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Full text of "A graduated Russian reader, with a vocabulary of all the words contained in it, by H. Riola"

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Crown 8vt>., pp. 676, oloQi, Price 13b. 




Based upon the OUendorffian system of Teaching Languages, and 

adapted for Self -Instruction. 


W. R. S. iRALSTOK, M.A. 

Grown Svo., pp. 126, doth. Piioe fis. 













Author of ''Hov to Leabm Russian." 

EonVon : 

1879. (S^Z-^^: ^^' 

[All righU reserved,'] ^ . /z^ -"^ 


JORiOHl : 

ne^aTaBO vb Tiinorpa«lH rHJbOepra h PHBDHFTona, 
62, Ct. 4B0HC'b CKBepi, RjepReHBc.ii. 


NuMEEOUS applications made by those in possession of my 
Grammar entitled " How to Learn Russian " for a sequel to 
it, in the shape of an easy Reading Book, have induced me 
to compile this little work, which I now offer to my pupils 
'and the public. This book is especially intended for those 
who cannot avail themselves of the assistance of a master. 

The initial difficulties which have to be overcome in 
reading Russian consist chiefly in. the variety of inflexions 
and terminations of which the Russian Language is suscep- 
tible. Beginners are apt to be so disheartened by these, 
that after a brief period of study they abandon the task in 
despair. But if they had once mastered these grammatical 
forms, they would have found the path comparatively clear 
for further progress. 

In order to enable students to overcome these difficulties, 
which are not really as formidable as they may appear at 
first sight, I have devoted a few pages to grammatical 
exercises, illustrating the most prominent features of the 
language, and forming as it were a short manual of accidence. 
If these be carefully learnt, the reading of the subsequent 
portions of the book will be considerably facilitated. 

The stories, extracts, etc., selected from the prose and 
poetry of the best Russian authors, are arranged in progres- 

( iv ) 

sive order, so as to lead the student gradually on. Foot- 
notes have been added whenever they seemed to be neces- 
sary, and a Vocabulary has been appended in order to do 
away with the necessity of searching, wearily and often 
fruitlessly, the by no means complete Russian-English 
Dictionaries, which are at present available. In this Voca- 
bulary the exact meaning is given of every word occurring 
in the text, and each verb appears under the aspect 
appropriate to the occasion to which it refers. 

Henry Riola. 

Address: Care of 

Messbs. Tb&bneb & Co., 
Ludgate Mill, JS'.C 

( V ) 





Substantives in the Nominative used as predicate ... 1 

Substantives in oblique cases 2 

Declinable Adjectives used as epithets — 

Indeclinable Adjectives used as predicate 3 

Present Tense • ' . .4 

Degrees of Comparison 5 

Possessive Adjectives 8 

Generic Possessive Adjectives . . . '. . . . 7 

Past Tense — 

Subjunctive Mood expressed by the particle "Cu'* . . . . 8 

Future Tense 9 

Imperative Mood 10 

Verbs with the suffix '* Cfl ** in the sense of passive verbs . .11 

Instrumental case with the passive verbs 12 

Impersonal Verbs — 

Active Participle 13 

Passive Participle . . 14 

Gerunds 15 

Concord of words 16 

Promiscuous exercises, showing the difierent position of words . 17 

PART 11. 


1. Jy^mee yRpameHie MarepH 20 

2. BejHK04yinHafl 40Hb — 

3. KajMuaKaii CRasRa 21 

4. ApaOcKoe cyAonpoH3B04CTBO — 

( vi ) 

No. Page 

5. neipi BejHKitt no4i 0740111 . . . . . . .22 

6. Harpa4a no sac^yraMi . . . . . . . . 23 

7. TBep40CTb qapfl Bacailn myticsaro 24 

8. 40Cp0C0B'£CTBU& 4BRapb . . . . . . . . — 

9. ncnuTasie . 25 

10. Hy4Hutt BpaHi . . — 

11. MHHMoyuepniafl 4'fiBiiiia 26 

12. ABrycTb cnjbHutt h KysHei^b 27 

13. rB034b rpUMMbl, 28 

14. Haxo4<iHBOCTb pyccRaro coi4aTa .... 4aM, 29 

15. yTpeHHflfl nporyjKa PyMHHiieBa no jarepio .... — 
— AHeK4orb CyBopoBt 30 

16. .iBcnqa h Kypniia 31 

17. CTaputt BOJK'b — 

18. CHja 4o6po4yniiA 3^ 

19. B'l^pHafl coOaRa 36 

20. Haiajo Mocrbu Kapajumm. 37 

21. AjeKcaH4poBCKafl ROJOHsa ...*... 38 

22. Uapb-ROJORoii ... 39 

23. CHja npHM'l^pa XomuHCKiH, 40 

24. MyHtHRi H BoeB04CRift cjyra 42 

25. Jonia4b h RomeieRi 43 

26. CJtnaii Jonia4b ymuHCKiH. 44 

27. B'l^pBOCTb . . . 48 

28. MaJopoccificRie aHeR40TU 49 

29. 4Ba 4pyra h Me4Bt4b 51 

30. ropa Cy40Ma Rynpimoes. — 


81. CjaBflHG — nepBue odHTaTein Poccin . 

32. KaRi H Ror4a Hanajocb pyccRoe rocT4apcTBO . 

33. PiopHRi — nepButt pyccRitt rocyAapb . 

34. KieBi — cTOjnqa pyccKaro rocy4apcTBa 

35. BejBKaii RHflrHHii Oibra .... 

36. 9CB3Hb loaHoa Tposnaro vb A.ieEcaH4poBCROti CioOoAt 

37. yCienie 4HMBTpifl I^apeBBHa 

C. C0M)8be85. 


. Boiodum, 












( vii ) 

No. Page 

88. JlJReAHMHTpiit I. HAoeaUcKiU. 69 

89. Boqapenie MoxaBja 6e4opoBHHa PoMaHoea . Eibjuieeb, 72 

40. neTpi I. KopntuoeuHb, 77 

41. EujBHa iiap'fi Ilerp'fi . ' . . . PbiCnuKoed, 81 

42. HaB04HeHie bi> UeTepOyprb 82 

43. AHeRAOTU ERaTepHHt II. 85 

44. jIe4flH0tt AOVb 87 

45. PyccKie bi> nj'fiHy y flnoHiieBi> .... roMmm, 89 

46. Roe-TTo xapaRTopi h saHiiTlflxi pyccRaro Hapo4a . . .102 

47. 4o6poe &IOBO 106 

48. ^poj-b GuBHi KapaM3um. 109 

49. UpHCTyni UyviKUHB. Ill 

50. IlMnepaTpBiia ERaTepHoa II. .... Exo otce, 115 

51. IljaBaHie bi> ATJaHTHHecRHXi TponBRaxi . . roHuapoes, 120 

52. Aepema shmoio SaiocKUM. 124 

53. lOnycRa roiOBopiS'b H. Rapaaum, 126 

54. MepTBUfl 4yniH ToioJib, 185 

— repoii Hamero speHeHB .... JepMonmoed, 148 

55. Joina4i> KasOHHa Eio otce. 156 

56. Be4yBH'b . . • BcHuiiKiU. 159 

57. IOpo4BBuft rpema .... rpa^b J. Tojicmoil. 163 

58. Bottea h Mapi Eto otce. 166 

59. BocnHTaHie Jhsu (^BopflHCRoe rntaAo) . . H. Typieneed. 171 

60. Ptmenie 4e8U (4BopflucKoe rHt34o) . » Eto otce. 174 

P A R T IV. 


1. ^yjReaeMHoe pacieHle ^Mumpiees. 179 

2. noJOBoft qBtTORi Eio ace. — 

3. npoxoffiitt fl IlHeja Eto otce. — 

4* J[,^y'm6dL JKyKoecKiU. — 

5. Myxa . . . • ^Mumpieed. 180 

6. OpeJi fl SHifl Eto otce, — 

7. KOHb H OceJl XeMHUVfipb. — 

8. 06031 Eto oice. 181 

9. TpamRBHi Ka«TaHi Kphuoen. — 

10. Znta fl niflBBDa . . . . . . ^Mumpicsd. 182 

( viii ) 

No. Page 

11. BaiRi Ha ncapH'6 .' Kphuioe^, 182 

12. n^yKa H KoTb Eiomce. 184 

18. U'&CHfl pyccKOMy qapio . . . . . XyKoecKiU. 185 

14. 3HMa BapambincKiU. 186 

15. 4'&4yniRa BuKumuH6. — 

16. KapTBHEa MaUKoen. 187 

17. PascRadi npo ly^Hyio CI^Ry . . . nyiuKum. 189 

18. KasaRi roneiib Etooice. 190 

19. KoHeBoft TaOopi Eto oice, 191 

20. nepexo4'b na 4Pyroe Ko^eBbe . . . . Eio oKe. 192 

21. ntCHfl dt^HflRa XyKoecKiU. 193 

22. KasaHbfl RoiuCeJbHafl n'fiCHfl . . . JepMonmoei. 194 

23. nocjt^Hflfl 6opb6a Koxbv,oeb. 196 

24. Eofi ci» '^apcoH'b • . ... JepMonmoes. 197 





Substantives in the nominative used as predicate. 

MocKBa CTOjAna Poccin. — Bort ecTb iBop^m Mipa. — Ilpas^- 
HOCTB nopoK'B. — OnbiTB HacTaBHHiTb rjYoiioB'B. — SXopoBte 
njo^i yM-BpeHHOCTE. — OnTHM^dM'B ecTB He 4>HJ0c64»ifl, a Brpa 
VMa. — Joma^B acHBoiHoe. — JomaAB^ Koposa e OBua scEBdi- 

HBIfl, a JCBl, THrpi H BOilTB SBJ^pE. — Mfflie^ KOHHOMY^ HQ 

sceHCRaro noia. — PibpnKi Sbu'b n^pBbiH KHfl3rB p^ccKift. 
PiftMiflHe 6i!iiE BejEKie saBoeBaiejE. — C64>Bfl, TReHa loaHHa 
Tp^Tbflro,' 6biia ^ohb rpenecKaro BMnepaiopa. — PoMyii h 
PeM'b,KaK'b roBop^Tb npe4aHie,6biiE cbmoBba^Mapca. — UAcb- 
Ma JloMOHocoBa Ri myBdjoBy (cyrb) 6e3ii4HHb]fl naMATHBRi 
ciOBecHOCTB pyccROB. — O^j^H'b TOTb, RTO cnoc66eH'B HacjaiR- 

^aTbCfl CeM^BCTBeHHOK) »(H3HbK), ecTb op^MO A66pbid, B, Clt^O^ 

BaTeJbHO, npflMO c^acrJEMBbiE nejOBtRi. — Ha nonpami h;&3he 
HacraBHBR'b naini — BH^fipeHHiB rojocb, a nposHABHie — sBfo^a 
nyieBo^eafl. — BpeMena ro^a'* cyib : Becua, jiio, occHb, 3HMa. 

^ pedestrian. ^ rider. ^ Russian Czar. 

^ irreg. Nom. pi. of cufli. * Bpenfl ro4a, season. 


( 2 ) 

Substantives in oblique cases, 

CbiHt KpecTbiHHHa BbicoKaro pocra.— Mhofo jh y Bacx 4py- 
3g^?i — y MCHi wkvh HH OAHoro 4pyra, ho sa to* h BparoBi 
nixT,. — MocKBa ApeBflte neiepCypra. — KapaMaHHi Hanncai'L 
HcropiK) PocciH. — H 6e34apHHe DHcaieJiH HHor^a ^oSHBaiOTca 
HSB^CTHOcrn. — He SoHiecbxojoAa, ho ocreperaHiecb npocrpbi. 
Ofli yAOCTOHjcfl noxBaibi. — 4oct6hhi jh aiorb yqeHHKi ua- 
rpa^bi ?^H'feTb, OH'b 40Ct6hhi HaKasanifl. — CjaBa AjCKcaH^pa 
MaKCAOHCKaro rpeni^ja bo Bcixi Kpaaxi Bce-ieHHOH. — fl ^aji 
6paTy KHHry. — Oh^ C4'6iaj'b cnAcoK'b BemaM-b. — Bann* 6parb 
MH-fe 4pyrb. — Mbi noMorajH cm^ ^enbraMH. — Hejibsa^ He VBa- 
aeaib yM-b. — fl 6'ieHb jK)6jib* niflie JKaBopoHKa. — MocT'b 6biJi 
HcnopHen-b' Kp]frjbiH roA'b. — Mip'b coTBopeei BoroMi. — Mw 
nAmeMi* nepoMi, a pHc^eMi Kapan^ameMi. — OhA H^yrb^ 
^oporoH). — KpecTbflHe® namyrb' m> noji. — Bohhw Aoaatflbi 
ciino HOBHHOBaTbCfl Bojt CBoero npe^BOAUTeJifl. — niBeunapia 
H3o6i&j[yeTb ropaME e ^ojAeaMH. — Ji,ojiVh ectphho nojesHaro 
BOCHHTaBia cocTonrb^^ ne vh oahomi cooSmenin pa3HOo6pa3- 
Hbixi cBBAeniH, ho h bi coboki^hhocth h o6pa30BaHifl BKyca, 
B npocB^menifl yma, h 6iarop64CTBOBaHifl cep4Eia. 

Declinable adjectives used as epithets. 
HeiepS^prb KpacABbiH h MHoroJif)4HbiH ropo^i. — KieBi 
Becbiia ^peBHin p^ccKiM ropo^'b. — lOjEHbia rySepnia Poccia 
ropa340 HJOAopo^Hie ciBepHbixi. — Poaa oHenb KpacMBWH, 
4yiuucTbiH HBiToiTb. — ^JoHia^b KpacABoe acHBoiHoe. — KopoBbi, 
oBUbi H Koabi no^eSHbifl ^OMamnifl HcnBOTHbia. — P^Ka ^BHHa 
Biia4aeTb bi Et.ioe Mope. — Ojbra CBfliaa 6bua nepBaa pj^c- 
ciiaa iiapuiia, npeHaBmaa^^ xpHCTiaHCKyio B^fcpy. — ^466poe na- 

^ 4pyrx. • sa to, " on the other hand." ' it is impossible. 

* JIOUUTb. » HCn6pTIITb. • nUCHTb. ' H4Tl|. * KpeCTbtSoHHl. 

* oax^Tfc* 10 cocToaTk. n past part. act. of nponitb. 

( 3 ) 

Mtpeflie He onpaB4LiBaen» 4ypHaro ^iia. — Uocii TRapKaro 
iibjMTKaro aha HacTyni'u'B npoxia^Hbifi Beqepi e mu BbinijH^ 
Ha OTKpwTbiH BosAyxi. — SAimnie onbiTHbie cejbCKie xoaiieBa- 
HaHHHaiorb cfeflxb b^ nepBbix'b HHCiaxi Anpiia. — Riaro^ap- 
HbiH qejOBiK'b no465eHi hjo^ohochoh noHB-fe, nie^po narpaffi- 
^aiomefi ipyAbi BOSAtibiBaTCia. — CHaciifl 40jjeh6 HCKdib ne vh 
mvMHOMT. cBtrfe, a bi Kpyr]^ ^oopoAiieibHaro ceMeflciBa. — Da 
HCM-b' Tpeyrojbnafl mjana m cipbiw noxo^Hbia ciopTyKi. 
4peBHie CTHxoTBopabi roBopflirL aojOTOMi, cep66pflHOMi h Hce- 

J-BSHOMl BtK*. — Po^HHa MHJa CCp^Uy HC MtCTnblMH KpaCOiaMH, 

ue kcEhiwb Be6oM'b, ne npiflTDbiifb Ki&MaTOMX, a uiiuinejLh' 

HblMH BOCnOMHHaHiflMH^ OKpyH^aiOHIIIMH/ TaK'b CKa3aTb,]^po H 

Kojbi6ejb lejOB^qecTBa. — Bep6jK)AT, Aparoatflfloe jkhbothoc B'b 
CTenn.— HcTopHKH BHsaHTiHCKie roBopArb o namex'b* npe^- 
KaxT, KaiTb ny^ecflbix'b nb^axx,* KOTopwMi hhhto ne mofjio 
npoxiBHTbcfl, H KOTopbie ownqajHCb orb ^pyrAxi c! BepHbIx^ 
napo^oBi He lo^bKo cBoeio xpa6pocTbH), ho h KaKiLM'b-TO pu- 
napcKHMi 4o6po4ymieM'b. 

Indeclinable adjectives used as predicate. 

Bor'b BceB^Ayni'b, BceMorjfnji h fijan.. — Ha^fKn no^^sHbi. 
XoTH fl He 6orarb, o^naKO ^OBo^eH'b. — FopoAi neiepCyprb 
KpacnBi H MHorojio^eHi. — C-feBepHbia ry66pHiH Pocciu ne 
lairb HJOAopoAHbi KaiTb iohhwh. — ropoA'b MocKBa oGiiiHpeHi. 
Cwepib yajacHa loJbKO sjo^tflMi. — On'b 6bui He loJbKO vb 
CHacxiH, HO E Bib HecHaciiH bcjIhkt*. — 4y66Boe ^epcBO TBep^o, 
npoHHO H Kpaci'iBO. — ^yqenbe ropbKO, ho hjoah ero cjaAKH. 
UanpacHbi yciaifl h canaro^ laiaHWHBaro nncaiejifl yro4HTb 
BKj^cy Bcix'b CBoAx^b HHiaiejieH.— P^ccKift nejLOVBKh AoSpi, 

* B^liTH. * xosflHH-b. ' HanojeoBt n^peoMi. 

* pres. part. act. of OKpyjKaTb. * p;fccRHXi. • piep. pi. of HeJOBtKi>. 

7 moht. 


( 4 ) 

YCJLJTRijiB'b H oc66enHO rocrenpiAMeH-B. — AviKh ero* yacaceni, 
^BDHceH&a 6biCTpbi, OHi npeKpdceHi, ohi bccb KaKi E6;Kifl 
rpo3a. — Boja oma Moero ^jIh uenk CBameHna. — Bee ckv^ho, 
AHKo,^ Bce HecrpoHHO, HO Bce laKi jkAbo, HenoKOHRO.-^KpbiM- 

CKifl H ^OHCKlfl BHHa BKyCHbl H He ^OpOFH. EjLH H COCHbl 3e- 

jieHbi Kp^rjbiH ro^'B. — Borarb h ciaBen-B KciySeM, ero jiyra 
HeoooapAMbi. — He totb St^en-B, kto HMierB Majo ; ho totb, 
KTO Htejaerb mhofo. 

Present tense. 

fl roBopib leSi o x^Jii, a tw ne ciymaenib. — Oh-b jibSnTB 
no.TV4aTB nAcBMa, ho caMi HHrnerb Mdjo. — JibSaTe jh bm hh- 
laib? — 4a, o^eHB. — PaSoia yKpinjierb cAjiy h SAopoBbe. 
Kto TpyAHTCfl, totb ne crpaAaerb ck;^koh). — Kto, vb cnopik, 
ocKop6^aeTB cBoero HpoTi&BHHKa, totb Acho noKasbiBaeTB, hto 
He yM^erb ero OHpoBeprnyTb. — wIefl6HHn'B yTBepiK^aerB, hto 
Mbi Tor^a naxo^HMCfl na caMOMB 6ii&3K0M'b paacToAniH otb c66- 
aBeHHbix'B 3a()jy»c4eHiH, Ror^a crapaeMCfl ^pyruxi yjiHHHTB 
BT. safiiyatA^Hiflx-B. — O^hA 4o6po4iTeJbHbie jio^h HM^feiorB 

AcTHnHblX-B 4py36H. 04Ha OHBITHOCTB ^acTB pa3c]^4Ky H 

CHjiy, H A^flTeJBHocTB. — BojHa GimiiTb, myMATi, KOJbimeTB' 
e^Ba saiftTHbid nonjaBoK'B. — Ohi npeBOCxo^nrB bcIxi 4o6po- 
TOH), HecTHOCTBH) H yMOMT,. — JKaianie MHornxi po^ATejea 
ciHniKOMi paHO yn^TB A^ievL r^6HrB i&Hbifl cnoc66HOCT0, 
npeffi^eBpcMeHHO ocj[a6jflen> hxt» h npenfiTCTByerb hxt. hojIho- 
Mv pa3BATiK). — ^eJlOvbK^> jibdMTB m3cto CBoero poiK^eaia h 
BocnHTania. — Cb KibMi mbi pacreMi h HEHBeH'B,'^ Kb i^m-l n 
npnBbiKaeM'B. Aymk nx-b coo6pa3^eTca cb nameio, A^jaercfl 
uiKOTopuM'B ea sepKa^OMi, ciyxHTB npe^MeTOMi n.10 cpe4- 
CTBOMB HarnHxi HpaBCTBeHHbix'B y40B6jbCTBi^ H oGpaniaeTCfl 
n npe^MerB ckiohhocth ^jia cep^na. — TajanrB pd^HTca Bes^i, 

I Uerpi BeJiuKaro. ^ y quraai. ' Kojux^ib. 4 jRBTb. 

( 5 ) 

no npncyTCTBie bcjAkhxi HRieHid npnpojiBi cnocoScTByerB er6 
pa3BHTiio. — MocKOBCKie xKUTCiH nepet3}RaH)TL Ha jmo hsi 
MocKBbi Ha 4aHH. — Xo3ueBa y6npd,H)'rL ROMHaTu^ HcnpaBjaiOTB 
MeGeJiB, HaKpbiBaiOT'B ctojh, pascraBjiaiorL nocyAy h npnro- 


Degrees of comparison. 

DeiepS^fprB KpacHB^e h MHorojibjiBte Mockbsi, ho MockbS 
oSniMpHie IleTepSypra. — napAaci 6jH>Ke* oti> JoH^ona, He- 
iKeiH Btna. — B^na 041101 n3i> Kpac^Btumnxx ropo^oB-L. 
IIapn»rB ne TOJbKO caMBiH Kpac^Bbiu, ho TaKH^e h caMUH 

HpHBJeKaTeJbHBIH FOpOAl Bl> Espooib. — wIoH^OHl MHO- 

rojH)4Hi^BmiB r6po4'B bx EBponik. — djib6op]^(rb caMaa BBicoKaa 
ropa BT» PocciH. — Bepesa M^nfe Bcixt ApyrAxi ^epeB-B 6oATca 
xojo^a. — ycjyffiJHBBiH 4ypaKx onacnte Bpara. — Jncuaa o'lenB 
noxo^a Ha co5aKy, ho teio eft rpaiii63H']^e, rA64e,^ roiOBa 
oojBffle, Mop^a ocTpie, yma^ Kopoqe/ rja3a MCHBuie* h Kocfee, 

XBOCTB AJHHB^e, mCpCTB TymC® H HyfflHCTte, '!iM'B y co6aKH. 

KpBuoBi saMtnaTeiBHiumiH pyccKiu 6acHonHcem>. — KaKi 
nJo^Bi 4epeBa^ TaKi h hchshb CBiBaerB Bcero da^ocTH'i^e 
nepe^'B HanajOM'B yBflAaHia. — Bcanoe pacienie HMterB e&jcfee^ 
CHJBi BTi CBOCM-B KiAMaii. — HcTopifl HapoAOBx He npeAcraBja- 
en» uaMi Hii4er6 TporaieJBHie repoHCKaro naTpioTH3Ma. — 4*- 
AhIh^ on^caHHBifl FepoAOTOBCB^ OyKHA^TOMx, Avimwhy npe^- 
craBJHfl^ 66ite ^ymeBHOH chjIbi h jKHBtHmyio nrpy crpacreu, 
4J[fl BCflKaro He pfccKaro BOo6me 3aHHMaTewiBni^e HCTopin Poc- 


Hie* ^peBHHXx. — CpaBuenle onpeAtjAerB i^tuy Bcero : — o^no 

* comp. of 0JH3Kitt. • comp, of rii6Rifi. ' Nom. pi. of ^xo. 

* comp. of KOpdiKitt. * comp. of Majutt. • comp. of rycToii. 
y comp. of MBdro. • pres. ger of npe4CTaB.iaTb. • comp. oi ^cji<;^. 

( ) 

jyHiiie^ 4pyraro — botb GaAvo; o^HOMjf jyqme, nenseJH ^pyro- 
MV — BOTb cqacrie. 

Possessive Adjectives. 

{a) Personal, formed /rom names of persona, 

r^i lenepb npoacHBaerL cecTpnea ryBepeaHTKa? — Bi jift^H- 
HOMi ^oMt. — y'lAiejeBbi ^iiH saeHMaiOTca b-b CpaieHHofi 
KOMHart. — M^ffleeea cecrpd h nceeHna njieMAenima qniaiorb 
craiBK) nerpoBOMi nyTemecTBia sarpaBHuy. — Bsuh jh bbi 
Bi> MapBHHOU pomt, KOTopaa Hoxo^nicfl 6jh31 mockbhi ? 
llBaHOBX opaTB noraeji'' in> rpaoy CyB&poBv. — Mowho CKa- 
3^TB, MTO no4Tft Bct xpHCTlaHe SHaiOTB sanoB^b^n Focno^HH, 
HO MHorie jlh hxi HcnojeAiorL? — Kto snaerB nciopiio Poccih, 


MeieBi. — ^jIacT04KiiHbi rnfo^a c'!HTaK)TCfl eoibmAMx jokom- 
CTBOMi y KHTaHaeBi. — Ha o^hoh hsi neiepSj^prcKHXT, njioma^efi, 
KOTopaa HaabiBacTCfl ElapniibiHbiMi j^roMi, 6biBaiOTb Be^nKO- 
jiniibie CMOTpbi h napa^bi. — Bi K^xet BjAica noBapAxa, 
D.iaqerb y aaeKa TKa'!6xa, h saB^^yiorb oet rocyAapcBoa 
went. — BeaHHHCTBa Hano^eoHOBbixi coji^arb vh Mockb^, vh 


qefi. — ^TparftqecKaa Mjf^aa Co<i»6K-ia onbiiBte 3cx6joboh vh 
TOMi OTBoraeHiH, HTO JLyRHie eA SBaerb laaBy HacroAnjBx^ 
npoBopniil xyAonsecTBeBBaro pasB^Tia ; ho bi tohec BpeMa 

necpaBHeHBO Ba^Bflte dBpBBH^OBOH, KOTopOU CTOJbKO ffie 
BBaKOMa CTpaCTb BT> pa3BbIXT> e& B^^aXly CKOJbKO 3(M»eKTb, 

npondBOA^MbiB^ eH) na ap^Te^a. 

• comp. of xoporao. * past of nottT^. • ppes. of mm, 

^ pres. part. pass, of npoB3B04dTb. 

( 7 ) 

b. Generic, formed /rom names of animals, 

PyccKie KpecTBflue HdcarL srmoh) Tyj^nbi iiH iny6Br htb 
OBeqbHxi uiKypt. — llai* 6bi4a4bflro, KopoBbaro h OBeqbaro 
»;upy MbLioBapbi Baparb Mbuo. — Bt> sAsiHee Bpesifl onbiTHbie 
oxoTHHKH y3HaK)rb Ha cutry saanbH, liichii m BOJHbH 
(xi'^^bi. — Me^B^HSbH H xopbKoBbifl uifGbi Fopas^o AemeMQ^ 
6o6p6Bblx^ H coCojbHxx myoi. — Hai OjeHbHxi porb 4^a- 
lOTCfl^ npoHHbie H KpacABbie nepeeKA 4Ja HOxeH. — Bi 
EoHCTaHTBHonait^ crojaat eBponeucKOH T^pqiH, bm bA^htc 
BM-&rro HSBoniH^bRxx 3Kanaxea oce^JaHHbix'b ocjdBi n jioma- 
ACH. — KoHCBbie Hapo^bi joma4HBoe Mico npe^no^HiaiOTb 
roB&HCbeMy n TejaqbCMy. — ^TdjcTbia 6bi4aqbH h KopoBbH mKypu 
nxfrb Ha sbi^iiKy no^oniBi. — KpojHHbn h KomanbH Mtxa 
^emeBbi, ho 3a to h ne lenAhi, — TiojieEivi jRHfb HSBtcren'b wb 
npo^aHct no^x HMeseMX BopBanH. — Medrie ^ORiopa cMHTaiOTb 

TpeCKOBblU aCHpi e4AHCTBeHHbIM'b jibRapCTBOMl 0Tb rpy^Hbix'b 


Past tense. 

fl xoiiwi-b c^'kiaTb TdKi, BO Mena aacraBDjiH oScroiiaibCTBa 

HBMtHlElTb QjiaHl. IlOCiaj-b JLH TbI eM^ KhAfH, KOTOpblXl OHl 

y Te5a npocfiii ? — Cecrpa Moa eme Bqepa hxt* cm^ nociaia. 
IlBaHi CycaHi]Hi> cnacb^ napa MnxaHJa Oed^opoBHia orb 
CMepTH. — Fo^yeoB-b, uapb pj^ccKifi, GhWb fo^owb hsi laiapi. 
He^ero 6buo^ ^tiaib; mm npiwTHJHCb y orna, saKypiin 
Tp^5Ka, H CKopo HauHHK'b saniiinuix npnBBTJLaBO. — UocAi 
H%apKaro, iibibCKaro 4Ha nacrynuji npoxjia^Hbia Benepi^ 3apa 
3anbuaia noHcapoMi h oxBaTuja see He6o; c6jBiiecaA4iocb3a 

1 comp. of Aeme'Bult. ' refl. verb used in passive sepse. 

' past of cnacTH (cnacan). ^ there was nothing. 

( 8 ) 

ropnsoHTOMi. ninpoKoe daepo ciaio HenoAB6»cHO, cojiHqe 
ocBim&jo Bepm^HBi inwh h npeKpacHbie jeCe^H BbinibiBaiu 
H3X KycT6B^. — Ileipi Bej^Kid ocHOBaji IIeTep6;^pnb. — 4p^BHie 
PflMJAHe npesiipajH H'i^ry h pdcKoniB. — EruHTflHe vkpnAn vb 
nepeceieeie Ayrai. — PAMCKaa HMn^pia yanaia, ito ecrs cia- 
BflHe, n6o onk npnnuH^ h pasSiia eii jerioHU.— A MHoro 

SHail OTJ&HHBIX'B CTptiKOBl, y KOTOpBlXl p^KH 6bUH TdiKb 

cia6Bi, 1T0 ouA He mofjA' ^ep^arL nojuaro craKaHa bo^u, He 
pacHJiecR^Bi^ ero. — IIoht& 6buo Hami* hocmotp'Itb iiy nep- 

KOBb. — OpaHK-inHl H306pll'B^ Cp64CTBO OTBpamaTb MOjIHiK) 

rpoMOBb'iMi OTBOAOMi. — TBopem He xoxiji 4J[a neiOBiKacHflTb 
sasicbi cb Aijiit cbo&xi ; h sara^KH Hamn naKor^a ne 6^4yrb 
BMm c&Jbi y40CTOBip6Hifl. — Eme AHTflieH)^ 6biBaio a ho^xohc]^' 
Kb HeM^ H o6HnMdH) ero, a ohi TojbKO OTBopaiHBaeTca. 

Subjunctive mood expressed hy the partiole ffbi. 

fl HHTaii 6bi, ecJH 61 yMMx. — Dponi-n 6bi nicHio, 4a 
oxpAni. — EciH 6bi Avonn ^e&jlh KaK-b ^paroa^HHO BpeMa, 
TO ne pacT04&iH 6bi ero jerKOMbicjeHHo. — AjeKcan^pi Mane- 
AOHCKiH cKa3aii: 6cjlh 6bi a ne QhWb AjeKcaH^poM-b, to 
xoTRii 6bi 6biTb 4ioreHOM'b. — Ona 6bua 6bi cnacTj^B^e, eciu 
6bi He 6bua Tairb ynpAna h rop^a. — KaKon 6bi myMi bm 
3Aich noAHaiH, ^pysba^ Kor^a 6bi Sto c^uiaii a ! — EciuGbi 
n^^HiKHHi H Forojb noncHJH no^ojbme,^ to KOHeiHO HaoucdjH 
6bi HaMi enie mhofo npeBocxo^Hbixx coHHHeHiu. — nocrynanTe 
TaiTb, HTo6i He npHHUocb' Bnocit^CTBiH pacKaaBaTbca. — AdiVL 
BoFB, iT66bi Sto Cbua npaB^a !-r-He xo4h^" ohi bt» jic^, out* 

1 past of npittTii. > past of mohi. * past gerund of pacnjecR&Tb. 

4 we should have gone. ^ past of H3o6p'fiCTH. ^ instr. of 4HTii> 

' I used to approach. * comp of a^jfo. ^ that you would be not obliged. 

^^ subjunct. expressed by the imperat* 

( 9 ) 

GhWb 6bi HcnFL. — DoTdM-B npoc^TB BcL M6nii;y* ct4ih, hto6i 
noxojR^&Hie ohi cBoe nMi> padCKasaji. — KapaMSUHi fb o^homi 
HSi CBOuxx pascysK^eniH roBopHTi>: Ecih 6bi Hdmu MOJO^bie 
4BopaHe,^ yqacB,' MorjM ^oy^HBaibca, to mbi* hm^jh 6bi yaje 
CBoAxi wIuHHeeBi, raJwiepoBi, EeHHeiOBx. — Tbi 61 jacroHKa 
jOBAjia Momeffb — nojiaKOMHTb 6e3p6i^HbIx^ KpomeKX. — He xo- 
4HTb Te6ib 6buo Cb HflMi, laiTb He Honaji 6bi bi 6t4y. 

Future tense, 

H 6y4y nncaib, aibi S^^euib pacoBaib. — Owb6jneTb nrp&Tb, 
a OHa 6JAeTb niib. — ^tMi 66jibffle* mm 6]^4eMT> yiAibca, 
rtMi 66jbnie 6;y4eM'b SHaib. — Ecih Bbi Cy^ere paaciHTbiBaib 
Ha Hero, to omnGeTecb.* — Oh A 6y4yrb BecTft sarpaH^iHyio 
ToproBJLK). — BoraTbipb tw 6y4enib cb BA^y. — Tbi h tboh ceapa 
HOHAeTe ryjaTb. — Bo3bMeMi' rdpo^i h paa^uiHMi ^oSbi'iy. 
Ona paacKaiKerb nami Bce, hto yanaerb. — ^eJOBBKb, KOTopbiH 
He JK)6Hrb npaa^HOcTH, Bcer^a Haa^erb® niMi, saHarbca. — Cnjb- 
Hbij^ ^JOTb, Ha KOTopbiH HpaBATejbCTBO saTpaTUJO TaKia orpo- 
MHbia cyMMbi, 6yAerb oxpanATb nacx. — fl CKaHcy Te6i, Kor^d 
OHa npii^eT-b.' — Mh ne hoh^cmx ryjATb, TaKi, KaKi Aom^h 
cJHHiKOMi cHJCHi. — TpyAOBi TBoAxi, MOH Apvrb, a He 3a6^4y, 
Cb to66h bch) cjaBV pa34'&ii& ; KOHibmnio, KaKi ^Bopem orpo- 

MHblH, HOCTpOHTb 4^8 Te6ft BCJlb.^® IIOKa He paCK^CHHlb 

optxa, sepfl'B neToiKj^H." — HtHBiHuiee m;^bctbo vAOBOjibCTBia 
HH3eTb Bi> ce5i5 KaKou TO He^ocraTOKi ; BosMoaceoe na 3eMji, 
ciacrie, ctoib pt^Koe, OMpanaerca Mbiciiio, hto hjh mm ocTa- 
BiiMi ero, hjlh oho ocraBiiTb nacb. 

1 name usually given to a bear. > abophh^hi. ' pres. ger. from yqeiBCfl. 
ie. fi comp. of MH6ro. ' fut. of oinB6uTbCfl. ^ fut. of BSATb. 

ioKtu nni'fsvaTi; 10 fnf foiisA II •rnivno&'rt. 

^ HatiTH. npitxaiB. ^^ fut teuse. ^^ TOJKOB^n. 

( 10 ) 

Imperative mood, 

4^afi CBoe 4tJ0 TaKx, htoS-b hhkto hc mopb ynpcKH^TS 
Teofl wb paacfeflHBOCTu. — HoKawA eaMi Ha i^^a% laui ja tm 
My4pT>. — IIpH4A^ H B03bMH/ OTBtHai'b JeoHA^T, napi& nepciiA- 
cKOMy, Tpe6oBaBffleMy, htoGbi cnapiaHabi ciohsAjih op^acie. 
ToBapHuiH, roBopHTb y5iuaaMi KojhhbA^ ROHHHTe Bame 4U10 


Cfl4eMi-Ka* Ha cKaMetiiKy, 4a noroBopAaii hcmi nnSy^b. 
nepecTaHCMi* rop^HTbca sacj^raMH npe4K0BiHamHXi,a j^nme 
B3rj[flHeMX Ha ce6a. — He ynpaasHaHTe yma vh pejHriosHbixi 
npe^Meiaxb cb rtMi HaMipenieMi, mi65h\ ynpocTHib dnoe 4.!a 
paayMa: ht6 jerKo o6HB[MaeTb paayMX, to nepecraerb 6biTb 
npe4MeT0M'b SeaycJOBnaro noHHTaHia. — nouAewb^ ki neM^f h 
paacKuffiCMi ciyiABHieMca npoHcmecTBiH. — He CMtfliecb 
Ha^'b 6t4HbiM0 H H^niHMH, a j^HHie noMorAie hmi. — 4a 
norAoHyrb BparA Hama. — Hycrb roBopArb oH-b, HHHyib mchS 
5to He TpeBOJKHTb. — 4'5^TH, HC cMiib HjaKaTb ! — He o6peMe- 
H&HTe naMaiH HsyHenieMi nerd jh6o HenonaTHaro. — FoBopft 
Tor^a, Kor^a cnpamnBaiorb. — HociOBnna roBopnrb : b^ki 
hchbA,* Bim. yHHCb ! — HepecejATe JanjiaH^qa bx cMacTJHByio 
Hiajiio: ohi BSopoMi h cep4neMb Cj^Aerb oSpamaibca ki 
ctBepy no466HO MarnAiy. — HpanjiTb ero, noaBaib, npocHTb, 
CKaaaTb, hto ^oMa. Homeji ate/ ToponAcb ! — HoHHTan 06a- 
3aHHOCTi[o6biTb4'BaTeJbHbiM'b4wia no^bSbi OTeqecTsa; Ho^i^Hmia 
TB01& Haaiaac^enia, ho caMbia ^paroa'BHHbia narpa^bi tboA 4a 
6y4yTi 3aiui04eHbi ^jia Te6a bi He^pi ceMeuCTBa. CipefliAcb 
BOoSpaaceHieMi m> ceiwy 6jiary, Kor^a ero eme ne HMienib; 
oopaai^H 4.1a cero CBOib 4yuiy ; homhh, ito oho cymeciByerb 

* npittTH. 8 BSHTb. • ctCTb. * nepecT&Tb. * no 
® 2EBTb. 7 imperat. expressed by the past tense. 


( 11 ) 

j^M o^noro eeB^BHaro, 6.iarop64uaro, ncnojHeHHaroBBicoKnMn 
HVBCTBaMH cep^iia ; 6.iaro43Te^bHafl, HCHBOTBopflmafl MCHTa o 
HCMi 4a 6y4eTi> cnyrHHueio tbohxi ibfloinecKHxi jirL. 

Verbs with the stiffix en m the sense of passive verbs. 

EhAfh n raseTbi ne^araiOTCfl bi Tnnorpa4>iflX'B, a npo^ai&Tcs 
BT» jiaBKaxi. — BecHOFO acMJia noKpbiBaeTca ipaBoio. — FpoMi, 
fiirepx, cojinae h BO^a CHHiaiHCB y C-iaBflHi* 6oraMH. — UopoAa, 
KT> KOTopou joma^b 3Ta npHHa4J[e;KHT'b, cjaBBTCfl vh ApasiH. 
KpLMOBi npocjraBHjicfl cboAmh GacBflMa. — Ila pasBajHeaxi 
Bjra^biiecTBa pnMCKaro ocHOBajocb bii Espont Bja^biieciBO 
Hapo^OBi repMancKHxi. — llHor^a bt* ojiMwh ro4T> HHcnpoBcp- 
raeicfl aaBoeBaieiaMH to, 'ito ycraHaBJHBaJocb BiKaMw. — 06bi- 
KHOBeHHO cnepBa K6<i»e d^eicfl vh nHTOMHHRax'b, OTKy^a ne 
paHbuie,' KaKi qepesi nojro^a, pascasKHBaeTCfl bi npe^aas- 
HaneflHyK) 4J[fl Hero noHBv. — Bi Becrb-He^iH KO*eMnbifl 
4epeBbfl caHcaiOTcs pfl^aMH Ha pascroflHiH 04H6 orb ^pyraro 
okojIO caHceHH. C5opx xopomux'b HjIO^obi pi^Ro npo^oj^aeTcs 
^oibme^ 4ecaTH hjh ^BteaAaaiH jtrb/ nocj'l 'lero KO<i>eHHbie 

KVCTbl AjIH Cp^3bIBaH)TCfl HO CaMblU KOpCHb, n.IH 3aMibHttK)TCfl 
HOBblMU. — Ildl Mt^H 4UiaH)TCfl ip^Gbl, KOTJIbl, KaCTpibjH H 

npoH.;^ eio o6HBaiOTCfl Kopa6ji6, uoKpbiBaiOTCfl 34aHifl; Rax 
Hea HeKaHHTCfl Monera; oea, bxoaA'' bi cocraBi soioia n 
cepe6pa, ^ocraBjaerb 66jbme Kptnocin h hdohhocth caMbiMi 
^oporuM-b npe^MeiOMi pocKomn, KOTopbie A^jaiOTCfl h3t> chxi 
MeTaiiOBi», paBHo KaKi h 3o.iot6h h cepeSpanoH MoneTt. 
OHJOcooia saHHMaeTCfl TojibKo flCHbrnn AcTHHaMH, xoth h 
ne4aj[bHbiMH,OTBeprae'rbj[oatb,xoTa h npiflTHyio. — Xoiil Ta^aHTi 
ecTb B^oxHOBenie npHpo^bi, o^naKOHce eMy ^oiHtHo pa3BHTbCfl 
y4eHieMi> h codptib bi nocTOHnHbixi ynpa»HeHiflxx. 

^ CJaBflHiHi. 3 comp. of p&BO. ' comp. of ^diro. 

* gen. plur. of ro4i. * etc. * pres. gerund of BXC^UTb. 

( 12 ) 

Instrumental case with the passive verbs. 

AM^peiCa OTHpb'lTa XpHCT04»6pOMX K01^m60M'B. — FpOMOOT- 

B641 Hdofip^TeHi OpaHKj&HOMii. — Ji,kmaiRv^wh EepHHn> Sbui 
np&HHTB FB pyccKyK) ciy»6y neipoMi BaiARHifB. — IlaMflT- 
HHiTB Derpy Bej&HOMy B034Bi&rHyTi> fl IIeTep6ypr4 EKaiepA- 


CBO&Mi cocToAHieMi. — Mh BHKor^a He Sj^acmi vmhm HyajAaii 
yMOMi, H ciaBHBi HysRoH) ciaBOH). — IIoj[y4eHO MHOM) 4Bkrrn 
py6j[6fi ; BaMii nspacxo^OBano naTBAecarL. — Bx nepBwxi hhc- 
iaxi 0KTa6pii bt» OnHjie^iH Bee yace noKpbW CHtroMi. — 4y^'t> 
6i!iBmid yKpameHieMb ca^a, pacKOJorb MOJHieio. — nopryraibiibi 
H AHFJHHdHe npocidBHJHCb HHoroHi&cjeHHbiMH DyTemecTBiaMn 
BOKpyrb CBira. — rHnaoKparb h FaieHi noHHTaioTca omaMH 
BpaH66HOfi eayKH. — KponniTaTb CHHTaeica o^hok) h3i» chjlb- 
Hiflinaxi Kpi^nocT^fi bi EBponik. — EoraicTBa, HaKonjaeMbia 
CKynbiMH, pacTOiaiOTca HX'beacj'B^nnKaMii. — Poccia OTA^iaeTca 
orb AM^pnuH EepAHroBbiMi npowiuBOMi*. 

Impersonal verbs. 

•liroMi pdHO paacBtiderb. — BaMi nopa BcraBaib. — HaMi 
BdAo6HO paooiaib. — Ero HarpaA^jH 3a npHjeajaHie. — Y Hcaana 
6buo ABa cbiHa. — Hacb 6buo ipoe. — nponijo nojiHaca (Bpe- 
mchh) h crdjo BenepBTb. — ^Xoia tboh ciOBa doxotkh na npaBjiy, 

MH% Crp&fflHO BBpHTb HMl. — Mflt He CDHTCa HO HOHaMX. — Em^ 

ecTb HCMi no^yMaib. — Baaix uirb 40 iioro ^^ja. — Kto noBaro 
He BH^aaijTOTb h crapoMy pa^i. — HsxibKHoii Poccih BbiBoaarb 
sa rpanAiiy MHoro nmeHunbi, ibuy, aHMeea, m^pcm, caia h 
ncHbRii. — TAme^ t^emb, ^^bme^ Cj^^erab. — Hbinne 061 hfiowh 
B€ 3a66TaTca. — IIo ^innaMx cjona bo^Ajh, KaKi bh^ho na 

^ comp. of TiSxo. ' comp. of 4aieK6. 

( 13 ) 

noKdai, HSBtcTHO, 4T0 cjOHbi Bi ^HKOBHHRy y Had. — HeiBsft 
0HCH4aTb ycntxoBi vb BocnHTaHiH, Kor^a 04Ha HSb H^sniHX'B^ 
cuAi* npHCBOflerb ceS-B rocnoACTBO. — 3a ^Byaift sannaMH 
noroHHmbCfl, hh OAHoro He nouMaeniB. — ^Xopoino h j^ojltR' 
HO yHHTBca; ho rope h 'leJOstKy, h napo^y, KOidpsift 
Cy^ex-b BcerAamHHMX yqennKOMX, — Hto nocieniB, to h hok- 
HeniB.' — FoBopaTB, mo pyccKie HMtiorL tojbko vb Bbicmefi* 
creaeHH nepeuMHHBOCTB, ho paasi OHa ne ecTB snairb npeBOc- 
xo^Haro o6pa30BaHifl ^yniH. CRadbiBaiOTL, hto yHHTeiH wI6h6- 
HHna Haxo4HwiH bi neMi TaKxe o^ny nepeuMHHBOCTb. 
KoM^ He 6JAeTb o6haho hoxo^htb na J[aJLQM6efT0BY MaMKy, 
KOTopaa, HJHBj^qn* cb hhmx, K^ HsyMjeHiio cBoeM^, ycibimaia 
OTb 4pyrHXX, mo ohx yMHbiH 'lejofliKi. — Ocrpo^Miio lerKo 
Hji^BJ^Tb paavMx, HO ipy^HO HoStAHTb BT, AyuA ecrecTBeHHoe 


Ki Benepy Bcer^a Mopoaerb ; Tor4a BcaKOMy xo'ieica CHAiTB 
AOMa. — KoibuoBy cjyiajiocb ixkuhie ahh h neA^iH npoBOA^TB 
wh rpflsA, ciflKOTH, Ha xoiOAHOMi oceHHeMi BtTp^, sacbinaTB 
Ha roJOH 3eMii no^i mvMOMi aoheaai. — IlHorAa CbiBaeniB 
npHHyxAe'H'b npHHHMaTb jno^eH, KaKi MOHeiy, no Kypcy, a ne 


Active participle, 

Hsi p'i^R'b^ BnaA^iomnx'b bt> KacnincKoe Mope, Bojra caMaa 
SHaH^Te^bHafl. — Hai crnxoiBopiieBi, npoaiaBBBfflHxca bt> ho- 
vbiimia. BpeMend bi Poccih^ BaxHiHrnie cyTb IIi^mKHB'b h Jep- 
MOHTOBi. — CqacTJHB^ HejOB^K-b, HMiioniiu BtpHaro Apj^ra. 
HapoAbi, Hacejiiioniie Pocciio,}KaTb Gojibmeio nacTbio 
Kb cjaBflHCKOMy HjeMeuH.; — Pojan^-b bhahti* Oii^Haro, ooMep- 
TBiiaro, HcreKaiomaro KpoBbK) OjHBbe. — iKejaionuu ceo6 

^ comp. of Hii3Ritt. 3 noffidTb. * comp. of BUCoKiK. 

* pres. ger. of hkhtb. 

( 14 ) 

4o6pa He ^ojjKeHi BpeAHTb CiAMSHeMv. — Bee ncHBymee Ha 
seMji SoAica cMepin. — J104H, ne SHaionjie /itja, Moryrb omfl- 
6aTLCfl. — BtcTHBK^, npaSbiBmift Biepa, oGihbhjcb eMy, hto 
Bparii nparaiA. — Bopficrb* snaji, ^to bi jHTBi noaBAjca Ca- 
ii03BaHem>, HCKaBmiu ero nori&6ejH, hto Kopoib noiBCKid ro- 
TOBHJca noMoraib eMj?, 4to Hapo^i pj^ccKifl He JioGfiji cBoero 
MOHapxa. — BoHHbi, npHroTOB^ABmieca in> (JAtb*, MApHbie 
rpaac^ane, HcnyraHHbie TpecKOMx 6om6i, CBameHHHKH, 060- 
4paBmie coj^arb, h napo^i — Bct crojinAjiHCb nepeA^ ero 
KpbUbuoMi. — ^ciOBtKi, xpanAmia MOJiHaHie, Moaterb npHMt- 
'laTb ^yjKia wynocTH, He ooKasbiBaa cboAxi. — ynaBUiee^ cb 
4epeBa m6jIoko OTKpbuo HbioToHy saKoni TaroTBHia 

Passive participle, 

^eJOBBKi, jioS^Mbifi bcImh, HenpeM^BHO B^a^'^erb coook). 
3aani, Hcn^raHHbiH BbiciptiOMi, opocHJca bt* Kycibi. — Ja- 
njiaH^em^ poHc^eHHbifi hoitA vh rp66i^ npepd^bi, He CMOTpA 
Ha^ TO, jwSHTb Xjia^Hbid^ MpaKi seMJH* cBoeM. — KapjL^niTbiH, 
npecbimeHHbiu aeMHbiBfb ^txim^wb, v^ajrAjca vh MOHacibipb. 
JnaeMtpie ecib ^anb, njaiiMaa nopoKOMiAoSpo^iTe^H. — H{c- 
jisHaa cTpiiKa^ naTepraa^ HarH&TOMi, noKaabiBaeTi na cbBepx. 
Dpe^MeTbi, npeoo4aBaeMbie ^thmi yHfiTe.ieMi, cyib : OfianKa, 
H XHMia. — 4t«Hia, ooAcaHHbia Fepo^oTOMi, OyKH^A^OMi m 
•I^BieMi, He tojilko saHUM^iaibHbi, uo n noyquTeibBbi. — 3na- 
mhh6h4i> CMepTejbHO paneHUH wh cpaHceiiiu npu MauTUHe'ib, 
ci;a3aix ^pysbHiMi cbohmi, co5o.ii>3iiOBaBmuMi> tomi, 4to ohi, 
VMHpaa He ociaB-iAerb Atiea : "fl ocraBjiaio 4Byxi AO^epeii : 
•IcBKipbi H MaoTBH^io/' — 4peBHie En'miane He suajH yno- 
Tpcuieuifl CyMare, DHcaiH ua jAcTbaxi pacieuia, HaabiBae- 

* ro.iyH^irb, itapb p^cCRitt. * yn^ib. * in spite of. 

** ioj64uutt. * cuuutry, • pass. part, of Batcpdn. 

( 15 ) 

uaro nan&pycoMT>. — QtjaHHoe naMH 40606 ^o-ixrho saosiBaTB, 
a nojyHeBHoe Bt^HO dombhtb. — HaiOBiKi, oaapeHHWH c»b- 
TOMi Bfepbi, ycMaipHBaa BesAi ciij^hi BceMorymeaBa h &iaro- 
CTH co34aTeja, ^hbhtca hmi ; ho yMW, norpyjKeHBbie bi bcb^- 
HiecTBO H 6e3BBpie, cpe^A 6e34HCjeHHbixi iy4ecT» Mipa ne bh- 
ARTb HHiero, KpoMi (xiyqaa: obh no466nbi itMi Becnacr- 
BbiMi, KOBXi^ 6h0,^ jBmeBBbie spinifl, xotu oopaniaiOTca Kh 
coineHBOMy cBSTy, bo Kponi^ Hpa4H0H TeMBOibi HHqero He 


Snafl, 4T0 MM xpaSpibe MBornxi, mm ne 3BaeMi eme, kto 
xpaopte Baci. — 4'bth, OKasbiBaa cboumi po^uiejaM-b noKop- 
BocTb H no<iTeBie, HcnoiBaiOTb cboh ^ojrb. — IIjuHiH^ meiaa 
HSBB^aTb npH4HHy nsBep^eHia ropM Bespia, noxepiBOBaii 
CBoeMy JK)6onbiTCTBy HiuSHbH). — TaMepjiaH-b, cH^a na ipoHi 
caMapKan^cKOMi, BOo6paffiaj'b ce6a iiapeMi Mipa — Anrjuna- 
BHBi 'laBcejiop'B, npitxaBi na KopaSii kt> CeperaMi* B4iaro 
Mopa, aaseji^ nepBbia ToproBbia cbAsh cb Poccieio. — Ilpe^- 
craBbie ceoi Sojibrnj^io-ptKy, KOTopaa, npeo^o-iiBaa wb leqeBiH 
CBoeMi Bct npenoflbi, noiaraeMbia ea orpoMHbiMH KaMBaMH, 
M4HTca* ch ywacHOK) apocTbH), H HaKoueai, ^ocTHrHyB-b 40 
Bbico4aHmeu'^ rpaHUTHOu nperpa^bi h ne naxo^a ceGh uvth 
no^i ^TOH) TBep^oH) CTtHOM), cb BeonucaflHbiMi> myMOMi h 
peBOMi CBepraeica Bniia'b n bi> najeuin cbocmi npeBpamaeica 
wh KHnamyK) ntHy. — ydMB-b clina bt* MHHjfiy paa^pajKcBia, 
loaBHi/ onoMHHBmHCb, yjKatno lepsajca. — HaMtHHBi o^BOMy 
rocnoAHBy, OB'b Be Morb^ BHymi'iTb ^OBtpeHHocTH ^pyroMy. 
By4y4H^ CBflcxo4HTejeMi Kh GjaaJBeAiy, obt* Booouje Be jik)- 

1 ROTOPUX'B. 2 pi. of 6kO. 

* superlat. of BUCdRitt. 
7 past of HOSb. 

•* aaBecTu. * wiaTbca, 

* John IV. Russian Czar. 

8 OUTb. 

( 16 ) 

6ftai crpornxi npHroBopoB-B, — ^ocrArHyB-B uixn, B03H&KByBi 
H3i HH'iToffiHbcTn pa6cK0H 40 BBicoTbi caMO^epHtqa, yC^jliflMH 

HeVTOM^MBIMH, xAipOCTilO ^eyCbinHOK), KOBapCTBOMl, npoHc- 
KaMH, 3J0AtuCTB0Ml, HaCia»C4aJCfl JH ToAWEOB-b Bli n6jB0U 

Mtpt cboAmt. BaiAiieM-B, Koero* aiKaia 4yma ero — BCjAnieMi, 
Kj^njeeHMMt' ctojb ^oporoio ainoio? — loaeni III. cAjlok) b 
xAipocTbio B03CTaB0BJaa CBoGd^y h uiiocib Poccia, ry6a uap- 
CTBO EaTbieBOy rbcnky o6pbiBafl Jutb^^ caKpymaa bojibboctb 
HOBropo^cKyio, 3axBaTBiBafl y^libi, pa3QiHpflfl BiaAtuia moc- 

KOBCKia 40 nyCTblflb Cn5HpCKHX'b H HOpBe}KCKOB[ JaBJldflAiB, 

H3o6p4i'B 6jaropa3;fMHibBmyio, aa ^SLiBHOBUAHOft yfiiipeHBOCTB 
ocHOBauHyH) Aifl nacB cncreMy BOiiflbi h Hupa. 

Concord of words, 

A noBBM^K), HTO Tbi roBopAniB. — ^Tbi pBcyemBy a mbi nfi- 
meMi.'— BpaTB Bome^-b^ BtmKOMi, a cecrpa Bofoaia Bep- 
xoMi.— 3epKaio yBajo h pa36Aj[0CB. — dia KB^ra BOJ[63Ba. 


Bbi, M^aafl C6<i>Bfl HBaBOBBa, 6bUH e^BBCTBeflBaa am ueuk 
oipa^a. — Bai^Kie Jiib^B (cyiB) orjiaBjieBie bt> BCi'6piH MCiOBi- 
Hecibdi. — r6po4T» AgAbbi H3o6BwIOBai^ craTyaMH. — Pina Hbji 
ciBTaiacB CBflBi6flflOH) y eri&BTflfl'B. — Tofon-b MocKsa 3BaMe- 
HHTi B-B HCTopiB PocciH. — Ero BpeBocxo^^TaiBCTBO flpHKasaii 
BanflcaTB ^OBeceBie. — IIpaB^TaiBaByiOQiiB cesarB flpflKasaiH 
3T0. — EapaM3Afli B nymRBBi nepBOKidcBbieyflacBBflcaTejfl. 

FpeKB fl P&MJLflBe BpOCJaBBJBCB Vb ApeBBOCTB. — fl fl TBI 

inewb BM-fecri. — Tw n obi HBiaeie 4]^pB0. — KaKi sojoto, laK-b 
n cepe6p6 yBOipeojiiiiOTca b-b MOBeiy. — AeB-b h iBrp-B cBBpi- 
Bbi. — Bbi h fl nimewh 04b6 b tohsc. — FpoMKo xoxomiB h 
Bepe6BBaTB Hy;K6u pasroBopi sB^qsTB flpeBe6perdTB BpajA- 

1 BOT^paro. * pass. part, of Ryndrb. * pres. of nsc^Tb. 

^ past of oollTi. 

( 17 ) 

qiaMH. — Cia^Koe ropBKoe BCTptHaeicff nonepeM^HHO vh 
H5H3flB. — To n 4pyr6e nona^^eTCfl Ha Btny. — FpA^ejB hjh 
KapaH^ami cjoMaH'B? — Ha ^tomi cioii lemivb EapaB4amk 
iJH rpu<i>ejb. — Ha Stomx croii jesRarL Kapan^ami 4iu 
nepo. — ^ecTB A^n SoraTCTBO He BOdBpaT^MBi. — Cero^Hfl S^^ctb 
auoo 4o»4b, jm6o rpa^i. — He cm4joctb, ho Bb'iAepjKaBBOCTB 
Be^erB* k-b ycntxy. — He toibko inrpx, ho h ri^na ondcHBi. 
Hh totb, hh 4pyr6H mh* He npaBHTca. — H xopomee h AypHoe 
BcrpiqaeTCfl '!eJ0BiKy. — Bt» ^-BTCTBi nameM^ to a ero fiBiBaio 
040jtBaH), TO OHT* MCHil (o^ojtBaeTB). — Aii6o BecHd, jh6o 
occHB 6^AeTB SjaronpiaTua am nociBa. — JA60 siiMa, jh6o 
J3T0 6ffi,Yrb 6jaronpi&THbi ^ja noia^Kn. — My^pbie wlnKyprb h 
CojoHi npocjaBBjiHCB vb FpeaiH. — SnaKoMbie BaMi 6parB u 
cecrpd npoBe^yTB^ jtTO vb ^epeBHi. — EoiBmie ctojbi n aep- 
Kaid HeyMtoHBi vb MaienBRod KBapT^pi^. — YHeHAKx, KOTopBin 
Bb'iyqHJi CBOH ypoKi, cnoKoeni. — He^OBBKi, KOToparo Bct 
XBaiarb^ ne MojKerb Smtb Taa^ejaro xapaKTepa. — PacT^nia, 
KOTopbixi 3anaxi y4;^mjHB'b^ 66jLhineio nacTbio aAOBHTbi. 
ToTb, qb^Mfl pvKaMH Sto CAUiaHO, xy^oHJHHKi. — Torb, B-b 

qbCMl J^OWb MM HJHJLH, yMCpi.'' — Bbl SHaeTC, HTO CH4a BcfiKOMy 

y^oSHte HHTaTb, neace^H jeaja. — yanaBi o6^ ^tom-b npoHC- 
mecTBiH, MHi npiATHO 6iuo nepcAaTb ero ^pyrAwcb. — Ha4H- 
TaBuincb B46BOJB ryjaio 6BiBaio vb ca4y 4a noKj^pHBaio. — Uo- 
HcapcKiH H Mhhhh'b, paBHbie ne nopo^oio, ho ^odiecibH)^ 
cnaciA ojeqecTBO. — KaKi EBpona, TaKx h Asia bu^^a no6i40- 
HocHoe op^scie anrjHqaH'b. 

Promiscjwus exercises showing the different position of words. 
Eto HanHcaji nepByio no BpeMena p^ccKyio rpaMMaTHKy ? 


* pres. of BecTii. * fut. of nposecT^. ^ past of yiiep^Tb. 



( 18 > 

IIpaBbiiKa Kb noxBSLiaMi HM^erb He6jaronpiflTHoe Riiiiuie 
ca HeJOBtKa. 

y Bcfexi xBacTVHoBi o^Ho Ha yitft : KasMWH crapaeTca ntMi 
6bi TO Hu 6bijio o6paTATb Ha ce6fl BHnManie 4pyruxT>. 

CiporocTb Kb ceSi n CHHcxojK^^Hie Kb 4py^HM^ ^aArb hcjo- 
B^Ky npaBO na yBaa^enie h JK)56Bb. 

Kor^a paacyHtAaeTi SesyMem, cj^fflaiejeMi ero j^oATRewb 
6biTb My^peax. 

ToBapHHii Bamero 4^TCTBa, Koioparo Bbi Jio56jn h yBaxaiH^ 
ci KOTopbiMi deci^a 6bija ^ja Bcfexb naci crojibKO jkc noy'!H- 
TeJbHa, cKojbKO H npi&THa, ^^Mepi He^aBHO, KaKi n^meTi moh 
dparb, na B03BpaTnoM'b nyra hsi IIeTep6j^pra bt> MocKBy. 

S^opoBbe, CTOJib Maio yBaxaeMoe bi i&Hbix-b j'i^Tax'b, 44iaeT- 
cfl Bi atiaxi spiibixi hcthhhmmi gjaroMX ; caMoe lyBCTBo 
3Ra3HU dbiBaerb ropas^o^ uiixie Tor^a, Kor^a yxe npoierLia 
ea 6bicTpafl noJOBUHa. TaKi ocraTKa acHbixi oceHBHX'b 4HeH 
pacnojaraiOTi Hacb sEDBie H^BCTBOBaTb npeiecib naTypu. 

IIpOBHAiHie, H]f4pbIH H HeyCblDHblH BOJR^b Ha HyTflXX 

XiHdHH/Hesp^MbiH dJuocTHTe^b JLio^eu Bi nxi cHacrin n 6t^- 

CTBiflX'b^ HOCTOflHHO pyKOBO^CTByeTb BCiX'b HaCb Kb ^OCTHmeHilO 


BoraTCTO, Koidparo MHorie AoSaBaiOTCfl, ne MOHcei-b c^-kiaib 
HeJOB^Ka cnacTJHBbiMi, noiOMy hto oho hc npHHocerb cb co- 
66k) hh 6jiaropa3]^Mifl, hh s^opoBbfl, hh npaBi Ha yBancenie. 

IIpe6biBafl Buicrb n Bpo3b, po^HTe^H h 4tTH, po^Hbie n 
HVJKie, jiofiamie h HeHaBM^nniie 4pyrb 4pyra, My^peaw h 
6e3^Mabi, CMHpeHHbie h rop^bie, — bc* desociaHOBO^HO pacxo- 
^aicfl, HeyAepjKHMo crpeMacb, KaHt^biH cbohmi nyicM-b, kt> 

POKOBOM pa3jyK4. 

Tbi npe4CTaBjaemb ce6i mmnb m» cjumKOM'b posoBOMi 

^ much. 

( 19 ) 

cvBvb, TBI sc4emi» otb Heft nenpeM'i^HHO Her6 to xop6maro, a 
Meffi^y Tbwb vb »(U3hh Tpefiyerca Tpy^i, h oh^ ^aert ne to, 
Hero OTb Hea Tpe6yerL KanpfisHoe ^hta, a tojlro to, hto 6e- 
f^Tb y Hea cb 600 iib^H MyiKecTBeflHbie h ynopHbie. 

Hto Bi Hen, wb ^Tou nicHi ? hto soeerb h pLMaerb, h XBa- 
lijeTb 3a cep^ne? KaKie SByKH 6oi'B3HeHHO Jo63aK)rb, CTpeMiTCK 
Bi 4yffly H BbiOTca* okojo Moero cep4na? 

OHiftni II., napb MaKe^oHcmd, Soflica Curb cHacrji^BbiMi, 
H 4yMaji, HTO nocii BCflKaro fijaronpiaiHaro npoBcmecTBia 
HenpeM^HHO ci-BAyerb rope. CiynHJocb, hto wh o^hhti 4eHb 

OHl DOJiyHHili TpH pa^OCTHbia H3B'BCTia. 3X0 ero p'J^IDHieJbHO 

Hcnyraio, h ohi ci> BOJiHeHieMii CKasaii : '* 66rH, a He npomy 
Ba(rb ycrpanftTb orb Mena Heciacrie, KOTopoe CHHTaio xenepi 
HeMHHyeMbiM-b ; ho cncaibTecb Ha4o mhok) — yMenbrn^Te, CK6.lf^- 
EO BOSMOHHO, TascecTb y)Ke BHcaiaaro Ha40 mhok) ropa. 

EjRejLii npenaTCTBia npeo^oji'lkBaiOTca Tpy^oMi h Tepn'BHieMi; 
eTRQiHL Tepninie h Tpy^i, cyTb BipHtHmie nyTeBO^ATeJH Kb »e- 
ja^MOMy BT> HeMi-iH6o ycnixy : to iiHocib h Majo^ymie He 
TOibKO sarpaaj^aiorb nyxb Kb ycn3xy,ouu AasKe Kb hjth npoH- 
4eHHaro o6paiaaK)Tb Bcnaib. 

> pres. of BUTbCii. 


( 20 ) 

PART 11. 


1. Jyumee^ yKpamem'e Mamepu? 

KopHdiifl, 40Hi» 3HaMeH&Taro p&MCKaro nojKOBo^Eia CnenioHa 
H cynpyra KOHcyja CeMopdeifl, o^Hasc^bi naxo^^acL bi» 


4paroii'BHHLiMH KaMHflMH, 30J0TbiMH yRpameHiflMH u 6oraTbiMa 
napi^aMH. HaKonem OHt h KopHe^iio nonpocAjn noKasaTL 
Hlfb HTO'HH6^4b U31i CBoAxi ^parou^HHOCTeH. KopH^Jiifl 
TOTiacB me nosB&ia cboAxi ^t6h,^ bi> KOTdpbixib ona aapa- 
jacb pasBHBaTb 4Jfl 6y4ymed ciaBbi OT^iecTBa BcesosMosKHbifl 
^oSpbifl KaiecTBa. 3^Ka3aBi na bhxii, ona CKasaja : " botb 
BaMi MoA Hapfl^bi, Moe yKpameHie, moA ^parou^HHOCTH ! '* 

2. BeAUKodymna/i doub, 

Bi KHTai ecTb ^pesHifli aaKOHii, no ROTopoMV ^o^hcho ot- 
pyofiib pyKH TOMy, kto yjHqefli* 6]^4eTB bi KaKOMi-jASo 
ooMaH']^. O^^H'b MaH^apAH'b 3acjy»c6jii ^ry KasHb; n Ror^a 
ysKe xoiiiH ee coBepmikTb na^i hhm'l, 401b ero npuHfljia Ha 
ceoa onpaB^aTb oma cBoero. HpeAcrdBHiH ee rocy^apio. 
*' BejuRiH MOHapxi !" CKasajia ona : '^ OTem Mod no cnpaee- 
j(jAbocth aacjyHC&ii naRasanie h 4d^»ceHi» jnmuTbCfl p^fnii 
CBoAxi. Botb Ob's !" npuMOJBnja ond., no^HABi cBoik p^KH : 

I eomp. of zopdmiik. * gen. sing, of Maib. ^ pi. of 4ht^. 

4 proved guilty. 

( 21 ) 


Sth pyKH, BeiARid rocyi(d.pB, npHHajtieHcdrB Moeir^ HecnficT* 
HOMv OTuy. Ohb Hecnoc66HU ^ocrasjiTb nponHTdsie er6 
ceMCHCTBy ; HTaRi^ OHi no^Bepraerb bxx ciporocTH saROHOBi, 
/ia6b'i coxpaHikTL Ti^, ROTopbiMH MOHceTb' npooHTaTb ce6A H CBOe 
ceMeBCTBO." HMnepaTopib Sbiii Tponyrb TaROK) a^tcrok) jh)- 
SobIh) h npocriu'b BUHOBHaro. 

3. KaAMbii^Kan cKdana. 

OAB&mj^hi OfeJL-h cnpamnBaxb y BopoHa: ^CBsmk^ B6poH'b 
DTiftiia, onero mHBemb tu na 64iomi cb^t^^' Tp&cra liTb^ a a 
Bcero-Ha-Bce* Tpift^iiaTb ipn ro^a ?" — Orroro, 6dTK)mRa, OTBi- 

^BJL'h e^f BopOHl, HTO TbI Dbenib^ »(HB]fK) RpOBb, a fl HHTaiOCb 

HepTBei^HOu. — Opeji jioxfudUL'b : ^aBaH nonp66yeM'b' h mm 
nnxaTbCfl rkMit-me. Xopomo. IIojieT&iQ opej'b ^a BopoHi. 
BoTb H ^dLBixbjLHi ndiyK)^ joma^b; cnycriftjucb h cbjLu. B6- 
poHx crai'b RieB&Tb /la noxBaiHsaTb. Opeii Rubnyj'b pa3i, 
KJibsyj'b 4pyrd^, MaxH^fji Rpbudsix h cRaslii BopoHy : 
'' Hirb, 6paTb BopoHi : ^iu^» TpAcxa jirb nHTdibCfl nd^aibio, 
jyqme paaii Han^TbCfl srhboh ^poBbio ; a Taifb hto Eon» 

4, ApdffcKoe cydonpouseodcmeo. 

Ofi,E&iRjf,hi wb ropo^i Bar^a^i lyp^uRifi Ryn^nx noTepftji 
KomeieRi* cb 200 nepBOHnaMn. Ohi nopy^njii oSiflB^xb o 
noiepi nyfiiAiHOMy HpHRyey, oCimafl Hame^meMy* noio- 
Bi^Hy. ABJ^eicfl MaTpod h Tpe5yeTb ooimaHHOH narpd^bi. 
}Kejafl oT^uiaibCfl, Ryneu^ vBipHerb, hto B-b Rom&ibRi, 
KpoM*]^ 200 HepBOHKeBi*, Haxo^ikjicfl eme ^paroqiHHbiH RaiieHb, 

1 thus. • MOHb. > (J-iiutt crtTi, " world." * in all, only. 

» pres. of HHTb. « let us try. 7 dead. • fut. of 4aTfc. 

* past. part. act. of eattii. 

( 22 ) 

H Hro Marpdcb, am nojyi^Hifl oSWaeHoft Harpd^bi, ^oiHteai 
BOdBpat^Tb aJMdsi. Marpdcb RJAHercfl/ hto ee Bn^sLi'B RaMHs. 
Kynem 04HaK0»rB o6BHnAeTB erd bi noxnmeHiu a^Masa ii 
JKcLiyeTCfl cy^B*]^ ; a KaKi ^totl He bi cocToiiniii p'^mAxb xbAO, 
TO oSoAxi Be^yrb Kh Bei^KOMy Bndnpio. Bbiciymas'L majoSy 
Kynqd, BnsApb npoH3Heci>^ CjiAyfomid npnroBopib : '' b'b 
KomejiLK3^ KOTopbiu Tbi noxepAji'b, Haxo^i&Jicfl, KpoMi 200 lep- 
BdHqesi, eme ^paroateHbiu KaMenb ; MaTpoci me yBipderb, 


HepBOHUbi : cj'BAOBaTejibHo hcho, hto iTOtb KomejieK-b ne lorb, 
KOTopwH Tbi noTepflJi-b. ^^66hl ne ouiHSAibca BiopAnHO, 
BejA nySjAqeoMy KpuKyny o6'bflBjATb o noTepi RomejibKa 
cb 200 qepBOHiiaMH h aJMasoMi. Hto Hce KacaeTca ^o Mar- 
poca, TO OH-b 46iHEeH'b xpaHi&Tb y ce6ft Haxo^Ky bt> TeqeHie 40 
AHed ; a noTosfb, eciH ae ^Bnicfl noiepMBuiiu ero^ OH-b MOHcerb 
ciHTdib ero CBoeio coSciBeHHOciiio." TaKi&MX oSpaaoMii ee- 
cnpaBeB^jiJ&biu Kynem Sbixh HaKasaHi 3a cBOib »aAH0CTb h 

5. Uernpt BeAuKtu nodd cydoM^. 

no BairiH PArn, HMnepaTopi IleTpi Bejftmu Harpa^iui 
reHeplii-4>eib4Mdpmai0Bii, kh&bs MdHinQKOsa h rpa4>a Ille- 
peM^TbeBa, ranaMn (yndcTKaMH) bi BaBoeBaHHOu BeMiS. O^uhii 
HBi no^oSHbix'b raKOBi npnHa^JieTKaii p^HccKOMy rpanc^aHUHv, 
KOTopbiu, Be BHafl sa co56k) HHKaKi&x'b npecTynjieHiH, npoceuii 
rocy^apfi oSiaBftib, Ba hto y Hero oTHarb rani. Mooapx^, 
BbiciymaBT» ero np6cb6y, cKaBajii CMy, hto eciH oht, npaa^, 
TO MOJKen. cy^dMi OTwcKHBaTb npHHa4Je?Kamee eM^. FpajK- 
AaH^H'b HaoHcaii np6cb6y sa MeHiunKOBa^ KaK'b Ha nacAjb- 

1 pres. of RJilcTbCfl. ^ past of npoBSHecTii. > past part. pass, of Hattiii. 

( 23 ) 

CTBeHHaro saRia^^Tejfl ero raKa; cyAbH npAHfljH npdcbSy. 
Ho MeamHKOB'B oS'bflBQji, mo raKi noxaiOBaHi euf otb 
rocy^apfl. 4^^ no noBe^BniK) Moaapxa npo40iH(aJocb. 
Ilerp'B I npHSbiB^eMi Qbwb m* cy^i, h HaKOHem 6bU0 
ptmeeo BOSBpaiHTb raKt npocAiejiH), a rocy^apa ofiBHHfiiH. 
Kor^a MOHapxi. Bbiaiymai'L ptmeHie, to noSiaro^apAji cy^eH 
3a 6e3npHCTpacTie, noaiiOBaJi KasK^aro hsi huxi vb rojosy 
H CKaaaji, hto Kor^a ohi noBHHyeicfl saKoey, to 4a ne ^epa- 
nerb hhkto na npoT^BHoe. 

6. Satpdda no 3acAytaM9. 

U&rfb BojiAKin, Sepeau^BbiH bi cboAxi pacxd^axx^ me^po 
HarpaHt^ai'b jio^eH, cjyaKikBinBX'b eM]^ B^pno. Owb HcaJOBaii 
MHorHX'b 4epeBBflMH Bi saBoeBaHHbixi npoB^HiiiflX'b, AasKe 

BAOBaMli H cepoTaMi MOpCKUXl H nOiCBblXl o^tHuepoBi Ha- 

SHaiaji neHciH, O^HaHC^bi ^oJOHcniH eMy o5i HHOCTpaHui^, 
KOTopbiH npocjyHCi&Jii OKOJO 30 AiTb H Tenepb 3a aapocTiK) 
H aa6ocTiK) 34op6Bbfl He MOHceTi npo^Oistaib cjy»c6y, h 
npocAjiH paspimeHifl rocy^apa : HasHaqnTb jlh eMy npn 
OTCTaBhi nojHoe i^jh nojOBHHHoe acaJOBanbe? FocyAapb 
OTBtnaiTi cb Hey^OBOjibcTBieMT, : " KaK^ ate ! pa^B*! Torb wh 
crapocTH 46iffieHTi TepntTb hyhs^^, kto jy^niia* ifoa* cboh no- 
CBfliuiii Mwb Ha ciyrnQy ? Bbi^aBauTe eMy nojHoe ffiajOBaube 
H He npHHync^auTe ero Kb cAfuR^i, euE ohi ne bi cocroflHiu 
oojie' ciyminb ; ho coBBiyHTecb cb hhmi ^i^axx, Kacaio- 
mnxcfl npeffiHCH ero ciyMt6bi, n HOibavHiecb ero HCKyccTBOMii. 
Kto 6bi 3axoTibii cjyiKHib mh^, ccjh 6% SEdUib Haoepe^i, mto 

fl, ROTOpOMy OHl* HOCBflTHil J^^IHlie FO^bl CBO&, Bl CTapOCTH 

ocTaBJH)* ero B-b Hvas^'t h 6bahocth?" 

1 comp. of xopomift. s pi. of ro4^. • comp. of MBoro. 

* f Ut of OCT^BHTb. 

( 24 ) 

7, Teepdocm 'naph BacuAtn MyUcKato. 
Ror^a Baci&ii^ 6hU'b Top»cecTBeHHO npe^CTaBjiHeM'B, npn 

^BOpi^ nOibCKOMt, CHrH3MyHAy III., H ^TOTb TOp^blH KOpOJb, 

CH4fl Ha BeJUROJ'BnHOMi TpoH*]^, npiiHHM^x CBoero ndpCTBCH- 
Haro niiHEHKa co Bceio HaAM^HHocriio no6iAATejfl, to dojhkh 
TpeSoBajH, HToSbi Bac^iil noKJOHi&JCfl Kopojib. Ho BacAiift 
OTBi^^dii cb Sjaropo^HOK) rop^ocTiio : ^' I^apB mockobckIu se 
MaafleTCfl Kopoj^Mi ! IIo boj*]^ Bora a uiiBBinKb; ho BSflrb 
He BamHMH pyKdMH : Meni Bbuajin BaM-b mo& ooA^aHHbie — ^ 
H3M'BHHHKH." TaKafl TBcp^ocTb H HyBCTBO c66cTBeHHaro 
AbCTonHCTBa bi nojiOHceniH 6e3HaAe3KHOM'b y^UB^JH nojiKOBi* 
H sacrdBHJH hxx yBa»carb Bacftjin. 

8. Jfo6poc6eJhcmmiil duKoipb. 

4AKifi HH^iem oonpocAii y cBoero cocB^a Ta6aK]f. CodbA'b 
Sbiii HejOBtKi HecKyno^, nojB3i^ bi KapMani h Bbiayji 
on^^a noiHyK) ropcib. Ha 4pyr6e ^fipo HB^'Bem ooaib 
npHmei'B Kb cBoeM^ coci^y h npHHeci' ewj^ cepeSpflnyio 
MOHery, Koiopyio nameji vh laSaiA. — HoicMjf me tm ne 
ocTaBBJi ee y ce6& ? cnpocftjn cjyqi&BmiHCfl npn ^tomi 6u]biH 
HCjiOB'bR'B: TOTb^ KTO DOAapiij'b leSb Ta5dK'b, no^api&ji'b n 
4eHbrH. — loTAi ^HKdpb nojojKHii pyny na cep^qe h CKaaa^'b : 
34icb y Menk cH^&rb 4Ba ^ejOB^bKa, 466pbiu a 3jou. A66fhu\ 
roBopAji MHi : '' 4eHbrn TeG^ He opHHaAJeHiarb ; ox^au hxt> 
TOMf, HbH OH^." 3jioii HeJiofiiKi roBop^Jii MH-fe : " leo'b 
II XI oT^aiH ; OHi tboA." J^66fbm CKa3aji^ na 4to : " ne- 
HpaB^a: TaSdni tbo^, a ^eHbrn ne TBOik." 3^oh nejoB'BK'b 
ooflTb CKa34ii ; " He 6e3n0K6HCff : no^A h Kynfi ceCi boakh." 
A Be snaji, na ^to pim^Tbcs h jerb' cnarb. Ho 3jioh h 
^o&pbiu HeJOBibKi He nepecTaBa^H ApdTbCfl y Meaa bi capiat 

1 past of noiisTi. ' past of npHHecTii. ^ past of abhi. 

( 25 ) 

H He Aiim sacH^Tb bck) hohb : yrpoMi a bckoh^'b n nonecrb^ 
A^Hbrfl nasaAi). 

9. Hcnbimdm'e. 

KoHcrdHnifi Xiopi, noiyH^Bi BjacTb na^ p^mckok) hm- 
nepieio, aceiaiib no^B^prHyrB ncnbiTaHiio cbohx'b npe^Bop* 
Hbixi>, E3i Ko6xx Gojibinafl nacib Sbun xpHcridne. Ohi 
npH3Bajix HLX-h Kb ceSi n npe;(jio»c6j[x nsfb OTcrynuTb otb 
xpHcriancTBa, vb npoTHBHOMi me cifHsA noBe^iBaerb y^a* 

IHTbCfl OTb 4Bopa. 

H^KOTOpbie HSl HHXX 6b'uil CTOJb MaJ04]^IIIHbI n AOCTOU- 

Hbi npe.Bp'BHifl, HTO corjacuLiucb 4Jifl Bbiro^'b noasepTBOBaTb 
CBoeK) BtpoK) ; 4pyrie ate, n 66jbmafl nacib, i^quie^ mQAajLn 
jnmiLihCfL noHecxeu, ne^ejfl HSM^HuTb cbo6h cob^^th. 

Tor^a KoHcraHiiiH^ oSpaiScb Kb ceimi nocj^^HnMi, npe* 
BOSHecb Hxi ooxBaiaMH. '' Kor^d bm ocraincb sIpHbi BameMy 
Bory, cKaaaii ohx, to He HSMMHTe' h Bamewy rocyAapio. 
OrHbiH^ BB^pflK) Basfb ce6ft n moA Tannbi." IIotomi, o6pa- 
Tflcb Kb OTCT^HHHRaM'b BBpu^ cKasaji : '' Ror^a Bbi OTcrynftjin 
OTb Bora, to erne cKopie flSMMHTe rocy^apH) ;" cb cAmh cio- 
BaMH OHi HsrHaii Hxi OTb ce6fl n y^ajEU'b orb ^Bopa. 

10. ^ydmiu epaun. 

OaAhi SoraTbiu h BHdTHUH rocno^^Hi, He HM'BBmiu hh 
menbi, hh A^TeH, /lepsKdj^ y ce5fl[ am saoaBU o6e3bflHy, koto- 
pafl cMi^niHbiMH npoA^iKaMH cbohmh qacTO coKpaniaja eM^ 
BpeMfl. B^pyrb rocnoA^Hi Atotl aaxBopaji. y nero cauibjch, 
Hapb'iBX Bi> ropji, TaKi-HTO OHi He uorb* hh rjioTaTb, hh 
roBopATb; Bcft 6biiH ybipeflbi, hto ohi yMperb.* 9tmmt» 

* past of noflecT^. > comp. of xopora6. • fut, tense. 

^ past of MOHb. * fut. uf yiiep^Tb. 

( 26 ) 

cj^qaeMx Bocn6jB30BajHCi» cjifrn eio, a Kanc^Bid hs'b ehxi 
B3fljii ce6i H yHeci* to, hto Kaaaiocb cmi^ ro^HBiMi itb yaoT- 
peSj^eiK). SaM^TUBi ^to, o6e3BflHa TaKHse craja BbiCMaT- 
pHBaTb, HTo 6bi n evL ro^^JOCB. HaKOHem oaa Hamja' na 
uiKaoy KapioHi, vh KOTopoM'B jeJK&ia TpeyrojBHaa nuAna, 
KOTopyK) rocnoAHU'B eh na^'i^Baii vb ocoSenHbixB, TopjKecTBeH- 
HBixi cjiy^aflxi. Ona Ha^uia ee ce5i Ha roiOBy h npna*]^- 
nft^a ceG*]^ mnary, Koidpaa TyrB me BHCuia na ct^h's, h bi* 
TaKOMi B&4i Bomjia' ki rocnoA^ny cbocm^, c^tjiaja cm;^ 
H^cKOiBKO noKJOHOBX H HOTOMi CTajia Hepe^'B 3epKaiOM'B, 
^T66bi jK)6oBaTBCfl co66k). He CMOTpa na cuibHyK) 6o^b, 
fiojibooa HeBdjBHBiM'B oSpasoMi pacxoxoTajcfl, TairB-qio 
HapbiBi vb TOi^Ai npopBaicfl, h ohi ^peai dbckojbko ^Hen 
BbisAopoB^^'B. BpaHi oos^paBHj'B ero a* hobbim-b ^oRTopoMi 
a cjysKi&TejH uocuimiaiii BOSBpaTikTB Bce, hto yHeciA bi* noc- 
i'BAHee BpeMfl. 

11. MnuMoyMepman djheuvfl, 

O^Ha 4%BAiia BBicoKaro nponcxos^^Hifl cKOHH&iacB bb 'B.v^vb 
Avh, Ee oojohsAjIb bi rpoGi bi 6iiOMB niaiBi, bojocbi ea 
yKpacH^H hAtbk) Kpynnaro JKeuiiyra, a Ha npaByio p^ny 
Ha^uiu 30jot6u nepcreHB (tb ^parouiHHBiMn KaMeuBflMn. IIo 
ate^^Hiio gesyTBUiHBixi poAHTeJCH, Bdfe Ath AparouinHOciH 
hojiohjAjh cb h6h) Bi MorAjy. Ha ci-BAyiomyK) ho^b mofAjb- 
rnHKi) npo5pajcfl (tb <i>OHapeM'B bt> pyo na KJa46Hme, paapbijfB 
MorHjy, OTKpbU'B rpoS-B h xortji hoxAthtb ^oporia yicpa- 
meBifl; ho B^pyrB noKouHima no^HAjacB n ycTpeMUJia Ha 
Hero Beno^BftjKHbifi Bsopi. "%o TeG-B HyjKoo?" CKaadia ona 
riyx^Mi* rojocoMi. IIcn^raHHBiH Bopi Gpocnjcfl 6t»(aTB hso 

* past of yneciiL a past of Hailiu. 8 Boiiiii. 

( 27 ) 

Bckxi> cmjL'h. MeJKAyrtM^ A'lBiua, KOTopyio bc6 cHHTajn yMep- 
meio, HO KOTopafl 6biia bi npo40JHcATeJi»HOMi> 66MopoKi, 
Bcraja h3i rp66a, B3flja <i>OHapB, BTopoaSxt 3a6biTbiH MoruJL- 
mHKOMi, n nomia^ aomoh. M6»(ho npe^craBHTL ce5'B cnepBa 
^^Htacb po4HTe^eu, Ror^a oea Bomja bi KOMHaxy, n hotomi 
BOCToprB Hxi, Kor^a onk yBH^iiH, hto aohi> axb fb caMOMi 
^iii SEHBa. 

12. Amjcmn cuMmiu u Kysnevfi. 

ABrycTt II., Kyp^npcTB caKcoHCKia' a Kopojib n6ibCKiH, 
OTinqaiCfl Heo5biKHOBenHOK) li^jecHOK) chjok). O^Hast^bi, bo 
BpeMs nporyiKH BepxoMi, joma^b ero noTepoa no^KOBy ; 
nokoMy QWh saBxa^i bi 6ju}khk)K) ^epeBHio irb KysHeny. 
Kor4a TOTb npHHecb^ no^KOBy, mtoGm no^KOBaib JomaAb, to 
Kyp^tHpcTi 3axoTBii npeu^e iiCQp65oBarb, ^oBOJbHO in KpinKO 
OHa c^^jana. Oni BSflii eq o6iHMH pyKaMu u nepeJOMUji, 
Kaifb MopKOBb. " Bia no^ROBa HURyAa ne ro^HTca,"* cRaaan. 

OHl RySHeiljf', ROTOpWH BCJli^'B 3a TiMT» npHHeCb H'BCROJbRO 

4pyrMxi. Ho Rvponpcrb nepejaMbiBa^i hxt» o^Hy 3a ^pyroio. 
Ky3Heii'b npn3a4^MaJCfl, a TOBapniiiii ero cb HsyMjenieMb 
norjHAbiBajH 4pyrb na Apj^ra.^ HaRoaeu^ Ryp^Apcrb c^tiaji 
BH^'b,* HTO Hameji' o^nj^ no^RoBy, ROTopaa Gbua ^OBojibHO 
RptnRa. .lonia^b 6biia no^RoBaua, q Ror^a RV3Heiii r6h- 
HHJTi CBoe 4U10, TO Ryp4>Hpcrb 4an» cm^ Tajep^ ; no Ry3Heq^, 
B3flB^ ero, coFHyj^ MejR^y najibuaMn. "9T0Tb Taiepi* ne 
ro4HTca, Bame BbiconecTBO," CRa3ajT» Ry3Heq^ : " oht» rneTca 
Mea;4y najbqaMM." Kyp^upcrb n04aBa.11 cm^ eme HicROJbRo 
TajepoBi cpH4y,^ ho ohi* cvii^dJL'h flxi 04un'b sa 4pyruM'b. 

^ nottTU. ' Elector of Saxony. * past of npHBCCT^. 

^ good for uothiog. ^ at each other. ' made believe. 7 uaiiiH. 

* Id succession. 

( 28 ) 

"TaiTL BOTB iya^opL," * cRa3&i^ HaKOHeqi Kyp*Apcrb : **4totb 
y2Ki» j^oATRewb 6biTb xopomi.'* KysHeiii ocraicfl ^OBOjeH'b ; a 
Kyp4»upcrB paAOBSLicfl, mo HameJib HeJOB^Ka, paBHaro ceSb no 

13. Feoadb. 

Kyn6E(x BB^iro^HO ToproB^i na GojBmofi fipMapni h, npo- 
A^Bi Bcb TOBapbi, Tyro Ha6Ai'b cbou Komejieifb cepeSpoM'b n 
soiOTOM'b. nocn'BmHO OTnpaBujcfl owb vb o5paTHbiH nyTb, 
HE&iafl wh TOTb Hse 4eHb, 40 HacrynjeHifl hohh, npaCbiTb ^OMod. 
BoTb B^erb OHi BepxcMi na cbocq ioma^b-i^^ Cb TameAhm-b 
HeMO^a.HOM'b, Kp^oKO npHBisaHHbiM'b Kb cbn^f. Ki o&bAY ohi 
ocraHOB^cfl vb ropo^i; Ror^d oniib coGHplica bi nyrb, 
KOHiox'b, no^aBaa cm^ jdma^b, CKaaaa^ : — ^a Bbi, bipno, necr- 
Hbin rocnoA&Hi, He saMBTHiH hto na no^KOB^ sa^Hea Horik 
Bdmeu jomaAH He^ocraeTb o^Horo rBoa^fl ? " H6iero' o tomx 
fiesnoKOHTbCfl, OTBi^ndii Kyn^ui : — na mecrb-TO HHJb no^K^Bbi 
craHerb,* a mh6 neKor^a,* a Toponjiibcb." 

Ki B^iepy Kyn^m onirb ocraHOB&JCfl^ htoSm noRopMArb 
j0ffla4Ry. KoHioxi CRopo OTbiCRaix ero, 4a n roBopArb :-^Bbi, 
BBpHO, He saMiTHin, H6aHbi& rocno^^Hi, hto HC^ocraeTb 
jiBOH HO^ROBbi Ha sa^HeH HorB BameQ ^oma^R ! He npnKa- 
Hteie JH otbcctA ee Kb RysHea^? " He CeanoROHca, oiBt^iaii 
Rynemi : — Bcero-TO ocraeTca RaRifl-HHfiAyb 4b4 mA^o, joma^b 
AOH^erb H 663% hoarobm, a mh^^ neRor^a, Toponjibcb." 

Ohx oniTb nycrAiCfl bi nyib. Ho joma^b CKopo saxpoMajia ; 
eve HeMHoro noro^i' ona craia cnoTbiRaTbca ; cnoibiRHyB- 
mecb pasa rpn neri^ipe/ ona yn&ia h Hory 066*5 cJOMajia. H 
BOTb Ryn^m DOHeBoii^ /(oiffieH'b 6bui 6p6cHTb jouia^b; ohi 

^ there is a lonis d'or for you, * dim. of JdmaAB. ^ there is no need. 
4 will last. ^ I have no time to spare. ^ after a little while* 

7 three or four times. 

( 29 ) 

CHflJi cb Hei Tflffiejbifi neMO^aHi, nepeKi&Hy^x ero sa ui&i6 h 
ntniKOMi oieHB yate nos^HO npHui&fi»^ ^omoh. — K bccm]^ hcc- 

^aCTLK) BHHa — ilOTb npOKiflTblU rB034b, Ba KOTOpblU fl He 

o6paT&j'i> BHHMaHifl, pasMbinuftji Kynem, 3a4bixaflcb orb 
TflmecTH Aopdroio. 

14. Haxodnueocnih pyccnato coAddmam 

^acoBOB, cTOttBmiu y np&craHH na ptKB, yB^^'lLi'b, hto 
04'Hiiep'b mejx^ mi&mo ero no Jb^y^ npuMO na rnHpoKvio 
noibiHbH), KOTopyK) Hyib TOjibRo no^epHVJO ib^OMi.^ a sanopo- 
mHiO CHiroMi/ HacoBOH craii RpiiiaTb oonaepy, htoSi ohii 

TyAa He XO^^jH*, ho Sa CI&JbHblM'b BCrpi^IHblM^ BBTpOMl. 0<l>H- 

iiep^ He Morb pascibimaTb ; orjflHyjca 6buo, ho npmej'b 
OHttTb cboAmi nyreMi. ^acoBou saKpaqai'b eM^ wh ^pyron 
pasi, E30 Bceu c^bi, n Kor^a o<i>uii6pi onaTb Ha neTo orja- 
Hj^iCfl, TO HacoBOH SpaKHyji eM]^ pynaeMi na norpeSenbe,* 
O^Hiiep'b noFjifl^^ii, npusa^yMa^cfl, no^omeJi ^Akm^ cnpocAib, 
HTO ^TO 3HaHHTb ? a HacoBou pacTOjiKOBaii eM^ A^o H cnaci> 
TaK^Mi* 66pa30M'b ooHii^pa orb CMepTH. 

15. Ympejinnn npotyMa PyMAni^eea no Aatepio. 

Tpa<i>'b PyMflHneBi 04Ha}K4bi paHO ^TpoMi pacxasRHsaii 
HO CBoeM^f jdrepK). Kanou-TO iiauopii, bi miaopoK^ a Bb 
KOjnaKi, cTOttJi npe/j^ CBoew najLaiKOio h b^ j^TpeHHca tcm- 
hotI ho ysna^ii npQ5jiH»caBniarocfl oe^ib^Mapmaia, noKa 
ne yBu^'ki'b ero npe^i coook) inqoMi kt* Annf. Mauopi 
xorkii 6biio CKpbiibCfl ; ho PyMfiHueBi bsaji^ ero 064^ pyuy 
H, A^iaa eM^ pasHbie Bonpocbi, noBai^^ ch co66h) no Jiarepw, 
KOTopbiH Meffi^yrfcMi npocnj^icn. BiAnbiii Mauopi obij-b Bb 

* npl&TH. * past of H4t6. ^ Je^^. * which was slightly frozen. 

* just covered with snow. ^ reversed his arms. ^ noBCCTii. 

( 30 ) 

OTHaflHiii. OejBj^MdpraaJi'B, padrfinsafl TaKj^Mi oSpasoMii, 
BoaBpaiAjcfl bi cbok) craBKy, ui \me bch CBAia OHcn^aia er6. 
Maaopi, yMHpaa otl crsua, OHyxfijca nocpe^ft renepaiOBi, 

OAtlBIXl no BCCB 4>6pMt.* PyMKHUCBl, rtMl Cmc HeAOBOiLHblM, 

Hxm4jt» jkcctokoctb HanoHTL ero hucmi h hotomi y»e oinyc- 
TiuLi*, He C4ibjaBi> HUKaKdro saMtiauifl. 

Enfl3i» CyBopoBX-PbiMnfiKCKiH JH)66^'B xo^fiib HacTO cpe- 
4^ co^^arb B-b coj^aTCKou KypTKi iftiu bi Hdo^paHHOu cbo- 
eH poAUTejibCKOu mHHejn, n 6bui Bcer4a ^OBOjieH'b, Kor^a 
ero He ysHaBHjn. TyTi SbiBajii cb hqm^ Hep%AKO BecbMa 
saSaBHbifl Bcrpi'iH, KOTopbm, earn nxi onAcbiBaTb, cocTaBHjin 
6bi uuiyK) KHury. ^acro naxoA^^H ero vb jarepi cnaBmaro 
Vh noBajiKy^ cb coJiAaTaMH. O^uaHc^bi cepmanrb, nociaflHbiH 
KT» HCMj^ Cb 6yMaraMH orb renepaja 4ep<>ejb4eHa, saKprndj^ 
iCJiiXi* ^e^bAMapmajy, CiffiaBmeMy bti npocxoH coji^aicKOH 
K^piKi : " 9u, crapHirb, hoctoh ! CKaajft, r^* npHcxaii CyBo- 
pOBT»?" — ^^oprb ero SHaerb, oiBt^dj^ oh^. — ^** KaK^ !" BCKpHK- 
Hyji cepjKaHTb : *' y mcba orb renepajia k^ hcm^ SyMara." — 
He OT^aBau, 6bui. BTopoa OTBBTb : owb Tenepb ma pa3Mep- 
TBeqKH obflm*^ hjh ropjianHTb ntiyxoMTi. — ^Tyrb nocjaHHwii 
no^HflJi'b na nero najKy h BCwpftKnyji: "Mojih tbi Bora, 
CTapHHHmKa,* 3a CBoib cxapocTb ; ne xo'iy o pyni Mapaib; tm, 
bAabo, He Pj^ccKiii, hto laKi, pyraeiuB namero oiua n 6jaro- 
^tieja." CyBopoBi AaBaa Bori Hom.* ^epe3^ naci bo3- 
Bpamaeicfl ohi aomoh. CepjKaHrB, y3HaBi ero, xohctb 6p6- 
cuTBCfi Ki ero noraMi ; ho rpaoi* oGHHMaerb ero h roeopHrb : 
" Tbi 40Ka3aji jk)66bb ko mh* na A-kii : xorki^ hokojotAtb 
MCHfl 3a mchA." — H H3i pyKi 0806x1* noT^HBaj^ ero boakok). 

1 in full uniform. > together with. ■ dead drunk. 

^ miserable old man. ^ took to his heels. 

( 31 ) 

16. JucuVftt u Kypwu^a, 

"CieiH CK)46 40^66 !" roBopAja iHcfina K^pnni, Koropaa 
CH4Uia Ha Kpbiini^ ^oMa; ciexA ro mdb h mm noroBopnMi 
HeMHOHCKO 4pyrB (rt ^p^roMi. Tm — ^Aofipoe coa^aHie, moh 

CB^bTHKl;^ Tbl nidTHDlb Cl> H36bITK0M'b CBoeMy xos&HHy 3a 

KopMi, KOTopbiH OHi TcSi ^acTb' H BCAemb' ce6A SeayKo- 

pA3HeHH0. no HeCTH/ Mut BCCbM^ HpaBSTCfl TB06 466pblfl 

K^iecTBa. " Tbl npaBa," Boapaafija Kypniia, " ho rt, KOTopbie 

rOBOpflTB HaCTO H MHOrO KaK6H-JB60 406p04iTeJH, pi^KO 

HMtiorb ee caMH. IIpomaH, ^pynceirb: fl a^icb vh GeaonacHO- 
CTH H HoSeper^fcB* cieThrb Kt leSi bhh3i." 

17. Cmdpbiu eoM9. 

3iOH BOJKB, cocT&p'i^BmHCb, BSAfudui'b HOMnpfrrbCfl cb nacry- 
x^MH. n nomeji ohi Kb nacryx^^ HC^BUieMy' 6jA»ce^ Bci^xi Kb 
ero joroBHinv. 

" Hacryxi," CRaa^ii ohi, "tm naabiBaerab mchA KpoBoma^- 
HMMi paaCoBHHKOM^ ; Bi^b ^TO HCHpaB^a ! KoneHHO, Ror^d a 
roJo^efl'L, TO 6pocaK)Cb Ha tbohxi OBem : rojo^i T^rocTHoe 
H^BCTBO ! Ho saoinTu uenk orb nero^ TOJbKO RopMik MenA, n 
Tbl 6^46nib MHOK) ^oBojieHi. fl caMoe MiftpHoe h RpoiKoe 


— Kor^a TM cbiTb, Momevb CbiTb, otb^i^i nacifx^. Ho 
Ror^a Hse tm fibisaemb cMTb ? Tm 4a CKynoH, bm HHRor^d ne 
GbiBaeie cmtm. ygHpauca npoHb ! 

Iloffleii® BO^Ki Kb ^pyroMy nacTyxy. " Tm anaemb, na- 
ct^xV CRaaaji'b ohi, "hto b^ npo40i>KeHie r&4a a Mory 
y4ymATb y Te5i ne m4io oseui. Coriacucb 4aBaTb mh^ Fb 

1 dim. of CBtTL, term of endearment. * ^aBliTB. • BeCTii. 

* really. ^ fut. of no6ep6HbC0« * past part. act. of iKHTb 

7 comp. of (UhskO. ' past of doMtii. 

( 32 ) 

Toxh no meciA OBeneirb: a 6y4y ^OBOjeHi, h Te5i m6»cho 
6}^4erL cnoROHHO cnaTb n se 4ep»aTi> co6airB.'' 

— DIecTb OBem ? CKaaaji'B nacryxi. 4a 4to iiiioe cra^o ! 
" Hy, j^a Te6A a y40B6ji.CTByK)Cb naxbib/* BOspasAji boiitb. 

Tbi myTHmb : nflxb OBem ! jerKo CKasarb. 

*' n Herbipexi He ^amb?" cnpocAii oniiL BOiiTL. IlacTyxi 
BacM'BnMfiBO noKaqdii tojoboh. 

"Tpexx? — AByxi? ** 

— Hh 04h6h! nepeSAi^ ero HaKOHem nacnfxx; w^no 
njaT&Tb 4aHb Henpifliejio, Kor^a mohho oSesonacHTB ce64 otl 
Hero CAfiTeJbHOcriio.— 

BojiFrb 0001611 Kb TpeibeMv nacryx]f. 

" Mni oHeHb npHCKopGeo B^AiTb," CKasdji ohi, " hto 
nacryxA CHUTaiOTb Menfl caMbiMi aibiMi n 6e3c6BicTHbiM'b 
ffiHBoTHbiM'b. A Te6i ceuqacb 40KaHC]f^, Kairb bu Bci necnpa- 
/(jiHBbi KO uni. 4aBau Mni Ka»C4biH ro4i lojbKO no oahoh 
OBni, H TBoeM^f cia^y mohcho Sy^erb cbo66aho nacrftcb bi tomi 
jicj, vb KOTopoMi ToibKO fl H OHaceHi. O^h;^ OBe<]Ky! c;fmafl 
CesA^iHaa! MosEHo-Jb fibiTb Be^HKOAi^niHie h 6e3KopbicTHte ? 
Tbi cMiefflbCfl, nacrfxi? HeM^ ate th cMiembCfl T' 

— Tairb, HH^eM^. Ho cKoibKO leSb Jiirb, npiHTeJib ? cnpo- 
ckjn> nacrfxi. 

*'A leSb HTO 3a a4io 40 moAxi jtrb? Bce-iaKH a bi cAjaxi 
eme vAyniHTb jwfiaro hsi tbohx^ arHflrb." 

— He cepA^cb, crapHna ! * Mh* onenb aiajib, hto tm ne ca*- 
jiajix MHi ^Toro npe^JiomeHifl HBCKOJbKHMH ro^aMH panbine. 
TboA npHrfnjeHnbie 3y6bi BSM'i^Hfliorb leSb. Tbi npnKft^bi- 
Baeuibcfl CeaKopucTHbiMii, HT66bi TOJbKO jerqe' n B^pH^e npo- 

KOpM^Tb ce6H. 

BojiTb pascepA^xcff, ho CK6po onoMHHJcs h nomdi'b ki* nej" 

1 old fellow. S comp. of JieTK6, 

( 33 ) 

BepTOMy nacryxf , y KOT6paro tojeko itd OKOjtia ero Blpnaa 
"Hacifx'B," CKasdjx bojki, "a noccopaica cb jtcHBiMe 

6paTLflMn MO&MH, H TaiTB nOCCOpHJCfl, HTO HHROr^d He nOMH- 

pibcb CB H&MH. TeSk hsbbctho, KaKi ohA onacHBi. Ho TeOi 
CTOHTB TOJbRo^ B3flTB MeH& Bi ycjyHceHie Ha Micro TBOeiK 
yM^pmeH co6aKir^ n a leSb pyqdiocB, hto hh o^&h'b h3x haxi 
^dffie i&CKOca ne hocmotphtb na tboAxi oB^nib." 

— ^Tbi 6j^4einB aamHmaiB hxi otb tbocu iicHofl CpaiiH ? 

•* Hy 4a, KoneiHO." 

— 9to 6buo 6bi He x^40 ! Ho cKa»(&-Ra uni : Kor^a a npH- 
CTaBJK)^ Te6ft ITB cra^y, kto 6jneTb samaniiaTB Moikx^ 6i^4HBixi 
OBeqeKi' otb Te6& casiaro ? Bshtb Bopa bb ^omi, hto6b o5e3- 
onacHTB ce6& otb cropoHHHX'B BopdBi, — ^^a iio hbi, iib^H^ 

— "A ! *' CKaaajx bojki, **tbi HaHHHderaB ^fMHHHaiB. Hpo- 

" 0, ecJiHOi fl He 6bui laiTB crapx !" npoSopMOxdji ckb03b 

3]f6BI BOJRIb. *' Ho H^06h0 nOKOpniBCfl HeHSStSKHBISfB 06CT0- 

flTeiBCTBaMi ! " H ohi nomeji Kb niioMy nacryx^. 
" 3HaemB JH tbi mchA, nacnfxi?" cnpocAjB bojikb. 
— EciH He Te6fl jA^iho, to ho KpaHneu Mipi andio Te6i no- 

4d6HBIX'B^ OTVkHSULT> HacTyxx. 

'' Mnt 00466061x1 ? CoMH^TeiBHO. A coBepmeHHO ocoSch- 


— ?T0 Hje BB TcGi oc66eHHaro ? 

" fl He Mon^ HH CBicTB, HH y^ymATB hh o^noft obii^. fl 


HosBOJB me uni npnxo^uTB HHor^d ocb%40miktbc}i, h^tb jh y 
TeG4" ..... 

* thou hast but—. • fut. of irpHCTUBHTB. * ^\m. qI ^^v^.. 

C 34 ) 
— 3aMOJH4 Jtyirae! CKaafiji nacryxi. BojkS, KOToptifl 

iCTB MepTBbIXl» OBeEll^ rOiOAT* CKOpO HayHHTL C^IHTaTb 6aiB- 

Hv^K) OBH^ 3a MepTByK), a SAopoByio sa 6aibH]fK). He Ha4ificfl 
na Moib 4pt^y> H BAH ^ npoHb ! 

"%o&B 40CT6rHyTb CBoefl ii4ih, pncKHi^ Tenepb t4mi, hto 
AJfl MeHfli Bcero jioposce/'^ no^^Maii bcxxri^ h nomeji ki 
mecTOMy nacryxy. — 

''Ilacrfxi, HpdBHTCfl jle reSi uok niKypa?" cnpocAjcB 


— ^Tbo4 niKjfpa ? CKasaii nacrfxi. HocMoTpaMi ! 

xopoma ; bAaho, co6aKu He nacro Tepe6AiH ee. 

*' nodymau see, nacryxi : a crapi ii CRopo He 6yAy BiiiTb 
Hy»(Abi vb neu. KopifiEr Menfi ao mo6u CMepTH, h a Te6t OTKa- 
mj MOK) niKj^py." 

— BoTb HTo! CKasaii nacrpfxi. H tm npnfii^rdemb ri 
vioBKaMi crapbixx CKparb ? . . . Hirb, ^Tairb tboa innypa 


c^iiaTb Mwb no^apoiTB, to AaBau mhI ee ceunacb. 



0, HeMHiOc6p4bie ! " boqAjx bojri bi RpaiiHeH ApocTH. 

TaRi VMpy^ me r hxi BparoMx^ npe^Ae niyn, yMopuTx MeHfli 
ToAOXb ; caMH ohA xotAtt» iioro ! " 

Ohi uoGbmajL'b, BopBajca vb ssniAnia nacryxoBi, padMeT^ii 
4iTeu BX'L, H He 6e3i xpy^d fiujcb yCArb nacryxdMu. 

Tor^a pascyA^TejibHlgmiH h3i nacryxoBX CRaaaix : 

— Xi^40 MM c^'RiajH, HTO AOBejA^ cT^paro Bopa ao Rpafi- 
Boan fl oTHfljiH y nero Bci cp^^cTBa ki> HcnpaBjeHiio, xota 
nos^HeMy n neBoibHOMy ! 

1 imp. of HAT^. * comp. of ^dporo. 3 will cost. 

* fut. of yMep^Tb. ' 40BecTii. 


( 35 ) 

18. CuJia do6podymin. 

Bi» apaBiHCKHxi» nycTbiHflX'b (xiaBUjiacB 04H& joma^L. Bee 
(ueMfl VLeTSSRffi 3Haj[0 ee. IIo^Tbi co4nHHiH ea noxBaibHbie 
CTHxA. Ee4yHHy 4^repy 40 laKofi crSneHH xoi4iocb HM^Tb 
ee, 4T0 OHi 061 ^owh TOJibKO H 4;^Majx 4eHb h Hoib, h e^Ba 
He noMimajicfl. Ohi npe4iarai'b eat xo3flHHy cra^a cBOiErxi 
Bep6jib40Bi>, Bce CBOe Hnyn^ecTBo^ Bce CBoe 6oraTCTBO ; Hanpac- 
HO. — X03HHHI He xomii OT^aBaxb ee hh aa hto. Tor^a 4a- 
repi piniiicfl vBecriEr j[6ma4b, KOTopaa rpesujiacb eM]f Ha-SB]^^ 
n BO chI. Ji,JLfL ^Toro OHi Hpn6irHyj[x irb TaKod xiipocTH : 
BbiBiaaaj'b ceoi juiie cokomi KaKou-TO TpaBifi, o^iica bi» jiox* 
HoTbe, nepeBflsaii ce6i nieio n hofh^ Kairb yBBHHbiu Hin^iu^ 
nomeji^ n cLii' Ha 4op6ri, no kotodou ^ojiHeH'b Gbiii npo- 
fexaTb Bja4'Bjem» jtoma^H, Ha6eirb. 

BoTb Ha6eKx i^eii/ ^arepi cjaGbiMii, nsHeMordiouiHM'b 
roiocoM'b roBop^Tb &a^: "OcranoBacb! a G-i^^Hbiu crpaHHHR'b; 
TpH AHfl He Mor]^ coutA eb Mtoa, Tpn aha nnqero ne ^ii^ h 
vMupaK) eb roio^. IIoMorA mh^, Eorb Harpa^ftrb Te6fl!" 

" Ca^Bicb" roBopArb Ha6eKx; " nol^AeMi* ko mh*." 

— y MeHfl Htrb oikihi Ho^fiATbCfl. Cocrpa^aTejibHbiH Ha6eh*T> 
cocKOHBii cb joma^H, H cb GoJtbm^M'b ycAiieMi noca^ftjcb na 
Hee 4arepa. OSMaHnmieb y^apHJCb ioma^b oqrpbiM'b crpeMe- 
HeMi, noMH&icfl, H oSopoT^b, KpftKHyjcb Ha6eKy : a — 4arep^; 
fl y leSfiL yB03K]^^ j&raa^b. 

— OcranoBHCb ! aaKpunai'b eM^ Ha66Ki» ; nociymau ! 

Snafl, HTO ero wbrh bosmosrhocth npeci^AOBaib, 4a h h6ko« 
Hy,^ ^arepi ocraHOB^iCfl, 04HaR0»('b na ^OBdibHO 4aJeK0Mi 
pascTOHfliH, noTOM^ HTO y HaScKa bt» pynaxi 6biio Konbe. He 
iporaacb cb M-hcia, HaoeK'b cKaaaii 4arepy : " Tbi saBja^lii 
MoeK) JOHia^bK) : laia, kohchho, yro^flo Aiiaxy, n a Hieiaio 

* while awake. ' oofii^. ' cBcTb. * txaib. * tCTfc. 

c ooixaTb. 7 yBOA^Tb. ^ there is nobody. 


( 36 ) 

TeSk cHacTifl. Ho yMOJAH) TeSii, ee CKdsuBaH hhrom^^ RaKB 
OHa Te6t Aocraiacb.' 

— ^' 9to noHCM^f V 

"IIoTOM^ HTO ciyxx oftb ^TOMi pasHecexcfl;* ^pyroik in» 
cdMOMi Aii'ib 6^4eTb BaiAxBCfl na Aopdri, 6oibH6u, BSMOK^ee- 
HMu, 6^Aerb npoc^TB noMomn, a noMomH tMJ He OKaxyn, 
onacaflCb 6biTb o6MaHyTbiMH, tloa66eo mh^ : Tbi 6]^4emb npn- 
HUHOH), HTO na acMii yracnerb cocrpa^dHie." 

4ar6pi> Ha MnH^ry sa^^Majcfl, hotomi cj^ cb joma^H, 
oTAai-b ee xosAoHy h noqiJOBaii ero. EaSem-b npiiriacAi'b 
4arepa Ki ce6i bi rocrn. OhA npoBejii^ Tpn aha BMScii h 

nOKJuAcb^ Vb BtHHOH 4P^3R6i. 

19. BripnaH coffaxa. 

OaAhi Kvneni oinpaBHJCfl bi 4op6ry BepxoMi, h cii^oirb 
3a HUMi GbmaJL-b ero B^pHUu oip^e^b/ Kynem> ixaii saT^Mi}, 
HToGbi nojyHAib fioibin^K) c^MMy ^enerb. HojyHABX ^eHbrn 
H npHBflsaBi Ex-b Bi Mimh4 KT> cbAify no^xajx owb ^OMod. 
4op6roK) MimoK'b OTBfls&icfl n yndii*, a Kynem ne saMmujcb 
^ro. 36pKi& n^Aeib Bixki-b, KaKi ynajii uimoKh ; nonpo- 
GoBaji 6biio HOAHflTb ero sySaMH, ho noHi^BCTBOBaii^ hto ohi 
Cbui eM]^ He DOAi CHiy.* Tor^a ny^eib, ociaBHBT, Mtmoirb, 
AorHdjfb CBoero rocno4AHa, saSixai'b Boepe^'b, CTaJi KH^aibca 
Ha joma^b n iaflTb eb oscecroHeHieMx h ynopcTBOMi. He 3Hdff, 
Bi» HOMi xhJLO, Kynem KpHHdii na n]^4ejfl, fipaniijii ero, y^a- 
pHJii KHyioM'b — HHHTo He ooMorajo ! B-BpHoe JKHBOTHoe npo- 
AOiwaiO KHAaibCA Ha ioma^b eb TaKoio flpocTiio, KaKi 6^410 
xomio ciamuTb 40.16H cBoero xosiHHa. Bu4fi, qTO hhhto ne 
noMorderb, n 4T0 Kyneiji Bce 'B4erb® ^ajbrae^ h ^ajbrae, n;|f4ejb 

1 pasHecTucb. ' nposecTu. ' noR^icTbCfl. * poodle-dog. 
• beyond his strengtli. • pres. of ixaib. 7 comp. of 4ajeK6. 

( 37 ) 

craji Kycd,Tb jtomaAB sa Hom, m66bi sacraBiiTb xosinHa Bopo- 
TE[TBca. Kynem Hcnyra.!Cfl : eaij^ npanijio Ha mbicib, hto 
n^AeJb ero B35icHjicfl^ n, SHaa, Kaia onacHbi G^meHbia co6aKH, 
Kvneui pfefflBiiCfl aaCTpiJ^Tb csoero BtpHaro cjLwrf. ^ojro 
eme o^HaKoarb crapdjcfl owl oTAUiaibCfl orb nyAejfl TOiacKaMH, 
TO yrpoaaMH, TO vAapaMH Kflyra; ho bdaA, hto hhhto He no- 
Moraerb, BWHyiT* nnciojierb h cl CTtcHeHHbiMT> cep^qeMi bh- 
crpiiujcb vb B^pnyio co6aKy. E^ahoo HCHBOTHoe yoaio ; ho 
Hepeai MHHyry oniTb no4aM.iocb n cb jk^ioShmmi Bft3roMi^ 
oSjHBaflCb KpoBbH), crapaiocb ci'i^AOBaTbaaxoaflHHOM'b. Kyneiii 
oHCHb jK)6ftiT> CBoero BipHaro nf^ejia ; CMy 6suo Tfl»ej6 cmo- 
Tp^Tb KaiTb owb crpaAaei'b, h hotom]^ ohi, npnnmopHB'b Jio- 
ma^b, ycKaKaji Bnepe^i. OrbixaBi HCMHoro, myuewb aaxo- 

t4jIX BSriflH^b, HTO CTaJOCb Cb Si^HblMX JKHBOTflblMl, H TyTb 

TOibKO, o6opa<]nBaflCb nasa^^^ saM'itTHA'b ohi, hto lUfi^mKa cb 
ACHbrdMH h6 6biJ[0 y ct^ia. IIoHflJi'b Tor^a Kynem>, saqiMi 
TaiTb ynopHO iaajia h KH4ajiacb na nero B-i^puaa co6aKa, h cm^ 
6biiO 66ibme^ scajb co6aKii, nejRejn ^eHerb. Ohi TOT^acb H;e 
nocKaKai'b nasa^'b ; ho He HameJii'^ yxe n^Aejfl Ha tomi M'Bcxt 
Txb ero ocTaBHii. CiiAbi KpoBn no ^oport noKa3biBaJii^ hto 
co6aK2 BopoTHiacb Haaa^i. KaKi 66ibHO fisuo ^oGpoMy Kynii^. 
Kor^a, OTnp.aBnBmHCb no KpoBaBbiMi cjAn&wh, ohi Hame.ii 
sipHoe asHBOTHoe nsAbixaiomnM'b y M'ibmKa ch 4eHbraMn. IIo- 
HfliTAHBO CMOTpiia co6aKa na cBoero xo3flHHa n JiacKOBO inaa^ia 
CMy pyKy. ^fipeai H-hcKOJibKO MHHyrb ny^ejb hsaoxii ; a kv- 
n^wby He pa^yflcb n nau^enHbiM'b ^eHbraMi^ BopoTHJca aomoh. 

20. HauobM MocKdbi. 

•liTon&CEibi coBpeMeHHbie ne ynoMnndioTb o jioSonbiTHOMi 
Aja nacb naidit MocKBbi : ftoo ne uovAk npeABu^^Tb^ hto 

1 comp. of MHdro. ' past of Ha&iii. 

( 38 ) 

ropo^oKi, 6B4Hbifi n e^Ba HSB^cTHbifi Fb OTAaieHHoft seMji 
C^34ajbCK0d, Sy^erb co BpeMeneMi riaBoio oGmApH'i^umed uo- 
HapxiH vb cvbvb. Do KpauHeu M'spi SHaeMi^ hto MocKBa 
cymecTBOBdja bi 1147 ro^]^ MapTa 28, h MoxeMx BtpHib 
HOBBumnMx jci^TonAciiaM'b Bb tomi, hto Feopriu (cbiHi Moho- 
Hdxa) Gbiii ea crponTejeMx. Ohu pascKasbiBaiorb, hto ceu 
KHfl3b npi'Bxa^'b Ha Geperi MocKBbi fim wb cejo sasRATOiHaro 
SoapHHa KyHKH, CiendHa UBaeoBnia, Beiljcb yMepTBftib ero 
3a KaKyH)-TO A6p30CTb n, njiiHeHHbiH KpacoToio ifBcra, ocho- 
najTb Tasii ropoA'b, a cbina CBoero AH4pefl, RHflacABmaro wb 
cy3AajbCK0M'b BjaA^Mipt, aseHAji na npejecTHon AoiepH 
Ka3HeHHaro GoapiiHa. '' MocKBa ecib ipeTiH Phmi," roBoparb 
ciA noBtoBOBaTejH, " h HCTBepTaro He 6^4erb. KannTOJiiH sa- 
josReHi na Mi^crl, r^i HaHAena ORpoB^BjeHHaa roiOBa qeiOBt- 
^ecKaa : MocKBa TaRxe na KpoB^ ocHOBana h, kx usyMi^Hiio 
BparoBi HaniHX^, cxmauLdLCh napcTBOSfb SHaMeHjSiTbiM'b." Oe6. 
AOiroe BpeMa HMenoBajacb KymoebiMd. 

21. AMKcdndpoecKa/i KOAoHHa, 

AieRcdHApoBCRaa ROioHHa naxoAHTca npoTHBi rj&BHaro 
«aca 3AMHaro ABopiia. Ona coaoiirb n3i orpoMnaro, Ei4ib>- 
Haro^ rpaH^THaro crojina, Ha rpaHHTHOM'b »se no4H6»(iu, 
yRpameHHOMi JinTi'iMH nsi) 6p6H3bi ajjeropHHecRHMH 6ape.ib- 
e'<»aMH,cb HSOopaJKeuieMi coSbiTiii 1812, 1813 n 1814 toaobi. 
Co CTopoHbi 4Bopija BH^Ba Ha^DHCb : " AiCKcaH^py I. 6jaro- 
4apHaa Poccia." Ha BepmAfli rojohhw, na GpouaoBOM'b no- 
jymapin, croArb, BbUHTbiu nsi) 6p6H3bi, aHre^i : wh A^ovl 
pyra OHi 4ep}RH'rb Rpecrb. npaBOio yRaawBaerb na h66o, a 
HoroK) nonapaerb 3Mifl. IlbeAecTaj'b rOwIohuw orpajR^eH-b 
HCTbipeyroibflOK) nyryuHOH) pimeiROK) hsi cBaaaHHbix'b hhri 
ji nymeRi; no CTopoHaMi pimeTRH BHcarb GpoHSOBbie 4K)fia- 

( 39 ) 

pft, ocB^^maeMbie raaoMi. y KOiOHHBi croivh nocroiHHO naco- 
fiou Hsi ^BopaoBbix'L rpeHaAepi. 

AjeKcaQ4poBCKafl KOjiouQa npeBOcxoAHTb BbimHHOK) mi 
HSBi^CTHbie naMflTHHKH noA66Haro po^a b'l cvBTt ; BtcoMi oea 
44,000 ny46Bi.^ M'Bah ynoTpe5jeH6 na BepxHioio ^ hAh;hk)io 
HacTH HOHVMeflTa 8,000 ny^oBi. KaMeeb HSBjeieHi h3i> 
niOTepjaKCKOH KaMeflOiOMHH, HeHC4y Bbi6oproM'b h OpHA- 
pHxcraMOMi. Hy»EHo 6buo ^Ba ro^a h 600 paSoTHHKOBi, 
HTo6'b OT^iAinh KaMeHbOTbCKajbi ; BoceMb uictmeB'b ynoTpe6- 
jeHo Ha OKpyrji^Hie ero. KaMCHb 6bui> noJioHceH'b na HapoHHO 
Aifl Toro ycrpoeflHoe cy^Ho h, nocpe^ciBOMi napoxo^OB'b, 40- 
ciaBieH'b wb neTep6^pr'b 1 iiixia 1832 ro^a. 

22. Ifapb — k6m)kom. 
Bi EBponi ecTb mhofo SEdLueBinuxi koj[okoj6rl. Eanpn- 

M^pi, rOBOpurb MHOrO BtHCROM'b KOJOKOjii, BbimHHOK) Vb 10 
<I>yTOB% H HM'BfOmeM'b Vb OKpyHCHOCTH 32 <I»yTa 2 4K)HMa, 

BBCOMX BT» 75,000 <i»yHTOB'b (1857 ny^oBi) ; cjaBflTca TaKKe 
KOiOKOJa vb BepjAni, Dp^yprt, BpeciaB* h t. a.^ Ho mi 

BCbXb KO.IOKOjIOB'b CaMblH OrpOMHbl^ H SHaMeHIITblH, 6€3- 

CHopHO, mockobckIh uapb-KoiOKOJi. Bbimuua ero 20 <&yTOBi. 
7 4M)HM0Bi, nonep6'iHHirb 22 ^fm 8 4K)hmobt» ; Bicb 12,000 
ny46BT» (480,000 <i»yHTOB'b). Om> owi'irb no noBejiHiio hmhc- 
parpi^mbi Ahhu loanHOBHbi, bm^cto ^pyraro, Menbmaro kojo- 
ROJa, BbUHiaro npa kitKchi Mnxaii.iOBHH']^, n pasGuBHiarocfl, 
BO BpeMfl KpeMJCBCKaro nojKapa, bi 1701 ro^y. 

Kor4d Biapb-KojOKOJi QbWb BBiHyrb h3i <»6pMbi, ero nocia- 
bhjh Ha ToiciyK) jKaiianyio plmeTKy, Bt toh caMOH hm^, r^fe 
OHi QbWb ounvb ; nocji ^Toro, npHcrynHiH kt* nocrpoHKi 
Ha^i* KoiOKOJOMi oc66euHOH KOiOKOJbHH, ROTopyio, nocp^4- 

1 one pood=40 Russian pounds. * H T. A., ** and so forth*'' 

( 40 ) 

CTBOMTt ra^iep^R, xoteih coe^nHUTb cb SaniHeio nsdna BejA* 
Karo. IIpo^RTB npHBOAuJCfl wb HcnoiHeHie, KaKi» cipainHbiH 
nomsLfb jn> 1737 ro^y, HcrpeGnBinid HacTB r6po4a, coo6mAiCfl 
j-ibcaMi H ^epeBiHHBiM'B nocrpoHRaMi^ KOTophie 0Rpy»(4iH 
KoiOROJCB; HHOffiecTBO ropftmnxi CpeBeHi o6pyniHiocb fla 
Hero H OH^ — noBpe46ica. Cb rbx-b nopt, Sojiie cia siTb qapt- 
KoiOROii ocraBaJCfl vb seMJit. HMnepaTopBi EkBOA-b L h 
AieRcaH^p'b I. HaM-i^peBajHCb H3Bjeib ero hsi scmjiu; ho 
BTOMy cy^Aend 6bU0 coBepmATbca TOAbRO bi aapaBOBanie 
HHROJafl I. 

KaRi naMflTHHR^ ncRycTBa, napb-KOiOROJ'b saM^qaTejeHX 
KpacoToK) <i»6pMbi H CRyibmypHbiMH pafioTaMH. Eapejbe4»bi 
erd npeAcraBjflioTb HeoRonqenHbie nopTp^TU iiapi AjeRCBfl 
MHxauiOBHHa h HMnepaipAEibi Ahhu lodHHOBHbi. BepxHflfl 
4acTb RoiOROia VRpameHa H3o6pa3ReHiflMn CnacAieJA, EoHuea 
Marepn^ h EBanreiAcroBi. IlbeAecTaji'b noxb KojOROiOMi 
rpaHi'iTHbiH, 0CbMnyr6jbHbiH ; caMi RoJOROii yBieqaH'b 6p6H- 

30BbIMl^ nOSOJOHeHHblBfb RpCCTOMl. Bcfl BbimHHa naMflTHHRa 

34 <i»^Ta. Ha CTopoet nbe^ecraja, na CB^ijiocuHeu MpaMopHod 
40CR3, c4tjiaHa Ha^nncb sojotumh 6yRBaMn : '' Kojorojcb cen 
Bbi jHTb BT, 1733 roAy, no noBejiHiio HMnepaTpAqbi Ahem 
loaHHOBHbi. IIpefibiBaji'b vb ^mjA cto h TpH ro^a h Boieio 
fijaroHecTAB^Hinaro^ rocy^apa HMnepaiopa HnROJaa I. nocTaB- 
lewb itia 1836, aBiycra vb HeiBepTbiH ^eflb." OinaBiniH* Ry- 
coRi ROJOROia TaRi b&iAri, hto HoacHO y^oSno bxoaAtb noAi 


23. CuAa npuMTbpa. 

B-b o^uHi} 4eHb TOina napoAa crpeMHiacb vb BejnROi^nHue 
ca^bi TuBOJH. Bx dTOTb 4eHb TaMi 6bU'b 6o.ibin6u npasAHHRi*: 

^ Holy Virgin. ^ most gracious. ' OTO^Tb. 

( 41 ) 

Hrp&ia iifsbiKa, 6b'uH Taenbi — 6634% Knnlio y^OBOJbCTdie. Y 
BxoAa Fb ca4i» CTOflii KaKou-TO citnoH crapAirii cb nflTHa^na- 
Tn-i3THeK) AOHepBK) : ^ ona Hrp4ia Ha apa»t, a crapAirb niii 
no4i» efli aKKOMnafleMenrL. MtinO bxi» npoxo^uin rocnoHc4 
4aMop6-^HHTii n CL n6io MapTeni h noHinapi. SHaMeH^Taa 
n^Buiia Hd% j[K)6onbiTCTBa BsriflHyja bi ^epeBiHHyio KpyncRy 
ciindro, h yBU4^a, ito na ^Qi^ eA HHHero h^tb. Mhohscctbo 
Bapo^a npoxo^^o Bsa^B n Bnepe^i, Toponucb noBeceii&TBCfl, 

HO HHRTO HO oSpaHiail BHHMaHifl Ha 6%4HflKa. 

— *' np€BOcx64Hafl Mbicib ! jSlcthhao apTncTHHecRafll'* CRa- 
saia rocnoHca j^aLU0f6^ o6paTucb Kb CBOi^M'b cnyiHBRaMi : 
**Ha40, HT66bi H Bbi MCHfl no44epH(a.iB. HtaiooHbia h^hh 
&IOTO cj^Hua 40 CBXi nopi He ^oaaBHiH eMy hb (MymaTeieuf, 
HH mAjoctuhh ; HonpoGyeMi, ne C^^eMi jh mm ciacTJUB-ibe ! " 

MapTOHi H IIoHmapi eb yjbi6K0K) corjiacAiHCb na npe^jo- 
s6flie. 4^Mop6 Bsaia y 4^bohrb ap<i»y, b snaMeHBTbie apTi&CTbi 
HanaiH enapoBaTeibHoe Tpio. npoxo4ABniie ocraHOBuiBCb ; 
MHoroiHCieHHbiH Rpyrb cocraBBica oROio ci^naro, ROTopbiH 
H cam ciymaii cb y^BBJenieMi. Kor^a y3naiB BMona h^b- 
HiBXi,^ TO CO BC^xi CTopoHB pas^ai^cb pyROHjiecKaHifl B rpoM- 
Rifl 6paB0. CRopo BicTb oSi axoMi paaomjdcb' no Bceny 
TBBOiB : T&RTkhi 6bUB 6p6meHbi, Arpbi ocrdBjeHU, Bci Hdccoio 
6p6cBJ[BCb Kb Tofi CToponi, TAi npoHcxo46ja onucbiBacMaa 
HdMH cn^na, b naRonem TOind Bbipocia 40 HCB'i^poftTHOCTB. 

HpoH^Bi H'ibcROJbRO apiB, rocHoxa 4aMop6, nocii HHornxx 
pyRonjecRdHiH^ BSflJid. nuifliny cj^ndro b oinpaBBjacb vb Tojny 

COSBpdTb HiiOCTblHH). IIpHM^pB GbWb n64aH'b, H Bcl CT^IB 

6pocaTb Kb Huany, rto Mi4Hbifl, rto cep66pflHbifl, BHb'ie f,6sRe 

SOiOTblfl MOH^Tbl. nopblBl BeiBR04ymifl n04'BflCTB0BaJX 4d3Re 

na casibixi cRynuxi h 4omei'b^ 40 laRds CTencHB, hto naqaJH 

^ 40<n. ^ past part, of ntn. > pasd^iicb. ^ 9^^i.. 

( 42 ) 

TOJRdTL oj^itEi ^(pyraro, npb'iraiu npesi ni^HH, h (vesnAcjieHHoe 
HH6»(ecTB0 pyiTL npoTflH^^iocb El B^pxy, noKasbiBaa M^jocTbi- 
DK). niitfna 6i^BfiKSb h'^kojibro pasi HanojnAiacb h 6hu& 
BbiCBinaeMa bi M-ibinoirb. 

06ome4i»^ TOiny^ rocno»ca J[iXM0f6 oSpaT^jacB Kb CBoiwh 
cnyTHHKaMi, KOTopbie ctokini, myuikuch pe3yiBTdTy cBoero 
npeAnpifliia. " Ten^ps/' cKasajia ob& bmi, *' H^ma oHepe^B 
AaTB cjiiuoMY HT0-Hu5yAB." Oua noJtoxi&ia bi KpyaERy soio- 
TyH) MOHery ; MapTeai n noHmapi c^ijajH Toxe, b rocno»4 
4aMop6, oTAaBafl ^i^BoiRt Rp;f}RRy ci» MoneTaMn, cRasaia efi : 

— ^" 9to npHHa4.!eaj6rL lefit ; tboh OTewb He 46i9ReHi» 6paTb 
y Te6fli knx-b 4euerB ; na hhxi» tbi RynHmB ceC% HOBoe ui&ne, 
mjiflinRy h ROCbiHRy ; TBoe Tenepemeee niaTBe crapo h Hcrep- 
jocb/ uemfl,Y tImi Kani tbi caMa Maio^a h xopoma . . . npo- 

TpH BeiHROAyniHBie apiAcTa bshjAcb 3& pyRH n OTnpaBHJHCB 
AajLe,^ HanyTCTByeMbie GiarociOBeniflMH 6']b4HflRa h BOCUHudr 

BiflMH TOiabl. \^ 

24. Myomwb u eoeeodcniU c^ytd. 

Op&ii MywuRi Bi> no^t B Biliopaii caMonBlTOBifi RaMenB. 
HACTb 40m6u, a na BCTptny eMy €0044^, laROH crapo^peBHiB ; 
noRaaaji CMy HaMCBB: "ROMy rojRe?* — Hecii,* roBopArB, Kb 
BoeBO^i. noHecb ; npHxoABTb bo ^Bopeui b noBcrp^qaix 
BoeB64Bfla CAyrf. UouAOuinAOi eMy 40 3eMjA: ^'6aTH)mRa, 
40Be4A' 40 BoeB64Bi !" — SaHtM-B leSi h^jkho? — ^"'Hecy b3t» 
4epeBHB no4apoRT»/' — Hy, MyjEBHORT*, h^m-l BoeB64a leSA Ha- 
rpa4i»[rB, 0T4aB Mat no.ioBAny ; a ae xoqeinB, bo b-I^kb ne 40btA 
Teoh 40 BoeB64Bi. — MyHs^Ri cowacAjica. 

^ o6ofiT^. * ncTepeTbC«. ' good bye. ^ comp. of 4aieR6. 

^ rOAUTCfli of any use. ^ iraperat. of HecTU. 7 imperat. of AOnecTiS. 

( 43 ) 

BoTb BoeBo^HHi ciyra AOBejt ero no c^Haro BoeBoABi. 
" Eiaro^apii), mvjkhhoki ! roBopi-rt BOCBo^a : botl leoi vb 
flarpd^y sa to 4Bt TbicfliH pySicu." Mvhxuk^ naix na ro- 
i^HH : *' He Ha40 mhI hhou Harpa4bi, KpoMt uflTiijtecflTH 
crex^H^ Vb cn^Hy." BosHcaiiii^ ero BoeBo^a h npHKasaii 
4aTB eM^ nflTMecarb crenceu jeroHbKO.^ A MyasiiioKii Hanaii 
cHHTaTb ; KaKii 4ajH ABa^naiB naib, ohi h saRpHnaji : " noiHo/ 
o^4erb Cb sieHfl ;' 4pyrdfl noiOB^Ha noc^^jena tomi^, rto 40Bejx 
HeHfi AO TBoeu MAioCTH." IIosBaiu BoeBo^cKaro cjiyr;f h 
cnoioa OTCiHTaiH noiOB^ay Harpa^bi, Kairb cjiAOBaAO ; TOibKO 
owb He fdiXh Sbiii TaKod uarp^Al. BoeB64a noSjaro^apAii 
mysEJiKa h noAapiii en^ uiibixi Tpn TbicaqH. 

25. JLomadb u Komeje'Kn, 

Il3BicTHbift ndibCRiH reHepaii Kocri&niRO^ yM^pmid vh 
1817 Toxf Vb niBeuEiapiH, 6bui oieHb 6j[aro4tTeibHbiH 4eiO- 
Fi^Hi. Ohi ORadbiBaji Gbj^Bbmb jnoAflMi crdibRO 4o6pa, 
CRojbHO no3BaiftiH eM^ ero oGcroflTe^bCTBa, a uHor4a ^axe h 


O^HaK^bi eM;f 6iuo neBOSMoiRHO 40CT&BHTb JHHHO, no oGbi- 
RHOBeHiH), iioMonib OAflOM;f dtAHOMy ceMeHCiBy, Hj^BmeMy' orb 
Hero Ha ^OBOibHO 4aj[eK0M'b paacioflQin. FeHepaix 3na.i^, hto 
ci^Hbie iK)4H ero otrh^sulji kt» ceGi b% totb 4eHb eb yBtpen- 
HOcriK), H HOTOM]^ He xomix, HToGbi Hxi 0HCH4aHia ocmiHCb 
HanpacHbiMH. H laRi oht* nonpoc6.n» o^Horo Hecinaro scm- 
jCAtibna, CBoero coc^Aa, AOcraBiiTb SiAHOMy ceMewcTBy to, hto 
6buo A.ifl Hero HaaHaneHO. noceianHm> coriacujcfl Hcnoi- 
HDTb er& np6cb6y, h renepaji ^aJi eMj^, A^n ^ocTaBaeuia 

Mashes, ' no«wtTb. 3 dim. of jfe'rKltt. * cease, stop. 

< that will do for me. * hcotb. 

( 44 ) 

6t4nbiM'b jio^flMx noMomHi BepxoByio CBOibi6ma4B,HaKOT6pofi 
OHi oSbiKBOBeHHO caMi» ^AiiA%. 3eMieA^iem> BcnoiHHj'B 
bx-t6hhocth^ BoaiosEeHHoe na Hero nopyHeaie, no B03Bpa- 
liiAca Haad^i ^OBoibno dosaho, h Ror^a ysiixbA^ reeepaia, to 
CKaaaii: " na ko^ i6Qia4ii bi» 4pyr6d pa3'L a ysEi hh 3a hto 
He no^4y,^ ecxiH bbi ne ndL^iiTe^ uui h Bamero KomejbRa !" 
y^BBJienHbiu renepai'L copoc^Ji ero, hto ohi xoi4i'b ^thmi 
CKasaTb, n noiyn^ii bi otb^tb cji^yEon^ee : " KaKi tojbko na 
4op6rt," — roBOpAjii aeMJCA'hjeux, — ^^' Bcrpiqaica mh* n^mifi 
H, CHflBi maoKy, npocAii noAaaHifl, to jdraa^b Bama ocTanaB- 
jHBajacb, II HHKaKUMi 66pa30Mi He bo3m6»cho 6bU0 ee c^si- 
HyTb CB MicTa ao Tbx'b nopi^ nona y66rid orb hohA nero- 
HH6yAb He noAXHkjL'b. Ki necndcTiio, HajiA^Hbifl ^^HbrH^ 
6i>'iBmifl^ npn Mut, coctoAjh toibko h3t> neTbipexi Me^KHXb 
MOHeii ; pasA&iftB'b hxi, a npHHy>RAeHi gbui^ RaRi hh acajb 
MHt 6buo, noKa3biBaTb BHAi, hto 6pocaK) H^meMy bi mauRy 
4enbrn ; nocji^ Toro, j6ma4b oniTb npo^oiHeaja nyTb." 

TaRi RaRi 6jaro4'i^TeJbHbifi reHepaji, nfoi^TRsm no Aop6ri, 
Kanc^bid pasi ^aBaii HT0-HH6]fAb y66rHM'b, npoc^BniHM'b y nerd 
no4a&nifl, to ero joma^b H&io-no-Majiy'^ npoBbiRia, npn 

BCTp^li Cb HHUtHMH, OCTaHaBiHBaTbCfl, H CTO&ia AO 13X1> HOpi, 

noRa ek rocno4&H'b, no^aBi GbAEhm-b sihuami hAjoctbihio, ne 
no6yHS4aj'B ee hatA Aaj^e. 

26. CAJbjidn Aomadb. 

4aBn6, 6HeHb yx^ ^aBHo, Ror^a ne tojIbro naci, ho h 
H&mnx'b Ai^owb n ufa^inowb ne 6buo euiie na CB-BTt, ciokn* 
na MopcROMi 6eper;f 6oraTbiH n ToproBbin cjaBiHCRift ropoAi, 
BHHeTa ; a Vb ^tomi ropoA^ SHnjcb 6oraTbiu Rynem, yceAOMi, 

* punctually. 3 noixaii.. * Aaib. ^ 6HTk. 

A gradually. 

( 45 ) 

Kopa&iA KOToparo, earpyaceHHue 4oporHMn TOBapaMH, njaBaiH 
no Aaj[eKHM*L MopaMi. yce^oMi Cbu-b oneHb 6orarb n auiix 
pocKomuo : MOHcerL 6biTb h caMoe npoasaHie YceAOHa Ajh 
Bce^oMa nojtyiii'b ohi otb Toro, hto bi ero ^om'^ 6huo pimft- 
TeiBHO Bce, HTO TOibKO MOKHO 6biiO HauT^ xopomaro H 4opo- 
r^ro Bi TO BpeMfl ; a caMi x03fliHH'b, ero xo3flUKa b 4i^Tu ijn^ 
TOibKO Ha soiOT^ H na cepe5pt, xoaAjh TOibKo bi coSoiaxi 4a 
Bi napH*]^. 
Bi KOHibniHflx^b Yce^oMa 6biio mhofo OTiA^Hbix^b ioma^eu ; 

HO HH Wb yce^OMOBOH KOHtOniH'ib, HH BO BceJi BuHeT^, He 6bU0 

RODfl 6bicTpie n Kpac&Bie ^^ronik-BiTpa, — ^raKi nposBaix 
Yce^oMi CBOib jK)5]&MyK) BepxoByio Jtoma^b 3a 6bicTpoT]^ ek 
norb. Hhkto He CMi^i caAHibca Ha 4orofl&-B']kTpa, KpoM'b 
caMoro xosuiHna, n xosahhi HHKor4a ne i^Aurb Bepx^Mi hh na 
KaKOH 4pyr6u jonia^n. 

CiyH^iOCb Kynijy vb 04Hy hsi cbohxi nots^oirb no lop- 
roBbiMX A^ASLWb B03BpaniaflCb wb BufleTy^ npotsHtaTb na CBOeMi 
jik)6Amomi Kont npesi Sojbmou n TeMHbin i-ibcb. 4*^0 6buo 
n64V Bcnepi, jteb 6bui crpdniHO tcmchi h rycrb, B-BTcpi Ka- 
Haix BepxymKH yrpibMbixi eocene ; Kynem ixdun* oahhi 0411- 
HemeHeKi h maroM-b, cSeperaa CBoero j[K)6]S[Maro Konu, KOTopbiu 
ycTaix orb ^aibncH nois^KH. B^pyrb H3T>-3a KycroBi,, 6y4TO 

H3X-nOA'b 3eMJU, BblCKOHHJlO meCTb niCHUCTblX'b MOJtO^qoBl, Cb 

SBi^pcKHMH iAqaMH, Wb MOXHaTbixii maHKaxi, Cb poraTHHaMH, 
TonopaMH H H0»saMn jrb pyKaxi ; Tpoe 6buii na JiomaA&x'b, Tpoe 
uimKowby — n 4Ba pa366uuQKa cxBaTUja 6buo^ ysR^ i6ma4b 
Kynua 3a y34j^. He BH4aTb 6bi GoraTOMV yce^oMy cbo6h po4H- 
Mou BnHeTbi, 6ain-6bi no4'b EyLyn> 6bui> 4pyr6n KOK6H-Hii6y4b 
KOHb, a He 4oroHu-BiTepi. IIoHyaBi na y34't nyajyio pyKV, 
EOHb pBan^^jiCA Bnepe4'b, cBoeu mnpoKOH, cujbHOu rp]^4B!0 oopo* 

i ten, ^ towards. ^ were on the point of seizing. 

< 46 ) 

KAeyxL Ha s^Miio AByxB ^^psRHxi siOA^esi, ^epx&Bmnxi ero 
3a ysAy, cmaxl 0041 HoraHH iperBflro, KOTopbiJI, Hax4fl por&Tii- 
BOH, 3ai6iTkjL'b Bnepe4i h xoi4ii» 6iuo nperpa^ATBeMy^opory, 

U nOMHaiCfl KaKl BHXpL. KoHHbie pasCoHHBKH nyCT^HCL BTi 

AoroHKy :^ Aoma^a y hbxi 6b'iiH toskc Aofipbifl, bo Ry4a me mwu 
AorndTb yce^oMOBa kohA? ^oroflA-BtTepi, He CMOTpA nacBOib 
ycT&JocTb, H^A noroHK), MH&icfl KaKb CTP&I&, n;f H^eHHas ii3i> 
T^fro-HaiflHYTaro i^Ka, h ^aieKo ocraBHJ'b 3a co66h) pasiapeH- 
Hbixi 3J04iBeB'b. ^pesi noJiHaca yce^oMi yssi BrbfesK^ji bi 
poAUMyio BflH^Ty na cboSmi ^ofipoMi Roei, Cb ROToparo niea 
MoHhfiuE Baj^jacb Ha sesiJio. 

Cii^afl Cb ioma^H, 6oRa EOTopofi orb ycr&iocTH no^bisii- 
iHCb BbicoKO, Ryneiii Tyrb me, Tp6nifl ^oroni-BtTpa no bsmiIi- 

iCHHOH Hleib, TOpHCeCTBeHHO oSbmSLJi'b, HToSbl Cb HHMl HH Ciy- 

Hi&jiocb, HHKor^a He npo^aBaxb ne AdLfkth HHROsiy cBoerd 
Bipnaro kohu, ne nporoH&Tb ero, RaRi 6bi owb hh cocrapiicfl, 
H ence^HeBHO, 40 caMOH CMepTH, oxnycRaTb KOHib n6 TpH MvpM 
jyqmaro OBca. Ho, noTopon^BmHCb Kb meui n jATRWh, Yce- 
46M'b He npHCMoip'BJ'b caifb 3a j[6ma4bK), a jitHABbiu pafioTHHRii 
He BbiBOABJCb HBMyqeHHaro roh&, RaKi ci%4yeTb, ne 48^1 en^ 
coBepm^HHO ocTbiTb n Hanoii'b panbrne' BpeMeHH. Ci rtxi 
caMbixi nopi ^oroHH-Bl^Tepi Hana^x XBopaTb, xnjiTb, ocia- 
Girb Ha Horn h HaROH^m oci'i^n'b. Kyn^qi onenb ropeBaii h 
Cb noir64a Bipno co6iK)4^'b CBoe oGtmanie: ci^hoh ROHb 
CTOflii no ope»cHeMy vb RonibmHi n eny eHce4H6BH0 OTnycRa- 
jiocb no Tpn iMfi^pbi OBca. yceAOMii Kyniji hotomi ce6b 
4pyr^K) BepxoBj^K) i6ffla4b, ho npesi noir64a eM;f noRasaiocb 
cJHinKOM'b HepacHeiJiHBO 4aBaTb cjci^nou, HHRy4a Her64HOd 
i6ma4H no TpH Mtpbi OBca, h ohi Bei'&i'b OTnycRaTb 4Bi. 
Eu^e npomid' noir64a: CAinok KOHb Gbui eui6 Mdj04i, npH- 

1 in pursuit. ^ compar. of p^a ' npotkii. 

( 47 ) 

xo4AiOCB ero ropmAtb ^oiro h eny craiH oxnycRaTB no o^H6d 
mfi. HaKOHem>, h ^to noKasujocB Rynqy Tsaseid h owb 
BeiUTB CHflTL cb ^oroH^-B^Tpa VB^y H BbireaTb ero sa Bopom 
4t66m He saEHMajcB nanpacHO MtcTO bi» ROHibmHt. Ciinaro 

ROHi pa66THHKH BbinpOBO^HJH CO ^BOpa ndjEOU, TaiTB EaiTL OWb 

ynnpaicfl h He meii.^ 

Eb4huh^ Cjilnofi J^OTOE^L'Bi^ef'by He noHHMas, hto ci> hhmi 
niidiJOTb, He 3Hafl H He bAaa, Ky4a h^tA, ocrd^cfl cto&tb sa 
BopoTanii, onycTUBinH roioay h nenaiBHO mesejA ymaMH. 
Hacryn^a ho4b, nomeji cni^rb, cnaTb na RaMHAxi 6buo 
HcecTRO n xojo4h6 42 a G^^hoh cjrknou Jtoma^H. H-k^ROJibRO 
4ac6Bi» npocTOfl.ia ohe na o^homi m^ct^^ ; ho naRonem rojo^i 
3acTaBHii» ee HCR^Tb hhuih. IIoAHfliBniH rojoBy, Hioxaa bi 
Bos^yxi, He Hona^eTCfl^ sm Tfl,i HH6y4b xoTb rjori coiOMU 
CO crapofi, oc^HyBinefica Rpbimn, Gpeja"* Ha y^any ciinaa 
joma^b H HaTbiRaiacb 6e3npecTdnHO to na yroii ^oMa, 10 na 

Ha^oSno BaMi cRasaTb, hto in, BnHeT^, RaRi h bo Bcbx-b 
CTapAnHbixi ciaBflHCRux'b ropo4ax'b, ne 6buo RUflsa, a 3RUTeiH 
r6po4a ynpaBJ^jiHCb casia co66k), coSnpaflCb na HJon^aAb, Ror^a 
H;f9RH0 6biio p'ibmaTb RaRifl-HH6i^4b BaatHbia fjkjisb. TaRoe co« 
Spaflie napo^a aja ptm^nifl ero coScraeHHbix'b a^at*, j^ar cy^a 
I pacHpdBbi, HasbiBsLiocb erineMn. IIocpeA^ BoHeTbi, na iiio- 
ma^H, Txb co6upaiocb Btne, BvidbjL'b na neibipexi CT0j6axi 
GoibmoH B^ieBOH ROJioROJii, HO SBoHy ROToparo co6Hpaicfl 

HapdAl H Bib ROTOpblH TAOFh SBOH^Tb RaSR^blU, RTO CHHTail 

ceSfli o6teeHHbiM'b h Tp^Soaaii otb Hap64a cy^a h saniBiTbi. 


nycTflRaH'b, SHaa, hto 3a 4to otb Hap64a cAibHO ^ocraHeTca.* 
Epo^fi HO HJ[6Hia4H, ciinafl, riyxaa h roi64Hafl joma^b 

1 H4T]L ' nonacTbCfl. ' OpecTU. ^ AOCTaibCfl. 

( 48 ) 

ciyqdftHO HaSpeii^ Ha cT0.i6bi, na KOTopuxi bucuil r6jorOjII, 
H, 4^Mafl, 6i>iTb BidsKerL, Bb'iTamHTB B3i» crpixft nyqeiTb co- 
JoMbi, cxaaiuia syfiaMH sa BepesKy, npHB&3aHHyH) Kb ndhiBf 
KojOKOia H CTaja 4epraTb : KoJOKOi'b sasBOH^j'b Tarn cAibHO, 
HTO Hapo^i, He CMOipA Ha TO, HTO Sbiio eme oneHb pdno, 
TOinaMH craii c6'braTbCfl na nj6nia4b^ jKeiaa SHaib, kto TaiTB 
rpoMKO TpeSyerb ero cy4^ h 3aniuTbi. Bci b% Bhh^t^ SHaia 
4oronH[- B-i^Tpa, andjiu, hto ohi coacb^ HcusHb CBoeMy xo3HHHy, 
3H^n oSiuianie xoainna — h y^HBAincbjyBA^fl nocpe4A nionia^H 
6t4naro kohh, cjinaro, rOjio^Haro, ^poajamaro orb cryatH, no- 
KpbiTaro CHi^roMi. CRopo o6T>flCHii.iocb, Vh HeMx 4I10, H Kor4& 
Hap64T» ysHaji'b, hto 6oraTbiH yccAOMi Bwrnaji Aa^ 40My 
Cji'ibnyio joma^b^ cnacmvio eMy acnaob, to e^HHO^ymno p'&mAj'b, 
HTO ^oroHu-B'BTep'b bmuii noiHoe npaBO SBOH^Tb bi» BineBofi 
KoJOROJCb. noTpe6oBaiH na nji6nia4b neSjaro^dpHaro Rynn4 
n, He CMOTpft Ha ero onpaB^dnia, npHRaaa^H eny co^epasaTb 
Aoma^b no npeacneMy h KopMUTb ee ao caMOBi eu CM^pTH. 
Oc66biH qeiOBtRX npncraBjeH'b 6hU'h cMOTpiib aa hchoj- 
HenieMX nparoBopa, a cdMbiii npHroBopi SbiJCb Bbipiaani na 
KaMHi, HOCTaBJeHHOM'b Bi HaMflTb Stofo C06blTifl Ha B^qeBOH 


toBoparb BnpoHeMi, hto ne nyacHO 6buo hh pdsy npHHyac- 
4aTb yceAOMa Kb HcnoiHeHiH) B'i^neBaro nparoBopa; nynea'B 
HOHjfBCTBOBajx BCH) HepHOiy CBoero nocryHRa ; KopMUJi^ h 
xojHi'b ciin;fK) ioma^b 40 caMOu ek CMepTH. 

27. Brbpuocmi). 

OAiiB-b flSbiHecKiu napb npiiRaa&ii npuBecTft Kb ce6B xpn- 
criaHCKaro enftcRona n Tpe6oBaJ^ on> Hero, htoSm oni ot- 
peRca' orb cBoefi Bipw h npHHeci* asepisy A^ojaMi. Ho enA- 

1 Ha6pecTii. 2 past of cnacitf. * past of otp^hlch. * past of npBHecTiS. 

( 49 ) 

CRoni CO Bc6io KpdTOcriH) OTBiHaii : ^^ rocy^apB ! ^Toro ii He 
Mory' cA*JaTB." 

— KaKB I cRaslii lor^a pasrHiBaHHBiH napB : pdaBi tbi ne 
3HaeniB^ hto h(B3hb tboA HaxoADicfl bi mo6h BjaciH, h a 
Mor^ npe^aiB Te6& CMepia? O^ho MaHOBeeie — h tcSA ne 

— 3to fl 3Haio, OTBlHaji en&CKoni : ho hosbojb uwb, ro- 
cy^api, npe^jiOHcATB Te5i o^ho cpaBH^nie h oa^hi BonpocrB na 
pimenie. Dpe^crdBB ceG^, hto o^Ahi h3-b BlpH^dniHxi 
cjyffiATeied tboAxi nondaca ^ bi p;^ke BparoBi tboAxi, h ohA 
Bc&HecKH crapaiHCB no6y4&TB ero itb HeB^pHOCTH npoTHBi Te6ft 

H H3MiH%. Ho KaiTB BlpHBlJ^ Ciyra TBO& OCraBaiCfl HeH3MiH- 

BsaJiH ero, ch&jh cb Her6 bch) o^^HC^y h Hararo npornaiH otb 
ce6& CB HOCMiaHieifB. CKa»&, rocy^dpB, Kor^a ohi npnACTB^ 
KbTeSbj He AaniB^ JH tbi eM^ j^fqmiii^ m-h OAemj^-b cboAxi, 
h He B03Harpa4&mB jh ero sa nocMMnie h nopyranie Hecriio 


— KoH^^HO TaiTB, OTvbHkjL% napB : HO KHeMy ate 4to, h r^i 
6bi TaKde ciyHAjocB ? 

Tor^a Sjiaro^ecTEBBiH enAcKon'B cKasli'B: "rocy^dpB! tbi 
MoxemB CHflTB CB Mens ^Ty 3eMHyH) OAenc^y ; ho Focho^b 
MOH o6jeqeTi Meni vb HOByio j;fimyH). . . Morf ae trq a TdiKh 

MHOrO AOpOSR^TB ^TOH), Ht65bI OT^aTB 3a Hee BipHOCTB MOlb?" 

ToTj^k napB cKa3aji : '^ ha& ; a 4apib leSb »eii3HB." 

28. MaAopocciucKte aneKdombu 

"F^i 4to TBI ShWht cnpocAi-B Hhk6<w)P'b CrenaHa, hto 
Te6a TaK-B j^oito n6 6bmo bAaho ?" — Fe, r^b? y TaTapBBi !^ "V 

> MOHb. » thou wilt cease to exist. » uonicTbcn. * fut. of npittii- 
* fut. of 4aTB. ^ comp. of xop6ralll. ' Tartacrj. 

( 60 ) 

TaTapBiS[ ! damiwb ?" — BoesaTb xoAiki-b. ** A hto, 3apy6ftjb jh 
TM xoTb 04H0r6 TampHHa? — X to h wbrb !^ "A KaRi ae tm 
ero 3apy6Aji ?" — 4^ TaKi : H^y ce5B ndieMi h Cpenq^ cd6- 
iCH, rjflAb^ — noA'B Bep66H) je»(ArB s^opoB^HEBid' TaiapHE'L 
H p^KH pacKHHyji. BoTB fl HO^Rpaicfl * Aa H3i»-3a Bep6ik euf 
OAH^ pyny h OTctirb'. c^jch, a ohi jieac^nb ; fl CMy h 4pyr^iO 
OTCBKT», a 0HT> Bce AQmiiTb ! " 3, rjynBiH Hce tbi, CTen^Hi I 
CKa3ai'B Hhk&<ik)P'b : tbi 6bi eMy roiosy Hanepe^i OTc^Kib." — 
Fe I cKasai'B CTenaei : a h caMi TaKi 4yMai'B^ ^a roiOBili h6 

3acHf JTB MyxAiTB Ha Bosy 4a h ea'lxai'B ea Bepcrf ;* b6hh 
craiH, mv^kAki a npocH^Jicfl ^a h roBopAub : *' ^Ka 6BC0Ba lib- 
CHOT& ! HTO ^0 3a ^MHBie iib^H 6iuE : He 3H&IH, Txb Bepcrf 


Hpo^^uTB rpnKBKo^ MyKy b^ ryfiepHCKOMi ropo^i h KynAii 
ceGi xopomie onoHKOBBie canorA, BbiMa3ai'B hxi xopdinHMi 
^erreM^ h naniurca bt> ry66pflCKOMir6poAirop'BjiKH*B'BciacTB, 
laiTB-HTO e^Ba BBiSpaica hsi ropo^a. 4^^^' ^^ He MorB^^ h 
B4tA : yn^i na ^opori 4a n aaceyii ; a MocKajA" mia" ^a n 
chAjh canorA. Ha ^pyrofl ^eHB paHO i^en" MyTK^KB hsi loro 
ceia, OTKy^a SbWb FpiiUbKo. Botb totb, hto ixajx, no4x6- 
4nrB in> FpfiiiBKb h S^^htb ero : '* BcraBan, roBoparB, Fdhiibko ! 
— 4a eme pano, roBopArB FpHUBK6. " 4a KaKoe leSi pano? 
— IIpoiB, roBopib leOb ! CKasai'B FpnabKo pascepA^BmacB. 
'*IImB," eme rHiBaercfl ! npHM^'* xotb HorH-io cb 4op6rH, 

• I should think so ; rather. « I look — , • gigantic. < n04Rp4cncA. 

• past of OTCt<n. • posts marking versts on the road-side. ' Gregory. 

• B54KIL » comp. of ASUieKo, *» past of MOib. " p^ccKle. « Efiji, 

M -SxaTb. 1* you see. ** imperat. of npauHTB. 



( 61 ) 

^dA npoBxaTB." BsriflHyjii FpHiibKo Ha cboA hofh h biSi^htb, hto 
H^TB canorB, ^a e roBopArB : '^ ^t6 He uok : moh bb canoraxt !" 

29. 4^a dpyia u Mederidb. 

4Ba fffTa.y nyremecTByii BMicii, bctpbtejhcb cb Me^si- 
J^elL'h. y^kxbwb Bvbpn, oa^hb h3b hhxi> Baii^^ na 46peBO h 
cnpiTaicfl TasfB, a ApyroH, 6yAyHH ocraBjeHB cboAmb tob^- 
pHHieMB, ynajB na s^mjih) h npHTBopuJicfl MepTBBiMB ; Kor^d 
»Ee MeAFB^B HOAomeiB^ kb nei^iy h crajiB ero oCeibxHBaTB, to 
OHB saiaAjiB 4BixdHie (eM^ bsb^ho 6buo^ hto Me4Bi^4B pi^KO 
TporacTB MepTBBixi). Me^B^^B BB cdMOMB j^i He iponyiB 
ero H BCKop'ib y^ajAiCff. Tor^d nyreni^CTBenHHRB^ cRpBiB^B- 
midcii na ^epesi, com6jB* bhhsb h cnpocAjni cBoer6 4p^ra 
HacM^^nuEBO^ HTO TaKoe* Me^Bi^fc meni^iB eny nk yxo? — ^''Ohb 

MH4 COB^TOBaJB/' OTBil^B ^pyrOH HyTeffl^CTBeHHEKB, '^BnpeAB 

BHKor^d He X04ATB Bi Aopory cb laKAMa 4py3BflMH, KOTopBie 


30. Fopd CydoMO. 


Bx n6pxoBCROMX yi34%/ HCK0BCK6fi ry66pHiH, ecTB p^Hna 
Cy^dBia^ BHa^aiomafl bb nieJOHB. Ha ^toi^ pl^^Ki Cy^oMi na- 
xo^flTCfl 4bI HeBBicoKifl ropKH^ 04Ha na 04h6mb 6eper]^ efl, 
4pyrdfl na npoTHBynoioHCHOMB. Ha o^hoe h3b hhxb enie cox- 
paaftjECB H noHBiH^ cit^bi crapHHHaro yKpini^Hia Bbihi- 
ropo4a; npo Apyryio-ate ropny napo^'B pascKasBiBaeiB cit- 
4yK)mee : 

Bb crap&HHBie voA&y Ror^d na PycH h6 6Biio eme cvaobb^ 
H asAjH Bc^ Bi» 40b6jbctfB h HpaB^i^, He oSnssafl 4pyrB 4p^ra^ 

1 past of BaitSTb. * noAOttT^. * cottTi. * what waa ill 


( 62 ) 

caMi EoFB nponsBO^Ai'B cy4% ea i^wb wbcri. Cb s^Ca 
cnycKajacB nins^ h KdasjiBift h3i» TsiHcyiUHxcfl, 630^4^ Ha ropy, 
AOJffieH'B ShWh 6paTb ee pyKoio : HeBHHHbift Bcer^a AOcraBai'B, a 
BUHOBHBin HHKor^a — u^db no^BiM^acb Bs'ime. Tairb npo^oi- 
Hiaicfl cyAi* AOiroe Bp^na^ e Bci 6bUE ^OBdJbHU er6 p^taS- 


o6MaB]^TB HeSecHoe npaBOcy^ie. Botb KaKi ^to cjyqAiocB. 
Hiiero 6paJi wb saHMBi ^eHBrn. IIo npom^cTBiH cpona, Rpe- 
ilQTopi fLMk&tca Kb noJLmEiiLKf 3a AeHBraHH ; nocii^Hift sanH- 
paeicfl, HTO HHKorAa y Hero bi> 3aHMbi ^enerB ae 6pai'B. TaRi 
KaKi cBHA^Tejeu npa tomi h6 6buo, to Tfl»(ymHMCfl b&i^ho 
UTTu na ropy Cy^oMy h npe^aTB ko jiJBJLO cy4y Eohuk). 40^^- 
Hi&Ki no4H&JCfl Ha x&TpocTB: Bbi^ojiSHJ-B na^Ky h nanojHHi'B 
ee ^eHBraMH^ crojbko ^i^ECTBATejBHO 6paji b-b 3aHMB'i. IIox- 
cy^uMBie npHuuii Kb Ha3HaHeHH0My MBciy. Do ffip^iio 
Kpe^uTopy 40CTaj6cB BsiTBca 3a iAhb n6pB0My ; ohi aoct&i'b 
ee 6e3i ycAiiH. f^oimEiiKh^ bocxo^A Ha ropy, nepe^^'L CBOft 
Hocoxi, HanojiHeHHBi]^ ^eHBraMH^ na noAepncanie nepBOMy h 
-— Tosse Aocraii ei^hb. Coank cb ropbi, .nocoxi cbo^ ohi 
nojy^Hj-B o6paTHO ; ho 6o»;ecTB6, ocKop6jeHHoe TaK^nfB 
HHSKHM'B oSnanoM-B^ no^Hflio Ei^HB Ha He60; H CB rtxi nopi 
ona yme ne onycKdaacB. FoBopflTB, hto napojCB h 40 chx'B 
nopi HHTderB oc66oe yBaat^Hie k-b SiOMy Miciy : hhkto hc 
npoHAeTB^ MHMO ero, ^1061 ne chhtb mdnKH h He nepeKpe- 
CTiiTBCfl. 3to npe^anie, ne jnmeHHoe noaaiH, uomerb CAynRkTb 
HoBBiMi npHM'BpoM'B p^ccKHxi HpeAaniH, 6biBmnxi na Pyc& 
vb n^pBBie B^Ka xpnaiaHCTBa, a Momerb 6bitb h paHBme.' 

* npottiA. 2 comp. of p6H0. 

( 63 ) 




31. CMieine — nepeme offumdmeJiu Pocciu. 

DjeMeHd' ciaBiHCKifl^ pasciiiHHbifl ea odmnpHbixi npocrp^H- 
timxb, tbAjle HeSoJbmAMH cej^HiiiMH no 6eperdM'b osepi ii 
piKB Bi rjiymA nepBoSbiTHbixijicoFB. KaHtAaa ceuhk dobhho- 
Bdiacb CBoeMy po^OHaHajbHQKy HiH cr^pmeMy qj^ny h HM^ia 
OAHO 66mee HM^mecTBo 40 rbx-b uopb, noKa cb TeneHieM'b tipe- 
iieHH^ He pacda^aiacb Ha OT^'&ibHbifl cem^HCTBa. CTapniHHbi 


OHH pascyKA^iH j^ii&x'bf KacaioniHxcfl Bcero ceieniff, ropo^a 
AiH K^iaro nji^BieHH. M4io no Mday H3KOTopbie po^bi B03Bbi- 
ciUHCb na^'B 4pyru[MH h npio6p'&iA^ KHHHcecKoe ^octohhctbo; 
uaBa laKoro po^a n6jib30Baic& ocodbinfb noneTosfb h BjiftnieM-b 
Ha p'i^m^niii BBna. Tairb Fb ApeBHCHmyio anoxy ynoMHnaioTCfl 
KHflSbA y noiUH-b u 4p6BjftHi/ Fopo^dMH Ha3biBaj[ncb rb 
nocei^Hifl, KOTopbia SbUE oroponeHU 3eMiiiHbiMi Bdjonfb h 
pBOM-b^ A-ifl 3aniATbi orb nenpifliTejieu. 
CiaBflHe OTjunaiHCb BbicoKUMi pocroBTb, TeMnbiMi nB^TOMi 


cypoBOMy 66pa3y h(U3hh onk ch paHeeH mojo^octh npHBbiKaiH 
jerKo nepenocuTb xdjoaii^ mapb h ne^ocTaTOKi wb n&mi. Xa^ 
paKTepi Hxi, KaKi n Bcix-b neoSpasoBaHHbix'b napo^oFb, npe;(* 

^ ni^Mfl. ^ Bp^Mfl, ' npioCptCT^. * names of tribes, 

5 poBT>. 

( 64 ) 

CTaB.i»j[T> cM^cb xopomnxi h ^ypHriixi KdqecTBi: cb o^Hoft 
CToponbi ouA 6i>uH MHpoiH)6i[Bbi H rocTenpiAsiHbi (nosBOii- 
jocb 4d)Ke yKpacTb y codB4a, mtoSw yrociHiTb crpaHHHKa), cb 
4pyr6u oHeub HeonpuTHbi h cKiOHHbi irb paa^opaMi m^hc^v 
coCoK). BoopyHC^Hie hxi cocroSio bsi TiiTKejaro ^epeBAHBaro 

lUHTd, EOpOTKHXl KOnift H CTp'&I'B, HaM&3aHHbIXT» HHOF^a 

i^OMi; ohA iH)6AiH cpa»(dTbCfl ne 4py»iHOio TOJinoK)^ a bi 
pa3Cbiniiyio. iK^nmnsbi y QaBHHi ne n6ib30BajHCb TahAM'L 
yBdmR^Eityrb, Rairb y FepMauueBi: Ha hhxx jieHcajH caMbifl 
THHcejbiii AOMamHifl paSoibi. HeotcTy oSbiKHOBeHHO noxHm^iH 
H noTOMi DiaTUiH 3a Hee poahtciami fiiao/ CymecTBOB&rb 
TaK>Ke o6biqafi HHoromeHCTBa, h nocib CMepiH Hy»(a o^Ha lai 
ero Hceiii 40JHSH& 6bua cj^AOBaTb sa hhmi Fb MorAjy. Bi 
Bih'OTopbixi Mi^Tdx-b MepTBCiia cojKHrajH Ha Kocrpi ; neneii 
ero co6iipdjH bi cocy^i h ct&bhjih Ha CT0i6i, Tff,i cxo^Aiocb 
H^cKOJbKo 4op6rb. norpeSenie conpoBoacA^ocb TpAsHOio 
(oomAhkh), KOTopaa cocroiiia vb QHpmecTBax'b h pdanuxi 

BOAflCTBeHHblX'B UrpaXl. FjdBHblM'b Cp^^CTBOMl HpOnHT&Hill 

ay^K^ja oxoia : pBHu h oaepa HSoS&JOBajn pbi6oH), a iic& 
4AKHMH jKHBOTHbiMH^ KOTopbix'L CiaBfliHe 663% pa366pa yno- 
TpeoiHiH Vb niiniy. SeaijeAuiie bi» IX. ciOAiim erne m&io 
6buo pacnpocrpaHeHo Mom^y hAmh ; Bi^poiiHO 66iie ycnixoBi 
HMtiO CKOTOBO^CTBO. Boo6ni6 cisepHbie, t. e. HOBoropoAcide 
C^asAue 6bun o6pa36BaaHie ibHciibixi h naxoAHJHCb vb to 
BpeMA yw^ Vb Topr6Bbixi>CHomeHiflxi» cb codbAHiiMH Hapo^aMn. 

32. £am u Kotdd nauaJiocb Pyccnoe wcyddpcmeoi^ 

Bi 859 rojiy KaR^a-TO Bai&ra HopM&HHOFb, Ha3biB£Bmnxcfl 
y Hacb BapmaMu, npnnibud no Eaj[TiHCKOMy Mopio, h3fbct- 
BOMy TaKSEe 004% uMeuem-b BapuMcnaio^vb ^CTbe HeBbi,pa3Cbi« 

( 65 ) 

naiacB no CTopondm h o6.ioa(Ajia a^hlh) Bcrpi^eBBbifl ^h> 
DieMend, ciaBiecKia h ^AecKifl. 

n644aHCTBO upoAOJLTR&JLOcb HCAOiro : njeMCH^ BCKopi Bcrajn 
04n6 3a ApyrAM'b — noTOH^ iH, hto Gbum BbiBe4eHBi hsi Tep- 
nSHifl HacAibCTBOMi npnm^jmeB'B, kjivi noTOMy, hto ybra^h 
B03M6aKH0CTb ierK6 cnpaBHT&cn cb hAmh h se saxoi^iH necik 
HanpacHBixi vGb'iTROBi. 

KaiTb 6ki TO hA 6buo,^ xosfteBa' npornliH HeaB&HHbix'b rocr^i 
ry^a, OTKy^a ohA npuxo^HiH, " 3a Mope,"^ h B&^iajiH nonpeac- 
HeMy ** Bia^^Tb c^mh bi' ce5t."^ Ho BCR6pi nepeccopHiHCb 
H^HC^y co56io : ^ Bcraj'b po4i na po^i." nojiHidcb RpoBb^ h 
yc66Hit'6 He BH^^Tb 6biio KOHEta. A Hopn^Hnbi Cb nacy Ha 

HaCb MOrJH BOpOT^TbCfl Cb HOBblMH, eme SojbDIHMB' cAjaMH 

OTMcrfrrb aRecTORO sa nojy4eBBoe ocRop6i6Hie h HajOHcAib Arc 

TftHSdii' np63RBflro. 

ToTA&j cpe^A 66meft cm^ th, npHnua' bi rdioBy komj^-to 
n3rb BoeB^BBiflxi (Liardfl Mbicjb, htoGi npeRpaTArb KpoBonpo- 
j^Tie: *' noAnieAfb" ceSk KHflSfl^ KoropbiH 6bi Bia4'Bi'b sdMu o 
cy^^JTb no npdBy.'* 

CoBBTb sacjyxAjii o^oSpenie. IIo vj^i mcKkih HHfl3fl, crdib- 
EO cAibBarO; hto6i owb Morb ^epsRaib CBoe Amu rposflo h bi 
ByxHOM'b ciyqai saniHTBTb M^pHbifl nieMea^ orb BB^niBBxi 
BparoBTb ? 

B^paBbifi cMbicii, Hap64Hbid toiri yRasaii imtb HopM&H- 
BOBi, KOTopbie rocno^cTBOBajB no bccm^ BSMopbio, 6iG[a(BeMy b 
/[^jbHCMy, xo^Ajih 6e3npecTaBB0 sa Bct qerb'ipe cTopoHbi,' ce- 
jAjBCb Be34iB, TAb nparptBajo cojniie, b roTOBbi 6bUB cjy- 
KATb, KOMy yro^BO, jamb 6buo 6^ bsi Hero,*® — HopMaBBOB'b, 

^ be as it may. * pi. of xos^eni. * out of the eountry. 

^ to haye self-rule. ^ comp. of Bei^Kitt. *Tfl»ej$e. 7 npiHi^. 

B imp. of noHCKan. > BCfe len&pe crdpoHU, ** everywhere." 

^0 if it were worth their while* 

( 66 ) 

ROTopbixi ci&Ba pacnpocipaeAjacB Bcib^y. 4& h Roro «b 
Vb TO Bp^Mfl BM6np|iTb 6buo HHane? Kto HMiii croJbRO ciiu 
H cm4iocth, HToSi B3HTbcfl 3a TaKoe Tpy^Hoe H onacHoe a^o? 
Kto Mori jyqme^ saQtHT^Tb otb HopMaHHOFb, RaRi He hxi 


CMeene^ KpHBanA, J^y^b, Becb h Mepa nonuA " 3a nope" 
m» o^HOMy HopHancKOMy nj^MCHE, no4eMy-TO hmi Soi'ite 3Ha- 
ROMOMy, ROTopoe Ha3biBaiocb PycbWy JidLKb H Apyrifl njeHeea 
Ha3biBaiHCb CBCflMH, AHFiflHaMe, FoTaMH H MypMaeaMH. 

" 3eMja H^ma BeiHKa h oGuiibaa, a nopft^Ra bi hch h^tb : 
npH4HTe RHflH(ATb H BOJOABTb' h^mh/' cRa3aiH HM'b noci^ 

6e31» BC&RHX-b OROi^HHOCreH H yCIOBiH — B^ifl H pOROBUfl 

cjob4, ROTopbifl coxpaeAjH naAojro CBoe SHaneHie. 

HopMaHHbi 3HajH RopoTRo HX'b 36mjk), 6oraTbift FoJIbM- 
rap^i; shIih coc^^nioio, oSftjibHyio uixkum EiapHiio hjh 
nipMb ; SHaiH npHMaHHHByH) Fp^aiio, Ry^a MHorie orb hexi 
^acTO i34Hja ToproBaTb vb KoHcraHTHHonoj']^ h ciyaE^Tb no 
Ha^M^ Bi HMnepaTopcROd BapaeriE hjh rsapAiH. 

Ho 3T0My nyrft xoaAjh yH(e bi Fp^iiiH) i-i^Tb sa Tpa;(- 
iiaTb^ H-ibKOTopue n3ib toe PycA^ Kb RoeE oSpaTiincb Ten^pB 

OxoTHEKH Hanuftcb^ — corjiacETbCfl na bi!i30bi : Tps 6paTa^ 
RHfl3bA PibpflRi, CEHoycb n Tp^fBopii. OhA no^HHjAcb CO 
Bd^Mi cBO^M-b nj^HOHeM-b H npHUuft R-b HaH-b vb 862 roAy* 


33. PiopuKti — nepebiu pycmU Focydapb. 

PibpERi CA^aiCfl Focy^apeMi wb o^HOM-b H3'b nepsbixb ro- 
po^oBi, ocfldBaHHbixi CiaB&HaME, Bi HoB'bropo4%^ TpyBOp'b Vb 
HsSopcRiy CEHeycb bi 3eMjii^ ie^amed orojo Eiaaro-osepa. 

A comp. of xopom6. ' CiaB^ee. * BiSLUVth* 

* about 30 years previously. ^ HallTiicb. 

( 67 ) 

Orb CHXX-TO Tpexi Bapftro-PyccKHXx KHaaSfl CiaBaHe HaqaiH 
HaabiBaTbCfl PyccmiMu^ a 3eMj« hxi PycbWy Bnocj^^cTBiu Poc- 
dew. CHH^ycB h TpyBopt cKopo ynepjA, h PibpHirL cAtiajca 

O^AhI BeiAKUAfL KHflSeMl P^CCKHMl H OCHOBaieieAfB P^ccKaro 

rocy^apcTBa. Ohi khhhcAjii ciacTiHBO ABa ro^a cb 6paTbiiME 

34. Kieen — cmoAut^ PyccKato tocyddpcmea. 

Bm%ci% ch PibpnROMi npiixaju Kb CiaBflmaMi Modrie Ba- 
p&rH, KOTopbie eme na po^HH^ ciyac&jiH eny h, JK)6i ^oGparo 

HaH^bHHKa^ He XOTRIH paSCTaTbCff Ch HRMl. PlOpUKl 3a ^TO 

yc^p^ie ^apHii HMOTopuMX h31 nnxi ^epeBHH h ceieHiii cja- 
BincKifl : otb iioro noflBAiHCb y nact noMfiu^uKu, t. e. Tanie 
Goape, KOTopbie Bja4uiii iio^bMi h aeMJiiMB. Ho He Bcb ^th 

nOM^^U^HKH SbliH ^OBOJbHbl CBoAmE nOM^TbflMH : HHhlMl Ka- 

sajocfi Becej^e HCKaib cnacrba na bohbe, HencejH cn^tib ^oMa. 

4B6e H3l laK^Xl CAflklblX'b BdHHOBl^ HO AnfeHH ACKOJb^'b u 

J^fupb, ornpaBHJHCb cb TOBapemaMH Kb ibry otl UoBropo^a^ h 
na npeKpacHbix-B 6eperax-B p-i^R^ JininipsL yBHA-kin MaieHBKiu 
ropo^oRi, KOTopbit iiwb oneHb noHpaBHJicii. diorb ropoAOKi 
6biix KieBi. OhA neAojro ^yMaju : saBja^liH hmi h c^i- 
laJHCb rocy^ap&Mu KieBCKHMH. 

OjierB, ynpaejAa noBropo^OMi uocJLi CMepiH PidpHKa, 
eibimaji, hto Bci npitaxKasmie HS'b Kiesa xsaj^iH HOBoe 
KHuacecTBO PyccKoe, h BSAyMajx saBOCBaTb ero. Ho obi SHaj-b, 
HTO KHH3bfl[ KieBCKie H Hapo^i Hxx xpaopbi, HTO oflA 6y4yn> 
cpaHcaibCfl Cb laKoio-Hce CMUiocTbio Kairb h ero bohhu^ u ot- 
Toro^ pimi&jcfl ynoipeoHTb XHipocrb. 00401064^^ Kb KieBy, 
OHi ocrdBBj'B BOHCKO Hasa^A, npnnjbU'b Ki> KieBCKOMy 6epery 

> for that reason. ^ ger. of nOAOfiiu. 

< 58 ) 

HaMH, n nocjaji cKaaaTb rocy^apAifi KieBCRHM'b^ qro cb hAmh 
9Kejiai{)TB B^^tiLca Kvniibi sapHmcKie HSt HoBropo^a^ hxi 4py^ 
3Lfl H seMiflKA. AcKOiMi H ^^P'^ dhuni 6<ieHB pa^bi rocrftM'b 
n ToiqacTB OTnpaBHiHCB Ha joakv nxb. Ho jiHmB-ToiBKO ohA 
BonijA Ty^a, KaKi B^pyrB bohhbi Oi^ra OKpyncujH hxi ; a 
caMi OjerB, no^eiBi Ha pynaxi M^eHBKaro Ilropn, CKaaaii : 

^61 H^ KHH3bH, HO H KHHSb ! U eomti ChlM FlOpUKa ! Bl ^Ty 

caMyK) MHHyry BdnHBi 5p6cHjBCB na o66hx'b KHtt3e& KieBCKHXi 
n y6ujn hxi. Botb o^ho Aypnoe a' Oi^ra ; a BopdneMi 
ohxSbui xopomiH oneRyHi MajeHBKaro BocnuTaHHHKacBoerdj 
crapajcfl o n6jB3i^ napo^a PyccKaro, coeAHHAjii 66a hobbia 
rocyAapcTBa BapiroBX bi o^ho, c^uiaji crojAcieH) KieBx n 
TaKi npociaBHJCfl cbo6k) xpaCpocriio^ hto ^aiKe Fp^iai bi 
KoHciaHTHHonoii SoflUHCB ero h Amchb PyccKaro. 

35. Beduuan mmuHH OMia. 

npoucxoMdenie Omiu. OjBra po^HJiacB npocroio A^Byin- 
Kod ^ Bi» Aep^BHi oKOiO Fopo^a IIcKOBa. MoJOAofi KHflSB HropB 
npiixajii Ty4^ na oxoTy u ciyndHHO yB^A^i ^ly ^epeB^HCKyio 
KpacaBHKy, KOTopaa laKi nonpaBHiacB cm]^ cbo6h) CKpoHHOcriio 
H yMOMi, HTO owh HC xot4ii (Mb'iniaTB ApyrAxi HeBicraxi h 
aceH/i.icii Ha m&joh Ojbrt. B'b bbicoromi ^Bopiii Focy^&pii 
OHa 6bua TaKi»-a(e yMHa h jiH)663na, Kairb npeiR^fe bi M^eHb- 
KOMii AoMHKt cBoiAxii po^^Te^ed ; laKi-Hce Ao6pa h j^KOBa cb 
OKpyHt&BmnMH ee anaTHbiMH 6oiipbiHiiMH, Kairb np^sK^e Cb 


Mu^eHte Omiu. Ojbra, Hcena Hropii, ocrajacb nocjA erd 

CMepTH Cb M&ienbKHM'b CblHOMl CBflTOCdiaBOMl. ^P^^^H^y 

yoABb eft MJTRdL, cKa3^H : " Botb p^cckIh KHasb yGArb, nycib 
ero Siena BuxoAHTb^ aa namero KHiaa Maia" — h nocjainoHi 

^ dim. of AtBiSi^L * marries. 

( 59 ) 

Kb OlhVb Vh lO^Kb iV'^IfflHX1» MVJKeft, HDCIOM^ 20. O.TBra 

iacKOBo BcrpiTHja ndciaHHbixi : " HpHniju, AoGpwe focth !" 
— HpHinjA, KHHr&Hfl, oiBtqam ^P^b-^^h^.— " Hy cKaHinie, 
sa^Mi 3Re BBi npHnuA?" ^P^bjuhc sa^aiH roBopuxb: ''Hacb 
noci&ia 4peB^flHCRaii 3eM.iA cb TaKoio pt^bio : mm y6&JE tbo- 
ero M^Hsa, dotom]^ qio tbom Myatx, KairL bojki, pacxflmai-B h 
rpa6HiT», a HamH KHfl3ba ^oopbi Bcer^a 6bLiH, nairb ^66pbie 
nacryxA aju cBoei^ smjik : Bbixo4H saMysirb 3a namero EH^Sff 

M&ia.*' Oibra oiBtiaia: "Mflt jk)6o iio cibimaTb 

KaiTb 6biTb? yarb He BocKpemy* Myma! Ho h xoq;f saBrpa 
noHT^Tb Bacb nepe^'b cboAmh jho^bmA : lenepb n^Hre-Ka b-b 
io^Ky H pa3ianecb' laMi cb BdasHOCTiio; j^ipoMi*, nairb 
nomjiib' sa BaMH, bu h CKa»;^Te: se ^^cmi^ na kohaxii h 
nimROHi HeHAeMi,^ a necAie nacb bi jd^K*]^ — h nonec^^rb Bacb 
B^ jio^Ki," H oinycrAja hx^ bt» Jo^Ky. MeHJ^yrtMx ona bc- 
iuia BbiKonaTb rjyGoKyio HMy bh^ ropo^a na ^BopB Tepe&i- 
HOMx. Ha Apyrou achb, cA^h bii lepeM^, Oibra nocja.ia 3a 
rocTflMH. HdciaHHbie CKa3aiH hmi : '^ 3oBerb° Bacb Ojbra na 
BeiAKyio qecTb." — He i^eMii hh ea ROHAix'b hh na noBosKaxx, 
cKa3aiH OHH : HecAre aacb bi jo^k^. — KieBiflee OTB^^ajn : 
*' Bojfl He Hama; KHfl3b Hami yGiirb, a KHflruHA xoieri^ 
HTH^ sa Bamero khhsa" — h nonecjA hxi. Ohh me ciha^^ h 
BeJH^sLincb : Kairb npHHecjiH mx-b na ^Bopi, rairb h 6p6cMJH 
Vb k^Y BMtoi^ Cb JOAKOH). Oibra »(e naiuoHUiacb h cnpocHja : 
"Rto? xopoina BaMX qecib?" — "HVme* naMi HropeBoii 

CMepTH," OTBtq^JH OhA. TyTb HX^ H SaCbinaiH SKQBblMH. 

Oibra Tor^a Qocbuaerb Kb ^peBifteaMii : '* Ecin bm xoiuie 
npocArb MeHfli, Kani cii^yerb, to npHmiAie lixT., kto no- 
SHaTH^e; HHaie ne nycrnrb Menft KieBCKie iib^H." 4p6B- 
iHHe HcnoiHHiH eft BOiio. 4-ifl npii6biBiniixi rocreu^ no 

1 fut. of BOCRpec^Tb. 2 paai^HbCfl. • nocidib. * ixan. 

* are not going. • 3BaTb. ' xoiiiB. ^ «^j;^ij^, ^ ^^^n^. 

( 60 ) 

cidpoMy o6biHaio, npHroTOBHiH 6&hh> : trm'b hxi sanepiH h 

Hdcji^ ^oro Oibra caii^ oinpdBHiacB Kb 4peBjiHairB, no- 
CJ&vh Banepeji'L CKasar^ : '^ Botb yme Exf Kb BaHi ; npiro- 
ToBbie no66ji»nic^ iie^y Ha lowb uicA, ui ySAiH Moer6 
My»(a ; fl xo^j vb nociS^niH pa3T> noiuaKaTb Ha^i er6 rp6- 
60M-B H cnpaBHTB no u'ewb Tpi&3Hy." Cb mcuioh) Apy»iHOio 
npHEQia OHa Ha MorAjy Mynsa h ropbKo HajCB neio nidRaia ; 
0H& Beiiia xwj^RWb HacE^maTb dojibmoH iiorAibHbid xojmx h 
HanaTB TpH3Hy. 4peBi&He din' HHTb Cb h6k), a oipoKH eft 
HMi npHciysKHBaiH. '^ r^i ace nama ApysR^Ha, hto noci4iH 
3a to66k)?" cnpocAiH ^p^Bjftne. '^ Hxfrb vb cAxb sa MHOft 
Cb 4pyH(AuoK) Moero Myasa/' OTB^H^ia Oibra. Kor^d oHii bc6 
yoHJHCb, TO Oibra yAaiiiacb, a cbohmi jt^^flifb Bei4ia nepe- 
6iiTb Hxi. n nepe6AiE nxi 5,000 leiOB^irB. 

BepH^I^Bmncb bi KieBi, Oibra coSpaia 6oibm6e B6ficR0 h 

BMicT]^ (Tb CBflTOCiaBOM'b HOOIia^ Ha ^P^Biftni. CBflTOCiliVb 

6bU'b Tor^a erne pe6eHK0M'b. Kor^a KieBiflne BcrpBTHiHCB cb 
4peBiftHaMH. H ero noca^i&iH Ha koha. Ohi n^psbiH 6p6cHi'b 
KOHbe ; ho KOHbe nepeiemio Hepe3i yoin^ kohA h yn&io euj 
vb Horn. " Kniisb ym6 Hanai-B/' CKasaiH BoeBo^u : ** 4py»A- 
Ha! 3a KHtt3eM'B!" J^peMkEe 6biiH pasSAiu h saTBopAiHCb 
Vb CBoAxi ropo^axi ; KieBi&ne CKopo B3ftiH hxi riaBHufi f6- 
pojCB Kopocrenb h coHtriA ero. 

Kpevj^enie Omiu (955). Oibra 6biia fl3MHHniia, no hmh 
Eora Bce^epmi&Teifl y»(e ciaBHiocb vb RieBi. Oni Moria' 

B&^tlb TOpSKeCTBCHHOCTb oSpft^OBli XpHClidHCTBa, MOFia H31 

iio6onbiTCTBa 6ect40BaTb cb iiepKOBHbiMH ndcibipflMH h, 6y4y- 
HH OAapena yMoMi HeoSbiKHOBeuHbiMi, yBipHTbca vb cbAtocth 

> cneni. ' comp. of iiHdro. ^ cSctb. 

* nottTii. • pi. of yxo. ® past of MOib. 

( 61 ) 

Hxi yn^Hifl. nj^H^HHafl synowb cero HoBaro cB^ra, OjiBra 
saxoT&ia 6biti» xpHcriaHKOio h cana ornpaBHiacB vb croj&iiy 
HMn^pin H B^pbi rp^qecKOH^ ht66bi no^epneyrb ero vb 
caMOMi HCToqHHKifc. TaMi naTpiapxi Gbijui ek HacrdBHHKOM'B 
H KpecTHTeieMi, a KoHcraHT^Hx EarpaHopo^HbiH BOcnpieMHH- 
ROMX 0Tb Kyn^iH.^ Bsfnep^Topi crapajcfl A0CT6HHbiMT> 66pa- 
soAfb vrocrATb KHarAHH) Hapo^a SHaMeH^raro, h caBii onHc^ii 
HJLR Hacb Bcb jiK)6onbiTHbifl o6cTOflTeibCTBa ek npe^craBj^Hifl. 
Kor^a Ojbra npiirGbua bo /[Bop6m, sa neio nun^ oc66bi 
KH&oicecKiA, ek CBdHCTBeHHHiibi, MH6rifl SHaTHbifl rocnoTRnr, 
nocibi pocciHCKie h Kyniib'i, oSbiKHOBeHHO HHBmie^ wb I](api^- 


KoHcraHTAH'b h cynpyra ero^ onpyHcenHbie npn^BopHbiMH h 
BeibMOHcaMH, BCTpBTHJiH Ojbry : noci'b Hero HMneparopi na 
CBoSo^i 6eciA0Baj'b Cb hok) bi t^xi KOMHaiax'b, Txb mnik 
napAita. Bi celt n^pBbiH ^eeb, 6-ro ceHTfl6p& SbWb BeJBKO- 

JlinHblH 06^41 Bl OrpOMHOU, TaiTb Ha3blBaeM0H XpaMUHJb 

lOcmuHidHoeoUy T^h HMnepaTpAqa CH^uia Ha Tpdnt, h r^t 
KHflrAHfl pocciHCKaii, Bi 3Hairb noHT6Hifl Kb cynpyrt BejifiRaro 
uapft, CTOflja AO camaro Toro BpeMeHH, KaKb en yKaaaie mWo 
sa o^HiftHi CTOJOBfb Cb DpHABopHbiMH rocno»(aMH. Bi> qacb 
o6i4a Hrpaia H^abiKa, ni^Bqu cjaBHjH BeiA4ie uapcKaro ^oMa, 
H njflcyHbi oKasbiBaJD CBoe HCRyccTBO bi> npiaTHbixi tj^jo^bh- 
HEeHiflX'b. Ilocibi pocciHCKie, SHaiHbie jk)4H OjbrHHbi h Ryniibi 
oCb^aJH Wb ApyroH KOMnaTi^. IIotomi ^apHJH rocred ^eHbra- 
MH : EjeMiHHHRy KHiirAHH 4ajH 30 MHiiapAaiH HiH 2^ nep- 
BOHita, Kas^OMy h31» ocbM& ea npH5iHHceHHbixi 20, KaaMOMy 
H3i» 4Ba4iiaTA nocjoBi 12, Ka»(40My hsi copoKa ipexi KymioB-b 
Toxe, cBflHt^HHHRy AjH ^yxoBHHKy OibrHHy^ AMeHCATb FpHro- 

1 BOcnpi^MHHR'b orb BynijH, " God-father." * past of B4T1S. 

s part, of H(UTb. ^ Constantinople. 

( 64 ) 

loaHHa. B'B HeiBepTOM-b Hac;f yrp^ ohi xo/(Aji ea rojor6jIbhio 
Cb napeBH<ieMi h cb Majibroio CKypaTOBbiM-b 6i&roiBibciEih Kb 
sayipeHi ; 6pdTBfl cnimAjH bi uepKOBb ; kto se ABjijcii, 
Toro HaKa3biBaJH ocbMH^H^BHbiBfL saRHOH^Hiesfb. Ci^xSa 
npo40i%ajacb ao meciA Ajh ccmA ^acoBi. I][apb niii, HHTdii, 
MOiAjicfl CTOJb peBHOCTHO, HTO Ha j6y* Bcer^a ocraBajHCb y Hero 
SHaKH KpinKHxi seMnbixi horiohobi*. Bi 8 nacoBi onirb 
coSHpaiHCb Ki> o6i4H%,a bi 10 ca^AjHCb aa SpdrcKyio ipdnesy, 
Bd^ Kpdnt lodHHa, KOTopbiu cToii iHTajn Bciyx'b 4ymecnacft« 
T&ibubifl HacTaBjenifl. Mea^y vbwb 6paTbff iie h hAjh a6- 
cbiTa; BCflKiB ^enb Kasaica npas^HHKOMx: He mdjAini he bhh4, 
HH Me^y ; ocraTOiTb Tpaneabi BbiHOcAjH H3i» 4Bopua na nio- 
ma^b 4ifl C%AHbixi. HryMeHx — to ecib uapb — o&bf,dJi> nocii; 
GocbuoBdJL'b Cb jiK)66imaME o saROHi ; .^penaji Ajb ixaji vb 
TeMH^iiy HbiTaTb RaRoro-nndi^AB necq^Haro. Ka3&iocB, «ito 
^To yacdcHoe splinme saSaBjiio ero : ohi BOSBpan^&iCfl cb 
Bi&AOM'b cep^eHHaro yAOBoiBCTBia^ myrAji, roBapHBaxB Tor^^ 
Beccj^e o6biKHOBeHHaro. Bi 8 nacoBi* hmh ri» Be^epni ; vb 
;iecaTOM-B loaHH-B yxo^Aji vb cnaiBHH), r^t Tpoe ci-i^nbixiy 
OAtn'b sa 4pyrAMi, paacRasBiBaiH any CRa3RE : owb ciymaii, 
HO nena ^oaro: b^ nojHoqB BcraBaiii — e ^eHB ero HaHHH&icfl 
mojAtboh). HHor^a ^oRid^biBain euf o ^iiaxi rocy^^pcTBen- 
HBiXT> ; HHor^a caMBifl HtecroRia noBCJii^nifl ^aBaii loanni bo 
BpeMfl sayrpeHH AiE ofii^HH ! E^EHOoGpasie 3T0d mhuE ohi 
npepbiBaii lani HasbiBaeMbiMH ^^ o6i334aME :" nodbm&rb mo- 
nacTbipA, H 6jiAiKHie e ^aibnie; ocMaTpHBaiii RpsnocTE na 
rpaHEiii; xOBiwb ^Arhxi 3Bip6E Vb j'lcaxi h nycrb'iHflxi; 

HOGeJI Vb 0c66eHH0CTE Me^BtXBK) TpaBJK); M^aC^y T^Hl 

Be34^ H Bcer^d saHHM^ica AiianH : A6o semcRie Soilpe/ mhAmo- 
ynojHOMo^CHHBie npaB^TeiE rocyA^pciBa, ne CMiiE HEHer6 

1 ioCi. * those not belonging to the special body of soldiers* 

( 65 ) 
fibmiiTh 6e3i ero bojh. Kor^d nfi^m&in Kb HaMi 3H&THBie 

nOCil^I HHOS^MHbie, loaHH'B flBiftiCa BI MoCKB^ Cb oSblKHOBeH- 

HbiM'L BeiHROJ'BnieMi H TopxecTBeHHO npHHHMai'B nrb Vb 

HOBOfi KpeMJ^BCKOft naj^li^ 6jH31» IiepRBH CB. loaHHa; flBjfti- 

cfl TdMTb H Bi ^pyrAxi BaacHbixi ciyqaax^^ ho p^^KO. OnpAn- 

HHRH^ 6lHCTafl Vb CBoAxb SOiOTblXl O^^SR^aXli, HanOJH&JH 

ABop6irby HO He sarpaiR^djH hvtA itb npecT6iy h crapuifb 
6o&paM-b; TojibRO CMorpiie na hhxi cneciiBO, BeitLH&ach RaKi 
noAibie pa6bi vb nectk ne^ocToftHoft. 

37. yffieme ^uMumpin IJapeeuua, 

Fo^HOBX SopOJICfl CB c6B%CTiH>, HO JBSik HOCit^AjB 66 H, 

nperoTOBHBi jerROF^pHbixi jio^^ft ycib'ioiaTb 6e3i> h(4jocth o 
aio^iHCTBi, ^epacaii Vb pyK^ 041 h hohs-b a^ia 4B^^Tpifl ; 
HCKaii ToiLKO, KOM^ OT^aTb Hxi 4Jfl coBepmeHifl y6ifiCTBa. 


yMbicji rH^cHOHi? flo EopAcbjHM^fl vLvm^y vb noc66HHRaxi, 
OTRpbiicii 6i]ft3SHHM'b, H3i» ROHXi ojiMwb, 4B0p6qKift FpHrdpift 
BacAjibCBHH'b Fo^ynoBi, saiAjicfl oiesaMH^ HSisBiftfl HcaiociB, 
HeiOB^HecTBOy crpaxi Edacin : ero y^a^AjiH orb coB^Ta. Bci 
^pyrie ^yMajH, hto caiepTB 4HMATpifl neofixo^HMa a-ia desonac- 
HOCTH npaBAieifl h ^ja rocy^^pciBeHHaro 6iara. H&najH cb 
i^a. MaMKa iiap^BHHa CoApBiHfl BacHJi&ca BoioxoBa h cbihi 
ea OcHm, npo^^Bi To^yHOBy cBOib /lymy, ciyHJaiH eny opy- 
'^ieiTB : HO 36jiie cHepTOH6cHoe ne Bpe^Ajo Mja46Hiiy, no cjo- 
^&M^ j-i^TonAciia, hh vb ftcrBax'b hh bi» hhtIA. M6a(erB-6biTB, 
c6Bto'B erne A^HiCTBOBaja Vb HcnoJHATeiaxi a^cKOd BOiH; 
M6a£eTB-6BiTB^ ApojRaniafl pynd 66pe3KH0 cbinaiaoTpaBy,yMeHB- 
la&sL Mipy eft, vb ^oca^i HeiepniiABaro EopH:ca, KOTopuft 
pi^mfticfl ynoTpeSHTB hhi^ixi cM-kiMrnHxi aio^ieBi. BuGopi 
nail na abvxi hhhobhhkofb, BiaAHiiipa 3a^^&1E£,¥;.^.\^l&.^^- 

( 66 ) 

KH<i>opa ?eniyr6Ba, o^ojseHBbixi Mi&JOCTflMH IIpaByTeifl ; ho 
66a yKJOHHJHCb otl c^liaHHaro ewi npe^JOffi^Hifl : roTOBbie 
viiepeTb 3a EopAca, uefdiiAn 4ymery6cTBOMi ; o6fl3&iHCb TOib- 
Ko MOjHaTb H CB cero Bp^Menn 6bUH roHAMbi. Tor^d yc^px- 
HiHinift KjeBp6rb EopucoBi, ^a^bRa KapcKid, 0K6ibHHqift 
AH^p^g JynQi-Kj6niHHHi, npe^craBHii leiOBSKa Ha4e»Haro: 
^fl^bKy Mnxanja BHTflroBCKaro, o3BaMeH6BaHHaro aa lEJxk 
nenaTiio SBipcTBa, Tairb-qTO i^imvL bhai ero pyiaics sa 
B^pHocTb BO 3JLi. Fo^yHOBi Bbicbinaii sojOTo ; odim^ii 
66iie H coBepmeHHyio SeaondcHOCTb ; Beitji n3Bepry ^aTB 

Vb yrinHl, HT06bI np&BHTb TaMl 3eMCKHMn AijL&UE H xos&il- 

CTBOM'b B^oBCTByiEomeH KapAiibi, He cnycRaTb rjasi cb o6pe- 
qeHHott ac^pTBbi h ho ynyCT^B n6pBon MHHyrbi 6iaronpiiT- 
Hod. EHTflroBCKid j^dLii h c^epsR^ii ciobo. 

BMicrt CB HflMi npiixaiH vb YnHqi cmhi er6 4aH£E0 h 
HjeMftHHHK'b HHRAia KaqdiOBi, TaR»e y^ocroenHbie ooBep- 
m^HHod AOB^peHHOciH Fo^yHOBa. Ycnixi Raa&icfl ierRim : 
Cb yrpd AO B^qepa ohA uovik SbiTb y uapAiibi, saHHMaflCL ei 
/(OMamHHM'B ofiHxd^OMi, HaAsnpdfl na^i ci^raMH h HaAi cio- 
jdMB ; a MdMHa AmuksmendL cb cbiHOMi noMordia hmi cosi- 
TOMi n /riboMi. Ho 4H^"Tpifl xpaHuua HiacHafl naiB ! . . . 

H3BibmeHHafl JLH HtROTOpblMH TdtHblMH 406p03Rei&TeiflMH Ail 

cboAmi cep^neMi, oh^ y^BOBia nonen^Hifl o m^omi cbini : 
h6 pa3craB£U[acB cb hbm'b hh ^bcmi bb hoibh) ; Bbixo^^Ja Hsi 

ROMflaTbl TOjIbRO Bl II^pROBb, BBTaja Cro B3'b CoScTBeflHbm 

pyKi>, He Bsipija bb 3J0d MaMR^ Bojoxobob hb yc6p4BOil 
KopM^JBiii HpAni HC^aBOBOd. Ilpomjo BeM&io Bp^MeHB; 
HaHOBem y6iBiibi,Be bb^a bosmoxboctb coBepmuTb 3i04iiiHie 
BTauut, 4ep3ByjB na iBHoe wb HaAeaM^i hto x^TpbiH h c6jb- 
HbiB Fo/tyBoffb HaB^erb cBocodii npBRpbiTB oBoe j^a CBoeA 
HecTB vb riasaxi paSoBi SesMOJBBbixi : b6o 4yMaiB T6ibK0 o 
jwjfax^, He Eorl ! Hacr^'b ^eab, yxicBbifii npoHcmeciBieMi 

( 67 ) 

H cii^CTBiflMH AOiroBp^MeHHbiMn ! 15 Mas, FB cySSoTy, vb 
mect6wb lacy ^ha, iiapjEma B03BpaTijacB ch cmhomi i3i 
u^pRBH H roTOBHjacB o6iAaTB ; fip^TBCBi Cfl h6 6bmo bo 4Bop- 
n% ciyrH hoc&ib k^ maHBe. Bi ciib MBHyry 6oflpBiHfl Boio- 
xoBa noSB^a J[wuiTp\fi ryj&TB na ^Bopi: iiapAqa ^ynaia 


ociaHOBijacB. KopMftiHiia y^^pxnBaja iiap6BHia, caMa He 
SHafl, Aifl Her6 ; ho M^MRa cAioh) BbiB&ia ero H3rB ropHHiiBi vh 


4aH4io BHTflroBCRii, HflKiTa Kai4jOBi. II6pBbii B3flBi 4h- 
MArpifl 3^ pyKy, cKaaaii: "Tocy^apB! y teSk HOBoe ome- 
p6ibe." M^^nem, cb yib'ifiROH) HeBAHHOcm no^HflBi roiOBv, 
OTBinai'B : " Mtb, crapoe" .... Tjtb fiiecHyj^ na^i hhhh 
ySiicTBeHHBii hobtb; e^Ba Kocnyjcfl ropTdoH ero n BBinaiii' 
hbtb pyKi BoJOxoBa. SaxpoqaB-B otb ysaca^ KopM^jHiia oSflflja 
CBoer6 4€paK^BHaro nnTdima. BdjoxoBi Gbm^A-b ; ho 4^hAio 
BHTflroBCKid h KanaiOBi BbipBaii xepTBy, sap^aain n K^HyjH 
1HH31 CB iicTHmu BB caM oe TO M FHOB^Hie, KOF^a iiapHiia BB'inua 

13% dfl^d Ha KpBIJBIl6. . . . 46BflTBiVTHid CBflTlIlft MyqeHHITB 
leSaXB ORpOBaBJeHHBid Vh oGlflTiflXl TO^^ KOTOpafl BOCHHI&ia 

I xoiiia 3aQtHTHTB er6 cbo6h) rpy^BH) ; ohi Tpener^i^ KairB 
TojLySh, HcnycRaa ^yxi, i crohh4ich^ yace He ciBixdBi B6nifl 
OTH&flHHOt M^TepH. . . . KopMAjHqa yRasbiBaja na GeaSoiRHyio 

M&MKy, CMflT^HHyH) aiOAiHCTBOBfB, H Ha vSlHm, 6t]RdBniHX'B 

jIBopoifB Kb BopdraMi; HeROMy 6iiJkO^ ocraHOBHTB hxi, ne 
BceBiliniHid MCTHTeJB npHcyrcTBOBaji'B. 

^pesi MHHyry BecB ropo^'B npe^craBHii spiJHHte mineitik 
HeHSMCflAMaro. IIoHOMapB cofiopHod ii6pKBH — cam jh, kuki 
nftmyrB^ BiiAiii ySiHciBO, Ain nsBibnteHHBiH o tomi cj^raMV 
uap&iiBi — y^apHiL'B vb nafiarB^ h bcI yinqBi HanojHHiHCB 

1 Biji. ' B&nacTb. > there was ao on^ 


( 68 ) 

noAhnk, BcrpeBosReHHBiMH^ BSYMjeHHbiMn : 6imsnE na SByiPB 
RojoKoia ; CMOTpijH 4i!iMa, ni^MCHH, 4yMafl, hto ropftn j^w^ 
pem; BiOM^iflCb FB erd BopoTa; yB^^&iH uap^BHia MepiBaro 
Ha seMjt; no^Ji^ Hero jexaji MaTB n KopMAiHiia 6631 n^Mfl- 

TH ; HO HMCHa 3104^661 6bUH y»6 npOHSHeceHbl jElMH. Gift 

ii3BeprHy HeBA^HMbiM'b Cy^ieH) osnaMeHOBaHHue 4ifl np4Be<- 
Hod Ka3Hn^ He ycniiH Ain SoAiHCb cRpifiTbCfl, HT66bi He o&ih- 
H^Tb rtMi CBoerd AUia : vb saMimaTeibCTBi, bi B3CTynj6HiH, 
ycrpameHHbie naSaTOMi^ myMOMi, crpeiLi^HieMi napo^a, BGb- 
»&in Bi HsSif^ paspi^HyH); a TadHud BOHC^b HXi Mnxafijo 
BoTflroBCKid 6p6cHiCfl h4 ROJORoJbHio^ qTofibi y^epsaTb 3bo- 
Hapi : h6 Mon^ OTfi^Tb sanepiod bmi ^B^pH h 6e3CTp&mHO 
hbAjca Ha M^crt Sio^iinifl ; npH&inxaicfl ri» Tpyny y6ieHHaro, 
xoT^i yT^mHTb Hapo^Hoe BOiHenie : ^epsnyxb cRas&Tb rpaas- 
AaHaBfb (safijaroBp^MeHHO H3roT6BHBib ciib lomh ch KiimnH- 
HbiMH AiH cb Bofiicowb), HTO Mja^^Hem yMepTBiii oeSi 
HOKOMi Vb na^yneH Soi'i^aHH. " ^yin^rySem ! " 3aBonftiH 
Toiubi ; RaMHH HOCbiDaiHCb Ha uoAm. Ohi HCRajTb yMxHHia 

BO 4B0pilB Cb OAHftM'b H31 RJeBpeTOBl CBoAxi, ^^hAjOBII 

TpeTbflRoBbiM'b : Hapo^'b cxBariii, y6iji bxi ; idRse h ciIiBa 
MnxdnjOBa h HbrAtv KanaioBa, beIuombbi 4Bepb pa3pft4Hoft 
B36bi. TpeiiB yfiidqa, Ocbhi BoiOXOBi, ymeji^ jrb 40911 
MBxdBia EBTflroBCRaro ; ero B3»jifl, npBBeift' bt» ii^pROBb 
Cnaca, Txb y»e croiji rpo&b ^HH^ipieBi, h Tami ynepTB^iB 
Vb rjasaxi mfknbi; yMepTBiiB enie ciyrb MBxadJOBbixi, 
Tpexi MtniaHi, yjBHeHHbix'b iba no^ospiBaeMbix^ Vb conltciH 
Cb ySidiiaMBy h xeHRy lopo/t^ByiOy ROTopas mnAi y EHTflr6B- 
CRaro H q^cro xo^Aja bo 4Bop6m ; ho m^MRy ocraBBJH »BByfO 
4Jfl B^HCHbixb HORadaniB: 1^60 sjo^'i^B Bs^bixda ofiierqfciH 
CBOib coBicrb. RaRi nimyrb, AcRpeHHHirb npB3HaHieM^ 

1 past of MO*a. s yftiA. * npHBecri. 

( 69 ) 

HaflMeHOB^IH H naBHarO BHHOBHHKa JiEuin^^ieBOt CM^pTB : 

Eopjaca FoAyHOBa. 

38. JmeduMumpiU} 

^eiOB^iTBy npiniBmid na ce64 Aats iiap^BDHa ^ii^^Tpia, 
6bui rpHr6piH OrpenLeBi, 6]^4Hbid cHpora, pd^OMi b31 Ta- 
jsmRHX'b ciyxAjuxi jfo^eu. 

Bto Guii ibnoma AapoB^TbiH, HeoSbiRHOBeHHO cM^ibid, ho 
jerKOMbicieHHbin h HaKioHObiu ki MeHTaieibHOCTH. Ci ^^t- 
CTBa owh Bell' CRHT&ibHecKyH) »]i3nb, c^iiaicfl MonaxoMi, 
no^biBai-b Bi» pdsHbixi MOHacTbipix'b h Hameji' HaKOH^ui 
npiibrB vb MocKOBCKoft ^y/(OBCKod o6HTeiB. S^i^b cBoeie 
rpaMOTHOcriio ohi noHpdBBJca naipiapxy losy : ho CBiiibie 
HaMeKH mhAmomi npoHcxo}R/(^HiH HaBjeKiu^ Ha Hero onac- 
HOCTb CO CTopoHbi BopHca : y}K6 oT/taHi 6bU'b uapcKia npn- 
Kasi saTOH^Tb ero vh EiMo36pcKig MonacTbipb ; ho OTpenbeBi 
cnaccfl ^ 6trcTB0M'b vb jHTBy. HiROTopoe epeMfl ohi ynAica 
Bi 04H6d iHTOBCROH HiROji ; Ho6biBaii y EaaaROBi Bib 3ano- 
pojRbi, r^i npflBb^iRi xopomo BiaA^Tb op^acieMi h OTjinq^ica 
cboSh) OTBdroH). noTOMi OrpeHbeBi flBjaercfl bt» ciy»(5y y 
3flaTHaro noibCRaro nana, rhhsa A4aMa BiimHeBeiiRaro, u npu 
y^dCHOifb ci^iai OTRpbiBaerb RHi3H), 6y4TO 6bi cjyra ero ne 
KTO HHod, RaRi cbiHi HBaHa FposHaro, cnacmiHCfl^ orb Rjee- 
p^TOFb FoAyHoBa, EOTopbie BMicTO ^B^i^Tpifl y6ilrJH 4pyraro 
pe6eHRa. BHmHeB^iiRiB, ero po^cTBeHHHRH h 4py3bfl npi&HfliH 
ynacrie vh cy4b6i MH^Maro iiapeBHHa. CaMyio ^iflTeibHyio 
noMontb ORaaajn BoeBo^a can^OMnpcRin lOpiH MHi'imeR'b, roto- 
pbiH oSiniaii BbMaTb cboh) ^oib, RpacaBimy MapAny, sa 
6y4yniaro iiapft MocROBCRaro; hivLWb SpaROMi adpbiH Boeso^a 
Ha^fliCfl nonpaBHTb CBoe paacrpoeHHoe cocTOflnie. lesyuibi 

^ The false Demetrius. ' past of bccth. ^ past of aattT^. 

4 past of Hau^ib. ^ past of cnacT^cB. ' past part of cnacrdcb* 

. ( 70 ) 

T&fsme Haqain co4iHCTBOBaTb caM03BaHKy, na^iflCB cb eF6 
noMombK) noTOMi uoAHEEiib uini P^ccRyio a^pROBb ; can 
»e OrpeQbeffB TaJtHbiMi oSpasoMi y3R6 np^Hflji KaTOJumAdMi. 
ndncKifi^ Hyaaifi PaaroHii ^ocraBHJi esi^ CBB^asbe cb Kopo* 
Aewb CETmufEHOMi III. Kopoib npHSH^ii JsRe^BM^Tpifl 
AcTHHHbiM'b qap^BH^eifb, HO He xoTiii BcryndTb sa nerd rb 
OTKpbiTyio BOJIu^ cb EopAcoBfb; a HasHaHHii OrpenbeBy 
jl^HeffiHoe BcnoMOJR^Hie h nosBojHi'b emf HaSep&Tb &pMiio Hsi 
npa34Hofi BoAncTBeHHoft ndjibCKOfi nuflixTbi, HT66bi orniTb 
MocKOBCKift npecToji y noxBT^Te^fl. 

no4'b 3HaMeHaMH caM03BaHaa co6pai6cb 40 1600 ndibcrarb 
ujjAxTHqeft, JKa^Hbixi HCKaTeieu npHKJioq^Hift Hsoioia: irb 
uHMi npecoe^HHAjiocb BicROJbRo TbicflHi KasaROBi, Rordpbie 
TaRsce paac^i^TbiBajifl e& 6ojbniy!0 4o6jiHy. Bi oRraSpi 1604 r. 
•iHteAHM^Tpifi nepemeji sa Jiuiufb b Bcrynifb bi FfccRie 
npe4iibi. yRpaHHCRie ropo^a o^^hi sa ^pyrAm-b OTBopAjD eaf 
BopoTa ; conpoTBBj^Hie ORasiii TOJbRO HoBropoA'b-CiBepcRiil, 
jn> ROTopoMi HaiaibCTBOBai'b myHcecTBenHbid BoeBo^a Derpi 
EacmaHOBi. Bcji/cb ^ariwb caMoaBdHem norepniii pimk- 
TeibHoe nopasc^Hie noxb C'SBCROM'b; ho MocKOBCRie BoeBo^bi 
He Bocn6jb30BajHCb cbo6io no6t40H> b a^jle em^ Bp^Mfl oniTb 
ycAjHTbCfl. B^pyrb pacnpocrpaHAjacb vbcih, hto iiapb EoplEicb 
BHesaneo cROHqaicfl (13 anpiifl 1606 ro^a). Hapd^i npH- 
CflrH^ii i&HOMy cbiHy ero 6e64opy ; rjaBBbiMi HaqaibBBROMi 
BoficRa Oeo^op'b HaaHaqBj-b EacManoBa. BA^a RpyroMi ce6i 
R0ie6aHie b Heoxoiy cpaxaTbCfi npoTBRi ATRenEuikTf'Mi, EacM&- 
H0Bi> BSMiuib'b MOJOAoBiy Fo^yHoBy H nepemej-b na CTopony 
ero con^pHHRa ; npaMipy bohc^A nocii^OBaJo b Bce BodcRO. 


eft xiAiejeH, b ro^ynoBbi 6b'un HBBBepmeHb'i. Hanuftcb 3104^19 

^ papal. 

( 71 ) 

ROTopue noiSwb sa^ymiiH Oed^opa BopHCOBRHa bm^ct^ cb 
MaTepbH). CaM03B4Hem cb TopncecTBOM-B BcrynA^'L vh Mockb^ ; 
Maxb napesHqa ^H^i^Tpifl, MonaxBHA Mapea, nocji TaBHUxi 
neperoBopoBi cb KieBp^raMn Orpenbesa npn3Haia ero cboAmi 
Cbiuowb; a Ha m'Icto HB3BepxeHHaro narpiapxa losa 6BU'b 
nocTdBjeHi rpeRi HrHdiidy yro^HBirb^ caMoaBdeqa. 

HoBbitt napb osHafiieHOB^i'b mAjoctamb Haq&io cBoero npaB- 
jeeifl H BOSBpaTAi-b hsi aaTOHeeia 66jbinyH) ^acrb doipi, 
c6ciaHHbix^ ro^yHdBbiBfb. Ho erd nory6AjB jerROMucjeHnaa 
caMoyBipeHHOCTb, npeap^Hie Kb crapbiiii p^fccRBMi o6bi<iaflM'b, 
4pfffi6a Cb IIojiRaMB h lesy^TaMB. Ki BejAnoMy aey^OBoib- 
CTBiio sapd^a b ^yxoB^HCTBa, Eiapb BCTy^Ai^ vb 6paRx ci Raio- 
iAqROH) Mapj^HOH) MnAmeRi, ROTopaa npiiBxaja bi Mocrb^ bi 

COnpOBO]R46Hifl MHOrOHAcieHHOdH OTlAlHO-BOOpyjReHHOi nojb- 

CROH cBikTbi ; rop^bie, HeocropoxHbie m jAxtbib cboAmi 6^BHbiMi 
noBe^SHieMi ne saMe^iAiB B035y4HTb npoiBBi ce6ft cBJbHyio 

H^HaBBCTb BT> MOCROfiCRflX'b aCBT&IflXl. Eoflpe M6HC4y TbM'b 

vrkkni HanajiB pacnycR^Tb ciyxB o caMOSBancTBi napi. IIpo- 
THBi Hero cocraBjAjcfl oSmApHbiB sdroBopi, bo rjasi Roroparo 
RHfl3b BacAiiH HBdHOBflqi) III]^HCRiH^ Heda^ojro nepe^ii t^mi 
ocyffiAeHHbiB OxpenbeBbiMi Ha CMepTb h nojyqABmiB npout^Hie 
ymS Ha vicrb RdaHB. 

^apcTBOBaHie nepBaro AmennuiiTfifi npo/(OJ»t£Liocb ne 66jie 
0Ai^Ha4iiaTB MicflueBi). 17 Maa 1606 r64a paHo no yxp^ bt» 
MocRBi saaBOHi&JB HaSarb, b UlyHCRiB cb GoApaiiB, npe^BO- 
A^TeibCTByfl 6oibm6H> TOJnoio napo^a, BCTynBjfb vb KpeMJb. 
n^pBOH) »6pTBOH)3aroB6pii|HROB'b udUL'b jio6AMeii'b Kapi Ueipi 
EacMaHOBTb; BCii^'b aarBMii BHOcrpdHHbie T'^ioxpaH^TeiB 6biiH 
o6e3op^»(eHbi, h cami JHte^BMATpiB^ cnacaacb orb cboAxi npe- 
Cii;(0BaTeied, upbirHyji b3i orhs h cjOMaji ce6i Hory. 

1 favourite. 

( 72 ) 

Kapa;f JbHbie crpiibiiu oKpysciiH ero n xot^^h samomdib ; 
HO, KOTA& 6oflpe norpo3AiH bmi pasopAib crp^ciiRyH) cAo6oxfi 
ohA opo64iH ; wb ToHce Bp^Mfl o^^H'b nsi 6oflpb npHHecb 
HSBBcrie, hto hhokAha Mapea OTpcKaeTCfl orb caM03BaHiia h 
co3HaeTCfl vb o6MaHi. Tor^a crpiibiib'i pascrynAincb ; Jace- 
AHM^Tpift 6bU'b HCM^AjieHHo dacTpWHi, H Tpyoi ero no4B6pr« 
cfl ^ nopyrauiK). MesK^y t^mi nepaayMHafl nepHb 6pdcBiacB 
Ha KBapiApbi lIojflKOBi H, KaKi roBopflTb, HCTpe6Aja hxi bi 
TOTb ACHb 40 nojyropbi TbicsHH HeAovBKb. ^apell^b Cbui^ 
oSiiBjeni QlyucKiH, a mbcto naTpiapxa saniji KaadHcidft 
MHTponojHTb FepMoreH'b, p^BHOCTHbid aani&THHirb npaBOciaBifl 
H Myarb HenpeKioHnaro^ cypoBaro xapaKiepa. 

39. Bovflpenie MuxauJia OSdopoeuua PoMamea. 

IIooHHnieHin MocKBb'i orb IIoiiKOBi, pimeHo 6iuo co3b4tb 
3eMCKiH co66p^ co Bcero pocciHCKaro rocy^apcTBa ; h ^h iroro 
paadcjaHbi Sbue rpaHaTbi no bc^mi ropo^aMi, htoSu BbiSop- 
Hbie JK)4H co6iipaincb vb Mockb^ na BafiepiHie rocy/t^ps. 
Kor/(a Bbi6paHHbie co6pajAcb vb MocKsf, to HasH^HeH'b 6bU'b 
Tpex^HCBHbiH HOCTb. " Bc& HpaBocjaBHbie xpHCiiane MOjiAjnca 
£6ry, nocriniecfl^ Tpn ^ha : hh fl^ynie' cb »ceuaMn, h cb /(iibMA, 
H Cb ccymuM^^ Mia^eHiiaMH.'* noTOMi npHcrynHiH irb h3- 
dpauiio rocy/(apfl. CnepBa 6buo MHoro c^6poB^ : o^hA xoteih 
Toro, /ipyrie 4pyraro ; ^-BjaJHCb a^trq no^Kynbi — m HorHMi 
xoT^ocb nojyi^Tb qapciBO; ho Bofb ne cohsbojhji hh 
04H0My H3^ scejiaioniiix'b, a BHym^ji JH)AflM^ H36paTb wb aapuL 
mecTHa^uaTH^'BTHflro ibnomy MnxaAia Oe^opoBB^a PoManoBa, 

KOTOpblJ) Bl ^TO Bp6Mfl He QbiATt B Wb MOCKBB^ a HtBJ^. Cb 

CBoeH) MdTepbH) bi KocrpoMCKOMi yi^a/tib bi CBOi&x'b BOT^Hnaxi. 

' past of no4B^prByTBCii. ^ slav. ; modem : nocTiicb, fasting. 

* slav.; modern : tA^oqilt, eating. ^ cocyiiiHMH, sucking. 

( 73 ) 

n^psyio MbicjB 061 B36paHin Mnxa&Ja no^aji coSopy na 
uncbm KaKOH-TO TkAnmm j^BOfHEiiwh, noTOM'b Apyroe nacLHo 
TOMi-Hce n6Aaji Kaaaiiu aTaMaei, a sa hhmh noci^^OBajH 
H Bcb fibiBinie^ na co66pi. Ho KaRi na co66pi He ycn4iH 
cnbixaTbCfl h31 j^SuhEjixb ropo^oBi*^ to pimeHie ocraHORieHO 
eme Ha j^vb hca^ih ; n wb nocj^^HiH cpoRi 21 <i»eBpai& 1613 
ro^a Bi cSopHoe BOCKpecenbe 6iuo noci^^Hee E36BpaTeibnoe 
3aci44Hie co66pa, Ha KoidpoMi bc& no^aBajn nAcbMeHHUfl 
MHimfl H Bcb e4HHorjacHO n36paiH MnxaAia. Uocjtk qero 
pflsdHCKid apxienAcRoni 6eo40pnTb, TpoamdH Kejapb Aspa- 
diiidllajAilbiH'bjHOBOcnaccKin apxHMaH4pHTbI6cii4>^ h fioipHHi 
BacAiid DerpdBHq^ MopoaoBi, nocianHbie co66poM'b na 166- 
Hoe ifi^o,^ cnpocAjH y co6paBinarocfl na KpacHOH njoniaAH 
Hapd^a, Kofo onk xoikrb bt* iiapft ; h Hap64^ oTsinaj-b Tosce 
— ^' MaxaAja Oe^opoBHia PosiaHOBa." H TaKHMi ofipaaoBfL 
MBxanJi OeAopoBHi'b PoMaHOBi, ^axe He 3Hafl o6i ^tomi, 
6hWb Bcenapo^HO npoBoarjamen'b napem p;fcGKod seMia. 

Ten6pb EyiREO CKaaaTb, eto see SbWb ^TOTb HOBbid napb ? 
H3i KaKdro po^a oh'b nponcxo^iii ? h noneM^ oc66eHHo Bcb 
conaciiHCb H36paTb er6 uapem ? Y HocKOBCKHX'b rocy^apeu 
4aBH6 \m6, iirb Tpi^cra h ^ame 66ibme, ci^mii-b oahhii 
npiisaciu So^pciaH po^x, npoacxo^HBrniH orb An^p^a Ko6biJbi 
HiH KaM6ftjbi,R0T6pbiu nai lIpyccKOH 3eMift npHmej'b cjy>KaTb 
Bei^ROMy RHi3K) AieRcaH^py H^BCROMy ; noTOMRH^ToroAH^pea 
6:»iin Bcer^a vb npH6jH»6Hin y MOCROBCRHX'b rocy^apeH h 6bUH 
BecbMa ciaBHbi CBoeio ycepAHOH) cii^hcSok). I][apb Hfiae'b 
BacAibeBHH^ aceni^icfl na /(oqepa PoMaea lOpbesHHa, o^noro 

E3l Afl^p^eBblX-b HOTOMROB'b. 9Ta POM^HOBa 40Hb 6bUSL 

SHaMeH^Tafl MOCROBCRafl iiap^Eia AnacTacifl PoManoBHa, naMST- 
Has BceM^ p^ccROMy napo^y cbohmh Ao6po4LTejflMH h 6iaro- 

1 past part, of 6wn, ^ place of execution. 

{ 74 ) 

A^uoiflMn. y AHacTaciB 6bui poAHou 6paTB HeKi&Ta, a y 
Hero 6bui cbihi Oe^opi, n-ieMiHEBRi AHacracin h no Bed 
4BOii)po4HbiH 6paTB napfl Oe^opa Hs^HosHHa. 9totb 6e4op'B 
IlHKKTnq'b Sbijfb caMMH 3naMeHHTbin[ 6o^pnH'b npa iiapi 
Ge^opi. Kor^a SoipHHi Fo^ynoBi c^iiajca iiapeMi>; to 
Bctxi PoMaHOBbixi OTnpaBHJi Bi ccbiiKy no padHbiBfL ropo- 
AaMi, a 6e/(opa HnKBTHna otl xhboh scenbi nocrpurb^ bi 
Bionaxn, no4'b HMeHeMi Oniapeia. Y &toto Oe^opa HikA- 
THHa fibij-b e^AncTBenHbiu cbinii MnxaHii Oe^opoBH^'by 40BO- 
AAamiHCfl iiapib Oe^opy HBaHOBBHy ^BOibpo^HbiMi nieM&n- 

SHKOMl).' H cie-TO PO4CTB6 Cb ApeBHHM'b IldpCKHH-b /(OMOMl 

6buo o/(h6h) BSi BaHtnbix'B npHH^Hi Kb HsSpaHiio Mnxdeia 
Oe^opoBHia na napcrao. 

fl ynce cKasaji, mo Kor^a vh Mockb^ BbiSHplin iiap&, vb 
Sto BpeMfl MnxaAii Oe^opoBBHii PoMaHOBi> nponcHBai'b Bib 

04h6h Udl CBOkxTt KoCTpOMCKAxi BOTHHEl. A TOF^a 0Tb HO- 
JLfiKOWb H E3MtHHHK0B'b Ka3aK0BX 6bIJa OHIiniena TOJbKO o/(Ha 

MocKBa; no npo^BMii me ropo^aMi euie TacKaJucb pd3flbifl 
maHKH nojAKOBi n KasaKOBi, h rpa6iiJH h muji^ ceja h At- 
peBHH. O^na ii3i> CHXi maeKi^ rpa6uBmafl bi KocTpoMCKOMi 
yisAi, nocjbiioaBmH, hto Mnxauja Oe^opoBH^a vb Mockbb 
H36pain iiapemi, B34yMaja saxBaTHTb erd bi nj^ni iuknk 
yS^Tb ; HO He 3Hafl, Brb KaROH BOTqHHi OHi HCHBerb, no^Mdia 
04Hor6 KpecTbinnna h31 ce^a 4^^HHHa, HBana CycdHHHay h 
CT&ia erd ^onpamnBaTb, Txb atHBerb roeno^un'b ero Mnxaftii 
Oe^opoBHH'b PoMaHOBi. KpecTbAHBHi CycaHBH-b 4diro orro- 
BapBBaicfl OTKpbiTb HCBiAnie MBxa&ia ; hotomi nocii^ crpam- 
Hbixi nbiTOKi CKa3ai'b noiftKaMi : " xopomo, nanbi I a BaMi 
yKdiTRf, Txb CKpbiBaercfl rocy^apb MnxaAii OeAopoBBHi; 
BAJ^ie 3a MEOH)," H noBej-b nxi no HenpoxoAAMbiMi KOcrpoM- 

1 nocTpdnb, ' being second cousin to the Czar. * past of atenb. 

( 75 ) 

CRABfb lic&Wb COBC^Ml Vb HfyvflO CTOpOHy 0Tb POMaHOB- 

CKHrB BOTHHOi. KoF^a sasej^ nxi j^duievio n bt> TaK^K) 
iicH;f fo rjynib, hto ohA y»6 ne MoriA Bbifipaibca OTTj^^a ; to 
ocranoBftcB cRasaxB noiiKaMi : '' ny, nanbi ! Tenepb p-i^iKbTe 
Mesii : fl Bacb o6MaH;f Ji ; Mnxai&i^ Oe^opoBHH'b cnaccfl,^ a BaMi> 
He B^i6paTbcfl B3% ^oro iW." OoMdnyrbie nojHKQ cipam- 
HbiMH MyRanH yMepTB^iH 466paro CycaHHHa. IIo cMepin 
CycdHHHa ocraiacb o^aa TojbRO AO^ib, 6biBmafl saMysRCMi sa 
KpecTbiflHHOM'B Eor^aHOBfb CoSHHHHbiM'b. Kor^d iiapb Mh- 
xaftii Oe^opoBHH'b ysHaj'b o B^peod cifm6i n M^fneHnHecROH 
CMepTB CycaHBHa ; to sirio er6 Eor^dHy CooAoHHy noHcaio- 
Baii vh BdnBHy Bib BiKh wb noTOMCTBO nojOBi&fly ^ep^BHB 
4epeBHAm'b h vb bmb B^HHbie' Becb po^'b ocbo6o4Aji» oti 
Bcixi no^aTed b noB^HHOcreB. IIotomrb Co6HHBHa b Tenepb 
2RflB;fTb in> cejA K6po6oBO RocTpoMCRoiK ry66pHiB, b no^'b 
AMeHeBfb 6^onanmeBi» ocBoSoHc^eHbi orb Bctxi no^aTeHi b 
peRp;fTCROB fl ApyrAxi noB^HHOCTefi; a MyneHBRy, Rpecrb- 
flHBHy Cyc^HBHy, vb HeAaBHJe ro^bi rocy^^pb BMnepaTopi 

nOCT&BBJl naMflTHBRl Vb KocTpoBfb Ha CycdHBHCROl^ njo- 


MocrobcrIb 36MCRiii codopi, B35p4BmB MBxaAja Oe^opo- 
BBHa, He anaai A^e, r^i ohi }RBJ^ vb to bp^ma ; a noceMy, 
HapM^BmB nocojbCTBo cb npom^Hieirb npBHftTb udpcTBo, 
HaRasaii nociaMi ixaTb Kb rocy^dpio iiapib b Bej^Romy 
KHi3H) MflxaAjy Oe^opoBBqy Bc6fl Pycft Bib flpocidBJb, Ajb 
TAi OHi rocy^apb 6yAeTb. MocRdBCRie nociaHHBRB HamjEL^ 
MflxaAia Oe^opoBBHa bi RocrpoMCROMi HnaTbeBCROM^ mo- 
HacTbipi, Ry4a oni cb M^Tepbio, BHORAneio Mapeoio, b^poAtho^ 
y^aiAicfl B3i CBoAx-b bothbhi, yRpbiB^ficb orb Hana^enifl 
noibCRBXi rpaSATejefl. MocROBCRoe nocojbCTBO npisxaio vb 

^ past of cnacricB. ^ for ever. ^ past of nailT^. 

( 76 ) 

KocrpoMf 13-ro Mapia BeqepoMi, n Ha Apyrod jieHb no yrpy 
CB Kp6cTHI>IM^ xcAOMi oinpaBBiocb VB HnaTbeBCRii mobbc- 
Tbipb: MaxaAji cb iiaTepbio Bcrp^TUJi o6pa3a sa Monac- 
TBipeMi, ui nocibi n o6i>aB&jn hmi, saq^Mi npAciaHU, h 
noiyqibii oTb MiixaAja OTB^rb, hto ohi rocy^^peBfb 6biTb He 
xonerb ; a Maib npnoaBiua, hto oh4 er6 He 6jiarociOBJflerb Ha 
adpcTBO. DoToMi nocjbi ynpoc^jH MnxaAja h Maxb ero 
bsohtA Bi ii^pKOBb, r^i no4&iH rpaMoibi orb co66pa h fobo- 
pibH HO HaKa3y pt^iH ; h nojyi&iH np^XHid OTB^Tb. HHOK^Hfl 
Mapea roBopAja, hto y cbma eft h bi» Milicjflx^ h6 Sbuo 6biTb 
rocy/[apeMi, hto on^ enje ne b^ coBepmennbix-b i^Tarb, qio 
MocRBUTflHe MHOFHM'b y»c6 rocy^apfliTb npncarain h Ezuinkm 
HMi, H HTO oi6n'b Mnxaftja, iinTponojiftTb Onjiap^Tb, Ten6pb y 
Ropoift B'b Jhtb^ bt> CoibmoM'b yrlcHeniH ; a Kairb Kopojb j'sna- 
erb, HTO Ha^ MocKoBCKOM'b rocy^apcTBi yiHHAjcfl' Oniap^TOBi 
cbiHi, TO cednacb »te BeiArb c^iiaib na^i hhhi KaRoeinGo 
aio. nocibi CO ciesaMH moiAjh h 6uiH qeioM'b MnxaAjy, hto6i 
co66pHaro' MOienbfl h leioSuTbd ne np^dpHii ;* ho MnxaAji 
Bce eme ae corjiamajcfl. HaKOHem nociili crajE rpo3ATb Mn- 
xaiiy, ^To Eorb B3binieTb ' na HeMi ROHeqHoe pa3opeHie rocy- 
/(dpcTBa ; Tor^a MBxaiii h Maib er6 CKasajn, hto oh& bo bccmi 
noJOHcAjHCb Ha npaee^Hbifl cy^bSbi Eome ; Mapea 6iaro€J[OB^a 
Cbina, MnxaH4i» npHnfti'b nocoxi orb apxienucKona Oeo^op&ra, 
6biBmaro rjaBoio nocojbCTBa, Aonycr^'b bc&xi kl pyKi i 
CKasaiii HTO HO^Aerb vb MocKsy cKopo. 

MexaAj-b Bifiixaji h3% KocrpoMbi 19-ro Mapia, ho ixaii 
6qeHb M^AjeHHOy ocraHaBJHBaflCb no ropo^aMi n Tp66yfl on 
co66pa pasHbixi npHroTOBjenin n pacnopflHc6HiH. HaKOH^m 
Bi MocKB]^ npHm^d nlcTb, ^to rocy^dpb cb MaTepbio npitAyn 
2-ro Mafl. Bcb Mockbh46 orb Muja 40 Bej&Ka 6p6cnjHcb sa 

1 ver. ' * reigned. • of the counciL 

* would not reject. ^ B3UCE^n. 

( 77 ) 

ropo4i» BcrpiH&th rocy^apa. BiixaBmH vb MocKsy, Mexafiii 
I MaiB ero ci;f main oS^^hh) vh ycneHCKOMi co66pi^ ; hotomi 

BCiRHXl HflHOBl Jlb^H nOAXO^AjH Kl IjdpCKOH pyK^ E 34paBCT- 

BOBaiH BCiAKOMy rocy/i&pH). On Bi^^a b^ MocRBy nponud 
ciAmKOMi 4Ba Micaiia bi npnroTOBj^Hiflx^ Kb KopoHOBamio. 
HaKonem 11 -ro iibja Mnxa^ii BiHH&icfl iidpcKBM'B b^hiiom'b 
KB ycaeHCKOMi co66pi. 

40. J7(9inp» /. * 

IleTpi n^pBbifi 6hijrb ciELmROM'b 2 apmiGffla 14 BepniROBii, n 
CToibRO OTiHHaica pocTOMi. OTB /(pyrAxi, HTO BO BpeMfl npe6bi- 
Banifl ero vb FoJidH/tin, bi CaapAaMi, aceHU Ropa6ejmnROBib, 
pa66TaBmHX^ na TaiioniHeH Bep<i>]i, yHHM&iB ^^tSh cbo^ otl 
maiocreni, rpo3& rH^BOMi BbicoRaro njoinnRa nsi MocROBin.' 
Owb 6biii Rp-lnRaro cioaceHia, bm^h ihiio Rpi^rjoe, H^cROJbRO 
CMyriOBaToey qepHbie bojocu^ o6biRHOBeHHO npHRpbiTbie napn- 
KoM^, 6oJbmie nepHbie nasa^ rycTbia 6p6BH, MaieobRiu Hocb, 
HeSaiBindH porb b ycbi, npH^aBaBmie e^f eicROjibRo cypoBud 
BH41. CAia er6 6bua copasMspHa Heo6biRHOBeHHOMy p6cTy. 
SacnopHBi 04HaHC4bi cb ABrycroM'b, RopoieBfB noJbCRBM'b, owb 
Beiiii noA^TB ceSk unJKy cyRHd, b^ 6p6cBB% ee BBepxi, RopxB- 
KOWb npopyfiBJ-B ee na Bd34yxi^. Bi 4pyr6d pa3^, cui^a cb 
HflMi me sa if^atBBOM'B, oni cBepTbisaj-B vb TpyoRy no ab^ 
cepe6paHBia Tap6jRB B^pyrB, n noTdsfB M^ac^y jsmioebmb cnifb- 
iHEJLi> 6aiBm;fH) cep66paHyK) ace idmy. Hoxo^Ra ero, o6biRHO^ 
BeHHO cK6paa, ^^lajacB em^ CRopie, Ror^a oh-b siflaTi Sbui 
RaR6H)-HB6;f4B Mbiciiio Ajib yBjeRaica pasroBopoMi. O^Ahb 


npB poccidcROMi ^Bopi, a isMeHHO iiecapcRiB^ nocojiy rpa<i»i 
KftHCKifiy 40b6jbho TOJCTbifii MyxHBfla, roBapBBaji, hto ohi 
corjac^TCfl J^nme BbMepsRarB HtcROibRO cpaac^HiBy HeateiB 

^ Poccfii. ' Austrian. 

( 78 ) 

npo6biTL y iiapi ABa Hac4 Ha neperOBopaxi : A6o ^ojiHceHi 
6hWh, npn Bcen T^qHOcrn rkia, 6traTb sa hhmi bo Bce ^to 
Bp^Mfl. Ueiph iH)6HJi BecejATbCfl wb oGuiecTBaxi, ea npa3A- 
HEKaxiy KOTopue 4aBlincb eM;f vh necTb; jioSiiJi'b bA^^tb 
BOKp]frB ce6a diecirb h nbimHOCTk; ho wb HacrnoH »t^3HH 
npe^craBjfli^^ bo BceMi> o6pa3eq'b crpoHcaHmeH^ yMipeHHOCTH. 
06biKH0BeHHaa o^emndL ero 6i>ijia caBiaa npocrafl : liiowb 
qepHbiu 6dpxaTHbiH KapT^ai hjh TpeyrojbHaa noapKOBafl 
m^flina, <i»paHiiy3CRiH Ra<i>T£H'b nsi TOjicraro cynna, ciparo ibs 
TeMHaro uB-BTa, c^ <i»a6pnRn Eynna CipnKOBa^ TdL^ikEue KaM- 
36ji» h HHHCHee HjiaTbe,^ UB^THbie mepcraHbie nyjKH h 6ani- 
MaKA Ha TojcTbixi no^oniBaxx n BbicoRnxi RaSiyRaxi, cb 
M^^HbiMH Ajh crajbHb'iMH HpixKaMH. 3hm6k), bm^cto 6ap- 
xaTHaro Rapryaa, hocAji ohi maoRy h3% KajMb'mRnxi fiapam- 
ROBi, BM^CTO cyROHHaro Ra4»TaHa EdQS,iBki% ApyroH, iiai Rpacnod 
Maiepin, bi rocmi nepe^nifl nojbi SifuH hoaSAtm co5oj&Mn, a 
cn&HRa H pyRaBa S^JiHHbHMi m^xomi, h bm^cto Koxanbix'b 
SamMaROBi, po4i> canoroBi bsi dBBepnaro OicHfl, mbxomi 
BBepxi.' I][apb He oxotho paacraBaicfl cb ceio npocroToio, q 
AaHce He nsM^HAj'b ed bx 1717 ro^t b% IlapAHci, r^'i^ bi mojo- 
40CTb Jio^oBHRa XY nbimnocTb n H^crufl nepeMtobi bi o^esR^i 
cocraBifljH owHqAiejbHyH) lepi^ 110466 ji^fimaro dSmeciBa. 
IIpiixaBi Ty^a, ohi saRaaaiii ce6i aoBhm napa^HbiH nap^Ri : 
eM]f npHHecjA cA^iannbift vh noci'l^HeM^ br^c^, nmpoRift, ch 
4JHHHbiMH Ry^pAMH. focy^apb ofipiaaii erd no MspR^ npe- 
3RHflro cBoer6 napHR&, TaRi hto owl e^Ba npHRpbiBaji bojocu. 
Ebun o^H^ROHCb AHH^ vb ROTopbie H OHi jiio66jb HapamTCfl cb 
H-i^ROTopoH) nb'imHOCTiio : TaRi, HanpHM^px npH cnj^cRaxi ko- 
paSjieH. Bi neuh RopoH^uia BMnepaipHiibi ERaTepAnu 
HMii'b OHi Ha ceGB rojyfiod rpo^elri^poBbiH Ka<i>TaHi, mAibm 

1 comp. of CTp6ritt. ' breeches. ' outside. 

( 79 ) 

cepeSpoMx caMoio rocyA^pBmeK). Koa^ oea noAHecia ero 
cynp;f ry, Weipb BSfl^i Ra<i>T£Hi Fb p;f kh h, BariflH^Bi ea iiiHTbe, 
TpaxH^ji HHi, orb qero HicKOibKo KaHHTeJH ocbinaiocb sa 
noii. " CMOTpft RaTeHbKa,"^ CKaslix ohx en, yKa3biBaa aa 
ynasmie^ fiiecTKH : " ciyrd cMeierb' iio BMfori cb copoMi, — a 
B^^b 3Aicb ciAmKOfifb AHCBHoe acdiOBaHbe cojiAaia." 

Boo6me Uetpby nie^pud Bi Harpaffi/teHiii sacjyrb, noKasu- 
Bajx Hpe3BbiHadHyH) SepeauABocrb bo bccmi, hto nacajocb ;(o 
ero coScrBeHHOCTH. Bi n6pBoe nyrem^cTBie CBOe no qyacAMi* 
KpaftMi, npnSb'iB-b Be<IepoM^ HnKorHHTO cb HeSojbmoH) cbhtoh) 
wb HnMBereHi, ohi ocraHOB^iCfl bi TpaKT^pi h noTpe6oBaii 
fmEESLih. Euf 4ajn 12 a Am, cbipy, Mdcia h ab^ 6yTbUKn 
BBHd. Kor^a HBAJieHcaio pacajdnnBaTbCfl, TpaKTi&puiHirb, — 
Bibpo&THO yandBx, kto fibui ero rocib — sanpocii^ cto HepBoe- 
Hbixi. IleTpi Bei&i'b ro<i>Mapmaiy CBoeM^f IIIenejeBy sania- 
T^Tb A^Hbrn, HO He Morb 3a6biTb Sioi Hd^^psKn ; n yrontaa wb 
neTep6]fpii^ npiidHc^BrnHx-b na cy^&x-b roJi^HAqeB'b, BciKia 
pasi Cb ynpeRaMH nanoMHHaj'b hmi o RopbicTOJib6iH HHMBer^H- 
CKaro TpaRTi&pniBKa. " Uni MOT&rb h^ hsi nero/'^ roBapoBaji 
OHi Bi» 4pyr6e Bp^ms : '^ inajoBaHbfl saci^paRenHaro y Menft He- 
MHoro, a Cb rocy^apcTBeHHbiMH ^oxd^aMn Ha^jeHEHTb nocrynaTb 
0CT0p6»(H0 : fl ^ojxeH'b bo Bcemi OT^&Tb OT^erb Bory." lacro 
\OAiuLT> OHi vb dammaRdxi, hmi caMAn'b sanjaTaHHbix'b, h 
Hy^Raxi, mronaHHbix'b ero cynp;f roio ; Hocifb no ro^y h nd 
4Ba 04h6 njaTbe. 

"BsAHiii ORb Jkiiowb Bi ^jftnHoli, BbiRpamennoi BiRpacnyH) 
RpacRy OAHOROjRi^ na ni^mnLXb ROJecaxi, ndpoio ; 3hm6h) vb 
canftx-b, 3anpflHceHHbix'b^ vb OAuf joma^b cb 4ByM& ^enniHRaMH 
— o^hAbii, R0T6pbid CHAiJi Cb nHMi pfl^OMi), H ^pyr^Mi, 
'j^xaBniBM'b csd^H BepxoMi. 

* dim. of ERaTepuea. ^ yn^Tb. ' CMecT^. ♦ foreign. 

^ I cannot afiford to spend money recklessly. ^ aanpiiHb. 

( 80 ) 

Taxe npocTOT&, Rairfio coSim&A'h napb vb OA^mAi h vh 
dmuATeib cbo^mi, rocno^CTBOBaja h vb ero oSpaoi^HiH. *' Ecib 
xotAtc ocraTbCfl moAmh ^pysbiMH," roBopiii owb caap^&MCKHMi 
KopaSeibmBKaM'b bt> 1698-mi ro4]fi ''to oSxoAftrecb co mh6k> 
Be KaiTB cb Kapemi ; enaqe, s ne 6]f Ay yieHnKoifb BdrnHMi. 
fl nni^^ He noqecrefi, ho hoj^shmxi SHdnii. OcrdBbTe bcI 
HepeMonis ; mh^ cBofio^a bi» Tb'icfliy paai MHjie, H^HceiH ne* 
CHocHoe npHuy»4^Hie, Kcioparo Tp66yerb CBirb." 

BbiB^jo, ^ciH Ha "jjLimi KT0-HH6y/(b ndTb npoxo^imnrby no« 
KiOH^BHiHCb, ocTaHdBJHBajcfl n6pe4i rocy^dpeMi, ohi noA- 
xo^A^x Kb HeM^ n, bsabi sa Ka<i>TdHi, cnpdmaBaJi'b : ''nerd 
Tbi?"' H eciH TOTb oTB^qaii eMy, hto ocTaHOB&icfl H3i yna- 
»K^Hifi Kb ero ocoSi : *^ axi, fiparb I" npoAOjacaii Herpi, y4a- 
pHBi ero HO njLe^f : '' y leSA cboA A&i4, y MeH& moA ; Bamiwb 
ipdiHTb BpeMfl no nycTOMy ; crynafi cBoefi 4op6rofi." ** M^nie 
BAdoCTH," roBapHBaii ohi ^'h 66iie yc^p^ia irb ciymSb h 
BipHOCTH Kb rocy^apcTBy h ko uRi — boti noqecrn, Kordpurb 

Bi IIeTep6ypri qapb 6bm Toxce, hto OTdni bi 6oJbm6irb 
ceM^dcTfii. Ohx KpecTAji y OAnftrb^ nepoBai-b cb ApyrAMH ; 
njflcaix Ha csa^bSt y TaRoro-TO h xo^ii'b sa rpoSoMiy iH&ro. 
Ciy^djiocb JiH eM^ HM^Tb Kb ROM;f-HH6;^4b 4-iio, Beibifdisi, 
Eynq;if^ ^u peMeaieHHHKy, ohi qdcro, bsabi cb C06610 EaMU- 
meByH) TpocTb cb Ha5ai4dmHnR0Mi h31 ciOH6BOd roctA, 66jite 
HSBicTHyK) uoA'b AMeneBfb 4y6AHRH, ornpaBjiica Kb uewjf 3&- 
npocTO H'bmRoM'b, n 6cjh Haxo^i&jx xosinna sa oS^^omi, to 6e3i> 
HHHOBi^ ca^i&JCfl sa ctojii ; npHRdsbiBaji no^aB^Tb ce6i Tosce, 
HTO ho^hocAjh Apyr^Mi, TOiROBaj'b Cb Mifffieifb, myrAii cb 
SReHOH), sacraBjiji npH ce6t HHidib h nncdTb Aii^k^ Tp46yfl, 

^TOdl) 06x0/(^HCb Cb HHlfb 6e3l HUHOBl. ^aCTO BH^djIH eTO 
^ pres. of HCKan* ' what do you want ? ' withbut cei*emony« 

( 81 ) 

Ha^iHiiaxi JHfjmawb nd^i pyny cb qecrnbiMi *a6pHKaHT0M^ 
Ajh HH03eMHbiMi MaTpocoMi ; BHor^a 6p04amnMx fb TOJni, 
npHCi^niHBaflCB ki mojb% Hapo^Hou. 

Ho oSpamaflCB OTKpBITO CO BCBMH, OWb ToroHce^ Tp66oBaji 

OTB Bcixi AJfl ce6A, H xy40 tom^, kto B3A^Majx 6bi vh pasro- 
Bopaxi Ajh nocT^nKaxi cb hhmi hosbojetb ce6i Maj^ufflyio 
aoHSB. " 3a npasHdoie npom3Hie ; 3a yraaKy — HirB noM&jo- 
Bamn/' noBTop&ii ohi qacro ; " i^ime rpixi fliBHBid, H^aseiu 


Ohi JK)6&ii npaB^y, ^aace bi TaK&xi ci^qaaxi, Kor^^ ona 
Mori4 6bi ^pyroiiy noKaaaiBCfl ocKop6HTeiBHOH). " Khasb 
Akobi wb ceHaTi^," orsBiBaica ohi o ^oJ^rop^KOBi, " npflMou 

nOMOmHHKB. Owb CJA^Tb 4^1 BHO H MH^ HC. HOTaKaeTB ; 6631 

KpacHoSaficTsa pWerB npaMo npaB^y, He CMOipA na Anne." 

41. EbiMua ^apJb Uempii. 

Haixaii iiapB bi licf °^ Mya^HKa ; MyntHirB ^poBa c^qerB. n 
roBop&TB CM^ ijapB : " Eohcba th' noMomB KpecrBflHCTBOBaiH !"^ 
— Mfli-Ka Ha^o Bora na domohb!* — *^ k BcinKo ivl y leOft, 
crapHHeKi,* ceMeHcrBO ?" — ^A. ceai eucTBO y mchA 4Bi ^o^epH® 4a 
4Ba ciliHa. — ^^ He BejHKo hcb tboc ceMeHCTBO. Ky^a Hce tbi ^^hb- 
FH KjaAemB !"' — Kja^^ a AeHBrn Ha ipn ciaiBA :^ bo nepBBixx 
^OJFB njan^, a b^ ^pyrAxi* bi ^Oin ask),** a bi TpeiBBx-B bti 
Bo^y MCH^." — ItapB npH3a4^Maicfl, hto 61 aio 3HaHHJ[0, htq 
crap&fTB H Vh AOJirB ^aerB, h ^ojfb njaiHrB, n bt» Bo^y MenerB ? 
H roBopAxB eM;f crapAKi: — Bi ^ojifb ^aib — ^abvxx cBiHOBeu 
KopMiib ; 40irB niaqjp — crdparo oma h MaiB KopMJib ; a bi» 
Bo^y MCHy — ^ABVxi 40HepeH Kpyq^*^ — ^^ Hy, roBopurB cm^ uapB, 
i^MHaa TBI roiofid, crapHHeK-B ! Bj^AyiTi co cBaioH Pyca ciiBie 

* the same thing. • leO*. ^ to do thy work, ^ MOMonib. 

* term of endearment of CTapuKi. • aoh&. ' KJacTb. * purposes. 

* jsecondly. *® I lend. '* MeTaib. *2 j dower my daughters^ 

( 82 ) 

r^cH^ yM^d-Ka mnn&TB. k ren^pb cse^A MeH& vh ct^hh : u 
4op6rH He 3flaH)." — IIohto* a Te6a dobc^j^ ? Hai^AeniB caMi 
4op6ry : mii npAMO^ CBepnA BnpaBO, TyrB noBopoiA bj^^bo, a 
laMi ODflTL BnpdBO. — ^" 3toh fl rpdMOTbiy roBopArb ijapb. He 
3uaK). Tbi mchA cBe^A." — k mh*, cy^apb, bi KpecibAHCTBi 
4eHb Aoporo croHTb. — "46poro A^Hb cTOHrb, ^a a Te6i aa** 
HJiaH^." — Al sanadTHfflb, laKi no^AeMx.^ 

Ciin on& Ha o^noKoiKy^ h noixain. 4op6rofi craii napb 
MyHCHHKa^ BbicnpaniHBaTb : *' ^ajene Jb, Myacnqoirb, SbiBdii?" 
— K6e-Ky4a"^ 6biB4n», cj^^apb. — "A bha^ii iH napA?" — IlapA 
fle BHA^ii^ a H^AO 6% nocMOTpBTb : corjac&jcfl 6bi h noMep^Tb. 
— ^' TaKi cMoipA — wb cienAxT. ^apb 6y4eTb." — k Kairb a ijapi 
yanaio ?* — ^" Bci Sj^AYTb 6e3i mdnoirb diraib : oaAhi iiapb bi 
mdnKib." KaKi npiixaiH B-b crenb^ yB&4iiH jioah napA, Bci 
manKH noAi naayxH^ Qivowb diraiorb. A Myac&K'b m&pnTi 
rja3a — aboc croArb bi mdnKaxi — h cnparnHBaerb : '* Kxo «e 
napb?" ToBopftTb cm^ IleTpi AieKdBCBHq-b:' '^BAaho kto- 
* Hu6y4b HSi nacb aapb 1 " 

42. HaeodHeHie en nemep6yptJb 7 mnffpA 1824 loda. 

3to HaBOAH^Hie 6biJ0 CHibeie Bctxi^ Kor^^iiiSo. a^ic^ 
npeHcxoAABfflHxi. Bi ropoA* h ero OKpecTHOcraxi uotAQao? 
480 qeiOBBKT», 462 ^oMa coBepmeHHO yHBiHToffieHbi, a 3,681, 
34aHie HOBpeHCAeHbi. KpoMi Toro, nor^Sju) mhofo TOBdpoBi i 
AOMamnaro CKOTd. 

0<ieB^em> tslkl oniicbiBaeTb ^to crpaniHoe naBOAH^nie: 
Eani^H'b 7-ro H0fl6pA npeABimlii roTdsHBrneeca necqacrie: 
A03R4b mejcb cb cdMaro yrpd, Birep'b 6bM'b pisoirb, xoioAeHi h 
Ayji cb qpesBbiqaHHOH cAjou ; Kb hohh BO^a yate SHaqAreibHO 

^ why f ' noixan. > a two-wheeled caxriaga 

* dimui. of MyffiURi. * in some places. > fut. tense. 

7 the Christian and patronymic names of Peter the Great. ^ nor^tfHyTk. 

( 83 ) 

B03Bi^CHiacB ; HO TRkrein ropo^a, OTSbiKmie^ otl HaBO^H^Hit, 
Be npe^npHHHMajH HiiKaKikx'B Mtpi ^ja cnac^Hia cBoero hm^- 
mecTBa, npe^nojarafl, hto no oobiKHOBeniio Bo^a y6^4eTb^ ki 
yrpy. Bi hohb OAHaKO noAHfljcfl cjfbmiA, loro-BOcroqHUH 
B^Tepi H, cb qacy Ha <iaci» yc^HBaacL, npeBpaT^JCA HaKoneiix 
Vh CHJHyH) 6^pK). B'b Hcxo^i 10-ro naca yrpa o rpanATHyH) 
HfiSepeacHyH) HeBili, npoTHBi* ^Bopita cb m^MOMi pa36nBajHCB 
BoiHBi, 6e3npepbiBHO roH^MBia 6^peH). BbipaM^nie KaKoro-TO 
He/^oyMimfl, y^nBienifl h iioSonbiTCTea, Be^niiocB na i&itaxi 
TOin^BHiarocfl Tyn Hapo^a. Hhkto en^e ne npe^BH^'ki'B 6j&3- 
Earo H HeoTpa3&Maro Hecndaifl, BcKopib BO^a 6pbi3Hyja nai 
HO^SeMHBIX'B Tpj'&B, HOTOMl xjbiHyja Hpes'B rpaH&THbie 3a- 

TBdpBI pilTB H KanijOB^,— H, CB CM^THblM'B ni;f MOMl, niHp6KHMH 

HacT^H: •iHT^HHOd, KapeiHOH H Poa(46cTBeHCKO^. ShmhIh 
ABOpSm, KaiTB CKajd, cioiii cpe^A 6;f pnaro Mopa, BbMepsRHBafl 

CO BCbjli CT0p6Hl Hd^THCITB BOJLWb, CB p^BOMX pa36HBaBfflHXCfl 

KpinKJfl ero ctshbi h oponidBmnxi ero 6pbi3raM]iy oohtA ^o 
BepxHAro ara^a. 

Ha HcFB B04d KHn'Bja, KairB b-b Koui, h cb nenMOBipHOH 
cAjod oSpaT&ia bcoatb TeneHie fiKi. 4oMd ea Hd6epeHCH0H 
Kaa^HCB napyc&MH KopaSjen, HbipflBmHX'B cpeAii bojihi. Bc6 
Mocnfi 6e(uh copBaflBi h pa3HeceHBi Ha i^cth. — ^^a c^^na 
c&iH Ha rpan&THBiH napanerB, npoTBFB AiTEoio cd^a ; 6apKH 
H itpyrifl cy^d cb 6bicTpoT6K) MoiHiu neciAcb, KaKi meum, 
BBepxi HO pibKi. Ji6ah oitibneH^H bt> oxH^aHiii HCMBHyeMOH 
r&6ejiH ; orpoMHbifl m^ccbi rpannTa 6bUH c^BAHyrbi cb Mtoa 
&IH BOBCe onpoKi&HyTBi. 

Cb 4pyr6d cropoHb'i ^Bopna, na nionia^n, ho4% He6oMi, 
hohtA qepHBiMi, TeMH03eieH0BaTafl BO^d BeprkiacB, KaKi bi 

I OTBi&KHyTb. 3 fat. of yO^Tb, to fall, 


( 84 ) 

orpoMHOMi BOAOBoporl; no Bos^yxy, BbicoR6 no4HHM&flc^ h 
6ilicTpo Kpyr&cB, hocujbcl fflnpoRie jhctli xeiiaa, c6pBaHHbie 
cb Kpbiffl'B crpoHBfflHxcfl SAaeifi rjdBHaro mrdCa, h 6;fpfl nrplia 
Amh, Kahi ufxowb. J^AilEEhle ^epenkEUhie TpoTydpbi, coe- 
^HH&Binie 3a66pbi ^inxi HeAOKOHHeHHUxi a^aHid, npeAcraBiiiH 
niOT&Hy, Ha KOTopyio cb p^BOMi HanHpliH B6iHbi ; saROH^m, 
no^HflBiuHCb Bbime ^toh nperp^u, bo44 nojHi&CB bi Maiyio 
MnuioHHyK)/ Eojbmafl MHijioHHaa^ 6bii4 neperop6}KeHa 
orpdMQOK) 6apK0K), B^B^HyroK), bo^oh), h3i ^3Karo nepe;fiKa, 
Bbixo4&Bmaro Ha HeBy. Jib^H, aacrArHyTbie B046H), liaiH 
vh oRHa, Ha <iOHapu,^ iitn.ifljDCb sa RapH&au h 6ajK6Hbi 
40M6B'b, BsGHpaiHCb Ha Bepx^niKH ^ep^BbeBb, ORafiMJHBniHXiL 
SyjbBdpbi, ca^HJHCb na HMnepiaiu KapSrb. J6nia4H TOH^iH 
Bi sanp&acRi. 

Ua Hd6epea(H0d BacAjbCBCKaro ocrpoBa npoHCxo^Aio TaR6e 
me onycTomenie. IIo HeB^ nibuA 6p^cbfl Bp&cnaro A^p^Ba, 
HD^HRH H tiokA Cb TOBdpaiiH. Y Hepsaro Rd^ercKaro R6pnyca,^ 
uhiwb ndBjOBCKaro y<iH.iHUia, cro&ja 6dpRa cb CBHOBTb: Tamfl 
3Ke 4Bt noMtcriiHCb uoajl^ HbmibmHaro yneBepcHT^a. IIo iu- 
mtL^-h^ enie 6bUH pasMCTanbi 6apRu cb ^poBdiin h yrjeaii. 
Ki GajKoHy OAHord AOMa npuGiio 4Ba SoJbm&x'b TpancnopT- 
Hbixi cy4Ha; HacTb paaSMiaro ceib^sHdro 6yAna,' naxo^AB- 
marocfl na BacAjbeBCROM'b ocrpoB'ib, saHecend 6bu6, na DeTep- 
6^prcKyH) CTopony, r^i 64031 TponijKOH iiepHBH croftio h4- 
CROJbRO SapoRi Cb orpoMUbiM'b rpydOMi. 

no ^iBiiaMi nepBOH A4Miipa.iTeucK0H h&ctvl HidBajH RpecTi!i, 
saneceaHbie cb 44ibHHX'b Kja^onuii. 

1 name of a street. ' name of a street. ^ ]mnp poets. 

^ military college. 

* The streets in the *' BacHwibencKlfi dcrpoBi*' are not named, hut are called 
jueifiy '* lines," and hear numbers. Two such lines, or rows of houses form 
A streeU * warehouses. 

( 85 ) 

Bi vicT&Ji'by oROio 3ai&Ba pacnojdHceHHbixi, S^^CTBifl 6b'iJiH 
eme yaacHte, — 8046 lyrb 40x04 Aja 40 16 oyiOFb. — Bi Ta- 
BaHH, Ha KaHOH^pcKOMi H FyTifeBCKOifB ocrpoBdxii, vb EKa- 
TepHHr6<v6 h 4epeBHAxi, pacnoj62ReHHbix'B Ha 6eper^ saj^Ba, 
jib4H HOHTi He Haxo4iiH cedi HHKaKoro cnacenifl. Pafionie 
Hyr^HHaro 3aB64a, xotA h 6b'uH pacnyoieHbi nps Edmsuti Ha- 

B04HeHifl, HO He ycnUIH B03BpaT&TbCfl Vh CBOft HHJ^Dia 0, 

cnacdflCB Ha Kpilifflaxi 3aB64a, s^'kiH r&oeJL cboAx'b SjAskhxi 
H Bcero cBoero HMyniecTBa. 

Bi 4Ba qacd no noi^4HH nerepS^prcKiu BO^HHbift rySepna- 
Topi MHiop^40BHHi i34HJi wh KaTep'lb HO HeBCKOMy npoc- 
n^my, cnacda norBSdioniiu Hap64'b; MHoria ^dcTHbia j^ita 
noMoraiH eM^ Ha cboAxi j64Kax'b. Bi naidjib TpeTbaro ndca 
B04& CT&ia ySbiB^TB I Kh HoqH He noKpbiBaia 66jie Vinm, 
ocra&ieHHbixi eio fb c^momi HcdiKOMi 8^4^ : 4»onap]i 6bUH Bcb 
nqpejoMaHbi, jn> (xiB4CTBie ^ero Mpairb rocn64CTBOBaii no- 
Bcib4y. Bo UEdvEx-b Mteaxi o6pa30BajHCB npoBlibi, no 
MHdrHMi fimdM'h He 6biio npo'B34y. Coxhh 110460 pbi4aj0 
naAi T^iaMH SjAbkhxi Ajh onjaKHBain noiepio Bcerd CBoerd 
cocTOflnifl. C6th0 110460 ocraiHCB Sesi npinxra, 6e3i xiiSa, 
noHTi6e3i046HC4Bi rp^cTHOC04^J0HaocTaTKax'ByH0HT6H(eH- 


Ha 4pyr6H 4eHB naqaiAcB 4o6poB6j[bHbifl nojE^pTBOBaHis bi 
n6jB3y nocTpa4aBni0xi, npaBUTeiBciBO np&Hflio Bci^ Mtpbi 
4ifl noc66ifl HecndcTHbiMi. 

43. AneKdombi EKamepunib II. 

04h4 SinRdLfi 4BopflHRa nponrpaia TiacSy 0, no onpe4%j6Hiio 
caM6d HMneparpftitbi EKaTepi&Hbi, jom^jiacB Bcero CBoerd 
HMinifl. Oc^BHiHCB hohtA HJ&meK), Bi OTH^AHin, OHa ptmA- 
jacB npH^itrnyTB Kh nocii4HeMy cpe4CTBy. Y^ukwh, hto 
HMnepaTpAiia 6y4eTB bi KaddHCKOMi co66pib, ona ABiaexc^ 

( 86 ) 

ty^i H, noMOiAcb ea moABaxb n6pe4'B 0Spa30Mi EoFOHdTepB, 
Kia4erb* temi CBOib npocbfiy. HsyMJeHHaa EKarepAHa npH- 
Kd3biBaerb doa^tb Ge6s 6yMdiy h cb y^HueHieMi bA^htb, hto 
FB Hefi npHHocnicfl xajoSa EoroMdrepH na HMneparpAiiy. 
EKaiepAua or^aerB ^n 6yMdrii o^hom^ nai cbAtbi CBoSfi cb 
DOBejiHieMi HTofibi noAaemafl ^. crpdHHyio npdcB6y H^pesi 
TpH 4Hfl flBftjacB BO ^Bop^uB. Bi ^OTB-Bce ^CHB EicaTepAHa 
BbiTpe6oBaja ^y np6cB6yy npo^BTaia ee co BHHMaHieBfB h 
CHOBa pa3o6paia Bce auio. Bb HasHdieHaoe Bp^Mfi 4Bop&HKa 
fiBiAercfl BO 4Bop6nB. Ee np&MO bbo^atb Kb HMnepaTpAiii, i 
OHa cjbiniHTB KpoTKin rdjocB EKaTep^HBi : " npocr&Te uenk^ 
MdrymKa, fi BnHOB^ia, bbi npdBBi : h Haeecid Bam oropn^Hie 
H CA^jiaja BecnpaBe^J&BOCTB. A lejOBiirB, h dotom^ no^B^p- 
Keea oniA6KaMi. Ten^pB a xopomo pa3CM0Tpiia Bamy npdcB- 
6y, H HMBHie Bame BaMi BosBpamdercfl — h botb BaM'B enie 
aarpa^a sa hok) norpiniBOCTB." npocArejBHHiia co ciesdMi 
o6jo6Bi3&ia MH^oc^p4yio pyKy MonapxBHH — ^h BOCXHiqeHHafl 

B03BpaT^aCB 40M6fi. 

Bo BpeMfl npeSBiBdHifl nMnepaipAitBi EKaTepftHBi II. fb 
EidpcKOMi CeJB,^ vh oAlnE-b npeKpacnbid B^iep'B H^cKOiBKO 
cai4aTB rBap46fi[cKHX'B do^kobi, co6pdBmRCB bi KpyroB;fio, 
tAxbmb r6^ocoMB HaqaiH uiib niciin. EKaTcpAsa wh ko 
Bp^Mfl cH4^si Ha rajjepot h Bcii^niHBajacB bb lAxoe niflie 
coJ4^TB, KOTopBie npo40JHca.iB CBoe 3au»Tie tAxo h crpofilHO. 
B4pyrB nepe4'B hAmh aBxhejca noc^annbiH b roBop&TB hmb : 
" HMnepaTpAaa npHKa3aia cnpocArB BacB: aa qio bbi Ee hc 
jibSHie?" HayMienoBie coJ4aTBi, ne anaa qio 44iaTB, roBO- 

ykvb : " Btpno, rocy4dpBiufl nporutfiajacB na uacB aa to, hto 

' preB» of luacTb* ' Imperial residence near St. Petersburg. 

( 87 ) 

UBi ocMtiniHCB ni^TB; a mbi roTOBbi ciib MHHyry noHcepTBOBaTB 
3fiH3HBio ^ifl MaTymKH HMnepaipiSmBi ! " — " HirB, oiBiiderB 
DociaHHBid : oea He nporH^BajacB na BacB sa ^to, a ToiBKO 
npHKasajia CKasaiB BaMi : Bl)pHO bbi Ee He jioSuTe, Kor^a 
fioAiecB niiB rpoMne' h ^^waeie, hto Bame sec^jBe MoaserB 
Kor4a-HH6^4B ocKopCAiB Ee." Bi OAHy MHHyry oCpa^oBan- 
HBie coi^aTbi rp&HVJH xopoMi, H EKaiepAna Maxn^fia hmi 
6tiBiMi» niaiKOMi wb SHaKi cBoer6 yAOBojBCTBifl. 

Kor^^ KB 1767 TO^f ^BopiHCTBO npocAjo itosBOJenia y 
QiinepaTpimBi EKaTep&HBi II. B034BArHyTB ed ndMHTHHirb, ona 
OTB^qlia : Jl xouy Ayume ocmdeumb no cedri naM/fmHUKd en 
cepdvfibxi Mouxd jioddaHHbixn — u d^a Smoto Kd edmeu cyMMib 
npucoedunkio ceoio «» 160 mvicmn pydMii u npomy ynompe^ 
&umb eecb amomn Kanumdj,'6 na 6otoyt6dHbin u offtnecmeeHHm/^ 
saeedeniA I 

44. JLedmou doM'6. 

04h4h(4^i EApoHi* npe4J0»c]&Ji HMnepaTpAuib Ahh*! loan- 
HOBHi^ HeHi&TB OAHOFo usi HpH^BopHBix'B myTOBi. Ona COFJia- 
cAjacB. BoTB HDHKaaano 6b'uo myi^ BbiCpaiB ce6i neB^cry, a 
o^HOMy H3i yMHiumnx'B Ka6iiHeTB-MHn6cTpoBii Toro BpeMeHH, 
66epT»-erepMeHCTepy BojbiHCKOMy, ycrpoHiB npfe^HHKB KaKi 
MOHHO jyHHie, H npH4yMaTB Bce, ^to mohcho 6buo cAi^aTB 
y^HB^TeiBHaro h Heo6biKHOBeHHaro. FocyAapbinfl o6xABHja 
tojBRO CBoe fficianie, htoOi iio TopmecTBo coBepmA^ocB vh 
MdnnoM^ doMJb, 

Kor^a moTh neoSbiKnoBenHbiu ^omi 6hWh oKOHHeH'B, Bci^ 
^4HJH n xoA^JH cMOTp^Tb ero nocTpouKy, h JioSoBaiucB 

comp. of rp6HK0. 

( 88 ) 

coBepmeHCTBOBTb OTA'ibRH, KOTopaa vh dtMoin» A^ii 6hu& 
AOCTOHHa Y^HRieHifl. Boo6pa3ATe ceCri, mo ^totb CBa4e6HbiJI 

4B0pem OOCtokjL-h B.Tb HtCKOILKHrb KOMHaTB H saHHMaii 8 

ca»EeHB' Bi» /(JHHy, 2^ wb fflHpiiHy d 3 Fb bbiidhh^. ^to6i» 
nocrpoHTb ero, pa3py6ajH lexhOoibmiiMii RBa4paTHbiMH njft- 
TaMH, KjajH Hxi onBJ Ha 4pyryK) H,4ifl coe^HH^mH, noiHB&iH 


ToTqacb He saMepslLia. Bci ^B^pn, paMbi h creRia ^oro A^Ma, 
BCfl Me6eib H 4^e nocy^a, HanpHMBpi craKaHbi, pibiiKH h 
MHdjKecTBO ^pyruxi Bemed, c4ijaHbi 5bUH TaKxe esi HAcraro 
ibAa. dioro eme Majo : ^poBa vb KaM^Hi^ h cbb^ih bi maHit&iarb 
6bi.iH TEKHse jeAflHbm, h htoCi yAHBftib eme 66ji^e — hxi naM&- 
3biBaiiiHe<»TbK), H no BeqepdMi saxHrajH. Tone canoe A^aiH 
H cb je4flHbiMD Aeib<i»&HaMH, nocraBJieHHbiMn y BopoTb: hxi 
sacraBiAiH BuSpdcbiBaib m-h nacTH oroHb orb saHOKeHOH h^h» 
niecTb He ae^flHbixi nymeirb, na ie^AHbixi ja<t»6Taxi h KOie- 
caxi, H AB% je^HHbifl Mopiupbi, oKpyndBinifl ^omi, ee oaAhi 
pa3'b crp&i&JH A^paMH. 

CBdAeSHbiH MacKepa^i, ycrpoeHHbiu no njany BoiuncRaro, 
6bi.i'b noHift TaRHce HeoSbiKHOBeneH'b, HaKi h caMbid ^omi*. 
IIsi Bcibxi ofijacre^ Poccih, HaceieHHOH MHonecTBOMi pa3- 
j&qHbix'b Hapo^oBx, BbinHcaeo 6biio no napib nai RaH^aro 
n^eneHH. Bcib onA ABAjncb na ^Torb MacKcpa^x bi Soraibix'b 
04eHC4axi CBoero ni^Monn^ CA^ianubixi na cqeTi Ra3Hbi, Bci^ 
onk njflcaiH no po^non M^3biKt, h 4d.Hce sa oGb^omi BciM'b 
HM^ no^aiH to 611040, ROTopoe ohh npeAno'in^ieibHO jioGAjh 
na po^nnt. drorb o6i4'b 6hU'b npnroTOBjeni B'b Man^Hrb 
repuora Enpona; no Ha^oSno paacRaadrb BaMi^ RaRi> ^oixajii 
Ty^d ^TH rocrn^ coSpannbie nai paanbixi crpani Poccin. Mu 
MoriA 6bi Tenepb noiiodoBaTbCfl Sthmi nois^OMi h nociii- 

1 1 sazen = 7 feet. 

( 8» ) 

uTBCfi orb Bcefi ^yniA ! npe^craBbTe ce6i, ito owl HanaicA 
cJOHOMi, Ha cniiHB KOToparo yRpinjena 6bua 6o^bmafl 

KJBTRa, B FB He& CBA'BJH MO^O^bie, T. 6. myTb Cb CB0610 

HeBmoH), T6ibK0 HTO oSffBHHaHHbie. 3a hAmh nonapHO vb 
caH&xi 4xaiB rocTH. IIo ee no^yMauTe, ^toSi* bc^ ^h cdnn 
sanpflffieHbi 6b'iiH ioma^bMA. Uivbl oni 3anpflH;eHbi 6bua 


pbixi BSAHiB B'b TOd crpaHB, OTKy^a 6bua npiis/Kafl leia. 
n TaiTB BnpflJKeHbi 6bijii jn> csler h oj^hh, h co6aKHy h 

6bIKA> H 4a9Re K03JbI H Me4Bi^4H! 

UocA 0634a, OKOHiHBmaro arorb 4enb, MO^o^ilie 6bijD Top- 
s^BeHHO 0TBe3eHbi B'b je^iiHon 4Bopem>. OAnaKOHCb na^i 

HiiMH CR6pO CHSdiHIHCb H HpOAepxllH TdiWb HC SoJ^e, KaUl 
flicKOibKO laCOFb. 

45. PyccKie 69 nJTbup y Unont^ee^. 

Bi KpinocTn bbcjiA* nacb wb naiary. Tyrb saBflaiin naMi 
cierEa pyKH Ha3a4^ h OTBejH^ wb 6o4bm6e, nAaKoe, na 
Kas^pMy noxosRee crpo^nie, naxoAABmeecfl orb Mop& na npo- 
T^BHOft CToponi RpinocTH, T^i Bcbxi Hacb (nifoiii MaRa- 
poBa : erd mbi ne BH^ain) nocrdBHjH na ROj^oa h naqajH 
Bfl3&Tb BepeBRaMH Fb naieai TOjniHHbi caMbiMb ya^acHbiAfb 
66^di30Wbf a noTOMi erne raKAMi-Hce 66pa30Mi cBfl3ajH to- 
BeHbRDMH BepeBoqKaMH, ropa340 MyH^Teibn^e. flnoHitbi B'b 
ceiTB KBAi BecbMd HCR^cobi ; H Ha4o6HO 4yMaTb, mo y Hox'b 
3aR6H0Mi HOcraHOBieHO, RaR'b Bfl3aTb, HOTOMy-qTO nacb Bctx'b 
Bflsaifl pasHbie iio^H, no coBepm^HHO o^HHaROBO : oaho HHCid 
nerdib, yaioB-b, bi o^nnaROBOM'b pascroflHiH n npoH.* Kpy- 
roMi rpy^ft h ni6n BSABibi 6bUM neTJii, jortb hohtA 

CX04&IHCb B R&CTB y pyRl> CBfisaBbl CbMH BM^Cli ; orb HBXX 

* BuecTu. 2 oTBecTU. * etc. 

( 90 ) 

nua /(jAHaafl BepeeKa, sa KOH^ni KOT6pofi ^epxarb neJOEBn 
TaRAsfb oSpasoMi, mo npH MaitHmcMi* noRymeHiH GisdT&y 
^ciH 6bi oai> AepHVJi BepeBKv, to pyRH vh JOirrirb ct&ih 
6bi JOMaTu;fl cb vxacHoio Gojlk), a nerii 6Kaio m^i oo- 
sepmeBHo 6h\ ee saTaeyja. CeepxToro^ CBasajn ohA y HacB 
n Horu Bi ABYxi utcraxi, Bbime' KOiiHi h no^ AKpaHi; 
DOTOM-b npoA^jiff BepeBRH OTb m6H q^peai* MaiHiiu ■ biIi* 
TflHVJH Bxi TaKT», 1T0 Mbi HC HOFjA HomeBeiHTbca ; a n6cji 
cero, o6biCRaBi» namH RapMaebi h b'Jihvbi Bce, hto fb hixi 
ToibKo MOTjik HauTH, naqajH ohA noRdfino RypAib laSdRi. 
IIoRa Hacb BflsaiH, npuxoAAji p^sa Asa Biopod Ha^&ibHHRi 
H noRa3biBaji na cbou porb, pasiBda 6Hbia, RaRi» B^xerca^ 
wb sHaKi Toro^ hto aacb 6y4yTb KopMUTb, a ee y6Bi()Tb. 
Bi TaKOMi ysKacHOMi h MyiAreibnoMi noJOTReeiH mbi npd- 
6bU]i oKOJO idea. He noHRMaa, hto cb ndMH o^4yTb 4fBjaTb* 
Kor^d oeIsl npo^i^BaiH BepeBRH 3a Mdinqbi, to mm ^yMaJH, 
HTO nacb xoiarb Tyrb-Hce noBBCHib; a bo bch) MOib xhshb 
He npesHpdi'b cto^bro CMepTiio, RaRi vh cewb cjyqai, h 
mejLeuL-b orb Hj&ciaro cep4aa^ iioGbi oh& nocRopte CBepmAiH 
RdiA-b HdMH ydiHCTBO. HHOF^a BX04Hjd HaBfb B'B roioBy 
vbicib, 4X0 0H1& xoiArb Hacb noBicHTb Ha MopcRoMi 6epery 
Vh BULnf HarnHxi cooieqecTBeHHHROB'b. UaRoneqi ohA, chabi 
y nacb cb Horb BepeBRH, 6biBmia noAi ARpaMH, h ocid6HBb 
ji, ROTopbia 6b'iJH Bbime Ro^ini hah mary, noseii nacb 
Hai RpinocTH B'B noje h hotomi wb jLicb. Mm CBaaaHM 
6m JH laR^Mi oGpasoMi hto ^ecflTHjiinid iidibiHRi MorB 
CeaondcHO BeciA Bcix'b nacb ; o^ndRonrb flndnqbi ne TaRi> 
4yMajH : Rd}R4aro nai Hacb sa BepeBRy AepHcdii paSoxHHRi, 
a no^ji 66Ry me^i BOopyxeHnbiu co^^drb; h Bejift nacB 
04Hor6 sa Apyr^Mi bi» HiuoiopoM'b pascionHin. IIoAuABmHCb 

1 besides this, * comp. of bucok6. 

( 91 ) 

Ha BBicoRoe MifccTO, YBixbAn mbi Hami mjion'B no^i napy- 
caMH. Bh4'b ceH ufOEdiuLb Moe cep^iie; ho KorAa Xi'^5hii- 
ROBi, mS^niifi^ sa mh6k), CKasaji mh^: '^ BacAjiu Miixau- 
iOBHHx! BsrJflH&ie FB nocii^Hid pa3i na 4i^Hy!"^ to fl4T> 
paai&icfl no ncbwb moAmi HcAjaMi. '' E6)Re^ Mofi ! ^yMaJi 
fl, ht6 CIOB& ciA SHdqarb ? BdrjAHAie vb nociiAnid pa3b na 
Pocdio ; BdriflBAie wb nocai^HiH pa3i na EBpony ! TaKi ! 
Mbi Ten6pB iiOAH itpyrdro cB^ia. He mbi yMepjH, ho 4-ifl 
Haci Bce ynepjio. HHRor^a Hanerd He ycibiniHM'B, HHiero 
He ysH^BMi, mo ^'Riaercfl a-b nameMi oieiecTBi^, hto A^ia- 
ercfl Bi Esponi^ b bo bccmi uipbl** MbicjH cm lepsliH 
Ayx'b MOH ymacHbiMi 66pa30Mi. IIpoHAA BepcTb'i js^isb orb 
KpinocTH, ycibimajH mm ni^ineiHyK) najbSy. HamH bu- 

Gipi^bl Mbi VAoShO OTJHHaJH 0Tb KpibnOCTHblX'b HO 3ByKy. 

Cjnk no MHorojib^CTBy anoncRaro rapHHS^Ha n no to4ctot6 
seMiflHaro B4ia, koAmi oSfic^eHa KpinocTb^ Hejbs^ 6buo 
OTREA&tb HHRandro ycnixa; mm crpam^HCb^ m66bi mjnoni 
He saropibjcfl iunn ne craii na Mejb, h ipeax to co bc^mi 
CBoiflfii dKHndxeMi He nonlica bb pyRH ri> flnoHqaM'b. 
Bi TaKdMi ci^Haifc ropecTHaa nama yqacTb nuRor^a ne 6bua 
6bi HSB^CTHa vb PocciH ; a 66jte Bcero n onacaica, m66bi 
Ap^HcSa RO vwb PHRop^a h Apyrixi* ocTaBmnxca na mAVdui 
o^HKepoB'b He sacraBHia uxi, npene^peraa npaenjaMii 64a- 
ropaayMia, Bbica^HTB 110460 na 6eperb fb naM^peniH sasia- 
A^TB KpinocTBH), Ha ^To 0H1& Morj[& noRycuTbcfl, He SHafl 
MHoronb^cTBa Ruonnewh, c66paHHbiX'B ajh oGopoHbi ohou ; 
y HacB 9Re ocraBajiocB Bcero o^^nrtepoBx^ h^hchhx'b huhobb 
H CO ci^raMH naTb^ecArb o^Ahi HeJOBtKi). Mbicjb 3Ta 40 
Hpe3BbIHauH0CT^ Mea& M^4Hja> Tiwb 66jLie* hto mm HHRor^a 

1 past part, of H4Tii. ^ name of the ship. ' vocative of Bori. 

* oomp. of MHdro. 

( 92 ) 

Be uout^ HaAWbCfl ysedib o6x ^nacra J^\aEhl^ nojar&n, <ito 
flnoHiibi udLM-h He OTKpoiOTii, HTooM cb e6io hh ciyqu^ocb. 

fl Gbiii TaiTb Tyro CB&3aHi, a oco5i&BO oko^o m^H^ hto 
npou4& mecTb nia ceMb Bepcrb^ craji saAbixdibca. Toaapama 
MoA Mni^ cKa34ia, hto y Meafi jaqo HpesBbiiafiHO on^xjo a 
noqepatio. fl e^Bd Morb niCBdib a cb HyH(4<^H)' roBopftji ; 
Mbi A^Jaia Ru6Emwh pdaabie snaKa a nocpe^cTBOM'b AjeKda 
npocAja ax^ ociaSaib neMHoro BepesKy, ho n^me^Han najbfia 
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nouy}K4aj[a aacb a^rA cKopie a 6e3npecT4HHO orj&4biBaiHCb. 
A Hcejaii y»C6 cKopie KOHnaTb 4Ha cboA a OHca^aji, ae noBe- 
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no44^p3KUBaja aacb 064% pyua. HaK0H^m>^ noTep4Bi Bci 
cA^bi, fl ynaii b% oSMopoKi, a npum^Ai^ bi H;fBCTB0^ yB^^iii 
AnoniieB'b, ibibmaxi^ aa Men& Bo^y. H30 piy a i3T> aocy y 
mchA mia b'poBb ; aecHdcTHbie TOBdpania moA, Mypi a Xiw- 
HHK0Bi>^ CO cjesaMa ynpamaBaja flooaiieBi ocj&Garb aa MHift 
BepesKa xotA neMndro, aa qio onk ch 6ojLhmiiU'b Tpy^oBTb 

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pbiMi ycAiieMi Mon y»;e a^T^. UfoHLuk Bepcrb cb 4^flTb/ 
Bbifflia Mbi aa MopcKoa 6eperb npoji&Ba^ OT4'ki&K)niaro ceil 
6cTp0Bi OTb MaicMafl^ Kb HCoojbOKjMy ceaeaiH)^ r4t a bb&iA 
nacb Bi» K6MnaTy 04Hor6 46Ma. CnepBd npe4J0HcAia aaMi 
Kama B3'b capaqi&HCKaro nmeua ;^ ho uaMi Tor4a 6biio He 40 
i4bi." IIoTOMi noiOJKftjH aacb KpyrdMi ct^hi Tairb, htoSm 
Mbi 04i&H'b 40 4pyraro ne Monik 40Tp6raBaTbCfl ; 4aJiK KaHC40My 

^ past of M07B. 3 difficulty. * fut. of y4&TbCfl. 

^ gerund of npillTii. & part act. of len. * about ten versts* 

^ ricem <* but then we could not think of food. 

( ys ) 

H3i HacB no nycTo^ fi&nisib, htoSu oSjOKOT&Tbcfl ; sepeBRH^ sa 
Roft aacB seiA, npHBfls^H RoeiiaHa ki» ase.iisHUM'b CK66aMi, 
HapdHHO Ha ced Ci]^<iau vh criHy SKOJoqeHHbiM'b,^ chAjh cl 
HacB canorA h cbasIih hofh bx AByxi Micrdx'b nonp^^HeMy* 
6qeHB T^ro. CU^iasi see Sto, flnoHitbi c4iu* Ha cpeA^ni 
K6MHaTi»i RpyroMi sapdBnn h Ha^aJH dhtl nan h KypArb 
Ta6aKi. EciH 6bi iLBBi TaKUMi 66pa30Mx 6bUH CBfloaHbi, 
KaKi HU, TO m6»ho 6buo 6bi cnaTb u^trj^y humh noK6HHo6e3i 
fidiRaro onacSnifl ; ho flnonabi ne motavl 6biTb noKoHHbi : 
ohA Kaffi^bie HexBepTb laca ocMdipoBajH Bcibxi nacby He 
ociaGjH IE BepeBKn. Mu Tor^i CHHiajn hxi JiorlHiiinMH 
B&pBapaaiH bi» nJMOWb Mipifc ; ho cii^yiomiH ciyqan noRasa^'b, 
HTO H Me^y H&MH 6biiH ^oSpbie i^AHL* H Mbi cTaia nocno- 
Rdinie,' e&in bosmohcho TOJbKO 6biJ0 ycnoROHTbCfl B'b HameMi 
Hoioac^niH. Sa^^b cbcjA nacb BM'Icii cb MaTpocoMi MaKa- 
poBbiMi ; oTb RpinocTH 40 Toro Mibcra ero bcjA oc66o. Oh'b 
Ham* cRa3aii, mo Anonitbi, 3axBaTi&B% ero vb Rpinocrn, 
TOTHacb npBBejA bt» RaRjfio-io RaadpMy, r^i coji^aTbi dothh- 
BaiH ero c&roio h Rdmeio, h ohb aoboibho ecnpaBHO notii;* 
noTOMi CBfl3aiH eMy pyRn b noBeift h3% ropo^a, ho iamb- 
ToibRO B^inun' vb noje, to pasBflalie eroTonacb n 40 cdMaro 
34imHflro cejeflifl BeiA paaBiiaaHHaro, no3BOJHfl lacio no 40- 
p6r6 0T4bixaTb ; 04hu'b me hsb ROHBOHHUX'b nicROJibRO pa3i 
4aB4ii eMy HHTb H3'b CBoeft 4op6a(HOH <t»j&»CKn cary, n, no40H4ft 
yse Kb caMOMy ce^eBiH), onttib er6 CBflalm^ ho ee Tyro. 

Bi TaROMi noJOHiCHiH Mbi Haxo4U4QCb 40 CaMOU noHH. fl 
H Tenepb ne Mor^ noMUciHTb 6e3x yxcaca Tor4amHeM'b Moenfb 
cocToinin ; a ne 6e3H0R6HJCfl 66jie yme cBoeu c65cTBeHuoii 

"JHdiCttL H nOHe^'b 6bl Ce6& C^iaCTJHBblM'b, 6cIH 6bl BOSMOHiUO 

* BROJOTin. ' as before. • ctcib. * pi. of qejioBtKi. 

' comp. of cnoK6tlHUfl. > cseCTHt 7 p. a. of tCTb. > buUtu. 

( 94 ) 

6iuo ocBoSo^^Tb 3Jono^]fqHbix'B TOBapHmefi MoArb, KOTopbirB 
6^4CTBiH) fl GbWh o^ikWh BHuoH). BejHKO^yffluue nocryniui 
M^pa H Xjii6HHK0Ba npH cewh ciyqai^ eme 66iie* Tepsaii 
ityxi MOM : ouit He tojlko hto He ynpeKaju Menil vh Mo6ft 
neocTop6»iHOH ^OB^penHOCTH irb flooHiiaM'b, BBeprnyBineft 
Hxi> vb norA5eJb; ho ^aHce crap^HCb ycnoKOHBaTb MeH& h 
san^nniaTb, Kor^a ntKOTopbie h3i MarpocoBi HaHHHiii 
poHTaTb, npunAcbiBafl rioejb cbok) moch oojoniHOCTn. fl 
npB3uaK)Cb, HTo 3a ynpeKH rbxb MarpocoBi hh Ten^pb, hi 
Tor^a He UM'kii> a npoTDBi hhxi» hh naiiuniaro ney^OBoib- 
CTBifl — OHH 6bi.iH coBepmeHHo npaBbi ; npuTOMi Hero^OBanie 
CBoe npoTHBi Meei HSiflRiAiH ohA oqeHb CRpoHHO, ne yno- 
Tpe5HBi HH 04H0r6 He TOJbKO ^epauaro, ho 4axe neyqiABaro 
CjioBa, a T^Mi jfiaio6bi hxi> 6bUH 4Jfl uenk qyBCTBibeibHite. 
IIoJOJfieHie H^me 44iaio nacx paBHbiMH : mm flHK0r4a ne naAiMi- 
jHCb BOSBpaTi&TbCfl jn> OTenecTBO, citAOBaTeibHO npocibie Jib4i 
cb 4pyrAMH qyBCTBaMH h x^Tme^ ko MHt pacnojOHceHHbie, Morii 
6bi ynoTpeC^Tb CBoii flSbiRi h no Kp^HHeH uipi xortk 46p3ROio 
GpaHbH) OTMCT^Tb HJB HaKasaTb Meni 3a CBoe uecndcrie ; ho 
HauiH MaTpocbi 6bUH oHeub ^aieK^ OTb cero. He CMoipi na 
y»(acHyH), moxho cKasarb, HecrepnAMyio 6oib, KOTopyio a 
q;f BCTBOBaji Bi pyKax'b h bo bc^xi kocthxi, 6y4y4H Tairb HecroKO 
CBfl3aH'b, 4yffleBnbiA lepsaHifl 3acTaBjflin MeHfl no BpeMeH&Mi' 
3a6biBaTbcfl H He q^BCTBOBaib HHKaKou 66jh ; ho npa Maj^d- 
meMi 4Bu»ceHiH, ^axe oahok) fojoboh), necHocHbiH iomi 
pa3jiHBajcfl MFHOBeHHO no Bceuf tiiv, h a Tbicaqy pasi npo- 
ciwb y Eora CMepTU^ KaK'b Bejunaumeu m&jocth. 

Me'/K4y T^Mi Kb uaHaibHHKy namero kohboa SesnpecrdHHO 
npHHOc^H 3an&cKH, KOTopbiA npoquTaBi ohi o6i»ABiii% 

1 comp. of MHdro. ^ comp. of x^AO. 

* at times. 

( 95 ) 

cboAmi no^'iHHeHHbiMi. Pa3roB6pBi mx-b 6bun TaKi t&xh h^ 
KaKi HaMi Ka3aiocB, Tasi ocropoHCHU, hto mm AyMaJH, 6yAT0 
ohA otb Hacb TaiTCfl, xotA Mbi He SHain hh o^Horo flnoHCKaro 
cioBa. IIoceMy a h npocHJi AjeKCsa xopomeHbKO BCJ^fmn- 
BaiBCfl vb Hxi pasroBopi, n ^cih hto owl noyMerb/ HaMi 
nepecKasBiBaTi). kiemck^ HaMi CRaali'B, ^to flnoHitM nojy- 
^diOTL saniicKn cift hsi Kp^nocTH n pasroBdpHBaio'rb o HameMii 
cjabA h P^ccKHXi : ^0 Bce, hto oht» Morb noHflib, roBopA, 
^TO BapoHem* HHHero He pasyifBerb vh nx-b pa3roB6pib. 
nsBicrie ci6 sRecTOKHM'b oSpasoMi nacb rpeBOHcnjo. Mm nf^ 
iiaJH, ^To ]f4acTb HamHX'B TOBapnn^eH, ocTaBmuxcfl na 4i^Q'^> 
HHKor^a He 6^4erb naMi H3BBCTHa. 

no HacrynjieHiH TeaiHOTili, KOHBOHHbie Hamn sacyeri&jHCb n 
craiH cSepaTbcfl bi ^opory ; a okojlo noi^HO^n^ npuHecjH bi 
Bamy KOMHary rnHpoKvio aockj, Kb yrjaMi KOeu 6bUH npHsi- 
sanu BepeBKH, Kairb 6biBaeTb na vhcaxb, ^pyrnMH kohii^mh 
BBepxi^ BM'Icr]^ cBisaHHbifl cb ufOAJbibm-b npH nux-b mecTOMi, 


Meni na ciib 46cKy, nonecjA bohi. Mm onacaacb, mo nacrb 
xoikvb HaBcer4d pawyHAiB, m hto iio, MoacerB-dBiTB, nocai^Hee 
Hame bi ceil hch3hh CBn^anie, npocr^ncB co cieadMH h cb 
TaEoH) AcKpeHHOCTBH), KaKi HpouiaiOTCfl yMHpafon^ie. IIpo- 
manie co mhok) MaTpocoBi Meni Hpe3Bbi4auH0 TpoHVJO : oh& 
HaB3pbi4i nid^aiH. Meni npHHeciA Kb MopcKOMy 6epery h 
uoAomkiE Vb SojBm^H) Jo^Ky na poroHcy ; qepe3i HBCKQiBKO 
MHByTB TaK&Mx-sie oGpasoMi npHHeciA M^pa h nojOHi^jn co 
MHOK) Vb OAHy io^Ky. Chm-b Heo}KnAaHHBiM'B (MyqaeMi> a. 
SbWb qpe3BBiqaHH0 oGpa^OBaHi h no<i^BCTBOBajx na KopoTKoe 
BpeMfl H^KOTopoe o6jer4eHie bi» ^ymeBHOH cKopGn. Hotomii 
npunecjA XjiSHHKOBa, MaTpocoBi CAnoHOBa h BacHJBeBa, a 

^ fat. of noeiTb. ^ n^inou. 

( 96 ) 

nponnxi Tpo&xi noyAcrLin vh /(pyrvio Jo^Ry. HaKOH^m* 
MeiE^y Ea»4biMH AByMii m'b HacB ciia no BOopymeHHOMy 
coJAaiy, H noKpbUH nacrb poroxaMH ; a npHroTOBHBmHCb 
coBc^Mi, OTBaj&JH OTL G^pcra B noB^siH Haci-:— Ky^a ? ne- 



mafl HH MaiBMHiaro BHHMaBifl Ha ndniH croHbi. ToiLRO o^Ahi 
MOio^oft HeiOBBKi Aivb ABa^uaTA, SHaBHiiu roBopJnrB noKy* 
pAjbCKH H ciy'/KABiuiu HdMi* nepeB6AqHK0M'B, cA4fl bi necii 
6e3npecTanH0 niAi^ nicHH h nepeAp&SHHBaj'b naci, no4paiR&f 
HdmeMy roiocy h aoHaMi, Kor^d mbi otb 66jih h otb Aym^B- 
Haro Mvqenifl HHor4& B3biB&iH Kb Borv. 

Da pascB-Biib 12 ii&jfl npHcr&iH.Mbi n64ji He66jibmaro ce- 
jenifl Kb 66pery dcrpoBa MaTCM^a. Hacrb Torqacb nepeJoasiiH 
Bi 4pyr(fl J64KH H noBCiA hxT) 6HqeB6io B40ib 6epera Kb ibro- 
BOCTOKy. TaK^Mi oSpasoMi Tamu^H nacb GesnpecTaHHO uiibift 
4eHb H BCK) a34yH)myK) noHb, ocTaHdsjHBaflCb tojbro bi 
HSB'BCTHbix'b M'l^cTax'B AM nepcMinbi J1046U, TflHT^BHiHXi Ghhc- 
By, KOTopbixi 6pdjiH nai cejieHie, naxoA^Hxcfl Ha 6eper]^. 
Becb ceu 6eperi, lan^ cKasaib, ycfeflH-b crpoeHieMi : na 
K^'/K4bix'b S-XT* HJH 4-xi> BepcTaxi BcrpinaiOTCfl MHoroJib4Hbifl 
cej^nifl, Hsi) kohxi npn bcSkomt* o6ft.ibnafl pbi6Hafl[ JidBJfl. 
3aBe4^Hifl finoiicKifl no ceii Hacxn opoMbiuiienuocTH 6e3npH- 
H^pHbi; Mbi q^cTO npoi>3!KaiH TouH m, TO BpeMfl, Kor4& 
BbiTacKHBajH m'b B04bi na()eperi HCBOAaorpoMHOfi Be^HiuHi^y 
cb HeB^po&THbiMi KOjAnecTBOMi pbi6bi. 34']^mHflfl j[^qmafl^ 
pbi6a BCfl ns'b p64y jococAnbi, Tau^e caMafi, KaKaa jobhtch bi 

flooHUbi H&CTO npe4JarajH HaMT> Kdmy h31 capanifiLHCKaro 
Duiend H no4>KapeHyH) pwoy : kto hst* HacT> xoTBA-b icTb, rouf 

comp. of xop()mitl. 

( 97 ) 

OhA RlaJH^ niftmy Vh pOTL ABVMi TOHeHBKHMn ndjOHRaMH, 
KOTOpUMH H cdMH i^l^Tb,^ ynOTpeSiifl HXX BM^^CTO BiULOKb. 

^To npHHa^Jex^TB ao Meni, to a He Mon yooTpefliiTb HBRa- 
Koft nAmH. nonen^Hie fLnoEixevb o(h HacB stiimi eme He 
EOHHHJOCB : oni npHCiaEiiiH Kb nam paSoTHHROFL cb b^t- 

SaMH OrrOHHTB K0Map6BB H MyXB. 4^^ T^Klfl npOTHBOHOJlOlK- 

HOCTH vb nkxb nocrfnKaxi cb h4mh Rp^fine nacrB y4HBiftjH : 
CB 04h6h cTopoHi^i npeiaraiH ohiSl HcnoH&THoe oGb nacB no- 
nen^Hie, a cb 4pyr6ft croHbi ndniH, npoecxoAibmie otb 
HpesiiipHoll 66jh^ ci^majH cnoRofino h 0THib/(B ne xot4ih 
4jg H&mero o6ierH6Hifl oci&6htb BepeBORB. Mbi hhr^rb ne 
MorJift corjac^TB cifi ABa npoTHBopinifl ; BnpoieMB RaRB 6bi to 
ni 6buo* a 4o6p4 otb flnoHiieBB naMB OHSH^aTB 6buo BCJBsii. 
Mbi 4yMajii, hto c^Maa 66iBmafl HiiocTB, ROTopyio chA naMi 
ORadRyTBy Sy^eTB coctoatb bb tomb, ito nacB ne ySBioTB,* ho 
cr&HyTB* 4ep)K&TB no cm^ptb namy bb ncBoji; a mbicjb o 
B^HHOMi saRJioq^nin Meni vb Tbicaqy pasB 66iie yiRacaia, 

H^SeiH C&Mafl CMepTB. no RaRl> He^OBBRB n BB 4BepixB cdMOH 

rASeiH ne inmaeTCfl na^effi^Bi, to h mbi yT^m^iH ce6ft MeiTdio : 
He npexcT&BHTCfl jlvl naMB Ror4d-HH6^4b c^yiafi yHTift. Jiin 
oGo^penifl cBoer6 bb ndmcMB necHdcrin, mbi nnor^a f^3cp^,k' 
M : ** ne b^hho xe flndniiBi CTdnyrB nacB ^ep^aTB CBisan- 

HBIXB ; TCn^pB OhA SoiTCfl, qT06B MBI HC YUUii, A6o RopafijB 

BanrB ne^aiCRd; ho nocji Ron^qno nacB pa^BiffiyrB, ne 


40BaTeJBHO MBI 6;^4eMB HM^TB cpS^cTBO yHT^, saBja^ieMi 
id^Koio, nepenpaBDMCfl na TaTdpcRift SeperB, cRaaccMB, hto 
DperepniiH RopaQjeRpymSnie^ n 6^Aewb npoc&TB, ht66bi nacB 
OTBeaift vb ncRini, a orr^^a HCTp^^no 6^4eTB cb nosBOi^nifl 
KiT&icKaro npaB^TeiBCTBa npitxaTB bb KAxry. Botb h bb 

1 uacn. ' tCTb. ' be as it may. ^ yCiiT^. ^ ^^ii». 


( 98 ) 

Poccii, wh CROesii (ne^ecTBi I " Ho Tani npiiTHUi , Triin4- 
Tejuiui ueHtkBiM MrBOneBBO ic^esaii. **TaBi, flnoHiiu 
KkCTh pa3Blixyn, roiiopAji homi 34paBUH paacy^on; bo Sio 
6<46Ti Bi serupexi citH&xi 3a sejtsHUMi aanopaiii — wn 
KiMi u TardpcKift 6epen, son h Kixra ■ OTenecTBO Bame !" 
Mucji^ cili noBcprdja eacb fl yzacHiflmee ondiuie. Tor/[& 
\7Ke M e4AH0H ifCKpbi Ha4ex4U He ocraBaiocB. fl HeotXHOKp4T* 
BO roBopkii : ^ ^H 6bi KopadieKpynieHie, fiiAcniie, ciyqHB- 
iiieecfl na Mopi, kin 4pyrou Heo6xo4AMbiH ci^nai Buepri,^ 
uenh Kh HuounsLUi bi pi^kh ; to a HHMaio He poniaii 6u Ha 
cyAiSj CBOio, H Bc6 Hecuacrifl canaro \iisacHaro nj%Ba nepeHO- 
eMA% 6bi paBH04^uiuo ; ho a caM'b 4o6poB6jbHO OTAaicfl bbi. 
(>rb <iAcTaro c6p/(ua h on Hcejanifl hmi Ao6pa, noixaii i n 
unm vh HpinocTb, Kairb ^pyrb hxi, a lenepb ht6 ohA cb 
ii^MH 44iai0Tb? fl Meuie^ M;f qnicfl 6bi, eciH &b Sbui npsqi- 
BOio TdjibKO Moero c66cTBeHHaro HecHacrifl ; ho enie ceMb 
*icxoifbm H3i> MoAxi HO^HHHeHHbix'b Taote OTb Mefli crpa- 
Miorb." ToB&pHuiH MO A crap^Hcb MeHAi ycnoROHib. Mypi 
saMiiHJi, nTO ueiik w^^nLTb necTOJibGie, aaii&M'b x /[onyciiu'b 
fln6HueB'b o6Maii^Tb ce5&, h coBiToaai'b mh^ BcnoMHHib mh6- 
m iipHM'upu HI HCTopiu^ ito iib^H, bo Bcixi OTHom^HUn 
iicc^mBudHiio Bb'iiuc mchA, c^iiaiHCb »c6pTBoio omiftSoRi, no- 
46()Hbixi M6ett, KaKi to : KyK'b, 4^^Hrib, KHasb E[HiiiaHOBi 
u iip6<iie; uo n uaxo^A^i pdanocib Mew^y hxi 3Rp66ieM'b ■ 
MO^M'b : ohA MriioB6uuo 6b'uH yMepmaieflbi h HHnero ndcil 
no M^BcvrBona.iH, a a mjUBy n Tepsaiocb, 6^4yHH BHH6iO ■ 
c»H4'bT(MeMi CTpa4auiii moAxi TOBdpHniieH h cboAxi c66- 


liiUfl 13 na pancBBTi ocTanoBAincb mm 0644% 04H0r6 
ucCcubUiaro cciouia aaBTpaKaib. /Kuieja co Bcero ce44^ 

1 BB^Sprnytb. > coiup. of ukio. 

( 99 ) 

cofipaiAcB Ha 6eperB CMOTpiib naci; bs'l Hsaia nxi 04Ah'b, 
hAaowb noHT^HHbift crapAirb^ npocAji noaBOJ^nifl y Hdmnxi 


ohA h coriaciiHCB. CxapifiLirb bo Bce bp^ma cToaii uonAi na- 
mnxi i6fi,0Kb h CMOipli'B, htoGm nacb xopomo KopM^H. 
Bh^i ero iHa4 uom&shiBdun^, mto oh'l Hcaj^i o nacB ne- 
npHTBopHO. TaRoe 4o6po4^n]ie h BHHMaHie Kh ndmeMy 
HecHacriio vb nocTopoHneMi neiOB^Kt BecbMa mhofo naci 
yriniHJO. Mbi ct&ih o flnoHiiaxi iyqme Mb'iciiiTb n He 
c^HidTb HXi coBepm^HHbiMH BapBapaMH, npeaflpaioniHMn 
EBpondfiiieBi, KaiTb RaR^xi-HnC^Ab xcQBOTHbix'b. UocJii sas- 
ipaRa ooiTb hotahj^jh nama jo^rq B^oJb 6epera ^kjiie.^ 
4eHb 6bu% npeRpacHbiJI, tAxju^ HpaHHOcrb bca HcnSaia, h 
ropHsdHTb C4uiaicfl coBepm^HHO mien. Bet codB^CTBeHHbia 
ropbi H fiepera 6iuii BecbMd Acho bh^hm ; wb tomi qnoii 
KyHamApb h 6eperd, o6pa3]^H)niie ysRacHyio ajlh Hacb rdsaub, 
uu oneHb xopom6 movAk OTjnq&Tb, ho 4i^ui>i Hdmeu ne 
BHAajH. fl cb Mo6£ CTopoHi^i H HC Hceiiii ee yB^^irb : bhai 
eei, 6aiH idjbRO mojrho, em,e yBeii^nii* 6bi rpycrb namy. 
^aca 3& /[Ba Ajh 3d TpH 40 3axo3R4eHifl c6.iHua^ mm ocraHO- 
B6jHCb npH HeSojbmoMx mboib majameu, oSnTaeMbixi Ky- 
p&ibEiaMH. Tyrb flnoHUbi BbiTamniH 6Gb Hame io^Rn na 
6eperb h nordM'b^ co6paBi> Bei^Roe MHoscecTBO KypiMbueBi, 
norantAiH hxx co BciMi>, cb naiiH h cb RapayjbHbiMH, na 
ropy CKBOSb EycTi^i h He6ojbm6d jtcrb, o<iHm&fl 4op6ry h 
yHH^iToaEafl npeniTciBifl lonopaMH. Mu ne Mori^ nonaTb, 
HTo 6bi uota6 HX'b noH^4HTb Tam&Tb na ropy TaRou orpoMHOu 

BeiHHHHb'l JO^RH.^ Mbl AyMdUiEy HTO OH^^ \Biixkvh HaHiy 

4iaHy, mxfmyio rt> 6epery, h onacaacb, HioG'b PyccKie na 

1 comp. of 4aueE6. 

' Huma i<S4Ka HHija no BpaiiH'lkM uip'b dKOio 80 «^tobi bi 4juo^ b «yTOBi 
8 mnpHB^. 


( 100 ) 

flHrb ne nanam e nacB He otSAjh, no CBoficTseHHoft hmi 
TpycocTH, xoikrb cnpuTflTbCfl. IIo BCKdpl u6cA Tor6 ^iio 
o6iflCHAjocb. — no4H}iBi jo^KH Ha caM^H) BepmAfly aoboibho 
BbicoKOH ropbi, HdnaJH oHbifl cnycKdTb Ha 4pyr^i0 cropoHy ■ 
cnycT^jH vb He6oibm;fK) pi^iKy, BecbMa mhofo noxd»yi0 na 
HCKycTBeHHO c^lianHbid KaHaji. Bcero padcroiHix TamiiH 
0H& nacB OTb 3 40 4 Bepcn. Bi ^o Bp^Mfl y Maipdca 
Bac&ibCBa nonua^ &3x Hocy KpoBb n cb TaKAMi crpeiu^HieM'By 
KaiTb HSi OTKpsiTOd 3Rujbi ; Mbi HpocAiH flodniieBi OCiafiHTfc 
Ha HeM'b BepeBKH, a oco6a&bo okojo m6H, ho ohA HHiiaJo He 
BHHM^iu HaniHMx HpocbSaMX, a saxbiKijH eM^ hocb xion<i&^ 
Tou SynaroH); ho Kor^d hphm^thjh, mto cpe^ciBO ci6 He 

MOriO OCTaHOB^Tb leq^Hifl RpOBH^ TOW y3K6 OCiaSHJH BepeBKH 

H TO oneHb Haio. TaKaii hxi HeopcKJoHHOCTb xotb Kb Ma- 
jiumeMy nameMy o6jerMeHiio Hsrid^HBaia n3i Mbicieft b&* 
mvLX'b Aodpoe o hhxx MH^nie, KOTopoe mm naHHH&iH 6iuo 

HM^Tb HO HOCT^nKaMl H^KOTOpblXli "l^HblXl JlO^^fi ; H MU 

on&Tb cHHTaiu HX'b c&MbiMH 3RecTOROcep4biMH B&pBapauH 
BapoHCifb Kor^a nacb cnycriiH na pi^iKy, to KOHBoftnue 
Hamn crain o6paniaTbCfl cb naiiH ropaa^o jacKOB^e, rtpoiTHO 
OTToro, HTO Tenepb ym^ Bcinafl onacHOCTb aja hhxi otb b&- 
mero nuibna MHHOB^iacb. Out crapajHCb naMi HsiscHfai 
SHaKaMH^ HTO ipe3i 8 ijnn 10 abch mu npii^eMi' vb Marc- 
Mad : Tor^a nacb paaBflffiyrb h nosBojHTb HanncdTb name 
xbio, KOTopoe 6;^4yTb pascM^TpHBaTb rjdBHue hxi HnndBBHEi, 
H nocii npHBe^^^rb' nacb nasa^ii h oxnycTflTb vb Pocciio. Mu 
xoTfl oHCHb Maio BBpHJH CHifb pascKdaaMi, HO He OTBepr&iH 
BOBce AcTHHU oHbixi, H Ha^^H^a HCMHoro Hacb ycnoKOHBaja. 
HbKOH) Bb'inuH^ Mbi vb 6ojbm6e osepo, KOTopoe, naMi 
Easaiocb, HHiio coooni^nie cb ^pyrAMH o6mApHbiHH osepaMH. 

1 DOftTi. * nptixaifc. * npoBecri. < i6lnu 

( 101 ) 
no osepaMi nihuk mm Bcib ho^ib n ci'l4yK)miu ^eeB, tojbko 

6<]eHB M^AJ^HHO. tlo^KH H^IDH HQCIO AOJffiHbl 6bUH Efijk 

u^jflMH H He HHdqe, KaiTB laHnMi oopasoM'B^ hto Kyp&iBiiBi 

CX04lbH FB BO^y H TamilH EXh. HoHBH)^ Oieili C&iBHBIH 

40ffi4B. flDOHUBi ooKpBUH HacB por6]KaMH ; HO KaKx ohI; 
H&CTO CB nacB cBaiHsaiiicB, to mbi npHHya^eHbi 6iiuE noMTik 
6e3npecr&HH0 npocArB npHcraBieHHBix'B Kb Hani paCoTnnKOB-b 
nonpaBiiiB hxx. OaAaii hsi ehxi fibui qeioB^KTi ^oCpbiu — 
owb dbiji npHCTaBiCHi iTB XiioHHKOBV, HO FOToBi Bcer^i 
cjymfrrB HaMB bc^mi — a nponie OTapasjiAiH ^neMi aoj-jkboctb 
CBOib xopomo, HoHBH) ate HHor^a jtHi&jncb, otb nero nacrb 
HcnpaBHO AOiMeMi homohiijo ; a oahhi h3i hrxi 4aH(e ni^- 
CKOiKo pa3i y^apHJi Hypa 3a to, hto oh'b ero *i4ao 6e3no- 


sa &T0 er6 no6paH&jH. Bi nojOBuui hohh npHCTaiH mbi itb 
04H0My HeSoiBmoMy ceieniio &jh ropo^K]^ ajlh nepeMinbi 
rpedaoBi. Ha Seperi^ pacKja^eHbi 6biJn 6o.ibmie orni&, ro- 


KypAiBiieffB, CToiBnmx'B b'b crpoib : n^psbie 6bUH b^ bohhcrou 
OA^HE^i^ H vb j^Taxi, CB p^wBflMH, a noci^^^Hie CO crpi^aMa h 
j^RaMH. HaHaiBHnKi mxh crofli'b npeA'B <i>p6htomi bi> 6ora- 
TOMi meiROBOM'B njdTB'b h ^epHvaii) jn> pvKt, na no^o^ie 
vbcovby 3HaRB CBoeu BjacTU. CTapmiii B3'b HauiHXi kohbob- 
HBixi no^omeiii rb HCMy (tb BeJBKBMi no^oCocrpacrieMi b, 
npedBBi hohtA na ROJ'i^Hfl, cb noHnKmeio fojobok), 46jro qro- 

TO eM^ pa3CRd3BIBail, Ha40SH0 AJMdLTh TOMl, KaKl HaCTB 
BsftjH. nOCIB Cero HaH&IbHBRB BCX04UJI RB HaMl Ha i64Ky 

nacB HicROJBKo o6ierH6TB ; crpaacH Bamn, ooHBMaa, qero mbi 
DpocHMi nepecKa3aiH cm^, ho oh'b BMtoo oiB^ia 3acM'b/i.icfl, 

^ at night. 

( 102 ) 

iipoBopqaji ^6-10 cno3b ayou ■ ymen.* Torjia mu ona- 
iBJii on 6epera ■ noixaii Jiaiie, a vb ho"U iia 15 ^icid 
Dpicraji n 6ojbm6My oruio, pane^eeHoay^ Ha 6eper^. 
Tyn pa3H3aiii nan Hon h ciaiH naci luiojiiTb oahot6 
nocffc Apyraro ■ ciaBm noxit orei rpincf, a HaKOH^m 
noKjA Bcixi Ha HeiucoKyio ropy m^ 6ojun6i, na capdi 
ooioziH, oycTOH asoapi, wh coropoM^ Kpovt lunAn A^ep^iy 
HHcaxoro oneparifl ne 6ujo. Tasn m^^ nasn Qxiiia Docr- 
jaTB ■ OAtricf , noJozHJi Hac%, cm3&ii oukn Hon nonp6x- 
HeMy, nOEopvijii Kameio wjh capairacsaro nmefl^ ■ pi^Goio.^ 
CU^iairB Bce aro, flnoeau pacnojoxuiicb niiTb lai h KypiiB 
Ta6aKi>. ■ 6ar6e vze wh nacB ne sadoriiiicb. 15 ^icja sa 
BecB Ml^Bh mail npoiiiBHOH A0X4b, h mu ocraBamcb Ha loi- 
Ke KBaprApb h itb tomi ze nojozeHii. KopMiui Haci Tps 
pasa Kb ACHb nonpezHeMY Kameio, pu6oio h noueSKoio aa^b 

46. Koe-umo o xapanmepib u aaniminxi pyccKoto napoda. 

HccKie, noAoSflO Apyr^Mi napoAairb, HMiiorb cboA Ao6po* 
A^TejH ■ HeAocraTRH. P^fccRid neJOBtirb AoSpi, ycj]fzjiiFb, 
06x04 AreieHb h b% ocogeHHOcm — rocrenpiAMeHx. PyccRoe 
x.ii6oc6jiLCTBO HSBicTHO— uijOMy cBtry. Pj^ccRifi coiAdrb He 
TOJbRO xpaSp-b, HO H Tcpni^i^Bx, H Mozerb nepeHoc^Tb bcih- 
Hdumifl Tp^AHOCTH H JHineuifl. CaMH oHOCTpaHqu coanaibTCfl, 
HTO HH OAbu-b Hapo^i He YM^erb laKb xopomo /(paTbCfl Ha 
niTbiKdxi, RaRb pyccKie. Hbchh Aocrawaiorb p^ccRony ie- 
iOBBRy ooibmoe YAOBojbCTBie : ohi noerb^ na oCjiynR^ noHT6- 
Bou TCi^rH, Ror^a flMmoROMi HeceTCfl no croiSoBOH Aopori 
na Tomnx'b, no jHX&xb Rondxb cboAxx ; noerb, Ror^i namerb^ 
noie, znerb^ xji^b, n^erb npdTHBi nenpiflTejfl. Bx o^ndMi 
TojbKo pifccHOMb BOMCRi ccTb yAajbic ntcenoHRH, ROTOpbie 

' f iJii. ' lighted. • pres. of ntib. < nax&n. • »aTb. 


( 103 ) 

Bcer4a xo^fiTb Bnepe^A MVBBiKdHTOBi H Ap^fffEHO noibTL Becejufl 
ntcHH, Bcejiiomifl pyccKOMV coj^ary HOByio Co^poab, HoBoe 
B^fasecTBO. noKopnuH saROHaMi cBoero OTenecTBa, p^ccKiu 
crpacTHO ii()6aTL iiapi h p54iiHy, ROTopyio npeAcraBjaerb ceCi 
j]fqnie Bcixi CTpaH'b na CB^it. Oni 6oro6ofl3iHBi>/ 6iaro- 
hcctAbi, HcnojHieTB Bci oSpA^bi ii^pKBH, nocT^TCfl qacTO h no 
iip^^HHKaBTL cqnTderb rp'ibxoMX ne 6biBaTb y oOb^an. Eivb 
Hapo^a, KOTopbiii 6bi 66jbme p^^ccKHX'b QhWb o^apeH^ cnoco- 
GHOcriio Kb nepeiBinnBocTH h oo^pasRaHiio. Hhou noM^mHirb 
Hanp.^ fieperb^ 6biB&io Hay^aqy nicKoibKO cboAx'b Kptnocr- 


Wb HeM]f-iH6o, saeraBjierb yHArbca, o^floro — canoiKHOMy Mac- 
lepcTB^, 4pyraro— KysH^HecTBy, Tpeibaro — x^BonncH, h bc6 
ohA ^ijaiOTCfl xopomHMH MacrepaMH. JUm npoHSso^cTBa cbo&xi 
paGoTb, p;fceirie He nymA&wrcfi bo MHoscecTBi^ HHcrpyMeHTOBX. 
P^^cckIh HiOTHHiTb, HanpHBTOpi, ^tiaerb CBoe ^o Hepi^KO 
BXEiwb TonopoMi, H ^0 e4&HCTBeHHoe op^^ie craHOBHTCfl bi 
pyndxi MacrepoB&ro, no ero npoiiSBdiy, naioio, aojotom'b, 
MoJOTOMi H np. ;^ Cb 04HHaK0BbiMX y^oGcTBOMi H BBpnocriK) 
OHi nepepyfiaerb uwb Tojcroe A^peso, BbM-kibiBaerb rja^Kyio 

40CR]f H H&X!d BblBO^HTb OpflMb'lfl, pOBHblfl H MCiRifl yRpameHlfl. 

Ha^ofiHO 04HdRoarb npH3HaTbCfl, hto. He CMorpft na Bcb axn 
cnoc66HOCTn, p^ccRie^ 66jbmeK) nacTiio, Majo o6pam^K)rb 

BHHMdHlfl Ha THiaTeJbHyiO OTA^Ry n IHCTOT^ npHr0T0BJ[AeMbIXl 

jiMH npe^M^TOBi ; onk o6biRHOBeHHO nojaraiOTCfl na " aBocb/ 
Cb pyRi coi^erb/'*. ... Ho ^OMy — ^ro p^ccRia HSA^iifl BOoSme 
ycryn&iOTb sarpanAqHbiM'b. 

06HT&TejH HBROTopbixi M^aHoaei PocciB (MaBflTCfl oc66eH- 
Husrb HCR^CTBOMi vb RaRoMi-jflGo 3aHflTiH &iu peMeci^. 
flpocjaBDibi, HanpHM^p'b, OTiunnbie oropo^HHRH ; HSBoimiRH 

* God-fearing. * HanpHMipi, " for example." • (ipaib. 

* etc. • perhaps. • to get rid of. 

( 104 ) 

vb HocKBi H neTep6;^pr6 T^RHce noHTfi bc%— ipocifiBiiu. r&- 
jHiiKiu yi34'B, KocrpoMCKOH ry6epHiH, AOcraRiierB OTiftqHuxi 
ojoTHHKOBi H CTOiflp^Bi; TBepcKOfl ry66pHifl — canosHHROVb 
H 6aniMa4HiiR0Bi> ; OjoneiiRafl ryoepHia — ncK^cHurb KaiieH- 
msKOBi ; Eijop^ccifl — seMjeKonosi h t. a. 

Mndrifl pyccidft rySepain, jisAhi h ropo4& OTiBqiiOTCf 
KaK^M'b-HEGyAB H34^jieM'b Ajb npoHSBeA^HieMi n6HBi>i, hmi 
CBOHCTBeuHUMH. flpocjaBCKOC H apx^HreibCRoe nojOTHd s 
flpociaBCRid caji«eTHbifi xojcrb BSBicTHLi bi uiioll Poccih. 
Bfl3bMa oidBHTCfl — cboAmh opiBHRaMH^ Bbi6opni — RpeH^eiftMH, 
Baj^au — RoioRojbHHRaMH, KieBi h Cmoj^hcr^— ^pyRTOBum 

H3AiliflMII, m^TblMH SOJOTOMX H CepeSpOM'b, Ka3£Hb — MbUOKl, 

Bia^&MipcRafl rySepHia — BumHAMH, Ha3biBdeMbiMH nampidp- 
muMUy YcTibrb-BejARiu — nepHeBoio paGoioio na soioTi s 
cepeSp"]^, Tyja-^Merai^&HecRHMH H3AiiiflMH e np. 

Bja^&MipcRafl ry6^pHifl, vb oTHomeHiH «a6p&MH0H h Many- 
ii>aRTypHOH npoMbinueHHOCTH, aaHHsiaerb, vb HameMi OT^qeciBb, 
nepBoe m^cto. 34'i^cb oc66eiiHO 3SLMiH&tejLbE0 ceio Heameo^ 
npHHa^eH(amee rpadtaMi HlepeHeTeBbiMX. Bi opocroHa- 
po^iH oh6 HasbiBaercfl, 3a mhofojioactbo — '' r6po40M'b," 3a 
6ordTCTBO — ^* soaoTbiM'b ^HOM'b/' Bx ^TOM'b ceit jRHBerb 40 
9,000 Ayni'b oapoAa, noroiOBno BaenMaiomarocA c^TiieBOft 
H SyMaroTKauKoii <i>a6pnRaiiieH^ h BbipaSaTbiBaioniaro exe- 
roAHO pa3Hbixi» H344iiH Ha 10 MHijioHOBi py6j6jt cep&- 
6p6M'b. Bi HB^HOBi ceMb iiepRBeu, vb ROTopuxi 3r6h- 
Hvr'b u ^paroq'BHHbie utidjubi cocHQTbiBaiOTCfl Aec&TKaMH ny- 
lovb. nocii Bja^&MipcKou ry66pHiu, uo oCmupHou npoMbi- 
nueHHod ^tflTe^bHoaii, saM'lqaTeibHbi : MocRoBCRaa, IlepM- 
CRafl, Kai]^HSCKafl, TaiiSoBCKafl, KocTpoMCRaa ; noTOMi cii- 

1 mauufactQry of cotton goods. 

( 105 ) 

xyiOTB: nHHcerop64CRafl[,C. neiepST^prcRafl^ PflsdHCKaa n ^pyris. 
B'b aTHxi ry66pfliflx% ecTB ^epeBHH h ^aiKe u'kibie oKpyru, bi 
KOTopfcixi aE^TeiH 3aHBMaiOTCfl o^hAmx KaK&M'B-iH6o peHec- 
jLowh. TaKi HanpHM^pi bi HiiJKeropo^CKOH ryOepHia, Cesie- 
HOBCKOMi ^434^, 6diie 12,000 HeiOB']^Ki> sauBMaiOTCfl bma^- 

KOft KeiisHUXl KOpOmflCIl 44fl BicOBl H KOBKOU FBOd^^H Q 

CRO&B. Bi TOiTb aEe yi^34i, ea npoapaHCXBi 45 BepcTB bi 
4[JBH]f H 20 Kb niHpHHT^, Bce MyHECKoe n ac^HCKoe Hacej^aie 
aaHflTonpHroTOBienieMXBaieHOMHOH* 66yBi[ h m^ani, ROTopLixii 
Bbi^ijbiBaiOTB Ha 70,000 pySjed cepeSpoMi. Bi ctBepHOu, 
jicAcTOII naiOB]fi[Hi CeMeHOBCRaro yia^a, mmein sannMaiOTCfl 
npenMymecTBeHHo BbuiiROio ^epeB&HHUx'b lameRi n lomeKb. 
" XoxjoMCRafl BoiocTb" H ccio *^ ropo4em" — raaBHbie d^hrtm 
Srofi npoHb'imjeHHOCTH : laMi o^ni ^epeBHH BbMijbiBaiOTb 
ToibRO 6aRiyinH, ^pyrifl o6Ta4UBaK)rb nxi, Tp^TbH Rpacarb u 
T. 4.^ TaR]fi[M% d6pa30MX, CeMenoBCRiii yiaAi npoHSBOAQTb 
o^hAxi ^epCBilHHbixx H34'Biiii na 80,000 py^^eu cepeSpoM'b, 
H vh TOMi iHCi3 4 MHjjioHa AomeKh Ha 35,000 pyS^eu cepe6- 
pdMi. OTSopnMmifl hsi Hox'b HAyrb 3a rpan&ay, a jy^mifl 
y/ocToHJHCb HOXB^bHaio 6T3biBa 4axe Ha j6h40hckou BceMip- 
Hod Bi^icraBRi. 

P^ccrIh npocTOJi04]fi[Hi He B3bicRdTejen'b bt* iji,i. Ohi 
jib6HTb uiuiY 34op6ByH), cb'iTHyio h npocTj^io : a?^/&^5, 3t^co, 
Kdw,y,WiU Ajh 4pyr^K) ropAnyio noxie6Ry ; no npa3AHHRaMi> 
icTb nupoiu^ nocTOMi — /?bi($y h ipu6bi. Keac?i — nauioHajb- 
DbiH jKiSAMbill HaoiiiTOK'b p^'ccKaro qewiOF^Ka. B'b nooi'B^uee 
Bp^Mfl BomeJ'b Taume B'b o6biRHOBeBie uau, KOTopbiu pyccKie 
uhim> oSbiRHOBeHHO 6e3i cj^BOR'b H npn tomi BH^iero He 
t^HTb,' Hbiorb MHoro, nepi^KO no ^ecfiTH h fiojte CTaKanoB'b. 
^^Lll HbeTCfl vb npHR^fcKy^ h bt* naKJia^Ry.^ 

* felt. * and so forth. ' pre?, of -tCTb. 

^ Russian custom of biting off sugar bit by bit when taking tea. 

' putting sugar into the tea. 

( 106 ) 

EaHfl 40CTaBj4erB 04h6 n3x noi^dHiiiniHrL y/(0B6jiBCTBid 
p^ccKOMy HeiOBtRy. £k) no^AepiKHBaercfl onp4TnocTbrkia,CTaiB 
Heo6xo4AMafl aah coxpaH^flifl s^opoBbfl, ocB^saiOTCfl h bo3o6- 

HOBJfllOTCfl C&ibl, n pyCCRid H&IOBBirb, BblJJ4fl* H3l 6&BE, HyB- 

CTBveTb ceSfl Kairb 6bi HOBopo»MieHHbiirb. P^^cckIh npocrojio- 
AUHi He npHHHMaerb npa ^Toifb HUKaKAx'b npe^ociopdisHOCTeH 
npoTHBx npocTy4bi. IIoieacaBX na pacKajeoHOMi nojRi, 
nonapHsniHCb^ 40 Toro, hto y nero mo CA^iaercfl fiarpoBoe, 
— OHi Bb'iu^erb Ha Mopos'b, ORyneTca vb np6py6b jb^a h BSi- 
miTb Bx TenjyK) h36^. /[pyi'ou 6hi, RaHcercfl, nonjaT&JCfl sa 
TaRyw y^aJb »A3HiH), a pyccROMy qeJOB*Ry ^0 — s^opoBo! 
£lcjn oiyH&TCfl eMy 3a6oj']^Tb, to Gang h pioMRa Ha o6pii% 
nacToeHHaro n'i^QQaro Bana" Bb'iroHSTb^ 6oi']^3Hb h^tomi* hc 
xyTRe h, ROHeHHO^ 6e3BpeAH']be Bcixi MHKCTypi h nHii()ib, 
npHroTOBjaeMbixi wh anTCRL. Bee saBHcarb orb npHBifiHRH H 
T&iociOffieHifl, a pyccRiu 4eiOB'lRi moMi Kp^noirb. 

47. /f66poe cj^oeo. 

JKnjii-CbiJX* Ryoenx 4a noMcpx;* ociaBiica y Her6 cbiH-b 
IlBaHi HecqacTHbiu — wb 6oj[bm6u G^ahocth npoacHBaj'bk 
npamejcfl owb no m^icjle^ o^hou ^'iB^a']^, aohr^ 6ordTan> 
Rvnua ; coSpaiacb htA* aa nero saMywi.' Ot^ux ndqaji ee 
oeTaHaB.inBaTb :" ht6 tm aa TaRoro sa Ct^Haro sasiyHrb H^emb? 
fl Te6a iynme sa fioraiaro 0TAaMi."^° Ona roBopHrb : " a ne 
xoqy sa Sorararo ; OT^aHTe mchA xoTb sa G'fiAHaro, 4a »cejaH- 
Haro." Oi^aJH ee aa Ci^Baro, /(a jRCjiaHHaro. FoBopArb oh& 
RaRX-TO Hbany HecHacTHOMy : " oo^i" bt» ropo^-b, HyiiH uui 
04MHT, sojOTHMR'b HieiRy." Ohi nomeax*^ h RynAjx ; npHHecb** 
CBoeu 3Keoi^ mejRy. Ona BbiBflaaja ROBepi TaRod cjaBHOJt, 

1 Bi*iilTH. 3 after having taken a vapour bath. * DtHHoe BHEd, spirits. 

* fut of B^irRaib. ^ once upon a time there was. ^ past of DOiiep^TB. 
7 he pleased. ^ hath. • to marry him. lo fut. of 0T4ATB. 

" imper&t, of doHtm. *2 past of DOiiTU. *' past of npHHecri. 

( 107 ) 

STO He B34yMaTB, He Bsra^&Tb, idibKO fl cK&^Kb cnaadTb ! roBO- 
p^TB My»y: '' no4fi, npo^au KOBepi." HBani Hec4dcTHbid 
noHecb vb JL&BKY h craii Dpo^aBaTB crapaqKi^ ; a crapHHoirb 
HaK&BiBaerB : '^ Bifinied tbi mh^ eme TaK6d KOBepx ; a leSb 
aapasii^ A^HbrH OTAaMi." HBanx HecHacTHbid nomej'b ^OMofi : 
cnpaniHBaeTb y Her6 »;eaa: '^mo xe, npo4aix ROBep'b?" 
Ohi» roBopArb : '* a ero Kvniiy OT^aii^ a ^SnbrH nocii ot- 
A^cTb ; BCiiji eme TaKdfi-ace BbimHTb KOBeprb.'* — Ily xopom6 ! 
hoaA, Rynft 4Ba soJOTHHRa meiKy. — Ohx RyeAj'b; mcHa ero 
BbiniHja 4pyr6ft ROBepi B/iBoe xfmne^ Toro, h nocbuderb 
CBoero HBaea HecnacTHaro npo4aBaTb. Ohx noeecB KOBepx 
Kh np^SHCMy RvniiT^. FoBopfrrb cmt^ Ryn^m* : " Bb'imed tm 
Met TpSiift ROBepi ; a Tor^a 3a bc6 pasoMi 4eHbrH OTAaM'b.*' 
KynenecRid cuhi nomeji 40m6h ; Hseea er6 cnpaniHBaerb : 
" HTO. 3Ke, Tbi npo4^'b ROBepi V* Ohi roBopAtb, hto Ryn^ai 
Beiiii eme Tp^Tid BbiniHTb. TRenk nocbiiaerb IlBaaa Hec- 
^dcTHaro RynArb Tpe BOiOTHHRd meiRV : om OTnpaBHJCfl vb 
r6po4i h Kyniii Tpe 30J0THHRd me^Rv, a ona Bb'imHia TpeiiH 
ROBepi» eme jf nme. nocbuaerb HBaoa Hec<iacTHaro npo4a- 
BaTB ; owb noHecTb ROBepi oniTb Kh TO^nf-me Ryna^. Kynem 
B3fljii> H Tp^Tift KOBepi H FOBopArb : '' HTo — Te6i 4eHbraMH sa- 
uidjkrbj iiH BOBbMemb' cb mchA rpn ^odpua cioBa?" IlBani 
Hec^&cTEbill non^aai'b opo ce6k : '' BOTb y Moer6 omd mhofo 
A^Herb 6b'uo^ h Bcb npaxoMi nomiii 1^ ^dd-Ra iyqme rpn cioBa 
B03bBi]f/' H CKdid&JL'b emf ciap^Ri: ''npH pd^ocTH ne pd- 
Ayficfl ; npH crpacTH He crpamAcb ; ho^hAmh/ 4a ne onycr^ !" 
HBaHi UecHiciEbJii mfWb ^th Tpa cJOBa n nome^x 40M6fi. 
'^CRoibRO sa ROBpb'i noiyq^ji'b?" cnpdmiiBaerb acena. — ^TpH 
/(ofipbifl CJroBa BSflji : npH pd^ocTH He pa^yucfl ; npa crpdciH 
He crpamicb ; no^naMA, 4a He onycrA ! 

^ cp^y. ' comp. of xopomo. ' fat. of BSflTb. 

* squandered. ^ imperat. of no4H4Tb. 

( 108 ) 

nomeji HBaHi» Decndcinbiu Ha KopaSjft n^Emu&Thca, h 
Baaijcfl B'b npuKamQKH Ha Tp&4iiaTi> Kopa6i6H.' UohjiIuh ho 
cAoeMy Mopio; njibUH-njib'uH^ B^pyn hh cl Toro hh cb cero' 
ocraHOB&iHCb Bci Sth Kopa6jA n Hefi^yrb^ ct> M^cra. XosAhhi 
ciai'b HOCBuaTB m> boay BO^oiasoBi : *' kto noi^erb 4a xkxo 
BcnpaBHTb^ TOMy (roBop&Tb) TpH Kopa6ii no^apib." Hsani 
HeciacTHbiu BcnoMOBji, hto cmt^ crapAirb cKas^x : ^' npii 
crpacTU ne crpamAcb I" u cor^aciicfl AisTb vb BOAy. Onycr^iH 
ero Ha niui ; bh^htt* owb : croHTb no4'b B046K) 40mx, B'b tomi 
AOMi CH4flTb crap&K^ h A'i^B^Ha, nepejCb h&mh jeHc&rb ociftHOBafl 
Hjaxa, vb HJaxi Tonop'b TopHHrb ; KpJBnko cnoparb oh A Mearb 
coSoK) : 4*B6ua roBoparb, hto ojobo ^opoate ;* CTapAirb— hto 
crajb AopoHse. CTajH onk copaniHBaTb y HBana Hecqacr- 
naro: hto 4op6Hte — ojobo hjh crajb? OrBiqaerb oh^: 
" crajb ^opoate." ToTnacb crapAirb yxBai^x Tonopi h oipy- 
6Ajii xkBini TOAOBV, a HBany HecqacrnoMy ^ajx TpH 6pHJi- 
iiauTOBbixi KaMvmKa.^ Bbimei'b^ Hb^hx HecHacTHbid 83^041 
BO^bi ; ceuHacTb KopaS^A nooibi jh ; xosanH'b OTAin> eMy ipa 
Kopa6iA. nocnopHJi Hbehx HecndcTDbiu cb xosaHHOMi : y 
Bor.6 66jbme^ TOBapy? XoskiAWb roBopArb: ^^y Meni na 
4Ba4iiaTU[ ceM& KopaS^axi 66jbHie!" a UBani HecndcTHbid 
roBop&Tb : " y mchA na Tpexi 66jbme I" CnopniH-cnopHJH 
H pimfijiH : y Koro TOBapy 66-ibffle, roMJ OTAaib bcS Kopaoiift; 
crajH CMOTpi^Tb h HaniJiH^ y HBana Hec^acTnaro Tpu KasfymKa 
6pnijiaHT0Bbie, n iitflbi KaMymKaM'b H'ibrbl SaGpaii Hb^hi 
IlecHacTHbiH Bcb Tpn^iiaTb Kopa6ieH h non^bux vb qyjKia 
3cmjh; opHCTai'b K'b GojbuioMy ropo^v, BbiKUHVi'b (pjarb h 
pacnpo^aai) cboh TOBapi 3a Mnoro Tbicani. BopoTUJca na 

^ took the situation of supercargo of thirty ships. 
3 HH ci Tor6 HH Cb CBTO, '* without roason." * do not moye. 

** cump. of Aopuro. ^ dim. of K&Mcnb. ^ past of Bi^iiTH. 

7 coiup. of Houro. ^ past of HaiiTH. 

( 109 ) 

CBOib poAHny n ctai'b na flKopaxi ; tvtb ndb ropoHcaQe y^H- 
BiuHCfl: KaKi-Taicb? GbWb HsdH'b Hec^idcTHbiH hh npH homi/ 
jRiiLjn> si^HO, H Tenepb cRoibKO Kopa6j[6fi npnrndji'b ! IIpH- 
xoAiiTb llBawb HecHacTHbiH bi cbou aomi n bA^htl: wena erd 
CL 4d6pbiMi MoJO^ueMX^ iiijiyeTCfl ; no^H^ji cd6j[K) n xomi^ 
3apy6HTb nxi, ^a bchombbji A66poe cjobo : '' IIoahbmA, 4a 
He onycrA !" ctai-h CBoib JKCHy pa3cnpdmHBaTb, n yanai-B, hto 
TOTb Mojo^eiix ero cuwb : Kor^^ HBaHi HecHtoHUH noi^xai'b 
Ha Kopa6jflxi, Brinopbi' Hcena 6e3x Hero po^Hja. OSpd^o- 
Bajcfl owby no34op6BaJCfl, n ndnaiH ceS*]^ hehtb 4a SoraTBib. 

48. 0poM CuAum. 

Ho ci6 Bp^Mfl He Mory fl^ 6e3i cep^eqHaro co^por^Hifl 
BcnoMHHTb Toro cTpamnaro r64a, KOTopbiH msBeTb vb naMATH 
y HU30Bbixx jKArejefi^ no4'B ^MeneMX roid^naro, Toro J^ra, vh 
KOTopoe 0Tb 40JroBpeMeHHOH 34cyxH^ nosRe^iiBmifl noik opo- 
maeMbi 6biJH OAuiiiE cjeaaMH ropecTHUxi nocejinx, toe 

OCeHH, Vb KOTOpyK), BMi^aO 06bIRH0B^HHblXX Beceibixi n'i^fl'b,^ 

paa^aBajiHCb bi ce^axi CTeHaflifl h bohjb ondflHHbix'b, bA^a- 
niHxi nycTOTy vb ryMHdx'b h ffiATHHuaxi CBO&xb, h Toui shmiIi, 

Bl ROTOpyiO Il'BJblfl ceM^HCTBa^ OCrdBfl AOMbI CBOA, npOCBJH 

HHJOCTbiHH no 4op6raM% h, necMOTpft na Bbibra h Moposbi, 
niibie 4HH H HOHH npoB04^H no^i OTKpb'iibiM'b H^Goafb, na 

fl aEHJCb Tor4d vb 4ep6BHi &h3i CiiM6&pcKa^ fibui eme 
peCeHKOMi, HO yM^ii yasS ^^BCTBOBaTb, nairb doibmoH ne^o- 
VBKby n CTpa4^'b, B&4fl CTpa4aHifl moAxx 6i&ffiHHXx. Bt> 04h6h 
BSi HaniHX'b codbuBUL^-b 4epeBeHb mnjL'b (»b to BpeMii) Opoix 
CAjBH'b, Tpy40JH)6&BbiH noceiiBHH'b, KOTopbid Bcer4d j^nnie 

1 6hUTt He npH ^0M^^, "had nothing.*' * young man. ^ at that time* 

* B. H. KapaMSHH^y the Russian historian. 

^ of the inhabitants of provinces of Lower Volga» ^ nicHfl. 

( 110 ) 

4pyrte o6pa6aTLiBai'B sewiio, Bcer4a 66jie jipyruxx co6h- 
paji xjioa H HHRor^a ne opoAaBaji Bcero, hto co6Hpai'L, 
no^ieM^ Ha ryMHi^ ero Bcer^a croflio HBCKOibEO aanacHb'ix'B 
cnApAOffb. IIpHmeii^ xy^ou toa% h Bci K&TejH toh ^ep^BHH 
o6HHm4iH^ Bci, KpoM^ ocTopoffiHaro Opoja CujHHa. Ho 
ocTopoffiHOCTb HO obiia e^AHa'BeHHOH) ero i^o6foxbTeihv>. 
BMtoo Toro HT66bi npo4aBaTb xjMx cbou no 4opor6u[ nim h, 
nojbsyflcb HecHacTbeM'b 6i&}RHHxi, pasooraii^Tb, OH'b B4pyrb 
cosBaii C%4fl'BHinHX'b ac^TeieH cbo§u ^epeBEH h CRasai'b : 
'' noci]fmaHTe, 6paTiibi ! BaMi Tenepb nyHc^a Bb xiiSt, a y 
Mceft ero mhofo, — ooH^eMX na ryMHo, noco6&Te Moi o6moio- 

T&Tb CKnp4bI HCTbipe, H B03bMHTe' Ce6B CKOJbKO Baiifb Ha^oSHO 

Ha Becb ro4x/' KpecTbine oaoiSeH^in orb yAHBjeHifl. 
Cjyxi cewb giaro^iflmB Opoja CiftiiiHa pasneccfl m, oKpecr- 


E^^Hbie nLjb Apyrftxi mireJLicTWb npnxo^ftje Kb seMy h 
npociiH xjiSa. 4o6pbiH Opojx sasbiBaix hxx 6pdTbflMH 
CBO&MB n HH o^HOM^ He 0TKa3biBaix. '^ CKopo Mbi pa34a/(Airb' 
Becb %Jki6'b CBOH," roBopiia euf menL ^' Eorx BeiArb ^asaib 
npocflmoMx," orvbHSLjL'b owb. He6o ycib'imaio MOJciaTBy 6i^4- 
Hbixi H 6iarociOBHJO ci'BAyioniiH ro^'b nio^opo^ieMi. IIo- 
ceiane, OAOiffieoHbie OpoiOMi CAjnHbiMx, aB^jHCb Kb cbocm^ 
6iaroTBopHTeiH) h OT^aBdjiH eny to KOjAiecTBO xj^Sa, EOTopoe 
y Hero bshjh, h eme cb jhxboh). 

'' Tbi cnacb naci h xbri^ HdrnHxi orb fojo^hoh CMepTH/* 
roBopAjH OHik : ojukwb Borb MOHcerb saniaT^Tb 3a TBOe 466poe 
AiiOy a Mbi BOSBpamaeMi cb 6iaroAapHOCTbio id^ hto y ie6k 
B3flJH." — " Mnfe HHHero ne Ha^o^HO !" OTB^qdji'b Opoii CA- 
jLULE'b ; '' y Meni Mndro Hosaro xjioa. Eiaro^apAxe £6ra : ne 
fl — OH'b noMorb BaMi vb Hy»c4i/* flanpacHO npHcrynajH Kb 

1 DpiiiTi. ' imp. of b3ATB. > fut. of pa84aTb. 

( 111 ) 

iieMy AOJSHHK& er6 : ** Hirb, Cpambi," — roEopAii ohx, — 
**BiTb, fl He B03BM^ Bdmero xi^5a; a Ror4a y saci ecTB 
jHmHid^ TaiTB paa^aHTe ero rtMi, ROTopBie bi> npomjyio occhb 
fie uoTJii oSdflTb noj^d cbohxi h lenepB Bva^aiOTCfl ; bi 
H&meiTb OKOJo^Rb He Maio TaK^xi HaH^eTca.'. . . IIoMOHceMii' 
HMi, H Bon 6jarociOB&rB HacT» !" — " Xopomo," cKaaaiH ipo- 
fiyiBie nocciflHe/' xopomo. Ey^B no TBocMy! Mbi pa34a- 
4^111 ^TOTL xiiSrb nAntHMi, h cRasceMi, HT66bi ohA Buicrb cb 
H^MH MOJ&JHCB 3a T€5ft Eory. 4^TH HamH 6fA^Tb TaKHce sa 
Te5i mojAtboi.^ 

• Bi OABofi codbneft ^ep^Bni croplio 14 ^BopoBB : <Dpoii 
noci&ii Ha Ka»E4Bid 4Bopi no 4Ba py6jft 4eHer'B h no kocb. 
. Repeal h^rojbko BpeMesH nocii Toro CTop4ia 4pyrafl 
4epeBHfl. IIocejflHe, jBmeHHbie noiT^ Bcero HM^mecTBa cbo- 
ero, npHfiBrnyjH Kb H3BicTH0My BeJHK04]^miK) <Dp6ja Ciinna. 
Ha Torb pasi h6 6bijo y nero 4eHen>. '* Y mcha cctb jAmoflfl 
idnia4&/' GKaaaii ohi : " B03BMHTe h npo4^HTe ee I" 

49. Ilpucmym? 

MflTeaRHHRH CB%3HcdjHCB oKOJo cBOCFo npe4B04ATejrfl (Ilyra- 
HCBa) H B4pyrB B&iajH cji^aTB cti Joma4eH. " Tenepii croiiTe 
RpinKo/' CKasaii R0MeH4dHrB : " 6y4eTi npHcryni." Bi iiy 
MHB^Ty pa34ajcfl crpdmBbiil bbsfb h kphkh; MflreHtHHKU 
GiroMi 6ia(ajH ri KpinocTH. UyuiKa nama dapflSKeea 6kua 
RapT6<]BH). EoMen4aHrB no4nycTn[ji hxi na caMoe 6j]&3Koe 
pascToinie h B4pyrB BbinaiB^B odhtb. KapreHB xBarnua vh 
caMyio cpe4^By TOJDbi. MflrescBBKH OTXJk'iBVJH bi 66i ct6- 

pOHU H nOOflTfliHCB. IIpe4B04HTeJB flXl OCTsLlCfl 04UBI 

1 will be found. ' imperat. pi. of D0H6<i'b. 

• From the novel '^KanHTancKafl 4^'iKa," by A. Pushkin. The time of tlie 
narrative is that of " ByraieBi," who pretended to be the Emperor Peter I ll. 

( 112 ) 

Bnepe^ft. • • Owb Max&ii cd6ieio h, Ka3&iocb, cb xc&poMi hxi 
yroBapHBaii. . . EpHKi h bhspb, yifaiKHyBmie Ha mhh]^, 


" Hy, pe6iTa/' cKaddii KOBieH^aHrb : " len^pB OTBopift 
BopoTd; 6eJk Bi GapafiaHi. PeGftia ! Bnepe^i, aa 3i[iia3By, aa 

HHOK) I *' 

KoMeH^aurb, Hb^hi HrHdTbHqii h a m&fomi onyrAjHCB aa 
KpinocTHb'iM'B BdiOMi ; HO opooiibift rapHHsdHi He Tp6HyiCf* 
^TOHCx Bbi, ^^lyniKH^ cTO&Te V* saKpHilLi'b HB&wb KysMiqi. 
yMHpaTb, TaKi yMiip&Tb, xLlo cJVHC&Boe !"^ Bi iry iiHH^fry 

MflTe»HHKH Ha6i]K^JH Ha HaCl U BOpBajAcb BTb Kp^nocTb. Ea^ 

paGdui yMoJiTb; rapuHSOHi GpocHJi p;f»ba; itenk cmAfiia 
6buo cb Horby HO fl Bcraii h BuicA ci MflT^sRHHKaMH Bomerb 
Bi KplmocTb. KoMeHA&HTb, pdHCHbift Bi r6iOBy, aoAii vh 
KyHKt sjo^ieBi, KOTopue Tp66oBajH orb Hero Kiioq^il. A 
GpociiJCfl 6buo Kb neiiy na noMomb: nicKOibKO ^ibauirB 
KasaKOBii cxBarAjH MenA h Bfl34iH KymaKdMH, npHroBdpHBai : 
" Borb y»e BaMi 6]f4eTb, rocy^dpcBbiM'b ociymnHKaMi !" Hacb 

HOTam&JH HO yiHUaMi; HcATeJH BUXO^AjH H31 40M6Brb Cb 

xjiooMi u cojbK). PasAaBdicfl KOJOKoibHbift 3B0HI. B^pyTb 
3aKpHH£jH Bi T0jn4^ HTO rocy4^pb^ Ha nJoma^H OffiH^torb 
Hji'luHbix'b H npHHBMaerb npaciry. Hapo^i noBaiiii* na 
njouia^b ; nacb norndiH Ty4d-»ce. 

IlyraHeFb cH^iii bi Rp^ciaxi na RpbUbiii KOHeH^&HTCKaro 
AOMa. Ha HeMii 6bui KpacAsbid KaadiiKid Ka4a'&Hi, o6mATbift 
rajyHdMB. BbicoKaa co66jbfl uianKa ci 30J0Tb'iMii khctAmh 
6bMa Ha^B^HyTa na ero cBepKaiouiie rja3d. JHiie ero noBasd- 
jocb MHi soaKoMO. Ka3aiiKie crapmiiHb'i OKpyacdiH er6. Or^iii 
FepdcHMx, 6ji4Hbift h ^poHcauiiu, croAa'b y KpbUbK&, cb upec- 
TOMii Bi pyK^xi, Hy Kaaajiocb, Mojna yMOjiji erd 3a np^- 

1 soldier's. > {. «., the pretender Pugachef. * flocked. 

( 113 ) 

CToiniifl s^pTBU. Ha njoma^ii craBHJE nd-cKopo BAckiimy. 
Kor^d MM npHS-iAsHJHCB^ SaniKApiiBi pasornajH sapoA^, h 
HacB npeACT&BflJii nyra^eBV. KojOKojbHbiii sbohi vtAxi; 
Hacr&ia riy66Kaa TiiiniiH&. '^ KoT6pbiH K0MeH4&HTB?" cnpocAiii 
caMOSBdnem. Hami ypi^HHirb Bb'icrynHJi h3i» Toinbi h 
YKaa&ii Ha HsdHa KyaifHid. Ilyra^ieBii rposHO BsriflB^^ii ea 
crapHKd H CRas&i'b eMy : " Kairb tbi caii-b npoTABHTbCfl mh^, 
cBoeMy rocy4&pH) ?" HovLeEA&ETb, iisoeMordfl orb panu, co- 
6p&i'b nocjAAUiu cftibi H oivbHiA-b TBep^biMi roJOCOMi : " Tbi 
HHi He TOCYA&fh ; tbi Bopi H caM03BaHem>, cib'imB tbi !" 
Ilyra^eBT* Mpdino naxMypHJCfl h MaxB^^a'b 64ibiMB njaTKOMi. 
HicKOiBKO KasaKOBTB HO^XBaT^jH a^paro RannTaHa h nora- 
mAjH vh BAc&iimi. Ha ek nepeRid^nHi oiyTAjcfl BepxoM^ 
HsyBBHeHHBift GamKApeiCBy KOToparo ^onpdmHBaiH mbi na- 
WLufni. Ohb 4ep!S&Ji vh pyni BepeBKy, h Hepe3B Mne^Ty 
^abxbJL'b fl fii^Haro Hsdna KysMHid BS^epHyraro ea Bos^yxB. 
ToFAa npHBeiA itb HyraieBy HBaea HrndTBHia. '' HpHCflrdH," 
CKaa&ii HyraHCBi : " Tocy^fipK) Heip]^ OeoAopoBHiy 1" — *' Tbi 
Ham* He rocyA^pB/' oivbH&jL-h Hb^hi HrHdTbeBHi'b, noBTopia 
CJOB& CBoer6 EaoHTdna. ^' Tbi, ^A^ioinKa^ Bopi h caM03BaHeux!" 
EyraHeBi MaxHyii odAtb njaTRoMB, h ^oSpBift nop^HHKB 
hobAcb no^ai CBoero ciaparo naid^ibnuKa. 
O^epe^B 6hu& sa mhok). fl rjfl4ij'B cm-bjo Ha HyraHeBa, 

rOrdBflCB nOBTOpATB OTBirB BeJ11K04]fmHBIX'BM0]&X'bT0BapDmeH. 

Tota6, Kh HeonAcaHHOMy MoeM]f HsyMjeniio, yniix^A-b a cpe4A 
MflT^HCBBixi crapmuH'B HiBaSpHHa; oScTpAHcennaTO m» KpyscdirB 
H vb KasaiiKOMi Ka^rdni. Ohii no^omaii ki HyraneBy h 
CKaadii eny na yxo hbckojbko ciobi. '' Bimarb ero !" cKa- 
3&11 HyraneBi, He BsrjflByBi yjKe na MCHfl. Mui HaKiiHyju 
Ha m^H) ner.iib. fl craji iDTaTb npo ce6A MOj^TBy, npHHOcA 
Bory AcKpeHHee pacKdanie bo BcbxB moAxi* Dperptmeiiiflxi u 
iioji Ero cnac6nia Bctxi 6j63Khxi MoeiiiV' cepAuy. Meaa 


( 114 ) 

npHTamu.iH no^i sAciJimy. ^' He66cb^ He66cb/' noBTopftJi 
Mui ryS^TeJH, M6«Kerb GbiTb, h BnpaB^y Hceida ueuk oGo^pArb. 
B4pyrb ycibimaii a KpuRi: " HocroHTe, OKaiflHue ! noro- 
Aiire! . . . UajLdLHVL ocraHOBAjHCb. Tjinmf: CaaeibH^i ie- 
uKUTb vb EOT&xh y nyranesa. *' Orem po^noH !" roBopLn 
GkunhiiA 4i4bKa. ''^to teSb wb CMcpiH 6apcKaro aitiIti? 
OrnycrA ero ; sa Hero leSb B^iRyni ^a^yrb ; a hah npoMipa 
H crpaxa pa4H, BCia noB^cHTb xoTb Meui, crapHKa!" nyra« 
Hewb 4aji SHaKii, b ueuk TOTqacb pa3Bfl3&iH h oct&beje. 
^EaTioniKa sami Te6k Mujyerb/' roBopAjH MHi. Bi ^ 
MHH^Ty, He Mon^ cKasdTb, hto6i a o6pd40Bajcii CBoen^f asda- 
B^eHiio, He CKa»y, 04uaR0)irb, <ito6i a o hcmi h coxai&rb. 


npHBeiA irb caiiosBanny, h nocraBflJH nepe4i nHMina KOiiai 
UyraqeBi npoTflu^ai »4iHCTyio CBOib p]fRy. " I^ii^fi P^Ky» 
nti;!^d p]^Ry !" roBopAjH orojo Menft. Ho a npe4noqexi 6bi 
caMyK) Jibryio KasHb TaROMy n64J[0My yniiHceHiio. " EaTiooiKa, 
Uerp-b AH4peHq'bl*' menTaji CaBejbHi'b, ctoi sa mhoio i 
TOiRafl MeHM. " He ynpi&ibcfl I hto leSk croHrb P niiOHb 4a 
noalij^fi y 3i04^ . . (Tb4»y !) nouiijfii y nero p]fRy." fl ne 
mesei Ajcfl. UyraneBi onycriij'b py Ry, CRa34ii cb ycMimRoio : 
" Ero 6^arop64ie ssaTb 04ypii'b orb p&4(KrrH. no4biM&Te 
ero !*' Men A n64HflJH h ocraBHjH Ha CBo664i. fl craii 
CMOTp^Tb Ha npo40JHceHie yncdcHOH R0M^4iH. 

nCATeJH Hdqaiu npHCflraTb. OhA no4xo4&jiH 04ftH'b sa 4py- 
fAmi, ii'kiyfl pacniiie h hotomi RianflflCb caMOSBaniiy. Fap- 
BHSOHHbie coJ4aTbi cToijH Tyrb me. PoTHbift nopTHofi, boo- 
pyHceHHbiH ryniliMH cboAmh HOHcnHKaMH, pisaii y hexi R6cbi. 
Ohh, OTpuxHBaflCb, no4xo4Ajn Kb pyR^ IlyraieBa, ROTopuft 
o&baBjflii mwb npom^HJe h npHHHMdj'b vb CBOib m&ftRy. 

1 He(S61lc<« ' ai04iii. 

( 116 ) 

Bee ^ npo40J3RaiocB okojo Tpexi nacoBi. HaROHem Ilyra- 
H'evb BcraJi cb Rp^ceii h comeji ci RpBUbiia bi> conpoBOx;- 
X^hIh cBo&xi CTapmAfli. Em]^ no^Be^A 6tiaro rohA, yRpa- 
meHHaro 6or&TOio sGpyed. 4Ba RaaaRa bsajIh ero 0641 pyRH 
H nocaAftiH Ha ci^jo. Ohi oGiabAji 0Tii]f FepacBMy, hto 
6JAeTb oSbfi,diTh y Hero. Bi iiy MHHyry pa34aicH HC^HCRiii 

KpHRl. HicROIBRO pa366ftHliROBl> BblTaniniH Ha RpbUBKO 

BacHJiAcy EropoBHV. O^Ahi h.7b hhxii ycnliii y»6 napa- 
xfcrBCfl VB ek ^ymerpidRy. 4pyrie TacRaiH nep^HBi, cyn^yRft, 
H&kRyio nocy4y, ^Be h bck) pyxjfl4B. '' EaTiomRH uoi !" 
RpHi&ia 6B4Hafl crapymRa. '' OrnycrATe 4yniy na noRaAuie. 
Oinjii po4Hbie, 0TBe4ATe hchA Kb HBany KysMHi^f." B4pyrB 
OHa BsrjflHyia na BAdiHiiy h ysnaia cBoero Myxa. " Sjo- 
jtii I" saKpiiq&ia OHa bi HScryni^Hin. ^' ^to ^to bbi (tb hbhi 
GxiiaJH ? Cb^tb TBI Mod, Hbehi KysMj&H'b, y4aiafl coJ4dTCKafl 
roi6ByniRa ! ne iponyjE Te6i hh mTbiR& np^fccRie, hh nfjua 
Tvp^iiRifl ; He vb Hecrndwb 6oib nojoxAji tbi CBOd khbotb, 
a cr&nyxB otb Girjiaro RaiopHmHRa !" — ''YHiTB crdpyio 
Bi^My !" CKasaii UyraiHeBi. Tyn 110^0466 RaaaRi y4apHj'B 
ee c&6ieK> no roiOB^, h ona ynaia MepTBaa na cryneHH 
vjaaihuL KyraneBi yixaii ; Hap64'B GpocHjcfl 3a hhmi. 

60. HMnepampuvfl Emmepuna 11. 

y^B&Wb^ mo 4B0pB HaX04&JCfl Bl TO Bp^Mfl Vb I^dpCROMl 

Ceii) M&pBfl UBaHOBHa pbm&jacB TyrB ocraHOB&TBCfl. HKena, 
CMorp&Teifl TonacB cb neio pasroBopAjacB, o&BflB4ia, hto oh^ 
HieMiHHHiia npH4B6pHaro HcronHHRa^ h nocBAT^a ee bo bcb 
laHHCTBa npH4B6pHO& »&3nii. Ona pascRasaia, fb ROTopoMi 
nacf rocy4apBiHfl o6birhob^hho npocBin&jacB, Rymaia Ko^^e, 
nporf JHBajiacB ; RaRie BejBMdxH Haxo4AiHCB vb to Bpeiifl npn 

peft ; HTO HSBdjiua oh& BnepamHill 4eHB roBop^TB y ce6fl aa 


( 118 ) 

'^Bu npocBTe 3a rpAseBa?" cRas^ja A^ifa cb xoidnjihiwh 
bA^omi. '' HMnepaipAiia se HOHcerb ero npociHTB. Ohi 
npucrai'B Kb caH03BaHuy se hsi HeBi»ecTBa h ierKOfiipifly bo 
KaiTb 6e3HpdBaBeHHbift h Bp^^Hbid sero^id." 

" Axi, HenpdB^a ! BCKpAKsyja M&pbfl HBaHOBHa." 

'^ KaiTb, He np&B^a I" BoapaaA^a ^aMa, bch Bcnb'ixHyBi. 

''He npaB^a, ed Eory, ne np&B^a! fl 3h&k> ace a bcS 
BaMi paacKa^y. Ohi ^aa o^Hod Meeft no^seprdjcfl Bceif^, hto 
nociArao ero. H 6cjn ohi He onpaB^aacfl nepe^ cy^oMi, to 
pa3B% HOTOMy TOjbKO, 1T0 He xoT&i'b danyraib Menft. 

Tyrb OHa cb »&poM'b paacKasaia Bce. 

4&Ma Bbiciymaia ee co BHiiM&HieMi. 

** TAi Bbi ocTaHosAjHCb V* cnpociia oh& nordifb, h ycufima, 
«iTO y Ahhu BaacbeBHbi, npiiMojBiijiacb yjbi6KOio : '' A ! sh&io, 
npomduTe. He roBopAie HHKOM^f o Hamed Bcrpiqt. fl aa- 
4i^H)cb, HTO Bbi He 40iro 6y4eTe »4aTb OTB^Ta na B&me nHCbMo." 

Cb ^THHl CIOBOMli 0H& BCT^ia H BfdlHJa Bl> KDblTYK) aii^lO, 

a Mdpbfl HBaHOBHa BoaBpaT&jacb Kb Auui BadcbesHi, Hcndj- 
ueBHafl pdAOCTHOd HaAeH^bi. 
XoaiuKa no6paiiAaa ee aa paiinioio ocjaHioK) npor^iKy* 

Bp64HyK), HO en CJOBdMl, 4Jfl 340p6BbA MOiO^Oft ABBymKH. 

Cud npHuecid caMOBdp'b, h aa HaiuhOK) nda TOjbRO Gbuo npe- 
iifljacb aa 6eaKOH6HHbie paacKdabi o 4Bopt, Kaui B^pyrb npe- 
ABopnaa KapSia OCTaHOB^acb y KpbUbud^ h Kaifepi-iaR^fi 
Bomeji Cb oGxflBjSuieM'b, mo rocyAdpbiuA BaBoauTB Kb ceoB 
npHrjamdib AiBimv MupoHOBy, 

AHHa BjidcbCBHa HayM^jacb h pacxjionoTdjacb. '' AxtA r6c- 
no4H !" aaKpBHdja end : "rocyAdpbma Tp^Cyen Baci ro 4Bopf. 
Kaui Hce hro osd npo Baci yaudja P Abl KaRi me bm^ Mdrymsa, 
npe4CTdBUTecb HMoepaTp&ui? Bbi, a lafi, h CTynAib no 
iipHAB&pnoMy ne yM-Beie. . . 

He npoB04ATb JH Miit Bacb? BceiaK^ a Baci xoTb bi> qeMi- 

( 119 ) 
HHSyAb 4a Korf np^ocrep^qb. H keki ^e bemi ixaih b^b 


K^Mepi-jaKeil ofoflBAji, hto rocy^apbmi yro^HO, 
^To6i MapBfl HBaHOBHa 4xaja 04na h bi> tomi, bi qeMX ee sa- 
cranyTB. 4^&tl 6i^uo Henero : MdpBfl HBaHOBHa cija vb Ka- . 
p&ry H noixaia bo 4Bop^m>, conpoBoac^aeMafl coB^TaMH h 6ia- 
rociOB^HiflMH Ahhu BjdCbeBHU. 

M&pBfl UBdHOBHa npe44^BCTB0Baia pBm^Hie cbobh cy4b6ki : 
c^p4iie ei c^BBO 6AiocB h 3aMHpaio. ^pe3'b uicKO^BKO me- 
HyTB KapeTa ocraHOB&jacB y 4Bopua. MapBfl IlBauoBHa cb 
TpeneTOMi nonud no jicTHHiii. 4b^Ph nepeAi hck) OTBopft- 
JHCb HacresKB. Ona nponua ^jAhhbih pfl^i nycTBixi, bcjh- 
KOJinHBixi KoMnarB, Raifepi-jaK^u yKasBiBaii Aopory. Ha- 
KOHem, 004010641 Kb sanepTBiMi 4BepAM'B, oui oSiflB^i, hto 
oefiqacB o&b oed 40ji6HCHrB, h ocraBHi'B ee 04Hy. 

MbicjLB yBA4iTB HiinepaTpAqy jHiieifB Kb jjunj TaiTB yapa- 
mcLia ee, hto oe& cb Tpy46M'B Mor4a 4ep»aTBCfl sa nordxi. 
^pesi MHH^fiy jtBepH otbophjhcb, h ooa Bouua vb y66puyio 

HMnepaTpAua CH4Uia sa cboAmi TyaieroMii. HicKOJBKo 
npH4B6pHBix'B ORpy»ajH ee h noHTAieiBHO nponycT&JH M^pBio 
BsdHOBHy. FocyAapBiHA jacKOBO Kb Heo o6paTHjacB, u MapBfl 
HBaHOBHa y3H^a Kb neu Ty 4aMy, ci» KOTopoio TaiTB OTKpo- 

BeHHO H31»flCHfljaCB OH^ H'BCKOJBKO MHHyTB TOM^f Ha3a4b. Fo- 

cy4&pBiufl n0403B4ia ee h cKasdja cb yjBi6K0H : " fl pa4a, hto 
uoTJik C4epa(aTB BaMi CBoe cjlobo h ncno^HHTB Bamy np6cB6y. 
4uio Bame KOHHeHO. fl y6t}K4eHd Kb HeB^HHocTH samero 
3ReHnx&. BoTii ohcbmo, KOTopoe ca&in noTpy^HTecB oTBeaiA Ki> 
6y4ymeMy cBCKpy." 

M&pBfl HsaHOBHa npiftHflja obcbmo 4p0i'KameK) pyKoio H,3a- 
nJ&KaBi, yn^a Kb BoraMb BMnepaTpAuBi, KOTopafl noAiiflja ee 
H noaiiOBsLia. rocy4apBinfl pasroBopi^jacB cb Beio. '' 3flaK), 

( 120 ) 

4T0 Bbi He 6oraTbi," cKa3&ia on& : '' ho fl vh J^OATf n^pex'B 
AOHepbK) Kanumua MupoHoea. lie 6e3noR6flTecB o 6y4y- 
mean,. fl oepy iia ce6A ycrpoeib Banie coCToAHie." 

OojacKaBi 6t4uyK) cHpoiy, rocy^apbiHfl ee oTnycrftia. Mapbi 
IlBUHOBua yi^xajia bi toiI me DpH^Bopnoft Kap^ii. Auua 
B.iacbeBua, neiepu'&iABo OHCH^aBUiafl ek BOSBpaui^Hifl, ocunaia 
ee BonpocaMu, iia KOTopbie Mapbfl IlBanoBHa oiBiiaia K6e-Rairb. 
Auua B^acbeBua xoik h 6hu& ue^OBOJbua eft 6e3usLMinctBOWb^ . 
uo npHOHcaia onoe npoBHHuift.iLOoil sacr^nnHBOCTH n h3bh- 
uuja Be^nKO^yuiHO. Bi lorb me 4eub Mapbfl IlBanoBHa, ne 
iio^K)6onbiTCTBOBaBi> B3T4Mii)^Tb Ha UeTepoyprb, oGpaTuo noi- 
xaia Bi 4epLBUK). . . 

51. UMieaHie en AmMumiiuecKuxn mponuKaxz. 

(4per&rb najj[&4a) 

14-ro <i>eBpajift (1853-ro roAa) HaqaiAci> rb miAjii, kot6- 
pbixi uanpacHO 6oft.iHCb y aKBaropa. OnftTb nouijA no yaiy, 
no nojTopd, Huor^d coBctMi ue nun. Cua'iajia Hbi ne Tpe- 
B6}KH.iBCb, OHuu^afl, "JTO ue ceroADfl, TaKi sdBTpa sa^yerb no- 
>KHBie. Ho npoxo^iiju 4hu, hohu, napyca buc^jh, 4»perdTb 
To^bKO Kanaicfl homtA ua oahomti MBcrt, nnor^d 40BdibH0 
ciiAhEO, orb Kpynnoii 3bi5H, npeABtmaBuiefi, no sA^HMOMy, 
B^Tepi. IIo ^TO TOJbKO c.ia6oe u OT4ajieuHoe ^yuoBenie, rxb- 
10 B-b CHacT.iAB0MX M'icT^ npouccniarocfl Fbrpa. IIoflBdiiB- 
niiflCfl ua ropudoHTi lyHKH, Kaa&iocb neciA ^ohta^ h nepeMi- 
iiy; nom^h tohiio aiaai, noTonaMH, iienpepi>iBUbiu, a Birpa n6 
(ibuo. Hepeab nacb cojime Gjmct^o no np6>KueMy, ocBt- 
mafl 40 caMaro ropuaouTa lycryio n ueno^BiiHiuyio nj6uia4b 

lIoKdiiHO 6biJ[0, npdB^a, njdBaTb B^ Stomi SesMflT^jsnoM'b 
JiapcTBt Ten^d a 6e3Md.iBifl : ocTaBJcnnafl na CTO^i KH^ra, 

( 121 ) 

HepHAjBDHu^, craKani—ne Tpdra^ncb; mli jo^kAjhcb 6e3i 
OHaceniii yMepeTb 0041 T&HCcerbio KOMo^a no^KH KUHn>, — 
no copoiTB CijiLmKOMi AEti vh Mopi 1 Eepen cxkidULCR roc- 
no^cTBviomeK) Hdmeio ubiciiK)^ h mm se Maio o5pa40BajHCb, 
B>inie4niH^ 16-ro ^espajft ;fTpoMi m-b ibxnaro TpoHHKa. Pa- 
cn^TbiBaiH Ha ^yiomie okojIO Toro Bp^MenH BeaoBbie B^Tpu,^ 
BO H ^0 offiH^aHie He oopaB^ajocb. Bi B634yxt MepTBafi 
THmHHa, BapymdeMafl T6.ibK0 x^dnaHbCMi rpora.' UoHbio, 
cb 21-ro Ha 22-ro <i>eBpaji», a orb »capa yme^x cnaib ex 
Eaiirrb-coMnaHiH) h aerb na ^HBdui, no^i* OTKpbiTbiMx jii(>» 
EOMi/ Men& pa36y4i&i'b ncAcTOBbiii Tonorb vb po^b ipe- 

UaR&,' CBHCTb H Kp^KH. Ha JLULUO VH&JiO HiCKOJbKO 6pbI3ri>. 

^^niRBaji! roBoparb: ny, len^pb saAyerb!" Ilu'ierd ae 
6biBaio, niKBaii npomeji/ h 4»perarb onuTb saApeMaii. bj. 
jmiuA. Tairb40}K4ajAcbMbi MacjflHQiibi h npoBeau ee 40Bd.ibuo 
Bijo, xot4 n — . A — . 4^aji Bce, hto6i niMii HH6y4b 
BanoHHHTb ^TOTb Bece^biH HOMenrb p^CCKOU 3k/i3uh. Ofl^ 
HaneKi 6jhh6bi> h HKpy saM'BH&ai capAAHaifH. CjAbkh, 

B3&Tblfl H31» AHFjia Vb HHCl^ HpOHMXli KOOCepBOBl^ AaBUO 

ofipaT&JHCb Vb KaKyK)-TO ryci^H) Maccy h owb yQ^AhieAhuo 
npocftii HpHHHiidTb ee sa cAiemuy. liiBCHH, HanoMHHaBmifl 
TaTdpcRoe &ro, h 6^uHbie bohahl, quasi Bece^bie, orjamaiH 
Goiie H^Hceju rof^^-jhSo OKeanii. YnbUbie nan'BBbi Ka3ajHCb 
66jie ecT^CTBennbiMH, KaK-b BbipaHsenie Hameu 66mQn ck^kii, 

ILOpaKA^MOH HITHJl/iMH. He.1b3}l %e 04HaK0, HT06l MaClflHHUa 

y p^ccKaro neaoB'BKa ne Bb]3Ba.ia xoTb 04h6h yjbioHB, 6y4b ^to 
H cpe4& SBOHHbixi 3bi6eu ATjaiiTi'iqecKaro OKcana. Tanii n 
Tyrb. sa^yMiHBO pacxdwHBaa no ibiy a B^pyrb yBHAtji KaK6e» 
TO Heo6biKHOB6HHoe ABUHC^Hie Me;i;4y MarpdcaMH : Sto ho 

> past ger. of bAUtb. ' East wind. ^ mninanil. « hatchway* 

* a Russiaa dance. * npoikiL 

( 122 ) 

pj^^KOCTb Ha cfAE% H fl AyMdUi'b cnaiaia, ^to ohA TiflVTB 
KaK6H-HH63fAt 6pacT».* Ilo hto ^o? cobc*mx hc to. OhA 
BosflTB Apyrb 4pyra na nieiaxi dKoio Ma^TB. IIp&sAHyfl 
MdciflHHiiy, OH A HO Mor^A He BcnoMHHTB RaTdHBfl no 
ib^y H sani^HAjiH ero fe^oii 4pyrB na 4pyri jobh^h/ 
H6»ejH n — . A — . HKpy ddLMiuiuL'b cap4AHaMH. TjLtmk^ 
KaiTb 3a6aBjflK)TCfl, KaiaflCb 4pyrB na Affrb, h M0iO4bie, h 
ycaiA cb np6ct4bK), pacxoxonembcfl ^omv ecTecTBeHHOMy, na- 
nioH^bHOMy 4ypaHecTBy .... 

IIOTOHl OOflTb BCe BOHUO' Fb 05b'lHHyi0 KOJClb, H 4HH 

reVkik* 04uoo6pa3HO. Bi dTOMi enoKOHCTBiH, ye4HHeHiH orb 
il'Bjaro Mipa, Fb lenjA h cxknim, 4»per&Tb npnHHBiai'b 8041 
RaKOH-TO 0T4ajeHH0U pyccKoil 4epeBHH. BcraHemb ^^TpoMi*, 
BnKy4d He cnf>ma, cb nojHbiMi paBHOBtcieMi vh ciiiaxi 
4ym6, Cb oTjuHflbiMii 34op6BbeMi, ci CBt^eK) roiOB6io h 
anoeTATOMi; Bbuj*emb na ce6k nicROibKO Be4epi bo4e!i« 
npflMO nai oKeana, h ryjiemb, nbemb nafi, hotomi CH4enib sa 
paooTy. CojiHue y»e bmcoko. HCapi naiHTb : bi 4ep6BHi 
Bbi He noH4eTe bi ^Torb nacb, hh po;KL nocMOTpbrb, hh oa 
ryMHo, Bbi cH4ATe no4i saui^Toio MapKu3bi na dajHOHi, h Bce 
npuHeTcfl no4'b RpoFb, 4aHce HTUubi^ — ^rojbKO crpeRosbi ot- 
BBSREO p'i^iOTi 00411 KOJocbflMH. 11 Mbi np&4eMCfl^ 004% pac- 

TflHyiblMli TeHTOMl, OTBOpHBl HaCTe3Kb OKUa H 4B6pH RaiixTb. 

BiTepoR'b Hvrb-HjTb Bien,, jacKOBO ocB^JKaa jnao h OTRpbiTyio 
rpy4b. Maipocbi yjKe OTo6i4aJH, — ouA o6i4aiorb paHO, 40 
noj^4Hfl, KaKi H B-b 4epeBni, nocii yrpoHHHX'b paSorb — , 
H rp^nnaMH CH4arb, Ajh aeajan. MeHt4y n^meni. nnb'ie 
mbiOTb ceo'b C-feibe, njidibe, canoru, t6xo Mypjb'na ntcenRy ; 
Cb 6aKa cibimaTCfl y4apbi MOJOTa na naKOBaiboi .... 

' sandTb. ' comp. of ji^bro. ^ boUt^. < leik. 

^ npHTaibCfl. 

( 123 ) 

Uocii oSb^n, Hdicf vb TpeTbeMi/ BbisuBaincb MVSbiKaHTbi 
Ha H)TB, H motAbu B^p^H H EeiJ^HH pa3H0c&JHCb no OKeauy. 
Ho nocii o5i^4a atH&BO ci^maiu My3biKy, h MVdbiKdHTbi Bbi- 
SbiBaiflCb 6dibme 4Jfl ynpasKH^Hifl, htoSti npoTB^piKHBaTb cBoii 
penepry&pi. Bi ^tomi Ri&Maii cbccra^ Heo6xo4UMa : ea 
dBsepiy vb cdMbiH sapKin ^esb, Bbi jerKo npocn^ATe bt> t^uA, 
He ycT&Here h He HSHeMoffieTC, ^aase saHMerecb auiomi. 34'i^cb 
o^STbie vb ierKoe JbOflHoe naibTo, 6e3i rajcryxa h Hcnjiera, 
c&4fl no4i T^HTOMi, 6e3i 4BHH(eHiH, Bbi noTepiere orb tomA- 
TeibHaro s^pa cAiv h Kairb hh' So^piftTecb, a i4io kiohhtch 

Kb ^HB^Hy, H Bbi BO CH^^ 40J3KUbI HOHCpDH^Tb CB^HCeCTb Op- 

ranAsMy .... 

Hac^ vh niTOMi Kyn&in KOM&H^y. Ha Bo^y cnycKdjii 
n&pycBy RordpbiH nanoinijcfl bo^ou, h MaTpocbi npbirain cb 
66pnL, KaiTb vb Aify. Ho 3a hAmh HaAo5no 6buo sopKO 
CMorpiTb : ohh Bci crapdJHCb BbinpbirnyTb sa npe^t^bi napy- 
ca H HOOidBaTb Ha CBofio^i Bi OKcaHi^. n^iero 6bM0 ona- 
caTbCfl^ HTO ohA yroHyrb^ ootom^ hto Bci nj^BaiOTb MacrepcKii, 
— HO 6oij[HCb aKyai. H TaKi 04Ha»C4bi cb Mapca saKpnHaii 
Haipdcb: ^'Ckubmafl pbi6a H^eTi !'* Kx Kyaa.ibmuKaMi no4- 
Kp4ibiBaiacb aKyia ; hxi ^cbx-b BbirnaiH h3i B04bi, a aLKJjii 
CHai&ia SpocHjH 6apaHbn BnyTpeHHOCTB, KOTopbia ona mfho- 
b6hho nporjOTAja, hotomi KOJbHy^n ee ocrporou, h ona yiii.ia 
HO^ BHJb, ocraBflBii cii^owb no ceoB upoBaBoe nflino. Okojo 
Hci, KaKi> SM^H, bhjAjh B-b B04B Bcer^a conpoBosMaiontifl ec 
^vb fijH TpH pb'iSbi, npoaeanflbifl jouManaMH. H — . A — ., bo 
Bp^Mfl KynaHbfl, T6»!e nm.ictt. ycep^nbiMi ^tiicTByiouiHM^ jn- 

nOWb. KaiTb pOTQblU KOMaH^Api, OKI HOcAjICA no BC'BM'b 

najy6aM'b h no6y}K4ajii jitnuBbixi MaipocoBi jisTb B'b 

• • • • 

' after two o'clock. ' rest in the afternoon. ' however much. 

( 124 ) 

52. /^epSenfi sumoio. 

A^TOMi 4ep6BHfl pan ! roBopflTb bc% jiofiATejH c6jbCRaro 
6iiTa — H vb ^TOMi fl CL hAmh coBepmeHHO coraacesi, eciH 
jnef^BEK, wb EOTopoil fl npo»BB^^ jLiiOy ORpyseBa pomaiiH^ a 
Be roaon crenbK), n n^pe^ii moAmi BeceibiMi aohhkomi pas- 
cTHjaercfl ne rp»30bid no4epByTbid 36jeHbK) npy;ii, ho 
u3yMp^4Hbii& JL\rh^ ycbinaBHbiH nB^TaHH, Me»E4y ROTopuMH 
BbeTCfl^ urpAfiafl n CBliUaa p-J^HKa. 0, Koueqao ! TaRoft 
c^jbCKiu Hpiibrb ne rp'j^uiHo sasBaTb seMBbiMi pdeM'b, TOJbRO' 
He npHBCAA Focno^H^ miiTh bi ^tomi paib 3HMdK)^ a ocoCxiAbo 
HeiOBiRy Be ceMeuHOMy. EciH obi ne yuperb co CR;f rh, to 
yarb, ROseHBO, mosrbo cRaaaTb yTBep^^Te^bBO, mo jiitAH orb 
CR^RB He yMHpaiOTb. Borb, DanpnMip;b, no^biMercfl^ noHbto 
noroAa ! bh npocbinaeTecb no yip^, npoTapdeie waaa h n04]f- 
Maeie: "ne yjR© aa erne noHb?" — Mrb! na 4Bopi y»6 
noj^eBb — n?i Bami 40mi yjRi saBecio MflT^JbiOH orpoMHbie 
cyrpd6bi CBBra atsyrb kl Bani npflMexoBbRO wb oRBa. Ecjh 
HBor^a nporjanerb coJBbimRo h yjbiSHeTca no-aiTBeMy — bo 
cuimiiiQ Kb BeMy BaBCTp'Bqy, noTOHy mo Ha ^BopB yarb 

BtpBO TpeCK^Hiu MOp63l. Il0JIH)6;!fuTCCb aTHMl c6jflbIB]R0irb 

CRBOSb ABofiflbifl CTeRaa n ocTaBEHiecb no np6»fleMy bi na- 
TonaeBBbixi ROMBaraxi, bx ROTopbixiMUBcb, RaRiTenjAiBBis 
paereBiu, ^oaHCBbi npo3fl6aTb Soabmyio lacTb hcAsbh. Ecih 
BaRonem BaMii BaAoicrb Sto HCRycTBeBBoe tcbjo b bu aaxo-^ 
TATe no^bimaTb cb^hchmi bos^yxomi, BaAteaBie na ce6k my6y, 
mdnRv, Tenjbie canorA h cryBduTe ryjATb, t. e. xo^BTb Bsa^i h 
BBepe^i BO yTOBTaBBofi rpoB^BR^^ ROTopafl BC^eTb OTb 6apcRaro 
4dMa R-b ccji^. Bibpo/iTBO 3Ta BporyjRa ne npnnecerb Baifi 

^ npoacuTfc. ' BUTBCfl. ' (rod save* 

* fut. of noAit^TbCfl, modern — no4UflTbOib 

( 125 ) 

6ojLhm&TO y40B6j[BCTBiH — HanpoTHBii, BaMi c^iiaeTCfl Sneuh 
rp^cTHO. nocMorpAie BOKpyn ce6k : Beyncejn ^th roibia, 
orpoMHUfl B6uhi 6bULE Kor4&-HH6^4B pocKoniHbiMH, nymAcTBi- 

Mfl Aep^BbflMH, nOAl TBHLK) KOTOpUXl Bbl CI TaK^Ml HaCiaX- 

A^HieHi 0T4UX&IH vb ^Ho^Hbid HOi^eHb ? HeyncejiH ^to e^H- 
Hoo6p&3Hoe 64ioe noje, ka saHocHbie 6yrpbi cH^ra, ke 
Henpoxo^^Mbie cyrpofiu totb cambifi ayrb, na ROTopoMi bu 
pBaiH iiBiT^i? A ^Ta ii3rA5HCTafl Aopoxna, npopisaHnafl rjy- 
66khmh KOJeflMH, Ta caiiafl pi^Ka, bi KOTopou bu Kynaiucb 
HicKOibKO uicnnewb Touf Hasd^ii ? Coraac&Tecb, hto j]^qme, 
CH^Tb xoMa, Vb Teoiod KOMHari^, h^mti Mepaayrb h cMOTptib 
Ha ^H MepTBbifl /(epeBbfl, saci^inaiiBbifl cH^roMi noji, h Sto 
GesHcAsHeHHoe cdiHiie, Koropoe, bm^o teniA, od^aerb Bacb 

Xdl040Hl. Ho HTOSTb Bbl 6^^4676 A^aTb ^OMa ? ^HTaTb 6e3- 

npecraHHO BeJbsA: h rojosa ycraHerb* h rja3& saCojiirb, a 
66niecTBa Vb ^ep^Bni wbrb. EbiBaiorb nuor^a coct4H, 4a h 
TYTb 6bj^&: Ha 04Hor6 yMearo h npiiTHaro co6ec^4HHRa 3a6e- 
peTCfl Kb vau-b cb noj[4ib}KHHbi TaKi&x^ npiiTeJCH^ 4Jfl KOTopbixi 
Vb r6po4i BdmH 4B6pH 6biJH 6bi sanepTbi,^ a Tyn OTBop&HTe 
Hxi H&creHCb. 46p6BcncKin fi'^irb HMierb cboA c66cTBeHHbifl 
ycioBifl H saKOHbi. Bi r6po4i bu MOHceie 04Hor6 rocTfl npH- 
HflTb, a 4pyr6My cRasarb, hto Bacb H'i^rb 46Ma — nonurauTecb 
ko cxbJL^th Vb 4epeBHi^ • • . . 4& coxpanA r6cno4a ! Bacb 
3aKH4aiOTb EaMeHbflMH .... H'i^rb, Rpifrjuil ro4i mEib vb 

4ep^BBi MOXHO TOJbRO TaM-b, TAJb COJHKe rp'BeTb H aUMOK), Tfi,i 

fl Morf H Vb 4eRa6pi M^cniii^ OTKpuTb orho, copBaTb Ha jyry 

QSiTOKl, HORaiaTbCfl Vb AOj^Ki n 0T40XH^Tb n04'b TiHbK) 

rycT^ro 46peBa, noRpb'iiaro sejeHUMH jAcrbflMu.' 

( 126 ) 

63. MnycKa — toMeopmn} 

HfloroHAcieHHafl loina ooSpajacb n ysKHii ^JHH&rb, ori' 
GaiomHrB saAHie ^Bopiii ABopiia aiinpa. ToioA pocia ch 
Kaas^oH) MHHyroK), 4axe 6aibin6H 6yxapcKii GasaprB onycilii, 
H vh jaBKaxi ocrajHcb o^hA ToibKO Hxi uaAiiBiiu, Beixoyiii- 
BaBinie, Kv^a ^o uo^ajikx-h Becb Hap6^, h. nepeiuHB&Bmieci 
Meauy co66io h31 CBOiirL yibrnbixi jiaBO<ieirb. 

FiyxoH roBopi, ryji ASHxeHifl, toootb KOBaenBixi Konf>iTB 
no KaMHfliTb, nepeGpaHKH, cMixi — HanainiiH Bda^yxi. TtcHO 
6i?uo Bi ^JHiiaxi, Bc&KOMy xoriiocb npoG^TbCf snep^^ 
jt-xiH HyTb JH He Hepe3rb rojOBU, Kap^Kaiecb Ha 3a66pbi h 
crtHbi, H Ha Bdxi cocBAHHX'b Kpumaxi^ niocKHXi. Kan cmrb, 
ydkiHCb necrpbifl, pa3HOKaiA6epHbiii rpynnu BoiH^ioniarocf 

nojnii^HCKie (EaBacbi) cb a^Ahhumh ^biumh n&iicaHH vb 
pyKax-b npofinpaincb CKBOSb TOiny, nycRafl vh ;(Bio, r^i h&io 
6buo ciOBi, cBoe opyxie. 

Ha nepBOMi njani ToinHJHCb cothh peSHiimeirby K0T6pue 
BcerAa ycniiOTb npoT&CKaTbCfl Bnepe^ no^rb pyK&MH e ffast 
HoraMH crapniHX'b ; hotomti BH^niiHCb pfl^bi cdMbixi thh^- 
Hbixi 4»H3ioH6MiH, Haccjfliooiiix'b MHoronb^HyK) Byxapy : cip- 
TU H ysoeKH Q^h cboAmh ryCTblMH, Eypq&BbiMU 6opo4&MH, Ch 

CrporHMH, dHOJefiCKHMH JHKaMH, Bl Heo6l»iTHbIX'b RHC^HHbDLl 

qajMaxi ; CKyjacTbie OKpecTHbie KoneBHHKH vh BepGiibKbHXb 
xaiarax'b, ocrpoKOH^Hnbixi manKaxi ; CBpen ch aocnintHMHCfl 

iOKOHaMH Ba BBCRaXl; HH^iunbl Cb KpaCHblMH 3HaHK&HI 

ii^»C4y rja3i; aBraubi bi> ApKHXi KpacHbix'b 046}B4axiy cb 
pacnynieuHbiMH no njenaMi BOJOcaMH ; 6e30opd3Hibdmie h&- 
mie Bi oTpenbHxii . . . . h na caMbixi s^^enxB nianaxi, na 

> a sketch from popular life of Turkestan. 

( 127 ) 

Rpb'imax'L H vb OTB^ifCTifLx-b nojypasp^meHBBixii crbix'b, CTp6fl- 
HUfl iReHCKia 4»Hr^pBi vh HaR^HyTbixi sa rojroBbi cAhhxi 
xaj&Tarb, cb HepHUMfi h SuibiMH BvaiflMH na Aimxh. 

Oomee BUHMaHie 6buo npHK6BaH0 irb HdieebKoft 4B6pH, 
BA^aHHOft Bi rjyGoKyio B^my sySiaTod rjAnflHod criHb'i, 
oropasHBaiomeft oGmApobie /[Bopu sMApcKaro ^Bopiia. ^^epb 
ara 6hu& sdnepia ; Tflxcojafl iqeRoj^a h3i» j]^»EeHaro ysopHaro 
Hseiiaa fibua on^fmefla ea M44HyK) cKogKy. Y 4Bepa crofl^a 
xyAafl joma^eHKa, bca MOKpaa otb nory h j^omj^k, Mopoc^Bmaro 
cioBHO CKB03b MdiKoe cAto : noHypHBi rojOBy, cb otbAcioh) 
Hfameio rySoH), osa padcraBHia cboA pasCAibifl hofh cb o6j6- 
MaHHbiMH Ron^naMH. Ha Jdma^n 6buo npnBHsaHO BepesoH- 
HOK> HO^np^roH) 4epeB&HHoe ci^jo, hh<i'bmi He noRpuToe; 
oSopBaBHafl 36p^fl BHcuia RJO^RdMii. KjHHa ka croaja 6e3i 
BdSiROi np&Bfl3H, yuiuo TM^k na neerpyK) 4BepRy cboAmh 
npHmypeHHBiMH rjaaaMH. 

H7B-3a crtHifi, Ha^i c^moh) 4b6pbk), Topiaii. bbicorju 
mecTBy a sa mecri — bch nocHH'&iaH, ci otrpb'itbimh oJOBin- 


syfiaMH — <ieiOBi4ecRafl rojOBa. Eopo^a y ^toh rojOBbi 6hu& 
BE!i6pHTa, pi^iade ycili h Rop6TRie 6aReH6apTBi Topnajin meT&- 
HOfO, ocrpAHceHHBie BdjocBi 6b'uh nepenaHRaHBi rpAsBio e 
HepHBiMH nATHaMH 3an6Rmeftcfl RpoBe. 

dra roiOBa 6hii& p;fccRafl. 

FoiOBy ^ TOJBKO-HTO npiiBesi Ha oorjohi asiApy Mosa- 
♦apy-344AHy HSBicTHBid roJOBopiaii K)H;^cKa-AffiHrArB.' Owl 
ys6 He paaii bosAji TaRie noAapRH rposnoMy DOBeiHTCJK) 6ja« 
rop64Hoft ByxapBi ; Rasc^BiH paai TaRofi no^apoRi OTn^dqe- 
Ba^cfl 04h6io 3aiOTdK) mudMio^ h hobbimx noJocaTbiMi xa- 
idioMi Hai Sjccrioiaro a^pacca.' 

' horseman. ' gold coin of four silver roubles. * silk stuSl 

( 128 ) 

CioiBinafl y ^^Bepefi KjHqa npuHa^jeHtaia '^xpaSpoMy" 
K)H;^cKi-43KHr6Ty n cocrawHia hvtb ia He e^HHCTBeHHyio 
c66cTBeHHOCTb CBHpioaro rojoBopfoa, "rpoaw h fiHia 6e3- 
neiHbix'B rflypoBT>,*' KaiTB HasbiBaJLn ero ea 6a3apax'B mhofo- 
jib^HOH cTOJ^iibi EyxapcRaro xascTBa. 

3a criHOH) nocj[bimaiHCb marft HiscROibKHX'b neJOB^K'B: 
KOBaHHbie KaSiyK^ sbqhro iiiaiKaiH no njHTaifb Momeearo 
;(Bopa; sanpuraia ^^BepHax meKOJ^a, h o^na nojOBHHa ^^sepeft 
OTBop&jacb, BH3»ca Ha sapTKaBjeHHbix'b neriHX'b. MaieHbKas 
4»Hr;^pKa 6ohk6mi nepemarH^ja BbicoRin nopori h noKasaiacb 
Ha yiHiii, mypma HaK&HyTbiM'b na njeia, noBepxi rpasHaro 
HJaTbfl, HoBbiifb xaiaTOifb : na KosiaHOM'b uoticb findki'b ;^Ah- 
HbiH HOHTB, cb SoRy^ saA^Bafl 3a noporb h KaifHn, npb'iraja 
ApflHHafl mamRa, sas^^SpeHHbiu KJHHOK'b ROTopoH Topqai'b hs'b 
npoTepTbixi HOHceH'b. AmnoY sToro ne^OB^Ra 6buo cKyiacroe, 
CMopmeHHoe h na no^^opo^R^ TopiajH nyioHRn cROMRaHHbix'b 
BOiocb ; ROCbie riaaa ciujn y^oBOJbCTBieM'b, xoik h 3a6i5ra.iH 
RaRi-TO HejoBRO H6e3noR6HHo npn B&^i TaROH MHoroqu&ieHHoil 
n]^6jHRH. 3to 6hui> caM'b bhhobhhri BbicTaBjeHHaro HamecT^ 

TpO^fl. O^oSpHTeJbHblU rOBOpi H Kp^RH npOHeCJUCb Bl TOJ- 

ui. lOflj^cRa o6o4pHJCfl. 

3a IOh^ckoh BbimjH ^Ba ^(BopiioBbix'b capSasa^ wb Rpdc- 
Hbixi, mi^Tbix'b 36iOTOMi xd-iaTaxi, cb rphbmmh ca5iflMH^ h 
eme nicROibRO ne BOopyjRenbixi, ho Coraio o^iibixx iio^efi ; 
aartMi ysopqaiaa ;^BepRa nioiHo saxjionnyjacb. Tojndr crdsia 
pacxo;(&TbCfl no pa^HbiMi nanpaBjeHiflMi ; 6oibmHHcrB6 no* 
^auLkio BCAixb 3a H)n;fcROH Ha 6a3ap'b, Rv^a noBeii^E CHacTjiA- 
Baro ATfunTkra. nacbiniaTbCfl h HajnBaTbCfl seienbiM'b naeMi, 
nocii MHoroTp^^HOu 4op6rn. 


( 129 ) 

B'B o^Hod H3'B yrjOBb'ixi qaHHbixi jdBoqeiTL, Ha kobphk^ 
y OHara cb nbuaioiiiHMH ^rojbflMH, CH^'Bi'b, no^xaBniH Horn, 
H)HycKa-roiOBop'B3i ; owh asa^HO iii aE&pHUH, npHnpaB.ieH- 

Hbm MeiRO H3p'B3aHHbIMH EOpeHbflMH UJLOVb;^ OWb SblJ'b 

oqeHb ToioAewb n cnimAii B03Harpa4ATb ce6A, ^opBaBiuHCb ao 
BK]^CHaro6AH)4a,3anycKdrfl noonepe^HO p;fKH bx KHpHyio Maccy 
Bapeearo p&ca n o6ji':3biBafl JOCHamieca ndjbubi. OROiO 

CTOHAl SOibmOH M'BAHblfll CaMOBapi, Be^pa B'B TpH, TyibCKOU 

paSoTbi ; caMoaap'b dTorb mHnii'b, cbhcteix h HcnycKaj'b m-h 
Bcbx-b OTBepcrifi rycrifie KjIJ^Sm napa, cRB03b KOTopwe CBepKa.iH 
iiuibie pfl^b'i pa3BtmaHHbixi no crlnaifb m'SAhuxi, noKpu- 
Tbixi Kpac&Bbiifb HeRaHOMi, RyMraHOBi.^ ny3aTbie Mimnii 
cb RHmMemeM'b,^ ypibROMi^ u pa3HbiMH cymoHbiMH op^RTaiin 
linkmch no CTBHRaifb ; no KapHU3aM'b, m, RaMbimeBbix-b 
CBTRaxi, Budin cfieperaeMbia na SHMy ^binn h cb&3Rh Rpac- 
Haro crpyHROBaro ndpaa. Y iaBOHRH TOjnAjncb usulviekh 
Cb nieieHbiMH jotr^mh na roiOB^rXi, a vb jOTKaxi ieacain 
nishia nnpaMik^bi ropaqnx'b, TOJbKO hto BbinyTbixi h31 n^Hu, 

H)H]^cRa li'b H pa3CRd3biBaji ; co6p&BmaflCfl nySjHRa bhh- 
MaTejbHO &!]^maja. lOn^^cRa roBopAj'b : 

" A ocraJbHb'ie noS'lac^n •. ..." 

"3to fid Tpoe noSimdjH? nepe6Aii pa3CRaniHKa kto-to 

H3^ TOJnbl." 


4a, Bd Tpoe . . . fl RaR'b BbicRoqni'b na nnx'b H3'b-3a 
CT^Bbi, laR^ cpa3y ySA^-b OAHor6, a Afyrie ipoe ncnyraiHCb a 
uo6i7i!iajLin .... IIxi Bdx'b Sb'uo HeTBepo; nonnifaeTe iu?" 
4eTBepo. H y BCflRaro Sbiio orpoMHoe pyscbe, KaasAoe pyacbe 
Morio CTpibttTb no 4Ba paaa .... 

1 niOBi or nojaBi — boiled rice with some oil, raisins and sometimes 
hashed mutton in it. ' kind of tea-pot* 

' raisins without stones. * kind of peach* 

( 130 ) 

*^k xopomifl jifmuL y pyccKHXi, cndsa nepeSiii 
OAiiWb 031 cif maTeiefi : — y Hac& Tasin He yniiOTi 

'^ Kor^a fl Obui fb TamKeHTi, TaMi sA^tii y o^Horo m 
Hxi> HanaibHEKOBi MajeebKoe pyasbe, — tasi to BoceMB pa^b 
crptiiio .... IIpdBO TaiTb.*' 

Bee 4biB0ibCKafl paSoTa, nepe6ftii cl;(o6op6;(bifi Myxi&. 

"Cfi&xembcfl cb ^eproMi, h cto paai h3i 04Hor6 pyxbi 

" TaiTb BOTb, npo40i»ai'b lOeycKa, — uo&bjR&JLE ohA ; i 3a 
hAmh h eme y64i'b AByxi, a yarb Tperbaro He y6HJi'b, ne xo?^ 
jraTb, — ^rpeibflro He ySftii : Ji6ma4b y nero 6bua o^eHB xo- 
pomafl^ — ycKaKaii npoKiiTbid." 

^' A vb^b ^0 owb Bce sperb ! pa34&icfl HeoacA^aHHO aiiibii 
ropiaHHbid rojocb." 

^' Pa3CHaniHirb 3aM6jirb ; TOinfi orjflHyjacb. Y uxo^a vb 
jaBKy CToiin 4Ba BOopyaceHHbie aBrana h, no^CM^HBai cb, oo- 
ri^AbiBajH Ha ocoBiBmaro H)HycKy." 

" KaKB BpeTb ! IIoqeMy Bperb ? ^to ace lyn. nesipolT- 
naro ? Bt^b p^ccKie — ^^o HSBSCTHbie Tp^cu h cbojo^b ! no- 

cbinajocb B3i TOiUb'i." 

^* A noTOM^ Bperb, cKasdii aBr&Hi, — mo bA^^jh mu 
Be pa3'b p^ccKHxi vb ndit. He mhofo hxi 61I110, — 
Ky4& M^Hbme ndmero, a HdmH Gbm&Ain RaRi 6ap&Hbi 
H n]fmKn 6pocdjH • . . . 4^ '^^h nociymafi, He nanapdi 
TaKi, a TO BiAb mo 9Ke xopomaro? oSparAicfl owh 

Kb 04H0My H3l ysS^KOfi'b, KOTOpblfi ClimJUOWb 6i&3R0 

DO^omeji Kb HeM]f cb 3J0BiniHM'b Bbipas^Hien'b n 

" 9x0 Bbi, no4JeEibi5 6iraiH ! nocjbi maiocb vb TOint. — ^^ Ha* 
eMmHKn rojOHorie !'...." 

*' HoCToft-Ka^ 6paTb, nienH;^ aii o^Ahi aBrdnii Apyrony, — 

( 131 ) 

B KiARHy Hdmexi, a to B^b ^oft cb6johh hidb^ ckojlko 
HaGpaJocb ! . . . H owb xoTiii enA." 

^^Ky^a? CTOi! dapefilii KOCMaTbiu Syx&peiii, ycnifimifi 
no4o6pdTbCfl iTb Toini h ciiiimaBQiid Bce, hto npoHCxoA^iO 
nSpeiCb ^HMi. — Hh cb MBcra ! h owl cxBarAji ero 3a Boporb 
Kp&^HOi s^pTKH, HO idiqacb 3Re saxpiiniii h npacBii na 
s^iuK) .... IIoflCHOH Romb aBFaHa yro^HJi mf Kaieb pa3'b 
no4'b peSpa." 

9to 6buo CHrH&jOMi in» d6meu cxB&tKi. 

IlepBoe nrHOBOHie asraHbi ^^epx^iHCb ctouko, npnsiaBmHCb 
cnHH^MH 4pyrb Kb 4p^ry ; y hhxi 6bMii KpHBilia ca6jH cb 
seissHbiMH py<iKaMH, y Hana4aH)ii|Hxi ate — o^hA TojbKo Bomk^ 
4a H TO He y Bcixi. B^pyrb iiiiafl naniRa naiftiaro h3% caMo- 
Bapa KHOflTK^ naecflyia npiifo vb cM^^rJoe, quraHCKoe ihiio ; 
aBF&Hi BCRpfiKHyjiiy cxBai^icfl pyKaMH 3a rojOBy h BbinycxHii 
c&fiiio .... Toand xii^iHyja .... Ilocib'iniaicfl 3a4aBjeH- 
Hbifi cTOH'b .... ^epesi ceK^H^y Bce 6iuo KoHHeHO 4<ifl 
Hec4&CTHbixi ropuevb. 

VL^Tb nepe^iHa nociifimaicfl SByirb oieurb. Kpac&Bbie Maib- 
HHKH, He crapme mecrad^iiaTH airb, ixaiH nonapno no raaB- 
HOft fiRixb ; Ha HHXi 6^uo Bce KpdcHoe, a sa nieiaMH ffmbu 
Cb pacKp&meHHbiMH ^3eHbKHMH npHKJa^aMH. 3a h&mu ^na 
jAmBXb crapHK^ vb napneBbixi xaiaraxi BeiA uoxb ys^ubi 
KpaciftBaro fiiiaro kohA, y KOioparo u6mAY Y^^^ Topqaii 
BUCOKiil soiordi noMnoHi; na Koni cH^tii, corH^Bomcb^ 
cam Mo3a«&p^944]ftH'b, norji^biBafl h3i> noAi66bfl cboumh 
Be^OBJ^piHBbiMH rjiasaMH. 

SaribLio Bce. Toina pascrynujacb h ciaja na ROiBHH. 

lUdLKb pasi nocpeAu ]^JHKbi jeailiH Tpn HciepsaHHUX'b 

1 you see. 


( 132 ) xoid^Hbifi, AOSAJ'iBbifi 46HB; no BpeMeH&ifb nepeua- 

A^l MOKpblH CHirb. B-b 4%I03dRCKOM'L ymeibH BbUl p33RiH 

BBTepi. FycTod rvuikWb 00013^1 bhhsi no Kpyr^iMi, cKa- 
iAcTbiMi cKaTaifb. KaMeH^crafl, ciobho npopo^noe mocc6, 
Aopora H3BiiBaiacb no ym6jbio, nepenjeraacb cb 6i!iCTpo GbT^j- 
n^HM-b pyib^Mi '' 4^3-i^Hi-aTbi." Ha 4op6ri ieffiaii hs^^ox- 
miii BepSiib^'B, Bb'iTflHyBi cbo& ^jAnnbifl, MycK^iHCTbia Horn, h 
HB^'b HHMi Konomuiacb BopoHbfl crafl, KapKaa h xionaa cboA- 

MH MOKpblMH KpblibflMH. 

Bee cMOTpiiO yrpibMO h Mpanno, naBO^ft tock]^ h yniliHie. 

Bi CTopoHi 3a orpoMHOH) cKajoH), coBepm^HHO saMacRHpd- 
BaHHbifl eH) OTb 4op6rH, npnTaAjHCb ^Ba jrhbi^ix'l cymeciB^. 
3to 6biiH HeJOB^Ki H joma^b. 06a npe^MCTa 6iuiii coBep- 
meHHO Heno4B^Hbi. Joma^b cioAja, non^pnBi rojOBV h 
ii3pi4Ka Moprafl connbiMH ria3aMH, uoui KaK4fl-HH6]^4b ne- 
pe3Hypi Ha36HjHBafl Kanaa 40HCA& yroA^Tb npiMo na ek AiAn- 
Hbifl pecH&ubi ; rpiftBa y nee cROMKaiacb h ciAoiacb, noKpufi 
XBOcrb nyrajcfl Measly norb, Bce i4io cierKa ^poxajo. Bca^- 


Bep6iib%iii xaiarb h cnpuTas'b na idxjou rpy^A 0CB0603RAeH- 

Hblfl B31 pyKaBOBl pyKH. 

EcJH6bi KTO-HH6y4b H3'b npovBKHX'b no 4op6r% Syxapaevb 
3aM'5THii ero, to cpa3y ysnaj'b 6bi b'b hcmi *' xpaoparo roio- 
Bopfea — lOnycKy." 

Owb yace ixijLbi& ^enb cn^jftrb ba^cb, npnTa&Bmncb n npo* 
MOKHyfii nacKBosb orb CesnpecTaHnaro ^eRafipbCRaro AomAk. 
Owb npo^porb, oni roio^en'b, naibubi y nero oROHeHiin^ a 
owb Bce CHA^rb h HS^erb. Oni »C4erb hohh h Tor^a^ no^TB 
iioRp6BOMi> HenponnuaeMou TCMHOTbi, oni BbU'iteeTb n3i» cbo- 
ero y^BHtHma. CRopo TyMani craj'b Bce rfm^ h rfme, nanajo 
GbicTpo TeMBBTb, ;(0HE4b cepecTaii, no 3a to cteLio 3aMiTH0 
xo.i04Hie. lOnycna BCTaji, noiome.i'b ki cbocmi^ Ronib ; totb 

( 133 ) 

Gjjfjo OHHyiCfl OTL CHa H TpffXH^ii yfflaMH. ^'KHrArt Baiisi 
Da CBoe aEaiKoe ci^Jo h ma^KOMi Bb'i6pajcfl na 4op6ry; s^ics 
owb noBepH]^!^ KB 4^K)3aKy. li3Mf^eRE^.n Kjfl[4a, no^roBu- 
eMafl peMeHHOK) naeTbio, saKOBbuaja no TBep^OMy rpyHTy 
cboAmh pasSiTbiMH HoraMH. 

^6fe3l> noi^aca ohi noBepeyii bj^bo, no^Hfljca na otjo- 
ryio, HO fbwb He Mente BbicoKvio ropy h onHib cBepnyix bi 
CTopony. Owb b&^hmo 6oiicfl cb K^Mi-nnGv^^b BcrpiTHTbCfl. 
FpyHTb, BMSCTO TBep^aro, KaMeuHcraro, craix TonKHM'b ; 
KOHCKif Horn npoB^HBaiBCb HyTb He no KOiiao na k&;k4omi> 
mar^. lOn^cRa ciisi, ocr&BHi'b luaqy na npoHSBoii cy^bGbi 
H nomeii uimKowb. 

Bnepe^A Kpacfliin vb tym&e^ 6rHeHHbifl nirHa : ho bh- 
AniiHCb ocBinieHHbifl oRHa, nepe^'ibaHHOii bsi tcmhuxi ca- 
Keib,' HfiseHbKoft, HO jUkEBotL pyccROfli KasapMbi. lOH^cKa 
TpeBOHEHO norji^biBaji na ^th aioBliififl naTHa ; eM^ homh- 
HyTHO Hf^nuLRCh BiipHbie mar& ; ohi BS^pdrnBaii h npana- 
^&n Kb seAui, r^ h iencaii no H-lcROJbRO mbb^ neno^BBHiHO, 
saTa&BTB HopbiBHCToe ^^bixdnie. B^ojA ri^^xo rpoxoT^ii noA- 
MOKmifi dapadaHi. 9to bi iiBTa^ejH 6&iH BenepnioH) sopio. 

H)H^CRa ocraHOBi&JCfl, npndbi h Hanaji hmtjIubo ouk- 
AbiBaTBCfl. "3A*cb" nporoBopBji owb, mKb 6y4TO hto-to 
coo6pa3R&fl. TaMi, r^i ropBsoHTb ciBBaeTca cb H^Soifb, 
npoTflHfiacB cB^Tiafl noiocRa, na nes o6o3HaHHincb nepHbiMH 

CHjy^MH BOTKH^^Tbie Koe-RaRl Vb 3eMjlI0 ^epeBflHHbie KpeCTbl. 

H)H^CKa Haxo^ifticfl na pyccKOMi KJaAfinnie. J^oato OH'b noj- 
sail no pdsHbiBfb nanpaBJ^HiflMi, Sfnjo pasbicRBBaa hto-to, 
naKOH^m ocTaHOBA^cfl h naqajcb pbiTb. OH'b pbui fibicrpo, 
TpeBdacHO, — pbui Kani co6aRa. Hif^ioniafl uoxb seMieio cnpa- 
TaBHiyiocfl Bpbicy ; pidxiaa seuik jierno ycrynaja ero inxo- 

» hut 

( 134 ) 

pa^OHHBiMi yc&.iiflM'b^ h cKdpo ODi 4opbiiCfl AO Toro, HTO ero 
yse e6 6huo Bift^HO Ha noBepxHOcm. 

?acd 4Ba npo^ojHEaiacb no436MHafl paSoTa ; HaKOH^m OHa 
npeKparAjacb. 3anb']xaBmiucfl, Tfl»ej6 A^imlmifi H)HycHa 
Bb'i6pajcfl Ha HOB^pxHocTb, — H He OA^Hi oHi Bi(i6paicff> a cb 
4o6biHeK). 4o6iliHa ^Ta 6hu& Kp^rjaa ; y AO^himn &to& 6suh 
riasa, Hocb, fmin h 4o6biqy Aiy " xpaSpbiH*' j^TRHTirb Taniftii, 
Kpi^DHO yqin&Bmiicb naibuaMH sa KopoTKo ocip&xeHHbie 


lOnycKa BbinpaMniCfl, nojoaEiii orojo ce6i pyccRyio rojo- 
By H caMo^OBdibHo yjbi6H]f jcfl. Ohi cooSpaacai'b : Epte oaAhi 
xajarb ; a ero, kohohho, npo^aifb. Eme o^na likus. .... A 
ciaBnafl MoneTa ^Ta tAjja : CKdjbKO Ha nee Md^RHO c^uiaTb 
xopomaro . . . Bi Eyxapi Sy^yrb ohAtb KOpM^Tb 4apoM'b 
iiiiyio He^i^H) . • . .A KaKou SesnoKOHHbid napo^i.^H 
BBraHbi ... He xopomiu napo^i .... Ilioxie MycyjbMaHC, 
ojoxie .... A ! hto laKoe ?! 

3a Hje^aMH lOHycKH gjecH^^ji KpacHbioi oroHb h pas^fiicfl 
BbicTpi^i. Eeai cTOHa, 6e3T> Maj'SHmaro KpAna ynai'b hh4- 
KOMi Ha 3eMJio '' xpa6pbiH AJKHrHTb lOn^cKa-roJOBoptsi." 

'^ 9x1, fl erd omapamnjx ! ^ AxT^TeibHO,^ npoMeHTB jona- 
TOK-b! — BHnib' Tbi, Hiaii npoMbinuflerb, coSdibfl Kocib! — 3to 
OHi HOKOHHHHKa CaB^jbCBa o6pa66Tai'b. — A ne MaKapa KysB- 
MHHa ? — HiTb, TOTb MaieHbKO HonpaBie fiy^erb. — Borb oho 
fijbJLO'io KaKoe ! . . . ." 

4Ba coj^aTa bi> mnneiflxi, bi SanubiKaxi, na^^Tbixi Ha 
rojOBbi, Cb py»EbflMH wb pyKaxi, crofliH y CB^xe-paspbiTou 

" Hy HToarb, Ha^OTb* irb poTHOMy?"* 

" fly, hoaA, 40i6ffib* nHTb*e6eJK)."^ 

* stunned. * excellently. ^ you see. * Ba4o6RO. 

' commander of the company. * AOJiomA, 7 «ejb4«66ejn. 

( 136 ) 

54. Mepmebin dytuu. 

yiKe HSCROibRO MHHyTb CTOirb IlilbmRHHl, He rOBOpi HH 

ci6Ba, a ^Ahhrobi see eme He mofb nanaTb pasroBopa, pas- 
EieHeHHbiil KaKi bA^omi caMoro xosiflHa, lairb h Bcerd Toro, 
HTO 64io vb er6 B6MHart. Adivo ne Mon> ohi npnAyMaib, 
BTB RaxAxi 6bi ciOBaxi HsiflCHAib npHH^Hy cBoero nocimeHifl. 
Ohi yxe xoribi 6:>uo' Bb'ipasnTbCfl bi TaKOMi 4]^xt, hto, 
HaciifiniacB o ^^oGpo^iTejH h p^^khxi cBOMcrfiaxi 4yinA ero, 
noHeii' AoiroMi npHHecrA limno 4anb vBaHceHifl, ho cnoxBa- 

riuCl H HOiyBCTBOBail, HTO StO CI&niKOMl. HcROca SpdcHBi 

enie o^Ahi BsrjflA^ na Bce, hto 6buo bi> K6MHaT%, ohi nonyB- 
CTBOBaix, HTO ci6bo 4o6poA'BTejb H piAKifl cB6dcTBa 4yn]A 
m6sho cb ycnixoMi saMiHiftTb ciOBaMu: aKOHOMifl h nopa- 
40RI ; HOTOMy, npeo6pa3&BmH r^K&wb 66pa30Mi pl^Hb, ohi 
CRa3&rb, HTO, Hacib'imacb ooi aKOHOMin ero h p^bakomi ynpas- 

J^hIh HMVHiflMH OH'b nOH&Il 3a AOAVb HOaHaRdMHTbCfl H 

npHHecrA jAqno cBoe noHTdnie. Eoue4HO, mohsho 6bi 6b]jio 
npHBecri HH]fio i^qmyio npHHi^Hy, ho HH<ier6 HHaro ne 
B36p&io' Tor^a na vmi. 

Ha bio Ui^mmnwb hto-to npoSopMor&ii crbobb rj^Sbi, iGo 

9j66vb fL6 6hU0y HTO AmCHHO, HCHaBicTHO, HO BipOflTHO 

GMbicJi 6biJi TaHOFb : '' A HoSpaii 6bi tcoa noprb cb TBOiftM'b 
noHTeuieMi ! " Ho TaRx RaRi rocrenpi^MCTBO y nacb vb TaRoiib 
xoAy^ HTO H CRpira ne b^ cHjaxi npecryniftTb erd saRdnoBi, to 

OH'b npH6^BHil TYTb IRQ H'ICKOJbKO BHflTUte : HpOUly 

noRopHtfime ca^ftTbcfl ! 

*^ H 4aBHeHbR0 He B&Hcy rocreH, cKaslii 0Hi,4a, npnsHaTbcfl 
CRasaTb/ Bi HRxi Majo B&Hcy npoRy. SaBejH npenenpH- 
jHHHbifi oSbiqad ia^HTb ^pyn R'b Apyry, a wb xoaadcTBL-TO 

^ was OD the point of. ' noH^cn. ' BsCpecTH. ^ mu&t confess. 

( 136 ) 

ynymeflii . . . jta ■ jomajiei ew copiiA ctuon ! fl jtaBod 
\7cx OTootjtaji, a cfxui y Meei onEaj, npeccBepeafl, ■ rpy- 
Ga-TO coBcbiii paauLiuacb, Ha^Henib^ TonHib, eoie noxapy 

BoBi OBo Easi j' BOAyMaxb npo ceti ^h^ikobi ; xopofli6 
H:e, HTO 1 y Co6aEeBi<ia nepeuaiiji Borp^mKy a^ JOMon 
GapaBM ro Goiuu 

^' 11 TaEou CEBepwbiu aBemoTB, hto cina xotb 6u uon 

Bl» uiiOMl X03flJiCTBi! BpOiOJSaJl UllbniKIBl. 4^ ■ BTfc 

eaMOMi Atii, EaEi npa^epexenib' ero? 3eiuimEa^ Ma- 
jeubEai, Myx^EB jifluBi, paooiaTb Be jibdHii, ^yiiaerb 
KaEi 6bi vb EaSaEi . . . Toro h rjijii/ noii4emb Ba ci&pocTM 
livh no Mipy !* 

^' Mai 04HaE0 xe CEdsbiaajH, CRpoMBO saiiiTBJi ^AqiiOBi, 
iTO V aacB 66jte lucflHu 4viui. « 

'' A ETO ^0 cEdsbiBaji? A Bbi 6bi, 6&TH)mEa, flanjeaaiH si 
rjaaa TOMy, EoropbiH 3to CKasbiaaj'b ! Ohi nepecMiniBHEi, 
BiuHO^ xoriii nomyTHTb HaAi* BaMH. Bon, 6aiorb, t^icahh 
4ymx, a noAniEa^ coc4HTaH, a h Heqero Be saHTemb !* IIo- 
(M44Hie TpH ro^a npoKjarafl ropflHEa BbiMopHia y neBi 3Aopo- 
BcDDbifi Evmi*'' mv%he6bi>. 

'' CEaHtAie !" H MflorO BblMOpHJa? BOCEjftEDyjrb ^A^HROKb 

en yHdcrieMi." 
" 4a, cnecjift MBorAx^." 
" A nosfiOibTe vsHaib : cEOibRO nvtcjLowbV* 
" 4yJJiT> BoceMb^ecflTb." 
" lie craHy iraib, SdiiomKa." 

^ fut. of Ha*i6Ti>. ' that is it. ' npnfiepi^ib. * dim. of somj^, 

' expect every moment. * begging. " apparently. 

* 0O4i&-Ka. ' will find nothing in the result. ^^ great number. 

i> indeed. 

( 137 ) 

^ no3BdjLTe erne cnpocuTB : Bij^h &m 4ymn, a nojardio, bbi 
CHHTaere co aeh nocii^Heu peB]&3iH V^ 

'*3to 6bi eme ciaBa Eory,^ CKa3aii» IIjibniKnHi, ^^a inxi-TO, 
1T0 CB Toro Bp^MCHH ^0 cia ABa^HaT^ HaGepeicfl." 

" BnpaB^y ? n/tuLhix-b cto ^BaAnaiB ? BOCK-iMKuyji IAhhkobx 
n 4dH;e paauHVJ'B nicKOiBKo poTB otb HavMjeBitt." 

'^ Ciap'B fl, GaTiomRa, ht66bi jraTB : ccabmou AeciiTOirB acnBy ! 
CKa3&ii IliioniKHn'B. Ohi, Ra3iliocB, o6u4&icfl TaK^Mi, hohtA 


caMOM'B A^i HenpniftHHO no^oSfloe 6e3yHacTie itb qy^ROMy 
ropK), H noTOM^ B340XHyi'B TyrB H(e, n cKasaii, qTO co6oik- 

"4& ^4^ co6oifeHOBdHie bi> KapMdni ee noJOHnmB^ cKa- 
d&n OLiibniKHHi. Botb Boaii Meefl muBevb KaniiTaHi, HoprB 
SHaerB ero otkja^ B3&iCfl, roBop&TB pd^cTBeenHKi : A^AioniKa, 
^i^ibniKa ! h bi p^^Ky nixfevb, a KaKi HaHHerB coGoi'ibHOBaTB, 
BOH TaKod noAi^iMeTB^ 4T0 yniH SeperA. Ci inqa bccb KpacHBiu : 
niHHHKy' Hau Ha CMepTB npH4^p»;iiBaeTCfl/ Btpeo cnycrnjii^ 
/l^HexKH ciy»cd B% o<»Hii6paxi, ium TeaTpaiBHaa aKTpi&ca bbi- 
HaHHja, TaiTB botb OHi TenepB h coSoi^H^erB." 

^jftHHKOFB nocrap&ics oSxachAtb, hto ero co6oii3HOBdHie 
cofidBMi He TaKoro pd^a^ KaRi KanHTaHCKoe, n hto ohb ne 
nycTBiMH ciobILmh, a 4410111 totobi ^OKasaTB erd^ h ne OTRid- 
4BiBafl 4Uia 4^^^ 6e3i bcArhxi o6HBAKOBi,TyrB xe, HS'BflB^j'B 
roTOBHOCTB HpHHfliTB Ha ceStt o6&3anHocTB njar^TB n64aTn sa 
Bcixi KpecTBiflx, yifepmHxi TaRAMH necqacTHBiMH cjyqaflifn. 
IIpe4ios6Hie, Ra3ajocB, coBepmeHHO n3yMnjo nji{)n]RHHa.OHX, 
Bi^iTapaniai'B ria3a, 46iro CM0Tp4i% na nero h HaRoneii'B 
cnpociii: 4a bbi, 6aTiomRa, ne cAymmn la bi bo^hho^ 

1 census. * that would be nothing. ' spirits. '* fond. ^ Iq^^ 


( 138 ) 

EiTh, OTB^^^ai'B ^uHHKOFL ^OBOJbHO jyKaBO, ciyffiii'L no 



no craTCROd? noBTopfiji IIji&inKHHX h ctbji meB&th 
ry6aMH, KaRi Sy^ro hto hh6]^4B Kymai'B. 4^ ^t^k KaKi sKe ? 

Bi^b ^TO BaMX CaM^Ml-TO Bl y5blT0Rl>?" 

*' 4-** yAOBOibCTBia Bamero roioB'b h Ha ySbiioKi." 

"Axi, SaTioniKa! axi, 6iar04'5TeJb moh! BCKpiiKHyj'B 
njibrnKHHi, He saBiiqafl otb paAocm, hto y Hero hsi Hoca 
BbirjflHyii BecbMa HeRapT^HHO* Tafidirb/ na oSpaseqi rycraro 
Kd<i>efl, H noibi xaidra, pacRpbiBuiiicb^ noRa3aiH njaTbe, He 
BecbBfd npH.inHnoe a^ji pa3CMaTpHBaHbfl. ^'Borb yTBinejH 
crapHRa! Ax'b,r6cnoAH tmmoh! axiCBflTHTeJOBbi moii!" . • • 
ff,Bjiie IIji&mRHU'b H roBopnTb ne Morb. Ho He npomjo h 
MBHyTbi, RaRi dra pa^ocTb, raRi MrnoBeHHO HORasaBmaflca na 
AepeBUHBOMi iHq^ ero^ TaRxe MrnoBeHHO h npomja, 6fAT0 ee 
BOBce He SbiBsLio^ H JHiie ero bhobb npiiHHio saGoTiHBoe bbi- 
pasKenie. Ohi asl^Q OTepca niaTROMX h, CBepHyBmH ero wb 
kom6rt», craji mmi BoaAib' ce6k ho Bepxnefi ryC-B." 

" KaRi> me, cb noBBOi^nifl Bamero, htoSu ne pascep^oTb 
Bacb, Bbi 3a BCttRiu Toxb 6epeTecb^ njaTHTb sa nnx'b no^aTb? h 
A^HbFH Cy^eTe Bbi^aBaTb Mui^ ium vh Raan^p ?" 

" 4^ N^i BOTb RaRb c^^iaeM'b : mm coBepm&ifb na hexi 
R^nqyH) RpinocTb, RaRi 6bi^ ohA 6bUH ^oBbie h RaRi 6bi bbi 

HXl MHi Hpo^aJH.*' 

'' 4«L9 R^UHyH) Rp-lnocTb . • . CRaaaii IIjibniRHHi^ sa^f Majca 
H craj'b OHflTb RymaTb ry6aMH. B-I^b botl R^nnyH) Rp^HOCTb 
— Bce ua^^piRRH. IIpHRasHbie TaRie deacoB^CTHbie ! IIpeHc^e 
6biBajo HOJTUHOu Mt^H OT^uiaembCfl 4a Mi^mROM'b MyK^, a 
Tenepb nomii^ ii^yio no^Bo^y^ Kpyni, 4a h Rpacnyio SyMasK- 
Ky^ npoGaBb^ TaRoe cpe6poJii)6ie I fl ne SHaio, RaRi hhrto 

1 not picturesquely. s snuff. ' to rub about. ^ (}paTi>Cfl. 
* as if . * nocj&Tb. 7 cart-load. ^ ^ ten-rouble note. 

( 139 ) 

^pyroS He oSpai&rB Ha ho BHHManie. Hy, CRas^Ji 6bi euf 
KaK6e-HH6y4b ^ymecnacHTeJbHoe cidoo ! Bi^b* oioBoifb xoTb 
Koro npoHMem'b.^ Kto hto hh roBopA, a npoTHB'b ^ymecna- 
CHTeJbHaro cioBa ne ycro&nib." 

" Hy, Tbi, a 4yMaK), ycToAnib! no^yMajri npo ce64 ^Ahh- 
KOBi, H npoHSHecTb Tyrb me, hto h3i yBaateHifl irb hcm^ ohi 
roTdBi npHHHTb 4[affie H34ep;KKH no KymeH na cboh cierb." 

ycibima, HTO 4a}Re HS^epacRn no Kynneu on'b npHHUMaerb 
na ceofl, IIjibniKHH'b saiuiioqHji, hto rocTb AOATRewh 6biTb 
coBepmenno riyni h ToJbRO npnKH^biBaercfl^ 6y4TO cjy}KAAi> 
no crdTCKOH, a B^pno 6bU'b bi> o<i»niiepaxi h bojohAjca 3a 
aKTepRaMH/ IIpii BceM'b tomi ohi o^naROHTb ne Morb cRpbiTb 
CBoeu pa^ocTH n noHcmji scttRHX'b yr^^menii^ He ToibRO eM^, 
HO 4aHce H XBTKdLWb ero, ne cnpocHBib, Sb'un in onft y nero, 
AiH nirb. noAome^cb Kb ORHy, nocryqaji oni naibuaMH B'b 
creRio H saRpnqaj'b : " an, HponiRa." lepes'b Mnnyry 6buo 
cibiuiHO, RTO-TO aSim^A-b vh nonbixaxi^ vb cinn, ^ojro bo- 
SHiCfl TaMi H cryqaii canoraM n, naRoneiii ;(Bepb OTBop&iacb H 
BomeJi IIpomRa, MaibHHRi livb TpHHa^naTH, bi TaRiftx'b 6ojb- 
mnxi canorax'b, hto, crynafl, e;(Ba ne Bbinyii nai nnxi norn. 
IIoHeMy y IIpomRn 6bUH laRie fioibmie canorA, aro mokho 
ysnaib cenqacb me: y IliibmRnHa Aifl Bcen ^Bopnn, CR6jbK0 
HH 6buo ee B'b ^^om-I, 6bun 04H& ^TOibRO canorei, Rordpbie 
40iKHbi 6bun Bcer^a naxo^HTbCfl vb cinaxb. BcfliRiU; npasbi- 
BaeMbin Fb SapcRie horoh, oobiRnoB^HHO OTniflCbiBajcb H^peai 
Becb ABopi 6ochr6mi, ho, bxoa& bi> cinn^ na^iBaj'b canorft h 
TaRHMi yme oSpasoMi flBj&ica bi» RdMnaTy. Bbixo4& h3% 
ROMHaTbi, OHi ocraBJE&i'b canorn oniib bi» cibH&x'b h oinpaB- 
jfljcfl BHOBb na c66cTBeHHOH no^ouiBi. £(mh 6bi rto Barifl- 

1 you know. ^ by words one could produce impression upon anybody. 
* aKTpucaMH. * out of breath. 

( 140 ) 
B'ijL'b mjh oKomKa bi oc^anee Bp6Mfl n oc66eHHO vioui no 

VTpaMl HaHHHaiOTCfl M^ieHbKifl ]ft3M0p03ll, TO 6bl yB&4%Il, HTO 

BCfl ^BopHfl Ai'idJidL TaRie cKaHR^, KaKie Bpa^'B ih y^acrca ^ bbi- 
AkJi^Th na Tearpaxx (^MOMy 66fiKOMy TaHqoBimiR]^. 

*' BorB nocMOTp&Te, 6aTK)n]Ka,KaKdfl p6»(a! cKasifb njibm- 
KHHi ^A4HK0By,yKa3biBafl najibueifB na iime HponiKH. FiyiTB 
Bi,{b RaiTb 46pcB0, a nonp66yd hto HaGy^b noiOffiAib — mAfomi 
YRpd^erb! 11 y, nero tm npemeii^ ^ypdRi, cRa^A^ Hero? 
TvTb owb npoH3Bej[i He6oibm6e MOjqaHie, Ha ROTopoe IIp6mRa 
OTBLiaji'b TOJRe MO^ndHieufb. " IIocTaBb caMOBdpi^ cibWenib, 

J^h BOTb B03bM& RJIOHl, ^a OT^&VL MaBpi^, HT66bI nOHUt^ Vh 

Rja^OByH) : Taiii Ha nojRi ecTb cyx^pb n3i RyjHH&, soTopbifl 
npHBesjd AjeRcdH^tpa CTendHOBna, HT66bi no^^H erd Ri 
idH) . . . nocTofl,* RVAa ase th ^ypanAna ! 9XBa,' ^ypanfi- 
Ha ! . • . Eicb y Te6fl bi Horaxi hto jih H^mercfl ? . • . Tbi 
Bbicjymad np^Ht^e. Cyxdpb-To cBepxy ^ad noHcndpTHica, 
TaRi nycTb cocRo&inrb ero B0»(eMi, ^a Rpoxii ne 6pocdeTb, a 
cnecerb vb Ryp&THHRi. 4^ CMOipA tm, Tbi, He BX04A, 6paTb, 
vh Rja^OB^K), He TO n Te6& 3Hdemb ! 6epe30BbiM'b-TO BSHHROM'b, 
HToSbi AAA BRyca-TO ! BOTb y Te6A Ten6pb cidBHbitt annenftTB, 
TaRT> HToSbi erne 6hm noj^nme ! Borb nonp66yfi-Ra nofiT& 
vb Rja^OB^H), a fl T^Hi BpeMeneMi ns'b ORnd CTany^ rifl^BTb. 
Hmi hh vh Heifi Hejb3ft ^OBi^p&Tb^ npo^oiHiifb ohx, o6paT&B- 
mncb Kb ^AqHROBy noci'l Toro RaRi IIpomRa y6p&icfl BBracr6 
cb cboAmh canordMH. Bcit^i sari^Mi ohi ndnaji h na 
^AqoROBa nocMdrpHBaTb no^ospiftTe^bHO. ^epTbi TaRoro 
HeoSbiRHOB^HHaro BeiHRO^^mifl cra^n eM^ Ra3dTbCfl HeB^poii- 
HbiMH, H oni uoA^^dun* npo ce6k : Bi^^b noprb ero SH&erB, 
MOHterb 6biTb, OHi npocTO XBacTyni, RaRi Bcb 3th motAhirh : 
naBperb^ naBperb, m66bi noroBopuTb, 4a naniTbCfl ndio, a 

^ y4dTbCfl. ' stop, wait ' Eh. * shall 

( 141 ) 

noTOMi H yi^erB ! A noTOMy 031 npe^ocTopoiEnocTB, h bm^ctI 
jRejafl HicKOibKo nOHcnuTaTb ero, cKa3^i> ohi, qio ne A^fno 
6bi coBepmiftTB K^nqyio nocKopie, noTOM^ hto-^c^ vh hcjo- 
BSK'b He yB^peei: cer^Hfl mnvb, a 3aBTpa u Borb Bteb.*' ^ 


Mnnyry h noip^Baji TOiBKo cni&cKa bcj^m'b KpecTBfluaMi. 
3to ycnoRoHio DLiibinKnua. SaM^THO 6buo, ^to ohi npo- 

AJMUBaULTi HTO-TO C^aTB, H TdinO, B3&BUm .K.IH)<lA, npH- 

6jA3Hjicfl Kb inKd4»y h, OTnepmn ^^B^pqy, pbuca ^ojro Me»i4y 
CTaKdnaMH h naniKaMH h HaKoneKi npoHaeecB: Bi^B botb 
He ciiiniemB,' a y ueni SbWb cjaBnbiH iHKepqHKi, eciii 
ToiBHO He BB'inHJH ! Hapo^'B TaKie BopBi ! A BOTB pasBi^ ne 
^ JH owb ? miHEWVb yB^^i Bi pyRaxi ero rpat^^nqHK'B, 
KordpBift 6bijii BecB bi> hbuA, KaKi bi <i»y<i»auK']b. — Eme 
noK6dHHKa ^aia, npoAOiHcai'B niK)inKHni>, MomenHima 
KiibHHHiia coBCBMi 6huo* erd saSpocHia n nkme ne aaKy- 
nopHia, Kan&iBfl! EosflBKH h BCHKaa ^pflHB 6buo^ Han&<i- 
KajHCB Ty^a, ho a BecB copi-TO noBb'iHyji^ Tenepb botb 
HficreHBKafl, i Bami najBib pi&MOHKy. 

Ho ^H^HKOBi HOcrapaiCfl OTKasaTBCfl otb TaKoro iHKep- 

HHHa, CRasdBHIH, HTO OHl ySRC H HflJl, H ij-b. 

** UiiE y»6 H 4iH ! CRasaji Ilii&mKnHi." 4^9 ROHe^HO, 
xopomaro oSmecTBa neJOBiRa xotb ta^ ysHaeniB: oh'b ne 
icTb^ a CBITB ; a RaRi S^aROH RaRon hh6^4b BopumRa, ;(a er6 

CK6IBKO HH ROpMU . • . Wb^b BOTB RaHHTaHl Hpi^^eTB : 

^ft^iomRa, roBopi&TB, Aaeie Herd hhS^ab hcI^ctb! A s eM^ 
TaK6& 2Re A&4iomRay RaRi oh'b mh*! A^^ymna. Y ce6& ^ona 
ictb B^pHO Henero, TaRB botb owb m maiaeTcs ! 4^9 ^Ah 
BaifB Efmewb pe^crpHRB Bcixi ^tuxi TyneMneB'B? KaKi 
se/ fl RaRB snail, Bcbx-b hxb cnacaji na ocooyio 6yMa»(Ky, 

1 46^ '' 80 to say." < God knows. ' cucK&Tb. < almost. 

* was on the point of — * B^oyib. 7 yes. 

( 142 ) 

MTooM npn ndpBofi no;(a<ii pesAdiH Bcixi hxb B^iqepR- 
iiVTb. — IliibniKHHi EdiAix-b ohrA h craii pbiTbca bi 6yMfi- 
raxi. Pa3BH3biBafl BCflKia cBiaKa, oni nonoTqHBajii cBoer6 
rocTfl TaKoK) nbULH), qio totl nnxEJJi'b. BaROHeqi bi&- 
TamBi'B 5yMa;KRy, bck) ncnucaHHyio KpyroMi. KpecTBiHCKifl 
iiMeua vcbinajH ee tbcho KaRi MomKH. E^uh TaMi BciKie : 

H IlapaMOHOBl, H IlnMeHOBl, H IlaHTejeUMOHOBl, H 4&Re 

Bbirjflnyji'B KaKou-TO Fpiiropift /^oUdSRSL^'Ee'^oikj^emh ;^ Bd^xi 
6buo CTO ;(Ba4iiaTb ciAuikomi.^ ^A^HKOBib yibi5H^jcfi npH 
BH^t TaKOH MHoroHj&cieHHOCTH, CnpataBib ee fb KapManx, 
OHi saM^TUJi n^ibniKHHy, mo eM^ h^ssho Sy^erb ^a co- 
BcpmeHifl Kp'i^nocTii HpiixaTb vb ropo^i. 

" Bi ropoA'b?" M KaKi we? ... a 40mi-to KaKi ocr&- 
BHTb ? Bi^b y Meuk napo^i AiH Bopi, Ajh Mom^HEHirb : bi 
;(eHb TaKi ooep^Tb,' mo h Ka<»TaHa h6 na ^wb SyAerb 
"Tairb He Hwieie jh Koro nnS^^b SHaKowaro?'* 
'^ 4st Kord H(e aeaKOMaro ? " Bci moA SHaROMbie nepeMepjii, 
A.1H passHaKOMHjncb. Axi, 6&TioinKa ! KaRi He hmW, EMiio! 
BCRpRHdii OHi. B'i^AB SHaRoMi caMi Hpe^ci^dTeiB, iamajHi* 
Asltrq vb crapbie ro^bi ro mh^, RaRi ne snaib ! o^HORopb'iTHH- 
KaMH 6bijH/ BM'BCTi HO saSopaifb iaanjH I RaRT> He SHaRo- 
MbiH ? y»rb laROH SHaROMbiH ! laRi yasi ne Kh Eeuf ae Hans- 
caTb ? 
" II Roneino Kb neM^." 

" KaRT> ffie, yarbiaRofi snaRoMbid! vb mKOAi Sbhn npiftTeiH.'* 

H na ^TOMi 4[epeBiHH0Mi lEn^ B^tpyrb cROibSH^ii RaROH-To 

Tenjbid iyni, BbipasHiocb ne ny^BCTBO, a RaRoe-TO Gji^Hoe 

OTpasR^nie <i^BCTBa, flBjenie, no^oSnoe Heox^AStHHOMy noflfij^* 

1 a family name. * a little more than 120. * otfpaiB, oOHp&Tb. 

** iterat. from id^vnh, ' brought up in the same school. 

( 143 ) 

niio Ha noBepxHOCTH bo^ yrondiomaro, nponsBe^meMy pa- 
AocTHMfi KpHKi vb TOini, oGcTynABiueu 66perB. Ho eanpacHO 
oSp^OBaBmiecfl Sp&thn h cecrpu KB^aiOTb cb 66pera BepeBKy h 
a^yTB, He MejRBeTB jle bhobl cnuHa, Ajh yTOMieBHbia 60- 
peHbeMi^ p^pKH — HOflBi^Hie Sbiio uocjAAuee. Fji^xoBce, b erne 
crpamHie h nycibinBte craBOBBTCfl uocjki Toro aaTflXByBmaa 

nOB^pXHOCTb 6e30TBiTBO& CTBXIB. TaiTL fl iflUe IIjIlbmKflHa 

crajo erne 6e3i]^BCTBeHHtB b eme noiuiie. 

^^dles^ia Ha croii nerBepTRa^ hActob SyMdrn, cKaa&fb ohi 
Aa He SHaio Ky4& sanponacrAiacb : iio^u y mchh TaKie neroA- 
Hbie ! — Tyrb ciaai ohi 3arjfl4biBaTb h uoxb ciOA-h, h na 
01011, m^pHJi BOSS'S, H HaKOH^m saKpflHaii : ^' MaBpa ! a 
Uaspa ! " Ha 30bi flsAiacb HcenrnHHa cb TapejKOH bi pynaxx, 
Ba EOTopofi lemii'b cyxdpb, ysd snaKOMbiu HBTaTciio. II 
Me3S4y hAmh npoBsomeii laKOH pasroBopi." 

^^ Ky^fi TU 4^a,' paaSoBHBiia, 6yMdry ?" 

*^Eik E6ry5^ 64pHHi, ne B^AUBaia, onpAnb^ He6ojbmaro 

JOCRyTB^, KOTOpblMl BdBOiHJH npBKpblTb piOMKy." 

^* A BOTB fl no riaaaMi B^Hsy, hto noATuopuia."^ 

^^ 4& Ha 1T02KI 6bi fl no4TA6pflaa ? Bi4b mh^ npoKy cb ned 
BHKaKoro ; fl rp&MOii He 3uaM>." 

^* Bpemb, Tbi CHecia noHOMapeHKy : ohi MapaK^erb/ TaKi 
TU emf H cHecjd." 

** AdL HOBOMapeHOiTb. €ciH aaxoierb, TaKi AOCTdnerb ce6i 
6yM4rH. He bba^ii om> Baraero JOCKyiKa ! " 

'^ BoTb noro4A-RO : na crpamHOM'b c\Ai nepiB npHneR^frb 
Te6i 3a ^0 seiBSHbiMH pordTKaMB ! Borb nocMOTpBnib, KaKi» 
npBHeK^TB I " 

' straggle. ' lialf sheet of foolscap paper. ' j^tn, 4tBaTb. 

* by God. ^ Rp^Mt. ^ that you bav<$ stolen. 

7 can read and write. 

( 144 ) 

^4^ 3^ ^TO »e npnneR^Tb, noik i He 6pai& h vb p^Ki 
leTBepTKH ? yjKh cKopse 4pyr6fi KaKofi 6a6beil ci66octbio, a 
BopoBCTBOMi Mcufl ciue flHKTo 06 nonpeKaii.'* 

'^ A BOTb H^'pTH-TO TcOft H npHHeR^pTB ! CRd»yTB : a Bon 

TeSi^ MomenHHua, 3a to, hto 6apHDa-T0 o6MaHBiBaja, ^a ropi- 

MBMH-TO Tcoi H npHncKyTB !'* 

'' A fl cKdimf, e6 3a hto ! efi Eorv, h^ aa hto^ se 6p&ia 
fl . . . 4^^ Boni oua aexsArL Ha craii. Bcer4& noHanpaciH- 
uoii* nonpeKacre!" 

IIjH)mKnu'L yniixkAi tohho lerBepTRy h na MBH^fry ocraHO- 
bLica, noHceBlii ry6aMH h npoHSHeci : " ay, htohtl tbi pao- 
xoA^jacb TaKi>: ^Kaa sanoanaafl!^ Efi cKaxA tojbko 04Hd 
CJOBO^ a OHa ynrb bb oibbtb 4eciT0Ki> ! no4A-KO npHHecft 
oroubKy 3anenaTaTB hbcbmo. 4^ crofi, tbi cxBdTHmB c£iBHyio 
cb4m^, caio TonKoe:' cropArL — ^4a h nirB, lOiBKo yfiiJi* 
TOKi, a TBI npHnecH-KO mb^ jy^AoKy ! — 

MaBpa ynua, a IIjK)mKHHx, c^bidh bl Kp^cJia h B3ABmH Bi 
pi^Ky nepo, 46iro eme Bopoqaii na Bct cropooBi qerBepTRy^ 
iipii^VMbiBafl : ncib3»-jiH 0T4tjATB OTB Hcft eme ocBMymKy, ho 
uaKOHcm \6iAi^Acn^ hto HHKaiTB neiBsft ; Bcfnyii, nepo vb 
HcpHAjBHHuy CL KaKoio-To 3anjicuiBineio »A4K0CTBI0 h MHd- 
xecTBOM'b uYx-b ua 40^9 H craJB nncaTB, BilicraBJiifl 6;|^kbbi, 
noxo/Kifl na MysbiKajbUbifl uotu, npB46pH!nBdfl homhh^Ptho 
npbiTb pyK^^ KOTopafl paacKaKiiBajacb no BceH Synari, jiiuk 
ci.yno cipoKd ua crpoKV n ue 6631 coxajBDifl no4^MbiBafl o 
TOMi, MTO Bce ociauercfl Mnoro nAciaro npo6iia. 


30UTII HeJOirtKi! Mon TaKi B3MtDATbcfl! H nox6»e ^o na 
iipaB4y ? Bee noxojKe na npaB4y, Bce Moxerb craibcfl ct» Meio- 
BtKOMi. Ilbiuimuifi ase niaMennbiH ibnoma otckohAji 6bi 

1 unju8tl)r. 3 sharp. * combustible materiaL 

( 145 ) 

cb ;f3EacoMi, &MH 6u noKaaajia euf ero »e nopTpjrb fb ct^- 
pocTH. 3a6BpaHTe me cb co66h) Fb nyTb, Bbixo^ft h3i» m^rdxi 
i&HomecKHXi Atl vb cypoBoe offiecroi&iomee MysKecTBO, 3a6H- 
p&UTe Cb C06610 Bdb qeiOB^^ecKifl 4BH}Keuifl, ee ocraBjftHTe 
flxi Ha 4op6ri, He noAb'iMere^ hotomi! Fposna, crpamna rpfl- 
Aymafl BuefeAk crapocTb, h nn^ero He OT^aerb nasdAi h 
oopaTHO ! Mor^ja MHJOcep^Hi^ ea, na Moruii HaoumeTCfl : 
sxich HorpeGeHi neiOBbK'b ! ho HHiero ne nponnTaemb bii 

XiaAHbIXl,6e34^BCTBeHHbIXl HepTaXl 6e3HeJ0BB4fl0U CTapOCTH. 

**k He SHaere jh bu KaKoro HH6y4b Bamero npiiTeia? — 
CKasaji IliibmKBH'b, CKia^biBaa nncbMo, KOTopoMy 6bi nond- 
AOoHiHCb fikibifl xfmu.'^ 

"A y Bacb ecTb h 6Brjbifl? Sidcrpo cnpocftj'b ^uiqHKOBi 


** Bl TOMl-TO H 4'BiO, HTO eCTb/' 3flTb A^^aii BbinpaBKH : 

roBopArb, 6^4x0 h cii^b npocrbu'b, ho b^^b ohi HeJOBtKi 
BoeHHbifi: Mdciepi npHTonbiBaxb mnopod, a 6cah 6bi do- 
XJonoT&Tb no cyA&u^. . ." 

♦* A CKOibKO HXl CJA^Tb HHCIOM'b ?" 

** 4^ 4ecftTK0Bi 40 ceMA TOHse HaSepeicfl." 


" A ei Bory lairb ! Bi^b y mchh hto ro^x/ to 6iraH)Tb. 
napd^ii-TO 6dibH0 npoasopjBB'b^ orb npas^nocTH saBejxnpH- 
Bifi^Ky TpScKaTb, ay Menft tcTb h caMOM]^ uenero. . . A y»rb a 6bi 
sa Hixi HTO HH 4afi BSflji 6bi. TaKi nocoBtTydie BameMv 
npiftreiio-TO : OTbimftcb' Bt4b TOibKO 4ecflT0K^, Tairb Borb 
yarb y Hero ci&BHafl 4eHbra. Bt4b peB^dCKafl 4ynia crourb 
Fb HflTHcraxi pyftiAxx." 

'* EiTb, iftOTO Mbi npiiTeJH) h nonibxaTb ne 4a4iIiMx, cRasaji 
npo ce6i ^AiiiKOFb^ h noTdMi odxflCH^jx, hto TaKoro nprnieifl 

^ fat. of n04Hin. * every year. ^ should there be fuund. 


( 1^6 ) 

HBKaia ne nauAeTCfl, HTO 04H^ ns^epasKH no ^tomv f^y 6p 
4yrb aoHTb 66.iie, u6o orL cwAOVb b^»(ho orpisarb noju cd6- 
aseHHaro Ka<i>TaHa, 4a yxo^^Tb no^a j^e ; ho hto eciH owb yacS 
4tHCTBATeJbH0 TaKT» cTHCHyTb, TO, Qf^y^E no^BArHyTL yq&- 
crieMx, ohi totobx ^aTb ... ho mo 3to TaKda fiesA^ima, 
EOTopou 4a}Ke ue CTOHTb n roeopuTb." 

" A CKoibKO 6bi Bbi A&in ? cnpocAii njibniKHHi, n ca!ii 
0H(H40B']^x/ p;fKH ero 3a4po%&iH KaKi* pTyxb." 

^' H 6bi AaJi no ^Ba^uaxA hatA Kon^irb sa 4;f my/' 

" A Kairb Bbi noirvnaeie, Ha nActbifl?"* 

" 4a, ceii-Hacb AenbrH." 

^' ToibKO, 6aTK)uiKa^ pa^H nanteTbi-TO Moed, yffi6 4aiH 6bi 
no copoKa KonteKx." 

'' IIoHTeHHtumin ! CKa3aix ^Ahhkobi, ne TOibKO no copoRa 
Kon^eiTb^ no hath corb pyCien sanjaTAji 6bi ! ch y40B6jb- 
CTBieMi saniaT^ix 6bi^ noTOMy hto BA»y noHT^HHuft, 466pbii 
crapi&K'b Tepnurb no npHHuui cofiaBennaro 4o6po4ymifl." 

^^ A en Bory TaKi ! en Eory npaB4a ! cRasaai UjibmKHH'b, 
CB^cHBi rojoBy BHASi H coKpyniHTeibHO HOKanaBi ee. Bee 
orb 4o6po4J?uiia." 

" Hy, BH4HTe in, a B4pyrx nocnirnyjiT* Bann» xapaKrepi. H 
TaKi noHexMyHi-b ne 4aTb 6bi uni no hatA corb pySi^H sa 

4^niy, HO . . . COCTOHHbfl H^Tb ; no hath ROn-BeKl, HSBOibTe, 

roTOBi npHSaBHTb, HToGbi, KaHC4aA 4ynid oGonuaeb' laKisn 
oopaaoMx bi Tpft4uaTb Kon-BeKx." 

*' Hy^ 6aTH)mKa, boia Bama, xoTb no nvb Koni^^KH npncrer- 

" Ho 4Bi KontcHKH npncierH^, nsBojbTe. CKoibKO HXb y 
BacT>? Bbi^ KanceiCA, roBopuJiH ceMb4ecArb?' 


» became like a Jew, « for cash. * o6ofiTiiCb. 

4 add. 

( 147 ) 

" H^TB. Bcero flaSepeTca ceMb4ecHTb Boceaib." 
** C6Mb4ecflTB BoceMb, ceMb^ecflTb BoceMb ; no TpH^naTH ko- 
uieKb 3a 4yniy, Ato fiy^erb . . . a^tcb repofl nam-b o^Hy 
ccKjf H4y, He C56ite, no^yMaii h cKasaii B^pyrx : ^to GfAevh 
4BcUiiaTb HCToipe pyGjtt 4eBflH6cTO mecTb KonteKi>! oui obub 
vb apneai^THKi CHieHi. Tyrb-ace dacTdBHii ohx IliibmKiiDa 
HanncaTb pocnAcRy n Bb'^aji cm^ 4enbru, KOTopbia Torb npu- 
Hflii wb 66% pyKH H noHecb nxi bi Stopo cb TaKoio we ocro- 

poffiHOCTbH), KaiTb 6^4TO 6bl DeCb KaK^flO Hn5y4b H(A4K0CTb, 

exeMHHi^THO Goicb pacxjecraTb^ ee. IIo4ome4mif irb 6K)p6, 
OHi neperifl44i'b hxi eme pa3i h yjOHsAii Tonce npeaBbinduno 
ocTop6ffiHO Bi 04^0^ nsi imnKOBi, r4t B^pHO hmx cy%*4eH6 
6biTb DorpeGeHHbiMH 40 rbx-b nopi, noKaM^crb" OTem. Eapni 
H (n6wb IlaiflRapQ'b, 4Ba cBflmenHHKa ero 4epeBHH, He norpe- 
6;^ ero caMoro, Kb neoniicaHHOH pa40CTfl dkifi h 46HepH, a 
Moserb 6biTb h KanBT&Ha, npHDHcaBinaroca euf B-b po4Hib. 
Cnp&TaBniK 4^HbrH, IIjibmKHU'b dA-b m, Kpecia h yace, Kasa- 
jocb, 66ibme ne Mon nafiiA Maiepifl hcmi roBopuTb." 

''Ahto, Bbi y»rb coGapaeTecb ixaTbP CKasaii ohi, 3aMi- 
THBi He6oibm6e 4BHffieHie, KOTopoe C4%iai'b mininKOWb aik 
Toro ToibKO^ HT66bi 40CTaTb nsi KapMana niaroKb." 

drorb Bonpocb HanoMHHj'b euf, hto Bb caMOMi xbii Hesa- 
^fbm 66iie M'BmKaTb. — 4^9 ^^^ oopa ! npoHsnecb ohi B3flB- 
mncb sa miiny. 

** A lafiK]^ r 

" Hirby yai lafiKy nvCTb jyqnie Kor4a nH6^4b wb 4pyr6e 

" KaiTb Hce, a a npHRaaaix canoBapx. fl, npiiSHaTbCfl CKa- 
saTb, He oxoTHHh^ 40 HaH) : nanATOKx 4opor6il, 4a n utna na 
caxapi no4Hfljacb neiinjiocSpiHaii. IIpoiiiKa ! He h^skho ca- 

1 to spill. ' noK^ 


( 148 ) 

Hosdpa I Cyxapb ornecA Maspib, cibimnnib : nycTb ero nai6- 
sKHTb na TO me m^cto, h.ih ntrb, no4au ero cio^a, a y»6 cuecj 
ero caM^. npom^HTe, SaTHmiKa, 4a fijarocJiOBATb saci Eon 
a nHCbMo-TO npe^ct^aTeJio bm OT^aaTe. 4a I nyab npoHTerb, 
oui> Mou adpbifi snaKOMbifi. Eairb Hcef 6i^iiH cb hhmi 04ho- 


3a CBMX, ^TO crpanaoe ABiSflie, ^Torb ciesHBinificH crapi- 
H/imKa npoB04U4'b ero co 4Bopd, nocii nerd bcj^ii Bopoii 
TOTb Hce nacx sanep^ib^ noidM^ 060016^1 Kja40BhiH, cb rtsfb, 
HToSbi ocmoTptTb, ua cBoAxi JH Mtcraxi cropo^a, KOidpue 
CT0&.1H Ha Bctxx yrjaxi, KOiOTi ^epeBiBDUMif jonaTKaiiH vh 
nyCTofi fioHcflOKi, na MtcTO Hyryneofi 40ckA;* nocit Tor6 
sarifluyji bi k^xhh), r4i 0041* BA40M'b Toro htoGu nonp66o- 
BaTb^ xopomo jh ^4^11 ii()4H> Hatjcfl npenopi4oqHO mefi cb 
KameK) n^ BbiGpanHBOiH Bcbxi 40 QO€J['i^4Hflro sa BopoBcrsd i 
4ypH6e noBe4^Hie, BOSBpaiAjcfl bi cbok) KOMHaiy. OcrdBniHCb 
04^H'b^ OHi 4aH(e no4^Maji tomi^ Kairb 6bi eM^ B036iaro4a- 
p^iTb roafl 3a TaKoe^ vb cdMOMi 4*64%, GcsnpuM'BpHoe BeiH- 
E04]^uiie. fl eM^ no4apib^ no4yMai'b ohx npo ce6i, KapM&HHbie 
qacb'i : onA BI4B xopomie, cepeGpflHbie nacbi, a ne to HTdSbi 
KaKie HH6]f4i> TOMndKOBbie Hju 6p6H30Bbie ; He mhohcko dohc- 
nopieHbi,, 4a vbAh onx ccGt nepenpdBHTb, ohx qeJOBBirb eoie 
MOJ046fi, TaKi eMy nysHbi KapMauHbie nacb'i^ Hi66hi noHp&- 
BUTbCfl CBo6fi ncBicTJ^I II J B H^Tb, npHQaBBji OHi, u6cA 
uiKOToparo pasMbiiiu^Hifl^ j^^me a oadBJH) hxx eaf nocii 
Moea CMepTB, vb 4yx6BHOfi, htoGu BcnoMBH^ii 060 MHi. 

54. /Vpow mmeio 6peMeHU. 

(aeaK^MCTBO Cl MaRC^MOMl MaKC^MOBHqeM'b.) 

H ixaii Ha nepeiua4Dbix'b fiai TB4»jftca. Ben noRi&xa 

1 Russian landowners employ night watchmen whose duty it is to beat ft 

imall plate of iron with a club. 

( 149 ) 

uo6k TejtxKK cocToiia hsx OAHor6 He6oji»maro neMo^aHa, ko- 
Topufi AO noiOBAflM ShWh Ha6ATB nyreBbiMR sanikcKaMu o 
Fp^sifl. BoJBmafl nacTB hsi hhxi, ki» c^acriio 4ifl Baci, no- 
T^pflna, a HeM04dni cb ocraibHbiMH BemaMH, ki cHacriio aar 
iieni, ocT&icfl utn. 

yairb cdiniie Ha^HH^io npiTaTBca sa cotroBOH xpe66n>, 
KOTA& fl BiixaJi Bi KoHmaypcKyio ^OiUHy. OceiAHx^-HSBo- 
mHiTB HeyroMi&MO uoronki'b Joma4eu^ HTofii ycn'i^Tb ao hohd 
B3o6paTBCfl na KoftmavpcRyM) ropy, n bo Bce ropjo pacn'i^Baj^ 

nicHH. CldBHO^ MBCTO — ^^Ta 40iAHa! Co Bd^X-b CTOpOH^ 

r6pbi HenpHcrfHHbifl, RpacHOBaTbifl cKaiu, o5B6meHHbifl 3e- 
jieHbiMx niiomeMi h yBiHHaHDbifl RynaMn miuiph, iKeiTbie 

OSpillBbI, HCH^p^eHHbie npOMOHHaMH, a TaMX, BblCOKO-BblCOKO 

soiOT&fl 6axpaMa cetroBi, a BEmf ApdrBa, o6H&Binecb cb 
4pyr6d, SeaiHMenHOfl pfe^KOH, myMHO BbipbiBaiomeucfl h3^ 
Mepnaro, ndjnaro uvioio ymdibfl, TSHeTCfl cep66pflHOio Hi&Tbio 
H CBepKaerb, KaKi 3mM cBoeio nemyeio. 

Ho^iixaBi Kb no^oniBi KoHma^^pcKOu ropbi, mm ocraeo- 
bAikcb B63jii 4yxaHa.^ Tyrb joiuiiAOCb di^^mho ^eciiKa 4Ba 
rpys^Hi H ropneBi : no Si^aocTH KapaBani BepSiibAOBi ocra- 
BOB^cfl Aifl HOHJ^ra. H f,(>^mewb 6bU'b uanATb 6biK6Bi>, 
HTO&b BiamAib MOib lej^JKRy na iiy npoRi&Tyio ropy, noiOMy 
HTO 6bua yace ocenb h roiOie^Hua, — a ara ropa uMterb orojo 

XByXl BepCTb 4JBHb'l. 

H^qero 4iiaTb, a HaHft.i'b meCTb Smrob^ n ntcROJbRnx^ 
oceT^H'B. O^iiwb HSi Hflxi BBBa^i&.i'b ce6t na nienn Moii 
HCHOA&E'b, 4pyrie ct4ih noMoraTb 6biRaM'b no^Tu OAni'iM-b 

3a 110610 Te.i^ROH) HeTBepRa Sbirobi* Tam^^ia 4pyryio, RaR^ 
HH vb HeMi ne SuBaJO," ne CMOTpa na to, hto ona 6bi.ia 40 

^ name of a tribe in Caucasus. ' inn. ' as if it were a mere trifle. 

( 150 ) 

B^pxy HaKJa^ena. 3to oScroHTeibCTBO Meui vabbAjo. 3a 
HeH) mejL-b ea xosftuuii, noKV^pHBaa nsi MaieHkKOH Ka5ap4AB- 
CKOU Tp]f5oHKH^ 064'iiauHou wb cepe6p6. Ha neaii 6bui 
o<i>HiiepcKiu ciopTyirb Gesi anoicrb h ^epR^ccKaa MOXHaiafl 
luanKa. Oni. Kasajca Aivb nflTA^ecBTB ; CM^rjuft nvibrb inaa 
ero noKasbiBaJx, hto oed 4aBH6 SHaKOMO cb RaBKa3CKHBrb coifl- 
ueMi^ n npeHt^eBpeMCHHO nocl43Bmie ycbi He cooTB^TCTBOBaiH 
ero TBep^ou nox64Kt h fio^poMy BA^y. fl noAomej'B ki» neny 
H noiuoHAiCfl : ohi^ MOi^ia, OTBtnai-b Met Ha noKiOHi h nyc- 
tAji orpoMHbiH KiySi 4biMa. 

" Mbi cb BaMH nonyTHHKH, Rd»eTCfl ?" 

Ohi, Mojia, onflTb noRJOHA.icfl. 

" Bbi, BtpHo, i^eie bt» CiaBponoib P" 

'^ TaRi-cb TOHflo . . . Cb Ra3ennbiMH BemaHH. 

"CRasKfiie, nosKaiyficra, orb nerd 4to Bdmy TfliRejyio le- 
jtiRRy Heibipe 6biHa Tdmarb myth, a Morf), nycryio, mecTB cko- 
TOB-b e^Ba D04BHraK)rb cb noMontiio iinx'b oceiAHT* P" 

Owb jyRaBo yibi6H^JCfl h SBan^TeibHO BsrjflHyi'B sa Mefli. 
— Bbi, BipHO^ He4aBH0 Ha KaBRaai? 

'* Cb ro4'b/' OTBiqaix fl. 

Oui yibi6H;f jcfl BT0pA4H0. 

" A HTO-SKT* ?" 

" 4a laRx-Cb ! yjfiacHbie Secrin' 3th aaidibi ! Bw ^tMaerre, 
ohA noMoraiOTb, hto npHqarb ? A Hoprb hxt» paaSeperb, mo 

OHH RpH4aTbI 6blH&-T0 HXl HOHUMaiOTb ! 3anpflrfae XOTb 

4Ba4uaTb, TaRi WAk onk Rp&KHyrb no CBoeMy^ SurA Bce hh cb 
Micra.^ . ynjacHbie njyTbi ! A qio Cb huxt» B03bMemb ?*. . . 
•IibCflTb 4eHbrH 4paTb^ ch npo']^3HcaK)mnxx.'^ . . naGcLiOBaJii 
MomeHDHROBi ! yB&4HTe^ ohA eme ct> Bacb B03bMyrb eat 
B64Ry. yarb a hxx 3HaK), Menft He npoBe4j^Tb!'' 

1 rascals. ' do not move. ' fut. of Bsaib. * to rob* 

* traveller. • fut. of npoeecTii, " to take in, to cheat." 

( 151 ) 

** A BBi 4aBn6 UAich ci^nie V* 

" 4a> « J'*^ 3A*CB cJVffiAji npn AjrcKCB* IleTpoBHH*/ otb*- 
^&ii OHi npiocaHBBmHCL. Kor^a obi npiixsuix Ba wlAfliK),' 
a 6mjt» B04nopi^4HROM'b — npHSaBHii ob-b — n npn bcmi BOiy- 
^iii 4Ba HHHa sa ^^lo spoTHBi ropueBi. 

•'A Ten6pb Bbi ?" 

'* A leaepB CHHTaiocB bi TpSTiteMi JHB^fiBOMx GaraibOBi. 

A Bbl^ CM^M) CflpOciTb ? • • • 

fl cRa3aii eM]p. 

PaaroBopi ^hmi kobhhjca^ h mm npo!(o.iHca.iH, Moina, h4T&, 
xpyrb no^ji 4p^ra. Ha BepmiiBi ropbi BamiA Mbi cBtrb. 
Cojflue 3aKaTHLiocb, h BOHb floci^40Baja 3a ^BeMi Gesi Bpo- 
Me»]^TKa, KaiTb Sto oSbiRBOBeBBO 6biBaeTb Ba ibrt ; bo^ 6j[a- 
ro^apu otjAby cairoBx, mm lerKo mof^h pasiHiaTb 4op6ry, 
KOTopafl Bce erne sua sa ropy, xoTi yH;e Be Tani KpyTO. H 

Bei^l QOIOHcATb ^eM04aB'b CBOil BlTeji»CKy,3aMtB6Tb6MK6Bl 

loma^bMA^ H vb Qoci^ABiB pasi orjflB^^iCfl bbhbi Ba 40JHBy ; 
BO rycTOH TyMaBi, HaxJbiflyBmi^ BojcsaMH h3i> yni^jifi, bo- 
KpuB^rb ee coBepm^BBO, h bb c^Abmu SByKx ae AOJCTaji y»6 
0TTy4a 40 Hamero ci;f xa. OceTUBM myMBO oScryBiiH mcba h 
Tpe6oBaifl fla B64Ky ; bo mTaCci-KanuTaBx TaKi rposao Ba 

BHXi BpHKp&KByj'b^ HTO OBH BMHrb pa36ta;aiHCb. "Bt4b 

^kIm Hap64'bl" cKas^x obi: "b xjMa BO-p]^ccKB Ba3BaTb 
Be yMBiorb, a Bi(iy4HjT» '^o^Hu^pi, 4aH Ba B64Ky!" Ym-b 
Taiipbi BO uwb ji^ime: rb xoTb BeBbibmie. . "^ 
J^o craBiiifl ocraBaiocb erne ct> Bepcr^^. KpyroMi 6bU0 

tAxO, Taifb THXO^ ITO BO 3KymH!aBiH) KOMapa MOHCflO 6hU0 

cii4ATb 3a ero BOjeiOMi. HaaiBO nepBijo nySoKoe yn^ejbe; 
3a BBMi H BBepe4i flaci TeMBocAaifl Bepm&BM ropx, B3pi>'iTbifl 
MopBiikBaMH, BORpifiTbifl cJiOflMH cB^ra^ pHCOBaincb na 6it4- 

* General " EpuoJOBi." ^ military line. 3 abstemious. 

( 152 ) 
HOMi He6ociu6ai^ eme coxpaHABmeMi uocxbAmi drfUecirb 3ap6. 

Ha TeMHOMl He6i HaHBH&IH MeAhK&tb SB^dAbl, H CTpdBHO Mflt 

noKa3&iocb| qTO ohv ropds^o Bbime, niwb y nacB Ha cinept. 
IIo oObvLWb cToponaMx 4op6rH TopidiH rdiue, nepobie KaMHH ; 
KOJi-r^t 03^-004^ CHtra Burji^MBajH KycmpHHKH^ ho hi 
ontm cyxofi iHcroirb ne meBCjAicn, h b^ccjo 6buo cihioiaTB, 
cpe4A ^oro MepTBaro ciia DpBp64b], ob'ipKaHbe yci^ofi no<i- 
tob6A TpofiKB H HCBo^bHoe DoSpftKHsaDbe p^ccKaro ROIO- 

''34BTpa 6y4eTb ci^Bnan nor64a!" cnas^'b i. niraScrb- 
KanBTdui ne OTBiHaii hh cioBa h yxas^ji mh^ nlibueMi ea 
BbicdKyH) ropy, no4nHMdBmyiocii npftMO npdrHBi nacrb/* 

" Hio-arb 4to P cnpociui e." 

'' Tyrb-ropa." 

'MIy Tam, Hio-arb?" 

" nOCMOTpAlC, KaiTb K^pHTCH." 

H Bi cdMOMi 4^i> Fyrb-ropd RypAjracb: no 6oK&n ei 
tioa^aIi I'eThia crp^fiKH ofiiaKoBi, na BepmAni je3K4ia lep* 
nan i^Ha, TaKdii nepuafl^ mto ua leunowh Ji66i ou& Kaa&iacb 


y»n> MM paaiH^aiH noMTOByio cr&nuiiO; Bp6Bii OBpysdiO- 
niHXx ee caieiefi/ h nepe4'b HdMu ueibukAn npoffbTHbie 
oroHbKAy Kor4a naxH^Ji cbip6A, xoj64Ubiii B^Tepi; ym&bc 
3ary44io h 00016^1 MejKiA 40/K4b. E4Ba ycn4ii fl BaKAnvTb 
6^pKy/ KaKi HOBajiA.f'b cuin. fl cb 6.faroroBtHieMi docmot- 
pi^-b Ha HiTaficb-KanHTaHa. . . . 

'^ UaMi npH4eTCfl 34tcb HOHCBaTb, CKaa^fb oni* cb 40ca4oio ; 
Vh TaKyK) MflTeib Hepe3i ropu He nepct4eiub. Uto, 6bUH Xb 
oGBaibi Ha KpcaoBofi V cnpocAii oui HaB6uiHKa> 

^ hut. ' felt cloak worn by Circassiaoi^ 

> name of a mountain. 

( 153 ) 

^ E6 6bijo, rocno^AHi," OTvbH&ii, oceTAni-HSBomniTB : ^ a 
BHcArb MHoro^ MHoro." 

3a HeaifBHieMi KOMHaTbi j^m npoisHcaiomnx'b na cranuiii, 
HaMi OTBej]& HOHj^n fb 4i[iMHofi cdKji. fl npHriaciii cbo- 
ero cnyTHHKa Bb'inHTb sMtcri CTaKaHi q&io, A5o co mhoh) ^hwb 
qyr^HHbifi q&fiHBiTb — e4AHCTBeHHafl oxpa^a uok wb nyreme- 
CTBiflX'b DO KaBKasy. 

CaKJii 6hu& DpHiinieea o^hAmi 66romx itb CKai'B; TpH 
CKdibSKifl, M6Rpbia cryn^nu BeiA irb efl 4B6pn. Omynbio bo- 
meji II H HaTKHyjcfl na KopoBV (xj^bi y ^tuxi iio^eH saMi- 
Hierb jaR^ilcKyM).^ fl ne suaii Ky^a ^i^BaTbCfl : Tvrb Qienrb 
OBiibi, TaMi Bop^iArb co6aKa. Ki cqacriio, bb cropout fi^eceyj-b 
TycKibid CB^Tb H noM6rb mh^ Ha^Tft 4pyr6e OTBepcrie, ea 
no466ie ^B^pn. Tyn OTKpbuacb KapTAaa AosojbHO sanuMa- 
T&ibHaH : mepoKafl caRifl, KOTopou Kpbima onnpd^acb na 4Ba 
3aKonHeHHbie croiGk, 6biia noini nap64a. IIo cfeAliBi Tpe- 
mail oroHeKi, paaioHceuHbiu na seMit, h 4biMi, BbiTajKUBae- 

llblfi o6pdTH0 BBTpOM^ H31 OTBepcrill Wh EpblQli, pa3CTHJaiCfl 

BORpyrb TaRofi rycroH nejeHok), hto a 46jro ne Mon* ocmo- 
Tp^TbCH; y ornft CH4U10 43% crap^xH, MH6»ecTB0 4tTeu u 
04AH'b xy4omaBbiH rpysAei, ndb wb joxMOTbflX'b. He'ieio 
6biJ0 4&iaTb: Mbi npiiOTAjHCb y orni, sanyp^iH ipySRH, n 
CK6po qailHHR^ 3amun4i^ npHBBTjHBO. 

^* XajRie Jib4H !" cRasaii a mTaScb-KanBTdHy, yKasbiBafl Ha 
H&niHXi rpisHbixi xo^hewh, KOTopbie, Mojqa, aa nacb cmot^ 

p4jH Vb KaRdMl-TO 0CT0j6eH'BHin. 

'^ npenynbift Hap64'b I OTB^^ai'b ohi*. noBf>pBTe ih ? hh- 
qer6 ne yiiiiiOTb, necnocoSHbi hh ri RaKOMv o5pa30Bauiio I 
yarb no Rpdfineft uifi nauin RaSapA^niibi h.iu qepKecbi, xota 
pasooflHHRH, roJbimA, sa to OTqaflnnbifl 6amKu,^ a y kiixx u 

1 servant's room. * bead. 

( 166 ) 

— ^T6<iH0 T^Kh, rocno4Hni mrafkrb-RannTiiRi, OTBi«iaji on. 
— fl B3aji er6 3& pyRv ■ cRaaaii : '* 0«iCHb pajn>» 6qcHb pajti. 
BaMi 6y4eTi> dcmuoskro ck]^4ho. . . ny, ^a Mbi cb b&ue 6^4eM'b 
asHTb no npiircibCRn. 4^^ noHsaiyftcra^ sobAtc ueni np6cT0 
MbkcAmi MaKcAMbi«ix, n noxaiyicra — Kb neuy itm ndinas 
♦opMa? — npnxo4i'iTC ro uni BCerA& Fb oypaxRi." Em;^ ot- 
bcjlA RBapriipy n oiii noccjAjca n KpinocTH. 

'* A RaRi> cro 3Bajn ?'* cnpocAji a MaRc^a MaRciliMbiHa. 

^' Ero 3Bdjn. . . TpiiropbCMi AjeRcan4poBHHeMi IleHopU' 
HbiM9;^ CjuDiiMi) GhWh uajbiAj'cMiiOBaeb yaipHTb; ToibRO 
iiCMnosKRO CTpaiiciii. B^Ab, nanpHMl>pi^ bi f^Cmi^nKb, bi 
x6jo4X, uiibiu 4eiib ua oxorb; Bdb HasiifiHyTb, ycrdHyrb, — a 
eMy uBMcro. A 4pyr6fi pasi cuAkn y ce6i bx KdMuari, 
Btiepx naxnerb — vBtpAcrb, 4to npocTy4nica ; cr^Biieirb crjf- 
Kiierb— onx B34p6rneTb h noGjib^u'i^erb^ a npu Mnt xo^Aii na 
Ka6and 04601 ua oaAhi ; 6bin&io, no uiibiMi nacuMi ci6Ba 
ue 4o6beiubCfl, 3a to ynn> iiiior4d KaKi uawiierb pa3CKd3biBaTb; 
Tairb jKHBoTHKn ua4opBeinb co cM'fixa. . . 4^ ci, cb GojbraAMi 
crpdHnocTflMH e, 40jh(ii6 6biTb, GoruniA MejOBtKi> : CKojbKO y 
ner6 6biio p&iHbix'b 4oporAx'b BciiiAm ! . . ." 

*' A 46j[ro OHi Cb BdMH mniAiV* cnpocAii n oniib. 

" 4a Cb ro4T>. Hy 4a ywh 3a to naMHTCHi Miit 4T0Tb ro4i; 
u^nijidULi oni Miii x^oiiorb, hc t^mi 6y4b noMAiiyrb.*" 

BiJ^i> ecTb, npdBO, ^TaKie jk>4h, y KOTopbixi napo4;f eanA- 
cauo/ HTO Cb hAmh 4ojh;hij ciyqdTbCfl pd3Ubifl neoGuKflO* 

f^UOblfl BeuiQ t 

66. Jomadb Kdoffuua. 

(pa3CK&3i KaBK&aqo.) 

4;fQino craio bi caK^i h a Bbiiucji na B634yx'b, HToCbi 

* the hero of the novel. ' fellow. 

> let it nut be remoiiibered^ i,e, let me not recall that. * whose fate if* 

( 167 ) 

ocB^KfiTbCfl. Mai B34yMajocb saBcpoi^b nojCB EdiBicb, Tfi,i 
CTO&iH ioma^H ; y uenk se i6ma4b 6bMa ciasHafl. . . . IIpo- 
6flpaiocB B4aiB 3a66pa h cibimy roiocd ; 04AH'b roiocb a idT- 
HBCb ysHaji^ iro Ghwb noBtca Asaifarb, cbiHi Hamero xo- 
3flHHa; 4pyr6il roaopirb pi»e^ h Time.'. . . 

fl craji BFii^biBaTbCfl h ysnaix Moero craparo SHaKoMaro 
KasdH^a. Ohi, 3H^e, QhWh ne to^ HT0-6bi He mbphoh/ He 

TO HT0-6bI MHpHoA, Il0403piHiH Ha HerO 6blJ0 MBorO^ XOTb 

OHi HH vb RaKou m&iocni He Ghui saMBieni. EuBaio ohi 
npHB04 uJ'b Kb naMi vb KpinocTb 6apaH0frb h npoAaBaii 4e- 
meBO, TOjbKo HBKor4a ne ToproBdjcfl : hto sanpocBTb, 4aBaH, 
— ^xoTb sapixb, He ycrynHTb. roBop^.iH npo Hero, hto oht» 
xw6wrb TacKaTbCfl aa Ky6aHb cb a6peKaMB, ■, npaB4y cKasaib, 
pdxa y Hero 6bija cdMaa pasSoHHHHbfl : M&ieHbRifl^ cvxoh, 
mHpoKOHi^qifl. ... A yarb j6bobt»-to, joBOirb 6bU'b, KaRi 
Gicb I EemM^Tb Bcer4a naopBaHHbiA, vb saniaTRax'b, a opv- 
isie Vb cepe6pB. A j6ma4b ero ciaBHiacb wb uIioh Ka6ap4i^, 
I TOMHO^ jyHme ^ofl j6ma4H HH<ier6 Bb^yMaTb HeB03M6»SHO. 
He A^poafb eMy 3aBH40BaiH Bcb Hai34HiiRH, n ne pa3'b nbiia- 
IHCB e5 yRpacTb^ TOibKO He y4aBaiocb. Kahi Tenepb rifl/Ky 
Ha &TY J6ma4b: Boponda, Kairb caiojib, norn — crp^fuKH, ii 
KaK&flcAja! cRa^H XOTb na 60 sepcrb; a yarb Bbitaacena — 
KaRi co6dRa fiiraerb 3a xo3ftHHOM'b ; roiocb ero j^&me 3Haia ! 
EbiBdiO OHi ee HiiK6r4a h ne npHBHSbiBa^i. Ymb TaRaa pa3- 
66fiHHHbfl j6nia4b I 
'^Ci&BHafl y Te6& idnia4b !" roBopAxb AsaMarb Ka36nHy: 

''6ciH&b fl fiblJl HOZklAEb Vb 46Mi H HM'EJ'b 7di6jn'b Bl TpiICia 

lH)6b'ij'b/T0 6T4aj'b 6bi noJOBftny 3a TBoero cnaKyua^ Ka35H4'b I" 
— ^^di !" OTBi^Haii KdaSHHi, nocii H^KOToparo MOiianifl :— 

1 comp. of ptSRO. * eomp. of tuxo. 

? Id the time of Russian wars in Caucasus, the tribes which submitted 

were called MHpH6tt. 

( 168 ) 

vh n-kiofi Ka6ap4t He iiau4emb TaKog. Pa3i>—^o 61I1JO 3a 
TepeKOMx — n is^Hii cb a5peKaMH orSuBaTb p;fccKie TaSyflbi; 
naMi He nocHaCTJ^BUiocb, h mm pa3Cb'inajiicb kto Ky4^. 3a 
Muou HecfAcb Heib'ipe Rasana; yarb a cJbimaJisacoGoM) Kp6RH 
rflypoBx n npe^o mhou 6hWb rycroH xkch. IIpHjerb x na 
cbAAo, HopyHAii ce6» Ajjaxy, h hi nepsbiH pasi vb hcAshh 
ocKopCAj'b Konk y^apoMi hi^th. KaKi nxAua Hbipn^xb owb 
MeH(4y BtTBflMH ; ocrpbifl KO.iK)qKn psain mok) 0463K4y9 cyxie 
cyqbfl Kaparaqa^ 6AiH MeH& no JHuy. KoHb moh npb'iraj'b 
Hepea^ nnn, paapbiBaii KvcTbi rpy^bio. 

•lyqme 6bi 6b] jo MEi ero 6p6cHTb y oh^^hikh h CKpiliTbCfl Fb 
jicy ntniROMX, 4a xajb Sbuo cb eewl pa3CT&TbCff. Ei^ 
CROibKO nyjb npoBH3»( Ha4'b Moen roJOBou ; flyarb cibimaji, 
EaRx cntmHBmiecfl RasaR^ (%hc4ih no ciiAkwh, B4pyrb h6- 
pe40 MHOH) pbiTBAna uySoRafl ; cRaRf ni moh npH3a4^Majcfl-^ 
h npbirnyix. 3a4Hifl ero Ronb'na o6opBaiHCB cb npoTHBHaro 
6epera h oht. nos^crb na nep64Hux'b noraxx. fl 6p6cHJi no- 
B64bfl H nojeAii Bi OBparb ; bto cnac.16 Moero rohh : ooi 

BblCROHBil. KaaaRH BCe ^0 B&4'i^H, TOJbRO HH OAiiE'b He 

nycrA^cfl Meua HCRaTb ; onA Bipno 4]^ MajH, hto a y6Ajcfl 46 
CMepTH, H fl cjibimaiii RaRi ohu 6p6cHJHCb joB^Tb Moero Koni. 
Cep4ue M06 o6.iHj[6cb RpoBbio, nonoisi n no ryciofi rpasi 
B40Jb no OBpary — cMOTpib, Aicb Ron^HJicfl, H^cROJbRo Kasa- 
ROBi BbiisHcaiOTb H3^ Hero na noJUBV. h boh* BbicRdKHBaerb 
npflMO Ri HHMx MOH Kapares^ ; bc6 R^Hyjincb sa hhmi cb 
RpAROMi; 46jro, 4o^ro ou& 3a homi roHfljHCb, oc66eHHO 
04i'im» pa3a 4Ba HVTb-Hyrb ne naRHHVii eny Ha meio apRafli; 
fl 3a4po»diT>, onycTUj'b rjasa n HaHaii> MOiATbCfl. ?6pe3i 
ntcROJbRO MrnoBeBiii no4biMaH) Hx-b — h Bftucy : MOfi Kapare3^ 
jCTiiTb, paasi^Bafl XBOCTb, BOJbnbiH RaRi BbTepi, a rflypbi 

1 dry prickly bush, growing in Caucasus. 

( 159 ) 

^aieKd OAitwb sa /(pyrAMi thnjicn no crenn na BSMyHenHbixi 
kohAxi. 3to npdfi^a, AcTHHuafl npas^a I Ao n634Heu hohh a 
CEfijLn, vb CBQ^wb OBpdri. B^pyri, mom-b tm ^yMaenib, Asa- 
M^Tb ? BO MpdKi (Ub'imy, Siraerb no 6epery oepara mou KOHb, 
«bipKaeTb, psKCTb H GbCTb RonbiTaMH 36ma\o ; fl yanaji rd- 
JOCB Moero Kaparesa; ^to Gbut-b oni, mou TOBapniiii ! . . . Ci 
rtxi nopi Mbi He pasiyHaiucb. 

H cib'imHO 6buo/ KaKi ohi Tpenaji^ pyKoio no rja4K0u uiei 
CBoero cKaKyna, Aaada cm^ pdanbia HtacHbifl ua3Banifl. 

56. Eedyum. 


KapaB&ni Moi&ibniHKOBi BbicTynajn hsi Bparb Ji^\^\&QYSi. 
Bnepe4A ero ixaai OcMdui h Spocaii bi Hap64'b 4eHbi u ; 
HMaMbi CaarociOBJiiiH 0TX04flninx'b crpaunDKOBi ; iskitiYL 
ycun&iH UBiTHMH nyrb hxx. 

fib mecTod pa3i> oinpaBjujcfl OcMdn-b cb KapaBanoMi B-b 

M^KKV H HaH&IbCTBOBaj'b Ua4'b OXpaEHblMl BOfiCKOMl. Bc& 

6bijii yfiipeHbi Bi» diaronoiy^HOMii OKOHHaniu cBoero nyre- 
jnecTBiii, A6o hh 04u^»C4bi erne ne ciynaiocb cb OcManoM-b 
HHKaKoro Hec^acrifl : 6ypH ne aacbinain bi> cTen/ixx Apasiu 
HM 04Hor6 HeiovBKa nsi mecTBOBaBmnx'b crb OcManoMi ; hh 
04H&HE4bi apaB^TflHe ne Hana44iH na nero. TaKaa gjaroycn'BUi- 
fiOCTB Biy npe4npiflTiflX'b erd no^HTaiacb nJ046M'b OciManoBOH 
Ha6o3KHOCTH^ ni64pocTu H M^mecTBa. CnycTH ntcKOibKo ne- 
A^jb nocii 0T6biTifi hsi 4i^p6eKa^ npuGjiisHvica KapaBani irb 
citeHOMy Bi 4p6BH0CTH EB<i>paTy^ pto, coBpeM^nnoH Mipy. 
HpH niniH cthxobi h31 a.fKopaHa^ nepenpaBHjncb nepesi nee 
HOieibuiHKH H BCTynAjH na nec^iaubifl paBHunbi ApaBin. 
Tyn npHCoe4iiHiiCfl ki KapaB^ny 6e4yHH'b na npeKpacnou eo- 

1 one could hear. 

( 160 ) 

poHoft jdma^H : om pdBnbiiii 66pa30Mx ixaix na noRion^oie 
l;^ cBflTbiMi uiMrruMX, K0Jbi6{;jH h rp66y MaroM^a. 

OcMdui BcryiiAji ci uhmx bi pa3roB6pi>, KOcii^Bniiftcs ao 
n|:)euMyiuecTBa nxx uap640Bi>. Ec^yAui otb^m^i KopoTKo, 
no G^aropaa^Miio; XBajAii ^ocrofiuoc noxBaJb^i Bi CBoeiii 
iiap64t u oxyHCA^lix to, mto Ka3djocb cm^ nypuu\u%. DeopH- 
M'trubiMi oCpasoMi 0T4ajAjHCb ouA orb KapaBaiia. OcMdiii 
CL HS/ipoMi iiuMajii BbixBajiirb ottom^hobI). 

^'TypKH/' ^OBop64^ oiii 6c4yAny, ^'As^aBua ci^batcs no 
BCCMy BOCTOKy xp^pocriio, 4o6p04^uiicM% h MHJ0c^p4ieMi; 
^i:)4aBua pMKifl ciA Kd<ieCTBa cuhckujh iiaMi yBa»6uie uiiaro 
CBivra ; BC34i, 6H(eJH xoTirb HSoGpaaArb iieno&fc4AMOCTb BdHHa, 
TO roBOpArb: om xpa6pz, nam mi/poKnl Kynuili, seidf 
Bb'ipasHTb Mbc-iiH5y4b 6e3Kop^iCTie bi> npeB0cx64H0il cr^nenii 
roBOpArb : om cnpaeedAued, nam mypom ! ^^mi, DaopdTHBi 
Toro^ otjumAjca tboA fi-nAiibifi uap64i9 maTaflicb oo CTeniii 
KaMeiiAcTott h iiycrofi Ap&Bin? KaKdg MOJBa H4cn» o sacb? 
To, <ito Bbi lie hm4>ctc uh <]6cth, nn coBibcTu ; bm HcnoBi4yeTe 
0411^ Btpy cb u&MH, uo BaM% iLfuTHrb c^xi&wh eser64D0 
aiiaTiiyio c^MMy, 4ar)bi cnacrA orb B/iiiiero xAmnnMecTBa rj&* 
BUbiii KapaBaii^ M0j6jbmnK0Bx; rpaCAiejbCTBO CAijaio Bacb 
iipeapiiiubiMH 6p04AraMH bi> na3axi BciKaro AcTHunaro My- 
cyjbMdiiHua. npnanaficfl, TOB&pniu^, vh cnpaBe44AB0CTi 
VLokx-h cAOVh, npnaiiujicfl, hto Bami iiap64i lie hto Auoe, Kan 
uidiiKa pa356(iiiuKOBi»." 

" Mbi nocjit OKOUMHMX Hamx paaroBopi, cKasdii eM^ 6e- 
4yAiii, yKibbiBafl na nocKOJbsiiyBiuarocfl Bep6jib4a^ K0T6puft H npn4aBAji C06610 CBoerd BO»dTaro, — nocjii ; Hanepe4i 
iioc66hmii iiec'idcTHOMy :" 

'^ II04A u nocoCjsifi Tbi !" OTBibMiii OcM4H^; ^'h hc xoif 
DKa3dTb nuKaKofl ycji^rH /iTOMy 6e34ijbHHKy : oui nepeKynAji 
y MeuA BepCjib4a, Merbipe r64a TOM]f ua3a4i; Ten6pb h oqenb 

( 161 ) 

fdiXb, HTO cefi me c&uhiik nefQjLibxh oTHcrifiji eMy sa veuk. 
ExeiH 6bi Hero^ift HS^Bixdji, h 04Hd Moe cjobo mofjo bo3- 
BpariiB eM^ skhshb, to a^ 4a npocr&TL Moe corpimeHie Aija h 
ero Bei^Kii npopoKi I to a sam&j'B 6bi ce6i^ poTL." 

M^jK^y T^Mi 6e4yAH'B Bb'icBoGo^Hj'B 03^-0041 Bep6jib4a bo- 
s4Taro h BOSBpamajca ki> cbocm^ cnyTHBKy ; obi yme He4a- 
46x6 OTB Hero Haxo4iiCfl^ KaKi B4pyri ciparnHbiu Tarp^ Bbi- 
CKOHHJi H3i»-3a K}'CTa, TioAii KOToparo ixsuL-b HeOCTOpoXHbItt 
OcMaH'b, oiAdLikch 0Tb KapaBaea ; owb npameji bi CMflTeHie, 
y»acB]^jcfl H ynaii Gesi ^yBCTBi na s^mjh). 

Ee4yHH'b 6npoMeTbio nocKaKaii — h ne npo4b orb Hero, no 
npftMO Kb HeMy ; Bbinyji nHcroj^rb h bi Ty caMyio mhh^tv^ 

KaiTB Rp0B0a(&4Hbl£[ 3Bipb UpblFHyjl Ha CBOK) 406bIHy, Bbl- 

crp&iHJ'b HO Heifb : MepTBbm THrpi pacTflnyjcfl n64ji nojy- 
uepTsaro OcM&Ha. 

HaKOH^U'b OcMaHi OTRpbi j'b rja3d ; cnaccnie erd Kasdiocb 
BH^ CBepxiecT^CTBeHHbiMi : owb oSHflj'b 6e4yAHa h bi> nep- 
BOMir Hiapy 6iaro4apHocTH cbo6h npe4Jarai'b eai^ co cie3aMH, 
KaiTb cia6iftmi£[ snaRi 4djffiHod npB3HaTeibH0CTH, KomeieKi 
ca era ceKAHaMH* 

Ee4yAH'b, Kb neii^oMy y4HBieHiio OcHdna^ 0TKa34icfl. Bi 
cie Bp^Mfl no4oniej'b Kb HBM'b H&miB ua 4epeB&HH0B Hori, 
DOKpiiitbid pyfiBmeMi H paaaMH ; owb o6paT&.icfl irb OcMauy^ 
AepHcaBmeMy Eomeieirb cb ceKi&BaMB^ h roBopAji : " Mbjo- 
c£p4ie 40J»h6 6biTb Te6B 3HaR6MO, 6oT&tbiii crpaBHBirb : yroiik 
r6j04i H x&mxY TBoero 04H03eMiia I y4^& BeBM^^nieny 04u^ 
pyniK)^ H3i> T6jcToro KomeJbKa TBoero : 04ua pynifl H36aBHrb 
Meni OTb MyH&TeibHaro sboa ; Kb Benepy Ha4Wcb ci> aioK) 
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BysAeHi 6i[AY norA6Hpb orb jibiociH 4&KHX'b SBBoiHbix'b." 

copper coin. 

( 162 ) 

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KapMaHi TOJCTbiii KomewieKT» ct> ceKHHaMH : " y ueuk me nirb 
A.ifl Te6fl DH o^Qou pyniH, a ba^ ea 6oroMdjbe fb M^Rsy h 
MeA&Hv H3i 4i^P^^K^ B 66Aie 4^Ben>, ckojlko uni h^kho 
A.ifl nyrA Ty^a n o6paTHO, He hmIik). Bc% jAmHJfl pos^dii fl 
HapoAy npB bm^saB n3i OT^qecrsa ; »cajiio o Te6iy ho noco6fab 
He Mor^." 

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wkx-b cb B046K) H no^aji y66roMy. Ha! yrojA TBOd roioxi 
u H;aH;4y; noAKpini ocjaotBmia cAibi, h noH^eM'B BMicrl. 
Tofoxhj Ky^a Tbi H^emb, jeHiurb Ha 4op6iib, no Koropod i^erb 
KapasaHi : a npoBO/Ky reoA. 

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TaiTb cfl4b ua uoio joma^b ! oivkn^-b Se^yAnx ; cockoh&bi ci 
ueu, noca^u^'b Gi^naro, B3fl.i'b 3a ys^y h noB&ii noTHx6HBRy. 

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pasroBopi, doKCLoiceM^ 4pyrb 4p^ry. . ." PasroBopi Hami, 
OTBtqaii 6enyikWh, ^asHo vHse kohibjca ; mm Acho ^OKas&Ji 
4pyrb Affry npeBOcxoACTBO Hanrnxi napoAOBb vh xp^pocn, 
Ao6po4]finie u meApocie. SaMSTb ce6ib, OcMani, hto Be3A» 
ecTb Ao6po4^TejbHbie Jib^n, Be3A^ ecib h sjbie ! 

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fiopoAOK) CBoero npaA^Aa OTMciftTb Ge^yAny aa ero A6p30CTb. 
Cnopo cjLJHm kl ncnojHeuiio HaM^peflifl oTRpb'ucfl. Ee^yiBi 
sacH^ji BecbMa uptnKO; KapaBaHi no4HUJCfl,HOcMaH'bOCTaBArB 
cBoero SjaroAiie^iJi cpe^i uycTbiHH, ocraBBJirHa K^pTsy Bciirb 
GtACTBiflM'b B 4a6bi OHi He Morb HacTHHb RapaBana, to ynpto 
y Hero npeRpacnyio BopoH^io JomaAb, Bce HMymecTso 5e4yiBa 

II cyAb6a He naRasaja ero ! Birb ! oni vb noiHOMi yAO* 

BOJbCTBiH XHil* H, ORpyjRCH'b paAOCTflMH, ^Mep'b. 


( 163 ) 

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OTabi H MaTepH craBflTb ero vb npHMi^pi ^iiflMi cboAmi. 

Ybu ! KaKB MHoro noTp66flO seaTB, KaiTB ^ojro Ha^oSeo 
ndcA^OBdiTb HeiosiEa, Aa6bi ne omnSATLCfl h vb c&Mod er6 

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He sa^diro n^pe^i ^hsbhom'l fl RoMHaiy Bom&i'B FpAma. 
Ohi cb c4Maro Tor6 bp^mchh, Kain» Bomeii bi Hanii ^omi He 
nepecTaB^i'B b34bix4tb i njdRaTB, ht6^ no MHteiio rlxi, ko- 
TopBie BSpHJH Bi er6 cdocoShoctb npe4CRd3BiBaTB, npcABt- 
m&JLO RaKyH)-HH6y4B 6^4^ HameMy ^OMy. Owb craii npo- 
m4TBCfl H cRaa^iii, hto saBipa ^frpoHi nou4erB ^ajBnie. H. 
no^MHrfi^j'B 6pdTy 'BoiSfjb h Bbimeji vb 4BepB. — ^to ? — Ecih 
xorire nocMOTp^TB FpAmHEBi BepArH, to noH^eMTe ceHHdci na 
MyscR6fi Bepxx.' — FpAma cdhtb bo Bix)p6d ROMHari^ — vb 
H\ji&iA npeRpacHO moscho CExbtb, h mbi Bce yB^HMi. — Ot- 
jAqHo! noA03S4& s^tcB : a no30By A^BoneRx. — 4^bohrh bm- 
GteaJHyH MBI ornpdBBJHCB Ha Bepxx. He 6631 cnopy pi- 
mABTB, KOiff n6pB0My bohtA bi TeMHBiu qyjaH'B, mbi ycIihcb 


HaM% BC^Mi 6buo HcyTRo Vb TeMHorl ; mbi k^bcb o^Ahi Kb 
ipyr6My h HHiero ne roBopAjH. Uomk Bcjixb 3a HaMH tu- 
xhmh mar^MH Bomeii FpAma. Bi oahoh pyR]^ ^epac^i OHi 
CBOil nocdxir, vb Apyrou — caiBHyio cb^h^ b'b Mi^^HOMi* no4- 
csinHHRi. Mbi ne nepeBO^AjH ^BixdHia. 

FdcooAH iHC^ce Xp0CT6! MsIth' HpecBflTafl Eorop6AHiia! 
Otvj H CiiHy H CaaTOMy 4yxy . . . B^Bixaa wb ce6fl Bos^yx^, 

TBep^ftXB OHl Cb paSiAqHBIMH HHTOBdrtiflMH H CORpamefliflMB, 

^ religbos fiuiatic. ' gentlemen's apartments upstaint. * nan. 

( 164 ) 

cjOBa. Ci> M0.1UTB0U nocraBHB'L cbou nocoxx vh frojii jn, ocmo- 
TptBT> nocTaii, oui craji pa34tBaTi»ca. PacnoicaBi CBOd 
aapeebKiu nepuMu Kymdirb, ohi M^^ieHHO CHflj'B HsopBaHHUH 
HaHKOBbiul 3Hnyu'L, TiiiaTejbBO cioacAii ero h hob'bchj'b Ha 
cnAoKv cTJfidL. Aum ero ren^pb He Bbipa»^o, KaKi» o6bi- 


cnoKoeHi, 3a4yM<iHBi h ^daee BejHqdBX. J\,BEm6Ein ero 6e[uh 

M^4JeQHb] H OOAyMaHHbl. OcraBHIHCb Bl 04h6mi GbjLhby OHl 

T^xo onycTii.icfl na KpoBaTb, OKpecr^'b ee co Bdbxb CTopoHi, h, 
KaiTb bA^ho 6buo, cb ycAjieai-b — noTOHy ^to owl noMopuiHJCfl 
— HonpaBHji uoxb pyoaniKou Bep&rH. Rocmjijbwb HeMHdro h 

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GbJLhe, owb Bcraii, cb moji&tboh no4H&ji> CB'^ny b'b ^poBeHb ci 

KHBOTOMl, B'b KOTOpOMl CTOflJO HiCKOJbKO o6pa36Bl», HCpeKpeC* 

lijica na hrxi n nepeBepH^j'B cvbnf orseM'B bhhsi. Oh& ch 
ipecKOMi norfxja. 

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jvHa. ^AiiuuM 6liaH 4»Hrfpa lopoA^Baro cb 04h66 CTopoHifi 
6hui ocBtii^eHa 6jl4nbiMH jyqaMH M^cfiaa, Cb Apyrdd — qep- 

HOK) rlHbK), BMtCTi Cb TkEknU 0Tb paM'b, Ho^aja B& nOill 

crtHbi, H 40CTaBaja ao noTOiKd. Ha ^Bopi Kapa^abmiirB 
CTyqeLi'b b^ Mi^Hyio 40CKy. 

CiosKHB'b cBou orpoMHbifl pyKQ Ha rpy^A, onycrABi rojoBy 
H 6e3npecTaDH0 Tflxeio BSAMxas, Fpiftma Moj^a croftj'b npej() 
HKonaHH, noTOM'b Cb TpyAoM'b onycTA.icfl na koji'&hh h craxB 
MQjiHTbCfl. Cnanaia OH'b roBop&ji HSB^^crobifi mo.iAtbm, yAdJjfki 
TojbKO na HtKOTopbifi cJOBa^ noTOM'b noBTop6ji> Hxir, HO rpoMic 
H Ch SoJbiHHM'b 04ymeBi6^HieM'b. Obi H^naji roBopATb CBoi 
ojoBa^ Cb 3axMtTUbiMi ycAjieM'b crapascb BbipaiRaTbCfl no-Cia* 
BtfHCKH. CiOBa ero 6bun ne cKja^nbi^ ho TporaieJbHbi. Obi 
mojAjca Bcix'b gjaroA^xejflX'b cboAx^ (laK'b owb m3b\B&xh 
TJ^x'b^ KOTopbie npHHHMdJH ero}^ Fb TOMi HBoit MaTymsi) 

( 165 ) 

Hacb, MOjAjicfl ce6i, ufockL-b, m66hi Eofl npocTkii> eMy ero 
TUHSKie Tfibxii, TBep^Aji : "Bome, npocru spar^Mi moumi!" 
KpflXT^ no4UHMdiCfl H^ uoBTopifl cme H eaie it xe ciosa, npn- 
na^dn kb scMiB h onaTb no4HHM^cfl, He cMOTpa^ na TUHsecTB 
wpkrb, KOTopbifl H34aBajH cyxou^ pB3Kiu 3B\Kb, y^apflflCB o 

BoJoAfl mHDHyji Meflft ohchi Gojlho 3a Hory ; ho a 4aH;e 
He orjflHyjcfl : noTepi pyKOH to m^^cto h npoAO^s^aii, cl ^y- 
BCTm)M'B ^TCKaro y^Hai^eifl^ k^octh h SiaroroBinifl^ (m^^utb 
3a BCBMH 4BH»(eHiflMH H ciOBaMH FpAmH. Bm^cto Becejifl H 
CM^xa^ Ha KOTopbie a pacnojaradi, 6x046 bi Hyjani^ a qyB- 
CTBOBaji 4poH(b H 3aMHpaHie cep^iia. 

46jro eme naxo^iicfl rpuma bt> ^tomi nojoffieHiu pejBri63- 
Haro BOCTopra h HMpnoBH3&poBaj[i moji&tbm. To TsepA^'B 
OHi H^KOJBRO pa3X CB pA^y : '' rScnodu noMuJiyU!*' ho Ka»c- 

ABld pa3l CB HOBOH C&iOH H BBipaSR^flieMl ; TO rOBOp&Jl OHl : 

"npocmu MHy^ rScnodUy nayuu mh, umo meopumb . . . nayuu 
MHy umo meopumUy Focnodu /" cb laKAMi BBipaHcenieMi, KaKi 
6yAT0 oxHAaii ceundcB »te OTBtia na cboA ciOBa ; to ciBimHBi 
6BiiH OKBk k&JoGHBifl pBM^Hifl. . . . Owh npBno4HflJCfl Ha 

EOJ^HH, CJLOwJlLl'h p^KH Ha rpy^UL H SaMOiRl. 

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4iijx ABixaflifl. FpAma ne meBein^cfl ; h3i rpy^ift ero BBipBi- 
BajiCB TflTKeJBie B346xh ; vh MyrHOMi spanidB ero KpHBaro 
rjasa^ ocB%nieHHaro jyHoio^ ocxanoBiiacB ciesd. 

" 42t 6y4erB Boja Tboa ! BCKprnaii om. B^pyn. cb neno- 
4pa3RaeMBiH'B BbIpaH(6HieM^ ; ynlii jSomi na seMJio h 3apBi- 
4aii KaiTB pe6eH0in». 

Mhofo boab'i yreiuo' cb t^xi nopi^ mhofo BOcnoMHHaHifi 
fiBiidMi norepftiH 4ifl Mena 3HaHeHie h craiH cm^thbimh Men- 

* regardlesB* ' Meeii. ' many years have passed. 

( 166 ) 

T&MH, ^laxe crpaHHHiTB FpAma jiaBHo oKoHiBJir cBoe nocii^eee 
crpaHCTBOBanie ; ho BneiaTjinic^ KOTopoe ohi> npofl3Beji Ha 
MCHfl, H HyBCTBO^ KOidpoe BOSoy^HJi, HHEor^a He VMpyrb vb 
Moei naMflTH. 

0, Bei^Kii xpiciiaHHHi FpAma! Tboh B%pa Sbua rairb 

CHJbHa, HTO TBI HyBCTBOBailr 6iH30CTb Eora ; TBOH JH)66Bb 

TaKi BeiiKa, ^to ciOBa caMH co66h) JHJHCb h31 verb tbohxi — 
Tbi HXb He nojApki-b pa3cy4Koirb. . . . n EaK]^K) BbicoKvio 
xBai^ Tbi npHHecb Ero BejHHiio^ Kor^^^ He naxo^fl ciobi^ Brb 
cie3arb noBaJL^ca ua seiuio ! . • • 

68. Bound u Mupn. 

KyryaoBi CH^ij'b, hoh^ phbt> ci^yio rojOBy h onycrABraHCb 

TflXeJblM'b T&IOMX Ha nOKpblTOH KOBpOM'b jaBKt. Owh Be 

jciiaii HHKaK^x'b pacnop&aceHiH, a TojbKO coriamajcfl Ajh ee 
coFAam^cfl Ha to, hto npe^jaraiH eM]^. 

'^ 4^9 l^^y c^iiaHie ^To," OTBiHaiir OHir Ha pasi^HBbifl npe- 
4J0»eHifl. — " 4a, ^a, cibs^h, rojySHHirb, nocMOTpA," o6pa- 

mllCfl OWh TO ITb TOMy, TO ITb JipyrOMV H3X npnSjHxeHHbixb ; 

Ajh : " Hirb, ue na^o, Jennie no403K4aTb," roBopnjb owh. 
Owb BbiciymHBaJx npHB03HMbifl eMy ^OHecenifl, OT^aBaii npH- 
Ka3anifl, Kor^a ^o Tpe6oBaiocb no^HHHennbiMii ; ho^ Bbicjy- 
niHBafl 40HeceHifl, oni, Kas^ocb, He HHTepecOBaica CMbicioMi 
cJOBi Toro, HTO eMy roBop&jH^ a hto-to 4pyr6e, bx Bbipa»teHiH 
jHiii, wh ToHt pi^H 40H0c&BmHx^, HHiepecoBaio ero. 4oJ- 
roj^THHMi BoeHBbiM^ oHbiTOM'b OWh snaii H CTapqeCKHH'b 

yMOMl nOHHM^'b, HTO pyKOBO^Alb COTOflMH Tb'iCflH'b HeiOB^KX, 

6opibii|Hxcfi CO CM6pTbK), Hejb3fl OAHOMy HeJOBBKy, H anaix, hto 
ptmaiOTb ;fqacTb cpaHsenbfl ne pacnopflHteBifl r^aBHOKOMaH- 
Ayiomaro, ne mbcto, ua KoiopoMi ciOHTb BoacRa, He KOJi&iecTBo 

( 167 ) 
nymeiTB h yduTbixi aiougvl, a ra HeyjOBAMaa c&ja, HasBiBdeMBfl 

4yX0Ml> BOHCKa, H OHl Ci^AAjI'L 3a ^TOU CHJOH H pyKOBO^UiT* 

eK), HacKOJBKO ^To 6bU0 vb ero BidciH. 

06inee BbipaaseHie iiim KyT^30B.a 6buo cocpeAOToieHHoe, 
cnoKoHHoe BHHMaHie h HanpflxeHie, e^Ba npeBOSMoraBinee 
ycrajocTB aia6aro h craparo mia. 

Bi ll-TL HacoBi yipa eM]^ npHBcajH HaBicrie o tomi, hto 
aaHflTbifl OpanqyaaMH 4»jemii 6bUH onAib 0T6&Tbi, ho "tto 
KHflSb EarpaiioHi paHeHi. KyiyBOBi* axnyii h noKaHlii> 

^' IIoi^xaH iTb KHU3K) Ileip^ IlBaHOBHHy H no4p66uo ysHaii, 

HTO H KaiTb,^ CKaSaJ'b Ofll O^HOMl^ H31» a^'blOTaHTOB'b, H BCJliXb 

3a liMx o6paTHJCfl kx np^Hiiy BHpieMGeprcKOMy, cxoaBineMy 
no3a4H ero. 

" Heyr64HO jh Gjj^erh BamcMy BwcoHCCTBy npHOHib KOMaH- 
40BaHbe 1 -OH apMicH ?" 

BcKopt noci'B orbts^a npAniia, Tairb cKopo, hto owl enie 
He Morb 4otxaTb ao CeMCBOBCKaro,' a^iiOTaHrb np&Hiia Bep- 
nyjcfl OTb Hero h 40J03KHJ'b cB^TjiHrneMy^ hto ^pHH^^ np6- 


Kyr^BOBi noMopniHJCfl h nocjaix 4oxTypoBy npHKasanie 
npHHflTb KOMaHAOBanie l-oii apMiea^ a npi&Hiia, 6e3i> KOToparo, 
KaiTb OHi cKa34jii, OHi He MOKcerb o6oHT&cb vb Sth Bamnbu 
MHB^Tbi, npoc^Ji Bepn;fTbCfl Kb ce6i. Kor4d npnBe3eH6 6buo 
ii3BtcTie B3flTiH Bi HJ^Hi MiopaTa H mTa6Hbie 
KyTy30Ba, oht* yj[bi6H]^jcfl. 

'' IIo40»c4&Te^ rocno4^^ cKaB^ii oni. Cpaxenbe BbinrpaHO^ 
H vb HJitneuiH Miopaia ntrb HH^ero Heo6biKHOB6HHaro. Ho 
j^HHie no4oaK4aTb pdAOBaibca. — OAHaKO 0H^ nociaj'b a4ii0TaHTa 

npoixaTb HO BOHCKaMl Cb aTHMTi H3BECTieM'b. 

1 how. the affairs are getting on. ' name of a village. 

( 168 ) 

Kor^a cb j^Baro 4»jdHra npHCKaK4i'BlI][cp6AnHH'BCB/[0Hece- 
HieMi> 3aHflTiH OpaHu^3aMH <i>j6ineu h CeMeHOBCKaro, Kyrf- 
3061 no 3B]^KaMi> noja cpaae^flifl h no imnf n^epSAnHHa yra- 
Aaii>, HTO H3BkTifl 6bUH ne xopomia, BCTaJi, Kairb 6bi pasMnndii 
Horn H, BSflBi n6j^'b pyKy IUep6&HHna, otbcji ero bi cropony. 
— C^'B3AH, roi^64Hirb, CKa3ajT> onx EpMOiOBy, nocHOTpA-, 
Heji>3fl JH HTO c^&iarb. 

KyT^30Bi GhWb Bi lopKaxi, bi n^nipi no36aiH F^ccKaro 
BdncKa. HanpaB^ennafl HaH0ie6H0Mi> aTaKa na Harni ji^Buft 
<i»janri> 6bua uiscKOJbKo pa3i 0T6HBaeMa. Bi n^Eipb Opan- 
n^sbi ne no^BAnyjiicb A^'ibe Eopo^nnd. Cb j-lBaro <»janra ua- 
Ba.iepifl yBapoBa dacraBiiia 6'lHcdTb Opanii;f30Bib. 

Bi TpeTbCMi qac^ aiaKH OpaHii^30B'b npeKpaiAjHCb. Ha 
Bcbx-h jLimdJii, npiismaBmuxi cb tloah cpaHt^nifl h na rifcxi, 
KOTopbifl cToijH BOKp^frb Hcro, KyT^30B% HHTdii Bbipaac^nie 
HanpflHceHHocTQ, Aome4meH 40 Bbicmeu crenenn. Kyi^aoBi 
GbUTj AOBoiewb ycn-BxoMx 4nfl CBepx^ OHCHAanifl. Ho 4»U3A- 
MecKia ciiAbi ocTaBiOH crapnKa. H'BCKOJbKo pasi roJOBd ero 
HH3K0 onycKajacb KaKi 6bi na^aa, h oui sa^peMbiBai'b. EmJ^ 
n64aiH oQi^aib. 

Ojurejb-a^'biOTanrb BoJbiioreu'b^ Torb caMbiu, KOToparo TaKi 
HeDaB64'&i'b EarpaiioDi), bo BpeMfl oS'l^a no^'b'Bxa^i Kb Hyrj' 
30By. Bojbqoreiii npitxaji orb EapKjaff, cb AOHecSnieMi 
\6fl,i xbAii na j'bbomi 4»jam^. EiaropasyMHbiu EapKiad-^e- 
TojjQ, B&Afl TOJUbi OTGiraiouinx'b paueiibix'b h pascrpoennbie 
3a4ili apMin, bsb^chbi bc% oScTOflieJbCTBa ^iia, pImAjix, hto 
cpasKeHie npo^rpano, n ci 3TflMl> H3B3CTieMi npncjaii Kb 
FjiaBuoKOMaHAyiomeMy CBoero jioCuMua. 

KyiysoBi ct. TpyAOMT* jkcbIii ffiapenyio Kj^paay h cb'j' 
3HBmHMQCfl, ooBeceiiBmBMu ria3aMii BsrjflHyj'b na Boib- 

Bo.ibu6ren'b, neopeffino paaMHHmi norn, cb noaynpespA- 

( 169 ) 

TeibHofi yjbiSRofi Ha ryCaxi, no^omeii Kb KyrfsoBy, cierKa 

AOTpoHyBmBCB 40 K03UpBKa pyKOK). 

BojbudreH'b oSpam^ca ci CBiT-iiumniix ci H-BKOTopoft 
a<i>eRTHpdBaHHod He6p6»HOCTbK), BMiioii^eH ut-ibK) noKa3aTb, 
HTO ofli, KaKb BbicoRo oQpasoBaHHbiH Boenobiu, npe^ocraB- 
iaerb NccRRM'b A'i^aTb KyM&pa nai ^Toro craparo, 6e3noje3- 
naro leiOB^Ka, a caMi 3HaeTb, cb r^mi obi HM^erb ^-iio. 
" Der alte Herr (RaRi Ha3biBajH Kyijf^soBa bx CBoeMi Rpyr^f 
HsMiibi), macht sich ganz bequem,"^ uoAJudUL'h BoJbiioreH'b, 
H, crporo BsrjflH^Bi na TapejRH, croiBmia nepeAi* KyifsoBbiM'b^ 
Haiaj'b 40RJ^biBaTB crapoHy rocno4UHy noJOHienie 4^1 na 
iiBOMir <ifi6,Erb, TdLKb RaR'b npHRa34ii eMi^ EapRjaa h RaRi 
OH'b cam ero B^A^^'b h noHAj'b. 

"Bcb n^HRTbi Horned noduaia vb pyRaxi Benpikeifl h ot- 

6ktb H^HiMly nOTOMy 4T0 BOHCRl H^Tb ; OHI& Gir^Tb, H HtTb 

KyTy30Bi, ocTaHOB&BmHCb sceBaTb, yABBieHso, KaKx QfAio 
Be DOBHMafl TO, ht6 euf roBop&iH, yciaBBiCfl aa BoJbiioreBa. 
BoibudrcHi, 3aM'BTHBi BOJHeHie des alten Herm, cb yjbi6- 
EOH cRasaj'b. 

" fl Be CHHT&i'b ce6ft bi npdB^ cRpbiTb OTb Bdmeui cb^^tjocth 
Tor6^ HTO fl B^A^JCb. • . BoHCKa wb nojBOM'b pascrpoHCTBi. . ." 

*^ BU B^A^iB ? Bbl B^A'i^H ? . . flaXM^^pHBUIBCb 3aKpflHai'b 

KyryaoBi, Gb'icrpo BCTasafl h BacTynaa Ba BojbijoreBa. — KaKi, 
Bbi. . . RaR'b Bbi ciiieTe ! . . A^aa yrpomdioii^ie Htecrbi Tpacy- 
mHMHCfl pyRaMH H 3axje6biBaacb, 3aRpHHaii obi*. — KaK'6 
CMiere bu, mbjoctubmb rocyAapb, roBopi&Tb aio MHrt. Bbi 
BHqero He SBaere. IlepeAaHTe orb MCBa reaepaiy EapKjaio, 
mo ero CB^A^Bifl BecnpaBeA^^Bbi b hto BacioflD^iB xoa^ 
cpax^Bifl HSBBcreH'b mb^^ <i»ejbAMapmaiy, jy<ime, h^mi eM^." 

A the old gentleman takes it ver^ easily. 

( 170 ) 

BoJbnoreDi xorlui Bospasftn «ito-to, ho EyWaoirb nepe- 
Ghi-h ero. 

'^ UenpiftTeiB otSAti ea jinoMi h nopa^sen'b Ha npasoMi 
4»jdHri. EniejB bu djoxo sA^'biH, MUOcrABbifi rocyAapb, to 
He no3BOJHHTe ceffb roBopArb Toro, <ier6 bu ne snaere. Ha- 
B6.ibTe ixaTb Kb reoepdiy CapRjaio i nepejUtTb eai^ ua s&Brpa 
Moe HaMtpenie aTaKOBfiTb Heapiiieif, crporo cKaaaxb Kyrf- 
30Bi>. — Bet MOJHdiH, cjb'iuiHO 6iuo o^Ho Tfl»ejoe iiMxaHie 
sanbixaBuiarocfl craparo reneplia. — Oi6kthi Besxk, sa hto ii 
(uaro^apib Cora h Hdme xpa6poe BoficKO. HenpiiTeib no6i- 
H^eHi H 3aBTpa noroHHM'b ero EJb cBsni^HHOfl deuik HccKofi, 
CKaaaii KyT^30Bi», Kpecricb ; h Bjipyrb BcuAnHyii orb Hacry- 
dAbuihx^ cjeTb. Bojbaoreui, no»aBi» nieq&MH h, crphbAbi 
r^obi, MojHa OToniej-b Kb cropofli, y^^HBjiflCb iiber diese Ein- 
genommenheit des alien Herm.' 

'' 4^9 BOTb om uok repofl, cKaa^i Kvrtzovh Kb ndiHOMV, 
Kpac^BOMy, MepiiOBOi6coMy reuep&iy, Koropuft vb iw Bf6un 
BX04A.i% ua KypraHi. 3to 6biJi Pa^BCKiu, npoBeiimiH Becb 
Acub ua r^aBUOMi n;^uKTt EopoAAucKaro ndin" 

PacBCKifl 40uoc6.ii, mo BOucKd TBep^o croilrb ua cboAxi 
Mtoax^ H <iT0 4>pauu^3bi He cMSiOTb araKOBarb doile. 

BbKMymaBi ero^ Kyi^soBi no-<»paHii^3CKB cKaaaii : 

" Vous ne pensez done pas comme lea autres que nous 
sommes obliges de nous retirer/' 

** Au contraire, votre altesse, duns les affaires ind^cises 
e'est toujours le plus opini^tre qui reste yietorieuz, OTsi- 
HdJiii Pa^BCKifi, — et mon opinion. . . .' 

KodcdpoBi ! KjAKHyji KyT^30Bi cBoero a4iH)TdHTa. CajiAcb, 

1 at this prepomeflsion of the old gentleman. 

3 « You do not think then with the others, that we are forced to retreat V* 
— <* On the contrary, Tour Excellency, in undecided affairs it is always the 
aumt persistent who gain the day, answered Rayevsky, and my opinion . . ,** 

( 171 ) 

nHm& npHR^x Ha saBTpamuiu ^chb. A tm^ o6paT&.icfl owb Kb 
4pyr6My,noi»»dR no liiEiE h o6ihb]&^ hto saBrpa MbiaTaK^eMx." 

noKa mejLT> pasroBop'B c& Pa^BCKBifL h ^iiRTOBajcfl npHKasi^ 
BoiBudreHi Bepeyjcfl otb EapKjda h ^ojOHi&ii, mo reoepai'b 
EapRiad-^e-TojJH ffiejaii 6bi hm^^tb nAcbMeenoe no^TBep'/K- 
A^Hie Toro npHKasa^ KOTopbid OT^aBaii <i»eJbAMapniaii. 

Kyr^soBi, He rjfl^i na Boibuorena, npHKasaji uanacaTb 
i^OTb npHKdsx, KOTopbifi, BecbMa ocnoBaTeibHO 4-ifl H36%}Rauifl 

i&<]HOfi OTBiTCTBeHHOCTHy Sejajl HM^Tb 6b'lBiniu riaBUOKO- 


n no Heonpe4i^AMOH^ Tai'iHCTBeHHOH cbAsh^ hoaa^P^kh- 
Baromed bq Bced apsiiH 04h6 b to ace HacrpoeHie, nasbiBaeMoe 
XJ^ouTt dpsiiH H cocraBJ&iOQieH rjaBHbiH nepsi bouhm^ ciOBa 
KyTy30Ba, ero npBKasi ki cpaxeniH) na saBrpaniHiH ^eflb^ ne- 

pe^aiHCb O^HOBp^HeHHO BO Bck KOHIIb'l BOUCKa^ 

4ajeK0 He caMbiH ciOBa, ne caMbiu npaKadi nepe4aBajHCb 
vh HOCii^AHeH iiin& ^toh CBflan. J^kme HH<ier6 e6 6buo noxo- 
asaro fb tI^x'b paacRaaax'b, KOTopbie nepcAaBaiH Apyrb Ap^ry 
Ha p^Hbixi KOHiidxi apMie^ na to, ht6 cKa3aii> KyTyaoBi ; ho 
cMbici'b ciOBi erd coo6mi&iCfl noBcib^y, noTOMy qTO to, hto 
CKaaaii KyTysoBi, BbneKaio He h3i xArpbixi cooGpaiKeniu^ a 
B3i HyBCTsa, KaT^poe Jeacajo vh ^ymi <i»eJb4Mapmaja, TaKxe 
lEaiTb H vb /[ymi Eaac^aro F^ccKaro qeiOB^Ka. 

n y3H&Bi TO, ^TO Ha3aBTpa Mbi aTaK^fcMi Henpi&Tejfl, h37> 
BilicmHX'b cotep'b dpMiH, ycjuxasi no^TBepacAeHie Toro, qcM^ 
0H& xoT^JH B^pHTb, H3M]fqeHHbie, K0je6jH)ntiecfl JibAH yrt- 
majHCB H o6oApAjHCb. 

69. 4^opHHCKoe FHIhSdo. 
BocnHTaHie Jusu. 

CKaaceM'b nicROJibRo ciobi* o BocnQTaHin .Ihsm. Eh mhh^.i'b 
10 ro4'b, Ror^a m^iyb eft ^Mepi : ho ohb Majo sannMajcfl eio. 

( 172 ) 

SaBaienHBifi ^ijaMH, nocroflUHO osaGoneHHufi npHpam^HieiTB 
CBoero cocToiHifl, HsejHHbiH,* pisKiu, HerepnijABbiH, owb He 
CKvnicb ^aBaii ^eebrH Ha y^Hieiefi, rysepnepoFb, Ha on^mny 
H npoiia HyHE^bi niielk ; ho Tepni^Tb ne Morb, Kairb ohi bu-* 
paasaicfl, naHb^HTbcfl crb nncKjATaMH, — ^4a h H6Ror4a cm^ 6buo 

H^UbHHTbCfl Cb HHMH. OhI paGoTSUl, BOSilCfl Cb 4&ldMH, 

cnai'b MOJO, Aapi^Ka Hrpaii bi KdpTbi^ oniib paSoTaji*. 
MapbH J{,uiLTfieBRdL vh c^iiihocth neMHdro 6<5jbnie ufma. saHfl- 
Hajacb wIAsou ; OHa 04tBaja ee^ Kairb nJKOAKy, npH raasaxi' 
ria^Hja ee no rojosKi h HasbiBaia vh rjasa ^MHHiieH h xfm" 
KOH — H TOJbRO : jiH&ByK) SapbiHK) yTOMjija BciKafl hoctoAh- 
Hafl pa66Ta. Ilpn »t63HH OTiia J&sa naxo^i&iacb na pyK^x^ 
ryBepnaTKH^ A^BBiibi Mop5 m-b IlapAHsa. Ha .lAsy oh& Hiiija 
h4io Biiftflifl, T^Mi CHJbuie 6b'uo Bjiftnie na nee ek hAhh, 
Ara4»bH EiacbeBHbi.' 

•I&sy cnepsa Hcnyr^io cepbe3Hoe h crporoe lEne nkEn; 
HO OHa cKopo npHBb'iKja Kb ned h KpinRO ee noJioSiia. Oh& 
caMd 6bija cepbesHbid pe6eH0K'b ; rja3d ei CB^TAjHCb lixEWb 
BHOMafliesfb h ^oSpoioH^ hto pi^KO vb j^imx-b, Oh& bi 
K^^Kjbi He JH)6iia arpdib, cM^iiacb ne idcro, ho noifi Bcer^i 


liwby HTO o6pam^acb Kb kom^-hhS^^b crapmeMy cb Bonp6- 
coMi, HOKasbiBaBmiiM'b, HTO rojOBa ek pa66Taia na^i hobumi 
BnenaTJ'BHieM'b. Ona oqenb cKopo nepecTaia KapiaBHTb h yx^ 
Ha leiBepTOMi Toxj roBopAja coBepmeHno hActo. Orad oh& 
6oijacb ; h^bctbo ek Kb M^iepii 6biio HeonpeA^jeHHO, ona ne 
6o&jacb e» h He jacKaiacb ki* nefi ; BuponeMi OHd h ki* XrA/pbi 
He jacKaiacb, xotA TOJbKO ee 04H]^ h JioSiia. Ara4»bfl cb neft 
ne pa3CTaB&iacb. CTpdnno 6buo Biix^Tb iixb B^BoeMi. Ebi- 
B^o Ard4>bfl BCfl Bi HepnoMi, ci TeMHbiMi njaTKOMi na ro- 

} of bilious temperament. ' in the presence of visitors. 

B A peasant woman. 

( 173 ) 

Aovbj ch noxy^tBrnHM-b lEnewb^ chaAtl npuMo h bA}kcti> ny- 
j6irB; y HorB e& aa MajeebKOMi Kpecjeu'fi chai^ti .Iiiaa h 

TOffie Tp^4HTCfl HEAl* KaKdd-HH6^4B paQoTOU AjB, BdflSflO noA- 

H^BinH cB^Tjbie ri&KH, ci]fmaeTL, hto paacKddbiBaerb ed 
Arfi»bfl ; a Ara<»bfl pa3CiEa3biBaeTb en He cKa3KH : iiipHbiMi h 
pdEHBiMi rdjocoifb pa3CKa3biBaeTb oea 3KHTi6 IIpeHHCTOH ^^Bbi, 
XHiie orm^JbHHKOBTb, yroAHHKOBi Eoffiinxi, CBflibix'b M]^He- 
flHm» ; roBopArb OHa .1^3%, Kairb acfi.iH CBaTbie bi nycTbiHflxi, 
KaKi cnacajHCb, rdi04^ Tepn4iH h nyxA^, — n iiapefi ue 6o&- 
iHCb^ XpHcrd HcnoBiAbiBajH ; Kairb hmi mimhi He66cHbifl 
xopifb HOc^H, H SBtpii Hxir ci^DiajHCb ; EaiTb na ribx-b m^- 
CT&xi^ FAi RpoBb Hxi n^Aaja^ iiBiTbi BbipocrajH. Ara4»bfl 
roBop&ia cb Ak^ok Bimno h CMupeHHO, tohho oea cana hi^b- 
CTBOBaja^ HTO He en 6bi npoB3HOc&Tb TaKia BbicoKia h cBATbia 
CIOB&. .I&aa ee ciymaja — h 66pa3i Be3A^^maro, Bceanaio- 
maro Bora ci KaKou-TO ciaAKOH cAjou BTbcEnAcn bi ea A]^iuy, 
HanoiHij'b ee ^AcibiM'b SiaroroBMnbiMi crpaxoMi, a Xpn- 
CTocb craHOBiiCfl eik ntMi-To 6j&3KHH'b, snaKOMbiMi, HVTb ne 
poAHifufb ; Ara^bfl h MOJ&Tbcfl ee BbiyHaja. IlnorAa ona 
6yA^a AiiVf p&HO Ha saps, ToponjiftBO ee oA^Baia h yBOAUJa 
TafiROM'b Kb aayrpeni ; ,I&3a nua 3a neft na iibinoHKaxi, eABa 
Aumi ; xdiOA^ h noiycB^rb ^Tpa, cBixecTb h nycroTu ii^pKBH, 
caMafl Ta&HCTBeHHoab ^hxi neoHci&AStnHbix^ OLi^qeKi, ocro- 
p69RHoe BOSBpameflie bi aomi, wb nocreibKy, — bch Sia CMicb 
sanpenKeHHaro, CTpannaro, cBflTaro noipflcja A'BBoqKy, npo- 
Hiua vb cdHyio rjy6b ek cymecTBa. Araobs HHKorAa nnhoro 
He ocyasA^A h JA3y ne 6paHHja sa ma^ocTH. KorAaon^ 6bi- 
Baia <]%Hi neA0B6j[bHa, oh& ToibKO MOJ^lia, q .lAaa nooH- 
M^a ^0 MOJ^dnie. FoAa Tpn cb HeSojbmAMx^ xoA^.ia Ara4»ba 
sa Akdoi^; A^sAaa Mop6 ee cM^nAia; no jerKOMMCjenuaa 

^ for a little more than three years. 

( 174 ) 

4»paHiiy>ReHKa clcboiimh cyx&MH yxBaiKaMH ^a BOCRJHn&HieiTB: 
tout ca c'est des betises^ — se Morja Bbiii^HHTb H3i cep^qa 
Aii3hi ek jioSAmyk) Hfloio : nocBflUHBifl ctMeaa^ nycrAiH ciA- 
iAkomT) riydoKie KopHH. (lIt4^, ocraBieHHbm 6io jfl jfyuA 
AiL3hi, He H3ria4HJCfl. Ofla no npexHCMy nua Kb o&bj^Ei 
KaiTL ea npa34UHKi>, MOiuaacb cb HacjasKjieHbeM'k. . . . Yik- 
jiacb Amdi xopomo, to ecTL ycA44HB0 ; oc66enHO SjecrimHMH 
cnoc66uocTflMH, 6ojLbmiLWb yMOMi ee EorB ee Harpa4^'B ; 6e3i 
Tpy4^ eu HBiero He Aasaiocb. Oea xopomd nrp&ia na 4>op« 
Tenbiuo, ho o^^hi* Ae^wb^ 3Hc^I^, lero eii ^to ct6hjo. ^h- 
T&ia OHa HeMHoro ; y neu He 6bU0 " CBokx-b ciobi," ho 6biiH 
CBoA MbicJH — H mia OHa cboch AoporoH. Tairb poci& oh&^ 
noK6uHo, HeroponiHKO, TaKi ^ocr&ria ^eBflTHa^aaTHi'BTHfiro 
Bospacra/ Ona 6bu& 6qeHb MHja, casta Toro ne 3HaH. Bi 
KasR^oM'b ek ^BUxeniH BbicKasbiBaiacb HeBojHafl, hsckojbro 
neiOBKafl, rpaqifl ; rojocrb ek SBy^arb cepeSpoMi* HerpdHyroft 
lOHOCTn ; Majiumee OD^yoi^Hie yAOBojbCTBifl Bbi3biB&io npH- 
BieKaieibHyH) yibi6Ky na ek Tf6bi. . . . Bca npoHAKHyrax 
q]^BCTB0M^ ^Ojira, 6ofi3HbK) ocKopGi&Tb Koro 6bi to hA 6bU0, (Tb 
cep^aeMi AoSpbiMi h Kp6TKUM^, ona jioGuaa Bdbx'b h HHKoro 
Bi oc66eHHOCTH ; ona jioGAja 04Hor6 Eora BOCTopxenno, p66K0, 
Htouo. .laBpeiiKiH nepsbiu nap^niHii eft THxyio BH^rpeH- 
HH)H) »tH3Hb. • • • TaKOBa 6bua Aii3di, 

60. Prbmeme Jusbu 

y J&3bi 6bu& oc66afl, HeGoJbmafl KOMnaTRa bo BTop6irb 
aTaarife ^oMa e4 MaTepn, ^AcTaa, CBiTjaa, ci fitiOH KpoB^TKOH, 
Ob ropmKaMH nvbtowb no vrjaHi n n^pe^i* oRnaMH, Cb m^ 
jeHbKHMT* niicMennbiM'b ctojomii, ropKOK)^ Knnrb h PacnftTieMi 

' that is all nnnsense. ^ cImji. ' Lizi's music master. 

* the age of nineteen. * silver notes. * a set of bookshelves. 

( 175 ) 

Ha crkm. RoMHaTRa dra npoabiB&iacb ^'BTCRori. Mssl po^n- 
jac& FB Hei. BepHyemncb nai iiepKBH, r^i ee BiiAijn, Jae- 
peiiRiH, OHa TmaTejbHie oSbiRHOB^HHaro npiiBeja Bce y ce6!\ 
vh nopMOR'b^ OTOBCibAV cHeja nbub ; nepecMorplid n nepe- 
B834ia j^HTOHRaMH wA CBoft Terpa^H h nAcbMa npiftTeibHom. 
3anepi& Bcifc imiiRH, nojHJd iibWi n Rocni^jacb pyRoio RaHi- 
4aro nvbiKi. Bee ^to ond A^iaia Be cnima, 6e3i mi^Ma, (n> 

KaRofi-TO ]fMHJeHHOH H jkxok 3a66TJIIBOCTbM) Ha JHEl'L Ofla 

ocraHOBAjiacb HaROH^qi H0cpe4ii[ ROMHaTbi, Me^jcHHo orjHHy- 
jacb H, HO^OH^i R^ CTOAJ^ Ba^'b ROTopbiMi BHcuio PacniTJe, 
onycrftjacb Ha rojbhh, nojOHcAja rojosy na CTAcnyrbifl pyKu 


Mapea TBMoeeeBHa* Bonu& h sacr&ia ee vb hoM-b noioxe- 
hIh. JAsa He 3aBiiTHja ek npoxoAa. Crap^uiRa Bb'inua Ba 
mliHo^Rax'b 3a ABepb h Hl:cROJbRO pa3'b rpoMRo RamjHH^ja. 
JA3a npoBopHo H04Hfljdcb H OTepia rja3d, na ROTopbixi ciAjn 
CBBUbifl, HeHpojftBmiflCfl cje3bi.--A tm, a Biimy oniih npn^n- 
p&ia cBoib Rej^HRv, npoMOJBHja Mapea TaMoeeeBHa. — JAsa 
3a4;fMHHB0 HOCMOTp&ia Ha CBOii) TeTRy. — EaRoe bm ^to npoH3- 
HeciA ciobo, upomeHTaia ona. — RaRoe cjobo, RaRoe, ch »A- 
BocTbiO no4XBaTftja crap^^mRa. ^to tu xoqemb cRa3aTb? 3to 
\iKacHO,3aroBopAja ona, B^pyn c6p6ciiBi nenem h npHc^BmH^ 

na JA3HH0fi RpOBaTRi : — 3T0 CBepXl CHJ'b MOHXl; qeTBepTBIH 

AeHb ceroAHfl, RaRi a cjobbo vb ROTii rbhjk) ;^ a ne Mory 66jb- 
me npHTBopftibCfl, mo HH^iero ne SdmiHSiid, — Be Morf BH^^m, 
RaRi TBI Si'l^Hiemb, coxnemb, Hjaqemb,^ — ne Mory, ne 
Mor^. — A^ 1T0 cb BaMH, TeiymRa? npoMOJBHja JAsa: — a 
HHHero . . .' — HHiero ! BOCRjARflVJa Mapea TeMoe^eBHa : — 
irso TBI Apyr^Mi roBopA, a ne mh^^ ! HBHcro 1 a rto ceaqdcb 

' Liza's aunt. ^ npHctCTb. * KsntTb. 

' there is nutliing the matter with me. 

^ njaRaib. 

( 176 ) 

CTokrb na ko.i^iiax'l? y Koro pi^ciiAubi erne MOKpili otb cjie3T» ! 
Hiiiero. 4^ TM nocMOTpA ea cc6i, hto ibi C4'bjaja cb cboAmi 
ABnewh? Kv^a rjasd CBOn^iBaia? I]H4er6! p&3B% a He Bce 
3HdK)? — 9to npofl^erb, TeiymKa, /(aflie cpoirB. — npofl4eTi, 
4a Kor^d? r6cno4H Edsce Moft Bja^b'iKo! HeyacdiH tbi TaiTB 
ero nojH)6Aja? 4a Bi4i» on'b crapAirB, Ji&BOHRa! Hy, a ee 

CIIopH), OUl XOpOfflift HeiOB^K'BjHe KYC&eTCH; 4a VbUb HTOTKb Ta- 

Koe? Bct Mbi xopomie jh)4h ; 3eMJ& ne kjiih6m'b comiacB:' 
iioro 4o6pd Bccr4a 6j^4erB Mooro. — fl BaMi roBopib, Bce 4to 
yjK^ npouwo. — Qj^mafi, JAaoHKa, hto a leCi cKa»^, npo- 
MOiBHja B4pyni Mdpea TuMoedeBHa : ^d TeSi TOJbKo raKi 
cropflHd' KaH(CTCfl^ HTO r6pH) tbocm^ nocoS^TB flejBsA. dxi, 
4yn]a uok, Ha 04u^ CMeprb ji^KapaBa uirb ! Tbi tojbko botb 
CKawA ccOi : " ne no44aMCH* — mojx h, — ny ero !"* h cslm& 
noTOM'B Kab-x 4^iBy 4diiibcfl' — KaKx 0116 cK6po, xopomo npo- 
X64HTB. Tbi TOJbKO DOTcpnA — TeiyiuKa, BoapaaAjia Jlfiaa; — 
OHO yTKc npomjd ; Bce npomj6! — Ilpomjo! KaKoe npooud! 
Botb y leofi iiochk'b 4d3Ke 3aB0CTpA.!ca, a tbi roBopAmB : npo- 
iiwo. Xopomo : nponM6 ! — 4^, nponuo, TeTyniKa ! 6cjh bu 
TOJbKo aaxoT^Te Mui noMOHb, npoHsnecjd cb BHeaannbiMi 
04ymeBj[6HicMi> JAsa h 6p6cHjacb iia 111610 Mdpsbi THMoeees- 
Hbi : — Mfijiaa TeiyniKa, 6fAhiQ Mni 4P3froMi, noMoriie mh4, 
He cepAUTCCb, nonMiiTe mciiA . . . — 4a hto laKoe, mt6 TaKoe, MaiB 
Mog ?® He nyraii mchA, noHtd^iyHcra, a ceHHacrb saKpHHy/ne wa- 
46 t^Kb Ha Menfi, roBopfi cKopte, ht6 TaKo6? — fl xoh^ ... a 
%0Hf.,.A{i3ti cnpHTaiacBoe Aune na rpy4B M^poBi THMoeucBiiu. 
— fl xoHj^ h4t6 Bi MonacTb'ipB, nporoBopftja ona w^xo. 

CiapyinKa Taui h no4npB'irHyja Ha KpoBdiH. — IlepeKpecTAcby 
MdTB MoA^ JAaoHKa ! ohomhhcb : <]t6 tbi aio, Eofb cb toGoio; 

1 the world is not shut up in a corner. > while excited. 

3 fat. of no44&TbCfl. * so much for him* ' will be surprised. 

• my dear. 7 I shall cry out. • my dear. 

( 177 ) 

larB,* rai]f6ymKa,' ycflA HCMH&ffiKo; 4to bcc y leSi ovb 6e3- 
c6HHHiibi, ^yma Moi.' 

J[ft3a no^Hflja rojoBy; iiieKH ek uhU&JLUL. — Eivb, TeiymKa! 
He roBopAie tokx ; a pimiiacby a MOjAiacB, a npocAia coBi^Ta 
y Eora; Bce KOHHeHO, KOHHCHa moa musuh cb bsLmh. TaKou 
ypoKB He^apoMi ; 4a a y»rB He vb n^pBBiu pasi o6'b ^tomx 
A^Maio. CndcTbe ko mh^^ ne mjo ; A^me Kor^d y MeH& 6b'uH 
Ha^eac^bi Ha cnacTbe, cep^iie y uenk Bce n^eMiio. fl Bce 
3H&K) : H CBoA rpixA, H Hyffiie, h Kairb nancHbKa GoraicTBO 
Hame EdJ&irb, h sedio Bce. Bce 3T0 OTMOi^Tb, OTMOJ^Tb na^o. 
Bacb uni ffiajb, mauLh MaM&mH, Jchohkh,^ ho 4'&iaTb H^iero ; 
H]fBCTByio fl, HTO MH^ He ffiHTbe s^tcb ; fl \7Re CO Bci^Mi npo- 
crAjacB^ BCCMy bi ^oMi noKiOHftjacb vb nocjiAHin pa3'b ; ot- 
3biBderb Bieni ht6-to ; tohiho mh^, xonercfl 3aoepeTbCfl na 
vbKb.^ He yA^pHCHBaHxe Menft, ne OTroBapHBanTe, homoi Are 
Mwb, He TO fl 04Hd yvLAf. • •* 

MdpeaTflHoeeeBHa cb ^Hsacoifb ci^maia cBOib njCMinHHiiy. 
^' Oh& 6oJbHd, Spe^HTb, 4^Maja ond : — r&ao nociaTb aa ^okto- 
poBfb." — Ho Kor^d OHd yG^^Ajacb, hto .lAsa ne 6ojbHa n ne 
6p^4HTb, Maped TaMoe^eBHa Hcnyrdjacb ne na rajfiKyJ — 4^ 
Bi4b Tbi He andemb, roi^6ymRa tm moa, KaKOBa acH3Hb-T0 wb 
MonacTbipAx'b ! B'l4b Te6k, mok) po4H;fH), MacjnnieM'b^ koho- 
njAHbiifb aeieHbiMi KopM^Tb cianyrb, 61ibAnie^ na Te6fl na- 
ABHyxb^® TOJCToe-npeiojcToe ;" no xojo^y xo^Aib aacraBflrb; 
vbf,b Tbi Bcer6 ne nepeHecemb,,lft30HKa. 9to Bce wbieQi AramH- 
Hbi ^^ cii4bi ; 3T0 ona Te6ft cb TOJKy cSJua.^^ J^^i hi^h ona nanaja 

* imper. of JCHb. * darling. ' dearest. 

* dim. of Ei^Ha " Ellen," Liza's sister. * for ever, • fut of yttti. 
7 He Ha m^Rj) '' in earnest.'' * augment, of Hacio. 

' augment. ofO'&ibe*. ^^ fut. of Ha^iTb. ^^ augment, of T6jCTbitt. 

^^ dim. of Ara^bfl. ^^ bas di'iven thee out of thy senaea« 

( 178 ) 

cb Tord^ HTO nofsnEiA ; doxbb4 h tbi. H rto-xb 6to b jubiklii,' 
qTO&b Hsvsa ri^aEOH ■sir-aa kosmh 6opo4Bi, npocrA r6cao;iH,H3i- 
3a M jTKqAHbi vh M OHacTbipii Exii ? Hy, koiu reSb todiho, cbi^E, 
noMOiAcii yroAHHKv, MoieOeHi orciyxi, 4a Be HSuiB^ft tbi 
qepearo nuBiKa ea cbom) fojoby, OanoinKa tbi moh, narymKa 
TBI Moii . . . H Mapea TiMoeeeBHa ropBKO sanjaicaia. 

Akia, yriinaia ee^ orapaia ek cie3Bi,caMa njaKaja,HO ocra- 
iacB HenpeKiOHHOM. Ci onaflHBfl Mapea TiMoeeeBHa noDBi- 
T&iacB nycT^TB bi» xo4'b yrposy : Bce cKas^TB MdrepH ... ho h 
^0 ue noMor^o.' Tojbko BCji^cTBie ycHJeHHBirB npocBfo 
ctBff mKE AidSL corjac^iacB otjoxAtb HcnaiHeHie CBoero Ha- 
MSpeHifi ua nojroAa ; 3a to Mapea TaMoe^Boa 40j»h& 6bu& 
4aTB eft cioBO, hto caiia uouomerh ee h BB'ixjonoqerB oorj&cie 
MapBB 4MATpieBHBi, ^cih HepeTB niecTB M^iieBi osa ae 
H3MBHHTB cBoer6 plmeaifl. 

JaBp^qKiu npoxAii siiHy bi> Mockb^, a Becadio cii^yioiiiaro 
roia 40injd' 40 aero bIctb, hto ^Asa nocTpftrjacB bi B. . .mb 
MoaacTBipi, Bi> OAHOMii H3i 0T4ajeHHiftmHX'B KpaeBi Poccifl. 

> iterat. asp. of BUAtn. * noMd^b. * past of aoM. 

( 179 ) 



1. WymeseMHoe pacmeHte. 
?T0 OAiiaiocb Cb T06610 Ebmii 

Hiiblft RYCTb ! TBI 6jAneWb CTSLTB ; 

r^i 34ieHB, sanaxi tboh ? — Ybu ! obx OTBin^ ; 
fl Ha HyasfiAHi. 

2. IIoAeeou ^erbm6K9, 

npocT6ft UBfeToieRi Ainok 
HeH^flHHO uon&JL'h vb OJ^ilWb nyndirB cb rB034ftKoft ; 
H HTO ase? otl nei AyniAcruM'b 0011 h caMi. 
Xop6mee Bcer^d SHaROMCTBO fl npAfibUB HairL. 

3. UpoxdMiU u irtf^^. 

nneisa I nesi iib6t6fb, npeRpacpidmiixB 4jfl B36pa, 

ECTB fl40BATBie : OrpaBHTB aSHSHB TBOlb ; 

CMorpft ase, He ca^AcB Ha Ra»4MH 6e3i paaSopa I 
—He 66ftcfl : 1141 npo hhxi ; a tojbro neRrapx hbh). 

4. Jfpy(m6a. 

CRaTftBHIHCB CB r6pHofi Bbiconfi^ 

A&sAxh Ha Hjaxi 4y6i, nepifnaMH pasSftrbift, 

A. CB nHMi H rA6RiH njioni'B, HpyroifB ero odBfrrBift. . • 

4p^Hc6a ! 9to tbi ! 


( 180 ) 

6. Myxa. 

EbiRi ch lu^roiCB Ha noKon laniiicfl no Tpy^&rB ; 

A Myxa y Hero ce^tja na poraxi ; 

H Myxy Hie ohA ^oporou noBcrpi^qaiH. 

" OiKy^a TBI, cecrpa ? on> iioa Sbut BonpocB. 

A Ta, no^flftBrnn hoci, 
Bi OTBBTB ea roBopArb: "oiKy^a? mbi naxdjH !" 

Oti 6acHH saBcer^a 

HeHdflHHO 40H4emB ^o 6b'uH : 
Ciyq^ocb JH noAHacB Bani cibimaTb, rocnoA&: 

^^ Mbi cGjEuh I^ Mbi pimJUHr 

6. Op'e'M u 3MTbL 

Op&I'b H31» 66jaCTH rpOMOBX 

Cnycriuca OT^oxH^ib na jyn> cpe^A iib*t6bi 
H BcrpiiBj'b TaH'b 3Miib, noJ3yniyio no npaxy.* 

SaBAcTjHBafl TBapb 
niHnlSrrb h na Opia KB^aercH ch pasM^xy. 
^To 3RX A^-iaerb nepnaibix'b iiapb? 
EpocaeTb rop^biH miAfiXh h kb cojHEiy Bosjerfierb. 
TaKi r^Hin cBoeMy xyj^eiH) OTHQ](aerb I 

7. jffb«6 M OceM. 

KoHb^ Bca^HHKOM'b ropAftcb, 
n Bb'icTyHKoS xpaGp&cb, 

H KaKi-To ociynAjcfl. 
Da TV 6*64]^ Oceji cjyHAjca 

n rOBOpMTb KOHK) : — HV, eCJH 6bl co MH6ft 

Fp-i^x-b C4.iiaiefl laKou I 

1 we have done it* ' on the ground* 

( 181 ) 

fl, XO^fl nllBlfl ACHL, HHpd^Sy He CnOTKHJ^JCfl ; 

4a HojHO fl H Ceperj^cfl. — 
"TeOi AVL roBopHTb! 
KoHb OTBin&A'b OcA'j : " h tbi ly^a hcl Heceintcfl I 
Tbock) BbiciynKOH xo^Atb. 

n B-B vbKh He CHOTBIKHeUIBCfl.'* 

8. Offosd. 

Hleji'B HiKorAa 06631 ; 
A BX TOMi 0663% 6Bii'B laKOH npecTpamHBiH^ bos'l, 
^TO n^pe^i npoqHMH Kasajica orn* BOsaMH^ 
KaK^MH Ka^yrcfl ciohb'i npeAi KOMapaMH : 

He BOSHKl^ H ne BOSIi, B03HU^e^ to Ba^HTB;^ 

EO HiWb CCH, 6apHH'B, B03X Ha6ArB?* 


9. TpumKum Ka0mdm. 

y TpfimKH Ha iOKTflX'B Ka(i»TaH'B npo^pajcfl. 
%o ^oiro Aj^MaiB TyTB ? Owh 3a nrjy npuHAica : 

Ho HCTBepTH® o6pfaaj'B pyKaBoBi — 
n j6kth sanjaTAji^ Ka(i»TaHi oh&tb roT6B'B, 
Jhhib Ha HeiBepTB roj^e p^Kn ctsuih. 

4a HTO 40 3T0T0 neHajH ? 
O^HaKOHJe CMieica TpAuiKi bcaki. 
A TpAmKa roBopAT-B : " TaKii a ace ne AypaffB 

H Ty Gkji,"^ nonpaBJK) : 
4<iBHHi5e npeffiHflro fl pyKaoa HaciaB^H)."® 

! Tp^uiKa MajBiii ne npocTou ! 
06pt3aJTi <i>aiABi ofl-B n n6jBi,® 

1 immensely large. 

2 dim. of 8031. 

' augm. of B03i>. 

^ is passing. 

• overloaded. 

• span. 

7 patched. 

8 will make. 

9 pl.ofnojd, "sldrt." 

( 182 ) 
HacTdBBi'B pyKdBa, h BeceJi TpAmKa mob, 


KoToparo ^iHHHie h KaMsdibi. — 
TaK^Hi-Hce 66pa30M'L, BH^aii h, HHor^d 

Hfibie rocno^a, 

3an^aBn]ii fjbjia., hxx nonpaBjAiOTB ; 

nocMOTpHiDL : vb TpAuiKHHOMX Ka4»TaHi merojftiOTb. 

10. Smwh u mkeuvifl. 

" EaiTb fl HecHocTHa ! 

n KaR'B saB^AHa nacib^ TB6fl !'* 
04h4»c4bi roBopftja IliftBHni^ 3Ari^& : 
"Tbi y iio^eft bi qecru, a h ^ja hhxi ysacna; 
Te6t oxoTHO KpoBb CBOii) 4aii)rB, 
McHii Hte Bc4 GtryrB'' h, 6cjh MoryrB, Sbiorb ; 
A Kaaceicfl, pasHo mm cb hAmh nocrynaeMi : 

H Tbi H fl jH)4eH KycaeMi." 

— " EOH^HHO !" 6bIJX Ha to niiBHIlblH'b OTBitB, 

'* 4^ Bi uliH Hameft cxo^cTBa Hirb : 
fl, HanpHMi^px^ jiOAeu irb hxi noibsi yfl3Bjflio> 

A Tbi 4Jfl Hxi Bpe^a ; 
fl MHoHcecTBo SojbHbixx Hpeai ^TO nCU'&IflH), 
A Tbi H He SoibHbiM'b cMepTeibHa saBcer^a. 
CnpocA caMAx'b iiOA^n : Bct CKaHiyrb^ hto a npaaa • • •' 
fl — HXi jinapcTBo, th — OTpaBa !" 

11. BoM^ Ha ncdpiubJ* 

BoiK:b HOHbH), 4;fMafl sa^taTb bi OBHapHH), 
Uonai'b Ha ncapHio. 

* lot. 2 avoid. * I am right. 

* thb fable, which was printed in October, 1812, represents Napoleon in 


( 183 ) 

no^H^JCfl B^pyri Becb ncapHbiB ^Bop'B. 
IIoHyfl ciparo^ Taici 6jA3ko 3a6iiKy, 
Ilcbi 3aJHj6cb^ vb XAisaxb n psyTCfl Bowb na ^paKy; 
Hcapft KpHHarb: " Axt6,' peCflia, Bopi!" 
H BMHFb BopoTa Ha sanop'b ; 
B'b MHHyry ncapHa CTsLia a^owb, 
Btr^Tb : HHOH cb 4y6beMT>,* 
Hhou cb pyHCbeMi. 
" OrHft/' KpHHarb : " orHa !" IIpHiiijA cb orneMi. 
MoH BOJiTb cn^Arb, npHHcaBmncb m» frojL'b 3aA0Mi. 
3y6aMii meJKaa n omeTAnfl mepcib, 
rja3aiiH, KaHceTCfl, xoTUi'b 6bi Bctxi ohi cbicTb ; 
Ho bA^a to, hto Tyrb He n^pe^T* cra^OM-b 
n HTO npnxo^nrb naKOHem 
Eaiy^ pacHecTbCfl sa ob6i|i, 

IlyCTAjCA^ MOH XHipeil'b 

Bi neperoBopbi 

H u&HdLi-b laKi : " 4py3bA ! nmeuf Becb Siorb myMi? 
fl Bami cTap^HHbiH CBarb h KyMii, 

HpBmej'b MBp^TbCfl Kb BaMi, coBCBM'b He pa^H ccopbi ; 

SaGy^eMi nponuoe^ ycTaBBMi oSniiu Ja^i ! 

A fl He ToibKO Bope^b He ipony a^imHHX'b cra^'b, 
Ho caM-b aa HHX'b cb ^pyr^MH rpbisTbcfl pa4'b 
n BOJHbeH KjflTBOH yTBep^aH), 
%o fl.". . . — ^" HocjymaH-Ka, codkxb,'* 
Tyrb j6B4iM^ nepepBaj-b bi oTBtrb: 
"Tbi cfepV a fl, npi&Tejb, ciAT>,* 

H BOJHbM) Bamy fl 4aBH6 nai^fpy snaK) ; 
A noTOM^ oSbiiau hoh : 

' the wolf. * began to bark. • halloo. < club. 

* that he is compelled. ^ resorted. 7 huntsman. 

* gray- coated. * gray-headed. 

( 184 ) 

Ci fioiRaMH Ana^ie He jt^dLih MRpoBod, 

KaiTk cuaBinB mKypy ci dhxi 40J<!)U.'* 
n TyTB-xe Bb'inycTHJX ea BojKa rouuHxi crdio. 

12. JZf^ u Kotm} 

Ei^a, KOib nnporA aa^iHeTB ne<iA' caaoxnHiTB 
A canorA TanaTb nHpoxeniTB^ 
II AUio Be nofi^enb Ha ja^'b.' 
4a H npBM^qeno croKparb, 
^TO KTO 3a penecjo lyxoe Spdrbcfl jibfiHTb, 
ToTb aascer^a ^pvrAxb ynp&MijQI h Bd^opnift : 
Ohi j^HDie 4UI0 Bce nor^Sarb, 
n pa4'b cKopifi 
nocM^niHnieM'b craib cB^Ta, 

mwh V HecTHbixi H SHaioniiix'b Jio^^fi 
CnpocATb njb Bbicjymafb pasyMnaro coBBTa. 
3y6acTOd EQ^Ki^ bt> MbicJb npHmjo 
3a Komaqbe npHHaibCfl peMecjo. 
He 3HaH): saBHCTbK) Jb ee jyKaBbiu My^nJi^ 

Hjb, MOKCTb — 6biTb, ee puSBbifi cto.ii* nacK^HHix? 
Ho TOJbKO B34yMaja KoTd oua npoc^Tb^ 

HioS'b B3flj'b ee (Tb co66h ohi na oxoiy 
MbimeH bt> anoapi^ noJOBiiTb. 
"4a nojHO, 3naefflb jh tm aiy, CBin,/ paGoiy ?" 

Ciaj'b EDl^irb BacbKa^ roBopAib : 
" CMOTpA, KyMa, HTo6bi ne ocpaMUibCfl : 

' The pike in this fable represents Admiral Chichagof, who, although a 
naval officer, was entrusted with the command of the troops intended to 
prevent Napoleon from crossing the Berezina during the retreat from 
Moscow. With this view he was stationed at Borisof ; but the French sur- 
prised him there, and drove him out of the place, thereby securiog the 
passage of the river. 3 to bake. > well. ^ dinner, 

^ my dear. ^ name usually given to a cat. 

( 18S ) 

He A^poM-b roBopftrcfl^ 

^TO ^iio Macrepa 6oAtch." 
— n, n6jH0, RyMaueRi ! Botb HoBH^a^b : Mbim^d ! 

Mm idBJHBajH^ H epmeu. — 
"TaiTb vb ^ofipbifi lacii, non^eM'b !"— IIomjA, 3adLiH. 

HaiimHiCfl^ Ha4icfl Korb 
n K;f MymKy nposi^aTb ohi B^erb ; 
A mfKdi, HVTb SQBa^ lemiiTb, paaAHyBii porb, 

n KpblCbl XBOCTb y Heft 0Tb4lH. 

Tyrb bA^h, "ito Kyiii cobc^mi ne vb ciijy' Tpy^x, 
KyMi saMepTBO cramfti'b ee oSpdino b% npy^'b. 

n 4^bH0 ! ' 3to^ ni^Ka, 
Te6i HayKa :* 

Bnepe^i yMeie 6biTb 

n sa MbimaMH He xonkih, 

13. IlibCHJi pyccKOMy Ifapib. 

Ed»e ! I][apfi xpani ! 
CiaBHOMy ^6int 4hh 
4aft Ha seMji I 

rdp^blXX CHHpAieiK), 

Cia6bix'b xpaH^TejiOy 
Bcixi yrimiiTeJH), 

Bee HHcnomii I 
Pycb npaBOCidBHyio, 

BoHEe, xpaoA ! 
IfapcTBO eu crpoHHoe, 
Bi cAii cHOKouHoe ! 

Bee ffi'b He^ocrduHoe 

npo4b othcchA!' 
BoHHCTBO 6pdHnoe, 
QdBOH H36pdHnoe, 

E6/KC, xpanA ! 
BonnaMTi MCTHie-iflM'b, 
^6cTH cnacAie^flM'b, 


46jrie 4hh I 


IIpaB^bi GjiocTHTCieii, 
E6/KC, xpauA ! 

^ iter* of iOBiSib. * beyond strength. * deserved it well. 

^ lesson. ^ imperat. of OTornaTb. 

( 186 ) 

jKhshb EXb npnM'fipHyio, 
46&iecTflM'b BipHyio 

Tbi noMflnA I 

HaMii Hncnomift ! 
Ki 6a&ty crpeMj^Hie, 
Bi cH&cibn CMHpeHie, 

B'b CR6p6H Tepniaie 

4au Ha 3eMift ! 
By^b HaM'b 3acr|fnHHK0M'L, 
BipHbiifb con;fTHiiROM'b 
Hacb npoBoa(dil I 
}KH3Hb no4He6^cHafl, 
C^pAuy HSBtcTHafl, 
C6p4ay ciift I 

14. 3uMd. 

Moix-b jicoB'b, 
EoTOKOBi ponoTb, 
^BiTb'^ jyTovb ? 

4ep6Bbfl TOAhl ; 
nOKpbli'b XOJMbI, 

Jyrd H AOJbi. 

no4i Je^flHoft 
CBoed Kopoft 
Pyq^ft DiMierb ; 
Bee nineaierb, 

•lemb BiTepi sjoft 
Bymi^a B6erb, 
H h66o Kp6eTB 

15. 4^dymKa. 

jibicbift, cb C-Loft SopoAoK), 

4iAyfflKa CH^Arb. 
^amKa cb xJiiSoMi h boa&k) 


Eiii, KaiTb iyHb,* Ha Ji6y MopnjAHbi, 


Mnoro BiiA^-b ohi KpyHinw 
Ha vbKf^ CBoeMi. 


' lifetime. 

Bee npomi6 ; npon&ia cAja> 
IIpHTynAjcfl' Barja^i ; 

CMcpib BT» Morftjy yioHcftja 
fi,iTOKb H BHyndrb. 

C'b HDMl Bli H36^U1K% 3aROnTBJ0 

KoTb o^^H'b scHBerb; 
Crapi H oHi, H euHTb ^enb iiiiU 
C'b n6HKu ne enpbirHerb. 

' became weak. 

( 187 ) 

CiapHK^f HCMnoro na^o ; 

JdniH cniecTb ^a cSuti 
UoTb B cbiTb. Ero OTpd^a— 

Bi BoxiH xpam xoaAtb. 

El crifiKi oKOiO nopora 
CidHerB laMi Kpflxift. 

n 3a CKopgH cidBHTb Bor^, 
EoHcie ABT&. 

Pa^i owh 3RBTb, Henp64b^ bi MorAjy, 

B-b TeMHbift yrojioKi . . . 
r^i Tbi H^pnaii iiy cAiy, 

Bi^Hblft MyjRBHOirb? 

16. KapmuHKa.^ 

IIocMOTpft : vh Ez6i Mepiidfl 
Csi^TflTb oroHeK'b ; 


Co6paic& KpyffioiTb ; 
n Cb Tpy^oMX, orb cioBa Kb cJOBy 

KdjbHBKOM'b BO^ft, 

no neH&THOMV HBTaerb 

MyHsuqKdMi abtA. 
MyHCHHRA Bi riySoKOft 4yMi^ 

CilfmaiOT'b, MOJHaTb, 
P£3Bi RpAKHerb kto, htoSi 6a6bi 

YHfliA pe6Arb ; 
EaSbi cyFOTb' xbrnyt-b cocKy, 

^Togbi poTb aaiKHfrb, 
^TO&b caMiMi xoTb KpaeMi ^xa 

Cjb'imaTb qio-HBo^^b . . . 
4&HEe Cb n6qB He ciisdBiniB 

Madro^ mhofo liri, 

' he does not mind. 
* written after the promulgation of the manifesto of February ]9, 1861, 
on the emancipation of serfs. * coB&Tb. 

( 188 ) 

CfAcuA-b roJOBy h CMoTpnrb, 

XoTb He cibimHTb, fi/buT, : 
%o art TdiKb ci^fflaiorb MauFOTKy? 

Ajb yact* TaKi yMHa? . • . 
EirL, o^Ha fb ceMBt yM-Berb 

FpaMOii^ OHa. 
n npHDUocfl en, Mja^^Hiiy, 

CTapHKa.M'L npoH^CTb 
IIpo JKeiaHnyK) CBoSo^y 

4opor^K) B'ICTb ! 

TeMeH'b BMX H eft ; 
Ho Bci nfiOTb EW> co66h) 

36pH) HOBblX'b ^Heft • • • 

Bcnb'ixHeTb^ 6paTiibi, ^a 36pbKa ! 

TbMa H4erb Kb Konn^ I 
BaniH 4^TKii yarb yBHAflrb 

CB-i^Tb Annowb Kb ijiixi ' 
TbMa nycKaft eme flpArcfl ; 

4eHb B30MAerb Moryni : 
BiimiM'b oKOMi fl yaci B^acy 

HepBbiu ciaAKiu lyrh I 
Oht> ropArb yarb na rojoBKi, 

Oht, ropArb bx OHdx'b 


Cb khA^kkoh) Bi pyKaxi I 
Boia, Spambi, ^to TOJbKO 

n^pBaa cryneHb 
B'b ii4pcTB0 Mb'icjH, Tui ciaerb 

BiKOB^^Hbift '^enb. 

1 P&3Bt. 

( 189 ) 

17. Pa3CK0b3i6 npo uydnyio ffwMtf. 

BtTepi Beceio rayMirb, 

C;f4H0 Beceio CtajArt 

Mhmo ocrpoBa EyaHa, 

Bi napcTBO cjaBHaro CajT&Ha — 

II HcejaHHafl crpana 

BoTB y}Ki» k^Aduin BH^na. 

BoTb Ha 6eperi bbWjh r6cTn ; 

I](apb CajiTaHi 30BeTB hxi bi rocrn.^ 

^apb CajTan-L rocTCH cajKaerb 

3a cboh CTO^i H Bonpomaerb : 

" Oh Bbi, rocTH-rocno^a. 

46jro Ah isAHJH ? Ky^a ? 

•la^HO Jb 3d MOpeMl, HJb X^^O 

H KOKoe wb cb4t6 ^]^40 ?'* 
Eopa6ejbii|nKH bi OTstrb: 
" Mbi oSTi-BxaJH Becb CBirb ; 
3a MopeMi* atHTbe hcx^^ao; 
Bt» cmrb arb Borb KaKoe Hy^o : 
OcrpoBi Ha Mopt je^KArb, 
Fpa^'b Ha ocipoB* CToAT-b 
Cx sjaiorjaBbiMii^ KepKeaHH^ 
Ob TepeMaMn ^a ca^aMU ; 

Elb pOCTCTb UdfeXb ABopuoM-b, 
A HOAT* HCH XpyCTajbHblH AOM'b ; 

E'kiRa TaMi acuBerb pynnafl^ 
4a saTBHHniia KaKaa ! 
BuiKa niceHKH* noerb, 
4a opiniKH ^ Bce rpwaerb ; 

1 invites them. 2 abroad. ' gilt cupolas. 

* dim. ofotCHfl. * dim. of optxi. 

( 190 ; 

A op'^mKH He npocTb'ie, 
Bee cKopj^nKH aojiOTbia, 
fl^pa — hActwh HavMp^A'B ; 
Cdfru 6*4 Ky cieper^Tx/ 
Cji^atart en npncjij^roH pfenoft 
n np.DCTaB^eHi AhfiKb npiiKasHOH' 
CiporiH cHCTi opixaMi bcctb ; 
Oi^aerB en bohcko necrb ; 
Hai CKopjiynoKi Jbiort Moneiy, 
4a nycKaiOTb b7» xoat* no CBtiy ; 
4iBKH cbinjiorb' HsyMpy^'b 
B-b Kja^OBbifl 4a no4cn]f4'b ; 
Bci wb TOMi ocrpoB* Soraibi ; 
H3o6i* Hirb, Bea^i naiaTbi ; 


Owh npBCjaii leSfc noMdni." 

I(apb CdJLTSLE-h 4HBHTCfl H^AY* 
" ECJH TOJIbKO 3KHTb fl 6^4y, 

^y^HbiH ocrpoBx Hasimy,' 
y FBH^oHa Horom^."' 

18. KaaaKtS'tomtfrf, 

Eto npn SBis^axi h npa jyHB 
TaiTb nos^HO t^erb na koh'B? 
^en 4to KOHb HeyroMHMOH ? 
^HcArb Bib cTenA HeoSospi&Mod ? 

KadaKi Ha c^Bepi ^epHcerb nyrB, 
KasaiTb ne xonerb OT^oxHyTb 

1 pros, of crep^ib. > an official clerk. * pres. of cAnan. 

* gen. pi. of H36a. » fut. of HaetCTiiTb. • fut. of norocribb. 

( 191 ) 

Hh vb hActomi n6jAy hh vl x^6ip&Biy 
Hh npH onacHOH nepenpasi. 

KdiTB cTKJo/ 6yj[arB ero 6jecTATi, 
M'i^moK'L sa nasyxoH SBeHArb ; 
He cnoTbiKaflCB, kohb perAfiod 
EiacHTB, pa3MaxnBafl rpAsoH. 

^epBoHUBi H^fasHM 4Jfl roHiia ; 
EyjdTk noTBxa MOJO^iia ; 
PeTAfibiH KOHb noiixa Toxe ; 
Ho manKa 4-ifl Herd 4op6xRe. 

3a manKy owb ocraBHTB pa^i 
RohA, Hepsonubi h Syjdrb ; 
Ho Bb'i4acrB manKy tojbko cl Soh), 

n TO JHmb CL 6^HH0H rOIOBOM). 

Sani^Mi OHi manKOH 4opox&TB ? 
SaiiMi, HTO Bi HeH ^OHocL aamBTby 
4oh6ci> Ha r^TMaHa-sjo^tfl 
Itapri) Heip^ otb KoHy66a. 

19. KoueeoU md6op9. 

1J,hlT&RhI m^MHOM) TOJnOH 

Ho Beccapa6iH KO^yiorb. 

OhA cero^Hfl na^i ptKon 

Bi maTpaxi Bso^paHHbix'B hoh^iotb. 

Mem^f KOjecaMH T&isrb, 

DojydaBimeHHbix'b KOBpaMn, 

FopAi-b oroHb; ceMbft KpyroMx 

rOTOBHTb yfflHHTi; Bl hAcTOMTi UOjA 

Hacj^TCfl KOHH ; 3a maipoMX 
Py^iHOH Me^BSAb iensBrb na BOi^ 

1 cieKJo. 

( 192 ) 

Bee xAbo nocpe^A cieneft : 

3a66Tbi MHpHbifl ceMee, 

TOTOBblXTi Cb "jipowb Wb nvTb HeA&iBHift, 

n ntCHH TReB-b, H KpHITB ^^TeU, 

Ho BOTB Ha TaSopii KoneBdH 
Hncx64HrB coHHoe MOinaHbe, 
H cJbimHO BT> TornHHS crenHoD 
•iHmb iau co6airB ^a EOHeu pxaHBe. 
OrHH Be34^ norameebi, 
CuoKouBO Bce, jyHa cinerL 
O^Ha Cb He6ecH0H BbimHHbi 
H TAxiu TaOopi osapaerb. 
Bi marpB o^hom'l crapAiTB He chhtb ; 
Owb nepe^Ti ^riflMH ch4hti>, 
Corp^Tbiu Hxi nocii^HHM'b mapoMi, 
n vb noje ^ajbiiee rjfl^HTb, 
HoHHbiM'L no^epHyroe napoMi. 

20. Uepexodrt na dpytoe KoueehC. 

n Q^ myMOMi Bi'icbinaJi napo^ti: 
niaTpbi pa366paHbi ; lej^rn 
FoTtfBbi ^BAnyibCfl bt» 00x641; 
Bee BHtert Tponyjiocb : — h botb 
Tojna BajHTb^ bi nyerb'txi paBHAeaxib. 
Oeib'i Bx nepcKH^Hbix'b KopsftHaxi 
^iiee HrpaioinHxx Heeyrb ; 
My}RbJ[ H 6paTLfl, iKeHbi, a^bm, 
n crapi^ H HiaATi bo cj^^i e^^frB; 

^ is moviDg. 

( 193 ) 

KpEKi^ myMi, iibiraHCKie npHn^Bbi, 
Me^Ffi^fl peBi, ero iiiiieD 
Herepnij&Boe Spfluaebe, 
JoxMOTbeBT) flpKHxi necTpoTfi, 
Jliiie^ H crapnes'L earoTa^ 

Co6SiKb H jaH H 3aBMBaHBe, 

Boib'ihkh roBopx, CKpb'inx leiirB—- 
Bee CKy^HO, 4AK0, Bce Hecrpofino ; 
Ho Bce TaKi irAbo, nenoKOHHO, 
TaKi Hync^o MepTBbixi eaniHX'b Hirb, 
TaK^ H'^mAohoik jrhshh npa34Hod, 
KaKi n-k^Hb paSoBi 04HOo6pa3HOH. 

21. BrbCHJi ^wdHJiKci. 

Ky^a Mni roJOBy cKJonATb ? 
noK^Hyrb fl H cnpi !^ 
XorbjL'h 6hi Beceio xoTb-pasi 
BarjflH^fTb Ha EomiH Mip^. 

n fl Bl ceMbt M0ifX7» p04Hb'lX'b 

Kor^a-TO cnacrjBB'b 6bui>; 

Ho rope cnyiHnK'b moh cb rbsiy nopij 

KaiTb fl HXTi cxopoHiftji. 
Ca^ili Beceibixx SoraneH 
H HDBbl HLX-b KpyroMTi ... 

Mofl 3R^ Aopora m^mo hxi» 
Ct» saSoTOH H Tpy^oMi. 

Ho fl cnacTJi&Bbix'b He 4Hq^cb ; 

Mofl nenaib wb Tjuni ; 

fl Bc^Mi BeceibiMi pa^i CKaaaib : 

" Bon noMOHb ! " orb ^ynift. 

^ and I am an orphan. 


( 194 ) 

m^^pBift Eon ! se B6Bce vb i 
T06610 nosafibiTb I 

4jfl BCbx^ paBHO OTRpdlTb. 

Bi cei^HbH Ka»40M'B ecTb TBoft xpaiTb 
Ci diioniHMi KpecTOMi, 

Cl MOi&TBOfi CI^KOfi H CB TboAmI 

4ocT5^nHbiM'B aiTapem. 
Msi CBBTBTB cojHiie H jyH&; 
•Iio6^iocb Ha sapib ; 
H, cjibima 6i&Tovbctb^ cb To66fty 
Co34&TeiB, roBopib. 

H 3HdH) : 6^4eTb 466pbiMi nepi 

Bt> He6^H0ft CTOpOH'B : 

TaMT> 6^4y npa34H0BaTb h i ; 
Tawb M^CTO ecTb h mh^. 

22. Kaaamn KOMiff^JUfHan njbCHn. 

Cne, Mjaji^nem MOfi npeRpicHufll 
BaiomKB 6aib. 

TAXO CMOTpBTb Micflll'b iCHblfi 

Bl K04bl66jlb TBOlb. 
CTEHy CK^blSaTb A CKdSKfly 

QiceBKy caoib; 

TbI BTb ^peMJlA^ SaKpblBOIB rJ&3RI, 

EaiomKfl 6aib. 
Ho KaMHftMT> CTpyArcfl T^peirb, 

Qji^nierb^ w^imAJk saji; 
Siofi ^ei^Hi' nojiaerb Ha d^perb, 

ToHBTb CBOfi KBHXail ; 
> pres. of DjecK&Tk. ' name of a tribe in Caiieasiif. 

( 196 ) 

Ho OT^m TBoft crapbiH bobhx, 

3aKajeHi fb 6oii) : 
Cnn, MaJii)TKa, 6yAb 600X060^, 

EdiomRH 6aib. 
CaMx ysH&mB— fijf^erL BpeMH, 

BpaHHoe HCHTbe ; 
Cm4io B4iHemb^ Hory wb crpeMi 

H B03bMeinb ppRbe. 
A cb/^6jihne 6oeB6e 

meiKOMi. pa3oinbib. . . 
Cna, 4htA lioe poAH6e ! 

EaiomRH 6aib. 
EoraWipb Tbi 6^4enib cb BA47 

n RasaiTb Aymoft ; 
HpoBoacdTL Te6i a BbiH4y— - 

Tbi MaxHemb pyRod. • • 
Crojbro r6pbRHXT>(xie3i yRp&^Roft 

fl B'B Ty HOHb npojbib ! , . 
Cne, MOd SLurei'b, thxo, cid^RO, 

BdiomRH 6ai&. 
Ciany a tocroh TOMiErrbcii^ 

EeayrBniHO »E4aTb ; 
Ciiny uijbiH 4eHb MoiATbcii, 

no HOHaMi ra^aTb ; 
Ciany 4^MaTb, hto CRyqaemb 

Tbi vb HysROMi Rpaib. . * 
Cnn HTB, noRa saSorb He 3H4enib, 

EaiomKn 6aK). 
4aMi leSi fl Ha 4op6ry 

06pa36Ri> CBHTOH : 

1 fut of B4tTl. 


( 196 ) 

Tm ero, MOjicfl Bory, 

CTaBb nep^^i co66il ; 
4a roTOBflCB B^ 6od onacBbid, 

QOMHH MBTb CBOlb. . . 

Cob, Hja4^Hem moh npeKp&cHbift ! 
EdiomKH 6aH). 

23. IIoCJlJhdHEJl 6opbffd. 
nd^O MHOK) 6]^pfl BbUa^ 

FpoMi Ha ^e6'6 rpoxoTa jt> ; 

CiaSbift yMi cy4b6a crpamAjia, 

Xojo^'b Bi 4]fmy npoHHKaii. 

Ho He uM-b fl orb crpaA&Hbii, 
r6p4o BbMepffiaji y^api^ 
CoxpaHib'b Bi AyuA meikEhn^ 
B-b fhii ciby, vb c^p^iii ffiap^ 

^TO nori&Seib ! ^to cnac^Hbe I 

By4b HTO. 6fAeTb — Bce pasHo ! 

Ha cBflToe npoBH4i^Hbe 

H0J02K^.ICfl fl ^aBBO. 

Bx ^TOB vLpi Rirb coMHinbii, 

Ek) HCfl3Bb M0& nojBa ; 

He rpo3]& HCb tm mni 6^4610^ 
He 30Bii, cy4b6a, na Soil ! 

EBTbCfl A TOTOVb Cb T066H), 

y MCBfl vb ^yms ecTb ciia ; 

y MCBfl eCTb B-b C^p^ai KpOBb ; 

no4i KpecTOMi Moa Morflja, 
Ua Kpecrib mou JioSoBb! 

( 197 ) 

24. EoU cri ffdpcoM9 (pascKasi Mns'ipn). 

HenpoHBudeMOH ctIhou 
OKpy»eHa nepe^o mhoh 
EBua nojina. B^pyrL no eeft 
MeiBKB^ja TbEh, n Asyxi orneH 
npoMqaincb AcKpM . . . h noTOMi 

KaKOH-TO 3Bipb 04HHM1> OpBiaCKOMl 

Hrpafl H^B3HHHB Ha necoKi. 


Moryiia 6apcB. Cbip^io koctb 
Ohti rpBisi H B^cejo BHsacaii ; 


MoTafl jacKOBO xboctomi, 
Ha nojHbid uicfLWb ; h Ha Hean 
niepcTB OTJBBajacB^ cepeSpoMTi. 
fl Hc^aii, cxBaTj^Bi poraTbiH cyirb, 
MHHyry SAtbw ; cep^ae B^pyn 
3a}Krj6cfl^ ffiaHE^oK) 6opb6b'i 
n KpoBH . . . ^a, pyK^ cy^bSbi 
Meni Bejd nnidMi nyreMi . » • 
Ho HbiHbHe fl yB^peni wb tomi, 
^To 6biTb 6bi Morb B-b Kpaio omoBi 
He HSi nocjt^HHxi y^aibqoB'b. 

fl SR^afb. n BOTb BT» TiEii H0HH6fl 

Bpara noiyflji'b gh^, h bg^ 
HpoTflacHbiH, aEaio5Hb]u, KaK'b ctohi, 
Pa34aj[Cfl B^pyrb . . . . h nanajx ohi 
Cep^i&TO jaHOH pbiTb necoK^ ; 

* reflected. ^ sax^^bCff. 

( 198 ) 

BcTaii Ha 4u6b'i, noTOMi npHierB, 
n nepBBid 6imeHBiH cKanoKib 
Mfli crpaniHod CMepTiio rpoaftn • • • 
Ho fl ero npe^ynpe^iiT*. 
y^api Mot B^peHi 6hU'b h cRopi. 
HaAesEHbiH cyKi Mod, Kafn> Ton^pi, 
niHpoKiSi jLO&b ero pascBKi .... 

OhI SaCTOHai'B, KaKl qeiOKBITBy 

n onpoK^eyjcfl. Ho bhobb — 

XoTfl JHJa H31> pdHbl RpOBb 

FycToft, mHpoKOH) bojhoiI — 
EoH 3aKHnlii, cMepTejbHbift Soft: 
Ko uwb owb KJiHyjcfl Ha rpy}(b; 
Ho wh rdpjo fl ycniii BOTKHyrb 
n TaMi ABa pasa noBepB;frb 
Moe opyHue . • . Owb saBb'u'b, 

PBan^JCfl H31> nOCli4HHXT> CEJLly 

n MM, cnjer&cb, Kairb n&pa 3Mid, 
OSniBmHCb Kpinne ^Byxi ^pys^d, 
yn&iH pasoMi, n bo mfji^ 
Eofi npo^oJHC&iH Ha seMji. 
n fl SbiJCb crpameHi bi ^otb MBrb ; 
KaRT» 6ap(rb nycTbiHHbid, 30Ji h aekl^ 
fl HjaMeH^ji^ BH3}Raji, KaiTb 0H^ ; 
KaRi 6y4TO caMi a 6bui poas^eni 
Bi ceMeecTBt 6apcoB'b h bojkobi 
HO^I CBiBHCDMl noioroMi jicoB'b. 
Ka3aj[0Cb, hto cjosd Jio^eH 
SaSbUi fl — H Bi rpy^A Moefi 
Po4K[J[Cfl totb yacacHbid Kpeirb, 
KaiTb 6^410 ch ^i^TCTBa MOd flSbiirB 

Kl HHOMy 3ByKy He npBBEfliTb .... 

( 199 ) 

Ho Bpan MOfi ctdj-h HSHeMoraiB, 
MerdTbCfl, Me^ieHB^H AbimaTb^ 
CUaBAm uenk wb nocjt^Hid paai. • . ; 
3paHRA ero He^BAxHUxi rjaai 
BjiecH]f JH rp63HO — h hotomx 

3aRpi(uBCb tAxO B^IHblM'L CEOWb; 

Ho CB TopaRecTByiomHM'b BparoMi 

Ohi BCrpiTiU'b CBiepTb JHIIOMI Kl MUff 

KaiTB KB fiiiBi cliAyerb (Soft ay! 

( 200 ) 



aee,f accusative. 

CM^'., adjectiye. 

adv,, adverb. 

augm,f augmentative. 

eoU,, collective. 

eomp^ comparative. 

eonj., conjunction. 

dat.y dative. 

dim., diminutive. 

/., feminine. 

fam,f familiar expressioD. 

fig,f figurative sense. 

gen., genitive. 

ger., gerund. 

imp. a,, imperfect aspect. 

itidecl.y indeclinable. 

instrum,, instrumental case. 

itUerj., interjection. 

irr., irregular. 

iter. asp.t iterative aspect. 

m., masculine. 

ft., neuter. 

pa., perfect aspect. 

patt,y participle. 
pLf plural. 

pop.f popular expression. 
pot9.f possessive. 
prep., preposition. 
I prepos., prepositional case. 
pron., pronoun. 

pron. dem,y pronoun demonstrative. 
pron. per8.f pronoun personaL 
pron. rd., pronoun relative. 
prop., proper sense. 
M., substantive of common gender. 
$f.^ substantive feminine. 
ting., singular. 
tl., Slavonic word. 
mn., substantive masculine. 
tn., substantive neuter. 
mperU, superlative. 
w»., verb active. 
V, imp,, verb impersonal. 
9071., verb neuter. 

«r., verb pronominal or roflecUve. 
vs., verb substantive. 





Note. — When two infinitives are gieerit the first represents the Imperfect aiid the 

second tJie Perfect Aspect of the Verb, 


A, eonj. but, and. 

A ! inter j, ah ! well 1 

ACpe.R'k, <m. Abrek. 

ABraHi & ABT^Beipt, sm. an Afghan. 

ABrycTb, 8171. August, mouth of 

Ab6cb, adv. pop, perhaps. 

ABpa&Mift & ABpaaMi^ sm, Abraham. 

Ar^«i>fl, sf. Agatha. 

Arama, sf. dim, Agatha ; Ar^maHi, 
adj, Agatha's. 

AAaMit, sm, Adam. 

AAHBpaJT^ttCRift, {{(//.belonging to the 

A4CKitty a(fj, infernal ; fi>g, diabolical. 

kATif sm, hell. 

Aaxiot^htl, sm, aide-de-camp, ad- 

AsiaTi & salkrenh, sm, an Asiatic. 

Asia, sf, Asia. 

AKKfAdL,8f, shark. 

AEOMnaHeM^HTb, sm, accompani- 

Artphce, sf, actress. 

AHypaTHutt, adj. punctual. 

AiBKC^HApa, «/*. Alexandra. 

AjeRCaHApoBCRaii ROidena, th« Alex- 
ander's column. 
AieRcaDApi, sm, Alexander. 
AiORC^fi, sm, Alexis. 
AiR^Tb, vn, to be hungry, to hunger. 
AiRopiHi, sm. alcoran, the Koran. 
Auik & Ajjaxi, sm. Allah. 
AjjeropiiiecRitt, adj. allegorical. 
AjM^a, sf. avenue, walk. 
AJMasi, sm. diamond. 
AJTapB, sm, the sanctuary, altar. 
AhO^PI, sm, warehouse. 
AM^pHRa, sf, America. 
AHacTHCifl, sf, Anastasie. 
Aereix, sm, an angel. 
AflrjittcRitt, ctdj. English. 
AflrJH^aHHH'b, sm, an Englishman. 
AHMifl, sf. England. 
AHAP^tt) sm, Andrew. 
AHeRA^rit, sm, anecdote, occurrence. 
AHHa, sf, Anne. 
AnneTHTL, sm, appetite, relish. 
Aoptib, mt. April. 
Ani^Ra, sf, an apothecary's shop. 
Apad'B & ApaBUTflHHH'B, sm, an Arab. 
ApdOcRitt, adj, Arabian. 
ApuBfJiCRitt, cidj. Arabian. 
ApaBifl, sf, Arabia. 

( 202 ) 

AparBa,ff. Aragva. 

ApH6M^HRa, «/. arithmetic, accounts. 

ApBeMeTHBi, sm. arithmetician. 

Apiii, sf. air, tone. 

ApR^Hi^ sm. lasso, rope with a run- 

ing noose. 
ApMifl, rf, army. 
ApTHCTi^ecKili, a<(;. artistic 
Apriicrb, apiHCTRa, t, artist. 
Ap4>a, sf, harp. 

ApxHMaH4p]STb, itn, archimandrite. 
ApxieniicKon'k, sm, archbishop. 
ApmiiBi, «m. arsheen (JRiusian ell), 
ATBukEiy nn, hetman, chieftain. 
ATjaBTiiiecKiii, adj, Atlantic. 
AnaKa & ETaKa, sf. attack, onset, 

ATTaROBaTb, ta, to attack, charge. 
A«eKTHp6BaBHUtt, adj. affected. 
AxByib, vn.p,a, to make an exclama^ 

tion of astonishment or surprise. 
AxT^, interf. heigh ho ! ah I 
AeiEit,8f,pL Athens. 


B&6a,«^. f>op. woman. 
Ba6iM, culj, woman's, feminine. 
Bar4^i, sm, Bagdad. 
BarpdBuft, adj, purple, livid. 

Bas^pi, sm. market, bazaar. 
6aKefl(3^pTU & CaKeeO^p^u, sf, pi, 

BaKJ^^ina, sf, a cast iron wheel, 

a block. 
Beki, stn, forecastle. 
BaJKdB'k, sm, balcony. 
BaJTfliCBlli, adj, Baltic 
B&E&,sf, bath. 

BapadaHi, sm, drum. 

Bap^Bift, adj. sheep*s, of sheep's skin. 

BapaH'k, «!»., dim. Oap^meRi, the ram. 

6apeA6*'B, sm, bas-relief. 

B&pRa, sf, bark, ship. 

B^pCRift, adj, lordly, master's. 

BapcBftm. panther. 

B^pxan, sm, yelvet. 

Bip&iBfl, sf, mistress, lady, gentle- 

BacHoniSceirb, sm, fabulist. 

BacflOCJdBie, sn, fable, mythology. 

B^Bfl, sf, fable, tale, story. 

BaTajIdfl'k, sm, battalion. 

BaTi^tk, sm, Batu-Khan. 

BaTiomRa, sm, dim, father, my dear. 

EaxpoM&, sf, fringe, trimming. 

BamRipifl, sf, land of the Bashkirs. 

Banu&R'k, sm, Caucasian cowl. 

BamM^Ri, sm, shoe. 

BamMa^BHRi, - aeqa, t. the shoe- 

B^niHfl, sf, tower, turret. 

BaflTb, vn, to speak, talk. 

B4iiTeibB0CTb, sf. Yigilance. 

Be4^Hfli, mi. Bedouin. 

BesddiRBuft, €utj, impious, atheistical. 

Be3Bp^4BUtt, adj, harmless. 

BesB'fepie, sn, incredulity, irreligion. 

Be84apButt, adj, without genius, un- 

Be84'&iHqa, sf, trifle. 

Be84'iii>BHR'B, -Hflqat t. rascal, mis- 

BeaisdsBeBButt, adj, lifeless, inani- 

BesROB^^BO, adv. endlessly, infinitely. 

BeaROfl^^BUit, adj, endless, infinite. 

BesRop^CTie, mi. disinterestedness. 

BesRopi^CTBuil, adj. disinterested. 

( 303 ) 



Set ■pteiMWiily oi^. ii 

BesoHcaocn, 1^ waktj, 
BeiQB^ciiily o^L Hie, seeme ; -wo, 

adv, Aj, witbont danfer. 
BeMcnadMnmty «^ vniiitefniirted, 

wnrmmg; -w^ adt.Ay, 
EeMRStmil, adj, — jnitifiihlnj fe- 

agned, withoiil aasver. 


BeanoBdiM, adv. iwdwdy, wiOioiil 

Seaaoidinil, od^. 
SeaaoK6Ri,«L to distariiy tnwble. 
EennwdnBca, cr. to be disqaiatody to 

Eenpep^iaOy odr, meMnotl j. 
SeaapepAniily k -ffpeci^iui, ih(;. 

anuitcitopted, incf — nt, 
B w peci iu iMO, adv. ineeMurtlj ; -4a* 

■ul,<idji ineeanoi. 

Beaopavipiul, Alf' aoezMDpM. 
EeMpBcrpdcriey «. imfMurtudhj. 
Beapdiinily a<(|u without pAreiito. 
Eeacdrtcmiiy od;. dSahonft^ witb- 

out iOHQgi^nff 
Seae^ama, f^. tleepleancM. 
Eeacndpmi, a^. ineooteotablo ; -m, 

ad», -Uj. 

BtKi^ammOf odr. fcarieoilj. 
EesTBop^Minil, od;. inepriMieb- 

ablOybfaMiieleai ; M, adv. -Ij, 
Ees^aony «. idiot, sill j nuui. 
SeafCJdMUl, o^. miconditioiuU. 
EcsfrtBMy odr. ineooiolabl jy hope- 

Eearrioiuly od;. ineomdable. 
EeaT^krfe^ flk indiflerenee. 
Eesqiaaul, od/L ioTalnable. 
EenejoetoiulyOd;. inhnnuui, cruet 
EeniwnOy ot. KeeetiomncM, fai- 

Eeniejeamiy aI^ ionmiienble. 
Sanfwcnemmuif adj, iiafeeUiig,eeoee- 

leai^ ioeeiMUey inhmiHui* 
Ben k Eeao, pri»p. ^nu without. 

B6pen,flK. efaore, eoeety bank. 

Bepesjincn, 1^ aavingneas. 

Bepesiiml, o^^'. eaieful, aparing. 

B^pesio, odr. cantiooalj. 

Eepc^lf. birefa tree. 

EepeaoHily odjL birch, of birdL 

fiep^^ «». to keep, preaerre. 

Bef6ncMy cr. to take care of ooe'a 
oeify take care oC 

BepMn,fla. Berring. 

BepJia^fla. Berlin. 

B^CTii, if. a rogue, raaeaL 

Fettja, fT- couTenatioa. 

FetiionTfty «ik to eonrerae. 

Beon^n, mm. voder tnaie (of titf 

BKliacKil, Alf. biblical, of the BOile. 

Eina,fr.batJe, fight. 

Ban, f& to beat. 

B^nca, cr. to fight, atraggle^ palpi- 

( 204 ) 

Ei^eB^ & EH^eBdn, t/. towing-rope. 
Bjariit & EJardtt, cutj, good. 
Exaro, tn. good, welfare. 
EjaroroBittHull, €tdj, reverent, re- 

' spectfuU 
EiaroroBtHie, ra. reverence. 
EjaroBlteTHTBjVn. (ri o6'fe4H'fe), to ring 

to church. 
Bj&roB'fiCTb, sm, ringing to church. 
ExaroAapiSTB, ta, to thank. 
EwiaroA^pHOCTb,' tf. gratitude, thanks. 
£jaro4apHull, adj, grateful, thankful. 
Ejaro4ApcTByfiTe, thanka, thank you. 
EjarojitTeib, -Heqa, «. benefactor, 

EJaro4i^TeJbH&ift, adj, beneficent 
fijaro4'lb^Hf e, «». good act, kindness. 
EiaronoiyiHO, adv. safely, happily. 
Ejaronoi^HHUfi, adj. safe, happy. 
Ejaronpi^Ti^ii^. o^/V favourable.- . 
EJaropaaf Mie, an, wisdom, good sense. 
Eiaropa3fMHO,a(2p. prudently, wisely; 
Ejaropasf MHUtt, adj. prudent, wise. 
Eiarop64ie, s». nobility^ ( — er6) his 

E.iarop(54Bull, adj. noble. 
Ejarop^4CTBO,:m. nobleness. 
Ejarop64CTBOBaHie, mi* ennoblement. 
£jarocKj6nBiiitt, adj, well-disposed, 

EjarocJOBUTB, va. pa, to bless. 
EjarociOBji^Tb, tx». to bless. 
EjaroycnimHOCTb, sf, success, good 

EiarocTb, tf, kindness, clemency. 
EjaroTBop^TeJb, -HHqa, «. benefactor, 

EiaroTBopiiTeJiHbiil, adj. beneficent, 


Ejaro^ecT^Bufi, adj, pious, religions. 

EjaiR^HCTBO, tn. beatitude, happiness. 

EJecRi, am. splendour, glitter. 

EJg^TKa, tf. spangle. 

BiecH^, pa., see (UecriTB. 

EJecTfeTB, diecH^, vn, to shine,glitter. 

EjecTiliqiit, adj. brilliant. 

Eje^Tb, vn. to bleat. ■ 

BjixcHift, cufj. near, next ; sm. friend^ 
relation, neighbour. 

EJHBRift, adj, near, adjacent. 

EJHBKitt, 8in. relative. 

EJH3R0, adv. nearly, close. 

BiAsocn & EJH8b,{/. nearness, neigh- 

BiEB'h, prep, gen, near, in the vicinity 

EJHCT^Tb, vn.y see Ejecrtib. 

Ei'fe4Hbift, adj. pale. 

BjIU40, an, dish. 

EJiDCTiiTen, -HHqa, a. keeper, guar- 

Eodpi & EoCepi, am, beaver ; -(Spd- 
Bbift, adj, 

Eor&TO, €utv, richly. 

EoraTCTBO, an. riches, opulence. 

EoraTbill, adj, rich. 

EoraT^pb, am. hero^ giant. 

EorarfiTb, vn, to grow rich* 

Eoraqi, am, rich man. 

Eor4aH'b, am. Deodatus. 

Eoro6o^3JHBbill, adj, fearing God, 

EoroMaTepb, af, the Mother of Jesus. 

EoroHdiie & EoroN^Ae, an, prayer, 

Eorop64Hqa, af, the Virgin Mary. 

E0royr64Huit, adj, charitable; -Hoe 
8aBe4^Hie, charity institution. 

Eori, am, Grod. 

( 205 ) 

Eo4piiTbCfi, vr. to take courage, to go 

E64pocTb, «/. vigour, boldness. 
E64putt, cuij, vigilant, alert. 
BoeBolt, adj. battle, of battle. 
E6»e ! vocative d. God ! 
EoHcecTB<5, «n. divinity, deity. 
EdHtitt, adj, Grod's divine. 
Eott, sm. battle, fight. 
EottRilt, adj, brisk, rash, vigorous. 
EoEi, sm. side, flank. 
Eojb, rf, pain, ache. 
i»<5jibHO,a(2i?. painfully;^, very much. 
E0JbB6tt, adj. sick, ill. 
Eddibine, (Kiv. oomp, more. 
EoJbinHHCTB<5, Ml. majority. 
EdJibmitt, adj. oomp, greater, larger. 
EoAmdlt, a>dj. great, large. 
Eojlse, adv, oomp, more. 
EoJi'fiSBeHHO, a(2i9. painfully. 
Eoj'fe3HeHHUtt, a<2;. sickly, painful. 
Eoj'feSHb, «/! illness. 
E6M6a, s/l bomb. 
Eop^Bie, sn, wrestling, agony. 
Eopucb, sm. Borice. 
Eop04a, Bf, beard. 

Eopo4HH6,«n.Borodino; -4^HCRiH, adj, 
EopoTbCfl, vr, to wrestle, struggle, 

Eoprb, 9m. board {of a tikip), 
EopbOa, sf, wrestling, strife. 
EocHRdMi, adv, barefoot. 
EoieHORii, «m. keg, barrel. 
EOHROMi, adv, sideways,with shoulder 

Eo^SHb, sf. fear, apprehension. 
Eo^pHHi, 8m, lord, gentleman. 
EoflpcRitt, adj, boyard, lordly. 
EoflpBHfl, sf, lady, mistress. 
EoflTbcfl, vr, to fear, apprehend. 

Ep^BO, ifUerj, bravo! 
EpaRi, sm, marriage, wedlock. 
EpaBiSTb, va, to scold, to abuse. 
EpaRBUtt, adj, warlike, military. 
Epanbj 8f, scoldings abuse. 
Ep^TBiti, 9m, dim, dear brother, my 

dear, my boy. 
Ep&Tiii, 9f. brotherhood. 
EpaTCRitt, (M^;. brotherly, fraternal. 
Eparb, 9m, dim, Gpaieirb, brother. 
EpaTb, joa, B3flTb, pa, to take, seize. 
Ep^TbCfl, vr, to take upon one's self, 

to undertake. 
Ep4<iButt, adj^ nuptial, wedding. 
EpeBBd, 9n, beam. 
Ep44HTb, vn, to rave. 
EpeaidTb, vn. to resound, to jingle. 
Epecj^Bib, 8m, Breslau. 
EpecTH, vn, to ramble, wander. 
EpHJUii^BTb, 8m. brilliant, diamond ; 

-TOButt, adj, 
EpoBb, 8/, eye-brow. 
Epo4iiTb, vn. to ramble, to wander. 
Epo4'b, sm. ford. 
Epo44ra, 80, rambler, wanderer, 

Ep^aaa, 8f. bronze ; -sobuH, adj, 
EpocaTb, Ep6cHTb, va, to throw, fliug, 

to abandon. 
Epoc^TbCti, EpdcHTbCA, vr, to throw 

one's self, to rush. 
Ep6cHTb, -Cfl, f>a., see CpocaTb, -Cfl. 
Epycx, 8m, square balk. 
Ep&srx. 8m, sprinkle, splash ;6p&3rB, 

pi, spray. 
Ep^3raTb & Ep&3ByT&, va. to splash, 

to gush out. 
Ep^RByrb, va, pa, to jingle, to clatter. 
EpAq&Ble, Ml. rattle, jingle. 
Eyropi, mi. small hillock. 

( 206 ) 

Ey4^Tb, va. to waken. 

6^4y, I shall, I will. 

hfxn & Bfxto 6u, oonj, that, as if. 

By4yHH, per, pres. being. 

B^4yii<ee, m. & -4yii)H0CTb, if, the 

Bfxfn\[fkf adj. future. 

By3&, ff, buza, oat-ale. 

B^ltHutt, adj, boisteronsy tnrbuleiity 

E^Kua, sf, letter, character. 

Byjikrb, sm. steel, sabre. 

ByjbBtf pi, tm, boulevard. 

Eysiara, sf. paper, dead. 

EyMaroTK^maii ♦adpii^Qifly manu- 
facture of chintz or cotton goods. 

ByH^SRa, sf, slip of paper, bank-note. 

E^HUlt, adj, stormy, tempestuous. 

E^fl, 9f, storm, tempest. 

Eyr^sa, sf, bottle. 

Eyx&pa, $f. Bokhara. 

Eyx^peqi, sm, a Bokhartan; -x&pc- 
Kifi, adj, 

EymeBHTb, vn, to howl, rage. 

Eu & Ex, a sign of the eonditional 
and subjunctive moods. 

EuBlio, it used to be. 

EuBSTb, vn, to be sometimes, be 

E&Bmifi, adj, former, late, ex-. 

EuKi, tm, buU, ox. 

Euji6tt, adj. former, past. 

Eiub, EbUHHa & Eiuiqa, gf, past oc- 
currence, event, tradition. 

E&CTpo, adv. rapidly, swiftly. 

EucTpoTa, gf, rapidity. 

E^CTputt, adj, rapid, swift. 

EuTl^, tn, being, existence. 

EuTb. «m. state, condition, household. 

BMTb, vn. irr. to be. 

Eu<ia<iilt & E^^ift, adj. bull's, ox's. 

E'feraTb, vn. to run. 

Etrjuii, tm, runaway, deserter. 

EtroirL, adv, in a run, running fast. 

EircTBO, Ml. flight, desertion. 

Btn, tm. running. 

Et4&« tf, ill-luck, cslamity, woe. 

E'fe4H0CTb, «/! poverty. 

Et4Hui, adj. dim. 0t4Hemilt, poor, 

E'fi4H[ira & -b^ri, tm. poor fellow. 
Et4CTBie, tn. calamity, misery. 
Etxin, vn. & indef, (Jtran, to run, 

trot, avoid. 
E'&iRa, gf, squirrel ; -jhhIII, adj, 
E'&iopycclfl, tf. White-Russia. 
Eiuilt, <idj. white. 
E'&ibe, tn. linen, linen-clothes. 
BtCTb, t9H, devil, demon. 
E'l^meHCTBO, tn. rage, madness. 
EimeHuli, adj, mad. 
EK>p6,«A. writing-table, de8k,biireati. 


B&HEHO, adv, seriously. 

B&JKHOcn, if. seriousness, import- 

BaaEDUfi,a(^*. serious, of consequence,, 

Baji4^ik) «m. Valdai ; -4&ftCKilt, adj, 

B&ieHOHHutt, adj. of felt. 

BaJ^T]>Cfl, vr. to throng, to crowd. 

Bail, tm. rampart, bulwark, wave. 

Bai^TbCfl, vr. to roll. 

B^psapb, tm, a barbarian. 

Bape'Hult, part, cooked, boiled. 

Bap^obe, tn. preserves. 

BapHTb, va, to boil, to cook. 

Bap^rb, ffi. a Yariag, Norman. 

( 207 ) 

BacuJilt, tm, Basil ; Bacu^ca^/em. 

BaT4ra» sf, band. 

BaipyiuKa, sf, cheese-cake. 

Baini, cuij, post, (/. Bama, n. B&me), 
your, youp's, 

BCtataib, i7». pa, to run in. 

Baepr&Tb BB^preyTb, ixi. to cast in, 

BB^prnyTb, pa,, see BBepran. 

BBepxy & BBepxi, a<2^. upwards. 

BsecTH, pa,, see BBOAUTb. 

Bbo4^tb BBecTH,iKi.toleadin,introduce. 

BBl^p^Tb BB' intrultyconfide. 

Brja4UBaTi>cfl,-A'&T]>CH, look into, 

B4ajii, at^v. far, in the distance. 

B4BHHyTi»,'pa./>a. to put in,to move in. 

B4Bde, ad/o, doubly^ twice. 

B4B0eH'b, ad/o, two together. 

]J40Ba, »f, widow. 

B4<5BOJb, adv, sufficiently, plenty. 

B4^BCTB0BaTi», v». to be a widower. 

B4aib, adv, in length, along. 

B40XB0BeHie, m, inspiration. 

B4pyrb, adv, at once, suddenly. 

B4UX^Tb, B40xe^b, va, to breathe in, 

B4'fiBdTb, B4'fiTb, va. to put in, thread. 

B44iaTb, pa., see B4iiUBaTb. 

B4iibiBaTb, B4luaTb, va, to put in, set. 

B4tTb, pa,, see B4l>BaTb. 

Be4p6, sn, pail. 

Be34t, adv, everywhere. 

Be34tc^ii<ifi, adj. omnipresent. 

Besj^Bilt, sm. Mount YesuTius. 

BeiiKltt, adj, great, grand. 

BeiiR04^niie, sn, magnanimity, gene- 

BejBK04;^inBUlt, hdj, magnanimous, 
generous ; -ho, adv, -ly. 

BejHROi'l^oie, «n. magnificence, pomp. 
BeiHROJtnBufi, adj, magnificent. 
BeJH^^BUtt, a<;^'.lofty,stately,haughty. 
BejH^iaTbca, vr, to exalt one's self. 
BeJHHHB^ tf, size, quantity. 
Bej^^iie, «n. sublimity, grandeur. 
BejbMd]Ba,8»t. great lord, grandee. 
Bei'BTb, va, to order, command. 
Bepda, sf, sallow, common sallow. 
Bep(}ji54'b, sm, camel. 
Bep(}ji5Hclii, adj. camel's, made of 

camel's hair. 
Bepe'BKa, sf, dim. Bep^BO^Ka, rope, 

cord, string. 
Bcpe'BOHRUfi, adj, of rope. 
BepiirH, sf, pi, chains, fetters. 
Bepa^bCfl, vn, pa, to return. 
BepcTa, sj, verst (3500 Engl, feet). 
BeprBTbCfl, vr. to turn, to be turned. 
Bep«b, sf, dockyard. 
B^pxBiit, adj, upper. 
BepxoBdtt, sm, horseman. 
BepxdMX, adAD, on horseback. 
Bepx^ (sa-), up stairs. 
Bepx^mRa, sf. top, smnmit. 
Bepxi, sm. upper part, top. 
BepmHsa, sf. top, ridge, summit. 
BeprndRi, sm. vershok (1} mches). 
BeceiHTbCfl, vr, to rejoice, divert one's 

BeceJbitt, adj, lively, eheerfuL 
Bec^be, sn. rejoicing, amusement. 
Becj6, sn, oar. 

Becaa, sf. spring; BecHdio, in spring. 
BeCTii, va, & indef, B04UTb, to 

BecTi ce6a, to behave. 
BecTb, sm. west. 
BecTb, see bccth. 
Becb, jorcm. (/.BCfl n, Bce), all,enture. 

( 208 ) 

BecBMfi, adv, very. 

BocTb Hn^ia, tf, £a8t India. 

9&TJii, sf, common white willow. 

Bei^pDllt, adj, of evening. 

Ben^pHfl.f^. vespers, evening prayers. 

B^iepoMib, <idv, in the evening. 

B^'iepi, sm. evening. 

BeneptTb. «n. to incline towards even- 

Bemuita, if. a small thing, trifle. 

Beuib, sf, thing, article. 

BsaAi, adv, backwardR. 

BaOep^Tbca, BsoCpaTbCfl, vr, to mount, 

B36pecTH, 'cn, pa, to come into. 

BaOtCHTfcCfl, vr, pa, to become mad, 
to get into a rage. 

B3B^HBaTi>, BSBaiUTb, «a. to lay on, 
to burden. 

BssicBTb, pa,f see BSFiniHBaTb. 

BsBtiDBBaTb, BSB'fiCHTb, 1X1. to weigh, 

B3ra4aTb, va, pa. to conceive, ima- 

BsrjflA'bj sm. look, glance. 

BsrjflH^, va, pa, to give a look. 

634eprHBaTb, BsAepeyTb, va, to jerk 
up, draw up. 

V34epHyTb, pa,, see BS^eprHBaib. 

B340XHyTb, pa,, see B3Abix4Tb, 

B340X'b, sm, sigh. 

B34p4rHBaTb, B34P<5rHyTb, tn, to shud- 
der, tremble. 

B34porB^Tb, pa., see B34parHBaTb. 

B34^MaTb, va, pa, to think of, ima- 

B34^MaTbcfl, vr, imp, to take into 
one's head. 

B34Ux4Tb, B840XB^, 1771. tO sigh, 


634"^, ifiU, B34'fiBy), va, pa. to 

put on. 
B3JeTaTb, B3Jer!!Tb, vn, to fly up. 
B3Jt3Tb, vn,pa, to climb up, creep up. 
B3Jiio6HTb, va,pa, to take fancy to. 
B3M<5pbe, sn, shore of the sea. 
BsM^HTb, va, pa, to lather, to bring 

the sweat. 
BsoCpaTbCfl, pa,, see B36flpaTbCfl. 
BsoftTi, vn. pa, to go up, to mount. 
B3opi, «m. look, eyes. 
B3UBaTb, B038BaTb, va. to invoke, 

call tip. 
B3biCE^TeJbflbilt, adj, exigent, severe. 
B3biCK^Tb, va, pa, to exact, call to 

Bs^Tie, <n. taking, capture. 
B3aTb,va. pa, (fut, B03bM^), to take, 

capture, apprehend. 
B3^Tbca sa, vr, pa, to undertake, to 

take upon one's self. 
B3^Tbca, vr. to appear, arrive, come 

BB4aTb, ta, to see often. 
BM4flMbiit, adj, visible, apparent; -ho, 

Bu4flM0My, (no-), adv, apparently. 
BU4B0, adv, apparently. 
BB4Hbiit, adj. evident. 
Bfl4BiTbca, vr, to be seen, to appear. 
Bhai, sm, sight, view, aspect : Curb 

Vb BHAf, to be in sight ; BM^Tb 

Vb Bfl4y, to aim to ; no4i BU40M'b, 

under pretence. 
6^4%^, yBBAtTb, va, to see. 
Bu4l>Tbca, vr. to see one another. 
BB3r'b, 5m. squeak, squall. 
BB3aBTlfiCRiii, adj, Byzantine. 
Bmrnajb, BUdrflyib, vn* to squeak, 

whine, yelp. 

( 209 ) 

Bns^pb, sm, the Tizier. 

BuJKa, sf. fork. 

Bhj^tii, BHJbH^jVn. to shuffle^ flinch, 

Bhh&, sf, cause, fault. 
BHHd, sn, wine. 

BHHOB^Tuii,.a(£/. culpable, in fault. 
BBHdBHHRX, sm. causo, author. 
BHHOBHUii, adj, culpable, criminal. 
BBpTeM6^prcKiit, adj, of Wiirtemberg. 
Bnc6Ri, sm, temple, temple-lock. 
B^cfiJHqa, sf, gallows, gibbet. 
BflcltTb, vn, to bang, be suspended. 
Bhtb, ra. to twine, plait, to build (a 

BuTLCfl, TT. to twine, to coil, wind. 
BHxpb, sm, whirlwind. 
Bumea, sf, cherry-tree, cherry. 
Bkojiotuh, ta. pa*- to knock in, 

drive in. 
BR;^CHuii, adj, tksty, saToury. 
Bxyci, sm. taste, savour, style. 
BiaAHMip-b, sm, Vladimir ; -CKill| adj. 
Bja4biRa, Bja4^K0, d. sm* Lord, 

master, sovereign. 
B^a4^HecTB0, m. dominion^ soye- 

BjaA'fi^eqx, sm, owner, possessor. 
B^aA'I^Hie, sn, possession, dominion. 
BjaA'I^Tb, ta, to reign, rule, to possess, 

to make use of. 
BjacTb, sf, power, authority. 
B^acb, sm. Blase. 
Bji^Hie, sn, influence. 
BJOM^TbCfl, vr. pa. to break in. 
B.i'^BO, adv, to the left 
Biiiirx, adv, in the twinkling of an 

eye, in a moment. 
Bn'fiCTO, prep. gen. instead of, for. 
Bmscrfe, adv, together. 

BM'bmHBaTBCff, BHtm£Ticfl,«r.tointer« 

BHes^Huii, adj, unexpected, sudden. 
Bhh3^& BflBBX, adv, below, down, 

BHHMaHie, sn, attention. 
BHHM^TeibHutt, adj, attentive. 
BHBM^Tb, va. to hear, to grant. 
BeoBb, adv,^ anew, over again. 
BH;^peHeitt, adj, interior, inward. 
BH;^eRHOCTb, sf, interior, intestines. 
Be^ieKX, sm. dim, pi, BByn&Ta, grand* 

Beym^Tb, BHymiib, «a. to suggest) 

Bflt, prep, gen, out of* 
BHtmHilt, adj. exterior, extemaL 
BdBce, adv, totally, quite, at all. 
BoBTopAxi, (zdf% in the second in- 

* stance. 
B04£, sf. water. 
B04iiTb,.ix>. to lead, conduct. 
B64Ra, sf, brandy. 
B64By, (na*), money for drink. 
BOAOBopdrb, sm. whirlpool. 
BoAOiad'B, sm. diver. 
BoeBdTb, vn. to make war. 
BoeBd4a, sm. captain, general. 
Bo^BBbilt, adj, of war, military, mar- 
Boffi^Tull, sm. guide, leader. 
B0]K4b, sm, chief, leader. 
Bo3($Jaro4apliTb, va, pa. to thank. 
B036y4iiTb, pa., see B08(}yH(4^Tb. 
B036yjR4£Tb,B036y4iTb,ix>.to awaken, 

excite, incite. 
BosBpaTiTb, -Cfl, see B03Bpaiii4Tb, -cfl. 
BosBp^Tflbitt, (idj. returning, return. 
BosBpantaTb, BOSBpaiiiTb, va, to return, 


( 200 ) 



oco., accusative. 

adj,f adjective. 

adv., adverb. 

augm., augmentative. 

eoU,, collective. 

eomp^f comparative. 

conj; conjunction. 

dat,f dative. 

dim,t diminutive. 

/., feminine. 

fam,, familiar expression. 

fig,, figurative sense. 

gen., genitive. 

ger,, gerund. 

imp, a,f imperfect aspect. 

inded,, indeclinable. 

instrum,, instrumental case. 

interj,, interjection. 

irr,, irregular. 

iter, cup,, iterative aspect. 

m,, masculine. 

n,, neuter. 

pa., perfect aspect. 

part,, participle. 

pi., plural. 

pop., popular expresnon. 

poti., possessive. 

prep., preposition. 

prepot., prepositional case. 

pron,, pronoun. 

pron. dem., pronoun demonstrative. 

pron, pen,, pronoun personaL 

pron, rd., pronoun relative. 

prop., proper sense. 

90,, substantive of common g«ider. 

«/I, substantive feminine. 

ting,, singular. 

d,, Slavonic word. 

tm., substantive masculine. 

tn., substantive neuter. 

superL, superlative. 

va,, verb active. 

V, imp,, verb impersonal. 

vn,, verb neuter. 

vr,, verb pronominal or reflective. 

ti., verb substantive. 





Note. — When two infinit%ve» are given j the first represents the Imperfect and the 

teoond tJie Perfect Aspect of the Verb, 


Ay eot^, bnt, and. 

A! interj. ah! well! 

Adp^Khftm, Abrek. 

ABr&Hi & ABr^eirii, inu an Afghan. 

ABrycn, tm. August, month of 

ktdch, adv. pop. perhaps. 

ABpa&Mift & ABpaaHib, sm. Abraham. 

Ar^bfl, ^. Agatha. 

Ar^ma, af. dim. Agatha ; Ar^BHiby 
adj, Agatha's. 

kukm, tm. Adam. 

AAHHpuTigftCRill, OCT;, belonging to the 

A4CKifty €tdj. mfemal ; fig, diabolical. 

Axbf am. hell. • 

kMjMT&BTb, am. aide-de-campy ad- 

AsiaTb & asi&reiib, am. an Asiatic 

Asifl, af, Asia. 

AKBfiSL,af, shark. 

AKOMnaaeH^BT^ am, accompani- 

AKTpAca,*^ actress. 

Anyp^TBuft, adj. punctual. 

AiescdBApa,;/! Alexandra. 

AjeKcAH4poBCKaii Raidena, the Alex- 
ander's column. 
AJeKcaa4P'B, am, Alexander. 
Aiesctlk, am, Alexis. 
AiE&Tb, vn. to be hungry, to hunger. 
AjRop&BX, am, alcoran, the Koran. 
AAAi & AiJ&xx, 8in. Allah. 
Aueropii^ecRift, adj. allegorical. 
AJiJ^fl, sf, avenue, walk. 
Ajm431| am, diamond. 
AiTapb, am, the sanctuary, altar. 
AiiGapi, sm, warehouse. 
AH^pBRa, af. America. 
AaacT^ifl, af, Anastasie. 
Aflrsii, am, an angel. 
ABFJittCRitt, adj, English. 
AHrJiBHaBBBiy am, an Englishman. 
AarJifl, af. England. 
AH4p^it, am, Andrew. 
AfleK46rb, am, anecdote, occurrence. 
ABBa, af, Anne. 
AnneTirB, am, appetite, relish. 
Anp'fiJb, am. April. 
AoT^Ra, af, an apothecary's shop. 
Ap46x & ApaBUTflBBB'B, am, an Arab. 
ApdOcRitt, adj. Arabian. 
ApaBiflCKitt, adj. Arabian. 
Apaeifl, af. Arabia. 

( 202 ) 

ApMseTBva, if, anthmetie, a ccuuuto . 
ApMieriri, tm, anthmetidao. 
Apifly «^. air, tune. 
Apcirfc) «». laaM, rope with a nii»- 

Apaifl,^. annj. 
Afrracri^wccii, aci;. aiiistie. 
kytkcr^ aprr^mOy s. artist. 
ApM, ^. barp. 

ApxaaaHiipdrr^ «l archimandrite. 
Apxlenicioav «». archbiahopu 
Apm^Biy Ml. arriieen (i2ic»iaa eB). 
ATaaaniy mi. hetman, chieftain. 
ATjaBT^*ieccii, a^;. Atlantic 
Anaia h ardia, 4^. attack, onset, 

Anaioite, fid. to attack, charge. 
A^errapdiaaByl, adj. affected. 
AxByn,vii.j>ui.tomake an exchun»- 

tion of astonishment or sorprise. 
Axri, tnUrj. heigh ho ! ah 1 
Ae^ay,{^.|^ Athens. 


lE&XOiytj* pop, woman, 
Eik^ifi, a<^. woman's, feminine. 
Ear4^4'^ <m* Bagdad. 
Barpdnult, cuij, purple, livid. 

Eaa&pi, tm. market, bazaar. 
BaKeeOapni & 0aBee0^p4u, tf, pi, 

Eaiu^oia, «/. a cast iron wheel, 

a block. 
EaRi, fTA. forecastle. 
EaJKdHi, sm. balcony. 
EaiTfficRlfi, o^;. Baltic. 
BkEM,8/, bath. 

Bapatiaai, «■. dram. 

Eapiill, adj. riieep*a, of sheep^skin. 

Bapan, Mk, <itsi. 0apiBcn» iho ram. 

Sapea6s%,«a. has relief. 

E4pia, ^. bark, ship. 

Bapciit, oc^ kndly, mastei^«» 

Sapc%,«a. panther. 

E&pxaii,«i. TelTet. 

Ripina, ^. mistreat kd^jr, gentle- 

BKmmittifhf mm, fiOmlist. 

BaewKdi6ile,Mi. Ikble, mjtbologj. 

Eacifl, ^ fable, tale, stoty. 

EaraJidn, am. battalion. 

EaTiii, mm. Batn-Khaa. 

B^noma, mm, dm, lather, my dear. 

Baxpovi, ^ fringe, trimming. 

Bamaipf 8, rf, hmd of the Bashkni. 

Eami^iii, «■. Ganeasian eowL 

EamnAii, «■. shoe. 

Eanni^iHm, - ima, «. Ae aho^ 

E^Hfl, if. tower, torret. 

Earn, ea. to qieak, talk. 

E4iTeibH0cn, rf, rigihuiee* 

Ee4^aHi, mm. Bedouin. 

EeaOdxay It, adj. imjnoaa, atheistaeal. 

Ee8ip^4Hyl, adj, harmless. 

Eessipie, tn, inerednlitj, irrehg^oD* 

Ee84^Hufi, o^;. without genua, m- 

Ee34^Hiui, rf. trifle. 

Ee84iibeHKi, -BHiiay «. rascal, mis- 

Eeas^sfleBBuft, adj, lifeless, inan^ 

Ee8R0fl^<iB0, adv, endlessly, infinitely. 

EesKOB^^iBult, adj, endless, infinite. 

EesKop^CTie, m, disinterestedness. 

BesKop^CTBUfi, adj, dismterested. 

( 203 ) 

BeaiidiBHUfty adj, nWent 

Be8MiT^XHUtt,<u^*. undisturbed, tran- 

Be8Ba4eXHUtt, <idj, hopeloM, despe- 

EeiHp&BCTBeH0Htty cm{;. immoral. 

Ee3o6p^Rult, adj, disfigured, ugly. 

BeaooiiCHOCTB, jf. safety. 

Beaon^HUlt, adj, safe, secure ; -ho, 
adv. -ly, without danger. 

BesocTaedBOVHUtt, adf, uninterrupted, 
unceasing; -ho, oio.-ly. 

EesoTBtTHuJI, adj. unjustifiable, re- 
signed, without answer. 

BeanaiMiCTBO, tn. swoon, want of 

Bean^HHO, adv. oarelessly. 

Bean^TOuft, adj, unooncemed, care- 

BeanoKdftHO, adv, restlessly, without 

BeanoidftHyft, oi;. uneasy, restless. 

BeaDOK^m, «a. to disturb, trouble. 

BeanoKdHTkCfl, « be disquieted, to 

6e8nai^BUtt,a<^*. useless, tone pur- 

Besnpep^BBO, adt, incessantly. 

Beanpep^BBUtt, & -npecT^BHult, adj, 
uninterrupted, incessant. 

BeanpecT&HHO, adv. Incessantly ; -&h- 
Eu!k,adj, incessant 

BeaopHMipHUlt, ac^, unexampled. 

EeBDpHCTpScTie, m. impartiality. 

Beap64Hvft, adj, without parents. 

Be9c6BtCTHutt, adj, dishonest, with- 
out eonsdence. 

BeBC^HHiqa, 9f, sleeplessness. 

BeacndpHutt, adj, incontestable ; -bo, 
adv, -bly. 

EescTpaniBO, adv, fearlessly. 

BeayKopuBHeoHbifi, adj, irreproach- 
able, blameless ; ho, adv, -ly. 

BesyHeHib, mi. idiot, silly man. 

BesycJdBHbifi, adj, unconditionaL 

BeayrfeniBO, <idv, inconsolably, hope- 

Be33rTliinHUlt, <k(;. inconsolable. 

Eeay^^ie, tn, indifference. 

Besii'bBHult, adj, invaluable. 

Eea^eJOBt^BuijOtf;. inhuman^ cruel. 

BeaHiSucTBO, «n. licentiousness, in- 

Be3?icjeBHUil, adj, innumerable. 

Bea^^BCTBeBHUil, <idj, unfeeling,sense- 
lessy insensible, inhuman. 

Beai & Eeso, prep, gen, without. 

BeaiHMiiBHuil, adj, anonymous, name- 

B^pen, sm, shore, coast, bank. 

BepeauiiBOCTb, sf, savingness. 

BepeHuiBult, adj, careful, sparing. 

B^pexHO, adv, cautiously. 

BepSaa, sf, birch tree. 

EepeaoBult, adj, birch, of birch. 

Bep^Hb, va, to keep, preserve. 

Bep^^iKfl, IT. to take care of one's 
self, take care of. 

B^pHBrib, tm, Berring. 

BepjHHib, mi. Berlin. 

B^CTlfi, sf, a rogue, rascal. 

Bec'fi4a, if, conversation. 

Becfi.iOBaTb, VH, to converse. 

BeniM^rb, tm, under tunic (0/ the 

BH($j^ttcKiii, adj, biblical, of the Bible. 

BiTBa, if, battie, fight. 

Ehtb, va, to beat. 

BiibCfl, er. to fight, struggle, palpi- 

( 204 ) 

Surfl A EjuM, adj. food. 
Giiiro, n. itood, welbre. 
Gjarotortttiiun, oijL Krereot, >•• 

Enroroiiaie, m. rvrnvoM. 
Ejiirortcinn,rit. (n (KVMrt), to ling 

to cliurclt. 
e^firoitm., tm. tinginjt lo ehoreh. 
GjaTO:<apHn, r>. to tlmnk. 
E^arojIipBocn, 1/ gmtitnde, thanlu. 
fimrojiiipHull, ndj. ){rftt«ful,thaiikrul. 
aiaroj.'iIKiarllTe. thauki, tluok joa. 


D.rarojtTUtnuH, adj. 
^uTottinittiK. good act, fcindDea*. 
EjiroDOiy^iio, arfr. sdfely, b^pily. 
EjaroDOJ^'inunjCu'j. nft, happy. 
lUarnaptJinbifl. luj'. ^voonble. 
Rrnropiui^Mle.w. wisdom, good«*h6e. 
'^a.n^iimotode. prudentlj', wisely. 
tLuropnajMHUB, adj. prudent, wise. 
lUaropdjIe, m. aobUity, (— erd) his 

lljarDpfJACTKiDnuia, in, ennoblemnit. 
BjarocK.tiiiiBi.d, ai^. well-diapoaed, 

E.iarocJOBiiTli, ra. pa. la bleu. 
lijiirocJOBj^Ti, ™. to ble««, 
RtBroycn-iiuiiocTt, i^. saeceM, good 

BmuinianiB, iH(f. piooi, rriiginiM, 
Ej*>£mtm, sl bcUitade, li«p[aiwM. 

EMcn, m. ipleodoar, gliiter. 
BiEcna, y. (puglb 

KjpcbJt*, /Ki., Bee AjMrin. 

KJwrtTb, tree H jn, ™ .tu Bhine^tter. 

Ejcct^II, ac^. bdlliiDt. 

RkJtc, m. toblwt. 

EiisalB, (vfj. iMBT, Dsit ; •■.friendf 

reUtitMi, ncighbanr. 
Eiiiill, oifj. naur, adjMmt. 
BjAiiII, m. reLatire. 
KjAho, (ub. naaliy, dtaa, 
EjHJOCIk A Ejhsi "' 


Bian,pTrp. pm. 

EiUBUB, oiff. pale. 

Ej^AO, «i- diab, 

KJDcrdTSit, -iwia, »• kaeper, gnus 

r.nrBTO, -aJp. richly. 
EoriTCTH, m. riches, opole 
EoraTuI, adj. riob. 
BoratApk, m. herO) gUnt 
rorarETb, en. to grow rich. 

liorilii, im. rich man. 

be»cr[ -fl*"}- 

1. DeodDtua. 

, adj. feMing Ood, 


EoroNdTepk, (f. the Mother of Jesus. 
i;r>rGvijjlo A EoroHiute, tn. prayer, 

n<impr''tiina,j/.tiw Tirgio Mary. 
Eoroyn'MKun, oifj. cbarilable; -bm 

aaieiif Ele, charity initttatinii. 
Eon, im. God. 

( 205 ) 

BoxQincBf vr, to take courage, to go 

BdApoctby if, vigour, boldness* 
Ed4pult, adj. vigilant, alert. 
EoeB6lt, adj, battle, of battle, 
Eose ! weaHve d. Grod ! 
5o3RecTii6, Ml. divinity, deity. 
Edslft, adj, Grod's divine. 
Soil, tm, battle, fight 
E^fiKitt, adj, brisk, rash, ^gorous. 
EoBi, tm. side, flank. 
EOA, ^. pain, ache. 
^6ibE0,adv. painfully;^, very much. 
EOAH^lt, adj. sick, ilL 
Edame, adv. eomp, more. 
EoJbmBHCTB^, tn. majority. 
Ednmitt, adj. oomp, greater, larger. 
EoAmdft, ac^, great, large. 
Edrte, adv. eomp, more. 
EojtSBeHHO, cuh. painfully. 
EojisHeHHUll, adj, sickly, painful. 
Bojisn, tf, illness. 
EdiiCa, if. bomb. 
Eop^Bie, sn, wrestling, agony. 
SopHCi, tm, Borice. 
Sop04^ tf, beard. 

Eopo4BB6,Mi.Borodino; -AUHCKlli, adj. 
EopoTbCA, w, to wrestle, struggle, 

Eopn, tm. board (of a thip), 
EopbOa, tf, wrestling, strife. 
EociRdirfc, adv. barefoot. 
EohSbori, tm. keg, barrel. 
EOHKosn, adv, sideway8,with shoulder 

Eolaeb, tf. fear, apprehension. 
SoiipiHi, tm, lord, gentleman. 
EoipcKilt, adj, boyard, lordly. 
EoipHHfl, tf, lady, mistress. 
EoiiiiCfl, vr, to fear, apprehend. 

Ep^BO, irUerj. bravo! 
Bpaxi, tm. marriage, wedlock. 
Epae^Tb, va. to scold, to abuse. 
EpuHHutt, adj. warlike, military. 
Epanbj tf. scolding, abuse. 
Ep^Tcqi, tm, dim. dear brother, my 

dear, my boy. 
Ep&Tiii, tf, brotherhood. 
Bp4TCKilt,'a(£;. brotherly, fimtemal. 
EpaTB, tm, dim. GpaTem, brother. 
EpaTb, va, B3ATb, pa. to take, seize. 
Ep^TBCfl, vr, to take upon one's self, 

to undertake. 
Ep44Hutt, adj^ nuptial, wedding. 
EpesHd, tn, beam. 
Ep^4HTB, vn. to rave. 
EpeeidTb, vn. to resound, to jingle. 
EpecJ&iUb, tm. Breslau. 
Epeeri, ramble, wander. 
EpHJJi^BTb, tm. brilliant, diamond ; 

-TOBUtt, <idj. 
EpOBb, tf, eye-brow. 
Epo4iiTb, vn. to ramble, to wander. 
EpOAb, tm. ford. 
Epo4^ra, te, rambler, wanderer, 

Ep6B3a, tf bronze ; -sOBuii, adj, 
Bpoc^Tb, Ep6cRTb, va, to throw, fliu^, 

to abandon. 
Epoc^TbCti, BpdcBTbCfl, vr, to throw 

one's self, to rush. 
Ep6cHTb, -Cfl, pa., see OpocaTb, -ca. 
Epycb, tm, square balk. 
Ep^srb. tm, sprinkle, splash ;6p&3rB, 

pi. spray. 
Ep^sraTb & EpAsflyib, va, to splash, 

to gush out. 
Ep^RByrb, va. pa. to jingle, to clatter. 
EpAqaflie, tn. rattle, jingle. 
Eyropb, tm, small hillock. 


( 206 ) 

Byj^Tb, to. to waken. 

6^4y, I shall, I will 

Bfxm A Bfxto 6hi, eonj, thaty as if. 

By4yii, ger, pres. being. 

Bfnymee, sn, & -ATmHOCTb, tf, the 

BfxYin,\1k, adj, future. 

Eysi, if, bnza, oat-ale. 

E^ltHult, <idj, boisteronSy tnrbulenti 

E^Kua, «/. letter, character. 

Eyji&Ti, sm. steel, sabre. 

ByjbB^pi, «m. boulevard. 

Eysf^ra, tf. paper, dead. 

EyMaroTK^qiaii ♦adpiKdiifiy manu- 
facture of chintz or cotton goods. 

EyH^SKa, rf, slip of paper, bank-note. 

E^HUIt, adj, stormy, tempestnous. 

B^fl, f^. storm, tempest. 

Eyr^xa, tf, bottle. 

Eyxdpa, ff. Bokhara. 

Eyx&peqi, tm, a Bokhartan; -x&pc- 
Kifi, adj, 

EymeBiiTb, tn, to howl, rage. 

Eu & El, a sign of the eondUional 
and subjunctive moods. 

EuBlio, it used to be. 

EuBSTb, vn. to be sometimes^ be 

E&BDiitt, adj, former, late^ ex-. 

EuKi, sm, bull, ox. 

Euj6tt, adj, former, past. 

Eu4b, Eu^i^Ha & Eiuiqa, »f. past oc- 
currence, event, tradition. 

E&CTpo, adv. rapidly, swiftly. 

EucTpord, 9^. rapidity. 

E^CTpuli, adj, rapid, swift 

IibiTi^, sn, being, existence. 

Eurb. «m. Rtate, condition, household. 

l»UTb, va. irr, to be. 

Eu^i^ll ft E^Hift, <Mf/ hull's, ox's. 

Etran, tn, to run. 

Etrjufi, «m. runaway, deserter. 

Etroim, 6k£v. in a run, running fast 

E^rcTBO, in. flight, desertion. 

Etn, «m. running. 

Et4&, {/^. ill-luck, ealamity, woeu 

htABOCTh, gf, poverty. 

E'i4HUi, adj. dim, <H(4HenKift, poor, 

E'fi4Hira & -H^Ri, tm, poor fellow* 
E'fe4CTBie, tn, calamity, misery. 
Btwi&n, vn. A indef, Mran, to run, 

trot, avoid. 
E'&ixa, if. squirrel ; -ii^ft, adj. 
Etjop^ccifl, if, White-Russia. 
Eiiult, adj, white. 
BtihUy tn. linen, linen-eloihei. 
E1scT>, nn, devil, demon. 
E'l^meHCTBO, tn. rage, madnew. 
EtmeHufi, adj. mad. 
EK>p6, in. writing-table, desk,boretii. 


B^SHO, adv. seriously. 

BiSHOcn, tf. seriousness, import- 

B&mBMfCtdj, serious, of consequence^ 

Baji4&tt, mi. Valdai ; -4ittciift, adj, 

BajieROHHufi, adj, of felt. 

BaJ^TKH, vr. to throng, to crowd. 

Bail, tm, rampart, bulwark, wave. 

Bai^TbCfl, vr. to roll. 

Bapaapi, tm. a barbarian. 

BapeRutt, part, cooked, boiled. 

Bap^iibe, tn. preserves. 

Bapdifc, va. to boil, to cook. 

Bap^n, ffi. a Yariag, Norman. 

( 207 ) 

Bacilli, fin. BtaSL ; Bacuica,/em. 
BaT&ra, sf. band. 
BarpyiUKa, a/, cheese-eake. 
Bami, adj, pots, (/. Bama, n, B&me), 

your, your's. 
Wrtrnkih, vn, pa, to nin in. 
Baepr&n BB^prsyibf «ti. to cut in, 

Bi^pniyn, pa., see BBepr&n. 
Bwepxf & Bsepxi, adn, upwards. 
BBecTi,|>a., see Bii04in. 
BB04iTb BBecTi,«a. to lead in,introduc6. 
Wkpkth Bir&piTb,« intnilt,oonfide. 
Brji4UBaTMfl,-4'iTftCfl, look into, 

B4aji, adv, &r, in the distance. 
B4BiHyT^«a.)Nl. to put in, to moTC in. 
B4Bde, adv. doubly, twice. 
B4Boeirb, adv, two together. 
]l40Bi, rf, widow. 
64dBOib, adv, sufficiently, plenty. 
B4dBCTB0BaTb, «». to be a widower. 
B4oa, adv, in length, along. 
B40XH0B^Hie, m. inspiration. 
B4P7n, adv, at once, suddenly. 
B4ux&n, B40XH^fc, va, to breathe in, 

B4tMin, B4lbTb, «a. to put in, thread. 
B44iaTb, pa,, see B4iiUBaTb. 
B4iaiBa», B44iaTb, «a. to put in, set. 
B4tn, |Mi., see B4'ftB&n. 
Be4p6, M. pail. 
Besxi, adv. cTerywhere. 
Be84tc^ift, <Mdj, omnipresent. 
Bes^tt, am. Mount Vesuvius. 
Beiixift, adj, great, grand. 
BeiiKOA^mie, m. magnanimity, gene- 

Bei»04^HHB, tidj, magnanimous, 

generous ; -bo, adv. -ly. 

BejHKM'iole, fit. magnificencCf pomp. 
BeJHKOJiinHUtt, adj, magnificent. 
BejH«i^ult, <K(;.lofty,8tately,haughty. 
BeJH«i6TbCfl, vr, to exalt one's self. 
BeJHHHH^ af, size, quantity. 
Beji^ie, an, sublimity, grandeur. 
BeAhM6mA,8m, great lord, grandee. 
BejtTb, va, to order, command. 
Bepda, a/, sallow, common sallow. 
Bep(}ji&4'L, am, camel. 
Bepdii&ffiiii, adj, camel's, made of 

camel's hair. 
BepesKa, af, dim, sep^HKa, rope, 

cord, string. 
BcpeBOHRufi, adj, of rope. 
BepiirH, af, pi, chains, fetters. 
Bepa^TbCfl, vn, pa, to return. 
BepcTa, aj, verst (3500 Engl, feet), 
BeprliTiCfl, vr, to turn, to be turned. 
Bep<M>, af, dockyard. 
B^pxBiit, adj, upper. 
BepxoBdfi, am, horseman. 
BepxdM'b, adv, on horseback. 
Bepx^ (na-), up stairs. 
Bepx^mRa, af, top, summit. 
Bepxi, am, upper part, top. 
Bepmina, af top, ridge, summit. 
BepmdKib, am, vershok (IJ mches). 
BeceiiiKfl, w, to rejoice, divert one's 

BecUiuH, adj, lively, cheerfuL 
Bec^be, an, rejoicing, amusement. 
Becj6, an, oar. 

BecH&, af. spring; Becfldio, in spring. 
Becii, va, & indef B04iSTb, to 

BecTiS ce6fl, to behave. 
BecTb, am. west. 

BeCTb. see B6CT1I. 

Becb, j9ron. (/.BCfl n. see), all,enture. 

( 208 ) 

BecBMi, adv, very, 

BccTb HH4ifl, sf. East India. 

B&TJti, ff, common white willow. 

Be^^pHii, adj. of evening. 

Bei^pHfl. if, vespers, evening prayers. 

B^HepoMi, adv, in the evening. 

Be'iepi, sm. evening. 

BeHcptn*. vji. to incline towards even- 

Bemuqa, tf, a small thing, trifle. 

Beuib, sf, thing, article. 

B3a4i, a(£v. backwardn. 

BsOBp^TbCfl, B3o6paTbCfl, vr. to mount, 

BsfipecT^, rn. /xx. to come into. 

B36tciiTfcCfl, «r. pa, to become mad, 
to get into a rage. 

BsB^HBaTb, BSBajUTb, va, to la.y on, 
to burden. 

BaeicBTb, pa,^ see BSBtrnHBaTb. 

BSBtlDBBaTb, B3B'fiCHTI>, DA. tO weigh, 


63ra4aTfc, va. f)a. to conceive, ima- 

B3TMA1, tm, look, glance. 

B3rJflH^TB, va, pa, to give a look. 

Ba4eprHBaTb, B34epHyTb, ta, to jerk 
up, draw up. 

B34epHyTb, pa,, see B34epruBaTb. 

B340XB^b, pa,, see BSAbixuTb. 

6340x1, sm, sigh. 

B34P^rBBaTb, B34P^rByTb, tn, to shud- 
der, tremble. 

B34porB^Tb, pa,, see B34ParBBaTb. 

Bd4yMaTb, va, pa, to think of, ima- 

B34^MaTbCfl, w, imp, to take into 
one's head. 

B34Ux4Tb, B340XB^, vn. to sigh, 

B34tn, {fia, BBAibBy), to, p<K to 

put on. 
Bajer&Tb, Buerfen, «». to fly up. 
B3Jt3Tb, vn,pa, to dimb up, creep up, 
B8Jio6iin, 9a,pa, to take fitncy to. 
BsMdpbe, Ml. shore of the sea. 
BsH^HTb, va, pa. to lather, to bring 

the sweat. 
B8o6paTbCfl, pa,, see B86Hp4nci. 
BsoltTH, Tn, pa, to go up, to mount 
Bsopi, tm, look, eyes. 
BsuBaTb, Bo38B&Tb, 90, to invoke^ 

call up. 
BsucR&TeJbRul, adj, exigent, severe. 
BsucK&Tb, va, pa. to ezact|Call to 

Ba^Tie, tn, taking, capture. 
B8aTb,«a. pa, {fia, BOSbK^), to take^ 

capture, apprehend. 
63^T]»cfl 3a, vr, pa, to undertake^ to 

take upon one's self. 
63^TbCfl, vr, to appear, arrivei oome 

BB4^Tb, ta, to see often. 
BM4BHult, adj, visible, apparent; -mo, 

Bu4flM0My, (no-), adv, apparently. 
B^4H0, add. apparently. 
BB4Huli, adj. evident. 
BR4niTbCA, vr, to be seen, to appear. 
BB41, sin. sight, view, aspect : ObiTfc 

Bi Bfl4^, to be in sight ; HMirb 

Bi BR4y, to aim to ; 0041 Bii40Mly 

under pretence. 
Bu4']6tb, yB^4tTb, va. to see. 
BB4tTbCfl, TT. to see one another. 
683^, sm. squeak, squall. 
BB3aRTffiCRitt, adj. Byzantine. 
BBsacaTb, BiisrayTb, vn> to squeak, 

whine, yelp. 

( 209 ) 

BH3iipb, fm. the vizier. 

BiLiRa, 9f» fork. 

BuiItb, bh AH^^mi. to shuffle, flinch, 

BHH&, tf, cause, fault, 
BBHd, m. wine. 

BHHOB&Tull,.a<l^ culpable, in fault. 
BHHdBHiiTfc, «m. cause, author. 
BHodBBUfl, orfJL culpable, criminal. 
BBpreiid^prcKilt, odj, of Wiirtemberg. 
Brc6ki, fm. temple, temple-lock. 
BlidUH^a, «^. gallows, gibbet. 
Bmr&rb, vn. to hang, be suspended. 
BHTb, CO. to twine, plait, to build (a 

BiSncfl, XT, to twine, to coil, wind. 
BHxpb, tm, whirlwind. 
B^mea, tf. cherry-tree, cherry. 
Biojorin, ca. fcu- to knock in, 

drive in. 
Br^huI, aij, tksty, savoury. 
Biycb, MM. taste, savour, style. 
Bia^i^Mipi, fm. Vladimir ; -CKiH, adj. 
Bia46Ra, Bia^^o, d. tm. Lord, 

master, sovereign. 
BiaA^iecmo, - «»• dominion, sove- 
BiaAiieqi, fm. owner, possessor. 
BiaAieie, fit. possession, dominion. 
BjaA^Tb, va. to reign, rule, to possess, 

to make use ofl 
Biacn, f/l power, authority. 
Biaci, fm. Blase. 
BJliHie, ffi. influence. 
BioaiiTbCfl, XT, pa. to break in. 
Briso, adv, to the left. 
BmrB, ad9, in the twinkling of an 

eye, in a moment. 
BitCTO, prep. gen. instead of, for* 
BMicrK, adv, together. 

BM'finiHBaTKff, BBr£m£TBCfl,«r. to inter* 

Beed^Hutt, adj. unexpected, sudden. 

Bbhb^ & Bbbbx, ado, below, down, 

BBBM^flie, fn. attention. 

BBBM&Teibflutt, adj. attentive. 

BBBM^Tb, xa, to hear, to grant. 

Bbobb, adv,^ anew, over again. 

Bfl;^peBBitt, adj. interior, inward, 

BB;^peRBOCTb, 8f, interior, intestines. 

Bb^hbki, fm. dim. pi. BByn&Ta, grand- 

Bflym^Tb, Bflymin, xa, to suggest) 

BBt, prep. gen. out of, 

BBtniBifi, adj. exterior, extenud. 

BdBce, adv, totally, quite, at all. 

BoBTop^xi, add, in the second in- 

B04liTb,.ix». to lead, conduct. 

B64Ka, sf. brandy. 

Bd4Ky, (be-), money for drink. 

B040Bop(5rB, fm. :nrhirlpool. 

Bo4ai^3i, fm. diver. 

Boes^Tb, vn, to make war. 

BoeBd4a, fm. captain, general. 

Bo^BBUtt, adj. of war, military, mar- 

BoJRaTUlt, fm. guide, leader. 

BoH(4b, fm. chief, leader. 

Bo3($Jaro4apliTb, ra. pa. to thank. 

B086y4^Ti>, pa.f see B03(}yB{4HT]>. 

B036yjR4£Tb,B03(}y4iiTb, awaken, 
excite, incite. 

BoBBpaT^TB, -cfl, see BOBBpam^Tb, -Cfl. 

Bo8Bp4THUil, adj. returning, return. 

B08Bpaii(aTi>, BOdBpaT^Tb, xa. to return, 

( 220 ) 

4o, prep, gen, till, ontil, to« 

4o0HB4TBCfl, 4o6iTbCfl, OT. to endea- 
▼our to obtain, seek for, to get. 

4o6iTbcii, pa,^ see 4o6HB&TbCfl. 

46(UecTb, 8f, TaliaDtness, valour. 

4o6pecTi, vn. f>a. to wander, ramble 
up to. 

4o<$p6, en. goods, property, good. 

4o<$p6, <u2v. well. 

4o6poBdnHO, adv, willingly. 

4o6po4^mie, tn, kind-heartedness, 

4o6po4iTeiL, tf. virtue. 

4o($po4'frreJiHUlt, adj. virtuous. 

4o6poH(eJ&TeJb, <m. a wellwisher. 

4o6poc6BiteTHOCTb, $f, conscientious- 

4o($poc6irfiCTHutty adj, conscientious. 

4o<$p6Ta, if, quality, kindness. 

46($putt, ae^. good. 

4Mputt {vh — lacb), well and good. 

466pult Hacb, good luck ! 

4o6&^a, f/*. booty, prey. 

4oBecTi, pa., see 40B04iiTb* 

4oB04^Tb, to lead up to, to bring to. 

4oB04UTbCfl, tr, to be related. 

40B6jbHOy adv. sufiSciently, enough, 

40B4ibHUtt, adj. satisfied, content. 

4oB6ibCTBO, Ml. plenty, abundance. 

4oB'ipeHHOCTb, sf. Confidence. 

40Btp^Tb, AOBlbpHTb, «a. to trust, con- 

4ora4^Tbcii, />a., see Aor^uBancfl. 

4ord4UBaTbCfl,4ora4^TbCfl,iT. to guess, 

4orH^TL, pa,f see 4oroHfo. 

4or6H'b, fm. ; overtaking ; (Bi-rdflRy), 
in pursuit of. 

4oroHilTb, va. to overtake. 

4o]R4aTi>Cff, pa., see 40}RB4^TbCil. 

4oH(4i]BBult, adj. rainy. 

40S4b, fm. c{im. 46S4HKI & 46sxbk'B, 
rain, shower. 

40}KH4aTi»Cfl, 40}R4^Ti»Cfl, VT. to wait 
for, await, expect. 

4o8Bai^Hie, sn, permission. 

4oltl^,pa. {fut. AoVLAf), see 40X04UTb. 

40Ka3UBaTB,40Ka84Tb,to demonstrate, 

4oKiMuBaTb, AOJOHCUTb, txz. to report, 

4^KTop'b, tm. doctor. 

4^rilt, adj, long. 

4^ro, adv. long, a long time. 

4airOBp^MeHHUtt, ctdj. of long dura- 
tion, long. 

4oiroi1^Hitt, adj. of many years. 

4aieT^Tb, 4weTiTb, tn. to fly up to, 
to reach. 

4o.iri, sm. duty, debt. 

A/UmeBTt (fl), I must, I am obliged. 

46iSH0CTb, sf, duty, function. 

4ai]BHHRi, sm. debtor. 

46iiKHUlt, adj. due, in debt. 

4(uiHa, ;/: & 4^^"^ ''»• dale, valley. 

4oioasiTb, pa., see 40RJ&4UBaTb. 

4oi6tt, a(29. ofif, down, away. 

40JOT6, «n. a mortise chisel. 

4arb, see AOi^Ha. 

46Ma, adv. at home. 

40HuinHift, adj. domestic, household. 

4oM6tt, adv. homewards. 

40HI, sm, dim. AdHHEi, house, domi- 

4oHec^Hie, sn. report. 

4oHOC^TbCfl, 40HecTucb, vr, to be re- 
ported, be declared. 

4oh6c'B, sm. informations, delation. 

4oni, sm, Don. 

( 211 ) 

Bonpdci, «m. qnestioiL 

Boopomin, BonpocuTb, va, to ques- 
tion, interrogate. 

BdpnaHB, tf, train-olL ' 

BopB^ncJi, TT, pa. to break in* 

BopoBCTsd, sn. theft 

Bopdna, tf. carrion crow. • 

BopdHitt, euij, crow's. 

BopoH6tt, adj, black. 

BdpoHi, «m. rayen, crow. 

BopoTi A Bopdra, m. f?^. gate, gate- 

Boponiincc, «r. f^i. to return. 

B6porb, sm» collar. 

BopdnaTB, Boporin, va. to turn, roll ; 
to turn round, recover. 

Bopi&n, tn. to grumble, g^wl. 

Bopi, tm, thief. 

BdeeMB, ntim. eight. 

BtfceMb4ecJiT&, num. eighty. 

BocKiiKHyn, pa., see BocR^HqAifc. 

BOCIiHIl&Hie & BOCKiHKHOB^Hie, tit. 


BocuaiUTb, -KiiKHyn, im. to ex- 
claim, shout 

Bocipec^Hie, 8%. Sunday. 

BocKpecin, pa., see BocBpemiTb. 

BocKpemin, BocKpee^n, ta. to raise 
from the dead, revive. 

BocDHTaHie, sn. education. 

Bocn^TaHHHKi, tm, pupil. 

BocnHT^n, pa., see BocnuTBieaTb. 

Bocninnan, BocoHT^Tb, va. to bring 
up, educate. 

BocndibSOBaTbCfl, vr. pa. to profit, 

BocnoMHHiHie, m. remembrance, re- 

BocnoMHH^Tb, -DOMflH;^, M. to re- 
collect, remember, call to mind. 

Bocnpi^MHBRi, -Hflqa, #. godfather, 

Boct6ki, im. East. 

BocT6prL, sm. rapture, ecstasy. 

BocTopjR^HHO, adv. with rapture. 

BocxHnigHHutt, part, delighted. 

Bocxo4^TB, BsotiTi, vn. to go up, 
mount ; to rise. 

BoTEH^, pa., see Btur^tb. 

BoTp^mRa, see BaTp^mRa. 

BdTHHHa, tf. manor, estate. 

Bon, adv. there, here ; take it ! 

Boqap^Hie, tn. accession to the 

Bna4^Tb, BnacTb, vn, to fall in, to 
flow into. 

Bnepe4i, adv. in front of — , forward. 

Bnepg4'b, adv. forward, henceforth. 

BnenaTjtuie, tn. impression, sensa- 

Bnocji4CTBlH, <Mdv. subsequently, 

Bnp^eay) ^v* in truth, truly. 

BnpaBO, ado. to the right. 

Bnpe4&, adv. henceforth, in future. 

Bnpdnearb, adv. as for the rest, how- 

Bnpsr&Tb, BnpflHb, va. to yoke in, to 

BnpflHb, pa., see Bnpfir&Tb. 

Bpari, tm, enemy, foe. 

BpaT^, tn. pi. d. gates, gate. 

BpaTb, vn. to babble, talk idly, tell 

Bpan^nuit, adj, medical. 

Bpani, tm. physician, doctor. 

Bpe4^Tb, vn. to injure, harm. 

6p^4RUtt, adj, prejudicial, pernicious. 

Bpe4'b, tm. damage, prejudice, harm. 

Bp^Mfl, tn. time, season. 

( 216 ) 

Tf$-ro, ad/o, Mnieirhere. 

re k rely inUrj. hollo f bolU ! hey ! 

renepin, tm, general. 

r^nlly fm. geniiM. 

reopfily fm. George. 

repficHm, fm. Oeriziin. 

repM&Hl/i, ^. Oermany, -ciii, a(^. 

repnAaem, fm. % German. 
repifor^Hii fm. Hermogenet. 
rep04<$n, fm. HerodoUu. 
rep^tl, fm. hero. 
rep6ilci(li, adj. heroio. 
repqor^H/i, f/*. ducheti. 
repii^iri, fm. duke, 
r^afliy fm. hetman, chief. 
rtf0e4fey ff. perdition, min. 
r^6Rli, adj. flexible, pliant. 
rHnnoRp&n, fm. Hippocrates, 
ri^aa, rf» hyena. 
rjaB&i tf. heady cupola, chapter. 
riaBBOROM&n4yioiqltl, adj. rnn, oom« 

ri&BBUtt|a<2;. maiUi essential. 
TiAiHTk, 1XI. to smooth, to caress, 

riMRlfty <<4?* smooth, sleek. 
TiB,B^f fm. «{tm. ria86Ki, eye. 
ri^Hsnutt, euf;. clay, of clay, earthen. 
TiorAn, ixi. to swallow. 
riyO^Rltt, ad^. deep, remote. 
TiyOfe, ff. depth, bottom. 
riyn<^Di,fm. stupid fellow, blockhead. 
riyn6cn, sf, stupidity, 
rj^nutl, adj. stupid, foolish, absurd. 
TAfxo, adv. deafly, dully, in a low 

riyx6tt, a(^. deaf, dull. 
Fiym, f/. thicket, desert. 
rmum, ta. to look upon, look at. 

rs/enii, fl^ faideooiy aiwimiwaMsi, 
rs^ncfl, rr. to bend, be bent 
rsisancs, «r. to be aagij. 
rrtn, fsi. anger, 
rrft346, fa. nest, 
roiopin, ta. to speak, tefl. 
r^iopi, fm. noise of taUdn^ 
To^AMMMy sf. beef, 
ronlxll, ae^'. of beef, 
ro^ines, er. to soH, to do. 
r64>ul, <»//. snitable. 
ro4i, fm. year. 
roii^Hieqi, fm. Dutchman. 
roiJHBAis, rf, Holland, -jcxil, adj, 

roiOB^, tfJim, rtti6Bia & -s^mia,head. 
roJOBopin, fsi. cat-throat, bully. 
roj^iB&itt, adj. starred, of famine. 
r6i04i, fm. hunger, famine. 
roiOi^4Hi(a, tf* sleet. 
rai0B6f1l, adj. sm. withoat booti or 

rdioci, fm. Toioe, rote. 
Toiy66i, adj. sky-blue, azure. ^ 
roi^qHKi, f»A. -^ymKa, rf, 

darling, my dear. 
rdiy6b, fm. pigeon, 
rdjiutt, adj. naked, bare. 
rdjuuii, fm. poor wretch. 
roH^Ui, fm. courier, messenger, 
roH^tfutt, part, persecuted. 
roB^TbCfl aa-, er. to run after. 
ropa,, sf. mountain, hill. 
rop&840, adv. much, far. 
rop4iiTbCfl, er. to be proud. 
r6p40, adv. proudly. 
r6p40CT]i, rf. pride. 
r6p4utt, adj. proud. 
r6pe, tn. sorrow. 
ropeB&Tb, en. to grieve. 

( 217 ) 

rdpecTBUi, adj, sad, ■orrowfiiL 
r6peiii, nn, monntaineer, highlander, 
ropH86HT&, <m. horizon. 
ropiiBHn, vn, pop, to bawl, brawL 
r6pjo, »n, throat, 
rdpeaiia, tf. room, chamber. 
r6pH&itt, adj. of moimtain. 
rdpoAi, <m. dim, ropoA6Kiy town. 
ropos&HHBi, mi. citizen. 
ropCTb, if, handfuL 
ropriBBUtt. adj, guttural. 
ropriBB, if. throat 
ropm^Ki k ropmdKiy mi. pot, jug, 

rdpuiil, adj bitter, sad. 
r6pBKO/Ml9.«0mp.r6pHe,bitterly sadly. 
rop^Tb, vn, to bum $ fig. to glitter, 

ropiilil, adj. hot, warm. 
ropifiHKa, sf. burning fever. 
r6cno4H I voeatwe ofTocEdxbl 
rocnoAiBi, mi. lord, master. 
rocn64CTBO, Ml. domination, reign. 
rocn64CTBOBaTb, «». to dominate, rule, 

rocndAB, nn. Lord, God. 
rocnos^ tf, mistress, Mrs. 
rodenpiHMB&iil, adj. hospitable. 
rocrenpliMCTBO, m. hospitality. 
rocTB, mi. guest. 
FocyA^pen, adj, poa. monarch's, 

rocyA&pCTBeBfl£ii, adj, of the empire, 

rocyAipcTBO, tn. empire, kingdom. 
FocyA&pb, mi. -ap&iBJi, tf. sovereign, 

monarch, prince. 
roT6BHTb,iKi. to prepare,make ready. 
TmduETbcn, w, to get ready, be pre- 

roTdBBOCTb, tf, readiness. 
roT6BUtt, adj, ready. 
ro4»M4paiaii, mt.marshal to the court. 
rpaO^ieib, tm, robber, spoiler. 
rpa6^TeibCTB0, tn, robbery, plunder. 
Fp^BTB, ta, to rob, plunder. 
FpaAi, d,, see r6p04i. 
rpa4'B, mi. hail. 
FpasAftB^Bi, mt. citizen. 
Fp^MBTa, tf, edict, diploma. 
FpaHM^TflKa, sf grammar. 
Fp^MOTa, tf reading and writing. 
Fp^MOTBOCTb, tf reading and writing. 
FpaBirb, tm, granite, -BTBult, ad^. 
FpaB^ifa, tf frontier, border. 
FpaBiify, (ixaTb aa-), to go abroad. 
FpaB^i^eio, (6uTb aa-); to be abroad. 
Fpa*^Bi, mi. dim. -«iBqflKi, tm, de- 
Fpa^i, tm. •♦iBfl, tf count, countess. 
Fpaqldsflutt, adj, graceful. 
Fpai^ifl, tf. grace, charm. 
Fpe6^ifi, mi. rower. 
Fp^BTbCfl, vr, to dream, to rave. 
FpeM^TB, rpiByrb, v». to rattle, rumble. 
FpeBi, mi. a Greek. 
FpeaaA^pi, mi. grenadier. 
Fp^i^lfl, tf. Greece. 

Fp^iecKitt, adj. Greek. 
Fpfl6i, mi. mushroom. 

Fp^ea, tf mane. 

Fpflr6pitt, tm, Gregory. 

Fpii<»eJb, mi. slate-pencil. 

Fpima, mi. dim. Gregory; FpBmBBi, 

Fpotfi, m«. coffin, tomb. 

Fpo4eT;^P'B, mi. gros-de-Tours, sar- 
cenet ; -poButt, adj, 

Fp08&, rf. thunder-storm. 

FpoaiTB, ta, to threaten. 

( 218 ) 

rp^SHo, adr, sternly, rigorously. 

rp63HUtt, adj. stem, rigorous. 

rp6MKill, adj. loud, famous. 

rp6MR0, adv, eomp. rp6H<ie, loud, with 
a loud voice. 

rpoxoB6ll y4&pi, a clap of thunder. 

rpoMOOTB64i, tnu lightning conductor. 

rpoMi, sm. thunder-clap. 

rpoTi, sm. grotto, main mast. 

rpoxoT&Tb, m. to make a noise. 

rp6xoTi, fm. crash. 

rp^Outt, adj, coarse, rough, harsh, 

rpy4H6tt pe6eH0Ri, suckling child. 

rpy4i>, if. chest, breast ; -4H6II, adj, 

rpysiin, to. to load. 

rp^3lfl, tf, Georgia. 

rpysi, «m. load, cargo. 

rpyerb, tm, ground, soiL 

rp;^nna, sf, group. 

rp^CTDO, adv. sadly. 

rp^CTOUtt, adj. sad, dull. 

rpycTb, sf. melancholy, sadness. 

rpu3Tb, rpusH^Tb, va. to gnaw, nib- 
ble, bite. 

rp^3TbCfl, vr. to bite each other, 

Tp'fiTb, ra. to heat, to warm. 

TptTbCfl, vr. to warm one's self. 

rptxi, sm, sin, error. 

Tptm\i6y V. imp. it is sinful. 

rpfl4ymiti, adj. coming, future. 

rpnauutt, adj. muddy, dusty, dirty. 

rpflSb, 8f. mud, dirt. 

rp^Hyib ypa! to shout hurrah ! 

Ty6'd, Iff, creek, bay. 

ry6a, tf. lip. 

ryOepH&Top'b, sm. governor. 

FyO^PHifl, sf, government, county. 

TyOiiTeib, sm, destroyer, miner. 

Ty6ATb, va, to ruin, destroy. 
rysepHi^HTKa, tf. goremess. 
ryeepet^pi, tm, governor, tutor. 
Tyji, tm, rumbling, echo. 
ryj^Tb, vn, to walk. 
ryHH6, tn, thrashing-floor. 
rycT6tt, adj. thick, dense. 
Tycb, tm, goose, 
ryrb-rop^ tf, a volcano in GaucasitB. 


4a, adv, & conj, yes, and, but, may. 

4aBiTb, fa. to giv«. 

4aBATbCJi, 4^Tbca, «r. to give one's 

self to, be given. 
4aBH6, adv. long ago^ long aiiiM. 
Akme, ad/v, even. 

4aiSKilt, adj, far, remote, distant 
4aieK6, 404^10 A -j6h6, ad/v, hr, hi 

4aibHltt & -Hutt, adj, far, distant, 

4ajbB0Bi4Huil, adj, perspicacions. 
4ajbme & 4^1ie, <Mdv, oomp, further. 
4auiio & 4aBidi'B, tm. DanieL 
4aHb, sf. tribute, tax. 
4apiiTb, va. to give, grant. 
4apoBdTult, adj, endowed with talent. 
4^poH'b, adv. gratis, for nothing. 
4£poMi HTO, conj, in vain, although. 
4api, sm. gift, present. 
44THaHHHi, sm. a Dane. 
4aTb, -cfl, pa, (f\a, 4aM'b, ^aun, ttc), 

see 4aBaTb,-€Ji. 
4aHa, sf. country-house. 
4Ba, num, (/. nvt), two. 
4B^itaTb, num, twenty ; -if&nil 

4Bepb, sf & pi, 4B^pH, dim, 4>^iay 

4B^pqa, pi. 4B^pi;bi| door. 

( 219 ) 

4Biiran, KnAayn, va, to moye, stir. 
4BirancH9 Ab^bttbch, «r. to move, 

4BHS^Hie9 m. motion, eirenlatioiu 
4BIII&, «f. Dvina. 
/IniBynci, pa.^ see ABiirancfl. 
4B6e nwrn. two. 
AioilHdily a<{^'. double. 
ABop^qiiily <Mf;. fm. house-steward. 
/(Bop^qi, Ml. palace. 
4b6phs, f^ domestics, senrants. 
AB0]n|6BuB, aif. palace, of the court. 
ABOpi, m. yard, court, house* 
ABopsaiHi, fm. nobleman. 
ABoplBCKlil, adj. noble, nobleman's, 

of nobility. 
4bopiIhctbo, en. nobility, nobles. 
4B0ii^4Hiift, a<^'. ( — 6paTb), cousm 

german, first cousin. 
4BtB^Ai(an9 viifni* twelye. • 
4BtCTH, num. two hundred. 
AeiflTHaAiianu'iTBiil, a<f/. of nineteen 

46Bim, nufli. nine. 
4@roTb, fin. tar. 
4eKik^, MS. December ; -i^pcilft, 

4ea*]iirb, mi. dolphin. 
4^HexHHi, flK^*. of money, pecuniary. 
4eiiii|ii^ 9m. officer's servant, foot- 
fi/esBhf «m. day, day-time. 
4^HirH, tf, pL. money; dim, A^eeasKH. 
4SpraTb, Aepeyn, «a. to draw, to pulL 
4epeB^HCKitt, adj.-oi village, rural. 
4ep^BHfl, if. village, country. 
4^peB0y in. tree, timber. 
4epeBi(HHui, adj. wooden ifig. stupid. 
4epx4BHUi, adj. sovereign, ruling, 


4ep]B&n, 1X1. to hold, keep. 

4«PH(^ncs, vr. to hold one's self, to 

4^P8Kitt, adj. daring, bold, imperti- 

4ep8H;^b, vn. pa. to dare, take the 

4^p80CTb, if, audacity, insolence. 

4epHyTb, /)a., see Aepran. 

4eciiTHi'frrHflt, ten years old. 

4eciiT0Ri, tm. ten. 

4eci(Tull, adj. num. tenth. 

4^flTb, num, ten. 

4emeB0, adv. cheaply. 

4enieBul, adj. cheap. 

4HBdHi, fin. ottoman, sopha. 

4HBincs, vr. to wonder, to be asto- 

4^B0, tn. wonder, marvel. 

4bk^PB, mi. savage. 

4iiKitt, adj. wild, savage. 

4iiK0, adv. wildly, strangely. 

4HE6BHHKa, tf. wonder, curiosity. 

4hrtob^tb, va. to dictate. 

4HKT0B£TbCfl, VT. to be dictated. 

4HM]BTpitt, tm, Demetrius. 

4HTii, «n. irr. {pi. 4^h), child. 

4H?UTbCfl, vr. to shun, avoid. 

4iaHa, tf. Diana. 

41ap6eKHpei<'B, Ml. a native of Diar- 

4iap6^rb & 4iap6eKipi, mi. Diar- 
bekir ; -OeEiapcRitt, adj, 

4ior^Hi, Ml. Diogenes. 

4jhh^ 9f. length. 

4jiiHHUtt, adj. long. 

44fl, prep. gen. for. 

4H^BHutt & -H6tt, adj. day, daily. 

4 HO, tn. bottom. 

4H'finpi, Ml. Dnieper. 

( 220 ) 

4o, prep, gen, till, ontil, to. 

4o0HBaTbCff, 4o6iTbCff, or. to endea- 
vour to obtain, seek for, to get. 

4o6incfl, pa,j see AO0HB&TBca. 

46(UeCTb, sf. yaliantness, valour. 

4o6pecTi, VII. f>a. to wander, ramble 
up to. 

4o<$p6, tn, goods, property, good. 

4o<$p<$, <u2v. well. 

4o6poBdibBO, a(^v. willingly. 

4o6po4;^niie, »n. kind-heartedness, 

4o6po4'i^Teii>, if. virtue. 

4o<$po4'frreJbHutt, adj, virtuous. 

4o<$poseJ&T&ib, «t». a wellwisher. 

4o6poc6irKcTHOCTb, »f» conscientious- 

4o6poc6irfiCTHult, adj. conscientious. 

4o<$p6Ta, if, quality, kindness. 

46($putt, adj. good. 

4Mputt (irb— laci), well and good. 

466putt nacb, good luck ! 

4o6&^a, if, booty, prey. 

4oBecTi, pa., see 40B04i&Tb. 

4oB04HTb9 to lead up to, to bring to. 

4oB04UTbCfl, «r. to be related. 

40B6jbH0, adv, sufiSciently, enough, 

4oB6dibBbitt, <idj, satisfied, content. 

4oB6jibCTBO, fn. plenty, abundance. 

4oB'ipeHHOCTb, sf. Confidence. 

40Btp^Tb, 40B'lipBTb, «a. to trust, con- 

4ora4^Tbcii, />a., see 4or^UBaTbCfl. 

4ord4UBaTbCfl, 4ora4aTbCfl, tr, to guess, 

4orH^Tb, pa,f see 4oroHiTb. 

4or6H'b, tm, ; overtaking ; (Bi-rdflKy), 
in pursuit of. 

4oroHilTb, to, to overtake. 

4o»4&Tbcii. pa., see iiosMfinct. 

4ox4iiftBUtt, ttdj, rainy. 

40S4k, fin. dim. fifimAwnk 46SKBKI, 
rain, shower. 

4o»i4^Tbc«, 40»4&ncA» «r. to wait 
for, await, expect. 

4o8Bai^Bte, m. permission. 

4oMTi4,pa. (/itf. 40ll4^), see 40X04in. 

40Ru8UBaTb,40Ka8&Tb,to demoostratei 

4oKiMuBan, 40io»tf n, m. to report, 

4^KTopi, «m. doctor. 

46jritt, <idj, long. 

4diro, a<{e. long, a long time. 

4airoBp^MeBRyl, adj, o( long dura- 
tion, long. 

4oirojiTBiil, ad^, of many years. 

4oieT^Tb, 40JeTirrb, «»• to fly up to, 
to reach. 

4oJri, «m. duty, debt. 

46jiseB'b (fl), I must, I am obliged. 

4<Sdi>RH0CTb,f/'. duty, function. 

40J]RH^irb, tm, debtor. 

4^'i>RHUtt, adj. due, in debt. 

4oi^Ba, rf, & 404"^ 9m» dale, valley. 

40J0ffiiTb, pa., see 40icj&4UBan. 

4oj6tt, adv. ofif, down, away. 

4ojot6, tn, a mortise chisel. 

4oxb, see 40JiiBa. 

4^Ma, adiD, at home. 

4oMuinBiH, adj, domestic, household. 

4oM6tt, cdv, homewards. 

4oH'b, «m. dim, 4dHBK'b, house, domi- 

4oRec^Hle, «n. report. 

40H0ciTbCfl, 40BecTiicb, IT. to be re- 
ported, be declared. 

408601, sm. informations, delation. 

4oni, tm, Don. 

( 221 ) 

4onptoHBan. xonpocin, va, to 
question, examine. 

4onycKiTB, ca. to give aocess, to 
allow, let. 

J^onycrAtb, jx*., see AonycK&n 

4opBiTbCfl 40—, vr. /)a. to fall upon. 

4op6ray«/'. road, way; -p6roK),on the 

4opor6l, o^;. dear, costly. 

4op6]BKa, «f. <^. a little road, path. 

4op6sHUil, adj, road, travelling. 

4op6nca| vr. pa, to come at in dig- 

4ocMaf ff< sorrow, vexation, annoy- 

4ocii, «^. plank. 

4ocTaB&Tb, Aocnin, iki. to get, pro- 
cure, reach. 

40CTaB&TBCfl, AOCT&TbCS, «r. to fall to 
one's share, to belong, incur 

40CTaBi^Ble, m. furnishing, procu- 

40CTaBii(Tb, AOCTteHib, to fumish, pro- 

4ocT&ncji, /MS. (fiU. 40CT^Hyci»), see 

4ocTHr&n,40CT^rHyn,to attain,reach. 

4ocTBX^Hie, m. attaining, reaching. 

4oCTOBipHHlt, o^/. authentic. 

4oct6hhctbo, en. merit, dignity, title. 

4ocT^nR&iil, adj, accessible. 

4oTp6rHBaTbCfl, 4orp6HyTbCfl, «r. to 

4oTp6ByTMa,/)a., see 40Tp<5rHBaT&Cfl. 

4o^HHBancii,iT. to learn sufficiently. 

40X04^^9 40ftTi, vn. to go up to— ^ 

40x641, flfA. income, revenue. 

40Hfe & 4<5Hsa, tf. daughter. 

4oixan, vn, pa, to ride up to, arrive. 

4paroq'iHHOCTb, sf, preciousness, a 

4paroi|'BHHutt, adj. precious. 
4paKa; if, squabble, fight 
4paTB, va, to tear, pull. 
4paTbCii, vr, to fight 
4peiu^He, «m. the Drevlians. 
4p^Bflitt, adj. ancient, antique. 
4p^BH0CTb, gf, antiquity, great age. 
4peM^Tb, vn. to slumber, doze. 
4poB&9 sn, pi. fire-wood. 
4poffi&Tb, 4p6rHyTb, «n. to tremble^ 

4po}Ki», sf, shivering, shiver. 
4pyr61t, adj, other, another, second. 
4pyri, am, (pi, 4py3bi), friend. 
4pyrB 4p;^ra, one another, each other. 
4py2R0a, if, friendship. 
4py)KiiHa, if, troop, militia. 
4P^}Rho, adv, friendly, together. 
4p^SHUtt, adj, amicable, familiar, 

4pflHH6tt,a<2;. trashy, bad, miserable. 
4pflHb, if, trash, sweepings. 
4y6uHa, if, dim. 4y6iHKa, a cudgel, 

club, bat. 
4y66B&itt, ac^. of oak. 
4y6p^Ba & 4y<ip6Ba, if, grove of oaks^ 

4y6'b, «in. oak. 
4y6be, see 4y6iHa. 
4^Ma, if' a council, thought, idea. 
4^MaTb, vn, to think, mean. 
4yH0B^Hie, in, blowing, blow. 
4yp^K'i», itn, silly man, fool. 
4yp&HecTB0, an. folly, silliness. 
4ypH<5H, adj, ugly, bad. 
4yTb, 4^HyTb, ta, to blow. 
4yxoB^DCTBO, in, clergy. 
4yx<^BBaA, adj, if. will, testament. 


( 222 ) 

J^yuBEUWh, cm. confesflor. 
4yx6BHuK, adj, spiritun], ecclesias- 
4yx'i», sm, spirit, breath, courage. 
4yiiiri, if. soul, heart, creature. 
4yuic'BHiiitl, <idj, of the soul, hearty, 

4ynierp'fitlKay sf, a warm jacket. 
AYmeTfCeJUit, sm, a homicide. 
4ynier;^0CTBO, tn, murder. 
4^meHbRa, AfmtidL & -me?Ka, if. 

dim. my dear. 
4yniBcnac^T&ibButl, adj. salutary. 
4yuiucTutt, sweet-smelling, fragrant. 
4;fniH0, V. imp, it is stifling, sultry. 
4u6^, tm, pL (cTaib Ha — \ to stand 

up on end, to rear. 
4&MRUlt, adj, smoky. 
4i>iM'i», sm. smoke. 
4i^Rfl, »f, melon. 
4uxaRie, tn. breathing, breath. 
4uui£Tb, 40XH^, vn, to breathe, 

4i>AbojII & 41^8011, sm. devil. 
4bAB0Jb€Ritt, adj. diabolical. 
4i>flE'i», sm, secretary. 
4'KBa, sf. virgin, maid. 
4'KB6Tb, 4tTb (fut. 4l^Hy), va, to put. 
4tBaTi»Cfl, 4'fiTbCfl, TT. to bccome, to 

hide one's self, retire. 
41sB^i]a, sf. maid, maiden, girl, miss. 
4tBKa, sf. dim, 4'iBoiKa & 4iByinRa, 

maid, girl, a maid-servant. 
4'fi4yniEa, sm, dim.^ see 4'fi4i>* 
4*4"^, «». grandfather ; pi. 4'i4U, 

4'l)ttCTBUTeibR0, ndv, in fact, really. 
4'fettcTBUTeJbouK, a((;. efficacious, real. 
4'KttcTBie, 5n. action, act. 
4'BttCTBOBaTb, vn. to act, operate. 

4tJaTb, C4'lu&Tb, M. to make, do. 

4'&iaTbCfl, C4iiaTbC«, vr. to become, 
be made. 

4^40, sn, afifair, bnsineM, work, law- 

4'&ibH0, adAD. reasonably. 

4'iibnuH,a<^. fit for working, senaiblei 

4'1)TH, sn. pi. dim. a^tkh, Atroui & 
4'BTyniRH, children. 

4'iTCRaii, adj, sf. children's roooBi 

4'frrcRitt, adj. children's, ebilditfa. 

4'fiTCTBO, f». childhood. 

4'fiTymKH, «. fd. children. 

416Tb, 4'iTbCfl, pa., see jf^bBiitCMf xin- 


Atknie, sn. action, deed. 
4iflTejbH0CTb, sf. activity. 
4'fiflTejbHbitt, adj, active. 
4i5a(ilt, adj. stoiit, robust. 
4iotfMi, sm. inch. 
4^4bRa, tm. a man-nnrse. 
Ahnmna & 4^4eHbRa, dim., see 4i4i. 
4i4H, m. uncle ; a^abet^, afi. adj.p<m. 


EBaerei^CTb, sm, evangelist 
Espdna,*/*. Europe ; eBpon^ttCRlIt, adj. 

EBpon^ei^'b, sm. an European. 
EB«paTb, sm. Euphrates. 
ErHnTHHHH'b, sm, an Egyptian. 
Er6pi, sm, George. 
E4b£, adv, hardly, scarcely. 
E4HHori^BO, adv. unanimously. 
E4BH04^niHUlt, adj, unanimous ; -ea 

adv. -ly. 

E4HHOo6p^le, tn, uniformity, mono* 

( .223 ) 

B4aH00<$p&8ault, adj, nniform^ mono- 

E4iHCTiieHH0| adv. solely, only. 

E4iiHCTBeHH&itt,a<:?;. only, sole, unique. 

EAiBHUil & £4^81, adj. sole, only. 

E»er64no, ctdv, yearly. 

Effie4H^BH0, ado. daily. 

EsejH & EcJH, oonj, if, in case. 

EaseMHB^THO, adt, every moment 

Eft, dot, ofpron. 0H&, to her. 

Eft, adv. indeed, verily, 

ERaTepHBa, tf> Catherine. 

Ej^aa, »f. Ellen. 

EJb, «^ iir, spruce. 

EoHCROni, ifii' bishop. 

Epmi, sm, the common gremille. 

EcJB, cofi;. if, in case. 

EcT^TBeHH&ift^ adj. natural, physi- 

EcTb,9. imp. (pott 6iuOffiU. 6fAeTb), 
there is, there are. 

EcTb IE Y iiaci ? have you ! 

XSaBopoHORi, tm. lark. 

3Ca4H0, ado. greedily, with avidity. 

HE^HOCTb, if. avidity, greediness. 

TSikxBuVL, adj. greedy, eager. 

Xa}K4a, 9f. thirst. 

XliKifi, adj. pitiable, miserable ; -kg, 

V. vnp. it is a pity. 
%^o6a, ef. complaint. 
XiJOdHUfi, adj. complaining, pUiin- 

X^JOBaHbe, M. allowance, salary. 
SKaJOiaTfr, va. to grant, confer, bestow, 

to like. 
X^JOBaibCfl, vr. to complain. 
iKaJOcn, tf. pity, compassion. 

H(HJb, (ocTb) V. imp. it is pity, I am 

aCaiin, wi. to regret, to pity. 

aCapeflutt, part, roasted, fried. 

aCapsf ft, adj. hot, warm, ardent. 

a(ap6BHfl, tf. chafing-dish. 

aCapi, sm. heat, ardour, fire. 

HCaTb, ra. (pra. asHy), to reap, har- 

TRBJh, ta. {pres. jkm^), to press, 

SK^TBCfl, rr. ( pret. amycb), to lay close, 
lean, press against. 

TRAATh, va. to wait for, to expect 

aCe & aCi, (k)n;. as to, but, also. 

SKesHTb, i?a. to masticate. 

aC&i^Hle, 8». wish, desire. 

TRei&EEuA, adj. wished ; im. sweat- 

TReikth, va. to wish, desire, long. 

aCe'iTUtt, adj. yellow. 

HCeJi^HUtt, adj. bilious. 

aCeJtsHUtI, adj. of iron. 

TKeAtso, sn. iron. 

HC^Msyri, «i». eo^. pearls. 

aCeea, «/. cfim. ase'HRa, wife, spouse* 

aCe'HHH'b, adj. post, wife's. 

aCeouTb, va. to marry to — ; -ch, rr. 
to marry, to take a wife. 

HCeBiixi, tm. bridegroom, suitor. 

3K^BCRitt, adj. woman's, feminine. 

SK^Bii^HBa, »f. woman. 

HC^pTsa, tf. victim, sacrifice. 

HCecTRitt, adj. hard, harsh. 

3KecT6Ritt, adj. cruel, atrocious, rigo- 

HCeCT0R0C^P4utt, adj. hard-hearted. 

aCecToROCTii, tf. rigour, cruelty. 

HCecTi, tm. gesture. 

ace?b, va. {pret. asry), to bum. 

( 226 ) 

SaRonriiuft, adj, blackened with 

SaRpHsaTByOA. pa, to begin to ery out. 
Saspi^TB, va. pa. to cover, shnt. 
Saxpi^TiiCfl. vr. pa, to cover one's self, 

to be shnt. 
3aK^nopHTB, va, pa, to cork. 
SaKypan, va, pa, to begin to smoke. 
Sax^CKa, sf, a snack, desert. 
3£ia & Sail, gf, hall. 
Saj^n, vn. pa, to begin to bark. 
3ajRB^Tii€fl, sajiTMfl, vr. />a. (cjesi- 

mb), to weep bitterly ; (speaking 

of dogs), to yell, yawl. 
SajiSirb. tm. gulf, bay. 
3aJ0XHTb, va, pa., see 8aRJi&4UBaTb. 
SaJtsan, sajisTb, vn. to climb in or 

3aHacKHpoR^Tb, mask, screen. 
3aM^4JH'n>, vn. pa, to delay, retard. 
3aMep34Tb, 3aHep3Hyn, vn, to freeze. 
3aMepTB0, adv, dead, for dead. 
3aMHp^Hie, sn. torpor, fainting. 
3aMHp^Tb, saxep^, vn. to get torpid, 

tremble with. 
3aM6iRHyTb, vn. pa. to cease, be 

'Hauojnkthf vn, pa, to become silent. 
3^My]BeMi, married (to a man). 
3aMy]B'b (BUX04^Tb, B&ttTB), to marry 

(for women). 
SaMtuiiTb, pa,f see saMlsHiiTb. 
3aM'fiH^Tii, santiHiiTb, oa. to substitute, 

3aMiTHTb. pa,f see sanliqaTB. 
SaMirHO, ado, visibly, observably. 
daMirnbiA, 0(2;. observable, visible. 
SaMliH^Bie, sn, remark, observation. 
Sav&i&TaibHbitt, ac^. remarkable ; 

-eo, adv. -bly. 

SaMln&Th, va, to mark, to remark, 
SairfeniaTejbcnio, »n, confusion. 
BaaecTii, pa., see aaHOcin. 
3aHHii&TejbH0CTb,ff. interest. 
SaHU&TeAButt, adf, interesting ; 

-BO, adv, -ly. 

borrow ; -cb, vr. to occupy one's 

self, be interested with. 
SaBdaacTUfi, adf, prickly ; Jig, qiuuv 

Saflocdrb, BaBecrtf, va. to leave in 

passing, to carry, to drifk» 

block up. 
SaaiiTie, tn, occupation, borrowing. 
B^flTUft & 3aBflT6i, adj. occupied, 

3afli(n, -€a,pa. (JuL aaiiif, -a), see 

aaaaHaTb, -ca. 
San^Bul, adj. of store, spare. 
dka&Th, im. smell, odonr. 
SaneR^Tbca, san^Hftca, vr. to dot. 
3anep^, -ca, pa., see Banep&n, -ci. 
Sanen^raTb, va, pa. to seal up. 
Sanap^Tb, aanep^, va. to dose, 

Sanap&Tca, aanep^nca, vr, to shot 

one's self up, to deny, diiavow. 
3an^CRa, tf. inscribing, note. 
3anicuBaTb, aanac^Tb, va. to write 

in, inscribe. 
Sani^Ta, dim. aaiu^nta, if. patch. 
BaniaTi^Tb, va. pa, (imp. a. aaniAiB- 

BaTb), to patch, patch up. 
3aniaT^Tb, va, pa. {imp, a, niaiin), 

to pay, to be paid. 
3aiutCB^, 9n.|M>.to become mouldy. 
Skaovtxb, if. commandment. 
3anop(5niBTb, va, to coTer slightly. 
Ban^pi, im, bolt. 

( 227 ) 

Sanp^HnaTB, aanpoc^ib, oa. to oyer- 
charge, ask too much. 

danperiib, va. pa. to prohibit, forbid. 

SanponacT^Tbcii, vr. pa. to be mishiid, 
be lost. 

SanpocTO, adv, without ceremony. 

SanpiiraTB, sanp^sb, to harness. 

SanpiasKa, tf. putting to, harnessing. 

3anpiHb,/>a., see sanpflr&Tb. 

3anycR&Tb, aanycr^Tb, va. to put, 

3an;fTaTb, va. pa. to entangle, mis- 

SanuiaTb, vn. pa. to begin to blaze, 

San^xaTbci, vr. pa. to get out of 

Sapesin, vn. pa. to begin to roar. 

3ap]B^eHHull, part, rusted, rusty. 

3apy6in, va. pa. to kill with a sword. 

daphUfkib, vn, pa. to begin to sob. 

SapiaaTb, va. pa* to cut one's throat, 

3api, sf. redness of the sky, dawn 
of day. 

3apjiaR^n, 8apa4^> va. to load 
(a gun). 

Saci^ra, tf. merit, desert 

Saci^flEHBan, sacjy^RiTb, va. to 
deserve, merit. 

Saeirbinca, vr. pa, to begin to laugh. 

3acB^n, vn, pa., see sacun^Tb. 

3acn6pm, vn. pa. to begin to dis- 
pute, bet. 

SacraB&Tb, sacr^Tb^ find,snrpri8e. 

Sacraufo, aacr&BHTb, va. to compel, 

oblige, to set before. 
SacT&n, pa., see sacraB^Tb. 
Sacrar&n, sacTHreyrb, ta, to catch, 

3acT0H&Tb, on. ^. to begin to groan. 
SacTpiiBBarb, aacTp'biHTb, va. to 

shoot, kill. 
SaCT^nHHRi, sm, intercessor, de- 
SacTtHiHBOCTb, sf. timidity, shyness. 
SacyeTHTbCfl, vr. pa. to take much 

3acyxa, «/. drought, dryness. 
3acbin&Tb,v}i. to fall asleep, slumber. 
3acbin^Tb, suc^naTb, va, to cover 

over, fill up. 
SacfiA^Hie, in. sitting, session. 
SacfeCTb, vn. pa, to place one's self 

in ambuscade. 
SaTa^Tb, va, pa, to secrete, conceal. 
3aTB6pi, tm, bar, sluice. 
SaTBop^Tb, saTBopuTb, va. to Bhut,close. 
SaiixHyTb, vn. pa. to abate, become 

3aTEH;^, pa,, see saiUKaTb. 
SaTOsaTb, -HUTb, va. to confine, banish. 
3aT0?^Hie, 8n. banishment, imprison- 
SaTpfiHHBaTb, sarp^TBTb, va. to spend, 

to lay out. 
SaibiE^Tb, saTRB;^, va, to stop up, 

3aT^0E'b, itn. nape of the neck, 

darfitlHBR'b, -BBqa, t. wag. 
SarfiMii, adv. thereupon, whereupon. 
SaT^rBBaTb, saTHB^Tb, va. to tighten. 
3aTflByTb, pa., see sar^rBBaTb. 
3aTflH^TbCfl, vr. pa. (imp. a. aar^rB- 

BaTbCfl) (Ta6aR6Hi), to swallow 

the smoke. 
Sa^peBfl, tf. lauds, matins. 
BaxB^TbiBaTb, saxBaTBTb, va. to catch, 


( 228 ) 

SaxBopan, m. pa. to fall ilL 
3axje6uBaTKa, 8axje6BjTKfl, vr. to 

choke one's self. 
3axj6DByTMrf . vr. pa. to be shut with 

a clap. 
3axos4^Ble, M. setting. 
3a\0J.fcTM, f Ji. by-pUce, by-eoruer. 
3axoTtn, rn. to hare a mind, wish for. 
SaxpHOtn, ni./M. to have a rattling 

in the throat. 
3axpoMiin, va. pcu to fall lame. 
aaniiTK, a</r. why f 
SamHBan, SamiiTb, vi. to sew np. 
3amiotTb, 9N. pa, to begin to hiss, 
Samin, pa., see samiBiln. 
Saniira, tf. defence, protection, corer • 
SamiiBBKi, Ml. defender, protector. 
3aii|Bii|&n va, saniBTiin, pa, to 

defend, protect. 
3atxaTB, VM, pcu to call in driving 

Safnii, <m. a hare ; -flHitt, adj, 

36p^Ji, if, harness, 
dsan, va, to call, invite. 
3BeH'iTb, VH, to ring, jingle. 
3B0H<ipb, 8tn. bellringer. 
3B0HiTb, va, to ring. 
SB^HKift, adj. sonorous, loud. 
3B0R'b, fia. ring (of bells). 
SsyRi, f/a. sound, clang. 
3By?aTb, BB^KHyTb, vn, to sound, re- 
3B1634&, </. star. 

3B'fipcRifl, adj, brutal, ferocious. 
SBipcTBO, 0n. ferocity. 
3Btpb, tm, wild beast. 
34aH{e, sn, edifice, building. 
34up6B0, adv. healthily ; /am, good 

morning ! 

34op6Bui, adj. healthy, wholesomet 

3j|op6ike, ««. health. 
34p4Ble, sm, s^., see 84op6ifce. 
34PiiBCTB0BaTb, v». to be in health ; 

.ML to hail, salute. 
34pauil, adj, soond, sane. 
34tcb, adv, here. 
34'imBll, adj, of this place. 
SeJeBUft, adj, green. 
S^eBb, if. verdure, vegetables. 
S^ie, sm, herb, poison. 
3eMJe4iieirb, 9m, agriculturist, hus- 
3e]uei6n%, tm, digger. 
Seiui, rf, earth, ground, land, 

3exjiKi, Ika. fellowHMmntryman. 
3ejuafl6H, adj, earthen. 
3eMfl6l, adj. earth, terrestrial. 
3^MCKll, adj, territorial, provineialf 

3<^pRaio, in, looking-glass, murror. 
3epH6, sn, grain, kernel. 
3uMi, tf, winter. 
SiinBill, adj, winter, winterly. 
3bii<5k), adv, in winter. 
3bo^hi, tm, jacket. 
3JiiTbc«, vr. to be in a rage. 
3jo, tn, evil, 

3J0Btiiill, adj, ominous, of ill omen. 
3J04itt, tm, villain, sworn enemy. 
3J04ittCTB0 & 8J04li^Rte, tn. villaby, 

SJOnoi^HHUft, ac(j- unfortunate. 
3J0tt, adj, bad, malicious, wicked. 
3Mli&, tm, & Snt&, rf. serpent, snake. 
3HaR6MCTB0, fit. acquaintance, oun* 

SHaKOMbitt, adj, acquainted, known. 

( 229 ) 

SHaKdHUll & 8HaRdMeirb,«m. acquaint- 

SeaKi, 8m, dim, SHan^rb, sign, token, 

3HaMeBiTutt, cuij, distinguished, emi- 

3B^fl, sn. colours, banner, stan- 

Se&nie, sn, knowledge. 

dB&THUfl, adj, of note, eminent. 

SHan, va. to know. 

SeaH^Hie, tn, signification, import- 

SeaHUTeJiiHufl, cufj, important, con- 
siderable ; -HO, cuiv, -bly. 

Sh^hhtl, va, to signify. 

3Ha<i6Ki & BHaH&'R'b, see SeaRi. 

SHOtt, $m, sultriness, heat. 

3B6ttB&itt, <xdj, sultry, burning. 

3oBi, sm. call, invitation. 

doiOTBiKi, im. the 96th part of a 
Russian pound. 

SdJOTO, m, gold. 

3oiot6I, adf, golden. 

3opi(, dim, sdpnniKa & 86pbRa, see 

36pRitt, adj, sharp- sighted. 

Spai^Ri & 8pa<i6R-b, sm, pupil (of 
the eye). 

3pATaiB, «m. spectator. 

SpHTfc, see sp'frrb. 

3pijHnie, tn, spectacle, show. 

Spijutt, adj. ripe, mature. 

3piBie,«n. sight, eye-sight, ripening. 

3piTb, va, to see. 

SyCficnitt & 3y0&TUtt, <Mdj, with large 
or long teeth. 

8y(h&TUtt, adj, toothed, cogged. 

8f({%, fin. tooth. 

9u6h, sf, swell, surge. 

StefiTb, SISBB^, vn, to yawn, gnpe. 
3flTb, sm, son-in-law, brother-in-law. 


n, eonjf and, also, too, even. 

n6o, conj. for, because. 

HeaBi, sm, John. 

Ilri6iysf,;dim, Hr6jRa, needle, prickle 

(of plants). 
HrH&Titt, sm, Ignatius. 
Hro, sn, yoke, 
nropb, sm, Igor. 
nrp&, sf. play, game. 
DrpaTb, vn, & va* to play. 
nrp^Butt, adj, playful. 
Hr^Meai*, sm, abbot, superior (uf a 

Haoji'B, sm, idol. 

D4T^ & Httu, vn, irr, to go, come. 
HaOa, sf,\ dim, H36ymHa, peasant's 

house, hut. 
HsO^BHTb, pa., see BsOauflTb. 
HsOaiueHie, sn. deliverance. 
HsOa&i^TB, fl36&BHTb, va, to deliver, 

free, set free. 
n36^0BaTb, va, pa, to spoil, indulge. 
naOap^Ble & H36paBie, sn, election, 

naOnpaTeJbHutt, adj, electoral. 
D36updTb, flsfip^Tb, va, to elect, to 

naOopCR'b, sm, Isborsk. 
Ea^paTb, va, pa., see HaOap^Tb. 
Ea^^oiRa, dim, of H36&. 
HaO^TORi, sm, abundance. 
E361imkEle (bo-), in order to avoid. 
Haseprb, sm, outcast, cruel man. 
naBepas^Hfe, sn, eruption. 
HaBHB^TbCJi, vr, to coil up, to crawl, 


( 230 ) 

HBBHHin, pa.f see HSBHoiTk. 
HsBiBin, HBBBHiTb, VT. to exdue, 

HsBjeK^Tb, H3&i^Hb, va. to extract, 

draw out. 
HsBdiBTb, va, pa. to be pleased, 

think proper ; -toih, -Bdibie, 

well ! be it BO ! 
IISB^iiiBK'b, tm, carrier, hackney- 
coachman ; -ntHHltt, a^j, 
n8Bt4aTb, va. pa. to ascertain, learn, 

investigate, try. 
HsBtCTle, 071. advice, news. 
HsBicTflO, V. tm/7. it is known. 
HsBtCTBOCTb, sf, repute, notoriety. 
HsBtcTHutt, adj, known, renowned, 

EdtbcrAtb, va. pa. ; (HaBtDqan, 

imp. a.), to inform, notify. 
HsriSdBCTUtt, adj, winding, sinuous, 

]l3rji4BTb, -CB, pa,, see Bsri&jRBBaTft, 


BariAffiflBaTb, Bsri^AHTb, va. to efiface ; 

-Cfl, vr. to be effaced. 
HsrH&Tb, va, pa. (fat. B3roHi6), to 

expel, drive out, banish. 
HaroTOBj^Tb, H3roT6BflTb, to prepare, 

to manufacture. 
Il34aB£TB, H344Tb, va. to promulgate, 

publish, give out, produce. 
IIa4aBHa, adv. long ago, this great 

Ha4ajB, adv. at a distance, afar. 
Da4^pH(Ra, if. expense. 
D34Mx4Tb, Ba46xHyTb, vn. to die, 

H344ile, in. work, handiwork. 
HaaidsyTb, vn. pa. to be starved, 

grow cold. 

HaxoXA^HBUtt, <Mdj, macerated. 

]l3Moa4iTb, va. pa. to macerate, 

EaMopoab, sf. hoar-frost, sleet. 

EvufHVtb, va, p€k, to tire out, ex- 

HaMiaa, tf, treachery, treason. 

Hax'fiHiTb, pa.f see HBM'feHiTb. 

HasiiHBBRi, tm. betrayer, traitor. 

HaMtH^Tb, HairfeHiiTb, va, to change, 
alter, betray. 

HaMtBifiTbCB, HBHiBirbefl, vr, to 
change, be changed, to vary. 

HafleMor^Tb, HaaeMd^ib, on. to grow 
feeble, lose strength. 

HaaeMdib, pa. (/ttf. HaHeiior^), see 

HaoO^JOBaTb, vn. to abound. 

Hao6paH(&Tb, BacX^paain, va, to depict, 

HaoOpan^Ble, tn, representation, pic- 
ture, description. 

EaoOp'fiTHTb, saoOpicTb, va. to invent. 

HaoOp'frreBie, mi. invention. 

H304P&Tb, va. pa, to tear np. 

HaopB^Tb, va, pa. to tear np, pull to 

Eapacx64biBaTb, -x640BaTb, va. to lay 
out, expend. 

Hap^Tb, va, pa, to dig np. 

Hap'fi4Ra, adv. rarely, seldom, some- 

naptaaib, va, pa, to cut np. 
]Iacj'i40BaTb, va, pa, to investigate, 

HacTyni^Bie, <n. enthusiasm, ecstasy* 
EzYvtHeEBUikfpart. mutilated, lame. 
HayMBTb, -en, pa., see HayiujlTb, -ct. 
HayMi^Hie, tn. astonishment, amaze- 

( 231 ) 

BayMieHHUft, part, astonished. 
HsyMJiiTb, HsyMiTb, va, to astonish ; 

-Cfl, vr. to be astonished. 
Hsyiip^rb, sm. emerald ; -p^AH&iit, 

HayH^Hie, sn. study. 

HdHeprirb, va. pa. to streak, scratch 

all over. 
H31 & Hso, prep, gen. out of, from ; 

■31 sa, from behind ; B8i noAi* 

from under. 
EnaviArh, va. to testify, show. 

HSMCB^, -Cfl,jMI.,See B81>flCHliTb, -Cfl. 

HsiflCBiiii, HBiflCHiTB, va. to explain, 
elucidate ; -cfl, t« explain one's 

HKdea, «f. image. 

Hkp^ 8f. roe, calf of the leg. 

Sjh & Hib, «on;. or. 

Hu&wh, tm. Imam. 

iMeBBO, adv. specially, particularly ; 
(a-), and namely. 

HMeBOB^ncii, vr. to be named. 

iMnep&TopcKift, adj. emperor's, im- 

HHnep&Topi, tm, emperor. 

Hsfnepaipiaa, tf. empress. 

HMnepi&ii, cm. imperial, roof (of 

HMn^pU, tf. empire. 

HM^n^ecTBO, «n. property, goods. 

HMiBie, tn. property, estate. 

iM^b, va. to have. 

Hma, tn, name, renown, noun. 

HH&^e, (Mdv. otherwise, if not. 

HBA^m & HB4ieq'b, tm. an In- 

HB4ffl, if, India. 

HnKdrBBTO, <idj, incognito. 

HBor44, adv. sometimes. 

HHoa^MHUft, adj. foreign* 

Hndti, adj. other. 

HHORiSBfl, tf. nun. 

HhokIi, tm, monk. 

HHOCTp&Heq'b, tm. foreigner. 

HflOCTp^HHuti, adj, foreign. 

HacTpyM^HTb, tm. instrument, tool. 

HHTepecoB&Tb, va, to interest. 

HBTepecoB^TbCfl, vr, to take interest 

Hpiea, tf, Irene. 

HBTOH&qifl, tf. intonation. 

HCE^Taib, tm, seeker, searcher. 

HcR^Tb, va. to seek, search. 

HcEOca, cuiv. asquint, aslant. 

HcEpa, tf, spark. 

HcRpeBRii, adj, sincere, frank. 

HcRpeHBOCTb, tf, sincerity, frank- 

HCKpHfiiTb, va. pa. to make crooked, 
bend, curl. 

HcR^CHUit, adj, skilful, clever. 

HcR;^TBeflBull, adj. artificial ; -BO,-ly. 

HcR^CTBO, tn. skill, art 

HcnHC^Tb, va, pa, to fill with writ- 
ing, write all over. 

HcHBTdti, adj, meagre, lean. 

Hcnofii4UBaTb, ■cnoBi4aTb, va. to 
profess, believe in, to confess. 

Hcnaifl^Bie, tn, execution, fulfil- 

Hcn6iBeBBbiti, part, fulfilled, full of. 

HcndiBHTb, pa., see BcnOjiHiiTb. 

HcnoJBiiTb, BcndiHHTb, va, to fulfil, 

HcndpTBTb, va, pa, to spoil, damage. 

HcnpaBi^Bie, tn. repairing, reforma- 

Hcnp&BBO, adv, exactly, punctually. 

flcnp66oBaTb, va, pa. to try. 

( 232 ) 

Hcnjrr^n,, to frighten ; -cflyVr. 

to be frightened. 
IIcaycKaTb, HcnycTHn, va. to exhale, 

breathe, let out ; -Ay» or AU- 

xiHle, to expire, die. 
ITcnuT&Hie, m, assay, trial. 
HcTeRaTb (Rp6cbio), vn, to be bleed- 
ing; ECt^Hh (Rp6Bbio), to bleed 

to death. 
Hciep^bcii, vn, pa. (patt Hcrifpcii, 

fiU. Hsorp^cb), to be worn out 
ncrepSHTb, va, pa, to tear to pieces. 
IfCTHHa, s/, truth. 

ncTBHHMtl,dk£;. true, real ; 'BO,adv.Ay, 
UcTdoHHEi, sm, oven-heater, stoker. 
IICT6pHirb, sm. historian. 
UcTopiiiecKitl, a^j. historical. 
ncT^pifl, §f, dim. HCTdplliRa, history. 
IICTUSHHKI, nn. spring, source. 
UcTpedii&Tb, BCTpeO^Tb,«a. to destroy, 

nox64i, im. Exodus, issue. 
UcHesan, BCidsuyn, to disappear, 

UcicpTHTb, see Bsnepr^Tb. 
llTaKi, adv. thus, so. 
HT^iii, sf. Italy. 
Uttb & hti, see hat^. 


Icny^rb & Esy^rb, sf, Jesuit. 
lac^ChfSm. (-Xpbct6ci), JesusChrist ; 

vocative, iBC^ce XpscT^ ! 
Io(iHHb, sm, John. 
I6cB«i, sm. Joseph. 
IcakK'h, sm. Isaac. 
iKUb, sm. July. 
liuHb, sm. June. 


Ra ft 10, a suffix added to ike imper, 
RaO&n, mil. tavern, public-bonset 

Ratf^'b, sm. boar, wild boar. 
Ra($apAi, sf. Kabarda ; -A^BCHtit, aij, 
RaO^eerb, sm, cabinet, closet, private 

Ra&i^Ei, sm, heel (of a boot or shoe). 
Raeaj^pifl, rf, cavalry. 
RaBR&aeiTb, sm, a native or inhabitant 

of Caucasus. 
RaBK^sb, 9i». Caucasus ; -R^Rtit,a(2;. 
RaA^9«m. cadet ; -A^KiM K6pa)Cb| 

military academy. 
RiiARa, sf, dim, -AOHRa ft -A;f mia, tub. 
RasAUit, adj, and pron, each, every, 

every one. 
Rasercfl, v. imp, it appears, it seems. 
Raa&Rb, sm, Cossack or Cazaek ; 

-8&<iiit, -3a£|Riit, adj. 
Ras&Bb, sm. Kazan ; -a^CRlM, adj. 
Raa&pMa, sf, barracks. 
Raa^TbCfl, vr, to appear, show one's 

RaaenBuft, adj. of the crown. 
Ra3H&, sf. the public chest, treasozy* 
RasBai^rCTBO, sn, exchequer. 
RasBiib, va. to punish with death, 

RaR0B6ft ft RaR^Bb, adj. pron. what 

kind of t what sort of t 
RaR6ti, a^. what kind or sort oft 

RaR^tt-TO, some kind, a certain ; 

RaR61l-BB6^Ai>» RaR(>il-ii6o, some, 

any kind of. 
RaRi, adv. how t as, like. 
RaRb TO, adv. once npon a time^ 

such as. 

( 233 ) 

RriMeHHCTuii, adj. stony, lapideous. 
KaHeHBUfi, adj. stone, stony. 
RaveH0j6MHfl, sf. quarry. 
R&MeHntHRi, sm. mason. 
RaMeHb, sm. dim. -MemeRi & -MumeKi; 

RaMepi-JoE^ti, sm, chamber-lackey* 
RaMdaiii. sm, under-waistcoat. 
RaM^Hi, sm. fire-place. 
RaM^^TRa, sf. Kamtchatka. 
RaMumi, sm, reed, cane ; -Mume'BBiti, 

RaH&na, sf, gutter, ditch. 
Rae^i, sm, canal, channel. 
Ran^bii, sc, rascal. 
R<tHHT^b, sf wire-ribbon* 
RaB^Bi, sm. eve. 
RanBTaii, sm, capital. 
RanHTanii, sm, captain. 
RanBTdiill, sm. capitol. 
Ranifl, rf. drop. 
Ranp^SBuft, adj, capricious. 
R .paaaHi, sm. caravan. 
RapaflA^mi, sm. lead-pencil, graphite. 
Rapa^iBTfc^ va. to watish, guard, 

to spy. 
Rapa^ibBuit & Rapa^jibn^BR'b, sm, 

Rap^a, sf coach, carriage. 
R^pRaib, RapRByn, vn, to croak. 
RapM&BButt, adj, of pocket, portable. 
RapM^flb, sm. pocket. 
RapBH3T>, sm, cornice. 
Rapnb. sm. carp. 
R^pra, sf card, map. 
RapTasBTb, vn. to lisp. 
Rapr^Tb, sf, grape-shot. 
Rapriaa, sf, dim, RapTiflRR, picture. 
RapriflRa, -TieoHRa fSf. dim, print, cut. 

RapT^Bi, sm. pasteboard. 
RapT^Sb, sm, cap. travelling-cap. 
RacaTbCfl, ROCB;^Cfl, vr, to touch, 

relate to. 
RacniiiCKoe M6pe, Caspian Sea. 
RacTpiaifl, sf saucepan. 
RaTaale, sn, rolling, driving. 
RaTspi, sm. transport-boat, barge. 
RaTdyiBRi, -i^HRa, s. Catholic. 
RaTOJAqudMb, sm, Catholicism. 
RuTQpjKnflRi, sm. convict, galley- 
Ra^TaHb, sm, coat. 
KanaTb, RaneyTb, va. to shake, swing, 

to pump. 
RaHHTbCfl, vr. to swing, rock, roll. 
RaiecTBO, sn, quality. 
R^ma, s/l gruel. 
RanijiflH^Tb, pa., see RaniJflTb. 
R^mjiflTb, RanuflflyTb, vn, to cough. 
Raiora, sf, cabin. 
RaiOTb-RaMnaBifl, sf, ward-room. 
RsaApaTBUii, adj square. 
RaaAP^Tb, sm. a square, square 

RBopT^pa, sf, lodgings, apartments. 
Rsacb, sm, kvass (a drink), acid 

RejApb, sm. cellarer. 
R^jbfl & Rduifl, sf dim. RBJ^iiEa, 

a cell. 
RBBdrb, sm. image-case. 
RH4aTb, RUHyTb, va. to throw, abandon. 
RB4aTbca, RMoyTbCfl, vr, to cast one's 

self, to fall upon. 
RiUb, sm. keel, bottom (of ships). 
RBBXlib, sm. poniard, dagger. 
RuByTbCfl,|?a., see RB4aTbCfl. 
RHotTb, vn, to boil, to swarro (of 


( 236 ) 

KncTh^if, bnnc; (cJon^Baii)^ ivory. 
KoruiiBa^ sf, triangular neckerchief* 
KoTeJi, «iA. kettle, copper, boiler. 
I\<n6[iaik, pron,interr, which ? what? 
KoT(5putt, pron, rel, which| who, 

KoTopufi HH6^Ab, some one. any one. 
KoTb, im* tom-cat. 
K6*efl, nn, & Ko^, indedin, coffee ; 

-«^'ttHUfl, adj, 
RoHCBaTb, m. to lead a nomad life, 

Kon^ffiKHKi, 8tn. a nomad. 
KoncB4>tt, adj, nomad, nomadic. 
K6uic*iiti, adj, cat's. 
K3UiCJi;Ri, «?!». purse. 
KomRa, tf, she-cat 
Kpatt. sm, edge, country. 
Kputtne, adv. extremely. 
KpaHuitt, adj, last, extreme, utmost. 
KpaiiBi CTb, sf, extremity, necessity. 
Kpac^BHua, a/, beautiful woman. 
KpaciiButt, adj, pretty. 
KpucHTb, ta, to paint, dye. 
KpacKa, af, colour, paint. 
KpacnoOailcTBO, tn, talkativeness. 
KpacHOB&Tutt, adj. dim, reddish. 
Kp^CHoe A^peeo, mahogany. 
KpaCHUtt, adj. red. 
Rpacuirb, vn, to grow red, redden. 
KpacoT^, sf, beauty. 
Kpe4HT6pi, sm. creditor. 
KpeMJb, sm, citadel, Kreml (in 

Moscow) ; -Je'BCRitt, adj, 
Kp<;ii4ejb, tm, cracknel. 
^p6ciOf in. dt pi, Rp^a, arm chair, 

eiisy chair ; dim. Rp^oieqo. 
KpecTiiTaib, sm, baptist. 
KpecTHTb, va, to baptize, to mark 

with a cross. 

RpccTiSTbCii, fr. to be baptized. 
RpeCTBUit, adj, of a cross, of baptism ; 

-1041, procession* 
Rpecn, tm. cross. 
RpecTb^HBB'b, sm, peasant ; -TbiiHCRiM, 

RpecTb^Bcnio, «n. peasantry. 
Rpem^Bie, sn, baptism. 
KpHB61l,a(^'. crooked, blind of one eye. 
RpiiRByrb, vn, pa. to give a shriek, 

to shout. 
RpBR^Bi, sm. cryer, elamonrer. 
RpBRi, sm, cry, clamour, shrieks. 
RpBHaTb, Tn. to cry, shout. 
RpoB^Bull, adj, bloody, stained with 

RpoB^Tb, 8f.dim, -B^TKa, bedstead,bed. 
Rp6B4fl, sf. roof. 

RpoBOs64HUtl, adj. blood-thirsty. 
RpoBonpoiiTie, sn, bloodshed. 
RpoBi, sm. roof ; Jig. protection. 
RpoRb, sf. blood. 

Rp64BRi, sm, rabbit ; -iHHiit, adj. 
Rpoxli. prep, gm, except, besides. 
RpoBiUT^Ti, sm, Cronstadt; -Ti4T- 

CRilt, adj. 
Rp6TRlll, adj. kind, benign. 
Rp^iTOCTb, sf. kindness, mildness. 
Rpoi&, sf. crumb, morsel. 
Rp6niRa, sf, little one, nursling. 
Rp^rJbitt, adj, round. 
RpyroB6tt, adj. circular. 
Rpyr^Mi, adv, around. 
Rpyri, sm, dim. Rpyas^Ri, round, 

Rp^HtRa, sf, tankard, jug, cup. 
Rpyffi^Ri, dim,, see Rpyri. 
Rpyn£, sf, groats, grits. 
Rp^BBUll, adj, large, coarse. 
RpyTiin, ta. -cs, w. to twist, twiri. 

( 237 ) 

Kpyrdit/ aSj, steep, thick. 

Rpy^iHa, tf, dm, sorrow, afiUction. 

Rpui6, tn, wing. 

Kpuibad, m, porch. 

RpuMi, tm. Crimea ; -MCBift, <idj. 

Kp&ca, sf. rat. 

KpuTb, va. (pret» ip^io,) to cover. 

Rp&oia, gf. roof. 

RpioKift, €u/j. strong, firm. 

RpinRO, adv, comp, Rpinne, strongly, 

Rp1biocTH6it, cidj, of a fortress, hound 

to the soil. 
Rpinocn, rf, strength, fortress, title- 
deed of possession. 
RpsiTin, vn, to groan. 
Rto, pron, interr, who ! 
JHio, pron, rd, who, that which. 
Rto KyA&, in all directions. 
Rto HH6^4i, RTO J^6o, any one. 
Rto-to, somebody, some one. 
Ry0&Hb, if, Cuban. 
Ry4&, adv. whither t where ! 
R^APH pi. R^4P'> */• curls, lock 

of hair. 
Ryae^ili, an. blacksmith. 
RysH^^ecTBO, sn. the business of a 

RysbMa, tm, Cosmus, Cosmo. 
R^Ria, ff. dim. R^ROJRa, doll, puppet. 
Ryi^Hi, 9m, sweet loaf, Easter cake. 
Yi)'uk, tf, dim. R^MymRa, godmother, 

RyMHpi, gm. idol. 
Rym, tm. irr. (pi. RyM0Bi>4), dim. Ry- 

Maae'Ri, godfather, gossip. 
Rynam^pi, sm. Kunashire. 
R^na, rf. heap, crowd, group. 
Ryn^buiHRi, sm. bather. 
Ryn&Hie, tn, bathing. 

Ryn&Tb, ta, to bathe ; -Cfl, to bathe 

one's self. 
Ryn^b Sl Ryn'kib, tf, the font. 
Ryn^qb, tm. merchant, buyer ; -n4- 

HecRiti, adj. 
Ryn^Tb, va. pa. to buy, purchase. 
Rypr^Hi, tm. tumulus, barrow. 
RypiLieqi, tm, a native of Kurile 

RypiiTb, ta. to smoke. 
Ryp^TbCfl, vr. to smoke, be smoked. 
R^puqa, tf. hen. 
Rypci, tm, course. 
RypTRa, tf. jacket, doublet. 
Ryp^HpcTb, tm. Elector. 
Ryp^iaauti, adj. curly, woolly-headed. 
RypiiTHHRb. tm, poultry-house. 
Ryc&Tb, va. Sl Ryc^TbCS, vr, to bite. 
RycoRb, tm, morsel, piece. 
RycTapHHRi, tm, shrub, bush. 
RycTb, tm. bush, shrub. 
RyXHH, tf. kitchen. 
R^qa. sf, dim. R^iRa, heap, crowd. 
RymriRi,«n.sash, belt. 
R^maobe, tn, food, dish. 
R^maTb, va, to eat or drink. 
Kymi, tm. sum, stake, 
RieM^ } why ! for what reason t 
Rb & Ro, prep, dot, to, towards. 
RiiTa, 8f, Kiachta. 


J&BRa, sf, dim, i&BOHRa, bench, shop. 

.I^repb, tm. camp. 

Jl&ABO, adv, in accord, in tune, on 

good terms, pretty well. 
wIa46Hb, sf. palm of the hand. 
.Ia4b, sm. concord, harmony. 
.laaHTb, vn, to climb, crawl, creep, 

dive (in water). 

( 238 ) 

JIaft, an, barking. 
JaKdtt, mi. lackey, footman. 
JaBOMCTBO, tn, daiiitieF, sweetmeats, 
.lana, tf. dim. jaoKa, paw. 
jlaojuiiAiii) «/• Lapland. 
.IanjiaH4ei)i, an, Laplander. 
JIaflOTb, 9m, bast shoe. 
JI^Ba, tf. caress, kindness. 
JlacE^Tb, va. to caress. 
JacKUTbCfl, tr, to fawn. 
JIaCKOBO, adv. aflfabiy, kindly. 
.lacROButl, adj. affable, kind. 
jI^TOHRa, nf. swallow (a bird). 
AiiiVLy sf. pi. armour. 
.la4»(;'rL, sm. gun-carriage. 
ilaflTb, tn. to bark. 
Aii^Xb, »m. 8f. swan. 
jI(;BRTpu, if. fl. Leuctra. 
AGVh, sm. lion. 
AeriduTt, nn. legion. 
JerEifi,a(^^'.(^iinwieroHbKift, ligbt, easy. 
JerB6, ctdv, dim. ier^BbKO, eomp. 

A^THe, lightly, easily. 
.iPFB^Bl^pIe, tn. credulity. 
.lerEOBtpnutt, adj. credulous. 
JerROM^cjeBButt, adj. light-minded, 

unsteady ; -ho, adv. 
•lerROM^oiie, tn. unsteadiness. 
AeXhy '^' i^^ 9 -4flB6fi, adj. 
Aem&Thf vn. to lie, be situated. 
J(;no<iRa, dim. of Ej^ea, Ellen. 
J^HTa, ff. dim. j^nTOisa, ribbon. 
Aeaiy sm. flax. 
Jconu4'B, tm. Leonidas. 
•leneuiRa, tf. cake, bun. 
Ae*ib, pa. (pott JLerif/ut. ii&ry), see 


Am & Ah, interrogat partide, whether 
if. Ask whether he was there, 
" Cnpocii, 61111 iH OHi Taiii ? '' 

AA6o, adv. either, or. 

.lUBitt, tm. Livius, Liyy* 

.iBsa, tf. dim. 4ii30<iKa & wIiSaeHbKa, 

ABskn, va. to lick. 

.iHRepi, tth. dim. iBBepiisi^ liqaor. 

.iBB^pn, tm. Lycurgos. 

.luRi, tm. face, image. 

JBU^tiBUti, adj. line, of line. 

•IiiHffl, tf. line. 

Jiina, tf. lime-tree. 

ABcinsL & Aec&, rf. fox ; irfclM, adj. 

Jbcti, dim. jicTBK'h,pl. i^cna, leaf 
(of plants). 

AECTb, dim. JBcrdrb, pi. imcrii, leaf, 
sheet, plate (of a book, etc.). 

AETBk, tf Lithuania ; -lOBCKift, adj. 

AmdVi, part, cast (of metals). 

JflTb, va, to pour, cast, coin. 

•I^TbCfl, vr. to flow, to be cast. 

.iBXBa, tf. usury, profit. 

4Bx6ti, adj. evil, wicked, mischieToiiSi 

.iHxop^Ba, tf. fever, ague. 

ilBxopa40qHUti, adj. feverish. 

JBqg & Aiim6, tn. (ace, figure, 

jBi^eM'bpie, tn, hypocrisy. 

aAheuA, adj. personal, individaaL 

AAhbo, adv. personally, indivi- 

Jflm&Ti, iBm^Tb, va. to deprive, 
bereave ; -cfl, to lose, be de- 

jHm^Hie, tn. loss, privation. 

.iHmBltt. adj. superfluous. 

.lumb, adv. only, but ; (-TOJbKo), as 
soon as. 

«Io63UTb, va, to kiss. 

( 239 ) 

.Iu6Hoe MtCTO, place of execution. 

Ao6'hy sm, forehead. 

.lOBUTi, Ta. to catch, seize. 

•IdsRlti, adj. easy, clever, alert. 

.I6bro, €uiv, easily, cleverly. 

dl6fi<iifi, adj. hunting (of chase) ; nn, 

A6T0BEU\e, »n, den. 

.164x0, »f. boat. 

.loaciincfl, Jen, vn, to lie down. 

.IdxBa, tf, spoon. 

AoTRh, tf, lie. 

A6zowh, tm, lock, curl. 

j6R0Tb, «m. elbow. 

.loMdTb, i^m. slice, shive. 

Aowhy tm, gout, pains. 

Jdo40H'i>, sm. London ; -CRift, cufj, 

J( n^Ta, «/*. dfim. ion&TRa, shovel. 

Jon^TRa, tf, dim, -TOHRa, shoulder- 

•IdCRyTL, tm, dim, -KyidRi, shred, 
piece, rag. 

JocH^Tbcii, IT. to be glossy, have a 

Jococ^Ha, tf, flesh of salmon. 

.Idcocb, dim, JOc6cOR'b, salmon. 

4ot6ri, tm, a tray (of the hawkers), 
gutter, trough. 

.loxMdTBe, tf, eoU, rags. 

il6i|Haui, tm, pilot. 

JomaA^HRa, (2im. a miserable little 

46ma4b, sf. dim, ionia4Ra, horse. 

•lyrb, tm, meadow. 

Afmeaulk, part, tinned. 

JyR^, adv, slily, cunningly. 

JlyR&BBill, adj, sly, cunning* 

JyR^Biti, rni. evil spirit. 

AjKif tm. bow. 

.lyHH, tf, moon. 

JyHuea, «/; <2m. -HHHRa, splint, thin 
piece of wood. 

-lysi, tm, ray. 

il^cutt, adj. bald. 

..IbHflHdti, fik/y. flax, flaxen, linen 

^lifiuii, a£(;. left. 

Jt3Tb, t^n. to climb, clamber. 

JtRapcTBO, tn, physic, medicament. 

.HiHUButt, adj. idle, lazy. 

J'fiH^TbCfl, vr. to be idle, be lazy. 

J'fiHOCTb, «/I laziness. 

4'feHb, tf, laziness ; imp. v, (aiH'fe-) I 
feel lazy. 

J'finHTb, va. to stick, model ; -Cff, tt. 
to cling, cleave. 

A'bc&i tm. pi. scaffolding. 

J'ficiicTuti, adj. woody. 

J'fiCHdfi, orf/. of forest, woody. 

jI'fiCTHDqa, «/l staircase, ladder. 

J'fici, «m. wood, forest. Umber, scaf- 

Atik, pi. age. 

J'fiTHeMy, (no-) summer like. 

.rliro, tn, summer ; j'feTHiti, adj, 

Atiowht adv, in summer. 

.ItTonuceui, «m. chronicler. 

JtTonHCb, 9/. annals. 

Jio6^3HBi&, ok£/. dear, amiable. 

JioOiMeqi, «m. darling, favourite. 

.rIiO(}^Mutt, adj. loved, favourite. 

jIioOiiTCJb, sm. amateur. 

jIioOuTb, ra. to love, to be fond of. 

JiodOB&TbCfl, w, to admire, de« 
light in. 

Am66vb, tf. love, affection. 

.I1&60, V. imp, it is pleasing. 

A1066&, adj. any you like. 

JioOon^Tnutt, a(/;. curious, interest- 

( 240 ) 

wIi)6on^iTCTBO, ra. enriosiiy. 
•IiOA^BHn, MA. Louis. 
.liOKi, tm, hatchway. 
.li&TOCTb, sf. ferocity, cruelty. 
.IiuTuU, <idj. ferocious, yiolent, ter- 


Ma- pa, sf. christian uame. 
UaroMeranBHi, tm. Mahometan. 
MarnuTL, tm, magnet. 
UaroMerb, tm. Mahomet. 
Matt, «m. month of May. 
Matt6pi & Mai(5pi>, tm. major (milit.). 
MaRapi & MaK^pitt, sm. Macarius. 
MaRe46Hiii, sf. Macedonia; -HCRitt, 

adj. Macedonian. 
MaRCHMi, tm, Maximus. 
MaJeHbRitt, dim., see m^biII. 
Maj^HbRO, adv, a little, somewhat, 

HaiO, adv. little, but little. 
Hlio 00 Mliy, by degrees, little by 

HaJ04^niie, tn, pusillanimity, cow- 
MaJ04^mnufi, adj. pusillanimous, 

MaJop()CCiii, tf. Little Russia ; Bia^io- 

poccfficRlfi, «k/y. of Little Russia. 
Mliufi, adj. dim. MlieHbRiti, comp. 

M^nbrnitt, little, small. 
MaJfbitt, sm. lad, boy, servant 
MlibHRRi, sm. boy. 
MaJioTRa, sf. little one, child. 
MaMaina, «/*. dim. dear mamma. 
MaMRa, sf. nurse. 
MaH^apiini, sm. mandarin. 
Man^Sfb, sm. riding-school. 
HaHOB^Hic, sm. nod, sign. 
MaHTBH^fl, sf. Mantinea. 

Many«aKT^HLift, adj. manufactured. 

Map<iTb, Ta. to dirty, soil. 

Mapuaa, sf. Mary- Anne. 

Mapffl & M&pbii, sf. Mary. 

MapRiisa, sf. markee, window-blind. 

Hapci, sm. top, Mars (a planet). 

Haprb, sm. month of March. 

H^p<»a & M^pea, sf. Martha. 

M^cjo, sn. oil ; (Ropdebe-), butter. 

M&CiflHHqa, sf. butter-week, car- 

Mdcca, sf. mass. 

MacTepoB^tt, tm. workmen. 

BlacTcpcR^, adv. skilfully, masterly. 

MacTcpcTBd, Ml. profession, handi- 

MacTspi, sm. master. 

MaT^plfl, sf, matter, substance, stuff, 

M&THqa, sf, tie-beam. 

MaTpdcb & HaTpdai, sm. sailor, 

HaTCM<ifi, 9m. Matsmai. 

BlaTb, sf. mother. 

Hax&Tb, MaxH^Tb, va, to wave, 

Maxi, sm. swing, stroke. 

HaiTa, sf. mast. 

Mrjia, sf. mist, fog. 

MrHOB^nle, sn. instant, moment. 

MrHOB^BHO, adv. instantaneously, in a 

Mi'6e.ib, sf. furniture. 

Me4B'64b, sm. bear ; -Bimilt, adj. 

Mc4UHa, sf. Medina. 

M^4jiCHiibitt, adj. slow ; -bo, adv, -ly. 

Me4T», sm. honey. 

M6iKAY & Mem^fprep. inttr. and gen, 
between, amidst. 

M^HC4y TtiMi, adv. meanwhile. 

Mtray TfiMi RaRi, adv. whilst. 

( 241 ) 

M^KEa, »f. Mecca. 

HdiRiit^ adj. fine, small, shallow; 
-KO, adv, 

M^iOHBOCTb, if, shabbiness* 

Meib, Bf, shallow, sand-bank. 

MeiBK&Tb, •Ko;fTb, vn, to glance, 
glimpse, gleam. 

MsARH^, pa,, see MeAR&n. 

Hepain, on. to have dislike, be dis- 

MepsHyn, vn, to freeze. 

MepTB^qKH, (pas-) nbSHi, dead-drunk. 

Mepn^m, mil. corpse, dead man. 

MepraeH^Ba, af, carrion. 

M&'pTBLilt, adj, dead. 

Mepq^Tb, tn. to glimmer, grow dim. 

Mer&uiiecKill, adj. metallic. 

Ueft&m, an. metal. 

Mer^n, «a. to cast, throw. 

Mer^TbCfl, vr. to throw one's self 

Me^Ti, </*. & Me^&Hle, in. fancy, 

MeHT&T&nHOCTb, sf. fancifulness. 

Me^Tb, vn. to dream, conceit, ima- 

M^roMi, adv, in an instant, in no time. 

Mnr'b, «m. instant 

MHKCT^pa, sf, mixture. 

HfljuldH'B, sm. million. 

Muoc^PAie, tn. mercy, compassion. 

Miuoc^PAUft, o^*. clement, charitable. 

MiLiocniHfl, sf. alms, charity. 

MiLiocTb, sf. favour, grace, charity. 

M£mM, <idf. amiable, charming. 

Miiio, adv. past, by. 

MBHOB^Tb, HBB^b, «a. to avoid, pass 

ManoB^TbCfl, mr, to pass, be over. 

MBB^a, tf. minute. 

MBHyTb, pa.t see MBROB^Tb. 
MflpiiTbCfl, vr. to make peace with, 

be reconciled. 
M^pfluit, adj. peaceful. 
MBpoB&fl, sf. amicable arrangement. 
MBpoJioO^BUfi, adj. peace loving, 

HBpoTBopiiTejb &, MBpoTB^peDb, sm. 

pacificator, peace-maker. 
HBpi, sm. peace. 
MBTponoi^Tb, sm. metropolitan. 
MBxa^Jb & MBX^tiJO, sm. Michael. 
Mipi, mi. world, universe. 
lLia4^fleirb, sm. infant. 
lLia46ft, f^., see Mai04dtt. 
MflBMoyM^pmift,ac(;. being in a trance, 

taken for dead. 
MB^Mbift, adj. pretended, imaginary. 
Mfldrie, adj. pi. many, several. 
Mfl6ro, adv, much, many. 
MfloroBC&'HCTBO, sn. polygamy. 
MBoroji&AHiiitt, adj. populous, 
tf Boroii&4CTJiO, sn. populousness, large 

MBoroTp^4Buit, adj. very difficult, 

most laborious. 
MBoroH^CJeBHOCTb, sf. great number. 
MBoro^^CjeflBbitt, adj. numerous. 
MBdaiecTBO, sn. multitude, great 

HHtHie, sn. opinion. 
Moriiia, sf. grave, tomb. 
Hor^jbntBRi, sm. grave-digger. 
Hor^Hltt, <»dj. powerful, robust. 
HdHcerb 6uTb, adv. perhaps. 
M6x(H0, V. imp. it is possible. 
M6ft, adj. & pron. poss. (/. Moii, 

n. Moe), my, mine. 
M^Rpuit, adj. wet, moist. 
MoiB^ sf. report, rumour. 

( 242 ) 

■(Ue6eB'k, m. pnblie pnyen, thanks- 

NoJMTia, tf. prayer. 

Moiiin, ro. to pray, soppUcate. 

Mai^nm, vr. to pray God. 

]l4iHiii, $f. lightning. 

Moi04^i(it m, young many a derer 

]|(U04^>II» adj. young. 

Nai046fi, -A^ii, s. newly married. 

N('uoAOCTb, tf. youth. 

Nojon, im. hammer. 

MojuTb, ta, (pret,t mew), to grind, 
to talk, clatter. 

MOJiaoie, tn, silence. 

MoJi^Tb, M. to be silent. 

Moil, particle, /am. then. 

MoM^Hn, fin. moment. 

MoH&piiii, rf. monarchy. 

MoH^px'B, tm. ; -iHBfl, /. monarch, 

MoaacT^pb, cm. monastery, convent. 

MOH^XBHS, tf. nun. 

MoHaxi, sm. monk, friar. 

MoH^mecKiit, adj, monastic. 

MOB^ra, $f. coin, money. 

MoByM^BTi, tm, monument. 

Mopriib, Mopra;^, v». to blink, 

M6p4a, »f. muzzle, snout. 

Mdpc, Ml. sea. 

MopK^Bb, sf, carrot. 

Mop63B'rb, v, imp, it freezes. 

Mopbai, tm, frost. 

Mopoc^Tb, to fall ; t, imp, it drizzles. 

HopcR^)tt, adj, sea, naval, maritime. 

HopT^pa, sf, mortar. 

Mopiq^Ba, $f, dim, -n^ilBRa, wrinkle. 

MocBlib, sm, Russian (term used 
by natives of Little Russia). 

MocKBi, rf, Moseow ; -i6iCKiit, adj. 
MocBS^Hb, tm, inhabitant of Moseow. 
Mocn, tm, dim, M^CTBn, bridge. 
MOTin, m. to wind, reel, shake, 

squander, spend. 
Morm, tm, meh>dy, tone. 
Hon, Ml. dim, ■orifflia, spendthrift. 
MoxBiniM, adj, shaggy, rough. 
Moib, va. to be able. 
Mom^BBHrb, -BHqa, t, rogue. 
MdmBa, tf, thrips (small inseets). 
]loii|gBuM,/Mui. paved. 
Mparb, Ml. obscurity, gloom. 
Mpaiiopi, Ml. marble. 
MpaiBO, adv. gloomy, sullenly. 
MpaHBOcn, tf, darimess, obsoirity. 
Mp&HBbiil, adj, gloomy, obsoare^ 
McT^TeJb, Ml. avenger. 
Mcthh, va. to avenge. 
]ly4p^qi. Ml. sage, wise man. 
M^4Pbill, adj. wise. 
M^secTBeBBbiit, adj, valiant, valorons. 
M^secTBO, $n, manhood, valour, 

• courage. 
Myz^Ki, Ml. dim. iiyxiH^'n, peasant 
My»CB6tl, adj. man's. 
Myziisa k Myniiaa, mi. man, male. 
Hyzi, Ml. man, husband. 
M^aa, tf, muse. 
H^auEa, tf, music 
MysuEiUbBUtl, adj, musical. 
HyauE^BTb, Ml. musician. 
M^sa, if. torment, pain. 
VLyuk & Hyi&t mi. Mula. 
Myu4BP'b, M». uniform. 
Mypj&RaTb, tn, to pur, purr, mutter, 

HycK^iBCTUit,a<f;. musculous,brawny. 
MycyjbM&RBBi, Ml. Mussulman, Bfa- 


( 243 ) 

MyTBUii, adj. muddy, turbid. 
M jrxa, »/. fly. 

M^ieHHRi, -HBqa, s. martyr. 
HvH^Hie, sn, torment, suffering^ 
Uf HBThf va. to torment, torture. 
MyHHTbCfl, vr, to suffer, be anxious. 
MiaTitCfl, ITT. to hurry away, whirl, 

go fast. 
VLm^a'ie, sn, & HecTb, sf. vengeance. 
M^o, m. soap. 
MBMOB^pi, sm. soap-maker. 
UiiCAUTb, «a. to think, reflect. 
MucJb, if. thought. 
MuTb, va. {pres. Mdio), to wash. 
Mumb, if, mouse. 
Mt4Huft, adj, of copper. ' 
MtAbf rf, copper. 
Mtpa, if. measure. 
MlipHbill, adj, according to measure, 

M'ficTHOCT&, tf. locality. 
M-icTHbiit, (idj, local. 
M'feCTO, sn, place^ spot. 
M'BCflq'b, tm, month, moon. 
Htxi, mi. (pi, Mt\k), fur, skin. 
Mtxi, sm* ( pi, M'fixi), bellows. 
H'finiRaTb, tn. to loiter, linger, dally. 
MtmdKi, sm, sack, bag. 
U'fiiitaH^H'b, sm. burger, commoner. 
MiirBifi, cuijf soft, meek. 
M4co; sn, flesh, meat. 
Hflt^ffiBHirb, sm. rebels mutineer. 
MflT^si, tm. mutiny, rebellion. 
MRT^Jb & MflT^eqa, sf. snow-storm. 


Ha, prep, aeo, and prep, on, upon, 

up, in, against, at. 
UaCsJAimnnti'b, sm, cane-head. 

HadHTi, sm. alarm-bell, 

HaOepeJKHaii, ac^'. quay, embankment. 

HaGiiTb, ea. pa. to fill up. 

Ha6Hp&Tb, HaOpaTb, va. to gather, to 
levy, recruit. 

Ha6HpATbCfl, Ha6paTbCii, «r. to as- 
semble, gather, get together. 

Ha(k)»nocTb, sf. devoutness, devotion. 

Ha6oa(Hbitt, adj. devout. 

Ha6peCTb, vn, pa. to walk upon. 

HaCp^Tb, -Cfl, pa., see Ba6Hp^Tb, -ch. 

Ha6'fi}KaTb, Tn. to run upon, get to- 
gether, make an incursion. 

H4B3HB<ib,a(£9. backwards, upon one's 

H^3pbi4%, adv. sobbing, crying bit- 

HaBi^ib, va, pa. (fut. naBJeRy), to 
occasion, bring on. 

HaB04iiTb, flasecT^, va. to lead on, 
bring many. 

HaB04B^Bie, sn. inundation. 

HaBp^Tb, va. pa. to tell plenty of lies. 

HaBcer4a, adv. for ever. 

HaBCTptqy, adv. towards, against. 

HaBtCT^Tb, pa., see BaBtiqaib. 

HasiKcb, sm, pent-house, canopy. 

HaB'fiiqaTb, BaB'bcTiiTb, va. to visit, 
pay a visit. 

Har6tt, adj. naked, bare. 

Har/OT&, sf. nakedness, bareness. 

HarpMa, sf. reward, remuneration. 

HarpaBC4^Tb, Barpa4iiTb, reward, 

Harpa%4^Hie, sn. remuneration, re- 

Harpy8^Tb,'Pa./>a. (imp.a, BarpyiRHTb) 
to load, ship. 

Haryji^TbCfl, vr. pa, to have enough 
of walking. 

( 246 ) 

HacTauirk, HacraiBn, tn. to set on, 
lengthen, to direct, instruct. 

HacTiiRHKV -HHqa,s. tutor, tutoress ; 

HacranBaTb, BacTQiT^ m. to infuse, 

IIaCTeIr^ adr, wide open. 

HacToin, see HacT&»an. 

H:iOTOiiniin, adj, present, true, reiil. 

llacTpaiuuTb, ra, pa, to intimidate, 

llacTpo^Hie, an, disposition, nmod. 

Haci\ndTb, BacTyniSTb, rn, to t>tep 
uiK>n, attack, to come on, a{>- 

UacTyoJeHie, sn, coming on, attack. 

HaeunuTb, naciiiQaTb, ra. to strew 
upon, fill. 

llacbiiq^TbCii, HaciSiTBTbCfl, vr, to sa- 
tiate, fill one's self with. 

UaTanJHBan, oaTon^Tb, w, to heat 

IlaTcpiiTb, pa,, see naTiipdTb. 

Hainp&Tb, Harep^Tb, ta, to rub. 

H&TncKi, sm. onslaught. 

HaTKH^bCfl, /Kt., see HaTUR&TbCii. 

HaTonuTb, />a., see QaT^JHuaib. 

HaT^pa, sf, nature. 

HaTUK&TbCfl, naTKD^cfl, vr, to stum- 
ble upon or against. 

HaiimnTbCfl, vr, pa. to divert one's 
self much. 

Hay4dHy, adv, at random. 

HayKa, sf. science, apprenticeship. 

Ha-yxo, adv. in a low voice, whisper- 

HayiHTb, BaynuTb, ta, to teach, in- 

nax.i^HyTb, tn. pa, to invade, over- 

Haxx/pmcf , rr. pa, to frown. 

Haxo4i&n^ nailTii, m. to find. 

llaxojiilTbCf, rr. to be found, exist, be. 

HaxiUia, rf. God-aend, thing found. 

HaxiijiiMCTb, »f, presenoe of mind. 

HaulOB&ibBUfi, adj, national. 

Ha^lio, sn. beginning, origin. 

Ha^ilibBBn, Ml. chief, commander. 

Ha<i&JbCTBO, ffi». command, authori- 

OaniJkCTBOBan, «». to eommand, be 
at the head of. 

HaH&rb, -cii, see BaniB^n, -ci. 

OaHUBUTb, na<i(in, ««. to eommenee ; 
-oil, or. to be commenced. 

Ha<iiT6Tbci, «r. pa, to read suf- 

Oami, proa. fKMc. (/. Hima, n, Bime), 
our, ours. 

HaiaABiBi, tm, parUsan, rider. 

HatsiK&Tb, Baiian, 911. to ride, or 
drive upon or against. 

natCTbCH, vr. jtMi. to be aatiated, to 
eat enough. 

HaaB^, adv. awake, in reality. 

He, adv, not, un-, in-. 

neO^BUit, adj, heavenly. 

ne(liaro4&PBOCTb, rf. ingratitude^ 

Ilediaro^ripBull, adj, ungrateful. 

Hediaronpl^Tflutt, adj, unfavourable. 

H<>5o, sn. irr. {pi, BeOecA), Heaven. 

no(^oibm(Stt, adj, little, small. 

UeCoCBJ^Hi, sm. horizon. 

Hc6p(?>KnocTb, if, negligence. 

He6p(3»(Hufl, adj. negligent. 

HcBa, sf. Neva. 

n^BBjaJib, sf. rarity, wonder. 

HeBli4HMUtl, adj, invisible. 

HcB^BBOCTb, sf, iunocenco. 

HeBliBHbill, adj, innocent 

( 247 ) 

ni^tOitl, im. fiBhing-aet. 
HsBOH'isHa, t. imp. it ts impossible. 
HeioaHiisni.'tn, tf. inpoBoibilitj. 
fleK>»i6sHuB, adj. impossible. 
DeiiiiikEai adv. involanttfil]'. 
HeMijbniiin, <ici'/. in voluuiarji'. 
HeBdj't (do-). agnioBt one's will. 
HeidM, »/. Blayery.aeriiWcte. 
HesucuKlH, adj. not high, low. 

Henpaocn, ^. untruth, infidelity. 

HflBlipoiTflix'Tt, sf. impmlisbilitj' i BB- 
Btpii^Tiioi', incredible things. 

fleltpoJTHHB, adj. improbable, in- 

Ilen^na, «/*. bride. 

BertcTKa, {/*■ daDgliter-in-U*, dstw- 

'Her('a<iull.<i^> good for nothing, bad. 

HcrajDBliHle, in. indignation, 

HerOi]itll,irni.aH>oTthlesBniBn,bad m&n. 

Bejlinia, Kid', late, recent. 

Bej&BilD, aiie. recently. 

HfljajGEo, ojx. Dear, not br. 

Hej&ibHlH,i>^'. not distant. 

Hr j^poiTb, ade. not uitbont a caiue 

He»iiiiiiiH9, oij. immovable, motion- 

. onsitiBficd, dig. 

HSiIOBduBUl, (b^ 


HejnsipqaBuD, oij/. mistmstful, 
WenOjIO, adv. not lonR time. 
BejoEonicnnult, aiii.unRnislied. 
DeAocT&ioKi, mji. want, deSdeDC]', 

defect, fault. 
HcjioctABbuI, ntjj. nnwortlir, onde- 

BeAorntB&n, HMOTMirt, sn. not to 

nndentand, to wonder. 

HejOTHiale, tn. doubt. perplexiC;. 

Huits, (/ a week. 

H^CJH, CDn> than. 

Hesajfjro, air. not long before. 

Il£ la 1T0, without reason or canae, 

Ill's Dfjn 1.1 IJ, itdj. unasked, nninrited. 
BesriBEtinull, adj. nnknown ; tm. 

Heap^wutt, adj. invisible. 
HoasoixBUl, adj. inevitable. 
HeHsstcTHO, V. imp. it is unknown. 
BenaitCTBUl, adj. unknown, nn- 

HeBaniiiBHl, adj. inTariable, im< 

Hen sine nit null adj. ineKplic^le. 
BcaaiuiipBiia.adj. incredible. 
neuii_*rnlfl, adj. indigent, neady. 
UennBiiieHl, (sa), for want of. 
UejicTOBUJl!, (u//. fiirioDB, violent. 
H^iorjia, adv. (vBt-), I have no 

lil'ixi^My (here ia nobody, to no- 
Hfsiapi, m. nectar, 
HeAaBC^ipiniS, adj. not hypocritical, 

HejttiBlB, adj. awkward. 
Six6tso, adt. awkwardly, uncom- 

Hejt3ji,'t<. )in;>. (ecu), one cannot, it 

Reaktuli adj. not little. 

Beilf.UeHHU, adr. im mod lately. 

ncirit.iDct'pjtill, aJJ. unmerciful. 

HeMBBfeMiH, adj. impending, inevi- 

BeNBiSro, adt. dim. 'im6Kito & -itei- 
10, not mncb, a little. 

( 248 ) 

HeiaiiAmy ra« to hate. 

Hi^HoiHcni f/l hatred. 

HfwitoapiMuM, adj, immeiiM. 

Hw&hhnhiik, adj, immenMi TMt. 

llwtiuuuo96uHU}k,adj. unuraa], extra- 

lleoAHOKpATHOt m^v. many timesi more 
than onco. 

llooMAAannOy adv, unexpectedly, un- 

HooM^AanHutty adj, unexpected. 

HooR^)n*iotiiiUtly adj, unflnibhed. 

Heonrfcaiiiiull, adj, inoxpreeaible, in- 

HeonpflAtJ^Mmully adj, indefinite, in- 

nflonpoAtjrfMytly adj, indefinable. 

lloonp^THyfty adj, ilovonly, untidy. 

lloocTOpdMnocTby «/. carelessucse, in- 

lleocTOp^mnytt, adj, incautious, in- 

IIOOTpnaiSNutt, adj. unavoidable. 

IIoox^Itu, ^. unwillingneM. 

llcoxdTiio, adv, unwillingly. 

llnnoO'feArfMocn, tf, invincibility. 

HenoAirfwHO, adv. immovably, etill. 

tloiiOAViSwHUtt, adj, motlonleis, im- 

llnnoApamdONUtI, adj, inimitable. 

llonoR<1MHo, cult, roBtlessly, un- 

nonoKOJin0i(Mull, adj, immovable, 

HcnoniiTnutt, adj, unintelligible, in- 

nenpfiBAa, «/. untruth. 

HenpoBJ^BROCTb, f/l inflexibility. 

UenpeiidHHUtt, a<^*. inflexible, in- 

Henportno^ ode. eertaUj, wiOeik 

Heopep^iml^ adj, mnaUxrufUdf 

Henpeei&iBOy ad§» 

Henpu^HHHl A IIeapaer5inii, a^L 

onseemlyy onbeeooiiiig. 
HenpHiirHiil, adj. impereeptible. 
HenpBCT^BUft, adj, loaeeeKible. 
HenpHTB6pH0,a<ie« frankly, aineerely. 
HenpiiiTeLib, tm. enemy. 
HenpoiilBinlilCfl, part, nnshed. 
HenpoBHii&eBiil, adj. impermeablei 
HenpoxoA^MUft, adj. impaaeable. 
Heprb, «m. nerve. 
Hep^AKO, adv. often. 
HecB6cBUft, adj. intolerable. 

HecnocdOBuM, adj. incapable, nnfit. 

necnpaBeAiiBOCTb, rf. injuetiee. 

HecnpaBeAilSBuit, adj. unjust 

HecpasB^BBO, adv, incomparably. 

HeenpaBB^RBUit, adj. incomparable. 

HecTepn^MUll, adj. insufferable, in^ 

UecjA, va. to bring, carry, bear. 

HccTiicb, vr. to be carried, to go 

HecTp6flB0, adv, confused, disorderly. 

HecTp(>flButt, adj. dissonant, inhar- 

HecH^CTle, 8n. misfortune, ill-luck. 

HecHfiCTJHBBitt & Heci^TBuit, adj. 
unfortunate, unhappy. 

neTepntjABO, adv, impatiently. 

IIOTOpnlLi^Butt, adj, impatient. 

HbtopodjiSbo, adv. slowly, without 

HoTp6ByTUfl, adj, untouched, chaste. 

Heyr^ABO, v. imp, it pleases not. 

( 249 ) 

Hey4epslSMuft^ adj, uorestrainable, 

Hey40BdibCTBie, m. discoatenty dis- 

HeyasdiH or He^mn k He^STo, adv» 
is it possible t indeed f 

HeyiOBiMutty adj. nncaught, unat- 

HeyifECTHUit, adj, misplaced. 

HeycuoH&ilt, adj. watchful, indefa- 

HeyroHHMO, adt* indefatigably. 

HeyTOMixBiit, adj, indefatigable. 

HeyTTiiBuM, adj, unpolite, uncivil. 

IBLevTby sf, naphtha. 

Ueifffi, adv, not bad ; v, imp, it is 
not bad. 

HeHdflHHO, adv, inadvertently, un- 

H^Hero, adv, it is useless to, there is 

Bb, conj, not, neither. 

Hht— HHy neither — nor. 

Hiiia, sf, field, cornfield. 

HisBltty adj, lower, inferior. 

HlSzBiM-H0Brdi)04i, «m. Nijni-Nov- 
gorod ; HHffieropdACRitt, adj, 

HH8Bepr&Tb, HHSB^prnyTb, va. to 
thrust down. 

HrfdKiM, adj, dim, -seBbRlft, low^ base. 

HilsocTB, if, baseness. 

Hbsi, tm, lower part. 

HflKaK6tt, pron, not of any kind. 

Hbk&ki, adv, by no means, in no wise. 

Hbr^i Btn, adv, no, not at all. 

HBR^iTa, an, Nicetas. 

HHR^«opi, tm, Nicephorus. 

HHRor4&, ado, never. 

HBROi&ft, tm, Nicolas. 

HflRT<5, pron, nobody. 

HBRy4a, adv, nowhere. 
HflMB^reni, tm, Nimvegen* 
HflM&io Be, adv, not at all. 
HBp&sy, ado. not once, never. 
HacnocuiaTb, BBcnocj^Tb, va, to send 

HBcnpoBepraTb, BBcnpoB^prByTB, va. to 

overthrow, subvert ; -ca, vr, to 

be overthrown. 
HBCX04iTb, BR30&Tif, vu, to go down, 

Hdtb & H^TRa, tf, thread. 
Hanerd, adv, nothing, it is all right. 
HBHRdm, cuiv, prone, upon one's 

Hbht6, pron. nothing. 
Hfl<iT<5sBocrb, sf. nothingness, nullity. 
En^fthf adv. not at all. 
Hif ma, tf. niche. 

Hanter^ tf, indigence, poverty. 
H^iqifi, adj, poor ; tm, beggar. 
Ho, conj, but, yet. 

HoBrop64eqi, tm. inhabitant of Nov- 
H6Bropo4i, tm. Novgorod ; -p64- 

CRiil, adf. 
HoBopoa(4&'BBUit, a^, new-bom. 
n^Buil, adj, dim, ndfieBbRill, new, 

Hor&, sf, foot, leg. 
HdJKBBqu, sf, pi, pair of scissors. 
HOHti, mi. knife. 
HopB^rifl, sf. Norway, 
HopM^BBCRill, adj. Norman. 
HopM^HB'B, tm. Norman. 
HocBTb, va, to bear, carrj , wear. 
HocBTbCfl, BecTflCb, w. to go or rush 

about, to go fast. 
Hocb, tm. dim, adcBRb & BOcdRb, nose, 


( 250 ) 

H<»TU, »/. pi. music-book, note (of 

HoicbAtb, m. to pass the night, lodge 
at night. 

IIOTJtrb, »m. night's lodging, night 

noib, $f, night. 

lIoqbK), adt. at night. 

lloflCpb, «rt. November. 

lIpaBHTbCfl, rn. to please. 

lIpaBCTBennuU, adj, moral. 

Hy or Hy«e, interj* now! well! 

Hy er6 ! let him ! 

Ilyxja, sf. want, necessity. 

HyH;4aTbCH, cr. to want, be in 
want of. 

Hyxno, V. imp, it is necessary. 

H^Hsnutt, (idj, necessary. 

Hynqitt, sm. nuncio. 

IIuii<ie, adv. now, to-day. 

H^iit, adv. now, at present. 

HbiHtmHill, adj. present, to-day's. 

Ilbipnyrb, pa,, see Hup^n. 

Hbip^Tb, Hupa^b, im. to dive. 

IlbioTon'b, sm, Newton. 

Iltra, sf. effeminacy, indulgence. 

Ht^po, sn. bosom, womb. 

HtacHO, adv. tenderly. 

nixnutt, ad^. tender, delicate. 

HtRor^a. adv. once, some time, for- 

H'bROTopuii, adj. certain, some. 

H'^RTO, pron. ind. somebody, some 

HtMcqi, sm. German. 

HtMtTb, vn. to grow dumb, to be 

H'fiCROjibRfe, pron. {pi, only), some, 

HtCKOibKO, adv, some, a few. 

Htn, adv, no, not ; v, imp, there is 

HibiaTb, va, to smell. 
HiobiHTb, TO, & -CJi, «r. to nurse, 

HiiHf, sf. dim, Binuta & HinoniKa, 



or 06i & 000, prtp, aeo, and 
prepos. against, of, about, con- 
cerning, round. 

Oda, adj, pi, if, 6&b) & 066e, (pi. 
o66b), both, the two, one and 

06b1ii, sm, falling, part fallen in. 

OGBejeHi, part, surrounded. 

OdeecTii, pa,y see o6BOAiT&. 

06BBB&Tb, oOBUTb, 1X1. to wlnd round, 

06BBHiiTb, odBBBi&Tb, va, to accusc. 

OCBOAiiTb, o6BecT^, ta, to lead round 
to enclose, surround. 

06Bta^&th, to marry, perform 
marriage ceremony. 

OdAasaTb, o6n&rh, ta, to poor water 

OdA^MUBETb, o6Afuaxb, «a. to con- 
sider, deliberate. 

O^AtJUBaTb, odAluaib, va. to set, 
mount, settle, arrange. 

Odeson^BTb, 1X1. pa, to free from 
damage, secure. 

Odesop^jRBBaTb, -op^jRBTb, INS. to dis- 

06c3b4Ha, sf. ape, monkey. 

OCep'b-Erepv^fiCTepi,«m.grand master 
of the hounds. 

( 251 ) 

05BB^Tb, Q6iTht TO, to beat down, 
nail round, clout. 

06^40, if, affront, offence. 

06H4BUtt, adj. prejudicial, offensive. 

06EJtikrbf o6^4tTb, va.toaffront,offend. 

OdHXaTbCfl, o6^4tTKf, vr. to take 

06^HUtt, adj, abundant. 

OObbiSkb, 8m, pi. obscure words, 

OdBTaieiB, fin. inhabitant, dweller. 

06HT^Tb, vn. to dwell, live. 

OOiieib, if, convent, cloister. 

06in, pa., see o6bb&tb. 

O6BX641, ffm. household necessities. 

06KJ&4UBaTb, o^iomiTh & oOu^cn, 
va, to lay round, to tax. 

O&iaRO, m. cloud. 

OdJacB^n, va. pa, to make much of, 
to treat kindly. 

O&iaCTb, tf, province, region ; Jig. 

O&ier&Tb, o6i6mt, va, to enclose, sur- 

OdierH&n, o^ier^vkn, va. to lighten, 

O&ierH^ie, # n. relief. 

OdiHB&TB, o^iirb, va, to pour over, 

O&iiauBaiB, -JH3&Tb, 90. to Uck clean. 

O&iBB^ncfl, 0(UiTbCfl, vr, to be 
watered (cies^MB), to weep bit- 
terly ; (c^P4i<e -BaercB ip^Bbio), 
the heart bleeds. 

O&iHH&Tb, odiiH^n, va, to convict, 

(j&io6i>a&n, va. pa. to kiss. 

06iOJtiiTb, pa.f see o6Rj&4UBaTb. 


lean on one's elbow. 

OdioManauft, part, broken round. 
Odiyxi, nn. dim. o(Uy<ieKi, ledge 

(of a sledge or cart). 
OOM&Byrutt, part, deceived. 
06vaB;fTb, va, pa., see odMiiflUBaTb. 
OOHaflniflKi, im. deceiver, cheat. 
06Mafli, sm. fraud, deception. 
06MasbiBaTb, odHaa^, va. to de- 
OOxopoKi, am. fainting fit, swoon. 
OdBBM^Tb, o6h^tb, va. to embrace. 
06HBiii&Tb, vn. pa. to be reduced to 

06Bi5xflBaTb, o6HioxaTb, va. to smell 

all over. 
06s^TbCfl, vr. pa. to embrace each 

O0o6p&Tb, va. pa. {imp. a. oOBpaTb), 

to pilfer, spoil. 
06o4p^Ble, tn. encouragement. 
06o4p^TeJbBbill, adf. encouraging. 
0(k)4piTb, o(k)4P^Tb, va. to encourage. 
06o4P^TbCfl, o(k)4P^TbCfl, vr. to regain 

courage, take courage. 
06o3Ba<i&TbCfl, o(k>3sa«iBTbCfl, vr. to be 

marked out, be designated. 
06(531, 8m. train of waggons. 
06ofiT^, -Cb, pa.t see o6xo4iTb, -Cfl. 
OOopaiBBaTbCfl, oOopoTiiTbca, vr. to 

turn one's self round, to be 

06opBaTb, -Cfl, pa., see oOpueaTb, -Cfl. 
O0op6fla, if. defence. 
06opdTJBBbilt, adj. clever in business, 

Odpaj56TUBaTb, o6pa66TaTb, va. to cul- 
tivate, to serve one badly. 
Odp^OBaTb, va. pa. to rejoice, cause 

joy ; -Cfl, vr. to rejoice, be 

( 252 ) 

06pa3riiv iM* model, sample. 
O0|Mi8OB4Ble, m. formation, edaea- 

06pa36KiBBUtt, part, formed, eda- 

(VipaaoBan, ra, pa, to form, educate. 
OOpaaoBV Ml. dim, charm, image (of 

a saint). 
OOpaaoMi ? (RaB^MV*), how 1 in what 

manner 1 (Tas^MV*) thus, in this 

(Mpaai, Ml. form, figure, shape, 

image ; way, manner. 
OOpar^n, -^h, pa., see oOpaiqin, -cfl. 
OOpliTHO, adv, back again. 
OOp&TRUtt njTb, return jonmey. 
OOpaiqiin, oOpaT^n, va, to turn, con- 

vert, change. 
06pan;&TbCJi, oOpariinci, vr. to turn, 

circulate, apply to, turn to, be 

converted, to behave. 
OOpanidHle, tn. rotation, circulation, 

converHion, the manners. 
OOpeB&Tb. o6p^«ib, va, to vow, destine. 
06peMCHiTb, oOpeMtH^Tb, fa. to over- 
burden, overload. 
06pd«ib, pa., see oOpeslin. 
06p^mnTbCfl, er. pa. to fall down. 
06puBaTb, od'ipB^n, ta, to tear or 

pluck round ; -en, tr. to break 

down, to fall off. 
06piLn, tm. steep place. 
OdpisueaTb, oOpiaaib, va, to cut 

round, clip. 
06p44i, Ml. ceremony, practice, rite. 
OficTO^T&ibCTBO, M. circumstance. 
OOcTyn&Tb, -n^Tb, va, to surround, 

0(iCTp^<ib, see ocrpBraTb. 
OCcbflTb, ra. pa. to sow, finish sowing. 

OCrtkHEKLThf o(hoifo, va, to torn 
round (in a lathe). 

OOripan ft OrapAn, oOrepte ft ore- 
pte, va, to rob vound, wipe 
over or off; -ci, vr. to wipe 
one's self. 

06yBb, tf. covering for the feet : boots 
or shoes. 

06iOAinaEufk, ad}, sociable, affable. 

Odxo4^Tb, otottii, «a. to go round, 

06xo4^Tbcii, o(k>flTi&cb, tr, to tresfy 
behave, to do withoaty to cost. 

06oiBB&Tb, otfiD^by CO. to sew rooiidy 

OOm^pBuft, adj, spacioiiSy 

06iii^BeHHUtt, adj, public^ 

OOniecTBO, in. society, body. 

OOniltt, adj. common, generaL 

OO^iaA^ Ml. going loiuidy tour, 

OOitax^Tb, oditean, va, to ride 
round, make the tour. 

OOitxaib, pa.^ see o6it3»&Tb. 

OO^SBJ^Bfe, in, declaratknii an- 

(KJiiBjiTb, odiiBin, 9(1. to deelan^ 

OOiflCH^Hfe, in. explanation. 

OOiscflin, oOiiCHin, co. to explain* 

OOi^Tle, in. embrace. 

06uBH0B^Ble, M. custom, usage. 

OdUBBOB^HBO, adv. Ordinarily, as 

06uBB0B^BBUft, adj, ordinary, com- 

OO^CRBBaTb, o6ucBiiTb, vo, to sesrch. 

066ialt, ML custom, usage. 

(K(6iButt, adj. ordinary, customary. 

06t, pron.f, both. 

( 253 ) 

Odt^aTfcy tn. to dine. 
Od1i4Hfl, if. mass. 
OGtAi, fl». dinner. 
OG'fem&Hie, «n. promise. 
O&bmkThf ta, to promise. 
O6^3aBB0CTb» if. duty, obligation. 
MaaBBull, part, obliged. 
06^3UBaTb, oOflSfiTb, «a. to oblige. 
OfiiausaTbCfl, oOH3&TBCfl, vr. to bind 

one's self. 
OB^CThf im. oats, pi, 
Os^iKa, if. dim. lamb. 
OBpiirb, itn. ravine, cayem. 
OBq^ if, sheep. 
OiHkpnn, if. sbeepfold, pen. 
OTB(^n, va. to bend round, go 

Oriau^Bie, m. table of contents, 

OriamaTb, orjaciSTb, ta, to resound. 
Orji4UBaTi»cfly orjflB;frbCfl, tr. to look 

back, look about one's self, 
OnreBBull, adj. of fire. 
Or6fl», am. dim, oroBgK'b, fire; fig, 

Orop4]RBBaTb, oropoA^Tb, ta, to en- 
Orop64BB|['By im. kitchen-gardener. 
OropH^Bie, «n. grief. 
Orpa»4&Tb, orpa^in, va, to fence, 

Orp^MBUft, adj. huge, enormous, vast. 
04apSflBuM, part, gifted, endowed. 
04^iR4a9 rf' dress, clothes. 
04BB^0B0, eutv, in the same manner, 

04iBa4qaTb, ntcm. eleven. 
04BBSoieBeRi,a^y. augm. quite alone. 
OifiVh, num. (/. 04b4, n. 04B6), one, 

single, sole, alone. 

04Ra]K4U, adv. once upon a time. 
OABaBO & 04QaR0 Hte, adv. but, how- 
ever, yet. 
04B0Bp^MeBB0, adv. simultaneously. 
04B03^Meai, im. fellow countryman. 
04B0RdiRa, if. cabriolet. 
04BOo6p^3Rutt, ac^. monotonous, uni« 

form ; -bo, adv. -ly. 
0A06p^Bie, in. approbation. 
04o6p^Tb, OA^OpBTb, va. to approve, 

approve of. 
040i2R^Tb, 040JHti'n>, va, to lend, 

040J'I^B4Tb, 0404'fiTb, va. to vanquish, 

04yp'iTb, vn, pa, to become crazy. 
04yineBi^Bie, m. animation. 
04'feBaTb, 04liTb, va, to clothe, dress. 
04'feB4Ti»cfl, OAliTbCfl, vr. to dress one's 

04'feTUtt, part, dressed, clothed. 
04l!^J0, m. blanket, counterpane. 
OHtep^be, in. necklace. 
0»ecTOi&Tb,ostecTOi^Tb, harden, 

make obdurate. 
OHtecTOi^Bie, m. obduracy. 
OHtBB^Tb, OJR^Tb, vn. to revive. 
0>RB4&Bie, tn. expectation. 
OmHAiJb, va. to expect. 
09di66^BBan,03aJ66tETb,va. to occupy, 

Oaap^Tb, osapiiTb, va, to illuminate^ 

Osepo, in. lake. 
OaBaMeBOB^Tb, va, pa. to signalize, 

Ott, interj. oh ! ah ! 
OR^usaTb, oRaa^Tb, va. to show, 

ORafisM^Tb, va. to border, limit, v. 

( 264 ) 

Oxa^HBUtt, mt. impious wretch. 

OKaiiHHutt, adj, damned, cursed. 

OKe^Bi, «m. ocean. 

Orb6, tn. window. 

Oko, ftn. irr, {pi. 6ib), eye. 

0K0Jii4B0CT!>, ff. circuit, cireumloca- 
lion, detail. 

Okojo, prep, gen. roundabout, about, 

Okoj6tori, tm. neighbourhood, vici- 

OK^jbHHiitt, adj. high officer of state. 

OKOJiiBHTb, OBOJ'feTb, VH. tO perish, 


OROHi^nfe, «n. end, termination. 

0K^H4BTb, va. pa. to finish* 

OKOieeiTi*, vn. pa. to become stiff or 

OB^niKO, tin. dim. of obb6, window. 

ORpecTiiTb, christen, baptise, 
to cross all round. 

Orp^tboctb, tf. environs, neighbour- 

OBpi^TButt, adj. adjacent, neighbour- 

OKpoBaBBTb, 1X1. pa. to stain with 
blood, cover with blood. 

OBpyr^^Bie, sn. rounding. 

OKpyri, m. district, circuit. 

ORpyffiaTb, OBpyxiTb, va. to encircle, 

OKp^^BsocTb, if. circumference, en- 

0RTfi6pb, sm. October. 

ORyayTbCfl, vr. pa. to dip, immerse 
one's self. 

CieAesiiuti, adj, frozen, benumbed. 

OJenb, itn. deer, stag ; OJ^ill, adj. 

O.I0B0, tn. pewter. 

Ojob^bhuH, adj. of pewter, tin. 

Oj^neqRltt, adj. of Olonets. 

OJbra, tf. Olga. 

Osipai^TbCfl, ITT. to be darkened. 

OETi, pron. pert, (/. OBi^ ». ob6;-/)^ 
OB^, OBt), he. 

( flbitt, pr<m. this, that, the said. 

Oiiac^TBCfl, ffr. to fear, dread. 

Osac^Bie, m. fear, apprehenaion. 

OB^ROCTb, tf. danger. 

ObIcbuH, adj. dangerous. 

OseR^Bi, tm. guardian. 

OBBp&TbCf, onep6ncii, «r. to lean. 

OBj&cbieaTb, onBC&Tb, ta. to describe. 

OBJ^RBsaTb, oniUBan, ta. to weep, 

Onj6oiB0CTb, tf. eardeflsnesB, negli- 

On6eRiy tm. ealf-Ieather ; on6iR0- 
Bbill, adj. 

OB(>MBflTicfl, er. pa. to eome to one's 
self, bethink one's self. 

0BpaB4&Bie,«n. justification, aequittsL 

0BpaB4biBaTb, onpaB4&Tb, mi. to j ustify, 

OBpe^ti^Bte, tn. definition, decision, 

OBpejffeieBBUfl, adj. definite. 

OspeAtJiiTb, onpe4tiin, iki. to define^ 
ordain, fix. 

OBpoB^prsyn,, to refute, over- 

OnpoRHAUBaTb, oopoB^ayn, ra. to 
overthrow, upset ; -ci, vr. to 
overturn, fall. 

OBpoMBTbR), adv. rashly, headlong. 

Onp^TBOCTb, tf. neatness, tidiness. 

OBpsTButt, adj. tidy, neat. 

0BTBHU3MI, tm. optimism. 

OByCR&Tb, OByCTHTb, ta. to let doWHi 

( 255 ) 

X)nycKancfly onycTdTbcii,-vr. to lower, 
go down, to be let down. 

OnycT^Tby -Cfly pa,, see oaycRiiTi, -cfl. 

On^Hyib, vft. p<t. to swell 

On^mBa, sf, fur trimming, border, 
skirt (of a wood). 

OnuTHOCTb, tf, experience. 

OnuTBuM, <idj. experienced. 

Onurb, tm, experience, experiment. 

On^Tby adv, again. 

Op^Tb, ta. (pret. opi&)yto plough, till. 

Opran^sn, tm. organism. 

OpeJi, fm. eagle. 

OpeH6^rb, Ml. Orenburg; -6ypr- 
CKttt, adf. 

Opofituift, adj. grown timid. 

OpoOin, «fi. pcL to become timid, 

Opom6Tb, opoc^Tb, va, to water, wet. 

Opy4ie, «!>• instrument, cannon, gun. 

Op^sie, m. arm, weapon. 

Opixi, tm. dim. optmoKi, nut, hazel- 

0eB0dox4^Tb, oeBO(k)4^n, to, to free, 
deliver, liberate. 

OcBO(k>a(46Bie, wi. deliverance, libera- 

0cB0(k>a(4eHHiift, part. liberated, 

Oeirfe401uiTbCfl, 0CB-i40MHTbCfl, VT. tO 

inquire about. 

OcBix&n, ocBtxiTb, 1X1. to freshen, 

OCBiHt^Tbca, vr. pa, to freshen one's 

Ocvtmktbf ocBtT^Tb, WL to light, il- 

Ocen or BdceMi, num, eight. 

OCffii, tm. ass, donkey. 

Oc^HBtM, adj. autumnal. 

OceHb, tf, autumn. 

Ociiaa, rf. aspen tree ; ocunoBbili, adj. 

OCBO'b, fill. pop. Joseph. 

OcKajBsaTb, ocK^BTb, 190. to show 
(one's teeth). 

OCKopO^TedibHHUfi, adj. offensive, in- 

OcRopOi^Bie, tn, offence, insult 

OCKopOiflTb, ocKopduTb, va. to offend, 

Ocj^BTb pa.f see ocjadiiTb. 

Ocja($j^Tb, 0CJa6flTb, va. to weaken, 
loosen, slacken. 

Ocj^flyib, pa.f see ocja6ikB4Tb. 

OcjaOiB&Tb, ociafi'frrb & ocj&6HyTb, vn. 
to grow weak or feeble, to relax. 

OoiyniHflirb, tm. disobedient person. 

OcJliBHyTB, 1^. pa. to become blind. 

OcMaTpBBaTb, ocMOTpirb, va. to exa- 
mine, search ; -Cfl, vr. to look 
round one's self. 

OcMorptci, -Cfl, pa., see ocMaTpa- 

BaTb, -Cfl, 

OciiiiflBaTbCfl, -JBTbCfl, vr. to dare, 
take the liberty. 

OCBOB&T&ib, tm, founder. 

OcBOB^TQJbBO, adv. solidly, fun- 

OcfldBbiBaTb, ocsoBaTb, va. to lay the 
foundation, found. 

OcBdBbiBaTbCfl, ocflOBaTbCfl, vr. to be 
founded, rely upon. 

Oc66a, tf. person. 

Oc66eHflO & Oco(UiSbo, adv. parti- 
cularly, specially. 

Oc66eB BOCTb, tf. peculiarity, speciality. 

OcodeBflbifl & OcoOJiiBbitt, adj. par* 
ticular, special. 

Oc66o, adv. separately. 

Oc66ulk, adj. separate. 

( 256 ) 

Ocortn, m. ptk, pnp. to lose one's 

senses, to become crazy. 
Ocpaaihics, rr. pa, to bring shame 

open one's self. 
OcrasiTbCf , ocrkncM, tr, to remain, 

be left. 
OcTitHTfc, pel., see ocraiiiiTb. 
OcrauiiTK, ocTiiin, co. to leaye, 

OcTaAH<SI, adj, remaininf^. 
OcTaBauBsan, ocraHOtiin, fo. to 

stop, arrest, detain ; -Cfl, vr, 

to stop, be stopped. 
OcraBot^Ti, -en, see ocTaH&UHsan, 

OcTaTORi, tm. remainder, remnant. 
OcTincf , pa., see ocraBancfl. 
Ocreper&ncf, ocrep^ibcii, er. to be 

on one's guard, to goard one's 

OcTOjOeBiHie, «ii. stupefaction. 
OcTOjOeBin, vn, pa. to become stu- 

OCTop6»BO, adt. carefully, cautiously. 
OcTop6HtBOCTb, if, cautiou, circum- 
OcTopdxHutt, adj. careful, cautious. 
OcTparan, ocTp^n, ta. to shear or 

out round. 
OcrpoKOH^iHUlt, adj. sharp-pointed. 
Ocrpoin, tm. dim, octpob6ki, island. 
OcTpo^Mie, tn. wit 
OcTpull, adj. sharp, acute. 
OcTyniThcsif ocTyn^TbCfl, tr, to make 

a false step. 
Octub4tb, ocTiSieyn, tn, to grow 

OcT^TB or ocTiiEYThfpa., see octub^tb. 
Ocy2K4^Ti, ocyA^Tb, ca. to condemn, 


Oc/Hyncfl, vr. pa. to become raw- 

boned, to thrust aside by mii- 

Ocun&Tb,ocifiinaTb,« strew round, 

to coyer, load. 
Ocun^ncfl, ocifiinaTbcii, tr. to fidl, 

OcbMHyrdAHutt, adj, octagonaL 
OcfcM^a, tf. dim, ocbM^msa, an 

eighth, eighth part 
Oci^iUBan, octmkn, wt. to saddle. 
OctB^Tb, octfliiTb, TO, to shade, 

Oi^BBdn, orOihi, ta, to repel, repulse^ 

break off, to retake, drive away. 
0T6iecvw, 9m, reflection, reflex. 
OrfidpHUft, adj. choice, select 
OKStr&Tb, -Otj/ikn, tn, to run awayi 

OTB&ra, tf, boldness. 
OTB^XHsanci, OTB£aunica,«r. to daie, 

risk one's self. 
OTB^HtBUlt, adj^ daring, bold. 
OTBiiHBaTb, vnaiiTb, va, to roll away, 

to put off (from shore). 
OTBesT^, pa., see oraosin. 
Onepr^Tb, OTB^prflyn, eo. to cast 

away, reject 
On^psTfe, sn. aperture. 
OTsecT^, pa, {fia. vnexf), see ono- 

Otb^cjuM, adj. hanging down. 
OTBOAixb, OTBecT^, ta. to lead away, 

to avert, to assign. 
OTBOsiiTb, OTBesri, to, to drive away, 



turn away. 
OTBop^Tb, OTBopiTb, «a. to Open; -Cf, 
tr, to open^ be opened. 

( 257 ) 

OTBpaiqiTfcy OTBpaT^Tby «a. to avert, 
divert, ward off. 

OTBURi^Tb, OTBl&RHyTb, «n. to dis- 

accustom one's self. 
OTBircTBeHHOCTB, zf responsibility. 
Orrtrb, $m. answer, account. 
OrirbiaTb, -BtTHTb, va. to answer, to 

account for. 
OTBiisuiiaTi, 0TBfl8&Tb, «». to Untie, 

OTB^SBiBancfl, OTBflBdncfl, vr. to get 

loose, to get rid of. 
OrroB^pHBaTb, OTroBopiiTb, co. to dis- 
OrroB^pBBancfl, vr. to make excuses, 

to deny, shift 
OrroHirb, ororBiTb, ta, to drive away. 
0T4aBaTi>, OTA^Tb, 1X1. to give back, 

return, give up. 
OTAaB^Tbca, 0T4&TbCfl, vr. to be given 

back, be rendered, give one's 

self up. 
OraajeHHutt, adj, distant, remote. 
Or t&T&, -Cfl, pa., see 0T4aBuTi, -en. 
0T4UX&Tb, OTAOXH^, vn, to repose, 

take rest. 
OTAiiaTbCfl, fMu, see OTA'liUBaTbCfl. 
Or^^Tb, f>a., see 0T4l>>iflTb. 
OTA^iKa, «^. finishing, finish. 
OTAiuiBaiBCfl, OTAiiaxbCfl, rr. to get 

rid of, be finished. 
0T4iibBUil, adj, separate. 
0T4tiiTb, OTAtiUTb, «a. to separate, 

Orepte, -CJi, f>a., see o6TBpETb, -ch. 
0T^in»9 in. father. 
Or^ecTBO, Ml. native country', fatlier- 

OrsbiB^Tb, OTOSB&Tb, va. to call away, 


OrsuBaTbCff, OTOSB^TbCfl, vr. to speak 
of, declare, answer to a call. 

0T3UBI, «m. recall, answer to a call. 

0T3UBI (flO*ieTHbiil), honourable men- 

OTK^usaTb, OTRasuTB, 1^. to refuse ; 
-Cfl, IT. to renounce, be re- 

OTRja^biBarb, OTJOHtUTb, «a. to lay 
aside, to put off, adjourn. 

OiRpOB^BHO, adt. frankly, openly. 

OTRpoB^HHOCTb, «/*. fraukuess. 

OTRpuBHTb, OTRpi^Tb, va. to open, 
reveal, discover ; -ca, «r. to be 
opened, reveal one's self, 

OTRpi^Tutt, •part, opened, open. 

OTRpl^Tb, -Cfl, 'pa.y see OTRpUBaTb, -Cft. 

Otr^4&&/>c^. 0TR^40Ba, adfi. whence I 

OTJBBdTb, OTjiTb, W,, tO pOUT, CaSt, 


Otjbbi, mt. cast, ebb-tide, play of 

OTjiUTb, pa.y see OTiBBdTb. 

OTJUi^Tb, OTJBiiTb, «a. to disccm, 

OTJBi^TbCfl, OTiBHiSTbCfl, VT. to dis- 
tinguish one's self, be distin- 

OTjB<iiiTeibBbill, a^. distinctive, cha- 

OTJBiiiTb, -Cfl, pa.y see ouBHllTb, •cii. 

OTJBile, «n. distinction. 

OtjiIhso, adt), excellently. 

OTJiS^HUil, adj. distinct, excellent 

OTJorill, adj. sloping. 

OTJOflsiTb, jtTa., see OTKJ^UBaTb. 

OTdi^<iRa, «/*. absence, leave. 

OTU^BBaTb, OTMCiHTb, ta, to avert 
by prayer, escape by praying. 

OTMiquTb, OTMCTBTb, ta, to revenge. 

( 258 ) 

OrnecTH, ra. pa, to bear away, to 

take ofT. 
OTBHSiATb, OTH^Tb, TO. to take away. 
OTnom^Blo, fn, relation, respect. 
OTniSiHt, (idt, henceforth. 
0Tni&4by adr. (-no), not at all, by 

DO means. 
Orn^Tb, pa., see OTnnMuTb. 
OroCluaTb, to, pa* to have done 

OTOBCi54y, adr. from everywhere. 
OTOrn&Tb, va, pa. to drive away. 
OroMCTiSTb, pa., see OTMiq^Tb. 
OroilTtf, vn. pa. to go away from. 
OTnoArm, OTn&CTb, tn. to fall away, 

fall off. 
OriMiiHBan, OTOjaTiiTb, ta. to pay 

off, repay ; -Cfl, to be repaid, 

evade by paying. 
Ornj^cbiBaTb, OTnjficuTb, va, to dance, 

to cease dancing. 
OTopasnTb, -cii, see OTopaj^Tb, 'Cff. 
OTopau ^Tby OTnpaBnTb,ra. to despatch, 

forward, perform, exercise. 
OTnpaBirfTbCfi, OTOpuOHTbCA, w. tu be 

despatched, be forwarded, to set 

off, depart. 
OinycKi'iTb, OTnycTUTb, ta, to let go, 

dismiss, lay out. 
Orpasa, rf. poison. 
OTpasj^Tb, OTpae^Tb, ta. to poison. 
OTpfiAa, «/*. comfort, consolation. 
OTpa»;(>Hie, sn, repelling, repulsing, 

reflection, reverberutiou. 
OTpex^TbCA, OTp^ibCff, VT. to disowu, 

disavow, renounce. 
Orp^obe, sn. rags, tatters. 
Orpeibcii, pa,, see OTpcRaTbCfl. 
OipyOuTb, va, pa. to cut off. 
OiptdUBaTb, orpiaaTb, va. to cut off. 

OrpixHsancff, orpixH^ncs, tr. to 

shake, shake off. 
OrcRaRHBaTb, oiCKO^an, co. to leq> 

away fi:t>m, to bound back. 
Oicj/sBBaTb, OTCijmwTh, ta- to serve 

out, to finish (the service). 
OrcT^Ba, tf. dismission, discbarge. 
OTCTynllTB, OTCTyniiT&, vn. to step back, 

retire, to abjure. 
OrciiiTbiBaTb, •CHHTaTb, count off. 
OTd^B^Tb, OTcin, va, to cut off. 
OTTor<5, adv. therefore, because. 
Ottom^ri, <m. an ottoman. 
0TTy4a, adv. thence, from thence. 
OrxjiedH;^, va, pa, to sip o£^ sop off. 
OTu^ByTb, vn. pa. to gush out, rash 

0TX04^Tb, OTOllTii, «f». to go away, 

come away. 
Oiq^HHie^ f ji. despair. 
OriaiiHHUft, adf. desperate. 
0T4er6 ? adv. why! what isthe cause ! 
Oi^erb, itn, account. 
OiLQ^bHHR'b, sm. hermit. 
Orb & Oto, prep, gen, firom, out, of, 

for, against. 
0'rbi34'b, rni. departure. 
Qrhtzm&ih, OTb'fixaTb, vn. to set off, 

take one*s departure. 
OrbtCTb,, to eat off, gnaw off. 
OTilixaTb, pa., see vntiiRiTh. 
OrucRdTb, -Cfl,pa.,see OTiiiCRiiBaTb, -cb. 
OT^CRHsaTb, OTbiCR&Tb, va. to seek, 

find ; -Cfl, vr. to be sought, be 

04>Ha^pcKltt, adj, officer's. 
04>Hi|^P'b, sm, ofiicer. 
OxBaTUBaTb,oxBaTun,iMk to embrace, 

OxuTa, sf, mind, love of, huntiug. 

( 259 ) 

Ox6thhri, am, amateur, lover of, 

hunter, sportsman, volunteer. 
Oxp&HHUll, cufj. guarding, protective ; 

tm. guard, escort. 
Oxpae^Tb, oxpaBUTb, twr. to keep, 

OxyatMn, oxyAUTb, ixi. to censure, 

blame, vilify. 
OqibneHliTB, vn, pa, to grow numb. 
O'liri, 8171. hearth. 
O^apoB^TeibBull, adj, enchanting, 

0<ieB]S4ei(i, tm. eye-witness. 
OneHb, adv. very. 
0*iepe4B, tf. turn, in one's turn. 
Omn, pl.y see 6ko. 
O^iiiCTHTi, pa., see oihiii&tb. 
O^Hiii^Tb, OH^CTHTb, 1X1. to dean, 

Oieni^Hie, m. & Ov^CTia, tf. clean- 
ing, purification. 
Ohrh, an. pi. pair of spectacles. 
OHEfnca, vr. pa. to awake, to pluck 

up one's spirits. 
O^yTMTiCfl, w. pa. to appear, find 

one's self suddenly. 
Omap^QiHTb, va. pa. pop, to stun. 
OniHG&TiiCfl, omHfi^TbCfl, vr. to make 

a mistake. 
OmiOKa, sf. mistake, fault. 
OnieruHHTb,, to bristle. 
OiqyoBH), adv. by groping, gropingly. 
Ontyni^Hle, m, feeling, sensation. 


n^seji, sm. Paul. 
ll&A8iJ.h, sf. carrion. 
na4aTb, nacTb,' rn. to fall. 
OaA^Hte, 871. falling, fall. 

UdL^f^aM. 6oJit3Ebf epilepsy. 

Il^syxa, tf. bosom, breast. 

naj&Ta, sf. chamber, court of justice, 

Uaj&TRa, sf. tent. 

Ilaj^Tb, tm, executioner, hangman. 

n£Liein»9 tm, finger, toe. 

naJHTb, va. to bum, to fire. 

n^Ka, tm. dim, n^OHKa, stick. 

UamJiiA^, tf. Pallas. 

n^y6a, tf. deck. 

n^utt, part, dead, fallen. 

Uaibfid, </*. firing, cannonade. 

naibTd, tn. paletot, overcoat. 

niibiHRi, tm. dim. of u&Jtewb, 

n^MflTHBR'b, sm. monument, memorial. 

n^MflTHbiM, adj. memorial, memor- 

UaMflTb, ^ memory, remembrance. 

naHi, tm, Polish lord or gentle- 

n^na, tm. Pope. 

nan&, tm, dim. n&neEbKdi,fam. papa, 

Uandpyci, tm, papyrus. 

n^pa, tf. pair, couple. 

nap^ABbitt, adj. state, main. . 

UapM'B) tm, parade, review. 

Uapan^Tb, tm. breast-work. 

Dapuxi, tm. Paris. 

DapHRi, tm. wig. 

napox64i, sm, steamboat. 

n^pycb, tm. sail. 

nap<i&, tf. brocade ; -HGBofi, adj. 

Uapi, tm. steam, vapour. 

UacTH, va. to pasture. 

naCT^xi, tm. shepherd. 

nacTupb(4yx6BUUtt),5m. pastor, con- 

UacTb, pa,f see n&A^Tb. 

t 200 ) 

ItxTidr.ini, m, pktri»nh ; -ipmlli,a<lj. 

IIaT|)l0TH3ii, IS. {ntrtotiuu. 

Odiapt, tin. ploughmui. 

Dill^Tk, m. to plough. 

OliByn, ™. to HmelL 

DeEiei, <m. Pekin. 

nueai, >/. doth, abroad, awaddling- 

bani, veil. 
Hi-BCl*. ^. pension. 

|[i!HbK^ if. hemp. 
Dcaen, mt. uhes. 
LlepBiHJUTiiiJll, iiilj. primitiTe. 
llepnojepsuBuuifl, adj. most mighty. 
neptouiuiHufl, adj. of the firat clau 

nfpuiH, odf. first. 
□('[wOuuaTb, jjcpiiliiri, va. to bre&k 
to piecta, kill all, intermpt. 

Uepeirin, pa., eeo uepeOos^Ti,. 

TlcpcOpilaiia, a/, lautunl quarri^l. 
nep«N3Td, pa., see DcpeMUiin. 
DepeMCtd, pa., aee nafeKnta. 
nepesepniMn. -Bepa^,Da. totoiu 

Ilep«MiiUTi, pcpeMcrd, <ca. to trane- 

Ute; (jTiioFAUiiBie), to re- 
. cover bioHih. 
nepewMiliiil, its. trnnalfttor. 
UL-peDoanTii, ucpeBe3iB,ca. to eouTSf, 

nep«iii3uaan, jiepn»»in, tie 

Ueper.iHitTfc, m. pa. to look over, 

neperoB^pi, tin. conference, negotiv 

neperDpSwBBSn, -ropaj^n, va. to 
putitiua, oumpu'D. 

Depejaiun, nepajun, m. to give 

over,totr>iiamit,ftiTe too much. 

HepejaBiiiiCii, nppeiiracii, n*. to be 

Dep^julB, adj. fure, first. 
nepetpiiiaaBin, neveipaaBin, ta. to 

Ilepfii. & Depejo, jwyp. see npeil. 
QepojilusaTi,, [ieji«A'blan, M. to da 

ncpeuviHBOCTL, ■/. aptness, intellect. 
Ilepei»liijiijB, atfj. apt, intelligent. 
nepellTi, jm.. Bee nepoioiitb. 
nepCKMHAI, adj. that ma; he thrown 

nepeEdjuBan, nepeiinyn, va. to 

nepeiJHyTua, part, thrown aeroaa 

nepei^, see aepetd^Mn. 

nepeEi^aaa, if. criuih-beam. 

UepeuatB^B, adj. (tian aa -aAxi), 
to travel post and change car- 
riage at erery ata^e. 

ItFpCKJIIEuTbiril, -a.[HEa)Tl>CH, VT. tO 

nepeKpcci^Ttcit, vr pa. ta ehriaten 
one's eelt' again, lo crosa one's 
self, sigu with the ewss. 

DepcarD^n, nt^peiiyiiJiTfr, tm. to buy 

nepcj^uhtiuiit, -iv. 

ill two, break up, 
Hopeiozdn, ta. pa. to lay ove 

a){sin, to relay. 
Uepuoii^n, va. pa. to break all. 
DepejOMKTb, pa., aee nepejIiimBan. 
nepeaep^, vn. pa. te 

napeatna, ^. change. 


( 261 ) 

HepeMiBiSTb^ nepesiibHiSTb, va. to 

change ; ^^fl, vr, to be changed. 
nepenecT^, pa., see nepeHOCUTB. 
nepeeociTb, nepeEecii,va. to transfer, 

remove, to bear, endure. 
nepena4aTb, nepenacTb, vn. to fall at 

intervals, to have by-profits. 
nepenaiRaTb, va. pa, to bedaub, 

besmear all over. 
. nepenier^TbCfl, nepenjecTdcb, vr. to 

interlace, be interlaced. 
nepenp&Ba, sf, passage, crossing. 
nepenpaBJi&Tb, nepenp&BHTb, va. to 

pass, ferry over, to repair ; -Cfl. 

vr, to pass over or across. 
DepepB^Tb, va. pa, to tear, inters 

Ilepepyfi^Tb, nepepy6^Tb, va, to cut 

in two. 
nepecej^Hle, tn, emigration, trans- 
nepecCdi^Tb, nepece.i^Tb, va, to settle 

in another place. 
nepecei^TbCfl, nepecejuTbca, vr, to 

emigrate, remove. 
IlepecR^sbiBaTb, -CRasdn, va. to tell 

over again, repeat. 
nepecMOTplbTb, va. pa, to re-examine, 

look over. 
nepecMtmBBirb, gm. mocker. 
IlepecTaB^Tb, nepecTaTb, vn. to cease. 
Uepe^JOBi, 8in. lane, by-lane. 
UepexBaT^Tb, va. pa, to seize, inter- 
cept, take a snack. 
nepexo4iTb, nepettTH, vn. to go across, 

go over. 
IIepex64i, sm, passage, crossing, 

n^peqi, am. pepper; (cTpy«iR6Butt), 


UepemarByTb, vn, pa. to stride over, 

step over. 
Uepeibsffi^Tb, ne^B'ixaTb, vn, to pass, 

ride over, traverse. 
Uep^Ba, sf. feather-bed. 
UepB&TUft, adj. feathered ; -tub, sf. 

pi. the flying birds. 
nep6, sn. feather. 
Uepc^ACRitt, adj. Persian. 
n^pcieBb, «m. ring (with a stone). 
Uep^Bi, sm. thunder, 
UecoRi, tm. sand. 
UecTpoTa, sf. medley, party-colour. 
neCTputt, adj. party-coloured, va- 
Uec^EBult, adj. sandy, 
neci, sm. dog. 
neiepdypn, sm. St. Petersburg; 

-(};fprcRill, adj, 
UeTi^, tf running knot, noose, hinge, 

button -hole. 
Ue'Tpi, sm. Peter, 
nei^b, sf. affliction, grief. 
ne^^BBUll, adj. sad, afflicting. 
nei^TaxbCB, vr. to be printed. 
neH&Tflbift, adj. printed ; -oe, n, 

printed matter. 
Ue^&Tb, sf. seal, print, press. 
Ueib, sf. dim. n^HRa, oven, stove, 

IIe<?b, va, (pres. ueEf, past neRi), 

to bake ; vn, to bum. 
n^Ra, sf. lance. 
IlBJa, sf. saw. 
UBJioJfl, sf. pill. 
nflpaMii4a, sf. pyramid. 
UHpoB^Tb, vn. to feast. 
Uapdrb, sm. pie, cake. 
nap^BCBBR'b, sm. pastry-cook. 
nupmeCTBO, vn. feast, banquet. 

( 264 ) 

IIor64a, »f. weather, 

nOT04UTfc, vn. pa. to wait a little. 

nor(u6BH0, 6kfe. by the head, one 

by one. 
nor6Hfl, tf. chasing, pursuit. 
noroHflTB, ooreaTb, va. to drive, 

drive out, to conduct, lead. 
norocTUTb, tn. pa, to be on a short 

visit, to make a short stay. 
UorpeCaTb, norpeCcTU, ta, to bury, 

UorpeO^Hie, «n. burying, funeraL 
norpeO^HHUtt, part, buried. 
norpe(k;Tii, pa., see norpeO^n. 
UorpbdUTb, Ta. pa. to threaten. 
norpysaT]>,norpy3iiTb,i7a. to immerse, 

jto load, freight. 
norpiniHGCTi, sf. error, mistake. 
noryO^Tb, ta. pa. to ruin, destroy, 

noryjiSTb, vn. pa. to take a short 

UoAas&Tb, noAaTb, va. to give, to hand. 
no4apuTb, va. pa. to give away, make 

a present. 
QoA&poR'b, gm. present gift. 
Dd^aTb, sf. tax, tribute. 
Qo4&Tb, pa:, see no4aBaTb. 
Q04^ia, sf. giving, presenting. 
Q04a4Hie, sn, donation, alms. 
no46aBJ^Tb, no46^BBTb, va. to add 

besides, add up. 
no46Bp^TbCff, n0406paTbCfl, vr. to be 

matched, to insinuate one's self, 

to make one's way to. 
no46uTb, va, pa. to line, cover. 
no4(k)p640R'b, sm. chin. 
no4Bepr^Tb, no4B^prHyTb, va. to sub- 
ject, expose ; -ca, vr. to submit, 

be subject or exposed. 

Il04BlpHteBHbifl, part, subjected, ex- 

IIo4BecTii, va. pa. to lead up. 

no4BHriTb, no4BUHyTb, va. to move 
forward ; -Cfl, vr, to advance, 

no4BtfrHyTb, pa. to affect, excite. 

no4B64a, sf. horse and cart. 

no4roHiTb, no4orH^Tb, va. to drive 
imder, on, or up to. 

no44aBaTbCff, no44aTbCfl, vr. to sub- 
mit, give in. 

n644aBBbift, adj. sm. subject. 

n(544aflCTBO, sn. subjection. 

no44ep]RBBaTb, no44ep2K£Tb, va. to 
hold up, keep up, maintain ; 
-Cfl, vr. to be held up, be main- 

no4epx&Tb, va. pa. to hold or keep 
some time. 

no4epnyTb, va. pa. to cover slightly. 

no4a(6peBUll, ^art. roasted or toasted 
a little. 

no4»iipBTb, va. pa^to roast or fry 
a little. 

1l04}RBMaTb, no4JR&Tb, va. (/t(t. no- 
HomMf), to cross, fold. 

no43^Hflbitl, adj. subterranean, under- 
ground. . 

1l04R6Ba, sf. horse-shoe. 

no4ROB£Tb, va. pa. to shoe. 

£I04Kpa4UBaTbCfl, -Kp^TbCfl, vr. to 
steal up to. 

no4KP'l&njflTb, no4RpiniiTb, va. to re- 
inforce, strengthen. 

n64Ryn'b, sm. bribery, corruption. 

no4ji^qi, stn. an abject man, vil- 

n64JBflHO, adv. really, indeed, in 

( 265 ) 

DojU^be, tn, lower part of the fore- 
head ; (CMOTptTb H3l •6bfl), tO 

look askance upon one. 
n^iUull, adv. abject, base. 
UdAA^t prep. gen. beside, near. 
no4M^rBBaT]>,no4MHrH^b, 19a. to give 

a wink. 
nojeeO^CHUft, adj, sub -celestial, ter- 
no4BecT^, pa.f see no^nociTb. 
IIOAHBM^TB, no4H^Tb, va, to raise, lift, 

take up ; -ca, vr, to rise, ai'ise, 

set out. 
DoAHdHtie, en. pedestal. 
no4HOCUTb, no4HecTH, va. to bring up, 

no4B^TbCfl Ha, to have recourse to. 
D04<^ie, fR. likeness, similitude ; 

(na-), similar to. 
D0466HO, ad/D, similar, alike. 
no466Bull, adj, similar, alike, like, 

no40(k)CTpaCTie,«n. servility, baseness. 
no4o6p&TbCfl, pa.j see O046Bp&Ti>cfl. 
UOAorH^Tb, pa.y see oo4roHiiTb. 
D040]K4aTB, va. pa, to wait a little. 
Il0403B4Tb, va, pa. to call up. 
no40llTi, pa,, see n04X04iiTb. 
no403pHTejii>Rull, adj, suspicious. 
Il0403p'liB^Tb, va, to suspect. 
D0403p1iBie, sn, suspicion. 
no46mBa, tf. sole of the feet, sole, 

foot (of a hill). 
no4nop^iHRT», sm, sub-lieutenant. 
no4np^a, Bf. the gird of a saddle. 
no4npiiirByTB, vn, pa, to bounce, 

no4n3iCB&Tb, -nycTUTb, va, to allow 

to approach, let. 
no4PaH{aflie, m. imitation. 

no4pax£Tb, va. to imitate. 

no4p66HO, adv. in detail. 

no4P(56BOCTb, «/. detail. 

no4P^ra, sf, dim. no4P^3KKa, female 
friend, companion. 

no4CBi?HFK'b, sm. candlestick. 

Il04CMiKBBaTbCB, VT, to laugh at. 

no4cn^4'b, into a recluse place. 

no4CTpeBaTb, -CTpeRB^b, va. to sti- 
mulate, instigate. 

no4cy4iiMuft, adj. tm, convict, im- 

1l04TBep}R4^Bfe, m, confirmation. 

no4Ti6pnBaTb, -THfipuTb, va. Jam. to 
swindle, juggle away. 

1I()4^MaTb, va, pa. to think of, re- 
flect on ; -4^MHBaTb, imp. a. to 
think sometimes, think a little. 

no4XBaTbiBaTB, no4XBaTiiTb, tKs. to 
catch, take up, to reply. 

no4X04UTb, no4ofiTH, vn, to come, 
approach, resemble. 

no4H<ic'&, ad/o. now and then. 

no4*iBfleBBUtt, adj. nn, subordinate, 

Il04?HB^Tb, no4'7HH^Tb, va. to Subor- 
dinate, subject ; -Cfl, vr, to 
be subordinate, subject one's 

11041 & II040, prep, ace, & instr, 
under, near, at, to. 

no4'bflTb, pa. (Jut, no4UMy), see 

1l04'bt3H{aTb, no4'btxaTb, vn, to ride 

up to, approach. 
no4UMaTb, -Cfl, see no4HHMaTb, -cfl. 

no4bimaTb, vn. pa. to breathe a little. 
no4iKttcTBOBaTb, vn, pa. to act, have 

noffisuiOBaTb, va. pa. to grant, confer. 

( 266 ) 

Doxaioian, wi. pa. to go, aome. 
UoxlioiaTbCfl, vr. pa, to compljun. 
UoMkJjtkf if ytm like ! 
nosajftcra, if you plemse, pray, 
noxajtn, va. pa, to pitj, be sorry 

noxHpi, tm, fire, cnnflafsration. 
noxan, /Ml. (Jut. doxh/), aee no- 


nox^, ^a. (/«/. nosB^), aee no- 


UoxeaaTb, va. |mi. to chew a little, 
noxejrin, vn, pa. to tarn yellow. 
DosejaTby «a. /mi. to wiah, have a 


Oox^pnoBaHtey #». offering^ do- 

nox^pnoiaTfc, va. pa, to sacrifice, 
make a donation. 

UoxHMaTb, nomkn, va, to press, 
- squeeze a little, to shrug (one's 

Uomnnin, noxarb, va, to reap, 

OoHi^Tb, vn. pa, to live, to dwell 
some time. 

Uosad^Tb, va. pa, to forget. 

Uo3AaA, adv. & prep, gen, behind. 

DosB^Tb, va, pa, to call. 

DosBOJ^Hie sn. permission. 

Do3B6jHTb, j>a. see no3BOjii(Tb. 

IIosBOJflTb, -SB^jHTb, va, to permit. 

n634nitt, adj. late, tardy. 

II634no k n^340, ad/e, comp. n63»e, 
late, tardily. 

no84op6BaTbCff, vr, pa, to salute, 

Il034paiu^Tb, no34P^BHTb, va, to con- 
gratulate, felicitate. 

Do3^alfl, if. positiou. 

noaHaidamciy vr. pa. to get ac- 

IIoaaiOTiTb, va, to gild. 

nottM&n, va, pa, to eatch, ap- 

IIoici&Tb, va. pa, to aeek, aeazeh a 

nottri, va. /w. to go, be gone. 

noBCodpTHTb, vo. /Ni. to spoil A little ; 
-ci« er. to be spoiled. 

noMcninan, to. pa. to experienee, 

Oor6, am;, while, so long as ; (-Be)* 

lIOKasaHle, »n, deposition, testhnooy. 

noBaaaTb, -cfl, /Ni., see noB^au- 
Ban, -en. 

DoBasuBan, noBas^n, va, to show ; 
-Cfl, vr. to appear, to seem. 

noBaM'ficn, adv, meanwhile, in the 
mean time. 

DoBaT^ncfl, vr. pa, to ride, aafl a 

UoRaHaTb, va. pa. to shake, swing a 

noBaiele, m. sacrament of penitenes^ 

noBB4&Tb, noB^nyTb, va. to fbtaake^ 

noBiasa, tf. laying, luggage. 

noBjan^TbCfl, vr. to worship, adore. 

noBJiOB^ncfl, vr. pa, to bow, salute^ 
give one's compliments. 

noRion^flie, # n. worship, adoration. 

noBi6B'b, itn, bow, salute, compli- 

noBJi6fli (b4T^ fla), to wait on and 
to pay one's respects to. 

noBi^CTbcii, vr, pa. to swear, take an 

{ 267 ) 

noRdtt, sm. rest, repose, room. 
UokoMhhk'b, sm, dim, noR^fiHHieR'b, 

deceased man. 
UoRoflno, adv. quietly; 
Il0K6fiHUU, adj, quiet, easy, deceased, 

QoROJOTUTb, va. pa, to knock, thrash. 
* DoRopuTbCA, pa., see nORopflTbCfl. 
DoRopMHTb, va. pa, to nourish, feed 

a little. 
DoR6pHOCTb,«/l suhmission, obedience. 
QORdpQutt, adj, submissive, humble. 
IIORop^TbCfl, noRopHTbCfl, vr. to be 

subjected or submissive. 
noRpoB^TeJb, -BHifa, f. protector, 

UoKjtdvh, Mn. veil, cover. 
noRpuBaTb, noRpi^Tb, va. to cover ; 

-Cfl, vr, to cover one's self, be 

IIOKyn^Tb, RynHTb, va, to buy. 
Il0RypHBaTb,oa. to smoke sometimes. 
noRyp^JbCRH, adv, in Kurilian lan- 
OoRypHTb, va, pa, to smoke a little. 
DoRycuTbCii,/>a., see noRymaTbCfl. 
QORyniaTbCfl, noRyc^TbCfl, vr, to at- 
tempt, to make an attempt 

noRym^Hie, m, attempt, 
naia, sf. skirt (of a coat). 
nojaraTb, noioxuTb, va, to lay, put, 

noJaraTbCA, naio»UTbC)i, vr, to rely 

nojaROHHTb, va. pa. to treat, give a 

ndirOAa, 8m, half a year. 
UdAneahf sm, mid-day, noon. 
nai4iDacHBbi, half a dozen. 

Uoje, 8n. field. 

UojeBott, adj. rural, of the field. 

IIOJeSciTb, vn, pa, to lie down a little. 

noj^SHiifi, adj. useful. 

nojerb sm, flight. 

nojeTiTb, vn, pa. to fly away ; fy, to 

naiSTU & n6j3aTb, vn. to crawl, 

nojHRapni, sm. Polycarp. 
no^HBHTb, naiiiTb, va. to pour on, 

naiHBaTbCfl, tr. to be watered. 
naiUTbCA, vr. pa. to flow, be poured, 

be shed. 
noJHq^fiCRitl, adJ, of the police; 

sm, policeman, 
nojuqifl, sf. police. 
II6.iRa, sf, shelf. 

nojROB64eq'b, sm, leader of an army. 
naJRi, sm, regiment. 
II6jho, adv. fully, full ; in^^r^*. enougii! 

ndJHO^ib, sf. midnight. 
noJHufi, adj, full, complete, fat. 
noJOBHHa, sf, a half; -BiiHHufi, adj, 
noiOBHTb, va. pa. to have a short 

sport, to catch, 
nojiorb, sm. bed-curtain, veil.<fi^nie, sn. laying, putting, si- 
tuation, position, state. 
noJoadiTb, to lay, put ; {mp,a. 


UOjioatuTbCA, pa., see nojaraTbCfl. 
noidRi, sm. sweating bench, stall. 
UoJioc^, sf.dim. noJocRa, streak, stripe. 
ncioc^Tbitt, adj. striped. 
noJOTBd, sn. linen, linen-doth. 
noJTUBa, gf. half a rooble. 
n^JTopa, num. one and a hnlf. 

( 268 ) 

O^fMricm, va, pa, to baTf veiL 
D/ay«(f|irTnit, fvlj, h«lf-dead. 
DoiyopeapiiTejfriut, a^> balf-€M»- 

Ooifpsup^nieiiiiuty «(;* half - de- 


Uoi^HATh, 0aff*iib»y «a. to receive, 

noiiyv^rMle, tn. reeqition, obUinmeDt. 
IlMY*iAn, pa.f nee noif v^n. 
n^fOiMple^ $n. hemisphere. 
tl6An9Ciif tm, half an hoar, * half- 
no4i, tm, {{(HfTf neXf half. 
UMun^a, $/, an open place among 

U6A^9at *f. fid vantage, use, utility. 
1l6n90tAncnf vr, to profit, avail. 
U6iymtL, if, I'oland ; ndiKKitt, adj. 

Uojiinihf vn, pa, to go in, to climb, 

flo^fo/Wyn^Tbc/f, vr, pa, to admire a 

U(tAkvh, wm. Pole. 
Ilo^/iiia, ir/*. glade. 

HfMfoO^n, «a. />a. to take a liking to. 
UoAifidonUtcumvBah, vn. pa, to be 

lIOMf pi'ifc, tn, pa. to die. 
IIoMopTBi^biU, <!<//. an pale as death. 
UoMfi^oiiaHlo, «n. pardon, mercy. 
HoMM^oium, va, pa. to pardon. 
noMli^ytt (r(3cno4H-), Lord, have 

meroy upon me. 
Umvinkthf nonnnftby va. to mention, 

remember, thiuk of. 
nojM^HRH, {/I pi prayers for tho 


I Jk mmmf tw m ^ mU^ erewj 

flompdhiea, «r. jw. Id 

with, be reewncikdL 
DdaivrKM- to 

Doaorany mbM^ «■. to aani^ help. 
OoMiinea, «r. fo. to praj » little, 

to say one's prayerm, 
llo«knte^Mi./Mi.tobe«ilc^fo a 

Uttle while, 
noaopoivnca, or. jw. to knit ooe^s 

Downin, TO. /w. to wet, water a 

Uim6n, pa.f see mmarkn. 
Dovooiiim, m. aeeistanr, helper. 
JiOwm^ A n6mom, tf, aamUaet, aid, 

U<nn6whf $m, tidt, 
noH^iinca, vr,pa. to hurry away, to 

VLovticAwn, va, pa, to think, give a 

noirtCT^Tb, pa.f see noM'tniin. 
UovicTbe, #11. estate, domain. 
DovtmaTbca, vr, pa, to loose one's 

DoMldiidTfc, novtCTiin, va. to place, 

noMtiii^Tbeff, noirfecTifTBCff, vr. to be 
placed, to lodge. 

noMtniHRi, «m. owner of an estate. 

noHa4o6HTBCfl, vr. pa. to be neces* 

ll0Hanp&(MBBa, «/! a false or unde- 
served accusation. 

IIoHeBdjili, adv. against one's wilL 

noMflH^, pa,f see novHE^n. 

nonaMupb, tm. dim. -Hape'BOKi, sex- 

( 269 ) 

noeecTii, va. pa, to carry, carry 

away^ bear. 
DoeuR^Tb, noHURHyib, vn. to bow 

one's head, cast one's eyes 

DOBHH^Tb, noHflTb, va. to understand, 

DoHp^BHTBCfl, vr, pa, to please, obtain 

favour from. 
OOHysA^TB, noB;f4HTb, va, to compel, 

noHypiiBaTb, noH^pHTb, va. to hang 

down, drop down. 
DoB^Ht, adv. until now, hitherto. 
noB]6xaTb, va. pa. to scent, inhale 

(a smell), take (snuff). 
DoH^TJHBUtt, adj, quick of apprehen- 
UoE&Tb, pa, {fut, uoikuf), see noea- 


no6*iepeAHb, adv. by turns, alter- 
UottdLAkn, non^Tb, vn, to fidl, fall in 

nonaAaTbCfl, non&CTbCi|, vr. to fall 

into, be caught. 
Uon&pHTbCii, vr, pa. to sweat some 

HonipBO, adv. by pairs. 
HondcTb, pa., see nonaA^Tb. 
nonepenliBeo, adv. alternately, by 

Honep^^BHRi, sm. diameter, breadth. 
none^^Hie, »n. care, attention. 
nonHp&Tb, nonp^Tb, va. to trample 

under one's' feet, to throw down. 
OonjaBaib, vn. pa, to swim or sail a 

DoiuaB6Ri, itn. float, buoy. 
CoiuiRaTb, vn. pa. to weep a little. 

nonjaT^ TbCH, w. /wi. to pay for, be 

UoniiiTb, vn. pa, to swim, navigate, 
sail off. 

noadA^HBaTb, va, pa, to treat, enter- 

Uonpas'lbje, a little more to the right. 

UonpaaiiiTb, nonpaBHTb, va. to repair, 
restore, correct, recover. 

Uonp^XHeMy, adv. as before. 

OonpeR^Tb, -npeRB^, va. to re- 

II6npRiiie, tn. career. 

nonp66oBaTb, va. pa. to try, test. 

nonpoc^Tb, va. pa, to ask, beg. 

nonyr^HRb, sm. a fellow-traveller. 

UonuT^TbCfl, vr, pa. to try, attempt. 

Uoa^THTbCfl, vr. pa, to draw back. 

Uonux^x'b (iTb-), adv. in a hurry, out 
of breath. 

nop£, sf, time, season. 

Uop^ (ecTb), V. imp. it is time. 

DopasiTb, nopasdib, va. to strike, 

nopasA^Tb, nopoAHTb, va. to beget, 

nopa^c^Hie, sn. defeat. 

UopasuTb, j>a., see nopam&Tb. 

nopascRad&Tb, va. pa, to tell or nar- 
rate a little. 

nop6r'b, sm. threshold of a door. 

nop6Aa, sf. extraction, race, breed. 

nopoR-b, sm, vice, defect. 

UopoceBORb, sm, dim, sucking-pig. 

UopTPdtt, adj. sm. tailor. 

nopTp^rb, sm, portrait. 

UopTyrsLieq'b, sm. a Portuguese. 

nopy^&Tb, nopy^^Tb, va. to confide, 
intrust, commit. 

Dopy^^Bie, sn. commission. 

( 270 ) 

nop^^in & nop^^BKi, tm, lieu- 

nopy^iTb,/Ki. see nopyi&n. 

nop^BBCTull, adj, guBtj, squally, 

nop^Bi, itn. start, spring, trans- 

Dop^irb sirpay a gust of wind. 

Dopfl40Ki, SIR. order. 

Qop[i40iButt, adj, orderly, passable. 

IIoca4HTb, va, pa, to seat, place, set, 
plant, put on. 

UocBfliq^Tb, nocBHTHTb, va, to con- 
secrate, devote, dedicate. 

noce^^Bie, sm. colony, settlement. 

OoceiiTBCii, vr. pa, to settle, establish 
one's self. 

noceJ^nBfl'B, Itn. villager, settler. 

noceM^, adv. therefore. 

nocB4'feTb, vn, pa, to sit a little. 

nocoBluiiitt, adj. grown blue. 

DocRaRUTb, tm, pa, to gallop off. 

DocKO.ib3B^Cfl, vr, pa, to slip, make 
a slip. 

DocJuHOBK'B, 8m. cuvoy, ambassador. 

nocJaiiHutt, adj, tm. messenger. 

UociBjbfpa, (fttt. noQuio), see no- 


nocj6BBqa, sf. proverb. 

nbcj^maTb, va, pa. to hear, listen a 

DocJi^maTb, va. pa. to hear ; -en, vr, 

to resound, to think one hears. 
ndcJt, prep, gen. after, afterwards. 
IIocJli4Bill, adj. last, final. 
noci'fi40PaTb, vn. pa. to follow. 
DocMaTpasaTb, va. to look sometimes. 
nocMnTpiTb, vn. pa. to look. 
HocMimBute, 8n. laughing-stock, butt. 
Qoc66ie, m. help, at»istance. 

IIoeo(tJiiTb, -co6iiTb, vn. to help, assist 
noc66BBBi, 8m, helper, assistant. 
nbcoBiroBaTb, va. pa. to counsel, give 

nocdii, 8m, ambassador; -cdJOCKiA, 

IIoc6jbCTBO, sn, embassy, legation, 
ndcoxi, 8m, staff, crook, crosier. 
nocn6pBXb, vn, pa. to dispute a 

nocntB&Tb, nocn'bTb, tm. to ripen, get 

ready, arrive in time. 
nocB'JbtuuTb, nocntfliNTb, vn. to hasten. 
UocB'fioiBO, adv. hastily, hurriedly. 
noco'bmBUtt, €ulj, speedy, quick. 
nocpe4if, adv, prep. gen. among. 

nocp^4CTBOHi, adv, by, by means of. 
noccdpflTbCJi, vr. pa. to quarrel. 
DocraBBTb, va. pa, to set, put, place, 

nocTaflOBj[iT&, nocTaaoB^n, mi. to 

establish, ordain. 
nocTapaTbCfl, vr. pa, to endeavour, 

DocT^b & nocT^iii, 8f, bed, bed- 
IIocTBr^Tb, nocTirByn &, nocnin, va, 

to reach, comprehend, conceive ; 

vn, to befall. 
nocTBTbCfl, vr, to fast, keep fast 
UociAkib, va. pa, to lay, spread 

nocTop6eflifi, a^. foreign, accessory ; 

8m. stranger. 
nocTOHBBO, adv. constantly. 
nocTO^BHbifi, adj. constant. 
nocTOflTb, vn. pa. to stand a little, to 

stop, wait. 
Il0CTpa4aTb, vn, pa. to suffer. 

( 271 ) 

DoCTparin, noetpin, va. to chrar n 
little, give the tonsure ; -ta, tr. 
to take the religieuB habit or veil. 

Qocrpi^HiEa, >/. buildiog, Btructure. 

nocrpl^RTb, va. pa. to build, range, 

Doctjuin, -CTTDjirb, «n. to act, do, 

Qoi^noE'fc, ini. behaviouT, act. 
HocTTian, eh. to knock, give a few 

Doen, tm. fasting, faat, lent. 
Voafia, tf. waie, dishes and plates. to promise. 
nocHiojiitBitcK, V. imp. pa. to have 

DoruiitTi.nDCJaTi, va. to send. 
Doc^norbCH, vr. pa. to fell, airew out. seed, cam Bond, 
noctjtn, Bn. pa. to grow groy- 

Qocftin, pa., see nocttgan. 
HocEiiiiTii,nocLTuii,,ifi. to vidt 
\loctai6B\B,in. vUiUng, viMt. 
DocfnTb, m. pa.,%o sow. 
DoTafoTb, -TUEu;^, tn. to indulge, 

eunuive at. 
ttatepdn, va. pa. (,patt nOTSpi, /u(. 

DOTEy), to rub a little. 
noTepnin, suffer, tolemte. 
noTJpa, ^. loss. 
DoTepiiTb, ta ^n. to lose. 
DoTHi6HiiRy,QcfD. quleti;, calmly. 
DoTuBT., sni. Htreain, ton-eut. 
UotmAKI, )«. ceiluig. 
IIotdiiORl, nti. deseendajiL 
nmaiicna, tn. poateriiy. 
noTOMjf , iMle. benoe ; h acnoMj, there- 

DoT^n, mfv. after that, tben. 
noTopanincB, w. pa. to burry or 

hasten a Htlle. 
Dotpftiao, v. imp. it is necessary. 
DoTpfCoBaiL, na. pa. to demand, re. 

quire, call. 
Dorpy jnTK/i, t(^. pa. to trouble one's 

self, take paina. 
nciTpscid, t«. pa. to shake or jolt a 


ttaryxkn, amfiayti,, m. to be ex- 

ll6TiiiBan, ta. tfl treat 

Jlarixa,*/. amusement, dirersion. 
noTSB^, TO. pa, to-draWiBtretcli. 
noTTP^, adv. in the mominK. 
noTi^TeibBull, aJ}, instructive. 
noiBajH, i/*. praise, laud. 
HoiBaJBBan, iioiBaiHTb,ea. to praiae, 

Douu^TUS, to pride one's 

Dou&jtauH, odj. pran 

Qoiaut^Hle, II 


nent, earry- 

UonMf tK, Mty. t 

a, tf. soup. 
nauoDOTdH, on. pa. to busy or stir 

one's self a little, to solicit. 
DoiOildTb, tm. pa. to walk a little. 
IIoi04^fc B&-, vn. to I'eaemble, be 

Iloidjiia, tf. gait, walk. 
noifijlBLiB, m//. of campaign, field. 
nouSili, tm. campuigD. 

( 276 ) 

OpBjtf^ie, «». decency, deoorum. 

IIpHM^H^HBiill, adj, alluring, en- 

DpBMdiBHTby va, pa, to say further, 

DpHMtpHutt, culj, exemplary. 

DpoMtpi, tm, example. 

npHniTHTb, pa., Bee npHHt^in. 

DpHMliqaTb, npHMtTHTb, vo, to re- 
mark, observe. 

npHna4-ieffi4Tb, vn, to belong. 

DpHeecTu, pa., see npHBOcdTb. 

npBBHM^Tb, npnnflTb, va. to receive, 


accept, adopt ; -Cfl, vr, to undeiv 
take, begin, set to. 

npHHOC^Tb, npHBeCTU & npBHiiCTb, «a. 

to bring. 

1IpflH^4flTb, pa., see npBuy]R4&Tb. 

npBflyffi4&Tb, npnH^4flTb) va, to con- 
strain, force. 

npnHyH{4^Hie, an. constraint, force. 

npHnyac4eBUbitt, adj. constrained, 

UpBoqi, tm. prince. 

npBHiiTb, -Cfl, pa. {fut. npflM;f, -cb), 
see npflBBM^Tb, -ca. 

npBna4^Tb, npBoacTb,«». to fall down, 
to press close to. 

npan^Hb, va. pa, to bake too much ; 
vn. ta burn. 

npBn^cbiBaTb, npBDBC^Tb, va, to add 
in writing, to attribute ; -Cfl, vr, 
to inscribe one's self, be attri- 

npBDJ^Tb, vn. pa. to sail up, swim up. 

npuno4BiiTbCfl, vr. pa. to rise up a 

IIpflnpaBJiiTb, npanp^BBTb, va, to sea- 
son, spice. 

lIpBOliBi, 8m, accompaniment. 

npBpant^Hle, in. increase, augmen- 

IIpBp64a, 8f. nature. 
DpBp64Butt, (Mdj, natural, inborn. 
DpBCBOiiTb, npBCB^BTb, va, to appro- 
priate to one's self, usurp. 
npflCKaR&Tb, vn, pa, to gallop up, 

come galloping. 
IIpBCK6p6BO (ecTb), V, imp, it is 

afflicting, sad. 
npBCJ&Tb,/>a., see opflCbU&Tb. 
npacj;fra, sf, servants. 
npacj^SBBaTb, vn, to serve, attend. 
UpBCJ^BBaTbCfl, w. to listen to. 
npflCMOTpiTb, va. pa, to look after, 

see to. 
IIpBCoe4BB^Tb, npHCoe4BBBTb, va, to 

annex, adjoin ; -Cfl, vr. to join, 

be adjoined. 
npBcraB&Tb, npBCT&Tb, tm. to lodge, 

land, put in, adhere, come up, 

npBCT^BBTb, pa., see npacraBJiiTb. 
DpacTaBJiiTb, npBCTdBBTb, «a. to set 

to, set on, set over. 
np^CTaibBO, cuh. attentively; (-eo 

CMorpiTb, to stare at). 
npicTaBb, sf. harbour, port. 
UpBCTaTb, pa,, see npacTaR^n. 
npBCTerB;fTb, I'd. pa, to baste or sew 

to, to put alongside ; fig, to add. 
npBCTyn^Tb,-CTyn^Tb, approach, 

enter upon, begin, importune. 
npiicTyn'b, sm. approach, beginning, 

npBc^TBOBaTb, vn, to be present. 
npHCUi&Tb, npocJuTb, va. to send to. 
npHCtCTb, vn, pa, (fut. opBC^4y), to 

squat down, sit down, 
npuc^ra, sf, oath. 

( 277 ) 

OpiiCflraTb, npHCarnyTb, va, to swear, 

take an oatli. 
npHTaHTbCfl,, to conceal one's- 

self, feign. 
npHTaniuTb, va, pa. to drag to. 

IIpHTBOp^TbCfl, OpHTBOp^TbCfl, IT. tO be 

closed, to feign, dissemble. 
npflidafB, adv. with this, besides. 
npHTdnuBaTb, npHTdoHyib, vn. to 

stamp with the feet. 
npHTyouTb, -ca, pa., see npHTyn- 

JlAth, .CA. 

DpBTynjeHaufi,jt>arf.bIant, weakened. 
DpHTyoJiiTb, npHTyauTb, va. to blunt, 

weaken ; -Cfl, vr, to be blunted^ 

to grow weak. 
IIpDX04ifTb, npifiT^ & npBATH; vn. to 

come, arnve. 
npHXOAHTBCfl, npltlTUCb, V, imp. to fit, 

suit, to happen, to be obliged. 
IIpBxd4i, sm. arrival. 
DpHq-fiDHTB, to hook, fasten to. 
npHHHHa, if. cause, reason. 
npHmn6pBTb, va. pa. to spur, spur on. 
npHiq^HBaib, -ni^pHTb, va. to blink, 

twinkle a little, 
npifixi, -cb, pa.y see npaxoA^Tb, -ca. 
npioCptCT^, j>a., see npioOp'lbTaTb. 
IIpioOp'fiT^Tb, npioOpicTb. va. to ac- 
quire, obtain. 
npioc^HUTBCfl, vr. pa, to assume an 

air of dignity. 
IIpit3»^Tb, npi'JbxaTb, vn. to come, 

npit3»&ioiqifi, sm. a new comer, 

npiisjRill, adj. mn, a new comer, 
npiixaib, pa., see npi'fesxaTb. 
npiiOTiiTbCfl, vr. pa. to take refuge, 
npii&rb, tm. asylum, refuge. 

npi^TeJB, 'EJHiiSLyS. a friend, acquaint- 
ance; (qo -CRn), friendly. 

npiiiTBO, V. imp, it is agreeable. 

npi^THbitt, adj. agreeable. 

U]po, prep. ace. for, of, about, to. 

npoOflpaTbCfl, npoOpaTbCfl, vr. to make 
one's way through. 

UpoOuTbCfl, vr, pa. to break, make 
one's way through. 

npo6opMOTaTb, va. pa. to mutter, 

npo6p&TbCfl, pa., see npoOHpaTbCfl. 

npoCi^Tb, vn, pa. to stay, remain, 

npoOlLi'b, itn. blank, void space. 

npoBaiHBaTbCii, npoBa^HTbCfl, vr. to 
fall through^ break in. 

npoBaii, tm. downfall, hole. 

nposecTU, pa.f see npoB04^Tb. 

npoBHAtnie, m. providence. 

npOBBSHt^Tb, vn. pa. to whiz through. 

npoBBHqlfl, sf. province. 

npoBiaBrb, am. provisions. 

npoBOAiTb, nposecTu, va. to lead 
through, accompany, pass (time). 

npoBOXaTb, npoBOAUTb, va. to escort, 
accompany, to see off. 

npoBOsrjam^Tb, -BoarjiaciiTb, va. to 

npOBdpflO, adv. quickly, promptly. 

npoBop*i&Tb, va. pa, to grumble, 

npoB'^AUBaTb, npoB'^AaTb, vn, to in- 
quire about ; va. to visit, pay a 

nporjaTUBaTb, nporJOTuib, va. to 
swallow, «wnllow down. 

nporJflflyTb, vn. pa. to appear, look 

nporB&Tb, va. pa., see nporoBilTb. 

( 278 ) 

'nponrtiancii, vr. to become angrj. 
nporotopin, «a. pa. to ntter, finiah 

nporoBir^ npora^n, «a. to dxire 

throagh, dispel. 
Dpor^jDancii, nporyiincii, tm. to 

walk, take a walk. 
Dpor^iia, if. walking, walk. 
DpojiaBaTb, npo4an, w. to sell ; -Cf , 

«r. ti> sell one's self, be sold* 
IIpo4ixa9 if. sale. 

npo4&Tb, -Cf , pa>f see npojas^Tbi -c<. 
Opo^epx^Tb, oa. f>a. to hold, keep 

some time. 
npo4(ux&n, npo40JxiTb, vo. to con- 
tinue, prolong ; -cjiy vr. to be 

Opo4ai]S^Hle, in. continuation, pro- 
lIpo4aiiKiTe4bBull, adj, lasting, of 

long duratiun. 
IIpo4P^TbCfl, «r. pa, to be torn or 

worn out, 
npo4p6rHyTb, vn. pa. to be benumbed 

with cold. 
npo4'bB4Tb, npo4'iTb, va. to put 

np04'iiRa, if hole, trick, wile. 
IIpo4'&Tb, va. pa,y see npo4tBdTi>. 
OpoasHB^Tb, nposHTb, 'cn. to live, 

spend one's life, to stay. 
IIposdpjHBufi, adj. gluttonous, rora- 

npo3BaBle, in. surname. 
IIpo3B&Tb, -cfl, pa., see npo8UB&Tb, 


nposuB&Tb, nposBHTb, «4. to sumamc ; 

-Cfl, vr. to be sumamed, be 

nposflO&n, vn. to vegetate, shoot. 

npoirpuBan, opoBrpto, va, to lose 
at plaj, to lose. 

npoBsiex^Bie, m. production, pro- 
duce, work, product 

IIp0B8BeCTM,/KI., SCO npOB3B04fo. 

lIpoB8B04in,-M8iecT^,M. to produce, 

effect* to derive. 
IIpoB8B64CTB0,fji. production, process, 

npoBSBdn, wm, pleasure, will, dis- 

npoBBBecri, ta. pa.^ see npoBSBO- 

npOBBBOcAn, -BsaecT^, pa. to pro- 
nounce, utter. 

npoflSottTi, vn. pa., see npoicxoxin. 

DpoBBm^CTBie, tn, event, occurrence. 

npdBCKB, tm. pi, intrigues, strata- 

IIpoBcxo4iTb, npoBBolT^, vn, to hap- 
pen, occur, to arise, issue. 

IIpOBCxox4^iile, in, origin, extraction. 

npottTi, pa., see npoxo4liTb. 

npoKapiUBBaTb, -RopMi&n, va. to nurse, 

OpoRiiiTull, part, danmed, cursed. 

DpoKopMiTb, pa,, see opoRapiuBian. 

IIpoKi, tm, utility, benefit; (n-), 
of use. 

Upoier&Tb, npoierirB, vn. to . fly 
through, fly past, pass rapidly. 

npojeriTbjfMt., see npoierarb. 

IIpoiBBB6tt, adj. (-40S4b), a heavy 
shower of rain. 

DpoJHBi, itn. strait. 

npoiBB^Tb, npoj^Tb, va, to pour out, 
spill, shed. 

npoji^Tb, pa., see npo^BB^Tb. 

npOMex^OK'b ittt. mterval. 


( 279 ) 

UpondHBa, f/l ravine, pool. 

DpOMOKiTb, npOH^RByTb, Vfl. tO bo 

drenched, get wet. 

DpOMoJBHTb, va. pa, to put in a 

DpoMHaTbCff, vr, pa, to pass rapidly. 

Dp6MBiceJ'b, tm, business, trade, pro- 

UpOM^DueHBOCTb, sf. industry, trade. 

IIpOM^mjeBHutt, adj, industrial, ma- 

npoMUDU^Tb, VH, to follow (a busi- 

npoflecTucb, w. pa, to pass through 
or over, to resound, be heard. 

IIpoB3^Tb, ta, pa, to pierce. 

DpOBBK^Tb & DpOBHq&Tb, -BHKHyTb, 

vn, to pass through, penetrate. 

npoBiin, «a. pa, {fut, npoitMy), to 
pierce, penetrate ; fig, to bring 
to reason. 

Dpona^^Tb, npon£cTb, vn, to be lost, 
to disappear. 

npon^m, adj, lost. 

nponHT&Bie, m, subsistence, liveli- 

npoBHTdTb, -cii, pa,f see npon^TU- 

BaTb, -CII. 

nponHTUBaTfc, npoDHTriTb, wi, to 

nourish, support ; -c<, w, to 

subsist, live, 
npondpqifl, {/I proportion. 
nponycRaxb, npooycrilTb, va. to let 

pass, to miss, slip. 
npOBtTb, va. pa,y to finish singing. 
IIpopBaTb, ta, pa, to tear through, 

break ; -cfl, vr, to break through, 

be torn. 
np9p6irb, tm, prophet. 
DpopyOuTb, ta, pa, to cut through. 

np<5py($b, »f, ice-hole. 

OpopisuBaTb, npoptsaTb, ta, to cut 

npocirfini^Bie, tn, instruction, civili- 

npocfl4liTb, vn, pa, to sit some time. 

npociTeiii, -BBEia, 9, solicitor, -tress. 

npociTb, ta, to ask, demand, beg. 

npoci^HTb, -cff, pa, see npocjaB- 

Aklbt -Cfl. 

npociaBJi[iTb,npociaBBTb, va. to render 
famous, to glorify, to pass for. 

npociauilTbCfl, npocjaBBTbCfl, tr, to 
signalize one's self, be renowned, 
become famous, pass for. 

npociysHTb, vn, pa, to serve one^s 

npocByTbCA,|7a., see npocbin&TbCfl. 

npocTifTb, -Cfl, pa,y see npoii)4Tb, -ca. 

npdCTO, adv, simply. . 

npocTdlt, adj, simple, ordinary, com- 

npocT(MK)4iB'b, tm, commoner, ple- 

IIpocTOBap64ie, tn, the vulgar, com- 
mon people. 

npocTOTa, sf, plainness, simplicity. 

npoCTOiiTb, vn, pa, to finish standing 
or sojourning. 

npocTp^BCTRO, tn, space, extent. 

DpoCTy4a, if. chill, catarrh. 

npocTy4HTbCfl, vr, to catch cold. 

UpocT^Tb, tn. pa. to become cold. 

npocua&TbCfl,npocu^TKfl, awake, 

DpdcbOa, sf, entreaty, request, peti- 

np<5c'&4b, sf, some grey hairs. 

npoTBepxBBaTb, -TBep4UTb, ta, to re- 
hearse^ repeat* 

( 280 ) 

UpoTtipTUB, pari, worn out, Id holn. 
il|WTit«lTKl. vr. to appa»e, ruiiat. 
DlWT^tHNK'k, (M. nivonuj, Mitl- 

UpotJIuyll, adj. oppulM, ountrary, 

D]>uTiiiuirujriiHUori>, (/• oontrMl, op- 

apmtKnoiAjKtiut, adj. contnu7,op- 

DpoTiMpiile, «». EODtriidlation. 

UpDtHiiIiri., ]jpu'i(i]<<^ib, to. to rub 
tliruugh ; (rjaoli), to rub one'i 

DpoirictaTbca, vr. pa. to •quxze 

tlirougli a erowd. 

-co, vr, to itratch, b« •tretohed. 
npoTitwBull, adj, drawling, liov. 
IlpouMiiua, alt}, oool. 
Upoioiidib, opoHT^, m. togo tlirough, 

UpiixlllilIB, im. pBwar, traTeller. 
npoifan, eo. ;■«. {Jit. npolT^), to 

raad thruugh, peruae. 
lIpoiHT&n, eo. pu. to fluUh reading. 
UpdilB. mf}'. otiiar. 
npAiBOcn, •/*. durability, a»lldlty. 
lljidiHuH, ai^, ilumblB,iHiliil. 
UlHitb, adt. and Inlerj. away, off. 
n|xiiu^itmltt,<ii</ |iut. 
XlptiafitB, »n, jietition, requett. 
UpaiuenTliTb, m. l« wliispiT. 
npdniKa, am. <Jini. of UpoiriDia, Pro- 


IIp0[q&Hi«, m, farawall, parting, Iran. 
DpoiH&Tb, niKwrin, to. to pftrdon, 

nponif Ble, M. pardon, fbrgWene**. 
Dpoitn, tn, piMing throngb, paa- 

Dpotow^n, Dpoiian, driva or 

rlilu throai^li, rlile round. 
IIpoiaBIB, «n. paasenger, 
Dpoiun, pa., am Dpotax&n. 
npudin i npofan, im, project, 

1SpYA1,im. pond. 


Dp^ill, iii^L PruaclM), 

npiiren, DpArin*, •"■ to Jump, 

OpHwiln, im. Jump, hop. 

npun, (/. apenl ; (io mo-), at faU 

np^KKS, >/. bnckla. 

np;iiio, adv. atraigbtly, itralghtwaya, 

fUilMy. .■eo.ll).. 
JlpnHritl, .uij. «lriiiglit, upright, frank. 
DpiaexoitK), aeh). augm. quite 

TJjiiiniiKliiln. gingor-broad. 
UliiliaTt, ■ca. to hide) -c«, «r, to hide 

oiiu'a geif. 
Ucipii*, t^. dog-kannal, pack {at 

houoda) ; ncApiiuH jtopi, kaoneL 
Scaph, im, wliiinjrr-iii. 
Ui^iriJtTb, nn. Pskof; dckokiiIB, otf^. 
llTitiin,!/. f'ifd. 
D^hkb, (/: the public. 
llytLiriilJUl, ad;, publio. 
nyrJTk, uym^b, to. to Arighton. 
Urrbnca, or. to take frighL 

( 281 ) 

0^4' n, sm, poodle-dog. 
ny4'b, sm. (40 Russ. pounds), pood. 
DysHTutt, cuij. big-bellied, inflated, 
nysupb, 9m, dim, nysupe'R'b, bladder, 

bubble, phial. 
DyKi, ««. dim, ny^cKi & -^^^eKi, 

bundle, fagot, bunch, 
nyjfl, sf. bullet, ball. 
nyHRTB, sm. point, centre. 
nycRatI & nyCTB, adv. let. 
DycKaTb, nycT^Tb, oa. to let, let go, 

allow, to dart, shoot ; (-irb xoa'b), 

have recourse to. 
nycR^iTbCfl, nycTHTbCii, w. to set upon, 

undertake, rush. 
nycTHTb, -en, pa,, see nycxaTb, -ch. 
IlycTdtt, cidj, empty, stupid. 
DycTOTd, sf, emptiness. 
DycT^Hfl, sf, desert ; -t^iihuH, adj, 
DycT^R'b, sm. nonsense, trifle. 
nycTb, adv. let,(-OH'b npH4&'Tb), let 

him come.' 
nyTeB04^TeJb, sm, guide. 
nyTeB64HUtt, adj, guiding, leading. 
n^aTbCfl, tr, to tangle, be entangled. 
n3rTei)6tt, adj. of road, travelling. 
nyTeni^TBeHQHK'b, sm. traveller. 
nyiein&TBle, sn, travel, voyage. 
nyreiD^^BOBaTb, tm. to travel. 
Hyib, sm. road, way, travel. 
Uy^eK'b, & ny^e^eRi, see nyKi. 
Uyxi, stn, down. 

n;fmKa, sf, cannon ; n^me^Hbitt, cuij, 
n^ie^a, sf, bee. 
nmcBiqa, sf, wheat. 
nujaTb, vn, to flame, blaze, bum. 
nuib, sf. dust. 
JIUTdTb, va. to assay, punish with 

DuTdTbCfl, «r. to attempt, try. 

n^TRa, sf. rack, torture. 
IlbiTjiiBO, adv, inquisitively. 
n^mHOCTb, sf. pomp, splendour. 
Dbe4ecT^'b, sm, pedestal. 
UbAauHy adj. drunk, tipsy. 
UtB^iVby sm. -Biiqa, sf. sijiger. 
ntaa, sf. froth, foam. 
D'feHie, sn. singing. 
DtceHKa, see ntCHH. 
DtceHHHR'b, sm. singer, song-book. 
ntCHfl, sf. dim. ntccHRa, song. 
ntTyxi, sm, cock, chanticleer. • 
UtTb, Ta, ( pres, noi5), to sing. 
Il'fimitt, adj, on foot, pedestrian. 
II'feaiRdirb, adv. on foot 
niOTepiaRi, sm, Puterlake ; -j^r< 

CRitI, adj. 
n^TBTbCfl, vr, to draw back. 
nflTHa4qaTb, num, fifteen. 
UflTHd, sn. spot, stain. 
n^TUtt, adj. fifth. 
IliiTb, num, five. 
nflTb4ec4rb, num, fifty. 
DflTbcdrL, num, five hundred. 


Pa(M5Ta, sf. work, labour. 
Pa66TaTb, va, to work, labour. 
PaOdTBBRi, sm, workman, labourer. 
Pa66^itt, adj, working ; sm. workman. 
P&6cRill, adj. slave's, slavish. 
P^TBO, sn, slavery. 
PaOi, sm, slave. 
PaBOHHa, sf, a plain. 
PaBHOB'fecie, sn, equipoise. 
PaBno4^mHO, adv, indifferently. 
PaBH04^inHbifi, adj. inditferent. 
PaBB6, adt, equally. 

( 282 ) 

P&BBuB, adj. equal. 

P44II, prfp. gen, for the sake of. 

Pa40BaT¥, fo. to rejoice, delight. 

Pa40BaTVCf , rr. to rejoice, be glad. 

PajocTRUil, oHj. joyous, joyfuL 

PiUOCTfc, s/. joy. 

Pa4"k, adj, glad, happy. 

Paa6Bian, paaCiirb, to. to break to 

pieces, to beat, defeat. 
Pa36BBaTMUi, paaCuTbCf, vr. to break, 

be broken. 
PaaCnpaTb, paaoCpan, va, to take to 

pieces, disjoint, to decipher, ex- 
amine, analyze. 
Pa36in, -cf , pa,, see paaCoBan, -cc. 
Pa36orarin, ra. pa, to become rich. 
Pa36olHiK\, tm, -Biqa, #/*. robber, 

highwayman ; Jig. rogue; •BR- 

«iil, adj, 
Pa366pi, «M. choice, distinction. 
PaaOyjiibv, ta. pa. to awake. 
Pa36traTkca, paatitzaTvca, rr. to run 

asunder, disperse. 
Pa3BiLiiBa, «r. ruin. 
Paatajinca, rr. pa. to fall down, 

stretch one*s self. 
Paaiecni, pa,, see pasiojiiTi. 
Pa3UBaiT¥, paaian, ra. to untwine, 

to derelope. 
Pa3UBanca, past^TKS, rr. to deve- 

lope one's self. 
PasBBTie, m. dcTelopmoit. 
Pa3UTV, -cs,/<»., see pduuian, -ca. 
Pa3aleKaT^ pa3Ue^ ni. to dirert, 

PasiojivTV, paaiecTB, ni. to separate, 

divorce, to breed ; (-oroBi), to 

make op fire. 
Paairt, adr„ then, perhaps, it most 

be ; oMtf. if, when. 

PaarftCBTb & Paariman, i». pa. to 

hang about, hang out. 
PaaB^aunan, -M3&Tb, ta. to untie, 

PaarainaTb, ra. jMi. to make angry, 

PaaroBopincf , rr. pa. to get into a 

fit of talking, to begin to talk. 
Paarosdpi, tm, conversation. 
Paar^JBBan, m. to take a walk, 

Paa^aaaTb, paaji^n, va. to disitri* 

ViaxukncM, pa34aTK«, rr. to be 

distributed, to resound, be heard. 
Paajian, -ca, jni., see paaAai&n, -Cfl. 
Pa346p%, #m. dissension, quarrel. 
Pa34pax^Bie, m. irritation. 
Pa8jrte^TK«,pa3xinca, undreaa 

one's self. 
Paaxtiin,^., see paa^Uin- 
Pa34tjiT¥, paaAlJin ro. to divide, 

Pa93Bai6»TKa, tr, pa. to break off 

one's acquaintance. 
Paaiafn, to, pa. to open wide. 
Paajeuca, rr. pa. to stretch one^a 

self, he down. 
PaajBBaTKa, paaj^hnca, rr. to spread, 

PauiniTV, paaJBiin, co^ to dis- 
tinguish, diseem. 
Pa3jA«iByi, adj, distinct, different. 
Pa3J0z^T¥, ta, pa, to lay oot, to fix, 

apportion, settle. 
PiSj/Ka. «/l separation, parting. 
Pa3JT^irT¥, ^»ajjnin, to. to part, 

Psoij^Tica, pasjj^incB, rr. to part, 


( 283 ) 

PaSMdXHBaTb, -MaXB^b; Ta, to BWlDg, 

brandish, flourish. 
Paanaii & P68Maxi, tm. oscillation ; 

(ci -M^xy), with all one's might. 
PaSMeraTB, va. pa, to throw asunder, 

disperse, break op, tear to 

PaaHHH&Tb, paauAibf va, to knead 

well, to stretch. 
PasMumj^Bley m. reflection, medi- 
PasHumiiiTb, -h&cjhtb, vn. to reflect 

upon, meditate. 
PasHecri, va. pa. to bear about, to 

scatter, break op. 
PaseecTHCb, vr, pa. to spread, be 

PasHOKaiidepHUtt, adj, mixed, of a 

different size or shape. 
Pa8HOo6pa3Bull,a<(;*. diverse, various. 
PaaBociTbcii, pasBecT^cb, «r. to be 

borne about, be spread, be 

P&8flutt, adj, different, diverse. 
Pa3o6p&Tb, pa., see pasOep^Tb. 
Pa3orfliTb, va, pa. to drive away, 

PaaottT^cb, vr. pa., see pacxoAHTbCii. 
PaaoH'b, adv. at once, with one 

Pasopn&Tb, va, pa, to tear to pieces. 
Pasop^Ble, sn, ruin. 
PasopiiTb, pasopHTb, va, to rain, de- 
Pa30CJ&Tb, va. pa, to send in various 

directions, send about. 
Pa30CTiaTb, -Cfl, pa,, see pascTH- 

ikTbf -Off. 

PaspyOaTb, paspyfiHTb, va, to cut 

PaspuB^Tb, paap^Tb, ra, to dig, rum- 

Padpus&Tb, pasopsaTb, va, to tear to 
pieces, violate. 

PaapiiTb, va, pa, to dig, rummage. 

Padp'Krn^Bie, tn, solution, permis- 

Pa3pii4Bbiit, adj, of category, official. 

Paspii^i, sm. category. 

Pa3ca;RHBaTb, pa3ca4HTb, va. to plant 

PascBtTaerb, vn, imp, pre$. it dawns, 
(|>ast,pa3CBtj6 \fut pascirfeTeTb; 
infinit. pascB'JbTaTb). 

PaacBtTb, tm, break of day, dawn. 

PaacepAi^Tb, va. pa. to make angry, 

Pa3cep4iTbCfl, vr. pa, to fall into a 
passion, get angry. 

PadCRasaTb, pa., see pascK&suBaTb. 

PaacR^i, sm. tale, narrative. 

PaacRasuBaTb, paacKaaarb, ta, to re« 
late, narrate. 

PascKaKHBaTbcii, -RaR&TbCfl, vr, to 
gallop or jump about. 

PaacRaniHRi & pascR&aiHR-b, $m. teller, 

PascJ^maTb, va, pa, to hear well. 

PaBCM^TpHBaaie, tn. examination, in- 

PaacH&TpBBaTb, pascMorp'bTb, va. to 
see well, examine, consider. 

PascMorpiTb, pa., see paacM&TpHBaTb. 

PascTaBaTbCfl, pascTdibCii, vr. to part, 
take leave. 

PascT&BBTb, pa,y see pascxaBJiiTb. 

PaacraBJiiTb, paacT&BHTb, va. to set, 
put in various places, to widen, 
let out. 

P< BCTdTbCfl, pa., see pascTaBfiTbCfl. 

( 284 ) 

PaacTBian, pasocTJ&n, va. to spread ; 

•Cfl, vr. to spread, be spread. 
PascTOiiBie, sn, distance. 
Pa3CTpdHBaTi>, pa3CTpdHTb,«a. to set at 

variance, to disorder, derange. 
Pa3CTp^RHbill,jMirt. disorderly, con- 
fused, deranged. 
PaacTpooTb, pa., see pascTp&HBaTft. 
Pa3€Tp6liCTB0, tn, disorder, derange- 

PyscxynaTbCfl, paacTyniiTbCfl, vr, to 

give way, retire. 
PaacyAHTeJbHult, a(£;. considerate, ju- 

Pa3cy40K'B, tm. reason, judgment. 
Pa3cyffi4aTb, pa3cy4iiT]>, vn, to reason, 

deliberate, think. 

PascyxA^Hie, tn, reasoning, delibera- 
Paacs^CTB, -CH, pa,, see pasc^uTU- 

BaTb, -Cfl. 

Paac^e'TJHBufi, adj, economical, sav- 
ing, prudent. 

PaaciMTUBaTb, paacHHTiib & paa- 
CH^CTbf ta. to calculate, reckon. 

PascHHTbieaTbCfl, pasc^HTriTbCfl & paa- 
CHeTbCfl, vr, to reckon with, 
pay off. 

PascunuTbCfl, paac^naTbcii, vr, to 
scatter, disperse. 

Paacbinnyio (bi-), in skirmishing or- 
der, by detached groups. 

PascbKHTb, pasci^b, va, to cut up, 
dissect, cleave. 

PaactHb, pa., see paacfeKUTb. 

PaactMHie, tn. dispersion, distraction. 

PaaciflHBOCTb, sf, absence of mind, 

PaactflTb, va, pa, to disperse, to sow 
in various places 

Pa3;fMBUl, adj, reasonable, pru- 

PisyM'b, tm, reason, sense. 

PaayMtTb, va, to understand, con- 

PasmHB&Tb, paannSib, va. to em- 

PaamHp^Tb, paamipHn, va, to widen, 

PasmiiTb, pa,, see paaniHB&Tb. 

Paai, adv, one day,* once, for- 

Pasi, tm, one time. 

PaaiflpeHBUttj/Mirt. enraged, farious. 

Paa^CRBBaTb, paaucKUTb, va, to search 
about, investigate. 

Paa'bBaTb, paaiSByTB, va. to open wide. 

Paaia, tf, frame. 

PaBa, tf, wound. 

P^neRbifi, part, wounded. 

PaoHTb, va. to inflict a wound. 

PaRRlil, adj. early, forward. 

PaRO, adv. early. 

PacKaTUBaTbCfl, pacKaTHTbCfl, it. to 
roil asunder. 

PacRaqflBaTbCfl, pacKan^Tbca, vr. to 
take a swing, to shake loose. 

PacRajeBBufi, part, made red hot. 

PacRaBBaTbCfl, pacKaATbCA, vr. to re- 
pent, regret. 

PacRUABle, tn, repentance, regret. 

PacKUAUBaib, pacRH^Tb, va. to throw 
aHunder, scatter. 

PacR^HyTb, va, pa, to pitch (a tent), 

PacRj&AUBaTb, pacRJacTb, va. pa. to 
lay out, spread. 

PacRQji^Tb, va. pa* to split, cleave. 

PacRp^oiBBaTb, pacRp&coTb, va. to 
paint, colour all over. 

( 285 ) 

PaCRpUB^TlCfli paCRp^TbCA, IT. to 

uncover one's self, to be opened ; 
Jig, to shine forth. 

PacnaA&TbCA, -oacTbCfl, tr, to fall to 
pieces, fall to ruin. 

PacnH^CKa, sf. receipt, quittance. 

PacniaHHsancfl, -njaTUTbCfl, vr. to 
pay off, be quits. 

PacaiecKaTb, na. pa. to splash about. 

Pacooiar^Tb, pacaojiOHt^TB, ta, to 
place, dispose, to purpose. 

Pacnoiardncfl, -JOX^TbCfl, «r. to be 
disposed, to encamp. 

PacnoJOHC&'HBufi, adj. disposed, si- 

PacnoJoatiTbCfl, pa,, see pacnoja- 

PacnopflX^Hle, «n. arrangement, dis- 
position, order. 

PacnoiicuBaTB, -noiScaTi, 'ca, to ungird, 

PacnpaBa, sf, court, justice, punish- 

Pacnp^mHBaTb, -npociTb, wt. to 
question, interrogate. 

Pacnpo4aTb, «a. pa. to sell off. 

Pacnpoc7paH^Tb, -crpaBiiTb, va. to ex- 
tend, enlarge, propagate ; -Cfl, vr. 
to enlarge, spread. 

PacoycK^Tb, pacnycTHTb, ta. to let 
go, dismiss, to unfurl, spread. 

Pacn'bB^Tb, ta. to siug in a drawling 
voice, to sing over. 

Pacn^Tie, tn, crucifix. 

PacT^Hie, #71. plant. 

PacTH, vn, to grow, increase. 

PacTOJKOBaTb, «a. pa* to explain, in- 

PacTO^i&TB, pacTOHiTB, «a. to dissipate, 

PacTiirHBaTbCA, pacTflH^cti, vr, to 
stretch one*s self, to extend. 

PacTflHfiufl, part* stretched, ex- 

Pacx^ffiHBaTb, i7n. to go up and down, 
walk about. 

PacxBii)^Tb,pacxHTiTb, va. to plunder, 

PacxjecTUBaTb, pacxjecT^Tb, va. to 
lash away ; fig, to criticize 

PacxJOOOTdTbCfl,, to make one's 
self very busy, to stir one's self 

Pacxo4^TbCA, pasotlT^cb, «r. to go 
asunder, separate. 

PacxoAiTbCfl, vr. pa, to get very 

Pacx64'b, tm, expense, expenditure. 

PacxoxoT^TbCfl, vr. pa. to burst out 

PacH^TbCfl, see pasc^i^TbCfl. 

PacHeTJHButi, see pascHeTJHBuft. 

Pac^HTbiBaTb, see paacHHTUBaTb. 

PBaTb, pBaeyTb, ta. to tear, pluck ; 
-Cfl, vr. to tear, strive. 

PBaH;^bCfl, vr, pa. to tear, break, to 

Pe6eH0Ri, sm. child ; pi. -6iiTa, chil- 

Pe6p6, sm. rib, edge. 

Pe6p6Mi, adv. sideways. 

Pefiaia! (pi. of peOcHOKi), boys ! 

Pe6flTHinRH, m. pi. dim. children. 

Pesusifl, sf. census (of population) ; 
-BH3CRltt, adj. 

P^BHOCTHbifi, adj. zealous. 
Pe'Bi, sm. roar, roaring. 
Pe^Tpi, tm.dim. pe^CTpiiRi, register, 

( 286 ) 

F6ip>T^ tm, recruit^ eooseript ; 

^sil, ofij, 
PeJHi63Hy|, adj. religioos. 
PexeHS tm. strap ; -aeHnil, adj. 
Pen^cJeBBBWh, «». artisan, meehaiiie. 
Pesecj6, tm. handicraft, trade. 
Pexi, tm. Renins. 
PenepTTiKp^ «■»- repertoire. 
Pecoiiia, see pficHiqa. 
Periiyl, adj. briak, fiery. 
PMra, tf. Riga. 
PzaHie, fa. neighing. 
Pzan, vm. to neigh. 
PaxjiHBHi, tm. a Roman. 
PuMCEil, adj. Roman. 
Phmi, tm. Rome. 

PHCEHyn, to. pa. to risk, Tentare. 
PBCOBan, CO. to draw, sketch; 

-Cfly vr. to be drawn; Jig. to 

represent one's sell 
Paci, tm. rice. 
V66ko, adv. timidly. 
P^BHuft, €uij. even, eqnal, plain. 
PoBi, tm, ditch. 
Por^TBoa, tf, spear, spike. 
PoraTia, tf. cheTanx de frise, spiked 

PoriTBill« <Mdj. homed. 
Por6xa, tf. mat. 
Pon, tm. horn. 
Po4iiMufi, adj. natal. 
P64HHa, rf. native land. 
Po4MTeiB, t. pi. parents (father and 

Po4iiTejbCKf II, adj. parental, paternal. 
Po4Bn, Ta. pa. to beget, engender, 

PojIhtm;/!, vr, pa. to be bom. 
P04h6II, adj. natal, german, own. 

Pojpidl, fM. mj dear, mj own ; 
^. 'Biie, relatiTes. 

PojiOBai&naHn, mi. the stock (of a 

Pd^cneBBBn, -ania, t. kinsman, 
kinswoman; relative. 

Pojicntf , fa. kindred, aflSnitj. 

Pojii, fM. race, kind, speacB, gender. 

Pdza, tf. phiz, ngly ereatore. 

Pozji^Bfe, f». birth. 

PozjieBBUl, part, bom. 

Pozfc, tf, rye. 

P63a, rf. rose. 

PdaoBul, adj. of rose, roee-eoloiired. 

Poiob6I, adj. fatal. 

PoM&Bi, tm, Romanns. 

P6N7JI, tm, Romnlna. 

PoHi, tm. mm. 

P6non, tm, & PonTUBie, $m, mnrmnr, 

PoDT&Tb, V*. to mnrmnr, gnimble. 

PocnMCKa, see pacnacKa. 

Poci6mBuft, adj. somptnons, luxu- 

P()CKonib, tf, luxury. 

PdcBBCb, tf, list, catalogue. 

Poccilciift, adj. Russian. 

Poccfi, tf. Rusda. 

PocciiiHBr&, fia. a Russian. 

PocTB, see pacri. 

Pocn, tm. stature, size, growth. 

Pdra, tf. company (of soldiers) ; pOt^ 
Hufi, adj, 

POTb, tm. mouth. 

Pdiqa, tf. grove, thicket. 

Pxyrb, tf. mercury. 

Pyddxa & Pydamsa, tf, shirt. 

P^fliqe, tn. rags, tatters. 

PyCUb, tm. rouble (100 oopecs). 

Pyr^Tb, va, to abuse, scold. 

( 287 ) 

PyHn»e, sn, gun, musket. 

PyKa, «/*. dim, p^iKa, arm, hand ; 
n6xb pyKy, or 061 pyey, arm 
in arm. 

PyKaBi, «m. sleeve, arm,'branch. 

PyR0B04HTb & PyR0B64CTB0Ban, va» to 
guide, direct. 

PyRonjecK^Hie, an, applause. 

PysfiHutt, <idj. rosy, rosy-coloured. 

P^cCRilt, <idj, Russian ; tm. a Russian. 

Pycb, if, Russia, Russians. 

VfjJianh, %f, coll. furniture, utensils. 

PyHdTbCfl, ta, to answer for, gua- 
rantee, vouch. 

Py^^tt, «m. brook. 

Py^Ra, sf. dim, small hand, handle. 

Py^H^li, adj, manual, tame. 

P^6a, rf, fish. 

P^Oeafl di6&ifl, fishery, fishing. 

Pj^OHutt, adj» fish, abounding with 

PuAHHie, sn, sobbing, wailing. 

Pu4aTb, vn, to sob, wail. 

VikTRVkjOdj, red, carroty. 

P^MBHRi, «m. Rimnik ; -hhrcrIII, oidj, 

PUTB, «a. ( pres, p<5io), to dig, rake ; 
-Cfl, vr, to be dug, to dig, rum- 

P^xjull, adj. porous, light. 

Pi^qapb, tin, knight, hero ; -qap- 
CRili, adj, 

PtTRitl, cUlj, thin, sparse, rare. 

P'fi4R0, ad/c, rarely, seldom. 

Pi4B0CTb, if. rarity, curiosity. 

P'feaaTb, 'ca, to cut up, to slaughter. 

P'feSBHTBCfl, vr. to sport, frolic. 

Pissill, adj. sharp, harsh, cutting. 
PtR^, if, dim, p'fe'iRa, river. 
P'fiCHiiqa, if, eye-lash. 
PtiEa, see ptR^ 

Pt'ib, */. speech, harangue, oration. 

Vlirnkthj p-feniMTb, «a. to decide, re- 
solve, judge. 

Ptm&rbCfl, ptmHTbCfl, vr, to resolve, 
be decided. 

P'^m^Hie, in, decision, judgment. 

Ptme'TRa, if, grate, railing. 

P'femuTejbHO, adv, decidedly. 

P'femuTeJbHbitt, adj. resolute, decisive. 

P'fimuTb, -Cfl, pa.y see ptmaTb, -Cfl. 

P'fiflTb, to rush, gush, to blow. 

Pibusa, if. dim. piOMO^Ra, wine-glasi*. 

Pfl4i, «w. row, file, line. 

PflSaHb, if. Riazan ; -HCRift, adj, 

P^ca, if, cassock. 


Caap4^M'b, sm, Saardam. 

C4difl, if sabre. 

C&ro, in, sago. 

Ca4iiTbCfl, 'or, ( pa, ctCTb), to sit down, 

to set. 
Ca4i, im, garden. 

CaffiaTb, va, to seat, sety place, plant. 
CaxteHb, if, Russian fathom. 
C^KJifl, if. mountain hut. 
CaKCOHifl, if. Saxony ; -BCRill, adj. 
Caio, in, grease, tallow. 
CaJ4»^THbi& xcMCTb, table linen. 
C^bHutt, adj, of tallow, greasy. 
CaMapRitB4'b» 0fn. Samarkand ; -r&b4- 

CRiit, adj, 
CaMOB^P'b, «m. tea-urn. 
GaH04^pH{eq'b, im. autocrat. 
G0M040BdjibB0, adt, conceitedly, self- 

CaMOSBaBeqbjMM. pretender, impostor. 
CaM03BdflCTB0, tn, assuming a false 

name, imposture. 

( 288 ) 

QmoTBtpeHHOCTK ^. aelf-confidence. 

CoMOiiitTBy I, aJj, of a luitaral colour. 

CaMV prom, self, one's self. 

CaMytt, tiklf. sanie, aelf-same, aelfy the 
verj\ the most. 

CkEm, «/. />/. sledge. 

C&ii6rk, $m, boot. 

CaJi6i;HBrv, m. bootmaker. 

Cao6sHoe MacTepcTBo, boot making. 

Capail. wi. shed. 

CapaiiacKll, (]<?/. (-CKoe nmend), rice. 

CapAHHa & capAUHKa, «/. pilchard. 

Caprk, tut. Sart. 

Caxapik, nn. sugar. 

COeper^Tb, cOep^ib, to. to preserve, 

G6HpaT]tCf , co6p&TkCi, rr. to prepare, 
get ready, assemble. 

C6i&Tb, ta. jpa. to beat off, beat 
down, put together; /^. to 
settle, do. 

COopnutt, ckij. of meeting. 

COopi*, na. meeting, gathering, col- 

C0p<ScHTb, ra. pa. to throw off, throw 

C6uB&Tb, c6uTb, ra. to sell, get rid off. 

COtr&TbCfl, c6tmkthCB, rr. to run to- 
gether, flock. 

CBA4c6nufi, adj. of wedding, nuptial. 

CB^4b6a» ff' wedding, marriage. 

CB^JUBaTbCfl, CBOJUTbCfl, or, to fall 

CBarb, mi, a marriage-broker. 
CBeRopi, sm. father-in-law. 
CBcpr&TbCfl, CB^pruyibCfl, vr, to be 

thrown down. 
CsepKUTb, CBepKB^Tb, vn. to sparkle, 

glimmer, glisten. 
CBepn^Tb, pa., see CBepTUsaTb. 

CB^pruBaTb, CBepH^, va, to roll up, 
wrench, turn off ; im. to turn, 
go aside. 

CsepxTord, adv. besides this, in ad- 
dition to. 

CB^pxy, cubf. from above, above, 

Csepxi, prep, gen, besides, in ad- 

CBepmiiTb, to accomplish. 

CBepxiecT^TBeHHUll, adj. superna- 

CBecii, ta. pa. to accompany, bring 
together. . 

CBniaole, tn, interview, meeting. 

CBOAireib, tm. witness. 

CBBptnuft, adj. ferocious, cruel. 

CBHCT^Tb & CBBCrfeTb, CBlicTHfTb, VII. 

to whistle. 
CBiira, if. suite, retinue. 
CBo664a, if. freedom. 
CB0664HO, adv. freely, at liberty. 
CBo664Hutt, adj. free, exempt of. 
CBiSesiy (no-), in one's own way. 
CboII, adj. post, my, thy, his, her, 

our, your, their. 
CBdHcTBeflHHi'b, -HHqa, 8. relation. 
CBdttcTBeHHutt, adj. proper, natural. 
CBoficTBO, m. property, nature. 
CBdioib, tf. rabble, riffraff. 
CBt4tHie, tn. knowledge. 
CRtwecTb, tf. freshnesS) coolness. 
CBtxitt, adj. fresh, recent, new. 
CBtcuTb, pa., see CBtmHBaTb. 
CBtTUTb, va. to light, give light. 
CBtTHTbCfl, or. to shine, glimmer. 
CBtTJO-np&i^THull, adj. bright and 

CB'BTJOCTb, tf. clearness, serenity. 

Serene Highness. 

( 289 ) 

CBtwHll, adj. light, luminous. 
CBtTjifimitt, adj. Most Serene. 
CBtTUTbCfl, vr. to shine. 
CBtTjio-npeJeCTHUtt, adj, bright and 

CbBtb, «». light, world. 
CetTB, dim, CBtTMKi (-Mott), my dear. 
CBtq^, sf. candle. 
CBtinHBaTb, CB^CHTb, 'oa. to weigh 

down, weigh out. 

CBfl3aTb, -Cfl, pa., see CB^SUBaTb, -CtL. 

CBfl3UBaTb, CBfl3aTb, va. to tie to- 
gether, to knit ; -Cfl, vr, to be 
tied, to engage or deal with. 

CBflSb, sf, tie, connexion. 

CBflTHTejib, sm, bishop. 

CBflTdfi, & d, Zmik^y adj. holy. 

CBiiT^fl H'fiCT^, Huly Land. 

Cbatocj^bi, sm, Sviatoslav. 

GB^TDCTb, sf. holiness, sanctity. 

GBflui^HHHK'b, sm. priest, clergyman. 

CBfliq^HBUtt, adj. sacred. 

CrH6&Tb, corHyTb, va, to bend to- 

CruHyTb, vn. pa, to perish, to be lost. 

Cropflia, adv, in a heat, in a passion. 

CroptTb, vn. pa, to burn down. 

C^aBUTb, xa, pa. to press, compress. 

G4BHrdTb, C4BiiHyTb, «a. to move off. 

GiBiiHyTb, pa., see CABHraTb. 

C4^pHtHBaTb, CAepac^Tb, va, to keep, 
support, withhold. 

C4%jaTb, xa, pa, to do, make. 

CA'LiaTbCfl, w, pa. to become. 

Cedii, pron. pers, one's self (myself, 
thyself, etc.). 

Cer64Bfl, adv, to-day. 

CSAbMofi, adj. seventh. 

Ceiifpron. deta. (/.ciii, n. c\€ ; pL ciii), 

Gefii&Cb, adv, this moment, by 
and by. 

CeK^H'b, sm. a Sekin (gold coin). 

GeR^HAa, sf, a second. 

Geji^Hie, sn, village. 

CejHTbCfl, vr, to settle, establish 
one's self. 

Cei6, sn. village, church-village. 

Ce.ib4b, sf. herring. 

GeJb4flH6ft, adj, of herring. 

G^bCKitt, adj. of village, rural. 

CeM^MuAfOdj. family, with a family. 

CeM^ttCTBeHHuti, adj, family, house- 

Cbh^IIctbo, tn. family, household. 

CeHe'H'b, wn. Simon. 

CeMopdHitt, sm. Sempronius. 

GeHb, num. seven. 

G^UbAecflTb, num, seventy. 

CeMb^. sf. family, household. 

CeHTidpb, sm, September. 

Gep4^iHbifi, adj. hearty, cordial. 

Cep4^T0, adv, angrily. 

Cep4HTbCfl, vr. to be angry. 

C^P4qe, sn. heart. 

Gepe6p6, sn, silver. 

Cep^OpflHUfi, adj. silver, of silver. 

CepxaHTb, sm. sergeant. 

GepiosHbitt & Gepb63Hbi&, (M^;. serious. 

CepiyKi, sm. frock-coat. 

CecTpa, sf, sister ; cecTpHHi, sister's. 

Cffi^HTbCfl, vr, pa, to take pity. 

Gxteib, va. (Jut. coatry), to burn, 

C3a4H, adv. from behind. 

CH^upb, sf. Siberia ; CHOHpcKifi, adj. 

CHrii3MyH4'b, sm. Sigismund. 

Cern^'b, sm, signal. 

CHA^Tb, cBcTb, vn. to ait. 


( 290 ) 

Oiia, tf. Umty stivDgtli. 

Cuyin, nu a sflbonette. 

CukBUiy adj, ttrong, Tigoroas. 

CH]i6ipcKi, m. Simbink. 

Oiaii, <»(;. blue, dark Une. 

Caporra, «c. orpbao. 

Cacr^iu, f;^. system. 

Cireqi, m. cbintz, cotton print. 

Cmto, sm. sieve. 

CiTqemiy <k/^> cbintz, eotton. 

CiflTb, va. to shine, beam. 

Cxaain, «a. /xi. (imp, a. roaopin), 
to saj, s|>eak, 

CiiSKa, tf. tale, storj. 

CsaauBan, ciaain, to, to tay^ q^eak^ 

Cxaiin, ccoKH^Tv, mi. to leap, 
boand, to galk^. 

CsaK^Hi, mt. racer, race-boTBe. 

CKsmk, if. rock, cliff. 

Cxa^ilicTUfi, a4;« rockj. 

Cian^fiKa, if. dim. bench. 

CKavkThCH, vr, pa, to roll down. 

Csan, tm. slope, declivity. 

CKa^i^Ki, #m. a leap, bound. 

CKB^pHUfi, adj. nasty, obscene. 

CKBOSh, prep, ace, through. 

CkApaa, ff. & CEBp4'b, tm, rick. 

CKABJ^Huii, adj. harmonious, pro- 
portionate, with meaning. 

CKJa4UBaTb, ciuacTb, va, to lay to- 
gether, lay up ; pa, CJOSiiTb, to 
fold, plait. 

CR^fOH^Tb, pa.f see CBJpniin. 

CKAdnwocih^f. disposition, inclination. 
'CKwioifiiuii, adj, inclined, disposed. 

CK^OH^Tb, CK40fi^Tb, va, to incline. 

CKodii, tf, dim, CBddKa, cramp, brace. 

CK0^b3ii^Tfc,rn. pa.U) slide, glide, slip. 

CK6Jb3Klfl. adj, slippery. 

Cb6aio, ad/9, how mneh? how 

CidvKuan, CKOMian, ca. to cmmple, 

tomble ; -cs, «r. to be cmmpled. 
CiOB^ancB, vr. to die, decease. 
CK0p6fc, if. affliction, sorrow. 
Cioiuyni, rf, dim, -ifuKSi, shell (of 

nuts, of eggs). 
Ci^po, adv. soon. 
Oi6pui,adj, quiek^ rapid. 
Ciorifla, tf. cattle. 
CiOTOBd4CTBO, t». breeding of cattle. 
CiOTb, tm. cattle, a brute. 
CKpBuitn,CKpiBiTB,m to crook, curl. 
CKpHni, tm. k CipHniiile^ m. creak, 

Cip6vH0, ad/d, modestly. 
Ckp6mboct», gf. modesty* 
CKp6aBUll, adj, modest. 
CipuBdn, cspuTfc, tHJu to conceal ; 

-ca, vr. to conceal one's self, 

to avoid. 
Csp^m, -CB, pa,f see cspuBaTB, -ca. 
CKp4ra, tc, niggard, miser. 
Cs^aBuft, adj, scanty, poor. 
CR^Ra, rf. tediodlBness. 
CRjiiiCTUI, adj. with large cheek- 
CRyjibnT^, tf, sculpture; -T^p- 

Bull, adj. 
CRyoiiTKB, vr. to be stingy. 
CKya6tt, adj. avaricious, mean. 
CKy4'B4, tf. dim, csy^^ilRa, calotte. 
CKyu^Tb, tn, to be weary, to have a 

tedious time. 
CR^^BUtl, adj, tedious, tiresome. 
Cr^^bo, v. imp. it is annoying ; MBt 

CR^iflO, I feel annoyed, weary. 
CifiOocTb, tf, weakness. 
Cj(i6uH, adj. weak, feeble, sUek. 

( 291 ) 

Ciasa, ff. glory, fame ; (B(5ry), thank 

CiaBBTb, va. to glorify, to worship, 

Ci&BHTbCfl, vr. to be renowned, be 

CiaBHufi, adj. renowned, glorious, 

CiaBflHHH'B, sm, a Slavonian, Slav. 
CiaBiHCKitt, adj. Slavonic ; (no -ceh), 

in Slavonic language. 
Cia4HTb, va. pa, to arrange, settle, 

do with. 
Ci^Ki^ adj. sweet, soft. 
CiajocTHutt, adj. sweet, delightful. 
CiacTb, (bi) adv. sufficiently, plenty. 
CierR^ adv. lightly. 
CLiea^, 8f, tear. 
CiCT^Tb, ci&iin, m. to fly off, fly 

CiHB&TbCfl, ciAnca, vr, to flow to- 
gether, to join. 
Cj^Ibkh, sf. pi. creara. 
CisnaTbCfl, CJiAnEYTbCB, tfr. to stick 

dAmKOWb, adv, too much, too, more 

Cio6o4^ {f. a village on the high 

road, outskirt. 
CiOB^BOCTb, 8f, literature. 
CU^boo, conj. as, almost, as ifl 
CioBO, sn. word. 
CidBOMi, adv, in a word. 
Cios^Hie, tn, constitution, temper- 
CJOJK^Tb, ^. pa. to put together, 

lay down, cross (arms), to fold, 

CiOM^Tb & CiOMiTB, m. pa. to break. 
Cion6Bafl EOCTb, ivory. 

(11001, sm, elephant. 

Ciyr^, 80. servant. 

CJifm6a.y sf. service, office. 

CiyffiUTe^b, sm. servant, attendant. 

GiyxHTb, vn. to serve. 

CUyxi, sm. hearing, ear, report, 

CJif^aA, sm. occasion, accident. 
Ciy^allHutt, adj. casual, accidental. 
CUyHaTbCfl, Cjiyi^TbCfl, vr, to happen. 
Ci^maTejb, sm. hearer, auditor. 
Ciyraaib, va. to hear. 
CiymaTbCfl, vr. to obey, attend to. 
Ciux^Tb, 9a, to hear, hear one 

CiAmaib, va. to hear, hear one say ; 

-Cfl, w. to be heard. 
Ci^mHbitt, adj. audible. 
CAtnAthy va, to follow, pursue ; vn. to 

CLl'B40BaT&ibH0, adv. consequently. 
Cit^OBaTb, vn, to follow. 
CUtiCTBeHHO, adv. consequently. 
Ci'64CTBie, sn, consequence, exami- 
Ci'Ii4yerb, v. imp, it follows, one 

Ci1i4yioiilifi, adj. following, due. 
(Uijpt, sm. trace, track ; Vb &i'fi4i & 

CJltJ^OMl^ in pursuit, after. 
Citskih, ai-feaTb, vn. to climb off, 

come down. 
Cffin^ifb, sm. blind man. 
CUiao, adv. blindly. 
(Litn61t, adj, blind. 
CAtadHf sm. -na/i, sf, a blind man or 

CJ^KOTb, sf. rain and sleet. 
CuepT^bHuii, adj. mortal, deadly. 
Cu^pTBbiM, adj. mortal, capitaL 

( 292 ) 

CuepT0H6cnutt, adj, mortiferous, 

CMepn, «/*. death.' 
C51CCTU, pa, {fut CMCT^), see cwe- 


CMCT^Ba, tf. sour cream. 

CMCTaTb, CMCCTH, vu. to Bweep off, 

sweep down. 
CMup('nie, m. humility, meekness. 
CMup^UHO, adc. humbly, meekly. 
Cuup^*HUUti, adj, humble, meek. 
CMopiiTejb, 8111. subduer, reducer. 
CMHpno, ado. (luietly, gently. 
CMupHUfi, adj. tame, gentle, quiet. 
Gmoj^hcki, sm, Smolensk. 
CMOib & Cnoju, sf. resin, bitumen ; 

Hepnull saKi cmoib, as black 

as jet. 
CM6piiiuBaTb, CMopiifHTb, va. to wrinkle, 

CMOTpiiTeJb, sm. inspector, over- 
CMOTp'b, sm. review. 
GMOTp'Brb, Til. to look, inspect, 

CM;^rJbitt, adj. dim. CMyrJOsaTutt, 

swarthy, tawny. 
CMyia, sf. disturbance. 
CMyTiiwa, adj. perplexed, confused, 

seditious, riotous. 
CmliciI), sm. sense, meaning. 
CM'b^o, adv. boldly. 
CMliJOCTb, sf. boldness. 
CM'BJbitt, adj. bold, daring. 
CMtHHTb, va. jKt. to change, remove. 
CMfccb, sf. mixture. 
CMtTb, nn. to dare. 
CMtxi, sm. laugh. 
Cy\tmu6ii, adj. droll, laughable. 
CMtHTbca, vr. to laugh. 

CsiflT^'Hie, m. disturbance, conster- 
nation, perplexity. 

CsiflT^HHUlt, adj, perplexed. 

CMflTb, m. {fat. COMB^), to knead, 

GHap^JKB, adv. on the outside. 

CoaH&ia, adv. fii'st, at first. 

GuecTH, «a. pa. to bring down, take 
away, to bear, endure. 

GaosotiT^, pa.f see CBHCX04UTb. 

GHHuaTb, CBHTb, va, to take off, 

GfliicKHBaTb, CflUCBaTb, va, to acquire, 

Guacxo4iiTejbBUll, ac^, condescend- 
ing, indulgent. 

GflHCXOAiiTb, CHUSoiiTU. 9n, to be in- 
dulgent, to condescend, defer. 

GHBCX0»4^Hie, sn, indulgence. 

GHoea, adv. anew, afresh. 

GHom^Hie, sn. connexion, intercourse. 

Gii'BroB6tt, adj. snow, of snow. 

Gutn, sm. snow. 

CHflTb. pa. {fat. CflOMy), see chh- 


GoOaKa, sf. dim. -6^*iEa, dog. 

Go6i«!ltt, adj. d<>g*s. 

GoOec&AQiiKi, sm. speaker, interlo- 

GoOiip^Tb, coCpuTb, ta. to assemble 

GoOap^TbCfl, co6p&TbCfl, TV, to gather, 

be collected, be going, prepare. 
Go6Ji04^Tb, co6JiOCTii, ra. to observe. 
C660Ab, sm. sable ; -diifi & jiSflutt, adj. 
GoOo^'bSHOBanie, sn. condolence. 
Go6o^t3BOBaTb, vn. to condole. 
GoC6pHUt), adj. of council, catliedral. 
GoOopi, sm. council, a cathedral. 
GoCpHBie, sn. cullection, assembly. 

( 293 ) 

Co($P£tb, -Cfl, pa,, see codep&Tb, -cfl. 
C6(k;TBeHH0CTb, «/. property, one's 


CoOcTBeHHult, adj, own, proper. 

CoDi^Tie, 8n. event. 

CoB^Tb, c^Hyib, va. to thrust, put in. 

CoBepm^Tb, coBepmHTb, va, to com- 
plete, accomplish, draw (a con- 

CoBepindTbCfl, coBepmdTbCfl, rr. to be 
accomplished, be done. 

CoBepin^Hie, sn. perl'ecting, accom- 

GoBepm^HHO, adv, perfectly, posi- 

CoBepm^HHutt, adj, accomplished, 

CoBepm^iiCTBO, tn. perfection. 

CoBepmuTb, -cfl, pa., see coBepmaTb, 


CoBOR^nHOCTb, 8f. reuniou. 

COBciwh, adv. altogether, quite ; (-ee 

or B'firb), not at all. 
CoBpeM^HHUli, adj. contemporary. 
C6BltoTb, sf, conscience. 
CoB'feTOBaTb, va. to counsel, advise. 
GoBtTOBaTbCfl, vr, to consult, take 

CoBi^rb, sm, counsel, advice. 
COFdiaciiTb, -Off, pa., see cor^ia- 

maTb, -Cfl. 
Cori^ie, sn, concord, consent 
CorJ^CHuit, adj. harmonious, con- 
cordant, consenting. 
Corjam^Tb, corjaciTb, va, to make 

agree, to conciliate. 
Coriam&TbCfl, coriac^TbCfl, vr, to agree, 

Cors^, va. pa, to bend ; -cfl, vr, to 

bend one's self, be bent. 

Corp'fiB&Tb, corptTb, va. to warm. 
Corp'bni^Hie, sn. sin, transgression. 
C04epa{dTb, va. to keep, maintain. 
Co4por^Hie, sn. shudder. 
Co^l^ticTBOBaTb, vn, to cooperate, con- 
Coe^HB^Hie, sn. union, junction. 

C0e4HHUTb, pa.f see C0e4HHflTb. 

Coe4HB^Tb, coe4HHHTb, va, to unite, 

GosRaJtBie, sn, regret, pity, com- 

Goxaj'BTb, vn. to regret, pity, be 

CoacHr^Tb, coffi^ib, va. to bum. 

CoBBaTb, pa., see coBUBaTb. 

Co344Bie, sn. creation, creature. 

Co34^TeJb, sm. creator. 

GoBBaB&TbCfl, C03B^TbCfl, ackuow- 
ledge, confess. 

CosptB^Tb, cosp'l&Tb, vn, to ripen, 
grow ripe. 

CoBUSdTb, cosB^Tb, va. to convoke, 

CoHSBOJr^Tb, COBBBOJBTB, vn, to con- 
sent, assent. 

CottTH, -cb, pa,, see cxo4HTb, -Cfl. 

GoRpaoi&TB, cORpaTBTb, va. to abridge. 

GORpani^Bie, sn. abbreviation. 

CoBpoBflnie sn, treasure. 

CoRpym^Tb, coRpymuTb, va. to break, 
wreck, to afflict, break one's 

CoRpymiiTejibBO, ado, sorrowfully, 

CoRi, sm, juice. 

Cai4^x'b, sm, soldier ; -4aTCRitt, adj, 
soldierly, military. 

C6jBe?Bbitt, adj. of sun, solar. 

CojBite, sn, dim. cdJBumRO, the sun. 

( 294 ) 

CoidMa, if, straw. 

CoJOHi, tm» Solon. 

Caib^ 9/. salt. 

COMHHTejbHO, odt^ doubtfully, suspi- 

CoMH^TeJbHUIl, ad^. doubtful, uncer- 

CoMH'l&Hie, «n. doubt. 

CdHHutt, adj, sleeping ; fig, sleepy, 
drowsy, dead. 

COHi, tm, sleep, dream. 

Coo6p^»(^Tb, coo6pa3HTi>, 1KX. to re- 
gulate, conform, consider, weigh. 

Coo6paH{^Hie, m, consideration, com- 

Coo6pa30BaTbCfl, tr, to conform one's 
self to. 

Coo(Jiit&Tb,coo6iqHTb, «a. to communi- 
cate ; -Cfl, vr, to communicate, 
be communicated. 

Coo6iq^Hie, »n. communication. 

CooOiq^Tb, -Cfl, pa.y see coodniaTb, -Cfi. 

GooTBtTCTBOBaTb, 'on, to correspond, 

CoOTeqecTBeHHHK'b, tm, a fellow- 

Con^pHHR'b, «m. rival. 

ConpoBOH{4aTb, conpoBO^UTb, oa. to 
accompany, escort. 

ConpoBoacA^Hie, an. accompanying, 

ConpoTHBi^Hie, m, opposition, resist- 

Con^HHKi,«m. fellow-traveller, com- 

Copa3M'6pHOCTb, if, proportion. 

CopasM'j&pBuit, ad), proportionate. 

CopBaTb, iTa. 'pa, to tear off, to 

CopoRi, num, forty. 

Copi, tm, dust, litter, rubbish. 
C<5cRa, </*. teat, sucking-bottle. 
GocKaKBBaTb, -CRO*idTb. vn, to leap 

off, spring down. 
CocR06iiTb, va. pa, to scratch off, 

CociaTb, {/ut, comji5), pa,, see ccu- 

CocH&, if. fir, fir-tree. 

Cocpe40T6?HBaTb, -T<5iHTb, wi, to con- 
centrate, centralize. 

CocT^BHTb,-Cfl,pa., see COCXaBJ^Tb, -CA. 

CocTaBi^Tb, cocT&BHTb, oa. to put to- 
gether, to constitute, form. 

GOCTaBjI^TbCfl, COCTdBHTbCfl, VT, to be 

formed, be composed. 

CocTaBi, sm. composition. 

GociapiTbCfl & CocT^pBTbCfl, vr, pa, to 
get old. 

CocTOJiHie, sn. condition, state, wealth. 

CocTO^Tb, vn. to consist, to be. 

CocTpa4^Hie,8n. commiseration. 

GocTpa4aT&ibHU&, adj. compassionate. 

GocTpa44Tb, vn. to commiserate. 

Coc^4'b, sm, vase, vessel. 

Goc^HTUBaTb, cociBTaTb, vo, to count 
up, reckon up. 

Coct4Hitt & coci4CTBeHHUli,a4;. neigh- 
bouring, in the vicinity. 

CoctACTBO, sn, neighbourhood, vi- 

Coc'fe4'b, sm, neighbour. 

CoTBop^Tb, va, pa. to create. 

CoTHfl, sf, a hundred. 

Co<t>ifl & C6«bfl, sf, Sophia. 

Co4>6Rjb, sm, Sophocles. 

C6xHyTb, vn. to dry, grow dry, fiall 
away, get thin. 

Goxpae^Hie, sn, conservation, preser- 

( 295 } 

Cnpaadn, -ce, pa., see coipaH^n, 

CoipaHin, coipaHJiii, va. to pre- 
gerre, keep ; -cs, or. lo be pre- 
served, be kept. 

CovHa^Hie, ID, compoaitioD, writing, 

CaiBB&n, pa., eee co^HBiib. 

CaiHHin, co^aH^n, la. to compose. 

Coio;}'li, iin. uiiuin, ullianco. 

CaitbBK, if. bed-n>om. 

CnapTiseiTi. im. a Sp&rtaa. 

CnacaTii, cnacii, m. to uto, pre- 

CnaciTKg, coaciicb, t>r. to laTs one's 

CDacJBle, in. BBlvstion, uWoge. 
Cnacirejb, tm, saver, Our Savionr. 
CnacTK, -ck, pa,, se^ cuac^n, •ci. 
Cnaci., on. Our Saviour. 
Cnaih, m. to deep. 
CnepB&, adt. at first. 
CDflCHBull, 01$. haughty. 
CniBi, i/. the baek. 
CniHKa, >/. din. the back (of a coat). 
Cnic^Ti, ca. f a. to write off, copjr. 
Cnicoai, im. a copy, list. 
CndTCn (NH-t), V, imp. I feel sleepy. 
Cmeci^cb, vr, pa. to mterwesre, 

to be plaited. 
CnliCTt, ta. pa. to plait together, 

CojiEiiqnn, va. pa. to flatten, make 

CaDjHdsDiRi, on. fcllow-champLoa. 
CnOK^tiRO, niJD. calmly, quietly. 
CdoeAHbuB, adj. tranqnil, calm. 
CnoR<(iCT>le, m. quiet, repose, calm. 
CaMBiTb, cnoixii, en. tu crawl down. 

Caoial, adv. in full, fully. 
CnfipBTL, m. to dispute, qnarreL 
Cnopi, jHii. dispute, controversy. 
CnocitOnoCTi, */. capacity, ability. 
CnociidEiwB, (ulj. capable, able. 
CuociJOcTDOsaTii, va. to assist coope- 

CaticoOi, m. meaus, way, method. 
Cnonfncn, pa., see cnmuK&nca. 
CaoniR^nci, -TuiH^nct & -tkb^t»- 

CB, tr. to Btumble. 
Caottstincn, vr. pa. to remark, per- 

CapaBOAJBBOCTb, ■/. justice. 
CapaBCjjusuit, adj. just, rigbt 
CnpliBiiTb, ca. pa. to celebrate, 

CnpJButiit^ii, va. pa, to make ia- 

Cnp&ninMTb, cnpocdTb, 

Cnpocdn, pa., see cnp^iiBan. 
-Cnjiui iipaib, cnpurayiii, ra. to jump 

CnpiiaTk, en. pa. to conceal ; -CB, w. 
to conceal one's self, be con- 

l]uycKi'itt,cnscTrin,p«, to let down, 

CBVCKiikCB, cnycTBTKa, or. 

scend, be lowered- 
Cnycn, tm. descent, launchi 
■CnycTiitii, -ta,}ia., Bee cnycK: 
CniC!A,adB. after 
Coi^TEHEl, tm, felloe 

Cain, va. pa. (fia. cdoio}, 

finish wnging. 
CnliDiHTb. vn. to baaten. 

to de- 


( 296 ) 

CntniHTBCfl, vr, pa. to alight, dis- 
CpaBH^Hie, in. comparison. 
Cpa»aTi>cH, cpasintCfl; vr. to fight, 

Cpaffi^Hie, «». battle. 
Cpaay, adv. at once, altogether. 
Cpe6pojrio(Jle, sn. the love of money. 
Cpe4H, pr^, gen. amidst. 
CpeAUHE, sf, middle, centre. 
Cp^ACTBO, sn, means, expedient. 
CpoRi, 8m. term, date, time. • 
CpiauBETb, cp'l^saTb, va. to cut off. 
Cp^AY, adv. one after another, con- 
Ccopa, sf. quarrel, variance. 
CcbuaTb, coci&Tb, va. to exile, banish. 
Cc^jRa, sf. exile, banishment. 
CiaBeHb, sm. window-shutter. 
CTHBHTb, va. to set, put, place. 
CTHBRa, sf. camp, tent. 
CTaBponOjib, sm.. Stavropol. 
CT&40, sn. herd, drove, flock. 
CTaRdHi, sm, dim. CTaK^HHHK'B, glass, 

CTaJO dbiTb, adv. consequently, there- 
CTaJB, sf. steel ; -dibH6tt , adj. 
CTaeoBHTbCfl, vr. (pa. ciaib), to set 
one's self, stand, to become, 
begin to. 
CTan6Ki>, sm. stand. 
CTanqiifl, sf. station. 
CTupdTbCfl, vr. to endeavour, strive, 

GT^penbRiH, adj. dim. old. 
Ci^peiii, sm. old man. 
CmiiUKifSm.dim. CTapH^eKi, old man. 
CTapHH^, sf, old times, old fashion. 
CTapUHHbitt, adj. ancient, old. 

CTapHHumKa, nn, dim, a miserable 

old man. 
CTapocTa, sm, bailiff. 
CTap^xa, sf. dim. -p^mRa, old woman. 
CTap^eCRitt, adj. old man's, elderly 
CTapniHHa, sm. elder, chief. 
CTipmiiky adj. superl, the oldest, eldest, 

CT^putt, ac^, old, ancient. 
CxaTCRifi, adj. civil ; (-CRafl, CJifmCa), 

the civil service. 
Ciaib, vn. pa, {fut, cx^ey), to place 

one's self, to become, begin, 

CTaibCfl, tr. imp, pa. to happen, be- 
CTaTbfl, sf article, object. 
Giaiii^Tb, va. pa. to drag off, trail 

down, steal. 
CTaii, sf. flock, drove, pack, troop. 
Ciexb, sf. lash. 
CTeR.16, sn. glass. 
CTeaaHie, sn. groaning, moaning. 
GTenaHi, sm. Stephen. 
GT^nsHb, sf. degree, grade. 
CTenadtt, adj. of the steppe. 
CrenB, sf. waste, steppe. 
Ctsp^hb, va, to watch, guard. 
GTuceyTb, va. pa. to press, compress. 
Crnxifl, sf an element. 
CTHXOTBop^Hie, sn. poetic work, poetry. 
CTHX0TB6pei)i, sm. a poet. 
Cthxi, sm. a verse. 
Cto, num. hundred. 
GidttRO, adv. firmly, steadily. 
CidHTb, vn. to cost, be worth. 
CTOKp^rb, hundred times. 
CTOj6oB^fl 4op<5ra, high road. 
GtojOi, sm. post, pillar. 
Crojuqa, sf, a capital, capital city. 

( 297 ) 

m. to erowd, throng. 
Ctowi, mi. post, pillar. 
Ctoii, mt. dim, ciiiJHK'ii, table., 
CTOit, ade. BO, BO much, bo man;'. 
CidibRO, a-!c. BO mui;h. 
Cnutile, ffl. century. 
Cnu^pi, I'D. jaiuer, cabiaet-maker. 
Cioay (IB- groan. 
Citiposi, nn. watchman. 
CiopoHi, if. ^da, part, counlry. 
CTOpdHHiB, adj. foreign, uncDii- 

CroJTk, nn. to stand. 
CTPU§nle, n. Buffering. 
CTp.i,lari,, rii. In Kuffer. 
Crp&na, t/, guard, watch. 
Grpavi, (in. watchman, giurd. 
Cfpaa^ (^ country, region. 
CipaHana, if. page. 
CTpaouiiii'i,, nn. stranger, traveller, 

Ctpiflno, oiir. strangely, peculiarly. 
CrpfiDHOcn, if. Htrangenen, eacen- 

CipHfiBbili, tui}. strange, eccentric. 
CTprmcTHODunie, lo. travelling, wan- 

Cii^CTao, adu. paMioaatety. 

CrpiicTHUB, adj. paauonate. 

Crpacn, t/. passtan, fear, fright. 

Cipan, tm. fear, dread ; Jig, lerj, 

CipamuTh, TO. to frighten, terrify. 

Cipam dTicH, m. to fear, be afraid. 

CipSmiio, adv. frightfully, terribly. 

CipfimBllfl,a^>tcrriblo,owful, fright- 

CT|)£iuHhifl cm, the \»n jndgment. 

CrpeEoaa, i/. grasahopper. 

Crpeiidibca, «r. to nuh, endeavaur. 

Crpewfaie, ta. «tretun; ^. force, 

CTp^ui, M. stirrup. 
Cip6rlli, iKff. aevere, rigid. 
Cipfiro, adv. severely, rigidly. 
CrpiirocT*, if, severity, rigour. 
Crptfale, m. building, edifice. 
Cn»B, itn. frunt, order of baltle, 

CipfiHHO, adv. haTmoniiiiuly, in good 

CTp6liBUli, adj. fine-shaped, har- 
monious, well ordered. 
CTp<>uie», tm, constructor. 
CipuHTli, TO. to build, construct ; 

CipoR^ ^. line. 

CipfiibCff, vr, to stream, ripple, to 

undulate, wave. 
CTpjlliia, fiOfl CTp-yii. 
Crpiuli, if, dim. CTpfiiBi, string (of 

musical instruments), stiing, 

cord (of a bow). 
CTpj'VR6suU,u(^.Biliquouai (n^peni), 

CrpyB, if. dim. cip^Biia, current, 
stream, ripple, wave, 

tTpt-iH, // arrow. 

frpUHii, t/. Jieedle (of a compass), 
hand (of a watch). 

Ctpti&XTi, IK*, archer, a mititiBmaD. 

CipU^nElU DMSl, the Strelitz (mi- 
litia) regiment. 

CrpfiJ&Ei, (in. Bhooler, ekirmiaher, 

Crpt.iJTii, ctpbii,Bfn, SB. and to. to 

Ctflixk, if. roof made of straw. 


Ct^ihyts, va. pa. to give a linock, 

( 298 ) 

Ct7J^ «m. chair. 

CTyn&Tj, ciynHTb, m. to step, tread. 

Ciyn^Bb, sf, a step, stair. 

CiyHaTL, ta, to knock. 

Ct^400 (ecTb), V. imp, it is a shame. 

Cibin^f tm, shame. 

CrbBd, if, dim, CTtOKa, wall, 

CT'ltonflTb, CTitoHUTb, 'ca, to press, 
hinder, oppress. 

Cy666Ta, «/*. Saturday. 

CyrpdCi, «». snow-drift. 

C^4apB, «m. Sir. 

CyAUTb, va, to judge, think. 

C^4H0, sn, {pi, cy4a, -aobi), vessel, 
boat, ship. 

Cy40npoH3B6ACTBO, sn. administration 
of justice. 

Gy^i, an, court of justice, judg- 
ment, trial. 

Cy4B6^, »/*. fate, destiny, 

Cy4b^ & Cy4iii, sm, judge. 

Cy;K4eH6, v, imp, (mh*-), it is my 

CyKn6, sn, cloth, woollen doth. 

CyKi, 8m, bough, knot, nude (in 

Cy^fTani, sm, sultan. 

C^BiMa, sf, sum. 

Cyn4yKi, sm. coffer, trunk* 

Cynp^ra, sf, spouse, wife. 

Cynp^ri, sm. spouse, husband. 

CypoBUii, adj, austere, hai'sh. 

Cyxdpb, sm. biscuit. 

Cyxofi, adj. dry, arid ; fg. dead. 

Cymeautt & CymoHUfi, part, dried, 

CymiiTb, va. to dry. 

CyiqeCTBd, sn. being, substance, es- 

Cyu^ecTBOB^Ti, vn. to exist, subsist. 

C^iqifi, adj, existent, real. 
C^n^nocTb, sf. substance ; (vh -ctd), 

in the main. 
C4>^pa, sf, sphere. 
CxeaT^Tb, -Cfl, joa., see cxBa-ruBaTB, 


CxB^TRa, sf, skirmish, quarrel. 

CxBHTUBaTb, cxBaTHTb, va. to catch, 
seize, grasp; -Cfl, it. to be 
caught, to quarrel, to come to 

Cxo4UTb, coliTH, tn. to go down, de- 
scend, to go away. 

Cx04iiTbCfl, cofiTHCb, VT, to meet, con- 

Cx64CTBO, Sin, resemblance. 

CxopoH^Tb, va. pa, to bury, hide. 

Ci^^Ha, sf, scene. 

GqanidHi, sm, Scipio. 

G*iaCTie & CiacTbe, sn, fortune, luck^ 

CnacTdi^Bbifi, culj. fortunate, lacky» 

Cnerb, sm, account, calculation* 

CviT&n, c?ecTb, va, to count, con- 

CHDTHTbCfl, vr, to be considered, be 

CumCaTb, cmHOuTb, va. to strike off, 
knock down. 

Ci & Co, prep, (gen,) from, out, out 
of; (ace,) about, for, like; 
(instrum.) with. 

CieffiHTBCfl, Tr,pa, to shrivel, shrink. 

C'b^3HTbCfl, vr.jE>a. to become narrow, 
to shrink. 

Ci/kAkTh, citCTb, va, to eat up, 

Gi'fi34aTb, m. pa, to go, take a drive 
or ride. 

( 299 ) 

Ci/bBmikTbCft, cbtianca, vr. to meet, 

come together. 
Ci'fiCTb, ra. pa. to eat, eat up* 
CiixaiBCfl, pa.f see ciiSHtaTbCfl. 
CuHi, sm. i}T. son. 
C^naib, va. to strew, pour. 
Cup6tt, adj damp, raw. 
Gupi, sm, cheese. 
GuCKHTb, va, pa» to find ; -ca, ©r. to 

be found. 
C&TBUfi, adj, nutritive. 
C&TUli, adj. satiated. 
cieepHUtt, adj, northern. 
C'feBep'b, mn. north. 
CtA^bqe, <2im., see ct4J6. 
Ct4J6, m. saddle. 

Ct4o6op64U&, 6k/;. with a grey beard. 
Ct4dii, arf;. grey, grey-headed. 
ciMfl, £?». seed, pip, kernel. 
CtHH, 8/*. |7^. entrance, vestibule. 
Ctuo, «n. hay. 
Ctpull, adj, grey. 
CtCTb, i;n. pa, to sit down. 
C'bTb, sf. dim, clbTRa, net. 
Ctib, va, to chop, whip. 
CtflTb, va. to sow, sift. 
Ci04a, adv, hither. 
CiopT;fEi, see cepryEi. 


Ta64irb, sm. tobacco. 
TaOopi, sm, gypsy encampment. 
Tad;^ HI, sm. drove of horses. 
Ta&R6H'b, adv, secretly, by stealth. 
Tafiea, sf, secret, mystery. 
TaiHCTBeHBOCTb, if, mysteriousness. 
TaHHCTBeHHUii, adj. mysterious. 
T&HBCTBO, sn. mystery, sacrament. 
TaiiDult, adj. secret. 

Ta^TbCfl, vr. to make a mystery o( 

TaRffie, adv. also, too. 

TaB^, conj. (see-), for all that. 

TaROsdtt, adj, such, like. 

TaK6tt, adj. such. 

tsLK'b, adv. so, thus. 

TaRi BaRi, adv. as. 

Ta^aHTdiBBUtt, adj. talented. 

Ta^epi, tm. taller. 

TaMepjaBi, sm. Tamerlon. 

TaMomHiti, adj. of that place. 

TaMi, adv. there, yonder. 

Taacq'b, am. dance. 

TaHqoBiq^R'b, sm. dancer. 

Tap^Ra, sf. dim. Tap^o^Ra, plate. 

TacRiTBca, vr. to stroll, wander. 

TaiapHHi, sm. a Tartar ; -TapcRitt, adj* 

Tsuvtk, sf. taffeta ; -TflHutt, adj. 

Ta«b^, sf Tartarian calotte. 

TaiaTb, ua. to whip, overcast. 

TamR^HTb, sm, Tashkent. 

TaiquTb, 1X1. to drag ; -CR, vr, to trail, 

TBapb, sf creature. 

TBep4UTb, va. to learn by heart, to 

TBep40, adv. firmly, well. 

TBep40CTb, sf. firmness. 

TBep4bifl, adj. hard, firm. 

TBepb, sf, Tver ; -pcRdli, adj. 

TBopuTB, va, -hvL, si. to create, pro- 
duce, do. 

TeaTp&ibHufi, a€0. theatrical. 

Teaipi, sm. theatre. 

Tejjiiifl, ac0. of calf, of veal. 

Tejira, sf. dim, leitaRa, cart, wag- 

TejiatRa, see leitra. 
TeuHiiita, sf, prison, gaol. 

( 300 ) 

TeMHOsejenoB^Tun, a(f;.dark greenish. 

TcMHOCiiHin, adj. (lark blue. 

TesiHOTa, sf. darkness, obscurity. 

TeMiiuB, adj, dark, obscure. 

TeMH^Tb, vn. to darken, to grow 

ToHTb, WW. awning, canopy. 

Ten^pemHitt, adj. present, of time. 

Ten^pb, adv. at present, now. 

TenjiiiHull, adj. of hot-bouse. 

Teaji6,«n. wannth,heat;cK2t;. warmly ; 
V. imp. it is warm. 

Tc'DJUtt, adj. warm. 

Tcpe6uTb, ta. to pluck, pull. 

TepBKi, sm. Terek. 

T^peHi, sm. room with a projection, 

Tepa^Hie, sn. worrying, torment. 

Teps^TbCfl, TT. to be worried, be tor- 

Tcpn'LiMButt, adj. patient. 

TepntHie, sn. patience. 

TepntTb, «a. to tolerate, endure. 

TeiKa, «/. aunt. 

TeTp{i4b, sf. copy-book. 

Te'TyniKa, sf. dim, dear auht. 

Te^^Bie, sn. current, course. 

Te^b, tn. to flow, to go, run, pass. 

Tnrpi, sm, tiger. 

THMoe^a, SOT. Timothy. 
TnnH?nbiit, adj. typical. 
Tnnorpa*lff, sf, typography, printing- 
THMHCb, sm. Tiflis. 
Tuxifi, adj. quiet, calm. 
Tuxo, adv. dim. THxdnbRO, softly, 

quietly, calmly. 
Thiuhb^ & TROib, sf, stillness, quiet, 

Tke^i, sm, -HMxa,/<?w. weaver. 

To, eo<y. then ; to-to, at one time — 

at another. 
TaB&pHiqecEn, (-no), adv. in a friendly 

ToB^pHii^'b, sm. partner, associate, 

ToBripi, sm. merchandise, goods. 
Tor4&, adv. then, at that time ; 

(-KaKi), while. 
ToHte, adv. also, too. 
TciRaTb, tOjIRH^, pa. to jostle, push. 
ToJiETi, sm. sense, meaning. 
Tojn&, sf. crowd, throng. 
Toin]iTbCfl, vr. to crowd, throng. 
ToiCTOTa, sf. stoutness, thickness. 
T6.iCTbi&, adj. thick, big, stout^ cor- 
pulent, heavy. 
T6AR0, ado. only, merely. 
T(54bRO 1T0, as soon as, not long ago, 

ToM^TOJibHuiB, adj. fatiguing, ha- 
ToMjiibCfl, vr, to languish. 
ToHOdROBbiii, adj. of pinchbeck, tom- 
TdflRitt, adj. dim. TdHeHbRill, thin, 

ToHjfrb, vn, to sink, founder. 
TOHi, sm. tone. 
TdBfl, sf. fishing-place. 
TooHTb, ra. to melt, heat (a stove). 
T6nRiti, adj. swampy, susceptible of 

Ton6pi, sm. axe, hatchet. 
TonoTb, sm. stamping, trampling. 
ToproeaTb, va. to trade, deal in« 
ToprOBaTbCfl, vr. to cheapen, bargain. 
ToprdBifl, sf. trade, commerce. 
ToprdBbitt, adj. trading, commercial. 
TopxteRi), sm. Torjek. 

{ 301 ) 

Topac^TBeRRO, adif, solemnly, tri- 
TopjK^TBeRHOCTB, sf, solemnnesB. 
Topx^CTBeHHutt, adj, solemn, tri- 
Top»\ecTB6, sn. solemnity, triumph. 
TopffiecTBOBaTb, va, to solemnize, cele- 
TopmecTByioiqiii, adj, triumphant. 
ToponuTitCfly vr. to hurry, be in a 

ToponjUBO, adv, hastily. 
ToponjUBOCTb, sf, hastiness. 
Top^aTb, vn. to stick out, to show 

one's self. 
TocR^, sf, anxiety, anguish. 
T6T4acT>, adv, directly, presently. 
ToTb, pron. dem, (/. la, u. to), that, 

ToTi 7Re, the same. 
To^uTB, va. to turn (in a lathe), to 

sharpen, grind. 
T64H0, conj. as if. 
T6heo, adv. exactly, really. 
To^HOCTb, sf. punctuality, preciseness. 
Td^Hbiil, adj. punctual, exact. 
TomHO, V, imp. (uEt), I am sick, I 

ajn tired. 
Tdniitt, ac^. fasting, lean, thin.^ 
TpaB^, sf. grass, herb, herbage. . 
Tp^BJfl, sf. coursing, hunting, baiting. 
Tpari^ecKifi, adj. tragic, tragical. 
TpuKTupi, sm. iun. 
TpaBcndprb, sm. transport; -n6pT- 

HLitt, adv, 
Tpan^sa, sf refectory (of convents). 
TpaTHTb, va, to spend, expend. 
Tp^OoBaTb, va, to claim, require ; -cfl, 

vr. to be claimed, be required. 
Tpesora, »f. alarm, disturbance. 

TpcBoncHTB, va. to alarm, disturb; 

-Cfl, vr. to alarm one's self. 
TpeBdacHO, adv. anxiously, disquietly. 
Tpenaib, va. to brake, knock softly. 
TpeneraTb, vn. to trepidate, palpi- 
TpecKi, sf. cod, cod-fish. 
Tp^Raib, va. to guzzle, devour. 
TpecKdBbitt, adj. cod, of cod-fish. 
TpecRy^iil, adj. crackling, bursting ; 

(-Miii Moposi), hard frost. 
TpecKi, sm. crack, crash. 
Tp^Tia, adj. third. 
TpeyrojbHeKi & Tpexiyrd.iBHR'b, sm. 

TpeyrdJbHuii, adj. triangular 
TpeiqaTB, vn. to crack, crackle. 
TpH, num. three. 
TpH4itaTb, num, thirty. 
TpB3Ha, sf solemnity for a dead 

TpHHa^qaTb, num. thirteen. 
TpacTa, nuin, three hundred. 
rpi6, sn, trio. 

TpdraT&ibHutt,a(/;. touching, affecting. 
Tp6raTb, TpoHyib, va. to touch ; fig. to 

touch, move, affect ; -Cfl, vr. to 

move, start. 
Tp6e & TpdH, num. three. 
Tp6tiRa, sf, a team of three horses 

TpdHyib, -Cfl, pa.y see TporaTb, -ca* 
Tponi, sm. throne. 
Tp6nHRi, sm. tropic. 
TpooBHRa, 5/1 dim. footpath. 
TpocTb, sf walking-stick, reed. 
TpoTyapi*, sfn. footway, pavement. 
Tpo«i»^ii, sm. trophy. 
Tpo<i>iiMi, sm. Trophimus. 
TpdmRa, dim,, see Tpo«BMi. 

( 296 ) 

CntmHTbCii, rr. pa. to alight, dis- 

CpaBH^Hie, tn. comparison. 

Cpas^TbCfl, cpasHTbCfl, vr. to fight, 

Cpax^Hie, m, battle. 

Cpaay, cidv. at once, altogether. 

Cpe6poJi66ie, m. the love of money. 

Cpe4H, prep. gen. amidst. 

Cpe4HHa, »f. middle, centre. 

Cp^4CTB0, «n. means, expedient 

CpOKi, an, term, date, time. 

CptsuBaTb, cptsaTb, va. to cut off. 

Cp^^y, adv. one after another, con- 

Ccopa, sf. quarrel, yariance. 

CcuJiaTb, cocJ^Tb, va. to exile, banish. 

Cc^Ra, sf. exile, banishment. 

CT^neHb, 8tn. window-shutter. 

CiaBHTb, va. to set, put, place. 

CTaBKa, sf. camp, tent. 

CT^Bponojb, sm. Stavropol. 

CT&40, sn. herd, drove, flock. 

Cter^hi, sm. dim. craR^H^HRi, glass, 

CiaJO 6biTb, adv. consequently, there- 

CiaJb, sf. steel ; -ibRdli, adj. 

CTaHOBiiTbCfl, vr. (pa. ciaTb), to set 
one's self, stand, to become, 
begin to. 

Ctehori, sm. stand. 

CTaflqifl, sf. station. 

CTiip^TbCfl, vr. to endeavour, strive, 

Cr^penbRitt, adf, dim. old. 
CTapem, sm, old man. 
CmitAwh,sm.dim. crapH^eRi, old man. 
CrapBH^, rf. old times, old fashion. 
CTapHBBbilt, adj. ancient, old. 

CTapH^HmRa, sm, dim. a miserable 

old man. 
CTapocTa, sm. bailiff. 
Crap^xa, sf. dim. -pymRa, old woman. 
CTap<iecRitt, adj. old man's, elderly 
CrapniHHa, sm. elder, chief. 
Crapmitt, adj.suped. the oldest, eldest, 

CT^putt, adj. old, ancient. 
CTaTCRili, adj. civil ; (-CRaa, cifmCa.), 

the civil service. 
CiaTb, vn. pa. (fut. CTany), to place 

one's self, to become, begin, 

CTaTbCfl, vr. imp, pa. to happen, be- 
CraTbH, sf article, object. 
CiantHTb, va. pa. to drag off, trail 

down, steal. 
Crafl, sf. flock, drove, pack, troop. 
Ciesb, sf. lash. 
CTeRj6, sn. glass. 
CTee^Hie, sn. groaning, moaning. 
Cxen^Hi, sm, Stephen. 
CT^nenb, sf. degree, grade. 
CrenHdtt, adj, of the steppe. 
Creob, sf waste, steppe. 
Crep^Hb, va. to watch, guard. 
CTiiCHyrb, va. pa. to press, compress. 
CTDXffl, sf. an element. 
CTHXOTBOp^Hie, sn. poetic work, poetry. 
CTHXOTBdpeqit, sm, a poet 
Cthxi, sm. a verse. 
Cto, num. hundred. 
CTofiiRO, adv. firmly, steadily. 
CTdHTb, vn. to cost, be worth. 
CTORp^Tb, hundred times. 
Cmi(k>B£fl 4op<5ra, high road. 
Ctoj6i, sm. post, pillar. 
CTOJiiqa, sf. a capital, capital city. 

( 303 ) 


y, prep, gen, at, near, beside, by, 

yOHBfiTb, yCHTB, va. to kill, slay; 
-CH, vr, to kill one's self, be 

yCnpaib, y6p&Tb, va, to put away, 
clear, get in ; -CH, vr. to dress 
one's self, go off, decamp. 

yCiiTb, -ca, pa.f see yfinBaib, -ch, 

yOieeie, an. killing, murdering. 

yCi^aautt, adj, killed, slain. 

yOiflCTBeHHUii, («(;. murderous. 

ydfiiCTBO, m. murder, assassination. 

yCifiqa, 86. murderer^ assassin. 

Y66T\^y <tdj, poor, wretched, 

yOdpeafl, s/I dressing-room. 

yfipuTB, -Cff, />«., see ydopaTb, -ca. 

y^uBaTb, y6&Tb, tn. to decrease, 

y6iiT0Kb, sm, loss, damage. 

y6^TB, pa., see yCuBkn. 

y6tA&TeihE0f adv, convincingly, 

y6'fi4HTB, -ca,jDa., see y6tK4iTb,-ca. 

yfitatA^Tb, y6-fi4UT]>, va, to persuade, 
convince ; -ca, w. to be per- 
suaded, be convinced. 

yd'fiK4^Rie,«n. conviction, persuasion. 

y6'6asHiqe, an. refuge. 

yuaJK^TB, yB^JKHTB, Vfl. to Consider, 

yiraas^Hie, an. consideration, regard. 

yfiejH^HBaTb, yseji^HTb, va. to en- 
large, increase. 

yBeceniieAHult, adi, of diversions, 
of pleasure. 

yBflCTii, jMi., see yB04^Tb. 

yB^4'KTb, va. jEKi. to see, perceive. 

yaiCKdTBca, y BJ^^bCfl, it. to be allured, 
be attracted. 

ysoABTB, yeecT^ & ye^TB, va, to lead 

yai^, vnierj, alas ! oh ! woe ! 

yB^H^fiTb, vd. pa, to crown. 

yetpeHHOCTB, sf, assurance, confi- 

yfiipenHUtt, adj, confident, sure. 

yB-fipeHi (a^, I am sure, I am cer- 
tain of. 

yBtpHTB, -ca, pa,, see yB'fipiiTB, -ca. 

yBtp^Tb, yBtpHTb,va. to assuro, assert, 
persuade; -ca, vr, to be per- 

yBib4HUlt, adj, crippled, lame. 

yBa4^Bie, an. withering, fading. 

yr^4uoaTB, yra4&Tb, va, to guess, 

yrac^Ti, yrdcnyTb, vn. to be extin- 

yr&CRyTB, pa,, see yrac^Tb. 

yrJBTB, tm, Uglich. 

ynoBott, adj, comer, of a corner. 

yroB^pBBaTb, yroBOpBTb, ta, to per- 
suade, prevail upon. 

yroBdpi, tm, agreement. 

yroA^Tb, va. pa., see yro}R4aTb. 

yrOAHTb, vn. pa. to strike, hit 

yrdADHR'b, sm, a complaisant person, 
a saint. 

yrd^no, V, imp, it pleases, may it 

yr^AHbifi, adj, suitable, pleasing, 

yroHt4^Tb, yroAHTb, vn, to please, 

yro^dRi, see froA^, 

yraii, sm. dim, yroadRi, comer, 

yroJb, sm, coal, charcoal. 

yrocTBTb, pa.f see yroiu^Tb. 

( 304 ) 

FroniaTB, yroCTHTB, va. to treat, ea- 

Vrom^Hie, m. treat, resale. 

yrpoxHTb, yrpo3UTb, va. to threaten^ 

yrpr)3a, sf. threat, menace. 

J'rpiOMO, adv, gruffly, surlily. 

yrpiuMUii, adj, surly, moruse. 

yjaBiiTbca, yjHTbCfl, vr. to succeed. 

y4(Ueui, sm. bold fellow. 

yjajuTb, -Cfl, pa., see yAaj^Tb, -cfl. 

yjajdtt, a^'. enterpribing, bold. 

y^ajb, sf. boldness, audacity. 

y4ajflTB, yAaJHTB, va. to remove, 
withdraw ; -CH, w. to withdraw, 
go away. 

yA^pHTB, -ca, />a., see y^apflib, ca. 

y^api, sw. stroke, blow. 

y4apflTB, y4apnTb, va, to strike, hit, 
to fall upon, to accent, empha- 
size; -Cfl, vr. to knock against 

yiHTbca, pa., see y4aBaTbCfl. 

y^&ia, sf. success, luck. 

y^BoDTb, va. pa. to double. 

yAcpmaTb, pa., see y4<3p%HBaTb. 

y4^p%aBaTb, y4ep}KaTb,ra. to restrain, 
retain, detain. 

y4nBiiTeJbHufl, adj. astonishing, won- 

y4HBiiTb, -ca, pa.f see y4HBJHTb,-Cfl. 

y4nB.ieiiic, sn. astonishment, admi- 

y4HBJeHH0, adv. with astonishment. 

y4nBJaTb, y4nBUTb,??a. to astonisl),sur- 
prise ; -ca, vr. to be astonished, 
to admire. 

y46($B0, adv. conveniently, comfort- 

y460iibru, adj, commodious, conve- 

y4o(krrB0, sn. commodity, comfort. 

y40B6ibCTBie, tn. pleasure, satisfac- 

y40B6jbCTBOBaTbCfl, VT. po. to be sa- 

y40CT0Btp^Hie, sn, assurance, ascer- 

y40CT6nBaTb, y40CT6HTb, va, to deem 
worthy, honour, favour. 

y40CT6uB&TbCfl, y40CT6HTBCfl, vr. to 
be honoured, merit. 

y40CT6HTb, -Cfl, pa.^ see yAocTOH- 

B<'STb, -Cfl. 

y4yuiiTb, va. pa. to stifle, suffocate. 
y4tJBTb, 9a. pa. to apportion, deal 

y4-&ii, sm. an appanage, lot, portion. 
ye4niienie, sn. solitude, retirement. 
yxac^Tb, y2RacH;fTb, va. to terrify; 

-Cfl, rr. to be terrified, to dread, 
yx^eo, adv. terribly, exce^ively. 
y»acHyTb, -Cfl, pa., see y»ac^Tb, -cfl. 
yxacnufi, adj. dreadful, horrible, 

ywaci, 9m. terror, horror, 
yni^ & yxi, <idv, already. 
ym^ He, no more. 
yatHBaTb, vn. to sup, take supper. 
y»HRi, sm. supper, 
ya^o, ad/D, afterwards, hereafter. 
y36^Ei>, sm. an Usbek. 
y34a, sf. bridle. 
y34qbi & ycqu, sm. pi, bi-idle. 
yscjx, sm, knot, bundle. 
yseBbRiii, see ;f3Kitt. 
ydKitt, adj. dim, ;f3eHbRiii, narrow, 

tight, strait. 
ysHasaTb, ydH^Tb, ta. to recognise, 

learn, ascertain. 
ydP^Tb, pa,^ see ysnaBaTb. 

( 305 ) 

ysdpHUil, adj, of a pattern, figured. 

yaop^aTBifi, adj. figured, flowered. 

yflT^, pa. (fat jikAf), see yxoAiib. 

yRas^Tb, pa.f see yR^sueaTB. 

yRdsuBaTit, yRasdib, va. to indicate, 
show, order. 

yRj44UBaTb, yRj^CTb & yao«(iTB, va. 
to put up, pack, to lay. 

yRaOHflTbCfl, yRJOH^TbCfl, w, to aYoid, 

yRpa4R0iD, adv. stealthily, by stealth. 

yRpafiHa,«/'. Ukraina; yKpaHHCRili,a(2y. 

yRpdcHTb, pa., see yipanidTb, 

yRpi^Tb, oa. pa. to steaL 

yRpamaTB, yRpaCQTb, va, to adorn, 

yRpain^nie,8n. adornment, ornament. 

yRpuB^TB, yRp&TB, va. to cover, 
shelter, conceal. 

yRpuB^TBCfl, yRp^TbCfl, VT. to cover 
one's self, conceal one's self. 

yRp&TB, -Cfl, pa,f see yRpusdTB, -Cfl. 

yRp^DiiTbjpa., see yRptnjHTb. 

yRP'l^nj^Hie, m. strengthening, for- 

yRP'bnjflTb, yRp'finHTB, va. to strength- 
en, fortify. 

yRyciTb, va, pa. to bite, sting. 

yjiaqa, sf, street. 

y^HHaTB, yiEHiTbf va, to convict, 

yjoBRa, sf, wile, stratagem. 

yjoiRHTb, vfi. pa, to ordain, enact 
(see also yRJa^UBaTb). 

YiuCiTbCB, vr. to smile. 

y^ibidRa, sfi smile. 

yiu6BfThca, vr, pa, to give a smile. 

ysieHbin&Tb, yMeebmuTb, va, to di- 

y.\ieHbin^Hie, m, diminution, decrease. 

yMeHbmdTB, pa,f see yMeHbin^TB. 

ynep€'nt,pa.(fut. yMp;f), see yMHpdxi.. 

yMepTBHTb, pa., see yMepn^BJ^Tb. 

yMepn^BJ^Tb, yMepTfiiib, ta, to put 
to death, murder. 

yHHa^Hie, sn. feeling, emotion. 

yHBJieHHbitt, part, afifected, moved. 

yHHp&Tb, ynep^Tb, vn. to die, expire. 

yMHHqa, se, a wise man or woman; 
Jig. a good boy or girl. 

yMHH<iaTb, 911. to show one's sense, 

yMHbifi, adj, sensible, intelligent. 

yuOiKktb, yHdaRByrb, vn, to be silent, 
become still. 

yifdiRHyTb, pa., see yMOiR^n. 

yHOi^Tb, yMOiiib, va, to implore, 

yHopiib, va, pa* to starve to death, 

yiii^TbCA, vr, pa. to hurry away, 
gallop away. 

yvB, sm, intellect, sense. 

yNUC&i'b, sm, design, intention. 

yMipeHHOCTb, if, moderation, tem- 

yui^RBiiVi^adj, moderate, temperate. 

yutSTb, va, to be skilled in. 

ynecTi, pa., see yHOC^Tb. 

ynQBepcHT^Tb, sm, university. 

yHHS^Hie,sn. abasement, humiliation. 

yHHMaTb, yBiiib, va. to repress, ap- 
pease, quiet. 

yHaiT02RaTb, yHH^TdxHTb, va, to 
abolish, destroy. 

yHOcii^ jEeciAt va, to caiTy away, 
take away. 

yH&ao. adv. dejectedly, sadly. 

yn^Hle, sn. melancholy, dejection. 

ye^TB, pa., see yeBM^Tb. 

( 306 ) 

yn^Ti., rn. pa. to fall down, de- 
ynniikncn, ynep^iiiCii, rr, to be 
obstinate, resist, denj, to lean, 

yn^TbCii, rr. pa. to get drank. 

> no4o6j4TKii, yno4o66Tbcii, rr. to 
resemble, be compared. 

yaoJHOv6^HTb, to invest with 
full power, authorize. 

yaoMBHaTii, yooniiH^, va. to men- 
tion, speak of. 

yn^pHUtt, adj. obstinate, stubborn. 

y o6pcTiM), »n.obstinacy, stubbornness. 

ynorpeO^Tb, -en, pa,^ see ynorpeO- 
JI^Tb, -c«. 

ynorpefiJ^Hle, «». use, employment. 

ynorpedi^Tb, ynorpeOHn, ©a. to use, 
make tise of, employ. 

ynorpedi^Tbcii, ynorped^TWH, rr. to 
be used, be employed. 

yopaueHie, «n. management, admi- 

yapaBJ^Tb, ynpdBHTb, va. to manage, 
direct, govern. 

yapas-i^TbCfl, vr. to be managed, be 

ynpawH^Hie, tn. occupation, employ- 
ment, exercise. 

ynpaHco^Tb, va. to occupy, employ. 

yDpuiuHBan, ynpocHTB, xa. to ask 
pressingly, obtain by asking, 

ynpcKuTb, ynpeRH^Tb, va. to reproach. 

ynpcKH^Tb, pa.^ see ynpeRUTb. 

yiipcKi, sm. reproach. 

yiipocHTb, «a. pa. to obtain by asking, 

ynpocTihb, ta. pa, to simplify. 

ynriiMarbC/i, vr. to be obstinate. 

ynpilvuft, okf;. obstinate, stubborn, 
ynycrirb, va, pa. to let slip, miss, 

let go. 
ynym^Hie. m. negligence, 
ypi, inUrj. hurrah ! 
ypoBeRb, tm, level 
yp6rb, tm, lesson. 
yp/i4HHBX, nn. an orderly, under- 

officer (of Cosacks). 
yc^Tb, mu with heavy mustaches. 
yc^P4ie, tn. zeal, ardour. 
yc^P4HUft, adj. zealous, ardent. 
yci&4<iBB0, ad^, with perseverance. 
ycBieHHUtt &yci4bHbifi,a(f;.strengtli- 

ened, earnest, pressing. 
yciiHBaTb, yci4HTb, va. to strengthen. 
yciiHBaTbCfl, yc£iHTbCfl, vr. to get 

stronger, increase. 
yciiiHTb, -oil, pa.y see ycijHBaTb, -cti. 
yciiie, fn. effort. 
ycRaKaTb. tn, pa. to gallop away. 
ycj6Ble, sn. agreement, condition. 
ycJifraii tf. service, office, 
ycjyat^nle, sn. serving, service. 
ycJ^»JiBBUtt, adj. serviceable, offi- 
ycJbiiaTb, va, pa, to hear say, to 

ycjU^maTb, va. pa. to hear. 
ycM^TpBBaTb, ycMOTpiib, va, to per- 
ceive, discern. 
ycMtuiRa, if' smile. 
ycH^Tb, vn. pa. to fall asleep. 
yc66Hqa, «/*. mutual hatred. 
ycnoK6HBaTb, ycnoKdHTB, va, to ap- 
pease, quiet. 
ycnoK6HBaTbCfl, ycnoRoBTbcii, vr, to 
be appeased, to calm one's self. 
ycnoK6BTb, -ca, |>a., see ycD0K6«- 

BHTb, -Cfl. 

( 307 ) 

ycn'J&BaTb, ycntTb, vn. to thrive, suc- 
ceed, have time to. 

ycn^Tb, pa., see ycnteaTb. 

yen t XI, sm, progi'ess, success. 

ycTii, sf. pi. lips, muuth. 

yciaB^Tb, ycTdTb, vn, to be tired, be 

yCTUBHTb, va. pa, to establish, in- 
stitute, to set; -Cfl, vr, to be 
established, to stare. 

ycT^Bi, sm, statute, decree. 

ycT^ocTb, sf. lassitude, fatigue. 

ycTaibitt, adj. tired, fatigued. 

ycTaHaBjDeaTbCfl, ycTaHoe^TBCfl, vr. to 
be instituted, be established. 

ycT^Tb, pa., see yciaBHTb. 

ycTO^Tb, vn. pa, to stand out, with- 

ycTpan^Tit, ycTpanuTB, va. to set aside, 

ycTpamaTb, ycTpaiUHTb,9a. to fnghten, 

ycTpe3ii&Tb,.jDa., see ycTpeM-dib. 

ycTpeuj^Tb, ycTpeM^Tb, va, to direct, 
turn, fix. 

yCTp6iIBaTb & yCTpaHBaTb, yCTpOHTB, 

va, to set in order, arrange, 

ycTpoBTb, pa., see ycTpoHBaTb. 
yciynaib, yciynMib, va, to cede, 

ycTBe, sn. mouth (of a river), 
yci), sm. moustache. 
ycuoaTit, yc^naxb, va, to bestrew, 

stud, cover. 
ycicTbCfl, vr. pa. {fut, ycjlflycb), to 

take a seat. 
yciflTb, va, pa, to sow all over, 

yiatiKa, sf. concealing. 

yTBep4BTeJbB0, adv, affirmatively. 
yTBepacA^Tb, yTBep4iiTb, va. to con- 
firm, affirm. 
yT^%, vn. pa. to flow away. 
yTHxaib, yTUXoyTb, va. to grow still, 

yTHiiiHTb, va. pa. to appease, calm. 
yTKnyibCfl, vr. pa. to hit, knock, to 

be stuck in, be fixed. 
yTOJUTB, pa., see yTOJUTb. 
yiOJ^Tb, yroiuTb, va. to allay, ap- 
pease, assuage. 
yiOMHTb, pa., see yTOMJflTb. 
yTOMJjiTit, yroMUTb, va. to fatigue, 

yTOH^, pa., see yionaTb. 
yTon^TB, yT6nHyTb & yTon;fTb, vn, to 

drown, sink. 
yTODTaTb, va. pa. to tread well. 
yTpeHHifi, adj. of morning. 
yTpo, sn, morning. 
yipoMi, adv. in the morning. 
yrfiCH^Hie, sn. oppression, persecu- 
yrfim^TB, yituiHTb, va, to console, 
comfort ; -en, vr, to console 
one's self. 
yrfim^Hie, vn. consolation. 
yitmuTeJib, sm. consoler, comforter. 
yTtniUTeJbHbitt, adj. consoling. 
yrimHTb, -ca, pa., see yrtniaTB, -(^a- 
yxBaTUTb, va. pa. to seize, grasp; 

-CA, vr. tu seize at. 
yxBaTKa, sf. knack, way, trick, 
yxo, sn. ( pi. fuia), ear. 
yxOAUTb, yflTM, vn, to go out, depart. 
yuliniiTbCfl, vr. pa. to hang on, 

yi^CTie, sn, participation, interest, 
yqacToui, sm. part, portion. 

( 308 ) 

yiacTb, sf. destiny, fate. 

y^eHBRit^ 2m, scholar, pupil. 

y^^Hie, fn. teaching, instruction, 

y^£iiiiii[e, sn. school. 

y^BHirb, vn, pa, to do, commit. 

y^HHiTbCfl, vr. pa. to happen, occur. 

y^^TejeBi, adj. pots, teacher's. 

y^UTOib, sm. teacher, preceptor. 

5'iMTb, va. to teach, learn by heart. 

y4MTbCfl, pr. to learn, study. 

y^TMBOCTb, sf. politeness, civility. 

yiqejie, sn. defile. 

yi34i>, sm, district. 

yiiSHCuTb, ytxaTB, vn, to go away (in 
a carriage or on horseback) . 

y'IbxaTb, pa., see yl^SHCaTb. 

yiOTHbii), adj. commodious, comfort- 

yA3BJHTb, yflSBUTb, ta, tO WOUUd, tO 



4>a6pHRa, sf. manufactory. 

^afipHK^HTb, sw. manufacturer. 

4>a6pHK4qlfl, a/, manufacture, make. 

0a6pH4Hbitt, a<^*. of manufacture ; 
sm, workman in a manufactory. 

*aJ4a, sf. skirt (of a coat). 

*aca4T>, sm. fa9ade, front. 

4>aci, see «aca4'b. 

^eeplib, sm. February. 

4>eJb4MapmaJi, sm, field marshal. 

*e.ib4*^6ejb, sm, sergeant-major. 

*nrypa, sf. dim. *Hr;fpKa, figure. 

^lisHRa, sf. physics. 

*n3H4ecKiti, adj. physical. 

4>u3i0H6Mia, sf, physiognomy, coun- 

*H.!unni, sm. Philippe. 

$HJ0c6«ifl, sf. philosophy. 
$HHa4H4ifl, sf, Finland. 
$HHji^H4CRilt, adj. Finlandian. 
^Bnei, sm. a Finn. 
^^BCRift, adj. Finish, (-8a.iBBi), Gulf 

of Finland, 
^.lan, sm. flag. 
^jaerB, sm. flank. 
4>ji^fiTa. sf. flute. 
4>jemb, «/*. fl^che. 
$jHreji>-a4i»K)TdBrB, «m. aide-de-camp 

(of the sovereign). 
$J0T2>, «m. fleet 

$j^ra, sf. dim. MiiacRa, small baiTel. 
^osApb, «m. lantern, lamp. 
$(5pMa, sf. form, dress, uniform. 
^opTeni^BO, sn. piano. 
^paBRj^fl-b, sm. Franklin. 
4»paBi?^3CRifi,flw(;^ French ;(no-3CRH), 

in French language. 
^paBq^si, svn. a Frenchman, 
^perarb, sm. frigate. 
4»pH4pHxcr6Mi, m. Friedrieksham. 
*poflTb & ^pyBTb, sm. front. ' 
^pyRTdBuH, adj. fruit, of fruit. 
*pyHTi, sm. fruit. 
$pyBTi, see ^poBTb. 
4>yRfl4B4'b, sm. Thucydides. 
^yoTb, sm. pound. 
$ypa»cRa, sf. cap, foraging cap. 
^yvb, sm. foot. 

^v4>attRa, sf. an nnder-waistcoat. 
*irpRaBbe, sn. snorting, sniffing. 
4»bipRaTb, ♦6pHByTb, vn, to snort, 



Xaj^TX, sm, momiug-gown. 

XancTBO, sn. khanate. 

XBaja, sf, praise, commendation. 

( 309 ) 

XeaJHTb, va, to praise, laud. 
XBdciaTbCfl, vn, to boast, vaunt. 
XsaCTyHi, sm. boaster, bragger. 
XeaT^TB, XBaiUTb. va, to seize, catch, 

XeaTHTb, 1X1. pa. to strike, hit. 
XBopaTb, tm, to be sickly, be unwell. 
XBOCTb, sm, tail. 
XiU'&Tb, 'on, to grow feeble, grow 

XHMifl, sf, chemistry. 
XHTp^qiy sm. a crafty man. 
XHTpocTb, sf. craft, cunning, arti- 
XHTpuii, adj, crafty, artful, cun- 
XaniHH^ecTBO, sn, rapacity, rapine. 
Xj^HLitt, ac0, si. cold. 
Xj6naaie, sn. clapping. 
XidnaTB, xi6nHyTb, va, to clap, 
crack, to shut by force, to 
give a clap. 
XiOnoT^Tb, vn. to busy or stir one's 

self, to solicit, care for. 
Xj6noTU, sf, pi, bustle, stir, trouble, 

XJonH^Tafl 6yMara, cotton. 
Xaopi, sm. Chlaurus. 
Xj&HyTb, vn, pa, to gush out, break 

XjtOoo^inecTBO, sn. agriculture. 
Xj'fiOi, tm, bread, corn. 
\xtvhy sm, stall, sty. 
X04iT]>, vn, to go, walk, march. 
\QXh, sm, going, course, state. 
XosHHH'b, sm. -d^liKa, sf, house- 
keeper, master or mistress, 
host, -tess. 
XosAficTBO, sn, house-keeping, house- 

X6joti>, va. to pamper, nurse. 

XoJMi, sm. hillock. 

XolI04h6, v. imp. it is cold. 

Xoj64Hbitt, adj, cold, cool. 

X6jI04'b, sm, cold. 

Xojcrb. sm. cloth, linen. 

XopoDi^HbRO, adv, dim, well, pro- 

Xop6niitt, adj, comp, ifHmiii, good, 

Xoponi6, adv, comp. ifnine, well. 

Xopi, sm, choir. 

Xopb, dim. xopeKi, sm. pole-cat. 

XOT-lfeTb, to will, wish for. 

XoT^TbCfl, V, m, to have a mind to. 

XoTb, see xoii. 

XOT^ & XoTb, conj, although, though. 

XOT^ 6U, adv. though, even, at least. 

XoxOT^Tb, vn. to laugh loudly. 

Xpa6pHTbCfl, vr, to affect bravery. 

Xpa6pocTb, sf. bravery, valour, 

Xpadpufi, adj. brave, valiant. 

XpaMiiea, sf, room, apartment. 

XpaMi. sm, temple, church. 

Xpae^Teib, sm. guardian. 

XpaH^Tb, va, to preserve, keep. 

XpeO^Tb, sm, spine, ridge. 

XpHCTiaHHDi, -&HKa, s, a Christian. 

XpBCTiaHCRitt, adj. christian. 

XpBCTiaHCTBO, sn, Christianity, Chris- 

XpQCTdcb, sin, (gen. XpocT^; vocaU 
XpocT^), Christ. 

XpHCT0<i>6pi, sm. Christopher. 

XpycTajbHbifi, adj. of crystal. 

X;f 40, sn, bad, ill ; adv, badly, ill. 

Xy46asecTBeRRbili, adj, of art, artistic 

Xy46xHHRi, sm. artist. 

Xy46tt, adj, bad, ill, sorry, meagre, 

( 310 ) 

XyAomaBMtt, adj. meagre, lank, lean. 
lyjiTCJb, itn, blamer. 


llap^'BH^'b, -^'Bna, s. prince, -cess. 

I^apiiiia, ff. queen, czarina. 

I^^pcRill, adj. royal) princely, im* 

I^apcTBennull, adj. of reign, royal. 

I^apcTBO, in. kingdom, reign. 

I^apcTBOBanle, sn. reigning, reign. 

llapb, sm. king, czar or tzar, emperor 
(of Russia). 

I)dpbrop04i> & ItaperpaAi, nn, Con- 

IlBtTH^ii, adj, coloured, of colour. 

I^BtT^Ki & ItBtT^'ieKi, gtn, dim, 

I^Btrb, sm, dim, qBtroKi, {pi, qst- 
T^), flower, bloom. 

I^BtTi, tm, dim. qBtTHKi, (pi, qBtTa), 

I^ciiTpi, gm. centre. 

I(cpeM6iiifl, sf. ceremony. 

ItepB6Bnbiti, adj. of church, eccle- 

It(;pKOBb, sf. church. 

Ifura^^b, iff. citadel. 

Uuraii-b, sm. a gypsy ; -rdHCKlfi, 

Ifi^no'iKn, sf. pi, dim, of i^i^ukh, 

I^luoBaTb, va, to kiss. 

I( liJOBaTbCfl, vr. to kiss each other. 

I^1}.iOCTB, sf. wholeness, entirencss. 

UUiutt, adj. whole, entire, all. 

HtM, sf. aim, object. 

l\'bAhnbi\!iyadj. of a single picce^ mas- 

I^tBd, sf, price, value. 

I^toeeiTb, tm, to grow numb, grow 

Iftaj^TbCfl, vr, to catch, grapple. 
Iftob, sf, chain. 


4at^Ki, sm,f see ?alt. 

Hall, Mn. (^tm. ^aesi, tea. 

Hall, adv. to all appearance. 

HattDHRi, sm, tea-pot. 

HdfiDbitl, adj. tea, of tea. 

HaJM^, sf, turban. 

HacoB^li, sm. sentry, sentinel. 

H^CTHUti, adj. private, particular. 

H^CTO, adv. often, frequently. 

HaCTb, sf part, district, department. 

Hacb, sm, the hour, o'clock. 

Hac^, sm., pi, watch, clock. 

Haubitl, adj. dried away, consump- 

Mama, sf. bowl, basin. 

HaniKa, sf. cup. 

Haiiia, sf. thicket. 

Haiqe, adv. comp. more frequently. 

HaATb, va. to expect, hope. 

He&,pron. interr. (/. HbH, n. ibe, p/. 
ibn), whose t 

Hetl UH6^Ab, prun. anybody 's^ some- 

HCR^UBTb, va. to chase, emboss, to 
coin (money). 

HcK^ui, sm. punclieon. 

4eji($, sn. forehead. 

<Iejo6iJTbe, sn. petition. 

Hcjgb'Bki. sm. ( pi. JI164H), man. 

Hc^OBiHecKitl, ac^. man's, human. 

H(M0B'6<iecTB0, sn. mankind, humanity. 

HeM04aiii, sm. portmanteau. 

( 311 ) 

Hcneqi, sm, dim, H^moKi, cap, 

lepBOHeqi, sm. ducat. 
HepBoHHbifi, adj, red ; sm. a ducat. 
H^pesi, prep., see qpesi. 
Hepea^ypi, see ^pes^^pi. 
HepeedKi, sm. handle (of knives). 
^epR^Rifi, adj. Circassian. 
4epR^i, sm. a Circassian. 
4epBeBafl pa66Ta, inlaid enamelled 

HepHiiABHaa & ^epHHJHqa, sf, ink- 
^epHOBOJiocbitt, adj. black-haired. 
^epHOTd, sf. blackness, baseness. 
HepHutt, adj. black. 
HepBb, sf. populace, vulgar, inlaid 

^epH'I^Tb, vn. to grow black, appear 

Hepnaxb, ^epnH^xt, va. to draw, 

Hepii, sf. line, feature, 
'leprb & ^opit, sm. devil. 
HecaTi>Cfl, vr. to comb one's self, 

scratch one's self, to itch. 
?ecTH6fi, adj. honourable. 
H^THOCTB, */. honesty. 
H^THutt, adj. honest. 
HecTOJioCie, sn. ambition. 
?ecTb, sf. honour. 
Her^, sf couple, pair. 
HeiB^pn & -BepioKi, sm. Thursday. 
4eTBepKa,«/.a four (at cards),a8et of 

four horses. 
H^TBepo & H^TBepu, num, four. 
HeiBepTRa, sf. quarter, in quarto. 
^BTBepTuti, adj. fourth. 
I^TBepTb, sf quarter, quart. 
HoT^pe, num. four. 

?eTupeyr6dibeuil, adj. quadrangular. 

Hei^Heqi, sm. a Chechen. 

HennAt sf Chechen-land. 

4eniy^, sf. a scale (of tish), the strap 
(of a soldier's shako). 

^HHdBHHR'b, sm. functionary, clerk. 

Hbhi, sm, rank. 

4hci6, sn. number, date. 

"iHCTeHbRifi, dim., see HucTutt. 

Hhcto, adv. cleanly, neatly. 

"iHCTOTa, sf, cleanness, purity. 

^HCTUfi, adj. dim. ^ucTeHbRiii, clean, 

?HT^T&ib, sm. reader. 

^BTa-n, va. to read. 

^Bxaib, HHXH^, vn. to sneeze. 

iJCHi, sm, member. 

Hoprb, see qeprb. 

^peaBHiafiBO, adv. extremely, ex- 

^pesBbiq^flBOCTb, sf extraordinari- 
ness, to excess. 

Hpe3BH4^ltBbifi, adj, extraordinary, 

?pe3M']&pBbitt, adj, excessive, beyond 

^pea^ypi, adv. beyond bounds, ex- 

Hpeai & l^peai, prep, ace. across, 
over, through, by, after, in the 
course of. 

1t6, pron, what ? 

Hto, conj. that. 

HT06bi & Hi6&by conj. that, in order 

Hto Jii6o & HT0-BH6^4b, pron. any- 
thing, something. 

Hto-to, pron, something. 

H^BCTBO, sn. feelmg, sensation. 

^^BCTBOBaHie, sn, sensation, feeling. 

( 312 ) 

HftenoKkTh, va, to feel, experience. 
Hyr^HBuA, adj. of cast-iron. 
HjvfWj tm. cast-iron. 
Hy4^Buft, adj. marrellonSy won- 

^fXKTwn, vr. imp. to seem ; (vot 

-TCii), I gness, it seems to me, 

it appears. 
HYAinciif w. to wonder, be sor- 

H^4Hufi, adj. wonderful, strange. 
•1^40, sn. irr. {pL ^4eca), miracle, 

wonder, manreL 
Hys6MHa, tf. foreign country. 
Hfmgufi, adj. stranger to, exempt 

of ; -40, adv. 
Hjmdlk, adj. foreign, strange. 
Hfiksn, tm. lumber-room. 
HyJidn, tm. stocking. 
Hyi* & ^yib ^yT», adv. hardly, 

H>Tb Be, almost, 
^y-fln, ta. to scent, smell, hear. 
^ItMi, e&nj. than. 
HlJiTB — TtiTb, the (more), — the 



maroMi, adv. at a walking pace, 
niari, tm. pace, stride, marching. 
Ul3LmK6m, adv. dim., see maroin*. 
m^tlRa, tf, band, gang. 
IIIa.i^iirb, tm, hut, cabin. 
UJaiOCTb, tf. prank, trick, frolic, 

lUaHiaJii, tm. candlestick. 
llJ^nRa, tf. cap, fur-cap. 
niapHTb, vn. to rummage, fumble. 
UlaT^TMn, w, to totter, saunter, 


IDainKa, tf. sabre. 

inBeftq&pis, tf. SwitzerUmd. 

IDeBeiHTb, meBeJbB^, va. to stir, 
more ; -en, vr. to stir one's 

in&iKOBUfi, atij. silk, of silk. 

in&iKi, tm. silk. 

IDenB^Tb, pa., see menTUTb. 

Ui^ncfrhftm. & IIIeflTaBie,«n. whisper- 

nieirr^n, menB^, vn. to whisper. 

mepcn, tf. wool, fur, hair (of 

inepcTSB(>fi, adj. woollen* 

in^CTBOBaTb, vn. to march. 

inecTBa4iiaTb, num. sixteen. 

niecTdft, adj. sixth. 

niecrb, tm. perch, pole. 

mecTb, num. six. 

mecThAecArb, num. sixty. 

in^ii^ tf. neck. 

niBB^A, tf. cloak. 

niBnin, vn* to hiss. 

IIIBPHB&, tf. breadth, width. 

IOhphtb, va. to widen, enlai'ge. 

lOHp^Klfi, adj. wide, broad. 

inflpoKOiu^<ii ttfO^/.broad-shonldered. 

in^TUfi, part, embroidered, sewn. 

niHTb, va. to sew, embroider. 

UlHTb§, tn. sewing, embroidery. 

lORa^i & UlKani, tm. cupboard. 

niRBaJit, tm. squall. 

niR^ja, tf. school. 

UlR^pa, tf. skin, hide. 

IIljii4»poRi, tm. dresnng-gown. 

nijLiRi, tm. scull-cap. 

ni.nDni, tm. a sloop of war. 

Ill.i4na,«/'. hat. 

lllj^BRa, tf. woman's hat. 

mj^XTa, tf. nobility (of Polai^). 

lUdaToi, BM meiion. 

niocc^.m. ch&oB^, oinBewa;. 

Otniira, f/*. sword. 

Utn<5pa, tf. spar. 

DlTuCHBbill, '!'(('. atiiff, of the atafT. 

UlT»r]ri-iu)niiT(in'i>, na. seoond c&p- 

nliaO*, m. Btaff. 
fllTBJii, m. cslm. 

Ulr^Ea,;/'. » piece. 

lUruEb, uji. bayonet. 

IDyda,!/'. fur-alaak. 

Ill y MHO, mis. with noiBSjcUiaouiu uely . 


. to flaunt, 


lUyxlLTii, pn.lo nia-ke a Doiu. 
UlTpm^n, vs. to malle, make i 

niFTHTL, tin. to joke, jeBt. 
Uljrtia, l/t joke, jest, apart. 
Ulrrv, an. jester, buffoon. 
Dlriii, oi^e. jokiugly, menily. 


nieriMiin, merubfl^T 

n(£ilpo, atju. libetally. 

nif^jIpocTii, ■/. liberality, bounty. 

II(filpuH, ai/j. geaerouB, liberal. 

TSfitk, if. cheek. 

IlteRd.iiia. r^. latcli. 

nieJKan, meJnHyrt, tm. to ciack, 

nteuin, va. to nip, pinch ; en. to 

nienS, iT- '''>". m^uRa, chip, Bplliiler. 
nteT^Ha, s/ biiatlea. 
HI'i tf-pi- cabbage.goup. 

IIlKii£in, toBDO^^ CO. to pinch, nip, 

nlBTl, im. ghicM. 
ni^Ka, i/. pike. 


■B^S, (/■. eating. 

liaji, «/. drive, journey, voyage. 
'GajlBTb, see "tiiiTi.. 
1!<!Tfc,Ta.tTT. jirM. t«), to eat. 
■BiaTt, «B. irr. (;ire«, *iy) & ts- 
4m, to drive, ride, go. 

9auII, aee iiaKlfl. 

9iB, inltr)'. ah ! 

9»&Topi, m. equator. 

dEinis'l, HB. carriage, crew (of 

a rfiip). 
SKOBdull, (f. economy, liusbandry. 
Saiiicilll, adj. Ameer's, 
audpi, nn. Ameer. 
'daaatt^6tnTi, na. Epamiuondaa. 
Snoifali, (HI. epaulet, 
dniiift, 1/. epocli. 
3 psyprii, Jiw. Erf urt. 
9Ti'i iKi, nil. story floor. 
araeoB, adj. what such, HUch-like. 
Srait, aio aOjtliUB. 
Stoti, (/. ita, n. 4to), proa. this. 
3x%, ittttrj. ah ! how '. 

lOro-NCKiBi, nn. aouth-eiat 
lOro-BOCTdiauB, ml;, auuth-ei 
nn., nh. foutb. 

( 314 ) 

lOHiHutt, adj. south, southern, 

K)HOCTb, sf, youth,* juvenility. 

lOnoma, «m. youth. 

lOHomecRiil, adj. youthful, juvenile. 

lOuufi, adj. young, youthful. 

lOpilt, 9m, George. 

K)po4HBUit, adj. foolish, fanatic. 

lOcTHBi^Hi, tm. Justinian. 

IOtb, «m. poop. 

ff, jDTow. peri. {pi. iiu), I. 

flOJORO, m. apple. 

ABHTbCA, pa-y see fluiiTbCfl. 

flBj^Bie, «n. apparition, phenomenon. 

flBJ^TbCfl, trr. ; ;»>. flBHTbC/i, to appear. 

flBoufi, a<£;. manifest, evident, open. 

flrHeHOKi, »m. lamh, 

}l40BiTuli, a<(;. poisonous. 

ff4p6, sn. bullet, shelL 

fl4'B, <m. poison, venom. 

flai^Ri, «m. tongue, language. 

fls^^BHRi, «9n. heathen, pagan, 
flttqe & flitqd, sr. egg. 
Ana, »f. pit, hole, cavity. 
flMnqiRi, 9m. driver, carrier, 
flndeeqi, tm. a Japanese. 
llndBCRilt, (ui;. Japanese. 
flp^bCH, vr. to be in a fury. 
flpRiit, a^j, clear, bright, glowing, 

flpMapRa, tf. a fair, market. 
ffpocJ&RiB, «m. Yaroslav & Jaroslav. 
flpocTB, rf. rage, fury, 
ffCBO, adt. clearly. 
flCBLitt, adj. clear, distinct, bright, 

flCTBa, tm. pi, (sing, ^ctbo), eatable, 

fl^M^HB, 9111. barley. 
fln^BRi, «m. box, chest, a drawer. 


6e64op'b & 0@4opi, »». Theodore. 



I ll 


r _ 



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Wylie.— III. The Brhat Sanhit&; or, Ck)mplete System of Natural Astrology of Varftha-Mihira 
Translated fh>m Sanskrit into English by Dr. H. Kern.— IV. The Pongol Festival in Southern 
India. By Charles E. Oover.- V. The Poetry of Mohamed Rabadan, of Arragon. By the Right 
Hon. Lord Stanley of Alderley.— TI. Essay on the Creed and. Customs of the Jangaros. By 
Charles P. Brown.— VII. On Malabar, Coromandel, Quilon, etc. By C. P. Brown.— VIII. On 
the Treatment of the Nexus in the Neo-Aryan Languages of India. By John Beames, B.C.S.— 
IX. Some Remarks on the Great Tope at Sanchi. By the Rer. 8. Real.— X. Ancient Inscriptions 
flrom Mathura. Translated by Professor J. Dowson.— Note to the Mathura Inscriptions. By 
MaJor-General A. Cunningham.— XI. Specimen of a Translation of the Adi Oranth. By Dr. 
Ernest Trumpp.— XII. Notes on Dhammapada, with Special Reference to the Question of Nir* 
▼Ana. By R. C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.— XIII. The Brhat-SanhitA ; or, 
Complete System of Natural Astrology of VarlLha'mihira. Translated iSrom Sanokrit into English 
by Dr. H. Kern.— XIV. On the Ori^ of the Buddhist ArthakathAs. By the Mudliar L. ComriUa 
vijasinha, Government Interpreter to the Ratnapura Court, Ceylon. With an Introduction by 
R. C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.— XV. The Poetry of Mohamed Rabadan, of 
Arragon. By the Right Hon. Lord Stanley of Alderley. -XVI. Proverbia Communia Svriaca. 
By Captain R. F. Burton. XVII. Notes on an Ancient Indian Vase, with an Account of the En- 
graving thereupon. By Charles Home, M.R.A.S., late of the Bengal Civil Service.— XVIIL 
The fihar Tribe. By the Rev. M. A. Sherring, LL.D , Benares. Communicated by C. Home, 
M.RJk.S., late B.C.S.— XIX. Of Jihad in Mohammedan Law, and its application to British 
India. By N. B. E. Baillie.— XX. Comments on Recent Pehlvi Decipherments. With an Inci- 
dental Sketch of the Derivation of Aryan Alphabets. And Contributions to the Early History 
and Geography of Tabarist&n. Illustrated by Coins. By E. Thomas, F.R.S. 

Vol. Yf., Part 1, pp. 212, sewed, with two plates and a map. 1672. Ss. 

CoMTKNTS.— The Ishmaelites, and the Arabic Tribes who Conquered their Country. By A. 
Sprenger.— A Brief Account of Four Arabic Works on the History and Geography of Arabia. 
Bv Captain S. B. Miles.— On the Methods of Disposing of the Dead at Llassa, Thibet, etc. By 
Charles Home, late B.C.S. The Brbat-Sanhit&; or. Complete System of Natural Astrology m 
Yar&ha-mihira, Translated from Sanskrit into English by Dr. H. Kern.— Notes on Hwen 
Thrang*s Account of the Principalities of Tokh&risfe&n, in which some Previous Geographical 
Identi'fications are Reconsidered. By Colonel Yule, G.B.— The Campaign of .£lius Gallus in 
Arabia. By A. Sprenger.— An Account of Jerusalem, Translated for the late Sir H. M. Elliott 
from the Persian Text of Nfisir ibn Khusrti's Safanfimah by the late Major A. R. Fuller.— Ths 
Poetry of Mohamed Rabadan, of Arragon. By the Right Hon. Lord Stanley of Alderley. 

Vol. VI., Part II., pp. 213 to 400 and Ixxxiv., sewed. Illastrated with a Map, 
Plates, and Woodcuts. 1873. Ss, 

Contents.- On Hiouen-Thsang's Journey from Patna to Ballabhi. By James FergussoBi 
O.C.L., F.R.S. ~ Northern Buddhism. [Note from Colonel H. Tule, addresfied to the Secretary.] 
— Hwen Thsang's Account of the Principalities of Tokb&rist&n, etc. By Colonel H. Yule, C.B.^ 
The Bxhat-Sanhit& ; or, Complete System of Natural Astroloj^ of Varftha-mihira. Translated 
from Sanfikrit into English by Dr. H. K-em.— The Initial Comage of Bengal, under the Early 
Muhammadan Conquerors. Part II. Embracing the preliminary period between a.h. 614-6S4 

iA.D. 1217-1236-7^. By Edward Thomas, F.R.S.— The Legend of Dipafikara Buddha. Translated 
k-om the Chinese (and intended to illustrate Plates xxtx. and l., * Tree and Serpent Worship '). 
By S. Beal.— Note on Art. IX., antd pp. 213-274 on Hiouen-Thsang's Journey fk-om Patna to 
Ballabhi. By James Fergusson D.C.L., F.R.S.— Contributions towards a Glossary of the 
Assyrian Language. By H. F. Talbot. 

Vol. Vlf., Part I., pp. 170 and 24, sewed. With a plate. 1874. 8». 

CoNTKNTS.— The Upa8ampad&-Kammav6c&^ being the Buddhist Manual of the Form asd 

Manner of Ordering of Priests and Deacons. The P&li Text, with a Translation and Notei. 

By J. F. Dickson, B.A., sometime Student of Christ Church, Oxford^ now of the Ceylon (^Til 

Service.— Notes on the Megalithic Monuments of the Coimbatore District, Madras. By M. J< 

Walhouse, late Madras C.S.— Notes on the Sinhalese Language. No. 1. On the Formation of 

the Plural of Neuter Nouns. By R. C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.- The Pali 

Text of the Mah&parinibbana Su'tfa and Oonvmentary, with a Translation. By R. C. Childer% 

late of the Ceylon U-vil Service —The Brihat->Sanhit& ; or. Complete System of Natural Aatroloflr 

of Varfifaa-mihira. Translated from Sanskrit into English bv Dr. H. Kern. — Note on tao 

Valley of Choombi. By Dr. A. Campbell, late Superintendent of Daijeeling. — The Name of tho 

Twelfth lm£m on the Coinage of Egypt. By H. fiauvaire and Stanley Lane Poole. — ^Thres 

Jnaorjptions d Parftkrama B&bu theOreat from Pulastipura, Ceylon (date circa 1180 a.u.). BJ 

T. W. Rhj% Davids.— Of the Khar&i or Muhammadan Land Tax ; its Application to uritiH 

India, and Effect on the Tenure ot Laud. %^1^.^.¥^ Baillie. —Appendix: A Spccfmaiofs 

Sfrriao Veraioa of the Kalilah wa-I^mnaYi, -^nitXi a.xi'E;u^^^ui^'lx«Dsia2^i^ By W. WxighU 

57 and 59, Ludgate Hill, London, EX. 5 

Vol. YII., Part II., ppi 191 to 394, sewed. With seven plates and a map. 187o. St. 

CoMTSMTS.— Sigiri, the Lion Rook, near Polastipura, Cevlon ; and the Thlity-nintb Chapter 
of the jMah&vamsa. By T. W. KhVs Davids.— The Northern Frontagers of China. Part I. 
The Origiaee of the Mongols. By H. H. Howorth.— Inedited Arabic Coins. By Stanley Lane 
Poole.— Notice on the Din&rs of the Abbasside Dynasty. By Edward Thomas Rogers.— The 
Northern Frontagers of China. Part II. The Originet of the Manchus. By B. H. Howorth- 
—Notes on the Old Mongolian Capital of Shangtu. By 8. W. Boshell, B.Sc., M.D.— Oriental 
Proverbs in tbeir Relation* to Folklore, History, Sociologv ; with Suggestions for their CoUec. 
tion. Interpretation, Publication. By the Rev. J. Long.—Two Old Simhalese Inscriptions. The 
Sahasa Malla Inscription, date 1200 ▲ d., and the Ruwanwaeli Dagaba InscriptioD, date 1191 a.d. 
Text, Translation, and Notes. By T. W. Rhys Davids. — Notes on a Bactrian Pali Inscription 
and the Samvat Era. By Prof. J. Dowson. — Note on a Jade Drinking Vessel of the Emperor 
Jah&ngtr. By Edward Thomas, F.R.S. 

Vol. YIII., Part I», pp. 156, sewed, with three plates and a plan. 1876. 8«. 

OoNTxiTTS. — Catalogue of Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Possession of the Royal 
Asiatic Society (Hodgson Collection). By Professors E. B. Co well and J. Eggeling.— On the 
Ruins of Stgiri in Ceylon. By T. H. Blakesley, Esq., Public Works Department, Ceylon. -Tbe 
P&Umokkha, being the Buddhist Office of the Confession of Priests. The Pali Text, with a 
Translation, and Notes. By J F. Dickson, M.A., sometime Student of Christ Church, Oxford, 
now of the Ceylon Civil Service. — Notes on the Sinhalese Language. No. 2. Proofs of the 
Sanskritic Origin of Sinhalese. By R. C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Gbril Service. 

Vol. VIII., Part II., pp. 167-308, sewed. 1876. 8«. 

CoNTRNTS.— An Account of the Island of Bali. By R. Friederich.— The Pali Tbxt of the Mah&- 
parinibb&na Sutta and Commentary, with a Translation. By R C. Childers, late of the Ceylon 
Civil Service.— The Northern Fh)ntagers of China. Part III. The Kara Khitai. By H. H. 
Howorth.— Inedited Arabic Coins. II. By Stanley Lane Poole.— On the Form of Government 
under the Native Sovereigns of Ceylon. By A. de Silva Ekan&yaka, Mudaliyar of the Depart- 
ment of Public Instruction, Ceylon. 

Vol. IX., Part I., pp. 156, sewed, with a plate. 1877. 8«. 

CoNTXNTS.- Bactrian Coins and Indian Dates. By E. Thomas, F.R.8.— The Tenses of the 
Assyrian Verb. By the Rev. A. H Sayce, M.A.— An Account of the Island of BalL By R. 
Friedericb (continued from Vol. VIII. n.s. p. 218).— On Ruins in Makran. By Major Mockler. 
— Inedited Arabic Coins. III. By Stanley Lane Poole,— Further Note on a Bactrian Pali Inscrip- 
tion and the Samvat Era. By Prof. J. Dowson. — .Votes on Peisian Deldohistao. From the 
Persian of Mirza Mehdy Kh&n. By A. H. Schindler. 

Vol IX., Part II., pp. 292. sewed, with three plates. 1877. 10«. 6d, 

CoNTXirrs.— The Early Faith of Araka. By E. Thomas, F.R.S.— The Northern Frontagers 
of China. Part II. The Manohusjf Supplementary Notice). By H. H. Howorth.— The Northern 
Frontagers of China. Part IV. The Kin or Golden Tatars. By H. H. Howorth. -On a Treatise 
on Weigbts and Measures by Eliy&, Archbishop of Nislbln. By M. H. Sauvaire.— On Imperial 
and other Titles. By Sir T. E. Colebrooke, Bart., M.P.— Affinities of the Dialects of tbe Chepaiig 
and Kusundah Tribes of Nip&l with those of the Hill Tribe» of Arracan. By Captain C. J. F. 
Forbes F.R.G.S., M.A.8. Bengal, etc.— Notes on Some Antiquities found m a Mound near 
Damghan. By A. H. Schindler. 

Vol. X., Part I., pp. 156, sewed, with two plates and a map. 1878. 8«. 

CorfTBMTS.— On the Non^Aryan Languages of India. By E. L. Brandreth, Esq.— A Dialogue 
on the Vedantic Conception of Brahma. By Pramadft D&sa Mittra, late Officiating Professor of 
Anglo-Sanskrit, Government College, Benares.— An Account of the Island of. Bali. By R. 
Friedericb (continued from Vol. IX. N. S. p. 120).- Unpublished Glass Weights and Measures. 
By Edward Thomas Rogers.— Cbina vi& Tibet. By S. C. Boulger.— Notes and Recollections on 
Tea Cultivation in Kumaon and Garhw&l. By J. H. Batten, F.R.O.8., Bengal Civil Service 
Retired, formerly Commissioner of Kumaon. 

Vol. X., Part II., pp. 146, sewed. 1878. 6$. 

Contents.— Note on Pliny's Geography of the East Coast of Arabia. By Major-General 
8. B. Milen, Bombay Staff Corp*. -Tbe Mal(five Islands ; with a Vocabulary taken from Fran9ois 
Fjnrd de Laval, 1602—1607. By A. Gray, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.— On Tibeto- Barman 
Languages. By Captain C. J. F. S. Forbes, of the Burmese Civil Service Commission. — Burmese 
Trtmsliteration! By H. L. St. Barbe, Esq., Resident at Mandelay.— On the Connexion of the 
Mdns of Pegu with the Koles of Central India. By Captain C. J. F. S. Forbes, of the Burmese 
Civil Commission.— Studies on the Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages, with 
Special Reference to Assyrian. By Paul Haupt. The Oldest Semitic Verb- Form.— Arab Metro* 
logy. II. El Djabarty. By M. H. Sauvaire.— The Migrations and Early History ol the White 
Huns ; principally from Chinese Sources. By Thomas W. KiagsmilU 

Vol. X., Part III., pp. 204, sewed. 1878. 8«. 

CoNTKMTS.- On the Hill Canton of S&l&r,— the most Easterly Settlement of the Turk Race. 
By Robert B. Shaw. Geological Notes on the River Indus By Griffin W. Vyse, B.A., M.R.A.8., 
eto.. Executive Engineer P.W.D. Panjab.— Educational Literature for Jai^wMA.^ '^^waK^*.. ^;j 
Basil Hall Chamberlain, Esq., M.R.A.6.— On the l^aXntaX. VYi«qo\s«!Imwl Yjaa'«\j.Na.^^'6^'«»^-^ 

6 Linguistic Publications of Irubner Sf Co., 

the Names Sub-hi-Kftsib, etc., etc. By J. W. Redhoiue, M.R.A.8., Hon. Memb. B.S.L.— On 
m CfaineM Yeraloii of the Sinkhya KftrikA, etc., found among the Buddhist Books comprising 
the Tripitaka and tvo other works. Rv the Bev. Samuel Beal, M.A.— The Book-out Phrygiaa 
lasodptions at Doganlu. By Edward Thomas, F.R.S.~Index. 

Vol. XI., Part. I., pp. 128, lewed. 58, 

GoMvxirrs.^OD the Position of Women in the East in the Olden Time. By Edward Thomas, 
F.E.8. — Notice of the Scholars who have Contributed to ^e Extension of our Knowledge of titt 
Languages of British India during the last Thirty Tears. By Robert N. Gust, Hon. Librarian 
K.A.S.— Ancient Arabic Poetry: its Gemiinenese and A«thentioity. By Sir William Muir, K.C.8.I., 
LL.D.— Note on Manrioue's Mission and the Catholics in the time of Sh&h Jahftn. By H. 0. 
Keene, Esq.— On Sandhi in Pali. By the late K, C. Childers.—On Arabic Amulets and Mottoes. 
By E. T. Bogers, M.BA.S. 

Asiatic Society. — Transactions op the Royal Asiatic Society op 

Great Britain and Ireland. Complete in 3 vols. 4to., 80 Plates of Fac- 

limiles, etc., cloth. London, 1827 to 183^. Pnbliefhed at £9 5t. ; reduced to 

jt6 68, 

The above contains oontrib«tions by Professor Wilson, O. C. Haughton, Dayis, Morrisoa, 
Colebrooke, Humboldt, Dom, Grotefend, and other eminent Oricaital scholars. 

Asiatic Society of Bengal. — Journal op the Asiatic Society of 

Benoal. Edited by the Honorary Seoretariei. 8vo. 8 numbers per annum, 
48, each number. 

Asiatic Society of Bengal. — Pboceedings of the Asiatic Suciety 

OF Bengal. Published Monthly. l8, each number. 

Asiatic Society. — The Journal op the Bombay Branch of toe 

Royal Asiatic Society. Edited by the Secretary. Nos. 1 to 35. 7«. 6^. 
to 10«. 6^. each number. 

Asiatic Society. — Jouenac -op the Ceylon Branch op the Boyal 

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pp. 110, with plates. 1874. Vol. II. From 22nd October, 1873, to I5th 
July, 1874. &V0. pp. 249. 1874. Vol. III. Part I. Froai I6th July, 1874, 
to December, 1874, 1876. Vol III. Part II. From 13th January, 1876, to 
30th June, 1876. Vol. IV. From 20th October, 1875, to 12th July, 1876. 
Each Part 7», ed, 

Asiatic Society. — Journal of the North China Branch op the 

Royal Asiatcc Society. New Series. Parts 1 to 11. 
Aston. — A Geamhar of the Japanese Written Language. By W. G. 

Aston, M.A., Assistant Japanese Secretary, H B.M.'s Legation, Yedo, Japan. 
Second edition, Enlarged and Improved. Royal 8vo. pp. 306. 28«. 

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W. O. Aston, M.A., H. B. M.'s Legation, Yedo, Japao. Third edition. 
12mo. cloth, pp. 96. 12«. 

Athar-nl-Adhar — Traces of Centuries ; or, Geographical and Historical 
Arabic Dictionary, by Selim Khubi and Selim Sh-hade. Geographical 
Parts I. to IV., Historical Parts I. and II. 4to. pp. 788 and 384. Price 
7». 6d. each part. [In course of publication, 

Atharva Veda PratigaHiya. — See under Whitnet. 

Auctores Sanscriti. Edited for the Sanskrit Text Society, tinder the 

supervision of Theodor Goldstucker. Vol. I., containing the Jaiminiya- 
Nyclya-Mala^Vistara. Parts I. to VII., pp. 582, large 4to. sewed. lOs, 
each part. Complete in one vol., cloth, £Z I'Ss, 6d, Vol. II. The Institates 
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Veda. £dited with Critical Kotes and Indices, by Dr. Richard Qarbz. 
8vo, Bewed, pp. 1 18. 5s. 

ot ana ov, jjiMgaie xiiu, jx/Tuwn, jst.u. * 

Axon. — The Liteba-tubz of thx Lanoashibe Diaxect. A Biblio- 
graphical Essay. By William £. A. Axon, F.B.S.L. Fcap. 8vo. sewed. 
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Badmiaier. — Pasigbaphisohes Wortbbbttch zum Gebbauche fub die 

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Disconnected Essays on Matters relating to China. By Frbdrric Henry 
Balfour. 1 vol. demy 8yo. doth, pp. 224. 10«. Qd, 

Ballad Society (The). — Subscription — Small paper, one guinea, and 
large paper, three guineas, per annum. List of publications 
on application. 

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use of the East India College at Haileyhury. By Jambs R. Ballamttnb, of 
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Ballantyne. — Pbinciples of Pebsjan Caligbaphy, illustrated by 

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use of the Scottish Naval and Military Academy, by James R. Ballantyne. 
4to. cloth, pp. 14, 6 plates. 2«. Qd, 

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in corroboration of Biblical History and the Rudiments of Christian Doctrine. 
Including Dissertations on the Onginal Home and Early Adventures of Indo- 
Arians. By the Rev. K. M. Banerjea. 8vo. sewed, pp. xviii. and 236. 8«. M. 

Bate. — A DicTioNABT of the Hindee Language. Compiled by J. 
D. Bate. 8vo. cloth, pp. 806. £2 12«. 6^. 

Beal. — Tbavels of Fah Hian and Sung-Yun, Buddbist Pilgrims 

from China to India (400 A. o. and 518 a.d.) Translated from the Chinese, 
by S. Beal (B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge), a Chaplain in Her Maie&t^tL 
Fleet, a Member of the Royal Asiatic Society, axvd. K.\i\>Ekut qi\ ^'\x«xy^vi&\ssvv ^ 
the Pratitodksha and the AmUbeiba SClUsl itom iVfe ^\&i«»%» ^x^>h\^.'^^^-^'^ 

S Linguistic PubUeations of Trulner 4* Co.^ 

Beal. — k. Catena, op Bttddhist Sobiftubes feoic the Chiksse. By S. 

Bbal, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; a Chaplain in Her Majesty's Fleet, 
etc. 8yo. cloth, pp. xiv. and 436. 1871. 15«. 

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« Chinese-Sanscrit by the Rev. Samubl Beal, Anther of <* Baddhist Pilgrims,*' 
etc. Crown 8yo. cloth, pp. 400. 1875. 12«. 

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A Catalogne and Compendious Report. By Samttbl Beal, B.A. Folio, sewed, 

pp. 117. 7». 6rf. 
Beat— Texts fboic the Buddhist Canon, commonly known, as 

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Chinese, University of London. With accompanying Narrative. Post 8vo. 

pp. viii. and 176, cloth. 7«. 6^. 

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revised edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 96. 5«. 

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Svo. pp. 26, sewed. 1868. U. Qd, 

Beames. — A Comfabatiye Gbammab of the Modebn Abyan Languages 

OF India (to wit), Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, Qujarati. Marathi, Uriya, and 

Bengali. By John Beames, Bengal C.S., M.R.A.S., &c. 
Vol. I. On Sounds. Svo. doth, pp. xvi and 860. 16«. 
Vol. II. The Noun and the Pronoun. Svo. cloth, pp. xii. and 848. 16«. 
Vol III. The Verb. 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 816. [Just ready. 

Bede. — Yenebabilis Bbdjb Histobia Ecclesiastic a Gentis Anglobxtx. 

Ad Fidem Codd. MS3. recensuit Josephxts Steyenson. With plan of the 
English Historical Society, by the late John Miller. 8v. pp. xxxv., xxL and 
424, and 2 facsimiles. Is. 6d. 
The same, in royal 8vo., uniform with the publications of the Master of the Rolls. 
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By H. W. Bellew, Assistant Surgeon, Bengal Army. Super Royal 8vo. 
op. xii. and 356, cloth. 42«. 

Bellew. — A Gbammab of the Pukkhto ob Pukshto Language, on a 

New and Improved System. Combining Brevity with Utility, and Illustrated by 
Exercises and Dialogues. By H. W. Bellew, Assistant Surgeon, Bengal Army. 
Super-royal 8vo.,pp. xii. and 156« cloth. 21«. 

Bellew. — Feom the Indus to the Tigbis : a Narrative of a Journey 

through the Countries of Balochistan, Afghanistan, Khorassan, and Iran, in 
1872 ; together with a Synoptical Grammar and Vocabulary of the Brahoe 
Language, and a Record of the Meteorological Observations and Altitudes on 
the March from the Indus to the Tigris. By H. W. Bellew, C.S.I., Surgeon 
Bengal Staff Corps, Author of "A Journal of a Mission to Afghanistan in 
1857-58," and **A Grammar and Dictionary of the Pukkhto Language." 
Demy Svo. cloth. 14*. 

Bellew. — EIashmib and Kashghab. A Narrative of the Journey of 
the Embassy to Kashghar in 1873-74. By H. W. Bellew, C.S.I. Demy 
Svo. cl., pp. xzxii. and 420. \6s. 

Bellows. — English Outline Vocabulabt, for the use of Students of the 
Chinese, Japanese, and other Languages. Arranged by John Bellows. With 
Notes on the writing of Chinese wMVv. ^m«in. Letters.By Professor Summs, 
KiDs;'8 CoUeg0^ Lotion. Crown %no .^ VV* ^ ^"^^ ^^^^ ^NniCsi* ^«« 

57 and 59, Ludgate Hilt, London, JS.O» 9 

Bellows. — OiTTLiiTEDionoNAJiT,poETHB USE OP MissioNABiES, Explorers, 

and Students of Language. By Max MUllbr, M.A.fTaylorian Professor in the 
University of Oxford. With an Introduction on the proper use of the ordinary 
English Alphabet in transcribing Foreign Languages. The Vocabulary compiled 
by John Bellows. Crown 8vo. Limp morocco, pp. xxxi. and 368. 7«. 6<f. 

Bellows. — Dictionary fok the Pocket, French and English, Englijd^ 
and French. Both Divisions on same page. By John Bellows. Masculine 
and Feminine Words shown by Distinguishing Types. Conjugations of all the 
Verbs; Liaison marked in French Fart, and Hints to aid Pronunciation. 
Together with Tables and Maps. Eeyised by Alexanohb Beljamb, M.A., 
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Bibliotheca Orientalis: or, a Complete List of Books, Pamphlets, 

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Hope. In one volume, small Svo., pp. xxxi. axv^.^^, ^>^. . "^^^ ^Oii« 

10 Linffuistie PubUca&ons of Triibner ^ Co.f 

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IS. .BHAVABHtri's MALATi-MAiiBA.yA. "With the Commentary of 
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67 and 59, Ludgate Hill, London^ JE.C. 11 

torooah. — A Pbactical English-Saitskrit Dictionakt. By Antth"- 

DORAM BoROOAH, B.A., B.C.S., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law^. 
Vol. L A to Falseness, pp. xx.-580-lO. £1 \U, 6d, 

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of the Calcutta University, heing a few notes on the Sanskrit Texts sele^ttd 
for examination, and their Commentaries. By Anunoouam Borooah. ^yo» 
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By W. BoTTHELL (an old Celt). Demy 12mo. pn. v\. 292, cloth. 1 870. Scarce. 

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Iretschneider. — Notices of the Mediaeval Geogbaphy and Histobt 

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and Compared with the Ohservations of Western Authors in the Middle Ages. 
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Irhat-Sanhita (The). — See under Kern. 

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British Museum. By Dr Ernst Haas. Printed by permission of the Trustees 
of the British Museum. 4to pp. viii. and 188, boards. £l U, 

Iritish Museum Publications (List of) on Sale by Tbubneb & Co. 

[(M application. 

Iritish Archseological Association (Journal of The). Volumes 1 to 

31, 1844 to ]876j tl lis, dd. each. Generallndex to vols. 1 to 30. 8to. cloth. 
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•town. — Sanskbit Pbosodt and I^itmebtcal Symbols Explained. By 
Charles Philip Brown, Author of the Telugu Dictionary, Grammar ^«.tft.^^^^- 
feasor of Telugu in the UniversitT of Londou, Ii^mN^^^.V^.^^^^'^'^' %%.'^^. 

12 Linguiatte Publications of TrUbner ^ Co., 

BiiUer. — Eleyen Land-Grawts of the Chaultjktas op AvkllyIh* 

A Contribution to the History of Gigar&t. By G. Bijhles. 16ino. aewed, 
pp. 126, with Facsimile. d«. 6</. 

Biihler. — Tkkee New Edicts op AiSoka. By G. Buhleb. 16mo. 

sewed, with Two Facsimiles. 2«. 6</. 

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of the First Season's Operations in the Belgllm and Kaladgi Districts. Jan. to 
May, 1874. By James Burgess. With 56 photographs and Uth. plates. 
Boyal 4to. pp. viii. and 45. £2 2«. 

Vol. 2. Report of the Second Season's Operations. Beport on the Antiquities of 
Eathiawad and Eachh. 1S74-5. ByJAMEs Bukoess, F.K.G.S., M.R.A.S.,6tc. 
With Map, Inscriptions, Photographs, etc. ' Boy. 4to. half bound, pp. x. and 
242. £3 3«. 

Vol. 3. Beport of the Third Season's Operations. 1875-76. Beport on the 
Antiquities in the Bidar and Aurangabad District. Boyal 4to. half bound 
pp. yiii. and 138, with 66 photographic and lithographic plates. £2 28, 

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Fourth to the Seventeenth Century ad. By A. G. Bubnell. Second Corrected 
and Enlarged Edition, 34 Plates and Map, in One VoL 4to. pp. ziF.-148. 
£2 12«. 6e/. 

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Place in the Sanskrit and Subordinate Literatures. By A. C. Bubnell. 8to. 
pp. 120. 10«. 6dL 

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of the Sama Veda. Edited, together with the Commentary of Sfiya^a, an 
English Translation, Introduction, and Index of Words, by A. C. Bubnell. 
Volume I.— Text and Commentary, with Introduction. 8yo. pp. zxxviii. and 
104. I2s. 6rf. 

Bnmell. — The Abshbyabeahmana (being the fonrth Brahman a) o? 
THE Sama Vbda. The Sanskrit Text. Edited, together with Extracts from the 
Commentary of Sayana, etc. An Introduction and Index of Words. By A. C. 
Bubnell, Ph.D. 8vo, pp. 51 and 109. 10«. ^d, 

Bnmell. — The DEVATaDHTaTABBaHMANA (being the Fifth Brahmana) 
of the Sama Veda. The Sanskrit Text edited, with the Commentary of Sayaim, 
an Index of Words, etc., by A. C. Bubnell, M.R.A.S. 8yo. and Trans., 
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Sama Veda. Edited in Sanskrit by A. C. Bubnell, Ph. D. ttvo. sewed, pp. 
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Index of Words, etc. Edited by A. C. Bubnell, Ph.D. 8vo. stiff boards, 
pp. 86. 7«. 6rf. 

Bnmell. — The Vam9Abbahmana (being the Eighth Brahmana) of the 

S^ma Veda. Edited, together with the Commentary of Sayana, a Prefue and 
Index of Words, by A. G. Bubnell, M.R.A.S., etc. 8vo, sewed, pp. zliii.) 
12 f and zii.| with 2 coloured p\a,Ua. \Qs. ^d. 

S7 and 59, Ludgate Hill, London, KC. 13 

Butler. — HuNGAEiAN Poems and Pable8 fob English Readers. 

Selected aud translated by E. D. Butler, of the British Museam. With 
Illustrations by A.. 6. Butleb. Foap. limp cloth, pp. vi.-88. 1877. 2«. 

Bnttmann. — A Geammab op the "New Testament Greek. By A. 

BuTTMANiY. Aathorized translation by Prof J. H. Thayer, with numerous 
additions and corrections by the author. Demy 8to. cloth, pp. xx. and 474'. 
1873. 14*. 

Butrn8-al-Bti8taiiy.--«^jl*4l\ i^)^ c-^l:;^ An Arabic Encylopeedia 

of Universal Knowledge, by Butrus-al-Bubtany, the celebrated compiler 
of Mohit ul Mohit (\suS^\ la-^.s^), and Katr el Mohit {\a^^\ 0^3 \ 

This work will be completed in from 12 to 15 Vols., of which Vols. I. to IIT. 
are ready, Vol. I. contains letter ] to C-^1 ; Vol. II. L^\ to j1; Vol. III. 

j\toc.\. Small folio, cloth, pp. 800 each. £1 11«. 6^. per Vol. 

Byington. — Grammar oe the Choctaw Language. By the Eev. Cyrus 

Byinoton. Edited from the Original MSS. in Library of the American 
Philosophical Society, by D. G. Brintok, M.D. Cr. 8yo. sewed, pp. 56. 7«. Gd. 

Calcutta Eeview (The). — Published Quarterly. Price 8«. 6d. per 

Caldwell. — A Comparative Grammar op the Dra vidian, or South- 
Indian Family of Languages. By the Re?. R. Caldwell, LL.D. A 
Second, corrected, and enlarged Edition. Demy 8yo. pp. 805. 1875. 28«. 

Callaway. — Izinganekwane, N'ensumansumane, Nezindaba, Zabantu 

(Nursery Tales, Traditions, and Histories of the Zulus). In their own words, 
with a Translation into English, and Notes. By the Rev. Henry Callaway, 
M.D. Volume I., 8vo. pp. xiv. and 378, cloth. Natal, 1866 and 18(i7. 16«. 

Callaway. — The Bjxigious System oe the Amazulu. 

Part I. — Unkulunkulu ; or, the Tradition of Creation as existing among the 

Amazulu and other Tribes of South Africa, in their own words, with a translation 

into English, and Notes. By the Rev. Canon Callaway, M.D. 8vo. pp. 128, 

sewed. 1 868. 4s. 
Part ll. — Amatongo; or, Ancestor Worship, as existing among the Amazulu, in 

their own words, with a translation into English, and Notes. By the Rev. 

Canon Callaway, M.D. 1869. 8vo. pp. 1 27, sewed. 1869. 4«. 
Part III. — Izinyanga Zokubula ; or. Divination, as existing among the Amazulu, in 

their own words. With a Translation into English, and Notes. By the Rev. 

Canon Callaway, M.D. 8vo. pp. 150, sewed. 1870. 4«. 

Part IV. — Abatakati, or Medical Magic and Witchcraft. 8vo. pp. 40, sewed. 1«. 6d, 

Callig^aris. — Le Compagnon de Tous, ou Dictionnaire Polyglotte. 

ParleColonel Louis Callto a his. Grand Officier, etc. (French— Latin— Italian — 
Spanish — Portuguese — German — English — Modern Greek — Arabic — Turkish .^ 
2 vols. 4to., pp. 1157 and 746. Turin. £i 4«. 

Campbell. — Specimens of the Languages op India, including Tribes 

of Bengal, the Central Provinces, and the Eastern Frontier. By Sir G. 
Campbell, M.P. Folio, paper, pp. 308. 1874. £1 Us. 6d. 

Carletti. — iDH-HAB-ui-HAQa, Ou Manifestation de la Ye rite de El-hage 
Rahmat-ullah Effendi de Delhi (un des Descendants du Califfe Osman-ben- 
'Affan). Traduit de I'Arabe, par un Eminent, quoique tres-jeune, Orientaliste de 
Tunis. Revu sur le texte, retoUche en plusieurs endroits et augment^ d*une 
preface et d'un appendixe. Par P. V, Carletti. In Two Vols. 8vo. [In the press. 

Carpenter. — The Last Days in England op the Eajah Rammohun 
Rot. By Mast Cakfenteb, of Bristol. With Five Illustrations. 8vo. pp. 
272, cloth. 7s. 6d. 

14 Linguistic Pubhcattoiu of Trubner ^ Co.^ 

Carr. — «-o(^er*s ^^^L?^- ^ Collection op Telugu Peovebbs, 

Translated, IlIuBtrated, and Explained ; together with some Sanscrit Proyerbe 
printed in the Deyn^eaii and Telugu Characters. By Captain M. W. Carb, 
Madras Staff Corps. One Vol. and Supplemnt, royal 8yo. pp. 488 and 148. 31«. M 

Caflin. — 0-Kee-Pa. A Religious Ceremony of the Mandans. By 
George Catlin. With 13 Coloured Illustrations. 4to. pp. 60, bound in cloth, 
gilt edges. 14«. 

Chalmers. — ^A Conctse Khano-hsi Chinese Diction abt. By the Rev. 

J. Chalmers, LL.D., Canton. Three Vols. Royal 8yo. bound in Chinese 
style, pp. 1000. 21«. 

Chalmers. — The Oeigin of the Chinese; an Attempt to Trace the 
connection of the Chinese with Western Nations in their Religion, Superstitions, 
ilrts, Langaage, and Traditions. By John Cualmebs, A.M. Foolscap 8vo. 
cloth, pp. 78. 59. 

Chalmers. — The Speculations on Metaphysics, Politt, and Mobautt 
OP " The Old Philosopher" Lau Tszb. Translated from the Chinese, with 
an Introduction by John Chalmers, M.A. Foap. 8to. cloth, zx. and 62. 4«. 6</. 

Chamock. — Ltjdus Patkontmicus ; or, the Etymology of Curious Sur- 
names. By Richard Stephen Cuarnock, Ph.D., F.S.A., F.R.G.S. Crown 
8vo.. pp. 182, cloth. 7«. ^d, 

Chamock. — Veeba I^ominalia ; or Words derived from Proper Names. 
By Richard Stephen Charnock, Ph. Dr. F.S.A., etc. 8vo. pp. 326, cloth. 14«. 

Chamock. — The Peoples of Transyltania. Founded on a Paper 
read before The Anthropological Society of London, on the 1th of May, 
1869. By Richard Stephen Charnock, Ph.D., F.S.A., F.R.G.S. Demy 
8vo. pp. Z^, sewed. 1870. 2». 6rf. 

Chaucer Society's (The). — Subscription, two guineas per annum. 

List of Publications on application. 

Childers. — A Pali-English Dictionakt, with Sanskrit Equivalents, 
and with namerous Quotations, Extracts, and References. Compiled by the late 
Prof. R. G. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service. Imperial 8vo. Double 
Columns. Complete in 1 Vol., pp. xxii. and 622, cloth. 1875. £3 3«. 

The first Pali Dictionary ever published. 

Childers. — I^otes on the Sinhalese Language. No. 1. On the 
Formation of the Plural of Neuter Nouns. By tiie late Prof. R. C. Childers. 
Demy 8vo. sd., pp. 16. 1873. 1«. 

Childers. — On Sandhi in Pali. By the late Prof. E. C. Childebs. 

8vo. sewed, pp. 22. 1«. 

Childers. — The Mahapaeinibbanasutta of the Sutta-Pitaia. The 
Pali Text. Edited by the late Professor £. C. Childers. Svo. cloth, pp. 

72. 5*. 

China Beview; oe, Notes and Queries on the Ear East. Pub- 
lished bi-monthly. Edited by E. J. Eitel. 4to. Subscription, £\ 10«. 
per volume. 

Chintamon. — A Commentary on the Text oe the BnAGAVAD-GfTl; 

or, the Discourse between Krishna and Arjuna of Divine Matters. A Sanscrit 
Philosophical Poem. With a few Introductory Papers. By HurrtchuND 
Chintamon, Political Agent to H. H. the Guicowar Sdulhar Rao Maharajah 
of Baroda. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. 118. 6«. 

Christaller. — A Dictionary, English, Tshi, (Asante), Aiola; Tshi 

(Chwee), comprising as dialects Ak&n (Asante, Ak^m, Akoapem, etc.) and 
F&nt^ ; Akra (Accra), connected with Adangme ; Gold Coast, West Africa. 
Enyiresi, Twi ne* l5^kran I Enlisi, Otstii k§ Ga 

nsem - asekyere - hVionia. \ "mfcm<i\ • ^v^v^jlomti- wolo. 

57 and 59, Xiudffate Hill, London^ B.C. 15 

By the Rey. J, G. Christallbb, Rev. C. W. Loohbb, Rev. J. Zimmermanit. 
16mo. 7«. 6</. 

Ihristaller. — A. Qbaickar of the Asante anb Fante LANeuAGE, called 

Tsbi (Chwee, Twi) : baaed on the Akoapem Dialect, with reference to the 
other (Akan and Fante) Dialects. By Rev. J. G. Christ allbr. 8vo. pp. 
xxiv. and 203. 1875. 10«. 6^. 

!larke. — Ten Gbeat Keligions : an Essay in CJomparative Theology. 
By Jakes Freeman Clakkb. Svo. cloth, pp. x. and 528. 1871. 15«. 

Ilarke. — Mbmoib on the Comtaeatite Gtbammab op Egyptian, Coptic, 

AND Udb. By Htde Clarke, Cor. Member American Oriental Society ; Mem. 
Ger^ian Oriental Society, etc. , etc. Demy Svo. sd., pp. Z'2. 2«. 

TiVE Philoloot, Mytholoot, and ARCHiBOLOOT, in connexion with the 
Origin of Culture in America and the Accad or Sumerian Families. By Hyde 
Clarke. Demy 8vo. sewed, pp. xi. and 74. 1875. 28. 6d» 

Harke. — Sebpent and Siva Wobship, and Mythology in Central 

America, Africa and Asia. By Hyde Clarkb, Esq. 8vo. sewed, la. 

rleasl^y, — An Icelandic-English Dictionaey. Based on the MS. 
Collections of the late Richard Cleasby. Enlarged and completed by G. 
ViGFtJssoN. With an Introduction, and Life of Richard Cleasby, by G. Wbbbe 
Dasbnt, D.C.L. 4to. £Z 7*. 

Ileasby. — Appendix to an Icelandic -English Dictionaey. See 


lolebrooke. — The Life and Miscellaneous Essays op Henby Thomas 

Colebrooke. The Biography by his Son, Sir T. E. Colebrookb, Bart., M.P., 
Tbe Essays edited by Professor Cowell. In 3 vols. 
Vol. I. The Life. With Portrait and Map. Demy Svo. cloth, pp. xii. and 492. 


Vols. II. and III. The Essays. A New Edition, with Notes by E. B. Cowell, 
Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Cambridge. Demy Svo. cloth, pp. 
xvi.-544, and X.-520; 1873. 28a. 

'oUeccao de Yocabulos e Prases usados na Provincia de S. Pedro, 
do Rio Grande do Sul, no Brasil. 12mo. pp. 82, sewed. Is, 

kmtoponlos. — A Lexicon op Modebn Gbeek-English and English 
Modern Greek. By N. Contopoulos. In 2 vols. Svo. cloth. Part I. 
Modern Greek -English, pp. 460. Part II. English-Modem Greek, pp. 582. 
£1 78. 

lonway. — The Sacbed Anthology. A Book of EthDical Scriptures. 

Collected and edited by M. D. Conway. 4th edition. Demy Svo. cloth, 
pp. xvi. and 480. 12a. 

loomara Swamy. — The DathIvansa ; or, the History of the Tooth- 
Relic of Gotama Buddha. The Pali Text and its Translation into English, 
with Notes. By Sir M. Coomara Swamy, Mudeli&r. Demy Svo. cloth, pp. 
174. 1874. 10a. 6d, 

loomara Swamy. — The DathXvansa ; or, the History of the Tooth- 
Relic of Gotama Buddha. English Translation only. With Notes. Demv 
8vo. cloth, pp. 100. 1874. 6a. 

'oomara Swamy. — Sutta NipIta; or, the Dialogues and Discourses 
of Gotama 'Buddha. Translated from the Pali, with Introduction and Notes. 
By Sir M. Coomara Swamy. Cr. 8vo. cloth, pp. xxxvi. and 160. 1874. 6a. 

btton. — Ababic Pbimeb. Consisting of 180 Short Sentences contain-, 
ing 30 Primary Words prepared according to the Vocal System of Studying 
Language. By General Sir Arthur Cotton, K.C.S.I. Cr. 8yo. cloth, pp. 
38. 2«. 

16 Linguistic rublieations of ifuoner f* Co.f 

Cowell and Eggeling. — Catalootte of Buddhist Sakskbit Makitscstpts 

in the Possegsion of the Royal Asiatic Society (Hodgson Collection). By Pro- 
* fessors £. B. Cowbll and J. Egoblino. 8to. sd., pp. 66. 2«. 6d. 

CowelL — A 8H0BT Introductiok to the Okdinaut Frakbit of the 

Sanskrit Dramas. With a List of Common Irregular Prakrit Words. By 
Prof. E. B. Cowell. Cr. 8vo. limp cloth, pp. 40. 1875. Ss. 6^. 

Cunningliain. — The Ancient Geogkaphy of India. I. The Buddhist 

Period, including the Campaif^ns of Alexander, and the Travels of Hwen-Thsang. 
By Albxandeb Cunntnoham, Major-General, Royal Engineers (Bengal He- 
tired). With thirteen Maps. 8vo. pp. xx. 590, cloth. 1870. 28«. 

Ciumingliam. — The Bhilsa Topes; or, Buddhist Mionuments of Central 
India : comprising a brief Historical Sketch of the Rise, Progress, and Oteline 
of Buddhism ; with an Account of the Opening aud Examination of the varioni 
Groups of Topes around Bhilsa. By Brev.- Major Alexander Cunningham, 
Bengal Engineers. Illustrated with thirty- three Plates. 8to. pp. xzxvi. 370, 
cloth. 1854. £2 2s, 

Ciumingham. — Aech^ological Subvey of India, Four Reports, 

made during the years 1862-63-64-65. By Alexander Cunningham, C.S.I., 
Major-General, etc. With Maps and Plates. Vols. 1 to 5. 8 vo. cloth. £6. 

Oust. — A Sketch of the Modebn LA.NaTJAaE8 of the East Indies. 

Accompanied by Two Language Maps. By R. Cust. Post 8?o. pp. xiL and 
198, cloth. 12«. 

Ba Cnnha. — Memoib on the Histobt of the Tooth-Relio of 

Cetlon ; with an Essay on the Life and System of Gautama Buddha. By J. 
Gerson da Ctjnha. 8?o. cloth, pp. xiy. and 70. With 4 photographs and cuts. 
7«. 6d. 

Ba Cnnha. — The Sahyadbi Khanda of the Skanda Pubana; a 

Mythological, Historical and Geographical Account of Western India. First 
edition of the Sanskrit Text, with various readings. By J. Gbr80N da Cukha, 
M.R.C.S. and L.M. Eng., L.R.C.P. Edinb., etc. 8vo. bds. pp. 680. £1 U, 

Ba Cnnha. — Kotes on the Histobt and Antiquities of Chaul and 

Bassein. By J. Gerson da Cunha, M.R.C.S. and L.M. Eng., etc 8to. 
cloth, pp. xvi. and 262. With 17 photographs, 9 plates and a map. £l 5s, 

Balton. — Descbiptive Ethnology of Bengal. By Edwabd Tijitb 

Dalton, C.S.I., Colonel, Bengal Staff Corps, etc. Illustrated by Lithograph 
Portraits copied from Photographs. Si Lithograph Plates. 4to. half- calf, 
pp. 340. £6 68, 

B'Alwis. — A Descbiptiye Catalogue of Sanskbit, Pali, and Sinhalese 

LiTRKARY WoRKg OF Cetlon. By Jamrs D'Alwis, M.R.A.S., Advocate of 
the Supreme Court, &c., &c. In Three Volumes. Vol. I., pp. xxxii. and 244, 
sewed. 1870. 8«. 6d, 

Bavids. — Thbee Inscbiptions of PABaKRAMA BaHU THE Gbeat, from 
Pulastipura, Ceylon. By T. W. Rhys Davids. 8vo. pp. 20. Is, Hd, 

Bavids. — Sigiri, the Lion Rock, neab Pulastipura, and the 39th 
Chapter of the Mahay amsa. By T. W. Rhys Davids. 8vo. pp. 30. Is. 6d, 

Belepierre. — Supebcheeies Ltttebaibes, Pastiches Suppositious 
d'Autkur, dans LE8 Lettres et dans les Arts. Par Octave Delepieubx. 
Fcap. 4to. paper cover, pp. 328. 14«. 

Belepierre. — Tableau de la Litt^batube du Centon, chez les Anciens 

et chez les Modernes. Par Octave Delepierre. 2 vols, small 4to. paper cover, 
pp. 324 and 318. 21«. 

Belepierre. — Essai Histobique et Bibliogbaphique sue les E^bus. 

Par Octave Delepierre. 8vo. pp. 24, sewed. With 15 pages of Woodcuts. 
1870. Ss, ed. 

57 and 59, Ludgate Hill, London, EX* 17 

Dennys. — China and Japan. A complete Guide to the Open Ports of 

those countries, together with Pekin, Yeddo, Hong Eong, and Macao ; forming 
a Guide Book and Vade Mecum for Travellers, Merchants, and Residents in 
general; with 56 Maps and Plans. By Wm. Fredebick Mayers, F. K.G.S. 
H.M.'s Consular Service ; N. B. Dennts, late H.M.'s Consular Service; and 
Charles King, Lieut Royal Marine Artillery. Edited by N. B. Dennts. 
In one volume. 8vo. pp. 600, cloth. £2 2$, 

Dennys. — A Handbook of the Canton Vebnactjlae of the Chinese 

Language. Being a Series of Introductory Lessons, for Domestic and 

Business Purposes. By N. B. Dennts, M.R.A.S., Ph.D. 8vo. cloth, pp. 4, 

195^ and 31. £110*. 
Bena^ftl'. — A Handbook of Malay Colloquial, as spoken in Singapore, 

BefMg a Series of Introductory Lessons for Domestic and Business Purposes. 

By N. B. Dennys, Ph.D., F.R.G.S., M.R.A.S., etc.. Author of *»The 

Folklore of China,'* " Handbook of Cantonese," etc., etc. 8vo. cloth, pp. 

204. £\ 1«. 
Dennys. — The Folk-Lobe of China, and its Affinities with that of 

the Aryan and Semitic Races. By N. B. Dennys, Ph.D., F.II.G.S.. M.R.A.St., 

author of ^' A Handbook of the Canton Vernacular," etc. 8vo. cloth, pp. 168. 

10*. 6<f. 

De Vere. — Studies in English ; or, Glimpses of the Inner Life 
of our Language. By M. Schelb de Verb, LL.D., Professor of Modem 
Languages in the University of Virginia. 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 365. 12*. Qd. 

De Vere. — Ameeicanisms : the English of the New Woeld. By 
M. ScHELE De Vere, LL.D., Professor of Modern Languages in the 
University of Virginia. 8vo. pp. 685, cloth. 12*. 

Diekson. — The PaTiMOKKHA, heing the Buddhisf Office of the Con- 
fession of Priests. The Pali Text, with a TranslaLun, and Notes, by J. F. 
Dickson, M.A, 8vo. sd., pp. 69. 2«. 

Dinkard (The). — The Original Pehlwi Text, the same transliterated 
in Zend Characters. Translations of the Text in the Gujrati and English 
Languages; a Commentary and Glossary of Select Terms. By Peshotun 
DxJBTOOR Behramjee Svnjana. Vols. L and 11. 8vo. cloth. £2 2^. 

Bohne. — A ZuLU-ElAnR Dictionary, etymologically ex[)lained, with 
copious Illustrations and examples, preceded by an introduction on the Zulu- 
Kafir Language. By the Rev. J. L. Doune. Royal 8vo. pp. xlii. and 418, 
sewed. Cape Town, 1857. 21s. 

Dohne. — The Foue Gospels in Zulit. By the Rev. J. L. Dohne, 

Missionary to the American Board, C.F.M. Svo. pp. 208, cloth. Pietermaritz- 
burg, 1866. 5«. 


Romanized in the Mandarin Dialect. In Two Volumes comprised in Three 
arts. By Kev. Justus Doolittlb, Author of *' Social Life of the Chinese.'* 
Vol. I. 4to. pp. viii. and 548. Vol. 11. Parts II. and III., pp. vii. and 695. 
£1 \\s. iad. each vol. 

Douglas. — Chinese-English Dictionaet of the Vernactjlae or Spoken 

Language of Amot, with the principal variations of the Chang-Chew and 
Chin-Chew Dialects. By the Rev. Carstairs Douglas, M.A., LL.D., Glasg.', 
Missionary of the Presbyterian Church in England. 1 vol. High quarto, 
cloth, double columns, pp. 632. 1873. £3 3«. 
Donglas. — Chinese Language and Literatuhb. Two Lectures de- 
livered at the Royal Institution, by R. K. Douglas, of the British Museum, 
and Professor of Chinese at King's College. Cr. Svo. cl., pp. 118. 1875. 5s, 

Donglas. — The Life of Jenghiz Khan. Translated from the Chinese, 
with an Introduction, by Robert Kennaway Douglas, of the British Museum^ 
and Professor of Chinese, King's College, London. Ct. ^^q. ^^>\v^ \k^. 
xxxvi.-106. 1877. 5«. 

18 Linguistic Publications of Trtibner ^ Co.y 

Doule. — Grimm's Law ; A Stitdt : or, Hints towards an Explanation 
of the so-called ** Lantverscliiebun^." To which are added some Remarks oa 
the Primitive Indo-European JT, and seyeral Appendices. By T. Le Marchant 
Bouse. Svo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 230. lOs. 6d. 

Oowson. — A. Grammar or the Urdtt or Hindustani Language. By 
John Dowson, M.R.A.S. 12mo. cloth, pp. zvi. and 264. lO^. 6d. 

Dowson. — A Hindustani Exercise Book. Containing a Series of 

Passages and Extracts adapted for Translation into Hindustani. By John 
Dowson, M.R.A.S., Professor of Hindustani, Staff College. Crown 8vo. pp. 
100. Limp cloth, 2«. 6d. 

Swight. — Modern Philology : Its Discovery, History, and Infloence. 
New edition, with Maps, Tabular Views, and an Index. By Benjamin W. 
DwiOHT. In two vols. cr. 8vo. cloth. First series, pp. 360 ; second series, 
pp. xi. and 554. £l. 

Early English Text Society's Publications. Subscription, one guinea 
per annum. 

1. Early English Alliterative Poems. In the West-Midland 

Dialect of the Fourteenth Century. Edited by R. Morris, Esq., from an 
unique Cottonian MS. 16s. 

2. Arthur (about 1440 a.d.). Edited by F. J. Eurnivall, Esq., 

from the Marquis of Bath's unique MS. is, 

3. Ane Compendious and Preue Tractate concerntng te Opficb 

and Dewtie of Kynois, etc. By William Lauder. (1556 a.d.) Edited 
by F. Hall, Esq., D.C.L. 4«. 

4. Sir Gawayne and the Green Knight (about 1320-30 a.d.). 

Edited by R. Morris, Esq., from an unique Cottonian MS. 10s. 

5. Op the Orthographie and Congruitie op the Britan Tongue ; 

a treates, noe shorter than necessarie, for the Schooles, be Alexander Hxjice. 
Edited for the first time from the unique MS. in the British Museum (about 
1617 A.D.), by Henry B. Wheatley, Esq. 4«. 

6. Lancelot op the Laik. Edited from the unique MS. in the Cam- 

bridge University Library (ab. 1500), by the Rev. Walter W. Skbat, 
M.A. 89. 

7. The Story of Genesis and Exodtts, an Early English Song, of 

about 1250 a.d. Edited for the first time from the unique MS. in the Library 
of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, by H. Morris, Esq. Hs, 

8 Morte Arthtjre ; the Alliterative Version. Edited from Robert 
Thornton^s unique MS. (about 1440 a.d.) at Lincoln, by the Rev. Qborob 
Perrv, M.A,, Prebendary of Lincoln. 7*. 

9. Animadversions uppon the Annotacions and Corrections of 
SOME Imperfections of Impressiones of Chaucer's Workes, reprinted 
in 1598; by Francis Thvnne. Edited from the unique MS. in the 
Bridgewater Library. By G. H. Kingslet, Esq., M.D., and F. J. FubnivalL) 
Esq., M.A. 10«. 

10. Merlin, or the Early History of Kino Arthur. Edited for the 

first time from the unique MS. in the Cambridge University Library (about 
1450 A.D.), by Henry B. Wheatley, Esq. Part I. 2«. 6d, 

11. The Monarche, and other Poems of Sir David Lyndesay. Edited 

from the first edition by Johne Skott, in 1552, by Fitzedward Hall, 
Esq., D.C.L. Part I. 8«. 

12. The Wright's Chaste Wife, a Merry Tale, by Adam of Cobsam 

(about 1462 a.d.), from tVie umc^vie L«.uibeth MS. 306. Edited for the first 
time by F. J. FuaNivAiAi,"Eia<\.,^A. \»» 

57 and 59^ Ludgate Hill, London, KG 19 

Early English Text Society's 'BiMioB.iions—conimued. 

13. Seinte Mabheeete, jfB Metden ant MAjaTYE. Three Texts of ah. 

1200,1310, 1330 A.D. Finteditedin 1862, by the Rev. Oswald Cockayne, 
M.A., and now re-issued. 28, 

14. Ktng Horn, with fragments of Floriz and Blauncheflur, and the 

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Edited from the MS 8. in the Library of 
the University ofCan&bridge and the British Maseum, by the Rev. J. Rawson 
LuMBT. Ha. 6d 

15. Political, Eeligious, aud Love Poems, from the Lamheth MS. 

No. 306, and other sources. Edited by F. J. Fxtrniyall, Esq., M.A. 
78. 6d. 

16. JL Teetice rsr English breuely drawe out of } book of Quintis 

essencijs in Latyn, p Hermys y prophete and king of Egipt after ]? flood 
of Noe, fader of Philosophris, hadde by reuelacioun of an aungil of God to him 
sente. Edited from the Sloane MS. 73, by F. J. Furnhtall, Esq., M.A. 1«. 

17. Parallel Exteacts from 29 Manuscripts of Piees Plowmawt, with 

Comments, and a Proposal for the Society's Three- text edition of this Poem; 
By the Rev. W. Skeat, M.A. 1*. 

18. Hau Meidenhead, about 1200 a.d. Edited for the first time from 

the MS. (with a translation) by the Rev. Oswald Cockayne, M.A. Is, 

19. The Monarche, and other Poems of Sir David Lyndesay. Part 11.^ 

the Complaynt of the King's Papingo, and other minor Poems. Edited from 
the First Edition by F. Hall, Esq., D.C.L. Ss. 6d. 

20. Some Treatises by Kichard Bolle de HLampole. Edited from 

Robert of Thornton's MS. (ab. 1440 a.d.), by Rev. George G. Pehry, 
M.A. U. 

21. Merlin, or the Early History oe Xma Arthur. Part II. Edited 

by Henry B. Whbatlby, Esq. 4«. 

22. The Eomaits of Partenay, or Lusigiten. Edited for the first time 

from the unique MS. in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, by the 
Rev. W. W. Skeat. M.A. 68, 

23. Dan Michel's Ayenbite of Inwyt, or Remorse of Conscience, in 

the Kentish dialect, 134'0 a.d. Edited from the unique MS. in the British 
Museum, by Richard Morris, Esq. lO^. 6d. 

24. Hymns of the Yirgin and Christ ; The Parliament of Devils, 

and Other Religious Poems. Edited from the Lambeth M& 853, by F. J. 
Furnivall, M.A. 8*. 

25. The Stacions of Rome, and the Pilgrim's Sear Voyage and Sea- 

Sickness, with Clene Maydenhod. Edited from the Vernon and Porkington 
MSS., etc., by F. J. Furnivall, Esq., M.A. 1«. 

26. Religious Pieces in Prose and Verse. Containing Dan Jon 

Gaytrigg's Sermon ; The Abbaye of S. Spirit ; Sayne Jon, and other pieces 
in the Northern Dialect. Edited from Robert of Thomtone's MS. (ab. 1460 
A.D.), by the Rev. 6. Perry, M.A. 2«. 

27. Manipulus Vocabulortjm : a Rhyming Dictionary oi the English 

Language, by Peter Levins (1570). Edited, with an Alphabetical Index, 
by Henry B. Wheatlby. 12s, 

28. The Vision of William concerning Piers Plowman, together with 

Vita de Dowel, Dobet et Dobest. 1362 a.d., by William Lanoland. The 
earliest or Vernon Text ; Text A. Edited from the Vernon MS., with full 
Collations, bv Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 7s. 

20 Linguistic Publications of Trulmer ^ Co., 

Early English Text Society's 'PxMieB.iionn—eofUmued. 

29. Old English Homilies hsd Homiletic Treatises. (Sawles Warde 

and the "Wohun^e of lire Lauerd : Ureisuns of Ure Louerd and of lire Lefdi, 
etc.) of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries. Edited from MSS. in the Brit- 
ish Museum, Lambeth, and Bodleian Libraries ; with Introduction, Transla- 
tion, and Notes. By Richabd Mokbis. First Series, Part I. 7«. 

30. Piers, the Ploughman's Chede (about 1394). Edited from the 

MSS. by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 2*. 

31. Instbuctions foe Paeish Peiests. By John Myec. Edited from 

Cotton MS. Claudius A. II., by Edward Peacock, Esq., P.S.A., etc., etc. 4tf. 

32. The Babebs Book, Aristotle's ABC, Urbanitatis, Stans Puer ad 

Mensam, The Lytille Childrenes Lytil Boke. The Bokes of Nurtube of 
Hugh Rhodes and John Russell, Wynkyn de Worde's Boke of Kervynge, The 
Booke of Demeanor, The Boke of Curtasye, Seager's Schoole of Vertue, etc., 
etc. With some French and Latin Poems on like subjects, and some Fore- 
words on Education in Early England. Edited by F. J. Furnivall, M.A., 
Trin. Hall, Cambridge. 15«. 

33. The Book of the Knight de la Toue Landet, 1372. A Pather's 

Book for his Daughters, Edited from the Harleian MS. 1764, by Thomas 
Wright Esq., M.A., and Mr. William Rossiteb. be, 

34. Old English Homilies and Homiletic Treatises. (Sawles Warde, 

and the Wohuiige of Ure Lauerd : Ureisuns of Ure Louerd and of Ure Lefdi, 
etc.) of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries. Edited from MSS. in the 
British Museum, Lambeth, and Bodleian Libraries ; with Introduction, Trans- 
lation, and Notes, by Richabd Mobkis. First Series, Part 2. Ss, 

35. Slr David Ltndesat's Woeks. Paet 3, The Historie of ane 

Nobil and Wailreand Sqvyer, William Meldbum, umqvhyle Laird of 
Cleische and Bynnis, compylit be Sir Dauid Ltndbsat of the Mont alias 
Lyoun King of Armes. With the Testament of the said Williame Mel- 
drum, Squyer, compylit alswa be Sir Dauid Lyndesay, etc. Edited by F. 
Hall, D.CL. 2«. 

36. Meelin, oe the Eaelt History of King Aethtje. A Prose 

Romance (about 1450-1460 a.d.), edited from the unique MS. in the 
University Library, Cambridge, by Henry B. Wheatley. With an Essay 
on Arthurian Localities, by J. S. Stuart Glennie, Esq. PartllL 1869. 12«. 

37. Snt David Ltndesat's Works. Part IT. Ane Satyre of the 

thrie estaits, in commendation of vertew and vitvperation of vyce. Maid 
be Sir David Lindesay, of the Mont, alias Lyon King of Armes. At 
Edinbvrgh. Printed be Robert Charteris, 1602. Cvm privilegio regis. 
Edited by F. Hall, Esq., D.CL. 4s. 

38. The Vision of William conceening Piees the Plowman, 

together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest, Secundum Wit et Hesoun, 
by William Langland (1377 a.d.). The "Crowley" Text; or Text B. 
Edited from MS. Laud Misc. 581, collated with MS. Rawl. Poet. 38, MS. 
B. 16. 17. in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge, MS. Dd. 1. 17. in 
the Cambridge University Library, the MS. in Oriel College, Oxford, MS. 
Bodley 814, etc. By the Rev. Walter W. Skbat, M.A., late Fellow of 
Christ's College, Cambridge. lOs. 6d. 

39. The **Ge8t Htstoeiale" of the Desteuction op Teoy, An 

Alliterative Romance, translated from Guido De Colonna's '* Hystoria 
Troiana.^' Now first edited from the unique MS. in the Hunterian Museum, 
University of Glasgow, by tbe B.^n. G^o. A. Panton and David Donaldson. 
Part I. 10*. 6rf. 

57 and 59, Ludgate Hill, London, E.G. 21 

Early English Text Society's Publications — continued, 

40. English Gilds. The Original Ordinances of more than One 

Hundred £arly English Gilds : Together with the olde usages of the cite of 
Wynchestre; The Ordinances of Worcester; The Office of the Mayor of 
Bristol; and the Customary of the Manor of Tettenhall- Regis. From 
Original MSS. of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries. Edited with 
Notes by the late Toulmin Smith, Esq., F.R.S. of Northern Antiquaries 
(Copenhagen). With an Introduction and Glossary, etc., by his daughter, 
LuctToulmin Smith. And a Preliminary Essay, in Five Parts, On thb 
HisTOKY AND DEVELOPMENT OF GiLDS, by Lujo Brentano, Doctor Juris 
Utriusque et Philosophise. 2U. 

41. The Miwoe Poems of William Laxtdek, Playwright, Poet, and 

Minister of the Word of God (mainly on the State of Scotland in and about 
1568 A.O., that year of Famine and Plague). Edited from the Unique 
Originals belonging to S. Christie-Miller, Esq., of Britwell, by F. J. 
FuRNivALL, M.A., Trin. Hall, Camb. Ss. ' 

42. Beenardus de Cuea eei Famuliaeis, with some Early Scotch 

Prophecies, etc. From a MS., KK 1. 6, in the Cambridge University 
Library. Edited by J. Rawson Lumbt, M.A., late Fellow of Magdalen 
College, Cambridge. 2s. 

43. Ratis Rating, and other Moral and Religious Pieces, in Prose and 

Verse. Bdited from the Cambridge University Library MS. KK 1.5, by J. 
Rawson Lumbt, M.A., late Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge. 3s. 

44. Joseph op Aeimathie : otherwise called the Romance of the 

Seint Graal, or Holy Grail: an alliterative poem, written* about a.d. 1350, 
and now first printed from the unique copy in the Vernon MS. at Oxford. 
With an appendix, containina; *^The Lyfe of Joseph of Armathy,'' reprinted 
from the black-letter copy of Wynkyn de Worde ; " De sancto Joseph ab . 
Arimathia," first printed by Pynson, a.d. 1516 ; and " The Lyfe of Joseph of 
Arimathia," first printed by Pynson, a.d. 1520. Edited, with Notes and 
Glossarial Indices, by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M.A. 5«. 

45. King Alfred's West- Saxon Veksion op Gregory's Pastoral Care. 

With an English translation, the Latin Text, Notes, and an Introduction 
Edited by Henrt Sweet, Esq., of Balliol College, Oxford. Part I. 106>. 

46. Legends of the Holt Rood ; Symbols of the Passion and Cross- 

Poems. In Old English of the Eleventh, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Cen- 
turies. Edited from MSS. in the British Museum and Bodleian Libraries; 
with Introduction, Translations, and Glossarial Index. By Richard 
Morris, LL.D. 10«. 

47. Sir Dated Lyndesat's Works. Part V. The Minor Poems oi 

Lyndesay. Edited by J. A. H. Murray, Esq. 3s, 

48. The Times' Whistle : or, A l^ewe Daunce of Seven Satires, and 

other Poems : Compiled by R. C, Gent. Now first Edited from MS. Y. 8. 3. 
in the Library of Canterbury Cathedral; with Introduction, Notes, and 
Glossary, by J. M. Cowfer. Gs, 

49. An Old English Miscellany, containing a Bestiary, Kentish 

Sermons, Proverbs of Alfred, Religious Poems of the 13th century. Edited 
from the MSS. by the Rev. K. Morris, LL.D. lOs. 

50. King Alfred's West-Saxon Version of Gregory's Pastoral Care. 

Edited from 2 MSS., with an English translation. By Henry Sweet, Esq., 
BaUiol College, Oxford. Part II. lOs. 

51. pE Lifladb op St. Juliana, from two old English Manuscripts o€ 

1230 A.D. With renderings into Modem Ew^\\«Jsi,\i^ >i>Qfc ^«s , <^ . ^v^^^*^^"^ 
and £pjf UND Brock, Edited by t\ie ^^N » O . Cociilkx^^,^^^^- ^xv^"^ 'i*- 

22 Linguistic Publications of Triibner ^ Co., 

Early EngliBh Text Society's Publications — continued. 

52. Paliaditts on Husbondrte, from the unique MS., ab. 1420 a.])., 

ed. Rev. B. Lodge. Part I. ]09. 

53. Old English Homilies, Series II., from the unique IStb-centory 

MS. in Trinity ColL Cambridge, with a photolitbograph ; three Hymns to 
the Virgin and God, from a unique 13th-century MS. at Oxford, a photo- 
lithograph of the music to two of them, and transcriptions of it in modern 
notation by Dr. Rimbault, and A. J. Ellis, Esq., F.R.S. ; the whole 
edited by the Rev. Richard Moarib, LL.D. 8«, 

54. The Vision of Piees Plowman, Text C (completing the three 

versions of this great poem), with an Autotype ; and two unique aUilerative 
Poems: Richard the Redeles (by William, the author of the Vision) \ and 
The Crowned King ; edited by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 18«. 

55. Geneetdes, a Romance, edited from the unique MS., ab. 1440 a.d., 

in Trin. Coll. Cambridge, by W. Aldus Wright, Esq., M.A., Trin. ColL 
Cambr. Part I. 3«. 

56. The Gest Htstoeialb of the Desteuction of Teot, translated 

from Guido de Colonna, in alliterative verse ; edited from the unique MS. in 
the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, by D. Donaldson, Esq., and the late Rev. 
G. A. Panton. Part II. 10*. 6rf. 

57. The Eaely English Version of the *' Cuesob Mundi," in four 

Texts, from MS. Cotton, Vesp. A. iiL in the British Museum ; Fairfax MS. 
14. in the Bodleian ; the Gdttingen MS. Theol. 107 ; MS. R. 3, 8, in Trinity 
College, Cambridge. Edited by the Rev. R. Morris, LL.D. Part I. with 
two photo-lithographic facsimiles by Cooke and Fotheringham. 10«. 6d. 

58. The Blickling Homilies, edited from the Marquis of Lothian's 

Anglo-Saxon MS. of 971 a.d., by the Rev. R. Morris, LL.D. (With a 
Photolitbograph). Part 1. 8«. 

59. The Eaely English Veesion of the "Cuesoe Mtjndi;" in four 

Texts, from MS. Cotton Vesp. A. iii. in the British Museum; Fairfax MS. 
14. in the Bodleian ; the Gottingen MS. Theol. 107 ; MS. R. 3, 8, in Trinity 
College, Cambridge. Edited by the Rev. R. Morris, LL.D. Part II. 15«. 

60. Meditactuns on the Sopee of oue Lobde (perhaps by Kobeet 

OF Brxjnnb). Edited from the MSS. by J. M. Cowper, Esq. 2«. 6</. 

61. The Romance and Peophecies of Thomas of Eeceldoune, printed 

from Five MSS. Edited by Dr. James A. H. Murray. 10^. Qd. 

62. The Eaely Engtish Version of the **Ctjesoe Mtjndi," in Pour 
Texts. Edited by the Rev. R. Morris, M.A., LL.D. Part IIL 15«. 

63. The Buckling Homilies. Edited from the Marquis of Lothian's 
Anglo-Saxon MS. of 971 a.d., by the Rev. R. Morris, LL.D. Part II. 4«. 

64. Feancis Thynne's Emblemes and Epigeams, a.d. 1600, from the 
Earl of EUesmere's unique MS. Edited by F. J. Furnivall, M.A. 4«. 

65. Be Domes D.ege (Bede's De Die Judicii) and other short Anglo- 
Saxon Pieces. Edited from the unique MS. by the Rev. J. Rawson Lumby, 
B.D. 2«. 

66. The Eaely English Veesion of the " Cuesoe Mtjndi," in Pour 
Texts. Edited by Rev. R. Morris, M.A., LL.D. Part IV. 10*. 

67. iNoTES ON Piees Plowman. By the Rev. W. TV. Skeat, M.A. 

Part I. 21s, 

68. The Early EngliBli "VemoTi oi Xk^ *^ C^tsi^a'^tl ^ttkvsv^" in Pour 

Textu. F.*litftd hv Re^.B..'NlOB.B.\a.lA.K.,\A-X>. ^wX^. "L^. 

57 and 69, Ludgate Hill^ London, E. C. 23 

Early English Text Society's Publications — continued, 

69. Adam Davy's Five Dbeahs about Edwaed II. The Life op 
Saint Alexiur. Solomon's Book of Wbdom. St. Jerome's 15 Tokens 
before Doomsday. The Lamentation of bonis. Edited from the Land MS. 
622, in the Bodleian Library, by F. J. Fubnivall, M.A. 5«. 

JRxira Set'ies, Subscriptions — Small paper, one guinea ; large paper 

two guineas, per annum. 

1. The Eomance op William op Palebne (otherwise known as the 

Romance of William and the Werwolf). Translated from the French at the 
command of Sir Humphrey de Bohun, about a.d. 1350, to which is added a 
fragment of the Alliterative Komance of Alisaunder, translated from the 
Latin by the same author, about a.d. 1340; the former re-edited from the 
unique MS. in the Library of King's College, Cambridge, the latter now 
first edited from the unique MS. in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. By the 
Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M.A. 8vo. sewed, pp. zliv. and 328. £l Ss. 

2. On Early English Pbonunciation, with especial reference to 

Shakspere and Chaucer ; containing an investigation of the Correspondence 
of Writing with Speech in England, from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 
present day, preceded by a systematic Notation of all Spoken Sounds by 
means of the ordinary Printing Types ; including a re-arrangement of Prof. 
F. J. Child's Memoirs on the Language of Chaucer and Gower, and reprints 
of the rare Tracts by Salesbury on English, 1547, and Welsh, 1567, and by 
Barcley on French, 152J By Albxandeb J. Ellis, F.R.S. Part I. On 
the Pronunciation of the xivth, xvith, ZTiith, andxviiith centuries. Sto. 
sewed, pp. viii. and 416. lOs, 

3. Caxton's Book op Cukteste, printed at Westminster about 1477-8, 

A.D., and now reprinted, with two MS. copies of the same treatise, from the 
Oriel MS. 79, and the Balliol MS. 354. Edited by Frederick J. Furni- 
VALL, M.A. Svo. sewed, pp. zii. and 58. 5«. 

4. The Lay op Hayelok the Dane; composed in the reign of 

Edward I., about a.d. 1280. Formerly edited by Sir F. Madden for the 
Rozburghe Club, and now re-edited from the unique MS. Laud Misc. 108, in 
the Bodleian Library, Oxford, by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M.A. Svo. 
sewed, pp. Iv. and 160. 10«. 

5. Chaucek's Teanslation op Boethixjs's **De Consolations 

Philosophie.'' Edited from the Additional MS. 10,340 in the British 
Museum. Collated with the Cambridge Univ. Libr. MS. 11. 3. 21. By 
Richard Morris. 8vo. 12s, 

6 The Romance op the Chevelere Assignb. Re-edited from the 

unique manuscript in the British Museum, with a Preface, Notes, and 
Glossarial Index, by Henry H. Gibbs, Esq., M.A. Svo. sewed, pp. 
zviii. and 38. S^. 

7. On Eajbllt English Pkontjnciation, with especial reference to 

Shakspere and Chaucev. By Alexander J. Ellis, F.R.S., etc., etc. 
Part II. On the Pronunciation of the xiii th and previous centuries, of 
Anglo-Saxon, Icelandic, Old Norse and Gothic, with Chronological Tables of 
the Value of Letters and Expression of Sounds in English Writing. 10s. 

8. QuEENE Elizabeihes Achademt, by Sir Humphrey Gilbekt. 

A Booke of Precedence, The Ordering of a Funeral), etc. Varying Versions 
of the Good Wife, I'he Wise Man, etc., Maxims, Lydgate's Order of Fools, 
A Poem on Heraldry, Occleve on Lords' Men, etc.. Edited by F. J. 
Fdrnivall, M.A., Trin. Hall, Camb. With Essays on Early Italian and 
German Books of Courtesy, by W. M. RoaSETTi, &<aK\«^ -mA '^^ ^^ssr wsj*^ 
Esq. 8yo. 13^. 

24 \^jfjinguutic Publications of Trubner 8f Co., 

Early English Text Society's TvLhliQAHonB-^eontinued. 
9. The FRATEUNiTrB op Yacabondes, by John Awdeley (licensed 

in 1560-1, imprinted then, and in 1565), from the edition of 1575 in the 
Bodleian Library. A Caueat or Warening for Commen Cursetors vulgarely 
called Vagabones, by Thomas Harman, EsauiERB. From the 3rd edition of 
1567, belonging to Henry Huth, Esq., collated with the 2nd edition of 1567, 
in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and with the reprint of the 4th edition of 
1573. A Sermon in Praise of Thieves and Thievery, by Pakson Haben or 
Htbebdtne, from the Lansdowne MS. 98, and Cotton Vesp. A. 25. Those 
parts of the Oroundworke of Conny-catching (ed. 1592), that differ from 
HarmarCa Caueat, Edited by Edward Vilbs & F. J. Furkivall. 8vo. 
7*. 6rf. 

10. The Eyest Boke of the Inteoduction op Knowledge, made by 

Andrew Borde, of Physycke Doctor. A Compendygus Reoyment op a 
Byetary op Helth made in Mountpyllier, compiled by Andrewe Boorde, 
of Physycke Doctor. Barnes in the Depence of the Berde : a treatyse 
made, answerynge the treatyse of Doctor Borde upon Berdes. Edited, with 
a life of Andrew Boorde, and large extracts from his Brenyary, by F. J 
FuRNivALL, M. A., Trinity Hall, Camb. Byo. 18«. 

11. The Beuce ; or, the Book of tbe most excellent and noble Prince, 

Robert de Broyss. King of Scots : compiled by Master John Barbour, Arch- 
deacon of Aberdeen, a.d. 1375. Edited from MS. G 23 in the Library of St. 
John's College, Cambridge, written a.d. 1487 ; collated with the MS. in the 
Advocates' Library at Edinburgh, written a.d. 1489, and with Hart's 
Edition, printed a.d. 1616 ; with a Preface, Notes, and Glossarial Index, by 
the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M.A. Part I 8vo. 12*. 

12. England in the Reign of King Heney the Eighth. A 

Dialogue between Cardinal Pole and Thomas Lupset, Lecturer in Rhetoric 
at Oxford. By Thom s Starkey, Chaplain to the King. Edited, with 
Preface, Notes, and Glossary, by J. M. Cowper. And with an Introduction, 
containing the Life and Letters of Thomas Starkey, by the Rev. J. S. Bkkwer, 
M.A. Part II. 12«. {Fart /., Starkey^ s Lift and Letters ^ is in preparation, 

13. A SuppLicACTON FOR THE Beggaes. Written about the year 1529, 

by Simon Fish. Now re-edited by Frederick J. Ftjrnivall. With a 
Supplycacion to our moste Soueraigne Lorde Kynge Henry the Eyght 
(1544 A.D.), A Supplication of the Poore Commons (1546 a.d.). The Decaye 
of England by the great multitude of Shepe (1550-3 a.d.). Edited by J. 
Meadows Cowper. 6s, 

14. On Eaelt English Pbonunciation, with especial reference to 

Shakspere and Chaucer. By A. J. Ellis, F.R.S., F.S.A. Part III. 
Illustrations of the Pronunciation of the xivth and xvith Centuries. Chaucer, 
Gower, Wycliffe, Spenser, Shakspere, Salesbury, Barcley, Hart, BuUokar, 
Gill. Pronouncing vocabulary. lOs. 

15. Bobert Ceowley's Thikty-one Epigrams, Voyce of the Last 
Trumpet, Way to Wealth, etc., 1550-1 a.d. Edited by J. M. Cowper, Esq. 

16. A Treatise on the Astrolabe; addifessed to his son Lowys, by 
Geoffrey Chaucer, a.d. 1391. Edited from the earliest MSS. by the Rev. 
Walter W. Skeat, M.A., late Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. 10«. 

17. The Complaynt of Scotlande, 1549, a.d., with an Appendix of 

four Contemporary English Tracts. Edited by J. A. H. Murray, Esq. 
Part I. 10*. 

18. The Complaynt of Scotlande, etc. Part II. 8*. 

19. OuBJB Ladtes Myroure, A.D. 1530, edited by the Rev. J. H. 

Blunt, M.A., with four iv^-p^L^t \|\iQ\.Qk\\\\iQ%x«.\k\iS&^«j^^ by Cooke and 
Fotheringham. 248. 

67 and 59, Ludgaie Hill^ London^ E.G. A^ 25 

Early English Text Society's Publications— ^on^i'nt^^. 

20. LoNELiCH*8 HisTOBT OF THE HoLT Griil (ab. 1450 A.D.), translated 

from the French Prose of Sirbs Robibrs db BorrOn. lie-edited fron the 
Unique MS. in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, by F. J. Furnivall, Esq. 
M.A. Parti. 8«. ' 

21. Baebofe's Bruce. Edited from the MSS. and the earliest 

printed edition by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A.. Part II. 4«. 

22. Henry Brinklow's Complatnt of Roderyck Mors, somtyme 

a gray Fryre, unto the Parliament Howse of Ingland his naturall Country, 
for the Redresse of certen wicked Lawes, euel Customs, and cruel Decreys 
(ab. 1542); and The Lamentacion of ▲ Christian Against the Citie 
OF London, made by Roderigo Mors, a.d. 1545. Edited by J. M. Cowpbr, 
Esq. 9s. 

23. On Early English Pronunciation, witb especial reference to 

Shakspere and Chaucer. By A. J. Ellis, Esq., F.R.S. Part IV. 10«. 

24. Loneltch's History of the Holy Grail (ab. 1450 a.d.), translated 

from the French Prose of Sires Robibrs de Borron. Re-edited from the 
Unique MS. in Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, by F. J. Furnivall, 
Esq., M.A. Part II. 10«. 

25. The Romance of Guy of Warwick. Edited from the Cambridge 

University MS. by Prof. J. Zupitza, Ph.D. Part I. 20«. 

26. The Romance of Guy of Warwick. Edited from the Cambridge 

University MS. by Prof. J. Zupitza, Ph.D. (The 2nd or 15th century version.) 
Part II. 14«. 

27. The English Works of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester (died 

1535). Edited by Professor J. E. B. Mayor, M.A. Part I., the Text. 16«. 

28. Lonelich's History of the Holy Grail. Edited by E. J. 

Furnivall, M.A. Part III. Ids, 

29. Barbour's Bruce. Edited from the MSS. and the earliest Printed 

Edition, by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. Part III. 21«. 

30. Lonelich's History of the Holy Grail, Edited by E. J". 

Furnivall, Esq., M.A. Part IV. 15*. 

31. Alexander and Dindimus. Translated from the Latin about 

A.D. 1340-50. Re-edited by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 6«. 

Edda Saemimdar Hinns Freda — The Edda of Saemund the Learned. 

From the Old Norse or Icelandic. By Benjamin Thorpe. Part I. with a Mytho • 
logical Index. 12mo. pp. 152, cloth, 3«. 6d. Fart II. with Index of Persons and 
Places. 12mo. pp. viii. and 172, cloth. 1866. 4«. : or in 1 Vol. complete, 7«. 6<^. 

Edkins. — Introduction to the Study of the Chinese Characters. 
By J. Edkins, D.D., Peking, China. Roy. 8vo. pp. 340, paper boards. 18«. 

Edkins. — China's Place in Philology. An attempt to show that the 

Languages of Europe and Alia have a common origin. By the Rev. Joseph 
Edkins. Crown 8vo , pp. xxiii. — 403, cloth. 10*. 6«?. 

Edkins. — A Vocabulary of the Shanghai Dialect. By J. Edkins. 

8vo. half-calf, pp. vL and 151. Shanghai, 1869. 2U. 

Edkins. — A Grammar of Colloquial Chinese, as exhibited in the 
Shanghai Dialect. By J. Edkins, B.A. Second edition, corrected. 8vo. 
half-calf, pp. viii. and 225. Shanghai, 1868. 21«. 

Edkins. — A Grammar of the Chinese Colloquial Language, com- 
monly called the Mandarin Dialect. By Joseph Edkin^^ ^%^^\A ^^iS^tc^ssok.. 
8to. half-calf, pp. yiu. and 279. 8haii&\ia\, \%^\. £.\ \^«« 

26 «■ Ltnguisttc Publications of Trubner if Co., 

Edkins. — Pbogbessitb Lessons in the Ghinesb Spoken Language. 

With Lists of Common Words and Phrases. By J. Edkins, B.A. Third 
edition, 8vo. pp. 120. 1869. Us. 

Edkins. — Religion in China. A Brief Account of the Three BeligiooB 
of the Chinese. By JosBkU Edkins, D. D. Post Svo. cloth. 7«. 66^. 

Eger and Grime ; an Early English Komance. Edited from Bishop 
Percy's Folio Manuscript, about 1650 a.d. By John W. Hales, M.A., 
Fellow and late Assistant Tutor of Christ's College, Cambridge, and Fkedebick 
J. Furnivall, M.A., of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 1 vol. 4to., pp. 6*, (only 
100 copies printed), bound in the Kozburghe style. lOs. 6d, 

Egyptian Calendar for the Year 1295 a.h (1878 a.d.), corresponding 

with the years 1594, 1595, of the Eoptic Era. Demy Svo. sewed, pp. 98. 5«. 

Eitel. — A Chinese Dictionaet in the Cantonese Dialect. By 
Ebnbst John Eitel, Ph.D. Tubing. Will be completed in foar parts. Part 
I. (A— K). 8vo. sewed, pp. 202. 12*. 6rf. Part II. (K— M). pp. 202. 12«. U 

Eitel. — Handbook fob the Student of Chinese Buddhism. By the Kev. 
£. J. Eitel, of the London Missionary Society. Crown 8to. pp. Yiii., 224, cl., 

Eitel. — Eeng-Shui : or, The Rudiments of Natural Science in China. 
By Rev. £. J. Eitel, M.A., Ph.D. Demy Svo. sewed, pp. vi. and 84. 6«. 

Eitel. — Buddhism: its Historical, Theoretical, and Popular Aspects. 
In Three Lectures. By Rev. E. J. Eitel, M.A. i'h.D. Second Edition. 
Demy 8vo. sewed, pp. 130. 5*. 

Elliot. — The Histoey of India, as told hy its own Historians. The 

Muhammadan Period. Complete in Eight Vols. Edited from the Posthumous 
Papers of the late Sir H. M. Elliot, K.C.B., East India Company's Bengal 
Civil Service, by Prof. John Dowson, M.R.A.S., Staff College, Sandhurst. 

Vols. I. and II. With a Portrait of Sir H. M. Elliot. Svo. pp zuii. and 542, 
z. and 580, cloth. 18«. each. 

Vol. III. Svo. pp. zii. and 627, cloth. 24r8, 

Vol. IV. Svo. pp. X. and 563 cloth 2U 

Vol. V. Svo. pp. zii. and 576, cloth. 21*. 

Vol. VI. Svo. pp. viii. and 574, cloth. 21«. 

Vol. VII. Svo. pp. viii. and 674, cloth. 21«. 

Vol. VIII. Svo. pp. zxxii., 444, and Izviii. cloth. 24j. 

Elliot. — Memoirs on the Histoey, Folkloee, and Distbibution of 
THE Races of the North Western Provinces of India; being an 
amplified Edition of the original Supplementary Glossary of Indian Terms. 
By the late Sir Henry M. Elliot, K.C.B., of the Hon. East India Company's 
Bengal Civil Service. Kdited, revised, and re-arranged, by John Beames, 
M.R.A.S., Bengal Civil Service; Member of the German Oriental Society, of 
the Asiatic Societies of Paris and Bengal, and of the Philological Society of 
London. In 2 vols, demy Svo., pp. zx., 370, and 396, cloth. With two 
Lithographic Plates, one full-page coloured Map, and three large coloured 
folding Maps. 36s» 

Ellis. — On Ntjmeeals, as Signs of Primeval Unity among Mankind. 
By Robert Ellis, B.D., Late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. 
Demy Svo. cloth, pp. viii. and 94. Ss. 6d, 

Ellis. — The Asiatic Attinities of the Old Italians. By Eobert 

Ellis, B.D., Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and author of " Andeot 
Routes between Italy and Gaul." Crown Svo. pp. iv. 166, cloth. 1870. 5«. 

Ellis. — Peetjtia Scythica. The Quichua Language of Peru: its 

derivation from Central As\& with the American languages in general, and with 

the Turanian and lber\an UT\%\x8L%e« ol >i^^ QV^ "Worlds including the Basque, 

the Lycian, and tbe Pre-krsMi\«wi?,\w.%fe ol 'Sxtxott^ Yk^^^^a»K& Euot, h,I>» 

flirn. /.Iftfh. r»« -««. and 0.1^. \%15. ^8. 

57 and 69, Ludgate Hill, London, B.C. 27 

Ellis. — Eteuscan Numbeals. By Robekt Ellis, B.D. 8vo. sewed, 
pp. 52. 29. 6«r. 

English and Welsh Languages. — The Infltjence of the English and 

Welsh Languages upon each other, exhibited in the Vocabularies of the two 
Tongues. Intended to suggest the importance to Philologers, Antiquaries, 
£thn<^raphers, and others, of giving due attention to the Celtic Branch of the 
Indo- Germanic Family of Languages. Square, pp. 30, sewed. 1869. Is, 

English Dialect Society's Fnblioations. Subscription, 1873 to 1876, 

10«. 6^. per annum ; 1877 and following years, 20«. per annum. 


1. Series B. Part 1. Reprinted Glossaries. Containing a Glossary 
of North of England Words, by J. H.; five Glossaries, fay Mr. Marshall ; 
and a West-Riding Glossary, by Dr. Willan. Is, 6d, 

2. Series A. Bibliographical. A List of Books illustrating English 
Dialects* Part I. Containing a General List of Dictionaries, etc. ; and a 
List of Books relating to some of the Counties of England. 4«. 

3. Series C. Original Glossaries. Part I. Containing a Glossary 
of Swaledale Words. By Captain Harlamd. 4«. 


4. Series D. The History of English Sounds. By H. Sweet, Esq. 
4s. 6d, 

5. Series B. Part II. Reprinted Glossaries, Containing seven 
Provincial English Glossaries, from various sources. 7«. 

6. Series B. Part III. Bay's Collection of English Words not 
generally used, from the edition of 1691 ; together with Thoresby's Letter to 
Ray, 1703. Re-arranged and newly edited by Rev. Walter W. Skeat. 8«. 

6*. Subscribers to the English Dialect Society for 1874 also receive 
a copy of ' A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect.' By the Rev. W. D 


7. Series D. Part II. The Dialect of West Somerset. By F. T. 

Elwortht, Esq. 3s, 6d. 

8. Series A. Part II. Containing a List of Books Relating to 
some of the Counties of England. 6s, 

9. Series C. A Glossary of Words used in the Neighbourhood of 
Whitby. By F. K. Robinson. Part I. 7*. 6rf. 

10. Series C. A Glossary of the Dialect of Lancashire. By J. H. 
. Nodal and G. Milner. Parti. Ss, 6d, 


11. On the Survival of Early English Words in our Present Dialects. 
By Dr. R. Morris. 6d, 

12. Series C. Original Glossaries. Part III. Containing Five 
Original Provincial English Glossaries. 7s. 

13. Series C. A Glossary of Words used in the Neighbourhood of 
Whitby. By F. K. Robinson. Part II. 6« 6d, 

14. A Glossary of Mid- Yorkshire Words, >N\\X^^^x'axQmv'«t. ^^^ 
Olovqb Robinsok. 9«. 

28 Linguistic Publications of IVubner 8f Cc^ 


15. A Glossaey of Words used in the Wapentakes of Manley and 

Corringham, Lincolnshire. By Edwabd Pbacock, F.S.A. 9#. M, 

16. A Glossary of Holderaess Words. By F. Eoss, R. Stbajd, and 
T. HoLDERNBSs. With a Map of the District. 4«. 

17. On the Dialects of Eleven Southern and South- Western Counties, 
with a new Classification of the English Dialects. By Prince Louis Lucibn 
BoNAPABTE. With Two Maps. 1«. 

18. Bibliographical List. Part III. completing the Work, and 

containing a List of Books on Scottish Dialects, Anglo -Irish Dialect, Cant 
and Slang, and Americanisms, with additions to the English List and Index. 
Edited by J. H. Nodal. 4^. ^d. 

19. An Outline of the Grammar of West Somerset. By F. T. 

Elworthy, Esq. 69. 


20. A Glossary of Cumberland Words and Phrases. By William 

Dickinson, F.L.S. 6«. 

21. Tusser's Five Hundred Pointes of Good Husbandrie. Edited 
with Introduction, Notes and Glossary, by W. Paine and Sidney J. 
Herhtage, B.A. 12«. Qd. 

22. A Dictionary of English Plant Names. By James Bextteit, 
F.L.S., and Robert Holland. Part I. (A to F). 80. 6^. 


23. Pive Reprinted Glossaries, including Wiltshire, East Anglian, 

Suffolk, and ^ast Yorkshire Words, and Words from Bishop Kennett's 
Parochial Antiquities. Edited by the Rev. Professor Skeat, M.A. 7«. 

24. Supplement to the Cumberland Glossary (No. 20). By V. 
Dickinson, F.L.S. 1*. 

Etherington. — The Student's Geammae of the HiNnf Language. 

By the Rev. W. Etherington, Missionary, Benares. Second edition. Crown 
8vo. pp. ziv., 255, and ziii., cloth. 1873. 12«. 

Faber. — A systematical Digest of the Doctrines op Confucius, 
according to the Analects, Great Leaknino, and Doctrine of the MeaN) 
with an Introduction on the Authorities upon Confucius and Coniiiciaiiism. 
By Eknst Fabek, Rhenish Missionary. Translated from the German by P. 
G. von Mollendorff. Svo. sewed, pp. viii. and 131. 1875. 12«. 6rf. 

Facsimiles of Two Papyri found in a Tomb at Thebes. With a 

Translation by Samukl Birch, LL.D., F.S.A., Corresponding Member of 
the Institute of France, Academies of Berlin, Herculaneum, etc., and aa 
Account of their Discovery. By A. Henry Ruind, Esq., F.S.A., etc. In 
large folio, pp. 30 of text, and 16 plates coloured, bound in cloth. 21«. 

Fallon. — A !N'ew Hindustani-English Dictionaet. With Illustra- 
tions from Hindustani Literature and Folk-lore. By S. W. Fallon,* Ph.D. 
Halle. Parts I. to XIX. Roy. Svo. Price 4«. 6rf. each Part. 
To be completed in about 25 Parts of 48 pages each Part, forming together One Yolume. 

Farley. — Egypt, Ctpeus, and Asiatic Tueket. By J. Lewis Faelbt, 

Author of *' 'I'he Resources of Turkey,*' etc. Demy 8vo. cl., pp. xvi.-270. 10«. 6rf. 

Fansboll. — The Dasaeatha-Jataka, being the Buddhist Story of King 

Rkma. The original P&li Text, with a Translation and Notes by V. Fausboll. 
Svo. sewed, pp. iv. and 48. 2«. &d, 

JPansboU. — Fite JAtakas, containing a Fairy Tale, a Comical Story, 
and Three Fables. In the on^\xi«\^yiA.'\ciX.,W5ftQTK^%3Qied with a Translatioii 
and Notes. By V. Pausboli*. ^no. f»^t^, Y^. 'WJlv wATI, ^. 

67 and 69, Ludgate HilU London, JE. C. 29 

Fausboll. — Tew Jataeas. The Original Pali Text, with a Translation 
and Notes. By V. Fausboll. 8to. sewed, pp. ziii. and 1 28. 7«. 6d. 

Fansboll.^ — JItaea. See under JItaka. 

Fiske. — Myths and Mtth-Makeks: Old Tales and Superstitions in- 
terpreted bf Comparative Mytholo^. By John Fiske, M.A., Assistant 
Librarian, and late Lecturer on Pliilosophy at Harvard University. Crown Svo. 
cloth, pp. viii. and 252. 10«. 6d. 

Fomander. — An Account of the Polynesian Race : Its Origin and 

Migrations. By A. Fornandeb. Vol. I. Post Svo., cloth. 7s, 6d. 

ForfTjrth. — Rbpoet op a Mission to Yaekund in 1873, under Command 
of Sir T. D. Forsyth, K.C.S.L, C.B., Bengal Civil Service, with Historical 
and Geographical Information regarding the Possessions of the Ameer of 
Yarkund. With 45 Photographs, 4 Lithographic Plates, and a large Folding 
Map of Eastern Turkestan. 4to. cloth, pp. iv. and 573. £5 5«. 

Fos8. — NoEWEGiAN GsAHMAH, with Exercises in the Norwegian and 
and English Languages, and a List of Irregular Verbs. By Frith jof Fobs, 
Graduate of the University of Norway. Crown 8vo., pp. 50, cloth limp. 2«. 

Foster. — Pee-Historic Races op the United States of Ameeica, By 

J. W. Foster, LL.D., Author of the "Physical Geography of the Mississippi 
Valley," etc. With 72 Illustrations. Svo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 416. 14«. 

Fryer. — ^Vuttodaya. (Exposition of Metre.) By Sanghaeakkhita 

Thera. a Pali Text, Edited, with Translation and Notes, by Major G. £. 
Fkter. 8vo. pp. 44. 2s. 6d. 

Fnmivall. — Education in Eaely England. Some Notes used as 

Forewords to a Collection of Treatises on *' Manners and Meals in the Olden 
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M.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Member of Council of the Philological and 
Early English Text Societies. Svo. sewed, pp. 74. Is, 

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Oarrett. — Supplement to the above Classical Dictionary op India. 

By John Garrett, Director of Public Instruction at Mysore. Svo. cloth, pp. 
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oU Linguistic FtwlicaUom of Trubner ^ Co , 

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Chrtsti College, Oxford. Now first published complete, 2 Vols. Vol. 1., 
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1877. 24*. 

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Vol. III. A Commentary on the Apocalypse, pp. 854. I6s, 

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improved from the Second Edition of the Dictionary of Professor H. H. Wilson, 
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Ooldstucker. — Panini : His Place in Sanskrit Literature. An Inves- 
tigation of some Literary and Chronological Questions which may be settled by 
a study of his Work. A separate impression of the Preface to the Facsimile of 
MS. No. 17 in the Library of Her Majesty's Home Government for India, 
which contains a portion of the Manava-Kalpa-Sutra, with the Commentary 
of KuMARiLA-SwAMiN. By Theodor GoldstUckeb. Imperial 8vo. pp. 
268, cloth. £2 2s. 

Goldstiicker. — On the Deficiencies in the Present Administration 

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Grammatog^apliy. — A Manual of Reference to the Alphabets of 

Ancient and Modern Languages. Based on the German Compilation of F. 

Ballhorn. Royal 8vo. pp. 80, cloth. 7s. 6d. 

The *• Grammatography" is oflFered to the public as a compendious introduction to the reading 
of the most important ancient and modem languages. Simple in its design, it will be consoltfd 
"with advantage by the philological student, the amateur linguist, the bookseller, the corrector of 
the press, and the diligent compositor. 


Afghan (or Pushto). Czechian{or Bohemian). Hebrew (current hand). Polish. 

Amharic. Danish. Hebrew (Judseo-Ger- Pushto (or Afghan). 

Anglo-Saxon. Demotic. Hungarian. [man). Romaic (Modem Greek 

Arabic. Estrangelo. lUyrian. Russian. 

Arabic Ligatures. Ethiopic. Irish. Runes. 

Aramaic. Etruscan. Italian (Old). Samaritan. 

Archaic Characters. Georgian. Japanese. Sanscrit. 

Armenian. German. Javanese. Servian. 

Assyrian Cuneiform. Glagolitic. Lettish. Slavonic (Old). 

Bengali. Gothic. Mantshu. Sorbian (or wendieh)* 

Bohemian (Czechian). Greek. Median Cuneiform. Swedish. 

BAgfs. Greek Ligatures. Modem Greek ( Romaic) Syriac. 

Burmese. Greek (Archaic). Mongolian. Tamil. 

Canarese (or Cam&taca). Gujerati(orGuzzeratte). Numidian. Teluga. 

Chinese. Hieratic. OldSlavonic(orCyrillic). Tibetan. 

Coptic. HieTOglypVnca. Pailmyrenian. Turkish. 

Croato-Glagolitic. Hebrew. "5et%\«B.. WallachiuL. 

CuAc Hebrew (.Atc\i«.\ciV 'etT^vMiC^saisMLMctsu ^«(i^aSi.(<Hr Soiblaa)* 

67 and 69, Ludgate Hilly Londoriy E.G. 31 

OrassmaDn. — ^Worteebttch zum Rio- Veda.. Von Hermann Grassmann, 

Professor am Marienstifts-Gymnasiam zu Stettin. 8vo. pp. 1775. £1 10^. 
Oreen. — Shakespeare and the Emblem- Writers : an Exposition of 

their Similarities of Thought and Expression. Preceded by a View of the 
Emblem-Book Literature down to a.d. 1616. By HB^fBY Green, M.A. In 
one volume, pp. xvi. 572, profusely illustrated with Woodcuts and Photolith. 
Plates, elegantly bound in cloth gilt, large medium 8to. £\ Ms. M\ large 
imperial 8vo. 1870. £2 Via. 6d, 

Grey. — Handbook op African, Australian, and Polynesian Phi- 
lology, as represented in the Library of His Excellency Sir George Grey, 
K.C.B., Her Majesty's High Commissioner of the Cape Colony. Classed, 
Annotated, and Edited by Sir George Grey and Dr. H. I. Blbek. 

Vol. I. Part 1.— South Africa. 8vo. pp. 186. 20». 

Vol. I. Part 2.— Africa (North of the Tropic of Capricorn). 8vo. pp. 70, 4». 

Vol. I. Part 3. — Madagascar. 8vo. pp. 24. 2«. 

Vol. II. Part 1. — Australia. 8vo. pp. iv. and 44. 3». 

Vol. II. Part 2. — Papuan Languages of the Loyalty Islands and New Hebrides, compris- 
ing those of the Islands of Nengone, Lifu, Aneitum, Tana, and 
others. 8vo. p. 12. Is. 

Vol. II. Part 3.— Fiji Islands and Rotuma (with Supplement to Part II., Papuan Lan- 
guages, and Part I., Australia). 8vo. nn. 34. 2«. 

Vol. II. Part 4.— New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, and Auckland Islands. 8yo. pp. 

76. 7». 

Vol. II. Part 4 [continuation). — Polynesia and Borneo. 8vo. pp. 77-154. 7». 

Vol. III. Part 1.— Manuscripts and Incunables. 8vo. pp. viii. and 24. 25. 

Vol. IV. Part 1.— Early Printed Books. England. 8vo. pp. vi. and 266. 128. 

Orey. — Maori Mementos: being a Series of Addresses presented by 
the Native People to His Excellency Sir George Grey, K.C.B., F.R.S With 
Introductory Remarks and Explanatory Notes ; to which is added a small Collec- 
tion of Laments, etc. By Ch. Olives B. Davis. 8vo. pp. iv. and 228, cloth. 129. 

OrifBn. — The Rajas of the Punjab. Being tbe History of the Prin- 
cipal States in the Panjab, and their Political Relations with the British Govern- 
ment. By Lepel H . Griffin, Bengal Civil Service ; Under Secretary to the 
Government of the Punjab, Author of '* The Punjab Chiefs," etc. Second 
edition. Royal 8vo., pp. xiv. and 630. 2U» 

Oriffifl. — The Mikado's Empire. Book I. History of Japan from 
660 B.C. to 1872 a.d. Book II. Personal Experiences, Observations, and 
Studies in Japan, 1870-74. By W. E. Griffis. Illustrated. 8vo el., pp. 
626. £1. 

Griffith. — Scenes from the Eamayana, Meghaduta, etc. Translated 

by Ralph T H. Griffith, M.A., Principal of the Benares College. Second 

Edition. Crown Svo. pp. xviii., 244, cloth. 6«. 

CoNTEMTs.— Preface— Ayodhya—Ravan Doomed— The Birth of Rama— The Heir apparent— 
Manthara'8 Guile— Dasaratha's Oath— The Step-mother— Mother and Son— The Triumph of 
Love— Farewell? -The Hermit's Son— The Trial of Truth— The Forest— The Rape of Sita— 
Rama*B Despair— The Messenger Cloud— Khumbakama— The Suppliant Dove— True Glory- 
Feed the Poor— The Wise Scholar. 

Griffith. — The RImItan of VjClmiki. Translated into English verse. 
By Ralph T. H. Griffith, M.A., Principal of the Benares College. 6 vols. 

Vol. I., containing Books I. and II. Demy Svo. pp. xxzii. 440, cloth. 

1870. 18«. 
Vol. II., containing Book II.. with additional Notes and Index of Names. 

Bemy Svo. pp. 504, cloth. 18«. 
Vol. III. Bemy 8yo. pp. y. and 371, cloth. 1872. 15«* 
Vol. IV. Demy 8vo. pp. viii. and 432. 1873. ISt, 
Vol, V. Demy 8vo. pp. 363, cloth. 1875. IBs, 

Griffith. — The Birth of the War God. A Poem by KIlidIsa. 

Translated from the Sanskrit into English Verse. By Ralph T. H. Griffith, 
M.A., Principal of Benares College. Second edition, post 8yo. cloth.^ ^\k. uii^ 
and 116. 6s, 

32 Linguistic PuhlicaHonB of Tr&bner 8f Cd,f 

Grout. — The Isizultt : a Grammar of the Zulu Language ; accompanied 
with an Historical In trod action, also with an Appendix. By Rer. Lbwis Grout. 
8vo. pp. lii. and 43*2, cloth. 21«. 

OnberiLatis. — Zoological Mythology; or, the Legends of Animals. 
By Anoelo de Gubernatis, Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Literature 
in the Instituto di Studii Superiori e di Perfezionamento at Florence, etc In 
2 vols. 8vo. pp. xxvi. and 482, vii. and 442. 28«. 

Oondert. — A Malayalam and English Dictionaet. By Eev. H. 

GuNDBRT, D. Ph. Royal 8vo. pp. viii. and 1 116. £2 \0s, 

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THE British Museum. By Dr. Ernst Haas. Printed by Permission of the 
Trustees of the British Museum. 4to. cloth, pp. 200. £1 1«. 

H^lfiz of Sli(raz. — Selections from his Poems. Translated from the 
Persian by Herman Bicknell. With Preface by A. S. Bicknrll. Demy 
4to., pp. XX. and 384, printed on fine stout plate-paper, with appropriate 
Oriental Bordering in gold and colour, and Illustrations by J. R. Herbert, 
R.A. £2 2s. 

Haldeman. — Pennsylvania Dutch : a Dialect of South Germany 

with an Infusion of English. By S. S. Haldeman, A.M., Professor of Com- 
parative Philology in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 
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Hall. — On English Adjectives in -Able, with Special Heference to 
Reliable. By Fitzedward Hall, C.E;, M.A., Hon.D.C.L. Oxon. ; formerly 
Professor of Sanskrit Language and Literature, and of Indian Jurisprudence, 
in King's College, London. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 238. 7s. 6d, 

Hans Breitmann. — See under Leland. 

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R. Spence Hardy, Hon. Member Royal Asiatic Society. 8vo. sd. pp. 138. 6«. 

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Sixth Century of the Christian Era. Edited by R. Hassoun. With Illustra- 
tions. 4to. pp. 43. 3s. 6d. 

Haswell. — Grammatical Notes and Vocabulary of the Peguan 
Language. To which are added a few pages of Phrases, etc. By Rev. J. M. 
Haswell. Svo. pp. xvi. and 160. 1 5s. 

Hang. — The Book of Arda Yiraf. The Pahlavi text prepared by 

Destur Hoshangji Jamaspji Asa. Revised and collated with further MSS.. wiUi 
an English translation and Introduction, and an Appendix containing the Texts 
and Translations of the Gosht-i Fryano and Hadokht Nask. By Martin 
Haug, Ph.D., Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology at the Uni- 
versity of Munich. Assisted by E. W. West, Ph.D. Published by order of 
the Bombay Government. Svo. sewed, pp. Ixxx., v., and 316. £1 5«. 

Hang. — A Lecture on an Original Speech of Zoroaster (Yasna 46), 
with remarks on his age. By Martin Haug, Ph.D. 8vo. pp. 28, sewed. 
Bombay, 1865. 2s. 

Hang. — The Aitarkya Brahmanam of the Eig Yeda : containing the 

Earliest Speculations of the Brahmans on the meaning of the Sacrificial Prayers, 
and on the Origin, Performance, and Sense of the Rites of the Vedic Religion. 
Edited, Translated, and Explained by Martin Hauo, Ph.D., Superintendent of 
Sanskrit Studies in the Poena College, etc., etc. In 2 Vols. Crown Sra 
Vol. I. Contents, Sanskrit Text, with Preface, Introductory Essay, and « Map 
of the Sacrificial Compound at tVie Soma Sacrifice, pp. 312. Vol. II. Traiula- 
tfon with Notes, pp. 5U. £^ ^. . . 

57 and 59^ Ludgate HiU, London, E, C. 83 

Hang. — Aw Old Zand-Pahlavi Glossabt. Edited in the Original 

Characters, with a Transliteration in Roman Letters, an English Translation, 
and an Alphabetical Index. By Destur Hoshenoji Jamaspji, High-priest of 
the Parsis in Malwa, India. Rev. with Notes and Intro, by Martin Havo, 
Ph.D. Publ. by order of Got. of Bombay. Svo. sewed, pp. Ivi. and 132. ld». 

Hang. — Att Old Pahlatt-Pazand Glossary. Ed., with Alphabetical 

Index, by Destur Hoshanoji Jamaspji Asa, High Priest of the Parsis in 
Malwa. Rev. and Enl., with Intro. Essay on the Pahlavi Language, by M. Haito, 
Ph.D. Pab. by order of Got. of Bombay. 8yo. pp. xvi. 152, 268, sd. 1870. 2a». 

Hang. — Essays on the Sacked Language, Writings, and Religion 
OP THE Parsis. By Martin Haug, Ph D., late Professor of Sanskrit and 
Comparative Philology at the University of Munich. Second Edition. Edited 
by E. W. West, Ph.D. Post Svo. pp. xvi. and 428, cloth. 16*. 

Hawken. — Upa-Sastra : Comments, Linguistic and Doctrinal, on 
Sacred and Mythic Literature. By J. D. Hawkbn. Svo. cloth, pp. viii.-288. 
7«. 6rf. 

Heaviside. — American Antiquities ; or, the New World the Old, and 
the Old World the New. By John T. C. Heaviside. Svo. pp. 46, sewed. 1«. 6</ 

Hebrew Literature Society (Publications of). Subscription £1 1«. 
per Series. 1872-3. First Series, 

Vol. I. Miscellany of Hebrew Literature. Demy Svo. cloth, pp. viii. and 

228. 10«. 
Vol. II. The Commentary of Tbn Ezra on Isaiah. Edited from MSS., and 
Translated with Notes, Introductions, and Indexes, by M. FfiiEDLaNDER, 
rh.D. Vol. I. Translation of the Commentary. Demy Svo. cloth, 
pp. xxviii. and 332. 10«. 6ei. 
Vol. 111. The Commentary of Ibn Ezra. Vol. II. The Anglican Version of 
■ the Book of the Prophet Isaiah amended according to the Commentary of 
Ibn Ezra. Demy 8yo. cloth, pp. 112. As. dd. 

1877. Second Series. 

Vol. I. Miscellany of Hebrew Literature. Vol. II. Edited by the Rev, A. 

LowY. Demy Svo. cloth, pp. vi. and 276. ]0«. 6d. 
Vol. II. The Commentary of Ibn Ezra. Vol. III. Demy Svo. cloth, 

pp. 172. 7*. 
Vol. III. Ibn Ezra Literature. Vol. IV. Essays on the Writings of Abraham 

Ibn Ezra, fiy M. pRiEDLaNDE, Ph.D. Demy Svo. cloth, pp. X.-252 

and 78. 12«. 6d. 

Hepburn. — A Japanese and English Diction aky. With an English 

and Japanese Index. By J. C. Hepbubn, M.D., LL.D. Second edition. 
Imperial Svo. cloth, pp. xxxii., 632 and 201. £S 8«. 

Hepburn. — Japanese-English and English-Japanese Dicttonaet. By 
J. C. Hepbubn, M.D., LL.D. Abridged by the Author from his larger work. 
Small 4to. cloth, pp. vi. and 206. 1873. ISs, 

Hemisz. — A Guide to Conyebsation in the English and Chinese 

Languages, for the use of Americans and Chinese in California and elsewhere. 

By Stanislas Hernisz. Square Svo. pp. 274-, sewed. I0«. 6d. 

The Chinese characters contained in this work are Arom the collections of Chinese groups, 
engraved on steel, and cast into moveable types, by Mr. Marcellin Legrand, engraver of the 
Imperial Printing Office at Paris. They are used by most of the missions to China. 

Hincks. — Specimen Chaptees of an Assyrian Grammab. By the late 
Rev. E. Hincks, D.D., Hon. M.R.A.S. 8vo., pp. 44, sewed. U, 

Hodgson. — Essays on the Languages, Liter atuee, and Religion 
OF Nepal and Tibet; together with further Papers on the Geography, 
Ethnology, and Commerce of those Countries. By B. H. ^^Q\>^%^>^^Nsd« 
British II iniater at Nep&l. Royai^^o. cAoVV^^^A^'^. \^fca« 

84 Jjinffuistic Publications of Trubner Sf'Co., 

Hoffinann. — Shopping Dialooubs, in Japaniese, Dutcb, and English. 

By Profewor J. Hoffmann. Oblong 8to. pp. ziii. and 44, tewed. 5<. 

Hoffinann, J. J. — A Japastese Gramhak. Second Edition. Large 

8vo. cloth, pp. Yiii. and 368, with two plates. £1 1«. 

fiolbein Society. — Subscription £1 Is. per annum. A List of Publi- 
cations to be had on application. 

Hopkins. — Elementary Grammar op the Turkish Language. With 
a few Easy Exercises. By F. L. Hopkins. M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Trinity 
Hall, Cambridge. Cr. 8vo. cloth, pp. 48. S«. 6d, 

Howse. — A Grammar op the Cree Language. "Witb whicb is com- 
bined an analysis of the Chippeway Dialect. By Joseph Howse, Esq., 
F.R.G.S. 8vo. pp. XX. and 324, cloth. 7s. 6d. 

Hunter. — A Statistical Account op Bengal. By W. W. Hunter, B.A., 

LL.D. Director- General of Statistics to the Government of India; one of 
the Council of the Royal Asiatic Society; M.R.G.S. ; and Honorary Mesiber 
of various Learned Societies. 


I. 94 Par(;ran&8 and Sandarbans. 
II. Nadiyfi and Jessor. 
m. Midnapur, Hdgll and Honrah. 
IV. BardwAn. Birbhdm and BAnkorA. 
Y. Dacca, B&karganj. Farfdpor and Mai- 

VI. Chittagoni? Uill Tracts, Cbittigong, 
No&kh&U, Tipperah, and Hill Tipperah 
YII. Meldah, Rangpur and Dinfijpnr. 
VIIL IWjshdhf and Bogrfi. 
IX. Murshidftb&d and P&bn&. 

X. D&ijfling, Jalpftigurf and Enoh Befatr 
XI. Patn& and Sftran. I State. 

XII. Gay& and Shfth&b&d 

XIII. Tirhut and ChampSran. 

XIV. Bh&galpur and SantAl Pargan&s. 
XV. Monghyr and Pumiah. 

XVI. Haz(liib&gh and Loh6rdag&. 
XVII. Singbham, Chutid, N&^por Tributary 

States and M&nbhdm. 
XVIIL Cuttack and Balasor. 
XI K. Purf, andOrissa Tributary States. 
XX. Fisheries, Botany, and General Index. 

Published by command of the Government of India. In 20 Vols. 8to. half- 
morocco. £5. 

Hnnter (F. M.) — An Account op the British Settlement op Aden 

in Arabia. Compiled by Captain F. M. Hunter, F.R.G.S., P.R.A.S., 
Assistant Political Resident, Aden. Demy 8vo. half-moroeco, pp. xii.-232. 

7s. Gd. 

Ikhwanii-s Safa ; or. Brothers of Purity. Describing the Contention 
between Men and Beasts as to the Superiority of the Human Race. Translated 
from the Hindust&ni by Professor J. Dowson, Staff College, Sandhurst. 
Crown 8 vo. pp. viii. and 156, cloth. 7s, 

Xndian Antiquary (The). — A Journal of Oriental Research in Archaeo- 
logy, History, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, Religion, Folklore, etc. 
£dited by James Huhobss, M.R.A.S., F.K.G.S. 4to. Published 12 namben 
per annum. Subscription £2. 

Ingleby. — Shakespeare : the Man and the Book. By C. M. Ingleby, 
M.A., LL.D. 8vo. boards, pp. 172. 6s, 

Inman. — Ancifjj^t Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism Exposed 

AND Explained. By Thomas Inman, M .D. Second Edition. With Illustra- 
tions. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. zl. and 148. 1874. 7s. 6d, 

Jaiminiya-Nyaya-Mala-Vistara — See under Auctores Sanscriti. 
Jami, Mnlla. — SalImIn U AbsIl. An Allegorical Romance; being 

one of the Seven Toems entitled the Haft Aurang of Mnlla Jam!, now first 
edited from the Collation of Eight Manuscripts in the Library of the India 
JEToase, and in prWate coWectAotva, rnvVi 'h^.tnous readings, by Fo&bss 
Pajlconek, M.A., M.B«A,8. ^to. doVk, ^^. ^L \^b^, l^.'wi. 

57 and 5Q, Ludgate JSiU, London, E. 0. 35 

Jataka (The) ; together with its Commentary. Being Tales of the 

Anterior Birth of Gotama Buddha. For the first time Edited in the oririnal 

Pali by V. Fausboll, and Translated by "T. W. Rhys Dayios. Vol. L Text. 

Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. 512. 28«. 

The " Jataka »» is a collection of legrends in Pali, relating the history of Buddha's trans- 
migration before he was bom ha Gotama. Ttie great antiquity of this work is authenticated 
by its forming part of the saered canon of the Southern Bsuddbists, which was finally settled at 
the last C!ouncil in 249 buc. The collection has lon^ been known as a storehouse of ancient 
fables, and as the most original attainable souroe to whioh almost the whole of thU kind of 
literature, from th& Panchatantra and Pilpay's fables down to the nirsery stories of the present 
day, is traceable ; and it has been eonsidered desirable^ in the interest of Buddhistie studies aa 
well as for more general literary purposes, that an edition and translation of thf eomplete 
work should be prepared. The present publication is intended to supply this wvD.t.—AthencBum. 

Jenkins's Vest-Pocket Iiexiooa-^Ax Enqlisb DicTioNAitT of all 

except Familiar Words; inclading the principal Sdeotificand Technieal'Termay 
and Foreij^ Moneys, Weights and Masarea. By Jabbz Jbmkinb. 64mo..y 
pp. d64, okoth. U. 6tl. 

Johnson. — Oriental ReligionSw See TtUhner^s Oriental Series. 

Ealid-i-Afghani. — Tbanslxtion op the, the Text- 
book for the Pakkhto Examination, with Nptes, Historical, 0eoCTaphical, 
Grammatical, and Explanatory. By Tretor Chichble Plowobn. . imp. Stov 
pp. Vi. ai}d 406, with a Map. Lahore, 18^5. £2 2«. 

Ka^ik^. — A CoMMBjjfTABr on PiiiiNi's Gjummaticai, Aphobisms. By 

Pannt JayAditta. Edited by Pandit BAi^a Sastr!, Prof. Sansk. CoU.» 
Benares. First part, 8to. pp. 490. 16<. 

Kellogg^. — A GsiUfMAB op xhe HinD'I Lanquaq^ in which are treated 
the Standard Hind!, Brai, and the Eastern Hindi of the Ramayan of Tulsi 
Dtis ; also the CoUoquisd Dtaleets of Marwar, Enmaon, Avadh, Baghelkhand^ 
Bh(npur, etc., with Copious Philological Notes. 3y the Key. S. H. EELLOOCk, 
M.A. Royal Svei. eloth, pp. 400. 21«. 

Kern. — The AmrABHAXiTA, with the Commentary BhatadipikS, of 
Paxamadi9vara» edited by Dr. H. Kern. 4 to. pp. aii. aiid 107. 9^ 

Kern. — The Behat-SanhitI ; or, Complete System of Natural 

Astrology of VarslharMihira. Translated from Sanskrit into English by Dr. H. 
Kbrn, Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Leyden. Part L 8¥o. pp. 50,. 
stitched. Parts 2 and 3 pp. M-154. Past4 pp. 155-210. PUrt 5 pp. 211-266. 
Part 6 pp. 267-330. Price 2«. each part. [ ^i7/ be completed in Nine Farts, 

SMrad-Afroz (The Illuminator of the Understanding). By Maulavi 
Haffzu'd-din. A new edition of the Hind68t&ni Text, carefully revised, with 
Notes, Critical and Explanatory. By Bdward B. Eastwick, iVf.P., F.R.S., 
F.8.A., M.R.A.S., Professor of Hind(ist&ni at the late East India Company's 
College at Haileybury. 8vo. cloth, pp. xiv. and 321. 18«. 

Kidd. — Catalooite of the Chinese Libraby op the Royal Asiatic 

- SociBTT. By the Rer. S. Kid<d. Svo. pp. 58, sewed. Is, 

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Ph.D., Superintendent of Sanskrit Studiea in Decoaa College. Registered 
under Act xxv. of 1867. Demy Svo. pp. xvi. 260. cloth. 1870. 10«. M. 

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and to Panini. By F. Kiklhob^, Ph. D. , Prof, of Orient. Lang.. Poena. Svo. 
pp.64. 1876. 3*. 6rf. 

Kilg;onr. — The Hebrew ok Ibebiak Race, including the Pelasgians, 

the Phenicians, the Jews, the British, and others. By Henrt Kilgous. Svo. 
sewed, pp. 76. 1872. 'Is. dd. 

Xistner. — Buddha and his Doctkines. A Bibliographical Essay. By 
Otto Kistneb. Imperial Svo., pp. iv. and %1^ %«?i^^. ^.^d« 

36 lAnguistie Publications of Trubner 8[ Ce>., 

Koeh. — k. HisToarcAL Gbiwab op the English Lajtottage. By C. P. 

Koch. Translated into English. Edited, Enlarged, and Annotated by the Rev. 
R. Morris, LL.D., M.A. [Nearly ready, 

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Kramers* New Pocket Dictionary of the English and Dntch 

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cloth, pp. y\. and 284. 7«. 

C0HTRNT8.— Chapter I. The Minnesinger and the Minne«ongr.— IT. Th« Mlnnelay.— III. Th« 
Divine Minnesong.— IV. Walther von der Yogelweide.— V. CTlrieh Ton Liohtenstein.— YL Tlie 
Ifetrieal Romances of theMinneringer and Gottfried von Straasburg's * Tristan and Isolde." 

Laoombe. — Dictionnaiee et Grammaiee de la Lakgue des Oris, 

par le R^t. P^ Alb. LA<x>ifBB. 8vo. paper, pp. zx. and 7 lS,iv. and 190. 21<. 

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Version, Commentary, and References. By James R. Ballantynb, LL.D., 
Principal of the Sanskrit College, Benares. Svo. pp. zzzvi. and 424, cloth. 
£] \\». 6d. 

Land. — The Principles of Hebrew Grammar. By J. P- N". Laitd. 
Professor of Logic and Metaphypic in the University of Leyden. Translated 
from the Dutch by Reginald Lane Poole, Balliol College, Oxford. Part I. 
Sounds. Part II. Words. Crown Svo. pp. xx. and 220, cloth. 7». ^d. 

"Legge. — CoKFuciANisM in Eelation to Christianity. A Paper 

Read before the Missionary Conference in Shanghai, on May 11, 1877. By 
Rev. Jamrs Lbggb, D.D., LL.D. Svo. sewed, pp. 12. 1877. Is. 6d, 

Legge. — The Chinese Classics. With a Translation, Critical and 
Exegetical Notes, Prolegomena, and Copious Indexes. By James Leoob, 
D.D., of the London Missionary Society. In seven vols. 

Vol. I. containing Confucian Analects, the Great Learning, and the Doctrine of 
the Mean. Svo. pp. 526, cloth. £2 28, 

Vol. II., containing the Works of Mencius. 8vo. pp. 634, cloth. £2 2t, 

Vol. III. Part I. containing the First Part of the Shoo-King, or the Books of 
Tang, the Books of Yu, the Books of Hea, the Books of Sbang, and the Pro- 
legomena. Royal Svo. pp. viii. and 2S0, cloth. £2 28. 

Vol. III. Part II. containing the Fifth Part of the Shoo-King, or the Books of 
Chow, and the Indexes. Royal 8vo. pp. 281—736, cloth. £2 28. 

. Vol. IV. Part I. containing the First Part of the She-King, or the Lessons from 
the States ; and the Prolegomena. Royal Svo. cloth, pp. 182-244. £2 28, 

Vol. IV. Part II. containing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Parts of the She-King, or the 
Minor Odes of the Kingdom, the Greater Odes of the Kingdom, the Sacrificial 
Odes and Praise-Songs, and the Indexes. Royal Svo. cloth, pp. 540. £2 2«. 

Vol. V. Part I. containing Dukes \in, Hwan, Cbwang, Min, He, M'an, Seuen, 
and Ch^ng; and the Prolegomena. Royal Svo. cloth, pp. xii., 148 and 410. 
£2 28, 

Vol. V. Part II. Contents :— Dukes Seang, Ch'aon, Ting, and Gal, with Tso's 
Appendix, and the Indexes. Royal Svo. cloth, pp. 526. £2 2«. 

Xegge. — The Chinese Classics. Translated into English. With 

Preliminary Essays and Explanatory Notes. By James Leoob, D.D., LL.D. 

Vol. I. The Life and Teachings of Confucius. Crown Svo. cloth, pp. tI. and 
338. lOs. ed. 

Vol II, The Life and Works of Mencius. Crown Svo. cloth, pp. 412. 12«. 
Voi. III. The She Kiiig, or TVieBooW ol "So^Xrsi. Ctown 8to., cloth, pp. tifi. 
And 432. 12)1. 

. 57 and 69, LudgcUe Hill, London, E.C^ 87 

Legfge. — ^TwAUGUEAi* Lectuee ok the Constituting op a Chutesb Chaie 
in the University of Oxford. Delivered in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oct. 27th, 
1876, bj Rev. Jambs Lboge, M.A., LL.D., Professor of the Chinete Language 
and Literature at Oxford. 8vo. pp. 28, seired. M, 

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pp. xii. 66, doth. 1869. 2«. M, 

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Being an Attempt to Discover a Few Simple Principles in Arabic Grammar, 
By Q. W. Lbitnbu. 8vo. sewed, pp. d2. Lahore, 4<. 

Leitner. — Sinin-I-Islam. Being a Sketch of the History and 

Literature of Muhammadanism and their place in Universal History. For the 
nee of Maulvis. By G. W. Leitner. Part I, The Early History of Arabia 
to the fall of the Abassides. 8vo. sewed. Lahore. 6«. 

Leland. — Thb English Gipsies and theib Lanoitage. By Chables 

6. Leland. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, pp. 276. 7s. 6^. 

Leland. — The Breitmann Ballads. The only Authobized Edition. 
Complete in 1 vol., including Nineteen Ballads illustrating his Travels in Europe 
(never before printed), with Comments by Fritz Schwackenhammer. By Chables 
6. Leland. Crown 8vo. handsomely bound in clotb^ pp. xxviii. and 292, 6s, 

Hans Bbeitmann's Pabty. With other Ballads. By Chables 
6. Leland. Tenth Edition. Square, pp. xvi. and 74, cloth. 2s. 6d, 

Hans Bbeitmann's Chbistmas. With other Ballads. By Chables 
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Hans Bbeitmann as a Politician. By Chables G. Lelanb. Second 

edition. Square, pp. 72, sewed. Is, 

Hans Bbeithann in Chubch. With other Ballads. By Chables 
G. Leland. With an Introduction and Glossary. Seeond edition. Square, 
pp. 80, sewed. Is, 

Hans Bbeithann as an Uhlan. Six "New Ballads, with a Glossary. 
Square, pp. 72, sewed. Is, 

Leland. — Fusang ; or, the Discovery of America hy Chinese Buddhist 
Priests in the Fifth Century. By Chables G. Leland. Cr. 8vo. cloth, 
pp. xix. and 212. 7s. 6d. 

Leland. — English Gipsy Songs. In Rommany, with Metrical English 
Translations. By Chables G. Leland, Author of " The English Gipsies," 
etc.; Prof. E. H. Palmeb; and Janet Tuckey. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. 
and 276. 7s. 6d. 

Leland. — Pidgin-Engush Sing- Song ; or Songs and Stories in the 
China-English Dialect. With a Vocabulary. By Chables G. Leland. Fcap, 
8vo. el., pp. viii. and 140. 1876. 6s. 

Leo. — FouB Chapteb& op Nobth's Plutabch. Containing the Lives 
of Caius Marcius Coriolanus, Julius Csesar, Marcus- Antoninus, and Marcus 
Brutus, as Sources to Shakespeare's Tragedies, Coriolanus, Julius Csesar, and 
Antony and Cleopatra ; and partly to Hamlet and Timon of Athens. Photo- 
lithographed in the siae of the Edition of 1595. With Preface, Notes com. 
paring the Text of the Editions of 1^79, 1595, 1603, and 1612 ; and Reference 
Notes to the Text of the Tragedies of Shakespeare. Edited by Prof. F. A. 
Leo, Ph.D. In one volume, folio, elegantly bound, pp. 22 of letterpress and 
130 pp. of facsimiles. £1 ils. 6d, 
The Library Edition is limited to 250 copies, at the price £1 lis, 6d, 
Of the Amateur Edition 50 copies have been atcufiW^^ ^tw ^vQc^vctssvNahX^ 
hand-made paper, price £3 38. per co^x. 

38 LinguiBtic Publications of TrUbner 8f Co., 

LeoildwenB. — The Ekglish G^tebness at the Siaicese Coitst- 

bemf ReooUectioDS of aiz years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok. By Anka 
HaHbsttb Lbomowkns. With lUmstrations from Pbotographs presented to 
the Author by the King of Siam. 8vo. cloth, pp. x. and 332. 1870 12«. 

LeOBOweiLS. — Ths Bohancs of Siakess Hai^bm Life. By Mrs. AmrA 

H. Leonowbns, Author of '*lhe English Governess at the Siamese Court" 
With 17 IllustratKHis, principally from Photographs, by the permission of J. 
Thomson, Esq. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. Tiii. and 278. 14«. 

literature. — Transactions of the Royal Societt -of Literatuke op 

the United Kingdom. First Series, 6 parts in 3 vols. ito. plates ; 1827-39. 
Seoond Series, 10 vols, or 30 parts, and vol. xi. parts 1 and 2, 8vo. pfaites, 
1843-76. A complete set, as far as published, £10 10«. A list of the contents 
of the volumes and parts on application. 

Lobsdheid.- -English and Chinese Dictionary, with the Punti and 
Mandarin Pronunciation. By the Rev. W. Lobscheid, Knigfct of Francis 
Joseph, C.M.l,R.G,aA., N.Z.B.S.V., etc. Folk), pp. viil and 2016. In Four 
Parts. £S 8«. 

Lobscheid. — Chinese and English Dictionary, Arranged according to 

the Radicals. By the Rev. W. Lobschrid, Knight of Francis Joseph, 
C.M.I.RX^.S.A., N.Z.B.S.y., Soc 1 vol. imp. 8to. double cohimns, pp. 600, 
bound. £2 8s, 

Ludewig. — -The Literature of American Aboriginal Languages. By 

JEiBBMAir £. LuDEwio With Additions and Corrections by Professor Wm. W. 
TuRNEB. Edited by Nicolas Tkhbnbb. 8vo. fly and general Title, 2 leaves ; Br. 
Ludewig's Preface, pp. v. — viii. ; Editor's Preface, pp. iv. — xii. ; Biographical 
Memoir -of Dr. Ludewig, pp. xiii.-^xiv. ; and Introductory Biographical Notices, 
pp. xiv. — xxiv., followed by List of Contents. Then follow Dr, Lodewig's 
Bibliotheca Glottica, alphabetically arranged, with Additions by the Editor, pp. 
1 — 209; P-rofessor Turner's Additions, with those of the Editor to the same, 
also alphabetically arranged, pp.210 — 246; Index, pp. 247 — 256; and List of 
Errata, pp. 257, 258. Handsomely bound in cloth. 10«. 6d, 

Lnzzatto. — Grammar of the Biblical Chaldaic Language and the 
Talmud Babylonical Idioms, By S. D. Luzzatto. Translated from the 
Italian by J. S. Ooldammer. Cr. 8vo. el., pp. 122. 7s. Qd. 

Maegowan. — A Manual of the Amot Oolloquial. By Rev. J. 

Macgowan, of the London Missionary Society. 8vo. sewed, pp. xvii. and 200. 
Amoy, IflTL £l U, 

Mackay. — The Gaelic Etymology of the Languages op Western 

Europe, and more especially of the English and Lowland Scotch, and of their 
Slang, Cant, and CoUoquiul Dialects. Br Oharlxs Mackat, LL.D. Royal 
8vo. cloth, pp. xxxii. and 604. 42«. 

McClatchie. — A Translation of Section Forty-nine op the 

" Complete Works " of the Philosopher Choo-Foo-Tze, with Explanatory 
Notes. By the Rev. Thomas McClatchie, M.A. Small 4to. pp. xviii. and 
162. 12«. Gd, 

Kaclay and Baldwin. — ^An Alphabetic Dictionary op the Chinese 
Language in the Foochow Dialect. By Rev. R. S. Maolat, D.D., of the 
Methodist Episcopal Mission, and Rev. 0. C. Baldwin, A.M., of the American 
Board of Mission. 8vo. half-bound, pp. 1132. Foochow, 1871. £4 4r<. 

JTaliabliarata. Translated into Hindi for Madan Mohxtn Bhatt, by 
JSTjRiSHNACHANDB.ADUAiaLMAD'RiiLAB.iK o^ '&«ii^\^. (Containing all but the 
-ffarivtos&.) 3 vols. 8\o. c\ol\x, ^^. bl\, %\^» «».^\m. ^^^*. 

. 57 and 59, Liulgate HiR, London, E.C. ^ 

Kaha-Vira-Gharita; or, the Adventures of the Great Hero Eama. 

An Indian Drama in Seven Acts. Translated into English Prose from the 
Sanskrit of Bhavabhijti. By John Pickfojid, M.A. Crown 8vo. cloth. 5«. 

Kaino-i-Ehard (The Book of the). — The Pazand and Sanskrit 

Texts (in Roman characters) as arranged by Keriosengh Dbaval, in the 
fifteenth century. With an English translation, a Glossary of the Pazand 
texts, containing the Sanskrit, Rosian, and Pahlavi equivalents, a sketch of 
Pazand Grammar, and an Introdaction* By E. W. Wbst. 8vo. sewed, pp. 
484. 1871. 16«. 

Xaltby. — A Practical Handbook of tbce Umta or Odita Laitgitags. 
By Thomas J. Maltby, Esq., Madras C.S. 8?o. pp. ziii. and 201. 1874. 
10«. M, 

Kanava-Kalpa-Sutra ; being a portion of this ancient Work on Yaidik 

Rites, together with the Commentary of Kuharila-Swamin. A Facsimile of 
the MS. No. 17, in the Library of Her Majesty's Home Government for India. 
With a Preface by Theodor Goldstiickbr. Oblong folio, pp. 268 of letter- 
press and 121 leaves of facsimiles. Cloth. £4 4«. 

Manipnlus Vocabnlomm; A Ehyming Dictionary of the English 

Language. By Peter Levins (1570) Edited, with an Alphabetical Index, by 
Henrt B. Wheatlet. 8vo. pp. xvi. and 370, cloth. 14<. 

Manning. — Ak Inquiry into the Character and Origin op the 

PosSBSBivB Augment in English and in Cognate Dialects. By the late 
James Mamnino, Q.A.S., Recorder of Oiford. 8vo.pp. iv. and 90. 2«. 

March. — A Comparative Gramhar op the Anglo-Saxon Language; 

in which its forms are illustrated by those of the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, 
Gothic, Old Saxon, Old Priesio, Old Norse, and Old High-German. By 
Francis A. March, LL.D. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xi. and 253. 1877. IOa. 

Mariette. — The Montjments op TJpper Egypt. A Translation of the 
Itineraire de la Haute Egypte, of Auguste Mariette Bey. By Alphonsb 
Ma&biettb. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, pp. vii.-261. Is, 6d. 

Markham.— QincHtTA Grammar and Dictionary. Contributions to- 
wards a Grammar and Dictionary of Quichua, the Language of the Yncas of 
Peru ; collected by Clsmbnts K. Markham, F.S.A., Corr. Mem. of the Vnl- 
versity of Chile. Author of ** Ctt2C0 and Lima,'' and ''Travels in Peru and 
India." In one vol. crown 8 vo., pp. 223, oloth. £l, lis. 6d. 

Markham. — Ollanta: A Drama in the Quichita Language. Text, 

Translation, and Introduction, By Clements K. Markham, P.K.G.S. Crown 
8vo., pp.128, cloth. 7s, 6d. 

Markham. — ^A Memoir op the Lady Ana be Osorio, Countess of 

Chinchon, and Vice- Queen of Peru, a.d. 1629-39. With a Flea for the 
Correct Spelling of the Cbinchona Genus. By Clements E. Markham, C.B., 
F.R.S., Commendador da Real Ordem de Christo, Socius Academise Csesarese 
Naturae Curiosorum Cognomen Chinchon. Small 4to, pp. 112. With a Map, 
2 Plates, and numerous Illustrations. Rozburghe binding. 28«. 

Markham. — The Narratives op the Mission op George Bogle, 

B.C.S., to the Teshu Lama, and of the Journey of Thomas Matining to Lhasa. 
Edited, with Notes and Introduction, and lives of Mr. Bogle and Mr. Manning, 
by Clements £. Markham, C.B., E.K.6. Bemy 8vo., with Maps and Illus- 
trations, pp. dxi. 814, el. 2U. 

Marsden's ITiunismata Orientalia. Kew International Edition. 

See under Numismata Obientalia. 

40 lAnguistio Publicaticms of Trubner if Go. 

IKason. — The Pali Text op KachchataWs Grammab, with English 

Annotations. By Francis Mason, D.D. I. The Text Aphorisms, I to 673. 
II. The English Annotations, including the various Readings of six independent 
Burmese Manuscripts, the Singalese Text on Verbs, and the Cambodian Text 
on Syntax. To which is added a Concordance of the Aphorisms. In Two 
Parte. 8vo. sewed, pp. 208, 75, and*28. Toongoo, 1871. £l lU, 6d, 

Kathews. — Abraham ben Ezra's Unedited Cohhentary on the Can- 

TICLF8, the Hebrew Text after two MS., with English Translation by H. J. 
Mathews, B.A., Exeter College, Oxford. 8vo. cl. limp, pp. x., 84, 24. 2«. 6if. 

Kathiirapnuidda Misra. — A Trilingual Dictionary, being a oompre- 

bensive Lexicon in English, UrdQ. and Hindi, exhibiting the Syllabication, 
Pronunciation, and Etymology of English Words, with their Explanation in 
English, and in Urd6 and Hindi in the Roman Character. By MathubA- 
prasAda Mis&a, Second Master, Queen's College, Benares. Bvo. pp. xy. and 
1330, cloth. Benares, 1865. £2 2«. 

Katthews. — Ethnology and Philology of the Hidatsa Indians. 

By Washington Matthkws, Assistant Surgeon, U.S. Army. Gontenis :— 
Ethnography, Philology, Grammar, Dictionary, and English- Hidatsa Voca- 
bulary. 8vo. cloth. £1 11«. 6d. 

Kayen. — Illustrations of the Lahaist System in Tibet, drawn from 

Chinese Sources. By William Fbedericic Matebs, Esq., of Her Britannic 
Majesty's Consular Service, China. 8vo. pp. 24, sewed. 1869. 1«. 6<f* 

Xayers. — The Chinese Reader's Manual. A Handbook of Bio- 
graphical, Historical, Mythological, and General Literary Reference. By W. 
F. Matbbs, Chinese Secretary to H. B. M.'s Legation at Peking, F.R.G,8^ 
etc., etc. Demy 8vo. pp. zxiv. and 440. £1 5s, 

Hayers. — Treaties between the Empire of China and Foreign 

Powers, together with Regalations for the Conduct of Foreign Trade, etc. 
Edited hy W. F. Mayers, Chinese Secretary to H.B.M.'s Legation at Peking. 
8vo. cloth, pp. 246. 1877. 25*. 

Mayers. — The Chinese Government. A Manual of Chinese Titles, 

Categorically arranged, and Explained with an Appendix. By W. F. Mateks, 
Chinese Secretary to H.B.M.*s Legation at Peking. Royal 8vo. clotht 
pp. viu.-160. 1878. £1 d«. 

Hayers. — The Anglo-Chinese Calendar Manual. A Handbook of 

Reference for the Determination of Chinese Dates during the period from 
18(J0 to 1879. With Comparative Tables of Annual and Mensual Designations, 
etc. Compiled by W. F. Mayers, Chinese Secretary, H.B.M.'s LegatioOi 
Peking. 2nd Edition. Sewed, pp. 28. 7«. 6d. 

Xedhurst. — Chinese Dialogues, Questions, and Eajmeiliar Sentences, 

literally translated into English, with a view to promote commercial intercourse 
and assist beginners in the Language. By the late W. H. Medhu&st, D.Dt 
A new and enlarged Edition. Bvo. pp. 226. ISs. 

Hegasthen^s. — Ancient India as Described by Meqasthen^s and 

Arrian. Being a Translation of the Fragments of the Indika of MegasthenSs 
collected by Dr. Schwanberk, and of the First Part of the Indika of Arrian. 
By J. W. McCrindle, M.A., Principal of the Government College, Patna, 
etc. With Introduction, Notes, and Map of Ancient India. Post 8vo. ciothf 
pp. xii.-224. 1877. Is. 6d. 

Hegha-Duta (The). (CIoud-Messeoger.) By Kalidasa. Translated 

from the Sanskrit into English verse, with Notes and Illustrations. By the 

late H. H. Wilson, M. A., F.R.S., Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the Uni- 

versity of Oxford, etc., etc. The Vocabulary by Francis Johnson, sometime 

Professor of Oriental Languages at \.\\eCo\\«^'& o^ xVa Honourable the East India 

Companir, Haileybury. New ^d^uou. 4Xa.<^o\Xv^v^.'i:\.v(A\%V V(U« 6dL 

67 and 59 Ludgate Sill, London^ JE. G. 41 

ICemoirs read before the Akthbopological Society of London, 1863 

1864. 8vo., pp. 542, cloth. 21». 

ffeinoirs read before the Antkropological Sooiett of London, 1865-6. 

Vol. II. Sto., pp. z. 464, cloth. 2J<. 

HULb — The Indian Saint; or, Buddha and Buddhism. — A Sketch 
Historical and Critical. By G. D. B. Mills. Sto. cl., pp. 192. 7<. ^d, 

liinoobeberji. — Pahlavi, Gujarati, and English Dictionakt. By 

Jam ASP ji Dastur Minochehebji J am asp Asana, Felloe of the University of 
Bombay, and Member of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 
Vol. I. (To be completed in three volames.) Demy 8to. pp. clxzix and 168, 
with Photographic Portrait of the Author. 14«. 

iirkhond. — The History of the AtXbeks of Syria and Persia. 
By Mohammed Ben Khawbndshah Ben Mahmud, commonly called 
MfRKuoND. Now first Edited from the Collation of Sixteen iMSS., by 
W. H. MuRLBY, Barrister-at-law, M.R.A.S. To which is added a Series 
of Facsimiles of the Coins struck by the At&beks, arranged and des'tribed 
by W. S. W. Vaux, M.A., M.R.A.S. Roy. 8vo. cloth, 7 plates, pp. 118. 
181^8. 7«. ^d. 

fitra. — The Antiquities op Orissa. By Rajendralala Mitra. 

Vol. I. Published under Orders of the Government of India. Folio, cloth, 
pp. 180. With a Map and 36 Plates. £^ U, 

iolesworth. — A Dictionary, Marathi and English. Compiled by 
J. T. Moles WORTH, assisted by George and Thomas Candy. Second Edition, 
revised and enlarged. By J. T. MoLBt>woRTH. Royal 4to. pp. xxz and 922, 
boards. Bombay, 1857. i£3 S«. 

[olesworth. — A Compendium of Moleswoeth's Marathi and English 
Dictionary. By Baba Pahmanji. Second Edition. Revised and Enlarged. 
Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xx. and 624. 21 ». 

[Ollendorff — Manual of Chinese Bibuogbaphy, being a List of 
Works and Essays relating to China. By P. G. and O. F. von M Ollendorff, 
Interpreters to U.I.G.M.'s Consulates at Shanghai and Tientsin. 8vo. pp. viii. 
and 378. £\ 10«. 

[orley. — A Descriptite Catalogue of the Historical Manusceipts 
in the Arabic and Persian Languages preserved in the Library of the Royal 
Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. By William H. Morley, 
M.R.A S. 8vo. pp. viii. and 160, sewed. London, 1854. 2«. Qd, 

[orris. — A Descriptive and Historical Account of the Godaveey 

District in the Presidency of Madras By Henry Morris, formerly of the 
Madras Civil Service. Author of a "History of India for Use in Schools" 
and other works. 8vo. cloth (with a map), pp. xii. and 390. 1878. i2«. 

[orrison. — A Diction aey of the Chinese Language. By the Rev. 
R. Morrison, D.D. Two vols. Vol. I. pp. x. and 762; Vol. II. pp. 828, 
cloth. Shanghae, 1865. £6 6«. 

[uhammed. — The Life of Muhammed. Based on Muhammed Ibn 

Ishak By Abd El Malik Ibn Hisham. Edited by Dr. Ferdinand Wusten- 

feld. 'i'he Arabic Text. 8vo. pp. 1026, sewed. Price 21«. Introduction, 

Notes, and Index in German. 8vo. pp. Ixzii. and 266, sewed. 7<. 6^. Each 

part sold separately. 

The text based on the Manuscripts of the Berlin, Leipsic, Ootha and Leyden Libraries, has 
en carefully revised by the learned editor, and printed with the utmost exactness. 

[nir. — Original Sanskrit Texts, on the Origin and History of the 
People of India, their Religion and Institutions* Collected, Translated, and 
Illustrated by John Muir, Esq., D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D. 

VoL L Mythical and Legendary Accounta ot XViftOf^^o\^w^ft^H^5Ssv%sJL^Ma^?^a^ 

42 Linguistic Publications of Tribner 8f Co. 

into its existence in the Vedic Ag^. Second Edition, re-written and greatly enlarged. 
8to. pp. xz. 532, cloth. 1868. 2l9. 

.Vol. II. The Trans- Himalayan Origin of the Hindus, and their Affinity with the 
Western Branches of the Aryan Race. Second Edition, revised, with Additions. 
8to. pp. xxxii. and 512, cloth. 1871. 21«. 

Vol. III. TheVedas: Opinions of their Authors, and of later Indian Writers, on 
their Origin, Inspiration, and Authority. Second Edition, rerised and enlarged. 
8to. pp. xxxii. 312, cloth. 1868. 16«. 

Vol. IV. Comparison of the Vedic with the later representations of the principal 
Indian Deities. Second Edition Revised. 8to. pp. xvi. and 524, cloth. 1873. 2U. 

Vol. V. Contributions to a Knowledge of the Cosmogony, Mythology, Religious 
Ideas, Life and Manners of the Indians in the Vedio Age. 8to. pp. xvi. 492, doth, 
1870. 2l«. 

Miiller. — The Sacred Htmns of the Bbahhjks, as preserved to ns 

in the oldest collection of religious poetry, the Rig-Veda-Sanhita, translated and 
explained. By P. Max Muller, M.A., Fellow of All Souls* College ; Professor 
of Comparative Philology at Oxford ; Foreign Member of the Institate of 
France, etc., etc. Volume I. Hymns to the Mamts or the. Storm Gioda. 8to. 
pp. clii. and 264. 12«. M, 

Miiller. — The Hymns of the Eig-Ybda. in the Samhita and Pada Texti. 
Reprinted from the Editio Princeps. By F. Max Mullsr, M.A., etc. Second 
edition. With the Two Texts on Parallel Paget. In 2 vols. 8vo., pp. 1700, 
sewed. 82«. 

Hiiller. — ^Lecttjee on Buddhist Nihilism. By F. Max Mulleb, 

M.A., Professor of Comparative Philology in the University of Oxford ; Mem- 
ber of the French Institute, etc. Delivered before the General Meeting of the 
Association of German Philologists, at Kiel, 28th September, 1869. (Translated 
from the German.) Sewed. 1869. Is, 

Nagananda ; oe the Jot of the Snake-Woeld. A Buddhist Drama 

in Five Acts. Translated into English Prose, vi^ith Explanatory Notes, from the 
Sanskrit of Sri-Harsha-Deva. By Palmrr Boyd, B.A., Sanskrit Scholar of 
Trinity College, Cambridge. With an fntrodaetion by Professor Cowbll. 
Crown 8vo., pp. xvi. and 100, cloth. 4s. 6^. 

BTalopakhydnam. — Story of !N"ala ; an Episode of the Maha-Bhirata. 
The Sanskrit Text, with Vocabulary, Analysis, and Introdnction. By Mohier 
Williams, M.A. The Metrical Translation by the Very Rev. H. H. Milman, 
D.D. 8vo. cl. Us. 

ITaradiya Dharma Sastram; oe, the Institdtes op N'aeada. Trans- 
lated for the First Time from the unpublished Sanskrit original. By Dr. Julivs 
Jolly, University, Wurzburg. With a Preface, Notes chiefly critical, an Index 
of Quotations from Narada in the principal Indian Digests, and a general Index. 
Crown 8vo., pp. xxxv. 144, cloth. 10*. 6rf. 

STewman. — A Dictionaet of Modern Aeabic — 1. Anglo- Arabic 

Dictionary. 2. Anglo-Arabic Vocabulary. 3. Arabo-English Dictionary. By 
F. W. Newman, Emeritus Professor of University College, London. In 2 
vols, crown 8vo., pp. xvi. and 876—464, cloth. £1 1*. 

ITewman. — ^A Handbook of Modern Arabic, consisting of a Practical 

Grammar, with numerous Examples, Dialogues, and Newspi^er Extracts, in a 
European Type. By F. W. Newman, Emeritus Professor of University 
College, London ; formerly Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. Post 8yo. pp« 
XX. and 192, cloth. J.ondon, 1866. 6«. 

JTewman. — The Text of the Iguvine iNscairTioNs, with interlinear 
Latin Translation and Inotcft. ^^ >JiBLk^e\^ ^. Newman, late Profieasor of 
Latin at University CoUege, liOTvdoix. ^n^.^^.x^vwA^^^x^k*^ 2#* 

. 57 and 59, Ltidgate Hill, London, E.G. 43 

Vewman. — OBTHoepy : or, a simple mode of Accenting English, for 
the adyantage of Foreigners and of all Learners. By Fbancis W. Newman, 
Emeritus Professor of Unhersity College, London. Svo.pp. 28, sewed. 1869. Is. 

Vodal. — ^Elshbntos de GbamXtica Quichua 6 Idioma db los Yi^cas. 

fiajo los Aaspicios de la Kedentora, Sociedad de Fil&ntropos para mejorar la 
suerte de los Aborijenes Peruanos. For el Dr. Jose Fernandez Nodal, 
Abogado de los Tribunales de Justicia de la Repdblica del Per6. lioyal Svo. 
doth, pp. xvi. and 441. Appendix, pp. 9. £1 1«. 

Vodal. — ^Los YiNcuLos db Ollanta y Cusi-Kctjylloe. Drama en 

Quichua. Obra CompiJada y Espurgada con la Version Castellana al Frente 
de SQ Testo porel Dr. Jo6e Fernandez Nodal, Abogado de los Tribunales 
de Justicia de la Rep(^blica del Per6. Bajo los Auspicios de la Redentora 
Sociedad de Fitiintropos para Mejoror la Suerte de los Aborijenes Peruanos. 
Hoy. 8vo. bds. pp. 70. 1874. Is, 6d. 


AND Portuguese Languages. By Edwin A. Notley. Crown oblong 8vo. 
doth, pp. XT. and 396. Is. 6d, 

Homismata Orientalia. — The Inteenational Numismata Oeientalia. 

Edited by Edward Thomas, F.R.S., etc. Vol. I. Illustrated with 20 Plates 
and a Map. Royal 4to. cloth. £3 I'ds, 6d. 

Also in 6 Parts sold separately, viz.: — 

Part I. — Ancient Indian Weights. By E. Thomas, F.R.S., etc. Royal 4to. sewed, 
pp. 84, with a Plate and a Map of the India of Manu. 9s. Gd. 

Part n.-^Coins of the Urtuki Turkamans. By Stanley Lane Poole, Corpus 
Ghristi OoUege Oxford. Royal 4to. sewed, pp 44, with 6 Plates. 9«. 

Part II1« The Coinage of Lydia and Persia, from the Earliest Times to the Fall 
of the Dynasty of the Achcmenids. By Barclay V. Head, Assistant- 
Keeper of Coins, British Museum. Royal 4to. sewed, pp. viii. and 56, with 
three Autotype Plates. 1<0«. fkl. 

Part lY. The Coins of the Tuluni Dynasty. By Edward Thomas Rogers. 
. Royal 4to. sewed, pp. W. and 22, and 1 Plate. i)s. 

Part V. The Parthian Coiiwge. By Percy Gardner, M.A. Royal 4to. sewed, 
pp. {▼. and 65, with 8 Autotype Plates. 18«. 

Part VL On the Ancient Coins and Measures of Ceylon. With a Discussion of 
the Ceylon Date of the Buddha's Death. By T. W. Rhys Dayids, Barrister- 
at-Law, late of the Ceylon Civil Service. Rojral 4to. sewed, pp. 60, with Plate. 

Hntt — Fbagments of a Samaeitan Taegum. Edited from a Bodleian 
MS. With an intnoduction, containing a Sketch of Samaritan History, 
Dogma, and Literature. By J. W. Nurr, M.A. Demy 8vo. eloth, pp. viii., 
172, and 84. With Plate. 1874. I5s. 

Butt. — A Sketch of Samaeitan Ristoey, Dogma, and Liteeatijse. 

Published as an Introduction to ** Fragments of a Samaritan Targum. By 
J. W. NuTT, M.A. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 172. 1874. 5s. 

Ifutt. — Two Teeatises on Veebs containing Feeble and Double 
Lbtte&s by R. Jehuda Hayug of Fez, translated into Hebrew from the original 
Arabic by R. Moses Oikatilia, of Cordova; with the Treatise on Punctuation 
b^ the same Author, translated by Aben Ezra. Edited from Bodleian M SS. 
with an English Translation by J. W. NuiT, M.A. Demy 8vo. sewed, pp. 312. 
1870. 7s. 6rf. 

Oera Linda Book, from a Manuscript of the Thirteenth Century, 
with the permission of the Proprietor, C. Over de Linden, of the Helder. 
The Original Frisian Text, as verified by Dr. J, 0. Ottema; accompanied 

^ . by aq English Versiob of Dr. Ottema's Dutch Translation^ by Wujjam. R^ 
SaItdbach. 8vo. ol,pp. zxTii. aiid2^^. 5i. . 

44 Linguistic Publications of Tr&bner 8f Co. 

Ollanta: A Drama in thb Quichtta Langttaob. See xuider Maekhax 

and under Nodal. 

Oriental Congress. — Report of the Proceedings of the Second Interna^ 
tional Congress of Orientalists held in London, 1 874. E07. 8to. paper, pp. 76. bt. 

Oriental Congress — Teajtsactions op the SEcoin) SEeeioir op the 

International Congress of Orientalists, held in London in September, 
1874. Edited by Robert K. Douglas, Honorary Secretary. Demy 8yo. 
cloth, pp. viii. and 456. 2U. 

Osbnm. — The Monuhental Histobt of Egypt, as recorded on the 

Ruins of her Temples, Palaces, and Tombs. By William Osbitrn. Illustrated 
with Maps, Plates, etc. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. zii. and 461 ; viL and 643, doUi. 
£2 2jt. 

Vol. I.— From the Colonization of the Valley to the Visit of the Patriarch Abram. 
Vol. II.— From the Visit of Abram to the Exodus. 

Ott6. — How TO Leabn Danish (Dano-Norwegian). A Manual for 

Students of Danish (Dano-Norwegian). Based on the Ollendorffian System of 
Teaching Languages, and adapted for Self- Instruction. By £« C. Uxii. 
Crown Kvo. cloth, pp. xiz.-338. 7«. Cd, 
Key to the Exercises. Cloth, pp. 84. 3«. 

Palmer.— Egyptian Chronicles, with a harmony of Sacred and 

Egyptian Chronology, and an Appendix on Babylonian and Assyrian Antiquities. 
By William Palmbk, M.A.,and late Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, 
vols.. Svo. cloth, pp. ixziy. and 428, and viii. and 636. 1861. I2it, 

Palmer. — A Concise Dictionabt of the Peesian LANeuAGE. By E. 
H. Palmer, M.A., Professor of Arabic m the University of Cambridge. 
Sqnare 16mo. pp. viii. and 364, cloth. 10* 6rf. 

Palmer. — Leaves feom a Word Hunter's N'ote Book. Being some 
Contributions to English Etymology. By the Rev. A. Smyths Palicer, B.A., 
sometime Scholar in the University of Dublin. Cr. 8vo. d. pp. xii.-316. 78,6d, 

Palmer. — The Song of the Beed; and other Pieces. By E. H. 
Palmer, M.A., Cambridge. Crown Svo. pp. 208, handsomely bound in doth. 5«. 

Among the Contents will be found translations from Hafiz, from Omer el Kheiyto,8nd 
Arom other Persian as well as Arabic poets. 

Pand-Namah. — The Pand-N'Xmah ; or, Books of Counsels. By 

Adaukad MXkXspand. Translated from Pehlevi into Gujerathi, by Harbad 
Sheriarjee Dadabhoy. And from Gujerathi into English by the Rev. Shaparji 
Edalji. Fcap. Svo. sewed. 1870. fid. 

Pandit's (A) Eemarks on Professor Max Miiller's Translation of the 

** Rio- Veda." ;Sanskrit and English. Fcap. Svo. sewed. 1870. 6d. 

Paspati. — Etudes sue les TcHiNGHiANis (Gypsies) ou Boh^miens dk 
L' Empire Ottoman. Par Alexandre G. Paspati, M.D. Large Svo. sewed, 
pp. zii. and 652. Constantinople, 1871. 28«. 

Patanjali. — The Yyakarana-Mahabhashta of Patanjali. Edited 

by F. KiEi.HOKN, Ph.D., Professor of Oriental Languages, Deccan College. 
Vol. I., Part I. pp. 200. 8«. 6d, 

Patell. — Cowasjee Patell*s Cheonologt, containing corresponding 

Dates of the different Eras used by Christians, Jewsy Greeks, Hind(is, 
Mohamedans, Parsees, Chinese, Japanese, etc. By Cowasjbb Sorabjbb 
PATELL. 4to.pp. viii. and 184, cloth. 50s, 

Feking (Jazette. — ^TiansValion oi ^^^^m% ^^atte for 1872, 1873, 

1874, 1876, 1876, and IW. %^o.<i\Q^. V^«, ^4, ^w3dl. 

67 and 69, Ludgate Hilly London, JE.C. 45 

Percy. — ^Bishop Pbrct's Folio MAinrscEiPTS — Ballads and Romances. 

Edited by John W. Hales, M.A., Fellow and late Assistant Tutor of Christ's 
College, Cambridge; and Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A., of Trinitjr Hall, Cam- 
bridge ; assisted by Professor Child, of Harvard University, Cambndge, U.S.A., 
"W. Chappell, Esq., etc. In 3 volumes. Vol. I., pp. 610; Vol. 2, pp. 681. ; 
Vol. 3, pp. 640. Demy 8vo. half-bound, £4 4«. Extra demy Svo. half-bound, 
on Whatman's ribbed paper, £6 6*. Extra royal 8vo., paper covers, on What- 
man's best ribbed paper, £10 10». Large 4to., paper covers, on Whatman's 
best ribbed paper, £12. 

Pfonndes. — Fu So Mimi Bnkuro. — A Budget op Japanese Notes. 

By Oapt. Pfoundbs, of Yokohama. Svo. sewed, pp. 184. 7». dd. 

Philolo^oal Society (Transactions of The). A Complete Set, in- 
cluding the Proceedings of the Philological Society for the years 1842-1853. 
6 vols. The Philological Society's Transactions, 1854 to 1876. 16 vols. The 
Philological Society's Extra Volumes. 9 vols. In all 30 vols. 8vo. £19 13s. 6d. 

Proceedings (The) of the Philological Society 1842-1853. 6 vols. 8vo. £3. 

Transactions of the Philological Society, 1854-1876. 15 vols. 8vo. £10 16«. 

%• The Volumes for 1867, 1868-9, 1870-2, and 1873-4, are only to be had in 
complete sets, as above. 

Separate Volumes. 

For 1864: containing papers by Rev. J. W. Blakesley, Rev. T, 0. Cockayne, 
Rev. J. Davies, Dr. J, W. Donaldson, Dr. Theod. Goldstiicker, Prof. T. Hewitt 
Key, J. M. Eemble, Dr. R. G. Latham, J. M. Ludlow, Hensleigh Wedgwood, 
etc. 8vo. cl. £1 U. 

For 1866 : with papers by Dr. Carl Abel, Dr. W. Bleek, Rev. Jno. Davies. Miss 
A. Gurney, Jas. Kennedy, Prof. T. H. Key, Dr. R. G. Latham, Henry Maiden, 
W. Ridley, Thos. Watts, Hensleigh Wedgwood, etc. In 4 parts. 8vo. £1 Is. 

♦^J♦ Kamilaroi Language of Australia, by W. Ridley ; and False Etymologies, by 
H. Wedgwood, separately. Is, 

For 1866-7: with papers by Prof. Aufrecht, Herbert Coleridge, Lewis Kr. Daa, 
M, de Haan, W. C. Jourdain, James Kennedy. Prof. Key, Dr. G. Latham, J. M . 
Ludlow, Rev. J. J. S. Perowne, Hensleigh Wedgwood, R. F. Weymouth, Jos. 
Yates, etc. 7 parts. Svo. (The Papers relating to the Society s Dictionary 
are omitted.) £1 I9. each volume. 

For 1868 : including the volume of Early English Poems, Lives of the Saints, 
edited from MSS. by F. J. Furnivall; and papers by Em. Adams, Prof. 
Aufrecht, Herbert Coleridge, Rev. Francis Crawford, M. de Haan Hetteraa, 
Dr. R. G. Latham, Dr. Lottner, etc. Svo. cl. 12s. 

For 1869 : with papers by Dr. E. Adams, Prof. Aufrecht, Herb. Coleridge, F. J. 
Furnivall, Prof. T. H. Key, Dr. C. Lottner, Prof. De Morgan, F. Pulszky, 
Hensleigh Wedgwood, etc. Svo. cl. I'ls, 

For 1860-1 : including The Play of the Sacrament; and Pascon agau Arluth, the 
Passion of our Lord, in Cornish and English, both from MSS., edited by Dr. 
Whitley Stokes; and papers by Dr. E. Adams, T. F. Barham, Rev. Derwent 
Coleridge, Herbert Colendge, Sir John F. Davis, Danby P. Fry, Prof. T. H. 
Key, Dr. C. Lottner, Bishop Thirlwall, Hensleigh Wedgwood, R. F. Wey- 
mouth, etc. Svo. cl. I2s. 

For 1862-3 : with papers by C. B. Cayley, D. P. Fry, Prof. Key, H. Maiden, 
Rich. Morris, F. W. Newman, Robert Peacock, Hensleigh Wedgwood, R. F. 
Weymouth, etc. Svo. cl. 12*. 

For 1864 : containing 1. Manning's {Jas.) Inquiry into the Character and Origin 
of the Possessive Augment in English, etc. ; 2. Newman's (Francis W.\Tvk^^v 
the Iguvine Inscriptions, witli lntet\mftai 1a^ Tt«Mfi«Sassa.\ '^. ^^aross^'j^^x. 

46 Linguistic Publications qf Trubner 8f Co. 

Philological Society (Transactions of The) — continued. 

W,) Grammar and Glossary of the Dorset Dialect; 4. Gwreans An Bys — ^Tbe 
Creation : a Cornish Mystery, Cornish and English, with Notes by Whitley 
Stokes, etc. 8vo. cl. 12^. 

*«* Separately : Manning's Inquiry, 3<. — Newman's Iguvine Inscription, 3<.— 
Stokes's Gwreans An Bys, 8s. 

For 1866 : including Wheatley's (H. B.) Dictionary of Reduplicated "Words in the 
English lianguage ; and papers by Prof. Aufrecht, Ed. Brock, C. B. Cavley, 
Kev. A. J. Church, Prof. T. H. Key, Rev. E. H. Knowles, Prof. H. Maiden, 
Hon. G. P. Marsh, John Rhys, Guthbrand Yigiiisson, Hensleigh Wedgwood, H. 
B. "Wheatlev, etc. 8vo. cl. 12*. 

For 1866 : including 1. Gre^or's (Rev. "Walter) Banffshire Dialect, with Glossary 
of "Words omitted by Jainieson ; 2. Edmondston's (TJ Glossary of the Shetland 
Dialect ; and papers by Prof. Cassal, C. B. Cayley, Danby P. Fry, Prof. T. H. 
Key, Guthbrand Vigfusson, Hensleigh Wedgwood, etc. 8vo. cl. 12«. 

♦»♦ The "Volumes for 1867, 1868-9, 1870-2, and 1873-4, are o«t of print 
Besides contributions in the shape of valuable and interesting papers, tbe Tolome for 
1867 also includes: 1. Peacock's (Rob. B.) Glossary of the Hundred of Lonsdale; 
and 2. Ellis (A. J.) On Palseotype representing Spoken Sounds; and on ih^ 
Diphthong " Oy." The volume for 1868-9—1. Ellis's U. J.) Only English 
Proclamation of Henry III. in Oct. 1258; to which are added " The Cuckoo's Song 
and "The Prisoner's Prayer," Lyrics of the XIII. Century, with Glossary; and 2. 
Stokes's ("Whitley) Cornish Glossary. That for 1870-2—1. Murray's (Jas. A. H.) 
Dialect of the Southern Counties of Scotland, with a linguistical map. That for 
1873-4— Sweet's (H.) History of English Sounds. 

For 1876-6 : containing the Rev. Richard Morris (President), Fourth and Fifth 
Annual Addresses. 1. Some Sources of Aryan Mythology by E. L. Brandrefh ; 

2. C. B. Cayley on Certain Italian Diniinutives ; 3. Changes made by four 
young Children in Pronouncing English Words, by Jas. M. Menzies; 4. The 
Manx Language, by H. Jenner ; 5. The Dialect of West Somerset, by F. T. 
Elworthy ; 6. English Metre, by Prof. J. B. Mayor; 7. Words, Logic, and 
Grammar, by H. Sweet ; 8. The Russian Language and its Dialects, by W. E. 
Morfill ; 9. Relics of the Cornish Language m Mount's Bay, by H. Jenner. 

10. Dialects and Prehistoric Forms of Old English. By Hen ry Sweet, Esq.; 

11. On the Dialects of Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, 
Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire, South North- 
amptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, and Surrey, with a 
New Classification of the English Dialects. By Prince Louis Lncien Bonaparte 
(with Two Maps), Index, etc. Part I., 6s. ; Part 11., 6«. ; Part HI., 2«. 

For 1877 8-9: containing the President's (Henry Sweet, Esq.) Sixth and Seventh 
Annual Addresses. I. Accadian Phonology, by Professor A. H. Sayce; 2. On 
Here and There in Chaucer, by Dr. R. Weymouth ; 8. The Grammar of the 
Dialect of West Somerset, by F. T. Elworthy, Esq. ; 4. English Metre, by 
Professor J. B. Mayor; 5. The Malagasy Language, by the Rev. W. E. 
Cousins; 6. The Anglo-Cymric Score, by A. J. Ellis, Esq., F.R.S. Sfo. 
Part I., 3«. ; Part II., 7«. 

The Society^ Extra Folumee. 

Early English Volume, 1862-64, containing*. 1. Liber Cure Cocorum, a.d. e. 
1440. -2. llampole's (Richard Rolle) Pricke of Conscience, a.d. e, 1340.— 

3. The Castell oflF Love, a.d. c. 1320. 8vo. cloth. 1865. £\, 

Or separately : Liber Cure Cocorum, Edited by Rich. Morris, 3«. ; Hampele*s 
(Rolle) Pricke of Conac\ei\ce, e^\\;&dL\^^ ^\s\i. M^Qcris, .12«. ; and The Castell off 
Love, edited by Dr. B.. F • 'We;^Tjio\iX:ti, ^a. 

57 and S9, Ludgate HiU^ London^ E.C. 47 

Philological Society (Transactions of the) — omtinmd. 

Dan Michers Ay«nbite of Inwyt, or Remorse of Cooscience, io the Kentish 
Dialect, a.d. 1340. Prom the Autograph MS. in Brit. Mas. Edited with 
Introdaetion, Marginal Interpretations, and Glossarial Index, hj Richard 
Morris. 8vo. cloth. 1866. 12«. 

Levins's (Peter, a.d. 1570) Manipulns Yooabnlorum : a Rhyming Dictionary of 
the English Langoage. With an AJphabetical Index by U. B. Wheatley. 8vo. 
cloth. 1867. 16«. 

Skeat's ( Rey. W. W.) M(B90«Gothio Glossary, with an Introduction, an Outline of 
Moeso-Gothic Grammar, and a List of Anglo-Saxon and old and modern Eng- 
lish Words etymologically connected with Moeso-Gothic. 1868. 8yo. cL 9«. 

Ellis (A. J.) on Early English Pronunciation, with especial Reference to 
Shakspere and Chaucer : containing an Investigation of the Correspondence of 
Writing with Speech in England from the Anglo-Saxon Period to the Present 
Day, etc. 4 parts. 8vo. 1869-75. £2, 

Mediaeval Greek Texts: A Collection of the Earliest Compositions in Vulgar 
Greek, prior to a.d. 1600. With Prolegomena and Critical Notes by W. 
Wagner. Part I. Seven Poems, three of which appear for the first time. 
1870. 8vo. lOf. 6rf. 

Phillips. — The DocTEiifE of Abpai the Apostle. Now first Edited 
in a Complete Form in l^e Original Syriao, with an English Translation and 
Notes. By Geo&oe Phillips, 1^,1^.^ President of Queen's College, Cambridge. 
8vo. pp. 122, cloth. 7«. 6^. 

Ficard. — A New Pocket Dictionabt of the English and Butch 

Lanovaobs. By H. Pioard. Revised and augmented by A. B. Maatjes 
and H. J. Yogin. Fifth edition. Small 4to. cloth, pp. xvi. and 1186. 1877. 

Pimentel. — Cttadro desceiptivo t comparativo de las Lenguas 

iNbioBNAS DE MEXICO, Tnttado de Filologia Mexicana. Par Fbancisco 
Pimentel. 2 Edicion unica completa. 3 Yolsume 8vo. Mexico, 1875. 
£2 29, 

Fischel. — Hemaoandsa's G-bammatik deb Pbakritsfrachen (Siddha- 

bemacandram Adhy&ya YIII.) roit Kritischen und Erlautemden Anmerkungen. 
Herausgcgeben yon Richard Pischel. Part I. Text und Wortverzeichniss. 
8yo. pp. xiv. and 236. %», 

Pope. — A Tamil Handbook; or, Pull Introduction to the Common 
Dialect of that LAngaage, on the plan of Ollendorff and Arnold. With copious 
Yocabularies, Appendices, containing Reading Lessons, Analyses of Letters, 
Deeds, Complaints, Official Documents, and a Key to the Exercises. By Rev. 
G. U. Pope. Third edition, 8vo. cloth, pp. iv. and 388. 21«. 

Frakrita-Prakasa ; or, The Prakrit Grammar of Yararuchi, with the 

Commentary (Manorama) of Bhamaha. The first complete edition of the 
Original Text with Yarious Readings from a Collation of Six Manuscripts in 
the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and the Libraries of the Royal Asiatic Society 
and the East India House; with copious Notes, an English Translation, and 
Index of Prakrit words, to which is prefixed an easy Introduction to Prakrit 
Grammar. By E. B. Cowell. Second issue, with new Preface, and cor- 
rections. 8vo. pp. xxzii. and 204. 14«. 

Pxiaulx. — QujESTioNES MosAic-ai; or, the first part of the Book of 

Genesis compared with the remains of ancient religions. By Osmond db 
Beauyoik Phiaulx. 8yo. pp. viii. and 548, cloth. 128. 

£dmdyaii of Yalmiki.— 5 yols. See uudex Qrsis^Yts.. 

48 Linguistic Publications of Truhner 8f Oo. 

Bam Jasan. — A Saitskbit aitd Ekc^lish DicnoKAur. Being an 

Abridgment of Professor Wilson's Dictionary. With an Appendix explaining 
the use of Affixes in Sanskrit. By Pandit Ram Jaban, Queen's College, 
Benares. Published under the Patronage of the Grovemment» N.W.P. Royal 
8vo. cloth, pp. ii. and 707. 28«. 

Bam Baz. — Essay on the ABCHirECTims of the Hindus. By Bak Baz, 

Native Judge and Magistrate of Bangalore. With 48 plates. 4to. pp. xiv. and 
64, sewed. London, 1834. £2 2«. 

Bask. — A Gbakmab of the Anglo-Saxon ToNGirB. From the Danish 
of Erasmus Rask, Professor of Literary History in, and Librarian to, the 
University of Copenhagen, etc. By Bbnjamin Thorpb. Second edition, 
corrected and improved. 18mo. pp. 200, cloth, bs, 6d. 

Bawlinson. — A Commentaby on the Cuneifobm Inscbiftions o? 

Babylonia and Assyria, including Readings of the Inscription on the Nimmd 
Obelisk, and Brief Notice of the Ancient Kings of Nineveh and Babylon, 
by Major H. C. Rawlinson. 8vo. pp. 84, sewc^. London, 1850. 2«. 6d. 

Bawlinson. — Outlines op Asstbian Histobt, from the Inscriptions of 
Nineveh. By Lieut. Col. Rawlinson, O.B., followed by some Remarks by 
A. H. Layakd, Esq., D.C.L. 8vo., pp. xliv., sewed. London, 1852. Is. 

Bawlinson. — Inscbiption op Tiglath Pileseb I., EIing op Asstbia, 

B.C. 1160, as translated by Sir H. Rawlinson, Fox Talbot, Esq., Dr. Hincks, 
and Dr. Oppkbt. Published by the Royal Asiatic Society. 8vo. sd., pp. 74. 2». 

Bawlinson. — Notes on the Eably Histobt op Babylonia. By 
Colonel Rawlinson, G.B. 8vo. sd., pp. 48. U. 

Bedhouse. — The Ttjbkish Campaigneb's Yade-Mecfm op Ottomak 

Colloquial Language ; containing a concise Ottoman Grammar ; a carefally 
selected Voc bulary, alphabetically arranged, in two parts, English and Turkish, 
and Turkish and English; also a few Familiar Dialogues; the whole in Knglish 
characters. By J. W. Redhouse, F.K.A.S. Oblong 32mo. limp cloth, pp. 
iv. and 332. 6«. 

Bedhouse.—^jJJulIl ^^U- J; C/*'-^?^ ^U^\ if* c-^l::^'. A Lexicon 

English and Turkish, showing in Turkish the Literal, Incidental, Figurative, 
Colloquial, and I'echnical Significations of the English Terms, indicating their 
pronunciation in a new and systematic manner, and preceded by a Sketch of 
English Etymology to facilitate to Turkish Students the acquisition of the 
English Language. By J. W. Redhouse, M.B.A.S. Second edition, pp. xviL 
and 827. 158, 

Bedhouse. — A Vindication of the Ottoman Sultan's Title to 

** Caliph," showing its Antiquity, Validity, and Universal Acceptance. By 
J. W. Redhouse. 8vo. paper, pp. 20. ZiL 

Benan. — An Essay on the Age and Antiquity of the Book op 

Nabathjban Aokiculture. To which is added an Inaugural Lecture on the 
Position of the Shemitic Nations in the History of Civilization. By M. Ernest 
Ren an, Membre de I'lnstitut. Crown 8vo., pp. xvi. and 14^8, cloth. 3s. 6d, 

Bevue Celtique (The). — A Quarterly Magazine for Celtic Philology, 
Literature, and History. Edited with the assistance of the Chief Celtic 
Scholars of the British Islands and of the Continent, and Conducted by H. 
Gaidoz. 8vo. Subscription, £l per Volume. 

Bhys. — Lectuees on Welsh Philology. By John Rhys, M.A., 
Professor of Celtic at Oxford. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Crown 
8vo, cloth, pp. viii. and 4i)6. 15s. 

Rig'VedEL. — See Miiller. 

57 and 59, Lidgate Hilly London, E. C. 49 

Big-Veda^anliita : The Saobed Hymns of the Brahmans. Trans- 
lated and explained by F. Max Mullbb, M.A., LL.D., Fellow of All 
Souls* College, Professor of Comparative Pfaiilology at Oxford, Foreign Member 
of the Institute of France, etc., etc. Vol. I. Hymns to thb Mabutb, ob thb 
Stobm-Gods. 8vo. pp. clii. and 264. cloth. 1869. 12«. 6c;. 

Big- Veda Sanhita. — A Collection op Ancient Hindu Hymns. Con- 

stitutinnf the First Ashtaka, or Book of the Rig-veda ; the oldest authority for 
the religious and social institutions of the Hindus. Translated from the Original 
Sanskrit by the late H. H. Wilson^ M.A. 2nd Ed., with a Postscript by 
Dr. FiTZEoWARD Hall. Vol. I. 8yo. cloth, pp. lii. and 348, price 2U. 

Big-Veda Sanhita. — A Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns, constitut- 
ing the Fifth to Eighth Ashtakas, or books of the Rig- Veda, the oldest 
Authority for the Religious and Social Institutions of the Hindus. Translated 
from the Original Sanskrit by the late Horace Haymax Wilson, M.A., 
F.R.S., etc. Edited by £. B. Cowell, M.A., Principal of the Calcutta 
Sanskrit College. Vol. IV., 8vo., pp. 214, cloth. 14«. 

A few copies of Vols, IL and IIL still left [ Fols, V, and VL in the Ftess, 

Biola. — How to Leaen Russian. A Manual for Students of Russian, 
based upon the Ollendorfian system of teaching languages, and adapted for 
self instruction. By Henry Riola, Teacher of the Russian Language. With 
a Preface by W. R. S. Ralston, M.A. Crown Syo. cloth, pp. 576. 1878. 
Key to the above. Crown Svo. cloth, pp. 126. 1B78. bs, 

Boberts. — Abyan Fhilolooy, according to the most recent Researches 

(Glottologia Aria Recentissima), Remarks Historical and Critical. By 
IDoMENico Pezzi, Membro della Facolta de Filosofia e lettere della R. 
Universit. di Torino. Translated by E. S. Roberts, M.A., Fellow and Tutor 
of Gonviile and Caius College. Crown Sva cloth, pp. zvi. and 199. 6«. 

Boe and Fryer. — Teavels in India in the Seveitteenth Centtjey. 

By Sir Tuomab Roe and Dr. John Fryer. Reprinted from the *' Calcutta 
Weekly Englishman." Svo. cloth, pp. 474. Is, Qd, 

Bcehrig. — The Shortest Road to Geeman. Designed for the use 
of both Teachers and Students. By F. L. 0. Rcehrio. Cr. Svo, cloth, 
pp. vii. and 225. 1874. 7s. 6d. 

BrOgers. — Notice on the Dinaes of the Abbasside Dynasty. By 
Edward Thomas Rogers, late H.M. Consul, Cairo. 8vo. pp. 44, with a 
Map and four Autotype Plates. 6s, 

BrOsny. — A Geammae of the Chinese Language. By Professor 
Leon de Rosny. 8yo. pp. 48. 1874. 3«. 

Boss. — A Mandaein Pbimbe. Being Easy Lessons for Beginners, 
Transliterated according to the European mode of using Roman Letters. By 
Rev. John Ross, Newchang. Svo. wrapper, pp. 122. 6s. 

Boss — A Coeean Peimee. Being Lessons in Corean on all Ordinary 
Subjects. Transliterated on the principles of the Mandarin Primer by the 
same author. By the Rev. John Ross, Newchang. Demy Svo. stitched, 
pp. 90. lOs, 

Boutledge. — English Rule and Native Opinion in India. From 

Notes taken in the years 1870-74. By James Routledoe. Post Svo. 
cloth, pp. 344. 10«. 6d, 

Boyal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom (Transactions 

of The). First Series, 6 Parts in 3 Vols., 4to., Plates; 1827-S9. ^«!»cieiA. 
Scries, 10 Vols, or 30 Parts, and YoV. XI. ^vc^a \ «EA^,%s^..,"«\3a\»vA^'^A'^ 

fiO Linguistic Publications of Ttiihner 8f Co.f 

A complete set, as far as published, £10 10«. Very scarce. The first series of 
this important series of contributions of many of the most eminent men of the 
day has long been out of print and is very scarce. Of the Second Series, Vol. 
I,-IV., each containing three parts, are quite out of print, and can only be had 
in the complete series, noticed above. Three Nnmbera, price 4«. M. each, form 
a volume. The price of the volume complete, bound in clothy is 13«. 6tf. 

Separate Publications. 

I. Fasti MoNASTici Abvi Saxon ici : or an Alphabetical List of the Heads of 
Religious Houses in England previous to the Norman Conquest, to which is 
prefixed a Chronological Catalogue of Contemporary Foundations. By Waltbb 
DE Gray Birch. Royal 8vo. cloth. 1872. 7«. 6<f. 

II. Li Chantari di Lancbllotto; a Troubadour's Poem of the XIV. Cent. 
Edited from a MS. in the possession of the Royal Society of Literature, by 
Walter de Gray Birch. Royal Svo. cloth. 1874. 7«. 

III. Inquisitio Comitatus Cantabrigibnhis, nunc primum, 6 Manuscripto 
unico in Bibliotheca Gottoniensi asservato, typis mandata : subjicitur Inquisitio 
Eliensis : cura N. £. S. A. Hamilton. Royal 4to. With map and 3 facsimiles. 
1876. £2 2*. 

IV. A CommoxplacbBook op John Milton. Reproduced by the autotype 
process from the original MS. in the possession of Sir Fred. U. Graham, Bart, 
of Netherby JFIall. With an Introduction by A. J. U or wood. Sq. folio. 
Only one hundred copies printed. 1876. £2 2f. 

V. Chuonicon Adje db Usk, a.d. 1377-1404. Edited, with a Translation and 
Notes, by £d. Maundb Thompson. Royal 8vo. 1876. 10«. 6^. 

Endy. — The Chinese Mandarin Language, after OllendorfPs New 
Method of Learning Languages. By Charles Rudy. In 3 Volumes. 
Vol. I. Grammar. Svo. pp. 248. £1 1*. 

Sabdakalpadmma, the well-known Sanskrit Dictionary of EajXh 
Badhakanta Deva. In Bengali characters. 4to. Parts 1 to 40. (In 
course of publication.) Za. 6d. each part. 

Sakuntala. — Kalidasa's Caktjntala. The Bengalf Recension. With 

Critical Notes. Edited by Kichaud Pischbl. Svo. cloth, pp. xi. and 210. 14». 

Sakuntala. — A Sanskrit Drama in Seven Acts. Edited by Monieb 
WiLLLA-Ms, M.A. Second Edition. Svo. cl. £1 Is, 

Sale. — The Koran; commonly called The Alcoran of Mohammed. 

Translated into English immediately from the original Arabic. By Geokob 
Sale, Gent. To which is prefixed the Life of Mohammed. Crown 8vo. cloth, 
pp. 472. 7f. 

S&ma-Vidhana-Braliinana. With the Commentary of Sayana. Edited, 

with Notes, Translation, and Index, by A. 0. Burnell, M.R.A.S. Vol. 1. 
Text and Commentary. With Introduction. Svo. cloth, pp. xxzviii. and 104. 
128. 6d. 

Sanskrit Works. — A Catalogue of Sanskrit Woeks Pmnted nr 

India, offered for Sale at the affixed nett prices by TRiieNER & Co. 16mo. pp. 
52. )*. ^ 

Sarva-Sabda-Sambodhini ; oit, The Complete Sanskbit Diciionaxt. 

In Telugu characters. 4to. cloth, pp. 1078. £2 \5s. 

B&tow, — An English Japanese Diction aey of the Spoken LANexTAOX. 
By EsNEST Mason Satont, 3a^wve,afc Sewetary to H.M. Legation at Tedo, and 
IsHiBASHi Masakata, oil\ie lm^m^\. ^«^«xl^^ ^^x€\^ O^ce. Imp. S2mo»i 
pp, xz. and 366, cloth. Vli. 

57 and 59, Ludgate Hill^ London E.G.' 51 

Sayce. — Aw Asstmait Ghammab poe Comparative Pueposes. By 

A. H. Satce, M.A. 12 mo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 188. 7«. 6«?. 

Sayce. — The Peinciples op Compabative Philologt. By A. H. 
Sayce, Fellow and Tutor of Queen's College, Oxford. Second Edition. Cr. 
8vo. cl., pp. xxxii. and 416. 10«. 6^. 

Scarborough. — A Collection op Chutbse Peovbebs. Translated and 

Arranged by William Scarborough, Wesleyan Missionary, Hankow. With 
ah Introduction, Notes, and Copious Index. Cr. 8vo. pp. xliv. and 278. 10«.6ef. 

Schleiclier. — Compendium op the Comparative Geammae op the Indo- 
EuROPRAN, Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin Languages. By August 
Schleicher. Translated from the Third German Edition by Herbert 
Bendall, B.A., Chr. Coll. Camb. Part I. Grammar. Bvo. cloth, pp. 184. 
7«. 6d. 
Part II. Morphology. 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 104. 6«. 

Schemeil. — El Mxtbtazee; or, First Born. (In Arabic, printed at 
Beyrout). Containing Five Comedies, called Comedies of Fiction, on Hopes 
and Judgments, in Twenty-six Poems of 1092 Verses, showing the Seven Stages 
of Life, from man*s conception unto his death and burial. By Emin Ibrahim 
Schemeil. In one volume, 4to. pp. 16(>, sewed. 1870. 5s. 

Schlagintweit. — Buddhism in Tibet. Illustrated by Literary Docu- 
ments and Objects of Religious Worship. With an Account^of the Buddhist 
Systems preceding it in India. By Emil Schlagintweit, LL.D. With a 
Folio Atlas of 20 Plates, and 20 Tables of Native Prints in the Tezt. Royal 
8vo., pp. xxiv. and 404. £2 2$. 

Schlag^tweit. — Glossaey op Geogeaphical Teems puom India and 

Tibet, with Native Transcription and Transliteration. By Hermann de 
Schlagintweit. Forming, with a " Route Book of the Western Himalaya, 
Tibet, and Turkistan/'the Third Volume of H., A., and R. de Schlagintweit's 
"Results of a Scientific Mission to India and High Asia.'* With an Atlas in 
imperial folio, of Maps, Panoramas, and Views. Royal 4 to., pp. xxiv. and 
293. £4. 

Semitic (Songs of The). In English Yerse. By G. E. W. Cr. Svo. 

cloth, pp. 140. 58. 

Shakspere Society (The New). — Subscription £1 I«. per annum. 

List of publications on applic tion. 

Shapuiji Edalji. — A Geammae op the GujABAif Language. By 

ShXpurjI EoALjf. Cloth, pp. 127. 10«. ^d. 

Shaptuji EdaJji. — A Bictionaby, Gujeati and English. By ShXpubjI 
EdaljI. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xxiv. and 874. 21*. 

Shaw. — A Sketch op toe Tueki Language. As Spoken in Eastern 
Turkistan (K^shghar and Yarkand). By Robert Barklay Shaw, F.ll.G.S., 
Political Agent. In Two Parts. With Lists of Names of Birds and Plants 
by J. Scully, Surgeon, H.M. Bengal Army. 8vo. sewed. Part I., pp. 130. 
7«. 6rf. 

Sherring — The Sacbed City op the Hindus. An Account of 

Benares in Ancient and Modern Times. By the Rev. M. A. Sherring, M.A., 
LL.D. ; and Prefaced with an Introduction oy Fitzbdward Hall, Esq., D.C.L. 
8vo. cloth, pp. xxxvi. and 388, with numerous full-page illustrations. 21$, 

Sherring. — The Hindoo Pilgbims. By the Rev. M. A. Sherelng, 

Fcap. 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 125. 58. 

Singh. — Sakhee Book ; or. The Description of Gooroo Gobind Singh^s 
Keligion* and Doctrines, translated from Gooroo Mukhi into Hindi, and after-i 
wards into English. By Sirdab Attab Singh, Chief of Bhadour. ^>sJc^^is)& 
author's photograph. 8vo. pp. xvUi. vnd 2.Q5. \bs. 

62 lAnguistie Publieatiom of Truhner Sf Co., 

Skeat. — A List of English Words, the Etymology of which is iUas- 

trated by Comparison with Icelandic. Prepared in the form of an Appendix to 
Cleasby and Vigfusson's Icelandic- English Dictionary. By the Rev. Waltsb 
W. Skeat, M.A., English Lecturer and late Fellow of Christ's College, Cam- 
bridge ; and M.A. of Exeter College, Oxford ; one of the Vice-Presidents of 
the Cambridge Philological Society ; and Member of the Council of the Philo- 
logical Society of London. 1876. Demy 4to. sewed. 2«. 

Smith. — A VocABTJLAEY OP Peoper Names in Chutese and English. 

of Places, Persons, Tribes, and Sects, in China, Japan, Corea, Assam, Siam, 
Burmah, The Straits, and adjacent Countries. By F. Pobtek Smith, M.B., 
London, Medical Missionary in Central China. 4to. half-bound, pp. vi., 72, 
and x. 1870. 10«. 6^. 

Smith. — Contributions towards the Materia Medica and Nattjrai 

History of China. For the use of Medical Missionaries and Native Medical 
Students. By F. Porter Smith, M.B. London, Medical Missionary in 
Central China. Imp. 4to. cloth, pp. viii. and 240. 1870. £\ U. 

Sophocles. — A Glossary op Later and Btzantine Greek. By E. A. 
Sophocles. 4to., pp. iv. and 624, cloth. £2 2j. 

Sophocles. — EoMAio or Modern Greek Grammar. By E. A. Sophocles. 

Sto. pp. xzviii. and 196. 

Sophocles. — Greek Lexicon op the Roman and Byzantine Periods 
(from B.C. 146 to a.d. HOC). By £. A. Sophoclbs. Imp. 8to. pp. xvi. 1188, 
cloth. 1870. £2 10«. 

Spnrrell. — A Grammar op the Welsh Language. By William 

; Spurrell. 3rd Edition. Fcap. cloth, pp. Yiii.-2Q6. 1870. Zi, 
Spnrrell. — A Welsh Dictionary. English-Welsh and Welsh-English. 

With Preliminary Observations on the Elementary Sounds of the English 
Language, a copious Vocabulary of the Koots of English Words, a list of 
Scripture Proper Names and English Synonyms and Explanations. By 
William Sfu&rell. Third Edition. Fcap. cloth, pp. xzy. and 732. 8«. 6J. 

Steele. — An Eastern Love Story. Kusa JXtakaya: a Buddhistic 
Legendary Poem, with other Stories. By Thomas Steele, Ceylon Civil 
Service. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 260. 1871. 6«. 

Steere. — Short Specimens of the Vocabularies of Three Un- 
published African Languages (Gindo, Zaramo, and Angazidja). Collected 
by Edward Steere, LL.D. 12mo. pp. 20. Qd. 

Steere. — Collections for a Handbook of the Nyamwezi Languaoe, 
as spoken at Unyanyembe. By Edward Steere, LL.D. Fcap. cloth, pp. 100. 
U. %d. 

Stent. — The Jade Chaplet, in Twenty- four Beads. A Collection of 
Songs, Ballads, etc. (from the Chinese). By George Carter Stent, 
M.N.C.B. K.A.S., Author of " Chinese and English Vocabulary," •' Chinese and 
English Pocket Dictionary," <' Chinese Lyrics," *' Chinese Legeods,*' etc. Cr. 
8o. cloth, pp. 176. 5«. 

Stent. — A Chinese and English Vocabulary in the Pejonese 
Dialect. By G. E. Stent. Svo. pp. ix. and 677. 1871. £1 10*. 

Stent. — A Chinese and English Pocket Dictionary. By G. E. 

Stent. 16mo. pp. 250. 1874. 10*. 6rf. 

BtoiisnA. — Gbamkab oi? th^e Modern Syriac Lanouaob, as spoken in 
Oroomiah, Persia, and m "Kooi^vataa. ^^ ^«^ .Xi » T» Stoddard, Miaaonary of 
the American Board mPetaVa. Demi %^Q.\i^.^^^A^^, \^%.Vi. 

57 and 69, Lndgate Hill, London, E.C. 53 

Stokes. — Beunajts &Iebiasek. The Life of Saint Meriasek, Bishop 

and Confessor. A Cornish Drama. Edited, with a Translation and Notes, by 
Whitley Stokbs. Medium 8v6. cloth, pp. xyL, 280, and Facsimile. 1872. 

Stokes. — GoiDEuoA — Old and Early-Middle Irish Glosses : Prose and 
Verse. Edited by Whitley Stokes. Second edition. Medium 8vo. cloth, 
pp. 192. 18«. 

Strangford. — Oeiginal Letters and Papers of the late Yiscount 

Stbangford, upon Philological and Kindred Subjects. Edited byViscouNTESB 
Stranoford. JPost 8vo. cloth, pp. xzii. and 284. 1878. 12^. M, 

StratmaniL—A Dictionary op the Old English Language. Compiled 
from the writings of the xiiith, xivth, and xvth centuries. By Francis 
Henry Stratmann. Third Edition. 4to. In wrapper. £1 10«. 

Stratmami.-'AN Old English Poem op the Owl and the Nightingale, 

Edited by Francis Henry Stratmann. Svo. cloth, pp. 60. 3«. 

Strong. — Selections prom the Bostan op Sadi, translated into English 
Verse. By Dawsonne Melancthon Strong, Captain H.M. 10th Bengal 
Lancers. 12mo. cloth, pp. ii. and 56. 2«. 6^. 

Snnjana. — A Grammar op the Pahlyi Language, with Quotations 

and Examples from Original Works and a Glossary of Words bearing affinity 
with the Semitic Languages. By Peshotvn Dustoor Behramjeb Sunjana, 
Principal of Sir Jamsetjee Jejeeboy Zarthosi Madressa. 8vo. cl., pp. 18-457. 
25 «. 

Snrya-Siddhanta (Translation of iSiey—See Whitney. 

Sweet. — A History op English Sounds, from the Earliest Period, 
including an Investigation of the General Laws of Sound Change, and full 
Word Lists. By Henry Sweet. Demy 8to. cloth, pp. Iy. and 164. 
4«. 6^. 

Syed Ahmad. — A Series op Essays on the Lipe op Mohammed, and 

Subjects subsidiary thereto. By Syed Ahmad Khan Bahador, C.S.I., Author 
of the ** Mohammedan Commentary on the Holy Bible/' Honorary Member of 
the Royal Asiatic Society, and Life Honorary Secretary to the Allygurh Scien- 
tific Society. 8vo. pp. 532, with 4 Genealogical Tables, 2 Maps, and a Coloured 
Plate, handsomely bound in cloth. Jti 10«. 

gyro-Egyptian Society. — Original Papers read before the Syro- 
Egyptian Society of London. Volume I. Part 1. 8vo. sewed, 2 plates and a 
map, pp. 144. j)j. 6</. 

Including, among other papers. Remarks on the Obelisks of Ancient Egypt. By W. H. 
Tales, M.D.— Notes on the Hieroglyphics of HorapoUo Nilous. By S. Sharpe. — Remarks 
on the Wedge Inscription recently discovered on the Upper Euphrates. By O. F. 
Orotefend, Ph.D. (With a Copy of the Original Inscription). 

Taittiriya-Prati9akhya. — See Whitney. 

Tarkavachaspati. — Vachaspatta, a Comprehensive Dictionary, in Ten 

Parts. Compiled by Taranatha Tarkavachaspati, Professor of Grammar 
and Philosophy in the Government Sanskrit College of Calcutta. An Alpha- 
betically Arranged Dictionary, with a Grammatical Introduction and Copious 
Citations from the Grammarians and Scholiasts, from the Vedas, etc. Parts L 
to YII. 4to. paper. 1873-6. 18<. each Part. 

Technologial Dictionary. — Pocket Diotionaet of Technical Teems 

Used in A&ts and Soiencbs. £nglish-German-French. Based on the 
larger Work by Kabmarbch. 3 vols. imp. 16mo. cloth. 11%. 

54 Linguistic Publications of Trubner 8f Cd., 

Technological Dictionary of the terms employed in the Arts aifd 

Sciences ; Architecture, Civil. Military and Nayal ; Civil En^neering, including 
Bridge Building, Road and Eailway Making ; Mechanics ; Machine and Engine 
Making; Shipbuilding and NavigHtion; Metallurgy, Mining and Smelting; 
Artillery; Mathematics ; Physics; Chemistry; Mineralogy, etc. With a Preface 
by Dr. K. Karmakscu. Second Edition. 3 vols. 

Vol. I. English — German — French. 8vo. cloth, pp. 666. 12». 
Vol. II. German— English — French. 8vo. cloth, pp. 646. 12«. 
Vol. III. French— German— English. 8vo. cloth, pp. 618. 12*. 

The Boke of Knrture. By John Rttssell, about 1460-1470 Anno 

Domini. The Boke of Keruynge. By Wtnktn db Wordc, Anno Domini 
1513. The Boke of Nurture. By Hugh Rhodbs, Anno Domini 1577. Edited 
from the Originals in the British Museum Library, by Frf-dbbick J. Fubni- 
TALL, M.A., Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Member of Council of the Philological 
and Early English Text Societies. 4to. half-morocco, gilt top, pp. xix.and 146, 
28, xxviii. and 56. 1867. 1/. 11«. 6d, 

Thibaut. — The Sth^vAs^EAS. English Translation, with an Intro- 
duction. By G. Thibaut, Ph.D., Anglo- Sanskrit Professor Benares College. 
8vo. cloth, pp. 47, with 4 Plates, bg, 

Thibaut. — Contribxh^ions to the Explanation of Jtotisha-VedInga. 

By G. Thibaut, Ph.D. 8vo. pp. 27. 1«. 6rf. 

Thomas. — Early Sassanlan Inscriptions, Seals and Coins, illustrating 
the Early History of the Sassanian Dynasty, containing Proclamations of Arde- 
shir Bahek, Sapor I., and his Successors. With a Critical Examination and 
Explanation of the Celebrated Inscription in the H&ji&bad Cave, demonstrating 
that Sapor, the Conqueror of Valerian, was a Profes»ng Christian. By Eowabd 
Thomas, F.R.S. Illustrated. 8vo. cloth, pp. 148. 7«. 6d, 

Thomas. — The Chronicles of the PathIn Kings op Dehli. Illus- 
trated by Coins, Inscriptions, and other Antiquarian Hemains. By Edward 
Thomas, F.R.S., late of the Kast India Company*s Bengal Civil Service. With 
numerous Copperplates and Woodcuts. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xxiv. and 467. 
1871. £1 8*. 

Thomas. — The Revenue Resotirces of the Mughal Empire in India, 

from A.D. 1593 to a.d. 1707. A Supplement to ** The Chronicles of the Patb&n 
Kings of Delhi." By Edwakd Thomas, F.R.S. Demy 8vo., pp. 60, cloth. 
3ff. bd. 

Thomas. — Comments on Recent Pehlvi Decipherments. J^ith. an 

Incidental Sketch of the Derivation of Aryan Alphabets, and contributions to 
the Early History and Geography of Tabarist&n. Illustrated by Coins. Ky 
Edward Thomas, F.R.S. 8vo. pp. 56, and 2 plates, cloth, sewed. 3«. 6d, 

Thomas. — Sassanian Coins. Communicated to the Numismatic Society 
of London. By E. Thomas, F.R.S. Two parts. With 3 Plates and a Wood* 
cut. rimo. sewed, pp. 43. 5s. 

Thomas. — Kecords of the Gupta Dynasty. Illustrated by Inscrip- 
tions, Written History, Local Tradition and Coins. To which is added a 
Chapter on the Arabs in Sind. By Edward Thomas, F.R.S. Folio, with a 
Plate, handsomely bound in cloth, pp. iv. and 64. Price 14«. 

Thomas. — Jainism ; or. The Early Faith of Asoka. With Illustrations 
of the Ancient Religions of the East, from the Pantheon of the Indo -Scythians. 
To which is added a Notice on Bactrian Coins and Indian Dates. By Kdwabd 
Thomas, F.R S. 8vo. pp. viii., 24 and 82. With two Autotype Plates and 
Woodcuts. 7«. 6d. 

Thomas. — The Theoby and 'PuMnic^ oi Cruole Gbahhajl. By J. J. 

Thomas. Port of Spaia (Tnnidad'^A^^^* ^ ^oV^^<i.\i^%.\^.nxCv^BLd 185. 1 2f . 

57 and 59, Ludgate Hill, London, E,C. 66 

Thorbnrn. — BiNNt} ; or, Our Afghdn Frontier. By S. S. TnoEBinaN, 
I.C.S., Settlement Officer of the Bannd District. 8vo. cloth, pp. x. and 480. 

Thorpe. — Diplomataeium AyGLicuM JEvi Saxonici. A Collection of 
English Charters, from the reign of King iEthelberht of Kent, A.D., DOY., to 
that of William the Conqueror. Containing: I. M iscellaneous Charters. II. 
Wills. III. Guilds. IV. Manumissions and Acquittances. With a Transla- 
tion of the Anglo-Saxon. By the late Benjamin Thorpe, Member of the Royal 
Academy of Sciences at Munich, and of the Society of Netherlandish Literature 
at Leyden. 8vo. pp. xlii. and 682, cloth. 1865. £l Is. 

Tiele — OuTLnrES of the Histoet of Eeliqion to the Spread of the 
Universal Religions. By C. P. Tiele, Dr. Theol. Professor of the History of 
Religions in the University of Leiden. Translated from the Dutch by J. 
EsTLiN Carpenter, M.A. Post Svo. cloth, pp. xix. and 249. 7«. Qd, 

TindalL — A Gkammab and Yocabttlary of the Namaqtta-Hottentot 

Language. By Henry Tindall, Wesleyan Missionary. 8vo. pp. 124, sewed. 6». 

Triibner's Bibliotheca Sanscrita. A Catalogue of Sanskrit Litera- 
ture, chiefly printed in Europe. To which is added a Catalogue of Sanskrit 
Works printed in India ; and a Catalogue of Pali Books. Constantly for sale 
hy Triibner &■ Co. Cr. 8vo. sd., pp. 84. 2*. 6rf. 

Triibiier's Oriental Series. 

I. EssArs ON THE Sacbed Language, "Weitings, and Religion of 

THE Pahsis. By Martin Haug, Ph.D. late Professor of Sanskrit and Com- 
parative Philology at the University of Munich. Edited by Dr. E. W. West. 
Second Edition. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 428. 1878. 16«. 

II. Texts feom the Buddhist Canon, commonly known as Dhamma- 

Sada. With accompanying Narratives. Translated from the Chinese by S. 
»EAL, B.A., Professor of Chinese, University College, London. Post 8vo. cloth, 
pp. viii. and 176. 1878. 7«. Qd. 

III. The Histoet of Indian Liteeatuee. By Albeecht Webeb. 
Translated from the German by John Mann, M.A., and Theodor Zachariae, 
Ph.D., with the sanction of the Author. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. xxiii. and 360. 

1878. 18«. 

IV. A Sketch of The Modern Languages of the East Indies. By 

RoBEKT CusT. Accompanied by Two Language xMaps. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. 
xii. and 198. 1878. Us, 

v. The Bieth of the Wae God. A Poem by KIlidXsa. Translated 

from the Sanskrit into English Verse. By Ralph T. H. Griffith, M.A., 
Principal of Benares College. Second Edition. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. xii.-116. 

1879. Os. 

The following Works are in Preparation, 

A Classical Dictionaet of Hindu Mythology and History, 
Geography and Literature. By John Dowson, M.R.A.S., late Professor 
in the Staff College. In One Volume, post 8vo., about 500 pages, price not to 
exceed 2U. 

Selections feom the Ku-ean. With a Commentaet. Translated by 
the late Edward Wilmam Lane, Author of an " Arabic- English Lexicon," etc. 
A New Edition, Revised, with an Introduction on the History and Develop- 
ment of Islam, especially with reference to Imiia. By Stanley Lane Pools. 
Post 8vo. cloth. 

Passages Religious, Moeal, Peudential, and Naeeative, from the 
Mahabharata and other Sanskrit Works. Freely Translated or Paraphrased in 
English Verses. . With an Appendix containing Prose YeraioxML <^1 ^2&se^^ic«^?Bia^ 
Texts. By John MuiB, LL.D. Po%t %no. (^"(^^ 

66 Linguistic Publications of Triibner 8f Co. 

Trubner's Orientftl Series — eantinued. 

Obiental Eelioioks in their Relation to Universal Religion. By 
Samuel Johnson. First Section— India. Second Section — China. In Two 
Volumes, post 8vo. cloth. 

IfiscELLAKEOus EssAYS Relating to Indian Subjects. By B. H. 
Hodgson, late British Minister at Nepal. In Two Volumes, post Syo. cloth. 

The G-uustan; or, Rose Garden of Shekh Mushliu'd-din Sadi of 
Shiraz. Translated for the first time into Prose and Verse, with an Intro- 
ductory Preface, and a Life of the Author, from the Atish Kadah, by £dwabi> 
B. Eastwick, F.R.S., M.R.A.S., etc. Second Edition, post 8to. cloth. 

The Jataka Stobies. With the Commentary and Collection of 
Buddhist Fairy Tales, Fables, and Folk Lore. Translated from the original 
Pali by T. W. Rhts Davids. (The first part of the Commentary contains the 
most complete account we yet haye of the Life of Buddha.) VoL I., post 8vo. 

^ cloth. 

Chiitese Buddhism. A Volume of Sketches, Historical and Critical. 
By J. Edkins, D.D., Author of *• China's Place in Philology,'* •* Religion in 
China," etc., etc. Post S^'o. cloth. 

BxTDDHisT Records op the Western World. Being the Si-ttt-ki by 
Hyen Thsano. Translated from the original Chinese, with Introduction, 
Index, etc. By Samuel Beal, Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of 
Chinese, University College, London. In Two Vols., post 8vo. cloth. 

The Poems of Hapiz of Shikaz. Translated from the Persian into 
English Verse by E. H. Palmer, M.A., Professor of Arabic in the University 
of Cambridge. Post Svo. cloth. 

History of the Portuguese in India. Based upon Documentary 
Evidence, now for the first time made available. By J. Gerson da Gunha, 
M.D. Post Svo. cloth. 

Indian Tales from Thibetan Sources. Translated from the Thibetan 
into German by Anton Schiefner. Hendered into English, with Notes, by 
W. R. S. Ralston. In One Volume, post Svo. 

On the Vicissitudes of Aryan Civilisation in India. One of the 
Florence Prize Essays. By Dr. J. Gerson da Cunha. In Two Volumes, 
post Svo. 

Tnunpp. — Grammar of the P^sto, or Language of the Afghans, com- 
pared with the Iranian and North-Indian Idioms. By Dr. Ernest Trumfp. 
Svo. sewed, pp. xvi. and 412. 21«. 

Trumpp. — Grammar of the Sindhi Language. Compared with the 

Sanskrit- Prakrit and the Cognate Indian Vernaculars. By Dr. Ernest 
Trumpp. Printed by order of Her Majesty's Government for India. Demy 
Svo. sewed, pp. xvi. and 590. lbs. 

Van der Tnuk. — Outlines of a Grammar of the Malagasy Language 
By H. N. VAN der Tuuk. 8vo., pp. 28, sewed. Is. 

Van der Tuuk. — Short Account of the Malay Manuscripts belonging 
TO the Royal Asiatic Society. By H. N. van der Tuuk. Svo., pp. 52. 2». Qd. 

Vedarthayatna (The) ; or, an Attempt to Interpret the Vedas. A 

Marathl and EDglish Translation of the Big Veda, with the Original Safiihitsl 
and Pada Texts in Sanskrit. Parts I. to XXVIII. Svo. pp. 1—^96. Price 
3«. 6d. each. 

Fishnu-Purana (The) ; a System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition. 

Translated from the orlgVnaY ^axv^VLtW., va^ llWstrated by Notes derived chiefly 
hvm other Pur&nas. By the Ute W. 'SL.Nq\\,^^^,'^.K.,'^.^S.^ Boden Pro- 
fessor of Sanskrit in the \JiiWeT«vVj oi 0:Lte^,«Xt.^^\.t. ^^XjK^Xs^^wiisu^ k!lo 

57 and 59, Ludgate Hilly London^ JE.C. 57 

Hall. In 6 toIs. Svo. Vol. I. pp. czl. and 200: Vol. II. pp. 343 ; Vol. III., 
pp. 3iS\ Vol IV. pp. 346, cloth; Vol. Y.Fart I. pp. 392, cloth. 10^. 6</.each. 
vol. v., Part 2, containiDg the Index, compiled by Fitzedward Hall. 8?o. doth, 
pp. 268. 125. 

Isseiing, W. — On Chinese Cukeency. Coin and Paper Money. 
With Facsimile of a Bank Note. Eoyal Sto. cloth, pp. xv. and 219. Leiden, 
1877. 18«. 

7ade. — Yii-YEN TziJ-Erh Chi. A progressive course designed to 
assist the Student of Colloquial Chinese, as spoken in the Capital and the 
Metropolitan Department. In eight parts, with Key, Syllabary, and Writing 
Exercises. By Thomas Francis Wadb, C.B., Secretary to Her Britannic 
Majesty's Legation, Peking. 3 vols. 4to. Progressive Course, pp. xx. 296 and 
16 ; Syllabary, pp. 126 and 36 ; Writing Exercises, pp. 48; Key, pp. 174 and 
140, sewed. £4. 

7ade. — WI:n-Chien Tzu-Erh Chi. A series of papers selected as 

specimens of documentary Chinese, designed to assist Students of the language, 
as written by the officials of China. In sixteen parts, with Key. Vol. I. Bjr 
Thomas Francis Wadb, C.B., Secretary to Her Britannic Majesty's Legation 
at Peking. 4to., half-cloth, pp. xii. and 455 ; and iv., 72, and 52. £\ 16«. 

(Take. — Chapters on Man. With the Outlines of a Science of com- 
parative Psychology. By C. Staniland Wake, Fellow of the Anthropological 
Society of London. Crown 8vo. pp. viii. and 344, cloth. 7«. ^d. 

7ake. — The Evolution of Moealitt. Being a History of the 
Development of Moral Culture. By C. Staniland Wake, author of 
*' Chapters on Man," etc. Two vols. 8to. cloth, pp. xvi. and 506, xii. and 474. 

Watson. — Index to the Native and Scientific Names of Indian and 
OTHER Eastern Economic Plants and Products, originally prepared 
under the authority of the Secretary of State for India in Council. By John 
FoKBBS Watson, M.A., M.D., F.L.S., F.R.A.S., etc.. Reporter on the 
Products of India. Imperial 8vo., cloth, pp. 650. £\ Ms, 6d. 

Veber. — On the Ramayana. By Dr. Albeecht Webee, Berlin. 

Translated from the German by the Rev. D. C. Boyd, M .A. Reprinted from 
" The Indian Antiquary.'* Fcap. Svo. sewed, pp. 130. 5«. 

Veber. — The History of Indian LiTEEATirRE. By Albeecht "Webee. 
Translated from the German by John Mann, M.A., and Dr. Theodok 
Zaohariae, with the Author's sanction. Post Svo. pp. xxiii. and 360, cloth, ^878. 

Vedgwood. — A DicTioNAsr of English Etymology. By Hensleigh 

Wedgwood. Third Edition, thoroughly revised and enlarged. With an Intro- 
duction on the Formation of Language. Imperial 8vo., double column, pp. Ixxii. 
and 746. 21«. 

ITedgwood. — On the Origin of Language. By Hensleigh Wedgwood, 
late Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. Fcap. Svo. pp. 172, cloth. 
38. 6d, 

(Test. — Glossary and Index of the Pahlavt Texts of the Book of 

Arda Viraf, The Tale of Gosht-I Fryano, The Hadokht Nask, and to some 
extracts from the Din-Kard and Nirangistan ; prepared from Destur Hoshangji 
Asa's Glossary to the Arda Viraf Namak, and from the Original Texts, wun 
Notes on Pahlavi Grammar. By E. W. West, Ph.D. Revised by Martin 
Haug, Ph.D. Published by order of the Government of Bombay. Svo. sewed, 
pp. viii. and 3-52. 25s. 

Vest and Bohler. — A Digest of the Hindu Law op Inheritance 

and Partition, from the Replies of the Sdstris in the several Courts of the 
Bombay Presidency. With Introduction, Notes and Appendix. Edited by 
Raymond West and J. G. Buhleb. Second Edition. Demy 8vo% ttonm^^ 
pp. 674. £1 lis, ad. 

68 Linguistic Publications of Trubner ^ Co., 

Wllifller. — The Histobt op India from the Earliest Ages. By J. 

' Ta&boyr Wheeler, Assistant Secretary to the Government of India in the 
Foreign Department, Secretary to the Indian Record Commission, author of 
** The Geography of Herodotus,'' etc. etc.. Demy 8vo. cl. 

Vol. I. The Vedic Period and the Maha Bharata. pp. Ixxv. and 576. 

Vol. II., The Ramayana and the Brahmanic Period, pp. Izxxviii. and 680, ^ith 
two Maps. 21«. 

Vol. III. Hindu, Buddhist, Brahmanical Revival, pp.484, with two maps. 18;. 

Vol. IV. Part I. Mussulman Rule. pp. xxxii. and 320. 14«. 

Vol. IV. Part II. In the press. 

Wheeler. — Karly Records of British India. A History of the 
English Settlement in India, as told in the Government Records, the works of 
old travellers and other contemporary Documents, from the earlieftC period 
down to the rise of British Power in India. By J. Talboys Wheeler. 
Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. xxziL and 392. 1878. I5s. 

t Whitmee. — A Grammar and Dictionary op the Samoan Language. 

By Rev. George Pratt, forty years a Missionary of the l.ondon Missionary 
Society in Samoa. Second Edition. Edited by Rev. S. J. Whitmee, F.R.G.S. 
Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 388. 18«. 

Whitney. — Oriental and Linguistic Studies. By William Dwight 

Whitney, Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology in Yale College. 
First Series. The Veda ; the Avesta ; the Science of Language. Cr. 8vo. cl., 
pp. X. and 418«> Vis. 
Second Series. — The East and West — Religion and Mythology — Orthography and 
Phonology — Hindti Astronomy. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 446. 12«. 

Whitney. — Atharva Yeda Pr1ti91khya ; or, Caunakfya Caturadhya- 
yikk (The). Text, Translation, and Notes. By Willian u. Whitney, Pro- 
fessor of Sanskrit in Yale College. 8vo. pp. 286, boards. £\ lis. dd, 

Whitney. — Language and the Study of Language : Twelve Lectures 

on the Principles of Linjj^uistic Science. By W. D. Whitney. Third Edition, 
augmented by an Analysis. Crown 8vo. cluth, pp. xii. and 504. lOs. 6d, 

Whitney. — Language and its Study, with especial reference to the 
Indo-European Family of Languages. Seven Lectures by W. D. Whitney, 
Professor of Sanskrit, and Instructor in Modern l^nnguages in Yale College. 
Edited with Introduction, Notes, Tables of Declension and Conjugation, 
Grimm's Law with Illustration, and an Index, by the Rev. R. Moh&is, M.A., 
LL.D. Cr. 8vo. cl., pp. xxii. and 318. 5s. 

Whitney. — Sueya-Siddhanta (Translation of the) : A Text-hook of 

Hindu Astronomy, with Notes and an Appendix, containing additional Notes 
and Tables, Calcuiations of Eclipses, a Stellar Map, and Indexes. By W. D. 
Whitney. 8vo. pp. iv. and 354, boards. £l Ms. 6d. 

Whitney. — TlrrTiRfYA-PRlTiqlKHYA, with its Comnnentary, the 
Tribh&shyaratna : Text, Translation, and Notes. By W. D Whitney, Prof, 
of Sanskrit in Yale College, Kew Haven. 8vo. pp. 469. 1871. £i 5s. 

Williams. — A Dictionary, English and Sanscrit. By Monieb 
Williams, M.A. Published under the Patronage of the Honourable East India 
Company. 4to. pp. xii. 862, cloth. 1851. £:i Ss, 

Williams. — A Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Etymologically and 
Philologically arranged, with special reference to Greek, Latin, German, Anglo- 
Saxon, English, ana ot\ieT co»xv^\.fe Iivdo- European Languages. By Mokhb 
WsLXAMS, M,A», Eodeu Vtok&aoi ol ^wi^\\\.. NXa.Okatb.^ ;>p. xxy. and 1186. 
'*£i lU. 6d. 

57 and 59, Ludgate Sill, London, E,C, 69 

W^ains. — A Pea.ctical Gkamma.h of the Sanskeit Language, ar- 
ranged with reference to the Classical Languages of Europe, for the use of 
B^lish Students, by Monier Williabis^ M.A. 1877. Fourth Edition, 

•. Revised. 8vo» cloth. ]§0. ... 

^jKTiUiams. — A Syllabic DIctionahy op the Chinese Language, 
Ranged according to the "Wn-Fang Yuen Yin, with the pronunciation of the 
Characters as* heard in Peking, Canton, Amoy, Hud Shanghai By S. Wells 
WUiLLAMS. 4to. cloth, pp. Ixxxi?. and 1252. 1874. £5 5«. 

Williams. — Fiest Lessons in the Maoei Language. "With a Short 
Vocabulary. By W. L. Williams, B.A. Fcap. 8vo. pp. 98, cloth. 6«. 

Williams. — ^Modern India and the Indians. Being a Series of 
Impressions, Notes, and Essays. By Monier Williams, D.C.L. Second 
Edition. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. 244. 1878. 7«. 6d. 

Wilson. — Works of the late Horace Hayman "Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., 

Member of the Uoyal Asiatic Societies of Calcutta and Paris, and of the Oriental 
Soc. of Germany, etc., and Boden Prof, of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford 

Vols I. and II. Essays and Lectores chiefly on the Religion of the Hindusi 
by the late H. H. Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Collected and edited by Dr. 
Reinhold Rost. 2 vols, cloth, pp. ziii. and 399, vi. and 416. 2U. 

Vols. Ill, IV. and V. Essays Analytical, CRniCAL, and Philological, on 
SunjKCTS CONNECTED with San&krit Literatuub. Collected and Edited by 
Dr. Reinhold Rost. 3 vols. 8vo. pp. 408, 40(), and 390, cloth. Price 36«. 

Vols. VI., VII., VllI, IX. and X., Part I. Vishnu Purana, a System op 
Hindu Mythology and Tradition. Vols. I. to V. Translated from the 
original Sanskrit, and Illustrated by Notes derived chiefly from other Pur&nks. 
By the late H. H. Wilson, Edited by Fitzeuward Hall, M.A., D.C.L. , 
Oxon. 8vo., pp. cxl.and 2C0; 344; 344; 346, cloth. 2/. 125. 6rf. 

Vol. X.. Part 2, containing the Index to, and completing the Vishnu Pur&.n&, 
compiled by Fitzedward Hall. 8vo. cloth, pp. 268. 12«. 

Vols. XI. and XII. Select Specimens op the Thratre of the Hindus. Trans- 
lated from the Original Sanskrit. By the late Horace Hayman Wilson, M. A., 
F.R.S. drd corrected Ed. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. Ixi. and 384 ; and iv. and 418, cl. 2\s. 

Wilson. — Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindus. Trans- 
lated from the Original Sanskrit. By the late Horace Hayman Wilson, 
M. A., F.R.S, Third corrected edition. 2 vols. 8vo., pp. Ixxi. and 384 j iv. 
and 418, cloth. 2U. 


Vol. I.— Preface — Treatise on the Dramatic Syatem of the Hindus— Dramas translated from the 
Orig:inal Sanskrit— The Mrichchakati, or the Toy Cart — "Vikram aand Urvasi, or the 
Hero and the Nymph— Uttara R&ma Chantra, or continuation of the History ol 

Vol. II.— Dramas translated from the Original Sanskrit— MaWti and Mddhava, or the Stolen 
Marriage— Mudr& Rakshasa, or the Signet of the Minister— Ratnavall, or the 
Necklace— Appendix, containing short accounts of different Dramas. 

Wilson. — The Present State of the Cultivation of Oriental 
Litkkature, a Lecture delivered at the Meeting of the Royal Asiatic 
Society. By the Director, Professor H. H. Wilson. 8vo. pp. 26, sewed. 
London, 1852. iid, «. 

Wilson. — A Dictionary in Sanskrit and English. Translated, 
amended, and enlarged from an original compilation prepared by learned Natives 
for the CoUe^re of Fort William by H. H. Wilson. The Third Edition edited 
by Ja^j^unmohana Tarkalankara and Khettrasohana Mookerjee. Published by 
GyanendrachAndra Rayachoudhuri and Brothers. 4to. pp. 1008. Calcutta, 
1874. £3 3*. 

Wilson (H. H.). — See also Megha Duta, Rig-Yeda, and Vialiaii- 

Purfcn&. ^ '-^ 

60 * Linguistic Publications of Triibner 8f Co. 

Wise.—- Commentary on the Hindu System op Medicine. Bt *!(• A^ 

WiiE, M.D., Bengal Medical Sei^ice. dvo., pp. xx. and 432, cloth. ^. W. 

Wise. — Reyiew of the History of Mbdicine. Bj ThoilCb 'A. 

Wise, M.D. 2 yoIs. 8vo. cloth. Vol. I^ pp. xcviii. and 397 ; To^ IJl, 
.pp. 674. 10*. ' ^ ' 

Withers. — The English Language Spelled as Pronounced, ""with 
enlarged Alphabet of Forty lietten. With Specimen. By 6boiiob Withbbs. 
Koyal 8?o. sewed, pp. 84. 1«. - 

Wordsworth. — The Church of Thibet, and the Historical ADafogiei 
of Buddhism and Christianity. A Lectore delivered at Bombay by W. Words- 
WORTH, B.A., Principal of Elphinstone College. 1877. 8vo. pp. 51. 2». 6d. 

Wright. — Fkudal Manuals of English History. A Series of 
l^opular Sketches of our National HistorVf compiled at different periods, from 
the Thirteenth Century to the Fifteenth, for the use of the Feudal Gentry and 
Nobility. Now first edited from the Original Manuscripts. By Thomas 
Wright, Esq., M.A. Small 4to. cloth, pp. xxiv. and 184. 1872. 16«. 

Wright. — The Homes of Other Days. A History of Domestic 
Manners and Sentiments during the Middle Ages. By Thomas Wright, Esq., 
M.A., F.S.A. With lUuittrations from the Illuminations in contemporary 
Manuscripts and other Sources, drawn and engraved by F. W. Fairholt, Esq., 
F.S.A. 1 Vol. medium 8yo. handsomely bound in cloth, pp. xv. and 512. 
350 Woodcuts. £1 U. 

Wright. — The Celt, the Roman, and the Saxon ; a History of the 
Early Inhabitants of Britain down to the Conversion of the Anglo-Saxons to 
Christianity. Illustrated by the Ancient Remains brought to Light by Recent 
Research. By Thomas Wright, Esq., M.A., F.S.A., etc., etc. 'I bird Cor- 
rected and Enlarged Edition. Numerous lilostrations. Crown 8vo. cloth, 
pp. xiv. and 562. lis. 

Wright. — Anglo- Saxon and Old-English Vocabularies, Illustrating 
the Condition and Manners of our Forefathers, as well as the History of the 
Forms of Elementary Education, and of the Languages spoken in this Island 
from the Tenth Century to the Fifteenth. Edited by Thomas Wright, Esq., 
M.A., F.S.A., etc. Second Edition, edited, collated, and corrected by Richard 
WuLCKER. [/« the press, 

Wylie. — Notes on Chinese Literature ; with introductory Ercmarks 
on the Progressive Advancement of the Art ; and a list of translations from the 
Chinese, into various European Langua^^es. By A. Wylie, Agent of the 
British and Foreign Bible Society in China. 4to. pp. 296, cloth. Price, £1 16«. 

Tajnrveda. — The White Yajurveda in the Madhyandina Recen- 
sion. With the Commentary of Mahidhara. Complete in 36 parts. Large 
square Svo. pp. 571. £4 lOs, 

Tates. — A Bengali Grammar. By the late Rev. "W. Yates, D.D. 

Reprinted, with improvements, from his Introduction to the Beng&li Language 
Edited by LWenoer. Fcap. 8to., pp. iv.and 15U,bd8. Calcutta, 1H64. 3«. 6</. 

57 and 59, Ludgate Hill, London, JE.C, 59 

Wiffiams. — A Practical Grammab op the Sanskrit Language, ar- 
ranged viith reference to the Classical Languages of Europe, for the use ol 
£i)^lish Studenfs, by Monier Williams^ M.A. 1877. Fourth Edition, 

-. Revised. 8vOk cloth. ]5tf. ... 

^iUiams. — A Syllabic Dictionary op the Chinese Language, 
arranged according to the "Wu-Fang Yuen Yin, with the pronunciation of the 
Characters as- heard in Peking, Canton, Amoy, wnd Shanghai. By S. Wells 
Williams. 4to. cloth, pp. Ixxxiv. and 1262. 1874. £5 68, 

'Williams. — First Lessons in the Maori Language. With a Short 
Vocabulary. By W. L. Williams, B.A. Fcap. 8vo. pp. 98, cloth. 6«. 

Williams. — Modern India and the Indians. Being a Series of 
Impressions, Notes, and Essays. By Monieb Williams, D.C.L. Second 
Edition. Post 8vo. cloth, pp. 244. 1878. 7«. 6d. 

Wilson. — Works of the late Horace Hayman Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., 
Member of the Royal Asiatic Societies of Calcutta and Paris, and of the Oriental 
Soc. of Germany, etc., and Boden Prof, of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford. } 

Vols I. and II. Essays and Lfxtores chiefly on the Religion of the Hindus^ 
by the late H. H. Wilson, M.A., P.R.S., etc. Collected and edited by Dr. 
Reinhold Rost. 2 vols, cloth, pp. ziii. and 399, vi. and 416. 2\s. 

Vols. Ill, IV. and V. Essays Analytical, Critical, and Philological, on 
Dr. Reinhold Rost. 3 vols. 8vo. pp. 408, 406, and 390, cloth. Price 3B;r. 

Vols. VI., VII., VIII, IX. and X., Parti. Vishnu PukAnX, a System op 
Hindu Mythology and Tradition. Vols. I. to V. Translated from the 
original Sanskrit, and Illustrated by Notes derived chiefly from other Pur&n&s. 
By the late H. H. Wilson, Edited by Fitzeuward Hall, M.A., D.C.L., 
Oxon. 8vo., pp. cxl. and 2C0 ; 344; 344 ; 346, cloth. 21, I2s, 6d. 

Vol. X., Part 2, containing the Index to, and completing the Vishnu Pur&n^, 
compiled by Fitzedward Hall. 8vo. cloth, pp. 268. 12». 

Vols. XI. and XII. Select Specimens op the Theatre op the Hindus. Trans- 
lated from the Original Sanskrit. By the late Horace Hayman Wilson, M. A., 
F.R.S. 3rd corrected Ed. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. Ixi. and 384 ; and iv. and 418, cl. 21 «. 

Wilson. — Select Specimens or the Theatre of the Hindus. Trans- 
lated from the Original Sanskrit. By the late Horace Hayman Wilson, 
M.A., F.R.S. Third corrected edition. 2 vols. 8vo., pp. Ixxi. and 384; iv. 
and 418, cloth. 2U. 


Vol. I.— Preface — Treatise on the Dramatic System of the Hindus— Dramas translated from the 
Original Sanskrit— The Mrichchakati, or the Toy Cart — ^Vikram aand Urvasi, or the 
Hero and the Nymph— Uttara R&ma Charitra, or continuation of the History of 

Vol. II.— Dramas translated from the Original Sanskrit— Malftti and Mfidhava, or the Stolen 
Marriage— Mudrd Rakshasa, or the Signet of the Minister- Ratnfivall, or the 
Necklace — Appendix, containing short accounts of different Dramas. 

Wilson. — The Present State of the Cultivation op Oriental 

LiTb:HATURE. A Lccture delivered at the Meeting of the Royal Asiatic 
Society. By the Director, Professor H. H. Wilson. 8vo. pp. 26, sewed. 
London, 1852. 6d. » 

Wilson. — A. Dictionary in SJanskrit and English. Translated, 
amended, and enlarged from an original compilation prepared by learned Natives 
for the Colle^re of Fort William by H. H. Wilson. The Third Edition edited 
by Ja^^unmohana Tarkalankara and Khettraiiwhana Mookerjee. Published by 
Gyanendrachandra Rayachoudhuri and Brothers. 4to. pp. 1008. Galfi.w^^>ik.^ 
1874. £3 38, 

Wilson (H, Jff.).— See also Megka T>u\.a, 1^\%-"^^^^. ^^^X^^ 

Parknk, *