

ben @i^ranlen ftiO ^a(tt, urn von btr luftigen SIrbett jn ropen, unb 
^ ben ^^elnt on rinen tndner j{napt>en juriiit reif^t, fiitU mir ein nun* 

berfi^tlneS 5<^<ui^tbt(b tn bie SuQtn, hai itn atler^errlii^ften ®(^rnud ' 
■'-Kiuf tinem bcr aitane ftonb unb gufo^. ^c^ froflte mrinen 9ia(f|= 

Iwr, unb erfu^r, bie reijenbe ^ungfrau ^eige fflertalbo, unb frio 
' ^bie $fIeaeto(^ter eincS ber miicl)tigen ^rrjose, bie in biefet ©egenb 

UioI)nen. ^c^ merfte ba^ fie and) mti^ anfa^, unb — toie tS nuti bei 
i' ' "' mts juRgen 9{ittent ju fontmen ))Qegt — ^otte i<^ erf ( brao geritlen, fo 

gins ^ ttun 101$ 9on3 onberfl loe. !Cen SIbenb beint £anje tiMtr g^. 

jc^ Sertolba'e ©efii^rte, unb baS btieb fo alle bte Za^e bcS i^te^ ^o 

^inbunf).* .; . ^ 

' ""(S-in empfiiUiIii^er ©^merj an feinec linfen ^enmtei^ngenben 

$anb untecbiacf) ^ier ^utbbranb'S iRebe, unb jog fdne ^licte notfi . , 
""" ber fi^netjliiiien ©telle. Unbine ^otte t^re ¥*r(enja§ne fi^orf in'.' 

feine Singer gefe^t, unb fa^ babei re^t finfter unb imrcillig aai. 15 
''"'^m^iit abtr ft^oute fie i^m freunbtii^ tDeI)mtit^ig in bie Stugeii, 
;'^unb flttfterte ganj (fife : „3^r nwu^t ea audi bamoii).'' ©ann oer« 
'•' ^iiClte fie i^r ®t\ii)t, unb ber flitter fu^r feltfam Dern>irrt unb nod^ ^ 

benffti^ in feiner ©eft^jc^te fort: ■ />•• 

' ' ' „ISd ift cine ^od)miit^tge, munberlidie SRaib, biefe JSertalba. ®ie so 
" '"gefieE mtr au(f| am jnieiten £age fdjon (aitge nict)t me^r, niie ant erften, 

unb am brftteu not!) mtnber. Stber Off Uitb um fit, loetl ftt freunb* 

lii^ gtgnt mic^ fflar, al« gegcn onbert tRitter, unb fo lam es ou<$, . 

bog ii) fie iin 'StSfoi um eineu l^rer ^Muibf il)ut|e bat. — ■Sfflerai i^r " 

mir Sla^rii^t bringt, unb i^r gan} atlein," fagte fie, .liile a im be>^ 

ritc^ttgten ^orfte au8fief)t.'' — 1Bt\x lag eben ni(^ fo Diet an i^rem 

(Kmbfd^u^, otier geft)rod)en toar gtfproc^en, unb ein e^rliebenber . 

9litteremann Idgt fi^ ju fotifiem $robeftilde nid)t jtoetntal nta^nen." -- ' 
„^ bente, fie ^atte eu(^ lieb," untcrbroc^ i^n Unbine. 
,€« fa^ fo aaS,' entgegnete ^ulbbranb. so 

flSRun," rief baS WlS!bitm toi^enb, ^bte mug rei^t bumrn fein. SBon_ V- 
'*'■ Ml nu iaatn. tuaS cinem tieb ift! Unb botlenbfl in etnen Derrufenen ^^ 

iBolb ^tnein I S)a ^iitte ber Solb unb fein Oe^eimnig longt fUr 

mi(5 marten Knnen." 
.^i^ mot^te mtd) benn ge^em 3norQen auf ben ^g," fu^r btrss 

Kitlci, Unbinen freunbltt^ onlodielnb, fort. .!t)it ^umftdrnme 

PC gouqiti. S^t^VwS 

-^>-"^tt^'fo rot^ unb {extant im SRorgenlic^tt, baft fid) ^Q auf bent 

bag tt^ in tndnem $trjai Uber bit Seutt lac^tn mugte, bie an biefem 

"- '~- ■/ otrgniiglit^en Orte irae nb ttip gg Un^dmlii^ea ccioortcn fonnten. — 

c .Tvr !B)alb foil balb bur^tcabt fdn, I)in inU> jurtid," fagte ii^ in be 

'.'•" ^oglit^tr 5rB^li>^Idt ju tntr felbft, unb et)' u^ no(^ baron boi^tr, uxic 

j/^^—.iii tief in bit grUnertben Sc^otttn ^tnttn, unb no^m nic^te mt^r twu 

,"4,;, ber Winter mit litgoiben ffib^ ttiaiir. Do fiti t« mir trft ouf8 ^trj, 

,.. ^..^ ba| icf| mic^ oud| in bem gtmj^Itigtn Sorftt gar Irii^tftifi Dtrirren 

' .>. lofditnt, unb bag .^itftS DitQeidjt bit eiiijtgt ©efa^r fei, ntlc^t ben 

aBaiiber«tnonn ofl^ier bebro^e. Qd) )j\tlt bafjec ftide, unb fa^ •n*'^.,^, 

noi^ btm @tanbe ber @onnt urn, bit unterbelfen etnos ^S^tr gtrUctt ' 

. tDOT. 3'»^^ ^^ nun \o cmporblide, fe^t ii} rin fdftDorjtd S^ing in 

■ A. *«n BWf'B"! ''••" f)0^f" ^'^e- 3^^ ^"iIe f"^""' E* 'ft "1 Si*'' ut* 

. . ■ '. . 15 faffe nof^ mtinei Slinge ; ba fogt ti mit einer 37}tiif(^tnftimme, abtt 

- - ' ' re^t rau^ unb f)it|Iic^, ^trunttr: „Stnit ii^ ^iec oben nit^t bie 

■ /^ 3™*'(l* obfnuflprrtt/^wqran follteft bu btnn ^euf" unt SRitttrnoi^t 

gebroten mcrbcn^^eir ^laftlDttd i*" — Unb babet grinfet eS, unb 

rofc^ft mit ben Slefttn, bag mein®aul tpH ttiirb,unbmitmitbun^""'' 

m gt^t, e^' iH) mi} 3^<t gftoinnen Fonnte, ju ft^en, was t6 bom tigtnt> 

lt(4 far dnc Ituftlabcftit mar." *"' w 

nXien milgt i^t nii^t uennen," fagtt btr alte Stf(^^' wb heujte 

fid) ; bie ^uSfrou t^at fi^ngenb beSgltit^ ; Unbine fa^ i^rtn 

Siebting mit ^etltn 3Iugtn an, fprn^enb : ^Txa Qeftt bd bti ®e>> 

sc f(^i(^te ift, bag fit il)n bot^ nii^t ivirQii^ gebroten ^oben. %8eitcr, bu 

l)libf(^ aUnglinfl.- i^ 

„1^ Slitter fu^r In fdner SrjU^tung fort : hQ^ ivfirc mit mtinem 
fdieuen ^ftrbe foft gtgrn JQoumftamme unb Keftt angtrannt ; tt 
^. . ^ trUfte bor Stngft unb @r:^t|}ung, unb woDte fu^ bod) noi^ inuntr ni(^^ ^ 
30 batten lafftn. ^u'^^t O'ltfl t^ gerobe auf einen ftttnigtn Slbgninb 
r> lod ; ba fam mir'S plbglid) Dor, ols yerft X iit dn tonger, luetger ,,^ 
^ '"■,... aRonnbem toHen ^eSflfW pwec »" in frinenSSeg; btr entfe^te fid| ^^ 
■^' "-^ booor, unb ftanb; ii^ friegte i^n wieber in mdne ®etooIt, unb fa^ 
nun erft, bag mtin 9letter tttn mtigtr SRonn iDor, foi^em dn fi(ber> 
. ;*- u^tUec SSa^, ber f"^ neben mir von tintm^iigtt ^erunterftOrjte, 
metne* 9lo(fe» 2auf imgtfttoi tceujtnb unb ^emmenb." 

am „UiiWnt." n 

•^Dndt, l(c(ierJB«4i''defUiibmt,inblt^nbd|enSD))fenb. 3)n; , 
^ olte aJtonn obtt fo^ (opffc^ttttelnb in tiefem ©iimen Dot fufmieber. "' 

- ; r.34 ^"tte niit^ no^ fount im ©attel roiebec juret^t gcfefet, uni bit . ^ 
.u— ^ugel wtebfE orbottlidi r«f|t flffoSt,* fu^r ^utbbronb fort, ,fo ftanb '"''" 

m if fc^n tin njunberlic^S UKannlntt ju mdner ©cite, winiifl i#J[^J"' , 

*'""''" "§5|li(^ ttbet oUe SWq^ Bonj broiitigcfit, imb mit emer 3iafc, bit" ' 
nic^t oiel fleiner war, ol8 ber ganje iibrise S^ut\i)t felbft. ®abti 
grinfte er mit riner reii^t bummen ^spi^tcii qus btm breit gcfdili^ten ^^ • ■ " •' 
>**-*^ SWoBle ^erBor, unb miu^tt oiefe tawfenb ©djarrfii^e unb iBildlinge' t^.." .' 
A"^ eegm iiii(^.j SBcU mir nun bad ^offenftrid fe^r ntigbe^agtt, bantteio'^ 

ii^ i^m ganj bnrj, macf metnen no(^ imtner jittentben @aitl ^erum, 
*^""'^itab gebot^te, mir miaHbmaabe«ieufT,Dber,bofenii)^fdne«f8itbe, 
**™'~'bfn ^mweg jw fm^n, btrni ble ©onnc ttot loa^mib meintr toflm'" "^ 
I "^"'OgB^f'if'"' ^I'«'''e3)iittO9fl^^0en££5eftoiflfgBn8tn. ©af^jtong^- 
"'•**" "^owtotr Urine fftrl mit riner btigfc^Ken SOenbung ^erum, mib ftonb U" 
»bennal9 nor meincm ©engfte. — „^lo6 b<i !" fagf it^ iierbrleilti^ ;<*" ' ' ' 
■bo* I^ier ift loilb mib reimet bid) (rictjttid) urn.- — .IH," (^norrte ' ' 
'^'^"^ ba« ^tt^en, unb (at^fe not^ entfe^ic^ Uiel bitmmer ; „fc^ht mir 
^_t^ ^l^odi erft tin Xrinfgrib, bemi id) ^b' {a oict 9t(>)7ele(n aufgefangen ; '- '' ' 
' " ^£flt '^' ''^ "^'^ '™'^ fawmt emrem ERoffelein in bet ©teinfluft ba m 
unten; ^ut* — „@^neibenur Ielne<|}efid)tern)dter,'' fagte ic^, nunb 
nimm beiit @rib ^tn, meim bu au(tt tlig^t. beim fie^t, ber gute Sai^ ''" 
rff^^^botten ^et mi(^ gercttet, niiftt ober bu, ^t(cf)ft itrmlic^ ©ii^t.""'"" 
Uiib jtigtrii^ lieg ^ riit @otbft«ct in frine tomiberlii^e SKUfce foltai, ■ " . 
bie et bttttbib Mr mir obgejogen ^otte. Xiann trabte ii^neitti ; cri^ 
ober f<^e Winter mir brtfn, mib mot plitfttirf) mit mibegreiflii^'" " 
^^_j ©^neHigfeit neben mir. iJi^ fprcngte mrin atoft im ©olopp on ; 

V CT golotipirte mltlfo fouer ti il)m ju nierben fi^ien^mib \o tDunba-, , 
'"*— Udie, ^Ib Hi^erli^, ^alb (|rtt|lt(fB SJerrenhingen er babei mit (onem ' ' 
r*"^""8ribe Dorna^m, mobei er immerfort bofl @olbftiid in bie $d^e ^iclt, so 
unb bri jebem @alDp)>ffinmge fi^rtc : .l^aff^^elbl folf^eaRitnje! " 
golfi^ iKilnic ! m ®*f> '" Uiib ba« fr^jte er aw« fo ijo^ler 'f^^ ' ', 
Sru^ ^ouft, bifs man mrinte, er mUffe nat^ teglic^em @i^rei tobt 
e»^'*t JU ©oben fHlrjm. Siii^ ^ing i^m hie ^apidj rot^ S^it writ au« 
/tesa- ban ©(^(jmbf. 34 ^iett oer^rt ; \^ fragte : .iffia* wiDft bu mit si" 
betnem @ef(^ret? 9timm noc^ rin @oIbftttd, ntmm no^ ffo^Jft^^^ 



baim lot o'& "OH mir.''— S3a fbifl or roieber mit fiinnn mtii} (|8f« 
■ '-^ (i(^ ©rUgm an, itnb fi^norrte : ,®oIb eben nic^t, ®olb (oU e9 (bm 

nti^t fem7 tnetn 3unQl)cn[ein ; bee @t)(i|cd ^ab' i(^ felbften atlju 

tiel ; miU'a eudi 'mat jeiflcn." wt-ij. '" 
D ^t)a toarb ce mtr ouf einntal, a(e lifnn' \^ burd) bt n ghbien fcftai 

SBoben burdtfelffn, olfl fei rr grihiefl ®(aa imb bit eboie Srfae fugcfi*""'*-'' 

ntnb, unb briitiien ^ictten eine afienge ff obotbe i^ ©piel mit Silber^^j 
"'■"■--imb ®oIb. Sopfauf, fopfimten, tugeltcn fie fic^ ^tnim, {i^tDifft'VaJ^ 

cinonber jum ®pai mit ben Atm Snetalien unb t)uft£ten fi(^ ben 
^^-^ 10 ®oIbftoub neijenb in8 ©cfK^t. ajlrin ^fipie^er ©efntirte ftonb Iiolb 

btinnen, ^a(b braugeii ; ec (itg fidt ft^r, fe^r Dtel @oIb Don ben %t« 

bent ^auf reit^, imb jrigte ee mir lat^enb, unb fc^mig e« bomi^ 
•■■'""■ innner wieber tlingenb in bic unermepi^en fi^iifte Ijinab. ©ami 

jtigte ec miebei mein @olbftU(f, tvaS ii^ i^m gefi^tntt ^tte, ben 

16 Aobolbeii bntnten, unb bit iDoCt M^ Jiifi badlber f)alb tobtjoc^njinb 

'"^ jif^ten mtc^ ou8. enblti^ redtm fie oQe bie \!p\^\itxC^ttatU 

li^mut^tgen Oingec gcgen mi(^ au6, mtb isilber unb mifber, in^.,,,,,^ 
'■•••■^ bii^tec unb bii^ter, unb toUer imb toller (lomm hai ©ewimmet^j^^^ 
'.,.. gegm mi(^ ^erauf. "SHa erfagte midi etn @ntfe^, nie ooiljin 
so meintn @ouI ; ti$ gob i^m beibe Sporen unb roelfe nidft, wie melt Ic^ 

gum jmcitcn SRoIe toU in ben SQJalb Ijinein gejagt bin. 
..J. '--•— -^^(g i£^ m,n etiblid) mieber ftiU [|ieIt,iDar e« Slbetibfil^Ie ummii^ 

^er. Inin^ bie ^"'f'fi* f"^ '"^ ""*" toei^cn tJu^pfab teml^ten, Don 

bem i^ meinte, cr niiiffe au8 bem gotfte nai^ bet ©tabt W'^^i^ffi^ 
«s JJ*^ iDoltte mit^ bo^in burt^orbejtcn ; aber ejn gonj mi^t€, unbe'irt 
' ■■ ' Ttt^ aintUlj, mit immer ioed)fcttiSien ^fc'aen^Tif) "1*^ jWift^i ben 
1, . < (- Slattern entgegen ; idi woUte i^m ousipcic^en, aber wo idi ^intam, 

■J --^ toor e« oni^.^ "^tgrimmt gebod)^ ii^ enblii^ mem 9to| borouf to8 ju^,^^ 

' ' i- tteiben, ba f))iubelte efl mit unb bem ^ferbe neigen ®(l)aum entgegen, 
'rt- so bag mtr betbe" gcblenbet limioenben mufeten. ©o trieb efl une Bon., _^ 
./..t @(^ritt ju i^ritt, immec Don bem^u^cige abroarta, unb tieg un8 
. ' '^ flber^au))t nur nac^ eiuer einjigen »i(f|tung ^in ben Seg noi^ frei ; 
. ' -^ 30flen Mir ober ouf biefer fort, fo mar e* roo^l bt^t Winter uii8, l^at 
■^J- imS jdiott) nit^t baSOeringfte jn Seibe. SBenn icfi mii^^atjit biflmetlen 

wnot^ ifim umfo^, merfFe ii) mol)l, bag baS meife, ftiniWnbi?3Ini(t6. ""^ 

ouf rinem eben fo meifeen, ^ildjft riefenm^feigen aoriier \a% SDicuu^ 

Vus ^Unbinc" 29 

tno( boi^ u^ out^, ofs fei ee tin roanbelnber ©pnngtininuen, aliti 
j(^ tonnte nientald ieif)t bariiber jitr ©cratg^eit lommcn. l£Tiniit>et 
galwn 9lo6 ""'' iReiter bein tre%iibeii, roa^m aJ?onne noi%, bet un8 " ^ ' ' 

*'*'**^^imni(r mit bem ^pfe juniifte, a(8 inoKe et fogen ; ,©d)on re^t I 

f(f|on ret^t I" Unb fo finb toir cnblii^ an ba6 ISnbe Ih:9 SolbeS t)ier s ^ 

^«Y ^"ouS fle^ttunen, too ii^ Mqfcn iiiib ©eeRut^ unb rare flrint ^iitle "* 
fa^, tu^ iDo bn lunge toeige SRann Derft^iDORb." 

,®ut, bag er fort iff," (agte bcr aitt Sifdjer ; unb mm degann er 
boDon ju [prei^n, mie fein ®aft auf bie bcfte SBtife miebcc ju fetnen 
geuten naij^ bar @tabt }in;U(f ge(angen fiinne. X^ariiber fing Unbtne lo ^ 
on, ganj teife in jit!) fdbft l)incin ju fidjcni. ^ulbbranb merfte efl ''^^ 
nnb fagte : n^ bcu^te, bu fli^eft mic^ gent ^icr ; voa& frrafl bu bii^ 
twin mm, bo non meinet 91brcife bic SRebe 1ft?" 
^ g^ .^ ^,gBtit bn ni(^t fort toimft,- entgegurtc Uiibinc. „'?Jrot'' e9 boi^ y 
'mol, bmr{^ ber. Ubergetreteraii SEalbthrom \ix fcfien, miTHh^n, mit 15' ' 
9?o6 ober ofWn, luie bu 8uft ^nft. Dbcr pxob' c« ticb« njdit, benn bu 
■*^***'*' toiirteft jettf^Kt ujerben Don ben bligfffiiiri! gettMraeiTStfimmen """»' j. 
unb 'Steiiien. pnb rooS ben @ee ange^tj ba weig i(§ wo^t, bet SBaler*" ' 
barf mit feinem ^^ne nidit n>eit genug borauf ^inouS." 

I'u. . ^^ulbbronb er^ob fi(^ Idc^elnb, uni jn fel)en, ob eft fo fei, toie i^m 20 
"•^■^"Unbine gefagt ^alte; berStltebegleitetei^nunbbaSSERdb^engaulelte ' ■■ 
fi^rjntb neben ben SDIiUmem ^er. ®ie fnnben tS in ber X^nA, icie 
Unbine gefagt ^ottt, mib ber tKitler mugte ft^i barein ergeben, ouf .'^— 
ber jur ^n\ti geioorbenen SanbfpiQe ju blcibtn, bis bie gCut^en f"^ 
tKrIfefen. 3Ud bie Xirei nai^ it)rer 9Banberung wltber ber^Utteas 
ju gingen, fagte ber jRitter ber JlCtinen ine d^r : „9tun, loie ift t«, 
Unbira^tn? bift bn bdfe, bo§ itf| bftitte?" — „9ltf)," wtgegnete fa , 
tnttrrif^, „Iagt nnr. SSemt it^ eu^ ni(^t gebiffen ^atte, mer meig, ' ' ' 
tnaft mx!) aOeS oon ber Sertolba in eurer (Sefdiii^te vorgclontmen 
mare!" so 


SaS ®#{«| an Rmr. 

{loft bu bad @i$Iog Qcfe^cn, 
!£)ae fy)^t @t^(og am Sneer? 
©olben unb rofifl loe^ ''•>,; ■- 
Die ©ollen btiiber ^er. ^^--^v 
& tnih^tt fu^ niebcrnctgm ^ .^^ -c.-,. 
3n biE fpiegetllott glut^ ; c:^- — -^ 
(&t vM^it ftrtben imb ^elgen '•'^ 
3n bet abentooKeu ®lHt^. '-^ 

£)a9 ^oi|e ©t^Iog am SReer, 

Unb ben 9Ronb borttber ffe^eiv 

Unb 5WebeI loeit um^tr." 

S)er SBinb iinb be9 iKttrrt JBaneit,- 

®abEn fie frifrficn fflang? 

ffiema^mft hu ou9 f)oI)en JjaHnt 
. ©tttten unb Seftgcfong? 

nVit aSinbe, bic Sffipflen aHe 

Sagen in tiefcr 9lul)' ; - ■ 
~@inem Jltegelicb and bet ^alfe 

^flrf tt^ mit I^rSnen ju." 

@a[)eft bu obcn ge^en 

X>en ^nig imb fcin @ema^t? 

3>er rotten aBiintet ffie^, 

S>ec golbnen ^onen ©tta^I? c .. 

^^Tttn Tie nid|t mit SEBonne . • > 

<£tne fi^tlne ^ungfrau bar, 

^Ktrtii^ Mte eine ©onne, 

©tra^Ienb im golbncn ^aax? 

ndQo^I \a\i i^ bie ISttern beibe, 

Ofine bet ftroiieit ?ic^t, 

3m fi^toarjen Xtaiietneibe ; 

5Die aunflf^**" fn^ ^"^ mifi.'' 


7m 9cab. 
Srr Siri|iit ZS^tttlein. 

<Si jogcn brct ^rfAt tto^I ttl>er ben St^lit, 
^ct etner t^iou Sirt^in, ba le^rtcn fie ^. V"- 
„3n)u Sirt^tn! ^at fie gut 9ier unb SJein? 
So ftai fie i^r fc^ilnee ZoittaUia?'' 
^'SRtitt 9ier unb Skin ift frifd| unb flar, 
3Rrin SEih^terletn liegt auf bci STobttitbo^r." -" 
Unb a(e {ie traten jitr Pammer ^inein, 
^0 lag ^e in eintm ft^marjen @d|irin. 
Iwr Srfte, ber f^tiifl ben ®(^Wer jurtid -> ^ ^ 
Unb f<^ute fti an mit trauTigem ^M : 
J&ii) I lebteft bu norfi, bu f(^iiRe 9)}aib I 
Qdi niiirbe bid) lieben ton biefet ^eit!" 
Ixt 3weite bedte ben ©j^leitr jw, 
Uub te^tte fic^ ab imb ttcinte baju : ■"'" *"" ' 
„9(4 1 bag bu liegft auf btc Zobtenba^r t 
3i^ ^ob* bt(^ geliebet fo mondfe* Oo^r I" 
Iter ©ritte ^ub i^n mieber fogtrii^, ■ 
Unb IKifete fie an ben SDlunb fo b'leit^ : ,.■■ 
n7>\i^ liebf ii^ immer, bi^ lieb' id) noi^ ^tuf, 
Unb nerbe bii^ liebm in Stoigfeit.'' 

Sol @riii. 

"SM ®rob ift tief in^ ^Qe, 
Unb frfHuiberlHift fein JRinrti ; •■■" 
(£« bt(ft ntit ft^marier {lUIle '^-^ 
(Sin unbelanntcd Sanb. 

3)ae Sicb ber Stm^tisaRett 
Iflnt ni(^t in(einem@(^oo8; ''■ " 
X)er gTcunbfi^ft Stofen fatten 
Sim auf bee {jiifitte 3noo«. - 


SerlafT^e 9niute rtngtB 
Um(onft bit fjfinbe Wimb ; -"'■ '•'"■ 
" ■"■" ©er ©alfe ftloflm britiflen ■;..■. ^- 
9Iic^t in bet Z\t\t @nittb. 

!X)oi^ fonft an btnnn Orte 
aSo^nt bit erfe^nte iRiiV; .c^.'. •« 
9hir buiil) bit biinHe ^forte ^,„w 
®ifjt mm ber {teintott) ju. Wn^^ 

Xue armc ^terj, ^iariebeti 
Son mani^nn @turni betoegt, v- ' -^^ 
,.K<-- Brlmiflt ben warren gcteben 



Set rdtet fo ffifit bim$ 9!ai$t unb 2Brab? 
(S« tft bet S3otec mit feinent ^nb ; 
(St ^ ben ffnaben loo^t In bem Vxm, 
Sr fagt t^n fuficT, cr ^^U i^n toarm. 

.SDlein ®o^n, nae bfrgft bu fo bong betn ®efl(l|t?* 
©it^fit, Scoter, bu ben ^Rttnig nti^t ? 
^]enSr{enti)nlgmit Jh:on'unb@4iMif? ' 
,anein ©o^n, t« iff tin 9Iebelftrtif.- • - - ■ 

bIJu tiebtfl ITinb, lomm', ge^' mil mir ! 
©or fi^ne <SpitU \pitV iif ntit birl 
"?''^' aRond)' bimte ffllumen finb an bent ©trnnb ; 
a^eine SSIutter ^ot moiii^ giHben ©enranb." 

SRein Skater, mein 9}ater, unb ^fireft bu nii^t, 
iBai Si(cn!anie ntir Irift Deifptitfit? 
'^'^ ,®el ru^ifl, blelbe niljig, mein ffinbl 
^ Qn bttiTtn SItlttem ffiufelt ber %i}tnb/ 


3>at ffzbie^tM Wnslcin, ! 

i^iDp, fei«er Staabt, bu mit mir fle^'n ? 
WltxRt StSf^ttr f oUen bidi marten f[^5n ; 
SKeine ZS^tn fasten ben nSc^Utc^en Wci^'n ia..i<^ 
xecj< £ *o.i, Unti tniegen unb taitjen unb ftiigen bi^ dn." 

Sndn S3atR, metn SQater, unb fielift bu nti^t bort 
&:ffilmfl8 Ifldjter om bflftmi Drt? ■? ''*■-/ 
,9Hein ©o^n, mein ©o^tt. Id) (e^ e« flcnou, ' '■"-' '■;' 
''""~* e« [(^nen bie alten SBriben fo grou." f '"/ 

'-''-^ i.3^ fiel^ *«%' niii^ rtiil ^eiiw M8ne ©eftitt, ■' 

Unb bift bu nic^t ivtUig, {o bnnu^ 14 ©emtf'^V'- ' 
aRein ^ater, tnctn S^ttr, jcfit fagt er mu^ an, 
CtlKnla ^ot mir tin 8db« flrt^onl ^^^ — 
^•^ «iDem SJotec flraufef «, tt teitet flef^winb, 

Get ^filt in ben Snnen ba« iiiljjenbe ^nb, *•■"• --^ 
/.—.^ ffinridit ben $)pf mit SDItt^' unb 5Rot^ ; ' .^— / - 
cBi^/^.y.^l 3n fdnen annen ba8 ^irtHMt tobL 


3)if )ttiroi|ntt Wngltin. 

3lt etnem tU^ten ©runbe 
3)0 flt^t ein SDW^Ienrob, »"i' " ■ ■ 
aWelii'8iebfteifttterftf|»unben,»£.' '' 
S)ie bort gemo^net ^at. ~ 

®ie ^at mir Xreu* uerfproi^ 
@ab mir ein'n 9?ing babtf, 
@ie ^at bie SIreu' gebcod)en, 
SDtetn Stinglein ffirang cntjwd. 

Ot^ ntfltK ol9 ©pietmonn rrifen 
mvX in bie Self '^tnauS, 
Unb fmgen meine SBeifen, '--■-''-'•■ 
Unb ge^'n bon {)oue ju ^aus. 

3d| nUh^e a[« jReiter fliegen 
SSo^t in bit Mnfge ©t^lni^t, . Google 

Um fitillt Seun liegm 
Qm geO) bci bunller Iflaifi. 

^i* id) bae aRil^tmti ge^ 
34 todg irii^t, load ii^ mill ; 
dd) mihlff am licbftm fterben, 
!Ca mar's auf eimnal ftill I 


9ei etnem SJirt^e tuimbmntlb, 

^Eu mar ic^ tlingft ju (9afte ; 

Sin flolb'ntt Stpfel mar frin ©^ilb "^^ 

Mn einem laitQcn 8l[te. *■•"-•*- 
(Eft mar ber gutt SttifelbatDn, 

Sd bem i($ einQtle^ret ; 
-^-'- SDlit f«6er ffioft unb frtf(f|tin ©(^omn ^--i 

{Mt er tnt(^ loo^I genii^rct. t^-uut 
.^ Ss Tomen in fetn griineft ^mai 

aStet eei(^t bef^tptngte (Mfte ; 

©ie ftjronflcn feci unb Ijitlten ©i^moue/ ' 

Unb fangen auf boS %eftt. 
3f4 fanb ein Sftt gu fUgtr SRu^ 

Huf nwi(^en grllnen 3HattEit ; 

S>fr iffiirt^, K beetle f((6ft rai^ ju 

anit fctnem tU^len ©flatten. • 
9iun fragf icf) nai) ber ©(^iitbiflTeit, 

Do ff^Uttetf et bm SBJipfeL ^ - ■ • '^ " 
^-^-^ ©tfegnrt fd er aQejrit, 

Son bn SBitrift Iiie junt ©ipfeL 

.fn'i guben ju^ bei ntir ju %a\t\, i^"'.'*- 
jDttgmoI lebten fit in gtieben, 
%tt&/i unb Stonii^, fagt bie gobcL 

©ribm nuK^l* i(% roagj itrcditt/ ^-^^l^ 
/^'*A. JBitpftt fllewit bit jtoflftm loiibcii ; C^''' 
vU***/. ffieUttW)n©«^a(al8®ef(^te,^'.^"*< 
' / i^--t gtjf id) bri fltfi^wollnt Jroubnt « i ^ ■ • * 

l^^-fst^ ©c|f i(^ mige^mnt bagcgcn, 
SG3o fuf) Hot iai Gltmcntt 
©oCto imb ©iIberPf(^tein rtgnu i-.^^^ 

^ttetigrbenfJiH^eefe^ \/' 
:U *• ?(uf bet flgt^en ©f^flffel ^aufen, "^ ' ~ 
,„, . gjribift^ mfl^t i^r gefte^m : t-^;^- 

SBdd) tin 9ppetit jinn Sc^mouftnt /''"-' '' 

SBwrnteSJoBtl, Bonjbebitj^tig, t^,'- — .w-'t^ 
'^„ €ii^ luif tincm gu§e witfltt, •-■ ■ - - . ^_ , 
i—j^"'^ ?>4f* wi* ©iJfnaM/ jort unb f^iU^dfl, '^'~' 
tu-y^-*' h^"i^ "01^ b"' Sifi^Mu ((^mitfllel »— '^ 

IDorftnb frtutenlie btim ffionbeni - -^ -'y 
@i4 btc Zouben, M ^kt Si[(^ ; 
3«btr fpoHde bta onbern, ' ■''' 
ai« fltnfi^rt am flo^tiftfy^ ■ ■■'• •'■■ "- 

SQMKft nit^t ©a(j unb ©t^ijolj Beriieten, ' ' '_ 
c^jie....»^aKutt, fltmflg ben Urgtfd^it^ten, a^-.-^ '-"'-v 
SBom bit gtute mlflft gaftirtn, ** ' ' ■;■- < 
**^" !Di(^ n(u^ ©^noitfutib i^otetrii^tCT* '^— - ,^ 




***«m Sltiflrunb tatet bet ((^mir»[ii%te©te8, -^t-* 

(Er fuiirt }nif(^ ^ben unb @ttrt>en; 
' ' " @8 ffjerren bie 9ttefen ben einfamen 2Su 
•''- Unb broken bit eroifl SJerbtrbeny*"'*^ ^ - *. 
. '^ Unb tDiU[t bu bie ft^tofenbe SOuin ni(^ votdm, 

®p monble ftiO bur^ bie Stco^ bei ®(^r£den. '^-•w^ 

" * (E8 fi^webt eine fflrUcte, ^oi^ iibec ben Stmib ••^•. 
'"* Der furdtttorai Ilefe eebogni, **-*• 

<«c @ie narb ntd)t erbouet Don 3Renf(^en^b, 

ee ^tte fi^'8 feiner Benopgen ; *i«^-- 
'**' SDnr @tront braitft unler i!|t fpdt ut^ frii^, 

'^ ©pctt eroifl ^inouf, unb jtrtrUmmert fie nie. "* ■■ f^' • 

* '*■"*■ Qi offnd fi(f| fi^toarj tin fi^aungts SE^or,"*"* 
S)n gloubft bid^ tm 9tei(^e ber @(i)aHen, 
J)o tljut fi[f) ein lodjenb ®tianbe fervor, ^*-^"-A-- 
©0 bet ^erbli unb ber grttfline fiiJ) gattm ; *— - ■:; 
81u8 bt8 fifbens SmU^tn unb miget Ouol 
ma^t i(^ flte^ in biefee glUitftligt Zifai. 

fSitt ©tTtimt braufim ^inob in bai ^tb ; 

-'■^ Q^x Quell, bft ift ewig Derborgen ; ^.' ■^"'* 

@ie flicSen not^ oUen nier ©trafeen ber SBett, 

9;<u^ 3Ibenb, Sfioxb, ^ttag unb a^oTgen ; 

■ ^ Unb MJie bie aJhittcr fie toufi^enb gebojrot, ■ / ■■ '■ 

{^ort fiie^n fie, unb bleiben fii^ emig oertoren. 

3wci3*U'«" wj<" infl ©lane ber Sirft,''"^ '• * 
$)o4 fiber ber SDIenfc^n ©efdjledfter, ^,^ „ 

3!)niuf tatijen, umfcyeiert mit gotbenem Duft -r^* 
'■^■^ S)ie ©ojfen, bie !)immlifrf)en 3:fi(f)ter. 

■ '— *®ie ^ften bort obeii ben einfajnen iRri^'n, '•■■■•■ * * 
^u-j I)a ftellt f«^ lein 3f"flf' ^i" 'rbtfiSer, ein. "^"^'t 

(&i fifit bie ^nigin ^ix^ unb Har 

auf anwrgtoflU^em Jljrone, .Google 

£ite @^' umtrilnjt fit ft^ wunbtrMr 

SDtit btamantener Jhrone. 

^rouf f^ie|t bie @oime bit ^feUc bon Si(^t ; e..r.>■.^^^^^' 

@it MrgoQien {ie nur, lutb emdnntn fie ni(^t. 


Sit Sm-tlei. 

0(^ loctg nidft, teas foil eS tidituten, vw>«as< 
DoS ii^ fo trourtfl bm ; 
(Sill 3)?ii^cd)tn au« atten ^tm, 
3>ift fommt ntlt nic^t ans bem Sinn. 

£ite Suft tft m^l unb td bunMt, 
Unb ni^ig ffiegt ber SH^ein ; 
Der ©ipftt be9 Serflt* fuiJelt JftV^"l. 
Otn Sbcnbfotmenff^ein. 

X)ie f^nfte S'ungfrQU fi^t 
X)ort oben iDunber&ar, 
Qt/t golb'neft ©tft^nteibe bti^, 
@ie tiimiRt iE|i golb'nee {)aot. 

®te TSmmt es mit golb'nem Staram, 
Unb pngt ein 8ieb babri ; 
£iaa ^ cine tDunberfaine, 
i,*^;v^ ©ewoltige aWetobei. 

IWi ©(^iffer im Heinen ©(^ffe 

rfi^^o (£r f^aut nidit bie gelfenrifft ; <i==t -"*«■-* 
(Er fc^oiit nur ^inauf m bie ^6ff. 

"*^'* 3(^ fllmibe, bie ffitUen berfi^Iingm t-'.'--' 
Stm finbe ®(^iffer unb %I)n j '-^^ '/ 
Unb bae ^at mit i^rem @tngm 
XHt gortlti get^n. 

S>l Si^Iafi Biiitnxi. 
QSf ix&um' ale j^ttib ini(^ juriitft, 
Unb f(^iitUt mem greifte ^oupt ; 
"^ '^ SEBie fiM^t if|r micti ^ejm, l^r SUbet, 
X)u tang' i(f| oergeffen gefllaubt I 
.?r»*. ^01^ TQQt oM fc^tfgen ©etiegen '" ' 
1 u/u^.^ Sin fditmmenibeS ©i^tog ^ciDoi ; 
.ii^^ 34 lenne Me 2;l)ilnne, bit ^i'lit^'V 
S)le ftrineme JBdidt; ba« Z^ot. 

. .Sfl f^en Horn 2Bat))mifi^UK ^ ^' 
:'.\.,- . '.fc. j)j, gflmen fo tra^l{^ mf(§ an ; 
., Uifi* tj(§ grtifee bie adni :@cfannten 
vf. . T- Unb eUe ben Surg^of f|inan. 

SJort flcgt bie ©p^inj am Sngmtn, '"—- ■*'" 
Slort fltflnt bar getgenboum, 
iDort, ^nter bie(en genftem, 
Seitr&umf ti^ ben erften 3;Tauin. 

Od| tref iK bie JSurfltopelle 
•■•■■ " Unb (U(^ be« 8t^iili«m ®rab ; 

Dort ifrt, bort ^angt Bom ^fritec a' ^- » - 
Xue alte ®maf\tn \)tvai. 
SRw^ fcjen umf[prt bie Sugen •■ '< 
■ V.,. , ',- S)ie 5Ufle bet 3nft^ft nidftt, 

,..■.., -J SBJie f|eU burt^ bie tiunten ©c^ri^itB - ' ' 

!Cae SJt(^t barUber au^ MifL 
€o fite^ft bu, p iSd)log nieiner SBattr, 
Smir tren unb feft in btm ®inn, 
UiUi bift Don ber Srbe Detfc^mtben, 
*r-"— ©tr ^fUifl ge^ (Ibei bti^ I|in. 
@ei fnic^tbai, o t^euter %)obenl ' 
'■.t ^(^ fe^ne bidi mi(b unb gtrtt^rt, ■ 

Unb fegn* i^n jaiejodi, ttwt imnier '■ ' '- 
aSen ¥Pug mm ttbtr bi(^ fB^rt Cuxixle 

3^ obtt wiH auf tnii^ raffen, i*^*^^ ^ 

SDIrin ©Qitjnfpid In ber $anb,v'A..j'<''- i"#*n'-- 
95ie SSkiten ber @tb( bimliff^wtifen, -tw. *x\t^yi. 
Unb fuigen Don Sanb ju SanF. 

ffuf ktr ttcierfa|rt. 

Ueber bicfot ©trom, Bor 3a^r«i, 
:8bi i(^ tintnal fi^on gtfatirni. 
{lin bit JBurg tin Hbtntif^innner, 
.,4/. a)rttben roijft^t ba9 SBt^r, wit immtt. •'"'**- 

v>fe.ij Mnb bon bieftm fto^n umf4L<*iTtn t*'ft/.7-^ 
SBoien mit tntr gween @eno(Ten : m.~>.^ 
%(!() 1 etn t!reurtb, ein Dattrgteic^, 
Unb dn iunger, ^o^ungereu^r. 

3cner white ftiK ^itnieben, 
Unb fo ift er oui^ fltft^eben ; -V'"^ ^■'' 
SDiefet, bniu(tnb oor un8 aflot, fi<<.^--- ■ ■ / 
j;p;^,£. Q\t in ffoS^if unb ©turn gefoflen. 

€0, wtm ii) Detgang'net S^age, 
©lUdltt^, JU bttdtn waec eU.^ 
i.^^<,u:czxrr,^^ idf pet8 Oenoffen nriffm, 

Si^euK, bie ber lob entriffni. Ai.«,.-/* 

X)o^, U)a« aOe t^eunb^uft binbtt 
Oft »nut ®eift jn Oeift fii^ flnbet ; 
©eiftig ttoren icne ©tunbm, 
®etfteni bin i^ no^ onbunben. 

^tmm nut, Sct^mtonn, ninun bU 3Ritt^t, /^ 1 
fiC^u./.-*/ S)ic i(^ genu breifoiii biete I . ■ -.i ' 
^iDten, bie mit mil ttberfu^ren, 
SBoren gciftige Slotunn. 


SKein fiinb, Bir toaren ^ber, 
^tod iKnber, Hon mi) fro^ ; 
Sir trot^n inS |)U[|net^ciu^(tt 
Unb ficiften uiie unter ta& ®tro^. 

SSJir frii^ten mie bie ^^ne, 
Unb lanteii Seute oordet — 
JtifCn!lif|I fic sloubten, 
Se town $at|ncngcf(^m. 
'**■ I)ie JM[ltn ouf unfmm $ofe, V*^ 
iDtt tapEilrien reir nu8, *-t*^ 
Unb tDoI)nten brtn bcifomnten, 
Unb marten ein Donif^meS ^«.^*^^ 

3^e8 ^{a^bord attt So^ 
fflambfteca jum fflefu^ ; "— ^•"'' "* 
Sh: tnoi^teti i^r iSitdtmg' unb Sts^ 
Unb Som^Iimente genug. 

SBir ^ben nodi i^rem Sefinben 
SeforgKt^ unti freunblidi gefraijt ; 
Sir ^aben fdtbtm bagfelbe 
SDtonditr alten StaijC gcfagt. 

Sir fagen auifi oft unb \ptta^ 
iBEmiinftig, wit alte geuf, 
Unb noflten, aie atle« beffer 
©ewefen ju unferer 3dt ; 

Sie Sieb' unb :£reu' unb ©lauben 
SBerfi^munbcn au« ber Selt, 
Unb wit fo t^cuer ber Saffee, 
Unb roie fo ror bo« ®tlh ! 

fSorbei fmb bie Sinberfiiiele, 
Unb ailea roUt DorbeJ, — 
3)ad @elb unb bie Selt unb bie 3eita^ 
Unb @Canben nub Sieb* unb Xieu*. 

S)ic wttomtt Atn^ 

Sti fHIi eoiib. 

Oti«ftiat Sonbl 
SBcT (eitet una ^intibtr? 
edion XDtat f4 un« iwc abenb^itmntl triiber, 
Unb imnuT trUmmerooller loirb bet ©tronb. 
ffin leiM un« mil fanftei $anb 
$inlU>cr, odfl ^itiUbci 
Onfl ftiOe Sonb? 

3u em^, i^r freien Stiiuntt 
giir bit SJereblung! 3arte SDIorgentrilume 
Syr i^Onen ©eeten ! fUnf f gen 3>if(in« $fanb t 
Ser treu btfl Sebmfl j^ln^}f Eitftanb, 
S^iiiSt fdner (nffnung jtehne 
^« fKUe Sonb. 

%i^ Sonbl ad| Sonb! 
giir olle ©tunniebro^tm 
3^ milbefte Don unfeiS S^idfole JSoten 
SSintt und, bie t$aifel untgettunbt, 
Unb Icitrt uM ntlt fonfter ^b 
Qai Sonb btr grogen lobtai, 
0'n« ftilU eonb 1 

Sit inXnmt Air^c. 

anon ^ret oft bn fernen Sa(b 
Son oiien^ eht bum()fe« SOuttn, 
Xlm^ 921ttnanb md^ von wonn eS ^allt, 
Unb faunt bit ©age torni eft btuten. 
Son ber oertor'nen JMci^ foil 
2>r ftlong crtflnen mit ben Sbibm ; 
(Shift max btc $fab Don Salient M% 
iStm toti^ i^n tctnrr mel^i ju finben. 


^ilngft fling j^ in beat Woiht loett, 
Sd bin bctrefnn @leig fu^ bf^, 
au« btr ajerberbnig biefet 3*'' 
^otf t^ ju ®Dtt midi ^ingefe^tut 
So in b{i ^ilbntg mUi \a)Voitq, 
Senta^m tc^ bai ®tliiaU luieber ; 
Qt t)ii^er nuine ©c^nfiu^t ftieg, 
Qe tAiftr, noUcr Kong tS ntcbtr. 

!Dhin @eift mar fa in fii^ gete^it, 
3Rein @inn com jttonge ^ingenominnv 
SNi$ mir e8 intmer unertldrt, 
SQjie id) fo ^n^ ^tnauf gctommtn. 
£D}n: f^ien eg me^i benn Igunbert O'Q^, 
S^g i(i| fo ^iitgetrdumet ^dtte : 
ins iibcr fUtbtln, fonncnftar, 
®i(^ Bffnef etne fcrie ©tiitte. 

!iDtT ^immet war fo bunfelbtou, 
^ie ©Dnne nor fo DoU unb glU^enb, 
Unb eiiwe anHnfterS ftoljct 33au 
@tanb in bem golbnen Si[f)tt bl^^tnb. 
anir bimrten IfcUe aBolfen iH 
@(ei(^ t^ttigen, emporjulieben, 
lliib ftineS 3^]in:mcS @pj^ fi^ien 
3ni ftCg^ ^immel ju ocrft^iKbtn. 

!£)eT ®Iode MoimeooUn jtlong 

Sttdnte fdiUtttrnb in bent ^wmt, 

!Do<^ jog nii^t 3Rnif(^()anb ben (Strong, 

©ie mcab bfwegt Bon ^eil'gem ©turmt. 

SRic wor'e, btrfelbc Sturm unb ®trom 

^atf on mein ffopfcnb $)erj gcftftfogen ; 

@o trot ii^ in ben ^o^en !X)om 

Snit fi^manlent iSdiritt unb freub'gent ^"9^ 

SBie mir in (enm pollen ntor, 

Do« (onn i* nifijt mit SBJortoi [i^itttm. ,-. , 

Sit fltibtnbt SBtamt. 

©ie genfter Bl«t)toi bunlelHar 

iKit Qfler aBSrf rtt frommtn ?3ilbem ; 

S)ttim fQl( id), iBunbertam tr^ellt, 

Tm S3ilb jum Seben fid| emdtcm, 

^ \d) tfirum in cine SSktt 

SSon ^eil'flm graum, ®otte8ftreitem. 

0<^ Mete ntd»er am altar, 

»on Sieb" iinb ?[nbod|t flonj bim^pra^tet. 

$01^ o6eti an bet SDtde rem 

Defl $)'ininfl« ©[one 9einalet ; 

S)oi^ aii i6f iDJeber fa^ etnpor, 

Do Mwr gefprengt ber fflnppel fflogen, 

©tBffnet mar befl §immEl« a:^or 

Unb jebe ^ilQe weBgejogen. 

«Bo« uft fUr J)errK(f)feit flefdwut 
aJHt ftitl anbetenbtm (grftaimen, 
aSofl i(^ ge^flrt fUr fel'gen gout, 
ate Otgel mefir unb qI9 ^ofaimen : 
IWS fte^t iiii^t in ber 9Borte 2Rad)t, 
a5o[^ wet bornatfi fn^ treutid) fefjiiet, 
aitr ne^nte be9 ®elantfe 2Id)t, 
S>a« in bem Sialbe bnnipf ertSnrt I 

Sit fintenbe 8Iume. 

$offt ! bu eriebrt ti noi^, 
Z^ag ber grU^ling wiebertei|rt 
^offen alle SSinne bo(^, 
iDie be8 $erbfte« fflinb oer^eert, 

$offm mil ber ftiiren fttaft 
0^ iJnospen minterfanfl, 
»i« ^ miebet regt bet ©aft, 
Unb ein neitcS ®rUit entftjrong. GchhjIc 

^1^, icf| bin fein ftartei :i9aiintr 
Ixc tin ©ommnrtaufftrti (tbt, 
^a^ oertrdumtem SBintcrtnuttn 
Slate aen38ebi(^te loebt I 

8li$ I ii) bill bie fflturae ranr, 
SDit befl anaitfl ffug gemetft, 
Unb Don ber nii^t MeibI bie ®pm, 
Sfflie baft ndgt @rab fie btA." 

iSBetm bu bom bit SSbtm bift, 
O btfi^bene« @etnltl^, 
ZrEiftebi(^I beff^leben ift 
©amen allem, waft ba Mti^t. 

Sag ben ®titnn bed Siobeft b^ 
3>intn Sebetisftaub Derftreu'n : 
Suft bem ®tau6e ivirft bu tiot^ 
{linibtrtniol biif felbft erneu'n. 

,90, eft toerben nat^ mir btll^M 
Sli^e, bie mir fl^utit^ finb : 
(&xii tft baft ganje @ribi, 
^Rm baft @tnjle medt Qcftl^uinb. 

^cr, finb fie maft i(^ nor, 
JBin i^ fefbei eft nic^t mt^ ; 
^e^ mil bin 1(^ gon} mib gar, 
9tid)t juDor mtb ni^t nadi^er. 

■SBenn einft fte ber Sonne ©Irc( 
Sarmt, ber \e^t nodi tmi} bra'i^flanmrt, 
Stnbert baft nii!)t mein ®ef^t(f, 
XMft mii^ nun jur Iflai^t Derbammt 

©omie I ia, bu iiugetfl ft^on 
O^titn in bie gemtn ju ; 
ZSarum noi^ mit froffgem {)o^n 
anir au« Siolten la^elft bu? 

„SCe^ mir, bag tt^ btr Bertrout, 
ai« mii wa^ getagt bein ©traM | ,_. , 

3Hc ilitbcnbc Slunte. ( 

^g ita Sug' i6) bir gef^iaiit, 
Irtefrt Sebens arnien Meft 
£>tinnn SDtitltib ju entjte^n, 
©diGtgat uiU idi frantt>f^ft feft 
SRii^ in mid), itnb bir tntflie^'n. 

.Xnx^ bu fdimef jtft ndneft ©rimmS 
Storree iSld in jl^rtinen auf ; 
9!imtn mein flielienb Seben, nlnnn'8, 
(Sn>ige, jubit^inouft 

Qa, bu fcnneft nod) ben ©rant 
%ud bei <Bttlt mir jule^t ; 
HQtf tvaft Don bir mir tarn, 
@ttrbenb buiF t^ bir eft ;e^ : 

,%tler Sttfte anorgenjug, 
£«m ii^ fommcrlang gebebt, 
flUer @i^metter[inge 9(ug, 
j^ie um mi(^ im jtonj gefi^ebl ; 

Slugen, bie mein ©lattj erfrifdjt, 
Jierjen, bie mein Duft erfreut ; 
SBie aue !3>ift unb ^lan} gemifdit 
S)u mii^ f(i)ufft, bir bonf i(^« ^. 

.<Sine 3ierbe beiuer Selt, 
Sienn and) tint Ttetne nur, 
Siegtft bu m\iit mtt'n im |$e(b, 
SKit We ©tern' auf ^iSlj'ter glur. 

IStnen Obnn ^adf ii^ no(^, 
llnb er foU tein ©eufjec fcin ; 
@nen J8li<t junt $imme( %d^, 
Unb JUT fdjilnen iS^It ^inein. 

.ISm'gee tjlammen^g ber fBic\t, 
Sa$ Dtrglimmen mi4 on bir I 
{jimmel, fpann' bein btoueS 3^1^^ 
aSein wrgriintea finfet ^ier. ■.Gotwle 

anorgenbift, ^l bcinein SBk^'n! 
O^ne ^mmer f<l)laf i(^ tin, 
C^ne ^offnung aufjufte^'n.- 


Sir fagtn am gifc^fioufe, 
tlnb fc^uttn niu^ ber ©u ; 
S^tc Stbertbnebft Eatnen, 
Unb ftiegen in bit ^6ff. 

Qm geiu^tt^urm tourben bit 8i^ 
aOmfilig angefttdt, 
Unb in ber lueiten grnie 
Sorb no(t) tin @^tff enti>e(ft 

Sir fproi^tii bon @tunn unb ^iffbnu^ 
Siom ©renuuin, unb ttie er kbt, 
Unb jwifc^en $imme( unb SBafTtt, 
Unb SUiflft nnb greubc \<tiwbt. 

ffijir fprai^ oon fmien ^ften^ 
Siom ®iiben unb Dom Slorb, 
Unb Don btn feltfomen aJItnfi^ 
Unb (eltfomcn ©ttten bort. 

am ©ange* bufttf e unb leu^tef^ 
Unb SJicfeiibfiunie filiiti'n, 
Unb f(^iine, ftide SKcnfi^ 
SSor gotoflblunien tnie'n. 

Qn SotJpfonb finb ft^muljigc «tutt, 
^latttcipfifl, brcitmauIiQ unb fldn ; 
@it toutm unte gtuer, unb batfen 
@id) ^ift^t, unb quattn unb fi^rtilu 


^Xt sting. 

SMe SRiitK^ ^on^ten nnfl^, 
Unb enb(id| fprai^ Stiemar^ me^c; 
S)a« @(^t^ iDor nid)t mtfjv fii^tbar, 
IS9 bunfelte gac ju [e^i. 

Srr flUag. 

©or fern bcm ^imat^lanb, 
jTicf unttT mil ^Ufletrti^ett, 
2^f|algrUtib{, ©aatenfonb. 

On ftillen XTitumm jog id) 
Sen ^ng Dom ginger aEi, 
Sen ftc, ein $fanb bcr $iebe, 
9etm itbtmo^l ntir gab. 

Od) ^ielt tt|n Dor baS %ge 
Ste man ein {$emroI)r ^It, 
Unb gudte burdi bad 9?eif(^cn 
^emttber auf bie ZBelt. 

H luftiggrUne JBerge 
Unb go(b'ne« ©aatgefitb, 
^u foli^em \dfiiBtTx 9ta^men 

{)ter fi^mutft {tdu&^en ft^inunemb 
%m grUnen ^3erge«^ang ; 
Sort ®i^tn unb @enfen btil^nb 
Sic reidfc glul^ entlong I 

Unb weiter^in bie Sb'ne, 
Sie ftoti ber ©trom burd^jit^ ; 
Unb fern bie b(auen ^Serge, 
©ribijiDiii^ Don ©ronit. -.Goc^^le 


Unb €tl[btt mit btanlen Jhi)>)Kliv 
Unb frifdiefl Sarbergriln, 
Unb aSoRtn, bit jur jjerne, 
SBie mme @e^tifu(^t, jie^'tt. 

^t (Sibc unb ben ^inimel, 
Sit iDlcnfi^en unb i^ Sonb, 
S^ieg alltd [)ielt ot« 9IaE|nien 
iKdn gotb'nei 9Icif utnf|»imt I 

O fi^clntfl mO), ju fe^ 
ISotn iRtns ber Sicb* innf|Humt 
Zk Scbt unb ben {limmel, 
3Me a)?enfd|ni unb i^r Sanb! 

Snapnlfne aiftn. 

'« war Siner, bem'« ju $trjei( Qing, 
iDag i^m ber 3opf fo ^"ttcn ^ing ; 
(St ivollf eS anbn« jiaben. 

®o bentt ei benn : nit fang' idi'S an? 

3^ bit^' mic^ ura, fo iff« get^n — 

3!)er 3i|>fr b«r ^gt i^m ^inttn. 

SM f|ot er flint ft^ umgtbitlft, 
Unb roit eft flunb, eft anttiH^ fte^t — 
:Z>n 3op|' ber pngt i^m ^inten. 

Sa bre^t ei ft^nell fu^ anbcrft Vum, 

'ft ivttb aber noi^ ntd)t beffer brum — 

'^ .Sopf' ber ^ngt i^nt ^inlen. 

(St bte^t Ttt^ tmlft, er bre^t fii^ re^to, 
(Sft t^itt ntt^tft ®ut'e, ee t^nt nic^te ®(^(e(^e— 
J)er 5opf, ber I)ttiiflt i^m ^inlcn. , - , 

(Er brcitt fid) ttie eht fhrifet foit, 
S3 ^il^ ju Rtc^te ; tn rinem ZBort, 
3^ Bof f' bc)^ ^^iS^ i^it ^inten. 
Utib ff^tf cr bce^t {i(^ itninn nod) 
Unb beat : t» ^ilft am ISnbt bo(^ — 

Smi Vurr nnk ttbur. 

!Du ^ft jwc) O^ren unb tlncn SDlunb : 


®ar Sieled foUft bu f)6xtn, unb 

Stnig brauf fageiu 
Zhi ^aft jmei Sugen unb diten SRitub : 

STIodi' bit's JU eigen ; 

@ar fBlan^ foQft bu ft^, unb 

aSoni^cft Dcrf^melscn. 
3>u ^aft jari ^iinbe unb rinen SIbntb : 

Sent' e6 eimeffeu ! 

^nric fmb ba jur 3[rbdt, unb 

(Siutr jum iSffen. 

Offnc Zafri. 

Side ®aftt niinfi^ tdf ^ 

SRii JU mdnem Xifc^ I 

€peifen finb gtnug beirit, 

VSgel, Silb unb gifdie. 

(Eingelobcn futb jle to, 

^alHnfS angenonunen. 
{)&nft^ gtfi' unb ftt^ bii^ mnt 
@ief| mir ob fu tontmenl 


<St^9m JFhttMr ^off ii^ tnnv 
X)ie Don gar nh^ts nrifftn, 

Cinen ^mmb ju fUffen. 
Stngefabtn finb fie allV 
{jabot's anotnommm. 

{)&n«d|tn, ge^'uiA fle^ bii^ urn. 

@ie^ mit ob fie toimnenl 

grauen betiT fi$ aiu^ ju ftfi'n, 

!9>it ben S^gatttn, 

XBatb tx iamtx bnunmiscr^ 

^mmer tieber ^ttcn. 

(Stngetaben nrarben fie, 

^aben'fl angenommeit. 
$dne(^en, ge^' unb fu^ bi(^ uml 
®ie^ tnir ob fie tonnnenl 

Ounge ^ert'n berief i^ mtf), 

9!i(f)t im mlnb'ften eitet, 

!X)te fogar befc^eiben finb 

mt gefiilltem ffleutci ;' 

!Ciefe bat i(^ fonberlidi, 

^btn'fl angenommen. 
^dnSc^, ge^' unb ftel) bii^ unt I 
®ie^ tnir ob fie fomnten t 

antinner (ub Id) mtt Slefpett, 

SMe auf i^re granai 

@ani aQein, itfif)t neben au9 

anf bte fi^nfte fi^auen. 

@ie enuleberten ben @nig, 

^oben'S ongenomtnen. 
^finedKH/ ge^' imb fie^ bic^ mnl 
@teE| mir ob fte tommen I 

Z)t(^tei Ii^ ii^ an4 ^eHxt, 
UnfR Suft JU tneftan, 

2Mt »cit liebet tin frembcs ^A 

SUIe biefe fthmnten tin, 
Rabat's angntomnten. 

^SaMfttt, ^tif uitb fie^ bt(^ utn I 

€ie^ tnir ob jie bnnnnil 

^04 i4 fc^t ?Iicmanb gt^n, 
@t^ ?Iieinanb rtnticn I 
€u))|K bt^t unb fitbet rin, 
9ralat mill Dttbienneii. 
S(^, nit ^aben'0, filnfif ii^ mm, 
^ %mm senommen I 

^ndditn, fas', toaS mcinft bu idd^? 

£6 iDirb Slitmonb lommm. 
^ittiSdien, lauf unb ffiunie nt^, 
9hif mir ncut ®aftel 
^bcr totnme Wic er tft 
€i^on iffs in bar @tabt b<Ionnt, 
SSo^I tff« aufgntomnttn. 

^jHoidfea, maOf bit Si^Oren ouf ! 

®ic^ mic, ttiie fie tonuncn 1 


tSo^Iouf I tS nift ber ©onnaifi^ 
()inau« in ©ottes frnc !^t I 
®t^t ntuntn in baS Sanb ^indn 
Unb uonbttt ttber .@erg unb |$eQi I 

Sft btribt ber @tTom ni(^t ru^lg ftt^'n, 
<Sox (uftig laufi^t tr fort ; 
$«rft bu bt« Sinbcfl muntrrt aEBel^'n? 
<b bnuift von Oit ju Oct. 


S« rdft ber aSonb mo^l ^ imb [|cr, 
:Cfe ®PRne ab unb auf, 
@u(tt aber^ Serg tmb pl|t in* 3R<tr, 
Wt matt in t^rem Sanf, 

Ut^ Snmf(^, bu rtfiep fteU ba^rim, 
Unb fe^nft bid) mu^ btr t^' ; 
@d frifc^ tmb tDimble bun^ bm ^oiit, 
Unb |lt^ bit Qfitmbt gern ! 

XBer ncif, mo bit behi <mdt bU^? 
@o gef)' unb fiuli' rt miil 
S)eT abenb !ontmt, ber ^otgm flte^t ; 
SbttnU batb bit ®t>ui I 

Sag forgot [rin unb Sangt^tt I 
on t>o4 l>ei^ ^tntmet btou ; 
(S« toedifttt Sieubt fte» mtt 8etb ; 
SDm ®liide not uertrau'! 

@o toeit bii^ f(^Iie|t ber (riountl diu 
©crilt^ ber Siebe gnufit, 
Unb iesli^ $eij belonunt baft ©cin*, 
SSenn tS nur emftg fiu^t 



a)er ift ber ^ ber ffirbe 
©er 1^ SCiefen mU, - 
Unb i^i^ eeft^merbe 
On Hftan @^0Dg oergi^ 

Skr {^rer ^Ifenglitber 
®tl|dmen ®au serfteH 
Unb rnioerbtonen nlebn 
3u 1^ SBertflatt flc^t 


Snrgmaimalub. • 

Or ift mtt l^c oerbBntet 
Unb innigli^ vettraut, 
lint) tvirb Don i^r entiitnbet> 
SU9 UKir' fie feme S&taut. 

(£t pel)t i^r aQe Xa^t 
anit neuei Siebe ju, 
Unb f(^ut ni(^t i^ctg noi^ ^toge ; 
@ie Idgt i^ (eine mtf'. 

T)\t mH^tiQttt ©efdiic^ten 
Dec taiiflft Bcrflog'ncn 3eit 
Ofl fie tl)m JU 'berii^ten 
amt gceunblu^teit bereit 

iDet Borweft ^cifge S«f(e 
Umweti'n fein ^teefic^t, 
Unb in bie 91ai^t bet Sliifte 
©tni^It i^m etn ew'fle* Sti^t 

St trifft auf aOen iS^aen 
Sin iDO^Ibedmnte^ Sanb, 
Unb gem lommt fie entgegen 
S)m SQeittn feintr ^onb. 

O^nt fo(gen bie ©ettidffer 
{)iilfreii^ ben Serg ^tnauf, 
Unb oHe gelfenfi^Wffer 
^un i^re ®i^Ji^' i^m auf. 

6r ftt^rt bc« @otbe8 ©trtnie 
^n feines AtSnlgS {lous, 
Unb fdpUiIt bie ^^Diabeme 
9Rtt eb(en ®tetncn ouS. 

3var rri^t er treu bcm StMi 
Z)en gl&cfbegabten Sinn ; 
Do(5 froflt er ruutt ifftn wenig, 
Unb bleiW mil Sreubni arm. Gckh^Ic 



©te mBgtn flrf) mulirgm 
Km ^g urn @ut imti @clb ; 
(Er blribt auf bnt ©ebirgm 
£)cr frde ^crr ber SStCt. 


£ic kni Cbtw. 

Ce Uinten bid fctaMift @ltrm 
3ne S^unM bc« Stbene ^n ; 
S)it ©tcrne, bte funltin fo trautit^ : 
®it [|rifm gjeb, Siebe nnb Srin. 

ee (ebt in bet Stiimne Us gicbt< 
(£in treats, mitfUtitenbeS $>tr) ; 
3m 8irte nerjtaflt fit^ bie graibe, 
3m 8iebe Btnoe^t fidj b« ©c^mtrj. 

3)er SBdn ift btr ©timme befl 9tebt4 
3inn fceubigen ffiunber gefellt, 
Unb malt fidi mit glii^enben ©tca^ten 
3um MDigen griUjling btr 3Bc(t. 

^od) ff^mmtrt mit fmibigem Stnleti 
SJtt britte Stem erft herein, 
^xam ningfs tn ber ©eete loie i^ieber, 
iCtomt gtU^t ee im ^jtn uie Sein. 

Imim btirft benn, i^r ^erjigtn ©ttme. 
On unfre Snift ouc^ herein ; . 
C« begleite burc^ Sebin unb ©tetbeti 
Une 8ieb unb Stebe mib Sein. 

Unb XBein uitb Sieber unb Siebt, 
©ie f^mtiden bit ftftlii^t 9!(u^ ; 
3)nmi leb*, wee bae Jhtffen unb Sieben 
Unb Xtittim unb ©ingeit ccboifit I 


So^Iauf, Aanuraben, mfi ^ferb, oufs $ferb t 

QaS $eU>, in bit Si^^eit gejogm 1 
Om tlfclbe, ba ift btr !ED?aiin nod) nia« Dert^, 

iDa uiib baS $eij noi$ gemogen. 
S)a tritt tein Stnbcrer fui ii}n eitt, 
Sbif fic^ felber flc^t er bo ganj allein. 

t)a tritt [tin anbem fUr i^n Ho, 
9btf fi(^ fclbcr ftr^t er ba gonj oUein. 

8tufl btr Stit bit ^i^eit Dcrft^rounbtn ift, 

Wan fit^t nnr ^wrrcn imb ftnec^tt ; 
Vk 3alf(^^t ^tiTf(^, bit $)itittrlift 

Sd bent ftigen SRciifditngtfi^n^te. 
!D(i btm £ob iu8 3tiig(fid)t fditiuen tonn, 
S)ec ©olbat allein ift btr fcete Wlanti. 

X)f c btnt Zob in« Xngefii^t fc^duen Euui, 
Txt @o(bat aUein ift btr freie anonn. 

IM 8ebtn» atngften, tr luirft f« wtg, 

^ot ntibt me^r ju fUn^ten, ju foigen ; 
Sr rrittt bent iS^id\al tntgegnt Ud, 

XrifffS ^utt nii^t, trifft ti boc^ morgen, 
Unb trifft ts morgcn, fo (aifet una ^euf 
9Io4 f^mtftn bit Slttge btr Kftlicfitn 3eit 

Unb trifft a morgtn, fo (affct uM I|titf 
Wodt fc^iUlrftn bit 9ieige bet ffiftlt^tn 3eit. 

Son bent ^tmmel fdtlt i^ fein tuftig Sood, 

Qrau(^« md)t ntit Wtif' ju trftrtbtn, 
Zw ^^ner, btr fuc^t in btr Qrbt @cf]oo& 

S)o mrint tr btn ®(^§ ju tr^tbeit. GooqIc 

Sr QiBfpt utA f(^ufelt, fo Uat% a Ubt, 

Unb ffUbt, bie er tnblii^ fetn @cab fu^ grSlPt 

(St ff'AU mb ff^ufelt, \o [ang cr Itb^ 

Unb griibt, bi« er enbli^ fein @rab f^ grttbt 

S)CT Mriter unb fein gefrfittinbes 9io|, 

©it finb gtfUit^trte ©ttftt. 
£« flhnment bie Samfien im ^odiidtsfi^logr 

Unselabm totnmt ci junt Stfte, 
(£r isirbt tiu^t langt, tr jriget nii^t ®o(b, 
3m ©tunn errinflt er boi 3Riiine(oIb. 

Sc loirbt nte^t lange, er jeiget ntf^t ©olb, 
3m ©hnrm eniiiflt er ben SDlinuefoIb. 

SBantm tueint bie 'Dim' unb Drrgritmet ftt^ fi^ier? 

Sag fasten ba^iu, tag fa^ren 1 
(5r t)Qt auf (Srbcn ttin bleibenb iQuartier, 

Stmn treue gietr" niiift bemo^reu. 
XlaS lafi^e @f^i^at, e« treibt i^n for^ 
©eine SRu^ lil|t er an feinem Drt. 

Dafl rofi^ iSd)liffaI, tB treibt i^n fort, 
@rint ^ff liigt er an tdnem Ort. 

!t)nim frif^, flameraben, btn 9}a))tien gejOumtl 

I)it «ruft im ©efedite fletufttt ! 
®ie Ougfitb broujet, boS ?ebcn ((^8«mt ; 

grifd) auf I e^' ber ®cift n«^ oerbafttt. 
Uitb fe^t i^r ni(l)i ha9 Sebeii ein, 
9IU wirb eut^ ba« gebcii eooonnen fein. 

Xlnb ff^ iftt nit^t bae Seben ein, 
giie Wirb tw^ ba« Seben gewonnen fdti. 

Ski Svti^ e^toi^tnif. 

3icr 9re{|cit S^Io^truf. 

Det ®ott, ber ffitfen moi^feH tteg, 
iCer tDoUte feme ^ei^te ; 
2>nim eab er @iibel, @(^rotrt unb ®picg 
ajtm Sfflann in feint Met^te : 
tSytvm gatp er i^nt ben tU^ntn Sinitt^, 
S)m 3oni bar frrim Mebe, 
!Da| tr twftilnbe bis auf« ^lut, 
Sis in ben Zol bit S^W* 

@o XDoUm tvir, teas ®ott flciDoIlt, 
SRit nt^ter Si^reue ^aften, 
Unb ntmmei tm S^rannenfolb 
S)ie aRenfdKnfc^^et fpalten : 
S)od) iver ftir Sanb unb iSc^onbe fii^^ 
S)cn ^auen roir ju ®<^rben, 
ICer foil tm beutfc^tn Sanbe nii^t 
ami beulff^n anannem erben. 

O Xieutf^fotb, ^etffle« aJaterlonbl 
D beutfc^ iW unb ^treue I 
£iu ftoifti 8anb I bu f(^l)ne« Havb I 
S)it f^raaren ivir aufft 3}tue : 
ICeni ^u6en unb bent Stnt^t bit 8(^tl 
^Da fUtfre ftrQVn unb Stabtn! 
€o jle^n nir auS }ur $emtami«f4Mt 
Unb Ivollen 9{a(^ f)aben. 

Sa§t bnntfenr was ttut btaufcn tamv 
On ^etlen, ltd|ten glammen I 
Qfft ^ntfi^n ade, Snnnn fitr JDIontv 
gilts SSaterlanb jufammen I 
Unb ^ebt bie (tcrjen t)imnielan, 
Unb ^tmmelan bie ^tlnbt ! 
Unb rufet ?iae, 9Bann fflr aRoitil, 
^k jtnei})tfd)aft Ijat ein (£nbel ,- 


8agt Htugen, »ai nut Slngm hm, 
SMe 2;commc(n unb bie ^l^ I 
S&vc iDDlIm ^e, SRonn fill £Bhunv 
37Iit ^[ut baa Ccifcn riit^en, 
Stit ^Inlifut, ^njoftnblut, 
O f^gei 2:as bn Stoi^tl 
3)09 QinQtt alien ^tutf(^ qu^ 
S)a« ift bit gtsgt ®a4< ! 

8agt ise^ert, mae nur roe^en tonnr 
©tanborten mffn unb ^{|nen I 
SE3ir tmOen ^ itn«, SDtomt fUr SRunt, 
3um ^elbentobe ma^nen. 
Sluf 1 fliegt, ftoIjeC ®ies«)3anier, 
$orait ben tU^nm 9tel^ I 
Sic fitgen, ober ftetbtn I)iec 
S^en fUfen £ob ber f^reital 

91oc^ ftarrte im ^eimlit^ 3>(immerlii$t 
X)ie Sitit bem SKocgen entsegen, 
91oi^ ttaa6)tt bie Qriit Dom ©c^Iuntmrr ni^^ 
5)0 btgorai fu^« Ira SC^e jn rtflot. 
Unb e$ Qtngt Eterouf rote ©timtnttignDirt, 
SQte ftUdittger ^ufft^oo unb {QaffatgelGiT, 
Unb tief au« bem SlBalb jura ®t^tt 
©prniflt rin gft^nlcfn gcmoiipneter Rneititt. 

Unb DKbet ratt oiltiem 9tuf fliegt bei Zn^ 
SSie Sroufen be« @titnn« unb (Stnolttcr, 
Unb Doroti auf faixiq fdimuibenbem 9Iof 
Iwt $Qrra9, ber mut^ige Mrtter. 
®te iaaoi, olB eUtt' (6 bem ^rniiif un bk ffidt, 
auf (teimfiiJfen ffitgen bunft glur unb gdb, 

Uttb bit fdnblif^ ^rg ju tptftrigen. 

@o ftiirnien fte fort in be« 3&albed 9I(uf|t, 
^mif btw fcS^ltilf oiifglil^enbtn 3}torgen ; 
S3oii| mit i^m tft aut^ baa SSerbctben envac^t/ 
68 tautrt nic^t litnger Detborgeii : 
3)cnn )}tiSt)li(^ brii^t ouS bcm ^inter^oQ 
^Ott gtinb mit bD))pe(t rtiitfrer ©nvatt, 
3)09 $ift^oni Tuft ftiE^tbar jum ®titite 
Unb bit ^d^wrrtn cntflitgen ber @drcib^ 

SJie bn Salb buitt|}f bonnenib miebtrflingt 
Son i^ren BewolliB^" ©trrit^enl 
SMc @c^lDtrtti fliiigen, bn ^elinbuf^ ivinlt, 
Unb bit ft^naubenbeit 9Jofft fteigen. 
8biS taufenb SSJunben ftrifmt fi^on ba4 9(ut, 
@ie oc^tnt'e nidit in beS ffiampfed ®tut^, 
Unb fitintr wiU fi(^ trgeben, 
X)enn grei^t gitf « obet gtben. 

^D(f| bem ^duflcin beS 9Iitterft iDantt tnblii^ bit ftiafi, 
S>r Uebnmtat^t inu| eft trltegen. 
XMfl @d)VDtrt ^at bit ST^eifttn ^innitggerafft ; 
iiie geinbt, bit matfjtiflni, fiegen. * 
Unbcjningbar tnir, tine ^elfcnburg, 
ftStntift ^arraS nod), unb [dilHgt fid> bitn$, 
Unb fttn Stog tciiet bm mutagen Stieitei 
^ati^ bit ^mtrttx btr fcinblii^n Steiter. 

Unb n t(t{it jurftd in btS Solbte ^(U^, 
9oflt irrenb bnrdi SIbt unb ®f^gt ; 
tMm flfli^s ^at a M Stgee ni^ %^, 
(Et wrfeljit bte hinbigtn ©tegt. 
g>i ^rt tt bit Stinbt ^intft ^^ bwin, 
©i^nefl Itntt tr tiff in btn Sorft ^nrin, 
Unb jnif^m ben 3ii'<<fl'x ivirb'S ^l(e, 
Unb tr fprengt ju ber lidittren ®te[f& 

T)a i^iilt n auf ^lilci ^fentwmb/ 
{litrt untnt bit Sogen braufcn ; 
Sr fte^t an bee 3l'^op<i'>tW^ fc^ninbelnbem Stonb, 
Unb blidt ^inimtft mit ®nutfen. 
Slbcr brilbm onf molbigen ©ergrt^^, 
©ie^t a frine fii^lmmenibf geftt fte^^ ; 
@te bitdt i^m freunblidi nttgtgeit, 
Unb fein $nj pn^ in lautemt ©dftAgat. 

31jm iff«, ate oV« i^n ^inttbenrief, 
IDod) t9 fe^ten i^m ©c^toingen unb i^^tt, 
Unb bti Hbgrunb, tDof)( fUnfjig Afaftmi tief, 
©^redt btt« Mofe, e6 fc^Sumt in bm 3ttgel ; 
Unb mit ©c^ubem baift tfi, unb bllitt ^inab, 
Unb vor fi(^ unb fitntn* ftc^ ftel^t er fcln ®rab ; 
(Sr Ijiirt, roie won oden ©eiten 
3^n bte femblic^n ©i^aren umiritnt. 

9}o(^ r>nn' «*' "^ ^ot* «'>^ Sttnbeft $Kmb, 
Ob Zoi in bm SSogen tx v>&iik. 
SDann fprntgt n Dor on bie 3cir'tt><'»)i^' 
Unb bcfie^It bem ^erm fcinc ©«fc ; 
Unb nd^er |(f)Dn ^(iit er btr l^einbc 2!ro^ 
Sbei f<^eu dof bent flbgntnb biiuntt fidi bafl 9Io| ; 
!Co[^ n ft)omfd, bag bie ilretfen bluten, 
Ut^ er fe^ ^Jnob in bie i^lut^cn. 

Unb ber Tit^ne, graitit^ ©^rnng gefinflt, 
Of|n bef(f|U^ Ifiii'xe ©etoolten ; 
SQenn aud) bad Slog jerfc^mettert Derfinft, 
5Der SRitter ift hjo^l er^lten ; 
Unb er t^lt bie ©ogen mit Irafttger {lanb, 
Unb bie feinen [te^'n an be9 Ufere 9}at^ 
Unb beflrilgen fmibig ben ^m'mmtx. — 
@oU oerldgt ben SDIut^igen ntnuner. 



^cr S«tt(tr. 

.!{Bae ^fir' id) bran^en not bem T^ot, 
SBaS auf bei ^rade f^aQcn? 
ga^ btn @t{ang Dor unfcrm Of|T 
^m ®aale nieber^oQen !" 
S)er fffliiifl fvt«i^'»f bet ^ofle lief ; 
S>tt Sttiabt [am, ber ^ttnig rtef : 
.Sag mtc herein btn ^Ittn I- 

.@cgrUgct feib mir, ebte ^mfn, 
©tgrUgt i^T, \^lim Xlainen I 
3EQel(^ Tad)tt ^immel, ®ttm bd ©tern I 
fEkt ttmtt iffn 9}amen? 
Om ®aal DoQ ^rodrl unb ^nrlJt^Ieit 
©if|(iegt, Slugen, «h^ ; ^iet ift nt(4t 3^1, 
©i^ ftaiinenb ju crgO^it." 

!Cei ©finger briidf bit Singen tin, 
Unb fi^g in DoUen XSnen ; 
S)te Stitter fi^outtn nrnt^ig brtut, 
Unb In bm iSc^dd^ bit @(^ntn. 
Syr ffidiie, btm baS Sieb QtfitC 
Sicg t^m, junt SoEine fUr fein ©ptel, 
Grate golbne Stttt ^o(ni. 

,^ie golbne flette gib mir nli^tt 
1^ Sttitt gib ben fRillem, 
JBoT berrn tU^ntm Slngefit^ 
©er Seinbe Sanjen fpHHem ; 
@ib Ti' btm ffiaitjttr, ben bu ^aft, 
Unb Ia| it)n no(^ bit golbne Saft 
3u anbtrn Safttn tragen. 

„^ (ingt, rait ber 3?ofleI jlngt, 
X)er In btn BTOcigcn mot)net ; 
Zutf Sitb, ba8 OU0 btr Aet|le bringt, 
3ft io^ btr rddilii^ to^ntt 

' J 

2)o4 borf 1(4 bitten, Htf i^ eiM; 
Sag mhr ben beften 9ti^ Sdiifl 
On yurem @DUit Kidten." 

<Et fe^f tt)n an, er trant i^n au« : 
,0 3:ranl vdQ fft§n Sabc I 
£) breintol ^o^beglUifltt {)au0, 
SBo bae tft fltinc <SaU I 
Sree^f S ni4 mo^I, fo t>eRft an mid|, 
Unb banirt ®ott fo uann, a\i idf 
^iix bitfen Xrunt tiu^ baidt,* 

& ffawb bi alten 3eiten etn ®(f|log, fo fio^ uiib V^f' 
SBtit flifinjf t« U6et bie Sonbe bie on bas blauc iOtcer, 
Unb rings Don bufffint ©drtoi dn blUt^enrriii^ ftronj, 
!Z)rin fprangen frif(^ ^nurnm fan Stcgenbogengtonj. 

ift !Cott fog dn ftoIjeT jtdnig, on (anb unb @iegen rtt^ 
Ore fa| auf fdnem ^onc fo finftec unb fo bladi ; 
tma tiHifl tr finnt ift ®d|redeu, unb wai et blidt ifl SJut^, 
Unb naft er fprit^t i^ ©eigd, unb mad n fi^rdbt ifl ®lut. 

(Ein^ iog na(^ bicftm ©djloffe dn ebleS ©dugnfaar, 
io '^r STn* in golbntn Soifen, ba Slnbce grou son $iaac ; 
!©er aite mit ber ^rft, er fof ouf fdjmudem 9io8, 
(£« fi^ritt i^m frif^ jur @eite ber blil^enbe ©enof. 

tXt Site \pTait jum Ouneen : „9Iun fti berett, meht ©o^nl 
S^nT unfrer tiefften Sitber, ftimnT on ben voKften Zon, 
s& mmm oUe ftraft jufonunen, bit Suft unb aud( ben ^mtri I 
<&i 0iU une ^uf ju rti^ttn bee SitniaS ftdntnt ^j." 

©(l|on fte^'n bie briber ©iUifler fm ^^ SSftuIenfoat, 
Unb ouf bcm Vtnm fi^ bet ftOnig unb fdn ®enia^ ; 

S>K ftitnigni ftit unti itiiibe, ale bMtt Siotlmonb bretn. 

S)a f(^Iug btr ©refs bit.®oiteti, er fi^IuQ {!e tonvbavoll, 
SNig ttidjtx, immec rtic^er bee fttang jnn O^te fdgiDoli ; 
SDonn ftriitnte ^immlifdi ^edt bed ^'Itiislins^ Stimme dot, b 

3De« aiten @ang bojivifi^, loie bumpfer (Sriftcn^. 

€te fuigen son S9<j unb gitbe, uon ferger golbner 3^t, 
Son Sni^ett, aniuinmvUibt, Don Zitu' unb ^eitigfeit, 
@te fingtn iwti aUem ©ilgcn, toad 3Ren[i^eiibnift buni)iicbt, 
@ie fuigtn Don oQnn ^otjtn, nxifl ^nenfdien^tcj er^t k 

S)ie ^ttflingSfc^oat Im Jtrrife Derternet jtben ©pott, 
S^ ftbnigd pro^'ge jhicger, fiE beugen fi^ Dor ®ott ; 
S)ie fiBntgin, jcrfloHen in SBtfinptti) unb in Suft, 
@it wirft ben ©itngent nieber bie JRofc bon i^rer :!8iuft 

,3[|r fyibt inein SBolf oerfU^ret, oertodt i^t nun meltt aSJdb?" i' 
X)nr jtilmg fi^reit e« toUttjcnb, er bebt am ganjen Seib, 
Sr uiirfl fein ©{^mert, ba« bti^nb beS Oi^^Qti'iS^ 'i9"ift bunflbnngt, 
S>raue, flott btr gotbncn Sieber, tin ^lutftia^I ^od| aufftirtngt 

Unb toie oom ©turm jerftobeii tft atl ber ^Sttx ©c^morm ; 
a>r ^iingfing l)Ot ueqriidjelt in feineS aReifttrfl Stm ; s( 

a3cr F(f|(ttgt uin t^n ben Mantel unb ft^ il)n auf baS Stog, 
(Si binb't i^n aufrtc^t fefte, Verlfigt mit i^m bo4 ®i$log. 

:7)oi^ DOC bcm ^o^en !^ore, ba pit ber ©dngcrgrdft, 
IBa fttgt er fehw ^tfe, fie oBet ^tfen iprofl, 
Xn rinn iOlannorfanie, ba ^ er fie jer{^t, u 

£>ann ntft er, bag te fdiautfg bun^ ®(^[o| uiib @ftrten gdtt : 

* 4 

•SSc^ eu(!|, i^r ftoljen fallen 1 nie tOne filtei Alang 
Itanfi eure MSume wieber, nie Soite nod) ©cfong, 
9!ein 1 ®ciifjer mir, unb ©ttt^ntn, unb f^eutt ®SaKnf(^ritt, 
ea eni^ ^ ®(^utt unb Wotitt ber 9ta(^geift jertritt 1 « 

„SJt^ m^, l^r htffgen ®artm hn ^otbtn SRiilniIti|t( 
Si4 jdg' ic^ bitfe* lobten entftefltt* ^gtfli^t, GckhjIc 

3Nig i^r borob wihwttk, big iebnr Quell Mtfitat, 
:Ca| i^r in (Unffotn Snstn Dcrfletnt, otriibtt liesL 

„SJ(^ bir, wnVifettr SRilrber! ^u fftudi bc« ©angnt^umfll 
Umfon|l fri alt bein jRtnQRt nO(^ jfrdnjen lilufgen 9lu^tn8 ; 
ft lIMa Statnc fd Dergtff en, in en'ge flo^ getaui^, 
@ti wie etn Iefete« 9W^, ht leere Suff Dct^atu^tl'' 

!Der Snie ^afs gerufen, ber ^immel ^af 8 geffSirt, 
jDie SRouent liegen niebec, bte fatten finb jerfltlrt, 
9Io(^ Sine ^o^e ©Sule jeugt Don Derfdirounb'ner ^roi^tr 
10 3Iu(^ btefe, fi^on geborften, taim ftitrjen liber 9Za(^t 

Unb ringft, ftatt buff ger ©Jtrtm, etn 6be8 ^tbelonb, 
fl«jn IBoum Derfenbet ©diatlen, lein Quell buri^bcingt bm ®anb ; 
3)e8 flSnigS Slouten melbet letn 8teb, letu ^elbenbu^ ; 
SkrfunCen unb oergeffen I baS ift beS ©SiigeTS glu^. 


10 SSflflfltf6nia ift bn SSloe ; mill er fein @ebkt burtlifGeflen, 
iESanbelt er n«^ ber Sagune, In bem \)o^tn @diilf ju licflen ; 
fSe ©ajelfen unb @Hraffen trinfen, faucrt er im dioifn, 
3ittemb iiber bem ©emalt'gen rau[cf)t bad Soub ber tS^comort. 

StbenbS, nenn bic ^eflen ^er glQfi'n im ^ottentottentra^, 
20 3Senn bel id^en Safetbergee bunte, R)ed)felnbe ©ignale 
91id|t me^r glititjett, metin bet jtaffer tinfam f^toeift bun^ bit 

Karroo, * 
SESerai im :E9uf(^ bie %ntilo)K f[f)[utnmert, unb am @trom taS ®nu : 

@ie^ ! bonn f(^eitet majeftfltif^ burrfi bie aSftfte bie ©irofft, 
X^o6 mit ber gogune ttilben glut^en fie bie Ijei^e, fi^laffe 
Hi 3unge Til^Ie ; le^enb eilt fie twri^ ber Silfte nadtt ©treden, 
ftnieenb fiUUrft ftt langen ^Ift« ous bem fc^mmaefUlUen idtdttu 

^ttljfidt regt efl fu^ hn Stoffre ; mU @chaa anf f^mt Stodcn 

3n titn SnaiOaQc^amment riner fKnigEtf^m ^ofhtrg liegen 
ate baS bunte gtQ be« Stennere, ben twr IS^tcrc giiift beftitgen? 

3n bie <KuelcIn be« @aiide6 fi^IOgt er ginrig feint 3ft^ne, & 
Um ben :Sug beS 9Iiefen)}ferbei3 Dc^t bee Steitere gdbc ana^ne ; 
3)tit bem binti^fen ©c^ret btS i£<^mer}ee ffJdngt e« ouf, iinb flte^t 

geprinigt ; 
@ieE| ! vte @tt|nelle be« jtaiit«le« ti mit $aibtl^t oereinigtl 

@te^ 1 bie monbbeftra^Ite glii^ fd|lttgt ee mit ben lei^ pgen I 
©ton «u« i^rer J>iJf|Iimfl treten ftine *ugen ; rieftlnb fliefen lo 

an bem bnuingefletften ^ai\t nieber fdimarien Suites STro^jfen, 
Unb bofl {wri be« flilt^fgen SC^ieres f|Brt bie ftiCe SBilfte Hopfen. 

O^rnn 3"flf f^'fl' ^" ®eitr, frfltfunib fc^wtrrt et buti^ bie 8iifte ; 
O^rer ^pvr folgt bie ^^iine, bie gntroei^erin ber @Ti|fte ; 
^Igt bee ^antlgeT, ber be« ffafilanbfl ^utben rSuberifd^ Dec^eerte ; is 
Slut unb <£(^eig bejeic^nen itfTti Sim^i groufniDoIle gs^rte. 

3agenb ouf lebcitb'gein Tyrone felj'n fie ben ©ebieter pjen, 
Unb mit fd)aifcr Siaw feinee ®i^S bunte $oI(ter ri^ ; 
StaftloS, bie bie Staft \^z ft^toinbet, mug i^n bie @traffe troBtn, 
©egen etnen foliiien Sleiter t|ilft fein Sdumen unb lein ©c^lagen. so ' 

3:amne[nb an ber Siilfte ©oume ftUrjt fie ^in, mib tdi^ leife, 
Zott, bebedt mit ©taub unb ©c^ume, tvirb bae 9tog bee 9idtere 

Ueber Smabogaecar fem tm Cften fie^t man gnl^fi^t gliinjen ; — 
@o buT(>|{))rengt ber £^ierc ftdnig nd^tlti^ feinee JReic^ee @clinjen. 

3)cr Znn^ti. 
JEitt tvagt es, StttterSnuum ober Staaipf, 
3" toudien in bitfen ©tljlimb ? GcKwIe 

ffintn gottntn >ota)tt nxiy k^ qhud, 
Serf^lBngen ff^on i|at i^ >>» i^oxyt aRunb. 
SSJer mir btn fflw^er (mm roiebet jeifltii, 
Cc mag i^n EK^ai, tr ift frin eisen.- 
X)er Jt^nig fpric^t e8, unb nirft Dm ber ^^ 
3>tr filltUK, bit fi^gff unb ft(U 
^inous^ttiiflt in bie immbtic^e @ee, 
Xtn «edKr in ber e^nibbe ©c^eut 
,?Bfr ift ber ffle^erjte, it^ frafle mieber, 
3h tmu^ In btefe Xitfe nieber?* 

Unb bit fitter, bie ^a)9pen mn i^ ^ 

Seme^mcn'e unb ({^iDcigen ftitl, 

©e^en ^inab in baS tvilbe 3Keer, 

Unb feiner ben S&^ifti gentiunen roiU. 

Unb bei Aiiiiig jum brittenmol uieber ^aget : 

„3P Reiner, ber fit*) ^iminter magct?" 

!Z)ot^ aQed no(^ ftiimm bleibt roie jubor; 

Uub ein Gbetlnct^t, fonft unb lecf, 

Iritf QU9 ber ffnoppcn jogenbeni S^or, 

Unb ben ®lirtel nirft er, ben snantel n»g, 

UiA ofit bit jDDIitnner untt|er unb ^uen 

%uf btn I)err(i(^n OUngting Minnnbert fi^aittn. 

Unb mie er tritt an bt6 grifen Jong 
Unb blicft in ben ©cfjlunb ^inab, 
!Cie SESafftr, bie fie ^Inunter fi^lang, 
Sic @^rt)bbt jegt brUKettb miebcrgab, 
Unb »if mit brt femen ©onnerft ®etofe 
entftUrjen fie fi^Humenb bem finfttra Sdiooge. 
Unb e8 matiet unb fiebet unb broufet unb jiji^t, 
SBJie tDtnn ©offer mit geuer [n^ mtngt, 
»i« gum |)tmme( fpriijet ber bampfenbe ®\\i^t, 
Unb glut^ auf gluttj fi^ o^n' tjnbe brdngt, 
Unb wrll fill) nimmer erft^Sfifen nnb leeren, 
W« noUtc bad 3)Ietr mO) m ^Otm gebfim 


S)0(^ etiMi^, ba legt fl^ bie toKbc ©tnaf^ 
Unb ft^ar} ou0 bent nteiten ©i^aiun 
Jtlafft ^inunter ein gii^ncnber ®)ia[t/ 
@iunbtod, ale ging'^ flt ben ^iiUeniaum, 
Unb rrigenb fte^t man bie branbetiben SSogen 
^tnob in bnt ftcubclnben Xnd)UT gejogcn. 

^i^v? ?' 0<8t fi^U, ^ bie %BpbmiB raidwfc^ 
' X)er f^Itng fic^ ®ott brfie^It, 

. , . Unb — tin ©dinf befl ISntfe^e nricb rtngd g'^"'^ 

cH^i'-- Unb fi^n t|(tt i^R ber SBiiibtt ^huvcflge^t, 

Unb BC^ctnutifiDell Ubcr bent fU^na Sk^mtmnieT 

@i^liegt f14 ber 9If(^ ; er jdgt ^ nimnui. 

Unb ftiOe rotrb'e nber bem Saffei-fc^Eunb, 

311 ber Xitfe nuc braufet ee [)o^l, 

Unb bebenb ^Ort man Don anunb 3U SRunb : 

^w^^jigei ^ttnflline, fa^re no^n" 

Unb ^o^ter unb ^o^ltr ^drt ntiin'8 ^eultn, 

Unb td ^arrt no^ mit bonQtm, mit fi^ndlu^m ^cilcn. 

Unb narfft bu bie ftrone felber fjlnrin 
Unb fpriWft : Ser mic bringet bie jhon*, 
<Sx foil fte tragen unb Jhlnig fein ! 
9]ti4 gtfilftete nl(f|t na($ bem t^euren So^ 
SSae bie ^lenbe Xiefe ba mittn Der^^le, 
SNiS erjd^lt teine (ebenbe glAdlicfie ®eele. 

SBo^I man(f|ee ga^rjeitg, Dom @tnibef gefagt, 
Sc^og gil^ in bie 3:iefe ^inab ; 
iCod) jerf^mettert nui rongen fii^ jNd unb SRaft 
{(erwor qu8 bem afleS uerfi^lingenben ®rab — 
Unb ^eUei unb ^Ifer, wle @timne« ©onfen, 
(l0rt man's nil(|ei unb immer nii^ braufcn. 

Unb e« mallet unb fiebet unb braufet unb jifc^ 

©ie Werni SiSJaffer rait geuer fi(^ ntengt, 

4)iS jum {)immel fpri^t bee bam))fenbe ©ifi^ 

Unb aSeU' ouf ffielf fu^ o^rf ffinbe brSngt, , Gchh^Ic 

Unb uie mit btfl fenim £}atatn4 @ttofe, 
tSntftibrjt rt brilUcnb ban pnftem €d|oiigf. 

Unb fte^ I au9 bem fuifter f(ulI)Rib<n @(^ogr 

Unb fin %nn unb dn glilnimbcr Stodcn wirb blo% 
Unb t« nibeit mit Sraft unb mit em^gan JfUi^ 
Unb er (|if<, unb ^d($ in ftinrr 8inTen 
@d|t»ingt cr ben JBn^ mit fmtblgem SXiflm. 

Unb ot^mdt long unb at^mrte ticf, 

Unb bcgrO^ ba« ^immlifi^ Z\^t 

mt ^^loden efl (£inei bent %ibcnt rief : 

JSt lebt I er ift ba I e« be^ielt t^u nii^t I 

Slue bem ®ra6, ous ber rtnibtlnbtn £^(Ttt^(e 

$ot bee SdtaXK gtrettet bie lebcnbe ©eetel" 

Unb er tommt ; tS umringt i^n bie jubelnbe ^djom ; 

3u beS ffiaiiig* gU^en et fin(t, 

S>en iBet^ refi^t er ii)m fnieenb bar, 

Unb ber ^Snig ber lieblii^ 2;M4teT mhttt, 

S)ie fiitlt i^n mit fuidclnbem Skin Hi jnm Wonbt, 

Unb ber ^Ungiing fu^ olfo jum JKnlg RMnbte : 

.Song (ebe ber ftitntgl & freue fu^, 

2Ber ba at^met iut rofigen Sic^t 1 

X)a unten aber iffe flltrc^lerltc^, 

Unb ber snenfdi oerfuc^e bie ©titter ni^t, 

Unb bege^rt nimmer unb ntmmer ju fi^auen, 

S3ae fte gnitbig bebeden mit ??ai^t unb ®rauen. 

.<£0 rig m)^ ^inunter bif^fi^eC, 
!Da ftlh^f mir one frifigcm ©d)nd)t 
SCiftiflut^enb fntflegen ein reigenber Quefl ; 
Wifi) fddte bee £lo))pe[ftroni6 tvUt^enbe WladiU 
Unb iDie ein»i ftreifel mit fc^ioiiibelnbem 'SMijttt 
JErieb mi<^« um, ii^ tornitt nidjt miberftt^en. r , 

JCa gcigte tnJr @ott, ju btm !($ tlef, 

3n ber ^9d)fttn fi^teiflirfien 9I(rt^, 

9uft twr S^iefc ragnib dn gelfntriff, 

SNiS trfagf tt^ iw^nb imb cntiann bem S^ob. 

Unb ba f)ing aiu^ ber Std)a an |pt^ ftonillcti, 

@o»ft mdr' ec titS iBobotlofe {jtfafltn. 

.S)enn tmter mir lag'C nn^ bergetief 

Qn papitmtt ginflemig ba, 

Unb oVi ^iec bem C^re gleii^ emtg fi^lief, 

!Cae %ige mit ©i^aubern ^tnunter (a^, 

SMe'e Don Salomonbent unb SRob^n unb ^roi^ 

®\<S) regt in bem furt^tbaren $c>llenra(^n. 

.©^tDoij iDhnq^tten bo, In graufem ®emlfi^, 

3>< ftiKugli^n ftbtmpcn geballt, 

Xvr f^adilii^ 9}(Hf)e, ber filiptienfifi^, 

Txi jammers grituttct)( Ungeftott, 

Unb briluenb nieS mir bie grimmigen ^&f)i\t 

X)n entfe^tdte $at, bee £D!«re8 ^^iine. 

.Unb ba ^g n^, unb ttoi'6 mil mit ®ranfen benugt, 

Son ber tnenfi^ic^ {lilfe fo nrit, 

Untet Sartien bie einjige fti^Ienbe ^ruft, 

SQein in bn eTtt^ti(^eti ISinfamMt, 

21(f unter bem ©{^aO ber menf^lic^ Stebc 

Ori ben Unge{|euem ber traungen O^t. 

Mob fdioubemb bu^f ic^'6, ba troche ^econ, 
Stegte ^mibert ®tlenle jugtei^ — 
SiU fc^nappen notf) mir ; in be8 ®d)rtSeni SBo^ri 
Saf id) Ids ber StoiaUt ijfntlammeTten 3x>"fi i • 
@Itii$ fagt mt(^ ber @tn^f mit rafenbem SEoben, 
iDixfi eS mat mir jum ^di, a rig nrii^ mu^ oben.' 
tiet ftOnig borob fli^ Demnnbert fi^ift 
Unb \pt^t : .Tm ^ei^ Ift befn, 
Unb biefen 9Iing nod) befthnm' i^ bit, 
Cef^mMt mU bem IBfgii^flni 6b((seftt{n, 


SSerfuc^ft tuf* mtc^ rinmal unb tringft mil ftunb^ 
Wxi bu fa^^ auf beS Wlma ttefimterfUm @naibt." 

£ia« ^Tte bie Zodfitt m\t wdcfrem ®cffi^(, 
Unb mit fi^intt(^(idKm aRunbe fit fTf^t : 
,Saf|t, SSater, Bcnng fein bafl gtoufo"!' @)rid! 
Cr ^at tu[f| bcftanbcn isafl tthtcr twfte^t, 
Itnb Mnnt t^r bes ^jcne @dttften niiit ja^mcn, 
®D mOgen bit Sttttcr ben finati))m beft^ttmm.'- 

Tirouf ber Witifl grtift noc^ bon Cti^tr filintn, 
3'n boi ©tnibel t^n fditeubtrt Ijindn : 
„Unb fi^ffft bu ben Crfjer mlr wiebet jinr ©tetP, 
©0 fottft bu ber trtfftii^fte Setter tirir fehi, 
Unb foUft fie ate (Stf^tmaifl ^oif nod) ttmonnaif 
^e iet)t fiii bidi bittet mit jartent (Sibormeiu" 

aUa etflttiffe i^m bie ©eele mit ^IttmtH^noait, 

Unb eS btitit au0 ben Slugen i!)m tii^n, 

Unb er fie^ errUt^en bit frf)iine ©eftnlt, 

Unb fw[)t jit erbidi^ unb fiiilen ^in ; 

txi trdbf ft IH ^ GffKtt^ ¥">« jn tmabm, 

VxA ^jt ^inunter ouf tJcben unb Stecbcn. 

So^t ^Srt man bie Sranbung, lDoE|( le^rt fu jurild, 

©ie wrfiinbigt ber bonntnibe @d»Bl ; 

1)0 bttcft fii^'fl ^inimttt mil liebtnbem SQM — 

<&i lommtn, ed tomnttn bit SBitfftr aU, 

@ie nmfitKU ^enmf, ^e touft^en niriKr, 

X)cn ^glina brinat tcintfl tDid>cr. 

Sk 8«ilet(e|fIi"B- 

(at ber a(U (t^emarifttr 
@t^ boi^ tinmol negbegeben ; 
Unb nun foUen feint ®dflet 
Xu4 luu^ nteitum SQiillai ttben. 


@riiu ZQorf unb SSedt 
anerff I6f, mib ben iSrod^ ; 
Uitb mh @dft{«flitrle 

aSBoUel naSel 

S>a^ Jinn S^k^ 

ZBajyer flit|e, 

Unb mit leid^, BoOem ®i^mtitSe 

3u bcm 53obe fi{^ rrgugt. 

Unb nun fonun', bu alter JBefen I 
9timm bit f(f|It[f|ten 6um|Kit^llUen. 
:S9ift ft^on longe jhiafit gmitfen ; 
iRun tifUQe meinen SiOen 1 
Suf jnifi Meinen fte^, 
JDtwn fet rin jiopf, 
lSi(e mm, mib qs^e 

ZBoael UMlle! 

SRon^ ©tredt, 

3)a§, jmn 3)K<{e, 

ffioffet piege, 

Unb mit reic^tm, oodem 'SHjloaXit, 

3u btm Sobt ^d| trgiege. 

®e^t, n (iiufi jinn Ufer nieber ; 
SDSa^rlicb ! ift \^m m btm glnffe, 
Uitb mit Sli^ejdineUt mitbn 
Oft et ^fer rait roft^tm ©uffe. 
©^on jura 3™rittnmate ! 
mt bae ^ecftn f^tmOt 1 
8Dit fi(4 iebe ®ifait 

ett^cl fttlie! 

3!)emi »ir Iiaben 

X)tincr ®atat 

SoUgmeffat t 

W), i<^ mof t» [ VM)t ! tm^ I 

^oti' ti^ b[4 ias Skict oergtJTen t 

$[(^ ! bas SBort, ivorauf am Snbe 
. (Er baB roirb, mafl et gewefen. 
"*^ H(^, ec Uuft unb brinflt bt^wbc I 
SBJilr'ft bu bm^ ber altt ©efoiT-^ 
Omnui note ®Uffe 
Sringt n ft^ntQ ^ercin, 
Ki^I iinb ^unbnl SlUfft 
©tilrjtn auf tnii^ tin. 

iRtin, ntc^ litnger 

ftonn idi'B loffen ; 

SBilf t^R faffen. 

3^a8 ift £ti(te! 

^ [ nun uirb mir tnnner bdngn I 

SJcb^eaRitnel mel^e Bfidtl 

'• O, bu anflgtburt ber $BIte ! 

®o({ baB gaitit ^rauB erfouftn? 

iStff \i) Uber jtbe ©dinKfle 

S)ac^ f^on SSafTeifttdme (aufen. 

<Sin Otmu^ter $efen, 

©er nli^^Bren Will I ■ 

@tod, ber bu geuefen, 

©te^' bo4 iDieber pill! 
Unb baB altt $d1j b^be 
SDHt bem fdiarfen ^(c ftKittm. 
Se^t, ba bmmt ec \it'toppttib widnl 

Sie ii^ nil4 nuc auf bi^ mtcfe, 

sin [tgtt Siller. 

©In#, Jfofolb, lieBft to nitktr; J-^ • ■ 

flroHtnb triffl bii jhtte Si^ilrft. 

SBoWiiJI broo jttrofftnl 

&?(, alftmtiloell 

Unb nun lonn i^ ^offen, 


edbt Urilt 

^on as Stnt^tt 

Itab fie toufen ! Sliaj imb nSffn 
«»*« im Soal imb ouf bm Stuftn 
ffitli^ tntftjliijw ®tii,af[er I 
Sot unb aseifttt 1 jili' mii( tufen ! — 
3I(^, ba lomint ber JHofter I 
*trr, bit 3(015 Iff jrotl 
SBit i4 ritf, bit (Seifttr, 
ajorb' ii^ mm irii^t Io8. 

•On bit <Sit, 

Stftnl Stftnl 

®eib'8 (icloeftn. 

'Dan m @ii(itr 

8!iift ti4 niir, jn ftlntm 5n>tift, 

Sift ^ttooi btr aitt Kiifdi.' 


Stt (ttli Siitltr. 
■SBaim tttrbtt i^r gotten 
S)tfl ©Ingena dnmor mttb'? 
Sann tnbliili auSfltfunfltn 


Oft nii^t fi^n lanflft geltttd 
"SM UtberflufyeS $otn, 
®e(rflfi(ft ni£^t alle Stiuntn, 
©tfdjepft f^on iete »ora ?- _ 

©0 toiifl' bee ©onneniMjen 

Unb mi rin Sffienfi^enQnttlfc 
3u i^m eni))or noi^ fit^t ; 
®o long' ber $)tmmel ©tiinne 
llnb !Connertei(c ^t, 
Unb Bono nor i^rem ®rinmie 
ffifn ^j niH^ jittemb ft^Iifgt ; 

®o long' nw^ Unflemitttrn 
ffln SRefloibogen fprtt^t, 
©in Sufni iioi^ bem grieben, 
9Io(^ ber aJerfC^nune glU^t ; 
©0 fang' bie 9Iot^t ben aet^ec 
Smit ©temenfflut befii't, 
Unb nix^ tin SRenfi^ bie 3% 
I)er Qolbnen ©dpift nerfte^t ; 

©0 long' ber SWonb no^ leu^tet, 
ffln ^i n^ fe^nt unb fa^It ; 
©0 long' ber aSoIb no^ touft^et 
Unb einen affilbcn U^U ; 
©0 long' mij ©erge griinen 
Unb iRofenlauben bia^'it, 
©0 long' no^ Sugen lia^eln 
Unb ^a son greube fprU^'n ; 

©0 long' no^ ©rttber trouern 
Unb bie S^preffen b-rori ; 
©0 tang* ein Sug' nod) ttdnen, 
®n $erj not^ breiiien torn ; 
©0 tonge waflt ouf (gtben 
SDie ®tittin $oe{te, 


S)ic Ocetmbierc 

Unl) nttt i^r tnanMt ivSAn\), 
SQcm (ie bit Sti^e [ttl|. - 

Unb ftngenb einff imb JabtbA 
X)uri^'0 aitt @rben^aua, 
^ie^t, al8 ber leftte Dic^ter, 
T>eT[e^e£[nenr<^ t|inau«! 
illo^ ^iilt ber {mtt bie @(|il)]funs ' 
^n ftinet ^ani fortan, 
Sie eine frifdic $Iume, 
Unb blidt fie lihfitlnb on. 

Setm btefe 911efenb(irait 
ICjreiitftenS abgeblii^t, 
Utw Scben, ©Dtmcnbdlle 
{Die ^liU^enftoub Der^prU^t : 
(Sift bontt fragt, loenn btS ^rooenS 
S&ii ba^tn t^r nic^t tniib', 
Ob enbli^i oudgefungen 
T)a9 aitt, tw'ge Sieb I 

aftallnc Oian. 

Sic ^mtMm. 

^aHf ^otthcicf] jogen jtoei ©cenobier', 
:Cit nmnn in 9}uglanb Qcfgigm. rA>(;^„ 
Unb ols fie lonten ins beutf(^e iQuarticr, 
@» liegen bie ftiipfe ^ongot. 

3^ ^Brten fit btibe bie trourige ai'^^i'^ 
!Da| grontreidd oerioten gegangm, 
JBeljtgt unb jerf(f)lagen bas topfert ^)m, 
Unb ber ftoifer, b'er Anifer gefangtn I 

iDa ueinten jufotnnten bie ©renobiet' 
XBo^t Db ber QitsI^ ftunbe. ^ "- 
3)er Sine fprod) : ,SBie tbe^ mirb nttt, 
8Bie ferctmt meine elte SBunbel* 


S)et 9nbm fproi^ : „l5a» 8teb ift oii«, 
tba^ idf mih^f ititt bir ftnben ; 
3)o(^ ^ab' ii^ XBdb uttb ftinb ju ixuiS, 
lAt o^RC mti^ wtbeibcn.' n.^^ 

s "^ «l©08 fi%rt mid| ©rib? tiras f(^ mt^ tthib? 
3^ trofle JDdl beffre* JBtrtoitfltn ; «u*i^ 
Sag fit bettein ge^ t»"i" fie I)ungHe |inb— 
3Rrin ftaifer, mdn Aoifer gefongm 1 

'-v*-- .©ema^r' mit, »niber, tine Sitf i 
JO Iffiom i^ jedt fterbm nwrbe, 

©0 nimm meine 8ri(^ nat| jjronfrrii^ mit, 
aearay Jtrfi^ In gnailreldi* ffitbe. 

,^« (S^mtfrntj am rotten Sanb 
©oUfit bu auf« $)eTj mtc ttgen ; 
i& Die gtinte gieb mir in ble $onb 

Unb jilrf uric um bm Dcaeiu jwo»*- 

,®D win i(f| IleBoi imb f|on^ ftiU, 
S5Me etne ©rf|tft»Q(^' tm ®tabe, j^t^^tCy 
S3i« einft i(^ ^Sn fflanontnflebrllH 
■Jo "■' Unb Wie^ernber MofTe ©ettobe. *-'^'-« 

.ajomt rritet mdn ^tfec too^I liber mdn ®tQb, 
- ; - ,1. Ciel ©(^werter Kirren unb btifcen ; 

'■©onn ftdfl' id) flemafTnet Ikojoc one bem ®rab, «uvi*^'t. 
a^en ftaifer, ben fflaifer ju Wilfeen.- fH.«^ 


Kuf bem Smy. 

anf bem Serge fte^t bie ^Ottt, 
2So bee aitt Sergmonn mo^nt ; 
S>orten ranjdit We scHim lomie, 
Unb erfltanjt bet gotbne Sffionb. 


9uf bnti ^rif. 

Qr bet |)fltte pe^t ein Sef|nfhit|I 
ytn<S) eef<^m^ unb lounberlji^, 
IDct bonuif ftt)t, bee tft glfltflk^, 

3btf bem ©i^et fi^ bit SIcine, 
•Stit^ ben 3tnn auf metnen ©^oog ; 
%tugletn tvie jturi btout @tmte, 
JKUnbHn Wie bie ^rparro*'. 

Unb bit [tebcn btouot ®tmie 
@i^'n midd on fo ^innnclerog, 
- Unb fie legt ben Siltenflngei 
*■ ©cdolfjaft ouf bie ^urpurrrt'. 

9tein, a fie^t un« nli^t bie SDhrtter, 
^>tm fie fpinnt nrit 8io|ent ^d^, 
Unb bet S^ter ffrielt bie ^tt^er, 
Unb er fingt bit olte 9Qei«'. 

Unb bie fflrine pftert Wfe, -^ 
8dfe mlt gtbiimpftem Sout ; 
Snonditd tDiditiee ©e'^eimnig 
$at fie mir fdion onoertraut. 

.abet fdt bfe anu^me tobt iff, 
SHrmm tuir ja nidgt me^r gt^'n 
9}ai^ bent iSt^tt^^of ju @oelar, 
Unb bort ift tS gar ju [(^On. 

n^ter bagegtn ift t« tinfam 
9uf btr Mien :eeigeS^6^, 
Unb be« SinteiS finb loii giinilit^ 
SBie Htgrabtn in bem ^net. 

•Unb i^ bin ein banged Snabdien, 
Unb i^ fitrdif mi^ loie etn Atnb 
aSot ben bilfen iBetge«flelftem, 
X)te be« 9tiul)te gef^afttg finb." 


^ViUt fi^etgt bie titlic jHefauv 
XBie Dpm tignm SSort etfd^rcdt, 
Unb fte ^at mit Iinben ^SnbdKn 

Sauttr Toufi^t bic Sjinne brQngat, 
Unb bas ©prnnrob ft^nont unb brununf, 
Unb bie 3it^ tlingt bajluifdCftn, 
Unb bit tttte aSeife fnmtnt : ^— -^^ 

.^fin^ bi(^ nidft, bu Ifcbe« ftinbc^ 
Sor bcr bdfm ©ciftcr iDlac^t ; 
SJig unb 9Iac^, bu (iebtS fftnbt^, 
{talten ©nelrin 6ei bir SBot^t.- 


Slinrnier, bae gtaudt mit, 

Stfc^Kinen bie ©itttn, 

Slinuncr oKetn. 

jhmm bag ii^ Sqci^«, ben Sufitioai, ^be, 

Aontmt onu^ F<^on %nor, ber Ifii^Iube StnsAt, 

¥^0bue, bei {)err(i(f|e, fbibet fii^ tin. 

@ie nalitn, fte fommen, 

SMe ^iinmlififien aOe, 

3ffit ©Dttem erfiUIt fu^ 

SDie irbifc^ $alfe. 

@agt, inie btuirtV i^r 

(limmltf^ (S^or? 
©(^enlet mtr cuer unfterbfi(f|rt Sebnt, 
©iltttrl S(Bae lonn euift tinr ©terblii^ gebcn? 
{itlitt }u eurent !Dtqni)i mii^ emfiotl 

^ {Jtn^, fte mo^nt nuc 

3n Oupitert ©ooU ; 

Ottans fan Orifln flbtr ben SBaffnn. t 

O, fflOet mit 5Keftar, 

9ttt(^ i^m bie ©i^ale 1 

@(I)uitc bent 3>i(^ter, 

^be, nut ein I 

iRe^ t^m bie jbigen ttrtt ^tnnnlif((|em Zljaut, 

!0a^ er ben @t^, bnt uerEiatten, irii^t ft^oue, 

Siner bei Unfem ^ HMt ju fein. 

©tt nmf(^, fte pttfet, 

^e ^hnmltf^ OuUt ; 

2)er ^fen mirb ru^tg, 

£»« HuQC utrb ^tOe. 


•cftttg btt ®eifttt uiec bm Skffcn. 

®efl SBlenf^*" ®ede 
@ld(^t bent liafTer : 
iBom ^iamcl temmt a. 
Sum {timmel ftrigt efl, 
Unb toieber nieber 
3ur Srbe mug e«, 
(Sivig iDK^febtb. 

©trltnrt con bti ^o^ 
©teilen {^letuonb 
S)ei rrine ©tra^t, 
^mm fttiubt er licbfii^ 
On ^oUmmUttt 
3inn fliottm gelfi, 
Unb leif^t cin))fangai, 
SBaOt er oerfc^trimib, 
3i)r Siefe tridter. 


Kagni JHfppen 
©em ©turj' entgt gen, 
©(^dutnt CI unmut^is, 
3inn ^gntnti. 

3m fIo(^ «rtte 
^dfidUft a tuft ajiefetrt^ ^in, 
Unb in bent elatten <Btt 
j^tibm itft S(ntlife 

SBinb ift ber 3St\U 
8ie6Ii(^cr SnJiler ; 
XBinb mif(^t nom ®mnb oitf 
©c^iUnnenbc Sogm. 

©ttte befl aBcMfdio!, 
Sie gtdi^ft bu bem SSaffert 
@(^t(tfa[ bee antnfi^, 
aSie gleii^ft bu bem aSJinb I 

3At Knit bri «(att»»t. 

£>rrl ffiorte npm' ii^ eui^, bi^Itfe^nwr, 

©ie fltfiot Bon 3Rinibe ju aWunbe, 
S)o(l| ftammen pe nid|t con au|en ^er, 

®a« $erj mn: gibt boDon ffunbe. 
©cm SKenft^en Ift oUer ffiert^ etrmibt, 
Senn er nidjt me^r an bie bwi Sorte gtaubL 

iDer mm\i) ift f r e f flefiljaffoi, ift ftri, 

Unb TOUtb" tr in ttrtten fleboren ; 
S«6t eu^ nii^t irrot be* ^ttbelfl ©efi^wi, 
■. 9Ii(^t ben aWlbrou^ rofenber I^oten. ,- ^i 

@tfaim bcr Sijcnstt i 

Cot bcm ©nooen, toenn or bte fflette bri^I — 
SJor bnn fnien Wltn\(^m trjittert nii^. 

Unb bit lugenb, fie ift frin [eerti ©4«II, 

S5et SWenff^ tann fie Uben im Sebtn, 
Unb foUf tt (uuf) ftrouiiieln Uberoll, 

& larai ntu^ bet @dttltc^ ftieben, 
Uitb aa« feijt ©erftanb bet SBeiftttnbiflen ^t, 
Xue Ubet in (£tnfalt tin ttnblii^ ®tmttt^. 

Unb dn ®ott in, dn ^eiltger SQtUe lebt, 

SQie aiu^ bet menfi^Iii^ toaxSt ; 
©wfi ftbet bet 3eit unb bem SRoume webt 

Sebenbig bet l^ildifte ©ebonft ; 
Unb ob aUeS in tnigem SBecfifet Irdft, 
(5« b^gmt Im SBtc^fel tin rutiiget ®dft 

X)ie bed SBorte beroa^tet eiufi, bi^altf^ioet, 

@ie pflonjd Bon 2Rmibe ju gRunbe ; 
Unb fhannwn fie fllrii^ nii^t Don augen ^et, 

(Suet 3mt^ee gibt boDon Jtunbe. 
txm SWenfii&en Ift nimtnet fein ffiett^ genuibt, 
@o long' et nM^ on bit btei Sotte glaubt 


^ing bet CijtHtrr. 

> Vnlti |> „S««.l 

Zlie ©onne Unt nod) oltet Bdfe 
3n Sniberfp^fltcn SEBcttgefang, 
Unb i^re torgeftfifieb'ne SRdfe 
©oQenbrt fie rait aSonnetgang. 
3\ix %ibllcr gibt ben Sngeln ^attt, 
ffitnn lebter fie ergriinben rang ; 
3)ie unbegtnfli^ ^o!|en ^Skttt 
©tub ^tiCtc^, nie ant ei^en Siiog. 

4* :-,Got)'^le 

Unb fi^ne[[ itnb imbegttiflit^ fi^tOe 
!DK^t ^ um^er bee iSrbe ^fo^t ; 
£6 icei^ftlt ^orobtefte^eae 
5Wit ttefer, fdiouertJoUer fRoi^t. . 
SS fcfijiuint ba« ^etc in brdten Slitffen 
Stoi tlefen ®nmb bet gelfen aitf, 
Unb Sets unb sneer isiib fortgerifTtn 
On elDlg fdtneUent ©(i^iirtndntf. 

Unb ©tOnnt brauftn um bie ^Btttt 
IQoni SCiecr auf« Sanb, Dom 8anb aufs Wm, 
Unb bUben mllt^enb eine ^etU 
X)nr Hefften SKJirfimfl rinfl3 um^ec ; 
S)a flanmtt ein bli^bee Sei^ccun 
S}etn $fabe doe beft ^onnerf^togft : 
Dot^ beint Soten, $etr, Bfrt^ren 
Sloe fanfte tSonbeln bnne« Xa^i. 
3u brel. 

Xxr anblid flibt ben engebi ©(Me, 
^ teinei bi^ ergritnben nutg, 
Unb aUt beine ^o^en SOSerte 
€inb ^entii^, mie am erften S^g. 

Sftb totr ipnjcn. 

Bor nwfaien O^ren tent baB alte gfeb — 
BetgefTen ^atf i(^'fl, anb Dergaf e« gem — 
Dafl 8ieb ber 'parjen, bofl fie graufenb fongen 
8n« StotitoIuS Dom golbnen ©tu^te pel ; 
€ic Ittten nttt bem ebein g^eunbc ; grimmig 
SSkti i^TC ibm% unb fun^tbor if|T (Scfong. 

Gc Kittle 

3w mtfret Oagenb fang's Me annne mir 
ttnb ben ©efi^tDtftent Dor ; )i^ merTf tS mii^( : 

(&i flirc^tt bie ©citter 
IWB jKenfi^gef^Ie^l ! 
@ie ^oltcn bte |)ertf(^aft 
On eiDlgen $ant>en, 
Unb ffinnen fie fitoui^at 

SDer fita^te fie hu'^pOi 
!S)en ic fie erfjeben I 
auf jtli)))}en unb SSoOen 
@inb @tii^U berettet 
Urn gotbene Siifi^t. 

(Si^ebet ein ^Qjift fu^, 
@o flUijen bie ©ttfte, 
@efc^ina^t unb gef^iinbet, 
3n nft<^tlt(§e liefen, 
Unb ^iren oergebenS, 
^m ginftern gefmnben, 
@ertd)ten ®eri^te«. 

€te obtr, fie bteiben 
3n emtgen geften 
an golbenen STift^en. 
©ie fi^ten oom Sergt 
3u Bergen ^inSbet : 
•&a& ^IMitn bet Xlefe 
DoiK^ift i^nen btr at^era 
er^tfter Jitonen, 
©leii^ Cpfergeriti^etv 
Sin td(f|te« ©etuitOe. 

(E« wenben bie ^nrf^ 
3!|r ftgnenbefi Suge 
SSon gonjen ®Ef(^te^tern, ...Gobble 

Unb meiben, tm (Snte( 
X)tt t^'mtii geltebtm 
©till rtbenben ^Ugt 

@o fangen bie ^jtn : 
IS« ^or^t bee iBerbonnte 
On n^tQi^tn ^Hljim, 
3)er aile, bte ^eber, 
TxtiH ftinber in* enftf, 
Unb f (^iUtelt ba« ^aufrt. 

Stt eBittamtabming bti ^antntn-s. 

3onttg marb Si^or, 
Sle bcim Emndien 
(Er fcintn {Mmmcr 
SJoT^onbcn nii^t fanb. 
©(^lofietib fdn {jonpt, 
?)ei ©o^n Obln'fl fiufite 
Umfon^ utilizer. 

Unb e« uar frfn Sort, 

w^ttrt nun, Soft, 

{)6r' tt)o« id) fogc, 

SBq« BMbcr ouf (£rben 

SSJeig trgenb (gmer, 
u iRo(^ ^ocE) Int ^imntel : 

andti {lonnner ift geroubt.- 

@te gfaigen jmn ^[i(^ 
^aufe btr t^^c^ 
Unb ti tDai X^i'« aSort, 

Scli^ee jutrft ct fptiu^ : 
„SoUe mil, grc^a, 
iJfUeel Deriri^tn, 
JDb crlau^en Dietleidit 

grepo fang: 
.Unb roarm Don ®Dlb fu, 
3^ flSbe fu bii ; 
Unb tdiircn fie ©ttber, 
a^u foUteft fit ^aben.- 
3M flofi ouf Sofi fbige, 

SBiS Eilnttn et lieg 
^ai Sonb btr ©Sttei, 
Unb (r eneidite 
X>er SRicftn SRet^ 

Zifci)m fa| ouf bcm^Ogel, 
X)er ^errfc^ bee {Ricfen, 
Bert'genb ben {lunben i 

SHe Iffiiebcmobtmng M ^amnuxt. 

geffein bon ®oU>, 
©UUtenb ben Stcr^it 
X)tc SKii^nen jurei^t. 

Itfr^m fonfl: 
fi „Sitc ftet)f6 mtt ben ©dUent ? 
SSae rcifeft alldti bu 
9!iu^ jmefen^cim?" 

Soil fang: 
10 *©^Ied)t fte^f« mil bat ©St* 

®4tc(^t fte^f « mit ben (STfen ; 
X)u liaitft tooI)I Derborgen 
®cn Iwinmet be« SE^ort." 

S^r^m fang: 
U ,3<i| ifdtt wrborgen 

Den ^ommer be« I^ort, 

Kioffi unter ber (£rbe, 

a^ anorgen tief ; 

Unb Ureber enuerben, 
Mganoa^T, foQ tt|n fittner, 

lEi fOEite benn t^:e4a 

3itt Snm rair ^m." 

3Ni flog auf Soti flugS, 

X)er ^gtlWoe raufi^te, 
«»©t3 5intener lieg 

X)aS fionb ber Stlcfen, 

Unb er eiretc^te 

Z)aS atetd) ber @0tter. 

<Ei traf ben S^or an 
»8Joi bet 5E^ttr fefnet $wltc, 

Unb e« UHic f ein SSott, 

XSt(d|c0 juetft er fpiot^ : 

4)aft b<i« @ef(l)dtt bu 
®cf(J)afft mit ber arbett, 
Sag Don ber $5fie mt<$ 
$iirtn bit ftiuibe. 
Oft int @tten geftilrt, 
©todet bie fRebe ; 
fieidit {m Siegtn erfinnt 
8ttge fii^ nur." 

£o(f fang: 
„|>ab' bae @tf(^iift wo^l 
®ef(^fft tnit ber Slrbeit. 
3:^r9m ^ ben $anuner, 
35er Iwrrff^ ber iRlefen ; 
Unb toleber erwerben, 
gUnna^r, foil i^n ftelner, 
Sc fU^re benn gre^a 
3uc Snut i^m Ejdm.- 

@le gingen ju frogen 
gre^, bie ^liiie, 
Unb ts isar 3:^or'« SBort, 
^Utjti juerO er f))ra4i : 
„fBritut(i^e Seinen 
Sege bir an, ^re^o ; 
Sir beibe, totr leifen 
SRod) 9iiefen^etm.- 

3omig iDotb gre^a ; 
@ie iftterte ^eftig ; 
^tt ganje ^<Ho\t 
S)er ®0tter erbebte ; 
€e fprang unb entfiel i^i 
^r funtelnbe $KiI8f(^nuid : 
*25o^I mih^teft bu meinen 
SMf mlimilit^ ii^ fei, 

SaJemi bribe nnt rrif ten 
IHaOf atiefm^elm.- 

iRaf(^ tatntn bfe ®Sttn 
3unt tRot^ jufanunm, 

^unt iRrten btreit 
!Cie ^imintift^ot ^aiUJter 
SJcr^unbtlten bo, 
SEiit bm ^onnna: \k9 Scot's 

10 3u ^olen gel&ngc 

X)a ^ub ^dtnball an, 
S)er ^Ottut^tenbc @ott, 
Sklf^ ba, uwift, 
ScQcn bem ^or mlr an ; 
<Et ^abe ben ^e^ren, 
X)en funtelnben $Ktl9f i^tnud ; 

.itlug faff er crUinBen 
20 ®eHrrt ber ©i^IUfTel ; 

Sm iDeiUif^ ©eraonb 

UnmiaQe fein Ante ; 

Sag blinlen bie SSm^ i^m 

SJon breiten Owweten, 
26{)i>ttiset^thint itnb geptU 

^« $aar i^ au4) feht.' 

!Da ^u6 £^or an, 
X)er ^oiiiemfte ®ott : 
„ee uUrben bie @etter 
so3Ri4liiKtb{f($ flatten, 
Stflf ^ bas btitntlii^e 
Scintnmli on.* 

SM ^u6 8oti an, 
SoM^ia'fl ®o^ : 
.X^or, folt^ ZBorte 
Son' bi^ ent^m ; 
!Raf4 itKtben bie tRiefen 
Som 9Iei(^ une oerbriUiQen, 
$)olft beinen jammer 
$Kim bu ni(^t f4ine&.' 

:er{iutni^« Srinen 
Segten bem St^or fie an ; 
@c ^atte ben tie^ren, 
S^ funlelnben ^alsft^nud ; 
ffllufl liefe et nrfltngen 
©eftirr ber ©c^mffel ; 
<£tn nKJblidj ©etranb 
Ummallte febi ftnit ; 
es bttntte bie ^3ruft i^m 
Sim bieiten Ouloeten *; 
!Da« ^or noi ge^litlt t^m 
UiUi ^o(^ get^llifflt. 

a^a ^ub SoR an, 
Sone^ta'S ®offtt : 
nQHf uia bi(^ gIei(^faU« 
^egteiten a(« Snoib ; 
Sii bribe, tvii rrifen 
Slodi jRiefen^eim." 

^aftig bit $irf(^, 

aSurben ban Sogen gef^fatt, 
So^l JUT riligen gafirt 
Tiie ©teine jerpoben, 
glantnte ftteg auf. 
©0 reifte Obirfs €o^n 
3io^ SRiefen^m. ^ | 

3At eKtbCTtrobtntng bcS ^antnot. 

3NI ifvb 3::^r^ an, 
S5er $errf(^r ber SRiefnt : 
,Suf! aufi {^rSItefnt, 
Serettet bic SSnfe, 
«9lunfU^rt mirgre^a, 
SMe ijrau, herein.- 

^m lamen bie Soirtn, 
X)te goIbgtE|0mten, 
Xrie fi^narjen jRinber, 
,{)abe bee ©i^ge Die(, 
{Mbe bcr ©pongcn Did, 
§t^ltt mir grc^a 
3u fteien anno^." 

IS %aii fanbcn bie ®lfte 
3nm ffeflc fii^ tht, 
Unb cet^ii^ gerei^t imtb 
3>n 9tieftit btr Ziont. 
jt^oT ag einen Oclifeti, 

»> (£r ag 01^ Siu^fe, 
^ufomtnen Ivae @Ug^ 
©onft gob fUr bie ^auen ; 
Qx troitt mftl bes aRet^eS 
2)rei 3Raa|e oKcfn. 

@ag SoK babd, 
3Me leiiltdte 3natb, 
«ereit bem Wiefm 
Slebe ju ftf^'n : 
„@cit a^t 'SiHdittR ni(^t« 
©enofTen ^t ^a, 
!Ra{tnb Dor fRdferuft 
91a^ Stiefenl^eim.'' 

2:^i^m (Qftef ba« Sctncn 
Slue guft fie JU lUffen ; 
©0 tsdt ber @aa[ uor. 
Sorb juriiit er ge[(^Te<It 
„Sie finb bo^ fitni)tbar 
ilre^a'e Sugen 1 
^yMU mitfi gcuet fervor 

!Cie lilblii^e SDIaib, 
©ereit bem JRief en 
JRebe jn fte^n. 
,®eit lu^t 9iai^ten nid|t 
@eno6 fie be« @^Iafe«, 
iRafenb Dot SIdfeluft 
Sto^ iRiefen^ettn.'' 

9 !Z)a ^ub j£^T^ni on, 
lOei {lerrfi^ ber SItefen : 
nSBoitn ^afl bu ©ritute 
9tie lab* i4 SrOute 

9Hc anogbldn bee aiZd^e 
SR^r gntic|en old fit." 

3)a trot in ben ©aol X^r^nfe 
!!Ctauriee ©c^efter, 
!t>te got fl^ bie ^hiBen 
3ii bege^rcn ertH^nt : a 

„3d| reidK bie rot^ 
9Iinge bir bar, 

9}(t4 l^tt^'e Siebe 

S>a f)ub ST^T^m cm, 
S)er ©orfi^fr bet 8H(fen : 

6 .Stingt jur SBei^t bet iBrout, 
^ringt ben jammer ^nrbel ; 
Seget ben SDtiiianer 


S)a Itufite bent jt!|or ivo^I 
3m 8eibe fein 5«J' 
ai« tnitten im {mme 
€t ben Immmer cttonnte. 

II5a traf er gnm erften 
SE^^m ben $Kttfd|er, 
Unb fc^Iaditete bann 
€ctn Qonjed @efi^lei^t 

SDa ttaf er aa^ 2i^t^nt'4 
Snuirifle ©c^per, 
£itc gar fi^ bje @aben 
3u bege^ien cfj^nt ; 
Q\fc flongen ni(^t SNfinjen, 
d^t flonflm nur ®<l^[fige ; 
SUi tUnenbe 9tinge 
' 35er tiJbtenbe jammer. — 
®o E|Ot feiiten jammer 
Obin'e ©o^n fid) gc^olL 

n e^amiffo. 

Set 8tfii4. 

SReine giebftt uollf ^ ^eut be[(^leiil|en, 
aber i^re j^Ure ttjot DErf(^loiTen. 
$ab' i(^ bo{^ ben ©(^ttt^el in bei Za\i)t\ 
Ceffn' li$ leife bit fleUebte ZfiVtn 1 

aiuf bent @aale fanb i(^ nii^t ba£ SOlObi^ 
Sonb bae a)ldb<^en nic^t In i^tct ©tube, 
enbli(^, ba i(^ Ids' bit jtantmet ttffnt, 
ginb* ld| fie gar jieitit^ eingefi^Iafett, 
Sngeflribet, auf bem @op^a (iegen, 

»ei ber arteit wor flt eingefi^lafen ; 

3>aS ©eftridle mit ben 'Stobttn lu^te 

^wiff^en ben g^folfom jorten {itinbrn ; 

Unb i^ fe^te mic^ an i^te ©ette, 

Oing bd mit ju Mat^', ob fi^ fie toedte. Cnnolc 

Sir Scfuf^ 

a)a betnu^ter id) ben fi^ai ffritbtii, 
3>r auf i^ren aufl«iliebeni ru^te ; 
Suf ben Sippen wor bie [HKe Ireue, 
Shif ben SSongeu Siebtii^fett ju $aufe, 
Unb bie Unfdiulb einc9 guten ^terjenS 
9tegte fti^ im Sufen ^tii nnb uieber. 
3ebe« i^rer ©lieber lag gefttUla 
aufgeUft Dom fUgen (Stitterbalfain. 
0reubig fag i(^ bo, unb bie ^etrot^tung 
()teltc bie Segierbt, fie ju toecten, 
mt fle^eimen ©anben feft unb fefler. 

D bu Siebe, boi^f iif), tout ber ©^(itntmer, 
Swt aSerratfier jebe« folfc^en Suge*, 
jtonn et bit nii^t fi^aben, nic^ts entbetten, 
SB08 bt« iirnmbe* jarte SKeinimfl ftBrte ? 

3)etne ^otben Slugen finb gefdifoffen, 
X)te miifi Dffen fi^on allein bejaubent ; 
'@fl beuegen betne fUgen Sippen 
S&ebet ft^ jur iRebe no(^ jnm jtuffe ; 
^fgeUft fiiib biefe ^auberbonbe 
S)einer 3(nne, bie nridi fonft mnfdilingen, 
Unb bie $anb, bie leijenbe ©efii^rtln 
@ii|er iSi^inei(^eIcien, unbenegtii^. 
aESSr'g ein ^rrt^um, mle li^ oon btr benle, 
SBifr* eS ©elbftbetrug, tote id) bid) liebe, 
anugf i(^'e Je^ entbecten, ba fid) ^moc 
D^ne €iube neben mic^ gefteUet. 

Sange fag i^ fo unb freute ^rejli^ 
S^xti SBert^eft mic^ unb nteiner Siebe ; 
©^tafenb ^atte fie mir fo gefaOen, 
3Nig i(^ tni<$ nt(^t traute, fie ju tuecTen. 

Seife leg* id| i^ jioei ^omeronjen 

Unb gmei iRofen auf ba« ffifi^en nieber ; 

®ad|te, faii)te f(^(et(^ i(^ tneiner aSege. 


Otffnet fie bit fbiQtn, mrine ®ute, 
@lti4 nblidt fit bicfe buntt @abf, 
©taunt, wit immer bd »erf(^li>e'iini ar^fimi 
X)iefc« frcunbOf^ ®tf(^ fi^ finbt. 

©e^' 16) biffe Modit bm (Snfld ttieber, 
O, wit freut pe fli^, oerflUt mir boppett 
IDiefrt Ojifer mdner jorttn 8iebe I 

Set S^iffitn^Ege. 

^offmntg mb Sebel aOefl jerMmraertI 
Mnb j4 fetbtt, fllrii^ einet 8ei(^, 
JMe flrollenb onflgemorfen baS ajjeer, 
Sieg' i(^ am @tianbe, 
S(m Oben, la^ @troidie. 
S3or mir ttoget bie sajaffenuafte, 
^tnter mir litgt mit ffummer unb (Sfaib. 
Unb ilber mid| ^in jic^en bie SEBoIten, 
Die formtoa grouen ZUdftix bet 8uft, 
S>ie aue bem Wtta, in Stebeldntcnt, 
a5a« SBafTer Mttpfen, 
Unb e8 mU^fom (*(ep}wn mib W'PPt^' 
Unb e« tstcber oerf^ttttcn ins fSSttec— 
Sin trUbeft, langtorirges ®ef(^ft, 
Unb nu^B, nie mrin eigneS Seben. 

I)fe ffiogen murmetn, bie WSvm fdirillen, 
?Hte (StinnVrnigen we^en mi(^ on, 
ffitrfleffene IrSmne, etlofrfiene Stlber, 
QualDoll fUge, toudjen ^troort 

e« lebt dn Sdb Im 9Ioiben, 
Sin fd;bnce fSab, lOnlgllf^ ^Sn. 
£)ie f(^lante Gqineffengeftalt 
Umf^iegt tin lltftem urines 


:Du Sflignc 

TUt btmRe Soifcnfaae, 

mt dnt fttEge 9Ia(^t, crgitft fii^ 

Son ttern ^o^m, flf^tengetrilnten {laupte ; 

€i( ringclt fi(^ trilinnerift^ fQg 

Urn bQS flige, btoITt 9lntlt( ; 

Unb au4 bem fitgen, btaffen Sn^ig, 

@n| mti gdDoItJg, ftra^ dii Xuge, 

SSMc dnt ft^nurje €tmnc 

O bu fi^tDorje @onnc toic oft, 
entjUdenb oft, trant idf one bit 
3!)i( milben ^dff nmsSfEamnienr 
Unb ftanb unb taumeltt, fnieitieiauff^ ; 
S>ann fc^toebte dn taubEtnnUbefl SiktKltt 
Unt bte i)0(^gefd|Ur}ten, ftoljen Eippen ; 
Unb bie ^oi^gefc^Uriten, ftoljcn ^ippta 
$(uu^ten Sortf, fUg Uric aRonblid^t 
Unb laxt wte ber 33uft ber SRofe — 
Unb mtine ©cele er&o6 ftd| 
Unb flog, utt tin Sm:, ^tnauf in btn (limttitll 

©i^iveigt, l^r SBoq,m unb 3R0t>m! 
aSotUber ift aflrt, ©mj unb {jopimft. 
Jioffnung unb Sitbel 3i^ Htfle am ^oben, 
(Sin Bber, fi^ffbrfldrfeer aJhrnn, 
Unb brttdt tnein alU^enbeS «ntli^ 
Qa brn fnufiten ®anb. 

affo tatioiii ber btf<i&f 't*i« ®o^n ^ ^tftifltn JRebt ; 
Mber ber SSttttt fu^r tn ber Strt fort. Mile er btflonnen ; 
Viai int SRtnft^ nic^t ift, lonnnt om^ n\(tit mi i^m, unb fi^tiKTlii^ 
XBirb mii^ be« ^lic^^n Sunfi!|t« OrfitQung {entoIS erfreuen, 
Z)ag ber @o^n bem SSiitet ni(^t gld(9 ftl, fonbcnt tin bc^m. st 

n SH^ 

^m taai mdre bai ^aai, tooS tirilre bic ©tobt, tctnn nii^t tmmei: 
Oeber gebii(^te ntit guft ju cr^alteii unb ju enuuen, 
Unb }u iKibcffent audi, raie bie B^it »i>^ l^^i^ unb ba« Su^lonb I 
6olI bo4 nti^t aid dn ^ilj bet ^enf(^ bem Soben entlDait)fen, 
fi Unb tKTfaulen geftftminb an ban $Ia^, ber it|n erjmgt ^at, 
j^hie @pur no^laffenb Don ftiner le&cnbtgnt SBirfung I 
@ie[|t man am $aufe bod) g(ei<^ fo beut(i(^, neg iSimitS bn ^en fet 
SBtc man, baft @tdbt(^ betrctenb, bie ObngEeiten beurtfjctU. 
Imni WD bie Sljiirme uetfaUm unb aHauern, mo in ben ©rdben 

10 Unrol^ pi^ ^fiufetj unb Uitrat^ auf alien ®aff en ^entmtiegt, 
SSd ber @teln one ber i$uge fuf) rilcft unb ni^t uiebcr gefegt uirb, 
XBo ber JSalfen Derfault unb bag {)au6 bergebtic^ bie neuc 
UnterftUtiung enooriet : ber Ort ift ilbel regieret. 
!Denn wo ni(^t Immer Don o&tn bie JDrbnung unb 91etnll(^ldt loirfet, 

u Tm itwH^net fitf) leii^t ber ^ilrger ju fd(intu1}igem Soumfal, 
SBie ber Slettler fid) cuu^ an Irnnfjigt ffileiber getDfi^net. 
alarum Ijob' iHj gemUnfiiit, t« folic fid) ^emiftiui ouf SReifen 
Salb begeben, unb fe^'u jum wenigften ^tragburg imb f^anffurt, 
Unb baS f reunbtif^e ^ami^eim, baft gtcic^ unb ^eiter gebaut ift 

SO 1>mn toer bie Stitbte gefe^n, bie gro^en unb retnlic^en, rul)t nii^t, 
iWnpifl bie Saterftabt felbft, fo tiein fte aui§ fti, }u oetjieren. 
Cobt nii^t ber JJremhe bei unfl bie anegebefferten it^ore, 
Unb ben gewei|ten SC^urmunb bie mo^Iemeaerte fflin^? 
JRUljint nic^t {eber bo9 ?flaftet ? bie mafferrefi^en, Derbectten, 

26 SBoijIoertfjeilten ganiile, bie 9Iu^ unb ©i^erfjeit bringen, 
S3a| bem JJeuer f ogleii^ beim erften ?Iu9brui^ gen)e()rt fei ? 
Q^t ba« ni^t allefl eefdjetj'n felt {enem fd)re(fli(^n ©ronbe? 
SBau^err war ii^ fei^flmal im SRot^, unb ^abe mit Seifatl, 
{)abe Dtir ^erjlit^ !X)anf Don guten SUrgem Derbiene^ 

30 aBoS id) angab, emfig betrieben, unb fo aui^ bie Slnftoft 
SRcblii^er SJianner DoKftt^rt, bit fie unooflenbet Derfiegen. 
©0 lam enbli^ bie 2uft in jebtB aJIitglieb bc« 9lat^e8. 
Kile bcflrebcn fii^ iefet, unb fd)on ift ber neuc e^auffeebou 
5eft befc^toffen, ber una mit ber grogcn ©tra^e oerbinbet. 

asSber i(^ fUrdjte nur fe^r, fo wirb bie ^ugenb nic^t ^anbelnl 
Sitnn bie einen, fie benten auf ftift unb oergangli^en ?uti nur 


anbere !|0(ten jn ^ufl unb brUten ^intet btm Oftn. 

Unb, tai fttn^f u^, ein foM|« wirb Hermann immtr mlr bfribnt. 

Unb rt wrfefete fofllrit^ bit gute nerftanbige abutter : 
^nnnn: bift bu b(H^, S3ater, fo migern^t gegen ben @oI)n I unb 
<So tntib am loenigften bti bein Sun[c^ bed ©utcn erfiillet 5 

Dam air IBmien bit Wnbet nm^ iinfenn ©tnne nit^t fonnen ; 
@o mie @ott fu und gab, fo muf man fte ^abtn unb licben, 
@te erjie^ oufe Bcfte unb jegliditn laffen getniifircn. 
3>nn bn etne ^at bte, bie anbecen onbere @abcn ; 
0cber brouc^t % unb {ebn ift bo(^ nur ouf eigtne iESttfe ii 

@itt unb gltt(tli(|. 0^ laffc mir lueintn Hermann nti^t fi^Ren ; 
3!)eiui, idi mdg es, er ift bet ©liter, bie et berrinft erbt, 
SaJcrt^ unb ein treffti(^r Sffitrt^, ein SDhifter fflilrgern unb fflauent, 
Unb itn iRat^e genig, td| fe^' H Doiaud, ni(^t bei Se^te. 
9ber tSgtii^ mit @(fielten unb ZaiKin ^mnift bu bem Sltmen it 

Sllen Wtatl) tn ber ^ni\t, fo loie bu eS f)eute get^an ^afl. 
Unb fie Deriteg bie ©tube fogleic^, uub eilte bem @o^h nai^. 
Dag fie i^n irgenbrno fflnb' unb i^n mit giitigen ffijortcn 
SBiebet etfrnite ; benn er, ber trefpii^ @o^n, er uerbienf es. 

SSifielnb fagte barauf, foboRi fte ^inneg mar, ber SBater : 21 

®inb bo4 ein munberlidi $oII bie Seiber, fo tDie bie fllnbcr 1 
Qtbti Ubtt fo gem noc^ fehiem elgnen JBelieben, 
Unb man foQte E|ema<^ nur tmmer loben unb ftreit^etn. 
iSlnmal fiiir oUemal gilt bad natirt @))ril(f|ldn ber llten : 
SSkr nii^t DortDlirtd ge^t, ber lommt iurildTel ®d bleibt es. u 

Ui^ t9 Derfe^te barauf ber ^pot^ekr bebHi^tig : 
@enie geb* i^ ti ju, {terr 9!a4ibar, unb fe^e ml(^ tmmer 
©dbft nai^ bem SBefferen um, loofem ea nii^t t^euer, bodi neu ift ; 
9ber ^ilft es fUnoa^r, nenn man nt^t bte ^HUt beS @^elb9 Vt, 
2:^9 unb rU^rig ju fein, uub innen unb augen ju beffem? M 

'Sim )u fe^r ip bet Silrget bef(^iintt ; bae ®ute bemiag er 
9itc^t JU erfangen, memi et t9 tmnt ; ju fdimac^ ift fein Seute(, 
Dae Sebltrfnig ju grog ; fo mlrb ct limner gel^tnbert 
3)tan(I|c« tjittf Idi get^an ; aOeln met f(^ nidit bie ftoften 

@ot(^ IBcranbnuig, btfotriwrfl in biefen eefS^rI)(^ 3^«i ! 
Songe (o^te mir fd)Dti mcut {>au« fan mobifc^ ftldbt^ 
Songe fllfliyten bim^QuS mU flrogen ©c^tbm hie i$enfter ; 
abet Iter QjVt tcm aaufmann e« nai^, ber bri feinem fflcnnflflfn 
&3[ii4l bte Scge nodi fotitt, ouf xotldfta iai ^efte ju ^aben? 
@ct|t mtr baS {loud an ba bdlben, boS nenel Sie tirttc^tie In erOneii 
OtU>cnt bJc ©tudotur ber lDri|en @dintlrte( fli^ ouSninnntl 
tSrog [ui) bie jCofetn ber j$enftrr; nie gldnjcn unb fpiegdu bit ©dietben, 
35oS wrtimfelt pe^n bie iibriflen $iiufn btfl SKortttfl ! 

10 Unb boH) xoaxttt bie mtfcm gleii^ riu^ bem Sronbe bie fi^ilnftat, 
Xlte Kpo^de jum (Sngel fo ntie ber go(bene giitot. 
®o UKir tneni ©orten ou^i fat ber gonjen @tegenb berfilfint, unb 
Qtiet {Reifenbe ftanb unb fa^ burc^ bie rot^ @tadeten 
9!ai^ ben ^ettlem Don Stetn, unb natf) ben forbigen ^racrgra. 

i& Sent i(E| bm jtaffee bonn gar fat bem ^errli^en @rotteiitwrt reii^, 
SMS mm freili(^ wrftaubt unb [|alb oerfallen tntr baftt^t 
S)er erfreute ftc^ ^o(^ bee farbig fdiimniemben Sid|teS 
©t^Ongeorbneter ^uft^eln ; wib mit gcbtenbetem iluge 
®4oute ber jtemter feibft ben iSIeiglmij unb bie SoroUen. 

2oGcben fo tDorb fat bem ©oole bie ^alerei mic^ betnunbert, 
SSo bie ge))u|}ten ^erren unb SNunen im @arten fpajieren 
Unb mit ffii^igen ^ngem bie SUunen xM)tn unb fatten. 
^, aa [d.f)t bae ie^t mtr noi^ mi I Qd) ge^e t)erbrie|Ii(^ 
floum me^r ^nauS ; benn aUeS fo(t onberd fe^n unb gefi^uiatfboU, 

£6 SQJie fie*? iei|en, unb tteit bie Satten unb ^bljemen JSiinte ; 
Wlti iff einfot^ unb glott ; ntd|t ^dpa^toett ober SSergolbung 
£Mtf man me^r, unb ti loftet bae frembe {lolj mm am meiften. 
9iun, i^ udr' es jufrieben, mir ou^ wai 3ltati gu fdiaffen, 
9u[^ JU ge^'n mit ber 3<>f unb oft ju Deritnbeni ben ^ouerat^ } 

soStber e« fitr(4tet fu!^ ieber, oui^ mtr ju rtiden ba« ffleinfte. 
Demt mer Dtnnbiiite mo^I jey bie arbeiteleute jn ja^Int? 
Steult^ lam mir'S in @tmi, ben l£nge( ^(|ael uieber, 
©er mir bie Offichi bejeic^et, twrgolben ju loffen, 
UtA ben flritutii^ SSrot^en, ber i^m ju gUfen fii% wfa^t ; 

ssSbec ii^ lieg t^n oerbrilunt, toie er ift; mi(^ fVedte bie gorb^rung. 


3>tt ^pttiltttani. 

@ei mil stgrUgt, mem Sng mit bem riJt^It^ ^a^Ienben @it)fcl I 

@tl mtr, ©omu, gegrligt, bie i^n \o licblii^ btfc^ttl 
^i(^ au^ grttg' u^, beltbtc glur, eiii^, filufclnbe Slnbtn, 

Unb btn fiH^Iic^ Sf)or, bet mif ben Seflm fu^ uieet ; 
Stit^tge 'S9I(tue, bi(^ ain^, bie imennellii^ fi4i ottSgiegt a 

lUn iai biamt ©ebirg, Ubet ben giiinenben SMIb, 
SUi(^ itm mti$, bet, oiMii^ entflo^'n beS ^i^uii"^ @cf<ingnig 

Unb bem engen ©efpriU^, fteubifl pt^ rtttet ju bit. 
X)einet gttfte bolfomifi^ ©from bm:4rinnt mii^ erqmcteiA, 

Unb ben burfttgen Sdlid labt bad energifdie 8t^t ]( 

jhiifttg Quf bUl^enber Su eigliinien bie medifediben tjorben, 

abet bet reijenbe ©treit liSfet in aramtt£| fi^ ouf, 
grri on^ifiinet mii^ bie SG^efe mtt tndt^in wrbreitetem STtpptif) : 

©tm^ i^r freimbliil^e« ®ribi fi^Iingt p^ bet ianb(i(^e ?fab. 
Urn mii^ fmnmt bie gefc^llftige Sien*, mit jmeifelnbem fJWgel n 

aSiegt bei ©c^ettcrling fit^ Ubet bem tQt^li(^ Jtlee. 
^It^ trifft mi^ bet ©ornie ¥fdl, ftiU liegen bie SSefte, 

9hir bet Senf»e ©efong tnirbelt in Iieiteret Suft. 
IDu^ legt bnmdf « mie bem na^en ©ebtifi^ ; tief iteigen bet (Stlen 

ftnmen fi^/ unb im ilSlnb tvogt bad DerfUberle @taS ; 2( 

3Ri(f| umfiitigt ambrortft^e flZat^t ; in bufleidie ftii^lmig 

91immt tin firdt^tiQee :i!)(uE| fc^atteitbei Siu^en mii^ tin. 
On bee S3ialbee ©c^etmntg entf[ic^t mit auf einmal bie Sanbfdiaft, 

Unb tin fi^KtRgtlnber ¥fab leitet mi(^ fteigenb tnt;ior. 
9]ur Dttfto^ten bmrt^bringt bet S^^i' laubigee @ittet 21 

©porfamed &id)t, unb t9 bltdt tiu^b bad ^loue ^tttin. 
aber pUiSiiiti jetreigt bci j^lot. S^er geiifFnete SBoIb gibt 

Uebetrafi^enb bee 3:age bUnbenbem @(anj mii^ jurltd. 
Unabfe^bot ergiegt firf) not jneintn ©Men bie gerne, 

Unb ein bloueS (Sebitg enbigt im X>ufte bie SBelt K 

21ef on bee iBtrgee gug, ber g&^tinge untet mit abftUtjt, 

Sallet bee gtiinlii^en ©trome ftie|enber ©fiiegel Dotbti. 
(Enbloe mittr mit fe^' ii) ben 9et^, Ubet mir tiptoe, 

SdliSt mit ©i^inbeln Itinmif, btltte mit ©(^bttn ^inalp. 

abcr jmiWen bet OBtflen ^eHf unb b« Oniflen Sitfe 

ZrSgt ein grtdntterter ©ttjg ft^m btn aSJonb'rei ba^in. 
8ai^b fluifin aa mir bit rcidirn Ufer Dotiiber, 

UtA ben fcd^(i(f|en gfeig tii^mrt bae ))rangtnbc 3^al. 
& 3nu Stnitn, ftt^ I bie bcfl Sanbmannd Slgent^um ft^ciben, 

On ben i:et>))i(f| bet t^t ^at fte S^emeter genitft. 
greutiblic^ thrift be« @efe^, beS menfc^enn^altenben @otte0, 

®eit au« ber e^cmen SBett flte^enb bte giebt nerf^toonb I 
Slber in fccteren ©t^ongen biinl)(Teuit bie gertgelten Selber, 
10 Qt^t Derf^Iimgen bom Salb, le^t an ben Bergen ^tnauf 
jtlimmenbr ein r^Jmntembcr @tretf, bte Sfinber ))erfnii|)faibt ©traSe; 

auf bem ebenen ©trom gleiten bie OUtfie bof|in. 
9}telfa(^ ertilnt ber ^erben ©tliiitf Im beiebtett ®(fi(be, 

Uiib ben SEiebet^aK wedi rinfam be» {i''*"' ©ffong- 
16 Wbmivt Diirfer brfranjeti ben ©trom, in ©ebUfc^en cerft^winben 

9(nbrt, bom Wiitn be« €ergS ftUrjen fie gti^ bort l^erab. 
Stac^borlid) utofinet ber iDIenf^ no^ mtt bem Sifter jufammen, 

©eine getber umni^'n frieblit^ fdn Bnblirfie* Iwift ; 
Zrouli^ ranft ^t!) bie iReb' empor on bem niebrigcn ^enfter, 
so (Sinen umonnenben ^loetg fc^ltngt um bte ^iltte bei Stoum. 
@Viili<i)ti SBolt ber @efilbe I luxf) nid)t jur Sieit)cit emxu^et, 

3:^(ft bu mil beiner glur frSl)(id| baS enge ®efc^ 
!Z)eine SBitnfi^ bef^rMt ber (Smten nt^iger jtreiefouf, 

Sie bein Za^tatit, gfeii^, minbet bein Seben [\if ab I 
ifiSber mer raubt mir auf rinmat ben Iteblic^ Slnblid? Sin frembei 

Oeift Wrbreitet fid) f^nell Uber bie frembew Slur. 
©prtibe fonbert fic^ ab, mae faum noi^ liebenb fic^ mtfi^te, 

Unb bad @tei^ nur iffe, nad an bae ©leii^e fid) rei^t. 
©titnbe feV iHf gebilbet, ber ^peln ftolje ©ef^Ie^ter 
U 3'^^" in georbnetem ^omp bomef)m mib ))rtU^tig ba^et. 
iReget istTb aQee, unb alle« rotrb Waifi unb aUee -Sebeutung ; 

Diefe« Slienergefolg' melbet ben $iert(4et mir on. 
^rongenb Dei^ubigm i^n Don fern bie belewfiteten ^fiftlO' 

![u« bem felfigen ^em ^bt [i^ bit t^iirmenbe © t a b t 
u Qn bie {Bitbntg ^inau« fuib be« SBaIbe« )$aunen uerftogea, 

abet bie jgMt lei^t ^ii^ereS Sebtn bem ©tein. 

Sxt StNtjicTsang. S7 

iRft^ft flertitft ift btr 2Henf(lf on ben SWenfrfira. ©ngerttiirt uitt iljn, 

SReflCT enooi^t, t9 mnmaijt rofi^n: pc^ in t^m bit aSelt. 
@ie^, ba entbreimen in fturignn fflampf bie etfernben ftrtifte, 

®[0ge9 Witfd t^r @treit, ©rdgereS totrfet i^r ^unb. 
Xaufenb {tdnbe btlebt e i n ©cift, t)0[^ fc(]Iilget in taufenb s 

eriiften, Don einem ©efQ^I gIUI]nib, rin einjlgee ^j, 
®(!^Iiigt filr ba« Satcrlanb unb gtU^t ftir ber Sl^nen ©ffegt ; 

^irr anf bnn t^niren ®ninb ruf|t if)t Otre^rteB ©ebrin. 
Wieber ffrigen Dom ^innnel bit fefificn ©Otter unb ne^men 

On bnn gewd^tcn fflf jirt feftlii^e SEBo^mingen tin ; H 

. ^errli^ ®Qben befdiereiib erfd)einen fie : Screfl oor otlen 

Cringet be« ^Pufl^ ©efdjenf, §erme9 ben Sinter fierbri, 
Ooct^ua bie Iroubf, iKinerOQ bea Detbaimi* grUneiibe SReifer, 

8lm^ ba» trieg'tift^ 9io§ fUtjTet ^ofeibon Ijcron, 
SKutter E^bele fpannt on bes aSagene 35eiifi(el bie gemeii, w 

3n bn« gaftlirfie jE^or jie^t fie affl iBiir([erin tin. 
^eilige ©trine 1 3(u« ea^ ergofyen fii^ ^ponjcr ber 5IWtnfc^f|ei(, 

genten ^nfeln bee 3)ieer« Tnnbtet i[|r ©itten unb ffunft, 
iHJeife fprat^ ba8 SReiiit an biefen gefedigen I^oren ; 

$«Iben ftUrjten jum Stamps jvcc bie ^enafen ^crou«. aj 

auf ben SKauem erfi^ienen, bm ©fiugiing im Snue, bie SD?tlHer, 

SBlidten bem^eerjug nodi, bifl i^ bie geme oerfrfilang. 
^Setenb ftUrjten fte bann bor ber @tttter mtUrm [lif nieber, 

i^le^tcn urn diutfm unb ®ieg, fte^ten urn 9tlt(ffcf|r ftir eu^. 
S^re loaib cud) nnb ®itg, boi$ ber dtn^nt nur feljrte jurtide ; zG 

<Eurer Z^attn %$crbicnft ntelbet ber rll^renbe €tein : 
•SBonberer, bmmft bu na4 Sparta, Derfllnblge borten, bu ^beft 

Une ^ier liegen gefc^'n, roie ba« ®efe? e8 befall." 
iRu^et fanft, fl)r ®eliebten I SJon eurem 531ute begoffm 

©riinet ber Oetbaum, e«J^t luftig bie Wftfidie ©oat. an 

anunter entbrnrat, be« (SigentSumfl fro^, bad freit ®emcrbe, 

au« bent Sjjjlfe be« ©trontfl minlet ber biMidjt ®ott. 
5if(t|tnb flieflt in ben ©aum bie Sift, efl erfeufjt bie JDr^abe, 

5m% Don bes SBergefl $aupt fHh}t fuf) bie bonnembe 8aft 
9u» bem gelsbrudi wiegt firf) ber ®tein, Dom {^jjl beftUgelt ; 

311 ber ©ebirge ®(I)tmf)t taw^t futt ber :Sergmann ^inab. 


TtaMicti Smtiog tSnt oon bttn Xaft gef^ungmer {^StnnKTr 

Unta ber nemigen i$auft fpritKn bie Sunttti beS ©tu^le. 
@tfinj(nb uniminbtt bet fiolbene titin bie taii.ienbe Spinbel, 

Tiling bie <Saiten bee (Sepa faufet bad mebenbe i^iJT. 
6 gem ttuf bre SR^ebe nift bet'^ilof, e8 watten bie glotteit, 

:Die in bet t^embtinge Siuib ttogen ben ^eimifc^n gteig ; 
^nbre jie^'n fro^Iodcnb bort ein mit ben @aben bet geme, 

^0^ Don bem ragenben ^la\t isc^el ber feftlic^ ^rni}. 
@ie^, ba tvtmmeln bie Snitrtte, bet ^o^n Don ^6l)iid)m. ?ebttt, 
10 Scltfantec Spioc^en @etiuix brouft in ba« niunbernbe O^t. 
%]f ben @ta)^ fdiiittet bie ^mifa ber Srbt ber flaufmonn, 

3Sae bcm gl^^enben Strati ^fritad ^oben gebiert, 
2Ba8 atobien lodit, mai bie flugerfte SEtiute bereitet, 

^od) ntit erfreuenbem ®ut fiiUt amoli^ea bnS ^om. 
IS ^a gebteret baS @IUif bem 3:a[enle bie gSttlic^eti ^inber, 

3Jon ber i^t)eit gefdugt toodifen bie ^iinfte ber ijuft 
fSHt nafl^I)meitt>em Seben erfreuet ber ^ilbnei bie SluQCn, 

Uitb Dom 3]leij!el befeelt, lebet ber fii^Ieitbe Stein. 
ftUnftltt^ ^immel ru^'n auf fc^lonten ionifc^en @ctulen, 
!0 Unb ben ganjen OlQinfi jc^lieget etn ^ant^eon etn. 
^eii^t iDie ber ^rid Sprung bmif bie Suft, mie ber $fei( Don btCBi^m, 

^iipf et ber ©rtttf e Qoij ttber ben btouf enben Strom. 
^ber im ftiHen (Scmoi!) cntmirft bebeutenbe 3irfel 

Siimenb ber Sffieife, befi^Ieii^t for[d|enb ben fc^ffenben ©etft, 
26 ^rilft ber ©toffe ®enialt, ber afiognete ^affen unb ^ieben, 

gofgt burii) bie SUfte bem ffIan6,fo£gt buri^ ben aiet^er bem@tra^t 
®uil|t bag Dertraute @cfeg in beS 3ufaEld graufenben SSunbcm, 

Siw^t ben ru^enben "^Jol in ber Srfdieinungen giud)t. 
ftijtper unb ©timme (ei^t bie Sc^rift bem ftummen ©ebonfen, 
30 "Durtf) ber ^alir^unberte Strom tritgt i^n baS rebenbe ©tatt. 
IXL jerrinnt Bot bein mmibemben S3lid ber iJiebel befl aBa^nefi, 

Unb bie ©ebitbe ber Iflaiift meli^en bem tagenben 8id)t 
Seine Seffeln jerbrit^t ber 3Henfd), ber fflegWtfte. BerrifC er 

JUtit ben geffeln ber guri^t nur nii^t ben Bttgel ber Sc^ I 
zt grei^t ! nift bie SBemnnft, grri^eit 1 bie mitbe Segierbe, 

©on ber ^eit'gen ytatat ringen [ie Ittftem fidf los. 

Xrt @)Mjierganfl. H 

%^ ! ba reigcn hn Sturm bieXnttr, trie on txmUfn 

SQarnenb tf)n ^telten, i^ fa^ m&t^tig btr flut^fnbe ®trom ; 
dm Unoibtidie reigt ert^n ^in, bic Siifte Derfc^icinbct, 

$o[^ auf bet glut^ ®ebirfl' loiegt fidj enhnoflet bet Satfti ; 
ItintcT i&io(Een eildft^en be« SiBagnte b^nlic^e @tenie, 

:eieibenb i[t ni[f|t« tne^r, ee irrt felb^n bcm iBufeit bcr @ott. 
HuS bem @efprdc^ oerfi^tiimbet bit SBatjr^rit, ©louben unb Xteite 

Stue bcm ^bot, ti [Ugt felbft auf bcr Sippc bcr ®(^n)iir. 
Qn bcr ^}cn Dcrtiauli^l'tcn Sunb, Jn bcr ^tcbe ©c^cimnig 

jDriingt fid) bcr Sqtop^ont, rcigt Dott bcm grcuiibc ben tJteuiib. 
auf bit Unfi^ulb illicit bet 33ettotl) mit uetfi^tingeiibcm Slide, 

antt uergiftenbem Sig tdbtrt be« gafteterfl ^a^n. 
grit ift in bcr gefc^beten fflnift ber ®ebanlc, bie VicU 

SBirft be« freicii ®efii^l« gS'lli^en Slbel ^iniDCfl. 
5)einet ^ciligcn S^^"*' " SSa^r^eit, Ijot bet iBelrug fit^ 

Mugemalt, bet SKtituc Kftlit^fte ©timmcn entori^t, 
I)ie baa bcbUrftigc |Kri in bcr grcube Strang fi{^ erfinbct ; 

|^lum gibt raa^rcs @cfU^( nod) but(^ SSeTftumoien \i^ tunb. 
nuf bet 2:ribiuie pxa^jid iaS dtn^t, in bet ^Uttc bie (Sinlrt^ 

®e8 ®cfcbe« ©efptnft ftc^t on bet fliSnige a^ron. 
^a^re long mag, ^a^t^unbcrtc tang bie IDIumic bauem, 

mm bo« trUgenbe Jdtlb lebenber ^UOe beftc^'n, 
i&ii bie ^atut ertvoi^t, unb mit fdiroeren, c^cmen ^iinben 

Bn baS ^o^te @eb(tu rUt)tet bie 9}ot^ unb bie 3cit. 
(Sitter 3:tgerin gleid), bie bag eifeme @itttt buri^bradjen, 

Unb be« numibifi^en XBatbS |](i)^i<^ unb f(t)r(d)id) gebeiitt, 
auf(tel)t mit bed Sirrbtet^ Sfint^ unb be« eicnbe bie SRenfi^^ctt, 

Unb in bet 1S\in bet ©tabt fiu^t bie Derlomc iWatur. 
O, fo iiffnet ew^, anoucm, unb gebt ben @cfangenen tebig [ 

3" ber Mrlajienen glut le^t" cr gcrettet iuriid ! — '" 
abet m bin i^ ? e« bitgt f"^ bcr ¥fi»b. abfi^Uffigc ©rttnbe 

()cnmien mit gft^nenbcr ftluft Winter mir, Dor mir ben ®d)ntt. 
^inter mir blieb ber ©ttrten, bet ^dcn Vertraute -iBegleitung, 

^intet mir ieglidie ®|)Ut mcnfi^lf^er $dnbc juritd. 
91ui bk ©teffc fe^' id| get^Urmt, tai» toOiitm bae Scben 

aeimet, bet to^e SafoU ^offt ouf bie bifimtbe^nb. ( ;. ^^gl,. 


HO e^iOnr. 

49raufent) ftlirjt ber ®te^b(u^ ^erab bim^ bit Man be« g^fot, 

Untet bm Suriern befl Coinnfl bridit tr oitrUffet f«^ «aH 
SBtlb ift e8 ^ier imb fi^auerlid) 6b'. 3m einfameu i?uftraum 

^iingt nitr bcr ^bleiunb inilfift an bag ©mitilte bit 33tlt. 
s $od] ^erauf bis ju mir triigt Icintft SitibeS ©efiebei 

Tien Dcrlonnen @(t)all mtnfc^Iic^tT IKutien unb Suft. 
Sin ti^ tDtrflii^ atlrin ? Qn belntn Stnnen, an betnem 

^wtjtn witbtr, 91atur ; a(^! unb e9 ipqt nur tin Iraum, 
!Cier mic^ f^oubernb trgriff ; tnti bed Stbtne furc^tborem Sllbe, 
10 mt bem [tiirjenben ^al ftUtjte ber finftrt ^inob. 
9}etiier ne^nt' ii^ mein Stbtn Don bdnem rtintn Sltare, 

Sfe^me btn frit^tiiifen SDtut^ Ijofftnber 3«H™*' jurttcf. 
(£mig ttt(i)felt ber SEBiHe ben ^nieil unb bit iReflel, in eioig 

SBiebet^otter ©eftalt maijeu bit I^tni fid) um. 
IB Mbcr iuflenblitft immer, in immer tieritnberter @(f|iine 

e^rft bu, fromme 9Iatur, iil^ttg baa atte @e\t% I 
Qramer blefelbe, beroo^rft bu in trenen ^Snben bem SWamie, 

Sa« bir bai sgtfelnbe Stinb, toae bir ber dangling Vtrtraut, 
aia^rtft an gltit^cr i&rufit bit Dietfac^ wet^fftnben alter ; 
so Untti bemfe(ben Slau, iiber bent nttmlic^en @ritn 
SSaiibeln bie na^en unb nanbetn wreint bie femen ®e[c^fet^ter ; 

Unb bie Sonne SomerSffie^el fie Ijidielt au(^ une. 

Xitl eitk nan bn ®lailt. 

gcft eemauert in ber @rben 
©te^t bie ^omt, aui Se^m gebrannt 
$eute mug bie ©(octe Unben I 
&rift^, Oefetltn, frib jinr $anb t 
iBon ber ©time ^tfe 
fflimien mug ber ©i^lorig, 
®oU ba« aBerf ben aBetfter loben ; 
Do(^ ber ©egen !ommt Don oben. 

Bam SSJerte, bae wir emft bereiten. 


Sal 9teb eon tm OlodC. 

^jtrmt ^ no^I rin ernfM SEBoct ; 
SJmn gute Stebttt fie dtgltitm, 
S)ann fitegt bie 9irbeit ntuntei fort. 
@o lagt une ie^t tnit Sletg betro^ten, 
SBas bun^ bie fctfiviu^e ^ft nitfpringt ; 
£)en f^lei^ten 3n«m mug miut Dera(t)lcn, 
S)ec me bebodrt, toae er DoUbringt. 
£)a« iffe ta, mas ben 3nenfif)en jierct, 
Unb boju matb i^m bet Skrftanb, 
^6 er im inntnt $)erjen fpitret, 
83as er nft^fft mlt feiner ^anb. 

9Ie^met $oIj botn Siifitenftiunme, 
S>a(^ t«^t troffen la^ e9 fein, 
Xlag bie eingepre^te t$Iatnme 
©(^(QQe ju bem ^6)Xob.16) ^bieinl 


©(f)nell ba« 3'"" ^"bri, 
SMg bie jQ^ @)rodenfpeife 
pegc tiod^ btl cet^ten SBtife ! 

Sias in bc8 Xumme« tiefet ®rube 
X]ie {Kinb mit i$euere $tlfe baut, 
^af) auf be« £^m:me« ©lodenftufie, 
Da uirb eft Don mie jnigen lout. 
Stod) bauent toirb'e in \plUm 3^igra 
Unb rU^ten uitter SRenfc^n O^r, 
Unb toirb tnit bem Srtriibttn flagen 
Unb pimnten ju btr Sfnbiv^t Sf|or. 
lEBae witen tief bem (Srbenfo^ne 
1)08 mei^fefnbe SBertjiingnig bringt, 
3)a« fc^iSgt on bie metaUne ^one, 
!Cie e« erbaulidi netter nfngt 

Seige «lQfen fe^ ii^ fpringen ; 
Sof)II bie Wa^m fit^ im gbig. 


SagfS mit 31fil^fitlj butdibrtngat, 

91ud| Dom ®(^umt rtin 

SDhil bte aRif^utig fttn, 
Zttg wm rciitltt^ ilKttatle 
Stein unb Doll bie ®tiitum fi^aUe. 

iDttm mit bet ^tube J^dernangt 
JScgiUgt fie ini sfliebte ^inb 
9luf felnee Seben« erftem @ange, 
S)flt e« in <Stijiafei %na bc^innt ; 
Qlim ni^en nod) im ^citenfc^ooge 
!Dte fi^naiien itnti bte ^eitem fioofe; 
S)ei 3nutter(ietie jaite ©otgen 
^erooc^en feinen QOlbnen SRorgen — 
TAe 9n^re fltc^en (ifeUeefc^liiiiib. 
SJorn W&bifm reigt fu^ ftotj btr Stnabt, 
@r ftUnnt inS Seben toiVb ^inanS, 
^CuTi^migt bie SBelt am SBanberftabe, 
Oremb te^it a ^eim inS 9}ater^«. 
Unb ^eTrli(^, in bci 3ugenb $rangen, 
mt etn @ebiU) au« |)iiitme(«i)»^'n, 
anit jtti^tigen, nerfi^mtm iOtongen 
©iet)t er bie ^unflfro" bor fu^ ftefi'n. 
X)a fagt ein nommlofefl ®e^nen 
SDee OUiigtinsS ^j, ei irrt aUrin, 
SuS feinen jlugen brc^ Xift&ata, 
ffit pie^t ber iSrttber ttUben iRei^'n. 
CrriSt^b folgt er i^rcn ®))UTen 
Unb ift Don i^rem @niS beeWift, 
3)a« ©c^Snfte fw^t ec auf ben SUtr«i> 
aBonrit er feine fiiebe fcftmUcft 
D jarte ©e^nfiu^t, fligefl ^joften 1 
iDer crften Siebe golbne 3^*' 
3>ts Suflc fw^t ben ^iininel offoi, 
8flfi%wet9tbo0$Ktjin®eIi^j .Gooyle 

SM I!itb Mn in 9ImIc 

O, bag fie enig gtfintn bttcbt, 
SHc fi^Ottc 3«t bcr iungen Sietx! 

SBie fi(^ ft^on Ue ^^ brttunm 1 
X)itfeS @tftbd|en tain^ kli eiit, 
@c^'n mir'j ilbnglast erf(^en, 
Sirb'S jum ©uffe jrittQ fein. 

Offet, ®(feUen, frtftt) ! 

^liift mtt baS (Semifdi, 
Ob bae @pr0be mit betn Seidfen 
@i(^ Dtrehit jum giitnt 3ci<^<n. 

S)tnn IVD ba« ©trenge mlt bem 3<n^j 
SSJo ®tarie« fu^ unb STKCbeS (loarteti, 
2)a 0i6t e« tfnen gutm Atmtg. 
!£)nnn prfife, ner fii^ etoig binbrt, 
Db full bo* ^txi jum Jierini fiiibtt I 
aJet JBa^n ift turj, bie Meu" Ip toifl. 
filebti(^-tn bet fflrihite 80^ 
©pfdt ber linigfrituli(^e fftonj, 
ZBenn bie ^ellnt ^n^glodtn 
8oben jw brt geftea ©(anj. 
9(^1 bee Stbend fd)tfnfte 0det '^ 
lEnbigt outf) ben Stbenemol, 
anit bent @itrtel, mit bnn @^er 
9Mgt bee f^tie Sa^n eirtjUKL 
SMe ettbenfcfraft ^ie^t 
SMe Stebe mug bfeiben ; 
tAe Slume Derblit^t, 
3!)it Snic^t mug treiben. 
!t>eT 3Rann mug ^inouS 
Qta feit^li^ Scben, 
SObig uicfen unb jlrtben 
Unb pflonjen unb f^ffav 
(Erliften, erroffen, < 

Sttug UKtten unb xoa^tn, „,^„,^^ . Q 

3^S ®lU<f ju etjascn. 
Xia ftciimtt ^abci bit unenblic^ ©abt, 
IS« fiiUt fu^ bci @t>ei4tt mit urtlt^er $abc 
S)ic dtiiuau tDoi^fen, c« bc^nt f^ tue ^ft. 
Unb brtttnm tooltet 

SJie SKutter ber ftinber, 

Unb t)errfd)tt iwife 

3m ^au«(ii^ ftreift, 

Unb (e^iet bte 3Mk^ 

Unb UK^ret ben Jtnabeiv 

Unb Ttgtt D^n' (Snbe 

S&ie pdgigcn ^iinbe, 

Utib melrt ben @etvhui 

SDtit oibnenbem ©inn, 
Unb fMet mit ®c^ii^ bte buftoiben goben, 
Unb bre^t urn bit fc^nunenbe @pinbel ben gabetv 
Unb fommeU tm reinlidi geQidtttten @d)rein 
Ti\t f(^immentbe aSoOe, ben fc^neeigen Sein, 
Unb fUflet junt @uten ben @(anj unb ben ©trimmer, 
Unb nt^et nimnter. 

Unb ber Siatti,mit fro^ SBM, 
8}on bee ^fee meitfd^auenbem @iel>el 
Ueberjft^tet fein blii^tnb OWct, 
®ief)et bet ^foften ragenbe SSHmtu, 
Unb bet ©4S5?R gefUOte SRaume, 
Unb bie @))eii$er, Dom @egen eelxigetv 
Unb be« Aomee beiocgte ^ognv 
Mii^mt f4 mit ftoljem aJhmb : 
?feft, wie ber ffirbe ©niitb, 
©egen bee UnglUde SIRai^t 
©te^t mir bea §aufe8 ^tot^t I 
SDot^ mit be« ®ef(f)iife« aKSditen 
aft fein ew'get ©mib ju fte^ten, 
Unb ba« UnfilUd fi^reitet fc^neO. 


ZMS !i(b vott btt Wott. 

SBo^I! mm lonn bet ®u| bt^imatt ; 
©i^itn gejadct ift bcr ^nu^. 
S3o^, beoor ntr'fl la|'(en rinnm, 
■Sttet rinm froimnen @)]mdi I 
@tDgt ben 3(4>fcn ou^ I 
9iau(^b in befl {lenlels JQogtn 
@d|ie|f e mtt feuetbroanten Sffiogen. 

Si)^It^3t{g ift bte Stner« ana^, 
ffienn fu ber mmi(fy bejil^mt-, benn^t, 
Unb ttiae er bilbet, toafl n fdiafft, 
'3M bonlt er biefer {linmielsfra^ ; 
X)Mf| fun^tbot mirb bie $immt(9traf^ 
aSenn fit bet i^[fe[ ^ entcafft, 
(Ein^ettriU auf ber risnEn @;iiir, 
3Me fceic Sjx^tct bet 9tatur, 
SBe^e, Wenn ^e loegetaffen, 
SSJu^fenb o^ne SSibcrftonb, 
S)ur(^ bie voltbtlebten ®affen 
XJiilit bnt ungefieuren :SSronb I 
Sxm bie Stemente ^affen 
X)a« ©cbtib ber smenft^^onb. 
SuS bei SoCCe 
jQuiUt bn ©egen, 
©trJiint ber 9{egen ; 
8(ue ber Snlb, o^ne fQalfl, 
Sudt bcr ®tra^(. 

{)ifrt i^r'ft lotmmeni ^odi Mm 2i{|unn? 
Stiit^, nie 89Iut, 
Qft ber ^immtl ; 
£)a« ift tri^t bcS Xogcft @Iiit^ I 

©tragen auf I 
£>am)]f maQtaufl 

ft« D,t,i^=,i-,Goot^lc 

Slademb ftrigt trie gyacrflUtle, 
S)urd) bet ©trafe hmge 3"'< 
SOSitf^t e« fort mtt SfBlnbefleile ; 
So(f»etib, nie oua Ofen* 91ii4en« 
@(U^n bit gilftt, eaOea tctOtoi, 
$foften ftlirjen, genftet Ifirten, 
Stintxt [avmma, SR^tttt imn, 
Ztfim isinnnmt 
Unter Xtttniotent ; 
aiM mntet, rettet, ^U^t, 
3Jigl)e[I ift bje SHa^t gdi^ttt ; 
23inx^ her ^Onbc [anee flette 
Urn tie SCSttte 

t^icQt bcc ISitncT ; ^ im JBogen 
®;nri^ Qutlteti SJaffenDogeR. 
fmilenb tomnt bet Stum gefbgnt, 
SDer bit Slutmnt brmtfenb fiu^ 
¥raffelnb in bit btirrt gni^t 
SaHFTie, in bee ©fitii^ dl&mt, 
3r bet ©patten btee ©aunw, 
Unb de iDolIte T" ft" %Bt^ 
anit fu^ fort ber Stbe SSuc^t 
9tel^ in Qtwolf get g(u(f|t, 
ZBiii^ft fie in be4 ^intmels $B^ 
9tiefenQro| 1 

SBe^t ber aRcnfdt ber ©tlttetftttl^ 
a^Ugig fU^t er feine SBetfe 
Unb betounbemb unterge^en. 

3ft bie ©tatte, 
SEMIbet ©tonne ranges «ett(; 
iJn ben Bbm genfter^8|Ien 
Wo^ bad ©touen, 

$0(4 ^tntin. 

9}ai^ bent ©robe 

@enbtt ncN^ bet SDhnfi^ jurfid — 
@mft friS^licfi bmm jum SSonber^obe. 
SBa9 S^uerd SBittfj ii^m aiu^ gnoubt, 
®n fttger Sroft ift i|m flebtieben : 
Cr ja^It bie ^flupter friner Hitbm. 
Unb fie^ I l^m fc^tt fdn t^eurcs ^oupt 

On bie tStV iffS oufgaiommm, 
©liidltdi ift bie ^nn geffillt ; 
Siirb'S au^ f(!^9n jn Sage fonimen, 
SDag e« gletg nnb Jhtnft Dergilt? 


£}enR bte tjonn jerfprang? 
9d) t DteIIri(^t, inbem loir I)offen, 
Jwt unfl Un(|eil f^on getroffot. 

£ieni buntcDt ©i^oog bet ^eiPgen Srbe 
SJertronen njir ber ©Hnbe 5C^a(, 
Sertrout ber ©itmonn feine ®aat 
Unb ^offt, ba§ fie entleinten n>erbe 
3um @egen, nai^ bee ^rnniete dtat^. 
9lO(S) ttlftlic^Ktett ©amen bcrgen 
SBii tranemb in ber @rbe ©c^oog 
Unb ^offen, bag er auA ben ©ftrgen 
erblU^en foK ju fi^nenn Sdo«. 

ISon bem 3)oine, 
©i^niet unb bang, 
Sliint bie ©loife 


ficitien SBJonb'tei auf bent U^ Sefie. 

Si^ [ bit ©atttn iff e, bit t^ture, ' 
9(4 1 t« ift bit ixtat Smutttr, 
®it btt fd^morgt gtttft btr ©t^otttn 
SStgfU^it ma btm arm btS ©otten, 
ibii bn ittrten ftinber ®(f|aaT, 
SMe fie bUlt)enb if)m gebor, 
!Cte ^ an bti treuen 'Snt^ 
SSof^fot faf| mit aRutterbift — 
at^ I be« ^ft« jorte Conbe 
@inb gtlttft auf immerbor ; 
3)eim fit wo^nt im @c^attenlanbt, 
. S)le bee $aufe« gutter nnir ; 
!Denn efl fe^It i^r treue« Soften, 
O^re ©Dtge ntu^t nii^t ntt^r ; 
Sbi Dertvaiater @tiitte fdiolttn 
SJirb bie Siembt, licEwlen. 

SSii bit ©lodt fti^ Dtrm^Ttt, 
Soft bit prenge Strtielt ru^'n. 
Sit im Soub bet aSogel [pielet, 
aRag ftf^ {ebtr gUtlidi t^un. 

mah btr ©temt Sii^t, 

febtfl aOtt ¥pirf)t, 
^Hrt bet «urf{4 bit Sefpo: ft^taBttt ; 
SJZd^ mug ft^ immti frlostn. 

ajbmttr fBrbert frine ©^ritte 
gfern im mitbtn ^ox^t ber Sianb^cer 
^tsd) btc lieben ^timot^pttt. 
SUJcnb jit^en ^eim bit ©i^afe, 
llnbitr Wlnbet 
^Sreitgtftimte, Qtotte ®<l)tmm 
Jtontmen brUOenb, 


Sot 8ub tion bn OltKfC. 

SDie geiDo^nieti @tttlfc fttdeat). 

@4iDtr herein 

©diroanff bn SBagnt, 

ffombelaben ; 

SSmt Don gatben, 

9iif ben ^Jgg^tn 

gicflt lier ffrrnij, 

Unb bafl lunge SJolt ber ©^nittec 

gliegt autn lortj. 

SBatft unh ©trage wetben ftiller ; 

Utn bee W)ts gtfeU'ge gtamme 

©ommtln fu^ bie ^mSbaotilfaer, 

Unb bae ©tobtt^o: f(^lie|t fii$ 

@^arj btbedet 

©fd|| bit Srbe ; 

i)oit) ben fu^em :93Urgti fi^ndet 

91t(^t bie 3]ail)t, 

S)te btn fSiifen Qcspdi awtet ; 

£)cnn baa ^gelle^ ®efe^ no^. 

$eil'ge Orbtnmg, ftgenrei^ 
^iminetetotf)ter, bie bafl ®[et(^ 
^zA unb Iei(^t unb freubig bhtbet, 
ICie ber ©tdbte «au gegritaibet, 
!Die ^erein Don ben ®efilben 
SRief ben unQefelTgen SlSilben, 
Qcintcat in bti a)Ienf<^ ^lUteti, 
©it geioB^nf ju [onften ©itten, 
*Unb ba« t^etinftt ber ^irnbe 
XBob, ben 3:rieb jum aSotetlonbtl 

j&mfenb fleifge ^Sxiht legen, 
{Klfen fid) in mimtemt Sunb/ 
Unb in feurigem ^emegen 
Serben aUe firiifte tunb. 


Oeber freut fuf| fnnn ©telle, 
SSitttt htm SSttliatta Zxv^. 
arbrit ift he« SWrfler* ^iertw, 
©egra ift ber SDIil^f ^rris ; 
e^rt bra ffliJnig (tint SBUrbe, 
e^iet unS bn ^Snbt gleif. 

$>o(ber griebe, 
©iigc 4Strtra<^t, 
XBetlet, nxtfet 

Snunbtb^ ilbn bltf er ©Ittbt ! 
Snsgc nfe ber 2:ag trfi^etnen, 
So befl Tou^en ffriegeS ()ocbtn 
S>ie[e« ftiUe S:^ btnxf|tobcn, 
SBo bcT $)immel, 
S>cn bee Sbenbe fonfte SRilt^ 
eiebli^i Btatt, 

iBoR ber iS^rfcr, iiiiit ber ©tSbte 
SBUbem Sronbe ft^iKii^ ftta^Itl 

9hin itrbmfit mfr ba« ©efefiube, 
©erne Sbflt^t K» erfiUIt- 
IDag fu^ 5*"i ™^ ^9* >"**** 
Sn bent lDoI)[{[eIinig'nni ^Ib. 

©c^nlRgt ben ^ottnner, fc^iolngt; 

Senn bie ©focT foU aufer^^en, 
snug bie gonn in ^itden geffen. 

<Dei SDleiflet tomt bie ^onn jerbredien 
ajlit torifer $Mnib, jui ra^tm 3elt ; 
'Sioif toe^, tteim in t^bunmenbOc^ 
SMS gm^'nbe Srj ^ felbft befrcit 1 
Slinbnm^enb, tnit be4 Xloimei« Sio^en 
^erf^jtoiflt ee bo« geborffne ^u«. 


avs Sitb von bn Woib. 

Unb tvie ous sffntui ^Itennulien 
©pett a Seitteititn jibtbenb onfl. 
Sio ni^e ftilifte flnnioS tooUen, 
3M faint fi4i Inn Otbilb geftaltttt ; 
mam n^ bie ICtflbr fdbft bcfrn'n, 
S)a [(uut bit XBo^Ifo^ tkt^t gebd^'n. 

Se^, tveim fii^ In bent @(^oog bei ©tftbtc 
ZXr Sniequiiber ftill qt^ibi^, 
S)ai Sod, ierrdgflib feme ftette, 
Bur eigen^ilfe ft^rtdUif) gretft ! 
3^ jtrtet on ber (^(fe ©{({tngen 
SDtr ^fruEiT, bag fie ^citUnb ft^ollt, 
Unb, niti senei^ ju ^ebenellitnBeiv 
!Ctt gofung anftitnittt jur @etDatt. 

^^ unb iSMdi^tl ^ man fi^aOnt } 
©et niij'ge Sttrget greift jut SEBe^, 
ZJfe @tca|en fftOeu fu^, bie ^adtn, 
Ui^ SMrgerbanben jiefi'n um^er. 
£}a nmVn 9Qdbei ]U$^(inen, 
Unb trciben nrit ISntft^ @(f|eTJ ; 
9Io^ judmb, mit beis ^ant^a ^^om 
3erTei|en fie bes ^tinbefl $ei}. 
9}i(f|t« ^lige« ift me^r, e« Ufen 
@i(^ aOe ^nnbe frommer @(f|eu ; 
S>T @ute tfiumt ben ^lof bent Silfen, 
Unb oOe Safter nollen fret- 
©efii^ii^ iff« ben Sen ju anecfen, 
ajcrbtibtt^ tft bc« :£lfler« ^a^n ; 
3<b(Kf| ber fc^re(fiti^fte ber ®d)re(ten, 
!Da8 ift ber aWenf^ in feinem mXfn. 
8Bef| benen, bie beat (SiolgiiOnben . 
Sy* 8i^te« ^hnmetefodrt tei^I \ 
€fe ftra^It i^m nii^, fie fmnt nut jflnben, 
Unb Afdiert €tabf unb Sanbtr tin. 


iSrtaU ^at mil @Dtt gegcbm I 
@c^et I mie tin golbner ®tenv 
Hue ber $iUfe, bUuit unb cbnv 
©(^dlt fi^ ber tnetaOne ^em. 

Son bun ^tim jum fiionj 

@fiitlf« mic @oiinenelanj. 
Siu^ bte £3a)])?en« luttt ®(f|ilbar 
Soben ben trfaifc'nen 9i(bcT. 

^ereinl f)ntin t 
@eftl(eit oUe, f^ttegt ben Sleilicn, 
X>a6 ivir bie @Iode tmtfeid) wd^I 
Soncorbia foU i^r 9tame fdn. 
3uT (Sintnu^t, ju ^erjinitigan Skrtine 
^rfomntte fie bit liebenbe (SVmdnc 

Unb bie« fd fortmi l^r «eruf, 
aSoju ber aRdflet fie erfc^uf t 
$0^ ttbtrm niebern etbenteben 
@oli flc im blaum $inundejc(t, 
a)ie 9Iatl)bQrin be« SJonnert, fi^weboi, 
Unb Brenjen an bie ©temenmett, 
@oU einc @timtne fdn Don oben, 
SBie ber ®eftirne tftUt ®^aax, 
!Dte i^rett @(^Spfer wanbdnb loben 
Unb fasten bae betrttnjte 3w^r. 
'Sim emiQen unb emften Xiingen 
®d i^r metaOnet SRunb geud^t, 
Unb ftUnblid) mit ben fitjndten ©t^ntngen 
fflerU^ im gtuge fie bie ^eit. 
X)eni ©c^idfol (ei^ f" ^ic Sungc ; 
©etbft ^erjtoS, oigne amtgefUI)!, 
JBtgldte fie mit i^rtm ©i^nimige 
1)ti Seben« »e(^ftItioae« ©pid. 
Unb tDie ber Along im O^r twrge^e^ 
X)er miit^tig tltnenb l^r entfi^t, 


Ad hSIoI^h btr SBctfc* 

©0 Ic^ fit, bag nu^tft be^^ 
^1 uOts 0^f(^ oer^aOt. 

^ejio mit ber ftroft bcfl ®trangce 
SOSiegt bte @(o^ mit au« ber @nift, 
Z)ag fu in ba« 9Ield) bes jHangefl 
©trigt, in bie $hnnid9luft I 
©itlwttegtM, ((^mtblt 
Srtubt biefet @tabt bebeute, 

Vtt» „9Iat(iiit ber SBtife/' 
, arilto KifjUB. - gllnft« Knftcitt. 
Ctltlbi nt fbrttn. 

®(birte, ©ulton. 
34 ^f(^e belnnt Uttterrii^t in gunj 
8Bq8 nnbrnn, gonj nw* anbmn. — S)a bu nun 
@D neife btft : fo fage tnir botti titnnal — 
SBa« fitc tin ®iaabt, dmS fitr tin ©efe^ 
^at bii am mdftai tingeftu^tet ? 
9Id^ ©ulton, 

34 bin tin ^nb*. 
eaaMa. Unb i^ e(n SOtufdmmm. 

a>et Shrift f ft i»lf(^ imfl. — aJon bieftn brti 
SReliflionm ^unt boi^ tint mn 
2Mt lua^rt {tin.— rlStn Warm, to\t bu, blribt ba 
9iii^t fte^tn, mo ber BufoU ber ®ebin1 
3^n ^ingetforfen : ober wtnn er bleidt, 
Sfeibt er qu« (ginriii)t, ®ritafaen, a[BaI)( be« lBef[em. 
IBSo^ton I fo t^eite belne (Sinritt)t tnir 
j^enn mit Sag int4 bie @riinbt ^Sren, bentn 
34 f^t^n nadtjugrUbeln ni(^ bit ^eit 


(Strait gag mii^ bit Sa^, bte biefc @rflnbt 
^tftinnnt — Dcrftetjt fli^, tm iBertrouen — mifft^ 
!i^amit ii$ fte ju mnnei maHft. — ■ ^t ? 

So^I*^, bag Ic^ ba erfte Saltan bin, 
I^XzMttt \oUift @nlle tfat, bit mi^ 
!Co(t| titui @ultan« cben ni^ fo ganj 
Utnvihbtg biintt. — 9tid)t toa^r ? €d rebe bw^ I 
®t>n(^ I — Ober tviUft bn ttnen %U0enblid, 
X>t(4 JU bebentcn ? @iit, i^ geb' i^n brr. — 
(Ob fte iDofil ^or^t ? 0<^ loil^ ^ bot^ belaufc^ ; 
SBia ^Bren, ob It^'fl r«f)t flemadit — ) XienF iio^, 
®t(d|n)inb boiT nod) I 3^ fttume nti^t, juriid 
3u lommeii. 

et4Ptr Vnfttltt. 

^ml ^tnl — tvunberlii^!— SMeift 
Snirbenn? — Sa«h)iabn®idlan? nM«?— Q^Un 
%uf ©clb gefagt, in^ trloiS — iSa^r^nt. SBa^i^dt I 
Unb toil! fie f o, — fo boor, fo blani, — a(9 i>b 
SDie SBatii^ctt anOnje wttrc I — Qa, Wtnn not^ 
Uralh aHttnge, bie gettoQtn »arb 1 — 
ICaS ginge no(^ I Klltin fo ntut SnUnji, 
S)ie rait ber ©tempel mai^t, bie man auf« Srett 
9}ur jS^ten barf, hai tft fie bo^ nun ni^ I 
SBie @elb fai @a<t, fo ftriAie man in ftopf 
Hu(^ mi^r^it ein? SBer tft benn ^ier bet 9ube? 
^ obet et ? — 1)0(11 »(e ? ©oQf et audi too^f 
t>k ^^r^ett nt^t in !2Ba^r^ett forbein? — 3uat, 
Broar ber aUerbac^t, bag et bie SCa^r^eJt nur 
sua gaHe btauifie, roiic' out^ gar jw Hein I — 
3u tbin ? — aBo« ift fttr einen ©rogtn benn 
^H Hein ? — Oeimg, gewift : er ftftrjte mit 
Xxc ^itn fo in« $auel SRan )]Oi^t boi^, ^-- r , 

X)i>4 crfit, nKmt man oM ^mtnb ^ na^t. — 04 xtufi 
JBe^utfom Qt^n I — Unb tvie ? wit baa ? — @p ganj 
©todjubc fein ju uoUnt, gtt)t f(^on nti^t. — 
Unb ganj unb gar niif)t ^ube, ge^t no4 iirinber. 
2)enn, nenn Itin 3ube, bttrff tr mfd) nur fragm, . 

ajonim hill aRufelmonn ? Da8 wart 1 Xw» fonn 

amdi Ktfen I — m^t bit fftnbcr blo% ftwtft man 
SDtit Snii|n^cn ab. — (Sx hmmi. & fonnnt nur 1 

GicbtnttK flnftEitt. 
CtIMN m» auiNiL 
ottL (©oiftboagta^ifrrrinl) — ^(^ftimni'birboi^ 
?^d)t JU gtfc^inb juriid? ^ blft ju 9tanb{ i 

SDHt betner Uebfrlegung ? — SJun fo tebe ! 
(S« ^brt uttS tttm @Kte. 

S)je ganje 3SeIt un« ^Orni! 

@D gmig 1 

3ft 9Ial^an fdner @ad|t? $al bad nemt* 
. 3i^ tinm ffieifen I 9H( bie aSa^Ijelt ju 

aJer^e^Int! flir fie mt» mif bae @piel 

3n feStn I 8db imb fiebm I ®ut unb «fut I 
Shtttn. Oal 1°' Venn's nfit^ig tft unb nil^t » 

GtktiB. SSonnun 

Hn barf ii^ ^offm, rinm mrinrr Sitel, 

ffierbefierer ber Srit unb bt« ©tfcftes, 

SRtt 9Ie(t|t JU fti^ren. 
SbHtott. S:raun, ein fi^iJner Sitell s 

't>oSi, ©utton, e^' iif| mii^ bhr gonj nerttaue, 

(Srloubft bu U)D^(, btc tin ®ef(^i$tc^ni lu 

€aliUH. Sarnm bas nit^ ? ^c^ bin ftets 

(Sin Smmb gmtfen Don ®t\6)iii)til)m, gut a 

KtOm- 3o/ 9»t trja^ten, bofl 1ft nun , Gckh^Ic 

HI ftfftat. 

SBo^I Hfttt mehtc ^SaS^ nii^t. 

©0 ftotj befi^iben?— 3Wa(^] erja^r, erjiililtl 
KatMir ^ov graum Oo^rcn lelif em 'ijiam im JOfteOr 

& X)n einen iRing Don unfc^l^boran SQiert^ 
%ai liibtt {tanb befag. !CcT @tetn tmnr (in 
Dpal, bcr ^utibot ft^ne Borben fpittte, 
Uiib ^atte bit Qc^citnt ^aft, dot @ett 
Unb 3Renfii|nt angcnc^m |u maiden, toer 

3u biefer BuDttfw^t i^n tnig. SBa« ffiunber, 
Tmg i^n bet ^onn im Often borum nit 
Bom ijinger liet, mib We ^JerfUgwig tmf, 
Suf en)ig i^n bei feinem $auftju 
l&itfaitm ? mm\i^ fo. (£r tleg ben {Ring 

s aJon feincn ©B^nen bem ®rfiebteften ; 
Unb feete feft, bag bitfer tnteberum 
3)en Sling Don ftincn SS^nen bem DermoAt, 
Xier i^m ber Siebfte fe( ; unb ftets boWifte, 
O^n' %ife^'n bcr ®eburt, in jhaft allein 

Tiei !Ring«, ba« ^aupt, bet pift beS {mufeS ivnbe. — 
Berfte^' mid), ©uUon. 
eoloUK. ^ nnfteV bi(f|. SieitccI 

Rt^iiL @o tont mm biefcc Sling, von ®o^ ju @o^n, 
^uf ttnen Bater enbti(4 Don biei ©B^neii, 

s !Cit atle brei i^m glei(^ gefiorfom tvaren, 
iDit aiit brei et fo(g(i(^ gleti^ ju tteben 
@ii$ ni^t cntfuxiJitiLiDnnle. 3Iur Don ^eit 
3u 3^it f<^i"< '^1* ^^^ ^^' ^"■^^ ^it^tT, ba(b 
3>r btitte — fo ate iebcr ft^l mit i^m 

} SQein befonb, unb fetn ecgie§enb ^j 
^ie onbem jmet ni<^t t^iltnt — uiirblger 
S)tft {Ringed, ben er benn auc^ einem jeben 
T)\t fromme ®d|U)a^^ett ^atte, ju Derfpitdien. 
SDae gtng nun fo, fo lang' ti ging. — StQein 

( (Eft bm jum @terbcn, unb ber gute SJater 

aommt in SSertegen^rft (Sftfimerjtiljn,^^^^ 1^, 

Sal „9Iat^ ber Selfe.' UT 

SSon fchten ^H^mi, bie fuf) auf fetn SNnrt 

SJerioffen, fo ju ftantei. — ©as ja t^un ? 

(Sr fmbet in ge^eim ju einem ffUnfrter, ^ 

SSti bcm cr luu^ btm QRufter (cinee Stingtff 

^wei anbere teflellt, unb mebet ttoften I 

9Io(^ SRU^e fporen ^eigt, fie jtnetn eltii^, 

JBolOommtn gfeii^ ju mai^ X)ae Qtlingt 

!Cein JKnfHer. 3^a er t^m bie fRiiige brinQt, 

J(oim fetbft ber aSatet [rinen aRuftercing 

miS)t unterf^riben. 5roI) unb freubig tuft 

I5r fdne©(ll)ne, ifben tnebefonbre; 

®ieW jebem in8br(onbre feinen ©egen, — 

Unb feinen SWing — unb ftirbt — a)u ^rft bw^, ©ulton ? 

StlaUl (kn m Mtgffn ton Qm |i<<>niM). 

0^ ^ix", i(^ ^bre 1 — ^mnf mlt beintnt 'SUSfft^ i 

9{ur baU) ju (Enbe. — SBirb'S ? 
»«4«H. 3i$blnju<Enbe. 

Iwn was norfi folgt, berftefjt prfi fa Don felfift — 
Aauin mar ber iQotp' tobt, fo Tomntt ein Jrin 
amt feinem jRing, unb {eber loiU ber 0llrft : 

!»» $wufe« fein. 2Jtan imterfm^t, man jonlt, 
Snon Kagt. Umfonft ; ber ret^te Stjitg tvor nitfit 

(Sa^ tba Viifi, ta ntlfn ti btl etdtoi tbiWnl nnnM.] 

faft fo unenoeielii^, aU l 

Un« it^ — btr ret^te @laube. 
6diML Sic? baSfoIl 

X)ie %tttDort feht auf meine ^nqf ? 
mmL €olI 

3ni(^ bIo| entf(^uniigen, tDctm tt^ bie 9ttnge i 

anit nic^t getriau' gu unterfrfieiben, bie 

!Der SJttter in ber Kbru^t mot^ (ie|, 

!3^amit fie niif)t jn unteifd)eiben tuiiren. 
eOtHbL !Cie9IingeI — @))ie(eniif|tinitmirl — Ot^b&^IC 

^i bte Steligionen, bte i(t| bir ! 

(Senonnt, bodi woM lu unterfAeibcn niirtn, ,-. , 

lis Seflbie. 

SSii ouf bit Aldbmtg ; tti« ouf @))Ctf unb Xnmtt 
gb^ML Unb mrr Don ©titen i^ier @rUnbe m^ — 
Xlenn grlinben allc {u^ ni(i|t-auf @cfc^ii$tc, 
@cfd)ri(t)en ober tibtrliefert ? — Unb 

fi @ffc^i(i)tt mug bot^ Uo^l aQebi auf Xraf 

Unb ®{auben anQenommen werbcn? — Sli^t?— 
^Run, uefyen Treu' unb ®(auben jtt^t man bom 
SDn wenigften in 3""f't ? ^o*^ b« Seinen ? 
a)o<^ bmn iBlut air ftnb? boc^ beren, bte 

JBon ^b^tit on mi ^roben i^rrr Stebc 
@cQ(btn ? bit intd nie getilufEtft, al8 too 
@ttituf(^t }u ntrbtn m9 ^ilfanuT uxur ? — 
3Sie lann ic^ mcintn Siattm ntnigcr 
3Ild bu ben bemen gtau&oi ? Ober umgete^rt : 

G Sonn xH) Don bir Deilangcn, bag bu beine 
SJorfa^ren SUgni ftrafft, um mdnen nid)t 
3u uiberfiJiet^en ? JOber uwgetEEiTt 
S)afl 9l(lniti(f|e gilt Don ben €t)riften. 9Hi^?— - 
SidaUtt. (Sei bent Sebenbigen I Vtz Mam ^t 9icd)t. 

ID ^ mu^ Decftuntmen.) 
no^oa. Sag ouf unfre Ming* 

UnS nicber lommen. SSie gefagt : bit ©B^tw 
SSerKagten fu^ ; unb jeber fi^ivuc bcm SRi(^ter, 
Unmtttelbar ouS frined SJatere $)anb 

!t> Sixn 9Iing gu ^boi — ' ttie au(f| ma^r I — no^bem 
<£c Von t^m lange bad SSerft>itd)en [t^on 
©e^abt, bee fRtngefl iBorm^t einmal ju 
©eniegrn — wie niii)t minber wa^r I — 5Der SBater, 
SclIttU^Ite teber, fiinne gegen i^n 

10 91i(f|t fal[4 geuefen fein ; nnb efi' er bitfe« 
9}on i^m, Don etnem foli^en lieben SBotcr, 
StiglpoJinen laff', e^' mUft' tc fetne Sttibet, 
@o gem n fonft Don i^nen nur bafl SQt\tt 
SBtcAt JU gtaulicn fei, bed fatfifien ®fiiel« 

16 JBejei^tn ; unb ei iDotte bie SBerritt^ 

©(f|on auSjufinben wiffen ; fu^ fdjon tMtm. 

,G otitic 

Sa* K^at})aa ber tttlfe." 1 

CaklbL Unb mm, l>cr miftet ? — mdf wilotigt ju ^Srr, 
Sa« bu ben 9tu^tn fagen Idffe^. ©tirii^ [ 

ni^n. X)er iRii^ter fpnu^ ; ntnn i^r ran am ben SSotcc 
m(^t Ixilb jui ©telle fi^fft, MKtf >4 cud) 
SJdr meinem ®tu^le. 'SMtt i^r, bag it^ giiUl)feI 
3u ttSf en ba bin ? Obec garret i^r, 
»i» bag bet recite SMnfl ben SKmib etflffne? — 

9efi|t bie Sunberfra^ beljebt ju moi^ 

SSor ®ott mtb SDtenfc^ utgene^m. SDaft mug 

(£ntfdreib«il X>enn bie fulfil Stbific uerben 

3)0^ baft nt^t Icinnen 1 — 9hm, isen lieben juei 

S}iineu(^ ammeifttn?— SDtot^, fagtonl ^^t ((^eigt? 

Ciie Sttnse nirten nur juritd? unb nif^ 

Slodi augen? Oeber liebt fu^ fe(ber rate 

%n meiflcnP— O fo feib i^r oOe bid 

eetrogoK «etrUgerl (San {Rinse 

@inb alle brei nii^l edit !£)er e(f)te 9tin(| 

^OainmH^ a^9 wrloten. 3)en 3}eiluft 

^u becgen, itijxle^tx, iie| ber ^iata 

2>te brei fitr einen madien. 

nittoM. Unb a(fD, fuf|[ ber {Rti^ttr fDtt, tDtnn i^i 
91ii^t meinen 9tat^, ftatt meineft ®))nt<^, uwdt, 
®ef|t nur I — aRein Wat^ ift obrr ber : i^r ne^mt 
X)ie @a^ t)i}(lig rate fie liegt. ^t von 
(£ud) jeber feinen {Ring oon feinent iBater : 
@o gtoubt {ebei f^er feinen Sting 
•Exa tdftca. — JDhtglif^, bag ber Sattr nmt 
Ziit X^rannei beS einen 9titigS nii^t liinger 
Qn fttiiem {mufe bulben uoUen 1 — Unb getoig* 
!Cag tr eudi oUe brei geliebt, mib gteic^ 
©cliebt ; inbem er jtset nic^t briiden mSqfa, 
Um einen ju begilnftigen. — So^lon 1 
Se eifre Jcber feiner unt!(0»d|'nen 
Son Snrurtbeittn freten Siebe noib! „ 


<Es ftr^ Mn tadt id>er nm bie Stctte, 

Zik Sttaft tti ®t«nS in ftintnt Ring on Zog 

3u kgcn I tontntt biefer j^ft mit ©onftmut^, 

Snit ^eijKc^ Strtr^altfftMt, tnft SBo^It^un, 
C £D!it ttmisfter (Sigetten^tit in @ott, 

3u $ilf I Unb mm fu^ boiui bei ©trine ftcilftc 

Sri nirni JHnbrt'JUnbrtfinbern augern, 

®o lob* it^ iUter tauftnb taufenb ^^f)" 

©it miebmnn Dot biefoi ©tuf|I. 3!>o »irb 
IB Sin weifnt SDIomi Qiif biefem ©tu^te fifttn 

ai9 i(^, unb ftnrcdicn. @ci|t ! — ©o fogtt ba 

Sef(4ribne {Rii^ter. 
edaUB. ©DttI ®ottI 

KatiKOL ©alobttv 

16 mm bu bt(^ fUfileft, bitfn urifne 

aJttfptot^ne 5Koim ja f dn . . . 

GtlOUtl (himtHBiijgiil,n>itdat8««H«iwttl,M«trW|Mfat««Wtttwl«t««BM 

3(^®toiib? 3(^9Ii(^t»? 
20 n^m. SBa« ift bir, ©ulton ? 

GolaUL 9Iat|an, titbei 9!at^an ! — 

'SDit toufenb tmifntb ^o^rt brints Stic^tetft 
©inb no(^ ni(^t urn. — ©ein 9ti(^teiftu^l ift niif)t 
a>n:inrine.^— ®f!|'I — ®e^I — 3lb« [rimein greunb. 


VttI >,Rar{a Stnoti" 
Snftttc KnfJiiB- 

•tgob li ciB(B Vnt, *Ri att Mmini ttfttl, (latoi ttu WtU ZotHL 

CrPtt aufttitt. 
IS atria tiUt »\t MntniK tanf tiatn etsiin tn«n. {tana SoaiM f><(t >ni1<> 

fttnttir. 3^ riltt ia, aid n»nn il^r ^itgef ^iittet ; 

©0 loim id| eu^ nii^t folgc" ; toortri boi^I 
nttit. ^^ viAi) btc ntUen Bni^it gmieflen, 

ant .aRana Stuarf 

$0^ miif etn JMnb fein, fd rt ttiit ! 
Unb auf btm grlbint 2>^)n(t) bet Siefeit 
^tttftit btn teiditen gepgetttn ©djritt. 
^in i^ btm finfttrn ©eftingnig entfticgen? 
{!iiilt fie mu^ iiti^t tnt^r, bit traungt @tuft ? 
Sag mit^ in OoQtn, in buiftioen S&itn 
Srinfen bit freit, bit f)iimnlif(^t Suft. 
Aantk^ Dntnne t^ture^bql (Sutr Atrftr 

3ft ntir um tin fltin ^tnigtfl tnottttrt. 

QffT fe^t nitr ni^t bit SDiauer, bit un« einfrf)Iit|t, 

SEDtil fit btr Sdumt bic^t ©tftrjtuit) Dtrfttdt. 
atttli. O ICunf, X^ont bttftn freunbtidi gribitn JQitumen 

3)tt mtintS Strtai ilRautm niir Dtrfttdtn ! 

3d) niU tnti^ frtt unb gtU^id) trdumtn ; 

SBotum mi tneintm filgtn ©o^n mi(^ roedtn? 

Untfiingt md) itic^t ber toettt ^ittunttefi^oog? 

!Oit «lide, frei unb ftffeUoe, 

Srgt^tn fii^ in ungtmeffnen 9Iiluintn. 

!&ort, too bit grauen 9}ebelbtrgt ragtn, 

0dngt nttinee 9ttt(^ed ©ritnjtan, 

Unb bitfe SStolftn, bit no^i SRitlag tagen, 

@tf fiu^ l^ranfreid^S ftrntn Dctan. 
eilenbt ffiolfen, ©egler ber Sttftt ! 
SEBtr mit rui) wmitttt, mft eui^ fi^ffte! 
@rttgtt mir freunblit^ mdn 3ugtnblanb I 
3^ bin gefangtn, \i) bin in ^onboi, 
Ktti, Hf ^ab' teinoi anbtrn ©tfonbtcn I 
gtri in Stiftoi ift eure «a^n, 
3^r feib nii!|t bieftr JMnigin mrttrt^an. 
%(^, t^euit ^obql 3^T feib auger eui^ ; 

iCte lanQtntbe^rte ^^it tnaifit tud) fi^ro^jjnen. 
tit. SDort tegt tin tSift^ btn 3ia((|tn an. 
©(« tltnbt Iffiertitug Mnnte mii^ retten, 
CriWite mttft fi^nell ju befrtunbeten ©tabten. 
©pOriic^ nitiirt t« ben bitrftigtn Wlann ; 
et[aben noUf ii^ i^n rei(^ tntt (Sdfii^ 


<£innt 3119 foUf er tf|un, tvte cr trinm get^an, 
J>afl ®lUd foUf er fiiibm in feinen IBe^, 
9}ci^m' er mii^ ein in ben nttcitben fta^n. 
AonetQ. !6er(ome SSiinftfie I @e^t t^i ni(^t, ba| mi 
) Son feme bort bit ©ptt^ertritte folgen ? 

Sin finfter graufamcj SBerbot fi^iu^t jcbeS 
STtitletbtge @efif|6pf au« unfenn Sefic. 
SDnltL 9iein, gutt {ranna ! @toub' mir, nii^t utnfonft 
3ft metne« ffierfer* I^or fleHffnet morben. 
ifl SMe Reine @unft ift mir bed gregetn @IU(f« 
a3eifiinlKdn. 3^ im niif|L & ifl 
!l>er Stebe t^fge ^aitb, ber id) fie bank. 
Sorb tJeftere mft^fgen 3lrm erienn' i(^ brin. 
SUlM^Iig toill man mein @efiingnt^ neiten, 
IS Tnxt^ JMetnereS jum @rt>§em inidi geniii^neit, 
Sie ic^ bae 9nt(ig beffen enblic^ fdiaue, 
!£)ec mir bie $anbe IMt auf tmrnerboi. 
fltniebQ. 3(c^, iif| tann biefen SESiberfpntd) nii^t rrinien I 
9Io(^ geftent tUnbigt man ben ^Cob eui^ an,' 
io Unb ^eute mtrb tuit) plii^lii^ fo(d|e grei^eiL 
Wud) benen, ^iirf ic^ fagen, wtrb bie fiette 
©eWflt, auf bie bie em'ge gtei^eit wartet 
aHona. $iiTft bu bae {lift^om? ^iirft bu'ft flingen, 
SDJdi^tigen Shifefl, buT(^ gelb unb ^in? 
ii %^, auf baS mut^ige SRog mic^ ju fi^icingen, 

an ben frii^Iii^en 3ug niic^ jU rei^'n ! 
9ioc^ me^r 1 O, bie betannte ®ttmme, 
@(^meijtid| fti^ iSrinnerung DoUl 
Cft Dema^m fte mein O^r mit 0reuben 
M 91uf bt9 ^oc^tanbd bergtgen ^eiben, 

SD)cnn bie tobenbe Qagb erfc^oU. 

VaKfl. SU Snton. 

9ndti i)hinl !^V liffi enblt^ rcd)t gema^t, SR^Iob^? 
iBerbien' ic|( etnmol euern^nt? 


fha .Statia ©tuort.' li 

Slute. Ste, antter? 

@e* ifirt, ber biefe ®unft mir auflgmiirtt? 

3f|t (tib'«? 
VoDltL aSantm foQ ii^e nidit fdn? Oi^ toai 

am $of, ii^ iibtrbra(^te nier <Srf)rei6en — 
Watio. 3^r libergabt efl? SBitRlt^ t^otrt tl|rt? 

Unb biefe ^reifjeit, bie i6) jelst Bmiege, 

3)t eine ^rurfit be8 fflriefs — 
^miJet tnti BtuwaiB). Unb nicf|t bie einj'ge I 

SJBadtt eiMfi Quf eine gragre not^ gcfagt. 
Slaiio. auf eint Qrflgre, @ir? SBofl meint i^t bomit? 
faati. O^t ^itrtet bot^ bie ^iJrnet — 
Slatia. (i><>(iiff«»n<i»,«ut^niD. 3f)r erfdire* mit^! 

VdMld. :£)ie ffiJnfgui jagt in biefer @egenb. 
Katia. SSa«? 

^tnlet 3ii Mwnigen Sugenb(t(fen fte^t fie Dor eudi. 

firflntbll (opf SRaila ludlnt, mtUt tutnt mt Vm1>atn tntO- 

SBie mirb eut^, t^eure ?ab^? 3f)r wblogt. 
^Joalet 9iun ! 3\(i nun ni(i)t rei^t? SBort nitfit tare Sitte? 

®ie Wirt tnd) frS^ec gmfi^rt, ala i^r gebodit. 

3^r wort fonft immer fo gefiijwinbtr ^unge : 

3etit ttinget eure Sffiorte on, jc^t ift 

Det augenblid ju reben ! 
SRwiii. O, roorum ^ot man mii^ nit^t Dorttrritrtl 

aegt bin i(^ nit^t borauf gefo^t, jegt nid)t. 

©a* i(f| mir oI« bie l)fl(^fte @unft erteten, 

SJUnft mic iejt fi^rndii^, faci^tertit^ — fflomm', $ionna, 

gfl^r" mi(^ in« ^qu«, bag ic^ m^ foffe, mi(^ 

fir^ore — 
9«leL »Iei6t 3f|r milft fie ^(er erworten. 

So^I, wo^t mag's eu^ bedngftigen, ii^ glaub'«, 

SBor enrtm Mit^ter ju erf(J)einen. 

BritUt Kitfttltt. 
Cfttf nittt<liil| lu tan 8Mi|H. 

ftarit. (Efl ip niiiit barum ! ®ott, mir ift gottj anbertl GcKwIe 

3u Wiatf) — Mr^, ebler ©^tnoSbur^ I Qffx fonunt, 

$am $)iininel mir rhi (£nget jugeftnbet ! 

— Odi laim fie nii^t fel)'n! Slettct, rettet mi^ 

SBor Urn Dciliagtai 3lnbli(f — 
ft €(r»tbBi^ ffommt ju «tt^, fidrngin I Sagt nirm 2Rut^ 

3ufainmtn. 3>ae tft bte tntfditibmigwoat ©tunbe. 
ffiofit. 3^ ^nbt btauf BE^arwt— 3o^e lone 

ani^ brauf bmitet ; Mei ^ab' i<4 tnir 

©cfagt uitb infl ©cbil^tni^ etngefd^riebetv 
10 Siie i(f| fie rUtjTcn tooUtc unb bttsegenl 

Siergeffen t)[iSfiIti^, aii«fldbfd)t ift aile« ; 

yiidtti ttbt in mir in bicfem Slugenblid, 

!U8 mdnn Sribm brninnibe^ (^fU^I. 

3tt blufgen $ag getoenbet xoibtx fit 
ift 3ft mn^ bad O^i' ^ fiit^en atlt gutcn 

©tbonEoi, tmb, bit <S(^Iangen^aaie fif)Uttt(t^, 

Umftt^en mti$ bit finftmi ^itOeneeiftcr. 
€(ni>niTQ. ©ebietet ntttm uilb aapMm StutI 

«tj»ingt be« ^jen8 ^itttrleU I <S8 brJtiQt 
» iRti^t gute Snii^t, menn $ag bcm $ag btgepet. 

Sit fe^r auj^ titer ^ntfrefl loiberftrtbt, 

©e^on^t bn 3cit unb btm ©efe^ bti ©tmtbt ! 

@ie ift bit 3Rjii^tiQe — b«niitf)i{|t tui^l 
Vlatltt. Qor i^r ? 0(^ f(un> c« ntitimennt^r I 
26 e^rtMbnt. ^ufd btnnoc^ I 

@))re^t e^rerblttig, mit @e(a[ftn^eit I 

jRuft i^re ©rogmut^ an ; tto^ nic^t, {e^t ttidit, 

Kuf fuer Ue^t ; ie^o ift nii^t bit <Stunbe. 
Ratio. 3Ic^, mejn Strbtrben fytb' id) mil rrflejit, 
so Unb mir jum ^Iwift ntrb mtin gltVn er^ilrtl 

91ie ^tten mir mi8 fe^tn fotltn, ninnalftl 

!Z)arim9 tarn nimmer, ntmmtr @uttd (ommcnl 

&f' raBgen geu'r unb S5!afftr fit^ in 2icbt 

iBtgtflntn, unb ba« Samm ben iiger Wjftn — 
85 Qit bin JU [dtmer otrlefct — fie ^at jn fiJiiBtr 

CtWbijt — 9Htiftiroi[(^nint»9Strffl^nin^I^ , 

Kitl „9tatia Stuart* 

^torttnv. ©t^t |1e nut etO von 9(ngefi(^tl 
Od) |q^ e« jo, toie fie Bon eiirem ©rief 
erft^Uttert nuc; tl)r9(uge f^Kianint ht 2:t|riinen. 
^ein, fie ift ntc^t gefti^Uofi, ^egt ii)r felbfl 
9Iur ticfi'i^^ iBtrtiauen — ^onnn cbm 
©in ii^ Doioudgeeilt, banitt ii| axi) 
Qn l^ffung fc^n unb enna^nm ml^te. 

»cf), Xalbot I i^ niact ftete mein i^ieunb — S^g it^ 

On euier mitbm ^aft getilieben ViUxt I 

Ss roarb ntir ^act begcgnet, ©^renftbur^ 1 
etrttDMinr. iSeige^t ie|^ aU{« ; barauf bentt aUetn, 

2fite i^T fic untmollrflg tt)o(tt empfongm. 
aiUria. Oft ^itrleig^ aui^ nrit i^r, mtin b6\n IStiQti? 
e^naMiii^ ^iemanb begldtet fic, ols @ia| Don Sefter. 
9)uic SorbSfftet? 
e^tcMbni. surest nidiK Don i^m. Slater 

SBill euren Untergong — ©tin ffiet! fft e«, 

3Nig eu(^ bte JtQnigin bie ^f [ammtttfunft 

gtctit. 9^, ic^ mugf ee noE|Il 

eitaaiaoi- ^EM fagt i^i ? 

VoKltt ^te ftiJnigin tommt. 

(UK mt^l 04 bk eiUc ; ut ffiofa HdH, aa| bk Kngrti (ditit.) 

eitrtci Suftiitt. 
Mt Btrlgat. cm«»ett. CnT tflccSti. Ctdlit. si 

CItf«»tt|a,bi«s«). aBie^eiBtberSonbfie? 
Sclctdn. Sot^ering^a4f(^lD|. 

eiifabttt (^ ettoettni). 

Sc^idt unftr O^fl^Q^folg' 'ooxmi na(^ Sonbon. 

SDae SJolf brdngt aUju^eftig in ben Strogen ; » 

XSii fuE^ €diug in biefem ftitlen $art. 

<Zaast (stfaat hd Odolgt. eicDitn nU nm Xngn Ht OEnld, mtca iH p 
IhiBkl ntttn hii^l'l 

SDicm gutce Son ncbt mi4 )U fi^r. Unmlilig, |^. 

9bgilttif(f| finb bit S/ndfttt fehter ^toAt ; 
©0 e^rt man einen @ott, nidit einen aWeiif^. 

9R0t:a (wli*t W a'K O*" »«» ninini^lH mr tit Xsmi icK^iit n«, ii*tSI U left 
BiUi 1^ Bugc btgcgmt bcm gt|p«ii(n eUd b<ieCI)obctt. eii[4iiiiM[t|iifaiiinEnuiil> 
5 Dlrfl fl4 nltMt in tn Hbbh ShR). 

iO @ott, ouS biefen 3'i9<" fpi^i^t ^'ti $^'1 ! 
glilattH. ffiet ift bit 8ab^ ? 

(Sin aDgnnrliuI fi^tiitt.) 

Stitrftn. ^u 6ift ju i$ot^»tng^al), SiJnigiii. 

10 Clifoitti <R(IU M ttnnW n» «|t«iit, ilnn ftnttna SUS nf bltcflR il4lnt). 

SBer itat mit ba« flttfian? Sorb Sefttrl 
SeittBtt. (5« ift gefiiif^cn, Sitnigin — unb nun 
!£ltr ^iinmef beinen @d)ritt ^ier^er gefeiitt, 
@o [ag bie @rogmut^ uttb ba2 Snitleib ^cflctt, 
15 S^taaittVt, Sag bii$ trbitten, ttlitiglii^e tJ'^iUr 
^iii Slug' auf bie Ungmdlidie ju ric^ttn, 
I^it ^icr Wtee^t Dot beinem aitiblid. 

OBnU ram M l»h«i»i nib Mill auf Me dllfiirti jigttcE, ^M iit« mr ^k<B 
lB(i< Ma«><n» m i >^ Seinben MAi b«i ^ftlgtlin »■«( «•«.] 

£Ol£[:|iiMt. SSie, Sn^loibd? 

2Ser tear ed benn, ber ttnc jtitfQcbeugte 

5mir angefilnbiflt? (Sine ©tolje finb' i(^, 

Som UnglUd tdneSmegS geft^meibigt. 

aHarie. ©et'8! 

26 3^ lottl tni^ oui^ nodt bieftm unteriDerftn. 

gQiir* ^iit, o^nmad^feer ©tolj ber ebrin ©«Ie I 

3d) mill vetgeffrit, itier idi bin, unb itios 

0(4 litt ; id) tviU VOT i^r mi(^ niebemerfcn, 

^ie mii^ in biefe @i^ma(^ ^enintrcrtieg. 

30 (Ch mnM M t^n M' MXtta.) 

3)er ^immd f)at fUr end) entfc^teben, ®d)Vot^ttrl 
@ctriint Vom ©ieg ift cuer etU(f(itf) ^upt, 
!£)ic (Sott^t btf i4 an, bte eu(^ er^jii)t(! 

(Cb tllU Boi 1^ nUbn.) 

30 ®o(6 f(ib ourf) i^r nun ebtlmUt^ig, ©cflW'fter I 
Soft micf) ni[])t fdimatI)Doa tiegtn I (Sure |>anb 
©tredt mi, rdc^t mir bie ISntQCit^e Stet^tc, 

ffut „3I!aTta ^taatt." 
SRicfl ju er^eben Don btm tiefcn Sod ! 

iEIifatdt (imllittrtlMiti^ 

3^r [eib an cmtm ^ta^, Sobt) 3}}aria! 
Unb banfntb preif iif) tnemed @otteS @nabc, 
X)Ec nici|t sctsoUt, bag id) ju euren Siigm 
@o IUqcii [oUte, loie i^r ie^t ju melncn. 

giaiil (all tklgnbim flffltt}. 

X)eittt an btn 3Bti^ftI atlcS anenfi^lic^itl 

€e tebm ©Jtttcr, bie ben ^orfimitt^ radienl 

SJtre^ret, fitn^et fte, bic fi^rcdliifien, 

X)tt inti$ JU niitn gUgm nitbcrftflrjen — 

Urn biefet fremben 3™fl" willni. f^rt 

On mit tu^ felb^ I ISnttDd^et, fdiiinbet nid)t 

!Ca0 :i8Iut bet Slubor, has in tneinen ^mi, 

S}ie in ben tutnt, fliegt. — O @ott im ^immtl I 

©te^t nic^l bo, fi^roff unb unjug<ing(i(^, nie 

3)ie S(tfenni))|>e, bit ber ©tronboibt, 

SJnsebltd) Hngenb, ju erfaffm ftrtbt. 

artein ^Uee ^dngt, mttn geben, mrin ®ef(^d, 

Sn mciner ^orte, metner !lt^ritntn ffroft, 

Si)«t mir bas ^nj, bag ti^ baS cure rU^rel 

SBenn i^r mic^ aufdiaut mit bent iSifcSblicf, 

@ii)[itgt fu^ bas iierj mir fi^aubernb ju, bei @trora 

a5et ZifiHatn ftotft, unb lalW ©nuifm feffelt 

!£iie ^tlftniaoTAt mir im ^ufen aa. 

dtfoIltQ (bit lab »nns). 

![&ae ^abt i^r mir ju fagni, Sob^ @tuart? 
Qlft ^abt mi(^ fpie^tn ttoUen. QH^ txrQtffe 
!t)ie ^0nigtn, bie firmer beCetbigte, 
iDie ftomme ?}fliif|t ber ©(^eftcr ju erfiiHen, 
Unb mrine« %xbMi Iroft flewa^r' i^ em^. 
3!)em S:rieb ber @rogmut^ fols' id), [e^ mii^ 
(Semfitem jtabel au«, bag itf) fo loett 
{icrunterfteige — benn i^r loigt, 
^g i^r nti^ ^bt ermorben toffen woQen, 
Storio. SSomit fotl i^ twn 3(nfang maiden, wie r--^, 

X)ie aSorte niiefli^ fteden, ba| ^ n4 

^i $(rj ergreifert, aber ni<^t Dtrle^n? 

O ®ott, gib meiittr JRtbe ^aft, lutb nimtn 

3^1 jeben @ta^(, ber oemunbcn liinnte ! 

jfaim i(^ bo(^ ftti taiH) felbft nii^t f))re(^n, o^iie cui$ 

©t^toec }u Dertloeett, luib baft mill ii^ ntt^t. 

— 3^r ^ttbt an inir ge^anbclt, ttie nit^t r«^t ift, 
£«im id) bin etnc fiitiiigtn, ute it|r, 

Unb t^r ^abt aU ©efong'nc mii^ ge^Uen. 
3(^ torn ju eud) aU tint 9ittnO», 
Unb i^T, Ui ©aftm^e ^cUige ®tfe^ 
X)ci SJitnec ^eilig Stnfit in mir on^ti^ncnb, 
@^(o^t mii^ in fierlennauent tin ; bit t^rcunbe, 
^ie iDitnei mecbm graufam mtc entrifftit, 
UniDihrb'gtm afJongcl merb' iSi prcfSgeflebm, 
a^an fttllt mic^ dot tin jc^impflii^es ®aid)t — 
9Ii(^t8 mel|c baoon ! @in emige* Sergeffen 
JQebedc, xoai ii^ ©toufotntd ei[itt. 

— Se^tl ii$ ttitl ^Ued eint ©^lidimg nnrncn : 
3^1 fnb nii^t f({|uU<ia, ii^ bin aui^ m(4t fi^ulbig ; 
(Sin biifer ©dft ftitg auS bcm Stbgnmb auf^ 
lien 5ia6 in unfern |)erioi ju entjanben, 

Uer luifre jotte 3ugenb fiiion entjweit. 

@r tviu^e mit un«, unb bijfe Snenfiiien foi^tra 

^a unglUdfel'gen Stomme Slt^em jn ; 

SSa^nfum'ge Sifercr benaffneten 

iOIit ©throat unb SDotc^ bie unberufne ^b. — 

!Ca« ift bae {flui^gefi^id ber fiiJnige, 

S)ag fte, tntjneit, bit Selt in ^at jendgen, 

Unb jeber ^loietrot^t tJurien entfefjeUi. 

— 0«W if* Itin frember aKunb me^r jluifdjoi un8, 

(aifdt M l^t |WnKlt4 nnt ail HnKMtlRkra StnL) 

Sir ftt^'n elmuibtr fctbft mm gegenliber. 
Oeftt, ©(^roefter, reb«! nemit mir mdne ©djnfb, 
^d^ UiU tu(^ DOQigeft ©enUgen (riften. 
^lO), bag i^c bamale mit @e^iSr gef^tl. 


SttS »9IInia etuort" 1 

I i(^ fD brtngenb euer 8(uge fut^tel 

' roSre nie fo nieit gctomtiten, nlif)t 

I biefem ttaut'gcn Ort gffrficlf)e jc^ 

le ung(ild(e(jg trounge Stgcgnung. 

. 3)Iein guter ©tern bttva^itt tnitfi bavor, 

;e flatter on ben fflufen rait ju legen. 

'91ii^t bie ®efrf|i(fc, euer frfiwatje* $erj 

ogt an, bit mtlbf S^rfuc^t eures §aufe9. 

(^te t$einbtic^e0 tsar jtuifi^m rate gefi^ti'n, 

1 tlinbigte mir euer D^ra, ber ftolje, 

trf(f)tiiiltl)'9e ^riefter, bet bie fret^e ^b 

1^ oHen flronen ftretft, bie ge^be on, 

et^Orte etufi, mein SilSaptjen onjune^men, 

u(^ mehte ^itigdtttet jujuetgnen, 
"«iif lob unb fieben in ben ffainpf rait mir 
3u ge^n — 2Sen rief er gegen mic^ irft^t auf? 
©tr ^efter ^''"S*" ""'' 1^ SJAtfer Sdiroert, 
3M fcommnt SBJa^nfinnS fUn^terli^ SOSaff^ ; 
{)itr felbft, tm Sriebcn«fi^ meined 9}ei(^e, 
ffilie« et mit bet ffimpitrung glammen on — 
!C)od| ®ott ift mit mit, ratb ber ftolje ^rit^et 
Se^ilft ba« Setb nitfrf — SDIeinem ^mipte war 
!Cei @ttei(f| gtbco^, unb baS cure f Silt I 
StoTit. 0^ fte^ in @ottee ^b. ^^t nitrbtt eiti^ 
@o blutig eurer a)^(^t nic^t ttbcr^eben — 

SSer foQ mid) ^inbem ? (Suet O^eim gab 
•XXA @eif))ie[ alltn ffOnigen bet SSett, 
iESte raon rait feinen geinben iJrieben mtu^t 
"SAt ©onct Sart^ftmi fet meine @(^e I 
3Bae ift mir iBtutOemanbtf^aft, S!6(terred)t ? 
I)lt fiin^ trennet oBet ^pirfiten Sonb, 
I)ai Srtubrut^ ^eiligt fie, ben JKJnigftntoib ; 
3d) libt nm, wa* eure ^riefter (ef]rtn. 
Sagt, meldiee $fanb gemil^Tte rair ffir tu(^, 
Senn ii^ grofmUt^ig tmt Sanbe ti»ete? 
anu wtli^ @(f|log wmu^ Id) cure STreut, , - i 

5* .l^HHH^K 

3)a» nidit ©anct ¥ttert ®(^(une( flffnen torn? 

©ooatt mit ift bit rinj'ge ©idjerlieit ; 

^in ^Unbnil ift mit bent ^{11(^1 ber Si^tangen. 
Wailo. C, baS ift tuer traitrig finftreT argino^nt 
6 3^r ^abt midi fttts al8 eine Seinbin nut 

Unb J^entbtiitgin Eictiac^tet. ^Utttt iift 

3u fum Srliin mi^ ecfliirt, nit mir 

®e6ttl|rt, (o t)attfn !Dai!tbarfeit unb 8itbe . 

(&wi) rine tmie Smtnbin unb Smvanbte 
:o 3r mir n^alten. 
SitfaitQ. ICraugm, Sob^ @tuart, 

3[t tmt i^reunbf(^ft, tun: ^auS ba« ¥ot>rtt^u>)>f 

X>fr aWitntf) ift tuer iBruber — l&idi jur <£t6in 

Erfiaren! Tw Derrilt^erift^ SaOftridl 
16 !Cag it)r bet mdntm 9tben nod) mrin SSoQ 

SSerfU^rtEt, tint (iftigt armibo, 

"S^t tbtt Ougenb meintfl flrtnigrrit^ 

3n euran Su^Ceme^ fc^au Derftiitftet — 

3)ag suite fi(f| ber neu oufge^'nbtn @Dnne 
10 ^imet&ttt, unb i(^ — 
aRoria. SRegiert in jjrieben ! 

3ebmebem 3(nfpru(^ auf bit* SRtii^ tntfag' li^. 

Sid)! nttinee @eiftt« ©c^uingen finb gtia^mt ; 

5Ri(^t Ortl^e totft mirfi rat^t — 3^r ^obfS eneic^t 
16 3(^ bin nur norf) ber ©c^tten ber aHorio. 

©fbrot^nt ift in longer Jterferfc^maiii 

2;er ebte aButf) — 3f|r ^bt bafl Meugerfte on mit 

©et^on, ^abt mi(^ jeiiftert in nteiner SlUt^el 

^ Gefit mcu^ tin Snbe, St^intfler I ©prec^t ti aai, 
a Da« SBort, um beffentwiDtn f^r grtontmen ; 

aJenn nimmtr will i^ gtouben, bat i^r lanit, 

Um eutr Opfer groufom gn Der^a^nnt. 

©prei^t biefefl ffiSort im« ! ©ogt mir : „3^r frib frri, 

aMario ! SDWne SKof^t ^abt i^r atfil^ft j 
16 3*W Ifw* metntn Sbetmut^ tere^ren." 

©ogfa, mb 14 win mein Stben, melnt JJreftrit ,-. , 

Hut .aRaria Stnart." ] 

tns an ©cfdieni au« turer ^nb tn^ifoitgen. 

— Sin 3BDrt tnac^t SUte ungefc^^'n. d<fl X'B'^t' 
S)arauf. O, (agt mitfi'S nic^t ju (ang er^arren ! 
aOcI) euc^, iDeim i^i mit btefem Sort nic^t enbet ! 
liDettn tDtnn i^r ie^t nictft fcgenbringenb, ()crrlic^, 
SSie etnc @otlt)tit, Don mir fi^ctbet — @(f|K>efter I 
9Ii(^t um btee ganje rrii^ <SiIanb, nii^t 

Urn oUe SEUiber, bie bo* Wm umfaSt, 
ansc^t' ic^ Dor etu^ fo fte^'n, lote ilii oor mir I 
mftiMi. >9etaint i^r enblid) eui$ fUr Uberrounbeit? 
3ffflau«initeurmiRanItn? 3fthinaR6rber 
aJIeljtuntenriegeB? Kilf Wn abentrarer 
Sttr fiK^ bie ttaur'fle 5Ritterfct|Qft raefjr woflen? 

— 3a, rt ift onfl, gob^ ajfaria. ^^r Derfiif)tt 
ajtir Aeinen me^. ^ie SBfIt ^at anben ©oigen. 
IS9 Ulftet jtdntn, euet — Diertet Warn 

3u nmbtn ; bran j^i tStttt tan ^rier, 

O@ottl ©ottl gtbmtranagigunel 

CliflkH (tbtl lit Ingt nU (lini SIW WifC BRiuttnl ■■). 

ItiaS a([o fmb btc {Rdjungen, Sorb Sefttr, 

T)it ungtflraft fein Warn nblidt, banebtn 

fflein anbreS 35inb ft(^ toagtn barf }u ftellen I — 

i^nDo^i 1 !3>ct JRu^m uor no^lftit gu erlongen ; 

(Sdtoftet m{f)td, bte aQgemeine ©^i^n^ 

^u fein, ola bie gemeine fein fttr ^e I 
narla. ICaSifl ju Diell 
eiltibd^ amm it^m). 

QrH jeigt i^r oiei tna^rtfl 

®frirf)t; bi« (fit mart BUT bit gam. 

VIdtil On S>n tU^CBb, te<4 bU ri«t rtltn Obt*). 

O'l^ ^abe menfi^Iic^, {ugcnblii^ gefe^U, 

TAt Wladit DerfU^rte mic^, i[^ ^ab' ti ni(^ 

SJer^timlii^t unb Derborgen, falfif)en ®4ein 

$1^ i(^ ueifi^mli^t mit tttnigfii^ ^mul^. . . 

2)oS 9ergftt UPdg bit Stlt von mir, tutb 16) 
Sam fagen, iifi bin tpcffet al« man 9Iuf. 
SB}e^ tni), roenn fie von tunn 3^aten cinft 
S)en @^renmantet jte^t, tvomit i^t gletgentt 
& 3)je tDttbc ®[u(^ Derfto^l'ncr Siifte beift. 
9ti(^t @^rbailttt ^abt t^r Don curer iDIuttei 
@«rbt ; man loeig, um web^tr Xugenb uiUen 
Slnna Don ^oulot ba« @(^affot beftitsto. 

einVStani Itdtl |BtI4(N Mtt BtoltbnuB). 

1 - O ®ott btS ^immtii I 371ug cS ba^in tommen ? 

3'ft bad bit anti^guQS/ bit UntoiPcrfung, 

fiob^ anuria? 
SRttio. anagtgung! 3(^f|abe 

<&traflm, loa* rin 3Jfcnfi^ ertragm fonn. 
15 ga^r* ^in, IammE)erii0e @e(offen^citI 

^nni $innnel fik^t, Ieib«ibe Oebulb I 

epreng' enbli^ bcine Sonbe, tritt pernor 

Slue beinet Jjii^lc, longvtrfialt'ner ®roU 1 

Unb bu, ber btm geretjten i8a[iltgt 
20 T)en STIoibblid gab, leg* auf bte S^S^ ^^ 

SJengiffgen^feil — 
€(n»ibini. £), fte ift au|er fu^ I 

SQerjeil}' ber SRafenbtn, ber j^wer Omijtenl 

(SntiMt. on S°™ fvni4[>!*> MUD nftl^nbe eOA nt ffinla.} 
U SOafXt (b >n Mtttiki Unn^ !<>« Hi CUfiiut t<niMg !■ fA^n). 

S^iie SSitt^enbe nit^t an I ^inweg, ^{nutg 
SSon biefem ungfiltiFfergen Ort I 
Bbtrfat. ^Dei Sl^ron Don Snglanb ift bun^ einen Saflorb 
so Sntivei^t, bci JSritten ebel^erjtg SBotf 
S)uci^ cine tiffge ©ouKerin betrogen. 
— Wegierte JRn^t, fo Kget i^r Dor mir 
Qm ©toube le^, bcmi ii$ bin tuer ^nig 1 

OntiMt (1^ HstO at, Hi BnH fBlam l^i In tR t^Wn ««tHb|un|.) 


Sfinf ttt auf trttt. 
Sitria. SuutMi. 
fltnittn. D, mas ^abt i[)i' get^an t <Sie gei^t in Sutl) ! 

Oeljt ift a aue, utib allc ^offiiung fd^ioinbet. 
9RiUia (M tM| K^n W)- 

©ie flt^t in SBJut^ ! @ie ttaflt ben lob im ^erjeti I 

{X)n Rtmtttf nm lt» 9aU liDnC.) 

Or ufe ttitt uto^I ift, ^nna ! €nbtt(^, enbddi, 

iRod) ^a^rot btc (Smiebngung, btr Seiben, 

Sin augenblid btr ^aci)t, bti Xiriump^S! 

SSie StrgeSlafteit faUt'ft Don incinem ^erjen ; 

S5a8 aKeffer ftie^ i(f| in btr geinbin ©ruft 
Stmnbih Uitgm(fliif|e! X^n Sal]iifinn rcigt m^ ^in ; 

3^1 fiabt bie Un&erfiif)nlidie Denuunbet. 

©ie fiit)rt ben S31i§, fie ift bie Sanigin ; 

9}or iI]Tein i8uE)len ^abt i^r fie Der^b^nt I 
aRiirta. Sot SefteiS ^gen ^b' iif fie erniebrigtl 

l£r fa^ ee, er bejeugte meinen ©ieg! 

SBie i(^ fie nlebetft^Iue Don i^rer ^ci^e, 

Sr ftanb babel, mid|| ftartte feint ?I(i^el 

«W „^tittft," 

. CtfletlStil. — erpe ec(nt. 

J^nt (la tbXB tKh iBtWn. nti^ «i>t)l»tB jbuM* SBntl| **f feEoni etfitl ai 

{)abt nun, ai!(i I ^^ilofop^ie, 
Ourifterei imb aBebiein, 
Unb, leiber I ou({| S^eotogie 
!t)ur(^Que ftubirt, mit ^eigem 9tmU^'n. 
Xia \Uf)' i4 nun, iif| anner ^ov 1 
Unb bin fo flug aI8 nrit juDor; 
^rigt ailoeiftti, ^eige 'Coctor gor, 
Unb jie^t f[f|on an bie je^en ^a^r*, 
{KTOuf, ^erab, unb qutc unb fnanm. 


Wetne ®(^QIn an ber ^a\t ^erum — 
Uiib ft^t, bag nir nti^Id n>i(feit Hnnni ! 
^e tuill tntr ffffier baS ^j uerbrenncn. 
3iDflt bin it!| fltf(^tibter al8 oUc bU Suffen, 
S)octoren, 9Hagiftet, S^teiber unb ?fyfcn ; 
SKu^ ploem (rine ©cniprf no(^ 3"'e'^t 
giitdite mi(f| webtr Dor ^HUt no<^ Xeufel : 
iMfUr ift mit au^ oHe Sreub" entriffoi, 
ei[be mil nic^t ein, waS iR«^t'« ju roiffen, 
Sitbe mir nidit ein, id) tirrntt maS It^itn, 
ICie 3nmfc^ ju btffnm unb ju bttc^nn. 
ami) ^ab" irfi rocber ®ut noi^ Otib, 
5Worf) ey unb $)enlii^leit ber Stit ; 
6ft mbditt letn $unb fo (iingec (ebent 
S^m ^ab" i(^ mii^ btr iDJaeie trgeboir 
Ob mil buT^ ©tiftee Jhaft unb SDIunb 
9)i(^t mand) ©t^etmnig mllrbe funb ; 
3!)ai i{^ nii^t mt^r, mit fauerm ^nd^, 
3u fagcn btauc^e load idj nidjt weig ; 
2)a| id) crtemit, toae bie 9BcIt 
3m QmiETpen iufammm^fitt, 
€(f)au' ade Sirfenfttraft unb Somen, 
Unb t^u' nic^t me^r in {Dorten tramen I 

O fa^ft bu, DoUei anonbenff^n, 
3um le^tenmol auf meine ^klit, 
!Z>en ii^, fo mandie Snittrrnoi^t, 
an biefem ^ult fitrongettoiirt I 
Iwnn ttbct Sii(f)eni unb ^o^rier, 
SlrUbfet'get gteunb, frf(I)ienft bu mh:( 
at^ I »nnf ic^ bo(^ ouf JSergeft^^n 
Qn beinem [ieben 8i(^tt ge^n, 
Um I!3erg(ftt)(i^[e ntit ©etftem fi^meben, 
9uf $Sieftn in beinem Xtctmmtr nieben, 
Sion aQcm SBiffenflflualin entloben, 
Qn beinem SE^au gep&tb mid) baben I 


itna „giin(l.* 

mV fteif {(^inbemfterfcrnw^? 
SBtrflUfi)te«, bumpfrt aHouofoi^, 

So fftbft baa liebe ^immctSlii^t 
SErilb' biirif) gtmatte Si^etbcn bridft ! 
iSefrfiriintt Don biefem iBiit^er^auf, 
SSen aSttrme nngcn, ©taub btbeift, 
X)en, bid im$ ^o^e @etDbIb' i)(nauf, 
<£tn ongcToui^t papier umftetfti 
3]?it @Iiifnn, iSUt^ftn dngS umfteOt, 
anit O'nftntmenten DoUgetirotift, 
Umater ^Kmerot^ breingeftopft — 
X}a« ift beine Seltl bad ^tigt eine SeTtl 

Unb fragft bu nix^, nantm betn $Krj 
@1(^ bong in bttnetn Sufen fUmtnt? 
JEQanim tin unerfidrter ©t^merj 
iDir aUe Sebenfltegung ^emmt? 
@tatt bei lebenbtgen 9!atur, 
3^0 @ott bie 3nenfd)en f(^uf ^indn, 
Umgiebt in 9tou(^ unb SRobti nut 
3)i(^ S^itrgerip))' unb S^obtenbein. 

glit^' t 9(uf I $inau« inS loefte &mb I 
Ui^ biee e<^"tnni|DoIIe HBnS), 
iSon Stoftrabantne' eigner {nnb, 
dft bii efl nl^t ®cleit genug? 
(Stfenneft bann ber ©tcrne Souf ; 
Unb menn Watur biii^ untmudfl, 
SNinn gefit bit ©celentrnft bir auf, 
SBit (prii^t ein ®eift gum anbern ®ei|t 
Um(onft, bag trothwfl ©iraien ^iec 
Die ^eii'gen 3*'"^^" bir erKftrt : 
Qifc [djioebt, i^r ©eifter, mbm mir ; 
Sbitnottet mhr, loenn i^r mtd) ^tlrt I 

(Oi Wtfl bo* entt Ml. ml rcHW tal JJtUhn M ICAgMml.) 

(u ! n»(<^t Sotmji fliegt in biefem S(id 
Suf eintnal nnfTint^ aUe meine ©innen 1 


Qif fa^Ic tungrt, fttiV^tt Stbenselitd 

SKcugtiiljenb mir bim^ Sltro' unb 'Sban rinnett, 

SSior ee ein @ott, bcr biefe ^et^en fd|rieb, 

2>ie mir ba* inn're loben ftillfn, 

S>aa onne ^nrj mit gceube fttflen, 

Unb, mit ge^imni§Do(lem STiieb, 

£)te trdftc bra Slotitr rings um mi^ ^ec ent^ttUat? 

i&\n ii) rin ©ott ? SRir uirb fo tj(^ 1 

3d) fc^ou' in biefen rcbien 3Uflcn 

Xiic mtrtenbe Slahtr bor nuincr ®eete Hegett. 

Qt^ erft nienn' i(^, tixa ber Seife fprid|t : 

„^ic ©eiftmotlt 1ft ntf^t Dnrf^tofjen : 

Xittn ®tnn tft ju, bein $frj ift tobtl 

auf I babt, ©diUler, unterbrof[en 

I)ie irb'fi^ ©ruft Im aRorgenrot^ !" 

Sie adti [iH) gum @anjen locbt, 
6inS in bem anbem ttirtt unb tebt 1 
SBie $immde!ritfte aiif= unb niebnrfteigen 
Unb fi(^ bie golbnen (Simer reic^n, 
anu fcgenbuftenben ©i^rcingen 
S3om ^immet bunl) bie Srbe bringen, 
{)armoiiif(^ aU bad ^ burd)tltngen 1 

Seti^ ®^auft)iel I aber otfi 1 rin ^^aa^pitl nur I 

Sffio fafr k bi4 unmblltfK Slatur? 

ffiu^, fflrttfte, too ? 3^r Oiellen oOrt 8elien8, 

Sin benen ^immet unb <$rbe E|itngt, 

!3^a^(n bit mcITt iSntft ^i^ briingt — 

3^r quetlt, i^r triinit, unb fc^mcu^f i^ fo bergebene? 

(St imm UBiUlg M I)a4 nn, anb ntliA M jtl^ta M ««ttri|M.) 

SBte anberS mirtt bie« ^^'^^ ""f mMl ^I 
Du, ®dft ber ©rbe, blft nrfr nit^er ; 
@(^on fil^r i^ uteine Stt&ftz ^ii^er, 
@4fon Qtiil}' it^ K*'' Oo" neuem SSdn ; 
0^ fU^Ie SRutl, ntti^ <n bit :^tt ju magen, 


Sue -gUHp." 

X)n &bt Sell, bn: l£rbt @UI(f ju trogen, 

3Rit ®tUimen mid) I)mimjuf<^(agnt, 

Unb in bee ©(^iffbrui^s jhiirfc^tn iii(^t ju men. 

e« miillt fic^ tiber mir— 

a>r anonb onrbirBt frin Sii^t — 

!Cte iaavpt ft^iDtnbet I — 

(Si batn))ft I ~ Se juden rot^e ®tra^(m 

SDWr um bii« ^oupt ! — f&i Wt^t 

Sin @(^auer Dom <Sea6fff ^erab, 

Unb fagt mid) on I 

Oi^ fit^Cflf bu fi^UKbft urn mii^, ttfMfia @clfl ! 

entljiUItbii^t ^~ 

{m I iDie's in nuinnn ^ergen rcigt I 

3u neutn @tfU^(tn 

Wi' mdnt @inne fit^ enoaEitm I 

3d) fUEitt gan) mdn^ierj bir ^fnetgtbtnl 

tiM nui|t 1 bu mugt ! mib toftef e8 mem Seben 1 

feift. ©einiftmtr? 

^a^ HHrmtm- ©rfirtdlii^efl ®efl(^t I 

<8ti9> jDu ^aft mi(f| miit^tig angcjoflcn, 
9n meiner @))^iire long gefogen, 
Unb mm — 

Sot m^ I f(^ ertrag' bi(^ nli^t I 

(Bctt S!)u flf^ft etat^menb mii$ ju fi^en, 

a^eine Stimme ju ^iiren, metn Jlntli^ ju fe^'n ; 
IDliit neigt bein mii^tig @eeten^e^'n ; 
S)a bin icif t — Set^ eibSimlii!^ ®rauen 
gagt Uebermenl(f|en bi^ 1 ma ift ber ®«tc 9hif ? 
So ift bit JSruft, bie eine Sell in fi^ erfttiuf, 
Unb tntg unb ^jateP bit mit t^^eubebeben 
erfdiraoQ, fidf nvi, btn ©cirteni, gleid) }u fjtben? 
So bift bu, Sauft, bet ®ttmme mir crHang, 
"Sya fi^ an mt^ mit aUen ^iiften btang? 
SBi\t bu ti, bet, DM) meinem $au(^ umioitteit, 


3n aUni gebenetiefm jtttnt, 
(Sin fuTi^am meeettriUumtrr :Q}itmt 1 
({nnft- @oU idi bir, gtainmentiUbuiio, ueiitien? 
0^ bin's, bin 0auft, bin brines @lri(^ I 
6 @c;it 3n Seboteflutiiai, im 3:^nftunn 
XBall' id) aiif unb ob, 
@ebiirt unb ©rob, 
Sin ewigte SKter, 
10 Sin iPH^felnb 2Beben, 

Sin flOi^ Scben, 

©0 f^ff i(^ am foufenben ffiebfhi^f ber 3ri(, 
Unb wirfe ber ®ott^t tebenbiflrt JHdb. 
SiH^ !Der bu bit rotite SESJelt umft^toeifft, 
15 ©eff^dftistr ©fift, nie m^ fii^t' it^ mit^ bir I 
mtt. tiu gldc^ft bem @rift ben bu besnifft, 

91id)t mit I (VoftktnM.) 

gonli bufmnntUqrab). 9Iid)t biC ? 

«i 3d|, (SbenbiOi ber ©ott^dt I 
Unb nt(^t dnmol bir I 

JD Sob I — id| fenn** — bofl ift mrin 0onm(u« I 
C8 ttirb meln f(^Bnpe« ®tUd ju nt(^te I 
ss 33a| biefe I^Oe ber ©tfidite 

!Der trodhie ©i^Ieit^ jWten mug! 

Bliput to e<tI*frME( n* Iki no^Mfiti, (bu tadv* l> bn ««>». 9«|l wtiiM M ■• 

asuonw. SSetid^t Mi^ ^Br' ew^ becfomirtn ; 
30 O^r loft flOoife ffn flritdliW SErouerfpief? 

3n biefer fflmtfl mth^f ii) wo« (irofitinn ; 

35enn I)euf ju lage mirtt ba8 Did. 

3[^ ^Qb" e« 8fler« rtt^men ^eren, 

ffiin ^omBbiont !Bnnf dnen ^fanrer It^ren. 
56 Stiff- 3a, roenn ber ¥farrer ein fflomBhittnt ip ; 

UBic boe benn ino^t ju ^etten tommen mofl. Gooyle 

Sue Hganft." 

Sogwi' fid) 1 iwnn man fo in fein 3)2itfeunt gebannt tft; 

Uiib fie^t bte Selt lama einen 0etertag, 

fiaum bun^ ein 3enig(a£, niii uon totilen, 

SBie foU man fie buri^ Ucbcrrebung (riten? 
Staff. HSkm i^r'« ntd)t fit^(t, i^r merbrt'd nidit triagen ; 

lEStnn eS nii^t au« ber @telt bringt, 

Unb mit u^iiftisem gf^o^ 

!Cie $erjen oUer $drer jmiiigt 

@i$t i^r nur timnn, Irimt jujommm, 

Smut ein tRagout Don onbrer ©i^tnaue, 

Unb 6Ia«t bie filnimerliii)en (Jlcnimen 

3(u« eurem Slfc^en^aufc^en Tou* ! 

iBeffiunbenms fon ^bern unb affen, 

^nn etirf) baniat^ ber ©oumen [tt^t ; 

1I)(M^ merbet i^t nie $)etj ju Jwrjen ft^iTcn, 

SBtim eS cud) m(t)t Don |)ei|eR gt^t. 
aStfBcr- 91(fein ber 93orttag ma^t bee 9tebnere ®(lid ; 

3(^ fti^r e« U)o[)l, no(^ bin iit) utit jutiid. 
Sonff. @ui^' I£t ben ttblid)en ©etoinn I 

@ci ISi tein ((^eQenlouttr it^oi 1 

@e triigt aSerftonb unb renter @{nn 

SRit uentg Aimft ftdi felbec dot ; 

Unb nenn's end) l£rnft tft naff ju fagenr 

aff* nbt^ig SBorten narfijujagen? 

3q, eitre Meben, bie fo blinfenb finb, 

On benen i^r bei Snenfdi^dt ®dini^ frihifett, 

@inb unerquidlii^ nie bet ^lebelwiiAr 

^a ^erbftlidi burt^ bie bUrren SlJUtei fifufetti 
SagiKT. ^<i) ®ott 1 bie jtunft i^ (ang, 

Unb lurj ift unfet 8eben. 

iWit wirb bci mtinem Wtlfc^en ©eftteben 

!t)od| oft urn ffofif unb Suftn bang. 

ffiite f(5nwr finb nii^t bte 9KiIteI ju eiwreben, 

3!)urd| bie man ju ben Quctlen fteigtl 

Unb e^' man nut ben fjolben liEBtg erreic^t, 

SKug nofji rin onnet jeufel fterben. q^ 

9«ii|t ^0 ^gamntt, ift bofl bet ^rirgt Srontten, 

Soroue ein 7ninf ben ^urfl ouf nolg ftJOt? 

Scqutdung t)aft bu trit^t QcivDnnm, 

SBeaa fie bir ni^t e.M ti^nec @etle qutUL 
& SofliKT. 3}crjR^t I tS t^ em gto^ SrgO^n, 

®lif| in ben ©etft ber ^tUm ju Krfetnt, 

3u f^uen, trie Dor m& ein loeiftt SRonn geboc^ 

Unb nie loir's bann jule^t fo ^enlid) loeit gttirac^ 
9«rff' O io, bis an bte @teme twitl 
10 SDtrin greimb, bie 3«ten ber SJergongen^rit 

@inb una rin ffluc^ mit fieben ©iEgcfa ; 

8Ba8 i^r ben ©eift ber 3eiten ^fit 

Da9 ift tm ®runb ber ^yerren eigner ®etp, 

Qn btm bie 3""" P^l ^efpiffltta. 
IS £>a iffe bemt tDa^rHi^ oft ein ^'onrntei : 

fSlan [Suft eu(^ bei bent erften ^liit bonon. 

(Sin Aet)ri(^tfag unb eine iRumpelfatnnter, 

Unb ^iM^ftene dne ^avpU unb @taat«actlon, 

Sl^t tTefflicf)en proematift^ Snofimen, 
20 ^ic f" ^ $ufpcn uo^I hn 3nimbe jiemenl 
Ktgm. StOein, bit Selt ! bt« Wlta^ijai ^) unb @eifl I 

SRcl^f ieg(id|er bo(^ naS boDon erlennen. 
9otft> dO' ^oi man fo erferaten ^eigt! 

SBer borf bo* fttnb beim rei^ten Jtamen nennen? 
25 !7)ie isenigen, bie xoai bacon erfannt, 

X)te t^ciriiiit g'mtg i^r tiotIe« ^erj nii^t waifrtm, 

3>em $bbel i^r ©efU^l, i^r ®(^autn offenborten, 

$Qt man con je aefreujiet unb tcrbrannt. 

5(^ bitf euc^, greunb, e« ift tief in bet ^aUft ; 
30 SiStT mafftn'd biegmal unterbredjen. 
fficgntr. 3i!) ^ttt gem nur immer fortgenof^t, 

Um fo gefc^rt mit eudj miitf ju befprei^L 

!&oi^ morgen, al« am erften Cftertage, 

(£rtaubt niir ein' unb onbre ^ge. 
36 anit eifer ^ab* i(t| ml(^ ber ©hibien befliffen ; 

3n)ttr wri6 idi olef, boi^ nM)t id) Qlft« wi0eit. ( W,y|,. 

9«Mft (aibfai). Site nur bcm SM^ nii^t aOe ^offnung fdiwinbet, 
Eer iimnerfort on fi^cm ^ea^e Itebt, 
anit gicr'gec ^onb nac^ S^iMsen grdbt, 
Unb fro^ tft, wtnn er kegetuolinner finbet I 

£]arf tint fo(i^ smtnfi^ftimme I|ier, 
ffiJo ©eifterfUffe mit^ umgab, ertiJnoi? 
S)iHf| adt 1 fitr bUemoI banF ici) bit, 
SDem (trmltc^ften Don alien Qrbcnfcllinen. 
T)u rifftft ini(^ Don ber ^erjtvetflung loS, 
S)it mtr bie ©inne fdfon jcrftQrni tvoElte. 
%f| I bie Siff^inung roat \e riefengrog, 
S)ag ic^ vniii red)! ale 3i''"9 entpfuiben follte. 

34, (Sbenbtib bcr ©ott^tt, baS f!(f| f^on 
©anj nal) gebUnft bem Spiegel ein'ger Sa^^t, 
©ein feltift genog, in ^inuiieleglanj unb Alotlidt, 
Unb abgeftreift ben ffirteafo^n — 
3dl, mef)r qI8 Si)etub, beffen freie ftraft 
@(^on bnn^ bie Slbent ber ^atur ju fliegen 
Unb, f(^affenb, l^tterleben ju geniegen 
@t(^ a^nungdvoll tKmtag — nie mug idfi bligcn [ 
Sin !DonneHDort ^ niic^ ^inueggerafft 

9ti(^ barf t(^ bir ju gteit^ mii^ Dermeffen. 

tub' i(^ bie ftraft bid) anjujielj'n befeffat, 

€o ^atf id) bid) ju ^olten feine ^oft 

3n ienem fefgen Sugenliliile 

34 fil^Ite aiii^ fo tiein, fo grot ; 

33u ftiegeft graufam mii^ jurliife, 

Oniungeraiffc a)?en[(f)EnIoo8. 

SBer le^tet mi^? ttafl foB id) mciben? 

©oil i^ ge^ordjen ienem 'Crong ? 

Md) I unfre I^ulen fetbft, fo gut al« anfre geiben, 

©ie ^emmen unfrea gebma ®ang. 

Xxm {lerrti^ften, lDa« audi bet ®eift emt)faitgen, 

Z)rfingt irnmer fremb unb frcmbei ©toff fu^ on ; , - i 

ffiom toir jnm <Satm Wefer XStB etlongcn, 
Slonn ^rigt boft ©f ffre Jnig unb ffio^n. 
3)tt mi bad Sttien gaben, ^errlufit @efU^(c 
erftarrm in bem iibtfdfen ©cvU^Ic 

SSom ^^ontafte ft(^ fonft, mtt lU^ntm ^ug, 

Unb ^offnungSVoU jum Swignt envcttert, 

@o ift tin fteincT 9taum \f)T nun genug, 

SScnn @[Ud auf @llid tm 3dlenftrubel f(^ttrt. 

S)ie ©orgc nifttt glett^ im ttefm {terjen, 

!t)ort ujiltt fie ge^eime ©t^ntersoir 

Uiiru^ig niegt fie fid), unb ftiJTet Suft unb Sht^' ; 

@ie bedt fii^ ftet« mit neuen WaiXm ju, 

@le mag oM ^ouft unb |)of, aU Sdb unb fttt^ trfi^nnv 

S(l« Snier, ZQafTei, S)o(d| unb @ift ; 

Hyu bebft nor aOem uaS nid|t trifft, 

Unb toas bu nie wrtierp, ba^ mugt bu ftet« bttocinnt 

£)en ©ttttent gldt^' iitf ni<^t I 3u ticf ift ee gcfU^It ; 
Xxm SBunne gleii^' itf), ber ben @taub bui:(f|n}tit|(t, 
S!)cn, Ivie ei fi^ im @tautw nii^renb (ebt, 
Xm SBonbrttft XtUt ))cmid)tet unb begiilbt 

3ft ee tdift ®taub, was biefe ^o^e Sonb, 

Kuft ^unbert i^ii(!^m, uilr uetenget, 

3^ £i6bd, bei, mit taufenbfad)ein Sxuib, 

Qn biefer SKottoUDtlt mi(l| bnlnget? 

§ler foU i^ finbra mi mir felitt? 

@olI Id) Diedetf^t in taufenb ^il^crn lefen, 

SCag liberal! bit JDIenfdjen [ic^ gequcilt, 

SNig f|it unb ba tin ©liidlic^er gencfen? — 

SSad giinftft bu mir ^o^Ier @d|tU>e(, ^et, 

Ste bog bein $lm, iDie meinee, tinfl oerfbirret, 

3)tn Ceii^ten S:ag gtfudit, unb in ber Sflmrn'rung fdiioer, 

SDHt Suft nw^ ZBa^r^lt, tfimmeili^ gtJnttl 

Bnl .SanfL" liS 

3nit 9tab ml $&mmm, SBoIj' uitb SfigtL 

Qi) ftanb am a:4or, i^r foUtet ©c^luffff fe^n ; 

^tvot tuet @ait ift troue, boi^ ^ebt i^r itii^t bie dticgcl. 

@ct)(iinm^D6ff am tti^ten Zag, 

Sagt fii^ 9!atur btS @(^Uiere ni(^t berouben, 6 

Unb wae fie beinem ®eift nii^t offenbaten tnog, 

X)ae jliPingft bu i^r nii^t ab mit ^ebeln wib mit®(^raubtn. 

X)it alt @<reu^e, bad ld| nii^t eebtoui^t, 

^u ftei)ft nm; ^icr, ueiE bid) mctn $atcr tnauditt. 

S3u olte JRoUe, bu ntrft angcnuu^t, ii 

@o (one an biefetn $iiU bit trUbe %aapt f^nunt^te. 

SBeit btffer ^citf i(^ bo(& mein SSenigefl oerptott, 

Ste mit btm SBenisen bclaftet ^ier ju {(!)lDit}en I 

flSaS bu netbt son betntn SBitteni i|af^ 

(Etlvirb efl, un e« JU btft^ 1 li 

SBa« man itid)t nlbgt, ift ttnc fc^tDrrt Saft ; 

9htT Uiafl bar Susoiblid erfd^fft, bafl bum a n%n. 

3)014 tvanmt ^cftet fid) mrin :E5[id anf {ene @tetle? 

Oft jente gtitf^ifien boit bni Stugeu ein Wta^tt? 

CBotum mirb mir auf tinmol licblt^ ^Ue, 2i 

SUS loemt im nSi^fgcn SBotb una afioitbensdmj mnwe^t? 

^ QTfile bi(4, bu einjise $I|iD(e, 

!i)it i(f| mit Slnbot^t mm f)crunter^o[e I 

3n bit ttne^r' iif) SDIenft^tmoie mib Stm% 

iDu Onbeflriff ber tjotben ©(^(umnterfafte, a 

SMi Kuejug aUer tbbtlit^ feintn j^itfte, 

Smeife btinem anrifter bdne iSunft I 

Q<St fe^e bi(^, e« toitb bet ©(^merj gelinbert ; 

d4 f<iff< ^'4 bo« ©trtben uitb geminbert, 

"SM @tiftrt {!f(ut^ftrom tbbct noi^ unb not^. 3, 

3n« ^ol|e aneer werb' ii| ^nausgewitfen, 

a)ie ©pitgeiputl) ttgtanjt ju meinen giigen, 

3u neum Ufem (odt rin nmet S^g. 

Sin Seuemiagat [(^webt ouf Iriditai ©c^ngen 

%n tnti^ ^entnl ^ fft^tt m6f boat, 

%uf nnttt JSa^n ben Hetifcz }u burcdbrhiBm, 

3u neuen ©p^oi rtiner X^dttQtdt 

l^eg ^o^e Seben, bttfe ©attenoonne ! 

X)u, eift no(^ Shtnn, imb bit Dtibicneft bu? 

Qa, te^re mtr ber ^steen (Erbenfonnc 

(£nt[(^[Dffen bctnen Stilden ju I 

ajtrmefff birf), bie ?fortm aiifjmtiSm, 

SBor bewn (cbct flera Doriiberfditeidit ! 

^ier ift rt 3cit, burrfi Zffaim ju braeifen 

^6 aKotinesiDurbe rndft ber @iittei^ti[K OKi(^t, 

SQoc jfner bitnfdn $j]^U nitt|t ju bcbeit, 

On bet fbi) ^^ontafu ju eigner Cmi berbammt, 

fHatl) lencm 'tluri^eiine fllnjuftrebtn, 

Urn befftn engcn 3Runb bie ganje $6t(e fbunmt ; 

3u blefem ®d|ritt ^ Eietter ju entfc^liegen, 

Unb uOi:' e« mtt @cfa^i, in« 9tid|t« ba^n ju fllegnt. 

31im tomm' ^erab, fr^pallne, nine ©c^ale, 

{lervot oue behtem alien Sulterale, 

9n bit ii^ Biele 3ai]re ntt^t gcbodft t 

aju fliitaifeft bri ber SBSter ^rcubenfc^, 

(Sr^eiterteft bie ernften Oiifte, 

JDcnn einer btd| bnn anbcni jugebiac^t 

S)tr Dielen fflilber fitnftli(i) rei^e $rad)t 

De9 Irtnlerfl ^flit^t, [it teimtoeis' ju etKaren, 

auf etnen ^"B ^'^ $)5^(ung au6ju(eeren, 

firinnett mid^ on mantle 3ugenbnat^t. 

3^ loerbe j;e^ bi(^ teinem Sliu^bai reic^n, 

3(^ loerbe metnen 2Si^ on betnec ^unfl nii^t jeigen : 

^ier ift etn ®aft, ber eilig trunfen mac^t ; 

Smit broimtr 5Iut| erf mil n beint ^aifU. 

aSen i^ bereilet, ben i^ roa^te, , 

SDer le^ SErunl fei nun, mil flanjer ©ee(e, 

VIA ftftitc^ ^o^n @rug, bent ^Ii^orflen jugebnu^t t 

Kin bet Cngd. Shrift ift eiftanben ! 

grcubt bem ^ttrbUdfta, 
!C)en bie Oetbtrlilu^eiv 
®d)[et(l^beiv erblit^ 
SRiingel umuMnben ! 
gttnS. SBJricf) tiefe« ©ummni, tndi^ em ^eUec loit 
SW tint ©matt baS @Ia« Mil meinem SRunbe ? 
aSerSinbiflet it|r bumpfen ©ioden f^n 
2)ta Ofterfeftrt erfle ijeierffimbe? 
3^r @l)i(rt, finflt i^r ft^on btn tdiftlii^en ©efong, 
^CE einfl, irni ©rabednot^t, Don (£neeUli))))en [long, 
@ttDi§^eit dnem neuen ®unbe ? 
Ctiitttffielfet. Tfit ©pejercien 

fatten nix i^n gtpftegt, 
©ir frine STteuen 
gotten t^n Eiingelegt ; 
Xil^tr unb Stnben 
!Reinli(^ ununanbtn totr ; 
%^ ! unb nir ftnbm 
e^rip iiirf)t mc^r f)iec 
ClKlKieDgeL eiinftifterftanbenl 
©elig bet fiiebenbt, 
a>r bit betrUbtnbe, 
^eitfom' unb ttbenbc 
SoHlt XBae fu(f)t i^r, mJt^tJg unb geltnb/ 
3^r $imme(«ttine, mid) am ®taube ? 
JHingt bort um^tr, mo loeic^c SKenfi^tn fiiri). 
£ie Sotft^aft ^iir' li^ too^i, oUetn tnir ft^U btr ©kabe ; 
SCae SSimber ift bte ©laubetts Iltbfte« fttnb. 
3u Jenot @t(f|ilren wag' Ic^ nicf|t ju ftreben 
©0^ We fjolbe 5«od|ri(^t ttirt ; 
Unb boi^, an bttfen Jflang Don dugnib ouf gewit^t, 
8Iuft er ttut^ jefet guriid mii^ in boa Seben. 
©onft ftUritt fi^ ber ^tmmetetiebe Aug ' '^ ■' ^ 

Xuf midi ^erob In etnftcr ®abbat^rttll< '■ 
^ flong fo a^mtngSVoQ bed @[o(tnitoitee SiiOc, 
Unb etn ®ebet tsar briinftiger @emig ; 
Sin unbtercipit^ ^olbce @e^ntn 
ft %ntb mtc^, burc^ Satb unb SSicftn ^injuge^'n, 
Unb unttr taufenb ^tigen S^riincn 
gU^lf i^ mic ehu Stit entftc^'n. 
!Cicg 8ieb DciIUnbcte ber Oi>gn<b muntie ©pielt, 
£)tr Siil^ltngefeier fidee @IUd ; 
10 Sctnn'nmg ifiHt m\^ luiti, titit Knbtidictn ©tfii^ltr 
S^m (etttn, tmftcn <S(^rttt juriid. 
C tOnet foit, t^r fUgtn $imtne(«ltebnl 
SDfc 3:^ctint quiUt, bit (Srbc ^at mtc^ toiebcT I 
Ctnbt(3iiisa. $)at b(i Scgrobene 
16 ®(^on fuf| nai^ oben, 

Scbenb Qi^abcne, 
^errtit^ eri)0&eii, 
3ft er in iSerbetufl 
@(^affenber ^tube na1|, 
» 34 1 an ber <Srbc ISnift 

€tnb toir jum Seibc bo. 
8te6 re bit ©einen 
^ma^tesA ma ^ire jurUd, 
91(^1 nir bclveinen, 
M SKciftre, bdn ®IUcf ! 

(Sin te (&iad. Shrift ift erpanben 

Sue ber ^emefung ©c^oog I 
fHeigtt Don JSanben 
giEi^ig eud| lofl I 
30 Jt^dttg i^n ttreifntbtn, 

Siebe bnoeifenben, 
SrUbrelit^ fpelftnbai, 
^ebigenb reifenben, 
2Sonnt on^genben, 
» (Su* ift her OTeifttr noli. 

Qui) ift er bal ■,Got)'^le 

Sue „8iiiift.r liT 

Stttc 6ttic 

{(tnift (all ritum IhuA MlCiltl mit rtMi t«mv(> wi (fun ritmu* ZUntn]. 

'iSliti) fa^t tin lirngft entmo^ntti <£(^aun ; 

'Za SJtenfc^^t ganjer Oomntcr fa^t mic^ an. 

^ter itio^nt fie, ^inttr biefn ftiu^ten SAouer, 

Unb i^r iE}crtict(^en mar dn guter ZBo^n ! 

S^u loubtrft }u i^r ju ge^en t 

2)u flln^teft fie roieberjufe^nil 

gort 1 beJR S^flcn jiiseri btn Xob ^erati. 

(Ill ngttlfl IkI 64I0I. lUfbitliMtaMt.) 

anrine anultcc, bit ^uf, 
£ite mt(^ umeebrai^t I)at I 
^jeiii 3}ater, bn ®(^lui, 

Mtitt ®^nKfterlem Kein 
$>ub auf bte Setn', 
9In tinan FU^len Ort ; 
Xla norb ii^ dn ^^&tu9 SalboSgelnn ; 
Sltege fort, flicge fort I 
9tift ((iaff4u<t(Bi')- ®ie outlet nid)t, ba§ ber ©eltebte (auf(^t, 
iDie ffetten Gtrren ^brt, baS ®lro^, baS rauft^l. (Oi tnti iin.) 

SRHTgORtt (H aif »M to(R Kitntnb}. 

St^ 1 Sc^ [ ®te foinmen. Sitf rer Sob 1 
3«ift (Mio. <StilI! <StiU! \6i fomtnt, bt(4 ju befreien. 
aRargatftt nw or it* ti>m>Unti. 

Sift bu tin anenfiii, fo fU^te mnne IRotfi ! 
JFai«. !Cu niiift bie SSi^ter aai bem @(^(afe fi^rtien ! 
(Oi Mt M« Attn, fU nfmtWictn.) 

ailagartte (nr ^ *■><<>)■ 

SBer ^at bir, $enfer, bttfe aHoc^t 
Uebet mit^ 9^0^^"^'' 
^£m ^olft mitf) fdjon um ^lilittemaifit. 
(Erbamte bti^ unb lag mt(^ Itbni 1 
3fffl tnorgcn fdit) tiii^t jcitig genung? 


Wn f4 bodi noi^ fo iuiig, fo jintg! r.,,! ■i-.Gckh^Ic 

Uitb foQ fi^n ftnben I 

@(^6n ivoi l(^ auc^ unb bM toar metn S^bccien. 
3Io^ war btr grennb, mm tft ct roett ; 
,3trriffen liegt ber ftronj, bit ffl(umtit itrftmit. 
ft gaffe miHi nic^t fo gmaltfam an I 

i^om niifl) ! ©a6 ^V it^ bit grt^ait ? 
Sag mit^ ni(I|t oergf benB fle^en ! 
$ab' ((^ bi(^ bod) mein' Za%t nj<!|t gefe^ ! 
Stn^ SCSeib' i(^ ben O^mnuT ttberftclien ? 

Sag tni(^ nur erft baS ^tib uix^ triintetti 

34 ^erjf e« bUfe gonje 9Iai^t ; 

®ie na^men mir'e, urn n\^ ju frfinttn, 

Unb fagtn nnn, i(^ ptf f« umgcbroc^t ; 
16 Unb niematfl toerb' ii) mieber fro^. 

@ie fingtn Sieber auf mii^l <Se ift be«' Don ben Sratenl 

(gin attes SKfi^rt^en enbiflt fo ; 

SBer ^eift fie'« beuttn? 
!0 ®n Siebenbet fiegt bir ju p|en, 

tit 3ammerfnerf|tfrf|aft oufjufe^liegtn. 
giargaittt Mtfi M m iW- 

O Ia6 ""* ^ie'"' ^« iJeil'SW anjunifen I 

iBk\)l untec bitfen <Stufen, 
26 Unter bcr ©c^utllt, 


a^er Stiff, 

Smit furd^tbarem ©rimnu, 
r 3»a4it tin ®etBfe I 

so ^onfE (lant). ®»t(^nl ®nt(f|enl 
gtotgttttt (nfmnTfui). ^oS uai bc^ |$ceutd)f6 ^imme I 

<e<t feilnil of -, Mt Mm hln A) 

SBo Ifl tr? Q6t ^aV i^n nifrn fHJten. 
34 bin frti 1 mti (dU ntctnanb uxlicen. 
as an feinen ^« will t^ fliegot, 

anfrinemfflwfm litgen! ■GotJ'^le 

am ^9^%" 

St Tief : ©rttdien I Sr ftoiri) auf ba S^^roeOt I 
aititttn burt!^ ^Icn lutti StlalppeR ber {jftUe, 
S)ui4 ben sritnintgnt, teufltfdien $o^n, 
(Sctatmf ii^ ben ftt^, btn licbcabm Son. 

aRorgntdt. ^ triff « 1 O, fog' t9 no(^ eintnol ! 

€t iff« ! er iff e I aSo^in ift oUe Qua[ ? 

So^in Me Sbigft be« Otthti ? btr Sctten ? 

X)u biffs ! ftontmft, mJ^ ju rcttnt I 

3:4 bin flerettet ! — 

©i^oti ift bie ®trage nitbei bo, 

3uf bet t<f| bid| junt eifttnmale fa^, 

Unb bn ^eittre @arten, 

So i(^ unb 3Rart^e beiner nxirten I 
^(aft (fn«i>»Ent). ftomm' rait ! ftomm' mit ! 
SRoTBirrtt. O tueitc 1 

SSetC t(^ bo(^ fo gem, no bu neiltft (tubfnb.i 
gnt^ Site I 

33enn bu tii(^t eiteft/ 

SGBerben mir's t^tuec biigen mUflen ! 
tRtrimtt. %}ie ? bu lonnft nit^t nte^r tikffen ? 

anein i^reunb, fo tuij von mic entfenit 


SOorunt nirb mir an brinem $a(fe fo bong ? 

2Qemi fonft dor beinen :S!orten, brinen iSMea 

(Sin gonjer ^immel mid) itbcrbrang, 

Unb bu mtt^ lilgttft, aii ttiollttft bu mi^ erftidcn I — 

ftUffe mic^I 

@onfl liiff ii^ bii^ I (stt amm m-i 

SO toii) I bctne Sippen fmb Mt, 

@inb ftumm. 

9&0 ift bfin Sieben 

©ebliebeu ? 

SSa btoi^te mi(^ bnint? (ettvnbfin* >«((>.) 
gnfL Sonun' I golge mit I ^tb6)m, ^^t aSulf) I 

Qif ^trje bid| mft taufenbftu^ @lut^ ; 

92ut folge mit ! Q6) bittc tiif nur bie| ! 
9Rargaidt ti« Hm vmaixti. 

Uiib bift Wi bflui ? Unb bift bu'« oiuf) gerat^ ? 
B gotft 3^ biit'e I Somm' mit 1 
aRorflorcte. Du moctift We geffetn Io3, 

91imntfl mieber mi(^ in betnen @4oDg. 

iffiit [ommt e«, bag bu bid) Dor mir nidit fi^euft? — 

Unb roeipt bu btrni, mein gteunb, locn bu twfrcift ? 
10 SM* ^ontm'I fomm'I fc^on m\ii)t bie titfe ^ad)t. 
SDIngintle. Mane abutter ^b' id) umgebiai^t, 

^ein jtinb ^b' i<f| ertr&nft. 

SQat ee nit^t bir unb tnic gefditnit? 

:Cir on(^ ! — I)u bifrt ! ii^ glauV e« faum. 
16 @ieb betnc ^aiib I di ift letit Xraum ! 

!l)eine Itebe {lonb ! — %d), ober fie ifi fem^t I 

2Sifd)e fie ab ! 3Sie mit^ bdui^t, 

3ft ffltut bran. 

at(^ @ott I mas Vft bu getEian I 
20 @leife ben ^egen eiu ; 

Q^ bitte bid) brum ! 
Sattft Sag bas Sergong'ite Decgongen fein ! 

®u bringft mid) urn I 
aRais'i't'- ^'""' ''" ''^"t* '^^'^S Meiben I 
26 3^ mill bir bic ©citber befdiieiben ; 

i^Ur bie mugt bu foigen 

@iai) morgeit ; 

£ier QRutter ben beften $Ia^ gebnt, 

Sneinen ^lubtr fogleid) bameben, 
30 2)Iicf) ein rcenig bei @eif, 

^uTnii!)t gar ju nieiti 

Unb ba8 OTIeinc inir cm bie rcd)te SSnift! 

9!ieiniinb irirb fonft bet mir tiegen I — ■ 

aHi(^ on beine Seite ju fdimicgen, 
SB ^8 tmr ein fiigeS, ein t)olbe« ®IM t 

^ber eS roiU mir nic^t nu^r gelingen ; 

am „^9-' II 

fBtit iff«, a(e mUgt' \6) mid) ju bit jmingtn, 

%« ftte|eft bu tni^ uon bir jnriid : 

Unb biK^ bift Wi unb bfiitft fo gut, fo fromm. 
9imR. t^filft bu, bag i(^ a bin, fo tomm'! 
ffiBigindt. !C)a^(nau«P 
SaiR. On'flSrtie. 
aRugtcttc. 3'ft bae ®rab farauf, 

Souert bet Sob, fo lomnf ! 

SJon ^ier isfS en'ee SRut)cbett, 

Unb neitcT feincn ®t^citt I — 

Du ge^ft nun fort I O ^einriift, Wnnf ((^ mil I 
gofL 3)u tatuift! @o woUt nuti 3>ie Si^ilr' ftt^t offcn. 
SRaigoTttt. di^ barf ni<f|t foit ; fUi mii^ ift ni(^8 ju ^offtn. 

ma» ^ilft t« fltc^'n? fic lancm bod) mir ouf I 

(Se ift fo elcnb, btttcln ju mUffen, 

Unb niM^ baju mtt befem @entffen! 

@S ift fo eintb, in ber gtentbe fc^ncifm ; 

Unb fie fflerben mit^ bot^ etgreifen! 
ShmfU 3(^ Meibe bri bir. 
VtMgtiric. ©efditoinbl ©cf^Utnb! 

iRettc bcin ormrt ffinb 1 

Sort ! immti ben S(g 

!(m Sadi ^inauf, 

Ucbei ben @tca, 

^n ben 3Balb Eiinein, 

8inld, no bte Clonic fte^t, 

Qm leid)! 

gflg' ea rtur gleic^ ! 

<£e niU ft(^ ^eben, 

(&i ia)))]elt nodi ! 

Stette I 9tette ! 
;$aii(L Sefinne bidi bo(^ t 

9!ur einen ®<^rttt, fo bift bu frd ! 
9I«|cntc KSitren tolt nur ben Secg Dorbei I 

Do fiet inrine SRuttet ouf einem Stein, 

<Si foft mii^ talt betin @d|opfe ! 

in 9»^ 

3>i ft^ mehie IBbitttx mtf diwm ©trin, 

Unti mactclt mit btm SopU : 

@ic mnttt nic^t, fie nidt tijrfit, tin Jto;jf ift \tfc f^nrrl 

©ie fdilitf fo lonflt, f" """Jj* "''^f o'e^r. 
d @le fi^lief, battiit mit unft ficuten. 

(&i tDorni glU(fti(^e 3titcn t 
%nl9, $i(ft ^ier bin tfle^ra, f|ilft (tin ©ogen, 

@o mag' idfi bt(^ ^tnnegjutragnt. 
gtarenttt. 8a§ mi{^ ! ?lcm, i(^ leibe frtne ©cnialt ! 
ID tjaffe ntti^ nxift fp tniirt)m|(^ an ! 

@cwfl ^ab' i(^ bit ja allt« ju 8le6' get^an. 
am|t'''1oet SCog grout ! ?ieMKn I 8i(M)(n ! 
aRtrgatrtt. Xag ! 3<i, e« Wirt log ! btt lefite lag bringt ^min ; 

SDietn fioc^irittag foUf tS fein I 
IS Sag' ?iiemaiib, bag bu fd)on bti ©retdjni raarft ! 

S&f^ mdnem ^anjc ! 

Sd 1ft tbtn gefc^e^'n ! 

SQJii roerbtn utt« mteberfe^'n ! 

9{ber ni[f)t bttm Sanje. 
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gnift. O trar* iii nte gebottn I 

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U Stargatele. 2Ba9 ftdgt am btm 39oben ^etauf ? 
g>Et ! bet ! S4)'*' il)n f""^ 1 


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3^r ffiuflel, i^r ^rilifien ^Ofaarm, 

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men, miiffen mit bfn Ciniourf befiirt^tfti, Hi mt \o\i)e Seierlii^ 
leit tigenttii^ ni(^t beft^rieben werben Biiine, Cine fo gwSc lebenbiflt 
Snoffe fuintii^ ©egenftiinbe foUte fii}) unmittdbai nor bnn Sluge 
s fieniesen, unb von ctnem ^ben nad) feinet ^rt ange{{t)OUt unb gefalt 

modi bcbetiKii^ tvfrb bieft Simoenbung, loenn tuir \ttb\t gffte^eii 
ntUffen, bog bae tdmifdic (SorncDd eintm frtmben ^ufi^auet, ber 
ti junt erftntmal ftt^t unb mtr fefien tDtU unb lann, neber etnm 

10 gnnjen noc^ rinen trfrfulit^eit ©inbrud gebe, nxbet bas Sluje fonbn' 
lt(^ ngd^, nod) bad @emUt^ befriebigt. 

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^in unb nitbn tvaijen, jft nid|t ju tibtrfefien ; taunt unterf^eibet 
man ttmai in bent Sejirl brS ©eliimmelft, btn bafl Stugt faffen fann. 

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ob unS Mt %)tfd|Ritiung fclbft red)tff rtigt ? 

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20 gegeben tvirb, jonbem bae f"^ ^"^ ^'^^ f^'^f' S'^^t- ^^ ®taat 

ntof^t nenig ^nftalten, menig ^ufnanb ba3u. S)ec ffre id bcr Smi* 

btn tietoegt fuf| von fcnift, unb bie '^otijei tegietl i^n nur mil geliii' 

ber §anb, 

{)ier ift nii^t ein i^ft, hai tuit bie Dielen gtiftliditn gefte 9Iom« 

a bie 3(ugen ber ^uft^auer blenbetc ; ^ier ift (ein grntnoerf, bafl Don 
bent (SaftcD ©an 3(ngelo einen einjigen tibcrrafiiicnben 3(iibiid ge< 
roii^t^e ; IfitT ift (dne Crieut^tung ber ?eter«Iin^ unb ftuppel, 
tvtfc^e fo Diele i^embe itue alien Canben ^erbeiCodt unb befriebigt ; 
^itr ift feint gldnjenbe ^roceffton, bei bercn annaijerung ba» ©oil 

sobeten unb ftaunen foU ; f)ier wirb Dielme^r nur ein ^tidftn gegeben, 
bo§ iebtr fo tt)flri[fit unb toll fdn bUrfe alfl er rooCe, unb bog oufeer 
©djBgen unb aKef[«ftt<^ni fop oUe* erlaubt fet. a^er Unterfdiicb 
jwifi^ $o6en unb 5Rtebent f(^nt rinen ^ugenblid oufge^oben ; 

SUt rSmifi^t CEamtMt 15S 

alia iiQ^ f^ einanbtr, jcber nimmt xea9 i^tn begegnet Icii^t auf, 
imb bit mcdiftlfritige ^-edjl)fit iiiib gTciifeit nirb buri^ einc allgcs 
ineiiie giite Sauiu im @teid)Qetvid}t erl)a(ten. Qn biefeti Xagtn 
fcfuet \idi btr Sldnttc noi^ ju unfern ^citen, ba| bie @cburt (S^rtj'ti 
ba« gcft ber ©atumalien unb fetn« ^ciDilegien loo^l urn einifleB 
lC5o())tn Derfrfiieben, abet nic^t aufl)ebcn foimte. 

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Sflflf oor bit Ginbitbtinflefraft unfcrer Sefer ju brinaen- SIui^ 
ff^mcii^elii toir une, fold^en ^erfonen ju biencn, Votl^t bcm riiiiii' 
fdien Qarneoal felbfl dnmal beigemo^nt, unb fi^ nun mit tinci itb- lo 
^afttn Srinnenutg ymtx 3t"ct< vngnUgen ni5gen ; nt(f)t ivcnigcr [ol* 
d)en, b)el(^ jcne 9ttife noc^ beooiftf^t, unb benm biefe menigen 
:!SiatteT Ueberfic^t unb @enug emer Uberbr&naten unb borbetrauF(t|en< 
btn Srcnbe tPtrfdwffm fitnnen. 

£iad iiint<[(^ SameDal Derfammelt fi^ in bem (Sorfo. 3Mefci& 
©tcagc befdiidnft unb beftimmt bic 6^ntli<^( geieilti^teit bicfcr 
£age. 3n jebein anbtrn fla^ teilrbe e£ cin onber i^ft [eljn ; unb 
tt>tr ^abcn bo^er Dot alien S)ingen ben fSoifo ju bef(l)reiben, 

@i fUfirt btn 9]atnen, bit tne^me tange @tragen ttalttnift^er 
€ttibtf, bon bem Skttrennen bet ^\itbt, ivomit ju Kom full l^bei so 
QomeDaldabenb (c^liegt, unb nontit an anbem Orten onbere T$eier> 
tidifeiten, al« bai geft eince ^u^atrond, etn Siidiniei^feft, gecn< 
bigt toerben. 

S^it <Btrait gf^t vm ber ^iajja be! ^oiitito fi^nurgerabe bi« an 
btn Mnctianifc^ $alaft. €ie ift ungefatjr Dicrte^alb tnufenb25 
@(fnHtte long unb Von ^o^en, ntetftent^eild prdif|ttgen ^bSnbtn einc 
Cefogt. Qifct Sreite t(t fltgen it|rt gauge unb eegen bie ^B^t ber 
@ebfiubc ntc^t Dcr^iiltni^niilgtg. Sin bciben ®etten neljuten ^fiafters 
erfiit^ungen fiir bie gu^gflnger ungefd^r fec^ bis oi^t gug meg. 
3n ber aiiitte bUibt filt bic SBagen an ben meiften Drtcn nut ber so 
{Raum Don jtoiilf bi« Dierje^ii ®(^ritten, unb man fiel)t alfo Ieid)l, 
bag ^6{^ftend bcei Su^merle fi^ in biefer :!!3reite neben einanber bo 
wegen fbnnen. Sier ObeliSf onf ber ^iajja bel $o^olo ift ira Sar. 
neMl bie unterfte Otflnje biefer ©trage ; bet oenetionifc^e Zoloft 
bit obete. 95 

€d)Dn ode ®onn* unb gefttagt tints ^a^tts if) btr rdmifdie 

IK ®ttl)t. 

(Sorfo belebt. ^ie tporne^en unb ntdimi 9tiliner fa^mt ^ier eine 
obtT atibcrt^alt) ©turiben oor 9hu^t in etnci fe^r jalflTctdien dinift 
fpajinen ; bie Sogcn tommcn oom venetianifi^cn ^alaft ^eiimter, 
gotten fu^ an ber Itnlen @ei(e, falfren, roeim t9 fi^iln ^ller ift, an 
Bbeni DbelisI oorbti, jum S^ore ^inaus uttb ouf bnn glamiirifdjen 
aSeg, nuint^tnal bi€ $oiite moUe. 3)tt frU^cr obrr \p&tet untff^rni> 
ben ^Iten fw^ on bie onbert <S(Ue ; fo jicl)en bit beiben Sagenrd. 
^ in bcc btjtm Orbnung an einonber ^)n. 
©obolb bit Vlcdft cingtCiiutet rcirb, ift bteft Orbnung mitcrbro* 

10 (f)en ; {fbn nenbet no td i^m beltebt, unb fui^t fcineu nti^ften 2&eg, 
oft jur UnbH|Mfmti(^frit Dieter onberu Squipagen, welc^e in bem 
engen iRoum babinc^ ge^inbtrt imb aufget)alten nicrben. 

Sie[e SlbtnbftJaglfrfa^rt, meidfc fn alien o<^o&^" itatientfi^en 
®tdbten briHont iff, unb in jeberHcinen ©tabt, toiirc ea audi nur 

ismtt cinigen fiutfc^n, nodigea^mt wirb, lD<tt Diele J^iggiinger in ben 
(Sorfo ; i^vmiann tonnnt, urn ju fcfien obti gefe^eit ju nierben. 

^ft (Sameoaf ift, mie tuir balb benterten fonnen, eigentfi(^ nur 
fine gortfeftung obnr dielme^r ber Oipfel jener gewB^nlii^rt fonn. 
unb fefttSgigtn greubett ; t€ ift ni(^t8 "Slmei, nid)te Srentbe^, nic^td 

20&injigf«, fonbem eS f(t)(iett ftd) nur an bie rBmifi^ Sebcneiseife 
ganj natSrlidi an. 

I£ben fo nenig fremb mirb te und f^einen, menn nir nun ba(b 
eine SRenge SIRa«!en in frrier guft fe^en, bo mir fo manege gebenSfcene 
unter bem ^eitent fro^ot $imme[ ba8 ganjc 3o^t bnrttj ju erbliden 

ssgenofint fmb. Sei einem feben gefte bitben auege^itngle Strppit^, 
geftteute ©Inraen, ilbergefpannte laditr bie ©tragen gleii^fom ju 
grofien ©Men unb ©alerien um. fteine Wi^t mirb o^ne oer- 
nrnmmte Segleitung ber JSrflberfi^ften ju @rabc gtbra^t; bit 
tiitlen 3;i6nd)elleibiingen gelDi!I)nen baS Singe an frembe unb fonber* 

30 bare ©eftalten ; e« f(^iit ba6 ganje Oa^r Someool ju fe^n, mA 
bie abbaten in ft^arjer JHeibung f^tfnen unter ben iibrigen geift- 
Ifi^ 3]Ra9ten bie eblem !£abarro8 Dorjuftellen. 

©(^on Don bem neuen O'cfiw an finb bie ©dinufpiel^tiufer trttff. 
net, unb baa (Sarneual ^at feinen anfong genonunen. SHan fie^t 

U ^ie unb ba in ben iiogen eine @d)iine, roeld)e ola Offider il)re Spou* 
letten mit greater Seibftiufricbeiiljrit bem SSolIe jeigt. Jiie ©po- 

Znt rBmilc^c Sameuat 157 

jierfa^rt im Gorfo Wirt jo^lreii^tr ; bo(| bie nUflcmdiit Smortung 
ift auf bic If^tcn a^t lage gerictitet. 

^Hanc^erlet Siorbercitungcn Dertitnbigm bcm ^ultticum biefe poi^ 
bicfifdKn ©tunbm. lEet Sorfo, tine Bon ben mcnigcn Strafeeii in 
Stom m\i)e bae gonje ^a^i rein ge^alten Vietbm, mirb nun forg> e 
fiiltigtr getelfrt unb gereimget. 3Ran jft befcftdftigt, ba8 [c^tne, and 
Ceincn, vicreftig jugt^aiieneti, jtcntlic^ g(eicl)en iSafaltftitcfcn jufatit« 
ntfngffegte ijjflafter, mo ea nur eiiiigcrmagcn abjumeidjcn fd;ciitt, 
ouejuljfbeii, unb bie fflafattfcile mieber neu In ©tonb jn fcfecii. 
9(uger biefem jeigm fic^ aiti^ Icbntbige S^orboten. 3'eber @arne> lo 
tialdabenb ff^Iiegt fuf), niie tnir fc^on enuH^nt ^aben, init eintni 
SBetttennen. iDie ^ferbe, midft man ju biefem gnbjnwif rnitcr^fllt, 
finb mei[(cnt^(tl8 fletn, mib werben, lueBen frember §crhinft bet 
beftni unter i^nen, Sarberi genannt. 

&n foti^ed ^fertx^en nirb mit einer Ttdt Don neiget Seintnanb, is 
lDeId)e am ffopf, ^al* unb 9eib genau anfttitiefit, iinb auf ben M^ 
ten mit bmiten fflanbem befefet ift, oor bem ObeliW an bie ©telle 
gebrai^t, ivo ea in ber i^olge audlaufen fcU. iStan geniDl|nt te, ben 
jtopf gegen ben Sotfo geric^tet, eine ^tlt (ang fttU ju fte^cn, fat)rt 
e« aidbann foc^e bie Stragc f|in, mib giebt it)m oben am Denetiani'ZO 
fc^en ^alaft ein iDcntg ^^tt, bamit e« ein Sntereffe em^finbe, feine 
JBa^n befto gefdiminber ju bun^Iaufen. !7)a biefe Uebttng mit ben 
meiften ^ferben, bercn oft fitnfjelin bH jWanjig an ber ^at)i finb, 
lDiebett)Otf unb eine foldie ^romenabe immeroon einer^nja^l (uftig 
fd)rriEitbcr fflnaben begleitet loirb, fo giebt e« fcfton einen ffiorfdfmndzs 
von einem griigern Siirm unb Oubel, ber ba(b folgen foil. 

Onjniifdien fdngt avi) ber Qorfo on, feine @eftalt ju oeranbcm ; 
ber Obeli^I nirb nun bie ©rJtnje ber @tra^e. iBor bemfelben tolrb 
ein ®erUpe mit nieten ©iftrei^en ilber einonber aufgefc^tagen, mU 
(^ gerobe in ben Sotfo Ijineinfie^t. SBor bem ©erUfte toerben bit 30 
®(^tanlen errii^ttt, jmifi^en nettle man fUnftig bie ^ferbe jum 
SIblaufen bringen foil. 9n beiben Setten toerben femer groge ©e* 
rilfte gebaut, ncti^e fic^ an bie erften ^ihifer beS Sorfo anfc^liegen 
mib auf biefe SBeife bie ©troge in ben ^Sio^ l)eretn BerWngem. an 
beiben ©eiten ber ©i^ranlen ftt^en Heine, er^Of|te nnb bcbetfte S9oi sa 
boi fOr bie ^"foneii, nieti^e Hi abloufen ber $ferbe reguliren 

foHett. 1m Sotfo ^inaiif fie^t mnti oor manual Jtiiufmi cbenfoU* 
©friifte oiifgerii^ttt. !j)ie '^Jlflfee uoit ©an Sorlo unb ber antoiii. 
ntfdjen Sflule rocrtnt biir^ ©ditanlm Don ber Strafie abgefonbert, 
unb ailed bcjeidinet senug, bag bie gnnjc {^erlid)Feit fi(l) in bein 
a [angen unb fdimalen Sorfo einfi^Tanfen folk unb roerbe. gule^t 
mirb bie @trafie in ber SRitte mit $u}}o(ant beftrciil, bamit bie 
neltrennenben $ferbe (Uif bcm glolten ipflafter ntt^t [d Icit^t au^ 
glettcn niiigen. 
©0 finbet bie emottung fii) jeben lag genS^rt unb befif)(iftigt, 

10 bid enblidi etne @lodc bom gapitot, botb naifi iDfittage, bad 3eidien 
fliebt, e« fei erlaubt, unter freiem ^immcl t^itrif^t ju (ein, On 
biefem 3(ugcnb[id legt ber emft^a^e 9?iinier, ber fi(^ bad ganjc 
3of|r forgfaitig Bor jebem ge^ltritt {)ii(c(, fcinen Crnft unb feine 
S3eba{^tig!eit auf einmot ab. I)ie ^flaftcrer, bie bis jura lefeteu 

15 augcnblide getliiiipeTt ^aben, paStn i^r Sertjeug anf unb mat^ta 
ber Srbeit fdjerjenb ein (Snbe. Silt iBoIcone, alie ^m\ta werbm 
nad) unb nat^ mit 2:c))))it^en be^dngt ; anf ben ^fIartiM^i^i)<^|)U>tgcn 
ju beiben €eiten ber @lrage merben @tiit)lc fjcraudgefe^t ; bie gei 
ringern $io''«''«io''^ner, olle ffiinbre finb anf ber ©trage, bie nnn 

20 auf^ert, eine etrafie ju feljn : fie glciti)! Dielnief)r eincm flrofcii 
geftfoal, ciner unge^euren onSgefi^mUdtert Oalcrie. 3>cnn roie allc 
0enfter mit ^eppii^en bet|iingt finb, fo ftcijen and) atle @eriifte mit 
alten gerctrften Zapttm befdjlagen ; bie Dielen ©tU^Ie Denne^ren 
ben fflegriff oon ^'iinier, unb ber freunbfii^e {limniel trinnert fet. 

26 ten, ba^ man o^ne Xiati) fe^. ®o fdieint bie €tra^ nac^ unb nad) 

immer n)o|)nbarer. O^x^cf >n(>n auS bcm {)aufe tritt, g(aubt man 

niii)t im greien unb unler iJremben, fonbern in einem ®aQle unter 

JBelanntEn ju fcin. 

3"i>fffcn bag ber (Soifo tmmer bclebter nirb, unb unter ben oiclen 

so^erfonen, bie in i^rrn gen)5^n(tc^ ^leibern f))ajieren, fid| f)te imb 
ba ein ¥>>((i"cU Jtiflt, ^at fit^ bad SlRilitar oor ber ^orta be( ^O' 
))olo DerfammeCt. @d jie^t, angefU^rt uon bcm (Seneral ju ^ferbe, 
in gutcr Orbnnng unb neuer aWonlur mit ftingenbcm ©piel ben 
Eorfo ^crauf, unb befeljt fogteitf) alle SiBgdnge in beufelbcn, erridjtct 

sa ein poor SJJadiEn auf ben ^touptpiagfir unb abemintmt bie ©orge 
filr bie Orbnung ber gonjen ainftolt !Die sCcrlei^er ber ©til^Ie 

2)ae TSntifc^t ZamtVal 159 

imb ©ttiifle tufnt nun tmfig ben SBorbeige^tiiben an : Lnoghi I 
Laoghi ! Patroni t Lnogbi I 

^im faiigcn bie SJfadleii an pd| gu Denne^ren. Ounge SRiinner, 
gtpiilt, tn 3efttQfl«Rcibtni ber Siieiber oufl bee unterflcn 6Iof(c, («[= 
ftn fii^ nuifl juerfl fe^cn. @(e liebtofen bie i^nen begrgncnbcng 
aniinner, t^un gtntein unb vertraut mit btn SSeibern a(« mil tfirtS 
@leictien, trfiben fonft, maS t^nen Soune, Siig obtr Uiiart cingeben. 
S^ir eriiineni utig uiittr anbern einee tungen Mta^dftn, ber bie Stotle 
titier Ieibenf[I)afl[i(l)cn, joiiffiidjtigtn unb auf teitie Seife ju bcnii)i< 
genben groii Dortrcfftidf fjiitlte, unb fo fu^ ben ganjen Sorfo ^iiiab jo 
janfte, jebem tttoae an^ngte, inbeg ftine JSegldtet ftc^ alle ^^c 
ju gebtn [d)ieiien i^n ju befdnfttgen. 

i>a bie grauen eben fo Biel 8nft ^aben f'tft hi SD?ann8fIeibem ju 
jetgen, ale bie SRiinner [ui) in Stauenfleibern fetjen ju laffen, fo 
^aben fit bit beliebte iCrai^t beS ^ulcinells fid) ongupaffen nid^t Der« 15 
fe^[t, unb man mug befenncn, ba| ti i^nen gelingt, in biefer Emitter* 
geflalt oft ijbdift rcigenb ju fel)n. 

aSit fc^nellen iS(^titttn, beclamirenb, »ie Bot ®tri{^t, brflngt fi(ft 
ein ?ltiBoMt biir(^ bie DKenge ; er ftfireit an bie Ocnfier ^inrnif, padt 
maefirte wnb unmaslirte ©tjajicrgiinaer an, bro^t einein jeben mit ao 
einem ^loceg, mot^t balb jenem eine lange (^efi^ii^teerja^Inng oon 
Iiic^c[i(t)en SDerbredien, bie er btgangen ifobtn foil, batb biefeni tine 
genaue ®peeiftcotion feiner iS(I)uCben. ICie grauen fd;ilt er roegen 
iifKt Sict^been, bie Slliibrfien mtgen i^rer Sieb^ober ; er benift fii^ 
anf ein SQu^, baft er bet fid) fU^rt, probudrt !X>ocumente, unb bas 25 
aUeS mit eintr bun^bringenbtn iStimme unb geiauftgen 3<<nge. @r 
fnc^t {tbermann ju btfi^Jimtn unb confuS ju maiden. Senn man 
bcnit er ^i)re auf, fo f&ngt tr erft lei^t an ; bentt man er ge^e IBcg, 
fo fe^rt er urn ; auf ben tintn gc^t er gerabe Io« unb fptidjt i^n 
nii^t an, er (ladt einen anbern ber fdiou oorbei ift ; tommt nun gar 30 
ein a)!itbruber t^m tntgegen, fo erreidit bie SloU^t Ifiren I)i)d)ften 

Slber longe TBnntn fie bie Slufmertfamleit be« '^Jublicum* nirtit 
auf fu^ jte^en ; ber toHfte Sinbnid loirb gleii^ Bon SRenge unb 
SRomiigfaltigleit rateber Derfd)bmgen. ss 

Sefonbere mad)en bie shuacquari jroac ni(^t fo Bit! SSmt, bo^ 

rbot fo Diet 9uff(^cn Hi bie Sbtuxnttn. ^t SRaSfe bet Qiu>t(|uerl 
fc^int fo aUgemein gfinorben ju fcin bun^ bie Srii^tigfrit ouf bem 
S^riibtE altfrflnfifd)t Hlftbungdfliidi; finbtn ;;u fiJimeit. 3!)tc ^aupt> 
erforbeniifle bitfei ^Itaefe finb, bag blc jtltibuitg jraar oltfcitnK^, 
c abet tvo^Ier^tttn imb twn cblera ©toff fd. WUm fle^ fie fdten 
onbere, alS tntt ©ontmi obn @ettie befleibet, fte tra^ai brecatene 
ober Qcftidte Seftcn, ttnb ber 91atur nac^ mug bei Quacquero bid' 
leiblg fetin ; feine @efid)temadle tft ganj, intt ^auftbatten unb Gei> 
ncn auflcii ; feine ^rilcfc ^t wimbalii^^Silpfdien ; fein ^irt ift 

10 fteht imb nieiften^ borbirt. 3nan fieljet, bag fii^ bicfe ^gur fe^c 
betn Baffo carioato bee !omifi})cii Oper tij^tit, uttb tote bitfei 
meiftent^ils eiiien loppifrfien, oerliebten, betrogenen it^oten ootfieBt, 
fo jetgen fii^ audi biefe ale obgefi^madte StufieT. @ie ^tt^ifen mit 
groger &ii$tigfeit auf ben ^ifim i)m tmb t)n, ftt^ren groge fc^raaije 

isStmge of|iie (Sim ftatt ber Soignetten, Immit ^e in oUe Sagm ^ini 
etnguden, not^ alien genftem ^inaufWtdtn. ®ie mot^ gemB^nlii^ 
einen fleifen tiefen ^iidling, unb i^ Srenbe, beftN^g nttiin ftc 
ftd| einanbtr begegnen, geben fie babun^ ju erteRiien, bag fie mit 
gleii^en i$tigen me^rma(8 gerabe in bie ^6i)t ^fen mtb dntn ^llen 

so buri^brtngenben unarticulirten Sout Don fu^ geben, ber mit ben Son* 
foiiairtcn brr cerbunben ift Oft geben fie \i^ butrfibiefen Ion ba« 
3ei<^en, unb bie nddiften crtviebem baft @ignal, fo bag in Turjer >|ett 
biefed ®ef(^ri(le btn gonjen Sorfo ^in unb roiebcr tiiuft. 1Dh)t^»i(lige 
jhiaben blafen inbeg in groge gemunbnie Snuft^eln unb bcleibigen 

25 baft Oift mit unertriiglidren Siiuen. 

^au ftei|t balb, bag bd ber Qnge beS {Rauntft, bd ber 9e^nli<^ 
Idt fo Dieferanafttentfdbungen — benu tft mSgen immer einige ^unbert 
^ulciuelle unb gegen ^unbert Ouacqneri im (Sorfo auf unb niebcT' 
laufen — menige bie 9lbfi<$t ^aben lilimen, Huff'^en }u erregen ober 

Aobemerit ju merben. S(ud) ntSffen biefe frll^ gtnug im (Sorfo ev 

fc^nen. ffiietme^i ge^t dn {eber nut auft, fid) ju t)ergniigen, fdnc 

3:Dll^ett auSjulaffen unb ber t$rdl)eit biefer Sage auf baft befle ju 


:^onbtift fudien unb wfffen bie WiiXb<i}m unb i^rouen fic^ in bte> 

»fer Beit nai^ i^rer art fuftig ju mw^en. ^tt fu^t nur au8 bem 
^oufe JU tommen, \VI) onf totMft art efl fei ju loernuunutcn, unb 

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tDcil bie wenlgften in bem SnQ [inb, Diel @e(b oufmenbcn 3U iSmm, 
fo finb fie er^berifi^ gmiis, allertct Slittn auSjubenten, vsk ftc fi^ 
me^r Derfteden ate jteren. 

©efir lei(^t fmb bit Waitta Don ©(tttem unb Settferinntn ju 
fi^affen ; fd|6nt ^aan mtrben Dotjilglii^ n-forbert, bann einc ganj 5 
Iseige ©efic^tStnaSfe, etn trbeneS !£^pfd)en an clnem farbigen Sanbe, 
ein Slab unb ein ^ut in ber $anb. ©ie treten mil bem&tljigcr 
@eberbe unter bit O^f'^ »t>b Dor jebtn ^in, unb empfanQcn fcott 
Mlmoftn 3"**Erwer'f 9"ifft unb wa8 mon iljntn fonft Krtiflt* fi'ben 
mag. ic 

atnbcre mo^ \i^ eS.noc^ beqntmer, ^Mtn fld| in ^(}e, ober er> 
f^inen tn einer arligen ^auStrai^t, nur ntit ®efi(^tdmae!en. Sit 
flc^en mtifttntfieilfl o^ne SDIilnner, unb fii^ren al8 Df= unb 3)Efni« 
fioroofft tin ®e(tmf|tn au8 \stt iBIUt^t tinea iSo^rs gcfiunben, n>o= 
mit [u t^i(S bit Utber((i|'tigcn abme^ren, tI)eiCe and), ntut^rcilliQ gc' 15 
nug, Sdannten unb Unbefanntcn bit il)nen of)iit IDIaeten entQegen 
tonimtn, Im ©efii^t I)ei'unifal)ren. SQtnn tintr, auf ben fie ed ge< 
tniinjt fallen, jnifi^en Dier ober funf fo(c!)CT SHiibc^en ^tneiitComnit, 
rceig er fiil n'l^t Ju rf'tf"- 3^06 ©ebronge ^inbcrt if)rt ju flitljen, 
unb roo EC fid) ^ininenbet, filt)[t er bie Sefenii)tii unter ber 9Iafc. 20 
Sid) ernfttid) gtgen biefe ober anbcre 9(tctcrcien ju h)tf)rtn, loilrbe 
ft^i gefii^rltc^ fein, lueil bit Waeftn unDttleglii^ finb, unb ;ebe 
Sffioi^ il)nen beijuftefien beorbtrt ift. 

(&bta fo mUffen bie'(|eu)6^nli(^en Sleibungtn oQtr ®tanbeal8 
SJIaefen bienen. @taU&ie(^te tnit ttgren grogen ^Urfteu tonimen, 2i 
einein jeben, loenn c« i^ntn bttitbt, ben SRUrftn anfljule^ren. SBet. 
tutine bitten i^re Cienftt mit i^rer flen)a^n[id)cn ^ubringtic^frit on. 
3ierlic^ pnb bie aRaSltn btr Sonbmttbc^en, graScatantrinnen, 
gifdier, 9ieapotitaner iSdjiffer, ncopolitonifdiet ©birrtn unb @iic» 
djen. 30 

SRant^maf loirb tine ^aSk torn S^eoter na^geafimt. Sinige 
nuii^ fu^S ft^t btquera, inbtm fie fidi in leijpirfie ober Seintiit^er 
^iiUen, bit fte ttber btm fflopfe jufammcn binbtn. I)icn)eiccG)cftrilt 
p^t^t gtn)(iI)nUd| oiibem tn ben SBeg ju titttn unb uor ifinen ju 
^iipfeii, uub glaiibt auf biefe Seift ein @cfj)enft Doijufttllen. Qtnigcss 
jridinen fii^ burd) fonberbare ^nfainmenfegungtn m9, unb bei Xa> 

1» OBt^ 

iano toirb immer fiir bie ebt(flc iStaefc gt^altnt, tvei[ fu fuf| gar 

nidit aui!,ai)r[tt. 
Qiit ^avbtxtc mifi^t fuf| lurtrr ble Snenge, IS^ baS Soli etn 

89u(I) mit ^o^fen fe^m, unb erimiert t» an feme fieibmfi^ft juni 
fi SottofpieL 

WHt jniei ®crt<^em ftetft emn tm ©tbrfingt : man tveig nt^t, 

ndilieS fein 3}oibcTtt|nI, tveldfes frtn |)tnten^etl ift, ot> ec totnuit, 

cb et gel|t. 
X^ci Smnbt tniig f^ audi gefaden laffm, in btcfen Sagtn t>er< 
10 [fottct ju ititrben. 3Bti( bit frembtn WaUt, befoiiber^ bie nieldie 

Saiibff^aften unb ©cbilubc ftubiren. In 9tom Uberall ttffenttid) fi^ 

unb jeic^en, fo tnerben fie aiu^ unlrr brr @anieDa(emenge emfig 

tiocgeftellt, unb jeigen fjtf) nrit grofien forttfeuiUen, langen @Urtoutd 

unb lofofFalifi^ Slei^ebem fe^r gef(!)iiftig. 
15 iJnbeffen bie JKaBlen fit^ Dermeliren, fasten bie ffutf(!|en m^ 

unb na4 in ben Sorfo ^inein, in bcrfelben Orbnung, tvic nir ^e 

oben befdirieben ^aben, a[« Don bet fonn> unb fefttagigen @pajier< 

fa^rl bie 9tebe nor, nui mit bent Unterfdileb, bag gegenroartig bie 

SuIimeTte, me^e bom t>cnetianif(^n ^alaft an bet linFen @eite 
20 ^entmfa^ren, ba rco bie ©tragc beB Sorfo auf^brt, locnben unb fc 

gleii^ an ber anbem @eite nieber ^erouffo^ren. 
SSJir ^abcn fcf|on oben angejeigf, bafj bie ©trafte, wenii man bie 

(£i^ei]ungen fUr bie j^uggitiigei abcedinet, on ben meiften Ortcn 

nenig liber brei 33agaibreiten ()at. 
36 T>it @eitener^5^ungen ftnb aQe mil ©eriiflen Derfperrl, mit StU^ 

len be[e^t, unb uieCe ^ufc^Quti^ ^oben fcfion i^re $Iii^ eingeiiommen. 

%n ©eriiften unb <StilI)len gel)t ganj na^e cine Sagenrei^ ^inunler 

unb an ber anbem ©tite ^inauf. ^ie ^tgitnger jinb in cine ^reite 

Don t)S(^ftcnS ad;t gug jiotfdien ben beiben iRei^en eiiigtfc^Ioffcn ; 
sojeber brttngt {i^ ^in» unb Ijerroartfl [o gut et fonn, unb Don o((cn 

genflem unb SBolconen fie^t ttiebet eine gebtfingte anenge ouf ba« 

@ebrdnge ^erunter. 
Qn ben etften 2:agen fie^t man meift nut bte getofi^nlt^ @qui) 

pagcn ; benn {ebec Derfpart auf bie fotgenben, ivas er ^icf jid^ee obet 
SsfrJic^tigeft atienfalie aup^ren n>ilf. ©egen (Snbe be« SarneDoIS 

fommcti met)f offeue SBogen jnm 3Jorfd|ein, beren elnige fe(^« ©ifte 

^oBen : gaxi Suinen fi^ tr^^t gegen ctnanber itbcr, fo ba§ man 
it)ie ganje ®tftalt fe^en tann ; niei ^erren netjinen bie pier iibrigen 
©ifte btt ffijinfel em ; ftutfi^et unb SBebieiite finb mtt«firt, bie ¥fetbe 
ttiit glor unb Slumen geftu^. 

Cft ftc^t ein fdfciner, loeiger, mtt rofenfarbenen ^dnbent gejiertecs 
^iibel bem Sutfdicr jluifi^en ben SiiBen, on bcm ©efi^irte Kingen 
@cf)eltai, unb bie 91ufineitfamteit bee ^ublicumS ivtrb einige 31ugcn' 
blide auf biefen Slufjug ge^eftet. 

tS^emold follen biefe ^rot^tnagen tneit ^duftger unb foftbarer, 
OMiif bun^ ntl)t^olDgi{(^e unb allegorifi^e SJorftelluiigen intereffanter lo 
geiDefen fein ; neuerbinga abei ft^einen bie SBornc^meru, e» fei nun 
auS WtUt)tm ©ninbe eS tootle, Derloren in bem @an}en, baS S!er> 
gniigen, baS fte no(^ bei biefet Seierlic^Ieit pnbcn, mel)r geniegen, 
olfl fic^ oor anbem ouSjeit^nen ju loollen. 

^e roeitcr bas Someunl BotrUrft, befto (uftiger fe^en bie Squipit is 
gen qu6. ©elbft cmft^aftc '?er(onen, tueldie unmaetirf in ben ffiagen 
fi^en, ertauben i^ren ilutfc^ern unb ©ebientcn fi(^ ju maSttren. 
£iie fiutfdjer roaiikn meJftenl^eilS bie Srouentrodit, unb in ben tc^ 
ten Xagen ftf)eiiien nur ©eiber bie '^Jfcrbe ju regieren. ©ie finb oft 
anftdnbtg, ia reijenb gefleibet ; bagcgen mot^t benn aai) tin breitec20 
^d^lidier Stnl, in DiiUig neumobifc^em ^u^ ntit ^oI)et grifur unb 
gebern, eine groge Goricotur. 

@etDiit)nlt4 eqeigt ber ^tfi^ einer ober einem $aar fdner 
gteunbinnen ben IMenft, menu er [k im ©ebrflnge ontrifft, fie mif ben 
Sodju^eben. X)iefe{i^benngerci:>^ntii^in3^anuetr(u^t on feiner26 
®ette, unb oft gauteln bonn bie nieblit^en ^uIcineQbeinc^en mtt neinen 
|$ug(^en unb ^o^en 9Ib[!i|}en ben 93oriibergef)enben urn bie St'ip^t. @ben 
[o modjen e9 bie iSebienten, unb nc^men i^re greunbe unb [Jreunbinnen 
^inten ouf ben SSJagen, unb eS fe^tt niilits, ote bag fie fu^ not^, mie auf 
bie englifdien Sanbtutfd)en, oben auf ben ^ften fegten. !^ie ^enr^so 
ft^aften felbft fdjetnen ti getne gu fe^en, wenn i^te SBagen ret^t bepotft 
finb ; allee tft in biefen ^agen tiergitnnt unb fi^idltt^. 

aJian rocrfe nun einen Slid liber bie longe unb (djmate ©trage, 
IDO Don alien Solconen unb ani oKen Scnftem, ilber long ^erob* 
Ifdngenbe bunte ^tpp\(^t, gebriingte 3uf'V>'^ <^f bie mit ^uf'fl'U': 35 
em ongefUIften ©erilfte, auf bie langen ^nf^ befe^et ©ttt^le on 

bdben ©etten ber ®tni^ irenttitrrf^oiten. ^tori SRtt^ ftntft^ 
betDcgen ft4 tongfam in bent tnittiem aianm, uttb ber $(■)(, bm 
aOoifoIU tlnebrittt ^utft^rinnc^mnitclnntt, tft'flanjinitSDIeitfdiat 
ouSQtfiKIt, iDcIdie ni(t)t ^in utib roieber y^fta, fonbcrn fid) ^in unb 
6 uttebcr ft^tbtn. Tm bit ftntf^en, fo tang ale t» nm mi^MSi ift, 
fid) itnmer ein tPtnia Don ehicmbfi aUialten, um nidit bei jtbcT 
©todimg glti($ ouf cinonber ju fatyxn, fo isagen ftii) Ditit ber ^^ 
ganger, um nur einigermagtn i^uft ju ff^fen, auS ban @ebritnec 
btr £DIfttt jtDif(t)en bie tRtlber bed nonuiSfo^renbni unb bit 3>tid)fet 

10 unb $feTbe bei nadifa^renben iEBostnS ; vab \t gir^gr bie @tfa^r unb 
^tft^meilii^fdt ber guggdngrr nirb, befto me^ fi^eint i^re Qaune 
unb Jhi^n^eit }u fteigen. 

Xm bie meiften t^t^Sitiiflt)'' v>t\^ jn>ifil|en ben betben ftutfi^em 
rei^ fi<^ beniegen, um i^re @lteber ut^ ffieibungen gu fdpnen, bie 

isMbtr imb !l(^fni forgftilttg oermeiben, fo taffen fie geiiidf)nlii$ 
me^r $(a^ jmifi^ fii^ unb btii S^gen ate nM^ig ift ; loer nun 
mit ber (angfamen SSIaffe ft(^ fortjubtuegen nid)t I&iger aueftet^n 
mog, unb 3nutf) ^t jivtfc^ ben 9}(tbem unb ^uggjlngeni, jniifi^ 
ber ©efofir unb bem ber fi(^ boDor fard)tet, bun^jufi^tiip^n, ber 

20 fonn in lurjer ^tit cnK" grofen 2Beg jurildlegen, bie er fn^ niebei 
bunt) ein anbeirt ^inbemif oufget)alten fie^t. 

9lber nt{^ allein bun^ biefe ^iiQC ^i'tb bie (Sirculotion beS @orfa 
imttrbtof^n unb getjinbert ; am ^aiaft iRu«poIi wnb in beffen SiS^ie, 
mo bie ©trofee irni niiftte bretter rolrtt, fmb bie ^flnfterroege an bei* 

zs ben @eiten me^r crtjlt^. SDort ntuimt bie fi^ne lliklt i^ren ^oQ, 
unb afle @tiil)(e finb balb befegt ober bef))ro<^en. 2)ie f^ttnften 
grauenjimmer bei SWttelclaffe, reijenb moelirt, umgdKn Don t^ren 
grennben, jeigen Tuf) bort bem Doril&erge^enben neugterigen tUige. 
^eber, ber In bie @egenb tommt, Demeilt, um bie angcnt^men Wei' 

sotjen JU buri^ff^auen ; jeber ift neugieng unter ben Dielen mitrnittdjen 
@eftalten, bie bort gu fi^n fdjeinen, bie toeiblic^en ^ecaue gu fui^en, 
unb Dielleitf)t in einem nieblii^ Offtcier ben ©egenftaub fefner 
©citnfudjt JU entberfen: ;g>ier on bicfem gterfe ftocft bie Semegung 
jucrft, benn bie ffutfdicn uenvcilen fo tonge fie Kniien in biefcc 

86@egenb, ui^ menu man gule^t flatten folt, roitt man bod) liebct in 
bicfer angene^men ®efellf(^aft bteibm 

SMf TBmiHt SamtUat 166 

SScttn intfert ^(^bmie bi«^ nur btn fSesriff bon euum 
niQen, {a bttna^e ibiQftli(i)en ^^ftonbt efQebtn ^ot, fo xorct fit riruit 
niK^ feiibarbartm i£tnbnid moc^n, ronui nir fnmer erjiiltUii, vie 
biefe gebcdngte Suftbarfdt burd) tine Slrt Don Btintm, mti[t fd)tri< 
l^ftent, oft ober nur aUgntrnftiu^ fiiiege in ^tnweung gtft^s 

{Batirft^ebtlti^ ^ot ttttmal jufctUig tint ®(^ne l^rtn Dorbeigef)tn' 
btn guten Bm>tt^ "it ^^ 1^ unter bcc SRaiQC unbaRoelt beintil> 
li4 ju mo^en, mit Derjudttten SSmrm ongeniDrfen, ba benn nic^td 
MotUttit^ ift, ale bag bet <%trtiffcne fid) umfe^re, unb bit lofe 10 
^unbin entbtdt ; bitfeS ift nun tin aUgemeinti ®tbiau(^, unb 
inon fit^t oft mi) etncm SSurfe tin ^aor frcunblic^e @efi(f)ttr fid) 
rinonbei btgegnen. SlUdn man ift t^lS ju ^u^^itlterifif), um 
ttrirOic^ ^udenveri pi btrfi^raniben, tlgeilS ^at ber anigbraut^ 
bfffdben ttntn Qiogern unb no^tfeiletn SJonot^ ndt^ig genia(f)t.U 
S* ift mm tin eigentS ©enerbe, @l|))«jdtUin, bun^ bm £ri(^ttt 
geiRad)t, bit ben @(^etit Don iCrae&n ^abcn, in stolen SOtbtn jum 
ISertauf mitten bun^ bit ^enge ju trageii. 

Slienumb ift Dor eitiem Sbigriff fit^r ; jebcnnann ift im Strl^i> 
biQungeftonbe, unb fo nttfte(|t aue SDtut^miiltn ober Slot^wenbigteit, so 
tpolb f|ttr ba(b bo, dn ^mcifcunpf, tin ©c^armii^l ober nne <Sd|la(f|t. 
guggSnger, ftutfct)tnfa^rti, S^itaatx one genftem, Don @Viriiflen 
obtr @tli^Itn, grtiftn einanbtr ntn^feldmdfe an, unb twrt^eibigeit 
ft(^ nct^fd^eife. tiic Seamen ^btn btrgolbete unb Dtrfilbertt 
AOrbi^en boU biefer JNrntr, unb bie JSegleitec miffen i^rt ©t^iintn u 
fe^r madec ju Dnt^btgtn. 3nit niebergtiaffenen Sutf^ienftnfttni 
tnoorttt man btn Sngriff, man fc^jt mit fdnm l^unbtn, unb 
tpc^it fid) ^OTtniidig gtgtn Unbttannte. 

Sttrgtnbs obtr toiTb bicftt @n:tit trnftUt^er unb atlgtmdntr ale in 
btr ^gei^ bte fatafte 9hi«^li. aUt SRaSftn, bit ft(^ bort ntt:^ so 
brrgtiofftn ^ben, fmb mit Abrbi^, %&dit)m, jufammengebunbtntn 
<S(4nuf)ftiidieTn berft^tn. Sic grtifen lifter an, ole fte ongtgrifftn 
nerbtn ; ttine ftutfi^ ftl^rt rnigeftraft Dotbei, ottnt bag i^i nii^t 
nenigfttne dnigt Sltaetot elupae an^itngen. fitin Su^tinger ift Dor 
i^nen fu^; befonbtrS mmn fic^ tin ^bbate im fc^arjen Siodess 
fc^n U|t, nerfen ode Don oOtn ®dten auf i^n, uitb udl @9f e unb 

1« «MtL 

jhetbt, iDo^tn fit trcffni, atifarbeit, [o ftt^t dn foh^ 6a(b U6er unb 
iiCitr ineig unb erou punctirt au9. Oft aber nerlxii bie $finbet fe^t 
tmftijaft unb allgcnietn, unb man fiel)t mit <£rftaunen, mie (Sifeifu(^t 
unb tterfiinlif^cr ^ag T"^ ftfint ?ouf laffen. 

e Unbemerft f(^Id(^t fic^ fine Bennumintt JJigur '^eron, unb trifft 
mit eintr §onb ooU Gonfetti eine bnr etften ©(^Bn^ritni fo ^ffiig 
unb fo gerabt, bag bie @eficfit6maele niberfi^allt, unb i^r fi^oncr 
^ol« Derley ttirb. S^n ©egteiter jn btiben ©eitcn roerbcn ^tftia 
aufgereljt, auB i^ren ftStbt^n unb €iid(^ ftitimm fie gercallig 

10 auf ben ittngreifenben toB ; er ift aber fo gut Dermununt, ju ftort ^c 
[)oniif((|t, al« bag er i^n niiebeti)olten Siirfe empfinben follte. Qe 

• fitter er (ft, befto ^eftiflet fe^t er feinen Wngriff fort ; bie aSeW^ei« 
biger beden baB graucnjinimer mit ben ^abarrod ju, unb toeil ber 
Sngretfenbe in ber {>efttgtdt be4 ©treitd au(^ bie 9!ad)bam Dcrlc^t, 

IS unb Uber^autit burd) feine 4^robt)eit mib UngeftUm febennonn bclei' 
bigt, fo ne^men bie Um^erfi(}enben I^ril an biefem ©treit, fporen 
i^re ©Qpefifmer ni(^t, mib ^oben tneiftent^etiB auf fot(^e ^S^t eine 
etroae grSgere 3]fhuittion, rnigefd^c nie nerjudcrte 3nant)eln, in 9}t< 
feroe, mobur^ ber Sngreifenbc julcgt fo jugebedt unb von alien 

20 @eiten l^n UberfaKtn lotrb, bag i^m nii^tS oIS bie tRetraite librig 
bleibt, befonberB toenn et fii^ Derfi^offen ^ben follte. ©enxi^nlicf) 
ifot einer, ber ouf ein foIAefl Ibenteuer ouage^t, einen ©etunbanten 
bef firfi, ber i^m aRunition iuftecTt, iniwiftften bag bie aSiinner, wel. 
ift mit foldien ©Qpeconfetti ^onbeln, mS^rciib beS ©treitfl mit tt|ren 

2G jiorben gefi^dfttg fmb, unb etnem f^en, fo trie! ffunb ec DerlanQt, 
eilig aunjiegcn. 

SJir l)aben fetbft einen fott^ ©treit in ber 9ia^e gefe^en, no jii» 
le^t bie ©trdteiiben, auB anangel an SRunition, fid) bie Dergolbeten 
jh(rb(^ an bie Aitpfe inarfen, mib ftd) burc^ bie SBamungni ber 

soSQac^en, meld)e felbft ^eftig mit getroffm nurben, nid|t ab^olttn 
liegen. ®cn>ig niirbe mandfcr fot^ |)iinbel mil 3Refferfti(f|tn fn^ 
enbjgen, Isenn nid|t bie an me^reren Qden aufgejogenen Qorben, bie 
betannten ©ttofnerfjenge italienif(^er ^otijei, f^en mitten in bee 
fiwftbartdt erinnerten, bag e» in biefem augtublide fel)r gefii^riic^ 

3E fd, fii^ gefii^tllrfier SESaffen ju bebienen. Unjtt^lig flnb biefe $)«n. 
bel, unb bie meiften me^r (uftig at« emft^aft ®o hrnmt j. (S. dn 

offenci SBogen bod ^ukintdm flcgtn jRudpoli ^ran. (St ntmml 
ficfl Dor, tnbctti er bei ben 3uf(I|<i>ieni Dorbeifii^rt, aUe nad) tinanbei 
ju treffen ; atlein unglUdlii^cnDeiFe ift boft ©cbriinge ju grog, unb 
et btribt in bet M.ittt fttden. t>k Qonje ®e{eU[(^ft mirb auf 
einmat StntS <Bimt9, unb t>on alien (Seiten ^gett eS auf bin 3Ba= s 
gen los. X)ie ^ulcinelle ottfcfiiegen i^re a^unition, unb bUibcii eine 
gutt Setle bem Imijtnben j^tc con alltn @eiten au^efc^l, fo 
bag btr i&Mgen am (Snbe gonj nie mtt Stance unb ©c^Iogcn bebedt, 
luiter einem allQnnetnen @e((t^ter unb t)on £Siien bed 3Rigliilligene 
btgleitet, fit^ tongfont entfeint. lo 

Snbeffen in bem SRittelpuntte bed Sotfo biefe tebl^ften unb ^ef< 
ttgen ®pie(e einen grogen Xt)t\l ber fdjQnen Stlt befdjdftigen, finbet 
ein onbrer X^etl beS ^u&licumfl an bem obem (Snbe beS gorfo etne 
onbere Mrt Don Unter^altung. Umoeit ber franjofifrfien Slabemie 
tritt, in fpanifc^er !£ra^t mit g^txr^ut, !£iteen unb grogen |)anb> is 
f(^^n, unoerfe^eiM mitten aue ben Don einem ©erUfte jufc^uenbeu 
iDIaSlen ber fogenonnte Sapitano bed italienifc^ Sweaters anf, 
unb fiingt on feine gro^ it^aten }u Sanb unb {Baffer in emp^att: 
fdiem Son ju erjiit){en. (&i mii^rt nii^l taitge, fo ertjebt fi^ 9^"t 
t^m uber rin ^iJcineH, bringl ^weifet unb ©moenbungen nor, unb 20 
inbem er i^m alleS gujugeben f(^t, mad)t er bit @rDgfpre(f|erei 
(cned {)etben bun^ S[BortfpieIe unb eingef(^oEwne $(attt)eiten (iic^er< 
Iti^. %U(^ ^ier bleibt jebcr SSoibeige^enbe ftet)en, unb i)jirt bem lebo 
^often Sortioec^fel ju. 

(Sin neucc %uf}ug berme^ret oft ba« (^brJlnge. @in X^u^b 25 
^utcinelle t^un fii^ jufammen, erndfjlen einen fianig, fr^nen i^n, 
geben t^m ein €cepter in bie {xmb, bes(etten i^n mil SOfufif, unb 
fU^ren i^n unter loutem ®ef(f)rei auf einem Dergterten ^ESiigeli^en ben 
(Sorfo ^auf. SHe ^uldneCe fpringen ^erbet, ttie bet 3«fi "ot' 
udrte ge^t, oerme^ren baS (Sefolge, unb moi^en fli^ mit ^direi 30 
mib ®(i)nienlen ber ^Ute ^lu^ 

aisbonn bemttft man erft, Mte jeber biefe oUgemeine ajioflft ju 
DennanniafQltigen fuc^t. I)er elne trdgt eine ^'tt^ife, ber onbere eiiie 
©eibet^oube ju (einem f^ttatgen®erid|t, bet biitte ^at ftatt beraWiige 
ttnen Rdfig ouf bem jtopfe, in n>e(i^m ein pmt SBdgel, at« atbbate 3S 
tmb !£)ame gefleibet, auf btn <St(ingd(^en ^in unb miebei ^U|)fen. 

titt StuQcnUid ba SStttremund btr ¥fcrkc nd^ {id» mm tttb 
mei: mc^r, unb ouf bieftn Slugenbltd ift bai Qjntat^e fo xtititx toil* 
fetib Slletift^eit geftiaunt. 
Tilt 3jetlei^er ber @tU^, bie Unteme^mer btr @eriifte vaax^' 
6 ren iiim i^r anbittenbed @ef(^L <£0 ift bonim ju t^utt, bag i^nen 
tDcnigftend in btefen le^tot Slugcnblidtn, auHf gcQeii tin gcrinQered 
®tlb, aUe $I(i|}C befe^ merben. Unb glildltt^, bQ| ^iet unb ba 
ni)(^ ^(a( ju finben ift ; bmn bet @enmil reitet nunme^c mit tinem 
S^cil ber @atbe ben ISorfo jmifi^en ben bciben dtti^ta Jtutfc^en 

10 tjeruntcr, unb DerbriiHgt bie t^uggilnscr Don bem einjigen iRaum, ber 
i^neii nod) librtg blieb. ^eber fiu^t olebann noc^ eiiicn @tu^(, eiiien 
$la|} anf einem @erUrtc, auf einer Sulfide jisifclKit ben SSoeen. obcr 
bei ^efannten an einem genfter jn finben, bit benn nun oQe Don 
3ufc^uem uber unb liber ftro^. 

iG Onbeffen ift ber $1(4 nor bent ObeIi«I gonj Dom S3o(fe gereinigt 
uorbcn, unb gemii^rt oielleii^t einen ber fc^iinfteii ^nblide, loeli^ in 
ber gegentviirttgen Selt gefel)en toerben tiintieu. X\t brei ntit Sep. 
p\6)ea be^ituflteu Sacobtn ber obcn bef(^riebenen Oeriifte fi^liegcu 
ben ^(ati ein. SJiele toufenb Stip^f i^in ilbei einanber ^nior, 

io unb geben ba8 S3ilb eiue« alien 3Un))^it^eotere ober 6ircu& Ueber 
beni mtttelften ©erilfle fteigt bie ganjc iQiinge beS Obetlefen in bte 
Sufi ; benn bad Seritfte bebedt nur fein ^icbeftal, unb man bentatt 
nun erft feine ungeiieure ^6^e, ba er ber iSkgflati einer fo grogen 
Snenff^enmaffe niirb. X)er ^ie ^la^ liigt bem iluge eine fc^one 

25 JKu^e, unb man fie^t bie Itcren Sc^ranEen mit bem Dorgef)]annteit 
@eilc Dolfer Qmattung. 

3!un tommt ber ®eneroI ben Gorfo l^erab, jum ^tiiim bQ| er 
gereiniget ift, unb ^iuter i^m ertoubt bie ^ait)t nienumbcn, au« ber 
Stci^e ber JEutfdien ^erDorjutrelen. dc nimmt auf einer ber Sogen 


97uR nerben bie $ferbe nac^ geloofetet JOcbnung Don gepu^ten 
@tallteeil)ten in bie S^ronCen Winter bafl @eil gefil^rt. <Sie ^aben 
tein S^H ^'>^ f°ift ^^^f iBebedung auf bem Seibe. Wlaa ^eftet 
i^nen ^ier unb ba ©tot^eUugclu mit @(f)uUren an ben Seib, unb be* 

35 bedt bie ©telle, too fie fpomen foHen, bl8 jum aiigenbliie mit Seber j 
and) Itebt man i^nen grofe Sliitter Stouf^golb an. 

3>ae TSnifc^t Satnnot 169 

©ie finb mtift fdiDn toilb unb ungebuniig, iMint fit in bie @t^ran> 
Itn gcbrcu^t mcrben, unb ble.dteittnei^te braui^ oKe ©matt unb 
©eft^idfii^Ieit, urn fit jurttdjulfolten. 

l:At JSegierbe, ben Sauf anjufongen, ntat^t fu unbSnbtQ, bie ®e< 
genttort fo Didcr SRenfdien mtidit fie fd)eu. @ie tianen oft in btei^ 
beno^barte 'B^rantt ^tnUber, oft Uber bae^fl, unb bieft SSmti 
gung unb Unorbnung Dcrme^rt jebtn Stugmliltd ba8 Ont^'ff' ^^ 
Snoortung. T)ie ©taUfnti^tf ^b im I)Qct|ften @tabe gefpanni unb 
fflufmertfnm, met! in bem Slugenbliift be9 KbrenmnS bie @efd)i(t1td^ 
kit bed Sodlaffenben, fo Wit jufdllige Umftdnbe, jum Soit^eile bed lO 
einen obec bti anbem ^ferbeS entfc^eiben Knnen. 

(Snblic^ fdtlt bae @eil, unb bie ^ferbe itnnen loS. Huf bem freien 
^laft fui^en fie noi^ einonber ben SBorfprung abjugewinnen, aber 
uenn fie einmal in ben engen iRautn jraifdKn bie beiben iRei^En ^it> 
f(^n I)ineinfomnien, utirb meifl aller Setteifec Dctgebend. (£in i& 
^aat finb geioB^nfii^ DorouS, bie ode jfrdfte anftrengen. Ungeutfy' 
tet bee geftreuten $njjo(ane giebt ba« ^flafter Q^euer, bie On&^nen 
fitegen, ba8 SRaufc^goIb raufc^t, unb hum bag mon fie erbliift, ftnb 
fie Dorbei. !Sie Ubrige {)eetbe ^inbert fi(^ unter einmtber, inbem fit 
fut) bittngt unb treibt ; fpdt lomntt tnondimal noc^ eins nadigc:' zo 
ftnrcngt, unb bie }errifftneR ©tUift 9}ouf(!)goIb flattern einjtln auf 
ber Detlaffenen ©pur. ©alb finb bie ^ferbe oHem Sltu^fdiauen tier> 
fi^munben, ba9 33o{t briingt ju unb fikttt bie Saufba^n luieber mi. 

©t^on marten anbere @talltne(^te am uenetionifdien ^alafle auf 
bie Snfuuft ber ^ferbe. SRan neig fte in einem eiugefd)loffeiien S5 
:©eiirl ouf gute art ju fangen unb feftju^ollen. SDem Sieger roirb 
ber ^reia juerfonnt. 

©0 enbigt fii^ bieft geierdf^t mit eintm gemottfomen, U\^ 
fdinclltn augmblitflidien Sinbnid, ouf ben fo tiiele tauftnb SRenf(^en 
cine ganje SCcile gtf pannt naien, unb maiige fSnntn fit^ JRnftenfdjaf t so 
geben, marum fie ben Snoment envarteten, unb warum fie fit^ boron 

3Benn ivir nun onf ba4 unge^nre ©ebrSnge in bem iSorfo jurlidi 
bliiftn, unb bit fUr einen Mugenbli* nur gtreinigte SRtnnbofin gleicft 
witber mit 9}olf ilberfdjluemmt fet)fn, fo fc^eintt uuS SBcrnunft unbjs 
Siitigfdt baS ®t\t^ einjugtben, bag eine jebt Squifiage mii fudien 

foUe, in i^rer Orbnung baS niit^fte t^r fiequeme ®<t§4tn jn cmuf^ 
mib fo nat^ ^ufe ju tilen. 9111cm ti lenfen glejt^ niu^ abgcic^offeo 
tun SJQnalen einiQc Waqm in bie SRitte ^inein, ^emmcn unb Dcr* 
tDirren ba9 i^^Dolt, unb nieil in bem tngm 3)7tttelTainne td tinem 
& einfdilt, ^inunttr, bem onbrni ^tnauf ju fat)ren, fo Kmien bdbc ni(f)t 
tion bet Sttlle, unb ^tnbmi oft bie Sjerntinftigern, bit in ber SRei^ 
geblieben finb, aiu^ Dom ^log ju Tonunm. SSemt nun gar etn iv 
rilrftc^renbe* ^ferb ouf einen \oi(t)tn Stnottn trifft, fo wrme^rt fii^ 
@efa^r, Unveil unb :@erbru| oon alien ®eiten. Unb bo^ ent< 
10 raitfelt fid| biefe Senciming, jnac fpSter, abec met^enS glUdlii^. 
Tiit 9!a(f|t tft dngetretcn, unb nn jebeS nilnfi^t fu^ ju tintgtt 9hi^ 


S5t\ onbra^bem 2:age ift man fdion niebei in bem Sorfo be* 
fil)iifttgt, bntfetben ju rtinigen unb in Orbnung ju bringen. St^on* 
i&bers forgt man, bag bie fu^jolont in bee SWttte bee ©trage gleit^ 
unb reinlii^ ouagebreitet merbe. 

9ti(f|t lange, [d bringen bie ©talltnet^te ba« {Remtpfeib, ba8 fi(^ 

geftem am fc^Iei^teften gefialten, Dot ben Obelief. fBlan \t^ einen 

neinen ffnaben barauf, unb ein anbeter iReitet, mit einet $eitf(f|e, 

20 treibt e8 Dor {i(^ ^et, fo ba§ es alle feine JIt&fte anfttengt, unt fetne 

'iBalfn fo gcfc^minb a($ mifgliif) judldjufegen. 

Ungefii^t jnei U^r 97a(^mittag, nac^ bem gegebenen ^odenjei' 

^ea, begimtt icben Xag bee fi^on befditiebene Sirfel bed ^ftes. 'bv 

- @))ajtetganger finben fu^ ein, bie Saifie jie^t ouf, ^olcone, t^nftet, 

2S ©erUfte uterben mit jteppii^en be^dngt, bie Snadfcn oerme^ren fn^ 

unb tteiben if|te 3:^or^eitcn, bie fiutfdien fasten auf unb nieber, unb 

bie ©tfofee tft me^t obet wenigcr gebtftngt, je nocfibem bie SEittenuig 

obet onbere Umftdnbe gihiftig obet ungUnftig i^ren l£inf[ug jeigen. 

@egen baS Snbe bee iSameDalft Detme^ren fti^, uic natUtltt^, bie 

so 3uft^auet, bie aRo«!en, bie aCagen, bet '^ufe unb bet Sfirra. Uiit^t* 

abet teid)t an baS ©ebtSnge, mt bie auSfc^neifungen bed legteu 

SCagee unb Slbenbd. 

ffiaum witb e« in ber engen imb ^o^en ©ttage bilftet, fo fie^t 

man fite unb ba Siditer erfi^einen, an ben genftent, auf ben ©eriiften 

s& fli^ beniegen unb in Eutjet 3'it bie Circulation bc« |$euer9 bergeftalt 

fi4 betbreiten, bafe bie gonje ©trage oon brenneiibeu aajot^fcrjen 

S^aS Tilmi(i^t Saniojat. ITl 

eriem^tfl ip. !Die :©o(cone finb mit buri^cfieinenbni ^apierioter. 
nen Derjicrt, jeber f)alt fcJne £erje jum t^tnfter ^craue, alle ©eriifte 
pnb eriiellt, wiib rt fic^t fii^ gar ortig in bie Sutftfieii IjinEiii, on 
beren JJedcn oft Orine fr^flaCne armtciK^tcr bie ©ctedfdiaft (t^els 
fai ; inbeffen in rinem mibmi SBagen bie a^amen mil tinnlen Sin- s 
jcn in ben ^finbcn jur ^etrat^tunfl i^rer Srfiitn^eit gleidjfam einjus 
loben fc^inen. !7)ie Sebtenten betleben ben JRanb beS ^itfi^en^ 
Mhii mit JMj(f|en, offene SBagen mit bunten ^apierlatemen jcigen 
pc^, miter ben gufiflangem erfd)cin(n mont^ mit ^o^en 8iii)tcrp5r(u 
miben Quf ben fflapfen, onbtte t|oben i^r Cii^t ouf jufommengcbiin= lo 
bene ^otjxt geftetft, unb entif^en mit ciner folii^en 3{ut^t oft bie 
$ie^e Don amei, brci ©todtoerlen. 

91mi mirb eS fiir eintn ieben ^flEc^t, tin angejflnbrte« fferj(f|en in 
ber ^anb ju tragen. O^ne Unterfd)ieb, ob mwi :!SetannIc obtr 
Uiibefonnte nor fi(^ ^&e, [ut^t man nur tmmer ba9 niif^tt Sii^t u 
auSjublafen, ober bae [cinige roJcbcr anjujUnben unb bet biefer &u 
fcflen^eit bae gidit be8 ^njiinbenbcn aufljulflfi^en. Unter nnoufljBrs 
ttd)an @ef(^rd ge^t bai 9n$bla[en unb $[njtinben ber ^rjen tmmer 
fort. fBlan begegne iemanben tm $au3, auf ber Xrcppe, e« fej eine 
@efellf^ft ini ^immcr beifammen, ouS einem genfter and benad|s 20 
borte, iiberall fuc^t man fiber ben aiibem ju geroinnen, unb t^m bad 
Stdft auejuliiff^i. 

3Bie nun an beibcn Snben bed @orfo fli^ balb bad @etllmmel ner* 
ftert, befto unbdnbiger f|iiuft fi(^8 noc^ ber SDIitte ju, unb bort ents 
fte^l ein ©ebriinge, iai alle ^egriffe Uberfteigt, [a bad felbft bie Ieb< 25 
f)aftefte @rinnentngdfraft fit^ nii^t nieber Dergegenwttrtigen fann. 
3Iiemonb oermog fiiii mcljr oon bem IJIafee, mo er flei)t ober ftfet, ju 
rill)ren ; bie SBJilrme fo oielcr aJ!enfd)en, fo Biefer 2iii)ter, ber i)ampf 
fo Biefer immer roieber ou8gebtofenen ffierjen, baa ®ef(^rri fo oielet 
5Kenf(6en, bie nut um befto ^eftiger bttttfcn, jt meniger pe ein ®ficb 30 
ril^ren Htmen, maiden }utegt felbft ben gefunbeften @inn fdiivinbefn ; 
t& f(^int mimiigfi^, bag ntd|t mantled Unglild gefi^e^en, bag bie 
ftutfd^pferbe ntc^t nitfb, nid)t mani^ gequetfd|t, gebriidt obcr fonft 
befc^Sbigt nitrben fofften. 

Unb bo($, roeil ficfi enblit^ jeber tveniger ober me^t fiinneg fe^nt, » 
jeber tin @iig(f)en, an bad er gelangen lann, einfi^liigt, ober auf bem 


nitc^^ $(a^ frrie Cuft unb er^ofttng fu(^, Ifift fiifi bie aRoffe 
au(^ auf, fi^milit oon ben f&ibtn not^ bn SDIhtt ju, unb bkfrt ^t 
aUgemeiner ^ti^dt unb Sodgcbunbm^eit, bicfri mobecne ©oturnol, 
enbigt fw^ mit (hter aUgemeinen Sftaubwng. 
s ^aS ^olt ctlt mm, fi(^ bd etnmi tvo^lbtTdtftm ^6}mm\t an 
bent balb Derbottnnt ^leift^c bi^ SOIittcmotfit ju ergt^, bie fetntre 
SBelt noc^ ben ©(^aufijiet^fmt, tan bort oon ben fe^r abgetUrjten 
Xticatcrftliden ^bft^teb ju neljmen ; unb owl) biefen i^teubai moi^t 
bit t)eranna^enbe 3nrtteniiu{|Mfhmbe ehi @nbe. 

ftttu)}ii(, btS flaifrrS ^rirtiti^ Satfiatoffo. 

ID @rit btm Qatfrt 1148 liiarcn mtr cinjelnt bun^ inntrt Sleigimg 
angetriebene ©t^ooren Don ^(gem not^ $oI(iflnia getvanbert, attt 
Semit^ungen bei moigtnldnbi[d|en ^rften unb ber ^pfte, einen 
neuen gmgen ffrenjjug ju bewtrfen, aber o^ Srfoig geblieben. 
SDenn ber uuglUdli^e Sluggang be« jroetten j^reujjugeftuuter ^nrab 

16 III. unb Subwfg VII., bie Unbanfbarfeit ber fqrif(f)en jJUrfttn unb 
bie (Srft^apfung befl Stboibtanbe* burc^ ben ©eriuft fo uieler SBIenfc^, 
ft^rcctte Don jrbem ofinIi(^en Unttrnc^men 06. ^ieju lam, bo| bie 
ftttnige Don ^idlien tnit ^lofrtlnfen fiimpfen nntgttn, Sngfonb unb 
{^antrridj fi(^ unter rinanberbeTriegten,bed^tfere3nai$tgegenbrn 

10 aufftrebenben ©tmi OtoltenS unb bie p&if\ili^ta anfprUi^ gendrttt 
mar, ber 3?orben ju fern tog, unb enblit^ ©panien fii^ !oum ber 
na^eren gcinbe enoefiren fonntt. 9Ii(^t minber f(^Iug bte, befonber« 
Hon ben 'Papften ge^egte ^offnnitg, einige tttrfifi^e ^ttrften, j.S.ben 
@ultan Von ^Ionium, fUr bafl S^riftent^um ju genimiRt, bunfiaui 

ss fe^I f unb man nm| fic^ dci oQ biefen 83eTf|a{tntffen ef^ ttmnbem, 
bag ber \ifjmait (firifttidie ^ftenftaat fo lange ben Sfiaten toiberftanb, 
old bag enbtii^ 3^alem einer fo getcc^tiQCit Ueberataif)t eriag. 
2!iie Sloi^rii^t uon ber (Eroberung biefer ^Hligen ®tabt iDcifte abec 
iaS g(ei$gUItiger geloorbene Slbenblanb rote ein furc^tborer 3>onner> 

30 fii)tag. JReue unb ©ewiflenArngp, 30m unb 83erin)rip«n9, ^un^t 
unb $»offnunfl unb Jhiegflmut^, hnrj ©trnttt^^bewegungen unb 

Jhrajjng btf fiai[nS SrUbiit^ OorbaiolTtL ITS 

Stibenft^tm aOet %1 bim^ifi:tuiten fuf) unb njeuBten (Sifditiniingaif 
ivic man fte nitc neunjig ^ti^" uor^ twim 91ntritte be« erfttn 
Aratiguflrt {|cfeE)(n ^tte. ¥a))ft Uiban III. eriag Urn ®d)mn:je, 
bag fo((^ UngUict in feitten Xagcn eintrtUc, aS^rmb bie Stegiming 
Uibond II. bur(^ bie @rUnbung be9 iecufoltmif c^en ©totUeS fei tKr<a 
^err(i(t|t Worben, ©rtgor YUI., [ein Maiffol^tr, ein 3Rann Don 
ftrengen 'Sitten, bejtigtc ben griigteD Qifer fUr bie ^efceiuns bed 
aHoigentanbeS, unb erlieg ©c^eibcn on alfc S^rirteu : 

,3i)r ^eitct, iveli^ fi^redlit^ ©eric^t be« ^erm iiber Oerafatem 
erging ; ein ©etic^t neldies mi fo betiiubt, fo in ben tiefften <S(^meTj lo 
wrfentt ^at, bag loir taunt tviffen lsa9 ju fogen, xoaS ju t^un (ei, 
unb mit bent ^rop^eten auSnifen m^ten : ad) bag meine Sugen 
X^rdnenqueUen isiimi, bag it^ £ag unb Stot^t beneinen mH^lt bie 
&:{(i)taeenen in meinesn SSolte ! 3(ber ittc^t btog bie ^eno^ner ieneft 
gonbed (iinbtgten, fonbem aui^ mil : benn iiberoU ift @treit unb 19 
Ketgemig jttii[d)en fiiintgen, i^lirften unb ©titbten ; a ift, mie bit 
©<^ft (ogt, ieine Ireue, leine giebe, tein SJort @ottee im 8anbe, 
fonbem ©ottedldrtem, SUgen, aRocben, ®tel|len unb @[|cbnd|en ffot 
iiber^nb genonunen unb ti lomntt eine Slutfi^ufe nai^ ber aubern. 
S^eunod) (olten lotT Im fiummer nii^t Derjagen ober gai in 3ioeifeI to 
gerattien, al« ftlnne ©ott, ber im gerofilen 3ont Itber bie iDIenge btr 
@itnben unS'tiart beflrafte, nic^t bmrt!) tHtmtfi unb innige 9teue Der> 
fit^nt tDcrben. ^rouf alfo menbet eun ^jen unb gebt, bet iBer* 
g&ngtit^Ceit aUti 3rbif(i)cn eingebent, eure @Uter bem ^erm, Don 
bem i^T fu empfbiQt ; ja gebt i^m euc^ felbft I SQad i^r fonft oer* 36 
lieren niUgtet, tvirb eu^i babun^ etfjoUen unb in f|immUf(^n SSot' 
rat^e^ufent nlcbergelegt, mo ts ber Stoft nii^t angreift uiUt bie 
liBilimeT nii^t freffen. 9}ef)ntt a(fo ben ^enblid ber @nabe roo^r, . 
eirettet ba« Sanb mo ber Snmnquetl be« @lauben« entfprong, unb 
txrgegt, mo bee {jitnmei ju geioinnen ift, alle geringeren S'">tdt l' so 

Oregot VIIL ertebte ben Srfolg bitfet fflemil^ungen nii^t : benn 
laum mar t9 i^m gelrnigen bie (Sintvofiner Don ®enua unb $ifa au«* 
jufii^nen unb bem ftreujjuge genetgt ju miv^, fo ftorb ei in ber 
le^tcn @tabt. ©ein dtiui^fotger Siemens III. be^arrte inbeg auf 
bemfelben 2Scge, unb bie Sirtung ber Sreujprebigten muibe noc^u 
bi^urd) er^ii^t, bag ber Srjbifdiof 3oriI Don Z^ttuS unb anbere 

(StfanbU 111^ Stii^lingc ObcraQ mn^jofien, unb bit Un^ bet 
nurgcnldnbtfifien S^riftcii aufs Itb^aftcfte fi^itberten. 

3uDilrterft riUen oUe Ztmpla unb ^o^annitet, bie fii^ to ©uropa 
ouf^iclten, itiier ^flic^t gemiig na^ Stfien ; gleic^jfitig ttiftettn bie 
titalicnifc^en ^anbeleftobte, unb ^nig SJil^tlm Don @idlicn (bee 
ivii^rtnb feiiiET jfricge mit ben SSQiautinem blele ^euifo^rec bunf) 
Uebcmbung obcr @emalt Dom ^u^t abge^alten unb gcgen bie 
@rietf|en gebiaud)t ^atte) ^ielt f[(^ ni(^t fitr unfi^ulbig on bent 3$er> 
iufte btS ^igen SonbeS, unb fonbte bcd^olb noi^ e^er ali bit iibrigen 

Uttint ^iilfsflotle unter anorflarits anfU^nmg nai^ Sfien. Unb (o 
niu(^ fteigenb bie SetDeguug nail) aElen @eiten, unb neben ^u^n, 
@ebtten, Atagegefctngen unb tJaftcn traf man bie aUgemeinften, bie 
umfaffenbften ^oibereitungen ju neuen i)iigeu. Salb fragte man 
ni(l)t nie^r, ner tnilgc^e, f onbem tver jurildbltibe ? Unb bie 3u)^i^ 

IS bleibenben tuurbcn old feigt unb neibifi^ twcliu^t unb Mrfpottet* 
tDd^renb Wititx i^re @(i^ne, Skiber i^rt aRdnner befeuerten, itn)> 
tlagten bag bie ©i^iDJii^ if)re« @efii)Itt^te« f" oon {lelbent^en 
juriidC^afte. ffaunt fditen ed ber 9tei3Utittel ju bebiirfen, ntld)t bie 
ffin^e au« ber giiOe it)rer SWoi^t ben ^ilgem beioiUiflte: aWoS, 

30 iSefreiung tiDn 3iu«ja^lunoen, @d)U6 fUr bie @Utec ber Sbipefenben 
u. a. m. 

©on tntfrfieibenbrr ffii^ttigfeit »or e6 bogegen, mi^m (Sntfdfiui 
Stai\tx 9riebri(^ in biefem augenblitf trgrei^n wetbe ; benn bti aUem 
eifet ber S^eutft^en plr bie Sefreiung be« ^iligcu Sonbee, mUtta 

ssboc^ nur toenlge bo8 ftreuj ouf bie blo^e Mufforherung ijiipftlic^ 
®cfanbten rolrflit^ onne^men. Wttf)it folgten ft^on ben Srnm^nungen 
rinljeimtft^er beutf^er Sift^Bfe ; bo« gefonunte 95oI( gerietl) c^er erft 
in iBeroegung, q(8 griebrit^ in ber gaftenjeit bes ^atjres 1188 oiif 
einem gro|en iReidj^toge in jSIainj baS ^tuj and ben ^iinben bc« 

30 Jfarbirtotbif^ofg ^mxiHf Don Sllbono unb befl ©ift^of* uon SBttrj. 
burg emfiftng. Tun SSorfc^lag, btog feine €if^ne uoi^ bem anorgcii< 
lonbe abjufenben, roieS bra Staifra ole unfiaffenb }urlld : benn er I|abe, 
obglei^ im ftcbeuunbfei^jigften da^rt bti 9tltere,no(^^aflgemig 
fl(^, luit t» fein «eruf er^eift^, on bie Spi^ ber siiriften^t ju 

as ftellen. S[u(^ ging t^m baburdi nur ein dderer SB!unf(^ in grflillung. 
sue er fu^ niiuilid), bolb nai$ ber unglUctliilien iSdfiaiS)t tton Segnono, 

Snutiufl bet Saifct* Siitbti^ SarbaToffii. IH 

Drit gmSlinlii^ etna? Dorlefcn lie§ iinb bie SRd^t Sle^onbcrd tttft 
®roBen ©cfi^it^te traf, rief er one : ^©(ildfeHger aiefonber, b« bu 
dtalien nit^t fa^tft ! ©liid lidier m&n aiuf) it^, tocmt u^ luu^ ^fien 
gtjDgen miirt l* 

X)tm ^fpielt bt« grogen fiatferfl folgenb empfingen je^ ba«s 
ftnu) : $erjog gn'rbni^ von &tfmabtn, fein iSo^n, bie $erj6ge 
JSeitctb Don URtran unb Ottolar Don ©teimnari, $fa(jgcaf Subwig 
y. DDn S^Unngcn, ber ^Aarlgraf ^ennaim Don :Saben, btr ISrji 
btfc^of Don Iriet, bie fflift^iife doh SDiiinfter, aHei^en, ?Utti(^, fflSiirj. 
burg, $affau, OSnobcUd, ^rrben, 3afel, ©tratburfj, nitle @r<ifeii lo 
unb (Sb(e, (nb(i($ tn alien 3;E)eiten !Ceiit[[^[anbe unjfi^ligee 9Jo(f. 
S)tr ^ifti Dnful)i: bet biefei uiditieen Untente^mung, n>ie immtr, 
mit 93ocfu^t, ^efDnnenI)tit unb Stat^bnid ; Dor allem aber log itfoi 
boTiui, hai in [ein« StbtDcfen^eit bee griebc im 9^ei(fK nid)t unter« 
broi^ nietbe. S)e8^olb jerftfltte er oiele 9lQubfd)i(>ffer, bt(onber« is 
on ber Skfer, unb fcf)li(f|tete ©tieitigfdten jtnifi^en brm JBifc^oFe Don 
Utro^ ut^ bent @rafen Don @e[bem, bent @rafen Solbuin Don 
{)ennegau unb bent @rafen Don 9!amur, bent SRartgrafen Otto Don 
SRei^ unb feincm ®ofyw Albert u. f. id. 2Bl(f|tiQer no^ naren 
bie Ser^itttniffe juui @r}bi(c^ofe ^^Ktpp Don &ila unb ju ^iunt^ 20 
bent Sbloen. O^uer mar auf jivet Sabungen nit^t erft^ienen, unb oer* 
ORlolte ben ftai[er ju bee jtlage : „er UKrbe in fetnem ^^en Slter 
no^tnatfl gcjumtgen tnerben rinen Z^vl fetnt« 9}ei(^ feinbtit^ ju 
Uberjie^en" ; aber ber beDorfte^cnbe JFreu]}ug moc^te belbe X^etle 
nm^giebiger. ^^tlip)) ftellte fu^ tiuf bem SRei(f|dtage Don SRainj unb u 
fi^mur, bag ei nii^t jum ©c^inipf bed Saiferd audgeblteben fei, ober 
^uben unb ftoufleute ^t be^anbett ^abe ; bie iDiberfpenfKgen SUrget 
tion Win ja^lten eine betrtit^tlidie @elbbuge, unb ntugten juin ^iH)ta 
i^r Untemerfung einen 31|dl be« ©nbenS auefttUen unb bie ®tabt> 
mauer nieberrdgen. !Co<4 trurbe bie unDeijllglif^e ^rftellung beS 30 
3rtftbrten nat^geloffen. 

^nric^ ber SiiUK, loeti^ utit be« fflaifer* (Srlaubnif fi^on im 
Oa^re 1 185 nac^ S)eutf(^lanb jurltcfgele^rt iDiir, ^atte \^ im ganjen 
jivar ru^ig ge^allen, aber bod) ben SBcrbat^t enoedt, bag er antg^ellig< 
leiten mit 3^<iitemart unb bem fopfte beffirbeie, unb ®trett mit 35 
feinem SQoi^foIger, bem {Krjoge $9<em^arb Don ©ot^fen, viefme^c 

m Xaumer. 

^erbriftt^R dt uennabe. %ui ^tforflirig, bag tt toli^renb id 
lifers Slbrotftii^it in !Ceulfd|lanb gro^re Unru^ett erregcii merbe, 
lieg i^m biefet uiiter brei SJorfi^ldgeii bic SBq^I : „n: milge fu^ ent< 
iceber mit ciner t^eidocifen ^erfteUuite feined fiU^trm ^uftn"''^ 
fiiuib bnt t)atn(id)cn @iltecn tKgnttgeii ; ober auf bed lifers Aofttit 
bcm ^»%t beiiDo^nen unb nac^ bti {RU(Ref)r OoUftiinbigere Sntfi^iibta 
gung etnf)fangtn ; ober cibltd) Derfpcct^en, baft fRetc^ mit ftiiien 
©allien ouf brei 3a^rt ju mcibtn." ^iiri^ n>olIte nun meber in 
bie Sltinbening \einti @tanbed tvitligtn, noc^ in fctnem ^oijcn Sltet 

10 unb in ab^iiugigem Sierpittitffen bem 3nge bdivo^nen : nuti)in biteb 
tt)m tuir bit ^nna^me bed te^ten 3}oif(^lagee iibcig, auf loelc^ bcS 
Saifecfl iniii^tiger SiOille DieUeidit au(^ am befliinmteften ^iiigtbeutct 
t)atte. — 9lUen gt^ben unb allet Ungebii^r f oUtc ftmer ein mertmttr< 
bigee unb ftreiigeft @efe4 Uber ben ^anbfrieben Dorbtugen, tocldieS 

16 man im 91oDember 1188 auf btm !){eii)Stage in 92urnberg crlieg ; 

cnblic^ Te^rte Stinig ^inrit^ auS 0^''^ nad) S!)eutfci)tanb juritd, 

nnb libema^nt naljrenb bei Sbnefen^eit feine^ SSaterd bit S^oQi 

jtt^ung jenei &t\c^ unb bie SGemaltung bee Keic^eS. 

Unterbeg roaien @efanbte mit angtmeffenen ^uftrdgen abgef(^i(ft 

20 norben an ben Ailnig Don Ungern, ben griediifi^en ftaifer, ben @u[> 
tan £ilibfd| ^rdlan II. Don ^Ionium unb an @alabtn. ^lig 
SBda Don Ungern bemiUigte friebtic^ Iiurdiiug unb ben Serfauf 
Hon SebcnSmitteln nai^ beftimntten ^reifen ; fo 3. S5. fill eiue Waxi 
@iIbeT gutter auf ^unbert $ferbe, fUr biefelbe @ummt Dier gute 

16 Oi^fen u. f. n. ^o^fumes Tintai tarn al8 ©efonbter bee fiaifera 
3f<iat SIngelud mii ^Uniberg unb fi^lofi einen SSertrag ab, toomify 
bie @rie(^ ebenfaite einen fricbiii^en S^urdiiug edaubten, mib fi(^ 
gur fiiefcrung Don Dbft, ©emtife, §cu, ©tro^, unb Don oUen nid)t 
benannten ©egenftdnben anCieifdiig mac^ten, fofem fte irgenb in ber 

so ©egenb ju ^aben niiiuen. @leti^ fiiinftige Serfprei^ungen iibtrbrot^ 
ten bie ©efanbten bc8 ffle^errf^erS oon ©eroien ; unb ber ^uttan 
Don Olonium ttugerte gegtu griebritf|8 Sbgeorbncten, ©ottfri* Don 
SDJiefenbaili : „er werbe nod( feiner alien anpnglit^teit ben «oifer 
ouf jtbe aSieife untetftti^n, unb freue fic^ i^n pctfonlit^ tennen ju 

36 leracn." — auftiii)tigw frtuie fn^ griebric^, a(« Don alien ©citcn 
biefe gUnftigeu ffleridjie eingingen ; nur bie antroort ©alabin* raai 

Jhtuuug bte fiai[tM griibvit^ Xtaibaraffo, Iff 

nmt fo nnt man fie mUnft^te, tuD^t otter fo raie man fte trtvarten 
mugte. txv Aaifet ^tte ti fUi umvitrbig ge^lten, i^n o^ne t)or> 
Iicrige SrltSTung mit firieg ju uberjie^en, unb forbertt in ben, tiotn 
@rafen $einri(^ Don iCie^ bem ©ultan Ubergebenen ©djrdben ; 
@enugt^uung n>egen ber gettfbteten (S^rlflen, ^erau^abe b(8 l)eiligen a 
fimtjee unb aQer Ubei bie tfranten gemoditen Srobeningen. Xitefem 
^arten Sege^ren ^tte man, um ju fif)ct(feit, bco^enbc (£rimienmgen 
an btn Umfong bt« olttn liimiftbcn 9Ieid)eS, on Araffud unb Sbtto* 
niu^ brigefUgt, unb cine ))ra^lerifd)e Slufjdl^lung allei Don btm bent' 
fd)en ^ttdft abtjSngtgen, ober baju ge^itrignt SSStterftdmnie unb i« 
Sttnber angepngt. @alabin antmortete : „n at^te Sriebncfi unb 
nttnfd^ ben tfrieben, aber nur auf billigc ^bingungen fiJnne er bie 
^onb baju bieten. 3Ran fdireibe i^m bro^enb : im t^aUe bee ge- 
Ttngften SSeigerung foUe biefet obei ienec fijinig, bie[et ober jener 
^}og, ^Rartgraf, SSi\^o^ u. f. Xo. gegen tl)n jie^en ; aber {cid)t is 
tvltrbe er, — loenn j^m onberfl etn foldies 3)erfaf}ren nt^ mi^fe, — 
feinerfeit* eine no(^ writ gritfiere ^i^t iJon ab^Sngigen giirften auf« 
jii^Ien tiinnnt. iDa ftaifei mSge bebenlen, bag ei DKUiger S^nften 
gfibe ali ©arocenen, unb bag ni(^t groge Sanbftieden unb mifi^erc 
aSeere bie SDIa^ ber (e^ten trcnnten unb fc^nelle ^ttlfdleiftimg bere !0 
Ilinberten. !!)nmD(^ nolle er, gegen Smeuerung bt9 J^eben^, 3^' 
m«, :£ripoIi9 unb SIntiodfien, mettle @tiibte bie g^riften nod) be< 
fitgen, nic^t ongreifen, alien @efangenen bte ^^eit ft^nlen, aUt 
Dor bem erften Jhreujjuge fi^on borfionbene Si^ttr unb geifttii^ 
@uter ^eraudgeben, unb enbltc^ ben freien ^utritt jum ^tigen @Tabe ss 
unb bie SlnfleUiuig einiger ©eiftlidien bemilligen." 

SBcil aber ©olobin wo^l mugte, bag biefe anerbietungen ben bt- 
fi^offenen Sreujiug nid)t ouf^atten trtti^en, fo bereitete er ftc^ jum 
firiege unb tvanbte fii^ an bie ©rtei^en ; n)el(i)e baflir, bag i^nen bie 
(^rifttid)en Sttritm in ^o'^fitio eingerSumt toerben foUten, bie @r>so 
rif^tung einer fSlo\it)a in .1h)nftantino)K( erlaubten,unb uetfiirat^en, 
bie jhreujfafirec ino mligiii^ jurUttjutreiben. @o fuc^ten bie Sqjon< 
liner um biefe 3cit i^re JRettung Pet« im Serberben ber 3lai^bani 
unb in jmeibcntiger ©taolMunft ; ntd)t in Smeuung unb Skrfttirbmg 
i^rcr eignten ^ritfte. 3a 

SRod) longer unb emftiidfer Ueberfegung befii)Iog Saifec gneMfc 

1T8 ffamxa. 

ntit fRiidfidit ouf l>ic elet^jritiQ onjutretenbtn ^ilgcrfa^rttn bn 
Sbtiigt Don t^ronfreti^ unb @ng(otti> : bn ^cujguQ foU btim fSfltau 
get an ©i^iffni fUr etnt fo grogt Snja^I bon 99}nifi^ mS)t ju 
aSiMfTcr, [onbeni ju S?anbe anQctrettn toerben ; Iciun barf vor bent, 

fiouf bad i$nt^ja^r 1189 fertscfe^ten ^ufbntc^ ^inmegcilen, »fit bic« 
bie Sritfte [dnoliifit unb bit Oibnung tierringfrt ; jeber ber bai Stmij 
nrmmt, mng bic ffoftcn befl 3"9f* o"f jwei 3o^re beftrriten Knneii. 
Samit aber bitfe Sefi^Ontunfl nid|t bie ^ai/l ber S^eilnt^mer ilbcro 
ntSgig ^trabfc^t, entril^ttn bit 3itrUcfb[eibntbAt bai 3^^nten *))on 

10 i^ren (Mttm giir Unterfta^una bes Unteme^mtn*. 

mt bent ^nfangc bes URaiS 1189 Wrfammelten Ttcf) bie $i(gec 
on» oDnt I^ilni 5>eutf(^lQnb« bei SReflenSbiirB. SSiaxi jS^Ite, bie 
SUrger, @elftlidien, Jhict^te unb i^ggQnger ungrretfinet, an 20,000 
SRitttr. KUe jogen bie Eonau Ijinab unb nerrinigtni pf^ in ffijicn 

16 mit einiflen ^bt^eituneen, bie, be9 $)arren« uneebutbig, fi^on ouf an^ 
bem !tBegen Doraudgeellt niaren. ^ier erf olgte ttne neue @iiubtrinig 
ber ^ilger : man to'iti an 1500 Untauglit^, Siebe unb ^uren jii< 
lUcf, unb nieberliolte bas S^bot, ^unbe unb ^gbD^gel mitjunt^ 
men. 9Io(f(bem ^trio^ Seopolb VI. Don Oeftetreu^ (tiucn flaifet 

iDc^enDoU empfangen, filr bie ^rbeifdiafFung uon Sebenemittein gc> 
forgt unb ntont^en bcfc^Il ^atte, futir ^ebric^ bie !S)onau ^inab ; 
ba« $)eer folgte ju Conbe unb e« fe^lte nic^t an SBSgen jur gort- 
ftf)affung ber jtronfen unb Snnitbeten. :Qei ^regburg, ouf ber 
^finjc tfon Ungem, fammelten fic^ bie JTreujfa^rer jum jivetten 

isWlait : eS tear bid bat)in fein Unfug begongen niorben, unb nur bie 
£inU)o^ner beS ©IJibtdrend 3D{aut^au[en an ber ^onau fatten, bun^ 
bae l&cptt^m Hon S'^^^^r fi"*" geroaltfanien ffljteerflanb ber ^ilger 
f)eibeigcfU^Tt. Urn a^n(ic!|en (£rrigni[fen Dorjubeugen, nitntarf ber 
£ai[er mit fcinen 9ltit^I)iec ncue ©efefje iiber bie 3)tann4iU(f|t unb 

30 ben 0rieben, beren ftrenge, unauSbletblidie SJoIljieI)ung ®d)ndtn 

unb ©e^orfam ^beifU^rte : benn feibft jmti <Sblt ani bem @Ifag 

murben balb nai^^er bei ©dgrob tiinfleridjtet, weij fie ben grieben 

gebroi^en fatten. 

3n ®ron emppng Stlnig S&tla mit feiner ©emo^Iin ben floifer 

Si auf« feicriidifte, unb gab it|m ju S^ren mani^ gefte unb 3agben an 
ben Ufcnt ber ^onau. ^oHf ertl|er rourbe bie (Siuigleit unb b(id 

Ateuuug bcc Sailtrt giiibili^ Cai&arDfTiL 1TB 

^utraian, ate {terjos gtiebric^ twn ^vxibtn fii^ mit finer Xoc^ttr 
Selad Dftfobtc uiib Diele Ungent, fo mie frii^rr [c^oii ^ii^meti, 
freunb[i(^ in ba« |)nr oufgenommen wurbra. SDk8 ^ottt, bun^ 
fiiu^tbare (Segenben Doiau83ie^enb unb retc^(t(^ mit Sebenemitteln 
DcrfoTgt, bit iCrau art\i}t unb tnugle fti^, neil bas !7)urc^attn-bc86 
gluffrt uninBglit^ erfdjicn, tongfam auf Sc^iffen ilbcrfefeen (a((en. 
$d bem DrrfaUenm ©tntiium Doriibei lam man nac^ ^elgrab, bann 
jur Snomma, unb iiberlitl ^ier bem Jtiintgc Don Ungem bte, Don 
iRegeneburg aua mitgmommenen ®cl)iife. ' ^a8 |)eet jog in 
Din Stbt^eitungen get^tlt fUbnttm : bie erfit beftonb one Ungern lo 
unb SS^mnt, bie jtodte unb britte tourbe Dom ^joge t^ebru^ 
unb brri Sifi^bfen, bte le^te aber Dom Aaifer fclbft gefii^rt. 

SRit btm (Sintritt in bie ©Ubbonautiinbtr erfolgten Stngriffe btr 
^iti iDo^nenbm ^ulgaren : fie tttbteten mondien ^ilgcr mit i^rtn 
^fetlen, ffjie^ten etnjelnc @^angene unb iDUiben erft gefdiredt, ale 15 
^ifer t^ebrid) ftreng bad SiebtrDergeltungSreii^t auSilbcn unb eine 
i^rer <Stiit)te Smnbufium jerftbren Iteg. 9!uf bie @riec^t ftel ne* 
gen biefer Scfnb[eligleiten juniiifift lein Sietbodit, hKi( man fe^r gut 
iDugte, bag bie eingelDanberten @ttiinine i^nen nic^t ge^onf)ttn ; ale 
abec @efangene betannten, bag man bie ^ulgaren atlerbtnge Don m 
jfonftontinofKl ouS augereijt ^abe, entftanb ^rgnoljn, toeliiier noc^ 
^it^er fheg, bo bie giirften Don ©eroien unb SRacjna bem ^tfer bci 
Slijja perfonlii^ aufnorteten, file fiebensniittet forgten unb jugleit^ 
i^rt trenen Tiienfte gegen bie ftete riinfeDoUen @ried)en onboten. 
griebiid) abet antniortcte befonneii, ber 3cit unb ben Umftiinben ge^ 35 
miig : „n fei nidit gefommen IS^riften feinbtidi an^ugrtifen, fonbtru 
iDfibe nui ©craait mit @tnialt judidtreiben." !£iamit aber lold^m 
Uebetn oorgebeugt unb oUe @titnbe btS Bii'if'^ befettigt roilrben, 
l^atte er ft^on ftiit)er ben JBifd|of Don SRUnftet, bie @rafen ton 91af' 
fan unb SDieg unb feinen fftimmerei SmatEtoatb mit einec anfe^n>30 
lic^ :SegIeitung nod) Jtonftantinotitl DorauSgefi^idt. 

^rt regterit bie jum ^^re 1180 fiaifer iSmanuel, ein Wlawa 
ber fic^ me^r burd) ^rptxlii^ ^iifte olS bun^ getfttge Snlagen aufr> 
jeic^iiete, unb bei'fen Scbcn nit^t fret rota Don mandien S!Biber|pri)(t|en 
unb f eltfantem aiSedif el be« ©Iltcfe nne bee SenelfmenS. S)er @taat 35 
Enaudite bamols Did, unb Die! loatb oui^ }u unntt^ 3Uiegaben 

ftreng bdgetricben ; btr ISinflug Ut ®dftli(f|ni tmb ICerf^ttHtentn 
ftanb {id) unnatttrlidi unb niu^t^etltg gegeniltin'. 31[ter @tolj, un> 
ouSfu^ibore Stnfprili^e auf boa gonje rflmifi^if SReii^, ©onbtruiifl 
oon aCen iimgebaiben ©taoten In ^infirfit auf ©prudit, Riri^ unb 
6 SSilbimgeracift, ivarcn bit f)out)turfad|eii, bag btc ^iSqiantinei nif 
gmbe i^tunbe fa^tn ober gcluannm, unb fti^ nai^ oKm dtt^tungnt 
^m&^tm. SCtat man aui^ bigiudlen auf etne oerftdnblge ^tife 
biin^ ^dratl)ni in JBeril^nutQ mit btm 9lbcnb(anbt, fo Isurbf toif 
bos SBtttcaatn bun^ jioeibeuttgeS Senc^men in bet Kegd fe^t bolb 

10 tDJebec geminbert ; \a einige TlaU, mie j. 9. bti bet frtDttfiaften 
^^nblung ber oenetionifc^i fiaufleute, giinjlii^ untergraben. 

Sntanuele <So^n unb Stad^folger, Sllc^ue II., mar noi^ ein $inb. 
SBa^renb nun btffrn ^bfclimeftec SRaria, ftin Sictttr unb SJonmuib 
3tlt;tue nebft me^rtn ®rogen e^rfUc^tig unb eigfnnU|ig unter tinan* 

16 bcr VbEtttn, erijob ftt^, oBcn geffi^rlit^, anbronifufl bet ffionmtne, 
ber ©o^n Don btm C^cime fflaifcr gmamietfl. 'Cie 5Riihir fyittt Ne» 
fern Snbrontfue SSapferfeit, @cf)Sn^eit unb bit fjfrrlii^ften Snlagen 
twr(te^cn ; benncx^ Dcrfont er burc^ tnuere @efe^ofigfeit gonj in 
Sdftrr unb (Sx&uel @(^on Sai\tt @mannet fiatte tt)n bes^olb tWT' 

20 (laften loftfn ; aber er entfani, unb feint ©eifteagegenwatt unb SBer" 
f[^(agrn^ejt fii^en i^n butc^ bie mannigfa^ften @efal)mi unb bie 
ionberbarften Slbentener gtaiffiti) ^inburci). "kui friner ^erbaiinung 
tm ^ontue eilte er [eftt unttt bem Sorwanbe Ijerbri : er ^be frtt^er 
befi^tDOteu allc« anjujeigen unb ju ber^inbem, xoai bem fReii^ nai^ 

16 t^eiitg fel ; unb burdj feine SBorjUge, gefdiictten Webcn unb treu^er* 
jigen Skrfprei^ungen tSuft^te er onfang* alle SWenfc^en. Solb 
nadjijer aber griff et ju ben SBaffen, liefe 9llefiu« ben befiegtcn Bor. 
munb bfenben, ben jungen ffoifer nodi ^cu(^Ierif(^ Sl)renbejeignn« 
gen erbifffeln unb be^cn SIButter SDiorio, bie fi^flne lot^ttc fRd* 

so munbB Don »nti«^ien, erfttden. «lngeberei, ffierrat^ unb ©raufom- 
feit ttaren fettbem an bet laacSorbnung, unb befonberS ^ort wurbtit 
bie Sateiner Derfotgt, weil ber SBotmunb 9l(efiu« iti iwriten fie JU 
fel)r begUnfttgt unb ton i^nen Crifionb tr^olten ^abe. iMfl Don 
ben ®eiftlid)en oufgcteijte SBoO ermorbete bie Unbefotgten — I elbfl 

seffraufe in ben ftrontenl,aufetn ni(^t ausgenommen — roubte ober 
wrbronnte i^te, Oiittr unb be^onbctte biejenigen a(« ©Haucn tpcb^ 

ffnuijnfi btt Saifcrt ^tixti^ SarbarolTa. IBl 

in erfint ZDut^ nttgangm ivann. |tierauS entftonb tratiirlidi dn 
ffrtCQ, in neldicm bie gotten Sonig ^ili)r(me con ©ictlien faft alCc 
grieil)if($en ^iiftmftiibte niit niifit geringeier ©raiifamleit iiub untcr 
bittmra ^Di)iit audtilitnberten, uttb im Soinmer 1185 felbrt Sl^effa< 
Iont$ unb ani4)^ipo[i« eroberten. UnfdUc biefn %xt ert)oI)tnt ben ft 
flrgiDo^n bti Wnbronitue, unb tr noUtc, untn ine^ien, juniidift 
feinm SUerwanbtni 3(00' wr^aften unb Wa^rfi^einlii^ Ijinrii^ttn 
toffen. !Die« befiirditaib titbttte ober 3\&al ben iSeanftragtm unb 
flofi in rine ^ti/e, too [x^ t^ctlne^menb immer mc^r unb inel)r 
Solt urn i^n tKrfantmeUe unb i^n mblic^ am 12ttn 'Stpttmba 10 
llSdjuinfialftTtr^otp. 9lnbronihi0 tvarb auf btc l^u^l ergciffen 
tnib uiit tntftlftidiem $o^n unb fui(l|tbater @raufamfeit be^anbtlt : 
CT murbe geft^lagen, getrttcn, in ben Stot^ gtnotfen, t>ei ben $aartn 
um^ergejogen ; man ^ieb i^m tint $anb ab, rig t^m tin Slugt aue, 
mtb ^ing t^ tnblii^, anberer j^reDcI nii^t ju gebtnltn, bti ben ^<u is 
nen auf. Sitt bie ^enf^, fo bae VoQl "SMi) blieb Slnbronitud 
gefagt bie junt XoU. 

S)er neue ffaifcr 3fooI, au« btm ©efc^lt^tt btr Mnfleli, Mieb in 
itonftanliRo)M(, M^ienb fein j^lb^err ^anaS bie, }U uuDorfii^tig 
nnb in dnjttnm Sibt^ritungen Dorbringenbcn 9}onnannen am fiebtit> 20 
ten 91otKmbti 1185 bd S3emetri^ am ©tr^nton befiegte unb niif)t 
tptnige gefangen na^m. ^itfe @(faugentn lieg ber Saifer in fdficd)' 
ten ©tf&ngnifftn faft Dor ;^unger ftcrben, unb uergebens fttUlt fiifnig 
aSiillielm DoF : .nur in btr aSut^ ber ©i^la^t [d bas ^Mm btr 
geinbe ju entfc^ulbtgen ; fcineewege aber bUrfe man Q^rtften, bit in 2ft 
offenem flriege gefangen iporben, auf foli^e ©tife unibringeii!" 
©tflpft i0rano«, ber Sefieger ber 5Ronuamttn, genot ntd)t fangt fel. 
nefl Stu^mS, fonbem narb, ale er Dom Haifec abfiti, bejraungcn unb 
^ingeric^tet ; toobd 3fa«( feint greubc feljr unebri jeigte, inbem er 
beffen ^oupt auf dner @i$itffet bet tinem @aftma[|It f|eteintTagen,30 
batui an ben :i9obtn ntrfen unb mit ben ^iim um^erftogen lieg. 
SItben fofdicr ©raufamttit fanb fii^, mit fo oft, (tHtrafttrlitft Untnt' 
fc^offen^ett, unb unter Sc^nttgerdeii fuc^te man ju oergefftn, mliijt 
!Rot^ unb 3}(mirrung unb ©eft^lofigleit UbtraU tienfciitt I 3" bie* 
ftt ^agt mar olfo baft gneil)tf(^t 9iei{^, old gnebrici) I. mit bemss 
ftnnj()tere trf(f|ien. 

M Manilla. 

@oiDD^ ber ffaiffr 3faal, a(e bU Don l^nt jut Sehung be6 3i>0rt 
cut t^Hebrii^ atieefil|i<fttn ^DoUmiic^tiflten, na^men fii^ loaided 
mUt^tg, jiDCibeulig luib gabtn ben $ilgmt @niiib ju gcre^tui £la* 
gen. ®o ^otte man mit $0Tfa$ nit^t ^niei(f|(nb fitar SebcnSmittcI 
6 geforgt, bte SBkgc ixrberbt, bit cngen $ii[fe befe^t unb Dtruiiuitrt 
unb bteienigfn ^ilger fetnb(iif) be^anbelt, mO^t fvi}, 9tai|nnig \ttt 
dieiib, Dom gro^ $eere entfernten. 9lai^ tongem Slulben erflttcmte 
eiiblirfi ^jog iJricbriifi eineii, eon ben ®ri«^fn befettcn, ^ag mit 
Otmolt unb trbeutete groge SJonrat^e. Urn biefelbe 3ei' trif bie 

10 iltac^ric^t dud Aonftontinopel em, ba| 3faat bit bnUft^n ©efonbten 
mu^ emem hirjen bi>fli(W Smfifange gtgen ode @ttte \ai @efiing< 
nig gODorftn ^abe, unb jur 9{u^tfertigung bit[e« Seifa^iene fii^rtc 
tin griei^ifc^ Slbgeorbnettr on : Jbk ^^onblungen mit bem i&t* 
^enf(^ Don ©troien crfd|ientn urn fo Derbfiditigei, ba bic ^nigc 

16 Don granfretd) unb Qnglonb unb bee ^jog oon ^nmbij gefiuftrt 
t)dlten, t^tebrii^ xooUt baS gritdiifi^e JRtii^ jerftclren unb feintm 
^olftK bie ^one ouffe^n ; ouc^ fei ber Der^eerenbe ^ug bei ^ilger 
tin offenbarer JSnu^ bee ^igftni SBerfprec^ungen. 91ui nienn man 
®eiBcln fteUe unb bie §iilfte ber, Don ben ©aracenen ju erobeniben 

so Siinber ben @riei^en obtcete, tonne ein freiei £)m;i^jug oerftattet 
werben." — ©o fptoi^en bie ®rie<^, im gall einc6 gdnjttt^cn 
Studied mit ben ^eujfa^rei-n auf tUrfift^ ^Ulfe let^nenb ; Saifer 
griebricfi aber, ber feineftivege geneigt n>ar in (Suropo feine ^jifte 
JU erfciiitpfen, ober fetne gefangenen ©efonbten in Sebendgefa^r ju 

25 bringen, gab jur Sntraort : ,gegen bad gned)if4e Stei^ ^e et feine 
fctnbli(^en Slbfii^lcn unb tsolle gem bie frliljem SJertidge ^(ten ; jo, 
fobalb man fetne @efanbten auf freien ^a^ ftelle, nierbe er fic^ ju 
aUein bereit ftnbeii laffen, roai nic^t mit bei IS^re @otted ut^ bed 
9tei(^ea ftreite." 

30 SM^mib nun biefe 9ot(i^aften t)in unb jmrltcfgingen, erreii^ten 
bie :C)entf(tien ^^ilippopolid unb btieipen Dor ben X\)ortn, bte groge 
{Regengitffe fie jroangen fid), na(4 einei Skrt^etlung grietfitfdier Se< 
Doflmai^tigter, in bie Jiiiufer einjutagem. aber bie mciftcn ©in. 
)D0i)iter Ijatttn fu^ gefllic^let, unb obgteic^ im ^nfange ber Ueberflug 

Sfiuoit Sebeiigmttteln fo grog mar, bag man etn $u^n bed Sffio^Ige* 
[i^maJefl wegett fUr Qcl)t Ddjfen etntaufdjfe, fo roubten unb plttnber» 

JhniUug M AaiftH gtitbrii^ Sarborofla. 183 

ten bcx^ einige ous Udimnut^, UeS^alb bie S^^^^ auf^tittt unb 
Snangel entftanb. tStft aii jjaifer griebric^ bie Uebettptec jirang 
aUei ©eroubte jurUdjueeben unb etnige I)inn(l)ten lieg, iveli^e ouf 
bcm Matttt gepllUibert I)atten, famen bie bemtiigten ^onbetsleute 
iDiebenim jur ©tobt. ^atte 3faa! fo beftimmt ben JJrieben fl(.6 
iDcUt, nie ber beut[d)e Stai\tT, eS mciTe fcinem fReidje bofifjelt Dor< 
t^il^ft geioefm : aber auf ben @runb ber Sa^rfagungeit eiiieS 
SnOnifKS X)ofitI)eud, glaubte er tiix^ fminer, S)^tebri(^ node i^n Dcri 
brdngen, unb ua^ni be^ungtadjtet aai) alien iSeiteu nui ^aibi Maai^ 
tegeta. @o fi^cfte er bie beutft^en Oefonbten jurUi, meli^e gneb. i« 
ttd) ddQ greuben unb mit ben SSotten em^fing : „i(^ bante @ott, 
bag id) meine @6^ne iviebergefunben ^be!" 3{nftatt aber bie ^ie> 
bun^ erjeugte gitnfttge @thninung ju benu^, (ieg 3faat ©c^etben 
ilberrei^m berm Saffitng unb 3'nWt bon neuem beteibigen mugle. 
SBii^renb er fid) nduilid) (ddierlic^ Ubertriebene %\itl bdlegle, nannte is 
CT j^ebrii^ nur ben erften SUrften !I>eutf(I)(anb8 unb Dertangte, ba| 
biefer i^n, f&r fceten ^anbel unb frieblic^en Xiurdiiug, ale ^Q^eren 
Se^n^^erm anerfenne. Sriebrid) gab bie Sdiretben jutDit unb bu 
metfte : „9foaI mag fi^ Soifer bet iKomanicr, er barf fu^ aber 
nii^t ffaifer bet dtitmer nennen. 'SDai er bie beut[c^ @efanbten 20 
befrette, ift jniaT gut : allcin i(^ (ann ben $er}og Don St^maben unb 
bie oufeerbem twriongten fe(^ ®ei|e(n erft btuin fteKen, menu bie 
@rtcd)en bagegen anberc Don ber ^bt^ften SBtitbigfeit auSliefem. 
Itebcigene Dertraue idi (S^tifto, fiir ben id) ftreite, unb meinen (Se* 
fa^rteii, bog ri^ nie ndt^ig ^aben Iverbt foli^e Sebingungen einjuge^n, 25 
loie fie 3faaf ^ngeluS Dorjuftf)Iagen gemagt ^at." 

Uiigea^tet biefer grtliirung bac^te man in Aonftantinopel no(^ 
imniei an Aiieg, unb bei ^atnard) firebigte in @egenmact Dielcr 
^aleincr : bag ein @ried)t, ber je^n ©riei^en umgebradit ^abe, unb 
nun ^nnbert ^ujfa^rcr erf(^age, bet @ott Sergebung feiner ©iiUi so 
ben eriange 1 

Ueber a(le biefe ^Streitigteiten mit ben @ried)en fdirieb ber ^ifer 
Kagenb on feinen @o(|n, ben Sifnig $einrid|, unb fligte ^inju : „be> 
■miiiit bid), bag SJcnebig, ®enua unb $ifa jum niid)ften )^ii^)al)re 
•Si^iffe gen SDnftantino^jel fcnben, bamit man bicfe @lobt, uienn fii^ sa 
Aaifer Ofaol Rit()t In allem SiUigen nai^gtcbig jeigt, ju SBaffei unb 

ju ganbe beftliimtn unb eiimt^niat lonn. ZxtH aOe uoi^ rOtfftiltK 
ttigen ®eVbtx bet, unb fenbe fU Uber SJenebig mdf S^iue. Sog, 
mil nit^t rignte iDfai^t, fonbem @ott bit Sitnige emttet, tibeiall 
ftti bad 9Teujf)eer tit ben Sin^ betat." 

6 Sntbrictr, nMidier in ber ^offnung auf eine bofbige unb uoUftSn' 
bige Sinigitng init bent ^ifer S\ae,t, frinent $eere 9hi^elage Ki> 
Qjiitnt ^otte, btatij enblid), bed 3^Eni« Kberbrliffig, auf unb erreu^te 
am 22ften ^oDembtr Sbrianoiiel, niS^rcnb fetn @o^n $tr]og Stieb* 
ri(4 einige anbere ®tiibte mit ©troalt na^m unb bie fic^ Diberfe<sen) 

ID ben @net^ Ubeiall ^urUtft^lug. ^ieriiber erfd|vodm veiftattete 
enblid) Ofaot ben frieblic^en gortjug ber pJlQer ; neil bicfe aber etft 
mit bem Si^iifltii^te noi^ 3tften ^berfe^ (oUten, fo torn jenn noHf 
mold auf feine alten ©rillen juiild, unb glaubte uitcr ot^ent, Sau 
fee 0riebri{^ uwibe (mle S^ofit^eud gcmeiffagt Ijabt) Dor Cftem 

u> fterben. Sentet be^anbelte et bie beutfi^en ©efonbten mtgebUIirliE^, 
old loltren fie feme Untcitlianeii, unb lieg fie, ob fuf) glei(^ Sifi^Sfe 
imb ©cafen bonuiter befonben, ntc^t nieberfi^. 3Mefe Un^o^ii^ 
Eeit beftrafte j^riebn^ baburi^, ba.^ er gegen bie an t^n gefc^idten 
gria^ift^ ©efonbten ben ®Sftia Ubetgtoger ^ttflii^Ieit anna^m, 

ao unb becen Sebiente unb @taUfne(!)te mit it)nen auf gonj g(ei(fiem 
Ou^ bc^anbede, juni S^^^^' boi }iDifi^ i^uen alien Mn mazier 
innecer Unterf(^teb oor^anben fet. 9Ud aber bennod) ciner ber @e> 
fanbten t^ebiii:^ nut aid @(f)u|}^eiTen ber ®tabt 9tom bejridincte, 
unb ^in}uf Ugtt : .er mtiffe bem ^ e i U g e n ^nifer ^faal ^gelud 

is aU feinem Oberen, unb um f o me^r ge^ordien, bo er mit ben SfiiU 
gem mie in einem SRefct gefongen fei" — jo gab t^m griebridi mit 
fi^rectenber ffiiirbe jur antwort : ,bur(^ SBaljl ber gUrften unb bc« 
^Sa))fted iSeftiitigung bin i^ fiaifet, tienne mt<$ aber, meiner @itn> 
ben eingebent, ntc^t eiuen ^eiligen. gUi j^ ^t und @otted @nabe 

30 bie Stegientng unb ^lerrfc^ft aw^ im griediifdjen SReidie fo tteit gc> 
geben, old roir beren ju unferera grogen S^tit bebiirfen ; unb bie 
^e^, mit benen i^r pra^lt, luerben nir jcrretgen gletc^ ®t)uu>c>tw 
ben." Cb nun g(ei^ Snebri($ t)ieburd) uodimatd in ein fdnbtii^S 
SBer^ttnig ju ben ®rie(f)en trat, fo tjielt er bot^ fortbauerab bieffrengfte 

a&Smanndju^t, nub felbft f(eif<l|lid|e iBerge^n wurben mit iHiif^en' 
)Kitf(f|en auf Uo^a ^tunb bef(f)im))fenb(m ^efteUen beflraft. 

ffmijjttg brt Jtai(n< gritbiti^ SartunlTa. 18G 

SJA^renb bet Siuttrfl logen bie Jhcujfafinc jeiftmit {toifi^it 
$^ilabel})^ia imb ^onftaiitinotwl ; alltno^lidi jog fie Sriebni^ abec 
Inuner iiiii)n on bie ^ouptftabt ^tnan, lieg bie JBefeftigungen tton 
¥^i{abelpt|ia jerfttiren, unb gab boi @efotibten bet Atfnigtn ©ibqlle 
Von 3enifalem imb U^ toaiai^i^tn gUrften jtalotjctrofi @e^ifr.G 
3eitt be^au^teten (obgleitii oI)ne ipeitere ^eiveife), bie @ned)en tvfin 
ten gefonnen aUe ^ni;fa^rec burc^ i&Jetn iinb SUIe^t ju Dergifteni 
imb ftalofctrM Derfproc^ tin ^lilfebeei son 40,000 SRonn, n»nn 
gritbric^, ber ciimifiie Sai\(t, fid) ouif) bie giied)if(^ Arone auffe^ 
iDolle. 91o(^ einmal mlefl bei btfoimene ^Ib, urn fetnet urf|iiUng> lo 
lichen SffitSt roilltn, biefe rinfabcnben %itTcige juiUct ; aber ft^er* 
lid) tjiitte er fii^ (finger alien ifaunen bet ©riet^ untemorfen ; ba 
Ubajeugte fii^ 3^adt enblic^ son ber bringenbnt ^lot^toenblgfeit, bie 
$tfger f(^eU buri^ feine ©loalen ^inbim^jufil^ren unb cinen neuen 
griebm ju ft^fiegen. Diefer, in ber ©opfiienfin^ feierlii^ befdiwo* is 
tene J^ebe fe^ feft : ,btr griediifc^ ^iftr tntf(^bigt bie gefan> 
genen beutfc^en @>efonbten no^ T^ebTid)^ tDetterer ^eftttnmung ; er 
trfigt unb erldgt aUen bur^ dtauben, BerftBren ber @tabte, &rf4(a> 
gen ber SIIenfd)en u. f. t». ongeric^teten ®(^en ; forgt, bag iiberall 
bie niit^igen ^iebendmittef jutn Sntoufe Dorgefunben uerben, imb 20 
firm bei ffolipoli* ^inliinglii^ ®(^iffe jur Uebetfo^rt no* Sfien." 
IBeibe X^iU tnaditen fid) nunme^r ipei^felfeitige @ef4ente : Q\aaS 
gab Dierunbjtvaniig @eiieln, unb Dcrtobte frine Xoc^ mit ^^illpp, 
bem @o^ne ^ifer griebri(^6. 

tgieben Stage bauerte bei flalijiolifl ba« Ue6erf(^ffen, Mm 23ftenM 
bis jum 29ften SWiirj be« ^a^ree 1190. anon jfi^fte 82,000 
^ilger, barunter ficben SSifi^itfe, einen (Jtibifd)of, jjwi ^erjoge, 
oeunjefin @rafen, btei Wotlgrafen u. f. to. i^ebHi^ fefbft Det< 
milte tun euro))&i[(^tn Ufer, bie er fid) Uberjtugt ^tte, bag teiner 
Don ben feinen juriittblieb ; boim rief er, atfien betretenb, tmi : nlieiso 
tien iBrilber, feib grtioft unb WU ^Jertrauen, bat gonje goiib ift in 
anfent ^itaben." $itrouf tourbe bo« $)eer neu georbnet unb obge» 
l^lt : $erjog grlebri^ Don ©(^maben fU^e ben JBortrab, bat 
®tpM fleUte man in bie ailitte unb brai^te tS, ber bergigen ®tgen> 
ben loegen, Don SQagen auf ?aftt^iere ; ber jfaifer bcdie ben 9Ia^3G 
jUfl. ^)tmoi) beunni^tgten grie^ift^ JRltubery unbefUmmert urn 

IH lUamtt. 

bit S3trffiTC(l|ungen f^ Satfere, bte fitgn auf manf^nrtei SSeife ; 
tDogegcn bicfe aud J^utttrmongel nid)t felteti bie grUiie Soat alifc^mt> 
ten, uitb bobun^ natlirltd) beii ^om ber (£mn)o^ner erregten. €d 
font man uiiter i£<i)armit^ln bid nai^ $^Ud)e[|)^ia in VQbien unb 
6 betrat bei Saobicca boS tUrfifi^t @cbjet. 

XiJe ©efonbtcn bc« [elbfi^ufifi^tn eullan« ^tlibfi^ ^reloti Don 
Otonium, wU^ ben SatftT fi^on in Surapa btgleitet, nor ben Sladi' 
flellungen btr @ne(f^ geirantt, unb Diet Don ber Sreunbfdfoft ber 
£Utien gmbet fatten, tvoren aUet :!8emil^ungen ungcad^tet nidil im 

10 @taitbe genKfeu, bie ^ujfa^rer Don Slften abjii^alten, unb Derbo))< 
(letlen jt^t, noc^ eincin tiefei ongeleglen $lane, i^re SGerfpredjungen. 
t^ebrif^ veibot be«t|alb {ebe @en)a(tti)at, tebe ^lUnbening in ben 
<Staaten be$ @u(taitd ; unb bie ^eujfal)ter tDUrbcn in Soobicca 
iDirflit^ fo jUDortommenb aufgenommcn unb fo reit^lid) ntit 8eben9> 

umitttln Derforgt, bag ber ffiaijer auftrief ; ,^tten fui| bie griediifc^en 
S^ciften auf biefe SiJeife gejeigt, tein 181ut nfire oecgoffen unb uufcr 
flto|et S'f'td fdjon erreidjt morben." SEJenn ober mi) bie liitten 
indge^eim bamit umgingeit, bie S^riften ju oertilgen, fo Derfu^ren 
fie bod) Ijicbet tcinednitge fo tl|dri<4t, aii bie ©riedien : fie ^tttn 

20 JU biefem Unternel)uten bringenbere JBeranlaffungen nub Diet griiEcre 

3m SSettrauen auf jene juttorfammenbe ^^onblung berQinno^ 
nci unb bie Sniditbarteit bee Sonbee, jogen bit $ilger rafd) Dor> 
roiitts, otfat fu$ I)inreii^b mit Sebeneuiitteln ju Deiforgen, J^alb 

2S abtr hmtn fie in n>Uftc, waffeilofe ©egenben, unb bie 3lDt^ mi)m 
iim fo fd)nelltr iiber^anb, ueil alit Sebendntittel in abgelegcne fefte 
^lii^ gebradit toarcn. ^btm umfdiwdrmten beutetuftige SEUrlen 
bad $eer Sag unb 9}ad|t unb griffen balb bie iBorberften, balb bie 
^interfteit, UbcratI bie SBereinjeltcn an, (onnlen ober fe^t felten jum 

so£tci)n unb gum ffampfc Qebrad)t tuerben. 9Iur einniol, ate fie 
beim atufbnidje btr E^rifteu ubereilt in ba« Sagtr brangen, fielen fit 
ill eitien ^inteir^aft unb niurbeii luu^brildlic^ gefdilagen. ^nbeg 
f({)itcfte bieftr Unfatl bie oubenn leinedioege Don a^nlicl)en $erfu(^n 
ab, unb gritbiid), ber jeit^ jcben SIngriff oennieben ^tle urn nidft 

36 bunbbriii^ig ju erfi^cintn, befdjrotrte^fie^ laut gegen bie ©efanbten 
be« @ultand Uber boe SJerfa^ren ber Xiirten. X)iefe eutfi^idbiglen 

Jtnnuug brt 9ai[n4 gricbrii^ earbaroffa. U? 

i^rnt ^rrn bomit, bag er auger ©tOJibe fri olfe bie wiften, uitftfc 
ten t8rFi[(^en iStSmmt jti tianbigtn, beren StaubUift oft i^it ft(b^ 
trtfft unb btren ■Seftrafung i^m alfo gnoig niUfotnintn ftin toerbt. 

(Sinftvxtlen beru^tgt, jog nun baS ^ta SJitopoIiS Doiilber uiib 
gelanQte burc^ itnfrui^tttare ©egtnben in tin enges ^at Sm ^be s 
beefetben er^ob fic^ tin iBctg, WElt^m ^wjofl Srfebrifl^ mit bem aSor* 
bfTjuge raf(^ l^tnanjog, juiS^renb bas ®(paif unb bcr ftatfer mit bem 
SJodijuge iuriidblieb. ^icburd) oitftanb in bet 50Iitte tint 8«(fe, la 
iDtli^t bte lUrfeii (inbronflcn unb iuglrit^ ba» ganje ^eer umrine. 
ten. aber ber ftaifer fil^rte mit ber grflfetcn anftrcnflung bie ffUqa jo 
ben :Qetg ^tnan ; ber $erjog eitte, obglelt^ i^m ein @tdn mc^re 
S^ifat aueft^tug, fetnem Sater ju $Ulfe, unb bie Sttrhn raurbcn 
}urttcfgetriebeu : jebot^ erft nodi einem ^orten jtampfe, n>ei( ftlbfl 
bie Dcmunbtten unb ju JBoben geftilrjten noi^ ®teinc unb Srbfc^ol' 
fen auf bit Qfinften Ivarfen. IG 

3»eife(I)oft blieb e« jeftt, wctc^en ©eg man einfdjiagen foHe : 
benn bie ^auptftrage war con ben lilrfen fo Diet ats mBgtii^ Der» 
bertit tvorben, unb jur rei^tcn jeigtcn fuf) unburdibrtnglit^ Siiften ; 
ba fii^t enbltdi tin gefangencr S^ilrfe bad $eer lints iiber bie Serge 
in eine fnu^tbare ISbenc. Sber bei bem ^inobftctgen Don bem fleisio 
len Oebirge Derlor man roiebenim Diete ^fei^be unb ®ej)ii(f, unb bie 
ebene gettKl^rte uii^t bie ge^offten ISrfrifc^ungen, ivett bie tei(l|t be< 
nttenen Ziktm ode 3"f"f)c obfc^nitten, unb nidft boS minbefte o^nc 
C^fei^t ju geninnen ivar. SRte fatten bie $i(ger dintfi, ju alien 
<Stunben bed £age3 unb ber iRa^t Ivurben fie, balb buri^ STtegege<35 
f(l)ret, balb burd) ben @<^aU ber SronifKten aufgeft^reA, unb in 
fec^fl 3Sod^ fonnten ffe bh^^B^Jtung nidjl ablegen. Kugerbem 
brm^ tin folt^r aRongel ein, bag man fogar ^ferbefCeift^ og unb 
$ftrbeb{ul tront. Sber ungeat^tet biefer [d)re(tlic()en ^age ^ielt 
griebric^ ftrenge SRannS)ud)t unb beftiafte, felbft nat^ bem 3'"S' 3D 
niffe feiner t^inbc, ieben greoel unb jebe Unjut^t on ben ©tringereii, 
Jeben 3JIi§brauct) ber anDertrouten ©eTOolt an ben iUome^men. So 
ftrenge ^Ulittel famen inbcg uur gegen Uieuige jur ^ntoenbung ; im 
allgemeinen jeigten bie $ilger in ytoti) unb ®efai)r eine faft unglaub< 
Ivift @ebulb unb Sudbouer. (Sinjefne, roett^ Derineifelnb ju ben se 
XMta ttbergingen unb bem Q^rifttnt^ume tntfagtcit, gotten pi bi* 


not wa^rai fBnbi\t, unb bn imwrjadte Aatftr fjmul) ; ,loie bnntcn 
mtr in fott^er ©efetlfc^aft gtuiflu^ fcin ? TAt gbu^ jencr ^olUofcn 
(ft eine trtDilnlc^te iReinlgimg be» $wert« !" 
Urn bicfe ^eit botoi bie @cfanbttn M @uttan<, bog fu. Don et> 
6 ntm beutfi^ Stitter begUittt, ben ^rf(t)le^aber ber uin^c4R)rifeit> 
ben 2:Urfen oiiffm^en btirften, bamit [it i^n no mfigliii) bur^ ^ati) 
mib Dro^imgen Don ttieitaer fflciaftigmifl ber ^itger ob^alten mfii^ 
ten. ®ern bemilligte ber ffaifer i^r ©tfutli, aber meber bie ®cfanb« 
ten noc^ it|r JBegteiter le^tlen jurlttf, imb t9 ^ie|, fte toitiben mit 

10 &malt Don ben l^rlen gefongat ge^lten. S3aib noi^fiei offenbarte 
fu^ Inbeg ber SJerrat^: am llten SRai 1190 erbtiifte man ba« 
$eer be« Sultone Don ^toxiuttr toelcfieS fi(^ mit ben um^> 
fi^ioeifenben Xtirfen Deceint Igatte unb no^ bet geringrteii 9(ngabe 
300,000 SDIann ftart tour. SGSe((^ eine f(^redlid)e Sfugfidit bri ber 

is^Itiiberjatil unb bet t(irper(i(^ Srmattung ber S^riflenl Xcfl^np 
manbten fu^ alle ©ebonlen jum ^immet, unb ber ®t[(^of Don SJUrj* 
burg erma^nte bit SJerTammelteit : „fie foUten ^offnung unb 9jer> 
trauen tricot fi^tnben lafftn unb an bad iroftlidjt iSeifptet ber ^eilt' 
gen 3)Iiii:t4rer gebtnlen ; bann nerbe @ottee @eift unb ^itlfe alien 

so nolje fetn." %aif Sriebrid) fproi^ mtt ber firaft unb Sefligleit totU 
(t)t t^n me wriieg, unb triimtrte : „bag nur btr !£apfert auf iRettung 
^offen Bnnt, t'ber aber ber bie @efa^r flie^t, barin umlommtn 
mUdt." — 3)a ftimmlai aUt tiiimUt^ig ben battfd)en j^itg«ge[ang 
an unb le^rten, tebe« Seiben Dergefftnb, in i^re B^lte ju einer nuc 

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ten bie JSIfc^Sfe ben Stib btd ^trren, nnb fc^nell trot bann bad ^ctr 
in ®(^Ia(f|torbnung. 

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noQte fogtei(t| ongrtifen ; abtr tintr felntr angtfc^nften Stol^gcber 

so brodfte ben ^rm eiiu« Xilrten in bie iBnrfammlung, neli^, trotf 
bee fitarfen ^omifdiee, Don einem 'pilger abgei)auen nar, unb fprat^ : 
,.^rr, mit smitnnem toelt^e fo grogen SRut^ unb [o geioaltigt Saf> 
fen ^abtn, ift nicf)t gut in ber 9<ii^e Idnipfeu ; loir lotrben eber burd^ 
S^tm, ^ud^nngem, iBeunruE)igen i^rer ^feiftcr tverben, al9 hmi} 

U eine offent ©djlo^t." Sjielt flinimten biefer SInfidit bei, aber Wcted) 
Dertraute bei Ucbtrja^I fetiier a^amifdiaft iinb brang auf eine fc^neOt 

llmi))U9 btS fiollnl gri^rii^ SdibaiofTa, ISS 

Sntf(^tiung. ©it wub. igm ju Zfjtii : benn mtt fot^tt ©noalt 
bunt|tiTfld|nt bit S^ririen tiUt vi'a^tn bet 2:iirfen, bag 10,000 Don 
biefen auf bem $Ia^ blieben, bie fibrigen nai$ ^fonium flo^cn, unb 
anting fribft, brr mit bem ¥fftbe geftUrjt roar, faum fein Seben ret* 
We. — abet fo grogen SRu^m biefer ©ieg audi ben ^itgern bra(^tt,s 
fo toenffi iDurbe babun^ ilire iiu|nt gage gtbeffeit : benn aid bdm 
Qinbnidie ber 9Iad)t Irin )^nb me^r ju fe^en nar unb aUe ftd) n)ie< 
bee urn iifn gelbjeitfien gefamntelt I)atten, befanben fie fi(^ tn einer 
Obtn, nafferlofen @)tgenb, 9eben8mtttet fe^lten gitnjiidi, unb ben eut< 
fe^t<^ 3>urft tKf(^ten mandie tnit bem Stute getitbteter ^ferbe, is 
ober nogten on ouSgertfTenen 9{afenf(t)onai. Srft om folgenben 
Z^oge enetd)te man cine fumfiflge SteUe unb fanb f(^te(f)te« Staffer 
unb ®ras fttr bie ^ferbe. Ctine Satj unb ®mUrj gelodites gfel^ 
unb ^fnbeflelfi^ gatt fUr cine fi^Stibdit Sabung, unb neil ee burc^ 
aus an ^olj fe^lte, fo mai^te man ^tucv son 'S&tttln unb often 16 

Ueber aOe biefe Umftttnbe roolil unterric^tet erfdilen WtAti^ unb 
f)iTacfi ;um ffotfet : „menn i^r 300 3™tnec ©olbeft, ober fUr jeben 
^ujfo^rrr etn @DlbftIt(f beja^ll, fo follt i^r tJrieben ^aben unb 
8ebenemttte( er^atten ;" j^ricbHi^ abet ontwortete : „t9 Ift nii^t w 
©itte in unfenn MeldfC, not^ ©itte bei ben Jlriegem bt8 Sfreujes, 
fid) mit ®tlbe etnen SBeg ju trijffntn. Wt bem ©c^racrte merben 
mir und 9a^n bra^n, unter bem Seiflanbe unfereS $emt ^efu 
E^rifri. ffiemt bit ober of8 ?eftmg fUr alfe et)riften, jur SScrtfiei. 
lung an afte ZMm, rin Hnjiger ^^jantiner genitgt, fo niU ii^ ^e^ 25 
ft^l geben il|n bit ouSjujQ^len.*' — ffirjttmt fpraeft ber ^ierauf ab< 
reifenbe Ittrte : „h)enn i(^ in ber 9ifl(^t nid)t jurllife^re, fo enoortct 
um bie britte @tunbe ben Sngrtff bee ganjen ^eereS." 

aWand)e ergriff fe^t bie ^Si^fte SSeforgnig, fie namiten ben rnige- 
beugten ©inn bee flaiferS nu^tofe $al8ftanrigte(t, fie brangen borauf »o 
fidi refute }u mcnben unb, unbelilmmert um bie 3:itrfen unb bae fefte 
Oiontum, In ()tk^fter Sir noi^ ben ^iriftlic^en Sanbfd)oftm gu jfe^en. 
Slnbere ^mgegen fteltten Dor : man titiwe, bei bem tWangef on Se* 
bensmitteln unb ben rfng9 um^erfdiwelfenben SlUrftn, bie ju ent> 
fentten (^ftlii^en JSefi^ungen nidit ercti^, unb ber 9Iotb flonj 55 
aUetn bim^ bie eroberung bed, mit alien $orriU^ Mrfri 

♦^Ij^ I 

3Ionbnn dn Cntw ma<^. ^thvvSii Slu^fpni^ entf^jeb fUr bjtft 
anfi(^t, er gcfobtc 0fftnt(i(^ brtn um ^ttlfe m%tfitlttm ^tiliofin 
©eorg riiw Sir^ ju ttbami, unb befall mit ^ftrr, ni^tger ^1» 
tnng : .morgen ftfitagen inir, untcr ®ottti ^nftanb, ba« Sagtr auf 

S ill btit ©itrten bc« <£u(tan» unb fiiiben bafeI6ft €rfnf(^ngnt in 

Uebcrflu|. 91(nnaiib abn barf b« fi^tonn @trafe Dor btm volt' 

ftdnbtdcn Sitge plihibent, SenDiuibete Derbhiben, obrr fi(^ irgenb 

ttntr Si^Qt^^iiKS tMrbtl^tig nuu^en." 

aneltt^ te^rtt ni(^ jiirttd, unb ntit bent Slnbnu^ M Zo^ti fa^tt 

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rciL aber baS (Sef^rti berfelBtn biteb, itMit fie jtben ern^en Samfif 
Mrmiebcn, an biefem Xagc furc^tbaret ali iffct SSkiffat, unb am 
Slbenb erreidittn bit S^riften icirflii^ be* ©4ltan9 ®firtra unb fon* 
ben in benfctben ®ia9, SSoffec unb mandie StbenSmittef. Stin 

Ifi Seinb lie^ ftc^ fe^, abei ein ratfe^ltdree @ewftttr unb UbemtiiBiae 
SKcgenflilffe [tBrten bie 8?u^e ber 9Ia*t. SDIit bent «nbru(^ bc« 
Stagee erfc^tnen htrfifi^ @efanbte unb bottn btn S^lebtn, ungtivig 
ob au8 aufriiiitigeT ^leigung, ober intr um 3c<t J" gtwinnen. 3^a 
j^Qifer emitberte : .juDtirbeift miiffe fein O^fanbter, Iveli^ bie 

to flUt^tigen Soten bee €uftan£ mitgAtommen ^ittten, auS ber <^fan< 
genft^ft btfrtit Wtrbtn ; bami mei!)ttn terftfliibige a)?anner bie S9t« 
bingungen gtmeinfam entroerftn.* Oritbridja ©efanbter tcljrtt Ijitr* 
auf juritd unb oerTUubete, bei @ultan noUt bie ^aiifitftobt ilberge* 
ben. SttI ober 60,000 S^UrCcn bie S^riften tnittlerroeile imnter 

26 rager einf(^loffen, fo fUrdtteten biefe, ba^ man bie Dtrrfllfierifdje ?Ib. 

fidjt ^c, fie ntfi^rcnb ber gtii^tnbErt ^ife bee aWittage anjugreifni. 

'Ztiifalb fonbcrte ber ifaifer ft^neU bae §eer in jwei abf^rifuiigcn ; 

er felbft wanbtt fi^ l""*'' V^' fiuleren JJeiube ; ^n^o^ Sriebrii^ 

unb Orof glorcnj Don ^oConb gogen gen ^(onium ; in ber WUttt 

30 blieben bie Jh:an!en, bie ^icftcr unb ba« ®tp&d. 

SBon alien ©eitcn brangen (e^t bie liJrlen anf bie ^ifger tin, imb 
bit ©rtfie ber ®efof|r iirefete felbff bent ftonbljoften flaifer ben 
!S!Bunf(f| ab : „ei rooife gem jtbt onbete 9iot^ ertragen, mran nui 
bae $eei un01^rbet in Slntiot^ien nSre.* ?ltd aber bie feinm 

36 niirflit^ anfuigtn ju toeidien, rief ber @rei6 mit (onter <Sttmme mtb 
bun^ feinra ^elbenmuti) niunberbar DerlUngI : .nmntm jdgtrt it)r? 

Amijiug bet Slai\at gticbci^ Qarbareifii. 191 

XStft^Ib feib i^r nttberQefdilageii ? ®oMob bag bit Oehibc enbli^ 
ettit ©i^lfli^t woeeii ! Urn ben ^inimcl mit eurcm ffllute jw gewiii* 
ncn, Dtrlieget ii)r bad SBotrrlanb ; ie^ ifl bit Kc^le ^tit, folgl mir, 
e^riftuS r«flt, e^riftu* fjerrff^t!- amt biffen aSJorten fpreiigte 
SJriebrit^ in bie geinbe, ti folgtm i^m (cine SMonnen, unb in bemfcis 6 
ben augeiibIi(Je.,2etiia^rtt man bie diriftti^ ga^nen auf beii Ilfilr. 
men con OfoniumT^nfanflB iDor niinilii!) ^ttiOQ griebrid) bun!) 
bie 3)!enee bcr j^einbe unb burd) bie, ^inter ben ©artenntaiiern xtn* 
tiorgenen @ct|arf[c^il^en juritifgebrtingl ntorben, bann ermuntette er 
Triiftig bie feinen ; 0u|giinger fttcgen auf bie 9{U(fen ber ^ferbe, lo 
man erftimmte bie @artenmaucm unb {prei^ite gleidtjeittg tin tiiot 
ber ®tabt. %uf alien Setten flo^tn nunme^r bie £iir(at, aber an 
10,000 follen an biefem lage umgetommen frin. 

2Rit gro^Et greubf empftng ber fiegaibe Woifet (rintn pegenbtn 
@oI)n, unb bie eibeuteteu ^oirdttie an Sebeit«initte(n unb an 64rlbe li 
twnDanbelten ben biS^erigen Mangel in 9?eicf)l^unt. SefonberS 
fanb man ciel @oIb unb @i(ber in a^elet^ $aufe : ti roat ber 
©rautf(^ weirfien ber ©ultan fetncr a:o(^tcr mitgegebm unb ba8 
®elb, nelifieS ®o(abin, einer Slngabe m^, uberfdjidt ^otte, nm 
@i)(bner gegen bie ^ujfo^rer ju rcerbeu. 2>r ®uttan felbft, met- 20 
if)er anfangd ben @efett|ten von etnem jt^urme jitfal), ^atte fid), bet 
ivadffetiber ®efai)r, mit ben 3!omel)mften unb mit Dieien :ffort6arfcit> 
en in bte, auf einem ^erge belegene Surg gerettet ; bat alter, neil 
er ni(f|t I)offen tonnte \\^ [|ier (ange }u tialten, nai$ breien S:agen 
urn Sricbtn, mit ber (Sntji^ulbisung : bai er al« ein alter 3Rann a 
gegen feine eigene tReigung non ben Jilngeren jum ^ege bcrebet 
ntorben fet. ^rtebrii^ ontniortete : .etnem $ai[er barf bie 3)!ilbe 
nte fcijlen ; gegen @tellung tton @eige(n, fidiereS ©eleit unb ^rreis 
(^ung ^inliing(id)er SebenSmittet foU jebe j^eiubfeiisfett auf^Jtren." 

Ungeaditet i^rer <Siege roaren bie ^eujfai)rer bei neitem ni(f|t fosc 
ja^Ireii^ aid bie StUrfen, unb tviinfdjten auf oKe SSeife it)ren ^upu 
jroe* jn befi^Ieunigen : biea tmg o^ne 3™*if'' baju bei, bag rnr 
biUigee uefTangt niurtie. SIui^ na^m ber @uttan fcgieii^ bie S9e> 
bingungen on unb fanbte bem Aaifer, fo ttie 3}7eled| bem ^erjoge 
t^cbrii^ groge @ef(^enfe. !Co9 diriftlii^e ^eer lagerte, urn ben as 
Ilu6bilnftniigen ber Sctd)nante ju entgc^n, einftioeiten auger^alb ber 

€tabt in ftfiltntn @Ilrtni, verforgtc fic^ bann rtti^Iii^ tnit icbtnt Ce> 
barf, itnb brac^ cnblii^ geftdrtt na^ ben fUblit^ ©egenbm ouf. 
3lDar btuimi^igtot um^erfi^mdftnbt XUrfen bidrodlen nm^ bie fiU 
fltr, unb dirige erbftfife erfi^reiJten rinmol in bnr Sioi^t; jwac 
5 lonnte man nii^t oifxit Slnftmigung unb ntant^en ^tuft lU>er bie 
^0^ ^ersrUden flimmcn : aber cnbliii^ trblidte man bai trbfllic^ 
3et(^n be« ftrcu}ee on btn %Bcgen, Ubtr ^Qrgoe unb Saronba ^atte 
mau bie ^tefi^grn btS c^riftlit^ armenift^ gilrftcn 2to errdrfjt, 
Ritl(^ fiir SebtnSmittel forgle unb ben ffaifer bii @c(euda am j^i* 

10 t^fabnue ober @elep^ begleitete. 

!(Ut t^nbe iDorm mm bejlPimeen, ber CStg nodi ®^en frei unb 
offtn, na^e bas erft^nte ^wl, unb ©olabin fo in Sorgtn, ba| tr bun^ 
^onbte auf0 ^bflit^fte anbot : ,ber ^ifei unb bie Sttrfltn mlh^tcn 
fclbft enlfdjribtn, luaB er redttmflBtg befage." SJon lag ju SCoge 

isliiud)^ Sriebnct)6 9tu!)m, unb aUe [elne fiUI)ercn 3r^Qtai rourbm 
bur<^ biffni grogen 3"9 ilberftra^tt nnb DerHdrt : beim )Dii()renb fttn 
ftUl)trea S3emll^cn bie geiualtige ^errfdioft befl ^apflei ju bredjen 
unb bit S^iiften^elt oon biefcr auflfbticfien ©flaDerei ju befreicn, 
oielcn tcineeiDegS Ulitr SonuUrfe erlfaben bUiifte ; fo erfd)ien bag& 

20 gen fetn {etjiger 3n'e(t baS 6()nftentl)um in bem ^onbe tierjufttQen, 

too ee fcinen ^eiligen Urfprung genommen ^atte, btt unbebingttn 

SobpreitenB wttrbig unb bie flc^te ffrone feinta t^atenreid^en ?el>ni«. 

^m lOten 3uniu« 1190 brac^ bafl ^rer con Seleiicia auf. 5er» 

jog i^ebrid) fiilirte ben Sortrab Ubcr bra ^l^fabnnS, bad ©ipiid 

M folgte, unb ber ffaifet befoub fi(f| beim $intertrcffen. Seil ober bie 
^lUde liber ftnen €trom nur ft^mol mar, fo ging ber ^u% fet)r 
langfam corroarM, dudj trattn ^^d^tunflm unb ^inbemiffe onberet 
91rt ein. 3!ltSt)alb befii^Iog ber fiaifer, bem aue me^ren ©rOnbm 
baron lag \iintii ju feinem ©o^ne }u lommen, er rooUe ben gtug 

30 bur(^(il)roimmen. ^wor mamten it)n einige ber feinen, er mflge fit^ 
ni^t bem unbefannten Saffet onoertrauen : oQein fnrd)tlod, nrie 
hnmer, fprnigte tr mil bem ^fcrbe in ben ©trom. Ixr @rtift ^tte 
aber ni(^t mt^r fo oiel jugenblitfie ffraft, al8 jugenbliilim SDIut^ : 
bie SBelira ergriffcn i^n gemaftig unb riffen i^n fort, unb aW man 

85 enblit^ i« ^ttlfe tarn unb i^n auf« 2anb brac^te, war er btreiW ent. 
feelt. Iiie Stftttrjung, ber Qommtr, bit aJerjmtiflung ilberftitg 

na)n>ItDttt goU. US 

fdM SOtaog : na^ J^brid) iDonbtm ^ aUt ©emitter, te\t bit 
^flonjen ntu^ ber ®onne ; ia Sai\tt, ber ^etblfnt, bet 3}ater fct 
Derlomt, nun Hime, f o Ifagtm atle, t^ntn fein @IUit me^r auft)tUE)nt ! 

3n)at l^^fb^te man bem ^erjoge i^ebrit^ Don Sdjiooben, unb 
D^iu tr^cblif^en Ungliitfefafl f^^rte a bae {>eer biS Kntiod)icn ; aber 5 
bit fdenge JOibnuiifl n>td|, unb nod) lansem Wmqti tibcnta!|mcn 
fid) fo DKit in bm reti^Iu^ bargebotenen SebtiiSmittetn, bag it^i 
vu^x an Sronr^dten ftarben, a[« auf bcm Qonjm ^ufl^ burd) baS 
®<^nitrt umgetonimni wuren. ^nberc te^rten, luuingcbenf bee no(^ 
nidjt erfiiUtcn ©clUbbrt, ju ®cl)iffe in i^re Jwimatt) jitrtitf, obet jer= lo 
ftreuten fu^ niu^ mandierlei SRic^itunQen, obtr cerfauftcn cue ©elb^ 
tnaiigcl i^re SQafftn ; unb nuc ber fleringt, jum gei^tm tauglii^e 
Utbcmfl folgtc bem ^joge mdf 2^niS. ^ier begnib man in 
fdeclidKT Srauer Saiftr ^riebrii^e @etieine, unb btreinte ^lif bamt 
ntit ben (S^riften Doc ^on. ^eijog ^ebrit^ tfimpfte topfer nnb 15 
ftiftete b^ Orben bet btutfi^en 9titter ; banu erlag er am 2orteit 
ySnHoTufll cbenfalla ben ^anf^eiten, unb bie Uebetbtelbfel befl 
fo gtogtn b(utf{^ peered oerfi^niinben feitbem in ber ®efc^d|te ber 
©elogerer Don Slffon. 

®o enbtte b» brittt, ntit ben fro^cften ^offnungen begonnene, 20 
mit fellener %[ugi)eit gefiitirte Sreujjug. S8d Ittngerem Seben beS 
gro^ ftaifere mitre er genig nic^t in biefem Tlaa^t Demteft roor' 
ben ; inbe| etfc^ienen bie unausnieit^baren tSt^tvierigtertGn, raelc^c in 
bem Unteme^men felbft logen, feitbem bebcutenber unb obfc^rectenbEr 
al« ie juDor. ss 

Itiltalmtl 9iB. 

3)ae .groge ^tii)- ?ta))o[eontfc^er {lerrfdiaft Uber (ianpa nor 
in golge ber ©c^totfit bei geipjig gufammengeftlirjt ; bo« fronjitfi. 
ft^ floifnt^um unb bie taiferli^ Il^noftie murben in feinen ©turj 
mit [|inabgerif|cn in golge bei Ueberijabe von ^axii. S)et gro^ 
Warn jlveiet Oit^i^^iitiberte, bem tSurofo eine ju Heine Sa^ne f&rso 
ftiiie St^aten geioefen War, fiel in ben bcf(^r&nlten Stamn cinei Keinen 

Owfd jutttiJ. 15« iDor fht ©(^cffolafaK uoH tragifi^fr ®r8|e. 
Unb nfe I)at bit tragifdje X)u^tung in f(^nen ^i^flcn, ale es ^let 
bit ®e{(i)iif)te t^at, bit 9t[|n Don btr felbftrJIc^ni ^f^utbung 
bargtfttUt : bag brfl SUfenfc^ 91atHr unb ©onbtt bit riflenflt SKJert 
6 ftatte fdntr ®ef#rfe i[t. iJn btr aufric^tifilttt bet gribnif^flft 
r&^mtt fii^ "Slapolton, bag f^n feln ©etltnftoli ju feinrr $>fl^ cm» 
pDrgc^oben ^abt; bti ge(affnttr Srgtbung l)iittt er fu^ geftetftn 
mlifftR, bag tr t^n aui( gtfttirjt ^abt. 0" ^ S^'^''* un'' ^«^ 
fot^ btr fronjiiftfi^ni UmioiUiinig emocfifai, rein gt^alten Don 

iDi^rtn Strbrn^, btgabt mt ber ©rifttdftilite i^rt Sa^rtfcittn mlt 

j^rt 9}trimntgen ju trfenntn, ivar tr in 3^ttn innercr uiU) iUigtm: 

*^trrilttinifl bet 9trtttr gnutfrtii^ gooorbtn unb ft^en berufw, btr 

@annnlcr ber gro^ ISmbte bt« 3a^r^unbertd, ber So^l^ater 

€uro)M'ft, btr :9egiiit^tr tintr ntutn Orbnung btr 3"^ft i" ^"'f'' 

IS ben. iCit JEBtft troute i^m bicfttt 99eruf ju, unb tr i^n fid) ftlbtr, 
$Orte man l^n in btn Xagen, loo er bit @untmt ftine« Sebend jte^ 
tonute, fo Mwr ber gro^ ^ntd feint* iSeftreben* getoeftn, jwifdien 
gilrfttn unb 9}iiIEem ju Dennttteln, frtiftaattit^e Ortmungtn ntit 
inonard)tfi^n Sornitn ju Dtrbinben, bit ^6ijit btr reDotutioniiren 

10 Sttimit flit immtr ju otrfi^litgtn, btn fouten ^nftSnbtn ber a}tr< 
gongtn^eit tin @nbt ju macEKn, oDt gtfunben ©taatdgrunbfS^ ber 
ntutn 3"' *n ffrof* J" ftti™ w'' *" l""" luiebergeborenen @uropo 
bit „^frrfrf|Qft ber SJemunft" jii begriinbtn. ^uW'flSii ©teigniffen, 
toit btr t^nbfi^oft btr Sltmtnte in 9?uglanb, gab tr bann €(4u(b, 

IB ba6 biefe ©icbtrgcbitrt ni(^t auflgefii^rt wurbe. SBilre er fa^ig fle< 
wefen, tn fein ^nntre« mit Hufridjtigfeit ^inabjuftrigen, fo f|fittt er 
(irf) geftanben, bog nii^t jent 3"P'f'^' ^^^ f""* SEege [reuiten, feint 
3ielt Dertitelnb i^n jum ©turje fil^rten, fonbem bit eingefi^tflgentn 
SBege felber. ^ttttt tr in ftinent SBaterlanbt ein groge* ffleifpitt 

soQufgefteOt ber (Sriie^ung jn i^^til imb 9i3o^lfa^rt, inbtm tr mit 
btn ©oljlt^aten friner ®efe|gebung btn ©tgtn eiiitr imbeugfamen 
®efe5^errf^ft, mit bet Orbnimg feiner SBtrtoalhmgStiiirii^tungtn 
tie ©tibftforgt unb frtie ©emegung ber ©taatSglieber Dtrbanb, l)iitte 
er bit 9Ba(^t grurfreii^ ouf etne gebei^tit^e ffinttuidfung in ber ^tit, 

» feint tigue Unfttrblit^feit ouf bie tmiere prbtnmg be« 3ettalter9 
grfeiben ttoHa, fo ^8tte bie§ gtgebtnt ffleif))ier guropa in Sofir^t 

ftn^olnmi galL IH 

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Saxm^ bcfc^fft nerbra fofUe, fobolb inapoleon fetneii Slu^m in bte 
8S«0cn unb j^rontreic^ @[it(f in bit {imfdiaft ikbtr ISuio)>a fe^, 
fo nwroi mit bicfet Cinew Qxrtm% jene atofecn 3***' n*™" T'f (» 
gefagt nxncn, nit^t Mrfe^lt nur, fonbem aufgegcbtn. '^nn luifs 
biefem ffiegt lonntf jiutfcftrn SJoI! unb {lerrfc^ nit^t wrmtttclt, e» 
tomite ber aitt Spolt nur nteitergeci[[fn xaaim ; ee lonnten fo bie 
faulen 3i)ft^be ber frit^eren ^tit mHjt ^etlen, fonbent nur fauter 
tDcrben ; alle Sigtn[i^ften beS S^U^rerS mie beS iSoEItS, bit fitt' 
{td|tn, bie geifttgen, bit bUrgertic^, muttai certUmmern obrr Der: lo 
fi^iimmem. iCie atte ({ntfittlii^inig bee Solfd, bit Don bent .iSti' 
\p\tit bet Sourboncn^jife gefarbtrt, feint SitTOiEbtnutg, bie in ben 
®rtue(n ber 9}cDo[utton gefttigcrt war, bnnten auf biefem SBtge 
nii^ gefunben ; in ben @efc^iifen bt^ @taate8, bie fic^ eon etiteni 
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tonnten bit glanjios iic^ten !£ugtnben ber ^uelit^teil unb JSilr0er> 
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llberoll, wo fie nid)t feint« ©innee nwr ; er Iie§ ber Jhmft teiiien 
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er oi^tete nidft, tc ilc^tete unb untcrbiii^e febt iiftn fdbftdnbigen 
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lonnte i^m auf \tntm Sege nidit tougtn ; er beburfte bee ein^tli' 
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MeggrUnbe : bem bewegli(f)en Vei^tfinne bee j^njofen fe^te bie er> 
^Itenbe ©tttigtdt bee Sngldnbere, bie $3ebingung dnce freitn 
@taaie(tbene ; t^n befeele nur Iriegerifi^ S^rgtfU^t, nidit tii^te 
Siebc jur ^^dt. Unb wo^I fc^itn i[|m biefe Sfet^tftrtigung me^r 
unb OK^ jnr voQen Ueberjeugung ju neiben ; ja, no4 me^r ate bite : sg 
cr ^onbctte fo, ale ob te tine rU^nUidit jbifgobt fti, ben angtbli(f|tii 

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bcr grogm poIitiffJicn (SnDnbitngtn ^anfrei($« ntu^ bet mtbem. 
Sr fe^te an bit ©tcQt ber SteDoIution tine ^toQlt^errf(f|aft, an bit 
©(etlc bet 5notionoIitflt ein UnintrfatttiiSr an bre ©teOe be« gwU 

6 ftaats tine 3)^oftie, bit i^re n>ett{)ciTfcf)aftUd)e Sertt^tigune uon 
Stati btin ©ro^tn ^erlcitete, an bie ©telle ber @tei(^I)eit tinen Gcb* 
unb Se^enabel, an bie <SfeQe bti @tbt^ilung SDIaJDrate unb ®ubftl< 
tutioiun, in bie Slide bit bei Dcrbonnte Slberglaubt gtlafftn bas Qonf 
corbot, an bit ©teUt hti @t\amaaai1kRi ber ©tmeinbt bie tinfieiU 

10 D[f)e SBirtfainteit ber ^rdfeden. Qn $aue unb j^amilie gri^ er 
mit SBilltlir ein unb umfpatm fie mit Spflbtrei unb Singeberei ; bit 
(Srfttn bieff« Don i^ [ettft mit SRuIim grtrKlten SSoffeSSemattiigte 
tr mit TO^rr ^^onbfung unb iti^bigte fit ju blinbtn SBtrtjtugtn 
^erab. ©ttbft tinen !£ibtriue dtlit bie ftlaoif^ @tfuunmg feinti 

IS @enatottn on, bent franjbfif i^en ^n^Krotor aber ft^ien bit nitbiigftt 
l^iigfamleit aQrin gtnug ju t^un, XCo^in aber, bie jn nielt^tni 
QhrolK tun Ubet^obener ©elbft[ud)t nor au(^ auf jenem Sege jut 
Sflfbe^trrfc^g 5Ba})oIeon8 tigene 9iotur, ftin angeborener §ik^ 
finn unb ©etlcnftolv jute^t ouflgeortet ! SQJcItfit ffiluft tag jtoifi^tn 

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itinb ber 3fit be« Saterlonbe*, btr SReoolution faotftcllen, nnb urn 
feiner ontiten (Sinfad)^eit, urn feiner ajeroc^tung oHer gcmeincn 
dufieren SDinge Wilftn infl angefii^t prtiftn burftt, unb bem flaiftr 
9Ia))o(ton, btr btn gefdjmadloftn ^ofglonj ber faulen SJergongen^cit 

25 nieber l^trgefteUt ^atte, ber in ber Ueppigfeit eint« afiatifi^en i^Urften 
(raie ber ^fer fein STrinftoaffer) feinen Siebtingflwcin bi« SWosrau 
mit fi(^ fU^rte, ber [i^on, im ©turje begriffen, [iH^ Dtrma% bag ffir 
granfreii^ nBf^igtr fei al9 gronfteiil it)m, ber ftlbft an feint ?llt 
Uberlegen^eit unb UnfetitEiarteit glaubte unb.bcf[cn 3!)ienet ben 3nen< 

30 f(^en in^SU^ioJem @mfte i'-^ntfitf"* .feincn SiUen Uiie bae gatum 
ju betrarfiten.'' aber felfaft bie ^rften btr aUenf^en ftnb nie ju 
SKtiftern ber ©efd^ide beftinnnt, fonbem nur ju il)ren I)ientm. Unb 
fonnte 97apo(ton t)ielltid)t mit jentn ^n^eiten, bit tr nai$ feintm 9aUe 
in @elbfttjiuf(t|ung bie felnigtn nomite, ein ^ener beS ©i^idfate 

35 ^eigen, fo ^tte boi^ bit SJocft^ung mit beu futi^tbaren UmiDiiljungtn 
feit l189Sranfrd^tnXBa^^tnli^tguteneuanbem3>i'edtn^eim> 

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g^Mj^Me bet empotftdgmbt %ipo((Dn ht SliTnc^Mt wrfotgte. 
C^cMditc fcin 8anb ju rntff^igtn mit ber ©attigutig an ©tcige 
imti 9hif|m. Si t)iltte genu, fo f))<egttte er f^antreu^ \plU nix^ 
dor, alle (Surotiiiec unler franjflflfi^ Ob^trrftfioft ju (Sitiem SJoIfe 
Qtbilbet, mit g{d<^ 33ei:tcl)r«niitte(n, unter (Slnein 9I«I)te unb (B<6 
ntm 9lmp^irtqonenf)Dfe, ^dtte gem avi ^arie ble ^mtptftabt ber 
SBelt unb „aue granfreii^ rinen Stomon" gemodft. Slbci biefe $oti< 
ttf gatt fe(6ft bent gebtenbeten gratitreirfi nt(t|t filr .gefunbe @taate<> 
gninbfS^* luc^ fih eine ^errfdjaft bei SSernunft ;•• fte gait i^m 
nidit als eiit $tet8 fUr fetne ^[rbetten unb ©^dfale fett iiDanjig ic 
3a[|ten ; nii^ ol8 rin ©rfa^ fflr ble fiinf TOilliarben on ®e(b (bie 
ble dngeftonbncn ftoffen ber Jfriege eon 1802-14 fttr gronfreit^ 
oQetn betnigen), nod| fUr bie brei SJtillionen Wen\i^, bie Don 
1804^14 auege^oben unb bis auf ein ®etf|et^ei( bem (Sljrgeije bed . 
<Sinen geopfert maren. fionnten atier ber Slu^m unb bie Sgst^ile A 
bee SEBettreii^ee bae fronjitfift^ 93oII nl<^t einmal jufrieberi fteUen, 
fo regte bagegen bie 9Iot^ unb ble ©i^mai^ ber UnterbrU<tiutg ben 
ganjen 3BeItt^eiI gegen ben UnterbrQcfer oitf. @in ^Urften^auB 
nad| bem anbem foQte nritfien Dor feinen Skmianblen, @taat unt 
©taat in ber <Ra^e |oIIte jur ^Dinj, gonjf aJoBepamme (oMtenw 
.entnaHonoIifirt- tntrben urn boe groge 9}ei(^ ju biiben ; bie SDIeere 
JU bcfreien, foQten aOe Silnber erobert iverben ; um i$ranfrel<^ ben 
<Siee ttber ben Qrbfeinb Sngtanb ju fu^em, inu|te fii^ Suropa bee 
Ober^rrft^ft unb, Wit einer gcnaltfamen Sequeftratton, ber j^cft* 
lontnfperre beugen ; baS ©Itidigewic^t be« ^Itt^dlS nurbe aufge^U 
^obcti, unb bleg geniigte nidit : um (Engtanb auc^ tn feinen ^flonj* 
liaaten anjugreifen, [t^icn jule^ ber ^lan nii^t ju Berroegen, ttber 
baS befiegte 9tu^[anb unb ble oufgeiafte S^Mei ^in aiu^ no^ SIfien 
bis Oftinbien ju ttberjici)en. SIber ilber ber SBermeffra^eit, bie ^HU 
let in Iriimmcr jn fil^tagen, ben JRSumen unb ^ef'en ju troften unb so 
in mfflfl^ni^ Pebcnfifrift bie SEerfe Don 3a^r^unberten prefftn ju 
tooCen, woren fcf)on gro^Ere ©roberer nnb menfi^tidicre §E(ben q18 
9Iapo(eon ^fcfieitcrt. ^k notionofe SeibeiifdiQft in ben behriirften 
imb bebto^ten^Wfem iraffnele fli^ gegen i^n, ber er unterlag, frit, 
bem bet erfte ©i^Iag in bem niffifdien ffriege hai ajertrauen in feinae 
<md erfi^iUtert ^atte. jtttn btlnbee @efc|iif ^at il)n gef^tagen, 

fonbcm bit UcticT^EHtng unli Utberftrisenmo ber eigntn ntib frcntbtn 
JFraft ^at i^ ju ®mnU geritfittt. <Sx felbft ^attt rinft grfogt : 
im Srit^t bejdi^t tmmn rtn groged Uitglitd rinen gro^ni @(^iilbU 
gnt ; er I)attc bantlt fdn risnt« Urt^dl grfprodren. Ucbcr ba ftraft* 

fi itbcrfponmtng jerbrac^ ivlt^t ®tU^ um @tU^, unb Slriet|fcber urn 
Irirtftbn trla^mte. Tw ®e»inn war filr bit fflunbeegenoffm 
Itine Sodtmg me^r, bit @tnia(t^bcrri }u ^oufe ^atte tcint ®i^TtSm 
mtifc, bte Slnftrengung gab frin ^tfpitl mt^. 'Suit Serlieugc, o^ne 
tigent nntriebe, entftclm frinen ^nbtn ;' bae ^ett, bcr tigenni 

10 S^iitigleit oitnB^nt, tntftirac^ fdntm 3(ufnift nt(t)t mc^ ; ber 
Slemmut^ ber SKiirifter im Shntt, ber SSerrat^ ber ^Kiniftcr qh^ 
ainte, ber ro^e Uiibcmf ber Ottnftlinge, bie ©ddlaff^elt ber im ®& 
mifTe gefittrigten Selbl)emi, ail« mor jutefet gtgen ben 3Kcifter Dtr. 
fc^lBortn. 3" '^m f'lber (flmpfte bi« an8 ffinbe bie aSerjroeiflung 

isbrt ©eftcgten unb ba* ^erbe ®tfiit)I ber IBcmiit^igung not^ fo oiel 
Uebrrmutfi mit bem Zioi^ bed @to(jte unb bem Skrtrauen auf baft 
fril^ere @(U<t ; ber rctegerififie ®tniu« erf(t)Bpfte [erne le^tni Jtr&ftt 
in eintr le^ten oergeblidien Xnftrengmig. !3>r politif(^t @turj Wat 
erfd)tittenib, bn menft^Iti^ war erfi^Uttentber. @etn @et!enfto(j 

so ^otte 9Ia))oIeon eine tiefe SDtenfi^enDeraf^tunQ einge0btt, ^ foUte 
jule^ biaiif bie eigene (frfa^ning traurig gerei^tferligt nwrben ; frin 
©eelenftolj ^atte if|m aattf bie SKeinung eiitgegtben, bag er bte tieffte 
SWenfiftenfcnntnig befttge, borUbtt follte er bitter enMuf^t werben. 
@etn {)eer jnar in ben mttertit @^id)ten bdeb i^tn aufopfemb unb 

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ober, befto grellg; wurbe ber KbfaC. Slie STapferften oerfagten in 
bem le^ten Slugenbliife, bie ^eDorjugteften Dcrfc^uanben unb Der< 
riet^en, bie :0eIeibigten unb fRiidgefe^ten bagegtn betDai)rten fti$ ols 
bie Sbelften ; bie S3eniianbten in Qtolita wcjogten ober fiefen ab. 

soliif Derftogene Oattin Uberlebte be« betounberten @ema^(e« ©turj 
nur um icentge SBo^en, bie rtgletenbe ffaiferin bagcgen gab it)re 
^auptftabt, ifiren Oatten, il)re fiirfrtic^e ©ilrbe unb bolb ftrfi felbft 
unb i^re weibtii^e SBUrbe S^teie ; ben @o^n trof baft tragift^e good 
btS^ft^ono^, boa bem Sater oon alien Soofen baft f[^re(fli(^fte fc^ien. 

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3art unb ebel entfproffen wui^fl is'xt WnlgHi^e SBlmat imter boi 
unmittettaren ffiiufliiffeii ber Wale\t&t pernor; kc Sefltiff be9 
{Rn^N unb ber fiirftlii^en S^arbt, ba« ^eFti^I bc« ©uten unb %t> 
ftOnbigen mit bent ^EtDufitfein bet ^6^c ftinei @eburt entnttfetten 
fK^ juflleit^ in i^m. gt toor dn ^iitft, ein geborentc gUrft, unb 6 
UUnfc^te ju regiEien, nur boniit ber ®ute uitgel)inbert gut ftin mi>d)te. 
aueme^in ton Ocflult, gefittet Don Sflotur, gefiiKifl Don ^rjen au8, 
foUtt tr baa SRufter ber ^ugnib fein unb bie gttube ber 3BeIt 

O^ne irgtnb eine ^ernoijftet^enbe Seibenfi^ft roar feine Siebe ju lo 
Op^elien eiu fti[(e9 iBorgEfii^I (uger ©ebUrfiiiffe ; (cin ®fer jn rit. 
terlu^ Uebungen war nii^t ganj original ; Dielme^r inu|te biefe 
Suft buri^ bad Sob, baS man bem 3)ritten betlegte, g(f(4ttrft unb er<> 
^^t loerbtn ; rein fU^tenb lannte er bie {Reblidien unb uufte bie 
dttttft )u fi^^n, bie ein aufrii^tigefi ®emUt^ on bent offenen $ufen 15 
rinee greimbe* genieftt. Si3 ouf einen gettiffen ®rab ^otte er in 
^iften unb SEQiffenfc^ften baS ®ute unb @d|ilne ertennen unb n)iiT> 
bigen gelentt ; boS Sibgefi^madte nor i^m juniiber, unb menn in 
feiner jorten ©eele ber ^g mifteinyn Fcnnte, fo toar efl nur eben fo 
iriel, al« nSt^ig \% urn beroegltdie unb falfi^ ^iSflbific ju btrodtten to 
unb f))iSttif(^ mit i^nen ju ftittlen. @r toar gelaffen in feinem Sefen, 
in feinem :Setragen einfadi, lueber im SRU^ggonge be^aglidi, nod) 
aUjubegierig noc^ iQefi^iiftigimg. (Sin atabemifi^ {iii!f(^Ienbem 
ft^en er auc^ bet ^ofe fortjufe^ &r be[a| me^r ijro^lii^leit ber 
goune a(« be« ^er}ene, toar ein guter @efellf(^after, natfigiebtg, ht: as 
f^eiben, beforgt, unb tonnte eine iSeteibigung Dcrgeben unb tKigeffen ; 
ober niemale lomite et fu^ mit bem Deieinigen, ber bie ©rfinjen beft 
Xei^ten, bed @uten, bed ^nftiiubigen ilbeif^ritt. 

aJhui benfe fii^ einen ^Jtinjen, loie ii^ i^n gefi^itbert ^abt, beffen 
83ater unb«^utf|et ftirbt. S^rgeij unb ^errfi^fiu^t fmb nidjt bie 3C 
&tbenf(ftaften, bie i^n befeben ; er ^He fvii'9 gcfaUen loffen, ©o^n 
eineS ftSiiigs ju fein ; aber nun tft er erft genot^igt, auf ben 3lb> 
ftanb auf merl[amer gu tiKrben, ber ben ftSnig Dom Untert^anen fc^< 
bet. ^« !Re(^ jur ftrone tDor tndft erblic^, unb hoitt ^ttt ein 

Ifingercfl Stben fetnefl S3ater< bit Snftiril^K fehttft dnjigm ®o^ne< 
tnt^r btftftigt, unb bit ^offninig jur ^ori gefu^. Sagffltn 
^^t n fu^ nun bun^ fthien C^etm, unQcot^tet fdjttnbam SBtrfpreo 
diungnt, DieUdc^t auf inunrr auegef^lo(teR ; er fii^de {1^ nun fo arni 
6 an @nabt, an @Uleni, unb frtmb in bent, mafl rr oon 3ugtnb auf 
ali (tin @igcnt^iun betrot^tcu fonnle. {>ier nimntt frin ©tmiit^ bit 
crfu trourigt iRit^tung. <£r ftt^ll, bag er nic^t me^r, ja nit^t fo 
viel ift aie {ebet Sbelmoiin ; er giebl ^di fUr ttnen !!)iener einee 
jebeti ; er ift nictit ^H^ii), nii^t ^troblafTenb, itttn, [|erabgefunlen nub 

10 bcbitcfttg. Iflttif fcinem Oorigm 3>'fM"t>^ ^^^^ ^ nur nit nad| ci< 

nttn oerfi^ntunbenen 2:raunie. S^ergcbend, bof fein C^eitn i^n aufo 

uiuntem, i^m fetne Sage au^ eintni onbem ©efi^tdfiuntte jcigen 

Kill ; bie ISmffinbung feints 9!i(f|td Dtrlagt i^n nit. 

^t jlDcite ®(^(ag, btr i^n traf, utrltfett tiefer, fitugte nod} mt^r. 

16 Gd ift bit ^eicat^ feiner 3)2utttr. d^m, einent treutn unb jjirtlic^n 
@D^ne, 6Iieb, ba jein 93ater ftarb, tint 3Rutter nix^ Ubrig ; er ^offte 
in eVftllfi^aft [riner ^inlerlafftntn tbien iKuHet bit §((bengeftalt 
jtned grcgen Slbgefc^iebenen ju Otrt^rtn ; aber mdf ftiutiDtuttet 
Dertitrl er, uub efl ift fc^Iimmtr, ate iptun fie l^m ber lob gtroubt 

20 ftattt. ^i jUDerlifffigt ffiilb, ba« fttfi tin nio^tetrat^tnte fttnb fo 

gem oon feinen Sltem mai!|t, Dtrft^ninbet ; 6ti bem liCobttn tft tttnt 

$iUfe, unb on ber ^ebtnbigen fein |)alt. @te ift auc^ tin SQtibr 

, nnb miter bem altgemtinen ©tfc^iet^tenomen R^ebr^ti^t" ifl 

iiu4 fte tegriffen. 9Iun trft fU^(t er fu^ rtdit gtbtugt, nun trft 

^ Denoaif't, unb tttit @IUd ber Sett tann il)m niitbtr trfcben, mas er 

Derlortn ^t. ^i^t traurig, nii^t noi^bentli^ t>on SIotHr, rotrb tl)m 

S:rautr unb 9Ia(^benfcn jur fc^mtctn iB&rbt. ®o ft^en loir i^n 


anon btnfc fw^ bitfen Oftngting, biefen gUrfttnfo^n retftt leb^aft, 

30 man MrgtgtnlvSrtlge fi(f| ftine Sage, unb btoba(f)te i^n bamt, toenn 
er erftt^rt, bit ©cftalt feinefi SBaterS erfi^eine ; man fte^e iljm bei in 
ber fi}|rtifli[^en ^ad^t, mm ber e^nDlirbigt @rift ftlbft oor it)m auf* 
tritt. ©ill migt^eure* @ntfel}fn ergreift i^n ; er rebct bfe ffimibcr* 
geftolt an, fie^t fie Winten, folgt unb ^iirt. — SDlt fdjretflii^ auHoflt 

SA nibtr feinen Olftim erltlnt in feinen C^rtn, Kufforbenmg jur ^ftaHjt 
unb bit bringenbe mieber^Ite fflttte : trinnere bid) meinerl 

Unb bo bfr ®elp Borf t^nmitben Ift, men fe^m whr Bor mi fttfieii ? 
CHntn fungen $etben, ber nadi diattjt fd^naubt? @intit eeborntn ^itro 
fttn, btt fi^ glilcflic^ fit^tt, gegen ben Ufur))ator,feinci jhone auf> 
gcforbert ju merbtn ? ^lein I @tauiint unb !ttttb^ttit Uberffitlt ben 
©nfamen ; ft wirb bitter flegen ble (ii(^Inben SdS\m\^ta, fd|tDi)rt, c 
ben abgefdjicbcncn nti^t ju oergefTen, unb frfiHegt init btm btbentenben 
€eiifjer : bfe 3^t ift au0 bem ©efenle ; tnefje ntir, bag ti^ geborcn 
uurb, fie roieber einjurii^ten ! ' 

3n biefen ©orten, biinft mii^, tiegt bet ©(^IlfTel ju ^mfet* 
ganjm Sletragen, unb mir ift bcutli^, bag <S^fefpeare ^be fc^tli ic 
bcm hpollen : etne gtoge SC^at auf cine @eele gefegt, bte bet ^at 
ni(^t geliHUfifen ift. Unb in biefem €inne ^bc id) boS ©tlid bun^ 
fiiingie gearbeitet. ^et nitb tin £t(f)baum in etn FUftlidies @efiig 
Stt)^an}t, bad nut Iiebli(fie S3Iunint tn feinen €d)oog l)ittte aufne^* 
men fallen ; bie ^uTje(n be^nen aus, hai @ef{ig ntrb jemic^tel. u 
<Stn fc^nee, reined, ebieS, ^Hi^ft ntotaltfdies S?c[en o^ne bie finnlit^e 
€t(ir[e, bie ben ^elben moi^t, ge^t unfer etnet Saft ju @nitibe, bie 
ti toeber tragen nod) abtverfen lann ; jebe $flid)t ift ii^m fieifig, biefe 
]u fc^nter. X)a9 Unnii)g(i(^ ivirb Don il)m geforbert, nic^t bad Un>- 
tnHgtii^ an fu^, fonbem bad, was ifim unmSgtic^ ifL Sie er fiifl so 
toinbet, bre^t, ilngftigf, oor unb juriid tritt, immer erinnert roirb, 
fidj immer erinnert unb jufeftt foft feinen 3™=* ouS bem ©inne Bet« 
liert, D^ne boif icmald mieber fro^ ]u merben I 

@d gefitltt und fo Rio^I, ed fdimeidielt fo fcEir, memi nit einen 
^tben fe^en, bet butdi fid) fetbft fjanbeit, bet (iebt unb iiagt, wenn 2S 
t« iljm fein ^erj gcbiefet, ber mitemimmt unb audfil^rt, alle ^inbert 
niffe abroenbct unb ju einem gro|en ^toHtt gelangt. @efdjid)td< 
fdireiber unb ^d^ler mMfltn und geme iiberreben, bag ein fo ftoljed 
SoDd bem 3)tenf(^ faDen Knne. $ter trerben loir anberd bcle^rt ; 
ber fietb ^t leinen IpUn, aber bad €tilif ift flanoott. ^ier urirbso 
ttii^t e£tDa nai^ einer ft^rr nnb eigenftnnig binx!)gefU^rten 3bee Bon 
iRodie ein iSBfcrelcftt gcftraft, nein, ed gefd)iet|t eine unge^eute iT^t, 
fie njHfjt fii^ in.i^rcn golgen fort, teigf U^fd)uftig^ mit ; bet a3et« 
btedjer fdieint bem Mbgtunbe, ber il)m beffimmt ift, audroeitften ^u - 
ttolten, unb ftiirjt l)lnein, eben ia, wo er feinen SSJeg glHcflie^ aud^ ss 
jutaufen gebenft. ^tm bad ift bie ISigoifdjaft ber ©riiuelt^t, ba|^ 

fie ou($ %t6frt fiber ben Unf(^uniigen, tote bee gnten ^onMiing, bofi 
fie Diele Sort^rifc ouc^ iitier iien Unotrbienten ouSbrtitel, ofine bnf 
ber Urf)cbcr Don btiben oft neber beftraft nodi btto^tit wirb. ^ier 
in unferem ©titde nir tDunberborl Xta« l^efeutr fcnbetfehien 
s@etft unb forbert dtcOft, ober Dcrgebenft! $[lu Umftiinbe totmnm 
jufanunen unb treiben bie ita^t. tierflebene I Seber Ot^ifd)en nod) 
Unlnirbifi^ lonn gelhigen, bmS bem ®d|i^a( aUein torbt^lttn 
ift. !Cie @erid)Mftunbe lonunt ; ber SSti^e fiiUt mil bem @utcR ; 
ein ®tfd)(e(^ uirb ueggraiti^t, unb ba4 anbcn fprogt ouf. 

Uettr kit Sttfi^ni nttb SBufltn. 

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bcu[$ ber Saffer getro^t ^at, btgtnnt dne iDcite, unobfe(|b[tre<£bene. 
%Btmi num bte :^Qt^ler von (Siiracad unb ben infelrtidien @ee 
Xacarigua, in btm bie na^ $ifang<@t&mme fief) fptegein ; menti 

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fc^en 3u^crfc^t(feS firongen, ober ben entften @d|atten ber Sacao* 

- @ebUfd)e juriiAdgt : fo nt^t ber Slid im SUben auf Bttppea, bit 

fi^eittbar anfteigenb, in ft^minbenber geme, ben {jorijont beflrenjen. 

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ti)en 9?aume. 9tur ^ier unb bort liegen gebrodiene Sloj[d)i(^ttii Don 
jroei^unbert Ouobratmtiten Oberflfliiie, bemerfbor f|B^er oI8 bie an» 
fltenjmben S^eile. Sanfe nennen bie Einaebomen biefe SrfdjC'* 

Zfi nung, gfeii^fain at)nbungdooII bun^ bie @))roc^ ben alien BuftQiib 

ber SDinge bejeii^nenb, ba fene Sr^d^ungen Untiefen, bie ^ttppea 

fdbft abcr ber Soben cineS gro^en aSittelmeereft maren. 

^01^ gegennartie raft oft nitt^tlit^e SSufi^ung biefe JBitber btr 

^ Sorjett jurUd. SBenn im rafi^ 3luffteigeii unb ^ieberfinfen bie 

3D teitcuben @eftiine ben ©aum ber (Sbeiie erteu^ten ; ober loeim fte 
jitternb i^ ©ilb nerboppetn in ber untent ^iHjt ber wogcnben 

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S)ftnftc ; ffatibt max ben Mftmlofcn Ocean uot fii$ ju fe^en. Sic 
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lic^fett, unb bunf) Wi ®e^i, roit ben finnlic^en <£inbrii(ttn bed 
WoumeS fir^ tntoiubenb, mit geiftiflen anreguiigen ^b^crer Orb* 
nung. Slber freuiiblii^ iH^tid) i|t ber Slnblid beS flartii ancereft>s 
fpicflcle, in neldirm bit Idi^tbrnegltdie, fanft ouffifiitumcnbe SBeUe 
ftdi Iifinfelt ; tobt unb flan licgt bie iBttppe ftingeftredt, toie bit 
nodte getBrinbe eintfl Dtvobeten ^lonelen. 

3n oUen ^onen bietrt bie 9iotur bafl ^^omen biefer grofen 
(Sbenen bar ; in [tber tyibtn fie etnen eigent^itinlii^en t&ijaxaSttx, tine ii 
$^4fiognomie, nxlc^e buic^ bie SSerfi^icben^eit i^tefl SobenS, burif) 
i^ Alinu unb btm^ i^re {)OE|e Itbet bci Ober^iU^ beS fSttnti be* 
frintmt loirb. 

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ntm tin^igtn, alltS tieibciingenbtn $f[anjenjnge bebtift, oon beru 
€pi^ con Oiitlanb fiif) tii« on ben ^udflug bei ®^lbe erftreden, 
a(e nia^re <Ste))f)tn betrad)ten : abtr ®ttppea Don geringer jtuflbe^ 
nnng unb t|oc^PgIid|ter Oberfld^, nenn man fte ntit ben iitaioi 
nnb ¥ain)]ad von @tibamerifa, obei gar mit ben @riief!urtn om 
ajfiffouri nnb ^fecflufft Dtrgteidfir in benen btr jottige :93ifDn nnb ze 
bet ilrine 3}}ofi^ueftier um^erfi^raamttn. 

Stntn grtigeien nnb ttnftertn SInblid genll^ren bie ISbenen im 
Onnem von ^frifiL ®Ieii^ ber wtiten ^l&ift bee ®tt(Itn OctonS 
^at man fie erft in nnitren 3eiten jubntdiforfdien Dei^uc^t ; fie fuib 
jS^tik tinti ©onbmeereS, miditi gegtn Often fru(i)tbare ISrb^rii^ js 
Pon einanber trrnnt obei infelftiTmig einf[l)(lcgt, wie bie SJUfte am 
JBafaltgebirgc ^nibfi^, loo in ber battelteic^en Oafie Don ©iwo^ 
bit Irflmmer bt8 ammon.IempeI« btn t^mttrbigtn ©ift frUtier 
3nenf^tnbilbung be}ri<I)nen. Aein X^ati, fcin 8}egen benegt biefe 
dben Stiid)en unb entmiJelt im gtU^tnben ©c^oog ber (Srbe ben Atim so 
bed ¥f[anjenlebene. IDerni ^tigt Suftfiiultn fteigtn flbtroa auf* 
tDdrt«, litfen bit ^n^e unb Derfi^ui^en bad DotllEitrei(enbe @etDiiR. 

So bie SBttfle fu^ bem atlantiftfien Ocean nii^ert, mie jmift^ 
Sc^i fflaa unb btm SScigen SJorgebirge, ba ftrclmt bie feuc^tt SRef 
ce«Iuft ^in, bie Seert ju fUtten, UHli^e buci^ tene fenfrt^ten SBinbess 
crregt n>itb. ©elbft lotmi ber @cf)iffer bunl» ein SDtttr, bas ulcfm,.^. 

artig mit ®ntang bebtdt \\t, noi^ ber iDHbtbime btfl ®ain(ifa fteu' 
ert ; a^nbet tr, luo i^n plilgfif^ bet tropiff^ Oftiofnb Dtrldgt, bic 
9ia^e bc6 weitDecbrriteten wiirmeftratilenben ©onbrt. 
^eecbm poit @ajcUni unb fttincUftigige Strouge bunfjirreR bnt 
6 unmneglii^n fRaiim. 9In!)nel man ab bie hn @anbmeert ticunit> 
bedtnt ®nipptn qutUmreii^eT ^nftln, on brrnt grttnen Ufmi bit 
iiomabifdifn ZMoi unb Xuor^fs fditDtinnen, [o tft bn iibrtge S^rit 
bcr Afti(anif(f)tn ^Ufte ale btm SDIotfdjni imbetootinbar ju bttnii^ 
ten. %a^ wagen bit ongrtn^tnben gebilbtttn SSBIItt f« nitr perio* 

10 bifd) ju betrettn. Suf SBtgen, Me bcr JjonbttStitrfe^r fdt ^a^rtmi- 
fcnben ungftnbribar brftimmt ^at, gtlit bet fongc ^itg Don ZafUtt 
bid Xombm!^ obn bon SThtrjut bie ^onnt : fU^nt Untmte^mun< 
gen, bercn Sniiglidifeit auf bn IS^ftenj bee jtametie brru^t, bt« 
©(^tffe ber %Bitfte, nit eS bit altm ©ogtn ber Offnttt nenntn. 

u ^ieft afrjfanifc^ Sbenen fltUtn dntn Slainn aue, mtli^ ben 
bee na^en ajlittelmeeree faft breimal abertrifft. ®it liegen )um 
£^tU luiler ben 2Btnbefrei[en fe(bft, jtnn ^eil benfelben na^ ; intb 
bieft Sagt begdtnbtt t^nn tnbtvtbueUtn ^{aturdiariidter. Xngegen 
ift in btr bfrfti^ ^aifte bee alten Sonttntnie baefelbe geognofltfdie 

2Q ^^anomen mt^r ber gemfipgten ^o"* tignrtfjUmlir^. 

9Iuf bem ©trgriltfen non aJJitteL^fien jiuif iJ)en bem®oIb6ergt 
ober Slltai unb bem ftuen<lltn, Don ber djinefif^ SJIautr an bie 
Jenfeite bcS $ininte[«geBirgee unb gegen ben araf'®ee ^in, in tincr 
Siinge uon melfreren taufenb aReiltn, breiten fi^, memt oiu^ nidit bie 

as I)ifc^fttn, bocfi bie greften <Bitppta ber SBeit ma. Sinen 2:^ei( ber* 
felben, bit ffialmtiden' unb j{irg^ifen>0te))))en jivifi^en bem S^on, 
ber Solgo, bem cafptfttien Sfflttrt unb btm diinefifi^ X'falfang' 
@tt, olfo in einer Stftrectung Don faft TOO geograti^ifi^ 3Reiltn, 
%abt id) felbft ju ft^tn @etegen^e{t ge^abt, DoUt breiglg Oa^re not^ 

Bomeiner (iibamerilanl(il)en SReife. ©ie ajegttation ber afiotifdKn, 
biewtilen ^iigeligen unb burrfi iJiditenmaibet unttTbrotfjentn ©ttppen 
ift gntpptniDeife Diel mannlgfaltigec ole bie btr ^[anoe unb $ampae 
Don Goracae unb iSuenoe liree. 3)er fdfiintre Si^eil ber ©beiitn, 
Don afiQttft^n ^irtcnDiJrtem beroo^nt, ift mit uiebrigen ©trftui^ent 

s&iipliig UMlgblUfienber iRofoceeu, mit ffiaiferfronm (grttiltantn), 
S^en unb Sqt>ri))ebitn gefc^mltdt. Sit bit ^eige ^one fic^ im 

Ibbn bi( eitpptn nub SJiiptn. US 

gati3«i bdbunfi au«]dd)net, bag allrt SegetatttK baumorHg ju tvct' 
ben ftitbt, |o dfaraftrnfiTt einige ©teppen bet afiotifc^en gnniigigten 
3one bie iDunberfamt {tS^, ju btr \itif blUtimbt Jhfiuler erljctieii : 
€aitffureen unb anbere @l)nant^emn ; ©(^otengetciic^fe, btfonberd 
efn ^r Don 9ftraealud:9trttn. $Benn man in ben ntebrignt tatari^ a 
\(^ta gu^rtterten fii^ burc^ mcfllofe I^eile btefer ftraulfttppen be- 
Mcgt, lann man nut ouftef^t fte^enb fi(^ orifntiren, unb jtc^t bie 
tratbartig bid)tgebriingten ^fCanjen fuf) Dor ben ^Sban nicbtrbeux 
gen. Sintge btefer afiotift^ @tep))cn flnb @raeebenen ; onbtre 
tnit faflifien, immergrUnen, geglieberten ffali>$flati}en bebectl ; viele lo 
femteuditfnb Don flet^tenarttg auff))Hcgcnbem ©tilje, bas unglctt^, 
toie frifdigefaUentr ^nee, ben letltgen iSoben oer^illlt 

SJiefe mongolifrfien unb tatarifc^n ©terpen, bun^ mamiigfo(tige 
®ebitg«iiige unterbrodien, fdjeiben bie uraltf, langgebitbete SDIenft^ 
^t in !ii)bet unb ^inbofton Don ben rofien, norb^fiatifi^en SJiilfern. u 
Kudr ift i()r X)afein t)on tnannfgrol'igtnt Sinflug auf bie mec^fetnben 
@(^i(ffale beg IDtenft^engefifitet^te geiuefen. ®ie f)aben bte 8eDbI(e> 
rung gegen ©iiben jufammengebrangt ; me^r at« bet ^imolo^o, 
ttlfl btt« ©iIineegeblrBe non ©irinagitr unb ®orfa ben SBerte^r ber 
Slationen geftiJrt, unb int Dlorben %fien« unnmnbe(bare ©renjenio 
gefe^t ber SSerbreftung mtlbirer @ftten uub bee fifiaffenben ffunfti 

abec nic^t a(8 ^inbembe Somtauet attein barf bie ^f(^i(^e bie 
Sbene vcn 3nner>9(rien betrodften. Un^i( unb SJemliftung ^at fie 
me^rmolS ttber ben ffirbfreifl gebrai^t. ^irtenoiflfcr biefer ©tE})pe, 25 
bie ai^ongoten, @eten, aiatien unb UfUn, I)aben bie SBett erfc^Uttcrt. 
SSknn in bem 9auf ber Oa^r^unberte frll^e ©eirtcscultur, gldd} bent 
trquidenben (Sonnenlii^t, Don Often m^ ^eften geroonbert ift ; fo 
^oben fpater^in, in berfctben 8iid)tung, ©arbarei unb fittlii^ Oto^eit 
Surofia nebeCatttg ju Uberjie^en gebro^t. @n brauner |}frtenftanim so 
(tu(iuifd)er, b. i. tUrIi((^er abfunft), bie Jjiongnu, bewobnte in leber. 
nen ©ejelten bie ^0^ ©teppe Don ®ebi. Iier diineftfc^en SWot^t 
lange fiin^tbar, warb ein 2T)ciI befl StommeS filblid) not^ 3nner» 
Stfien inrildgebrangt. Iiitfcr ©tog ber SJBlfcr pflanjfe fii^ nnouf. 
^a(t[am bis in baS atte Sfnneii(aiib ant Ural fort, ^on bott au93s 
bnu^n Jjunnen, awreu, S^aforeii unb manntgfaltige ©entifi^e g fa- 

tifi^er Snenfc^cnroctn IfcrODr. $unnff(^ ftriegA^etrt nfc^iottn trft 
oil bfr tSoIga, bann in ^annonien, bann an bei SRonte unb an ben 
Ufem bee $0 : bie fc^On be)>flanjten i^uren Dn^enenb, mo feit 9In> 
tenorfl 3^t^i> ^'^ bilbmbe SHenfc^^eit Scntmal auf ^?>enhnal gt^itufL 
6 So mc^tc auS ben mongoli[i^en SS^ften ein oerpeftcter aSinbce^ouct), 
ber auf ciSatpini{(^tn ^oben bie jarte, longgepflegte ^liit^ 6er 
ftunft erflittle. 

SJon ben @aIiftep)Kn Sfiens, Don ben europStfi^ {mbeltinbern, 
bie im ©ouunei mit ^onitjieidjen, iSt^lii^en Stutnnt prongen, unb 

looon ben ppanjenfeercn ©Uften afriIo'« lE^roi wlr ju ben ffibenm 
uon ©Ubamerita juriiff, beren @emS(be id) btreitd onQefonQcn I^abe 
mit co^ S'^V^ i" entnerfen. 

S>a9 Ot>tt)^ff<f wcli^td ein fol^ ©emtUbe bem Sbtobai^ta ^t- 
tod^ren lonn, ift aber etn reineS StatunnleTeffe. jteine Oafe erin' 

15 nert ^ler an frit^ ^eno^nrr, lein be^auener @tein, tein Denoilbei;' 
tet Hfrutlitbaum an ben t^etg untergegangcner @tf(t)lei^teT. Sic 
ben @i$i(ffa(en ber 3l}ntf(^^eit fremb, allein an bie ©egemDort fef> 
fctnb, Uegt biefer Stbrnintet bo, ein uilbec ©diauplat^ bee freien 
S^ier> unb ¥flanien(eben«. 

20 SSon bet ^ftcntette Don Soracaft etfttedt fn^ bie @teppe bxi }u 
ben Siilbent ber @uQana ; Don ben ®4"eeliergen con SReribo, an 
beren Sb^ange ber SJatrun^ee Urao etn ©egenftonb be£ reltgiiirtn 
Hberglaubens ber Singebomen ift, bis jn bem gnilcn Vtlta, nel(^ 
ber Orinoco an feiner SDHinbung bilbet. ©iibwefllit^ jie^t fie fii^ 

!s gleii^ einem 2Keere6arme jenfeilS ber Ufer befl 3Beta unb befl SUtfyn 
ba bis ju ben unbefu(f)ten QueUen brt (Suaoiare, unb bis ju bem 
einfamen ©ebirgsrtod ^in, toeft^cn fponifdic ftriegeDbHer, im @pict 
itjUT regfamen ^^ntafte, ben Paramo de la Snma Paz, glcidh' 
fam ben f(i)finen @i^be«etoigen griebenS, nonnfen. 

3D SDiefe ®tep)K nimmt einen Sfaum Don 16000 Ouabratmetlen ein. 
8I«6 geograp^if(f)er Unhinbe t)at man [v oft in gleic^er iBreite al* 
ununterbrocfirn bi« an bie aJIagclfaniftie aReerenge fortlaufenb ge. 
fdjiibert : nidjt eingebenf bet loalbigen ffibene befl amaioneuflufTeS, 
roeti^e gegen ?Iorben imb @ilbni Don ben ©radfteppen bcS 3Ipure 

S6nnb bee ia ^lato-'Stromee begrenjt niirb. :Cie S^nbeStelte Don 
(So(^bamba unb bit brafitionift^e Serggnippe fcnben, }n)if(^cn bet 

Ucbci bit envfot nab Bfl^ NT 

^rooEnj ^iquitoe nnb ber ganbmgt Don WlaitUa, thi}elne 9ng> 
\o(tjt fii^ tntecQcn. @tne fdimaU (Sbmt onttitigt bie ^^(Sa befl 
Stmajonenfluffte mit ben ^mvae con SutnoS 9Iiitd. Sr^tere 
bbtrtreffm bie Slanoe Don Senejneta breimal an gliic^tnin^It. ^a 
ti)re 9lu3bc(|nuno ift fo mnitbtrvoll grog, bag fie auf ber niirbtidtcn 6 
Scitc birrtfi ¥a(mengcbUf(^ begnnjt unb auf ber fiiblii^ faft mit 
emigem ISife bebedt fmb. ISxt cofuarsil^nlii^ Xul)u (Strutbio 
Rbea) ift biefen ^ampad tigent^Umlit^ : luie btt golonicn vtm'iU 
bnttv $unbe, ntelc^e gefellig in unterirbif(t)en ^S^lcn mo^nen, abcr 
oft blutgierig beii iKetifc^ieii anfoHen, filr beffeii SSertlieibiflmig i^re lo 
©tQtnntbdter I(tm(>ften. 

@ltii^ bem QTogten 2:^ei(e ber SJii^ 3a^ra (iegrn bie SHami, 
obn bie ndiblic^fte Sbene oon ©iibamenta, in bent ^eigen SrbgUrttl. 
S)enni)i^ erft^en fte in jeber ^itlfte bcft Qa^ni unter emei oer* 
fc^iebcnen ©eflolt : balb oerBbet, nit bos tib^fi^e ©onbrnctr ; balb 15 
al« eine ©raeflui, nie fo ofele @teppen Don !D{ittel<3tfitn. 

(Si ift ein bclo^itenbee, n»nn gleict) fdmitdged ©efd^ift ber aflge> 
meinen !>anbcrfunbe, bie Slaturbefc^afftn^eit entlegener (Srbftrii^ 
mit einanbcT ju tiergleidien unb bie %ffultate bicfer SJergtei^ung in 
iDenigtn SH^^ barjufttllen. anomtigf allige, jum ^tii mdf menig 20 
tntnidette Ucfai^en oenninbem bie Xiltrrt mtb SCSilnnt befl neuen 

©if)ma(^rit ber eictfoi^ eingefc^nittcnen fjepe in ber nHrblli^ 
Srofiengegenb, loo eine fittffige Onmbflili^e ber atmofp^are einen 
minbcr iDormen auffteigenben Suftftrom barbietet; weile Sufibe^'ZO 
nung gegen beibe beeifte $o[e ^in ; ein freier Ocean, liber ben bit 
tropifrfien lu^Ieren ©eetoinbe rotgblofen; gladf^it ber Uftlii^en 
^ften ; StrSme fatten a)?eere«n)affere ouS ber ontarctifd)en SRegion, 
toelftie, anfiingndi Don Stibmeft nai^ ^iorboft gerid|tet, unter bem 
$aiaUe(Treld Don 35° fiiblii^ SSnite on bie ftUfte dor S^ili on<30 
fi^Iogen unb an ben ^ften Don ^peru bie jum Sop $ariiia nOrbli^ 
Dorbringen, fic^ bann plil^i^ gegen SEBcften menbcnb ; bie 3ȴ 
fluellenreitfier ®ebirg8!etfen, beren fttjneebebedte ®ipfel meit Uber alle 
SQolten[c^id)ten eniporftreben unb an iljrcm ^b^ange ^erabfteigenbe 
SnftftrSmungen Deraulaffen; bit SUIle ber Sl^ffe Don rnigc^cureru 
Sreite, BeW)e not^ Dieten SEBinbunflen fleta bie enlfenitefte Jlftftt i» ^ 

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dita ; fanblDfe imb bantm minliei erf|i|bart ^ttppar; mAiiTi)Mii%i 
lic^ SiUbtr, mlift, Ua Soben twr ben @oiinenflra^lcn fdjii^nb 
obtr burd) iffct iStattflitdien miirmeftra^Ieiib, bit flugrrid)e Qbene 
am ^tquatot auefttdm, onb im ^incni be« Sanbe«, mo @ctirge 
sunb Ocean am entCesenftm fitib, uiiQe^eiire 3Raffcn t^tili etngefoQc 
lien, t^eUfl felbfterjeugten SEPofferS aue^ou^en : — alte bicfc SBers 
I)iUtni^e Qeraiitiren bem f(ad|en X^eifc Don Kmerita ein Riima, hat 
mit bnn ofrifanlfc^ buri^ t^euf^tigbit unb jhi^lung Ivunbcrbar 
contraftiit 3n i^nen allcin liegt ber ©ntnb {cnte ttpfiioen, fafbi 

10 ftro^nbtn ^^onjennui^rcft, jener gtonbofttdt, nwUfrc ber e(gent^ilm< 
ltd|e g^aro!tcr bee "Jlaien Sontinentd ift. 

Siirb ba^r eine ©cite unferS $loneten luftfeuf^trr a(« bit anbcre 
genannt, fo ift bit Setrac^tiutg bee geQenniSrltQen ^uftanbefl bet 
Dinge titnianglii^, ba« ^'^obfem biefer UnBl"(!)^eit ju Wfen. S)er 

16 ¥^i)fifer brauc^t bie Crfltintng foli^er 9iaturerfct)einimgnt nic^t in 
bae ©cmanb Qeotogifi^er 3}!Qt(|en ju ^iillen. @e bebarf ber Sif 
na^me nic^t, ale ^abe fit^ auf betn uralten QrbFSrper in ber Qfttic^en 
mib neftlidten |)emif))^e ungteic^jeitig Qef(^(i(^tet ber txrberblit^ 
®treit ber Slemente ; ober ale fet auS ber' (^aotifi^en Safferbc 

so bettung 9(merila fpater ate bie iibrigcn SQeltt^ile ^emorgetretm, ei,* 
fumpfreii^ee, Don Srocobilen unb ©c^Iangen betuotintee ffiiianb. 

StUerbinge ^at ©ttbamerita, nai^ ber ®efta(t feinee Utntiffee mit 
bet 9tid|tung [einei ftilften, etne ouffaUenbe 9(el)n(id)Ieit mit ber ffibi 
iDcftlii^en ^albtnfei bee alten Sontinente, Slber innere ©tructut 

£6 bee JBobene unb relatiDe Sage ju ben ongrenjenben SSnbermaffen 
bringtn in afrifo jene wunbecbore SDUrre IjerDor, nwlt^ in unermefe* 
tit^en Siaumen ber Snttvictelung bee organifi^en itbtaS entgegai* 
ftet]t. Siitt i$Uiiftt|riIe bon @ilbamerila liegen jtnfette bee aequa< 
tore : alfo fn tinet ^mifp^re, inelc^e »egen ber griigeren Safferi 

90 menge unb negen manntgfaltiger anberer Urfo^en Hitler unb ftuif 
tcr ale unfre nSrblid); ^albtugel ift. 'Tljefer (e^tecen get|drt boge< 
gen ber betrai^tlidjete ST^eit oon 3tfrifn gu. 

Die filbamcrilaiiiftl)e Steppe, bie Slonoe, Ijoben, Bon JDflen gegen 
ffleften gcmeffcn, etne breiinal geringete 9lu8befinung ale bie ofrifa. 

S6 nifcien ffiUften. 3nie empfangen ben tropifdjen ©ceioinb ; btefe, 
unter (Sinem i0reiten=3irteC mit 9(rabien unb bem fttblictjen ^trfien 

Utkr bU ettfltai rati) n&fxa. tW 

Qclegen, n»rtint von Siiftft^iditm berflfirt, tiie Per ^Hgc, n){inne> 
ftcatjltnbt Sontmcntc ^Jitine^en. ^luc^ Ijal bertiK btr (^rtiPtirbJQt, 
langBtifatinte SJatec ber ©tfc^ii^te, {icrobot, hn it^tcn ©inn riiier 
grogen StaturanrK^t, alle ffiUften in 9ior6iafrito, in gtmen, Sttr* 
man iitib 3Wetran (ber ®cbrofia ber ©riet^n), ;a biB JDhiKon in s 
a?orber=3nbiEn l^in, olfl tin rinjigea iu[aimnen^anfloibc« ©anbmeei 

3u ber Sirfung ^etger Sanbisfnbe gefeOt fidi In SIfrifa, fo toeit 
tDtr eS tennen, no^ ber ^Hangel an grogen SlQfTen, an Saffcrbamtif 
inieE|iiu(l)tnben, fd(teerregenben Sitlbem unb ^o^en ©ebirgen. SHtt lo 
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onbtre gfn^ten teiinen, b(i beneglu^e ®anb bm ^dutenDiirjeln ci> 

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menfc^len: gtfunben. 

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mitc^gtbenbtt 3:^in'e noi ben urfprUngltdienlEinno^ncni bei 9Ituen 

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loit um bit coloffalen Xriimmer ber 9I}telens:Surg, wl^t (ctn aotC' 
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bebt. (Sin (ang^ilrutgca 3)fouflon, li^nlldi bem fogenanntcn tStamm* 

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Don Sattfomlen um^er. 33et filblii^ {ulbinftl {inb bie SJicuiiae, 

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ber Sefi^ tmb bit Sultuc nu^Itetdier ©radarten, nn diarafteriftifiticS 
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fmtb, ben ^o^en Slnbe^rilden 9eeen ©Uben tierfolet ; fo mug btefe 
SS}anberung auf SBegen gefc^e^ feJn, auf nel^en tvebet ^terben 
noi^ Strealien ben iteuen SnUmmltng bcQleiten lonnten. ©oUteio 
DtcOeii^t, (d9 ba« (ang erft^ittterte Steit^ bet {ijongnu jer^et, ba9 
gortwatitn biefea raat^Hgen @tamme« oui^ im Slorboften Don E^ino 
unb ^rea 9JbIferjilge Dcranlagt [)aben, bei bcnen gebilbete SIftaten 
in ben 9Ieuen (SDUttnent Sbctgingen? Stiten btefe 9nKmm(inge 
JtBeno^uet con ©tcfitjen geroefen, tn benen SIderbau nii^t befritbeit 15 
tDttb, fo tDitfbt biffe getDQgle, burt^ ®;ifQ(^DeT(tlei(^ung biS^er tDe< 
nig begfinfttgte ^ijpot^efe menigftenfl ben auffoHenben SDIangrf bee 
eijentli^n getcalien in ammlo crtlfiten. S8ieIIeirf)t tonbete on ben 
^iiften Don 9ieU'-@attfonrien, bur^ @tilnne Derft^lagen, etne Don \C' 
nen afiati[(f)cn ^riefters^otonien, niet(t)e ntl)ftif(^e S^tiiutnereten jU20 
fcmen €etfaf)tten Deranlagten unb Don benen bie Secfil!entngdQe> 
ff^c^te Don Qapan }ur 3cit bet £I)finf(^i<^uiuig'ti ein benfmlltbiged 
«eift)ief liefett. 

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ukIi^ nomabif^ ^i^gn^^otben an ben gra^teidien $oben feffeltis 
unb gleit^foin jum 9lctetbau Dotbeteitet, ben UrDSHeni Slmerilo'e un< 
betOnnt ; fo liegt in biefer Unbelanntfi^aft felbft ber ®tunb Don bet 
iWenft^enleere bet fUbamerilonifi^en <Stepl>ai. Uin fo freiet ^abeit 
fi(f| in if)t bie 91aturfrdfte in mannigfaltigen I^tetgepalten ent» 
toidtlt : frei, nnb nur bitrd) f"^ fetbft bcfc^raiiK, wie baS ^Po"*^"' so 
leben in ben SBiifbeni am Orinoco, wo ber ^^menfie unb bem riefen> 
ftiimmigen fiotbctr nic bit Der^eerenbe ^anb bti 9Ren(($en, fonbem 
nur btr ilpiiige Mnbrang fdjlingeiibtr ©emiit^fe bro^t. aigutifl, 
tietne buntgtflcftte ^irfd)e, geponjcrte Smtabide, fflelc^ rattenattig 
ben Jxiftn i" f«intc nnlerirbifdjen ^Bt)(e auff^teden ; ^eerbtn Donas 
trttQen S^guinn, fi^iin geftreifte Sioeiien, tiieU^ bie Suft DCf))tftni ; 

ber groSe ungonft^tite SUttit ; fpimtgeftttfte jaguars (meip !tiget 
gniannt), bte bin jungen fritprierlegtm ©tier auf einnt {)itgel }U 
[c^leppcn tKntidgen : • — biefe unb Dtc(e anben S1|ieigeftaUen bur^ 
irren bit boumtofc &ent. 

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^orben, btc o^ncbiee (nodi aftotif(^inbif{fKi Srt) bic DegetQfiilifdfe 
^iQ^rung vorjiefini, fcffein Uitnen, ftiitibc irif^t ^ier unb ba bie 
^'aitapaimt, Manritia, jeiftreut utn^tr. Sett berti^mt fuib bie 
SSorjiige bicfed tvo^ItptiQcii SetieRebautneS. ISr aUtin ema^rt am 

toJluSfluffe be8 Drinoco, n^rbUtf) Don ber @iena be ^tnatoca, bie uii' 
btjlDUitgtne ^lotion bei @uarauRtn. 91l« fit ja^Ircidier unb juffiin> 
metigebrdngt n>aien, ei^oben fie nic^t blog t^te patten auf abgc!)au' 
enen ^ahneitttfoft^, bie ein ^oriiontaled 2;afcIioert aid gugboben 
tnigen ; fie f)>annteH aud) (fo ge^t bie @Qge) ^angtmatten, oitS ben 

16 :iB(attftie(en ber SDIoutitia gtiotbt, Hlnftlii^ Don @tamm ju @tomtn, 
um in ber 9!egenjeit, ncnn baB ^Delta llberfi^rotmmt tft, nad| 9rt 
ber affen ouf btn ffltiumen ju leben. SDicfe fi^mebeiibcn 5)iitten 
tvurben t^eilmtife tnit Setten bebtdt. 9uf ber ftucfiten Unter(age 
f(f|ltrten bie Seiber }u ^audlidiem SebUrfitig geuer an. Ser bei 

M^iat^t Quf bem ^bi^t dotUberfu^r, fa^ bie glamoien rci^enrocife 
auftobern, ^«^ In ber Suft, eon bcm ffloben getrennt. !©ie @uq« 
taunen Derbanten noi^ je^t bie @r^a(tung i^rer (ifiQfifi^en unb DieU 

' leidft fetb^ i^rer moraOfdien Unab^iingtgMl bem loderen, ^(bfluf' 
figen £D!oorboben, iiber ben fie (eid)tfugig fortlaufen, unb ii)rem 

K^luftnliiolt auf ben Sfiumen : einer ^oI)en ijreiftatt, ju ber retigiiife 
©egeifterung idoI)! nie efneii amerifonifi^en ©t^Iiten Iciten mirb. 

9(brr ni(^t blog fufiere SSo^nung, aut^ monnigfaltige <Spti\t ge< 
tD&^rt bie anauritia. €^t auf ber miinnlic^en falmt bie jarte 
$(Ut1)enfi^eibe au6bri(^t, unb nur in bicfer fieriobe ber ¥l1an}at< 

soSnetamorp^oft, tntpit baS 3nart be9 @tanime9 ein fagoortigeS 
gjie^l, nettles, wie bas ane^I ber 0(i^o))^a>SurieI, in biliinen 
brobtilfjniidicrt ©dieiben gtbflrrt wirb. S)er gegofime gaft be8 
fflaum* ift ber fUgt, beraufdjenbe ^almmeiH ber ©uorauncn. Iiie 
enflfc^Mppigeii Srttc^te, loeti^e T8tt)(i(fien lonnenjapfen glei^en, ge. 

U btn, wie ^ifoiig unb faft atte %x&i)te ber Iropennieft, eine Dettdjie* 
benortige SRotining, ie nai^bem man pe nat§ oSfliger ffiittniiittung 

Mtbtx bit <Sktffta rnib SQflpni. SIS 

i^trt ^aia^f^, obtr frfl^ier, im mffirtt^ett S^^taribt, gtiiieSt. 
©0 fintien ttfr auf ber unttrfttn @tufe menfdjlit^er ®eifit6bilbuiig 
(sltid) bent ^nfttt, bad auf einjetnc Slilt^ent^dlt befdjriiiitt ifl) btc 
(S^rtenj etiied ganjen ^Qllerftammcfl an faft finen etnjtgen ®aum 
eefcnelt. ft 

€fit bee (Entbedung beft Slcueti SontinnttS finb bit Sbenen 
(S(anoS) beat 3Jfenf(^en beiDo^itbar gftDorben. Um bni 93tTltI)r 
jnitfd)en ber ftUfte unb ber ©u^ono (bem DrinocooSanbe) ju erteii^ 
tmt, futb ^ter uitb bo €tabte an ben ©teppenflilffen erbaut. UeberoO 
ffat 9Jie^3U(^t in bem unermeglic^n {Rounte begonnen. S^agerrifen n 
Don einanber entfentt Itegen einjebie, mit Stii^fifellen gebedte, auS 
^(^Uf unb 9lienten gefHot^tene ^Utten. So^^i^F^ €(^aaren Demijt' 
berter @iim, ^ferbt unb anaulefet (nun fi^S^e fit jut frieblidien 
3ett metner 9Iei|e nix^ auf onbertt|aIb SmtUionni SUp^t) ft^nitnnen 
In ber ®tep))e um^er. T)'k ungeljeure SJernte^ning biefer £1|iere iB 
bet often BJelt ift um fo berounbemSMttrbiger, je mannigfaltiger bit 
©cfa^ren finb, mit benen fie in biefen ffirbfttic^en gu fampfen ^aben. 

SBenn uuttr bent fenhet^ten ©trofjt ber uiebewtlKten ©onnt bte 
berfoljlte ©raebeiJe in ©taub jerfaQen ift, tlafft bet er^artete Soben 
auf, ale ufire er Don mdc^tigen Srbfldgen erft^Utteil. €erllt)ren i^n lo 
bann entgegengefeljte Suftftrfimc, beten @tieit ft^ in heifenber i8e< 
tnegung auegleic^t, fo getoil^rt bie @bene einen feltfamen ^nblid. 
9Id trit^lerfiirmtge Solfen, bie mit i^reu @t)i^ an ber @rbe ^in< 
gteiten, fteigt bet €anb bompfartig bun^ bie tuftbUnne, etectrifc^ ge- 
labene ^itte bee SQirbele entfiOT : gteitf) ben raufi^enbcn SSaffer^Os 2S 
fen, bie ber erfa^me gt^iffer fttrcf)tct. Sin trttbea, faff ftro^farbi. 
ge9 ^olbliifit wirft bie nun fd)eiubar niebrigere ^immetebecTe auf bie 
BerBbete gtur. Der ^orijont tritt ptiJIjIit^ ndfier. (St oerengt bie 
BUppt, tate bas ©emiitf) be« SSonbercrS. :33ie ^eige, ftaubige @rbe, 
weli^e im nebelartig tierfi^Ieierten 3!)unfllreife f^ebt, Derme^rt bie 30 
ciftiifenbe Suftniirme. Statt SUtjIung fU^rt ber Ofdoinb neue 
@lut^ ^bei, tvenn er fiber ben langer^i^ $oben ^imve^t. 

Slu^ oerfi^minben albnd[|li^ bie Sadien, TotUlft bie getb gebleit^te 
gdt^erpatme Bor ber aUerbunftung fdififcte. SBie im eifigen SRorben 
bie 31)icre bun^ S&llt etftarren, fo fcfitunnnert ^ier, rnibemeglidi, 33 
baS Srocobii unb bie $oa<>@i^(ange, tief Dergraben in tro(tenem8et< 

lui. Uebcratl berfihtbiQt 'Cthre ben Xob ; unb bw^ QBrraU tcrfolgt 
ben XiUrftenben, \m <£pie(e bed gebogenen Ci(^trtiQ^(«, bad l^rugbilb 
bcfl wcllenfi^laflenben ffiSofferfpicgcl*. (Sm f(f)ma(er guftftreifen 
treunt bas feme ^cli^engebiifi^ Dom iBoben. <Si \<^mbt burt^ 
6 ft i e m u n fl fle^oben bei bcr ©erflfinmfl wngleid) erlDarmter tmb a[fo 
ungleti^ btt^ler Suftfdfif^ten. ^n finftere ©taubuoKen ge^UUt, Don 
^unger unb brennenbem ^urfte geitngftigt, fd)n»ifen $ferbe unb 
9?inber unt^ : biefe buntff aufbriiUenb ; jenc mit (anggeftrerftent 
|)alfe gegcn ben SQinb anft^naitbenb, urn burc^ bie Seu^tigteit be« 

10 ^uftftroma bie 915^ einec ntt^ gan} uerbatniiften Soi^e ju'eirati)en. 

^ebfi^tgei unb wrfdilagener, fudit bad 3RauIti|ier auf onbere 

3B(ife fcineti Xiucft ju linbem. (Sine tugelfdrmtge unb babei uief* 

t))ipige ^flattje, bet SffeIoncn<<Iactud, oerfc^Iiegt unter feiner ftot^' 

ligtn $UUe ein maffeneii^e^ ISJiaa. Wlit bem Sorberfuge f^ldgt 

16 bad anautt^ier bie €ta(^e(n fettnarts, unb wagt ti bam tr^t bie 
Sippen bel)utfani ju nSI)mi unb ben i&fjUn !Cifle[faft ju triufen. 
Stber baS ©^tipftn ouS bteftr lebcnbigtn oegetabilifdrtn Quelle ift 
ntc^l immec gefaI)r[oS ; oft ftel)t man 2:[)jere, roeb^e con @actu8> 
BtaHftin am {)uft gtI3^mt finb. 

10 Safgt Quf bie bnnnenbe $i^ bee Zaaei bie fiii^tung ber, ^ier 
tntmer glei^ longen ^aitft, \o !0nnen SRinber unb ^ferbe {elbft bann 
nit^t fii^ ber SRu^e rrfrrucn. Unge^eure Slebtnnaufe faugen iljnen, 
toa^renb beS @i^Iafe«, Danipl)rartig bai SSlut aue ; ober ^iingen fu^ 
an bem ^&dtn feft, mo fie eiternbe Sunben erregen, in Wtl^tlBloi* 

2s quitoe, ^ippobofcni unb eine Sifiaar ftei^enbct ^nftcteu ft4 an^e* 
bcfn. So fQ^ren bie 31)iere ein fcflineTienDoQee Scben, nenn doc 
ber ®[\itit ber Sonne bae IQiafyer auf bem (Srbboben nerfdminbet. 

Iritt enbli(^ nai^ tanger SSUrre bit n)o^(tt)attge SRegenjeit ein, fo 
verdnbert ft^ ptcl^Iic^ bie ©cene in ber @teppe. "SM tiefe SBlou 

so bee bie ba^in nte bflodllten ^imntele toirb lid)lcr, ftoum erfennt 
man bei 9ta(^t ben f^rcarjcn 9Iaum im ®CcniI)i(b bee fitblic^n 
ffreujce. jDet fanfte p^oepf)orarttge ©i^tmmer bee Sltagelianifc^en 
ffioBen wriifdit. ©elbft bie fifyiitetret^len (Seftime bee Sblere unb 
bee ©(^angentrfigeie leui^ten tnit Jittembem, minber planetarif(f)em 

35 Ctdite. ©ie ein ent(egene« ©ebirge, erfc^einl einjelnee &m6tt im 
©{Own, [enfcet^t auf^igenb am ^ocijonte. Siebelortig bceitm all' 

Utbcr bie &\tfpn nnb KQaften. ZIB 

ni8t|ti(^ bie otrme^rttn !Cilnftt fic^ titrn beii 3*'''*^ "*•'• "^^ ^^1** 
btnben 9}eQ(n Dcrfilnbigt ber feme IDomiei. 

$omn ift bie Cberftdi^e ber @tbe benegt, fo tiberjie^t fit!) bie buf' 
tnibe @teppe mit Sljllingicn, intt Dielrtt))igem $a»))alutn unb maiu 
nigfalttgen @rdfern. Siom @i[^te Qcreiit, enlfalten Irautactiges 
SDJiniofen i^re ge[enft fdjliunmeniben Sidtter, uub begrilgen bie iuiF> 
gelienbe Sonne, wit ber grU^gcfang ber ajiJgel nnb bie [litf Offnen- 
bni iBIill^en ber SBafferpflanien. '^^it nnb fRinber neiben nun 
in fcoiftm ©enuffe bed Sebenft. ^8 ^oc^ auff^iegenbe &rai btrgt 
ben fi^ngefledlen Oog"*^)^- dm fu^n SJerfled auflauemb unb lo 
bie SSeite bed einigcn Sprunged Dorftc^Iig mcffaib, er^afc^t er bie 
bcirUberjtef)enben S^iere, lafieiiartig, Uite ber aftatift^ ^tiger. 

JSismeilen fie^t man (fo trjii^Ien bie Singeborenen) an ben Ufem 
ber (Sttmpfe ben befeui^teten Cetten fw^ langfam ui^ fdioUenmeife 
er^ben. WHt Ijeftigem (Setiife, nie beim Sluebruc^e fleiner <3{t)Ianims is 
DuUane, mirb bie aufgenit^tte @rbe ifodf in bte Suft geft^leubert. 
SSer bee SlnbliiJ* lunbig ift, flie^t bie grfrf)einung ; benn eine ric 
fen^fte 3Saffer[c^(ange ober ein gepan^erted iSrocobil ftctgen ous ber 
©nift ^emor, bitrd) ben ccftcn 9tegengug aud bent @(^etntobe en 
toedt 20 

^ifcotUen nun allnia(|l((^ bie ^\ii.^c, mUt)t bie @bene fUbtit^ be> 
grenjen : ber 3lrauco, ber 'kpmt unb ber ^a^ara ; fo gioingt bie 
9Zatur biefelben S^iere, tuelc^ in bet erften Oo^n^Plft' ouf bem 
tvaffetleeren, ftaubigen $oben Dor S)urft oerfc^niodfteten, ali 
Slmp^ibien ju leben. Sin ^t\l ber @teppe erfi^etnt nun uie cin 2i 
wnermefitit^efl fflinninmaifer. 33if 2Butterpferbe jie^en fu^ mit ben 
gilCcn auf bie ^B^ertu SBSnle juriirf, wetdie infelfBmiig Uber bem 
©eefpiegel ^emorragen. 3)iit jebem lage uerengt fic^ ber trotfene 
dtamn. %\ii IDtangel an SStibe fditvtmmen bie jufammengebriing) 
ten ST^ert ftunbenlang um^er, unb nd^ren fi^ tttrgtic^ Don bet blits so 
^ben ©raSrifpe, bie fic^ iiber bem braungefdrbten gd^rtnben 3Bof> 
frr er^ebt. Siele ^Ullen ertnnlen ; Dtete loerben Don ben ^rocobi* 
fat er^af[f|t, mit bem jadigen St^monje jerfdimettErt, nnb Derfc^Iun* 
gen. 3Iii^t feiten bemerR man ^ferbe unb SRinber, totUife, bem 5Ro< 
(t)en biefer btutgteriqen, riefen^afttn Sibei^fen entfc^iipft, bie ©purss 
be« fpt^gen 3o^neS am ©^denlel trogen. 

ffin foI(^ anbtid eriimttt rnmrilfltt^riii^ btn emfttn ©eobo^ter 
an bie Siegfanifcit, mit mUfix bie alle« oneigneitbc 91atur geiriife 
2n)ie« unb ^Mi"* &'0itit ^l. SBJie bie me^lreii^cn griu^te bet 
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©irte, bort bie Dottelpalme btn ennabettn ©tier Dor bem ©trafjl ber 
iKiUaflftfonne. Ditfelbt a^ierflathing, mel^t im Sftli^tn Cutopo 

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ftriifie Don ben anflrifftn ber lifler imb ber Stocobile bebroljt. 

aber nit^t bie Srocobile imb ber iJafluar aOeiii fttHot ben [ab. 
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aeffibrlitben fjcinb. ®ie iSuinpfroaffcc oon «era iinb SRoftro finb 

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Stper ««« jebem I^jile bit erfr^Uttemhe ^raft nai^ mami,r aufc 
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ma^tifl flenug bie grBeten I^iert ju tbbttn, meun fif i^re nerDenrcidjen 
Drflone auf einmol in giinftiget SRidjtung enllabtn. Sl^ic ^tepptiu 
ftro^e w>n Uritueu mufite einft oerdnbert merben, weil fit^ bie ©^m* 
iiDttn in folifter SWeiige in einem giiigdjen ongctiauft fatten, bag 
ia^rlif^ tor iBetiiubung oielc '5|Jferbe in bet gu^rl ertranlen. atu^ 
fliefjen oKe anberen Sif(^ie bit 9!ii^e bitftr furiljtbaren ^ale. ©elbft 
ben Sngelnbtn am (lo^tn Ufer fi^reifcn fie, iiienn bie feiid)te ©djnur 

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trifc^ta geutr au« btm ©diooge btr ©tmflffer au8. 

®n moierif^efl ©(^fpitt gtrnfifirt ber gong ber ®^mnoten. 
{plan jagt Smoull^lert unb $ferbe in eintn ©umpf, xotldfen bie 0"* 
bionet eng umgingeln, bi« ber ungemo^nte Sormen bie mutljigen 

30 gifi^ i""" ^fltiff rtiji. ©rfjfangenortig fie^t man [it ouf bem 

^ia^tt fi^mimmtn unb [id), Dtrfi^lagen, unter ben iSaui^ btr $ferbt 

brangen. SCon biefen trtitgtn Bitle btr ©tdrfe rnifu^lbarer ©tfiiage. 

■ gjiit gtftraubttr OTiifint, f^iuuibeiib, milbe ^ngft im funfetnben Suge, 

Hitmen oiU)ere ba« tobenbe Ungemitter. Hber bie ^nbianer, mit langen 

«»arab««ftaben beioaffntt, tttiben fte in bie W\ttt ber got^e imiict. 
aillmttl)li(t| I«|t bie SW^ be» ungleiilien aampfe* noi^. SBit ent* 

UcbtT bit @t(ppen unb SQfltn. ZIT 

fobtne SBoIInt jer^uen f"^ ^^i ennilbeteti t^fi^e. ®ie bebtlrfcn 
ma langtn Stu^e unb ettifr retc^lii^en ^^at)ntng, mn ju fammcln, 
WM fie an Qatnonift^ firaft berf^toenbet ffabta. ©t^ndi^fr unb 
f(frnHi(i)er erfc^Uttent nun aUmili)lii^ tE|rt ©fridge. Siotn ©cciiufi^ 
btr ftaiR)ifenbtn ^feibe etfiliitdt, na^tn fie fu^ furc^tfam bem Ufer, 5 
Wo fte but(^ ^arpune Derwunbet unb mtt bUtrem, nii^t Uitenbem 
^otjc auf bit (Steppe gejogen merben. 

!^te£ ift bei tDunberbare Sampt ber $ferbe unb i^ifclie- ^o^ un> 
fli^bar bte Icbenbige 9Saffe btefcr SBafferbeno^ner ift ; xoa», bun^ 
bie JBeril^ninQ feud(itet unb ungletdiartiger 3::^ci(e ertntctt, in alien 10 
jDrganen ber ^\nt unb ^flanjen umtreibt ; waS bte weite $inime[d:> 
btdt bonnernb entflammt, roai (£tfen an Sifen biitbet unb ben ftiUen 
mi^eile^rcnben ®ang ber Icitenben ^abet [enft : alleS, U)ie bie ^arbe 
be4 get^eilten Std)tftrat|le, fliegt an9 Qinei QueQe ; ailed f^mtljt in 
cine eniQe, allDerbrettete ftraft }ufammen. 16 

Qd) Wnnte ^ier ben flewagfen SBerfui^ einefl SJotutgemttfbefl ber 
@leppe fi^liegen. Vber nie ouf bem Ocean bie $f)antafie fii^ gem 
mit ben ©ilbetn femcr Kiiften bejc^iiftigt, fo rcerfen ouf^ mir, efje 
bie grofie (Sbene und entfdiminbe^ Dormer einen flitd)tigen S8lid auf 
bie Qrbftrit^e, VKlUt^ bie ©teppe begrenjen. 10 

8lfri(a'8 norbliiiie Silfte fti^eibet bte beiben aJtenfc^enorten, meitfte 
nrfprilnglid) bemfelben SBeitt^eil onge^iJien rnib beren unau«ge> 
glic^ncr ^toift fo alt old bie SR^tfie Don Ofirid unb 2:i)p^Du fdfetnt. 
Stiirblii^ Doni jUlad Ivo^nen f(^Itc^t> unb lang^aarige SBbiterftomnte 
Don gelber garbe unb laulafif^er ©efu^tdbilbung. ^gegen lebeii 25 
fliblit^ uom Senegal, gegen iSuban ^in, fKcget^ortien, bie ouf mans 
ntgfaltigen @tufen ber SioUifatton gefunben roerben. ^n ^ittel' 
^fun ift, bur^ bte ntongolift^c @teppe, fibirifi^e 93arbaret Don ber 
nrotten anenfiiienbilbmtg auf ber §albinfe( oon ^inboftan gettennt. 

3lu(fi bie fUbanierilanifc^en (Sbenen begcenjen bo« ©ebiet euro'so 
pdtft^ei |)a[I)Cultur. StcirblicI), jn<tf(^cn ber @^birgetette Don !Sene> 
)ue(a unb bem antilltfc^en 3){eere, liegen generbfame ©tJibte, reinlic^ 
S)i}rfer unb forgfom bebaute j^luren an tinanber gebrdttgt * Selbft 
Jhinftfmn, miffenfc^aftlif^ iSilbung unb bie eble Siebe ju @itrger> 
frei^eit ftnb longft barinnen enoat^t. ss 

&egen ©iiben umgiebt bie ©teppe cine ft^auberDoOe fOSiOmig. 

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Zoufnibia^riet SSiUbn, etn unbtnt^bringltt^ liDldi^t, erfSOm ben 
feiv^ten Qrbftric^ juiff^ bem Orinoco unb bem 91nia}onenftromt. 
SI?d(f)tiQC, birifarbtge @ranitinaffen oerengni baS ^ett bei fi^iiinctb 
ben ^lUffe. Snrge unb SSJdlber ^alfen roiebtr oon bent 3)omin' bei 
6 ftttrjfnbm ©afyn, eon bon ®tbrUII brt rigfrartigen 3flfliKir, ton 
bcm bumpftn, regenMrfUnbenbcn ®fittni btr bSMigm Sf^ 

:G}o btr \tidftt @tron! rine @anbbont Ubrig Idgt, ba litgen tnit 
Dfftnem 9Ia(^, mibeiwglirfi rale iJdaftUcte ^ngrftredt, oft bebtdt 
mit 9}SgeIn, bit ungefi^kt^tcn SHiptr bee @roc(^[Ie. S)en ©d^iui) 

10 um tinen Saunuift befefttgt, jufammeiiflerollt, (auert ant Ufer, i^rtr 
©eute gewig, bie fi^brett-fleiise ©oa^i^Iongt. ©i^ikU etrtroUt 
iinb tiorgeftrttft, ergrttft fit in btr gurt^ ben jungen @rier ober baS 
f(f)»a^ iDSilbpret, unb jwangt ben SRaub, in ®elftr ge^ftKt, mB^ 
fam buri^ btn [(i)nKl{enben |)atd. 

U 9n biejer grogtn unb mltbtn 9Iatur Itben mannigfaltige ®t\dfiti^ 
tec btr fBltt^dfm. SDutH) inunberbare SJerfc^iebtn^dt ber 'Spriuiita 
gtfotibert, finb ehtfge nomabtfi^, bem %(ferbQU fnmb, 9Intti|en 
©unimi unb Erbe genieSenb, rin ausmurf ber Sffieiiftf)^tft (mit bie 
Otomofen unb ^arurtn); aitbtrt angefitbett, Don relbfterjielten 

so )$rU(^ten gend^rt, oerftdnbig unb fanftectr @itten (mie bie SRaqut' 
ritarec unb 3Racoe). ©rage SlSume jroifc^n bein Saffiquiare uiU> 
bem atatiapo finb nur Dom Zapit unb von geftQigcn Stffen, ntc^ 
bon SKenf(^, bemotint. Qn gelfen gegcobent ©ilbec beweifen, 
bag aud) biefe SinSbe einft ber ©iQ ^i)f)ertT @uttur mar. @tt jtugen 

26 fllr bit tuec^feliibtn ©(^icffote ber SQoitet • mit eS auc^ bie ungtei^ 
tntwitfelttn, biegfamtn ©proc^ t^un, wel^K ju btn aiteften unb 
HnDergflnglidifttn ^iftorift^en Denfrafilem ber ailenft^^t ge^iJrtn. 

SBenn ober in ber ©teppe SHger unb (Srocobile mit ^fcrbtn unb 
JRinbtm fdmpfen, fo fe^en ntr an i^rem tvatbigen Ufer, in ben 

90 Silbniffen ber @uqana, enig ben SRenfi^ gegen ben 3Rtnf^ 
gtrUfttt. anit unnatlMi^r Segitr trinttn I)ier ttn^elne Stilfer* 
ftiimme boS ouSgefogene iSIut iffrer i^be ; aiibert ntUrgcn, ft^in* 
bur niaffenlo^ unb boi^ jum Worbe Dorbtrtitet, mit Dtrgiftetem 
Daum-iRaflel. Dit fi^wili^n §orbrn, wenn fie bai fonbigt Ufer 

wbetreten, oertilgen forgfont mit ben ^&xAm bie ©pur t^rcr f^Odf- 

¥ut unb (bmnonic 21B 

©0 bettrttt ber SRenfii) mif ber unterften ®tuf( t^iertf(|ec 9lo^dt, 
fo im ©dteiHglanje [einer ^D^eren ^Ibitng fii^ \tctd tin tnil^cDoUe^ 
Griien. ®D oerfolgt bm sionbcrer ilber btii iceitcu <£rbfreie, Ubcr 
Wtti unb Sanb, mie ben @e^i(^tsfoifi^er burdi a(lt Oa^r^unberte, 
baS einfiirmiBe, treftiofc ^ilb beS ent)B)ttteit @cfd)Ic(^te. fi 

SJatiita Mrfmit, iwr im unflef^licfiteteii ^loift ber aJdHer noi^ 
gtii'tigcr 9hi^ ftrtbt, gent ben ^id in ba« ftillf Sebtn ber $f(anjen 
imb in ber ^iltQen 9taturfeaft iitntre^ Strfen ; ober, ^ingegtben bem 
oiifleftommten SEriebe, ber feit 3ol)rtaufenbeit ber aWenft^ iBruft 
burdjgttl^t, bliift er o^nbimgiMill oufimicts ju ben f)o^en ©eftimen, i« 
l0el(^ in ungefliirteni StnBang bie tiU, emtge ^^tt Dollenben. 


^u^ unb Srttmiinie. 

Untcr oDen lebenbigen i^dfip^ta tft ber ^}ia^i) in feiner natiir* 
lidien SBe^Iofif^t ba« einjige, bai jitr (Srretdfung feiner $tt)tde 
auf ben @ebtauii| dm Skrtjeugen ongttDlefen i|t SDie gd^igtttt, 
fie ju bemi^n, btrut)f nic^t alfein auf ber a}?udlelfraft ber Sruie, u 
fonbern ^iingt in fet)T t)o^em SHa^ Don ber l^^t ber @m))finbung 
unb Don etner mi^orbentlii^ Seii^gfdt unb @ic^ei(rcit ber !8or> 
fteUungeaffKiotionen ab. Siegt ein @tab in unferer ^nb, (eii^t 
umfaft, fo bag fetneSeiDegtmgen eiirigen @)){eli;ainn I)oben, fo brilift 
er on Derfi^icboien ©tellen bie Dbtrftiit^e unferer ^ut ^enee 20 
f(^nb«r nnniittetbare®efU!)l, ba« mir in jebem augenblide Don bee 
Sage unferer ©lieber fjaben, fel|rt mt brart^eiten, ob biefe ougen. 
bli(tli(^ gebriliften ©tellen unferer §anb burdj eine gerabe ober 
fnintme, bnn^ eine fentrecfite ober uagera^tc Sinie unter eimmber 
Dcrbunben nrrben Rfrnien ; biefet^ ^onn unb Sage fdireiben mir bent zs 
@tabe JU, ber biefe Smfifinbttngen oeronlagt. ®erdt^ ber @tiri> in 
©thiegimg, fo loetftfeEn Don SDIoment ju aSoment bie gebrttdten 
$an(te unferer ^out ; fiir Jebtn biefer augeubfirfc bercrfw't uiifere 
ruinlitfie ^ijontafie bie SRt(^tung ber Sfnie, In loet^r bee ©tab Dor« 
liberge^b Itegt, unb erjengt jugletd} eine SJorftellung bed ^untted, so 
in loeltiiem oUe btefe 9ttd|hingen etnonber fi^etben. Straf boS eine 
<Ssii)t M ^abe« trgenb einen X^erftonb, ber e« aufl)ieil, unb lonnte 

tun: baft anbere buti^ btf Srtvteintgm unTtrtr ^nb )m 9tainnt ^n> 
umgrffi^it torrbcn, fo liegt jenrr liDurt^fc^ftt in bent ^untte, ht tori' 
(^ ber ©tab baft icibctftc^enbe Cbjfct berfi^rt ; in btefnt $unft, 
ber oHtc imfettr mmiitfelbami (£nn)fhibmi9 bimfiauB entjogoi ift, 
6 MTltflen wir baft mirfti^ empfunbtne ®efB^l befl SSMbcrftanbrt, iinb 
glaubrn mm bfe SerU^nme brt ©tobefl nrit ban wm niift entfetnttn 
Object sanj cbrnfo untnttttlbar finnlt(^ }n an))fhibtn, tole feint Sc* 
rU^nnte mit bet gttl^t unfner {tanb. Kuf bltfem bo))t)eIten SQt- 
ififinntQftgrfU^Ie, etner too^It^Ktigen @tnnefttSnf(^ung, bem^t ber 

io®etira«d) aHer aBerTjeuge ; Wneft eon i^nen wttrbe lenffom gemiB 
file unft fein, toemi wtt bloft fefn I)ofein fn ber fftfirenben $anb, raib 
nl(^ mft fltei(^ finnlii^er sWttic^fcit frin ffihtflreifen in baft ju be< 
^onbelnbe Watenol. getoo^r toiirbcn. 'Sim unter biefer Sebingung 
ift ber Dortaftenbt @tod bem ^[inben, bie ©onbe bem Siiinbarjt 

lb n&^ic^ ; ^ber imb ^infel loiirben ungefUge STHttel in ber $anb 
bee @4reibcnben ober 3Ra(enben fein, menn n>ir ntt^t nmnttttlbar 
i^re 9erllf|nmg mit bem ^opiere ftt^lten, unb wenn ni(f|t brr feine 
^jnpinct, ben imfere Srfa^nmg atlina^Iig ouftbilbet, unft noi^ liber* 
bleft Iel)rte, bie RHnen ftrihnnuingen, bie bie[e etaftifi^en 2BerI}eugc 

JO unter bem Druife tmferet $anb erlribtn, in ber JBeiirt^tang i^ 
(fimoirtenft auf bit ilugere §l(l(t)e mit in 9tnfd)lag ju bringen. 3Ref' 
fer unb @abe[ nitrben einen St^tK ibrer Seftimmung Derfeblen, 
nenn roir nm bie Sage ibrtft ©riffeft in ber {»anb, mdft baft @inbnn> 
gen i^rer @(^neibe in bie @egenftclnbe jugteiti) ftt^Iten ; jebe Smu 

26 gung ber ©trirfnobel K^t unft jugleii^ bie leife ©(wmrang fii^len, 
mit »e(rf)er iljr freiefl 6nbe fii^ in bem gaben fttngt ; beim 9Iilt)en 
ft^int unfere SSSa^melimmtg unmittelbar in bet @pi|e bet Slubet 
gegemoiirtlg jn fein, unb loir emppnben, wie fie gneift bo« ®e. 
loebe in einen erfiabenen ©ipfel tior fi^ ^erbe^nt, um borni mit 

soeinem )]Iil^i(^ @to^ flinbun^jubringen. @o fi)(|It femer ber 
^oljfiauer neben bem Slnfirall beft Sl^tieieft gegen feine ^onb 
au(^ ifiren jifc^enben (Einft^nitt in H9 $0(3, fo ber ©olbat 
baft ©nbringen friner ffiaffe in baft gleifi^ beft Oegnerft ; fo 
freut fic^ bit Wofiett borttber, bag f" bie ©i^Iitge, bie fie ouft* 

as t^lt, i^rerfeite mitgeniegen larni ; fie ^Ute tein Skrgn&gen am 
Sdmterje beft anbem, wenn fie tii^tjj||rili^^ baft Huffi^en 

$u|) unb Stmnonit. Stl 

twA Bioia Quf fetneu iRllden mit btr erti|ten fumlii^ S)eut(id)< 
feit tnitfii^lte. 

^1^ brauc^e nt(f)t loetter ju erinnern, melt^cd ougnorbtntlidie 
^ilfSmittel jUE Utiterfud)Uit(| bet ©egenftdnbe ut bie[ent 93er^aUcn 
unferd Xiiftfiimee liegt, unti tote tfl und ^itibiurd) gelingt, Obtecte, e 
bie buri^ ^teinl)eit ober Uiijueilitgticf)teit fid) uitferct unmitUlbarm 
Slnfaffung entjit^, in JQejUfl auf i^re i$onn, |)iirte, (Slafticitdt unt) 
SJmcglii^feit ju ))nlfeiu ^(^ enod^ne femer iiitr tuij, bag ui(i|t 
bit ^dttbe atlein, fonbtni bee ganje £or))er, oiiioo^t in oeTfc^iebenen 
£l)ei(en mit Deifi^itbener getn^ett, unb oft bui(^ noc^ anben €ebin> id 
guitfttn unterftiitst ii^uUt^n: SSa^tnt^uumijeR fa^ig ift. "SDtx un< 
nai^giebige @tdn untei unfent Sliftn gibt une eiu anbaei @efU^l, 
als bit ^iSIjerne @tufe einei Ixtppt obet bie @pio[[e tiner Seittt, 
bie beibe buri^ unfei ©cnii^t in Sf^niinBiingen tun tjeift^iebcntr 
lIBcite unb @e((^ioinbtaIeit ber Sieber^olung Deife^ nierben. 31n is 
ben Untei[d)tebeR biefer @(f)ivingungen unter[d)etben Ivtr lei^t, ob 
bie (Sproffe bei Setter bieit obei f(^a( ift, unb uir glauben unniit' 
tetbar i^ie Siingt, fouie bie $imfte, in benen i^tt ^tn< unb tKrgeE|en< 
ben ©djmingungen fief) freujen, niimlii^ i^ie ^efeftiaungSpunEte, in 
bem Setterbaume mit jU fUtjIen. ©elbft ob eine biegfame @tange, so 
an ber toir im X)unteln rtittein, nur mit einem ober mit betben (&a* 
ben in aRaueitDort eingelaffen ober fonft befeftigt ift, ob toir fie na^e 
btm ficien l£nbe ober ntt^er on i^rem feften ergriffen ^alitn, aUeS 
bie« metnen tok nic^t burcf) JRdfoRnement erft ju finben, fonbern 
DiiUtg ferttg f(^etnt unA bie tSmpfinbung felbft aUe biefe jteraitniffe as 
ju enl^oltoi. iSben fo fliif^g mill id) enblic^ anbeuten, bag biefe 
auffJiUigeii iSrf^einuneen oon benen in :9etra(i)t gejoflen UKrbai 
muffen, benen baS ^ftl^t iveli^ loir beftiinbig oon ben Untriffen, 
ben Sagen unb Semegungen unferfl eignen S6tpct9 befi^, nur 
bun^ bie Stnno^me ertldrliifi fdieint, ta^ bie em)ipnbenbe ©eele bun^ so 
ben gonjen Umfong beS SetbeS ftd) ergiege ober onbreite. ^n ben 
nmii^ten gdUen otrbctitet fi^ bte ©eele mx^ loeiter ; gang mit 
bem gleid)en Uberrebenben ^djtim, mit nelc^em fie vot^ in ben 
gingerfpi^ gegenwartig ju fein fc^ien, ift fu je^ tta^me^menb unb 
empfinbcnb aui^ an bem (Sxibt bti @todee, ber <SoRbc, ber ?!abetu 
jusegcn. 9Iiemattb Utrb enifUii^ glauben, bag fie ft^l ViiitiiiSi Uric 

ctn rftftrlfi^ ^ibum tn im SDhnncnfe IM @f6niit^ fn Mefr 
ffiJerljeuge ^inein erfliepe obtr Dcrliingere ; — otraio^I, »er !omi mtf' 
(fii Wq8 nit^t bo^ am Cnbe ^nnanb fliaiiblirfi fanbt ? ®iW mon 
abcT }u, bo^ nur ttne ilugrrft tnamtigfattige 9}crtfttmig t)on !Borftct> 

6 luiifloi biefen ©t^in einer mi^ctVIb ber Orenjot itnftrfl fftJrpcrs jii 
©tflnbt lomramben (Smpfinbiins erjeugt, fo tnhrb man jugeben, ba| 
nod) weit lciii)ter unb burd) tint Hijen jfetti foltfin' omnitttlnbtn 
i^rfttlfuRQRt bei ®^n nitfte^ lonn, al8 ware bie ©trie mtmiti 
tctbar in jrt>an @innt8organt tinb in fcbem ^unfte be« ffibrtinre jui 

M etgw, Don btm {it im auflcnblide ginbrfiife iibtrlicfert er^ftlt. ^ 
unfmi gegniraiirltgni 3>iieil ift ti gteii^giltig, ju tvcti^er Snetmmg 
man {xif fd)lagen mag ; ob ©djetn obcr ©irflii^Wt, jebtnfallS ift 
bits ^mairttretcn ber (Snujfinbmig liber ble ©renjcn be* JtBrptrs 
tin nnmitttlbotrt ®efU^I unfcrer ginnlicijleit ; ift e8 Ifiufi^img, fo 

isfU^rt nic^tebeftomenigrr bicfe 2:irii[d)ung mi ju febenbigcm anilrr> 
faffen ber iDinge au|er uni unb i^rer SSerdnbeningen, nnb gdutl^nt 
unS Quf etne fUr bte SuSbitbung unfcrer Seltouffaffintg unentbel)r> 
Hilt SfBeife tn tin ^''finni'oilfbm mit if|«cn I)inein. a>a6 obcr un« 
fere Sntnil^ung noi^ anbere golgen aitS btefem $er^altcn ber 

90 Sinntic^Ieit emtet, molten Uir It^t nodi ju jeigen )>erfud)en. 

Sie sorigen Setfplete betrafen ben n^idjen ®ebraud|, ben mir 
Won SSJerfjeugen jur Umgeftaltung ttufierer ©egenpHnbe motften ; an« 
bere i^nen Demanbte fU^rcn unS ju ben SRitteIn, mUl)t ber SRenfi^, 
ot)ne anbertn Sx^tS, Jur SSerft^dnerung ftine« ctgnen ^bcndgcfil^' 

3fi tee benu^t. @e ift Don bem ^}u^ bie JRcbe, ju bent mi afitin tin 
iirfljrflngfii^, fe!bp ben Kffcn nur rin noi^a^mcnber SErieb anieitet. 
Sffiir fdjweigen Don anbem ©rftdftflpunften, bie t^eife ber 2Wilf|e ber 
Setrai^hmg ni(^t roert^ fmb, t^eifS anbere (Stlegenfieiten erroartcn 
mtiffen, Don bem %i^ ber jtteiber gegen bit Uinotrt^ficfifett be8 

90 Atlma, Don ber @^nitiaflig(eil, bie fie jur Ser^fiUnng nafitt ; niir 
nadf bem @Tunbe beA SJergniigenS fragen nir, weUfti fie unb an' 
bere «[rten be« ®dfmu(fe« ber menft^Iii^en ©eefe bereitwi. ©r licgt 
fetneeneg^ attctn in ber :!Befriebigung ber <BttUnt, bie Don 9(nbertn 
bewunbert fctn will, fonbem In elner ©teigerung unb Sercbtung befl 

96?ebenagefui)(«, bie ber Oefdfmiitfte on fltft fcfbft erfil^rt OTur bie 
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unferer ))erfitnli(^ <Spftenj bie ut bie Snbeii unb ObeiflJii^n biefee 
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gaiten fremb ift, t^eiCe etner ungeicii^nlic^en Sponnung, jjeftigteit 
ober ©idjer^eit miferer ^toltung. 

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envS^nen, burt^ $opfbebe<fungen mtii ^gbefleibungen erjeugt, bie 

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redjten, bie bur^ i^ren @(f)n)etpuntt ge^t, bie obcn erTOti^nte @tatige ; 
i^ Sect^ fUr bae @efli^I fteigt mit itjrer $it^e unb jum 2^eil mit 
i^rer gorm, bonn nilmlii^, roenn bie (egtere eine ajiaffenoert^eilimg 

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imb juglet^ bd bem abnei(i)en Don ber fenfrediten ERii^tung eine 
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anftrengung ber SWnefetn Uberttunben toetbcn mug. 9iut [oboKi 
biefee Ungleit^geraii^t bro^t, ift bie jfopfbebedung Don SEBert^ ; im 

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Uoi bie i$itn^lerlt(^Feit ober S^raUrbigfeit ber ^igiti fUr btn SinMid 
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tnut^ nlt^t, fonbtm erregen bie ©tinunung, ole fel eine umfitnglidle 20 
Sufgabe auf ©i^ftern geicgt, bte jui UntrtftU^g nii^t audretd|ciL 
SSon ben Sufbefldbungen ttm&fjxtt i^ nur bie ^o^ S[bfd^, ukIe^ 
ivieber iene @tange reprdfentiren, loie flc^ bie« on ben @t({jen jeigt, 
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nif^t. Wlan lam ^injufOgen, bag jeber ©tiM^ ben tnir nit^t al9 
©iU^e broud^en, fonbem al8 ©pielmer! in ber ^anb trogen, baft- 
feibe Sewugtfein einer Seriiingerung unferer $erfttnlii$feit, bi9 
in frtne ®))1^ ^inetn envedt, beren iSntfemimg unb bcren ^erlt^ 3» 
rung nrit ben dlcgenpttt^en toic ia umnittetbar fUi|len. Slmte* 


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ft^letft, fik^Ien fte fenie SecU^nme mit bem Soben ; netm tc frti 
brim Saufe in bet guft fc^minflt, fii^len (k, je langer er ift, utn fo 
bentlitfier biefe ®(^»ingUBQen bis in fetn Ulfiti l^nbe {|inein ; jo 
^aben fie itetnlitti bcnfelbcn @eiuig einet mtdi bfefei @eite i)\n basx^i 

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alien 3^en bat Qbtal ber Stoilettentutift gelvefen. ^t bo^ ft^on 
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faltigteit leijenber Setoegnngegefli^le }u umgeben, tear natih> 
itt^ bie erfte Hofgabe ber $[|ontafte; m^ ee ibUi)m nidrt iaantig> 
li^ fein, mi ber iform bed vm ben einjelnen SiiBtm tiei>i)tgug< 

15 ten Sopfpu^ mif bie gdrbung i^rtr ^^ontafie, awf i^re SJortiebe 
fitr grSgere ©trenge unb geftigfeit, ober fiir geniolerm ©c^ung 
jurttd juff^liegen. !Sie 3)?uf(^tn, bie (Sta^orallen, bte ®teine unb 
^oi^ftucten, miUft bie 3n'>!Dncrin ^ngoib imb ftftlmmlcnb ma 
i^re {KmbbiOi^ let^t, bie O^tringe, bie flattemben ^bttangenben 

so^iinber mtb @ttrtelenben unferer SRiibdKn, bie feii^tfifiioe&enben 
Songff^Kuren, bie fi^ioermn jTrobb^ unb Quaften ber Unlfonnen, 
gODtc^fl pmbnllrenbe ttetten unb ffreuje, geberbUfi^e, U^ge^ilnge, 
me^enbe ©rfrfeier imb Sfflilntel ; oQe biefe 3Kttte( menbet bie fttfarf. 
finnige $^ntafte an, mn noi^ oQtn @eiten ^tn ni(^t mn: tmfer 

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unfere ®eflt^^ utiler b«n (Stnbnufe ber eigotttiffKn Afnbtr an. 
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triigt ft(^ auf un2 uie dn SJcrbienft unfercr eigtnen $aUung Dber. 19 
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bun^ ben ftiii))rt audgefttUt wirb ; bd jtber 43crU^nmg bkfcc flcifen 
Um^ttlfung nirb bie ©ponnung unb Seftigleit i^re« @efiigeS buri^ 
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fit^« ; bie erften ^lAttber, bie bnnfi ©tcge gefpannt futb, trfttUen 
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fHijii nnlibenoinblif^eT aufre^ter ©tmr^dt ju Derfenfen, bai fie i^nt 
JU gehifl^ Berfpri(^. 3" I'M" Snippnbung ber geftiflldt, We e8 
nidit gonj Derfdimii^t, mifc^t bas ^Sbtttm bae ®efU^ dnet jocteren is 
Idt^tbeiDcglldKn Um^UQung; benn in ber ^at finb bit bufttgen 
SJellen Idi^tn [(^(derorttgei @toffe, mit benen ful) fdne gteftolt 
mngibt, m(^t bloS onmul^ig fttr ba« %uge ^tberer. SMe Xriigerin 
fdbft Vjt vittnu^ mit intern @efUi)l unmittetbar gegemoihitig In alien 
ben jorten l3ogen, bie nur menige Spuntte bet ^ut offi Idi^te Soften w 
berit^, unb bodi bun!) biefe $inilte bie Sdte, bie Sdc^tigfdt unb 
SSSdt^eit i^reS @^unge8 jur beut(i(^fteti fumlic^en (Smpftnbung 
brtngen. Qa fdbft bas S^ergniigen, baS une ein foti^er %tbl{(t 
gcntt^, bern^t neit nienigei auf ber ©efiilltghit ber ©enanbfonnen, 
Wddie Wir fe^en, aid Dtdme^r barauf, ba§ nir une tn ba9 p^ontart* U 
i\i^ (teUii^ ober jieriic^e Seben^gefit^I 1)iitnnbettfen Knnen, utfi^ 

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gnitn @tftalt nnflb^ tnUffni. Sfuf benfttben ©rttnben btru^t t4 
cnbllt^, bag cine ffinftlic^e &^(e^S Derlortngegongenn SerptrfUQe 
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e;racten Se^re Dom ^it^ ben nStnlii^ ^tenft geleiftet, bat fitfitiler 

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9(u«beutunfl, unb nenbe mii^ ju me(|reten Sifc^einuneeii, in benen 
bicfelbe (ier beoboditete ^leigung, unmittelbar gcQebene 9!otun>er> 
Ejiittntffe tnit iiftf)etif^r SBiliHi^r }u dnbent unb i^ren Siert^ ju 
fteigent, in einer entft^aftemi tUeife fiif) fanb gibt. 3n alien ^aii< 

16 iungen, Don ber einfa^en Sewegung bed Sttrperd Hi ju ben Deo 
nicfelten ^ebendeinric^tungen, jeigt fi(^ biefer {long, an bie ©telle 
bet nottirliifien SIblaufei ber (Sreigniffe etne ceremoniiife Oriimtng jtt 
fe^n, bie ifiren Urffining innr tn bem SQIUen bed Subiectee I^at, unb 
bo4 nttt bent anffrntcl auftritt, fie fo ju orbnen, iDle fie fetn mfiffen. 

20 j)ie anmut^ige ^onnonie ber ©Iteberbemegungcn ift neber ein 
(Ergebnig ber IBilbung, nn^ ^ngt fie tiber^oupt in betrJit^tlidiem 
©robe Don bent SBert^ unb bent @entud bed geiftigen Seben« ab ; 
fie ift Qonj bun^ ben SOIangel aa SBiberftonb bebingt, ben bie meijai 
nif(f»en ®efe^ ber JSemegung in bem Mrlilnunertm J9ou bed Siv 

u pere finben Knnten. 91ic^t nur {ebce int notUrlii^en ^ufiutbe ber 
9re)I|eit lebenbe 2:^ier entraitfetl niit DitUiger Unge^nungen^ett bie 
annratfi friner ©ottmig, fonbem Jebe aKarionette, fobalb ifire ©lie- 
ber mit freiem ©piebuum unb o^ne ^iitbentbe JRetbung an i^iem 
ffOrper befeftigt wiiren, BthAe in l^ren fflewegungen, nac^ mei^ni. 

3D f(^ ®efe^ aUein, alte )ene fRunbung bed ©c^tvungeS unb jene 
Ubereinftimmenbe ^nnonie in ben Sa^nen i^rer wrfi^ebenen ©lie* 
ber jeigen, bie tnir an bem tebenben ^rper fo oft aid feelcnDsQen 
8Iudbni<} belmmbem. ^n ber X^at taiirb bied ^ier jum S[udbru(t 
ber @eele, ober botfi nur barum, neil eine ®ee(e Dor^ben tft, beren 

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@^n^eit fdner JSetvegungdconfequena in 9nreguna Derfe^ @o 

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fe^ roit, mif o^at icgenb a^Midjt seiftigt gultur, bie iBaDt^mi 
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cnger monotoner ISrfa^rBngetreifi bie jRegfatntett ber finnli[t)tn @ee[e 
abflumpft, too enblic^ bie ^biDerfemilgige ^eilung ber Sbbeiten 
bttn iHxptt bfftftnbifl bie Uebung finer dnjigen einfeitigen SBrnt- 
gungerci^e aufiiitti|igt XMmt ge^t biefe ^^n^ Derlortit, t^dlS 
nwgen betf ww^fenben Klberftoitbee, ben bie %iregungni bet @ede lo 
hi ben nnjclcnt getoorbenen @(iebcm finbtn, ttieile ivegen bei june^ 
nunben ^ifie^xaa ber @eele, bie biefe ^ttgungen mtr f)»rfiun noc^ 
trjcugt. ©0 fte^en moni^ gtUdliifte SSiiQet ber ©ttbfet mit ber 
@c^tfnE|eit unb l£(afttcitflt tt)rer ^trotguRgen, tvie i^n trftta (Snt^ 
bedrr fie xaa fc^ilbem, ben flimolifc^ bdnldten S&taof^iaa ber is 
^lorjone, fo uic bem bun^ bie ©c^ere einfilrmtger ^btit itnge< 
f(^(& geiDDTbaten Senefimen ber Sutotidtr gtgenUber. ^e ^d^tre 
Sifbung, »enn fie bie Sinmut^ tiirtwrlit^ :@eiuegung niebergetoinnt, 
erjeugt ni^t ttaai Sleitet, fonbem riluint nut bie ^inbenriffe f^n* 
uwg, Ivel^ ben %bel bed natiiriidien ^tnegungenie^aniSnuiS in* to 
ctuftircn. &)t fie aber jur 9{atur DQUig junitlR^rt, tonimt fie jur 
SRonier. ^ei alien SSblfem, bnen Seben n>fr anf(^uli(^ genug ten> 
ncn, ^t fu junil^ft eine (fttquette be« Snftanbes, einen ©t^I befl 
SSmt^mtta cingeftt^rt, ber bie natlii(ii!^e :SBett)egItc^teit meifttrte, ^ie 
unb ba ettDoe an i^ret Seb^ftigfrit abbiot^, unb bort ©eberben ^in< 25 
jufttgte, bit trintn @runb fit ber Drgontfation be« fttir))er< unb in 
ber Mrbeftimmttn Srt f|oben, in mi^ftt er bie 3"ff'"'>c ^ ®^ 
VB&S^ iwm Suttnnf ju bringtn ^at. @o gloubt audi pterin, in 
btefer WiOKt^Iidien fiattung, ber Snenfdi baS, 0)00 fein foO, beffec 
alS an ber ^onb ber SRatur }u ftnben. so 

@eine fSrperlic^ Xriebe fui^t ba9 ^ler in bem Slugenbticfe unb 
fai ber 8{eiE|enfoIge i^refl ^treten« ju btfnebigen unb fennt teinen 
snbem S'^td babel al« eben btn, btn Weij bed SebUrfniffe« abjui 
ftunt^fen. ?>er Snenfdi, fobalb er fti^ btm Sllrude ber dugerften 
9Iotl^ entnunben f|at, uiad^t febee bitfer ISAiltfniffe jut ^anfaf>a 
{ung trgtnb tfnci ceremoniUfcn :9ege^ung, £}Jt^renb baS SE^tec 

feinc SRa^ne ju ftbet ^tU unb an jetwm Orle Wrf^Iingt, ber ftl' 
tiem SIttbc @i(^^ Dor IRaub geua^rt, berritet btr aRmfd) ft int 
£[Ra^t}etten. 'iOetm then bit ^eit bc« Mui^Ui tft i^m ittc^ gldc^ 
gtltig } nu^t bei {tunflct ctitf(f|eibet Uber ben ShiQtnbltd bed f&\\m9, 
6 fonbem ber £ag ifl fitr bad ^ben bee ISSlen^djta tint einget^eilte 
3eitftrt(fe mtt tifltiem tnnerot £)ieant«mu0 ; ee ge^tirt \Ki), ba| 
bad eine tSebtirfnig ju btefa, tin onbered jn anberer beflintmttr 
€tunbe befriebiQt luerbe. Unb er fytt ©efellf^ft bei feinctn SCRo^l ; 
ti tft nii^t niir tun bie ©ttUinifl feine« Xxitbti gu ifftm, fonbem ba> 

10 rum, bag bun^ bte oeretnigtc Z^ilnatioK Sne^rcter oikt) biefeS SSor< 
ne^men ale eine ^anbduig anerfannt ntetbe, bie in btm 3ui<iiiimei)< 
^ge allee Dvnfd)(i(i)en Sebene i^re beftimutte ©telle, :$ebeutun(i 
nnb JBert^tigung ^obe. SBie balb fiiibet fid) bann ntit bem ^eginn 
bee fel^often SebenS^ mit ber (SriUibung einer ^imat, mil ber QvU 

iG uridtung bee Sultue eine IDIenge fetngejeic^neter Scremonien ein, um 
fcnio^I biefe einfac^fttn tBotgiinee bee ^agte, ale au(^ jeben grogeroi 
aibfdinitt bee SNifeine ale (^icb In ein mo^tgefUgteS @anjc bee 
^umanititt einiurti^en I 3^ie @efc4(ed|ter ber ^\m leben ba^n, 
entfte^, nicf)icn fid), altem unb twrge^en, unb nie touifit in i^nen 

10 eine 9{efIepon auf, bie biee monbelbare i.'eben itberbliiftc unb feine 
einjelnen ^erioben mit eineui €elpu|tfein i^rer :Sebeutung fonberte. 
SOo bagegm bie menft^ii^ ©tfimme nicfit burd) bie dulerfte 9Iot!| 
bee Sebenfi MUig wrHbnment, ba fe^en mir iiberall bie @eburt bee 
JFinbee, ben ^eitpuntt feiner ORannbarfeit, bae (£inge^en ber @^, 

S5 Zei unb JBeftattimg bur^ Serentonien ouege}eid)net ; oft nur ro^ 
Segeijungen, anraibembe ©ebrilui^e, aber bo^l immer^in 9tnbeutim< 
gen bee @tfii^lee, bag nii^te im ntenfi{)Ii[^en £eben eigentlid) redfit 
unb legitim gefc^e, u>enn ee bloe geft^Ji^, unb nic^t buri^ bie 
tl)eibiet|menbe 9!efIe(ion einer ©enteinbe, einer @efellf(^aft, einer 

30 t^omilte in irgenb einem Stitue anerfannt unb an feinen gt^brigen 
$lag tn ber ^ufetnonberfolge ber Sreigniffe geriidt mUrbt. SDton 
nirb nii^t rei^t geboren unb man flirbt nii^t reif)t, uenn nit^t utn 
biefe natttrlit^t ^ataftro)]I|en bie Uebeclieferung menfdilit^er @ttte 
i^re f^mbotifc^ geierlidifriten gruppirt ^at. Qt ^e^er »ir in ba& 

ssKItett^mn einee SBoBee ^inouffteigen, befto enger beinafie fel)en wtr 
jtlcn Sorfall bee Scbene bun^ genou Dorsef^riebene Sonnen auf 

fug tmb StRtnonie. SSI 

bfffe SBeife Uflitimlrt, unb ein SSM \a We SorfteHungBiorffe be8 
SJoltee aid) in iinfcrn: 3"t '''It tm^ Ic<<4' QCioQfiren, loie ftft aud) 
^irr nof^ bte 9Idgung I)aflet, tdn @ccignig, na(^ DoUftSnbigci SScc 
toirfllc^une fnne^ gnngen ivert^Dollen Oti^lc^r i^t fltr Doll anjus 
fc^, fo (ange nti^t ba8 @iege( tcgenb euier trabitioneUen Seremonie & 
c4 btgloubigt ^at. 

Unb ^irr tooHen roir biefrt SiB) efnftineilen begreiiitn ; woe boron 
fu^ nxiter fdilie^en mirb, lilmten ivic nii^t mc^r ju einer ^rtroi^tung 
ber ma^i^liifm ©inntiditnt jtcEini. 9Iur bon bicfer tvoate t(i) ^iec 
fprei^ unb btn S^orotterjug ^cmor^eben, ber ttitr in alien i^rat lo 
iwtfi^ebenat ^tugenntgeii glei^mtiigig bad eigentlic^ menfi^Iidie Sic 
matt in i[)T ju fdn fd|ien. SQaS oui^ unfert €innlid|feit empfin- 
tienb oufne^tnen mag, fie ninnnt tt ntd)t blot ali ehten gleii^gilKgen 
Onf|a(t unb eben fo ivenig nui old l^re &u^ ober i^r 8eib auf, fon< 
bem fie fU^It in i^m einen i^tn dgntn Sert^, burdi ben eS in dner ifi 
bebeutfamen £)rbnung ber Srf^ninigen fdne <Stetle filUt. fSiai 
an^ bie ©innlit^fdt bun^ i^te Xriebe ju t^un gcbriingt mirb, fie 
t^ut e9 taebei blo^ mn^onifi^ gtncit^lgt, not^ blos }ur SefrieblgunQ 
i^rer Sebiirfniffe, fonbem fie gtbt i^rem ^onbeln rine gorai, burc^ 
bie ftd) mifbenim i^r SEljun in ba« rigne ffte(f|t dner SebenSoibnung sa 
einfiigt, bie ba fdn foil, tmb bot^ Don iRatur toegen nlcbt fc^on bo 
ift. Diefe diotohetiftifi^en 3ilge ber ©irai(iti)trit mBgen i^re (jf^i^o* 
logifdie (Sntfte^tmgegefi^ii^tt fiaben, unb es tuttrbe dne unenciefene 
^e^uptung fdn, tvemt tnir fie unmittelbar aui etnem uirfpirUnglis 
t^ imterff^dbenben ZBefen bee menfi^fidien @eiftee f|cr(eiten nio(l< as 
ten. atbei bie gOfimg biefee 3nidfel«, fo ttdt fie mOgti^ ift, Dec> 
fu^cn »ir nidft {efst, ba bit JSetrac^tung ber ^d^cten gdftigen Snt' 
iDidlimg btefelbe ffroge Don neuem ^trbcifUI)ren tottcbe. 





nlnviMt to puacTCph ud nbdiTlifam of tlMOmiuiurmnlniBtfainllgiii 
r Into qnoud puiiicM ol ttie tout at Into ttialr CmiululoD^ to i 

3)rr Rflc i£aiiai^. 

Th[a and the twarollowingpiecesarelakeQlVom the^arabdn, 'Parables,' 
or Priedrich Adolpb Kniicinaclier, a Germati pastor of the end of tlie Inst 
century «nd the banning of the present ihadied in 18A5, aftod 7T). The 
Farabliis ure either simple Darradven, of religious or moral lone, like the 
first and aecond ot thoae girea here, or more dietinot apologues, iotended to 
coDve; a moral leaaon, like the third. Their iubjecta are Uken (tma Tariaus 
aouroea, but id greater part from the Bible. The; are written in a stylo of 
the DtmoHt iimplicity, a little biblical and archaic in tone, aod are highly 
e!iteeaied a* models of pure and elegant OermaD. The; Wa had a wide 
popularity and coneocy, both In and out of Gennany. 

The first piece preftenta a ecene in the Creation, Uie end of the sixth day 
•nd beginning of th« BeTeath, or of the Sabbath. 

1. 1. ntigtc fli^, preterit Iq proper imperfbct senae, 'waa inclining ]^ 
or drawing.' — 3. ilbrr~with accuaatiTo (370), aa implying motion 
toward; not merely 'abore,' but 'oTer and on to,' so aa to envelop. — 
4. [unb] nttini ilim [flanb] Qloa^, a natural ellipsis, as In English. — 
6. immn, 'all the time;* moib immcr, in f^iliar phrase, 'kept growing.' 

— 7. ytaUft, here accuaatiTe (376): — UttbHtlctc, old style for srr^Hlc 
(337.3eV''~ 9- ftlbf), adverbial; fpieteii[i(n, present participle naed aa adjec- 
tive (353). — 1!. note the dllTerent cases with in, here accusative, iu 
line IS dative (374). — 18. b(idt( . . . ^CTnirbct, separable oomponnd verb : 

— auf takea accusative (376), aa implying the turning of the eyea toward or 
Qpoti. — SO. fISTtre, tBncnbcT, adjectives (the latter a present parttdple) in 
thecomparative degree,tHedsaadTerba (303.1,2). — 23. bit = 'his* (161). 
3. 1. @i^luininn:ntitn, preaent participle as adjective (363), and then 

as substantive (129). — I. Ifilpftt, 'danced.' — 6. Staun en, infinitive 2< 
as Donn (340). — T. ®ic^t, for more regular fitb (270.aa) : — btr, 
generaliMng aitide (66.2) : — Ut ®5ttlid)t, ' the godlike or divine ' (1 29.3). 

2S4 N0TB9. 

See intToductorj Kmarka to the preceding {Hoce. 

S. tiTa<^ti . . . mit, Beparabte compound verb. — II. jiint crfttnmal. I.e. ju 
bnii (SB) crfltB Ttal; ]U, Tor:' — fit^, object ofbothprecediDgTerbi. — 
IS. ibn moaning 'at' takes the arcusatiTe(376ii): — 3cpf(l, Le as thocbit- 
dreo regirded and osUed tbem. — 13. untCT foUowod by acciuative (376). aa 
impljinga handing OTer (o Uiar«cipientB: — tint, object of n^itlt, iuvened 
ordorofamiDgetiient (431). — IS. ctnr= an brnt-<0S): — bae = il)T, 'their' 
(Ifil). — 19.barau(, ■ out oTit, tVomit' (IB*.:). — 30. bat ^(igt . . . gcf^KU, 
lilerally, ' that ii [rigbtlj] called a being cared (Le a proriston being made) -^ 
for the ftture also (not tiiepreaeat alone), after tbe manner of a bonseboldor ^ 
(eoOEomically) J ' or, Id more Enjrliah phrase, 'that I call caring' etc — 
21. oufgtatflfn, from aufefftn (271.3). — SI. tiiifm ira mmbt, 'in one's 
moutb:'(ineniitipotBe8sivedaCiTe,or datiTeiaiieoseorgeaitiTe|223JIIii). 

— 30. griammcll, literally 'ooUeot, gather,' bere 'pick up: ' — rt, indefinite 
Bubject, = ' there' (164.46). — SI. ba, properly demonatratiye, not relative, 

»«arrsngemeDtorroDoiTiDgclBUBeBhowB(437.'J(); 'it.' 3. 2. jn>ilf(, 
8. for jmaih •ntiqualedform(200,l). — a. ben = 'his' (66.3): — roo^l, 

' to be sure, indeed.' — S. mccbcfl, eubjunctive after bag meaoiDg 'in 
order(hat'(33XU). — 11. id d^I, nearly = 'do you think.' 

^at (Bnnbrr. 

See introductory remarks to the first piece. 

16. tinea XagtS, adverbial genitive of time (220.1). — IT. fdiauttt to nit> 
btr, ' was looking down before himselT,' Le. ' wu gscing upon ^le gronnd at 
biafbet' — il. mitdilt, here eipreMing a wiah (2BB.2). — S6. WtAcn auB, 
■oorae of^ grow out of.' — i6, in with aonusatiTe, literally 'into ' (376a). 

— 23. ba, ' then,' oomlalive to a1« (438.3$) : — ^ob to einanbtr, ' raij>ed itself 
apart (IVom one another),' Le. 'rose and opened.' — 31. bp, demonstrative, not 

rolaCiTe(438.3A): — («iDaTb.'lhero(164.4b) mime into being.' 4. I. in 
4. with accusative, literally 'into' (376); unual idiom with verbs signify. 
ing 'envelop' and the like. — 13. ju, in pregoaut sense, ' in addition to, 
along with;' or '*heo[« [ooioethej] lo' etc. — 16. Slill^t, here collectively, 
'flower*.' — 18. tDOQtt, 'wbb about to' (2B86). — 19. t|<t, oomplomeut of 
urn (379.1a). — 30. fo = ' when' (438.3A). — 83. gci^it^t, old style for f|f 
fdiic^t (337.3c; 368.5) ; its subject ia ba^tlbigt. — 36. boTum . . . IDtil, 
Tor this reason [namely] because,' Le. 'for the reason that,' bor in banim 
antioipaling the following olause, as logical olycct of um (436.^c,ii eodj. 
6, B. 1. 3SJrtcn. inOnitiveas noun (340) t — lSiijtt, subjuootive of lesx dog- 
matic BtBtement (332.3n). — 3. mfirc, subjuocttve of indirect stat<>mcut 
(333); the present tease, |ci. would be more regular (331.4>i,iil: — um, here 
superfluous; um bclto, 'by so much,' which bc{lD alone would ezprosa. — 
4. tin ^a^rtt, 1.0. ajirttn. 

Xit ft^S Sicttcr. 

Prom the JKnber- Uttb ©aiiSmS^rdifn, 'Children'a andHoniehold Stories.' 
of the brothers Grimm — the well-koown mllectioD of tales, legendB, and fairy 
stories gathered by those tno great Qermsn ardimiloguta tiul philoh^sts 
frcou the montha of the people, lud flmt publiihed in 18 j3. 

& bit, denonetrttive, not TelatiTe(437.2A); thisis tbemistomsryustgo in 
SQCb an introdnotion toadtorr. — 8. the barofboniLtf rapreaenlsbyaaticipa- 
tinn the roliotring clause (436>Sc): — I5nntc, 'shonid be able, might.' — 10. 
tnOfft, anbjonctire of indireot statement (333), In the present tense, aa being 
the tense which would haTe been vsed in the direct statement, „nec tncinc 
Xoi^ltr ^obtit win, tnufi* etc-, 'whoeter wants to haTB my daughter must' 
etc (333.4(1). The same rule woiild require IdoQc lostetd of tnoQK ; and 
that noUtt is need is actribatable to the loose and careless style which 
cfaancterixes these stories. To this cause it Is owJDg that, Uinnigh the 
whole story, the past aubjnnetiTe tenses are commonly used inelaad of the 
present in indirect statement (333.4.0; e.g. at S.10,13; 9.19,39; — 
10. Sunb, eiplaioed by Sufgabt, aa being here taken in the nDusual (un- 
authorized) sense of 'task ; 'literally, 'compact, agreemeot.' — IS.nHiT, 'there 
was, w«s round: ' — i\)nta, properly 'for them;' but may be understood as 
possesslTe datiie with $<iii))t, 'their heads' (323.Jlta.A), or as ablative 
dative with obgt{d|1a(irn, 'Drom them' (33X1.3, end). — 17. Jir^fi bu fort, 
inversion for condicionality, or to give the meaning of 'if (433) ; and the 
foUowinfC fo is conelatiTe to the implied xattm, ' if' (438.3;). — 19. Sa^rc, 
BccnsatlTeordnTationortitne(230.1), with lanfl added (33ala>. — SO. bo^, 
'after all, at any rate.' 

2«. @togrt, nouD in appodtion wilh tlnfaC (139Jt). 6. 1, ntll . . . 
fagm, HWrally. 'wants to say; 'benoe. 'means, Bignl&es,anKniDtB to;' 6. 
compare French veut dirt. — 3. noc^, 'in addiUon, itesides my preaent 
sae.' — 6. ^r, 'along' (31».la). — 8. note thedonbleeonatruction ofoaf 
(376). — T, if ragtt etc, inversion of the natural order without assignable 
cause, in mere imitation of Interjected clauses, Hke nun, fragli (I and 
the like ; ooUoqnial and inelegant. — 16. tin pan, used aa a kind of inde- 
dinabLe nucneral, equivalent to jmri, 'two;' hence the paar not writteu 
with a capital, and gflgc put in the aocuaative, as if directly the object of 
fabrn. — IS. Stnift, accusative of extent of space (330.1). — 18. WaB. . . 
fQt (in, ' what sort of a ' (176). — 19. noi^, ' as yet,' Le. ' if we stop there, if 
that were alL' — 24. flijtn, depeodent.on fanbcn (343.I.S) : — jugtbunbrn, 
factitive predicate to SuBtn (31«.le): — bit = ftfnr, 'hia' (1«1). — 29. 
tann nt4 eto.t inversion to give the meaning of ' if' (433). — 33. i^m, pos- 
■esaive dative (222.Ula,b) ; i\fm (tin l»(i(h, 'no one of his Umbs.' — 35. 
9rt, predicate genitive (230.2). 7. 1. toirb mir. Impersonal expres- 
sion, with the subject (t omitted (293); It btoomoafor me,'Le. 'Ibe- 7. 
come.' — I. % for tfl (1 b<4g), ottjeot of auS^alttn, ' stand it' — G. 


maSttt to ^te, U. ' ma stntdiiiig oat bia neck.' — 10. aiUft bn, condi- 
tional ioTeraioQ again (433). 

IS. note the ■QcnutiTeafteiDaT (376): — fo, 'incaae,ir.' — 19. Inifni.rur 
gdailtn (240.U). — ll bn, 'the ooe, be,' Freuob MhtC — 24. WoflU. eta,- 
ditional BulgUDCtiT*, in hjpotbetiGal period (333.1). — 3G. bo, 'in that 
matter.' ~ as. bn rintn = (inn elmplr (19S.St>>. — SB. Kknt, 'of wine;' 
in appoaitiOD with gSifH, inatead of dependent upon it, aa naiul in caaa 
of a nMMored aabetanoe (SlSJla). 8. i. ttint, best divided iuto 

8. 'not ... any' (196.£). — 1. bi4 fatt (ffni, 'eat thTself ftill.' bii^ 
being taken aa otiject of Uie iotnoaitiTe (ffen, alotig nitb the 

factitive predicate fatt (337.3^; 388.1). _'lO. mSn, aee note to 0.10:— 
fltiA for ti>(|ltii4> 'directly': — Dt)nt to ^attc, a anbetautiTe (buse, intro- 
duced by ba^ takSB the place here of an iofinitive, aa object of the 
prepoeitioD o^nt ; 'withont needing' etc (43S.3it). — IS. Dom "Ulanti, idio- 
matic espreaaion for ' completely ; ' of obacare origio. — IS. rt, 'then' 
<1S4^). — 16. obcn, 'above,' Le. 'on thy ehoulden.' — IS, 'S^lag, 'on 
the atrolce ot,' Le. ' prenaely at ; ' the grammaticB] oonatmotion ia aom*- 
wbat anomaloiiB, the de^nationa of the time of day being iodedinablfl^ 
quaai^drerbial expiesaioos; and @i^lag may alao be regarded as uaed 
adferbially,- compare im @41ag, below (9.17). — 38. ^nin, adverb of direcv 
tion in place of a verb of motion, ' gpt in ' (36B.!). — 31. anji^auut, iaflni. 
tive without )U aftor nit^te al< (343.L3). — 34. fi^, here indirect object ; liter- 
'keep it off for (from) tbenuelvea,' Le. 'resiet it' — 3S^ lear Inatead of 
toazb (forming paaaive), to expraaa the inatantaneouaneaa of the reanlt; 
she ' had been aoatohed awfty; ' it waa an aooompliahed thing (383). 

9.4. augtnbiid.aocuaative of measure (330.1). ~fi. Stunboi.da — 

9. 1. @4^Tiltni, aee note to CIB. — 13. hem anbnn, poesessive dative 
(333.IJI0): — fo = 'whan' (438.3A). — 16. HUt« Etngt, predicate 

genitive (33a2): — Si^lafl, tee note to S.19. — IS. al» = 'aaif' befon 
inverted danaa (4336; 333.!£). — 19. alt = al( bag, 'than that.' — 
21. dun inatead of fin, aa being praoomUial (198.2); — tann = 'can [do]' 
(3S9.3). ~ i% butftt, 'had a right to, might permit herself to.' — 3B. ^olj, 
acouaative (HSJia) : — jufamintnfa^nn, iuSnitive in paaaive aenae altor 
laf(tn (343J.KC). — SS-33. aubjoDotivea of indirect atatoment; see note Ut 
5.10. — 36. baranim[dies-verb of motion = 'go to vork' (369.2). 

Kt. B. )U flnbcit, in paaaive »enae(]. — S.foau,'wa* to, wsa 

10. ordered to ' : — tniB = ' that' or ' which,' taking the place of the 
■imple relative after aDtf (179.B). — U. nugtc Katl), 'knew wbat 

was adviaable. the proper thing to do.' — 13. orafi for giofiti (136). — 
13. Rfdm blicbni, 'remained alkking (continued to stick), atnck bat' 
(343X6). — IB. btm (tncit, lo pregnant woae, 'that one, the one we 
know of.' 

ZO. bar, 'ontside,' Le. 'distant from;' the .Sdileg" appears tobe tha 
prince's own home. — 31. n, Le. the prince. — 23. bet, 'he^ that fellow' 

irOTES. J37 

(166.U). — S4.tMnin,ootap«nDMe toff.SS. — !5. iftUm, 'keep, tend [hie 
herd)': — abftcigtnin, pregiuDt expreMhni, 'gMdon (oat of the carriage) 
[and enter] into.' — 38. il|T, datire In ablate aenBe (333 J.8). — 29. dn paai, 
•ee note to 6.1G. — 19. t^nt alS mire t«, 'made aa if it were, pretended that 
It waa' (4336). — 80. Wtnn to niirt, te. Mf 11 were not forToarhnBlwnd.' 
11. 1. tin iscnig, indedSnable phrase, like tin paax (1VS.3<0. — 
1- toff . . . foOni, 'haat had reason to,' Le. 'it waa reaaonable that thon 11. 
■booldat ; ' joflm for gtfvllt (391^. — 7. bn, In MOBS of nti, 'be wha' 

3)n Xaimentainii. 

Hans Chrietian Andereeo, author of thig and the next foHowuig extract, 
Is a Dane, bom in 180S, and (1870) Bttll living. He is author of many 
extended and eUborate works — dotbIb, dramM, etc; but hU most populnr 
and admired pndnotiona, which exhibit the tmeat originBlily and gentux, 
■re hiB ofaildreo'B atoriea. ,3Ril4td|(n." Theee are, In tbeir jraj, quite 
DDSiupaaaed, and wurthj to be placed In a ver; high rank as works of 
oeatlTe arl They hare paiBed into almost all languagee, to the e^jajment 
alike of old and young. 

The flrst stoiy teachea. In a delicate way, the wisdom of getting the utmost 
of enjoyment out of t^sent drcnmstanoea, instead of allowing one's 
bsppinasa to be spoiled bj an incessant joamiDg after sona^ing tietter to 

1 1. ba, 'thsTB,' Le. 'on hand, to be had.' — IT. DoK, to be parsed as appo- 
siUTe adJectiTe, ftdlowlng the qualifled noon (llaib; 116.3): — note the 
implication of motion in the aocnsatiTe after an ; also tiler ncbtn, tn next 
Kne. — 19. bn = empbatio personal prononn(166.1i): — motfitt, 'liked' 
(366.3). — SS. nod) tins, 'one more' (198.3c); rinf instead of tin, because 
pronominal (108.2). — 13. an ben Diclm, 'by the [bo] many,' L& 'by the 
number of — 36. wStt, optatiTS BubjnnctivD (331.3). — 31. an = 'in.' 

13. S. nar M, conditional inrersion (M3>. — i. ongrffninfltn, 
hi the sense of present participle (369.1). ~ 1. bQCfr1bt = 'it' (171). 13. 
— I3.giit gctna^fen, 'well grown.' — IS. Jhiatfcn.Aradifn, luBnltlres 
need aa nouns (340), — IS. gntrtnincn, in paBsiTeBenee(343.IILlt). — 17- 
^auC, oomjdementofant.snperfluooB In translating (379.1 A). — IB. no... 
1)in = mo^n, 'whither;' ■ rerb of motion ('go' or the like) is implied 
(269.1).— 34. Hrgljtitnt ; it is the prexalent Qennan tradition that the , 
storka go to Bgypt to spend their winters. — 3S. ft rt martn, 'it waa they' 
(164.V)- — >'■ t<4 '<">n etc., 'I can give [yon] many greetings [From 
them] ; thej are looking finely.' — 38. fafgrnt dependent on ju IBniicit, 
wtddi la goremed by Utn (340.1). — 36. note the aoouBstiTe after Hbrr, 
aa implying the dropphig of the tears upon bim. 

13. 1. ging gtgcn, 'went toward,' Le. 'approached, drewnearlo.' — 
8. glti^tn illttts, predicate genitive (330.3). — 4. maim, plural after 13. 
rt, beennse of faDowing plural noun (IbiAd); we should say either 
'it mt* or 'Art mre.' — 8. btt = emphatic personal pronoun (lStf.3b). — 

14. nBt='poB«n>lr.' — Slob, L«L 'p wondwl whstber' (*3»^). — 

24. jitlxn, without fn, Millala oor "pirtioipud Uflnitive," 'going.' — 29. 

S^tfFtrrt Mft, quBlUying ttmat, not »■ an tdjeotSTe, bot rh appotilive noon 

(129JI). — 30. ts= 'then' (lK4^f<). — 32. ijl, impenotut, vitb snlyect t« 

omitted (3904; aS3). 

1^ b. ft ttUlfTtn, deptndmt on bttrflbt ; 'at being eoapdlcd.' — 1& 

14. cVgab, 'Omtmn' (09230,).— 11. <otltC,fortwK; aMttte Vocabu- 
lary.— 19. mil &«», adiuniA of gcfiilltefl (147.2). — Sl> wvebonld 

eipeot mil ntbet tlun muxbt (383); but the latter is defensible. — !& 

alt iDdnn fit, 'aa^ the; mra' (^3i). — 27. fi^tcn^en, an admliBibie 

ploral of t!iif|td|Ui, the diminutire auIBi being added to the plural Citbltr ; 

a few othoT words are allowed to be treated in the saine punner: e.-g. 

^in^txSttn, Jtinbcn^cn. — 3S. ||cf4iri|l etc., preaent tenae In the senae of 
Aitttre(3M^): — gb,LH.'[I wonder] wbe(her'(439.4t). 1ft. L^in> 

16. ttv.iBoTtimtt, accaaatiree of Ume (230.1). — 11. burfH, 'miglit, migM 
allow himaelf to,' — 12. it)m mar.inipersoiialwithanittedFf (393.1; 

393): — juoerlnrtn. dependent on boniit, ' apprehenslTe of loaing ' (344.1). 

— 18. an, uninflected before itm (193.1). — 11. nut fo, peculiar Idionutio 
phraae, here meaning 'juat, fairiy; ' eooipare 18.1. — 21. nolo the implioa- 
bon of "motion toward," in ttie accniiatire after an <37S). — 24. aot« 
tliat tt is unperaonal eubject, — 2H. filntirnntibi^en, accuaaCiTS absolute 

34. ba of banon repteaonta the followiag InflDiUre (346.3) ; ' trtm liaten- 
ing.' 16. I. Xrepptn, Mousative of apace trevereed (33ai; 376e)i 
16. brninttr below (Hoe 9) la oombioed with the verb, aa prefli,; there 
ia no dltTeTence in the meaning, but only !□ tbe apprchsDaioa of Ihe 
coDStnietioo. — G. fommc . . . mit, ' shall I not join in (bear a share) at 
allT' — 6. \a = '70U know.' — 11. fti, subjanctive of indirect atatement 
(333.4a). — 19. bar of barauf repreaenU the following olauae, as object 
of ouf (346.3); ' in antioipation of beinfc adorned ' et& 

S9. )u (of jutn) here = 'of; ' tbe oonatroclion is aa imitalioa of jut 
X^ilT b'Xan?, ' out at Oiy} the door,' and the like. — 30. »o ... bin = inobin, 
' whither, into wbUdi.' — 33. I)grtn jettcn, ' be intendsd to hoar ' (367.1). 

— 34, tt = 'there' (154.46); aad Ibe rerb agrees with the IbUowtng 
logical subject (154.4(1). — 36. sti4<ii| = 'was; ' literally, 'it (the ooDHOg) 
took fdaoe.' 

17. 18. notbcUc, 'aootber'dBB.IX). — tS. fnn|)to|tin,'inothe^^e- 
17. specta, it la well bring here,' i.e. 'being here ia ploaaant etioiigh ; ' tliia 

would be nuire strictly ifl c« gut l|i(T fcin, bnt the phraae is an idiom, 
hardly capable of exact tranalatiOD. — IB. alter, of Qrat deckinaioD alter bit 
(126.2). — 11. tt girbt, ' there are ' (392.]Ut). — IS. me . . . l^T = IDD' 
btr, ' wbence,' — 21. Srbcil, old dodinod form of dative sitigular (96). — 
27. auS = 'about;' literally, '»ut of, frooi.' — 30. waS. compound relative 
<wha^' loatead of aimple, ' which, that' ( *- SI. compere note to 


1Q.34. 18. 1. nui fo, lfteMll7 'onljthna;' but It is i phraiw, s%ni^ 
lag "b a manner, after a ftsWon,' in ooQaqniil, 'sort o'.' — 1. fit 18. 
tSnnni, 'Ibeyna}-, it Is poeaibie for them lo.' — 16. an (of barait) 
gorems tlia following mflnitire dauga, anticipated bj bat (34S.2). — IB. 
bie = empbatic peraoDol pronoun (166.3ft); — fci, Bol^Dnctive of indirect 
Btatement (333.1a). — 19. f)i(ltcn = ' thonghl.' — 13. baton, baranticipalea 
Ibe ronowing sntMta&tiTe dauM, m otgect of an (4363d). — it- bauhn, 
polite contempt; 'thank jon foTDOthing,' or 'much obliged, and don't want 
anj more.' — 28. btd tbtifletl, 'Ihelf own people' (160). 

33. bamn as abore, line 16. — 34. iHorgcnS, genitive oT time (220.i). 
19. B. ju (rttn, InflQitire in piseive Bcnge (343.ra.15). — 8. JlBtt 
witb accusative (376), as signirTing' across, from one side to the 19, 
other oV — 10. TDmincn. for grlpinmcn [24.3.3c). — 30. te, indeflnlta 
object, here representing mid) frcutn {; 269.4). — 31. ^ieb fVoin 
^iien. — 35. baff([be = 'It' (171). 30. S. gfCrngen, plnperf^ct 
with omitted auxiliary (^altc), as often fu a dependent or trans- 20. 
posed danse (43B.3a). 

ftrr f)aiiti|aftc 3i>>tifo(tiat. 

See Introductory remarks to the preoeding sloiy. ' 

This is a tale without a moral — a simple oarrstivo of lore. adveDtnre, 
balei^il demoniac inSuence (the ftobolti), and misfortune and death: onl; 
worked out upon a diO'ercnt plane from that of tho ordinary .lensational 
norel, and with vastly more genius than moBt of that class of works. 

11. bit, demon Btratire, not relative; aompare note to b.G. — 13. auf, 
'outward,' Le. ' forwaril, in front' — 14. the colon is not used in Ger- 
man precise!; as with us ; It does not denote a pause or break 
greater than that shown by a semicolon, but is rather, as here, the 
equivalent qf our dash, intimaUng an appositional construction; it is very 
otieu us?d before ■ quotation, or a specification of itemn, where we should 
put either a comma or no stop at all — 14, 9IIfrrt(lc, atlct intensive 
(142.3): — woe, compound instead of simple relative (179.6), — 19. btr 
tint = ' eat^ any one of tbcm,' — 10. bet = emphatic personal pronono 
(166.25). — ii. mae as above, line U. — omnKiftcn, superlative adverbial 
phrase (363.26). — 27. Sale, plural of ®aol (14.2). — 29. font*, ' was in- 
tended to.' 21. 1. battc , . , an, ' bad on, wore.' — 1. ^bt, subjuno- 
tive of indirect sutomenl (333.4a). — 10 bo* = 'but' (3BS.B<). 21. 
— 12. fo long (t war, 'as long <u he was' (438.3<), i.e. 'at his full 
length.' — note the accusative after Winter (376). --13. rrtftt, 'r^htly ' 
ie, 'tenlly, fully.' — 14. o^iic governs the Infinitive with ju (346.1). 

IB. on la prefli of finil, 'b^n : ' the plirases in quotation-marks, fol- 
lowing, are names of children's plays. — 20. mil bnbci ftiii, 'be in conneo- 
tion with it (have their share of the flin), along with [the rest] ; ' mil being 
uaed in German adverbially, without the object which we always add to 

Utt BOTSa. 

(DJU. — 11. tin sans, ' [nchj ■ nMhat' — 33. taDoit, ■ from it,' Le. ' by 
reawni or it, >t it' — 26. aucgelhrtclt, do«* not form plnpeifect tenn with 
1»att{, bat i« bcttHve prodicMe (;), qiulifjiiig Snne. — IB. augin. 
I>[iif,*ooaimtlTe of time (330.1). — 31. fa tin = 'a kind of k.' — S3. nid|te, 
'm to nothing, in do raapMt, not at all.' 

39. l.marrt, eooditional ln*eralon (433), here imidjing 'whether' 
82. rather than 'if.' — 3. tbe ocdoo ia equinleut to putting the olauae 
from max to 3ufl<t>iKb into panmhe^: — auf, 'open,' not "op; ' 
th« windom oa tbe oonUneot of Europe geoerallj open on hinges, lijce 
doon, and outward ; an EngUih or Ameriean window ooold not well be 
opened bj • puff of wind. — 6. fUita, dependent oo blicb, in aense of a 
present participle (343J.6). — a bai of baron anUdpatea the faliowmg 
dauae, aa object of an (348.3). — 10. for the colon, see note to 20.14. — 
1 1 ■ f Qt, not aeoeaaary here ; need more often before a noun thui before an 
•(lieatiTe (compMO 316>Sc, remark). 

16. ^inaul, verb of motion omitted, aa often with aoziliary of mood 
(260.3). — 30. nia« ... far belong together (17S), and ue equiralent to 
Wt\d)t, the ' what ' of anrpriae or admiration. — SS. UtT^Dg Itine SRitnt s 
'did not change oouDtenaitce at all' — 16. ale := 'as if' before inTertDil 
daose (4336). — 3T. ma^ 'may' of possiUlit^. — 38. fJlgt bod), condi- 
tional iovenioa (433). ~- 20. miSitt. 'might' of permiHsioo. — 19. no4 
rininal fo, 'as. . . agalij, twloe as... .' — 32. fttr, 'this way, [come] 
hither.' — 39. bavon, ' awaj,' I.e. ' onward, along.' 

33. 6. tanntt, 'was able to, was such as might' — S. IQafTctfaQ, ao- 
2S, cuaaUve of apace traversed (330.1). — 11. blinlc, snbjuDctiTe of in- 
direct statement (333.4a). — 13, IHttl here ioTariable (not put)* 
plural), as in the adverUal oompouads brtimaf, DJtrmal, to which this is 
equivalent. — 14. note, in the use of an accamtive alter an, the implica. 
tion of gradual coming of the water up lo tbe neck. — !6. fo lang tz mar, 
see note to 21. 11. ~ 2B. alltr, intensiTo (143.2). — 19. (6, indellnile sub- 
ject, 'something.'— 31. mar = 'had been' (383.2). — 3I. auf, iJterallr 
'on to; ' often used in Qerman, iuatesd of our in, where there is impli- 
cation nf a more open place, in contradistinction to one that is enolosed, 
shut In, Thus, one Baja in btr ®labt, ' in the city,' but ouf fctm Poult, 
'in the country;' in btn Slrofifn, 'in the streets,' bat an) btm Tiaxtt, 
' in the market-place ; ' often auf b(r Stro^f. ' in the street,' auf btm ^ft, 
'in tbe yard,' as opposed to im ?)auf*, 'in the house;' and in b« ©ticbf 
' in Uie room,' but auf Bern glut, ' in Uie hall,' or ouf 6™ Coben, ' in the 
garret' 34. T. bacan, as above (I8.16). — 1B. gclt^tlitn, pluperfet^ 
24. with omitted auxiliary (43B.3n) ; or we may regard the war at th« 
end of the neit clauso as also playing a part In this. — 19. \ll)mtl», 
tubJonotiTe of indirect statement (333.1a). 



The tuthor of the followiog extract, Friedricb Belnrich, Baron do la 
Motla Fouqu^ waa of aa old Frencli famil?. bul long setlled in Qennanj, 
hii graodlatber haviDg been s general of Prederii^k the Great. He ma 
bora in 171T, saw much miliUrj aerrice in Che vrara between Pmagia and 
Franoe, Bod died in 18<3. He wu dlttinguiahed alike ae poet and as 
Tonumoe-writer. Beliftoo, chivalry, and goUantrj were hia themes, and lie 
tamed with eapedsl londnaBB toward subjccta from the old G«rmaD and 
Scandinavian legends and m^thologj. Or all hia works, tbat Trom which 
w« have here an extract U by Tar the moat popular and widely known, 
■nd deaemdij bo. for inventire fancy, and delicacy and beanty of 
•eatimeot, It U hardly aurpaaaed in the whole range of ronuuitio composi- 

ing away the child of the fan^y, and Bending her to take ita place. 

fbeler-parants, an old flahemian and hia wife, live alone npon a point of 
land jutting ont into a lake, and separated from the abodes of other men by 
a rarest whidt is reputed enchanted. Upon their loneliaess breaks id, one 
plaBsant afternoon, a handsome young knight, whose story of hia advea- 
tores <m the way to them oonatitntea tlie diapCer here giveo. 

The knight ia shut in upon the peninsula by the arts of Undine's Via- ■ 
dred, and by aed by becumeB her husband ; but, though Undine, with her 
new-woD sout, is beauty and goodneeB itaelf, the unnatural union of a 
baman aud an eztra-human being does not turn out happily, and the story 
ends m sorrow and death. 

S6. rt to ba = '11 may be now some eight days ago, that; ' miqta 
agrees with So[( (1644a-ii); for ^ct in the sense of 'ago' see the 
Vocabulary; bo isproperlydenioiistralive(438.Sl). — 26. frcit MtiiWftaBt, 
that la to say, a dty which itself was an independent constituent part of the 
Empire^ and was 'free' from any but imperial authority, not being under 
tiie feudal dominion of a vassal of the Empire, as duke, ooant, or the like. 
— 2S. gab tS, 'there was ' (292.3ii). 2S. 1. ^a(lc, audden change to 
the present tense of lively narratioa (334.3). — 4. change back to 25. 
the preterit aa proper imperfect, or continnons past tense, ' was 
standing' etc — 5. ^ei^c, fci, subjunctireB of Indirect statement <333} 
333.4a): — SerlaLba, this Bertalda turns out to be the real daughter 
of the flsherman, for whom Un^ne had been substituted; and she beoomee 
later the chief meana of the onhappinesa of Uie young couple. — 8. ^atlr 
to lot, 'if I had at flrst ridden finely, so now It went off in addiUon (beyond 
that) qnite otherwise;' Lo. 'even if I bad done well before, I now did 
much better yet.' — 11. ^inburd), adverb of continuance, added after the 
Kcnaative of time, XoQt (230.1a), — 16. fnnnblii^ qualifles mc^mfit^ig ; 
= ' with kindly or fond aaduess.' — 17. il|t to banad), 'you are doing it 
also after that lashion,' Le. ' that is Just like what you are doing to me.' — 
11 - I 


21. a rather nnmaiugMble crowd of Rdrerta; 'ereu alreadj npoo tbe 
lecond dij, she do longer ple*ied me b^ to.r idmds (langr, 'b; « 
long rigtil') [bo much] ■■ flhe had dons,' elc. — 2G. mic log etc., 
' for me there did not >t eU <(bcn) lie (net, depend) m> much upon her 
glove;' Le. 'ber glove wm not o( audi omuequMice to me^ I did not 
cue 10 much Tot It.' — IB. ma^nm, Id pewire mom (343.1.6c). — 31. bit 
= emphatic personal pronODii <lfi6.2£). — 32. fii^, 'one's self;' dntin, 
*to one' (186); the reflezire is do( poenible in the Utter ouo, beoBDM^ 
IT used, it would >MTe to refer to tvof, the nibject of ift — 3S. Im, 'in 
that CBM, under inch eircomstutcei.' — 31. tSnara, infinitive Gh peitidple 

36. Unbinni, otd-et^e aociuative (lOS, remaA). 36. 3. mngtc, 

26, 'could not but' — 6. (tin, not tscrbflt, as denoting the floiehed^ac- 
tioD (382) ; ' I ihall soon havt dime it.' — 7. note the imptioatum 

b tbe aocusative after in ; 'I had crane dcepmfai them:' — M^Qt . . . tmi1)T, 
eompotind verb. — 6. bii etc, i-e. 'Che feeliog came over me.' — I&. faFfr 
nad), ' grasp after, catdi at, pat mj hud to.' — 19. bag = fa bag. — 20. 
taai ... far tint belong together (176). 

22. ben, Lo. ben Xcuftl. — ST. toSxt, subfonctiTe of leBS oonfldent or do^ 
matic statement (332.3a). — 29. no4 immrr, ' atlll all the time,' Lo ' even 
jet' — 30. Igaltcn, in passive sense (343J.6(;). — 31. ale = 'ea if;' before 
Inverlod conditional phrase (433ft) : R»rfc instead of rodrfc, by a kind of 
mixture of the conditional and indirect ooastructioDs {= ba bai^U i4, tS 
»(rft Th^ etc :;). — 32. Stngftt is indirect object of mtrft Bcr ; qurr 
qualifteH nor, 'athwart In (hiut.' — 35. S«d|; one of tJndine's relatives, who 
had a pari to plaj in bringing the ;oung knight to the fisltermui'e cottage 
and keeping him there. 37. 2. |al|. ..nttber, compare 3.1T: — 

27. ©innrn, inflniave as noun (340), 

4. [o = 'when' (438.3/1). — 13. ]ufuii|rn, dependent on gcbai^le; nth 
and IllinUutx are its objects; tdnrS, i.e. Icin Slbrntturr. — IT. rtnntt, 
present in sense of future (334.4). — 18. nod) etc, ; Inoonvenient crowd of 
adverbs; na4 bummtr, 'sliU more stupidly [than before];' theothertwo 
then inserted to qualify buntmcc. — 20. liigt it)r, inversion for emphasis 
(431ff). — 22. nwnn . . . 0U(^, 'it; even,' Le. 'even though.' — 26. brtin has 
a peculiar meaning, which it is well-nigh impoesible to put into English; it 
oonveyi an implication of blunt or violent action ; one may render (quite im- 
perfectly) 'he came yelling after me,' — 2R. \a {auct, ' sour (bard) as ;' the 
Qerman omits the ait, ' as,' which is Implied, as ahown by the position of 
theverbat thoendortlieclauHe(438^iJ,(), and we omit the to: — lamunbcr- 
Iid|r etc. ; has to be altered in couptructioo when translated; ' strange ai 
were the half-ridiculous, half-horrible conturUooa irliicfa he aC the same time 
performed with his body,' — 30. IDobei, ' along with which,' Le, 'while at 
the qame time.' — 31. i^m anawera the purpose of a possessive (161| 
333Jni) to both the foUowlng nouns. —36. noifl rin, 'another' (IM^). 

SS> 2. l3fcH%m, [nflnitlTeaa mnin <340): — (ben qualifles thonegt- 
tiTB ; ' Gold is jvst the thing tbst I do not want ' — 3. ©pagtfl, de- 28> 
pendent on Did :— fclbftcn, old-atjle and obaoUte form for |e[E>fl. — 
i. Le. [id)] iDill (C tad) tinmol jtigcn. 

A. marbmtr, 'otmetobe (nem) tome': — ale = 'uif' (433t): — ISniir, 
fci ; again (sb «l 2fl.31) a mixtare of conditional and indirect eonatrucdon 
(339Lac). — 9, Mt, 'oneaDol;her,'redprocBlTeflezJTe(l&M);ftposHMivo 
datlfe itai-inb). — 12. ni^cn. In paaBiTO Mnse (343.I.B(^d), and th« 
pasaire constnictloo completely carried oat, bo that the real object of licg 
and aalgect of rtit&en, namelf iinittt, ia turned Into a prepodtioitBl ydiraBa, 
and, tnateadof 'he caused theotbera to hand up goldto himself,' trehave 'he 
caused gold to (e handed up to himself Aytlie others.' — 14. mat, '[namely] 
what,' instead of baS or Wtldttt, 'whlchj' compare 179.6. — 15. moHttn, 
'showed an inclination to, were bound to, seemed as if the; would, were on 
the point of ' (2&8b) : ~ ftd), object of the intraniiiUve ladtttt, along with fac- 
filiTc predicate (337.16). — 16. oBt belongs to fit, not to ginfltr. — 27. wo 
. . . ^in, as ir nm^in iiu4, 'whithenoOTei.' — 28. loS giyea the sense of 
unrestrained or violent action to tniExn, and might with equal propriety be 
treated as ita prefli (lotgutrcibrn). — 32. t|in, oomplement of the prepoeitJoa 
na^ (379.1(1): — frri, factitiTe predicate qoalifying 3Btg (31fi.2c).— 33. 
jogtn rait, conditional inTsrsion (433). 39. I. ale, 'tl it,' in sense 
of ba|, 'tiiat' (333.20: — @pnngbrunncn ; (bis, too,wasof Uudiue's 29. 
kindred. — t. rooOt for noUtt (333.2c). 

9. ba (of boDon) anticipates the following danse, the toffical otijeot of Ooit 
( — 10. bacflttn, 'about that;' here nearly = baniuf, 'thereupon.* 
— 11. in to ^incin, 'in into herself;' i.e. not out, aloud, sa if for any one 
else to hear. — 12. ((ijeli, tor la^tii, would be mora regular (333Ad). — 
14. fort, Terb of motion omitted, '[get] away' (35D.2). — IS. 'mcl, i.e. cin> 
mal, 'just: ' — btn flbfrgrltttnitn SialbDrom ; tbey had already, tbe eTening 
before, found the brook turned into a raging torrent and cutting off all exit 
from the peninsula. — 16. ba, 'there,' Le. 'on that head, about that;' 
virtual repetition of the preceding clause. — 19. barf . . . ^inauC, 'msy not 
trust himself [to go] oat' (369.2). — 23. bcrrin ; the bar again an^pates 
the following clause, as (aocusstive) object of tin, for in ; 'had to reoondle 
Umseir to staying.' — 24. )ur 3n|tl gtn)0Tbei1(|1, the equivalent of an adjec* 
ti*e clause; 'wbidi had grown into an island' (437.2a). — 20. Stvlirfcn, 
potential sa^joDCtlTe (333.5<f>. -- 26. btr flltintn, dattve in possemire 
sense ( — 29. toaeno^ aUeS, 'what all besides, what further': — 
btc, the uae of tbe article puts Bertalda a little (tirther oS; as a person with 
whom the speaker would have no eoncsraj almost like 'that Bertalda of 

lAdwig Uhlan^ sereral of whose moat familiar and bvorite ballads are 

i«oeDt1; deceased (at hli native place, in 1 863). Id his own dtparttnetit of 
I.Tiic poetrr he atands in the foramuat rank, and niBDy of hia pieces are in 
the menunea and on tha lipa of almost STeiy peraon of Q«roian birth and 

Tbla piece is a simple and teaching picture, whldi needs no words of 
explanation or of comment. 

30. 4. V^, 'along.' — 6.miSif|tc,*would&uii,' i.e. 'seems as if it would, 
SO. seems to; ' aUoding, probablj, to tiie refleotion of the Btmcture in the 
peaoeftil waters below. — a. &lult), eccosative after in {31S). — 
11. ftc^tn, dependent on ^t>( qt^tlttn (343.I.G). — 13. tBoOtn, inBnitiTe a» 
DOQD (340). — 19. Alagditb, object of ^Brte ju. — 31. obni ; that is, on the 
. battlements of the castle. — 23. SBelfcn, iuflnitire as noon (340), object of 
)a^t|l. — 88. ini= 'In her' (««.». 

3)n SBirilitt Zi^trrlrin. 

Bespecting the anthor of this little poem, see the introductory remarics to 
the preceding one. 

Hsrdljr ever has the genuine tone of the popular balhul been more auo 
cesBhill; struck by a great poet than hereL 

31. 1. jogm agrees with the logical inbfect following it (164.4d): — 
81, no^I = 'as it chanced.' — 3. fit, third person dogular used inaddteas 
toanHcknowlBdgediDrerior(163.3): — gulforgutf»(12B). — 4.IBif|' 
tttltin, the diminutive of affectionate fiunlliarity, — 11. Iibtc|l, subjunotlTe, 
in hypothetical period (332. 1}.— U. baju, literallj 'alit,' Le. inviewof the 
sad event — 17. i^n, Le. b(n ©djlritr. — 18. an followed by accusative, as 
Implying the iiapreaslng of the kiBB(37Sa). — 20. OnigFtit, accnaatire: — 
in, 'iotOi'le. 'toalL' 

Salts (JohanD OsndeDi too Balle^Seewia; born 1162, died 1834) is one of 
the minor Ijrtc poets of German;. Hia tongs, although by no means 
throughout so fVinereal as the two eetecUone (here and on page 41) made 
In the Reader would indicate, are marked by a vein of tender melancholy. 

28. 3Raae, accusative after ouf (37S). 32. 2. nunh, facUtlTe prodi- 
8S. cate to $Anbc (316.2i:). — 4. @Tunb, accusative after in (37fi>; 
literally, 'to the bottom of its depth.' — 5. fonfl [[Uttm = ltincnt 
anbcnn. — 7. bit, demonstrative. 

Qoethe (.Tohann Wolfgang von Ooethei bom 1749, died 1833) is the 
atdmowledged chief of German literature. The vajie^ofeitraota from hia 
works given here will serve to illustrate the multirariousnesg ae well as the 

ewer of his genius. The best account la Eogtiah of hi* life and works 
0. H. Lewes'a biography. 

mnw. 145 

mi baUad ii one of the bett linown in the Qenn^D l>D(c«uee. It msj 
(ir we are authoriied to give a prose interpretation U> so eflgentiall}' poetio 
• ahetcb) be regarded as depicCiOK the &ta of a seiuiitiTe and imagioatiTe 
bo7, who, ID a night ride, seet and bears supematural beings in Ibo sigbta 
and Bounda abont him, and ia orerwhelmed by hie fears. 

16. fidjn maj be noderatood either aa adverti, or aa bctitiTe predicate; 
p«rhap« better the former, 'he grasps him securely.' — 18. SrltBnig, tiot a 
peraonagebelongiogto the ordiuary German pt^ulalion of raii7-Uod; except 
U the name may be deemed to be • corraptien or local dialectic foroi of 
QiftBnig, 'king of the elves,' eObcted through the inflaeece of the Danish, 
where the same word (rtIO means both 'elf' and 'alder' (ISrlt). — 22. Ipid', 
present in sense of fhture (334.1). — 24. mani^CT onen loses its decten- 
riooal ending (191): — gfllbrn for gfilbenta (126). — 28. fauldt btr SBinB, 
Le. ' it ia the wind, niatling,' eta 33. 3. fat|T(n, praaent for fiitiire 
(834.1). — 4. the meaning 'to sleepy' regularly added by rin to 33. 
U)itgtn,ia transferred also to theotberrerbiintheUne. — 8. tt fi^tt- 
lUn, ie. (aaabore, 33.SB) 'it is the old willows, shining.' etc — 12. ?ctMfor 
itxbtS, neuter of adjective Irtb used subsCantiTely (12BJ<); 'a harm.' ^^ 
13. ^Irr, logically subject of grau|d taken intransitively (2M)i 'thefkther 
is terror-atricken.' 

SaS jfrtrsi^ntt tRinglrin. 

The author of this poem, Joseph tod EicbendorlT (bora 1788. died ISSI), 
waa a poet of the romaotic school, and author, besides his eongs, of Terinns 
dramas and works of action ; of the last, his 9u« ttm irbtn tintt Zaut^t^ 
nil^ie, 'From thelifaof a good-fbr-nothiog,' is the beat known Eoour public 

18. ba redundant, repetition of preceding Kne. — 21. babci, 'along; with i^ 
•t the same time.' — 24. f^iTang, preterit for perfect (32B.S). — 30. nto^I, 
hardly translatable. 34. 3. ^Br' ii^. conditional inTersion (433). — 
6. am Htbfltn, superlatiTe of qtra (3SB6). — 6. ie. icllt t», 34, 

Sit eintt^. 

Bespecting the anthor, see introdnctorr remarks to the piece on psge 30; 

T. nunbennilb, appositiTe •4Jective almost with Talue of attributire 
<llfi.4). — 8. ba, redondant repetition of preceding line. — 12. (ingttr^rt, 
auxiliary (bin) omitted (439.3o). — 13. ©(^OHm, we may imagine 'dew' 
to be meant — 18. ouf b<i« Ceflt, adTerbial phnuw (363.26,0 i more 
nmiallj oontraeted Into aufs befit. — 19. ju, 'nnto,'l.e. 'for.' 

Sfni^l ntib ftiaiti^. 


tU HOTBa. 

as. 1. l)nti4it)>(n,ii>pMiU*ea4]eetirewitbttti1batiTeTahie(llfi.4). 
86. — 5. raa« in MOM or ctroa« (17S.2). — 6. slci^msenMoffciglnf^ 

— 1. oopul* (mar) omitted (439^). -^ g. bri is sepanUo preftz 
or legtt : — BtftfUoallMtt = Tull, plump.' — 9. @(f(ige HCma lalended hers 
ntlieraatheiMiit«rooUectiTe(411JI.Ia)orga^ or ®t\ii Chui aa length- 
eaed form of OtfAg itaeli; and to im*q 'dithos, rtmelK' — 10. bagn)tn, 
'over against that,' Le. 'on the oppogile iide.' — II. QftRttnt, here, of 
course, 'water' — 12. ©olb-, I.e. @olbfi(*l(in (419^:). — 15. ie. fo Ifdllrt 
ifttnttbifi^ (ieji(I)«nmfl|lMi.~20. (dimiffltt, aameconBtnictionaaniitfltt; aa 
tho Logical ooncluaioQ of ths rerse, we may coDceiTS tbe eod of the preoe- 
diog Terse (linea IG, 16) repeated; tbla would call upon ua to admire and 
enT7 the turd'a appetite alao. — 21. btim SQaabcm s 'at tbeir deputure. 
— 24. alS gtK'i^i^' '** f^' t-^ '" ^'tg one who had Mten;' eadi 
thought his own the regular and ceremonioaa repaat, aud the other a aps. 
dal and aabordinate proTision. made in Tiew of hia fellow's little infinnitiea 
of atruQtuTe. — 25. wiBfl, for niHft bu, ' if thou woiildat.'— 28- Le. fo miifit 
bu. — 2T. Le. mcnn bu bic Gcute gaftinn niOll. — 28. bii^ . . . rit^tni, de- 
pendent on mugL 

SdiiUer (Johann CbriaUiph Friedrich Ton SchiUer; bom 17Bd, died 
I BOS) ahares with Goethe the highest raulc among German antbore, aa 
Ijric poet and dramatiat, wblle tiia hist^irical Bud philosophical writingB 
and his romatioea are also held aa classical. His life has been written 
in Eoglish b; Thomas Oarlyle. 

The poem before ua ia an exalted and ideal description of a scene In the 

38. 1. an, 'aloDf.' — 2. the original tnOnitiTe meaning of Ecbcn is here 
86. disUnctlj brougbt ODt b; its oonnection with the inflni^Te @l(rbnt 
(340). — 3. t», not translatable (164.4e). _ 4. tmig for nvigct 
(128). — 6. fSlnin, aplayof wordsj 9imin literallj 'lioness,' but also a 
dialectic form of ^Utiic, 'sTalanche,' which ia here intended to be signi- 
fled. — 7. Btbogfn llbtr, with socusatiTe (aiC), 'arched across,' ie. 
' thrown orer in an arch.'— 16. bo, 'then,' or 'when' (438.3ft):— tai^enb, 
Uke enig, above (line 4). — 22. SRoTgtn and 9benb are n^qnent]/ usad 
(especdaUjr the former) as names for 'east' and 'west;' 3)it[tag, for 
'sonth,' islcBH common: they are bo applied, of course, in Tiew of the posi- 
tion or direction of the sun at those times roapectiTelr ; by antithe^ to 
anittag, SDIittemai^t, 'nUdui^t,' ia sometimea nsed for 'north;' but this 
iB a more artificial and a wholly incorrect deeignatjon. — 23. luie, ' as,' i.e. 
' when, aa goon as.' — 2i. fiifi, ' to one aiiolher ; ' reciprocal use of the re- 
flexire (166.4). — 26. ®t((&lc(fit(r, acousatiTe atter flbcr (376), on account 
ofimpUcation of motion through rogen, 'rise, jut upward'— not motion 
Uwarii, to be sure, but in the opposite dliecUon. — 3i. tt, redundant, sB 

above (Uoe 3). 37. 1. fii^, poeseuive dative (2a3Jn.a,6).— 4. Le. aw 
fit (Die ffcilt) otcflolben fit (tie Sront). **'' 

£ic Sartlei. 

Beinrieh Hoine (boraat DusseldorC 1799, died ie Paris, 1R56) was bj 
binh a Hebrew, but lived in declared opposition to all religion, and died 
a [toman Catholia He waa a maa oreztraordioaiT delicaey of perception, 
keenness of wit, and power of eiprossioD. and hie work^ are among the 
most DoteworChj of tlie time. The eztraAs from them msde in the Reader 
give a rather one-sided view ofhia lltererj activity, bat they illustrate that 
extreme aimpUeity of form whicb is one of the moat striking external cbar* 
•cteristiCB of hia poetr7. 

This poem is founded upon a Rhine-legend, attaching itself to a high rocky 
promontory on the east bank of the river (near Oberweeel), about wliich the 
Stream nakea b turn, with currents and eddies dangerous to navigation- 
It ie fabled that the aummit of the rocks wbb occupied by a fay, who would 
dreaa and attire herself there in view of those who passed by on the rivei; 
and by her supematara] beauty and song would ao rivet the attention of 
the inarinera aa to make them careless of the dangers through which tbey 
were peanng, and so bring about their destruction. 

5. IdQ, literally 'Is to, is meant to,' implies a kind of external ioflueDce 
exerted oo the poet, which he reaisls and would fain escape. — S.DtiT, 
' B dative {223JlLa,b). — 18. babri, 'along with it, La. 'at the 

Sat Si^Iil 8in(i>tirt. 

Adalbert von Chamiaso was by birth a Frendiman (bom in Champagne 
In ITSI; died In 183S), but the tronblea of the French revolution de- 
stroyed his borne and exiled his thmily while be was still very young, and 
be furnishes perhaps the sole example of a foreigner who lus made for 
himself a higb place among Oennan poeta. Hit department is that of 
lyric sod narrative poetry. Ho was also a man of science, a botaniat, of 
no mean rank; and Lis observations in a sdentiSc voyage around the 
world (I8]5~18} are tarned to account by him in his longest and most ad- 
mired narrative poem, €alae q @omt; ; as also in hia little prose r 
Peter Schlemihl, or the adventures of the man who lost hia shadow. 
h^ this last admirable work that the name of Chamisso Is best known out- 
side of Qermany. 

The present poem Is a toudiing remlDtscence of the home from which be 
bad been driven. 

38> 1. Ini4, object of the lotruiBitive trfiuni', along with an adjnnc^ 
alt Ainb lurildt, ' back aa child (into childhood),' having the value «f 88, 
a factitive predicate <a37.2&). — 3. fui^I. . . ^cim, compound verb.— 
4. i.e. bic i4 langc ungcffcn qti^taubt [bobt] ; UfrgcfFtn being partidple, 

fikctitive predicate to bit (31S.2£), and the auxiliary omitted (439.3a) 

9. rt, untranalatable (164.4c). — 21. umfloil, adjective belonging appoai- 
tivoly to Sugtn ; ' my eyes, veiled (dimmed with emotion), do not yet ' etc. 

Ua S0TE8. 

(307). — 2S. nit . . . tmit, u nnul, ' hawarer,' qI)ali^II^; l)tn (oosipu« 
17P.4). — 30. tniib, Le. 'BoneDed with smotioD' (French aUeadri); oppo- 

■ils orRrtitfl, 'ateni.' 39. 1. U. niD ini^ aufrafftn, aDunuKoal d«- 
S9. p*rtar« rroni Che oidinary amngeawut, bdiI one or which the 

rhetorical effect i» to la; n itres* npoQ anf. — 2. €aiteni^[. >c- 
onsaCire of aocompanjing drcunutanoe 1230.3a). — 3. btti4)\itmnitn, fiiu 
gen, same miiatractioti ai ntfftn. 

Ibif bet nefterfa^rt. 

Respecting the aathor, aee Introdnotorj Temarki to the poem on page 30. 

g. Riic immer, 'ea ever,* Le. 'as it uaed to do of old.' — 10, imtnt, 
' twain ; ' old naecuUiM rorm of jIDci (109a). — 13. fliQ, U>e emphatio 
word. — 14. fo, also emphatic ; * In that wa;, in the Hme manner.' — 15. 
nor, 'before;' maybe noderatood either aa 'in presenae ot, before ths 
ejes of,' or aa 'at the head of, in ndvance of) more than.' - — IT. Xagt, ob- 
ject of bcnttn. — 18. (|(ildli4(T, not precitelj an appoaitire adjartiTe, bat 
as if qualiryiog a repeated Xngt underetood ; ' happ; onee.' — 20. ti)(ure, 
like fl!fltnti^r,juat above; tftturt [Senofftn] : — tntrifytn [IjaO, with ofoil- 
ted auxiliary (*3».3u). — 22. nitun, in sense of bafi, whidi wonld be more 
logical — 26. brtifad), factitive predicate to bit (316.2c) ; the more ordi- 
narj prosaic cooBtruotion would use it «a attribotive with Hfict^, in the 
foregoing line. 


See aboTe, introdnction to the notes on bit Eortiti (p. 247). Theae Teree* 
are said Co have been addrrsBed by the poet to bis sister. 

40. 4. note the acoosatiTe conttruction allflr uiittr (376). — C. con- 

40. diHonal inyeraion (433). — 8. miTt ; fti would be more theOTeticall? 

regular, the Bubjunctive belug one or indirect statement (333.4a.^. 

— 9. auf = 'in;' see note to 23.31. — 10. bi(, demoDstratiTe ; redundant 
repetition of the preceding line. — 12. ^auS.i.e. 'houaehold, eatebllBbmont.' 

— 20. Stat}l, cant name for an ugly or cunning old woman. — 24-28. the 
auziiiarieE and oopulas omitted (439.3); they would be b each case jci, 
being in indirect aCstement after Ilagtm (333). 

Sal fKQt Saitb. 

Beepecting Salis, see above, introduction Co notes on Xat tSxab (p. S44). 

41. 3. trUbtt may be understood either as adverb, or as factitive pre- 

41, dicate to [ii^. — 12. befianb, preterit in sense of perfect (335.3). — 
18. bic gadtl, iccitaative absolute (asasb). 

Sir Btrfarent tUti^t. 

Fortbe author, soe sboTe (p. 213-1). 

A ploua rhapsody. T)ie poet dgtirea to himself the ecatasy of deTotiou 
and worship, airakeDed bj the solitude aod graDdeur of the fbrest !a tho 
hurt of one who burieg himseir in its depths for the purpose of seclusioa 
and religioun meditalion, as a lost <±urch, which the wanderer discovera, 
and into which he is receiTed. 

23. Don obtndcT ; more logically, bon obm \)n, 'hither Tmm above,' Le. 
'ooming down fWun on high.' — 24. Den n>ann, antiquated form of ben 
Isannm, ' ft'om wheooe.' — 26. joD, 'issud to' ( — 29. mc^T, with 
the negatite part of ttjiin;, measB, as usual, 'do loDger.**— 42. 8. 
ft ; more usnaU; b(|lo io the ^Mdosis, or iodepeadent dause. — 42. 
tl. omitted oi:^1a, ifl (or bltibl) (439.3i). — 12. omitted auxiliary 
(43D.3a). — 13. bcnn, in seiwe of alS, ' than ; ' now anUqual«d aod tuosuaL 
— 11. Ijatte, Tirtually a sntguDctiTe of indirect statement, although not in 
the usual and normal constroction ; as if mtr \iiim H, alB 1)dlt( ii^ mt\)t btnn 
^Uiibtrt Sa^re fo l)iitgttTfiumct (332.1t«, at end); which ia equivalent to idp 
UiS)tr, idi biittc etc. — 15. a1«, 'when.' — 29. Le. mtr nar't, aW ^flltt bet* 
fclbc eto., 'it was (seemed) to me as if ' eta — 30. Hopfenb for rtopftnbt* 
(laO). — 33. mat, imporsoua], with c« omitted (293.4; 393). 43. 
3. ci^cQt.appositiTeto 8tlb.~4. )um ?(b(n, 'into life, into reality.'— 48, 
12, 13. tbiiT, not itmrbt ; he did not see the change making, bat 
only lt« result (283). — 15, 17. mat... far, belong together (176). — 
21. nc^mt, imperatdve, which in the third person singular (on!;} admits tba 
subject before as well as alter it (432.Sa), 

Sic flcrBrnbt Olutnt. 

niedrich Riickert (bom I1B9, died IS66) la one of the most esteemed of 
the later lyric nnd didactic poets of Oermany, and an unexcelled master of 
poetic form. He was distinguished also as an OrieoUl scholar, and his 
translations f^m Oriental authors are among hia most noteworthy works. 
Hi: is leas known and read out of Oermany than many whose genins was 
inferior to his; perhaps mainly because he spread himself over so mucli sur- 
Uae, Instead of resting his fame on a few elaborated masterpieces. 

In this piece, a floweret is represented as lameodng its doom to speedy 
and absolute extinction. It rejects the eocourBgement and coasolatioo 
oBTered it (in the first and third verses), and at Ont regrets having lived, 
and reproaches the author of its being, the sun ; but is then softened by his 
warming and kindling influoDcei rejoicea at tiaviag been allowed to form a 
part of hia beautiful creation, and lies down to die in happy resignation. 

We may regard the poem as a kind of apolt^e, intended to represent the 
strug^o of Tuind of one who looks forward to quitting this life without hope 
of another — which is understood to have been the menial attitude of the 

23. eiltbf), preseut in sense of ftature (334^): — rtastidpatea the 


f ng Hds u otifect Ot CTltbf). — ZS. inTeriion (br eniphuis (431jr)' — M. MK 

^rrt, b«at uDderalood as partidple, with omiKed ■nziliaTy (439.Sa). — 

30. cnlfpTang, violeiit change of Miim; we ■boold expect intjintngt, or elae 

rntfpningMi ifl. 44. 2. Sommntaufcnti, modelled after the conunoa 

44. word Sa^TbuUbtll ; aocuButiTB of duraUon of time (330.1). — 

3. DfTtrSumtcm, partidple with pregvatit meauliig, equivalcDt to a 
verb; 'alter winler'a dream is dreamed out.' — 8. tDic, 'aa,' Le. 'when, 
wben once.' — 11. ba ■uperflnoos (182.3). ~ 20. ISinjIt ; einjtl ix the older 
form oT tinjdn, but U now verr rarely used. — 21. ^nb fit, oonditjoual io- 
leraion; '{eveD} if thej' tto. — S2. tt, 'm\' Lcl mat it^ nor. — 23. Le. 
ganj anb gar nut jt^t bin \6i, 'abeolatel; onl; at the present time ia mj 
ezlaleDce.' — 2f>. |le, objeot of uidntit; 'them,' Le. bit Snbtm (liiiB 18): 
— tinliheiepiNDti to tbe future, 'eome time hereaner.' — 30. in bit gtmrn, 
'Into the diataocea,' i.e. 'far olT in the fbtara.' — 34. mit^, object of 

gtfagt [4al], with hc^tiTe predicate (318.3c). 46. 2. tnir (also Slit- 

45. leib, line 4, and bir, Une G), dative in "ablative " sense (233 J 8). — 

4. )U = um ju, inflnitiTe of piupoae or end (343.111.1). — S. order, 
ii^ nin mi(^ triint|)fi|aft frft in ntit^ f^Iicgcn ; frampftiafl quaUfiM fcfl. 
— 11. fonncQ, an intnntitiTe uaed transitivelf with factitive predicate, 
(237.2£), — 15. snorgdijug and the otber nouns in tbia verse are in 
*Ppositi<Ki with oDeB, line 13. — IS. bcitt, 'to which,' i.e. 'in response to 
which, under whose acUou or inSnenoe.' — There are Keveral cases of 
omitted auziliarj in this sod the following lines (439.S4I). — 21, tnir, 'aa,' 
here In sense of 'in that' — 35. one ma; take his choice here between the 
two meanings of (i(6tP, 'permit' or 'cause.' — 29. ^d|, appoeitiveadjective 
with attributive force (ltS.4). — 30. )u . . ■ biiitin, 'in into' (37ff.l<)- 

46. 4. auf)Uil(1)'n, dependent upon fioffnung in the manner of a 

46. genitive (346.3). 


Itea|>eotiDg the author, see above (p. 341). 
A simple eventide picture. 

3)tr ning. 

" AuBStasIus GrSn " Is the nom de phtmt of Oount Anton Alexander von 
Auersperg, an Austrian poet and liberal, born in 1806, andatil^lSTO) living. 
He is one of the most popular of tbe lyric poets of the modem era, and hss 
also wrilton epica, on old Qormen subjects and in the poetic form of tbe 
Hiddle High-(>ermBii period (466). 

47. 6. $Ktinatl}(aiib, dative dependent on the adjective fctil, which 

47. nauatl; requires the preposition non. — 11. ^fanb, in apposition 
with ben. — 13. aufir, accuaativa after »or (37«), sine* the actioo 

of putting to the as well as holding there is implied in ^itlt. — 24. rnt-' 
lang, adverb of diiection, here almost a prepoeition governing gCut^ 


Xragifi^t ®ef4i4tt. 

A ipedmen of Chamisso'B (see above, p. S41) Ijghter manner. 

48. IS. % or ti, 'tbere' (I64.ib): — btm, datiTa in poaaeaaJTe 
seoBe; 'to wAiwebeartitwent,' i.e. ' whomitpiecced tothebesrt.' — 48. 
16. IT. preaent tensee ia aeDae of Aitare (324.1). — 20. flunb, old form 
of the preterit of fltf)en, dow qnite rare. — 22. 'rum, for ^cnim. — 26. 
ni(^t« &ilU(l)tte, 'notfaing bad,' i.e. 'no barm.' 49. 2. ^ilft )U 
nit^n, 'helps [bim] to Dothing,' Le. ' leads (o no reault.' — 4. {t^t, 49. 
imperatiTB. — 6. the colon ia equlralent to putting wilt^ quotaUon 
Dtaiiis tbat which foUovsi se« Dote to 10.14. 

Srei Voote unb dintt, 

Beapeoting the author, see introducUon to the noEea on bit ftcrbcnbt 
Slumt (p. 249). 

10. brauf, 'tbereapoD,' Le. 'in answer to, or in comment upon, it; 
•bout it' — 12. ID, lilarall; 'unto, into,'' 'make It into what ia own to 
thee,' Le. 'make it thbe own, lay it well to heart, maater the lesson it 
teaebea.' — IT. jmeU, old at/le for jtoct (300.1). 

CiTnt Ziftl. 

The poet hu prepared an entertatoment, and Invited to It Tarlona char- 
acters whidi (as is intended to be implied) are not easily met with 
in [Dodem aocietj. Kndinf^ tben. that be is likely to eiijoy the feast 
alone, tw relenta, and aaka in people as they are — faults, foibles, and alL 

21. gtnug, 'in auffldency, in abnndance.' — 23. fmb, Le. the Invitations 
hare been already sent out (283). —26. mir, 'for me,' expletive [222dllc). 
60. 1. {45iice Sinb, a common designation t<a» 'pretty young giri.' 

— 2. le. ' who are wholly uosophUtJcated.' — 3. ni(f|t, Le. [bit] 60. 
nicfit [TOifftn]:— wofinsenseof ttroaB(l78.2). — 10. C^tflatttii, 
objectof l)atltn. — 11. conditional invoralon (433); 'if (even though) he 
were all the time becoming more beariah.' — 18. titcl, appoaitive to $CRtII. 

— 37. atbtn ant, ' oIT to one side.' SI. 1. fttmbtS, 'strange,' i.e. ' of 
another person, somebody else's.' — 10. tsiQ, 'is on the point at, 61. 
threatens to' (2Bat). — 12. Le. 'have been too exacting, hare de- 
manded too mudi.' — IT. tomme, imperative (433.2a). 

Lndwig Tiedi waa bom in 1T13, and died in 1863. Eis name la assocl* 
•ted with thoee of the brothers Solilegel, as chielb of the modem " re- 
manUc " aidural of literature. Hia worka are almont exclusively narrative 
and dcamatic: prominent among them are the collection of talea entitled 


S»dntilhi«, ud lbs dnmaUcatiODi of c^ildreii'H itortM (■• Fdm in BotM, 
iiebeard), uid old Oornun legendu (u G«noT«n. FortasMua). 

ib. fttjt, manbtit, imperitiTef. 52. 3. Itbtr'n = fibn bm (<5, n- 

62. mark 2). — 8. gnti, 'with ptotsan) w eojofmenl' — 13. Ia§ 

ftin, 'lot be,' Lo. 'let alone, leaTs ott, qntt' — li. ompbatic hirop- 

•toD (4319). — IT. Le. fo mcit [al<] bn ^iaimd bi4 (inii^Iic6t (438.S<0 = 
'within tile whole cirmiDfereDce of tlie heaveiL' — 19. bat @dii', 'wliatia 
its, what it la fairlj entitled la' 


Friedrich, Baron Ton Hudenberg (bom 1171, died ISOl), better "known 
bj the aaiumediuune or"M'oTH]la,'' wai one of die most gifted poets of bia 
lime, and lua early death, at lees than thirty yeare of age. was deeply aod 
widuly lamented. He was Id literary eympathy stmI personal friendabip 
with Ti&ok iLQd the 8ch1<^la, by whom hia collected writinga were edited 
and pnhliHhel His most ambitious and elaboralfi work, a romanDe «n- 
titled " Uoinrich tod Ofterdingeii," was left unUDiahed. Depth of feeling; 
indining to maUiicholy and niyaticiam, waa tfio marked chirscterintio of 
bifl poems io general — though not at all of the one here selected; this 
repreeeots rather hia BcienCiBc oducation and profeaaion; he waa ooeu- 
pied durii^ sereral yeare in the mattagement of the aalt-worka at Weiaaen- 

2J. wrr, Ibr tbe more r^iilar lelative mtl^tt (I7&.S), B3. 7. 

63. nii^t, for the more oaual utUt. — 9-12. i.e. Pt ip mil gminbli4' 
hit bertit, i^m bit eta ju btci^lcn. — 29. niAt, Le. 'ftimiahea, 

gires tbe aid of.' — 31. fragt . . . tDcnig, i.e. 'makes little aaoano^ doea 
not moch concern bunself.' — 32. gnubni, andent dative eoding re- 
tained (9B). 64. i. Le. am gug [tm Qkbirgc] = 'down in tbe 

64. pl^us.' 

Sit brrl Sterne. 

Karl Theodor Eumer was bom in ITel, and was killed tn a skimuah 
with the Prench in 181S, when not yet quite 32 yeara old ; being one of 
tlie most widely regretted of the victimB of the great war of liberatioB. 
which overthrew the power of Napoleon and restored the independence of 
&enaaaj. He was an otBcer in Liitcow's oorpa of Blaok Huntsmen 
(®(finarjt S^acr), and bis best lyrics weie patriotic songs composed whtia 
lo the service ; he bad writteo during the nighl before his death one of tbe 
most famous of them, the "Sword-song." Among bis other worka are 
MVeral dramas, of mnoh merit 

6. ^CTcin, 'in hither,' Le. 'in upon us mortals.' — T. second iit, emphatic 
'they' (ISO.Zfr); simple repetition of the subject. — 13. tbia verse is not 
very intelligible, having more sonnd than logical sense — 14. jum, 'fw a,' 
Le. 'as a.' — 16.)um, 'unto the,' i.e. 'ao as to bring about a.' — IT. bod) 
simply 'bnt' (386.G0i luid the following inversion is oonditional(433), with 

tutm (line 19) M mmUtlTe to ita implied wenn, 'ii;'or ' when.' — S3. 
bcglcitc ; brglcitm would be mora BtricUj oorract ( — 27. W. m- 
pcntiTS; ite subject, wbtt follows. 


This spirited song is taken thnn Bchiller'a play of S^allnijIcill'S $a$n, 
'Walleoatein's Csnip,' which serves bs introductory piece or proline to 
the two splendid dramas, jDic ^iccolcmini, and its continuation and L-ondu- 
■km, SaUtnfifia'S lob, ' WalleQsIoin'B Death;' and whith giTes a lively 
[rioture of the life of the soldier in the half-military, half-frcebooting cam[« 
of that period (the period of the Tiiirty Years' War). Tliia life is also re- 
flected in the song, of which the sucoesslve staaias are uttered or song 
by difTereut charauters, while tbs whole asseinbly repest the taat two lioea 
of each in chorus. 

6B. Z. gqegtn.pirtldple used imperatiTely (359.3); forWIutTbt 
gtjogcn, third peraon imperative of the impersonal passive of an in- 65. 
Iraasltifeverb(a79.2). — S.IDiiSin iK>aMof(tn)a«(17S.3)._S. rill' 
tnltnfQr, 'appear for or in the stead of;' Le. 'act as substitute or represen- 
tative of.' — 13. bet ; we should rather expect the cocDpouod relative met 
(1TS.3). ^ IT. atngfttn, rare and anomalous plural of 9nfl|l. — IS. ^t m 
fOn^tcii, the same idiom m in Bn^ish (343.nLIc). — 20. t riff t'«, conditional 
inversioq (433); (t, Le. baB SC^iitfal, 'if our fkte does not cotoe upon us 
to-dsy.'— 26. brauf^t, ie. tr bniuil^t. 6S. 1. i.e. fe lang [ale] n Itbt 
(43S.)ld). — 14. log fa^mi, 'let go, let paes,' ia 'do not try to 66. 
restrain or keep bint.' — IS. Qrbtn, old dative ending retained (9B). 

— 18. 'teBTesbierest,' L e. leaves it behind him, losea poeeeuion of it — 
31, 22. impeiative pattidplea (3&9.3). 

This is one of the patriotie songs produced when the ardor of feeling 
through the whole of Germany, for the Jiberatian of the fatherland and of 
Europe from the oppressive dominstiou of Napoleon, was at Its height. The 
author. Ernst Moritz Amdt (bom 1769, died 1860), was among the most 
entitaslaetic and inspiring of thoee who aroused and fed the feeling. He 
was obliged to See from Oreifswald (where he wsa professor of history) 
in 1B07 fbr writing against the French, and passed some years in exile. 
Again, In 1S19, be was silenced for many years sb professor of modem 
history St Bonn, on account of his too liberal patriotism and freedom 
of speech. Besidea hia lyrics (mostly patriotic and war-songs), be is the 
author of various historical works. 

67. 1. ina(f)fni lirg, 'made grow.' — 6. 'wrath of tVee speedi,' Le. 
noble ire tbat speaks itself freely ont — 7. Itftdnbc . .. bic gtbbc, 67, 
'stand to bis quarrel.' I.e. 'maintain by Bght bis just cause.' 

— 20. f^nilrcn, ' swear [fealty}.' -— 23. OtrmannCft^toi^t, Le. auoh a battle 
as waa fought of old by Hermann for the delireranoe of (Jermany ftnr- 


roreifn jokt. The Qermtiu know u " Hennanii " the diiediln whom tha 
Boman (utbon c«ll Ajminiua, idiI who in the niga or Augustus ovor- 
wbeJmed aod i]eatro;ed the leg;ioiui of Varus [u ■ graat battle in the 
Teutoburger Toreet (near Detmold), bf thU and other victories flnallj 
thiatratlDg tbe eObrte of tlie Boman empire to extend Its aaihoTi^ orer 

Oermaii.r. — 26. tDa) nui;, 'whaWnr' (179.1). B8. II. Doran, 
58. 'in Cront of, st the bead of;' with the valne here of a prepoaitioa, 

governiog the TdlowiDg uodil — 16. £flb, "oog;uate aocasatJTe" 

$«ml, her Wfat S)iringer. 

Boflpectliig the uithar, see Introdoctoiy remarlo to tiie note oo bit bni 
©wnit (p. 282), 

A local tradiljon, ToDDded on an aotual odmrreDoe^ of which the some wta 
near lichlewalde, in the Suon Engebirgo. 

SO. ba, aemonelratiTe in senae of rela^Te <438JA). — 2\. H ningt 

^CTDuf, Lb. ' there oomes up a sound.' — 23. tit( au9, ' deeply oat ot,' Le. 

'out of the depths ot.' — 29. atS %Uf t«, m if it ooncennd. 

69. aaiftho matter in hand were.' B9. 1,3. inSoitiTes of purpose (3*3. 

ULl), — S. tdm, Le. bfoi SiDrgtn, — 18. gttilitit, feben, acco- 

sadTes, aignifylDg wbM is at sUke, or depends upon the iasoa, for then 

(it|nni, nnderttood) ; literallj, ' it is worth [to them] their lifo or libert7.' — 

19. (juflttn, dative io posseeaivB ssaae (aaxUIa). — 23. nui, 'alone,' 

belong* to ^nat, in the next line. — 27. 91<l<^t, here aocuaatiTB, after in 

(370). — iS. flflditi^ inpregn«Dt oonstmctioa, 'u be Otea, Id 

60, the haste of flight* — 31. btcin, tee note to 21.26. 60. 9. ' it ia 
(Beems) Io him as if he were incited acroas ; ' imperaonal verba 

(292.3, 4). — 12. fdidumt in ben i&gtl, 'foams into the rein,' Le. 'chafes 
foamii^ at the bit, oorera the bridle with foam.' — 13. n bmR ti, ' be 
thinks it,' le. 'coooeiTei it, imagines the leap.' — 30. bic fnn(n, Le.'bia 
friends ' (160). 

^tt Sanger. 

A fayorite ballad, flrat appearing In (hwthe'a romance orWilhelm Ueister. 
61.I.Dor,'ln front of,' Le. 'without, outside of.' — 2. auf bfr 

61. SrQift, ie. on the drawbridge of the casde. — 7. mil, rediiDdaiit 
(166). — 8. mir, rather redundant, but usual in this pbrase 

of greeting; nteana almost ■ by me.' — 9. i^r, nomiaaCive plural, subject of 
(rib, understood. — 13. ifl, 'it is,' not 'there is.' — U. fi^, object of tf 
gBtJcn, and flouncnb in pregnant aenae, ' b7 gazing or sCaiiDg.* — 16. fdglug, ' 
Le. bis harp. — 17, IS. i.e. llie song excited the martial ardor of the Itnigbts, 
and made the ladies oaat down their eyes (with tender emotion, or with 
modesty). — 21. ^Icn, in paBsire sense, with SHU as its subjoot 
63* (343.I.&C). — 28. JU, 'in addiUon to, along with.' 62.1. boi^f 

■Emplr 'but' (SSSJle), and the iimnioD alter it condlUotul (433). — 
8. Tcti^Mt, like ^oltn, above (Sl.31). — t. an, Le. an ben Tiani. 

titt Sangers ^lui^. 

13. Le. ffranj bon @Stttn ; nai, ' wai,' naj be onderstood as to be 
anpplied io the liae. — 15. an, ' in reapect to, in.' — IT. blid t, au intraasi- 
UTe used transltirelj (321M). — 22. ei, not to be rendered (164.i<:) : — 
il)nt, dative in aense of poaaeaaiTe {222.IIIa,b} to both the nouns in the 
line. — 24. an, separable pre&x of ftimm'. — SB- gilt iin«, 'ia our part or 
dotf, la what we have before ui: ' — fleincm, for 'fttinctntt (13S). 
S3. 2. a(S, 'as if;' before InTerted daase (433&): — briin, 'in upon 63. 
them.' — 6. ba]nt|d|m, 'amid i^' Le. heard through the interrale 
of the other, an it were. —9. oUfni ©fifen.moS, 'eTerytbing sweet, which' 
(179J». — 18. braufl, here teUti<re, 'outof whioh' (ISO), as is shown b;the 
place of the verb Ipringt (*34; 437). — 19. i.e. unb aU b(t ©diroarm btr 
©Brtriftmit ('as if ') nom Sturm j«ftobtn, — 21, b(r,'this one, the lot- 
tet, he (emphatic, 1S6.3£).' — 22. anfrt^t, factitive predicate (316.2c) ; — 
felie, adverb. ~ 23. Dor, 'in front of;' Le. 'juat ontaide." — 24. ft(, ?r(i9, 
both in sppoaition with {urfe, ' it, of all harps the prixe (best, chler).' — 
Si. Le. i!^ jeigt tail bet cntflelllt andtfii^t birf(« Xobtcn. 64. 1, 2. 
ladic«tiveTerbB,wbereweshouldrathereKpectaubjunctives(333.&b); 64, 
the meaning is, therefore, ' bo that je ahall ' (preaent in aense of 
future, 324.4) eta, rather than ' in order that ye ma^,' and a higher cer- 
talntf is implied. — 4. blut'gcn, instead of bliil'geS, before a genitive in t 
(121.3).~9. not^quahfieajtugt:— Sine written (unnecessaril;] with acBpi- 
tal, as bting numeral, not article (198.3e). — 10. Qbrt SIsAt, ie. 'at any 
moment, without further notice.' — 13. $(lbenbu(^, while this word would 
be Id simp!]' 1° its general sense, there ia probably also an aiin- 
■iOQ intended to the $rlbcnbui4, eo-called, a oollection of legenda of old 
Germao worthies, coming Irom the Middle Higb-Oernum period (46fi.2b). 


Ferdinand FreDigrath (bom 1S10) haa played a conspicuons part fn mo- 
dern German history, both as poet and as patriot Hucb of his life has 
been passed in exile, in England aud in America, and the flrst oollectJTe 
•dilion orhia works was published in New Toric (1S5S-9). 

15. win tt, conditional Inversion (433). — 20. Xafclbcrgc!, the well- 
known "Table HeuDti^D,*' overlooking Capetown (at the Cape of Oood 
Hope> ~ 21. JtenOD, English apeUing, and to be pronounced as English, 


u the rhyme diowi. — 2B. Inngfn, Le. 'ontatretched;' {nlftl. •dTer^ 
bi4lg«iiitiTe (390.1). tfS.X tal)inan,'didotie[«m}iM.'— 8. Lo. 

05, wit tt [M(] ^ditifUc brt Aam<(lce mit forbf l^ut nninigt. — 12. 
^Kt), object, of count, u the aeose ehows. — lb. titTt)ttctt, preterit 

in proper imperfect Mate, ' vu devaitaUng.' — IT. jogcnb, tppoaitire to 

ft(. — IB. il)r, poMMilro dative (32a.llla,£). 

ScT Zmt4rr. 

One of the most spirited ot Scbfller'a baUada, foanded on a atoiy oar- 
rated by KIroher, or an actual occurrence, laid to have taken place in Sidlj, 
in the fourteeuth oentury. 

As regarda the atyle, this pleoe ia particularly noticeable Tor ita (^nent 
and daring violationi of the ordinary rules oT arrangement of sentences; 
and it AiRiiaheB an ezceUent opportunity of practice upon the rule*^ in r«' 
storing the order irbioh these would require. 

6fl. 4. drat <r, more reg<dar1ybn,Mcon«Iatire of mn (179.1,3).— 

66. &■ 9td|cr> object of nirft : —Septal, aocuaatiTe (376). — 10. ju ten- 
4tn, dependent on Sc^tjtc, es if this meant distinctly, as it does 

impliedly, 'the man courageous enough ' (344.S). — 16. i|), In prcgnaat 
sense, ' exlsta, is thero ; ' — iDagtt, piesent iu Ritiiie sense (324.4). — 23, 24. 
sdrerbial clauses, qualifying toirlKtiiab, in line 16; which line should prop- 
erly be invertod (43B..V) : — SBofftr (line 36) is object of TOicbtrgab : 
Idlfang, preterit in sense of pluperfect. The action of the whirlpool It ao 
intermittent 'one ; now the waters recede, are drawn down, as it were, into 
the Tortex, leafing a deep abyas ; and now, again, they return and rise^ 
■re poured forth anew out of the cbasm, with din and IViry. This allemaiion 
of movement la a main Item <n tlie action of the pleoe, — 32. Le. unll S'l"4 
btSngt |id| oljn' tSnbc auf %\m% 'and anrge comes crowding upon surg^ 
without end.' — 33. miU, ' abows tigna of intending, aeema as if it would' 
(compare a68£). 67. 4. i.e. a\t flingt t». 'aa if (433t) it went 

67. (reached) ' etc. — 5. rclgmb, sppositive to KDogm. — 8. @olt, da- 
tive. — 9. llnb — ; the aotualBtatemeotof the plunge is omitted. — 

IS. nttnmer, here ' no more,' in accordeuce with the etymology of the word 
(iiic ntf^r). — 18. (B, impersonal subject, 'there ia expectant waiting yel,' 
l.e. on the part of Uiose who are watching for tlie return of the tide and 
hoping for Qie reappearance of the youth with it. The next verse and four 
lines of the next but one represent their thoughts and words in the interval, 
auddenly broken oT (line 39) by the approach of the aurge anew. — i't, 
gfljlflcte, preterit aubjunctive. In the oonclnsion of a hypothetical period 
(332.1). — 23. tirrt)(Mt. strictly s snbjuuctive of indirect ttatement, depen- 
dent on (rjjililt (333.3ii), but implying also a potential sense, ' may be hi- 
ding ' — 25. niofll moni^ce — ' l\ill many a.' — 2T. j(Tld|m(lttrl nur, apposi- 
tlve to Sid unb SRaf), and the empbatio item of the atatement, 'only in 
(tagmeuls, aa dtihed to pieces.' — 28. aQcB, otgeot of e(r|d)linatubcni. — 

6S. i. % bdeflnite or imperBoiiBl subject ; one ma; traoalate b; 
'Bomethlng.' — 6. c8, bbdib bb Id line 4; it iB as if tbe; miild not 68. 
jet belioTe tbat it a sctoall; he. — 7. n ifl '9, order inverted (Vom 
tbat oanal in En^ish <164.4/). — 9. siiddencbange ortenie; bb <(; during 
tbia pause, wbile tbe ; outb is recoTering braatfa at th« edge of the vater, 
tbe intensity of the interest were reined a little, and the poet reasiumcB 
tbe character of gliaple narrator, in plooe of that of apectator of a present 
actioo. — 19. bic, 'sbe; ' = emphatie peraonal prouonn (lW.2b). — 20. 
alfo, 'thna,' le. 'tbos saying, with these words.' — Zl. ti, redundant 
<164.1c); tbe Bubject of fitut is the next line. — 22. ba, redundant (183.2). 

— 24. StrjUf^C, imperatire with preceding Bul^ect {432.ia). — 27. t* rif 
mul), Imperaonal; reader 'I was dragged' (394). — 28. mir, object or 
jlaTjtt cnmtgtn (333.ILlb). 69. S. ^Iftntiff, object of jtigtc — 

7. bngtttef.oorrelatiTeor'mountainsblgb.' — 9. ob . . . gleidi, 'al- 69< 
though, eren though.' — 10. fiinunttr la^ 'saw downward,' Le. 
'looked down aadsaw,' — in. ftmfilidite, now more usoaUf fla(f)1igc, aa. Id 
present use, tbe derivatiTe adjectives in ig have almost crowded out those 
in ii^l (416.8). — 19. '«, object of mar btnugt (339) ; represents tbe situ- 
ation, as depicted in the reat of the verse. — 23. untct, 'below,' Le. 'ootof 
reach of.' — 25. badpf i^ '•, ' I conceived or imagined it,' namely, what 
follows ; — ho(^ 't, cfl here, as the next line shows, does not refer to any of 
the creatnres muned above, but to b new, an undefined and namelesB ^a^a- 
tare; the poJvP*'* o'' t^*»t cnttle-fisb, with ita numerous sod terrible arais, 
le doubtleea mtended. — 29. glrii^, fbr foglciA. 7IX 1. unfudifi bu'«, 
ccmditianal inversion (433). — ft. (agl gcnug fcin, 'allow to be 70. 
enongh,' Le. ' be content with so muob, do not deaire to carir it any 
flirther.' — S. ttinre = fonfl tdntr. — 13. fir, aotecedeotofbitinneit line; 
we ahonld expect in plain prose bit or bicjcnigc : — Ijtuf not), 'yet thla day,' 
le. 'this very day.' — 16. the impersonal verb here (and in line 18) la con- 
Tenieutly rendered by a paaaive (394). — 20. La unb [n] pQrjt : — auf, 
'for'antidpotively, 'at liak of — 23. notable imparaonal phrase, 'there is 
« bowing (rf one's self downward.' — 28. trinet, Le. hm SSafTtr. 

An entertaining TerstflcatioD of the old story of the magician's appren- 
tice, who has learned bow to do, but not tonndo, and iauearly ruined by the 
excessive eSoienc; of tbe aaaiatant whom he baa set at work, hot cannot 
control or stop. 

37. invenioD for emphada (431;); the same construotioo occurs 
repeatedly Id Uie following reraea (aa 72.4,21). 71. 4. I^u', pre- 
sent for tatan (334.4). — 7. jum ^mtift, Tor the pnrpose,' Le. 71> 
'oaerany, for a apeoiSc end.' — 16. fri, third person imperativSL 
73. 1. bcintr ^bm, partitive geniUve as object of ^abni (330J). 73. 

— :. beUsemtfTcn, used adverbially = ' b AiIl measure, all we want 

K(le - 

or OBD iiw.' — B. Wetanfi'apoii vhidki'LB. 'at orinTirtaeof wblch-' — ft. 
Le. mat n ^twt^ia [ifl] {43g.S<i). — B. opt«ti*e luvenioa (331.2 ; 433.3). 
— 16. the ■priiehaseludod hUgratpb; bodw uncann j vtiSoo. — 17. miTb 
mir, imperaoDal, with omitted subject (293.1 ; 293). — 25. ®leif is half 
vocatire, half predicate of gtnitftn [tiift]; Ihoastidil that hast at any rate 

been mch, even if now soemuig to wear another character. — M. 
73< n>i(> 'aa,' I.e. 'when, when once.' 73. 9. flt^'n . . . in bir ^oiit, 

■oniewhat pregnant eipreasion. flc^tn taken as a verb of motion ; 
'ataadaloft,'i.e. 'riMudstaadup.' — 1*. i.e.bic9(ifln, bir it^ricf ; object 
of Wtrbf Ids (339). — 33. i.e. [i^t] Irib CB gmcfni, 'jon hare been ItCi-e. 
broom merely).' — 26. trft, Mune force, neariy, u nut in tho preoAdLo; 
line, and one of the two redandaut. 

$tr itIfH 3>UkttT. 

Respecting the author, tee Intiodaction to the ootet on bn Sling (p. 350). 

27. mtxbti (and ifl, line 80), present in mdm of fature (334.4). — 

30. lire, te. ip ba«, a rare contraction (66, at end). 74. 3. The 

74. hom of pleat;, carried by Fortune, aa the reoeplacle whence she 

distiibntea her gilta to men. — b. (o long, ' ao long aa ' (438.3(1), 

the ImpUcalioQ of tbe oa1t«d nit, ' as,' being shown by the Iranspoaed 

•rr«Qg«ment of tbe danae ; and so all tho way down to line SS, where we 

bare the independent dause to which all these adverbial dauaea are 

introductory. — IS. bem grictitn, ' unto peace,' Le. Ibr peace, with ardent 

love or longing for it — SO. b'mn, 't^ them,' Le. bit anbcn@Tfibemil(f)ta. 

— SB. here, in the independent danse, where there is no longer 

76- Implication of a(B, 'aa,' ihe ammgement changes ftora transposed to 

inverted (431). 75. 3. mem, compound relative, of which the in* 

dnded antecedent la subject of nanbclt; = bcrintigt, IDfltbrm. — II. Ls. 

the creation. — II. abatblQ^t, with omitted auxiliary (439.3a), ^t, for 

Igabnt letrb (338.3a). — U. one may understand uctftiraiil either aa 

virtual foture perfect, like abgrblil^l, or as present — 16. bie baigin, ' np to 

that point of time,' Le. 'by that time; ' — in this and in the next line, the 

oopulas (fcit, ifl) are omitted ; a much taier case tbau that of the 

omission of the auziliary with a participle. 

3)[t 9rntaMen. 

Bespocting the author of this and of the next piece, see the notes on bit 
Sottlfi (p. 147), 

Two French soldiers, captured dnring Hapoteoo's Ttnssian campnign, and 
sioce kept in Siberian eiile, out of reach of all knowledge of what has 
been eoing on in the world, are released at the paciflcaticn attending tbe 
overthrow of the Empire, and make their way toward France. On reaching 
the '' Qerman quartora," they are informed of tlie Emperor's fdl; and one 
of them is unable to survive the overwhelming nuwa. 


20. UOmt . . . gtfnngcn, equivalent to a plaperfeot paHaive, Yoaita 
Stfangeit gtnommcn norbcn (383.3). — 28. no^l, hardi? tiauaUitable. — 
29. WiTb mir, impersonal veib with omitted subject {292A; 293.) 
16. 1. boS 9\tb ifl aufi, proTerbial ezpresaion, 'the aoog ia orer, tlio 
game ia played oat, lifb bag nothing elae worth liring for.' — 6. 76, 
Le. ' mj heart ia set oo much higher intereata.' 

Kuf btm ^iirjt. 

From Beine't ffcitcbilbtr, a deacripdon at hia wanderings, in mixed poe- 
by and prose. He gives thia Uttle poen as a scene which he eiperienoed. 

77. t. the first bci would be more regularly ncT (179.S). — S, 10. 
the ^re a little mixed, and a little hyporbolictl; the ej'es ate 77. 
stars in virtue of their hiightoess, thoogh blue in color; and thej 
are so large, and opened bo wide upon the poeti that tbey make upon bim 
the impreBBioD of a whole blue heaven. — 24. gar ju fi^itn, 'quite too 
bcautifnl,' le. 'oh I so beautirutl' — 32. btS 91aif|t«, an irregular adverbial 
genitive, formed aCler the analogy of ZagS, 9brnbfl, 3T{Drgciie eta, and fa- 
vored by the fact that nohl in ancient Qenoan, thongh leminine, toolc an 
eioeptioDal t ia its geoitive, which baa been retained b adverbial uee. 
78. T. bajtuili^di, i.e. its aound is heard in the inlervala of the 
louder oojaes, which for the most part deaden or drown it; oom- 78- 
pare 63.6. 

The "dithyramb" Is properly an ode to Bacchus, the wine-god, and 
b hence applied, aa here, to a lyric of tVeest meaaure and boldest tliKht 
of fancy. Iiie poet imagine! himaelf the entertainer of the goda of Greece, 
who grant bin his earnest request for a sbare in their inunortahty. 

13. glaubt, second poraon plural imperative: — mir. Tor me.' i.e. on my 
•athority, as I tell yon. — 16, IT. the combination of these two clauses 
la quite diSbrent (Vom what we should make it in EngliBh; we may 
lender as If it read taum tfaU iif Saci^ufl etc, alB nu^ Stnor 
femmt ; Isuni = 'hardly Is it the ease.' 79. S. 'that he seem to ^9, 
himself to be one of ua (of our peo[det our sort).' 

®t[a!iB bn 9tifttc Sin bra JE^ffera. 

A little mystic poem, founded on Oriental notions of the sonL 
17-19. Here la implied the Hindu doctrine of transmigratiDn. or the never- 
ending re-blrth of the soul, in a auooession of exjetenoea. — 20. ftritmt ela, 
conditional inveraion (433). 80. 1. xa^tit etc, conditional inversion 
again, this time without the bann at the bead of the Indepeudent 80, 
dausedi^umtnetc.), which in the preceding verse (79.23) helped 
to show the oonstmction. — 7. SDtt|cnt^aI, aocnaatJve of spaos Irai 

(330.I&), with BdT«ri> of (tireetioa added, ' along the meadow-nle.' — 9. 
tDcibcn if|T Sntlt)!, a highly Bgurative expressiou ; nxibtn, Uterall; ' pus- 
tare,' is the Terb used to eipr«u the idea of Teedii^' or ' TeaHtiag' the 
ejes upon anj^hltig; but of the atan or conetellatjoua the ejes ajr«, 
>a it were, the whole Taos or aspect ; they are all eye ; heiwa by a bold 
and pre^ant mola|d)or, they are said to ' feed their bees ' Id Ibe amooth 
lake ( that Is to aay, they mimir themaelTea there with delight, they feaat 
on or eqjoy their own reflection in the waEer. — 13. oom $ninb aai, ' oat 
CnxB Hi* bottom,' Le. ' up &oid the deptha.' 

Sic ffiirlt M 9Iralral. 

The three Ideaa which a man must ding to^ if ha would ret^ hU AiS 
worth a« a man, are Liberty, Virtue, and God. Thwe is a oranpankm 
poem, of inferior merit, called hit SDocU bN SSa^ttS. 'the worda of delu- 
aion or error ; ' these three detnsioas are, belief in the deatruction of evil 
by good in this life, in the nuou of fortune with worth, and in the attain- 
abili^ of absolute truth. 

19. ii(l|alt|(Sn)cr, ap]xiaitire to SSoctc. — !E. we should expect nther 
tpflr* than tDQTl)' ; we rnaj uDderatand, however, '[and would be so.] 
eron should he be bom in fettera.' — 27. imn, here traasitive, witb tu4 
aa object and @c|4rci as aabject (or ol^jectof lagt)- Bt. I. the 
81. oense seema to foroe us to aasume in Ihia line an afflnnatiTe crjtl- 
terl ; ' tremble before the alave etc., [but] do not tremble before 
the tt«B man; ' the construction is a harsh one, bnt not unallowabla. — 6. 
conditional itiTersion ; and the auii, with the implied ncnit, has the nmal 
force of tnenn au^, ' even if,' or ' although.' — 8. bnC, ohject of flbrt. — 10. 
IDtc aud), 'however' (compare 179.4); foQowed by a present subjunctive 
(333.Sa). — 13. ob ID the sense of abqlti^ or Db and), 'although, even 
though.' — 15, 16, beiDo^rtt, pfiantcl, imperatives, preceded by dieir ob- 
jects. — IT. t|Id4, like aud) above lline G), giving thesense-of ■ even i^ al- 
though,' with an inverted clause. 

9e[aiiB in QtjniBtl. 

These majestic verses form the introdnetion to the prolog im Siimnifl, 
'prologue in heaven,' whioh begins Goethe's splendid tragedy of " Faoat," 
regarded by many aa the greatest of his works (see eitracta from it given 
later, pp I33~S3}. The scene of the proli^rue is an imitation of that in 
Job, where Satan appears among the sons of God, and receives permission 
to tormeot the patriarch by way of trial of his i^th ; a lilce permission 1b 
given to Uephistopheles witb regard to Faust 

21. the Srit two tinea admit a double interpretation ; either taking tSrtt 
as tranaitive, wlih SBettgcfang aa Its obteot, and widi %rub(rfpl|ar(ii as 
dative afler in, 'singa an emuloos song among ftatemal spheres; ' or tak- 
lDg>tilnt as intranaitive, and S3fltQ((ane as oonnecied with it by in, while 

K0TB8. 161 

Sntbaf)i^mt Ib geoitire, UmitJng 3Bf Itgiilang, ' KiDnds into ( joinB fo) the 
emalouB song of the IVateraal Bpberea ; ' I believe that the former ia tbo 
mare usual undereUadbg. — 26. Ktnn = 'evsD it, ilthouKh:' mag, 'it 
able* (SftO). 92. 7. nirti, for ntrben, b; ■ not iufrequeat liceose 
( — 11. mat^nb, pregDonUj, ' in their Air;, by tbeir rag- 82. 
ing.' — 14. oat belouga to flammt bb Iti pre&x; ils mgalat pUce, of 
ooaree, would bsKt the eudof the line. — 18. ia, 'u, aince.' 

eirt krr ^arjen. 

If aoy of Goethe's other worhi can contest the palm of ezoelleace with 
" Fauii^" it is doabtleis the dnuna of " Ipbigeuia at Tauiia." The autijoct 
U a well-known dMBioal oue, and la worked up bj the great Gennan poet 
In ■ style which, although entirelj differeoi frota that io which a Oreek 
tragedian would bave treated It (ae regerde tbe morenient of the plot and 
(be calaalrophe), is yet das^cal and Qreek in the highest sense of those 
terms. Jt is not neoeasaiy to detail here the plot of the piece. The ez* 
tract given is taken from the end of the fourth ao^ where the fate of Iphl- 
genia and her brother is In suspense, and alt locdis dark Id her ejes, as if 
Uie peraiateDt enmity of the gods to Tanlalus and hja race were now about 
to crush them also, hla last remaining deaoendants, or were going to per- 
mit tbeir preservation only at the sacriflceof her truth and faith and parity 

The metre of the song iteetT we may look upon aa a modemiled and more 
riiylbioical form of the old Genoan alliterative verse (see the aeit piece) ; 
which, both from Its owu style, aod from its aBBodation with the recorda 
and ideaa of the ancient Oerman religion, is peculiarly adapted to tbe use to 
wblob it ia bere put 

S8. Vargni, tbe Parca (Latin) or MArai (Qreek), 'Fates;' commonly 
Tepreaented as three women, of whom one spins the thread of buieaD 
fate, the second measures it outj and tbe third cuts it oS. The poet 
asaomea (what Is hardly borae out by mythological Buthoritie!i) that 
they and Taotalna stand in a common relation to the race of Titaos, the 
annent dyuasty of divinities, dispoBSeaaod and hurled down to Tarlarua by 
Jupiter and the Olympian gods. — 21. Zantalut was at one time in high 
Tavor with Jupiter, and allowed a eeat (gelbntr 3luf)l) at the table of the 
goda ; tnit for some offeDSe, as to the nature of which ancient writers great- 
ly difi^T, he was caat down Ihim heaven, and fixed In Tartarus, tormeoled 
with excesrive tUret, but plunged up to his ohin in a pool of water, which 
rinks away when he tries to drink of it, and baffles hia attempt ; whence 
eomea our word taatalue. 83. 3. btn = mcintn (161). — S. 
fitti^lt, imperative third wngular; c(, redundant (lS4i4e). — 9. ta, 83. 
antecedent of ben, in next line. — 14. cr^cbtt etc., conditional inver- 
sion j an allusion here to the fate of Tantalus, whom hi* fHeods consider to 
bave been ui^ustly coadenned and cruelly punished. — 20. <Stxii^ttt, ob- 
ject of tjarren (line 18). — 26 etc a popular tradition represents the con. 
qaored Titans to bave been to part buried beneath volcanic mountain^ aa 


.^tno, wboH pheDomena of Ore ud eartliqiiike mre belierad dne to tbek 
pBDtlug and MrngKles to b« tKe. — 29. limiUr col onlj in ai^teBraDoe, bnt 
ia the pleuura Oiej gire to tbe godi. — 31 etc TidtiDg, namdj, tlia iid* 
quitiea of tbe fkiben upon the dilldren to the tliird and fonrtb gBoentioQ. 

8^ 1. mnbcn govenu ]ii ftii'n, of whh^ 3I9' '" ot^tM. — 8. 
84. aitt, in ai^iMitioa wllh Stcbannie ; Siebn, object of ^i:d)t — 9. 

JiinbCT, Qnttl, hen geoitJTM. 

3)ic Siiekertrrtmnig kei ^tmrnm. 

This poem ia • truulatioti ftom the Old None, n' Icelandic Becpecting 
Ha antbor. see the notes to bai @i^lDg %<DncDurt (p. 24T). The original, the 
Thrymaquuika or HamartMml, U one of tlie poemB fonning the first part of 
the elder " Edda," a collection of legenda respecting tbe goia aod beroea oT 
the old German religion. Ita siibjeot ia a myib, of which the main feature* 
an eaeii^ interpretable. Ab in the Greek ni;thotog7 there is an old coateat 
fbr aupremacy between tbe godg and Utana, bo ia there in tbe Noras be- 
tween the goda, who lepreeent tbe powers of light and warmth, and the 
gianta, tbe powen of darkneaa, cold, and winter. The chier champion of 
Uie goda is Tbor, tbe thnnderer, whose weapon ia liLi hammer, Uioluir, tbe 
thunderbolt, a missile of irr^siBtible force, which returns after doing its 
iroik to the hand that lannchcd it. Tbia weapon tbe giants hare managed 
to steal, we are not told how, whi]e Tbor was elt-eping; that is to say, tlie 
wintry powers hare (caioed for a time the supremacy, during the scsaoa 
when the thunderer is inactiTe, as If asleep: his recovery of tbe weapon 
and destruction of tbe robber siid bis whole raoe represent the return of 
spring and warmth. For the details of the story, the poet alone, doubtless, 
ia responsible; be ba* dressed it in a lively and attnotire garb to suit bis 
own laricy ; and it would be uselesti to attempt a mythological luterpreu- 
tlon of tbe several incidents. 

Tbe poem Is inm>ducod here partly for its own interest, and aa affording 
a taste of tJie religion which our own ancestors, with those of the other 
Germanic pe<^iles (447-8), once ptofeared, and partly because It illustnlea 
the old Qermanio form of poetic expression, tbe "alliteratiTe" verse 
(4$ In tbla verse, two short linee, or half-linea separated by a 
marked pause or ce)>ur&, form a couplet or long line. Tbe number of syl- 
lables ill tbcm is not fixed, nor is there any strictly obeerved metre; each 
half-line contains two or three principal syllables, with strong accent, and 
more or fewer other«, comparatively unaccented. And instead ofrhyniing, 
each couplet regularly contains three accented syllables beginning with the 
same leiter; althuDgti not infrequeDtly only two are found, and tbe nnmber 
may even rise to four. This is the "alliteration " (In German, Stabriim, 
for Vu^|)abmnim, ' letter rtiyme'). In this kind of verse ia found con- 
structed the oldest poetry not only of tbe Scandinavian peoplea, but also of 
both tlie High and the liow Germans (Anglo-Saxon end Old ^lon). 

Ghamisso's translatioD is s little free, as required by the necessities of 
the sUiteration.' A more eiaet one Is to be found in Simroc^'s " Eddo." 

11. I^ot; the word means 'thunder; ' iW old German form is toiior, 
■s the Germans call Slonntrfiaa wliat we name Thvriday or 'Thor'a day,' 
after thia god (Utin, dia Jovu}. — IT. Cbin is the father of Tbor, and tha 


cihter of the indent Oermaaio diruiities; the QermiD fbnn of tlia n«nie la 
SBuotan, and the Anglo-SaioD Wodart, wbldi Ib oearlj preserved id out 
Wtdai'idai/, ' Wodao's Oaj ' {dia MercariC). — 21. CofJ, origioullj a god of 
flre^ and akin in dignily and power with the highest of the other diritiltiea, 
ia degraded and changed in nature in the later iDjtha, becomes the buHj- 
bodj and miBChief-maker, and flnally a downrieht Salan; the prosent poem 
Is tbs 00I7 one in the Bdda in whidi he appears ooospicuoutlf in a char- 
noter altogether (Hend]; and helpful to the ^s. — 28. ^ttxia, the goddess 
of k>Te and beautj, occnpTing a position analogcms with that of Venus or 
Aphrodite in the claesical mythology; after her is called our iVuiay, 
'Freya'a day' {dia Vmerin). — 31. mollt, imperatiTe, 'be willing, bo 
pleased, pleaie ; ' Freja has (like the Talkpiaa, with whom ahe stands 
related) a Ebathered panoply, a flying apparatus (jjtbtr^cmb, @if|TDanni- 
^mb etc). — 33. Le. [bofi i* Brtlu*tl ob mtin $omnitt Tid) oittltit^t erlou. 
f4rn lagt. — 40. auf, prefix of ftiig. B6. 12. too^l = ' I beliora,' 
or 'do you notT' — 18. SRorgcn is not osuailyor properlj em- 65> 
ployed to ezpreaa a measure of distanoe; the term used in Sim- 
rodt's version (being the aame with that found in the original) is 9taf)(n, 
'reals' (distance that one goes before resting). — 19-20. ie. unb hintr, 
fSmabt, iell i^it toirbcT nrocrben. — 21. i.e> 'unless lie conduct Freya' etc 
(331.1<> —31. (tin, i-a. 'ThorV ~ 33. ft.ift etc, conditional inversion. — 
35. Don btt $i^c, i.e. 'from a standing position, before yon ait down.' — 37- 
40. Simrot^'s (betur) Torsion will serve as a commontary to this,' bcm 
@it!(nb(n mandimal manqcln @ebanttn ; ?tid)t(T im 2u%tn nfinnt r>4 bie 
£ift. 86. 10. ;{u [golcn with its object is subject of gdSngc ; a more 
usual, but really equivalent ezpresiiion would be toic tt i^ntn qt' 86. 
(Sngt brn ^nmineT ju tjDlfii. — 11. licimbaQ was the br-seeing 
watchnian of the gods, set to guard the bridge Bifroat, tlie passage-way Oom 
earth to heaven, against the giants. — 13. ba expletive (182.^). — 23, 26. 
i^tn, possessive dative (161). — 24. Don, 'froai,'i.e. 'by means of, with.' — 
26. (tin has the same ooustruction with blinhn (Hue 23). — 30. ((^cltcn is 
rreqnently and regularly construed with a sooond accusative, or an adjoo- 
tive, as factitive predicate, denoting the reproachful epithet applied to the 
(Urect object of the verb (316.16,2-:). — 34. Joodfia (Paiifrna) ia Loki'a 
mother, but not explained or spoIieD of otherwise. — 36. waUt, imperative 
again (as at 81.31). ~ 39, 40. i.e. tof nn bu btincn ^mmn ni^t fibnrll 
l)timl)Olft. — 69. Stags (or, rather, hc-goats) are Thor's usual travelling 
team: — bi^fifl qualifies tcurbtn gtft^trtt, below (line SI). 87. 10. 
btm Micjen, daliva in sense of genitive (326.1). — 21. lufammcu, 87. 
'at the same time, alto; ' an onusuai and hardly authorized use of 
the word. —22. i.e. [cS] pb, 'there was' (292.3a; 993). —36. !I{(bt f)f 
^n, literally ' stand talk,' i.e. ' stand and answer, bo ready with a reply 
when questioned.' — 43. i.e. the whole width of the halL — 57 etc. 'The 
oonnection and ineaniug of this verse are not very clear in the original, 


tAT« donbllMa been mlBiiit«rpTetsd I17 OhunisBo; we most regird ths 
word* M apokea by the giwit'B titter, end (br ^Qa'S Suit maat read 
mtincT Cicbc ; lUe ezacU of the bride, u oondition or hei own good-will 
•□d kiudneu toward the latter, t part of the bridal gilta ; bit Totfitn Sinjte 
Mre the rings of red gold of whidi the bridal gift couaista. At the words 
■tand in our tejct, we mutt put thsm Id Loki't rpoutb, m answer to the 
giantest'a reqaeat : " jou ahall have the riaga, if 700 are reallf in evneet 

aboat desiring friendship with Freja." 88. G. Thor's hammor wai 
8& Qie tvgolar initrumeot of nonMcrattoD at a marriage oereoMnf . — 

8. bn aRatb, poaaesaiTe datire (laaJHa). — ZZ. Le. erta^nt [^tti] 
(439.80). — 23. i^r, 'for her.' 

31, 32. cues of the emphatic loTersioa (431;). — 33. auf , Le. 'in;' ew 

note to 33.81. ~ 3S. (tnael^lafttl, in proper past eenae (SBl.So), ' fallea 

■tleep.' — 3T. liegcn, dependent ou flnb' (343.1.5). — <2. (Kimhr, 'with 

mjaeU^ in mj own mind: ' — toriftf , BubjuDctiTe, of Indirect atatemeat ; 

Ktii, Id present tense, would be more tognlar (333.4a). 89. 4. 

89. ]U $>aii|( belongs, of cotirst^ also to the precediag Uoe. — 10. \fitltt, 
for ^tclt, bj a rare license <a69.I.S). — 12. ixtht, here adjectira 

used as noun; of first declensioD (126.2). — 15. fIBrtt, conditional eub- 
JnneUTe, ' should disturb.' — IT. offtn, in pregnant constnictioD, eqalfakat 
to mtim fit offtn finb. — 21. fon[) here adds the sense of wontednees to 
untfi^Iinpnl. — 24. mit, 'how, tho wsj in which 1' the clause it introdaces 
la logfcallf the sulgect of n&tt. — 25. oonstruotioo as In the preceding tine. 
■-27. IBinbe: Lore (Cupid) is generally represented with a 'bandage' 
tied over hJa eyes, to sjmboUze the bllndoeBS of lore ; here, where his be- 
loved is deprived of the advantage of so man^ of the diarms with wbiiA 
she usoall; enchants bim, the poet regards it as equiv^nt to stripping off 
Lore's iMndage, and letting him see things as they really are. — 34. mcinn 
SQtgc, adverbial genitive (220.1), of rather an unusual kind. 90. 

90. 2. at'>4 In KQBB offegleid^. —3. mic immeT ; less common use of 
ImnKt, ' bow possibly, how in the world : ' — 6ci, ' along with,' Le, 

• oousideriog the, in spite of the.' — 4. fi<^ fiiibr, reflexive in passive sense 
(2B1; 383.2), ' should be found [here];' anbjunctive oflndir^statemenL 

9. unb 14 fdbcT s 'and as for me mTSelf.' — lO.Le. bit baS SRht 
giolltnb auSgtnorfrn [^al] (439.3a). — lb. ^tn, oomplement of abn 
(379.1a}. — IS. fBrmloe, logically an adjective in the ■ 

H0TX8. 2«G 

•J grantn, shhongh enimmaticBll; ao adverb (128.1); or HpiiTaleiit to a 
compound, fonnlos^rantn, oT two oo-ordinate BdjectiTea (434.1). — 17-10. 
a ratber itrilcing c«ae of a aubjectiTe vieir of the cloud's office, iuspiied bj 
• vaied and outraj^ed, a thoroughlj unCuned. atate of mind. — 26. nic^'n 
mid) on, ' blow upm me,' i.e. ' oome over, come upon and Eurround, like tbo 
air;' a not in&equent fl^re, with difficulty reodered in English. — 30. 
laRcm, hlce foimloS, abore (line 16). 91. u. ^Dd|gt|41itjtt, a 
Tioleul figure, but anpported bj the not ii>ft«qneDt uso or (^Qijcn 91, 
(literallj, ' to gird up the clotbee,' tor greater freedom oT motion) in 
tbe general aeiiBe or ' prepare, fix.' 

Sit SuTBtr. 

The extract here given constitutea tbe third canto <ont of nine, named 
•Uo ■(tertheoinemnses) of Qoethe'g" Hermann and Dorothea." The poem 
narretes the events of a Binfcle iaj in the life of one of the fHmiliea io a 
quiet Oeman vHlege near the Rliino. The father ia host of the Golden 
IdOn, tbe inn of the village ; a stirring, publico pirited, and sucoesefiil 
msD, as he deacribes himseir in this canto. But his only son, Hermann, 
Is quiet and shy, disincliQed and unable to push biniBelf on as his father 
would have him. and the two are out of sympathj with onu another ; tho 
mother appreciatea better and eupporla her son. On this daj there baa 
been an unusual stir in the little town ; a crowd of fugitives, driven out of 
their homes over the French border bj the diaturhsncea attendiog the Be- 
voludoo, have been passing through their neighborhood, and nearly all the 
population have gone down to the high-road to see the sad proceasioo — 
many of them (Hermann among the real) with provisioua and other com- 
forts for the emigrants. There Hermann has seen a young girL Dorothea, 
actively helping and comf'irting her companions in mianrtune, and baa 
been captivated by her, Ketuminf;, ho finda hia father's cronies, the pas- 
tor and the apothecary, drinking Rhine wioe with him in the cool back- 
parlor and ohattiug abont the events at the day. He telle bit story, saying 
nothing, however, of his love for tbe girl ; and tbe conversation ends In a 
misunderstauding between him and his fiither, who reproaches liioi as a 
mere peasant, without culture and without ambition; upon which he, with- 
out answering, quietly slipsoffont of the room. So ends the second oanlo; 
in the third the parents and neighbors oonlioue their talk after his de- 

8o much is necessary, in order to nnderstand the oonnection of the 
extract : tbe rest of the story need not be detailed here. It is enongh to 
say that tbe father yields his favorite wish that his son should marr/ 
ioto a family of higher station in life than his own ; the neighbors go off 
with Hermann to inquire more perUcularly respecting Dorothea's charac- 
ter; the information obtained being entirely in her favor, Hermann 
induces her to leave her formor IKends and go home wilb him, and the two 
are betrothed lovers before the close of tbe evening. 

Tbe poem ia epic In fbnn, written in Homeric beianeters, and even wltb 
"" " ' '''« tone and flpirit are strictly modem, 

icture out of German life, set forth 
o natote, with an art whose bomeli- 


biTS donbllMi been mtiinterpNted by CtauMo; m mart regard the 
word* ■■ apokea by the gimnt'i aUtar, and for grt^'t Utit most read 
nuincT I'icbt ; abe exact* of the bride, u cooditliHi or her own (lood -viU 
•Dd kiadncM toward die latter, a part of the bridal gifts ; bit ToHien Stuigc 
ere the ringa of red gold of whudi tbe bridal gilt aonaiita. As the wonla 
stand ia our text, we moat pat them In Loki'a moalli, as SDFver to the 
giaotesa'a nqaetC: "jou shall hiTe tbe rings, if jod ate really m earnest 

aboDt dealring ftiendahip with Freya." 88. 6. Tbor'i hammer was 
S8> the ragnlai iDStnuneitt of Ronaeoratian at a marriage oefemooy. — 

8. bn SRaib, possesslTe dative (2aiLlIl«). — 22. Le. crU^nt [iattt] 
(439.Sa}. — 23. iljr, 'for bar.' 

9tr 8cfii4. 

31, 32. oases of the emphatic inversion <43l0). — 33. Qtlf, Le. 'In;' Me 
note to 23.S1. — 3S. tingc[(^laFtii, in proper past sense (361.Sa), ' fldlan 
asleep.' — 37. lirgcn, dependent ou ^nb' (343X6). — 42. bti mit, 'with 
myself In my own mind:' — mctftc, subjunctive, <^ indirect statement; 

Wtdc, in present tense, would be more regular (,333Aa). 69. 4. 
89. )u fiauft belongs, of eouiee, alao to the preceding line. — 10. tpMt, 

fur ^irlt, by • rare lioense <369.I.S). — 12. 8i<t>c, here adjective 
used as noun; of flrst declension (13B.2). — 15. ilSrtc, conditional sub- 
juncljve, ' sbould disturt).' — 17. offcn, in pregnant construction, equErslent 
to nitnn fit offtn fmb, — 21. {anjl here adds the sense of wontedness to 
itmfd)lingtn. — 24. mit, 'how, the way in which j' the clause tt inboducea 
Ih lexically the sutiject of mSrt. — 25. oonstruction as in the preceding line. 
-—27. IBtitbc : Lore (Cupid) is generally represented with a 'bandage' 
tied over his eyes, to symbolize the blindness of love; here, where his be- 
loved is deprived of the advantage of so many of the charms with which 
she usually enchants him, the poet regards it ai equivalent to stripping off 
Love's bandage, and letting him see things as they really 8r& — 34. mttntc 

SBtgt, adverbisl genitive (230.t), of rather an unusual kind. 90. 
90- i- Qltii^ in sense of fogliii^. — 3. wit immtr ; less common ose of 

immtr, ' bow possibly, how in the world: ' — bti, ' along with,' Le. 
'oouskleiing the, in S[nte of the.' — 4. r<4 ftnbr, reflexive in pasdve sense 
(281i283.3), 'should be found [here];' subjunctive of iudli^ statement 

S)rt ^Hiifflmilfitt. 

A speoimeD of a very dilbrent style tt<na that which we have hitherto 
illustrated In tho works of this aathor (respectiag iriioni, see notes to bit 
£ort[(i, pa^ 347). ' 

9. nnb 11^ ftlbtts 'sod aa for me myself.' — 10.i.e. bit ba8 3RkC 
grotltnli aufgeniorftn Hat) (439.3<i). — 15. I|in, oomplement of abtr 
(379.1a). — l<i. formloer logical]; an adjective in the same oonstruction 

Kcrm. 2U 

U grouni, klthongh grBinniBticBllj bq ■drerb (138.8); or equiTaleot to ■ 
oompouDd, fontilofl^raiini, of two co-oTdinate sdjectiTSR (424.1). — 1T-20. 
« rather striking caie of a lubjective view of the dotid'e otBce, iQapired bf 
a Teied and outnged, a thorough!; untuned. Elate of mind. — 26. lut^'n 
mid) an, 'Mow upon me,' le. 'oomeoTer, conieDpoti and Enrround, liketba 
•ir ; ' a not iultoqueut figure, with difficulty Tendered in Englisb. — 30. 
imtxn, like foTOtlaS, above (Une IS). Bl. U. (od|e(i4fln"i • 
vicdent figure, but supported br the not iufrequeut uao <^ f^flr)"! 9X. 
(literally, ' to gird up tbe dotbca,' for greater fteedom of motion) in 
tba general aetue of ' prepare, fix.' 

£)it Ourgtr. 

The extract here given oonBtitutes the third canto (oat of nine, named 
also after tbe nine muBes) of Qoethe'a " Uermunn and DoroLbea." The poem 
narralea the eventa of a single dajr in the life of one of the fumilies in a 
quiet (3ermaii village near the Eliiao, The father is host of the Golden 
UOQ, the inn of the vUlage ; a Blirriug, public-apiriled, and successful 
man, aa be deacribes bimBelf in this canto. But his only son. UermatiD, 
is quiet aud ahj, disinclined and unable to push himseir on as hia father 
would have him. aud the two are out of Bjmpathy with one another ; tho 
mother appredatea better and Bupporta her Bon. On thu day there baa 
beeu an uuUBnal stir in tbe little town ; a crond of iVigitives. (bivea out of 
their homes over the French border by the disCurbatices atteodiug the Ite- 
Tolution, have been passing through their neighborhood, and nearly all the 
population bave gone down to the high-road to see tho aad procession — 
many of tbem (ilermenn among the rest) vrith provisiona and other com- 
forts for the emigrant!!. There Hermann bsJt Been a young girl, Dorothea, 
actively helping and comforting her companiona in misfbrtune, and has 
been captiTBtcd by her. Returning, he Buds his father's cronies, the pas- 
tor and the apothecary, drinking lUiine wine with bim in the cool back- 
parlor and chattiug about tbe events of the day. He teUs his atory, Baying 
nothing, however, of his love for the girl ; and the conversation ends in a 
misunderstandii^ between him and his father, wbo reproachea him as a 
mere peasant, without culture and without ambition ; upon which he, with- 
out anawerin^ quietly slips off out of tbe room. So endB the second canto ; 
in the third uie parents and neighbort oontinue their talk after hia de- 

8o mneh is ueoeanary, in order to nnderstand tbe connection of the 
extract : the rest of the story need not be detailed here. It is enough to 
say that the fstber yields his favorite wish that his eon should marry 
int'i a family of higher station in life than hia own ; tbe neighbors go off 
with Hermann to inquire more particularly respecting Dorothea's eharae- 
ter ; thu information obtained being entirely in her favor, Hermann 
induces her to leave her former frienda and go home with bim, and the two 
are betrothed lovers before tbe dose of the evening. 

Tbe poem is epic in form, written in Bomerio hexameters, and even witb 
jdain imitation of Komeric style, yet its tone and spirit are strictly modern, 
and the poet's own. It is a aim^e picture out of German life, set forth 
wiUi the ntmost simpMty and truth to nature, with an art whose homeU- 
neiu is its perflation. 


26. btT ^Iflcn dtttH, that la to bbj, hte Tathcr's violcDt reproor and do 
Dnndation, with which tho proocding canto had ended ; see the introductorj' 
ezplauatiODS above. — 30. bag etc, aubslantive clause In apposition 

with SBuiifi^n, in line SS. 93. 2. mit ?uf) qualified QCbad|le, 
0S. 'BhotiW devise with pleasure, enjo? planning.' — 4. emphatic 

inTeraion (431;;), aa also in line 1. — T. rocg, used adjecUvelj, 
which 18 qaite rare w\ih the caaes of nrr and waS <173.4). — 10. auf = 
'Id;' see note to 23.31. — 13. btt, emphatic demonBtratire ; the preceding 
etdon is equivalent only to a dash; see note to 20.14. — 14, Don obcn, Le. 
from the authorities and higher claaaea. — 17. ri rodnndant (164.4<), and 
^mann the logical subject or (DQt, which is eubJaDCtive of indireiTt state- 
uent (333.3c). — 19,19. cities not tax Crom the scene ot the poem; the 
father's ambition to make his «on a trarelled mau is a modest one, as iDcflta 
• Qerman burglier of the oldoQ time. — 21. fo tliin, Le. fo Ilrin alt (i3B. 
Si), or Wittltin: — )U Derjietfii is dependent on rul|t (343.111,2). — 26. 
gtlDcbrt \tx, impersonal with omitted subject ti (293) ; virtual passive 
( = Ocn)(^rt lDtrb(n},foriaedinipersouBll7fhimen intransitive (279.2); and 
equivalent to bag man btm (l|cutr ler^rt ; or, as we should expreas it, 
mailing ^urt the subject of a passive verb (294), 'that the fire ma; be 
chocked, or arrested.' — 27. 9)raiibe ; a conflagration, nomelj, which has 
been full; eiplsiued in as earlier part of the oonversation (as set forth in 
the preceding canto) ; it had laid in niios the greater part of the village, and 
made an important era Eo the tatter's history; the misfortune bad oocurred 
In the youth of Hennanu'a father and mother, and the; had betrothed 
themselves to one another la the midst of the ruins of their homes (they 
were next-door neighbors of old). — 28. 3tall). i.e. the magistracy ot the 
town. —SO, 31. bdricbcn and tiDllfii!)rt have the same constmctioD with 

Dtrbiintt, above (line £9). — 34. Dfrbinbfl, present in sense of future 
98. (334.4). — 3fl. nut (tljr = nuc ju Ir&c r — fo, emphatic. 93. 2. bae ; 

that is to say, the thing eipreesed bj the clause that follows, {in 
etc. ; equivBlent to id) (iirt^tc, bag ^cnuann uiir eiii folt^tr immf t blcibcn 
teivi. — b. \o, emphatic, ' In this way, If you go on Uu«.' — B. crjic^tn and 
lafftn have the same construction with licbtn, above (line!); regnlarly, 
laffcn should stand after gcmiitiren, since the latter is dependent on it. — 
II. mir, expletive (323.3c). — 12. (SHin, dependent on nicrt^ (line 13) :— 
tibt, present ia (Uture sense (324.4). — 13. ^iirgern etc, datives dependent 
on Sllufltr, a quite unusual construction (22B.1). — 16. bem 3 rmcn, posses- 
sive dative (232.111a), belonging to both ■Wmti and %lnift, ' all the poor 
fellow's courage In hii breast' — 21. \inb etc., emphatic inversion (431^). 
— 23. feUte, hare equivalent to (oil, ' is to, it is expected that one wilL' — 
25. lo bleibt et, Le. ' there's no changing that' 

21 etc the very mutious and parslmoaious progreasiveness of the apo- 
thecary is set fbrth in hia whole speeoh here in the most naive and enlertain- 
iDg mantWT. — 2& ftlbji belongs to the subject of \t[)t mit^ um. — 3*. ^aif. 

bjpothotlcal aubjaactive irith conditioD implied (332.2e). 94. 2, 3. 
lui^tcn, glanjten, like biStl', above (93.34) ; ' would lou^ since have 94. 
beeu arniling at me ' etc. ; — im = ill fcinciD. — i. ll|ut ti aatt), 
'does it after,' i.e. 'does tilings like, oomes up with, can vie with: ' — bti, 
'along with,' le. 'besides.' — -S. ju ^abeii, io passive seose (343>IILli); 
the copula, ifi, ia omitted (439.3t). — 6. an belongs to \t\)t. — 10. bk Ult' 
(treti, i.e. ' jour touse end mine.' — 11. jum, 'at the,' i.e. 'marked bj the, 
having for its aigu the; ' compare linea 32-ii below; an apotbecarf'B shop 
is OTdinaril/ marked by a sign in Qermaoy, like an inn ; golbcnet WW, 
' Golden Lion,' is tbe sign of the inn kept by Hennaim'B Tether — 14. 
flgurca adorning the old-(bahioned garden. — 15. gar, not easily translatable 
in such uaes; one may paraphrase gattt\i)U, 'i^hMy iveut ao fdr aa to 
hand,' 'even did the favor of aerviug up.' — 16. mJT, expletive (332.3c). — 
IT. ttt, demoDStrative, antecedent of mtm (line 16). — 19. that is to aaj, 
ereu the connoisseur was overwhelmed by the sight of such splondor. — 
23. OtrBviefeli^, hi pregnant oouatroclion, 'in my vexation, being out of 
bumor with it' — 25. Le. unb indg [loUtii] bit fatten [frill]. — ■iS.t»w 
object of mStcjufrirbfit (229): it anticipates the followinginflnitive clauses: 
— was is in the sense of cUvaS (176.2). — 34. the sign whs evidently the 
&miliar group of Uicbael trampling Satan triumphantly under bis feet — 
35. goct'ruiig, 'demand,' Le. ' the price demauded, coat' 

Sn Sfiasitrgans. 

This poem wns a favorite with its auihor, who gave expression In it to 
some of his deepest views of human life and history, attaching them to the 
incidents of s walk. It is not easy reading for a young pupil, or one UU' 
veraod in the language; and the following brief analyeii* will help in tracing 
out the train nf Uiought, aud gaining that dear conception of the relations 
of its pKrts iKiilch ia neceacary to the enjoyment of the poem as a whole. 

The poot as be starts upon his walk, happy to escape from ronflneuient 
to the house and to the society of men, grecta warmly tlie several features 
of the scene without He ruachea the meadow, aod traverses it by a wind- 
ing foot-path. Ills ear is struck by the wind, rustling in the near forest; 
he alrtkes into its shades, and climbs rapidly a eteep axcnut iiotil he sud- 
denly eme^s at a great height and skirts a predpice where his aleps 
■carcely find footing. The landscape below is passed in review and de- 
scribed — the valley, the hedges, the road and river, the herds and rural 
vitlages. But a change oomea over the aoene; signs of the neighborhood 
of ■ populous city press tliemselvea upon the attention, and soon the city 
itself comos into sight Its appearance sends the poet off upon a train of 
reflectloo as lo the important agency of city life in human culture and de- 
velopment; aud, ocuupied with tliia, he loses consciousness of his actual 
place and drcum stances, while his mental visions assume to him the value 
of reality. Combination and emnlation greatly enhance the activity and 
effet^ivenesB of human endeavor; civic fellow-feeling is engendered; the 
gods are worshipped by oooimnnlties, and bestow In return their ble«siiiga; 
culture is spread as well as developed; patrio^sm is awakoueU, aud the 

M8 Mom. 

ucrifiots it demanda ara ohoeiAiDj made; indnitrial actinty, ccnnKrc^ 
tbe uia aod Miencw, Ltenture, Hmmo nMin elemeata in tbe bibber pbyvical 
and mental life, flourish; and man brtakii his chains and beootceB Ttvo. 
OdIj, along with Ovedom ooraes too oflen its couDterffit, licenae; wholeaome 
reslraiots are rejeded, the oontrol and guidanoe of principle ars lost; irin- 
oeritj and justice disappear fVoin humaa aodety; tU] al length tbe fabriq 
grown bollow, comei down with a craeh, and men return, through ihe de- 
atniction of all tbat had been so laboriouslj aocumnlated, to the state tf 
nature Groni which they at Qrst set forth. 

TbiapainlUlcalastropheatartleeChepaetout orbiBDitutngSi be awakens 
to tbe consciousness of where he is, and finds himMlf in a wild and barren 
region, wholly alone with Natnifl. He rejoices that what he had seemed to 
Bee was bnt an Illusion, and admit«s and extols the eternal youth of Nature^ 
■nd tbe per^leiK^ which characteriaes her in tbe midst of all ber varie^. 

Tbe metre of tbis piece is (he so-called " elegiac," and the pieoe itself waa 
ori^nelly namnl almplj Bltflir, ' elegy,' Its lines are alt«niat«ly heiame- 
ters and pentameters ; the odd line, the bexanieier, being composed oC six 
" feet," each containing either two syllables' (spondee) or three (dact^t). of 
which the first is always accenied, while the lino ends with a dactyl fol- 
lowed by a spondee : the ereo line, the pentameter, is a hexameter of whicli 
the third and sizUi feet lack the syllables or syllable that follow the accented 
one, and tbe fourth and Bflh feet are always dactyls ; a marked oesura or 

Kuse Cakes the place of tbe omitted balT of the third foot, and divides the 
e into two tUatinct parts. 

Sft> 1. mir, 'for me,' i.e. 'sohr as I am ooncemed,' or 'by me;' a 
06. oommoD phrase, growing out of the ase oT mil with the acUre, 

gtilgtt mic. . , 'greet for me. . .' (compare I3I.SS). ~ 3. be* 
I4(<>it> ID tbe third person, alter a relatiTo with which tlie personal prooona 
ii not repeated <181 ; 321.2); alao auegicgt <llne 6) aud rtlttt (line B). — 
T. ©tfUngnig, dative after (ntflo^'n. — IS. ©tnit, Le. the atroggle, as it 
werf^ of tbe powerful oolors for the palm of beauty and oonspicuouBQeas. — 
ZS. fibcrrafi^tne, appositive to SSaU ; throughout the whole piece, as no 
one can well fail to remark, the use of (be participles, botb attribntiTel; and 
appositively, Is quite exceptionally frequent — 33- the first part of this Una 
Is to be looked upon as hyperbolical, since one cannot well climb (least of 
all, in Uie oonrse of a simple walk) to a poaiUon on a dediri^ where h» 
ahaU seem to bare tbe atmoapben beneath him ; it is a strained figure, to 

help oonvey the ImpresiriaD of great height. 96. 3. an mti . . , 
03, DorQbcr, ' past me ; ' that is, in seeming, as I hurry along tbem. — 

G. SinLcn, i.e. tbe hedgea, here asoibed to tbe action of tbe friendly 
goddess of regulated afjriculture. — T, 6. that ia to say. Love abandoned 
the £aith at the end of the Silrer end beginning of the Braien Age, and 
Iaw has taken its place as regulator of human aOkin. — 11. !finbcr,otqect 
of Dfitniltiftnbc ; the two words might have been equaDy well written t«- 
gether, as a compound, UnbcnKrln^ftnbt (434.8a). — 16. thst i^ some 
are built along the steep slope of the mountain. — ZI. gtci^it ; intellectual 
and moral freedom, ratb» tban political, la intended ; oompare nirtfaer on 
(98.31-3). — 22. (hat is, the rustic aeems to be akin with Om soU which bs 

enlUrrtM, and gorerned bj the ume lam. — U. gltii^, 'erei^Me. 'no* 

27. taum noi^, ' bardlj aUIl,' Le. ' jaU abort of now, juat now, till reoent- 
Ij:' the free aod unquestioiiiDgaommnDitjof thecouatrfiBeicbangedror 
a atate oT tbioga where rank and poailion are Mrictlj oboeried, and like 
ooDSOTls only with ita like io tbeae reapecta. — 29. btx $a))p<ln ; afetiuea 
or poplar* are iu OermaDy the usual approaches to a city. — 32. bra ^rr- 
ft^cr, that is, the city, whose influenoe «xteDds and govema oTerjihiDg ia 
ita Deigfaborhood. — 36-^. that is, the real spirits o( simple nature are ex- 
pelled, bat ttie derotion of worahip gives a yet higher life to the aUkm 
imagea which hare takeo UMir place. 97> 1. Le. [bit IBcIt] um it)n 
n>iib (ngcT. — 2. tt^tc ttioa(l)t, appoattire to bit WtU in il|m ; par- 97. 
tieipla in proper peat sense from a verb taking fcin as auxiliary 
( — 6. (in, spaced, aa being smphaUc, numeral and not article 
(ISSs) — 8. i^r, i.e. bcr ?^nm. — 10. that is, the noited leal of many 
worshippers erects noble temples, in which the gods descend to take up 
tbeir abode. — 11-15. Ceres brings the plongh, aa being goddess oT agri- 
culture i Hermea (or Mercury) the ani^biM', as god of oommeree ; the olive 
waa aacred to Uinerra (or PaHas): while Poseidon (or Neptune) was re- 
garded u crestOT of the horse, and teadier of the art of managing him. 
pybele la the same with Bhea, mother by Oronos of Jupiter and the other 
highest gods ; the Ikn is sacred to her, and her chariot is drown by lions. 
■— II. Sttim, that is, the atonea out of whioh the nulls of the ci^ are 
bnilt — 21. bnl @dugling, absolute accuaative <330.3a). — 26. cud), pos- 
aessrre datire after tttarb (233.1L1(1). — 27. lommfl bit, oonditional iuver- 
■ion (433) : — ^bcfl. suhjunctiTe of indirect stateneut (333) : — this ia the 
actual inscriptian which, acooidiug to tradition, was set up over the remains 
of the Spartans who feU at Tharmopyls. — 31. Qiii(nt^um3, dependent on 
fro^ (317). — 32. that ia, the stream aeems to invite men to make use of 
it. — 33. 3>cqab(, the nympb wbo, according to Greek ^ucy, was the in- 
habitant and guardian of the tree. 9S. 1. SRuIctbtr, an epithet 
(probably enphemiatic) of Tulcan, who was god of Sre, and hence 98< 
also of ttaraacea, metal- working, and the like. — 4. the shuttle is 
here impliedly cmnpared to a pfecfrwn, whioh strikes the atriuga oT the 
warp like those of * muaical instrument. — T. that is, retaruing fleeta with 
TsluaUe imports from liir-off countries. — S. Arajin, the crane or derrick 
as representing the apperetua by whid the ahipa are unloaded. — 12. gt* 
bittt, forthe more usual gEbirt, fhHn gcbflttn (fbrmerly gtlwKn) : — Strati, 
to the Bun'a heat as lather or generator. — 14. Small^ca was a oynph, the 
ntum of Jn^ter, and prewnted by bim with the conuuopia, or horn of 
^enty, whidi waa BUed with anything de^red, by the mere wisb of the poa- 
■essor. — 16. Sinbcr, Le. ASn|l(, as the next line goes on to explain. — 19. 
tfinflli^t ^Dimtl, that is, besutifnl vaolta and arches — 20. CItgmp, the 
a oo which the gods were fabled to haie their especial residence ; 

here itaudbig fbr the (todii themaelroi. — 31. 3rlB, the fraddeaa of the rain- 
bow, ind the mesgeniinr of tho godi, mpeciatly oTJupiler; here the rainbow 
itMlf ie referred to aa her " leap through the air," with which the Bri4i or 
the brid)^ is compared. — 21. befi^ltttbt iin|riie3 the lecrecj or mjitcry in 
which Nalure likea to hide her creatife proceseeB. but which the savant 
invades " bj fail inTeii%a&Di " (ferfArnb). — 25. ^affm unD Ifirbcn, poe- 
tic pemoniflcBtion of the magnetic attntotion and repuleioii. — 27. ixiiraiitr, 
an epithet rery difflcult of iDlerprelatiou ; perhaps 'intimate,' in the sense 
of ouf inttint ^trtunnttdiiift gfgrSnbtl, rleldiufritaelf tofuniiiaraoiiiaiiitiuice 
with the casual phenomena wliioh at flnst eeemed prodipos and terTifjing ; 
perhapa 'bmSiiar, DHendly, iofplring confidence,' as a kind of antiliiem to 
flrouffnb ; Sandera (mJ verba) BOftReata, with a query appendeil, ifiiwn aUrit 
gcmcinfam, fir Dtibiiibdlb, 'comnoo to them all, uniting: tbem,' whidi dots 
not aeem admiasible. — 2^. '^ol, i.e. the point or principts, itself etoblo and 
nnpelding, about which the multifarioua phenomena turn. 

33. ierrifi' tr, optaUve inTeraion (432.3; 331.2). 99. 1. rtifern, 
89> ' tear or pull awa;,' Le., aa wc aa; oT anchort, ' drag.' — 3. rr, i.«. 

b(C StTDin. — 9. bc^rrlJi^c, 'peraiatent,' as not aetting or disap- 
pearing, hke moet of the coasteUationB. _ 6. bcT 9ott in bent bitten ia, of 
ooutae, the conscience. — 16. riitrotilit. <-e. im S3(tnig ^at futmci^t. — 18. 
that is, coDTentionality and deceit have so thoroughly appropriated and do- 
lecrated the proper meana of eipreeaion of true feeling, that thej have even 
learned the trick of standing dumb or apeeclilesa with emotion, and so al- 
most spoiled that with the real — 19. that is, what justice tliere Is in pub- 
lic life, aud what peace in private and humble life, ia there merely for a 
ehow, to be looked at and admired. — 20. an, le. ' by, be^de.' — 24. tiilH 
Xtt an, 'shakes nt,' i.e. 'lays violent handa upon, triea the atabilit; oV — 
26. that i», recalla the old ferodoua habits of its native foresL — 27. i.e. 
bi( iDIcnldi^rit ftr^t, glridi rincc Xigtrin etc, mit btr aSulI) tti ^rbrtificite 
unb bti Qkiibe auf ; genitivea of origin or cause (216.2A). — 3D. the sim- 
plicity of pastornl and agricultural life, with its narrowness of idea, aud its 
fteedom from ambilions and aapirationsj ia, BRer all, aa tlie poet thinks, the 
only lafety of man ; the career of improvement, of progrcaa, ends necesaatily 
in ezcesies, comiptlon, and doimfall. Schiller began life as a prononuced 
radical, and auffbred persecution on acconnt of his opinions: but as he 
grew older he grew very conservative, and distrustfiil of the capacity of 
men at large to take and uae freedom aright We shall find the same opi- 
niODB yet niore distinctly ezpreased in the 3oDg of the Bell (below, 110.-28 
and beyond). 

33. blitb = ill flrbliebtn (3SB.»). 100. I. fufl. ^tive. — i. 

lOOf tiiQpf t. that ia, ' (brms a sort of a tie of union, ahows to be con- 

oectod.' — 6. (Scfirbtr, ' plumage,' here in the sense of ' wings.' — 

B. Idiaubenib, hero in the tranaitive sense, though without ot>Jeot. — 10, 

that ia, aa the valley aank out of eight, so did the dream alsa — 1 1. rtiiwiv 

appoeitSve to ?titn. — IS. Drrtmut, probably best usdenitond aa partidple 
vith omitted auiiliar; (439.3a). 

tat Sicb Dan brr iB\aSt. 

IMfferent as this poem is from the precedioK in style and content, the 
plan of Che two ia in esecotial rcspetta the aamo: a review of the fortuaea 
of man, in privale and piihlic life, is attached, hb there to the Beenes of a 
d'ulk, so here, and witli consummate art, to Iho aleps of a process in the 
arts, nhich sujii^bI, one alter another, the TBrioua topics to be treated. 
AnioDg Schiller's works of lesser extent, none absorlrad more of biK labor 
than this, or ia more ancoessful, or has reoeived more fully tlie stamp of the 
world's approval and admiration. It was prepared' for by study of the 
■ process of boll- founding, both in technical works and in the foimdrfes ot 
Biidolstadt ; it was revolved for a long time in tlic poet's mind, and then 
was more than two years, It is said, growiog into shape under his pen. It 
was published in 1800. 

The poem is put, as it were, in the month of the master bcU-foDader, on* 
of the artisans of olden time and style, whose life and belief and religion 
were ioseiiarably bonnd up in tbcir handicraft and dignified its practice. 
The steps of tlie mechanical process are described or intimated by him in 
eigbt-line stanzaa like that at the beginning of the piece, in lively trochaic 
measure (verses accenUd on the odd syllablcBX and with the fifth and aizth 
lines ahortened, for yet RTcaler vivacity of movement: then the pausea of 
the work, the intervals of waiting, as it were, are filled np with inoditaliona, 
descriptions, and lessons appropriato to the subject of each ntania, and com- 
posed usually in the more staid and tlioiightful iambic measure (verses ac- 
cented on the even syllables), although c^nging to other metrical forms in 
accordance with the chiiracter of the theme treated. 

A Latin motto was prclixed to the piece: Vivos voco, mortum plnngo, fill- 
gnra/rango, '1 call the living, I mourn the dead, I break the thunderbolts.' 
Tliese are words cast as mollo upon the great bell of the Cathedral at 
Schaffhausen, as dcacrihing tlio office of the bell. It was an old belief, cur- 
rent in Qermoiiy, that the ringing of bells broke the thiuider-cloud, and 
rendered It harmless. 

23. <£rbf n, olde^le for Qrb( (96). — 21. dcbrannt, here 'made by bnni- 
ingporbytheactionoffire.'— 29. cODditionalinver8ion(4a3).— 30. a pioua 
proviso: 'tlioiigh we have to exert ourselves to the utmost, our success is 
due to diviue favor.' 

31 etc This first passage of reflections is the simple Introduction to what 
la to succMd, the Justification of the plan foliowed in the poem, the reason 
why, to each stanza descriptive of the technical process, are added the re- 
Be<nions and comparisons suggested by it. 101. S. fir, i.e. bit 9t- 
bcit (next line). — 9. iMgu, 'to that end, for that purpose:' — i^m, 101< 
dative In sense of posaeaslve with Wtxbtn (222.ll.ld). 

16. beS JllipfnS $Tti, that ia, tlie thick viscoua liquid of melted copper. 
— 17. the verb of motion — brinqt or the like — is omitted. 

20 etc This passage is also introductory, describing the enduring and im- 
portant value of what their labor is to produce, partly as an incitement to 

an KOTEa. 

do their beat — 20- S^tnmO, the inoiuid or bank oTevtii within utd lie- 
DMtb which the moDid ie took. — 27. fHmmnt )a, ' gi*e its voica to,' i.e. 
'cblmeiawitb, KwelL' — 20. IDOS, object of brmgt: — untnt titf, 'far below, 
down U the lurlaoe or earth.' — 30. the cimilar moath or rim oT tbe bell 
is its itieni or Jlronj (11-2.5). — 31. tlingt, here transitiTe; 'rioga it edi- 
fyiiigly fbrtber,' that is, publiahea it abroad b; riogiiig, so aa to ediff or in- 
rorm all who are within reach of the sound. 

lOiL T etc The office of the bell in announciDg tbe iofkol's chriot- 
102> ening su^esls s review oT tbe first years of life, i&DuK? sod child- 
hood, the boj'a departure ftom home and retum, and hia love for 
the oompsnioii of his earir phqrs, who doriog his absence has grown from 
child to maiden. — tl-2. that is, its good or evil fortunes ara jet unborn, 
unkuowu and nnknowablo. — 18. an, 'along with' or 'beside.' — 31. Idd- 
mil etc., additive adverlnal clause, = ' and wiih it ' etc ; almoat equivalent 
to ' that with it he may ' eta, altboagh this would properly require ff^mOdt 

(332.Sft| inalead of fdimSiIt. 103. 1. bag et& optative daoae in 
108. form of depeDdentcUuBe(331.2)r — gian«i, dependent on blit&C 

3. exclamation io form of dependent clause (439.4ii): the $fcifen are 
probably the blast-pipes, convejiag the air into the furnace. — 1. a rod is 
dipped into the melted and mingled masa, to try its quality. — G. condi- 
tional ioversioQ (433). — 10. }um guleu •tcii^cn, 'for a good omen or 
token,' that is, in a general adverbial sense, 'happily, so as to prumise a 
good result' 

II etc. lliecombinatJoDjuBt spoken of nstarally leads tbe way to ooosid- 
ering the nuptial union, the respective offices of husband and infe, and the 
growth of fortune of the family. — 12. IJnorttn, preterit in sense of perfect 
(326.3). — U. prilfr, imperative; its subject, the following clause. — 
19-20. new office of the bell, the sonounceinent of nuptials, is here set 
forih. — 23, the girdle and veil, emblems of maidenhood. — 29. verb of 
motion omiCied, after modal auxiliac? and adverb of direction (269.2). — 
S3, a- in these verbs, as in tiiagcit below (I'M.!), performs its common 

ofSce of adding to tbe People verb the idea of acquisition {307.«d). 
104, 104. 2. <Sabt, i.e. the girt or bounty of nature, besiowed as the 

recompense of his esertions. — It. ben Snabcn, here dative pland. 
— 22 elo. this passage la rather preparacory to the neic, thsu anything 
thst grows necessarily or naturally out of what preredes. — 2T. gf bogm, 
' l)ent,' Le. ' weighed down.' — 28. 3Bogrn, that is. the waves whidi the 
wind makes OD tbe even surface of a giainSeld. — 34. 3U flci^tcn, in passive 
sense with ift(343.IILIb):— these lines, 33 to Sb.are the poet's answer to 
the householder's boastnil speech. 

105. 2. Cru(^, ' Itacture,' i.e. the broken edge of the piece which 
106i lias been taken out <n obedience to ihe directions of the preceding 

Blanza (103.8), and oooled and ftactured. — 3. the proper order 


yroaU be tinnnt taffni, rinnm brfny dependent on lojftn. — *. Cpmrfi, 
goven>«i] bf btttt, ss "cognate icciuative" (337.2a). — 6. ^ufl, ttia 
framework or casing within wbich liee the monld ; see IIO.ZO, 33. — 7. %0' 
grn, accoutlTe ; the 'irdies of the handle,' or protrading parts abore bj 
nieana of wbicb ihe bell is bnng and rung, are the avennea UirougA which 
the melted metal ia admitted into the bod; of the bell itaelf. 

9 etc. The dangeroiiB character of the part of the prooeaa juat perfurmed, 
■nd of ths element which plajathetdiierpartinitiKiggeattheconBideratiana 
that follow. — 26. o^nt Sa^l, 'without choice,' Le. without conaiderete 
selection of the apot trber« [t ihall strike. — 29. rt tniinmcm, inpetsooHl; 
'do 70 bear a whining Irom the tower, high upf ' — 29. @tunn meanB 'flre- 
alann,' aa well as 'atonn,' and one mi^t queation whid it here signified; 
but probably the former, although it seems rtry sinuige to And the peal of 
alarm described as a uiintnicrn, 'whiaing.' — St. Strafim, accusative «f 
■neaanie iHth Mlowing adrerb of direction (330.1b); 'up the streets.' 
100. 14. im %tpgrn, Le. in ■ currlng stream. — 1!>. one mi^ be 
tempted to qaeelion, as between @))ri(Mi and OncSm, which Is 106( 
Doon and which verb, sinoe Sirti^, f., is the ordinsry name fbr a 
lire-engine, and it is hardly more violent to understand qncllMI as meaotng 
*ponr forth,' than Ouellni, 'founts,' as meaning 'engines;' bnt Ote reading 
as it stands, with CurDcit aa noao and subject, is well assured. — IS. gft 
flogra, past par^ple in senie of present (3G9.1). — IT. ajqnara toallnde 
to the wind sometimes said to be excited bj a great Ore. — 18. ^Ui^t, Lo. 
'fhiit' of the earth, the gathered crops. — 2B. m&gig, 'JdK' I.e. 'withmit 
eSbrt to prevent.' 107.1. ^o^, 'high,'Le. 'fttanoohigborabare.' 
— T. gnift ]u, ' graspa at,' ie. ■ belakea himself to ; ' he prepares 107> 
to go to some other place and begin over again. — g. Le. gmuibt 
[Ejabt], the auxiliary being omitted (439.3a); perfect anbjanotlve required 
alter maC . . . nu^r 'whatever' (a33.Ba). 

16. bag . . . UCTgill, ' so that it will' eto. ; we abrould rather expect UN 
gcltc, * that it may, so aa to,' etc — 18, IDcnn, ' [what] It, supposing.' 

20 etc. This depoeiUog of the bell in the earth, with the confident hope 
and bHb, Indeed, but without the actual certainty, that it will oome forth 
in beauty to gladden the eye, is the natural introduction to the le&eotions 
which follow — and whk^, moreover, bring !k another of the standing ofB- 
cM of the bell, ita ftmereal tolling. 108. S. blQ^tnb, Le. ' in her 
hioom or prime.' — 13. fie, emphaUc, aoteeedent of bit in the next 108. 
line. — 17. an Oetniaifltc Stiltr, Le. ' in the orphaoed or mother- 
less place or home.' 

22. fit^, dative; literally, 'act kindly or Indulgently toward bimseli;' I.e. 
' follow his own pleasure.' — 23. conditional inTOrsion (433). — 24. Icbig, 
Bpposilive to ^ittfd). 

27 etc The whole course of individual human life, from the "first walk" 
(lOi.B) of the child to the " last road " (108.2) of the bead of a 

tn SOTES. 

do their best — 20- ^Cantmct, the DMnuid or bank ote»rA within and be- 
oetitb wbkih the mould if budIc. ~ 2T. ^mmcn )ii, ' give ita voice to,' i.e. 
'chime in with, swell' — 28. IDHt. object ot bringt : — unten ticf, ' di bdoir, 
dowa U tlie BurOuv of earth.' — 30. the cifcuUr moath or rim oT the t>el] 
ia ita Slant or Jtranj (112.5). — 31. Dingt, bore tnnsitiTe; 'rings it edi- 
lyli'g'r further,' that ia, publiahee It abroad bj [iDgiog, ao u to edifj or iu- 
rorm all who are withio reach of the Bound. 

102. T etc. The office ot the bell io aDDoaodDg the Inlut'i cbiiat- 
102. eotog auggesta a review oT the first jears ot life, inCuicy and chiU- 

bood, the boj'a departars fVom home and return, aod bis lot« lor 
the oompaDioD of his eari; plojs, who daring bis abaenoe has grown tnm 
child to maiden. — 11-2. that ia, it* good or evil fortunes are yet unbom, 
UDknowu and UDlcDOwable. — 18, an, 'along with' or 'beside.' — 31, too^ 
mil etc, additive advertual clause, = 'and with it' elA ; almoat eqoivaleat 
to ' that with it he may ' etc, altbongh this wonld properiy requite fi^iiitt 

{33XBb) instead of ftfunilifL 103. 1. bag etc optative danae in 
10S< form of dependent dauae (331.2): — grantn, dependent on blicbc 

3. eiclamatiOD in form of dep«id«Dt elanse <139.4n) : the $f(if tn are 
probably the blaat-pipea, oonvsf iog the air into the nimace. — i. a rod is 
dipped into the melted and mingled mass, to tr; ita quality. — 6. oondi- 
tioual Inversioti (433). — 10. jum guttn ^'i^'n. ' for a good omen or 
tokeu,' that is, in a general adverbial mdk, 'happily, ao as to promise ft 
good result' 

11 etc The oomblMlJOD'Juat spoken of naturally leads tbe way to ooosid- 
ering the nuptial union, the respective ofBces of boaband and wife, and the 
growth of fortune of the family. — 12. |iaarttn, preterit to sense of perfect 
(325.3). — 14. priift, imperative; its subject, the foUowiog danss, -- 
19-20. a new ofBce of the bell, the anDouncement of nuptiala, ia here set 
forth. — 23. the girdle and veil, emblems of meideiibood. — 29. verb of 
tnotion omitted, altei modal auiiliHry and adverb of direction (269.2). — 
53. (t- in these verbs, as in triagfn below (104. 1), performs its commoa 

office of addii^ to the simple verb the idea of acquiaitiou (307.4d). 
104, 104.^ <Sabt, le. the gift or bouotv of nature, bestowed aa the 

recompense of Ma esertiooa. — 11. btn Itnabcn, here dative pluraL 
— 22 etc this passage is rather preparatory to the next, than anything 
that grows Decessarily or naturally out of what proccdes — 27. gtbogtil, 
' bent,' i.e. ' weighed down,' ~- 28. SSogtn, tliat ia. the wavos wbidi tbe 
wind makes on the even aurfaceof* grainQeld. — 34. ju fltdittn, in passive 
souse with ifl (343.III.16): — these lines, 33 to 3S, are the poet's answer to 
the houeebolder's boaatlUl speech. 

106. 2. Srui^, 'fracture,' i.e. tbe broken edge of the piece which 
106i baa been taken out in obedience to iho directions of the preceding 

stanza (103.8), and cooled and (Yactured. — 3. the proper order 


wooM be Tinnrn taflnt, dnnni being depeodeot oa lafftn. — 4. €pntd|, 
Borerned bj brttt, ob "cognate ■ccoiatiTe" (227.2a). — 6. ^Ut, tlie 

ftvmework or casing within which lieo the mould ; BeelI0.20,3S T. So- 

grn, accaMtire; the 'arcltes of the handle^' or protruding parts above hf 
meiDS ofwblcb the bell is bong end mog, are the aTecaea Ibrougb wtiicb 
the mehed metal la admitted into the body of the beU itaelC 

9 etc The daagennia character of the part of the proceaa jnat perromied, 
and of the element which playa the chief part in it, miggmt (be conaiderationa 
that Ibllow. — 26. oftnt XBa^t, 'without cfaoloe,' i.e. without coDaiderste 
selection of the apot where it shall strilie. — 28. rt ninmtem, impersoDsl; 
'dojehewewhlDliig From the tower, high upT' — 29. Slunnmeana 'flro- 
•larm,' aa weO ts ' storm,' and one mi^t queaEion which it hare aignifled ; 
but probably the Tormer, althougb it seems ver; strange to Bud the peal of 
alarm described as a tDhnmeni, 'wblniiig.' — M. @tTagen, aocaaative of 
measure with following admb of direction (; 'np the atreeta.' 
106. 14. tm Vogtn, Le. in a curving atream. — 15. one might ba 
tempted to quealion, as between @prt^ii aad OutOm, which la 106, 
HOOD sod which verb, since @|>ri^, f., la the ordinvT name for « 
fire-engine, and it is hardly more viotent to understand qnctlni •• meaning 
'poor forth,' than OutQnt, 'founts,' as meaning 'engines; ' but the reading 
as it stinda, with Ourllen as nono and subject, is well assured. — IS. gc> 
flopn, past participle in sense of present (3G9.1). — IT. appean to illnde 
to the wind sometimes said to be eicited bj a gnat Ore. — 18. ^U(4^ Le- 
'fhiit' of the eartli, the gathered crops, — 2B. mSfiig. 'idle.' I.e. 'without 
eflbrttopievenL' lOT. i. ^Dt^, 'high,'i.e. 'iVomonhigfaorabove.' 
— T. grtift jn, 'grasp* at,' i.e. 'betakes Umaolf to;' he prepares 10T> 
to go to some other pbce and begin over again. — 8. Le. gcTinbt 
[^abt], the anziliary being omitted (439.3ii); perAct mbjunotlve required 
after mat . . . and), 'whatever' (332.Ga), 

15. ta% . . . Uergilt, ' so that it wUI' etc ; we abonld rather expect Dcr> 
gdtc, ' that it may, so as to,' etc — 1«. iwnn, ' [what] i^ auppoidng.' 

20 etc. This depoemng of the bell In the earth, with the confident hope 
•nd Mth, indeed, but without the actual oertalotr, that it wiU oome IMh 
in beautj to gladden the eye. Is the natural iutrodnctiou to the leSeotioue 
which follow — and which, moreover, bring lii another of the standing offi- 
ces of the bell, ita funeieel lolling. lOS. 8. bltl^b, Le. > Id ber 
bloom or prime.' — 13. fit, emphati(^ anteeedent of bit in the next 108. 
line. — 17. an CCTraaifttT @tiiltr, Le. ' in the orphaned or mother- 
less place or homa' 

22. fidj, dative; literally, 'act kindly or indu^ently toward himself)' i.e. 
' follow hia own pleaaure.' — 23. conditional inversion (433). — 21. Icbjg, 
eppositive to ^urfd). 

27 etc. The whole course of individual htmian liCs, fhnn the "first walk" 
(tOI.S) of the child to the " last road " (108.2) of the head of a household, 

174 NOTE8. 

hiB now beeo pusfiei] in review. «Dd it lemiiiiia to tike note of oerCnin mat- 
ters of public or social lire. These the poet bringi in bj uKans of the sug- 
geetion of a close of work, the winding np of the day, and the recreatioiiB 
and quiet repose that succeed, under the ssfeguard of that publii- order 
which residts rrom the harmonious and virtuous concord of a communitj. 
109. 1. Sttan\, a gBrlaod Qf Bowen laid, in token of Tejoicintr, upon 

109, the last load of the barreet. — 23. Le. grsTQlibll {^t] tl39.3ii), 
— !7. fit, LcbifffllfiijAen; object of gemiftme. — ZS. Xrirt.'imr 

pulse,' Le. 'intHnation, affection.' — 30, wgtn implies fi(^ as ite refleiiTe 
otgect from the neit line. — 31. fidi,he«recIproc»lroflexiTe{166.4). 

110, 110. 6. conditional Inversion (433) in this line ) in the next line, 
InverwoD on aocount of preceding adverbial dause (43B.3/). 

10. ]CTbrt(f)t. Imperative: — @(t>iiubF, the 'structure,' or 'housing, 
casing,' within wliich is the bell-iDouid. — 11. ©tilden, not dative of tbe 
plural @tklif(, but accusative of a loss usual plural ®lil(ftn. 

2%, etc. In this passage we find expressed tbe same profound distrust of 
the CBpaoitj and virtue of the maaaea as above, in tbe " Walk " (see note 
to »9.3I)}. 11}. 2. jilnbrnh, sppositive to the subject of tbe sen- 
Ill, tence ; pregnant coDStructioD, as if ' by setting things on fire,' — 
B,S. Le. guDiiuft [^01] <43B.3a); [lonin] bae ^olf etc ~ 14. an* 
(tintmt, aame coustmction as jdjaQt. — 21. lutftiib, sppositive to $Krj. — 
23.i(i, '«iiBtfl,'or 'there is.' 

IIX 5. 'from tbe ciown to tbe edge.' — S. [obeil, Le. 'do credit 

112. !=■ 

9 etc. The conduding paeeage of reflections, like tbe second (101. 
20~B1), has to do with the office and fates of the bell itself. — - 10. fdllirgt, 
'close op, form.' — 27-8. that is, bj striking the hours as they pass. — 
3U. frlbft, ' fthougb] itself.' — 34. il)r, dative, governed (in abla^ve sense) 
by tbe force of cnl in cntfi^aat (223.n,ie). 

113. 4. miT, rather expletive (IBS). — 9. bebeutr has @eIiiDl( for 

113. its subject, like fci ; Jfrrubr is its direct, ®tabl its indirect object 
The closing wish is especial!}' appropriate to tbe period at which 

tbe poem was viitten, being that of tbe earlier wara with France grovriug 
out of tbe Bevolution. 

«ul „9to(^oii bet SDcifr." 

Next alter Goethe and Schiller, Qotthold Ephruim Lesaing ia the moat 
importaut name in tiie hidtory of Qorman literature. He was born in 
1729, in Upper LuHatm, lived a toilsome life, frowned on and thwarted by 
friends and pinched by poverty, and died in llSi. Be was diatiuguishcd 
as a reformer and director of critical taste, not less tlian as an urigiual 
author. Among his numerous works, those most read are the comedy 
Minna von Bamheloi (1767), the tragedy Emilia Galotti (1772), and tbe 
drama (ITTB) from which the present extract is made 

Nathjin, aher whom the drama is entitled, is a Jew by descent and bj 

H0TE8. !75 

creed, but altogether superior to tha QBual prajudicea of Kb nation. 8a1a- 
dio, the other chHracler appearing in the scenes here eztracled, is the 
famouH Sullan, conteoiporarr and riral of Richard Cieur da Lion ; it was 
he who wrenctied the Holj Land Trom the ^ap of the rruaaders, and his 
wonderrul abilities and grand personal qualities are the theme of uuiTersal 
praise bj the writers of that period. Ho is, of course, a Mussulman, but ii 
also represented bj the poet as in his heart caring: little for the dogmag and 
forms of UohammedBDism, in comparison with the eaaentialB of unlTenal 
religion. Lessing was himself a free thinker in mattara of religion, as in 
ererfthing else, and the general object of his drama is to commend tolei^ 
ance in faith, and to set forth the odiousness of bigotry, and of a blind 
and unreasoning adherence to u definite creed combined with dlBtmst 
and contempt for all who do not accept it. That ia also the specific object 
of the passage here given, which ia one of the moat noted Bcenea in the 
drama. It is founded on a story told by Boccaccio, but is greatly altered 
■nd ennobled by Lessing. 

The scene is laid in Jerusalem. Nathan, who has lately returned from a 
auccessful trading journey, with great increase of wealth, has been sent for 
by Saladio, who is well known to bo at the time lu fciandal difficulties. 
Ue SDppoees thai he is going to be called upon to supply the Sultan's 
nanlBby a forced loan, and has prepared himself accordingly. 

Kiif^tSf '>ct,' literally 'drawing up [of tbe curtain],' the curtain being 
00 the Oennan stage, as on the French, only drawn up at tbe beginnlug of 
an act and lowered at the end, and tbe scene remaining the same through 
the whole continuation of the act It ia dirided into Suftrittt, literally 
' ateppings-up [on to the stage] ; ' that is to say, appearances, entrances of 
a new actor; a new 3uftTtlt beginning (also as in tbe French drama) 
whenever an important character oomes in upon the stage or quits iL 

13. mat for ttroae (176.2), and Indeclinable; here dative, and anbenn,aB 
nsual (129.S}, in apposition with it; gnu} logically qualiQes anbntn ; 'in 
something quite different ' (namely, from the information respecting the 
loovements of the enemy which Nathan had just shown that ho presumed to 
bedesiredof him; the Sultan having already before assured him that it was 

not business that he had been summoned for) 14. our pnnctuation 

would employ a comma instead of the colon. — 22. tnir, 'like, [auch] as.' — 
24. i.e. ^ingeniorffn [l)at] ; the omiasion of the auxiliary in transposed 
clauses (439.3a) ia especially frequent in this piece, even with the 
auzillariea of mode (e. g. 1 19.31, 33). — 27. brntn, object of iiadiSTQlKlit. 
114. 1, bic la object and @ri)nb< subject — 3. i.e. ju mriner [tig* 
ntn SBa^l]. — 4. subject of tonii. the following clause (bag etc), 114( 
the usual anlicipative tB being omitted. — e. Doihi hortative; 'dr> 
Bpeak.' — II. sb etc, question in form of dependent clause (439.4i); fit is 
the Sultan's sister, Sittah, whom he haa sent away, somewhat against her 
wiO, and even forbidden to tarry In the adjoining room, within bearing of 
the i[iterview, as she had desired to do; he neverthelssa suspects her to be 
listening^ and determinea to catch her at it, if It be so, and to Snd out what 
■be thinks of tbe talk thus tta. 

tli SOTEB. 

IS. if), ImpereonBl, with omitted subject (29X4 ; 393). — iO. ia, Rmm 
VBi), ' yes, [that nught >nBwer,l iT ■!» [it were, or were treated like] ' etc 
Nalhan thinke that truth caonot be handed out to onler, like new-minted 
coin upoD a counter, acd aimplj swept o7 and stored in one's hMd, like 
BDch coin in s puree. A stamp (or autbority) has no right to BiilLeDtiol« 
truth and muke it geaerally current ; it should be tested and weighed, 13ce 
the aodent mmey which weot b; flneness and velght. — 23. barf, ' needa 
to ' (2S3.I). — 26. nxr etc ; that is, is it not qnite in acoordanoe with the 
general Idea of a Jew that be abonld think to deal with truth as with 
monej T — 27. \oUtt = ' might ' or ' maj ; ' lilerallr ' [is it not poaaiblo 
that] be should be asking' eto. — :I0. braut^c, subJntictiTeof indirect state- 
ment, dependent on Vtrbat^t (333.Si?). — 32. (T ftUtjtc etc, proverbial 
phrase J "to burst into the house along with tbo door," inxtead of quietly 
opening the door and oomiog in after it, is a precipitancy that saTOrs of a 

hostile purpose. 116. 3. ftin }n iDoQtn, 'to want to be,'Le. 
116- ' claim to be, try to make one's self out' — S. bat, said after ■ 

panse of meditation, in wbiob he bethinks himself of the right 
course to pursue; ' that is (literally, was) it,' or 'now I bare it.' 

9. fo ip etc 1 he has made saru that Sittah is out of the way: — btr, 'fbr 
thee;' dependent on ;|U geff^minb (233.9). — 13. niBd)t' etc., optative inver- 
aion (432.2). — 22. an, belongs with Dcin nun ; such riolent separation, In 
diSbrent Uues, of words most closely connected in meaning, is quite cran- 
mon in Leasing, who deliberately used it as one means of prerenting a 
measured and dedamatory style of rending or recitation ; the ends of tines 
16 and IT, just abore, are further notable eiamplee. — 31. gut ttiSiflt, ap- 
positive to @(f(4ii4ti!^n, with the valne of an added conditional clanse, nxnn 

fit nur gut njfi^lt tncrbfiL 116. I. meint Badjt = 'the case with 

116, me.' — 3. mo4'> 'go to work, proceed, go on.' — 6. au6, preg- 
nantly, ' [as receiTod] thnn.' — 9. IVfr to trug, object of madim. 

— 10. mas SSunbtr, the literal correspondent of our phrase 'what 
wonder ; ' the ellipsis might be filled up maS [i[l barin twe] ^unbn, ' what 
[is the] wonder [in that].' — 12. lifg, 'let go,' the verb of motion omitted, 
as so often with the modal auxiliaries (259.2). — 11. Le. brtn (brminti* 
%tn) von ftincn SB^ncn. — 26. ble, object of licben. — 29. |o nit, 'accord- 
ing as.' — 30. $rri|, object — 31. tnflrbigrc, belongs with fi^itn, above 
{Une 2S). — S4. \o lang' tg ging, ' as long as (43B.3i) it answered, or 
would do.' 117. 2. mat ju t^un, raUier a French conatnction, = 

117, qvt/airet 'what [is he] to dot' — fi. Le. unb L^en n] mcbtr eta 
'and whom he bids' etc. — 16. i.e. wirb « [balb ju Qnbe Jtin] ? 

— 19. |o = 'wben'<438.3A), — 27,29, foil, 'is to, is meant to, do you 

mean it as.' — 33. bamil would be more eiaotly bag ; the clanxe Is logiisUy 

anbstantive, in apposition with 3lbfid|l: — jii untcrff^tiben, iu passive 

118, sense (343.nLlb). IIB. 1. bi« auf, 'even to,' Le. 'even down 
to such triSes as.' — 2. @(ittn for ^'itt (Sft). — 6. nii^l, Lc [is 

K0TE8. m 

U\ DOt [m] T' — 8. bet &tmm. dependent on Xnu' unb @fanbtn under- 
■tood. — 9. 1^ bo4 bnicniQtn, itnn etc : — beitn, bit ; berrn should 
regularlj sad proper); be btrcv (164.2), but tbe diatinciion of the two 
fonna la not strictly obaerred by all Buthors. — Z5, ju ^aben, n»ed aftef 
tdiniut kswe eboulduKe tbeaameatler "claimed;" — IDtt audj mabt^tluar], 
omitted copula (439.3I<). — 32. c^' here Btaoda In place of c1)(t. — 33. 
|o flttn «... btmt fti, ' willingly as he was ready,' Le. ' gladly ready as to 
was ' (43S^4e). 119. i. laffefl, ' makcBt' — G. von, pregnantly, 
'away from.' — 10. angenr^m, same oonstraction aa bclittil 119, 
(line 9). — 13. mai^t, see note to 1 16. 3. — 21. filt, ' in place ot' 

— 25. i^T nt^ml etc, that is, you let things take th^ own course. — 17. 
U oomma would be better tfaau tbe colon at tbe end ofthia line. — 31, 33. 
notable cases or omitted auxiliary (439.3a). — 36. jebtc. subject of tifrt . . , 
nod). — 36. DonSoniTt^riltn, a^unctof frcicn. 130. 2.an3^s, 

more usually an btn Xa)). — 3. Araf I, object of the Terbal phrase 120. 
lommf . . . JU fiilf : jit $ilf' comes last, as being moet dosely 
connected with tbe verb (3t9.Id). — 9. ddt, with aocusatire, in pregnant 
•ease, aa implying a Torb of motion ; ' [to come and appear] berore' (370o). 

— 11. |pKd)(n, cqnivaleot to Urtlicil fpni^tn ; the specific ineaning of the 
deiiTatiTe ®prud|, 'sentence, dedsion,' ia reflected bade into the Terb 
from which it comes. — 16. ilKann, nominatiTS, aa if in appoaition with the 
subject bii instead of tiio object bidi of fii^Itfl. — IT. thu ju ia rather tbe 
ooo^lement of onf (379.1f), than prafli of the verb, and tbe reading ju 
ftilrjl would be really preferable; compare, however, the line 123.11, where 
the case ia treated as here. — 20. toas ift bit, ' what is tbe matter with 
thee, what dost thou mean T ' 

Hub „9tatia Stuart." 

The tragedy of Mary Stuart was ocmipleted lu 1800, when the poet was 
41 years old, and only five years before bis death. It ia the one among 
Sculler's dnmas of which the subject is moet famibar and moat interesting 
to those whose natiTa tonsue ia English ; in which, also, he has upon the 
whole adhered most closely to tbe actual truth of history — although not, 
oif cuttrae, withont important deviations, as r^ards both events and char- 
Mary is lying in custody in Fotheriogay castle, under the charge of Fau* 
let, who is a man of honor and humanity, hut also a atern Protestant and 
warm partisan of Elisabeth. Her old nurse, Hantiah Kennedy, ia her only 
frieudly companion. She has been a1re«dy brought biTore a r«urt of Eog- 
lish peera and condemnod to death for treason against Che English throne, 
and the eiecution of tbe sentence lies within tbe queen's pleasure. She 
has just besought, through Paulet, an interview with Klizabotb, hoping by 
personal appeal to touch her heart, and win her over to mercy — or, rather, 
to justice, emce the imprisanment and ezecudon of cue independent sover- 
eign by another is contrary to tlie laws of nations. Ebsabelb's courtiers, 
Ttdbot (or Shiewabniy) and Ldcestcr, have supported the petiti«i; tb> 


farmer, who i« a tct? old nun, and In wtioee keepJDK MB17 had rornierl2r 
been, out of rcwl iiil«T«st in lier aod becauae he hopea for good from the 
Interriew; tiie Jailer, frora Icaa pure motima. Leicester U bimaclf; in a 
cowardly and half-lienrted way, in love with Marj, to whom ho had been 
onoo propoaed as husband, berore her unfortuDste marriage with Danilcy; 
and she believes in and returns hia affection, and tniata in him for her d&- 
livenmue — wbioh he. in Tact, ia feebl; plotting or wiahiag for, while jet 
mainliuning: hia place at court as Elisabeth's apedal fsTorite and almoat 
loTer. lie bas peraaaded Eliiaboth tu Krant Hary'a requG<!l, mainly by 
appealing to hor »anilj-, and asauring her that she has only to show herself 
in lier superior channa of beauty and timie, to orerwhehn her rival with 
morliflcation and envy. It haa been arranged that the queen sliall bunt 
that day in the tieighborhood, and shall reaort Tor reat to the caalle park, 
where Uary shall have been allowed to oome forth for en inteiral oT recre- 
ation, and that their meeting sh^l wear the aspect of being acddentsL 

25. (Intft . . . ^rroor, Torth [from] behind.' — 2T. fa, empbatio, 'thus, 

in thla bshion.' — 28. Uary'a buoyancy and hopefhlnesa of a^rit, growhig 

out of this first rclazatioD of her long and cruel oonflnement. Soda eiprea- 

■ion in lyric verses, quite diCTerent from tho regular meaanred blank-Teree 

of the general drama. 121. 8. plQfcu has the same conatmctioa 

121. with fttn (line 1). — 9. um, ' by,' indicating measure of difference, 
with the oomparatlve IDfilcr in erlucitcrt. — 11. fie, object of Otx- 

ptrft : 6il6t, for t>ii^lc« {126). — 12. frtunblil^ is k^cally a^-ective, though 
formaUy adverb (128.3). — U. mi(^, object of the intransitive traumrn, 
used transitively with a factitive predicate (237.26). — IG. i.e. roarum 
[foQtc man] mu^ mtdta, an ellipsia precisely oorreapondtng with that whicA 
wo make in English. — 2i. eiUptical optative constnidJoD, = [rait gliidlii^ 
n&It bn] mer etc. (439.1(i). -- 23. mir, 'for me,' ie. 'on my behalf, as ftam 
mo: ' — mein ^ugenblanb, Mary spent the earliest and happiest years of her 
life in France, 122. 1. ^Uf\, 'draught,' Le. of Ashes, as in a net: 

122. toil etc ' [niter such a fashion] aa he [has] made none [yet],' i.e. 
'such M he never made before;' — the auziUary of (|d^il i« 

omitted (439.3d). — 3. conditional inversion (433). — 8. iiid|t untfottft, 
'not without [a deeper] purpose.' — 13. for the assumed relation between 
llary and Leicester, aee the introductory remarks on this piece. — 16. bcffcn, 
demoastrolivi', antecedent of brr in the next line. — 19. nod) = 'even ss 
late as.' — m inirti = 'is given' (232.11. W). — 21. btiicii, antecedent of 
bitinthenextline: — ^Brf, preterit in the sense of perfect (326.3). — 24. - 
Snftt, adverbial genitive of cliaracteristio (220.1). — 26. elliptical oonstruo 
tlOD, analogous with English (347.1); one might fill it up with [mie (^un 
mSrt t»] auf bae etc — 28, Eriiiueruug, genitive, dependent on ooU, — 29. 
gieuben, old-style dative for SJrcubt (9G). 

123. 2. Icib ifir '«, 'is it you?' (164.4/). — 11. bomit, nanally ae- 

123. ccnled on the last syllable, has here the accent on the first, as be- 
ing the emphaija member of the compound, 'by ihai;' other like 

ouea ooour later (128.S4[ 126.6,12). — 12, bo^ = 'did you not?' — 17. 

irOTES. £T9 

or judltiib; Bee note to I30.1T. — 18. toirb, impeTaonBl, witli omitted 
subject (292.4; 293). — 21. gei(l)roinbct 3«ii!1^S^''''''Bo'''''"'^'^^''''''°'^ 

predicate (330.S). — 22. bringtt ail ; Paulet inaiouateB an artificial or 

iDiincere eloquence, challenging her to set it at, work, now when she has 
real need of it 

121. 4. fei.'ftam.' — 6. bat = 'this, now,' — 10. BubBtantive 
dauee. in eppoeiUon witb aDcS (tine 8). — 21. luic . . . audi, 'hoir- 134. 
erei ' (179.4), and Tollowed by a preBeot subjunctive (332.5a). — 
30. mic, posBBBBive dative, dependent on g(uil|c (226.1). — 31. uiie, recip- 
rocal refleziTe (166.4):— foUen, for gefoat (3B1.GJ.). — 33. tl}' intheBense 
oftbct, 'Booner.' — fid), like UM, line 31. — 36. ifl, present in Allure aease 
(334.4), ' will [there) be,' 126. 3. roar, inatead of nmrb or »urb(, 
implieB that he saw the result only, ' how jour letter had shaken 12S, 
ber'(a82.1). — 4. tgegt etc., conditional inversiou (433); '[as you 
will find] if you onl;' etc — 5. ba of bacutn ia emphatic; see note to 
123.11. — 9. Salbot, Uie fumil? name of Che Karl of Shrewsbury; as Dud- 
ley, of I^iceBter: — bag = ' [wouldj that ' (331.2) ; Tnlbot had been her 
custodiBQ earlier. — 11 . marb . . . brgcgiKt, imperaonol pasBive from an in- 
tranBittTe verb (376.2 ; 2S0.3), and preterit in the sense of a perfect (325.3) ; 
'I have been harshly met or dealt with.' — 12. the (emphaBized) bat of 
boTOiif represents by anticipation tlio following line, as object of the prepo- 
sition aiif (436.3iJ). — IT. nit^t, ag ia shown by its position (319.2/, at 
end), is directly connected with n = 'not he; ' that is, though there are 
those who seek jouT destruction, he ie not of the number. — 22. Talbot, 
who has no Buspidon of the understanding between Maiy and I«ioester, is 
startled by her ezclamniion. — 24. aUce, 'every one' (193-3): — nieidit 
auf, with accusatiTe following, implies a Terb of motion, 'gives way [and 
withdraws] to' etc. (376a). 

31. Elisabeth is carrying out, here and in what follows, the fiction of a 
merely fortuitous meeting with Mary. 126. 3. flb(c belongs to the 
preceding aceusattve of duration of time (330.1a), — 12. nun here 126. 
has the value of nmi bag (439.6c). — 15. passive senge 
(343.r.S(;). — 18. loin, 'is about' (368b): Mary is overcome with the feel- 
ing of lijury at the sight of her who has treated her so cruelly, and ie only 
able after a severe etrtiggle to assume the required posture of humility; 
- and even then ahe saves her dignity, as it were, by claiming that she ia 
paying homage to the divinity (tine 33) who has given power and victory Co 
her rivsL — 33. erl}i)^tc, preierit in perfect sense (334.4). — 33. fcib, here 
imperative. 127. 13. Hid)l, of course, qualiflca both the preceding 
ImperaUvcB. — 22. bcni, demonstrative, 'that.' — 2^. wollen, foi 127. 
gtmont (261.4n). — 2fl. bit fi^rotr bclfibigte, 'the sorely injured 
one.' — 30. )u (rfiiUcn, i.e. urn ju tcfaUcn. — 31. mcincs, in the aense of 
in objective genitive (216.2A), 'sight of me.' — 35. (nnorbcn in passive 
Kose after WUta (343.I.GC} : more Utaa one iuflnitire require' ijabt to be 


put bofbre tDetetkl of after tbem (439.!). Elinbetb Tefen to the nptatad 
•ttempta «gaiiiEt bn crown and lira, made <d the interest at the CsthoUo 
religioo and or MMty, and which the latter iru accused of proapting and 

abetting. 12B. *. if|T, iaiive in "ablative" Benae (222.L3, at 
128, end). — 5. emphsUcinTeraiaii<43l0). — 14. sudden change from the 

preterit u> the present of livel; namtion (324.2). — 16. Uaijhad 
been tried bf a tribimal or Enirliah nobles, who had no right to Judge her, 
the being the eovoreign ot another State; ahe had been permaded bj an 
■rtiflce to plead hor cause before tbem. — 18. bfbciff, impcratiTs, with pre- 
ceding subject (432.2a): — naB. .. SraufamcC, 'wh«t that was dreadful' 
(129.S). — 23. mtlWtit, ptrtidpls, with omitted auiQiary (43>.3a). — S3. 

fcfbfl belongB to tDir. — 35. i.e. fltfi^rntt [itStttt] (439.3a). 129. !. 
1S9, ie. [bann] mixt cSetc, 'In that case it would' etc — 4. angtStf- 

fctiQi logically adjecttve, although in fonn an adverb (12B.3). 
G. tbe ba of baosr atiticipates the next line (349.2). — 10. cutr Otpit, 
the Cardinal of Lorraine, one of the Oaises, heads of the Catholic par^ in 
E'ranoe: — filnblgtc{ ^tjtt an, 'declared war dpon mc, entered in 
to open hostilities against lue.' — 13. tbo Cathrdics denied Elizabetti's kgi- 
timacj and right to the throne, and Mary had openly asaumed the arms and 
title of queen ofKap^BBd, as next heir. — 22. 'does not keep the field,' Le. 
'is driven oET tbe field of battle, as beaten.' — 29. 3)i( Sancl iBartbclrmi 
[Stittl, ' the festival of 8t. Bartholomew,' or 'St Bartholonraw's day," the 
day (Aug. 24, ieT2) oTthe notorious and infamous massacre oT Protestants 
Id Paris and some of the other cities of France. — 34, grlDS^tT, preterit 

subjunctive, lu tbe coudnsion of a hypothetical period (332.1). 

130, 130. 3. nur, redundant. — 8. if) = teifi.n: r€ gicbl,ori|i mSgliii. 
— I. JU = 'as' (237.3e). — 11. bniiigcn, 'abroad,' Le. 'in foreign 

countries, outside this island.' — IE. nod) belongs with what precedes it; 
'etwi durii^ my life.' — IS. Snniba, a female character in Tasso's " Jeru- 
■alem Delivered," a beantilVil sorceress and pagan, who entices away (htm 
his duty and faith for a time one of the hero^a of the poem. lUnaldo. — 19. 
9U(B, see note to 12B,24. — 2S. nurnod), 'only still,' Le. 'no longer anything 
but.' laL 6 eta It waa an old idea that the lace of the sover- 

131, tigo brought mercy, and that a moaarch might QOt see • condemned 
criminal eicept to pardon. This is urged by Burleigh in tiie pre- 
vious Act, as a reason why Mary's prayer for an interview should not be 
granted, but Leicester has persuaded Elizabeth that, seeing her in such a 
seemingly accidental manner, she can do ss she jdeases aherward. — T. 
bic3 is here treated as if contracted froia bit\ei, aa regards its effect upon 
the rollowing adjectives. — 1 1 etc. more than ono asserted plot for Mary's 
deliverance, coupled with the death of Glizabeth, had been discovered and 
frustrated by the destruction of tbe plotters. — 16 etc Uary had been three 
times married: first, in extreme ynutb, to the Dauphin of France, who died 
goty three years later; then to the English nobleman Damley, at wbose 

marder, tfter some j^an ot ODbappiQeat, she is supposed to have at leart 
oomiivedi tbeo to one of her own subjects, Both well, the murdorer of Dani' 
lej. It was this last dUgraceful nuuriage wblcb cost her her crovm, and 
nltjnulel; her life. — 16. jtetnen is best rendered aa subject of IQflct, taken 
intranaitiTel? (29*). — IT. rurf grticr; mote than one of those who hod 
plotted for Mar; afcainst Elisaheth had been captlYated bj her beauty and 
grace, and ware hoping to win her hand aa the reward of their success. 

22. bat = 'these' (322.3; lfifi.3). — 23. ungtfltaft, 'with impnnitf,' i.e. 
witbont losiDg his heart as peualtr; — ban(bruiaherarebtiTe,ror monebcn 
(180). — 25. JU trlnnacn, dependent on Itiiftt (344). — 26-T. aOgtmnnc... 
gtmcine fOc Wit, a forced and ungrscefU play npon words, almost too bad 
to pat ereu btn the mouth of the poet's EUtabetb. — 33-6. the commas 
here (except after mtnft^lii^) miKht quite as properly be semicoloaa. 

132. S. Elisabeth's mother, Anne Bolejra (as we usuallf write the 
name), died on the acaflbld for alleged miaconduct as a wife. — 182> 
ID. ba^in, 'to this, to such a pass.' — 20. %ai, third person 

after the relative btr (321.2). — 32. regicctc, oonditional subJonctlTe (333.1). 

133. 6, bet Jhnnfftq, poaaeaaive dative (223.IIIa). — 6. tfl, im- 
personal, with omitted subject (292.4; 393). — 13. fie fa^ ben 188. 
Slitj, ' she wields the lightniug,' ie. has power to strilie and kill, 
without reason or warning. — U. ^f)lrii, that is, Leicester, respecting 
whose relations with Elisabeth many scandalaDS reports were circulated. 

Hits „9ati|l." 

The tragedy of Faust, in Its two parts, occupied Qoethemoreorlesadurfrig 
nearly his whole life. It was begun as early as 1774, a partof it published, 
as a "fragment," in 1790, the &rat part put forth complete in IS03, and the 
second part only after the poet'a death (in I83'J), having been but recently 
flniahed (1831). The subject is an old one, a German legend of a great 
scholar who, out of diagnrt at knowledfte and impatience of enjoyment, 
made a compact with the devil, lived a wild life, and was Anally carried oGT 
alive to tielL It attaches itself to the peraonality of an actual Doctor FauaC, 
who lived at the beginning of the aizteenth century, and was reputed a 
magidao. The legend, and the earlier versions of it by various hands, 
bare to some extent determined Goethe's treatment in detail, as well as in 
general, through the Brst part. The second part ia of a very difTarenC 
character, <4iiefly mystic or allegorical, and is read and enjoyed by very few; 
while the other (whose first and last acenea are extracted here) ia *er.» 
generally set at the head of all Qoethe'g poetical productions. 

The ^t scene itself begins with introducing Faust to us and describing 
his circumstances and his condition of mind; it hardly needs, therclbre, any 
fiirther preUmlnary explanations. Wo may merely note that the drama is 

K •ceded by a "Prologue in Heaven" (of which the introductory verses 
re been given above, on pages Bl-2), modelled on the scene which serves 
as intraductJon to the book of Job. Mephistopheles, one of the spirits of 
4vil, appears before the Lord, in the midst of the heavenly host, and receives 
permission to try his arts upon Faust, who Is pronotinced a true seniBMC — 

God, atrivine: nnaerelr, though Hhortsigbledlj and caotaaeHy, to do bis 

21. olc. Faust haa eihauated the whole drole of the Bcienrea, or depart- 
muntB or knowledge of his peKod, only to find that real knowledge la out of 
big reach, and tu b« Mckeoed at heart by the discovery. — 22. There ia a 
touch of coutompt in tbe word ^uriptttir-u^ed iDstoad of Jiici^pcubtiii 
<*10.V£). — 20. ale ta'u ie a reduDdaol exprassioa, either one of the two 
words being bere enough b; it!icir, and the other more uauallj and l<et(er omit- 
ted. — 27. gar, powerAiUy ezpreMire, but bard to put into Roglisti; 'they 
actually ni«n call me doctor ((eachcr),' — 28. mi bit etc. 'oigh on these' etc 
134. 3. UiD attribute a kind of personality to its subject, Dud 
134. makes the lament more bitter; 'ia bent on, ia bound ta' — 4. g(' 
fc^Cibter implies wisdom, insight, clererneaB, aa well aa learning; 
since, aa be goes on to state, he sticks at nothing in pursuit of knowledge. 
— 8. bafflt, 'in return for that,' Le. 'for that rery reason, aa my only re- 
ward.' — 9. Stet^tcS, adjective used as noun, in apposition with mai (in 
the sense of ttlDaS) (139.6). — 12. ibe lack of fortune end ooDsideration, 
which would be of do account if he had gmned the higher obji.'cis he 
aimed at, is painnilly felt now, in his want of success. — 16. ^b' id| 
mii^ . . . (tgtbcn ; this is justly critidsed as undramatic, as czptaioiag for 
the benefit of the reader Faust's oourse and the reasons for it — 16. ob. 
In pregnant sense, = [um Jil f(^i or prOfcii] ob etc — 23. t^ii', auiiliarjr, 
like Engliah do; a rare thing in literary German (242.3). 

21. fd^ft bi[, optatire inversion (432.S). — 27. ^tran represents here, 
pregnantly, ii verb of motiou; 'whom I (have] watched [creepiuft] on 
hilber (stealing toward me) along this desk.' — 30 etc. in his disgust at 
books, he longs to turn wholly away from them to Nature. — 34. (ntlabfn, 
participle, appositive to the subject of the sentence, iilj. — 35. gcfunbi facti- 
live predicate, qualifying ntit^ ( 

139. I etc the atudy room is described again, in similar stylo 
136. and with like diHgnst, farther on <U2.21 etc.). — 12. l)eif{t, 'is 
called,' i.e. 'Is what you call, is It?' implying 'what right has it 
to snch a name?' 

18. bn etc., elliptical; ba . . . ^intin for mo^inrin; 'into which Ood 
created men,' Le. 'in tlie midst of which ho put men at their creation.' 

23. 9(Dftrabomue, a famous French physician wid astrologer, a contempo- 
rary of the real Faust (he was bom in IBrtS, and died in 15fl6) ; he pub- 
lished a volume of prophecies, but. (hough lat^r reputed a majridnn, bo laid 
no claim to any knowledge of the bbek art. — 27. fltftt ... bit oiif, ' sriaea 
for thee," i.e. ' springs up within thee.' — 29. i.e. umloiifl [i|1 tSl, tog etc 
33. UKatirotoSinus, 'the long (great) oo8moB,'Le. ihe universe, the creation 
at large, as distinguished from the Taikrocosmuf, 'tittle cosmos.' i.e. man, 
regarded as the epitome of all existing things. The ^ridteii, ' sign,' is the 
peculiar flgure or emblem of any spirit, along with the fornmla of invoca- 

tion of that spirit. The emblem delighte him, aa brln^g befora his tMnd 

the intricate and mTsterDos relatians af the parts of the uniTeras. 

130. 8. IDirb, Itnperaonal, nith omitted subject (292.4; 293). — 

13. ju, 'shut, dosed; ' adrerb as predicate (369.3). — 15. some- 136, 

what mj6lic; the earliest moniiDg, it laaybe noted, is regarded 

an tbe moat impresaible aod receptiTe time. — 20. jiif), reciprocal refleiipe 

(166.4), dative; — SimcT, a pecubar and quite obscure Sgure; 'vessels,' 

apparently, in which the rarioos influences or forces are exchanged, and 

passed np and down. — 23. aQ, attributiTe adjeotiTe to ba* fl(L 

26. UrQftc, he woold taia throw himaejr as an infant upon Nature's 
breasts, to draw from them the nourishment he craves; a strong Sgnre, 
followed further in the succeeding lines. — 28. bal)in, here relative, for WO* 
bin (180). 

439. 7. rt bnmpf t. Le. ' a mist rises.' — 9. @i)autt, ' an awe, a 
feeling of dread;'it 'blows down,' i.e. comes down, oa it were, 137> 
in the air. — 14-5. the wit is atill implied (Vom the foroguing 
liue, as tbe srraugement (transposed) shows. — it. unD = 'even;' it 
Implies unb [iDOrbrfl ti niaffen], toFlct' etc (modified hypothetical periodi 
332.1 e). 

30. Urbmntnti^di, la apposition with bii^ ; sud in scorn, 'thee who 
wouldst fiiin make thyselT out sometbiag more than human.' — 33. gl(itt|> 
adjective, factitive predicate (3ie.2c) ; = ' to au equalitj with.' — Si. beg, 
quite rare, for btdHi (1S4.3). — 35. brsnq, note tbe third person. 

138. 4. btinn @l(ii4cn, gramaiatictilly a genitive singular, ' [one] 
of tb7 like ; ' but these phrases are emplojed anomaloualy, and so, 188. 
often written as a compound word, bcinttgfcitficn etc. — G etc sirict 
logkal oonnecUon, of course, is not to be sought in these fragmeDtarr snd 
mystical hints of the workings of the earth-spirit. Be is busy beck and 
forth in tbe currents of life and fury of deeds, in the alternate eitinction 
and renewal of being which keep life at a red bea^ so to speak, of vivid 
action. He cooipares it to a loom, at which be is weaving those garmcnCa 
of external and sensible manilbstation which are all that we can see of God. 
— 22. (9 ItOpf(> a proper imperaonsl ezpressioD. as much so as te tcgncl ; 
'there it a knocking,' — 25. bag ete., sn exclamation of Impatience and in- 
dignatJon ; ' {to think] that ... 1' — 26. btT, demonstrative, ' that.' — 21. 
Eam|M, accusative absolute (230.3). 

29. Wagner is the direct antitbesis of Faust: a dry pedant, bent only on 
the accumulation of items of knowledge, a cram of information, wherewith 
he may impress people, and win f^me and wealth. The want of sympathy 
between his spirit and his master's is such, that the bitter humor and 
aarcaam with which the latter assaila him pass over his head entirely; 
he does not understand or feet them. — 33. tgiirfn for grt)irt 
(240.\e). — 36. nol)!,' well enough.' 139. 3. much more usually 139. 
Don nt(ilcin, singular instead of plural. — S. i^r IDt^et, more r^;u- 

SM B0TR8. 

krij f e iwibct t^, or WCTbet i^ (438.3;). — 9,10. impenHrs Terbs. — le. 
anbm, geuiiiTe pluraL — 11-9. that is, do jour beat to kindle ft diawdTing 
and creative Same out of jonr own void and burnt out spirit, — 13. le. 
'[a proceaa whicli will be the] admiraliou of'etc^ — 14. ®auintn, flgnra- 
tire for ' taeto, desire ; ' ' if your taste aliiDda that way, if tbat ii what jtm 
relish.' — IB. the line admita a doable interpretation; either 'produce 
effect, beart to heart' (like "face tolkoe"), or 'win over [othen'J heart to 
[your] bearC' — IC rud), posseaaive dative (a32.tUa). — IT. ie. ' [that is all 
well enough,] odI/ (but) the ' etc — 19. Faost ia so irritated by hie indom- 
itable pedautij, Uiat he addresses bim for a moment with the oonlonptD- 
ouB and dictatorial Sr <163J). — 20. fd)cUcn(autrT, 'beU-knd,' Le. wboM 
words are bb empty of sense as the tinkling of the bells on a fbtd's cap^ — 
23. cui^ Cnili ifl, impersonal phrase, with omitted ti (293): — naS, for 
tlmo* (176.3). — 36. > in whidi (phrases) you are [merely] curling the 
ahreda tod shavings of humanity,' Le. are turning into petty oraaneDte die 
shreds of the world's knowledge. — Si., 'aniions about, 
aft^td of ruining.' — 33. SHitlel, 'meana,' Le. preliminniy knowledge, aa 
of Ungnagee, paheography, and the like. — St. OutUtn, 'original aauiaa, 
primitive documents,' tbe highest ambition of the pedant, who swears by 

authoriOes, — 36. moljl = ' as likely as not' 140. 6. litr 3tittn, 
140> 'of the [various] Ijmea ' earlier than our own. — S. Le. 'bsvo 

made locb wonderful progress, hsve gotlen so ftt beyond bim.' — 
B. ironical; Faust duos Dot b«Ueve in history, so-called, or regard the 
accnmulation of knowledge as better than enlightenment cf spirit. — 
13-1. 'people'a (the gentlemen's) own spirit' — an ontrustwortby mliror, 
which gives nnreal shape and fUse color to what seems to be reflected 
in it — 16-6. Le. the ^tifyil result is apt to follow, that no one will stay 
to give it more than a single glance. — IX. ^aupt- Ultb ©taalMctisit, 
pompous title of the old Oennan popnlar spectudes (from the latter put 
of the seventeenth ceotnry), in which tbe lives and actions of royal and 
distiuguisbed personages were represented, and which alternated between 
bombast and vulgarity. Fauet compares tbe would-be bialoiies to such 
plays, put in the mouths of puppets, and gotten up with the aid simply of 
ft rubt^h-bag and a lumber-room. — 2:i. m5d|f etc., emphatfc inver^on 
(431;). — 23. Le. ' what is apt to go by that name.' — 3a. gtltfttt, adverb. 
— 33. that is, ainoe the day will be e holiday. This reference to the 
season, whfoh plays so important a part in the acti<Hi at tbe end of the 
scene, ia wanting in the first edition, the " bvgment" 

^^ 141. 1. nur is, in virtual meaning, ioCeusive; one may fill up 
141, 'only [see] how ' etc. 

The flrat puWicotion of the work as a fragment (see the Introductory 
remarks) broke otT the Bret scene here, at 91rg(unil1nn(r finbtl. Between 
the composition of the greuter part of what precedes and of what f(^owi 
this break, there was an interval of flneea or twenty years, and it ia doubt- 

NOTEi. 285 

fnl whether the poet had origlnsDr the iuteutioa of winding up Ihe aceneas 
it is motaallf done. The tone and moTnuenC of the remainder is far; dif- 
ferent: It becomes less BpontaneouB and paailonate, more elegiac sad diacur- 
ii*e; the action prooeeda more b; the poet'a will tbou by Faust'a, and the 
almoat attempted sniddo is inaufflcientlj prepared and motivated, and eeenis 
■nggested by an acddcnt. NevertLelesg, we may auppose that Faust'i 
excitement of minil, carried to the Mgheat pitch by Uie appoarance and 
parting taunt of the apirit, then turned into a new channel, and sustained 
for a time by the dutness of Wi^|;uer, is now Tollowed by a reaction and 
depresBion, in which he is only able to reQect and reason upon what then 
80 powerAiUy moved him. 

10. moKtc, 'threatened to, seemed h'kely to' (368&). — 12. foQlt, in sense 
ofmufitt, 'could not but.' — IB. (crtfi isbest underatood here as a noun, with 
ftiu qualifying it ai^'ectirely; 'hia self, his own being;' in this sense it ia 
uanally written with a capital, ®tlbjl. — 16. abgtflnift, pluperfect, hke 
gebQnK abore (line 11), with auxiliary omitted (439.3a). — 19. fif|otftnt>, 
pregnantly, 'throi^h the eiertion of creatiTe force.' — it. eo great in my 
kindred with sncb spirits and power to summon them; ao small in my 
weakness ta compared with them. — 30, what is signified by 'iAa<impu]«e' 
is very obscure; to the purauitof yet deeper knowledge, or to that of magic? 
or, perhaps, to suicide? — 33. avi) adds, as usual (119.1), the meaning of 
'soever' to toa9, but the sentence needs aome change of structure, iu order 
to bring it doverly out in EngliBh. — 34. imntrt belonga with the following 
•^jectives. 143. 8. Ijtifel = 'wocaa'i-e. 'weeatceni.' — B.Lb, bit 
^rrfidicn I3(fllt)k, mridic unS etc; 'gave us life,' as being what 143, 
makes life really valuable. — G etc aetting forth the laming 
and conatraining (licmnunb, 141.33) oB'ect of trials and fbore. — 15-6. that 
is, apprehension of mishaps that after all never come, and grief over losses 
that do not actually occur. 

31, was, subject of VFTCngct. — 39. (|nnfril...I)«,iDtranBltiTetntransiUTe 
use (327.2A), — 30. alS, in aense of ' [other] than, except, aave,' as after a ne- 
gative: umeiml, appositire to fitm : the two following partid[des are per- 
fecta, with omitted auxiliary. — 33. frcilt^ ih the less proper sense of 'truly, 
Indeed; ' not, as usual, ooncessive. 143. 3. that la, they afaould 
have helped him open the door of knowledge. — 3. agfim pUf upon 143. 
words ; meant to signify ' your wards are intricate,' but also felt as 
•yonrbeard Is curly.' — i. that is, mysterious, even though open to the light 
<^ examination. — S. mag, 'chooses to* (20S.3). — 11. we should expect 
f^maui^t. Id the same tense with mirft above; presents in the sense of per- 
fects (334.3). — IS. |V ft^ni^cn ia onl of coQneetian with the preceding 
Hue, SB If the reading there had been tmtt btffn mif tt boil, mtin Stnigte 
Mtpragt ju I)abtn. — is. mvlrb ; we ihonld expect rather gtnicgt, siuoe 
me cannot properly 'acquire ' what one already poasesaes by inheritance ; 
but the meaning intended ia that what one inherita ia no real poaseadon, 
but only wbat one himself prodnoes, to answer the need of the m 

• moBfti^^^ 

r<fl K'n :;s. 

IS. Id this Btnte of depreiaion and di^^it nitfa life, theiiiihtortlieTulor 

poison is pno'iKb to euftgesl t« FbuM tbp relief of suicide, which ha Kreetx 
with enthusiasm, as protoiiing hira not only raliflf from hi* present per- 
pleii'y, but iatroduL-lion to a new Bctivity. The ririi iovoWcd in tbe sl«p 
aa exposing bim to n place of punUlntont or to atmihiLitioti, he makes light 
of, ralber priding himself od defyiug it, as if it irere ■ chaUenge to his msD- 

144. ]!). that in, the distress that we feel in the prospect of death 

144, and of what shall follow it is of our own ioflictioD, the work of oar 
fancy. — IT. utib = -even' (as abore. 137.17): — ju pic gen, de- 
pendent on @(fal|T, in the manner of s genitiTe (346.3). 

31, 32. proper imperfects, of cnsbnuary action. — 23. jubnngtn is used 
(compare line 34, below) of the actioD of drinking to another's health or the 
like, paying respect or oompliment in a drai^ht. — IS, S6. he who drank 
was obliged flrat to describe or extol the form and decorations of the oup 
in ertemporaneous verses, and then to empty it at one poll ; for lUlure, the 
penal^ was to drink more. These were amonR the traditjonal customs of 
• people and period of hard drinicers and lusty carousers. — 32. Bdjective 
danses preoeding (heir antecedent, Xninl. 

145, 1^^- ' ^^ " ^"' ■''i^ilr nol^d above (140.ltS) that the night is 
that which precedes Easier Sunday : the midnight is now past, and 

the ringingofbellB. and the songs of the choruses perambulating the streets, 
announce the bof^nning of the anniversary of Christ's reiurreclion ; in- 
terrupting tlie eiecutioa of Faast's intent, and winning him away from it. 

I. bcm Slrrhlidirii. dative after an inleijectional noun (230.2). — 1. 
@umintii, of the tiells; IjcdcT Son, of thechonises. — 23. Le. {tlig [ifl] bcc 
ficbtnbc etc. 

II. ffiflC, in the sense of nanim. — 3i. Le. [bcT id|] an bi({ni Slang uen 
Sugcnb auf gcmitlint [biu], belonging with mid) in the ne« line; or, [taiifi] 
an .. . gcniA^iit [bin], as qualifying ruft ; the connection is a little irregular 
and difficult — SS. ftli^.t" fi^ - - - ii"f itti<i| fy^rab, Le. 'came down upon 

me with suddenness or violence;' a rather violent Bgure. 

146, 140. 13. tlio Easter festival and the Easter holidays are in (3er- 
many the chief popular festival of the year ; and in Faust's mind 

BO strongly associated with his happiest memorios, that their image hos 
power lo reawaken his hopefulness and love of life. 

14. conditional inversion. — 16. Srbabrut is in the same constmction 
with ^grabrnr, and implies (irregulsrlyl the continuance of tlio btr Id that 
line; otherwise we should have trbahrn. — S3, the natural place of un< 
would be aeit after tr in the preceding lino. — 28. trifict, imperabve. — 
SO. |t[(i|cnbril snd the following participles are in the dative plural, quality- 
ing (11(6 Oi^B SB). — 36. ba, 'on the spot, here,' 

As Faust was turned over to Mephistopheles in the prolO(ruB, for the lat- 
ter to try and tempt, we must presume Uie evil spirit to hare^oen alreadj' 

NOTES. 2h7 

at work in this scene, and the apparition of the earth-spirit to bavo been 
hia doiiift, itit«niled to brini; about the effect which it bo nearly produced, 
of gouding the victim into suicide, uud conducting the experiment to a Bpeed; 
conclusion. This fniling, (hrough the heayBoly interpositiiin, a» it were, of 
the Easter iu&ucnces, another and atowor proceiia ia begun. Uephisto- 
phelea introduces himself lo Faust in the sequel of the neit day's holidaj- 
walk, end a compact is made )>etveeD them. The demon agrcea lo tie tho 
man's faithful servant during his Ufe ; and tho man, iu turn, promises that 
whenever he shall be so satiaOed with any paaaiug moment oa ur wish to 
detahi it, ha will consent lo die. After a wild scene or two, in which Me- 
phiaiophelos meets with but indifTerent success in hia attempt to please and 
amuse, he takes Faual to a hideous witch and aorcereas, and causes to be 
administered to him a rejuvenating and kiadiiog drink. Immediately after, 
Faupt falls in love with a young innoeent girl, Margarete (or Grelcfien), 
whum he happens to meet ; and hia relation to her is the priodpal action 
of the whole Bret pan of the poem. He wins ber love, but only to ruin and 
abandon her Her mother dies (aa we learn indiivctly, througli a hint or 
two), of the effects of a sleeping potion administered lo her at Faust's sug- 
gestion. Her brother is slain by Fauat in a street brawl in the night, and 
the latter is obliged to fly. After an absence of nndvflned length (only a 
■oene or two fk>ai it is given us), he Icarna suddenly that Uretchen has 
borne a child, has wan4ered from home in shame and ralsei?, has made 
away with her child, and ia now in priaon end condemned lo death for ita 
murder. He is struck with the keenest grief and remorHe, and comca to 
attempt her rescue. Mephistophelea has stupefied the keeper while Faust 
possessed himself of the keys of the prinun; end while the lstt«r goes in to 
bring out Grotchen by humwi oieans, he is waiting without with the magic 
hOTf<.a which are to bear them away U> safety: that is all that he can do. 

(iretchen's reason has given way under the terrible burden of guilt and 
misery, and Faust Qiida her utterly unmauageablo ; alio can uudorfitand 
nothing conneotedlj, nor follow any courKC of conduct: her mind dwella on 
the events of her sad history, and she wanders from one topic to another, 
■B some chance association suggests thom. About only one or two mailers 
is her mind dear and Arm : her unchanging loce to the author of her niin, 
her horror of hie ainister companion, and ber delermbalion to expiate her 
crimes by uodei^oing their dreadful penalty. '*' 

147. 8. iBgrtl . . . ftetan, intransitive used transitively, vriih an ob- 
ject signifying what is eOected through the action of the verb 147. 
(237.-^fr). — 9. tS ftiltll, a proper impersonal, like cS Ilopft, above 
(138,22); we hear the singing, but do not see the ainger. ' — ^ 10 etc asnatch 
of old song; a version of the story of the child who is killed by bis wicked 
stepmother snd served up Ibr his father to eat ; hia bonea, flung by the lat- 
ter under the table, are gathered up by a little sister and buried in the gar- 
den beneath a juniper tree, out of whose branchoa then flics a white bird, 
his soul; the story ia No. *7 of Grimm's Sinbtr- unb .9flii!imSt)rttitn. — 13, 
gtflcn, old form (for gfcffcn) of (itgcffcn. — 20. @Ito^ has the snme aon- 
stmciion aa Xtflrn, and bag innii^l is an adjective clause qualifying it. — 
31. Qretchen thinks it is the eiecntioner, come to lead her forth. — 24, por 
i^ ^in, 'away before him;' not governing the accusative, though aigniiyiii|B_^ 

moUm ftom initeid of toward, like flbcr ■omeUmei (e-g. S6.IS). — !& 

((^nitn, intriDlilJTe u InasitiTe, witb adjuniA haviiig tbe value of a bcli- 

tJTB pi«dic8te (227.2b). — 3S. emphatic invereiou, ai below (148.8). 

148. 4. tbat is, her maidenly crown, the ajinbol or iDooceoce and 

148. purity. — 8. ni»n'Zagt(ollenerincinfol)tiig) '[all] my daja, in m j 
whole life.' — 14. Ijfitf, a rather Tiolent (Binoe It foUawi » Terti ia 

the present tense) subatitutioii of past for present auziliarj, as snbjnncCiTe 
of indirect ststemeDt; made iMCSUse ^ab' would not be distinctly sutgnnc- 
tfTe. — le. auf, 'St.' — IT. that is, the story of the reras ahe waa Just 
ringing. — IS. 'who bids Owm interpret l(T' i.e. 'wbst gives (hem* tight 
to spplj it to me T ' — IS. )U, ' beride.' — 11. bn SiSfc, ' the EtU One.' — 
88. note IiiSrcn for gr^Zrt (940.10- 149. SI. JHati|Mn, bei«- in the 

149. sense of 3^^K('I'>t>l>cn, 'gusahing of teeth;' abiblicaleipieMion. 
— S. niol)iR. prefrnaotty, implying s verb of motion. — IS-G. their 

first meeting had been on the street, outside a chnrcb, triiere Fanst had 
bt^ged to be allowed to escort her home, and had reoeiTed a rery curt re- 
IHisal ; their meetinga then had lieen for some time in tbe garden of a neigh- 
bor, Hsrtlia. — 24. tgafKC, Le. ^afl bat ; an unusual contraction (66, at end). 

— 36. 'who made me lose itT' a peculiar idiom, bb if to bring one orowxi 

a thing instead of fo it, were to cause it to lie biled of or loat IBO. 

160. 1- tiittc takes here two aocuestires {237.^a); usually its second 
object ia governed by the preposition utn (as below, line 21). — 18 

etc she is tbioltiog of her brother's death by Faust's hand. — S2. as wb 
saj,'"let bygones be byguuea." — 23. Le. these reminiscences will kill Die> 

— 2T. glrid) in tbe sense of feglci^. — SO-l. she thinks berselfanworthy 
to Bleep dose to them, yet cannot bear to be far separated from them. — - 
36. nitL coureys an impticution of personality, as if tbe thing resisted her 

etforta. 161. 3. bift bu'S.aaabore, 149.6; a comma after it would 

161. be better punctuation. — T-6. conditional inverrions. — 14. flttl)'lt> 
)u ^xtfttn would be more nsnsl, aa also ju i^ncircD below (line 17) ; 

the difference in the expression is nearly the same as, in English, between 
' !t ia BO wretched, wandering in a strange land,' and ' it is so wretohed to 
wander' etc — 34. brn Berg, mors usually an bttn ©trg, before ootbri. — 
96. that ia, a cold feeling aeizea me, sa it were, by the Lair; s shuddering 
troso tbe crown downward. 162. IS. Siitmnnb, dative, 'tell no- 

162. body.' — 16. fitanj(, see note to 148.4. — 11. that is, 'it is bH 
over.' — 20. man f|5[t |i( md)t, Le. thej gather in awe-struck 

ailcoce. — 28. boe SlSIii^cn brit^t ; it is a Qerman custom for the officer of 
Justice, ader the reading over of the sentence, to break a wUite stsO' abova 
the bend of tbe condemned criminal at tbe place of execution, to symbolitft 
the breaking of coaneetion with lilb. — 26-1, she imagines her fato aa 
shared by alL — 28. she imagines the blow struck. 1S3. 3. 

163. bu {oDfi Icben, Le. it is for tbj life ; bis presence here has no other 

SaS nSmifdie earnrlitt. 

During the jeara 1TS6-S, Ooetbe oiade ■ journey to Itaij, fro>'>S d' f" '^ 
KeiJy; and he sent back oonstant accounte. In the fonn of letterB to liis 
fhends, of what lie obaetred, felt, and thought, interapersed with oocaBional 
more etaborate reports, apou xiibjectti requiring d^iled nod conne<.'tt>d 
treatment Theae were, many years biter, collected aod published, more or 
leaa completely, in two parts, ^tnlitnifqe 3tri(t, ' Italian Journey,' and 
^iDfitcr 91uf(ntt)aU in 91om, ' Second Stay In Rome.' From tbe latter part 
is taken the foUow^.ig extrai^ describing the oamival at Bouie. It is here 
given precisely as it stands in Schaefer'a @Btt)e'e$rofa ; JtuSma^I %r<S4)a.U 
unb $au<, 'Ooethe'a Prose, selected for school and home use' (Stuttgart, 
1 84B} ; being here and there a Uttle abbreviated. 

1S4. S. thnnc, ButtJUDCtive of indirect Btetetnenl, dependent on 
QtnmiiTf (333.3«) ; lolllt, in the next line, is of the aama character, 164, 
bnt in the preterit, because that tense would hare been used in 
Disking the statement directly (333.4(:). — 9. nur |(^tn etc, Le. !□ the cbat- 
arter of spectetor only, not of participant — 13. ju itbtt[rt|ei> '" pasaivo 
sense after ifi (343,111.16). — SO, ft*, datiTe. — IB. bltiib(!(, subjanotiTO 
In conditional sense (332), ' that should blind, is of such nature as te blind.' 
— SG. the Castia of San Angelo, the miliUry headquarters of Rome, on the 
right haak of the Tiber, not far from 8t Peter's ; it is the ancient Uauso- 
lemn of Hndrian, turned into a modeni fort. — 27. the lUuminatioD of the 
whole exterior of St. Peter'a, by innnmeraUe litfhte easpended about it and 
lighted nnarly aimultaaeouslj, at a glTen signal, is one of the most bmutiful 
and impressive sights of the year; it is performed on Easter Booday. 
166. 1. nUrt, ' every one ' (193.3), Le. ' aQ ranks and classes.' — 
S. Satumaltcn, an ancioDt Bomaa festival, professedly In honor 155, 
of Batam, celebrated after the middle of Duoeoiber, and gradually 
extended in length (tojo one day to seven. It was a period of the most tw- 
restrained freedom and jollity, when the customary obligations of depend- 
ence and reTereDce were for the time suspended. — 6. \<ina ; we should ex- 
pect rather (tint, referring to ^|1 ; as Oie readbg is, we most translate 
'his' (dee SBmcre). — 9. Wtldit = 'as' after (ol*( (170.^). — 10. beige 
too^nt [^aticn], the auxiliary being omitted (439.3a). — II. le. [unt] nic^l 
TOeniflft (olc^fn [ju ticnen] etc 

17. nnUcr, for anbcreS {136): — (t^n, i.e. (tin (19.3). — 23. the flU^ttwi^ 
fed (or Hirtfinitilit, SiniinitfTf or Jfirtnte) is in many countries, especially 
tbo rural parts of Germany, one of the principal festivals of the year. 

S4. The Porta 4el Popolo, ' People's Oate,' is U the extr^oe northern 
end of the dty. Just inside it lias the fiaita del Popolo, 'People's 
Square,' of eUiptical fonn, with the obelisk in the centre. From the 
Square diverge three streeln, the Bipella, Corto. and Babaiito, making very 
acute an^ea with one another, and eadi having the obelisk at tiie end of 
Hs rista. Of these streeto, the Corso is the longest tod moat imponaut, 


ruDDJng directly soathwud, for Just sbout a mile, to where it meets the 
•lope or ilM Ospitdine bill : the Tenetian nqiure and palaoe mark its 
Bouthera ertremity. — 2e. 6rflri«(, more nsnallj in the lingolar, ©d|ritt 
<3I1.1); the 'pace' Ib a veryTaryliig and Dnoertaia measQre, aoemiag 
here to have the value or aboDt a foot and a half only — udIbbs the author 
has eia)tgerat«d the number of paces whiidi the street ahoold measnro. — 
28. niiflt UtT^11nt6mii6ig, Le; ' not in anch proportioa as ire ehouki expect, 
diapnqKntionately Ifttle.' 

36. €SDnn', Le. Sonnlage (419e). IBS. $. [fxijtcRii, dependent 

166. on ffl^mi (343.I.S). — t. Om Via Flamiiiia, or FlammiaD Way. 
wae the great north road of Bcane, leading attaight tnm the city 

to Arlmlnnm (Bimbii), and being the sreune to Cisalpine Ganl. It waa 
cMistruoled by the oeoMr 0. Flamtnlni, about B.a 2tO. It eroeaed tha 
ntier, leM than two miles tyon the gate, by the Pimt Jfihita, now called 
Jtmti moOa. — 9. i|l. Instead of mirb, in lively depiction of the instanta- 
neoneneaa of Hie ellbat ; it Is already done. — 14. mfin tt aut^, ' were it 
eren ' eto. ; elliptical conatraotlon, qnlte the eamn as in Eogtisb. 

la fonlt' = fonntiiiiigcn {4l9c). — 22. ncnn etc. adverbial clause, but 
eqaivaleat to a subetantlve danse introduoed by bag. — 24. )>Ut(^ belongs 
to the forgoing accusative of duration of time (230.1a). — 25. bitben is 
completed by um, below (line 17). — 28. SSrABtrfi^aftni, Le. fVatenuttea oT 
monks. — 32. £atiarro>, a stiopte loose black dosk, hlfUug the Sgura, 
and regarded as iJie di^uise of highest style, becsnae it merely dis- 
gaiiea, without personating any character (see below, 1S1.3S etc); a 
black domino. 

B4. The oarnival (latin earni valr^ 'farewell to meat') is the week of 
raenimoDt that precedes the beginning of Lent, which ia the period of 
forty days of fasting and mortiflootioD closing at Baster. Aa Easter is flsad 
to no particular month and day, but varies more then four weeks in time 
in diffbrent years (March 2Sd to April !&th), carnival is oorreapondingly 
Irregular in its ocourrenoe, coming either in February or March. — 35. oil 
OfficicT, i.e. 'in officer's dress.' 1B7. 6. bne jABne belongs to 

167. ^flafkr, with a compound adjective phrase (a participle and its 
adjuncts) interposed; such adjective phrases are very oonmon 

in the more elaborate style of Qernian prose, and have generally to be 
rendered In Bn^isb itj Ui\\ adjective clauses (437.2a). — 9. (iu«)u^bcn, 
VlKii, dependeut on brtdraftigt (348.1). — 15. mil, pregnantly, ' [covered] 
with, dressed in.' — 18. in bet ^olgc, 'in the sequel,' i.e. 'at a future time^ 
herealW.' — 19. Jtopf, accusative absolute (230.8). — 2a. (inb = 'there 
are.' — £4. a comma alter miebcT^oIl would make the oounection dearer. 

— 31. note the aocneative aRer jnifi^rn (376). 158. S. these two 
lOOi open places or squares stand at nearly equal distances (h>m one 

another and fh>m the two ends of the Oono, on ila western aide : 
the flrtt la merely a somewhat irregular wideDiog of the street in Oopt 

NOTES. »1 

of the cbarob of San Carlo; the other ii a spadoiiB square, the Fiscal 
Oolonna, with the AntoDine column in its ceatre. This colamn ia a tri- 
natphal pillar, made after Uie model of the jet more romoui Tn^ua's 
GOtumn, and decorated with repraaentatiooB of the wars and victoriea of 
the empeTor U. Anrelius Antoninua (i.D. 161-lSO). 

10, Sapttol. the public buUdlnga occupying the site of the andent copilo- 
tnun, on the Capltoline hlU, at the Boutheni eztremi^ of the Corso. — 23. 
Dcnnc^tn etc,, Le. heighteo the imptesaion that the street makes upon one, 
of being a room instead of a street. 

29. inbcjicn bafi = mi^mib, 'while,' which latter is the usual expres- 
sion, — 31. ^uIcincQ, Itellao puleintUa, corrupted in English Into pun«b>- 
nelt\ and then shortened to Punch ; the peculiarities of the flgnre are well 
linoim, IfiS. 1. hioghi eta, Le. 'seatal saata, gentlemenl 
seats I' 169. 

3, SRoSTtn ; for man; ;eara past, maaking has been forUdden, on 
accoout of abuses and disordera which had, Datntell; enough, crept in; 
and the Roman camiTil, sccordinglr, has been shorn of no smaU part of its 
attractions. — G, \t\)tn, in paaalTe aense (343.1.5;). — 6. il|T(e &UiSltn, 
Boe note to 138.*. — 9. ]u betutjigenbtn, (Uture pasBive participle (278). — 
21,22, lialb, . . . balb, oorrelatives ; 'now.' — 22, (oU, 'Is chiimed 
or asserted' (2S7.S), — 28, ^Bre, gt^c, subjunctiTes of indirect statement 
(333.4a). — 36. Ouacqutri ; this word, at first signifjing ' Quaker,' seems 
to have bocotne the appellatioD of a certain caricatured figure, aa here 
described, without well-understood reforenoe to its original meaning. 
160. 3. ju TiSnndi, dependent on Ecidltighit ; 'ease of being able' 
(3M,I). — B. fit, ie. bie Cuacqutd. — il. Sufo caTicaio, the 160. 
BuJIh ia the character on the stage that makes people laugh ; 
caricato la ' orerloaded, orerdoDe, caricatured ; ' the two words together 
designate the character that amases b; its folly and abaantitj-. — IR. fitft 
Cinanbtti either word is enough by itself to ezpreaa the idea intended, and 
their combination is redandnnt and heavy (lBfi.4, Sret remarli) : — be of 
babun!^ anticipetea the following daose, bag etc,, as object of buid) (430. 
3c,<l), — 19. glcidirn, 'even,' Le.'held together at the same level' — 21, 
fi4, reciprocal refleiiTe (lfiB.4). 

2S, b(i, 'conaldering.' — 30. bicft, Le. 'such [as have this design, tf they 
would accomplish it];' — (rll^ Btnug, 'early enough,' Le. 'quite early, 
in good season, betimes;' a Oallidsm (grnug in the sense of French 
oi.wz). — 36. auf (o fci, 'hi whaterer way it may be,' i.e. 'in anyposaible 
way.' ISI. 8, note the accusatireB eRer untci and Dor. — 
9. Was . . . (onfl artiafS, ' whatever else that is pretty.' 161, 

11. ridl (first), dfltire, 'for themselTCB.'— 13. Of- = iDRfufiOWaffe 

(41 Or) ■ a notable liberty to take ivith such a word, and only to be toler- 
ated in a light and humorous style, — 14, grbunbrn, pregnantly, ' made by 
^'og; put together of' — 16. ^Iflnnlni, Unbttannlin, It^icaUy genltivea 


qtialiiyiDg @c(i4t (ASiLtna). — IT. gcmSnjt, tmniotl and probably onfy 
local or dialectic phnuw; 'at whom they bare ooinad it,' Le. 'agaiDSt 
vihoiD they have laid (Btrock oat, deviaed) a plot' — 2a Idd, with the fd- 
lowing ^in (whMi beknigi to it qnito as inxjperlj aa to the Terfo), ' whitber- 
■oever.' — 26. natiUUtfitn, infliutiTB or porpoM (343 JILl), dependent on 
tommcn. — ts. ftrafcatanccraiun ; Ptaacati ia a Tillage od the skirls ot 
the Alban nxmntam, oppodte Boma, and jnat beloir the aite of andeDt 
Tnaculum ; it baa, like oUmt nUagea, ita peculiar ooAome. 

31. na4flca1]int = 'taken by imitation, boirowel' 1S3. 9. in to 
1 68. uttftcn Ib the kiglaal otijeot oT the Idiomatio phnae fitb (datiro) gc> 

faHtn laRtn. — IS. fit, i.e. bit Orbnung. — ID. bo to ouf^Brt 

qnaliftea nxiibra. — 30. U. fa got {alt] n lana (438^. 1S3. 1- 
168. Le. nnanbn gtg(HDki(374b, at end). — 6. bcm Sntf^tT, poaaeo- 

aim datire (SaaJIIa). — R. foOcn, 'are said' (267Ji).~ 11. r« 
Icietc,, 'beitnowfor what reaeon it maycbooae,'Le. 'ftwwbaterer reason.' 
12. DtrloTtn to Oanjtn, amtoaitiTc to bit Venit^incnL — U. ju isoOni, de- 
pendent OD f^nniti, and itself go* eniog gmitgcn and fi4 autitii^itfn. — 
20, c4 to fit, Le. 'they only atop abort of; ' that ia the only thing they lesTe 

andone. IS^ B. nuT = 'If poaajble.' — If. fii^ bauoT filtditet, 
164. 'ia afVaid of it (the danger).' — 23. the Buapoli palace ia between 
the two aquarts above apoken of (IBS.!), and nearer to that oT 
San CaT\o. — 34 is. fo langi fait] fit Ibnntn (43a.3(I}. — 3S. jfiUtjt = 
'aooner ot later:' — foO, nearly equiTalent to mu^ 'is to, baa got to.' 
165. E. in Vtintgung grft^t, not 'set. in ntotion,' according to onr 
166. underatandlng of the phraae, implying a atari Ihnn quiebieas; 
rather 'made lively, atirred up, heaved,' — 1 etc; the author la 
giving a conjectural aoceuot of how the war with piaster axigar pluma (com- 
n3Dnly called «o»/«M, 'oomflta, oonreotionety'),wbidi now conatitutee so large 
apart of the cBmivalfaD, nay have had ita origin. — 8. unttr hsa with the 
two fcdlowfog nouns the twodiBereut meaniuga of 'amid' and 'under;' a 
rarely permittad licenaa. — 9. ba, ' la whi<^ caae.' — 12. note the case ttf 
@tfid)ttr (316.6a): — fic^ cinanber, aee note to 160.1& — 16. @lqp«)rltlttii, 
object of )u tragtn (line IB) : — buiA btn Xriditcr amia^t ; it doee not clear- 
ly appear Qiom this description hovr these little shapeleaa Inmps of gypsum 
are made; perhaps by lettiug tbe material &11, drop by drop, fh>m the aper- 
ture of the hinnd. — 83. nngtfliaft ia superfluous. Its meaning being mora 

folly expressed by the following clanse, o^t etc 166. 1. lDol)tn 
166. = mo ; il impliea property an ellipsis, Uke 'whither they [are 

thrown, and] hit' 
10. fo gut and )U ^rl are wholly inconsiatent ezpresaions, and the M- 
lowing danse, introduced by oU bog, 'than that,' fits only the latter of 
them; alt bog, moreover, thoogb oommonly used after an s^iectira with jn 
(344.1, Orst remark), is logically defeiiBlble only after a comparative; so 
that the whole sentence ia ao eilreme case of awkward construotion. — IT. 

suf, tiers used In Itf (not cncomman) prospectiTe seen, 'Id entirlpation of, 
in preparation for.' — 23. injlBitifitn ia^, unasual and somewhat lumberinu 
equiTftlent of siniple mfi^tfitb, 'while;' the ctaase li additive (43B.St). 
rather than logicitlly adverbial, as if introduced b; 'and at the aame timo.' 

— 25. fo to tXTlangt, direct object of inlDicgni ; a\9 implied after $funb 
(«3e.34e); DoletheDumberor$funb(211.1).— 21- tnb«r!Rai)<i8adverbUa 
adjunct to fallen (|tft^n. — 28. ^4 is redproal reSeilTB (IBB^), and da- 
tin iD ranae of geiiltiTe qaaiiiying Jf B|ife (<i). — SO. abifiHtta, in pas- 
■ire senae (343>I.fic); and the pMstve conatmction is completelj carried 
out, b; putMng the logical otject <^ titBtn, namely Somungni, In the rorm 
of a piepoaitlonal adjunct — 82. Sorbrn, InstrnmenCs both of Undiag and 
of the infliction of stripes. — SO. ;(.<£■ = jum tiftmptl, iiwtead of the 
more common ). 6. = }iiin Srifpitl. 1S7. I. >^ldn(Ilni, dative; 

a quite nnnsual case with VoD, which conimonlj takea the genitive. 167. 

— S. Qintt Sinnri, genitive of characteriatie aa predicate (320.S). 

14. the Pren<^ Academy (where joung artists are trained for a time at 
gnvemment ezpenee) waa rorroeriy od tbe eaat side of the Corso, a conple 
ef blocks below the Venetian palace; it ia now removed tothePlDcdan hllL 

— II. Soiiitano, 'captain; ' standing (oomie) military charactar, a aweU and 
braggart — 19. lo = 'when' (438 JA)r — fltgnt i^ fibre = i^ni gnjtiu 
fiber. — 34. jn, pregnantly, 'as accompaniment to, along with.' 

lOB. 2. duf, in theprospectlTe □ranticipativesense. — 6. tbe kar 168. 
of bantm representi the following olau«e, bafi to lonlKn, aa object 
of urn ; more usually, an if|nni would be introdnced into tbe flrst clause, 
thns; {( ifl i^ni bonim etc, 'there Is for them to do about this, namely 
that all their seata' etc; that ia, thia is the matter aiMmt wbid they are 
coueenied. Is their wish and aim. — t. i.e. glQctlii!^ [ifl tS]. — H. no stress 
is to be laid here on any antithesis of ffuif^t snd tSagen ; the eipressiou 
Is equivalent to auf tintm b« Saaen simply. — IS. bit, Le. bit gni^tr ; a 
slight inezactneaa of expression, as if the preceding phrase had beeo an ci- 
rum bn gcnftcr. 

18. obcn btf^ricbnttn, namely at 15T.S7^4. — 38. ba, 'sa,^ both of time 
and of cause. — 26. bofin, for noH — 27. n, the Corso, not the Oeoeral. 

— 2B. niraianbnt, dative (IBS); either ntetnanb or ninnanbtm ia much 
more usnaL — 32. note the accuaatlvea after tlieae prepoeitions. — 86. 
Slauli^golb, accusative of sDbstaoae measured (Slfl.fia). 1<S9. I. 
nttnn, 'when ; ' more in accordance with tegular usage would bo 169, 
wit, or ale, or ba, since there is nothing hypothetical Implied. — 6. 

^aiicn denotes the launching of a blow, especially of a blow that cuts or 
penetrates something; as by men with an bstrument or weapon of any 
kind, by animals with their natural meanB of offense, tusks, bills, clawa, and 
the like; hence applied here (as not often) lo the lauitching nut of a horse 
with his hoofs, the act of prancing or kicking. — 13. tinaiibtt, dative, in 
"ablatiTe" aense. — IB. taum bag = 'almoet befoiej' UCeraUy, 'hardly 

[ia It tlio Mse] Uut one Mpiet them, [wbeo] tfae; are put' — 19. bie ta 
rinanlxc, equinleDt to bit abTlgln binbtm tiiianbfc, and ■ nther inexact 
•ad awkward exi^eBaiun. — !a nai^gffprtugt, in aea«e or preaent partici- 
ple (3B9.1). 170. 1. i^r, dative, dependent on btqutmc. — 2. 

170. no* abgtfi^oflcntn ©ignalen, a pregnant coaBtmcUan, = tmiftbtm 
bit @ignal( abgtlt^Dfftn ftnb ; It is implied that the Bignai for the 

endof the daj'a iporta is given bj the firing of catinon tmm the Caatle of 
San Angelo, not far ofL — 7. gar, aa naaal in and) caaea, not eaa; to i«ader ; 
we mayparapIiraRe 'It nvKhappena that' — 10, giadlit^, Le. ' sucueaEfulif, 
without miahap.' — 11. tin jtbrt = jrtmnann (1B3.8) : — wan(4t etc., Lo. 
'ooDgnitulateA himaelT on the prospect of a little raa^ wiabea Mmaelf the 
good lock U> obtain it' 

17. that ia, [ti aUfrt] nii^l langt ; aompare 161.19. — 22. ERo<(tnittag, 
accuaatire of time wfaea (330.2); the genitiTe, Stai^tnUtaBe (330.1X ia 
more osual in aoob a connection. 

33. fa = ' when' (438.3A). — 3G. • comma after btmtfm would be an 
improremcDt of the punctuation, aiooe, although the following ioflnitiTe, 
like thoae preceding ia dependent on ficbct (line 33), Iti aubject (or the di- 
rect object of ficbct) la dunged. 17i. 3. (B rictfl fi4 ■ ■ ■ ^inttlt, 

171. intranaitire used as tranaitiTe, refleiivel;, with qualifying adrerb 
of manner (2S8.S) ; 'it ia prettj looking in;' the cons tniction is 

one of the eatablialiert idiocos of the language, but not oommoo iu literary 
use (the Beader uCTords do other example). — 13. the tapers are called 
mocedo (plural moecoli), and the reproach teraa mocceto, • without ■ lighi 1 ' 
ia thia evenitig a keen one, mvolving the further aoalhema tia armntaialo, 
' maj jou be alaughlered I ' — IS. btgcgnc, f tt, imperativeB in Che sense of 
making a aappositioQ (331.1(1). — !D. the clause auS lo benodjbartc aeri- 
oualf disturbs the regular conuectioD of the sontMKO; the meaning is, of 
course, that tbo blowing oat of othera' lights ia carried od from one wiudow 
to another within reach of it, aa well as in the house, between members of 
the same party, or persons who chance to meet one another. 

32. Lo. g(fd)t6eil [ioUtr], the foUle implied in (ollltii below (line 84). ~ 

SB. ^inncg, adverb of direction used with the value of a verb of motion, 

aa BO often along with the auiUiaiiea of mood (3B9.2). — 

172. 172. e. bie URittrmai^t ; I>ont begins at midnight and the eating of 
meat ■■") puhlio amusements, are forbidden for a long period ; the 

diObrent clssaes haalen to enjoy up to the last moment, according to the 
dUTerence of their tastes, the pleasures Erom which they are eoon to be cut off. 

ftrnijius tin JtaifttS ^rittiri^ 8inrfeatiif{a. 

This extract forms the Bflh chapter of the fifth book of Frledrtch von 
Baumer's @cfd)id)tt btn ^obrnnaufrn unb ibttr .^eit, ' history of the Hohen- 
atanfen and of their times ' (toL iL. 1R23, pp. 407^8). The work narrate^ 
in ^i volumes, the deeds and fatea of the great Bwabiau dj'naat; of Ger- 


man emperors (often called nohenEtaareti, rrom their aaceatraleaHtle of that 
name in the presebi kingdom of Wurttemberg), who reigned in the twelfth 
and thirteenth centuries, and whose period is oue of the most glorioua in 
the ancient hiatorj of Germnny, political end literary (466). Of the em- 
perors of tluB famil;, Frederidi the First, surnaiJiid Red-heard (EFtDl^bart, 
IlaliHD Barba-roi'a), was the greatest. Hjg life was Bpent in almost iuces- 
Bart warfare — in Italy, in defense of the claima of the empire, against the 
political pretensions of the popes, and the eSbrts of the provinces at inde- 

Bndence ; in Gennanj, against hts rebellious raasals, especially Benr; the 
oil, head of the rival house of WelT or Guelplu It whs in his advanced 
age that the recapture of Jomaalem bj Saladin led to Ihe third cmaade ; of 
the German share in which, this chapter is a history. 

The distinguished hiBtorlacTon Haumeria sdll (IBTD) living, at the great 
age of eighty-nine years. 

ID. brm 3at)ic 1148, that Is, the end of the second cmaade, under 
the emperor Conrad III. of Oermany, end king LoniBVII. of France. — 
II. ecmQIiungcn ia the aubjeot of [tnoren] fltblitbMt, — 13. obtc, 'how- 
erer; ' might have been put before aUt (line 11). — 14. the German part 
of the crusading arm; bad been entirely deatroyed in Asia Uinor, and the 
French king liad lost more than tbree^uarters of bia forces before readiing 
Antioch, and had accomplished nothing. — IT. l]it\a torn, i.e. 'to this was 
added' — IS. fliinigc Don ^icilirn, William I. and William II, the last 
Norman BoverBigus of Sitnly: — Cnglonb unb gronlrtirf), under the Eng- 
lish monarch Henry n., who died in the year I1S9. — ii. gtinbc, the 
llooTS, or 8anu«DS of Spain, who conquered the oouutry in the eighth cen- 
tury, and were not finally subdued till near the end of the fllleenth : — the 
luterpo^tioD of a comma after the article belonging to a noun, when a com' 
pound Bd)ectlv» phrase follows it before the noun, as in this line and else- 
where In this extract, ia to be disapproved, as unnecessary and dieturbing 
the natural connection. — 34. ^touium ; of this sovereign we shall read 
moch, further on. — 26. Jerusalem bad been captured by the Sist (maade, 
and made the capital of a Chriatian stale, in 1099; It was retaken by Salft- 
dinin IIST. 173. S. init . . . fit = 'such as.' — 4. tin triitt, sub- 
junctive ofindirect statement (333); this use of the subjunctive is 173, 
most abnndantly illustrated In the present eitract; tingttntni 
[((t], 'should have happened.' instead of tintratf, 'should happen,' would 
be more logical — 6. fri should properly stand after tnorbtn (439.3, at 

9, 1(X l|iclrt, nging. preterits in sense of perfbots (33ft.3). — 12. mit 
bnn froplld'n, the reference is to Jeremiah iz. I: — niBdllcn, signifying 
choice; mSdlte In the next line indicates ability (366). — 18. ^t, for ^a> 
b(n( — 23. ba'rauf, bar empbaUi^ referring lo 2>nnut4 
and Moif. 174. 7. S^t. Le. Jfmmugt. — 18. Ktijinitltl, vhv 174. 
tiud subject, with ju bcbarfcn taken passively (394). 

23. VBtXil, subjunctive of Indirect statement, tinder the government of 
some such word as 'the oonsideralion,' understood. — 29. bae £Ttll} ; as- 

198 Noncs. 

(t38.39, Mid). — U. ^mibni (br ^nuU (SB). — 19. nag fanplka Tw 
tngtii 1 care ; ' barf Impllsi right, anthorily. — 23. bagcgra, ' ia exchange 
for thorn,' or ' on their part alM.' — !i. (£l)rij)o, Ifltm datiTe-(lOT), — 29. 
the coloD mere); gires dlaUnctiiera aa a quoUtioD to the rollowing psssag«. 
— 19,30. ODS ii tempted to euapeot that the worda jr^it and finnbnt bars 
exchanged pUoea. ISA. %4. Itt^ . . . ^axiat Stnufitn btttB = 

184. ' let the annj be pn;ed for ' (343J.M). 

8. SbtinneiKt, founded by and named after ^e emperor Hadriao, and 
the eeoond dty in inportanoe of the BMtem em[rir«. — 18. bobnrit ^fSr ^i^ 
uaual coDBtructiOD in govendng a danae by a prepoattiOD (43SJ<(), — 
SO. btrcns i^R. — SI. btitn, objeot of btbarftn ; lefera to Xcgitrnng and 

^trrfi^aft. 186. 3. the name V^itabrip^io BeemB to be a tniitake, 

185. as there ia do aoch idaee In the region ; perbape it ia a alfp of tb« 
pen for StbriariDtKl. — S. there li no aaaignable reaaon for the read- 
ing Witta here loBtead of fttin, nnleaa the meaning be that the Qreeba Itad 
fomierlj' intanded the pcHsoning, but did ao now no longer ; and thla ia not 
at at] Ukelj. — 16. the colon ia eqairalent to 'as followa.' — 18. dUnl 
qitallSea Si^abcn. — SI. Kalipcdis ia on the HeUeipon^ oppoaite to Lamp- 
aacuH on the Asiatic ihore; the two preceding cruaadea had paaaed throagft 
CoDBtantinople Iteelf, and croased the Bosphoms. 

26. the eatimatea of the nnmbcra of the craaadii^ arm;, aa the anlbcHr 
pointa out ia a marginal note, varied gT«at1]', aome setting tbem eren aa 
high aa 800,000. ~- 30. litbtn, the a<)jectire ii here pnt io the aecood 
declenaion in tha TocatiTO, an old'Sljle conatruction, now gone almost 
entirelj out of uae; Id BDcient Qerman, the Tocatire aitjectiTe waa alw*^ 
of thia dedenaioD. — 31. Srrtrautn muni be nnderslno<l here aa acenaative 
with Dofl. — 34. btadilf = 'transferred,' as ia ahown hy the acvnaatiTe after 
au( (next line). 188. 3. tPogcgni, 'in retora for trtlch,' or 'whDe, 

186. 00 the other hand.' — 5. ?aobirra ; the route had been nearir 
aouUiward, not far from the coaat, Ihroagh Pergamoa to Sardis. 

then aoutiioastward through Philadelphia and Tripolia, to Laodioea, on the 
border of the ancient Caria and PhrTgia, and under the Biimanemperon tha 
capital of Aaia Uinor. 

10. abju^lttn; it Is difficult to understand tbe meaning of tbia, since the 
mesaengora had not at all endeavored to keep the emperor out of Agla. — 
16. ttin eiut rolrt, for fo tt>i!rc bin Vlut etc (OB.H?, remark). — 18 jn 
ucrtilgrn, logical object of the mil of bamit {3M.i). — SS. urn fo it^ntdcr, 
'b; ao [much] the more rapidlj.' — 3S. nad)bTflint<!^. 'euphsticallj, ded- 

dedly,' I.e. 'aounSly.' — 86. gcocii = 'to.' 187. 4. the maps end 
187< geographies gire no NIcopolis In this region; Hicbaud speoka of 

SuBopolia, wbidi ia perhaps Uie place intended : — Vonlbrr, like 
Dortici (see note to IB1.34), usually requires an aa prepoaitlon before 
the noun. — 14. grUIIrittn, 'who had (Ulen; ' paat participle of an fn- 

i taking fcin sa auxiliary, In diatinctiTe paat aenae ( 

188. 14. 3ltann,aiiig1i1ir,Miioimof measurement (211.3). — lS.Le. 
unb (foUtcnl on bae etc — 31. mar ^ iDDTboi mar, or Tirtnal plu- 188. 
perfect p«BBi*e (383.2). — BS. Utnpftn, without ju, Bub^ of ip 
(342); neu-lyequiTaJenttoillcCni^tptinbcriFtii^cjutainpfni.— 84.i^rrr, 
genitiTe pluriu or the peraonsl proooun, dependent on 3)Iri|ler ; a nre caw, 
einoe for the genitire of a persoaal pronoan witli a noun ia uaually substi- 
tuted a posseseive adjective; i^maNri|irt IDirbtiiiBaphrue, 'get the bet- 
ter of thran,' qnitedifferent fln>mil)R3n(i|)eT Werbcn, ' become their masters.' 
18S. I. fU to X^cil, i-e. ' biB desire was granted, he got what be 
wanted.' — 6, 6. this aentence csnnot be turned with an; litenl- 188. 
uesa faito Bngjieh; it states tbat the advantage gained b^ means 
of thla Tiotory was as little as theftme it brought wab great; an oUIb im- 
plied in Oie Orat clause (438.S<). — 13. ol|ltt to QtmOxi is ai^muil of g(> 
toOftH : ~ (Efde. = e(tl*rit<f4 (419c). 

IS. iSDibrt. more niDsllf Oolb (21S.Ga). — tS-t. 3tfu S^fli, letin 
geoitiTes (107). — 19. maniac. aoonsatiTs plnraL -~ 30. ilta bar of batauf 
■ntidpatee tlie following Inflnitif e danse (34S.3). — 3S. bci = 'in view of, 
ooandering, taldDg into acconnL' — SS. iRotl), dattre, indirect object of 
mai^tn, at the end of the Benlence, which, like tiif^l tirnt^tn, is dependent 
on tbimc. 

190. 11. ungnotg ; the uncertaiu^, of course, was on the part of 
the cniBaders. — 33. nolle; we ahould expect tooUtt, since the 180> 
quoted Benteuce is a bTpothetical period (333.4c) ; but the Idea 
of the indirect expreaaioa has, as it wett^ orerborae the other, and Buggest. 
ed ttie teuee whidtintbatmodeof exprecelobismorenBual. 191. 
19. ctnnHngabenai^, 'according to ooe statement orautbori^;' 191. 
probably s«Hiie honest crusader's conjecture. — 31. bri, 'alongwith, 
Id ooonecUon with,' Le. 'as tbe danger grew, became more argent.' — It. 
brcicn, old-style, and in such connection quite uousual, for btci (199).— 38. 
SCgcn, ' In return for,' Le. 'on condition of.' 

30. Bome aocouDts saj that not o*er Ave hundred mounted and anned 
Icnights were at thiB time lell ; the horses had been ealen, and the wooden 
sbafts of the lances burned to cook them. — 3S. the ba of baju eutidpatiTe, 
as usual, of the following dause. 192. 3. Ihnn Iconium, ttie 
nurdi was almoat directlj southward, through a difficult mountain 193, 
region, to tbe seashore of enolent OUida, the only part of iaUi 
Itinor (saTO the weatem coast) whidi wet) not then under Torkieh domi- 
nion. — t. FyTgoB I do not And in map or geographj ; Laranda was an im- 
portant andent ci^ of Lycaonia, and, at a time later than Frederick's Tisit, 
capital of a petty Turkish kingdom; its Tutkisb name Is Karaman. — 8. 
<4rifllt$, for d)rifllid)(n (128.3). — 9. Sdeucia, one of many cities of that 
name, was founded by Seleucus Nicator, near tbe month of the Oalycadnus. 
It still exists, as a viUage called Selefkieh; of irtiich word the name Selef; 
■omettmes giren to the river, is only an abbrevlatioD. 

IT. OnnBi|nt,apODvbkhbn4ni«iidb(fr(ini depend, isnibjeetortlbdU. 
— SI. mflttitg and iFnnt, predloatM villi nSiiitn. 

SB. compare ITG.IS; in inAiiitiTe danae here tikefl the jdaoe (tf the fbimer 
gnbetanUTo clauie, as It^ial object irf the an oTtMiraTt. 

193. S. BcoordiDg to other anthoritiea, B part of tbeuTDT west by 

193, ^^ ^"7 ^ Aleppo, BDd teW, atmoet without eiception, into the 
banda of the Uoelems; before the divisioD, there had beeu still 

orer brt; thouaand left, but almoat eotirel; without arma. — 13. Ucbnrtl); 
not oTpr Ove thooBuid, it la eeid, actually reached PaJestine, and these hi 
Slid) a condition aa made them a hindrance rather than a help lo those wfaom 
the; i-sme to aid. — 16. SRon ; Ptolomaia or Acre^ a dt; on the coaat oT 
Palestine, some thirty milea south of Tjn; It wis bedewed Tor two years 
by the Christians, absorbing in no smell measure, in the attack and defense, 
the power and eHbrt of both parties, and was flnaDr taken In Jnly, 1 191, 
after the fleets <f Ricbard of Bogtand and Philip of France had been added 
to the crusading forces. Uore than 100,000 Christians are said to ba*e 
been alain during the sioge, besidea a greater unmber who died by ship- 
wreck or dlBeaae. — 31. fill, ' in case of — !S. In fact, no other crusading 
expediUon attempted to readi the Holy t«nd otherwise than by sea. 

HapoUmt ^oO. 

Among Che living writers of Oermany, in the departments of history and 
of criticism, Georg Qott&ied Qervinus (bom 1805) holds an bonmble and 
prominent place. .The extract here given constitutes the opening chapter 
of one of his most important works, the "History of the Nineteen^ Oeo- 
tury since the Congress of Vienna." It is a judgment upon the career and 
downfall orHspoleoa Bonaparte, Wliile the geueral justice of the picture 
It traces cannot be qUQStioned, we neTertliele!is have a right to remember 
that the bitlemess of feeling in Qermany agvinst the great Fitmdi emperor, 
the conqueror and merciless oppreSBor of that country, is very great, and 
that no Oerman can judge tiim otherwise tban with se* MiQr. 

21. Si^Iai^t Don UtiV^io, Uw battle by which the power of }T»polcoii was 
finally and irretrievably broken. It was fought in October, 1813, end 
lasted four days (fhim the IGth tothe 19th); near half s millioB of men wvi* 
engaged on the two aides, and the combined losses were over a hundred 
thousand. The Oermaus call it the <05IIn14lad|1, ' battle of races ; ' it was 
Russia, Pmasia, and AusMa against Prance. — 39. mit = 'akng with the 
other, likewise, as well: ' — UrbcTgabf DOii Vant ; Paris wna aurrendored 
by UarmoDt, llarch Slst, 1814, to the main body of the allies, while 
Napoleon was lighting at some distance with odiers of their forces. 
.194- 1. 3n[rl, the ialaod of'Klba. of which Napoleon was made 

194, sovereign alter hie first downfall — and from which, as every one 
will remember, he escaped after atMJut ten montha, to make one 

more desperate struggle for the tbrone of France, to be overwhehned at 

HOTBB. 301 

Waterioo, BDd l« be Mnt to die at St. Helena — 3. rt . . . t^t repeats the 
Torb oT the main cImim and its object; 'Uwd did here hiaUirj.' — T. bti, 
'ia case of,' Le. 'Ifhs had shown or poaaeiwed; ' rirtual coodJIioD of a hy- 
pothetical period { — S-ll. parddpial dauaes, appoeitive to the 
subject rc (liue 1 1 ) (367 1 3BB}. — 16. ^Brtt man if)n, conditional mver^oa, 
s: ' according to hii owd story or aooannt of the matter: ' — in bm Xagrn 
etc ; Le. at St, Helena, where he occupied himeelT with puttiug Uie beet 
Eace upon hii pest life, with email regard to truth. — 19. ^bf|1(, allusion to 
the old claaeicol idea of a " otve of the winds," whence they escaped to 
rage and devastate. — is. bag to tonrbc, direct object of the verbal phrase 
gab @4u[b, 'laid the blameot imputed.' — 37. feint S^tU UtTrittlnb, equiv- 
aleot loan adverbial dause of manDer or meana, intcm fit {tint ^itU D(T> 
tttrltnL — - 38. {ingtlt^IagtRtn, i.e. bit n tingcfdilagni ^atlc. — S». Ullt 
etc.. • protnu!t«d hypothetical period, with its condusion in the last clause 
(line 38). — 3a inbtm ei . . . Utrbanb = ' by combluing.' — St, S5. note the 
accusatives after auf with grfinbtn, and the implicatitHi conveyed. — 86. 
t>ir6 fttgrbtnt IBcifpid = 'the example thue given, the giving of such an 
example:' — Qurspa, dative. 196. a. faUt(, 'was to,' Le. 'aa 
that was his intent or pnrpoM.' — 3. \ttHt ... in, 'set into,' i.e. 185. 
'flzed or eatabliahed in or on, nude to depend upon.' — 4. nann 
Instead of miiitcn, as a stronger expression, stgniiying the immediateness 
at>d completeness oT the result; 'they had been [sh^ady, ns it were,] 
abandoned.' — fl. tonnte [rtj . , . BmnitteK ItOtrbMi], impersonal passive of 
an intransitive verb (279.S); 'no mediation was possible.' — 7. Wiiltr- 
gttilltn ; more in aocordance with general ntage wonld be rorllcr g(rijlri[ ; 
nitittt is predloata qa*lil>ing the subject 6)Mll of the paaaive ; In the ac- 
tive foRD of expreeaioD, it would be a hctitfve predicate qnaliiying the 
same word as object (118.1, at end): men rtigt btn ®palt mtilcr, 'one 
tears the deft wider.' — 7. \o = auf bitftm SBfgt, above^ — to. mugtrn, 
' could not but' — 12,18. gcfBrtcrt [mat], gtilcignl max, virtnal [duper- 
fecte (3S3.3). — IS. fi<f|. . . brmrdtrn, Le. 'went on, passed, were ever in 
transition.' — 10. fllan^lot, pregDantly, = imat glanjlofcn, bcnfi ; literally 
adverb, ' onsbowily.' -~ SS. fciiitt @innct, predicate genitive {330.1) ; ' to 
his mind, of his way of thinlcing.* — U. il)r(T, 'their,' relating to both 
Jtunft and Siffcn|4aft. ~- 37. jcnnn ZBrge, the same with birltm iS^gc, 
sbove (line 6) ; it is merely a Uttle iiirtber oB" now. — 31,33. fcbfc, be. 
ftelf, sabjonctives of Indirect atatomcnt, implying that these were his as- 
sertions, the 'impelling raasons' which be alleged (333Jd). — S4. IDO^l, 
'indeed, tmly.' — SS. loArt wonM be more regular than fci (332.2b,e); 
the latter is used aa implying indirect statement; < it was [in hia opinion], 
or ' [be thought] it was.' IM. S. Crb- = ffirbabfl (■USo). — ». 
Le. gelafltn [Itattt]. — 14. 2:ibniuS, third emperor of Borne 196. 
(ad. 14-31), at the outset of his reign repelled the adulations 
ofthesenat*. — IB. 3m|inaler, dependent on gcnug ti|un, — l»-3l. • 

301 HOT& 

*eT7 tlinple intemi^tiTe (or esduDatorr) Mntonce, Ixit fffitlij ezpandeil 
by the adatioo of long k^N^n danaei to tbo two olyecTta of peifdltu, 
Dunelj ^nn'al and fiaiftc. — iO. XaQtqranb . . . IwTltcQcn ate bnrflt ; 
the referenc* U to a speech nude by Tallayrand (thanminiataTof foioign »f- 
fsirB) at a booqnat given by the Directory to NapiileoD. on tbe Utter'a retnm 
from Italy (December, ITM), — IS. Iniitniafltr ; tta Petsian ttog, b»ji 
HarodotDi, drinks only the water of tbe rirer (TboespeH, wblch be there- 
fore carriea ererywhere with him upon his campeigna, — il. ((ftoti, ' even ' 
(unleaa the commk abould lie placed before ioatecd of after it, ' when al- 
ready in the act of downfall ') : — the oapital initial of Or helps to aet forth 
the infinite aasouptton of the elaim. — 38. tbe Oret 9TantTri4> of coaiM, i* 
dative. — 3S. tonntt etc., eooditional inTerrion; tomitt n f)(t^, 'IT ke 
might Iw called, if it waapoaiibla to entitle him: ' — nit jntra 3vtdni, f-e- 
' Buppoaing him actnally to hare dkerisbed those purpoaea.' — 3C. ju, ' in 

order to, for.' 197. 3. f))St nod), 'even down to * lata period, at 
197. moat to the end.' — 6. an Amphikti/tmy, in andenl Greece, waa * 

conftoderation or leagne of neighboring atatea for their common pur. 
poeea and advantage. — 14. bit auf, 'dear to, np to,' I^. 'lo within, except 
only.' — 30. Le, )ur'$ranin)[merlicn], 'lie turned into a proTince.' — 3B.^iii, 
complement of the prepoaition tibtt. In the preceding Una (379. la). — 39. 
Obn . . . gefi^citcrt, 'gone to pieces over, been wrecked npon or deatroyed 
by.' — 34. bfT, 'to which,' Le. 'and to thia;' t!ia Mtjective danae being 
addiUve rather than descriptive (437.3c): — fettbtm, 'fW>tn tbe time 
that ; ' that waa tbe tieginmng of hia downfall. The dreadM campaign 
againal Russia, in the winter of 1 8 1 3-1 3, io which Naptrieou'l eimj ik half 
a million men was almoat totally dealtoyed, waa the miafortune which 
gave Europe courage to riae against him. In (jermany, eepedally, the 
popular entbualaam and devotion in tbe oauae of liberation were pn>> 

digioua. 198, 1. Itine . . . mtfyc = ri(6t mdjr riite (196.3). — 
108, & S(i|pi(I eta, L& waa no longer follovred or coined: — o^t, 

pregnantly, 'bcdng without or deatitute of.' — 18. HIM anms np 
the various itema that precede. — 19. jnm\itli<iit, 'human,' Le. relating to 
tbe character, the inner worth, of tbe partiea concerned. — 30. Slapolcon, 
dHtEve: — ioa», 'waa deatined.' — 33. bciagt, for btfi^ (333.4a,il), 
without aaaignable reaaou. — 26. it to citt, elliptical ; one might supply 
man Ritg. — 39. btc Kcnaanbtcn, namely Eugdne, bis stepson, andMuiat, 
his brother-in-law. — 3D. @altin, the empresa Jose[duna, divorced (in 
1S09) by Kapoleon, that he might many Uaria Louisa, daughter of the em- 
peror of Austria; she died in tley, tSI4. — S3, fi^ frlbfl etc ; she stooped 
to contract a left-handed marriage with her dismberiain, Count Adam too 
Ncipperg. — S4. Sflqaiia; was sou of Hector, the chief champion of 
Troy. A fter his fathur's death and the capture of the city, be waa, It is 
said, flung from the wall by the Oreoka and so killed; but our sutbor'a 
comparison seems to imply that he waa carried away with hta mother 

HOTBB. 303 

ADilronudie to die in oapHTlty and obecarity — bb iraa actually the Tale 
of tbe Doke of Relchstadt, hod of Napoleon and Uaria Louisa: be died 
in 1B3S, of ft quick conaumplioD. 

eiataftrrifHf ^atntcU. 

Thia faiDODe exposition of the character and action of Sbakspeara'a Ham- 
let \b given in Qoethu'-a romance eutjtlcd 9}ill]clin Wllifiete tc^riil^ire. 
It IB put in tlie mouth of tbe bero, Wilhelm, himaelf, and ia pronounced by 
him in auccesBive portions, sa tbe subject of the plaj comes up from time to 
time for diacuasion betweeo Mm and Ijia companions. It is here presented 
in the fonn in which it ia put together by Schaefbr, in his @it$c'e ^cofa 
(aeo introdnctioD to b<ti 91ilinit(^( Caineual, p. 2S9). 

199. 3.unb<after9tfi^t«) and mil in the aeit line haTethesame 
value and office; both are conoeoted with jUQlcii^. — 7. Dan haa 189, 
three different senses in this Une, ' of;' ' by,' and ' from: ' — iiu« ia 
the compleinent of the last Hon (379.Ie]: 'forth lh)in thehe«i%' Le. not as 
a matter only ol outafdo politeness. — 6. f oUtt, ' waa {seemed) deatined.' 

10. O^c, pregnantly, ' [being, aa he was,] without; ' it describes Hamlet 
himself rather than his lore to Ophelia. — 11 tnugtt, 'required.' — IS. 
itm "Syc'ittm, ' some tfaiid person,' ' some one else (whoever it might tie).' — 
14. Ttin ftll|lntb, pregnantly, ' being, aa he waa, of pure helinga,' or ' an Ms 
feelings were pore.' — 16. bie auf, ' as fi>r u to, up to.' — 18. gflcmt ; 
lerncn would also be oorreol here (340.le). 

29. uit ... i^n = 'such as.' 300. 4. we should expect fil^It, 
Instead of fQ^Itt. — S. flitbt fiif| tOc, ' presents (treats, regards) 200. 
himself aa.' — 11. Le. btrgtbtiiS [ip tS}. 

19. fit iipm, direct and itkUred (pronominal) ottfect« both InEroduced be- 
fore tbe subject (439.1) ; a not common case. — 23. I9tbr{if|li<^((il ; allu- 
Bion to the well-known passage, " Ihiilty I thy name is woman I " (Act L, 
Scene 2). 

29. leb^ft, adTerb qualirying bttllt. 

201- 1. ia, of time, ' wtien.' — 1. bit 3tit ^^ i ^ eonctuding 
words of Act L 20L 

11, the colon Is equivaleot to 'this, namely.' — 14. the place of 

^attc (as of Ijobc In hne 1<)) ia before instead of after the two ioBnitiTea 
(43S.2); fDUtnfor gt|oQt (aftl.4a); out idiom joins tbe auxiliary 'have' 
with the other verb (361.6i). 

24. ft^incii^rlt, here nearly aqnivaleiit to 'gratifies.' — SG. tnoUcn, 'be 
on tbe point of, be about to ' (3&8b). 202. 3. lucbcr . . . nod) ; 
the negative here inmlTcd ia not strictly proper; we render, more 202, 
correctly, by 'either ... or.' — 8, 3ilii|(^en, dative. 

Urbcr bit Sttpftn tinti Stuflrn. 

Alexander von Uumboldt, during many years the leading scientlBc duib 
of Europe, died M BeiUn In ISS9, at the great age of ninety years, having 

retained to the Terr Ust the fbll potsesaion oT luB povera, and nitintaiiied 
nttdiraiiiished hii acientlflc uid literar; activitj. Bis great jonrmj tbrocgh 
the wano regtonn of Nortb aad Suuth America, whicb has Ainiiahed most 
of the material of this esaay. was performed ia t)ie jears t799-18i>4. 

The BBsay, as here given, ia taken from the author's infi^ltn btr Wfllnr, 
'ViewB of Kaluro,' h collection of auch eHBBjB, presenting the rosultE of 
ederitiflc investigation iu a geuerall; readable and popular Btjic. Each is 
Bccompanied bj detailed BCJeotiflc " eiplauatioDB and additiona," Tmm which 
are In put derived the following notes. The coltection was Qrat publiBhed 
in )80S. 

10. @tan<tTQ(fniS ; that is, the en»t and west coaat-range of Oaneas, or 
cf DorthernVeneiDelai thaDorthemnmorthecontineDU — 14. XoniTigDa, 
•adeot name of tbe lake of Valencia, on the aonthern slope of tbe nnge ; 
the banana tree* (a low apedee of palm, prododng Ae well-known fhut) 
are espedallr rich and elegant upon its shores. — 18-8. the punctuation 
in this sentence it unuanal (though common witit this tnthor; a number of 
like cases follow later) and rntber oonfheing; in place of both semicolons and 
colon would more property stand commas, ainre !6ctgtbfllti; and @ct, alike 
with g(unii and «d|ittt(ii, are otij^ctB of guifldlAgt, and the danae {o ruf)t 
etc is the Independent one in the seutenQs, to whose verb tbe other danses 
are adTerbiol adjuncts. — 15. lii^tcn @riln ; the augar-one of tho 8ccie^ 
islands, recently introduced hilo Sonth America, has a peouliariy light atii] 
dellcsCe foliage, while the leaves of tbe cocoa and diooolate jdsnt are among 
tbe heaviest and darkest known. — 36. ba, * when : ' of course, the 
suggestion as to tbe implied geological knowledge of tbe aboriginea ie 

SS. nfi^tli^t Xauldjunq ; the surfaca ia ao heated during the day that 
tbe phenomena of mirage last through tbe whole night ; die steppes are so 
absolutely level that the dlmnesa of eveohig is auficient to conoeal th«r 
dilTerence ttom ocean. 203. 3. bic|tr, Le. in Cnan ; the stente^ 
208. like tbe onan, Alls etc — 4. tnimintifnA, appositive to 9nrrgun< 
gcii ; ' s^oritual impulses that develop themselves, as it were, from ' 
etc.: — CrBiiUlifl. genitive of characteristic (218.1^). 

IG. $flaii)cn;ilg, namely, tbe family of heaths (Ericfty — 16. that ia, 
through Denmark, northern Hanover, and Holland. — SO. riven and aul- 
mala of widely remote location and habitat are here mentioned togeUier. 

2G. frui^tbart Stbltrii^; ; namely, tbe O'isea, one of which is meotiooed 
Itj name below (line 2T). — £6. icie bit SBQRc, ' as [does, for example.] the 
desert' etc.; Bpedflcation added to ii'riri)di (line !S). — 21. $a<^M<l|rt^t("r 
range along the northern shore of AMca, from Egypt through Feazan ; the 
name here given it is not a familiar one ; — @itval), modem name of tbe 
northern moat oasis, the "Ammonium" of claaaical writers, so colled from 
tbe Egyptian god Ammon, vrbo had a celebrated temple and oracle there: 
it ia about twelve by fifteen miles in extent, and produces immense quanti- 
ties of dates for export — Z*. that is, between about 28° and 21° of north 

H0TE9. 309 

Utitnde. 304. 1. Sfttang ; the ittunense meadowB of Baa-weed 
off the western coast of Arrica bafe been celebrated Afin very an* S04. 
dent timea: — Gambia, river with a wide navigable mouth, emp- 
tylDfc at about 1H° N. Let — 1. Sibtioe unb Xuarqn, rcrring tribes, respec- 
tivelj of the eastern and the western halvei of the desert — II, 12. two 
of the principal roulea ecrosa the desert, to tbe oast and west of its centre. 
— 11. that is, tbe nortbem tropic (of Cancer) passes through the middle 
of the desert 

21. the fonr chief chains of mooDtains limiting or crossitig the great cen- 
tral platesn of A»a, mentiooed lu Uiis description, have had tbeir posiUoa 
•od value determined in do small part bj Humboldt's jonmejs and investi- 
gations. — S3. $imiu(teg<birgt4 ; also cslled Thiao-sban (Chinese) or Teng- 
ri-tag (Tnrkiab). — 2S. that la, the northern region of Tartarj or Turki- 
■tao, fVom Bouth-eaatem Europe nearij to the mlddte of Asia ; Lake DsalBan 
is abont 85° east (h>m London, and at 48° N. lat — 29. Humboldt's jour- 
iie; Into central Asia, undertaken in companf with Bbrenberg and Oustav 
Kose, was in tbe jear 1829: — pollc, agreeing with 3al|rr, ae attributive 
■Itbougb its value might be quite as properl; considered adverbial 
306. 1. babUTtf) . . . bag, 'b; the drcumatauce (hat' (436.3(0. — SOS. 
11. won, 'ftom,' Le. 'by reason of, with.' 

19. Sirinagur and Gorkha are chief places in CaBhmere and Nepal 
respectiveljr, Id the Himalaja range. — 20, 21. otfiart and grftCI 
have the same conntructiDa at jufiiintnrngrbringi (line 18). — 26. the 
origio and connectioDB, and the primiUve home, of some of Uie races 
mentioned here and below (line S6> aie not ao dear as might be in- 
ferred tnn the way in which they are spoken of by the author, or as might 
be desired. Tbe (Jcts flrat appear upon the lower Danube, as a Thracian 
tHbe; the attempt has been made to ideotiiy them with the Ootha, a Ger- 
manic race (462c), having nothing to do vrilh central Asia, Tbe Huna 
ravaged Europe in the flilh century after Christ under Attila ; they were 
doubtlesa a Si^thian or Tartar (Tnranian) tribe. The Avars, or the same 
great race, were later by a century ; their empire over the Slavoniana was 
broken in tbe seveutb century, and they were finally conquered and destroyed 
by Charlemagne at the eod of tbe eighth. Tbe Alans are believed to be 
traced to the Cancasun ; the period of their ravages, as allies successively 
of the Qoths, Huns, and YandoU, was the third to tbeSfUi centuries. Tlie 
Chasan were of importance only in the eitremeeast or Europe; the Crimea 
was long their chief seat The enormous conquests and devaatations of tho 
llongols, under Oenghis Khan, through all Asia and a great partof Europe, 
are the latest of all, rBlIing in the thirteenth century, — 31. Sbluiifr, geni- 
tive of characteristic (SIS.!/): — Tu-kia is the Chinese nume of what is 
believed to be the Turkish raoe: — the Hiong-nu (also a (Aineae name) 
were at one time erroneously identifled with the Huns. — 31 @obt, tlia 
gnat desert to tbe north and north-west of China. — 3S. allc giimcnlaiib ; 

the 8oatheni TTnl ia ng«rd»d u p<riiit at diaperaton t<a inaiij of thu tribes 
of the FlDDo-IIuDgariin itock, ■ duef branch of the great ScTtbian or Ural- 
Altaic (Turanian) famltj; the Flone themMlrei, hmverer, were doabtlesa 
loDg before thia in their preseot Kili. 206. 2, !l. Ttamt, $o, 

206, tfaai ii, efeo in France and nortbera Italy. — 3. Snttnort ; An- 
lenor, a Trojan, ii bbled to have fonnded (owna aod inbixlaced 

eiviliutioQ on the tiortbem AdriatiCj after the fall of hie natiTo dt;. — 4. 
t.e. Qt^uft [^Ottc] (439.Sa). 

IB. mit. -aa if; 88 it were.' — 1». STiirr. = I^itrltbtM («l9t). — Jl. 
SRcnba, in the westeni part of the Venctnelao nags. — ii, !6. afflueols 
of the Orinoco ; the eteppe nma kcnMa their upper course, cloie under tba 
Andes, and coonecta the plajaa of the Orinoco with those of the Amaion. — 
28. Paramo, aa Humboldt ezplaiDa, ia ft Dime given to moantafnous regMMia 
of 10 t« 12 or IS thousand (bet in height, with ragged and moiat oliDate: 

— de la Buma Fai, 'of exceeding peace;' this Parama lies south of Santa 
Pe de Bogota, the capital of New Granada. — 81. a\t would more logicall; 
preocde in gltit^n iBrtitt, on which (Uls the emphasis of the statement; 
'as raiinlDg on without interruption at the same breadtb.' — 34. Hpurt, a 
prindpsl affluent of the Orinoco^ farther north ^un those alread; mentioned. 

— 86, the BrasiUiin mount^ns form an irr^nlar water-ehed between the 
afflueuta of Oie Amazon and those of the La Plata, and approach, though 

thejr do not join, the Andes. 307. 1. ChiquiCoa, on the BoUrian 

207, aide of the Madeira ; ViUabeUa, a town opposite, on the Bratflka 
side, — 2. fil^, reciprocailTefleilre (16M). — 7. the South Ameri- 
can ostrich. 

23 etc hers foUowi an enumeration of the 'causes,' UtjaAcn, just refer- 
red to, onntlnning lo lino 6 on the next page. — 24. fiiifrigc @runbflddK, 
' liquid basis ; ' Le. the air stands fbr the moat part over water inataad of 
over land. — SB. batbictrt, 'olTera,' Le. 'furnishes, produces.' — SO. the 
sign ° ia to be rendered by &tab (in singular, aa noun of measurement, 
211.2): — note the different cases of XH^r afler an in this liua and the 
next. — 31. ^arifia, at about 6" 8k I^L, where the weBtem coaat of the 
continent bends to the eastward of north. — R4. 3Bi>lTrn[d)i(4((n, accusative 
Impljing motion ftom, instead of toward (see note to 36.1G). 

208, 208. B. am tntlcgcn|)en, 'at tbe farthest remove' (140.26); of 
courae, fh>m one another. — IS. bcDart, strict impersonal construc- 
tion (392.3; 294); 'there is no need.' — IT. ale with following inverted 
clause, 'as if' (332.2A); tbe present instead of preterit aubjuucttve is owing 
to tho mixture of the indirect with the conditional construction, and the logi- 
cal value of the clause ia subatantlve (explanatory to jinnnbitic) ioslead of 
adverbial (332.2c). — 19. ®IrfiI ia subject of Dailr aliove (line IT); its 
place here, after the entire predicate, ia an unuaual one. — |2~2t. such 
hypotheses as those here combated are at the present time, of course so 
wholly out of date that It wonld not be necessary to notice them. 


H0TE8. 307 

21. Qlltnidcluns, lUtive. 209. S. longlinrtanntc, i.e long re- 
garded as much lesB truEttrorthj (han the most modem reaearchM 209. 
ihow Mm actuall; to have b*en: — ©inii = 'spirit' — 4,6. ?)(. 
mtn, Bouthern Arabia; Jtermiin and 3}lctiiin, the southern proTiLces of IniDi 
stretcbiug from Peraia proper along the Fer^ian Quif and the oceab to the 
Indus; Mekrao is nearly the same with wliat we call BelQchiatan ; HUultan, 
a city on one of the tributariea of the Indna, near the irectem border of 
India ; the Indian deaert proper, the cooUnuatlon of Uiose of Africa, Arabia, 
•nd Penia, lies beyond it, to the eaat — 7. gtfdjilbttl belongs with ^t 
<Une 2); a DOtabte caae of tbe separation of auxiliary and partid{de. — S, 
10. iS!afTtrbainpf and talle- have a Wee rahie and conatniction, and their 
diflbrent tieatment (tbe one in composition Kith the partidple, tbe other Dot) 
<e loerely artdtrary. — II. 9tlaS; the Greeks flgnred Allaa as a giant, 
bearing the heaven on bis head and ahouldera ; the origin of the idea, its 
connection with a heaven-piercing mountain, and the detenninatiou of the 
site of that mouatain, are difficult and controrerted points. The name waa 
not diatinctiy given t« the mouutsin-raQge of northwestern AIHcs, to which 
we atill apply it, until Roman timps. The explanation auggested in the text 
la tbe author's coiQecture, which may be right and tnay not — 14. "Sjatai 
or OaihoUi, the north-eaBlem province of Tunis, a peninsula stretching out 
toward Scily. — IB. Carthage, the great rival of Bonie, destroyed B. c, UO. 

— 19. S'lontogtbirgt ; the Mountains of the Uoon (Sjtbtl af'JtomT is tlieir 
Arabic name) have not yet gotten themselves located and described — Jl. 
^bcf4, or AbyMinis, is called the '' African Quito " in allusion to its lolly 
situation, Quito lying on a plateau S,600 (bet high ; — the Senegal Is a river 
of extreme western Africa. — H^, the snow-covered summits of the east- 
ern African coast-range (or of isolated and independent moootains near it)i 
Kilimanjaro etc., are just south of the equator: — the geographical names 
bete used are in port already obsolete. 

88 eto. a very gratuituu* and indefensible hypothesis. — 3S. iffiirbttS, 
onr " Oulf-stream." 210- 19. ]u DctlafTcn, dependent on rti^m, ' 
above. 210. 

28. the tml^ of aD tbe races inhabiting America is stQl, as it baa 
always been, a mooted point — 29. £€ItmDC, aocuaative absolute (230.3(). 

— 30. Jinn Srlcn ; namely, those already mentioned (303.20, il), of which 
one is found only in Uie arctic region. — 31. OuJcira, in New Mexico. — 
32. !I{tctm>9lir|;, a structure merely fabulous, remains of the curious and 
interesUug odiflces erected as the abode of a community by tbe " village 
Indians," of whom a few commnuilies still live in the region; they were 
regarded fonneriy, without good reason, as remains left by the Aztecs on 
their way southward to Uexico. — SS. ^alrnqnt, or Tadmor, the famous dty 
of Zenobia,*in an oasis in the northern part of the Syrian desert northeast 
from Damascus; its ruins are among the most stupendous and magniflcent 
in tbe worid. — 34. Sftoufloii, the so-called Bockymonntaiu sheep, or Big- 

308 HOTBS. 

born: it la ratkoiMd hj aome as Identical wHh tbe arfali, one of the soorca* 
from which our ibeep are derived. — 3S. ^Ibhtfcl, daUve, dependent oii 
ciQtntliilnilic^ : — ekofia* etc, nunee of tbe four Bpecies of cemd-like sheep 
fouud in South AoMrica: tbe lamu aud alpaca! beioK domeaticatod by tbe 
unliTea of Pen, aud kept, tbe rormw aa beastg of burdea, tbe latter for 
their nluaUe wool; the other* being wild, but at regnlar inierrals hnoted 

and sheared. 311. a. (Bxibelonga with bit rrftfn:— 3B^ujnibt 
2U. lang, ' during tbouaauds of rears [put] ; ' that ia, the otber two have 

Ibr an indeflnita period lived onlf in captiritj'. 
6 etc. tbe bjpothesea anggeeted in thia pangraph moit also b« pronounced 
deatitute of plauaibilitj or Talne. — 6. bir^n [91attoncii]. — II. (lUKStutr 
■eeaboTS, 206.3 1. — 10. fotlK, 'might,' Le. ia it possiUe or prsBumaUe that 
It lAoaid; like tlw comiDOii Fiencb uM of the conditiooaL — 16, bicft qDahdes 
$npbt^lt, with adjectiTea and their adjuncta interpoaed (437.Sa>. — 
is-ta. Hnmbi^C'a own iMteapoa tbta passage iai "we hare hiatorical 
iofonnaUon that boniea [Buddbist prieata] and other adventoren bare 
narigaled tbe eaatera Obloa Sea, b order to seelc for a remedy which ahould 
make men immortal So, under nib-ahl Hwang-ti, B.C. S09, a troop or 
three hundred oouple of young men and women were sent to Japan ; but, 
luBtead of returning to China, Uiey aettled in Nipon." It ia a long wajr 
from Japan to America. 

29. iI)T ; we can hardly help attering thla word to i^ntn, or else &tppttt, 
at tlie end of the preoeding aenlence, to Stcppc; to make t^T refer to 
Wtn\ilitttUtn would be too fivoed. — 16. SiDtrrm, three apecies of these 
„@lin[tt|tcrt" are apedfled in tbe autiior'g note aa oocuning Id dw regiona 

referred to. 313. 1. iint, i.e. the puma, of tawny aJar, like tbe 
213. lion, and often called the American lion. 

S. bciDDiinbar, appaeitive to fit (bit <Sbtnt). — 10. Sinra be 
Smolacii, tbe mountain-range south of the mouths of the Orinoco. — 
11. the Ouarauni or Warrana, a coast-tribe, of no great number*. — ib. 
ju bcT = niO)U. — 26. StqliKn ; allusion is here made to the entbusiaata 
who, in the early times of Christianity, followiDg the example of a certain 
Simon (St Simon S^litea), betook themaelrea to the tops of istdated pil- 
lars ialyUti; hence the name) as hermitages, places of eeparation from the 
world and devotioo to jnoua practloea. ^mon ia aaid to have lived thirty- 
seven yeara on five different pillars, the last one more than a hundred feet 
high; he died in 461. Tbe fiuhioa lasted for seven centuries. — 31. the 
Jatropha root (now called Jaripha), from which are prepared cassava and 

tainoca.<^,ratherelliptically, 'Itketaais tbecase with].' 
218. 10. taaatiSttt, accuaative of measurement (230.1). — 16, jt to 

ftnb, ' in proportion as tbe dangers are more various,' or, aa wo 
ahould prefer to sa; in En^ieh, 'as tbe dangers are so vaiioos,' — 21. 
$inimtl«bHtc, aobjed SB. tritt . . . nfibtr, i.e. is narrowed about on& — 

SO. Mbtlort'"- ' a» if by clouds ; ' adverb qualifying ocrjdilcitrtfn. 

NOTEB. 809 

34. ft^^Q^te, 'was [np to this Uae] protecting,' i.e. 'tiad tiltherto pro- 
tected; ' virtual pluperfect 214. !. itn Sfjclc, i.e. in the phe- 
nomona of the mirage. — B. 6ti = ' in cooBequeoM of.' — 9. the 214. 
on of anfffinaubenb ia almoat more cample ment of gcgen (379) 
than prelli of the verb. — 16. M antidpntes the two following infinitlrca, 
the logical ot^ect ot toagl. — 20. tDlgl etc, conditioDal inverHion, impljlDg 
'when' rather than 'if.' — 81. (tibil, 'even,' qualiiying bann. — 38, Dor, 
' before, !n presence of,' le. 'nnier the Inflnenoe oC from.' 

38. the paragraph hegioa like the preceding one. — 31. brn ((f|tDai~tni 
9launt, a ipot in the consteUation referred to, conepicnonaly dark fh»n the 
absence in it ereo or nlnate atara: ''it becomes indlatinct in proportion aa 
the transparency of the atmosphere decreases ; and this change announces 
the approaching rab." 315. 3. (o = 'when ' (438.3A). — S. gf> 
frntt, participle need an adverb; not a commoD case (358). — 1. 815, 
Kit, pr^nantl/, 'as do also.' — 11. ctnig, 'sin^; ' a use of einig 
which la DOW qnlte rare. — 18. fifigni sboold, of course, strictly be Ittigt. 
— 19. 6<4cmtob(, a condition corresponding to that of hybertutioD in 
cold clImatsB, a suspenaion of acttre life nnder the combined influence of 
heat and drjneaa. 

SS. tiie ccdon is equlraleut to a ' namelj ; ' the oaniBa are those of important 
afflnentaof the Orinoco, northof the Heta. — 36. CinntntDoffcr ; this conver- 
sion of the drj plains into an inland sett, ss the suthor points out, goes on 
nowhere npon a grander scale than here among the tributaries of Uie Ori- 
noco ; large vessels are able to sail over the steppe. — t6. enlfi^Iflpft. "ith 
Talue of active past partidple (SSl.Sa), 'having escaped;' it governs the 
dative IRadini in the sense of an ablative (223.L3). 21S. 3. 
grflditc bn Scrtfl. Le. the Zntafitn, 'oereals.' — 6. 9)itifana, a 816. 
Tolctuio Just sooth of Qnito: the plateau about it is more than 
12,E00 feet above the sea: Teneriffe is a little less than 13,000 feet 

14. Sera uitb 9taj)T0, Insignificant places, not to be found oo map «f hi 
giietleer. — 11. gug, singolar, as noao of measurement (311.3). — 19. 
gOnfltgcr, '(hvorable,' of oonrse, in the sense of thvoring the highest 
development of the electric Toroe. — 10. Uritucu, on an affluent of Qxe 
Apure, nearly south from Caracas. 

S3. Sngfl, Bccosative absolute (23a3A). — M. Ungcnittft ; called a 'thnn- 
der-storm,' as being accompanied b; strokes, as it were, of lightDlng, with 
plenty of -water and noise intermingled. 317. t. mat ... on, 
'what in respect to or in the way of.' — 18. aUft sums up the 217. 
four preceding suljBtantive clauses, as subjeota of flitgt. — 10. tint 
heio has as good a right to a capital initial (lffS.3«) as ISinn: tu the pre- 
ceding line. 

38. the myth of Oelrls and Typhon, benefloent and malevolent divinities, 
of whom the former is slain by the latter, is Egyptian. Reference Is here 
made to its Interpretation by Zoegt, as ^ifying the sbnggle of the 

pOBiBaaian of I 

91« M0TE8, 

northnrn yenow noM irith the aontbeni blade trniM Tor ttie 
BBTpti t^t fi* inlerpteUtlon It now wboH^ ttmniaoei, — IS. enbon 
DtS[>» the oentral belt of Afrioe, •tretching una at iti fcit ■!«)■* vidth, 
•oiitb of the detert. 

80, The reqalrementa oT the (eoae *]on« ibow wfaidi ii aabject faen^ 
®t(|)|K or IQiItinig, mi eren thej maj be IcxAsd npon as doubtnil : but, ae 
(lie ftepp* band* around the head of the wooded plain of tbo ^niwraa, 
we maj regard It ai the ooe that "mrToand*" the odwv. 31S. 
818, fi. Saguar, mora uanallf 3agnart (lOlJ)). — & tbe apa* b^m > 
prolonged and deafbnitig howling • few boor* beftm tike raJa- 
fUl oommnioeB. — 9. Blit S5(|(ln ; the anthor renarfca that be baa m«« 
flainlngci* perched upon the he«d of ■ oxrtioiileaa cnwodiK ">d tbe r««t of 
the bod; covered, Uke a prottrate tree-trunk, whh water faatdfl .- — 
£(I|nan;|, aocuiallTe abKlnte (330.8). — 11. fd|nrn eta, equivalent to M 
f<f)n(ll rnlroni unb (MrgtDtMtl ^abntb. — 13. in (Stiin sr^OUt ; tbe «Uver 
wlUi vhlch the anake besmeaia Its prey, preparstorj to awallowiB^ r^ 
U aald bj the author to baaten tbe proceas oT iti diaadiitioi^ as wbO a* 
lulirtcate It. 

11. grtsnbtrt ; the dlOtrence of laoguage U more an effect than a caoae of 
tbe licdatlon of the triboB. — IS. (Srtic grnirgtnb ; tbe author baa a Ions 
note upon the dlrt-cHtlnft habit of oert«in tribes, eapedsUj the Otonaks; 
who during the ralnf aoaioa, wheo Oah are hard to get, live mainlj on balto 
of unrtuouB clay, of which the; have laid up a atore in advance ; wid DpoB 
the pravalence of a like habit in other tropical regloDS of tbe earth. — I»- 
11. tbe tribea here mentioned are of no slfcnUtcance. — 19. ftlbRcrtidtm, 
l.e. bit flf (dbfl trjidfii. — 30. fanftrrrr Sittrn, genitive of characteriatic as 
predicate (230.3),— 31, the Cawlqularv, in lODthemnioat Tenmi^ ia 
the Rtroam that Jolna the Orinoco and the Amaion ; the Atabapo la one of 
the (krlheit aouthem alSuenta of the Orinoco. — S3. Cilbtr ; a very long 
note ll given by the author upon the images of natural objects wbMl are 
(bund out Into tbe aurfucea of rodta here and there thn'ugfaout an ex* 
tenalve re^flon of this part of Bouth Amerloa, and which are looked npon 
with the greatest rnvorence b; the present wild inhabiunta of tbe coontfy: 
— in Srilcn (accusative) la sdjunrt of grflrflbtitf. — 2S-6. tS . . . t^n vir- 
tnsll; repeat tlie predicate of the preceding olauee. — 36. mtli^t, L«, lan- 
guages Id general, not these particular dfalecM. 

S4. 'INiumnagd ; the dirt-eating Otomaks are tpecifled b; the anthor aa 
turning the nail Into a deadl; iveapon bj means of tbe ttroW poison. 

219. b. this essa; was writtfn and delivered in 1806, tbe 7ear in 
219. vhldi the Prussian monarch; was destrojred b; Napoleon. — B. 
Wtt to fhrrbt Is the subject of Ottlnill. — Humtxridt was one of ' 
tlioso who, like (Joetbe, held thomsolves aloof from the dre»dl\il pohtio*] 
Rtm^es of the period, and buried themselves in scientlBo and literar; la- 
bors; he ndded In Paiia until ISST. 

¥uJF unb Ctrmtonir. 

Budolph HermiDn Iiotzo, bom in IBll, grBduated botb in medidos and 
ID metapbyeics, and fa an esteemed writer in tbeae two branchiis and their 
rolaliona to ooe another. H« ia ■ proreuor in the nniTeniiC3r of Giittingeo. 
The extract beie given is taken fhna hia "UicroooaiDUB; contributious lo 
the nMunl history and bietory of manliiDd" (three Tolumes, Leipzig, ISStt, 
IRSe, 1864)1 it rorniB a part or the second chapter, entitled bit nirnfAliAt 
Siitnlit^Mt, ' hunMa aeDiDotuaeu,' of the Bftb book, on 'the spirit' (mi|T) 
(volume IL, pages 196-208). 

14. angnoicfcn . . . auf, 'referred to,' i.e. 'intended by natnra to liave 
recourse to.' — !0. jcncS is nearly equiTsIent to tat, but nirlber Implies 
the feeling to be one well-known and admowtedged. — 2S. bcurlt|(ilcn, de- 
pendent 00 Utfil without tbe aid of ju {a43.I,(). — 36. flnatii, from qnO' 
ttjtn (3SS.6). — £9. BotfltKlgr^enb, here adverbt 'tranBieDtl;,momeDttrily. 

— 30. btt ^antttt ; of course, prorided there l>e audi o point of coduuob 
btersectton. 330. 8. in oonnecta ^Juitlt with Mtltgtn (line 6). — 

4. alltr Is superfluous beside bur^iiiC. — 6. glaubtn . . . ju cm- 820. 
pfinben, the ububI construction of an inflnitive with )u after glau> 
btn ; ' suppose [odrselves] te be feeling.' — I. a rather immauagetble series 
of admbs, each qualifying the following word ; we may parsphraso ' with 
not onewfaitlessdireetnesa of Bensation.' — 10. i^iirn, Le. ^rftcu^cn; btx- 
ftlbcn or von b(nf(ll>cn would be more usual; but the prevailing rule, to 
avoid the use of the personal prunounB in the genitive and datdve cases 
whea thiugs not personal are referred to (164.2; 171.3), is repeatedly vio- 
lated in this extract (compare 3SZ.SS; Z!3.85; 326.10; 231.16).— 11, 12. 

Sufein and (Singrnffii governed by grroatir (339). — 12. ju bf^nbelnlit, 
f^iture passire partidple (378). — 17. nii^t qnaliUes lel)rtc. below (line 19). 

— 21. mil, as usual, pregnantly; 'along with [our other meane of judg- 
ing].'— 33. I.e. [uiib] niAt juglriid bat tttnbcingtn etc. — 29. the ijcc 
of ^cvbt^nt is ratberoomplement of Doc (379); 'along (toward as) in 
ttoat of itseIC' — 33. i^rcii, i.e. bfr 9;! ; a slight ioexactnesa of expres- 
sion, as if we had read abore btt @tiflF4 bee %xt. — 35. mit, i.e. 'along 
with ' the stick, which has the satisfaction of the actual contact with the 
baled person. 

331. fi. Obitctc, object of %a prflfrn. — 14. bribe, in apposition 
with bir, not limited by it ; ' which, both [of them] ; ' heuce not of 231, 
second adjectire declension. — UO. mit, here 'along with' what 
we actually do feel, the contact and vibration. -^ 23. i.e. an it)rrm frftni 
[l^bf]. — 24. mtincn = 'imaglDe ourselves.' — 2.1. (crlig, factitire predi- 
cate (316.2e) qualifying fftnntniffc ; 'our vei; pvrcepUon appears to ua to 
coDtaiu (fbniisb) all these items of knowledge wholly complete.' — !7. 
bcRcn, demonstrative, antecedent of brtitii in tbe next line, which is object 
offi^int — 33. bfm Blrii^fn = Htmttlbtn. — 36. pgrgrn is the direct pre- 
dicate with ift Gine 34) ; nalKnc^mciU) and ntiviiiibtnb are adverbial predU 

us BOTES, 

catea (lK.1t; 323. 8. nai nxOit «ta; Le. in dfeot, 
S38> ' whether there might not be some ooe odd enough (b belieire erea 

that' — 1. miiniiiefalligt, 'muurold,' Le. 'intrioate.' — fi. taut 
qnaliflea Qmpflnbung, with interpooed idjectiTe pbraae. — 8. all todu etc, 
logioall; nubeCaDtive claoae, eiidaiiatot2r uf ^tftitt (436^). — 1^ Le. ob 
[M] @d|cin ober ISirnii^tcil [|ci]- — IS. in belongs directl; to gdcfi^t; 
'accuatomB ua lo;' l|tn(in U oomplement to in ( 

83-3. le. aaitrt [a«i|pitlt], mtl^t i^atn (bin Dorigen S3«ifpitl(n) tier. 
Wanbt riiib- — 35. a ift tie iBrbt Don, Le, ' what I refer to i^ I meaa.' — 
29. B ooloD or dash would be well latrodnced after mUftcn, in jdaoe of the 
ranuna ; what followt i* apedflcation of Che ' other pojota of view.' — 30. 
Nliina, for ittima'* (lOl.S, first remark). — 8S. an f\il) fclb^ 'in hia own 

person.' — 86. jcntr, 'the former.' 323. 1. tuti^ on gtn, virtual 
2S3, adjective qualiff iQg IScfaUfui^t, or adverb qo^iffing the element 

iSrfaUtn contained in it; 'deiire of giving pleaaure outside of onii'a 
self (toothers).' 

9. birfe, Le. i^rt Unit. — II. ntiK, 'wants toy ia iacUned to,'Le. 'tends 
to: ' — ti crforbrrt, impersonal expression, best rendered paaaivel; (394). 
— 14. um tin litiati = tin wtnig. — Si. uitarii^t = ' for example.' — 36. 
i^m, i.e. (tin l^iiigrr; see note to 320.10. — 36. ntlint . . .aai),^irbat- 

ever' (179.4). 334.4. an, 'in, upon,' Le. 'b; means o^tbnmgh.' 

224. — 14. brim to Sigcnl^OtnU^riilCU ia a parenthesis. 

38. iim to ttwtiiintu, a pareothella clause ; infiaitive ia abaotute 
couBtruclJon (347.1). — 16. QUt, alluaioutolCatthew tL 27: — ^tnhti^ttn 
=: jtutKi^icn Viiiir, like our perpatulieular, — SI. bti has here almoet the 

value of our 'by (by mean* of);' properly, 'in connection with.' 

225. 226. 2. Mnii^g, ft>r Dctmaac (332.U,<). — 3. ale ici^tcn etc., 
virtual substaalive daose, as above^ 322.8, — 4. a semic^n ailer 

^iliauf would be clearer. — S. bi(ir, Le. Spigt. — 3. anbcrt has the value 
ofa IbctiUve predicate qualifying ftitl' — '3- i-^. mtbcbccitretc [alsh^malt 
unb 1)ot)c] (141.2). — 20. aii fci, as above, line 3. — 23. Wie etc., Le. 'as ia 
shown bj (appears Crom) the stilts/ — 34. ^iDugtfciii is object oF tvmtit, 
whicb is >D awkward word to place, under the circumatances of iJie aen- 
tenoe, and would less disturb the connection of aateuedent aud reUiare if 
brought in next after !3(niugt[cin. 

236. 8. bit jiucite germ ; thus far ws have had the stick held in 

226. the hand (2 19. 18 etc; 323.4 etc) as antitype; now follows a coo- 
sideration of the feelings produced by causes analogous with the 

swinging bBll(223.24etc). — IS. t)atetc., emphatic inversion (43Iir). — 22. 

rtijoibfr, proper participle, 'inciting.' — 2J. jurflrfjuft^litStn ailf, 'to draw 

concju^ons back to,' Le. 'to go back by means o( inreronce to,' or, simply, 

'to deduce, infer.' 227. 1. tbemit of mitfdllDrbt belongs in effect 

227. to the following verbs also. 

e. bit IcQtt gocin; tha^ namely, fbr whicb the earthen resael 

Korss. 313 

baknoed on fiM flnger (I2S.33 etc) hu serred u Dliutntkiii. — IT. but 
how IB it when the corsei is worn aimid; in order lo dimitiiflb the bodily 
toBJ — H. t9, le. bat W&biim (line 35). 238. 3. @tflalt, datife, 
intUtect object offinflofien. — 6. ffltij, 'iDQtement,' La. 'prevocft- 828. 
tive of eeoaatioa or pbjiiicsl feeling.' 

9. Le. gtleifitt lt)abi], litn firpiiler bn aBtonomte [gtltifttt ^t] ; Kepler, 
the greatOerman BBtroDomer (bom 1671, died lflSO),whoaer«aious "laws" 
respecUog the constitution of the solar system were the slartiiig-point of 
the modern sdence of aetrooom;. It Is not easy to see precisely how Ikr 
the author is in eameat in the precediDg expoaition ; but it may be perhaps 
moat fiiirly, and certainly most TaTorablj, judged as in the main an elaborate 
piece of pleasantry. — 19. fit, Le. bit enigniffe : the line may be para- 
pliraaed, ' and yet presents itself (oomes forward) with the daini or pre- 
tense of eatabUBhinK an order trtiloh has a aatural or isal neceaai^.' 

ST. 1o6alb = 'proTided that' — 33. 1)itt,Le. in tbe cases just relbned to. 

— S4. bnruni, nxil, literally 'for this reason — because;' a little redundant; 
strictly we ahonld have barunt omitted, or bafi instead of ntiL — 86. An- 
trgung is used rather in tlie sense of StlDtguttg. 229. 4 Le. [M 

ift] anbtre [btr gall], ' the case is otherwise.' — 12. V^ltgnia, for 230. 
V^ltgma'* (lOl.e, Brat remark). — 13. flt^n . . . grgcnSliei <line 
11), 'stand opposed t(^' i.e. 'coDtrast with, are altogether different from 
(superior to).' — 19. nid|t fVnat, quite unusual, for ni<4te (188, remark 2). 

— 28. )uniI4ft, 'for the oearest thing,' Le. 'as the first reault' — 29. bae, 
UHtt fEinfoII, 'that which ought to be. the neceasary or proper thing.' — 30. 
on bK ^nb = ' under the guidance.' 

S3, ebcn ben, 'just this — [namely].' 84. ^tadt, "ablatire" datire. 
230. 6. innnnt instead of inncnm, as atandiag In doser conneo- 
tlon with the noun than tiglttm (128.2): sudi cases are rare j the 830. 
whole Beader does not oontain another. — 9. ti'ifl [il)m] ju t^DIt 
tiin, 'it is a matter of desin or effort wiUi him; 'see note to les.B: — bar 
of baniin antidpates the foUowing clause ts object of um (43S.3if). — is. 
SWeiigc, subject of finbd fii^ tin : — ura = 'intended' — 20, ubctblidlt, 
subjnnctiTe, giring a more hypothetical cast to the statement, ' such a re- 
flection as should ' etc — 2S. Srgr^ungen etc, nouns in apposition with 
SeTCmontflt (iiue 2G). — 2B, gefr^fi^e, a hypothetical period in indirect state- 
ment, and hence the preterit sut^uDctire strictly correct, eltbougb in such 
a constniotion the present (.irj[f|el)r) would be likewise admissible (3334c; 
332.2c). 231. 3. nad) et<C Le. 'even when it is essentially 
complete, when lis whole raloable content has been actually en- 231. 

9. jitf|(n . . , JB = 'conneot with.' — 12. wai etc., 'whatever our 

MQsuousttess may reoeiTe (take up ioto itself) by the meana of parcep- 

UoQ.' — 14 nUT oM eto., ' as mai«Iy lumething that pvea it pleasure or 

pain. '— 11. toirb for more usual mttot, as mag, abore (line 13), for 


MS K0TB8, 

cates [110.16; 316.SE>). 322. S. mat nii^t eta; i«. in ofbct, 
823> 'whether tbere sti^t not be some one odd enougb to believe erea 

tbaV — i. Dunnigfaltigc, ' uunirold,' Le. 'iatrknU.' — G. (iiur 
qualiflea Qin|iflnbung, with interpaeed adjecttTc phrase. — S. aU inaTC etc, 
kipcatlj subatantire denw, expUnatorr uf Si^ciit (438.3f). — IX le. ob 
[tS] @^'>n obcr Sirtliditeit [|(i]. — IS. til belonga direcUj to gclDD^nt; 
'accustoma ua to;' Igintin ia oomplement to in (379.1&). 

S3-3. It. anbere [Stilpiclc], intli^c il|ntn (b(n uariaen Stifpicttn) VtX' 
IDOitbt fiiib. — 26. t« ift bie 3ttbt oon, Le, 'what I refer to ia, I mean.' — 
SB. a oolon or daab would be well iatrodaoed after mflfltn, \u flaoe of the 
nomnu ; what foliowa ia apedflcatioD of the ' other poiota ot view.' — 30. 
X(iini), rbr ftltnia'C (lOl.E, Brat remark). — 36. an fid) |db|), ' io hia own 

person.' — 16. \tati, 'the fonner.' 223. I. nad) augen, Tirtnal 

223. ulJectiTe qualifying: ^efaUiui^t, ot adverb qualifying the element 
OtfaUcn contained in it ; ' deairs of giving pleaauro outside of oue'e 

Belf (to others).' 

9. bieft, Le. tbce Cingc. — 11. niQ, 'waata to, ia iDClioed to,' Le. 'tends 

to: ' — tt erforbtrt, impersonal ezpreaaion, beat rendered paaaivel; (394). 

— 14. uin cin tlimtS = tin ntnig. — S4. DuUeidit = ' for example.' ~~ 36. 

i^tn, i.e. bcin gmgcr; see note to 320.10. — 36, nxd^tr . . , aui^, 'wbM- 

erer' (179.4). 224. 4. on, 'in, upon,' i.e. 'by means of, through.' 

224. — 14. btnn to Qigtnli)ilnilii4'cit(n ia a parentheaia. 

38. urn U) tnofi^iun, a parentbetio clause; ioflaitive in absolute 
conatruction (347.1). — 16. (lilt, allusion (oUatthew vi. ST: — SFUtrct^ttn 
= jcntnt^len lliiiie, like our payindiaJar. — 31. hti litis here altnost Uw 

value of our ' bj (bj means of) ; ' properly, ' in oonnection with. ' 

225. 22&. 2. ucrniiiB. fbr Dcrmaai (332.Gi,c). — 3. a[« nii^tcn etc., 
virtual substantive clause, as above, 2i2.S. — 4. asemicoloD after 

Ijinauf would be clearer. — S. bint, Le. Spigc. — 8. anBerS haa tiie value 
oTa factitive predicste qualil^ing; Tli^. -^ IS. Le. meljrbmtteto. [alt (female 
unb^o^c] (141.S). — 20. a l« it i, as above, line 3. — 23. rait etc, Le. 'as is 
showD by (appears from) the atilta.' — 84. &iiiugt(c(ii is object of craMdl, 
which ia an awkward word to place, under the circumatancea of the sen- 
tence, and would leas disturb the oonaectjon of anteuedeot and relative if 
brought iuneit afler IBcluugtfcin. 

226. 3. bit Jioeitc goi'm ; thus far we have bad the slick held in 

226. the band (2ie.lS etc.; 223.1 etc) as antitji)e; now foUows a con- 
sideration of the reelings produced by causes analogous with the 

swinging ball (2i3.24etc)._ IB. ^utetc, emphatic inversion (431gj, — -/2. 

i(i)(Dbe[, proper participle, 'indtiog.' — 27. jurildjuft^licgen aiif, 'toiiniw 

ooocjusiona back to,' Le. 'to go back by means of infereDce to,' or, simply, 

'todeduce, infer.' 237. 1. the mit of mitft^ucbt belongs in effect 

227. to the following verbs alsa 

6. bit tcQtt gotm; tha^ namslr, for whicli the euUieD vessel 

NOTES. 313 

balnwed on tb« flnget (S1R.33 etc) has aerrsd u mnstratdon. — II. bat 
how is it when ths coraec ia worn simply in order to diminlali the bodilj 
«iceT— 24. te, Le. ba« SKdbi^cn {line 3B). 338. i. @cilalt, datiTO, 
indirect object or tinflBgtn. — b. Steij, 'inritement,' Le. 'provoca- 828. 
tire of HenBation or phjBioal reeling.' 

9. Le. gdcifltt [^li(], ben Scpplcr btr SftnmDtnie [gclciftct fiat] ; Kepler, 
the great Qennaii astronomer (born ISTl, died lnS0),wlio«ertuuODB "lawa" 
respecting the constiCutioD of the Bolai BTSlem were tbe atarting-point of 
the roodern science of aatronomy. It ia not esay to aee preciselj how far 
tiie author la in earnest In the preceding exposition; but it may be perhaps 
moat fairly, and cert^nly moat liiTorably, Jadged as in the main an elaborate 
piece of pleasantry. — 19. fit, i.e. bit QrcignilTc the line mfty be pwa- 
phnaed, ' and jet presents itaelT (comes forward) with the daiin or pra- 
tense of establishing an order which has a natural or real neceaaity.' 

37. fobalb = 'proTided that.' — 33. tjin, Le. in tbe cases Juat referred to. 

— S4. bantm, mtil, literally 'for this reusoD — because;' a little redundant ; 
atricUy ve should have banim omitted, or bag Instead ofincit. — 36. an. 
ngung ia uaed rather In tbe sense of Scmegune. 329. 4. Le. [tt 

ift] anber« pxr gaU], 'the case is otherwise.' ~ 12. V^ltgma, for 820. 
9i|(csma'« (lOl.O, flrat remark). — 13. fleljen . . . gegmSbcT (line 
11), 'stand opposed to,' I.e. 'contrast with, are altogether different from 
(superior to).' — 19. nii^t tVmM, quite unusual, for nii^tt (188, remark i). 

— SS. junfli^fl, 'for the Dearest thing,' ie. 'as the first result' -^ 29. iat, 
naS f (in foil, 'that which ought to be. the necessary or proper thiDg.' — 30. 
on ba ^nb = ' under the guidance.' 

83. ibtn ben, 'jost this — [namely].' 31. ISrudc, "ablative" dative. 
S3<k S. inntren inatead of innettm, aa standing in closer conneo- 
ticoiwitli the noun than eignem (138.2): such caaea are rare; the 880. 
irhole Beader doea not contain another. — 9. ce i^ [il)ni] )u tlfun 
tini, ' it is a matter of desire or effort with him ; ' see note to ISB.S ; — bar 
of bantm antinpatea the following clause as oltJect of um (430.3^. — IS. 
SRenge, subject of flnbet ftd) tin : — um = 'hitended' — 20. HbetbliitK, 
labjunctiTSs giving a more hypothetical cast to the statement, ' such a re- 
flection aa ahould ' etc ^ 26. &gcl)uneen etc, nouna in apposition with 
Qntmonien (line 3S). — 23. gefi^S^, a hypotbetical period in indirect acate- 
ment, and hence the preterit sabjunctive strictly correct, although in each 
a conslmotion the present (i](jd)c^) would be likewise admisaibte (iSSAc; 
333.3c). 331. 3. nad| etc., Le. 'even when it is essentially 
oomplete, when its whole raliuble content haa been actually en- 831. 

9. jitl^n . . . ju = 'oonoeot with.' — 13. nat et&, 'whatever our 

■ensuouaness may receire (take up into itself) by the meana of peroep- 

Uon.' — 14. ntll aH eta, ' aa merely sinnething that givea it pleasure or 

pain. ' — 17. nirb for more usual ncrbr, as mag, above (line 13), Ibr 

» .ulr 

tnSgc (339.hi,e). — tl. bit Bt&, 'wtiidi la intmdea t« be then, and 
yet li not alnadr tbere 1^ tbe action oT nitora tlone,' — 14. incnn = 
bag ; an adTWlrial dant* In tlw plam of « tnlMrtaiitinv explaining ecl|aii|^ 



ABBnSTiA Tiosa. 

S. ih ^i"*< luiH. oomlutlTa. 

rlAdofu, !«■■ fnqnentiT mod, ue nif-AxplkJutorr* 

Tbfl iBlamm n (In ordlEury AjftUo nimunlB) in to puagnpli u 

Id Oil hh of TOrta ot tlw Old ooajngmUon, ttis cUm ud dlTUoa (101-0) tn addid In 

pwnBDUib at Uia Gnlnmmr whan Uioy us npUinad. AU noli, hmnnir, miiT b« looked 
for Id tliB ■IphmbMlial LIM or Itregulu VsTtx, wblcdi la added alHia and sf tbi Tonbo- 


Ad ^ a I added ntur 6tlr. Indl 
or ftia u Ui uilUuT (>")- 
To Hch nnui !■ addad tha «>dbi« of tha gBltlTe rfngnlu (enapt la Uu oaaa ot bmt 

U Uia TDiRd of an adjaatln ii altand in Ui* eompaialin and aopariaUra, tha bet 1> 

Amoos tlw daSnlttuna gtnm, tluiaa woidi (or parta of wocdi) wUoh an lilalwlcallj idan- 
ttol or aaarijt aUu wich Clu Oarmao wort dellnad an piintad In fliU-fk«(id letter t 
llnu, Vol. »el t 0^ oVi >'• Tboae w«d^ on tba tttaa hud. which, oomlna tram 
txiiirt than Oannwi ioiitiii^ ara malogmu with tha Oaiman word daBnad, in dnlvstion or 
■ppUoatlcm, an prijiWd In ouu. captmu: thna, ttblngig, DEFUUMm' ; aiitbniif, 
■xnuBSBioI'; aRltlrU, bthfitbt. Bt thoaa nntamlllar with tha •onma of noh 
worta, Iha analogia maf be tnoad oot la an etyDoloeloal dlodHiai; (la Wehator'a, lait 



ft dutAnce ; doiriL 
dowDwud*. [K. off, of.] 
Vbbaic, in. >ltB. -Ua. Kblwl. >feM, 

Uf-prieBt, eooleUMtio. (Italisii 

fade, witber. [o» ud iU|cn.] 
abbmbn, r. <>(I.S). ti: ttnakotTi re- 
move, take >«»f , dednot, kbtta. [at 
uid ttt^fli,] 
flb<a>, m. 'H, 'bt. eTOBiog, en, 
■unaattime', Amuw, directioD of aiui- 
■et, accident, wett — lAaiM or 
Vbiat*, adr'l gen. (230.1), of an 

[probatily from ai, 'down,' *a do- 
dine at daf ot of son. ] 
VboiMunbt, n, ill, i1. cvcBingdaik, 
twilight, gloaming. [Kbeit and Sun- 



I. .li, .1. , 

freibneaa of evi 

flbcnMank.n. iM, >l>ibn. w«BternlBBd 
or oountrr, Wait, Oooidenb [Uttnt 
and Sanb.J 



VbniKlMtlirfatrt, / . 

ride or promenr ' - 

Vbcntwoltc, / ■ 

[Mtn* and Qg[l 
tibmmut, n. .r 

[old (iermam ai 

iveiaiiig oload. 


aWr, adv. («n 

in addition. 

corff. bnt, bowsrsi. 
IdTo from tt, ' otr.'} 

Ittam KbtBUnn. 405.1.] 

408, ""'" 

- ■sain, further, 


lU, ode. aeain, oddc more, ai 
' u>in T ^nii jn^ ' til 

fklling off, de- 

VMill. m. 

dine: defection, d. ... 

[from itfoKn. tOai.] 
oMaQni, >. UllLS). inlr. f. lUl ■« 

or away; apoitatiie, revolt, {Kith 

Ben) fonake or abandon, [at aiid 

«bMi«ni,v.JV:fnlr. >. lonioolor; give 

ofT Dolor, leave a oolored mark, [ab 

and tnbtn.J 
ebgifem, V. 0[3BT). tntr. f. (o ««; dfr- 

part, make EXIT ; torn oat, end, [afr 

and fl(»(ii.l 
obetltgiR, o/CJ. ar-lylBC, remote die- 
taut, (eoladed, rctjred. ont of the 

way. [past part, of aHl(g(K,inHnae 

of prea. part. ^l.Sa. ] 
Sbgtprtmli aiy. u»ed oi noun, depn- 

^, delegate, [paet pact, of tinit 

. P. 0[LS). tr. wl> away, 
gain from, obtain [advantage] over 
XwltA aecut. and dot. ). [at aiid )(• 

UgDit, ni. •Id.'Uln. idol, fall* sod. 

[lb and Oiitt.] 
okeolfffA. luj/. idoIatroDB. [from tU 

«otl. 41&.10<i.] 
Mharunt, ttl iM, illiiti. abyge. gnlA 

^laam, precipice, [air ^down,' and 

tBruiit, 'ipvtfiid, bottonL'J 
obbaltm, V. 0(U.3|. tr. bold •>', 

keep away; reitraia, prevent [at 

Sthdng. rn. -ql, ilnge. aff-hanar, de- 

clivitr. elope, fframattungtit. 4W.L] 
obtlangtn, >/. 0(113). IrUr. (. buis 

pfflident [at 

d tanam.] 
jclivitoua. s 

[from Ubfraafi. 4_. . , 

O(ILl). tr. bew Mi; lop, 
cutaway, [at and taiun.] 
aUxtHB, II. 0<Ill5j. (r. beave iM, re- 
move by lifting, (at and ftoi.] 
abfcbKn. ii. N. tr. turn off or away, 

AVEKT. [at and tttnn-] 
abhiu*p(m, t>. iV. tr. gnaw off. [at Md 

fltruniN f. -iknfu. deMieDt, . birth. 



laoe. [il tui ttim% from t» 

, __ ^, _BBREV1*TIL, ■bridge, re- 
duce, [ti and Unix] 

■»la(, m. .n<l, -int. l«t-off, rernin' 
■ioD. pardon ; indnlgence (remiBniDii 
of peultj of sin, gnated br the 
Chnceh). [from lilojfn. 408. 1) 

■blafftn, V. 0(tL3). tr. let off, nleaM. 
—irUr. \ U«Tentr, denit:— sblaffcR 
■BB, let Blone. [ii and lafitn,] 

■Wmtf, m. .f*, .infr. 

piiktion, tnnspin 

(«. Mai) 
ablmifn, v. ti(114). inlT. \. nm < 
flow KWAj, elapee, expire. [«t : 

•WtgcB, u. A', (r. l«y««fof aw»r, re- 

inoTe, 1&7 uide ; depoidt, d^ioae. 

[at and bani.] 
aUketn,D.(?(L4). infr. for ^ lie off 

or BinT, lie remote : — itt obgrlc g«R. 

[at ud UtgiD.1 
•hHbmtn, B. 0(LS1. fr. take olT or 

KwaT, remove; dednot, inbtnot, 

miDuh b;; deddoe, inter. — intr ,. 

daortoaa, decline, duoinieh. [tt uid 

AatMin, c A*, tr. (oRler oflTi 

depute, delegate, oommieuon: 



. .. . nnpulc, unload 

[ii and pgtf'ii.] 
at|iilutfni, p. .y (r. plack sir, tnck 

off, cdU. fat and flllldtn.] 
«A|irrflni, >. JV. tr, preu out, extiaot 

bjpnedng>eqaeeieoQt, extort, [at 

and intHeaT] 
«br«^ wn >,p. Jy. <r. reekaaoflroront, 

leave out of aooonnt, deduct, except 

[ai and n«i»ii.] 
fltttifti/, >». JonnieT o<r> depwtme, 

putioK. rtromitnlfin. 40U1L2,] 
a»Trt(ni, u. y infr. [. Jnomey off, let 

out. depart fat and itifta.] 
Bbrrtton, e. (7(11111. It. tear off, 

■natoh down, poll away. \ai and 

Anincn, B. JVCirrfiff. 849). Inlr. \, raa 

off, atart to mn, begin a coorie or 

lace. [at and imaei.] 
SAfaf, ffl. t\it, lift, (let^off, part >et 

<^ From inmethuig ; henee) beel of a 

(hoe. [from <i»|rt<i. 408.1] 
aMA(INn,v. 0(IIL3). infr. (. depart; 

depart thii life, deseaH, die. [a( 

and f«<ltta. 
rtMlttm, B, Jl^ (r. aend nit, denpatch 

airaj, [at and (ifiAn.} 
nf4K».>>>.>M,>b<. depaitnn, leave: 

wbiiini. take leave, bid 
[from atMtlMn. 408.1.] 
0(ni.S). tr. akMtoff, 

D<r, dimhane. [at and fditt^rn.} 
0(II.a), tr. etrike oO, 
remove oy a atroke ; beat off, repei ; 
reject, deny, [at and f*lag(n.] 
oMAfittrn, g. 0(in.8). tr. close off, 

GonDlude. •ettle. [at and Mllrim,] 
BbfAntlVin, v. O(IILl). It. eat off| 
oUp. [at and |*B(tt«i.] 

tion, diviiion, portion, [tram ati 

Murtttn. 40H.L] 
abfibnAn, *- if- tr. frigbten away, 

Bcare off, DtTBB, diBOOOnse. [ot 

flH«uf,m. .^114, •tift, ihaoting off 

or down; hanet, steep dsKenb de- 

oliTily, [from atMltftca. 408. 1 ] 
AWffls, oiy. deoliYitoni, precipi- 

tons, steep-sided. [from BtfAH^. 

aM(tlHir,<i4f. capable of being reached 

or compasaed with the eyes, [from 

aHibin, V. tXILl). Intr. t,. aee off, 

look away. [*t and \t%n.] 
tMtnttn, V. Si.irr<g. or rtg., 349). tr. 

■end off or away, despatolL [at and 

flbfMil,.f 'Itn. (off-look or ont^look: 
i.i.) new, aim, intention, porpoae, 
de^gn. [from iiH't<n- 406.111.] 

tUoiOtm. e. A^ (r. (iiiiiler off, di- 
vide or partition olf, aeparate, aet 
apart, [at and fimlmi.] 

tbfptiHn, V. tr. tr. (feed oiTr i.t.) aa- 
titfj by food, get rid off witb fced- 


«MI(bni,u. 0(^7). ^ntr. \or^. 
off, he diatant or remote; BEgisT, 
abatain. [at and prttn,] 
Mttlgm, e. OIIIL8). intr. f, devMind, 
get off or down, alight (from a car- 
riage eta), [at and (IrtatB.] 
Hhvifin, V. a. tr. (trip «ff, divest 
one's aelf of, lay aude. [at and 

ib|lttnn>(ni, v. Jf. f r. make blnnt or dull, 
take off thenunt or edge of. deaden, 
render less keen, [at and |h»i)ifrD.] 

oMIuTiai, B. ff. intr. \. tumble off, go 
piCoipitately or prvotpitoualy down. 
[at and fMi)tn.] 



BbbBt. [nj 


bation ; diTuion, 

■M, m. >t(l, tut. 


■ttWlltH.'- JV: tr. *»ml or diTida air, 
tbmrt ant, diitribnto j -'""*T [tt 
■bl»<<l>«tf/ 'in. pwUticiii, dUtri- 

■ ■■ ^''-= ^^putiOlMa. 

}. tr. (tnad or itap 
) r«tir« from, Tsotta, i^in- 
li, oada, jridd. [<it uid Intta.J 

m, T. If. intr. ). dexiand with 

wav«-]ikfl or biUowj xootiozii fi«at 
dawn, [li aad biDcb.] 
ik»art*i aitt. oO'-WBiila, Kinjt, (o 
ons lide ; downwud^ [from it. 


ute." [at uid mtifHt.} 
Mkmt^Utbm^f. 'in. ohuM, iHBUk- 
tion, vioUiitnde, raooouIoD. [troia 

40(9. nla] 

wud off; kMp 

■wmy, Tep«L [it ud n^na.] 

e aida, danata, 

'. 0(IIL1). I 

» diftr;— 

'I*"-] *' 

.y{rig. orirrtg., 319). Ir. 
turn oflr or iiray, ATKBT ; prarmt 
[gt .Dd Mntti.J 
ttMcrfM,v. 0(LS). Ir. thnnrvir, OHt 
■mr, (had, njeot [at mi MifH,] 
tkmtMb,aifj. being «* or >m;, iB- 
BEKT. [pret. pftrL of atmifiE, not in 
D«e u Tsib; it snd B<i(i (detectiTe 

^ ^t,f. •tn, thteaea. [for Sit. 

tl, from ttntfmb. 409.IL8.] 

__ ,p. tULl). tr. wlBda«,nn- 

wind. [ituid Biibfn.] 
•bmlfibni, B. tf. tr. wipe irfr, oJmom 

br wipioa, [ib uid »lf<ttii.] 
a»lbt(n.u. 0(IIL3).lP. dravMr.poll 
off. — inlr. t. draw off, witlidrkV, r«~ 

-p — J. 0(1.1). tr. foroD «w»T 

obtain bj Tioleaos, «itort, wnMt, [at 
and iDtngiB.] 

04. intrrj. {of lurprlte, grltf, ana- 
tion, etc}. KhI oh 1 alaal 

«*k./. ■». uc, Bxi., Hie. [prob- 
ably from Latin uHtJ 

Mb<. "UFA, eight. [G. clgHt.] 

OAd "Om. a<(/. elKHtH. [fur i^ll, 


iUqu. heed, eare:~)l(bi 
«od,pairattcmtioni fl«i 
a can, be attcntira, ro- 

(atd, beware; >4t artMHt, take 
oare, be heedfoL 
S^,/ .In. onliawry, ban. [perban 
nltimalalj (he luna with the pracad- 
ing word.] 

MM(i^ >. .^ <iUr. (wUA^H., ornf and 
aowt. ). b*«d, care for, pa; attention 
to, reoid, eonaidar. — fr. haTe re- 
gard for, recpaot, ealoem, prite, 
Talne; eatiinate, regard, oonaider. 
[fnuUt. 'can.' 40B.L1.} 

<!>«■, >. If. tr. oDtlaw, ban, pniKiJbe. 
(from lAI, 'baa.' 4(».lL1 

i ^t n , ». M i^T. %, groaiL orj oDt 
with pain, aar Kh I or ob 1 [&<im 
w). «e.ILg;40a] 

■Atr, m. 'li, tdn. ooltlTatad field, 
tUMIand. [B.un.J 

S ArtaM, m. .Mt(. cultivation of the 
fielda, agiiooltore, hnabandrr. nUa 
and «■■.] 

KtUmt',/. .an. ■«U*K,performuoe. 

VNl, m. <U. noUe rank, notulita; 
body of Doblee, peraona of noble 
rank ; nobleneaa, nobjlitr of chmrao- 
Mr. [related with B, adaling, 

9Kt,f. .It vein. 

UtUr, n. .If, .1. eaale ; Easte, AqaH* 
(oonatellation in the nortbern hemi- 
(pbeie). [tor tiUla ; ntcf and Mat.] 

ShMiat or nbMfal.r'L .Iti, iM. mA- 
TfKAte, lawyer, barriatar. [from 

Wit, m. ■», 'tn. Bpe, nnonkey. [B. 


<rfr(tiin!fdh<KV. AfMcan. [bomLaUn 

cVHran«t 415,l(W.l 

«auM.n. .11, .1*1101.5). Bsoat I (rab- 
bit-tike South - Ameijraui animal). 
[aboriginal word.] 

fU^^pUn, n. .Bl. KsTpt. [bom 

atam, d. i^ Ir. meaeon - imitator 
(from Vim, now oaaally Oliir 
'Biraa,' name of a certain mau- 
nre; naed only in Mta^BiiB.] 

nbn, m. .Ml or .nni, .iii. grand- 
father, forefather, ancealor. 

flkHb<nr, m. •in, .ib. forefather, an- 
oeitor. [Hia and «ir, > master.') 

obabtB, V. iV. (r. reaent, puniBh : — . 
(/or i^iKE) baxB a forHboding or 
inkling at, feel dimly, aDtpect, ma- 


:t:—^Jiir l(in|) inkinig, dim 

. „-, -th dimly fait oriiutiiio- 

tiT* poxwptioiL taHbni (IS&ie) 

udMl. fifiLlM.] 

bliuios. (imilmiitr. [from IbnllA. 

Mhmmg, f. >)|n. fonboilinK^ mis^T- 
ing, pnMotinuiit, dim (Miuig, ink- 
ling, [frorootao- 40&IU.8,1. 

«**BiH*»afl,a>tf. fnlldfpnMntiiaant 
or dim fediu^ miagimif, fonbod- 
ingr.mistnutJnLniniioiaiu. [flti"a 
(42a.3r) and Mf. 4t6.1»,] 

WNtaaic',/ A'n. a«iUlsmy. \baai 

tsriitie of m Imtitntioa of leamiDg 

or life kt nuh. [from lliMmti. 

■KM,n..i<. AoT«(ait;of Bynk) 
■loantBl. AlKnl (nomkdio trib&) 
tM,iKd^.pnm.aj\dpTtnHailj (1H3). 

mUecf (rWlf, all, aatin, wbde ; i/to- 

tHAiUl>c(ir, grerj;, «*ab, anj ; »U : — 

•IM, kU, eraytbiuc, cm* one. !£. 

ffB, fL lU. whola oratloii, imiTerM. 

■ticMrit',/. >rn. •Uwory* [bom 

•■caerHdh a4f- BUecwrieal. [&om 

»B(«nlc. 4IS.10e.] 
aflrtN, Oflf. Ktoae, eola, •incle. onlj. 

[■« mtid tin : not ued ■ttiibntiTet)'. ] 
■Octal, coiif. (SIHa). onlT.bat. [from 

illtU. o^f.. UuoDgh wlTcrbiBl dh.] 
alle«d a iBt iRab, all tinna : — ttauul 

fir iHntA, onoe fur tlL 
MllnfaU.adF. iniiivamH,>tui]rnle; 
noit, in oaae of need : 
[■i and SA 'oaaa.' 

at the I 

gen.fl. <tftM,pr^ftieed totuptr- 


r drcadfoL [iBri 

indeed, qoite. [(Hand Slid' (kins.' 

aMttnil. "4/- fint of mil, verr Bnt 

[(On. lod nil. lta.3.} 
(dkTbtnlMiil, aifj. most magnlfioenL 

ezoeedinglv beantifnl. [aOn' and 

Itnit*. 142.2.} 
aUtrlri, adj. {indtttliiabU). of all lorta 

or KindL lery Taiioiu. [from iB. 

Qattfa^n.a4f- most beantifnl of bU, 

eioeedingly beantafnl [tJln> and 

MM. 143.2] 
aOrrfoannt, adv. bU together, alto- 

rer, witbont eioeptian, oomplete- 
[aa and liBnt. S6S.] 
ORcttil tO'''ill<S<lt)fa<'>'. «Utbetim^ 
, mlnjK. [aO and 

3.11. I 

DuiveruJ : 

eral, genenJIy, 
and itnttn, 'cod 

whole. [iB 

__, [linanditli! an- 

tiqnated, for ■irople t''<<) 
Mma^lUi ar QamiWt [or aOmMti, 

a^. little by little, by dq[reea, gia- 

duL [related with g<iia4 ana gt> 

nlitll^i '^uy, gentle.'] 
aOabirttffHi, a4/- auperior to bU. [iI 

and ftbcrliffii.] 
SOubtrk^hll,/. -tn. niperiority to 

bU, nniTerealeupreuiHiy. [from oIi 

iittiittn. 4UU.IL2.] 
allBtrbrdMt, iu(f. apread abroad er- 

arywhere, oniTcrtally diBbaed. [aO 

and strtntlct, peat pan. of DCitttllcB.) 
--* iltuet her t*o, quite t*a. 


•fd to mifertivai. and 

fllBietcB. n. >iil, .a. alma, charity, 
(from Oreek eleimimini, 'pity.'] 

mpMa, n. •»(, •»* (101.6). alnaes 
[Sonth-AmerioaD camel-like ebeep^ 
yielding a valoahle wool), [PeniTian 

dt, foi^. aa4 aa being, in cliuaoter 
of ; — ajler a contparative, than ; ^- 
ter a nti/aHer iford, clfte thuL othei 
than, oioept, bnt:— x«A df/InU* 


■UtMHi, lulr. thMi, ihe rau p on . [all 

•Ko, arfv. and coiif. thu, in 
inuiner: m<Ml ajlfn, aoDordiiicl;, 
ooDMqaentl;. tberetoie, w thai, that 
ia to uj :— olfa Ut ffir I* ^f ). •• 
tkst. Id iDoh numua that '" 


■!(, luf/. (t In comparison). sU, >g«d, 

■ntiquii, auoicnt. [B. oU.] 
Bltaa'.m. <b«, >bc. balooDr. [ItaUaD 

allana, from Latin ailut, 'high.'] 

Vl(at',m.Tl,>ln.*lMr,[from Latin.] 

■Itir, iL >i(, ii. ag«; autiqaitj: — Kb 

trN, of aid, of yore (iwbf mil., fr«- 

ifiMrUItr a/t<r prcpuUiani), [Oxm 


alftm, *. y. ititr. \. annr aid, „ , 

beooma ancient or antiqnated. [fnon 

«tl«. «B.L1.] 

MlMnboH, n. •■<, •tati. antiqaitj. 

[fromVIlR. 4me.] 
tlifriBHfdt, a4f. (belaBgingtoaraom- 
inff from the anolont nraBha i 
henet) old-taihioaed, oat at date, 
antlqnated. [all and trlnftf*. ) 
alniOTMr4> <»{f. old If one, belonging 
to the anoient inhabiUnta of Nor- 
way and Iceland [all and nerMf^.J 

«..(D«,/. .. 

n {6S). 

MID (virile or 

heroic iromaii). [from Onek,] 
Ibaaionntlbil, m, •^t. riToi of the 

Amauina, Amason riTet. [nnajnt 

(4S3.3(f) and glilO 
tImaieMtnftniN, m. ■■at. river of the 

Amaiona, Amazon riisr. [VnoiSM 

(43a,2d} and etion, 'atream.'] 
■mbof, m. >fl'<> 'If'' anvlL 
wMnWdf, a4j. >nbntaliil | A«n«, 

of delioionaaavor or fracranca. [from 

Latin (Oreek).] 
MmtVt.f. •ta. Kut, emnaet, idamire. 
related with (Bllg, btuj.'J 

peihapa relat 

■mor, I7L ttt. Amor, Cnpid, Eroa 

(god of love). [Latin.] 
■invtfMuB, n. >iiia, .UtH. Baapblbl- 

Boa animal [from Oraek.] 

" ■■'• — . .Bf, iDtl, ABipIlls- 

in ancient Oreeoe). [Greek.] 

dmpblibca'MT, n. >!#. 't. BiDpbl. 

IkeBtrv- [from Greek.] 
■at, n. •)(<. tmlR. oSoe, charge, em- 

plorment, plana. 

<■, adv. and itp^hUpnflx. •«, ma- 
ward, alone ; along nnwaid, np. 
prep. {KUKdat.oraena., SK) dl*- 
Hnfitvtltl, ofpotUioH, at or to the 
aide or ed«ii of, oloae by, bf , against, 
along (bAhs on, opon i uiiruaul bp 
«|); ofUmi, on, upon, at; In «<(■ 
matioHtof mmber, niBtl^towaH, 
afaoat, not far from; (n otktr rtia- 
tiont, in raapeet to, in the way of, 
iiL of, In, In reaaon at, br mcuu 
of : — an W%t ui and b; ita^ ptr ml 

[R BB.] 

•nbtNn, V. y. tr. (pray to: Acnait) 

worship, ADOBB. [aa and idn.] 
anMctni,r. 0(1113). tr. offin, proff 


I-'] ^ 

Vnbli<t| m. iSI, •4>. BB-look, inapeo- 
aight, aBFBCT, appear- 



Slanoe at, behold, [ai and illdra.] 
mfem, ». 0[L8). ixfr. t. ' " ' 
iBk, break, app«BT, i 
and SK*(n.] 

nMn,*. f/lirreg., 249). intr. |. be- 
gin to bBTB, get on flie. — fr. aeton 
fire, aet a bsrming. [an and tnnaeB.} 
aabrtnpm,r.!flirreg..ifiO).lr. bring 

bring to beai, a — ' '"' '" 

r _. in Dperation. 
■nbrn^.m. 'U, •!« 

break. ___ 

4iB. 40e.L] 

ffnbaAl./. 'Ifa. (derotional tlMBKht 
ledltatioD ob anything: Aftwv) 
ition. [from aattBltn. 40tllXl.] 
m, B. ii?(lrr,^., 260). (r. tkbtlc 

meditate about, [on andHahB.] 

finttnhn, n. ibI, iB. remambranoe, 
memory; memorial aonvenir.keep- 
ntke. [infinitiTe of sBMBtci. 340.%] 
n»<r, pron'I a^. (1941. oUier, elae; 
different ; next following, aeoond. 
[R other.] 
itbf m, V, y tr. make €>tlker, change, 
XLTKB. [fromanbd. 40S.L&} 
nbtrt, odB. stherwiaa, elae, onder 
different oiToumetanoea, beaidea :^^ 
mrmt antcr#, if indeed, if to be enre, 
proTided. [genltJveof «n*n.»18.8d.J 
■nbcrtban, indenllnabU aty. (207.1). 




Aadeaohktii. otuin 

of Uie Andei mooutuu*. [flatd mud 

MBttttSitai,m. •nt, -B, ABdcirldcci 

[Sntti uid SUn.] 
mitTUtta,v. N. Ir. point at, point oat, 

indicatci, give to onderatknd, iDld- 

■Date, binC {< . 
■■tmnaig,/ ■grn. 


, -gl, ■tRgt. DTowdingoi 

an, preu ■ninit, Mtach by foroe or 

preaton. Jan ud tidngtn.] 
•Hbtfagn.v. (^Ll).fr. pr«noa,OTowd 

or pnih ininst. [oii and bitnjfn.] 
MwlaBn, p. A', fr. take for one's own, 

taks poauaiioD of, AFTHOPRUTS; 

render appropiule, adapt, [n and 

ftlH, B. AT. tr, hupirewitbdjignrt 
T laathing, diwuM. [a and fkli.] 

jj -,. 0(in.8). tr. Oder, tmi- 

and nHitcB.] 
._.n>.ng, / Fgni. olftr, proSar. 

(from anntKltn. 40e.IIL8.] 
■atfftMun, V. N{lrrfg., M9}. tr. re- 
oogniie, aoknowlrag*. [on and n- 

■euure, eraip. 

fauna nDon. 


tlHfaAnifc „ „- , 

[bnni»fan». 4D6.IIL8.] 
mmtfrin, '. y. Ir. pot ofaajni 

obarn, fMter. [an and (tneli 
onfiiteti, 0. if. tr. prty to. lup^eate, 

implore, [flv and tlt^n.] 
<ai(84mt, V. A'. Ir. lead bb, lead, eon- 

dnot as chief ffi- bead :— bring on (by 

way of proof or JoitificatiDD), At>- 

nccK allege, aunt, ^ead. [ea and 

■affilnMBf/ 'loi- laading, lead, oon- 

dnot ; a}legation, pleadinit, ratetian. 

[from onfatna. 4W.IIL&] 
mitaatK, V. N. tr. tkU np, GU, cram, 

orowd. [an and fdlldi.] 
Vngabt, f. itn. ipeoificatian, ■tate- 
ment, aoconnt, declaration, informa- 
tion, [from aa«(»tD. 40aiL2.] 
angttcn, v. O(ILl). (r. pnt forward, 

[an and gtbta, 

Ingrbcni,/ itlta. trade or work of an 
informer, denonoiatioB, aoooiatiDn 
by epiea, aipionan. [fnan Vngftn. 

ngcMA, a^. depending npoo Infor- 
mation or ueertion, aaiartad, al- 
lied, pntcndad. [from aigttra. 

agebomi, adj. natiTe, inl>Qn>, na- 
tuial, innate, [aa if pait part, of 
aoitUrcB, not In bm, from sa and 

itgebM.v. 0(307). Ir. (kto, Bpuraaah, 
apply to ; haTo to do with, relate to, 
oonoem, regard: — ••• . . . ongilit, 
an oonoama . . ., ai to . . . — Inlr. \. 
begin, start ; aniwer the porpoie, do. 
[an and a'»«n,l 

nft^omi.v. JV, fnfr. {. belong, appeiv 
tain, [an and gt^tRn.] 
•iagtl, m. .11, .1 ; or /. .la. »ffle , 
hook, S>h-hook: hinge. (E. ault.) 
iStln.v. JV.lnlr. t. »ii|Ie, catch fiih 
hook, [fn 

■Ba<Mi, «. .1*, -1(1. (aapeot, a 
ranoe : Anxu) Tiuge, face, oou 
anoe:— iwH «ng>Ml, face to 
[an and •(A^t-l 

>. 0(in.l). (r. (take hold 

[an and gnn> 

gttlTta, 'KrlJie-'J 
next or oontignoos V. 

Mnariir, m. .f«, .fi. attack, aaiault. 
[fromangrdlra. 40S.L] 
ng«,/ ligRc (or ingllm), anxiety, 
dlatroH; fear, apprehenuoo. [re- 
lated with n^c.l 

JagfllSi iMff' anaioiu,di«(ieBwd, filled 


with uprahcBdon or alwni. [bom 
Kn|1. 41B.<»<i.l 
fcftHaM, *. K Ir. mtdei —<■•"- 
cUstnM, fill with Kppnheiuion ar 
ftUrm, «pn7, frat. [from taiW|. 

mi0»dtm, 1. JK (r. pm tt, look •>, 
tojn tb« evM upon. I» Mtd ■■<».} 

■i|*ni,B. Jy<<rr<y.. SBiLl). Ir. kava 
o«.w«j. [asMidHK") 

MbaUm, *. U(1L8). tr. hold an to, 
detklu, itopL — rfil lu>M or kesp 
oiM'aieU,<itiiw.— Inlr, t' koUsa, 
■top, kalt. [iu ud M».] 

■NtM^, DL ■B<) <ln^, APFmHDlSK, 

■newioiy, ■ppendu, ni^iltBuiiil 
[from utmin' 40aL) 

MlMan.*- 0<IL8). intr. t. k»M 
•■, daiMmd, ding. [*b and tiigcm.] 

«Btiii«CN, •. S. Ir. c»H to ^"4 
•B, atteeh, AFTBlil). affix : — (tMiii) 
M*a« aaMM§ai. fartoi Inpui 
one) aometUng diucreaablao 


416. 12<!.] 

detoKiTD, adherenoa, fldaliir. [bom 

nMigll*. 40II.II8.] 
Mitaafm. «. JF. tr, k«*p om or ap, 

pUe tonther, loCimci^TK, amaaa. 

[an and M«i™.] 
mbtboi, >. OdlLS}. tr. ItHva at, lift 

up. laua; begin, - ' '- 



alicfm, ■. X tr. faatan on, attaob, 
affix, law and ^Ftn.] 

Obrif A<g. (h(>. boaod. iDgagsd : onlg 
in l/u phrw» M mb^tSt »*«<, 
la; ona'a aalf Tindsr oblig^Uon, en- 
~- -% pledge ono'i a«lt [ootrupted, 
-I^iWa. from andant a>l^liii> 
iHl'aiU.(umea*(iU.. SOT.B) 
and St*".] 

^nborm. o. JlT. (r. liaten to, gin ear 
to, hear, [on and (tm.] 

■■(nrf, m, .ft, .tiff. pntolia»B, bar- 
pun hofing. [fiom Dnhnffii. iO&L] 

ouauftn, B. JV: Ir. poiohaie, ba;- [>■ 
and [aifin.] 

flnttr, m. >ri, t. HKchor. [froin 

■atlagc,/. •(«. complaint, aoonsatlon, 
ohargo, arraignment, indiotmant. 
[fromuDatta. 40&II2.J 

wn>tiw. ■. y. tr. MmplBin againsl, 
iii£>Tm uaisit, aoeoae, impeach, 
charge. [la anf ~ 

B, attiic; [an and 

Rvmns, >. 0(3(IT}. tefr. (. airiTe, 
Nme, approaoh : — vUh taf (aiuf 
acciu.) depend on, hinge upon, b« 
detemuDed bf . (aa aad tnoita.] 

■idimmlfag, n. •■!, -u. penoD }aat 
aniTing or anJTea, iieir-<waiBr* 
itianger. [from ntmatn. M&IILb.] 

■aboibism, t. N. tr. annonnoe, pro- 

and Ttsblati. j 
UthmH,/. arrival, adrgot, bbmIiis. 

J from antumnii. 408. ILl.] 
i4(lii, v. a. Ir. amile oa or at, look 
at with a (mil*, [aa and ll^cla.] 

Mmlofi,/. ita. import; plan, airuips- 
ment, diipoial ; natnnl dupoaitiati 
or tcadenoT, uatare ouadtT, abi- 
Utj, talent [from alifn. 406n.S.] 

■■(att "k 'nit. •MI'- osoM. oooaaiou, 
indaeemenk [from iRliffcn. 40&L] 

aalollfn, «. 0(113). fr. let aM| r»< 
ceire, tnat. (u and laflin.] 

aakttNfti, JV. (r. lay ""t pot on ; lay- 
to ■hoie.Iandj lay ont, plan, deriaa. 
[» and IriM.] 

amktttn, v. If. Ir. lead sa. oondnct. 
snide, [ai and hllcn.] 

mllcgni,- "" " '-— ' 

[on and na^n.J 
luntlbtN, r. If. tr, Minoanoe, intorai 
of; notify tba arrival ot laaaod 


. 0(111). tr. meaaora to, 

adapt, fit, init:— aasfmtffm, pott 
part 04 a4i-. edaptod to the oiroiun- 

■ aWa. [enandacffri.] 
:harm, angag- 

■Butbig, a4J. attractive, eiiaging, 
gracetuL ftnim IrB»it(. ilh.Va.J 
—iian. v. y. Intr. I draw ac 

iproaoh. [ii and nit'm.] 



atiin"'^ dmWin"" ' "*" 

[from iinl«tni. 40&IIL& 

. f. ■«. ICCEFTIHCE, 18- 

luppoiltion. [bom aaa 


•awbMM.'- 0(13)- (r. taJcs«B,talc« 
AOCKFT, isscMi^ nuke U UODQip 
tian, lake for gnntcd. [an uid Difr 

•muA. otft', fet, ■tJlL [as uid od^ 

oniuiul. far aimple nMt'] 
anpotttn, c. ^ f r, (elzii nn, t&ke holi 

of, gripe, oollmr. [an uul (ladtn.] 
anpofMi v. ^ tr. fit on, adapt, unit, 

•dJDit— infr. (. mit, be wiapted.. 

[an and valfHO 
an^nn, m. >», ■[(. Tiolent atioke 

■niiut >omeUuiig, fordbl« impaot, 

leboimd. rfnim anpiantn. 406.1] 
MvmQm, V. S". inir, f. strika Tiolsnt- 

W, nuke ■odden impaot. impinge 

^u,. , 

p, deoonte. 

adorn, embeUiah- [o 

oolor I7 unokiiuF or wiUl inu^e. 
r» and laafca.] 

■r. y. It. telk to, addrsM. 


^Rf ntf ■>. JV! fr. itir np, ut in mo- 
ttuD0rac1daii,inDite, animate, atimn- 
lat«. [ai and na'"'] 

■nngmg./: >gtD. itirtinc op, inolta- 
tneatf fltliniuatioli, iinpuaioli, anff- 
seation. inatanoe. [I^om iiKiifn. 

•oriea, attach or artaoge aa member 

of a lerisi, add on, append, [tta and 

«HRl|fli, «. .X tr. iodtfl, butdgate, 

■til np, emite. [n and nlin.] 
onmnun, v. Ntirreg., Wi). Inlr. f. 

rmm ■■, apptoaeh in nmning, [u 

auTiibttn,v. a. tr. prepare, get ready ; 

perfonn, pradnoa, do, oeeaaion. [<■ 

and iI^Kd.] 
Binrfm, V. 0(IL4). fr. call sk, invoke, 

appeal to, implore, [w and tuftn.l 
•Bfagn, B. K tr. anaooaee, make 

knawn, state, expUin. [oitandia^ni.] 
onfi^mwM, V. y. tr. look npon^ new, 

oontemplatfl, gaie at; peroeive bj 

looking, (ai and I^anfu.] 
«nf<kaBU4, adj. appTehenaibla by the 

new, clear to aigbt, intuitively evi- 

d«it, plain, olear. [from iitit4»>ta. 

415. ISc] 
■nfAlaafii- 'B*' ■"('■ atTUdng against 
. anything, abvke, impact; atBx; 

phm, deu^, idot ;— (n VnWag brln> 

■n, take into aoooonl [ttom aif4[ii 

an. 406.1.] 
M^Waam, >. OdU). Mr. t or |. 


oafdillclna, 0. 0{in.S). Ir. &atan ok, 

annex, attach, oonned. — irUr. %. &i 

oloH, be tight. [IB and Mli^n.] 
anfitnaubni, c, X or 0(10.4). inlr. i 

or^. enort, (nnff and blow, [an and 

autafiiat, B. tr. tr. kindle, light and 

keep np, atir np (fiie). [ga Bnil|4(t> 

anfttim,*. 0(11.1). (r. look oaorat, re- 
gard, oonuder, nwpect : — mgtfcbcK. 
SI part, (u o^., mnoh nguded, 
bly eateamad. leapeoted, valued; 
— «ln«a tn»a< aafttca, gather aoma- 
thing from one'a looka, inter from 
appearanoe; [an and fttta, * aea.'] 

■itftDm, n. -nt. regard, ooniideratioB, 
rsapeot ; higb regard, eateem, ao- 
thoTJty. [infinitaveofaifcHa- 340.3.] 

OafttnllAi adj. oonddeiable, reapaau- 
ble. Doteworthy, importauL [from 
Kalt^i. 415,13a.] 

onfttan, ■. X. Ir. act oa or at, apply, 
pnt in podtion for doing anything ; 
rate, estimate, [on and frtis-] 

■Bfl4I>/ •<"- view,i%ht,proapeoti 
view taken or held, opinion, [from 
anftfta. 40aiLl.] 

oalliNlB, v. 2/. tr. tatO* down, fix 
in loeaUty or habitatiim, ^-t-KK.K 
[an and fltktla.] 

nUttltr, m. irl, rt. aattlar, oolmist. 
from mftbtJa. 40&IIL4.] 
"— ^ - -F. 0(18). tr. -- 


■>. 0(18). tr. apeak bL 
aoooat, appeal io. [an and 

fnvward er gallop •>■ ward, urge n 
pidly on. [an and fintnan.] 
aatrrln^m, V. 0(11). iiUr. f. apria 

■nf|tni4>>". '4*> ■*<(<. addreas; elaim, 
pratanaion, UtiA. [&oia aafBnAm. 

Vaflah./ itta. appointment, arrange- 
ment, preparataon; inatitnlion, aa- 
tabliahmBab (bom nRElUa.40e.IL 1.] 
rtonnaas, e. A''. liUr. $. oome down 
by raoe or blood : used oniv fit potf 
pari, angtftaMNU, derived by raoe, 
natural, hereditary, [an and Janata,] 
Inflonb, m, .M, .labt. alaaid, bear- 
ing, demeanor, behavior ; proper de- 
meanor, approved bearing, pleaaing 
addrasa, propria^, deOOnwL [fnMB 
a>«et*i. loe,!] 



Uig. of 

of proper MruiDg, ■ecmly, decocaiu, 

Jiroper. luitabla ; urMat 
tromHipanb. tmVa.] 
tcdtHi B, A' (r. Kt on firo, kindlo, 

ligbt : infeoL [an uid Ittitrn.] 
art'*™,!-. t/(a»n). inrr. loi-r 11 

DflKr or by ; itsBd itill, atop, d 

.nit [MandlhStt.,] 
anfM|(a,e. OIIIL:;]. in'r. \. tia 

Mnd, moimt. [an and H.l8«.] 
Onfttllni, B. A! (r. give ■ sitiutii 

pUoa, appoint ; kuign to ui 

or chugs ; amuige, U; out ; carry 

oat, eieoatK [gi uid ftcllcii.] 
■n0canii|,/. igiB. mppointmsD 

ploy, oao«; uru)geiaeat,prepu»- 

tion. [fiom auRrlcii. 40eLlILS.l 
Miflinmai, c. jV^ tr. wt the pitch at, 

iwgin to ting, (trike up, loimd forth, 

intone, toaa [u and fllimiEE.] 
miftrtHttti, B. If. tr. atnin, ttretoh, 

eiBrt. — refi, exert one'* self, strive 

euneetly, make effort, endeavor. [« 

and finnein.l 
Wnprmgima,/ iiti. ■train, exertioii, 

effort C&om anHnnBdi. 408.IIL8.] 
muatetitdt, aM. kntiinUe. [from 

Latin tGreek).] 
ontbUB, D. 0(267). (r. da aa, don, pat 

on; impoie, inflict. [uandlbuD,] 

tatit;adj. antlqae. twlonging to or 

~ .tio of ancient time, primi- 

n Latin.] 

onLiuiitq, tuy. belonging to the An* 

till*!, Cftribbean. 
■niiro'p*,/. KBtelopc. [from Greet] 
UnHoatUn, n. .dI. Aatlocli. 
(Inilli, ti. •!(<, igt. face, visage, oood- 

tflnance. [apt> (= »!•. S07,3) and a 

lost root, Goth, vteitaa, ' aee.'] 
Sm ORlnif^, (H{f. ABtOBlKB, (d Au- 

■nlroa.m. iit, ilgt. oiTBlLpropoeal, 

•Btngcnln. 0(II2J. (r. (iarry to : i. t ) 

lay before aome one, propoio, OFTER, 

tender, [sn and trogtn.f 
MlnlFn, B. 0(L3). Ir. hit npon, fall 

l^wilh, meetjnd [an anB tuffto.] 
Wtnlbcn. p. 0(aL2). (r. drive on, 

pnih along, utrsi, incite, urge, [on 

Snrrltb, m. .i«, .ii. mruLSE, motive, 
impelling powei. [from aettdita. 

Hve. [fror. 

ant of entering np- 

ment [from ontnltB. 408.L] 
Vniaorf, / •Un. anawer, re^y. re- 
■ponie. [ant' (=(Bl>.8(r;.3} and Deri, 
< word.*] 

or thing to' vhlch laid), answer, re- 
ply, reipond. [fromHltBRt.«} 

ottHrmuun. v. a. tr, entnut, oonfida, 
tnut [91 and mtiaitn.] 

anDaiMrBiF. f(U.2). intr. f. growoo 

'- '-T«A dot.), grow to be ■ urt ''- 

— . '— andwaH 

e. augment, [on 

CHKcbni, f' a: (r. blow npon, breatlm 
over t come over like a breath or 
blast [oiand R^ha.] 
iMifm, e. 0(in.2), (r. point or di- 
rect to or toward •oroetbing, refer, 
turn over, weign ; instroot, adviaa. 
(an and nrlftn.] 

„. / '(IB. application to a 

purpose, employment, qml [from 

laniHlblB, «».II1S.] 

>»crfrn,o. 0(LS). (r. throw at, pelt. 
[on and nxifcD.] 

islbim, B. y. Ir. be offeniive or ro- 
pognanl to, oflbnd, disgust, exoite 
tbe atereiou of. [in and DitciE.] 
SHia(l,/. number, enumerable quanti- 
ty, mnltituda. [on and 3a»L] 
Muflam, V. A! tr. point out, notify, 
mdicate, give notice of, announoe. 
[an and jtlatn J_ 

Ultfetn, e. 0(in.S). tr. draw oa. 
draw toward one's self, aTtbact, 
allure ; draw or put on (as olotljes). 
—refl. dress one's salt— Intr. (. 
"on, approach, draw nigh:— 

n 1'^., 

J. [SB 

Taicrrvx, ei 

and jl.»«i,] 

l)un^(D, tr. JK tr. kindle, light np, 

•etonflre. [an and jttnb.B.] 

Bpftr, m. >U, «!>(([. appla, [E. ap- 

tlvhlbaura,i^>m>,^IiiiD(. kpple-tree. 


■ipatlieoan''i shop, 
harmaceutiou estab- 


OpotlK'br, m. .i(, .1. ■ 
{from Latin (Greek).} 
■mniIi', m. .tt, .n. appeuu. Iteun 



I, n. i><. Anbln. 

flf«na'Mr,,(il(oi»'i«B). •qni 

tor. [Lktin.] 
Mwablm, n. ~* 
■rairM, m. 

Vrbtll,/. iltn. toiL puna, hard work, 

Ubor ; ntult of latwr, Ibiug wionghl 

or prodDced, work, 
OrMlni, B. J/. <n(r. (. waik, Ubor, 

toiL [fromXibill. 405.L1.] >i«, •!. worlcnuui, Isboret. 

(from irttUtB, 408,1114.] (lOO.SJ. work-people. 

WOTkmen, Uboran. [ (12a!fc) 

Ud etBliO 
m, mff. (i in comparltonj. li«d,evil, 

lU, wicked. 
V(Tg(T, m. <il, bad feeliiig, Toxkldaii, 

auger, [from ocg.] 


reiM, fretfoL 


irstrlM), ottj. Teutioc 
' tretfoL 

nuke wotM, bmt, 
■poil : utualty, rex, offend, anger. 
[ttom iigti, oomparatiie of an 
(41S.L3); and, in ib mots ninal 
HDHi, fiom Hnatr. 405.11.] 
««rB«nii|,,=H(;or/.,flt. vei»- 
tion, uiger, iU-will ; ceoae of veia- 
iL olfenw, KHtndaL [from llt|tni. 

tion, olfi 


L [torVNDa^ 
D. beliot'] 

■nipect, miitnut. oberi^ nupioion 

ol [troiD ItgBDM. 40S.L1.] 
tInKrtn. imi<i,>a(. «nB) bnueh. [E. 

«rm,iuy. (UnaimparSton). pooi, m- 

digent, iMedf L unf oitanate, miBSi*- 

■^le; deapiMble, worf^'--- 

[from Spaniah.] 

.SnnkMit, n. >M, •InbR. bknd for the 

«rm, aimlet, biaeelet. [Inn and 


MMtnlf^i a4f' Ar^eMla.B. 
■rMlnifbltr, n. nil, •[. bruolied oan- 
dleitick, cbasdeliar. [Vro and S(i4> 

tttmUt^, a4f. miaenble. pitl>b]& de- 

Bpicable, paltry, woruJeaa. [from 

•nn, «S.l!«>.] 
■n,/ '!». paonllar nature; kind, 

Bort, apeoiea, race, breed; manner, 

wa;, mod& 
•noi, V. N. Intr. i. be of a kind or 

■art J be lilu, icMmble. [from ttl. 



iV: tr. srtlewlBte, 

arlicutare. 404.IL4.] 
artis. adj. of good kind or manner, 

well-bred, weU-bebaved ; agreeable, 

pleuing, nice, prettf. [from SiL 

415. 9o.] 
■artigi In eomcarillan, of the Batora or 

kind ot [from «il. 41S.15/] 
■ill, m. <tc(, iijti. phjaioion. doctor, 

medical praotitioiier. [from lat« 

Latin (Greek) arehiater.} 
WAtf/. aaliea. Bah, oindeia, omben, 

[E Mfc-I 
■fAfflbouh^m, n. tal, •«. little pile 

of aabea, inaignlfioant aah-bca-p. 

[■14. (422.2d) and «Suf4.ii.] 
fAtnfalt, n. ■!(«, "ii. alkali, potaak 

or aoda. [Hl^t (42S.2d) and Sail, 

rdMm, u. ^. tr. reduoe to Kilua, 

ifrom Sf4>(i an irregular deriTaUve 
oim ot )i(4(, fonnd also in a few 

if Aal«. [from Latin.] 

Aalstlc, belangii__ 
im Latin. 415. 10«.] 


aRm, «. •«! 

ft, m. iltf, jipt. teaaob, bongb. 

a|l||tlir4, (MJ- erthetle, relating to 
' late or the eenie of beaut;. 
Greek 415.106.] 
ml.', / •I'tn. •utrOBaBiT'. 
Latin (Greek).] 

■tbtn, m. •nl. hreatti, reepiiatioa. 
ti^ir, m. nt, •!. etber i tbe ethereal 
vault, akr, heaven. [Oreek.] 
btnrn, v. Jr. intr. f. breathe, draw 
breath, roapire. [from «16tio.406.Ll,] 

atlaniir<l|,iuH. Atlantic. [fromLaUn 

BtIM, m. Atliu (mountun range in 
northern Africa]. [Greek] 

VmafvbiR, /. -ou atuaapher*. 
[from Latin (Greek).] 

ait4, adtr. or cot^. eke, alio, too, 
likewiae; even: — Btnn aii4, ab oad), 
even if, although ; after »n, nol, 
KTlAC' B>l<i BO, moan, OTer, aoevac 
(im4). [B. eke.] 
[iK or Vh,/ '(It. wet meadow, low- 
land, mead, green, [original mean- 
ing 'river, itream.'] 
■f, adv. and t^'bU prtflx. wpi 
upon ; open : — MM . . . suf, from . . . 
(infancT or thelike) up. 
prrp. {uUh dot. or accm., 870] «p- 
on,eo, Olio; ia/tttutne» or eanu- 

oiMMw) on, t[pon, •(tor ; ((« P"f- 
aieetbr* KiueJ for, tomrd. In lUiti- 
rauUon of:— •I, in, to. igiinit, 
tovrud:— a) Ml> m otim Out ; »W 
■nf, M lu w to, up to, (o withio. 

■arMntm.*. 0(L\).tr. »l»«wfMtini 

tienp: (bind "open . ^ =. < u— .— < 
nnlie, loiwen. [«( »nd«Ilbrt,l 
■Kftlilbm.tF. N. itUr. f, rii« or nnfold 
knd bkram, bloaiom, Soariili. [iif 
and Ufl«a.] 

.. OO-B), (r. break up, 

opeD;bmkapouDp,d«uiip 11 
let out, depui [a»t and hiAti . 
■afbmik. m- 'M -l^t- bnak-sp, 
■tut. daputun. [from tvfialitm. 

~ t. iT ititr. y bellow, low, 

oonipuiDODJL [from «((»>»■- * 
iNiriBigtH, v. OiiLS). tr. catoli sp. 
(top and aeua, intercept, [asf and 

piffaffm,!!. JV. ir. take mp, p«rerf»<% 
ooDccirs, apprehend. [»iif and fanta-J 
««ffaffng,/ .»«. coDcepU™, appre- 
■ '- [f™n«(I«It". «B-nl.8.] 
B. AT intr. 1. flame orflan 
g np._[«ii| and ftita-i 
aaWi(«a,*. 0(111.3). <Mr. <. a7>P> 
■oar aloft iflrop«°- [iaT*iid1B<«"-] 
aiiUcttnm, v. ST. Ir. anmnion ap, 
ion, nUl ont. [«af 

oufllaArM. b. 

>P.' t' 

dawn, begin 

(«uf and irtDrn ; lit'lr ' bellow 
' I the head and be" 
y. intr. 

I the head and bellow. ' 
~: intr. i. liw an 

dawn, dawn, [a 


i.».}t. . . 

imprint ; preaa upward. [< 

(mftliunbCT or nif fbiaibiT, adverbial 

phraae, vpon ov^e ai 

upon or after another. 
BuftbioHNrfcIe*,/. 'S"- 

mUowing WHO after ai 

coMion, »erie». [auftlMBlKiandgolflt] 
Vuhnlbalt, m, >il, •[(. deW, itav ; 

teaidenoa, abode; plaoe of abode. 

[from alTtnltolIni' 4W-1-1 
•ufcntlialtni.ii. 0(0.3). r^ keepone'i 

■el^ ataj, abide, [uf and (at(iUn ; 

tMfttUuat, V. y. tr. lay apon any 

— impoae, enjoin, [aut and (ifc»«.T 
■- - -1. 0(307). intr. 1. 
. . iipreiaHy, riae fro 

dead or out of the grave. [( 

«NfcfF(n,V. (KTL\). tr. eat ap, de- 

.onr. [aafandifim.] 
■ttffatmi, D. OfIL2). Intr. f. go ap, 
ascend ; dilTe np ; atart np, atait 
■uddonly with anger, r ' ' " 
[am and f, 
3(IL3). inti 
apeciatly (ui(M dot.) 

auftrfttbtn, i 


tion of, appear strikmg or noticei 
to, atnko :— anffaam*, pra. pi 
at a<y., itiilaag. noMwotthf, c 



irm. [aif and ntni.] 

piopoaal; taak, pio- 
dIm. [from wfflbn. 

BulhrNmag,/ •%". aoninionj, di* 

lange. [from aBf[ortmi. «8,ID.B.] 

oaffifibrai, b. If. tr. lead "P>^°<^/'°i 

preeent, p 
•Infgakc,/. , 

blem; a: 


oafgrtcH, ». 0(n.]). tr. ). g Iw* ap, 
relinqniah, abandon ; eet aa a tank, 
propoae, iinpoae. [aaf and frtcn.] 

nfatioi, V. 0{Sm- titr. I. «• "P. 
TIM, arise ; noma into appeaianoe or 
eiiatenoe : |o open, baopened, open. 
taat and »(i»a.] 

anfaiat«<. "- JV: Intr. |. (low ap, 
rue and glow, begin to glow, [aaf 
and gll^i.] 

anrtaltm, b. 0(IL3}. <r. koU ap. 
detain, hinder, step- — r^fi. itop, itay, 
abide; (auf and taUn.] 

•■nallfani, ait/, detainable, loatrMna- 
ble. [in uniBnaltfav : from annaOin. 
415, 1B6.] 

aaninaat, «. N. tr, kaa| ap, ana- 
peadr [auf and (iigti.] 

ai>bcbni,B. 0(IILS). (r. keava vp, 
lift np, raiae ; lay np, pot away, pro- 
Tide for ; (upend from action, annol 
the force of, aboliah, abrogate, t» 
peaL [iBt and |t»».] 

orftar^m, v. S. inlr. |. lift the head 


. --■«-] 

orfliomii V, N. intr. ^. i 

coma to an end, finiah. ei 

ftRB, 'b«mr(' literally, ___, 

tion or action in order to listen.'] 
aufliDrlii^, (My. oeaeiug. [[n humIJIIh 

H* ! from (utiina. il5.13r.] 
•urbudan, t. If. tr. take apOQ the 

back, shonlder. [auf and buOn.} 




blOTT, ctaok. [ouf uid no^ifcn.] 
— ■■ If. Mr. i. Jie in wwt 


JDbnih, yn.j]»j. [atj ax 

,e.OaH). (nlr. I, n 

liM, awell. [aut ami lanf».] 
ttulUata. V. y. Ir. I»]r on, impou u 

K talk, pat upon taj ono, •njoin. 

[ait And b(iii.1 
anfotnn, v. Y intr. |. blua ■», 

biiTit into flame, [ouf and loben. f 
aaH6fta,v. y. tr, Isbmhi, nDti& nndo, 

duaolve, decxmipoie. [ml and ■>(»■) 
•ufuiHlxn, B. iV! (r. do opm, opsn.^ 

txft uiN, itut, dspart [ast and 

— ''11.1 

ba attentive, taki 

and nRtn, ■ B»rk.'J 
aBfnnffom. <i4f. attootive, mindfol, 

heedtaL obaomnt. [fiom anfntiltB. 

•ufntrffniltft,/ -tn. attsntiTeneai, 

attention, [from aifantlaD. S.J 
•Kfnnmlim, v. y, Ir. oh«r ap, ex- 

hilante, enliven, enaonnge, aronae, 

awaken, [oof and iiBaKn,] 
awfui^ttun,!. 0(LS], Ir. takevpitake 

in, reoeive, admit ; take, beai. [a>f 

«afBi41gni, «. If. (r. fbroa opon an; 
one Idai. ), ootnpsl any one to onder- 
taka or endnn. [anf and Btttlitn.^ 
" Ir. oVhr «p, uon- 
[«b[ and B^ftin.] 
. , y. tr. pKck np, put 
>«•;. [lal and v'ta.] 
Mri^ontnir *. y. Ir. ereot by pIUBt- 
illg in tbe gronnd, plant, aet op, Sx. 
[ob( and pfiinMii.] 
•Mnrfhn, V. Al tr. gather «p, ool- 
Icct. — re/L pick ona^a adf ap, rise 
qniokht or bjr an elbrl [auf and 


<arn4>> adf. vprifht, eieot [aal 

and H«l.] 
onfRgm, v. JK (r. atinapiexoite, roiua, 

proTdke. [rial and na'aJ 
urinHnm. v. C(in.l). Ir. tear open, 

open with violenoe, rend, Bplit (aaf 

[anf and nl|ca.] 

■nfrlAtai, v, y. Ir. aet ap, raiae to an 
npright podtion, erect, upiear, ut 
on and.— r4)I. get ap, rue. [aaf and 

aBFritdei itdj. sprlskt, rineere. can- 
did, tngenanai : geuoine, Ime, puiei 
[an! ana nl^a^.j 

BufriAtlgfdt,/. >Un. vprlglitaeaa, 
fltraightfoTwardneaa, UDcerity, oan- 
dor. ((torn oifri^tlt. 409.11.3.) 

Bufnifi m. itt, i|t. oalliiw ap, aani' 
morn, invitatian, appaaL [bom aafa 
wftn. 408. L] 

mfnDini. b- 0(IL4). Ir. oall ap, mm- 
mon. [auf and nlta.] 

■Bfm(r, m. iri. aproitr, tomDlt 
riot, mnliny, inannoition. [auf and 

SatFa*, m. •!>(, <1M. ■ametUng act 
on, apper appnndaga ; Atnce, Joint 
(ysar'i growth), [from e»|ft|ta. 

""" a. y. i«lr. f or V foam 

id bnak in foaiD. [aif and 

.. t.. 0(118). tr. aet ap, 

throw np, raua ; throw open, open 
[a»t and t41«flta<] 
. , . &(m.8). Ir. nnolota, 

Mien, onlook. [aaf and Wllt^a.] 
■MfmM'ltcn, V. JV. (r. Btelt sp, dia- 

•olve. [oaf and iAmilin.] 

■rFAntOtn,*. 0(IIL1). fr. ontapor 

open, rip npL [aal and Wacltca.] 
nmSliidtB, V. y. Ir, fiigfaten ap, 

ninae witli fear or alarm, itartl& 

[aut ud Wnitra.] 
tnfKbtn, v. OllLl). intr. |. look ap. 

tMt*l)ai, n. •Bl, >n. sp-looking ; ni 

lioe, aoTpriae, itjr. seniation. '~''- 

ti*e ot aifff ^. 340.3.] 

ilfft;*(n, e. if. Ir. aet ap on aoDie- 

thing, pnt on : aet nn [aaf and 

atrfrprltKN,*. OiULS). intr. t. aproat 

ap, ipiing forth, grow np. [auT and 

affpringen, V. OaH- intr. [. aprlai 

ap, leap high, [aa) and ftirlBgra.] 
antniroflfn, v. y. intr. (. aproat ap. 

apring forth, grow np. [aaf and 

■aifRttni,!'. 01337). fnfr.f. .tand ap, 

riie, arlie, get np. [mf and 1>tt<B.] 
nrfOilsni, r. 0(UtS}. irUr. f. meant 

ap, aioand, riae. [aaf and |M|tB.J 

niH. erect, [aif and ttOdi. 
■■ni(nini§,/ <|». •etting ap, ereo- 

tion^ «stAbLuhn]«nt ; exhibitim. 

[from ounifEai. 406. Ilia] 
•UfftRbm, V. y. inlr. i. atrln or 

■tFDggle npwud, endMnir to Tim, 

txpae. [»f uid RnVta.] 
oafTiukcn, v. X. tr. Hik out, bmk «p, 

hunt for, *euoti kflcr. [nf uid 

•nfnni4m, *. JV; infr. t- txaae itp aboTS 
the nrfue, emer^ ; come to view, 
ulae. [aaf uid lauAws, ' dack.'] 

auflfeHn, V. 0(S6T}. rr. <■■> open, open, 
nnclow. (auf «id Hun.] 

flHFtrae, Ri. 'gl, -Agf. commiHlon, 
ciiuge, order, eirud [fiom «iifln> 

Mifimtn,e. Cklil)- inlr. (. itep sp, 
eater upon the itage. come forward, 
tUftke Appebimnoe, Appeu, show " 


t np, 

■■Ftrlit, I 


ouf ud h 

I. itepping on. 
upon the atage, 
qipcuuioe. Doming to Tiew; henct, 
■OBue (otadmua}. [from anlntltn. 

ai<ftMd)ea, v. JV: Intr. f. wake ap, 
be uouMd, ■wkIcs. [taf and R>o4(n.j 

orfiMUIm, «. Jf, intr. f. roU ap (u a 
liquid or TSpor), hwTe upirard, 
■well, boil or bubble np. [luf taa 

■KfiMnt, m. iM, liibc. ^iplioation of 

n asfuiiiktB. ^ 

run, 0. JV; (B(r. J. (vUh dot.) 

wait npon^ Attend, pmy % Tint of 
•'--■- — ceremony to. [sb| and 

duty a 

•ufuiTtt.adv. wpwurd, wpwKTde. 

tfromanl. 864.2.] 
m1mtniBi,v. X{irreg. orreg., 248). (r. 
turn or apply to gome purpoie, em- 
plcy^ expend, derota. [luf and tMi' 

[iiiif and wlilm.] 
aaUaiUa, v. JV: tr. oonut ap, tell 

over, enumeiate, detail [iiit and 
fluTiablBnf, / •tm. ocunting np. 

enomeiMion, detail [from aii|jAfl(B. 


raiie, tram, ednoate. — <ftlr. 

parade, train. 


wing np, raiie, tram, 

f. move ap, nee, appear, [aaf aiul 

■■fing, ni. pg«, ■fifr. drawing ap ; 

(drawing.up of the curtain : i.f.} act 

of a play ; proDflaaion, parade, tr 

ahow. l&om o»ljl(>»ti. 408,11 
9*ti, iL iH, in. e^e i — fa Hi (i 

foOn, atriks Uie eje. [B. eje.j 
■cBgdtfH. «( Hcagbin. 
oagtlK, f. JV, itifr, ). cait efamoea, 

ofle. [tramBitt. 406.U.1.] 
Biigflibliit, m. ,M, .A. (glance of tha 

kllog. faue< (423.2d) and Bltd.] 
BBgcnblictlid), o^. momentaiy. inatan- 

taneciu, intUnt, Jmmodiat«. [from 

«<grnHli(. 415.12a.] 
■ugnllrt, H. -M, -tar. ej-elld. [Snot 

(422.2d) and Eltb]. 
Scagkln or Kta^tiin, n, ml, in. littla 

era- [fn™ '<>«'' 4iai.i 
an*, odv. and arp'ble pr^^ 

forth ; over, done with. Suit 

forward, in front. 
prep. (hUA dot. ) aat o^ from ; br ; 

by reaaon of, on aocoont ot [K, 

onMrtM, «. Jtr intr. f. fall from the 

proper kind or aort, loae tone oharao- 

MT, degenerate, deteriorate, [aal 

and ailcn.] 
wffrta, v. tf. Ir, putin better oon- 
indiUcoi, mend, repair. [an< and 
■-TI.] _ 

•Btbilkra, p. N. ir. ebape oat, o 

plete or perfect tfae fona of, develop, 
oDltivate. imprOTB. [aat and tlUci, 

■lUbilbung,/ -((B, ibaping-sat, do- 
Telopment, oultJTatJnn, perfection. 
[from aufbilCin. 40ain.H.] 
-" - : 0{n.S). inlr. Uowavt. 

reaalt from, work out, exploit.' [lal 

KMbtunnifi,/. 'Snt. derivtog of re- 
(ulti, complota working out or work- 
ing up [frDm«n«»»ttB. 408.III.a] 

oBibkibriA. o^j. liable to &il or be 
wanting. [inuBanlbUtMl^ : &aniaiil> 
Wdifa. 416.18c.] 

snabrtdxn, p. 0(LS). inlr. (. brrak 
—It, bnrit forUi, [gnl and »r«(b.] 
-"- ». Jf. tr. apread mat; 


■trekib out, oclMid, dilate, erptmd. 

bgntiof foitk. [from ouUnAta. 

•Mtaair./ holding OQt, pnditenas, 

peneveruKw, endnnnoa; £iin( and 

ntOt^aia, >. JR Ir. atrctoh out, ai- 

t«nd, flxpind. [ant uidbf^nfn.] 
■nMtlraiuie, / <g(ii. eitenBon, ez- 
tioti, extent, dimeonon. [fram 
K^ntn. 40aiILai 

"■■ fff., 2501. (r. thisk 

ovt, derue, oontriTe, pka, ■ZCrtxlI- 

TiTM. [anf and bcnlcR.] 
VuMnuf, iTL ^M, ■Utfi. eipxkssion; 

pliiue,tenn. [fTaiiioulbTltif(B.4ll6.L] 
■■Mid AOr V. J^ Ir. prew sst ; BZ- 

PSBSa, riaoifr by look or word, ntter, 

word. [aM *ao Mtfiii.] 
«i « iu «( >«» or oiUMnlttn, «. JV: Infr. (. 

oaiM forth M Tkpoi or eKhalatioo, 

■niMnftnagi/. -gm. eitwUtiOD, effla- 

Tiom. [Eram «a»aDB(n. lOailLa] 

phraie, forth from obs uotlter, 

apart, unnder. 
aB*flB^^l, B. 0(L1), tr, And out, 

traoe ont, duooier. [ob< ud Hnbin.] 
•■MlaAt, / -t^tt, fluing ant, «^ 

mpe b; fllKbtf kVABtOM, ■nbter- 

■nMuf.m. iflel, ■ant. oBtfiow.dia- 

chu-ge ; plaoe oi ontflow, ootlst, 

moatk [aiil and gist.] 
flniHW^r. (i4f- enable of perform- 

auoe, pcaotioable. [from oalfAtita. 

aaitiirm, *. N. tr. earrj •itt, ezs- 

oate, aocompluh, aohieva. (iib( and 

fl^i, 'lead.') 
«MMuaai.D. If. Ir. «U oat, fiU np, 

folly oooopy. [Mt and ffllta.] 
an*s«ag, m. 'tS, -tngt. •■tfo, iMoe, 

erent, remit, [from ulgt^ii. 40aL] 
■■Ugtbnn,/ itw. •at-blrth, pro- 
duction ; abortioD, tptMU, imp. [aa* 

Md Ottnt.] 
ni*giim, V. 0(367). Inir. t. u« ""t. 

proceed; BTentnate, end; net oat, 

InteDd. pnrpOHi t'"* and ^t\n.^ 

__, J. 0(IIL8). (r. poor ant, 

EFTD8K, ipre^ [oa* and jltjcn.] 

«Bifll(i*ni,D. (KUl\).tr. makeeqoal 
or like, bringtoaneqiiilibTiiim. ad- 
iTut, reoonoile. [mt ud glctftta.] 

■>«gldWB.B. OCnll). Mr. f. «U<I> 


oat, dip, ilida, loM fooling, [ant 

and «I(U(i.] 
oncbalna, c. OdLS). (r. held «a« 

nnder, endure, bear, nutain, stand. 

[ib( and talttn.] 
outbangn, p. A: (r. kkni oat, nia- 

pend to riew, post np. [ani and 

aulbmiAni, v. JVI tr. breathe oat, zz- 
HALE, expire, [tat and tiiiiVa.] 

IW»fc<bm,B. 0(lIL5).(i-. liltorheaVo 
oat I i>ick oat, aeleot, IcTy, raise br 
reamitiiig or ooiuoriptioa. [qi( and 

auttnngtnt, «. N. Ir. rtaire oat, hm- 
lah. [iDt and (BigRa, ' kaager.'] 

onMctlmi, IT. JV; Ir. iweep ont, nreep 
thoroaghlj, bnuh down or oft [iii< 
and I((ni.] 

Kutiaab, n. -M. the oonntr; oateide 
onr own, foreign landa or plaoea. 
[an* and tnKl 

oMafftu.v. 0(a.S).tr. let oat, give 
Tent to. Tent, wreak ; leaie oat, 
omit, [isdandlafitii.] 

««*Iaufai,i'. 0(114). Ifilr. (. mn oat, 
commenoe running, atart. — tr. run 
oat or to end, fiiuih running, com- 
plete. [aEt and lanfca.] 

autlnrm, v. ^ Ir. empt^ oat, empty, 
clear, drain, [anl and Inrtn.] 

mtUthm, v. If. tr. dellTer up. make 
OTer, hand oat. [aat and lltttta,) 

su*tDf<bRii B. y. IT. put oDt, eitm- 
guiih.—, in(r. 1. go out, be- 
come extingniihed. [aiif and lifAfn,] 

remoTB; ixceft, eicliide : — aiitn" 
nOBnaaifpaH pari, uird abtoluteli/, 
aimott ai prepmUion, being except- 
ed, excepted, txcwn.—r^ (dirtin- 
gnlih one'i lelf. appear as poHcuicg 
certain ohuacterutioB : henct) look, 
eeem. amiear. [aii< and nttmci.] 

■. Blander tho- 
nok. [aul and 

ongfaly, pillage, i 

Mtttbn, V, If. tr. itretoh aat, ex- 
tend, protmde. [eal and rtdiB.] 

u*Rf4rn, e. Jf. intr. i. nacli oat 
(to the deaii«d point), go far enoogb, 

' — ^ 'e, snfiioe. [Mlandni*™.] 

0(IIL1). tr. tear oat, 
■- away, drag asunder. [eu( 
and nt|(B.] 

m*nUn, v. 0(114). Ir. ory oat, eall 
out, EICI.UH, ejaculate; publish, 
promulgate. [oBl audnlni.l 

in«(i»gni,e. 0(llL 4). Ir. seek oat, 
drain, [ut and (»|n.] 



'. 0(JLt). tr. atrikaaat, 
raJMit, rafnM. [■■( uid 

mM<Mitat.t.O{JILS^tr. ihatoBt, 
MUIM* [.11* «id HIM"0 

pictol;, dciok mt, dMoiMo. ambal- 
11^ |ul ud fItnAil"-] 

OUT*. l»M uid Mitttin.) 

I wildly, dwroH; A(n«, go 
ij, b* dlaalDt* or KITbiti- 
«l knd MMlftil.l 
■UW W XW^,/ c|«. mndaringfroni 
tba riglit p*tli or beyond dne boood, 


n«u, debuiaheiy. [from H*|i^iHl|(a. 

■Mttfem,?. (Xni). intr. ). look, kp- 

PB«, •Boni. (an* lad M™, '•».'] 
■■Mrtn. n. pb<, -b. look, tppuMrtneii. 

[infin. of ai>f(»ta. 340,3.) 
ai^m, adv. on tiieoatiids. witlmt i 

— na4 oBtni, ootwudi ' 


from withoat 

(from lul. aflT.a.] 
irrtg. or rq/., 349). (r. 
Mad out. EMIT, deqwtab. [aatuid 

<Btir, pr«p. ItnUh dal.). onUide of, 
withasti aput &om, without; ex- 
cept : — DKltT M, ont of oao'i mind, 
betide one's *elt [from ut. iHT.3.) 

Jain, (K{f, antar, externa], BXTK&i- 
OB, outward i OM noun, exterior, 
ontilde appeannoe. — iattrH, *Mper- 

TBUIB, eiosMiTc, exoeeding. [fiom 
am. 13B.&1 
■ntctbtm, adv. uart from that, b«- 
■idee that, beudiM, moieoTer, in ad- 
dition, lutttt and ken. dat. of tai. 


[infR and nMntlt^.j 
Stutknmg, /. <a«, 

preeaioa. [from autnn. 4ae,nLH.] 
(Btftfcn, •, If. tr. sat BBt, BXi>oaE. 

[«4 and itlfn-l 
«H*W»t,/. .KB. owtloot Tiew, PCD- 

■peot. [from «»««*tB. 406.0.1-1 

». 0(L1). <r. alBc sat. 


n md, Snidi dnging. [nS 

aooordant, bring into p . 
lationi. [iBl and fifMa.] 
MMMm, «. Jk'. fr. aplt owt, ipew 
forth, [aii Bnd |fri<>.] 
-' ^--^ -, B. Oflaj. '!■. aVMkMlt, 
rononnoa, artioulate. [<■• 

..,_„ .. m. •tt, .141. nttennoe, 

eiprened Jodgmcnt, deeiuon, »ea~ 
tenoa, ainud. (from «ffpi(4<*- 

sMMbcn, fl. 0(367). tr. itaad «t 
againat, baar, eodnre, nllu;. [uS 
md |tc««B.] 

iMIttDm, V. 

«bMp««, v. 0{IL4). fr. tbrtut or 

path OMt, driTB out, aq>d, mx- 

TRU11& [M* ud MlB-] 
antllndn, v. JV. (r. atretck mmt. 

extend, protract, protrode. [oi* and 

aB*t«M|lrai,D. JV; tr. han^ completely 

with tapcatry, line with hangingi 

or paper, hang, p^Hr, line, [an* 

and lnvtilm,] 
aaMbdlnK '- if- tr. deal aat, ^« 

out in (harea, diitrUtute; iiuivt, 

diapenM, adminiatoi. [aat and Ittti 

sMtrritMiB. 0(11131. tr. drlTcoBt, 

BIFKI.. [aa* and tclKta.] 
(nt*lrtii(ni, B. 0(11). Ir. drlak a-t 

or np, empty by drinking, [aat and 

oatuboi, *. X. tr. exereiie, praotiae ; 

execute, commit, peipetoate [mi 

and Ittn.] 
■aMMAToi, V. 0(113). intr. (. gnnr 

aat or up, att^ full growth, [aal 

and Ba4("> ' ivax.*] 
BBMMid)b«r, adj. avoidable, liable to 

eTBsion. [in aiiiu4Btl46ai : from aat> 

»(!««. 415.16.] 

- ■ ■ 0(IIL1). («ft-. f. (wtfA 

get aat of the way of, i^Lke 
Jr. BTada, eao^ie, avoid, [aa* 

- - 0(L3). ft", tbroworcwt 
r, reject, emit [bbI and 

MMliCm, B. W. Ir. wrork out, bring 
to pan*, effsotnate, procure by efCbit, 
[obI and Blilta.] 

■■•vntf. m. it*, pftift. act of throw' 
iug oat| what ii thrown oat, on»> 


oaat, oAeonriiie, nfoN. [from mI< 

DRftn. 406.L1 
aatt»l)ltn, e, N, tr, pa; o^t, paj 

down. [ai< and laftlfn.] 
■B«itl4nni, V. N. It. mark oat, di^ 

tingniah, aifiialiMi. [aulandiiWMR.] 
•Miktnt, V. Ctm.S). (r. dnw «t, 

diag forth, 8ITBACT; nndnaa.— 

reft Dodien one's wK — <n(r. t 

march vat, move fortli, romna. \»M 

aMttfiftni, V. iK (r. Ua» avt, drive 

awaj with hiuaa, hui violsntly ati 

[mf and (<f4n.] 
fliMing, »L <gl, :tg(. aot of dimwmg 

«ator oxtreetiDg | aoniething drawn 

mil. ■.IT. . cr ; epitome, ' ■■■™ ' '-' ■ 

aet of marohiug oat, remOTil, depai- 

ture. [from aii«)lf>tii. 4(*.L] 
Voarni, pi. Avars (a nomadlo tribe). 
*st,f. ipt- •»<> tuitoheb {E. au.] 
■rtfttd, m. >U, .lE. aia-handle, helT& 

[S^ and eiKLl 
fLlBim, pL Aaona (iBluidaoir8outh 

B(Hft. m. •tn, p(n. Aatec. [Haxican.] 
WHtftMJTg,/ •itn. ca>Ue or oiladel 

of Uw Aateea. [Kjlclt (43&Sd) and 

SinT, m. >il. aaarc, anir« Taolt, 
blae aky. [from Frencli (PeTdao).] 

«l>r>kU, n. 'fi*' •«- tnok throagb 
tbe aaora, p«tb in the ilcy. [H|in 
and SliU.] 

Sw4irt, m. Samka*, (ro (An Oneifci 

and Roman*) the god of ths vins 

and of wine. [Greek.] 
BoA, m. .^cl, .«4c. biDok, riToleb 
SuWrtn, n. ■■«, <n. brooklet, Uttle 

ri*uleL [from Kail. 410.1.] 
SeA,/ >cii ; floift or Badat. m. -nt, 

>s. obee^jida. [E. back.] 
todt«.v. 0IJL2). or Itn prrt.) N. tr. 

bake; fr;: dr?. [E. bake.] 
Vat, n. >»il, :«kii. batk. [U bath.) 
baBni, v. .V: tr. batke. [from »ti. 

405. LI.} 
Voftn,/. inn. path, pathway, road, 

track ; oonna, oaroer, orbit ; — Coin 

kmbntf break path, clear tbe yn-j. 
Vain, / -ti. bier, [from •bAita, 

n, e. JIT fr. balaBeeipoiafi, 
in in eqnilibrinm. (nench 
er. 401IL4.] 

talb, ode. eoon, ahortlT, qnioklr, pre- 
Motlj :— »aD . . . , kaO . . . , DOW . . ., 
DOW . . . , at one time .... at an- 

othertime [EL bold [original]; 

'qoiok, hartj, prompt, forward').] 

battia, adi' qoick, ipeedt, eaily, [iiaa 
ion. 415.9d.] 

BaOcn, m. -nl, >n. beun. heaTT piece 
of timber, [old E. balk, 'beam.'] 

Balfen' or Volfon', m. tvt, int. bal- 
een^. [French eto. bobon, origin al- 
1^ 'aoaflolding,' bom Germ. VoUib, tM, 'U*. ball, ronnd bodf, 

globe, ipbere. [R bau.] 
iMi, m. .1(1, -Uii. ball, danolng 

nut]'. [Frtnoh etc. bal, from lale 

Latin ballart, 'dvice.'] 
ballRi, V. N. tr. form into a ball, 

oon^bate, douUe np together. 

[fromlhll. 406.11.] 
BoIfeBI, rn. <b(, -int. balaaoi, balm. 

kalfomlM, >•<$. balaiir, baUanle. 

IfromSaKon. 41S.10ii.] 
BonknMlab, m. .M, .Ah. baub«o 

atafforrod. [eaatnf, 'ttamboa' 

(liaU7 word), and eui,] 
Bone, ». >h«, 'h. baDd, tie, fetter.— 

n. -btt, .inktl. baad, ribbon. — m. 

.bt«, 'tat<. Tolnme. [E. band. 

itraint or control, restrain, oontroi, 
tabdne. tame, [from Msbla. 405.13.] 
Mig or bmgtt "4/- It or a in cwnparU 
*aiL}. aiuioni, worried, on eaa; 1 ap- 
prehen«i»e, (earfnL oflrn' ■ ■ ■■ 


* ift 

(him Wng, o 

OUB, fnarfni. [ptDbablj'relatedwith 

KngS and ciigi, having tc aa prefix.) 

Vanfialcit,/ .Kn. aniiaty, worry un. 




<&thiii, ,. .. _ 

maniMtiaii or oatUwir. [K bu.] 
hmmim, «. Jf. Ir. put imi]*r i tw> i 

eiorciaB. and : ihnt up, oonfina. 

[fn>m em. 406.L1.1 
iioT, mfflx forming aiy«ttkm. OS.1. 

[trmn Mat. 'b— r.'] 
hat. tctUn. 

Var, m. .ni, inm. »mu-. [K bau-.) 
Siftar', nL >nH| itti. kiubKrlsni 

Jgerr. [bom l)*tlac. 410.2.] 

ttarkarafl*, rad-bMrd (eplthst of tbe 
empecOT PrBdorick 1). [Italiui, 

■Mmt, «. OaS)' tr. »< 

found In |tUni and In mrwiM oe- 

HvottoH. [B. k»r.] 
Kimumitt, f. -n. baaf^^kln Cftp, 

grmwliBt'i bat. [Bic (lSa.3i>) ud 

■kdmuB, r. JV. only in trtaTMtn, pity. 

[for bfsATnirii, ' regard hb poor 


'poor;' or 

1, 'breMt'l 
tarfAi a4i- turih, roii|^ bnuqne. 
Xhirt. m. -Ill, •li». bcudt — htna, 
w»cdsorbit«of ■key. [B. beat*.] 
BanbtltmC. te euil eatt^lml. 
Uma, odf. bnrded. fbom SotL 


Sofalt, m, M, .It. bxalt, trap. 

[bom Latin.] 
SofaligfUrflf, n. .gO, •)(. b«Mlt 

motmtama, trap range. [VafiU and 

Safalrtril, m. •!!, .It. buKltvedge, 

vedgtHibaped pleo« of bualt. [San 

faU and StU.] 
SofafHtHft, n, ■«, •«. plsoe of b»- 

«Blt. [Sitiu and eiM.] 
XtaftI, n. BHlB(aitf in Bwitierland). ■!«,<» (or 'ICD. 'tin), ba- 


■appoied to be deadlj). [Greek b<ui- 
H»kof, ■UtUeking.'fromit«orow)i.] 

noftart, ni. iM, >^. bmatard, illegi- 
timate ehUd. [bom lata Latin and 
Ptcnoh, ] 

San. m, -aBil. -am. boildiu. itmo- 
tac«.«difioe:— working, onmiation, 
oultore. [fromioum. «6.LI 

■tmiti. «. i^(, ilo^i. ballj-, painiah. 
W talated wlUk Mt|tBi iiig». 


SaBcrsHak, n. -U, ■ 

[e«an (4S:).2») ai 

timber. [R basB.I 

uborMoent, di 

'tm. 4i6.liy:] 

[Donin and R^.] 

BJnauiKa. «. 'b*. •■. little tree, [bom 
BaiiB. 410.L] 

kaHiWn, V. N. Tefi. r^ae one'a wU np- 
right (like a tree), riae on the bind 
feet. rear. [from8»n. 40G.L1,] 

kOMBiIicr.iKH. emptjof treea, tawleai. 
[eun an j Itn.] 

boBinIM, a4j, treelewti [Sgaa and 
\vt. 4lS.15<i.] 

dmiaflaiaiii, m. •»(, -inBi. ataia or 
tmnk of a tne. [Vim and Ctanm.] 

bti. imep'bU prrjlx. forming rom- 
poundverbl (S03 ; 307.2) and dmo- 
minalivt oerJK (, and a 
feie a4i"l'vf (4iat). [&. b*- : 
frombti,'br.' 307.2.] 

bcoAtn, e. N. tr. heed, pa; atten- 
tion to, regard, [far and n^tfo.] 

btangfKgm. d. ^, tr. make aniiooa, 
oaaae nnearinew to, alarm, frightan. 
[bom liigRll. 40S.nila.1 

btoufiraacn, t. N. Ir. birnub with an 
errand, oomnuarion, und for a pot- 
poeo :— aMnffidjI, pait part. oM 
Houn, peraon aent to ezacnte anj- 
thing, oommiuioner, meaaenger, 
•gent, [from KuFhu. 'arrand.' 4D&. 

bcboiun, V. Si Ir. work or bnild opon ; 
ooltiTate, dreia. [from 1«»d. SOT. 

bcbrn, ». If. intr. ^ tremble, qniver. 

Vdxr, m. 'Xt. >c. «eftKer,oap, gon- 

let. [from late latin bact/mrium.] 
Itcftn, n. >i(, (H. b»aUt. [from 1^ 

Latin baeehtnta.'] 
MaAt, m. lU. eoneideration. [bom 

tdHDM. 40aiLl.] 
bcM4ti«.a4. aODiiderate, deliberate, 

-' ipeot [fromUtbalSl. 416.6(1.] 


, 1. [iKim 

Vttarl.m. ,\t. thing needed, : -,, 

reqniaite. rfrom ttberfiN. 40S.L] 

khtoa, v. If, tr. ooier, euvelap; 
•oreen, dwltei, proteat. [bom tiStn. 

Vttitfimg,/. •it». ooveriog, anTelop. 
[from UUAm. 40e.III.a] 

bAtaHB, V. Niirreg., SO), tr. tblult 
upon, DDnddcr. ponder, weigh in 
one's mind.— rf^ b'thiak oue'i 
■eU,Fefieot. [»c. and tcnftn. 370.3.] 

of comoUmig of doubUol Inoe or 
thnatoiiing aapeot: htnre) heiite. 
tion, donbi, icmple. [iufiniliTe of 

ttbcKlli4> a^i- requiring to be ci 
aidered or weighed, donbtfaL cr 
oal.Mriiin«. [fromiibrBltii. 41B.11 

,. irteeolntion, 

ibtfnlneu : doubt, •orapla. f ftoto 

iflt4. 109.U.3.] 

m.y.2f. tr. (point »t : (.e.) sig- 

BgB, portend [bdandbtnttB. 307.3.1 
Ntratmb, nj/. nignificuit, foil of 
meuuDg; importvit, of eonie- 
qnence, eomiderftbla. [pree. put. of 
itttnlfii, SSSo.] 
btbtntfsn, a4t- BigniSout, fnll of 
meuiiog. [from toMntea. 415.136,] 
Btttutiaig,^. •gtn. lif^ifiCBtion, maul- 
ing; aigmfiouiae. unportuice: — mit 

[bt. ud lltui. SOT.aj 

Sttlnti, adj. laed a> noun, nrrantk 
■ttendant ; footrnftn. [put p&rL of 
ttbltncv, in wdm of • piei. ptul 

Miaan.*. OlLl). or Jf. tr. condition, 
make dependent (u > ooneeqnenoe) 
upon KimetbiDg Im its oondition] : 
Btipal&t^ tettU, engige. [bt> uiil 
tiaiia. SOI." ' 

Mii((n. 1 

I, iu{f. oonditian 

StMngung./ >|(n. ooadition. eUpn- 
latJMi. pTOVUO [from idtngtn. 

bcbni^, V. Ni tr. threaten (an; one 
with UTtbing), meoaoo. [bti and 

toitB. BOT.a.] 

h^tvultii,v. If. tr. oppren, trsatwilb 
•event; or tjyiknn;. [.tc> uid tiAdti. 

.V. jr(itT(y., 281). tntr. (»«» 

sen.), stand in need of, be Id want 
of, need, taak, requini. [ii> and 

Sttiirfnllf n. -n"' 'V- need, want, 

neceui^,neoeuaTiee(lfip(.]. [from 

btbUilfii. 4Ce.IILa] 
IMurfr,/ need, [not in nMj oom- 

pue Xiirfl ; from bttQifen. 40S.ILL] 
btiOtitlg, adf. need;. ueoesBitoaa, in 

want, in<ugent^ miaerable, [from 

Brturft. 4IB.90.] 
bttfTm. V. If. tr. cover with lee, maka 

lir. [from Bit. ' lee.' 406.IILla.] 
Brtrf,/ .(n. beirr. [E. beiTT^.] 
bcfonecn, b. 0(11S). tr. foatch bold 

of: i.e.] impriauD, shnt m, bem in. 

[h. anif fanetn. 30T.3.] 
bcfrmgtni ard- propoise»>ed, prejn- 

diced ; tmbamused. impeded, oon- 

foBed. [paat port of hfangfn.] 
Srfillli "L 'Ui 'tt. oommand, order, 

ininnction. [from bcffb^B. 4C8.I.] 
»*f(bltR, B. 0(LS). 'r. commend, oom- 

mit, entmst ; command, bid, enjoin, 

order. [bc> and <f(tltn. S0T.3.] 
tkUbW'bti, m. .It, .1. one >"*'j^ 

[SifcH (422L2b) and ^itit.] 
ilfHttn, B. 2f. tr. make tkat or firm, 
tWiten ; Btrengtben, fortify, [from 
f((l. 406.a3Tmio.l 
(ftfUguna,/ ign. ^utening, attach- 
ment : lortifiistion. {from tt|t|tl- 
gti. 40&IIL8.] 

B(fr|HgBn«*t>i»i[I, tn. 'tt, •nntU. 
polat where anything ia (hatened, 
plaoe of attacliinent. [StriflgBBa 
(4SS.2dr«nd Vvntl.] 
(nAwn, V. JVi {r. molaten, maka 
wet. [from f(ii4l. 40GLnLlaJ| 

btfnurn, v. If. tr. infiame, fill with 
ardor, incite, animate, [from g(an> 
■Are.' 405^111 lo.] 

btHBtiai,v.O{'Ll).rtJL flnd one'a aelf ; 
chance to be ; be <in reepeet to bo- 
dily condition, health, or the like). 
Ch' and flibn. 30T.2d1 

BcRnkcB, n. <nl, ■■. boflUT condition, 
etate of health, [infinitive of tt> 
tlnbcn. 810.a] 

fcrt'll™,B,0(IILl), fell («ilh gen.). 
apply one'e talf to, be induBtriooa 
over, bealow diligenoe upon. [*«■ 
and Rrtiti. SOTT^T 

brfliigtin. ». JV^ Ir. fnmuh with wings, 
wing, [from gifigil. 

btfirttm, (. Si tr. (Brtliar, promot& 
advanoa, snwdita, ipewL [tc< ana 


IrfnkM, *. }f. tr. mika ftw, Bbnta, 
&»,ildiTiir. [bommi. 40S.UIla.] 

Qtrrriuig, f. >g(R. Mtting Ors*. lib- 
arMion. deliTsnnoa. [bDm ■ - ' 

ttfmatfB, *. N. It. befHcMd | make 
fricndlj : — tt fmwt tt, pail 
--" ■- ■" 1 (don 

-. nuks pMoafnl o 

»«. JM(B«l7, kUiad. ifrom Sniik. 


tfTDBgritk! '4<lS.ELiL'f 

&ction, coDtoitmaiL [fram tcfiti' 


■pptehiaoiioii, Mfttnid of, n 
- &if*l. «NLIILla.] 

>. Jr. It. beatow * (in ( 

, talantM. . 

tcscbm, p. 0(I11). r^t batalu mus't 

»t9(*iHa,tF.JV:<nfr.(iiFtMdal.)t (nm 
BgBlniti i. t) hll tn with, mt«t; 
oome Qpon, babll, oocu to; tnat, 
beluTa Co. [from««eB, 'uBlmat, 

tioTL [from kBtgiKB. 4oama 

»cg<»ni, B. 0{»Ti. Ir. «• ftbont, ooc 
' '■ self withf perform : 

Btgibr,n>. or* •!«, .n. daiirOjOrmT- 
Lne;rei]naal [from ttg>t»a. 406.L] 

tutprm, a. If. tr. daaire, iriih tor, 
Tang kftor, crsTa, ooTet ; aak for. 

nqoaat. [i(> Hid ii 

it > iipiiit 
.unuitiini a __ 

tbnniaam, inapirit, kindle, (from 

Afifln. plaral of Stltl, 'chitat.* 

406nLfo; Lla] 
ll(«ntnma,/ .gra. hupintioii ; an- 

thoaiMm, tnnapart, •c(t4a;. [bom 

ietclfltn. ManL&l 
SrstlitiTBttfltliMBiat, /. Pin. flame 

of inapiiBtiab, mmn of eoataar. 

[«t|(tRtniit («iaSc) and Slmn'.) 
ecgln,/. deaoe; aveciaUy.udantor 

iiiordiBata dedn, BM^hMaa, tnai 
[&oiDk»ctni. «]Cl] 
l^tntei / •». dedie, longing, 
ItrTedineaa, hut. [from faflCbrta. 


i)tc«ni, «. 0(IIL3). (r, pom Uqnid 
»>«™< shed aoETiethinf oTer, wet. 
[it. ud gl<ha. SOT.i] 

eatabiiah aa credible, 
auflBb, ooonim, aathentioaie, »o- 
oradlt. [bom Watte. «AIIL1<>; 

WsMtn, ■. JV: tr. (eire eaoort to : L t. } 

acoompaof, go iuoDf[ with, aaoort, 

ooDTDT, attend, [from Odttb 'ea- 

oort.' 4Ue.IIIl<t.] 
et«Ult(r, m. .n, >i. one who Moom- 

paniaa, oompaiiion, atlendut. [from 

ttgltUti. 4Ue.IILi.] 
Stflcinng, / >g(i. aooompaniDient, 
ipuiT, aaoort. oodtoy. Ffrom itr 

btfllUta. •. jV. Ir, give hajnniieaa to, 

make happj, Ueaa : — htffidt, bleaa- 

■d, fortonato, hkppy. [from SUA 

M«la.< «iri.]llfa.] 
tnnliaai. t>. jV, rejl (do eaowsk for : 

l.«.) content oue'aaelf, be aatlafled. 

[fromgdiBg. 40e.IIIIa.] 
(groWn, e,0(U.2}. Ir. burr, inter. 

[»t. andgiabca, 'dig.' 80T.U] 

npon : 1 f. ) COHPBEHEIrD, oompriao, 
inoloda, oontain ; oompTohent^ ap- 
prehend, underatand, conoeiTe: — 
Mgrfffni. ooonpied. baaiad ; btgriffnt 
bii in prooeaB of, in tba ray aot ot 
[tc> and gntlfn, • (ripe.' dOT.a.] 

prehenaible, ooDoeiTable, intelli- 
gible, [bomttgnlfta. 4I5.1SP.] 

turtntni, >. ff. tr. form the limit of, 
bound, border, c' 

—in StgrtlF, in the ver? act (of 
aomething), on tbe point (of lome- 
thing). [hom ttgnlfta. 40&L] 
icgTAMcn, v. JT Ir. bmiiah the 
froaKd or foiuulation of; foand, 
eatabliih ; oonfirm, verifr, prow^ 
[from •rent. 4(e.IILId.J 


Ihg t iiiH t , m. (ri, x. fonndsT. [fnm 

tt«[*aNa. 406. in 4.] 
httrHtm, V. Jf. Ir. Knat, ulnta, btH 

[from Snf. *»] 
tcgOBiHgni, V. JV. Ir. be fiiTonible to, 

treat with faTtavjintUf , ^nr. 

{from ItnflU. 40G.IILla.] 
Mia^a, B. Jf. itUr. (onfy iwhI In &f 

jierion). plewe, miit, gmtify. [*«■ 

BUd ^a»' 80T.2.] 
TTiliay. n. •■!, <■. [deunre. gntifl- 

W ^oa K i t , a4f. pUadng, icnMble; 

oomtbiUble. [tnim bt^ofln. 115. ISc.J 
fctbolm. >. 0(II3). fr. kold on apon. 


oittn. an. 3.] 

Of and taatclB, 'act.' 

dU>p, mauan 
btla. jUaULH.] 
brtuitai, e. if! tr, haiif aomBthlng 

,_, ,.., . ,. periiat Mmti- 

Doe, abide rtawUart, maintain ona'i 
lelt [U. and itnta. SOT.Sc] 

»(^Rlf4, wtf. peniitsat, abiding, 
ftead&at, oonilwit. [from ttt«nn. 
415. 13e.] 

»t»AMt.tF. 0(IL4]. Ir. bewmteihqw, 
form by eattms or ohippinK, hev, 
trim, lbi' 

btbaa^tm, v. ff. tr. (make a kcsd of, 
tnat M a canr thing : /tenet) main- 

aert, avoneh, affinzL [from (inpt. 

Kt^aarnm^ f. 'in, maintenanoe ; 

amertiOD, atEnuatiaa. [from htsof • 

Hs. 40e.IIL8.] 
ktt«*k' or btbcK'kt, adi. ItmmAy, 

adroit, dexterani, nimble, agii& 

(from old Oerman frf htniU, i.t.itita 

l>aai, ' isad; at ksad.'] 
bt^nfifcn. ■>. ff. tr. mga orer, gor- 

em, nile. [bc> and fnrRl'n- SOT.Ii.] 
tktKMd^f ">' •**• rt. rtJer, gover- 

DOT, aoveragn. [from tc^inf^fn. 406. 

in. 4.] 
■hbcM^noei/- '«'"■ ™l^ goTemment, 

iwa;. [from iitnifi»tii. 4(I6.1IL8.J 
ktfttnl. 'kC' (fnmuhed with beitrt i 

f.<.}CODBageoii(, bold, daring, ctont- 

hcartsd. [at if paat part, irf a Terb 

bt|RKB (not in net), from fitq.] 

iroteot, watdi OTer. [taiand 

MntfoBi, <K(f. oaatiooa, oiroomipect, 

OQ one's gnaid. [bom bttllra. 

b(f, sep'btt prefix and a<f>. Dear, twat 

by. by-, bcaide 
pri^i. (hUA dot ) b]*, by the nde ot, 

near (of plaec) ; — at, in, with lof 

Slact, time, and other relatlont) ; at 
le iioiue of, in the oompany of 
(Franoh eha) ; — id oonneotiaii with, 
along with, besidea ; — in oaae of, bj 
rsaaOD of ; is new of, oonaiderins ; 
niuler penalty of ; — notwithitand- 
ing, in qilte of ItoTt^an b*M). [B. 
bri lame witii iaaep'ble pnGx it. 
The original idea of pjamieM in 
plaoe predominant in all the Oer- 

meana (ao oommon in EngliBh) ap- 
pearing ¥Bry iparingly. ] 
UOk, a4i. batb, two, the me ud the 

other: — in tht lijtgutar, taaed in 

nmM- onij/, at ruMfunJlio, tttbH 

tic, either, both, theonflthuig and 

tbe other. [B. bath.] 
Crifoa, m. >U. (aooordanoa, aaMot: 

A<»M) ^ipKiTal, approbatioB, ap- 

plaaie, aenlaniatioo. [from btlfaBm. 

ktlfellni, >. 0(IL3]. hdr. L (fku in 

with in opinion : heiue) anent, ^>- 

prOTB, ap^amL [til and taltn.] 
Mfi«ni, V. N. Ir. (St along with ; te.) 

adjoin, annex, add, ^ipeod. [bet 

and ftfln.] 
Mfllbo, «. 0(367). Inlr. f. (o along 

with, aooompany. [M and SllfB.] 
KtiU n. .IH, At. ase, hatcfast, [K. blU 

(catting inatmmant, weapon}.] 
btUttm, V. 2f. tr. lAy- by or beaida 

■omething, adjoin, add ; attribnte, 

aasribe, impute, giTe, beatow. [M 

Vtbi, n. .it, ^t. bOBetWMoilv.lsg. 

[E. bona.] 
Mho^, orf*. Bekr abont, oloae or 

■1Kb npon, almoat, nearly, [hi 

Brimfetn,!!. xil, •>. Httle leg. [from 

Vtln. 410,1.] 

adv. togetlus, I: 
anmoer, in oompany. im 


StIIUKb, m. -H. lUtBTANOB, lid, 

hdpk |btimM|ht«.4(M.I.] 

fetlfttkm, v. m-UST). intr. (leUM ddf.) f. 
■t»Kd by or baiide ; henct, twiST, 
■npnort, kid. IM vid |t(^.] 

M|lteMMB,v. JV: intr. (uUA liaf.} f. 
({if a ona'a voioe in kooordauoe with : 
i&)gl*a UHnt to, uoedi to, tgnt 
iritK tell in vltb. [td ud tHnwl.J 

»<t«ra|ni, k. 0(1IB). Mr. ). (outt 
■omething (o: t«.) ooutribata, bwt 
■ ituTd, balpL [hi and tiggtiL ] 

tdlTciba, ■. CXIIL2). tr. (drln lo : 
i.e.) gather ia b; force, axuit, gi- 
tort, colleaC with ni^mej. [k<l and 

MBP^nra, •. itr Intr. (nUA dat) ». 

be preieiit at, l«ke part in. [ill 

and Detain, 'dwelL'j 
MoHinm, I. }f. tr. bewail, lanunt, 

grieve o»er, deploie. [from Jioiiim, 

tcfutnl. o^/' koawn; acquainted, fa- 
milial ; — at noun, aoquaintauoe. 

[pait part, of ttliiiiitii, bat with 

oliBDgHi meaning, ltfil.3.] 
Brfomif^ft, f, 'tea, aoquaintance, 

knowledge, comuMtion. [tiom h> 

reaol. 40U.IL6.} 
MtbMtt, V. Jf. tr. ton to a better 

ocnme, COKVKBT, amend, [h- and 

hiMB, 'tiini.' 
Mttntm.f. N(lrrfg.,2t9). tr. coufeu, 

aoknowledge, own ; profen. [t<> 

and EfnDln, ' know.'] 
MCagm. V. J/. tr, lunent over, d>- 

Ploie, b«wail ; oommiMrate. pitv. 

tCll(b«i,D, If, tr. atick aomething apon, 
ooiOT by rticldng, paite on or over. 
[6e. and tubfn, ' ele»TB.' 807.3.1 

MUikoi, B. N. Ir, pnt etotlue opon, 
clothe, attire, drau, inreat ; oooapy, 
'" [a pott or office). [b«< and DftMn. 


. Bbii0,/ -tn. clfitlilii(, dnaa- 

ing, dcaat, attira. [frDm 6<DtU>ta. 

ttfvmMn, v. 0(367). Ir, (cime npon, 

oomelrjri ii.) nt, obtain, receive. 

««• and Itmmn. 307.3,] 
Mranim. v. N. tr. put a wreath or 

garlaod npon, crown, [from Ktoni, 

brtmgtn. V. Jf, It. laaka war npon, at- 

Itraa tUit^ 

witk aa anBT. 
(IB, e. }f. tr. afflict. grie>e, 
troabla, oonoem. [from 8un«n, 
<l*Am, t. 0(1L3). tr. iMtd, oharge, 
freight, [be. ud loMa. 11U7.2.] 
-■--—, e. ff, tr. pni ■ load or bnMen 

upon, burden, enonmber. [from ftafi, 

MafH«ai, ■. 3^. Ir. be tnnibleaame to, 

molest, impartuDO, ■fiDT. [from 

USD, 'tn>DbleHme.'40S.ULlii.] 
BcUmgwwg,/. •9)1. moleetatiop,amoy- 

anoiL vgxatUHL {from klWira, 

MuMm, ■. M (r. li«*en Mcretly to, 

play the spy npon. watoh and aai- 

priH. [k. and UiiM». SOT.!.] 
Itkboi. «. ff. Ir. (nllweo, animate, 

~ivi^, revive : — i^At, pott part, at 
jj — I — .-J >• — ,iy^ niatdooa, 


teaoh, inform, insboot. [ 
bcltlbi^i ti. N. tr. do harm oi 

incnlt, af~ 

6. ma] 

it llskt Dpon, 

lightop, illomlnatei [lc> and [la^i 

(ht op, 
1. SOT.&I 
*ta,s. N, tr. tike, be iJeand with, 
ieh. ubooi& — intr. |. tn^^rt (i><M 
dot. ) plaaie, init, be agreeable to : — 
- part w aiif., liked. 

belBTedT f> 

I. 111. likiiig, ii 
wiU. [ia£i. < 

btlubnn, V 

WlulUatn,t. K tr. n ,. , 

divert, reorube. [from lafHg, * mer- 
ry.' 405. IIL I a.] 

bnuTfbar, <»{/. wortliy of Teauu-lt, 
noticeable, obeervable. perceptible, 
[from Ktaifchn. 415.1ft. j 

bmuifm, V. Jf. tr. remBrfe, obeeire 
noljoe. nota [be and mnrtn. 307,1] 

btmtr«i4, a<y. tame <u bdnirnii ;— 
fi« b(iHr«l4 aiadKii, oau» one'i eelf 
to be obaarred, attraot the attentloit 
cfeomeone. [from tciurtta. lIS.Uc] 


ibrai. B. If. r^ gire oi 
lubla, take pauu, eiert oi 



lion, effort 
andenor. [icfin. of hnt^n. B40.3.] 
** — '' — J< /- •■»■■ "Bition, effort, 
-. [trDmhnfihii. 408.IU.8.J 
a^. BelcbboriDg, ftitiukli- 
iid D«r by. [put jurt [861. S) of kt. 
lu^binn. Dot in dm. from XciA^ii 
•■«lShlK>r.< 405.IILla.] 
bowbNMM.i'. <XL3j.f-eff. beluveona'a 
HU,condnot. [bt<uidiKt»>. 'tbka.' 
VcmtBCB, M. ini. -R. dsninDDT, do- 
portoMDt, b^kvior, oondnot. [iofiiL 
of hM|B». 340:^1 

odi DBNOMIDATB,' eotiUe. rbt> knil 
inatR. 907.&] 
btnttcn. ■>. JK fr. wet, maiiteo, mtor. 
[if and Btttn, 'wet.' S0T.2.] 

Tioe^ deriTe adnnliige fnun, profit 
by, anil one'i Htf of, nw. [from 
Kvt, -adTantage. ute.' 40S.lIl.lii.] 

kakMHnt, v. K tr. regard with at- 
tention, obeerra, hc«d, watoh. [from 
ObiAl, 'heed.' 40G.Iltla.] 

St^adiKr, m. >rl. ■[. obaetrer. [from 
WcigAXR. 4D3.IIL4.] 

b<»re<rn, v. JV tr. order, command, 
direct, [from Otb«. 4U6.IILla.] 

fc ty aeftn, tr, ^ Er. p»ck apoD, load, 
bniden, eharge. [6(.and|iai(B.307.B.] 

" " Buo.o. J*. '>"■ plaat npon,'»et 
ifaplaDtt, plant, [tt: and vRiBt". 

ble, oommo 


, take thingi ouil;. 
1 Hunmta [formerlr taignfiiitn), 

' 4lfiLl.] 

ttranboi, v. 2f. Ir. rob, deprire bx 
foree or injiutiwi, deapoil, plunder. 
[if. andianSm. 307.^^ 

ktr«ufd)«i D. Jf. Ir, briDE dninkan- 
ueu DpoD, intoxioatek [uom ihaM> 
'intouoatunL' fO&nila.] 

reckon, oaloa- 


[*.. . 

SttcdNiung,/ -ein. reckontiic, oom- 

putatiOD. caloulatjon. [from bcu4' 
III. 40&IIL6.1 
k(n4iis», V. X. tr. (give the rlybt 

StrtAtlsui*!, r. >t(n. anthoruatien, 

wanant. ncht. [trom ttttitltati. 

fccn^(^, V. jV (r. talk otbt, penoada, 
prevail with; talk about, [ttr and 
«Kn, 'talk.' SOT.i] 

binit, arff- rendj, prepared, in ro- 

(E. nadfi from .nil. «lai.] 

D. i^ If 

e, obtain, [ni 

Ktra ; — hinee, procme, ot 
nit. 40G.I.4i 
bmlto, V. anil), tr. ride opon, 

ride over. [be. and nlUa. SOT.&] 
btrHM, adv. alieadj, [genitive of tt> 

probabl; from 

ooTsi, hide.'] 
etrqni, p. 0(L8). (r. cover; /tence, 

hide, ooDoeai ; pnt in eecurity , aave. 
Str||(tg(lf>,m. iti, >t». mountain apirit. 

[eeifl (4^.2i) and Otifl, 'glkoet.'] 
ntrsilbOBg. m- -fl*. '«»- mountain 

slope. [Bng (4aia>) and *ang.] 
Ctrgt«I)6a(f/ >». moontain beiyhl, 

■lunmit [9nt (.iZi.26} and «iae.] 
lBirgt*l>6bli,f. iia. moDDtain cavern 

orgTotto. [Bcig [4£iSA)and4itl(.] 
CtrgMlaf),/. >Un. monntain load. 

(»(ig t4SQ.2S|andeit>.] 
bngitfiif, otlf, of moontain depth, 

deep aa mouataina (are high). 

[ffing (422. 2d) and tit).] 

JDB. [ecig and Sni 

1. [froi 

hill;, bro- 




e(i^i&, ni .M, .til 

— I, m, -rnt, limn: or eR^IcDlc 
™.). (moimtaineer: Ae*«) 

[B(t8 and URiiib, ' man.'} 

Ctrgmnuitlifbi n. >H, 'bti. minet'i 

eong. ()9cT«mi»ii (4^^) and Eitk.] 
drgtiarallcl, m. -U. •!(. moont^n' 

Samllcl, Lt. a parallel ol latitude 
BBcribed by monntaine, an eaat and 

weat range of moontaina. [Vtig and 

StrgruAR.m. lal, >n, moontain-baok, 

oouDtrr forming the rldse of a 

monntain-iange. [Xttf and KUtftl.l 
Ihrgrbal, n, >ll. ■tin. mouotaiu-viJ' 

ley. dBle or deU among monntaina. 

[Scig and atal.} 
Btric^l, m. M, .M. report, aoooun^ 



nIatuM, InfoTsutloii, notim. [from 
tnlAtig. 4W.L] 

ttrlAWa, t. If. tr. nport ntMU, give 
mn nooonnt of, report, relate, give 
intoniuCion about, [from n^l, 
•HshtC litlf 'let iarigbt light,' 
■Oat in proper ilupe.'J 

btniRB, otH. moDnted, honed, rid- 
ing OD honeback: — IH*i Icrirtn, 
li^t-moontMl, ai light horw. [part 
put, of tmUni, bot witii ohanged 
neuiag. 351.8.} 

'-—- ,. 0(13). ory.inlr. f. bant, 
^attend. IK. 




to : eery rare rxrept (n patt part. 
»(hi4Hgt, notorioiu, ill-r ■ ' - 
■poken oL [tnim rl^Ht, ' i 


StraT. m. -ff, -ft. aalliDg> voo 
oSoa, amplojrment, bnauiew. [from 

■ ■ B. 0(lli}. 

fr. call HI 

. ^ appeS (to 

Bomethiog) ■■ aathoritj, refer for 
mpport. T»r. and lufcn. 307.2.] 

trruQni, v. K. lair. i. mt <rr repo» 
(m on ■omothing that undcrliea and 
eupporU), be foaodeil, depend. [ta> 
and Tiiin. sm.2.] 

Krutiigtn, V. X. (r. make quiet, paei- 

fekppBUe, calm, aamagl. oompoML 
mmita, 'qaiet.' Mfl.IILla.] 
brnil)mni> c. !f. Ir, and rrjl extol, 
fame, bout: rare exftpt in patt 
part., b«nibnt(, famous, renowned, 
celebrated, [from Nuia, 'fame.' 
ttiitlinn, V. Jf. tr. tonob, come in oon- 


__ toQohing, _._ 

tact. [»(tfl6niiiB(*22.2c)»nd«(HHl.l 

htfita, V. S: Ir. Hiw over, rtraw, mat- 
ter [6(. and 1MB. 307.a] 

Monfttgin, i>. a: Ir. make loft or 
gentle, aoftcn, aefuage, appeaee, 
enotbe. [fromioiill. 405.IItla ;II-B.] 

M*iiWB(n,B. -V Ir. barm, bnrtLin Jure, 
[from 6Aiib(, 'leatli.' lOR.IILla.] 

*cfattltm, V. 0(1V2). or K Ir. create, 
ptoduoa; bring abont, ppocnre. [*t< 

utmal itate or oonditian. [fram 

kMcffn, pait pMt el *<»*•([«. 

MMfrigm. 1. !f. Ir. biU7, emplor. 

otxapj -.—bif^Mati P'^ F~' " 

(Hi/., employed, occ — -' 

KtUfiMgana,/. iita. emplorme 

oupatioD^aaineaa. [nom i 

iceapdod! tmiv. 

;. 40&: 

.n, bnmnei 


1 »cM*m' 

lim'ed, abaJh, I] 

[timn e4«n. 406.11 

tcTAnun, v. N. Ir. gaae al, rinr, oon- 
templata, inipeot. [k> and Mann, 
■took.' 807.B.] 

MdKiNn, B. 0(IIL2). (r. deal oat, al- 
lot, aaaign, appoint. — rejt. haii 
ooe'i aell^ be ooatent or latiafied. 
[*«. »nd WtflKB, 'divide.' 807.a) 

bti^n*n,a4). I Mif -limited, not gr»ap- 
lug or aanuning: hena] disoreet, 
modeit, onaeaumiog. moderate 
bumble, [iiregnlar put pari of U' 
Mcltfn. BSl.aj 

M^liUK,v.O{nL2). Ir. Bblnanpon, 
irradiate, illnmin»t«. [Ui and M<i> 
ita, ' (hlna.' 30T.3.) 

ttftfc utt cn, V. X. It. give preienta to, 
preaent (with aomething), giBtlfy. 
[»r> and It^ntta, 'give.' SOT.a] . 

btfAcroi, v. X. tr, (give u ose'i 
■bmni i«.) heitow, grmt givo, 
confer, [from e^n-] 

bttmmwfm, K. K tr. bring diafrsoo 
npou. diahouor, de&une, ■■parM, 
ineulL [from eAtnst, 'diwraoo.' 

bif^laso, e. (Kn.2). tr. line, bind, 
■tud, cover. [&(■ and Wlogin, 
•atriJieMSOT.Sli tit'ly, 'faeten on 

. . furtively upon, take m . .... 
■nrpriee. [b(> and WiUin, 'otawL' 

f AkuBigM, *. N. Ir. haatfln on, ao- 
celerste, expedite, diepaloh. [from 
miailt. 'apeedj.' 40KIIIla.] 

MOtUittn, <r. 0(1113). Ir. oloea, OOW- 
ci.uDE, bring to a termination: — 
conclude upon, reeolve, deteTmin& 
decide, (from WltU*. ' ■hot' 307.3.) 

bffAnufFdB, e. If. tr. Huff or 
■unffle at, examine bf uneUingi 
ffrom l*Hflffriii. ilOT.a) 

bcfA^nlgm. i. X tr. give a (false) 
beaiity to, color, put a eloea npon, 
palli&te. [from f^ta, ^beaatUoL' 
«».nLla; US.) 

. X. tr. limit, eoofis^ 


bannd. raatrioL [from S^caati, 

'limit.' 807.^] 
WkHkrmmttma,/, .(ib. limitation, ni- 

•trictlon. [tomi((^BfcB,*Oain.H.] 
WfArdbcB, B. oan.2). tr. (wriM 

■bout : i. e.) deacrllH, gire > de- 

urlption o£ [bom Hnt»n. 3UT.S.] 
VcfARitaBg, / >iiB. dHsrlptian. 

Ufrom bfMnltta. 40aaLS.] 
4«*ai, •. If. tr. ptoteot, aheltor, 
<l«f«i>d. Boud. [bom etkil. 'ahal- 

tet' awra] 

KtU^mtttt.f. 'ti. troabla, moleaU- 
ttoD, dimonltj, gnevuioa; oom- 
pUinl [bom MtAnnn. 408.ILL] 

M^vtrni, ». il^ fr. wei|^ down, 
bnfden, tmpn^ eninunbar, moluL 
— rejL make compbint, oompUin. 
Ibom |«nn, 'heavy.' 4<».IlLla.] 

WMwnlfdh Of^. bnrdeniome, onm' 
brona, troubleume. [bom bc[4D(- 

MB. «s.iar.] 
Stfi^BtrilA'tlt,/, >tfa. tnrobleaoms- 
uaea, importODitf ; inODtiTBnieaoe, 
diffionltj, hardBblpL [bom kW»R> 

rnnn SAn 

n e*nlM'' 'wing.' 406.ULl<i.] 

Md|MftRn.p.0{in.6). (r. nr»r to, 

confinn by oath ; coDJaie, exoroiie: 

ADJi'BC, unplore, entreat [tt. and 

Mvene. 307.3,] 
bifnkn, e. ff. tr, fomUh witk a aonl, 

inRpire, animate, ealivea. [bom 

ecclc. «fi.IILla.] 
Mtitlgm, F. N. tr. eet ulde, pnt one 

ltd* or ont of the way, nmove, 

aettle, obviate, [frometlu. 40(^111 

la; 113.1 
Bcfn, - -^ - 

to, «. >«*, 'B. bttle beecBa or 
broom, [bom Sfftn- 410.1.] 
Mcffm, odf. PDBBKBSiD (by an evU 
Bpiiit). deiDODiaii. [pait part, of 


Mt««nt V. 3^: fr. betet, ooonpy, fiU, 

jFaniaon: trim, Eamiah. [it> and 

k|(B. 307.4] 
ttjfcam, tF. AC (r. gain a victory oTor, 

vanqniah. oonqnai', auhdae. [bom 

fl(*(Bi 'gain » victory.' SOT.U.] 
kfffmun, tr. U(LS]. rtJL bethink one'a 

aelf, consider; reooUeot £if> and 

ttBBtB, 'think.' S07,2.] 
VrUt, m. .|t4. occupation, foxhes- 

BION : propmty. [from U^t. 40H.L] 
WI»ni, e. 0(L4). (r. oooapy aa owner, 

PDMESB, own, hold aa pnperty. 



(307.3); Utty, 'ait 

crty, eatate, lerriti 
hncn. 40aiILS.] 

bffiintcT, Off;, (let apart: i,e.) peon- 
liar, apeoia], ainguiar. [bom faBtCTr 
'auBder.- 418.1] 

brfoabtrti adv, uparately ; eapeoiallj, 
nirtioiilarly. [genitive of tcfoakn. 

btfsmini, <»{/. oonaiderats, thonghtfoL 
cdrciuDapeot, aobet, prudent, [paat 
pari of ttflaDtn.] 

9if»mitnMl,f. •un. oonaiderateneaa, 
oiroomapection, diaoretion. [from 
k|»"n. 40ftIL2.1 

ktfDTgm, D. If. Ir. csre (or, provide 
tor ; be in care or anxiety abont : — 
ttfotft, ptat part, at odf., auziona, 
aolioitoQB, full of caie (tor or about 
Bomething). [in and fDigin, ' oarg.' 

brfvrpdA* «4}- anxiona, ai^iebenaire, 
--'— " — tall ot care, [from h|si> 


15. tar. i 

ited image, 

I. 'miinir.* 

408.11L&] ' 
MPl'gtIn, B. S. r? 

aeif, behold ona'a . . _ 

be reSectfal [from Cpitstl, ' 

MpnAm, v. 0(L3). tr. apeak about, 

talk of, diacuaa — rrfL oonverao, 

confer, [tc. and fpiri^tB. S07.aj 
Mpnngni, v. AC (r. aprlukle, aoat- 

ter water apoD. [tf- and (iinBgrB. 

MfcT, <•({/. «" ntntparafd';, 130:1}. 

better. [E. better.} 
btftrn, B. X. tr, make better, im- 
prove, AMEuoluTB. [from ttfln. 

kctl,a^.(inniperlatltre,13g<l). beat. 

(E. beat.] 
Srilaiit, m. <M. -UU. Dontdnnanoe, 

duntion, nuunteoanoe. [from h> 


itable, a 

etftaBk. 415. So.] 
fccfiailgtn, e. If, tr. (make •tcodj't 

ic.)coNriRM, eatabliah.ntify.aaDO- 

tion. [fromfliMg. 405.nLla.] 
VritaitgBBg,/ .giB. conriiiMtTinii, 

ratiticatioo, lauction. [from itfktU 


■^■ y ^ 


n, bnrU, fntermeDt, 
upnltnn. [from WfritUB. MailLN.] 
■-'-'--B,iF.O(L3), (r. bribn, oAitnpt 

Dut fiiuoh bom, ga throDih with, 
endttiB, beu, tindm). — i«/r. |. 
■t»>d firm, FEHBisT, iMt, endnra ' 
— cuNBiaT, be made np. Itfi ind 

MWatM,».0(nLS). tr. DuaBtDpan, 
4HeDd, (oJo. [h- Kid piiitn. 
•monni.' 807.aj 

fedhlln. *. If. Ir, pal in pkoe, ur- 
nngs. order; an oidei Ibr, be- 
■PeaL^oider. [from etelt, 'pUo*.' 

Scftit,/ 'la. bekat, brnle, Bwa tiir fc 
[from Latin. 1 

fttmwtam, v. Jt^ tr, direol, order, ap- 
point, detennina, Gx ; dMlana, in- 
tend. [bt> and tHsan, 'give voioa.' 


icfliiBHt, a4i. lixed, deCeitniliate, 

dsGnite, paillJTe, oeitun. [pui 
put. of btlliinaiB.I 

etplBDiuns, / a 

determined office, deedned 

tent, end. [from bfJMiniar 
fttaffB. 807.1] 

i tue.1 
106. Ill 

ohutiu, ponieh. [iti ud 


IMlrafimtif.tin. paniiliment, ohu- 

tiiemenL [from Ml«k«. 406.1118.] 

kdln^lni, V. X Ir. heun npon, im- 

diate. lubC an. rit> and |hi(ltn.} 
btflrtlxfl, g. .a: nfi. exert one'i eelf, 
[6t> and flH*tri. 


ra. n. -ul, <!. endeavc 
lertiou. [intin. of ttflTfbci 

(•ftRlrm, p. OrttLl). Ir. 

Bgainit, oombat, oonteat: Itmee, 
biai up agUBit (expenie), bear the 
outlay at tttt and (tRUen, 'oon- 

U«ctu™, t. y. Ir. etnw oret. Hat- 
ter, «piBad. [*f. and faixn. SOT.aj 

b(|Hirniin,D..A':(r. take by itorm, 
■toru, auanlt, awail [h' and 
fmmKo. 807.8.] 

btflfirtnt. u. jV, Ir, throw into perpleii- 

[if . and flfiti'm, ' tumble' '(307.2) : ai 

Btfa*, m. .41, .4t. iWt, TiattBtian, 
fraqneotlnf : oompaoT. {{nun W> 
|D4ti. 406.ll 

xfttitni, B. .A^ (r. (aeek tor: le.) go 
to lee. liiit, freqaent. Cfrom fn^n. 

-'Am,*. Jf. It. makedM.^ 4ea(toB, 
D, >tasetjr, oantoond. [from taat. 

foBon, itape&itiiTn ; oompleteqoiet- 

ingdown. [&oniltiaita.40a.nLa] 

kttm, IP. If. intr. (. pray, o<br pisyec 

oatloo. [from ill 
pare 404.11,] 

tcftfniani, ». A: Ir. giTs a ahuv to, 
oaoie to take p4rt.— r^ri. take a 
(hare, partioipate :— ktttriUflt, potf 
part. « «</. (851.3) taking part, in- 
tereited, oonoemed. (froni ZbctI, 
'share.' 405,m.Ia; IL3.J 

kMbnKm, c ff. tr. proteat tb« tratli 
<rf, aeeerer, aasert, affirm, aTer. f &tun 
Htun, 'dear.' 
t^DTca, g. If. Ir. make a feol of, be- 
fool, delude. in&tnat& [from Uo^ 
'fooL' 406.1111a.) 

ard, reapect [bom ktti^lto. 

ttnaAUo. 4IS.l^.l 

<tttrnbnmt,jf. >gra. oonaideratlOD, 

cantempiation, examination, Tiew. 

[from ittloAltil. 40aiILS.] 

kttTagai,B. OilLS). Ir. amount to.— 

' ' le'ieelf, behaTe.aondnoi, 

[t«i and ttatc«, 'bear.' 


tttiaatn. S 


fiJi, Rirpdie ; have to do with, oon- 
oem, tonoh, be of importaaoe (a: 
eompart bctrofftK. [tt> and Intlni, 
'Ut' 807.a] 

cmnni. V. OlULS). Ir. arm for- 
ward, nrga on, follow np, preu; 
oarry on, manage, teansact, poraue. 

ttTtiin,v. 0{lL\). Ir. tread upon, 
tread, aet foot on, follow (a* a 
path). [»c> and tnl(B. 30T.3.] 

— «_ -ji utonck with airpciK, 


bkn aUek, cOBfoiBdid. ptifl»4 [ 
pmikd. [pHt OKI «( IBBft*.] 

dcjact. nOoBt. cut down, teaaUk i 

[bomut. '■Oktcd'Xn.nLIa.l { 

tlang,m.<4l. dewit, tsnA. dtcip- ' 

ticHi,iiBpOBtiaa.[fa«nMi^n.«I& L 1 

impoM on, daCrsnd. [In lad U 

tot [^m^tbign. 

(uuUy) 'In. »•«. rR ka^J 
WMrii>,r.JKfNtr.|. afe alaM, dsr th> 

msidianl. tiqt [idafad wiib HBts, 

' Ilk.' Kod Mn, * pnj.n 
Senlf T, DL •!«, ii. btnr, ■onf^nt. 

Bt iihriM , /. liiua. bcfSiT'iraMB. 

[frum VttttR. 4ia4.1 

Seiibk, ptiut. [fi 

«D. a^pfy Witt >a^ at I 

■ ■ *■■ ■. •- -S "- kKfi..^B4. p>- 

leof baw ba 

duqmeb, disturb, hi ran, tanblc 

'^-maonUt. 'DDqaiet.' KSJUIk] 

r ^. It. 1 '--■ ■ 

mate, critual eiiminatan oraakit- 
9ntt,f. ko*tr,^Biidet,ipoil,pn7. 

. [from 

bannriHa, oi^. iBatiBg for h 
eanr for plnnder, enTing 

bnWN, a. iV. Mr. |. nia haa 

qnil. [fromthiM. U&LI.) 
bJm.^„ V Ir 6U with I 

- . ,l.lil 

"ttf-'V*- papolatum. [fanm I 

Mtb^i^S*S<MMN,/ ■«). bbtmr 
ol poopUns. itotr oitlnt aeMleiBAt. 
[«ntIbRii« {433.3I-) ud Vtltl^U-] 

ktMa«uAtl«n, 0. tf. tr. bertow t^U 
powor apcm, aathariva, empower, ac- 
Diedit:— StaonaiJIbMgl, part parf. 

CtDnutl, 'IWl powei or tulglit.' 

WB.nLl<i; n.3.1 

Uavr, odBeri and tep'bU prefix, be- 
Ibr*, bsloiduuuL 

Aawabk, f 

^ODibtj, cuacitf ol 

tun ; icitatMa. dntaibanoe: nao- 
tioii. [itiom KiMta. «W.nL&l 

banDODj o£ TBOTemanL. 
ITXBtgiai (423. 2>-) and Stati^atai. ] 
KtrnttmattltiM, n. .11, .1*. «bclui( 
of moUun. [enriiRi ( aod 

SnatfaKg lBliibiBiliBBI,n. aatafeu- 
iana or machtrieiy of motion, i^t' 
W9iD« {i23.2e) uid He^iiBilaE*.] 
DcMSngknlbt, / .n. Hiiea of 
morement* or motiona [emoiiia 
( and mn^, • nw.'l 
Umlmru, «. K tr. whiaa abont, 
weop arer, bevaiL deplora. Ibo 
and iHlgtB. S0T.2.] 
StiwM, m, >M, -te. proof, evidanoe. 
demQii«Cf»Uon. [from ttatHm, "" ' ■" 
bnxittn, IP. 0(11X2). I 
show, pio»e, eTinoe 

[S.. and Bttltn, ' poin , 

bcainigtn, r, H. tr. «gc*o to, aa 
to. pcimit. erant, aoorpt. [I 
nimr' wUllVg.' *Oa.ltLla.J 


, prDdnoa, 

\. H>7.:i.] 

(r pi ■ 

eoterUun w gOMt. T< 

. _. inhkUtablK [from 
ka*»knai, v. N. tr. dweU in, inhabit 

r»t'Uid «!!«««, -dwell' SOT.a] 
BnMibMr, m. •!<, >i. inb^ituit, 
dweller, oociuuer, [from bcDD^itQ. 
408. nil] 

e. It. tr. elond om, oror- 
obwnm with cloadi, [from 
, ■aloud.' 40MILla.) 
rn, V, y. tr. ngard with iroB* 
r vlniiniHoii, wonder at, ad- 
mire, [from Kuntn. 405.IILla.] 
tcMDtecnitBcnll, (hU. worth being 
admired, admir^lft [UfBumbin 
(433.26) aod aett|.] 
bcMnintcrnaniirMh aiU. yrartlty of 
admintion, admirable. [SiDaibtim 
(422.2b) and iiitibl«.] 

... [ai if pt«t 

part, of tfreino. Dot in nae, from bH< 
U. 'know.' HSl.So.] 
ntBufifrin, iL >i(. act of baing OON- 

e<la, MMini;.'] 
leiablcn, f. JK (r. pay for, diiohai^ ; 

pay, aatiify ; pay oat. [in and ^i 

1(11. 'ooant^pay. 807.3.] 
b<iabNHK, •, iVT f r. nuke laiiie. tame, 

mduoB or ieep ondet oontiot oorb, 

govern. [&Dm n^m. 4(€.IILia.l 
btioubtnii o. y, tr. bewitch, enchant, 

laioinate, charm, [from .SmbR. 

■magic' «%IILIiLJ 
ttiilOm*", •■ y. Ir. P<A > lign or 

tvkoK upon, mark, denote; ahow 

bf aign& lignify, deiignate. [bom 

S'lHts. inmLla.] 
bffiMti, V. If. (r. ahow, eridflnoe, 

exhibit [t(. and jtlgia, 'ahow.' 

ff*"-) . 
bcicugtn, - - -^ ... 

atleit. certifT. [bom Stugt. ■wit- 

neH.' 40S.UL11.] 
ttilctai, ». 0(111.8). tr. draw 

|lrt«.''draw.' S0T.2.] 
Btiirf, fn. pt(, rh. elrenit, onolomra; 

precinct, diatriot: ipbere, place of 

action, {from 31rl, L*tui droit, 

■eircte,' with preBi bt:J 
** — -" .Ag(. rolation, tefer- 


UpefiHln. 4I.M&] 
kci»iiifn, 0. OIL I ). (r mbdna, vaa- 
qniili, Donqnat, pnt down, plus un- 
der retttaint [t<i ■ndintaam, 'foroe.' 


hkgat, B. WULay tr. kmr. bend, 
CDire, crook, inflect, aioh ; n/" /<ffAA 
refiaot [B. bowi rdkted witb- 


McgfOM, aifi. capaUe of beiuK bwrad 
or bfmt, flexible, sopple, pliant, plia- 
ble, [frombitgrn. Jm.m B. k«x- 
ona IB the aame ward, but with auo- 
malouly altered meanine.] 

KkttmdAl,/. >l(n. fleiibdity, mmila- 
neai. capability of adaptation, [from 
bifflfom. 4UB.n.».j 

■Mflu,/. -n. bee. [B. bea.j 

Ski, H. .Ml, .R. beer. [£ iMcr.] 

bkun, V. OiULa). tr. bM, ollcr, tflO- 
der. {related with bltlin.} 

VtU. K. >bit, -bR. leprenentad fonn 
or ■h^>e, image, effigy, pictnra. 

Ultoi, *. Jf. tr. afaape, farm, make, 
bnild: fiams, oonititate; make 
■h^uly, ooltirate, ciriliic [from 


nibtr, m. -tt. It. maker, ahaper, pro- 

duoer. [from Hlbta. 406.1114.] 
SlIbtrbuA.ji. lilt, 'Mn. pictnre- 

•colptor, imase-maker. [from tU- 

k(B, with n (408.IIL4), and imgn- 

larly interpoeed n.] 
Vfikmig,r •giB. foimatian. creation; 

ahape, figure, Rtrnotore ; civiHxation, 

ooltnre. [from tlOwa. 40&m.&] 
KIbimgtutitt,/. >f(H. etyla of civili- 

■ation, mods of cnlture. [Sllbuttg 

{422.*:) and ffiriff, • manner. wUe.'] 
Unls,a4- auitable, i«Hnable,eqaita- 

ble. Eui ; low-priced, cheap. 
Wnlgra, t. Ac tr. regard aa reawmable, 

approve, allow, aaeent ta [from tU> 

Kg. 4(H.L3.] 
fUnigMt,/. >Ki. iMsonableneM, fait- 

neiB, iiu lnc i: Bhaannaifc ftmn 

»iaig. *OB.n ' 1 

tlllig. 40D.II.%] 



Ma,j><wn f(lB (239,3). am. 

Knii,/. •in. Kinietbiiig boand on, 

bitnd, tie, fillet, bandafe. [frcna 

tlnbiB. 40HlIL^] 
HntxH, V. 0(1.1). tr. bind, tie. fut- 

en. oanSne, toin, cement. [E. blad.] 

tlBIHIi, ado. within, in the interior. 

prrp. ivil/i dj(., rarely gfn.) 

within, ehort ot. Inside ot [from 

M, adff, {qualifying adverta of place 
and time, and prepotUioru, 3U9.1} 
u fkr u, tilL 

pTtp- u br u to, ill Uie wfty to, 
till, nntil, to. 
miij. (for (11 ba|, 377), till tba time 
thkt, tUl, outiL [{Mrh>ii* OODtracted 

eUAnt, R. >Bt, ■!. little bit, slight 
uDonnt, trifle, Uttle ;— tin ei«4ni, * 
little bit. ■omewhkt, slightly {uttd In 
an adverbial aay. and of in '•'— 

[froiD Ki\. 4 


. . . <|«, >ite- blabop. . 

ilreti epitkopot, 'overseer.') 
M*hr, adv. <u (u u hither: te.) 

till the present time, hitherto, till 

now. [tit and in. 3Wi.] 
tUlKIlfl, a<4>. belonging to the time 

nntJl DOW, hitherto eiuting. [from 

tlt»n. iVi.9d.] 
Won, TD. >nt, int. bUoi 

Wl,m. .fffi, .Be blt>| 

*rttf«. 408. r.] 
MS, ftwnftli(239.S). *rt 
M*w<lln>, ode. onoe in 


«il[i. SflS.lft,^] 
Kliti.f, 'in. reqnest, prBjer, entie»tT. 

[fromMIlt*. m.U.%J 
Ultta, V. n(L4). Ir. ntk. n^nert, beg 

of, solicit, piay (for ■ometbiug from). 

[ret&ted with bl(l(B, ' bid,- uid UUa, 

MlMr, adf. bitter, sharp, itiuging. 
[related with Min, ' bite.'j 

Kunrttitif. lUa. bltUmess; Mper- 
ity. mcum. [boni Uttn. 40KI18.] 

MaM, a^i. BhuiiaR. bright, oleao, 
poUshed; bare, naked, [from tllm 
OB, ' shiLe : ' R blHk is the same 
word, throDgh French blaac. 

bbfrn.f. r>(IL3).fr. blow. [R blsn. 

Wall Iff/, (a or i in compariton). pale, 
colorless, wan. 

eiBit, n. ,Ui. .ittn. blade, leaf; 
leaf of a book. [E. bUde.) 

Blan^Bt^, / .(B. leaf-siirfsoe. aor- 
fnoe of a leaf, [eiilt and 81^4'.] 

KlatiMn, n. m, :n. little leaf, leaf- 
let. Ifromeiott. 4I0.I.] 

eintiftid, in. .It, .It. leaf-stalk, Bt«m 
of a leaf, petiole. [Vlatt and eiitl.I 

Mail, adi. blae, atQTe. [E. bias.] 

Vlaut.j^ •EH. blneneu, uore. [from 
W.U. 408.ILI,] 

M JullA, (Uff. blaisb,toniewh>tblBe. 
-■«B. *16.12t.) 
(. lead, [probably related 
n or t]tl4, from the color. ] 

bbfbm, «. 0(IIL2). intr. f. oontinne, 
stay, remain, be Uft, abide ; folloie- 
id by an (lyln. KUhovt jn, In tenie 
of pra. part. : thui. (ItftB 6l»ib«B, 
remain sticking (StK.LS), [the t ii 
Uieprefliir>: -[(IbtBieUtedwithB!. 

bliiitl, o/Jj. pale, pallid, oolorless. wan, 
faded, [fa. bleak, blcacbcd] 
Itfdxn.ti. 0(111.1). or JV intr. (. grow 
pole or white, lose color, hde ont, 
bleacbi— jV! 'r. make p^e or white, 
remove the color of, bleaeb. [from 
iMt,. 406.1.2; 408.1a.] 

kbifnMs, adj. lewl-ooloted. leaden, 
livid, don. [Blii and faitlg, 'col- 

_ IBJ.] 

bknlvn, g. JK (r. make bllBd.bltad, 

danle. [from HLbI, 40B.La} 
nUnbuiig,/ -gtB. bllndlnB, depri' 

vation of light [from tltatfii. 

(Hid, m. •tftt, .St. glanoa of the eya, 

look, [from tKiIln. 406.1] 
b(i<tai, V, ff, intr. %. glanoe the eye, 

cast a bok, look, [related with 

tbM, iVMn, etc] 
MiM.oiU. bllad, deatitnteof sighb 

[E. blind.] 
blbibBurbrnt, aif}. bllndiv iBffingi 

with blind tnry. [illnbac -'"' ~ 

pies, pari of n&t^ta, 'rage.'] 
ilwha, V, y. inlr. t. gleam, ilitter, 

■hiue; twiukla, bllak, win£ [E. 

Wl«, m. ■(«, ■!(. lightning (related 

with tflBbn, tIkfiB, etc] 
lUftm, 1. y. intr. t. lightoi ; gisam. 


■liiUc, oonuoate, AmIl [from Wit. 
Hi*(*f«n(II or Mftthuttt, a4f. quick 
u ligbbniiw, witb tigtituing speed. 

[Sill (4-.-ii^' ---"'---' 

eiitftratl, m. At, ,ln. Bub of li«ht- 

niiiic. [KlitudenaEI.] 
M6(tm or blotm, r. X. inlr. \ ble»t, 

buL Iciir. [imitatiTe wori ] 

Amrr^ dim-iagbtfid ; of ire^k under- 
■Unding, ■imple, imbeoUe; kirk- 
mrdljr Einud, bHUnl, thy. 
'■— r M»t, «!«, b«rB, luked, M- 
■ ■-- \ deititate; man. 

poied; ■tripped, d 

■impli '---- 

■imple: wro /VwMnI <u 
marel;, ■ungdj', aolen. 
tlulMK.s. A'! Jnfr. (. bloom, bloMODi, 
UoHer, bl*w ( Aenrr, flonriih, •hioa, 
make > fine ehow. [£. blaw ( ' bloe- 

Btamt.f. [(n. flower, blaaiom, bloom. 

[bl blosiB I from ilHtni.l 
Blumcnpmdir, /. iplaadoc of fiowen. 

Bowery muufieoaoe. [«[Bmt(432.1SiI) 

ind eta*lT 
Slui, n. ittt. blood I henct, noa, 

liQsage. [Bl blood.) 
Wnnn, s. JK (ntr ' - 

tSlut. 40e.Ll.] 
HHifllcrigi (ut). greed; for blood, 

bloodtbirstT, murdenme, Mngiiin- 

miy. [Blnl end gtcriB-J 
"•■-'- ' ~ bloaeom, blow, floir- 

bleed. [from 

livilu, . 

> of 

floruoe, Uoom. [from »U^B. 40& 


kUrlicnnld), adj. ricb in flowen, 

kbountling in bloBsam*, flower;. 

iVmtbi (433.3(2) and RI4.] 
Vluibmdtdbt./ >rn. flower-eliektk, 

epathc enveloping UoaiomL [SIBItt 

(Vl-i.&t) and &*(Tb(,] 
eUillniPaiA, tn. ,itt. flower-dont, 

poUen. [VMa,i (422.2<i) uid Sitaui.] 
eijiil|l(ii<b(l[, m. .\t, <1t. part of > 

flower. [»mi6t IfXL-id) tud X((il.] 
Uuii«, <«y. bloodf. gory, gangain- 

'^ii.T'' "'"'^"""' ■'™"'"'"- 

VliitfdmU, /: guilt of blood, capital 

crime. [«lul and ei»ulD.] 
8lull)ra»l, m. dt, >lni. Jet of blood, 

blood-stream, [einl and eiraftt.] 

«atot * 

A to be 

ihJp hf biMd, oonuBpiiiii^. [Sltf 




SMt, m. -in. >Mi. Inski Anw, 

fonr-legged aupport. boroe ; Mtrux, 

OBiriage^x, elentod w*t for » 

driier. [K back.] 
■tetwa, Fn. <U, .n. bottvHi, nnder- 

Ifing aupport ; ground ( under our 

feet; aurface of the earth), aoil; 

etandiug - place, platform ; lowrwi 

pait<of a uiDg. ita) bottana ; Soor; 

Acmv, roof-floor, guret, Mtia [B> 

hobtntot, rvjj, boItoBleB*. imbtb' 

omable. [Sebta and M. 41B.lSa.l 

'bend.' 406.11 

eDr^, m. .Ul 
brim. edge. 

Borfc,/ «■ 

funiiah with a 
ler. [&om eoil 

iHirk, rind of a tres. [BL 

Kotttnl^min, m. ■|iii(, iitn. pain in 

the bark, baik-achc [SDif((42a.2if) 

and &iiBuri, ' amart.'] 
9cm, m. I'ncl, mt. spring, well, finuit, 

[EL boami Soot burn: related 

with SiuBiicii.l 
eSrfr,/ -tn 

*, moni7-bag; 

,_ HifromUroek, 

thtoagh Latin. ] 
Borftt, /. itn. brlatle. [perbqw 

from iciQCD.] 

b6ft or bo*, oi^. bkd, evil, wioked, 
criminal ; ill-intentioned, eril-mind- 
ed, vicious, malioioaB ; angi;, rexed, 
oat of bumor. [E, haA.] 

BdrtmiOit, la. •!<, ctn or ^It. villain, 
rascal, misoreant. [tilt and IBlift, 

9pttnit,j: bsdneas, wiokednesa, ma- 
lice, epite, anger, ill-t«mner. [from 
M|( (formerly also tufe). 409.11.3.] 

VsM, m. itn, itn. mci 
obarged with an errand 

sft, / . 




. iH, -Hf. cxin 
leBomboiu. [e»ttM(42a.2<f}ftnd 

Knab, m. ittt, <iiibt, bnmins, Ere, 
oonfluntion. [R brsndi from 
hnin, >bMro,> 40S.IL1.] 

kronNiiiV. Xi Inlr. ^. break (uw>Tei 
■giimt Uie ihoTe or other obitaole), 
■lUge. [probkbly from niiuib, nuii«] 
tor the boiling motion.] 

"— -' — \g,f. igtB. bracking (of waT«). 
K, breakel. unrin. aaxt [from 
1. «aiIL8.l 

^raHUanftd). a/fj. Bnmluii. [froio 
Btoftlltn, 'B™riL' *15.1(W.J 

Snt, ••.•Ut. meat tor nautuLg, SmIl 
[bmn train. 406.1] 

»iMtii,ti. 0(113). or JIT (r. oook by 
direot ezponuv (o firo, rosat; b<nl, 

[from haUn. 40&in.a] 

Biaa^,m.'M,t^a^. nuga, oiutom, 
eitablubed form, [from hii^cnj 

traiMbni, v, JK Ir. me, cmplor, make 
tup of ; be in want of, need, mot, 
find neocuuy. [B. brook, 'pat 
op with, got along with ^ i vnth 
meaning muob altered.] 

brown, V. Jf. Ir. brew. (R brew.] 

VroBhfltl.rn. <». ,L brewing-keltle. 
Ittun and Btfld. 422.S.] 

»ran>i, o^, bnnru. [R brows.] 

braiuun, v, JV! Ir. make brown, em- 
brown. [fromtiauB. 405.13.1 

tmnstUrtl, a<$, brawv«olo[«d 
[bRm and (Cf liH, pait part, of (Mtn, 

Udt, tuff. browK •■Dotted. 
and itfttt, put part, of flttfti, 


•raiuifclb, a^. b 

[tiosn and atlt.] 
bnaToi, P. Jt^ fntr. ^ a 
mnltnoualy and noiaily, 
Un>t«, Poai; hrnce. 
petaoaity, bo unpatno 

e (t « 

Uaplay im- 

uonfing t 


n betrothed and 
itmaniad). [B. bride.] 
»ranril4,ci<4. belor--'- - 

bridal, - -'^-' 

BranlfAot, n. <|((, -Itt. bridal 

tresaaie, dowry. [SBcoul andSAaf,! 
brev, o^. exoellent, gallant, woithy, 

admirable^ manlT, valiant, couia- 

geona, bravo, [bom Fronob.] 
ftrc4ni,s. 0(13). Ir. break(D/%A<, 


VrI, fn. id. broth, Dinah, pap, 
thick tiqaidlood; Acnrs, any tliii:k 
liqnid. [related to iraii(n,'br*w.'1 

htttt.adj. broad, wide. [E. broad.] 

Srtin,/ .ta. brradtb, width, lati- 
tude ; LATITUDE (aa meaiured by 
oirolea on earth'a anrfaoe). [from 
httt. 409.111.] 

hnitm, >, 2f, Ir. make broad, apreod 
out, widen, extend, expand, [from 
knit. 401112.] 

ercll«i|itM,m. -U, .1. parallel of Uti- 
tode. [emu (tiKSfO and jirlil. 


barai make by bnrBmg. [ m.] 

BmI or Br«tt, », <><(, .ki. boanl, 

pUnk ; abelf ; counter. [E baatil i 
related to Intt. > broad.'] 

Vrtrr,ni. ifd. 'It. letter, epiitls ; writ- 
ten dooiunent, paper, oharter, brier* 
rfron latin ftrmii, 'brief; ebort;' 
literally ' lUDunaij:, abatraet, '] 

triaanl', a^i. brilliant. [Frenob, 



. a^. made of brocade, bro- 
caded [from ewMl. 415.2,] 

BrotorVrott or Knu n. .tit tU., >tc 
ele. bread | loaf of bread. [E. 

bnitrii|)nli4> ("tf. like bread, mcm- 
bling bread, [etot and itili^.J 

SmAf "■- ■fttd '^At. breack, mp- 

ture ; fraotnte. [fromtittiB. 406,1] 

BraOi,/. .n. bHdge. [S. brtd«e.J 

eratwr. m. .rt, .Atm. ftralker. [K. 

bnttherlr, tater- 
utn. 4IS,11^I.) 
■(■. brotherhood, 
order (of moDki). 
m»t<r(pttirt,f. 'ta. brother apbero. 


■. |. raw, ballow, 

Ir, t- mkke ■ lav 

mmbls, ihov ill-b 

\g or buKung 

10T. [imiUr 

uid continusd 

ftruMiaU, o^/. grovling, "■"■H"g, 
KTuioUmB. pesTUh, oroaa, hBMJih, 
[from bruDiBfn. 415.96.} 

well, iprlng, fauDUtln. [TeUted 

witfa esn.] 
Vmn^wa, m. •!!, •!<. will-qiiing, 

fonntaiD-beML [Qiibb, for SnnBn, 

uid Ontl.] 
Brunlli./ ilnfh, barmiug, oonfliyrk- 

tioD, Mftt, £oTTOT, udor, ritfm 

[from hn»». 4a&ILl.] 
trfinMOiixV. bat, wdant, farrent, 

pMiUDkte, " " — " 


»»./. .1 


, eagsc. [ttoiD t)naB. 
bniut, bourn. [E. 

. bnad, beir of jonng. [B. 

Dntod. iclmtod to breed. ] 
trunn.D. ifiinlr. V broad, intnbkte, 

•it on («g> w over yonng : henee. 

Bit idle, mope, [from <Bnil. 4(iAlI.1.J 
BiUm, m. •», •tn. haj, ^uth ; etten- 

duib, WTKit, Tuul ; wuaKy, lov 

fellow, cowmrd, knave, villUD, 
8nA, n. •4<(, -ll^n. book- [BL 

KMm.f. >n. bcacb-tiw, b««b< 

{&. bcMk.] 
SudKrbcnfi m. 'fl, •((. book-bcup. 

[»d4 (4-J3.3rf) and (bbT.] 
Sudrfti/ •ca. oflindrioal veanel, of- 

liadei, tabe, pipe, IwiTel (of a gnn 

or tbe liks). [E. box) from Latin 

Mifni, v. If. It, itoop, bend over, 

bow. dnok. [related with M<i(n and 

nitfllRBiin. ill, 'gi. oeremoniooe and 

awkward bow, bow and scrape, 

ob^iiaiice, rBrerence. [from ba^n, 

Bug, m. i»H, -.iff. bow, bent, flBinro, 

oune:>iiaulder, withen (of hnTiea). 

[tromfcltata. ■bond.' 40S.L] 
Bugtl. ni. i.U, >1. bent pieoa of wood 

iir metal, tine, hoop, ntirrup. [from 

tlfotn. -bend^] 
Cubic, m. <H, ■» 1 /. .tR. beloved, 

lOTor ; giClant. parunour. 
MikH, V. JV. inir. \. make love, woo, 


gatlaBt. [bum 

, , -, - ...xt.Vam. [frOBi 

M>'n- 408.111.4.] 
SHbltnMV,n. '|(fi >|(. aetforloTen^ 

amorooi inare. [8itl(r and Ki|.] 
SiitWf /- ■(■, aoaffnldtng ; aUg^ 

•oene, tbaatre ; henet, apiierB of 

SHlgai, m. •m. •m. B«lg« «■!■■■ 
em», m. •btl, 'iati. bond, tie; 

league, union ; ooTenant, aami iimiil. 

ooinpaiit [tnnn Hakn. «SlL] 
timHiAiWt< ^. aovenant-fercskinK, 

faithleaa to agreement, forawocit. 

jenti and M4I« (41fi.Sa), from 

«ni4, 'bceaoh.] 
KniMI, n. -U, -L bamU^ bnnoh, 

paroeL [from blnHx.] 
WmrtHgniBli m. ifffa, ilVn. ooufedB- 

late, allf. [Bine (122.26} azul •(• 

■si, ■ oompanion.'] 
Buibnll, n. <fM> -IV- aDianoo, leafiia, 

oonfederac;, covenant, [from Mn> 

tn. >blsd.' 406.1116.1 

f -colored, variagkted, 
probaU; related 

Taiicd, miied. 

.. ,. ^ttod with differ- 

oolon, varied in color by q»te. 
at and gihtfl, paat part, of itita. 

Mrtt,/ <EB. barden, <Aiarn, load. 

[from -Nrn, 'bear.' 408.11.1.] 
»rfl>/ 'fl'H' fortified pUoe, atrong- 

bold. citadel, oaatle ; fortified town. 

[R bBTB, baroBcb ■ from bcistB, 

; ■heltei.Tl 

K&nafttiMt.f. •\ 
citiien, ciril lil 

•firgt ■ 


rgtrin,/. ilnntD. femaU bBrglier 
roitiieo. [fromeflcgn. 410.4] 
MrstrCi4, adj- belonging to a bnr- 
gber or citizen, •£aiaiiterirtia of 
ciril life, civil [from VHign. 

luntrlltttiit,/ •t(B. (ocial or ciril 
life, [from tlii«nll«. lOU.ILa] 
iUTgliDri ">. -ft. ,(((. courtof a oastle, 
ooatle ^atd, [Surg and Qnf.] 
Ourgfeptnc, / 'tn. caatlc ckapet* 

ilArn. fellow, comrade ; <a>fcfal)u, 
■tndent. [related witb Kk^ 



' poraa,* and origmkll; dgnUiriiig 

' itipendiary ' or 'meo-mate.'] 
Sdrftt,/ 'tn. bmali. [nlMedwith 

Knftt, ' brlaUe.'] 
eur4. m, 'f<M, .Sf^i. bnib, (hidnt, 

broahwood, toft, [from late Latin 

OlifdKlf "1- 'U. ■!. toft, bonob, olni- 
ter, fuoicle. [from KuWi.J 

Vnftn, m, >n*. -n. Ikmobi, bmat; 
ba;, KulL [E. IKMU.] 

8u(t, /. Id. compeantiaa for in- 
Jiuy, amanda, atoDemeut^ fiap ; pen- 

uce, »ni(enoe, Tcpentanaa. [B. 
boot, advantogc, compenaatioD :' 
related with h|fti, ' better. '] 
battn, ". K ir. make amcudl for, do 
or Boffar in oompensation of, ei- 

tiata, atone tor, enffer for. — intr, 
, atone, malce sineiid*, do peuauoe. 
CpimiHntT, m. ■!(, ii. man of Byxan- 
tiiun, inliabitant of Conitantinople ; 
ooin of Byiantiom, hyskBt or 
■>•■■>■>(• [from Latin ButaatiHut. 

_ .k,n..»rt,.tt<. tttmoor 
ohooolato boab or oopflo or thickflt. 
[Uarai! (Hexiaau wordj and 9t&ft|it.] 
KMfenkn, n. nt. CmUtomlm. 

[tbiougb PrsDoh etD. 

(, from 


Frenota etc. cap, from Lfttiu capat, 

'bead' (Le. bead-land).] 
SapllaBe.rn. -14. nptsls. [Italiaii.] 
SapitBl, n. •!!. upltal. [&om Latin.] 
•arlralur, f. ,m. ckrlcBtarB. 

[Italian, bom carieare, 'overload, 

Sanmol, n. <U. »rmlT>l, featiTs 

week before tike beginning of Lent. 

[Latin earni calf, ' tarewellto lleati. '] 
— H, .H. •venlKK 

[tanitiHl (433.36) 

•ariKKUiiungt, / -ti. varalTsl 
oroHd. [aani»al(433.3b)aDdIK(Bgt.] 
catHfAf <>4f. Ca^plBD. 
•ofttO', n. 'U, lit. B«aU«. [from 



(■fturaliBll*. aiij. ntem 

(■^•otTKry. [a«|aiu (a 

word) and italic, ' like.'] 
Sittal',n..U,.Uiii. ediblegi 

cereal* [&omLatinrrr0a£it, *per- 

taininir to Cera (goddeu of gmn 


,_ . jn Li^io ceremonld.] 
■trtnimlt*, adj. cereiaoiilOBa. [bom 
Latin ceremonloiuM, Fienoh ciri- 

•(Rf./ Cerea, (totheRomaiulgod- 
deai of the fertile euth and of afpri- 
cnltaTC. [Latin.] 

AwiiMi wtf. cbaatle, beloiulng to 
cbaM or aprimitiTe period Dioonfa- 
ilon. [fromLatiurA(u>f(ciu.4l5.10fr.] 

Sfearaf 'Itr, m. iH, >tr'tt. ebaractar, 

diipoaitum, dignity, tjpe. [Lolin 

(^Tofttrdlrai, u. X. tr. ebaruter- 
lae. [from Freaob caracUriter. 

atanlliriftR, / cb»r»teriitle, 

difltinotiTO trait; chmracterization, 

diatinotiTe deaaription. [fnm French 

AarK'friRiTAi a4f. eliKractertatlei 

diatinfnialdnir. [from ^ench earac- 

" ■*4ai06.] 

deititnt« of elk»- 

__, ig in force. [Staiilln 

andlD«, '-IcH.* 415.15a.] 
Stlanilrtr)ug, m. •%*, pUgt. trait of 

eharaetar, diaraateriitio featar& 

[atacolln and 5ug.] 
Kiatp'WtJ. CiMTrbdta (noted whirl- 
pool in the atnita of Headna). 

[Greek. 1 

'"--^anmipl Obaiara (> nomadio 

h-Mim^. 4 
rotlrrlot, a 


lin. eliarab. [He- 

, omrbara (Sonth 
er-like animal), [na- 
re Sonth-Amerioan word.] 
m*,a4}. Cbfneae. [from S)!- 
[I, -Chinaman.' 415.10.] 
r, m. or n. •[<(, iDit. eboraa, 
loIr I group, crowd, [from Latin 

, „ _. ""I*. <*na(. ebolr 

alaging; aons by a cbarai. (Sfn 
and Oilaiii.] 
Sbriff or CltrifhW (107). Chrlat. 


Vbrifl, m. >m, 'to. ehrlMliB. 
CbrWinbcIt,/ <hTUteB4iini. tfnim 

tittlt i*£i.iH). 410.S.] 
•briflimibiiai, iL ■■■*■ ohrutbuutr, 


1. cItrlatiuL [fromO^n. 

SMrfrt'tl, pt (0/ foitfelUt, AaUM 
Bonf)- •omDhM, ««^Mt«, SOB* 

ftctionny ; mock ngarplnnu mftda 

tsnfu*'. adj. caBttaiad, pcrplaud, 

puulcd. [from I^tdn.] 


h (1U7), 

a minied womui 

[PreDiifa or Latin word. ] 

I teccy. [LatiD emuniumlUi.] 
to, art. 'tun, ' dnifnianl',m- itn,iUB. iwKAamaBt* 
[Oreok.] I (bom [Atin.] 

■!lclil»». ] KonHnmr, m. or n. •». >l(. MBtl- 
. [fcom Latin.} 
rrn, t>. y. intr. ^. tmmtrmwt, 
I itand oppoaed. [from Fnoch fan- 
clrMOAtloB. I Irotln-, 401II.4.] 
rd] Qorbt,/ ■(■. eai^ [from I^tiii.) 

•imi, fn. clRBi. (lAtin word.] i SprMCk'n, / ■». ••miUcr*, high 
MtM or Siittl, m. .M, ■!. clRla, mannUiu-nngB. [bom Spuilih oor- 

roond. [tram Lktia cirrHdu.] ililltra.] 

dMlti(nirA,<Hft. ctHlplDBfljrmgon ' fforfci', R. >tl, •!!(. vonet, (Ujt, ba- 
the hither lids of the Aln (witb i«- 1 dioe. [bom French.] 

~ '- '' " Corwi(ao«teinUDsrtnet 

in Rome). [Italian word] 
CracoMI'.m. orit. >U, 'It. cnmUla. 

Viilnr, /. ealtan, smltiTatiaD ; 

oivUuatioD. [&om I^tiTL] 
SultBrftnfti / -n. grade of oiriliia- 

tiOD. (Oultut and etaft, ■•Uip.'] 
ffulnit, m. eultn*. rdigioDi wonUp 

and oeremonr, [lAtin word.] 
««btlt,/. Cfbele sr Rhea (to Uw 

OTee1a^ the mother of the godi). 
c«ltBtHf(b, Of^. eyiliulrleal. [fn>m 

IjAin q/liruUr, 41S.[0t.] 
e«|lrcff(,/ .«. erpnea. 
Qitprtffaiflt|lalt>/ ■!"- erP"*a-lilt« 
figure [tIi|VR|^(422.&nand«t1laU.] 
Q^priiMMma, n. -nli -blfi, enrlpv 
dlam, ladf't ilippei. [Oreak. j 

VlaKti f: •*«. claaa, raaik, order. 

(frotn Latin,] 
QemMul,/. liltlt. oommiibI. [SmsI 

eo[Bni«-, / .ni™. »lai>r. (bom 



gigantio. [from Latin.] 


meut. (bom Latin.] 

(tmty with the pope on 

calmatten). [from Latin.] 


». = til, in b. f., M« (ftthatU; b. «., 
»a« %Ait, that in to aay. 

be or tar, ailv. tlkcre, then, at that 
place or time ; under thoie oinmin- 
■taucsi;— (w[IA ftlii,ba]ou the tpot, 
preaant :— corrvlalln qfln' all, Di 
ele. ItS&Sg) -.—iiomelima rzpietiv 
qrHer a nlattee (183,3) -.—very often, 
fn e^mbination with a prepoaitian^ 
TiprrterUiitg a can [dalivt otc- 
talUit, liHfpitar or plnral) of a 

governtd hy 

11513, 8; 166.4), tg. 

eoi\f. IrtlatiBt), whsn, a> 

§aHv* *enK, aa, linea, beoann. — 
eompoufd* of ba and in wit A prt- 
potUiont arOi let o/tm, latd (n a 
relaliee MnM, or ni eo^fundiotiM, 
rtpreieiiting eata of Iht relatiut 
pronoun governtd hjf those prfpO' 
tUion* (180), t.g. — — ■ — ■ -• 
which, whenoe, 1 
order that. elf. ft _ 
bar ii the older form, and ba ita ab- 
breviation ; bom tlie dcmonateatiTo 
■ ■ r. SflT.Bo.] 

I, wherewith, in 

L bab<f| adv. thereby, bj it or tbera, 
'ly that or thoie (= dative of aprr- 
onai or demonstrative pronoun 
•ovemed bf/ M, in aU the leniet of 
U : compare k«) ; kr or near it, 6i 



ecnmectioii with it, bcndsi, kt tha 
aams tdma, pr«Mnt ; in new of or 
oooiidsriDK it ; uotwithatuidillg 
UuL nuTertheleiii. [ta ud it\. 

CaAii. <«(, >i4n. rool [R tbatcbi 
related with biiftn. 'oovei. drrk**} 

t atwid i imte. thcrfiUininfh.tliiDngh 
or b; or by meui* of it or tbem or 
thiit (= atnualixii of a ptrfoiml or 
demonMrative pratiaun governed by 
*iirt. (« all the aentft of bunt : eom- 
pate tfl) ; b; that meuu. [t>a luid 
itaH. H6S.3t.] 

Mem, coiif. H tkf u; AcnM, in 
caso thatf Boppofliiig that^ prorided, 
tl [ka (reUtiTa) and fini. SQB.a] 

Mir. adt. tburafbr, fbr it or them 
or that (=. aentatbie of a penonal 
or demomlralivt pronoun governrd 
by fli. in idl tht tntei of fiii : eom- 
pan to) ; &r or on behalf of or in 
retain for or initoad of it or thaL 
[ImandHli. ii65,36.1 

tagtgmi adt. BcalBat it or tbem or 
Uut (= accuiaiiBe of a perionai or 
dtnumMralive pronoun gvvcrt^td by 

pare ta) : agaioBt or over againat or 
Dppoaite or m retiira for it or that ; 
in retam, on tho ooutnu;, on the 
other hand, [ta and flCgin. S66.Sb.] 
habrat. adv. ttktra at hoiHa, at 

T conntry. 

own honn 

. ^ia»nd*cHB. B60.&.] 
. . D. thetioe, froiQtbenee; u»e. 
wUA terbt of motion nearly at 
leparable pr^x, adding the mean 
ing of hither from HmB point, 
timpfli along ; — mott often, froi 
that mnmnutanoe or nuae, then 
fore, aooordinglT, bo then, [ba ac 
^i, 'Mtber.' Seb.Oa.] 
battm, adv. thithar, to that plaoe o 
time or oondition ; — M* babni, np t 
that Ume, tin than ; uied vilh vert 
of motion and a feu others ae 
leparable pr^flx-iAUng the mear 
(as 0/ awaj or oirfng. 
eof^^. l=aiiilM,'l:a relative inttead I 

'- "--'ire), whither, to or towar 

udtlB, <heDoe.' 3S5.3a 
t thither, pw an 

which, [baai 

■long, ini on. [laitn i 

bohlBlcbni, V. y. inlT. |. 1 
live OD from daj to d 


it»tek along. 
\lt,Vx and Itntfrn.] 
tabixnr, adv. belitnd that, there 

behind (.- ^atti ibm or l^n or l^t or 
ttntn, etc.). [ta and bUltr. 365.3*.) 

kmoM, adv. tiien, at thai ttrae. Tba 
and atil, 'tim«.'3e5.1b.} 

Bnnt, / 'in. tad;, gentlewoman, 
d»ine. [Ftench word.] 

KoMlr, adv. therewith, with it or 
that or them {-dalbie of apertonai 
or demonifrolftie jironoun governed 
by nt<, M all the ttnta of mlt ; 
ta); along with orator bj 


. bo Amini; 

\te)\ hence, mott often, 
--■ -a that, to tha end 

mound, mole, dike, dk^. [R 


■bamincR, n. N. tr. only toed <n Kn 

Utio damnare.] 

Simnwr, m. or >l :H. dim light, twi- 
light [related with R dim.] 

Somncrtc, / monld, louo, Uaok 
eartb. [Sann and Qcbi.] 

einmrliihl, n. .U. twillsbt. [Dtm. 
mri and £14t.] 

tanmcrn, n. Jf, inir, f . grow or beoome 
twilight, dawn, [from Xlnnn. 406. 

■'' ' /. .»»"■ twilight (of 

miat, dvmp. 
Bompfdnig, odj. 1 

I. 4oSiii.& 

[Xanpf and aittg. 

from Id, 'nuumei.' 415,1^1 
bemirfni, t. y. inlr. f. und forth 

Bteam, riie M vapor, fnme, amoke. 

[fromSIaBBf. 106.L1.] 
tdiapfni,v. JV. Ir. doll, dim, amotber, 

take awa; tha olearneH of. [related 

with Xtianttand bniniif.] 
tanadi- tame at bamod). 
banrtm, adv. beaide it or that or them 

(= dative or arcutallte of a pertonal 

or drmonstrative pronoun governed 

by letcB, <n all tha tenie* of adtn ; 

compare b»). 
eo^. (b« relative Italead of dr- 

monalr.) beside which, [ba and »• 

- - -j.i 


■ant ; noDini 

•oknoirltdgiiMiit ; noDinpeiiw, 
*>rl [from ((iltn, * Utlak,' » 
beins t, mental nooguitioa at ■ liTai 

tonfbiT, a^. tbBmkfnl, gntcfuL 

(from Xonl. 4 



rkortcit,/ >t(D. 
Ihml ffrom 


n. gTfttitadft, tkiKmk 
Ibanltai. MB,1L3.1 
nCnm HiKnlu fo._ 
. , -t gTftUttide ftboDtj owe with 
entitudcs i^kuowlttlgi iudibtedueu 
for, ow^—intr. If. exprofti ^rmtitade, 
retam tliBBks (to aome oDe). [from 
Xarif. 40fi.Ll.] 
bonn. ode. thsa, >t that tame ; thera- 


r. root of 
in. X7.2a.] 

tannai, adt, in KM banatn, boa 
tttODOe, thenoe. (from bun.) 

tar = t*i adv. and itp'ble prefix, 
tkcre. lacd imtfod of bi a* prefix 
of tramUlte verbt, aiid In ombina- 
tioti with prepotUSont brginning 
tela I or a vowel ; and, Ik the latter 
ewnbinatioTL ofUn ahortened to br-p 
[from Uis oeoioiutr. root of txi. 

.= cTal^i or 
aceutatUt of a pntonal or demon- 
Itrative proHmn governed bn at, in 
aU tAe eentei of an : compart it) ; to 
or o> to or near it or that, nat and 
dn. HdHSb.) 
tanuf tor ttmf), adv. thennpan, 
upon or on it or thmt or them ( =: da- 

demontlralive pronoun governed by 
au|, In oil theteruei o/aut : compare 
it); to or on to it or that, at or in 
it, toward or for or after it or that; 
often, npoD that, tberaopoD, after- 
ward!, then, next [tat and auf. 
bardM (or brant), adv. (koraont, 
ont of it or them or that {= dative 
ofapenonal or demomtrative pro- 
noun governed by flul, in, alt the 

1 of tat : compare ta) ; froi 

' 't,brorby 

f cirtb bom il 

mot it 

conj. (bi relative in*tead ofdemon- 
ilralive). ont of whioh, from whieh, 
whence, [bai and au<. 80R.3J'.] 

barbitmirt. OiliLS). tr, affm, present, 
profFer. tender; afford, fumiih. [bai 
and iiiuv, 'ma.'] 

bonln lor »nln), ads. Uavnlnto, 

etratitr pronoun governed by la. in 
lAe nariout aeniet of ta »ith an ae- 
auative : compare ba] ; — tnin, in a 
genrral lertte. on, along, into or 

r' Hit anjrthinfi :— fetaiicr . . . tniM, 
g after, [boi and tin. Sd&St.] 

barfed:, from biiha (2r,|.3), 

bariB [or iiim.), adv. (bcrcfo, la or 
wittalia or at it or them or tlkat 
( = dative of a pertonaX or demon- 
itratlBe pronoun governed by la, in 
the variotuHMHS of im tcithadatige .- 
compare tt). [bnand in. 8a5.3«.] 

barinm (or brinntn), adv. Ikara 
withlB, within, iMiide. [bn and 
lann. 90.3.} 

bamad) (or bana4), adv. theraafter, 
after or toward or to it or Uiem or 
that (= dative of a pemnal or de- 
monstrative pronoun govemtd bv 
na4, In all l\e Mfun of Ba« : own- 
par' ba) ; in aooordauoa with it or 


. [baiandni^- 

ni),adv. on aoDOont of (*r 



. . imcb forth, band 
ont, pieaent, fomiah. [b« and 

MTTTfiliuna, / >g(B. aat of rcacli- 

ln« forth, prcaentation. fnmiahin^ 
[from barKl«m. 408.U18,] 
■rftfam, V. a. tr. wt forth, exbitnk 
diipla; ; leprenent [bsr and flflltB.] 
bariitwn [or, vrvatly, briibcn], adv. 
over there, over yonder, yonder, 
beyond, oppoalte. [b« wid tha. 

bariibtr {or brUtr), ado. tkereover, 
above or acroaa or about it or theni 
or that (= dative or accutatite of a 
personal or demonstrative pronoun 
governed by tUx, In all the lentet of 
iin: compare it); on that point: 
OYBT and above, beiiden. [bat and . 
fibii. 365. 3£.] 
amm (or brum), adv. tlieresbont, 
around or for or reBpeotiog it or 
them or that (= arcwativt of a per- 
ianal or drmORilrative pronoun 
governed by un, (n all the (enact <(f 
nm : compare bo) ; etpecially, for Ibat 
reason, on that aooonnt, therefoni 
[Ixiaadnia. S6S.W.] 


■od mUa. 

Sofctai, n. int. being preiant, pn- 
■cooa ; axutsDDB, baiug. [>o and (lis, 

baftlMli <i'I'. thare, in tiikt Teiy pUoB. 

»^, ron^. tbat, (Jbr ft bif) 
— bat • - - t>Ut. Iwt. [bom Hiis u 

. C>(26T). Mr. «. itaa 


l^tMI. /. .!■. dktii, fmit of thedate- 

pKlm. [bom Lttui.] 
^anttpaimt,/. itd. dBt(i-9iaB.[Sa(' 

1(1 knd Valnc] 
iMMlTtUbi o4- >^l> <f Iboanding in 

flatca. IXatKLvid nlA.] 
MiMbnaand »JMbMi,<>.jV:ir. or jntr 

[Iftta and uiomBlcmi tormation oat of 

the old pTctarit btiitli of bfinFtB.] 
9>aiur,f. dvration, endonuuM, coQ- 

tinnuoe. [liom Vgntia. 40111.] 
boNcn, V. If. iiUr. i. eadan, Uit, 

abida, oontinQe. [from lAtin du- 

kOMm. 0. X It. more to pity, maka 
•orT7. grieTO. [rdatad probsM; with 

B*II. [Sanm and Sogtl.J 
koMm, adv. tkoraof, of or from or 
by or napectiOK it or tham or that 
(= doHaa of a ptmmal or denum- 
itTotiat pTo»BHniiaiemtd byte; In 
all t/it toMM of VM ; compare tt) ; 
thenoa, away, eft [la and wn. 

hnwnUHftn, v. 0(114). Infr. (■ nm 
away, make ona'a esoapa. puiei 
and laofta.] 


It of a 

or that 1 = 
penonat o 
goaenud b 
WT : oonu 
BUG. 36.} 

lalivi or accvtatlvr of a 
■ demonalraiive pronoun 
, Ml, it all tA< KMM of 

ira ba). fit and tat. 

tofa, adv. tharoto, to or for or at It 
or them 0r that (~(I<i»B« ofaper- 
toaal or deniomlrativt pronoun 
govrmed by %i, In all thi lerua of 

ft : compare bi) ; in addition, b«- 
morBOTBT ; for that pnrpoae, 
It end. [ta and |n. m.S6.} 

^ dative- 

r then 

or dttion/trallee pronoun gopemtd 

ba inl(A<a, in all tht trma nffml' 
. Uin : compart It), [ta and luuie: 

Stdi,/ XB. DOTBT, ooveiinr, oorei- 

let; oeiUng. [bombttftn. 40&n.3L] 
Ibtdtl, m. ,lt, iL DOTer (of B box OI 

thelike),Ud. [&iimbciln.«l8.1IL3.l 
tntni, V. X (r. eovet; dock, [relatad 

with XiDit, ' roof. '] 
bdlanlnn, f. X. Mr. 1), deelolu. 


igne, •! 

let [from French dddamer. 

tbthnflaBMffi, / -la. deftnal>e 

wcBpom. [btfCBllg (Latin) and 

Sfgni, m, tvt, -B. aword. [related 

with B. duger.] 

(nun, V. JVT Ir. ttretob, eitoDd, 

lengthen, [related with bfiia, tblB.*] 
ICc^una,/ ■■(«. atretching, exteo- 

lion ; extent, [bom »t(atB. 406. 

tttUWUf. •In. pola (of 

thiU. ahafL ' ' 

atntn, B. 0(nt2). tntr. thriTe ; Only 

uKd In «(Mft«i. 
Mn,;>on, iv(f, II17, tltl»e. [bom 

'-'— -tbOB.'] 

(perbaiia related 



, geniti 

04/. (aliaaj/t preceded bu 

. _lft6). "--■ 

hla. 415.9''.] 
Mto, n. 'ol, -el. delta, triangalar 
tract offlatland between the moutha 
of a rirer. [name of the Greek let- 

iStMtnr,/. Cerei (goddeai of the fer- 
tile earth and of BariDnltniel. 

Stanll),/. mbmiaaiTeneai, lowlineat 
of mind, haroility. [from deo. old 
word for ' aerrant, alave,' and atut|, 

btamtblg, ( 
mind, ha 


[bom Xxnoll. i 
If. tr, make nibniki*- 


■Its, htunHute, hnmble, bring lev, 
[from HBl^ti. 40S.LS.] 
Itn^mgrntt,/. -vn. hombliBK, bo- 
miluUini, absHnienL [from himtt 

»nm, B. NUrrrg.. ESOt. tr. er intr. 
{wilA gen^) %. tklaki tfaink of, 
sail to mind, reflect apoa, remem- 
bar ; form mo idea of. oonoMTe, ima- 
gine; be of opinion, believe 
|i aiwl an liftn,. Intend, i 
[E. Alak.] 

ud nil. 

. .U, •If or M 
ment, memorial, [beitri 
'mark.' V&X.] 
ta/hatAitfadj, worth r of lko«ckt, 
memorable, notable. Otaln and 
»iMt. 424.4.] 

■a t ojltnnt, at ftmlnniag of . 
wK.for. [from the demoDitiatlri 
Itof t«T. Sffl.Sa.] 
l«n««, amj. eno in tbat caw, in 
■pile of that, notwitlutaDduig, 
neTerUielcM, fot (tiix and at^, 
trr, Mt, bot, tfmuHuf. pron. and adl. 
(164; 166; ITl). tfali <fr thii one, 
(kst or that one, etc ,- a* rmphatic 


who, that 
(= toll, the., 

' - ■,. 0(La). In(r. 

J^ (r. .- iHilj/ 
da; (umontr, in 

the (ntore). 

[Mi and ttnfl, 'oaee.'] 
ttrtlnftoi*. adr. tatne a» tmlalL 
ttrerftoll. adv. 

of isflb kind, «o. [for bn Sd 
nait, 'of that ahiH.' 38^.1.] 

btrgbMKn (properJy t(t gltlitti, pra. 
/>[., of the llkei n«v uKd lU inde- 
riino6i( adj'rllve or pronoun), snoh, 
meh like, the like, the likei o( that 

btrimlAt, Mtfmlgt, taMtnlat, dtlerm. 
ailj. arui pron. (IB81, that or Uiat 
one, tboee. [tti and jtnlg, 'yon.'J 

t«rfrlW, tlcTilbr, haUiVit, drttrrn. adj. 
and pnm. the (elftwms or eame ; 
he. the. it, the;, Mc (ITl). [t<r and 

Itn. im.] 



NrfrlMftt, HrftUiAt, betfdUat. mm oi 

'— -(r. lJfU.X). 

od*. in like manner, after 
faihim. llkewiM. [adver- 
bial pmitiTe of Mr «I(i*(, ■ the Uke ■ ' 
compare t«jlFMn.] 
tt«k«a or tmbaft. o^. or emtj. (38S). 

- ■" ■ - for that r 

.. .„JD. ■in»)an . 

(&am ^la, 'aide'). 

1 bttk n lmUUn, far the 

[&om bctlrB, gen. ain^ (with irregn.- 
larl; added 1 1 compare 162.2), ud 
n. . .vlDra, 'becaaaeoC SflCSL] 

MUiodv. 10 mooh the (Ar/brv a eom- 
paralite) ; |r . . . , tifi . . . [nuA 
rord fottonBtd by a eomparatirt), 
the . . . , the .... [contracted frea 
deadiu. old genidveandiniteimea- 
tal of bn.] 

krtiuigtaAHt or (mora unally) btffrai 
mgMdlHt. adt. or eon}, in mite 
of that, notwitbetandiDg, nevcrthe- 
leia. [itniE, gen. dng., and aifu^- 
Ht. S8&.2.] 

krtwgta or kc|ia<«(B. ode. or cciaf. 
(SHK). beoauM of that, tberefora. 
VtH, gen. dog., and xacn, 'becwue 
of li«5.aj 

taiIfB,e, if: Mr. I. point, give an 
mdication or rign. — tr. point at or 
out, give a eign for ; hmet^ taiuUl]/, 
■how the lignificuioe of, mtarpret, 
explain ; give a meaning to. 
luHg, adj. (only used fa compoti. 

tion). signifi 
mm. 4in.96. 

_c« m 

adj. fliaa, evident, i 

distinct [from "■ ..■'.'* 

■ ■■■hit,/ .1(11 
new, diatinctnei 

bcntfdh a4i- German ; — lu nouii, a 

"-- [E. Dateh, to whiob wo 

II t^e restrloted meaning 
of ' Law-German ' (nlrbnttilft).] 

iH,n. .ml, >iiit. aiadem. [Greek.] 
IilaiRant. m, stin, 
[from Giwk,] 

1 Gianni. 41&&] 
f t«, tkfMI <161). 



MM, aM olon, deiiM, thlek, oom- 
pMt, lolid. [relatud with bid, 
* tklsk I • from -btl^a.] 

Mi^Kn, B. jV Ir. prodnoe u tb« remit 
■>! thialdne. Dompoae u BUtbai (eape- 
.i.n. .. — .., ;i.„™. J~,ue. [le- 


Uted witSttnt 
from TjAtin dt^i 

Mi^rgtbrdnRr, adi. cloHly orowdcd, 
tblcU; tkroBged. [t>L4t i 
trlngl, put part, of htagti.] 
Kb. 40&IIL4.] 

lUttmag,/. .gin. jioetr7, poa^, man- 
tel inTantioo. [6omti^Un.l06.IIL 


MiC, adj, tbiek, itoot, eorpnlBBt, ItA. 
bolkr, big. Ifrom .hf^, 'thriTo.'} 

growth of trees and boahea. [from 

Mit. 409. a9.) 
MitMbig, adj. «klck-bodiMl, oorpn. 

lent, grou [bid and Iriblg, from 

S(l&, 'body.' 421M 
Olicb, m. .t(l. .h, tlil<r. [E. tbier.} 
Mnwn.i'. Jf. inir, {leilhdat.) (. Hrve. 

be at Bcrrios to, be uef ol to ; do 

aerrioe as one Bnnged or hired [ur- 

vaiU, soldier, etc!) ; mtt* a pnrpoie, 

SUiur, m. iH, -i. aerrast, attendant, 
TarletL [from bltHB. 408.IIL4.] 

IblnwrtcfDlAt, n. ■!((, >gt. train or 
--"e of aenraat*. [Xltnn aad S(> 


doe; mnploy- 

. . . •sryantgirl, 

•errijigiiiiKlil. (Tlnn and OKiBAtn.] 

Mr* (bl(TR. M((c, bicfct. etc.). drmoniUr. 

wlj. awi/)ron.(LG5-6). tlilaorthat, 

tkla one ur that one ; the latter. 

'time.' SeS.I.] 
«lKg, n. .gtl, .«c (or .an). thlDB i~ 

guitr !C(nM, of good eheer, m good 

■pirite. [K ttalBB.^ 
tlHgn, V. 0(11). orJ^fr. oondibion; 

enter into eonditiona wi^ agr^e 

about or witb, angage, hire, [from 

«lBa- 406.11.] 
Mr. dalJv«o/bd, tkoB(151). 
Slmt,/. Its. girl, law, wenoh, hnMy. 

[relatod with ' ' 



enthmdaatio oiu. 


bA, adv. or tonj. thonsh, jet, 
Devsrtheleu. howaTiiT : after au, at 
any rate; inrely, doabtleit, ia itnot 
n f^tomelSmrt timply but (385..5r) : 
— to an imperative or optative^ adda 
a tone ofatronaer entreaty [like our 
"do^'): — vtuaiiy foUoipina theverb 
(n on emphatic iniiertrd tentenre 
liS\g). [A. fkonsh, with whioh 
word (it put in at the right plaoeand 
uttered with the right tone) itmayiu 
almost every inetanoe be renderM. ] 

DDc'iorim. -it, .tD'RiLdsctor. [Latin.] 

{SpnuBOili n. .t(, -tc. dacB^Hti 
record, voucher. [Latin.] 

Salit, m. liitl, 1^. dagger, dirk, pon- 
iard, [perhape relatodwitbB. dfrit.] 

^om,m. .met, .ml, Dathedial; dome, 
ipoia. [from Latin domuf, 'home. 'J 
■-- ' Danube (river). 
Donnir, m. ,H, <i. tkasder. [B. 

onnim, v. 'if. Intr. i. tknnder. 

[fromSoiiDtr. 4(e.Ll.] 
ftoimtrgang, m. ^gt, .iB|(. rtep of 

thnnder, tkiindvriDg tt*m[k 

[!«»« and Sang, 'walltT 
DanmrhU, m. all, 4i. thwuderbolt. 

[1)i!DBi[ and StII. 'wedge.'] 
SonBerffWug, m, .g(, .igc. itroke or 

-'-.p of tkander. [SsDiui and 

t, Umnder-voioe. [Sdbiki 


and ISDit.] 
tonKl, a4). (lit eompofttloit and de- 

riuation). dsBbl*. [ftoin Latin 


IpptlK, V. N. tr. double, dapll- 

este, make twofold, [from bii)i)iil. 


QfPtHtrtntt, m. im», .iint. doable 

■tieoa, twofold aurreuL [bD^ptl 

and etisn.] 
>D|i|Klt, adf. doable, dnplioate, two- 
fold [pait part of bo»|»In.l 
<ar(> n. itt*! .bifci. Tillage, hamlet, 

little ooontry town. [B. -tborp, 

in many namaa of plaoea.] 

irrni, V. tf. inlr. f. dry up, beooms 

parched, wither, [related with bAn, 


irrm, d. ff. tr. make drr, deprifs 

of maiatura, paroh. [rdated with 

Mit, ' dry.'] 

irt, o^. there, yonder, [related 

with bo, bar, 'then.'] 
burttn, adv. lame <u b«I, [from b«it^_ 



muD boi, caalT-box. 
in, HI. <!«(•>. [Lft^ 
Ulnftt. K. ml, KB. niniplDm. 

tnm. tame ai him ImnlraHed/orm). 
SrmgfTn. •(!, >diigt. prcMore. orowd- 

Ingi impnlHi drowd, thi*B|. 

f&om trtogfi. «H L] 
Brangn, tr. JV, Ir. orowd, pran, 

(lirsnKt ioipd, urge, horrr. [bom 

Dig««. «in.LL] 
trouo. V. Jf. Intr. (. thmton. [ume 

bnnf. H(m« oitoiaif letmlr<u^. form). 
bruit. lameanttinaHcoiUract.fona). 
kml- toalratttd farm, for biQatia. 
tnulni, mto. anUide, — ' — ' ~' 

doocB, kbroad; in fc 

{from boTdnt.J 

foreign luub. 

obma» of 

tnm, FerolutiODf 
DO. [from titlfn. 

[B. ibTSB.T 




4 1kttiidr«d- 

[l>Kl Md (nabtrt. IVJA.} 
tntmH,adv. thrvc timM, thiioB. Ititl 

tnin. mme « taicU (antracttdform). 
hnbistflapft, a4l' orowded into it, 

jammed m. [bottln uid atjlotfl, put 

p»rt of B"»f"i] 
ttiiUe, num. tklrt)-. [from bnl.] 
trclnurnib, num. Htni UkoaaBiid. 

[tnl knd tau|(i<k. 1OT.4.] 
Bnilaufrabflul, adv. Uirac thosiand 

timsB. [iKitiBfnib »nd BCal. 200.] 
*r[«|(n, B. 0(1118). (r. vei, diagiiiit: 

only in Hrttiiftn. 
bcin. (ome aa barln (ronCnurtniybFm). 
CrlRgra, e. 0(L1), (nir. ( or (. prew, 

urge, crowd, thmng t pceu one'i 

way, penetrate, pierce ; — nuf ttnat 

brlngcn, be nrgent for or inaiit upon 

■omething. [B. tkroas.] 
bHniini. lonu <u biilatitB {cunlracfcd 

trltr, numfl-nJ <Kfl. thli4. [bom tnl. 

britMnoMl = Mttta ailaE, third time. 

t»b. (oiiu oj biiDi (cDntroctcd/Dnn). 

brobm, B. y. tr. or Inlr. i. threaten, 
menace, ahow or aim b; way oi 
thread [related with & t1ui»0 

ICrotBOflf /. •Bta- threat, menaoe. 
Urom fcietc"' «tS.IU.8.] 

trvlMi, V. K (r. IkntUe, atnngle. 

[E. throlllii 1 fromobeolete !CniU(, 
■ throBt.'I 

trufcfB. lame a* karAha (con{rart<iI 

and moTf Mluatform). 
biAkir. (onw u tnbhi {contraeUd 

Vniif, m. -dd, iSt. premre, oom- 

preMion, i^preeaion. 
trfittm, ». Jf (r. pre™, aqneeio, 

pinch ; oppreae, afflict, >ei. [from 

Sruit. 406. LI.] 

wn. iantt a* tanin {eorttracUdJirrm), 

Winn, utmi at MrsBita ieontraetrd 

bninfvr. tatne om bonater {fvnfroffAf 

■brul- only in oompoundi, <u Uf tnhra!. 

Zrrtrul. [from <bdt(tB. 406.1] 
VniaN. /. in. ArjmA, tree-nnnph. 


u ptrt. pnm. (151). tkaa. [B. 


Vaft, m. >ul, <<lflt. emanation, ex- 
halation, Tapor; npecially, odoi, 
Boent. fngranoe. 

bnfMn. V. irintr. %. give forth eroas- 
aljon ; exhale fragranoe or odor, be 
fragruit, amell aweetlr. [from Sift. 

taflfSi aiff. vaporoiu, mist; ', iweet- 
■mellina, fia^^ian^ odoroua. [&om 
<£iifl. 416.9a.] 

lI^C^, r. N. ir. bear, endnre, abide, 
get ftlongwith, tolei»to, ■nffei^ [re- 
lated to K (Ikolc.] 
own. odJ, Btapid, dull, tUok-hsad- 
ed, tooliih, Billy, [related with B. 

bwnpl, a<U. doll, notdeBT or diaUnot; 
tipceiallt/ ofioand, low, heBiy, hol- 
low, induUnot, muffled, [relatsd 
with tUDiai.] 

I&finf, / •(n. dowB,dBBe, heap or 
' ■" of blown Band. [E. dnae.] 

fuftr, n. .fl, ,[. - 
Bandy ooaat [iJInr 
Uf(t, 'Bhora'l 

tunhl, a^. dark, duaky, gloomy, ob- 

Sunfd, ft. 'U. darkneiB, dnsk, gloom, 
lighL [from trnirtl. 40Ul3.] 
irdbteu, <»(/. dark bine. [kuM 
-.□d blou.] 
bunttlgnin, aifj. dark snen. [biai 

1(1 and gran.] 
tDnlrlFldr, a4l, darkly clear, clatr- 
ob^cur, wi^ light and ahade inter- 
mingled. [bnBhl and llir.} 
imTcta, n. X intr. (. grow darl^ b*. 


oome dim, dailralL [from ftnlil. 
bfiBfcn, p. Jf. tntr. (uiUh dot.) i. or tt 

[K think, in methln'k* i biatn, 
timttdi tie ■ reoent fonnslion from 
ita former preterit lii^it.] 
Uttn, m^f. UiIb, ilendn-, utuJ]; tA- 
tentULted, nra (ridBt«l to b(tn(D.] 
ICintfl, m. •HI, liaft. Tapor, fame, 

tnlaty exluJmtioD. 
hmftcn, V. X fnlr. |. exhale, lue u 

vBpor. [tiomrBiBf)- 4(IGlL1.] 
Viniftfrd«, m. •ftf -V' (iphen of tb- 
pon : i. e,) atmoiphen. [Zuib|I and 
ItniS, ^cinila^J 
bnnt, adv, and ttp. or iimp. (306-9) 
prefix. OkramgH, throachoat. 
prep, {with acciu.) throngk | 
tbroiish the aonree of, through- 
out, dnringi tlmnsli th« inctra- 
mcDtklity ot, bf meani of, by, in ooB- 
■eqneaee of. [E. thiVnih.] 
bii(4'arbciMn, v. X relL work one'* 
■elf tkmf h, make one^A way 
thronfih. (bacS aod ntbtitcii.] 
^Uhaat, adt, ikranshost. Urn- 
OH(laJr, from end to end, ainn- 
pletel; ; bj all means, at any rate, 
abaolutely; etpecially with negatU/f, 
tax^itmt aitbl, abKlntely not. not in 
the leait, b* no mewia [kunt and 
hinMc'bM, t. X fr. vibnite throngh^ 
thrill thioosh, agitate. [>«iA ""i 
bctdii 'tremblei'l 
frun^rtA'nt, *. 0(13). tr. b»i>k 
t)i»BcIi,pieTae. [biii^andln^tn.] 
hir^riafl'cii,-i>. 0(11). (r, preH 
through, p en e t ratfe pieroe; perme- 
ate, perrade. [bacA and Mngo.] 
hinWffntdAr aiU. pesetnbls. [from 

kniAtrtnatii. 415.13c} 
tntMiVttn, r. OOLSt. tr. nor pan 
tknaB*>i traTerae. {tmi and M' 


with light a 

lidly. [kHi4 and tlld 
ifDrfitni, ». iV: 

banMUwaun, ». JK* fr. flume 
ikIi, flaah thrDDgh, panetnte 
'^'-t aod beat [Iwi4 "") 

tHnMksin, v. CHJILa). tr. »r 
tkroafli, traveTM on tbe wing or 
rapidly, [kuiit and tllfUB.I 
-■''-■ V. tr. •eaioh 

_ , e thorooghly, in- 

TMtigate, ■omttniie. [tvt4 *d<1 f°i< 

hml'flibini.D. Jf^fr. lead tkronsh, 
aany Uuonglw hrinK to an iatne, *a- 
eompliib, aclucTe. [tunt and Mrn.} 

^uTd)gam^ m. >g(, •ligt. pMong 

tiirongh, TRANSIT : paaaage, alley. 

{from tiii«g(»tii. 4UaLl 
kurAgangig, luH. pervading, pene- 
trating, prevailing, nnlTeraJl [from 

Suidigsng. 415.00.] 
turOi'eibtB.v. 0(267). tr. gotlui>fl|h, 

traieiM ; tim tbiDUgb. look over : — 

Intr. f, run awa;. [tui4 and gr^in.] 
bnn^Ut (n.v. y. tr. ilow thrsa^ k, 

iniume, fill with anlor, inapite 

[bunt Mid glfittn.) 
^urd|ir'ml,f. JV! (r. wuider tkraa^k, 

stray Uirongh. [tntit and Lrrfn.] 
»ur<W>lng'a, v. 0(L1). tr. unnd 

tbronj;!!, fill with loiind. Ibui4and 

tunM¥(U4'tN,>. Jf. tr. era** tkros|(lt, 

intersect, go athwart, become mixed 

Dp or entangled with. [buRt and 

burdtlmrta,i>.0(U.i).tr. nmornwi 

tluangb, go from end to end of, 

traverw. [butA and lauftn.] 

frur<bnuir<n. '■ OtILl). tr. meaMue 

[k; henn, walk over, tr»- 

[tui4 and Hilftn.] 

BaiArin'ntni v. A'. Ir. Bow throw^k, 

run through (as a stream}, [bii^ 

irdifd»au'«),B. JV! tr, took tk>«isgk, 

review, survey, penetrate with the 
eye ; &thom, sift [bui4 and (itasii, 

hlT4f<Vlnni. V. (HnL2). intr. ^. 
lilBe or appear tkranck '— >nnfe> 
iKlxnibf />m. part, atadi,, tranb- 
ccENT, DiATHANOcs, ftUowing the 
tssage ot light [tunt and Mil' 

bardttOtlaam, '. 0(113). Ir. strike 
orbeettkrADgb, — rtJL getthrongh 
by dint of blows, light one'* war 
through, ont through. [bur4 uid 
MlagcB, 'strike.'] 
wntldiiMtB, IT. N. intr. (. allp 

Ikrauf h. [Ut«, and I^IUDftn.] 
!urdi'r4n'>««. f. CKlItl). tr. out 
(kroDgk. [bsnt and Mncttxi.] 

9aiiMdtntii, m. >t(t, ■». cattong 
tkrasfk, section, I 




tkroBSk, wanoer anoui, LEUrq 
and Wnittn.] 

- >im men, o. 0(L2). (r. awtis 
igk, cross by iwimming. [CaHt 



, . md fpnmnB.I 
kiintiftrakl'n, b. !f. tr. bsun 

tbrauKh, imdutie, peuetnte u 

with liglit [l)BRt uid Ria^ltn.] 
tnrAftriia'ta, », N. (r. rtrcim 

tkroMKh, pemmte, p«lBb*tA 

(tun» mnd Mncn.l 

{iaiS, »nd ttin. 

. mtn.J 

I, B. y (r. ( 

tnTflnv on & trot, [bnr^ uid In 

ford, [bmnt ud K 

r IT Ad* tkronfli. 

_ , ii«ne by digging. [»ii4 

and KMKn.J 
tHnt'tkbrn, «■ t>(IIL3). tr. dnv 

throngli. [tint aod |lr(t<.] 
knrdiiM'tn, b. (UllLS). (r. uurah 

thrsoglt, tmerw, orou. [bic^ 


SiiT4)uj, nh igl, itgt. numbing 
tbmush. puwe, timiuit, [bom 
Mi[i«|l(t». 40H.Lf 

Mrftn, e. JV: Jrr<ff. laSl). (r. (modal 
auxiliary, 253.) Im nennitted or 
»lloired, (eel ■uthoriied, tnut one'* 
mU : ofltn to be rendered by nukf 

I or mlfht (Ih a permlniM lante) : — 
need, reqaira. [unite* two >erba, 
tirin, 'need,' (oompaie kbltfn), 
«nd Imrai, 'dBre, ventnre,') 

Surf!,/. '»!. need, neowaitf. [fiom 
Htm, 'need.' KKLILl.J 

Mrfligi adj. needy, neceaaiton*, i 

!*, »Blfl.] 

!bim.f. drrne**, Hiditr, dnxuIiL 

[fromtftn. Wftttl.] 
tBatjl, ID. ltd. tUrat, diitreu femt 

want of mtei; hemx, louins de- 

■iie. [& tklnt.] 
bBrftn or MrHts, b. If. inlr. %. or 

(tmprrt.) tr. thtnt, be thintr, 

lesl longing for wntor ; hence, lanB, 

feolioriving. [bomDnrH. *U5.Ll!] 
hirfHs,inJJ. t^lntj.^Oiatl'.heiKt, 

ea^r. longing, [from Siictl. 419L9<t.] 
Mifltr, ad}. Ktoomy, obacore, duiky, 

Sufnib, n. •», ■((. doiea. [fraoL 

French dOwalru.] 
te9Ra<Ht', / >tn. druatr, Una of 

•OTereignii [QraeL] 

Midi./! •bb,raflaiot&etid(t,dawa- 
flow 1 hlling oS [peihapi related 
with ai, ' down. '] 

«Wm, f. ff: Inlr. 6. ebb, hU to low 
tide, bll otE [from S»h. lOe.Ll.] 

■bov odi. aT-en, level, [ilaiu, cmooth. 
adv. OTenly eic. : umMy, Jnat, 
exaotly, proouely ; often alth nega- 
tive, tbtn nMi> preciae[y not, Le. 
qnite tbe oontrary of; — jDit now, 
but ]u»t (m adverb, never to be 
rtndired by eten.) [perbap* re- 
lated with *», 'down.'] 

VbniUn, n. >bl, ittr. eKaot image, 
llkeneu, rewmbUnce. [ibinandeiU, 

Vbno, / •tn. plain, lerd trad of 
coantry. [from itta. 409. HI.] 

tttnraaa, adv. in like aa*e or manner, 
likewise, al*D. [(hn and gaU, 'oMo.^ 

rtinro, adv. preaitely ao or ai, Jnat aa. 

ler, angle). [E. eaue-] 

tiitt, adj. angnlar. oonured, edgea, 

[fromdfc. flS.DB.] 
tbil, ailj. of ooUa birth, of nobla qoa- 

litiea, nobis, lofty, exalted, [from 

atn. 'nobility.'] 
VMjcftlta, (L •nf.nM.precdoiuatiiBii*, 

jewolry. (fbfl and OWtaln.] 
rlKt^rtlg, adj. noble-biAiriad, mig< 

naoimoas, [tbd and ftq. 124.5.] 
0btllRAl|t| m. e1(, .I(. aqniis, yoath 

preparing for knighthood. [(t«[ and 

ftnf^fi 'boy, aorranl^'] 
QbclRionn.M. 'ti,'iMnoT!lUt,ti{V)i.2 

rem. ) nobI«mitn, noble, [(til and 

SNInlulb. m. itM. nobte diipoaitian, 
graatneaa of mind, magnanimity, 
generoiity. [thi and ZRult, 'naood.'] 

cbclmiiihig. a^. of noble diapoaition, 
magnanimoaa, generooa. (fronjatfli 
«iv\^. 416. 9a.] 

VbtK. n. •«(. EdeK, paradiw. [He- 

tiK, lulu. looner, curlier, raUier (ran 
in (ftl..™»-,/or ^hirh linUumat). 
ronj. aooner than, before thab, bo- 
fore, ere. [Oompare f^n.] 

Vi)t,f. .la. macriags, wedlock, matrl- 


[oTigilikllj 'lsir,lkwfDleon- 

. m, «r. OtLS). inir. i- Donunit 

■dnlto;. [9^ And brc^n, * btnk, '] 
^^gattc, m. -tB, -IB. Uwtnl ipotiac, 

hubBJkd. Viit and Oatti, ' gpoaM. '1 
•«f»nM»l or aiaoMAI. m.-.l», .K. 

Ikcful •pODM, biubkod. [9^ >nd 

Oent^l, 'BpomB.') 
tUtmalt, adv. fonnerlr, of old. in 

time* put, [<be ud IRal, 'time,' 

A<r, oA).. BOOiMr, ■•rlier, rether. 

[li. ere, uid asrly ; oompintiTa of 

rit ; Dompue crfl.] 
(|Kni, Off/, of biBst, bnuoL [iplatnd 

mtb an ■ from Old Geinun ir, 

■on.matmL' 415.S.] 
(Iirkflr, <»(J. bringing honor, honoi- 

Me, i«pnt*bla, weU-beh»Ted, d>- 

oent, lAMto. [tromatN. 4I5.Ja,l 
•(Aaifcit, / •!(■. good repntb pro- 

piiety, iDodHtT ohwtti?. taom 

(*!»». il»,ILS.l 
C|R>/. >ni. honor, good repatetlon, 

reqMot : nark of honor or reapect, 

(tm. V. J>^ fr. honor, eite«ni, nspeot, 

Tenro. [froma^. 405.11.] 
0|nKbtKlgNMSt/. •!»• tMtanumial of 

nspect, muk oi honi 


CbnntKni/n. >|tf, pit. cron of honor, 

bonorifio deooration. [V^ (423.2d] 

■nd titmt.] 


ia(t((4££L8d) and WlmUl, >mi>BUe.'] 
c^naMO, luti- tUI of honor, honor- 
able, oredfiabla. [dhi («i3.3d) ud 

((ntWitIa, Off/. lerereDt, dsferential, 
iwpeounl [Q^rt and Rilttlt, 'ofite- 

ambition. [B^ and (ltl|, ' oovatoni- 

tbrllckniK, oiU. honor-larliiiC, high- 
Bpirited. IBtn uid lifhnb, * lo-r- 

^ifixfeli/ thint for honor, inordi- 
nate anibitioiL [Otn and ClB^t,] 

(bffA^Mi, adj. grsedy for honor, Terr 
■mbitiou lSom9Ma*l. imQa.] 

(tnpAiMe, oi^. Hortki' of honor, 
rmpeolable, veaerabla, rerannd. 

"'^'""""''" ' tea. TancrablonoaB, 

d on oBtk. [fmin Bib. 

oe, reapeotabilit;. [front ttT> 
nuoig. 41MIi;a] 
ri, interf. exprming apecialiy fur- 

4n(Mauni> m. lOit, liamt. mk-tre«, 

Okk. [<il<|< and Vaun.] 
«l«r,/. -CB. »k. [B. Hk.] 
me, Fn. .ttt, .be. oath, adjontlan, 

eiecratioD. [£ ootk.] 
VlttMarfflMH'i./ '(»■ Uxard. 
tlMbtiwU- accredited by ost 

to, docdMod o~ 

9Un, m. itt. Beat, eageneaB, ferror, 

ardor, emnlation, 

■ealot, enthiuiait, 
'-ni. 40Rm.4.' 
be lealaaa, tl 

Mggniau or ardor, be emnlooa, 

[fromOlfd. 406.LI.] 
miUtfaOii,/. Jiialoai;. [SlffTandeB^I.] 
rtfr^g, adj. eagn, emaloDi, tealooa, 

ardent [from SlfR. 416.9*1 
((gen, adj. aiVD, belonging to one'a 

■elf ; proper, pertinent, nal ; peoa- 

liar. (mgular. odd. |^E. owk.] 
Wgnbllhr/ kelp deriTed from ooe'i 

wit, adl-aawTtlon. [ilgHand flllfi.] 

„. M,adj. . — 

•eeking, nlfiah. [bom SlgiBBat. 41Si, 


IgniflHB, m. 

price, Btaibboi 

' thought '1 
dgmlhiKig, ad/, wiltoL oapriolona, 

■tubbora, obatiiula. [fnnn OI((b> 

Him. 415. Bo,] 
Vfgnihun, It. -ml, .Imtt. PiopranT, 

owa poMiwion. rtnun (lua. 409l 

tigmmmtltttt adj. belonging axoln- 

■iTelf to, appertaining, paeiili>T. 

[from OlsnltBiii. 41S^12(l] 
VtgailbSnllfWtfl,/ >t(B. peonliari^, 

peculiar or eharaotariitiopoimrion. 

[from (ignt^ABim. 40U.]ra] 
cigcntllib, adj. propn, tm&, real : — 

adv. properly apeakinft raaUy, in ao- 

toalitr. [from (itni (mtfa irrefmlailir 

addHll). 416.12b.] 
rlglutT. *. ^- 'r. make ene^B airiki 
idar AFFBOFmiATK, adapt, niit, 
ke fit— reit be adapted or Baited. 

[tromtlB«i. 40e.L2L] 
CUant, n. M, tU. Ulaad. [from 

an tdd word for ' water, rl* ei, and 

tiabf 'luid.'] 


9fk,f. hutc, honr, ipaed, 
Ibtdu mm. W&lL£.f 

r. Jf. Infr. ( or (. hMtau, hoir;, 

I, ode. butjlir, hBrriedl;. [gm. 

Ibib, pret. purt of lUim. Sa&Sd] 

■ ■ ■«!, ui 

1 <tUi 

of lUiat, pret. pkA 

tlllg, oiU llMtj, Ipasu;, mui 

ing deqiBtoh, qoiak. [fioi 

StBur, m. .!», a. pail, bookrt, 
tncced fromtinfcu, '■me-tw 

dii. id*. iiihI irp'ble prefix. !■, 1m- 
to: — corrinponding at prtflx to ts 
oMprepoMUion ; 'n componJtm wilA 
ataifrot, rtprfettting fato, or U 

noii,18S)apenaD.thav, poopl*. o». 
(fidiil'. arl. u, a. [B. me, ■>■, ■• 
(Aii(li>-S«ion OH ui all thew HiiaH). ] 

dnafi^ni, e. y. tr, bom to Kalifis, 
iNclNEiutE. [rlN and i|A«TH.] 

cinbllbni, >. JK (r. (hUA r^ pron. Ik 
datite, 290). form in ono'i mind, 
imagine to one'* aeU, oanoeive, 
fuioy; — henee, oonoeit one'i ulf, be 
conOBited or preaamiiu;. [(In and 
WltHi, 'form. 'J 

VotHUinifl./. •f. imagiaation, fan- 
of. ooooeption, oonodb [from tin- 
ann. 4011 nLH.) 

VinUltungUTall, f. <i(li. powei of 
imagination, facultj of fancying or 
conceiving, (QintUCnitg (42S,2e) and 
aioft. 'power.! 

dnbmVx. B. 0(LSI intT. (. brvnk 
In, borit in ; Aetbv, make appear- 
ance, letin, begin, [tin and ftTn^n.] 

ilttbringctt.v. A (irreg., 250), tr. brlns 
in. [flu and htiiB«e.I 

Submit, m. .^, .tiili. brcftkingiB, 
inroad, iRBUmON. [from dabrtAiN. 

1 in, enter by (oroe. 

mark; eeneation. [from rlnbtidm. 
iMbtitiK, tr. X tr. preH in ; wineen 


; ilfliet, dmt, clo«. [Fi> 

itiMt, adj. timple, linaja, not onm- 
plexor mixed; {dam, bomely. [eta 
and gi4, 'oompBTtment' 3M: 415l 

.. h dot nf permm, ooaM 

into the mind of, MtikB, oooot ta 
(eii and f ania.] 
mimUlt, f. lim^iaitT, lin^eiiMa of 

and Sell. 'fcM.'J 

rinfaffm, e. il^ fr. anoloee, enoDm^aa; 
border, frame. [Eliaiidfann,'aaie.'] 

rinftabcn, e. 0(I.lV r«l make appeal- 
anoe, (taow one ■ tdf, oome and ba 
preeeut, tom np. [<U and ^stea, 
'- ' - litlT 'llBdoue'eaelf 1b(» 


la and p.<^f.i\ 

r iuepire witli. [(ta 

IHSTIL. imbue o( 

and mien.] 
einllul.m. ilfil.pftflt. i); AflMe, 

]nfli;ehce, power, away, ondik 

(from (InfUchn.) 
tlMfoneig, luy. oniitor^. miTBiied, 

monotonoua [lie and idnlg, front 

gam. 4S4.G.] 
cbifSgtn. e, S. tr. fit in, iniarl [da 

id fiatii.] 

___ _ >r j_ ifl^ in^ Ising in- 
. and f»»r.a.) 
Wngont, DL iga, ^iage. entianoe, en- 
try ; place of entrance, inlet ; begin- 
uing. [from tlngfttn. 40S.LJ 
tlHg(ta«i,c. 0(1L1). Ir. B'" ^^^ 
insert; hinee, pnt into the bead, 
prompt, anggral, initiL (tin and fti 

dngcbarm, adj. Inbara, indigenona, 
native: — oi nouo, native, indigen, 

aborigiaaL [ttn and fltteitai pait 
part. otarMrtt ■• 

ipound of tla and v 

btif, 'mindftiL'l 
rIngtAnt. v. 0(267). fnfr. (. go !■, 

enter.— (r. (or intr., aOA n\) enter 
_ into, aooede to, accept Of, yield to. 

[tin and get<".} 
tlngnffcn, v. f^(lILI). intr. t- catoh 

hold BpoD or into aujihing (wilA ta 


a»foltQiBli%gprq>.); takeholdi cd- 
croaoh, trenoh, iiilstfer& [tli and 

CtabtliRiU' '"(i- aDmestia, Indignioiu, 

s-brad. [(liu]d$ttml|4, 



1. onaoeU, mnTT ; unit 

1, 409.11.3.] 
nmotmuu, adj. ONlTAar; Amkw, oen- 

tnliiad, abiolate, antoontla. [frmn 

aiii»tU. 415. I&l] 
cfn^r, adf. andtompmindtep'bliipre^ 
Jlz. kloag {umalfy mUh implication 

of ilatelintm or raajatjf), [dn and 

*n, •hither.'] 
cCnttrmwn, v. OflLl). iiUr. f. strida 

along, more majeaticftlly OD. [ti»itt 

ttafs, a4j. oat, Dutad, aooonlut; 
•ingle. Mle, only (in (Ad khm wa- 

oUy clBjlfl) : — ofttn In pi. dnigt. ad/ 
orpron. {ISH), more ranli/ in tingu- 


[from (Inlg. 

ciniMB, r. JV; (r. CMT 

dRigfrnuicn, adv. in Mine or anr 
meHim or d^ree, >omewh»t [(tnlg 
uid rati, 'DMUore.' SefiLl.l 

•MgMi,/. •)». UNiTT, niuan, oiu- 

BimiC]', omiooid. [''Oiii ''"'8' ^^^ 

tUnlaimt./. .s<". union igraemenb 

(from ilBlflni. 40ain.&] 
tlMrnarm, v. JV! Ir. bu; la, Isj in b; 

parettMa. [<l* and [oaftg.l 
mutt^t, f. putting np, lodgiDg, m- 

tcrtainineiit. [trom tiebtRi.]^ 
dntibm, B. JK (fUr. i. torn ■» {tor 

entertainment), pat op. ((In ud tt|> 

ffinffang, m. 'gl. •ina*. aooord, oon- 
■onanoa, hanconT, nniion, [from 
(tnningiii. 4n8.L] 

(fBrUngnt, B. 0(LI). tiUr. %. aonndin 
harmony with KiiDethiiig, accord. 
[(in and ntnam.] 

tlnlotdi, B. OllXa). (r. inTite,Hkla, 
bid. [da and [abtn, 'invite,') 

tfRlagim, b, Jf. Ir. find qaaiten for, 
■apply iritb lodring, quarter, [tin 
andloimi, 'ooooh.'] 

«<nlafFni,B. 0(IL3). (r. Ut In, ad- 
mit, iJlow to ei^ter ; aet in, fix. [tin 

and laR' 

titHiiUtn, B. Jf. (r. ring Ib, n»heT in 
or annonnoe by ringing of belli, 
(Ma and UbUb.I 

ftekn*"". «■ * "^'■- *■ ■I'ine !■ 
(npoQ one), be obHoiu, appear eri- 

dent or tni& win auent or appm- 
TaL [MiandlnAtta, 'Ilshtaa.'] 

(Inaul, adv. ans time, aaoe ; onoa 
upon a time (in the pait) : some 
time (in the fntore) ; once tor all; 
for onos, Jut, only ^— oaf tiamct, all 
at once, anddeniy; — nl<b' ttaiaal, 
not even ; — noA rtniasl (o. , ., tt, . . 
again, [tin ud ffltal, ■ time.' 206.] 

dnndnbcn, v. If. inlr. f. diaohaige by 
a moBlh (ai a rivei), empty, [tls 
and ntntaB.] 

timWilblg, a4f. at one mfiod or 
mind, UNAHiuorB, being of one ac- 
cord, [da and aftltlgi from Btnlt. 

0(L3}, (r. take In, re- 

] poeaeedoD of, ooonpy, 

itnre, captivate [da and 

fill; ouita 

fix! / .. 

lonely deaert, *oli- 
tade, deeolate pUea, wildemesa 
[from tin, * one ( * ae if oomponnded 
withlbt, >deM>lat&'] 

tiniinfFni, B. X. tr. pIvH In, oom- 
prex, dint in. [tla and pnffni.] 

tinrimant, t. Ni tr. make roaai in 
(for uiy one) : Am«, admit, oeda, 
yield. [dB and liomfB.] 

dtinilmi, g. K tr, plaoe in a line or 
rvH, biing into a series, arrange in 
due order. [<tii and rd^tB.] 

tbiNitcn.D. 0(W.l).lntr. f. rIdelM. 
(dB and kIIIi.] 

((iiri4>tn, V. N. tr.- let rlcht, regn- 
lalo, ocder. arranm, prepare. — rtjl. 
eetabliah one'e •eli, beoome Httled, 
arrange mattera aboutona [rln and 

VinriAtmfl./ igta. ordering, airanga- 
ment, legulatuin. [from (IniifliB. 

408. nia] 

tfnfaiB, (uH. laneiaBke, lonely, eoli- 

tary. [bom dB. 'one.' 4l&iar.] 
etnTaniMl, / •ttn. lonelineM, loli- 

tnde. [from delaa. 4DSlILS.] 
tfnroitgni, V. 0(111 4). (r. euck la, 

abflorb, imbibe, [fin and iaagen.] 
rinrdtcnhii, e. X. tr. pour out (iuto 

Due'i eup}, fill the oup. [tin and 

l4<nl(R, 'pom.'] 
t<nfcWcben, e. 0(UL3), It. akorE or 

thnut IB, intarpoee, inaert, iK' 

THCPB, [dBandi41thn.] 
dnfMafm, v, 0(1L:(). (nir. f. hU 

■Bleep, (dn and Wt\a.^ 
dirf«1aflni, P. OiXL-d). tr. be 

Btnka into (a* a load, etc f. \ 

lAlaarn. 'atrike,'] 

i,B. 0(IIL3). tr. it 



[di and 

•. WULl). It. eat lata, 

iKciBE, notch. [lU kud M"lbti.] 
«lHf«Mln, F». -U, .u. ODtting '- 

tnooe b; vnttiu, niciSIOl' 

(liMntltici. «ltt.L] 
tMAtinlat, v. y. tr, ihnt . 

fine, limi^ baoud, retlnot, 

[(!■ ud t4T«Bt(ir.1 
clnURlbot, f. 0(tU.3). tr. 1 

SnpoD XHUethuig), imKiRiDK. write 
lown, note. [ti> Bud Miilttn.] 
tlKf»M>i,B. Jf. It. blev. aonllnn with 

■ Senediotion, c 

(tgv*. 'blaM. ] 
tinftbm, V. <)(IL1. ,. . .. ___ 

In or into, DomprehBnd. [cfn uid 

dnftiffg, iiV. OHHiddd, nrtiUU. rtli 

Mid etirt. 134.Sl1 
dKttftii, V. jV> Ir. Ht 1b t Ht up [u 

» (take), *Uk^ rUk, huud. (<(■ 

Md ((«(■■■] 
WnUdlt. / ■)». iBalfht, duMFD- 

meat, nncity, intelUieDtM. [from 

ti«tkitn,v. KitUr.y thicken by boa- 

ing. boil down or amy. [itn uid 

RcMl, * Hath*.*] 
rinnitnni,^!;. 0(L1). It. ■!»( to ikep. 


■"■1 . 

• time, otu day, onoe 
(in the put} ; lome da;? (in the tn- 
ture), at aome luture time, [from 
tin, * sne,' through genitiTe cintf ; — 
if aiupeiiatiTal 
(InRcdm. >- -'V'. fr. itlDk or thnut 
In {aa into (he pocket, sheath, etc.), 
pot — '■=■'- —1— — 

u iiiirety. be wuwerable ; — ilngtllani 

Iwn, aiKwervd for, provided fur, aus^ 

tatned (aa eipannej, [tin and fltb'n.) 

tialhacn, V. S tr. put 1b t put awaf , 

with the Toioe 1 fimee, as- 
it, agree, ocueab [tin and fllwi 
■ '^veToioe.'l 

I, *. OmL\). It. (weep la 
w or pooket). [tl( and 

a: Mr. (. tomUa 1b, fill 
m ; coma loddenl;, bnnt in. {tla 

nfhMilMi, adf. in the mean time, 
for a irklle ( for the time, tcmpO' 
rari);. [((b» and ffiilb. SOS-lb-l 

mnttttt, V. X It. ' "- 

[tin and taaita.] 

p. /f. Ir. phuge 1b. nc- 
[III and ttiAn, • dock.*] 

..... o. If. It. Uuter fra, get 

by exolkance. [tli and laNtifi' '*x- 

(fntt<flni,v. Jf. tr. diTide, dirtribnta, 
diipMO. [(In and t^Olu, ' <leBl>'] 
inln4l>/. coDoord, baimoDf , unuHi. 
[tlx and aio^t (related wiUi Ma* 


Mltagn, t. 0{IL3). tr. cktj in. 

[lis and tinglE.J 
Clninlta, V. 0(tS). Mr. (. hit in, 
happen in, nuike appeaniue, anire. 
[tin and Infltn.] 
tHILl}. intr. 1. irtepin. 

e appeajance 
an itn. ^^ 


,. immurat^ 

oome into a coantry, [da ana »aB> 
btm, 'iTBBder.'] 

[■•nilni, V. A'lrrff. or lrr«g., 919). 
Ir. put in by way of rep^ or ob- 
Jectdon, object, oppoae, retort, aa* 


oeption, dem 
-"-^ [from 

'gen. objeotion, as- 

■InmtBltn, 4aaiILB!] 
InBtrfn, e. 0(13). ". throw in; nb- 

Jeot. [tin and acrftn, ' throw.'] 
tbtwU^tn, f. jV. Ir. rock to aleap. 

[lin and Dllatn, 'rook.'] 
ilnnlrtfli, v. .V. tittr. i. work !■, 

produce effect, eiert iimnenoe, aSsot, 

operate, fdn and wlrltn.] 
•tawcbntr, m. iit, n. inhibitaiit, 

indwellei. [ai if from tliiiBtim 

{406.I1L4), from iIh and mrtun. 


. ■!'. -1 

(ln)(l, mi/. licgle, indiTidnaL [from 
tin, ' one ; ' irregular deriiatiie, 
through tinl.^ 

tlnttln. ad;. Bmgte, tele, aolitaiy, in- 
chridual, iiolated. [bom (ln|(l, tor 
which it it the more uanal recent 

riniltiMn, v. 000.3). tr. draw in.— 



ainilg, a4i. oaiy, ungle, sole, imiqna. 

J From dn (thiDDgh (Inlt, *obc.* 
15. ft-.] 
«<«, n. .\H. lee. [E. iM-l 
Ci((K, n, <ii#, •«. Iron) pL irau, 

tetten. [E. Inn.] 
tUtn, ffiV. of Iron, imii. [from 

aim, old form of SItn. 41S.S.] 
«lf(tbU(f, m. >(M, •([(. Icj' Kluoa, 

ohiUiiiK look. [SU (12i.^) ud 

«[lt 'look.'] 
tUHt ^- 'Ti i^MiUL [from SU. 

clKl, a^}, Tun, to DO porpoie. Idle, 

UHkca; vain, ooaoeited, pofibd up 

withnoit;. [E. Idle.) 
CNtrfhCt, / <lti, Tsnity, oonoeit, 

frivoli^. [fromitltL 4ui<.tLS.] 
ClRr. m. irt. pot, m&tter disohuged 

iug, kwaJcen disgnat [fram SM. 

ClaRiritat, /. .Kn. elutleltr. [from 

ttatifdi, (Htf. elAitle. [from I^tin. 

fltr«rif4. •»^. eUctric. [from L*t- 

H. exile ; dumt;, diBtresi, 
want, penoiy. [old ellJcnff, ' other 
tknt, oi^. miienble, (JBicted, dii- 

treeted, wietohed. [from fflinb.} 

df(or(Jlf), niiaieraL ele-ren. [old 

GemuB Elilif, fiom Iln, 'one,' and 

nj, probtbl J ' lekva i • t. t, ' one 

above ten ' ; or [l| i> an anomaloua 

alteration of tbe old word for '(en.'] 

•Iff,/ ctl. eU, fairy, eprite. [E. elf.] 

•Ik,/, .n. eU. yard. [K eU.] 

mtolf n. •|tl. Altktl*, Aliacc (bor. 

der province of France and Ger- 

Wttnii pL parenta. [properly bif 
KtlUitB, 'tbe (Men,' oomparative 
of lit, 'old.'] 

' ' emotion. [Latin.] 

[from tianiaign. 4O8.I:] 
«M>[aiigai,ir. 0(11.8). tr. receive, take, 
accept. [CHI> (iIOT.3) and fonatn, 

tmpfiiitn, V. 0{t3>. I 

[•Bl. (S}T.S) and •W. 'oommend.'] 
(DipflBbtar, adj. capable of being 

felt. Gensible, perceptible, [from 

tMiipibtn. 415.1l>.] 
(taplintni, v. 0(1.1). (r. be UDsible 

of, perceive, feel. [(nl> (30T.3J and 

llnbcn, *flDd.'] 
taiffhitUti, a4j. capable of being felt^ 

■enaible, gnevoui, ibarp: — capable 

of faeling, wnuitive, imtabta, toucby. 

[from lm)iPnbcn. 415.12r.] 
VaqifiBtiuig, /. .gen. feeling, lenBa- 

tion, penseption. [from trntsnobia. 

408. nta] 

nnt)tatlf4, ad}, empbutle. [from 
Greek. 415. lOA.] 

trnfipri adv. and nji'blt prtflx. aloft, 
upward, OD bigh : — oi prtflx, may 
be compoundta icUh almoil any 
verb anich tulmitt Ihe addition of 
the idta of aloft ; and mrA vrrbl, at 
being Klf-eiplaining, are uiuallu 
omitifd lit lae dirtlonarlei. [In and 
old German por, 6or, 'height.'] 

mppitliitni, V. Jf. tnlr. J. look np. 

ward, [tm^nand MldtD,] 
— "—K. V. N. tr. rouse, eicile, atit 
[from (miicT. 406.] 
W«t, V. (XUI.5), (r. lift np, 
aloft. {impot and ^>tB> 

(BipDrlclMK. a. X. ir. IcMl upward. 
Itm" and ItllnLl 

napoif4aurn, v. N. intr. |. look aloft, 
gaie upward, [(mimt and Wau'n.] 

«M>»if*It|<n, t. «(11L»}. inlr. [. 
■taftot Dp. [imex and MIi^'b.] 

mpDifrbm, o. 0(11.1). intr. *. look 
np. [tmv" and f(i(B, ' >ee.'] 

mpsrfklgnt, t>. 0(111.2), intr. |. meant 
np, riae aloft, aacen± [(mpci and 

mtwontttbai, V, jV, intr. f. 

dnponuifl,/ .( 

im)ieitii. 408.'liT'i]'' ' 

crafia, a<tj. auiduoni, LndDatriona, 

dilieent, busy, active, eager. (E. 

ainpt)>i with remarkable divergence 

ffntf, n. -It, itn. end, iuue, limit, 
eloae, expiration, oonclusion ; end 
aimed, at, aim, goaL object: — om 
SnN, in or at the end, finally, after 
all, on the whole; at laat IE cndi 
related with (Bl., iBl., UBb.] 

mtcB, V. jK inlr. (. ead, come to a 
ooncluDon, itoii — tr. bring to an 

u- aloft, 

.. agitation, tumult, 
TOlt, mutiny, [from 


tmA, SaUti, tominate, dfl« off 

[from 9aU. UG ' ' ' 
nMaai,v. tf. Iiti. V. v •>. •_«•:.[. 

Mome oi fibtn. [from OstK. WS.ILa] 
(a*U<ft. ml/ Enu. oanalndin^ !■■( : — 

oJf. fimUl]', W lut, in fine, kftcr alL 

[fromftitx. 41^12<i.] 
cnMot, <»{/. eluUcH, wittaoot cod, 

etoniftl. eraiUitiDB. [Bi' 

•■biacd, «. •dt. ■<•■ 6ntl mim, ana, 

•oop«,deakiL [SnMuid^M&'um.'] 

tng, infiuillg •■•r^j' or TiTBOlbj. 

[from Gmk.] 
«Hg or mat, lu^f. BUTOw. olow, (tiict, 

■tnit, ifaat ut, oonfinsd or ooofbi- 

ing. [reUted with IdjP 

motelr, with ""W""« 

V^Sti / •(>< DUTOWncH; nkmrwi, 

(tnii [fniiDfM. 4U0.U.L] 
•a«tl,»L.ll, .1. HK«l.{tromOTwk.] 
— , ._ , „p_ 

Knclutl [!■>. iBBd 
itbiUnt of 

aruiOM, an^idiA 

of Ui« Ansli 

Bn«lKBd, E 
lonb. 41(136.] 

i^ adj. ooTcred wi 
.-« BOiJra. [iig uit - . .. . 

L lis, •!. giaudchild, gnnd- 
remot« dewnnduit. [lebtad 

_„ . leading ttgtujlci 

forth from, out, bat oflm varying 
only iHghtly, or tn a manner 
not britfiy diflnable, the vtrb* (o 
uAlcA U It prtflad : alto formt 
many denominalite uerti4 (406.III 
16), moitly teUh itntc of removal, 
deprivatica.or ntgation. 

nikc^Rii, D. jV (r. [orinlr. icUhgen.) 
do withiiat, dinwuM nitlk bo deiti- 
lato or deprired of. [probkbl; ial> 
»nd -tina, * bear.'] 

aibtbrlfAi ^./. mp^ble of being done 
irithoat or ditpemed with, [from 
cnttctRn. 115.1^.) 

ud tiR*(n; lit'l; ' br»k o 
°---"^X'.Jf{irrfii., 349). 

nitbtittn, v. y. tr. DUCOTca, 1>^ open, 
rSTeal, diiolaw, make pnbbe ; UE- 
TKOT, find out [tat- and btdra, 


WuitfOuiig,/. ... 

olomte. [fromtntbtitdi. 40aiII.&] 
mtMt n.r. Q^n.a). InCr. ( mffA J at). 

mot7 o£ [tnli and fodtii.] 

talfahm, r. a'. Ir. nnfttld | darelop, 
diapl&y, eihibii [tsl' ud fiUtn.J 

ntfttiKn, B. .V (r. put (fcr off, re- 
move, take to a diitaaoe, pat Bway : 
—tnHitut.patljiaH. aMaiQ.,mnoUi, 
diitant, tu oSL away, [from ftra. 

Vatftrninig,/ igia. temoTal, retnots' 
oeH, diitanoa. [from nlftnitii. 40& 


nirrtAln,«. If. tr. nnftltcr.Dnetiafn, 

free from bonds, [(nil Bad ttntln.l 
tntfammm,". X. tr. iBllitiiUikiadle, 

light ap., and (Uminni.] 
rntHltgn.D, Oini.5).intr.(KUAdat.)f. 

flr from, itart forUi from. [»!■ and 


it|li(l|ni,B. 0(in.B), lntr.(ii(tftda(.)f. 

Ami from ; roD away, aio^ia. [tab 

and TUtHn.] 

itgtgrn, adv. and trp'bU prrjtx, 

forming uUA verta looee combina- 

lioni (u/l™ ho/ glnen in the dittio- 

iing a dativr. 
prtp. {aith daliae, before U. ST46>, 

against, in face of, to meet [for li> 

gtStn, from In and t'V"- ' •g-lnat.'] 
*tg(ani»Iiitfli, s. .V. intr. (<rUft dal.)%. 

look forth upon, meet the look* oL 

[tBis(i<aand 6It(((n.] 
nlgtgrnbamB, v. N. intr. (ititA doJ.) 

S. wail to meet, wait for. [(BtatjfB 

and tocnii.] 
tlgtgcntamBUKi H. 0(S6T). intr. {irith 

aat.) f. come to meet, respond (to 

adranoee). [rntugin and huRmiii.] 
iKgtgtnraam, c. If. intr. (icUA dot.) 

\. jnt out againet. rise abruptly to 

meet ((iHgtgHi and lajta, 'riee.'] 
ilStgtRnlxn, II. OlIU.I). '"('■■ (W''A 

dot. ) f, ride to meet, ride towariL 

((RlftfO'x and rrtlra.! 

rgtnt^m, D. 0(I11). Infr. (vKA 
L) t. look out upon, meet ttw 


looka of; loek for, expert. [intgtgfD 

andhbtB, 'hc.'J 
mrgcgnifntCtn, v. Slirreg. or rrg., 

S4U}. tr. (vUA ooTui. and dat.). 

mtaA to mc«t. Mnd out tdwud. [(BIi 

gtgcii and ffatta.} 
atiSfgniftfni, v. .K (r, (ififA aerv*. 

and dot.). Mt aver ■(&!■■!, op- 

pon : — cnrfltBcngrftf I, paal part, m 

•idf., opposmg, opposite, oontiUT. 

.,,. ■tiiiidigamiit,bsiu._ 
of, oppose, [tfltitati and fftStn,] 
ttUgi^rKtUnn, f. ^. intr. f. rush to 
meet, bunt forth upon, [nilgcgin 
md pfliiin.] 
ntfltgnrn, e. ff. tr, nplf. Tetoin, u- 
.Bwer. (from nit«c«in (400), lit'lf 
^oppoH, object, retort ^J 
nugibcn, n. 0(267). in(r. (bUA ,io(,) (. 
>j fiom. enciqK, got oS, aToid. 

oitbalim, u 


•elf Crom, 

tr. (f Bt> Jn itnte of In) kald wilhio, 

ooDtBiu, comprshend. inclode, com- 

___ hh".] 

cmMmoi, s. A^. tnlr. [. spriiiic fortb, 
fMnninat* and grow np. [tnt- and 
ttlnti, ■ttenninate.'] 

trntttwrnn, >. OiasT). In/r. [, get 
awaj, eaoape. [(Nt> and bnaca, 

(Mlatni, B. (Xn.S). tr. naload, dll- 
bnrden. diicharge. [tat* and latifB.] 

caHea^ lutD. thro' vm Icn^tli (of 
ftnytblngj, aloB0> [for Inlan^ frDi~ 

I (fDti and 

WDUof pie*, part. SSI. 3a] 
OitmoAciv '. ^- 'r. depriva of lUKBta, 

nnnaal, atrip. tfromSIall, >iMut>' 

MtHninnoliflrni, v. S. It. deprire of 

Batlonalitj, daaaUanBllae. [(■!• 

and laliiiHUflJKi.] 
cntraffn, v. S. rrfi. (tstfAgOL). mattdi 

one's aalf from, break anaf from. 

(tit. aodnlfta.] 
nilrcilm,!.. U(ltll).lr. t«wr ar match 

awftf, reiBOtre by violenoe; reBooe, 

detiTer. [(>!> and nltd-] 
mvMttta, V. S. tr. ducbivga (m ■ 

rightful oUigation). dn]; oontribnte, 
pay over. [(al> and tl^Hii, 'make 
tntrlRiun, B. 0(L2), intr. (aUhdat.}^ 
- - - vKif from, eaoape. [(iil> uid 

Itv, i. 0. tr. take mddenlj 
ij, matoh away, cany off. inti 

BIIU T9<t*.] 

tnrhillni, «. If. Ir, proroke, irritato, 
make anery or indignant, eza^>erate. 
Ftnli andiflflta, ' fix. '] 

mifagin, t. A! (nlr. {uiitA dot.) f. re- 
nounce, forsake, diaolaim. [tati and 
la%tm. 'Mr-'] 

aitf^oMgm, b. Xi Ir. laTa harmleM, 
recompenie for in]Qne« reoeived, in- 
demnify, [rnti and f^AbigcB, frvm 
e«ob(n, 'barm.' 405.1111&i US.] 

CntftbdMgimgi / •gtn. indemnifica- 
tion, [from riil|4^tla». 40&IILa] 

BitfAafStn, V. If. intr. (. (wttA dat). 
■ound forth from, ring out of [tiit> 
and [i^aQdi.] 

fnif«clNii, u. 0<nLS).tr. decide, ds- 
tctmine, deorae. reaoWe ; pan judg- 
ment or HUtence. [iili uid Miltfn, 

SntfilKUMng,/. IMS. dedsion. deter- 
mination, dijadioatlon. [from teti 
i4(lt>rn. 40H.1IIH.] 

(mfAtitung*M>CI, <u/J. deoiiiTe. criU- 
caL [fiBtf4ilti»( {4!a.ic) and BdO, 


itfd>lit»tn, B. OiULi). reJL reBoIve, 
decide, make up one'a mind: — oili 
fdiloffini, patt part, at adi. , reeolTOd, 
determined, resolute, firm. [int. and 
Mllcini. 'oloM;'] 
Snrfdiltiffnibtlt, /. 'Its. determina- 
"-- — lolution. [from tnlt^CefttB- 



_ J.ILy,] 
mrfdiliipffn, e. I/. Inir. 
■lip away from, elide < 
[ml. and l^lftsfm.] 

solve, [from nlWHo- 4uaL] 
nttfAnlMstn, b. X. tr. Eicui-PaTB, 
:uBe, relieve from blame or penaU 
|nstify. [from l^ulbl^ 'goilty.* 

enlTibufMgnns,/. •{ 



«iifc*«, B. N. It. Ht out of plaoe. 
diHpljhM, remoTe. — rrJL become be- 
tide ODC'l Wlf with boTTOT, be ■hoolECll 

or atutled, be iCTrilied, ttut, ibad- 
der. [fnl-udhUii,' 

Cttl(t(ni, R. pbI. lior___, 

fear, Mrror, dread. linflmtiTe <rf 

tnif((IMi,<iif^. boirlblfl, terrible, dread- 
fnl, ihDODDg. [from (■tfctn. US. 

attflimra. v. 0(L2). r«jt (»i« ffnt). 

beUiink one'B wlf ot reoalL rei 

ber. [till, and flniitl, 'think.'] 
«itfIifU4tn, V. X. It. rendei immoral, 

domoraaM. [trom (Wit*, 'tnn™l ' 

CntRriliAinig,/ -giii. demoraliiatloiL 

> Of Um 

with, [full uid )|}R4(ii, ' tpcBh.') 
mtftirictni.ti. »<11LS). tnlr.(irUAdii^). 
■pmat fartbi descend (from ao- 
oeetoTi) - — m<f*n>ifcni pojifpoi* * 
""", de«oonded, born. '"' 

. b^gianiiig. 

cnifpringcii, e, 0(L1). Wr. (witAifsf.) 

|. (prlBB from or forth, ariw. and httngtn.] 
tniR(b<niB. O('^T), In/r. f. ailM, omne 

into being, originate. [»t- aodpti 


ing into being. 

inlllthB. 40«.IIlt , 

flNit|itlran^*e'<'4i<bttf /- •<". hiilor; 

of origm, atoi; in deielopmeDt 

[antttt^ung {ISLic) and 9fW^U, ' hi»- 

nL2). fn(r. [inUhdaL) 

}. nBDBou ironij rise out of, oome 

tortL [(It- and flti«(ii, ' aaoend,'] 
mlfttOcB, D. JV! tr. (diqilaoe: hencr) 

distort, diifigiire, denoe, deform. 

[ent> and tlcHen, 'place.'] 
miftiirwn, v. A' fnfr. (wKA daL) t- 

tumble from, hnrrt forth, prooeed 

with nolenoe. [»!• and IMr|tB.] 
tntlaufdKB, D, N. tr. ondeoeive. dik 

abue. [tnli and lialAni, 'deceive.'] 
tuauO^m, B. 0(1X2). inlT. {.KUhdal.) 

\. grow forth from ; oat-jrow. \ta.U 

and nmAI'"! * wax.'] 
mnacBir, eof^. either {folUmed by 

eld, or), [oormptod from (Intot. , 


•whe*kM'|* atly, ' 

nmtUiat.r. 0(1111). Mr. (wiUdoL) 
f. mn awa; from, dip out of nacb 
of, evade, eec^ie. [cat' ajid toci4<a« 

nmtikn, ». X. tr. deaeccate, piofaae, 
violate tbe aanetity ol [(nt> and 
Mi^B, 'hallow.'] 

' " ■" m. .rt, tt. deaeeratOT. jtt^ 
from»DMl|ti. 4U&IIL1,] 
. . B,/ liaiui. deaeomtor, pso- 
faoer (famale). [from (CnOMlV- 


nlMrim, «. 0(L3}. tr. (throw off 
haatily ; 1 A. ) iketoh, draw in ont- 
line, chalk ont ; projeot, deviao, [Jan. 
[(nil and Mtfta, ' throw.'] 

NtMidflK, t. K tr. unwrap, unfold, 
nntwirti develop, evolve, reaolve; 
enlMD. expound, wive ; di^lay, ex- 
hibit [iiil> and Blilfia, 'wrapnp.'] 

Ifrom »nlBiW(TB." 4UK.1U.H.] 
taHMta.v. WLl).tr.iieUAaertit.atid 
doL). wrest forth, EXTORT. — reJL 
work one's self from or oat ot, ex- 
tricate one'e self, beoome free, [tat* 
and DtDtrs. * wlad, twiat'] 
ilmcintn, t>. AC intr. |. beoome nn- 
Daed. grow diuDOuatomed. [nU and 
■Btnii, 'bewoBt.'] 
ineebBdi, e. Al (r. (vUh arrut. and 
gen. ). diaaoonatom, wean, fnl* and 
»(tti(B, 'aeon (torn. ') 
cnqicbni. '. 0(1ILS). tr. {vith acna. 
and dot. ). withdraw, remove, take 
•way, pnt ont of reach, [tnti and 
Iti^n, 'draw,'] 

"" ■' " '"" -ivi»h, eniaptoM, 

itaaj, overjoj. 

set on fire ; fill with ardor or ^__ 

[mil and itlnbtn, 'kindle.'] 
tntimti, adv. In two, aaundw, apart, 

[for iBiiHi. from la and iDii.] 

ittKtltn, IT. N. (T. disunite, aet at 

varianoe, render matnaUy hostilB, 

[from iBttMt. 406.1 
atniB«<gt»(a,ii, C;(267). tntr.y oome 

apart, ma Ih tm, aepaiate. Ifiili 


I. N. tr. 



n.ptn. pron. (191). ba, {L 

(It, l»»ep'bU prefix (807.1,4) : tamt 
Kiih ■», and originally related or 
identicat wUA atili OKt t adds to 
verb) the idea of oot, of tTanMlion 
or beginniitg, of UreitglKminii or at- 
taliment, or oj acquitition bjf meant 
of the action tignifted ; alto form* 
denomiHotiiMi verbt (406. IILlc), mail 
often teilh idea of paetit^ into or 
rrdurtion to a condition. 

trMtmn, ■. }f, intr. f. brotbe itnng- 


.. ^U, '1. haTfidit&ry nobility. 
' am, 'nobUity.'] 

^: ryl. (aUApm.). pity, 

Jtl»C *Dd 

■how muDy to. [r> mnd -tar 
Crbanaca, n. >at. pity, eoma 
tioa, ODinpaiuiiii. [iufiu. af ntui 

■»■. S4a3.] 

crMnBtbk, adj. pitUbli 
- ■" 1, wtetotMd. [fn 


r. JV. (r. boild D 

crbaxli*, adj. BDtnmo, informing 
uid impraviiig. [bom tibaatn. 4157 

•cbc, m. ftn, •(■. heir, inberitor. 

4hfe(, n. -tl. inhsrituUM, herit*g«. 

(TMn, ■. Jf. intr. t). tiembta gnatly, 
quake, ihake. rtr> ud bchi, 'trem- 

nfccB. V. iVI (r. inherit, reoaive u 
hair, [bomaih. 4C6.L1.1 

tibttutu, V. y. Ir. make tHwlT- of, not 
by plundei. [from fltiM, ' hooty.' 

• .M, .tt. henditur a&e- 
my. [Sibt and gtleb, ' enemy. ] 

(r»Km, D. 0(IIL3). r^. offer, prof- 
fer, piomijo. ["■ and (tlUn, 'bid.'] 

trthHa, adj. oliering, nropoiins, 
iH^. [bom ittlrtei. 415.%.] 

Crbia,/ -tniug. heiieia. [fromthh. 

trbittn, e. 0(H). Ir. obtain or tiy to 
obtain by entreaty, beg for; win 
oyer. [n. and illtm, 'beg.'] 

ciMdiVN. >■ O(tlLl). intr. f. tain 
pale, loee oolot 


n pale.'] 
hereditary, mhentable. 

ttill4. <»(f. 

going don 

nbca. 41S.12C.1 
nUIAn, V. JV! (r. eatoh aigfat of, aiipy, 

defory, peroaiv& [»• and ittitn, 


n«H^, p. JV: liUr. f. bloom forth, 
bloasom, develop in beanty. [n« 
and illfi. ' klftw.'] 

Vtttbtlliuig, /. -em. diviiion of in- 
heiitanca. [Oiic and Ztcllmg, 'di- 

Vrtbttrr, /. .(n. itiawberrr. [Srtr 

and S«R.] 
IXrkbpbtn, m. >n4. gromid, loil. [SriX 

and eoein, 'l»ttam.<] 
•rN,/ <rB. eBitli,ground.aoil,diit; 

ekitb, world. [E. eKTth.] 
trttgrtaKn, oiy. »rth-lH>ria. [Brt( 

and BticRn, paat part of atHlu, 

QFrbnibaH*, n. ■((!, >taf(t. eiirth- 

houe, dweUiag of earth. (Urtc 

(42a.&f) and «aiil.] 
(I««ihn, V. ^lirr^., 350). tr. obtain 

by Iblnking. oontrive, deTiae. in- 

Teot eioogitate. [ti> and titntcn.] 
Srt«al(b<n, n. •»». m. »rtUr UM. 

[OiM (422.3ill and Sthi.] 
VrlicnfatH. m. •■<, >itnt. aoa of 

enrtli, earth-born mMtaL [llibt 

(433. 'i^) and eil(B.] 
•rtnrfDniH, / -EI. ann of nrtk. 

eartblysiuL [ei»t(433.Sd)andeoia(.] 
CregtiH, m. lUt, •III. csrtta-apiriL 

[Sitr and 9(1(1, ' Kkoet.>] 
tfibeanit, m. •», -l. (»rtk-cli«le I 

i.e.) u>:(& [ditx and Siind.l 
4lrtfir^r,fn. ■!(, ■>. teneatiial body, 

globe of earth, ipbeie. [OiM and 

aitfti, 'body.'] 
VrMnU, m. •t(l, 'fi. oinmniferaDoa 

of the eiirtli, globa. [Srtt and 

itnitf ' oirole.'] 
(itroffrin. D. ^ fr. tbrolUc, atianglfl, 

oboke. aalTooate. [in and bioncEn.] 

rHAoOt, /. .rn. olod of Hrth, 

Inmp of dirt or tort [aiti and 

e*i!ll«, 'olod.'] 
•rbltol, m. •ttl, -Hi. enrthqaahe 

■hook, earthquake. [QcM and eut, 


doriving i 



uioe, be hdr to, luIiariL [n> umI 
trfatm. t- 0(n.2). (r. fdl in with 
(M an event vr oipeiienoe), eipeii- 
enoe. go throngb ; U^n, ablain in- 
fomution of. [n> ind t 

(rfakrm, a^f. enmlenoe^ m^mt, 
pnctued, TBTMO, (kUfoL [put 
put. of nfatitN.] 

Vrfaftrufl,/ <gei. eiparinioe, pnc- 
tiofti knowbdcg. Iftma Rfifn- *0^ 

CrfrtntHsMrd*, m. ififc -It- oiiele of 
■ipeiienoe, roond of ksovlcdgs. 

|(Ir(iiniH(«i2.3c)uidftnll, 'dnOci'] 
■*■ - ■ ' I hold of, - 



ndlitniiB. 0(Ll).lr. fladoat.uiTan< 

derise, EoDtiive. [r> and RbMi.] 
CrflnNr. nt. -rt, •!. inTetitor, ooi 

triver. (fromiiDi^a. 40eLlIL4.] 
(rflabtriMf o^J. inventive, [from Vi 

nntti. 415. iDo.] 
trfifbcn, G. N. tr. oblain or seek t 

obtun by entraatjr, implore. [ii 

.ndnf>(ii, ■bi«.'l 
9rfD[g, DL >gl, >gr. oouaqpance, le- 

«nlt [from (r(»l8«. 40*1.1 
trrDl«nt, e. If. intr. <,. ftiUaw, enaoe, 

ntnlt [n> and fclgcn.]^ 
crferNni, e, .A"! Ir, require, demand, 

call foF. [»< and fcrtitn, 'uk.'] 
•rfiire<inl|, n. >|y(>. >nt- requirement, 

reqniutK [from tifciCtCR. 406.1X10.] 
crfrcuni. v. If. tr. give pleaeore to, 

oauH to rejoioe.— reA (icrKft gtn.) 

enjoy. [tT> and fnutn, 'rejoioe. 1 
nfmiliib, iv^, pleuing, ureeaUe, 

KratLfying, deligbtfoL [from »< 
■ fRuin. 419.13(^1 
(ifitfAm, 0. }f. It. refreah, reetore 

freabneea or Tisor ta [biim frl|i(. 

406. in. Id 

fil, perform, aooompliab. [tti and 

pletie, perfect; i 

as ""- - 

ttgAm, r. 0(0.1). i 
■elf up. ■orreadar, nibn 

n^i*m,a^. devoted, sd 

Dp. rpaat pari of Rgmo.j 

CtjttniiHli/ 'In. devotioD. attaob- 
ment, adductedneu. (fnraa n|tt«- 
409. It i!.] 

ffrgrfrnll, n. -^(4, -Hi. TeHoIt, eonae- 
quenoa. upahot. eBoueL Ibiom R«> 
hn. 40e.IILfl.] 

Crafkuu. / -gtn. anbmiaaion. re- 
atnutum. [from (Tgtb«B. 406.IIL&) 

trattta, v. O(207). Infr. f. pi on, bre, 
bappen ; go forth, iane, be paased. 
— r^ |a abroad, more about for 
eieroiae or pleaanre, expatiate. [n> 
and gfitn.] 

(rgMkn, ». 0(1118). r^ ponr <»ne'» 
aelf out, overflow, (Bak forth. [n> 
and gl(>ca.] 

trgCiinttM, v. y. Intr. |. afalne forth, 
glitter, [tri and gUmea, ■abine.'l 

crgBfa or trgtfaii e. Jf. tr, delight, 
gnitify. pleaaa. |([^ and gt|tn, cau^ 
tive of old German rrgcffcn (= vn> 
jtflea) ' forget ; ' litly, ' ouue to for- 
get (all that Cconblee).'] 

trsttKm, D. 0(1111]. tr. lay bold o^ 
■elia upon, catch, apprehend. [(R 


(Tgrunbm, ^. get to the btoub4I 

or botliim of. e— ' — "■ "- 

bthom. aoaod. , 
Sninb, 'croHiid.' 


niabtn, luy. r^aed, elevatad^ exalted, 
□plifted,high ; lof^.m^eatio, grand, 
noble, anbiime. f irregubr past parti 
(aW.8)o'— -'-- ' 

bein^nuwd, oom- 

pation of an elevated poution. [R> 
. S«*e«»adhin. 'be-T 
irtaltm, v. 0(113), tr. reoeive. get, 

obtain ; keep, preserve, moinliun, 

auatain. [tn and (lUca, 'hold.'] 
Srbaltung,^. igta. reod|^ obtaining; 

proaervation, maintenuiGe, mpport. 

[from nf tllf n. 40e.IIlS.j 
rrbarrm, v. If, tr. wait iia, expect 

[«' and idtitM, 'wait.'] 
cA^nnt, V. y. tr. barden ; ooofirnt, 

verify, (from *«it, 'lurd.' 409. 


(rfeaCAat, ir. If. tr. lay anddenly hold 

__, jxpectedly, , ,_ 

and taM'n, 'eatah'] 

i4rb(n, ". 0(111,5). (r. heave 
lift niae, elevat 



and' ittto. 



crMUA, ary. miAemt, weight]-, im- 
porttuit, cogcDL [(io;ii t;4(b<a. 415, 

trheiidttng v, /T. tr, nqnire, denund, 

DuJce neceiiBai;. [n> and t<ll4«' 

(rtMitrni, v. if! Ir. nulte eheerful, 

brighten op, gladden, e»Jiilar«t«. 

[Iiom ^Itn, ^chwrful,' *)S.IILlr.] 
trbcnm, V. AT tr. brigbtm up, illa- 

miiute. [from ttB, 'bnght' 405. 

tri)lf bar, ofO- capable of being hHt- 

ed. (from trtt|(n. 4I5.I6.1 
*r4i*(M,i>. JK (r. !>»(. (from «IM, 

'k»t.' 406.m.lrO 
SrlllVung, /. -gHi. beating np, tnoalea- 

oence, heat, [from tTV<t"<- ^"^ 


ti^Bbm.v, make klgh, elermte. 

Taiu aloft, exalt, eitoL [from f/eii. 

9tl>ilnmg,f. •an. elention, nalU- 

tion. sDbaDoemoit. [from r^^i. 

ntolrn, b. A rql reooTer one'i mH, 

bo reatored, get well or freeh, re- 

BTcatfl. (n> and \iln, ' fetch. '] 

408. ms.] 

ntSmi. V. }f. tr. kcar, bear of ; 
grant. [r> and ^Cnn, * hear.'] 

(fitincm, e. X. Ir. remind, pnt In re- 
membranoe, call to mind, draw at- 
tnilion.-rejl {wilft ffrn., or «/..i- 
Iouj«f 6f «iMM,)remBinber. leooUect, 
RoalL [fiom Inan, *liiiiar, inte- 
rior;' lit'I; 'put vUhia one, bring 
bi^ore the inner «en«e.'] 

dimunntg,/. ifn. oalling to mind, 
remembrance, recollection, manor;, 
[from Rininn. 40&IIL&] 

VrbnMmagtfraft, /. •ifU. power of 
memoT?. [SrliimiKt (423.8(1) and 
Kttn, 'power.'] 

ntatm, v. Jf. tr. obtain by ehaibiK 
get hv ardent poisuit [n> a^ 
jigta, 'ohaae.'] 

tifrmwn, o. Nitrrtg., 249). tr. per- 
oeiT^ apprebend, nnderatand, take 
GD^nuanoe of ; ■ tecogniie, diitin- 
guiBh ; aofcnowledfre, own to. (n< 
and Tinnrn, 'know.']] 

trllarni, v. N. tr. make clesir, ei- 

Slain, exponnd, aet foitiL [from 
», 'clear.' M6,IIllc.] 
ffHirlUt, (xff, explainable, explicable, 
to be accoonted for. (from ntURn. 
419. tSc^] 

trftiii«fii,u. 0(1.1). (B(r. I. lonnd forth, 
ring, teaoiind [tt> and ningrn.] 
"■"■ »' - - embolden one^a 

blain by rt 
trfaffnt, c. O(ILS). tr. lei bo. release, 

diBoenee; remit (ai an obligation). 

rield claim on aoooont bf ; — lend 

forth, iafiQe, pnbliih, proolaim. [ft, 

and KIKa.l 
ttiaalKn, v. a. tr. allow, give peimia- 

■ion for, permit, grant [rr' and ilda> 

tfB : related with ncEiiut, ' leave.*] 
9t\eviini%, Y. :%i. permiuioD, lea-re. 

[from nUubtn. 4UH.UL(t.l 
rTlaufrf)ni. v. N. tr. obtain b j watching 

or lurldng, find by atealtby search. 

[(I: and [aiifiHni 'Iturk.'] 
«ri(,/. -ra. alder, 
trltbfli. B. JV; ir. live to »ee or expe- 
" "ontbye; 


nd [(b>ii.] 

impoae ; 1*7 low, loU, ilay. [(i> and 

nkidiMni, v. K Ir. make llsktcr or 

eatier. faoilitate, ease, llckten. 

[from Umn. comparative ol 1(141. 

frfdt><n, B. OinLl), tr. anffer, bear, 
ndure, nndeigo. [n> and kiln, 

ffrknlonlfl. ut «rK6nl«. 

V. If. tr. llgbt np^ illu- 
enllBbten. [Hi and I(s4> 

B. 0(L4). iatr. [ or (. laith 
•ink onder, loocnmb to, yield 
re way before, die o£ [n> and 



frilftcn, V. N. tr. obtain by artifioe, 
win by craft or oniming. [from Btp, 
'craft' 4(» 

Krlfpnlg or VrltnTonig, m. <«!, -at. 
klusof tbeerlaorelvea [Qrlc for 
Qlfc (ootrnption of a northern form 
of the latterland flinig.' 

!rl6f*«it,u, 0(IIL5). - " 

nortnem rorm a 

extingiMV'*^ ^1 


, ,v. If. tr, kdmoulih, oihott, 

ntaind. [ti-ud ■■))«■, *r«mind.') 
9tmattm»m$, /. -ad. idmoiiiCiDn, ei- 

hartktioD. [bom nni(ii(R. 40S, 

(TMatlm, V. If. iittr. \. giow tired, 

weuy. l&om molt 'wmtt.' tOG. 

ffrnatmna,/ <gn, weuiaBH, FibHU- 

tion. Lfrum nsKtlCB. 4U8.11la) 
tnMffn, f. O(ILI). tr. maunn, 

weigh, bttiom, eaUnuU, nndei- 

ttaniL [tri aod Bencii * meMore.'] 
<TBitt>i4f o4i- ow^ble of being me*- 

(nwrtcB, V. If. tr. ^aMIer, pnt to 

dctth. [from BRnb, 'msrder.' 
«n■i■^<Il, B. a. tr. ««trr, tire, fitigne. 

[tmm matt, 'tired.' 406.1IL1C.] 
(TBiunrtcn. v. If. tr, cbeer np. en- 

oixirage, aninmto. lonw. [from iiiiib> 

Ut. 'oRoerfuL' 4I)S.I1LU.] 
■miibr'"! <'- If. tr. nouiufa, feed, 

iiittEDt«a, cheriflh. [m ukd lA^n* 

ffrnCrc. lanit at ttmh. 

(meutn. v. If. tr. rBocir, beroyate, 

rPBtore. [from itu, 'new.' i05. 

trmuem. v. JV. Ir. mkke B«*cr. R>- 
uvale, reatute. [from 


, _.n. 40»!lli~8.] 

(mMrlgcn, v. If. tr. bring low, lower, 

humble. &bue, degride. [from »i(' 

Wg. 'low.' 4(J6.Iirie.] 
•mlrbdgung, /. 

-■- -, de. 


LCQt! degrulation. [from cri 
B. «l8.m.8.] 

atesty graiity : — riiun Ifl 

bent. [H. earnut.] 

^Tnftj oi^- cArneet, lerioui, graTo, 
sober, [from Binfl.] 

tnnaU.aiy. Mrneit, uriou, gnve. 
[from UnB. 415. To.] 

trnflllAf otij. ■■mut. Beriom, in- 
tent, eager, [fromttmn. «5.iaa.] 

•tnt« or amUt), f. xa. harveat 
[related witii E. hfIbc 'plowing,' 

crnlia, V. N. ir. harreat, g«t]i( 

s?i ■""""■ 

I (u leanlt). [from Bmu. i 

nant. tfmn 
rrDVfn, »w>.ui.*j 

?aer, gain bj loroe of arm*, win. 
from eiti, 'avert' li^'lji '8°' *^^ 
Qpjier band oC] 
•rekcrBB^/ •ita. ooiK|iuat, acqai- 
■itioa bj foroe of anna [from (r< 
Bum, *«t,IIL8.1 
frdtFntn, *. iV! tr. •p*Bi andoae \ la<7 
apeia, diaoloae. (from sffta, * apcB*' 

exact, wring forth. [«> and jrcjfta.l 
tt^ufifni, t>. S. tr, qnltskra, renTB, 

refreib, reaale. [from quKi 'Ut^j. 

trquMlidi, o^. refreahing, reriTitis, 

comforting, [from ntalAn. 4in.l2rTj 
arqaitfuHfl,/. 'UB. qalckculns, en- 

Uveniueat. reueahmetit, regalenLon^ 

tnafftn, r. .V. tr. gain b; anatahing, 

aoquire with haat« and Yiolenoe. 

[ti' and lalfiD. ' anatoh.'] 
errarbm, v. C>11L3), tr. gueae out, di- 
vine, hit upon, find by oonJMtare. 

[tr. and rfliM". 'gneat'I 
(rrtgcn, v. .V. Ir, stir np, excite. 


; {from 

. . r.'] 
HBcli, attaiD. 
t> and rtl^CD.] 

re«lilBK, at- 
rrcl4tn. 4tti,lIL8.] 
Hue, UTS, deliver. 

..- „,.,. „._. saving, deliTBraaoe, 

■alvation. [from tcrtUti. 4(KIILa] 

tTTtAftm, V. V. Ir. aet uprlfht, erect, 

raise, establiob, fix, aet. [n> and 

[i4t(ii, ■rlsbt.'l 

VrrlAning,/! >g(B. erection, ailab- 

liahmeDt. [from ntt4MB. 40e.nL&] 

trrinam, B. 0(1.1). tr. obtain bj eaer- 

tion, win aa prize of effort, [(!• and 

trrvlbin, v. K. f nCr. (. turn red, blnih, 
color up. [from nnf. 40S.lIllr.] 

Vrfof, m. .Jr*. amenda, return, in- 
demnification. reparatioD, reim- 
buraemcat [from nft)ta. 40S.T.] 

trfauXn, t>. 0(1114). intr.\. be drown- 
ed, be delugsd or inundated. [tr- 

M, ». OiiL'Z), tr. create, pro- 
[»' and Milffn, 

|<tD(IcB, 'aouud.'J 



ttfltanaU = nfim SKal. 

0(mZ). Intr. t. (ablBS i tr^Mntal o 
forth : i. e, ) m&ke tppcAmice, ooma i lirit time, 
in tight, appau. [»• ud f^ciiiB, J trfltr, mU. former, [oa If oompat 

'■bins.*] I tivBof (tft. isaa.i 

Tf4cinHBg,y. ijn. sppegiruioe, FHE- trftgtbsmi, o^. fint-boTB. [t[|t u 
'tomrifl4(iinii.408.ni8.]; giboriD, _ pwt p»rt of gtMti 

L 0(^3).-- - , 

pni to death. [tii and niigto, 

trfdiinftH, B. J^ fr. drain, eihaoiL 

[n> and Wli|t><> 'draw (water).'] 
ffr(4o|ifinia,/ <jh. exhanatiaiL [from 

tif4t|!f(a. «je.nia] 

tf^nOtm, V. 0(13). intr. (. b« frighl- 
aued or atartled. — y. tr. frighten, 
atartle, t«irifj. [n> and Mndin, 
' frighten. '] 


nfAntum, tr. y. tr. catue to qnake 
or tremble, ihake, conTnliB. atagger, 

[ti' and Wtttan, ' ahake. 1 

*rf«Mllni, v. (XIIL9). Mr. \. aweU 

Dp, be inQated, expand. [<r> and 


I [.r. 

[«. I 

-, reatore, replace, 

((»(B, 'aat.'] 
Vtftvntig, /. .g(B, making np, reatora- 

tion, reparation, [from nfcltn. 408. 

nfiu^tn, I. i^ Inir 4, ngb deeplT.heaTc 

a aigh. [((• and ftufitn, 'aigk ] 
ttdmat.c. 0{L2). Ir. tbink oqt, «- 

ongitate, de™«, oontriTa. [tr. and 

Pniitn, 'think.'] 
(rft, adj. flrat; toremott, leading. — 

adp. flrabtj, nnt, at tirat : for the 

fliat time, not till, onlf at thia time ; 

bat Joat, only :— trfl noi^, but joat 

DOW. (E. erat (poetio) : auperL of 

■ttt, for (tmi. ISO-H.] 
trUantm, t>. N. inlr. f, grow atiff. atif- 

fen, beoome numb or torpid, [from 

Bait. 4U5.m,lc.] 
<rftinin(n, ». ..V! inlr. f. be aatoniahed 



. >n*. aatomahi 
der. auipriae. [iafiu. of tEflauDtit, 


fTlhbtn, D. 0(267). Inlr. ]. (atsad 
forth : I. A) aiiaa,iiM from the dead, 
[n. and ft^a-] 

re with eObrt. 

trUMin, V. K tr. atjfle, amotiier, 

choke. [«' and aidta. 'amother.'l 
irflnbfli, V. .f 

[n- and piin.J 
(rflnctRt, V. X. tr. atrtttcli out, ex- 
tend, [m and flitilrn.] 
Crftnitung,/ 'g<n. atreteh, extant. 

[from RRnifta. 'fO&ULS.l 
trftSmm, v. X. ir. take 07 alomi. 

[ti' and (lllnlllii.] 
crtDiini, V. N. irUr. aound forth, re- 

aoond. [tr- and Unin, ' bitb tons.'] 
tmoftn, V. O(ILS), Ir. bear, endnie, 

anpport. [ti-. and ttoatn, ' oarr;.'] 
fTtraglict, adj. endurable, aapport- 

able. [from (ttragiu. 415.12c] 
inrinhn, v. X. tr. drown. [ti> and 

Rdnlfo, 'drcBeli.'l 
titrlntni,u. 0(L1). intr. (, be drowned, 

die by drowning. [»• and ttlaltn, 

' drink.'] 
(HMt^, V. S. tittr. \. w>ke np, ba 

aroused, awaka. [K- and wa^'a.] 
craoAftn, u. OdLS). intr. (. grow up^ 

grow forth, ftti and naAirn. ' wa.x.'] 
■naablcn, v. N. Ir. elect, aeleot, make 

choice of, ohooao. [(r> and Mttltn, 

' ohooae. '] 
tntUtnm, f. X. tr. or Mr. f. (vllA 

gen.), mention, make mention 0^ 

oaUtanotioe^ [»> and BltatE, ' aup- 

cnaartin, u. X. tr. wait for, await, 

expect, look for the arrival ot [»> 

and oartiB. 'wait'] 
tfnaammg,/. i^tn. waiting, eipeota- 

tion. anticipation, [from fmartra. 

408_nl.B.] ___ 


(ni and iDtSttn. 'ward oft'] 
tnnttm, V. PdllS), tr. show, prow, 

render (aa a favor or kiDdnesa). [n> 

and n(lI<B, 'point out.'] 
traalMiftr aiff. capable ol bwn^ point- 


ed mt, dnMBibaUa. [boa rnxti 
(IB. 415. 13<-.) 
*n>dftr>. B. fl. tr, inskB trUitw, 
■pnad ODt. extond. upMid, dilate 
rtrom Mim, compuktlTe of B«it, 
'wide* «>5.ULtc; L2a.] 

I. OlX'i). Ir. nin, Bnqnini, 
X hj effoit 

Mipen. wm. tmd. (151:1&4,4.). t*. 

[6. lt.1 
•jtl, «. .U, .L ku. dankey. [nUted 

with on; fromtAtin lUfHtw] 

come bf , procon bjr ei 


. [R'Ud 

,.„ .- MoniutWim 

[from tcwibiB. 40ailltj.1 

ciaHu, Muwer, leply. [from 

(itfct (*aa.a6i ud girtf*.] 

I,/, >(i. Aspsia, tiembluig pop- 
. [E. «!»>.] 
.,_...iiib,n. >M. sapcB-lsBf; [Otpl 

' (H&'idi ud eaiii ] 

; tfftti, *. (XlLl). tr. rat, daTonz, lead. 

[K. »t.] 

throttle, mnrdei. [i 


•|il, -It. oTB, metel; brMi, 
LI and a^. (411. 

re, prefli 
I_L5; 416. 

1L5; 416.6). >nlt-. 
(rtabUn.o. iV:(r. nUte, nooimik, ur- 

nte, UU. [n< uid litbii.] 
VriHtlBBtif- 't'*- ourktaaiij relBtion, 

t>lB. f&ointii»lii. 4(iaiILS.J 

uid Sngd.] 

rrttufBi »■ jV: (r. bi^at, genenta, 
engender, produoa. give rue to. [(!• 
andjtugM, -braet'I 

tnl*b<n. "■ 0(IIL8). ir. (di»w forth : 
t, e. ) bring up, reu:, timin, BDDCATB. 
[ft: and litttn, 'di»«.'] 

Srtltliung,/ ■«(n. bringing ap, train- 
ing, BUUCITIOK. [from [ijte^R. tO& 

(Tiiclcn. u. ff, tr.. make one'i aim or 
objeot, strive ■£!« ; obtain by effort, 
[from Sill, 'aim, goal' 4<lB,nLlc.] 

ntltitni, e. y. intr. |. tremble, ahaka. 

Snake [»• andtUltin, 'tremble.'] 
. inKK, t. If. tr. make angry, irri- 
tate. — re/L beooma angry. [(r> and 
lAnuB. 'be aogi;.'] 

npwe diH) and ill*.] 
adt, perohanoa, pwadrontimi ; 
at, uimaif hen neaiiy ; indieni, 
fonooth. l^for (h», ' ' "" 

M in taii and Hwi* (iae),inB«« ai 
Mum* (()• and >hm. ' whea ' )•] 
mat, Indiif. pros. (188), indtdlHoblt. 
•omething, lomeirkat {cotatrned 
in appatUion tiUh foUowiiie affec- 
tive or {generally^ «oim) \ — qftm 
'vrrbially, Kimewhat, lu aoma 

I), •»«• and 

(it' (see (tni) and w>4.J 
tuii,F"t.pT<?rt., of 

bu (151). jam, to yon. [B. r***l 
tan, poaemlin adj. (167). yawr. [B. 

mcr, gen. pi qf bi (161). of yon, 

yaar. [E, ysur.] 
mria, piMuatoa adj. (160.6). ymr* 

[from tan. 415.9c] 

KnroiHi, EiirOMBia. [from 8b> 

.o>a. 410.36.) 

(uropolflbf in{y. bdongmg to Bnrope, 
EBi-opcaii. [from If BisRo. USilUa.] 

(Milg, adj. everlaitiiig, sternal, per- 
pgtiul, unoeaainK :— -anf naig, for- 
ever, [from obsolete ivo. ' oantinu- 
ance'<; reUted with ern-. ] 

(BisbilnK, adj. ever blind, [evil 
and bltub.] 

9mi%Uit,f. lUv.. eternity, parpetoitj. 
[bom (D<«. 409.113.1 

tnKI, adj. exact, [bom Latin.) 

9tiiiitw,f. eilataaee. [bom Latin.] 



VoM, / •Id. IkUd. fhtHa fabnla.] 
bbdn, p. If. Ir. a>bl<, teU fibety, 
invent and report, [from 5o6»(. 


>, front or fWc) 

of > building. [Franc 

9aA> n. <4»»r "i^tr. compartment, 
panel; department, branch (of rtudy, 
ric.) ■.—tuJflrfom.inqi^Hltipliralivt 
adjeetiva [304; IIS.IM), ol (iDfai^, 
■ingle, bittfa^, triple, [related with 
f«Kii, |i««n, •holi'l 

fa4cn, f. JK (r. fan, blow. 

9idnt, m. -Tt, •!. fan. [from hAn, 

ti^rpalmt, f. iti. faD-jiitlu, tali- 
pot tree. fSl*" «nd »G[m,.] 

SoAcI, / •iB. torch, link, flambeau, 
[bom Latin /m-o/a.) 

ViAni, rn. iii«, <i or <ittn. thread, 
■tring. twine, oord ; llatliaai. [E. 

Mm, v. OaiS). Ir. [prtUrU want- 
ing), teas, take hold of, hold, (old, 
and now onlj poetical, form of fini 

KbifiOftf. (wUAiTni.). oapable, able. 

jfrom fa^B. 4l5.9fr.] 
9»blfltUtf- '1(11- capacity, abDity, fa- 

enlty, talent [from fi^lj, 409.ll»] 
VabiHf/. •». banner, flagj Atnce, 

troop, iqiiadroD, oompanT. 
tJtnlclB, n. ■ni, •■. amall banner; 

ooall troop or oampaoy, aqoad. 

(from %««>». 410.1.] 
flabrc,/ >(B. fkrrr, fkiTjboBt. [E. 

ferry 1 fromlB^tB. 408.ilB.] 


III 4.] 
Vatrmani, m 


Vabrt,/ -Hb. 
age, eoune, 
_ 48B.n.l.l 

paasige, Jonroey, voy- 
tianait [from fatcta. 

track, [from fiti'B. 

9abT4<ug, n. .gt, -tl. remeL hart 

boat, ehip. [f atctn and 3rut, 'thing,' 

•■n, m. 'bl, 'IBt. (Ul, deeoent, tom- 

ble ; waterfUI, cataract j hap, aoci- 

daul, CAU ; condition, ntoatuHi : — 

pound*, trilhwiueoftme (365.16). 
Ifromfancii. 4(I&L1 

falk. / «n. plt-AiU, trap, mare, 
[from faB«. 408,112.] 

faPtn, f. 0(ll!i). infr. (. daU, de- 
■cend, tumble; aink, decline; die, 
perish ; with dot., oocar to, tMl to 
the lot of: — in M( flugm faOrn, 
strike the eye ; fti N< Kebt falint. in- 
terrupt (break suddenly into Bom^ 
one'i talk] ; onfl Ikr) falln), come 
over (a« a feeling). [B. fall.] 

UVtti, V. X. Ir. make IhU. nU t let 
Ikll, lay down, pan (Kntenoe). 
[from faDtB <40t,Ll) ; probably H 
denominative of SaD.] 

ffdnig. (n Fompoiition, Ailling. [from 
gan. 4lG.»a ; or fallf d. 4IG.9b.] 

9i>nf>ri<f> rn. p(I«, >il(. •nare, noOH, 
gia. toil, trap. [loIIeB and etrlif, 
•.trinB.' 42^3.] 

falfAi adj. Alae, nntme, wrong, nn- 
gennine,spnriouB ; perSdioui, treaoh- 
erouB, ban. [from latin /alnu.] 

9alt4bHt, >. .Mb. Ik: - - * 
odt, guile, perfidy. 
409.11 i] 

'Mh <raltl«, cfotHg, -ftili . 
tlon tofCA numeral worrft, /ormlni 
>2f«Kfua (20t;415.1S<). (fron 

IkUeboad, de- 


ftM, plait [R Aid.] 

v. JK (or O. in part). lold-doo- 
ip [R told.] 

9ainl'll<,/ ■■■. fkmllr. [from L»- 


foDiuliM, m. ftLinslB*, amatant, at- 
tendant, [latin.] 

fang, m. -gt*, Aa%t. oatohing, cap- 
ture ; claw, ntns. [from faagtB. 

foRam, V. 0(113). tr. catch, aeiie, 
take hold of, capture ; make priion- 
or or captive. — reft, be caught, be- 
come entangled ; take hold, catch ■— 
gtfanera, pait part, oi noun, pri- 
•oner, OBptive. [related with B. 
fknc ('tbat which •eiiCKn' takea 

9angr(bnur,y. inn. itring for catch- 
ing anythmg, nooH, lauo, hanging 
■tnng. [langta and 6ltiiBi. 'itniiK. 

9ai<»,/. 'IB, color, hoe. 

fdrbtn, v. y. Ir, give color to, color, 
tinge, dye. [from Rnh. 406. 11. J 

fortla, a4j. ooloied. [from gath. U& 


tinn. {tromlMtii. 40a.. 
9am, m. .». .». bollot^ boll, 
Ul«d with K. farrov, ' bona (oi 

««|, B. '.(h*, .JHo. »•*, tab. ouk, 
lurcel, TeneL [tiom taffra (ur cice 

(afrni,t<.'.Vlr. bald. oonWn, inclnds; 
■Plirehend. oomprebead, oonwiie, 
fnms in mind ; — Iky bold of, gcup, 
take, bold.— rrit oontun or oom- 
p«e one'i hU, be oullecled : — Actuv, 
Stlit(l,}iiul jiarf. at oiJJ., coUectcd. 
oompoKd, lelf - duUmed, ceIiq ; 
{wUA ouf, for) prepared, re*dy. [re- 
l*t«d with ga».l 

Vaflknu./ '»"■ •ettlng. oomprehen- 
non. Qompoiure - oompovtum. ctyle. 
ffrom foffm. 4C8.IILM.1 

faft, adv. klnuMt, nekrlj, well-Dixh. 
[irngulu-l; from {tR, * (hit | ' lit";, 
■ olow upon.'] 

Vaftt,/. ■(■. (Aard/y mi^( (ijr^f in 

f'hira'). Out, tune of fkitius. 
from hft«.] 
fnflni, V. ^. ln(r. t' teat, go witfaont 
food, [origjually, ^ keep. obaerTe (afl 
holy time) ;' related with M, ' bat.'] 
%aytt«itit,j'. An. fating time, lent, 
■hruve-tldc. [gaQt (i22.dd) and 
3(lt. 'time.'] 
f aium, n. iKit, iM. (Kle, deitin]'. [Lo' 

fsul, mU, decaf ?d, rotten \ flnl, of- 
fensive, putrid : — laij, indolent, 
idle. IB. ftial.] 

9aun, m. =ncii. ■Bin. tmma, [to thi 
ItiHiutitt) a god of fields and rural 
oooupatlont, Mtyr. [Latin.] 

Soufl, y. ciultr. flat, deDohed band. 
[EH flat.] 

f(*i<n, », 0(1115). intr. %. tgbt, 
combaC [S. flKht.] 

ttbcT,/ m, ftktlier.pli 

'"" -r.] 

ikme, eU.). [VC 

Sttfitufd), m. ■I^tl, >B|4t. tnft or 

creit of fcathen. [gtCtt and eu|4. 

'bub .'J 
fiNr^ur, m. <M, .fill, plumed hat. 

[B«« and «Dl.] 
|l(«fcu<r, n. .rt. pnrgatorr, limbo. 

ftf g.n and S"i«, ' «« ' (MS.3) ; bflj, 

■ purifying flre.'] 

purify, [perbap* related with £i. 
•«»*«./■ ■<»■ *•■<. qmuTol. [ro- 
latAdwitb »>lak. ' foe.1 

.M, . 

capable of fl 
1 V\\i*; onl] 



[bomfiilta. 40KII 

liWo. ifrOL , , . 
Ill', 415.IA, ISr.] 
hbbn, s. Jkf, «n(r. |. Ikll, be want- 
ing, be deficient or lacking ; fail of 

be in tbe wrong, be mistaken, bit, 

o«e«d;-« frth «■-.. (imp™!. 

there i* lack of . . . [frotn French 

fnillir, laXinfaHere.] 
■fthlm. v. OlLU). Ir. onlv In 6< 

an<J Awf'blni.oammeDd. 
ftblfAKfltn. «■ C(IX2). JnTr. f. (make 

a falae ittoke : f, '. ) fail of anoccaa, 

miacairj. proie abortive. [St^l (DBd 

adrerbially) and W[gg», 'atfike.'] 
9(bltrllf, m. >tl, .U. falae etep,/aiix 

pai, miactep, Blip, tantt. [S((l (uaed 

•dv'ly) and Irta, ' tread.-] 
9lin,f, holiday, oeaaation from labor, 

leat ; oelebration, feetivaL [front 

9(l(nlang,>n. ■(!, ■Ingt. featiTS tonnd, 

] ay ouB ringing, [gttti and Slaig.] 
fti(ril4, a^, ■olsmn, oeremoiuaL 

[from gttci. IIS. 13a.] 
VritrtlAltIt,/ 't(i. iolemni^. osn- 

mony. rfrom fttoKA. 40a.IL&] 
ftlcm, V, }{. intr. \. make holiday. 

reat from labor. — tr. celebrate, lo- 
dnly. [from jtltr. 



and eini: 

•i*. -v. 



fili or f(lg(, <u{/. cowardly, faint- 
hearted, puidllanimoua, daatoidly. 

ttrlgc,/. ■(B. fly. [froml^tinJTcTU.] 

Vclgcnbaum, in. >inl, :iuiii<. flg-bee. 
[Bilge (422. 3tf) and Bo an.] 

Itil, a4, on lale, venal, pnrchaaabla. 

ftin, a4i. flue, not oouae, delicate; 
nice, pretty, exoelleut, admitftble; 
elegant, refined \ acute, quick ; cun- 
ning, «iy. [from Prtnob etc Jin, 
latmjintlvi, ' llaiebed.'] 

fcini!, adj. hostile, ioimicaL [B. 
flsBdi prea-part. of ohwdete jV"*i 

9((nb, in. .btt, ibt. enemy, foe. [lams 
u Mnb.] 

Otbiliin,/. anntB. (female) enomr or 
foe. [fromHtlit. 410.4.1 

OinMiA, tuff, hostile, ioinUcaL [from 

_S<l"t- 4li.l3a.] 

hoatility, nn- 



9riBKA«ft>/. iltn. enmitT, hoBtility, 
ill-wilL [£roiD S<>iit>- 410.Ta.] 

ftlatfrUg, a4j. inimicaLl, hoatile. [frot 
%t\ti. 41S.e/.] 

9ti»HtUgrtU,/. •Itn. boBtility, inimi- 
cal ut vr cooducL [fnmi hUbfelli. 

hinatttUbntt, adj. floc-dnwii, mi- 
nutdf detailed, [fitn aod guii^ul, 
psit put. of ttlAntn, ' drkv.'] 

9tinb<i(, / iltn. Sncaeu, dellu;; 

[from (([B. 4(S^2.] 
9((b> n. itti, ibn. flcld, open land, 

plain ; Held of war or battle, biUU«- 

KTonnd ; ana ; deputmeDt, iphara. 

[E. flcU.] 
■*""-- m. ganenL oom- 

[gtlb and em. 

f«rtlg,(K{/. prepared, ready : finiabed, 

oomplelo, perfect; uilful, deiteroua, 
bandy, [for Ittrllg, from gi(il (41G. 


CcKit'Antf >>- 'n*' ^ „ , 

ttandaid, banner. [gtU and jtUftn, 

' tskea.'] 
9(11, n. •lit, •!(. ikin. bide, pelL 
9tU,m. .tn, .» ;orfhirn,.ii<. .n. rook. 
StIMniA, m. ^A«, >uA(. qoarry. [9tlt 

and du4> 'brcBCbl' i'. 'place 

where stone ii broken out'] 
filftabiin,/ ■gti. rooky caatle, fot- 

treH of rook, (giltti uid Buig.] 
9tUtnflia, n. iM, 'bn. limbot atone, 

rocky member. [Sdltn and SUrt..] 
Vilfninippt, /. .(». ciur of rook. 

rocky precipice. [Sclftn and flUvec] 

■-"-iriff, n. .fl. -ft. rooky net; ledge 

-?(«« and «ltf.] 

. - .. - •V<*. 'ifitt. rooky oaa- 

. "■ keep. (SclIfD and B^lit.] 

Cdhnaont,/. -intr. rocky wall, pre- 

oipioe. igt[|rD and ffiaab.] 
ftlllg, adj. rooky, [from 9<1(. il.lfla.] 
•(UHnbt./ .tn. rocky rlad, rook- 

OTQit. [9i[9 and Sisbt.] 
9>l*|luif, n. •it, id), piaoe ol rock. 

[9'l« and eiud.] 
VtlMHiit. lame oi fftlfmaait. 
Vtxfttri II. ir«i It. window, [from 

VntftirDBbtt, /. xn. window Iwle. 

[BinBn and ei^U.] 
fnlttrfdKlkt, /. •II. window-pane. 

[%nfl" and eAiUt.] 
lem, Ki^. diitant, Ikr off, remote. 


>ftli illln. perqieotiTi 

glsM, ipy.(Is(i, lorgnette. [|(n 

and am.] 

ftrnltu^irnt. aiff, fkj.<faining, gb'et- 
ening in the diataoce. [|rb and 
[(uAttnb, piea. part of Iini^tiit.] 

rt, .Hor.S*n. apf-glasB, 

[JmainiSttit, 'tube.'] 

. repared, ready : finiabei 
ilfl, perfect; uilful, deiterou 
...., . [tor |t«nlg, from gi(il (41L 
Su) ; fitly, 'pteprnd for a itart m 
Journey. ■] 
hnlstn, v. JVi (r. make ready, pre- 
pare ; perform. [fromfIitl(. 40G.I.3.] 
ftffrl, / -la. fttler, chain, shackle. 
[probably related with ggfc '«»(,> 
a* '/ouf-ahaoUe,'] 
ftAOot, ntf/. fttlerleaa, nnohained, 
free from reitiaiub [from ^W- 

Dltd, hard ; Gred, immoiaUe. [E. 
t. ftitiral, MU, (hut. 


V(fl(,/, >». firmneaa, eoUditr, fiied- 

neu ; (katneaa, itiongbold, lortRM* ; 

firm ground, main-land, oontinaot. 

[fromf((l. *09.n.l.] 
ftRflrf'nSF'^ -g*,''"!'- Aatalaoas. 

[g.O and «<foa,.] 
fcflbolttn. e. 0{li-^)- tr. b*M OmIi 

■tick to.oUog apon. [fc^aud^allin, 

8t|H9((ll./ •In. fiimneia, oonitanoy, 

leiolation. [from fit. 409.1la] 
9<f>I<nt, n. lit, •intti. firm land, 
[fiR and e<ut.] 
!, f -m. abutting np 

ui ■ coutinent, oontinental embargo. 

[ncftlonb (422. SA) and eiwm.] 
fcfMI4, adj. natal, IkatiTe. [from 

8KI. 415.1».] 
fhftfMl, m. •'•. 'lili. f^tive hall or 

aaloon. rgi|l and eail.l 

IKifm, *. J^ Ir. eatabliah, arrange, 

determine, Inttitate, atipnlate. [fe|t 

and Icttn. SI2.2.] 
ftHAtiftii, D. A', (r. atlek teat, fasten. 

[ttp and |lc<Itn. 313.2.] 

[Rtog, m. 'td i«(. Altai dar> tiW> 

and 2ii«.) 
Mtagig, adj. belonging to a fcativu 

dBr.boliday, Ifromgtftlai- 415.9>(.J 
9>fttixgUkl>, n. iM. •b(t, holiday garb. 

[gttUog (lia.3») and flitib, 'elotb.'] 
fcflaa4fra. «. OtlLB). (^r. f. p^ 


&■( or Arm, Uecaat flxod or Htt- 

ened by (rowing, [((f ud nx^ftn, 

fcif, ai{>. fiit, plump; grCMf. [K 

t<R, FL -US. fatigratw. [bom ftu. 


ftadttt "Ai- mout, bomid, •omcwbftt 

wfFt, dunp. 
ftfl4<<shlt,/. ■)». mo Mt MM. dunp- 

uttt, bnnidUf, roaUtnr*. [from 

fiB^. 409.113.] 
(rutr. n. -rl, •!. Are j mrdor, puaion, 

Tdiemenos. [B. Src.] 
tnwrtinaMi^ <Ktf' intoxicated with 

puaion. U"a tad tmifAl, put 

pub of ttU<l4(M.] 

fcocrtrann, oi^ Ar*-tn*wB, of 6017 
brown oolor. [9»nuid fcmu.l 

fnutfiab,/ >(■- flra-pilUr. oolamu 
of Gn. [Stvii ■□•! eamt.) 

cbftriot of fin. [gfsn Mid Siagtn.] 
(iiunMct, ». -H, -Ii. Aivwnrh, 

pTrataiblua oompiMitioa. [giiuiand 

VtWTtHkn, m. iH, •!. flre-tladcr, 

kindlinffif tonohwaod. [Bvon BOd 

Ihiri*, w^. Hirjr, ignaoiu; bnraliig, 

urdcnt, pminrnta. [bom gmii. 

tcD or tnmic [S^K (ti^.Sif) and 
fkbftnwan, m. 'M, •Ubn. pine forait 

[fiom Latin 

(jttitli (l&Erf) and IBolb. 

r^"^ . . 

condition); (»i(A |b) ._ . ., 

to, nnite with; (wUA in) noonoile 

ons'i hU to, gtt along with. (B. 

9<n«tt, m. .rt, •!. Aascr. [E. Sn- 

gcri lalated with fangiB, 'take, 

teite.' and fhBs.J 
ffingtrfiiitt,/. xn. flncBT-point, Bn- 

ger't end. [gtngcr and StIIk.] 
Vtnncnlant, ft. <t». Finland, Inod 
■■■ — "niir, ' Fl««,' and 


dark, obaonre. gloomj, 
iron, HOT, lulleD, aad. 

'rioom.' ffromfliRn. 40g'.n.5.] 
wSa, m. .(itct, .M<. flili. [B. fl*k.J 
fiftMKM. ". •■*, •■. little *mU. [bom 

9114. 4IttI.] 
fHdKB. '■ ff- intr. f. oatoh ■■!>, Adt. 

[from 81(4. 405.11.] 
WTAtr, m. .[«, .r. Oalter, fialur- 

man. [from »*"■. «^in.4.] 
«ir<b>rbni*, a. ■((>. >anfn. fialui- 

nuu'altawM. IPWn and ^iit.~ 
VifiMcib, m. <t«, .*n. ' '^- 

|glf4 and grti.] 
WfiMttn, n. >!(, .B. Uttleflab. [ben 

Sil«. 41111.] 


1 S" 

piiiion. [probablj i^atod wi 

in. ' ft>*lur.'] 
fl^lmt, V. X. tr. Ox the aje* qdod, 

ctarfl or gaie ftzedlT a^ [nom 

PtenohJlMT. 40t,U.4.] 
|Udi, m^. (1 or i in aHnpurlKn). flat, 

plain, leVsl ; ahallow, anparfioaL 
V1M(./ •". flatnsa, lerel, ^un; 

plane, lUTfaoc. [fromllrilt. 10im.L] 
WaAinlnball, m. •», 'H. plane or 
irficial oontent, are& ISU4< (4^ 

and ait' 

[from f[ 

. 409.IL2.] 

n Pa*. 4( 

I, e. AT intr. J. flan, Biefct 

[probably bom httinjlagrare.^ 
VtiminUO), adi. PlnmlnlaB. [bom 

Latin. 415.106.] 
Wamim,/. 'in. an^c, bUie. [bom 

Latin jtamnM. ] 
tammtitiV.lf. Imir. t- llnmc, blaie. 

[from glaniot. 405.11.] 
9laKmnibfl4> "k '4^ ■'4'- brook of 

■•me, blaiing (tream. [gloniDU 

(4313(f) and Sa*.] 
SlammtnMlbnDfl, j*. .gtn. ihape at 

flame, blaiug form. [glasiBC (4SS. 

3if) and Sianiig.) 
9lai>nn(»Nr)i ». '("I, 'ita. keartof 

flnme, blaiing heart. [SIiBw (4S9. 

2d) »nd fttti.] 
SlaftMn. n. -iK, -n. little Oaak or 

bottle. [fromglaMr. 410.1.J 

bif4c, /. ■». ouk, bottle. 

taittnt, 1. K intr.i. flwtter, bang 

loose, dangle. [K flntter.] 
Sliun. m. •mit, >■( or nan. down. 

[from Latin plumo-l 
9lti1|K, f. -n. tn 


braid, [dait, 

|kd)nii,B. 011115}. Ir. twine together, 
plait, braid, tniib [relatod witb 



1k4*niartts, a4f. Uchen-lik*. [glt^t 

(4^'3d) and RHg, from Hit, 'man- 

ti«.' 41B.iy.I 
fffAtngrfriinl, a^. tress-enimcd, 

covered with bnid*. [gKfttt (lifi^lM) 

■od g<Miil, put put. of hiKD.] 
•Inf, m. .ait, ><t. qiot, p1w», plot ; 

qwt, (tttill, blot. 
f ctfm, B. 3': fr. (pot, -*-'-, apsok. 

(fromSUd- 40B.I1.I 
fkcNfl, oiJf. qxittT, notted. [fioni 

P«C. 4f5.9o.r 
VMtraMMl, /. 'taFi. b^ ai«Mi- 

MOHM. (ibtRIMIlltKn*. 43fl.&] 
(Utcm.v. jr:in(r.)orf. AatMr. [te- 

UtMl with Hittm.] 
tUlfm, V. if. tr. implDTo, sntiskt, bs- 

•eeoh, lappliokta. 
MffemtMart, n. iM, ilf. trord of aup- 

pliutton or sntintj. [S1(^>W '"*>" 

of b(<R (4aaL2ft), ud Qnt.] 
•U«(b, It. .\^tt. «»k, Duab [EL 


n»L [fromgMM. 416.12a.] 
VM|> m, i^. hidojlir;, diligeno*. ap- 

plicBtioii, aaidniW. [(nni Etiiiii. 

--'^ -.. Oim.1). r?rt. 

toeth), grin with, 
fittni, *. 0(1118). intr. \ or «. fln 

move raptilly, rnih. [B. Ar.) 
•k^. p^ d(in.S). lH(r, i. Am, Wten 

[rdiitod w ,....._ 

fittm, t>- 0{ULS\. ii^r. I <T «. uuw, 
Ton (ai a liquid), atrcam. [related 
wiUiB.jI«Jtoo(, eto.l 

flinnuni. b. aT (n^. t- ^tter, elisteo, 
■parkle, eointiiUte. {probabl]' re- 
lated with Meant.] 

fiM. luff. bilik, aleit, Dimble, agile, 

RliBtc,/. •(■. ficB-lodi, miuket, gnu. 

[K. fllBt I Damad from the diatiao- 

tiva patt of look, ] 
VUtKr, m. •!*, >T. epaiigle, tinsel, mock 

gold, [related witb Itallmi.} 
tItlHrfloIb, n. .M, Isaf-gald or bran, 

Cbin (buiiiig metal plate, tinsel. 

ISItltn and UpU.J 
*■ )f«,/. .<- "—' "- 

9b|, n. >ttl, •etc. float, raft, inda 

boat l^rom |Ut|(E.] 
(lD|mi e. ^. tr. flost, canaa te flow. 

[from gl»*.] 
91irn> /. 'in. flnt*. [bom Ftenoh 

unit etc. ; Latin j(af ut. ' blowinK. *] 
9iDtn,/:tn. fleet. [B. fleet i re- 
lated witiijtoal, flftta, etc.] 
Wi>i IT 9<a«, n, or m. ijct, •)(. hari- 

untal Uyei or ■tratum. [related 

witb £. fiat.] 
ViifOtUn, f, •In. boriiouUl Isyei 

oritratum. [gllj and 6*1*1.1 
9fui^ m. •*<«, -e*!. oorea, mdedio- 

tiou, imptsoatiou, eieatatioii ; causa 

... fll^ lit, mnning away, 

escape, [tram ni(^»- 40&IL1.] 

flu^at, V. X. intr. take to flight, fly, 
osoape. — tr. save by tligbt. — riJL nm 
away. Uke (0 ai|lit, escape, [from 

g:u*t. 405. Li.] 

M4lll|, a<V. flying. fogitiTs, mnaway ; 

fleeting, tnuiiieDt; ouraive. hany, 

onrsory, slight [from gin*!. 415. Uo.] 
SUdl'llBB, tn. -tS, ■«(. runaway, fngi> 

tive, refagee. [from fluOit. 4I0.&] 
Slug, m. .((«, •«!(. act of flrmjl. 

■Igltt, soaring; flock, bcTy. [R 

floek eto. ; from fi'V- 406.1] 
VfiigtU >». -Ur 'i- wing, piuioii. [from 

lltrgtn, as Initnuneot of fllgkt. 

fuBtlBf ■. If. tr. wing, pniTi< 

wings, [from glll|iL 4UG.L1 

winga, QappiniE of p 
ande41*«. 'blow.'] 
9lu«cl4ar,/. •m. fiddlng-doe 
of a doable door. [■"—'-- 


_ --ir.wuig 

|lttg«> ode. haalily, hnniedlf , quiokly. 

epeedily. [adTlgen. (SSaiJof Slai. 

SInlCnM, n. 'BI, >ba. flald. [latin 

fbir, /. >RE. Geld, meadow, plun, 

larel; floor, halL anteiaom. [S. 

Will, RL 'Jilt, iftffi. flow, flux, ma*e- 

[from nitOB. 40e 
llBtdKK, n. >il(, •I 

-., brook, [from ^lut 410.1.] 
fliifflg, 04/. flnui, liquid, watery, [from 

Slui 415.1)11,] 
flUlRlik, (Ufj. rleh in rirera. aboond- 

ing in strcanu. [Jlui and nl*. 410. 



riTm-w*rU, tItct- 

Wum or 9(b)>/ '«!*»■ flosd, inand*- 

tion : walsr. liquid^ high-water, 

anod-tide. [K fliwd t oomp. tl"i"<< 

glDiu, etc.] 
flulboi, V. y. itUr. %. flosd, nuke hi 

imuiilktion ; (well Itaid of yalrr). 

rue ud flow, [from gliitb. «A. L I . J 
ViB'bffrPH, m. .nit, .tMt. flMd-tide, 

■welling ctrMH «- dniTcnt. [SUH 

■nd 6tnw.] 
Valtti/. •»- Mfiei, ordet. niaoeHion, 

tnin; ■aqneuoe, oonaaqDenm, »- 

Siel 1 reuilt, effiiot ; Iniomoe, oon- 
nrion. [from )«[«». 40&n.8.] 
fbteni, t. N.inlr. (.teUh dat.) \. tM- 
loir, go or oome After^ — — "*" *"' 

»of, r 



[B. Ibllnr.] 

fchlt*. «/>. or n.;i/. conHqa 

tbarefcre. w * r«iilt, Koord_„-j. 

[from Bslgt. ll.VlSa ; »G3.S<>.] 
(erttr, odP. tartbu. [reUted witl 

fflt, VR, ud fen, u ■ oompanlive.] 
firbtm, V. H, tr, ftartber, pnn 

adiuioe ; pneh on. hooten, deip 

[fromffritn. 40^1 
foAtn, f. N. tr. demmnd. Mk u 

[doubtleia tune u F^ctitni.'] 
VertnmMg,/. ■gtn. demand, m 

mant. reqniaition. inmrnf ~ 

ferttnt. 40S.I1IN.] 
Virtanmg,/ .jta. nirtbt 

motion, advaDoement, 

[from feibm. 4W.11LH.) 
9Btm,^. •iniB. Ama, anape, make, 

fuhion ; fixed tbru or habit, exter- 
nal form or method of prooednre ; 

model, moold. [from Latin /orma.j 
fenanwB. If. tr. ftima, ahuie, model, 

faahioc. [from gnm. 40S.I.1.] 
iRrails, a^. fn compotHion, -tbrmsil. 

[from 9«ina. 41S.15/.] 
fotmlvt, oitl. IViriiilcM. 

ISno and Io«. 415.t6<i.] 
forfAtn, r. JV. <n<r. ft. Manli, make 

inquiry, inTsatigata, icnitiniie. [per- 

bapa from (fit or »«, i.e. 'bringibr- 

Sorf^cr, m. ixi, >i. biTestigator, in- 

HUiror. [from fort*! =. <0S.1IL4.] 
9f>rft,m. ■»«, Pt(. lto»(t,wcHKL [from 

late Latin Joritta etc., from J'orit, 

fbn, tutc. anil ttp'bu prtftx. ftirth, 
formwd, onuard ; on and on (in 
time], oontiDuoiuly ; — away, gone. 

nV: — irtoa to trrtt eilhtr lAe (des if 
omrard. away (with amtTf/ (rta), or 
o/cantinaanoe of a«UoD luiUi aia- 
iTy (atn). [related witb mi, tt). 

nnODllf, with- 

IfDil and aa.] 
fonbcvtstn, c. If. tr. more anvatd 

■'— — ' iKBMfn.] 

. B. JV. fn(r. (. Imrt <»!. MO- 

endure, [fntaud taani.] 

fartbrcbni, v. N. tr. continaa to tan 

or whirl [fort and tittn-] 
fprtfatm, v. U(IL2). intr. \. cnnti- 
noe, go on ; "JUn, make a further 

diaooune. [|Rt and fatna, ■ fkrei 
fonfllctni. V- 01IIL31. intr. «. mm- 
tinae to Bow, flow on. Ifod and 


rort»bmt, D. N. tr. lead (tortb, eoo- 

doctaway. [(on and f6»ita.] 
fDrtgcbcn, V. 0<:»7). ttOr. f, s*AirlI> 

; go forward, pau on ; de- 

and gt^B.] 


part, Bet out [fcrl ai 
rDrtlnfoi, V. 0(IL4). 1 

I. ran along, oontinoa oi 

fomiflniat, a. fl. tr. i^opagate, ex- 
tend, spread, oommonioate, tran*' 
mlt. (fon and pPontta, 'plana.'] 
(prtT(l«ni,i>. 0(IU.l). Ir. tearor^ag 
away, carry onward with Tiolenoa^ 
burry idong. [fort and niVn.] 
'rtf4affni. v. N. tr. carry away, 
tranaport. [|nt and lAatf'"-] 
SonfAdfFung. /. 'iin. nmonl. baat- 
lortation. [from lorlfiiaflta. 4D& 

foTtfAnlren, e. 0(ni.l). Intr. f. mon 
onward, make progreaa, advanoe. 
[fen and W"ilrD.] 

prrtArlll, tn. >I9, •«. forward itep, 
PROOKESB, adTanoe, inoreaae. [fnnu 

tsn(*i(ii(B. *oa.l] 

lotttiHn, K. X. tr. (act forward : L<.) 
po^ on, oontinna,pioaaoatfl, pnrma 
[fort .n<i IctH.) 

vorrtifung,/. •gm. oontmnation. car- 

6 on, poranit. [from fon(ik<a. 

fortflrtbtn, e, K. intr. 6. atrlve to 
get away, ebmn^ forward, [fail 
and (l«*tn.] 

infMnon, <r. N. intr. f. atarm on- 
ward, go fuiioiuly on. [fort and 



MKtn.«. 0(112). 1 

onward, kdvanoe and 

and aaifin, * iriui.*) 
romMlm, a. ff. It. bt Intr. f. loU 

onwud. [|«l ud Bilifti.] 
fDrfwricn, v. 0(L3). tr. throw awaf. 

[(ott and Mihii.) 
fDnikbn, ■. Oira.3). intr. (, more 

ODward, go along, prooeed. [(nt and 

Vortiue. m. 'flii iltgf. KDward march, 

advanoa, departure. [from feit< 

«vt»crin ^- — 

Vnw*/. -til. qneation, inqnirj. [from 

ftagfii. 406. Hi!.] 
fra§(n. V. iVI (r._ aik, faiqiura, ister- 

VriiBk (aneleDt 
liennaa raoo, onnqasron of Fruioe 
bom the Roraana)^ Prkuk (name 
by which all Baropeana were called 
in the Bast). 

franNfik, oA). Pruklah, belongins 
totheFranka. [fromSnntt.41.Ma.] 

SmfnlA, n. .«!. Fnnee. [Stanlt 
and WctA ; lit');, ' kutgdom of (be 

9Mn|0ft, nL >tB, •». rmcluuan. 

[from F'rtmcb franfoii. ' FrenBh."] 
Vn«)p(MMHt, m. •■>. FnnckmsD'a 

blvad. ISisDioft (i22.2d) and Bbtt.] 
froniSfirA, (uy. P««cli. [from 

Swnioh. 415,100.] 
fraMdiaiurIn,/. •lnotB. female mha- 

bitwit of PraKoti, Fraacati woman. 

{&am giolcaUncr, deiiiatiie of /Vot- 

•raucnbiU, n. >M, -btt. female form, 
woman-, figure, woman. [8"" (*»■ 
2d) and «IU.] 

trautnnde, n. .il. .»«. woman'* 
gannimt. [jMua (433.3(1) and CIdb, 

ffroiunlraAl,/. 'tin. femalegarb, wo- 



31iiiiii(i jlit'ly, 'women'* apartment,' 
then applied to the women of a 
haoMboId, to women in general, and, 
flnaUv, to one of the ■«.] 
•riuhia,n. •■!, •*. joung ladr.dam- 

nLmin; Uiai (ai title). [fromSniE. 

frtd), iu4/. ineolent, ahameleaa, aoda- 

oiona. [related with |ignl, 'Ownk,- 

and Inl.] 
VmUdt, ?. •t(i. inaolenoe, imparti- 

nenoe, unpadenoa, aodacity. [from 

frd, a4J. free, nnoonfined, nnoon- 

trolled, at liberty ; exempt, clear ; 

Tacant. open, nnobatmcled ; frank, 

ont«poken,boLl;—Ni(9rtit, the open 

air. [related with (rani, >ftBBk,> 

Inife ; alKi with fnltn, S^txib.] 
frtkn, V. X. Ir. woo, oouit, make love 

to. [related with Snunb, • blend.'] 
If Rkr, m. .1*, .(. wooer, loitor, loier. 

[ftomfnica. 40&IIL4.1 
Srabtlt, / •ttn. freedom, liberty, 

privilege^ immunity, &anchiBe : U- 

cenie. [from (wt. *».ILa.J 
frtilidii ada. to be nue, aa mnit be 

acknowledged, I oonfeii, indeed. 

[&om Fnt 1 literally ■ freely,' byab- 

brev'n for " I /ree^ oonfeaa ; " lieiioa 

properly oonoeuiie.] 
Snimutb, m. -Wit. freedom of Bforit, 

franlcnsH, candor, unoerity. [trtl 

and Wts.x%, ' mMd.'] 
UtHdtmlngtBb, a4j, awlBslBK free, 

looBB-hanging, [fttl and I^Dingtnk, 

prea, part of MDlBfn.] 

jtmta, repabiioan. rbom SlRinail. 

9itiflati,f. ttiB, (freeateadorplaoe; 
f, e. ) aaylum, place of refnge. [fnl and 
em It.] 

frtnb, adj. itraoge, eitraneooi, for- 
eign ; belonging to another or othen ; 


[related with E. froK 

'try, region away 
from one'a home, [fnim htnik. iW, 

9RnMlBg,m. ■gl, igi. ■trangvperaoii, 

■tranger. [from fnnb. 409.114.1 
SrtntMlnglK,/. •Innta. atrsoge or for- 
eign woman, female ttranger. [from 
gnmHlna. 410.4.) 
fntlin,v, 0(ILI). (r, eat («aWo/«ni- 
taalt, nolman) ;eatgreedily,deToar. 
[EL fret I contracted from Mcitlia, 

9n»tf,f, iin. ]oy,ple*anie, gladnesa, 


gnMeMen, ddiflil [from fmn- 

Vmlxtekni, <L .il, tnmUing with 
pleuure, thrill of Joy. [gnitt uid 
Vfbtn. inEn. of ttb«.] 

tmOtmMt, ». tit, -u. ftitinlotJOT, 
Jojoiu fete. [9int« {422.&I) wid 


trriitiiij ac(f. lo]r<xi*. ioTTnl. sladiotiie, 

happy, [from^gtt. 415.&.] 
frtMtn, t. If. Ir. giTe fdiunce to, m 

tnt, fntiB, gRBDt. 

frl«Md t pTDperlj prw. part, of 
TetbfGotk friifHt) imming'lot 

Totiited with fnl, fnlK, |n*ti, fnft.] 
•rtnMn,/ -tmiti. (teDwla) ttdcad. 

fmnbridi, a<tf. fMcMdlr, kiodlj, 

kind; ohecrtul. urceable, rlniinrt 

[fron. Rnimb, 4!^l2a.] 
VRBnMldAtl. /■ -tea. IMcKdUncH, 

kindneM, oiTilitj. (froDi fniMII*. 

%n<aM«t*H,f. <(». frlsadaklp. 

[from Snnib. 4iaTa.1 
»«wl, - - 

tonly ofTenDTe, miMhMToai. [froi 
8i"[l. 415.Ta,] 

bsitDtjr in the ScudiiuriMi mytbo- 
'■'E?)' [related with {ttlta, fitito, 

tranijuilUty, quiet. [probaUy rdat- 

ed with fititn, fniwa. eto.) 
Vrftttntnong, m. ■;(, ilngt. ■oand of 

peace, pea«eful tone, [grlfbta (422. 

Siiftntflfim. -tct, 'It. Hatotpeaoe, 

poKoefal abods. [grlttitii (4^2») aod 


frlcMlAi <ul)' peaoe&ble, pakocful, p«- 
cilio, qniet, tnuqoiL Itrom Jrlitt 

ffrltDHA, m. >4t. Vnderlek. [giltt* 
BOdnliij lit'ly, 'mighty in peace. '1 

fti(««,«. 0(1113). i»lr.[orV rntn, 
feel cold, be cbiUeA— (r. {.umialty 
itnpen.) (rccH, chill, teel cold to. 
afleot with fcMt. [E bwBH.] 

friTA, adj. freib, reCTMlimK. oddI; 
not worn or mod, now ; briik, li«e- 
If , gay, imart : — at acdaButdtHi, bo 

Unlyl [R. bMhi abo firUk, 

SriMt./ fr«*feiie««, oooIdom, tirdi- 

!>«■. [frommf4. 409.IIL] 
frif««cf*atM. aHI- IkuUy iWU». 
new-fallen. [frtM »n<l gc|aIlcD. pact 
put of folbn.] 
VnH,/ itti. period, appointed time. 
Vitfar,/ .nil. droning of the hair, 
head-drcH (of hair, curled or oUier- 
wiM artificially traated). [Frenoh 
frUnTt. tKuBfTitrT, 'curl, fri*.'] 
gritiOaiia, / uiin. frltlllu-l* (a 
crrtaln jfrn" of pUnU, aUn ttUA 
"- ~- — (mpenai). [ftom Latin. 1 
itd, Jojooa. Wpt : ("i** 
of, haiqi; ID, rejoioed at. 
ith fitmii, eto.] 
Joyoiu, gladaonu, bliths- 
■ iTial, nwrrj " — 
rmerly n»d 
fromtie«. 415.I2&.] 
. . 'tll.f. itn. Joyooine**, Kbd- 
■eu, gavety. ioTiality, ft«U<. {oom 
M^UJ. 4W.II}L] 
froblvtfm, B. a: intr. (. emit. ^-' 

fnb, adj. 
gtn.) gim 


„ . . 40&.L1.] 
ttibtitt, m. irt, •!. one bound to ler- 

vioa, laborer, vaaaal, aeif. [fiom 

frt»n™. 10S.IIL4.] 
frPBtaii mii. worthy, honaat, eiool- 

lent; fpttUUly. pioiu, religioua, 

podly, dr— ' '* >--<-.- ■- — 

{■•) , 

' ' forward, foramoit, exoel- 

Vivntofllit,/ ttoBdoaltr.lgftfinoM, 

wealth of vwetable growth, [l^in 

■-" - — ■-•■ ^— <iold,ohill, 

earth or field*, crop, gtsin. i 

LOtive. [fronigtuSi.' ^ 

9ni<<)<barr(l<, / •Itn. (TaltfulnoH, 
'----YBneea, feonndity. [fram 
409. 113.] 



frdt, ad^. MTljr, not Utc; in early 
monung; ipeMy. [probably related 
with Va, tn, 'befttre.'] 

tin MiiiB, moniiiiK ilncing. (ftOt 

Srubiabr.n. 'tt, .r. culTputofthe 

T'^^\ epriog. [fiat and 3a^,] 
Vhililub'. >>. '<*' «rlr Il«lkt, mo: 

irg light, dawn, [frlf and Slifl.] 
ftrubting, m. >il| ig'. apiuig, lemal 

■eaion: youtll, primB. [(rom fl£(. 

#rlibUng*frltT,/ •!!. apring fotiral, 

Tenulcdibntion. Igrttlinf (4SaSi>) 

and Sfln.] 
SrfibHOff, n. .(», <ifi. (eaTlyUt:!.^) 

brwkfact, morniog meal, [fitt and 

emit 'piece. -J 
ViuW. tn- 'ft*. •fi4fE- fln. [E. Au.] 
SuHf m. igrt, igt. adaptedneia, mita- 

Uenesi, oonvenience ; right, dua aa- 


._„ .. . fit togeUier, Joint, Jain, 

nnitb [bomBug. 4UG.LI.J 
figfaiv, ailj, adaptable, pUant; Acncc, 

TieldiDK, nipple, eabmuaive. [from 

figrs. 415.1SJ.] 
^u^amttit,/. -UtL. pliantncH, mpple- 

neia, uibmiMion. Ifrom f Dalom. 409. 

Bbka. e. y. tr. ftel, tcDch, be hd- 

lilde of, paoeive by the oigana of 

•eneation (eapeoiaUy of tODoh): 

Aflv^ feel inth the inner eenie, 

taxe a mun of, be oonTiooed of, be 

aeneftive ta [B. ftiel.] 
fubrorVutn,/ .in. Koing. Joarney, 

turn, time, [trom faSns. 408.114] 
ffitrm, V. X. tr. [cauas to go; i',) 

cmrry, convey, bring; CODdiict,gtJide, 

lead \ wield, manage, earry on, wage. 

TcannUiie of la^niii 'flare, ea' 

{404.L1) ; or from gu(i. 4«i.Ll.] 
Vulirt or VBrt or Vnr4,/, .he. (brd. 

(R dnd I from lobKa, ' tare, pate.' 

VutTMert, n. >n, •Ii. Tebicle, carriage; 

[gu^andmtrf, 'work.'] 
IHIb. /. 'tn. fnllueu, abandanoe, 

pleDty. [for %ilIc,from»D, *fiiU.> 

fnllai, c. N, tr. make fnll, flU, cram, 

lepleiiiil]. [tor etOfii, from tei, 

'full.' 406.12.] 
VfiOn, n. .li, .a. (bsl, flUj, oolL 

[R flUy, ftel.] 
tiar, num. Ave. [B. fln.] 



flfth. [for gflifttftU, from flli|t and 


KnfuHk|»an|(0, num. tweat7-flv«. 

[IDnf, anb, and ini«ii|lg. 197.%} 
fllnfjibn or funftr^n, tiimMriii. 
. tern. [K AfteeB i fuaf and life, 

fOnrilfl or ftmfjfi, num. flfty. [E. 

Aftj-i fan) and jlg, which cDme* 

from ifia, 'len.'] 
%iaLltor%mftti,m. •aor'Nf, >ii. apark, 

funrtbi, D, N. inlr. %. apaikle, glitter, 

■cinljllate, oomaoate. [related with 

far, adt. (Iltfli B)«ff) Itarward, fbrtfa, 

ptyp. (tsilA OKU).], fart in bahaU 
ot\ inBtead of; in retnm for; aa 
eoacema; before on tirfjeetlei or 
noun hiBiing valut of faetiUvt prt- 
dicale or trrvitd atcutalitt objtH, 
ofltn to be Tendered ta, or orailtrd : 
-Mr flA, by one'i aelf ; mat fur, 
whateortof(I76);. . . fOr. . . IvUh 
repeated noun, e.g. VtaM fti URann), 


originally u 

9iiTAt./ fear, terror, frlgbt,drrad, 
awe. [B. firlgbti probably related 
alM with fcar, imd gotng hack to 
Vbtt root of latnn ; compare Stfa&i.] 
rAihar, adj. fearful, fonniduile, 
ftightfol, teiribla, dreidfoL [from 


p. M tr. be afraid of, feat, 

nil — rrfi. be afraid, feel tear, 

in^L 40GlLI.] 


[&om 8iin*L 4 
(untMrliih. a<f. Algbtfal, terrible, 

horrible, dreadful, [from ftrttlfn 
(with inegolar insertion of tt). lltL 


drdiHrllArtlt,/ •Kn. ftlyktfobieH, 

awfulneia, turor-itupiruig quality. 

[from fftnt'c"*. 40e.lla] 

irftlfaBi, ad}, fearfnl, timoron*, li- 

roid, apprehemiie. [from KoiAt 

Vu'rlt,/ 'd<N. fWry- [from Latin 

9urft, tn. >tfn, •t(n. eoveiei^ oMefa 

prince. [& Artt (ae oluef peruoi 

of the atate) : ptopigrlj inpeclaliTe 

of fli (or m).} 
MrftmbaMl, n. >[il' •<>■)"■ kMUW' 


prinota, raral : 

UaOj. Rtip (43a.3iO I »i«rfa», i 

mouroh, prino*. [9>4 {*2Hdi 



lit'ly. 'd'x^'torirtKleitltortnie.'] 
•ul, m. ltd, 'UM- CBBt I Anuw, low- 
Mt pmit, hue; ftKtiti);: — |a 9it|, 
on fool ; «r fnJcn 9*t, oa tree toot, 
at libert]'; auf ghitbtn 9utc, on 
eqiul footiiig, •like. [E. fi>ol>] 

_ ,. 'M.'flC- «»0«-p«tJl, I»llL 

19ii| uid ewtg.] 

I valKW- n- >tt. people on tttftt, pe- 

1 dettruDA ; foot fof an army), infia- 
try. [Sm Mid B^4^ 'ft>lka.>) 

»«|H6«;/. ■»»". »«. [SlltkI>d3'H 

, 9a|ttbnir?lt<>/ '». point of the to*. 
I tip-toe. (Sahttf (433.Sd) »ad 6s*.! 
I 9att(r, •. ■!«, T. lining, coTering. 
Suinr, n, -It, ■!. <bdder, food, feed 

[i^ foddvri aliorelMedwithfiiad, 


box. [imgnUriy from gnttd, 'lin- 

fbngB. [SoUn and 
fOtHrK, «. JK Ir. ftunuh ftedder la. 
feed: ba food for. [bimi goUn. 

, natonl gUti [from gtbca. 

wan. 3.] 

Aobil,/. >ln. fork. 

gib or lib, adv. hw^, mdden ; liead- 

*■ F»w«, gape. 

long ; rteep, preoipiioiu. 
gab'infl*! «'"'• anddenlj, (teepir, 

oipitoiuly. [&om git. 363.3^.] 
aibnta. ». ^. ffifr. }. y* 

)abm<> >. 0(IIL5). Infr. (. 
eBerreaae, bubble, [n 


9altrtt',/. i». gallerr. [Franoh 
galerie, 'feibJ hall.' leUted witb 

•ofppp, tn. ipl, ift. ■■llop, canter. 

[from Frnoh galop ; originaUy 

Irani Uw Qgnnaa root of liultn, 

galDPIiirni, v. J^I Mr. t. CKUop, 

[from Solgn, or Freoeh galopir. 

Saloiwfiinng, m. igt, Aatt. apring 
or leap m (allopiDg, jump. [Silspv 

walk, , 

,iu.-[*i-i. one vho goes, gf»r. 

Sfrom trlta (originally A»waN).4l)& 
foni. <i<^. entire, whole, oomplete, — 
CMiv. whoUj, entirely, quite : — lOitl 
sat aar, wholly aad eDtinly, abaoln- 
■-• --•- Imt '-A._.;_ 

ilete, total, fulL 

tely, utterlT 

OQ the whole 
gatttli*, oiy. , ---- 

[fromgiB). tiS.I£&.] 
gar, cu^y. (nol dtcHnrd). ftnlihed, Oom- 

tlete, ready, done — ade. oomplete- 
r, entiiely, (^nite, abaolately, even ; 
iery, eicoedingly, minhtily; frt- 
guenr kUA nr£(ci(fpe«, at all. In tiie 
leaat, by any meani : — ga| mib gar, 
•ee goii. [E. r^rei 'ready.'] 
Sorbt,/ 'ta. shea£ 
flarh,/. itn. g urd. [from French 
garke^ bnt originally Erom German 
root of nttnii' ' w«id.'i 
•am, n. ml, ■■(. r>ra, Uiread : net, 

■nare. [B. r««0 
•annwrn. >dI, ,Itt(B. nr 
id related w 

<X with y>rd I 

with ofirtHi, 'Rlrd,' a> m 
iriginaUy ' enaloBHl land.'] 

«a|<b(n. B; .Bf, ^n Jlittle itreet, 

Sarrnimawr,/ -(ni. aarden wall 

--"- n. .B«, '1. 

[tromUnni. 410.1.] 

Cneat, Tiaitor, 


_ M TuitDT. [B. CBBlt.] 

,1. reocive mil «».t, 

enlflrtun. {from SoR. lD4.IL4fi.] 

upn4, aitj. boipiUble. [&t>m ISi^. 

Safhniilil, H. lit. >U or •HUi. tuwpi- 
table m«Ll, entertainment, ban- 
quet, fsvL [Soft uid aRsfl.1 

•aitn4(( 1- 't*, itE. right of hiMpi- 
tality. [StK ud »f4t,] 

Oatlr, m. >rB, icn, Rpoiue, Dontort; 

nuurytDgcthn. [&Dinaitti.40S,Ll.} 
•«ltta, /. ilnuii. (female) coiuoTt, 

■pooae, wife, [from SaHt. 4KX4.] 
Anttwig,/. itn. (gathering or lom of 

kindled ereatsre* ; te.) kiinLiort 

*peaiM.raoe. [b'omgoncB.408.1IL8,] 
(itHlifA, a4f. OietiiIl>B, belongiiiK 

to QBtnlU, [bom latin Galulia, 

mtme of a region in □orth-wect 

Aftioa. 415.1W.] 
•aBhl, m. aU, it IndicroDi attitada 

or mrtnre antlo, trick, jnggle. 
aafth,". « infr, *. playuit.o., move 

about in an oddor Uvel)' orladiorotu 

bullion, InEgle, plaj tricks. [from 

OauhL 4Ce.Tl.] 
•autltr, m. itt, >t. baffoon, Ji^glei. 

[&om gaiblB. 406.1114.] 
•dufkrlBi/. <l>nni. (female) bnlTaan, 

luggler, pTatendcT, impoator. [from 

Oosnn. 4ia4.] 
•aul,m. iM, •!( OTilali. horiB,«tfled, 

n. mt, -a. nlate; htnee, 
[E. ■«■ (of the teetb).] 

[from Arabia ^ozJi, ^wildgoat^^] 

priflz alto ofpaglpartlcipla (S4S,3). 
[Old Bn|rliiii f of rc'<!P'i Bto- 1 pio- 
UUt nilBted with Latu ook, on, 
•AJrt*. - " • 

and .Urb.] 
•cUh, (kitatd itu. building, atruo- 

tnre, edifice, [from inn, ' bnild.' Ic] 
•(MNbc, K. .(«, .(. building, itrno- 

ton. odifioe. [from ^ata, ' build. ' 


•tbtin, n. .nl, .< 

bonea (oolleotiFe- 
lyj ; imce, lemaina. [from edi. 

gtbtn,v. 0(11.1). (r. gtve, ooafer. be- 
stow, grant, preHDt, render, yield, 
fiinii^: — Impert. It gitbt, etc. (wltt 
objict in mwut ), there i» or are, elc 
[ll(ti,»a).— l<M8«tk<ii,aetfree;CAuie 
gtttu, attribute blame, impute, lay ; 
■en fI4 fliboi, giro fortJi, utter. [B. 

S(btr,tn. 'It, ■!. glTer. [from g(kn. 
408. m,4.] 

9thttbi or Stbiiti, f. >». bauring, 

Cture, oairiue of Uie bodr or 
be ; opeciMly, gesture, [from 
gti and lUmn, in the »nae of 'oany 
one'i Hlf, behare.' 4D6. 111,1 

Sibct, n, -H, >t(. pnyer. [bom ()l> 
Ub or ttUix, ' aik, pray.' 41I.ILlc.J 

Stbltf. 1. itt, (If. dommion, juriidio- 
tioD, territory, pranuoe. [from He 
tiBDrgitlitin. 40S.L] 

gfbKKi^v. 0(UL3]. Ir. oommaod, or- 
der ; rule oier. govern, oootroL [g<> 
■ndUtttn, 'bid.'] 

StiitltTiiA. 'tt, 'I, oommatideT.mlBr, 
master, [bam Bttitttn. 406.11141 

SibtU or «<blU(, n. •»((, -bt. thmg 
formed or bnllt, rtmotnre, work: 
image, abape. [from WUa. 411. Ulc] 

•rbirg or Ccbiige, n. -ff*, •f. moun- 
tain maaa or range, highland, moon- 
tain. [from Sm, 'monntain.'411. 

9tbitaMmu,f. •■BtB. highland [daiii, 
IsTel tnet among monntaiua. [»!• 
tlig r43^.3i>) and Stint.] 

%thtrg*rttti,f. 1(11, monntain ohain. 
[8<t>l[g f4Si.iib) and a(t».] 

Acbirgfftud, m. >d«, <Mt. moontaln 
maea. [OcMig (43S.2») and etstf, 
' itoek.'J 

ScMrg«|Bg, m. >g(, ilgt. mountain 
ahain. {SiMia (4a£ab} and 3ng, 

•cbmuk m. -M 'MAc. nae, employ- 
ment ; nuge. ooatoin, rile, [from gci 
btaa«<a. 401.1 ] 
grbntnAni, p. JV^ Ir. um, emploj, make 

OH ol [gi< and tniAni, 'nae.'] 
ttbrr^CB, B. 0(LS). inir. t- Import. 
be defeotlvg or imUng [(«■ ud 
bRChD. 'breitk.'] 
ttbn(Wi4. o^. defsotlTe, frail, feeUe, 
iokly, [from Btbn^n. 41S.12i!.] 
-■■■-»U,/. .t(», frailty, (bom 
<«. 4IW.IL3.] 

Fi. ill, lit. roaring, roar. [*~™T_|- 
Hl.IlUt] ;^ 


contm. [frDm«iHtnB.«lB.Ll 
Sibabin, F. K intr. ». ba due. bdon 


Mfc. [ScMtna 

proper, ftrom BtMtna. 41&13r.] 

••bun,/ 'M. klrth, naliTitr, no- 

dustion ; prodnot, thine bom. [WMn 

producL thiotf bom. 
•■*" 'LI,] 

~'[»(int'('*') ^xit-l 

•rtfiW.«. .»«4,.(*«. *«A«.,L , 

wood, thioket, oopM, grvn. [from 
fliM. 411. U. la.] 

,..*«, ■. ■Iff*, .(ft. memorr, n- 
irabrKnos, nodlectMii. [trom ■<' 
)t, put wt. of btilim OS (tHnldi. 


W«t«tft,m. ■(■ or <nl, »«. thanylit, 
ideft, meditation, [from (rttnttn. 

9t^antcwMB, adj. tmU of mediution 

or IkDScIit, pSDlivtt. [•ctflnit 

I4^2d) ud »■.] 
■(Mb«, B. 01UI.3). inlr. I. UmTe, 

prosper, gat on wall, •sooMd. [g(< 

gttxilili*, ofU. thriving, 

suooeatfii] ; uiefnl, mill 

•(^M■(, oi^. tliDBahtfal, mindful 

[from tfalto. 41<(.Ub.] 
§c»tn(ni, ■. Iftirrfg., SSO). inir. «. 

ttilA t/tn^, tblnk of, bev in mind, 

reiBeiaher;iiiUhfoirgii\ftn.. put the 

mind npon. intend, dedgn, pnrpOM. 

plin; TMrety, <u •iintil< btnlin, 

think, iif *Dd bcBln.] 
«cM4t, 1. -U, •'!. poem, [from bU|* 

ten. 4I1.IL1.] 
St^ningt, n. iil, >(. orovd, pnai, 

}un, tkrsBK. [from Migin. 411. 

- _ >*■ P 

[from Sttilb. 4lS.»i.] 
®«f"br,/. 'itB. danmr, riik. peril, 

JaoMrdy. [reUted with E. ftaur; 

proWily from faS«», 'go.'] 
Vcfabrbt,/ <(ii. duger,pBiiL [reUted 

with 0<r.*t.3 
gcfatrtm. v. jV. Ir. sndnger, [from 

OtfUcbt. 409^11.] 
flffabrlldi, aifj. tisngerooi, paiiloo*. 

fauudmu [from 9t(a«t. 416.1^] 
((fobrlo*, (Uff. free from duser or 

fttitt. i 


rule, partaier, mate, fellow, [hxaa 
li^i, 'ga' 411.1L16.] 
(febrtta, / iliM*. (female) oon- 
on. ooiuort, inttft [frvM •(• 
!. 410.4J 

I.V. OitLa^ intr. t. (wiU dOI.). 
•nit. plMM, meet the unrottttiaB 
or likuiBof:-M •rfrtka Cft-, (al- 
low to pleue ou'i *df : <.«.)b«OD«- 
tant or aatiaSed or gnitified with, 
put np with. [|C> and Mem i lit'h 
' lUI in with (oM'i taate or liking).^ 

•cfaDniini. >■(,•>. ^caaaie; ofaow^ 
pnfennce: favor, IdmdiHaa. [from 

fcfiBI«, m^. plcaaini, aneenbla ; eoa- 
plaisant. courieona, ■wl'ging [fiM* 
tttilca. 41B.1K..1 

•rfiUgMf,/ .Ki. pleanDKiwaa;aOBi- 

.. ., cxiqneti7. [gifilia 

and eiAl. iSS.a.] 
trtaUtn.aiy. folded, [part p«ti<iip)a 

of lolua.) 
Affoagm, Bi^. oituiiin. priaonar, sap- 

tive. Ipait part of fngn, 'aatob.'} 
*tfaKtnrf«att./'Kii. o^ntj.oon- 

finemiot, impri»niiwnt. [from If 

Inflta. 40alld.] 
•rfangtilf , n. >fM> 'fft- priaon. Jail 

orrfB««fi»e),n..W,.i.. T«a- 
Deptacle ; coitrrtbirlu, Toaaala 
(ad", 'hold- 41LIL1CL} 

M(a|l. fee faffm. 

«cfnbr, H. .u, .N. flBht, oombat, 
■tiugria, battle, [from («»(■. 411. 

«tl(btr, n. nl. fiealkan, plnmu*. 

[fromgiWr. 411.1LI<i.] 

«1IIN, It. •((, <(. fleUi, Iwidaoue, 

region, [from %tB>. 411. Ill*] 
Scfolat. n. lit, It. fbUsiring, auite, 
tnin. enMit, letiune. [fr^im f>Un. 
411.11 Id.] 
AcMgc, n. 'tl, >(. toining or fitting 
together. BtmatuTe, taxtere. [from 
lagtn. 4l1.ILlr.] 

fiialg {or stKlH), a4f. pliant, adapt- 
abU, tnotoble. docdla, aooommodat- 
ins. [from Hgn.] 

■If. f%«liDg, aertsatioa ; 
id, KDtimeiit, appiehen- 
, inae. [framft([n.41LILlAi 
gifWRoa, a4j. deatJtata of fbeling, ' 




ffgcn, prrp. (aith attiu 
■falait. oppOBndto; over, 
opposite to. in prenenoe ot, uuiom ; 
AJ-jiw, in oompirisoD with, in ei- 
cbsnga or retora for ; in the direo- 
srd ; ArTicc, in thi neigb- 

KlB, BgKinst. 

borhood of, «c 

(a s*!-, in 
0»Ibuj, ato.] 
adif- hardly taed, bring replaced 

by bfl«(|(>, Mitin, grgtnfibn : fomu 
many cDrnpoundi, teith the meaning 

n».f. .b 

orer agunit one.'] ib«, liBtx. object, mat- 

ibject [from gtgtn and Pt^n, 

^„ i«r, orfn. opposita.— prep. (wUA 

prerrding dot., 374) aver agalnit, 
Oppoaite, oppcHwd to :^r'trfly di-- 
nord, vUhthtgovemrd coft betwEtn 
thf too parti, [jtgfn and din.] 

Vc#nniMn, / preacnca ; preeant time. 
[g(g(B and Qict, related witb <li>M<.] 

gcgnviitig, odj. present (not »b- 
HDtJ j present (not put or tutore), 
»ct ml [from Okgrnitart. 415.9.1.] 

»«g«ffc". pa/apart. o/.f((i. (271.3). 

9tgatt, m. lit, >i. opponent, adver- 
' ■ ' , [aaiffromifjiKii, 

Deaked. {fconi fiM, 

'appotis' (408), from gt 

M^dlA, adj. Deo' ' 
-neak.' MSo.] 

•«baiiac. n. -tl, -t. •omething IlkBC- 
iiiK. paDdant, bob^ [from ^ongiii. 

«e«anitr4i, a4}. kuveaaad, elad in 
annor. [as if past part ot lamlUea, 
froiafiaiDlM. U6L»: 4ie2<i.] 

0cll(^, 1. :((, :'. hadgc, foaoa, en- 
closure; enokoted ipaofl or field, pork, 
precioot, preserve, [related vritb K 
hedsei from ^cgti. 411.ILlc,d:] 

gf betn, adj. secret, otandestin^ pri- 
vate, privj. hidden, Ciinoealeit; — In 
gtbiitn, bU^dm = ime<bcf«ni, in 
secret, prinlr, clandestinely, [from 
Qdn, 'hame.' IIS.'J.] 

•«btlnDti|> 1. 'il't. 'II'. secret, m^s- 

ScMmnMoon. ad}, rayst^rir 
tical.raU of secrecy, [fro 
■4. 413.15A.] 

t^oi, >; OiUm). inir. (. c 

walk ; pAU, be aorrent, ai 

gentle. ■] 

V^btnli n. •!(, il(. faawling, JeliinK- 
[from bnidn. 411.11. Id] 

St^Sr, n. Pil. huring; andianoa, 
attentioo. [trom finn. 411.11.1<t] 

gtbsn^, e. A^ intr. if. (mth dot,). 
listen to (with anbmitnon). oba;. 
[t(i and tenttR, ' hcarkas.'] 

filt6m,B.N. intr. f). {Kith dot.), be- 
long to, appertain to, be owned by. 
— reJL and imperi, be loitobla or 
DroDer. [g(> and iirtv, 'lu»r;* 
inally used only of servants. aiii.> 


whom they belong. J 

g(bort|i adj. beloDgin^, appertainiiig ; 
suitable, proper, tittliiK l&om «' 
tiRB. 4i5.9«.] 

Mb6rn<, adj. Itanaoil. [frran Aam. 

Stborfan, aif/. obedient, dutiful, ob- 
sequious, [fromtf^inn. 4ie.I3!>.} 

^tarfam, m. int. obadienca, dnti- 
fulnesa, [tromg(i«r(om ; formerly a 
frm. QOUD. with ending!. 4U9.IL1.] 

•gtttm, anil/ in kci;cbrni, desira. [re- 
lated with SUt, Sclti, ttn, and with 

E. r" 


voltote, oanion kite. 

[related witb <a(bKB, «tn, aa ' nnia- 

eloHM WnL'] 
0<if(ri n>, Pi«. sla*ei, drirel, foam 

from the month, apittla, 
S(f|(l,in. lit, ilorlB. hoataga, peraon 

held as secority. 
9titiU f. 'iB. iooarge, lash, whip ; 

hence, antting — ■~"". onial modc- 

•dfi, m. iM, iltr. ipirit, mind ; ^m- 

ius ; oonraga ; glioat, ipaatre, ipuib 

[E. KkoBl.] 
Sclflinbor, »i. <i«, itn. eIiDrB« of 

spirits, spirit ekalr. [<>«W l^l2.-2d) 

and 8601.] 
^tifUrt&Ot,/. falness of spirita, ipi- 

riC-weoltb. [a(l|l(422.2d)and glOt.] 

world at spirits, 
spirit-world. [9(ip (4^'^ and 

e<ift(«tilltiin||, /. mental cnltuTa. 

[9i>n <4^2A) and «inuBg.] 
e«lilt*<uliur, /. mental ealtare. 

[fflrIB (*J^.^») aod OBHiir.) ^ „ 

9timtfitgaiman, f. preaaDoeoiim^^ 

[»ct|l liHllb) and OegtBinM.] ^ 



•rifMflMt, /. itmigtb of mind. 

[9t\ft (4£j.2£) and etMt.] 
flllH^, atf). reUtlng to the miod or 

spirit, ipiritiul, menUl; of the n*- 

tare of (piiit*. immfttarial, ipiritiuL 

(frani9(l|t. tiSLUd.] 
WhW^.'uV- ■piri«ul;BOIil«Uitical, 

oUrical, gk*«tlr ■ — a> ■»■>>•, olst- 

grmKi. •oclsauatio, prlott, minuter. 

(iltomScW. 415.120.] 
S(i(, Fn. ■!(■. sTuioe, greedliuu, oor- 

atonnieM, nlegknllitiH*. 
mttUrt or mttSm. n. .nl, -n. olink- 

ing, oluh. nttle. [from tUEin. 411. 

II Id.] 
StIJdmr, n. >t(, It. iBaghtsr. [tnin 

UAiB. 4tl.n.Id.] 
•d*M((, n. ■((, •(. collMtioo of l>M4a 

or Heidi, iBadxmpa. {bom Beat.] 
#(l•n^(r, n. -H, it. rajliiig. baoniiter, 

tnllla. [frmn Bn obeolete duleotiu 

ttnttt. 'etake, pioket' lILILlo.] 
fri'n^(n, <u(/' ^ed, prorided with 

a tailing or baanietet. [aa if paat 

part of gilinbini, tram Vtltnliri 

j4un.I.l), 41H.2a.] 
«clan«(n, v. y. tntr. f. arrive, Teaoh, 

attain, get, malu one's my, [gti 

and langcn, 'itreteb, reach.'] 
gtlaffrn, a/U. Dompoied, trmnqnil, aell- 

poaaeesed, oalm. oool, modcnta. 

[part part, of [i1|ii ; lit'ly, ' let 

atone, not stirred np or worried. '] 
tklftfmMt.f. Mtf-posseision, oom' 

posare, nimnesa, ooolueaa. [from 

fltlonia. 409.113,] 
■dMfia, atU- oarrent, flnent, readj, 

Tolable, hmiliar, [from lanlta, ' nm. 

416. a».] 
CdauN. n. •(!. >c. ringing (of bells), 

pealing, tinkl& [(rom IdaHn. 411. 

Stib, a^. yeUaw. [B. rellow 

(A-e.ffWu): old German ffHo.] 
fitbttftSl, at(S. rcllow • Bpotled, 

with yellow spota. (gtlti and giRcA, 

past part, of Rcftn.] 
tttti. n. ittl. .tri. money, {from 

from Oslt.] 
_ ,-..,. , t. [Stlb and 

aalf, ■ penalty. 'i 
•tlCtra, n. Oalden or Oaelden (a 

city and prOTinoe In Uie Nether- 
ftlcgni, wt/. Iring, situated: (well 
,. ....... ,on„nient, handy. 

onable, agreasble. 

gtllta, 'be worth i'- 
"■ "■ ■ /. fine, m 

%amnat^,t. An. opportimitT, 00- 

easion. [from grltin. 409.n.l] 
Silitin, a^. at nenn. Isaraed peiaon, 

saiant. scholar, [past pkrt. of \l\trm, 

•(Mt, H. ill, -It. oompaoy, eacort, 

oonTOy . Hram ItUtn, * lesHli oOd- 

dnct' 41Ln.Ir,rf.J 
gtUnt, a^, pliant, snpple. flexible; 

[from bitn, 'bend.' 41S.a».] 

son, lover or sweethearts [past 
part, of IKKa, 'Iot*.'] 

grltob, ailj. geDtle, soft, tender. [|i> 
and Unt (nearly obaoleie). 416.Sc] 

atltafltn, B, WLl). i«(r. f. (hUA dot) 
impm. iralher, turd i« tA<nf pw- 
asn onl^). proTo aacomafal, turn ont 
Bi deaired or aimed at:— «• iiUnsI 
ttecM, eto., one aaooeeds or proa- 
pen [in BOmething). [g(>and iUnt(i> 
make progresa '] 

«tOn, e. A. mfr, (. aonnd pleroingly, 
ring ahrilly, nU. [E. nU (A-S. 

gtlobtH, a. Jt^ Ir. prtHoiae, [pi and 
Utta, 'praise, promiaa.'] 

Stlnn, v. 0[L3). IMr. ). [hardly i^ed 
except fn CAirff /irrton, o/Yrh mper- 
tonalli/), bate ralae, be reoogiuaed 
aa worUi, be valid or of force, hold 
good, pasa (as cnirent), be real or 
true; conoern, apply to, rest apon, 
liave to do with, (followed bj/ ait 
acnu. of amount of valve, tU. 
(ami), by a datim oflKepeno 
■■ ■ for K-liieli anything hat v 

thing fbr'whieh aaylhing 

or it talld, or tehom it n: 
tttfiiti. n. .rt, x. aolemi 

TOW. [from gilDfrrv 
ttlMtttt.>« , . 

umudlg in third ptrton, oi 
'HoL deaire, b ' 


g(nMA> adj. oomlortable, oonmnient, 

easy ; gentle, alow, gradoaL (nialed 

with alliiiltll4 '■ »'• and an obaoleta 

root ma^.] 
IcnaA, n. -4). •tttt. ohamber, room, 

apartment t^from giniit, as ' con- 

Tenienoo, reating-plaoe.'] 
Ikmalil, fn. <It, 4e. oonaort, apon*^ 

husbajid. — n. oonaort, htiaband or 

wife. [g.. and .moil.] 
kmablln,/. ■Inncn. (female) eoneort, 

aponw, wife, [from OtBatl. 4ia4.1 
■iflabni.OfQ. wuiaed, fnmiahed with 

a naama. [from KMat. 41&3s.] 


Wnwlltt, n. itl. It. piotnre, paintiny, 
portnnl. deliiuation. [frran ■»!«, 
IdudL' 41I.ILIc1 

■*», ' Ml 

' t, aiff. tempcnte. (past pul 
ui mm^i^tUr ^moderate.^) 
fciHlB, a4j. (hUA daJ. ). oommon, be- 
ionmg in oommon to; common, 
ordinuy, ^e»ii, TnlgH, low : — aci 
mrtn i^wif behave familiarlj, mako 
one'iMlf familiar. [B. aa**!!.] 

tDDiittT, ooncTesation. [from •cbiIb. 

ig, gOMTal 

™tf«). [g. 

(of tba 

fnmliifaia, oi^. held in 
combined, matnal 
415. l!k.] 

Snnlf4, n. iftit, -Itt. mixtnre, med- 
ley, [from mtdttii. 4U.TLIc.] 

•«iiii(t, n. ■(«, .1. Tegeublei (cooked, 
lor eating), pnlB8,groeii«, e(c. [from 
Wa<. ■boiled tool' 411.^.10.] 

•mfiltl, n. ■!»«. >I^. sonl, tpiiit, 
diipoiitioo, itate of mind, laood. 
[from Rail, 'nuwd.* 411.111a.} 

•MdtkUcBigBBg,/. •gtB. 'moTement 
of ipirit, araotiaii, afftotioii of mind. 
[StBltt (483.8fr) and Br»<«nitg.] 

fauB. adi. e1oM-6tting ; close, !□- 
timate; preeiee, eiaot, aoonrmta, 
strict : — gniaa Mbmn, be itriot or 

[kUDctilioiuabont, reqnire maoh ol 
S(. and obaoleta nomce, 'narrow.'] 
ScKoulgMt, / iHa. exaotoe**, pre- 

oidon, oloMnen, aoonrae;. [Dom 

ItEOB. 409. ILH.} 
mnt^m, adj. aoceptable, agreeable, 

[from Mtnta. 41&^.] 
mtmHi; m. .», .111. sencnl, ohlef. 

[from latlD genrrala.] 
•nvfn, r. 0(lll). Mr. (. get welL 

be healed, recover. [«(• and nuffi.] 
§tMlar, ad/, gnlnl. [from I^tin 

mtnia. H. .Al, .ti. buk of the SMk, 

nape, (related with B. oMki alac 

with nl4(ii, Btlita, lltAtn.] 

hginie, t 

mlfMi.D. 0(m.3). Inlr. t. (aUhgm.) 
or (r. enjoy, have the pleasure ur 
benefit of ; nee Mfood, eat. [g'l and 
obaolete >alt^B ; rotated with HbI, 


Bniiu«,fn. ■•■!■■. [Imtin.] 
fknoflt or 9nip|i in. >fitB, littB. com- 
rade, oompanion. mate, fellow, [from 
gtflithn. 4ll.lLlft.} 

feUowahip, eo- 

-. - a«Koa (aa^Kirt of north- 

weetem Italy). 

gtuui {alto ■>>« or ■owob). ode. 
(/ortoMiiifr quaii/Ud otff., 147.1). 
cKBiiah, BafBdentlr :— atM uwd oi 
lfi>ferl!i>aM<a4^<H,oriunifi,9(«i^ . 
f/VW "■ (pnwedtwF or ftHotnnj) 
■totio, or patfTHiHg it f h (Aa j/oiUfiit, 
•aaagli, ■offioient. plant; : — gems 
■tlui (»i(A dot.) dn ckoukIi for, 
Dontent, aiTinrT. [K cnaKgb.] 

■tnlsai, B. jV. itUr. ». be eBooak t 
{vith dot. ) be tnfflcient for, (uffioeL 
■atisfy. [from«(Bli«. 406112.] 

. 408Lr| 


na*)' or geoloc;, | 
Oreek. 41B.106J 

)r»l0«lfdh a4f.^^ KHiIoSloB 

[£rom Oreek. ] 

Greek. 415.106." 

. [from 


direct \ erect, upright ; plain, oat- 
•pcken, ttiaiKht-forward. — am. di- 
restlj, (traight, ]>ut, preoiBely, tx- 


krftfc or Scritbt, n. .0^ <l»c. {eol- 
I«ff to'l tooli, implementa, fomitiiTe, 
hoasebold stuff, [from ma. 411. 
gtralbm, b. 0(IL3). tntr. \. get, come. 


pa« (to 

{implj/ing ctutngt from 

potUUm U 

wM. .1 

ginally implying acoldeataL hittiog 
nppn or falling m vitb soinetbuig, j 
kniufdi, n. i|Ac<, .f^t. rustling, boi- 
tle,BtiT,noiBe. [from niMtn, * raak.* 



t*t*^,iai. rl»li«eon», Jiut; npriKfat. 

Ifrom H4I. * il<h(.' fia.Se] 
Mfri^t, iL .M, IK. Jndgmant: trflra- 

n»l, oonrt. [ftom tl4ttB, *]adg«.' 

e<rtA>*flnbt. /- «■- faooT of Jodg- 

tnsDL [0«h4l {43a2A) ud etnobt.] 
■ ».*§■ "■ 

Strte^ AV' nnul, lit 

>, pattf , trifling, 

munpoituit. Ifrom olMOtota Mm, 

'liBhf ilftSt] 

•rark. [fromWnit.'Hb.Mll.lLla.] 
fcni or (criK, odi'. with pleunn, 

gladJy, wrilliogly, reidilr, fun: — 

Moditt ftnt. woold like, voold be 

flad; tt gim Ibnn (rtr.). like to do 
'(f.) it. [reUted with .at^m, Wtt, 
eta.. 4iid with E yeiini.] 
Stnut, FN. '*<(, •««(. 110111 1 Ddoi, 
■oenC. fngrmniie. [Ireiii Tl<4ta, 
•trdft(or«<riill,H. ■ttf,>ti. lOBllbld, 
atuiiif. [from itfliB, ' prepue. ' 111. 

frfentni, a^. united. Joint, oommon, 
oolleotive, (from (iniml. 41(l3c.] 

•tfoiBiniwinni. m. •n*. collective 
will. Joint desire. [gt|iinml uid 

ecranM, (H^. (U noun. mMHngeT, em- 
buudor, BNVOT. [put put. of ((n> 

b»ii, • MKd.-j 

•((ang, m. 'gt, .1h«. •'■«lng, aoag, 
melodTwith the voioa. [from Rnatn. 

Cffcfegfl, n. ill, it(. boniteu. ftSair. 
concern ; oooapation, emplovment. 
[from lAoRin, 'wort' lll.tlld.] 

atfdraf lig, af{f, bniy. ocoupiod, at work, 
activo. [fromOthtaft. J15.B0.I 

ttfdKti'n. u- O(ILI). (nir. f. {on?pu(ni 
in third prrtoa). happen, come to 
paM, ocoui, oome abont. take plaoe, 
be done ; be aver and done, [gf and 

), 'te. raft, preaent, dona- 
n. [from f4«il(n, ■give.'« 
jIAiibai, n. >D«, -a. little taJe or 
fitory. (from «(I*1H1(. 410.1.] 
ScTifetdiKi/, pen. ocoarrence, erent; 
olTaic ; 'ipeciaUy, namtion of Eome- 
thing that ban happened, storv, tale, 
history. |froro gtWHtn. 408.11.1.) 
eif*ld)r*<r|il|Iung,/. .gttt. hiirtAriaa] 
narration, narrative. iak(itl*tr (133. 
2c) and Btja*lo"a-l 
«c4jtlAr«forf4«r, m. .rt, .t. irtndent 

of hiftoiT, hiatorical inTealigator. 
[9((«l*u (432.Sc) aod SmWr.] 

G*l writer. hitto'riMi. l'9<f4>4'< (*^ 

Sc) and ejtnltn.] 
•c(<b(<(. n. ■(<(•. 'tfi- bt«. deatinr:— 

aptnesa. (kill, desterit;, iddreiL 

[&om M<dn, 'bring about' (411.11 

id): the woond meaning from M 

Ml"n, 'be adapted.'] 
■"-—•^ (wy. lUlfnl, 
"Snn ttMur. 41 
,.-.1,/. .!(■. «ki]folnB« 

terity, adrailneea, addnai. [ttai 

BtWini4. 40B.II3.] 
ftAtif t, oiH. fit, apt, onalifiod, ikfl- 

fal, handy, otever. [pait put. of 

tM WKn, 'be adapted?] 
kf^irr, IL .r(, .It. geax. tr^tpin^ 

harneia; warn, [tnmi t4iitn, ' pn- 

(fAloitt, (i4f. hairing tana or Und, 

ahapely. [related with e^i), 'kind,' 

-»iV>litt. etnj 

j ; isi. [from H'<8'i<i ' < 

and SoOH.] 
■cfcfemacC, m. ■«, •<&. taate, laTar, 

flavor; taate, guito. bnoj. [front 
WBHtfri,, 'tMt«.^*ll.n.I&] 

gffi^inacnot, (utj. tsstelaaa, Innipid. 
stale, flat [Sr<4»i(and Col. 415.150.] 

gtfi^aifsDn, (u(f. taatefU. taaty, ele- 

■(. omamenta wTon^t 
metal ; /irnrt, toinkets, ]ewS«j 
'elry. [from MnilblB, ' work oat.' 

eefttipf.n. --;f(l, >i>ff. creative, beinfr 
[from Minfta, ' create.' 411.111c.] 
Vf4n(, IL ■(!((, >tli. orytng, olamor, 
ontcry. [from f^nlm, ' ory.' 411. IL 
«tfimator«tftma, n. •!<(, rit. akrlU 
cry. ohiimpina. [from lAriBtB. 411. 
11 Id.] 

fut. qnick, w ^ ^ 

obeolete fAnliit, 'atrong. mighty.'] 
irfdtwinMgfrit,/ -ttii. awiftneH, ra- 

S'dity. oelDrity, vdocity, [from gti 
fl(f«B(|ttr, fi(. ohildren of the aame 
parenta^brothereandalaterap [from 
e^tfin. 411,ILlb.] 
HUa or mtUUt, m. ,11m, •tin. oom- 
nde, oompanion, fellow ; apprantloe, 


•cftllai. R. !f. (r. ■mnnlita. *]ty, loin. 
IfromatM. WMl.] 

■ooikble, noikl, onm- 
' ~' '^' gngKiioiu. 

rittiif, <t«. 


(from ScfiQ. 4 


ooDHNUif mui, oompamon, 
B. [bum atfiniHafl- llCLSo.] 
««ftt. It. •!«, •!(. Uv, oidii 
dMoree, ctatatc [from fc|«, ' 
tit1v. ' that wbith a fiud oi 

(Stftl uid OtcT 

■nd *biiiie.] 
. . ., •oTereijpitj of l*w, 

[«(ft| uid 0<ni4iitl.) 
jncVlot, <u4/. UwlsH, «n»rohie»L 

atht sod M. 415.16a.] 
««ik«to|lff(U,/ -Ui. ImwInnieH, in- 

inboiduutuHL [fnim atfitlol. 409, 

U.3 ; 415,1k.] 
•tfl^t.M. ill, •ItOTiltr. mlKtat,poiier 

of vUoD ; Ipl. -If [}, bos, viuge ; 

ipl. --b), vinon, appftritian : — in •« 

Ibom dtra, •*■•.• 41LI1 Ir.] 
•cMMbWrag./. >tei. fonnatioD of 

oouutenaao^ pfaTaioanamj. (a<|)4* 

(423.^} anf eilkiii^] 
•tMIMMff,/. .IR. maak foi tiw 

fu», [VrllAt (43&^) ud SSattt.] 
•tflibtWuan, m. ltd, ;lt. point of 

Tirion or viaw. [OtMl {42£.2A) and 

in poW part. , grfonncH, mindsd. di 
po«d, intandfiig. [|r. and llut 

(tfbiHt, a4i. mindsd, dupowd, intan- 

tioned. [fromeiaa. 4ldS<i.J 
Sclbtnunii, ^. <itB. itatc of mind, di>- 

potition, intention, opinion, [from 

gfRanfll. 4a&lILa] 
fflllKt, adj. maunend; well manner- 

sd, wall bred, courteooa. [aa if pact 

part of fltn (40K.I.I), bom eilK, 

'manner' 4IB. So.] 
CkftMKft, H. >U, iltt. epeotra, ghoat, 

•prile, phaatoni. [gt- and oldOei- 

mtaa/erut. 'illaaioD.') 
«cfprii«, n. ■*«, =*e. talk, dis- 

soiuMi, oonvenation. [fiom \fniita, 




lltM, >. / 

bahuoL [from fbOtn, ' pat, p 

atfttboi, B. 0{Se!). Ir. (iMad to: 

!.«.) oonfeaa, ackuowlsd^ own, 

avow, [t" ^ P<("-] 
•eUtlM. n. iiKt, >■(. atoaa-woA, 

atonea. [from eiflR. lIl.ILla.] 
■tlhni, ode. ysatardaj. [EL raatar.] 
•teira, n. .a(, ■at. conatelladon. a»- 

tarinu, eronp of atara, at>r. [ftom 

etmt. Al.ILlii.] 
(cWmt, a4J' atkrred, it&nr. [aa if 

paat part, of Htntn (406.L1J, from 

■eMrnt, a((f, foraheaded. browed [aa 

if paat part of fttn» (406. LL], from 

eniae.^forabead.' 4ia9<i.1 
0(f>r£ii<1|, >L iftcf, i4(. ahmbbeiy, 

bnabea. branchea and leaTei,Udokrt. 

[from ettan*. ■ihrob.' iU.Illa.] 
gtfluin, mtj. gentle, quiet [reUtod 

with Ihmn. domb;' onl; dlaleotlc, 

except in ungi^m.] 
Srfu4, n. '44, !<it. leanest, deiim, 

demand, entrsatr. [from laAfi, 

'■Mk.' 411.1ild.] 
gtfiuib, 04, [■ or fi tn OHnpsriMn). 

BonBd, not ailing or defeotiTe, 

bealtbj. healthful, wholeaome, «elL 

[K esBBd.] 
atianttti, t, N. intr. |, grow aonnd 

or healthr, reoovai health, [from 

adanb, 4«.r,S,] 
Sttm, pi. Ortm (notoadio tribe). 
•croft for Sctefc), n. .[4, .(. roaring, 

deafening noiaa, din. (from lalfa, 

Vttrakc, R. >tl, It. trottine, tram- 
pling. [fTomtM»ta,'trot'4n.ILld.] 
gttroiWM, e. -V. (r. (rr/t or aClk r»- 

fiaivt dalUir). traat, Tentore. [tf 

and MiHi.J 
flttroll, a4j. of good cheer, with oon- 

Gdent hope, aainred. of good heart, 

[((■ and Zicp, * tmat.*} 

~— " ' - II, . I. noiae and oanta- 

, bustle, atir, turmoil, 

■wiapoB.' 411,11,1a,] 
gtt»altt,tu(i. {oHlifincnmbiiiatloHii 
mrtm). ttwalr ■erbin (iraAfffH 
atcu*., 3^), be >ware of, peroe: 


naMi, 'keep.'] 
9rmibt,/. 'ta. nmtr, wanantgnw- 

•nly. [fconi»«*i™, ' Keep. '411. 11 Ic J 
a«Ml)mi. ■. JV: tr. be >«r*re oij 

perceive, lee, obaerre, duoOTS. 

[fromttMtt' 4aB.L2.] 
(milinn, «. JV. tr. be nuety tor, 

wunnt, giumitee, aunn ; tomuh, 

affiird; gnat, TonchBte, beitow. 

{from •tnih. 4ae.LL] 
aiMibmt, ■. N. tiUr. |. lart, MntlBiie : 

— lineatm Mfnif letgooDMttwill, 

let kloM, refntn (mo interfgrinf 

with, [gf eod Mtni, 'Uet.*] 
9nMli, /. •)(■. power, misht, ui- 

ttkority, dominion, oontroT; loroa^ 

Ttoloiae. [bom •dm, 'rale,' 41L 

•(Wdlt^ebrr, m. >rt, -t. holder of 

power, dictetoi, ftutoorab [<ltB*II 

uiii ^ia, 'iMTer.*] 
•(BdlibobtRl,/ 'tttB. ererefMof nn- 

oontro11ediintfaoTit]r, ■□tocntie gov- 

enuaent. deipotiBiu. [from Scmill' 

tflbn. 4iaSA.] 
•n»altlKrrfikaf'r/- 'Kn. gCTenuneDt 

by downriffht power or forc^ dee- 

potinm. [Stirall Kid fc.iri*.ft.] 
§n»alffg, iK^. powerfn]^ migb^. po- 

tnnt ; Tiolent ; mighty, big, gniit, 

Kxtreme. moiutroaii [troDi VnxiU. 

gimttlt<am,a4i' toioible, Tiolenl [from 

9tmta. 415:18a.] 
•neolnfial,/ ■its. deed of Tiolenoe, 

Tiolent act. [Scmalt and Xtal,] 

Teatare, dr«a, garb, [from HlribtB, 

wrap' 411 

m./. 'an. 


SnMbc, n. nf, •(. teitnie, tigaoe, 

hbric, weh, weft, [fitim mUa, 

■we»«e.' 41LU.U.] 
Cnocbr, n. ii4, <m. weapon of deteoM : 

muBket Bnii. [from Hirni, 'defend.' 

tkmttbi, n. •(«, >(. mode of aoqniri- 

tloii, trade, cnaft, profeedan, indai- 

trial pnriuit. [from tHctn, 'ao- 

ouira'411 Illr.l 

Bcquiiition ot ]niperty, engaged tn 
iDdnatrial pnrnuta, iiidDe&ioii& 
[trora •eeint. fiS.13a.] 
gimtfn,/rcm (da (BSaaj. been. 

•(•(4«, n..V,^ 

wMgkt, hawi- 


_ ... , . elKh.*fil. 

inviAXflf "(V. heary, irelskty. pon- 

derona: important, [from <Bt»t4L 

Nalmnli n. >II, ■!. iwann, mning 

ttmina, m. -itl, >h. gain, pinfit, ad- 
*ao(ag& [from tnlaara. wai] 

(KL2),tr. »!-, gain, 

. .rrt,.i 

[|(. and .. 


mi [ftran w 

■Ueatioii, entangleroail ^. 
ta, 'opnlnae.' dl.ILle,] 
•<lr <>4f. anra, oertain — 
T <uido<ibted:-«tB t .. . 

iiul fn>ffft(^I.), aearUiii,d«. (not 
iitmcT tpeoiBod). [from »4l*a< 
know.' 416.2*.] 

>■<. inner biowledgB, 

know 1 ' infin. at a Tarb 

Terbial gen. A of g»4 and Sliti 
'meatnie.' 8t%,l&.] 

•cMtlVf. / ■«■. oert^ty, «arety. 
[fromgntlj. 409.ILa,r 

•(VlntTi n. ■[«, -I. UHmda-atonn, 
thnnder and licbtning. [from BilUi, 
'we>theT.< ilLILlo.] 

■tMDbiHK, r. If. iittr. |. orlr, be ao- 
oiutomed or wanted; aoooitom 
or make iront : — gntakm, pait 
part, at ait}- (0oti«ml>i^ ocnu. bUA 
Ida or BtrbtB, 220), west, need, ao- 
onatomed. ^" ■<» ■"^■'a.] 

§no5t<wii, V. JVT tr. aoonatauL make 
waited, nie, habitoata. [b(> and 

fcwolnlW, <nff. eiutomary, ninal, or- 
dinary, [from gtKifnin. 41S.13c.] 

•naolbcin. >c4, -i. aroh, Tanlt [from 
■frlbtB, 'aroh.' 4U.n.le] 

e<w6lf or tttwiOt, n. 'M, -If. body 
of olonds. clond-maai. [from IBiiilt.] 

«rBfi6ItDr««wfi»(,n..Ii<,.[(. tmnnlt, 
hniUa, oonfiuion. [from ntXfa, 
'rootnp.' 4H.n.Id.] 

•«drt, n. •)(<, -It. apimL oondimant, 
rdiah. [from Blqia, 'ipioa.' 411. 



9ttrit, n. iM, itt. tent,ouiopr. [from 
3(U, 'tant' 41I.lIlit,£] 

be aeeailf or proper, beoome, be- 
—aa, nul [g(> *iid jlmis, 'be- 

9t^dtt,M. •)((, •!(. breed, biood. olT- 
eptiog, proffanv. [bamilitcn, 'briog 

•l(M,n. •II, •!. (sMe, end of root 

[K B>Me.] 
%lm,j: ea^emeM, inordinmte datiio. 

[rebted with igt^n, 'deiirei'] 
•kcM, / m. ewM at <Wa. (B. 

|krt«r ii^' eager, greedf . [from Stn. 

•lcaM4> m. •4«, •!*>. tomblioB 


. 0(111 S]. 

: fotth, 

poor, eiiHi, ipill ; OMt {of ■omethiOK 
melted, in s monld), found, iuil [E! 

•ill, n. orm, •Iri, ilt. pouon, Tenom, 
bane, [pfobably from |tt» (like E. 

S- -|),u ' ■omaUUngadminittend.'] 
adi, poieooom, Tenomom, baiw 
[from Oifl. 41&9<i.1 

n. beRl''- 

>ftl,»>. -U,'}. 

ii mtiii.] 


*^id, bl 
TUB. 4l5.r 

jitttf. ac, , 

L ffiom tMn. 415.9b.] 
.. d(L3). h ■ ■ ■ 


{from the 

■ff4«. '- -V- intr. I. fgrment, froUL 
•IfAi, m. .tit, .t(. ^th, •praf. (from 

lt(4». 408.1H.] 
•UtfT, >L •«, >t. bdlii, laWoa, gnb- 

•iaabni. i«4- Inette, ndianoe, bright- 
neei, brUluuic;, iplendor, megnlli- 
osno& [£ sl»ac^] 

fUniM, r. If. UUr. %. ihine, glitter, 
gtiatoi, nuUe, oe*t liutie or ndi' 
uitn [fiomSUo). 405.L1.J 

glu(n>t> oiti- brilluDt, bright, ndi. 
ant, (pleodid. IpKL part. ofgUnin. 

glantlo*, a<tj. dsttitnte of brilliuioj 
' ihowT, onpreleiidijis. 

. [from 

glaai Tsaeeli or di*bes. [Slat uid 

bead. gUued eoloted bc«d. [Olaf 

ably reUted with tMUtt, ' alUe.*] 
lUtmr, r. y. It. nnooth. poliih, make 

even or ienl, plane, glaie. [from 

IbU. 406.12.] 
lbab(ar*loat(ti,niL<n<,<i. belleC 

&iUi, credeiioe, orodit, teut ; creeiL 

[E. be-lief I from (luicB.I 
iaabm, ». iVi (r. believe, hare faith 

ia, rive eredsDoe to, oredit, tmetin ; 

thi^ anppoH, ii '--■ '-' — ~ 

. [K tfr^we i^i'^and .leitn.] 
Ihq, a^, oredibuk worth; of be- 

w& [fi'lie-lh 

ttj. Ill 

larlj, alike, eqaall; ; often, far 

%Wi<k.adi. like, I 

olvlM sb or mtKn., 4ffi), altfaoogh, 

•TOD H :— «l(i«ni or akMni, a;7er 

a fHMKntee. inmrloftfe, ■i|7>i(/'^in^ 

likea, eooala: (Ami, [Half SUi^", 

hie eqnali. 
vrep. liBUhprtadlnaarJbllawing 

dot. 974). like to, in t£e mannei of, 

after the fashion at {&. like ■ for 

gii and Itlit, not aeparatelj need.] 
(IHAanis. a4f. of like eort or kind, 

QOHOOBNEouA. [gKl* and enlg, 

from Krt. 416. IST] 
■lci«ni, V. 0(111 1\ infr. ^ (vUA dot. ). 

Im llfcii i—eiililii, be equal ta [from 

gld*. «n.L2.} 
■ItMtalU, adv. or con}, in like oaee, 

likewiee, aba. [ibl4 and gall, 'oaee.' 

ei(14fln>i4', »- '«■ 'It' eqnipoiu, 

balauoe, IiJViUBMUM. [ilct^ and 

•lDtl»l, 'wetSht.'] 

■kfaballtlg«r-||id*»fiIHfl,<>«. ofeqnal 

diSbrenoe; iodiflerenC, anintereat- 
•d. careleH. [gltli^ and glUlg.l 

ClddAcIt, /. llkeuBaa, aimilaritf, 
equality, [from «I(I«. 409.1L2.1 

SkMmilig, a<i/. of like meaanre, 
nniform, equal [gltl^ and vHVii 
from «<«, 'meaanre.' 41.M5/I 

ae it were, like aa it. 


M Oumgb- [|trt4 uid tta {tba «d- 

jeotix (oOx, 415. IS, bnt diSorantly 

■Itf^Bli, cai^. Ilk* u, u. [ilti4 

.ndBlt, -M-T 
SbidHtiKA. orff. of like or idantinl 

time. dinarUiivona, oonlempanty, 

lynchronoiu. [gliUk ludHiU, 'tune.' 

•Itii, n. 'k*. -f. tnek, nit. ftoi 

gt.uW, from ■ root now obuletc.] 
glhlnt, e. JV: intr. «. (biae, giittor; 

m&ke ■ fthow, pat en ■ &lr Biterior, 

pUr the hypoortte. (nkted wHh 

■Ithrn, V. 0(111.11. or Jf. tnlr. f irr t. 

Elide, ■Me, ilip. [S. IFlUef ra- 
ted with glatt. '(moolh.^ 
•(i(>, n. ibfl, >bn. limb, mamber; 

toiuL link ; file (of eoldien). [old 

Bugluh lltk ■ for giFllib, from u 

obeolete root nieuuDg ' go,' reUtcd 

with MIta, ' lead.*] 
•ll(Ni*«n«uns> / '«». mOTMnent 

of the lunbi or memben. [IVUib 

(422. 2ii} and 0(iii(giiii(.] 
gdiCinii B. X, tr. prande with limbe 

01 memben, form iii tointi : — an 

gliibir*, Jointed, [trom Sllteic, i£i- 

nlot Sllcb. 405.Lla.] 
■ItmBMn, D. OdlLfi). or If. intr. t. 

abiae dimly, ■lliBiBer 

gllmn - ^-- -•-- 


•ri'iLo ( 


. belL [& elvekt&om 

oja irernuD ffoccon, ^ctrike.'] 
SloAnflang, m. •gl, -iDgc. ringing of 

belU. [91tif( (42S.3d) ftnd ftlong.] 
•iDifniAMift,/ xn. bell-metsL C<M>di 

(4-J2.3<f) ud eptlft.} 
•leAnflubc,/ >eB. MU-room, belfry. 

[siHtt (I3ii2rf) ud etuii.] 
•lotfntoa, m. •■(, itu. eoond of 

belle, rinsing. [«Mt <fia.Sil) nd 

SliKfni)(iA«i, It. ihI, <«. nen nude 
bv ringiDg of belli, bell - ngiuL 
[Slotfi (ISiSd) ud 3rt4«, ' (•ken.'] 

•iD'Tfi,/, -lo. llorr- [from L*tin 

K\aa {rarely eUMt), n. <iM. luck, 
fortnue: good fortune, lukppinaBe, 
ptotperity. nooeu, [for »iM€; 
perb»p» killed with Iiii!(ii, ' entice. '] 

gluifbcgabt, a4). gifted with good 
fortune, bringing prosperity. [Slfitf 
and h(0M.l 

gia^t^i ("O- fortanate, lacky, bap. 
pr, aoDUuHful. proeperoiu. [from 

' bleHel ['from Vt«^S'9f.] 
«»»«■, r. A IfUr. t. slow 

beat or Ugbt}, be inoaade , 

lunfi, be inflamed or anient, glow 

(with pauioD), bom. [R glow.] 
•lait,/ -l^. clawing. he»t, flames 

ardor,}iaMion.[fromi[lt(i- WS-U-l-j 
9int*, J. •«i. gnwM, bTor, eleneney, 

inerej, [for adHM ; frinu to ob- 

■■fM§, adj. gradoiu, element, meroi- 

fal, propitioDi. [from SngM. tltk 9c ] 
•mi,m. •■*(, <■<. gBBibomedliiMee. 

[Sonth-Afrioan name.] 
au. aMrarla<«I farm of (nag. 
•p», fi. .bH. gold. [EL ■■!!.] 
•oBtrrg, n. •«{, ill. gold mountain. 

[•eft and Scig.] 
■Dllm, wN. gsldea. [from •)!>. 

•olMlfth m. •|4tl, -l^t. goMlak. 

[Selb and gW-] 
•pIMIfdiltln, n. •n*, >ii. Uttle gold- 

■■k. [hmn aXbflW- 410.1.] 

-"---'--HI, <kV. golden-harmed. 
id gt»Snrt.] 

. ... gold-paper, 

gilt paper. [Celt and fipln.] 
Dlfrrc£«, a4f. Tick m gold, aoiU 

feroai. [•!» and nIA. 4IS.16<^] 
lolblto*, m. .M. gold doiL [9sa 

[Sen and ftttra,] 
>0l»MA n. •«, lA. gold pleoat 

[Solb and e»(t.] 
inini, e. .X tr. grant wHKugt;, not 

grudge, [from at> and (iiiniin (ob- 

•olete), 'gi»e.'] 
lofft, / .in. gutter, aewei, dt^n. 

[from glfNB, 4SB.]Xa.) 

■PiWfdt, odf. eotkle. ffrom Velk. 


m. <lc(, .UlR. godt Ood. [B. 

•ftMAatfoM, OL .ail, •mt. dirina 

balaam or kala. [Sett (423.3ll) 

anil Calf an.] 
06tttri|ib(, / ctn. dirine graudeiir, 

exaltation of the goda. {«dII {42d. 

lW)ande4»t, 'hergk*.'] 
lotttrbbm, n. .at. .a. im of Um 

gad>, dirine life. [Sott (4a3.S(f) 

and !thn.] 
Qofltrfidrtii/ atrength of the g< 

dirine might '"— '■~>"-*^ 


' di»iiie delight ple>- 

U-SldT W 


mrewotsMU. lOitt 1^12.20) nti 

infill, of Uflnn, 'deCunc.'] 
Si>ttt*flnittr, n. -H, n. i>. 

chunrion of Ood. [«olt (42£.2t) 

ud etRlltr.] 
•orifrM, n>. .H. tUtdHny. [Sett 

uid gtittt, 'pace.'] 
Coltbiit,/. 'Itii. Ksdiiaiid, diiinitv, 

deit;. [from aatl. 4ia5.] 
ttottin, /. ilnnn. godde**. [bom 

n,f. .tnat 

. . »tl. 415.130.] 

•onlsb, lnle):f. think Godi pnina 

to God! [foTiSi!ll(datL)[il tot. 'to 

God be pTuae.^] 
gottlB*, adj, ndlcM. impioni, an- 

yadlr, wiokad. IQ**)! uid M. 415. 

■gotn w fftfcn. 0"'v '« tr»S»«B- 

[cwMatJTe of 'ttfltn. * gut.'] 
Vrob, n. iM, 'Obcc. grKTi, tomb, 

•cpolchra. [from giabtii. 408.L] 
SnAn. ». 0(11.2). (r. dig, grab j 

gravo, onvo. [B. gimTC, gmb.] 
9nb<ti| m. inl, 'Ucn. ditch, trench, 

moat, [from gcihi. 4(«.in.3.] 
Vrabtr, ni. itl, ii. dixgar, [frDm 
• I. 40aiIL4.] 

Sh) uid Swtl.] 
VraiflCfnu, m. •at, liDgt. gnTc- 

Mtng, faneisl hjnm. [Oiat uid 

•rabfin. >><(, lU, degree, itep, gndc. 

[from Idtin gradut. ] 
•Mf, m. .fill, .fin. ooant, euL [£ 

•grKTi, in marffToue etc.] 
#raW| tn. ••ft. grist, ■oirow, ud- 

Dese. affiiolioD. (related with Silmm, 


I, odj. (nol 4n^ct«l, llTo). ad- 
rse, bottile, lezad, tiigr;. [lune 



•tl, .t 

, -. ... pomegrsnat*. 

[from Latin granalut, 'Hsdy.'] 
•mulapfclgin. -U, >iff<C, pomegraK- 

Kte (fmit). [9»i«l and Kpltl, 


■"■ •mt, •Amnr. poma- 


ate leed [Sianai and Sits, ' kernel .' [ 

•rmll',n. -It.'U. gmiiite. [Kcenob 

grajiU, from Latin gninian. 



Ite. (ffiianlt and ntflt'] 
<lniRiin)(tcn, tn. -ni, .n. graBlte 

ridge. [iStinil uid Oludn.] 
Arantc. lamr: at iSnii|(. 
6riiRtn>dd)ttr, ni. -.H, .-z, Eoaid of a 

boundar)', frontier piard. [Sniill 

and iSaAln, ' nstcliman.'] 
«««,«. .l<t, .-i[ti. graaa. LE. graaa.] 
«rMar>, /. .itn. kind of graaa, 

gTamineoiu ipeciea. [Dial and Vil.] 
STaWt(t(,/. 'tn. oovsriug of graaa^ 

[»nt and Trd(.] 

[Onl ai 
>ra«RHr. y. .trn. 
[9til and glur.] 

«rMflr*p(,/. .m. ^ 

eitended grua plain, piaine. 
and eitv»t,] 

teirible. featfnl, bidoini. 


. [a« 

""[reVtoIi with kiiriilr.'] ' 
■r«|IIA' "f^i horrible, hideona, ghast- 
ly, grialr. IE, grUlr ' ' 

gtai. 41G.1ZA.] 

rail, a4}- W^Tt giitilo<^ 

a^ ancient, old IB. gi 

abomin „.. 

giucn, 'dread.' 40S.m.a] 
ttimltialif. •ni. deed of hairor, 

abominable act, ontnge. [Stlsd 

and Z^al.] 
roBtn, e.y. inlr. {uUh dot.) insert. 

oauie horroi or aTer*ion, make 

ihrink back with dieiad, fill witli 

•nt, •<a, homn, averrion, 
abhonence, abomination, 
[infin. of Pta»(iL 3*0.8.] 
raiHii, tr. JV: inlr. i. torn gray, be- 
come hoai7, be partially changsd 
from black to wtiite or from dark to 
ligbt; htrux, dawtl. [from vtv. 
gr<Hli4 or gmli4. adj. horrid, hide- 
ona, dreadful, ihockinB, fri<;htfuL 
[from giaiita, 'dread.' 4TS.13<r,l 
gtuuti'K^/. horrid, bideoa a. frightful, 
I hooking, [related with granip, 
droad,' and gni.] 
grimf«M, «{/. terrible, dreadful j np«- 
cially, cnieL barbaroui. falL (tenia. 

,-_ ■---,■ 4i5.13i.] 

onult7, bai- 

[from granH 


buitT, iohnmaai^. [from totna- 

tnmkm, e. Jf. i-lr. t- vr It. fed nr 

cieite bmror— Iniptrt. iteUhdal,). 

sicite borroi in, terrif; KTeMly, 

honit;, Gil witli dread :— ^nnrictu, 

prtm. part, at ad/, , horroT-inipiiiiig, 

■hockiDg, draaiunt, kwfnl. [from 

(»■(. 4lfi.L3.] 
gmrftwMfi. ary. tuU of hoiror or 

dnad, drwUiU, terrible, (wfiiL 

[Ocaiiiti [inBn. of naiftn) ukd wL 

415. lU.] 
Angnr', m. •!*. drccsr^. [bom 

srrifm, ». OfllLI). Infr. f. (ripe, 

nmq>, oatiUk. HUe, ■aktoh, put forth 

the huid with Intent to Hiu or 

gnrnp. !& gripe, nip.] 
trflMN, ■. if. irUr. ). dutort (be oonn- 

teouoe with UufhioE or orjing, 

whine, grlK. [E gnnO 
grtM, o((J. gr«j or griuled (espeoiaUr 

with »gt) ; A<fw«, (ged, old. [reUted 

with tna.] 
•id*, ID. <ittt -fl- old Dun, ((ed per- 

■on. t»n»u«Rll.] 
griQ, ai{/. puroing the eer or eye : 

o/eound, liirill, piennDgi afa^tct, 

•trcnoHir, m. tt, lU. gnmmMtr. 

[French wonL) 
•rmtt (»r 4>n!Kt()i/ •(>. limit, bor- 
der, boondarjr, trontior, confine. 

[from Raui«n granitia.] 
gntHtB (or arinyn), v. tf, Intr, \. be 

limitod or bounded, border, [from 

«rmK. M6.L1.] 
•rtl^n, n. 'it. diminuliBe of HRai- 

gORIE, Uargaret 
SrucL lanit at SdBtl. 
•Hn^.m-'ti, 'ti. Greek, inhabl tut 

of Oreeoe. [from Iietin gritnu. ] 
■rtnWfA, odj. Oreeiui, ereek. 

[fromeil(4t. 415.10a.] 
•rtff.m. .f<i, .(. 

ed with the 

[fromgntTtn. 408.L 

itjle (for 

— tableta), penoil, lUto-penoi 
[from Greek ^<ipA ion,] 
9rlll(,/ >(B. crioket (ihrill ohirplaK 
inKot) jJTyimflitfl^, whim, caprice, 
froalc. Tuguf (./Vom pmterMat rx- 
pratUinn iw* oji n ^t Silllta Im 
tn\t, n fSngl Ocllldi, mid qf a 
whiiiaiea! pi " 

lath o 

i with fi. 

fleriM, nim. [fromVrfna. 4 ^ 

aitofni, ■. .V: lelr. %. crla, ahow 11m 

teeth, [from iirtnta.] 
grab, a/(f. (t in fcmpariKm). oouia; 

TOD^i, rnda, nnooath. 
«re66rit,/ -Ua. oouinieM, krmc&hb; 

mdeneaa, inoivUitT, inaolenoe. [from 

tni. 400.113.] 
•ran, m. >1H. ruioor. inlmoaitj, QI- 

will. inreterate eumitj, gnidn. 
gnlltN, e. jV. inlr. \. bcu cnidge or 

ill-will, hale, be angij. (from tnO. 

grofj oft/i (I fn fT>ni|iari*on ,- np^r^ 

gitlt, 139.1). cr»<<l>ige, big.tall; 

eminent, gnnd [B, urcftti alao^ 

tiiTongh the French eto. , naaa.] 
•r*l«. / •". fTe»tneat,Tar«uiaa, 

MAONITDDB, Hie. [&om fok. 409L 

•r«tMM», / hi^ nlrit, lumun- 

MtTl, generoait;. [(i^ and Sail. 

' BOOd.'] 

grolniiilbig, adj. of lof^ epirit, Mas- 

HANiMotis, genaiotm [from 9n|' 

naa>. 4l5.»a,l 
SrotfVmkti, m. -rt, 1. Ug talker, 

■wacgerer, bouter. [gnf and C|in> 

0(1, 'apenker.'] 
Srotrornktrri,/ <(l«i. taUtalk. awag- 

ger. braggadooio. [from •ntf*i«t<(. 

Srofti,/ >(B. Rotto. [Rcnltoi 

through Frenab, from liitin (Qreek) 

Irottcnmrf, ti. il(, itt. gnttl*- 

work, grottoJike ■baetom. [9rNf« 

tmbt,/ it>. pit, oaritj. hollow, bole, 

ditoh ; grare [K (roon i from 

^'^ . 

igglng about, Kmb- 

bing. hypercritioiim, needleaaaabt 

t>. [fromatahn, 'dig.' 
grabcln, n. .V fair. \. etir cmk, . 

about : hrnee, raok one ■ bnina, .«■ 

critiou aboTemeware orneedleulj. 

\TaU,f.'Wt. care, hollow ; HtiHlIy, 

•epufohre, grave.f uneral Twlt [from 

frohB, 'dig,'4W,ILa] 
nm, tidj. freea, freeh, verdant -.^^ 

tai Srdne, Terdnre. [B, green, re- 

•rdn, n. neenaeu, verdure, [from 

Bcllii. 40(I.1'2l] 
irunb, ni, •ttl, -Btbt. gronnd, earth, 

dirt '. hen^fy that on wliicb anTtiung 

ttanda or rette, bottom, baiia, foui^ 


n the whole, 

datioD ; turtft, rauon, ouua, ooob- 
■UHL (roaadU t I'l'o, loimt pui of 
Ui;Uiiiig, bottom, hue ; /itriee, low 

S-odBH, T«lleT, hollar -■-'-- ■— 
nmfrti at bottom. 

ftfter all; |U Sninbti __ 

to dflfltmctioiL [K. STvaind : [roi_ 
^fuf (lott in Gemun), u that 
which i» aiutbtd or |pn>ai>d with 
the teet ; Dr, u pullenied soiL ) 

flfflnbcn, V, !f. (r. l>y the foDiidatloil 
ot, (mad, bottom, found, [bom 
•r»t. 406.L1.1 

Cni>MI>A(>/- ■'■- bottom-anrfBiie, 
b4M kna, lorfMW of lapport. [<■»■!) 
and S[i4i.] 

•nni>«cft|, n. •!<■, <|t. fimdamaital 
law. {«nik and «t|(*-] 

md OTltl-] 

■Mo 1 grmimdloaa, without ra 

nnfoiuded. [Orrnt andiet. 41S.iui>.i 
•nmHf > »>- •l>(' 'Mt- fnndamaital 

ml* or maxim, prinriple. [9tiiib 

and Ba%, '•ettlaneol'l 
•rihrtiai§,7: •gti. fouudinjt. foimda- 

tion, stabli^imant. [from aifioMi. 

Viflw, /. in. neaniwH, Tcsdme. 

[bnmtrtn. 4(»!n.t.] 
■naoi, B. jK fnlr. i. grow snaai,bo 

green or verdant : -- grtsmt, vai- 

daat, flonriahinc in neeii. [from 

ttmrnlUb, adi. Kr«»ialL (from aiia. 

41& 126.1 
Vranw,/. >IB. sr««p, oloiter. (from 

Frmcb groupe.i 
iRWMtnMlft, adv. grsBrwU*, in 

the mannoT of group*, by groapa or 

eluKten. rVnoiK (432l3cj) and Xtifi, 

* maniMi- * !tlVt. 16.) 

per. 401111.] 

•m, m. .tftt, .tnt. 

tation. aaiato, pol 
•Mini, V. Si tr. 

KTOBt, Mlate, pay 

. pi. Omuanni (South 
Amerioaii tiibe). 
■wfcB, B. IT. iHlr. f. peep, look Cu- 

tiOtulj, DTJ, 

tAKtn, aaj, |oldBB> [arobaio form of 


•nrnmi, »l .M. gam. [Latin word] 

CnHll,/. ■!(■. favor, grace, good-vUI i 

paimuaiDii, leave. Itrom ainiUB. 


^nfKg, luf). favorabb, gmoioni, well- 
wiUJnE, propiliooa, anqiieiona, [from 
agaB. 416,»a.] 

•finflling. m. ■««, >e(. bkrorita, min- 
ion, [from Onall. 410.0.] 

•urt, nt. 'Ut, ■(!. flirt, |lrtk,|lT- 
dle. [& sirt, etc.] 

•inti, m. •!<, •!. sinUa, aaah, belt, 

aboat. [bom Vait. 40S.Il 
Inl, m. •1M> 'ifh. pOBimg oi 
Kaak t "*■*■" e, f onadinc, caat. [bi 
«it|ii. 4(16.1} 
gai, ddj. flovd, dertrable, propeTj i 
oelteni ; Tirtnoiu, banevuleat, kin 
olever, akilfol : — adt, well [ 


. [from III. 4U9.13.] 
" kini indnlm-' - 
. 416.9e.l 

*iwifta>J*^ fricDdly :— 

t( ndta 01 

..I'awdt do 

[from t*'- «lM3t.l 

, , „ >n. elaotrioal eel, 

(joaHote. [from Graek.] 

ipwt, m- -Irt, 'K- «7T>"«»t pUater 

of Paria. [booi Latin fyptum.l 

S9P4canfitti, pi. mook aagar-plomi 
of pUater. [I9w*atid conftUL] 
\9piHn, ?. -Bl, "Inn. grain or ker- 
nel of plaater, plaaUr angaiplom. 
[»«»e and ffgra, >e»ra.'1 

S9»«t((iM"> "■ •■<! "■' pl^rter Mgai- 
plom. [<lwl and 3<lUria.I 

ir, n. ifrt, •«. hair (oolleotiTaly 
■ ungly). [E. hslr.] 
«,/. (what one kaa I f.«.) propn-- 
', HMteaeion, bntime. [bom bgtta. 

r«,e. Silrref., SSftl). tr. hava. 


(num. and m , 
241) :— wUA |a and a ... 
to, be nndsi eblinlion to [9t8. 
ItLie). [R haT^ 
Mtr, m. iH, 't. kavar, bolder, pa*- 



lintompotmoH). (fromHtn. 

nubb . 

fafcr, m. itf . oMa. 
^■ri,/. •*■• IiBTinc keaplDE, ci 

tody, [pv)u^l• tram tttn. M&II. 
4afl, RL itH, •(!. hold, kBvpiat hold ; 

nMnniiTf hrrHlng. rli^, hrann [uiB* 

M prsoedinel 
kahm, *. iK inlr. ). hold on, olins, 

■tiok, be Sxed or aUHilied. (from 

^(1. 4ae.LI.) 
4<i3r m- •('*' 'l'* kad(«, frnoe. [re- 

Utwl wltli ((<(, ' hadca.'} 

«<«Cl, RL .11. luU. [K IwU.] 

■»>«n In »t»dani, ploiw, gntHj. 

AcMH, hamBUi. bnoat, [ralktadwitb 

4iini, ' has,* mud 4ii(b, 'towL'j 

^^lua^eMTH, iL •lit*. oaak-OTOwing, 

erring of eookc [«atR (42&SiJ] and 

(tot, m. •itti, iiti. ihaik. 

^In, m. >Rtt, >«. gCDT*, wood. [le- 
iMad witk «a«.] 

fan or ^(kC( oiaalelc nMin, meaning 
aide, nots Hud In aarCout cMn- 
pOHNilt (oi btltalt) wUh (Ac nwan- 
Jnsaaaannt, nuon, baowue (3(13^16). 
[IS. kulf.] bBir. [tnusCan.] 

Diviliution. [tali uid Qndat.] 
IftlhrH or Mbn, prep, (with prtcrd' 

tug gen., VlS.b). od aoooont ai, be- 

Oknw ot [froni ^1t.] 
tolMMRl. w{J' haJr-Baid. umi- 

liquid. (tsU and flfltllflO 
«aUiBftl,/. .m. iMlf-ialKid, PZKIM- 

B1II.A. [»ali Hid 3>til-] 
folUrti*. nt. .frt, .|(. 

[6al» Bod anit.l 
folMugd, /. .[n. — 

and ITagtl.] 
^IMi*t, n. .If .It. ksU Ushl, 

imperfect or defeotiTe UluDunatioiL 

(Nl» and ei4«.] 
^albOntftn, f. .rn. kkir-aUtar, 

1t«lt and e^iMflR.] 
Ifn./ .ta. haUiinoiatr; tniddta, 

^■t,/ ■(■. hsll, gnat room; pub- 
lic kJtU, pljMW of uteuMy or meel- 
iu ; entrauoe hall, poitioa, poich. 

iMtii, a. S. inlr. t. aoinid, numnd, 
[tiom «in. K&LI.] 

Mb. nt. ■!»(, •«( or .nua. (gnaa- 
like) (talk, atem, eaha, alnir. [EL 

k«lia, bK>B>.) 

laU, m. .|t«, .ilft. neok. 
«aI«f4BB<I. in. .d«, ■<«. neck om^ 

meot, na^Jaoa. [fiaU and G^nitf.] 
ftaUOanli, w^. itiffDeoked, bead- 

■trong, obetinate. [^alluid^dnlt.] 
««IMUnl«Mt,/.lta. atiffaeckedDFaa, 

obatiuacT atobbonmeai. [bom^If- 

t«ri(. 409.113.] 
Mt. m. iltl, -U. ksMtboIding, np- 

foA [ttom W- *OR.T.i 
balttn, t. (?[IL3X 'r. Hold, ke^me- 

(ain; Teataain, koap baok. detain; 

ooDtain, inclade; koep, ab>erTB,j)ar- 

fonn, oelebntta; eiteem, tluiik; 

deem, oouaidei, regard. j-(nrr. ). 

hoU on, atop, ceaae to move, lull | 

nmain (till or fixed, be firm or ooa- 

■tant, laduis, latt—rcn. maintaiD 

one'aaaltibebaTB. [K hBM,li»li.] 
falltr, m. .rt, .i. (In compoiiHoH) 

holder, (bomialtia. 40&IU.4.] 
Mlung,/ •its. hold lac keeping; 

attitu^ curiage, bearing, domeaii' 

or, behaiior. [from MIM. 40& 

III 8,1 
\ammut, m. -if, .dnaR. hsaamari 

hanuner.beaded ihark, balanoe-fiafa, 

lygiena {lonatntd framttie thape^ 

"lArod). [K hamiBar^ 

^^, far the ; 

[E> hBBd.] 
«jn»<k(n, n. .nl, >b. little hand. 

[from ^aaC. 410.1.] 

>an^(^ nk .It. .tntil. trannction, 

buainesa, affair \ tradf, traffic, com- 

meroe: luit, dUterenoe, qoaxraL 

{bam «aiiK] 

uitvlM, v. iV: fntr. f. act, deal, treat, 

behave : trade, traffic, barnin. [B. 

handle I bom «<iiiM. 4W.I.1.] 

4nI«UlniM, cM100.3rm.). tradea- 

men, merobant«, dealen. [$aBb«I 

H^~A) lai emit.] 
^mUUH'U. f. .it!*, trading town, 

commercial dtj. (4<inb(l (422.Sii) 

and eiitl.] 
fMtdtatrttbr, m. =H. oommerctiil 

intcrcoone. [4aatit[ (iS&.2b) and 



9<iuMtMttU M. 'It, •(. bone or Joint 
of ths hsBd, kaneklc. [Qaiib 

■nd Knifttl.] 
faiiMHng,/ igtn. utdon, tntDsurtion, 
perfomunu, doed. rfrom banbrln. 

#anMd)ub, m. iH, >h. glove, nont- 
let. [«anb Kid e^u^, ' ataiH.ri 

tant»trt, n. -U, >I(, tmndicikft, 
trade, (iaeoli»n3o«]l occupation or 
businea. ^fignt lindXGtrt, * woik.'l 

bontmrltinallB, adj. in the way of 
handicrafts or tradea. in diatinct oo- 
ODpatiooii. [fianbUKiI (t2^2bj and 
Biitg, from mat : oomi»rB 415.15/] 

foifli ">. ugl, >lag(. decliritT, alope; 
inclination, propeiuitjr. Imim }aEi 
tn. 408.L1 

^onstndtn,/ -(B. (luiiciiis mat r 
i r. ) hanunoclc [from >iMcn and 
m-Mt. &i.SJi 

tangtn, e. 0(0.3]. intr. i. tiaBg, 
depeod, dangle, be annwuded. [K. 

..'"•J .___ 

■nipend, attach. 

rnfr. ((« 

^mfi „. 

- ii*,m. .tcl. Jac! 

a, W6.L11.] 

..- tnl. Jack, Johnnie, [ab 

breviatlon of Suttni"*, * Joha.*] 

«Aii«ibtn, n. •■(. Jaokj, UtUa Jack. 

[ftODi «im(. 4J0.1.] 
0<tTft,f. i(R. Imrp. [B. karp.] 
^na, m. ind. hsmi, hoit ; uruaL- 

Iv, feelinv ot mjorj, diatreai, aor- 

row, grief [E iian>i.] 
^Tmomt',/. i^nt'tn. liaraaBy, ood~ 

cord ; humanioua lOimd, accord. 

[from Greek.] 
taTmcRlf4> •»('. bannoalona, bu- 

tnonio, CDBCOtdant, [botn Sdacnli. 


aimoT, pukopi]'. [from Fianoh har- 

^rvam,/. 'in. harpoon* fB. har- 
poon 1 from Frenoh /tarpon.] 

ftarcrn, v. If. intr. t. mit, linger in 
expeiitaUon, remain in anepenae; 
(iwA gen. ) wait for. await 

Nrt,iH$. hard, atilT, ealld; rough, 
harah, ngOTOiu, aeveni atem, onre- 
tenCiiig, omelj diffioolt, laborioai. 
[& hard.] 

fom,/: hardneaa 1 harshneaa, aever- 
ity. [from^atl. 408,111,] 

tannjtnii, adj. aUIT-necked, head- 
■tro^, atubbom. obatinata. [|aM 
and 9aSti^ ' »coh>' 4216,] 

neaa, catch, match. 
faff, m. •in, xn. hare. [E. hare.] 
«a|, m. .flil. hate, hatred, deteeta- 

tion, grudge, enmity, ill-wilL [E. 

iKiflm, t. N. tr. hate, detert, abomi- 
nate, fed eomit; toward, [bom Sat. 

td|Ii4. mlj. (hateful; Aence} diaa- 

greeable, ogly. ill-favored, deformed. 

[from^antn. 41G.ia<^.] 
^n.f. haate, hniiy, prsdnitBtioiL 

lU. haate.] 
taRfg, 11$. haaty, barned, pmoiia- 

tate. [from ^IR. 415.9a,) 

Amilu. f .II, nan rsninan'il 

tani^,c. AT loir, t- bieathe, reipire, 

blow. — Jr, breatheoat,exhucb [from 

Quit. 405. Ll.] 
baucn.o. 0IIL4J. tr, hew, cat, shop ; 

deal a atroke or blow or bite, atrike 

oat, laah, cut [R ke^ ' 
" . hew 


^cl, .hajof 
LP, pQe, ma 
hoard. [E. heap.] 

t Jaftn. e. SF. tr, heap, pile ap, >i 
hoard. [from«aDf. 406.L1.J 

(iulig, 01$. ooplona, abondant, fre- 
cgaenL [fn>m (ouf. 415,11a.] 

fkauHcIn, n. -at, >n. little heap, amall 
maiaarcolleotian or oompany. [from 
»aB|. 4iai.] 

^Bpl, n. •1(1, tluvtn. head t CHIEF, 
leader, peraon of higbeat rack or po- 
sition. [E. head (A-8. Va/orf).] 

foHytoctlOR, / .ncn. chlef-aelloB 
(old atyte name for a Matorical dra- 
ma, in which eminent peraonagsa 
are repreaented). [Juliet and BcKdi.] 

4au*t(rfDrtcmJ|, n. .Rt*, .Rt. ebiot 
' " ' ■ tWstttml*.] 

,_....._.. m, .6«. '■ - - 

principal aqoa 
iMniitftani/ iltU, ob 
[^acl aod eiaM.] ^ 

f dt;, capital 

^Uptflrati,/. -(0, chief etreetibigh.- 
way, [4oii|!t and etia^t.) 

^aofturtadu, f. itn. chief caoae, prin- 
cipal groond. [Qsuiil and Urfoite.] 

4anpi|ni(il, m. itft, ,it. ohief object, 
principal end or aim. [$iiq>l anA 

4«u*. n. -let, -Jinfn. k*iu*i boOding 


(e^iedillj for UtIu is), n 
bomaing, ouing, Dvm ; 
hold, funily: noa, lincin 
4)«rf(, >t home; na4 fmfi, 
' I borne. [K koi 

kNp hoaw ; biitj od. . 

tonn. (from«oB«. 40GlL 
^nCfrin, / .anrm. homw* _ ,_ 

in*l«) hMd of * fvullj, danuL [t«i 

tod St...] 
9aaM>itttT, ra, iH, •!. lisaacIIoUcr, 

banaaltMpei, eaonomul [tiiil Hid 

tauttalKrif4. adj. lik« k boou- 

htilflAr, with prudent nunignneDt, 

Uirifty, eoonomial, Cmgal [from 

«aii«MU(i. 115.10a.] 
feamlld), oi^, domeilio, ftppertaiulug 

to ft hvaaibold, aoonomm. [from 

«aiit. 415.13a-] 
^■tli^fcit,/ •ten. domertidty, ftm- 

Uy Ufa [trom ttitll^. 4C».£L3.] 
^■n*ntt, m. pI^. koiuehold (tnS; 

fDmituie, maiablei in > hoDM. [$i&l 

uid Stol^.] 
^au*ira4it / '>"■ boBH guh, in- 

doora dresK ($aK< and Zu*l.] 
^ut, / <iBtt. lOd*, (kill, CQtioIe. 

[B. bide.] 
^ulftiUt,/ in. pUoa OD tbe akin, 

part or *pat of tbe bide or outiol& 

|«anl ud ettdt.] 
«(b<, / Heb* [to the Greek*, eod- 

deas of yooth, ud cap-beirer of tlu 

«At1,m. >U.>I. iiutnimeot fw beKv- 

hn. 40eLlII: ^ 

itUn, V. 0(IILS). fr. be>Te, lift, 

rkiae ; denta, ex>lt ; lift off, remove, 

put an end ta — r*A nise one'e kU, 

^tbtr. m. ■!(, T. one who nueLlift- 
et, heATer. [fnim ^bei. 408.IIL4.] 

♦••"■fl>/ -gtii. lifting, reising, he»T- 
!>«. [from |r^D. 4011116.1 

«(«(,/ '(B. bidce. [E. bedsei 
telwed with Sag.] 

#Mr, n. iitl, <it. host, ordorlj u 

fMrtc or «cTbc,/ .(n. bcrd.Sack. [E. 
herd I telkted with (oA * baud,* 
SSttt. 'pen,' etc. J 

^tntaf, nt. tft, •igi. trtbt or mudt 
of Ml umj. [t<ti and 3a|- ] 

«tfl, n. .Irt, .It. b«n, huuUe, hOt, 
futeuiiif. {E. b«ni relat«l with 

►elroi, ■. ff: (r. owiee to cling, f««««n, 
■tttch, Gx. [w csnutive to WH" 
(404.I.I); properlr from^ffl oi ««ft. 

Mrift, ai$. rabemsnt, violent, fnnoiu, 
impetDoiu. [from «!)! (U5.9a). 
orig'lT 'periUtent.'] 

^tMShit,/. .Ita. TehemoBee, Titdenoc^ 
[£rom ffli*- 409^ 


_ . bads* or fmoe aboot, 

eneloae; Arac<, Jtguralitely (nail 
HtuaUv), baiboT, foil^ chcciah, 

angtut, « 
•loid.'] bestbea, pagan, 

infideL [from C'l^' 'bemtb;' 
originallj * dweller in Uie wilda. '] 

«cU«{Dr«a(bf),/ >(■. bastbibar- 
len, nnotiltJTated lad onfartila land. 
[B. bealb.1 

hulb-lKKd, bMTmi. [4<lbe and 

kdl, adj. bale, -wbol*, Hmiid, 

nnhnrt, nninjnrad. [K bAl«, 

^B, n. Att. bealth, walfiuv, proa- 

peiitr, happineia; oi txrlatruUion 

i390). baUI [from t/M. 1SAl.Z.\ 

well— -<fi/r. y beooma well, be bMkl- 

ed, grow icnuid again, [from ^if. 

Mil*, adj. (bcalthfnl, bringing the 

higbeit wellure: Asnee) bolr, la- 

nred ; inTiolabie : — lU noun, uint, 

Saint [from^fU. 415.Bo.] 
|flll«ni, v. X Ir. make bolj, bal- 

low, HUDtifj, eooteent^ [from 

fdllg. 1DS.L2.] 
^jllgftit,/ itin. boliDeai, lanoti^, 

ncrednsRB. [from tiUll. 40».Iia] 
tcilfan, a<tj. wboleaftHe, aalntarr, 

bealing. [from ^It. 415.I30.] 
^tim, n. •«!, imi. boBie, when one 
. live*. [B. bo^e i ran ; anpeneded 




■I),/ .tin. hoi 

whers ODe Uvea, nttive pi 

ooontt;, [fromftlm. 41(L9.] 
ftinuinfitM, / KB. Dktive oc 

[^(tmatt and «lltlt, 'hat.'] 
«(Jiu<tlra^ n. <t(. land of 

kame, ufttire Ikal [filiialt *ad 

" It.] 

C £ ) tollDw DP cloMl; (STeD into 
oue'i biding plutea) ; Anxv, nnt, 
requite, puBiih. f^tm ud fiifcii.] 

MB>n<b<n. B. 0(IIL2). fr. Arm 
home. {Vtm and litlin.] 

MnMt, m. .ft, .((. w«7 hame- 
mrd. [^In and S(«.] 

^ttarl*, m. '44. Hei>r7' [lor 4ttia> 
■14. horn ^tn wd nt4, litermUf 
'mighty at borne.'] 

ftlnAi/. •Otit. marriage, nnptiala, 

Mnibtn, V. If. Ir. marr;, wed. [from 
«tltol«. 406.11.] 

kdfAni, V. .V: tr. Hk fm, denumd, 
Teqnire. [Ek aek 1 formerly tlM'".] 

^I> 04/. kot, kccted. ardent, burii- 
ing, torrid ; foil of ardor or paailoD, 
Tehemenb [allied with ftltt, ^Iki, 

V<t<t>> »■ 0{867). Ir. bid. oommand, 
eojoin; rail, name, denominate. — 
intr. %■ be called or named, go by 
the name of; me«n, ngnify: — hM 
Itiat, that il to ny, Le. ; <l tHfl, it 
i> laid, the atory goei. [BL (anbaio) 

bdMr, adi. sleai, wrene, brteht, oheer- 
fnl, plmaant 

Mint, IT. X tr. heat, make hot, 
calefy, [related with (tli and f l|i.] 

AflA. ffl. fbra. 'Mn. hero, ehamplon. 
•M, •«A«. hoak of 

hero-farm. [«tni(4^2<I)anda(flaU.] 
4(lk«nmi»b, m. itH. heroio ipirit or 

oonrage. [j^ilb (122.^) and ai)st|.] 
4^DM4at,/, >t(i. heroio deed, grand 

aohioTeroent, exploit [ftia [4^2i2) 

and Ztal.] 
^IbniMK, m. iM. beroio death. 

(9ca (123.2<(] and Zob.] 

tclftn, >. <7(L3]. fnfr. f. (irUA dif. ). 

krip, aid, aoiit 1 be of WTTioe, do 

good, avalL (E. k<lpO 
bill (or tint), aHj. in/ lovnd) olear, 

distinct; Wf ti^RI) clear, bright, 

laminout, not dimmed or olouded. 

[related with ««n, fulltii, 'tound.') 
^Bt, f. ■tn. brightneu, brillianiiy, 

light " *-" •<->'*■' 

ttis, adi 

S/aii, itSn, 'aoond? 


adj. bright-ihining. 


and (taAltn'i prei. p<ut o 
Mh, m. imtt, <■(. hel^, hclaaet ; 

head-piece, cap, oapitaL [R helia 
• '-'edwith'^- ■ 

reUted with tcttta.] 


*fB.ifl>bSit, / . 

[from Qreek.] 

[^te and tSDH, 
1. heiaUpkero. 

hinder, retard. [K ki 

ear. [from ^nhs. A«nia]_ 


frnFcr, m. iH, •!. haBpnaii, evecn- 
ttoner. [from ItattB. I0&IIL4.] 
mhrtlBt.n. <M. kancman't blood, 
blood of mnrderoniwietohei. [^ni 
ti[ and Slut,] 
tnnc,/. =tti. k«». [related wtth ftafn, 

T, adir. and <<p'M<pr<jTz. hitfaar, 
thii way, toward the >p«aker or *'■- 
point had in view or eoncelTed U 

— -__;-j . lUe of %\a, hem.,, 

'if aloeg (or Inditat^ 
lul dittlnet reffrent« 
to'dirtetion, ^fUr other advtrbi or 
prtpotUlon*, 379.I0) :— na . . . t<r, 
ronnd abont .... aronnd ,..;•• 
. . . *« (=»ob«) whence :— in <9>«ct- 
Jlcaliotu «/ ditlana (n fS* poi», ago 
((Am. 141 Xa«[ ttt, eight daya ago, 
liCly, eight daya hither, or reckoning 
from the time referred to to the 

, , . vfTtt. [rvlated 

withWn, -here', etc. SST.Si^] 
mb, adt. and np'bUprfflx. down 



hithet. down (tomrd tbs apsakar -. 

the point MmtempUtad), tioattboie. 

[»(Tuda», 'down.' 2Ue.3a.] 
ttiabtnMM,v. fHU-S). liUr. (.fa _ 

down, depend, bspenduloui. [^lat 

Mid ^EEgin.l 
^Takb«BgcK. 0. y. tr. inland down- 

wkrd. — inir. <, hauf down, depend. 

Unit and Uii«ni.] 
^HklaffOi, v. Oia.»), fr. Ut dtnra. 

— r^ coadeMend, (toop: — bmblofi 

fcnk, pra port, at adj. oondeioeud- 

i__ _«_■.!_ 'ijiM. [intt uid 

. N. tr. Ht down, lower, 
piau. \1)n*i and (t|(D.] 
t. OILl). Infr. |. sink 
downowt or 


down, be depreesed or dow 
deleotod. r|«ei uid M'"-l 
ktroiHhlsni, ». 0(11X2). inir. , __ 
' ' ' [(na> kod ^i|tE, 

. . Ir. (. plnngedowii, 

le headlong down, deecend lod- 
deolT- [N"i ud ^ihh] 

«naln*tbtB, f. .V iittr. (. blow down- 
ward, eome blowing or bnathinp 
dowo. n«Mt and Kxhii'l 

ttrakMArtlgati v. tl, tr. dapnciate, 
degrade, abaae. [^at and Bkiblgii^ 
> valoe {think wankr). '] 

t<T<)n, adv. arut tp'blt pr^fli. sa 
hither, along (toward the upeakar oi 
"" ' — '--nplalad), tntmawaf. 

. [■»' ' 

I. 2!>a2a.] 

hnng OB, Uad 

., uSnii.l 

^ran(t(t4(n, ■>. 0(1113). intr. (. oorni 
erawliitg on, approaoh by oioep- 
ing [^»B and [ri(4(n.J 
ttamnalttti, t, X. inlr. f. draw ■Ich. 
' [*«« and -■ 


d ut<it, '< 

^r<»ifdrtti*cli,D. Oim.2). rtfl. 

■tealiiig up. approaoh ale' 

[tftiii and Mltlwn. 'orsep.'] 
|fraHf4Btlxii,>. y. Mr. f, oome float- 

iog oa, approaoh b; Boating [teiaa 

and lAiMicn.] 
ttnnMUttn, B. If. tr. urmtch, ap- 

proaohiDg, obeanra oommg along. 

limE and naftrn: pregnant oombi- 

nation, for fcranni^dt Be^rn (or 

itttiHiigim, t. X. tr. being on b; de- 
lay or loitering [titan and i^cts.] 

^RUifi '>''>'. I'"' trp'blt pr^x. Bp 
hither, npward (toward the ipeaker 
or the point ooutempUiited}, tram 
below, l^iandoul. 2MJ.&I.] 

.. 0012). iitft-. f. com. 
driving «p, drire op. 
[bnonf and fitRi, 'bin.'] 
tmuftUiBKii, t. (XULS). intr. %. 
oome cUkMlring «p, aoramble up- 
ward. (t«iiiif and tllBiniii.] 
ttraufHiKgm, if. 0(L1). < ' ' 

"uaf."]'" ' 

and. tt™"f 

btTOnfrauribai, *. JVi inir. (. coma 
mahing and roaring ap,aMend>ril>b 
noiH [»(na| and ».»».] 

(traBfrti4Kat v. X. tr. reuh Bp- 
ward, hand np. [fttnal and rtiAtn.] 

^naafM^a. v. 0(1ILS]. Mr. f. 
moont Bp here, aioend. ifmit and 

ttroa*, oilti. and «}>'bb f ^fli sb* 

hither, forUi, from within or ft"^**"g 
rbtr and u«. 896.20.] 

»'»uw op. rdtMB, 

lation. [fro 

deliTerr : pablioation. Tfrom \ 
tnmtBtbai, e. 0(0.1). tr. kIt* 

bcroUbolciii B- if! tr. fetch oBt, bring 

forth. J>Riii( and ^In.] 
rroafronaani, v. 0(2ni). In/r. f. 
coBie oBti oome forth; iaioe, ap- 
pear; be diTnlgedorpnhUahed. |>ci> 

trontiuliiBni, v. 0(L3). tr. taka 

oat, draw forth, [tciaul and nf tain.] 
VtraaWtftn. «. iV. Ir. act ast, eipow, 

offer pnbliol;. t^taiit«nd fttrn,] 
tcroaf liiirini, v. N. fnfr, f. roih forUi, 

Dome precipitatelj sat. [^rail and 


^ or birtt, ad/, bitter, lonr, aoid ; 

btrbcl, oiiE. aruf lep'bte prfftz. otK 
by hitber, into the Tiomitr (of tha 
■peaker or the point oont^plated), 
bam a diataooe, from CartneT off, 
thii way. [»n and bd. 2B8. 2a.] 

k<rft<arinqni, h. y(lrreg.. 290). ' 
- ■ ig hither ■'-— ~a '-— 

hither. lt<nt<l and Mngia.] 

. X ir 

•-, f- 


ap, approach in baate: [(mtt 

»trMKIirni, b. X. tr. bring on or np, 
induoe, oauae, give riae to or oo- 
caaiimfor. [^ittl and Minn, 'lead.*] 
■fbritonintn, t>. 0(2BT). inlr, |. come 
along up, reach the q>ot^ [tnM 
and Tgmnin.] 
tfrtvllolxn, D. 0(n.2}. tr. invite to 
— -le, Bummon to one'i hU. nnM 


(crbiihHfni, v. If. tr 
•elf. indaoe to o 

. .... .. ...MIL [^If I and Mif ' 

fn. 'proooM.'] 
foMncfFong,/ '(». oollaonini, pio- 

onring, obtauilDE u aupplT. (frotn 

»i[M|i(anta. 40aiIL&] 
^r*tiftirlns«i,f. 0(11). <fi(r. f. 

iomping or mnning op. IVrtil ■nd 

(vringta, 'tprlBK.'] 
^rfrtlftritont, t. If. Mr. (. < 

■trsanung or flowing fak [(nMaad 


Test-uaMm, aatumn, b 
- It.] 

^rMHIAi o^. MltiUnnKl, in Bntmnn. 
[from^nW- 416.1%!.] 

4>trtc. tame at ^mU. 

t<>^4<Ki<> ". ^ 'r. rtntoh klonf, ax- 
tend, [^i and bf^sn.] 

k*Tda, adv. and itp'bU prefix. In 
hithsr. Inward [toward the apaakM 
oi Uie point oontemplabid), from 
withoat or antdde. Wtdn I oome 
in, anter, walk iiL [Vt and tli, *>■•* 
298. aal 

WRinbtlAra, «. AC Mr. f. look l>. 
[hRin and Mtdm.l 

'—'-'-' P Mlrr^., 360), (r, 

, faring in. [^nln 


. n, B. 0{L1). inft". (. MOM 

jTow^ng iB, approaoh imaiatihlj. 
[tenia and Ictngin.] 
•■—'-■-''— ->. 0(It8). (r. IM IB 

and laffm.] 
btitfnlMrtm. «■ W^ 'nfr- \. oome torn- 
bling or nuhlng In, eatar tnmnl- 

taoulj. [^iKin and |tai|(I.] 
tcnbimiflni, B. 0(11.8}. Ir. briDglB. 

\^ntiji and tnua, 'oan]'.'] 
^iwbnii '. OtaBT}. fnJr. |. more 

wit wa;, sv hitber, approaoh. [to 

and gfttR.J 
tirfoKiBm, D, 0(96T). fnfr. t- eoma 

Mtber, approacb; eonia down b; 

cDatORi or degoeat, be deriTcd or 

transmitted, proceed. [^t and 

(krfunfi,/. coining hith^ aniT«]; 

deicent, eitraotiou, birth, origin. 

tfrom trifDnmiB ; oomp. ilanfl'l 
^rklttn, V. if. Ir. Ie*d or ooudnot 

hither ; doriTO, dednoe, refer one 


battle like that formetly 
fought under Armlniua for the free- 
dom of Oarmaay). [fitimana i4Xi.2b) 
and 64<i>4t-] 

4tm(*, m. Hemca or Moro>U7 (god 
of sloqoeniM and oommeme). [Qreek. ] 

(■ma4, adv. afterward, aniir thia or 
Uul, hereafter. [^landaa^, 'after.' 

bcrniibir, adv. and ttp'bU pr^/lx. 
down hither, downward (toward tha 
■peaker, or the point oontamplated), 
from aloft or aboTe. [^ and *ititt, 
' Ba«tlt, down.'] 

b«nii(»trbli(fni, v. If. iHtr. |. look 
down, oaat the eyea downwBtd. [ftn* 
Btnir and Hldin.] 

\tmUHA>tt^tt, n. 0(118). itUr. f. 
hang down, depend, [htnlttii and 

down, deaoend. [^nlt^ and bnti 

^mlitirfAMbni. w. S. inW. |. oome 
aweeping or flciatinK down, deaoend 
gontly. [»ti»i(bfcand(*»(hii,] 

lord; gentleman; It addreu, at; 
before a proper name, Mr. : — ter 
«(rr, the Lorl [related with ttU-l 
inrli4. a4i- lordly ; grand, apleDdid. 
■tBtelj, magnifioent, ilurioaa [from 

tit,/ lordliueia, gtaodaor, 

ir, magnifioence, glorj . [from 

,. 408ill&] 

^rrf4aft,/ lordabip, maatery, domi- 
nion, eway, govertmioit ; maiter and 
miitreaa, empli^Bn (of aarvanta). 
[from 4m. 4ia7a.] 
[rrfAcn, b. A Mr. t. rale, reign, 
twar, govern, be lord or maiter. 
[from«ar. 40S.IL3.] 
trrtAcT, m. tit, •*. lOTeieigu, raoo- 
aroh, mler, lord, [from (dif^ia. 
tnrftWl^,/- thiret of mliogor go- 
rerning, inardinale luat of power. 
^rrf AariilblSr •M/. madl; unbitioni, 
'" ' with inordinate and exoeaaive 



Inrttim, *, K. IiUt. %. (more cv *tlr 
hitber: le.) prooesd. anpnklc (vilA 
»ii, from), [brondrtim.} 

^ttmtKaOrK, V. a. Intr. |, rock thii 

^(Tftawwm. B. .V. intr, t. (oUA >dm 
from] orLgiamte. pro<xed, have giia\ 
•on™, {^.t ud Rgnotii.] 

kufcOciii 1". AT (r. (pl»o« here ; Ant«, 
laatoie (« mwwSIk^ luK), re«M«>>- 
MA : bring bwk to heUth. [^i wd 


hitber, to thii nii, from beyaiid 
jondet. [|(iudl»n. Se6.S<).] 
Wnu>f luti'. <>>•'( ■Q>'AJe^r«;tt. lonnd 
tbont, >roniid. atraol [tn and ib, 
'about.' S9a2(i.l 

WnintakKn, b. (M.U.9J. ItUr. [ drire 
arotuid, go about, flj anmid, pUj 
■maitlj. nrnm and la^aa, *<l>ra, 

ItniHfabTn, V. y. tr. gnida abont, 
move aroand. [|m« and fatna, 

^nmrtagAi, e. If. tr. roll aroand. 

[hTim and fu|(lD.] 

■», t. U(iLi). intr, I. run 

ir abont, [tniia and liifiii.] 
pnvniUM, V. 0(L4]. <i>(r. f. lie 

arouDiL [fnan aod Ihgtn.] 
^rmiMifni, >■ If. intr. f. Jonmey 

about, travel aroand. [Viub and 

binunTdllaarn, V. 0(ILS). r<jt goflght- 

ing or ■trugoling aboiit [^nom and 

fAlggtn, 'stnks.'] 
btniarfprtnam, «. 0(LI}. intr. |. 

■pplns about, tnm with a Jomp. 

(t<run and fprlngra.] 
bimntantcn, v. N. intr. i. d«*e« 

abont [ttniD and laii)iii.[ 
tMmmawrtni, v. 0(LS). tr. throw 

aroand ; toro with a ndden move- 

ment, Daat into another dirootion. 

nciun and BdffB, 'throw,'] 
tiruBilfbni, f. 0(1113). Ir. drag 

around, diaw about — <nlr. |. go or 

move about [»nun and itt^n.] 
Itrunnr, adv. and itp'bU prrfii. down 

hitber, down¥f»ril (toward the apeak- 

CT or the poittt oontamplated). from 

. !ftirreff.,itn. Intr. 
bsivdowD. [^nsurand tetBMn.] 
wrrmtirlaatm, b. OilLS). Infr. ). AU 

down. [MmiltraDdt'ilKii.] 
timwrtufOi, B. 0(113). intr. ». 

hBBg down. [tcianUiand Moim,] 
btnuuriiia^m, b. A' inlr. bBBg 

down. [kfmnUrand ME«ta.] 
bcnuirrrbefaii, b. .V. tr. fetch dawn, 

take down. [^uaUiand (iiltr.] 
t«nwMrf4iUMK, e. X. intr. (. look 

down, gaie downward, [tmnlti and 

bmwMrilriani, >. 0(0X3). inlr. t- 

. . . iHrflvlat, B. 0(IL4). (r. thnut 

dom. [htniiin and fittta.] 
btraaHrlnriM, b. JVi inlr. \, eoma 

tumbling down, fall hcadloDK [««. 

btnuiltrtrlnim. It. 0<IU fr. Orlak 

down, [^tnntti and Main.] 
bmer. ode. and Kp'bh prfjtx. fbrth 

or forward hilJiar, forward, forth, 

out [^laudcn, 'ftirc.-3Se.2a.] 
mMr»n«n,B. 0(18). intr |.bre«k 

forth, iuua with niddetiDeai or lio- 

Isnoe. [tircDtand tR4(D.] 
bfr*«rtrbia«i, ». A^trri^., 260). (r. 

' Ibc fortii, pioduoe, gifl Oligio 

birth to, ftmoi and trtngtn.] 

»«nwr>.bot, ». 0(W7). inlr 1. go, 

forth, proceed, ariie. foilaw aa eou- 

jeqncnoa Hcnci and ftlttn.} 
b(rMrMitB,B. O(ULS). tr. lift forth. 

' ing into promiuenoe. randor eou- 
eaU ipecial attention to. 



btroariiafAtn, v. 
or aoftly forth. [»(»« and tiil4'ii.] 
TwrfcwBni.B. Ol^T). intr. y coma 
forth, appear, [^mot and (ooiiikii.] 
rentntbntn. B. (KLS).tr. takeforUt, 
bring out, more oaL Umn and nt(' 

Wtvvrragcn, d. .y. inlr. |. Jnt fortb, 

■ - ■ project, be prominent. 
:at'a, 'Jut'l 
, , e. 0(1)). r<;l Btniggle 
forth, bght one's way ont [^rnn 

*«rtwmifai,"B. 0(IL3). Ir. oaU forth, 

" and ro((o.] 

intr. i. look forth, 
and iA«iit«,] 


, ,— J. pro. part. <a adj. 

(SSSa), promiuiiBt 

thing balov). n<n«r uid lttl(tii, 

k«T«arMwta<f ■' ^ Mr. f. emargs (u 

bom under water], come forCh bom 

a hiding-plvw, ■ppeu saddenlf. 

[Imtn Mid laiutntf 'duck, diva.'] 
^nantHn, *. (XiMT). rifi. pat one'i 

■aU fOTward, some iato riew ; ligoal- 

ii« or diitiDguuh ons'i mU. [^nn 

and t^in, * do.'] 
^rwinnwn, v. 0{IL1}. iiOr. S. itep 

li>rth, oame oat, appoai. UtiHT 

and tRttDi ' trcKd.* j 
4niMn«ad|f«, v. 0(118). fnlr. (. gcow 

foith, grow up. [tnHT and Do^n, 

' wms.'] 
VTB«t)l(bni><'' 0(nl8). tr. drag forth, 

draw ODt [ttnur and ilt^n.] 
tCTBart*, adv. hithemrda, in thia 

dinoUon, toward oim [(ti and 

•niitt. 3M.3.] 
4krtt n. '|ti<, •!(*. ke*rt| breait; 

oooragB, apint:— duf* 4(ri faOoi, 

come OTBi one (m aomsthing de- 

preMing) ; 4U «tr|ni tf%t», go or ont 

to tin hurt, diitraaa [B. heBrt.] 
%ttvm, V. X tr. mm to the baart, 

bng, embraoe. [from 4«). 406.L10 
ftrKBtlranrlghlt,/ >ttii. lorraw of 

kemit.heBrtj'gTiel [«<q (13£.a&) 

and X»iitl«l(U.] 
^rtlgi a4f- beartr, toDohiiig the 

heart, winning, attiaotiTa, onann- 

ttnly oordiaL [$tt| and Innli, 'i 

^trilbft, aif). haartr, cordui^ af- 
feotionata, loring. [from $«). 41&. 

ttr|Iv*> <xV' beitrtleaa, dettitate of 
heart, withoat feeling, if/tti and 
iDt. 415.15a.] 

«tn<>a> »»■ '»•. ■»( (or <»8<). dok*. 
[4tR ' annj ' and (U^n, marob ; ' 
Ut'ly * army-leader ' like dnkt (I^ttn 
dux), from duco, 'lead.'] 

1ftTim,adv, and irp'bU prefix, bithrr, 
lure to (the ipeaker or the point 
ODDtemplaled), to thia place, Imm 
awar [hi and )B, 'to.' 2m.2a.'i 

»CT|u[Alrl*(n, B. t'(ULl). Infr. [. 


'ling ap tooni 


orite, feign, dl»eDlbl<^ put 01 

4(u4l(T, la. -li, It. bypnerite. dii- 

Mmblar. [from ^u^tln. 4(e.m.4.] 

b««bl(riMf oil/, bypoflcitioi^ dia- 

tasil, 'oDthudky.* 366.] 
mmS, an;, of to-day, ' ' '" ' 
the preunt tdmej moi 
^iH. llS-Od.;) 

[rotated with & fa _ . 

9(rtnn(iiltTi m. <il, <i. wiiaid, u.. 
cerer, ooDJoror. [$e;< (422.SiJ) and 
BRdlki, 'muter.'] 

tit. adv. bora, lame a» Vtt, but now 
hardly uted ni Indeperulcnl sord 
except In bk unt ta, bete and there : 
in rompoiUlon wifA prcpotifiona, 
KKrAonaciaUa »KA tUr, ezcepf be/ore 
a voHel, wA«r« |lti oton* i> uual. 
[related with ^n, in, eto. 3«T.3«.] 

bItbtL wme oa tlnhl. 

biihiK^ aonu oi flnhmt- 

bliKr. •«>»« at (liTfH. 

bftbtr. oonui SI (Ifibtt. 

bkMll. lOBU ai tiamit. 

tknlOm, ode. Imueh mart utual than 
bliniliMii). bere below, on tba earth, 
in thia life. [«l( and nllbf D, ' nealb.*] 

^ftr, ode. taere, in tbia plaoe: In 
rwabinatton leitA aprepotUian, re- 
pratnting a catf of the demorulra- 
Uat pronoun titt, mianing this, 
governed by tfial prepotUion (In lAit 
ojP«, exehangiable vUh 6ii, exeepl 
btfore a voael) : e.g. ftliiM, ttiitun^ 
iim.i):ieelht different coMpou "" 
(leUted with tin, f- etc S6T.3> 

btcrouf, adtr. lureon, her 


a (=: nnf iit^tm ftc, 
in l/ii variola tetua of auF). lUn 
anduf. 366.3b.] 

^ltlhtl{orbitbti),adi}. harebj-, here- 
with, hf or near thia orthe««[= M 
tieftm etc.. In (Ae varioui leiueiuf 
M). [btri and M. 385.36.] 

bttr6ut4 (or bitkHrdt), adr. hiw»- 
thronch, throafh or ba^V^^- 
of Uua or Uuae (= tar^ IT^ 


In the rariovt maa of ivi^). [tin 

udbMnt. 30.V36.] 

titrfir (or tkKrJ, adv. hcntbr, fen 

or initevl of Chia artbtta (= (llitlt- 

" mriow wn*« 0/ Ht). 


d (fit. S 


bkrttr (or bklKt), aft. hither, t< 
h>r*, thai br. [»tn Mid )n, 305.3.] 

tkrin, xrff. herein. In thii or thCM 
(^tnMitiBiftr., fntAfmrioMteiuet 
o/i»). [itnuidU. S65.3t.] 

tknalt (or bltnft], adt. herewith, 
with or klDcg with thii or theie (^ 
Btt HffrD f'f\, In 'Afl vnrtoua aeiua 
of nU). [ftin and nU. StH.St.] 

Htmlttvn. unx at ilnlttm. 

tJcnbtr, o^. herMTBT, oTer or 
reipeotiiig thii or tbeee (= ttn Mt, 
ftm etc., inthtvarioiuiemetofttri), 
1(1(1 uid flbci. 36&.3b.J 

blcntRMt, adit. heniBBder, ■■dei 

[tin ud iDlR. WS.3&,] 
M(T»n (or blcvpn). adu. harmf, of 

or fioDi thu or these (c «« tit((m 

etc, In (A< irartDui a«iua of tcB). 

[MitKDdien. 365.36.] 
bitriu (or W'iBit adv. hereto, to or 

in addition la thii or theK (= |a 

lu) : — ltii\u lonmni, come u adiU- 
tioD, be added, [tirr and ju.]