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9f^(. I Yixn Eomoir On Tbouusd Corns. 1909 




Thib Gilbertese-English Dictionary has been prepared for the 
special purpose of aidbg any English-speaking persona who may 
have the desire and opportunity to labor for the spiritual and social 
uplift of the Gilbertese people. 

Tliis people number about 30,000, and dwell in a group of islanda 
now under the protectorate of the British Government. They have 
been nominally Christianized, but they still need much help. Their 
group lies in the mid Pacific on the Equator in longitude about 175 E. 
It consists of eighteen islands, all coial The people speak one 
language, but local or provincial words are in use at the north and 
south and extreme west. It was the privilege of the compiler of this 
dictionary to be among the first who went to carry the Gospel of 
Chríst to that race of savages in 1857. A3 he resided, while in the 
group, in its northem centrat portion, it ïs natural that many pro- 
vincial words may not be found in the dictionary. No claim is made 
that it Í3 exhaustive, but it is hoped that it is sufficiently full to be of 
service in the line for which it haa been compiled. Incidentally, it is 
hoped that it may prove'of some service to such Gilbertese as desire 
to acquire a knowledge of English ; to such foreigners as may come 
among them for wholesome commerce; and to students of com- 
parative philology especially interested in the languages' of the 

This Dictionary contains over 12,000 words including deriva- 
tives and 500 Gilbertized foreign words which occur in Gilbertese 
boolo printed since 1857, principally in the Bible, the Gl•eography, and 
the Ànthmetic. The definitions of many of the less common words 
are such as the writer has understood his assïstant, Mi. Moses Kaure, 
to give. 

Mr. Kaure assisted him for four years in the translation of the 
Old Testament inlo Gilbertese in 1886-1890. A sketch of this native 
is given in the July number of the Missionaiy Herald for 1890, by 
the writer. He wishes to acknowledge his great obligation to his 
sister, Mrs. l^tus Coan, for her aíd in preparing clear copy for the 
HoNOLULo, June 8, 1908. HIRAM BINGHAM 





TeíE order of fhe words is conformed to the arrangement of the 
Gilbertese alphabet of thirteen letters fixed upon hy the writer and 
hÍ3 wife in the second Gilbertese Piimer, published in 1S65, via., 
firat, the five vowels o, e, i, o, u; then, the liquids t/í, n, íl; and last, 
the five mutes b, k, r, t, w. 

No other letters are used in the writing of Gilbertized foreign 
words, except that an inverted apostrophe is used to indicate the 
aspirate in foreign words beginning with h, and an apostrophe 
after certain sylbbles beginning wiüi m, b, or í, to be spoken oE 


Transitive verbs, as a rule, appear in this dictionary in the fonn 
in which they are used when the noun, in the objective case following, 
is in the singular number. They end in a. 

The forms of transitive verbs followed by a plural noun in the 
objective case and -the passive fonns are rare^ inserted in this 
dictionary. The former usually change the final a of the singular 
into i. The passive fortns are made by addíng the syllable ki to 
the a. 

For the convenience of the student many Frequentative and 
Causative forms of verbs and verbal adjectives have been inserted in 
their alphabetical places. Many of the Frequentatives are made by 
repeating the fírst syllable of the simple form. The Causatíves are 
made by prefixing tíie syllable ka to the word. 

In cases m which the student is only refeired to the simple form 
the meaning can generally be easily gathered by remembering that 
the so-called frequentative, as a rule, indicates either freqüent, or 
repeated, or constant, or intensive action of the word to wMch he is 
merred, accordïng to the context. 

As a rule, the prefixed causative syllable ka is equivalent to 
maie or eauae to. 




Words aie pronounced as they ate spelled. The great majoríty 
of Gilbertese syllables end in a vowel. Maay syllables end in m or n ; 
some in fi. No syllables end in b or k or r or t or w. 

A as in father. bb in no. 

A oB in faat, branch, grasp, grasi. aa in no, bnt prolonged. 

A aa in fatiier, but prolonged. "Ü as in tube, tune. 

E aa in they. M is pronounced »a m in Engliah. 

È as in met. N U pronounced as n is in Englislu 

I &B In machine, ft is pronounced as ng in sing. 

It is exceedingly difficult for the untrained car of a Gilbertese to 
distinguish between b and p; or between k and g hard ; or between 
r soft, d and 1; or for a foreigner to state éertainly which letter in 
a given case best represents the souiíd as spoken hy a Gilbertese. 

B perhaps might be said to represent a sound intermediate 
between 6 and p, but morè closely resembling 6. 

K has the English sound of k, though to an untrained foreign ear 
it often seems to sound like g hard. 

R is always soft or smooth, never rolled. It probably has no 
exact representative sound in English. To a foreign ear it morè 
closely resembles the smooth r when it is followed by o or o. When 
foUowed by i it morè closely resembles d. 

T seems to represent two sounds. When it is followed by o or e 
or o it has the common sound of t in English, as in tan, ten, ioe. 
When it is followed by i or it it resembles that of t in nature, viríue, 
righteova, Christian. Its correct utterance is difficult for a foreigner. 

W represents a sound difficult to describe. It closely resembles the 
sound of w in English. In the latter case the lips are a little pro- 
tnided, and the sound seemingly prolonged a little, while in Gilber- 
tese the lips are slïghtly drawn back, and the enuncíation is quick. 

NoT£ 1. AnapostrophefoUowingmor&or A; is used toindicate 
a seeming thickening of the sound of the consonant, making it re- 
semble the natural sound followed by an obscure w. The apostrophe 
and w are used interchangeably by writers of Gilbertese. A word 
with this peculiar sound not found in this dictionary in one spelling 



may be found in the other spelling. The Ronun Catholics prefer to 
represent this souDd by u. 

NoTE 2. The sound of a vowel ending a word, especially that of 
i in the passive voice, often seems to a foreigner to be somewhat 
obscured. The writer was wont in the early daya to speak of it as a 
wliispered vowel, but as the ear became morè and morè accustomed 
to the sound it was morè distinctly heard. The Gílbertese in singing 
always distinctly enunciate it. No attempt has been niade to indicate 
such wUspered fínal vowel in this dictionaiy. 

NoTE 3. Euphonics aboimd in the spoken language. Some 
writers take little notice of them. All words ending in m or n, when 
followed directly by words beginning with m or íl or 6 or k, with no 
conuua between, add a euphonic i when spoken. This is not mdicated 
in the dictionary. The words n and ni, identical in meaning, will 
both be found in the dictíonary. 

NoTE 4. It is a question whether puré diphthongs are uttered 
by the Gilbertese. The leamer will be aafe m pronouncing each 
vowel aeparately, if quiekly. 

NoTB 5. In very many words the accent is not very marked. 
As a rule, the fínal syllable is not accented. There are exceptions, 
numbers of which are marked in the dictionary. Many long words 
have two accents about equal in force, especially compound words. 
The writer makes sparing use of the hyphen, as multitudes of the 
words are compound, ana it seems desirable to simplify the art of 
writing for that people. 



^ adjectiTe. 

V a 

= Terbal adjective. 


= adverb. 


= verb intransitÍTe. 



= verb transitive. 

= conjunctJon. 


= English. 


= f requen tative.- 


= Greek. 


= interjeetlon. 


= Huwaiiitn, 


= noun. 


= Hebrew. 


= prepositioa. 



A, pro». Mm; Iter; it; a, sufBz pro- Aea'ea, v. t.totow; to drog. 

nouD following an active transitive Aea'ea, n. a towiag. 

verb, uBuiillj united to the root hy Asa'ena, v. t. froq. of aena, to crawl 

i; the^, when in the nominative caae. to. 

In tbiB case it is alwajs followed bj Aea'eka, v. t. freq. of a«ka. 

the predicate. Aea'erake, v. i. íreq. of aerake. 

A, adv. aua. a sign of the perfect tense, A'el, pro», thiH. 

or of action just completed: oft«a A'el, ad. here. 

used to express a future immediate A'ena, v. t. to crawl to. 

action: an aSrmative particle much A'ebai, v. i. to laj or place the hand 

Uke am, are, íb, etc. upon a pereon; tai aebai i aon raom. 

A, n. tbe under sids: the core base of A'eb'al, v. i. to dresB up. 

the pandanuB bunch: a atick used A'eka, v. (. to take as food from the 

in net-weaving for meaauring the flre: to taka a paaaenger ashore in 

meehes: e. marine animal with a caaoe. 

thonia; dandrufT. A'eka, ». sort; kind; variet;. 

A, c. t. to gape. A'ftra, v. i. what . . . doingl 

A, a. four, alwaja followed bj a nu- A'erake, u. t. to a;o aahore. 

, meral huIIíx, ai, uo, ufl, mon, na, kai, A'ero, ». the comb of a fowl. 

fcoroy or by a certain noun aa ftoíl, A'erona, o. t. to prepara for a flre in 

rtri^, ritoro, inaki, atao, ba; or hj an oven. 

certain adjectives as íiici, bubua, ete. A'eto, v. i. to rise np straight, as 
A'ai, o. four, in counting hardware, amcdce. 

fumlture, chesta, barrels, timber, A'eto, n. a very atrai^t aapling. 

flngers, teeth, cocoanut-leaí stema. A'l, n. a flint lock muaket: flre. 

large flsh, aa aharks and ikarí. A'l, c. i. to come to a head ae a boil: 
A'a, pron. who; which. to rise as the moon. 

A'«, n. a general term for driftwood, A/i, a numeral auflix. See a and aai, 

etc. A'l, a. four (aeeaai)- 

A'e, V. (. to erawl. A'l, «. t. to awing aa an axe. 

A'e, interj. (apologètic) used at the A'l, n. a large land crab: a large axe. 

end of a reaponse. A'l, adv. a particle of affimiation. 

A'e, adm. here, used tbus, " here, take A'l, v. i. to tow. 

it." A'ia, ». firewood: an. enemy; an 
A'ea, a. four mlllion. antagonist. 

A'ea, V. t. to alit. A'ía, pron. their. 

Aea', interj. interj'ection of aatiafae- A'ia, v. t, to pile or lay aa a atone 

tion, applause, or triíunph. weÍII. 

A'eae, v. i. to crawl : to engage in A'ia, v. t. to swlng round and round. 

siitting. A'ial, n. the timbera or ribs of a 
A'eae, ». a collection or float of nuts craft. 

on stickg for transportation by A'ial, v. i. to haul in os a line. 

wàter. Ala'la, v. t. freq. of aia. 



AUlte, r. f . 

as a line. 

AlaU, n. Sontlt. A'iTO, a. being erening twiliriít. 

A^el, adv. here. ilro, v. t. to engage ia haulíng in ul 
A1ew«, o. o. eichangea bf mlstAke, anchor. 

as two umbrellaa. A'iroro, n. the fruit oí » Tarietj of 
'Ali'tiA, n. (Eng.) ft hfcna. pandanua. 

A'io, adv. liere. A4rua, v. a. exebanged by miatalce. 

Ald'ta, n. earlT moming twilight A'ita, v. t. to draw or haul in. 

A'la&a,o. deUríous. A'tti, n. (Eug.) ioe. 

A'in&a, n. delirium. Aiwa, c. i. to moTe about reBtlesalf. 

Alm'a'kA, n. a flre for baldng or A'iwR, ». the xaoving about resUessIf. 

boiling, well kindled ami buming Al'va'ea, c I. to prepara and «rect 

brighUjr. tho fraine of a houw. 

A'ine, n. a female ; a woman. Alwao, v. t. to be in a dying oondi- 
A'inenn'ina, n. a married womaa. tion; d^ing; ezpiring. 

A'inikai, ». tbe iquealdng of the A'iwao, n. a ■Impleton; a dtmte; a 

branches of a tree in a wind, caUMd fool. 

hf too cloee prosimit; to ono an- Alvare, ». (Eng.) ivor^. 

other. See anikai. A'o, eonj. and. 

A'inlka, n. tbe ocean aide of a coral A'o, n. a fish line: a pole for pnib* 

islaiid. íng a canoe. 

A'intoa, a. powerful; of * great nma- A'o, n. tbe upper aide; the above. 

eular al^^ngth. A'o, adv. wbjT wbereforeT 

AlHa, V. i. to give heed or attention. A'oa, v. t. to t«Bt food as to the de- 

A'ififia, V. t. to «hine brightlf upon * --■-•-- 

io as to wilt. A'oa, n. 
A'ibaba, o. i. to engage in bauling in aua). 

ai a main-sheet. Aoa'lna, ». ttte tmder half of a fisli, 
A'ibabil, V. t. to haul in as a main-shest. especially that portion toward tbe 
A'ibaba, a. foolish; idiotto. tail. 

A'ibaba, n. a foolish peraon; a fool. Aoalne, a. gentle; mild. 

'Alban, n. (Eng.) a. hTpben. A'oao, o. i. to engage in propelling a 
AlMko, V. a. eieited and moving canoe with a pole. 

aboQt; ehoppy from tide rip. Aoa'oa, o. t. to propel aa a canoe wÍUi 
Albiko, n. the movement of a restleM a pole. 

crowd; a tid« rip. Aoa'oka, o. t. freq. of aoka. 

Albl'kobl'ko, V. a. treq. of aibiko. Aoa'oraÚ, a. freq. of aorald. 

Albi'kobl'ko, n. freq. of aibiko. Aoa'oría, v. t, (req. of aoria. 

Albnaka, c. i. to run unfavorably aa A'oakina, d. (. to propel u a canoe 

a current. with a pole. 

Albuaka, ». an unfavorable cnrtent. Aoa'ra (see bitara). In nse at No- 
Alka, pron. whoi which. nouti. 

A'ikal, pron. theee. Aoat&ts, n. tbe beach above tlie hl^ 
Alkal, n. a fleh, the wàter line. 

A'ikal, c. i. to engage in towing logs. A'oi, n. dew. 

Alk&n', adv. near, A'ol, a. baTing dew; dewy. 

A'ira, n. ocean current. A'ooa, a. fooTisb; «bject; meají in 
Aïra, V. a. iimnlng as a current. condition. 

Alraol, n. a favorable current. A'oua, n. a slave or serf by descent; 
A'iraol, «. i. to nm favorably as a a weak minded person; a low 

om- A'outl, D. a. rerealing secrets; un- 
trustwort^hy, with newa or secrets. 

I. a corrent to the weetward. Aom'fi'ne, n. the upper half of a flsh. 

A'irio, V. i. U> run towacd the nest as A'omakuna, «. a. maintalniog es-, 
a current. crets (the oppoHite of aouti). 

ATtIo, 1 



A'omakiui&, n. the mainUining of Aob&ld, a. poor, used deiEaiTslj. 

secreta. ' A'obu&lia, a. rough ae land. 

A'om&konft, v. t. to cmceal one'a A'obiiaka, n. uneven land. 

own ain or that of a companion. A'oburama'lu, v. a. perBÍstentlf rt- 

A'omata, n. a peraon, eapeciallj a taining for one'a own a borrowed 

GilbetteH. article. 

A'oinata, v. a. spoken of an tfg in A'obuToiaa'liu, v. t. to refuse a per- 

wbich tbe fetus has begim to de- son the retumiíig of a borrowed 

Telop. article. 

A'oa, prep. on; o¥er (see oo). A'olta, v. -i. to deny or refuse a re- 

A'ona, V. t. to omit or pass óver In- quest (used only with tai aoka). 

t«ntionallf sometbing in narration. A'oka, n. wàter which is poured on 
A'ona, n. an excuse. ecraped cocoanut as a aolvent. 

A'ont^ia, V. t. to cany on the ihoul- A'oka, v. t. to mix grated cocoanut 

der. with watfir. 

A'oimfiji, n. tbe upper part of the A'okafia'ra, a. funny; droll; jocular. 

Bhouider. A'okafia're, n. a joker; a jestér. 

Aonàtia, n. the Earth; all lands. Aoka'bu, ». tbe light of a flre ro- 

Aon.e'lnel, n. wet land; land having flected by amoke geen at a distance. 

wàter beneath near the aurfaee. A'okatl, n. (Eng.) August. 

Aone'lnel, a. wet, as land. 'A'okl, n. (Eng.) a hawk. 

A'onlbai, o. i. to asaist in a flght. A'oraol, a. not ridgy or rough; henct 
A'onibala, v, t. to carry on the arm. easy as a joke : level. 

A'oníkal, a. vicious; rascally; Til- A'oraol, n. a level plac 

lainous. A'orantí, n. (Eng.) a 

A'onlkat n. injuatice; TÍlIainy; ex- A'orab'a, a. skilled c 

tortion. doing. 

A'onUula, v. t. to oppress. A'orakl, a. sick. 

A'onika'ia, n. the oppFeasing of. A'orski, n. BickncBB; disease: a sick 

(Hosea 12; 7.) person. 

A'ono, n. a certaln appearance or A'orakl'iui, v. t. to experienoe, aa a 

likeneBS. sicfcnesB ; to euffer with ; to be 

A'onteora, n. the flats. sick with. 

A'ontebo'ra, n. a Teiy wide shelf or A'orla, c. f. to be nnemplojwd; to re- 

loft encircling the interior of a house. main in statu quo. 
Aonti, n. (Eng.) an ounce. A'ott, n. (Eng.) a horae. 

A'ontia, n. land adjoining. A'otlbnre, n. (Eng.) an osprey. 

A'ontla, V. a. adjoining. as land. A'otlretl, n. (Eng.) an ostrich. 

A'ofl, n. scraped cocoanut mixed with Au, n. pandanus-leaf used in calking 

other food : a flsh, the a eanoe. 

A'otl, v. a. seasoned with 8cr(q»ed An, o. a. eoming in sboalaj plenteoua 

cocoanut. as flsh. 

A'ofla, V. adv. in order that. Au, pron. mj. 

A'ofUa, V. t. to mix scraped cocoanut A'n, c. i. to be bIow. 

with other food for a reliah. A'na, n. (Eng.) hour. 

A'obai, n. the weather aide, or that A'ua, a. four; the general word for 

eide of a canoe which ia nearest to four, ua being sufflx (see o). 

the out-rigger. A'ua, v. t. to calk a boat or canoe. 

Aoba'ia, V. t. to dísarm a person A'ua, n. a fish, the 

carrying a knife. ASiaa, v. i. to engage in drawlng 

Aoba^flbane, n. a person not skilled forth. 

in acquiring or doing. A'uau, ». flahing by drawing out flsh 

AotHi'iiebane, a, not akilled ín ao- from holea in the rocks. 

quiring or doing. Aua'atk, v. t. freq. of autA, to es- 

AobSIti, n. a derlaiT» term for a traet at the kem« from a cocoanut 

poor person; a person who owns ehell bottle. 

bnt little land. A'uan, n. name of a flsh. 



A'nin'ft, n. & parent. Amotn, v. i. to engage in canying 

Annut'laki, n. auminer. on an amo a heavy load. 

AnmA'laki, a. being lummer «eMcm. Amotu'a, v. t. to carry on au amo 

Anmo'aíl, n. winter. a heavy load. 

Amne'afi, a. being wint«r seaaon. Am'bo, n. a leaf red throuRh age. 

A'nnako, c. i. to make much leeway. Am'bo, o. red as a leal tbrongU 

A'nfi, a. four, in counting pandaniu age. 

fruit Am'wi, n. a full bunch or cluster. 

A'uba, «. 1. to be afraid. Am'wl, v. a. abounding in fniit as a 

Atibe'abea, v. a. very elow in walk- full cluater. 

ing; ]at«. Au, v. aígn of th« imperotive (inten- 

Anbe'abea, ». alowness in walking. eire or polite ) . 

A'nbufla, n. a ver; large shell ObIi, Ana, pron. bis; ber; ita. 

the A'na, n. the part of an nnflniBhed 

Aura'mn, n. a. gathering íor feaHting. mat tbat has been braided. 

A'iir«, n. (Eng.) an owl. A'nft, n. a flgh, the 

A'uma, n. a fieh, the A'na, v. t. to take; to get 

A'uta, V. t. to draw out; to pluck A'nol, n. Bubtractien. 

ont } to eitract. Anaon/ro, n. a Ssli, tbs 

A'titi, ». (Eng.) ahouse. Ana'u, n. lengtb. 

A'nti, n. the Pleladea: the winter AiWii, a. of avifflcient length; long; 

season. long enougli. 

Am, pron. thy ; your, In the lingalar, A'uankft'el, a. Ten long. 

Am, n. a red leaf, red through age. A'nan, v. i. to bail out. 

Am, a. red as a leaf througb age. Ana'na, v. 1. freq. of ano, to take. 

'A'ma, n. ( Eng. ) a hammer. Ana'nao, a. long. 

'Ama'ea, v. t. to hammer. Ana'nau, n. length. 

'AniB'ea, n. hanunering. Anan•'a, v. t, to obey; to heed. 

A'man, a. four, in counting persona Ana'Sa, adv. probably (used as an 

and animall•l (see a). auiilliary Terb). 

A'makai, n. a cocoanut in its 6th Anafia'ea, t>. t. to desire so much aa 

stage of growth. to seek w&yi and meana for ob- 

A'makai, v. a. having reacbed the 6th taining. 

stage of development, aa a cocoa- Anab'al, n. the fruit of a varietj' of 

nut. pandanuB. 

A'm'arake, ». food. Anabanaba, n. the fruit of a Tariety 

A^'arake, o. t. to eat of pandanua. 

Am&ta, a. not sufflciently cooked} Anabanabanuotaaa, n. the fruit of 

rare. a variety of pandanui. 

AmK'ta, n. parfially cooked food. Anata'babM, n. a fish, the 

Amatà'roro, a, yery slightl}' cooked. A'n», pron. who; that; whieh; who- 

Ame^e, n. (Heb.) Amen. aoeïer. 

Ametu'teto, n. (Gr.) an amethyat. A'ne, odt). aign of the futare tense. 

A'mi, pron. your, in the plural. A'ne, ». a flah, tbe: live coral. 

A'mo, n. a atick for carrying a bur- A'nea, n. bait thrown out to allure 

den oa the shoulder: a yoke. flah. 

A'mo, V. i. to engage in cairying on a A'neA, v. 1. to throw out bait to allure 

Btick on the ahoulder, fiah. 

Amo'a, D. t. to cariy on a stiek on A'nea, v. 1. to engage in throwing out 

the shoulder. bait to entice fiah. 

A'moamo, v. i. freq. of amo. A'neane, v, i. to gather cocoanuta 

Amo'amoa, v. t. freq. of amoa. from a tree. 

Amo'ua, v. t. to cairy a burden on the A'neafi, n. a maat 

ahoulder on a etick. Anelbatl, n. tbe fruit of a Tariet; of 

Amo'mnm, n. (Eng.) amomum. pandanua. 

A'mon, n. (Eng.) an almond. An•irl'ka, n. the fruit of a Tariefy of 

A^orl, n. a flsE, tbe pandanus. 



An•ito'la, n. th« fruit of » Tviety of A'nlkomoM, n. tbe fruit of a rariet; 

Cdanus. of pandAuus. 

lA, ». B foreign land; a land A'nl&om'rl, n. tbe fruit of a variet; 

not one'a own. of poudaaua: a. shell fiab, the 

A'n«ne, n. a eong; a I171UI1. AnÜEt/fiae, n. th« fruit of a Tariety 

A'nen*, t>. í. to iing. of pandaDua. 

A'n•ne'a, v. t. to aing of j to sing aa Axüko'ra, n. the fruit of a variet; of 

a hfmn. pandanui. 

A'a«ka, V. í. to do weU. A'nUcoroCa'ro, n. the fruit of a va^ 

À.'tuikA, V. t. to climb a coeoanut tre» riety of paudanua. 

for ute purpow of procuring the A^ükorobua'íil, n. the fruit of a va- 

nuta, . riety of pandanua. 

A'n•ka, n. a sllver. A'nlkorobna'fiitemam, n. the fruit 

A'neke, v. a. plerced hjr a Bliver. of a Taríety of pandanua. 

A'nera, n. (Eng.) ao angeL Anlko'rokoro, ». the fruit of a tb- 

AtMta'uteb«, n. a certain kind of lietj of pandanua. 

coral. A'nikorotaba'kea, n. the fruit of a 

Aneta'bll, n. a certain kind oi coraL Tarie^ of pandanua. 

A'neto, n. (Eng.) aniae. A'nlwaontau', n. the fruit of a varietj 

A^ülan, n. (Eng.) an onion. of pandanua. 

A'nima, n. a batler: a fiah, the A'niwaeiito'fia, n. the fruit of a va- 

A'nlma, V. t, to bail out, aa a canoe. riet;' of pandanua. 

A'nimano'la, n. the fruit of a varietjr Ano, n, a ball. 

of pandanua. A'noa, t>. t. to beckon to. 

A'nlntatarl, n. the fruit of a variet; A'no^, n. a caltn streak; the wake of 

of pandanua. a cralt: a bow-knot. 

Anlmo'aiital, n. the fruit of a varie^ A^'noal, v. i. to make a track or nake, 

of pandanua. as a cratt. 

A'nlo, V. a. nunored. Anoa'la, v. t. to tie in a bow-knot. 

A'nitl, n. a varietj of labai, A'noano, n. a beckoning. 

A'nlbal, n. the armpit. A'noano, v. i. to beckon. 

A'niba'nako'l, n. the fruit of a vor A'noano'a, d. t. freq. oi anoa. 

riet^ of pandanua. A'ikol, n. a variety of shark, th« 

Anlb•'bete, n. the fruit of a variet; A'nua, n. 6ee lan, and aro. 

of pandanua. An'na, n. terra firma. 

Aniblrl, n. (Eng.) an anvil. An'nane'a, v. t. to heed; to belien 
Aaibo&'lbofi, n. the fruit of a variet; 

pandanua. An'ne, adv. right there. 

. , , . awaT. 

A'nlka'lerua, n. the fruit of a varletf An'naA, ». the atmoaphere just below 

01 pandan 
L'iiikal, n. 

See ainikai. An'ne, pron. that one, not far avar. 

of pandanua. the douda. 

A^üka^rlnano, n. the fruit of a Ta- Antai, pron. whol 

riety of pandanua. Anta'uon/ro, ». the fruit of a variety 

A'nilóib&'^ n. the fruit of a Taríety of pandanua. 

of pandanua. Anta'umau, n. the fruit of a variety 

A'nikabo'ka, n. the fruit oi a vanet; oi pandanua. 

of pandanua. An'taba'kla, n. the fruit of a varietj 

Anlka'rau, n. the darimeBa preced- of pandanua. 

ing the fall of raïn. Antabltla, n. the fruit of a varíety 

Anlk&rawaltl, n. the fruit of a va- of pandanua. 

riety oi pandanua. An'taliwe'arake, n. the fruit of a t»* 

A'^ilkata'nea, n. the fruit of a variety riety of pandanua. 

of pandanua. AntiúEa'rea, n. the fruit of a Tarïety 

A'nlkinta'wa, n. the fruit of a va- of pandanua. 

riety of pandanua. Aoteoia, pron. whoae (nouns taking 

A'nlldtoOto, n. the fruit of a varielr the auffií pronoun are ineerted be- 

oi pandanua, tween tutt« and na. 


Antebofl'liui, n. the írnlt of a t»- A'fiabftl, v. i. to ensage In puaing 

riety oi ptuidaniu. loads f rom hand to uand. 

An'tekl'rito, n. (Gr.) antíehrÍBt. Afiabala, v. t. to pasa a load from 

An'terobe, n. (Eng.) au antalope. hand to hand. 

Astsro'a, n. the fruit of a variety oí A'fiabe, a. iU bebaved. 

pandaaus. A'fiabiüü, v. i. i aiíabuki, to lie butt 

Antl, n. a god; a apirit; a ghost. to butt, aa iwo Ioga. 

Au'tl, V. a. skillful; dextroua: aound Afi&'ku, t>. *. i aüAku, to atand back 

or freeh aa aa egg. to badc, 

Antlna, v. t. to deify; to hold or A'&ara, ». an axe; a batchet. 

worahip sa a god. Aiiara, a. awkward, aa when uaing 

Antl^ianlka'rawa, n. tbe fruit of a the leít hand. 

Taríety of pandanus. Afifttat, n. the risht side. 

Antiiu/ia, n. a child wbo perslstentl; A&H'tal, a. rigbt handed. 

refuses to be separated from its A'fii, a. a great manf . 

mother; one pemiatent in hÍH work, AfUa'fUta, v, t. freq. of aOita. 

An'tlao'lk, a. peraietont. A'fUna'uo, a. cowardlj: baffling aa 

Antln'tl, a. abounding In apirita; the wiud. 

haunted. A'illbu'e, a. warm, 

Antlbn'akA, n. an eril apirit or god. A'íilta, v. t. to fortiff as the mlnd or 

Antlbu'nka, a. sidllfnl in flabing or will; to brace up. 

other worfc. A'iUtana'boabo, a. liable to calm 

Antirl'ma, n. the fruit oi a variet; atreaks, as a section in the lea of 

of pandanua. cocoanut tree». 

Anto, n. ink. A^ttanne'ne, a. eoming In puffa 

Antouman, n. a Tariety of babai. from Tarious quarters, aa the wind. 

Anto'robu'buB, ti, the fruit of a va- A'IUta'ban, a. cowardly, 

riety of pandanus. A'UtatalMUi, o, íreq, of afiltaban. 

Antnra'a, n. the fruit of a Tariety of A'flo, n, a tree, the 

pandanus. A'&oa, c. (. to cleanse the inner ear 

Afi, n. windi air: spirlt; courage; with a amall object. 

purpoae; e ho anu, my purpoae ia Aflkft'o, a. ytttj moderate aa a breeze. 

atirred up, A'ba, a. four, in counting leavea. 

Afí, o. wann: eight, in counting by A'ba, n. land: people generally; the 

twoa. world. 

A'Sa, ». the ehouider; the proper A'ba, n. (Eng.) Abba. 

dtrection for planing a board, or Aba'oti, n. a oertain abode of apirita. 

wiiting a line. A'ba-ma'koro, n. an ialand. 

A'fla, V. t. to gire ; to hand. A'bana, v. t. to hold or poeaeaa as 

A'ila, ti. (. to warra. land. 

AfU, o. four fathoma: four thou- Aba-T», v. i. to inherit aa land. 

Bttnd (see a). Aba'ba, a. having much land. 

Alla'ua, n. an ambideitroua person. Aba'bakl, a. great; large; tall; fa- 

Afla'ua, a. ambidextroua. moua, 

Afiaun, a. forty (aee ilaun). AVabakl, n. greatness; largeness: 

A'flami, a. Seé latima, and mimS. great height of a man. 

AfiarnH'lfl, o. left handed. A^Htka'ei, a. great; large; mueb 

Aflama'lfi, n. the left side. (used without the -pronoun prefix 

Afiam&'te, v. a. flying a little to ona in a statement in which abakaeï ia 

aide aa a kite. the predicat«). 

A'flanirnftte, a. liable to be killed, aa Abatd, n. aize, dimenaion. 

one belonging to a defeated tribe. Aba'rl, n. a alimf, soft marine ani- 

A'flafi, a. windy. mal, clinging to the rocks on the 

AfiaflA, V. 1. freq. of alia. fiat. 

A'fiab'ai, v. i. to make a contributlon. Abata'nifio, a. far away; distant in 

A'flab'al, n. a contributirai; a colleo- space. 

tion. Abe'B, n. a flah balt. 


covered basket: tíi« 

Alwln, n. 

A'iw-ta'ro, n. (Bng.) a, lialf-dollar; 

SO centa. 
'ATil, n. (Bng.) » harp. 
A'bitl, ». (Eug.) hora (Qecw. p. 

A'bo, n. a fiab-line attoched to a 

AImuIm, », sort; kind; stjle; char- 

A'boa'bo, a. haràig the character 

A'boa'bo'n&'omatB, a. oi a humana 

A'boB'bonTRn', a. ínhospitabls; not 

Aboabo^ka, v. t. freq. of aboka. 
Abo^a, V. t. to begin; to commence. 
AlMra, n. (Eng.) au apple. 
Alius, n, a etrong probability or like- 

Aljuabu, V. i. to engage inocooping 

Al•liuabu, n. a game. 
Abuabn'ta, v. t. freq. of abuta. 
Abu'bua, a. four hiindred. 
A'buta, V. t. to taks up a, handfol. 
A'bwl, o. fortj (eee anaunj. 
A'kal, a. four, in counting trees, fisb- 

hooka, and aectione of land (see a). 
Aka'nï, proti. plural of an« who; 

Akan'ne, pron. thoae near by. 
Akanta, n. (Eng.) the acantha. 
Akaluí, a. particular; preciae. 
Aka're, v. i. to have regard or inter- 

eat: to care. In uae at Banaba. 
A'kawa, v. i. to flili. 
A'kaira, n. flahing. 
A'ka, pron. plural of are, wbo, which 

youder. It ia foUowed bj a. 
A''ke, n. (Eng.) the ark. 
Ake, 11. t. to cleanse a.a a. skull. 
Ak»'a, V. t. to remore bonea fiom a 

fiah or íowl. 
Aka'a, interj. au exclamation of aur- 

priae or emotion. 
Ajte'a, n. notbing; not anytíiing; 

spa«e; voíd. 
A'kekei, pron. tlioae yonder. 
Akete, n. (Eng.) àgata. 
Akatla, n. (Bng.) acàcia. 
A'kl, adv. not. 
A'Uk&n'teaba, a. much; mai^; 

A'ko, V. i. ta beliave well (preoeded 

bT'oftt not). 
A'koa, c. f. to treat kindly. 
A'koa, n. kind treatment. 
A'koa'ko, v. i. to work neatlj and 

A'koi, ». graoe; favor; kind treat- 

Akol, ti. a. treating kindlj; Idndijr 
diapoeed ; hoapitable. 

A'kora, o. four baskete (see a). 

Aliota, n. (Heb.) nut 

A'ku, n. tbe back; the back portíon; 
the roof of a. houae. 

A'kurl, a. four hundred thouaand. 

Ara, pron. our. 

Ara, n. a name. 

A'raiobn^, n. the fruit of a varie^ 
of pandanuB. Thia dictionary con- 
taine about 170 worda which are 
deflned as abore. As only about SO 
Tarietiea are described bj botanigts 
it Í8 altogether probable Uiat certain 
varietiea may have díO'erent names 
in different parts of the Gilbert 

Aral'rua, n. the fruit of a Tariety of 

Arao'nlfiaa, n. the fruit of a variet; 
of pandanuB. 

Araoboto, n. a variety of shark, the 

A'rauakltofla, ». the fruit of a va- 
riety of pandanus. 

A'raua'rea, n. the fruit of a variety 
of pandanue. 

Araue'a, n. the fruit of a variety of 

A'rauma'uiaa, n. the fruit of a va- 
riety of paadanuB. 

Arau'makaí, ». the fruit of a variety 
of. pandanus. 

Aran^anea, ». the fruit of a variety 
of pandanus. 

A'raurabo'no, n. the fruit of a va- 
riety of pandanua. 

A'raurlama'ere, n. the fruit of a va- 

. the fruit of a variety 

of pandanua. 
Arau'ruaki, n. the fruit of a variety 

of pandanua. 
A'rauta'ono, n. the fruit of a variety 

of pandanua. 
A'rauto'fSau, n. the fruit of a variety 

of pandanua. 


(Bng.) axia. (a«<%. p. 12.) 


Anun&l, n. tíne fruit of n Tariety of Arftba'IUaro, n. tb» fruit of a. vuiely 

pandaniu. of pandanus. 

Aruna'laki, n. tha fruit of a Tariety Antba'oti, n. the fruit of a Tariety 

of pandanus. of pandsnus- 

A'ram'alo'lo, n. the fruit of a Tariety Araba'uiïtai, n. the fruit of a variety 

of pandanus. of pandanus. 

A'rama'ibinlbaii', n. the fruit oi » Arab'a'na, «, the fruit of a varielj of 

variet^ of pandanua. pandauua. 

Arama^mima'l, n. the fruit of a A'rabanlke'afL, n. the fruit of a va- 

varlety of pandanua. riety of pandanus. 

A^manlke^we, n. the fruit of a va- Arabft'kea, n. the fruit of a vtuiety 

riety of pandanus. of pandanus. 

A'ramanu'nu, n. the fruit of a va- AralMTa'kl, n. the fruit of a variety 

riety of pandanus. of pandanus. 

Arama'fiafi, n. the fruit of a variety Arabar&'rS, n. the fruit of a varietf 

of pandanua. of pandanus. 

Arama'kuaarB'ra, n. the fruit of a Araba'raaka, n. the fruit of a variety 

rariety of pandanua. of pandanus. 

Aramara'•ta, n. the fruit of a variety Arabata, n. (Eng.) alabaster. 

of pandanua. Arahi'no, n. the fruit of a vaiietj of 

Arama'rena, n. the fruit of a variely pandanus. 

of pandanus. A'rabikeru'ro, n. the fruit of a va- 

Arama'riata, n. tha fruit of a Tariety riety of pandanus. 

of pandanus. A'rabik•tl'bu, n. the fruit of a Ta- 

Arama'm, n. the fruit of a variety riety of pandanus. 

of pandauua. Arabltia, n. the fruit of a varietj of 

Aramatafi, n. the fruit of a varie^ pandanus. 

of pandanus. A^bolanabatiaba, ». the fruit of a 

Aramo'iMUQona, n. the fruit of a Ta- Tariety of pandanus. 

riety of pandfúiuB. Arabt/nm, n. the fruit of a Tariety 

Aramu'mun, n. the fruit of a Tariety of pandanua. 

of pandanua. Arabofiami, n. the fruit of a Tariety 

Arambo'la, n. the fruit of a Tariety of pandanua. 

of pandanua. Arabofiana, n. the tmit of a Tariety 

A'raiia,i>.t.toname; to giTe a name to. of pandanua. 

Arana'u, n. the fruit of a variety of A^abobanlma'klii, n. the fruit of a 

pandanua. Tariety of pandanua. 
Aranakarara, n. the fruit of a Ta- Arabota'rlkf, n. the fruit of a Ta- 
riety of pandanus. riety of pandanus. 
Arano'nDa, n. the fruit of a Tsriety A'^bnantln'tl, n. the fruit of a Ta- 

of pandanua. riety of pandanua. 

A'ranoraue'a, n. the fruit of a Ta- Axabu'atoro, n. the fruit of a Tariety 

riety of pandanus. of pandanua. 

Arantebwe, n. the fruit of a Tariety Axabu'atoa, n. tha fruit of a varlety 

of pandanus. of pandanus. 

Arafiia'onlo, n. the fruit of a Tariety Arabuliura, n. the fruit of a Tariety 

of pand^uB. of pandanus. 

ArafLa'ua, n. the fruit of a Tariety of A'rabuklra'baba, «. the fruit of a 

pandanua. Tariety of pandanus. 

Arafla'ba, n. the fruit of a Tariety of A'rabuklta'ba, n. the fruit of a Ta- 

pandanua. riety of pandanua. 

Arafia''relmo'a, n. the fruit of a Ta- A'rabure'ka, n. tlie fruit of a Tariety 

riety of pandanus. of pandanus. 

A'rabalka'rawa, n. the fruit of a Ta- A'rabatano'flonaiia, n. the fruit of 
■ ■ of pandanus. 

1. the fruit of a Tariety of 

riety of pandanus. pandanus. 



Axàktí'tvn, n. the fniit of a rftríety Antt&'ba, n. üte fruit of a. rarietj of 

of pandanua pandanus. 

Araka^uikato'fia, n. the fruit ot a Arata'watawa, n. the fruit of a va- 

vBrie^ of pandanUH. rietj of pan(úiiiua. 

Araka'okl, a. the fruit of a variet^ Aratea'itara, n. the fruit of a varietj 

of pandanuB. of pandaaus. 

A'rakane'we, », the fruit of a variety A'rattófl, n, the fruit of a varietj of 

of pandajíuB. — ' 

AralHui'kafi, n. the fruit of a v^ , . , ... 

of pandanus. riety ot pandanui. 

A'rakaïa'ia, n. the fruit of a rarietj Arate'utl, n. the fruit of a variely of 

of pandauua. pandanus. 

A'raïaka'rakl, n. the fruit of a va- A'ratema'l, n. the fruit of a rarietj , 

rietj of pandanus. of pandanus. 

A'rakatairkun, n. the fruit of a va- A'ratemam', n, the fruit of a variety 

rietj of pandanus. of pandanuB. 

A'rakate'na, n. tJie fruit ot a variet^ Aratem'a'na, n. the fruit of a Ta- 

of pandanuB. riety of panduiUB. 

A'rakat«'ke, n. the fruit of a varietj Airate^uLo, n. tbe fruit of a variety 

of pandanus. of pandanus. 

A'rakate^eteke, n. the fruit of a va- A'ratenna'wa, n. the fruit ot a va- 

riety of pandanua. riety of pandanus. 

A'ralÈato^nBJio, n. the fruit oi a A'ratefia'ofiao, n. the fruit ot a ra- 

variety of pandanus. riety of pandanua. 

Araka'wakawa, n. the fruit of a va- Arat^ea, n. the fruit of a variety of 

riety of pnndanue, pandanus. 

Arake'afi, n. the fruit of a Tariety of Arate^eau, n. the fruit of a rariet; 

pandanus. ot pandanua. 

A'rakleu'ra, n. the fruit of a variety A^atabaMi, n. the fruit of a variety 

of pandanus. of pandanus. 

A'rakinut'ílu, n. the fmít ot a variety A'rateka'uake, n. the fruit of a va- 

ot paitdanus. riety of pandanus. 

A^aknara'wete, n. tbe fruit ot a va- A'rateke'na, n. the fruit ot a variety 

riety of pandÚlUB. oi pandanus. 

A^aralnim'a'e, a. tbe fruit of a va- A'rateku'kunel, n. the fruit of a va>- 

riety of pandauuB. riety ot pandanua. 

A'taxík.% D. t. to go up; to aacend; Arat^ura, n. the fruit of a variety 

to climb up as on a mountaJn. of pandanus. 

A'rarake'a, v. t. to aacend, to climb A'rateru'b•, n. the fruit of a variety 

as a mountain. of pandanus. 

Arara'wauon, n. the fruit of a va- A'ratewaea'nlna, n. the fruit of a 

rie^ ot pandanua. variefy of pandanus. 

Arar»'!, n. the fruit ot a variety of Arati'na, n. the fruit of a variety ot 

pandanus. pandanus. 

Ararl'nikua, n. tha fruit oi a variety Aratite, n. tbe fruit of a variety ot 

of pandanua. pandanua. 

Arata'oroba, ». the fruit of a variety Aratona'ro, ». the fruit of a variety 

of pandanus. ot pandanua. 

Anita'uaiiro', n. the fruit of a variety AratoTIarua, ». the fruit ot a variety 

of pandanus. of pandanua. 

Aratama'roanlma'klii, n. tbe fruit Arato'ka, n. tbe fruit of a variety of 

ot a varietv of pandanus. pandanus. 
Aratabon'teba, n. the tnilt of a va- Arato'kotoko, n. the fruit ot a va- 
riety of pandanus. riety of pandanus. 
A'rataboka'rawa, n. tbe fruit of a Arat6'ta, n. the fruit of a variety of 

variety of pandanus. pandanus. 

ArataboMo, n. tbe fruit of a variefy A'rlltu'bu'biirB, n. the fruit of a va- 

of pandanus. riety of pandanus. 



Arava, n. a shark*! teeth aword, tbe A'rirl, v. j. to travalL 

teeth being laahed to the wooden A'rlri, n. travail. 

blade. A'riro, n. the core of a boti, 

A'rawa'entofia, n. the fruit oi a ta- AMto, v. a. baviug a core as a boll. 

riety of pandaaua. 'A*™, ft. (Eng.) a harrow. 

A'rawalbwe'bwe, n. the fruit of a Ta- A'ro, n. wají numneTi oustom; liko- 

riety of pandanus. nesi. 

A'iawlahl, n. the fruit of a variety A'roa, n. nfreihinetit; BUBt«naiiee. 

of pandaniu. Atoaro, n. cuatom; usual manner, or 
A're, pron. who; whioh; that (yon- way. 

der). Aro'aroka, v. i. to have or poHHeBa 
A/n, n. the iesson in whieh the pan- cocoanut trees growing on another 

danus ia approacbins ripeness. person's land. 

A'raa're, a. sufficient t» quautity, aa Aro'aroka, n. ttie cuatom of posaeaiíng 

food to l>e partaken of. cocoanut ttees on another's land, 

A're!, adv. yonder. A'roaro'ka, v, t. freq. oi arokai to 
A'rei, pron. that (yonder). amell. 

A'rele'ta, ». the upper aet of teeth. A'roa'rora, v. t. freq. of arora. 

Ai•io'bako, n. (Gr.) AreopagUB. A'n», ». (Bng.) aloes. 

A'r•lna'no, n. the lower set of A'ro»'!, a. fooli^; heedleM. 

teeth. A'ro•'i, n. heedleesneBB ; íoollahneBS; 
A'renafL See aneno. a heedleBB person. 

A^lw, ». (Gr.) Alpha. A'roma, «. a tree, the — also ita 
Areba'ka, ». (ÉdE') alpaca. bark, used for making Ssh liiiea, or 

A'rebu, a. forty tbousand. thread in a foreign rope. 

A'rekfun, n. an algum; an alinug. A'robai, n. a alare; a servant. 

A'reru, n. (Eeb.) a psalm. Aroba'lrl, v. i. to salute by touching 
Areru'la, n. (Heb.) Hallelujali. noses and smelling. 

A'retl, n. (Eng.) an arch. Arob'a^rl, n. tbe salutation of toucb- 
A'rl, n. a cocoanut Bpatlie ; ao eye- ing and smelling noaee. 

brow : gall ; the gall-bladder. A'r^aba, n. a weak-minded penon. 

AM, V. i. to put forth aa cocoanut A'robaba, o. weak-minded. 

buda. A'robeke, n. (Gr.) a fox. 

AMa, «. t. to perfunte. A'robol, v. i. to anuff up when per- 
A'ria'ri, v. i. freq. of ari to engage ín ceiving an odor. 

perfuming, A'robol, n. the pereeiving or percep* 
Axia'ria, v. t. freq. of ària. tion of an odor. 

Arla'rlra, v. t. freq. of arira. A'roka, v. t. to smelL 

A'rinal, n. a flah, the A'roka, n. a cultivated plant or tree; 
A'riíiaito'komea, n, a fiah, the a pet plant: a. tumor; a. wen. 

Arinan'ti, v. t. to tail to develop a A'ros&'l, n. a, joung pandanua tree 

fruitful ari, aa & cocoanut toce. wiOiout branchcB. 

Arlnan'ti, n. a cocoanut ari or bud Aroka^ia, v. t. to hold ïn poaBeBsion 

which failB to Bet or mature. or own a tree on another*» land (a 

A'rlnoko, a. slim or narrow aa a freqüent custom). 

cocoanut spathe, or an ejebrow. Aroka'lkui, t>. i. to Bhiink from be* 
A'rlnoko, n. a cocoanut tree having fore a blow. 

slim spathes. A'rora, e. (. to estend aa the hand ; to 
A'rlbuni, a. short as a cocoanut stretch out. 

spathe : without eyebrowB. A'rora, n. a ridge In the coral reef on 
A'rlbunl, n. a cocoanut tree having the ocean side. 

short spathes. A'rotan, a. weak-minded. 

A'rlketa, n. (Eng.) an alligtttor. A'rotan, ». a weak-minded person. 

(Geog. p. 13.) Ata', V. í. to know. 

A'rikl, n. a calm. Ata, n. a spani the akull: a atay or 
A'rikl, a. calm ; without wind. brace from títe outrigger to Üit 

A'rira, v. (. to haul taüt. mast head of a otnoe. 



Ata, V. t. to braid; to weaTO. A^lmaniift, a. full of sunken rocks 

Ata, a. broad ae & mat or doth. uot easilf seen eicept in calm. 

Ata'e, n. sir; madam, in addressing A'tlm'uie, n. a ledgs of coral rock in 

a, person. In use at Nonouti. See tlie lagoon smaller than a roA^it. 

nao and n«tito. A'tim'ane, a. full of small sunken 

Ata'ei, n. a ehild; children. ledgea in the lagoon. 

Ata'eina'iB«, ». a giri. Atlm'a'koro, n. an islet in the rveí. 

Ata'elnlm'a'na, n. a bor. A'tím&ta, a. obounding in small 

Ata'elulma'ta, the pupil of tbe eye. sunken rocks. 

A'tal, n. the right lúiad. A'tlm&'ta, n. a small coral st«ne. 

Ata'ib'ai, n. knowledgej iuform&- A'tlmotu, a. abounding in large 

tion; leaming. sunken rocks. 

Ata'ib'ai, a. erudita; of extensive in- Atimotu, n. a lar^ rock in a. lagoon. 

fonuation; knowing. A'Ünai, a. abounding in atinai. 

A'tao, n. a layer: a couree. Atinai, n. a flah, the 

A'tau, n. the atone used in the game Atine, n. a Ssh, the 

of kabane. A'tlne, a. abounding in atine. 

A'tau, v. t. to gei in readineas. A'tlnim'ata, n. the prominence of the 

Ata'mS, V. t. to cover a auríace with skull over the eyes. 

coarae gravel. Atlnlb'a, n. a cocoanut-shell bottle. 

Ata'ma, n. coaree gravel; amall A'tlnib'a, a. containing many cocoa- 

broken coral. nut-shell bottles aa a house. 

A'tEino, a. forty million. A'tlnlka'na, n. a flat atone uaed in a 

Ata'íia, n. an upper plank in a heathen rite for the purpoae of gÍT- 

canoe : mutual iriendallip ; a bae ing atrength and courage. 

aíanaia (metaph.). A'tinlka'na, a. abounding in atittt- 

A'ta.tal, n. acquaintance ; akill; fa- kana iUiueM. 

miUar knowledge. A'tinikato'ka, n. babai suckera. 

A'tatai, V. a. akilled; acquainted with. A'tlniwe're'were, n. a coral rock or 

Ata'taia'omata, a. kind; benerolent; ledge abounding in teere. 

just; conaiderate. A'tineuo, n. a stone uaed hj a aquid 

Ata'taia'omata, ». kindnesa; benevo- in closing bis hole. 

lence; juatice; consideratenesa. A'tinro, n. a atone ueed aa an anchor; 

Atftta'ib'ai, n. too much freedom in an ancbor. 

teeding gueats with the house- Atinta'otao, n. a method of flahing. 

holder'a food. A'tlnta'rawa, n. a method of flahing 

Atïta'lb'ai, a. too forward, or too in deep wàter with taboro. 

much at home, aa one feeding guesta Atibn'ba, n. a place abounding in 

in the absence of. the housenolder. stones. 

'A'te, n. (Eng.) a bart. A'tlbako'uB, n. a Tariety of cup- 

Atela'ine, n. a jovag woman; a large ahaped coral. 

giri. Atib'Jl'ra, n. a variet^ of aoft coral- 

Ateritl, n. (Eng.) an asterisk. atone. 

A'tl, n. (Eng.) an aes; a donke^. A'tibi, n. (Eng.) an aap; an adder, 

Atl, n. a BpecieB of fléb, the bonito: Ati'bu, n. the general word for atone: 

« cbeat; a trunk: aeed: a stone a Sah, the 

beated for baking. Atibu, a. abounding in stones: 

A'tla, V. t. to cover over a llre with abounding in the Ssb atibu. 

baking atonea. A'tibufl, n. a atone sinker used in Gah- 

A'tlati, a. having a number of cheats; ing. 

contoining aeeda as flome pandanua A'tlburu, n. a flsh, the 

fruit. A'tlburu, a. abounding in the flsh 

Ati'em, n. a soít coral-stone. atiburu. 

AtlmalnUcu, n. a variety of babai. Atlkl'ka, n. a kind of red stone on 

A'tima'una, n. a sunken rock or the ocean beach. 

ledge wbicb can be aeen wben it is A'Uki'ka, a. abounding in led stones 

oalm. colled atikika. 



Atlttfl, n. B lof^ conti rock beneïUi A'^bo^nbnfi, o. harlng long ludr. 

the luríaoe of the wator. A'taba'&abnll, n. b, peraon witlt long 
A'to, n. a. thatch oí cocoanut lMÍ: hair. 

the Iítci: a sperm whale. Atnro'ro, a. having black bair. 

Ato, a. having a, good aized liver as Atnro'ro, n. a peraon with bUck 

certain flah. baii : a flah, the 

Ato'a, V. t. to pour out thiougta a Aturo'ro, n, a variet; of tbe flah 

small aperture. bars. 

A'toato, V. i. U> engage Ío fllUng A'wa, v. t. to boil. 

cocoanut-shell bottlea. A'wa, n, a Bah, the 

AtVatoa, v. t. íreq. oí atoa. A'wal, n. a flsh, the : a molar tootb. 

Ato'atofla, v. t. fréq. of atoOa. A'fnd, a. aboundtng in the fleh 
Ato'fia, n. oue'B portion deeignated, awai, 

Ato'fia, o. t. to utter ; to uj. Awalca, mterj. an ezelamation of 
A'toU, a. 400,000/>00. surprise. 

A'tn, n. the head: a cUwj a tronp; Awa^iir«'r«, n. a flsh, tbs. 

a oompany. A'wakvrft're, a. abounding in the fieh 
Atn'a, ». Ood. a'vxikwÜTe. 

Atn'aro, n. a flah, the A'waro, n. a eoarse íood prepared 
A'tnaro, a. aboimdiíig in the flah from tíie etern of the pandanus fruit 

atuaro. in timea of scarcitj. 

Atuatl, n. a flah, the Awa'mni, o. very atraii^t aa a tree. 

Atnati, a. abounding in the flah Awa'tal, ». a flah, the 

atuati. Airatai, a. abounding fa tíie fiah 
A'tnlra'ntl, n. See trauti. aieatm. 

AtaurVura, o. having red ha!r, Awa'wft, o. t. fnq. of awa, to boil. 

Ataora'nra, n. a red-haired peraon. AwaNra, «. t. to angags in boUing. 
Atam&lna'isa, n. a whita-haired per- 

Atuma'ofiofi, o. diabosored; treated X 

with diareapect. 

A'toma'oto, a. having hair veiy E, prtm. he: ahe; it 

alfghtly ourled. E, c. i. to be in a apaam of paia; to 
Attuoa'oto, n. a peraon with very la^ or place a line on the ^und to 

■llghtly curling hair. be uaed aa a pattem in outting and 

A'tuma^an, a. havlng veiy cnrlj fitting a aail. 

hair. E, interj. an exclamation of diaap- 
Atnmataa, n. a peraon with veiy provaJ. 

curly hair. S'b, interf. aa exclamation of aur- 
A'tuma'toa, n. a wide, atrong panda- priae. 

nua leaf. E^a, v. t. to meaaure and flt a «ail. 

Atomatoa, a. wide and atrong aa a E'a, n. mlllion. 

certain pandanm leaf. 'Wi, n. (Eug.) a hare. 

A'tnme'BnieB, a. having yellowiah Ean', vntwj. an interjection of anr- 

red hair, priae. 

A'tume'am•a, n. a Tellowiah red fi'l, interf. an interjection of aatia- 

haired pereon. taction or pleaaure when one ia 

Atuna'omata, n. a flah, the praiaed, like oi / 

Atunaoinata, a. abounding in the E^, v. i. to bend over aa a tree. 

flah atttnaomata: having eommitted E'iei, v. i. freq. of ei, to sway to and 

many tnurdera. fro. 

A'tufie^, a. having ren cnrly hair. E'inako, «. i. to slant aa a tree: to 
Atufie'rl, n. a peraon with very curly tall ae a elanting tree. 

hair. B'ina'koa, v. t. to fall or come npon 
Atubi'takl, V. i. to ïook back. aa a tree on a houae. 

A'tubi'taki, n. tlte aot of looking I/iriki, n. a man's alater-in-law: a. 

back. woman'a brother-in-law. 



E'irikl, a. to have interconraa wltb Ekata, v. t. to bq(in » apeech or 

a wiíe'a BÍater. aong. 

ElrildA, V. ^ to seduoe a wife's BÍiter. Ekare'tlB, n. (Gi.) a church. 

E'itel, ». a bird, the Wk«, n, a coconnut oi lat«r atage ttaAn 
Elte'i, V. o, períorming tuélj im tlie takataka, 

Tuoia. B'iEe, a. famona; well known; dia- 
EuAfikeMo, n. (Or.) the OospeL tinjgaühed. 

EuVnta, v. t. freq. of euta. B'kea, v. t. to drill or dlg out a hole 
E'utoi, V. t. to tosa up aa in kàbane: in a rock. 

to lift the foot aa in waUdiig. Ski^a, v. i, to engage in drilling or 
B^ta, n. a Bt«p; a pace. digging out a hole m a rock. 

Etl'ta, a. tnuoh. Z/klra, n. the edge or border of a mat. 

E'uta'ulwae, t>. í. to walk. Etclra, v. t. to íLiiish o£F the edge of a 
Em, ». a coral-atone uaed in rasping. mat. 

E'meraori, n. (Eng.) emerods. Wttí, a. etripped of cocoanuta: de- 
Embala, n. (Eng-) au empire. (Oeog. aertod aa a flat b; fish. 

p. 20.) I/rake, v. i. to nin up on to the beach 
S'niberoa, n. (Eng.) an emperor. aa a canoe or boat: to be quidc 

E'natinai, v. «. to go toward or on to tompered. 

tbe ohore, aa flsh when frightened. Wretí, v, t. to alash. 

Wjm, n. a very young eocoanut tree. 'El•'rene (Gr.), Gredan. 

I/ne, a. being in the ene stage, aa a E'rQbantI, ». (Eng.) an elepbant. 

eocoanut tree. Erí^, v. i. to enga^ in slashing. 

Enfine, a. abounding in ver; young Ere^ea, v. t. freq. of erea. 

eocoanut treea. E'rla, v. t. to scoop; to take np witU 
'En'na, n, (Bng.) benna. a spoon, or acoop. 

Efl, adv. jes. E'rlA, n. a apoou; a scoop. 

E^a, «. a Tariety of coral on the E^lerl, v. i. to engagfl in acotqting up, 

flata, that amits much odor. aa flsh. 

Büa'efia, a. oovered over with mnch EMerl, n. a joung íftarooi. 

eHa, E'rlft'ría, v, t. freq. of e'ria. 

I/b'a, a. high aa the earea of a houae. 'fi'rlfi, n. (Eng.) a herriug. 

Wbü, a. ehronic aa a aidcnesa. 'E'rltl, n. (Eng.) Hades. 

Whe,, n. a pandanua leaf case con- E'ta, adv. up; on high; abore, 

taining the feathers of the eitei to E'ta, n. the ahore or land aa con.- 

be uaed in the game of kaiane; a traated with the lagoon: heaven. 

amall caae for nahbooka. Btate> v. i. to engage in trinuning 
S'ha, n. (Heb.) an ephah. with a fringe as a house or a dreaa. 

Eba'eba, n. a raft; a float Et»^, n. trinuning; decoration. 

Eba'eba, v. i. to engage in raftlng. Eterna, v. t. to ttiia with fringe; 
Eb'a'eb'a, n. the horizontal atick at to decorate. 

the eaves of a houae which support E'ti, a. atraight; not crooked; cor- 

the thatoh. rect: ereet. 

Eba'otare, n. (Eng.) an Apostle. E^ n. atraightneaa; correctneas: 
EHi'arLaïo, a. prompt, ready, or quïck erectneas. 

to do; cheerfullf obedient: very E'tle^ a. eaailv straightening out aa 

wlde aa a veríinda. a poor flahhook. 

Eba'tobl, «. (Bng.) an apostrophe, Etiru^n, a. Tery atraight^ 

Wha, n. (Eng.) an ape. E'wa, n. a crack in a board. 

'E'beTa, n. (Heb.) Hebrew. fii'wa, a. very many; Tery great: im- 
E'bone, ». (Eng.) ebony. patient. 

S'beli, n. (Eng.) April. Wvn, v. ^. to spear. 

Etota, n. (Eng.) au ephod. E'va, v. a. cracked as a board: about 
B'ka, V. t. to oppoae; to realat; to to become an ibofía, i. e., a prieat or 

go againat. eorcerer. 

S'Ui, o. oonvaleacent. Ewa'awa, v 

Vka, M. (Eng.) an acre. Ewa'awara, 



Ewa'flwfttH, V. t. freq. of ewata. X, intvrf. exdunaticai of diilike or 
Zi'Ws'iiin, n. the husk of tli« cocoBiiut. disgust. 

Swa'iilii, a. much littered or covered t, v. i. to sink. 

with cocoanut huska. l'a, adv. where (interrogative) I 

Ewa'nlka'rau, n. a pandaDvia fruit l'a, n. a graf hur; h. veiu: a Btate 

blasted morè or less. of tide. 

Erwa'nlka'rao, a. blighted a* a pau- l'a, pro. them, often a sufBx pronoim 

danus fruit. and often oonsected to verbal root 

E'waka, V. t, to gnaw. b; i, indicated by fi theír a Buffix 

Ewa'ra, v. t. to pieroe; to itab; to pronouu. 

atick. l'a, c. (. to gratej to grind. 

Ewa'^ V. t. to dJTÍde ot BepHxate I»% adv. then; there^. 

(idiomàtic). la'i, there is; thera are (an affirma- 
E'we, c. «. to Jump: to en by eating tive particle). 

forbiddeu food. la'ía, n. a, tendon; a sinew. (Phys, 
E'ws, n. a jump. p. 10.) 

E'wea, o. (. to perfonn an incauta- la'ia, a. graj-haired. 

tioD OD one nho has broken Ua la'la, n. a graj-haired penon. 

tabú, or who wishes au indulgence. la'la, interj. an eiclamation be^D- 
E'weàtl, V. i. to migrate. ning a sentence uttered b^ a num- 

E'we&tl, n. migratioD. ber about to pull together. 

E'weiiako, v. i. to jump oS; to run la'larake, v. i. freq. oi iarake. 

about aa a child ceasing to areep. lam', n. { Eng. ) yam. 

E'webotl, 17. {. to take or appropriate Xa'nena, n. a atnmger; a native of 

to one'B self another'e place. another country. 

E'weboti, n. the appropriating to la'nena, a. not familiar with; unoe- 

one'i self another*! place. quainted witb. 

E'web'wer•^ n. the game of jumplng I&'nlma'ma, n. a moonlight tíde. 

tbe rope; a game of jumping over I&'nima^na, a. being a moonlight 

an objecL tide. 

Xl•'webwer•'l, e. i. to play at jumping I&n'na, fi. one long reiident in or na- 

the rope. tive of a place. 

EwVka, V. t. to leap upon; to enter IHn'na, a, native; long reaident. 

eamestlj- upon work, similar to the lano'no, v. i. to crave Ssh. In use at 

siang phraM, " plteh in." Banaba. 

Bwtt'ka, n. the entoring eamestlj I&'nora, a. Teiy low, as the tide. 

upon a job. I&'uera, n. a veiy low tide. 

Ewè'we, V. i. freq. of ewe, to jump. là'noro, n. a moonlesa tide. 

Ewé'we, n. a jump. I&'noro, o. being a moonleBS tide. 

Ewé'w•nako, v. i. to jmnp from a I&n'rlrl'fia, n. scented oÍI made from 

helght. scraped cocoanut exposed to the sun 

EwfWftbotl, V. i. freq. of eweboti. and boiled. 

Ewfi'weka, v. t. freq. of eweka. Zàn'rlrl'aà, o. (. to prepare a scented 
oil íor auointing. 
Xa'fio, d. i. to refiect; to consïder) to 
Z ponder; to meditate. 

la'üo, n. conaíderation ; deliberation. 

I, pron. I (alwaye followed bj a la'&oa, v. t. to tbink about; to eon- 

Eredicate) : me <a eufBx pronoun). sider; to ponder; to meditate on. 

n the objective it is preceded by a lafiora'oa, o. (. to consider well. 

which unites it to the root of that la'fiora'oi, o. i. to eonsider well. 

transitive verb: them, neuter, sufflz la'ilora'ol, n. careful consideration. 

to root of transitive verb. la'&orara'oi, n. a ehow of knowledge 
I, prep. at; in; hj: with. by much talk. 

I, n. anative of a place (apreBzused la'florara'ol, v. i. to converse; to 
with a hjphen } . make a show oí knowledge by mncll 

I, adv. one another (reciprocal). apeech. 


lABA, 15 lO 

Zabalw, a. ver; high as the tide. I'«ao, n. a, oertaln irick in the game 

labalM, n. a verj high tido. of kahane. 

labu'butl, a. reiy high aa the tide. I•'akliiA, v. t. to aaíl r, craft. 

labu'butl, n. a ver; high tide. Ze^e, v. i. freq. of ie, to sail. 

labu'tl, a. high as ttie tide. le'iS, n. disobèdlence. 

labu'tl, n. a high tide. la'lè, a. diBobedient and trotibleBome. 

la'ka, 11. i. to Bpring or atart auddenl; la'iea, v, t. freq. of tea, to oompijr 

trom HurprÏBe: to ahiïer: to start with a requeet. 

in; iafca ni karakinna ba ti na le'leta, v. t. to lift up as a curtain. 

olioro = Start in to narrat* that we Xe'ln, v. i. to live together as husband 

ma; hear the news. and wife; to many. 

I&'k&, n. ahiveriug or tremor through Z•'in, n. the marriage state; matrï- 

fear or eold. mony, 

I&'kftl, a. afflicted with stiffnesa of l'enao, n. a oanoe with a single brace 

body or limbs. and removable mast. 

I&'kal, n. stiffneBH of limb or body. l'enao, v. i. to engage in rigging or 

la'kamà'te, n. neap tide. fitting a canoe as an ienao. 

Ia'kamà''te, o. in tha atate of neap l'ena'oa, n. t. to rig or fit a canoe aa 

tide. au ienao, a canoe with a removable 

l'nfaeHiokebo, a. ver; high aa the mast. 

tide : full of wàter aa a ma, or le'níknrl, • eagage in preparing 

canoe. food or a oanoe in haete for depart- 

I&'kl, V. i. to engage in cleaning up, ure. 

or freeing from littor. Ze'nikiirl, n. hasty preparation for 

IK'kt, n. a cleaning or freeing from departure on a joumey. 

littér. le'nlknri'a, v. t, to prepare food or a 

la'kiaki, n. the act of struggiing and canoe in haate for departure. 

Icicking as a child: great activity le'nlwa, n. a kind of fieb. 

in work. lenta'eaba, n. a large sail for fair 

la'U&kt, V. i. to atruggle to free one'fl weatber or light winda. 

ielf from the graap of another: to l'entan, v. i. to m^e preparation for 

be in spaams: to atrike again and a joumey. 

agaiu on a ahoal wheu to«aed by Isnbi'iia, d. (. to make ready a de- 

the waves; to pouud. parture. 

n'Ulla, V. t. to clean np; to frM l'entanjakaa, o. i. f« be in haste to 

from litter; to sweep. depart. 

lalu, a. in neap tide. Z'entabaka'ua, v. i. to nnduly basten 

Za'ra, n. neap tide. preparation for departure. 

Za'rake, v. i. to come in aa the tide; l'ontak», 11. n. agitated; exeited. 

to be on the flood. Zentakíl, v. t. to agitate a departure 

la'rake, n. Qood tide. with noisy preparation. 

la'ri, ti. (Eng.) a^ard. l'•ntu'moa, o, t. to be the first to 

Zatebi, n. (Eng.) a jaaper. aeek reconciliation between two at 

U'tl, n. (Eng.) a yard; three feet. enmify. 

Ie', n. a lewd heathen amusement. le'ka, ». a flood: the deluge. 

lo', v. i. to engage in the amuaement Ie'k&, v. t. to flood; to deluge.' 

of ie. leHïa, v. a. flooded; deluged. 

l'e, n. a sail. leta, v. t. to lift aa the cover of a 

l'e, o. i. to aail. basket, or the lid of a chest. 

l'e, ittierf. an ezclamation of pain. l'i, v. i. to grato; to grind; to pul- 

le'a, t>. f. to sail for or to: to comply verlze. 

wiUi a request. 11, n. the process of grating or grind- 

Wa, 1). *. to deceive ; to mislead. ing. 

ImA, a. freah or new in appearance. Fio, v. t. to grind; to grate; to pul- 

as a new sail. Terise. 

Xea'l, ». a cuioe with a new saiL l'o, n. a bErd, the 

l'wu), v. «. to joke. l'o, v. a. blosaoming aa breadfniit. 


10 16 cnn 

X'B, v. i. to hkllooi to àhont. Z'taft, v. 1. to leek in lurriaM. 

l'O, ». & ahout l'iia, c- i. to be lUbla to ridicule or 

lo'm, V. t. to ahake off; to BÍft. to be made osbamed. 

lífa, V. t, to annoimce with a Bhout. X^ia, n. a flsh Bcale: ■ cataiaot of th* 

lO'a, n. a loud Bhout. eje; ooraplexion. 

ICakl'na, c. í. to shout about l'na, a. having a. oat 

lo'loa, 1). t. Ireq. oí ioa. l'na, pron, liiïn; 

lo'mako'rituitra, v. «. to deceive; to nako). 

mlslead, Xn&'l, n. a eoooanut leaí mat. 

lo'mako'rlnavM, n. a deceivor: a l'tui, n. a flah, the 

porpoise. l'nat, v. i. to eusage in betrotlilng, 

lo^Q, n. the work of Bifting loil for l'nal, n. betroth^. 

purpow of mltivation. Zna^eta, n. the upper yard or gaff oí 

' lo'bon, V. i. to eitt Boil íor pnrpoM of a canoe-sail : a large and powerfiU 

cultivation, tnan. 

lykannl, m. a Tariely of hàbai. Ina'lna, n, acalT u flah, or aome w 

lyki, V. i. to make exehange «*[»• rletíeB of pandanuB. 

clalljr of food In a mantaba. Ina'lnano, n. the tower Bprit or braee 

Ift^d, n. the excIíaDgiíig of food. of a eanoe-sail. 

J.Ykíjia., V. (. to purchaae; to ex* Inft'Ine, o. nntle In manner; soft 

change. and refined In mannerB ; niild ; meek. 

Iowa'wa, o. bad; UI bebaved; uglj, In&'tne, n. KsntleneBB in manner. 
lowa'wa, n. badsBBB; iU bebavior. Zna^to, a. àlon In growth; baclcward 
Xu', pron. me: after nako, in growth. 

Zu'naki, M. (Bng.) a eunueh. Znalto, n. a ohild of backward 

lutilra, n. (Eng.) Jt^Ilee. growth. 

Im, pron. theej fou: it followB naJfeo. Zna'o, n. tha npper or lower edge of 
Ima'lma, o. i. to engage in Bcaling a plank readr for a canoa. 

«■i> Zna'o, V. i. to be qniok. 

'• — 'omata, ». a free man. 

'omata, o. free; not In Berritude. 
Zn&^ilkaan, ». a mole on the person. 
Im&'na, d. (. to Boale flsh. Zn&^iUcuan, o. baving a mole. 

Im'an'ra, n. a varietj of habai. Zn&'noi, n. a result obtalned from 

Zm&'tafi, n. a white man. A native caiting lote. 

of MataS. In&^oi, v. i. to be mutual]^ a^^reed. 

Xmàtafi, V. a. skilled in tbe uso of In&'noin&'^o, a. verj deep. 

EugllBh. Xnab&'la, n. a coward. 

Ztnl, pro», fou (plural objectlve) Inab&'Ia, a. eowardly. 

(see itn). l'nabo'bo, a, jaundieed aB Üie eyeB. 

Zmi^nlta, v. t. to biu^ tbe teeth; b^. Z'nakai, a. slim as a man, but in good 

of imita. phyaical condftion: wiry. 

Zmlta, tr. (. to deetn^; to tbrow at; Z'nakal, n. one slim, but in good 

to atrike; to suck as tbe teetb. phVBÍcal condition. 

Zmo'ue, n. a Tarietj of small eel, the Z'naklwa'ravara, a. havlng a pals 
Imo'nentari. Bee tmone. «omplexion or loss of color. 

Z'munal, n. a fiah, the Z'nakl, n. a tier of thatch on a roof. 

l'munal, a. Bbounding in ídiwhm. X'natl, n. a lengtb in a aelue, about 
l'mwere, v. i. to be slow. 2^ íathomi. 

X^were, n. slownesB of motïon or l'net!, c. i. Bee itmeti. 

action. l'nlmakl, v. i. to make a daah as k 

Xmtre'remw•'re, v. i. freq. of Imwere, frigbtened íleh. 

In, V. a. ahut; eloBed. X'nlfiao, ti. the act of canying a 

Xn, V. i. to range; to bave a particular cocoanut in tbe t^th while descend- 

direction as a long obje^; to range ing. 

in length. l'nlfiao, «. 1. to any a cocoanut b; 

'In, ». (Eng.) » Un. the teeth in descen^ng from a tree. 


mV 17 IBES 

l'nlfia'oa, t>. t. to can; & cocoacut by IfiA'ro, ». the earlf momlng aiUr 

the toeth in descending from the eunriw. 

tree; to blov down bb & hoiue; to Zfift'ro, ff. fi to be earlj moming. 

buret upon. (Jer. 30:23.) l'fiata, v. i. to atrain greatly, as in 

l'no, n. a maggot. severe coughing' or Tomiting. 

l'no, V. i. to he eaton of moggoto; to Zfileta, n. the dorsal fiu. 

be extinguiabed aa a fire; to díe, X'fUe'tanTa'im, a. eauly offended or 

used ia Üie phiase, ko na ino, jou proTi^ed. 

will die. l'fiío^nra'bono, n. b variety of the 

X'nolno, a. freq. of ino, foll of mag- batua witJi a dorsal fln wEich can 

gots. be erected in self-deíence. 

l'noto, n. a tree, the Z'fiimea, n. a. flah, the 

Z'uoto, a. abounding in inoto trees. l'&inta'-atl, n. the thornj tkín of a 

Zn'nabS, v. t. to eut a gioove or mark tauti, used aa a helmet. 

in a stone or pJank, l'filfl, v. i. freq. of M. 

In'naba, n. a grooTe or mark cut in Ifli'flu, o. t. to roar as diatant 

a atone or plank. breakers, or distant thunder. 

Z&ne^ V. 1.. (Jn » ett) to lie or l'fllra, v. i. to be alow in luing, or 

range in a straight line; to be setting out on. 

Btraight. l'íUrakl, v. i. to ríae up suddenly. 

Inlra, c. t. to lie haphazard, as per- l'So, n. a flah, the 

sons or plauks in diaorder. l'floa, n. a Dameaake. 

ZnMko, n. (£ng.) indigo. Ifio'ana, v. t. to naine aftor. 

In'roa, v. o; thrown down in confu- l'flolfio, a. abounding in iAo. 

aion; proatrato, aa manj sick at a Ifio'ifioa, v. i. to conaent to another's 

time. being named after one'a aelf. 

In'roa, n. the proatration of many by l'fiu, v. i. to roar as distant thunder, 

an epidèmic. or cannon firing. 

In'ti, n. (Eng.) an Inch. l'Vunako, v. i. to íall to pieeea, aa 

Intinabo, a. cIumEj; bea^j; groBs; pandanus fruit, or a stone wall. 

ezcesaively fat. Z'b'ab'a, n. a flah, the 

la'tin•bti, n. dumainess. Z'b'ab'a, v. i. to draw near to, be- 

In'tlbua, n. the eondition of one who cause enamored. 

is itttibwi. l'b'ab'anro'tuiaa, ». a flah, the 

Intibna, a, heary or stopid aftor l'be, a. packed hard, as kabuba or 

eating heartïlj, or with eickneaa. earth. 

Ifi, n. the fibroua, poroua envelope at Ibe, n. a clod. (Hosea 10:11.) 

the baae of the cocoanut leaf or Iliéa, v. t. to break open as a oocoa- 

f rond that helps to bind it to the nut ; to break up aa bait. 

tree. Ib•'lbe, v. i. to engage in breaklng 

Ifi, V. i. to Btart or morè as an objeot up or open. 

to be lifted. Ibe'ibe, n. a mode of fishing In which 

I^a, V, i. to aaluto. cracked bait ia uaed. 

l'Sa, ». a aalutation. Zbelb«a, v. t. freq. of ibea, to crack. 

l'fiaimo'ana, n. quick marlneas ; the Ib•'ua, e. (. to break a cocoanut into 

being aoon tired of. ha]i>es. 

Ifiaimo'ana, v. i. to become aoon l'bentà&o, a. thicklj corered orer 

tired of; to weaTj of, with grains of sand or aoil, 

Ifia'lfia, n. impatlence in waiting for IlMütítao, n. a clod of earth. 

the time to eat or ^. l'befia'fin, v. i. to engage in discoss- 

Ifi&'ifia, c. j. to be unpatlent to eat, ing in a Iow voice, as a group of 

or to go In advance. persons. 

Ifialflata, v. i. freq. of íBato. l'befiufiTi, n. the Iow aound of Toicea in 

IfialMfi, ». the moming; the fore- quiet diacuaaion, carried on near by. 

nooni n iHabon, to-morrow mom- Ibefin'fiua, t>. f. to tolk over or discuas 

ing. in a Iow voice as sèveral people 

Ua'bofi, V. í. to be nuanlog. gaüiered tog«ther. 



IlMlnm, V, i. to trj to throw into Ibnn'roTO, n. s preparation of bahai 

the shode anotíier'B akill. mixed vith squeesed cocoanut millc 

Ili^kl, D. i. to Btniggle vialentlf. BJid a, little cocoanut molasses. 

Ibeldbekl, v. i. ^eq. of ibeki, to Ibtui'roro'&, v. t. to prepare baiiai 

struggle. with cocoauut milk and molftases. 

Ib«^ko, V. D. erowded ai a room; l'bnnta'boiiarl, n. a Binall cocoaniit 

crowded together as persona. *hell for use at tbe beginning of cut- 

Zbe^url, v. i. to move about rest- ting Uie spathe. 

lesslj as a crowd. I'bnbn''tUEa, v. i. to mutually becun« 

Ibe'kúrl, n. Uie moviítg about of a butikat. 

restless crowd. l'bnbutlka, n. a Bport among chil- 

Ibtt'rlida, V. t. to break into many dren in which tbeir dolls are given 

piecea. ÍD betrothal. 

Ibò'roro, o. verf flnn or hard, as l'ka, n. a fish of any kindi a mode 

Bconetbiag closely pocked. of playing ball (a general tenu). 

Ibeta'otao, v. a. thrown together and Ita, odv. where. 

piled up in a confused mass. l'ha, v. t. to pound aa food with a 

Ibàta'flatafla, v. a. closely packed. pestle. 

l'betao, n. a bivalvular shelt: a game Ikal, adv. here. 

of children in which one tries to Hm'Uui, v. i. to engage In punching 

break his neighbor's half-shell with in the side. 

his own half-sbell. ika'IkA, c. t. to punch in the side. 

Ebe'tutu, V. a. crowded; packed to- Ika'lka, n. the game of punching is 

gether as people. the side. 

Ibo'tntu, n. a atate or condition of Ika'lka, v. a. abounding in fish. 

being greatly erowded. Ika'tkara'ol, o. fair oi íonn. (Be- 

IbetU'tn, V. o. growing close together. ther 2; 7.) 

l'blbltl, c. i. to pasB anoUiei without l'tac, o. i. to engage In picking bones 

I meeting directly. doae. 

l'bo, n. a soft, long or normlike ma- Ika'oa, v. t, to pldc bones close. 

rine animal, the It&tmtm', n. a certain style of the 

l'bo, c. a. fllled as the heart with m'akei. 

anger ; completely ignited, as a fiíe l'kanra'ura, n. a flah, the 

in an earth oven. l'kaura'ura, v. a. abounding in íkaiU' 

l'bo, n. a game of puahing another raurà. 

with the Bhoulder. X'bun&te, a. mnrderoua; given to 

l'bo, V. i. to play the gsme of ibo. manalaying. 

Zbo'fia, n. a priest; a nativa doctor; l'kam&'toa, n. a flsh, the 

a Borcerer. Ikam&'wa, n. a flsh, the 

Ibo'flai, V. a. sldlled or having luper- Ihanà'rlna, n. a flsh, the 

natural power, aa a priest. l'kanlma'takl, n. a style of boll- 

'Zboba'tematl, ». (Eng.) a hippopot- playing. 

amus. l'kantbafia, n. flsb caught in a bafia. 

Zbora'no, n. a small bivalvular Shell- l'kaniba'fia, v. a. abounding in fiah 

flsh. easilv caught in a ftana. 

l'ha, n. a eocoanut-shel) bottle. l'kanibl'nebine, n. fish said to be 

Zbuatao, n. a secood shell hung un- caught through incantation. 

der the Brst to catch the overflow Ika'nlbofi, n. a flsh, the 

in karewe. Ika'olbofi, v. a. abounding in ikani- 

Xbuata'oa, v. i. to ouspend a aecond bon. 

ibií under the Srat karace (fiu. Ika'níbutl, n. a school of flsh, moviug 

l'bn-ni-ka'tio, n. a cocoanut ahell rapídly. 

for wat«r cot tied to a aecond. Iha'nlkae, n. a flsh nin down in 

l'bu-ni-ka'toro, n, an t6« for holding shoal wàter. 

karetoe to be fernient«d. Ika^kae, v. a. ahounding in fiah 

Iboik'roro, c. i. to engage in prepar- which can be easily run down in 

ing (btinroro. ahoal wàter. 



Ika'nlk&'bara, ». flsb caugM in de«p l'ktmta'bonno, n. fish oanght with & 

wàter with a line whicb is sunk bf line. 

a stoae to be released. l'kautall&'ra, a. abotmdíng in. manj- 

IVawtlta'bara, v. a. abounding in flsb Tarieties of flsb. 

tenned ikanihaíiara. l'kanta'boro, n. flsb eaugbt in deep 

Ika'nUui'buti, n. flsh caugiít with a wàter. 

line trailed along witb a pole. I'kaiita''ntwft, ». a certain stjle of 

Ikanika'lautt, v. a. aboundiDg in flsh bali plaTÍng. 

tenned ikanilcabuti. l'kan't•te'tra, n. a certain stfle of 

Ika'nika'roB, n. flsh caught in a ball playing. 

seine witb large meahes. l'kaba'sbae, n. a kind of game or 

Ika'nlka'raaii, n. flah talcen in a aport in wbich Bomething is hidden 

seine. in Uie sand to be sougbt out. 

Ika'nilu'rauii, v. «. abounding in Xkaba'ebae, v. i. t» play at ikaòaebae. 

Bah that con be taken in a seine. Zkaba'knbakn, ». dried fiab. 

Ika'nlkatel, n. fiab caught by fol- Ikaba'knba'kna, v. t. to cure dried 

lowing up witb a stick and scoop flsb. 

net until wearied. l'haba^'ta, n. a flsh, tbe 

Xka'nlkate'me, n. fisb caught witb a Ikaba'ta, v. a. abounding in ikabata. 

rod freqüenti^ lifted, making a l'kabl, n. the outer half of a panda- 

sHgbt amacking aound. nua buncb: a principal cluef or 

Ikanlk&ttt'ine, v. a. abounding in flsh leader. 

taken bj the kateme proceaa. Ika'buno'tl, n. flsh of aeveral varie- 

Ika'nlkaà'kl, n. flsh caught by tow- ties which near the land after a 

ing a line astem. tbunderatonn. 

Ikamkatl'kl, v. a. abounding in flsh l'kabuno'ti, v. a. abounding in Hm- 

taken bf towing a line aatem. banoU, 

Ika'nikaw*'ii«, n. flsh eaugbt hy a Ika'buti, ». flah whicb coroe in sboala 

line resting on the bottom. at certain times. 

Ikanikawe^e, v. a. abounding in Ifca'buti, v. i. to arrive in sboals at 

fish taken b; the katcene proceas. certain times, as certain fisb. 

l'kaniwal, n. fish taken by spearing. Ikakàl, v. i. to liasten preparations 

Ikan'ora, n. fiah whicb are relished for a start or joumej. 

raw. Ikakàl, m. the making haste to de- 

VkAtUí'MAn, fish caught by drawing part. 

tbem out of bolea in the rocks. Dü^&^a, v. t. to haaten, to ezpedite. 

Ikana'uau, v. a. abounding in flsb Ikakll'ia, n. eipedition; baste. 

taken by the auau process. Ikà'ka, a. grasping; unjust; eiact- 

Ikan'na, n. fiah caught with seine ing: higb in rank or station. 

and rai by parties awiniming. Ik&'ke, ». a rascally chief ; a famous 

Ikaii'^«, adv. there, but not far chief. 

away. I''kara'oI, n. a specíes of baiai, 

Z'kanro'aroa, n. fiah caught witb l'kara'oi, v. a. abounding mora or 

pole and short line. leas in flab of ^iwd aize and quality; 

Oàmfí/oTOA, V. a. abounding in fiah abounding in tkaraoi, 

taken witb pole and short line. l'kare, n. (Eng.) an eagle. 

Ikants'otao, n. fiah caught with a Ika^'il, ». a fiah, the 

flshhook and line ancbored with a IkaMn, a, akilled in batting a ball In 

little atone in the bottom of a ^an- oreano with the band. 

nel where a current ia running. l'karl'klrlM, ». a fiah, the 

Ikanta'otao, v. a. aboundií^ in flab l'kari'klriki, d. a. abounding in 

termed ikantaotao. ikarikiriki. 

nutnta'umata, ». fiah caught from a Ikato'atoa, n. a feast in which food 

board or stick used aa a raft or a ia eicbanged. 

life-bnoy. Zkato'atoa, v. *. to make exehooge oí 

Oanta'nmata^ v. a. abounding in food at a feast. 

fiah tormed ikanUfitmata, Zka^'wBl, n, an adult. 


lEAW 20 XKAir 

TkM/ini, a. mature; oí b^. Z'ktmka, ». a coarae map. 

Ika'iraiwe'we, ii. long Hince Adult: l'ra, o. bowmftajl (interrogativa) r1' 

too old for sap, &h a epathe. vaya followed bj' a numeral Buffix 

Ika'walwe'we, n. a perBon who has ai, ua, un, mon, na, kai, kora, oi by 

long been an adult. a certain noim (see a). 

Ikawft'Va, v. i. to etroll about. l'ra, v. t. to accompany ; to go with. 

lïaw&'wa, n. a stroUing about; » Ira, pron. us. When following a, 

wauderíng around. tranaitive verb it becomes a auffix. 

Ilce, adv. wbere (Tonder). ít aíiea íoUowtnako; nakotra^ to 

l'be, «. i. to take breath; to be re- os. 

lieved as from paJn. l'rK, o. i. to steal. 

I'k«, n. & strong membrane under the I^&, n. tbett; etealing. 

throat of a flah. l'ra, n. a pandanus leaf foi braiding: 

Ike^ke, v. i. to breathe steadily or a hair; an eel, the 

coQstantlj. Zraal, a. (see irdi), 

Ike'lke, n. breatUng. Ira'ea, v. t. to steal. 

Ik•'ikeiitB'utl, V. a. bloat«d by glut- Zxi/Í, a. how maiift (ira and ai) 

tony or sickness; breathing with in counting hardware, fumiture, 

difficulty. chests, bairels, timber, cocoanut- 

Ike'lkeiita'utl, n. difflonlty in breath- leaí stems, fingers, teeth, large fieh, 

ing ; short breaths. as eharks and ikari. 

Ikemo'ro, v. %. ta pant. Iralra, a. covered with much hair as 

IkeBM/ro, n. a pantj a panting; a the head: inconstant. 

gasp. Zr«'tra, n. inconatancy. 

l'seiira'wa, o. j. to gaap; to sigh Ira'lrake, a, capricioug; flckle. 

aloud. Ira'Irake, n. a. canoe whose sail is 

l'kenra'm, n. a heavy sigh. hoíated by a halyard. 

Ilukei, ado. yonder. Ira'na, a. how manyl in counting 

l'k!, V. a. baiied out. things in general. 

Iki^u, ». a Btone mallet. Xra'na, v. *. to be undecided; to be in 

Ikl'ku, 11. t. to engage in mashing by uncertainty. 

pounding. Ira'uea, n. a pandanuB leaf bound on 

ï'ío, n. the Beed of the pandanuB. the arm in an incantation. 

l'ko, V. a. stored up in abundance. Ira'ufi, n. how manyT in counting 

Iko'aki, D. a. bruiaed; wounded; cut. pandanua fruit. 

Iko'akl, n, a bruise; a wound. Ira'utl, a. having hair which curis 

Ilcoa, adv. thÍB word is uaed while the some. 

apeaker is calling to mind the name Ira'utl, ». a person whose bair curla 

of the place. Bome. 

Iko'lko, V. a. abounding in seeds as Iram'a'oto, a. havlng hair which 

some pandanua fruit. curla very slightly. 

Iko'ikota, V. t. freq. of ikota. Iram'a'oto, «. a peraon whose hair 

lïota, V. t. to bring together; to curla very alightly. 

collect; to gather. I''raman, a. how manyt in counting 

Iki/ti, V. i. to engage in adding. persona or animals. 

Ikotl, n. a bringing together, hence Iramà'ran, a. having etraight hair. 

addition. Iram&'ran, n. a person with straïght 

l'ku, n. a rasp made ot the skin of hair. 

the haiktt; a rasp. 'l'ran, n. (Eng.) a heron. 

X'kAUí, V. t. ika, to ma^h, ia changed Ira'na, v. t. how to do a thingt to do 

into ikwt when a is the auffix pro- how (interrogative) í 

noun. l'rana'tu, n. the hair of the head. 

Ikue'toa, n. (Eng.) the Equator. l'ranlbuoTïuokl, ». thia word needa 

(Geog. p. 12.) tia before it in order to be deSned 

Ika^ranalM, n. a wide rasp. aa an ally. 

Ikulra'rlki, n. a flne rasp as distin- l'ranlbuoniaofcl, v. i. ta aid another 

guished from a coarse one, in a fight. 


IRAH 21 in 

Im'nUcai, v. i. to gesticulat^; to by a Btring whicb jumpers itrive to 

parry with tlie handa. tóuch. 

Ira'tilkai, n. gesticulation. I'ri«, n. a pandAnua leaf for pa«king 

Irft'nilEle, n. a wilted pandanuB leal kabubu: food eaten or somethitig 

for the dark strand iu a mat or done in remembrance of: a dowrj: 

basket. a companion in tiavel. 

Ira'nlw&'iilii, n. a etraud of panda- l'rifi'na, v. t, to accompany one in 

nua leaf for mending a mat. travelíing. 

l'raniw•'iie'weiie, n. a strand' lying Frlnto^u, n. one section of the panda- 

near to be spliced in wben weaving nus fruit. 

a mat. l'riba, ». a fan. 

l'ranta'n, v. i. to take position for a l'riba, v. t. to fan; to kíck as a foot- 

flgbt. ball. 

I^aut&'fia, V. í. to engage aa a friend l'riko, ti. flesh; nmacle; tneat. 

in avenging. l'riko, a. having much llesh or muscle. 

l'rantfi'fia, n. avengement. Iri'ra, v. t. freq. of ira. 

Itan'tibe, ». tbe front side-locka wben Iri'ri, ti. i. freq. of iri. 

lengthy. Iri'ri, n. a fisb, the 

Zrou'tlbe, a. baving long front aide- Iri'riba, p. (. freq. of iriba. 

locka, Zri'rlbl, o. i. to piaj the game of 

IrafiA, a. hon' manyT in counting iriribi. 

fatboml•l. Irllribi, n. the ^me of football. 

Ir&'b'al, adv. wberet (uaed in a ques- l'ro, v. i. to ignite. 

tion to anotber by one who is Iro'u, prep. with; by; of; on lUicount 

searching for a thing lost, but wbicb of ( in connection witb persons and 

is'seen hj the otber). animals). 

l'mkai, a. botr manyT in counting Irotum'a, n. a scented oil. 

trees, flsh-hooks and sectiona of Irotum'A, u. (. to gíve to eoeoanot 

land. oil a certain fragrance. 

l'Taka, n. a halyard. l'ruwa, n. a stranger. 

I^akea, v. t. to boist as a aail. l'ruwa, v. a. not yet at home in a 

l'rakia'ou, n. a curly or kinky hair. place; aeting like a atranger. 

l'rakia'ou, a. baving a head of some- 'l'ta, n. (Eng.) heath. 

what curly bair. Ita'i, n. a tree, the 

l'rakora, a. bow manyf in counting Ita'u, v. i. to box; to flght \rith the 

baskets. flsta. 

Irarftfl', V. t. to heed; to be influenced Ita'u, n> bosing; fighting with the 

t^. flsta. 

b&'rlU, a. slim; slender; fine; nar- Itaba'ofio, n. a stupíd person. 

row. Itaba'ofio, a. stupid; uot bright; lit- 

Irfi'riM, n. alimneas; fineness; a. slim erally, being an inhabitant of or be- 

person. longing to TabaoDo. 

Pro, V. i. the base or root of irea, to l'tabon, r. a. adjoining, as houaes. 

rub. Itabon, n. tbe friendly interconrse of 

l'rea, v. t. to mb; to wash, neighbora. 

l'ruJ, n. tbe procesa of producing Ita'bweftfi, a. dnll; etupid; not' 

flre by nibbing two atieks togetber. brïgbt. 

l'real, u. i. to rub with a stick in Ita'bwefifl, n. a etupid peraon. 

order to klndle a llre. l'tera, n. tbe half. 

Ire'ire, v. i. to waah ; to rub. Itera'nlba, n. one eide of a leaf. 

Ire'lrea, v. t. freq, of irea. Itera'nlm'ft'ne, n. a father'a rela'tive. 

I'rem.we, t>. a. late iu arriving. ' l'terana'lne, n. a mother'a relative. 

l'remwe, n. a late arrÍTal. Itera'tera, n. a person wbo at timea 

IM, 11. (. to go in company. ia without good aense. 

l'ri, od». suppositively. Itera'tera, o. often foolish; without 

I^, n, oue aection of the pandanus aenae at timea. 

fruit: a amall tliing auspended higb Iti, o. seren; alwa^s followed by a 


immeral sutBi, or certain n 

note on ono, aix). 
I't!, n. lightniug. 
l'H, n. i. to lighton: 
l'ti, JJ. a. 



1 (iM ItOTUtfi, a. very liglit; of veiy little 
Z'tonafi, ». lightneHH ; want of weight. 

I to aet fnetantlT. Ito'illnako, v. i. to run and hïde from 

conaumed; ui íear aa cbildren or chickens. 

l'tokal, B. s driit-wood somewhat 

I'^, o. t. to Bcoop up aa wàter; to beavier than ito. 

dip; to ladle. l'tu, n. a fragrant aubatance. 

Itiai, a. seveD in counting hardware, Itu'a, t>. (. to aew; to atring flah: to 

íamituTe, cheats, barrels, timber, attack; to aaaail. 

oocoanut-leaf steiDS, fingers, Ueib, Itu'a, a. eeven, in counting things in 

large fiah, sharka, and ilcw^' (see a). general (ifíua). See a and ua. 

l'tlftki, a. clean; puré. Ituanl'nAi, b. Orioa'a belt. 

l'tlakl, n. cleanlineHB; puritj. Itnfi', a. aeven (aee itaiü). 

I'tl«a, a. seven million. Itutu, v. i. to engage in sewing. 

XtJnfi', a. aeven, in counting paadanua Itn'tnk, v. (. freq. oí itua. 

fruit. l'wai, 1). (. to atniggle; to aquirm. 

Itlnutn, a. wven in counting per- l'Traí, n. ibe «et of atruggling or 

Bons, animala, montba. aquirming. 

l'tlmBtl, n. (Eng.) an iatbmus. l'wakA, a. toogh aa meat. 
Itítla, a. aeven thousand: aeven, in 

counting fatboms. 

Itlfiaun, a. aerentr <iee tlavn). O 
l'tiba, a. aeven. 

l'tlbo, V. i, to meet aa two currenta. O, v. i. ta atreteh: to paddie: to ty 

l'tlbu'bua, a. aeven bundred. aa an arrow; to wbiz. 

Itibwe'rebwe, a. having a atralgbt O, n. a f ence ; a gill of a fieb : a cer- 

lower jard aa a canoe aail, Bee tain diseaae. 

omíakaroro. 0, interj. used 

Itlbvl, a. aeventy (aee itiAavn] "' 

OS'tlti, 1 

n responae to a call. 

(Eng.) anoaaia. 
1, n. ine very tbing itself; tbe 
veiy peraon bimself; one'a aelf: a 

Cl, v. i. to perform an incantation 
before fiabing on tbe tíis: to be of 
no account. 

O'l, interj. in reepmiae to worda oí 

great or tbick as darkneaa. 
l'tíkal, a. aeven, in counting tref 

flah-hooica, and aectiona of land. 
ItUcora, a. seves, in counting bas- 

Itikurl, a. aeven bundred thousand. 
l'tirebu, a. seventy tbo\isand. 
Itlru'a, V. í. to lighten frequently. 
Itlru'a, n. freqüent ligbtning, 
l'tttano, a. aeventj million. 
Ititl, tJ. i. to lighten frequently. 
IH'tla, V. t. freq. of itia, moon. 

Itltiblno, n. a certain incantation O'iol, adj. of large drcomference, aa 

far putting a peraon to aleep ia a, cocoanut tree, or the bulb root of 

order to ateal bia propertj. tbe habai. 

Itltokl, a. aeven bundred million. Olmà'toa, n. liahai well matured. 

l'tlwewe, a. cleared, clean. See Oltn&'toa, a. well matured. 

iliaki. Olmo'a, v. i to arrlve Úrst. 

l'to, n. a drift-wood very light. Seg- OTmwl, v. i. to come too late for, 

ments of it are used as pillows. Ofta'fiere, a. alim as the lower part of 

Itol, n. a atar; e. button; a neck or the trunk of a tree in contrast with 

tbroat ornament. 
Ito'ina, V. t. to take aim at. 
Itolnta'nifia, n. tbe drum of tbe 

8. veiy li) 
, n. (Ens 

a aection above it. 
Otta'fiere, n. a tree the diametor of 

whoae trunk varies auddenly. 
(Xttoro, <t. unuaually large round. 
OftoTO, n. a tree or person of unuaual 



Ott, a. stupid; demented; withotit O'nlmaki, n. faitb; confidence; be- 

iotelligence. lief. 

O^, n. a Htupid person; a demented O^makl, v, i. to believe; to hav« 

peraoD. faith. 

O'UTU, n. a. ÚBh, tlie 0'nliiuiki'ii&, v. t. to bave faith in ;- 

'D'ma, n. (Eng.) a homer. to trust; to believe in. 

D'ma, II. i. to bend as a atiek when Cnifiea, b. a fisb, tbe 

one sitB on it, or as a plank when O'iilbora, adj. nasty; Bolt. 

one walkl•l on it while it is supported O'nlbora, n, a, crab when it has cast 

at eacb ead. its crust-Like Hhell. 

OmB'oma, v. a. freq. of orna; eaaílf O'nibua, n. a young cocoanut in the 

bending ; not stifT. third itage. 

Om'a'ka, v. i. to grow up rapidij. O'nibua, a. being in the third etage 

Om'à'ka, n. ràpid srowtb. of development. 

(Vniatata, «. i, to flash repeatedlf aa O^nilca, n. (Eng.) an onycha. 

lightning. O'nika, v. t. to change. 

Cmeka, n. (Eng.) Omega. O^ilki, n. (Eng.) an on^. 

D'mera, n. (Eng.) an omer. d'tió, a. six, aiwajs íollowed hj a, nu- 

On, n. a turtle. meral BufGx va, man. Ha, kai, or 

On, full. kora; or bj certain nouns, aa hoA, 

Ona'e, n. a small marine growth or ririki, ritoro, inaki, alao, ba; or by 

animal lilie tbe reA:a.- a musket with certain adjectives, as bvn, bubua, 

a certain. lock. etc. 

Ona'oiui, a. uneren, aa land or as a Cno, n. one'a ahare or portion. 

peraon'a diaposition. Ono'ea, a. eix million. 

O'iciautl, n. B. Sying fiah. Ono'ua, a. six, in counting thinga in 

Cnauti, V. a. aboimding in flying flsh. general. 

O'nam'are, n. a flsh, the Ono'nfi, a. BÍ.t, uaed in conntiug 

&'iiam'are, c, a. abounding in. o'nam'a- bunches of pandanus fruit. 

re. O'noman, a. six, in counting pefsons 

Onà'nlwe're, n. a, mode of aplicing and animals. 

the ends of two aticka. O'non, v. i. to beg for in a very im- 

Onà'nlwA'rea, «. i. to eplice . sticks plori ng manner, almoat abjeftly. 

bj cutting out a half of each for Cnon, n. most humble entreaty, 

aake of evenneas. O'nonía, v. t. to beaeech; to entreat 

O^iatabu, n. a portion of a eoral flat imploringly. 

slightly raiaed. D'sona, a. sis thousand: aiz, in 

Cnatabu, a. slightly raised as a por- countjng fatboms. 

tion of s. coral Qat. O'noSami, a. sixty ( see Raun ) ■ 

O'natabu'klbnki, a. uneven, elevated O'noba, v. i. to put forth a new leaf 

a little in places, as the surface of in exchange for a falling old leaf of 

the ground or of a plank. some babai plants, or of a cocoanut 

One, a. ais, same as ono, six, the final tree. 

D of the latter becoming e before the O'nobn, a. eix (leaves). 

sufExea tU and wi, for euphony. O'nobora, n. a crab'when it haa cast 

O^ea, V. t. to replaoe; to fill aa s its cniat-like shetl. 

Tacancy. O'nobora, a. having caat ita cruat- 

(ynea, n. a change, as of clothing. like ahell aa a crab. 

Cneal, a. sii, in counting hardware, O'uobu'bua, a. sis hundred. 

fumiture, cheata, barrels, timber, O'n.obwi, a. aixíy (see onoflawi). 

cocoaut-leaf atema, flngers, teeth, D'nota!, a. sii, in counting trees, 

large fish, aa sharks, and ikart. fish-hooks, and aectiona of lajíd. 

Oneufi, a. aiz, in counting pandanus O'nokora, a. aii, in counting basketa. 

fruit. O'aoknri, a. eix hundred thousand. 

Oneamwl, n. a substitnte. O'norebu, a. sixty thousand. 

Onlo'nlka, v. t. freq. of onika, to Cnotano, o. siitj million. 

change repeatedly. Cnotokl, a. aiz hnndred million. 



D'noti, d, enougb; suCScient in quan- Oka'oka, n. a fisb, the 

tity. Okft'okA, o. t. to fish for tbe okaoka. 

D'Sa, a. Hoft OI soggy oa w&ter; OQui'oka, a. aboaudiíig in okaoka, 

babai. <yk«, n. (Eu^.) an oak-trée. 

D'fia, n. soggf;^) waterj baòai. CU, n. a chiset. 

Ofla., V. t. to Bwailow. (Vkl, «. i, to roturn, 

O'íUntarl, n. a sponge. O'klokl, v. t. freq. of okl. 

Cflea, V. t, to regard; uaed generallj Cklokl, n. freqüent retumlug. 

with aki, nat to regard or mind. &'kÍokl''ra, v. t. freq. of oliira. 

Ofioal», V. i. to hear. Oki'ra, v. t. to retum to. 

Cfieakl, 11. d. not recognized at Brat. úkita'bo, n. (Eng.) octavo. 

Cfiira, V. t. to wringi to blow or O'kltaba, v, i. U> retum repeat«d1j. 

squeeze aa the nose. O'kltaba, n, a repeated returuing of 
(y&a, V. 1. to bear ; to obef. a perion. 

D'fio, n. bearingi tbe sense oi hear- úbdto'ba, n. (Eng.) October. 

iog. CkQ, n. a ataff; a cane; a walking 
D'fiofi, n. a wisdom tootli. atick. 

O'fLofi, V. i. to engage in wringing. tykò, n. the veij young of the m'anai, 

D'Sora, v. i. to Ifsten; to hearken. (ykS, a. having its young with ít as 
D'Sora, n. a deaire to hear; an atten- the nt'tinai.- adoleacent. 

tive liatening to the news. DQcoro, a. apart; separate; unlike; 
D'fiota'eka, v. t. to be obedient. different. 

O'fiota'eka, n. obedienoe. O^, a. ahallow; Bboal; not deep; 
Cilotao, v. í. to hear diatresaing news low tïde. 

of a member of one'a familj «ben D^ra, n. the flat reef from the beacb 

at a diatance. to the breakers; a shoal. 

O'fiotao, ». distreasiDg newa from (yd, o. t. to eat rsw as fiah. 

oue'a family. 'Ora'itan, n. (Eng.) tbe horfzon. 

Ob'a'ea, v. t. to capture by aurround- Ora'ora, v. i. to engage in eating flah 

Dn>aba, V. a. cotning up onto tbe land Dra'oranako, v. i. freq. oí oranako. 

aa a yer}* high tide. D'ranako, v. i. to ebb as tlie tide. 

Ob&'kl, n, the rough binding of cocoa- O'ranako,, n. ebb-tide. 

nut fronda for torcbea i the toich Or&'ta, n. an unusuall j «ride flat. 

itaelf. Drata, a. having a ver; wide reel or 
Dbftlïla, «. (. to bind roughly a cocoa- flat. 

nut frond for a torch. D^ata'karoro, o, Tinuaually low, or 
D'bo, V. o. broken off, aa the bead of a very low aa tbe tide. 

Sah or aa a cocoanut leaf: broken D^rata'kaToro, n. an unuaiiallf low 

in atrength; decrèpit. tide. 

D'bo, n. a place uear tbe beacb uerer D'rea, v. t. to beat; to atrike. 

shoal at low wàter, D'rea, n. a auitable plaoe for maaipn- 
O'bora, V, t. to deatroy; to deaolate; lating a aeine. 

to devaatate; to damage. D'reano, n. e, general t«nn for l>all• 
On>úra, n. one of tbe forma of tbe plaTÍng. 

kaitoa. D^eano, v, i. to play ball. 

OtMtata, V. a. broken off aa aeveral Ori&'tlta, n. (Eng.) an oleaater. 

branchea ofa tree: fallen outaa tbe D'rin, n. tbe work of binding dry 

front t«eth; proatrata aa a fence. leavea for torchee. 

Olca, n. a rafter of a houae. D'rin, v. i. to engage in binding dry 
D'kft, V. t. to cut off pandanuB fruit cocoanut leavee for torcbea. 

with a blade faatened to a long 6'rlwa, n. (En^.) an olive. 

atick. D'n), d. i. to strike ; to hit, 

Ckal, n. a houae for atoring ripe D'to, n. a hit; a blow. 

coeoannta. Orom&lEl, v. i. to give a blow gently. 

Ckala, o. f, to atore ripe eocoanuts in O'robltl, v. i, to engage in driTing 

a houae. naïla. 



O'robltl, n. a. marïae anim&l, the O'toat, v. t. to breok in two as a atick, 

O'robl'tift, V. i. to drive a nail into. Oto'ua, m. & long waist cloth of double 

Oro^oa, v. t. freq. oí orea. thickneas. 

Orc/reano, v. i. freq. of oreano. Q'tobebe, v. i. to exaggerate. 

Oro^O, c. *. freq. to ^eh with a Beine Otobebe, «. exaggeration. 

and nU. O'tobeTioa, u. (. to axaggerate ; to 

Oro'ro, n. a repeated striking: fish- add to a Btory. 

ing with seine and rai. Otokona, v. i, to eompose a chant toi 

O'tA, n. light (the opposite of dark- the nioia. 

neBB) : a oocoanut leaf tied round Q'tokiuia, ti. the composing of chants 

a tree whose fruit has beeu ta- íor the ruoia. 

booed. Otoiao, v, i. to engage in' l•llandering 

Ota, a. not dark, light. or inventing evil Btories. 

Cta, n. Bciaped cocoauut after the oil CXtorao, ». slanderi invention of etil 

baa been extracted. atories; lying. 

Cta, V. t. to bind a torch for flahing: Ctorake, v. i. to engage in twistiog a, 

to bind a cocoanut tree with a co- lïne with four atranda. 

coanut frond to prevent the stealing Ctorake, n. a line with four atranda. 

of cocoanuts. Ctorake'a, v. t. to braid a line with 

Ota'ota, n. a preparation of food; four atranda. 

acrapéd cocoanut mixed with cocoo- Ctorllüa, v. t. to break into pieeea 

nut molassea. aa a atick. 

Ota'otK, V. I, to prepare food oalled Oto'to, v. i. to engage in breaking, 

otaoía. folding, or compoaïng. 

Ota'ota, V. i. to engage in the prepara- Oto'to, n. a naw or recent chant. 

tion of otaofa. Oto'tonuí, v. i. f»q. of otorao. 
Ota'otafia, v. t. freq. of ota&a, to 

Ota'ota'^lAki, o. of various hues, as V ' 

the fleeh of the ati. 

'Otan'na, n. ( Eng. ) Hoaanna. TT, n. a trap to catob eela. 

Otafia, V. t. to ahield. U, pmn. my : baia — mj hand. 

CKtafia, n. a ahield. TT, o. i. to go to in great numbers; to 

(ytab'a, n, a married woman in her awarm about; to flah for eela witb 

O'tab'a, o. In her prime as a mar- U'a, n. a kind of flabing in deep wat«r 

ried woman. in which a number of persona ac- 

Ctabanlnl'a, v. t. to surround. companj' or manago the seine by 

<Ktabu, tt. eomething tabooed, and not awinuning. 

to be talcen. tTa', a. two, nsed in counting tens, 

Ota'bna, v. t. Bee tabua. hundreda, thousanda, etc., daya and 

Oto'a, V. t. to fold. years (see a, for numeral aumxea), 

Ot•'a, n. a fold. US, n. fruit. 

0^, «. (Eng.) oata. Víl, v. i. to bear fruit. 

Ctl, V. í. toappear; tocomeinsi^t; U'a, «. i. to awim ; to fiah, 

to rise as the aun. ITa', v. t. to awalt the night or sunset. 

D'H, n. appearance; appearing; th« Ua'ea, a. two million. 

riaing of the aun. U&% o. two, in coimting hardware, 

O^loU, V. i. freq. of oti. fumiture, cheata, barrels, timber, 

o4iotIíia'ko, V. i. freq. of otinako. cocoanut-leaf eterns, Sngera, taetb, 

O'tlnako, v. i. to go out. large fiah, aharks, and ScaH. 

Ctlnako, n. a going out; an esodus: 'U'aal, a. Sée ulU. 

the book of Eiodus. Uala, n. racin^, a race. 

O'toa'nene, v. i. to compoae worda to TTa'ia, v. i. to do in company with one 

be aet to muaie. or morè; to both do: to race. 

O'toa'nene, n. the eompoaltion of tTa'iakl, a. twenty, nsed in counting 

words wt to musio. fiah and tnae. 



ITftlftkliia, V. t. to pursue a work or 'üfifi', v. i. to ewa^ prepartUor^ to 

joume; untíl oompleted. throwing or jumpine or Bwimmií^. 

ITft'ltebn, n. an axe proper; also n Ua'fia, n. two tnousond: two fsthoins. 

unall ax«, but not a hatchet. ITa'fia, v. t. to overfeed. 

Va'lt«ra, o. haU and half: double- nft'fia, o. ambideztrous. 

ede«d. Ua'fiaim, a. tvent}' (eeo Aaun). 

Ua'itorft, D. t. to diTÍde in halvea. U&'iUa, c. t. to awing a perHon in a 

Ua'ua, c. t. to Bwim. awing; to sway o&e'a body before 

Ua'ua, n. awimming. throwing. 

'D'a'u&, V. t. to eiecute one's purpose. Uafil'Al, a. very amall. 

Uatl&'inoa, a. freq. of uamoa, to en- TIaiUiU, n. amallness; diminutiveness. 

gage in curiTing fowls. Ua'b'a, v. i, to engage in carrying 

Uau&'moa, ». impudence; Haucineaa. cocoanut oil. 

TTa'u&'na, a. remaining unclianged. Ua'b'a, n. the carrying or tranaport- 

tra'uaiia'iioiia, a. eaget to obtain; ing of cocoanut oil. 

^reedy. Ua'ba, a. two (leaves). 

Ua'uara'o, o. i. freq. of narao. TIa'ba, n. a meaiurement of length. 

TTft'uaro'ko, v. i. freq. of uaroko. TTaba'ea, v. t. to measure. 

tTau&'tl, V. i. freq. of uati, to wasb. Ua'bafiaM, a. lyin^ croBBwise, as 

Üauàtla, V. (. freq. of uatia, to tTiug-sticks on raftors, or as a abip 

wash. in a channel. 

U'aaíL, a. two. In couoting pandanua tTa'bu, n. (En^.) a wharf. 

fruit (see u*). Ua'b'uaka, v. t. to misrepreaent. 

Uam.&'e, a. diapersed. Ua'buakft, c. t. to miBrepresent. 

Uamíl'e, n. díaperslon; a scattering. TIabu'baa, a. two hundred. 

'D'a^oan, t>. t. to engage in measuring Ua'b'ni, a. twenty, in counting thinga 

apaces evenly witli cord or atick. in general (aee uaAaun) . 

TTam'a'iiea, v. t. to round up aa piga; TJàíkt,, pron. these men who. 

to encircle üsh on a reef wben fiah- 'üa'kai, a. two in counting treea, 

ing witb a aeine. planta, flsli•liooka, and eections of 

namft'nea, v. t. to ask íot, to beg. land. 

Uamà'nla, v. t. to meaaure aa apacea U&'kai, pron. tbeae men, or bo^a. 

wít^ atick or cord. TTa'kai, v. i. to go armed. 

U&'moa, a. saucj; haught^; impu- tTa'kaí, n. tbe custom of canying 

dent; bold-faced. deadlf wsapons. 

TT&'moa, n. impudence; eaucinesa. Uft'kana, pron. those men who; thoae 

■üftn', n. pumice atone. b(^ who. 

V&a', V. i. to engage in lertilizing tT&'kaiia, t>. t. to engage repeatedlj in 

witb udn. taking tood to a person. 

Ua'na, a. nnehangeable. TT&luuik, v. í. to go to or iiiait a per- 

tTa'na, v. t. to awini out to. aon for the purpoae of giving ním 

Uft^O, a. TOry many. food repeateflly. 

Uàiia'onao, a. verj many; wry nn- UVkanA, n. the repeated carrying of 

merous. food to a person. 

Ua'nanal, n. a furred and whitiah ITi.'kaniia, pron. thoBO men, or boys. 

condition of the tongue and mouth. 'Ua'kUa, v. a. curled up through beat 

Va'nalial, a. having a white and or cold : curled aa the bair. 

furrj tongue and mouth. tTalcftka, n. a curlíng up througb 

'C&', n. a blighted or poorly de- heat or cold. 

veloped cocoanut. Uaki'ka, v. t. to be bampered as 

U&'níL•Qtl, V. a. baving small or wben attended by sereral small 

blighted cocoanuta. children; to be buraened witb manj 

'Ua'iüti, n. a Úah, the packagea. 

TT&'nla, v. (. to fertilize a plant with TTakiLlEa, n. the eare of a nnmber of 

pawdered uan. children. 

'D'ano'O. n, the flower of the mao. U&'ke, pron. tbose men who; thom 

UJL'^oflo, f. i. to glean. boja wbo. 



U&'keafi, n. a fiah, the tTa'mmii, n. the aL•líting of eargo. 

Uà'kekeí, pron. those men yoader; ITata'eka, v. i. to carr}' word. 

those bójs yonder. 'Uata'etae, v. i. to carry word. 

Uà'Ü, v. i. to be engaged in dra^png Uàtao, a. great in quantity: two 

or towing. (layera or tiera). 

TT&'kliLa, V. t. to drag; to tow, XTa'tano, a. twenty million. 

'TTa'kiiito, n. (Gr) a hjacinth. Uatàlraal, v. a. occurrií^ here and 
TTakD'nikoii, n. a wrinkle; a ^ther. there, aa gray haira. (Hosea, 7:9.) 

Uako'nlkon, v. a. gathered aa in sew- "üa'toki, a. two hundred million. 

ing; wrinkled. U4'ti, ii, a. awollen aa a boil, but not 
TTa'kora, a. two basketa. diacharging. 

ÜalEorl, o. two hundred thousand. UAti, v. t. to wasb. 

Üa'ra, v. a. of or in what state or con- Ui'ti, n, the work of waahing clothea. 

dition (interrogative). ■ÜS'tla, v. t. to waah. 

Ua'ra, a. embarrassed or deterred by tTa'tlbu, inierj. equivalent to, " my 

the preaence of company, foot cannot swell." 

"üa'T&i n. cmbarraBsment in, or a de- Uft'túU, v. i. to engage in carrying 

terring from, t^rough the presence paudanua fruit. 

of another. Vo', v. a. in Uoasom : rufSed aa the 
'Ua'rao, v. i. to deceive; to lie; to bair in the wind, or aa croaa-grained 

prevaricate. wood. 

üa^cao, n. a lie ; a deception. Ve', n. a bloaaom, 

Ua'raoí, a. of suitable bím or fit: not TJo'a, v. i. to reign. 

aevere aa a aiekneaaj moderate. TJo'a, n. a king; a high chief; a lord; 
Ua'r&n, n. tobacco ooze or juice in a a aoïereign. 

pipe-atem; a form of ayphilia. TTe'aiia, 11. í. to rule over. 

■Ua'rin, i>. a. abounding in tobacco Ue'iiarl, n. a cocoanut bloasom. 

juice or ooze in a pipe: afflicted Ue'ka, v. i. to viait aa a country. 

with a íorm of syphitia. 'üe'ke, inteTj. of response, like O. 

TTa'rea, mterj. how mucb morè so. Ue'keue'ke, n. a. kiitd of shrub. 

Ua'rebn, a. ten thouaand, UeTe, «. a. ahuddering; nervoua 
Ua'reke, a. Tery muchj OTer-much; tbrough fear. 

exceasive. Ue're, n. ahuddering; nervousnesa 
Va'reke, inierj. an esclamation of through fear. 

inabOity to do. Ufra, n. (Eng.) a wheel. 

Uare^ke, n. amallneBa; diminutive- Ufrlbaro, n. (Éng.) a wheel-barrow. 

nesB. tri'ta, n. (Eng.) wbeat. 

TTare^ake, a. amall; little; not much. V</, a. two, as in uo man, uo tca, 
TJa'rofto, inierj. equivalent to, "the uoua (aame aa uaz) euphonic. 

land cannot be famine atricken." Uo'ua, a. two, in counting thinga in 
Uaro'floTofio, v. >. to engage in carry- general: four in counting by twoa; 

ing newB. two twoa. 

TTaroSoro'fioa, p. t. to give informa- Tlo^ia, v. i. to engage in carrying a 

tion about. cbild. 

TTa'roko, inierj. an eiclamatioii of Uo'ua, n. the carrying of a ehild. 

confidence in one'a champiouship. Ut/no, u. í. to rock and aing. 

ÜR'roko, n. a ^ft or preaent brought Uo'aoa, v. t. to rock and sing a child 

aa to a chief. to sleep in one's arma while walking 

JSa.'nAo, v. i. to engage in taking a or eitting. 

preaent to a chief. Uo'uota, 11. t. freq. of uota. 

Uaro'koa, tt. t. to preaent a chief witL• XTo'uota'na, v. i. freq. of uotana. 

food. no'man, a. two, uaed in counting per- 
üaro'koa, n, a prstentation of food sona or animala. 

t« a chief. TJo'ba, a. two uaed in counting leavea. 

VH'mmíí, V. i. to ahift about aa a. Uo'ta, «. í. to carry. 

cargo not well atowod; to acatter Vota, n. aomething carried amall ot 

guddenly as a crowd. gre&t. 



ITo'tana, v. i. to eof^e» in carryiiig. 
Uo'tana, n. the cariTing of a burdea. 
Uotlko', inlerj. exdajnation oi ap- 

plsuee or triumph, bm in Cftnoe 

'C'm'd, fk the lagoon aide of an ÍBlaud. 
Ü'm'a, n. e, hotue; a cook-hoiue, » 

small iLOiue. 
U'm'a, V. a. collected or aBsembled: 

Btarted, moved as a rock; lifted a 

littJs in the middle as a mat spread 

Vmakl, V. i. (imperative) conte hera 

(ueed at Makin). 
Vm&toa, a. stronglj' bullt aa a hoiue 

XI'm'Ataro, n. a houee witbout a loft. 
ITmiun', V. i. to eiigage in baking in 

an eartb-oren. 
Umtun', ». fisb set asíde to be baked, 
U'muiia, «. ï. to bake in an eartb- 

Umu'muna, v. t. freq. of nmiiTia. 

Vn, c. j. to be angry; to fight. 

Un, n. tbe principal or central root: 

a crowbar. 
V'nft, V. t. to bit a target repeatedif. 
tT'na, V. t. to bore a hole in. 
Uaa'anae, ». a general tenn for Ath 

smaller tban urakaraka. 
Vna'eiiae, i>. i. to engage in taldng or 

removing all. 
Unaena'ea, v. t. to take or remor* 

Tna'lne, n. an old womaa. 
Una'ine, o. old aa a womon. 
"ün&'xni.k, c t. to decorate. 
D'na'uiía, n, a decoration. 
Vnarake, t>. t. to sali cIom to tbe 

TTna'rlrlU, v. i. to engage in stripping 

off old leavea of cocoanut treea. 
Una'rlrlkl, n. tbe work of atripping 

oS old leavea of a cocoanut tree. 
Unarirl'kla, f. f. to strip a cocoanut 

tree of its leaves, 
n'mata, n. a homestead; a fiíed placa 

of abode (aee unnata). 
UV&ta, c. (. to be long resident in a 

U^aki'na, o. f. to be stirred up or 

displeaaed about. 
tr'nlinal, n. a flab, the 
Ü'nlm'fiiie, n. anold mon; an eldei. 

IT'nlm'&ii•, a. old, as a mas. 

'U'nlila, n. a pillow. 

^T'nlíU, c. t. to la; aa the head on a 

U'^ba, n. a mock-figbt bj children 
uaing cocoanut Iwif midribs aa 

'ü'niba, V. i. to play at a mook-fight, 
as children uaing cocoanut Teaf 
midribs as speara. 

TT'niboto, V. a. continuing in one 
quarter aa lightning: coucentrat- 
ing on one as many accuaations. 

U'nika, V. t. to plant. 

Tr'nlÏB, n. a plantation juat Btarted. 

Ü'nUiÚ, n. a varietf of the babai: a 
large flsb, the 

'Ü'niklU, a. abounding in tbe flah 

Unika'lkal, v. i. to atrike the head 

on the ground in tripping; "E 

baka te te ae n utUkaikat naho." 
'üno'imobaTa'ld, v. i. to sit or atand 

with bowed head. 
Uno'unobara^l, n. tbe altting or 

■tanding with a bowed head; a 

bird, the 
ITno'uiíora, v. t. freq. of unora. 
TT'aora, v. t. to twiat off: to tum a 

ITIiaana, v. t. to urge on or basten 

wark or aport. 
U'nua'ka, c. a. proroked; offeuded; 

put out. 
U'ïkna'r&, v. a. offeuded; put out. 
U'nua'rft, n. the taldng of offence. 
Vnvm, n. croeaneaB; moroseness; dis- 

position to quarrel or flght: a -va^ 

riety oí shark: a long spear with 

ahark'B teeth. 
TT'min, o. given to anger or ill tem- 

per; croas: diapoaed to flght. 
Unu'ólkl, n. planting. 
Uiiu'niU, V. i. to engage in planting; 

TTn'nata, n. a homestead ; a fixed place 

of abode. 
Tja'niiwalta, n. a niock-flght with 

tbe aide roota of pandanuB or the 

stems of babai leaves as darts or 

Un'ra, a. angry. 
TTn'ra, v. t. to eat or cbew pandanue 

fruit, bunia husk, or augar cane. 
Un'Take, v. i. to go conlrary to, as to 

a parent's wishes. 
ITa'taba, v. i. to coUide. 


w 29 uitur 

Ua, n. t. to ehow and eat or suck pan- Ulm, «. o. in the early stage of derel- 

dànua fruit or bania. opment as fruit. 

üil, n. a Buffix, following the dígits in tT'banlmai, n. an unripe breadfruit. 

counting pandanuB fruit in the 'ü'hjuïndí', v. a. greatly mortified; 

buncb (see a and auri). put to great ahame. 

7'fift, a. encúuraged; incited. 'U'l3unra£', n. mortification ; sbame. 

'0''íi&, n. encouragement; a atirriíig TJ'buiito'u, n. an unripe pandanus 

up. fruit. 

Ufia'aíiara, c. t. freq. of nOara. TJbu'bu, a. sof t and tender, u a joung 
"n'Haia, V. t. to taice up or tiegiíi aprout. 

chanting in a nioia. XTbu'bu, n. the tender germ-top of a 
U'fiim, V. t. to chew and 9f,t or auclc coooanut tree. 

aa pandanus fruit or 6unia. Tn>'a'bumt''ra, n. new leares of the 
ü'b'a, n. the part of the upper breast pandanus. 

over the stonium; a flat ahell orna- U'ijurtike, v. a. too forward; rude in 

ment hung over the tibo. approach. 

ITb'a'eto, ti. a. suffering with djapep- Tl'burake, n. rudeneas ; too great for- 

sia or a sense of fulneas after eatiug. warduesa. 

U1}'a'ete, n. a form of dyspepsia. TT'buta'fiau, n. a pandanus fruit in an 
ülMti, n. a bit for boring. early atage. 

'U'bal, V. t. to eagage in boring nith a Ubuta'fiau, v. a, in an earlj atage of 

bit. derelapment as pandanua fruit, 

mui'ia, V. t. to bore a plank with a D'ta, v. t. to blow, 

bit. 'ü'kft, V. t. to open up or uncorer as a, 
Ub'a'nb'a, a. broad as a kite in the native oven after baking. 

middle or as a kaue, U'ke, v. a. conaumed aa bait: consum- 
U'b'ana, v. t. to wear an tAa. ing. 

TTb'a'ntb'an, n. a brace for boring. U'k•, v. i. ta spread aa a aore or flre: 
TTb'a^iib'an, v. i. to engage in boring to seek. 

with a braee-drill. UTieun', v. i. to aeek b quarrel. 

Ub'anib'a'nla, v. t. to bore a plank H'keiiii', n. quarrelaomenesa. 

with a brace-dril], Ukr^i-- ■■ ■ • ' ' 

TTb'à'non, v. t. to üy low as a kiba. "^' 

Ub'a'b'a, n. a brace for boring. m'^Ç' ^ ,«. 

TT'bara, «. i. to be blown íway aa ^Tko'iikeal», t>. ». to go about seek- 

V^^í, V. t. to fll! or oeoupy a plaee JÏ!^"*?*' *•■ * t'}»"'"^!' "«"^h. 

aa flying litter: to flood a eoi^tiy ^í^""».*^^' ":,;■ ^ ""> ,*"t^'«'- 

as immigranta thither in a liewildered aearch. 

TT'b'arl'ri, o. na'rrow as a kito in the Uke'ukonàn'ti, «. a whirlwind. 

middle. U'kebiri, v. i. to be in a quandery, ea- 
■ffb'arl'ri, n. a narrow or slim kite: a peoially in reference to one'a abiüty 

Blim person. to supply guesU with food. 

UTïati, o. powerful and large. Tntebiri, n. a state of doubt or per- 
UTjo, n. a Hnall flsh, the plexity aa to the aupply of food. 

Vho, V. i. to fish for ubo. 'Dkera'ra, «, to go about seeking for. 

■D'boa, V. t. to fiBh for 1160 .- to dap Hí*í?.'^ "" ^ """'""B*' searoh. 

tbe hands Uke^&tí, v. a. all conaumed; all sick. 

injol, n. (Eng.) a boopoe. 5^' "" * ^"^"^ í'' *™ """* * '='*"■ 

TnWuiïo, V. i. freq. of ubo. Hï*' "' "■ '^P^'^^^• 

Ubo^ibo, ji. the clapping of hands. "^ «■ *■ *<> begin to blow after a 
UboulM/a, o, í, to accompany a person ealm. 

■who is chanting with elapplng of the Vkii, n. the inner end of a single pan- 

hands. danns nut or fruit. 

T'hi!, n. the anout ; central part of the TJliia'aa, p. (. to bito off the ukia 
~ 01 a green before cbewing the pandanus fruit. 
TT'UiL, ». a tree, the 



Ü'kln, V. a. abonnding in the tree Um'kftra'ka, n. a. general term for 

ulein, emall fish. 

Plünilna, v. i. to eogage io eating out ITra'kara'ka, v. i. to Beh for small 

the kemel oi ft cocoaJíut with the flsh. 

teeth ; to gnaw. 'n'rBÏa'rak&, v. t. ta obtain small fish 

IT'klii&'nfi, V. (. to eat out the kemel food bj fiaíiing for amalt fish. 

from a cocoanut with the front tT'roke, v. i. to ascend. 

teeth. IT'raki, n. repeated tranaportation. 

IT'kiii&'na, ». the eating out ot ^aw- IT'raki, v. i. to engage in canying 

ing the kemel from a cocoanut sbell : stonea, boarde, eto., to a certain 

a certain mode of flshing. place for collecting them there. 

tr^inalM, n. the thumb. 'ü'rakl'na, «. (. to transport articles 

U'kinibai, n. a. thimble. to a place for collecting them there. 

'U'kliit|l, V. a. ashamed or fluatered by U'rarake, v. i. to blaze up. 

drawing false conduBions, or b; be- TT'nuraks'a, v. t. to tcindle upon. 

ing detected in falae representationa. (laaiab 43:2.) 

üluntH, n. a aenee of Bhame connectéd Vraro, a. purple. 

nith the eflecta of miarepresenta- U'raro, n. the color purple. 

tion. Uratft'ke, n. a species oi lobater, the 

ü'klre, n. the Uttie flnger, the little U're, v. i. to open aa a flower, or the 

toe. mouth or the eyes. 

VMr», V. i. to engage in incantatïon Vre'iise, v. i. freq. of ure. 

in the nae of the little finger. Ure'ure'ka, v. t. Ireq. of ureka. 

'üklre'a, v. t. to assault a person with U'reba, n. a diaease of amall boys, the 

' a little finger incantation. U'reba, v. a. baving the disease ureba. 

Uklre'iiihal, n, the little finger. U'reka, v. t. to open aa tha mouth or 

Ukire'niwae, n. tbe little toa. eyti or baaket. 

Uko'ra, v. í. to look for. U'rl, n, a tree, the 

nko'oko'Ta, V. t. freq. of ukora. tTrlà'nibatl, n. an incantation for in- 

Vttí, V. i. to blaze. creaeing strengtb. 

Ú'ra, V. t. to thiow aalt wàter onto ft Urlà'nlbatla, u, í, to incantate a per- 

roi to frighten the flab away. son in order to malie him atrong. 

U'ra, m. a lobeter: a blaze. IT'Tiia, n. (Eng.) Urim. 

Ura'Tira, o. red. "Uii'fia, t>, t. to remember; to call to 

Ura'nra, n. the color red. mind. 

U'ram^ a. pink. Urifla, n. a remembrance. 

U'ratEial, n. the color pick. TTrifl&'ba, v. i. to remember with affec- 

tT'ramalta'rl, a. angrj as a man juat tion or eorrow. 

retumed from flsbing or eailing. Urlfl&'ba, n. an affe<;tionate remem- 

U'ram'ai, a. parched aa with thirat brance. 

and beated by exercise. Urifiàlra, n. a fish, the 

tT'Tam'al, n. a atate of parching TTrlba, n. the blade of a paddle. 

through tliirat and heat from exer- Urlre'reba, n. a variety of the tree un. 

cise; an abnormal condition of one Urita'baki, n. a tree, the 

pregnant Uro'uro^, v. t. to take all. 

■0'ram'a'ka, v. i. to bum brightly, U'rokou, n. a certain dÍB^ase of the 

U'rama'ra, v. i. to burn dimly. akin. 

■ü'rama'to, v. i. to bum very dímij. U'roktin, o. afllicted with urokou. 

ITrànta, a. red, according to aome n'Tu», ». í. to deatroy; to break. 

authoritiea, but not approved by U'rua, n. the upper part of the waíst 

Kaure. juat below the riba, 

"Oràntina, o. red aa or like the nta. Uruà'ba, c. i. to engage in derastat- 

TTràn'ttna, n. the red color of a neck ing, 

ornament made from the nta. Uru&'ba, n. devaatation. 

tr'Tftbo, a. eame as uramai according U'maka, a. aame aa korakora, strong, 

to aome authoritiea, but not ap- according to some autboritíea, but 

proved by Kaure. not approved bj Kaure. 




tT'mS.a, V. t. to work a Bt«ering oar, 

80 as to " keep off." 
IT'nma, ». a varietj oi Bbark ; b large 

U'ruba, n. the blade oi a paddie: tbe 
butt ot a gaa (see «r>&a). 

U'ruVal, e. t. to engage in destroring. Ma, prep. with, 
U'rub'al, «. deatruetion. '"- - -- ■— ' 

U'nikaii, n. the core of a cocoanut 

tree at its upper end. 
Uru'rl, a. abounding iu wri. 
U'mri'fia, v. t. freq. of uriDa, to re- 

'D'ru'rn, V. i. to engage in deatroying. 
Uru'm, n. destruction; devaatation. 
Uni'rua, u. í. freq. of urua. 
U'ruru'íia, u. í. to work a steering 

oar by repeat«d atrakes. 
Uru'rub'al, *. i. freq, of umb'ai. 
tT'ta, n. a part; a small poTtion; 

some; a little {see teutana). 
Uteà'nlbaka, «, o. loat; misaing. 
Ut•'nte, n. grasB. 
Ute'ntB-a'liio, n. a species of grass. 

Mr. AndrewH aajH in bis Hawaiisn- 
English Dictioaarj, " It is an adj. 
or a, particle, whicb mostly follows 
proper DameB of peraons, and BÍgni- 
fies an attendant, or persona belong- 
ing to, or accompanying." 

üti, n. a louae. 
Uti, a. greater 

:a of graas. Ha'eal, t 

Ua, conj. but. Ma aometimea seems 

to have the force of therefore. 
Va, interj. an exclamation of diasat- 

isfaction and surpriae. 
Ha, n. a low stone wall on a, fiat for 

catching flah. 
H'a, V. i. to fall as a bair, or leaf, or 

a féatber in a moulting fowl. 
U&'e a. sufficieutly dried or cured by 

the aun, as karababa. 
U'a'e, n. a necklacej a wreatb. 
H'a'e, a, sun-bumb 
K'&é, t>. i. to move. 
Ua'è, V. i. to break Tanka, move aside, 

or give way as in b&ttie; to acatter. 
U'a'ea, n. rope oi coooanut-husk flber. 
Hà'aae, v. a. broken into small piecea. 

Uti, «. i. to arise; to awake. 
TT'tiutl, a. lovaj. 

U'tlinK'ra, d. i. to be late in riaing. 
U'tlm&'ra, n. lat« rising. 
U'tlnraíi', a. very Ioubj. 
Ü'tlbft'naè, n . t. to be disturbed in 

aleep by loud talking. 
Vtlb&'nag, n. disturbance in fileep 

througb loud talking. 
tl'to, n. a Bprouted coeoanut very re- 

ceotly planted; a very young cocoa- 

nut tree. 
TT'to, V. a. chai^d with ; accused. 
'(T'toa, a. aevere as pain. 
U'toà'ií*, a. severe aa pain. 
TT'ton, v. a. charged with ; accuaed. 
U'tona, V. t. to accuae. 
'U'toba, n. (Heb.) byBBop. 
ntn, n. a family; a houaehold. 
V'ta, a. having a familj'; liaving near 

Vtaaa, n. a. kHe. 

Boft through decaj. 

juaeso, a, west. 
larger used with Ua'eao, n. the weat. 

U'a'eiid, v. t. to sway aa in the wind, 

or in an eartbquake. 
H'a'ei«i, n. an eartbquake; a sway- 

MS.'eiei, V. a. falling to pieces througb 

decay or age. 
Ma'em, o. gentle. 
H a'em, n. a portion or part especially 

of aoft food. 
Ma'ema'eki, v. >. to engage in picking 

to piecea aa cocoanut tiusk. 
Ua'en, a. capable ot being bowed or 

Ma'enen, a. bending back and fortb. 
Ua'ebo, n. a flsb, the 
Ua'ebue^u, a. flUed as a house with 
plenty of lood to be prepared for a 

Ua'ebue'bu, n. a large collection of 

food in anticipation of a feaat. 
Ua'eka, v. i. to abide, to dwell ; to 

reeide; to live. 
Ua'eka, n. asmall village; a banilet. 
Ua'eka, v. t. to pick to piecea. 
Ua'ekaiiA, «. t. to inhabit; to dwell 
K in- 

Uaeke^e, a. brittie. 
H, pron. thy, baim = thy band. U'a'ere, v. >. to be monientarily hid 

Ua. Tbia word ia identical in use with aa tlie canoes of a fleet by a fast sail- 
the Eawaüan word ma, ot whicb ing canoe. 


32 1U.0 

X'&txtfi», a. Btriped. XA'ía•'ú, n. « Ui» j&ckfruit. 

U'aen're, n. a atriped pattern. Hft^mal, v. a. ^imdiíig in braad- 
UVerera'a, a. atriped in two direc- fmit or'jackfruit treea. 

tiona; checked. H'a'ltn'al, n. dampneas. 

U'a'ereto'filtofi, o.beautifullj' Btríped, Kalna, a. wbite. 

Xtt•rl'klrikl, D. a. broken ínto írag- Ualaftlna, a. wbit*. 

menU. TK^L•aat'ÍDA, n. whiteneaa. 

U'a'eta, n. blubber; fat. Te m'aele- Ua^nani'*, n. a distant aail. 

n-«fu = a acalp. Ha^naiii'•, a. appearing whito as ft 
Ka'et•, u. slippeiy. sali in the diatance. 

lEa'ete, n. the stata at being slippery; Kala&'alkl•, n. aomething light col* 

slipperineas. oi«d like a mat passisg in the dis- 

Haeté^, a. veiy ilippeij. tance. 

K'a'etre, m. a peraon paasing bj wbo XalnA'aUde, v. a. sbowlng bf nisht, 

la not diatiactlj leen. aa a man pasaing wbo is elothed 

U'a'eTe. v. a. seen Bccidentallv, aot with a wbjuah gannent. 

hj a direct look oí tbe eye, bu^ as it Xalnako, v. t. to become pala tbron^ 

were, by a aide glance. great terror or Bickneaa or shame. 

M'a.tnro'tn, V. a. íreq. of m'aewe. Ma'lnataka'ebuebu, o. very white. 

Ka'i, v. i, (used imperativelf ) cotne Ua^nata'klraTa, a. veiy white. 

bere, Kalne, n. the handle oi an adze. 

Ka'l, prep. from. Ha^nlkn, m. the eaat. 

K'&'l, n. the before. Ka^nlku, a. eaat. 

Kal, adv. this waf ; here, toward tba Kalil, n. the left hand; a leftbanded 

apeaker. person. 

lEal, n. a breadfmit-tree. Ka'tfl, a, left banded. 

l[a% a. pale, white. Ka'ibl, v. a, broken ai Bomethina 
l[a% n. a flah, the brittíe. 

U&'l, a. bltter. Ualbl, n. a broken piece. 

H'ft'i, tt. a bat or wlg made trom Kalblu'a, v. a. broken in two as ft 

hair. diab or cocoanut sbell. 

ITa'i, a. cooked. Ka'ibi'bi, v. a. broken into manj 
U'a'l, n. cooked food. pieoea as sometbing brittle. 

Ua'la, a. whencel from whereT {ma* Malblnna'na, n. a piece of a eocoa- 

ia) (interrogative). nut sbell. 

K&'lal, V. a. mffled, disarranged; Ma'lba'a, v. a. broken in two as m 

masbed up. diah or cocoanut ahell. 

Mft'la'l, a. thence; from tbere {mai Kalke'tka, o. í. to Bob. 

tai). 2Ea''lkeke'l, adv. from yonder plaoe. 

Uaia'ia, v. o. beaUn soft with a atick. Ua'ikoa, adv. on tkia aide of. 

H'a'iafio, n. pine wood. U'a'lra'oi, v. a. well oooked. 

Ua'iaki, a, soath. Ka'ire, n. (Eng.) a milè. 

Ualakl, n. tbe sontb. Ualre^ereke, n. a jackfniít tree. 

Ha'iawa, n. the name of a certain U'a'ita, n. (Eng.) a mitre. 

star. K'a'lti, a. many ; much. 

H'ale, ». woildly pleasure; dissipa- U'alti, n. amount; quantity. 

tion. M'a'itíku'rlkurl, a. Tery man;; Tsry 
U'a'le, V. i, ,to engage in worldl; much. 

pleaaure. U'a'ltoro, a. cool. 

H'alo, V. a, assembled. H'a'itoTO, n. coolnesa; the state of 
K'a'lo, n. asaembly. being cool. 

Kalora'ora, v. a. underdone. H'aito'Totoro, a. íreq. of maitoro, 
Ka'ln, n. life; salvatlon; a c<anfort- ver; cool. 

able condition of mind or body. K&'o, n. a large boab, tbe 

Ua'la, f. i. to be alive; to live; to be Hfi'o, a. bitter. 

in a cc»Dfortable condition of mlnd Tti'a, v. a. nearty flnisbed aa a 

or bodf. shower; raining gentlf. 

d by Google 

Uft'ono, n. Bweat. te o: 

Ha'ono, V. i. to sweat. Halirake, n. the Bittíng nidely bj an- 

Ka'ono, a. sweatf . f ' other. 

Ha'onon, a. See maenen, ICa'urea, a. ill mannered; too bold. 

K&'ofi, a. eaaily fatigued. Ua'urea, n. aa ill-maiuiered person. 

Ua^oko, 71. a Qah, tbe KA'ureka, o. ill mannered. 

ICao^orl, a. Bee maonon and XCa'uTQka, n. ill-manneTed behavior. 

ma^nen. Ka'uri, i>. i. to be in heslth. 

V&'oto, V. a. broken as a Btick or Ma'iirt, n. a coadition of good he&ltlu 

bone; or aa the beat of the Bun after lïa'urifi«, n. forgetfulneaa. 

paasing the merídian (metaphori- Ka'urifla, v. t, to forget. 

cal). IC'auro'uTO, a. atl without eiception: 
U'a'oto, n. ft fractura in wood or completely assembled; everj one 

stone. present. 

K'a'oto-le'ta, v. a. running to tho lE'ante'retsrfl, a. Tery parched. 

Eastward as a current. Ha'utete, a. ugty; bad; meau. 

H'aotc/ua, v. a. broken in two, aa Ha'atet«, n. ugfineas; meannesa. 

wood or bone or metal. Uauto'rotoro, n. a aong or chant uaed 
XEaoto'nibw, n. flsh reaerved or set in begging, 

aeide in parment of cauoe hire. lE&m, n. freah wàter. 

U'a'otO-rl'kírUd, a. bToken into maaj Ua'ma, a. asbamed; abaabed. 

pieces. Hà'ma, n. ahame. 

K'aotff'to, «. a. freq. of maoto. U'&'m'a, o. easily broken aa etone; 
M'aoto^, n. food in many fra^enta. easilj crumbling; eoft. 

U'a'n, a. dry. M'ft'ma, n. a vanetj of crab, the 

U'a'n, n. díynesB, tlie etat« of being Ua'ma, n. moonlight. 

diy. U&'ma, a. being moonlight. 

K&'iia, n. the apouting hole or noatril Ufi'ma, n. food which has been mastl- 

of the apenn whale. cated foi an infant. 

Xí'ua, ínterj. an interjection at the K&'ma, v. i. to eng&ge in masticating 

beginning of the cry made bj people food for an infant. 

when they are just at the pomt oi Kà'mft, 11. (. to feed a little child with 

hauling t<^ether. Mà'ma, n. food wTtich has been maati- 
Haua^marake, a. greedf , eager to ob- cated for it. 

tain an undue portion of food. Kaina'B, v, i, freq. of mae. 

ICaua'marake, n. greed for food be- H'am'a'elei, v. i, freq. of maeiel. 

longiug to another. Uama'ema'ekl, v. i. freq. of mae- 
Ha'unA, (I. a. out of aigbt, gone. maeki. 

Ua'unea, v. i. to be diaturbed by tbe Kama'en, a, freq. of maen. 

noiee of others. Hama'ebo, a. freq. of maebo. 

Ha'imel, n. a rush ; a reed, Hama'ebu'ebu, a. freq. ot maebuebu. 

Ua'unlka, v. t. to forget. Hama'eka, o. i. freq. of maeka. 

H'a'nfi, a. pútrid. Kama'eka'na, v. t. freq. of maekana. 

H'a'ufL, n. putridity. Hama'akelce, a, freq. of maekeke, 

Ua'oila, n. a mountain. H'am'a'ewe, v. i. freq. of m'aewe, 

Ua'uSaro, a. having no f«eth. K'am'a'ie, v. i. fraq. of m'aie. 

Ua'nfUita'bn, v. a. oollected as people. H'am'a'lo, v. o. freq. of m'aio. 

Ua'oilefia, a. covetous of food. Kamala, v. a. freq. of malu. 

Sbt'nflefie, n. covetouanesa ot an- lïania'laa, a. wbit«. 

other's food. Hanui^nüki'e, a. freq, of mainanie. 

Haukftn'na, v. i. to keep eatlng food Uamalu&nlki'e, v. a. f req. of moinan- 

while one is preparlng it. ikie. 

Kankftn'na, n. tbe hàbit oí eating Kama^bl, v. a. freq. of maibi. 

food whlle being prepared. Hama'Iblu'a, v. a. freq. of maibiua, 

X'a'uka, o. lame. Hama'iblbl, v. a. íreq. of maiblbi. 



lïaiiui1bti&, o. a. freq. oí maibuft, Kam&'nilLo'&o, v. i. Ireq. of mani- 

Kam&'iko'ike, v. t. freq. oi maikeike, DoOo. 

Ka'mao, a. freq. of mao. Kam&'nlbi'lMtl, o. freq. of mani- 

Btama'ono, a. freq. of maono, bineu. 

M'am'a'oto, v. a. freq. of m'ooto. ]fami.''nlbiulkA, a. freq. of 

U'ftm'a'oto'Qa, t>. ii. freq. of m'aotoum, buaka. 

M'am'a'n, a. freq. of m'au, MKinK'nibnbn, v. i. freq. of maní' 

Ham&aa'marake, a. freq. of inaua- bubu. 

marake. Ham&'nikaflara, v. «. freq. of mani- 

Kama'uiía, v. a. freq. of mauna, kaflare, 

Mam&'imei, v. a. abounding in reeda. Mam&'nlko'tUUlft, o. a, freq. of 

K'aia'a''iifi, a. freq. of m'auO. konana. 

Hama'ufiBta'^a, v. a. freq. of mauSa- Mam&'nlko^vU, v. t. fieq. of 

tabú. koralii. 

I. freq. of mautiefie. K'am'ft'nlko'rkkl, a. íreq. of i 

^ «. t. freq. of man- korakí. 

kanna. Ham&'alwaka, «. a lateral pandanua 

U'am'a'akii, a. freq. of m'auku. root before touchin^ the groiind. 

Xama'nrake, v. t. freq. of maurake. H'om'a'nu, v. a. freq. of nTanu. 

Uama'urea, a. freq. of maurea, Uam&'nnl'a, a. freq. of mauuía. 

Kama'nrl, v. «. freq. of mauri. Kaina'nuo'ka, v. t. freq. of manu- 
KnmR'niifla, o. t. freq. of mauriOa, 
Xftnui'ntat•, a. freq. oí mautete, 
K&'m&m, o. freq. of mam. 

IL•una'ma, v. t. freq. of mama, nanoa. 

KBm&n', a. freq. of man. Uamatuial, a. freq. of mannei, 

H'am'&n', v. a. living aa husband and Kam&n'tl, v. a. íreq. of manti. 

nife: haudy: manly. Kam&n'toa, v. t. freq. of mantoa. 

K'aln'ana, c. i. íreq. of m'ana, BtRmftntoa, a. freq. of mantoa. 

TÍ'a'xd.'miuií, V. a. abounding in H'am'aflatflal, v. t. freq. oí m'alSaiSai. 

m'anat: joking; fooling; mialead- K'am'aflalflal, n. íreq. of m'aSaifiai, 

ing. Hamafia'lfial, n. freq. of maBaiSai. 

Uam&'nazia, a. freq. of manana. Uamafia'lfial, a. freq. of maDaitlai. 

U'am'a'nafia, t>. í. íreq. of m'anaflo. Hamaiía'aflao, a. íreq. of maDaoBao. 

KanLà'nafio, v. a.'freq. of manafio, Mama'fiAmafia, o. fieq. of maOa- 

Kaia&'natna, v. a. freq. oí manatua, malla. 

Kamà'nea'oa, v. a. freq. of maneaua. Hama'fie, v. i. freq, of matle. 

Vam'a'seR'iw, v. a. freq. of m'a- Uama'&eafie, ti. a. íreq. of mefleatle. 

neaua, Uama'filfl, v. a. freq. of mafliS. 

Kam&'noafi, v. a. freq. of maneafl. Hama'&Ifi, n. freqüent drunkenness. 

Uamà'neu'na, ti. a. freq. of maneuna, Kama'fiorl, a. freq. of maBorJ, 

K'am'a'iieni'ane, «. a. íreq. of m'a- Uama'blao, v. a. freq. of mabiao. 

nem'ane, Uama'bono, v. i. freq. of mabono. 

Uftm&'neïm, a. freq. of manena, Kam&'babu, a. freq. of mabubu. 

Ham&'neii&lEk, «. a. freq. of ma- K'am'aluL, a. verj industrioua. 

nenaka, U'am'a'ka, n. great indiutrj. 

Xam&'nenrlrl, v. a. fieq. of manen- Hama'ïa, d. (. íreq. of maka, 

riri. U'am'akalkal, v. i. freq. of m'akai- 

K'am'an•we'a, v. t. freq. of manewea. kai. 

K'am'ani'o, v. i. freq. oí m'anio, H'am'aka'UTO, a. freq. of m'akauro; 

Kam&'nbnan, v. a. freq. of maniman. abounding in makatiro. 

Uam&^lnfin'tl, a. freq. of maninanti, H'am'aka'urout&'rl, ». a. íreq. of 

Ufún&'nln&ra, o. a. abounding in m'akaurontari, 

moequitoés. K'a'm'akel, a. freq. oí m'akei. 

Mamà'iüíia, c. a. íreq. of maniUa, Va'm.'ake'rukeni, «. i. freq. of ro'a- 

Vam'a'nlfia, t>. a. íreq. of m'a'niDa. kerukeru. 

U'am'a'nlfia, n. freq. of m'aniUa, Mamaldiia, c. (. freq. of makina. 


35 aCANA 

Kft'nutki'iioiio, V. a. freq. of ma- lUmata'miA, v. 1. freq. oi matauna, 

kiuono. t<i choose a wife for one'a aelf. 

HK'maki'noklno, a. freq. of makino- Mftm&'tam, v. i. freq. of matam, to 

kino, eat. 

K'atu'a'karo, v. a. freq. of makoro, ICamitain, n. freq. of matom, 

H&niB'ku, a. fieq. of maku. Kamà'taiiA'iiie, v. t. freq. of ma- 

Uama'ka, n. great and constant fear. tanaine, 

Kama'kua, v. t. freq. of makua, HEftmat&'nlbofi, a. freq. of matanibofi. 

K'am'a'kurl, v. i. freq. of m'akuri. Ham&'tanlïa'naiioafik, a, freq. of 

U'am'a'kurl, n. freq. of m'akuij. matanikanaaoaSa, ead faced. 

Kamà'ra, a. weak. Uam&'tanlkiino'a, v. i. freq. of ma- 

TSamS/tA, n, weakness. tanikimoa. 

Mamara'ta, v. a, freq. of maraia, Hataà'tanl'ruA, v. a. freq. of ma- 

H'am'ara'lral, a. freq. of m'arairai, tanirua. 

Uà'm&rau, a. freq. of marau. Mam&tanrafl, v. a. freq. of inatan- 

Blà'mara'araa, a. freq. of maraurau. ran, 

Kà'maraTi, a. freq. of maran. 3Eam&'taiiil''a, c. i. freq. of matanria, 

M'a'm'arano, a. freq. of m'arane, Mamà'taflnro'a, v. t, freq. of matall- 

Wn-mariíi'rail, a. freq. of maranran. uiea. 

U'a'm'arake, v. i. to expreea outward Kani&'tab'al, v. a. freq. of matab'ai. 

affection as a child. Ham&taba'reka, a. Ireq. of mata- 

M'a'm'ara'bea, v. t. to expreas out- bareka. 

ward affectíon for, as a child climb- Ham&'taku'kuiie, a. freq. of matar 

ing up into ita mother's lap. kukune, baving sharp eyes for flnd- 

Xam&'rakl, o. a. freq. of maraki, in iug. 

pain. ]Eam&'taT&, t>. a. freq. of matarA. 

Ham&'rakl, n. freq. of maraki. Kam&'taron'roii, v. a. freq. of mata- 

Ham&'rara, v. a. very indistinctl; ronron, abashed wheu rebuked. 

heard. Kainat&'roro, v. a. freq. of mataroro, 

]fain&''rato, v. a. freq. of marató; fainting through hunger or sickneas. 

well anointed or smeared with oil. Uaia&'taru'aiui, a. freq. of mata- 

Ham&'rei, v. i. freq. of marei, to hic- ruana. 

cough. Kam&'tato'ka, a. freq. of matatoka. 

Ka'nüre'fiereile, a. freq. of ma- Uam&'tawe're, v. i. freq. of mato- 

refiereQe, feeble, working moderately. were. 

Mkmà'rebu, v. a. freq. of marebu, Kà'ioate, a. freq. of mat«, dead. 

runninr with a strong tide rip. M&'mma, n. the udder; tbe breaats. 

M'aní 'ailn''riii, a. freq. of m'arinrin, Ha^mma, v. i. to euck tbe breast. 

loose, nat flrmly fixed. Uàm'nL&ín, a. not giving tbe original 

Kam&'rUEa, a. freq. of marika, pleasure or aatiefaction. 

plump; well fed. Kunm&'niw&'ka, n. long estemal 

XÀxa.&.'tika'Tik»., a. freq. of marika, root of tbe pandanuB. 

Tery fat. Uàm'mdn, n. (Eng.) Mammon. 

Uama'rlke, v. a. freq. of marike, re- Hftn, prep. from. ít becomes mant 

freshed with food. before m, b, and k. 

Mam&'rlri, a. freq. of marirl, cold. M&n, n. a flag; an animal; a bird: a 

Kain&'roa, a. íréq. of maroa; lone- measenger. 

Bome. Man, a Bufflx following the digitfl in 

Kam&ta, d. a. revealing one's galf ai counting persona and animals. 

a spirit to a mao. Ufin, n. a cuatom. 

H&'mata, n. a tunnel ; a fnnnel. U'a'íia, v. t. to deceive. 

K&^nata, v. t. to convejr fluid la a H&'na, v. a. Boiled; stuck up; daubed. 

funnel. M'a'nal, n. scissors; a Tariety of crab, 

Uunat&l, V. i. freq. of matai, to look tbe 

eovetoualy. U'a'nal, v. i. to move as an infant on 

lUmata'irilEl, a. freq. of matairiki, the baók of ita head tïrown back bj 

omniscient. pushing with íta feet. 


lUHA 36 Tum 

U'ftnaliud, v. a. poisoned hy wtíng IEiiiMi&'k&, d. a. anointed or be- 

m'anai. smeared with oU. 

Va'nau, c a. partiallr dried as flsb; m'nenlka'l, n. a worn out weapon 

beffinniíig to diy aa flah. or outrigger. 

3I'a%au, n. fiah partially dried. U&'nentu'l, o. wom out aa a weapon 

K&'nAm, ». a praparation of (ab<u or outrigger. 

acd cocoauut. Kànen'rlri, n. an old wom-out riri 

JV/nAminA, a. maahed; cruihed; used in bathing. 

aoft; miry. K&usnMrl, v. a. clad in a man^nriri. 

U&'uúu, a. tame; domesticatod. U&nenrl'rla, c. t. to wear a monenHriy 

Hfc'n&lia, n. tamanesB; the quality of to dresa one's aelf in a manenriri. 

being tame. 2£&neba'nlbabal, n. a rtH haviDg the 

K'an&'na, a. convaleecent; cheerful. ehade or color of a bobni leaf. 

U'an&'na, n. eonvalescence; cbeerful- St&'nebaaka, a. worthleu; of no ac- 

neM. count. 

K'a^iaS, M. a portion or part. lU'iiebu'ka, ». thlelc, or baving many 

U'a'nafiB, v. «. to proceed; to aet ieaves as a riri. 

out. I['a'n•k&, n. a footstap. 

lU'n&fio, V. a. wakeful at night ; often H&'neka, n. a scar. 

waking. K&'aAkA, a. In th« earl^ aga of 

K&'matna, «. a. cnubed ; masbed. springtide: scaired. 

X&'nawa, n. the pit of tbe atiunacb. K'aneka'aeka, a. marked with many 
W&'iiawal, n. a ditch around the bot- footateps. 
tom of a babai pit. U&neka^eka, a. marked with inanT' 

M^'oei n 

H&nawK'liuLfi, a. havliig a disturbed 

stomaoh. U&'nekeafl', n. a riri baTÍng a green- 
K&na-wa'tnafl, n. a form of dyspepua. ish color. 

Hànawa'nawa, a. deepl; miiy. Uà'neka, n. a flah, the 

K'&'ne, n. a brother of a sister: or a Mi/avn/ro, n. a ríri barlng a dark 

Blster of a brother r a male ; a color. 

man: a euphemiatic word for t^e K'a'&ewe, n. a mention in song. 

H'a'newm, v. í. to mention a name 
. (Bitg.) money. in song; toaingofone. 

jn'a'ne, v. a. taken; ensnared; en- K&'nl, a. tbin (writt«n alao mmtuti, 

trapped; surrounded. £x. Z9;23). 

- H&^e, «. wortb ; value ; eonsequence, M&'nl, pr«p. front. 

K&'no, a. worn out; wom tbin. U'a'nlo, v. i. to sleep soundlr. 

X'A'aem, V. t. to receive ; to embraoe. M'anl'oulo, v. a. \«ry soundiy asleep. 

K&naa'na, v. a. asbamed through fail- H&'nlm, o. gentle. 

ure to do. lEïnlin&n, v. a. full of insects; 
VanM'na, *. o. well ons secuielf wonny: having peta, 

placed. K&niaan'tl, a. fortunate; providen- 
U&^oanaa, t>. a. ashamed tbiougb tiallj delivered. 

fallure. SC&ninftntl, n. good luck; fortune. 

S&'^ieafl, V. 0. ubamed througb fail- Mà'ninara, n. a mosquito. 

ure. M&n'intea'bikB, n. the flag or. cignal 
X&'neafi, ». shame througb fallure. of a certain tribe or family. 

K'a'^e&ba, ». council-house ; a M&'niilA, u. a. diatreased hy grating 

cbureh; a cbapel: moneoftan tai= sounds, or the sight of wounda. 

a halo around the aun. MC'a'nlfla, n. the state of being pur- 
Kà'nemia, «. a. anolnt«d witb oíl. zled; confuaion; perplesity. 

K'&^em'Àne, a. baving much moner. U'a'nifLa, v. a. puzzled; confused. 

U'&'^sm'JUu, o. a. taking man^ flah K'a'nifU-na'ko, v, a. baving loat 

as a seine; receiving monej in one's way. 

Kyment for work. U'anlfia'nlfla, c a. freq. of m'anilla. 

Mna, a. of ralue; of account; o( K&nitU^lfiji, n. a eomer; tbe little 
wortb. loek of hair in front ot tbe ear. 


KASI 37 

X&^Üfi&^iiila, V. a. prorided nith or M'a^tono, ». « uuall depreraion or 

caTT^BB a Bupply oí tobacco. pit. 

H&'nla&'^dilaiia'om&ta, a. kind; be- U'a'nono, a. depreased; iudented. 

nevolent; social. U'anoiM/ua, o. depreaóedi indented; 

TW)i'Tifai^^w<a»Tii•n•fl^^ o. imkiad ; un- cràter tike. 

friendly; unsocial. M'a'noka, n. the lap. 

M&'nliür«, ». a dimple. ll['a'ii[>k&, <i. (. to hold in Uie arma. 

lEà'iiiílare, a. having a dimple. U'a'nakii, ». a curving in; a ba;; a 

K&nlfio'So, V. i. tú converse in a low gulf. 

voice. M'a'nokn, a. curving in or indented 

K&nlfio'fio, n. the Hound of vaices in as the shore. 

low conTersation. U'anoku'nlbal, n. a eublt. 

U&'nifLure, v. i. to utter diBsatisfao- M'a^oltuno^u, a. freq. of m'anofcu, 

tion aa at again loaning to a neigh- irregular in outline as the shore. 

bor. St'aDorl'o, v. a. depressedj indented; 

K&atfiu'r«B, V. t. to criticise a neigh- pitted. (Phjra. p. 21.) 

bor in reference to borrowiug. K'a'nn, n. a joint as of the elbow. 

K'a'nlVa, n. a well. K'a'nu, v. a. doaed as fingerH; bent 

M&'niba, a. unaccommodating ; Belfiah. or drawn up as an arm or legj 

K&niba'rabara, n. SpaniBh 87. slatdc ; looping as a slack Tope. 

K&n'ibara'ki, n, a variety of a white, H&'naa, n. a flsh, the 

flat louse, iníesting tbe anupit. K&'nua, n. roastéd cocoanut kernel. 

Hinlbe'ni, n, an insect resembling a 1CA'ima.'t>, n. (Eng.) a man'of-war; 

bee ; a bee. a war Tesgel. 

lUt^bl'nen, n. mildew. lCft''niila, a. fortunate; favored. 

U&'nlbl'tien, v. a. mildewed ; epotted. Hi'nula, ». fortunateneis. 

Mànibl'&ao, n-asmalloSensive insect. U&n.uo'ua, n. the fla^ or signal of » 

U&'nibiiAka, a. unkind; evil-minded. certain tribe or familj. 

K&'nlbnaka, ». unkinduess. H&nno'ka, v. t. to forgpt. 

K'&nlbuaka, a. unbind; evil-minded. U'anQ'nu, v. a. wrinkled. 

H'&'tilïuaka, n. unkíndnesa. U'antl'iiu, n. a nrtnkie. 

Ü&'nibubn, 1). «. to talk unldndly at Hftn'na^ n. (Eng.) Mauna. 

home of one vho borrows. H'annà'noa, v. t. to regard; to value; 

K&'nibnbu, n. a nmior. to pay attention to. 

H&'nlbu'^ua, v- 1. to circulate a mere H&n'na&, n. ashes. 

rumor. U&n'nail, u. t. to become ashea. 

Kà'nlbwebw*, n. the outer part oi a K&n'oel, n. languidneaa. 

pandanus teaf at ita base; chafT. H&n'nel, a. lànguid; weak, especially 

lÏBi'&ibvra'rebvrere, a. verp thïn. tbroufh aicknesB; lifeleas. 

H&nlka'fiara, v. >. to joke; to make Kanneba'eba, a. not akillful fn pro- 

fun ; to be droU. viding food, through indolence. 

Uiulka'flare, n. joking; jeating; a Uín'nlW'tl, n. a Tei; small fly or 

joke ; a jest. insect. 

Uluilko'naiia, o. a. easily tuming to Màn'nlbo'tt, v. a. abounding in, or 

any employment ; apt ; handy. full of manníbeti. 

U'&^ko'rBkl, a. inventive; akilled H&n'ra, o. Bt» m'anibwika. 

in doing something new. lUn'raa, v. a. often aeen; seen to 

K&'niko'rakl, v. i. to joke; to loake wearineas; seen t«o often. 

f un ; to be droll. Xin'rifi, v. a. pealing off in little 

K&'nlko'raki, n. joking; a joke. scaies as sunburnt skin. 

TS&'jio, d, .tight; not leaky; dry. KAnMil, n. little acales on the skin 

K&'no, n. tightneaa; the condition of from sunbum or other cause. 

not being leaky. KSurl'kl, ». a chronic, offenaive ca- 

K'a'no, a. indented; having a hollow; tarrh in the nostrilB: maron te wa 

depreeaed. ae mannà; a certain ensign or flag 

Ua'n.ono, give annoyance; to on a canoe. 

giye trouble (see tabore). Kfin'rureka, n. (Eng.) a mandrake. 



K&nla, «I. chsracter. Hafii'filft, ti. <. to treat b person ÍII7 
Haa'te, n. (Eng.) Monda^. as one often do«s when intoxicated. 

IC&nte'nAiui, n. the fiag or signal of a U&'fio, n. the fontanel. 

eertain tribe or tamilj. Bta'flo, v. i. to howl. 

Kautl, n. (Eng.) a month. U&'fla, n. a howl. 

UCàn'tl, V. a. pulverized; majíhed. Uà'fiolo'tai, n. one entitled to respect. 

K'an'to, V. a. acquired. X&flofio, n. the breatb, or ratber ita 
H'an'toa, v. t. to mislead with a pur- odor from the noee: the nasal pas- 

pose to do au injuiy. sago to the throat. 

Xàn'toa, a. turbid; roiled; Toilf ; K&'norl, a. obscure; Qot much kuown; 

Btllred up. not noted, 

U&ntoa, n. that which toíIs: dregs. U&'fiorí, n. a Btat« of beingunknown; 
■a'fi&, (Miu, ttgain (generaUy preceded obscurity. 

bf a). K'&'fLa, n. & bunta in wbich the kemel 
Ha'&a, V. a. opposed hj a minority. has not fet developed. 

Ha'fia, n. the man opposing, X&'&a, a. glo38}r and smooth aa oiled 
31'a'fla, n. a brancb. hair. 

U'a'fia, a. baving a branch. U&'fiuinafiíi, a. íreq. of muDu. 

U'a'fial, n. a spear with branches. K&íiuro'ro, a. giosaj, smooth, and 
K'a&a'lnrail, v. i. to eat voraciously: black, as oiled bair. 

to baa»t. Kafika'naükana, a. long in duration 
HaOa'ifial, a. ragged as an old gar- <see man). 

ment. Kafl'ke, n. (Eng.) amonkof. 

UafialfUt, n. raggedneas ai applied KiUi'kirl, n. a bird, the 

to a. mat or a garment. K&fi'klrl, ir. a. aboiinding In fruit. 

U'afialfial, c. i. to conteDd noisily U'aíL'ko, n. a cup. 

with wordB; to diapute. U'afilEO, c *. to be in poBBeaaioii of 
M'afia'lfial, ». a contentfon; a noÍB}> land through marriago of a child. 

disputa. U'a'fikoTia, v. t. to possess land 
K&fuio, a, in confusion; diaarranged; through the marriaga 01 a child. 

out of order. H'afikofl'ko, a. cup-Btiaped. 

HaflB'oB, I). (. to gnaw. * U&l&kl, v. a. having a bad undertow, 

Haü&'ofiao, a. uncombed; jumbled as the aurf. 

t^^ther; diaorderly. U&'bkkl, n. a t)ad undertow in the 
Kanji-atl, n. the resurrection. (Mat. surf. 

22:30.) Uà'b•, n. (Eng.) a map. 

Ma'ftamàfia, a. havií^ manj branchea. Hàbla'o, v. a. well prorided for, ae a 
Kafiama'fiara, v. t. freq. of maSara. famity with food. 

X'a'fiaiüka'l, n. the branch of a Uftbla'o, n. good provision. 

tree. lI&1)o&o, n. a stationary trap for flsh. 

U&'flara, v. t. to interfere wilh; to Sl&'boiio, c. i. to eatch flsh by means 

oppose. of a mabono. 

Kfii'n•, n. litt«r; rubbish. Habo'iabora, a. perfectly smooth as 
Tai/He, n. a tooth back ot the front the ocean in a calm. 

teetb. U&lioro, n. (Eng.) marble. 

K&'fi«, V. *. to chew with the canine H&liu, a. forbidden. 

teeth and the molars. U&'bubu, a. misty; hazy; foggy, 

H&'&eafie, V. d. littered; etrewed with H&'bubu, n. mist; haze; fog. 

rubbish. Mata, V. t. to fear. 

H&fiie'ire, n. coral rock or stone Ualca, n. fear of. 

harder than kari. M'ita, n. decay ! a diaeaae: tertiary 
Kà'fUe'we, v. a. abounding in mà'- syphilia. 

flie'ioe. M'à'ka, a. rotten. 

H&'fiiil, n. drunkenness, intoxication. U'a'ka, n. divina or supematural 
Mft'fllíl, V. a. drunk; intoxicated. power. 

Uàfil'fU, a. over'ripe; drying up as 3['a'ka,a. having supematural power: 

fruit tóo long kept. bright as a fire. 


K'akR'ikal, v. i. to ruetle. 
H'aka'ikaí, n, a ruatling. 
U'aka'urú, n. tbe aoldier crab. 
M'aka'urontft'rl, n. a large Tftriety 

or species of the BoldieT crab. 
H'a'fcam'aka, a. spotted &b an imper- 

fect panda nus leaf. 
Makanatana, a. not flrm; easil; 

broken; ueak; írail. 
Uakftaa'kaiia, n. weakness of inani- 

mate material. 
H'fikare'lrel, v. a. glowing with beat 

as red hot stoues. 
K&'kttrera, n. (En^.) mackerel. 
U'ft'karo, m. a coat of úre. 
H'&'kaiv, V. a. having many coala of 

H'a'ks, n. a flah, the 
H'alce, Q. having slim legs. 
U'a'kel, n. the thorn on the side oi 

the pandanuB leaf ; a barb. 
H'a'kei, a. proud. 
U'ake'ikei, a. prickly; thomy. 
K'a'kem'alce, v. a. abounding in 

U&'kena-Eà'ta, n. (Eng.) the Magna 

Ua'kene, v. a. abating aa a BÍckness. 
M'a'keiiika'rawa, n. a lish, tbe 
Ual^eko, n. (Haw.-Eng. } mustard. 
U'ake'rukeru, v. i. to make a crunoh- 

ing ^ound in eatiag; ar a nibbling 

or gnawing aound aa a rat. 
H'^e'mkem, n. a gnawing or nib- 
bling aound. 
Uà'ketl, n. (Eng.) market. 
Ua'kl, a. shrifeled and dried up as a 

Màltt, c. a, barely buming; nearly 

ex tingui ahed. 
U&'kl, n. e ho makina. 
Ka'kl, n. lood prepared for a dead 

peraon about to be buried. 
H&'ki, adv. scarcelj; barely; witb 

Ha'kl, n. (Eng.) a marc. 
Kà'kimàki, v, a. comptetely satu- 

rated or drenched, aa the bair with 

oil or wat«r. 
H&'klm&kl, n. a tborough drenching 

or aoaking. 
H&'kioa, V. t. to fear; to be afraid ot. 
Uakl'noaa, v. a. completely satu- 

rated, as the hair with oil or wàter. 
Ha'kliio^no, o. hard as fecea. 
H&lübiíia, V. a, completely removed ; 


M&'kltab'a, ti. a bird, tbe 

U&'ko, n. a flah, the 

M'ako^o, n. a certain dlsease ot the 

Mako^o, a. not ripe (see koroubu). 
H'a'koro, n. a portion; a aectíon: a 

cut; a wound. 
H'a'koro, v. a. cot; gaahed; not in 

K'akoro'ua, v. a. cut in two. 
H'akoro'ua, n. a half portion: weak- 

nesa of ot pain in tbe back. 
K'ako'rokoro, v. a. cut into aeveral 

Kaltota'iui, n. a amall piece or part. 

Uà'ku, a. afraid. 

Uft'ka, n. fear. 

HCà'kua, v. t. to fear (only with the 

suffix pronoun). 
Kà'kua, n. full springtide. 
Sffà'kua, a. being full springtide. 
Kaku'akua, a. verj bloody; very high 

as the tide. 
Kaku'akua, n. a very hig-b tide. 
Hà'kuna, v. a. well covered orer with 

mats as an oven-fire. 
K'a'kurí, V. i. to work. 
U'a'kuTl, B. work; labor. 
H'a'k'oria, «. í. to work; to labor or 

operate upon. 
Ua'ra, a. aoft aa an animal sbeddíng 

itsakin; wet; moiat; bald. 
Kft'ra, n. a bald head; baldneas. 

(Amos 8; 10.) 
Aa'ríl, a. dizzy. (Tbia migbt be writ- 

teu mmarH,] 
VLt/ri, a. eyeless as a ueedle ; having 

ahairlip: íree from treea. 
K'a'ra, V. a. disgusted or ahocked at 

tbe sight of. 
Hft'rae, n. a playground. 
Mfi'rae, a. without parenta or a guard- 

H&'ral, n. the kemel of a cocoanut in 
ita aoft State: the white of an egg. ' 

Hà'rai, a. having a aoft kernel well 
developed as a moimoto. 

Kara'la, v, a. suffering suppoaed 
supematural evil after disreapect 

Karalnai, n. the bark of the kanowa. 
Uara'lno, n. the gill of a flsh. 
U'ara'irai, a. long as tbe hair, or a 



Hi'r«t, V. i. to biccough. 
U&'rel, n. a hiocougli. 
U'a'rem'arc, n. a Idnd oi Idte: 

streaked clouds. 
M&'rsnd, n. apace between, 
UBi'reïui, a. intenaittent. 
Kireiw'iia, n. a chauuel between two 

KArena'oR, c. a. deserted; without 

Ma'rena'nlbo&la, c t. to do irre^• 

larlv witb daya interveDÍng. 
Mare^rsfie, a. feeble; working mod- 

erately: not in abundance. 
MtuViierefie, n. a BcaTcit7; a/defl- 


'"—'^- n. B Btronç tide np. 

running with a strong 

tide rip. 
Ka'T•uSmiíitBwl''a, a. having epaces 

between the canine teeth in the 

upper iaw. 
K'a^eteDora, n. (En^.) the múltiple. 
H&'rewe, n. tbe young cocoanut leaf 

partly opened; a Ireah growth oí 

H&'ri, n. s season of pleoty : a fruit- 

íul aeaBon. 
K&'Tt, a. abundant; plenteoua as fruit. 
Varln'rln, a. looae; not firmlj fized, 

aa a post or a tooth. 
H&'rlbo, a. active; energètic, busy, aa 

in procuring food. 
K&'iíka, a. plump; well-fed. 
Uar&'ra, n. low converBatlon at a K&'rlka, n. plumpneBa ; the atate of 

little diatance. beiag plump. 

Uà'Tara, n. charcoal. lE&iika4l]Ea, a. 

Jtil'mtl, n. a fish, the 
Haràtlfio, a. much wet or sprinkled K&'rlïe, n. refreshment; lunch. 

upon. K&'rlrf, a. cold. 

Kar&'tiflo, n. a, condition ot much MS'rlri, n. cold. 

wet. U'a'riro, ». a rasor. 

Hà'ratl'fiotiflo, o. freq. of maratiSo. M'a'ilro, «. a. coiiimitt«d to memory; 
Uar&'tiratl, a. nioelj poliahed; Teij memorized. 

VA.'TKa, a. «úmewhat aoft. 
lU'tau, n. a flre iu an oveii Buffi- 
ciently consumed for purposes of 

H&ra'unako, v. a. dropplsg off to 

sleep ; buming low aa a fli& 
K&ra'uran, a. quite soft 
U&'ran, a. straight as the hair. 
Hà'ran, n. (Eng.) a melon. 
H&'rau, n. a long spear without teeth. 
U&'rankko, v. i. to alip. 
H'a'rane, a. uncomlortable, as « 

rheumatic limb, or from tiie crawl- 

ing of an insect. 
K'a'raiie, n. an uncomfortable aensa- 

tion in tbe akin or in a bone. 

ran, a. Bmooth. 
Klix&n'rake, v. i. to slip up and 

of the hand aa a fiab. 
U&'rafia, V. a. «eparated. 
Karàflarafia, v. a. aeparated, parted, 

as pickets in a fence. 
Kft'rabe, a. well dereloped; full and 

round aa a person. 
U à'rnbe, n. full development aa ot the 

body and muaclea. 
Kara'beralie, a. freq. of marabe. 
U&'rabu, v. a. aecending in great 

Tolume aa a amoke in the diatance. 
Kà'rakl, v. a. in pain; suSering with 

K&'rakl, n. pain. 
Uar&'ra, v. a. indiatinctlj heard as 

low converaation at a little diatanoe. 

KS'rato, v.o. well anointed or ameared 

witb oil. 
Har&'torato, v. a. freq. of marató. 
Uà'rawa, n. the ocean; the deep aeaj 

deep wàter. 
U&'re, o. few, not many; here and 

there some. 

I, a. having a double chin. 

M'arlroMro, a. loose as a handle or 

U&'rlt&ta, V. a. smarting. 
Uft'rlt&ta, n. a smart; a amarting 

H'a'ro, u. i. to Bink; to founder; to 

go down as food. 
lïà'ro, n. a flag ; a aignal ( 
H&'roA, a. loneaome. 

Wie, n. the loose skin fonning Üie H&'roa, n. food ; refreshment. 

double chin. Hà'roaíca, odv. an idiomàtic word, 

Uà're, n. (Eng.) marriage. equivalent in force to, with good 

Uí'tea, V. t. (ISng.) to many. reaeon; naturally. 



Harft'ro, t>. i. to 

ia conTerHation. 
HarO'ro, n. converaation. 
H&'roro, subalde, to Inll. 
M'a'nia, n. a deep depresBÏon; a pit; 

a Talley. 
K'a'rua, a. haxing a. depreBsion. 
U'ara'arua, v. a. abounding in de- 

K'a'nibere, n. (Eug.) a mulbeny. 

Mft'ruruilj ». «lert; briak; active; Il[&'taiiie&, 

livelv; in good phfBical condition. M&'tamea, 

lEa'roka, n. (Heb.) aalt-wort (Job ' 

41 HATA 

«ngage effect of btight aunligbt on the 

U&'tamAta, n. a eonference with oue's 

own familf in reference to a pro- 

poBed betrotbal. 
XUL'tamàta, n. i. to hold a eonference 

with one's familf in reference to a 

H &'taiiioa, n. * snare for taking fiah 

to take in a snore. 
. to engage in taking 

K&ta, n. the eye; the faee; a color: 

the opening of a deep container: 

one deaired as a epouae. 
K&'ta, a. rípe aa a hoil. 
K'ata, n. a worm. 
H'a^ta, a. det«ríorated as cocoanut 

molasses through age. 
Katil'l, V. i. to look coyetouBly. 
Katft'i, n. coTetouBness. 
Mft'tal, n. the early flood Ude. 
K&tal, V. a. beginning to rise as the 

Mftta'Ukinn, v. t. to look at with 


Ufttam'tam, v. i. to make a noise with 

the lipB in eating. 
Hatam'tam, n. a dÍBagreeable noise 

made in eating. 
SCatan, n. a coil. 
2E&'tana, v. t. ta lead as a blind man ; 

to approach one for betrothat. 
Uil'tana, a. slack as a rope. 
U&tana'ine, v. i. to look lustfullj at 

Kàtana^ne, n. lustfnl staring on the 

part of a man. 
Hata'aatajui, o. freq. of matana, 

M&tA'sMÜ, V. a. («mporaril; blinded 
by gazing at a flre. 
i&Wiieal, n. temporary blindnesa 

cauaed by a bright light. 
I&t&'nlin'a'ne, v. i. to 

. aeeing everything; 

omniBcient: keen sighted. 
Hata'lrikl, n. omniscienceí keen sight. 

Kat&'o, n. the nearer aide; the oppo- 2E&t&' 

BÍte of kabi. properly a 

Mà'tau, n. a flsh-hook. K&t&'nlm'à'ne 

K'ata'fl, V. a. mastered; acquired: the part ofa 

made certain of. 'ira.tS'iill• 
Uat&'ua, 11. a. heaitating to fire c 

throw at fest a person aomewhat in St&tft'nlboft, n. sleeplesmess causea 

the range be accidentall^ hit: hin- bj nlght watching. 

dered from doing hy the preeence of KfitanPka, n. a Sard kemel in the 

a the way. 
H&ta-DBl, n. a dauble-lMirreled gun. 
Mata'ima, v. t. to look out for; to 

watchj to chooBe a wife for one's 

Kata'unlSa, v. a. treated with diare- 

Mata'imlfiniuuitl, v. a. irrítated aa 
the eye with a íoreign subetance in 

Boie of the foot, occaaioned b 

eign substance remaining ín it. 
Uàtanl'ka, o. a. auffering from a mo- 

K&'tanika'nanoa'fia, a. aad-faced; 

wearing a pitiable face. 
K&'tanlka'nanoa'fia, n. aadneaa of 

K&tanlka'rawa, a. having the eyea 

aet as one juat expiring. 
partake of food; to K&'tajüka'rawa, n. a deathly espres- 

sion of the ejea. 
M&taniklmo'a, v. i. to look at witb 

reference to atealinç. 
M&t&nlUmo'a, n. thieviah looking or 


K&tamAn, v. a. aaking for tdiinga ii 
a bold way or without baahfulneaa. 

K&'tama'a, n. boldneaa or rudenees ii 
mode of aaking for. 

K&'tamfiíi, c. a. aufferlng frcnn the K&tànlUb'a'ib'Rl, v. a. inapecting 



COvetouBly everything belonging to Màtabft'tntu, a. having the eyelida 

8 relatiïe. nearly closed permaaently. 

U&'taoiklb'a'lb'al, n. au undue de- U&'tabeka, i>. a. having matter in the 

aire to poBsesH tMngB belonging to a, eyes. 

relative. U&'tabeka, n. matter in the ejea. 

H&'tani'ru'wa, v. a. having the ap- KfitabO'u, a. fuU of wonder at. 

pearatice of a stranger. Hàtabu'aka, a. hoatile in appear- 
H&tanl'mwa, n. the manner or ap- ance ; without skÜl in obserïing. 

pearatii» or basbíulness of a U&tabu'nl, v, a. having no eyebrowe. 

stranger. Hàtabu'bura, v. t. to be ugly. 

UAtà^mw!, n, a manager; a chief; & U&takai, v. a. skilled in avoiding & 

director. audden thruat ; wary. 

Màta'nlwl, V. i. to direct; to give Mà'takal, n. a fish, the 

direction; to govern. U&taka'Dlkaa, v, a. appearing in 
U&'tanlwia'ten&iio, n. the conscience. beautiful alignment: flne featured. 

Katft'noano, v. a. blinded or dazzled U&take'ke, a. having sigbt in onljr 

bj sunlight. <Hie e^ ; having one eye aightlesa. 

Uat&'noaao, n. temporarj blindnesa Kàtakft^e, n. a person with only one 

cauBed by bright simlíght. perfeet eye. 

Katfin'ratL, v. a. donucast and abashed Mat&'ki, a. blind. 

through abuse. XCatft'kl, n, a. blind person. 

Kat&n'Tftfi, n. a downcast expreaaion SPítaki&'uB, a. bashful aa a stranger. 

of face arising from abuee. U&'tftkore, n. a flsh, the 

lEat&n'rla, n. the exterior of the llp. 3I&'takore, v. a. having ataring or 
UatSn^la, n. i. to converae. wide-open eyea like the maíakore. 

U'atftn't&n, a. slack; looping aa a Mfitatu, t>. ». to look on aa a aight- 

rope. Beer, at somethinç going on near by. 

HatRiit&^«tara, v. a. sad faced be- Hata'kn, n. a witneasing of some- 

cauae not aharing in food, thing going on: the people who go 

H&'tanto^omauï^ n. name of a flsh. <« the sight. 

Hï'tanto'kom&iifl, v, a. siclcly look- Màtakü', v. a. unevenly braided as % 


Hà'taft, «. the whitfl man'a country. Màtakll', n. an unevenly braided mat. 

Tfffl'tftfi, a. foreign. Mfttaku'kuiie, c a. having sharp eyea 

lEata'fiare, v. i. to amile, for finding. 

Hata'fiare, n. a amile. Uàtaku'kune, ». quictnesa or sharp- 

Uat&fiurea, v. t. to reeeive and treat neas of eyea in searching. 

kindly. Mà'tarft, v. a. declining or ashamed to 

H&'tab'al, v. a. desiroua of obtaining. addreaa another with whom one has 

U&'tab'al, n. a deaire to poaseaa. iiuarreled. 

Uàtaba'lawa, n. a frequented harbor Màtara'ol, a. handsome. 

or place for a canoa. Mà'tara'ke, «. the bowl of a pípe: 

Uà'tabft'lawa, v. i. to lia in the shoal wàter near the flats. 

Btream; to await a favorable wind. Mata'rara, a. disastroua: ueed in 

U&'tab'a'o, a. cross-eyeii. connection with kaiwa. 

Uft'tab'a'o, n. the affliction of being U&ta'rara, n. diaaater predicted bf 

croea-eyed: a cross-eyed peraon. the kaiwa. 

U&'tab'a'fia, a. having sunken eyea. K&'tarara'ol, n. beauty; handsome- 

Uà'tab'a'fia, n. the condition of deep- nesa. 

set eyea; a person with deep-aet M'a'tare, v. o. prolonged in tJme; re- 

e3Tea. msining long, 

Kàtab'a'b'ftf, «. a cocoanut tree with JKtaTore, v. i. to glanee rapidly, fre- 

a cloae hard grain. quently and wonderingly about. 

K&tab&'reka, V. o. having dirt or duat H&t&'ri, n. a cocoanut in its fourth 

about or under the eyea. ataee. 

U&taba^eka, n. a Qah, the UïtiM, a. apoken of a young cocoa- 

Ha'tab'axl, n. a flsh, the uut whoae ketnel ia very soft. 





K&tarl'kliikl, a. Bpoken of & cocoa- K&tawe're, m. obaerration with tbe 

nut-8hell cup with brokeu edgea. eyea screened by the hand. 

Kàtarl'kirLkl, m. a. cocoanut-sheli cMip Uàtawo'Tea, v. t. to examine ae the 

with Dicked edges. deep with tbe ejee under wat«r but 

Kàtari'rebwe, a. apaken of a, young acreened with the hand. 

cocoanut a little morè mature than U&'te, a. dead: conuuitted to memory. 

matari. U&'te, m. death: a dead person. 

Hatari'rebwe, n. a yoimg cocoanut K&'temftte, a. veiy weary. 

older than the matari. K&'ten, a. thick. 

Uàtà'roa, n. a door; a gate; an en- Mà'ten, n. (Eng.) a marten. 

trance. Te ntataroa n afl = a win- K&'tenako, u. t. to go hopelessly 

dow. adrift at sea; to be gone adrift. 

H&tà'roaiio'na, c. o. ahoning fight, M&'tenako, n. the coudition of being 

but quickly disappearing or aasum- hopeleBBly adrift at sea. 

ing to be at peace in case the other U&'tenibà'ki, a. exceedingly hungry; 

proves to be anued. fomiahing. 

Uat&'roauo'tiA, n. a ahow of fight K&'tenlb&'ki, n. extreme hunger. 

until the adversary ia aeen to be K&tenru'arua, a. very thick. 

armed. Uatentfi'ka, <t. parched with thirat. 

H&taron'ron, o. a. abaahed when re- (Isai. 48:21.) 

buked, as oue who circulatea false Katen'ten, a. íreq. oi maten. 

rumors. Hate&ten, n. thickneas. 

Kàt&'roba, o. a. having wide Btrands, K&'tebu'aka, a, fruitleas; profitless; 

as a mat ; coarsely braided. useless; vain; idle, without Teault; 

H&taro'bu, a. haying a handsome face. to no purpoae. 

Kàt&'roro, t>. a. fainting through H&'tebu'alú, n. fruitless effort. 

hunger ot aicknesa. Hà'tera'oi, a. profltable; uaeful; 

Kàt&'rora, n. faintnesa tbrough gainful. 

huneer or eickneaa. H&'tera'ol, n. fmitful effort. 

U&t&^vana, v. a. having the eyea U&'tsra'fia, a. spoken oi one whose 

duiled by aickneaB. lega are paralyzed in part. 

Uàt&nibe'rube, v. a. frequently wink- m'tera'fia. n. partial paràlisis of 

"" "" the legs. 

H&tàrabe'nibfl, n. freqüent winking; 

a. peraon in the habit of freqüent 

K&'tntaa, n. an iinripe pandanus 

Uà'tataa, a. unripe ai k pandanua 

K&t&'ta, a. open ; cleared aa land ; 

roomy; elear. 
X&t&'tk, n. a cleared apace, 
U&'tat&ra, n. a fish, the 
U&'tatoka, v. a. bold; unbluahing; in 

a good Bense not bashíul. 
H&'^túka, n. self poBaeasion; a free- 

dom from baBhfuliteBB. 
Uatà'tra, a. large round aa a man 

aud BO held with difBcuIty. 
3IPlt&''wanaba, n. a bird, the 
Màtam'rebw•, v, a. baving large 

bulging evea. 
K&t&wa'reDwe, ». a peraon having 

1b^ bulging eyeB. 
K&tàws're, u. i, to obaerve with the 

eyea screeaed by the hand. 

H&'terò^fla, n. one'a reaidence or 

U'a'tewe, a. dízzy, as in a awing or 
from whirlÍQg round and round. 

H'atewe, n. dizzineaa caueed by 
Bwinging or whirling round and 

Uà'tl, n. (Eng.) the month of March, 
Mà'tl, n. a whole piece of clotb. 
Ma'tiati, n. (Eng.) matehes. 
K'a'Ue, V. i. to aneeze. 
H'a'tte, n. a sneeze; Bneezing. 
U&'tlm, V. i. to rain lery gently ; to 

Kà'tim, n. a gentle rain or shower. 
Btà'tinao, V. a. alain in great numbera. 
Hà'ttnao, n. great slaughter. 
Hí.tiks'tik•, a. Black drawn, as a. 

K&'tlrlkl, ti. the name of a certain 

H&tirVttra, a. thoroughly cooked; 
or cooked «oft aa a pandanua nut 



U&'toft, a. establielied ; Srm ; hsrd. Ke^ft, t>. t. to do. 

lÜ'toBni'fiiiilfi, a. very Srm; very Ken&'l, a. fresb in appearance ; new; 

hard. not faded. 

Uftto'atoft, n. firmneas; bardnesB. Hen&'l, n. freshneaa ia appearance;'atoa, a. freq. of matoa: flrm; a new thing. 

hard. He'iie, ». {Eng.) maueh. 

U&'toro, o. abiding coiistantly in one's Ue'fiameSa, v. o. parted as the limba. 

home (see tuma ni maejta). Hefi&'fia, v. a. parted a« the limbs. 

U&toro'Àa, n. a person's reBÍdenoe. He'&o, c. *. to W buaj at; to be en- 
M&toro'fi», V. a. long Teaident im » ga«ed in. 

place. Ke^oa, v. t. to engaga in. 

H^'torofiAtnif V. a. having many de- Ke'fiomefio, v. i. freq. of me&o. 

ecendanta. ICe're, c. i. to discuss noisily; to con- 
H&'tTi, v.i. te sleep. verse loudly. 

H&'tu, n. Bleep. 1I»'t«, n. loud talk; confused talk. 

U&to&'o, n. food prepared to be eaten Me'rM, v. t. to diacuas or talk noiúly 

bj a, child in the night. about a inatt«r. 

lE&tua'oa, v. t. to feed a child He'nmer«, o. i. to discuas noisilT^. 

wb«a holf asleep, eapeciall^ at ICer•ta'ua, a. talkative; boiaterous 

niglit. (aee tokoMino). 

Kà'wa, o. ont of brtath tbrougli Ke'ri, n. (Gr.) hon^. 

wearineaB. Ke'ruiMrl, n. an inAiiit. 

XVym, n. a flsli, the K«rl'iio, n. (Eng.j the Merino sheep. 

K'&'Va, V. i. to Btap Bslde; to make Hi, v. i. to dream. 

room, to get out oi the wa^. Kl, pron. f our, pluraJ ; baimi = ^ur 
K&'wane'ln•i, a. smooth a^ still handa. 

wàter. Hl'a, v. t. to dream. 

Kawa'wa, a. green. Hia'r•, n. (£ng.) a mule. 

Kft'wa'wa, n. tbe color green. Kl[m, c. i. to urinste. 

Vawa'wa, o. roomy; not crowded. Ulm, ». urlne. 

Ue'amea, o. yellow. St'mi, v. i. to wonder. 

Ue'amea, n. jeilow; a bright golden Hfmlo'ua, c. i. to writhe with paln. 

color. Himl'ml, c. i. freq. of mi and mimi. 

Tlb/aA, n. the Nortb. Himlto'iAki, v. i. to whael òr tum 
Ke'afi, a. north. Yoimd and round, aa a peraon. 

Kea'kani, n. (Eng.) mahogany. Hi'inltofl, a. glorious. 

MM, n. (Eng.) May. Kl'mitofl, n. glory. 

Ktt'ir», V. t. to urinate on, or into. Hl'neti, n. (Eng.) a mlnnte. 

Ke'me, a. obtruaive. m'nita, n. (Eng.) a mimater. 

U'e'm'fl, c. a. See m-wemwe. Mi'no, n. a fila. 

Keme'a, v. a. stained yellow bj the Kt'no, v. a. twieted. 

juice of a green cocoanut huak. m'nomino, v. a. twieted. 

Keme'a, n. the atoin from the huak Utnoml'nota, v. t. to twiet. 

of a. youug cocoanut. Hlnte, n. (Eng.) mint. 

He'meiui, v. i. freq. of mena. Kl'ka, a. thoroughl; cooked: acalded. 

Ketnea&'i, a. freq. of menai; hablt- SQ're, n. (£ng.} a mill, t^iW- 

uatlj freah. Kl'yeta, ». (Eng.) miltet. 

UVm'erake, V. j. toascend, aaamoke; Ultu^'orao, v. i. to be partially 

to riae. dreaming when falling aaleep. 

Heme're, v. i. to auck in noisilj aa Hltara'orao, it> half dreaming. 

juice while cbewing. Ml'tinare, n. (Eng.) a miaeionaty. 

HemeM, a. of a fair and ligbt com- Mo'a, adv. firat. 

plexioQ aa a Qílbertese. Ko'a, n. a. fowl: a certain reault of 
Uen, a. foreakiniesa by nature. pQiaoning by the kaiica: the tace: 

Kai, adv. yet to. the flrst 

Ke'iui, n. B. thing. Ko'a, v. *. to be flrak 

He'na, v. i. to aMde. Ko'a-a'iike, >. a hen. 



Ho'anftl, n. a double-barreled gnn: a M»l, o. rip«, ah a coccwnut. 

double string for fiah. Ulfi, v.i. to drhík. 

Koanaal, n. (see Moautí). VVi, n. diinking; the actot drinkins. 

Ui/B-m'ii'114, n. a TooHter; a cock. Mo'lmotl, a. freq. of mati : frequantij' 
Ho'amoa, a. generouB > bénevolent breaking as thread or weak. 

Mo'amoft, v. i. freq. of moa, to be flrsL HolmotlKa, v. t. freq. of motika. 

Uc/ana, v. t. to go flrst to. Ho'liiioto, n. a cocoanut well devel- 
Uoaiüi'fila, V. t. to attempt with freab opea, but soft (in the flfth etage). 

or renewed courage. Koua'kena, n. b bird, the 

Ko'ania, n. Hpringtide. Ko'inl, n. (Haw.) a pearl. 

Uc/ania, a. being spríngtide. Homo&'ine, a. haviog maaj hens. 

Uo'aiilba, a. excelliDg; perfect. Kami/aua, c. t. freq. of tnoana. 

Hi/aiiiba, n. excellence; perfection; TS.otllo'Allí/&L•i, v. t. freq. of moan- 

a famous person. aDía. 

Uo'anlba'la, v. t. to hold a caseknife Homo'aiilba, o. freq. of moaniba, ex- 

út the hand with the thiimb next the celling. 

blade. Komo'anika'aTa, c. i. fieq. of moani- 
Ko'aiiika'ura, o. t. to atand flrit in kaura. 

the rank in tbe moMt. HomD'aiilwa', n. freq. of moaniwa. 

Uo'anika'ura, n. tbe first rank in the Uouu/aiilwa'e, v. i. freq. of moan- 

Ko'aniwa', c. i. («ee noanmoa). Komo'aniwa'ea, v. 1. freq. oi moaui- 
Uo'anlwae, v. i. to advance rapidij. waea, to do an errand on tbe waj. 

Ko'aiilwae, n. the front portion of the Uomo'anlwl', v. *. freq. of moaniwi. 

leg. Uom.o'anokn, v. i. freq. of moanoku, 
Ho'anlwa'aa, v. t. U> do an errand to show a Bullea or dísBatisfled face. 

on the way. Momo'aiital, a. freq. of moantai. 

Ho'anl'wl'', n. the four front teetb of Uo^oAnti, o. freq. of moanti, wild 

botb jawB; a naw tool. as afowl. 

Mo'anlwl'', r. i. to bite or chew with SEom&'i, v. i. freq. of mol, to drink. 

tbe front teetb. Uomo'í, n. an infant just born. 

Ho'anoku, v. t. to ahow a aullen òr Komo'lmo'tika, <>. t. freq. of motika. 

dissatisfled or aober faoe. Komo'ml, v. a. abounding in pearle. 

Mo'auokn, n. a eolenin, sober face; a Uonio'iümoii, ti. a. aboiinding in mon. 

vei7 Bober person. Momo'ka, a. decajed or rotten, aa a. 
Uo'annwa', n. a place or peraon flrat cocoanut. 

viaited; a peraon in tbe bowH of a Koma'ka, n. a decayed cocoanut. 

canoe. Ib/morl, a. aore as tbe muscles from 
Ko'anuwa', v. i. to have a etation in exercise, or as an infant throngb 

the bows wbile fisbing. rougb bandling. 

Ko'p nrfU., v. i. to begin to aprout or Komo'rlfia, v. t. freq. of -moriSa; to 

grow. habitually treat kindly. 

Ho'anrl^l, n. the begitming of exiat- Uom.o'rlkot, v. a. abounding in mo- 

ence; the flrst to be created. rikoi. 

Mo'Bntat, n. tiie earlj part of tbe pan- Momo^nlwa^oro, v. i. freq. of mo* 

danuB seaaon. tiniwakoro. 

Uo'antal, a. being in the earlj part of Uomo'Üka, v. t. freq. of motika, to 

the pandanus season. break; to break ofl; to eettle; to 

Ko'aiit&rl, n. very fresh toddy or decide. 

kareu>«. Uomo'tlriji'r&n, a. freq. of motiran- 
Uo&nti, a. wild, as a fowl. ran, of unsettied opinions. 

Mo&u'ti, n. a wild fowl. Homo'tikl'ta'eka, v. t. freq. of mo- 
Uo'antla, n. tbe lower and front part tiki-taeka, to judge. 

of the abdomen. Stonu/tlrawa, v. i. freq. of motírawa, 
Ko'antoka, n. a yonnK aquid. to rest. 

Mo'i, n. a ripe cocoanut read; to drop Komo'to, a. freq. of moto: a flsh, tha 

(in the ninth stage). K5ii, n. a flah, tbe 


UONA 46 

Kotia, «. t. to C17 mucb or liabitu&Uy. Kn'miits, v. i. to vòmit. 

Koua'uA, V. «. to C17 fretfully. Un'muta, n. vòmit. 

Ho^tAiuona, n. a fiBh, tlie: uie slime, Uu'muti, v. í. to vòmit up. 

as of í,a eel. Humutl, v. i. freq. of muti. 

Uo'nainana, a. elimj m au eel, or the Jtmnu'tlaM na, v. (. íreq. of mutiv 

Bettlinga of karewe. kina. 

Ko'iuina, v. a. covered with piu. Hu'ra, n. (Eng.) mTrrh. 

Uo'iie, n. the regions belon. Hu'rl, a. bent over, as from age. 

Uo^ò, n. B Hmoking pipe. Ku'rlkol, n. a fleh, the 

Ho^ure, n. (Eng.) Mercury. Ku'tl, v. «. to be concemed; to 

X.t/iSk, n. mucouB from tbe throat. regard. 

Uo'ra, V. a. discharging mucoua as the Uu'tt, n. r^ard; conaideration. 

throat. Mü'tl, «. (Big.) a moose. 

Korokaei, a. verj long (used at the Ka'tlaklna, v. t. to regard; to cars 

South). fort toheed; to mind. 

Us'l!, a. over-ripe; very soft or field- Km&'nl, a. thin (wrítten alao mani), 

mg: hump-backed. (£s. 20:23.) 

Ko'n, n. a very ripe, soft frujt. Xn&'o, n, a varietj of lobster, the 

Uo'rlmoii, a. freq. of morí. iktK/, n. a «lub of whale-bone or 

HoMnako, v. a. falling to piecea as wood. 

au overripe buoch of pandanua ; be- UTbem'ba, n. See nimafutinat. 

coming flmuf as an infant falling U'ka, n. rottenneBs; sTphilis. 

aaleep. VL'Tsa, a. rotteu; decayed. 

Ko'rififi, o. t. to treat kindlj, Kka'mka, a. freq. of mka. 

Ho^lkoi, n. Dame of a flah. H'ia, v. t. to beset; to throug; to 

Hotromoro, n. a bead. crowd. 

Ko'roka'el, a. large as a butcher Kra'mra, v. t. freq. of mra. 

knife. M'rara, v. o. acattered b; falling. 

Ko'ten, n. (Eng.) i^itle. n'Tara, ». a acattering as bj falling; 

Ko'tl, V. a. broken off: decided. a dispersion. 

Ui/ti, n. a decision; a judgment; a Uron'ron, a. spherical. 

breatting oS. Utamta, v. i. to <»11 to a cat, like 

Kotiniwa'koro, v. i, to work alone, " pussy, pussy." 

or unassÍBt«d. Utúu'ta, n. the alobberinga of a child 

Ho'tiniwa'lora, n. work performad in eating. 

bj one unassisted. Vte, v. a. reduced to imall pieces bj; 

Ho'tlka, V. t. to break; to break off; cutting, aa a, plug of tobacoo. 

to aettle; to decide; to teiminate. K'te, n. drj or decafed leaies used in 

Uo'tlka, n. a decision; a breaking fertilizing. 

off; a aettlement. K^tea, n. name of a small plant or 

Ko'tlkaii'rawa, n. rest. weed. 

Ho'tlklta'eka, v. (. to judge; to de- Kt•'inta, d. a. freq. of mt«. 

cide: to put an end to talk. Uwa, 1;. i. to blow gently; to sleep. 

Uo'tlklta'eka, n. judging; deciding, Kwe'aii, v. i. to arrive late; to com« 

settling. bIowI;; to mov? slowly. 

Hotlifin'riJi, a. of unaettled opin- Uwe'Üa, n. food eaten near the close 

ions; " Kam a motiranran m." of a vojage, no longer held in re- 

Motlrftn'rin, n. índecision. aerve. 

Mo'tirawa, v. i. to rest. Kire'utl, n. a condition of anxiety un- 

Mo'tiTawa, n. reat. favorable to sleep, aa in war. 

Uo'to, n. a bird, the Kw•'uÜ, o. diaturbed in repose; íre- 

UCto, a. producing but little fruitj quentlf awakine; bedridden. 

not flowering. ftwe'mwe, v. a. bíowing very gently 

Ho'toinoto, n. a variety of pig (bo or in " cat's pawa." 

called at the South). Uwe'mwa, a. liftable. 

Ku'mun, v. i. to llee in a pànic Uwa'mwe, n. a lock of hair in front 

Uu'mun, n. flight in pànic. of the ear. 


47 VAJU 

Xwemv•a'ero, t>. i. to walk In oiie*B Na, v. t. to Bpit ont. 

sleep. Na'e, pron. tnis little U^ right here. 

Hwemwea'ero, n. walking in one's Ntt'el, pron. that little boy yonder. 

aleep; aamnambulism. Na'e&o, pron. that little boy near by. 

Hwemw•'kti, 1). f. to lilt away. Na'erel, pron, that little boy yonder. 

Uwe'mwera'ol, v. a. easily Mme. Na'eta, n. { Heb. ) a aerpent ; a snake. 

Kwemwe'taka, v. i. to talk in one"» Wa'•wa, pron. Mr. What 'a his name. 

Bleep. Ka'iabn, n. The Milky Way> the 
Hw»^, n. a residence; a home. Galai^. 

H'we'fla, V. i. to settle down in a per- Ha'lnftl, n. the hoop oi a scoop-uet. 

manent residence. Na'iiiai, v. i. to eugage ia adjuating 
Kwera'ol, n. a condition or l•ltate of the hoop oí a ecoop-net. 

peace and aecurity. Haina'ia, p, í. to provida a scoop-net 
Hwera'oi, a. peacetul; at peace; se- with a hoop. 

rene; quiet; Becure. Na'lbi, ». (Eng.) aknife, alongkuife. 

Uwe'tafi, n. a pulley. Hft'lbunakí, n. name of a falae god. 

Uwe'taka, v. t. to talk, or call out in Na'Ikamawa, ». name of a false god. 

sleep. Ifa'lta, n. (Eng.) nitre. 

■w•'taka, n. the act of talldng or Ka'o, int«r/. &II00I ho I you there 

calling out in sleep. (addretsed only to a male) t 

Hwl, 7). what follows; the conae- Na'o, n. a wave. 

quence; effecti result: the fecee. Na'oue'a, n. a mounting wave whicb 
Hwi'oko, v. i. to confide. does not break or comb. 

Kwi'oko, n. ona in whom we place Na'ouo'a, v. a. having a ground Bwell. 

confldence. Na'omoro, n. a ahart wave. 

Kwl'akoa, o. t. to intruat; to repOBe Va'onao, a. rough aa the aea; billowy. 

conBdence in. Na'ontka'buno, n. a wave caused by a 
SEwi'mwf, V. i. to follow later. receding surf meeting the incoming 

Mwimwl'oko, v. i. freq. of mwioko. wave. 

Kwimwi'okoa, v. t. freq. of mwiokoa. Na'úbaOakl, n. a croea-aea. 

Uwlmwi'nikora, v. a. taugbt by or Na'obaüakl, v. a. running aa waves in 

in the achool of experience. a crosa aea. 

Hwt'niba, a. low; obacure; humbled; Naobatla, a. choppy aa wavea. 

diagraced. Naobatla, n. a ohoppy aea. 

Hwi^kora,, v, a. taught by or in the Na'ota, a. (Eng.) nortb. 

achool of experience. Na'unau, n, Uta outrigger of tho 
llwln''t&, adv. behiud; on the place, makei. 

apoken of one Tcmaining on a place Na'unafi, n. a ahoal or achool of flah. 

in charge wbile othere ara absent Na'unlmàn, n. a úeh, the 
Nà'ma, n. a lagoon. 
N&'ma, V. i. to enter a anare noOM aa 
N a bird. 

N&mao'fia, v. t. to awallow a portion 
of the food which is being maati- 
cated for a little child. 

: alone but alwaja Nàmao'fLa, n. the act of swallowinK a 

witb verb, or predicate). portion of the food which ia being 

N, prep. in; at; to; by; with; of. masticated fora little child. 

N becones nt before m, fi, k, and the K'am&'nama, v. i. to perform a certain 

word ne. incantation: to bïnd flah with na- 

Na, n. looB« rocka or atonea on a flat. mata for convenience in cooking. 

Na, aua. v. aign of the future or im- Namà'aamata, v. t. freq. of namata. 

perative. Namaka'lna, n. the moon : a month. 

Na, a Buffií euphonic particle. Te Na'makina, v. t. to feel of. 

boAina: TeranaT Tehtcina. Nam&'ta, o. t. to manipulats the 
Na, pron. poaaeaaive eufflx; bis; Iier; bunmi.- to bind or wrap a fiah with 

ita. a namata. 



Ha'mata, n. a leaf witb whicb * torcb Nft'iuiko, v. i. freq. of nftko. 

íh tied, or a fish, for baking. Kana'koiiako, u. v. freq. of nàkonako. 

Nfino, n. a harbor. Nft'nikl'akta, n. a beàch írequentod 
H&'mo, *. i, to give a pleaaing aapect bv the kiakia. 

to, as ^owing grasa. N&^o, n. the inside; the within; tha 
N&in'nim, t>. i. to eat up the remnant mind; a thou^t. 

of Boft or liquid fooi^ as molassea N&'no, a. deep. 

with the flnger, Nà^noA, n, the front, the before. 

H&mn&mta, o. i. freq. of namta. Nà'noa, v. i. to trouble; to molest; 
N&mta, V. t. to tasta of a liquid or of to interfere with. 

soft food. H&noa'ea, v. t. to tum toward a per- 
N&m'ta, n. a portion of cocoanut sou so as to face him. 

moIasBes to be taken with tbe finger Nà'noafia, n. Bjmpathy. 

or a brush; a shan» knife. N&'noafia, o. compaaaionate; H^mpa- 
N&mté'te, V. a. still Teliahing, crav- thetic. 

ing mora. Nfiaoa'üaea, o. 1. to have eompasaion 
N&'na, n. a coco«ni; the half of a on. 

cocwanut shell. N&'ao&tl, a. desiroiu of a large 4^ 
Nft'na, a. content to reside in ona full aupply. 

place; dome«tic. N&uo&t^ n. a desire for a full supply. 

Hana'sta, v. a. abounding in serpents H&no'ua, a. homesick; regarding ten- 
or Hnakes. derly one's own. 

N&'nal, n. a herd ; a brood. N&'noual, n. a doubte thread or line, 

N&'nal, a. relishable. XTft'nou&'la, v. t. to make double a 
Hana'ma, «. t. to taste of, or teat the thread or line. 

taate of food. N&'noao'ua, v. a. hesltating; in doubt 
Nan&'mafi'iia, v. i. freq. of namaoQa. between two. 

Nan&'maki'na, v. t. freq. of nama- N&'nouo'ua, n. doubt; Indecision; un- 

kina. certalnly. 

Nan&mta, v. t. freq. of namta. Nànom'a'lti, v, a, hasitating or doubt- 
ITan&^itin'ae, ». a half cocoanut ahell ing in reference to many. 

for holding oil for beamearing a ITft'nom'ft'ka, a. enduring; persever- 

wreath far the neck. ing. 

Han&'nlm&ta, n. the rim of the socket ZT&'noin'a'ka, n. perseverance. 

ot the eye. N&'noma'ra, a. wanting mental firm- 
IT&'naiiilü'iiei, n. a large cocoanut- ness; weak in purpose. 

shell cup for receiving boiled oil. Hii'iioma''ra, n. mental wealcueHS; 
Kanà'noafia, a. freq. of nanoaUa, weakness of purpose. 

Han&'noni'aka, A/ra^.of nS'nom'aka, H&'nom'a'ra, t>. a. nauseated; dis- 
Kan&'nom&'raki, v. a. freq. of nano- gusted. 

maraki, N&'nam'a'ra, n. nàusea : disgust. 

I7aiül'nomJl''raki, n. freq. of mano- Nà''iioia&''raÚ, v. a. revengefnl: paln- 

maraki, fully dlaturbéd in mind. 

Han&'noin&'toa, a. freq. of nano- K&'iioinà''raki, n. ill-will; a disposi- 

matoa, tion to retaliate: anguisb (Ex. 

Nan&'nobitakl, a. freq. of nano- «!9) ; eitreme pain of mind. 

bitaki, Kii'nom&toa, a. fixed or flrm in mind 
ITan&'nobu'aka, a. freq. of tmao- or purpose. 

buaka, N&'noma'toa, n. firmness of purpose. 

B'anft'nok&'waki, a. freq. of nano- N&'nona, v. (. to have regard for; to 

kawaki, give attention to. 

Kanà'noko^orakl, a. freq. of nano- Ha'noniïn&'tafi, o. a, determined to 

kokorakl, be like white men. 

Han&'nora'ol, a. freq. of nanoraoi, Hfi'nonlnit&taS, n. estrangement from 
Hanà'iiorliii'no, o. freq. of nano- one'a family. 

rinano, K&'nonib'a't, o. t. to be careful of 
Jí&'nalla,c. a. strlptofitsbarkoiskin. propert;; used alao in a bad sense. 



B'&'nonlb'a^, n. great osre of prop- Na'filiiafi, a. cloudT-, aboonding in 

er^. cloudB. (Joe12:2.) 

TSIt'B.<mib&% n. the païm of the hand. Ha'&o, n. a flf. 

H&'noniba'la, v. t. b> hold one as a Ha'fioa, n. sometbing put nnder as a 

slave or serf. pTotection or rest; the atreak of 

N&'nonlwa'e, n. the aole of the foot. pUiílu on whicb the deck resta : a 

H&'uoba'ba, a. foolish ; weak mínded. base. 

B'&'noba'ba, n. foolishiiees: a neak- Na'fioa, v. t. to placo a rest or pro- 

minded peraoti. tection under. 

Kà'nobé'bete, o, light-bearted; cbeer- N&'&oafio, a. drowsj; lisUesa; dull. 

fui. N&'floa&o, n. listlessuess; dullness; 

lT&''iiobé'bete, n. cbeerfulness; hope- drowsiuess. 

fulness. H&lloe, pron. Makin word for Hao in 

H'&1iobi''takl, a. inconstant; subject addreBs. 

to cbange of opinion. ITa'&onailo, a. abounding in flies. 

Nà'nobl'takl, n. inconstancj; flckle- Na'&oboil', n. a stick on wbich a 

ness. canoe can lest nhen not floating. 

N&'nobn'aka, a. cberisbing rerenge; Naflobu'íUa, i>. t. to provide a canoe 

revengeful. vith rests or blocks under the keel, 

N&'uoba'aka, n. revengefulnesa; ill when it bas been beached. 

will. Nàfiloto, n. a certain fonn of 

Kà'nokfi'waltl, n. grief ; sorrow. cloud. 

K&'nok&'wakl, a. aad; sorrowful. ITa'ba, adv. also; too; in oddition. 

R&'noki'rokiro, a. vtxj deep. ITaba'flkai, a. recent. 

IT&^oklrS'ro, o. Tery deep. Naba'we, odt>. formerly, betore (see 

IT&'iLOkiyïorakl, a. of many minds; «too). 

doubtful. Na'bea, v. t. to nourish tendeily, as a 

K&'nobo^orakl, n. doubt; indecision; child. 

unsettied purpose. Nanienabe, v. i. to engago in nourish- 

N&^okcr'raKl, a. having manj doubts. ing. 

N&'nora'ol, a. at peace; quiet in NabsiíB'bea, v. t. freq. of nabea. 

mÍDii. N&'kii, pron. theae men and women, 

IT&'nora'ol, ». peace of mind. or boja and giris who; these women 

Nà'nora'ke, v. a. quickly taking of- who; these giri b who (righthere). 

fence; eaaily diaturbed. N^ü'ka, pron. a word to call the atten- - 

Xà'nora'ke, n. great senaitiTeneas; tion of two or morè women or giris, 

temper, or a man and woman, or men and 

lSSi.'naTÍa.i.'m>, a. bumble; low or poor women, or a boj and giri, or bojs 

in spirit. and giris. 

H&'norin&'no, ». humilitj. If A'ïai, pron. these women or giris, 

H&'noro', a. dark-minded. these men and women, or boya and 

H&'noro', n. mental darknesa, giris. 

H'&''Dúte'aana, o. of a strange dispo- Nifkaiift, pron. those women, or giris 

sitioD. who; those meu and women who 

H&''nowa'nav&ua, a. cunning, in a (nearby). 

good and a bad aense. IT&'kanne, pron. thoae women, thoae 

H&nowB'na'waiui, n. cunning; ín a giria; thoae men and women; thoae 

good and a bad sense. girla and boja. 

N&fi, o. well filled with hibai planta, N&'ke, pron. that man and woman 

aa a patch. j^nder who; tbat boy and giri yon- 

TSiSL, n. a cloud. der who; those girla yonder who; 

ÜSiïSÍ, adv. about to; near to; prea- thoae girla and boye yonder who; 

ently. thoae men and women yonder who; 

H&'&uiUla, a. cave-Ilke; opening in; thoae women yonder who; tbe word 

arched. is followed by a. 

N&'flan&fia, n. a cave under the Nake'a, v. i. to go whereT " Ko no- 

reef. kea " = Where are you goingT 



m'kekel, pron. tbose men and vomen Nawa'wakl, o. stupid tiiTOiigli orer- 

yonder; those women yonder, etc. eating. 

ITaU'iiiwBe, n. tlie najne of & {emale Hawa'waU, n. a atupid couditioit, aa 

goddesa. from overeating. 

ITalElba'iiut, a. paliied. Ne, n. a place for (writ4«n also nne). 

Halültm'lua, n. a paralytic He'a, v. a. ashamed ; mortified. 

Ha'ko, o. i. to go. Ne'a, v. t. to put in ita place (written 

Nako, an anomalous word, which aUo nnea). 

mighb be called a verbal preposition Ne'A, n. & eound aa of wiiid. 

meaning, to go to, £ nako Tarawa Ke'A, v. i. to BOimd aa the wind. 

= he vent to Tarawa. ITe'aiifla, v. t. to care for properlj, aa 

Na'bo, odi', away ; off. a child. 

Na'ko, a. all; all in suceeaaion. (Gen. Ne'akina, v. (. to push againet. 

41:34.) Ke'í, n. a fresb wàter pool or pond: 

Na'koa, ». employmeut; oStiej pro- b blisteT; a running aore. 

fessioD, calling. Ne'i, pron. the base o?»et«. It is pre- 

ITa'kon, prep. to. fixed to the name of women and 

Na'konoko, v. t. to walk. giris; Mrs. ; Miss. 

Na'konako, n. walldng; going. N^, n. a. flsh, the 

Na'konl, prep. to [tuJcon, with the Ne'ia, n. a fiah, the 

eupbonic i). Ne'ii^a'ïa, c. i. to be oiled, as a 

TUi-'-m, day after to-moTrow, fish-pond or well with oil or fat, 

Nà'ri, ». a kind of smooth stone: a Ne'iaka'ka, n. oil or Bcum on the sur- 

fiah, the face of a pond or well. 

H&'rin&ri, v. a. hard aa a boil 411 tha Ke'le, pron. she here who. 

ear)ier stage: abounding in nd'n. Ne'iel, pron. abe here: her here. 

N&'rikal, n. a Ash, the ITe'ieiie, pron. abe not far away who. 

Kft'ro, n. (Eng.) nard. No'len'ne, pron. ahe not far awa;: 

NS/ra, n. a bird, the her not far away. 

H&'ta, n. a collection of morè than Ne'lere, pron. she yonder who. 

two pereons or animals. He'lerel, pron. ahe yonder; ber yon- 

H&ta, m. numerous; collected in num- der. 

bers. N«'loa, pron. Miss or Mra. What 's her 

N&'te, n. (Ei^.) a nut. name I 

K&'tl, n. a chud; a son; a daughter; Ne'inel, n. a shallow pool; a pond. 

a nepbew; a niece. Ke'ínei, a. líquid; fluid. 

N&'tl&tl, n. name of a flsh. He'inib&'neawa, n. a mullet or la- 

le&'tlna, V. t. to adopt as a son or neaira pond. 

daught«r; to fatber; to mother. Nft'inlb&'neawa, a. flocded; pondlike. 

Nitina, n. the adoption of a ehild. Ke'iiitao, n. the part of the face or 

N&'tlnatl, V, i. to have adopted chil- cheek by the aide of the nose. 

dren; to be parental. (Phys. p. 80.) 

H&tlnlmft'rae, n. a cbild left to pro- NMiioe, pron. Makin word for naka in 

vide for bimaelf; a bastard. ajjdress. 

Nà'Unimà'raa, p. t. to be left aa a Ne'ikin, n. a young louse. 

child or bastard to care for itself, Ne'iko, pron. Míbb, or Mrs., or Madam 

If&'tlniïn&'te, n. an orphan. (used only in address to arrest the 

Nà'tfnta'm'a, n. a bastard. attention of a female; the singular 

N&'Uralte, n. <£ng.) a Naxirite. of naka). 

N&tlraa, n. name of a falae god. Ns'íran, n. (Eng.) a needle. 

Na'wil, 15. t. to rest anotber by taking Ne'iranra'ol, «, a. easily aecuring the 

hia place. tbing deaïred (see iekeraoí}. 

Ka'wa, n. a marine animal : ripe Ne'iro, n. ( Eng. ) a needle. 

coeoanuts suspended in air W a rope Ne'ltoro, n. name of a bivalvular 

tied high up on tbeír tree for show shell-flsb. 

or aafety. Ne'itoro, v. i. to engage in proouring 

Na'WanawK, c. (. freq. of nawO. neitoro. 


Hfn•, a. firm; immovable; 

stiff; Btead7 aa the wiud. 
lT6'iie, n. fintmeas; Btíffueas: 



i. to etigage in licking 
with the tougue. 
Hew«u«'waa, v. í. freq. of newea. 
neaa. He^wanrafL', a, bIow to learn. 

Ne'nea, o. greaaj; íattj. Ne'wenra&', 71. alownesB in leaming. 

Ne'uea, n. ^ease ; fat. Ne'wek&b&'ne, n. a fish, the 

Ne'nea, c. i. to blow atrong as the NI, n. a cocoanut tree. 

Wind. NI, prep. in; at; to; hy; with; oi. 

Ne'nei, otli?. why! wherefore! nenei ao Niïn, u. i. to stïck; tó adhere. 

iera nkae e taA (idiomàtic) T Nlm, n. a sponge. 

Ne'nei, n. a flsh, the Nima, v. t. to drink. 

Nene'la, 11. a. abounding in neta. Nima, o. flve, always foUowed by a 

Nene'irlko, o. not well or aufficiently niuneral-sufflx as ai, ua, uA, ntan, 
cooked, as fiah. na, kai, kora, c ' 

No'nebo, v. i. to hold land taken b; a 
relative of a murdered mau as a, rec- 

H•'nebo, n. a preparation oi habai: 
land taken by a lelative of a mur- 
dered man as a recompenae. 

NauetM/a, v. í. to occ<»ion tlie taking 
~f land l^ being murdered. 

s boií, t 

-iki {B 

by certain D 
ounting by twos; 


Sve twos. 
Nimaai, o, five (see nimUi). 
Nima'Mi, n. five million. 
Nim'a'erere, n. a fiah line compoí 

of hair and cocoanut ühie, uaed 

Ne'iiera, v. t. to iuquire carefully; to Nimil'l, a, five, in eounting hardware, 
eearoh out. furniture, cheats, barrels, timber, 

H•u•'w•aba, v. i. freq. of neweaba. cocoanut-leaf stems, flngers, teeth, 

N•n•'wenrafi, a. freq. of newenran, large fish, as afaarks and ikari. 

N•'nikanalai, ». a atove ; a fire- Nima'omao, n. a kind of toy canoe. 

place. Nima/ua, a. five, in eounting thinga 

Ne^ene&e, v. i. to engnge in sipping in general. 

kareme with a brushlike sticlt. "' '" — 

Nlmauna'una, v. a. appearing and 

again disappearing, as among waves. 

mma'nfL, a. flve, in eounting panda- 

Kim&'mJaiiel, a. gentle; meek; in- 

offensive; mild. 
Nim&'manet, n. gentleneaa; meek- 
> nesa, inoSenaiveneas ; mildnesa. 
Nim'a'm.'ano, n. a whirlpool; an 

He'fieneíle, n. the sipping of kar&we 

with a brul•lhlike stick. 
Nafiene^ea, v. t. to aip kareuie with. 

& bmshlike stick. 
Ne'bo, V. a. raised; liftedup; exnlted: 

N«bo'a, V. t. to lift up; to 

Nebo'a, n. exaltation; gloriflcation. 

Nenionebo, v. i. to engage in exalting. Nim'à'm'anD, v. a. eddying as in a 

Ne'bonsbo, n, eialtation. whirlpool. 

Ne'keneke, n. a fiah, the Nimà'inïte, a. fatigued; exhauated. 

No^enefaea'kl, v. i. to suffer with Nlm&'màte, n. fatigue; exhaustion. 

dartiug or pricking paina. Nl^nan, a. five, in eounting per»ons 
Nè're, n. (Eng,| a nail. (Zech. 10:4.) and animals. 

Nstinlm, n. (Heb.) Nethinim. Niinaiia''inal, n. the adhering Tessela 
Na'we, n. a tongue. of the aquid. 

Na'wa, V. a. lodged in the branches, Nbn&n&'nA, n. a fever. 

aa B. stick thrown. iriin&ii3,'na, a. feveriah. 

Re'ire, o. i. to lighten frequently with- Nim'à'nfin, a. dyspeptic; haring 

out thuuder. heart-bum: aick with a fever. 

Ne'wea, n. t. to lick with the tongue. Nim.'&'n&ti, n. a form of dyspepaia. 

Ne'wa&ba, v. >. to sight-a« 
plore ; to see aights with cui 

HVweàba, n. sight aeeing; ■ 

Na^enflwe, n. a shelI fish, tba 

to ex- Nlm'a'n&fi, n. name of a flsh. 
[osity. NIm'anà'fifn&fl, v. a. badly gaahed. 
xplora- Nlmfi'nei, a. aaid bj some to be tbe 

same aa iowawa, ugly, bad (not ap- 

proved by Kaure). 


Vlntinon'rl, n. the fruit of tite wrí NlmoMmorl, a. Mmay. 

Nlm&'nimàn, n. e, joxag louse. mnma'lnai, n. a fiah, the 

Nimanl'nl, n. name of a amall Sah. Nlm'nana, a. muddj. 

])'{iiiBjii'fllnI&, n. an oil acented with Mlm'iiaiul, ?i. B BÜcky, muddy eondi* 

B certain pandanus leaf. tioq of tbe ground. 

Nimftnl'fllnm, a. very amalt in ap- mm'nlia, o. sticky; adhesiva. 

pearance, as a bird m^h in the air. mmnlm'ta, v. t. freq. of nimta. 

ITuii'&''iioia'aiia, a. having manf de- Nlmro'iia, n. frotb: a Tariety of sea- 

ITuii'a'iiom'ano, n. a falling in of ths nimTo'nn, v. a. foul, aa the bottom 

aurface, b depresaion. of a abip; eorered with aea-moaa. 

NlmBno'fiinon, a. having fine stranda, Nlinta, v. t. t^i ding t«; to adhere to; 

aa a cocoanut fibra flan line; flnel^ to atick to. 

tviated. l^Intíl'W8WE^ n. a marine animal; a 

ütau/tÍA, a. fiv« thouBBnd: flve in liag signal of the aame. 

counting f Btboms. Nl'nl, a. laating bb a f ragrance : 

ITlma^Laïm, a. Sfty (aee tlaun). abounding in cocoanut treea. 

Nlm&'na, n, a <»rtain diseaBe of ttie jn'ni, n. a païm tree, not the cocoanut 

alcin. tree. 

Ninul•lM, a. five leavaa. Nl'nin, v, t. ^ enter as a houae or 

Nlmabn'bua, a. flve bundred. room. 

mmB'bwi,a. fifty (see nimaHauii). Ni'nlma, «. t. freçi. of nima. 

Nl'mak&i, a. five, in counting treea, Ni'nlma, n. a drink. 

fiab-boolca, and aectiona of land. Ni'nlm'ai, n. name of a ranall, white 

Ifl^nakora, a. five, in countiag bBS- thin fisb. 

keta. ITlnlm'a'liia, ff. a. abounding in Ntní- 

Nlmn'kari, a. five hundred thousand. rnai. 

Klmara'tUrafl, a. intoiicated' with Ht'nlïnauiia'aaa, v. a. diaappearíng 

ioy. and reappearing, as a canoe among 

NÜnarafllrafi, n. inordinate J07. the wavea. 

Himara'warawa, a. eeaaick. XTÍ'nimVmaiiei, a. freq. of nima;- 

Himara'warawa, n. seaaickneas. manei. 

Nlin&^«bn, a. flftj thousand. Ni'nim'a'm'sno, v. a. freq. of nim'a- 

Nlm&re'bnTflbii, n. the eeed of the m'ano. 

ItUibiü. Ni'nim&'nuite, a. freq. of nimamate. 

ITlni&relrarebTi, a. yery many, aa Ninlm'a'aan, a. freq. of nim'aDan. 

ben. Nl'nimann'na, ' a. freq. of nimai 

N'im.àtam&ta, v. a. acarred; pitted. Nlnlmà'nlmàn, a. freq. of nin 

mmat&'nln, n. name of a Bhell'fiah. man, abounding in young lice. 

Nlmatfi'niíi, v. i. to aeek for nima- ITl'nlinara'warawa, a. freq. of n 

m'mat&no, o. fifty miilion, Hlnlm'a'rea, v. t. to accompanj a ahip 

Nimatft'reBre, n. a Bmalt kite. aa certain fiah do. 

jrimï'tanten, v. a. abounding in num- Nl'nlmat&'nlTi, v. a. abounding in 

bers or quantitj. nimatanin. 

Hlm'atoa'aa, v. a. restleaa; lying lïl'ntinàte, n. a riaing up to avenge 

isilj. • '- ■' 

latc^i, a. five hundred milhon. 

Nimatu'tu, v. i. to nod. relationa. 

Hlmatutu, n. noddiag in drovaineas. ÜTi'nlm'atoa'na, a, freq. of nim*B' 

Nlmo'iniol, n. a very amall joung toatia. 

cocoanut (flrst atage). Ni'nlmatato, v. i. freq. of nima- 

Nimo'imolnibal, n. tbe wrist knobsi. tutu. 

Nimo'iinoliiiwa'e, n. the ankie knobs. Ni'nlmotl, a, nneveuly made, as ■ 

Hlmo'ibofi, n. a young cocoanut (in fiab line. 

the second of twelve stages). HioImro'iM, v. a. freq. of nimrona, 


Wiiïb'»nB.«^«, v. i. freq. of nib'se- Hinlko'ria, a. coun^eous; bold; fear- 

■ ni'nib'aenVjiea, v. t. freq. of nib'ao- 

Nlltlb'a'o, V. o. curved up; warped, as 

B cocoanut huek. 
Ni'nib'a'o, n. a dried up oiirved piece 

of cocoanut huak. 
Ni'nib'a'otia, v. a. warped; drawn up 

aH a persoD lying down ; repeatedlj 

curved ae a atick. 
ITinib'a'niíütrB, a. freq. of nib'ani- 

ITliilb'anlfío, v. a. freq. of nib'ani&o. 
Vlnlb'a'nlilure, a. freq. of uib'ani- 

Nlnlb'a'pft, a. freq, of nib'ara. 
Ki'nlbe'te, v. i. to engaee in serving 

a peraon to an incautatiou for giriug 

Hkill in climbing. 
m'nlbe'te, n. an incantation for akill 

in climbing. 
Niolbs'tea, v. t. to serve a persos to 

an incantation for g^ving skill in 

Hinlbo'fLrbofl, V. a. abounding in »<- 

Nl'nlkft, n. an òrgan In a male fisb. 
Ni'nika, o. baTÍng*much bealthy fat 

about tbe nCnika. 
Hinlkà'lfLa, v. i. to visit in a threat- 

XTlnikll'lila, n. an angry call at a per- 

K'iiiikfi'iiioii, V. a. abounding in ni- 

Nl'nikabo'fllra, n. a apecies of nut. 
Hl'nikabQ, v. a. abounding in nikabtí. 
Klnlk&'riaei, n. a. abounding is ni- 

Ni'nikaTfi, v, i. freq. of nikaro, to en- 

ga^ in cooking squid on tbe coala. 
Hi'iükat&f.'', V. a. abounding in ni- 

katafl, B. fish. 
Nl'nltcatona, v. a. abounding in lü' 

Nl'uik&teaMteb*, v. a. abounding in 

nikatehetebe, a apecies of lobater. 
Nl'niU&M, V. a. freq. of nikíBrí. 
lli'nikiere're, a. freq. of nikierere, 
Nfiiikira, v. í. freq. of nikira, to 

carry to. 
Nt'nlMrftn'roro, v. a. abounding in 

unmarried women. 
Ni^itko'niko, a. freq. of nikoniko. 
m'nikora'ol, a. habituallj' quiet be- 

canae thriving, as an infant 


Ni'nikoro, v. a. abounding in niboro, 
Hi'nlko'rokoro, v. a. abounding in 

Nl'nikproto'uiíeiie, v. a. abounding 

in nikorotounene. 
Kl'nikota'nflaufio, v. a. freq. of ni- 

kotauQautla, saíling badlf. 
Ni'nikotata'we, <i. freq. of nlkota- 

tawe, quick. 
Nlni'ku, V. a. asbamed because of lack 

of sufficient dotbing or food. 
Hi'nlkure'irel, v. i. freq. of niku- 

Hl^ükuro'aroa, v. a. living at • dis- 

tance ítoid a, near lelative. 
Ninl'ra, v. i. to toII up. 
Niní'ra, n. a loose garment wom over 

tbe ahouldera; a wrapper. 
Nifíal, adv. whenT at what time 

(preceded by n) ! 
Nlfia'lra, adv. whent at what timeT 
Klfi&'•nlftan, n. a babai plant in ita 

very earlj growth, 
Niflft'bofl, n. to-morrow. 
Niflíl&', n. day after to-morrow. 
Nififi'ro, n. tbe early hours of tbe fore- 

Hi^fio, V. a. liigb in alr; ascendlng 

bigh in air. 
Nifio'iiifio, n. a ringing in tlie ears; 

a amall shell, tbe 
Nl&o'nl&o, V. a. ascending Ugh in 

air ; at a great beight in air. 
Niflo'refiore, a. sickly, feeble as a 

young infant. 
Ni'b'a, n. a poat liole; a emall pit or 

bed for babai. 
Nib'a'eai, n. a young cocoanut tree 

bearing fruit 
Nlb'a'enfine, c. í. to be provident for 

tbe wants of a cbild. 
Nlb'aene'iiea, v. (. to treat a cbild 

with (orethougbt by providing food 

foT it in a basket to be used wbeu 

Nlb'a'nim&ta, n. tbe aide of tbe nose 

very near to tbe inner eomer of the 

eya. (Phys. p. 80.) 
Kib'a'nlin&ta, v. a. mucb discom- 

fort«d by the. freqüent appearing of 

Nlb'a'nlmite, v. a. exposed to danger, 

as when flshing for sbarks. 
inb'a''nlinfit«, n. expoaure to danger, 

OB in flahing for ab«rks. 





Hib'a^iliittie, a. liabla to ridicule; balls in Buccession, and eatcblng 

opeu to banter. tliem m Oiej fall back. 

HlVa'niEiiire, n. üabilitj' to ridicule. Nika'rarao, n. > pandanus leaf hoop, 

Nib'a'nlfia'rea, v. t. to banter. driven by the wind. 

Hib'a'nlílo, v. a. grumbling; ever dis- Nl'kare, n. {Bng.) nickel. 

aatislled. Niïare'area, n. any especially reliíh- 

Nib'a'nlSo, n. grumbling; dissatie- able food. 

factioD; complaïDt. mka'rineí, n. a bivalTulu- sbell-flsli. 

Nib'a^ilflo'a, v. t. to grumble abont. -"■^-•-• --■ ■ ■ .... 

I. ever complaining. 

Hib'a'nlfLu'rí, i 

or grumbling. 
Klb'a'nlfin're, n. 

ing; growling. 
Iflb'a'nUiu'Tea, v. t. ta compUiíi 

about; to grumble about. 
Vib'a'&ab'a&n, a. having net-wark. 
Nlb'a'fiab'afla, n. net-work. 
irib'a'b'ak<Aiti, n. a «mall or yoiing 

engaga in aeeking 


Niba'rinei, i 

iot nikarinei. 
Xriïa'rirlaki, n. name of t 

ITl'karo, v. i. to engage in 

sqiiid on the coala. 
Kl'baro, n. the cooking of squid on 

the coals. 
ITi'karo'a, v. t. to cook a aquid on the 

Kikataa', n. a fish, the 
Hlb'K1>'ako^tl, V. i. to fish for ni- Nlkat&'rataTa, n. a bivalvular sheU- 

iabalctmti. fiab, the — r glaas. 

mb'a'kab'aka, v. i. to fall again and Nlkate'bfltebe, n. a apecies of lobster; 
agaiu, as an intoxicated peraon try- the craj-fiah. 

Nika'tona, n. a bivalvular ehell-fisb. 

mb'a'kab'aka, n. the repeated fall- 
ing as of an intoxicated person. 

mb'a^&i a. wakeful; restleai. 

Hib'a'r&, n. wakefulnesa; reatlesanea». 

Nib'a'rab'ara, v. i. to engage in ftll- 

ing amall lúiskets with flsh to be Hilcaro, 
given to one's neishbors. . Nihl&'rl, 

Nlka'wai, a. old; not freah; not new. 

Nika'wewe, n. a sacred or haunted 

place, not ta be approached with 

■"ig.) sNegro. 

ibching, as the tongue 

Hib'a'rab'ara, n, the fllling of small or païm of the hand. 

baskets with flsh to be given one's Nlkl&'rl, n. tbe itching as of ttie 

neighboT. tongue or païm of the hand. 

Nlb'a'rab'ar&, v. t. to proride one'a Nl'klere^, a. joyoua, esultant or 

frienda with small basketa of flsh. boaatful after victoiy in battle. 

Nlba'raral, v. a. covetoua of; desir- Nl'klero're, n. exultant joj as after a 

,B of obtaining. 
HlbofllbotL, n. a flsh, the 
Nt'lioltf, n. a cartridge. 
Nibunl'ni, n. a small or young btinï: 

a certAtn mode of incantation. 
Hlbonl'nl, V. i. to engage in períorm- 

ing the ntbumnl. 
Nl'l)niüitl''a, V. (. to períorm a certain 

incantation on one. 
Hlk&'mou, n- name of a flah, the 
NlkS'^on, V. i. t 

for the nikamon. 

Hi'iirft, t). (. to carry to. 
Hi'klra, v. i. to engage in taking food 

to guests. 
Nl'kira, ». food for guesta. 
Nikir&n'roTO, n. an unmarried woman. 
Nikiràn'roro, o. namarried as a 

woman ; being without a huaband- 
Ni'ktraut&'bwi, v. a. regarded of no 

accoilnt, as a peraon. 
flshing Ní'ko, a.suíGcient; well; well enough; 

flne; delicate; channing. 

Nlk&'monl'a, u. i. to flsh for nikamon. Nfko, n. the trigger of a gun. 

Hlka'bu, n. a largemiller, the Hl'koa.v.t.tomake trial of,aBaeanoe. 

Nlka'rababa, n. a bivalTular shell- Nlko'I, n. a young cocoanut iu the 

Sah. secood stage. 

Hlkftrft'ral, n. a certain game (see Nlko'nlko, v. i. to engage In testing 

below). or trying, as a canoe. 

nik&ra'ral, v. i. to play the game of Nlko'nlko, a. admirable fot delieacy 

ntí:anirai by toesing up two or three offlnish; nice. 



Riko^ilko, «. delicacf; SDeneu of Ho'nou, n. fisbiug with b, Bcoop-net. 

finish. 'Nouc/qb, v. t. to take figh with a 
Nfkora'ot, a. quiet because thríving, scoop-net. 

as an infant. No'nonoa, v, i, to Dah much with a 
Niko'ro, n. a fish, thè scoop-net. 

Niko^okoro, n. a bivalTuIar ahell- Nono'ra, v. (. freq. oí nora, to see. 

fiah. NÒn'nfiíí, a. tou^ 

Niborototmene, n. a fish, the Ho'flai, n, a wart. 

Nlkotaufia'uSa, v. o. aailing badly aa No^ai, a. warty; having warta. 

a poorly made makei. No'aaiiiiiiifi'iiu, n. a certain noUai. 

Klkot&t&'we, a. quick. Ifó'&iiiSfi, adv, (adverbial iutenaive) 
Hl'ku, a. wide as the rim of land in yeiy. 

certain places. No'&ona, n. a cork; etopper; pliig. 

Nikua'uau, n. a flsh, the No'fioiia, v. t. to cork; to plug. 

Niku'nlkun, n. name of a bird. No^onofio, v. i. to plug; to calk. 

NikuTB'lrel, c. i. to rejoice. Nobim'ba, n. (Eng.) Norember. 

Klkure'lrei, n. Jo;; rejoiciog. N'o'ko, n. the midrib of the amaller 
ITlbat&'retàre, a. provided with ahort divisions of a eocoanut frond. 

cpnnections for an out-rigger; too No'kom'aka, n. a stiff reddish midrib 

aiiort as a person, to reach some- of a eocoanut leaflet. 

thing high up. No'koiioko, n. a covered baeket. 

Nl'ra, V. 1. to roll up. Nd^anoko, v. o. abounding in noko. 

Nl'ra, n. a emall roti of eocoaaut cord N'o'ka, a. offended; aullen; aulky; 

íor tjing the eocoanut apathe: íe especially io referent 

nira nt bokt =^ í acroll. No'eu, n. sullenneaa; 
Nl'rannlj'a, n. a Btnall cord wouud pecially in connection with food. 

around a fishbook and the takai ae a No^tia, v. t. to olTend; to make 

protection, sullen. 

No, V. t. to look on; to witnees; e no No^unoku, a. freq. of nolm. 

No'kimokii, n. a plle or beap o( 
tator. kamatiii. 

i in it; No^uno^uft, v. t. freq. of nokua, 

a marua. No^a, v. t. to aee. 

ITv'aro, v. a. ill-treated, or poorlj pro- N'0Tà'Í>a, v. t. to see. 

vided for bj a hoat. No'tiill, v. t. to shove awaf. 

No'aro, n. inhoBpitalitj'. N5'taa, v. a. inhospitably treated. 

No'u, n. a fiab, the NOtna, n. inhoapitality. 

Houa'ia, n. a apeciea of jeUy-fieh, Nu, n. (Eng.) a gnu. 

No'uo, n. a sbell-fisb, the No, a. abadj. 

Ko'on&nti, v. a. swelling up ae If Nu, n. a abade. 

pierced bj a nou's flu, but witbout Nu'al, a. not hungry; aatiafled. 

apparent cauae. Nu'al, n. the Beneation of having eaten 
Nom&'kl, ». the undertow, as of a re- enougb. 

treating wave. Nn'onuo, n. a flah, the 

Nom&'kl, o. having an undertow. Nuo^, n. braid of halr. 

Nfin, ti. name of a tree, the morinda Na^ta, v. t. to perform an incantatfon 

citrifolla. on the head. 

N&n, a. tough. Na'n.u, v. i. to engage In perfoimlng 
NO^o, ». a perquialte or recompensa incantatíona on &e bead. 

In the form of a ooeoanut given to Nu'nu, n. an incantation perfonned 

the climber for gatheríng cocoanuta. on the head. 

Hyno, a. of firm tezture; hard; fltm, Nn'nua, n. a Bah, the 

as the fies. Nu'nua, e. i. to aail ftist. 

Nfi^o, n. a breast-work; a fort; a Nn'nuai, o. freq. of nuaL 

walL Nonu'bono, a. freq. of nubono. 

No'no&ba, a. ven many. No.'ljono, n. cloudineas; tbe itate of 
No'nou, c. í. to flah with a Booop-net. being cloudf. 



Ha'boiio, a. cloudy. HtEl, n, a flsh, tlie 

Nfl'k&i n. the lower waist; the middle. Ntaaa'aa, n. ibe vsry ^ouiig of tha 
Nnla, c, i. to be made oshamed. mnintoi and the ikari. 

STn'kamota, n. an uninhabited tract Ntaura'baTaba, ». a varietj of crab. 

betwcen TÍllages. Ntanl'nl, n. a ruiming vine without 
Ha'kEmotn, v. o. uninhabited as tlie leaves, ths 

land between two villagea. Ntanln'nln, a. ruiDed; gathered. 

ITuka'iMsba, n. the mlddle oi tbe Nt&nlfitt'mea, ». b Üeh, the 

ialand rim from ocean to lagooit Ntinlfia'nilU, o. lànguid; witliout 

■hore. enerp; working slonly. 

Nuka'ntbofi, n. midnight. Nt&nlfia'nlfiA, n. lack of energy; las- 
Huka'nlbofi, a. being mldnight. aitude; indispoBÍüon to move: a 

Nu'kannka, a. freq. oí nuka. flsh, the 

ITu'kabebe'o, a. put to shame as both Nt«iU'lfial, t>. a. lying down íte- 

thief aad hig íamilj whea detect«d quently and conatantly liom weak- 

in thoft. nesB, or gluttony. 

ITu'ku, o. having long outrigger pole* : ITt&fi&'fia, a. gregarlous. 

yerj wide aa tbe land. NtUULfU, n. a gathering, or herding 
Nu'kunw, V. í, to fold or do up in a together; a company. 

bundle. Nt&fiS'fi•, n. a coarae mat. 

Nu'knma, n. a bundle or package. Ntafio'rafiorfl, a. faint from want of 
Kuknna'kniia, a. blemished. (Mal' íood. 

achi 1 : 14.) Ntab'a'ebo, n. a fiah, the 

Nn'raki, v. a. poured out. Ntab'a'eko, t>. a. aboundlng In nlo- 
Ifa'rakliui, v. f. to poui out. i'a^ko. 

ITnn, V. i. to lower; to feed tbe yoong Ntab&'^bfin, n. a gelatjnoua nuuine 

aa a bird doee. animal, the 

Nul, n. a fleet. Htabi'nib&ii, e. a. aboundíng in nto- 
Nnawa'wakl, t>. a. aufreiing from ia- ianiban. 

digeation by overeatine-. irtab'&1)'a, n, a lea-alug: a padlock. 

N&awa'wakl, n. tbe suffering attend- N'tab'a'l)'a, o. a. aboundíng in nío- 

ant on overeatíng. baba. 

Hiie'we, n. the genua of lobsters. Iftab'&ke'we, n. a species of crab, the 

NnOa^An, n. a variety of ciab, the Ntab'&ke'we, v. a. aboundíng in nfo- 
ITra'iral, a. very weary, or exhauated bakewe. 

bj heat or the want oí food: having Nt&tMna, n. a crab, the 

laasítude. Ntà1>ena, v. a. abounding In ntahena, 

TSit,'inX, n. exhaustion through heat Nta'benara'T*, n. a variety of crab, 

Dt want of food. the 

Nra'iraki, n. a variety of hàbai. Ntanaenars^B, o. a. aboundíng in nfo- 
Nrabo'nobona, a. in restleaB diatresi, henarere. 

as when having eaten poisonouií fiali. Nta^bo, n. a neck ornament of shell 
Hr&''ra, v. a. ftowing; discharging in made from the (uninonotibu. 

excesB from the uténie. Ntabok&'l, n. a flah, the 

HrS.'m, n. an exceasíve díecharge of Htabok&'i, t). a, aboundíng in nto- 

blood from the uteruH. bokai. 

Hrín'rèn, n. a goat. Ntabutíabufia, n. a flsh, the 

Nre^erehe, n. a flah, the irtabuflabofla, d. a. abounding in 
Hre^ereke, t>. a. abounding in nre- ntahvAabufía^ 

kereke. Ntaltaura'uTa, n. the blosaom of the 
ITrlb&'rlba, n. a fisb, the young riba, kanaum. 

A pan-cake. Nta'mn'a, n. a flsh, the 

IT'ta, n. a reddísh bivalvular ahell- Kta'r•m'a, v. a. abounding ín nUh 

flsh: often uaed aa a neck ornament: rem'a. 

a díaeaae of the akln, Nta'rwn'arl'aría, n. a flsh, the 

Kta, a. aOIieted nith the ekin dlseaae Nta'r•m'nrl'aria, t>. o. abounding in 

nio. ' ntarem'ariaria. 



Vttxi'nie, n. a seampi a. tmosI; «a Ka% prtm. I (oft«ii emphatlc). 

eri] minded penon. S»,1a, pron. he; ahe; it; ai Aota = 
Htari'eiie, a. raacallj; BCUnpiBli. jea, that'ait. 

Nt&'rlae, n. a &ah, the fta'lafia'la, atív. jea, yes; that'H he. 

irt&'rliie, V. a. abounding in ntarine. Italna, n. the dartime. 

Nt&'rlbai'Til», v. a. poiaoned bj eat- Sa'iiiA, a. being light or daytime. 

ing certain fiíth. fia'ira, pron. we ; ub ( KcnerBll^ in the 
Ntft'ríba'rlba, n. a peiBon who ü auf- nominaÜTe oud empbatic). 

fering írom poisonous &sh. Sa'o, v. a. in confiíBÍon; míxed or 
ITtaro'uTou, a. Üable or dispoeed to piled up without order. 

Tomit, as a young infant. StL'o, n. a neat. 

Ntaro'uroii, n. a flsh, tha ffa'ofiao, n. wire : branches ai bushea 
Vt&wa'ewae, n. a amall marine anl- cut to be burned in the clearing of 

mal, the land. 

Htava'awae, v. a. aboimdtng in tUo- Aa'oflao, a. covered over with cut- 

waewae. brush ready for buming. 

Ntibetibe, n. a Bah, the fta'un, a. ten used in counting ioH, 
Ntlbe^be, v. a. abounding in n(í- ririki, ritoro, ituiki, atao, wa, and 

betibe. whenereT a dígit is followed b; a 

NtO'fiitafi, a. faint from want of food, niuneral sufiL•i, ai, ufi, tnan, Ao, km, 

or in BÏckneBa. kora: cocoanuts ara counted hy 

NtO'fiitfiil, n. faintness arising from buncbes of Ien (see leAown). 

BickuesB or want of food. Ita'nflaii, v. i. to eat voracioUBly. 

Ntotwtoba, a. úck as a woman who San, v. a. having eide sproiiU, as 

has lately given birth, boW. 

Ntc/batoba, n. a sickness sometimea ttkn, n. a aucker or side sprout of tlie 

following childbirth. iaboL 

RtO'klt&U, n. a speclea of porpoise, Safla, v, i. to engage in measuring 

the fathoms. 

Ifto^otoko, a. indisposed to effort Raflaa, o. a, freq. of flae. 

from sickneas, or huDger or weari' A&'fiao, o. a. unable to restraín rae's 

nesH. desire; eating without waiting for 

Nto'kotoko, n. indiaposition to effort. othera. 

Nto^otoro, V. i. to aqiiat frequently S&'íiarake, n. the roof of the mouth i 

wben at worlc, throngh weariness. Buffering occaaioned bj food entering 

ITto^toro, n. freqüent squatting the nasal passage. 

wlüle at woik: a Sali, t^e ftft'füuake, «. i. to sufTer fran the en- 

trance of food into the nasal paa- 


ft ït&'&aren'k•, v. i. freq. of tlareuke. 

fialtlflabi, n. a mat lued as a spread 

9, interf. expresaive of djasent or di»- or container for foodi a speciea of 

pleasure. eel, the 

Sa., ado. whereT in what placeT fta'ka, n. the apermatíc cord. 

fta, n. one distant by birth; tUm fta'ko, n. phlagm; mucous matter. 

larire. fta'ko, t>. a. having catarrb. 

Sa, a. Üiousand. fl'a're, t>. i. to lau^: to comb, as the 
Sa, a nmneral snffix following the aurf. 

digita in counting fathoma. Sa're, n. laughter. 

Jfà'e, V. a. aatiated. Sa'reaklna, d. i. to laugh at. 

Sa'ea, n. a fathom. Sare'l, a. flsh, the 

Sa'ea, v. t. to meaaure by fathoms. Sa'Teúke, v. i. to laugh with a wide- 
S'a'eau, a. muased as the halr not open mouth. 

oiled. Sa'reake, n. laughter with a wide- 
Sa'efiae, a. freq. of liae. open mouth. 

fi&'l, pron. plural of Haia, (Oeneala ftarent&'ke, v. i. to laugh coarsely 

30:32.) and long. 





AftTont&'ke, n. coarae and prolonged fio'n, n. a joung infant 

laugbter. fio're, odj. emall in atatnre and 

Itl/i&nn, V. i. freq. of üate; to weakly, aa a Bickly child. 

laugh: to abak« aa a saíl iu the Sunure'fiure, v. i. to complain; to 

wind. murmur : freq. oi Bursaure. 

Ra'nfiara, n. laught«r. Sn'ra, v. i, to complain; to murmnr. 

lïa'rebe, v. i. to laugh loud and snoer- Suro'aurB, v. i. to complain; to miir- 

ingly, or improperi;. mur. 

lïa'ro, ». the gum. fTur•'ilure, n. a murmuiing ; a com- 

lïa'rofiaro, a. toothleBs. plaining; a eubdued groaning. 

S'a'rob'ata, a. having diacolored tuiob. flúre'fiurM, n. (. to complain about a. 

Sa'wa, V. a. having a fiab-bone In tlie borrower or expresa miagiviugs cou- 

throat. cerning something loaned. 

íte^A, n. a tree, tbe — : a large flab- Su'tu, n. a movable aight of a giin. 

hook made of nea. fi^ka, t>. t. give me (lued in the im- 

Ste'a, a. firm; «tiff; hard aa a wot perative). 

rope. ^^^ "■ ^°°^ ^ ^ cbewed far tha 

Sea^axa'bo, n. a tree, the juice (uaed onlj witli the auffix 

fie'afi•a, a. very atrong and finn: pronoun). 

abounding in A«a trees. fika'i, adv. now. 

Rè'fie, V. i. to beg for food br one'a Ifka'lnaba, a. new. 

looka ; to be covetoua of food. fikam', v. i. I don't know ; I am not 

Sé'fie, n. the begging for food b; one'a aupposed to know. 

loolú. fika''nil, pro», je; joa, emphatic ia 

lïè'fie, a, acraped; without much ker- the nominativa: you, a plural auffiz 

nel. in the objectivo after v. t. usually 

fl'S'&•, n. what reniBJnB of the keniel connected by i. 

of a cocoanut in a aheU after it has Hka'na, adv. when (futare) ; if. 

been scraped. ïïkaii'iia, adv. at the present time; at 

Itaflen'rl, o. thin in fleah. the time and place spoken of. 

fiifleta'ia, v. i. to beg mueb (or food Ska'Ska n. a tou or bvnia act aaida 

by one'a looka. foT chewing. 

ïèaeta'la, n. much begging for food fike, adv. when (refening to paat 

W one'a looke. 
Serri, a. curled; frlsded; curly. 
S«'rl, n. a peraon witb cnrly hair. 
Sl'o, a. dizzy. 
JHo'filo, a. freq. of filo. 
m'ra, V. i. to groan audibly or in 

Sl4a, n. a groan; a groaning. 
fiir&'fllra, v. i. to groan audibly or in 

Siréta'uB, v. i. to groan as when 

under a heavy burden. 
■~ ' ' r complain ïn a. 

SkeHioü, adv. last night. 
D'ke'rlmoa, adv. formerly. 
Itketa'lrikl, adv. loat evening. 
ftko'a, adv. before ; f ormerly. 
Sko'ae, adv. indeed; of courae, 

Ako'aua&oa, adv. yesterday. 
A'bo'afikoa, adv. long ago; f ormerly, 
ftko'e, prou. thou; you; uaually em- 

Ba, oonj. because; for: that: ta. 

Hoe', pron. a Butaritari word fOT B'a, ». a contínnoua hard coral rodc 

naka (preceded by nei). or lei^pe: coeoanut oli; a general 

ftO'Sú, V. t. to talk sub vooe, term for oil: a cocoanut-ahell oil- 

ÍK/flo, n. freq. of flo. bottle. 

fl6'flo, V. I. to itch. Ba, n. the mldrib or main atem of tbe 

IT&'ilo, ». the Benaation of itching. cocoanut frond: a leaf : thunder: a 

Jto'Soa, V. t. to acrat«b. akin diaeaae of Infanta. 

Itofio'fio, V. i. freq. of fiofio. B'a, v. i. to belcb. 


Ba, ado. just now; I 

anrived juat now. 
B&'e, n. thÍB thing whicli. 
Bà'c, V. a. huaïlj engaged. 
B'a'é, n. a lamp (perhapa from Eng. 

B'a'eao, n. tíie peatl-shell. 
B&'el, n. thia thing. 
B'aeni'ta, n. a collection oí stones 

used in eDtrapping fiBh. 
B'aenftta, v. i. toengage in piling up 

atunes as a trap for flsll. 
B'a'ene, n. h. baaket baving no cover. 
B&'ene, n. tliat thiog wMch (nearby). 
B'a'eiieiiibò^ n. & basket for con- 

taining hon, 
Bà'«Iiikal, t). a. buBj; engaged: hin- 

B'aeb'a'eta, v. t. to chant the dead. 
B'aeb'a'etl, n. a lamentat ion. 
B'aeïe^ele'ta, c. i. to excel in sailitig 

to windward, 
B&'ere, n. that jonder thing whicb. 
B&'erel, n. that thing yonder. 
B'a'l, n. í. thing; an object. 
Bal, n. an arm ; a wing. 
Ba'iokl, a. unskilled in fitting canoe 

Ba'intl, ». a amall lousa. 
Balma'ln, o. akilled in cultlvation. 
BBÍma''ono, a. having habitually 

Bweaty handa. 
Ba'lnkl, a. unskilled in fitting csnoe 

Ba'imaiiTI, n. a large fiah, the 
Balma'ilori, a. alow in doïng or 

Ba'lmSr&n, a. not sldlled In cntching 

or bolding. 
B'a'Iua, V. t, to usa; to make uae of; 

to hold; to poBsesa; to Talue. 
B'aina'ine, n. a disturbanoe with ref- 

erencfl to a woman; a woman- 

B'aina'ine, v. a. atirred to anger or 
quarrel with reíerence to a woman. 

Bai'nsiíie'a, v. (. to quarrel with or 
asaaíl a man in reíerence to a 

Ba'inabora, ». (Eng.) a pineapple. 
B'ainata'et, n. an incantation over a 

B'alnata'ela, v. (. to practice incanta- 

tions over a child. 
Ba'Inim&n, v. a. just appearíng in the 

B'a^nlm'K'iM, m. a disturbance aris- 

ba roko = 1 ing írom the uníaithfulneas of the 

B'alBikatà'rat&Ta, n. a epj'-glaaa. 
Bainlkl'akla, v. a. having wbite caps 

B'a'inikiri'na, v. t, to peraecüte; to 

abuee; to ill-treat. 
B'a'lnoro'ro, n. a hanuner. 

'Inrà'iUr&fl, o. i. to praetioe in- 

B'a'lnrftTllrftfl, n. a fetiah, or instru- 
ment of Borcery. 

B'alnr&'fiir&'Sla, v. t. to perfonn in- 
cantations upon. 

B'alnrara'ea, v. t. ta blackguard; to 
asaail with vile epitheta. 

Ba'lnte, n. (Eng.) a pint. 

Ba'iba, n. (Eng.) a vi per. 

Ba^Ibai, n. a fieh, the 

B'a'íb'al, n. i. to be in possesaion of 
propertj or wagcs. 

BVíVain, n. a heathen marríage 
ceremony attended with incanbi- 

B'a'ib'alnànti, n. a deformitj. 
Ba'ib'a'o, V. i. to mi BB the mark. 
Ba'lb'a'o, n. a missing the mark. 
Ba'íb'ab'a^o, v. a. carrying Üie arms 

a littie bent. 
Ba'lb'aba'ro, n. a peraon canying hia 

arma a Httle bent. 
Batb'akfi, v. i. to mis8 the mark. 
Ba'lb'aké, n. a misaing the mark. 
B'a'ibara, n. (Eng.) Bible. 
Ba^batl, o. mudi; strong, as the 

Balbl, n. (Ens.) a wàter or oil pipe. 
Ba'lbo, n. a. fiah, the 
Balboaka, a. veij bad: badly done. 
Ba'ibuaba, ». injustice; poor or un- 

skillful work. 
Balbu'rebnre, n. a apecíea of ahark, 

the: a apeciea of dràgon %, the 
Baibu'rebun, a. having wbite epots 

on the ann. 
Ba'ika, n. these things which. 
Ba'ikai, n. these things. 
Ba'ikana, n. those things near by 



BAIg 60 B'ATT 

Ba'^kaime, n. tbose tblnxs near by. BftliVkereko, n. akill in catching. 

Ba'ikftbabu, a. awkward in throwing B'a'iri, n. the nose. 

or spearing. B'a'Irúiti, n. a tree, the 

Ba'ikabsbií, n. waut of skill in throw- Ba'iroko, o. a. quickly doing, aa in 

ing. producing flre bj nibbïug aticka, or 

Ba'lkakl, n. (Eng.) a pjgaig. in fitting the planks of a canoe. 

Balke, n. those tuings fonder, whicli. B'a'lta, e. (. ta take down aa a basket 

Ba'ikekeí, n. tboM thiiigs fonder. from a ahelf. 

Ba'lklaro, a. having a rising on tbe Ba^ltau, f . i. to assunie a poature for 

back of the lower ann. a flglit. 

Ba'iUaro, n. a person haviíig a rising Ba'itabare, v. i. to meddle. 

on tha back of the lower arm. • Ba'itabare, n. meddleaomenesa. 

Balklmc», a. thíeriah. B'a'ltari, n. a apecies of jelly flsh. 

Baikímoa, n. a tbief. Baltata, v. i. to work rapidlj. 

Baikom'koiii, a. not «Idlled in eatoh- Ba'ltata, n. ràpid Vork. 

ina or holding. Ba'it«ke, a. ekill«d in bitting the 

B'a^korakl, n. wealth; richea. mark. 

B'a'tkorafcl, o. rich in personal efTecta. Ba'lteke, n. akill in hitting the mark. 

B'atko'rakora, a. bearilT aparred, Ba'itoíto, a, líght in neight, not 

Balko'rakora, a, capable of a firm beav;. 

grasp. ' Ba'itoka, o. working rapidly. 

Ba'lkori, v. i. to engage in scratching Baltoka, n. Tapid worE; rnpidit; in 

the skin in anger, or gentlr. work. 

Ba'ikorl, n. wrathful scratching, Balto'katoka, v. a. freq. of baitoka. 

Balko'rlkoii, v. i. freq. of baikori. BaitS'to, a. veiy ligbt; not dense, 

Bolki/rlkarl, n. freqüent wrathful bence ligbt. 

scratching. BaltCto, n. lightneBS ; want of weight. 

Balkn, n. a flsb, the Ba'ttnru, n. a àcar of & burn. 

Balku, a. undulj wide as a mat un- Ba'ituni, v. i. to engage in buming 

skiUfulIy made. acara. 

Balkalkul, v. a. afraid to handle or Baitu'rua, o. t, to scar as the arm 

touch; heaitating to throw lest fail- with buma. 

ing to bit, oT in fear of hitting one Ba'o, n. a house with an elevated 

atanding near. floor; a platform; a daia. 

Balkulkul, n. besitant^ in throwing. Ba'o, t>. a. drooping as the fringe of 

Bair&'baba, v. i. to claim land m a mat, or tbe tail of a turkey after 

one'a own unjnstlv. a atrut. 

BairS'baba, n. a íalae or onjoat claim Bà'o, v. i. to be apread out or along. 

to land. B'a'o, a. ciooked. 

Balr^ntaii, n. a bird, tbe B'a'oua, a. crooked. 

Ba'irarae, a. bnving unusuallf long B'a'oua, n. crookedness. 

arma. Ba'onlmoto, n. an elerated platform 

Ba'irarae, n. a epeciea of ahark, the which adjoina tbe tamaerere from 

B'a'irara'ol, a. well furnisbed. above. In usa at Nonouti (see 

Ba'irara'ol, a. impartial in tbe dia- vrauoa). 

tributian of íood. Ba'onlka'rea, n. an altar. 

Bair&'wer&we, a. wont to carry off Ba'onue'a, n. a tbroos. 

thieviably. Ba'obao, a. flat; not ateep aa a roof. 

Ba'lr&warà'wea, v. t. to snatch or Ba'obao, n. a platíorm for drying flab 

carry ofl' thieviahly. in the ann. 

Bii'ire, V. i. to engage in meaauring. Ba'okan, n. (Eng.) a falcon. 

Bà'ire, n, a measure. B'a'okl, n. (Eog.) a box; a caae; a 

Bfiire'a, c. i. to measure; to adjuat Eingham bucket. 

or set in order: to preside over, as B'a'oUuri, n. (Eng.) box-wood. 

a moderatoT. B'a'okoko, a. bent over; atoopíng. 

Ba'iremwe, c. i. to manipnlate slowly. B'a'oknbaiD, n. (Eng.) a porcupine. 

Baire'keTeke, a. alüllful in catcbing. B'au, n. (Eng.) a vow. 


B'Atr 61 BAm 

S'a*^ n. a wreath for tha bead; r B'a'sab'aiiB, n. the doing of soine- 

crown : a noose. thing with no other interest tlian to 

B'K'ua, V. a. begging. Hccommodate ajioÜieT. 

B'a'oA, n. a flsh, tbe B'R'n&b'a'üub'Rflii, v. a. speaking 

Ba'n&nelU•ba'•ba, a. coT«red witli with a luual voice. 

blood aa one severelj wounded or B'a'nAb'ab'a'kl, v. a. speaking with a 

hurt; very bloody, loud ïòice. 

B'a'narake, v. a. looking with long- B'a'n&baaku, v. a. speakiog with a 

ing ejes as on the lood of others. poor voice; speaking illj'. 

'"'~'~~,, n. a pound'Sterling: a pound. B'an&'ke, c. o. Bpeaking with a squeak- 

Lwata, V. t. to hold o 

lullji to unjuatlj take pi 
Ba'urirt, n. awaddins to a gun. 
Ba'nriri'a, c. t. to drive down a gun- 

wadding; to ram. B'auSrflra'rent, v. a. stuttering. 

Ba'nma, v. a. collected togetber. B'anftTD'ninim, v. a. spaaldiig with 

Ba'urua, n. a large canoe or proa, for a trembling roiee. 

war, or interisland sailing. Ban&ra'rururu, n. a person speaking 

Ba'nruare'kaTeka, n. a cauoe larger with a trembling voice. 

tban a baurua: a large proa. B'a'n&taebe'ke, v. a. epeaking- with a 

Ba'uta, V. f. to tie or bind with a clear, attractive Toice. 

cord; to laah; to bind up. B'a'n&taeke^e, n. a peison speaking 

Ba'uttmwi'a, v. t. to adorn with fine with a clear altractive voice. 

clothing and ornaments. B'anftta'kutaka, t>. a. speaking with 

B'&m, n. (Eng.) balm. a stuttering voice. 

Bftm, n. (Eng.) à païm tree. B'anftta'katakii, n. a stammerer. 

Ba'mal, n. a flsb, tne — : a variety of S'anàtS'ti), u. a. speaking with a 

hahai. small, feeble voice. 

Bamaln, a. verdant; green; freah; B'anatÓ'to, «. a person speaking with 

tbriviug. a small feeble Toice. 

Ba'm&te, a. not verdant; drooping. BS'ne, v. a. Uniabed; completed; 

Ba'motl, ». a hoop. (Haw. pau). 

Bamb'an'ta, v. t. to asaault, two B&'n.eawà, n. name oí a flsh, tbe 

against one. mullet. 

Bam'batl, n. (Span.)' pampa». (Geog. B'a'uai, a. choppy as the sea. 

p. 63.) B'a'nel, n. choppiueas of tlie sea. 

Bam'buranete, n. (Eng.) a pome- Bi'nab&ue, d. i. to spread about, ot to 

£anate. be perceived, as an odor. 

, n. ( Eng. ) a pan. B&'nebaneie'bi, o. too Bhort, aa a 

B'a'na, n. the voice; a word. ekirt. 

Bà'Da, n. a sling. B&'neka, v. t. to pervade. 

Bana, v. i. to engage in slinging. B&'aerllíl, n. a fieh, tite 

BanA, V. t. to sling at; to sling awaj. B'a'nla, c. t. 8ee rabona, to reap. 

B'a'oa, a. discouraged; emaeiated. B'a'nln, a. whole; entire: sòlid. 

B'a'na, n. discouragement i a. fish, tbe B'a'nin, n. the entire thing; the 

B'a'nao, a. manj. whole. 

B'ana'onao, a. verj manj : rough as B'a'uib'an, n. the bosom. 

the sea. B'a'nlb'an, o. a, having a neuràlgic 

B'ana'onao, n. a rough sea. pain in the cheat. 

B'a'na'oralii, n. a tumor in the abdo- Ba'nlkalna, n. a pandanus leaf. 

men. B'fi'nlkana, n. the larjnx: a íowl's 

B'ana'na, v. a. speaking angrily. crop. (Phj^. p. 6S.) 

B'an&'na, n. (Eng.) a banana. B'&'nJkaiia, a. miserlj; •tingy. 

B'a^iab'ana, v. a. doing something Ba'nlklma'inial, n. a youug coeoanut 

with no intereat, but to acoommo- leaf; leafiets not yet separated. 

date another. Ba'nlklnaoe're, v. a. dy ing or fading 



a« a leaf; unthríftf, espedall; as B'a'fiaiLUii', n. quarrelaMaenesí. 

a CDCOanut leaf. B'a'óaiirino, v. a. wont to do uice and 

Ba'niklnaue're, n. au unthriftj leaf. careful woTk. 

B'à'nikoko, a. sting;; close. B'a'nanrlni), n. fine and careful work. 

S'S^koko, n. etingineas; closeneu. Ba'fianrluo'a, v. t. to do a piece of 

Ba'nori, n. the leaí oi tbe urt: a work uicely. 

djap«r. B'a'òanriro, o. i. to be veiy particular 

Bin'naka, tt. (Eng.) pannag. about; to críticise. 

B&n'na, n. a corpse; a corpse of aome B'a'fianriro, n. great particularitj'; 

daja; a akeleton. severe criticiam. 

Be^iruiíio, ». a pole some eight feet B'a'nanriro'a, v. t. b) críticize work. 

long, to tho end of whieh a fish Í8 B'a'flanta'eka, tt. i. to murmur; to 

tied, and wlth which the ealt watar complain. 

ÍH beat«n to attract the fUb lara B'a^'fiaiita'eka, n. murmuring; eom- 

for capture. plaint, 

B'an'ta, v, t. to assault a single per- Ba'nab'al, a. unekillful. 

son in numbers of two or morè. Ba'nab'ai, n. unskillfulnesB. 

Bàntà, n. (Eng.) a panther. B'a'flab'afla, n. a ho!e. 

BíUl, V. i. to paas witbout being dis- B'a'íLab'afia, a. full of bolefl; having 

tinctiy Been. a hole; leakr. 

Bfiü, n. indistinct or Bide sight of a B'a'fiabÉifiana'tabo, ». a epecÍM of 

person paasing bj. whale, the 

Ba'fia, c. 1. to be ignorant; not to B'a'fiabaüaua'tabo, a. having both 

know. ends of a eanoe bouae open. 

B'a^la, n. a flsb trap: a moaquito-net; B&'íiakl, v. a. crossed at right anglea. 

a house, erected on polea on the tide B'a'fiakl, a. offended; sallen, Bulkj'. 

flata to eacape from moaquitoee. B'a'fiara, v. i. to jest; to joke. 

B'a'fia, V. >. to bide in a hole : to enter B'a'fie, n. the chin. 

a trap or mosquito net. B'a'fienlbà'koa, a. having a sharp, 

BaíLISi'otnata, a. ungrateful; unjust. projecting chin. 

Baflà'oniat&, v. t. to treat ungrate- B'a'flenlb&'koa, n. a person having a 

fullv or unkindly. sharp, projecting chin. 

Bafill'oniata, n. ingratitude; unjust- B'a'üeaafla, a. " what aort of a chin 

ness. . have jouT " an expression of dis- 

B'a'fiantm&'tafi, n. a cave. pleaaure at a child's conduct. 

B'afianib'al, a. provident, fore- BAflota, n. a burial plot; a sacred en- 

handed. closure; an ancient inheritance, 

B'a'fianib'a'l, n. forehandedness. B'a'fia, n. a fallen young cocoanut, 

B'a'flanfkar&'bBkaa, ti. o. unceas- eaten into bj a rat. 

ingly given to plotting. B'a'fiu, v. a. eaten out, as a joung 

B'a'fiantkar&lMtkaii, n. unceasing cocoanut bj a rat. 

conspirscy. B'a'fiua, v. (. to pump out tfae con- 

B'a'fianiko^ia, v. t. to complain about tents. 

a borrower or express mÍBgivings B'a'finb'afio, a. nasal. 

conceming Bomething loaned, Bafi'ke, n. (Eng.) a squash; a pump- 

B'a'fianlko'n, v. a. fast, or caught as kin: a monkej. 

the hand in a hole among the rocks: BA^ïa, a. foolisn; destitute of reason; 

taiking fooliahly. wanting in underatanding; weak in 

B'a'ganlko^i, ». fooliah talk. intellect. 

B'a'fiaiilku'ua, v. a. compoaing or re- Bà'ba, n. a tool; a dunce; an idiot. 

hearaing many chants. B'a'b'ft, n. the breast; the bosom. 

B'a'fianiku'na, n. tbe compoaing or Bà'bB, v. a. abounding in leaves. 

rehearsing of chanta. B'a'b'a, v. i. to drown; to be drowned. 

B'a'Hanua^u, v. i. to meddie. Baba'ea, v. t. to bore nitb a ubont- 

B'a'nanua'ra, n, meddlesomeness. ban. 

B'a'flannn', n. quarrelsome; easily B'ab'a'ei 

angered. Baba'enJ 


S'AB'A 63 BABA. 

B'ftb'aeb'a'eta, v. i. freq. oí bae- Baba'lroko, v. a. íreq. of bairoko, 

baata. quicklj doing. 

Bàb&l, V. i. to approach cautiously Bana'ltau, v. i. freq. of baitau, to 

for tjke purpoee of atealing. assiune a positton for a flght. 

B'a'bal, ». name of a plant, liaving Baba'ltà'bara, v. i. freq. of baitabare, 

an edible bulbous root, reBembling to meddle. 

taro; tbe anun cordifolimn. Babaltata, v. i, freq. of baitata, to 

Babaimà'no, a. freq. of baimano, work rapidlj. 

akilled ia fitting canoe planks. Baba'it«ke, a. freq. of baiteke, skill- 

Baba'LmailoM, a. freq. of baimatlorí, fui in hitting tbe mark. 

bIow in doing or making. Babattoka, v. a. freq. of baitoka, 

B'ab'a'inata'ela, v. í. freq. of b'aina- working rapidij. 

taeia, to practice incantatione over Baba'ito^atokA, v. a. freq. of baito- 

a child. katoka. 

B'ab'a'iniklrl'na, v. t. freq. of b'aini- Baba'itotO, a. freq. of baitoto, veí; 

kirina, to perseeiite ; to abusa. ligit; not dense. 

B'ab'a'lnràfÜraflIa, v. t. freq. of B'ab'a'o, o. crooked. 

b'aioTaQirafiia, to perform incauta- B'ab'a'oua, a. freq. of b'soua, crooked. 

tions upon. Baba'ono, a. fooliah. 

B'ab'a'liúara'fla, v. (. freq. of b'ain- B'ab'a'okokO, a. freq. of b'aokoko, 

raraea, to blackguard. bent over. 

B'ab'a'lb'al, c. a. recoiving recom- Babauba'uta, v. t. freq. of banbauta. 

pense for nhat one doea. Babama'lu, a. freq. of bamaiu, ver- 

B'ab'a'ib'alnftji'tl, a. freq. of b'aib'aj- daot, green, fresh. 

nanti; deformed. B'ab'a^namm,'o. churlish. (1 Sam. 
Baba'ib'ao, v. i. freq. of bsib'ai 

miss tbe mark. 

Baba'ibati, a. freq. of baíbati, mucb, Bab&'n 

strong aa tbe wind. Bà'bane, v. a. an intensive oi bane; 

Baba'lbuaka, o. freq. of baibuaka, completel; gone; all gone. 

verj bad. Babà'neb&ne, v. i. freq. of banebant. 

Baba'lkababa, o. freq. of baikabubu, B'ab'auu'ra, o. having a full breaat 

awkward in throwing or spearing. over the ateraum. 

Baba'iblinoa, o. freq. of baikimoa, Baba'nurl, v. a. abounding ín the 

thieviah. leaves of the uri. 

B'ab'a'lkorakl, a. freq. of b'aikoraki, Baba'fia, u. i. to be without knowl- 

rich; encumbered witb mucb lug- edge, not to Icnow how or about. 

ga^. Baba'fia, v. (. to know not, to under- 

B^a'ikn, a. freq, of baiku, imduly atand not, 

wide. Babafià'omata, a. freq. of baflaomata, 

Baba'lku'ikul, c. a. freq. of baikui- unkind; ungrateful. 

kui, heaitating to ahoot or throw, B'ab'a'fianlmà'tafi, a. abounding in 

Baba'lr&'babft, v. i. freq, of bairfl- cavea. 

baba, to claim land aa one'a own B'ab'a'fianlko'ii, ti. a. freq. of b'a- 

unjuatly. Banikou, íaat or cangbt as the 

B'ab'a'irara'ol, o. freq. of b'airaraoi, hand. 

impartial in the diatribution of food, B'ab'a'fiantm, o. a. freq. of b'aüanuu, 

Baba^&'weri.we, a. freq. of baira- qtiarrelBome; eaeily angered, 

werawe, wont to carry off thiev- B'ab'a'fÍBnrÍ''iio, a. freq, of b'aflan- 

ishly. rino, wont to do nice and careful 

Bab&^ra, c. i. fieq. of baire, to preside. work. 

B&b&'irea, v. t. freq, of bairea, to B'ab'alianTl'ro, o. i. freq. of b'aSan- 

measure. riro, to be very particular about. 

, Baba'iremw«, v, t. freq. of bairemwe, B'ab'a'^anta'eka, t). •. freq. of b'a- 

to majíipulate alowly. flantaeka, to murmur, to complain. 

Baba'lre'kereka, a. fre<^. of baire- Baba'fiab'ai, a. freq. of baOab'ai, un- 

keieke, akillful üi oatching. akillíul. 



B&baflAkl, a. red and flwollen, Bs the B'ab'ft'kn, n. the flower oí the tiH. 

bite af a. mosquito. B'n'b'ar&'nlkewa, v, i. íreq. of b'a- 
Ba^mflare, v. i. to joke, to be fuimy ranikewe.. 

(aeemantfcaftore). B'ab'ai&n'tlko, v. i. freq. of b'aran- 
B'ttb'a'fca, V. i. freq. oí b'aka, tiko. 

Babaka'lae, v. i. freq. of bakaiiie, to Babar&'U, a. able to tum over as «n 

be negligent of a parent's wanta. infant. 

Babaka'oaon, v. i. freq. of baltaonon, Bab&'reka, a. freq. of biTeka. 

to be in a veiy humble or abject Baba'rakatla, v. i. freq. of barekatía. 

way. B'ab'a'ro, a. beat a little as Üie arm 
Baba'kamo'amoa, t>. i. fieq. of baka- in walking. 

moamoa, to accuae another of fault. B'ab'a'rlko, v. a. habituallf assem- 
Ba'bakan&'koa, i>. t. to entertain or bling. 

treat kindly outwardly, but not at B'ab'a'ro, c. a. assembled in numbera. 

heart. B'ab'a'nú, v. (. t« cravej to greatlf 
BalMkaa&'kot, v. i. ta act kindlf at relieli. 

auch times that it paje to do bo: aa B'ab'ata'ntl, a. freq. of b'atautl. 

a foBter ohild in tne presence of ita Babll'tal, v. i. to bave the head bo Iow 

parents. as to be in danger of falling bead- 

Baba'kanata'el, v. i. freq. of bakaiia- long. E baka ni babatei — he felí 

taei. headlong. (Acts 13: IB.) 

Baba'kanatela'iiie, v. i. freq. of ba- Bab&tl, n. the upper part of the 

kauat«iaine. thigb: the fleah of a towl on the 

Baba'kanatua, o. i, fre^. of bakana- ' breast bone. 

tua. Bab&tl, a. baving prominent, laigeljr 
Baba'kanika'wal, a, extortionate : developed hips. 

raBcallj, vicious. B'ab'a'tí, n. a bundle. 

Baba'kaniklfi', v. f. to assiime rof- B'ab'atl, v. i. to engage in making 

altj. bundlea. 

B'aVa'ïuuia'no, v. i. freq. of b'a- B'abVtlta, v. t. to bundle. 

kannano. B'ab'atlnlka'l, a. íiiUj anned; anned 
Baba'kanrer•t, f. i. freq. of bakan- to the teeth. 

rerei. Baba'tlra'ela, v. i. freq. of batiraeia. 

Baba'kanroro'fla, v. i. freq. of bakan- B'ab'ato'fiotoflo, o. freq. oí b'atoSo- 

rorofia. toSo. 

Baba'kanroro'biiaka, v, i. freq. of Babà'ta, n. a mat juat begnn; the 

bnkanrorobuaka. firat half of a mat. 

Babalcantama'roa, v. i. freq. of ba- Babft'tu, v. i. to begin braiding a 

kantamaroa. mat. 

Babaltantafi', v, a. frea. of bakantall. Bab&'tua, ». a roach. 

B'ab'a'kanto'ka, v. i. freq. of bakan- Babatn'rna, v. a. coming up as a 

toka. aquall; about to fall aa the raiu. 

B'ab'alcaraka, v, i. to depart to the Balrà'ware, v. i. freq. of baware. 

east. Baba'warea, v. í. freq. of bawarea. 

B'ab'a'karlo, u. i. to depart to the Barberà, n, (Eng.) a poplar. 

neat. Bà'bero, n. (Eng.) a buffalo. 

Baba'katae, a. freq. of bakatae. Babetlto, v. i. (Or.) to baptize. 

Baba'kl, v. a. freq. of baki. Ba'betlto'a, v. t. (Gt.) to baptize. 

Bab&lü, V. i. to lie or sleep on the Babi/ia, a. akilled in perfumin^. 

grouud anywhere. In use at Bana- Babo'bo, n. a fading leaf growing red 

ba (aeeraea). or yellow. 

B'ab'a'ko, v. L to lie as an infant in Babo^M, a. red or yellow as a fading 

the armB or lap of a peraon. leaf. 

B'ab'a'ko, n. a foater child. Ba'bo, ». (aee ramarawa). In uae at - 
B'ab'a'koa, v. t. to hold, aa a cbild in Nonouti. 

the arma. B'aTiu, n. a flah, the 

Baba'kocan, c. i. ta plau to aasault. B'&'bO, n. a game in whieh ever; ona 


B'ABXr 65 BAEA. 

Is to keep silent and not b> tnove Bt Ba'kanatOA, n. the asauming to be 

all. God. 
S'àlitl, T. t. to playthegame of babu; Bakfinlm'tao, tt. boiled, scraped co- 
tó aaaemble. coanut after having becn aqueezed 
B'&'ba, interj, an exclama-tion on in a etrainer: tlie oil from the 

bearins tbe report of a. gun. auns. 

B'a'bnnftM'koR, n. a Bpeciea of ahark, Ba'kaulm'tao, v. a. eufficiently boiled 

the for squeeziDg as Rcraped cocoanut. 

B'a'bata'ba'ba, n. a species of shark, BaOcanl mta'oa, v. t. to prepare boiled 

the cocoanut-oil. 

B'a'ka, v. í. to falL Ba'kanrafi, v. i. to act aa a man wbo 

S'aOca, n. a fall; suppresaion; defeat: !a meanlj fed by another. 

land acquiíed through marriage. Ba'ïanxare'l, v. i. to trlQe; to jeatj 

B&'ka, n. B. wedding feast. to make fun. 

B&'ka, a. fullj ripe, aa tbe pandanua Ba'kaurera'i, n. triSing; jeating; 

fruit. Joking. 

B&lïa, n. t. to go at; to begin; to Ba'kanrere'la, c t. to tum Into jest. 

attempt. Ba'kanroro'fia, v. i. to leed away 

Bà'kft, V. t. to pretend; to make aa from home. 

thotigfa. Ba.'konroro'fia, n. the taJdng of one'a 

Baka'ea, v. t. (see bakaine) . meals away from home. 

Baka'Ine, c. i. to be negligent of a Ba'kanroro^iuaka, t>. t. to put on the 

parent's wants. airs of manhood. 

BakaIiieB, v. t. to neglect one's Ba'kanroronïuaka, ». the putting on 

parent. ot assumiíiK the airs oi manbood. 

Ba'kao, n. hire; rent; Intereat. Ba'kaiitamil^iia, v. i. to dreaa up; to 

Baka'onüu, n. begging done in an try to look üae, 

abject way . Ba^ntamí'roa, n. the attempt to 

Baka'aaSn, v. i. to beg in a Tery ahow ofF in dress; assiuning to be 

humble OT abject way. good looking. 

Baïa'obo, o. veiy hungry. Ba'ïantaü, v. a. envioua; jealoiu; lït. 

Baka'obo, ». great hunger. pret«sding to cry. 

Baka'oko, v. t. to engage in lashing a Ba^kantaiL, n. esvy; jealouBy. 

aajl to a apar. Bakantoka, v. t. to aasume to be ■ 

Baka'oko, n. the laahingH of a aail. large landholder. 

Baka'okoa, v. t. to laah a aail to a SAkaba^ne, n. second atage of a coco»- 

epar. uut leaf. 

B'akam'aflal, n. & peraou haTÏng a B&'kabika, o. freq. oi baka, fnlly 

sharp cbin. ripe, as the pandanus fruit. 

B'akama'fiai, a. haring a sharp chin. Bà'kabKka, n. a fully ripe or red pon- 

Ba'kamlm., n. the bladder. danus fmit: a red color. 

Bakamo'amoa, v, i. to accuse another B'a'kab'aka, v. a. well cooked, as 

of fault, in order to acreen one's aelf. thick syrup. 

Ba'kanana, d. a, acattered about in B'a'kab'akfuilko'roa, «. í. to hasten 

protuBÏon. to meet a coming friend, 

B'a'kann&'no, v. i. to fall in love. B'akab'akaníkt/roa, n. a haatoning 

B'a'kanl'noa, d. {. to fall in love to meet a coming gueat; a welcooie. 

with; to be enamored of. B'a'kab'akaniko'ro&, i>. t. to welcome 

Bakauatael, v. i. to pretend to be, or a returning friend by haatening to 

to assume the aira of, a. child. meet him. 

Ba'kanate'ialne, v. i. to pretend to Ba'kabo'rau, o. i. to engage in bb- 

be a young -woman; to flirt aa a cortlng. 

noman. Ba'kabo^n, n. the eacorting of a 

Ba'kanate'ialiie, n. flirtatiou, a pre- peraon. 

tondíng to be a young woman. Ba'kabora'ua, v. t. to escort. 

Balcatu^ttia- n. i. to annirB to dpttr- Ba'kaburs, D. i. to engage in plotting 

one's deetruction. 


Ba'kabure'a, v. t. to cominit sulclde: BakatAtI& v, t. to cut oS evenly Uw 

to give e, parsoQ poieon without hÍ8 hair in front or behind. 

knowledge; to be^ile one to hü B'ft'k&te'ke, n. a rotigh ledge of rock 

death, or into trouble. or stratum. 

Ba'kabwl, t>. t. to engage in tjing Bakate'kea, v. t. to vïBít bj wàter or 

cocoanuta in buncbes of ten each. land. 

Ba'kabwl, n. a bunch of teu cocoanuta Bakate'kera, v. (. to approach ; to go 

tied tog«tlieT. to; ta vÍbíÍ. 

BaJcabw'la, t>. t. to tie cocoanuta In Ba'katl, n. a flsh, the 

bunches of ten each. Ba'katl, p, i, to aquirt. 

Ba'kake, v. i. to engage in ill treating B'akà'tl, v. i. to go to a strange land. 

a foBtei cbild; to be negligent of B'ak&'tl, n. a visit to a atrange land. 

work in the barvest aeason. Ba'katlbu, n. au ancestor. 

Ba'ka^e, n. ill treatment of a foster Bakatfbutlbu, a. dropsical. 

ohild; neglect of harvesting. Bakato'kltoki, t>. i. ío reverberate: 
Ba'kake'a, i>. t. to ill treat aa a foster to bump again and again as a boat. 

fatber bis íoater chlld. Ba'katoko, n. a long brace for eup- 
B'a'kakuf&'lM, v. a. protruding aB the portlng Üie prow of a caooe when 

lower bowei. beached. 

Ba'kara, n. ill treatment of a foster Bakato'koa, c t. to brace the end of 

cbild: neglect of barveating. a cauoe when beached. 

B'akBT&, a. not well married. Bakatun'ttm, v. i. to arrive, as a 
B'a'kara, v. t. to fall upon. fleet. 

Ba-liarae, e. o, scattered about; in B'alS, a. having the lip defonned. 

confusion; out of order. B&'ke, n. tobacco. 

Ba^ara'-arau, a. See bakara and B'a'kekv, <i. a. failing to make land, 

tauburaru. aa a canoe. 

Ba'kara'kara, v. t. to besmear with Bake'kete, a. Ügbt; not heavy. 

filth, etc., to daub. Ba'kete, a. better; convalescent; easy. 

Ba'karere, n. a neuràlgic, dartíng Ba'kati, n. a meeting for exchange; a 

pain, feast (aeetoti)- 

Ba'karere, v. i. to engage in casting B'a'ketl, n. (Eng.) a bucket; a pail. 

and tranaflxing with a dart. B'a'kl, v. a. assembled outaide for 
Bakare'rea, c. t. to apear bj tbrow- want of room. 

ing; to tranafiï with a dart; to Bi'kl, a. hungTy, 

baate; to mw alightly with long Bà'kl, n. bunger. 

atitcbes. Bà'kl, n. (Eng.) a park. 

Bakaro'uabB, n. a large sleeping mat. Bft'kl, n. pandanus leaves for enricb• 
BakaiVto, V. a. rising or aecending, ing a babai patch. 

aa great volumea of unoke. B&'kl, v. a. gone aahore, aa a, boat on 
Baka'rube, n. a covering, eithex a the beach. 

mat or cloth. Ba'kibakl, a. See b'atoi'ato. 

Ba'kamfa, a. hnngry. Ba'kíroro, a. very hungry. See baki. 

Ba'kaniTU, n. great and diatressing B&'klta'la, a. poor, thin in fleab; lean. 

hunger. BK'kita'la, n. leannesa; thinneas in 
Ba'katae, a. extravagant; prodigal; fleah. 

laviab. Ba'kita'iaroro, a. very thin in fleahj 
Ba'kata*, n. prodigality : eztrava- very lean. 

gance. BS^to'utou, a, beauüful. 

Bakata'ea, e. t. to aquander, to waate. Ba'koa, n. a shark (a ^neral term 
Balütara, v. t. to asaanlt on the for the genua) : a certain atar. 

bIj. Ba'koa v. i. to faint from the sight of 
Ba'ÏE&tàta, V. a, badh- battered aa a blood. 

hand or foot bj a blow. B'S'koko, a. stlngy. See bekoko and 
Ba'kat&tl, v. a. evenly cut. tatautL 

Ba'kat&tl, n. a atraight or even row Ba'kara, ». & latge man, or equld, or 

as oí treea or houses, buni. 



B'a'kota, v. t. to hold in the arms, &b Sfre, n. & rank or grade in sociei^; 

a cbild. a class. 

Bn'kotaka'reTeiia, v. a. sufferíng Bft're n, (Bng.) barley. 

froni Uie wRut of BufBcient food. Bà'reao, v. a. Buffering nitli cata- 
Bà'kn, n. the top or leafy part of ract. 

òabcU or taro cut close to tbe root B&'reaii, n. a spider. 

for Teplonting. Bà'reaka, n. a canoe house, 

Bakura'ewa, a. hBsdBome; beautiful. B&'reum, n. a cook-bouse {uaed at 

See tamaroa. Makin). 

B'a'ra, v. a. looee; uatied; dismisaed; B&'refiBra, n, a helmet. 

diaperaed. Ba'rabare, o, i, to do geitly or slowly, 
B'&'rà, V. t. to pnt into a basket. See kairaurau. In use at Banabo. 

B'a'ra, n. a cap-like basket made of Bfi'rekR, v. t. to hasten. 

cocoanut leaf : a cap ; a bat. B&'rska, n. dirt. 

B'a'ra, n. a large fiab, tbe Ba'reka, a. diitj; Hoiled. 

Ba'ralkarl'klrikl, n, a flsh, a variety Bareka'reka, a. veij dirty; rnuch 

of tbe bara. aoiled. 

B'ara'lral, v. i. to flsb nitb a seine Bàr«katla, v. i. to take final leave. 

and rai on tbe ocean fiat. Bfixskatu'atua, a. very dirtj. 

B'ara'lrai, n. a mode of llshing. B'&'reke, m. tbe clavicle; tbe collar- 
B'araltoa, n. a small bat; a certain bone. 

ahell Gab: a certain atar. Bfi'rek'ora'be, n. (Eng.) a paragraph. 

Bara'ú, n. ( Eng. ) a plow. B&'rere, n. a flib, the 

B'ara'ua, n. (Eng.) soft bread. B'a'rere, t>. a. aligbtly bumt, aa tbe 
B'ar&'nikflwe, v. i. to lie. skin. 

B'ar&'nlkewe, ». a lie. B'a'rere, n. a k!nd of akin disease. 

B'arfin'tlko, v. i. to cbat; to gossip; B&'retaitl, n. (Eng.) Paradiee. 

to tattle; to talk idly. Bà'roti, n. (Eng.) a palace. 

B'arfintiko, n. talk; cbat; gossip; B'&'rl, smootb and level as land. 

tattle; íoolish converBation. B&'rlà, n. (Eng.) a farthing. 

B'ft'ra&, 71. a taríety of coral. B'a'rlko, n. a heap; a company. 

B'a'rab'ara, v. a. chafed, as a rope ot B'a'rlko, v. a. beaped ; coltected. 

flsb-líne. B'aiiko^iko, d. a. íreq. of b'ariko. 

Ba'rabara, adv. (íntanHiTB) e rinano Bà'ritaJo, n. (Gr.) » Pharisee. 

barabara ^ very low. B&'rltl, n. ( Eng. ) pulse ; aa beans, 
Bara'karaka, a. not in eameat about. peae, etc. (II Sam. 17:26.) 

Barll'ki, v. a. upset; capsized; turned S'ato, n. tbe fore lock cropped or 

over; covered over as an earth-oven "banged" above the eyes. 

with mata. B'a^ro, v. a. aaaembled in numbera. 

Bar&'kla, v. t. to give one's buaineu B'a'ro, v. i. to ct^nb aa the Burf; to 

dose attention. flow ont suddenly. 

Ba^«kua, ». a flsb, a varie^ of the B'a'Toa, v. t. to comb into or awamp a 

B'a'^ara, v. i. ta trickle. B'aron^la, v. i. to cbew tobacco. 

Bft'rara, a. low, becanse not fully B'aronMfi, v. t. to cbew as tobacco. 

grown, as a grove of cocoanut treea B'aron'riai, «. tobacco for cbewing. 

OT a patcb of iabai, Bi'roilA, n. a tribe. 

B'&'raral, a. atilk^. B&'rofiai, a. of suitabie or moderate 
B'&'raraï, n. sulkmess. eize or ainount. 

BVnura'la, v. t. to regard food Bfirofiala, v. t. to pack, aa articles 

aulkily, for a joumey. 

Ba'rarikn, n. a running vine, tbe B'a'rob'aro, v. i. to comb as the surf. 

Ba'iatan, n. a flsh, a variety of the Ba'roba'roba, n. the leaf proper oi 

hara. bahai, not including the st«m or 

Ba'ratabu'rlmal, n. a flab, a variety stalk. 

of tbe bara. B&^t^ n. (Eng.) a vulture. 

B&'ratn, a. muldlled in climbing. B'a'ru, n. a flah, tbe 


B'a'ïii, n. i. to resound as a, cocoarmt B'a'tln, n. CEng.) a. button. 

that ie broken in two by a blow. BS'tínàiia, n. a Tariety oí crab, the 

B'a'roB, V. t. to crave for; to greatlj Bà'tlnawa, n. tiie pit of the atomach, 

desire or reliah ae food. B&ttnawa, tr. a. bit in the pit of the 
B'a'mb'aru, v. i. to resound as a stomach; having paia in the pit of 

large cocoanut when being cracked tlie atomach. 

open. Bà'tlbo, v. i. to engage in beating. 

B'a'raka'ntïn, v. a. bellying much, B&tibo'a, v, t. to beat. 

as a sail. Ba'tlkora, a strong ; powerful ( Hee 
B&ta, n. a Gilbertese dwelliag house Jíorakora). 

with the ground for the floor, B'atlkn, v. i, to dodge down. 

B'ata, a. black; dark colored; aun- B'atl'kutUia, v. i. to take reíUge in 

bumt; apoiled as old ton. or with. 

B'ata, n. a dark complexioned per- B&tlra'efa, v. i. bï abide or atay Íd a 

BOn: leaTes of the urt. place too long a tíme. 

B'i'ta, n. (Eng.) butter. Bi'tiraku, n. a war-club. 

Bfttal, n. a case made of pandanoa B&tlra'ku&, c. (. to beat with a war- 

leaf, in which to bake a fíah. club. 

Bà'tal, V. i. to engage is inaerticg flsh B'ato, v. a. not setting well aa a aail 

in a batai for baking. wbose leech-line baa been over- 

B&ta'la, u. t. to inaert a flah in a batai. etretched. 

B'&'taatl, a. stingy. B'ato'&atofio, a. black and threaten- 
B'fttantl, n. atingineaa. ing aa an approacbing squall. 

B'atano, n. cora! sandatone. B'a'tob'ato, a. freq. of b'ato. 

B'at&ntlka, n. the oldeí of two com- B'ato'kotoko, n. a fiah, the 

batauts. B'a'toro, n. (Eng.) a bottle. 

B'atab'ata, o. very dark skinned. B'a'tua, n. a large shell-flah, the 

B'ataka, a. poor, worthleBa ; not hav- B'atna'un, n. a persoa eaaily aagered, 

ing tnuch that is nourishing, aa B'ato&'un, a. wrathfui; paasionate. 

certain lobsters. B&'toa'ro, n. the under and front por- 
B'ata'kataka, a. withered aa an arm. tion of a shark. 

B'a'tatn, v. a. burnt by fire or aun- B&'tufia, v. t. to begïn a mat. 

acorched; acalded; blistered. B&'ware, n. saliva. 

B'a'tata, n. an eniption on the skin; B&'ware, v. >. to spit. 

a blistér. Bawa'rea, c. t. to spit upon. 

B&'t«, n. (Eng.) a bat: a bath meaB- B'aVe, n. a Seh, the 

UTB. B'a'wfl, V. a. dried to an oïly condi- 
BSteritl, n. (Eng.) a partiidge. tion aa the kemel of the takataka. 

Bftt•'tS, a. intosicated. B'a'wea, n. a Sah, the 

B&te^, n. intoxication. B'a'we&ta, n. a flah, the 

B'atete, v. i. to slide down; to gllde B'a'welna, n. a fiah, the 

or alip in, as a vessel. B'a'wamàra, n. a fiah, the 

B'&'t«te, o. inclined; alopingi at aa B'&wetabua'rlki, n. a flsh, the 

angle: morè or lesa steep, as the BVwetabn^'iinal, n. a flah, tbe 

ground. Be, conj. because (used only when fol- 
Bi/tl, a. many; much. lowed by the pronoun e). 

Bati, n. (Eng.) a pot. Be, ». a waist'mat. 

B&tia, V. t. to fold up and lay aside Be, a. bad; ugly; ill bebared. 

aa an unSniahed mat. B'e, n. an oar (wrttten alao friM), 

B&tta, n. a emall parcel. Be'a, n, (Eng.) bear. 

B'a'tla, V. a. asaembled or collected in BVa, c. a. t«giuning to enlarge as In 

nimibers. pregnancy. 

B'atla, n. a large aaaembly. B^, n. a pile of stones on a flat, eol- 
B'atUtla, V. a. wrinkled; mnssed upj lected aa a snare for fiah. 

piled up. Be'l, V. i. to akim along aa a thin plate 
BatlmJL'rK, a. weak In throwlng or ^Fhen thrown. 

etriking. Be^matek&'l, n, namé of a male god. 



BVlna, V. t. to laj aeide for an ex- Be'fiub«fia, v. i. freq. of beQu. 

pected gueet. Bé'be, v. i. to Btagger. 

Be'ilMl, n, B. species of wliale, the BéHw, ». tbe germ Bprout ; ths soft 

B•'ilMtl, V. i. to float. contenta of a Bprou&ng cocoanut. 

Be'lra, n. {Eng.) a pillar. BéOií, n. the Mp. 

Ba'o, V. a. tangled; soarled. Bè^jt, a, having broad and prominent 

Beua'kora, v. a. heavy ladeu; stag- bips. 

gering under a load. Bebè*!, v. i. íreq. of bei, to akim along. 

Bfia, n. a general t«nn for a ripe co' Bebe'ib«tt, v. i. freq. of beibeti, to 

coauut. Qoat. 

Bèn, n. (Eng.) a pen. Beba'o, v. a. freq. of beo, tangled. 

Be'na, v. i. to wear a waiat-mat. Bebe'ua'kora, v. a. Btaggeriug under 

BVni, t>. t. to split (em bioena). a. load. 

Bé'ns, n, (Eng.) a penny. B'eb'eun'ta, o. being twina. 

B'e^ea, v. t, Bee bwenea. Bebe'na, v. t. to cover or dreas witb a 

Be'neïu'fiifl, a. bent over imder a waist clotb ot mat. 
7 load; "Hkana e raiooiooí» 
t te aomata, ao kaRn e baua 

i afMi"(Kfture). In «se at Nonouti. 

Benen'tura, n. (Eng.) a península. B'»lM'ne, n. the work of strípping oS 

Be'aekR, n. (Eng.) vinegar. the dying leaves of young cocoanut 

Bè'nlmal, n. a cocoanut ver; nearlf trees. 

fully ripe. B'ebVnea, v. t. to strip oS tbe leaves 

Bè'nimAl, a. nearly fully ripe aa a of young cocoanut trees. 

cocoanut. Bebe'iioiio, o. freq. of benono. 

Beo^lmU, ». a bitter or unpleasant Bebs^iL n. a kind of game. 

tasting ripe cocoanut. Bentwbebe, v. i. freq. of bebè, to 

Bé'nlbte, t>. a. abounding in ripe co- HtaggeT. 

coanuts. BSbe^a, c. t. to cariy. 

Ben'lkal, ». a ripe cocoanut wboae Bebe^or&ra, v. i. freq. of bekorara, 

kemel ia unuEually hard (aee ben- to growl, to roar, to hem. 

tiki). Be'bekn, v. i. freq. of beku, to work. 

B•ulkafi'kafl, n. a very relisbable Be'^kua, o. t. freq. of bekua, to 

ripe cocoanut. work. 

Bfnlwi, n. tbe nppermoBt streak of Bebe^ut&ta, c. i. freq. of bekutata, 

planka in a casoe. to be employed; to be buBji ta 

Bftno'liiot, a. miachievoua ; ill be- serve; to work. 

baved ; troublesome. Bebfr'rtaa, c. t. freq. of beiino, to be 

Bé'nono, a. curved; bent, verv particular. 

Be'iia, n. a cocoanut busk. Bebe'rino, n. great partlcularity. 

Be^a, o. old and decayed as a canoe Bebe'rlnoa, v. t. freq. of berinoa. 

womout; unBeawortíiy. B»l>eniar«, n. (Eng.) February. 

Bfl'nna, c. (. to prolong a. reaidence in. Be^ete, a. light; not heavy. 

Be'nna, ti. one'a own country. Be'betl, n. the name of a god. 

Bdn'roro, n. a ien wbobe husk íb diy Be^jetl, d. t. to beg. In use at No< 

and about to fall. nouti (aee buintti). 

Bén'roro, o. fully ripe aa a cocoanut. Beb•'tlil»'lllai, a. fïwj. of betifialDaí, 

Béntekota, n. (Eng,) Pentecoat. aoiled. 

(Acta 2; I.) Bebe^roa, v. t. freq. of betiroa, to 

Ben'tlkl, n. a ripe cocoanut wboae admire one'a seU. 

kemel ib unuanally hard (aee beni- B6k&, o. t. to engage in acraping pan- 

Imi). danuB fruit with a flxed acraper. 

BSn'tíra, n. (Eng.) a pencil. Bè'kft, ». the scraping of pandanua 

BVfia, a. wide as a canoe; having fruit or a atAtionary Bcraper. 

mucb beam. Bi'ka, v. i. to paaa fecea. 

Be'fin, V. i. to reeound aa on empty Bàka'ea, v. t. to Bcrape pandanua 

caslc. fruit on a flxed acraper. 

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Betcan, n. (Eng.) a heatben. Bfrora, a, manj; in great numben; 

BAluiMka, n. matter in the «Te. numerous ab ants. 

BèQui'béka, a. having matter a» tbe Bi'roroa, c (. to swarm over food u 

eye. ants. 

Bek&'iirafla, a. envioiu. Be^n, n. a epecies of lizard, tlie 

Be^e, n. a flx {used only with bo. It Be'm, «. a. afraid oi; fearing. 

íb idiomàtic: e bo bekena). Ba'rU, n. the populace. 

Bé^e, 71. lEag.) e, peck; one-fourth Ba'ru'boru, a. abounding in the beru. 

oi a buBhel. Be'ruro, n. (Eng.) a. berjl. 

Ba^eauie, n. a dirk. Beta'fia, v. a. jambed, as a flnger be- 

Bé^i, n. {En^.) a pig. tween two boxes. 

Bé'U, V, a. giTen to much eating like Betft'ïaa, n. a rack; a stick or mould- 

B, pig. iog on a oouoe on whicb to rest 

B•^obeko, f. i. to cough. ilats. 

Be^obeko, n. a cough ; a cooghing. Bet&^a, n. the Sooriítg in the hold of 

Be^oko, a. assembled in great uum- a canoe. 

bera. Be^ebete, a. light in weight. 

B«^orllra, t>. i. to hem ; to roar, as a Be^, n. a section of the pandauuB 

fruit from which the pulp has been 

removed by chewing. 
Be't!, p. i. to float 
Be'tla, n. a weapon : a float support- 

ing one while flihing with a liue in 

deep wàter. 
Be^iB, n. (Eng.) (aee Bitian). 
Brtin, n. (Eng.) a baün. 

Be'kor&ra, n. hemming; roaring; 

Be'kB, it. work; latKir. 
Be'ki], ti. i. to work ; to labor. 
Bft'kTia, V. t. to work ; to work at. 
. Bs'kab•lEa, v. a. reBounding a* i 

enjptj' cask. 

BeQiiubeku, n. a leBonant sound: a Be'tinó'ma, n. tough food removed 

wooden mould or cylinder used in from the mouth ^ter baving been 

making a container for kabubu. chewed. 

Be^ntftta, v. t. to be employed; to be Betlno'm&, v. t. to chew tough food 

buay; to ser ve. and remoT» the toughest part. 

Be're, interj, au insulttng exclama- Betlfialflai, v. a. aoiled. 

tion of great contempt. Betiflalfial, n. Btain; foulnesB; an 

Bft're, n. (Eng.) a bale. (Arith. p, uncleas garmest or person. 

123.) BVttraoi, v. i. to flv well as a kite. 

BVra, n. a thin bívalvular shell-flsh, Be'tlroa, v. t. to a^ire one's self. 

the Be^oto, a. bad; mischievoua; ill be- 

Be^ufia, V, i. to meddie; to be 

troublesome (sec tabare). 
Bi, interj, an iaterjection uttered 

upcn perceiving a bad smell. 
Bl'a, n. Bpawn : a tumor ; a wen. 
Bi'a, V. would> equivalent to O thatl 

would üiat 1 
Bl'abia, n. a ruffied ornamental edg- 

ing at the neck or border of a 

Bia'ma, n. (Eng.) a puma. 
Bf'na, n. the youngest cbild in a 

Blaa'iue, a. womaniah aa a man; ef- 

femmat«, aoft. 
Bin&'lne, n. a womaniah eEFemioate 

BVrem^ n. a whitÍBh variety of the 

B'ere'na, ti. (Eng.) hard-bread. 
BerSntitl, n. (Ei^.) a parentheaia. 
B'erera'un, n. a tbin brittle bival- 

vular ahell-fiah, the 
Bere'tltènti, n. (Eng.) a preaident. 
BeMno, v. i. to be particular. 
Be'rino, n. particularity. 
Be'rinoa, v. í. to do veiy carefully; 

to be particular aimut. 
BariíLo'riíio, v. i. freq. of beriuo. 
B6'rlkaii, ». (Eng.) a peli can. 
Bd'rlki, n. a privaté aígnal of feathers 

on the mast of a caooe. 
B^Mta, n. (Heb.) a covenant. 
Berltj/rltun, n. (Eng.) praetorium. 
Bè^o, D. (Eng.) abell. 
B«'ro, n. a tree, the 
Bí'roro, a. of dark complexion. 



Blnam'K'ns, n. a mosculine voman. BlbiM, v. í. to enga^ in braïdinK. 

Bi'nakare, n. a disease in the groin. Blbl'rla'itua, v. i. freq. of biriaitna. 

Bi'nakare, a. afflicted wíth the bi- BtblMakl'na, v. t. Ireq. of biriakina, 

nakare. to carry newB. 

Blnaktt^e, n. the ^ungest in a BiblMblrl, o. i. freq. of biribiri, to 

famil;. run. 

Bln&'rerera'kfl, n. the jonngeat in a Bibl'rlkata^, v. i. freq. of birikatai, 

familf when precociom. to grow rapidly. 

Blll&''rersia'ke, o. precociou» as the BlTilro, v. t. freq. of biro, to engage 

jouiígest in a. fomilj. ia making rope. 

Bl'aftta, V. (. to aearch for Hraoetliing Bi^blta, v. 1. freif. of bita, to repeat- 

that ehall give a pleaeaat odor to edlj turn horizontally; to ofteu 

oil. chüige al•l the mind. 

B'ineblne, v. i. to engage in searching Bl'blt&'nlkal, v. i. to slip awajr before 

for cocoanut oil perfumea. the arríval of one nho comes to 

Binebi'nera, v. t. to do the wiud with seek help. 

an incantatioD that it may blow. Bl^bltarS, t>. a. freq. of bitara. 

Bl'nara, v. t. io aeek ot search for as Bibítl, v. i. irhíbiti, to pa^B at a dis- 

things which may give a pleasant toQce, or without aeeing one an- 

frarrance to cocoanut oil when other. 

boífed: to Bubject the wind to an Bl'bltol, n. en Imperfect or partiiJ 

incantation that it maj prové fa- raiabow. 

vorable. Bllca, ». (Eng.) e. beka. 

Bi'no, c. t. to chant and gesticulate Bl'kaki, ». (Eng.) a )>eacoek. 

vhile sitting. Bi'kàtl, n. (Bng.) a pickase; a mat- 

Bt'no, n. chaatitig and gesticulating tock. 

vhile BÍtting: a call: a sununona: Bllca, n. whitesandj the eaudjbeacb; 

e (ou hinona. Bandy land without verdute. 

Bl-^obino, n. a cocoanut ahell bottie Bikel'niku, n. a varietj of th« kua, 

for cocoanut molassee. a verj laige fiah. 

Bi'aobiao'iiikAl, n. the larva of the Bi'kemata'ta, a. desolats. 

moaquito. Blko'ukoa, a. pregnaut. 

Bi'iu)k&, V. t. to twist with the fingers Blko'ukou, n. pregnancj. 

aa atranda. Biko^o, n. a joung cocoanut vrith 

Bi'iiokB, V. i. to engage in twÍBting well developed kernel but soft; a 

atranda with the fingers. mojmofo, 

Bl'noka, n. atranda of cocoanut fiber Blbo^o, a. being in the bíkoktt stage, 

for making twine. the kemel being well developed, but 

BiVott, a. veiy stinldng. aoft. 

Bl'notl, n. a very unpleasant odor. Bi'ku, n 

Bino^iBotl, a. freq. of binoti. ai'm, v. 

BIn'ti, n. (Eng.) beana. rope. 

BlSa'onao, a. fetid. Blra'oki, n. (Eng.) a frog. 

Blfia'ofiao, n. fetidnesa. Bl'ii, n. running; a run. 

Blfiifll, o. veiT amall. Bl'rl, v. i. to run. 

Bifü'fiitaElo'ifiot, a. exceedinglyamall. Blria'ltua, v. i. to run hitber and 

Bi'fUbifi, n. a tree, the Theapeaia tbither. 

(Ch.). Bi'rian, o. (Eng.) a billíon. 

BlfUta, n. a amall inaect, the Bl'riakl'na, v. í. to carry newa. 

Bll)!, n. the wind-pipe. Bi'riarl, n. (Eng.) a period. 

Bl'blikoka, V. i. to engage in twíating Bi'rim'&'ka, v. i. to run fast. 

cocoanut ftber, Bl'riíii'&'ka, n. fast runaicg. 

Bfbiíioka, V. t. freq. of binoka, to Bl'rimft'ra, v. i. to nin bIow, 

apin, to twjat. Bi'rim&'ra, n. bIow running. 

Blblíia'ofiao, a. freq. of biflaoflao. BiMbtri, v. i. freq. of biri. 

Blbi'fii, a. very amall. Bl'rlkalw•'iiel, t). i. to habitually 

Bi'blra, v. t. freq. of biia, to braid. lodge in many different places. 



Bl'rilcatal, c. t. to grow n^iidlr. Botal, a. having tbe amell of fira. 

Blrike'lrakewe, v. i. to run awa^ Bo'IaI, n. the amell of flre. 

(followed bv nako) : metaphon- Boia'ntliiui, a, veiy Iragniit as the 

callj, to quickly diaappear &a lood. ari. 

Bl'ro, V. i. to eagage in maJdng rope. BoU'utliiw, n. the odor of the «n. 

Bi'ro, n. B atick or «niaJl lever for Bo'Ur&ra, a. fiagriuit. 

twiating. Bo'iar&ra, n. fragranee. 

Bi'ro», V. t. to make a rope by twist- Bolm&'nuA, o. luiving the Bmell oi & 

ing the Htrandl•l together. buming cocoanut kemel. 

Bi'roto, ». the abdomen : the uterus. Baiiii&'iia&, ». the odor of buming 

JBl'ta, V. t. to turn around horisoa- cocoanut keniel. 

tally. Bo'lm&'fllfi, a. having a lour or fer- 

Blti/'tilkai, d. i. to bide away when mented emell. 

about to be aiked to work. Bo'im&lilfi, n. the odor of fermenting 

Bltft'iiikai, n. a hlding anaj wbea kareioe. 

about to be oBked to work. Boi'fio, n. a flsh, the 

Bità'nika''la, v. t. to avoid labor hj Bo'ibi'^blfi, a. not matura as panda. 

hiding awaf when about to be aaked nus fruit. 

to work. Bo'ibl'filbifi, n. nnripe pandanuB 

Bl'tarll, V. a. not joining or fltting to- fruit 

gether properlj; inconsistent. Bo'ikamala, v. a. refreahlng, aa cer- 

Bi'tarií, n. inconaiatencj in apeech. tain odora. 

Bltara'ea, v. t. to obacure or mii up Bo'íkama'lu, n. a refreshing odor. 

one'a warde; to make inconaistent Bo^irA, o. bad amelling. 

remarks. Bo'lr&, n. a bad amell. 

Bl'te, n. (Bug.) a beet. Bo'lrfttu'atua, o. reiy bad Bmelling; 

Bl'Ü, fi. iron; a knife; a fiah, the verj offenaive, 

Bltla, n. (Eng.) a pitcher. Bo^tar&'tara, a. oSenaive in smell (a 

Bl'tlaa, n. (Eng.) a pigeon. polite term). 

Bl'tlna, V. t. to toke, poaseas, and usa Boltuta, t>. t. to fail in procuring be- 

a knife. cause aeeidng too 1at«. 

Bl'tlnlkl'rtrl, n. fat about the intea- Bo'n, ». the upper part of a canoe-maat. 

tinea of a healthy fiah. BCu, v. a. aboundiiig as fiah in a plaee 

Bl'tinikí'rlrl, a. naving béalthj fat uuf requen ted. 

about the inteatinea ae a fiah. Bo'iia, v. t. to buUd a new canoe. 

Bitlta'om, n. a general term for Bo'na, n. a post; a pillar; a apirit 

metala other tban iron and steel, aa stone; an Ídol. 

tin, linc, copper, and brasa but not Bo'ii&, v. t. to aplit or cut int« balvet, 

lead. as a cocoanut or habai. 

Bt'tltl, n. (Eng.) peachea. Bd'na, n. a dry cocoanut husk. 

Bltu'meu, n. ( Eng. ) bitumen. Bo'uríkl, n. a certain post in a coun- 

Bi'wft, ». (Eng.) a beaver. cil houae. 

Bo, n. a meeting; a coming together: Bo'iim, n. tbe epirit-land. 

price; reward. Bo'utabu, n. a center post for a rldge 

Bo, D. i. to meet ; tonnite; toagree: pole. 

to hit; to come <n collision. Bo'ntabmum'ka, ». a central post 

Bo'S, p. t. to reprove, to chide, ta aupporting the ridge-pole. 

rebuke. Botoakl, c. i. to engage in beating 

Bo'&r ». a reproof; a rebuke. the ground with the butta of cocoa- 

Bo'a, V. t. to atrike; to bit; to pat. nut fronda to scare away the apirit 

Bfi'iL, n, a wide plug or atick of to- of a peraon who haa just died. 

bacco.. Bo'makl, n. the scaring awaj of a de- 

Bo'a-kantiri'Uta, n. (Eng.) a boa- parting apirit brbeating the ground. 

conatrictor. Bomft'U, v. a. light as a blow (aee ho- 

Bo't, a. unauccesaful in fiahing. tom ) . " 'ükana e oreai temanna n 

BO'i, n. a creeping plant, tbe te kai, ma e aki nene bona ta e bo- 

Bo'l, n. ecent) odori amell. tus, ao e iomaki iai, ke e hotam." 



Bom&'kla, v. 1. to treat a dead penon Bi/fiuia, a. oi couBequenee; of worth; 

to El bomaki. uaeful. 

B611, adv. tnily; indeed; re&Uy; un- Bofift'nift, v. t. to bake tabataba over 

queatiouabl;. nicht in au earthen oven. 

BSn, n. bla«k soil ; loun wMcli boa Bc/iuta, o. proloaged in time. 

been aifted. Bò'filbdll, d, i. growiug dark. 

Bt/nfino, n. a Hjphilitic afflictíon. Bo^'a, v. i. to trade in oil. 

Bo'iiflao, ». inconatancj in work. B(/b'a, n. trading in oÍ1. 

Bo'neao, t>. a. frequently tuming aside B(/bal, n. heat eepeciall; at nigbt. 

from a certain work. Bo'bai, a. uncomfortablj wartn when 

Bo'niba, V. i. to engage in excavatiiig trying to sleep. 

a hole or small pit, for a tiee ot Bc/b'al, v. i. to buy; to Heli; to trade. 

plant. Bo^'al, n. trade; ahopping; bu^icg; 

B<^slba, n. the work of eicavating a barter. 

bols for a tree or plant. Bo^'aka, v. i. to foul aa a ball not 

Ba'nlkanlb&'ila, v. a. very doaelj properly hit. 

packed or crowded, aa a room. Bofa'a'ntüako, c. i. to glance off as a 

Bc/no, V. a. shut, club not Hkillfully handled. 

Bo'ao, ». a sea-wall. BoHïar&kl, v. i. to fall proatrate on. 

Bonou&tlbMM, v. a. abounding in the face ; to bow down tbe head. 

aboals. Bolmr&kí, n. a low bowing forward 

Bo'nomuno, n. wrath. (Amos 1 1 11.) of tbe bead. 

Bo^obaila, a. Terj costire: unable to Bo^o, n. a eeaaoD or time just befoie 

give birth to. fruit be^na to ripen: a Bsb, tbe 

Bo'nob&b&tn'nu, ». vary stonny. Bo'bo, v, t. to have inteicourae often; 

Bo^obono, n. a curbing stone as to meet often. 

around a houae. Bobo^a, v. t. f req. of boa ; to pat. 

Bo^oboni/ta, c. í. freq. of bonota. Bobo'i, a. aUgbtly pútrid. 

Bo'nota, v. t. to cover; to ebut, to Bobo'la, n. a gun (Makin). 

cíoHe. Bobo'lal, a. freq. of bolai, having the 

Bo'notii, ». sn inatrument for incan- amell of fire. 

tation; sometlmea a cord tied at Boboia'utim'a, o. freq. of boiautim'a, 

tbe neck; sometimee au ibu. fragrant, of a delightful odor. 

BcototS'niniate, n. a cover. Bobo'iarftra, a. freq. of boiarara, fra- 

Bonot&'nib'al, n. a piece for a patch. grant. 

Bo'notab'e^iab'en&, v. t. to mend. Bobol'ilo, v. a. abounding in boiAo. 

Bo^otab'e^iab'en&, n. a mending of Bobo'ikaina'in, v. a. refreshing as 

Bometbing rent. certain odors. 

Bo'm!, n. a peison tattooed akill- Bobo'lrK, a. freq. of boirft, bad amell- 

fully. ing. 

Bo^o, a. Hkillfully tattooed. Bobo'ltuta, v. i. freq. of boituta, bo 

Bo^ubonu, n. a small gelatinons fail in procuring Mcauee eeeking 

marine animal, the — : cocoanut too lata. 

oil scented with the Bame. Sabó'n, n. a canoe new throughout. 

Btmu'bo'naa, v. t. to scent cocoanut Bobo'n, t>. i. to engage in makiug a 

oil with íonuíi<mu. canoe. 

SOn'&•, n. a certain procesn in the Bobo'um, v. a. greatly Burprised. 

maldng of a canoe-sail ; " Karaoan Bobo'nmakitia, v. t. to ask or in- 
fon te ma ni babnireaki." quire about. 
Bon'ro, n. dark, rich hoíI, suitable for Bobo'nflao, v. a. freq. of boneao, fre- 

the cultívation of babai. quently tuming aslde from a eer- 

Bofl, n. night; a day of 24 hours. taia work. 

B6fi, a. being night; dark. Bobo'nlb'a, v. i. freq. of bonib'a, to 

Bo'fia, n. worth; conaequence. engage in eicavating a bole for a, 

Bo'fi&u, c. *. to engage in arranglng tree or plant. 

tabataba for an all night's bake, Bobo'nobonota, v. t. freq. of bonota, 

BoflSn, n. an all aigbt'n bake. to ahut, to mend. 




Bobo'fis, c. a. completed; flniabed. Bt/raTi, v. i. to saíl; to go to ien. 

Bobo^'a, V. i. freq. of bob'a, Ut trade Bd'rau, v. i. to engage in coUecting 

in oil. pandànuB leavea for making a thatch. 

Bobo'b'al, t>. t. freq. of bob'ai, to sell; B^ran, n. the work of collecting pan- 

to bu j ; to trade. danua leavea for making thatcli, 

Bobo^ar&ki, v. i. freq. of bobaraki. Bora'na, v. t. to coUect, as leaves for 

Bobo'buaka, «. a. freq. of bobuaka. 
Boboka'iina, c. a. freq. of bokarina. 
Bo^ra'ol, v. a. freq. of boraoi. 
Bobyraa, v. i. freq. of borau, to aail 

to ço to sea, 
Bobo^rababo'na, v. a. flattened out 

as a masB of soft food. BorAlila, v. (. to tuck in as a 

Bobo'ta, V. t. tq oollect. quito uettíng. 

Bobota'rarake, v. i. freq. of botarà- Boratla, v. t. to ruthleBaly deatroy 

rake. a)I the labai in a patch as '~ '~ ' 

Bobo'tika, V. a. freq. of botika. of war. 

Bo^to, a. false; uot true. BCre, n. (Eng.) the pole. 

Bobo'tom'a'ïa, v. a. freq. of botn- Borefia'reiU, a, red, as the sky. 

m'aka. BoiVtl, n. '(Eng.) a printing piess. 

Bobotomfira, v. a. freq. of botumara. Bors't!, v. i. (Eng.) to print. 

Bobo'timaba, v. a. freq. of botunaba. Bore'tia, v. t. (Eng.) to print. 

BoHiuaka, v. a. nnt well finished; BCrlo, n. (Eng.) a folio. 

badly joined : bringing too amall a Bo'ríka, v. t. to straighten. 

BoHiuaka, ». bigh price 

Bor&'nUd, ». the buttocka. 
Bo'Tafi, n. (Eng.) a furlong. 
Borafl'ki, n. (Eng.) a franc. 
Bo'rababa'oa, a. wlde; broad; flat- 

able aelliug. 
Bobaa'kft, v. t. to aeatch after; to 

look up. 
Bo'biikl, V. t. to be entirely diaperaed ; 

to be all gone. 
Bo'ka, a. decayed as ripe cocoanat. 
Boka'utea, v. i. to lie; to dec' 

(aee kewekewe). 
Bo^aboka, n. mud ; a fiab, tbe 
Bo'kaboka, a. maddj. 
Boka'kua, a. rotten; decayed, a 

Boka'kua, n. a decayed eoeoanut. 
BoTiarina, d. Í. to act qnicklj. 
Bok«'we, V. i. to lis; to deceive (bm Boti, 

keicekétoe) . Bd^ti, 

Bo'kl, n. (Eng.) paper; abook. 
Be'ra, n. (Eng.) a, bowl. 
Bo^n, n. a loft; an elevated platform 

in a bata : the outer shelt of the 

hawk•a-bill turtle. 
Bo'ra, v. a. ezteuding to b.11 ; uoÍTer- 

BorI'tím.íLii, n. (Eng.) a policeman. 
Bo'roii, n. t. to engage in cutting tou 

into thin slices. 
Bo'roa, n. the procesa of cntting pan- 

daaus fruit into thin elicea; i^oubu 

made from thin slices. 
Boroa'ea, v. t. to cut the edible part 

of pandanua fruit into thin atlceel 

"'■- ' '- coUect together; to 

in planing. 

Bora'eita, n. (Eng.) 

Boraltl, t>. t. to engage 
Bora'itl, n. a jack-plane. 
Bont'ltla, V. t. to plane. 
BOra'oi, V. a. selling for its value. 
B6ra'ol, n. a fair aale. 
Bo^ns, ». aailing; naTigation. 

Bfi'tam, V. a. See IZtua. 
Botana'omata, n. a people; a natJou, 
Bo'takl, n. an aasembly. 
Bota'rarake, «. i. to lie on the back. 
B»^, «. (Eng.) a fort. 
Bote'to, n. (Eng.) a potato. 
Ing.) a boat. 
place assigned to an In- 

dividual OT claimed \>j him. 
Bo'tlka, V. a. conducting in a flirting 

manner ao as to attract the atten- 

tion of the opposite aex. 
Bo'tlka, n. conduct intended to attract 

the Dpposite aex. 
Botlka'tika, v. a. habituallj putting 

on aira; a^icuatomed to flirt. 
Byto, n. a baae; a atump; a bulbous 

Bo'to, o. haTing a bulb: true; cer- 

tain; not false. 
Bcrtonlwa'e, n. the tbfgh, the thidc 

fleahy portion of the leg betweeo 

the knee and the trunk. 




Botonft^ftl, n. the Hyadei. 
Bo'tn, T. a. weaiy of doing; tired 

BCtua, t>. i. 

BnK'fil, ». a. whale'a tooth. 
Bu'abikft, a. gluttonoiu. 
Bu'abdka, n. glnitony. 
Bn'abuA, v. t. freq. of bok, to m&ke 
into loaveH. 
a weapon. Ba'aka, n. war. 
to weary of. Ba'aka, ii. i. to wage war; to engage 

. pereeveríng. in war; to be t«mpeBtuouB, atonaj. 


Botum&'ra, n. want of constaucy. 
Bo'tanAba, v. a. persevering; per- 

BotuTu'm'a, v. t. to close or shut up, 

o» a liouse. 
Bo'tunim'a, n. a eanoe wlth a water- 

tlght deck in the bows. 
Bn, n. a spouse wiien followed by the Bua'koako, a. overgrown, 

enffix proDoun; a relative when pre- thicket. 

ceded bj the poseessive pranoimi a Buft'koako, n. a thicket. 

eril; l•linful. 
Bua'kaka, n. badneas; evilj sinful- 

nesB; wickedness. 
Boft'ki, a. well proportioned, or graee- 

ful, as a limb or anu. 
Baa'ko, v. a. disarranged as fiber for 

Ba'ako, n. midst. 

coDch-Bhell; B trumpet. 
Bn, V. a. in bud; budding. 
Bu, a. cowardlj: aatiated. 
Bn'a, D. a. loat; miBsing. 

Bn'a, V. t. to make into loaves, 
BH'a, ». a bag; a pocket. 
BO'a, a. numerouB; in great number. 
Bn'al, n. the beard. 
Bn'al, a. having a beard; bearded. 
Bna'itlmol, a. having a beard onlj on 
the eh in. 

Bua'koako'nlbai, n. a forest: wooda. 
BuAko^iikal, n. the oeean alde of au 

Bnà'ira, n. the front part of the aide 

of a fiah. 

Bu&'ii, n. a fleh, the 

Biiai'rlart, o. fragront as tstj fresh 

cocoanut sap. 
Bua'rlki, v. a. eating abstemiouBly. 
Bua'ta, V. t. to discloee; to aiuiouuce, 

&6 one's purpose. 
Bu'atafia, n. a small makei. 
'itlmol, «. a man having a beard Buati'rawa, n. a house with lofly 
only on the chin. plates and eaves; a bao. 

Bnaoa'omata, a. Bpoken of food not Bu&tua,.n. a briclc. 
tboroughly cookea. Bu'e, v. i. ta bum. 

Bu&'ne, V. i. to breeze up after a Bu'e, n. a bumt residence or district; 

cahu. heat. 

Bn&'oe, n. steam. Buefia'efia, v. a. giving forth a strons 

Bu&iiün&'iieka, a. gluttonous like a marina odar as a varie^ of coral 

tnaneku. called eAa, 

Bu&^iib'ai, V. a. bereaved; made dea- Bnl&'fieftfie, v. a. abounding in skiony 

titute; suSerins losB. flakea. 

Bu'anikK'l, a. giuttono-uB; Toracloua Ba'lbnl, ' 

(see buabeka). " Kaniwnii i 

the skln 


with évaporized bríne. 
Bn'ibnl, n. a temporarjr g 

high wind. 
Bnl'ra, v. i. to engage in plucking 

pnlling ira. 

Bmm'roflo, a. gluttonouB. 
Buan'Tofio, n. gluttony . 
Bnant&'wE, v. a. Buffering losa or in- 

convenience. sui-n, n. lu 

Ba'imtlnti, a. having a certain amell. gathering i 

Bua'flafi, a. det«rÍorated as karabata Bnlre'area, t 

bj too niucb exposure to the air, flakeB. 

Bnaflafl, n. deteriorat«d karababa. Buobuo'ka, v. t. freq. of buoka. 

Bua'flata, o. gluttonoua. Bu'oka, v. 1. to assist: to share. 

Bu&'fie, n. abullet: lead. Bn'oka, n. help; aid, assiatance. 

procesa of polling and 
a. aboiindiug in Bkinny 



Bnoka^b'al, n. t. to be In partner- Bnno'konoko, a. having the seent of 

ship, to ahare tcgather, to p«rtici- blood. 

pate. Btmo^onoko, n. the scent of blood. 

Baoka'nib'at, n. parbierehip; coSp- Ba'nnwti, v. i. to depart on a <!anoe 

eration; ctannion stock. aa a put; dieliked or offendad. 

Bnora'ora, a. oí a fishj odor. Bnn'na, n. a foimg cocoanut leaí 

Bnm&'nimSn, a. odoroiu a* the ann when used in sorcery. 

pita, or as an eitei. Btm'ra, v. t. to take tipe cocoannto 

Bnmat&fUt&fi, n. a forelgn perfuma. from tbe tree. 

BomatifUtifl, d, having a loreign Bnn'te, ». tbe gathering of ripe nuta 

perfiune. from the tree. 

Ba'moa, t>. i. to begin a flght Bufi, v. i. to set aa tbe Bun: to ba 

Bun, a. manf ; mucb ; abundant. born i to be in parturitiou ; to ap- 

Bnn, ». offipring of animaU; a blval- pear or to come into exUtonce (i(B- 

Tular shell-flsb, tha omatic) ; e 6wfl rona — ita darkiieH 

Bnn, D. t. to lav ^ga. or deep greenneas Is apparent. 

Bu'na, V. t. to bave aa a sponae; to be Bufi, n. cbud-birtb; birtb. 

buBband or wife to. Bu'fila, v. t. to gÍTS birtb to; to bring 

Bn^uÜ, V. i. to swell ae rice t^ being fortb. 

boiled. BufUnako, c o. esceediog a giren 

Ba'nau, a. slíghtly tainted as flah or lengtb. 

meat. Bu'fiint&I, n. the westem borlton. 

Bun&'tol, n. an egg. Bu'filbft, n. a cocoanat tree whon 

Bune'lnel, v. a. ^ving fortb au offen- froads tend to droop down toward 

HÏTe odor, aa a pool mucb batbed in. the gronnd. 

Bune^nei, n. an ofFenaive odor. Bufilb&'wara, v. i. to loam at the 

Bu'nenea, a. hsTing tbe odor of fiah moutb. 

wbile cooking. BufUbA'war«, n. foaming at the 

Bu'nenea, n. an odor of broiling fleb. moutb. 

Bune'we, n. a flre in a native oven Bu'filbufi, a. long as the hair: flood- 

nearlf reduced to coals and readf ing after nÜBcarriage. 

f or serrice. Bn'filra, n. bvairam = f our second 

Btt'nl, n. a fil•lb, tbe ahare. 

Ba'nl, V. a. Blow in walking or olimb- Bu'fUra v. t. to increaee one's ahare 

ing. in diatribution: to do en incanta- 

Bunl'n, n. the eweet busked cocoanut. tion to a eanoe for ita euccess. 

Tbe green busk Is ofteu chewed as Bn'b'al, v. i. to engage in seizing the 

Buoar cane is cbewed. property, raore or loss, of tbe mon 

Bnnl'ab'a'b'al, n. a aveet busked who deserts bis wife. 

cocoanut, speciall; relisbable. Bub'ala, v. t. to order a man to 

Bun'nlba, n. a piece of eocoanut'wood make reeompense for deserting bis 

OT uri, about one foot and a balf wife. 

loi^, uaed in defense or attack. Bu'bn, n. a flab, the — ; emoke; dust; 

Bn'nloRn, v. i. to engage in pulling or sawdust. 

gsthering ripe cocoanuts. Bn^bu, a. pleoeant to tbeeye; " e bub» 

Bu'nlbun, n. tbe pulling and gatber- aona." 

ing of ripe cocoanuts. Bultu, v. i. to smoke. 

Bnnltoro, d. a. moving very slowl;, Bu'bua, a. hundred. 

as one weak or decrèpit. Bn'bua, n. an elbow or knee jolnt (aee 

Bunltoro, n. a slow moving person bubuanibai) . 

witiioui agility. Bn^iua, o. t. to nib witb the banda 

BtiVofi, c. i. to spurt in a little for pulTeriíing. 

stream. Bn'bnai, a. baving mucb beard. 

Bu'nofi, ». the toncb-holeof aeannon; Bu'buKne, ti, i. fraq. of buane. 

the vent. Bubn&'nlb'al, v. a. freq. of bnanib'^ 

Buiu/fUnofi, «. j. to epurt ont In ft Bubu&^ilbal, n. the elbbw. 

little atream. Buboï'nlTM, n. tbe knee. 


BnTBir 77 BÜKI 

B'ubtiont&'wB, V. a. freq. of buan- Bn'bittelakft'ka, a. lut^. 

tawa. Bu'butelaka'ka, n. haze; mist 

Buba'abé'ka, a. freq. of buabekA. Bu'butl, v. i. to engage in a^ing for. 

Bu'buaka, v. i. freq. of buAka; to en- Bu'butl, ». the act of begging or ask- 

gage frequently in 'WfiT. iug for. 

Ba'buaka, a. plural of buakoka. Bo'liutl, v. t. to uk for ; to bog for, 

Babu'ako, v. a. freq. of buako. Babatlia'(i'«a, v, t. freq. of buti- 

Bn'buawE'l, n. a fisb, a, variel^ of tbe m'aea. 

buiu. Bnbu.'tlna^iLe, o. a. freq. of butl- 

Bnbulra, v. i. freq. of buira. nalne. 

Bu'buoka, v. t. freq. of buoka. Bubutlnim'&^M, v. a, freq. of butint- 

Baba'moa, v. i. freq. of bumoa. m'ane. 

BabonA^banaba, n. a fiah, a varie^ Bnbn'tlka, c. i. to be bospitable to 

of the bubu. one's butilM. 

Bu'bnne'liiel, v. a. freq. of bimeineï. Babu4lkara, v. i. freq. of butikara. 

Bn'bnnim&'rawa, n. a flsh, a variely Bubaw&'kl, n. a flah, a varietr of tbe 

of the bubu. bubu. 

BnbulilbuD, «. i. freq. of bonibun. Ba'bawiu'ra, n. a flsh, a Tariety of 

Bubu'fiib&'ware, v. i. freq. of bufiiba- the bubu. 

ware. Bn'ka, n. a tree, the 

Bubalu, V. i. to apnr on; to engage Ba'ka, v. i. to stand tacing in ruoia 

lo eiciting. as a mau and woman, 

Bnbuke'a, v. t. to Bpur a llttle chïld Bokabn'kana, v. t. to accompanj a 

to bravery. man who atarts off in anger for 

Bnbakl'nlm&ta, o. í. freq. of bukini- violeuee. 

mata. Buka'koko, v. i. to engage ïn pullíng 

BnbuU'rlklrl, n. a fiah, a. variet^ of off the very foung leaves of a cocoa- 

the buJyu. nut tree. 

Ba'bnra, a. big; large; large round. Bubalcko, n. the work of pulling 

Bu'btura, n. & disease In which tbe out veiy jovng cocoaaut leavea for 

handa and feet are awollen. riria. 

BQbO'ra, a. withont íood. Bnlca'kokaai, v. t. to pull oS the 

Bnbura'ete, n. a fisb, a variety of tbe eprout at the top of a cocoanut tree. 

biibti. Bufca'^ V. i. to aprout In great num- 

Bu'buramalu, o. a. refnsing again ben. 

and again to be recouciled. Buka'reraks, v. i. to eprout ap in 

Bu'buTfl, o. i. freq. of bure. great numbera. 

BubtiTAlnswa, c. a. freq. of bure- Bi&a'rers, n. the eavea of a bonae. 

■nawa; abounding In bureinawa. Bdkato'filtofi, a. having a strong 

Ba'bTirebnre'a, v. t. freq. of bure- tiugling odor. 

burea. Bijkato'fLltofi, n. a atrong tlngling 

Bnba'reriL, ti. o. freq. of bnreriL odor. 

Bn'buroba, n. a fiah, a varlety of the Bnka'wekaws, v. i. to move rapidJj. 

bubu. Bu'ïl, V. i. to Tesound. 

BubuTonraro, n. o. freq. of buroburo. Ba'kl, n. the baM; the butt-end; the 

Bnbn'tB, v. t. freq. of bnta. buttocka; the tail: the reason; tbe 

Ba'bntae, v. a. freq. of butae. cause; rootive; groimd; cause, in 

Bubutalo, V. a. freq. of butoío. the aense of one'a cause; I taua bu- 

Ba'buta'katalEa, n. a flah, the kina — I maintain his cause. 

Bubnta'kawam, a fisb, a variet^ of Bukím'a'ere, n. a cocoanut almoat 

the bubu. npe; tbe flfth atage. 

Bubnt&'re, a. freq. of butare. Buklm'a'ere, a. nearl^ ripe as a 

Bu^mtirl^, a. freq. of butarlri. cocoanut. 

Bu'butaro'aroa, a. fieq. of bnta- Bn'klmafia, n. a flsh, the 

roaroa. Bn'kimfiilal, n. a large specimen of 

Bu'butei, o. haíy. the flab banemoa. 

Bn'butel, n. a ^urtial n^nbow. Bnklma'fiaraa, ». a small insect, the 




SnUm'alEa, n. « fUh, the Ba'UU'kafi, h. a long and narrow 
Biiklmft'kaií&, v. a. producing good operculuni. 

babai, íB a. rua. Buklra'ereke, n. a. flsh, Üm 

Bnklm&'U, n. », sbort pandanus leaí. Bu'klrorO, n. a flah, Uie 

Bu'klaa, v. (. to accuse falaelj; to Bnkim'rofiA, v. i. to reiound, aa fall- 

accuae, ta charge witli. iog cocoanuta: to baclcalide ot fall 

Bnkln&'^iaftft, v. t. t« tiy to get poa- away as Chriatians. 

•ewion of in au indirect way, or by BuUru'ïafiA, n. a resounding noise 

SretendÏDg to desíre that b. similar like tbat made b^ a falling cocoanut. 

ling be made íor one. Buklni^rofla, a. prostrato aa housei 
Ba^UnUA, n. tbe ahoulder blade. in a gale. 

Baldnftta, n. the back of tbe bead. BukitfkeUn, n. a flah, tbe 

Ba'klnàto, v. a. wearing the ba«k Bukiti'otlo, v. i. to Tranderj to roam 

bair veiy long. about. 

BuUhA'WÍmw•, n. ocean near tbe BuUtí'otlo, n. a wandering or roam- 

land. ing about. 

Ba'klnlm&ta, n. tbe part of tbe face BukualEaa, e. a. odorouB as frfing 

ver; near to the outeT comer of tiie flsb or pork. 

' Buk'oa'k'ua, n. the odor of tiTisg flsb 
m&ta, V. i. to look out of the or pork. 

8 of tbe eyes. Buïu'niknn, «. a. harlng an nndean 
Buldnltn&'ta, v. t. to look st out of odor. 

the comera of tbe ejes. Bukn'nlknil, n. the odor of an un- 
Bu'klnlba^, n, tbe lower eide of üie clean person. 

arm. Bu'ra, n. (Eng.) Pnr. 

Baldnlba^, v. t. to graap or bold a Bu'nt, v. i. to appear above, ae a tall 

case-kuife is the hand nitb the eocoanut tree in a grove. 

little flnger neit the blade: to Bu'ra, n. eitemal sbow; appeanmce. 

pnncb or nit witb the elbow. Bura'e, n. a hairi fur; featber. 

Ba'Unlka'lfiR, n. tiie suburbB of a Bura'e, a. baving beard and bair on 

vlllage on the «indward or ea«tem varlous portioni of the bodf aa 

alde. adoleacence advancea. 

Bu'klniko^, n. the tast child; "la Bura'et, ». a fool, an idiot. 

habane n nati" : a. short, Bbarp- Bura''el, a. fooliah; idiotic. 

pointed pandauua-wood stick, used Buraena'omata, a. having bair on 

in cultivation. the body aa an infant prematurelf 

Bokiol'rt, ». exterior of the panda- born. 

nua fruit. Bura'enimaD., n. a feather. 

Bn'klnl'wa'e, n. the heel: a mode of Burn'enim&tn, n. an epe-Iaah. 

flehing in which the fiah in a aeine Bur&'ekltl, n. (Eng.) fiax. 

ruah between the feet into a aooop Bura'erae, a. covered with ahort halr 

net. or fur or fiinge. 

Bn'kinlwa'e, o. i. to flsh in the &«• Bura'erae, n. ebort bodil^ hair; 

ttniwoe method. frlnge. 

Bu^nlwa'ea, 17. t. to lie so related Bura'ete, n. (Eng.) Fridaj. 

to anot^er aa to have one's feet Bu'ram&te, c. a. Úable to burt; ex- 

near bia bead. poaed to danger. 

Bu'ktiuiíi, ». B flsh, the Buram&toa, v. a. peraíatentl^ tetus- 
Ba'klnta'kniiel, o. flne aa a flab-Iine ing to retum an article. 

in places; not ooarse. Bur&'netl, n. (Eng.) a ptanet. 

Bn'Unta'kniiet, ». a peraon with Bnranl'rl, f. a. just nsible; baretj- 

eligbt buttocks. ■ seen ae a Teasel. 

BarUbo, ». a fiah, the Burau'^, n. (Eng.) bronze. 

Bu'klbnkl, tt. a aiity-gallon cask; a Bur&'fiefie, a. aomewhat covetoua ot 

caak. food. 

BiirUbnU, 0. i. to beat or throb u Bur&fUntfi, a, baving the offensive 

tbe beart. odor of an nnclean peraon. 




Bnr&'filnüi, ». ths offensiTe odor of BniVtl, 

an unclean person. 
BuT&il'ketl, n. (Eng.) a blanket. 
BnralDetl, ». (Eng.) a prophet. 
Bura'bura, n. likeneea. 
Biua'bvu'ans'oiiiata, a. Bocittble. 
Buratraraiumfi', a. not uMÍable. 
Bur&'ketd, n. (Eng.) a bracket. 
Boii'kiteí•, n. (Eng.) a phylactety. 
Bura'rafi, n. one BÜghtl^ ineaae. 
" — a'rafi, a. Hlightly ' 

bad; viK 
Bnre'tl, n. a griudstone. 
Btu^tlretl, a. freq. oi buretl. 
BuM, V. i. to ooze out on preflanre; 

to discbarge aa a boil. 
Bu'rl, n. pus; wbite pus. 
Bu'rlm, n. (Bng.) Purim, 
Barliiii.'lal, v. a. disarrauged or 

miissed up as a wreath. 
Buiima'uBla, v. t. to draw; to at- 

Boia'tetàntl, n. { Eng. ) a Protestant. BnrlmA'fiao, v. i. to engHge in pulling 

Barati, n. (Eng.) brasB. and dragging by the hair. 

Bnra'wíntl, ». (Eng.) a province. BuMmftfla'oa, d. f. to pull and úiag 

Bn're, c. a. passed over; given away; by the hair, 

transferred. Bn'rlmata'otao, a. ver; many; nu- 

Ba're, n. name oí a ahell, the whlte merous. 

eowrie: an error; a mietake: a sin; BnrinatiBTi, n. the bloody pus of & 

a transgreBsion. boil or atM««s8. 

Bn're, v. «. to err; to make a mia- Bnrina'oaia, v. *. to discbarge bloodf 

take ; to blunder ; to sin ; to traus- pua as a boil or abscess. 

greas; to do wrong. Bu'rlnfixia, t>. a. sqnashed. 

Bu'te, ava. v. like thúuld at the be- Bu'rlnako, a. much in quantity or 

ginninç of a sentence or clause of quality; abounding. 

BuppoBition: on the suppoeition Bu'rlnikiSko, a. selOsh. 

that. BurLka'kaiia, ». a marine animal (aee 

Bu'iea, V. t. to chooae or select suit- butinatuí). 

able food for a guest. Bu'rita, v. t. to twitch; to pull sud- 

Bfl'reft, n. a Boft marine animal, found denly. 

on the reef, adhering to the rock. Bu'rita, ». an encbanted place dan- 

BuVlnawa, n. a fiah, the geroue to vieit. 

BoiVltia-na, v. i. to flah for the bu- Biudte'wetewe, a. Tery dizzy; swoon- 

reinaica. iag. 

Bnre'n, n. (Eng.) a plane tree. Bu'rS, n. the heart. 

Bn'miio'kl, v. i. to meet in a frlendljr Bu'ro, v. i. to boil. 

way for feasting or picnicking. Bnro'a, n. a amall yellow eowrie. 

Bn'rànlo'kl, n. » friendly gatbering Buiotiikl'ka,, a. in tbe condjtion of 

for feaating and tbe ezc^nge of a cocoauut tree or batut whose 

food. growth ie gtunted. 

Bnre'nibal, n. a ring, «spedally a Bnro'ilorofio, a. having the scent of 

flnger ring. old cocoanut oil. 

Bnre'nlb'al, n. amnethíng oceurring Ba'roburo, n. foam; froth, bubbles: 

oniT occasfonally. a boiling. 

Bnre'iiibala, v. t. to wear as a flnger Bu'roburo, v. a. frothy; foamy, foam- 
ing, boiling. 

Bureba'Oakl, n. a small ahell, the 
Bn'rebure, v. a. speaking witíi a slip 

of the tongue. 
Bu'rsbnjra, n. a waist-mat with a long 

lower fringe. 
Bn'rabura'a, v. t. to mialead; to 

Bn^rB, V. a. leaving in great of- 

fence; higblr proroked. 
Bure're, n. (Eng.) a prairie. 
Bureta'utetira, o. a. easily offended; 

quick to tak« oflence. 

: ceaaing to 

'ron>, V. a. tíred < 

reliah or enjoy. 
Bu'roron, n. a certain sport puraued 

bj partiea while bathing in tbe sea. 
Boro'rororo, a. giving forth an appe- 

tizing odor aa well cooked laSana. 
Buru', ». (Eng.) biue. 
Buru', a. (Eng.) blue. 
Buru'fiurufL, a. having a pleaaant 

odor of goód cocoanut oil. 
Bu'rubnru, a. fringed. 
Bu'mbuTU, n. íriuge; nap; fuzz; fur. 



Bu^nm, V. i. to spatter. Ba'tliia^ra, v. i. to uil fast u a 

Bu'nim, n. apraf; eprinkle. canoe againet &n oppoeing cnirent. 

Buni'ma, v. t. to spurt out trom th« Bu'tlniin'ft''iie, o. o. coquettinh with 

mouth. Btrange pranks. 

Buraton, n. (Eng.) blue-stone. Bu'tlnim'S^a, n. coquetrjr. 

Bata, V. I. to uusbeatbe; to talce oS Butlka, n. a parent of a aon or 

as clothes; to pull out; to unravel, dmighter-in-law: a. " ton" cutter. 

Bu'ta, V. a. widelj spraadj spread Butlka, v. i. to fall in with another; 

abro&d; completely pervaded. to meet. 

Buta'e, n. excrement (vulgar). Butlkaril, v. i. to ask too late. 

Buta'e, t>. a. aaleep aa au ann or leg. Bn'tlkara'ol, a. proapered; favorad; 

Batalo, V. a. pataing compact feees: fortunate. 

temporarOy paralyzed as the legs. Bu'tlkato'ka, v, i. to have illicit in- 

Buta'io, n. lúiTd feces. t«rcourse with a butika. 

Bnt&^nwM, V. i. to walk (written Bu'tlkeke, v. a. mucb Boftened with 

alao iüitaniwae). wàter as food; smeared witli mutíh 

Batafiatafia, a. ofíenÚTe in odor, aa oil. 

decaving food. Butlr&'wa, o. homeless; forlom; un- 

ButaV&'b'a, a. deteríorat«d as labai provided for. 

after being long du^. Butlr«ro, v. i. to beg íor food (eee 

Butab'&'b'a, ». detenorated habai. üeAe). 

Bat&'kltUl, fl. a person who becomss Bu'ta, n. tbe naTel. 

Tery Blim through sickneHH or wani Buto, a. manj; varioui as storíes. 

of sufficient foo£ Buto'na, v. t. to conaume food apar- 

Bnt&'re, a. successful; obtaiuiíig a» ingly or wlthout waate. 

in fisbing. Butolú're, a. baving a, large out- 

Bntarl'rl, a. having a atrong unpleaa- growing navel. 

ant flshjf odor. Butoka're, n. a peraon witli a proml- 

Butarl'rl, n. a strong, unpleaaant nent navel. 

fiahy odor. Bu'tu, n. a small weapcm vith a single 

But&'rlt&rl, o. having tbe marine odor ahark's tooth, used by jealoua 

of a drift log. women. 

ButS'rot&To, a. baving a sour odor, Bu'tua, v. t. to puah or praaa Bgainatj 

aa a kareice cocoanut-ahell bottle. to ahoTe. (PhyB. p. 33.) 

But&^otàro, n. tbe aour odor from a Bu'tubuto, o. i. to crowd. 

cocoanut-abell bottle in whicb ka- Butubu'tuB, v. t. to crowd against. 

rewe ia kept. Butu'rnturú, a. having the amell of 

Bnturo'aToa, a. having a atrong fishjr buming bair. 

smell. Butu'rnturú, n. the odor of buming 

Bntaro'aroa, ». a atrong fiahy smelL bair. 

Bu'tere, n. (Eng.) a buabel. Bwe, n. an oar; a ateering oar; a rud- 

Bu'ti, V. i. to go aliHig; to move along; der: a short spear. 

to sail along. Bwe, o. i. to keep off (oppoBÍt« oí 

Bu'U, n. progreas; a moring or going luff). 

forward; progreaaion. Bwa'b, v. a. diatended as tbe alxl<nQen 

Butl'a, V. t. to aski to requeatj to b^ in pregnancj. 

of one. Bwe'a, a. discolored as the teeth. 

Butim'll'ea, v.t.tom forth to meet. Bwe'al, a. having hairs upon the abdo- 

ButtinVewe, o. alien; being aa & men. 

atranger. Bwe'al, n. húr on the abdinnan. 

Butlm'a'evewB, a. freq. of butim'a- Bwe'&ri, a. acorcbed; having a 

ewe. Boorched smell. 

Butlna'lne, t>. a. airestjng the Btt«n- Bwe^ia, c. ï. to steer with difBculty. 

tion of femalea, bj atrauge pranks. Bwe^ft, u. t, to divide In two parta aa 

Butlna'lne, ». Úie attracting of the wood: to apllt. 

attention of females hj queer con- Bwena'uaL, v. t. to divide into two 

duet portiona. 




Bwena'u&toa'om&ta, «. three íeet; • Bw•'rewa, c. i. to engage In entting 

jard. pandanus fruit into alices. 

Bwe'nabweiia, v. i. to engage In Bwe'rewa, n. the procesa of cutting 

splitting coccnnut Ioga hj adzing. pandanua fruit into aliceg. 

BwA'nabwena, n. the aplitting of Bwerewa'ea, c. t. íq cut into slices a 

cocoanut logs iato planks bf adiuDg, pandanua fruit. 

Bwe'nakal, v. i. to split. Bwe'tua, v. *. to row. 

Bw•'iutkal, n. the splitting oí wood. Bw«'ta&, v. t. to row. 

Bwen&'rlna, ». a paddie. Bwe'tua, n. an oar. 

Bwen&'rlna, v. i. to paddie. Bwl, a. ten, in counting thinga in 

Bwenà'rlnï, v. t. to paddie. general (eee AiMtn). 

Bwe^aten, n. food, or a drift-log, to Bwl'a, n. floor. 

be divided into three parts. Bwl'bwl, a. rough aa the aldn or 

BwVnat&^ia, c, t. to divide into other surface. 

three portion 
Bwe'nea, v. t. to stríp oS aa dead 

Bw*T)wè, «. a butterfly: mildew; a 

B'wVbwí, V. a. sprouting; budding. 
Bwebwè', n. a twin. 
Bwebwena'ua, v. t. freq. of bwenaua. 
Bwebwe'nakal, v, i. freq. oí bwen- 

. a roughnesB, as of the 


, freq. of bwen- 

Bwebwe'ne, v. >. to engage in pluck- 

ing or stripping ae leaves. 
Bwebwe'refiBil, v. a. freq. of bwere- 

Bwebwe're, v. a. rejoicing; jojoui. 
Bwebwe'reb'Wflre, * " *' 

Birebw«'tua, w, i. freq. of bwetua, 

Ea, V. the causatire prefix. 

Ea, a. «eeing indietinctl;. 

Ea, n. (Bng.) a cart; a carriage; a 

Eaaea'ea, v. t. to oause to creep or 

Eaaea'ka, v. t. to send or earij 

frèq. óf bwere- Kaa'erake'a, v, t. to wmd or carry 

Eaa'etú, n. caus. of aeto. 
Kaftiyta, V. i. cans. of aiota, to wait 

till earlj morning dawn. 
Kaa'lnva, v. t. to let a giri tuature to 

Eaa'ineuutaft, v. t. caus. of aine- 

numa, to care for, as a married 

r tin for cutting. 

Bwe^e, ». a ahell 

BwVrs, a, thín. 

Bwe'rM, ir. t. to mark a board wtth a 

line prevlouB to cutting it. 
Bire'rel, n. a fence. 
BTe'rem'a'kal, ». a bivalvular shell- 

fish, tbe Eaa'lntoa, v. t. caus. oí aintoa. 

Bwer«ii'rlrl, n. a pin for splitting or Eaa't&a, c. t. caus. oí aiBa. 

sbredding the leaves of a natire Eaa'lbuaka, v. i. caus. of aibuaka. 

skirt. Kaa'Ira, d. i. caus. of aïra. 

Bwe'reüafai, c. o. given to hospital- Eaa'lraoa, v. t. caus. of airaoi. 

itf ; f riendly. Kaalroa, v. t. caus. of airo, to awai 
BwVrebwere, e. a. abounding in 

Bwe'rebwere, v. i. See katarin. In Eaaoa'oa, v. t. caus. of aoao, to caw 

use at Nonouti. one to propel a canoe with a pole. 

Bwerek&'koko, n. a bivalvular shell- Kaaoma^nna, ti. (. caiu. of aomi 

fieh, the knna. 

Bire'rekat£tl, n. a bivalrular shell- Eaa'omata, v. í. caus. of aomata. 

fish, the Kaa'ofi, v. i. to Osh for aoQ. 

Bwerera'uií, n. a blralTular ahell- Xaao'AlB, v. t. caus. of aoGia. 

flsh, the Kaa'obuak&, v. t. caus. oí aobuaka. 



Kaa'oka, v. t. c&us. of aoks. 
Saaor»'oR, v. I. caus. of aoraoi. 
Etta'orab'a, v. t. caiu. of aor»b'>. 
Ktut'oraka, v. t. g&ub. of aorakl; to 
tnake one aick; to make BÍcklf ft 

Kaa'orokl, v. a, cauaing HÍckneHs; un- 

Kaa'nn, a. fourth. 
Eaft'^iBO, n. Jcabubu mized wlth 

■craped cocoanut. 
KaaiUM'ab•&, v. t. cbub, of aubeabea. 
Xaft'DUikala, v. f. caus. of amakal, to 

wait for a cocoanut to beccone an 

amakni befaré plucIdQg it. 
Kaa'DUirAkfl, v. t. caus. of amarake. 
Sxu/vasLnktf'eLf v. t. cauB. of amaraJtQ. 
Kaa'm&t&, v. t. caua. of omata; to 

cook rare or partiaU^ . 
Eftamo'amoa, c. t. caus. of amoamo; 

to cause or direct one to cany a 

burden on an amo. 
Kaamwi'a, c. t. to let a cocoanut tme 

mature all fta fruit. 
Kaana'ua, v. (. caus. of 

V. t. c 

one to flHh with anea. 
Eaftsea^ea, v. t. caus. of aneane. 
EaA'nekA, u. t. caus. of &Deka; to 

praiae, or speak of one aa actíng 

Eaa'nebe, v. t. caua. of aneke. 
Eaa'nlflA, V. t. caus. of anlBa. 
Kaanoft'la, v. f. caus. of anoai; to 

make a calm streak or surface on 

wàter, as wJtJi oil. 
Eftttno'aiioa, v. t. caus. of anoano; to 

direct one to beckon to another. 
Ka&n'tla, v. t. caus. of anti. 
Kaa'&ab'ala, v. t. caua. of afiab'ai. 
EB&'fiiib«a, t>. t. caus. of aflabe. 
• Kaaflara, a. caus. of a&ara. 
KaalUa, o. t. caus. of aSi. 
Koa'filbue, v. %. caus. oí afübue. 
Kaa'filbue'a, u. í. caus. of afiibue. 
EaafUtanabo'aboa, v. t. caus. of afll- 

Kaa^Ut&'o•ii•a, v. t. caus. of atli- 

Z&afi'ltaban, v. i, caus. of afiitabají, 
Ea&'ba, v. t. caus. of aba. 
Eaab&'ba, c. t. caus. of ababa. 
EaAb'&'b'aka, v. t. to make great; 

to enlarge. 
Kaaha'wa, o. (. caus. of akawa. 
Xaake'a, o. L• caus. oí akea. 


Eakko'akoa, o. t. caus. of akoako. 
Kaa'rarake, v. i. caus. of ararake. 
Kaa'tanüEv'a, ti. t. caus. of ararakea. 
Eaa'rlkia, v. t. caus. of ariki. 
K&aroba'lrla, v. t. caus. of arobairi. 
Eftarokvl'ikul, d. i. caus. of aròkui- 

Kaarok'a'ikula, v. t. cava. of aro- 

K&n'ta, o. f. caus. of &tfi, to make 

brood as a mat. 
Kaata^ela, v. t. caus. of atael. 
Eaata'lb'ai, o. i. caus. of ataib'ai. 
Eaata'lb'ala, d. t. caus. of ataib'ai. 
Eaatamb, v. t. caua. of atam&. 
Zaatatai, t>. t. caua. of atatai. 
Ea&tatala, v. i. caua. of atatai. 
Kaata'tala'amat&, v. t. caua. of ata- 

Kaawn'rurua, v. t. caus. of awsruru. 
Koawa'wa, v. t. caus. of awawa. 
Xa'e, n. a, mode of flshing by running 

down a flsli in sboal wàter. 
Xa'e, v. i. to flab by running down the 

fish In sboal wàter. 
K&'a, V. i. to engage in searching. 
Sa'6a, V. (. to pursue. 
Ea'ea, v. t. to aearcb after; to seek. 
Ka'ala, v. t. caua. of ei; to bend; to 

cause to lean ; to cause to sway. 
Kaeie'la, v. t. to bend back and fortb 

08 a young tree; to cause to away 

back and forth. 
XaoInA'kon, t;. t. to bend to the 

ground; to put in a horiz(mt«l 

Ea'ena, v. t. to cbaS; to make fun 

of; to taunt. 
Eoflna'aiui, v. i. to mock; to engage 

in deriding. 
Eaena'ena, n. deriaion; modcery. 
EaeiiB'eii&, v. t. to deride. 
Ka'en&tin&'ia, v. t. to anger one l^ 

hard words. 
Ka'efiefl, v. a. odvaneing slowly; not 

soon performed. 
Ea'e&en, n. a slow performance. 
Ea'eb'a, v. i. to toas higb as a quoit. 
Ea'eb'a, n. a mme; tbe oame given 

to kab<Me in Butúitari. 
Eaeb'aua'koa, v. t. to aalc a peracm 

Ea'eka, a. convalescent. 
Ka'eka, v. t. to answer ; to reply to. 
Ka'ekaek&, v. t. freq. of kaeka. 
Xa'eke, ». a certain plank in a canoe: 
a certain incantation performed for 


the puTpOBS of helping the pktJent in Üig huid for th« purpoee of 

to become famoua. throwingi wood; & Btick; a aandle; 

Ea'akea, v. t. to speak in pnuse oi. « weapou. 

Eaera'kea, v. t. to beacb a canoe. Ka'l, v. >. to be in trouble; in straits; 
Eaere're, v. j. to engage in deTaatab- in difficult^. 

ing. K&l, n. a bird with long legB, th^ 

Kaere'rea, v. f. to beat to pieces; to Xa^, ». a mode of fl.Bhing. 

destroy. K'al, v. t. to Ash for kaívra or mnj- 
Eaerl'eria, t>. t. to provida with a mai in the sand. 

Bpoon. Xfi'l, ». one belongiug in or to (fol- 
Ka^eta, v. t. to eorrect; to intèrpret ; lowed hj tuffix n or ni } . 

to make straight. Eala, v. í. to luiaarth or nnHand ka- 
Eaetlru'rua, v, t. to maJce verjr tura in the beach with the feet. 

Btraight. Ea'lal, n. a cocoanut-tree in tbe third 
Ea'ewa, a. having a light Bhade amid stage : a man in the prime of life. 

dark oneg. K&'iài, n. a preparatdon of kabvbu 
X&'etrA, n. a pTace wltb « sand bot- and Bctaped eoeoauut míxed to- 

tom amld racke. gether in wàter. 

Ka'evft, V. t. to cut into slices aa K&^ai, v. i. to engage in mixing ibo 

íatoi. bubw and acraped cocoanut. 

Kaewa'ea, v. (. to provoke to anaer. Eaia^a, tr. t. to move the lower jav 
Kaewa'swa, v. t. to cut into long up and down rapidly. 

l•llicsH aa babai. Ea^O, n. leaves of vegetation as of 
Ka'ewe, v. «. to flsh for tbe baneama, the kiaoít, the un, and kaara gath- 

Sa'eire, n. fishing for baneawa. ered for compoit. 

Koc'ma, V. t. to cauae to jump: to Za'ittnimB'nu, i>. t. to await tbe 

tosH. vTOper State of the tide as for fish- 

Kaawe&'nafia, v. i. to conununicata Ing or sailing bf mooaliglit. 

secrets ; to tattle. Ea'lano'ra, v. i. to await low tide. 

Eaawaft'nftfia, n. tattling: the com- Salanro'a, v. i. to await tha proper 

munication of secreta. state of the tide when there is no 

Eaewe&tla, v. t. to induce one to nü- moonllght. 

grat«. Kala'fia&aU, v. (. to put butt to 
Ea'ewen&lto, o. i. to engage in chsl- butt, 

lenging from a distence. Kalafloa, v. t. to cause to neglect. 

Ea^wena'ko, n. food firat distributed Eaia'fiora'oa, o. t. caus. of iaQoraoi. 

to old men. Eala'ÍLora'ol, v. i. caus. of iafioraoi. 

Ka'swsna'koa, o. t. to challenge Eatababa'ea, o. t. caus. of iababa, to 

from a diatance. await a very bigh state of the tide. 

Ka'eveWtla, v. t. to lead one to a K&^bnbu'U, «. (. caus. of iabubuti. 

place previouslj assigned tú another. Ea'labuta, v. t. caus. of iabuti. 

Eaewan>'fiorofio, d. t. to engage in Ea'laka, v. (. caus. of iaka. 

disclosing secrets. Kai&'kai, c. í. caus. of iakai. 

Ea•wero'aJarofLo, n. the disclosure Ka'lakabo^eboa, t>. t. caus. of iake- 

of secreta. bokebo. 

Kaawata'eka, «. i. to report to Mie Ka'lakla'^, v. (. caus. of laldaki. 

what is said against nim by an- K&'iaUna, v. i. to abide on one's iand 

otber. in order the better to care for it. 

Xaeweta'aka, n. the reporting to one Kaiara'aa, c. t. caua. of iara to wait 

of what has been said against hini for aeaaon of neap-tíde. 

bf another. Ea'iarake'a, v. (. to wait for htgh 
XaewVve, c. i. to toss up repeatedlj. tide. 

E&awVws, n. a mode of flshing for Kalaa, o. t. to saii. 

the bira. Eale'le, v. i. to sail; to engage in 
Xa^, ado. easily; without difficulty; sailïng. 

eoon; readily. Xaie^n, n. the ^Ting in marriage, 

Ea% ft. punil•lhment : anythiug carried Kaie'lna, v, t. to give in marriage. 



Xftl•'nlkiuia, v. í. to hattan; to K•i'iukoa, v. t. to sink » eanoe or » 

huiTT. fil•lli tmp. 

Kalonia'uft, v. t. to hosten ; t« hurr;. Ea'lnlmui, n. veiy lipe coco&uutB 
Kalonta'ka, v. t. caui . of ientaka. atrung up in a bouw. 

Ea^oU, a. Rtnigbt and perpendicular Ka'lnlmftkl, v. i. to struggle to g«t 

as a païm. fr«e. 

EaiB^ràa, v. t. to mix up, oi report Ka'lnlm&'nLk•, v. a. not sharing a 

incorrectly. pipe with a neighbor. 

Ealobo'nB, caus. of iobon. Ka'uilm&'rowe, n. food or drink set 

EaloOu, c. f. caUH. of iold. aside for a gpecial time. 

Ealon/a, t>. (. to cau«e cocoanut-shell Kalnlm&'rsw•a, d. t. to Mt aaide aa 

bottlea to itrike agaiost ono au- food. 

other when being carried. Ka'Iniblro, n. a stick uaed in holdiug 

Ka'towawa'aa, o. t. caus. of iowawa. canoe-planlcs in placo while being 
Ea'lura, a. easilf angered; baving flttod. 

red leBTea. Ea'lnibireiia, n. a sUm Btitík split 

Xalura, n. a variety of babuí: a kind out and adzed. 

of red wood. Xa'lnlkaba, n. a certain incantatJon. 

Kalmal, a. having ligbt-colored Kalnlkama'on, v. i. to compoae a 

leaves. Bong or cbant, 

Xa^mal, n. a varietr of habai: a kind Ka'inlkama'an, n. the composing of 

oi wbite wood. chants. 

Ea'lm'al, a. skilled in cooking tbor- Ka'lnikaba'm, n. a trap. 

onghly, Ea'lnikabo', n. a spade for cutting 

Kalmadn, n, ■ tree, the babai roota. 

Kaima^O, a. skiUed in cultfvation. Ea'lnlkaka'ri, n. & wooden needle for 
Kaimw•^rea, v. t. to make go bIow, ^ng on thatoh to a roof : the slim 

Ea'lniwer•iii'we'rsa, «. t. freq. of stick or rafter to whicb the thatoh 

kaimwerea. Íb tied. 

Xa'lna, n. a pandanus tree; the Xa^nlkake'm, n. a ram-rod. 

Bcrew-pine. Ka'inlka'rarao, n. a profegsiwial 

Ea^fi, V. t. to eanae one to appear stick for a composer of songB. 

to diBodvantage as when poorlj Xa'lnlk&ro'ta, n. a crowbar or stick 

dreBBed. for piying open. 

Ealna, v. t. to ihut; to elose. EalnlkatoQa, v. i. to exerclse pride; 

Ea'lnaito'a, «. t. to charge or deride to be proud. 

with l>eiiig a dwarf. Ea'lnlk&tofia, n. pride. 

Ealnao, n. Uu deck of a canoe: Ealnlka'tua, n. a stick ased In a 

Kal•oa'oa, v. í. to send for, or invite game of throwing. 

a nersoa to come to one. Ea'iulklb'a'klb'a, n. a flshing pole. 

Kalnl'rl, n. Bticka for nibbing to 
klndle flre (kainirem). 

moving the kemel from a oocoanut- Kalnitra'lran, n. a booe-awl for mak- 

flhell bottle. ing thatoh. 

Ka'lnam&'toa, o. implacable. Ea'üionoa, v. t. to lock up or faaten 

Kalnantl, n. a painful afSiction, an entrance. 

probablj neuràlgic in character. Ea'lnono'U, n. Tarietj of whale. 

E&'lnaba, n. a spouse: a huaband'B Ea'lnn&no, a. See korakai. 

aiator. Xa'inna'koa, v. t. to reverse tha posi- 

SÍaiiaba''eB, o. t. to charge with being tion of a log. 

a coward. Kainne'ta, o. t. to set In a straight 

Kalnaba'bn, v. i. to keep silent; not line. 

to speak out. Kalnr&'ea, v. t. to put out of position. 

Kainabalin, n. forbearanoe from EalnrKt, v. t. to put out of poeition 

speech. {plural fonn). 

Ea'l•naklwa'Tawara, v. t. to make Ea'lnrakea, v. t. to plaoe in a litw 

pale as the oomplexioo. east and weat^ 


Kàlnre^bn, n. ■ stick apllt Into «mall Kft^fijo^ke, c. í. to ensage in morliig 

fibers Bt one end us^ to transfei au object up the beach. 

líquid food to the mouth. Xa'1flftrftk<, v. t. to cany or morè 
Ea'inrlo'a, v. t. to plaoe la a line further up the beaoh, as a canoe or 

west and east; to draw a boundaij other object. 

line frmn east to west. K*'lfttmw>, v. t. ta flsb far the iH- 
KaJnTi1»Mba, n. wooden tonga. imea. 

Xalnri^ika, ». a stick awl used In Eft'iiUm«a, n. fiahfng for the tAúneo. 

puncfaing Uie mat to be faatened to EaüU'&a, v. t. caus. of iniü. 

the uppermost ridgepole. Ka'ifllra, v. t. to binder one íitaa ar- 
Ealnroa, n. a fishing pole; a etick for riving ou time. 

drawiné wat«r. Eal'íilrakl, v. i. eame as ifíirahi. 

Kn'liiToiu, (I. I. to mske to lis dovn Ea'lflo, d. i. to fisb with a line írom 

in numberi (plural form). ou board a canoe. 

Ealnro'aroa, n, a. fiabing pole; a E&lfio, n. flshing with a liae írom oa 

atick for drawiug wàter. board a canoe. 

X&'iaroo, n. an engagement ot mar- Ea'Uiua, c. t. to enduré bravely u 

riage. pain. 

K&lm^ra, V. j. to be eogiiged. Ea'ifiona'koR, v. t. to atrip off all 
K&'inro'ua, v. t. to betroth OHM'í the cocoanuts ou a atem with the 

cbild. foot: to throw down a stone walI. 

Za'lnroro, v. i. to eontend witk a Ka'lba, n. s case ot gheath kuiíe 

Bmaller or youoger person. wboM looM handle has been lashed. 

Ka'Intll, n. a stíek for anppoiting Kaiba'«a, v. t. to bind a broken boue 

kainikakari. with aplintera, 

Kaintatbao, ». a Und ot mallet. Ka'ibaflakl, n. the crosa. 

. Kaluta'ora, ». a plnor nail for hang- Kaib'a'b'a, n. bamboo: a flute; apïpe. 

ing. Xa'ib'ab'a'rn, v. i. to luet. 

Ka'&tawa'kal, n. a cocoanut-oil Ka^b'ab'a'm, n. luat. 

preas. Ka'ibako, a. auuken iu, aa the ohest. 

Ea^interti, n. See totntont. Kalbara, n. the lateral root of the 
Ka'lntliie^u, t>. a. oauaiug lethargjr pandanue. 

bj making groaslj fat. Ea'ibara, a. tou^h ; not eaailv mas- 
Eainti'bua, v. a. causlug Inflamniv ticated as certain pandanus fruit. 

tion of the abdomen. Ka'ibea, v. t. to pa«lc cloaelj aa 1»- 
KR'^tlku&'ba, n. one who ia looked babu. 

to for Bupport. Kalbe'ib«a, v. t. freq. of kaibea. 

Ealatoka, n. a atool ; a chair. Xa'ibent&'noa, v. t. to dirty a gar- 
Salntoka, c. i. to often repeat what ment by_ epreadíng it to diy on tbe 

one haa before aaid; to bo garm- ground or aand. 

Ions. KaílMka, u. 1. caus. of Ibeki ; to apply 
XR'latom, n. a atick lashed for force to. 

streugthening another, or for uae in Ea^b«koOcoa, v. t. to atock a pond 

a game. with banetwxi. 

Enlnto^rna, v. f. to atrengtheu a apar Xa'lbaknra, v. t. to agitate ; to atir 

with a stick laahed to it. up. 

Ka'ül&, T>. í. to Btir up; to escourage; Ea^betaota'oa, t>. 1. caus. of ibeta- 

to provoke to effort, otao. 

Ka'iiU, V. t. to lift up; to raiae. Ealbeta'fiatafl&, o. t. caus. of ibeta- 
S&'iSa, ». an aneeatnil reaidence or Hatafla. 

abode. Ealbetnlua, v. t. caus. of ibetutn. 

Kft^fLa, «. t. to occup7 for a residence. Ea,1bibl*tl, v. i. to miaa aeeing; to 
KaÍfia''ÍíÍa, v. i. to be alow In prepar- fail to fall in with. 

Ing food and ao to make impatient Ealblbitl, v. t. to exohanKe. 

the person to be Berred, K&'lblro, v. i. to croas aa the limbs. 

Kalfia'bofla, o. i. to wait till mom- Efilblrol, o. (. to crosa and luh twa 

Ing. aticks tógether. 


KATB 86 TTAnt 

Eftlbo'a, c. t. to light a pipe; to in- Ka'lknl, n. a variety of íaíoj. 

erease combustion. Ea'ira, c. t. to lead; to conduct, to 
EalbA'a, v. t. to close or sbut up tight guide; to cause to accompany. 

ae a, boi or bouse. Ea'lrft, n. a flsb, the — : » tuaeSi boil; 
EallK/biia, v. t. to imbed morè finnlf a pimple. 

SiB a Btick for husking oocoanuts. Ealr&'ea, o. t. to incit« to at«al. 

Xa'ibuke, ». a ship. Kair&'l, v. 1. caus. of irai, to make OT 
Za'lbnke, v. i. to ship on board a get bow manj'. 

Teasel. Ea'Ir&nlbuobuo'ks, ». t. to Btir up 
Ea'lbatl, o. i. to aail fast; e kaibiiii one to help anotber. 

= she Bailfi fast. Ka'lrant&'fik, v. t. caus. of irantaOa. 

Ea'lbutl, n. lait aailing; a great Kalr&'baba, n. a broad board used 

apeed. as a t^mporary platfonn or Beat in 

Ea'ika, v. t, to bail out aa a canoe. a canoe. 

Kaikal, n. a meal; a. civilized meal; Ea'lraka, v. i. to increaBe; to make 

flrm particlea in kabubu. 'progresa. 

Ka'Uial, V. i. fo partake of a meal Ea'liake, n. an able-bodied peraon. 

after the fasbitm of wbite meu. Ka'lrake'a, v. t. to increase one*» 
Kalkain, v. i. to shut; te avti ni good condition(uBed idiomatieally). 

kaikain ^ a prÍBim. Ealvtrllfl', v. a. eoticing ; alluring. 

Kalkak&'la, v. t. to basten, work In Ka'Irar&fla'ea, v. t. to mialeadi to 

order to flnish, and go elsewhere. entice to sin. 

Ka^karewfl, n. sugar-cane. Ealr&^ka, v. t. to make flne or slen- 
Xa'lkaw&, v. t. to bring to maturitjr; der. 

to train up. Ealr&'rlkl, v. i. ta engage !n making 
Ka'lke, n. an article of refreabment. elim or fine. 

Kalkea, ti. t. to refresb one wben Salr&'rlkl, n. a small roll of kabubu. 

weary hj feeding or assUting. Ealr&'iiklno'fiinofia, v. i, to make 
Kalke^a, n. astlmia. very unall or flne. 

Kaifae'lke, i>. i. to breathe aa one aní' Eaire'tta, v. t. to add to; to continue. 

fering from asthma. Ea'iremW'a, c. t. to make to ga 
Estkatkea, v. 1. freq. of kaikea. bIow; to hinder. 

Eaika'lkeiita'uti, v. a. oausing to KaliVfiaraíU, v. a. mixed np; min- 

breatbe with difficultj, as gluttony. gled. 

Ka'ikeTl', v. i. to eat; to partake of Ka'lri, n. a siender person; a varlety 

food. of eel quite alim. 

Ealkllta, c. t. to bail out a canoe. Xa'lrl, o. slim; alender aa a peraon. 

Ealkl'ki, o. (. to engage in bailing Ealrlbve, n. a kind of amafl pebble, 

out as a canoe. Kalri'ra, v. t. freq. of kaira. 

Ealkl'ki, n. the bailing out of a Kalrl'rl, v. %. to engage in guiding; 

canoe. condncting or leading. 

Ka'lklraoki, n. a camphor chest^ Eairl'rleta, n. a tall tree. 

Ea'iko, V. i. to lay up in store. Ealri'rleta, o. tall, as a tree. 

Xa'lko, n. the act of providing for Kairi'rlbal, n. an enemy; a mutual 

future use; providence. enemy. 

Ea'ikoa, v. t. to lay up in atore. Xalri'rlbal, v. i. to be at mutual en- 
Ka'ikoaka, v. t. to wonnd; to brulse. mity. 

Salko'lkoB, V. t. freq. of kaikoa. Kalro, n. a yard; a apar. 

Ea'ikonaka, ». a likeness; a resem- Ea'lToa, c. i. to light aa a pipe; to 

blance. divine by tying cocoanut leaTcs; to 

Ealkonaka, v. t. to reaemble. caat lots. 

Ealkonakl, ». a flgure; taetae M EAlrO^o, t>. í. to travel or go in tbe 

kaikonaki = parable. moming twiligfat. 

Ka'ikonakl, v. i. to apeak in a par* Eal'roro, v. t. to engage In orging. 

able. Kal^roro, n. Üie act of urgíng or 
Ea'ikútaka, v. t. to await the aa- preasing. 

sembling of people. BU^roa, t>. t. to uige; to presa. 



SK'lnu>, V. i. to make » miatalK; to Eao&'^iUEal, v. a. posaessed of geniíut 

mistake. esposed to dan^r. 

Ka'ÍTnw&, V. t. to receive aai enter- Kaoli'ki», n. t. to wait for the time 

taJD a Btranger. oí new moon or a few d^ys before 

Ealta, ». (Eng.) a geyMr. it, 

K&'ita, V. t. to Bend away a tenant; Eaol'oiA, o. t. to allow baba* mora 

' to remove aa rubbish. time in which to grow. 

Sil'ítaboii, V. >. to stand end to end, KB'olm&toft, r. (. to allow baba* morè 

as two housee. time foi growth before digging it 

Ealtara, v. t. to be opposite. up. 

Eaitara, n. the oppoeite. E&'oma, v. t. to mgitate the rai in 

Kk'ttara, v. i. to face one anotíier. the wàter bo bb to frigbten the flsh. 

E&'Itara, ». kababv made oi taHavri Eaoioa'oma, v. (. freq. of kaoma. 

and taítataba. Eaom'&'kA, v. (. t« throw witli morè 

Kalt&'ro, n. name of a foreign wood. force. 

Ka'itatftn', c. i. to be in love mutu- Ea'omfttà, c. t. to confirm; to make 

allv; to be mutuallr enamored. ceTtain. 

Ka'itat&n', n. mutual love of the op- Ea'omota, «. i. to leave a peraon un- 

poBite Bez. aided in hii work. 

Ka'lte, n. ( Eng. ) the kite { a bird ) . Ka'omotl, v. t. to be engsged In doing 

Ka'lteVe, n. a, small tetee. a thiug bj one's self . 

Ea'itl, n. an attchorage; a compara- Ea'on, n. (Eng.) corn. 

tível^ shoal spot. Ea'ona, v. í. to fill. 

Ea'ltí, a. all gone; no morè; none. Eaon&n'tl, v. i. to engage in Btealing 

Kaltlíika, v. t. to purify; to cleanse; bundieB oí cocoanuta hj Bliding them 

to clean. down a long rope. 

Ealtlakl, v. í. to engage In cleuiing Kaon&n''tI, n. the Btealing of coooa- 

01 purifjing. nuts bj Bliding them down a long 

Kaftiakl, n. the procesB of deauing, rope. 

or cleansing. KAon&ntla, v. t, to thierishly BÜde a 

Eai'tlbo, V. i. to meet from oppoaite bunch of cocoanuta down a long rope 

directions. silentl^. 

Ealtlbo'a, v. t. to meet one coming Ea'onako, n. ■ aquid. 

from an oppoeite direction. E&'onako, n. a veiy earlj start at 

Ka'ltita, n, the Ust work. 

Eatti'tl, v. t. to be engaged In remor- E&'onako, tt. i. to start veiy earif on 

ing, aB («nanta. what one is about to do. 

Kalto'ana, v. t. to imitate. Eiona'koa, c. t. to undertake work 

KBltofUna'ko&, e. t. to Bend íorth. at a vet; earlv hour. 

Ealtu'a, a. Bcreath. Eaona'koa, i>. to reprove; to call to 

Ea'twft, V. (. (o prognoBtlcate about; account. 

to cast lots for. Kao^borA, u. t. to anffer a child to 

Ea'iwB, w. i. to caBt Iota. play in the dirt. 

Xb'Iwb, ». a lot; prognoBtication hy Ea'onoa, v. t. to bestow a gift upon.' 

lot. Eaono'ua, a. the sizth. 

Ka'e, n. (Eng.) a cow; an ox; a bost Kaono'no, v. i. to engage in beatow- 

beef (the plural does not prolong ing gifts. 

the flrBt Towel). Eaono^o, n. the bestowment of gifts. 

Ka'o, n. a kite étrlng: the umbilical Eaono'iiOH, v, t. freq. of kaonoa. 

cord. Xa'onota, v. t. to give b. part only, 

K&'o, n. a laige bag or sack made o( K&'ofi, t>. i. to flsh for the ooti. 

cocoanut twine. Eaofie&'bi, v. t. to teacb a child obe- 

Ea'6, v. i. to Bwim away as a iquid. dience. 

Kat/a, fi. i. to send for; to invite. Kao'fioa, «. (. to Inform. 

Ka'on, V. (. to wipe. EaofiVfio, v. i. to speak louder or 

Ea'onotma'ono, n. ft lumdkorchief ; * morè distínetlf. 

perapiraticm wlper, Ka^lo'flo, ». diatínct apaech. 



Kui'fioTK, D. t. to post or Infonn one 

witli reierence to the newB. 
Kaofiora'na, v. t. to post or infonn 

one nith regard to the news. 
E&o^otaeba, v. t. to t«ach a child 

Eaofiota'oa, v. i. to bring griet u to 

a parent by one's conduct. 
E&oDa'inoko, v. i. to comply with 

witbout hesitancy or explanation. 
Eaoba'lrake, v. i. to escape away, m 

a squid from its hole. 
E&</bab&, V. t. to await bi^er tide. 
Ka'oboa, v. t. to break oït % fish'a 

Eao'batat&, «. f. to tread on a cocoa- 
nut frond so aa pennaneatly to 
bend it down. 

Ea'oka, v. t. to retum ; to restora. 

Ea'dka, n. tbe retuming of. 

Ea'okao, v. i. to engage in wipiug, aa 

Kaoka'oa, v. t. íreq. oi kaoa. 

Ka'okl, n. a crab, the 

Kao'klokl, c. 1. to get drunk on kao- 

Eao^okl, n. karace quickly fer- 
mentod by beíug placed in a sour 
cocoanut-ahell botue. 

Xno'klt&bn, v. (. to put one up to 
nsking for ft thing the second time. 

E&'okoro, a. unlikej diffeient; set 

Eaoko^a, v. t.tomit apart; to sort, 
E&'orK, V. i. to wait untal low tide. 
Kaora^a, v. t. to make teady. 
Eaora'orft, v. i. to walt for lover 

tide ; to wait for the lubiidence in a 

rua before cultivating. 
Eoora'om, n. tbe leaf-charm neck- 

E&'orana'koa, v. t. to wait for low 

tide before going a fishing. 
Ea'orata'kaToro'a, v. t. caus. of ora- 

Ea'ore, n. (Bng.) the caní. 
Xaoreft'noa, v. t. caus. of oreano. 
Kaori'na, v. t. caus. of orin. 
Sa'oro, a. very manj. 
Ka'ota, V. t. to show; to exhibit; to 

make known. 
Ka'ota, n. the sbowing of. 
Eafi'ta, V. t. to make ligbt; to idre 

líght to. 
Xayta, n. the glving of llght. 
Eaota'ota, v. f. to feed a child with 



Ka'otab% v. i. to engage In earing 

for kindly, aa a parent for a child. 
Ea'otab'a'Mt, v. t. to caie for a child 

Ka'otl, c. i. to appear; to ocone in 

Ea'oti, fl. food oollected for tbe eup- 

ply of stranger guests. 
Eaotlo^, V. t. freq. of kaota. 
Ea'otiotl, V. i. to teBtity; to witness; 

to make rerelation; to preach. 
Ka'otloti, n. a rerelation; the Apoca- 

Ea'otlnako, n. pandanus leaves gath- 

efed for compost. 
Eaotln^o, V. i. to come forth; to 

Xa'otlna'koa, v. t. to put forth. 
Kaotlra, v. i. to have a naw or 

strange appearance. 
Ea'otoauene'a, v. t. caus. of otoa* 

Ea'otoknui&, ff. i. caus. of otokuna. 
EaototOB, D. t. caiiB. of ototo. 
Ea'Q, a. having a hole in, aa a pipa. 
Ea'a, n. leather: a ehoe. 
Ka'u, o. rich in ; abounding in. 
Ea'ua, adv. a second tíme. 
EaO'a, V. t. to assemble. 
Ea'uae, m. the root of a tooth. 
Kftui'aa, c. t. to let a cocoanut trea 

alone until full of nuts: to cultivato 

in order to make fruitfnl. 
Kanalft, v. t. to race a canoe. 
Kaua^téra, «. í. to carry, as two per- 

sons, a chest. 
Kaunu&'moa, v. t. to make a child 

disagreeable by not reatraining it. 
Kauamn'ea, v. t. caus. of uamae; to 

Eau&'naoa, v. t. to make much or 

many in a place. 
Ea'uana'koa, v. t. to aak for in a po- 

lite manner, or modestly. 
Xau&n'tl, 1). i. to speak of ghosts. 
KanKfUA, v. i. to lie on the sïde with 

the fiats for a pillow, and with the 

limbs drawn up. 
EauafU'fUa, v. (. to make small or 

Eanli'ba, a. ovming much land; ricb 

Kan&lia, v. i. to engage In taking a 
bird or a fowl to a coek-flght. 

San&'ba, V. t. to take a bird or a fowl 
to a cock-flght. 

Kanaba'fiaka, «. t, to place a cano« 


KAUA gg KAinr 

MTOis a naiTow chtumel: to carrj Kaw/tcmre^Ktl, n. a, búlj grown 

at ríght auglea. specimen of several varieties of flah. 

Sau&'ka, v. i. to trall a flah-line. Ea'oni'a, i>. t. to piy up aa with a 
KauAk&'ka, v. i. to ihrível up witlt crowbar. 

fear or beat. Ea'mn'a, n. tha procesa of raising 
Eaiia1ï«, ». a kind of íeaat. with a crowbar. 

Kau&'ke, v. i. to meet aa old men íor Kaum&'ua, v. t. to dr^. 

a. feast. Eania'a''iiia'a, v. t. to raiae a fold in 
SaaàlU, v. i. to flsh bj towing the a aleeping mat. 

bait aetorn. Ea'mu'siia'i, v. i. to acold. 

Kauako'nlïona, v. t. to gatber in Ka'um'afial, n. scolding. 

fotda or plaita. Ea'mn&ta, a. having large eyes. 

Ea^uarà, v. í. to embarraBB one about Ka'amatoA, v. i. ca,ua. of uinatoa~ 

to eat, aa a crowd of people. Eamnu'muia, v. t. caua. of umuni, to 
EAua'ral, v. i. to stand secoud in direct a cook to cover over the ua- 

guard-Ashing'. tive oren. 

Saua'rao, v. i. to engage ín charging Kft'tiii, o. t. to take fiab in a aeina car- 

with faísehood: to diabeliere. ried on a canoe. 

Eauara'oa, v. t. to charge witb iTlng; Ka'ait, n. the method of flahins' in 

to disbelieve. wbich the seine ia carried out in a 

Eanare'rekea, c. t. to make amall. canoe. 

KauOTO^os, V. t. to start a person Ka'nnA, v. f. to anger; to vex; to pro- 

off with food for a chief, roke; to aet on: to perBisteatly re- 

Kanàtaoa, t>. (. to bring many peopls íuse a gift. 

together; to lieap up. Ka'unà, n. Kabubu whicb haa mixed 
EaufitaOTBke, v. a. piled up; beaped with it the core of the pandaous 

Ka^tBbak«'a, v. to have habitual Eauna'inea, v. t. caus. of unaine. 

int^rcourae in a pond. Ea'anArlri'kia, v. í. caus. of unarí- 
EauA'^bo, V. i. to eugage !n canylng rild. 

a tieavT article by t^ peraons. Eaoiüm'&'nea, v. í. caua. of uní- 
Eaaatttbo, n. the earryiiig of a heavy m'aae. 

article by two peraona. Ka'unlba, v. i. caus. of unlba. 

Xaua'taboa, v. t. to carry a heavy Xa'unlbo'toa, v. t. caus. of uniboto. 

article by two people. Ea'imlk&'i, v. i. to Bah for the untkai. 

Eaua'tirere, a. proud. Kauno'unobara'ka, v. t. caua. of uno- 
Eft'ne, n. a necklace of flowers. unobaraki. 

Eauft'a, V. t. to wait until in blos- Kautiuaka, v. i. caua. of unuaka. 

som: to adorn a father-in-law with Kau'nuara'ea, v. t. caua. of unuara. 

a wreath; to diaregard aa an order. Xa'unun, v. i. to oontínue to proToke 
Eauo'ft, t>. t. to make one a king; to to anger. 

enthrone. Ka'ununa, v. t. to contlnue to pro- 
Eauena, v. t. to adorn one with a voke to aDger. 

wreath. Xaunu'nlka, t?. t. to set one at plant- 
Eaue^, o. t. to make afraid as a ing. 

lonely path. Eaunra'b'ata, c. i, to wrestle. 

Kano'ua, a. the second. Kaunralï'ata, n. wreatling. 

Kano'màn, v. i. to practice bigamy. Eatmta'oka, v. i. ta diaput«; to ar- 
Kauo'nUu), n. bigamy; the aecond gue. 

wife. Eaunta'flfaa, ». diaputation; debato. 

Kaao'mKnia, r. I. to take » womau EB'utit&b&, o. t. to contradict an- 

aa the aecond wife. other. 

Kano'fio, v. a. not bearing; not re- Ea'untftba, n. contradiction. 

eponding. Ea'untftbo, v. i. to meet in rivalry aa 
Ea'aot&n&, v. t, to make one cany a the inhabitants of two villages whea 

burden. feasting one another, or engaging 

Kauo'to, n. a flsh, the in ruoia. 



Saimt&bo, n. tbe meetins In TÍTalT^. Xa'nkl, m. a mode of fiBhing In whiah 
E^'oliA, n. a «ervant; a slaTe. the bottom oi tbe eeise between ike 

Kaü'Sa, V, t, to encour&ge; to atir up. feet íh lift«d b little. 

Eft'nilaiui, c. t. to make a. serrant oi. Ka'iürliianft, v. t. to allow a. joung 
Ea'ubA, V. a. abotindiug in leavsa. child to eat out tha karnel oi a 

S&'ub'a, V. i, to atand in a certain cocoanut with Ita t«eth. 

Ílace in ihe ruoia. Ea'iiklnt&, v. *. to engage in putting 
"uba, V. i. the terrorlsing ot peop1« to shame. 

by one showing flght. KanUnta'ea, v. t, to put to ahame. 

Kftuba'ea, v. t. to terrorize people bj Kankn'ka, v. t. íreq. of kauka; to 

a general challenge to flght. frequently open. 

KaiiD'a'ete, v. a. causing a senw oí Kanku'kl, v. t. to engage in revealíng. 

fulnesa or satiety. Xa'ura, n. a small sbnib whose leave* 
Salib'ai, a. ricb ; wealthy. are uaed aa kaiao. 

Ka'Db'ai, n. wealth; richea. Ka'ara, e. a. b^nning to decaj, bj 
Eaub'a'nb'a, a. enomioiuly fat and the flsh ik^irikinki. 

■tout, Ea'iiT&, c. (. to kfndle. 

Ka'ttb'araka, a. euormoiulj fat and Eaura'íiTft, v. i. to engage in kindllng 

stout. fires. 

Ka'nb&ta, D. f. to grasp or Bqueeze an KatLra'nra, v, t. to paint red; to 

enenrr in fury. kindle a flre. 

Ka'nb&tl, n. a pandajíiu fruit espe- Sa'uTani'&, v. t. to awalt the arrival 

ciallj Hct aaide for one's own íood. of; to welcome. 

Ka'ubunralk, v. i. to engage in gnaw- Eauiam'&'ka, v. t. cauB. of uramaka. 

ing or biting off as the noae of a By- Sauram&'ra, v. t. caus. of uramara. 

ing-fleb and eatjng it raw. EanramK't•a, v. (. caus. □( uramat*. 

Ea'nbnnTa'fia, v. t, to greatly mor- KauTaka'raka.v.t.cBua.of urakaraka. 

ti^. Ea'orakea, v. t. to toaa up. 

EaabnlSaa, v. t. to gnaw or bit« off Ea'nraU, v. i. to engage In Htting 

as the noae of a fljing-fiah and eat it othera at gathering. 

raw. Ea'nre, v. a. aeparated as man and 
Ea'nburake'a, v. t. to cbarge one wife. 

with being tóo forward. Ka'nrea, v. 1. to open aa a book or 
KaH'ka, V. t, to eat or drink ona ar- pincera or the moutb. 

ticle without a miitnre. Ka'ureb&ku, «. i. to engage in kaitr»• 
Eatt'ka, n. an unmixed food, eape- baku. 

cially unwatered karetoo or komai- Xa'ureb&kii, n. tbe proceu of w<nd- 

mai, ing the eitreme ena of a spathe of « 

Ea'nlEa, v. t, to open. coeoanut bud in preparation for 

Ea'nkaa, c i. to bark as a d<»'. kareioe. 

Ea'okao, n. tbe barking of a dog. . Ea'aieb&'lciia, v. i. to tie or wind tbe 
Ea'uk•a, D. t, to completely acrape extreme end of a cocanut apathe for 

out a coeoanut; to do thoroug^ly; karewe, after removing a little por- 
to complete. tion of the outer rim. 

Kaok•'ake, c. i. to engage in aearch- Ka'nrliU, t>. (. to cause to ronember. 

ing for food, as a hen with ber Ea'mifl&ba, v. i. to occaaion the re- 

brood. membrance of. 

Kaiike'xikea, v. t. caus. of ukeulce. Eaurl'rla, v. t. to basten. 

Kaoke'uïeSba, v. i. caus. of ukeu- Ka'uroko, adv. never to arrive, 

keaba. Kaa'rokon, c. a. impartiog by con- 
Ea'nïablrl, v. i. to give occaaion for, tagíon the dïBease called urakov. 

or cause for embarrasament by lack EaarnMfla, c. (. freq. of kauriDa. 

of food for griests. EaH'tft, v. í, to beatow not grudginglj, 
Zanker&'ra, cau«. of ukerara. but with some liberalïty. 

Xalikl, n. a crab. Ea'uta, v. t. to awaken. 

Ea'oki, «. «. to flsb by the kauki Xa'atao, n. tbe bandle of a scoop-net, 

metbod. of the riena. 



KatttalM, n. th« Soathem word for Kuna'Aea, v. t. to eat kunaeke. 

butika. Komoeko^eR, v. t. to make brittle by 

Xaate&'nlbak», c. (. caus. oi uteani- expoaura to heat. 

baka. Kam'a'•r•a, c. t. to obacure momen- 

EaO'Ü, u. i. to engage in awakeaiug. tarily , as a fast sailiíig canoa, a 

Ka'uti, V. i. to go befora suarÍK to fleet. 

the weather aide to perforin an in- Eam'aar»^, ». a strip«d mat. 

cantation. Eam'aare'rea, v. t. to ciraid a strlpod 

Eautlmíl'ra, v. a. caus. of utimara. mat. 

Kantlb&'nae, e. i. caua. of utibanae. Kama«rl'klrlka, «. t. to break into 

Kautlbfina'ea, e. f. cans. of utibanae. fragmenta. 

Ea'utoa, v. t. to charge witb; to Xama'atv, a. sHppery. 

accuse. Kam'a'ewe, v. i. to paee hj ot uear. 

Ea'ntona, v. t. to applj mora force Sam'a'•w•a, v. t. to await a person 

to, as to a drill or borer. who will paaa bj. 

Ea'utn, R. a chlef oi bigh rank: the Ea^nal, n. the white of the e;e; the 

top part of a tree. sclerotio. (Phfs. p. 80.) 

Ka'ntnal, n. a cocoanut-scraper. K&'mol, v. t. give ms (used only in 

Ea'Utnal, v. i. to engage in acraping the imperative). 

cocoanuta. Eam&'la, tt. t. to make bitt«r. ' 

Eautu&'la, V. t. to scrape a cocoanut. Eamala'ift, v. t. to disarranget to 

Ea'uw^e, n. the root of^ a tooth. niflle. 

X&'uvaro, V. i. to flah for waro. Kam'a'lea, v. (. to induee to engage 

Ea'uwaro, n. flshiug for icaro. in warldl; eport or pleasure. 

Eam, pron. ye; you (toUowed always Kam'a'ioa, v. t, to aasemble; to await 

by a predicate). the aesembling of ^ple. 

E&'ma, n. the Soutbem Croas. Xama'iu, i>. a. life giving. 

Ka'm^ n. the rim of atonaa wbicb a Samalu, n. one apared in battie or 

aquid arrangaa around the entrance war for a alare. 

to his hola. KamaliiB, v. t. to aave; to reacue; to 

Ea'm'a, c. í. to cock; especially to heal. 

cook again, a aecond tlme. Eam'a^m'a, v. t. to moieten. 

Kama'e, v. i. to engage in acattering TT^m'alni'at, n. cocoanut molaaaea. 

about or aowing. Kamalna'•iiiJl•, v. t, ta whit«n ; to 

Eatn'a'•, v. i. to lie down outside of make white. 

nhers one ia wont to tíe. Kamalnako, e. i. oaua. of malnako. 

Eam'a'Aa, v. t. to move. Kama'iba, i^. t. caua. of maibi. 

Kama'ea, v. t. to soatter; to diaperae, Kamalke^kea, u. t. caua. of mal- 

to aow. kelke. 

EamaeB'ea, v. t. freq. of kamaea. Kama^ira, a. flItbT; undean; nast^. 

Kam'a'el, n. a paatime at seeaawing. K&malra, n. flltli; naatiness; un- 

Eam'a'el, v. i. to seeaaw. cleanness. 

Eaiiia«le'ia, v, t. to wear out cloÜt- Eam^'lrla, v. a. ezhauating as eerere 

ing or a mat. work. 

Eam'a«Ie^a, v. t. to sbake. Eam'alta, r. t. to increase; to make 

KamVem'ae, v. i. to float or lie at mucb or many; to multiplj. 

tJie Burface as a achool of fieb. Eam'a'ltl, ti. increaae; multipUca- 

Eama'ena, t>. (. to bend into ehape aa tion. 

a canoe plank. Xam'a'ltoro, e. a. cooling; reíreab- 

Eamaenl'kniia, v. t. to break Into ing. 

several pieces as a plate. Eam'altoro, n. cooinesa. 

Kama'ebo, v. i. to flah for tha maebo, Kam'aito'rotoro, v. a. frec|. of ka- 

Euua'eka, c. (. to make to dwell. m'aitoro. 

Eama'eke, o. i. to engage la eating Kama'oa, o. t. to make bitter. 

fragmenta of karabaha. Eam&'oa, v. t. to wait upon the rain 

Kama'eke, n. frafimenta of karababa till the ahower ia quite over. 

eaten hi the brittle atate. Xama'ono, v. a. causing perapiration. 



Kuna'ono, n. the production of Kun'am'a'kara, v. t. to give fre- 

Bweat; the causing of perspiration. quent emploTment to. 

Eama'ouo«i, v. t. to cauu to per»pire. X&m&ma'ra, v. a. caueing weakness. 

Kama'oria, v. ó. exhauating or repul- Xama'm&te, v. a. cauaing deathj 

BÍve as severe work ; literallj, mak- deathlj. 

iug the lipa bitter; causing loas of Kama'màta, n. deatruction; death- 

appetite as the lack oi some fish dealing. 

diet. Kam'ama'a, «. t. to fresheu aalt food; 
Eluua'orla, n. the eausicg great aver- to add morè kasrevK to a drink of 

iion to work through experience or kareioe with too much wat«r in it. 

a want of appetite from the lock of Ka m ftm'ma, v. t. to auekle; to give 

Bome flah diet. aiick to. 

Eam'a'oto, «. the coroer of a house Kam&nim'a, v. t. to reconeíle ooe'a 

or fenoe: a comei-Iike place in a self. (ISam. 26:4.) 

aeine. Kamàn', n. a Teranda; a porticó; a 
Eama'owi, o. a. exhausting as aevere lean-to. 

labor; titenllly, making tha teeth or Kam&n', a. before; aome time betore; 

mouth bitter. previoualy (preceded by d). 

Eama'owi, n. See kamaoria, Eamd'na, v. t. to prolong in tima. 

Kam'a'n, v. i. to engage in diying Kam'a'nal, n. a very small racing 

flah. canoe or mofcei. 

EamVu, n. a dried fiah. Xam&'nam&na, v. t. to cnisb; to 
Kam'a'ua, v. t. to dry. bruÍM; to Jam. 

Kaiaaiui''in'arakea, v. (. to waB«r a KaTRÍf-nana, v. t. to tame. 

child to be too eager for food. KamS^ann, n. tbe proceaa of tam- 
Kamaluui, v. t. to aiinibilat«; to ing: a tamed ttet. 

deatroy; to eraae. Eam'a'nafia, v. 1. to atart people on 
Sama'onea, v. t. to díaturb auother their •wb.j; to lift up a rock witJi a 

with noisa. crowbar. 

Kam'a'nfia, o. t. to make pútrid. Kaman&'tLoa, t>. t. to attend or eit hj 
Kam'a'uïu, v. a. causing lameness. one sleeping untit he awakea. 

Kama'nra, v. t. to íalute. Eain&'natu&, v. 1. to cruah. 

Kama'aiAa, v. t. to charge a cbild Eam&'nawà, v. t. to haateii or pre- 

with being ill-mannered. cipitate a ahower, aa a thunder-bolt. 

Kama'orl, v. a. giving health; aalut- Kain&'ilawa'liuifi, v. a. causing nau- 

Kamaiirl, n. a aalutation, a greeting. Eamàma'wa'ii&wa, v. t. to soften the 
Kamanria, v. t. to salute one. cont«nta of a nib'a. 

Eam'Buro'utoa, v. t. to aesemble en Kama'fle, v. a. making much rubbish 

masae, (aeemoAe). 

to make Kam'a'ne, n. plottJng; waylaying. 
Kam'a'ne, v. i. to plot. 

Kama^utl, ». a flah, the Kam&'nea, v. t, to wear out; to uae 
Xam&'ina, n. t. to fresheu, to make so much aa to wear thin. 

freab. Kam.'a'iiea, v. t. to betrayj to way- 
Eam'a'm'a, c. i. to eugage in biting lay. 

off and eating cooked babai. Kam'anea'na, v. t. to pla«e well on. 

Eatu'a'm'i, v. t. to bite off and eat Kamünea'na, v. a. causing ahame 

cooked babai. through failure to do. 

Xam&'ma, v. a. cauaing ahame; EamAiile&'ii•a, v. í. caus. of mane- 

shamefuí. anea. 

Kam&ma'ea, i>. t. to shame. Eamà^eafla, v, t. caus. of maneaS. 

Eam'am'a'nea, v. t. freq. of kora'a- Kam&'neuno, v. 1. to amear with oil. 

nea. Eaiii&iien&''ka, v. t. to smear with 
Eamam&'nea, i>. t. freq. of kiimanea. oil. 

EEuu'am'a'ka, v. t. to stir one up to Kamfi'iien«, v. i. to practtce the re- 

great effort. hearsal of a cliant in a low Toice. 


Eamft^ene, n. a rehearaal of a 

Kam&'nflbiuÜEa, v. i. caus. of nutne- 

EBjn&'neka, f. f. to scar; to mar; ta 

Kam'a'neka'neka, v. t. to malce 

tracks or foat-prints aa on the Band. 

Kajnà'neka'n^a, v, t. freq. of kam' 

Kam&'iieku, v. i. to &Bh for moneAv. 
E&Tii,&'i).el[u, n. the flshingfor manefcu. 
Eam'a'nio, v. a. cauBÍng sound gleep. 
Kaiiii.'iiiin&ii, n. pla; ; sport. 
Eam&'nlm&u, c. t. to play (a Makin 

KamSninàntl, v. i. ta conduce to 

Eam&nlnàntU, t>. t. to favoi; to 

make fortunate. 
Kam'a'nlfia, v. i. to ei^age ia pox- 

zling a companj. 

h> puzzie ; to con- 
to Fonfound. 


lua. of maniOa. 
to Hpeak of one as 

I. of mani- 


TTttTn' mnitim ^ n 

Eam&^lfia, t> 

Kamft^lbine'iu, v. 

Kam&'ntbooka, v. t. caus. of mani- 

Eam&'nl'bwerebwe'roa, V. t. caua. of 

EAmà'noa, v. t. to make tight; to 

make dry; to cork. 
Eam'a'noiio, n. a small depresaion or 

pit (see manono). 
Eàm'a'nonoa, v. t. caus. of manono 

to make a depression. 
Kam'a^oka, a. having a slight cove, 

or indentation, as a beach. 
Kam'a'uoku, n. a ba7; a cove. 
Eam'a'nokii, o. haviug a cove, aB a 

Xain'aiiQ.'a, c. i. to relaxj to slacken; 

to Black; to close as the fingers; to 

double as the ann. (Pb^. p. 11.) 
KAm'antmn'a, v. t. to cauee to 

Eamàn'rea, o. t. to wear out bj rep»- 

tition as a íong. 
XamànMfi, v. a. caueing little scales 

of the akin as Bunbum. 
Eam&nta, v. t. to pulvcrize. 
TTftTn ftm^lno^noflà, v. t. to thor- 

oughly pulveriíe. 

EamantoE, v. I. to soil; to maïe 

Eama'fia, c. a. suffocatiog or bünd- 

ing ae smoke. 
K&m'&'fLa, t>. t. to epare a tree till 

ita branchel•l are developed. 
Eamafia'ülal, v. a. causing to wear 

thin or to become ragged. 
Zam'a&a'ifial, v. a. causing conten- 

Eamail&iflA'la, v. i. caus. of maSa- 
iflai ; to causc to wear thin. 

Ea'mófiao, t>. i. to eat without diet- 
ing; to eat unprepared food. 

Ka'mailAo, n. tbe eating of food of 
every quality. 

Kamafia'oa, v. (. to dísaTrange. 

Xamafiaofla'oa, v. t. cauB. oi mafla- 

Eam&'flA&ila, v. i. to maka litter. 
Kam&'fiefiSe, n. the making of much 

Kamftfle&'fíea, v. t. to litter up. 
Kaiuft'fiífi, XI. a. intoxicating: having 

kamaiíiií in store or on hend. 
Kam.&'filti, n. fermented or intoxicat- 

inff cocoanut sap: cocoanut oil ob- 

tained througb fensentation. 
Eamà'fUfia, c. t. to let stand till 

Eamafll'fU, a. puckciT-. 
Eama'fioa, v. t. to address a person 

in Buch a way as to cauae wecpiog 

or crying. 
Eama'&ora, v. t. to make one not fa- 

EttmA'fiorl, V. a. causing obscurity or 

want of fama. 
Eam&'bfao, v. a. causing Bufficiency 

Eamà'bua, v. t. to put a taboo on. 
Eama'ka, v. t. to make afraid. 
Kam'filca, v. t. ta klndle. 
Kam'&lca, v. a. caueiog decaj as of 

Kamà'ka, v. t. to lessen the flame of 

Eam'akalkai, v. i. to make a noiae, 

aa in walking on coarse grarel or 

among Icavei. 
Ka'makAlka^a, t>. (. to cause a thing 

to rustle. as gfAvel. 
Ea'm«hama, ». a variety of crab. 
EBmakAua'kaiia, v. t. to make un- 

Kamahanalmiui, n. a naine given to a 

distressing famine of many y ears ago. 


Kun'K'karoIro'Ia, v. t. csua. of m'ft- Xun'ukln^ v. t. to mnke long Uie 

kareirei. bair or ikirt. 

Xaia'ak•'lkal, c. a. prickly ; pricking. Kun&ra'iiA, t>. t. to aoíten; to gira 
Xftm'ftkemks'rua, v. t. to gnaw; to the fatal blow to. 

crauucL•. Xun&rauik'ua, v. t. to make loft; to 

Kam'a'k•rwv, «. i. to engags in eatiug «oít«n. 

uugrtited or unacraped cocoanut Ka'mar&n, ». a cflindrieal bottie. 

kerael. Ka'm'aran», v. *. to tickle. 

Xam'ak•'wvK, v. t. to eat ungrftted Xa'm'aran», n. the act of ticlcling. 

cocoanut. Kam'arà'n•a, t>. t. to tickle. 

Kamild, v. i. ta engage in leuening Tmn a tíh'iaba, v. t. to amooth. 

Üie flame of a torch. XiMnara^ia, u. t. ia eeparate. 

Kamk'kl, n. a flat basicet made of Ka^marafiArafU, v. t. freq. of kama- 

eocoanut leaí, aatcliel like. raOa. 

Xam&kl'a, v. t, csua. of mald; to Kamà'rab•a, v. t. to maice one well 

cloae aa the eye or a book. developed. 

Kamk'klm&kl, v. a. cauaing drench- EBini''raka, v. i. to put In pala; to 

iug or «kturation. hurt 

Kam&kim&'kla, v. t. to drench; to Eam&'rakl, v. a. cauaing pain; paiu- 

saturate. fui. 

Eam&klno'iioa, e. t. to drench. Kam&'ratlfio'a, v. t. to wet aa the 

Kamyklklna, v. t. to remove all or rain. 

entirely. Eamaràtirfctia, o. t, to poli^b uïcely. 

Eam'a'klro, v, i. to engage in eating Kam&'ratoa, v. t. to anoint afreah or 

raw T^ndanua fruit. morè. 

Kam'a'klro, fi. the eating of raw Kam'aratu'atna, a. Tery unclean; 

pandanuB fruit; the raw fruit itself. verr fllthj; oaaty. 
Kam'aklro'a, v. 1. to eat pandanua Kaina'niw&, v. t. csua. of tnarawa: 

fruit uncooked. to deepen. 

K&m'akoro'iiK, v.t. caua. ofmakoroua. Kamà'rawa, n. a place deeper than 
Kam'ako'rokoro, n. cocoanut oil ei- an adjoiiiing place. 

tracted bf boiling the liquid from Kamft'rea, v. t. to sprinkle a àrj aub- 

preaaed freablj acraped cocoanut. atance on. (Phys. p. 8S.) 

Kam'akorokoi^oa, o. (. to extract Zam&'rel, v. i. to cauee to hlccough. 

cocoanut oil by boiling the liquid Kam&ro'lrel, w. a aiere made of kora 

from preaaed freshl; acraped cocoa- for aifting aoil. 

nut Kam&'rebu, v. a. having a atrong 

Kam&'ku, c. a. terrifying. tide-rip. 

Eam&'kua, v. t, to make afraid; to Knmk'TÍ, v. a. making plenteoiu as 

frighten. food. 

KamVkonft, v. t. to cover over a flre Sa'm'arlit, v. i. to take katulu with 

in au oven in the ground. wat«r. 

Eam'a'kara, v, t. to emplo;; to give Ka'm'arln, n. Jcabuba to be taken 

work to: to make a tning to per- with wàter. 

form or to be In motion. Kam'ari^ia, v. 1. to eat kabuiu mixed 

Xam'a'kurl, v. i. to perform; to be with wàter. 

in actire motion. Ea^'aiinrl'na, v. t. to loosen; to 

Xam&'ra, o. t. to aoften b^ aoaking. make looae aa a pin or tooth. 

Ka'm'am, o. unclean; últhy. KamftMka, «. a. fattening; making 

Xa^'ara, n. últhineas; undeannesa. plump. 

Xam'ara'aa, e. (. to deflle. Sam&'rlkS, o. t. to fatten; to make 

gamaralft, n. a place wbich when plump. 

vlaited is aaid to occaaion death. Xam&Mka, n. the partaking of re- 
Kamara'la, a. capable of producing freahment. 

death miraculouslir. Kam&Mkea, v. t. to refreeh with food. 

Xam'ara'ia, v. t. to let tbe hair grow Kam&rlkeMk«, n. the toking of re- 

longt to make a skirt long. freahment 


KA3EA 95 

Kun&^M, V. a. chUling; nuaing Eunat&'Ubofi, c a. caus. of maUni- 

cot d. boD. 

Kamà'iirl, n. cold. XamatanlbofUa. v. t. to make oue 
Kamfc'rlrla, c. (. to make cold; 

wBiit upon until it íh cool aa ) 

food. or hand to l^ve a hard kemel in 

Kam'a'rlroa, «. (. to conunit to mem- bf tbe introductioii of a foreign 

ory; to memQrize. Bubstance. 

KamK'rltàta, v. a, causing to amart. Kun&'tanl'kft, o. a. csug. of ma- 

Xam&'roa, u, o. cauaiiig loneaome- tanïka. 

neas. Eain.&'taiitka'iuuiOK'fl&, c. t. to gire 

Eamftroa'Mt, t>. t. to make loneaonie one a sad face. 

OT deaolate. (Micah. 6:13,) Kunà'tanlka'naaoaa'fia, v. a. cttus. 

Xatn&'roaka, v. t. to fumiali one with of matanikananoafia. 

a good or natural reaaon íor one'a Kajnatft'nllca'ra'tra, v. a. caus. oi ma- 

cooduct or condition. tanikarawa. 

Kama'rua, o. t. to kill on the üj: to EaiiiatA'nlka'raw&, v. t. to caiue 

wajlaj. setnesH or flxednesa of the eTCa. 

Eama'ma, n. the killing on the aly. Zanuit&'nlkliaD'a, v. a. caua. of ma- 

Ka'nuun'anuí, c. a. abouuding in tauikimoa. 

deprestioD», or pita, or valle^. KHinat&'niklnicr'&, v. t, to cauae one 

Xain&'ninifLa, c. (. to make one'a to look at with a. purpose to ateal. 

aelf watchful ot wide awake. KamAt&'iilkib'a'tb'kl, c. i. caua. of 

'Kam&ta, v. t. to eelect: to pick out matanikib'aib'ai. 

among a number of people. Kamatfc'alklb'aib'ala, v. t. to 

Eamait&^, v. i. to incite to covetoua- charge one with covetoua inspection. 

□eaa. Xaia&tanl'mm, v. à. caua. of ma- 

Kamat&la, v. t. to incite one to taniruwa. 

coretouHneaH, Kaiiii.'taniruwa'ea, o. t. to make one 

KuaatklTikl, v. t. to give keen aight feel himaelf to be a stranger. 

to. E&mat&'noano, fi. a. caua. of mata- 

Kamata^rlklft, v. (. to describe one nosno. 

as Tery keen sighted. Zamat&n'rail, v. i. to engage in mor- 

EAm'ata'oA, f. t. to verify; to make tií^ing or maldng one abaalied. 

certain of; to acquire a knowledge Xfttnatàii'rafia, v. t. to mortif; or 

of. abaah oue. 

XomAtfc'iu, V. a. being in tbe waj of Eaiaa.t&'iirafi, n.mortificatioQ; abaah- 

oiie desiring to fire. ment. 

Kanutt&''a&, c. t. to binder a person Kam'at&u'taiui, v. i. to coll. 

from flring bj being in the range. Kam&tanta'ratara, v. i. to engage in 

Kamftta'imlU, v. t. to treat with dia- making one aad-faced b; not ahar- 

reapect. ing one'a food with him. 

Kamata'tmifia, v. í. to be disrespect- Kamfttanta'ratBra, o. t. to aadden 

fui. one bj not sharing with him. 

E&mata'nidfia, n. diarespect. K&m&'tab&'rekft, v. a. cauaing a dirty 

Kamft'tam, n. a portton of food. face. 

Kam&'tMnin, v. i. caua. of mataroftB. Eaiiià'tab&'r•k&, t>. t. to dirt^ the 

Kam&tamna, v. t. to feed; to pro- face. 

vide with food. Kam&tabe'ka, n. a. caus. of mata- 

Kamatam'tam, n. caua. of matam- beka. 

tam. Snm&tabo'kK, v. t. to make one have 

Kaiiuitft^&, e. (. to looaen; to matter in his ejes. 

l•llacken. Knm&tabu'aka, v. a. caus. of mata- 

Kam&tana'ln•a, v. t, caus. of mata- buaka. 

naine. Eain&'tabu'ak&, v. t. to speak of 

Eam&tanlm'&'nea, v, t. caui. of ma- another aa having ugly ejes or 

tanimane. face. 



bubura. „ 

Kam&tnbuOaarS, v. t. to apeak of Etun'atewe^, 

8 being ugly in conduct. 
Katu&'takai, v. a. caus. o( matakai 
X&m&'taka^, v. t. to speak oi c 

as skilled in dodging. 
Kunfc'talwnlkàii'iia, t>. t. eaiu. 

ZuatitAlil, v. a, caua. of mataki. 
Xamataki'a, t>. t. to make a person 

blind: to cbarge c " "'"" '-"--' 

caua. of mata- Kam'a'tewe, t>. a. caiuing ( 
" " swinging or whirling. 
' " " " re'a, v . t. t« nu 

. to make aoft b; 

o make 

a of a certain 

I Kam'k'tlea, t 

Kam&tiTa'tira, v. 

'. much cooking. 
Kam&to'ft, D. t. to make finn. 
Zam&toTO, D. fat, sleek, «nd well- 

_ . . ^ . proportioned, 

I with blind- Kamata, v. a. cauaing sleep. 

Sam&'tn, ». a clasp-iuiife; a jaek- 

K&matlU&'uK, v. a. caus. of mata- kuife. 

kiaua. Kaiu&tua, o. t. to put to sleep: to 

Eajnatàklft'uft, d. t. to put one to cloae as tbe ejes. 

Bhame; to abasb: to apeak of one aa Kam'ft'wa, v. t. to eeparate; ' 

bal•lbful. room. 

Kamatslcn, v. i. to give occasiou to Kain'awa'w&, v. (. to empt^ a room 

closa obaervation. of ita contents; to make roomy. 

Kamat&'kiia, v. t. caua. of mstsku. Kamawa'wa, v. t. to mtüie green. 

Kun&takn'kane, v. a. caus. of mata- Eam•'a, n. a dog. 

kukune. Kama'Kinea, a. havinK a yellow acum 

KÜn&taku'ktUMa, «. t. caua. of ma- on its aurface as aalt water. 

takukune. Kaiii•'am•&, v. t. to make yellow. 

Xam&tard v. a. caus. of matarà. K&ms&Dti, n. a wild dog: a wolf. 

Xam'atft'^ea, c. t. to prolong a staj'. Eame&ntl, a. witd. 

Kam&taron'ron, u. a. cauaing shaïne KameUL', n. tbe nai 

in one rebuked for lying. star. 

Eam&taron'rona, o. i. to put one to Ka'mel, e. i. to perform tbe kamei. 

abame for l^ing. Ka'mfli, n. a certain Htjte of ruoia. 

Eam&t&'roro, v. a. cauaing faiutueas Ea'mem•, c. i. to put on a c^ing 

as hunger. look; to pucker tbe face as if abont 

gmufttftroWa, «. (. to make one to cry. 

taint. Ka'memet, v. I. to make yellow. 

Xtunftt&'liuuia, v. a. causing dimness KamVm'ea, c. (. to lift up. 

of eyea aa sicknesa. Kaineme'a&, v. (. freq. of kamena. 

Eamatfi'^, v. t. to make roomj or Kam'e'ni'era'kea, v. t. caua. of m'e- 

clear. * m'erake. 

Kam&tea, c. t. to kill; to slay: to Kame'na, c. t. to place; to put. 

ccanmit to memory. Xamen&'la, v. t. xa make íreab in ap- 

KamStea, n. killing; ataugbter: com- pearance. 

mitting to memory. EamefLoA, o. t. to keep one busy. 

Kam&tena, v. t. to make thick. Kamereme^a, v. t. to causa noiaj 

Kam&'tenako, v. a. drifted away. diacuaaïon. 

Kamft^ena'koa, t>. t. to aend or de- Ka'mero, ». (Eng.) a eamel. 

spatcb one wbereby be went adrift. Eami'at V. t. to cauae or maka to 

Eaín&'tebuaka, v. a. tending to make dream. 

profitleas. gamt'ml, n. a Wonder ; 

Eam&tebiiak&, v. t. to make profit- strange; a marvel. 

lesa. Eaml^mi, a. wonderful; marrelousi 
Eam&tera'oa, v. t. to make profit- 

Eamfc'teraoi, v. a. tending to make 

Kam&terafia, v. a. cauaing paraiyais 

of tbe 1^^ 



LBmlmia, v. t. to c 

ause one to won- 


[amlmio'ua, v. 1. 1 

cauae to writhe 

LAmlmltolaka, v. t 

. caus. of to make 


EAHI 97 

gr> Tound and round as a person or Eamo'tlrawa, o. t. caos. of motl- 

Kaml'mitofia, t>. (. to make gloiioua; Ka'muiaaiut, v. t. caus. of mumun. 

to describe aa gloríoua. Kam'b'a, o. t. to expel tobacco Bmoke 

Kaml'nita, «. t. caua. of minita; to tbrough the noatríls. 

ordain ae a minieter. Xam.'b'a, v. i. to amoke b; expelling 

Xa'mlno, n. twistod tobacco-plug or the tobacco fume tbrough the aose. 

Htick. Kam'b'a, n. the custom of smoking 

Eaml'noa, to twist. through the nose. 

JüaaVkBí, r. 1. to cook thoroughl^. Xainb'aiii.^'a, n. a mode of aurf-rid- 

Xoml'rofi, D, t. to greatly Burpriae. ing. 

Kamlro'aroa, v. t. to inspire with Kuub'un'b'a, t>. i. freq. of kamb'a. 

great wonder. KamlMti, n. (Eng.) a compass. 

Xuni'roraa, d. t, to inspire with Kam'batl•^ n. (Eng.) compassea. 

great wonder. Kam'ka, v. t. to cause déca.y ; to make 

Kamo'B, V. t. to praiae. rotton. 

Kami/a, v. t. to gi™ drink to. Xaiii'r»ra, v. t. to scatter. 

Kamoamoa, v. t. to eiigage in prais- Kamroa'rona, c. t. to make round. 

ing. Eftmta, n. (Eng.) a carpenter. 

Xamo'ainoA, t>. t. to praiae, to glorify. Kamtom'tea, v. (. to reduce to small 

Kamoamoa, n. praiae. fragmento aa tobacco. 

Eamo'ani'^ v. i. to wait for the Kamwe'&ra, a. without ímit. 

spring-tide. Kamw•'ftra, n. a tree which pro- 

Xamo'aiilka'iiTa, v. t. caua. of moan- ducea no fruit. 

ikaura. Ka'mwaati, v. a, causing wakeful- 

Xamo'anolEn, v. i. caua, of moanoku. ness. 

Kamo'am/kua, r. t. to help one to a Ka'mwamwea, e. (. to lift up. 

Bullen or diBaatisfied face. Kamwemwea'aro, v. a. cauaing one 

Kamo'lmoto'a, d. t. to wait for a co- to walk in hia aleep. 

coanut to become a, moimoto. Kamwera'ol, v. a. caus. of mweraol. 

Sa'mou, n, the nape of the neck. Xamwo'taka, v. t. caua. of mwetaka. 

Ea'moa, v. i. to droop ; to languísb ; Kamwl'a, v. t. to disparage. 

to wither. (Joel 1:10, 12.) Kamwl'uiba'•a, t>. t. to humble; to 

Kami/na, v. t, to cauae to droop or diagrace: to make vile. (Nahum 

wither. 3:0.) 

Kamomo'ka, v. (. caus. of momoka. Kamwt'nikOTK, v. a. teacMng b^ ex- 

XamomoM, o. a. making tore or Btiff perience. 

aa in tha canying of a heavy bur- Efin, a. near In time or epace (usu- 

den. alty preceded bf a). 

SamomoMa, v. t. to make one aore Efin, n. the Btràt of the pandanua 

aa in the carrying of a heavj bur- fruit. 

den. EAn, v. i. to wish; to deaire. 

Eamo'iiamoii&, «. (. caua. of mona- E&n, adv. rxarlj; almoet; soon. 

mona. Ein, *. fertile; rich. 

Ka'mora, v. t. to wait upon fruit E&'na, d. t, to eat ; to conaume. 

until it ia ripe. Ea&a, c. i. to live au Immoral llfe. 

KHino'r&, c. I. to besmear aa with E&^ia, n. food (followed b^ the auffix 

tíbcoub mattor. poaaeasive pronoun). 

Eamo'rl, n. fruit gathered, biit not Ea'naefi, v. a. clearing out or leav- 

yet fullf ripe for conaumption. ing from disgust or displeasure; ot- 

Eanu/rlan, v. i. to provide food for fended. 

a proapective son or daughter-in- Ka^iaefi, ft. *n offended departore. 

law (see kamioereüau) . Eana•'fÚA, v. t. to cause one to de- 

E&nu/ta, V. t. to wait upon a harreat part in offence. 

or abower until it is orer. Xa'iutla^, v. i. to kindle a flre. 

Ksmo'tiraoa, v. t. to decide upon de- Ka'naial, n. the kindling of a flre. 

liberatalj'. Euui'okiirg, tt, aa onl; cMld: an 



ftntnul or person walkinff along Kut&^obKbA, c. t. to make & fool of 

kione. one: to speaJc of one as a fool. 

Kaua'okoro, v. i. to walk by one'a Xaa&'iiob^lMte, v. o. comforting; 

self. cheering. 

EaHA'okl, V. i. t« rise Hlightly aa eui KAnà'nobenMtoa, v. t, to comfort, to 

outrigger. cheer; to make liglit bearted. 

Eaiui'uta, v. i. to faré poorlf because Kaii&'nobita'k&, v. t. to cause to 

of want of good food, or becaiue of change one's mind. 

liaTÍDg to eat in tbe woodB. Kan&'nobltWkl, v. a. causiíig a 

Eanama'niui, v. a. disappearing aa a chaoge in one'a mind. 

tickiKss OT a wound; nearly bealed. Kanfi'nobn'aka, v. a. provoking; in- 

Ka'namo, n. a deep place in or on the censing; irritating. 

reef, Kan&'nobu'akíL, v. t. to provoke. 

EA'luuno, o. deep as a oertafn plaee Kan&'uobakibn'UA, v, t. to discom- 

on the flat. poM. 

Xanamtft'te, v. i. to b« ever reliab- Ean&^obi'wnhi, c. (. caua. oi na- 

able, becaiue noi indulged in to nokawaki. 

exceaa. Xan&'nokawakl, v. a. producing sor- 

Ea'muntot•'a, v. t. to feed In modera- row of beart. ( Lam. 3 : 33. ) 

tion witb a verj relisbable food to Eanfc'nokl'rokl'roa, v. t. caua. of na> 

prerent aatie^. nokirokiro. 

Ka'nftiLft, V. t. to win by Idnd treat- Zan&'nora'kea, v. t, to irritate men• 

mont; to domeaticate. tally. 

Ka'nanafia, v. t. to strip off or remore Kan&'noko^aka, v. t. caua. of nano- 

the bark of a tree or branch. koraki. 

Kan&'nako, v. i. to aend. Xan&'uoko'rakl, v, i. caua. of nano- 

K&n&'nakoa, v. t. freq. of kanakoa. koraki. 

Xukà'ntke'we, n. ons dil•lliked; an Kan&'iiora''oa, v. t. to quiet; to 

unpopular person. pacify; to give peace of mind to. 

Xanl'mko'w•a, o. (. to dialike. Kan&'nora'of, v. o. quieting; paciff' 

Kan&'nifclmo'a, v. a. cropped im- ing; glving peace of mind. 

evenlj; unevenlj cut. Ean&'noim'ke, c. a. causing quick 

Xan&'nikoa, n. a certain tattoo. anger. 

EaIlft'IlOl^ V. t. to deepen. Kana'uorawa'ta, v. a. causing heavi- 

Ka'nanoa'fla, v. a. pitiable; escitlng neas of beart. 

compasHÍon. Kaii&'norawat&, t>. t. to make one 

Za'nanoa'fia, n. a pitiable condition. heaTj-faearted. 

Kananouo'ua, v. t. to cauae one to Kan&'norlii&^o, v. a. causing bumil' 

take a second thought. itj. 

Kan&'nom'&'kll, v. t. caus. of na- Kan&'norinà'noa, v. t. to make 

nom'aka. humble. 

Xan&'uoma^a, v. a. caus. of nan»- Xan&'noro', v. a. caua. of uanoro. 

mara. Kan&'uoro'a, v. (. to make one dark- 

Kanà'noin'a'ra, v. t. caua. of uano- minded. 

m'ara. Kau&'aowa'namuut, v. i. caua. of na- 

, EMill'iioin&'rakl, o. o. caus. of na- nowanawana. 

nomaraü. Kauft^owa'iutvaiiK, v. t. caus. of 

Knn&^om&'mkla, v. t. caua. of na- nanowanawana. 

nomaraki. Zana'ilanail&, v. t. caus. of naDa- 

Kan&'noin&'toa, c. (. to brace one's naDa. 

aelí to enduré or suffer. Kana'íLaki, u. a. not trequented or 

KftTian o'ntb 'al , v. o. causing provi- approacbed as tbrough fear or 

dence, or tlmely care; in a bad awe. 

senae caualnfr covetouanesB. Xana^Iaraol, ». a certain incanta- 

Ean&'nontb'a'la, v. t. to cauae one to tion. 

amaas, either in a good or bad sense. Ean&fioafio, v. a. causing liatlest^ 

Xanft'aobaba, v. a. cansing idioc}'. nua. 


KUTA 99 x&ni 

Kuut^onftfio, e. a. eanaing Sies to Kuw^n, n. a dragou fly. 

swann. Eane'ba, v. a. dull Eia tbe eyes in slck- 

KuuilLona'Voa, v. t. to attrut flies nees. 

to. Eane'buiiebu, a. weak (see mamdra), 

Konafio^», ». food wt aaide for a Eaa•'wsa, ti. t. to haug up. 

man or woman who is in love (see Kui«^e&ba, v. t. to take one to see 

buafeoroo). the siglits. 

Xa'nabnn, n. a tUn rouud sbell EaiwweneV•B, c. t. to pennit to llck 

bead. up as a plate. 

Ka'nakana, n. a ecab. Ka^d, n. cocoacut wood. 

Xa'nakftiia, t>. a. covered with a scab. Efi'nki, v. t. to spproach. 

Xt/ntJtl'to, n. a man who seduces, or Ka'nlm, ». gum. 

■teala. Ka'nlm'a, v. t. to make to adbere; to 

Eana'koa, d. t. to send; to Bend forth. atick. 

Kftnftkoina^, v. t. to aend ( toward Kanlma'ua, o. tbe flfth. 

tbe gpeaker) : to suffer to come. KanlmJk'manel, v. a. caus. oi nima- 

Kaiia'konako,•v. i. to move írom one manei. 

houHe to another as a sick man. ^nlmft'maii•^a, c. i. to make gentle 

Eana'konako, n. tbe freqüent re- and inoSeneive. 

moval oi a elck peraon from one Kanimií'iuate, v. a. caiu. of nima- 

bouse to another. mate, 

Kanakona'koa, v. í, to make to walk. Xanim&'matea, v, t. caua. of nima- 

Ka'nara, a. about to die aa « cocoanut mate. 

tree. Kanim'&'nan, v. a. caus. of nlm'anan. 

Kah&'ts, n. (Bng.) a canal. Kanim'&'luull'(^ v. t. to cause one to 

Xa'nata, v. t. to g«ther into « beap; euffer fMiiD a form of djspepaia. 

tooollect. Kanimà'noa' "' ' ' 

Ka'natofia, n. remambrancer. taJten to si 

Ka^atokl, c. a. ceasing in sereritf; tiflcation. 

diminisbing. KanlmanofUnofia, v. t. caus. of ni- 

Xa^iawa, n. a tree, the manofiinon. 

Ka'naTrara, v. i. to steal: to be im- KaninurafUrafi, d. k. caua. of ni- 

provident. maraDiraD. 

Ka'nawam, n. a tbief: an improvl' EanlmarafUraüa, v. t. caus. of ni- 

dent person. marallirall. 

Kanawa'wakl, v. a. causing distre», Eanlmaten'tena, v. t. csua. of nima- 

as too mucb food. tenten. 

Ea'ne&tl, ». a flsb-hook of motbeivoí- Kanim'atoa'ua, e. i. to causa reat- 

pearl. leaaneaa wbile reclining. 

XaDfllak&'ïft, V. t. to oil wat«r. Kanlm'atoB'n&, t>. t. to make one 

Ean•'inea, o, t. to abake a cocoaunt lestless or sleepleBi. 

In order to know wbether it atill Xanlmatn'tu, v. i. caus. of uimatutu. 

containa wàter. Xn'nlmatntu'a, o. t. to Incline one to 

Ka'neti*, n. the ankie tie. nod. 

Ea'neïM, v. a. etiff; obstinate; nn- Xanlmo^, v. j. to desire to drink. 

heeding. Xa»Ímo^, n. thirstj a desire to 

Xa'neiie&, v. t. to give mora forc« to: drink. 

to set as one'a face. Eanimo^ol, v. i. to whístle. 

Ka'nenei, v. i. to move along; to be Xanlmo'mal, n, the art of whistling. 

on the go or marcb. Kanlm'nana, c. t, to make muddj. 

Einenebo'l, v. i. to seek for fragrance Kanlm'nlm, v. a. caus. of nimnim. 

which is pcTceived, Kanimro'iil, o. í. to cause to be cov- 

KAnauebo^, c. t. to atniB np. (Jer. ered with aea-moss. 

2i24.) Ea'ninima, n. a certain incantatlon 

EaneOma, v. t. to draw np a sleeping in whicb a certain drink is taken. 

mat over the face {Jer. 2:24) ; to Ea'ninlma, v. i. to engaga in tbe ka- 

boist completelj' at « aalL nüiinia incantatiou. 


KASI 100 XAinj 

E&^iliiliiiA, n. t. to Bubject one to the Ea'nlkotatà'w^, v. a. eaua. of niko- 

incantation oi kaninima. tatawe. 

Kanlniko'rla, v. t. to maJce brave. KanlkiiT•'ir•l. v. i. to cause joj. 

EAnlsi'ïu, c. i. to cause sbame *a Ka'nllEarelTe'ui, v. t. to make glad. 

poverty. Ka'nlkut&r«tà'r«a, v. t. caua, oí ni- 
Kudul'linai, c. t. to shiune one on ac- kutaretare. 

count of bis poverty. Ka'nlwo&a, n. a prise. 

Xttnlfis'nlfia., v. í. to peep out; to Ka'noi, v. t. to fill, to load; to load 

peep. BiH B guD. 

K&nifi&'nlfiS, V. t. to peep for. Ka^oa, n. contents. 

•B'nTit'fUTim^ ^, a. fllled as a hooM. Ka'noa, v. i. to engoge in twiating 
Ka'nifioR, V. t. to tou bigher. itrands. 

Kanlflo'nlfio, v. i. to squeak aa a tel- Za^oK, v. t. to twist the strands of 

ephone or the human voice. a rope together. 

Kanlfiç/nlfloa, v. t. freq. of kanitioa. Xanoft'u, n. a Bligbt depreMÍon in tbs 
Ea'iilba, a. thrtfty; beautiful to the aurface oí the ground. 

eje as a thriftj plsnt. Ka'aoanaliie, n. a airter'a child. 

Kanfb'a'lua, v. t. to wish to poBsesB. Ka'&oanlni'ft4ie, n. a brother's cUId, 

Xanlb'a'ib'al, v. a. desiroiiB of wealth. Ea'noaiüin&ta, n. tbe eye-ball. 

Kanib'a'lb'al, n. the deaire oí virealth. Ea'aoanlmo'ko, v. i. to engage in 
Kanib'a'nlm&ta, v, i. caus. of nib'ani- aakíng for tofaacco. 

mata. Ea'noa^lmo^o, n, the begging for 
Eanlb'a'nlfLare, c. i. cauB. of nib'ani- tobscco. 

Dare. Ka'noanlmoOtoa, v. t. to aak one for 
Eanlb'a'nlfia'rea, d. t. caua. of ni- tol>acco. 

b'anifiarea. Kaao&'nlbai, n. a pistol. 

Eanlb'a'nüio'a, v. t. cauB. of nib'ani- Ka'noann&'so, n. tbe bovelBi tbe 

fioa. intcBtinCB. 

Eanlb'a'nlAnr•'a, v. (. etiu. of ni- Ka^oanrl', ». marrow. 

b'anifiurea. Ea'noantft'fia, n. a Bmall weapon 
Xanib'a'&ib'aíLa, v. f. cans. of nlba- carríed in tbe (afla. 

QabaSa. Xa'noant&'rae, n. an object wliich ii 
Xanib'a'kab'aka, v. t. cauB. of nib'a- greatl; deaired. 

kab'aka. Xàno'abo, a. childleas; barren. 

Xanib'ar&'ea, d. t. to make wakefui Xano'aro, t>, i, to engage iu inliosplt- 

and restlBBB. able conduct. 

Xa'nlkan, a. beautifullj arranged; Kano'anw, v. t. to treat inhospitablj. 

pleasinf to the e^e. Ka'noa, n. a portion of the skin of a 
Eanikl&<rl, v. i. caua. of nikiari. flsb near the head which is tough. 

Eanl'kleTe'Te, v. i. to cause to Eano'ua, n. a cocoanut flber cord of 

exult. two atrands. 

Eani'UeTe^reft, t>. t. to cauae one to KanoOïuUoku, v. a. cauaing auUen- 

exult. ncBB, eapeciall^ about food. 

Kani'kisa, n, a aign; a token; a EanoÓcnnokua, v. t. to make aullen. 

mark. Ka'nora, a. reliabable, aa certain fíeh 
Kanlkina'ea, v. t. to mark; to make when eaten raw. 

a viaible aign upon. KanoT&'l)B, c. >. to engage in makiog 
KanlÜra, v. í, to marry a near reia- viaible. 

tive. Kaiiorft1)&, v. t. to make visible. 

Kani'klnuit&'buia, v. t. to hold in uo Sa'noton, n. a tbree-tbreaded strand. 

eatfiem. Ka&otè'nla, t>. t. to twíBt three 
Ea'niko, v. i. to cry muoh or habitu- tbreads. 

allf. Ea'noto, a. many, much. 

Ea'nlko, «. a habtt of cTTing. Ka&u'a, v. t. to wait unti) a plac« 
Ka'nlkoa, v. i. cana. of niko. has become sbady before golng to it, 

Ka'nlkotauHa'niLa, e. 1, caua. of ni- or until the aun has declií^: to 

kotauüauQa. Overebade; to ahade. 





XA'saal, V. a. satíefjing m food of XnntVrotSro, v. i. caus. of ntoro- 

good quality. toro. 

Xaniui'lk, v. t. to satisfy ona with Kantoila'üiia, o. indiaposed to efTort 

food. oa through illnesa or wearlneBB. 

Kn'niuLul, v. i. lo rise ttnd go as a Kaatnüa'iiiLa, », indiapoútion to 

party. effort. 

K&nUbo'noa, v. í. to darken tbe íuu, Kafi, v. t. to eat (plural of kana). 

aa a cloud. E&'ila, luiv. how; « fcafia = what did 
Ea'&uk&i D. f. to embarrass; to be sayT 

Bhame. Kàfla, adv. &8 it were; ao to apeak. 

Xtutak&'nlboS&, v. t, to wait imtil Ka'fiae, t>. i. to aatiate. 

Kannka'&ukft, t>. t. freq. of Jcaniika, 
Xandkoma'ktma, v. t. to blemiab. 
Kiun'rifift, n. a remembrancer. 
Kan'ii&, t>. (. to emptf out as tbe con- 
tenta of a bag or a cask. 
K&nns'iia, i*. a largç bag or aack 

made of cocoauut twine. 
K&muuk^ n. t. to empt; out aa flah 

from a bag. 
K&n'naTR, a. iu a fniitlesa djing con- 

dition, as a cocoanut tree: aíck at Kaüa'nna, v. t. caue. of Sauu; lo 

tbe atouiach; nauseated. make (it) ten. 

Ean'narft, c. a. uauaeated. Kànà'fia, a. difficult; hard to do. 

K&D'nlm, a. veij fresb ajid sweet as "KSSíA'Sa, n. difBcultj in doing. 

new karetee. • Kafia'fiarKk•'a, «. t. caua. of SaBa- 

Xfijmo'ra, n. a memento; a menio- rake. 

rial ; a monument. KafLa'ko, v. *, caua. of Qako. 

X&nn'iral, v. a. causing prostration Ea'fiar•, ». oceasion of laughter; one 

as great beat. wbo provokea laugbter. 

Kínralra'la, v. t. to proatrate. Ea^fUre, o. a. causing laughter; droU; 

Kan'rarft, o. uear to female puberty. 

Kftfia'eau, v. a. mussed aa Uie balr 

not oiled. 
Eaüai, v-, adv. to thus say; thus; as 

K&'fiaUki'iia, v. I. to do in tbe fol- 

lowing manner. 
EaflA'lna, v. t. to wait till dajlight. 
Kafia'oa, v. t. to disarrange ; to throw 

out of order. 
Kafiaoila'oa, v, t. freq. of kaflaoa. 

, 1. t. to chew; to maaticate. 
Xan'ta, n. (Eng.) a còndor. 
X&nt&'nlíla, v. «. to be in bope or ei 

SftntS'niíLa, n. hope; eipectation. 
E&nt&'nlíL&, V. 1. to expect, to hope for. 

ÍMnaj; bumoroua. 
TTafiarft^fti v. 

to laugh. 
EafLft'rofLaro^ v. a- 
KafA'roQa'Toa, «. 


. a causa of liat' 


Kantara, a. attractive; beautifui to 

KantarabV«ao, v. o. suffering witb 

Eantarab'a'eao, n. latsitude. - 

cause or excite o 

of Qawa. 
of Kawa. 
to make thin in 

Ka'fiara, v. t. to comb tbe bair with a 

bair stick. 
Ka'fini, n. a bair stick uaed as a 

of ntari- Kafiio^oa, v. t. to toss bigher tbe 
feather in the game of fc"' — 

Kantenanti, n. (Eng.) a continent. Eafilma'ttoroa, v. t. to cool off. 

Kanto'atoa a. djapeptic. Xa'fUmftta, a. lacking proper mod- 
Eanto'atoa, n. a form of dyBpepsia. eaty; rude; bold. 

Kantoflltofi, v. a. causing faintneas Kftfilbue'a, v. t. to warm. 

from want of food or aickneas. Kafllrà'fllra, v. t. to cause to groan. 

Konto'b'atob'af t). t. caus. of otób'a- Ka'fUta'eka, v. a. disobedient. 

tob'a. Ka'filta'eka, n. disobedience, 




XA^te'bii,c.«.toeatwtuitlB Ubooed KaValb'al, ' 
to one. Kab'aib'a^, 

Xa'fUta^u, n. tlie eating of what is 

Xaflo'fio, V. a. occMioniíig constant 
OI Irequent cbiding. 

Kaflo'^, m. tbe accasion oi constant 
OT frecjUBQt chiding. 

Kftflo'fioa, V. t. to eicite one to fre- 
qüent chiding; to address; to speak 
io; to «eeoat. 

Ea'Óore, o. small in stature and 
weaklf, as a cbild: sickly. 

K^flore, n. one emall in etature and 

Eafiure'fiíiTe, c. i. to cause to mur- 

mur or complnin. 

I. of b-aib"»!. 
18. of b'aib'ai, 
Kaba'lb&ta, v. t. to give morè force to, 
aa the voioei to wait upon tbe wind 
until it íh Btronger. 
Kaba'lb&tl, v. i. to uee morè oi much 

farce, as in throwing, or apeaking. 

Xaba'ika'bubu, t>. a. caus. of baiïa^ 

bubu, awlnrard in throwing or 

, caus. of bai- 


Katta'lkabu'biia, 1 

Eaba^kat»liM, v. t. to spealc of 

one'a self as skilted in throwing. 
Eab'alkora'kla, v. t. to encumb«r 

with much luggage. 
Kaba^kuilEn'ia, t>. t. to maice one 

besltate to shoot ot throw, lest the 

nrong object be bit. 
Xaba'ixara'oa, v. i. to praise one 

Kafi'kat, o. having mucb vftal force. 

Xa&'kal, ti. much vital force, lor. 

Xafikanta, v. t. freq. of Icanta. Kab'alimra'cM, t>. t. caus. of b'ai- 

(Ph^B. p. 30.) raraoi, to fumish well. 

Kafikan'ta, n. the mastication of Kaba^ara'oi, v. a. conducting one's 

food. eelf impartiallf in distributing 

Eafi'kafi, a. palatable; relishable; food. 

well flavored. Kab'a'irara'ol, d. a. causing or t«nd- 

Eafi'ïafi, n. palatablenees. iag to a condition of being well fur- 

KafikafLta, v. t. to make reliaboble. nisbed. 

Xafi'retl, ». (Eng.) congrega. Kabair&'werftwe, v. i. caus. of baira- 

Eal•laa, n. (Eng.) copper. werawe. 

Kall•l, V. i. to build or construct, as Kabfklremwe, v. i. caus. of bairemwe, 

a canoe or ship. Kaba'lremtrft'a, v. t. caus. of bai- 

EalM, n. canoe or ship building. remwe. 

Ka'Ul, V. t. to construct a canoe or Kaba'itata, v. i. to work rapidl;. 

ehip. Eaba'ltatï, v. t. to make one's self 

Eaniae, v. i. to engage in tying, bind- work rapidlf. 

ing, or lasbing. Eaba'itata, n. ràpid work. 

Xa'bae, n. a waist-mat: cord pre- Kabalteke, v. a. caus. of baiteke, 

pared for lasbing. 
Xaba'ea, v. t. to tie; to bind. 
Kab'aen&'ta, v. t. to beap up. 
Xaba'enlkal, v. i. caus. of baenikai. 
Xaba'enlka'ta, v. (. to bindcr or en- 

gage one wbo is buey. 
Xaba'ebae, c. i. freq. of kabae. 

shooting or carryïng fl___ „ 

Saba'itekea, v. t. to speak of one aa 

a abarp Hhooter. 
Kabaltoka, v. a. caus. of baitoka, 

doing with rapidity. 
Kaba'ltokft, v. t. to espedite one's 

Xaba'ebae, n. the act of binding; im- Eab'a'o, n. a large adze. 

EabVla, o. fortunate; bappjr; bighljr Saba'oa, «. t. to Bmooth down as a 

favored. ruffled frínge, or hair. 

XnbVla, n. blessednessi good for- Kab&'oa, v. t. to epread out to àrj 

tune. under tbe eun as cocoanuta or 

E&ba'im&no, v. a. skilled in fltting clotbes. 

or matching canoe planka. Kab'a'ooa, v. t. caua. of b'aoua,; to 

Xaba'lm&ran, v. a. cuus. of bal- make crooked. 

maran. Kaba'obaoa, v. t. freq. of kabaoa. 



Kab'atib'an, v. i. to eat roradviulf Eabft'bftiM, n. tbe entire dolDg of; 

and noiailj'. tbe embracing alt. 

ynTm^nniíi, ti. (. to leiig;theii and en- Kab&'b&uea, v. t. to iaclude all; to 

large a eanoe. make all to; to complete. 

Eab'a''uta, v. t. to take in th« montli Ka'babafla, v. i. to eauae want oí 

a large mouthful. knowledge. 

Ka'b'aa, n. a ahell-fish, tlie Kab'&lï'i^fi, v. t. freq. oi kab'aka. 

Eab'a'na, o. improvident; given to Kababa''t«i, v. i. to incline; to cant. 

loaQng. Kabab&'teú, v. t. to place as the bead 

Eab'ana'oa, c. t. caus. of b'anao. downward. 

Kab'ana'onAo, v. i. caua. of b'ana- Eaba'ïa, v. t. to cause one to 

onao, veiy many: rough as tbe bunger. 

seb. Kaba'k&, v. t. to pelt ; to itrike with 

Eab'a'nab'ana, c. a. cauB. of b'ana- Homething tbrown. 

b'ana. Eab'a'ka, a. uglr in appearance; 

KBb'a''nab'an&, c. t. to represeut cer- bomely; not well propoiiioned. 

tain work aa irksome. Xab'a'k&, v. t. to make fall; to cast 

Kab'a^e, n. a game in which a ball down. 

attached to a string is used. Kab'a'ka, n. candied cocoanut mo- 

Kab'a'ne, c. i. to plaj tbe game of lasses: a place suitable for casting 

fcofi'one. the net. 

Eabi'ne, n. un assemblage of all tbe Kab'akana'koa, t). t. to wait tmtü 

people. after another bas gone. 

Kabà'nea, v. t. to include all; to Kaba^a n ta fl , v. i, to provoke to 

make all to; to complete. tnvy. 

Kabà'nel, n. a land bird, tbe KabaTiantafia, v. t. to provoke one 

Xab&^elÉa, v. t. to spread out aa in to envy. 

the Bunshine. (Jer. 6:2.) Kab'a'kab'aka, v. i. to engage in 

Kab'a'Ddm&ran, n. a ahell-óeb, tbe making to fall. 

Kabanlm'tao, n. a certaiD metbod of Eab'alcab'aka, v. t. freq. of kab'aka. 

building a canoe. Xaba'kara'ea, v. t, to scatter about; 

Kab'a'niu, n. a canoe whose keel is to tbrow luto confusion; to litter. 

of one piece. Kaba'karo^oa, v. t. to make a fire 

Kab'a'nma, v. t. to give or make as blaze up. 

a wbole. Kaba'karum, «. t. to make vet; 

Xab'anta'bukl, n. a ahell-flah, the hungry. 

Kaban'tl, n. a flsh, tbe Kab'a'ks, v. t. to have tbe lipe drawn 

Enbilfi', n. a sword. to one aide. 

Etibfift'', n. i. to be aeen accldeutally, Xab'ake'a, o. (. to draw the lips to 

not bj a direct look of the eje, but one aide. 

as it were by a side glance. Kabake^te, v. i. to make light; to 

Eab'a'&a, n. the penis (tbe euphe- make lesa beavj. 

miatic word is m'arte) . Kabake^etea, v. t. to make ligbt; to 

Kaba'fiabal, v. i. to cause want of make less bea^y. 

skill. KabiOcl, V. a. cauaing hunger. 

KAba'fiaba'la, c. i. to speak of one aa Eabfi.'U, n. a cauae of hunger; a place 

unskillful: to make one unskillful. with acarcity of food. 

Eaba'aaka, v. t. to laj as a mat at EabUktta'ia, v. t. ta make hungrf. 

right angles to a previous position. Kaba'koft, n. fisbing for sharks. 

Kaba'fiaki, ». a sail with borizontal Eaba'koa, o. i. to lab for sbarks. 

widths. XabaO;a, v. i. to engage in cuttÍDg off 

Eaba'fluba'fiTia, v. (. to make tbe beada, or iabai topa. 

voice aound naaal. Saba'ku, n. bebeading; the cutting 

XA'b'afikoro, n. (Eng.) a carbuncle. olT the topa of babai. 

Ka^taba, n. flatteiy. EabalEua, v. t. to behead; to cut off 

Ka'baba, v. i. to engags in flattering. a Iabai top; literallf, to behead a 

KalMbS, V. i. to flatt«r. babai. 



Xa'b'aTfi, V. (. to forgire; to nnlooM; Eftb'a'tftl[&, c. t. to make woTthleM 

to untie; to undo. hy too much handling, aa certain 

E&'b'ani, c. i. to Qah bj Bínking the lobsters. 

flah-hook: with h, etoue which be- Kab'&ta'ta, a. spoüed in some waj, 

comes unloosed. as tobacco ; not good. 

Ea'b'ftra, n. a mode oí flshing. Kab'atata, d. a. causing bliaters. 

Kab'&'ra, v. i. to flsli íor the h'àra. Kab'a'tatft, v. t. to blistor. 

ItCb't/tti, n. flahinc for the bOra. Eabate'aR, v. t. to expoae one's aell 

Ktibara'fiji, v. t. See katetekea. to punishment for wrong-doing 

Kab'a'rab'ara, v. i, to engage In un- (uaed idiomaticall^ vitií aro). 

looaicg OT unbinding. Xnb'atete, a. morè or lesa ateep; 

Zabara'ka, d. (. to capaize. sloping. 

Kab'ara'karaka, v. t. eaua. of bara- KabVtvts, n. a gome o( slïdiíig. 

karaka. Kab'atstea, v. t. to atide a thing 

SabarftU, n. a abirti that wlng or down a alope; to bring in. 

portion of an armj that paaaea on Kab&tla, v. t. to make much or 

the ocean eide. many; to incTeaae. 

Eab'a'rara, v. t. to pour out wàter Kab'atla'tlft, «. (. to wrinkle; to 

or oil from a, cocoanut-ahell bottle musa. 

with the tbumb or finger on the hole Kab&tluawa, v. i. eaua. of batinawa. 

to regulate the atream. Xab'atlkiu, v. t. to bow; to bendj 

Xabii'r•kft, v. t. to boÍI ; to make to incliue as the head or bod;. 

dirty. Kabà'tob'al, v. a. occaaioning hut- 

Eab&'roka, t>. o. Boiling; makiiig priae, apoken of unaccouiïtable con- 

dirly. duet. 

Kab'a^re, n. pandanna fruit selectad Kab'atatn, o. t. to squint. 

for one'a own uae. Xab'atutua, o. t. to equint. 

Xab'aM, V. i. to ait on tbe ground Kab'a'weftta, c. (. to send a person to 

or a mat wíth the lega CTosaed at fiah for baAoeata. 

tbe ankiea. Ka'be, n. name of a plant like Saba*. 

Kab'aM, n. aitting on the ground with Kabe'abea, v. i. to engage in employ- 

the lera croasad at tbe ankiea. ing another who ia aaked to asaist 

Kab'a^&u'ea, v. i. to ait on the without pay. 

ground or a mat with a leg croased Xabe'abeaàa, v. t. to emploj another 

above the knee. without paj. 

Kab'aMkoa, v. t. to coUect together; Kabe'l, c. i. to plaj at kabei. 

to maaa. Kabe'l, n. a game of throwing. 

Eab'a'roa, c. t. to pour out auddenlf Eabe'ta, v. t. to throw with skill a 

or at once: to empty bj capsizing. very Sat thin atone. 

Eab'a'ru, v. i. to entrap; to engage Kabe'lbeta, v. t. to anchor. 

in entrapping. Eabe'oa, v. t. to anarl; to entangle; 

Kab'a'ni, n. the act of entrapping; to involve in knota. 

enenaring. Kabena'kora, n. a. causing to stagger 

Kab'a'nia, v. t. to entrap. as a heavy load. 

Kaba^'ta, v. i. to fish with a Tcalata. Kabenalcorfi, v. t. to cause ona to 

Xaba'tB, n. a large flahing rai. 8tagg«r. 

Xab'a'tfi, V. t. to make one dark- KA^wii, n. (Eng.) a captaiu. 

akinned. E&'beii, v. i. to be in command of a 

Eab'ata, v, i, to make dark-skinned. vessel. 

Kab'ft'tauta, v. t. to call one or speak Ea'ben, n. cocoanut molassea mjxed 

of one as atít^. with cocoanut milk etraíned. 

Kab'Sta'utla, v. t. to atigmatíze with Kabé'na, v. t. to mix cocoanut molaa- 

atingineas. ses with cocoanut milk atrained. 

Xab'atab'ata, c. i. to make darkj to E&'beni'a, v. t, to command a vesael. 

tan. KíCbeiiliia, v. t. to command a vesseL 

Eab'atab'atK, v. t, to make dark, to Eabe'nono, a. curved. 

tan. Kabe'noaoa, v. t. to cun'e. 



EftbA'fLI, t>. t. to uuke wide. KAbfitfil, v. i. to bore or aimoy bj 

BJfbefia, n. a l&sfaing far the feet in frequentlj coming. 

climbing a cocoanut tree. Eabètftt, n. imwelcome freqüent Tia- 

K&Imüa, V. i. to climb a cocoanut itiug. 

tree -with the aid of kabeiía, KAbeta'fi&, c, í. t« bniise by jamb- 

KalMbe, V, i. to cauae to Bte^ger. ing. 

Kabell•la, o. t. to make one to stag- Ka'betl, n. & drtuk containing ita- 

ger. ' bubu, cocoanut molassea and wàter. 

Xab«l}«beb«, V. i. freq. of kabebe. Ea'beti, v. i. to engage in driuking 

KabA'lMte, t>. a. cbeering; comfort- cocoanut molassea and wàter con- 

iug; bopeful. taining kabubu. 

Eabé'betea, ti. t. to lighten. Kab•^lrakA'a, v. t, to bring nearer 

Eabé'ka, v. a. causing looaeneM of to tba ehore. 

the bowels. KaT)!, ». the inner or further side. 

EabèOdL, v. t. to dresa as fish; to re- Xa-Hb!, a. not half full. 

move the entrails. Kabl'a, «. t. to partly fill. 

Eab«k&X "- B- harlot. Kablo'fiofio, a. deeplj indented as 

KBbek&^ V. i, to play tbe barlot. the shore. 

Eab•ka'mkara, v. i. to btackguard Kabio'fiofio, t>. the extreme or inner 

or inault in aong. portion of a deep bay . 

Xab«ka'ntkara, n. blackguariUng Kabiina'r&mara, n. the largeat fiab 

in sons. in a catch or haul. 

KAbeka'TafcaT&, v. t. to blackguard Ka'bina, v. t. to form plans for the 

one in aong. . proper reception of a gueat. 

Kab•ka'rirafia, v. a. cauaing or occa- Ealiinàuo, o. having flbers eiteoding 

BÍoning envf . near to, tbe exterior of an íri. 

Kabe^obeko, v. i. causing cough- Eablnn&'no, «. a. having much in 

ing. mind: dwelling on. 

Kabe^'kobe^oa, c. t. to cause one to Xablmi&'noa, v. t. to dwell much on 

courh. an object desired. 

Kabe'ka, v. i. to engage in dislodging Kabln&'non&uo, v. a. wearying bj 

a flsh from a scoop-net, aa it were unceasing requests. 

by sleight of hand. Ka'biaea, n. a ahell-fiah, the 

EaWkua, v. t. to employ; to give Kabl'nek&u, v. a. given to much cry- 

work to; to set to wotk. ing. 

Kabe^ubékn, v. i. to cause to re- Kabl'nek&n, n. constant crying. 

sound as an emptf caek by pound- Xablnl'ara, a. at mid neap-tide. 

ing. Kabini'ara, n. mid neap-tide. 

Kabe'r•a, v. t. to address one with Ka'blnlwa', n. the keet of a, canoe. 

the word bere. Kabtno'unou, n. a space morè or lesa 

Eab'e^ea, v. t. to make thin as b, deep on a flat. 

board. Eabino'aiiou, o. having an àrea morè 

Eftbe'r•bere, o. i. to engage in in- or lesa deep aa a flat. 

BUlting one by the use of the word Kabtn'ru, v. a. not sincere in conaent- 

bere. ing to pesce. 

Eftb•'rBber•, n. the insulting of one EaUnte'ruíLa, n. a devotee of pleas- 

by eayinff to him the word bere. 

'. freq. of kaberea. Kabln'tía, o. not excessive as poin in 

Xabe'retoko, v. i. to refuae to listen the lower abdomen. 

to one who ia telling aomething Ka'blfiao, n. k form of incantation 

falae. over a chïld. 

Xabe^toko, n. the aesmnption that KabifU'oa, v. í. to perform a certain 

one ia not speaking the truth. incantation over. 

Xabe'reto^oii, v. t. to discredit tk Kablfii'fila, o. t. to lesaen; to make 

pereon. little. 

Kabe^, d. t. to prepaie a drink Ka'bibina, v. a. given to much crying. 

mized with kabubu. X&'biblna, n. constast crying. 



Ka'bUuibl, a. deep u a bftBket ot Kabo^b'a, v. i. to lie with Uie he^d 

acoop-net. upon the folded arma. 

Ka'blko, u. i. to have the Upa drawn Kftbo'nlni, «. o. very weaTiwme; tire- 

to one side in contempt. aome. 

Ka'biko, n. the drawing of the lips Xttbo'tiba, ft. weaTÍKsneneBB ; fatigue. 

to one Bide in contempt. Eabo'ubna, v. t. to weaiy one greatly. 

Kablko'a, n. I. to draw the lip« to one Xabo'no, v. a. irritating b; repl;íiig 

side in contempt. bitterly. 

Eabiko^, a. moder&te aa pain In the Sabo'nonftno, v. a. eiceedinglj pro- 

abdomen. Toking. 

Sabiko'ukon, v. i. t« engage in in- Kabo'iionàiio, n. prorocation ; a eauie 

cantation in order to cauae to con- of Tei&tion or resentment. 

Kabotlft, V. t. to wait or lait till 

KftbUto'uïDn, n. au Incantation to 

secure conception. 
Ka'blkoukiyua, v. t. to cauae to con- 

XAliIra, c. t. to anoint; to beamear. 
'Km.'hirtL, n. oil íor anointing. 
Xablxta'ttua, v. (. caus. oi birfaitua. 
Xablrlm'a'ka, v. t. caus. of birtm'a- 

ka; to make to run fast. 
Kablrlmft'ra, v. t. caua. of birimara; 

to make to run slow. 
Kabí'rlnako, n. li ve bait, as a emsll 

lÍTC flsb witb a hook in ita back. 
Kftbliina'koa, v. t. to cauae to run 


Enlxi^U, V. t. to cauae one to re- 

main a long time. 
Kabo'fiiboüa, v. t. to wait till night. 
Kabo^'ai, v. i. to bu^; to aell; to 

Kabo^'ai, n. trafSc. 

Kabobalteke, v. t. to test one's skill 

with another'a in ahooting or throw- 

ing at a. mark. 
Kabobalteke, n. a competltion in 

akill in throwlng at or shooting. 
Kabobara'ka, v. t. to capsize; to up- 

set; to make the face look down. 
KaboHiirlm'll'ka, v. i. to race. 
Kabo'birlin'&'ka, ». a race; a con- 

te«t in running. 
Xabo'bo, V. i. to engage in knead- 

rïbi'nt, V. t. to make to r 
Xablro'ro, n. the ocean where the 

land ia barel^ aeen. 
Xabltara'ea, c. t. to mlaatato. 
Xn'liltoka, a. thick in the eenter as the Kabo^o, n. the proeeaa ot kneading. 

exterior crust o( the pandanua fruit. XaboHsoa, ti. í. to mix with wàter or 
Xabo', V. i. to meet again. a liquid bj kneading. 

Eabo', n. a parting salutation: an- Kabobo^fïa, v. t. to complete. 

tiphonal ruoia. Xabo^uaba, v. t. to cut or plant in a. 

Ealx/a, c. í. to purchaae; to buy; to crooked line. 

' ...... Kabo'ka, n. acraped cocoanut left to 

rot in a coutainer for the purpose 
ot extracting oil. 
EabolUk, V. i. to put acraped cocoanut 

into a Container to rot. 
Kabo'kaboka, v. t. to muddy. 
Xan>or&, V. t. to knead, aa pandanua 

puip into thin platea. 
Xabora'oa, n. t. to finiah ofF. 
Ka1)orau, v. t. to feast atter tbe aail- 
ing of fríends. 
amell, as from certain fisb when Eal•liorau, n. e teaat held after the 
eaten. sailing of gueata. 

Eaboira'ea, v. t. to give an unpleaa- Kabora^ia, v. t. to cause to aail: to 

ant odor to. await the sailing of a craft. 

Eaboitu'ta, v. a. occaaioning faïlure Kabo^ababa'uA, v. t. to flatten out; 

to obtain bj coming too late. to make into thin cakes. 

Kaboltu'tft, II, (. to cause one to fail Kabo'raborO, v. t. freq. of kabora; to 
of obtaiuing bj arriving too late. knead out. 

Xtt'boa, n. a boil. 
Kabo'ateke, n. an abaceea. 
Eaboatn, v. i. to cauae wearineas. 
Kabo'lar&ra, t>. t. to make fragrant. 
Kabo'iaràTR, n. the anointiSg of one'i 

self with perfumed oil. 
Kabo'lar&rft, v. t. to make fragrant. 
Xabo'lra, v. i. to make or cauae ai 

offensive emell. 
Xabo'lra, n. the imparting of a bad 



Eabo'raliorft, v. i. to engage in knead- liable to loas or fine bj the miseon- 

ing out. duet of another. 

Xnbó^abora, «, the pTocees of knead- Kabu'&urofio, v. i. caus. of buanroQo. 

ing out. Xabu'anro'fioa, v. 1. to overfeed a 

Xabo'rake, v. i. to Bhoot up aa persoa. 

Bprouta. Kabu'ant&wa, v. i. to cause losa or 

Kmx/túí, V. i. to Idaa; t« make lips inconvenience. 

meet. Kabu'ant&'wfi, t>. t. to make oii« 

Kabo'ria, n. a kiss; kiasing. liable to loae or fine bj the miacou- 

Eabo'riba, v. ií to test strength by duet of another. 

wrestling. Eabu'abekft, v. t. «aus. of buabeka, 

Eabota'ua, v, t, to compare. (laai. to make a glutton of one'a setf. 

46:5.) Eabu'abekïi, n. gluttonf. 

Xabo'taana'ra, d. t. to compare; to Ea'buaka, n. a mole. 

make equal. (Mat. 20; 12.) Kabu'akakl^ v. (. to pronounce bad; 

Sabo'tauna'rl, v. i. to engage in com- to speak evil of; to condemn. 

paring. Kabua'koa, v. t. caus. of buako. 

Kabo'tafia'uTl, n. a preparation of Kabu'a, v. a. bot; oppreasive, as the 

kabubu prepared in a certain way; heat of the day. 

a mixture of tdbataha and (aiiauri. Eabu'B, n. heat; oppTeaaiveneaa of 

Eabo'taïa, v. t. to aaaemble. the air. 

Eabo'tlka, v. i. caus. of botika. Kabn'ebne, v. a. veiy hot. 

Eabotoa, v. t. to wait ou babai till Eabn'ebne, n. great heat. 

larger rooted: to conflrm one's Kabn'iefia'efla, o. a. cauaing one to 

word. be encrusted with aalt. 

Eabt/toS, V. t. to atrive to Burpase Eabu'iefiaeSfi, v. t. to encruat one 

througb pride. witb salt from aalt spray. 

Eabotoa, n. a atriving to eurpass Eabu'lbul, v. a. causing one to be 

through pride. encrusted with aalt. 

Eabd'tu, V. a. tiresome; causing losa Kabulbu'ía, v. t. to encrust one with 

of interest in. salt trom salt apray. 

Eabo'tu, n. tiresomeneaa ; wearísome- EabuliVarea, v. %. to cauae to flake, 

ness; the cause of loas of interest. aa the skin. 

Eabotum'à'ka, v. t. to make perse- Xabolre'areK, v. t. to encrust with 

verant. briny or sunbumt flakes. 

Eabotum&'ra, v. t. to make not per- Eabuo'ka, v. t. to burn up; to con- 

eeverant. Bume by fire. 

Eabo^trt, v. »'. to consult together. Ka-nbun, n. a ahell, the 

Eabo'wl, n. a council; a ooufereuce; Eï^buii, v. i. to have many offspring, 

a aociety. to conceive f requently ( aee kaleariki 

Ei.'bu, Ti. ehot: the nipple of a gun. and mamitiníi). 

Ea'ba, o. near to blooming. Kabunenea, i>. t. to engage in vexit^ 

Eaba'fii, V. t. to loae. with insulting language. 

EabU'ft, V. t. to let moaquitoea into a Ea'buiieiie'à, v. t. to vex an enemy 

netting. with insulting language. 

Eabu'a, ti. t. to intimfdate; to charge Ea'bunnB, t>. t. to procure much of; 

with cowETdice: to make one tired to increaae. 

of hia work. Ea'banna'l, c. i. to make additiona 

Ea'bnAl, n. an incantation for mak- to a story. 

ing the beard to grow. Ea'butuui'l, n. food made to go 

Eabuala, v. t. caua. of buai; to sub- farther by the addition of aome 

ject one to au incantation in order other article. 

to make hia beard grow. Eabuno'konako, n. a female captive 

Eabn'antb'al, v. a. deatructive. held aa a concubine. 

Eaba'anib'al, n. deatruction of prop- Ka'bunokono'koa, c. t. to hold a fe- 

erty. male captive for a concubine. 

Xaba'tuilb'ala, v. t. to maJce one Eabunic'r•, n. a ahell-fiah, the 



K^bnil', v. t. to midwfte; to cause to Kaba'rlnako, n. a gaiina Tesembling 

bring fortb. (Isaiah 60:9.) quaita. 

Kabna', n. inidwifery. Eaou'rliuiko, v. i. to plaj the gama 

Kabo^la, t>. t. to let the hair ^ow of jbaburínafco. 

long. E&bu'rlbiirl, n. cocoanut oil prepkred 

Kanauila, n. difference in Hkeness; lor anointiiig. 

akea lóibuiiana — just hia likenesB. Kftburo'K, v. t. to boil. 

Xftbu'fUn&uo, V. t. to give occaaion Kaba'robnro, v. i, to engage in boil- 

for Kratitude. iag. 

Xr^udu, a. asbuned. Kabn'robnro, n. the procesa oi boil- 

ZA'bubu, n. a flab, the. ing. 

K&'buba, «. puiverized, preserved Zabn'robnro'&, v. t. freq. of kabu- 

pandanuB fruit. roa. 

Ea'bubn, a. dull; bluntj not aharp. Kabü'roro, v. *. to cause loathiug. 

Kabii'bii£, V. t. to make a full hun- Ka'b'oroFO, n. tbe braíu: a tbing re- 

dred. eerred or tabooed. 

Eabn'bn*, v. t, to dull i to blimt: to Kabnro'roiitouií, n. a Gilbertese god. 

kindle; to make to emoke. Eabu'rubu'rua, r. t. to make the eud 

Kftba'baa, v. t. freq. of kabua, to of s atick into a brush. 

loae. Ka'bvmru, c. t, to waah ; to engage 

Kabu'bnra, v. t, to make biap. in washiog the faee and moutb nith 

Kabu'bnta, v. t. freq. of kabuta. the banda and fingers. 

Ka^ju^, V. t, to Htamp the foot; to Ka'bnruni, n. the waahing of face and 

àpat the hand; to strike aalt wàter handa. (Jer. 8:10.) 

with the handa or feet for frighten- Ka'bnru'rua, v. t. to wash tbe face 

ing flsh to be caugbti to wash and mouth with the hands and 

down food with a drlnk. fingera. 

Xtt'buka, n. a drink with which to Kabuta, v. t. to make go fast; to 

waah food down. spin aa a top: to apread abroad) to 

Kabuïa'r•ra'kea, v. t. caiu. of bu- go all over. 

karerake. Eabutalo, v. a. constipating. 

Eft'bakl, tt. a kind of flshing. Ka'butato'a, v. t. to make one con- 

Ea'bokl, V. i, to aid in Bwaliowing bj stipated. 

drinking a liquid. (Fb;a. p. 39, Eabut&lja, v. i. to travel extensÍTel]r. 

line II.) Eabttt&tal, tnterj. an exckmation 

Eabultlbakl, v. i. freq. of kabukï. of one who ia thruat at, but par- 

Ka^iura, c. e. to make Qow as milk ries or dodges the thruet. 

from an udder; to milk. Kabutàldtïkl, tnterj. an eiclama- 

Kabnra'erae, n. a waist-mat with aa tion of one who ia thrust at, but 

ornamental upper fringe. parries or dodges the thrust. 

Xa'btira•ra'ea, d. í. to fumiab a Xabutaro'aroa, v. í. to give to one 

waiat-mat with au upper fringe. a aour, unpleaaant smell. 

Xa'bnn, n. a game ofspatting hands: Xabnt&^otSxo, v. i. cans. of butaro- 

R atyle ot mat taro. 

EaltUTe, V. i. to plaj the game of Kabut&'rotà'roa, v. t. to afUct one 

kahure. with the odor of aour kareure 

Xabttrs'a, t>. t. to charge with ain; to throug^ being a todd; gatherer. 

lead into ain: to paas over t« one; Ka'butl, n. a short atepping with 

to give; to will; to bequeath. awlnging of the hipa in the Tuoia by 

Eabnxe'iia, v. t. to braid or weave a women: a mode of flshiug on the 

mat called kabure. ocean reef. 

Kabureti, a. bad; evil; unwhole- Ka'butt, t>. i. to take ahort steps in 

Bome. the ruoin.' to fish with a líne and 

Kabnrlma'iala, v. t. to disarrange- or pole ín a raKaratea. 

musa as a wreath. Slabu''tíka, o. poiaouous as certain 

Xaburla&'na, v. (. to aquaah; to presa flah. 

into a fiat maas accidentall^. Kabutlks, t>. t. to vislt a canoe Just 


KJiBtr 109 EASA 

retunwd from flshing and ask boldly Xaka'eflflfi, «. o. freq. of kaeflefi; not 

for a portion of the catch. hood completed. 

Kabu'tikeke, o. soft and BÜppei? as Kaka'flk&'«ka, v. t. íreq. oi kaekaeka. 

a path ftíter rain. Eafca'ero, v. i. to crow. 

Ea'butu, V. i. to expreu displeasuie Kaka'aro, n. oockcrowing. 

by a grimace. Eaka'awa'ea, v. t. íreq. of kaewaea. 

Ea'butu, n. a pouting of the lips; a Eaka•'Tetaeka, o. i. freq. oi kaewe- 

griïnace of diapleaBure. taeka. 

Eabu'tuft, V. t. to pout the lips. Ka'kal, e. i. to spend a aeaaon on an 

Eabwe'a, v. i. to deceive. ialet in flahin^. 

Kabwe'ara, v. t. to perfums a rtri t^ Ka'kal, n. a miracle. 

acorcliiitf it Kak&'l, v. a. inhabited. 

Eabwe'aTi, v. t. to engage in giving a Eak&'l, n. a place having lohabi- 

Hcorched smell to a rtri. ' tanta or dwel'erH. 

Eabwe'arl n. a rirí which has been Kakala'lne, «. t. to cohabit. 

e(«nt«d by moderate scorching. E&kaialiie, n. coliabitation. 

Kabwebwe, n. a sHce or portion of Kaka'lao, v. a. abounding in leaves 

babai for planting to obtam Buckers. ueed for enricUng soil. 
Ea'bwebwea, V. I. to causa to sprout: Xoka'íafla, v. a. dispoaed to giva 

to wait for Bprouting. freely. 

Esb'wl'a, D. t. to make ten; to tithe; Kaka'IafiA, c. t. to give freely. 

to make s full t«n. Eaka^akt, o. veiy dangerous or sfr- 

Eab'wl'a, n. a tenth. vere, as a sicknese, 

Kabwí'b'wl, n. babai preserved b; Eakala'tao, a. peraistentlT offended. 

drying. Kaka'letl, a. freq. of kaieti. 

Kabwibwl'a, v. t. to preaerre babai Kakaloroa, v. t, íreq. of kaioroa. 

by drying. Eíikaian', v. a. mutually hostile or 

Es^a, v. a. Berce for battle. angry. 

Ealca, n. a bird, the Eàkainn', n. mutual boatility or 

Ea'ka, a prefix to Dumerals eicept anger. 

10, 100, 1000, etc., indicating tffo KakH'ian, v. a. eaaily provoked. 

each, three each, etc. Kakainn, n. a dispoeition toward 

E&'ïa, V. t. to Bcrape; to plane; to easy prorocation. 

carve. Eaka'iuTa, t>. a. freq. of kaiura. 

Eaka'aeae'a, v. t. freq. of kaaeaea. Eakalm'a'ere, v, a. preiently ob* 
Eakaalíyta, v. t. freq. of kaaiota. tainable. 

Kakaalnea, v. t. freq. of kaaineo. Eakalmft'tra, «. a. short-winded ; 
Kakaa'lntoa, v. t. freq. of kaaintoa. soon out of breath. 

Eakaa'tra, v. i. freq. of kaaira. Xakaim'ft'wa, v. a. quickly aurren- 

Kakaalroa, v. t. freq. of kaairoa. dering oue's aeat. 

Kakaa'oniaita, c. t. freq. of kaaomata. Eftka'iiuuniton, a. freq. of kaina- 
E&kaa'o&, v. i. freq. of kaaoO. matoa. 

Eft'kaaora'oa, v. (. freq. of kaaoraoa. EakalnAko, v. i. to go, after a ahort 
Kaka&'nifU, v. t. freq. of kaaniOa. stay. 

K&ka&'noal, v. freq. of kaanoai. Xaka'tnim&kl, v. i. freq. of kaini- 

Kakaa'flab'ala, v. t. freq. of kaaOa- maki. 

b'aia. Xaka'lnlm&'rftke, c. a. freq. of kaful- 

Xaka'fi, V. i. to engage tu puTBuing. marake. 

Kaka'S, n. purauit ; a chaae. Xaka'lnlkatofla, e. t. freq. of kalni- 

Kaka'e, v. i. to engage in aearcMng katofia. 

for. KakftliiTOU:, v. i. freq. of kainrou. 

Eak&'e, n. a aearch for. EakUnro'iú, v. t. freq. of kainroua, 

Eaka'ea, f. t. to aearcli after. Eaka'lurdro, v. i. freq. of kainroro. 

Kaka'oi•'la, v. t. freq. of kaeiela. Kakalfia'lfia, v. i. freq. of kaíDaitla. 

^ka'ena'ena, c.Í. íreq. of kaenaena, Kaka'tfilrftkl, t>. i. intenaive of ifii- 
Eaka'«na«n&, v. (. freq. of kaenaena. raki, to rlse up auddenly. 
Kaka'ftnAno, v. i. freq. of kaenano. Kaka'lflo, v. %. freq. of kaiQo. 


ïaka^b'uut, v. a. booh draiitíng X&ka'oa, v. t. freq. of ksoa. 

ÍTom one'a voik, ooon growing Kakao'aiiikal, v. a. treq. of kaoanl- 

thin. kai. 

Xakoib•'llMn, c. (. freq. of kai- Xa'kaoiiui'om&, c. i. freq. of kaoma- 

Xakalb•'wl, n. nn enemr. Kakao'm&rti, o. causing distreHa to 
Eaknlbe'wl, v. i. to be ÍDÍmic&l. another I^ Tenturesomenees. 

- Kakft'lblbl'ti, e. *. Ireq. of kaibl- Kakao^otl, v. i. íreq. of kaomotL 

biti. Kaka'ona, c. (. freq. of kaona. 

Zak&'iblro, v. i. freq. of kaibiro. Eak&oiuk'ko, v. i. freq. of koonako. 

Kakalbo^uft, v. t. freq. of kaibobuo, Kak&ona'kcM, t>. t. freq. of kaonskoa. 

Eaka^butl, v. *. freq. of kaibuti. Kakao'nlmàki, a. faithful) trust- 
Kaka^kal, t>. í. freq. of kaikai. worthj. 

K&kaike^e, V. i. rreq. of kaikeike. XakKo'iüm&kl, n.fajtlifuliieu; trusts 
KakaIk•lkB'ft, v. t. freq. of kaikea. worthineHB. 

Kakalkfkl, v. i. freq. of kaikiki. Blakao^ona, v. f. freq. of kaonona, 

EttkalU'ka, c. (. to conetantly or Kakfto^arn, v. i. freq. of kaoDora. 

frequentlj bail out a canoe. Kft'kaoflora'ea, v. t. freq. of kaoQo- 
Kakalko, v. i. freq. of k&ikoi to be raea. 

in the hàbit of lajíng up in ítore. Ea'kooUo'ka, v. t. freq. of kaokioka. 

Zaknlko'fkon, v. (. freq. of kaikoi- Xa'k&o'klokt, v. i. freq. of kaokioki. 

ko«. Eaka'okoro, a. imlike; separate; dif- 
KAkftlkona'kll, d. (. freq. of kai- ferent. 

kouaka. Kaika''okon>'a, v. t. freq. of kaokoroa. 

EakaIkonUd, v. i. freq. of kaikona^ Kakaora^a, ti. t. freq. of kaoraio. 

ki. Kakaora'ora, v. i. freq. of kaoraora. 

KakalTaol, v. a. eaailj reconciled; Kakao'Hota, v. t. freq. of kaotiota. 

ready to forgire. Kakao'tloti, v. i. freq. of kaotioti. 

Zaka'lrakea, v. t. freq. of kair^ea. Xakao'tlii&ko, v. i. freq. of kaotina- 
Kaka'^&riki, t>. t. freq. of kairarikl. ko. 
Eaka'iremwé'a, d. t. freq. of kai- ' Kakao'tliia'koa, v, t. freq, of kaoti- 

remwea. nakoa. 

Xakalremwfl'remwea, «. t. freq. of Kakaotlra, «. i. freq. of kaotira. 

kairemwea. E&'kau&'Bft, v. t. freq, of kauaeu, 

Kakft'lrena, a, rerengeful. Ea'kauk'lter&, v. t. freq. of kauaitera. 

Eakairi, v. i. to imitate. Ka'kaua'itera, v. i. freq. of kauai- 
Saka^lri, n. imitation. tera. 

JUkAinVt, V. a. freq. of kairib'e; Ea'kAu&'fUfi, t>. í. frm. of kauafiifi. 

abounding in kairibioe. Kaka'u&ba, a. freq. of kauaba. 

Kakairl^eta, v. i. freq. of kairirieta. Kakau&'ba, c. i. freq. of kaufiba. 

SakairlMbal, v. i. freq. of kairiribaL Kakau&'b&, v. t. to frequentlf take 
Xaka^roro, v. i. freq. of kairoro. one'e rooater to a cock-flght 

Kaka^roro'a, v. t. freq. of kairoroa. Eakaua'ra, a. uuskilied in chanting. 

Kak&'lt&ra, e. t. fr«q. of kaitara. Ka'kauare'reka, v. i. to speok witb a 

Eak&1tar&, v. t. freq. of kaitttra. . small tone; to work elowlf. 

Xakn^tat&u, v. i, freq. of kaitatan. Ka'kauare'rekea, v. t. freq. of kaua- 
Kaka'ltlakK, v. i. freq. of kaitiaka. rerekea. 

Kak&'ltlbo, V. i. freq. of kaitibo. Ea'k&ti&taoa, t. t. freq. of kauataoa. 

Eak&'itlbcr'a, «. t. freq. of kaitiboa. Ea'kauatabo, v. i. freq. of kauatabo. 

Kaka'lwa, v. i. freq. of kaiwa, Ea'kauatfttxia, v. t. fràq. of kaiiata- 
Kakalv&i v. t. freq. of kaiwa. boa. 

Eftka'lvl, D. j. te t>e mutuallj inimi- Kakauatlrers, a. freq. of kauatirere. 

cal. Ea'kaue', v. i. to engage in making 
Kaka'l'wla, «>. t. to quarrel or dispute necklaces of flowere and ^ing them 

angrilf about. on another. 

Kaka'o, v. i. to engage iu inviting or KftkaiM, c. a. abounding in flowera. 

Biunmoning. Eakaae'&, v. (. freq. of kaue'a. 


EakftnA'K, e. t. freq. of kauea. Kftkain&''ma, t>. t. freq. of kamama. 

Kakaue'na, v. (. fr«q. of kauenn. Eakam'a'ni'B, i>. i. freq. of kam'am'a. 

Eak&uc/in&ii, c. i. freq. of ksuomAn. Kak&m'a'm'll, v. t. freq. of kam'am'a. 

Ka'kauo'm&iüa, v. f. freq. of kauo- Ka'kBm&ma'ea, o, t. íreq. oi kama- 

Kak&'uoflo, V. t. to listen. Ka'kam'am'a'uea, v. t. freq. of kai- 
Kak&'uo'&oa, t>. 1. to listen atten- m'am'aneB. 

tivelj to. Kakunim^na, v. i. freq. of ka- 
Kaluiuotan&, v. (. freq. of kauotana. mamma. 

Ea'kaum'a'Sai, t>. a. freq. of kau- Eakam&m'mA, t). (. fr«q. of ka* 

Eftka'im, V. i. freq. of kaun. Es'kaiu'an«, v. i. freq. of kam'ane. 

Kaka'im, n. a. mode of fisbin^: the Ea'kam'ane, n. fieq. of ksjn'ajte. 

proToking to anger; persUting in Kokam&'nekii, v. i. freq. of kama- 

refuaing to accept food. neku. 

Ka'katmiutra'•a, o. t. fieq. of kaunu- Eakam&'nelnt, n. freq. of kamaneku. 

araea. Eakam&^iim^ v. i. freq. of ka- 
Eakau'niui, v. i. freq. of kaunun. maniman. 

Ka'kannn'lia, v. t. to often provoke E&kam&'nimin, n. freq. of kamiuii- 

to anger.' niao. 

Eaka'imm'bata, v. i. íreq. of kaun- Kakamft'nlii&iitl, o. i. freq. of ka- 

rabata. majíinanti. 

Eaka'niita'eka, t>. i. freq. of kaun- Eakam&'uln&n'tls, v. t. freq. of ka- 

taeka. maninantia. 

Kaka'onta'ekft, t>. t. to diepute much Eakam'a'nlíla, v. i. freq. of kam'a- 

about. niSa. 

Eaka'nata'eka, n. freq- of kaun- Kakam'a'nlfia, n, fieq. of kam'aniSa. 

taeka. Eakam&'nlfiB, e. t. fieq. of kanui- 
Eakft'uila, v. t. freq. of kauDa. niSa. 

Ka'kaQ'k&, v. t. freq. of kauka, Xakam&'fUfi, v. o, freq. of kamafilD. 

Ea'katl'ïa, v. i. íreq. oí kauka. Kakam&'fiUi, n. the habitual keepíng 
Kaliauklii'tBi v. i freq. of kaukinta. of kamaAili on han'd, 

Eatankinta'ea, v. t. freq. of ka:ukiu- gakam&'fllfta, v. (. freq. of kamaüiOa, 

taea. Xakajn'&'kft, a. very energètic. 

Sa'kauku'ba, v. t. freq. of kaukuk». Kw.kaTn'&'kft, n. energj; great actir- 
Eaka'ntl, c. i. freq. of kauti. itj ; eameslneas. 

Eaka'ati, n. freq. of kauti. Xnkajn'&'kft, v. t. freq. of kam'aka. 

Ka'kafl'tl, f. i. freq. ofkafltl. XakamalcB, v. t. freq. of kamaka. 

Ea'kaatl, n. the freqüent awftkening Xakam'aka'lkla, v. i. íreq. of kama- 

of another. kaikai. 

Kakau'tual, c. i. íreq. of kautuai. Kakam 'aka'Jhal, n. freq. of kam'a- 
E&k&'utua'la, v. t. freq. of kautuaia. kaikai. 

Kakam'a'Sa, v. t. freq. of kam'aea.. Kaluun'akalïa^, D. t. freq. oí ka- 
Eakama'ea, v. t. freq. of kamaea. m'akaikaia. 

Xa'kam'a•le'ia, v. t. freq. of kam'ae- Ka'kam'ake'wQ, v. i. freq. of kam'a- 

Eakam'a'em'ae, v. i. íreq. of kam'a- Katam'akB'we», e. í. freq. of kam'a- 

em'ae. kewea. 

Kakama'ebo, v. i. freq. of kamaebo. Eaksm'a'klio, v. i. freq. of kam'a- 
Eakanui'ebo, n. freq. of kamaebo. kiro. 

Kakam'a'ewe, v. i. freq. of kam'aewe. Eakam'a'klro, n. freq. oí kom'akiro. 

Kakam'a'ewea, v. t. freq. of kam'ae- Ka'kam'a'kiroa, v. t. íreq. oí kam'a- 

we». kiroa. 

Xaknm&'io, v. a. freq. of kamaíu. Kakamíl'ku, v. a. freq. of Icamakn. 

Xaknma'tua, v, t. freq. of kamaiuA. Eakam&'ku, n. a terror. 

Eakama'ura, v. t. freq. of kamaura. Eakam'a'ktu'a, v. t. freq. of kam'a- 
EakAiua'iui, v. i. íreq. oí kamauri. kura. 


Kftkftm'ft'knrl, v. i. íreq. of kunV Kft1uuu&tan>ii^viia> t>. t. freq. of 

Icutí. kaniAtarDiiroiia. 

Sftkam'alEiiTl, n. much action, or Xft'kAmAt&'roro, o. i. freq. ot kutu- 

motion, or worklng. taroro. 

Xoka'm'ani, v. a. freq. of kam'ua. Ka kam Ütatoro'», v. t. freq. of ka^ 
Eaka'm'ara, n. freq. of luuii'arR. mataroroa. 

Kakamà'ra, v. t. freq. of kaina'rB, K&kftmàtara'ok, t>. t. lieq. of kama- 
EftkAm'a'r•iLe, f. «. freq. of kam'a- taraoa, 

Xoksmlteni'ol, c. a. freq. of ka^ 

. Sakaml'ml, v. a. freq. of kamimi. 

ranea. Sakaml'ml, n. freq. of kamimi. 

Ea'kiüii&'rftkA, v. t. freq, of ka- X»kuiil''mla, v. t. ireq. af kamimia. 

maraka. Kitk aín o'ainóa, i;. t. freq. of kamo- 
K&kAm&'rakl, v. a, freq. of kanut- amoa. 

laki. EakAmo'amoa, n. freq. of kamoamoA. 

Sakamft'raU, n. tíie cawing of much K*kMao'Mno&, i>. i. freq. of kamoa- 

pain. moa. 

Ea'kam&'rl, v. i. to ahout triumph- Ka'ksn, a. Bufflcient in quanti'^ for 

antlj. the occaaion as food well supplied. 

Ka'kam&'ri, n. triumphant ehouting. Ea'kana, v. t. freq. of kana. 

Kakamk'rlÚ, v. t. freq. of kama- Kaka^iaefi, r. o. lieq. of kanaeQ. 

rika. Kaka'naefUa, v. t. freq. of kanae- 
KakamkMkaa, v. t. freq. of kamari- Bia. 

kea. Kaka'nala'i, v. i. freq. of kansiai. 

Xakam&'roa, v. a. freq. of kamaroa. Zaka'iuüa''l, m. freq. of kanaiai. 

Kakam'a'ma, v. t. freq. of kam'araa. Kakanau'kl, v. i. to lift or ríM fre- 
Kftkwm'a'm», n. freq, of kam'ama. quently as an outrigger out of 

Xa'kamat&'l, v. t. freq. of kamatai. wàter. 

jtafkjuna.tB.'i, n. much incitement to Kakanatiako, v. t. freq. of kasanako. 

COvetouHnesB. Zakana'&akoa, v. t. freq. of kana- 
Ka'kamftta'lrlki, v. t, freq. of kama- nakoa, 

taíriki. Kakaaà'aoafia, v. a. freq. of kana- 
Ka'kamat&lrlkía, o. t. freq. of ka- noalla. 

matairikia. Eakan&'noafla, n. freq. of kanano* 
Eakam'ata'üa, o. (. freq. of kam'a- aBa. 

taua. Eakau&'iioafL&, c. t. freq. of kana< 
Eakamatll'na, v. a. freq. of kama- aoaSa. 

taua, Kakana'fiakl; v. a. freq. of kana- 
Ka'kajnata'imlfia, v. t. freq. of ka- Bakl. 

matauniDa. Eakaiia'tlakía, v. t. to speak of one 
Za'kamata'nnlfift, t>. t. freq. of ka- as not to be easilj approached. 

matauaiBB. Ka'kan&to, a. well known; famoiu; 
KakamttanTftfi, v. i. freq. of kajna- renowned ; diBtinguÍHhed. 

tanraü. Ka'kan&to, n. fame ; renown. 

Eakam&taiiTafill, v. t. freq. of kama- Kakandoa, v. t. to epeak of one aa 

tanra&a. famouB; to celebrate. 

Zakam&'taku, v. i. freq. of kama- Ka'kaneu•, v. a. freq. of kanene. 

taku. Sakane'aeíl, o. t. freq. of kanenea. 

Eakam&takn, n. the freqüent or con- Kak&ne'iiebol, v. í. freq. of kanene- 

stant occasioa of close inspectiou. boi. 

Ea'kam&ta'kiia, c. t. freq. of kama- Eak&nenobo^ v. (. freq. of kanene- 

takua. boia. 

Xa'kam&tai-on'roii, v. a, freq. of ka- gakft'nla, v. t. freq. of kania. 

mataronron. Xakfnüaol, «. i. freq. of kanimoi. 

Ea'kam&taron'Ton, n. the repeated Kaka'nlmomo'i, v. i. freq. of kanl- 

shaming of a liar by rebuke. momoi. 


Eaka''iÜinoinol, n. freq. of kanimo- K&'kafi, n. cannibalism. 

moi. Kakft'fiare, v. a. freq. of kaSare. 

Xaka'nlSA'nlfia, v. i. freq. of kani- Kakaül, v. t. plural of kakana. 

DauiSa. Kakaülïafi, a. freq. of kaflkaB. 

Eaka'nifla'nlfia, n. freqüent peepine. Kalcaba'ebae, v. i. freq. of kabaebae. 

EakanibVlb'at, v. a. freq. of kani- Ea'kab'ala, o. freq. of kab'aia. 

b'aib'ai. Ka'kab'a'lï, v. t. to make bleased; to 
Eakanlb'a'lb'al, n. freq. of kfuii- blesa, 

b'aib'ai. Ka'kab'ala'U, t>. t. to make blessed; 
Xtúut'nlbol, V. a. spoken of t, peraon to blesB. 

to whom odors ara apt to cling for Ea'kab&iie, v. i. freq. of kabane, 

a long time. plural of kabanea. 

Eafca'ubol, n. the dinging of an Ka'kab'ane, n. freq. of kab'ane. 

odoT to a pereon; permanency of Ealiababa, v. i. freq. of kababa. 

odor. SaOcababA, v. t. freq. of knbaba. 

Eaka^alkan, v. a. freq. of kanikan. Kakab'a'b'arfi, t>. (. freq. of kab'arS. 

Kaka'ulkau, n. much beautj' of ar- 'Ka'kaba'kanta'fi, o. í. freq. of kaba- 

rangement. kantafl. 

Kaka'nlkliia''ea, v. 1. freq. of kani' Ea'kabakaiita'fift, v. t. fieq. of ka- 

kinaea, bakantaOa. 

Kakanl'klra, v. t. freq. of kaniktra. Kakaba^oa, v. i. freq. of kabakoa. 

Eakaal'klra, n. incest (in a milder Eakaba^oa, n. freq. of kabakoa. 

form). Eakaba'koft, v. t. to terrify. 

Eaka'nlko, v. *. to show contempt. Eakab'a'ra, v. i. freq, of kab'ara. 

Eaka'nlko, n. contempt; ridicule. Eakab'a'ra, n. freq. of kab'ara. 

Kaka'nikoa, v. t. to ridicule; to Eakab'&'ra, v. i. freq. of kab'Sra. 

make fou of; to treat with con- Eakab'&'ra, n. freq. of kab'Qra. 

tempt. Kakab'a'rab'aTa, v. i. freq. of kab'a- 
Eaka'no, v, i. to twist strands to- rab'ara. 

getber. Eakab'a'rl, n. t. freq. of kab'ari. 

E^a'no, m. the proceas of twiating Eakab'aMna'ea, f. i. freq. of kab'a- 

Htrands together ou the !ap. rinuea. 

Kakft'noa, v. a. contaiuing some- Eakabo'aboa, «. i. freq. of kabeabea. 

thiag; having contenta, Kakabe'abea, n. tbe freqüent em- 
Eaka'noii, v. t. freq. of kanoa. ploymeDt of anrequjt«d serrice. 

Eakanoa'nimoko, i>, i. freq. of kano- Kakabel, v. i. freq. of kabei. 

animoko. Ka'kabaoa'korB, v. a. freq. of kabeu- 
Kakan oa'nimokoa , v. t. freq. of ka- akora. 

noanimokoa. Kakabe'bete, o. a. freq. of kabebete. 

Xakano'aro, v. i. freq. of kanoaro. Kakabe^etea, e. t. freq. of kabe- 
Kakano'aroa, v. t, freq, of kanoaroa. betea. 

Eaka'nora, a. freq. of kanora, Ka'kab«ka'ralcara, v. i. freq. of ka- 
Kakin'nlm, o. freq. of kannim. bekarakara. 

Kakaa'ao, a. See kianaH. Eakabe^toko, «. i. freq. of kabere- 
Kak&u'ron, a. faithful; truatworthy. toko, 

Ka.kàu'ron, n. faitbfulness; trust- Ka'kabarato^oa, t>. t. freq, of kabere- 

worthineas. tokoa. 

KakíiiL't&nUia, v. i. freq. of kanta- Ea'kabetU, v. i. freq, of kabetai. 

niBa. Ea'kabsti, v. i, freq. of kabeti. 

Kak&U'tJLnlfla, n. freq. of kantaniOa. KaTuibetl, fi. freq. of kabeti. 

I TwVBw^píBji^ V. (. freq. of kanta- Eaka'bl, a. deep as a basket; deair- 

nlBa. ous to possees. 

Ka'kanto'atoa, a. freq. of kantoatoa. KakaTria, v. t. to desire to posaesa. 

Ka'kafi, n. keenness; aharpneaa. Bla'kablnBka'u, v. a. freq. of kabine- 
Ka'kftfi, a. sbarp ; keen. kau. 

K&luifl, a. caonibal ; being a cannibal ; Kakabín'tla, a. freq, of kabintia. 

accustomed to eating human fleah. Sakalilblna, v. a. freq. of kabibioa. 



Kftkftliiko'iikoo. v. i. treq. at Icabi- Xakft'Ua'Uft, v. t. freq. oí íaíii^ 

koukou. kia. 

Eitka'bikoiiko'na, v. t. freq. of k&- K»kftkl'ekls, o. i. freq. of kakiekie. 

bikoukoua. Xa'kakleklo'a, c. t. fraq. of kakie- 

Xakabo'lftrArft, v. i. freq. of kaboi^ kiea. 

rara. Ka'k•kloViw, d. f. freq. of kaki^ 

K&kftbo'Iarftrft, d. t. fraq. of kftboúi- kioa. 

rara. Eak&'klbft'tU, d. t. freq. of kakiba- 

Eakabo'ub'a, v. «. freq. of kaboub'Eu tia. 

Ett'kabono, v. a. fraq. of kabono. Xaka'klbeVb», v. i. freq. of kakibe- 

Eakabo^onino, v. a. freq. of kabono- kibe. 

nano. Kftka'klboklb^k, v. t. fraq. of kaki- 

KB]knbo'1U1>ofi&, d. (. fraq. of kabo- bekibea. 

DiboBa. Kak&lni'aiiTEfi, o, i. freq. of kakuaa- 

Kakabo'raborft, o. t. freq. of kabora- raS. 

bora. Xakaku'anrafi, n. much unreaaonable 

Eakabo'rakfl, v. *. freq. of kaborake. cbaffing. 

Kakabo'rla, v. i. freq. of kaboria. Ek'kara, v, i. ta gtovr old (preceded 

ZalübotBXma'ra, v. t. fraq. of kabo- bv ait<). 

taunara. KftU'n, v. t. freq. of kara. 

Kft'ïabotauiui'ii, o. t. freq. of kabo- Eakaralti, v. i. freq. of karaiti. 

taunari. Eakmra'ltiíi, d. t. freq. of karaitia. 

KBkabo'toa,'c. t. freq. of kabotoa. Eakam'oa, v. t. freq. of karaoa, 

Ka'ïabotnm'&'ka, v. t. freq. of kabo- Eakara'ol, v. i. to engage in making 

tum'aka. or doing. 

Eakabo'Vl, v. i. freq. of kabowi. Kakara'ol, n. construction; making; 

Xa'kabuft'nlb'ai, c. o. freq. of ka- doing. 

buanib'ai. Eakara'olroa, v. (. freq. of karaoiroa. 

Ka'kabna'kaka, t. t. freq. of kabu- Kaka'niu, «. i. freq. of^ karau. 

akaka. Kaka'raou, v. i. freq. of karaun. 

■ ■ ' ' * .... . . .^ jj, i^j karaiir.._. 

. (. íreq. of karau- 

Xa'kabnn•ne'l, v. t. freq. of kabu- Ka'karaatà'rU, v. t. freq. of karan- 

nenefl. taria. 

Eakabau'nft, v. t. freq. of kabanna. Xaka'ran, v. i. freq. of karau. 

Eakabnn'iuü, t>. i. írea. of kabunuai. Kaka'raiia, c. f. freq. of karana. 

Ealcabufi, v. i. freq. oi kabufi. Xakar&'nea, v. i. freq. of karanea. 

Ea'kababa, o. freq. of kabubu. Kaka'rafl, v. i. freq. of karaQ. 

Kakabn'bata, v. I. freq. of kabubuta. Ka'knmfia, e. t. fraq. of karafia. 

KAka'buTe, v. *. freq. ot kabura. Ea'kar&'bakau, v. i. to conspire; to 

Kakabu'rlnako, d. i. freq. of kabu- plot insurractioa. 

riaako. Ka'kar&baka'ua, v. t. to cradit one's 

Xakabu'ruru, v. i. freq. of kabururu. self in públic with skill which tha 

Ka'lEabtltu, n. i. fraq. of kabutu. . pereon does Bot poeaesB. 

Kakabwe'ara, v. t. freq. of kabwe'ara. Xalcara'k»raka, v. i. freq. of kara* 

Kaknbwe'&rl, t>. i. freq. of kabweari. karaka. 

Xa'kak•ru, u. *. freq. of kakeru. Kak&'rakl, n. i. freq. of karaki. 

Eakake'wekewe, v. i. freq. oí kake- Xakanücl, «. i. to telt about. 

wekewe. Eak&'rakina, v. t. fraq. of karakina. 

Eakake'wekewfl, n. a repeated Eaka'raUna, v. t. freq. of karakina. 

charge of freqüent lying. Eaka^ako, a. small. 

Kaluikeweke'wea, v. t. freq. of ka- Eakara'koa, v. t. to make smaller or 

kewekewea, lesa, 

EB'kakÍB''fiafia, v. i. freq. of kaMa- Kakara'lEoroa, v. t. freq. of karako- 

Zfika'klA^la, o. t. freq. of kakiakia. Eaka'rara, v. i. freq, of karara. 



Ka'kRru&'oinft, v. a. freq. of kara- Kabl'ro, v. i. to dodge. 

raoDia. Eaka'ro, n. the act or art of dodgin^ 

K&'l•arara<Hna'«A, t>. t. freq. of karO' Kaka'ron, v. i. to dodge. 

raomaea. Eftk&ro'&aa, v. i. freq. of karoDoa. 

Kakara'roa, v. t. freq. of kararoa. Ka'karobft''iatM, v. t. freq. of kaio- 
Ka'karawa'wsta, v. *. freq. of kara- baroba. 

wawata. Kaka'rcikaro, v. i. freq. of karokaro. 

Ea'kara'WKwata'ea, «. t. freq. of ka- Eaka'roro, v. i. freq. of karoro. 

rawawataea. Eaka'roron, v. i. freq. of karoron. 

Kaka'rem'aU/l, v. i. freq. of kare- Eft'ïarotu, v. i. freq. of karotu. 

m'akai. Kakarai/la, v. i. freq. of karuoia. 

EakaT«^«r«in«, v. i. freq. of kare- Xakaru'oiuiko, a. freq. of kamonako. 

mereme. Kakaru'orao, v. i. freq. of karuoruo. 

Eakarem'rsin, v. j. freq. of karem- Eakaru'omo, v. a. abounding íd ka- 

rem. ruorvo. 

Kokarsm^m'ft, v. t. freq. of karem- Ka'kamo'^OA, v. t. freq. of karu- 

rem'a. oruoa. 

Eakll'refie, a. not aafely placed; in Ka'karoo'tiül, c. i, freq. of karu- 

daiiger of falliíig. otua. 

BCak&Taíie, n. inaecurltj of position; Eakamb•'rube, v. i. freq. of karu- 

danger of falling. berube. 

gakarg•fiíittt, v. i. freq. of karefiutu. Eaka'mkara, v. i. freq. of karukaru. 

Kaka'reb&'na, e. (. freq. of karebana. Eakatft', a. jocoae (aee tnamkaüare) . 

Eaka^ek&'tfia, v. i. to go about put- Eakata'fl&re, d. a. freq. of kataeare. 

ting one's self as a guest on oUiera. Eakata'enfiíio, v. o. freq. of katae- 
Eaka'rskare, v. i. freq. of karekare. nano. 

Eaka'retlka, o. i. freq. of karetika. Enkata^'enafl, c. >. freq. of kataenafi. 

Eaka'ri, c i, to sew or tie on thatob. Sakata'erea, v. t, freq. of kataerea. 

Xaka'^, n. the process of tjiog oa Es'kataeta'ea, v. t. freq. of katae- 

tbatcli to a house: the tnine nith taea. 

wkich it is done. Ea'ïatau, v. i. freq. of kataii. 

Kaka'rinàlift, v. a. freq. of karinaba; Eakata'nn&ta, v. t. freq. of katau- 

abounding in laige blàck ante. nata. 

KakaMkaua, i>. t. freq. of korikaua. Ettkata'niuiti, v. 4. freq. of katau- 
SakaMbanUte, v. a. freq. of kari- nati. 

kamate. Ka'katanra'oa, r. (. freq. of katau- 
Kaka'rikarl, c. i. freq. of karikari. raoa. 

Eaka'rikl, v. i. freq. of kariki. Ka'kataont'ol, v. i. freq. of katau- 
Kaka'riklim'omsta, a. freq. of kari- raoi. 

kinaomata. Kakata'urake, v. i. freq. of katau- 
SakB'riklna'omatS, o. t. freq. of ka- rake, to draw Dear as a ahoal of fisb. 

rikinaomata. Kakata'ataa, t>. *. freq. of katautau. 

Kaka'rlkinrafi.', a. freq. of karikin- Ea'katanta'na, c. i. freq, of katau- 

raD. taua. 

EakaMklnra'íla, v. t. freq. of kari' Ea'katama^oa, v. í. freq. of kata- 

kinrafia, maroa, to make beautiful. 

KakaMUnto'a, a. freq. of karikin- Ka'katiJi, t>. t. freq. of lütan, to go 

toa. Into the lee of. 

Kaka'rlklboaka, a. freq. of kariki- Sakatà^nelft, v. t. freq. of kataneia. 

buaka. Zakatà'nlfiAjnara'u, v. i. freq. of ka- 
EakK'rlraka, v. t. freq. of karfraka. tanifiamarau, to cause to be induB- 
Kak&'riraki, a. freq, of kariraki. trioua. 

Kak&'rtrl, v. i. freq. of kartri. Eakat&'nifioa, v. t. freq. of katani- 
Eakarl'rl, v. i. freq. of kariri. Doa, to hide witli a view to preserve. 

Ka'kaiirl'a, v. t. freq. of kariria. Ea'katafi, v. i. freq. of kataD. 

Eaka'rlte^aks, v. a. freq. of kari- Ka'katab'a'nla, v. i. freq. of kata- 

teirake. bauín. 



Xakat&'baba, v. i. freq. of katababa. Kalïatlbxre^bwe, v. i. freq. oí la- 
Kaluttfibaba'ea, v. t. freq. of kataba- tibwetibwe. 

baea. EakAti'kl, v. i. freq. of katikf. 

Ea'katab'a'Tft, c. t. freq. of kataban, Eakati'kltlka, t. t. freq. of katikl- 
Ea'katàbea''lailft, v. i. freq. of kata^ tika. 

beaiaOA. Kakatl'kltlU, v. i. fniq. of ksti- 
Kakat&1}iJii, a. freq. of kaUbun. kitïk]. 

Ea'katakala'la, v. i, freq. of kata- Knka'tíni, v. t. freq. oí katira. 

kaiaia. Xalutl'rib'afie, v. i. freq. of kotiri- 
Ka'ïatakamm'a, «. t. freq. of kata- b'aOe. 

karurua. ' Kakatl'rlbo, c. t. freq. of katirlbo. 

Eakat&'re, v. «. freq. of kabire. Kakati'rlboa, v. t. freq. of katiriboa. 

Eakatk'rln, d. t. freq. of katarin. Xakati'ti, v. t. freq. of katiti. 

Eaka'tatal, v. i. freq. of katataf. Ka'katltuAra'oa, v. t. freq. of kati- 
Xakata'wanoa, v. i. freq. of katawa- tuaraoa. 

nou. Kft'katttnara'ol, v. «. freq. oí kaü- 
Ealüt•lia'a'i•, v. i. freq. of katei- tuaraoi. 

maie. Ea'katonto'^u, d. t. freq. of katou* 
Za'kateimft'toa, v. t. freq. of katei- toua. 

matoa. KakatWmAm, c. i. freq. of katoman. 

Ea'kataib'&'b'al, v. i. freq. of katei- Xk''katofia, o. i. to rejoice; to exult; 

b'&b'ai. t'l joji to be ^lad. 

Ea'bit«ib'ft'b'al, «. í. freq. of katel- Ka'taitofia, n. joy; eiultatim; glad- 

b'ab'ai. neas, 

Xa'kataibu'aka, «. t. freq. of katel- Kak&to^iblA, o. t. freq. of katobibia. 

b'ab'ai. Ea'katokK, v. t. freq. of katokfl. 

Eakate'lkal, e. i. freq. of kateikai. Ea'katoka, v. t. freq. of katoka. 

Eakatyiri, v. i. freq. of kateira. Eakato'katoka, v. t. freq. of katoka- 
Eabat•'iraJIa, v. i. freq. of katel- toka. 

raOa. Eakato'kliiano, v. a. freq. of kato- 
Eakato^mfiA, o. i. freq. of kateimfia. kinano. 

Ka'katema, v. i. freq. of kateme. Ka'katoko, v. i. freq. of katoko. 

Ka'katefietfl^«a, v. t. freq. of kate- Ka'katoroba'aka, «. «. freq. of ka- 

fleteflea. torobuaka. 

Ea'kateba, v. >. freq. of katebe. Ka'katorobna'kaka, v. i. freq. of ka- 
KafcfttenMtebe, o. i, freq. oí kat«- torobuakaka. 

betebe. Ka'katorobu'boa, v. í. freq. of kato- 
Sakatencatekfi, o. t. freq. oí katei- robubua. 

kateka. Ealu.toroti'b'a, «. t. freq. of katoro- 
Ea'kateks, a. freq. oí kat«ke. tib'a. 

Xa'katsksMa a. freq. of katekeria. Eakato'rotoro, v. i. freq. of katoro- 
Eakate'keteka, v. a. íi«q. oí kat«- toro. 

keteke. Rakat^to, v. i. freq. of katino. 

Xa'katente'rea, «. í. freq. of katere- KaTtatM»"», «. í. freq. of katHtsa. 

terea. Ea'katoto'fia, v. t. freq. of katotofia. 

Eakateta, v. i. freq. oí katete. Eaka'tua, v. i. freq. of katua, to play 
Ealtatete'n&no, v. a. freq. oí kate- the game of katua frenuently. 

tenano. Eaka'tuO, v. t. freq. of katua. 

Eaka'U, v. *. freq. of katï; to Hhoot Kakatu'atftra, v. i. freq. of katua- 

again and again. tara. 

Kak&'tl, V. i. freq. of k&ti, to play Kakatula'la, v. a. freq. of katuiaia; 

mnch at cards. abounding in katuiaia. 

Kakatia, a. frei^. of katia. Ka'katum, v. i. freq. of katuru. 

Eakatl'atia, c. i. freq. of katiatia. Xa'katurutu'ïoa, v. t. freq, of katu- 
Kakatl'otlo'a, v. t. freq. of katio- ruturua. 

tioa. Kakatu'tu, v. i. freq. oí katutu. 

Xakatl^e, v. i. freq. oí katíne. Ka'kawK, v. i. freq. of kawA. 



a'emwsre, v. i. froq. of ta- Eti'kairÍta'katok&, v. l. íreçi. of k»- 

waemwere. wïtokatoka. 

X&kftwa'eriboao, v. i. Ireq. of kawae- Ka'kea, adf. do; not (ft Makin 

ribono. word) 

K&kftwa'erlbo'noa, c. I. freq. of ka- Kake'liika, v. t. to louse; to excita to 

waerlboQoa. lÏTelj action. 

Kakawa'etata, v. t. fieq. of kswH«- Eake'iakl, v. t to engage in stirriíig 

tata. Tip to work. 

Eakawa'Ialmons, V, i. freq. of ka- Xake'lakl, n. a stirring up to actíon. 

waiaimone. Kake'o, n. {Eng.) the cacao tree. 

Eakawa'lrln&n, o. i. freq. of kawairi- Kake'nakon, v. t. to remove. 

nan. Eake'nikBiia, v. t. to set at digging. 

Eakn'n«'litral, v. i. freq. of kawaiwai. Ealefia, n. a collection of cocoanut- 
Kakawa'nawaiia, t>. t. freq. of ka- shell wàter botties. 

wanawaua. Ea'keboa, i>. I. to fill ta tbe fuIL 
Kakawa'natra]i&, v. t. freq. of ka- (Obadiah, 5.) 

wanawana. Kak6^èa, v. t. to wink one eje. 

Kakawa'nlkal, a. freq. of kawauikai. Kakfrïea, v. t. to rattie. 

Eakawsfiawafia, c. a. freq. of ka- Eakè^ekèke, n. a rtri not oiled, lued 

waDawatla. as a batbiíu; anit. 

K(Üutva'fiavafl&, v. t. freq. of ka- Sakeke^ikftka, t>. t. to raake one 

waQawani. Btand back. 

Eaka'wakswa, v. i. freq. of kawa- Ka'kekem&'tal, c. i. to gnaah the 

kawa. teetb. 

Eaka'wakawft, v. t. to penuit, or in- Eaker&'ka, o. t. to make one canj a 

duce a child to creep. load in a. baaket. 

Xak&''wakl, a. predoiii; rer^ valn- Koke'rakea, v. t. to move to the eait. 

able. Kak•'rloa, v. t. to move towaid the 
EaknwK'^, v. i. freq. of kawfikl. west. 

Eaka'waklna, v. t. freq. of kawa- Kalrem, v. i. to engage in aeiaulting. 

kina. Ka'kam, n. an assault. 

Ea'kawara, v. t. freq. of kawara. Kake'ma, f. t. to craunch; to ram aa 
Sakawa''r«ÍiW«a, v. t. freq. of kawa^ a gun; to cleanae a karewe ehell 

rebwea. witb a. atick : to aaaault a bouge or 

EakawaMkl, v. t. freq. of kawariki. settlement nith bostüe intent. 

Efikawa''wB, o. i. freq. of kawawa. Kaké'mkfiru, n. a shell-fiah, the 

Xa'kawawa'ea, v. t. freq. of kawa- Kaké'mkfini, v. i. to rattie. 

waea. Eakfrakinia, v. t. to rattie. 

Kakaws^e, v. 1. freq. of kawene. Eake'WMt, ti. t. to charge one with 
Ka'kaweTe^ea, », t. freq. of kawe- lying. 

wenea. Kakew•kem, v. i. to engage in 
Eakawl'K, V. t. freq. of kawla. charging one witb freqüent lying. 

Eaka-wl'abuaka, c. i. freq. of kawla- Xakewekewea, v. (. freq. of kakewea. 

buaka. X&'ki, o. t. to remove; to throw awaj; 
Kakawl'araol, v, i, freq. of kawla- to place; to put. 

raoi. Kft'kl, n. a rejection; a puttiug away; 
Kakawl'u&to&i v. t. freq. of kawl- a deeiating trom. 

matoa. Xakla'fiafia, v. t. to etir up one's aelf 
Eakavl'TeniwB, o. i. freq. of kawi- to activity. 

remwe. Kakla'kla, v. i. to engage In scatter- 
Eakawl^iiiwea, v. i. freq, of ka- ing fisb by a sudden attack. 

wíremwea. KaUa'ki&, v. t. to cause a acattering 
BCakBwltata, V. i. freq. of kawitata. of flsb by a eudden attack. 

Kakawltatíl, v. t. freq. of kawitata. Kaklekle, o. i. to engage In providing 
Ka'kawlto'kóa, ti. (. freq. of kawl- one with a mat. 

tekea. Kakl'ekiea, c. (. to provide or fumish 
Eakawl'tokB, v, t. freq. of kawibdca. one wltb a mat. 





Kk'Uoft, V 

'. t, to Chase away: to por- L•i'klr•r•'a, o. t. caiu. of kirere. 

8ue. Xakl'rewQ, v. i. caua. of kirewe. 

Xaklo'kloa, v. i, freq. of kakioa. KkkliVwea, v. t. chub. of kirews. 

KaMmamata, v. (. to cbarge with XaU'rUrlft, v. t. caus. of kirisria. 

cowardice or fear. Kakliio'ilofi, c. i. caus. of kirioQoS. 

XaUmaJua'ka, v. i. ta cause coward- Kaklrlo^ofiíi, o. t. caus. of kirioflofi. 

ice. gafclrlwia'flainaflft, v. t. caua. of kiri- 

Kaklm'&'fio, v. *. to caoie improvi- maHamafia. 

dence. EaMrlintoa, d. i. caua. of kirimto, 

Kakitn'a'klm'a, v. t. to make Bharp. Kaklrlbe'ubeu, o. *. caua. of kiri- 

Ea'klm'aro'irel, v. i. to cauae jay. beubeu. 

Ka'kím'arelrs'la, c. t. to give jo; to; KaklMbeuïv^ia, v. t. caua. of kiri- 

to gladden. beubeu. 

Eft'klmoK, V. t. to chaTge with tbett Xaklrlto^tofi, d, i. caua. of kiri- 

Kaklmo'totoa, v. t. to aborten. toUitofi. 

Eakl'nfi, v. t. to inapect or teet by Kaklrlto'lUtofla, v. t. caua. of kíri- 

adzlng a little. toDitoS. 

Ea'klnAka, t>. i. to Impart the kinaka, Xaklrlinilcawaka, v. 1. caiu. of kirl- 

Xaklna'kliift, v. I. fi«q. ot kakina. wakawaka. 

Eakl'nakoa, v. t. to moTe away; to Xakl^we, o. i. caua. of kiriwe. 

remoTC to a little dlstance. Kaklrtwe'a, v. t. caua. of kiriwe. 

Xnkln&toa, v. t. to cauae acarriug by Xa'klro, s. distant 

climbing. KaJcfwata, c. t. to aet aaide; to re- 

Eakina'w&nawa, v, t. to make tho move. 

akln apotted. Xako'a, v. (. caus. of ko. 

Kakl'noa, v. t. to pursue ; to chaae. Kako'aoi, v. t. to believe ; to prore. 

KaUn'rafla, v. 1. ^ demorslize. Eako'aua, n. proof. 

Ea'kiba, v. (. to make Sj. EiloaU, c. i. to beg, especiall^ for 

Eaki'b'fto, V. a. causing the kibaa con- tobacco and food. 

dition. Sftkoa'koa, v. t. (aee kaakoakoa). 

XRklbVoa, V. t. to cauae one to walk Kako'ua, v. t. to atlr up; to excite; 

in a atooping attitude. to agitate. 

Ka'klb'uiH, v, a. cauaiog •hiftlew• Xa'kom, v. i. to fall short as aín ar- 

ticle of foodj to fiab with bait tied 

Kaklba'klbii, v 

o engsge in mak- 

, _^..^ to tbe líne, but haring no flah-hook, 

ing a bird to fif, Eako'na, v. t. to put closer toeetíier. 

Xakibakib&, v. (. to eanoe to fly : to Eako'nakoiia, o. t. caua. oi kona- 


klbk'klbfikl. V. o. caualng a co: 

atant eraviug for food. 
KakibKtis, V. t. to make skillful i 

Ea'Ubea, v. t. to etir aa a líquid. 
Eakib•'nTla, t>. t. to agitate; to stlr 

up aa mud in a pool. 

Eako^iinftr « 
Kako'nonoa, v 

ua. of koain. 

to tie or laah Terj 

ib'il'Mi, tr. t. to teli or permit ona 
to cllmb a tree with the breaat 
againat tbe trunk. 
Kakobora'kfla, c. f. to cause to 
.„..„. -_ bubblo up. 
scratching as a hen, or in stirring Ea'koko, n. th« ^ung atraight co- 
as a cook. coanut leaf, not fet opened. 

Eakib«lclbea, v. t. to treat a chicken Eako^onA, v. t. caua. of kokona. 
to a acratching for food, as a heu Eako'rakal, v. a. caua. of korakal, 
doea. causinj! mental distreaa. 

KakIni'oU, «. i. cans. of kiraoki. Kako'raka'la, v. f. to cauae one to b« 

Eakira'oka, v. í. caus. of kiraoki. in menta! dístrega, or fatigue. 

Saki^raroï, v. t. caua. of kiraroa. 
Ka'klrei, v. t. cans. of kirei. 
Eakirvla, v. t. caua. of klrei. 
EftklTB^ v. i. oauB. of kirere. 

Sako'rakora, v. i. caua. of korakora. 
Eako^akorï, t>. t. caus. of korakora. 
Eako^oa, v, t, to baul up a canoe: to 


KAKO 119 

Eakoroa'ea, v. t. to sail paat; to pasB Kttlmknre^, v. t. to please. 

by. (Acte 20: 16,) 
Zakoroilcu, v. i. to act ia a tlireaten- 

ing waj toward s weaker persou or 

aa inferior. 
K&korob'&''eii, v. i. to allow a canoe 

to ^ouad in Bhoal wàter. 
Eakt/robun, v. a. not eaailf swal- 

lowed aa feabiibu made iato a loal 

with llttle moisture. 
Eako'Tobiifi, v. a. not eaailj swal- KakuMt&'ta, 

lowed as kahuhu made into h.. loaf Kaku'rlt&t&, 

Kaku'reb•ft, v. t. caus. of kurebe; to 

disarrange. (JoeI2:T.) 
Ka'kur&, V. i. caus. of kura. 
Eftkura'Bft, «. í. to causa one to hava 

small pimpleB. 
Ea.'kimra, v. i. caus. of kurere. 
Eftkure'r•a, v. í. to territy: to broU 

Blightly as fish. 
Ka'kori, n. a game. 

IS. of kuritatft. 
to basten; to 

Ka'ra, n. a Urge roíl of kaittbu: an 
aged person. 
, Xfi'rft, n. soft coral strata, often oc- 
curring at tbe bottom of babai 

E&'ra, o. t. to scrape; to cut with r 
draw knife or spoke shave; to grave 

to keep off < 

p«rform; to bring to pase. (Jer. 

33; 14.) 
Kakororo'a, d. t. to make short aa a 

Eako'tlkota, v. t. to make blunt oi 

Ka'kuil, c. t, to weary. 
Kaku'a, v. i. to cause weariness. 
Kakuana'oituita, t>. i, to chaff tm- 

kindly or cxceBBÍvely. 
Kftku'anrafl, tr. *. to cbafT u 

Eftku'ab&ba, v. i. to c 

confuBed or puzzled. 
Eakoa'kua, i>. t. to weary; to chaff. 
K&ku'lkul, V. i. to cause to wiuce or 

Xftkulku'la, V. t. to cause to wince or 

Ka'ktun•, v. i. of kume. 
Ea'kimieft, v. t. caus. of kume. 
Xakuna'ifía, a. very many: strang»; 

amazlne. sun. 

EAktuia'm&, v. t. to amaze; to ter- Kitra^tl, e. i. to pass by a house fre- 

rorize. quently, 

EBka'nlin&nÍfiai^ia&, v. t. to cause EÚaltia, n. t. to briug Què's self iuto 

one to fear or stand aghast. freqüent vlew by paaaing and r»- 

Kftku'nlmftnifia^Üfln, v. a. occasion- passing. 

Ing horror. Xa'rao, v. t. to make (used in com- 

Kaku'nlkuiu, v. t. to mar or ponc- pouiíds). 

ture wood with a sbarp pointed Kara'oa, v. t. to make; to do; to cre- 

thiUK- ftte ; to effect. 

Kaku't>a, e. i. to cause to atart front Kara'ol, n. a youug cocoannt, tbe oni- 

íright. &ua well olled for purposes of in- 

Kaku'bJl, o. t. to cause one to atart cantation. 

snddenly from frlght : to shock Eara'oiioa, o. t. to make good: to 

KKku'ku, V. i. to engage in carrying pralse; to justify. 

□n tbe bl•lck. Eara'olroa, n. praise. 

Xa'kukn'a, v. t. to carry on tbe back. Eara'olrol, n. praise. 
Kaku'kune, v. i. caus. of kuknne. Ka^an, v. i. to raia. 

Kaku'kunea, v. t. caus. of kukune. Ea^an, n. rain-water; raln. 
Kaka'kurel, v. t. to ^Te pleasure or Karaliii, n. t. to do gently; karava 

gladueas. te tavtae = to make quieting 

Kara'oa, v. t. to spread out to dry. 

Eara'eft, v. t. to make mueh litter. 
to be Eara'eb'arl, n. tbe half of a frond of 
a young cocoanut tree over tha 
abouider for ornament or incanta- 

Earaeb'a'ria, v. t. to wear the half 
of a frond of a cocoanut tree tied 
over tbe shoulder. 

Xa'ral, n. tnread. 

Sara^a, e. t. to make flerible, as a 
cocoanut leaf by wilting it under the 



wordB, t. 0. to spologlse; to explsm Kftrababn'aft, v. t. to flatteD ont aa 

kindlj. eott food. 

E&ra'naka, v. t. to utàefy wfth food. Kari'bcib&ii, v. i. to conspira ; ta 

Ea'ntnn, n. « large nine. plot tosether; to converH together. 

Za^^nn, v. i. to flah with & seioe. KarfclwiÉaii, n. eonspiracf ; plot. 

Xara'nnia, v. t. to take flah with a Kar&lMÚUi'nA, t>. t. to make akíll- 

ieine. fui. 

Eant'onoa, v, t. to pluek a singlo Kmrè.'bm, a. steep. 

eocoaaut front a bunch gentlj. Ea'rabeM, a. sloping; elanting, 

KaraiiurCro, n. unceasing rain. K&'rabino, n. a round spear. 

Kara'orBa, v. i. to act gently or Za'rablno'a, c. f. to cauae to roll; 

bIowIj. to roll. 

Karaura'na, v. t. freq. of karana. Xa'mblnobl'noa, v. t. freq. oí kara- 

Earà'nrea, v. t. to separate. binoa; to cauge to roll, as a balL 

Karanta'flliiako, n, a passing Bhower Karalïa, v. t. to increase, 

of larse and aoitj dropi. Ka'rakara, n. a bírd, tbe 

Xaraat&Ma, v. t. to thoroughl^ Xa'rakara, c. i. to hem. 

rinse. Ea'rftkar&, c. t. to acrape ai tbe 

Ka'rtuí, o. i. to be on tbe watch throat bj bemming. 

againat; to stand guard. Xa'raka'raka, v. t. freq. of karaka. 

Ka^an, n. <Eng.) a gallon. Kara'l•araka, v. i. to eugage in in- 

Ka'rana, v. t. to wayHij. creaaing. 

Earanoa, v. i. to engage in fiabing Xa'rake, v. i. to cngage in a certain 

for imall «quid by inoonlight. incantatioa for det«cting a crim- 

Za^nnaft, «. 1. to flBh for amall inal. 

equld by moonligbt. Xa^«k«a, v. t. to cause an odor to 

Karuie'aiie&, v. t. to polisb. be perceived. 

Ka'nuiens'a, v. í. to prorldo a waj Xara'kemfiíi, v. i. to flsb for netce 

of ezit tbrougb a crowd or tbicket. with torchea od the ocean reef. 

Karane'bo'jieboa, v. t. to polish; to Eara'kemàii, n. fishing for neus ^th 

make abine. torcbea en tbe ocean reef. 

Eft'ra&, V. i. to engage In flattering. E&'ràki, ii. i. come aloDg, often used 

Ka'rafi, n. fiattery. in the imperative; to proceed wilb- 

Ear&^Ú, n. a atream; a biook; a out dela^ to one'a norl^ 

rirer. Ka'rahl, n. a. stoiy. 

Xa'rafia, v. t. to flatter: to apeak ill X&'rakliía, v. t. to go witbout delaj 

of ooe; to defame. to one'a work. 

Eara'&O, v. t. to uptet. Ka'raklna, v. t. to deacribe; to teli; 

Eftrafia'ina, n. tbe break of daj. to narrate. 

Eftrafla'lna, a. at break of day. Xa'raklto'ro, v. i. to speak iU (Ma 

Kara''&arafi&, v. t. freq. of karafia. iaetaebwika) . 

Kara'fiarafia, c i. to satl with the Ka'rako, a. little; amall; tew. 

aheet bauled well in, canaing a ria- Ka'rako&, f>. t. to make teas. 

ing of tbe outri^ier. Xar&ko'roa, c. t. to flll almoat full: 

EarafUraJi, v. i. to speak ill of; to to pass naar to. 

intosicato as liquor. Ka^'rara, v. i. to eaw as a bird: to en- 

Kara'fUrafi, n. the speakins ill of. gage in cbanting, before the per- 

Kara'tUiaüa, v. t. to intoxicats. lormance of an incantstion. 

Ka'rab'a, c. t. to thank; to approre. Ka'ram, ». tbe chanting previoua to 

Sa'rab'a, n. thanks. tbe perfonnance of an incanta- 
Ka'raba, v. t. to conceal; to hide; 

to secrete. 
Za'raba, n. concealment; secreey. 
Kar&'babft, v. I. to make broad. 

Ka'rababa, n. dried pandanus fruit. Ka'rarï, n. tbe perfor 

Ear&baba'ea, V. J. to widen; to make cantation on tbe flrst appearance 

broad. of the menies. 


121 XABX 

Earftrs'ea, v. t. to msk« bloodr; to Earomo'l, v.Í.to engage in gattiering 

bloodj: to Bubject a yoilng woman cocoanutg bj pelting. 

just adolescent to aa incantatioii. Earemo'l, n. the process of gatberiíig 

Karara'oma, v. a. oausing anzietj or cocoanuts by pelting them. 

Borrow. Earem'reiii, v. i. to glean. (Uicah 

Ear&Tft'omíl, v. t. to make aniiouB. 7:1.) 

Ka'raraoina'ea, v. t. to make amioiu. Karem'rem'B, o. t. to glean. 

Karar&'nlm&n, v. i. to yawn. Ea'ivnil, v. t, to win by kindnesB. 

Ka'rarafi, n. a veiy ahallow and nar- EarCna, v. t. to atretch. 

row channel on a flat, only a lew Ka'renao, v. i. to batbe in the iurf, 

mchea deep. on the ocean gide. 

Earft^ak&, V. (. íreq. of karaka. (Jer. Sa'renao, tt. aurf bathing. 

6:4.) Ka'refiao, v. a. entangled; snaríed; 

Kft'rar&tl, o. >. to cause a sense of mixed up as people of different 

íuJInees aa íood. plaoes. 

Ka'rara'tla, v. t. to cauie a peraon to Earefia'oa, c. t, to entangle; to miz 

feel a aenae of fullnese fiom drink- up; to jumble togetber. 

ing mucb karetoe. Ea'Te&ntu, n. a game in which eSort 

Ka'raroft, v. t, to put at a distance. is made to bit a cocoanut on the 

Ea^awa, a. heaven; the blue eky; ground witb a stick. 

the skies. Es'refiutu, o. i. to play the game of 

Ea'rawam«'rlmeri, n. the bigbest kareúuta. 

beaven. Karoba'na, v. t. to throw at. 

Karaw&'wata, v. i. to make heavy. Xa'reb'e, n. a social meal among 

KaTawíl'wat&, v. t. to make heaTy. fishermen on the erening before the 

XarawA'wata, n. a source or cause of fishing excuraion: the food itself. 

heavineBs or aorron. Ka'reb'e, v. i. to paitake of the ka- 

Ka're, v. i. to engage in throwing; to reb'e. 

freahen as the wind. Xare^'ea, v. t. lo explode; to make 

Ka'rea, c. t. to cast at; to throw at; aomething give forth a sharp sound. 

to make an oSering or aacriflce to. Kare'bea, d. I. to tum up or out the 

Ea'rea, n. a sacriflce; an offering. lid of the eye. 

Ka'rsina, c. t. to oíTer in aacrifice. Ka'rsbena'kDa, v. t. caus. of rebe- 

Kare&'Üa, t>. t. to induce one to go or neko. 

travel. Eareb'e^eb'e, v. i. to pop. 

Karo'lo, f». a hypocrite; a deceiver. EarebVreb'e, n. very thick cocoanut 

Xareu',' O. rough aa the sea (see molaHaea that popa while boiitng. 

karou). EarebVreb'ea, v. t. fre<|. of kareb'ea. 

Eare'ua, v. i. to be heedless in word Ka'rebo, v. i. to report incorrectlj or 

or conduct when going about witb careleasly. 

othera. Karebo'a, v. t. to report incorrecUy 

Kareoatao, c. a. piled up. or carelessly. 

Eareoatao, v. t. to pile. <Ia. 30: Ka'reboti, «. í, to appropriat« a re- 

33.) eerred seat. 

Ea'rem'ft, r. i. to glean. Ka'reboU, n. the appropriating of a 

Earem'a'ewe, a. scarce; not abun- seat or plaee reserved for another. 

dant; scant. Xarsïotia, v. i. to direct one to take 

Ea'rem'akft'í, d. i. to pla^ a game anotber's seat 

witli operculums. Eare'bua, v. t. caus. of rebu, to set to 

Ka'rem'ak&'l, n. an operculum, work or do; to pulverize. 

EarvmS'raila, v. a. here and there Ea'rebon, a. promiscuauei from tb- 

one ; not numerous. rious placea. 

Ea'rMiiaÜ, n. (Eng.) calamus. Karebu'nla, v. t. to impoae a variety 

Kar«ia•'reiiie, v. i. to engage in ap- of work on one at a single time. 

propriating to one's aelf improperly. Ka'rebut&ta, v. i. cans. of rebutata. 

Kareme'raiae, n. an improper ap- Xarekft'ifia, v, i. ta ga from house to 

propriating to one's self . house iminvited. 



KkrekK^ila, n. a freqüent ealling or Xk^rom, o, aweet like Ibwnre or 

going frotn houBe to houae without BUgar. 

invitation. EftTVwe'rewa, a. freq. oi kanwe; 
Kft'rekare, v. t. to be engaged in ver7 aweet. 

tbrowíng. E&'ri, n. flahiiig for the ikari. 

Ka^kare, n. the Kct of Uirowliig. K&'rl, o. t. t« flsh Íot the tJI;art. 

X&rak&'Tea, v. I. to pelt. Ea'rl, n. (Bng.) a cod. 

Km.'Ttikn, n. an earringi a mixtura of Xa'rlft, v. t. to look for as a craft to 

two or morè preparationa of fco- appear in the horizoa. 

bvtm. Sarla'ia, o. (. caus. of rial. 

XaiVkM, D, t. cauH. of reke ; to get; Karlil'iu, d. i. to flih foi the aua with 

to obtain; to procure; to bring a setne. 

abúut; to occasiou. Earl&'na, n. the proceas of catohiag 
Ka'rakena'tabo, v. i. to blow in Huch the atta with a. seine. 

a dÍTection aa to enable a canoe to Kaxi'arft, a, veij large; Tery great. 

viiit a place and retum. Xaii'an^'Ba, v, t. to increaw; to make 
EaiVkena, v. t. to adora the ear with morè or larger. 

an earring of any kind. Karl'ftrla, v. t. freq. of karla. 

Kax•'kenilno, o. i. to be intoreating: Karl'ftrla, v. í. to be on the lookout 

to produee canatipation. for an arrÍTal. 

Xnn'kereko, v. a. not alippeiy, ag a Xarl'uía, n. conatant watchfulnesft 

diy cocoanut trunk when climbed. for an arrival. 

Earé'ketaim, v. i. to stare. Karl'era'kea, v. t. cans. of rierake. 

EareOtetara, n. ataring. EàrletK'ta, v. i. caus. of rietata. 

Kar•'kfltona, n. (Qr.) ehaloedony. Kariet&ta, n. of rietata. 

EaTere, n. a bome-made or extern- Xarletftti, v. t. caus. of rietata. 

porízed flab-book. EaMo, o. t. caus. of río. 

Ea^Yerea, v. t. to call upon a god to Karlo'a, o. (. caua. of río. 

inflict vengeance. KarloMoa, v. t. freq. oi karioo. 

Earere&n'tl, v, i. to curae. Ea'rlni'a, v. i. caua. of rim'a. 

Xfirere&n''tlk, v. (. to curae. Sa'rlin'a, n. caus. of rim'a. 

Ka'rerei, n. an ornamental girdle EaMnioa, n. the eldeat in a familf; 

WOTD bj women. an older child. 

Karer•'la, v. t. to approve; to aano- Ka'rimoft, v. t. to lat ons dspart Qnt 

tion; to praiae. with an intontion to foUow. 

Ka'rAreni'a, v. i. to be on the move; Ka'iimwi, n. a younger chüd. 

to be aatír. Earimwl'a, v. t. to bave one foliow 
XarereOiea, «. t. freq. of karekea. Inter. 

(Nahum 1:2.) Earl^ia, v. t. to canae to enter; to 
Ka'rereta, o. t. caua. of rereta. put on clotbeB. 

Ka'rsttba, n. a waab-board in tha Ea'rlna, v. i. to do auddenlj. 

bows of a canoe. Karl^iaa, d. i. to calk. 

Xn'retabo, n. a certain diatribution Ea'rln&iu^ v. (. caua. of rinan. 

or excban^ of foo4 in whicb thoae KarinK'iu», v. t. to humble; to make 

who are just outside the man^aba low. 

are aerved Qrat. Eft'rln&bn, n, a large black ant: the 
Ea'reti, n. (Eng.) a caret. name of a certain star. 

Ka'retlka, v. i. to play the game of BCa'iinaba'ua, n. a large fl^ing black 

karetika. ant, the 

Xa'retika, n. a game in wbich a amall Ett'rlnawa, n. » girdle of ahell- 

club is thrown at a tree. beada. 

Kareton'tun, v. i. to atumble or XaMnea, v, t. to honor; to abow re- 

strike or íall against. It reaemblea apect to. 

itntaba. SaiineMne, v. í. to ahow respect. 

Xa'rewan, n. (Eng.) a caravan. Earlne'rliie, n. reapect. 

Ea^we, n. the fresh sap írom the Zarlns'iines, v. t. freq. of karinea; 

cocoanut bnd. to ahow one reapect. 


Earlnti'^ n. the second in a famil; Efrlraka, v. t. to straigbten, aa the 

of tbree; the middle child- eplnal-cotumn. 

Ka'rib'a, t>. t. ta make crowded, to K&'rlraki, o. erect, itratght u the 

crowd. back. (Phys. p. 11.) 

Earlba'ura, v, t, to make red ae K&'rlrl, a. famous through prosperity. 

liquor or gio. Earl'ri, n. i, to eogage in tempting. 

Ea'rlbanam, n. (Eng.) galbantun. Esrlrl'a, v. t. to tempt; to solicit. 

Ka'rlb&ba, v. i. to ride the surf. Karl'rtm£t& v. t. to aelect a wife for 
Xa'rlbàba, n. ridiíig the auri. one's son. 

Ka'rtb&ba, v. t. to set close together, Karl'rlna, v. t. freq. of karina. 

as plants. EaMilSa, v, i. to wait for sunshine. 

Zarlb'a'rlb'a, n. the fragnients of tt>- Earl'rlka, v. t. to cause wakefulneas. 

bacco eticks in a cask of tobaeco. Earl'rikana, v. i. to cause capricious- 
Eftrtbo'nobaiio, v. i. caus. of ribono- nega of appetite. 

boDo. Ka'rítst, t>. i. to be disobedieot; cot 
Earlbo'noboiioa, v. t. caus. of ribono- to heed. 

bono. Karltelrake, v. a. increasing ia se- 
Ka'rlbu, n. e. sand bottDm. verity as aícknesB; increaeíDg in 

Ea'ribiia, v. t. to strike with in- ugl; manoers. 

creased íorce a peg or nail. Ka'ro, n. a parent. 

Karlbu'rlbua, v. í, to daub or pelt Ka'rS, n. veiy deep wat«r; wàter 

one with riba. dark beoause deep. 

KaMkB, t>. t. to beget; to glve eiist- Xaro'a, v. i. to flsb for the t?Ktt. 

enoe to; to creafce. Koro'à, v. t. to carry a child astride 
Ea'rika, n. creation; the act of caus- on the shoulders. 

ing to exist. KarO'a, v. t. to wait until dark: to 
Kar&a'na, v. i. to break away aa da.rken. 

from a contract. Karo^aroft, v. t. freq. of karoa; to 
Ka'rlkamftte, a. numb ; asleep as the carr; frequentlj as a child on the 

aim. ehoulder. 

Earik&'ka, v. t. to cause to retum, Earo'aroa, v. i. to engage in carrying 

or go back: to withdraw. (Sam. a child on the shoulder. 

2:8.) Ka'rou, V. i. to fiah for rou. 

gftYlkari, o. i. to throb. K&'rou, n. flahing for tou. 

Ka'rlkarl, n. a throb. Ea'rou, a. rough aa the sea. 

Eíi''rike, n. (Eng.) garlic Karouatao, v. a. taee kareuatao), 
Kft'rlU, n. a descendant. (Phja. p. BO.) 

Ka'rlkl, V. i. to couceiTe; to beoome Ea'roa, n. a flsh, the 

preenant. Ea'rooa, v. t. to mossage a boil. 

Eiui^klm&ta, v. t. to begin the mak- Es'rone, n. (Eng.) a colon;. 

ing of a net. Ea'rofio, a. atale, as oocoanut which 
Earl'kliia'oniata, a. well propor- has been long in a seraped condition. 

tioned: kind; noepitable; social. Sà'roflo, n. a ringing in the ear. 

EarÍ'kliiai'oinBt&, v. t. to make one Earo'floa, v. i. to make a noise. 

kind and aocial. Karo'S.oa, n. a disturbing noise. 

Kari'klnTa&, a. not well propor- Earo'florofio, o. freq. of karoSo. 

tioned: un»ociable. Eftroba'roba, v. t. to make a aail 
KaTÍ'kliirafi&, v. 1. to make one feel shake in the wind. 

Karoba'roba, n. the shaking of a sail 

Kari'kljitoa, a. of massive frame. 

in the wind. 

Eari'klbuaka, a. deformed. 

Ea'rokaro, u. i. to cara for one's par- 

Earl'klra, a. not well formed aa a. 



Ea'rokam, «. the senae or power of 

Earl'klTlkl, t». a new vlllage: a new 


6a6<ii pit 

Earo^oa, o. t. to cause to arrive ; to 

KaMkoa, v. t. to gather. 

wait for a person or a thing to 

Zariko^lkaa, f>. (. freq. of kaiikoa. 




Ka'roro, n. tbe iria (PhyH. p. SI] : « Ea'miUl, v. t. to collect; to assembla. 

girdle wom bj women. Ett'ruben, v. t. to caiue to wiuk; to 

Ka'roro, v. >. to act as pilot. wink. 

Ka'roroa, v. t. to pilot a craft EamlMiüLna, v. i. Bee kaiketai, and 

EarCi'rOa, v. í. to wait until darker: kamarike. 

to wait until a veiuel haa anehored Karube'ralw, v. i. to wink. 

before visiting it Kanib•'rubaa, v. t. to wink. 

Ka'roron, n. a game Bligbtly resem- X&'rukaru, ó. i. freq. of kani, to 

bling t«n-pina. make a noise like a, rat nibbling. 

Ka'roron, o. *. to plaj tbe game of Ka'mrn, n. a fringed ornament for 

karoTon. the fingers in tbe ruoia. 

Xaroto^Utofia, v. t, to make verj Eftm'rQii, v. f. to cauae to tremble or 

dark. quiver, aa a finger or foot or stick, 

Ea'rotn, t>. i. to approach witb bos- etc, 

tile intent: to engage in flshing bf Xarurube'nebeiie, c. i. to cauae to 

prjring opeu ho^ in the rocks shiver. 

wbere fisbee hide. Eara'mb•iialw^iMt, o. (. to make 

Ea'rotii, n. a hostile approach; a shiver. 

mode úf flshing (aee o. «. karotu). Zata', o. (. to try. 

Kan/tua, v. (. to dull; to blunt: to Ks'toe, v. i. to eogage in hospital- 

vleit with bostile intent: to pry ity. 

opeo a hole in the reef in search oi Ka'tae, ti. boepitality; kindnesa to a 

flsh. stranger. 

Ea^otun, v. i. to be stubbed as the Xata'ea, v. t. to overcome; to con- 

toe: to etagger aíter etubbiug tbe quer: to treat a struiger witb gifts 

toe. of food. 

Karotim'ttin, v. i. freq. of karotun. X&ta'ta, d. 1. to aplit; to crack. 

Ka^n, f. <. tó Bound; to make a noiM Kata'eare, c. a. not easily tiained or 

l^ collision. taught good behavior. 

TiBrní, v. t. to miss as a day: to Xataea'rea, v. t. to disregard oue 

change. teaching good manners. 

Kam'aniuo, v. a. causing nàusea; Xata'en&no, v. a. troublesome; caus- 

distressed because of bad dreama. ing discomfort hj ill behavïor. 

Earn'ama, v. t. freq. of kania. Kata'enàno, n. troublesomeneas. 

Za'moa, c. (. to make descend; to Zata'enà'uoa, f>. t. to weaiy one by 

take down. ill bebavior. 

Xaruo'la, v. i. to prepare for tbe Xata'enafi, v. i. to m^ce ready. 

ruOHt bf incantalion; to atart Xata'ere, v. i. to engage in lasbing; 

ntoto. to eogage in flabing by kataere. 

Sata'a», n. flebing for small fisb in 
the early moming twilight ou the 

ntuta. weather Hide. 

Xam'onako, a. abundant, plenteous, Xata'erea, t>. t. to acourge; to whip; 

great. to lash ; to chastiae. 

Earuona'koa, •/>. t. to make abundant. B^tae'rlerl, v. i. to cauae to smart. 

Eara'oruo, n. fresb sap of the cocoa- Kata'srlnfi, o. t. to basten work. 

nut tree ; freeb kareuie. Kata'etae, v. i. to engage in tyiDg co- 

Karu'oruo, v. i, to alteraate. coanuts togetber in twoa. 

Karuo'ruoa, v. t. to perform by tums. Katasta'ea, v. t. to addreas; to 

Karaotà'ría, o. t. to release one by accoat, 

incantation from a laboo impoaed. Ka'tal, n. a hahai patob or pit just 

Earuotn'&, v. i. to gomble; to bet. ezcavated. 

Earaota'i, n. gambling; bétting. Eata'ia, v. t. to excarato as a rua. 

Xa'rume, v. i. to abine as tbe aun Eata'imara'aa, v. i. to wait for tbe 

wben somewbat obscured. middle of tbe afternoon. 

Karume'rtmie, <<. t. to be somewbat Kata'lrikla, n. t. to wait until even- 

obacured as the aun. ing; to flnish the day. 





Xata'Ital, v.i. lo engage in tryiiig or Xst&mve^wea, v. t. to cut imeTculj 

teating. the eaves of a house. 

Katn'on, v. t. to maka even full. Ea'tàn, n. (Eng.) cotton. 

Kata'oatu, c. t. to travel. Kat&n, v. i. to go into the lee of ; to 

EJtt&'Ott't'oa, V. t. to challenge fr<»Q m take ehelter under the lee. 

distance. Katà'na, f. f. to couceal one's Belí as 

Kkta'om&ta, v. i. to sleep; to take n behind onotheri to place under the 

refreehing nap after much watch- lee. 

ing. Kat&'neR, v. t. to mark iot a guide, 

Kata'ob'alrl, v. i. to wade in the Balt as with a pencil: to follow up or 

wàter, bendinç over tiU the wàter trace out íoot-patha. (Sam. 4; 13.) 

reachCB the chin, Kftt&'nelÈi, ■■ * *- ' — ■ *- *■- 

Eata'or&'baba, c. t. to circulate as s. bituate. 

Btory or gosaíp. Kat&'nliiR, t>. í. to 

E&tan, n. a double sbell-bead girdle. in order to nake 

E&ta'O, V. i. to proapect as for a K&t&'niS&nuiraa, t 

Bchool of fil•lh. Industrious. 

Kata'fl, 71. a prospecting for a Bchool Blatft'i^fiiunara'im, 

to accustom; to ha- 
gather to one alde 

o make in- 

Katft'nlfiarotl, v. I. eaiu. o( tani- 

K&t&^ilfiaro'üa, c. t. caue. of tani- 

Katft'nliloa, v. t. to hide with a view 

Katà^bàba, v. t. to make crowded 

with Btuff or trash. 
Xatft'noata, t>. t. to publiah abroad. 
Xatan'nakoa, v. t. \o turn awa;; to 

make to face from. 
Kat&n'tan, v. i. freq. of katan. 
Xa'tafi, t>. i. to Bignalize by loud. 

K&tafl, «. a loud whiatle as a aignal: 
a portion of a cocoanut leaf to bfl 
inaerted in the mouth of a fiah trap 
to prevent eecape. 
B^ta'fla, V. t. to make to «7 as a 
child; to make to aing aa a bird; to 
I plav upon an instrument. 
Xatana'na, u. f. to spread out aa the 
bands and Sngers la fear (used in 
the plural). 
Xàta'nrake, v. i, *to draw near aa a Katafuuiafla&ft, t>. t. to slaah. 

aebool of Óah. EatafLtblno, n. a certaiu incauta- 

Kata'urakea, -o. t. to approach ahoal tion : a aununons. 

wàter aa a BChooI of fiah. Kata'Clblno, v. i. to summon ; to call ; 

Eata'utan, v. i. freq. of katau. to invite. 

Eatanta'ua, v. t. to aim. EatafUtail, v. *. to cause to etj; or 

Kata'm'a, n. a cat. to aing repeatodlf aa a bird. 

Kata'm'a, t>. í, to flah for onaati with Eata'fiitaS, n. the cauae or occaslon 
B flab-hook. of crTing; of inatrumental muaio 

Xatam'Sntl, a. wild aa a cat. or bird aínging. 

Xatam'&n'tl, n. a wild cat Kata'fUtafia, v. t. to make erj fre- 
Katama'roA, v. t. to make beautiful. "~ 

of flah. 

Kata'u, V. >. to make preparation. 
Kata'uA, V. t. to pronounce aufficient 

or enough. 
Xata'uansa, v, t. t« provoka to jeal- 

Satauna'ra, v. t. to compare; to con- 

Katauna'ii, e. i, to eugage in compar- 

ing or contraating. 
Kata'unftta, v. t. to contrast ; to com- 

Kàta'im&ti, v. i- to engage tn con- 

Xata'unfti, n. the act of contrasting. 
KBtft'uilft, c. t. to draw a crowd. 
Kat&'niia, n. a alave: a servant; a 

Xat&ufia'ea, v. t. to make a slaye or 

aerrant of one. 
Zat&'ufiaiui, V. t. to hold in serfdtHn. 
Kataura'oa, v. t. to make ready 

Kataura'ol, v. i. to engage in makisg 

preparation; to prepare. 
Rkta'nraka. v. i. to draw n 

t. to allow ' 



XATA 126 E&TA 

Eat&bk'nlii, o. í. to go around; to Kfttaluroro, v. i. caua. of takaroro. 

engage in enciícling. Kat&karo'roA, v. f. caus. of takaroro. 

Kataba'nliia, c. t. to go around; to Kata'kamm'k, v. t. to rattle. 

Burrouiíd; to eucircle. Kataral, n. ■ íonn of incantation. 

Katab&'nnrJL, v. t. to partiallj bind Xatara^a, v. t. te atrip off a cocoanut 

the TemainiDs half of the ari. leaflet for a little spaw. 

Kata^baba, t>. t. to Bah for tha tabaha. Kat&'rabu, c. i. to caiue to be indis- 
Kata'baba, n. flabing for the tabobo. poaed to work. 

Katababaea, c. t. to diaherel; to dis- Kat&'VabaA, v. t. to make one indis- 

arrsiige. poaed to work. 

Enta'b'aTR, v. t. to part the legs. Xata'iatara, v. i. to engage in watch' 
Eatabjfreka, n. a aervaut; a Blava; ing tj night: to keep awake. 

a vasaaL Xata^ratara, n. wat«hiiig I^ tiigfat. 

Katanjatabt, o. t. to call a bird t<a Eata'ratarS, v. t. to inepect or watcli 

enanaring. in order to recognize aa a veasel. 

EfttJl'be, ». Um «ntrauM to a ma. Xnt&'re, e. a. ej^uated in «upply; 
KatiHiM, «. (. to flah lor: to dÍT«rt not in atock. 

one ítom what he is doing; to in- Xat&'r•a, v. t. to pay out all ot one's 

termpt. flah-line. 

KatabM'lafia, 9. t. to make full of Kat&'nr•a, «. t. to bring into clear 

Eatabaa'ütfUk, v. t. to make full of KatK'reraa, v. i. to make to rora 

Katà'blTO, n, a movable abed. K&tJl'rln, v. i. to engage in terooring 
K&tabim, t>. a. not provided, aa a the kemel of a eocoanut. 

canoe, with a euccesa-giTing incan- Xat&'rina, v. t. to lemore the kemel 

tation ( Jer. 6:6.) of a eoeoannt^ 

Katalraka, v. t. to make into ridgea Eat&'rlba, t>. t. to break or «lico oS 

or mounda. a pieoe, aa of bah». 

Kata'bnkl, a. having ridgee or Katà'rlb'ab'a, v. t. eaua. of tarib'ab'a. 

mounde. Kat&'ribono, v. i, caua. of taribono; 
Xa'tabVft'na, n. long streaks of light to caiue conatipation. 

bottom. Eat&'rlbo^oa, v. t. caus. of taribono; 
Ea'tabwe'iLa, «. (. to aplít; to eraek. to make one conatipated. 

Katabv«tui'n&, v. t. to break or split Katft'rlkeke, t>. i. caus. of tarikeke ; 

into two parts. to walk or atep on the fore part of 

Xatabw•'nabwena, v, t. to eplit the aole. 

into piecea. KatftMkekea, v. t. cana. of tarikeke; 
Ka'taluüa^, «. i. to make to ahiver to cut obliquely. 

or chatter as the jawa. Xataro^ia, v. t. to pour out a portion 
Katakaora'nra, t>. 1. caus. of t&- of the contenta of a eocoanut ahell 

kauraura. of karewe. 

Satoacamainaliift, v. t. caua. of ta- Za^ta, t>. i. caua. of tata; to pla; 

kamainaina. at skipping stones over tbe wàter. 

Eatakaml'nomlno, t>. *. oaue. of ta- Katàta, n. the game of ricipping 

kaminomino. stones. 

Kattt'kftmlnonil^oa, ti. (. cans. of K&t&tft, v, t. to utt«r rapidly; to 

taluuniaomino. cauae to vibrate, aa hand or 

Eata'kanijia, o, i, caua. of tokanotia. tonsue; to slcip a stone over wàter. 

Xata'kanana'ea, v. t, caus. of taka- Eata&'ea, c. t. freq. of kataCa, to 

nana. crack. 

Eatakanelnea, v. t. caus. of taka- Xatatal, c. i. to engage ín taking in 

Katakane'tiiel, v. i. caua. of taka- Eatata'ia, v. t. to taka in a anare or 



Kftt&'U, o. haTing bold mter; deep Eate^nfia, v. i. ta elente the kiiMi 

cloae to ahore. when lying down. 

Zatft'wa, n, h. flah, tbe Kkto'lrafia, n. the elevatioii of the 

Katawa'en, v. t. to wait for íruit knees when l;iiig dowc. 

vntil ripe. Kate'lrakea, v. t. to cause to ataud 

K&ta'wtuioo, V. i. to recut the cocoa>- up. 

uut apathe at iio<hi, in order to in* EsMlriaMa, o. i. to engage in per- 

crease the fiow oi sap. forming a, kateiriaria. 

B^ta'wftnoii, n. the act or work of Xatelrla'ila, n. a certain ineanta- 

cutting tfaa oocoanut Bpathe at tion. 

Qoon. Kkt•'lTlki, D, i. to engage in trocing 

Katawanc/iia, v. t. to wait until one'i pedigree. 

noon. Eat•'irlki, n. a pedigree. 

Xata'wfttawa, t>. «. to flab for towa- K&te'ÍTUÍl&, v. i. to start or set on 

toioa. foot ae certain pastimes. 

KatawawR''Mi, «. t. to apread out Kftt•'iruila, n. the storting of Or 

to di7 bríeflf as fish eoon to be ea.t«n assembling for certain pastimes. 

TBw. Kate'ltel, n. a amall sheafh-laiife. 

Eata'a, t>. t. to make etaad up; to K»te1tea, v. t. to raiae the haud re- 

aet up; to build. peatedlj; to cauae a little chíld to 

Xate'a, n. erection; the leeward side stand much on-íts feet. 

of a canoe. Kate'iiie, v. i. to amack aa the lípa 

Kat«'l, v. i. to Het uil. in calling a dog. 

Zate'l, n. a mode ; a method ; a way; Eata'me, n. a mode of fiahinK in 

a aect; a denomination. vhich the line ia often lifted bj 

Katelm'a^e, u, i. to atart worldlj the rod, 

games. Kate'moa, v. t. to call a dog by 

Xatdmà'toa, v. (. to make to stand smacking tha lips; to amack the 

firm. lipa. 

Kate'íiiafi, a. Teiy cruel. Kate'na, o. t. caua. of tena. 

Xatelba'obao, v. t. to engage in mak- Kate^íl, t>. (. to appl^ a càustic; 

ing a diying platfonn; to beg for to make two planks join; to causa 

mercy when not armed. to bíte. 

Eatelb'&'b'Ri, v. i. to aUnd with tha Kateoara'oa, o. (. caua. of tenaraoi. 

head and ahouldera bowed qnita Katena'a, a tha third. 

low. Kate^ua, v. 1. to render granunati- 

Katelb'&'b'ai, n. a mode of atandius cal and euphoniua. 

on the part of females in un- Katafietetiaa, v. t. to expoae the 

nattng. peraou; to go unclad. 

Kate'lb'aVal, v. i. to engage in KateT», v. i. to enanare. 

planting baha*. EatelM, n. the enanaring with a 

Kata'lbuaka, v. í. to be nngrateful epringiíig stick and uoose. 

or indifferent to parenta. Eate'bea, t>. t. to anap; to spring; 

Zate'lïAi, o. t. to enjoin a prohibi- to shoot from a bow; to prick open 

tion. as the head of a boil. 

Kate'lkal, n. the injnnctlon of pro- Kate'betebe, t>. i. to nibble aa a fiah 

hibition. at a bait | to peck as a f owl. 

Eat•'ikolfUra, n. an incantation. Kate'betenbea, v. t. to nibble a bait; 

Kat«'lkoi''aiTa, i>. í. to engage in jier- to peck to pieces. 

forming the incantation katetkoi- Ka'telioa, v. t. to Immerse; to plunge 

Atra. under. 

Katel''r&, v. i. to angi^ in hunting Katebote'lwa, v. t. freq. of kateboa. 

lice hj lifting up the hair for ex- Eate'buraru, v. i. caus. of tebururu. 

amination. Katebum'ma, c. t. caus. of tebu- 

Eateiia, n. hunting lice bj lifting ruru. 

up the hair. KateOcateU, v. t. to seat. 

Xaw'iri, v. t. to disregard orders. . Eat•'k•, o. yery nice, well ezecuted; 



first rate; well fltted aa k fish-hook Katlc/iirl, v. i. to walk bo as to «wing 

t« take fish. the fringe of a riri ia nalkiug, bo bb 

Kata^e, m. nice execution: a certain to arrest attention. 

plank of a cauoe near ose of the Katl'otlo'a, v. t. freq. oi katioa. 

enda. Xatün&'ran, a. smooth chinnedi 

KatA^ea, c. t. to stick ïn; to pierce; beardleas. 

to seeure by Btícking in. Katlm&'ran, n. a man deatitute of a 

Kateke'rla, a. agreeable aa certain beard ; a beardleaa mau. 

kinda of work. Xatüno'iai, o. t. to make round: to 

Eat«%etake, t>. a~ aharp; prickïng, make a knot. 

pricklf . Ka'tlmoi, n. a knot. 

Kata^eteke, n. pricklinesB; pointed- Ea'tünolmo'la, v. t. to make round: 

neas; sharpneaa. to make a knot. 

K&'tare, n. (Eng.) s caatle. Katim'tlma, v. t. to iprinkla. 

Kat«'r«a, v. t. to let ona aee or in- Xatl'nakoa, v. t. to cauBe to Bpurt 

apect. Xati'ne, n. a certain bmiich oí the 

Kattt'rerea, v. t, to bring out into pandaiiuB. 

dearer TÍBÍon. Katl'ne, v. i. to en^age In neighiogí 

Katarete'roa, v. t. to bring oat clearl^ to engage in kanging up as clothea. 

to view. Zatl'nsa, v. t. to hang up. 

Eatft'roa, v. t. to iet down aa a veaBel Kàtineti, n. (Eng.) a castanet. 

containlng fluid. {II Sam. 6:6.) 

Katete, v. i. to engage in scalding KatínBti'nea, v. t. freq. of katinea, 

karetoe againat fermentation. to haiig os clothea. 

Kat•'te, n. karetce partially aoaldad, Ka'tibftna, n. a metal coat of maiL 

to prevent fermentation. Katibana'kDa, v. t. to t\irn ofC froni; 

Katete'a, u. t. to heat or acald fcorewa to disregard aa a requeat. 

in order to prevent fermentation, KatnwTïTi, iníer/. a word repeated by 

Katete'nína, v. a. exceedingly pro- one wtien a job baa been begun, 

voking. equivalent to it'a being done, it's 

Eate'teke, t>. *. to make for directly. being done." 

Eatete^ea, o. t. to make for or «all Zatlbara'ea, o. t. to cause to go be- 

íor a place directly. yond ita proper place. 

Eatí, n. a gun ; a musket. Xatlb&'tiba, t>. t. not to handle akill- 

Ea'tl, n. a bivairular shell-flsh, the fully aa au adze; to bungle with; 

K&'tl, n. a tierce of tobacco. to deal ineffectÍTe blows. 

K£'tl, ti. i. to play carda. Kati'bua, «. t, to cauae to Bwell aa a 

Eatl'a, V, t, to elioot. aponge with wàter. 

Eft'tla, V. t. to increase the qnantity; K&tibwe^bwe, t>. i. to Bquat in a 

to make morè or larger. certain way. 

Ea'tU, V. t. to finieh; to complete; Xa'tlka, v. t. to jerk; to pull with a 

to let one flniah firat what he ia jerk; to pull; to haul; to haul taüt. 

doing. Kati'keko, v. i. to glide rapidty along 

K&tia, n. (Eng.) cassia. aa a canoe. 

Ea'tla, a. happ; because favored. Ka'tlki, c. >. to pace to and fro. 

Katl&tiB, V. i. to give way; to be Katlki, n. a pacing to and fro. 

íaint hearted: to finish. Kft'tiki, n. a certain game. 

Ka'tio, n. a cocoanut-ahell bottie car- Xatlklno'noa, v. t, caua. of tikinono. 

ried by a loop in two holes: a earry- Katl'klntftka'ea, ti. í. to haul taüt. 

ing to peraons portiona of food aa- Kati'kitlka, u. í. freq. of katika. 

eigned to them. Xatl'kltlki, v. i. to tow aa in a canal: 

Ea'uo, p. i. to engage in oarrying por- to haye paroiysmB, 

tions of food. Zatikii'ruoa, v. t. to make sit down 

Katlo'a, V. t. to tum a grindstone: on a mat or floor. 

to diBtribut« by taking to the re- Z&'tlrO, v. 1. to iron as clothea. 

cipient. Ka'tlra, v. i. to engage in Ironlng or 

Katio^dU, fall. in smoothing. 


KiTI 129 KATO 

Katira, n. the proeeM ot Ironing. Eato'kaIinn'nAl, v. i. to fish far the 
Eatl'ribafle, c. t. to rest tbe chin imunot. 

upon. Eatc/kalma'DAl, n. ihe fishing for 

iEftÚ'ribo, V. i. to tbrash about. imunai. 

EAti'rlb(/a, v. 1. to thrash or Btríke Kato'banikRl, t>. t. c&iia. of tokaai- 

with tbe tail aa a flsb. kai. 

Kfttira'ronA, t>. t. to roll; to trundle. Xato'kanlbL'lB, v. t. caus. of tokani- 
E&titl, v. i. to repeat l^e interjectíDn kai. 

" ti "; to hisa. Kftto^abeti, v. i. caus. of tokabeti. 

Kati'tl, n. au eye-tooth. Eatokabe'tia, v. í. caus. of tokabeti. 

Katiti'ft, V. t. freq. of katia, to Bhoot; EOitok&Ta'kea, v. f. caus. of tokarake. 

to tquirt. Kato'katoka, v. i. to play at a gnme 

Katl'tdbefU'iia, v. t. caua. of titibe- of ball in wbich the ball is con- 

Dana. atantlj knacked upwarda. 

Eatl'tuara'oa, v. t. to speak of ona Kato'kin&no, v. (t. discouraging. 

or to call one gecerous, hence to Eato'kitoílo, a. bold; unfimcbing; 

thauk. arduoiiB. 

Eatítnara'oi, c. i. to engage in thank- Eato^toka, n. t. to make ta cease ; 

ing. to put a atop to. 

Eati'tuara'oi, n. thanksgtTing; praise Estofo, v. i. to engage in daubing 

for líberalitj. a bad perfume on the nose of an- 

Eato'à, V. t. to fumisb witb a full otber with the finger. 

complement; to furnisb all banda Kato'ko, n. tbe tríck of daubing a bad 

witb. Katoa te &oA ae horaki = do odor on the noae of another with 

dailj. tbe flnger. 

Eato'aiiiaTi, v. i. caua. of toamau. Zato^oa, v. t. to daub one with tha 

Katoama'uk, v. t. caus. of toamau. finger. 

Kato'ara, n. i. to flsh alone in a Eatokono'no, v. i. caus. of tokonono. 

canoe: to act alone in work usually Katokono'iioa, v. í. caus. of tokonono. 

done bj twa. Kato^oroa, v. i. caua. of tokorua. 

Kato'ara, n. a aingle-handed doing of Kato^oruA, v. t. caus. of tokorua. 

work uBuallf perfonned hj two. Ea'toro, v. i. to act on the boweU: to 

Xatoara'ea, v. t. caus. of toara. tiade. 

Kato'atoa, v. t. freq. of katoa. Katoro, m. trade; barter. 

Eatonto'ua, v. i. to repeatedly nod Kato^a, v. (. to set down. 

the head. (Jer. 18: 16.) Eatt/ronraü, v. i. caus. of toronraD. 

Ka'tomà, v. t, caus. of toma. Kato'ronra'na, v. t. caua. of toronrafl. 

Kato'míL•n, n. taste. Katoroba'kaTa, v. t. to charge witb 

Kato'màm, v, i, to tast«. untidineas. 

Blato', v. t, to render eupbonious. Xato'robn'aka, o. í. to encamp in 

Tbis word is alao written katerma. anticipation of war, 
ZatonTia'nara, n. a feaat in honor of Kato^oona'kaka, v. i. to uae scur- 

one'a baving changed bis nnme. rilous language. 

Kato'nuara, v. i. to feast in honor of Xatorobalina, v. i. to kneel. 

one'B baring changed hia name. Katorobu'bna, m. kneeling. 

KatoS, c. i. caus. of toS. Kato^otl1}*a, v. i. to eaga^ ïu dia- 

Kato'fia, V. t. to tast« of. tributing or dividing partions of 

Katoflatafía, n. joj; happineaa; food for one'a nefgbbors. 

pleasure. Kato^tl'b'a, n. the diatributfon o( 

Eat(/filto&, V, i. to deafen by a loud food among neighbora. 

report. Eato^otoTO, ti. i, to have diarrhcea, 

Kato^ibl, n. a deep wooden tray or freqüent movements of the 

sborter than a kumete. bowels. 

Kato'bibia, n. t. to go around. Xato^toro, it. looseneaa of the 

Xatokft, c. t. to put or place up; to bowels; diartluBa. 

make vicborioua. Xatyto, v. i. to engage in imitating 

Eato'ka, v. t. to atop. or mióiicking. 



XaWtOt *. the act of iiiiitating or K&tn'^ v. i. to engage in dig^ng np 

mlmickiiig. Jbatufit. 

Xft^toto, a. Uucj; imdlapoMd to ef- KAtnta'a, v. 1. to dlg up katuíw. 

fort. Xa'wa, V. t. to creep tsee kawak^itpa). 

ZatOte'ft, t>. (. to imitate or mimio. KK'Vft, n. & village; a town; a city. 
KatOtCfik, V. t. to imitate. Kft'wa, d. a. cauaing hoitow wLen 

ZatAt^fia, «. a UkeuoHi. lost. 

K&to^kft, D. (. fr«q. of IcatolcL Eft'wft, v. j. to move along in a coa- 

Katoft, «. t. to KÏve a wide berth to: pany or Qock or ahoal. 

to make of meaium siie. Eawa'omwera, v. i. to causa to go 

Xatu'a, V. t, to test a coeoauut spathe bIow. 

aa to the amouiít of its Bap. Kawaen 

Xa'tua, V. í. to play the gome of go atow. 

katva. BIkwa'eraka, » trousera. 

Xa'tuA, n. a game in wliich the mi«- Zawa'erakea, v. t. to eause to go up 

aile lo tilrown m> aa to glauca over a a« on to the land. 

rail. Kawa'eramwe, c. i. to go slowlyi to 

Katua'e*, c t. to ftne; to impoae a cause to go bIdw. 

penalty ta. Kawa'eremwea, v. t. to make one to 

Katnana'koM, t>. t. to refuae com- go alow. 

pliance with. Z&wa'eribooo, v. i. to engage in talc- 

Xata'atií^, t>. i. to engage In throw- itig Bhort stepB. 

Ing Bpeara. Zaira'erlbo'noa, c t. to make ona 

Katu'ataa, o. f. to make an outrigger take Bhort ateps. 

ride over the waveB. Xaim''etAta, v. i. to walk rapidly. 

Efttnlala, n. a Bea-urchin. Zawa'etatft, v. t. to make one'B aelf 

Eatmna'im, v. t. to malce great as walk rapidly. 

one'B cr^ng; to giv« utterance to KaTa'etatà'w», o. i. to walk rapidly. 

much grief ; " e aera teua^i fikae e a Kawaetat&'waa, v. t. to make one's 

bon katumava te taüt" Belf walk rapidly. 

Eatnn&, v. t. to urge one'B daughter Ea'wal, n. a path; a waj; 8 rosd; & 

to accept an offer. atreet. 

Katn'ka, v. t. to leave behindí to Ea'wal, v. i. to engage in performing 

cauBe to remain. an incantation in order to malce tha 

Xatu'kua, c. i. to leave behind (Jbo- beard grow. 

tMka I>ecomes katuku when foHowed Kawa'la, c. (. to Bubjeet one to Bor- 

hy Üie Buffií pronouu a). cery for making his beard grow. 

Xatnkuru'oa, c. t. See katikvruoa. KawalnimoiLe, o. i. to go one at a 
Xata'r&, V. t. to allde along. time. 

Ka'tura, ». a very small bivalvular Eawainilclraii'roro, «. i. not to Im 

ahell-flBh bait for the nintmat. on liand in time to receive a por- 

Katu'rabesu, v. i. to wear out ' tÍon of food which han just oeen 

through heavy woi^. diatributed. 

Eaturabea'im, v. l. to wear out Eawa'liioa, v. t. to eause one or Bome- 

through heavj usage as a eanoe. ihins to go down toward the wrat. 

Ka'toru, f . i. to engage in softening Eawa^rin&n, u. i. b> mareh in a pro- 

flsh to be eaten raw. cession. 

Ka'tnra, n. flsh prepared to be eaten Kawa'lrin&'na, v. t. to arrange 

raw hj Bqueezing. people in liiigle flle or in a proces- 

Katu'nja, v. t. to fncreaae in tint or sion. 

odor: to break in amall piecea as a Kawa'lwal, n. pandanua fruit pre- 

nnt; to aoften bj preBsnre a fisií to served In a powdered form; a va- 

be eaten raw. riety of kabwbu. 

Katumtn'rnn, v. t. to aoften by r»- Xawa'lwal, v. í. to engage in preserv- 

peated pressure a flah to be eaten ing Jcoieaíuxi*. 

raw. EawanalEoa, v. t. to permit a cMld 

Kfitntu, ». the root of young baba*. to creep. 


KAVA 131 KEtA 

Xawa'nairaïu, «. i. to make intelli- Ea'wakawa, v. i. to engnge in Bwing^ 

gent. ing a peraon with a Top« attocbed 

Eaw&'n&trajíi, v. t, to make one in- to the swing. 

telligent) to enlighten. X&'woluwe, n. a rope attached to ft 

Kawane'lnea, v. t. to make too rope íor awinging it. 

w&terf. Eaweka'wea, v. t. to awlng a perion 

Eawa'nlkal, a. deBerving ot praiae in a swing with a kaicekatce. 

or note: in jeopardf. Xa'wete, n. a ttayonet; a ating as oí 

Kawann'a, a. tbe eÏKhtli. a scorpion or bèe. 

Eawa'fU, o, a. weanaome; especiallr Ka'wete, v. i. to start to grow ai a 

if fniitleBB or diataateful. new branch of the pandanuo. 

K^WR^fia, n. weaiiBameueBi. Eawewa'nea, v. í. freq. of kawenea. 

Kawa'fiaroro, v. a. verj wearisonie. Ka'wl, n. a long cocoanut-Bliell bottie 

Kawa'fiawafía, v. a. freq. of kawafla; uaed in incan&tions. 

constaotly wearisome. Kawl'a, v. t. to go to meet. 

KawaflftwaDft, v. (. to weary one, as Kawl'abu&ka, v, i. to misa meeting 

constant employment. one. 

Ka'wakawa, o. i. to creep. Eawl'araoi, v. i. to meet In good time. 

Ea'wakawa, n. a creeping: eapecialty Eawl'matoà, v. t. to peraist in one's 

acreeping iotoailIjwomen'B housea. statement; to make one's self per- 

Kaw&lLl, V. i. to go on; to move on; sist in a statement. 

to proceed. Kawi'remwe, v. i, to apeak slowly. 

KB'waki, a. pTeciona; valnable. Eawl'remwea, t>. f. to cauae one to 

Xaw&ki'nA, o. t. to take care of, to speak slowl^. 

Kawl'tata, v. i. to apeak rapidly. 
Kawltata, V. t. to make one'i i 

Eawltat&, I 

. ., apeak rapidlj. 

Ka'waxft, ». a break in the line of Kawlteke, v. i. to be fluent, fordble, 

eocoanat treea. and to the point without fear. 

Katra''rairoi«, v. t. to eeparate aa Kawlte^ea, t>. t. to make one'a aelf 

picketa. very fluent, forcible, and to tha 

Eawa'rawata, n. an opening in the point. 

line of cocoanut treea. ' Eawlte^ateke, v. i. freq. of kawiteke. 

Kawa'>ebw««, v. t. to make roomy or Xawl'tekete^ea, v. t. freq. of k»- 

large. witekea. 

Kawa'riko, v. t. to make nariow, Kawl'toka, p. i. caua. of wltoka. 

Xava^ki, n. a flah, the Kawltokà, t>. 1. caua. of witoka. 

Kaw&Mkl, V. i. to flsli for katoariki. Eawlto'kRtoka, v. t. caus. oí wit«du- 

Eawa'Va, v. i. to engage in eoUeeting toka. 

dripping rain wàter. Ke, conj. or. 

Kawa'wa, n. the going of a company Ke, v. a. hoarae. 

to kill fugitives frtl•ln a battle or t«i Se, v. t. let (uaed in the imperatlve). 

engage in robbery. Ka, o. í. to utter the interjection keke: 

XaTawn'ea, e. t. to oollect dripping i" go; " ke ieaW'^get away: to 

rain wàter. come, " it« mai " = ccane bere. 

Ka'we&na, a. unaoccessful aa a flsher- E'Ot f. í. to decrease. 

man. E•'a, c. *. to utter an exclamatlon 

Ea'weSiui, n. a apecies ot erab, the wlien hurt. 

EalnaU, a. good and favorable, aa Xe'aà, n. a varietj of aeaweed. 

a wind for aailing. Kea^filnlmaldn, n. a vine, the 

Sa'we&e, v. i. to fiah for ikarí by lef^ K•'akMt, u. i. to utter a sharp ery 

ting the flah-line He along the or aound, as in the ruoia. 

bottom. Kn'akea, n. the utterance of a aharp 

Kft'w«a«, n. a mode of flahing for ikaH. shout in rvoia. 

Xawa^eit, t>.* t. to lay down. Kaen'na, n. (Gng.) Oehenna; heli. 

EaweDara'oa, v. t. to make to lie Xo'iakl, o. i. ta be atirred up; to be 

properly or comf ortably. arouaed. 



Kv^Akl, n. a bestirrEng ot ods'b uU; Ee^boU, n. a sea-slug, teofee de 

activi^; ezcitement Mer; pandauiu paste dríed in thick, 

Ke'lahlTiB, v. t. to rouM; to bestir. sinall cakes. 

Kein&'noa^ d. t. to have mncfa in mind Se'reboki, v. i. to engage in dTying 

in order to obtain. pandaniu paste in thick, small 

Eeml^rlan, n. (Bng.) tlw chamelecm. cakeB. 

K•'na, «. t. to dig. Eenbo'lcU, v. t. to make pandaniu 

K'•'nAko, V. i. to daereaMi to move: paate into thick, small cakes to 

to be remored. dry. 

Eeno^, ». (Eng.) a muirj. Kenkfka, n. a shell-flBh, tbe 

Ks'nlken, v. i. to dig. KeMk&kl, v. i. to draw back; to with- 

Ee'tükan, n. the work of digging. draw. 

Sflfi, odo. Is it not K>T It is uaed to Ka'rikAkt, n. a drawing baek; a with- 

indicat« a wish for an expression drawal. 

oi assent or approbation from the Ke'ru, v. a. prevalent aa thieving; 

penon addreHmL noisj íu gnawing. 

EanM, V. o, foundered, awamped. Ke'm, n. a gnawing; thefti a Tarietr 

Xa^uü, V. i. to erowd. of eel, the 

Zs'butl, n. a crowding againit. Ee^iiblm, n. (Heb.) cbembimi a 

Kobatla, v. f. to crowd againet. cbenib. 

Eè'ks, v. i. freq. of Jte, to «hout In Zonitorlto, ». (Gr.) chrTsoIite. 

triumph: to move a Httle. Ea'ta, t>. i. to grunt, as when pimehed 

Xe^a, n. (Eng.) eake. in the side. 

Kè^fi, 11. i. to rattle, aa iron with iron. Kft^, n. this word ía verj idiomàtic 

EeOce, ». a cape of land. It follows boa; equivalent to dash 

K«ke'akea, v. t. fieq. oí keakea, to in plecea (aeePB. 137:0). 

utter B. l•lharp cry or wiind. E«taketa, v. i. freq. of keta. 

Eeke^akl, v. i. freq. of keiaki, to Za'telEeto, n. a covered basket; a 

rouse one's «elf. amall BÍzed haene. 

Keka'laki, n. freq. of keiaki. Kete^, n. (Eng.) a gazelle. 

Keke'laUiia, v. t. freq. of keiakina. Xé'tere, n. (Eng.) a kettie. 

Keke^o, interj, b. shout of victoiy. Ee'tl, n. a fljang flsh. 

SCkekekt, V. i. freq. of kSke. Ka^ta, n. (Heb.) a piece of moaef. 

Xe^era, f. t. to searcb out; to follow (Joehua 24:32.) 

up as a rumor. Ea^toA, n. a bivalvular ehell, the 

Eeke^rake, v. i. freq. of kerake, to Ke^ve, v. *. to liej to falaifj. 

draw nearer. Ke'we, n. a lie. 

Xeke^ka'kl, n. i. freq. of kerikaki, Ke^e, n. a porpmse: a bird, the 

to draw back; to withdraw. Xè'vS, a. not well fumiahed or pro- 

Keke^ka'kl, n. freq. of kerikaJd. vided ot finiahed off; in bad taate. 

XekemA'tai, o. i. to gnaah. Ka'wekewe, v. i. freq. of kewe, to lie. 

KekeraBtal, n, gnaehing of teeth. Xeweta'la, c. i. to lie. 

Ke^ett, «. a dragon-Qy. Ki, n. the anua : keel. 

XeOtetlnlmft'tafi, n. a large ipeciei Ki, v. i. to go, " ki v>ati " ^^ stand 

of dragon-flj, the away; give place (laai. 49:20), to 

Eí'ko.n. (Eng.) a gecko. eome, )ti mai = come here. 

Ee^ake, tj. i. to draw nearer, Ki'a, v. i. to throng alMut. 

E•r&'kl, n. a variet; of the BOldier Ei'a, n. (Eng.) a gier. 

crab. Eia'íal, n. a tree, the 

XXBCl/ki, f. i. to carry a load on the Eia'oo, n. a creeping vine, the 

back, in a basket slung on the Xlan&'na, n. the droppings of inaects 

shouidera. which infest karewe. 

Kera'tlo, n. (Gr.) the carob tree. Eiaaft'na, v. a. defiled by kianana. 

(Luke IG: 16.) Kiatiafi, a. active; wide awake; alert. 

Kerem'ron, n. a carved image of wood. Kl'akla, n. name ot a bird. 

Ke^ent&rl, n. a apecies of devil-fiah, Ki'akia, t>. i. to throng about; to pour 

or etingaree, the foith with fullnesa aa an odon to 



seatter in fright u » aohool of flah Kim'&'^n, n. sn improrideiit eon- 

when attocked. sumption of íooú. 

Kift'U&ra, t>. (. freq. of Idftra. Kl'm'akim'a, o. sharp; keen. 

Ki'ara, v. f. to throng. Kl'mfiku, ». cowardice. 

Kl'aro, n. a stick uniting tb« ont- Ki'mfikn, a. oowardly. 

rigger to a cauoe. Elm&'rawa, n. a loug, branching 
EUrom&'toa, n. Uie middle rafter. coral, red, dark or whíto. 

Kia'romotl, n. a íoist or sleeper on Slm'are'lrei, v. i. to exult; to re- 

which the deck oi a canoe reats. joicej to joj. 

Eia'roiiliii&'l, n. a. large canoe haviog Eun'ar•'iiéi, n. ezultation; gre&t 

üye polea or sticka to the auC J07. 

rigger, Zuu&'rlm&rl, d. a. abouttding in food. 

Eia'roten'al, n. a. canoe with three Ei'mJUtoa, a. Btiff jointed in the hips 

Hticks attaching the outriggcr. in rwoio, hence iinable to kabuti 

Kl'e, n. a mat of paudanus leaves split. well. 

Ele'a, V. t. to paM througb a chiuinel Ki'màtoa, n. a pereon with stiffneas 

neorer to one aide than ths other. of joints in rvoia. 

El'enlka'rab'ft, v. i. to cover over the ElnMà'ta, a. leddiBh, aa foliage in « 

abouldere witb a mat. diy Beason. 

Ki-'ebu, n. • lily. Kimo'a, e. i. to ateal. 

El'ebo, V. a. aboundiag in UI; buda Kimo'a, n. a thief : a rat: a flsh. Om 

and bloeaoma. Klmo'aro^o, v. a. given to much 
Kí'skie, o. i. to limp aa witb the thieving; Oiieviab. 

apring halt. Klmo'ato, c. a. thieriah. 

Ki^i, e. i. to bum furioual; with Klmo'ato, n. a. thief. 

leaping flames. Klmoato^ara, n. a great thief. 

KlO'i, mterj. it is well ; it Is Bufficlent. Klmoato'to, k. b. small rat. 

Kio^na, oonj. aince'; becauae. Klmoia'ne, a. easily frightened. 

Ki'okio, n. a chicken somewhat Klmoia'ue, n. an eaaj fright: one 

grown. eaailj frightened. 

K1Q1)1, n. (Bng.) a eub«. Elmo^klnio, n. a flsh, the 

Kinra'nra, a. eaailj offended. Klrnott/ltoi, a. very short. 

Kinra'ara, n. the eaaj taking of of- Klmo'toto, a. ahort. 

fense. Kim'rl, v. a. assembled; closely 
Klm, c. a. assembled. packad. 

Ki'ina, n. a bivalvular sbell-fiab, üm XÍ'nSí, v. t. to TecognÍEe; to know. 

Ki'm'a, a. aharp; keen. Ki'iui, t>. a. nicked; maired; defaced. 

Ei'mat, V. i. to come near. Klna'nere, v. a. dying, as leavea. 

Ki'ni'ai, a. alow in leaming to walk. Klna'atl, n. a triangle. 

Ki'm'al, n. ■ child who ia alow in Klnft'no, v. i. to be in love. 

leaming to walk. Kinà'no, n. a aweetheart. 

Kim'&'uaB, V. i. improTident; waate- Kln&'noa, v. t. to fall in love with. 

fui. Kin&'nona, v. t. aame as kinarioa. 

Kl'nuuii&'kii, a. freq. of kimaJni, Kin&^onijio, c. i. to utter suapiciouB 

afratd; cowardiT; timid. chargea, aa when jealous. 

El'jnama'lEa, n. freq. of kimaku. Kln&^onino, n. a auspicion of un- 
KllnAmft^a, a. weak. faithfulnese in one's spouse. 

Ki'mama'ÏR, n. weakneas: a weak Kliialta, ». a dlseaM of the akin, the 

person. KliLa'k&, v. a. aOUcted with the !à- 
Kunft'fial, n. t, post of a hata at na- naka. 

tive houae. Klnalanaka, v. a. freq. of kinaka. 

Kíinft''fiamafla, o. baving amall but- KlnaOrant m it^tafl, n. a foreign skin 

tocks. dlseaae. 

KirnafiamafiA, n^ a peraon with small KlaaTcanJ m&tafi, v. a. afflicted with 

buttocka. a certain skin diaease from a for- 

Kim'&'fin, V. a. improvident, by eat- eign land. 

ing morè than ia uecesaary. Kliu'kato, n. % certaln akin dieeaee. 



KliUL'kKto, v. d, nfflictad with the íoolUb thnnigh pride In oïte'i ehlld'a 

kinakato. Bmartneas. 

Ei'nnkl&a, c, a. defuwd; diifigured; Sn'ralL, ». deformitf aa through 

maired. rheumatinD: foolUh pride in m 

Kl'okko, v.i. to go mwaj. child'i precoBÏtf . 

ElnL'ra, n. i. pandaniu log. Kifl, n. (Kng.) a Idng. 

Xln&'r•bwe, n. k duk spot in tbe XIfl, n. (Eng.) a kev. 

■kin; a mole. XlfL'liui, v. t. to tock. 

Kln&'rabwe, a. baving a dark apot in Xlfl.'kifi, ». a stim pandanus uut, 

tlie Bldu. Eifi'klll, d, BÜm ae a pandanue nut. 

Eln&tl, it. tbe name of a bone of the Klfi'tam, n. (Eng.) a kingdom. (Geog. 

leg above the Icoronimae, aecording p. 20.) 

to Kaure : tbe ^ungeat leaf of * Kílw, ty. 

cocoanut tree. n'ha, ». a Btxoke of tbe armi in 

Kl'n&toa, V. a. Bcarred Irom climb- diving. 

ing. Elb'a'l, n. cara of one'a property. 

Xlna'waii&n'tl, a. having dark apoti, Eib'a'i, a. careíul of one g propertf. 

aa acara of a ikin diaeaae. Kib'a'o, v. a. standing or walkins 

Xiua'waiiawk, a. spottod. with the bodr inclining forward 

Kiiw'wMiAwa, n. a apotted appear- without much bending of the back. 

ance. Eib'a'o, n. a covered brace. 

Ei'bortfi, n. tha amallest I& slaa Klb'a'na, a. ahiftleaa; naking no pro- 

among brothera. vision againat want. 

Ei'nlka, n. t. to nip. Eib'a'na, n. shiftleasneas; improvi- 

Elnlka'úfl, V. i. to pick flowars. dence. 

KiMka'o•, n. tha picking aod gather- Kib'a'fLab'afift, n. a amall makei. 

ing of flowera. Kib'a'klb'a, v. i. to fiah with a rod 

n'muní ft. a emall reddiah Inaect, and Üne. 

the Xib'a'kib'a, n. fiahing with a rod and 

Ki'nlkin, v. a. abounding In the in- line. 

seet kinikim. Klb&'kibm, v. i. to Bj. 

KlnlU^iika, v. t. freq. of kinika. Etb&'klba, n. the act of flTÍng: a fiab, 

n'no, n. a game of tag. the 

XI^o, V. i. to plav the game of hino! Kibà'klb&ki, v. a. otten eraving tood. 

to nin very swittly. Klb&'kibfiki, it. a freqüent craving of 

Eino'uta, v. t. to explolt a peraon íor food. 

lice to be aaten. Elb'a'ra, v. a. aailing alowlj. 

Eino'utl, t>. >. to hunt for lica. KlbVra, n. alow aailing; a laek of 

XiniAiti, n. himtiug for lice. speed in a canoe. 

Xlno'no, n. a pit: the center of a Kib&'tl, t>. i. to excel in throwing. 

Whirlpool. Eib&'ti, n. excellence in throwing. 

Eiiu/no, a. Tery deep. Kibè', t>. (. to flah at night on flata 

Eino^ionftko, n, i. to awamp in a ' with a torch and acoop-net. 

Whirlpool. Klbè', n. fiahing at nigbt on the flats 

Eino'norio, a. verr deep, as a pit. with acoop-net and torch. 

Sl'noflo, n. an ant. Klbe'a, v. t. to take flah at night on 

El'no&o, V. a. covered with anta. the flats with a acoop-net by toreh- 

El^oftorara'fio, ». a large apeciea of light. 

ant. Xibe'url, v. i. to acrateh aa fowla : to 

Ki'no&orara'fLo, v. a. covered with disarrange coarae gravel, aa chil- 

klDofioraraDo. dren at play. 

Ei'noldno, adv. an adverbial intan- Eibe'nrl, n. a. diBarranseinent of 

aive. coarae gravel, aa by the play of chil- 

. Kino'kanoku, a. habitually miffed. dren. 

Kino'kunokii, m. habitual miff. Xlbe'mia, v. t. to acratch away the 

Kïn'rafi, a. deformed, aa some part of aoil as a fowl. 

the body, as by rbeumatiam : made Xlbe'nn, ». a small seine. 


xiBS 135 zntz 

Elba'kiba, v. i. to aiboml; to Krafaib SUd'b'arft, v. o. freq. of Idban, a^- 

OB fowlB. ing Blowly, 

Kibe'Ube, n. a shovel. Elkl'bftü, v. a. ti«q. of kibatf, to ez- 
Kibe^lbera, v. t. freq. of kibera. cel in throwing. 

KllM^a, V. t. to stir, as food. Sl'ïlba, v. i. freq. of kibe, to fiah a.t 
Slbl'bl, d. veij cowsrdlf (aee Ió- nlght on the Sats with a, scoop-net. 

bubu). Klkibe'a, v. t. freq. of kibea; to toke 
Kllx/a, V. a. aboimding in treei. flsh at night on the flat» with a 

Elbo'a, «. a flsh, tho acoop-net ^ torchlight, 

Elbi/ibol, a. unaueceBBfal in flali- KiUbe'hlb•, v. i. freq. of kibekibe, 

ing. to ehorel; to scratch aa towla. 

Kib</lboÍ, n. a waat of BueoesB in flah- El'kibeklbe^, v. t. freq. of lúbe- 

ing. kíbera. 

Ei'bono, n. a Tirgin. BlkiiVold, v. a. freq. of kiraokl, 
Ki'bono, V. o. clo^ed as tba etern of drunk on liquor. 

a pipe. EiUMma, v. a. acting itr&ngelj, 

Eibo'klbo, a. planted dow together; Eikl'rlb'aro, v. i. to make love; to 

thick as a grove. put on amoroiu looks. 

Kibo^bo, n. a thick cluater of trees Elkl'tïna, v. t. freq. of kitana. 

or shrubfl. Kï'ko, v. a. entangled as the feather 
Kiborik'ua, a. having small limbs in a line in the game of kalane. 

and buttocka but a large abdomen. El'ko, n. au orgas in a female. 

Eiboria'na, ». a person having emall Kl'konafi, n. a toy leaf nisdmill, a 

limbs and buttocks but a. large ab- wÏDdmill; a sta^ fish. 

domen. Kl'ra, n. (Eng.) a gerab. 

Ki'ba, n. a verse ; a atansa. Kira'okl, n. (Eng.) diatilled liqnor; 
Kibu'bn, a. cowajdly. rum; whisky, etc.; grog. 

Etbn'bu, n. cowardice. KIra'okl, a. drunk on distilled liquor. 

EibuTiura, a. etingy (a Maldn word). Kl'rarS, a, red haired. 

Eibu^bura, n. atingiDesfi. ^l'Tarà, n. a person with red hair. 

Xi'bwl, n. B. bird, the El'rarafi, n. Bee kaktmikara oud ní- 
Eilca, n. a laige squid. itiril. In use at Butaritari. 

Kl'ïa, V. i. to fish for the Idka. Ei'rsrewti, a. far away; distant 
Eika'o, n. a small aquid. (mainly in uae at the Sonth). 

Eika'o, V. *. to fieh for the A^Jtoo. Ki'raroa, a. far away. 

EiklX V. t. to take out the contanU Elrft'Ü, n. (Eng.) glara. 

of a bivalTular ahell. El're, a. weak. 

Efkim'ara^ei, v. i. freq. oi kima- ^l'r•, n. a weak peraon. 

reirel, to rejoice. Klre'l, u. a. proud; putting on aln; 
El'klmoa, v. i. freq. of kimoa, to practicing ú'icks. 

Btoal. Kuel, n. uncomfortable conduct; mis- 
KlklmototOr a. freq. of kimototo, chievous or annoying behavior. 

ahort. Elrft'Te, v. a. limping. 

Elkl'na, v. t. freq. of kina, to recog- Klre^e, n. (Eng.) a glade. 

nize;toknow. Eí'rewe, v. a. putting on aïra; as- 
Kikl'a&no, i>. i. freq. of kinano, to be auming to be attractiva: flirting. 

in love. Kirewe'to, v. a. pntting on aira, aa- 
Klkln&^onftno, «. i. freq. of kiuano- sumiog to be attractive; fiirting. 

nano, to utter Buapicious chargei. ElrewVto, n. seductive aira. 

Eikl'nako, v. i. freq. of kinako, to Kl'rl, n. a dog. 

go away. Ki'ri, o. t. to bag by looka or worda 
Xlkl'nika, v. t. trei^. of kinika, to for food. 

pinch; to pick, to nip. Kl'ria, n. eatrangement; a keeping at 
KÀinllia'ne, i>. i. freq. of klnikaue, a diatance; "e tauaki kíriana." 

to pick flowera. Ei^arl'a, a. far off, or diatant in 
KildniU'nika, o. f. freq. of kinl- future time. 

kinika. Elria'wa, n. a banyan. (There woa 





caust t, large one at Eweïu, Ap^i- Sl'roUro, c a. eleeping nry lovnSty. 

kng. ) Xlro'klroiui'ko, c. a. gone into ft deep 

Klrlc/fiofi, o. faint from want of tleep. 

[ood. XlrA^o, ». the ocean near tbe borl- 

Klrlo^fi, n. fsJntnesa Irom want oí lon as «een írom the land. 

food. KlrtKtl, n. (Eng.) a gross. 

El'rlm'Rnlfia'nlfU, v. a. bewildered. Klmtitaro, n. (Eng.) a cryBtal. 

KlrUnafiumaflit, a. having mKBj Klta'na, v. t. to leave; to foraake. 

branches. Klta'oft, n. a forsaking; a leaving. 

•inr<m«'«»THaa»j n. a. tree with muny Xlte'a, v. <. to Sz upon a houae as a 

brauehes. Buitable place for a síck peraon b^ 

Xlrlm'aflafiji, a. haring maay means of the kaiwa. 

branches. Zlte'klt•a, e. (. freq. of kitea. 

Xlrlmto, a. gathered in a cluater; Kltib'a, n. a bird, the — ; a varíe^ 

ahounding in much fruit ou a atem of anipe ot aand piper. 

or braneh. ElÜb'a'kna, n. a bird, the 

ElMne, n. (Eng.) a kidney. Kltlt'a'kan, n. a bird, Uie 

El'rlbanla'nltl, a. lumpy. KlUb'a'rano, n. a bird, the 

Xirlb'a'r•, d. *. to gaze at with loring Klto^oto&o, a. handsome. 

looks. Kltoko, n, a small shrub: the drop- 

Eirib»'ab«il, V. a. not idiomatical : pingi of rata. 

atumbling in walking ot talking. Kí'toko, v. a. damaged aa food bj the 

Kiiibe'u'b•n, n. a itiimbling in waJk- presence of rat droppingB, 

Xf'watl, V. i. staud awaj; etand one 
to walk side by lide; used in the imperative. 

Ko, pron. thou ; you ( alwaya followed 
bj the predicate ) : tfaee, wben used 
aa a buíBi to a tratiiitíve verb, 
often united to the verbal root by í, 

Ko, t>. o. being bleached as a giri shut 
up for blea«hing: finolf bound. 

Ko, n. a giri undergoiog the bleaching 

Ei/a, n. au inaect. 
report incor- Eo'a, v. t. to acrapa a nut with a shelI. 
Et/aua, a. true. 

-r speech. 
Klribweljwo, v. 

EiMUrl, n. flne gravel. 
Kl'ríri, n. a bird, the 
Eiiita'aorD'ro, n. a amall, round 

Xirit&n't&ii, a. having whitish apots 

on the akin. 
Eirlt&u't&n, n. white spota on the 

KiMtabftlo^, o. I 


Etrltab'a^nib'an, «. t. to steer care- Ko'aua, n. the tnith. 

lesBly. Eo'ailalco, o. i. to increase in aise aa 

Kirltaliataba, v. i. to etaj^^r. a rent. 

Klrlta'bataba, n. Btaggering. Eo'akoft, o. i. to give forth a hareh 

Xlrltata, v, i. to aervilelj beg aa sound as in aawing, or scrapiog oo- 

one's food. coanut with a ahelT. 

Kirlto^tofi, V. a. atunned aa b^ a Eo'akoa, n. a harah sound aa in filing 

blow or falt. a saw or acraping. 

Eirlto'fUtoil, n. a stimning. Koe', v. i. to decrease (aee fteondibwe). 

SirlwalEa, o. very librous or atringy Koe', a. hoarse. 

aa UDdeairous pandanus fruit. Ko^, a. not fully grown. 

Kiriwa'ka, n. Abronanegs ; Btringinpsa. Ko*!, n. a vtry joung eocoanut. 

Kirlwa'kawaka, a. stringy, flbrous, Ko'íhawa, n. a fiab, the 

as pandanus fruit, Eo^nawa'bR, n. a fish, the 

KiMwe, V. a. diaturbed: excited. XolfUra, n. an incaDÚ.tion. 

Ei'tlwe, n. a tumult; a row. Xc/lkoi, n. a bivalrular ahell, nsed in 

Kiriwe^e, V. i. to engage in kicking acraping out food. 

the lega and ahaking the arma aa Ko^koi, v. t. to engaRe in acraping a 

a child in a paselon. eocoanut kemel with a shell. 

Kfro, V. a. aound aaleep. Ko'lkolmVere, n. a bivalvular ehell- 

Ei'ro, n. Bound aleep. fish, the 


Eors 137 KOEO 

Eo'ikoin&ii'tl, n. a bivalmUr ahell- Eo'tiamaki, v. a. disposed to action; 

flsh, the ready for ; prompt. 

Kolkó'liilben, n. curdled cocoanut Eona'koiia, v. a. habituallj aucceea- 

sap. fui as in fishing. 

Koiko'liiibeii, a. curdled, as cocoanut Eo'iie, n. (Eng.) a coney. 

sap. Xt/ne, n. a scaly diseaBe of tbe sUn 
Koiko'lntà''rRira, n. a bivalvular (see ktmikone). 

Bhell-fish, the Ko'nete, ». (Eng.) a cornet. 

Koi'iia, D. t. to follow one constantly. Eo'nlB, v. >. to shrink up; to draw 
Xo'irikl, n. a cocoanut Bcraper. up ; to contract, as cloth. 

gc/trlkiatà'ri, n. a ahell used for KO'nln, a. stiff or drawn up through 

Bcrapiug habai. cold. 

Zc/q, V. a. eicíted, stirred up; agl- Kt/nono, a. provident: tightly bound. 

tatéd : warped. Kon'sBko, v. a. keeping quiet after 
Xo'u, v. i. to retch: to come out as the a rebuke; slinking mentallj. 

central germ of a coeoanut tree. EO'b'a, v. i, to climb b; hugging the 
Xlfua, n. a certain game. trunk of the tree. 

Koum'à'i, ». a bivalvular shell-fish, Eo'ba, n. (Eng.) a gopher. 

the KOb'a'ea, v. t, to climb a tree or pole 
Eo'm'ftii, n. a person who takes great bv hugging it. 

care not to open up or dieplaj his Koba'koba, v. a. experiencing a sense 

treasures. of abdominal depression or " gone- 

Eo'am'aflaÍ,t>. engage in extract- ness." 

ing double teeth from corpses after ES'be, n. (Eng.) coffee. 

battle. EoOm, n. a fiab, the 

Eo'mn'aílai, n. the ertraction of Eo^nkolia, v. i. to bubble up as 

double teeth from the slaín after wàter beginning to boil: to gush 

battle. np. 

Eomn'afia'ia, «. t. to stríp a corpse Xo^urake, v. i. to gush up ; to apring 

of the teeth. up. 

Eo'ukou, V. i. to retch. Eo^a, v. I. to beach : to launch. 

Ko'uta, e. t. to extract. KoTii, n. (Eng.) a cook. 

Ko'utl. n. a small mat wom about the Eo^l, v. i. to cook. 

shouiders. Ko'ko, a. stingy. 

Eom, II, a. falling short: too short, Eo^o, n. stinginesB. 

as a beam, KO'kfi, a. jealons. 

EOm, n. (Eng.) a eomb. ECkO, n. jealousy, espedallj' conj'u- 
Eo'ma, rt. (Eng.) a comma. gal jealousy. 

Eo'màkl, V. a. closed together as the Xo^o, n. (Eng.) cacao: cocoa. 

two sidee of a thin basket. Kflko'a, v. t. to scrape a coeoanut 
Eomatafl'itafi, a. See tatabui. In kernel with a koikoi. 

use at Nonouti. Eo'koS, v. t, to nunble; to rattle. 

Eo'morante, n. (Eng.) a cormorant. Eo^ol, c. >, to flow as en ocean cnr- 
Eo^ua, V. t. to comb. rent. 

Eom'kom, v. a, slipping off from, as EokoIrlW, a. havíng many sharp' 

the flnger naih from a short sliver. pointed teeth. 

Eon, V. i. to Bubside; to keep still, Eoko'uea, v. i. to sway hither and 

when cblded, through shame. thither, as a crowd. 

ES'na, e. t. to squeeze; to compress. Eo'kona, n. a catch of flsh. 

Eo'na, V. i. can; to be able. Eo'kona, v. a. succeseful, as in flsh- 
Eo'níl, V. t. to be able to do. It takes ing. 

the passive form when followed by Eokon&'ki, v. o. hifluenced; per- 

a paesive Tcrb with ni. suaded. 

Eo'na, n. a cord or twine made of c*- Eo'koro, o. winning success: "e ho- 

coanut fiber. fcoro arona" (used in praise). 

Eo'na, *, a. elosely fitting; well Eoko'roboki, «. i. freq. of koroboki. 

matched, as two boards. Eoko'robuai, v. i. freq. of korobuai. 


Xoko'rokamra, v. i. fi«q. of koro- Eo^na'bofi, ». midni^t. 

karewe. Korou'ba, a. uuripe. (Plgis. p. 25.) 

Xokoroko'rea, d, (. Ireq. of koroko- Eoroa'baÀ, v. t, U 

rea. Korautn, c. a. 

KCkí/ta, t>. 1. to be Jealous of . «gttíiist family . 

Kc/kotl, ». a shell-flali, the Korouto, n. famil^ or tribal es- 

Kt/ni, ». cocoanut fiber eord trangemeut or diviaion. 

Ko^a, a- sufflx lued in numbering Kc/rom», v. t. to huak. 

buketa. Koram'•'ti•abK, n, a hoiue warmiug. 

E6^ n. (Bng.) gold. Korom'a'nMiba, d. t. to engage in 

Koth' n. teeda of Uie jackfruit. home warmiug. 

Eo'rani&^a, a. atout, corpulent to a Korom'a'oekB, v. t. to cut etepa in a 

degree. eoeoanut tree. 

Ka'ran, n. (Eug.) a colon. So'rom'aka, n. scented boiled cocoa^ 

Ko'ran, n. a ttaread or fiber of a ooooa- nut oil. 

nut huak. Xo'rom&tafl, n. a dart; a javelin. 

Eo'raiia, o. eUmt; corpulent to a Xo^na'nal, v. a. separated or di- 

degree. vided, aa two flocks. 

SO'raka, n. (Gr.) s raven. Eoro^bal, n. tbs wrist. {FhfB. p. 

Korakal, adv. exceedlnglj (preceded 02) 

bvnt). (Mat. 26:76.) Eoro'nlkat»^, n. a aharp pointed 

Eo^aki, n. a company. Aea atïck set in the ground on which 

Ko'rakl, a. continuouB; katoa te boH to husk cocoanuts. 

ae karafU = to do dailv. Koro'nlkata^a, ti. (. to huak a cocoa- 

Eo'rakora, a. powerful; itrong; nut on a Bharp pointed atick aet in 

mightj; large and tall n» a man. the ground. 

Eo^rakora, fi. atreugth ) might; poww. KorVniwaa, a. the lower part of tho 

Ko'r•, n. (Eng.) a cor. '«R. (Phjs. p. Bl.) 

Ko'rea, d. t, to cut. Xo'ranrlb&'na, n. a wooden spade for 

Xore&n'rlrl, n. tattooing on the badu cultivating. 

of the legB oí females. Koronteba, n. a thuuder-bolt. 

Ko^eban, ». (Heb.) corban. Kirtola'a v. a. partially atranded, aa 

Eoilanta, a. (Eng.) e, coriander. ^^b or a canoe in ahoal wàter. 

Ko'ríii, n. m portion of food reserved Ko'roba, c. i. to cut leavea. 

for another. Koro'b'a, n. (Eng.) a crowbar. 

Xorl'üla V. t. to treat a peraon before Ko^obai, v. i. to cut the faateníngs ot 

hia arrival, i.e. to reserve a portion cocoanuts tied together. 

of food for him ogainat hia arrivaL Ko'robal, n. the work of cnttini; the 

Ko'rlkorl, c. i. to acratch. fastenings of eocoanuta tied to- 

Eoriko^ta, v. í. freq. of korita. gether. 

EoMii, n. the eitremc portion of a Eoroba^, v. t. to cut the faatenings 

cocoanut leaf Uied in incantation. of cocoanuts tied together. 

KorÍ''ta, V. í. to scratch. Eoroba'uta, «. o, cut, aa the laahinga 

Xo'ro, n. a etick for huaking cocoa- of an outrigger. 

nuts; a jaTclin. Koroba'uta. u. i. to cut tho laehinga 

Eo'ro, c. a. aground; atranded: fln- of an outrigger. 

iahed. Eo'rob'aro, n. a bird, tho 

EC'ro, n. (Eng.) coal. Ko'rob'aro, v. i. to have the hair eut 

Eo'roa, a. nearly full: nearlj con- acroaa the forehead. 

pleted aa time. Eorobltia, c. í. to cut in piecea. 

Eoro&'tti, t>. i. to engage in hair cut- Eo^obobo^U, v. a. completed; fln- 

ting. Iahed. 

EoTollcabi, a. nearlj rípe as panda- Eo^boU, n.í. to write. 

nus fruit Ko'roboki, n. writfng. 

Eorol'kablta'banlii, a. very nearly Korobo'Wa, v. t. to write, 

ripe as pandanna fruit. Ko^bna, v. a. thaved oa the head. 

Eorou'a, v. t. to cut in twaln. Eo'robuA, v. t. to ahave the head. 



'Ks/tohUA'i, V. i. to ahave. or trouMra: detarmed, ai a person 

Eo'robua'l, n. ghaving. born with one haud. 

Ktf'robua'la, n. t. to shave. Ko'rota, n. tattooing. 

Ko'robu&'kii, V. a. imevenlj cut. Ki/totabo, v. i. to engage in íalse ac- 
Ko'robua'k&, v. t. to cut unevenly eusation. 

aa tbe hair. Korota'boa, v. t. to accusa falself. 

Eorobu'atao, v. i. to have the hair of Ko'iotel, ». a sbort canoe with a 

tha head eut very short. cuired keel. 

Sorobu'atau, n. the custom of cut- Korotonslbl, v. i. to cut arousd. 

ting the hair very ahort. Koroto^lbl, n. circumciBion. 

Eo'robuata'ua, v. t. to cut the hair Koroto^ibta, o. f. to circUmciM; to 

ïery Bhort. eut around.' 

Zo'robuaÜ'fiitifi, v. i. to cut tha hair Korowa'wa, c, a. greatly intoxicated. 

exceeding-lj ahort. Ko'ta, v. a. hit, as in the face with a 
Zo'robuu, V. i. to choke with food: ball. 

to be without appetite írom pain. EO'ta, v. t. to dislike or hata one be- 
Ko'robim, n. choking with food: losa cause of alienatin^ a spouse. 

of appetite through pain. Kot•'a, v. t. to point at; to point 
Ko'robufi, V. i. to cïioke with food: to out. 

be without appetite. Eote'tlan, n. (Eng.) quotatiou poiuta. 

Eo'robufi, n. choking with food: losa Eo'tl, a. dull pointed; blunt; uot 

of appetite through pain. sharp. 

Eo'rokki, V. i. to cut wood. K^ti, «. (Eng.) a goat: a coat. 

Ko'rokai, n. wood cuttiug. Eo'tiíiere, n. (Eng.) cochineal. 

EortAa'ia, v. t. to denude inore or Xo^o, n. any weapon ; arma. 

lesa a land of ita wood. Eo'tomoTo, v. a. not continuing long 
Eo'rokaTewe, v. i. to cut fer at Bitting, or at work, but aoon tak- 

Earewe. . ing one'a departure. 

Ko'roka'rewe, n. the proceas of se- Eoto'kotea, v. t. freq. of kot«a. 

curing karieme from the bud of a.ZotO^oto, o. t. to keep poiuting at: 

cocoanut tree. to dip aa a aop. 

Eo'rokarewe'a, v. t. to aorve a per- Kn, ^^. a fiah, the 

aon by cutting and gathering ka- Ku'a, a. weary. 

reure íor him. Ku'A, v. t. to care for; to nuííe; to 
Zoroko'rea, v. t. freq. of korea, to wait on. 

cut. Eu'a, n, a whale. 

Eo'rokoro, n. pulverized pandanua Kua'ea, ». ( Eng. ) a qtiire. 

fruit miied with wàter and fonned Eub'u, n. a Gah, tbe 

into a loaf. Kuft'u, v. i. to fish for the fcwM». 

Eo'rokoro, v. i. to engage in cutting. Eua'imtil'Fawa, n. a flsh, the 

Eo'ror&, v. a. cut bias. Euaub&'nl, n. a Ash, the 

EoTora'ea, v. t, to cut bias. EuA'ubwl, n. a Sah, the 

ZoTOra'la, o. t. to cut the fastenings Eoa'urafi, ». a flsh, the 

of canoe planka. Eua'ma, a. weary. 

Eoror&'b'aro, v. i. to cut the hair Eu'an, n. a kind of acoop-net. 

ahort Just above the forehead. Eu'àm, ■o. í. to flsh with a kuan. 

Eoror&'b'aro, ». tbe f ashion of cut- Eoaaft'ko, n, ( Eng, ) a guanaco. 

ting or cropping the hair just above Eu&'no, ». (Eng.) guano. 

the forehead. Eu'ab&b&, v. t. to sort and arrange, 

Eoror&b'a'roa, v. t, to treat the head Eu'ab&ba, a. foolish. 

to a abort cutting of the bair just En'ab&ba, n. sortíng and arranging: 

above the forehead. foolisbneas: b. fool. 

Ko'rorara'i, v. t. to coma to grief Eu'akuí, v. t. freq. of kua, to nurse. 

from a wound with a spear. Eu'akua, v, i, to nah for the kaa. 

Eo'rorin&'nia, v. t. to line; to place Eu'aroun, n. a basket made of cocoa- 

in ranke or Sles. nut leavea from which the midribs 

Eo'roro, o. a. cut too short as a skirt, are rejected. 



Kv&'tft, n. (Eng.) quarter oi K dollar, XTUilbv•'aTl, n. a apecies of cowry. 

2S centa. EnnilM'ntwB, n. a disease of tbe Bkis, 
Kn&'te, n. (Eng.) a qiuut. ths 

Eo&'to, n. (Eng.) & quarto. Ktmlka'rawa, v. a. affected with tbe 
Kní're, n. (Eng.) a quail. kunikaraaa. 

Kui, V. i. to winoej to flinch (Me Ximike'akl, n. a dÍM*Be of tbe skia 

kvri). (see kunikcne). 

Xjú, n. a wincing. - Eu'nlkoiie, n. a dÏBeaae of tbe Bldn. 

Xnl'a, n. wood driíted to tbe ialands; Kn'nlkone, v. a. afflicted with tbe 

a flsb, tbe kuiUkone. 

Eol'aiVreba, ». » flsb, tbe Ku'nlknn, v. a. abounding in the fcitn. 

Evilnl, V. i. (see kwikud) to wince; Ku'nlkuii, v. a. indanted; marred. 

to flinch. Kunnft'omata, v. a. 

Ku'o, n. a oocoanulrHhell cup íor re- Kun'nikal, n. clotb ; a cloth garment. 

ceiTing boíled anoïnting oil before Kun'nika'U, u. t. to clotbe. 

putÜng it into a bottie. Kun'roro, n. tbe exterior buak of the 

Xuona''ln•, n. a cocoanut-ihell cup _'>^'**^ , „„ , ., , 

íor boilinit oil in. Kun'roroto'flitofl, a. very black. 

K«ob'aS, «. i. to engage in ddn- Ku'flita, v. t. to gnmt at d.»approv- 

xffiÏ^Ttoewini-eli.go. iS^N.^ S" i-cat.g 

S LT" í" . u ^' i^ "■ Kufilioa, n. tbe aet of gninting to 


deri m a wMting «cIineM. ^^^ ^; ; j^ ^^^ suddenly from 
Ktune'a, «. í, to do, friubt. 

Kumí'te, a. tiin in fleih after a epell ^^^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^j^^ ,,.^ ^^i^^. 

of Biokneas (bm fcuma). sudden and Tiolent írigbt. 

Knme^te, «. a deep wooden tray íor Ku'banrou, ti. a.. greatlystartlcd. 

holding todd^ Kubaliuba, r. i. freq. of kuba. 

Kn'mlno, n. (Eng.) cnniïnln. Knbaterft, i>. (. to coníer en expres- 
Kun, fi. Bkin; a bird, tbe gi(,„ ^,( gurprise on a pereon arriving 

Kun, a. blaek; blue; mortiíying. uneipectedly. 

Kn'na, íi. a song. Xubütera, d. i. to espreae iurprige at 
Eona'l&A, d. afraid; amazed. y^g unexpected arrival of a person. 

Kona'lfia, n. fear; amazement KnTiU, n. the carrying of a child on 
Kii'nana, v. t. to talk mucb about. {),e )>bi^ 

Euna'nanau, v. a. verbose; continu- x^/ku, v. í. to get or be on the bacfc 

ing long in talk. „( ^ person. 

Kunakn'naii*, p, í. íreq. of kunans. Kuiïua, n. a variety of crab, tbe 

Kune'a, o. t. to ehance upon; to findj Ku'kuob'a'itSrl, u. i. to engage in 

to flnd aceidentally. dreaaing haüari. 

Ku'nel, n. tbe yoimg of tbe to. Kuku'okuo, d. i. freq. of kuokuo, to 
Ku'neinikara'ol, n. a species of làbtU; engage In peeling or akinning. 

tbe ikaraoi in its earlier growtb. Kn'knmea, o. í. freq. of kumea, to do. 

Ku'iieknne,,ti. a. akilled m finding; Ku'kune, o. a, succeaaful in flnding} 

Bucceasful in finding. akilled in flnding; otten flnding. 

Ku'nekune, n. skill or freqüent suc- Kuku'neafi, d. t. to expreu mucb iaj 

ceas in flnding. at reunion. 

Kun lin &'iiifla'nl6a, n. a. confounded. Xuku'banrou, v, í. to expreBa aur- 
Kn^ilm&'toA, o.not bleachini readily. príae at an uneipected arrival. 

Eimime^tMrl, o. haring a wholeaonie Kukub&'tera, v. t. freq. of kubatera. 

ekin. Ku'kor•l, ». joy; happinesa. 

Ki^lnnfi, o. baving an unwboleaome Eu'kureí, v. i. to be happy; to be 

«"'• glad; to rejoice. 


KQBA 141 TtAT 

Ka'ri, n. a diaease of tlie skin; » Ba'e, v. o, incliued, as the Ikead, to ona 

sm&ll piiupls. aide. 

Eu'ra, n. (Eng.) a echool (better Ba'ea, n. (Eng.) a lyre. 

íiftura). BA'ea, », í. to tóar. 

Knra'i, n. a certoin iatemal òrgan. Ba'ea, v. a. in dïBorder; disairangedi 
Eur&'n«ti, n. (£iig.) granite. promiacuouely placed. 

Eurà'be, o. bold; coura^ous. Ba'eaki, n. a lent; a portíon divided 

KuT&'be, n. the rectum; or ratlier, tti« off. 

sphincter musclee at tlie lower end. Ba'eua, o. t. to t«ar in two long 
Kura'kotalre, n. (Eng.) a crocodile. pieces. 

EuTfin', ». (Eng.) the crane (a bird). Kaema'flao, ti. i. to engage in tearing 
Enrere, n. (Eng.) a grape-vine. to pieces. 

Kurè^e, a. bad; disarraiiged: uot Baemafi&'oa, v. t. to tear to pieces a 

akilled in fishing. (Makin.) mat, or anytïiiiig, with the teeüi, afl 

KurèTjeBin'ti, a. veij bad, a d<^. 

Eurè^erèbe, a, aboimding in knobi Ba'enMi, o. long and elim. 

or ridges ; rough ; bad. Ba'eba, v. %. to engage in stripping 

Eu'rere, v. a. horrifled; overwhelmed off cocoanut leafleta íoi obtaining 

with fear. (Ph7B. p. 21.) the ha. 

Enre'tla, n. (Eng.) a glaeier. Ba'eba, n. the stripping of cocoanut 

KuM, a, bundred tliouaand, fe kuri = leafleta in order to aecura the midrib. 

100,000, ua kviri — 200,000, etc. Baeba'ea, v. t. to atrip a cocoanut 

Ku'ri, adv. withín a little. tree of morè or lese of ita leavei. 

Eu'ri, V. i. tai fcurí = do not bo in Baeba'ia, v. t. to tear off the winga, 

haate. Baebl'tia, v. t. to t«ar in pieces. 

KoTia, v. (. to anatch. Ba'ebwebwe, v. i. to engage in strip- 

KaMVal, V. i. to engage in Backing. pjng off Huckere or lateral sprouta. 

Kn'rlbVÍa, o. 1. to aack; to pluader. Baebwe^trea, c. t. to Btrip off aa 
Eurlba/ba, c. i. to apring up suddenly euckers. (Phys. p. 67.) 

aa at an alann of Àie. Ba'Qraa, v. a, fatallj wounded. 

SorïlE•tl, n. (Eng.) a cricket. Ka'erae, v. i. to engage in stripping. 

Kn'rlkuti, «. a portion of the entraila Baera'ea, c. t. freq. of raea. 

of a shark. Eta'ereke, a. verj narrow, aa cloth. 

En'rlt&ta, v. i. to ezpedite ; to hurry. BA'ereke, n. a narrow part of tha 
EnYltàta, n. expedition; a hurrying. ialand rim. 
Eu'rit&tll, V. í. to huriy or rush one a Baere^eke, a. very narrow, aa cloth. 

work. Ba'erob'a, a. coarse. 

Knra'tobera'to, n. (Gr.) a chrjao- Ba'erob'a, n. a coarae mat used for 

praae. llooring purpoees. 

Ewl, V. i. to wince, to flinch. Ba'eten, n. a mat whoae atrands are 

Kwl'a, n. wood drifted to the ialands; one third each oi the width oi the 

a flsh, tha (see kuia) pandanua leaf. 

Kwfkwl, V. i, t« wince; to flinch (aee Baeten'ia, v. t. to strip leaves into 

kmhui). three parte. 

Ba'etàra, n. praise oí a lover, in 
B Ba'etiriL, o. t. to praise a lover in the 

use of aimilitudea. 
Ba, pron. what? (an interrogative Ba'ewa, a. aplit; cracked aa a board. 

pronoun following the noun). Te Baewa'flwa, a. aplit; eracked. 

aomata raf = what mant Baika Baewa^ud, n. a fieli, the 

raT — what thingaT Ba'í, n. a plank; a board; a mat- 

Ba, adv. how ; ai kamimi ro = how covering for a native oven : a sort oí 

wonderful ! aeine made of cocoanut leafleta 

Ba, pron. our; a aufAx pronoun; ka- braided or aecured with the rootleta 

tcaira = our path. of the pandanua tree. 

Ba, n. one width oi a mat-aail. Bal, a. withered. 


KAI 142 BAV 

8ft% V. a, refiulng to apeak becaiue Ba'ii, o. ««nfortable; quiet; imdú- 

offended. turbed; plàcid. 

BkI, i*, a retiiaal to «peak becaiue of Bft'u, n. pandauiu leaf tJutch: a stat» 

ooe's being offended. oi quiet; peace. 

B&'l, c. i. to twiat and tuigle easily, Ba'uakl, a. satUfiedi having had 

a« a thread or liue. euougti food. 

B&l, n. a itate of being tasgled. Ba'umea, n. a leive ; s atraiuer, oíten 

BA'ík, V. t. to spread over; to talce made of in, the fibei wtiicli binda 

posseaaian of land aa a growth. the eocoaaut froad to the trunk. 

Ba'lan, n. (Eng.) a liou. Ila'nm•&, v. t. to strain. 

Ba'iata, n. the upper breadth of a Sa'umea, v. i. to eugage in jstraining 

aail. a líquid; to etraiu. 

Bai'in, n. (Eng.) a líne. Ba'iui, n. a kiud of flab-book made oi 

Baln-a'roU, n. (Bng.] lign-aloea. niother-of-pearl. 

(Kumbers 24:0.) BA'iiii•ti•, o. a. wet bj a shower. 

Balnatintti, ». (Eng.) a rhinoceraa. Ba'urau, n. a plate; a platter. 

SftUUfi', V. i. to throb, as with pain in Banra'uií, v. t. to place food on a plata 

the head. or plattér. 

Ba'lb'aan&ta, v. i. to fiah with the B«ura'uiübBÍ, ». the back of the band. 

aid of a bamata. Baunt'unlwaa, n. the upper side ot 

Xa'lb'aenfita, n. the art of Úshing the toot 

with a baenata. lU'ure, v. a. aeparated, as husband 

Bft'lb&na, n. a unaller mat noed in and wife. 

completing the covering of au oven Bann^ira, v. a. openlng and ahutting 

in ttie ground. aa the halí ot a cocoanut leaf mat 

Balb'an'ta, o. (. to hunt in a party. in the wind. 

BAlbwebwe, v. a. opening out aa an Baur•'kana, v. a. aeparated, aa hiu- 

ear of grain, (Mark 4:28.) band and wife. 

Ka'ibw•bwe, ». the ear of grain or Ba'utàra, «. i. to engage in stripping 

fruit. off the tboma on the edge of the 

Ba'ira, v. t. to tuni OTor; to tuni. pandantu leaf. 

Bairalra, o. (. tren. of raira. Ba'ntftra, n. the proceaa of removing 

Balti, n. (Eng.) rfce. the thoma <m the sides of a pan- 

Ba'lti, n. an Incantation at diTorce; danua leaf. 

a side glimpao at a peraon paaaing ju'utarí, c, t. to atrip oft the thoma 

b;. on the edge of a pandaniu leaf. 

Baitl'ti, V. i. to glitter as a aword. B•'utàri, n. wàter for rinaing aftor 

Ita'lwa, n. a pimple. bathing in «alt-wster. 

Ba'lwB, V. a. afSicted with plmples. Banti.'!^ v. t. to rinse. 

Ba'o, n. a companion; ona in com- B&''ma, n. an outrígger. 

pany; a friend. n&'ma, n. the outrigger aide of a 

Ba'ol, n. peace. canoe. 

Ba'ol, p. i. to be at peaee; to be reo- BA^ft, o. 1. to place a canoe with tha 

oDciled ; to be fair. outrigger to eouth or north, etc. 

Ba'olakl'na, c. t. to make peace. BB'ma, n. (Eng.) a llama. 

Ba'oiro'l, a. good; righteoua; excol- Bà'm'a, n. the forehead. 

lent; wellj all right; ríght. Ba'm'anako, o. a. projecting far out 

Ba'oiro'l, n. goodneBs; righteouBueas; u the gable roof of a bouM ealled 

escellence. vmatora. 

Ba'ona, v. t. to associste with ; to Ba'm'ana'koa, c. t. to enlarge a house 

hold as a friend. by eitending further ont the gable 

Xa'obanl, n. a flsh, a varle^ of the roof. 

bara. Bft'mar&ina, v. i. to aecure an out- 

Ba'orao, t>. i. to be in fellowship; to rieger from a drift log. 

asaociaffl (preceded by i), BB'm'aRun'aaIne, v. í. to draw very 

Baora'ona, v. t. freq. of raona. near to a woman. 

Ba'orl, n. (Eng.) a rod; 16^ feet Bjüi, n. íresh wat«r; sap; Juka. 



Bin, o. vmtMjr, u kartioe wfaieh hu BA'tUnika'm'am'al, v. i. to uíl íor 

been mized with too miich wàter. quit« a distanoe wiUi the oiitiiggei 

B&'niuoa, v. t. to bear much in mind out of wàter. 

au object to b« obtained. Ba'fianlkà'b'a, a. haTing lUKUually 

Bft'nàtM, n. a glice of laud granted to long legs. 

a f ounger brother. Ba^lanlk&'b'a, n. a. percon bafing 

XU'a&ba, a. provided wiUi or poBSMwd imiuuaUf long lega. 

of a smaller portion became younger. Ba'fianlk^ti, t>. i. to aail vrlth the 

B&'uea, V. a. faint or langulíbing outrigger riaing and falling wbile 

tbrough want of food. out of wàter. 

Bi'nea, n. faintneas írom want of Ba'fiaTafia, v. i. to r«el to and íro; 

íood. to be crank. 

Ban«'auea, a. resplendent. Ba£ara'fiata, v. t. fieq. of rallata. 

Bane'aiiea, n. reaplendenceí bright- Ba'fiara&a'tan, n. a miniature racing 

nesB; poliah. canoe of a certain st^le. 

Bà'nene, a. having large meshes as a Bftflarafla'tau, d. i. to be busy here 

Bcoop-net. and there, malcing preparation. to 

B&'nene, t>. a. escaping as 6eh througli leave. 

a BCoop-net with large mesbea. Baiiarl&'na, v. i. to capeiae to wind- 

B&'Qaue, n. the escape of flah through ward. 

a acoop-net wlth large meahes. BafLnta, v. t. to basten {raií<Ui 

K&nebo^ebo, a. sbining as one vxiem ) ; to make to walk fast. 

anointed with oil; bright; poliabed. Sailata'b'ara, a. bow-legged. 

B&nebo'nebo, n. luster; glasài paliah. Ba'fLntat&'ro, v. a. spoken of a canoe 

B&nlma'una, n. an old cocoanut with- the sticks or polea of which, hold- 

out milk, in the lOth stage. ino tbe outrigger in place, are ahort. 

Bftnlma'oua, a. having no milk afl JL^'aíroA, a. crazj. 

an old cocoanut. Ba'fUraQ, n. cracinesB ; a cra^ or in- 

B&n'u&aoa, v. t. to desire; to long sane peraon. 

for. Ba1>a, n. (Eng.) rubber. 

Bfin'nt, n. the wàter in a ripe cocoa- B*'b'a, v. a. praiaeworthy. So rai'a 

nnt! tiiia word might be written = you are kindj often used where 

thua, rannni (rannní). we would aay "thank jou": ob- 

B&n'nlmlm'ma, n. milk. teined, 

B&n'nlmata, n. a tear. Ba'ba, v. a. hidden; concealed; secret. 

BSn'nlben, n. milk made from aoraped Baltaiua, v. t. to take good care of. 

cocoanut and wàter. B&'baba, a. broad. 

Bàn'nlkiiift'ka, v. a. prorlding but RS^Miba, n. breadth. 

Bcantj milk as a breast. Bàbaba^ua, v. a. spread out into thiit 

Bàn'r&ii, a, juicy; íuJl of sap. platea. 

Bantl, n. tEng.) a lance. B&'babaka'el, a. wide; broad; Tery 

B&n'tia, f. (. to consJder a thing aa wide. 

to the waya and meana of proctüing It&'b&kaii, a. akiUfnl ; dextroua ; 

it. adept; knowing and readj. 

Bantltnrl, n. (Eng.) longitude. BAIiakau, n. akiU, abilitj to perceive 

Bafi, o. era;?; insane; laacivioiu: and perfonn. 

blighted or abnormal Íq growth. Bft'HiBkauiirtifl'', a. veiy aklllful. 

Bafi, n. blighted tahai: a crazy per- B&'bar&ba, n. the firat or last in a 

son: a Tcry llcentious persou. line at ttie extreme rigbt or left. 

Bafia, a. crankj aa a craft. BaOt'arab'a, n. a mat wom like s 

BaflA, ». a leg. poncho. 

Bft'fia, n. a t^porary stream of rain Bab'a'rab'ana, v. t. to guard orwateh 

wàter. over; to look out for. 

B&lia, V. i. to flow: to run as raIn B«1)'a'ral)'atí, o. i. freq. of rabati, to 

wàter. embra«e. 

Bafia'le, v. t. to aail about, aa a fleet Babata, o. t. to approach cautioualy 

of canoes. for the purpose of aeizing. 



Bafata, V. t. to embrace. Ba'kB, v. t. to pace; to meuura by 

Ba'b'atft, n. tia body. p&cing. 

Bab'ft'tl, n. i. to embrace, used with i; Ba'ka, n. a [wm: íncrease. 

a > nhati ^ thej embrace each B&'ka, v. a. BÜnilar to moraia (which 

other. we), 

BS^M, n. a precipicej a bank; a eteep Ba'kal, n. r ccral siioal fa a lagoon. 

place. Baka'óa, v. i. to hare illicit inter- 

BA^M, a. «teep. coursa. 

B&'beii, V. i. to increaae 1d liie per- Baka'oA, o. f. to wrong a. man by 

pendiculirly as the batwt when intercouTie with hia wiíe; to step 

about to flght. upon or over somethiDg of value on 

Babe'iiibeii, c. i. freq. of raben. the floor. 

Bjn>entb«ti'nako, v. i. to flee while Baluiraka, t>. í. to be engoged in 

In the raben condition. measurlng l^ pacing. 

Ba'bebe, o. a. eloping: slautiiig; de- Ba'karaka, v. t. to nuasure tand by 

dining as the sua. pacing. 

Ba'bl, V. a. beltying aa a aall ; in- Balurake, n. an inereaee. 

dented as a eoast; curred taterallj. BalM, adv. up. 
Ba'bl, n. a baj. Ba'ke, t>. i. to be perceived asanodorj 

Balli, n. (Eng.) a rabbi. to extead in all directioiiB. 

Ban^lno, n. a lewd game. Baliea, v. t. to initiate a new or seo- 

Balilno, V. t. to toIÏ. ond form oi iueantation. 

Babt'nobino, d. i. tí> roti over. Ba'kerake, v. >. to epread about aa 

Ba'blrabl, a. wide laterally as a CO- an odor. 

coanut Bhell bottie. BalEon, n. {Eng.) a dragon. 

Babo'nl, n. (Heb.) Raboni, B&lEoro, v- i. to paM near by. 

Ba'bono, n. an eel, the Bft'karo, a. uearly full, nearly over• 

Bs'bonoma'l, n. a white eel. flowing. 

Ba'bononQ, n. an eel takeu tn aa «. B&ko^oa, v. t. to paia yery aear to^ 
BaOtu, u. í. to engage in tying cocoa- Ba'ku, n. a flah, iis 

But leavea aroiind f ruit-trees tabooed. Bakui'ka, n. a flah, the 
Ba'bu, n. a cocoanut leaflet tíed Ba'kaori, n. (Eng.) logwood. 

around s fruit-tree to indicat* that BakubK'ni, ». a flsh, the 

it 1b tabooed. B&'ra, n. blood; ruet; the menses. 

Ba'bua, v. t. to nppropriate for per- B&'ra, a. bloody; ruaty; haviag tlia 

Bonal uBe a fruit-tree by tying mensea. 

leavea around the trunk. Ba'rA, v. t. to leaa against. 

Balnma, t>. t. to screen. Bata, v. t. to leau; to slast; tottarely 

Ba-liuna, n. a acreen. float. 

Babnfia'oa, v. t. to interrupt s per- Bara'eua, e. i. to lie reatlBBBly, 

Bon'a Gonversatlon for the purpoee Bara'eba, v. i. freq. of raeba. 

of preveuting him from diacloBing a Bara'ebtti, v. i. to l«ar. (Amoa 

secret. 1:11.) 

Ba'bnrabu, o. renowned; famoua; of Bara'i, n. a section of a bunch of 

note. bananas. 

BabnralinDa, o. t. freq. of rabuna. Bara'i, a. faatidiouB in taste or with* 
Ba'buteka'wanikal, n. a cocoanut- o-ut appetite aa one in pregnancy. 

leaf charm, or fetish, of a certain Bara^, v. i. to away to and fro, aa a 

atyle. tree top. 

BaTjuterafi', n. a certaia atyle of tho Barat, a. tvXkv. 

rabu. Bara'ia, v, t. to have a apecial reliah 

Ba'buteta'utl, n. a certaia atyle of for, as an invàlid. 

the rabu. Bara'lbewï, v. t. to writhe in pain. 

Balca, V. i. to increaae. Bara'ol, a. the plural fona of raoiroi, 

Ba'ka, a. accidental ly in wrong banda; Bara'otaklna, c. t. freq. of raoiakiaa. 

astray; aot belongiag here, as a Bara'oma, a. anxioua; solicitous; 

fowl. Borry; sad. 


Bara'omft, n. t 

aniiety; aniioi 

Saraoma'eakliiA, v. i. to be toirj or Baro'a, a. far away in place ; 'distant. 

anxiauB about. Etaro'a, 7>. distaace ia space. 

Ba'rau, v. i. to bwooh from aicIcnesH Bft'ro^i, a. fair; moderate and cou- 

or accident. etant aa a wind. 

Bara^naU, a. satiafied; haviog had BaroaU'nokino, o. very far off in 

enough food. place. 

Bara'nre, v. a. freq. oí laure; sepo- Bfitei, n. a eail with breadtha run- 

rated. ning up and down. 

Baràn', a. leakj. Ka'tetorl, n. (Sng.) latituds. 

Bar&n', n. a leàk. S&'to, n. a testicle. 

Ha'Tanako, v. i. leaning aa a tres away Ba'wa, v. i. to refusa. / rawa = I 

from a hoiiae; fallen ah a trec. won't. 

BArantu'atua, a. vary leakj. Ba'wb, n. a channel to a lagoon or 

Barafi', v. a. leaking or ruuning out. harbor. 

Bara'Ú, o. t. to braid a mat; to Ba'warawa, n. a channel or groove in 

weave. tlia ocean reef. 

Bara'iia, v. i. to engage in braidjng Ba'wata, n. a wounded oue. 

a mat. Ba'wata, o. wounded. 

Bara'Ca, n. the procesB oí braiding a Baw&'wata, a. heavy in weighti 

mat. heavj hearted ; sad. 

Barana'ie, v. i. freq. of rafiaie, to sail BAW&'wata, n. weight ; beavinesa 

about aa a fleet of canoes. material or mental. 

Bara'filDako, v. i. to deaert in num- Ba'wea, v. (. to take; to la; bold of; 

bera to an enemy. to seize; to grab; to procure. 

Bara'&irafi, a. inaane at intervals; Ba'wekai, v. i. to be busj procuiing 

often crazy. food. 

Xara'So, a. constant and iteadj, aa Ba'wekal, n. tbe emplojment of se- 

tbe trade wind. curing food. 

Bara'bakau, a. generallj akillful ; Ba'werawe, o. i. to be buay procuring 

ekillful in manj ways. (Jer. 20; 11.) food. 

Ba'rabino, n. freq. of rabino. Ba'werawe, n. tbe emplojment of ae- 

Bara'bu, a. strong aa a atick. curing food. 

Bar&bu'abua, v. a. aoiled with blood. Re, n. character. 

Bara'bua'Teare, v. a. burning with Be, t>. i. to walk on tbe hands in 

rage. sport. 

Baraka'tta, v. i. freq. of rakaua. BeV v. (. to mix liquids. 

Bara'kaiiako, v. i. to increase in size Be'a, n. a mixing with a. liquid. 

by apreading. Be^, v. i. to akip or bouud aa a por- 

Bara'rlo, v. i. to deacend aa a bird. poise. 

Bar&'tt, a. íully aatisSed; fullj dia- Be'l, v. i. to instruct. 

tended aa tbe stomach. Be'ï, n. a rehearaal for leaming. 

Bft'rawa, v. i. freq. of rawa, to rafuae. Be^, n. a grove; a cluster of treea or 

Bara'wekal, v. i. to engage in wait- planta. 

ing upon or serving or aecuring food Be^a, v. a. clustered. 

for one. Bet&'nlkean, n. a larga atretch of 

Baraweka^a, v, t, to secure or pro- grawth of the keaü. 

cnre food for one'a aelí and family. Eoia'fio, n. a trec, the 

Bara'wera'we, v. i. freq. of rawerawe. Be'íàtl, n. a flsh, the 

Barawera'wea, v. 1. freq. of rawerawe. Be't&tl, v. i. to fiah for the reiati. 

Ba'rikl, n. aide. Belawà'wa, n. a flah, the 

BaMkina, v. t. to carry on the hip, Befma'urua, «. i. to toaa aa a craft, 

as a ehild aatride the hip, or aa a Bs'Inrla, n. (Eng.) a reindeer. 

burden. Beibà'fllti, n. a fiah, the 

Bari'klrikl, *. i. to recline on the aide Be'ibu, n. a flah, the 

and elbow. Beibut&'baba, n. a fiah, th^ 



B«^»l, adv. yerj (used aft«r maiu). B«^iirebii, v. i. freq. of rebu, to ba 

(Hosea 10:1.) engaged in. 

B•'iTel, t>. í. to teach, to inatruct; to B•n>ttt&ta, v. t. to be busjr at 

leam. B•'but&tft, n. busj employment. 

B•'lr•I, n. a scholsr: a leason. Benautofialti, v. t. to depart. 

XeliVlA, V. t. to inatruct; to teach. BVbwe, c. t. to explode; to detonate. 

Selre'iiui, t>. t. to teach; to instnict. B*^we, n. a report aa of a gun; an 

BeiiVlta, V. t. to make a fiíie fisb-line eiploalon. 

by t;iiijg Bingle cocoanut-b-usk fiben Sobw•'rebwe, c. t. to crackle, to tick 

tógether. to rattle as thunder. 

B«lr•'ltt, n. a fiah-Une o( a certaia Bobwe^ebwe, n. a cradüing noise 

make. the rattle of thuader. 

Be'ita, V. t. to connect ; to join. B«nïwet&ta, v. i. to explode repeatedlj 

Bé^nan, n. (Eng.) a lemOD. aa fire crackers; to crackle. 

Bo^e, 0, narrow ia wldtli. B•'bw•ti.ta, n. the noise of a flame o: 

Ba^e, n. clotb of narTow width. flre. (Joel 2:6.) 

Bin, n. name of a tree, the B•'ka, n. a amall aharp hoUow coral; 

Be'na, v. i. ta bf on veiy famillai a percuaaion cap. 

terma. Bekaatlbn, n. a reka not hollow. 

H^'ul, V. i. to vil•lit a land u a firat Bft'kanona'e, n. a percussion cap for 

party or ranapany. the muaket onae, 

BC^ia, t>. a. Btretched; drawn out; Be^ie, v. i. to be obtained; caugbt; 

moring in a proceasion. (Phya. secured; gotten. 

p. 10.) , B«^e, n. a chum; a cloee friend. 

Betua'ua, v. t. to tuake a apace be- B»1ïe, n. (Eng.) a lake. 

tween. Bo^eon, n. (Gr.) Legion. 

Ben&1)&, n. a atage of the moon juat Be^enlbal, n. food for guesta. 

after the full. Be^enlbaí, o, i. to be provided with 

B8n&'b&, «. i. to be a little gibboua food, the aame being the reeidue of 

after the full moon. food glven to one aa a gueat ; to go 

Bén'tlre, ». (Eng.) a lentil. provided with food for a temporary 

Bi'fla, ». red eloth. abaeniw. 

Bfifiana, v. t. to mix dry Bubitancea. Be^enlbala, v. t. to take along in 

Bí'flaréfia, v. t. to paint red. the hand, aa food to be used during 

Bé'fíerifILe, o. long or extending aa a temporary absence. 

branch. BA^erakc, v. a. entangled; caught 

BiHiarl, n. (Eng.) a leopard. here an tbere aa a fiah-line. 

Bén», n. the lid of the eye. Be'kerua, i3. a. entangled. (Phya. 

Bé'bfl, a. having a sty as the eyelid. p. 4S.) 

V^baa, n. ( Eng. ) a raven. Be^erua, n. a flshing place where tho 

Be^ienako, v, a. parting by pressure, G9h-line is often caught among the 

aa a aingle paudanua fruit from rocks. 

the bunch ; protruding', aa the eye- Be'keta, v. t. to call to mind, or 

balls. ponder on, an injury. 

Bebe'nlm&ta, n. aji eyelid. Beketa'buki, v. a. delaying to retum. 

Bíl•lMra, n. {Eng.) a leper. Beket&kom'kom, f. o. held very 

Be^Mta, ». (Or.) a farthing. (Mark elightl]'. 

12:42.) Be're, v. i. to dart quickly. 

Bebetu'fla, a. meddleBome, B•'re, n. a drink made of katvtce 

Bebetufia, n. meddlesomeueaa. tnixed with wàter. 

Bebetu'Sfi, v. t. to meddle with; to B•'r•a, o. t. to ward off a weapon 

diaturí). thniat at one; e rerea kaina. 

Be^U, a. ten tbouaand. Bere&'na, v. í. to be constantly on the 

Be'bn, n. the ashea of haking atones; go. 

a sort of lime. Bere&'utl, v. i. to move reatleasly 

Be^n, v. i. to lie engaged In. about; to b« on the go. 

Be'bna, v. 1. to enter upon; to do. Ber•'l, a. good; eicellent. 


SEBE 147 Biinr 

Ber•'l&ti, V. a. abounding in reialí. Bil'&iiako, o. surpaasing; superior; 

Bere'lrel, c. í. freq, oi reirei. greater in excellence. 

Beretr8'iii&, u. í. freq. of reireina. Rlft'nlb'ai, o. t. to grow virulentí to 

Bera'ua, n. a wildemess. feeter. 

It«re'ua, a. desert; unínhabited. Sia'noti, n, (Spau.) Ilanos in Vene- 

Sere'na, v. i. íreq. of rena. luela. (Geog. p. 83.) 

BerstMi, n. a Sah, the Bilàii'n&, v. i. to journey on foot; to 

B«ren)atab'a'iiib'a&, n. a. fisb, the go by land. 

Serelsetiifia, o. i. to borrow without Bl&n'na, c. (. to approaeh and enter 

askÏDg. or search a place bv land. 

BeiVbetnfia, n. borrowing or ntiliz- Bia1)oro, n. (Gr.) the deril. 

ing without p«rmÍBBÍon. Bi'akl, ti, i. to taok ship. 

Bere'b•tiifift, t>. t. to borrow vritbout lU'aki, n. tackiug of a. craft. 

asldng. Kl'akliao^omoro, v. t. to make Bhort 

Bere'bn, v. i. to moTe lapidlf hitlier tacks. 

and thitlier. Bl'alclna, v. t. to tack. 

Ber»l)n, n. ràpid moTement liither Bl&'kltoaue'a, », a mode of fishing on 

and thither. e. eanoe with a fiahhook in whicb the 

Berena, a. bIoat«d. fiefaerman claimB or eat« the Sah 

BereOiaiutko, a. much bloated. which be catches. 

Be'reke, v, i. freq. of reke. Bl'ari, a. very great; nxceeding. 

Bere'kenlba'l, v. i. freq. of rekentbal. Ki'aria, v. i. to come in aigbt, as a 

Bere^enlba'i, n. freq. of rekenibaL Bliip (ueed witb the adverb aki, 

Bere^eta'bulci, v. i. delajing to ro- not). 

turn. BJitlne, a. having a drooping lower 

BaiVk•ta'bukl, th deh.y Is retum* lip. 

ing. lU&tlne, n. a pereon having a droop- 

Berèr'ta, v. a. bloated. ing lower Up. 

Bere'ta, n. a bloated condition. Ble'nA, n. a scoop-net. 

B.e'rttti, V. i. to be Huspicions. Bi^erake, v. t. to go or paas np; to 

Bé'rQtl, n. Buapicion. aecend. 

Be'ta, n. (Eng.) a letter; an epiatle. Bl'erake, n. an ascent. 

BVtl, n. (Eng.) a race; the descend- Blera'kea, r. (. to aBcend. 

ants of a common aoceator. Ble'ta, t>. ï. to go bj land. 

Bc'wafto, n. (Eng.) a Levite. Ble'ta, n. food in readineaa for ono 

Be'wl, n. (Eng.) a Levite. retuming from fiahlng (it takea the 

Bl, ». a bona: a principal straigbt BufSi pronoun). 

mark in tattoo. Blst&'ta, a. tall ; higb ; lofty. 

Bt, V. i. to paBs; to pasB aloog; to de- Blet&'ta, n. beight. 

aire; to long. Bl'o, c. a. compoaed; originated as 

Bf'a, n. a lip. tbe worda of a, aong. 

Bl'a, V. i. to come in aight; to appear, BI'o, adv. down. 

Bi'a, n. (Eng.) a deer. BIm, n. (Eng.) a ream. 

Bia'l, a. becoming; fit; proper; Buit- Bi'm'a, a. lap-streaked; thicker than 

able. tbe adjoining plank. 

Bla'o, n. tbe passover. Bi'm'a, n. the rid^ at tbe side of a 

Bia'o, V. a. exceeding; aurpasaing. plank caused b? its baving a greater 

Biam'a'ewe, n. a stranger, or one thickneBB tban tbe adjoining plank. 

aeen occaalonaUy. Bí'mfil, n. a fiah, tbe 

Blam'a'ewe, o, in tbe condition of a Blm'a'rlm'a, c. t. to care well for aa 

etranger. children. 

BlamS^wtt, «. i. to voyage. Blmo'a, ti. i. to go before. 

Blatn&'TKwa, n. vojaging; a Toyage. Blmo'a, a. previous; former. 

Bf'anao, a. long, aa a eraft, or a Blmo'a, n. a going beforei a apeaking 

man. beforehand. 

Bf'auan, ». a long canoei a tall per- Bfmo'B, adv. before; previousljr. 

Bon. Bimwl', v. i. to go aftenrard. 


148 BZBE 

BImiri'', n. ft going laUr; a apesklng Klno'rliioa, v. t. to nuíke or do with 

later. gieít CAre. 

Blmwl', a. eutsequent; later. Bibi'rin, t>, i. íreq. of riu. 

Blmwi', adv. afterwards; subse- Bln'tu&'bon, n. a certain bons of tha 

quentlf. bod;, the 

Bliuwl'in&ta, n- Cor Scorpiouia; Blil, a. Btmbumed. 

Buminer. Blil, n. the raah cauaed by Bimbum. 

Blmwl'mfttft, a. belng the summer Sl'fia, v. (. to ÍmI of; to haudle; to 

B^ t>. t. to WRne aa tbe mooo. Bl'filrifi, n. eaTes. 

Bto, n. a dry cocoanut leaf. Blfio'uíLou, v. i. to hanker after as 

m'na, V. i. to do Buddcnlj or speedily food set aaide against a time of oeed. 

(iised adverbiallj) ; to be audden in Bilfiouilo'ua, o. t. ta perBÍstentlj long 

<followed by ni). (Act« 9:3; and íor, aB food aet aaide againat time of 

29:6.) need. 

Bl^w, n. the larvn from which lioe Blfio'fio, ». *. to Bnore: to blow aa a 

apring. whale. 

'Bi'», a, sicklf; invalided. BllLo'fio, n. anoring: the blowing of a 
Bt'naia&te, n. a aick person. wíiale. 

Bln&n', n. a row; a rank; a pjle; a Bl^b'», v. a. crowded. 

line. Bl^ba, D. t. to hate; to dislïke. 

Bitiàii', V. i. to stand in a row or Bi'ba, n. a flsh, the 

line. Btba'latkn, ». (Eng.) a leviathan. 

Bin&'no, a. biunble ; lov. Ili1)aoTa''ia, n. a fisli, tbe 

Bin&'no, n. lowneas; bumbleneaa. Biba'ura, a. of a ruddy complezion. 

Bininoba'Tabara, a. low aa a tree or Biba'ura, n. a person with a, ruddj' 

house. ctanplexion. 

Bin&'filnib'a', n. a large roek on the Bil•liaiaal, a. of ligbt ctnnplexion. 

land. Blbft'na, v. i. to till. 

Bi'iutba, n. tbe apine. Bib&'nfi, v. t. to till; to cultivate. 

m'narlna, v. a. aboundlng In the Dits Blb'a'namnl, n. a cocoanut which ia 

of lice as the hair. small becauae ciowded bj the ad- 

Bllie, o. >■ to exceed ; to eicel ; t<i be joining nuta. 

auperior; to paaa bejond: to pro- BllMuto, n. (Or.) frankineense. 

ject above. Blb'a'nono, v. a. closely packed or 
Bin•'a, V. t. to select. crowded as a room. 

Biua^eta, a. higher; tall; loftf: Blb&uta'ital, ». chipa. 

famouB. Blb&1)a, v. a. collectcd close ti^ther. 

Bl'nen, n. (Eng.) liuen. Blb&'ba, n. a clustor of houaea or 
BineMne, v. i. to engage in aelecting; trees. 

to be partial. Blb'&'b'a, c. a. tresh and constant, or 
Bilie'rllie, n. aelection; partiality. increaaing aa the wind: aevere as a 

Binerlne'a, v. t. freq. ot riaea. pain; increasing in beat as tbe sun. 

Büüb&'reke, n. the clavicle; the col- Blbaberlki, n. (Eng.) a repubUc. 

lar bone, (Geog. p. 20,} 

Bl'nlbenM, n. the hip bone; the upper Bíbab-wi'bwi, n. a fisb, the 

part of the pelvis at the side. Blba'katà'wa, n. a fish, the 

Bl'nlbaa're, n. a Ssh's riba. Blbàluia, n. a flab, tbe 

Blnl'ka, a. blighted or defective, as Blb'a'ta, v. t. to set a bone with 

tbe kemel of a foung cocoanut. splints; to mend a broken atick bj 

Kul'ka, n. B flsh bone. laahing on a aplint. 

Bl'nika'okao, n. a rib. Blba'tauka'rawa, ». a fiah, the 

Bíno'a, n. a large baurua. Blbat&'nin, n. a fish, the 

Biao'a, u. t. to Snish well; to perfect. Blb•'u, a. baving a tumor or awelling 
Blno'rluo, n. particularit; ; precifte- at tbe Iower end of the apine. 

ness; exactneaa. Blbe'u, n. a tumor or ewelling at the 
lUiio'rlno, a. particular; hard to Buit. Iower end of the apine. 


a, unfruitful; not bear- 
>. a. not dereloping well 

BIHE 149 

Klb•'nb•n, v. a. See ktribeuhev. la Bl'kliii&t«, v 

use at NoDouti. ing fruit. 

BltMretlno, n. (Eng.) tlie Libertines. Bl'^bnAka, i 

Bi1>liiíji0, v. i. to meddle. aa fruit. 

Bfbln&iio, n. meddleBomenesa. Bllürake, v. i. to grow up. 

Blblnà'noa, t>. t. to meddle with. Blkirake, n. growth. (Amos 7:1.) 

Bl'bineTe, a. quick to learn. Bl'klriki, adv. an adverbial intensiTS 

Bi'blnewe, ». quickiiess to leam. eoffiz. 

Blbl'ta, V. t. to t«ke aa fruit with & Bllcitem&n'iia, n. an ouly child; an 

pole. oaXy b^ott«n. 

Brbltau, n, a guni-boil. Bl'ko, v. a. Btored up; put awa^. 

Bl'bltau, o. having a gum-boü. Bik</a, v. t. to pick up. 

Bibo'iio, a. near together, as pickets Biko'rlkoa, v. t. freq. of rikoa. 

in a fence. Bl'ka, n. a vine, the 

Btbo'Dobono, a. close. Bikurl', n. (Eng.) a degree. 

XUbo'rlU, 4>. a. leaving in great Bii'rl, n. a skirt; a ekirt fringie of 

offence; greatly miffed. split cocoanut leavee, tbe usual dress 

Blbo^kl, n. a sbow of great offeace. of females. 

Bi'rl, n. a niíBa for wriat or nack: 

great deaire. 
Bl'rl, V. t. to be eamest in deaire. 
Bl'risl, a. freq. of riai; very proper. 
Btrï'a, V. t. to adorn a garment with 

a niffle. 
Blrl'a, o. t. to clothe one's self with a 

; to wear a rirí. 
Bl'rl&baka'wal, v. t. to go at fized 

Bi'rl àbakawa'la, v. t. to visit a place 

t regular intervals. 
Bt'rlakl, v. i. to tack. 
Biria'ktna, v. t. freq. of riakina, to 

BiMere, v. i. to put on consequential 

' BlMerire, «. i. freq. of rirEere. 

Bl'bn, n. Tery fine coral mud. 

Bi'bn, V. a. finnlj' imbedded; badly 

pierced aa the foot with a reki 
Bi'buftkA, a. unjust; unkind; 

Bi'bnaka, ». unjustness; unkindneaBi 

unwillíngneas to accommodate. 
Blbn'rlbu, n. thorougbl; pulverized 

coral: it abounds in the lagoons. : 
Blbu'rlba, V. a. aboumiing in ri5u- 

Bilca, n. a wooden needle for brald- 

ing neta. 
Btka'l, V. i. ta paaa thia way. 
Blka'ua, v. i. to break off an engage- 

Bl'kan, n. (£ng.) a deacon. 
Bika'kl, p. i. to turn back; to i 

tum; to quit; to go homei to Bl'rleta, a. plural of r 

desert. Blrlm'a'ral, a. clothed nith a riri 
BIkS'kliia, V. i. to retum to. having a long fringe. 

Bl'k•, n. (Eng.) a leek. Blrlm'a'ral, n. a skirt with a long 
Bike'a, v. i. to paaa where (interrog- fringe. 

ativel;). BÍMmarafla, a. See rirünarena. In 
Bl'kl, adv. again; in addition. Fol- use at Butaritari. 

lowing an adjective it givea the force Blrimà'rena, n. a thínl; braided HH 

of the comparativa, like the English often wom bf giris. 

Boffix er. Blrlm&'rena, p. ï, to wear a thinly 
Wki, n. the name of a certain Gil- braided rirí. 

bertese god. Bi'rlmoa, n. i. to go on before; freq. 
Bl'kl, V. i. to come into existence; to of rimoa. 

ahoot up; to spring; to grow. Bl'rlmwl, n. i. freq. of rimwi. 

Bl'kl, n. a coming into exlst«nce; Blrl'nlm&n, n. a hollow stick or blrd's 

generation : land fonned hj the bone for aucking up a drink : a kind 

washing up of aand. of tuae. 

Bl'kl», n. tbe Teaidence of one'a an- Blri'ulm&'nla, v. t. to aip with a 

cestora. ririniman: to prepare tvae in a cer- 

Bi'kl&ntab'&'b'a, n. a varlety of tain way. 

habai, BlrlfUi, n. dear sunlight; aimahine. 



Blriftit, V. i. to ■hins bright, » the Blto'roiiA, v. t. to roll, or mkke iota 

■un. a roll, pandanus leavei. 

Bl'rliia, «. i. freq. of rífia. Bo, n. aalaiyi austenance; a living: 

BiMb'n, n. rocky soil. cUrkneas: & ginHej a. cable; a 

Bl'rlb'a, a. rocky. warp. 

BrlMbA, V. t. freq. of riba; to habïtn- BiO, a. dark. 

ally have a disllke tor; to hate. Bo, v. i. to faínt from weakneu- 

Bi'rlbal, ti. i. to be in the mood of Bo'a, n. a flsh, the 

disliking or hating. Bo'ï, ti. t. to catch > fiah with rod and 

Bi'rlbal, n. hatred; dislike. line. 

Bl'rlbo'no, v. a. cloaely set as th« Bo'a, v. t. to ride astride the neck as 

pickete of a fence. a child. 

Bl'ribtt'kl, n. the haU of a ripe cocoa- Be'a, v. I. to anchor a craft (roa 

nut oppoéite the ejea. nanom ^ don't cry ) . 

Blrlbnnila, v. t. to reject as food the Bo'aroa, v. i. freq. of roa. 

outer balf of a cocoanut when ít has Bo'aroS, t). (. treq. of roll. 

been tabooed, Bo'aroa, adv. verj; e kHn roaroa ^ 

Bl'rlka, a. wakeful. very near; e maJca roaroa = bum* 

BlMlca, n. wakefulness. ins very brightly. 

BtMka'ua, a. inconstant; Sckle. Boa'ta, n. a centipede. 

BlMka'na, v. a. hsving a capricioua Boata'na, v. t, to make a ratt of rlp« 

appetite. ' " .... 
Bi'rík&'ki, c, i. freq. of rikakl, to n 

tum; to retlre. same. 

BlMk«w«, n. 8ee riribukt. V^n, n. a flsh, the 

Biri'ki, n, a year. Bo'n, pron. selt; t roü = by me; with 

Blrl'kiTaJc•, v. í. to continue to in- me (preceded by the prepoeition >) ; 

crease. i roum = by you; i rotma = by 

Bl'riko, n. a tooth of the porpoise, blm, etc 

strung on a necklace. Bo'iiíIl, v. t. to serre a person by 

Bfrikoa, v. t. freq. of rikoa. puUing out scattering gray hairs. 

Blriko'roro, v. í. to wear a skirt with BCnla, 11. i. to engage in pulling out 

a long f rínge ; to go long akirted. scattering gray hairB. 

Blriko^oro, n. the wearing of a long Boub&'neawa, n. a flsh, the 

skirt: a long frínged skirt. Bo'uron, v. i. to dig up babai. 

Bl'rltaS, n. a crack in a cstlous sole. Bo'orou, n. the digging up of habat. 

Sfrltllía, V. i, freq. of ritiSa; to Bo'uta, v. t. to dig up as a root of 

keep up a slow flre on the ground. babai. 

Bl'ro, n. a flsh, the Bo'mjktoa, a. flzed in one place of 

Blro'nlkal, n. a Bsh, the abode. 

Bl'rofio, n. a rarfety of coral. Bo'na, v. t, to reef ; to make sroaller. 

Bltfc'nln, n. a species of graiSa, the BCna, v. (. to darken ; to make dark. 

Blta&'i n. the Innermoet part of the Bonlk&'ma, n. name of a certain atar. 

buek of the bunia not chewed: the Bo'fio, n. famine. 

leafleta near the base of a cocoanut Bo'fio, t>. t. to be in a stste of famine. 

trond. Bo'fltd, v. *. to be diaturbed by a 

BItafi', V. i. to cipreas great veiation noiae. 

et theft. Bo'fioa, n. a dlsturbanoe or interrup• 

Blta'fila, 0. I. to lament greatly o~ - "- -• -^ ^ ■-- 

a thing stolen. 
BltSm'ba, n. (Eog.) December. 

Bltl, n. a wick. the pandanns leaf. 

Blti^ta, c. a. cooked to cinders. BOHiakl, n. (Eng.) a roebuck. 

Bltl^ia, V. i. to keep up a alow fire on Boba^oba, v. i. to abake as a sail 

the ground, when not tull. 

Bltlfla, n. a amoking fire-brand. Boba'roba, n. the ahsking of a sail in 

Blto'ro, n. a roll of pandanua leaves. the wind ; the outer ear. 





BontltSra, a. separated as hnsband Bdto, n. the spider abell-fish. 

and wife. B5'ta, a. duil; not sharp; blunt. 

BiVhTX, n. (Eng.) s foreign rope oi Bu, a. doubled ma & cocoanut. 

manila or hemp. Bu, n, a, room. 

BoHiiuia, V. t. to lash; to scourga. Bu'a, v. t, to change; to alter; 
Bo^uíL, f . a. enclosed aa the Bidea of succeed; to take the place of. E : 


II house with mats. mvnna ^ he took hia pla« 

Bobu'fila, V. t. to Bcreen; to fumÏBh Bu'a, n. a bobot patch; a pit; a grave. 

with mat-curtaioB. Bua, n. nine, aIwajB loílowed by a 
Bo'ka, n. (Eng.) a log (meaaure). auffix numeral, ai, tca, ui, man, Aa, 

(Lev. 14:10.) kai, kora; or by a certain noun, as 

Bo'k&tt, n. (Eng.) a locust. bou, ririki, rttaro, inaki, atao, ba, 

Bo'ïeo, n. a fish, the or bjr certain adjectiveB, aa bun, 

Bo^, n. a curtain; a acreen; a par- bubua. 

tition. Ba'a, a. alt«red; changed as is the 
Bo^ia, p. i. to Boreen or furaiah with exprasBion of the eyes by aickness. 

mat curtaiDB. Bu'aal, o. aame as ruai which see. 

Bokiro'kla, v. t. freq. of rokia. Boa^ea, a. nine million. 

Bo'io, v. i. to come; to arrive. Bn&'l, a. nine, iu«d in cotuiting to- 
Bo^o, n. au arrlTaí. bacco sticka, hardware, cheate, bar- 

Bo'kon, ». (Gr.) the Logos; the reU, timber, cocoanut-leaf atema, 

Word. flngera, teeth, large fish, aa Bharka 

Bfi'ro, n. the spathe of a cocosniít and ikari. 

tree when open; the open Bçathe Bnalua, o. nine, in counting things 

I contained the i 

Boro', a. black; dark-colored; blue. 
Bo'ro, n. a generation. 
BCro, t>. >. to be at anchor; to ancbor. 
Boro'a, n. the neck. 
Boron', V. t. to make smaller (used 

in the plural, see rona). 
Baroii&1>'&we, a. much older than an- 

Boronft'b'&we, n. one much older than Bn'amwl, v. i 

anotber. Bn'amwl, n. 
Bo^onl&ko'aflkoa, n. one much older. apelllng. 

Bort/fia, n. an umuarried man of any Buam'wl'a, v, 

Bua'ufi, a. nine, used in counting 

pandajíiis fruit. 
Bu'ara&n, a. nine, used in counting 

persona and animals. 
Bnama'kana, v. a. soft; flattening by 

ita own weight as moist íanaurí. 
Btuuaàtoa, v. a. retaining i ta form 

in a loaf, as tanauri, with líttle 




I take the place 

Boró'fia, o. unmarried, as a man. 
Boro^uaka, n. an able-bodied man. 
BoTo1)uaka, a. able-bodied. 
BorCbn''flla, v. t. freq. of robu&ia. 
Boro'ko, n. a large viere. 
Bo^okotl, n. a fiah, the 
Bota, v. t. to reach. 
Botabon&ti, a. too dark to saíl with 

safety amid Bhoals. 
BS'tatl^ ». (Eng.) lotus. 
Botam, n. (Heb.) a jimiper. 
Be^, «. (Eng.) a rose. 
BS'tlworl, n. (Eng.) rosewood. 
Boto, o. damp ; water-aoaked. 
Boto, n. a fertile land ; rich soil. 
Botouft'a, n. fertile, rich aoil. 
BototUtofi, o. very dark. (Jer.2:31.) Bnabn'bna, 
Boto'fUtofl, n. great darknees. Bua'bwi, o. 

Ba'anim&ta, n. a grave. 
Bu'anibe'nu, n. a amall pit or cistern 

in which to aoften cocoanut fiber. 
Bu'anibe'nu, c i. to aasemble; to 

gather together. 
Bua,'nikal, a. exposed to danger; li- 

able to accident. 
Bna'nikai, n. exposure to danger; 

liabilitj to accident. 
Buafla, a. nine thouaand: nine in 

countlqg fatboms. 
Bnafiaun, a. ninely, used in count- 
ing when «M is not used in the 

digita (BeeOoun). 
Bu'aba, a. nine, used in counting 


(see rua, Haun). 



Sn'ftkai, Oi. nine, uud in CDuntlng Bubo^aba, ». pulaatlon; tbrobblng; 

trees, planto, sections of land; fia£ winking. 

hooks. Bub•t&'^t&kl, D. i. to epBsmodicallj 
Bn'•ïorR, o. nine, lued in counting twitch aa a. muscle. 

baekets. Bnb•t&'kltAkl, n. spEtamodic twitch- 
Bn'akuii, a. nine bnndred thouBond. ing oí muscle. 

Ba'arebn, a. ninety thousand. BtiIeu, n. a vine reBembling the mom- 
Ba'arun, a. aboundiDg in bahai pito. ing-glory. 

Bu'RTtut, n. a wide canoe witbout nn Bn'ktuna, d. t. to fold, or wrap np. 

outrigger. Bn'ktmu, ». a package. 

Bufttao, a. nine, uied in counting Bn'ru, t>. i. to trembte. 

lacera (rtM afoo). nu'm, n. a IÍI7 blossom: a haiai 
Bu'atano, a. nine^ million. bloaKon. 

Bu'atàra, a. The word ia in use at Bn'ruai, a. abundant ae bunchw or 

Butarjtari. When a peraon fails to clustera of nuta on a cocoanut tree. 

arrive on the appointed day, the Buru&^kno, a. inconatont; fickle 

day ia called ruatara (aee tatara) . mlnded. 

Bn'atoki, o. nine hundred million. Buru&'n&no, n. Inconstancj ; flckle 

Buruo'la, v. i. freq, of ruoia. 

jïu'e, n. ( Biag. 1 rue. . Ba'nion, v. i. to retum from the 

Bu'o, V. i. to descend; to come or go weather or ocean side. 

down. Bn'ruomara'keTaka, v. i. íreq. of 
Baya, V. t. to pour out for the pur- momarakerake. 

poae of miilng. Buru'onako, v. t. freq. of nionako; 
Bno'ta, n, heathen chanting aocom- very abundant. 

panied witb geaturea, elapa, and Bn'rufl, p. i, to be on the move, as 

Btamps. many people. 

But/U, V. i, to engage ín heathen Btim'fiA, v. i. to roar; to roll or 

chanting accompanied wíth gesturea, rumble aa thunder. 

slapB, and atampa. Buru'fia, n. a roar; a roarjng; rum- 
Ba'ouú'batl, n. a fieb, the blins aa of thunder. 

Buomara'keraka, v. i. to be flckle Bu'rub'aro, n. a apinning top made of 

minded or inconstant in one'a re- a bulging broad half cocoanut-shell. 

gard. Bu'rub'aro, a. bulging and broad or 
Buomftra'k•rRke, n. fickle minded- full aa a halt cocoanut-shell. 

neaa; inconatancy of regard. Bnmbe'nebeiie, v. i. to tremble 
Buo'na, v. í. to descend to. grestly. 

Bno'namala'wa, a. an adjectivo de- Bnmb•'neb•ne, n. great trembling. 

BcriptÍTa of a peraon with a red Burube'rub», «. i. freq, of ruberube. 

face, or clothed in a red garment Bu'mruru, o. i. íreq. of ruru. 

Bu'oiútkio, a. abundant; great, much. Bn^iitei, d. steep-roofcd ; cone-like, 
Bu'onako, n. a bunch of cocoanuta as a certain half cocoanut-ahell. 

fallen to the ground. Bn^utel, n. s cònica] balf cocoanut- 
Bu'onio, V. i. to explode with a loud shell ueed aa a top. 

noiee. Bu'te, n. (Eng.) dnty; tributo. 

Bufí, t>. o. giving pleasure as the odor Butra', v. i. to ^ by wàter. 

of good mature oil; flne aa the ap- Buwa', n. a going or takiug passage 

pearance of a peraon. by wàter. 

Bu'fia, V. a. assembled; coUected. 
Bu'fia, n. an assemblj; a crowd. 

Bn'fiumfi, V. a. freq. of niH. T 

Bu'be, n. (Eng.) a ruby. 

Bu'be, n. a pigeon; a doTE. Ta, n. (Eng.) tar; paint. 

Bn'ba, t>. i. to vink) to tbrob. Ta, n. a flsn, the 

Bube'rubfl, v. í. to beat as tlie pnlse; Ta'a, v. a. stripped; eztracted; drawn 

to tbrobj to wink. out: deleated. 


Tft'e, n. e. pandanua fruit íb a half- Tae1>a.'tal, ti. i. to disrobe ; to undreM. 

developed state. Taobe'kebeke, v, a. stripped oi one'i 

Ta'è, V. a. cracked aa a board. food bj much entertainmg, 

Ta'é, n. a crack in a board or plank. Ta'ebo, v. a. bright or briak as a blaze. 

Ta'ea, u. í. t« bruah off. Taebo'ebo, v. i. to walk briskly. 

Ta'ea, n. a second best mat. Ta'eboto, c. o. uprooted. 

Tae&'ale, v. i. to lígbten in tbe dia- Ta'eboto, n. a tree tom up hy tbe 

tance. roots. 

Tae&'nle, ». distant lightning. Ta'ebnka, n. a certain klnd of torrin. 

Tae&'nlm&ro, v. a. squally in tbe dia- Ta'eka, n. a word ; a say or Bpeech ; 

tanc«. a talk. 

Tae&'nim&ro, n. squallf weather in Ta'aka, v. t. to root np; to t«ar up by 

tbe distance. the root; to twitch on a fisbline in 

Ta'Q&ba, d. *. to aek ae a bride íor order to catch tbe hodk fn the month. 

morè dowry in land. Ta'ekal, v. i. to engage in tying cauoe 

Tae&'bea, c. a. stripped as a flsbbook plankg. 

of ita bait. T&'ekfti, n. tbe work of lasbing canoa 

Ta'eRbe&, v. f. to atrip a fisbbook of planks togetber. 

its bait as a fl»b does. Taeka'la, v. t. to tie togetber canoe 

Tae&'rl, d. a. tom as a. finger nail. planks. 

Ta'eaa, ti. a double laahing. Taeka'ia, v. i. to move rapidly. 

Ta'euà, V. t. to tie on as pickets witb Taeke'ke, v. a. bigh pitcbed and abiiU 

two lashinga. aa tbe voíce. 

Ta'eun, c. a. tom up by tbe roota in- Ta'ekina, f. t. to talk about. 

cluding the un. Ta'ekina, n. a talking or discoursing 

Ta'etm, ». a drift log haWng roots. about. 

Taen&'nafia, v. a. acratchM aa the Ta'ekltl, n. (Eng.) taz; cuatom. 

skin: injured aa a mat that is being Ta'era, t). t. to scrape out tbe aoft 

braided. kemel of a cocoanut: to tie slats or 

Ta'eu&iko, v. a. somewbat splintered. pickets in place. 

Taen&'noa, v. t. to tie slats on tbe in- laera'ea, v. t. ta atrip a cocoanut tree 

aide of a fisb-trap. of all tbe young cocoanuta auitable 

Taenl'nim'ai, c. i. to flab for the for food. 

ninimai. Ta'orawa, n. a squall. 

Taenl'nim'ai, n. fisbing for ninimai Taera'wata, d. t. to itnpart courage 

witb a Tod and line on the beach. to a man once wonnded by Jucante- 

Ta'enibofi, n. tbe rainj season. Dec- tion. 

Feb. Taera'wata, n. an incantatíon for r«- 

Ta'enibofi, a. being winter. covering courage. 

Ta'enlkai, n. one defeated; a captive. Ta'ereme,- v. i. to act prematurely. 

Ta'enikal, o. a. overcome; defeated. ïa'ereme, n. prenature action. 

Ta'enoa, t>. i. to basteu. Taere'm.ea, v. t, to act on prematurely. 

Ta'enoA, d. (. to haaten; to eipedite. Taere'mereme, freq. of taereme. 

Ta'enoa, n. hnrry; expedition; huatr TaerB're, a. aevere> acute aa a pain. 

ling; great haste. Taerl'erl, v. a. smarting; stinging. 

Taeno'anoa, v. i. freq. of taenoa. Taerl'ri, ti, i, to engage in fastening 

Ta'eba, v. i. to disrobe; to undress. tbe fringes of a riri. 

Taeba'eba, u. (. to lift off or up, aa Taeri'ri, n. the proceas of braiding in 

the wind doea a roof-cap, or a side or securing the fringes of a akirt. 

Bcreen. Taeri'rtka, e. a. stripped off as tbe 

Ta'eb'at, v. i. to engage in plundering mats on a ridgepole by the wiud. 

or robbing. Ta'ero, u. í. to wei^ anchor. 

Ta'eb'al, n. robbery; the work of Ta'eroï'ta, p. t. to make a, riri after 

plundering. a certain fasbion. 

Taeb'a'ia, v. t. to plunder; to rob. Ta'ero&'ta, n. a certain style of eecur- 

Taeba'la, v. t. to lift up and carry a ing the fringe of a riri. 

canoe. Ta'etae, v. i. to spsak; to talk. 



Tft'etM, n. speecb; talking; language. Ta'Irikl, a. being erening. 

Tuta'M, D. t. freq. oi taea. TRlrlUm&toa, n. late evening. 

Ta'•ta•nllui'wRl, v. i. to converae ía- Talrlklin&'toa, a. being late in tha 

miliarljí to chnt. evening. 

Tk'MMnífcM'wal, n. familiar conver- TB'lroa, t>. o. not arriving in Msaon; 

Mtion; chat. too tate. 

Ta'•taBbo&'kA, v. t. to engage in re- Talt^I, d. i. to adzei to tattoo. 

proaching. (Acta, 16: B.) Ta'ltal, n. tattoo. 

Ta'Bta•t)iui'k&, o. t. to reproach; to Talta1a,ti. t. to tattoo a peraon. 

rerilei t« Tilliff. (Rev. 16:11.) Tkltalm, v. i. to engage in aharpen- 

Ta'fltnebiui'ka, n. reproach; ínvectiTe. ing. 

Ta'etoa, o. i. to engage in atripping TalbilmA, v. t. to sbarpen; to whet. 

off the central tbonu of tbe pon- Tatta'ifi, v. i. (uwd imperativel;) 

danuB leaf. stop; sta^ ; wait a bit; bold on a 

^'•toi, V. t. to strip a pandanvw leaf bit ; desist ; let be, let alone. 

of ita central line ot priclcera. Taitab&'bu, v. i. don't be in a burry; 

Ta'eva, n. a longitudinal sIím of let be; let alone. 

babiU; a portion of a pandanua Taitfk&lra, d. i. (uaed imperativelj) 

buncb. atop; atay; wait a bit; bold on a 

Ta'l, adv. tamlj; oertainlj; in due bit. 

time. Ta'ltoki, a. tMi mature to yield mucb 

Tal, t>. do Dot; used in the ÍmperatlT«, Jtareice. 

Tal, n. time; season; barvest. Ta'ltoki, n. a eocoanut spatbe in its 

T&l, n. the ran. third atage of growtb. 

Talan, o. a algn of tbe plural, i. e., of Ta'o, adv. perbapa. 

several or morè. Ta'o, v. i. to overflow. 

Tai&'nlbv•, n. the cord by which the Ta'o, n. (Eng.) a «aw. 

rudder to a canoe is fastened. Taoa'kal, n. Bee also taieakai. 

Ta'lata'al, a. in a somewhat tender Taoalui, o. i. to engage in eztracting 

atage ae a eocoanut Bpathe. eocoanut oli in a pre«8. 

Ta'lUui'wal, o. in a mature atage, as Taoaka'la, v. t. to Bubject ripe eocoa- 

a eocoanut apathe. nuts to the proceis gf extracttng 

Ta'lm, n. (Eng.) a dime; 10 cents. oli b; presBure. 

Talmk, V, t. to sharpen; to grindj Ta'o&tn, d. t. to travel. 

to whet. Ta'oora, v. i. to engage In drying Úsh 

Ta'lma, n. a kind of mollusk. by givlng them a second partial bak- 

Ta^man, n. [Eng.) a diomond, ing. 

Ta'lm&ka, n. a marine gelatinoua aní- Ta'ourna, v. t. ta subject dried fiah to 

mol, the a second partial baking. 

Ta'lm&ran, n. aftemoon. Ta'omoa, o. down by the atem. 

Ta'lm&rao, a. beIng aftemoon. Taomwl'a, o. I. to follow up a person 

Ta'lmonio, n. (Gr.) a demon. who has gone; to follow after. 

Talmonlo, a. poaaessed of a demon. Ta'on, v. i. to engage in; to go at; to 

TalDu'na, a. late in the aftemoon. b^n upon. 

Talnu'nu, n. the latter part of tiie Ta'ona, v. (. to preas down; to control. 

aftemoon. Toonft^buki, n. a thing used (or 

Talila, p. t. TaiUai = wait for me. presaing down the stem. 

Talbft'ba, «. i. iet be; let alone; wait Taonàn'nàno, o. long-auffering; pa- 

a bit (used imperatiïely). tient 

Ta'lbora, n. (Eng.) a table. Taon&n'nSno, n. patience. 

Ta'Uca, n. (Eng.) a tiger. Taon&lja, v. i. to apread abroad. 

Ta'lra, n. the middie portion of the Ta'on&ba, v. a. Sec Icivxi. 

nigbt. T&'ono, ». a fiah, the 

Talra, a. about midnight. Ta'obal, ». fisbing for ikarikiriki wlth 

Xalra'ol, a. in an intermediate atage a aeine. 

as a eocoanut apathe. Ta'obara, n. a kind of fiahing. 

Ta'lrikl, n. evening. Ta'obara, o. t. to flah by putting la 



poBítion « rai aX higb vater, and ae- Ta'otfto, v. i. to flsh with the bait on 

curing the fish at Iow wat«r. the bottom, and the line sometimeB 

Ta'ob'aro, v. i. to throw Iow in tha buried in the sand. 

game oi karetika. Ta'otao, n. a mode of fishing. 

Ta'ob'aro, n. a method of playíng Taota'ona, v. t. to presa upon. 

karetika bj tbrowing tbe club Iow. Ta'otàbo, v. a. belng out of trim as a 

Taob'a'roa, v. t. to tnrow one's mia- canoa; down by tbe bowa or atem. 

Bile too tow in the game of karetika. Ta'oteba, v. a. ainkiog or auboierged 

Tft'obe, n. (Eng.).a dove. as a aeine float. 

Ta'obel, v. i. to fi'ah with tbe aid of a ITa'ii, n. a flab, the 

baenata. Ta'n, a. enough; aufScient. 

Ta'obei, n. a mode of flshiog. Ta'ua, v. t. to aeize ; to graap ; to hold 

ITa'obofi, i>. a. not working every day. back; to retain; to hold. 

Ta'obofl, ». irregular emplojment; Ta'uA, n. busineaa; emploTinent. 

unsteady work. Ta'na, n. (Eng.) a tower. 

Ta'oboti, V. i. to occupy a place be- Ta'nanei, n. a flah, tbe 

louging to or aasigned to another. la'nanen, a. jealoua. 

Ta'o6)tÍ, n. the unautborïzed occupa- Ta'uanen, n. jealouaj (not conjugal 

tion of a place asaigned to anotber. jealouay) (eee koko). 

Ta'obukl, d. down by the etern. Tauà'nikai, n. a concubine. 

ÏTa'obukl, n. a aecondary weapon. Tan&'nikal, v. i. to live with a concu- 

Ta'obukl, v. i. to preaa by tbe atem. bine. 

Taobu'kla, v. t. to trim a craft by tbe ïaa&nlka'la, v. t. ta hold aa a concu- 

etern. bíne. 

Ta'obura, t>. ï. to engage in following Tanan'roro, v. i. to engage in per- 

up or afl«r. forming an incantatíon to prevent 

Ta'obura, n. the employment of fol- early aenility. 

Iowing up or after witb respect b> Tauan'roro, n. an incantatíon to pre- 

oversight. ' vent aenility. 

Ta'obura, v. t. to foUow up or after. Taumi'rOTo'a, c. í. to perfonn on with 

Ta'okàbl, v. i. to engage in waylaying. reference to preventing early aenility. 

Ta'okàbl, n. the occupation of a plaoa Ta'uant&i, n. a clock; a natch. 

aasigned to another. Tauantabo, n. an offering to a god. 

Taok&'bia, v. t. to waylay; to watcb. Tauanta'boa, v. t. to oSer fot^ or 

tor one. otber tbing as an offeriug to a deity. 

Ta'oki, M. (Eng.) a atork. Ta'unUn, n. a flah, the 

Ta'ora, v. i. to reef. Taom&n'ta, v. i. to engage in alander- 

Ta'ora, n. the followii^ up or aft«r; ing or apeaking evil of, or defaming. 

a caring for. Tanmànta, n. defamation; a speaking 

Xa'oraé, n. a mode of flsbing by nigbt ill of. 

on the ocean aide. Taomafia'ria, n. a long apear with 

Taora'ea, o. t. to reef. branchea oppoaite one another. 

Ta'or&ma, v. i. t^i ait or atand on an Ta'nm&ta, v. i. to flab with a log or 

out-ri^er in ordeí to give morè board for a csnoe. 

weight Ta'umàta, n. the method of fiahing in 

Ta'orfima, n. a aitting or standing on which a log or rail takea the place 

an arm of an outrigger in order to of a canoa. 

gÍTe morè weight. Ta'umSte, v. a. judging correctly of 

Ta'oràmH, c. t. to weight an out- oven heat. 

rigger with people. Tama&'toa, o. a. neglecting to retum 

TaoralMba, v. a. generalty circulated a borrowed article; negligent. 

or diatributed. Taomà'toa, n. negligence in retuming 

Taora'bla, v. t. to tuck in, aa a moa- a borrowed article. 

quito netting. Ta'uma, n. the Bt«m of a cluster of 

Taoro'ro, n. a variety of taro. cocoanuta. 

Ta'ota, n. (Eng.) the soutb. Ta'omoii, n. a fore or aft brace to a 

Ta'ota, o. aoul£. canoe'a maat. 



Tft'iDUift, V. t. to bury. Taota'an, c. i. to buïy. 

Taun&'rl, <L just aliko. Tantn'un, n. a burying. 

Tau'no, n. a. cocoanut, either a moi- Tauta'nuA, v. t. freq. of tauna. 

molo or onibua, which tallí to tbe Ta'ut&ta, a. prompt in Hbowing ho»- 

grouiíd prematurel;. pitality. 

T&'nila, a. orowded togeUier; being in Ta'utàta, n. prompt hospitalit;. 

a crowd. Ta'utl, a. stiugy ; ielflab ; ni^ardlj'. 

Ti'tlfiA, n. a crowd. Ttt'titi, n. etingineas; selfisbAess: a 
Ta'uflMt, n. a metliod of ftehing. fisb, the 

Tanbifi', n. temperaoce; Belt-control. Ta'utía, t>. t. to treat one with stingi- 
Ta'nbftre, ». a fif-bruah. QeaB. 

Taabfc''rea, d. I. to bruBh off with » Ta'ntla, n. a eoldier; a company of 

taubare. eoldlera (probablj a coiruption of 

Tauba'akl•oa, c. t. to poition out. tfae Encliab word, soldiere). 

Ta'ubualia, p. a. not well provided. Ta'ntlkoko, a, stingy, very atingy. 

Ta'utnikl, n. the top; the ridge. Ta'ntlkoko, n. great atinginesB. 

Ta'nbuU, a. having a long ridgepole. Ta'ma, n. a íather. 

Ta'ubnUiU'tu, n. the crown or top Ta'm'a, v. i. to climb. 

of tbe head. Ta'm'a, n. a form of serere skin dis- 
Ta'ubnmm, v. a. not particuIaT; not eaae which progreases in it« ravage. 

putting on « flnisb. Tam'a•r•'ro, n. a long brace Bupporl^ 
Ta'uburum, n. want of particularity ing a long rafter. 

in putting on a finisb. Ta'mana, v. I. to take aa a father; to 
Ta'ukKTO, n. sparlce. make a father of one. 

Xauka'rokAro> v. a. abounding in T&moul'a, v. t. to finisb or level a 

aparies. canoe for its deck. 

Tankl'riklri, n. a small round pebble Tamanu'ea, n. a patrïarcb. 

uaed in caating Iota. Ta'm'arake, v. i. to climb up. 

TauWro, c, í. to spy. Ta'm'arake, n. a climbing up; an 
Taoldxo'a, v. t. to spy out. ascent by climbing. 

Ta'ura, v, t. to auspend. Ta'm'arake'a, v. t. to climb up. 

Ta'ura, ». a hanging lomp. Ta'm'are, n. lewdness. 

Tanra'ot, v. a. ready; well preparad. Ta'm'ar•, r. t. to lust; to bave un- 
Tanra'ot, n. thorough preparatíon. lawful carnal desire. 

Taara'fiarafla, v. i. to roll as a abip. T&'maritlka, n. (Bng.) a tamariak. 

Tanra'fiarafla, n. tbe roUing as of a Tam£'roa, a, beàutiful; handaome; 

ship. eleganL 

iK'nrara'ol, v. a. well prepared, well Tam&'roa, n. beauty. 

fumished. Tamaro'aroa, a. very handsome. 

Ta'urara'ol, n. thorough preparation. Ta'm'aroro, v. i. to be of the aame 
Tania'kareka, n. » variety of covered age ; o i tamaroro, 

basket. Ta^'atam'a, v. i. freq. of tam'a, to 
Taure'kereke, n. a chain. climb. 

TAuiVaro, n. a fragment; a crnmb; Ta'm 'a tam'a, n. the art of climbing. 

a small bit. Ta'matama, a. filial ; kind to a father. 

T&uro'nro, v. a. covered with crumba. T&m'nei, n. a apirit; the aoul: a pic- 
Tauro'fio, n. aearch for marine food ture; a llkeness; a portrait; the 

in a place remote, or occaeionally shadow of a person. 

viaited. T&m'ruru, n. a speck; a particle. 

Tauro'flo, V. i. to engage in flnding Tàm'run», a. covered with crumba. 

some marine food to eat in a place T&'tnwemwa, v. a. cut unakillfuUy, or 

remote. too short, as eaves of tbat«h. 

Tanro'fioa, v. t. to seek marine food, Tln, plural of tía = Eag. suffií era. 
Ta'ntan, «. i. to engage in holding or Tani makuri = workers. 

retaining. T&n, a. becalmed under a lee; in the 
Ta'ntan, «. an elTort to quiet a fight ahelter of. 

Tanta'UA, v. t. freq. of taua. T&n, v. i. to turn- 



T&n, n. (Eng.) a ton. ered in w, company ot masa at anà 

!ra''na, v. f. to wind kora on tlie left eide. 

hand. Tà'nln, ». an excrcBcence. 

T&'n&i V. f. to be enamored of; to Ta'&lnanati'bu, n a ahell-flsh, the 

like: to paint. T&'nlSa, n. the ear. 

T&'na, n. a reliali; aaaucetsM'otto)- T&'nlfia, a. indisposed to respond fa- 

Tl/uai, n. au adze. vorablj. 

T&'nalnibiíi'iii, n. a small adze. T&'nlAíl, o. t. to wait for. 

ï&'nabS, V. t. to coil as a line on one'a T&ntfla'laÍB, a. havít^ large broad 

Tanab'a'la, v. t. to rob; to take hy Tànifialele, n. a person with large 

force; to violentlj strip. broad eare. 

T&naba'la, v. t. to break awav front T&'nlSamara'ii, a. diligents 

one who seizes, t. «., from one's hotd. T&'nifi&mara'o, n. diligence ; indua- 

T&'naki, o. fearful wben aasaulted. try. 

T&'nara, t>. t. to loose another'a boldi T&'nlfiana'omata, a. faitbfu) iu work. 

to taJíe off omatnentB after the T&nlQa'nlba, n. a musbroom: a pan- 

dance. cake. 

T&'natína, n. a form of incantatíon T&'nlfianiU'nofio, v. a. quick to 

wbereby to secun favor in the eyea hear; hearing readily. 

of a woman. T&'nUJanik&'nofio, n. quicknegs of 

T&Im, a, clear; diatinct; ahowing dis- bearinf. 

tinctlj aa « íootBtep; leaving a T&nifU'ba, a. obedient; prompt to 

mark. obey. 

T^'iLeia'!, a. accuetomed to; used to; T&'ni&abo^o, a. deaf: refuaing to 

woDted. hear; díaobedient. 

T&'nola't, n. wontedneas; the atate of T&'nlfikbo^o, n. deafnesa. 

being accuatomed. T&'nlflaro^, a. lazy ; indiaposed to 

T^^aia'l, V. i. to beg, by word or atti- effort. 

tude, as for food before mealtime, T&'nlllaro'tl, n. lazinese; indiapoai- 

T&nelalroro, a. to partake of food tion to effort, 

unceremoniously. T&'nlfiawa'nawana, a. quíck to com- 

Tanei^nel, n. a mode o( fiahing. prehend. 

Tauetnei, v. i. to fiah with a karamt, T&nlfiawa'na'waiui, n. quickneas of 

aided or supplemeutod by a rai. comprebenslon. 

Tine'ne, adv. fitfully. T&'niao, v. a. aafely hidden. 

I&'nl, a plural form equivalent to the Tànlflo^iao, v. a. freq. of tanifio. 

£ng. aiiffix era (aee tan). T&'uibàba, v. a. crowded or incom- 

Tà'nSi, n. a spare Sahhook. moded by much atuff. 

Tànl'a, V. t. to take poBsesBÍon of aa T&'nlbabu, a. lowery. 

a demon. T&'iiib«a, a, cloudy with light baffling 

T&nlota'eao, n. the western aide. winds and likely to rain. 

Tfinima'eao, t>. a. on the -weat aide; Tà'nirlia, n. (Eng.) the Sanhedrim. 

facing from the west. Tfc'no, n. earth; Boil; ground. 

T&'nlmftl, 17. i. to face ; to tuin toward T&^oa, v. t. to aand a person in an 

one. incantation. 

T&nlma'Iakl, n. tbe south aide. T&'noata, a. publiahed abroad; circn- 

T&nlma'lakl, v. a. on tbe aouth aide; lated. 

facing from the aouth, T&'nol, a. dizxy. 

Tfinima'lnlku, n. full moon : the eaat Tà'nol, v. a. excit«dly gathering to 

aide. leam the newa. 

Tinlmfi'lntka, v. a. on the eaat aide; li'noiii&kl, c. a. greatly excïted aa a 

facing from the eaat. multitude ae by a rumor of war. 

TiUilmA'aü, n. the north aide. T&nonl'ka, n. a ^t or thin grain of 

TÍJliin•'a&, o. a. on the north aide; aand, like a amall acale. 

facing from the north. Tà'not&no, a. coTered with aand as a 

Tà'min, a. blistered; excresoent: gatJi- garment. 


TANir li 

T&'niift, n. tanuant baaJat ^ nunors 

of wara. (Mat. 24:0.) 
TÜi'ha, n. a Telishi a SAUceí an appe- 

T&n'u&bft, c. 1. to wínd up as a flah 

TAntiaU, o. a. noi diapoged to rasent 

as through cowardice. 
T&n'nako, v. i. to tum away. 
T&n'rake, n. the east side of an 

T&n'rake, o. t. to tura to the east. 
TAiiMo, n. the weat aide oi an íaland. 
T&n'rlo, D. >. to tum to the weaL 
Tàn'tiiL, n. a nkiit discaMi a apeciea 

T&nt&n, a. spotted ae the akin. 
T&nt&nl, '.-.. the keeping watch; 

watchfúltiese over a place. 
Tin't&nl, t>. i. to keep watch; to re- 

main on guard- 
Taa't&no, a. covered with dirt or 

Tall, D. (. to ery; to weep; to crow; 

to mew; to eiag as a bird. 
TfCa, V, t. to streteb out aa a wing. 
Ta^&, t>. a. etraighteiied out as a fish- 

Ta'Aa, n. a eoat oí mail, without 

sleeves, made of cocoanut flber. 
T&^Íb, n. a married couple : a bodj of 

troops, an armf. 
Tftfia'ina, v. a. opened as a mat or 

book; Ifing on the back. 
Tafia'nrl, n. scraped paudanua pulp 

often mised with scraped cocoannt. 
Tafia'nrla, o. í. to raake taiíauri. 
Ta'fiBiia, n. a preparation of lahaí 

and cocosnut. 
Ta'fiauK, 17. t. to knead. 
Ta'fiananlmfi'nain, n. See tafíana. 
Taflan&'iiikabo, n. a mixtura of 

kabubu, cocoanut, and wàter. 
fafiana'fiana, v. a. cut and alashed 

with a butu or knife. 
TafianB'^na, v. a. bedaubed aa with 

Tafla'fia, v. a. apread out aa the hands 

and fingers in fear. 
Ta'flaroa, ». the mtnd; " e ríre nalco 

íanoroou " ^ I loat my senaes ; my 

eenees darted quickly away. 
TafUo'flio, a. Tery far away. 
Ta'nlnlkbno'a, n. a cocoanut noi 

quit« fully ripe. 
Ta'fiinlw•'iiel, v. í. to enga^e in 

mouming foT the dead; to waíl. 

TafUniwe^iei, n. a wailing for the 
Ta'tUnlwone^ v. t. to waíl over the 

TafLib'à'nako, v. i. to ebb rapidly aa 

spriug tide. 
Tanlbn^nm, c. i. to buzz; to roar aa 

Tigging; to aouud loudlj, as rain in 

a very bea^y shower. 
TalUra, c. t. to love; todesire; to cry 

for; to liHig for. 
Ta'filra, n. loye; degire, 
Ta'filraríl, v. i. to give fortb a noisa 

aa the tearing of clotb or tbe un- 

rolling oí tuae. 
Tft'filroS, o. Borrowful because of loss. 
Ta'fUtafi, V. i. freq. of ta&. 
Tafiita'filra, v. t. freq. of taQira. 
lafilta'filrl, o. i. to love (used with 

the prefix i) : a i íoniíoflíH = they 

love oue another. 
la'fio, n. the part of a cocosnut to 

which the at^ is attached. 
Ta'tioa, v. t. to borrow. 
Tafio'lAoi, adv, an adverbial intenaive. 
T&'norO, n. a disease of tbe moutfa 

alüed to thrush. 
Tafluo'ua, n. a bird, the 
Ta'fike, n. (Eng.) a donkey. 
Ta'b'&f «. tbe bloesom of the pan- 

TaTia, n. the cheek : a fiah, the 
Ta'T)», V. a. choked with food. 
T&tMi, p. a. diaputed or unaettled aa 

a boundary. 
X&'ba, n. a knife. 
T&'l», V. t. to pare; to whittie; to 

Tabai'tera, a. tineren; having oue 
part lai^r than the other; one 

Ta-liaota, n. (Heb.) Sabaoth. 
Taba'ua, a. foolish; idiotic. 
Taba'ua, n. foolÏHhDeea; a fool. 
Taba'ura, n, a rainbow. 
Tab&'nekl, n. a scoop-net for taking 

the aua. 
Tab'a'nln, v. a. appearing diatinctiy 

as a coral iale at sea ; seen aa a 

whole : seen as a buncb of pandanua 

to be ripe all over. 
Tab'a'niu, n. a square. 
Tab'a'ninla, 17. t. to eat food in com- 

mon: to give unanimity to words 

or ata temen ta. 
Tab&'nikai, v. a. fully armed; oarry- 

ing aeveral deadly weappna. 


TAB'A 159 TAB 

Ta'b'an.on, n. the stem and atem of Tabatllratibii, a. 

B, caDoe: the cranium; the ikuU. grouud. 

Tab'ano'nniwae, n. the patella. Tabatt/atoa, < 

(Phya. p. 96.) even places 

Tab&'nura, v. a. unbound as the base is Ijing. 

of the art. Tabato'utoa, o, i, to tosa about as a 

Tabà'iiura, n. a cocoanut spathe íor craft. 

karetne not bound at the baae. ITa'be, v. a. buBj; eagaged; emplnyed. 

Ta'baba, n. a species of ahark, the Ta'be, ». the state of being occupied. 

Taba-nsa, v. a. fullf anned: un- Ta'be, a. some. 

kempt; busby and curly ae a bead Ta'bea, f. a. bewïldered at sea. 

of hain abounding in leaves, Ta'bea, n. bewilderment at aea; lois 

Tab&nill, V. i. (used imperatively ) of reckoning'. 

stop; etaj; wait a bit; hold on a Tabea'Iafia, a. full of care; having 

bit. much to look after. 

Ta'baka, v. t. to suap at as a dog: ta Tabea'laüa, n. care; responsibilitj for 

kick as a horae. safety. 

ITa'b'akea, rk Shell turtle; the egg of Ta'beata'el, v. i. to act as foster 

a roBch. parent. 

Ta'b'akea, a. favored ot fortunate be- Ta'beata'el, n. the care of a child bj 

cauBe rich. a fo8t«r parent, 

Tat'akea'na, n. a person well to do. Tabeatu, n. an incantatíon for the 

Ta'b'abea'na, a. well to do; pros- dead. 

perous; having means. Tabea'tu, v. i. to make au incantation 

Ta'b'akea'usa, a, well provided for; for the dead. 

prosperoua Tabe'ibetl, v. i. to bover. 

Ta'b'akea'uaa, n. a pereon well pro- TalMlro, n. (Or.) a sapphiie. 

vided foT. Tabe'ua, a. some; eeTeral; a few, re- 

Taba'keta'nl, n. (Aram.) sabach- ferring to inanimate objecte. 

thatti. (Mat. 2?! 46.) Tabeu'tft, v. t. to break into amall 

Ta'b'ara, v. i. to spread apart or pieces as food. 

crook as the lega. (Phys. p. 11.) Tatemàn, a. aome; seveTal; a few, 

Ta'barafLa'ea, v. t. to trip. referring to anima te .objecta. 

Tab'a'rab'ara, v. a. freq. of tab'ara. TabamS'nia, v. t. to go or do one by 

Ta'baro, v. i. to meddle, one; aererall;. 

Talwra, n. meddleaomeneaa; interfer- Tabem'ftfl', a. some, referring to per- 

Taba'rea, v. t. to meddle with; to Talieba, a. eome, uaed in apeaking ot 

diaturb. leaves. 

Tabft'rebare, v. i. freq. of tabare. Tababa'ea, v. t. to tum the leaves 

Taba'retuft, «. í. to meddle with; to as of a booki to gather a few pan- 

disturb; to trouble. danua leaves at a time when scarce. 

Taba'retua, n. í. to be meddlesome; Taljeka, v. t. to lift up; to take up. 

to be troablesome. Taljelta, n. a kind of acoop-net. 

Taba'retua, rt. meddleaomeneBa. Ta'bekal, o. some, referring to trees 

Ta'baro, n. the cheek-bone. and objecta, counted with the auffix 

Tabaro'ro, o. cloudy. fca». 

Taba'ruku, a. unsettled as the Ta'bekal, v. i. to engage in carryinf 

weather; aqnally. sticka of timber. 

Tabam'kumku, o. having a rainy Ta'bokana'tu, n. a poBthumous incan- 

aspect. tatlon; a fetïsh. 

Ta'bataba, n. the edïble part of the Ta'bera, n. the upper portlon aa the 

pandanuB fruit leaves and branches. 

TA'bat&ba, v. a. freq. of taba, dia- Ta'berama't, v. a. indlcating diaper- 

puted. ston or return to homes. 

Ta'bati, n. (Enz.) the Sabb-th. Ta'berama'lu, o, having a vigprous 

Talmtl, c. i. to keep the Sabbath. top, as a tree or plant. 



TnlitmatAte, a. having a dyinff top, Tabonibalraol, n. dextertty, aldllful- 

as a tree or plant; liable ta acci- ness. 

dent OT misfortune. Tabo'nlkal, n. a sbort piece oí wood. 

TanMramàtoa, a. not ret, or bIow in Tabo'nlkal, v. a. occupied bj a fiah. 

bearing fruit, as pandanua. nhich is dead bb a fishwier or trap 

Taber&'ulkal, t». kabubu mized with tou? imvisited bj nua. 

cocoanut. Tabo'nlwae, n. a toe. 

Ta'benuvro'fiorofio, v. t. to bring or Tabo'nlwl, v. i. to engage in attaupt- 

impart news. ing to induce anotber to alay one'a 

Tà'b•ron, n. (Eng.) aaffron. enem;. 

Ta'b«tab«, v. i. to engage in cany- Tabo'nlwl, n. the att«mpt to Induoo 

ing; to repeatedlj carry. one to murder another. 

Ta'totabe, n. a. kind oí game In whlch Tabo'nlwl'a, v. t. to attempt to in- 

penons are taken up and earried. duce another to alaj one'a eataaj. 

TabeU^Mlu, o. 1. freq. of Ubeka. TaOranrltlfU, n, a flre brand. {Zech. 

Tabv'tüuúco, v. i. to paaa avaj aa a 3; 2.) 

cloudj to pasa aa a shoner at a tCa'bonta'•ka, v. i. to confer as to tt 

diatance. siiitable place for a meeting. 

Tab•'tlrake, v. i. to rlae up as smoke Ta'bonta'eka, ». au arrangement aa 

or a cloud at a dUtance. to a trysting place. 

Ta'biro, V. a. aprained aa tbe ankle: Ta'bonta'eki., i>. (. to instraet a per- 

ended aa an engagement. Bon as to where he ia to be met. 

TaHio, n. a place; end; point; ei- Talsontft'fla, n. a distant relative. 

tremitj. Ta'bobè, v. a. bebaving ugly ; mean in 

Ta^m, n. a stranger who ia made a action. 

friend of. Ta'bobè, n. meannesB in aetion. 

TftlMa, V. t. to call ; to mention. Ta'bob«b«'ku, a. having a aomewhat 

TaHiot, n. B. cocoanut-ieaf fiber uaed upright or perpenditmlar atem or 

in ^ing on flsh bait. bow. 

Ta'llouo'ua, a. baving one end of a Taboka'lkal, v. i. to go fnllj armed. 

canoe morè or lesa uprigbt, and the Taboka'lkal, ». the habitual carry- 

other projectÍDg, ing of deadly weapons. 

Tabom'à'ne, v. a. not quickly an- Taboka'bubn, a. having aa upright 

gered; mildly displeased. atem aa a canoe. 

Tabom'a'ke, o, having a projecting Taboka'kafi, <i. baving a aharp or pro- 

stem. jecting prow. 

Tabonafi', a. strong. Tab4fra, n. escellent fisbing ground 

Tabona'fia, n. the shouider extremitr. (used without the article te). 
labon&'rl, n. a amall cocoanut-sliell TaborAfLerefla, n. the eztreme end of 

bottle uaed in receiving the early a branch or stick. 

sap froiQ a epatlie recently bound: Ta'boro, n. a mode of flahíng with ft 

the spathe in ita earlier stage. line in deep wàter. 

Ta'bonlma'laU, a. having a some- Ta'boro, v. i. lo fish with a line in 

what upright stem and stern. deep wàter. 

Tabo'nlbaí, h. a Gnger; a servant; an Ta'botabo, v. i. to eugage in mentlon- 

attendant; a waiter; the eitreme ing a peraon'a name with a challeuge 

end; i tabotUbai ^ ít the farthest to fight. 

end. TabotanMa, v. t. to mention a per- 

Tabo'nlbalmaln, a. akilled in pro- son's name with a chailenge. 

curing food. T&botua, v. t. to weary of. 

Tabo^b al n rafl', a. not skilled In Tabowa', », a spear without teeth 

malcing canoes or garmenta. shorter than the maran. 

Tftboniba'lbuaka, a. unakilled; want- Ta'bu, a. taboo; torbidden; aacred. 

ing dexterity. Ta'bu, n. a taboo. 

Tftboniba'lbuaka, ». unskillfulnesa ; T&'bu, n. (Eng.) a tub. 

want of dexterity. Ta'bua, v. t. to set aside aa taboo; to 

Taboniba'iraol, a, dextrous. aanctiff. 



Tabua'iikl, n. tha Jupiter oi the Gil- middie to a fishhook and then 

berteae. tviated into one as a link to the 

TaHiiuii, a. Thie word ís used ouly principal fish line. 

after tefiaun (10), or 100, or 1000, Tak&'l, v. i. to engage in twisting to 

etc, to indicats that the apeaker a fishhook a short segment oi line 

means " somewhat over " ten, or ten bj which it is to be finall; connected 

" and morè," etc. with the main line. 

Ta'bua, n. uuite; used in coimting T&kà'la, v. 1. to pTOvide a fishhook 

unita, as wben we sa;, " units, tens, with a short segment of line by 

hundreds," ete. which it is to be finallj connected 

Tti'baita, v. t. to forbid ; to make taboo. with the main line. 

Tabune'a, n. an incantationi saiixij. ITakaiala, v. i. to shiver with cold; 

Tabone'B, v. i. to perform an incsnta- to chatter as the jaws. 

tion; to practice sorcery. Takaia'ia, n. a shivering with cold; a 

Tabiuie'&, v. t. to perform an incanta- chattering of the jaws. 

tioQ on a peraon. Ta'kaura'ura, a. verj red. 

Tabu'nim&te, n. Bomethíng set aside Ta'kaura'ura, n. a verj red color, 

BB for one'a own uee. Ta'kamaina'lna, a. tery whíte. 

labu'tümi'teB, v. t. to set aside some- Ta'kamalna'ina, n. great whiteness. 

thing far one'a own uae. Takaml'nomiuo, v. i. to writhe in 

Ta'bukl, n. a ridge; a mound; a hill. pain. 

Ta'bukl, a. ridgj; hilly. Takarai'nomliío, n. a writhing in 

Tabu'klbuki, a. covered with rough pain; great reatleasneaa. 

protuberances or ridges. TakAmo^mokl, a. long (see ana- 

Tabu'klbuki, n. a ridgy, rough place. nau). 

Tabure'kareka, a. verj rough as the Ta'kanftna, v. a. daubed; besmeared; 

akin of tbe haika. muddied. 

Taburo'roko, t>. a. persieting to old Ta'kan&na, n. mud; mire; slime. 

age in obaerriog one'a taboos. Takane'anea, a. bright; resplendent; 

Ta'bntabu, n. the exiatence of many ahining. 

taboos. Takaue'lnei, a. verj wet as a path In 

Ta'butabn, r. a. observing tabooa. rain. 

Tabut&'rawa, v. a. observing taboos. Takane'lnei, n, a wet or flooded con- 

Tabuto'ra, n. the name of a certain dition of the ground. 

atar. Ta'kanoi, n. the mind; the spirit. 

Tft'bwena, «, a. split; cracked as a Ta'kabo, n. a flsh, the 

board; rent. Ta'kabo, a. fullf grown as a batceata: 

Ta'bwena, n. a aplit; a rent. rich in flavor as a bajceata. 

Tabwena'na, i>. a. broken or split into Ta'kabea, a. garmloua; loquacious; 

two parts. talkatiïs; long winded. 

Tab-wena'bwena, v. a. freq. of ta- Takabu'rtiiBko, o. i. to run over and 

bwena. off; to overflow. 

Tabwe'rebware, a. esperiencing the Takabu'rtrake, d. i. to overflow. 

after effecta of aicloiess. lu uee at Tak&'ka, v. i. to shout. 

Banaba. . Tak&'ka, n. a shout; a ahouting. 

Ta'ka, V. i. to tbirst. Ta'kaka, v. a. greatl; írightened; ter- 

Ta'ka, n. thirst. rifled. 

la'kfi, n. the upper streak in a canoe. Tak&'^ro, v. i. to play, to sport. 

Ta'kfi, c. i. ta ahout; to call bj shout- TakA'karo, n. play; sport; a game. 

ing. Ta'karara, v. i. to talk noisily, 

Taka'eaklua, v. t. to shout about. Ta'karara, n. uoiaj talk. 

Taka'ebuabu, a. whitest. Ta'karem'a, v. t. to flop about aa a 

Taka'ere, v. i. to flop aa a flsh. flsh on shore. 

Takaere're, v. i. to flop about; to Takare'm'arem'a, v. í. to flop about; 

thraah about or struggle as a cry- to toaa about. 

ing child. TakareTïurebu, «. í. to alop over when 

Tak&l, ». a abort cord attacbed at tha agitated. 



Tftkkr•tnit&ta, v. i. to crackUi to Tk'fm, v. i. to talk much about wlutt 

make am&ll, abrupt noiseg. one gre&tly desíreE. 

Ta.'kMxa, n. b spark. Ta'ra?, n. tnucb talk about what one 
Ta'kftro, v. i. to emit oparka. desires. 

Takatokaro, v. t. to emit ot throw off Tara'eakl'iUL, v. t. to express long- 

sparks. ings for, 

Taka'rokaro, n. the throwing off of Tar&'Í, ». a fll•lh, the — ; a loi^ flsh- 

many sparka. ing bat: a emall sbrab, the 

Ta'karoro, d. i. to be very tbiretj. Ta'ranlm&tafi, n. a harpoon. 

la-liaroro, n. ver; great tbint Ta'ranika'koko, n. a charmed neck- 
Tak&'ma, v. i. to Bhout. lace oi cocoanut leaf. 

Tak&Vna, n. a sbout; a ehoutÍDg. Ta'raba, n. a fisb, the 

Tak&ma'ea, v. t. to ihout ; to utter Tarab&'iiiafl, n. a mode o( diviíiing. 

with a ahout. Tarab'&'nara, n. a flab, the 

Ta'kamrn, v. t. to rattle as Uie dried Ta^abo, a. iudiaposed to work. 

kernel of a cocoanut, or a pebble in Tarabn'roro, a. veiy much indispoMd 

a cocoanut- Bhell. to work. 

Ta'katakA, n. copra; tbe dried kemel Ta'rabutl, n. a flsh, the 

of the cocoanut: a kind of sea Ta'rabatliiail', n. a, fisb, tbe 

urcbiu Ta'rabuttnlm&'rawa, n. a veiy long 
Ta'kataka, a. very diy as tbe kemel tarabuti. 

of a ripe cocoanut, Ta'rakal, o. i. to inapect one's orchard, 

Ta'k•, n. (Eng.) a duck. Ta'rakal, n. an inspection of one'a 
Ta'k•, V. o. Bprouting; Btarting aa a orchard. 

tooth. Taraks'utnal, n. a tt\ the 

T&'k«, n. a graashopper. Tft'rarla'o, t>. i. to look or behold care- 
ï&'kebl.ti, n. (Eng.) a «ackbut. leaHlj. 

Takfbono, a. indifferent to a requeet Ta'ratara, o. «. to be awake; to bebold. 

or order. Ta'ratara, n. wakefulneHa; a atate of 
Ta'kotake, v. a. epronting; appearing aleepleasnesa. 

aa a new tooth. Ta'ratarK, v. t. freq. of tara; to look 
T&'klna, v. t. to apread out. at ateadily. 

Ta'klr&ra, o. white; very white, as a Ta'rawawa, v. a. without appetite, 

fowl. Ta'rawawa, ». indisposition to eat 
Takom'koïn, odc, aufflx of reke sig- or work. 

niff ing not wholly falling short. Ta'rawawK, c. (. to treat work or tood 
Ta'koko, v. a. puSed ; filled up ; with indifference. 

choked. T&'re, a. too ahort to reaeh: not suffl- 
Ta'ku, V. i. to say; to thiDk; to aup- cient as food. 

poae; to imagine. T&'rens, n. (Eng.) a talent. 

Ta'ku, n. a word; a aay: Engliah aa T&'nra, v. a. eaailj or dietinctly aeen; 

apoken bj a Gilberteae, clearly revealed. 

Ta^Q,' 11. a. abnormallf drawn up as Tfc'rer•, v. a. moving here and there; 

the flnger*. reatleas; on the go. 

Taka'akua, c. a. wearing charmed T&'rerlo, n. (Gr.) a sardíua. 

necklacea or headbandi. Tà'ret4ra, a. freq. of tare. 

Ta'kutaku, t>. i. to atutt«r ; to aputter. Ti'itíima., n. (Eng.) a dulclmer. 

Tà'kutaku, n. a. stultering. T&'retonaka, n. (Or.) a aardonyx. 

là'ra, V. t. to bail out a well; to wipe T&'rl, n. salt wàter; aalt; a aea. 

with a leaf or towel. Tft'rl, n. a man'a brother: a woman'a 
T&'ra, n. a cocoanut leaflet used as a sister. 

towel; a towel. Tft'rl, p. o. rippled by flah, as the sur- 
T&'r&i n, (Eng.) a doltar. tace oi wàter. 

Ta'ri, V, t. to look at; to behold. T4'rí, n. flowing cocoanut aap; turbid 
Ta'ra, n. a barbed Gahbook; a sbort aalt wat«T roiled bj fiah. 

Xiar with Bharks' teeth diSerently T&'rlm&'rinia, a. very gharp, as a 
ped. tool: aharp pointed as a spràr. 



' TL•'ría, v. a. t«ken out or removed un- T&'rotiiS, v. t. to Bpeak Impatlftiittf 

Hcraped, as the kernel from tbe ehell. of, as of a troubleeome child. 
Ta'rln, n. a portion of the kernel oi IKmktilo, n. (Gr.) a Sadducee. 

a ripe cocoanut which comes out in Tà'tH, v. i. to skip, like a stoue over 

a piece wbile ít íb beiog scrsped. wàter: to trtp. 

Til'Miio, n. a flsh, the — ; a tree, the Tata', v. t. to adz«. 
T&'rlnlka'roft, n. a seine wiÜi large Tftta'a, v. %. to flsh for the ana or 

meBhea. nauti in a oanoe bj torchlight 

T&'rinlwa'fl, p. a. írequent^d. Tata'e, n. Ashing for the ana or nouí» 

IT&'rib&ba, a. eomewbat foolish; weak in a canoe b; torchlight. 

in intellect Tata'«, v. a. aplit or cracked as a, 

TS'ríVab'a, v. a. broken or eliced off. board. 
T&'rlb'ab'a, n, a piece broken off or Tata'ea, v. t. freq. of taea. 

sliced off. Tata'eabea, v. t. freq. of taeabea. 

T&'rlbl, n. a piece; a fragment. lata^enoa, v. i. freq. of taenoa. 

T&ribl'ribl, o.. lumpf ; not well pul- Tata'aklna, v. i. freq. of taekina. 

verized. Tata'etae, v. i. freq. of taetae. 

T&'iibo, V. a. boited to a medium Tata'etaenika'wal, v. i. freq. of tae- 

thickness as cocoanut molaases. taenikawai. 

T&'ribono, a. constipated. Tatfil, ». a cocoanut-shell bottle fitted 

T&'rlbono, n. conatipation. with a uetting for conrenience in 

1ÍTÏbt/bo, a. tiu^d with iight red. carrying. 

Tiri'bn'bu, a. slightlj roiled, aa bj Tata'o, v. a. diffused as a fragrance. 

flsh feeding. Tata'obofl, v. i. to work irregularly; 

Tàritu'bu, n. a roiled spot. to work at timea. 

TA'rika, n. a small portion of food Tata'obnra, v. t. freq. of taobura. 

set apart before beginning to eat, as Tata'okàbl, v. i. freq. of taokabí. 

a sort of firat fruita. Tata'ok&bta, i>. 1. freq. of taokabia. 

Tfi'rika, a. brackiab. Tata'uauen, a. freq. of tauanen. 

T&'rika, n. a portion of land having Tata'aRnfb'al, v. o. declining habitu- 

brackish wàter. ally to loan. 

Tà'rikato'to, a. very brackish. Tata'uanlku'l, n. i. freq. of tauanikai. 

T&rlke^e, «. a. cut somewbat ob- Tata'um&n'ta, «. i. freq. of taumanta. 

liquely. Tata'ubna'ka, t>. <i~ freq. of taubuaka, 

T&'nkl, n. (Eng.) a daric. Tata'nra'ol, v. a. freq. of tauraoi. 

T&'ritàrt, v. i. to aaaociate as breth- Tata'orake, v. i. to come up in great 

ten; a i taritari. sohoola of fiab ioto ahallow wàter, 

Tà'rttarl, n. a flah, the Tata'utàta, v. a. habitually prompt in 

Ta'rite, n. (Eng.) Thursday. ahowing hoapitality. 

TaMlI, n. (Eng.) Tòrrid. (Geog. p. Tata'utl, a. freq. of tauti, babitually 

13.) stingy; aeifiah. 

T&'rou, o. i. to throw up food gently Tata'utla, v. t. freq. of tautia. 

aa an infant; to puke. "The in- Tata'm'ata'm'a, v. t. freq. of tam'a- 

fant, mewling and puking in the tam'a. 

nurae'a arma." Shakebpe^rb. Ta'tan, n. (Qr.) Satan. 

T&'ron, n. the gentle puking of an Tatin, v. i. to eugage in ahouldering 

infant. a aeine. 

T&ronm'urt, n. worahip. Tat&'na, t>. f. to be enamored of. 

Tàroma'url, v. i. to worshlp ; to en- Ti'tana'ko, v. í. to stumble. 

gage in worship. Tatfi'nifia, v. i. freq. of taniOa, to wait 

T&Toma'uria, v. t. to worship; to for. 

adore. ^tí.''nití&, v. t. freq. of tanlDa. 

T&'rota, V. t. to perform incantations Tat&'nl&ainara'u, a. freq. of tauiOa- 

on a weapon. marau. 

T&'rot&ro, n. wàter in a ahell or cup TatynlfiamTa''ii, n. íreq. of tanifla- 

for a tnan with which to abarpeu a marau. 

knife. Tat&'nlfi&'ba, a. freq of taniOaba. 



mt&'^ü&abo^o, a. freq. of tanlSl• Tfttara'«, v. i. freq. ot taroe. 

boao. TatB'rarÍA'o, v. i. freq, of tarftrifto. 

TatA'nUiabo'no, n. fieq. ot tanilla- T&t&^, t>. a. giving much cocoannt 

bono. sap (proDOunced alao t&'iari). 

Tkt&'nlfiaro'tl, a. freq. of taniOarotl. Tatft'rlka, o. freq. of tarika. 

Tat&'nifiaro'tl, n. freq. of taniSaroti. Tat&'ro, v. >. to pray. 

Tat&'nlka'raun, v. t. to engage in TatS.'ro, n. prajer. 

taking up a aeine and carrying it Tatl^oa, v. t. to pray to. 

on the shouIderB. Tat&'roma'nrl, v.i. freq, of taromauri. 

Tat&n'nakl, v. o. freq. of tannaki. Tatft'romn'uzla, c. t.' freq. of taro- 

Tatftn'nako, v. i. freq. of tannako. mauria. 

Tatafla, n. tbe pUte of a building; T&''tat&ta, c i. to stumble; to stumble 

a sill. along in walking; to atagger. 

TatH'fiJriw, o. freq. of taOiroa. T&'tate, n. (Eng.) Saturdaj. 

TatH'fUta&, t). i. freq. of taOitafi. Tat&'we, v. i. to move quickly. 

Tatalloa, v. t. freq. of taDoa. Tat«ii, n. ( Eng. ) a dozen. 

Tatabàre, v. i. freq. of tabare. Tft'ti, v. a, cut; wounded. 

Tatab&'rva, v. t. freq. of tabarea. Ta'tí, n. (Eng.) a dash. 

Tatab&'retoa, v. i. freq. of tabaretua. T&tlba'ata, v. a. not eecurelf fast- 

Tatab&'rotuft, v. t. freq. of tabaretufl. ened, as ao outrigger. 

Ta'tabaro'ro, a, freq. of tabaroro. Ta'wa, n. a fisli, the 

la'tabaru'knnikii, a. freq. of taba- I&'w&, v. t. to drj in the Btin. 

rukuruku. Ta'wa, a. ripe. 

TataOie, a. one each; one bf one. Ta-wa'ewaa, a. far away; diatant in 

Tat»b«, V. o. freq. of tobe. spaee (see raroa). 

TntatMfti, a. one eacli. T&'wal, v. a. ashatued tMcause of fail* 

Tatabea'tafia, a. freq. of tat>eataíla. ure to succeed. 

Tatab•'uA, o. one each, of things. Taw&'na, n. a cleared Beld readj' for 

Tatabe'uta, a. freq. of tabeuta. cultiration. 

Tata'beman, a. one each, of persona. TawanlfUnífi, a. vety ripe. 

Tata'bemi'iila, v. t. freq. of tabem»- TaVanon, n. noon. 

nia. Ta'wanoo, a. beiog noon. 

TatabVfla, v. t. to measure and divide Ta'waiioiuna'«so, n. a little past 

cloth by giving to each a fathom. noon. 

Tata'biro, v. a. freq. of tabiro. Ta'waaouma'•ao, a. being a little 

Tata'bonafl, a. freq. of tabonaH, past noon. 

Tata'but, n. forehandedneBs; auitable Tawa'fcai, n. the extracting of cocoa- 

provil•lian. nut-oil in a prese. 

Tataliui, V. a. provided; forehanded. Tawa'kal, v. i. to engage in estract- 

Tata'bun, a. containing morè than ing cocoanut-oil in a presa. 

ten eacli aa bunchee of cocoanuts Tavaka'ia, v. t. to subject scraped 

(aee tabtm). cocoanut-kemel to a presa. 

Tata'bunea, v. i. freq. of tabunea. Ita'watawa, n. a flah, the 

Tata'buiie&, v. t. freq. of tabunefi. Ta'were, a. pale. 

lata'butabu, v. a. freq. of tabutabu. T&'were, n. (Eng.) a towel; a cocoa- 

Tata'Tmtà'raira,, v. a. freq. of tabú- nut leafiet uaed aa a towel. 

tarawa. Te, article, a; an; the, when indicated 

Tataï&Out, v. i. freq. of takaka. bj the context. 

Tatak&'baTO, c. i. freq. of takakaro. Te, a. one, alwaTs followed bj a nn- 

ITatah&'rua, v. i. freq. of takarua. meral sufBx, ai, uo, un, mon, tia, lca.i, 

Tataka'rua'ea, v. t. freq. of taka- itora, or a certain noun (aee a), the 

ruaea. expletive enphonic na being always 

Tata'ra, o. When a peraon fails to added. 

arrive on the appointed day, the Te, v. t. to eles, aa frying flsh; or aa 

day ia spoken of as tatara. termenting Icarewe. 

Tatarft, v. (. to overseej to superin- T•'a, v. t. to smooth oS; to remoTe 

tend. roughneas; to trim. 



T•'Mt, a. a million. TemSn'na, a. one, in coimting pereoni 

Tea'ió&, a. one, in countlng hardware, or animala. 

fumiture, chestü, barrels, timber, Tema'íLai, n. the name of a certain 

cocoanut-leaf eterns, fingera, teeth, female goddeas. 

large flab, as sharks and ikari, Tam'ftfiina, a. Bome; not all (apoken 

Te'atnra, n. (Heb.) a box-tree, of persona). 

Te^, n. kind; Sort; variety; a watch Te'ma, v. i. to breathe at the Burface, 

aa on ahjp'board; a standing. as fish. 

Tot, V. i. to desiat; to atand up for TVnie, »■ a amoke; a amoking of to- 

the purpoae of beginning; to stand; bacco: a wasting aickneas. 

to BÍop. Ta'memoko, v. í. to smoke as a to- 

T^i, n. a child- bacco pipe. 

Tèia'lne, n. b. young womH.D. Te'memoko, n. a amokítig of a pipe. 

Te'labua'ka, a. ugl}', íll disposed: le'meka, v. t. to sip; to take in with 

treating unkindl]'. the lips; to auck aa a tobacco pip^ 

la^akl'na, v. t. to go at with avidit]'; for ita amoke; to smack. 

to overaee aa work, to prosecutó Te'meteme, v. i. to mak» a sticking 

vigorouBÍy. noise with the teeth when eating. 

IViuo'm&nla, v. t. to carry by two TimlMiVti, n. (Eng.) Temperate 

persona. Zone., <Geog, p. 13.) 

Telm&'fto, V. i. to engage in tieating Tfim'boTa, n. (Eng.) a temple. The 

a person with neglect. Temple. 

T«lm&'Qea, V. t. to treat a person with Tín, n. (Eng.) tin. 

neglect. Tèn, a. three, always followed by a 

Talmfttoa, v. i. to stand flnn. numeral suffix ai, tia, uA, ma», no, 

Telin&'toa, n. flnnness; ateadfaatnesa. kai, kora, or by a certain uoun, aa 
Teixia, a. ona, uaed in counting díri- hort, ririki, ritoro, itutki, atao, ha. 

sions of pandanus. Teo,. a. three twoe, uaed in counting 

Tdina'lne, n. a young (nrl; a giri. by twoa; aix. 

Tstnafi, n. a eafegiiard aa cluldren to Te'nï, v. t. to bit«. 

a parent. Te^a, n. a biting; a biting aensation: 

Teinlni'a'ne, n. a boy. a eloae fit. 

Te'ib&ba, v. i. to atand aa a promiscu- Tetia, v. i. to fit close; to bito. 

oua crowd, without order. Tèn'al, a. three, in counting, hard- 

Telbara'karaka, v. a. hesitating to ware, fumiture, chesta, barrels, tim- 

do, becauu of the want of means aa ber, cocoanut-leaf atema, fingers, 

in entertaining atrangers. teeth, large fish, as sharka and 

Ta'iboreta, n. (Heb.) Sibholeth. ikari. 

Ttt'lbuaka, v. a. having menses (a Ta'nabuaiba, «. a. unevenly joining. 

euphemistic word). Tetiabuii, «. a. caught in a rock aa a 

TetT&, V. i. to stand out of plumb, as wei^t; aunken in a seine. 

a post Tft'nara'oi, v. a. fitting or joining very 

To'ltel, V. i. íreq. of tei. cloaely. 

Teua'e, pron. he here who. Tín'atao, n. tbe third heaven. 

Teuft'ei, pron. he here; bim here. Te'natana, v. a. given to biting. 

Teuatia, a. one, in counting tblng* Te^natena, n. freq. of t«na; a rfr- 

in general. peated biting. 

leua'ne, pron. he ríght there who. Tfin'ea, a. three million. 
TeTtan'iie, pron. he or him right there, Tin'ete, n. (Eng.) the Senate. 

t. e., somewhat near hy. Tfin'imftn, a. three, in counting per- 

Taua'ra, pron. he yonder who. sons and animals. 

Teua'rel, pron. he yonder; him Ttn'i&a, a. three thoosand: three in 

yonder. counting fathoms. 

Teu'íUiia, a. one, used in counting Tin'ifianik, a. thirty (aee floun). 

pandanus ímit in the bunch. Tèn'lba, a, three, in counting leaves. 

T^bakà, V. t. to tread on. Tènihu'bua, a, three hundred. 

Tentaiui, a. a llttle; atme (see ata). Tèn'ibwl, a. thirty (see teninaun). 


TSn^knl, a. tbree, in counting treea, TCkan, n. (Eug.) b, aecond. 

flshhooíu, and gectione of land. Te'kateka, v. i. to sit; to aït down. 

Ténlkora., a. three, in countiag bas- Te'kjitaka, n. a eittírig. 

ket». Te^a, «. a. piereed; stabbed; Btnick; 

Tiulknrl, a. tbree bundred tbousand. bit; Eurpaased. 

Te^n, a. euphonlc; grauunaticsl. TeOce, n. a neuràlgic fonn of diseaBe: 

Tèno'K, a. tbree, in countiag tblngs in a. good fisbiug place. 

general. Tekem&'fioflo, a. baving an offenBíve 

Twufi, a. three, in countiog pan- breath. 

danus fruit. Tok•bo'tn, v. a. spread abroad as 

Tén'rebu, o. thirty thouund. gosMp. 

Tintkno, a. thirtj' million. T^•bua'kk, o. unfortunate ; un- 

TSn'tokl, a. three bundred million. tuckj'. 

Te'fia, a. one thousand. Te^ebualia, n, miafortune; bad lucb. 

1Wff«iiTi, a. ten: one bundred coeoa- Te^eteka, a. freq. of teke. 

nuts ; reallj ten buncheB of ten each. Te'koraiia, a. one, in counting baakets. 

Tofia'na, a. one, in counting fathomi. Te^nrl, a. one bundred thouaand. 

Te'ba, n. (Eng.) a tapir. Te'm, a. one twain, used in counting 

TsbK'na, a. one leaf. by twos. 

TebaralTAi, t>. í. to siszle ■• fr^ing Te'rA, a. wbat T literally, a whatl (see 

flsh. _ra). 
T•'b•, r. i. to spring; to Bnftp. 
leltM, n, a fioat for a seine. 
T•'beka, o. I. to atrike against c 

upon aB spilt bot wàter, or aand, or Té^blm, n. <Eng.) Serapbim. 

sparks. TAra'knnane, n. ttie god of fragrant 

TfiMtím'ba, n. (Eng.) September. odors. 

Te'b•tebe, c. i. to walk lame, aa a Té'reblm, n. (Eng.) teraphim. 

man witb a springhalt. Tè'rflblnta, n. (Eng.) a terabintb. 

Tebi'rlAii, a. (Eng.) one blUion. TereHiu, a. ten tbousand. 

TeHbiro, n. (Eng.) a aabie. Te'ratare, v. a. Btanding out; promi- 

le'bo, V. i. to dïve. nent aa irregular teetb. 

labo'na, V. t. to dive after; to use Tè'rewati, n. (Span.)Bilvas in Brazil. 

foree; to compel. (Geog. p. 62.) 

Tebone'fieneOa, d. i. to be peraiatent TèMam, n. (.Eng.) bdeHium. 

in urging. Terl'boro, n. (Gr. ) a brier. 

Tebo^a, v. i. to wàter as a plant; to T6'rítorl, n. (Eng.) a territorj. 

waah; to bathe: to baptize. Ti'ro, interj. (Eng.) Sail bot 

Tebo'ka, ». wàter for a bath; a batb- Te'ro, n. a servant; a alave (aee toro). 

ing; a watering. Te'ro, «. i. to aquat oa the liaunohea. 

T•'bor&n, V. i. to plaj at wàter throw- Ta'roa, v. t. to raap ; to flle. 

ing. Tero'fLa, u. t. to take awaj tbe entire 

leltwr&n, n. pla; at wàter thrawing. quantity. 

IVborBke, V. i. to push forward, aa lé'ta, «. (Eng.) tetter. 

witb an intent to aaaault. Tetà'no, a. ten million. 

Tebo'rlo, v. i. to proceed toward the Teta'rla, n. (Gr.) a furlong. 

weat. Té'te, v. i. to sisa aa hot iron when wet 

TeItMtebo, v. í. to batJie; to take a Te'te, v. a. ill behaved. 

batb. Tete'a, v. i. freq. of tea. 

Te^botebo, n. batbing. Tete'lm&'fLe, v. i. to decline to ebow 

Te'botebo^a, v. t. freq. of teboka. reaaonable attention or kindnesa. 

Tebn'bua, a. one bundred. Teto'lmafle'a, v. t. to neglect to per- 

Te'bururu, v. i. to apatter aa beavy form acta of kindneBs to a deaerving 

Tebwi'na, a. ten. Tete'lmfitoa, v. t. freq. of teimatoa. 

Teka'Ina, a. one, in counting trees, Tete'íteí, 11. i. freq. of feitei. 

flshbooks, and sectiona of land. Tete'ubeïa, v. t. freq. of teubeka. 


Tyt«m&iitl, n. (Eng.) Teatament. Tl&'nnAre, n. (Eng.) Jauuaiy. 

Te^ena, v. i. freq. oi tena. Tlon'tl, n. ( Eng. ) a cent. 

ïe'tebara'lTai, v. i. to flzzle; to Xi&'blta,n.(£ng.)achapiter. (IKings 

eputter. 7:13.) 

Te'teboka, v. í. íreq, oi teboka, Tt&'kaore, n. (Eng.) a jackal, 

ïete^or&n, v. i. freq. oí teboran. Tla'kl, adv. noj noi. 

Tete^otebo, v. i. freq. of tebotebo. Tla'kua, n. (Eng.) tlie jaguar. 

Tete^ateka, v. i. freq. of tekateka. Tlarl&n'iui, n. a variet; oí crab, the 

Tete^e, v. i. freq. of teke; to flow. Tl&'tUua, v. t. to interrupt work by 
Tè^r&ba, n. (Eng.) a satrap. (£zra freqüent resta. 

8:36.) Tl'e, n. a swin^. 

Tete're, t>. i. to «seemble after being Ti'a, v. t. to ewing. 

calted or invited. Tlem'a'aeft, d. t. to nndsrgird. 

TetVw», n. the calling together o( Tiín', n. (Eng.) a cbain of mountaina. 

people. IQeog. p. 6.) 

Tete'we, v. «. to engage in getting peo- Ti'enako, v. i. to commence to swing: 

ple together. to awing away as a rope. 

Tet«'w«a, V. t. freq. of tewea. Tiéntaire, fi. (Eng.) a Qentile. 

Tete'w•tabo'iilba'liiA, v. i. to gatber TiéntuTe, n. (Eng.) a century. 

togetber. Tl'ebB, v. i. to contralt; to Bbip. 

Tetl (Eng.) a state. (Qeog. p. 20.) Tl'«bK, n. a makÍDg a cootract for 
Te'tína, n. the fruit of a variet; oi labor. 

pandanus. Tlek&'ok&o, v. i. te atream out as » 
Teto^cl, a. one bundred million; lit- pennant. 

erally, "the end," "tbe stop." TiS'kera, n. (Eng.) a ahekel. 

Tato^O, V. a. bracing; fe kai n tetoko Tie'nt, v. t. to acoop: to recoil agajnat 

^ a brace, a stick for bracing. as a parted hawser. 

Teto^oa, v. t. to brace. Tl'o, c. t. to be at tbe maathead aa a 
Te'we, n. a Qah, the flag: to swing. 

TeiíVa, V. t. to throw; to cast: to Tlo'l, míerj. an exclamatlon of dis- 

call together; to aseemble. guat. 

TaVeakl, v. i. to fish witb a rod and Tl'on, n. (Eeb.) ZÍon; the chuTch. 

line on the ocean shore, Tloiira''iinta, ». an ungüent or anoint- 
Te'-weakl, n. a mode of fishing. ing oil. 

Tewe'arake, v. i. to luff. Tlon'rirí, v. i. to be protected only 
Te'we'Ia, n. the name of & male deity. witb a Hrt. 

Te'vera, n. a fish, the TloHioa, n. (Eng.) a jerboa. 

Tl, pron. ve, alwajs followed by a Tlo'kakin, n. (Eng.) eugarcane. 

predicate. Tl'ore, Tt. (Eng.) Sheol; Hades. 

Tl, tl. i. to spurt; to epout Tl'otlo, p. i. freq. of tio; to wave aa a 
Ti, adv. only. flag; to roam or wander about. 

Tl, n. pandanua nwt or fruit aection Tl'otlo, n. a wanderiug or roamíng 

next tbe atem. about. 

Tl, interj. begone! go awarl Il'm'a, n. a food apecially relisbed. 

Ti'a, V. a. completed; únisned; done. ti'ia»., n. (Eng.) a ateamer. 

Tl'a, n. a bousdary; a límit: a flab, Tlm'a'm'l, n. halai, or aquid, roaated 

tbe on the coala. 

Tl'a, t>. t.(an auxiliaiy Terb)oh that; Tlm'aml'a, v. t. to roaat Itabai or 

would that. squid on the coaJs. 

Tia'in, ».(Eng.)sigii. (Aritk p. 128.) Tlmara'keto, n. (Heb.) aa emerald. 

Tia'o, interj. of aurprÍBej of regret; Ti'm'atlm'a, n. a chum. 

espécially of aatiafaction, or thank- Tlmlne'iia, v. {. to eat witb much 

fulnesa, or pleaaure. reliah. 

Tla'okurebe, n. (Eng.) geography. Tl'miuan•'a, v. t. to eat wíth mucb 
Tla^oi, n, (Eng.) a chamoia. reliah. 

Ti'anakl, n. luncb; food for the jow- Ti'mol, n. a knot. 

ney. Tl'iaoi, a. left out in the cold. 


lí:*». «. ■ï.•.'ï I.- 



Tlk&'btt, V. >'. stop; Bta;; hold ou; Tt^rl, adv. fllmpl;; mereljr; jiut; ouly 

wait a bit. (similar to Hawaiiaa wíale). 

Tik&tlk&, 11. freq. of tika. TIM, n. « side branchlet of psndanus 
Tl'keke, o. i. to Hlip along or glide, &• for planüng. 

a cauoe or the foot. Tl'rl, v. i. to throw ont üde branch- 

Tllü, V. i. to stretcb, as iu jawnÏDg. Iet« ae the pandamu. 
Tl'kl, a. tougfa aB certain pandanus TIMam, v. i. to engage in atrípping 

fruit or e^a: tant as a wetted off the d«ad leavM of a cocoanut 

rope. tree. 
Tikjjna'nrekakl, e. a. heaítatiag, or Tl'rlant, n. the work of stripping off 

interrupted in doing. the dead leaves of a cocoanut tree. 

Tl'Unono, c. a. hauled tant. Tlriam'wla, c. t. to pull off old leaves. 

Tl'klntaka, n. a. hauled taüt. Tixit/bo, o. i. to craah as a falling 

Ti'kibénti, n. (Eng.) a aispence. tree. 

Tl'kltlU, o. i. to twitch; to be in con- Tirlonïoa, o. t. to fall upon, as a tree 

vulsion. upon a houee. 

Tl^o, a. smaller, J>itt therefore morè Tmo^ora, o. t. to dmnage a plant or 

Huitable for the purpoae. babai patch by falling upon it, aa 

Tlk6'a, n. (Eng.) a acore. the branch of a tree. 

Tlkolia, V. t. to catch as a fruit being Tlrin&'no, v. t. to engage ín a repeated 

Uirown down from a tree. rebearaal for memorizing: to engage 

Tlko'ba, n. a acoop-net for receiving in the work ot adiing the inner aioe 

flah before being detached from the of a canoe plank. 

Sshhook. Tirln&'no, n. a r«peated rebearaal for 

Ti'kotlko, a. amall, nice and beanti- memorizing: the work of addug the 

íul ; delicate. inner side of a canoe plank. 

Tl'kottko, n. a line used aa a brace to Tirln&'noa, v. t. to commit to memory 

a aail. morè perfectl^: to adze a canoe 

Tl'ku, V. i. to remain; to remaín be- planlc on the inner aide. 

hind. TPríM, n. (Bng.) au Engliah shilling. 

Tiknb&'^a, c. a. having its sails low- TlMfia, v. t. to beat; to kill. 

ered aa a fleet. Tl'rlba, v. i. to engage in hewing a 

TikabS^i, v. í. to invest a place aa a atick to a amaller aize. 

fleet for lowering aails. Ttrlba'ea, v. t. to t«duce in aize a 

Tlknre^, n. a food or drink especi- etick b; hewing. 

ally deaired. Tl'ribal, v, i. to try to eacape by 

tnkiu«'reft, o. (. to greatlj desire or breaking the hold of another. 

long for, as a certaiu food or drink. Tirlba'Ia, v. t. to eacape a person by 

Tlknro'aroa, n, a fiah, the breaking bis hold. 

Ti'kuTUO, c i. to atoop down. Tirlba'ibal, v. i. to Sap about as a 

Tl'ra, n. (Eng.) a cedar. fiah ont of wàter. 

Tl'ra, P. (. to apurt upon or into. Tl'rlbo, c. i. to enga^ in atunning or 

Ti'ra, V. a. yielding to preasure, apread- killing wïth the tail aa a large fiah 

ing out; malleable. (Phya. p. 66.) a amaller one. 

Tlr&', V. t. to wipe (the anns of) a Tl'rlbo, n. a atunning or killing with 

child. the tail. 

Tlrft', n. toilet paper. Tlribo'a, e. t. to stun or kill with the 

Tlr&'lgi, n. (Eng.) a giraffe. tai) as a large flah a smaller one. 

Tl'n, n. (Eng.) B seal. Tlribo'na, v. >. to engage in making 

n'rebft, n. ( Eng. ) silver. an offering to a god. 

TÍ'nbSxt, n. (Eng.) a syllable. TlriboT», v. i. freq. of tJribo. 

Tí'reka, n. (Eng.) ailk. Tiribo'bo, n. freq. of tiribo. 

TliVre, ». a certain kind of game or Tlriba'bna, a. stiff-jointed at tho 

amusement knees. 

Tl'ntM, n. (Heb.) the holm tree. (la. TirlbuTítia, «, a atiffBning in the knee- 

44;14.) jointa: a person with atiff knee- 

Ti'rewB, n. (Eng.) silver. jointa. 



TlMbv«n>V«, «. «. to trim off gprouU. Tltlrl, n. fierceneas. 

Tt'rlkal, v. i. to hew os with a broad- Tltl'rlba''ea, v. t. freq. of tfribaea. 

axe; to chip; to adze. Tltl'rlba'lbÍLl, v. i. freq. of tiribaibal, 

Tl'rlkal, n. the procms of hawin^j HtlMbo, c. i. freq. of tiribo. 

adEing. TítlMbaTjo, v. i. freq. of tirïbobò. 

Tl'rlknra'rfl, v. t. to engage in efT&c- Tltl'rltlrl, a. freq. of tiritiri. 

ine trBcka on the sand with a bruah. Títl'rotl'roa, t>. t. freq. of tirotiroa.. 

Tl'r&nre'rea, c. (. to smootb over a TlU/llu), ». (Eng.) a atoic. 

space covered wttli tracka in bunting. Tltnara'oakl, v. a. recipient of gífta: 
TtiU&''ina, V. i. to hew or cbip or adze te h'ai n tituaraoaki = a gift be- 

in making an outrigger. etowed. (Rom. 12:6.) 

Urlrà'ma, n. the hewing or adzing Títuara'ol, a. generoua; liberal, 

out of an outrigger. Ti'tuara'oi, n. generoaity; liberalifr, 

Tirlta'bufia, v. t. to finiah off care- Titana'afi, v. i, to approach with joj- 

fullv with an adze. ous expreHaion, as a child to Its 

TiMtarl, a. flerce; ferocioiu; furioua. mother. 

Tl'rltirl, n. fierceneea ; ferocitj. Tltuku, u. í. See tutitlm. 

TírlwB'^ial, n. a bird, the Tl'wrltS^aii, n. (Eng.) civiliza- 
Tí'to, n. Bteel; a plane'iron; an adze. tion. 

Tiro'a, V. t. to inspect or ezamine care- To, a. ïízj. 

fullj. To, o. i. to groan. 

Tiromk'noka, v, t, to inapect tbe woric To'a, a. swollen becauae brulsed ; bulg- 

of a laborer. ing as a eontracted muscle. 

Tlron'ron, a. apherical; round. To'a, n. a partner; complement: a 
Ti'roron, c. í. to roll (see rabinobitio) . feast: & giant. 

Tlrot&m'', n.alooking glass; a mirror. To'a, v. a. all provided with; comple- 
Ti'rotipo'a, v. t. to inspect; to acan. mental ; fully aupplied ; a toa baimif ■ 

Tlra'm'a, n. a small box with a. eover. = are tbe banda of each one of you 
Tlta'nla, n. (Or.) tareS) dcauia. proridedl ia tbere enough for allT 

Tltft'klte, n. (Eng.) atacte. have you alt a portiont 

Tl'ts, n. (Eng.) a sheet of paper. To&'oa, n. a fiah, the 

Tl'tl, m. ( Eng. ) cbeeae. To'aioaa, v. a. having a companlon in 
Wtl, i), i. freq. of ti, to apurt. work. • 

Titl, o. Boft a« food prepared for eat- To'amau, n. companionship or aid in 

ing. work. 

Tltl'otio, V. t. freq. of tiotio. To'anim'Il'iie, n. an idolatroiu feaat 
TiUmtliD, c. i. freq. of timtim. attended bj men. 

Titln&'nikn, c. i. to be unsocial. To'anljn'ft'ne, v. i. to feast, as men at 
Titln&^iikiu, n. t. to tuTD tbe eold idol or apirit woTBhip. 

ahoulder to; to treat coldlp. To'anlba'kl, n. the upper part ot the 
Tl'tlik&ba, V. t. freq. of tinaba. buttock. 

Ti'tlb«fla'aa, o. fully ripe, as pau- Ta'anlwa'e, n. the front portion of 

danuB fruit. the upper part of the teg; tbe lap. 

TitllEtt, o. i. to aettle down b^ the To'ara, a, nat making an even num- 

kneeai freq. of tiku. ber; alone in a canoe. 

Titikn, f>. i. freq. of tiku, to ligbt as To'ara, n. aolitude in canoe sailing; 

a bird. a cocoanut without a mate to which 

Tltl'kumft'fla, V. i. See titikvbeka. it can tie tied. 

Titl'kubfi^kA, V. i. to unskiitfullf set- To'atoa, a. baving four sides, as a gin 

tie a little in tbe ruoia. bottle. 

Ti'tirakl, v. i. to queation; to make To'atoa, n. a tour-aided gin bottle. 

inquiry, ' Toato'ana, f. (. to aquare a timber or 

Tltirakl, n. a question; an inquiry; stick. 

an intorrogation point. To'u, n. tbe fruit of the pandanus. In 
Tltlrakl'na, v. t. to interrogate ; to the cluater ; the bunch ; te iri n Cou 

queation; to ask; to inquire of. = a single section of the fruit or 

Tl^lri, a. fierce. buncb. 


TOU 171 Tom 

ToX *>- *- to reapond to a call bj laj- 

IVbSn, n. (Eng.) a. turban. 

ing " 0." 

Tò^àtl, n. (Eng.) a topaz. 

Tf/ua, 11. í. to tread. 

Tonil, v. t. to eerve as a mídwife with 

■Tonft'nlkal, n. the aecond half of the 

braiding of a mat. 

ToT)l, n. midwitery attended with in- 

To'nakat•'a, i>. i. to walh rapidlyísee 



Toxina, V. t. to practice an incanta- 

To^uaklna, v. 1. to tall oi; to ^-m 

tion on a womau in travail. 

accoimt oi. 

Ti/bibl, a. round; eiíeulBr. 

To'aati, n. (Eng.) a ateward. 

TCTilbl, n. roundneHH. 

TSTrn, n. (Eng.) aoap. 

to; toTisit írequently. 

TCOiima, V. t. to wash witb soap; to 

To'unene, v. a. tumed upward as the 
topmoBt cocoanut in a bunch. 

To'ka, n. a chieti a large Und-holder. 

To'utitbal, n. tbe wtíbí. 

To^a, V. (. to be placed upon; to take 

To'uToba, v. i. to engage ín braiding 

paal•lage; togeton. 

To'ka, «. í. to aoften food with wàter 

and a pounder in a Tesael, as tuae. 
To'kail^'ti, v. i. to«ngage in taking 

land under a false pretenae. 
To'kaiiàn'tl, n, the appropriation oi 

land under falae pretecse. 
To'kan&ntía, v. í. to aeize land on & 

falae pretenae or iinjust charge. 

To'uroba, n. tbe work of braiding a 

roba or coarse mat. 
Ti/uton, V. a. abounding in pandanus 

lo'utou, V. i. to dodge to one aide as 

the head. 
Toato'Tts, V. t. to ward off- 

Touto'arak•, v. i. to toaa much as a To'kanòimoa'iiie, v. ï. to be fooliahly 

canoe; to tbrow up tbe head eud- tímid. 

denlv. Tokà'nlkai, v. í. to be Tictorioua; to 

Toato'uwae, v. i, freq. of touwae. triumph. 

To'awae, v, i, to tread or atep upon lok&'nikAl, n. Tictoiy; triumph. 

anotber's foot, (Luke 6:1.) lok&nika'ú, v. t, to aeize and hold 

TO^na, v. t, to taate of ; to aip. land unjuatlj. 

Tfi'ina, n. a taate of a liquid food. To'kabfikl, n. a person holding but 

Toiti&' t>. t. to aplice. little land. 

To'ma, n. a aplice. fIVkab«ti, v. a. coming Into possea- 

Tom&'nikal, v. a. not properly apliced. aion of much land after a war. 

TOn, n, (Eng.) a zone, (Qeog. p. 13.) IVkara, u. í. to aquat uponi to take 

To'na, n, BTphilis. W force aa land. 

To'na, a. afflicted with Eyphilis. To'sarake, v. i. to increaae in price; 

To'nir, a. the same as tenu; euphonic; to persist, a ' ■- ' '- 

Tofl, V. a, deafened temporarilj bj a 

loud report. 
Tofi, n, a temporary deafneas from a 

loud report. 
Tolift, V. t. to feed.well. 
To'fiablri, ». an armlet. 
To'flitofl, V. a. freq. of ton. 
To'fíltofl, adv. an adverbial auffix T</kl, 

meaning very, (ollowing 

To'kàrake'a, v. t. to override aa a aon 

a father. 
Tokatil'ke, n. a high cbief; a large 

Tokatft'ke, v. t. to be in poasession of 

large landed estatea. 
To'katoka, p. i. to prevail, as what 

one aaya. 

i. to be at an end; to end; 
i to atop; to stop by stub- 

To'fio, n. the mangrove. bing. 

lo'üoto&o, V. a. abounding in the todo. To'kl, n, a cbisel : tbe end ; the stop. 

To'b'a, V. i. to engage in nursing or Tokiam&'r•baa, v. a. active at work; 

caring for a little cbild. hustling. 

ToOi'a, n. child nursing: a woman To'kliia, v, t. to end. 

with an infant of her own. Toklna'lne, n. a somewhat elderly 

ToT>'a, V. t. to nurse; to care for as woman. 

a little cbild. Toklnalns, v. i. to enter the list of 



elderl; w(»neii; literalljr, ta eease to Tokotatn, n. & condition in whích m 

be a woman. place is too Uiicklf planted. 

ToUnl'o, n. epring tide nt its highest. TÓ'rara, t>. i. to groan in pain. 
To'klulm'&'iie, n. a somewhst elderl; To^, v. engage in Hipping- karewe 

man. through a. tul^ or pi^. 

TD'kliiIm'&''ne, v. i. to enter the liat To^e, n. a mode oi drinking throngli 

oi elderly men; literallj to oease to a tube. 

be a man. To'rea, v. t. to ilp karexce through K 

ToHtlxi, V. i. h> go contraiy, aa to a tube or pipe. 

parent'B wisbea. To'ro, n. a slave ; a serf. 

Ti/kirake, v. i. to peraiat in doÍQg a To'ro, v, i. to ait on the hams or heels; 

forbidden thing. to aquat; to relieve the bowels, 

To'klrake, n. peraiatency in doing s To'roa, o. t. to flle aa a flBhhook. 

forbidden thiiiK. Torom'a'na, v. t. to mislead. 

To^toki, o. i. freq. oi told. Tòfona, n. (. to make & alave of. 

To^o, n. a goal. ïoro'nlb'ai, v. a. well made: well pro- 

logo, ff. i. to toueh the goal. Tided. (Luke 12:21.) 

To^omafiao'fiao, a. in disorder; dis- Toro'nib'al, n. completeneaa ; títe 

arranged (lee matlaoHao) . being well provided for. 

IVkome'me, v. i. to outtalk; to in- Toron'rafi, v. a. deprived oi eomforta. 

Msaantlj' tnterrupt Toron'rafl, n, deprivation of eomforta. 

To^ome^e, n. Terboae talk; inces- To'rofi, o. i. 8ee kababane. 

aant interruption. Toro'ila, v. t. to gather together. 

To^Otnl'aoinUiO, v. a. twiated; tan- Ior(ifii,a>ii, *. a. havlng poateTÍtjr or 

gled {aeebeo). ofTapring. 

TiPkoiuuia, V. a. See tolconono. To^oba, v. t, to stroke; to nib gently. 

I</kono'iio, v. i. to be in coníuaion, (Pbfa. p. 86.) 

or diaorder. To'robftbo, v. «. to aquat in numbera; 

To'kono''ao, n. confuaion; diaorder. to be placed on tbe ground in nnm- 

Tokobaa'ontiiiio, n. a person deciding bera aa cocoanut-shell bottles. 

to wreatle wíth another against hia Toroba'kara, a. untidj aa work. 

better judgment. Toroba'kara, n. untidineas in work. 

Tokoba&ntaiio, n. a neraon deciding To'robiui''kaka, v. i. to treat illy 

to wreatle with another againat hia elderiy people. 

bett«T judgment. Toroka'r&n, t>. í. to be on the watch 

To^obi'to, V. i. to engage In flxing or for a thief. 

preparing. Toroka'ran, n. a watching for thieves, 

To^oblto, n. adjoatment; arrange- Toroka'rania, v. t. to watcli for a 

ment. • thief. 

To^obitoT, V. t. (plural form) to To'rotoPO, ».». freq. of toro. 

arrange; to adjuat; to fix; to make Toroto'roba, v. t. freq. of toroba. 

readf. To'm, n. an outdoor game accom- 

To'kobaa'koako, v. a. in diaorder; panied witli dianting and the atrik- 

diaarrsnged (se« maHaoAao), ing of aticka. 

To^ororo, c i. to talk all at the same To'n!, v, i. to engage in chanting and 

time. the atriking of aticka. 

To^ororo, n. conversation in wbich TCto, a. of little Tolume aa the Toioe. 

all are talking at the aame time. TCto, v. i. to steal. 
To'kornB, v. i. to be engaged in; tobe Tft'to, n. the perpendicular Bticka on 

unreliable; to be thieviah of amall an outrigger. 

thinga. To'to, <Hfv. (an intensive auffix) Terr: 

To'lcoraa, n. a aneak Uiief : engage- e maraki toto = it ia very painful. 

ment in work. To'to, a. aoft aa a foung cocoanot. 

To^otoko, n. a bud. To'to, v. a. near to death, uaed in the 

Toïotu, n. a branching atiek ou whioli prophe<y, " ko toto." 

to hang toddj shella. To'to, ». aweat on a deca^ing corpse. 

Tokota'ta, V. a. too thickly planted. TotoQuui&n'tl, v. i. freq. of tokananti. 



Tott/kui&ii'tla, V. t. (r«q. of toka- Ta^nSra, v. i. to search for t 

nantia. Tn'moa, a. abounding; considerable; 
Totoka'tiikal, », í. freq. of tokajtikai. much. 

To^kanika'íft, v. 1. ireq. of tokaui- Ta'morl, a. fair; moderats and con- 

kaia. staat as a wfnd. 

Tytoki, V. i. freq. of toki. Tan, i>. (Eug.) June. 

TotoTti, n. a aoft preparation of tuae. Tü'nlba, n. íEng.) » juniper. 

Toto^oa, V. t. to trj to prevent from Ta'fia, v. i. to Bwoon from hurt. 

fallíag, as a tree, b; meana of a Tnlla, ». a coaoe plug ; a boat plug. 

brti«e; to brti«e. Tn^latofia, a. knotty; irr^iüar and 
Toto'rara, v. i. freq. of torara. unauitable as a log. 

Toto'ro, V. i. to engaee in rasping. Tn'b&tn, d. i. to engage in Bpplying a 
TiCtoro, V. i. freq. oi toro; to reliere poultice. 

tbe bowela repeatedlj; to have di- Tnb&'tna, v. t. to treat a pain with a 

arrhíEa. poultíce. 

Toto^, a. flabbf and wrinkled as tbe Ta'ka, v. í. to lower ae a eail. 

ekin. Ta'ka, u. t. to binder ; to prevent, 

Tob/rom'ana, v. t. freq. of torom'ana. Tn'kamlno, n. (Eng.) a STcamine. 

Toto^onib'al, o. a. freq. of toronib'ai. Tn'komorea, n. ISng.) a sTcamore. 

Tott/ronrafi, v. a. freq. of toronrafi. Ta'k'a, v. i. tbe aame as tiku. 

Tu, n. a bone sail-needle. Tn'kanafLo, a. iinreliable; freqüenti; 
To, V. i. to trickle. changing one'a course. 

Tu'a, V. i. to graze; to glance; to ride Ta'kauel, ». a lizard. 

over a wave as an outrigger. Tu'kura, v. t. to stop at a place, as a 
Tu'a, a. moderate in amount as food. canoe; to touch at. 

Tu'a, n. a law. Tu'kuré're, n. a person or thing very 
Tu'a, c. t. to teli; to command; to mucb desired. 

declaie. Tu.'korio, ti. i. to stoop down. In um 
Tu'6, ti. o. flned. at Banaba (see tikwrio). 

Tu'A, n. a fine; a penalt;. XuknrO'ro, a. very dark. 

Tua'e, n. dried pandanua past«. lu'knrCro, ». tbick darlcness. 

Tual, noi yet; a verbal adverb; an lu'kuruo, v. i. to stoop down. 

adverbial verb. Tn'kuruo'a, v. t. to subjeot tbe ground 
Tua^oa, v. i. to engage in Bcraping to being stooped down to, or squat 

pandanua fruit on a shell or other upon. 

ecraper. Ta4a, c. i. to slide or crani along aa 
Tua'ítoí, V. t. to acrape a pandanua a anail. 

fruit on a shell or otber scraper. Tn'rS, v. t. to accídentally subject 
Tna'froa, n. pandanua scraper made one's leg to a giving out. 

of Shell. Ta'ra, n. a wooden brace to a canoe 
Tu'anonc/kn, a. firmi; knit togetber; mast. 

powerful in body. Tnra^, n. (Eng.) July. 

Tuafla, V. t. to inform; to teli. (John, Tnra'na, v. t. to fumish a maat wíth 

18.-16.) a tvra. 

Tuï'bon, n. the inner or bony shell of Tnr&lwftn, a. nearly worthless as a 

i turtle. canoe from freqüent use. 

Tn'abnaka, n. the gunvrale. Tura'kakaiita,- n. (Eng.) tragacanth. 

Ta'aka, n. a shoal or ledge projecting Ta^^atura, v. i. to limp. 

into a channel. Tn'rokon, ». (Or.) the turtle dove. 

Ta'atna, v. i. freq. of tua to teli and Tu.'ra, v. a. strikiug againat: distinct 

tun to glance. aa tattoo; abíding as scent or 

Tu'atus, ». a tortoise -shell quoit. color. 

Tu'atua'ila, v. t. freq. of tuaBa, Tum'm'a, «. a sroall box with a coTer 
Tuè'a, c. i. (Eng.) to swear. (see tiruma). 

Tut/a, D. t. to Tiait in order to know Tam'na, v. t. to accidentally subject 

about. some part of the body to being struck 

lu^n&ta, ». a shell-flsb, tbe upon in a fall. 


T17BU 174 WAEB 

TornlbL, v. t. to waah as n garment Woenftl, m. a, minlature racing euitM 

aa bf pounding on a. plank. with two iticks holding the out- 

Ta'nitiirn, v. a. freq. «I luru; faltting Hgger. 

again aad agnln. Ta'aura, n. a ahcll-crab, the 

Tn^, n. a lappipç; the poínt or place Wa'Mnwsre, t>. >. to walk bIowI^; to 

of meeting or joining of two euos of be alow in arrÍTing. 

planka. Wa'emwere, n. slowneaa in anival; 

Tnta, o. i. to engage in ^ng ths enda alow nailmig. 

of two piecea of thatch together Wa'enlm'a, v. i. to bwíiq aa fiah in 

while being held in place. ^oag Unes. 

Tn'tauSri, n. the spaoe between the Ta'enlm'a, ». a low atone wall mn- 

eyebrowa. niag toward tlia shore from a ma 

Tut&'iilka'w«I, n. a eroBsing of two bj whicb to nin fisb into it. 

paths. Wa'anlmSii, v. i. to walk rapidljr. In 

TatK'rlnk, n. the atep of a maat; a use at Nonouti (»ee teattata). 

■ocicet or mortÍBe for the foot of a Wa'enlmaka'uro, n. a mat with fig- 

canoe mast. urea resembling the tracks of a crab. 

Tate, n. (Eng.) duty; tax; customa. Wa'enlm&'kii, v. a. retreating through 

Tntn, c. i. to trickle : to cook fiah un- fear. 

obaerred in the buali. Wa'enlm&'kii, n. a cowardl^ retreat. 

Tatn, n. a cooking of fleb in the buah : Wa'anlb'a'ka, o. in a defeated poai- 

a cloth for aopping up after an in- tion; politically ruined. 

fant Wa'enlVa'ka, n. one defeated and 

Tntoa, o. j. to be in the liabit of teli- conaequenttj' becoming a serf. 

ing. Wa'•nlkfi'b'a, a. long-legged. 
Tn'nU, V. t. totell; taapreadabroad; Wa'enlk&t'a, n. a peraon with un- 
to reveal. uHually long lega. 
Tutuo, V. i. to epj ont. Wa'enlko'i'oa, n. Btilts. 
Tntoo, n. sp^ing; espionage. Wa'anlko'roa, v. i. to vralk on atilts. 
Totuo'a, c. (. freq, of tuoa, Wa'ano'ea, «. t. to ait on tlie ground 
Tn'tuQB, n. a amall maríne animal. with one leg croseed above tne knee 
TOtOka, V. i. to remain behind. of the other. 
Tntu'ko, V. i. to aettle down a littla Wa'enn'ea, n. a aitting on the ground 

a« in ntoM. with one leg croued above the knee 

Tnta'ra, v. i. freq, of tura. of tiie other, 

Tatn'rattira, c. i. freq, of turatura. Wa'•nro'fio, v. í. to ait à la mode 

Tuwa'ro, %, (Eng.) a awallow, Kuaaie. 

Wa'enro'flo, n. a sitting on a mat 

W with the feet and lower part of the 
le^ tumed back sjid nearly parallel 

Wa, n. a canoe : sleepera of a floor, with the thigh. 

Wa, c, i. to tnore along in a company Wa'abna, a. having a large calf. 

as persons or fish, Wa'ebua, n. tbe thumb. 

Wa'e, ». a leg; a foot: a shrlreled, un- Waebua'fü, o, having well developed 

developed coooanut including the lega. 

huak. Wa'ebuat&'ke, a. having well propor- 

Wa'e, a. blighted, aa a cocoanut, tioned legs. 

Wa'ea, c. (. to sew; to interrupt; to Wa'ebuat&'kfl, n. a person having 

pieroB; to atiek. we!l proportioned legs, 

Wa'ea, n, a cocoanut leaflet for ex- Waekl'ekíe, v, i. to walk with a 

tnicting from a bottie a amall quan- apringhalt, 

tjtf of oil adheríng, Waekl'ekia, n. a apringhalt gait, 

Wa'eai, o. new; freah. Wa'eklre^, v. i. to hop on one foot. 

Wa'eai, n. a new article; a freah Wa'ekire'n, n. hopping on one foot. 

article, Wa'sraka, «, i, to go eaat. 

Wa'eana, o. t. to extract or draw out Wa'era'k•a, c, t. to a,pproach near to. 

oil with a tcoen. Wa'oremwa, v. t. to go or walk alowly. 



e. n. slow walldne: 1 

Wa'erebat&'ta, c. i, to be conataiitly cantation. 

going from place to place. Wair&'ea, v. t. to eubject a person to 

Wa'erebut&ta, n. a constant, reatlesB the effecta of a certain incantation. 

going from place to place. Wa'lrio, v. >. to go toward the weat. 

Wa'erflM'iiO, o. t. to visit repeatedlj Walrlo, n. a going to the West or to 

and frequentlj; to take ahort ateps. tbe leeward. 

Wa'erlbo^o, n. a freqüent vÍBÍtation. Walrioa, v. t. to approach a canoe 

Wa'etata, v. ». to go or walk rapidlj. from the eaat or the ahore. 

Wa'etata, n. a rapid gait. WalTÜifta, v. i. to stand in a row: to 

Wa'etata'we, v. i. to walk rapidly. march in a proceesion, 

Wa'etata'we, n. a lapid gait; brisk Wa^rinàn, n. a row; a rank; a flle; 

walking. a line. 

Wa'etabe, v. a. afflicted with Bpríng- Wa'lroro, v, i. to play with ona oi tbe 

halt as 8 man. eame age. 

Wa'etebe, n. a apringhalt gait. Wa'lroro, n. play or sport with ona 

Waete'bateb•, v. a. freq. of waetebe. of the «ame ag«. 

Wa'eteke, a. nimble; active; quick in Wa'lraa, v. i. to engage in sewing or 

motion. faatening pandanua leavea to a atick 

Wa'etoka, v. i. to walk brtekly. íor tbatching. 

Wa'avae, a, having large feet; large Wa'lrau, n. the proceas of fastenlng 

footed. pandanua leavea to a cocoanut rib íor 

Wa'ewae, n. an Intermption or cbeck- tbatob. 

ing of one who is spcúiking. Waltoke, n. a fork. 

Waawa'•a, v. t. freq. of waea. Wa'ltake, v. i. to engage in uaíng s 

Wa'i, o. í. to blow aa the wind: to fork. 

engage in apearing aa fiab: to engage Walttt^ea, v. t. to fork food; to lift 

in aeine making. food with a fork. 

Wa^, n. tbe apearing of flab; aeine Wa'iwal, n. tbe furrowed edge of th« 

making, reef: giDnorrbcBa. 

Val, a. oblong. Wa'itoko, v. i. to engage in auppres- 

Wa'lora, n. (Eng.) a viol. aing another's apeecn. 

Wa'lm&ta, n. a disease of the eyea, tbe Waito^oa, t>. f. to auppreaa another's 

Wa'lmàta, v. t. to engage in reproving apeech. 

or cbiding. Wa'iwal, «. a. afflicted with gon- 

Wa'imatft, v. t. to reprove. orrhíea. 

Wa'in, n. (Eng.) wioe. Wa'o, n, a creeping vine, 

Wftinafi, n. very aweet and íreah Wa'u, n. cat'a-cradle: a mat with 

karewe. aiane dark stranda. 

Wa'ínaii, a. very aweet and freah aa Wa'u, v. i. to play tbe guue of cat's- 

kareice, cradle. 

Walne'keneke, v. a. baving a ra«b Wa'na, c t. to braid a mat with a 

like prickly heat. aecond color. 

WalncPïeneke, n. a raah reaembling Wa'ooa, n. See hoanimoto. 

prickly beat. Wa'una, v. t. to pray to death. 

Walnim&n, n. a method of tyfng tbe Wa'uwau, v. a. well fumiahed with 

feather float in the game of kab'ane. eonveniencea, or auitable clothing. 

Waibft'nft, V. t. to pierce with a aharp- Waatm'na, c. t. freq. of waua. 

pointed atick. Wan, a. eight, alwaya followed by a 

Watb&'llB, V. i. to engage in piercing numeral auffix, a\, aa, uA, mon, Ha, 

with a sharp-pointed atick. kai, kora; or by a certain noun, aa 

Walki, n. the taking of another'a 6oil, rirífci, ritoro, inaki, aíao, ba; 

place in a game when required. or by a certain adjective as, frwi, 

Waikl'a, v. t. to succeed another in buiva. 

taking hia place in a game when two W&'na, v, t, to take posBesaion of a 

are needed. canoe. 


•WASA 176 

Vm'tiA, a. wearis(»ne ; tirMome. WViiSkt.'TVa, «. i. to nm aboni in ths 

WSJi'ai, a. eight, in counting tukrd- rain. 

woxe, íumiture, chestB, b>rr«le, tim- Wa'nUcaro'a, m. See kmeavia. 

ber, oocoanut-leaf Btenu, fingers, W&u'ikora, a, eight, in counting btu- 

teeth, largB flsh, os sharka and keta. 

ütort. WAn^ikarl, a eight hundred thon- 

Ta'ïiKntl, n. Bcaffolding. sand. 

Wa^nara, v. t. to Uy bare the root- Wa'no, n. a. Emall canoe. 

leta oi habai for tne purpoBs of ap- WAnn'a, a. eight, in counting tlilngs 

plying a fertilizer. in general, 

Va'nairana, a. intelligent; knowing; Wkn'ufi, a. eight, in counting pan- 

nise. danns fruit. 

Wa'nawananrafi', a. of rare intelll- Wan^&no, n. the sleepers of a build- 

gence. ing; a joiat. 

Wan'ea, a. eight million. Wan'rafl, n. a canoe not ridllfullf 

Wa'nei, n. the part of a aooop-net near navigated. 

the handle. Wan're, o. {. to practice a certain in- 

Wane'iiiei, o. too vrat«r7; mixed as cantation in oraer to irapart ekill in 

food witb too much wàter. throwing. 

W&n'lm&n, a. eight, in counting per- Wan're, n. an Ineantation for Jmpart- 

ions or animals. ing Bkill in throwing. 

Wa'^üm&'rawa, v. t. to free a found- WaiuVa, v. t. to períorm a certain in- 

ered canoe of wàter: to cuItÍTate a cantation upon. 

young cocoanut tree. W&n'rabn, o. eightf thousand. 

Va'nlm&'rawa, n. freqüent cultiva- W&nt&no, o. eight^ million. 

tion of cocoanut trees. W&n'taba'kea, n. a certain method of 

Wa'nlm&tafi, c. >. to eat flsh (just swinuning on the back. 

caught) in privacj. Want&'b•a, v. t. to swim on the 

Wa'nïmà'tafi, n. a ship; a foreign back. 

vesMl: a place for eating fiah (just Want&liea, n. a canoe whoae crew 

caught) in privacf. have miuied their bearinga. 

Wa'nuni.'te, v. i. to be ver; hungry. Wanta'rawa, n. the name of a long 

W&'nim&ta, v. i. to live on one's chant in the ruoia. 

neighbor. Wfiu'toki, a, eight hundred million. 

W&'Mniftt«, ». a person living on bis Wa'fia, a. weary; tired. 

neighbor. W&'fla, v. t. to feed well. 

Wft'i^, V. i. to engage in mending ft Wa&a'roro, a. very mucb wearied. 

hole in a mat. WafLa'roro, «. great wearinesB. 

W&'nin, n. the work of mendíng a hole Wa'&awafia, cl f req. of waüa, wearied. 

in a mat. Wallea, n. a weapon or aword set with 

T&^ilnl'a, c. t. to mend a mat baving sharka' teeth. 

a hole. Wa'fieirafie, n. an anointing oil. 

W&n^fla, a. eight thousand: eight, in W&ü'flB, v. t. to apply morè foToe to 

counting fathoms. aa a tool for boring. 

W&n'lfiaun, a. eïghty (see Haun), Wa'bobo, v. i. to engage in nonriah- 

WSn'lba, a. eight leavea. ing or bringing up. 

Wa'niba'fla, n, a atjle of nwta in WaboTwa, p. t. to bring up; to nour- 

which the players are few. ish; to raise. 

Winlbu'baa, a. eight hundred. WaHiuaka, a. inhospitable to reia* 

W&n'lbwl, a. eighty (see waninaun). tivea. 

Win^lcai, 1. eight, in counting trees, Wa'kA, n. one who gives support: a 

Bshboolà, and aectlona of land. root. 

W&^kika'flare, v. i. to chaff. _ WK'ka, a. full of roots, as aoil. 

Vft'nika'Sftre, n. light idle talk by Wa'kaiiel, n, a small fragment of 

way of making fun. tecea. 

W&'nÍknfiK'r«a, v. t. to chaff ; to make Wak&'nikalna, n. a root of the pan- 

fun oi. danus. 


WaUn'ni, ». a root of the coeoaiint Vfttafia1aa,o.í.to •wim ontbebook: 

tree. to walk with the face turned up- 

Wnka'rlri, a. tough-ekinned. wards. 

Wa'k&waka, a. etringy; fibrous aa WatBfia'liui, n. a swimming on the 

pandanus fruit. back : a walking with uptumed íace. 

W&'kl, v. t. to go ou; to proceed. Watl, adv. directive toward the per- 

W&lüiia, V. t. to ebove. son who haa just Bpoken. / a nako 

W&'klti, n, (Eng.) wax, wati = I will go to you. 

W&'koro, o. i. to work by one's self. Wati, n. (Eng.) a watcb. 

W&'koro, j». work períonned by one'a W»'w«, c. i. to trickle: to move along 

Belf. as a crowd. 

Wald/ioa, o. (. to do work by one"» Wawa'em'ore, v. i. treq. of waem'eni. 

aelf. Wawa'enii'ea, v. i. freq. of waenuea. 

Wa'rB, a. without trees ; treelees. Wawa'•nro'fio, c. i. freq. of waeuroQo. 

Wa'rft, n. a treelesB ■ection. Wa-wa'eremwe, v, i. freq. of uo- 

Wi'raol, a. kind. eremií«. 

W&'raol, n. kindness. Wawa'erebat&'ta, v. i. to b« habita- 

Wa'ratl, «. (Eng.) a walrua, ally going from plaee to plaee. 

Wa'mwara, a. having open or net Wa-wa'etatk, v. í. freq. of waetata. 

work; here and there a tree. Wawa'•tata'w•, d. i. freq. of waetar 

Wa'rawara, n. open or latticed work; tawe. 

an openÍDg among trees. WaTR^ran, v. i. treq. of wairan. 

Wa'ra, o. r. to count; to read. Waira'ita'la, v. a. intermittent; com- 

Wa'reb'al, n. Aritbmetic. ing now and tben. 

Wa'reb'aí, v. i. to leam arithineti& Wawa'iwal, p. a. freq. of waiwai. 

Wa'rebokl, n. reading. Wawa'nlka^an, v. i. freq. of waiiika- 

Wa'reboki, o. i. to read. rau. 

Va^«bwe, a. wide; roomy; not con- Wawan'n, t>. {. freq. of wanre. 

tracted. Wawafi.''fia, v. t. freq, of waQDa. 

Wa^ka, u. f. to count; to read. Wa'wakft, a. having many root», 

Wankfiio, n. (Eng.) a volcano. Wawà'ki, v. i. freq. of wakí. 

Va'rerlrl, o. i. to engage in indis- Waw&'Uúa, v. t. freq. of wakina. 

criminate accusation of robbing Wawa'rebokl, v. i. freq. of warebokt. 

whea the' fruit of one's land has Wawa'rewara, v. i. freq. oi wareware. 

been taken. Wawatafia'ina, p. i. freq. of watafla- 

Wa^ware, ». i. to read : to eount. ina. 

Wa'reware, n. reading; a eounting. Wawa'tafialiui, n. freq. of watafla- 

Wa^rl, n. a person, or ahip, or hoiise, Ina. 

of great sím. Wawa'wl, p. i. freq. oi wawi. 

Wa'n, a. great in eize. Wawa'wl, n. freq. of wawi. 

Wa'rliílbu'nl, n. a fish, the Wa'we, c. i. to blow ateadily and fa- 

Wa'rlnona'utl, n. a fish, tlie vorablv. 

Wa'rtki, a. narrow. Wa'weakl, a. eteady and favorable aB 

Wa'riki, rt. narrownesB. a wind. 

Wa'rlkliu/iio, o. very narrow, as a Wa'wi, v. i. to pray to death. (Haw. 

channel, or the mouth of a bottie. anana.) 

Wa^iiiki, n. a canoe of medium size. Wa'wl, n. an incantatlon to produce 

Wa'ro, n. a species of crab, the — : a death. 

iack-knife. Wo^O, c. í. to He down; to lie. 

Wa^ona, v. t. to tie a loop in a cord We'nM, v. t. to braid the second half 

that will not Blip. of a sleeping maL 

Wa'ra, v. t. to nibble, as a fiah, at a Wa'nol, n. a Bhooting star or meteor. 

bait. We^el, v. i. to eail fast 

Wa'ra, it, a good flshing plaee where W•'ae-nl-bu're, v. i. to conunit adul- 

flsh promptly bite. tery or fomication. 

Wa^^wam, v. i. to nibble, as a rat, Weneka'toto, tr. i. to indulge in pro- 

or a flah at a bait. longed sleep; to sleep overmuch. 


178 WiKO 

V•^•wme, r. i. freq. of wene. completely through the \eg or abdo- 

Wín'tits, n. (Eng.) Wednesday. men. 

WoVe, ». a fish, the Wi'nlkna, «. a whale'H tooth. 

W*Ve, n. (Eng.) a vaíL Wi'nlkna, a. haviog a supemumerary 

We'raw•re, c. to fish íor the tren. front tooth. 

Wé'rewèti, n. (Eng.) velvet. Wl'nlwete, n. tsttoo oo the thighs: a 

Te'ta, n. a epÍQ« or spike on tbe ba^ certaiu planlc in a canoe: the out^ 

of a baiku. end of tbe cocoanut spaUie. 

Wate, p. i. to call, Wino'fiinofl, v. i. to whiaper. 

Weta'a, c. t. to call; to Bummon; to Wlno'&lnoil, n. wbUperïng; awhiftper. 

ínTÍt«. Wl'nofilao'fUa, v. t. to whisper; to 

Wet«'a, n. a call. utter in a low voíce, 

WA'tlkotl, n. (Eng.) a waiateoat; » Win'rafl, c. i. to boast 

vest. Wln'rafL, n. boasting; a boast. 

W•m'116, n. a cc«np1eted mat; tbe WlnM'fila, t. t. to boast about. 

double of \he babata. Wtn'rüM, v. i. to outsail. 

Wc/wone, r. i. freq. of wene. Wtn'rlne, ». an outsailing. 

Wewe'aeweno, «. i. freq. of wene. Wln'rlna'ft, «. í. to outsail. 

We'wflte, v. í. to call. WlnMka, n. a cold-chÍBel. 

Wa^wataft, v. t. freq. of wetea. Winrl'riko, n. porpoíse teeth. 

W•w•'wetAa, V. t. freq. of wetea. Wln'tao, n. tbe bowsprít. 

Wl, n. a tooth; the mouth: an edge. Wlnta'mare, v. i. 8ee ivitiikamarane. 

Wl'a, c. a. proper; Üt; euitable; "all WlÜa'rofiaro, a. toothless. 

right." Wiita'roilaro, n. a toothlesB person. 

Wl'a, V. t. to indicate hy lot. Wllia, c. *. to add to a atorj untnil^. 

Wl'&u, n. a ahell fish, the Til», tt. untruthfui addition to a 

Wi'abuaka, a. unfortunate; not ía- atoiy. 

vored. Wlb'à'mb'iru, a. without feetb. 

Wiatllra, n. a flah, the Wib'S'rub'àru, n. a toothleas peison, 

Wluo'na, a. double tongued: doubt- WlTioka, v. i. to brag. 

fui; uncertain. Wl'boa, o. aphthou». 

Vlm'ft'kam'aka, n. a peraon whoae WíImI, n. tbe tbruih or ulcerous 

teeth are mndi decayed. affection of the mouth. 

Wl'mftri, 1). i. to make additíona to a Wl'bnaka, c. i. to apeak ïll (see tae- 

Btory ; to report falset j. taebuaka. 

Wí'm&rl, n. incorrect additions to a Wi'bue, n. a person with unwhole- 

atory. Bome reddish teeth. 

Wl'm&toa, V. a. persistontlf main- Wi'bue, a. having unwholeeome red- 

taiuing. dish teeth. 

Wi'mltoa, n. peraiatonce in what one Wibu'nl, a. haTJng teeth whicb are 

has aaid. unusually ahort. 

Wi'mooa, n. a fish, the Wibu'bura, n. a fieb, tbe 

VTi'mí, V. t. to tempt. Wikafiltafí, a. having a Toracioua 

Wina'ine, v. i. to prompt to ill will appetite. 

or hoatility to one's parenta or near Wllcabwea, v. t. to falsely ezagger- 

relativea oa a wife her husband. ate. 

Wi'nSntl, V. i. to elander; to back- WÍ'kAbwea, n. exaggeTatíon ; false 

bite. addition to a atorj. 

Wfnfintt, ». slander; backbiting. Wlka'kafl, a. bold and cauatic in. 

Winfin'tÍA, c. t. to slander; to back- speeeli. 

bite. Wl'kateke, v. i. to boldly accuse; to 

Winika'marana, v. i. to apeak ím- talk much without hesitation. 

properly to a woman. Wi'kateke, «. a bold cbarge or crimi- 

Wlnlka'marane, n. Lmproper worda nation. 

to a wontan. Wl'kl, n. (Eng.) e. week. 

Wi'nlkibwi', V. i. to appear aa the Wi'kota'ua, «. t. to lie; to deceive 

point oi a Bpear which haa pierced (see keicekewe). 



Wlkotlkoti, o. having teetti whieh Wlto'nter», a. havin^ the front toetli 

e.Te duil, or much woni down. prominenÚ; projecting. 

Wi'rfi, n. Bn apbthoua disease. Vl'toka, v. t. to apeak rapidlj. 

Wl'rfi, a. aphtuous. Wltoka, n. ràpid Bpeaking, or utter- 
Wl'raol, p, i. to apeafe pleasantlf sud aJiee. 

peacefully and properly. Wito'katoka, v. i. to habituallf speak 
Wl'rara, n. the rainbow. rapidlj. 

Wl^ara'ol, a. having bandsome, r^;n- Wlwa^birs, a. having the teetb eep- 

lar and sound teeth. arated a little from one another. 

Wt'rara'ol, n. a person with a flne set Wlira'rlki, a, having the teeth aet 

of teeth. cloae tt^ether. 

Wi'remwe, v. i. to prompt a» a Wi'wi, ti. i. to euggest; to tempt. 

leamer; to incite; to auggeat to. Wi'wi, n. a, auggestion; s temptatíon. 

Wl'r•mwe, n. a prompting. Wl'wluo'ua, v. i. to teli two Btoriea 
Wl'^oreltl^K, V. i. to apeak without about; to prevaricate, 

baabfulnesB. Wlwl'mart, u, i. freq, of wimari. 

"Wlilldrlki, *. í. to eat with Tery Wiwl'mfitoa, v. i. freq. of wimatoa. 

amall mouthfulai to apeak aofÜj. Wlwl'na, v. t, to prompt; to suggeat 
Wlrl'kirUd, n. a low utterance. to. 

Wl'rlkirl'kla, v. t. to utter with a, Wiwl'nàntl, v. i. freq. of winanti. 

Tery low Toiee; to mutter. (Is. Wtwinfln'tla, i>. (. freq. of winantia. 

59:3.) Wiwi^lka'm'arane, v. i. freq. of 
Wi'rital, a. See wibue. winikam'araiie. 

Wl'ro, n, (Eng.) a willow. Wlwlno'filiiofi, v. i. freq. oi wino- 
Wi'ro, n. a variety of aoldíer crab, fiinoB. 

the Wiwin'rafl, v, i. freq. of winrafl. 

Wt'ta•, n. a large eel, the Wlwl'ba, v. i. freq. of wiba. 

Wl'tablta'blta, o. i. to pralae or Wlwl'katvke, c. i. freq. of wikateke. 

flatter (see toinraü). 'Wiwf'romwo, v. i. freq, of wiremwe. 

Wltakana'na, i>. i. to be quick to Wlwl'rl'klrlkl, c. i. freq. of wiri- 

reveal secrets (see aovti). kiriki. 

Wltata, V. i. to speak rapidly. WlwlM'klrl'kla, v. t. freq. of wiri- 
Witata, n. ràpid speaking. rikía. 

Wl't&tl, a. having a regular set of Wlwl'tata, v. i. freq. of wttata. 

teeth. Wiwiaeke, v. i. freq. of witeke. 

Wt't•k•, a. fluent; forcible, and to Wlwl'toka, i>. i. freq. of witoka. 

the point. Wlwi'to'katoka, v. i. freq. of witoka- 
Wi'toM, n. fluency; forcefnl speech; toka. 

speaking to the point. Wiwl'wi, i>. i. freq. of wiwi. 

WiWketeke, a. freq. of witeke. Wlwl'wliia, v. t. freq. of wiwina. 

WI'teTe, n. (Eng.) a weaMl, Wo'reba, ». (Eng.) a wolf. 

The Univiimt}' Prai, Cuabiiàse, V. B 







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