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s ■.• S 

I §• 
" • B 

o o 





















A Large Variety of Hand Maehiuea alw&ys in Stock, 















MANCHESTER - - 127, Market Street 

LTVEBPOOL .... The Temple, Dale Street. 

SHEFFIELD - - Eyre Street 

BOTHEBHAM - - Mancliester, Sheffield, and Lincohi BaU- 

way Station. 

BABNSLET .... Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln Bail- 

way Station* 

HULL 5, BaUway Street 

GBIMSBY - - - - Boyal Dock Chambers. 

STOCKPOBT .... 88, Wellington Boad. 

HUDDEBSFIELD - - - St George's Squara 

LONDON - - Great Northern Offices, Bull and Mouth, 

St Martin's-le-Grand. 


THOMPSON, McEAY, & Co. Collect and Forward Goods daUy to 
London, Manchester (Bail and Water), Sheffield, Hull, Grimsby, Goole, 
West Hartlepool, Stockport, Botherhun, Bamsley, Huddersfield, Leeds 
Bradford, Halifax, Wakefield,. Glasgow, Southampton, and the Channe' 
Islands, and all Stations on the Manchester, Sheffielc^ Lincolnshire, and Greai 
Northern Bailways. All parts of Scotland by the Waverley Boute, and the 
whole of the Continent of Europe. 

All Orders for the Collection or DeUvery of Gt>ods lodged at the following 
Offices shall have immediate attentidtt : — 

Great Howaid Street, Old Etik Btteei, Brunswick Station, 
Duke's Doflfc CEnr Canal Traffic only; and the Temple, Dalr 







18 7 0. 

.*t . . < - 

.<•» , 


TO 8IXB80BZBEB8, 28. 6d. ; H0N-8UB80BIBSB8» 40. 



X ■* 

A. GEEEN & CO., 







'^ * * (MUTUAL) 





This ProspectuB specifies the documents necessary to enable anj one to form a 
satisfactory judgment regarding the financial condition and general merits of a 
Life Assurance Institution, and contains — 

I. The ^i^y'f last Valuation Balance- Sheet, with a detailed I^wt of Aft 
Sectuitiev in which the Funds ate invested. 

'2. A detailed Abstract of the Valuation of the Society^s Asiets and Liabilities/ 
under its Policies, in which the exact mode of Valuation of each Policy is made as 
well known to actuaries and skilled persons as to the Society's Officers themselves. 

3. A full Table of Surrender Values, repayable under Discontinued Policies of 
all durations. 

4. A full Table of Bonuses added to Policies of all duration. 

^r^^rolH^II MloiDS^ ^imii 

The Society's resources are — 

A Realized F.ond, exeeedtnff - - SS^OOO^IMMI. 

An Annual Revenue, exceeding; - - 600,000. 

By such unreserved disclosure as the New Prospectus contains regarding the 
Scottish Widows' Fund, the great evils inseparable from secrecy and partial pub- 
lication can alone be guarded against; and in view of probable legislation tocomj^l 
publicity regarding the Financial condition of all Life Assurance Offices, ttiis New 
Prospectus is respectfully submitted to the consideration of all concerned. Copies 
of the New Prospectus may be had, or will be sent post free on application. 

« J. J. P. ANDERSON, Secretary. 

XidiiPFpoQl JBranr^* 


f^onotatg 33oarIi of Bitectont. 
"W. L. Bailkt, Esq., Messrs. Bailer I John Lajbd, Jun., Esq., Messrs., Laird 

Bros. & Co., Iron Merchants. ' Brothers, Iron Shipbuilders, Birken- 

JilMeb Bell, Esq., Messrs. BjYL, Nott, head. 

A Co., Cotton Brokers. ; Edwabd Lawrekcb, Esq., Messrs. E. 

S. M. Bullet, Esq., Cotton Broker. ; Lawrence &' Co., Liyerpool and 
Wm. Chakbbes, Esq., Messrs. Chambres Bombay. 

& Co., Stock BfokMi. ' J. J. Bows, Esq., Meisrs. Graham, Bowe 

J. W. Habdek, Esq., Judge of the County & Co., Liverpool and South America. 


Bbsidbkt SecBBTAjix— ALEXANDER H. WHYTT. ., 

6 ' ' • 



In introducing this onr first edition to our friends, 
subscribers, and the public, we must express surprise, 
that, while so many towns in England have enjoyed the 
advantage of cheap Directories, Liverpool, one of the most 
important, has been overlooked. We, therefore, have 
compiled and published this at a price to bring it within 
the reach of aU, and sincerely hope that our work will 
be found to contain everything that is essential in a 
Directory, and that it will answer the same purpose as a 
more ponderous and costly publication. 

In presenting a Work of this magnitude to the public, 
it would of course be impossible to present it faultless, but 
from the care and diligence with which it has been compiled, 
we trust the errors will be found exceptionally few. 

Next year we shall annex a Street Directory, Annals 
of the Town, a Map, and other information calculated to be 

We proffer our thanks to all for the kindness sho^vn 
to us, and trust that our subscribers will feel satisfied with 
our eflPbrts ; and by recommending our work to their friends, 
aid US in carrying out so beneficial an object. 


2, New Bboad Steekt, Loiidon ; 

VzmKOir Chahbxbb, Daxb Stbsst, Litxbfool. 



Gabiiurt; Makers, TpholstereiB, Bedstead and Bedding Kann&otanrs, 13 & 15, Bold Street, 

Bmt alwkji in itook, in their txltntm Sbaw-ioauia, the lanert ind moit ommlete « 
Imnool or ibewbere of mmnUd Oabinet ISiniitiint Upbolster;, LooHog-fllMiai 
Bedding, A&, maan&otared b; them in newart deugnt, weU-ieuooed "•'—^■'-. k 
*"^niaTi ihip^ that fiTii'^^** uid pArtiee fonuihing mAj >t iJl timet relj on btdnc implied br 
V.k A,onliit beet and moit idranUgeoai tennt, iadnding enry hidiiij in ieleebon, «ith thi 
Int and prindpal good* in honee fc 



"$0031 ^nnuaj^ £8tabliE{[mtiit bb^ ^actb of tSnglanli ^b^ ^<ntiti 

13 ft 15, Bold Stbxbt, Ltvemool. 

ei^ixm'jAmvsT, nxBER yasd, k tasxeotjsb vok 9NBIKQi itTunroxi. 

iw »«A/.:.A_j p*A26. CoKcxsi Strxej, aitd 26 4 28, yiaKl Bwrnt. , . , 

-fota, aodntrnj be bad on appL'istian, UBqiTHAXT fc AD*ai»01i'» ■»«» "Bwft la* « w*! 
deaoriplitm of .Sodding for immediate um. 

I Agricultural & Domestic Machine Depot, 



Washing, Wringing, and Mangling Machine. 

i Eacli Machine is 

'j'ljggg Giiftnnteed, 

I ted kept in r^ftir 

i Machines are twoWe montliB 

I free (^ cbaiee. 


J b,«.yo.h.rto OHB MOUTH'S 

^ the Market. TBIAL 








BIBKENHEAS ......... 







^ -« ' >' ^r« 

I .J. 

Abbej street, Birkenhead 
Jibbej street £verCon 
Aber itreet. West Derby rood 
Abercroml^ square 
Aberdeen street, Park road 
Aberdeen street, Birkenhead 
Acton road, Keck Ferrr 
Adelaide it. Vetherfield road, N. 
Adelaide buildings, Ranelagh pi. 
Adelphi street, Birkenhead 
Adlin|{ton street^ Stand i^h street 
Admiral street, Warwick street 
Aigburth road. Park road 
Aigburth st. Up. Parliament at. 
Aigburth rale, Aigburth road 
Ainsworth street, Brownlow hill 
Aikin street. Fox Park 
Albany road, Derby lane 
Albert bnildinKo, Preeson's row 
Albert road, Waterloo 
Albert street, Birkenhead 
Albert street, New Brighton 
Albion build ingfi, Birkenhead 
Albion bldga. 14, Canning place 
Albion ohamber*,l,BrunBwickBt. 
Albion street, Birkenhead 
Albion street, Everton 
Alder street. Fox park 
Alfred place. Park road 
Alfred road, Birkenhead 
Alfred street, Great George it. 
Alfred terrace, Bootle 
Allen street, Belmont road 
Allerton road, Wavertree 
Alma road, Aigburth 
Alma street, Birkenhead 
Alma terrace, Seacombe 
Alma vale, Crosby 
Almond terrace, Wavertree 
Alt street. Lodge lane 
Alton road, Oxton 
Amber street, Chatham street 
Ambrose street, Mount Vernon 
Anderson street, Gt. Homer st. 
Anderton square, Wavcrtree 
An field road. An field 
Angela street. Edge Hill 

[ Arthur street, Garston 
Arthur street. West Hill road 
Arvon chambers. Canning place 
Ascot street, Latimer street 
Ash road, Tranmere 
Ash street, Wavertree 
Ashfield road, AiKburih road 
Ashfteld street, Yauxhall road 
Ashley street, Erskine street 
Ashton street, London road 
Ashworth street. Edge lane 
Aspinall street, Commercial rd. 
Atherton street, Gt. Chester st. 
Atherton street. New Brighton 
Atherstone street, Birkenhead 
Athole street, Gt. Howard street 
AtUs buildings, South Castle st. 
Aubrey street, Everton 
Audley street, London road 
Aughton street, Gt. Homer st. 
Austin street, Birkenhead 
Avenue chambers. Dale street 
Avison street. Up. Stanhope st. 
Avon street, Lodge lane 
Avon street, West Derby road 
Back Almond street 
Back Arrad streeet 
Back Ashton street 
Back Bath street, GKbraltar row 
Back Bedford st. Cambridge st 
Back Beech street, Fairfield st. 
Rcu^k Beny street, Wood street 
Back Bold street 
Back Bond street, Limekilo lane 
Back Boundary street 
Back Brownlow street 
Back Canning street 
Back Canning street, Everton 
Back Castle street, Kirkdale 
Back Chatham street. Peach st. 
Back Church street, JSgremont 
Back College street 
Back Colquitt street. Seel street 
Back Commutation Bbw^Islngtu. 
Back Devon street, Falkland st 
Back Erskine street, Talbot st. 
' Back Falkner street, Sandon st. 

Anglesea street, Wellington rd. j Back Howard street 

Anglesea terrace, Birkf-nhead 
ATiglcsea terrace, Waterloo 
Ansdell street, Mersey street 
Anson place, London road 
Anson street, London road 

Back Lime street, Elliot street 
I Back Mersey street 
; Back Parliament street, Grea 

George street 
I Back Ben»haw st. Oldham st. 

Apsley buildings, Oldhall street Back Salii«bury street, Carver st. 

Back Seel street, Slater street 
Back South Chester street 

Argyle road, Garston 
Argyle street, Birkenhead 

Argyle street, Hanover street ' Back Vine straet, Falkner street 
Arkles lane, Anfield | Baflln street, West side 

Arkwright street, QU Homer st. j Bagott street, Smithdown road 
Arley street, Vauxhall rd. Bailey street, Birkenhead 

Arlington street ! Builey street, Ghrenville street 

Amo road, Oxton Bakehouse lane, Stanley street 

Arnold street^ Upper Hill street Baker street, West Derby 
^rmd street^ Hope afreet / Bal'tol road, Bootle 

Aur street, Birkenhead , Bmlm street, Kensington 

Baltic buildings, Fairfield 
Baltimore streelk Hardmaa st.>' 
Bamber street, Paddin^toa ^ 
Banastre street, Yauxhall romt 
Bancroft street, Windsor 
Bangor street, Summer street 
Bank buildings. Lord atrael '. 
Bank chambers, Cook street * 
Bank road, Bootle 
Bank street, Birkenhead 
Bankfield road, Stonejeroft 
Bankfield street, Kirkdale 
Bank Hall lane 
Bank Hall street 
Bark hill, Aigburth 
Banks road, Aigburth 
Barlow lane, Westminster road 
Barlow street, Kirkdale 
Barnes street, Breckfield road S. 
Barrow street, Everton 
Barter street, Toxteth park 
Basloe street, Pellew street 
Basnet street. Church street 
Batavia buildings, Hackins Hey 
Batchelor street 
Bath street, New Quay 
Bath street, Waterloo 
Battery street, Kegent road 
Beach Bank, Egremont 
Beach lawn, Waterloo 
Beach road, Bock Ferry 
Beacon streiet, Athol street 
Beacon lane, Everton 
Beaufort street, Toxteth park 
Beaumaris st. Derby rd. Bootle 
Beaumont street, Windsor 
Beckwith buildings, St. John st. 
Beckwith street, Birkenhead 
Beckwith street. Park lane 
Bedford road. Bock Ferry 
Bedford bt. nth. Abercromby aq. 
Bedford st. stb. AbcreromVf i^ 
Bedford street, Birkenhead 
Bedford place. Bootle 
Beech lane, Wavertreee 
Beech road, Tranmere 
Beech street, Kensington street 
Beech terrace. Beech street 
Relamore street 
Belgrave street, Erskine street 
Relerave street, Liscard 
Belgrave terrace, Everton 
Belgrave terrace, Bootle 
Belle Vue, Seacombe 
Belle Vue road, W^rertvee 
Belmont road, West Derby road 
Beloe street^ Toxteth 9ark 
Bclvidere road, Prince s park 
Belvidars bldgs, SpuMv Castle st. 
Bengel street^ ttouhC Temon st. 
Bennett buildings, Fanwiok St. 
Bennett stre.:t, Gerald street 
Benns Gkirdeii, South Castle st. 
Benson street, Kehshaw street 


ittrot^ Birkenhead 
: itreek, Gt. Howard Bt. 
i road, Claugliton 
d itieet, Bute street 
' iL Up. Parliament it. 
rfnet, Birkenhead 
seei, Bold street 
baildinga, Geoi^ street, 
Ul street 

sq. We«t Derby road 
r rtraet, Tosteth park 
m baah, Scotland road 
m hill, Scotland road 
m street. Limekiln lane 
treet, Islington 
road, Oxton 
Old road, Birkenhead 
»ireet. Mount Venion 
reet, Athol street 
d road, Wat ton 
d street, Islington 
street, Richmond row 
ite street, Wavertree rd. 
, street^ Bfarybone 
itreet, Pomona street 
itreet, Tithebaru street 
jme place, Hope street 
me street, Falkner street 
iamond street, Vauxhall 
d street, Kirkdale 
Ao street, Birkenhead 
ck street, Yauxhsll road 
ne St. Gt. Howard st. 
Upper ParliatncDt st. 
neet, Brownlow hill 
street. Crown street 
■d street, Norton street 
Q street. Scotland road 
street, Waterloo 
, Sands, Great Crosby 
street, St. James's st. 
treet, Breck road 
loe. Berry street 
eet, Church street 
itreet. Copperas hill 
reet, Vauxhall road 
place. Key street 
lount, Derby road 
Lew, Liiscard 
. buildings, 10, Water st. 
street, Scotland road 
road, Edge lane 
view, Smithdown lane 
•y lane. West Derby rd. 
•y place, London road 
-y street, Scotland road 
street, Berry street 
Lreet, Albion street 
L street. Beacon lane 
street, Birkenhead 
n buildings, Drury lane 
lad, Oakfield 
lid road 

dd road, Ererton 
hill, Bootle 
lane, Waiton 
I street, Park road 
t0n bldgt. Ntb. John ft 


Brick street, St. Jamen's street 
Bridge street, Birkenhead 
Bridge street, Bootle 
Bridgewater street^St. James's st. 
Bridport street, Hotham street 
Bright street, Birkenhead 
Brighton road, Waterloo 
Brighton street, Seacombe 
Brighton street, Toxteth park 
Brisbane street, Stanley road 
Britten street, Toxteth park 
Broad Green, Old Swan 
Bronte street, Bussell street 
Brook street, Birkenhead 
Brook street, Bootle 
Brook street, Old Hall sfreet 
Brook's alley, Old Post Office pi. 
Brougham street, Seacombe 
Brownlow hill 
Brownlow street 
Brown's building<». Exchange 
Brown's lane. Great Crosby st. 
Brunswick bldgs. Brunswick st. 
Brunswick place 
Brunswick road 
Brunswick street 
Brunswick street, Hook Ferry 
Brunswick terrace 
Buckingham st. Gt. Homer st. 
Burleigh road, N. Breokfield rd. 
Burleigh road, S. Breckfiold rd. 
Burlington street, Birkenhead 
Burlington stroot, Scotland road 
Burton street, Kirkdale 
Bute street, Fox street 
Button street, Whitcchapel 
Byles street, Whitfield street 
Byrom street, Birkenhead 
Byrom street, Dale street 
Cable chamberi*, 3, Cable street 
Cable street, St. George's crescent 
Cable street. Church street 
Caird street, West Derby 
Calder street, Evcrton 
Cambridge chambers, Lord st. 
Cambridge street, Arrad stre«t 
Camden street, Bootle 
Camden street, Birkenhead 
Camden street, London road 
Canada chambers, Canada dock 
Canning place 
Canning street 
Canning street, Birkenhead 
Canterbury street, Islington 
Canton buildings, Water street 
Canton street, Kvcrton 
CardwcU street, Fairfield 
Carlton buildings, Rumford st. 
Carlton street, Great Howard st. 
Carlton terrace, Parliament st. 
Carruthers street, Vauxhall rd. 
Carter street, Toxteth park 
Carver street, Islington 
Carjl street, Harrington street 
Ca^es street, Clayton square 
Castle street 

Castle chambers, Lower Cast lest. 
Catbcart street, Birkenhead 

Catharine street, Birkenhead 
Catharine street, Falkner street 
Cavendish street, Biarybone 
Caxton buildings, South John tt. 
Cecil street 

Cemetery yiew. Parliament st. 
Chadwick street 
Challenor street 
Chapel place, Brownhill 
Chapel street, Biricsnhead 
Chapel street. Exchange bldgs. 
Chapel street, Tranmere 
Charles street, Birkenhead 
Charles street, Whiteohapel 
Charters street 

Chatham buildings, Sth. John st. 
Chatham street, Brownlow hill 
Chats worth street 
Cheapside, Dale street 
Cherry lane 

Chester street, Birkenhead 
Chester street Up. Stanhope st. 
Chestnut street 
China street, Beresford street 
Cliirkdale street, Kirkdale 
Chi*enhall street 
Christian street, Islington 
Church alley, Church street 
Church buildings, Church street 
Church lane. Church street 
Church lane. Rock Fen-y 
Church road, Seacombe 
Church road, Tranmere 
Church street, Birkenhead 
Church street, Bootle 
Church street, Lord street 
Church street. New Brighton 
Church terrace, Tranmere 
Circus street, Byrom street 
Clare street, Islington 
Claremont place, Stanley road 
Clarence bldgs. North «rohn st. 
Clarence grove, Everton 
Clarence street. Mount Plsasont 
Claughton road, Birkenhead 
Clayton square 
Clajton street, Byrom street 
Cleave street 

Clevedon street. Park road 
Cleveland street, Birkenhead 
Cleveland square. Price's street 
Cliiford street, Islington 
Clifron road, Tranmere 
Coburg street, Birkenhead 
Cochrane street 
Cockspur street 
Coleridge street 
College lane 
College street 
Collins street 

Colonial buildings. Dais street 
Colquitt street, Bold street 
Commerce bldge. Tithebarn st. 
Commerce chambers, Lord street 
Commerce court, Lord street 
Commercial Biink bldgs. Cook st. 
.CommeTcval bwxldin^^ Cheater 
I s\reel3^'t^'W^\«iA 



Commercial court, Water atreet 
Commercial road, Bootle 
Commercial road, Yauxhall 
Commutation ro«r, Islington 
Compton street, Ererton 
Comus street, Biohmond row 
Concert street, Bold street 
Coniston street^ Brerton 
Conway street^ Great Homer 

Conway street, Birkenhead 
Conyera street, Great Homer 

Cook street. Castle street 
Cooper's row, Waterloo 
Copperas hill, Banelagh atreet 
Cornhill, Wapping 
Cornwall street, Netherfield road 
Comwallis street, Duke street 
Corporation road, Birkenhead 
Coronation street, Everton 
Cottenham street, Bensingham 
CoYent Garden, Water street 
Cranboume street, Paddington 
Crayen crescent. Parliament st. 
Craven street, London road 
Crayen street. West Derby 
Creek st. Dock road, Seacombe 
Crescent chambers. Lord street 
Crescent road, West Derby 
Cresswell street, Bverton 
Crete street, Gbeat Homer street 
Croft street 

Cromwell street, Birkenhead 
Cromwell street. West Derby 
Cromwell terrace, Everton 
Cropper street 

Cropper street, Lowton street 
Croabie road, Waterloo 
Croebie road, Seaforth 
Croabie street, St. James's street 
Crosby green. West Derby 
Croaby road, Waterloo 
Crosneld road. Edge lane 
Cross street, Birkenhead 
Cross street, Hopwood street 
Cross street, Waterloo 
Crosshall street. Dale street 
Crossley bldgs. South Castle st. 
Crown chambers, Bedcross street 
Crown square 

Crown street, Pembroke place 
Croxteth Hall lane. West Derby 
Croxteth road 

Croydon street, Watton road 
Cuerden street, Byrom street 
Cumberland street. Dale street 
Cunliff street, Tithebam street 
Cunon street. Mount Yemon st. 
Cuthbert buildings, Clayton sq. 
Qypress street, Bedford street 
Dacre street, Birkenhead 
Daora street, Bootle 
Dale street, Birkenhead 
Dale street, Castle atreet 
Dale street Qanton 
^mibeHnet, Smitbdown nmd 


Dalton street, West Derby street 
Darwen street, Athol street 
Daulby street, London road 
Dayies street^ Dale street 
Dayies street, Bootle 
Dayies street, Birkenhead 
Dawber street, Eyerton 
Dawson street, Whikechapel 
Deane street, Elliot street 
Deane street, Waterloo 
Delta chambers. Cable street 
Denbigh st. Ghreat Howard st. 
Denison street^Great Howard st. 
Derby lane, Stoneycroft 
Derby road, Bootle 
Derby road, Bockferry 
Derby road, Eirkdale 
Derby square. Castle street 
Derby street, Birkenhead 
Derby street, Whitechapel 
Derby terrace, Edge Hill 
Derby terrace, Waterloo 
Derwent road, Stoneycroft 
Desmond street, Eyerton 
Deyon street, Stafford street 
Devonshire road, Claughton 
Dexter street, St. Jamea*a 
Dickinson street. Park lane 
Digby street. Upper Park street 
Dingle hill 
Dingle lane 
Dingle mount 
Dingle road 
Dock road, Seacombe 
Dorset road. West Derby 
Douglas street, Birkenhead 
Douro street, Bute street 
Dove street, Stanhope street 
Dover place, Stanley 
Downe street, Bichmond row 
Do wnshire terrace, Upper Parlia- 
ment street 
Drake street, Bootle 
Druids' road, Allerton 
Drury buildings. Water street 
Drurv lane, Water street 
Dryden street, Scotlandroad 
Dublin street, Great Howard st. 
Duckenfield street 
Duke street, Birkenhead 
Duke street, Gaston 
Duke street. Great Hanover st. 
Duke street, Seacombe 
Duke street, Tranmere 
Duke street, Waterloo 
Duke's road, Everton 
Duncan street, Birkenhead 
Duncan street, St. James's 
Dundas street, Bootle 
Dundee street, Great Howard it. 
Dunkeld street, West Derby 
Dwerryhouae st. Parliament st. 
Earl etreet^ Edmund street 
East side. Queen's dock 
East streeti Waterloo 
Eastbourne street, Everton 


Edge lane, Mount Vernon 
Edge Hill, Paddington 
Edgar street, Birkenhead 
Ed^ware street, Wavertree _^ 
Edmburgh st. Ghreat Homer ^ I^ 
Edmund street. Old Hall ataapi 
Edward street, Bupert street ^.j^ 
Eflingham street, Bootle ^ 

Kgerton street, Birkenhead ;.^ 
Egerton street. New Brighton .•_ 
Elbow lane, Hanover at^et ^jvg 
Eldon chambers,*South Jolm iL ^^ 



y JEaton nwd, Stoneyoroft 
/ JSaton ftraet^ Liaoard 

Eldon road. Bock Ferry 

Eldon street, Birkenhead 

Eldon road. Bock Ferry 

Eldon place, Birkenhead 

Eldon pbMse, Yauxhall 

Eleanor street, Ensor street 

Elgin street, Seacombe 

Elias street. Great Homer atreilt*^ 

Elixabeth street, Birkenhead y 

Elliot street, Clayton square °' 

Ellesmere street, Mount Yemoii^*^ 

Ellison street, Gh?eat Homer ^i^^; 

Elm grove, Smithdown lane ,^ 

Ehns, The, Toxteth park -^.^ 

Elston street } 

Smbledon street, Parliament fts^ 

Epworth street, Seacombe 

Epworth street, Prescot atreel 

I Errington street, Eirkdale 

Ernest street, Toxteth park 

Erskine streeik, Islington 

Essex St. Korthumborland st. 

Ef dyn street 

Everton brow, Bichmond row 
Everton crescent, Bichmond p9W ' 
Everton road 
Everton terrace 
Everton valley 

Everton view, Everton ^ 

Everton village 
Exohanee street east. Dale st. 
Exmoutn street, Birkenhead 
Fairfield street, Kensington 
Fairview, The, Tranmere 
Fairview place, Park road 
Falkland street, Falkner aquara 
Falkner square 

Fazakerley street. Old Hall at. 
Fenwick buildimrs, Fenwick st. 
Fenwick street, Water street 
Femie street, Toxteth 
Field street, Birkenhead 
Field street, Everton 
Fitsdareooe atreet, Everton 
Fletcher street. Stanhope atreet 
Flint street, Brock street 
Foley street, Flirkdale 
Fontenoy street. Dale street 
Ford street, Yauxhall road 
Formby street, Great Howard it 
Foreat street, Qaushton 
Fortescue atreet, fteacofc street 
Fountain road, Kirkdale 
Fountain atreet^ Tranmeore 
^ Franoes atreet, Clarence street ' 



tnflt^ Howard itreeft 
■ftxvei, BrortoD 
laticei north 


IrMfc^ Birinnhnd 

breet west 

■iTCot west 

rxowy Great Howard st. 
fcivat, Tozteth park 
fc, York street 

BDtloiia north 
Bi, Pembroke pkoe 
icr plaoe^ Low uill 
Bireet, Great Homer it. 
treeft^ SalthooM dock 
11 atreet, Hanover street 
alveet, Glaughton 
lasoy Birkenhead 
Tale, Birkenhead 
i streaty Hurst street 
liaflotte St. Whitechapd 
IroaahaU st. Tithabam st. 
feorgs plaoe^ Gforge st. 
leorge square^ Pitt street 
feorge street^ Doke street 
toward street»01dHall rd. 
ft eraej street, Kirkdale 
fewton St. Pembroke pi. 
hford St. Mt Pleasant 
Uchmond st. Bo»e hill 
i chambers, 67, Dale st. 
.ane, Tranmere 
itreet, Ysuzhall road 
eya road, Frinoe*s park 
md street 

rood stieet, ETerton 
ftm stmt, Park lane 
a atreet, Brunswick road 
itreet^ Tozteth park 
He street south, Kent st. 
treet, Tozteth park 
lock street, Derby road 
Id street, Oxford street 
nor street, Bock Peny 
atreet, Seaforth 
f street, Xirkdale 
•d street, Everton road 
la Hey, Dale street 
atreet, Everton 
rton street. Park road 
xm square, Birkenhead 
4m street 

;on street, Birkenhead 
er street. Canning street 
■d street, Waterloo 
lan street, Bodnej street 
stiwtyGreat Oaorge street 
>od atreet 
d atreet 

gtre^ Preseot street 
SI et&ee^ Harfbone 

I Hart street, London road 
■ Hatton Garden, Dale street 
I Hawke street, Brownlow hill 
I Hawkshaw street, Townsend st. 

]^wkstone street, Toxteth pariL 

Uaylook steeet. Park road 

Heath street, Falkner street 

Hemington street, Birkenhead 

Henry street, Bootle 

Henry Edwsrd st. Standish st. 

Hay street 

Heyworth street 

Highfield street 

Highgate street, Paddington 

High Psrk street 

H(Klder street 

Hodson street, Grosshall street 

Holbom street 

Holden street. Parliament street 

Holdford chambers, 12, Lord st. 

Holland place, Kingslake street 

Holly street, Thorlow street 

Holly Bank road, Tranmere 

Holmes street 

Holt hill, Tranmere 

Holt lane, Tranmere 
Hood street, Whitechapel 
Hope buildings, Gastle street 
Hope chamb^ Leather lane 
Hope street, Birkenhead 
Hope street. Mount Pleasant 
Horatio street, Birkenhead 
Hotham street 

Houghton street, Williamson sq. 
Hou^praye street, Boondarr st. 
Howiurd street, Birkenhead 
Howe street. Great Homer street 
Houghton street 
Hunter street, Byrom street 
Hurst street, Mersey street 
Huskisson buildings, Lord street 
Huskisson street, Hope street 
Hygeia street, Derby road 
Isis street, Windsor 
Islington, Ghreat Crosby 
Islington square 
Ivy street, Birkenhead 
Ivy street. Bloom street 
Jackson chambers, Thomas street 
Jackson street, Birkenhead 
Jackeon street, Toxteth park 
Jamaica street. Brick street 
Jenner street, Toxteth park 
Jeryis street 

John street, Badcliffe street 
Johnson street, Bootle 
Johnston street. Dale street 
Jordan street, James street 
Kent square 
Kent street 
Kilshaw street 
King street, New Brighton 
King street, Egremont 
Kinglake street. Edge Hill 
Kirk street, Kirkdak 
Kirkdale road, Bootle 
Kitchen Btreet, St. Jamei'a street 

Knight street^ Berry street 
Lace street 
Lambeth road 

Lambert street^ London road 
Lancelots Hey 
Lancaster street, Walton 
Langham street^ Kirkdale 
Larch lea 

Lark lane, Toxteth park 
Layan street, Derby road 
Leeoe street 

Ledward street, Toxteth puk 
Leioeater street, Birkenhead 
Leison street 

Letitia street, Toxteth park 
Lime street 
Lincoln street, Bootle 
Linnet lane 

Liscard road, Seacombe 
Lissant street 
Liyer street, Park lane 
Liyiogstone street^ Bi rk en h ead 
Lloyd street, Eyerton 
Lodge lane, Smithdown 
London road 
LoDffyille street 

Lord Nelson street, London road 
Lorton street, Windsor 
Loyat street. Edge Hill 
Low Hill, Prescot street 
Lower Grafton street 
Lower Mersey yiew 
Lowther street 
Luke street 

Lune street, Beaoon lane 
Luther street 
Lutton street 
Lydia Ann street 
Lytton street 
Mackensie street, Eyerton 
Maguire street 
Msjor street 
Msnesty's lane 
Manor road. New Brighton 
Mansfield street, Ann street 
Marble street 
Margaret street, Eyerton 
Marcus street, Birkenhead 
Market street, Birkenhead 
Market street, Brythen street 
Marlborough street 
Marmaduke street. Edge lanot 
Marsden street, Liscard 
Marvhail stret- 1, Birkenhead 
Marine crescent, Waterloo 
Marine parade, Albert dock 
Marine terrace^ Waterloo 
Mary bone 

Maryland street, Bodney street- 
Mason street, Wodton 
Maynard street, Crown street 
M*Vioar stieet 
Meabum street 
Melbourne street 
Mellor's buildings. Exchange st. 
MelrofO street 
Melyille place, Birkfuhaad 
\ Me\iii\a %\Ara^B:\^ VaxYitav*. 



Meuciee stnet, Smith ffill rotd 

Mere lane 

Mertey Iftoe, JSork Ferry 

Mertey street, Birkenheed 

Mersey street, Seaoombe 

Merton road, Tramnere 

Middleton ohamb. 18. Dmry la. 

Middleton bidgs. 8, Water it. 

Miles street, Toxteth park 


Mill lane^ Tranmere 

MUl lane, Anfleld 

Mill road, Srerton 

Mill street 

MiUer street. Park Hill road 

Moore chambers, 87, Moorfidds 

Milton street, Marybone 

Mitylene street 

Moira street 

Mona street, Garston 

Monk*s Fernr brow, Birkenhead 

Montague street, Prescot street 

Monument place 

Moon street, Birkenhead 

Moor place 


Moorgate street 

Momington street, Oxton road 

Morton street 

Mo«8 street, London road 

Mount Pleasant 

Mount street, Bodney street 

Mount Yemon, Edge Hill 

Mount Yemon green 

Mount Yemon road 

Mount Yemon st. West Derby 

MoTille strret 

Mulberry street 

Municipal buildings, Dale street 

Murray street, Waterloo 

Myrtle street, Birkenhead 

Myrtle street, Hope street 

Napier street, Ererton 

If aylor street 

Nelson street, Birkenhead 

Nelson street, Duke street 

Neptune street, Biikenhead 

Netherfield road north 

Netherfield road south 

Netley street 

New Bird street 

New Hall stnet 

New Quay 

Newby street, Kirkdale 

Newlttids street, Ererton 

Newley street 

Northampton street 

North Crascent chamb. Lord st. 

North Dingle 

North Hill street, Toxteth park 

North Western Bank buildings. 

Dale street 
Norfolk street^ St. James's strset 
Norton street 
Northnmberiand terrtoe^ St. 

George> hill 
J9orthmi' bliamberB, 6 and 7, 

^ythcbrnm gtreet 


Norwood grore, Ererton 

Oakes street 

0((wen street 

Old road, Tranmere 

Old CAstle bldgs. Preeson's row 

Old Chester road, BirkenheMl 

Old Hall street 

Oldham street 

Olire street 

Olire street, Oxford street 

OliTer street, Birkenhttd 

Opie street, Great Homer street 

Oriel chambers, 14, Water street 

Oriel street 
•' Orroond street 

Orerbury street, Smithdown 

Orerton street 

Oxford chamber*, 71, Lord street 

Oxford street, Wellington street 

Paf^e street 
I Paisley street 
I Pall Mall 

j Parade, Waterloo dock 
; Paradise street 
i Parana buildings, Tithebarn st. 

Park Hill road 

Park latie 

Park street, Birkenhead 

Parkfield, Birkenhead 

Parkfield road 

Parker street, Church street 

Parliament place, Huskisson st. 

Parliament street 
Parr street, Litherland 
Paul street 
Peach street 
Peel street. Park road 
Pembroke gardens 
Pembroke place, London road 
Pembroke street 
Penrith street 

Percy street. Parliament street 
Perth street, Derby road 
Peter's lane. School lane 
Philadelphia chmb.Hackins Hey 
Phillips street, Yauxhall street 
Phcsnix chambers. Exchange st. 
Phythian street. Low Hill 
Pickop street 

Pilgrim street, Birkenhead 
Pilgrim street, Duke street 
Pine street. Myrtle street 
Pitt street. Bock Ferry 
Pitt street, Cleveland square 
Pleasant street, Seaoombe 
Plum be street 
Plumpton street^ BTerton 
Pluto street, Kirkdale 
PomonA street 
Pool road. New Brighton 
Pool street, Birkenhead 
Poplar road, Bock Ferry 
Portknd street. Bock Feny 
Portland plaoe^ Bootle 
Portland street, Yauxhall road 
Potter street 
Pownall square 
iPowaaU street 

Presoot street, London road 
Price street, Birkenhead 
Prinoe street, Birkenhead J 
Prince Edwin st. Gt. Hom< 
Prhioe William st. Toxteth 
Prince's Dock parade 
Prior? lane, Warertree 
Priory street, Birkenhead 
Priory street, ETerton 
Prospect street 

Pumpfields, Yauxhall road ^ 
Queen street. Old Hall stneC 
Queen street, Tranmere 
Queen Anne street, St. Ann 
Queen's buildings, Dale 
Queen's road, Eyerton 
I Queen's square 
I Queensland street. Edge Hill' 
. Kadcliffd street, Brunswick 
! Rake lane. Edge Hill 
I Rake lane. New Brighton 
I Rake lane, Liacard 
j Ranelagh p'ace 
; Kanelagh street, Bootle 
■ Rath bone place. Great George 
I Rathbone road. Old 8wan 
Rathbone street, Duke street 
Ray street. Pall Mall 
Reading street 

Red RJck street, Derby road 
Reed street 

Rendels street, Birkenhead 
Benshaw street 

Keserroir street ] 

Reynolds street, Ererton i 

Ribble street \ 

Rice lane. New Brighton \ 

Richmond bldgs. Chapel stieet i 
Richmond row j 

Richmond terrace ' 

Rigby buildings, Dale street 
! Rigby street 
Rishton street 
Roberts street, Birkenhead 
Robsart street. Great Homer m^ 
Rockery street 
RockTille street. Rock Ferry 
Rodney street. Mount Pleaaant 
Roe street 
Roscoe street 
Roscommon street 
Rose Brae, Birkenhead 
Rose hill 
Rose Tale 

Rothwell street, Bamea street 
Royal street 
Ruiford street 

Rumford place. Chapel strBet 
Rumford street. Water Uam 
Ruskin street, Kirkdale 
Russell place. Rock Feny 
Russell road. Rook Feny 
Russell street 
Rylands street 
SackTille street 
Salisbury street 
Salop street 
Sanoford strset, Birkenhasd 




Pop« ftreflt 
wrg street 
d place 
d road 

A road, New Brighton 
be street 

treet ' 


or street 

or street, Tranmere 

peare street 

m. street 

buildings, SomCh Jdhn st 



}ne street 


l^s road, Tranmere 
"oad, Birkenhead 
road, Tranfxiere 

street, BvkfBb6ad 

me street 




lown lano 

ield street 

en street ■ 


street ' 
rille street, Biikenhead 


Castle street 

Kill grore 


John street 

g street 

inds street 

r lane 

r street 



leld street 

on street 




1 street 

1 street, Birkenhead 

land street 

mingo grore 

cningo road 

mingo lane 

»i^ 8 hill 

lec'a place . 

aea't ro«d 

aea's street 

in'a lane 

rj'a gate, BiilMa|iead 

il'a roisd, JRork rerrr 

St. Paul's square 

St. Vincent street 

Stafford street 

Sfcancliib street 

Standish street 

Stanhope street 

Stanley road 

Star street. Bock Ferrj 
t Stewart street 
; Stirling street 
I Stitt straet 
I Stockdal^ street 

Strsnd street 

Suffolk street 

Sugnall street 

Summer street 

Sussex street 

Sydney place 

Tabley street 

Talbot street 

IWleton stjmet 

Tavistock street 

Tempest Hey 

Tetlow street 

Thames street 

Tbirlfall street 

Thomas street 

Thomas street^ Birkenhead 

Thornton plWbe 

Tintem street 

Tithebam street 

Torbnek street 

Torr street 

Toxteth street 

Trafalgar road, New Brighton 

Treat street 

Trinity street, Birkenhead 

Tronghton street 

Trowbridge street 

Troeman street 

Tonnvi road 

Tweed street 

Tyrer street 

nUet road 

Underhill street 

Union street 

Ifnion street, New Brighton 

Upper Bilker street 

Upper Beau street 

Upper Canning street 

Upper Duke street 

Upper Frederick street 

Upper Milk street 

Upper Parliament itreet 

Upper Pitt street 

Upper Pownall street 

Upper Stanhope street 

Uxbridge street 

Vauxhali road 

Yemon street 

yesuTias street 

Yictoria road, Seaoombe 

Victoria road, Waterloo 

Victoria street, Birkenhead 

Victoria street, North John st. 

Villars street 

Vine street, Birkenhead 
/ Viae street, Falkner street 

Wakefield steeet, Queen Anna st. 
Walker street 
Walker street, Tranmere 
Walnut street. Mount Pleasant 
Walton road, Kirkdale 
Walton Beok road 
Walton Park, Walton 
Walton street, Birkenhead 

War brock chmbrs. Hanover st. 
Warren street, Hawke street 
Warrington chmbrt. Castle st. 
Water street, Town Hall 
Waterloo, Bootle 
Waterloo place, Birkenhead 
Waterloo road, Bath street 
Watkinson st. St. James's st. 
Watmough street, Everton 
Watson street, Birkenhead 
Wavertree road 
Wavtitrtrce rale^ Wavertree 
Weightmah street 
Well lane, Tranmere 
Wellesley terrace, Prinee^s park 
Wt'lliugton pi. 'Wellington rd. 
Wellington road 
Wellington street, Rook Ferry 
Woeley ittree^ Birkenhead 
Wesley street, Waterloo 
West street. Low Hill 
West Derbv st. Pembroke place 
West Side, Queen's Dock 
Westbourne street, Brerton 
Westminster road, Claughton 
Westm(«rdand street 
Wheatland lane, Seacombe 
Wheatstone lane, Tranmere 
Whitby Htreet 
White street, Birkenhead 
White Bock street, Derbjlroad 
Whitefield lane, Everton 
Whitefield road 
Whitefield street 
Whitcford street, Whiteford rd. 
Wilbrehani street, Birkenhead 
William Brown street, Dale st. 
William Henry street, Bootle 
Williamson square 
Williamson street 
Willows, The, Bootle 
Willows, The, Krcrton 
Wilsou street, Birkenhead 
Wilton street 
Windsor street, Oxton 
Windsor view. Lodge lane 
Withen's lane, Ne<r Brighton 
Wolfe street, Toxteth park 
Wolstcnholme square 
Wood street, Birkenhead 
Wood strei't, Garston 
Wood street, Hanover street 
Woodville terrace, New Brighton 
Yanworth street 
York street, Derby road 
York street, Garston 
York street, Waterloo 
York tftTtac^ ^iSi 
\Zante *\t«»V,'&:\T^^ii^ft 

>- «. 



63 & 89. I1OH& 87HSS7, !iI¥S»P<)OI<. 

(iBIegsnct anb €tmm^. 

T A I L O E, 



Trousers, Breeches, and Habit Maker. 






■ ij 






















Abbot,Mr3. Alex. CO, Upper Parli amen tst. 

Abbot, Mr?. Mary, 98, CrePBwell Btrett 

Abbott, E. 13, Heloe street 

Abbutt, John, 17, Luther street 

Abbott, Porter John, 3, Olive street 

Abel, Jolin, 0, Boaler street 

Abe', Ro^-er, 48, Uibridge street 

Abel, T. 23, Faraday street 

AbeU, John, 247, Crown street 

Abtrtroznbie, George, 60, Huskisson st. 

Abercronibie, W. 25, Northumhcrlaiid st. ' Addison, Kobert, 20, Alma street 


Adams, William, 17. Elizabeth street 
A damson, Jcssio, R, M(>unt Vernon green 
Adamaun, J. T. 5 1-, Woodvilleter. Breck rd. 
Adamaon, U. 1, Sc. Ut)mingo «:;rove 
Adamson, Jiobcrf, 10, Canning street 
Adamson, W. 10, Hamilton road 
Adcock, Mrs. 1 10, Crown street 
AddeniP, N. 27, Adelaide street 
Addis, Mrs. 1(J2, Mount Pleasant 
Addis, Kich. 31, Park Hill road 

Able, Hugh, IG, Dodge street 
I Abraham, Mrs. 31, Falkuer street 
Abraham, Mrs. E. 74, Aughton street 
Abraham, R. 48, Grey Kock street 
Abraham, Nftricy, 31, Cottenham street 
j Abraham, Eichard, 84, Salop street 
f Abrahams, Albert, 40, Edinburgh street 
Abrahams, Anne, 12, Clayton utrcct 
Abrahams, David, 12, Bengel street 
Abrahams, EdwarH, 39, Overbury street 
Abrew, 2, C-Jvendish ter. Devonshire rd. 
AbtOD, S. 22, Jasmine street 
Ackerley, Mrs. L. 4(3, Norwood grove 
Ackcro,'j. 9G, Calder street 
Aebers, William, 30, llarbord street 
Acocks, Cluis. 43, Beloc street 
Acomb, Jame?, 3, Moon street 
Acton, Samuel, 50, Mitylene street 
Adair, A. 68, Melbourne street 
Adam,Mr8. Eliz. 250, Upper Parliaments t. 
Adam, Mrs. Wm. 103, Up. Tarliament st. 
Adams, David, 108, Landseer road 
Adams, Geo. 132, Grc^rson street 
Adamii, J. D. 10, Tweed street 
Adams, James, 22, Blair street 
Adams, Joseph, 30, Berwick street 
Adams, Joseph, IS, lloscommon street 
Adams, — , 150, Kose vale 
Adams, Mrs. Mary, 61, Ttiomaston street 
Adams S. 52, 8mithdowD Lane 
Adams, T. E. 1, Chatham place 
Adams, ITiomw, 4:0, Hughes street 
Adams, Thomas, 1, Alma street 
Adams, W. 74, Aber street 

Addison, Thomas, 10, Hughes street 
Addison, W. 100, Stanley road 
Adea, Elizabeth li. isO, Islington 
Adelstone, Philip, (», Lovat street 
Adlesburgh, Jno. Ci^as. 4, Kemblo street 
Adlington, F. 12, Canton street 
Adwen, G. 1 18, Queen's road 
Ad win, Capt. Jas. 51, Tennyson" street 
Aiileck, Martha, (51, Bambcr street 
Aillcck, ^larv. 31, Wesley street 
Agacio, Abtonio, S5, Crown street 
Agar, Margaret, 44, Conyers street 
Agnew, J. 7(5, Queen's ruad 
Aguateino, B. A. 173, Up. Parliament st. 
Ahlboru, Lewis, 17, Kensington 
Aikou, Jamet!,4,Ciainl)it^rter.Up.Duke8t. 
Aikin, X. 26, Howard street 
A in do w Edward, 31, Currie street 
Aines, R. J. 134, Upper Frederick street 
Ainsworlh, Henry, 47, Xewlands street 
Ainsworth, \V. 61, Orient street 
Ainsworth, AV'illiam, IS, Cropper street 
Aird, Henry, 11, Benson .«treet 
Airt\v, Joiin, 16, Churchill street 
Ain^y, X. 28, Bed Bock street 
Airey, Hicli. 173, Vine street 
Airey, Tho.iias, 31-, Bydal street 
Airey, AV'illiani, 30, Lloyd street 
Aitchcrson, Thomas, 33, Smith street 
Aitken, William S. 31, Latham street 
Aitkin, William, 50, Anderson street 
Aked, Mrs. 1, Shaw street 
Akin, Mrs. 215, Athol street 
Akin, Thomas, 21, Duncan street 

21 n 




Akriggs, John, 55, Whitefield street 
Alanson, Miss, 2, Sherlock street 
Alcock, H. 29, White Eock street 
Alcherley, Dr. 22, St. James's road 
Alderkin, Edw. 35, Newhall street 
Alderson, John, 353, Mill street 
Alderson, William, 15, Thomaston street 
Aldraide, Charles, 71, Everton terrace 
Aldroft, John, 44, Whitefield street 
Alexander, Charles, 47, Prospect street 
Alexander, Charles, 20, Warren street 
Alexander, C. 26, Gildart street 
Alexander, D. 52, Hunt street 
Alexander, J. 23, Aigberth street 
Alexander, J. Hamilton road 
Alexander, Kelick, 5, Mt. Yemen green 
Alexander, E. 4, Devonshire road 
Alexander, E. 85, Hill street 
Alexander, Thomas, 21, Aughton street 
Alexander, Thomas, 40, Gt. Mersey st. 
Alexander, William, 18, Gloucester place 
Alexander, William, 26, Upper Beau st. 
Alexander, W. 39, Smith street 
Alexandra, William, 4, Mt. Vernon green 
Alexandra Hotel, 6, Batchelor street 
Alfin, W. H. 11, Byford street 
Alitphers, E. 184, Up. Frederick street 
Alkinson, Jane, 14, Duncan street 
Allan, Johu, 33, Premier street 
Allan, Mary, 43, Confers street 
Allan, Thomas, 15, Eishton street 
Allan, William, 73, Tetlow street 
Allan, W. 18, Kilshaw street * 
Allason, William, 107, Gregson street 
Allcock, E. 103, Salisbury street 
AUcock, E. A. 42, Stanley road 
AUcocks, George, 37, Dodge street 
AUdis, E. 110, Boundary lane 
AUdred, Charles, 71, Everton terrace 
Alldred, D. A. 51, Tweed street 
Allen, David, 35, Wesley street 
Allen, Edward, 86, Tetlow street 
Allen, George, 39, Sherdley street 
Allen, George, 24, Carter street 
Allen, J. 31, Plumpton street 
Allen, J. 10, Hunt street 
Allen, WilUam, 63, Whitefield rd. 
Allen, James, 9, Ivy street. 
Allen, Joseph, 313, Crown street 
Allen, John, 18, Kerford street 
Allen, John^ 30, Eemble street 
Allen, Mary, 172, Mount Pleasant 
Allen, Mary, 175, Beaufort street 
Allen, T. P., 62, Eldon place 
Alien, Thomas, 3, Great George^s place 


Allen, Thomas, 29, Wesley street 
Allen, Thomas, 16, Upper Parliament st. 
Allen, W. 94, Bedford street 
Allen, William, 25a, Queensland street 
Allenby, C. 22, Hunt street 
Allender, J. H. 29, Belmont road 
Allender, William, 71, Canning street 
Allers, Henry, 56, Newhall street 
Alleyne, Mrs. 229, Upper Parliament st. 
Allison, J. E. 41, Bevington hill 
Allingham, James, 99, Heyworth street 
Allison, Mrs. Margaret, 9, Hope place 
Allison, Thomas, 62, Prescot street 
Allit, Mrs. E. 11, Queen's road 
AUitson, H. C. 36, Alfred street 
AUom, William, 59, Lowyer street 
Allott, Thomas, 14^!, Falkner street 
Allsop, George, 60, Conway street 
Allsop, 15, Mount Pleasant 
Allsop, M. 61, Queen's road 
Allsop, Eichard, 43, Upper Hope place 
AUtree, John, 33, Kinglake street 
Allwood, William, 26, Sidney street 
Almon, Thomas, 20, Gildart street 
Almond, J. 70, Woodville ter. Breck td. 
Almond, John, 2, Sir Howard street 
Almond, John, 70, Woodville ter. Everton 
Almond, Peter, 68, Alma street 
Almond, Eev. Thos. 12, St. Paul's square 
Alrich, D. 42, Newland's street 
Alsop, James, 72, Kinglake street 
Alsop, Michael, 84, Hughes street 
Alsope, Eliza, 136, Smithdown lane 
Alum, A. 66, Aber street 
Amas, John, 14, Lovat street 
Ambler, John, 14, Blackfield street 
Ambler, Samuel, Spencer street 
Ambler, Thomas, 10, Church lane 
Ambrose, Andrew, 11, Little Woolton st 
Ambrose, John, 3, Northumberland ter. 
Ames, William H. D. 4, Chester street 
Amselen, S. 177, Vine street 
Ancock, Miss H. 79, Grove street 
Anders, Ann, 37, Eoscommon street 
Anders, Jane, 149, Eose vale 
Anderson, A. B. 4, Croxteth road 
Anderson, A. C. 16, Grove park 
Anderson, Alexander, 23, Conyers street 
Anderson, Charles, 4, Poplar street 
Anderson, C. 80, Northumberland ter. 
Anderson, David, 48, Eldon place 
Anderson, Duckett, 2, Mason street 
Anderson, Edward, 12, Poplar street 
Anderson, George, 14a., Devonshire place 
Anderson, Hannah, 38, Prospect street 



, J. 49, Brownlow street 
, JanieB, 54, Kensington 
, John, 15, Eock street 
, John, 27, Great Nelson street 
, John, 162, Cliatham street 
, Joseph (M.D). 9, Oxford street 
, M. 35, Greenland street 
, M. 81, Kelshaw street 
, Mary Ann, 7, Nile street 
, Mrs. 44, Everton Brow 
, Mrs. Maiy, 8, Mason street 
, Eobert, Holt House, Holt 
lower Tranmere 
, T. 4, Jasmine street 
, T. 37, Bowring street 
, T, 25, Bed Eock street 
, T, 3, Falkner street 
, T. D. 9, Dingle lane 
I, Thos. 265, Upper Parliament st. 
I, William, 11, Ulswater street 
I, W. 50, Mount Pleasant 
, W. 18, Farnworth street 
^ William, 27, Sykes street 
, William, 98, Berkley street 
^ B. 17, Clarence grove 
., George, 52, St. George's Hill 
, J. 4, Gloucester place 
., T. 6, Letitia street 
I, William, 93, Hamilton road 
J. 55, Faraday street 
James, 77, Eed Eock street 
James, 40, Grerard street 
Mrs. 50, Boundary lane 
Elizabeth, 24, Dickenson st. 
Eran, 49, Upper Hope place 
H. 248, Netherfield road, N. 
J. 63, Hill street 
James, 11, Harewood street 
Mrs. 169, Beaufort street 
Mrs-S. 34,The Willows,Breckrd. 
B, 27, Bake lane 
Thomas, 28, Brenton street 
W. 132, Bedford street 
William, 102, Grove street 
AVilliam, 30, Bridgewater st. 
William, 16, Smith street 
liomas, 52, Haliburton street 
h, Greorge 103, Copperas hill 
Ifred, 129' Upper Beau street 
S. 337, Upper Parliament street 
llizabeth, 12, Bussell place 
», William, 58, Salisbury street 
Jenry, 15, Minshull street 
Bobert, 58, Walnut street 
a 44, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 

Antrobus, Susan, 46, Silvester street 
Applebie, William, 11, Poplar street 
Applen, J. 26, Lavan street 
Appleton, Charles, jun. 8, Cottenham st. 
Appleton, G. H. 39, Collins street 
Appleton, John, 228, Park road 
Appleton, John, 51, Cottenham street 
Appleton, J. 78, Northumberland street 
Appleton, James, 23, Mackenzie street 
Appleton, Mayaut,30i, Netherfield rd. N. 
Appleton, Mrs. 16, Blackburn place 
Appleton, Margaret, 71, Field street 
Appleyard, Thomas, 7, Tetlow street 
Appliegarths, E. 88, Gregson street 
Archer, John, 5, Olive street 
Archer, John, 113, Gregson street 
Archer, M. 118, Hamilton road, Evertou 
Archer, Eichard, 3, Blake street 
Archer, Sarah, 117, Latham street 
Archibald, S. G. 61, York terrace 
Areas, Sinclair, 38, Windsor street 
Arden, John, 50, Moon street 
Arden, William, 57, Pleasant street 
Ardran, — , 84, Tweed street 
Ardran, Mrs. Ann, 43, Aubrey street 
Arlow, John, 170, Mill road 
Armatage, E. 16, Fowler street 
Armitage H. M. 93, Boundary lane 
Armer, Eobert, 13, Latham street 
Armor, Matthew, 26, Tennyson street 
Armour, Alex. 28, Berkley street 
Armour, James, 50, Berkley street 
Armour, Eobert, 8, Canning street 
Armour, Mrs. 8, Canning street 
Armstead, A. 2, Northumberland street 
Armstead, William, 72, Gt. Newton st. 
Armstein, A. 16, Byford street 
Armstrong, G. 14, Sefton square 
Armstrong, Daniel, 57, Harewood street 
Armstrong, J. B. 1, St. Bride's street 
Armstrong, J. 29, Stanhope street 
Armstrong, J. 15, Alexandra drive 
Armstrong, John, 44, Kinglake street 
Armstrong, John, 40, Field street 
Armstrong, John, 47, Bengel street 
Armstrong, John, 34, Wynne street 
Armstrong, Joseph, 90, Queensland st. 
Armstrong, L. 47, Peel street 
Armstrong, Lewis, 2, Huskisson street 
Armstrong, Maria, 103, Spencer street 
Armstrong, Mary, 135, Beaufort street 
Armstrong, Miss, 37, Falkner street 
Armstrong, — , lll,liWii^^x to^ 
Armstrong, ]Ro\)eTt, S^^^T^sdfcSid^^T^*^ 
Armstrong, ■B.o\)ett, ^^'Bi^ft^^ ^\x^x. 





Armstrong, Robert, 36, Warren street 
Armstrong, Thomas, 6, Blackbourne st. 
Armstrong, Thomas, 24, Hope place 
Armstrong, Sir W. G-. & Co. Elswick 

Works, Newcastle on Tyne. — G. V. 

Rowe, 17a, South Castle street 
Armstrong, — , 60, Upper Stanhope street 
Amett, W. F. Insurance Agent, Enfield 

pi. Auglitonrd. Birkdale, Southport 
Arnold, J. 96, Boundary lane 
Arnold, James, 56, Luther street 
Arnolds, Frederick, 73, Bamber street 
Amott, John, 120, Spencer street 
Aronsborough, "NVm. (j(j, Falkner street 
Arrop, H. 63 Phythian street 
Arrowsmith, J. 20, Crete street 
Arrowsmith, Mrs. Mary, 22, High Park st. 
Arrowsmith, Thomai* 59, Moville street 
Arsurll, William, 124, Upper Beau st. 
Artcher, Thomas, 63, Windsor street 
Arthur, Duncan, 63, Kensington 
Arthur, Miss Maria, 33, Egerton street 
Ash, Fanny, 28, Gildart street 
Ash, William, 12, Aubrey street 
Ashberry, Joseph, 55, Vnie street 
Ashbridge, T. 30, Aberdeen street 
Ashbruke, J. 118, Hamilton road 
Ashbumer, Mies, 1G2, Park road 
Ashbury, John, 56, (jrasmerc street 
Ashbury, T. 54, Windermere et. Breck rd. 
Ashby, 'i'homas, 1, North view 
Ashcough, W. 19, Faraday street 
Ashcroft, Edward, 125, Gregson street 
Ashcroft, H. 56, Ivelshaw street 
Ashcroft, Henry, 239, Crown street 
Ashcroft, James, 85, Wellington road 
Ashcroft, James, 75, Upper Beau street 
Ashcroft, James, 6, Conway street 
Ashcroft, Mary, 27, Grove street 
Ashcroft, Mary Ann, 14, Percy street 
Ashcroft, Mary Ann, 17, Manfred street 
Ashcroft, Miss Mary, 68, Ruspell street 
Ashcroft, Mrs. Elizabeth, 47, St. Domingo 

grove, Everton 
Ashcroft, W. 137, Canning street 
Ashcroft, W. 33, Kepler street 
Ashcroft, Wm. 27, Albicn street 
Ashcroft, Wm. 58, Queensland street 
Ashe, James, 1, Underhill street 
Ashe, Wm. H. 2, Beech terrace, Beech st. 
Ashley, John, 35, Daulhv street 
Ashley, Wm. 8, Kadclifte street 
Ashlin, Mrs. M* 93, Chatsworth street 
^sAmall, A. 25, OrccnJand street 
^ifjaan^ Mrs. C. 54, Orient atreet 


Ashmead, S. A. 61, Vine street 
Ashmore, Frederick. 107, Everton terrace 
Ashmore, Henry, 42, Thirlmere road 
Ashort, Edward, 33, Sackville street 
Ashton, G. 55, Anderson street 
Ashton, Henry, 72, Toxteth street 
Ashton, James, 188, Netherfieldrd, north 
Ashton, J. IJ. 9, Smith street 
Ashton, Mrs. Mary, ^^ Bute street 
Ashton, P. 1, Belmont road 
Ashurst, Jane, 5, Exmouth street 
Ashworth, A. 33, The Elms, Park road 
Ashworth, — , 11, Kinglake street 
Ashworth, John, 12, Baffles street 
Askeaton, Tliomas, 10, Mackenzie street 
Askew, John, 43, JEvertou village 
Askew, John, 106, Beacon lane 
Askew, Mrs. S. 8, Beikley street 
Askew, P. 82, Northumberland street 
Askew, Tliomas, 82, Aber street 
Askew, Wm. 10, Poplar Grove, The 

Askwith, Thomas, 45, Windsor street 
Aslet, William, 107, Bamber street 
Aspenwall, Wm. Rice lane 
Aspinal, C. 10, Kilshaw street' 
A spinal, M. 4, Tetlow street 
Aspinall, John, 36, Hardwick street 
Aspinall, Joseph, 37, Egerton street 
Aspinall, INfargaret, 94, Salop street 
Aspinall, Miss, 58, Everton road 
Aspinall, Miss H., 203, Nctherfield rd. N 
Aspinall, Mrs. Mary, 47, Combermere Bt. 
Aspinall, Mrs. M. A. 108, Canning street 
Aspull, J. 157, Breckfield road north 
Assembly Booms, Islington 
Astbury, Daniel, 49, AVesley street 
Astbury, Joshua, 45, Bloom street 
Astlett, Mrs. A, 66, Carter street 
Aston, Wm. 66, Harewood street 
Atcherley, Samuel, 71, Berkley street 
" AtheniEum," Brunei street 
Ather, George, 39, Cardwell street 
Atherden, Frances, 78, Edinburgh street 
Atherton, C. lOil, Warwick street 
Atherton, F. 63, Kinglake street 
Atherton, G. h^, Buhver street 
Atherton, J. 33, The Willows, Breck rd. 
Atherton, John, 41, Kensington 
Atherton, J. 8, Windsor street 
Atherton, M. 8, liupert lane 
Atherton, 53, Gregson street 
Atherton, J^frs. E. 110, Thirlmere road 
Atherton, Ml^s HarneU, 4, Windsor at, 
Atherton, B,ichaT<J, 50, lAo^^ «\.t««^^ 



on, S. 33, Ashton street 
:on, Thomas, 115, Field street 
ton, Thomas, 86, Toxteth street 
ton, "Wm. 84, lluskisson street 
ton, Wm. 47, St. George's Hill 
ton, Wm. 37, Gloucester place 
, Susannah, 276, Crown street 
, John, 67, Canning street 
. John, 15, Falkner square 
, Peter, 11, Oxford street 
Mrs. S. 276, Crown street 
>, J. 1), Lavan street 
son, A. 87, AVellington road 
son, A. 136, Salisbury st. Islington 
jou, Betsy, 19, Bamber street 
jon, t'dward, liO, Gregson street 
5on, Henry, 8, Kepler street 
jon, Henry, 102, Breck road 
jon, John, 30, Sterling street 
ion, John, 9, Mount street 
K)n, John, 42, Luther street 
ion, Julia, 61, Seele street 
ion, Laxcn, 15, Wynne street 
ion, M. 104, Harlow street 
ion, Mary, 34, Duncan street 
ion, Mary, 30, Kelshaw street 
ion, Mrs. 100, Mount Pleasant 
ion, K 22, Binney street 
lon, Stephen, 58, Chester street 
on, Thomas, 20, Upper Hill street 
on, Thomas, 137, Wellington road 
on, Thomas, 4, Sherdley street 
on, AV^m. 80, Park street 
on, W. 5, Suffolk street 
on, W. 1, Moria street 
on, William, 129, Falkner street 
on, Wm. 7, Upper Duke street 
on, Wm. 48, Walton road 
', William, 25, The Elms, Peel st. 
y, George, 15, Berkley street 
»y, William, 17, Berkley street 
J. 28, Albion street 
larriet, 3, Benson street 
lier, David, 14, Chesnut street 
lier, Maria, 14, Chesnut street 
jr, Mark, II, Shaw street 
, Elizabeth, The Willows, 56, 
iter street 

, Elizabeth, 48, Great Newton st. 
, Frederick, 5, Lonsdale street 
, John, 24, Bamber street 
, Bichard Percival, 80, Aubrey sr. 
, Thomas, 50, Smithdown Jane 
, TboDias', 44, Bodney afreet 
^horge, 0, UuakisBon Btreet 

Avery, Mrs. 27, Luther street 
Avidson, James, 51, Oakfield road 
Avis, William, 117, Grafton street 
Ayers, E. 6. 14,Everton village 
Ayers, G. 0, Albion street 
Aykroyd, J. 52, Beloe street 
Ayrdon, Francis, 18, Norwood grove 
Ayre,. E. 43, Almond street 
Ayre, John, 6, Stananought street 

Backhouse, L. G, Troughtou st. Edge Hill 
Backhouse, J. 45, Alt street 
Backhouse, Thos. 68, Tetlow street 
Backhouse, Bichard, 1, Whitaker street 
Bacon, Miss, 103, Crown street 
Bacon, S. S. 37, Edge lane 
Baddeley, W. 77, Upper Hill street 
Badger, Miles, 11, Botanic view, Smith- 
down lane 
Bagan, Laurence, 7, Queensland street 
Bagdock, W. B. 122, Eicld street 
Baggs, W. 9, Dickenson street 
Baguall, Henry, 16, Phcube-Ann street 
Bagnall, J. 76, Hill street 
Bagot, Wm. 116, Boundary lane 
Bagshaw, Wm. 201, Up. Parliament st. 
Bahams, — , 5, Bengel street 
Bailey, Jas. 15, Upper Stanhope street 
Bailey, Jas. 8, Chesnut street 
Bailey, J. 12, Dunkeld street 
Bailey, J. 19, Aber street 
Bailey, J. 47, Aughton street 
Bailey, John, 23, Bowring street 
Bailey, John, 101, Gregson street 
Bailey, J. W. 13, Hutchinson street 
Bailey, John, 36, Toxteth street 
Bailey, John, 68, Ulswater street 
Bailey, Mrs. L. 25, Netherfield rd. north 
Bailey, Mrs. Ellen, 52, Hardwick street 
Bailey, B. B. 29, Seymour street 
Bailey, Bichard, 13, Elizabeth street 
Bailey, Bichard, 84, South street 
Bailey, Thomas, 7, Tennyson street 
Bailey, Wm. 64, Ever ton Brow 
Baillie, William, 24, Up. Parliament st. 
Baillie, Bobert, 51, South Chester street 
Bainbridge, John, 23, Canton street 
Baines, Chas. 25, Whitefield street 
Baines, Edward, 65, Field street 
Baines, Jas. UUet road 
Baines, Jas. 49, Upper Stanhope street 
Baird, Adam, 2, Blackburn ter. Black- 
bum place 
Baird, A. E. 44, VIe^\.T^eit\>i ^X^t^t^. 
Baird, A. H. 9,liOT3Lli^\%oii ^\.t^^ 





Baird, Ophelia, 1, Great George square 
Baird, Thomas, 51, Boundary place 
Baird, Wm. 79, Shaw street 
Baker, Alfred, 74, Chatham street 
Baker, Charles, 60, "Wesley street 
Baker, Chas. 67, Beaumont street 
Baker, Charles, 94, Burleigh st. south • 
Baker, Clement Andrew, 1, Olive street 
Baker, Daniel, 17, Langham street - ' 
Baker, Dr. 132, Duke street 
Baker, Henry, 63, Luther street 
Baker, J. S. 4i3, Huskisson street 
Baker, John, 37, Gregson street 
Baker, Eev. Jno. Giy Vine street 
Baker, T. J. 12, Wesley street 
Baker, William, 3, Eishton street 
Baker, Wm. O. 96, Hughes street 
Baker, W. 273, Scotland road 
Baker, Elizabeth, 34, Spellow lane 
Baker, Mrs. M. 77, Grey Eock street 
Baker, Mrs. Ann, 3, Cresswell street 
Baker, Mrs. Jane, 67, Chatham street 
Baker, Mrs. 62, Ealkner street 
Baker, Mrs. S. 83, Cresswell street 
Baker, Eobt. 72, Conyers street 
Baker, Thomas, 10, Hope place 
Balby, Mrs. P. 32, Bedford street 
Baldwin, Chas. 88, Bamber street 
Baldwin, C. 25, Hutchinson street 
Baldwin, Joseph, 120, Islington 
Baldwin, Wm. 52,Troughton st.EdgeHill 
Balfour, William, 80, Salop street 
Bab'gnac, Marquis de, 67, JBedford street 
Balis, G^o. 70, Eose vale 
Ball, H. 52, Laxey street 
Ball, J. 3, Clare street 
Ball, John, 46, Eoscommon street 
Ball, John, 9, Norwood grove 
Ball, P. 50, Erskine street 
Ball, Peter, 22, Hope street 
Ball, Eichard, 129, Athol street 
Ball, Robert, 6, Alma street 
Ball, S. 23, Anderson street 
Ball, Thos. 10, Byford street 
BaU, W. E 131, Grey Eock street 
Ball, William, 131, Upper Parliament st. 
Ballantine, Mathew, 41, Clarence grove 
Ballard, A. 21, Bedford street 
Ballerd, Ed. 49, Wilson street 
Balme, Mrs. Jane, 22, South street 
Balmer, Ann, 10, Galton street 
Balmer, Miss Mary, 3, St. Mary^s lane 
Balmer, E. 118, Kilshaw street 

-BaJmer, John, 22, Boee vale 
S^mer, Tbos. 2, Berkley street 


Balshaw, Joseph, 8, Manfred street 
Barnard, Wm. 80, White Eock street 
Bamber, P. 6, TJxbridge street 
Bamber, Mrs. 65, Langham street 
Bamber, Miss Jane, 16, Chester street 
Bamber, William, 148, Salisbury street 
Bambridge, J. 23, Canton street 
Bamford, Henry, 19, Plumpton st. Everton 
Banbury, J. 39, Caryl street 
Bancroft, J. 107, Stanhope street [road 
Bancroft, Mrs.B. 27,Woodvilleter. Breck 
Banes, Mary E. 14a, Catharine street 
Bankes, P. 43, Baker street 
Banks, Edward, 49, Mill ro id 
Banks, H. 11, Schomberg street 
Banks, J. 30, The Willows, Breck road 
Banks, J. 99, Chatsworth street 
Banks, John, 89, Eoso vale 
Banks, John, 92, Eoso vale 
Banks, Jonathan, 8, Key street 
Banks, E. 21, Queen's road 
Banks, E. H. 30, Sparling street 
Banks, Thos. 170, Bedford street 
Bannatyne, Mrs. Jas. 15, Upper Parlia« 

ment street 
Banner, Ellen, 6, Mount Vernon street 
Banner, John, 34, Pield street 
Banner, IMiss S. Ill, Canuing street 
Banning, J. 17, Newstead road 
Banning, P. 8, Upper Hill street 
Bannister, C. W. 76, Chatham street 
Banspn, Ealph, 91, Thirlmcre road 
Bantam, James, 14, Marybone 
Barbar, F. 15, Norwood grove 
Barbary, James, 158, Mount Pleasant 
Barber, John, 77, Latham street 
Barber, P. 18, Collins street 
Barber, E. S. L. 85, Chatsworth street 
Barber, Eobort, 13, Clarence grove 
Barbour, — , 17, Eose vale 
Barbour, Samuel, 52, PopLir street 
Bardworth, Edward, 9, Gt. Nelson st. 
Barfoot, John, 2, Sugnall street 
Barge, J. 93, Hill street 
Bark, George, 26a, Sackville street 
Bark, Henry, 80, Breck road 
Barker, Charles, 12, Montpelier terrace^ 

Upper Parliament street 
Barker, Chas. Fredck. 19, Erskine street 
Barker, E. 27, Kepler street 
Barker, E. 27, Ashton street 
Barker, Elizabeth, 79 Canning street 
Barker, G. B. 15, NetherReld road north 
Barker, G. 45, Park street 
Barker, Mrs. H. 50,^\iv^^^e\^\s«is 




Barker, Jolm, 85, Egerton street 
Barker, Jobn, 17, Vernon street 
Barker, J. 8, Leonora street, Park road 
Barker, John, 42, Harbord street 
Barker, L. C. Crosbie street 
Barker, William, 32, Langbam street 
Barker, William, 48, Berkley street 
Barker, William, 21, Clarence grove 
Barklejfi Jobn, 23, Latbam street 
Barklej, Eobert, 44, Upper Bean street 
Barlmer, Thomas, 154, Bedford street 
Barlow, J. 27, Cobden street 
Bariow, James, 3, Alfred street 
Barlow, John, 29, Phjthian street 
Barlow, John, 24, Moon street 
Barlow, John, 10, Adelaide street 
Barlow, Louisa, 9, Norton street 
Barlow, Timotbj, 9, Harewood street 
Barlow, Mrs. T. 110, Wellington road 
Barnard, Mrs. Elizth. 81, Crown street 
Barnes, A. M. 70, Conway street 
Barnes, Elizabeth, 80, Edinburgh street 
Barnes, R 36, Collins street 
Barnes, Elizabeth, 86, Breck road 
Barnes, Edward, 86, Breok road 
Barnes, Geo. 42, Troughton street 
Barnes, James, 81, Mount street 
Barnefl, James, 76, Langbam street 
Barnes, John, 70, Cleveland street 
Barnes, John George, 41, Wynne street 
Barnes, John, 12, Seldon street 
Barnes, J. H. 34, Upper Stanhope street 
Barnes, John, 24, Eldon place 
Barnes, Miss Alice, 39, White Book st. 
Barnes, Mrs. Ann, 6, Byford street 
Barnes, Bobert, 57, Cleveland street 
Barnes, Thomas, 14, Tunnel road 
Barnes, William, 25, Harbord street 
Barnes, Elizabeth, 384, Great Howard st. 
Barnes, Mrs. E. 42, Thomaston street 
Bamett, Mrs. Amelia, 81, Vine street 
Bamett, E. 18, Ogwen street 
Bamett, Mrs. Mary Ann, 61, Hunter st. 
Bamley, John, 9, Tetson street 
Bamot, Frederick, 21, Washington st. 
Bamum, William, 82, Smithdown lane 
Baron, Edward, 117, Field street 
Baron, S. M. 62, Salisbury street 
Baronet, John, 87, Latham street 
Barr, George, 163, Falkner street 
Barr, James, 56, Langbam street 
Barr, Mrs. S. 21, Bed Bock street 
Barragau, John, 25, Dodge street 
Bam^ Albert, 25, Kinglake street 
Bamtt, John, 66, Croabie street 

Barrett, Francis, 68, Eldon place 
Barrett, Jno. 14, Newby ter. Belmont rd, 
Barrett, W. F. 24, Admiral street 
Barrett, John, 45, Conway street 
Barrett, B. 44, Salisbury street 
Barrett, W. Scott, 122, St. Domingo vale 
Barrett, William, 29 & 31, Torr street 
Barrie, Helena, 136, Vine street 
Barrington, Anthony, 35, Huskisson st. 
Barrington, P. 14, Aberdeen street 
Barron, Ann, 66, Grove street 
Barron, C. 26, Bichmond ter. Breck rd. 
Barron, E. 117, Field street 
Barrow, E. 19, Elizabeth street 
Barrow, J. 89, Beaumout street 
Barrow, James, 23, Brownlow street 
Barrow, John, 6, Walton Breck road 
Barrow, Joseph, 2, Lovat street 
Barrow, J. 72, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Barrow, Miss Eachel, 142, Stanley road 
Barrow, Mrs. Margaret, 22, Percy street 
Barrow, Eogers, 55, Huskisson street 
Barrow, T. 10, Anderson street 
Barrow, Thomas, 111, Gregson street 
Barrow, Thomas, 63, Kilshaw street 
Barrow, William, 1, Torr street, Everton 
Barrow, William, 64, Crown street 
Barrow, W. 91, Whitefield road 
Barry, Capt. G. 34, Hamilton rd. Everton 
Barry, E. 62, Everton Brow 
Barry, D. M. 30, PhoBbe-Ann street 
Barry, G. 16, Beloe street 
Barry, James, 29, Cardwell street 
Barry, John, 5, Walnut street 
Barry, Joseph, 93, Upper Stanhope street 
Barry, John, 30, Breck road 
Barry John, 24, Hardwick street 
Barry, John, 31, Kilshaw street 
Barry, M. C. 115, Bedford street 
Barry, John, 181, Grove street 
Barshaw, J. 114, Boundary lane 
Bartholomew, James, 49, Parr street 
Bartlett, Ann, 195, Athol street 
Bartlett, John, 108, Netherfield road, N. 
Bartlett, Mary, 6, Pembroke place 
Bartlett, William, 39, Canning street 
Bartley, M. 41, Gregson street 
Bartley, Thomas, 12, Butland street 
Bartman, Ann, 34a, Parr street 
Barton, (^ooper, 15, Tetlow street 
Barton, E. 10, Coniston st. Breck rd. 
Barton, T. 26, Tweed street 
Barton, George, 210, We»tD«c\i^ 'tQ^ 
Barton, Jamea, 5H, k«Sk«i^T ^\.t^^^ 
Barton, J. 25, C\i^tR^ot\Xi ^JCcfteN* 




Barton, J. 13, Culder street 

Barton, Margaret, 2, Brougham terrace, 

"Weat Derby road 
Barton, Miss Lizzie, 87, White liock st. 
Barton, Mrs. 54, Kinglake street 
Barton, B. 43, Crete street 
Barton, T. 13, Brownlow street 
Barton, William, 46, St. James's place 
Barton, — , 78, Breckfiold road north 
Barwis, Henry, 30, Calder street 
Barwise, M. 52, Salisbury street 
Barwise, William, (59, Queen's road 
Barwise, Michael, 52, Salisbury street 
Base, G. C. 43, Cardwell street 
Basford, Q-. 39, Gloucester place 
Basin, William, 27, Kishton street 
Baskerville, — , 38, Beaumont street 
Baskett, Joseph, 40, Tetlow street 
Bastard, Alicia, 29, Stafford street 
Bate, James, 44, Grey street 
Bate, Thomas, 5, Violet street 
Bateman, Jane, 40, Grey street 
Bateman, William, 5, Berkley street 
Bates, John, 16, Everton valley 
Bates, John, 42, Beloe street 
Bates, Margaret, 15, Luther street 
Bates, Mary, 1, Hawke street 
Bates, Miss, 70, Eodney street 
BateSy Mrs. Ann, 32, Combermere street 
Bates, Thomas, 7, Troughton street 
Bates, Thomas, 33, Seldon street 
Bates, Wm, 23, Seiont terrace 
Bateson, James, 34, Mason street 
Bateson, James, 4, Canning street 
Bathy Charles, 37, Arnold street 
Bath, Henry, 106, Berkley street 
Bath, Stephen, 99, Northumberland ten 
Bath, William, 62, Berkley street 
Batha, J. 7, Compton street 
Bather, S. 67, Menzies street 
Bathgate, Andrew, 4, Percy street 
Bathgate, Archibald, 164, Falkner street 
Bathgate, W. 15, Bed Bock street 
Battarbee, George, 2, Great Mersey st. 
Batten, C. 17, Upper Warwick street 
Battersby, Henry, 3, Epworth street 
Battersby, Jas. 59, Beloe street 
Batteraby, B. 43, Gloucester place 
Battey, John, 15, Moore place 
Battie, A. W. 30, South street 
Battle, Martin, 11, Crosbie street 
Battley, Jas. 19, Lodge lane 
Battley, Jas. 32, Lodge lane 
Batty, Joseph, 217, Beaufort street 
Batty, Mrs. Julia, 32, Bedford street 


Batty, Bobt. 2 i, Barnes street 
Batty, S. 26, Upper Park street 
Baugh, Bev. H. 68, Low Hill 
Baxter, J. 36, Bed Bock street 
Baxter, Bt. 119, Wellington road 
Bay, Peter, 47, Spencer street 
BayJey, James, 179, Grafton street 
Bayley, John, 69, Whitefield road 
Bayliff, Georije, 56, West Derby street 
Baylis, Mrs. Isabella, 13, Bichmond view, 

I^lmont road 
Baylis, Mrs. Jane, 51, Vine street 
Baynon, Margaret, 134, Salisbury street 
Beach, Mrs. Si, 75, Coniston street 
Beadle, Bichard, 44, Mackenzie street ■- 
Beadows, Mrs. Mary, 49, West Derby st. 
Beale, Thos. 123, Spencer street 
Beaman, Wm. 14, Morpeth street 
Bean, A. 175, Canning street 
Bean, E. B. 43, Peel street 
Bean, Miss Mary, 14, Falkner square 
Beard, Charles, 13^ South Hill road 
Beard, Mrs. Helen, 100, Crown street , 
Beard, Mrs. 28, Hope street 
Beards, G. 13, Orient street 
Beards, Margaret, II, Marybone 
Beare, Jno.4,Boundhill ter. Whitefield ix|. 
Beathie, Frances, 18, Kinglake street 
Beaton, J. 54, Bulwer street ■ 

Beattie, D. 126, Wellington road 
Beattie, Mrs. Jane, 12, Catharine, street 
Beattie, John, 125, Latham street -j 
Beattie, J. 44, Warwick street 
Beattie, John, 54, Aughton street 
Beattie, J. 39, Aughton street 
Beattie, B. 21, Anderson street 
Beattie, Thos. 15, Churchill street 
Beatts, Chas. <& Co. 52, South Castle at. 
Beatty, D. 128, Beacon lane 
Beatty, J. 62, Brownlow street 
Beatty, Thos. 48, Moville street 
Beaty, Andrew, 16, Berwick street 
Beauchamp, Edward, 66, Roscommon sk 
Beauchamp, B. T. 37, Canning street 
Beauford, Mrs. M. 125, Canning $treet ' 
Beaumont, Joseph, 157, Mill road 
Beaumont, Mary, 51, Guilford street 
Beavan, James, 94, Bishton street 
Beaver, John, 24, Sterling street 
Bebb, Thomas, 36, Lonsdale street 
Bebington, Mrs. E. 22, Gtey Bock street 
Beck, Esther, 66, Berwick street 
Beck, J. 78, Beacon lane 
Beck, J. 22, Priory road 
Beck, Quin, 21, Newlands street 



f, B. 72, Queen's road 
fohn, 105, Oregdon street 
, E. 126, HiU street 
, Gh. 2, Brenton street 
, J. 2, Beaumont street 
» Samuel, 40, Everton Brow 
, T. 38, Calder street 
h, — , 24, Sherdley street 
on, Francis, 59, Up. Stanhope st. 
Biehd. 68, Eishton street 
Jno. 23, Parkfield road 
y Mrs. E. 5, SalUbuiy street 
B, Mrs. Jennett, 2, Newsteud rd. 
George, 81, Lonsdale street 
H. 30, Melbourne street 
I, Mrs. F. 93, Queen's road 
is8 Jane K 21, Wesley street 
Mrs. Eleanor, 84, Myrtle street 
Thomas, 47, Harewood street 
m, Mary, 26, Parr street 
Frank,' 18, Oxford street 
Thomas, 125, Grove street 
, George, 102, Aubrey street 
L. 33, Brownlow street 
saac, 8, Bengel street 
larah Ellen, 18, Cambridge street 
r, — 112, Smithdown lane 
r, — 101, Eose vale 
% Susannah, 345, Boundary st. E. 
on, Thos. R 11 &13, Falkland st. 
John, 53, Walnut street 
Tohn W. 11, Great Mersey street 
Mra Mary, 278, Beaufort street 
, J. P. 35,"^ Hunt street 
d, G. 88, Alexandra ter. Princes rd. 
). 48, Hughes street 
r. G. 54, Albion street 
', Miss Eliz. A. 193, Heyworth st. 
ohn, 53, Oxford street 
fa, George, 57, Upper Hope place 
T8. Wm. 142, (yhatham street 
53, Mitylene street 
ipt. J. E. 80, Cresswell street 
larles, 95, Cardwell street 
larles, 45, Deane road 
larles, 27, Newstead road 
11, Calder street 
14, Bowring street 
?orge, 16, Washington street 
62, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
•». H. 8, Northumberland street 
rs. Isabella, 54, Lodge lane 
nea, 23, Newlands street 
nea, &0y Clarence grove 
acBy 22, Boundary street 

Bell, James, 48, ITiu'borJ street 
Bell, Mrs. Jane, 20, Blair street 
Bell, Mrs. Jane, 108, Beacon lane 
Bell, John, 43, South Chester street 
Bell, John, Gl, Salop street 
Bell, Jonathan, 16, Cochrane street 
Bell, Joseph, 22, Sandon street 
Bell, Joseph, 89, Upper Huskisson street 
Bell, Joseph, 18, Gibson street 
Bell, Joseph, 60, Harevrood street 
Bell, J. 51, AVest Derby street 
Bell, J. 70, Aughton street 
Bell, Mary Ann, 3, Ogwen street 
Bell, Mary, 6, PleaHant street 
Bell, Mary, 25, Guilford street 
Bell, M. 31, Compton street 
Bell, M. 64, Kilshaw street 
Bell, Miss Eliz. E. F 152,Falkner street 
Bell, Mrs. 37, Upper Beau street 
Bell, Mrs. 169, Park road 
Bell, Eobert, 12, Hunter street 
Bell, K. B. 101, Eoscommon street 
Bell, Eobert, 10, Eldon place 
Bell, Eobson, 57, Berwick street 
Bell, E. 35, Eed Eock street 
Bell, Thomas, 39, Haliburton street 
Bell, Thomas, 46, Alma street 
Bell, W. H. 315, Netherfield road north 
Bell, W. 58, Gray Bock street 
Bell, William, 14, Smithdown lane 
Bell, William, 103, Hamilton road 
Bell, William, 27, The Elms 
Bell, William, 9, Guilford street 
Bellas, D. 20, Edinburgh street 
Bellasis, Major- General, 148, Chatham st. 
Bellis, Joseph, 18, Conyers street 
Bellis, Eobert, 1, Devonshire place 
Bell nan, Henry, 8, Vine street 
Bellringer, E. 60, Everton Brow 
Bells, Joseph, 45, Northumberland ter. 
Belvey, William, 23, Park strtet 
Bemlow, E. 67, Alt street 
Benedict, E. H. G. 63, Spencer street 
Benevolent Institute, 56, South Hill rd. 
Benion, Charles, 33, Adelaide street 
Benjamin, William, 134, Chatham street 
Benu, Joseph, 11, Egertou street 
Benn, Joseph, 176, Grove street 
Bennet, W. 35, Northumberland street 
Bennett, A. 63, Elizabeth street 
Bennett, A. 81, Henry street 
Bennett, Ann, 15, Salop street 
Bennett, Ann, 35, Tennyson street 
Bennett, Miss Margaret, 75, Grove st. 
Bennett, Mrs. Cathwne^ l2,Wmd%QiT%t* 





Bennett, Isaac E. 13, Grreat Mersey st* 
Bennett, James, 3, Eraser street 
Bennett, James, 3, Benlcj street 
Bennett, James, 73, Whitefield street 
Bennett, John, 50, Grey street 
Bennett, J. B. 78, Langham street 
Bennett, J. 35, Beaumont street 
Bennett, J. B. 4, Sherlock street 
Bennett, J. M. 41, Shaw street 
Bennett, J. M. (M.D.) 137, 139, Park rd. 
Bennett, Michael, 40, Wilson street 
Bennett, M. 81, Hill street 
Bennett, Peter, 24, Olive street 
Bennett, Eichard, 5, Silvester street 
Bennett, Seth, 10, Windsor street 
Bennett, Thomas, 26, Everton valley 
Bennett, Thomas, 27, Berwick street 
Bennett, William, 22, Greek street 
Bennett, William, 65, Tetlow street 
Bennett, W. 48, Stanley road 
Bennett, W. H. 6, Woodville street 

Breck road 
Bennett, William, 25, Deane street 
Bennett, W. 22, Menzies street 
Bennett, William, 117, Stanhope street 
Bennett, William, 109, Shaw street 
Bennett, W. 6, Sefton square 
Bennett, 17, E^irkdale road 
Bennion, Mrs. Ann, 87, Beaufort street 
Bennion, William, 96, Windsor street 
Bennison, Wm. 96, Windsor street 
Benny, — , 39, Great Nelson street 
Benson, Henry, 17, Deane road 
Benson, Jane, 63, Pembroke place 
Benson, Jeffrey, 24, Mackenzie street 
Benson, W. 21, MoviUe street 
Benson, John A. 4, Tynemouth street 
Benson, John, 72, Vine street 
Benson, John W. 12, Ogwen street 
Benson, L. J. 47, Newstead road 
Benson, Peter, Eice lane 
Benson, Thomas, 25, Langham street 
Benson, Thomas, 62, Arthur street 
Bent, Edward, 170, Chatham street 
Bent, W. J. 27, Kilshaw street 
Bent, W. T. 1, Deane road 
Bentham, J. 8, Gelling street 
Bentham* J. 14, Brownlow street 
Bentham, J. Cooper, 43, Pembroke pi. 
Bentham, £. 37, Byford street 
Bentley, J. G. 24, Seflton square 
Bentley, Mary, 32, Eose vale 
!Bent)ejr, W. 55, Everton crescent, Everton 

"^Gnmford, M. 11, Cardwell street 


Berdett, M. A. 1, Menzies street 
Berger, J. C. 30, Brunswick street 
Beresford, W. 24, Moville street 
Berigan, Catherine, 17, Blake street 
Berkley, Edmund, 94, Huskisson street 
Bernard, A. 59, Luther street 
Bernard, Mrs. Jane, 129, St. Domingo rA . 
Bemer, 28, Tortello street 
Berrill, Mrs. 11, Seymour street 
Berry, Anne, 62, Blandtord street 
Berry, C. H. 84, Tetlow street 
Berry, Gilbert, 134 Hamilton road 
Berry, John, 2, Poplar grove. The Elms 
Berry, Joseph, 19, Premier street 
Berry, Mrs. Mary, 10, Moon street 
Berry, Peter, 52, Lodge lane 
Berry, Eichard, 151, Spencer street 
Berry, E. 76, Aughton street 
Berry, Eichard, 1, Lloyd street 
Berry, Thomas, 84, Wellington road 
Bertie, James, L. 18, Nelson street 
Bertois, Jules, 23, Norwood grove 
Bertrem, A. 15, Priory road 
Berwick, A. H. 115, Thirlmere road 
Berwick, Mrs. Jane, 25, The Willowfly 

Breck road 
Bessett, Nicholas, 80, Grove street 
Best, J. 34, Brownlow 'Street 
Best, William J. 237, Up. Parliament st. 
Beswick, Thomas, 23, Greenheys road 
Bethel, Henry, 313, Smithdown lane 
Bethell, John, 3, Cable street 
Bethell, John, 18, Silvester street 
Bethell, J. E. 56, Downing street 
Bethell, Martha, 25, Moria street 
Bettemaxwell, Mrs. J. 12, Lavan street ' 
Betty, A. 44, Smith street 
Bevan, John, 43, Clevelimd street 
Beveridge, D. 66, Hill street 
Bevin, W. 24, Menzies street 
Bevington, Charles, 142, Tunnel road 
Bew^ley, George, 58, Poplar street 
Bewley, John, 58, Premier street 
Bewsher, Thomas, 103, Calder street 
Bewsher, W. 20, Kepler street 
Bewsher, W. 26, Kepler street 
Bewster, T. 103, Calder street 
Beyley, Abram, 151, Grove street 
Beynon, John, 13, Tennyson street 
Bibbington, W. 103, Kilshaw street 
Bibby, Alice, 8, Mitylene st. Gt Homer at. 
Bibby, Mrs. Axin, 32, Eg^ington terrace 
Bibby, Miss E. M. 71, Grey Bock street 
Bibby, Mrs. EUz. 69, Canning street 
Bibby, John, 10, BrecV^e\iTOd^ «wi>^ 



; ThomaB, S4, Toiteth street 
ntaS; W. T. 4A, Little Woolton at. 
rataff, J. 63, Park street 
TstaO; J. 81, Mill road 
iTstaff Lloyd street 

Tton, Pleasant 

S. street 

i^ reet 

m, £. 17, Hed Uock street 
, B. 17, Warwick street 
R, J. 66, MenEiee street 
gtoD, B. 51, mi 

gtoD, J. 49, H 
gton, Johta, 6, Ifl 

^n, J B 

aua. Jot 
, WiUia 
rtt, A. 1 
, James 
, Fredei [il 

. m M 


. John, 

B. 24, Bat 

William, 10, Pluto street 
dl, John, 143, Hose vale 
ill, Charles, 251, Crown street 
moneb, Allen, 
A. F. 44, Wes 

E^ederick, IHW 

Frederick, District Mooager to the 
Society, 112, 



V. 8, Bowring atreet 

Birkbeck, F. 11, Boaler street 

Jane, 43, Wellington road 
Birket, Francis, 16, Cropper atreet 
Birket, George, 8, Maryland street 
Birkett, Brothers, 45, Greeoland atreet 
Birkett, W s'^eet 

27, Uaiilby atreet 

Bimey, James, 1 
Bimie, James, 44, 
Birrell, Andrew, 3, 
Birrell, B 
Bishop, E. 
Bishop W J 
Bishop George 
Bishop Thoi 



Bissett Eran 64 1B8Sk 

Bithrey Thomas, 12, set 

Black Elizabeth 30 


Black John 28 

Black, John, 50. 

Black, John, 32, street 

Black, Mrs. 

Black, Mrs. Ag street 

Black, Thomas, 34, Stanhopo street 

Black, William, 3, South Hill read 

Blackaller, Jeffery, 27 A at. 

Blackburn, Gi«ce, 5 1^ 

Blackburn, Henry, 

Blackburn, Joseph, 

Blackburn, Wra. 80, 

Blackburne, Thomas, 

Bkckeller, M. 

B lackey, John 

Blackhiintt, Henry, 89, Salisbury street 

Blackhurst. Miss E. J. 15, Parliament pi. 

Black lock, John, 15, 

Blacklock, Peter, 8, __ 
Blockmore, John, :» 
Blackmore, T. A. 
Blackweli, B. 
Blackwell, Samuel, 221, 

Vf^^ti Ht»»t 

Bladon, James, 1% ften%A *-»ee^ 




BlaijQ, A. H. 3^1, Upper Parliament st. 
Blain, Joseph, 93, Chatham street 
Blain, S. 13, Q-rove park 
Blair, G-eorge, 25, Eishton street 
Blair, John, 24, High Park street 
Blair, T. T. 30, Wellesley road. Peel st. 
Blake, James, 45, Canning street 
Blake, John, 9, Conyers street 
Blake, Joseph, 56, Harhord street 
Blake, Mrs. 167, Upper Parliament street 
Blake, M. 65, Whitefield street 
Blake, Thomas, 27, Beloe street 
Blakeley, J. A. 179, Vine street 
Blakelej, Robert, 97, Mill road 
Blakey, Samuel, 22, Canterbury street 
Blakiston, William, 49, Berwick street 
Blanchard, A. 48, Parliament street 
Blanchard, E. C. 73, Woodville terrace, 

Blanchard, Mrs. Margt. 61, Low Hill 
Blanchard, Eobert, 17 Aubrey street 
Bland, James, 119, Bamber street 
Bland, Mary, 82, Burleigh road north 
Bland, Samuel, 14, Bgerton street 
Blandon, John, 24, Little Woolton street 
Blane, T. B. 44, Thomaston street 
Blanes, P. 135, Chatham street 
Blaney, John, 28, Salisbury street 
Blamer, William, 6, St. Mary's lane 
Blaze, E, 43, Brenton street 
Bleakbane, E. E. 43, Edge lane 
Bleasdale, Wm. 47, G-rasmere street 
Blease, J. Stanley, 2(i, Falkner street 
Blease, William, 82, Salisbury street 
Blenkam, Miss F. H. 88, White Eock st. 
Bligh, Mrs. 13, Great Wilson street 
Bliss, Wm. 19, Cleave street 
Blood, Wolf, & Co. 165, Orafton street 
Bloomfield, J. 121, Northumberland ter. 
Blossom, Jos. 62, St. Domingo vale 
Blount, G. H. 40, Seymour street 
Blower, Dr. 119, Shaw street 
Blower, Hy. 63, Aber street 
Blumsom, Wm. 121, Chats worth street 
Blunsum, W. 92, Chatsworth street 
Blondell, Ann, 12, Hawke street 
Blundell, James, 111, Upper Beau street 
Blundell, John, 13, Eadclifl'e street 
Blundell, John, 26, Eldon place 
Blundell, John, 17, Arnolcf street 
Blundell, J. W. 4, Troughton st. Edge HI. 
Blundell, H^. 65, Huskisson street 
^Jundell, Miaa Margaret, 54, Spellow lane 
BJundoU, Mdrr, 51, Mere lane 
^ -^«/zi«y, e2, Hughes street 


Blyde, A. 91, Highfield street 
Blyton, John, 251, Upper Parliament st. 
Boadle, Abel, 46, Everton terrace 
Boadle, G. 88, Field street 
Boag, Alexander, 67a, Berwick street 
Boag, William, 55, Grove street 
Boam, Mrs. M. 106, Thirlmere road 
Boardley, J. 62, Toxteth street 
Boardman, Mrs. J. 52, Coniston street 
Boardman, P. 7, Mere lane 
Boase, E. 89, Woodville ter. Breck road 
Boase, Wm. Henry, 42, Lloyd street 
Bodell, Eobert, 58, Hughes street 
Boden, G. F. 49, Ashton street 
Boden, James, 41, Copperas hill 
Boden, John, 89, Grafton street 
Boden, John, 76, St. Domingo valo 
Boden, Mrs. S. 3, Bowring street 
Boden, T. 84, Harlow street 
Boguley, George, 9, Warren street 
Boid, W. 24, Boundary lane 
Boile, Joseph, 8, Tweed street 
Boile, Eobert, 18, Salisbury street 
Boirie, Theodore, 135, Up. Parliament st. 
Boisoelier, Henry, 32, Alexandra terrace, 

Prince's road 
Boland, Martin, 28, Norton street 
Bolas, Ed. 67, Conway street 
Bold, Miss Eliz. 11, Wellfield place 
Bold, Nicholas D. St. James's road 
Bold, Wm. Edw. 11, Wellfield place 
Bolderston, J. 67, South street 
Bolding, E. W. 43, Phoebe- Ann street 
Bolger, Peter, 29, Denbigh street 
Bolger, Philip, 34, Roscommon street 
Bolitho, Walter, 41, Salop street 
Bolland, Joseph, 35, Wynne street 
Bolt, F. 14, Wellesley ter. Belvidere road 
Bolt, S. 71, Bedford street 
Bolton, Mrs. 40, Boaler street 
Bolton, Mrs. E. 90, Warwick street 
Bolton, Mrs. Mary, 169, Up. Fredk. st. 
Bolton, J. 61, Upper Warwick street 
Bolton, James, 7, Whitefield street 
Bolton, John, 132, Wellington road 
Bolton, Mrs. M. 9 & 10, Whitefield st. 
Bolton, E. 10, Eleanor street 
Bolton, E. 40, Fairclough lane 
Bolton, S. 40, Thomaston street 
Bolton, Eichard, 60, Grafton street 
Boman, Sarah, 110, Field street 
Bomhettie, Captain, 46, Ncwiands street 
Bonar, James, 10, Vesuvius street 
Bond, C. 102, Warwick street 
Bond, J. 57, ^YatNddL ^tteet 



r. 6. 7, lieonora street, Park road 
ytn. lEUis. 17, Upper Stanhope st. 
M. 49, Warwick street 
Mrs. Marj, 36, Crete street 
P. 63, Eldon place 
Thoe. 59, Grasmere street 
S. 50, Hamilton road 
By, William, 57, Salop street 
W. C. 81, Mount Pleasant 
r, Henry, 17, Pleasant street 
p, Jane, 96, Devon street 
r, R. 80, Stanhope street 
p, Thomas, 71, Menzies street 
y, James, 3, Kinglake street 
, Moses, 42, Harewood street 
Elizabeth, 35, Soho street 
R. J. 19, Cleveland street 
C. W. 46, St. Domingo grove 
Joseph, 209, Beaufort street 
T. W . 63, Gelling street 
A. 27, North Hill street 
C. 15, Menzies street 
C. 17, Croxteth road 
E, P. 3, Norwood grove 
G. sen. m, Low Hill 
Isaac, 76, Egerton street 
Mrs. 94, Greenland street 
Mrs. E. 43, Caird street 
Wm. 33 a, Wesley street 
Wm. 4, Llovd street 
J, Miss M. J. 60, Devonshire road 
■oyd, John, 14, Alma street 
, B. 82, Cresswell street 
Sdmond, 142, Salisbury street 
im, A. C. 42, Bedford street 
nd, Hugh, 48, Upper Hope place 
nd, B. 59, Erskine street 
n, Maria, 153, Latham street 
all, A. 3, Seymour street 
A. W. 125, Queen's road 
', 33, Stanhope street 
leck, P. 17, Dunkeld street 
worth, Wm. 56, Kinglake street 
thwaite, J. Ernest street 
k, W. M. 19, Canton street 
I, John» 118, Smith down lane 
nd, Wm. 59, LWd street 
rth, Thos. 22, Newlands street 

I, Hay son, 306, Gregson street 
; Thos. W. 38, Smithdown lane 

II, Wm. 4, Whitefield street 
ily, Hy. 72, Aber street 

it Daniel, 87, Bamber street 
9r, Henrf, S7, Orove street 
ow, S, Sandon street 

Bouham, Mrs. M. 3, Upper Hill street 

Boulan, J. 53, Hill street 

Boulfield, William, 5, Lovat street 

Boult, Jos. 15, Parkfield road 

Boult, Sarah, 62, Devonshire rd. Prince'a 

Boult, Swinton, 3, Bedford street south 
Boultbee, E. W. 3, Mount Pleasant 
Boulton, C. M. 325, Upper Parliament 

Bouman, James, 105, Chatsworth street 
Boumphrey, Joseph, 276, Upper Parlia- 
ment street 
Boumphrey, Thomas, 147, Palkner at. 
Boumphrey, Wm. 3, Avon street 
Boumphry, S. 167, Canning street 
Boundy, M. 56, Woodville ter. Break rd. 
Bourne, Colonel, 39, Rodney street 
Bourne, Peter, 39, Rodney street 
Bourne, Robert, 80, Stanhope street 
Bousfield, John, 6, Elm bank, Walton 

Breck road 
Bousfield, Michael, 53, Shaw street, and 

The Mulberries, Great Crosby 
Bouteiller, A. 47, West Derby street 
Bouverie, Colonel, 165, Chatham street 
Bowan, Hy. 19, Tweed street 
Bowden, F. C. 27, Wynne street 
Bowden, Rev. John Davis, 49, Arnold 

street, Prince's road 
Bowden, Molly, 116, Grey Rock street 
Bowden, W. 116, Warwick street 
Bowdler, William, 205, Park road 
Bowe, John, 30, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Bowen, G. M. 27, Grove park 
Bowen, A. P. 63, Bulwer road 
Bowen, John, 134, Wellington street 
Bowen, R. W. 33, Scourfield street 
Bowen, W. 15, Haliburton street 
Bowen, Wm. 3, Wynne street 
Bowen, Wm. 119, Spencer street 
Bower, John, 216, Walton road 
Bowers, W. 22, Caird street 
Bowes, E. 123, Canning street 
Bowes, John L. 12, Canning street 
Bowler, Mrs. 188, Mount Pleasant 
Bowler, W. 150, Wellington road 
Bowman, — , 4, Field street 
Bowman, David, 91, Upper Stanhope st. 
Bowman, E. 4, Schomberg street 
Bowman, John, 15, Arnold street 
Bowman, S. 4, Bedford street 
Bowman, Mrs. Margt ^^,^o^^ ^\3t^ii^\. 
Bowman, Thomas, 4, lioii^^^Xa %\.T%fc\i 
BownesB, A. 16,'Nort\iuxiAi^T\KsA%\itfe»^ 





BowTing, H. P. 21, Devonshire road 
Boyce, John, 60, Aberdeen street 
Boyce, Rodney, 26, Berkley street 
Boyd, John, 11, Queen Ann street 
Boyd, Andrew, 33, Hope street 
Boyd, J. 184, Beacon lane 
Boyd, John, 1a, Lord Nelson street 
Boyd, John, 88, Rose place 
Boyd, John, 72, Westbourne street 
Boyd, Robt. 309, Grafton street 
Boyd, Samuel, 42, Salisbury street 
Boyd, R. Gr. 24, Jasmine street 
Boyd, Thos. 69, Wesley street 
Boyd, Thomas, 19, Field street 
Boyd, Wm. 24, Boundary lane 
Boyd, William, 81, Berwick street 
Boyer, Mrs. Margaret, 6, Queen's road 
Boyes, Jno. 23, Dodge street 
Boyle, A. 40, Harrington street 
Boyle, Mrs. Alice, 3, Vine street 
Boyle, Alex. 317, Upper Parliament st. 
Boyle, Mrs. Eliz. 209, Up. Frederick st. 
Boyle, H. 63, Laxey street 
Boyle, P. 36-88, Warwick street 
Boyle, P. 23, Warwick street 
Boyle, Patrick, 111, Radcliffe street 
Boyle, Robt. 18, Salisbury street 
Boyle, Robt. 61, Collins street 
Boyle, William, 13, Sherdley street 
Boylett, A. 68, Breckfield road north 
Boyne, George, 32, Salop street 
Boyne, Le^nth, 162, Field street 
Boys, Dorcas, 216, Beaufort street 
Boyton, W. 36, Parr street 
Bozie, James, 148, Bedford street 
Bozie, C. 46, Albion street 
Brabbin, John, 123, Wellington road 
Brack, G. 10, Grey Rock street 
Brackenbury, Rev. T. 62, Norwood grove 
Brackenridge, G. 88, Bedford street 
Bradburn, Isaac, 18, Harbord street 
Bradbum, Richard, 24, Melville place 
Bradbury, C. J. 16, Plumpton street 
Bradbury, Mrs. M. E. 16, Lodge lane 
Bradbury, S. A. 69, Phoebe- Ann street 
Bradbury, Wm. 62, Hughes street 
Braddock, Geo. 82, Edinburgh street 
Braddock, Mrs. E. 47, Seldon street 
Bradfield, W. H. 1, Queen's road 
Bradley, Iklrs. T. 43, Northumberland st. 
Bradley, — , 14, Langham street 
Bradley, J. 174 Mount Pleasant 
^ivdJejr, J, 28, Crete street 
frad/ejr, j, 51, HUl street 
'^'^ejr, J, a. 150, Stanley road 


Bradley, J. H. 4, Winter street 
Bradley, James, 4, Abercromby square 
Bradley, John, 77, Whitefield road 
Bradley, John N. 44, Exmouth street 
Bradley, J. 144, Canning street 
Bradley, M. 31, Northumberland street 
Bradley, R. 5, Dunkeld street 
Bradley, Rd. 28, Hardy street 
Bradley, Robert, 49, Springfield 
Bradley, Thos. 83, Northumberland ter. 
Bradley, William, 173, Rose vale 
Bradley, G. 46, Coniston st. Breck road 
Bradman, John, 111, Mill road 
Bradshaw, Elizabeth, 17, Reservoir street 
Bradshaw, G. 11, Gloucester place 
Bradshaw, Henry, 38, Radcliffe street 
Bradshaw, J. 42, Rose Place 
Bradshaw, James, 276, Grafton street 
Bradshaw, John, 18, Berkley street 
Bradshaw, Mrs. Ann, 112, Upper Hill st. 
Bradshaw, Peter, 106, Bamber street 
Bradshaw, Peter, 41, South street 
Bradshaw, Thomas L. 32, Stafford street 
Brady, Hugh, 1 Red Rock street 
Brady, Hugh, 10, Paisley street 
Brady, John, 3, Denbigh street 
Brady, M. 25, Plumpton street 
Brady, Thomas, 2, Marybone 
Bragg, D. 65, Bulwer street 
Bragg, M. 24, Winter street 
Bragg, S. 19, Northumberland street 
Braid wood, G. M. 11, Cockbume street 
Braidwood, George, 15, Cockbume street 
Brainbridge, Thomas, 4, Perth street 
Brainham, Jos. 3, Moria street 
Braithwaite, John, 47, Oxford street 
Braithwaite, Wm. 7, Berkley street 
Brakell, S. 23, Richmond ter. Breck rd. 
Bramah, Rev. Henry S. 148, Stanley rd. 
Bramford, Catherine, 11, Blackstock st 
Brammall, John, 19, Sykes street 
Bramwell, W. L. & 1. 1, Park st. Toxteth pk. 
Brancker, J. B. 20, Falkner street 
Brand, J. 37, Thirlmere road 
Brand, J. 40, Mere lane 
Brand, Robert, 25, Sherdley street 
Brandrath, Thos. 1, Breckfield road south 
Brannan, M. 9, Laxey street 
Bransom, H. 22, Bulwer street 
Branwood, James, 32, Grasmere street 
Brash, E. 113, Rose vale 
Brass, J. L. W. (M.D. L.R.C.S. Edin.) 

14, Park road 
Brassey, WiWiam, ^^ CVwra[v^ ^co^^ 
Bratt, John, 1, "Pextti «tac^V, 




Bny, Adam J. 49, Qtrej street 
Bnj, John, 51, Blandford street 
Bnj, Mrs. 195, Upper Frederick street 
Bny, Mrs. Caroline, 126, Chatham street 
Bnylej, Sev. Edward, 38, Bodnej street 
^yshaw, Oeo. 21, Dodge street 
Bniendale, Samuel, 12, W hite Bock st. 
; Bnzier» Ex«derick, 15, Batchelor street 
Breach, T. 12, Letitia street 
Breathwaite, James, 40, Tennyson street 
Biedin, John, 70, Whitefield street 
I Breese, Biclu^, 56, Lonsdale street 
BieLsford, Wm. 62, Spencer street 
Bremner, H. 212, Northumberland ter. 
Bren, A. 2, Cavendish ter. Devonshire rd. 
Brenfried, John, 35, Bydal street 
Biennan, Jos. P. 116, South Chester st 
\ Brennand, Thomas, 182, Huskisson street 
Brenstor, B. 3, Croxteth road 
Brentnall, T. 60, Menzies street 
fttwiton, Sir W. P. 11, Howard street 
Brenton, Wm. 64, Northumberland ter. 
Breretoo, Mrs. E. 54, Lonsdale street 
Brereton, Mrs. 174, Bedford street 
Brertouy David, 61, Walton road 
Biessey, W. Hy. 51, Everton road 
Bressington, W. 41, Scourfield street 
Bretherton, A. 53, Kent street 
Bretherton, J. 158, Park road 
Bretherton, J. W. 122, Tunnel road 
Bretherton, Thomas, 37, Chatham street 
Bretland, J. 19, Brownlow street 
Brett, Ellen, 3, Caryl street 
Breux, Joseph, 24, Grove street 
Brewer, Charles, 74, Melville place 
Brewer, Mrs. 56, Falkner street 
Brewer, Bobert, 4, Preeland street 
Brewer, Wm. 119, Queen's road 
Brewster, Mrs. 209, Upper Parliament st. 
Brese, Edward, 9, Qalton street 
Brezil, S. 27, Leonora street, Park road 
Brice, James, 51, Gregson street 
Brice, John, 10, Everton valley 
Brickley, Capt. S. 3, Badclifte street 
Brickwell, J. C. 39, Great Charlotte st. 
Bride, Mjbs G. 2, Perth street 
Brideson, Mrs. C. 48, Hill street 
Brierley, Sarah, 41, Lloyd street ' 
Bridge, £. 8, Windermere street, Breck rd. 
Bridge, George, 118, Windsor street 
Bridge, Mark N., 20, Grove street 
Bridges, Frederick, 11, Mona street 
Bridges, F. 21, Mount Pleasant 
Bridges, Mrs. E. 3, Wentwortb street 
Bridget, Bird, 1 & 3, Banastre street 

Bridson, Mrs. Mary, 24, Alfred street 
Brierley, Thomas, 40, White Bock street 
Brierley, W. B. 31, Bed Bock street 
Briga, W. 19, Newby terr. Belmont rd. 
Briggs, Ann, 35, Cottenham street 
Briggs, John, 3, Blandford street 
Briggs, Wilson, 125, Upper Warwick st 
Bright, John, 14, Harbord street 
Bright, Joseph, 17, Bentley road 
Bright, B. 31, Crete street 
Brigiiell, Thomas, 18, Parliament place 
Brimelow, Mrs. E. 21, Calder street 
Brincom, — , 142, Smithdown lane 
Brindle, J. 35, Hutchinson street 
Brindle, John, Bice lane 
Brindley, T. 31, Mitylene street 
Briscall, Thos. The Willows, Bootle 
Briscoe, D. 62, Mount Pleasant 
Briscow, Edward, &5, Toxteth street 
Briscow, Mary, 16, Downing street 
Briscow, Thomas, 38, Langham street 
Brise, J. 90, Grey Bock street 
Bristgatock, Thomas, 3, Butland street 
Briston, Elizabeth, 11, Prospect street 
Bristow, Elizabeth, 26, Cambridge street 
Bristow, John, 162, Bedford street 
Britson, Mrs. 169, Chatham street 
Brittan, Mrs. M J. 170, Beacon lane 
Britten, Thos. E. 116, Lmdseer road 
Britten, B. T. 119, Kirkdaleroad 
Britton, H. 44, Caird street 
Broadbent, Geo. Harris, 14, Breckfield 

road south 
Broadbent, Dr. J. C. 11, Breck road 
Broadbent, John, 39, Grove street 
Broadbridge, F. 16, Procter terrace, 

Whitefield road 
Broadbridge, Thos. 32, Woodville street 
Broadtbot, J. 14, Letitia street 
Broadfoot, D. D. 67, Huskisson street 
Broadtbot, Wm. 106, Huskisson street 
Broadhunt, Ed. 62, Palkner street 
Broadhurst, Jas. 28, Guilford street 
Broadhurst, II. 48, Whitefield road 
Broadley, Ellen, 12, Canning street 
Brock, (t. B. 66, Adelaide street 
Brock, G. F. 2, Newlands street 
Brock, Geo. Fred. 14, Everton tillage 
Brock bank, Hy. 30, Boso vale 
Brockbank, Mrs. M. 14, Caird street 
Brockbauk, T. C. 3, Collins street 
Brockbank, Bobert, 20, Huskisson street 
Brocklehurst, G. 26, Grove \iark 
Brockley, E. 2^, Coe\vnMaft ^\.T^eX. 
I Brocklist, Jamea, Zh, MeVKAe ^tw^. 





Broddey, James, 4, Little "Woolton at. 
Broddie, A. 28, Letitia street 
Broddock, G. 30, Menzies street 
Broddribb, William, 19, Crosbie street 
Broderick, T, 46, Northumberland street 
Brodie, Peter, 85, Field street 
Brodrick, A. 42, Calder street 
Bromfield, S. 21, Eiehmond ter. Breck rd. 
Brombam, Wm. 8, Montpelier terrace, 

Upper Parliament street 
Bromley, B. 66, High Park street 
Bromley, James, 11, Hope place 
Bromley, E. Hy. 40, Eadchffe street 
Bromley, Sarah A. 864, Latham st. 
Bromley, Wm. 9, Luther street 
Brondfoot, Wm. 106, Huskisson street 
Bronson, Mrs. S. E. 25, Norton street 
Brooce, Eobert, 54, Caryl street 
Brook, Mrs. E. S. 101, Huskisson street 
Brook, Thos. 44, Egerton street 
Brookbank, Eobert, 27, Lovat street 
Brooke, Charles, 42, Glevedon street 
Brooke, James Wilson, 24, Palkner sq. 
Brooker, G-. 71, Park street 
Brooker, William, 87, Vine street 
Brooker, Mrs. M. E 34, Anderson street 
Brookes, Bridget, 46, Hunter street 
Brookes, Miss, 118, Islington 
Brookfield, E. &!, Islington 
Brookfield, Eobert, 72, High Park street 
Brookfield, Wm. 134, Beacon lane 
Brooking, Jno. 10, North view, Edge Hill 
Brooks, 58, Bamber street 
Brooks, Amos, 89, Clarence grove, 

Brooks, Ann, 189, Beaufort street 
Brocks, G^. 54, Caird street 
Brooks, John, 48, Premier street 
Brooks, John, 25, Mitylene street 
Brooks, E. The Elms 
Brooks, Eichard, 236, Smithdown lane . • 
Brooks, S. 126, Chatsworth street 
Brooks, Samuel, 57, Cornwallis street 
Brooks, Samuel, 66, Luther street 
Brooks, Wm. 46, Great Newton street 
Brooks, Wm. II. 36, Wellington terrace. 

West Derby road 
Brooks, Wm. Hy. 63, St. George's HiU 
Broomby, William, 82, Calder street 
Broom, William. 62, Alma street 
Broomley, W. 82, Calder street 
Broose, N. 172, Bedford street 
Brothers, J. 24, Letitia street 
Brotherton, Jane, 68, Hopwood street 
Brothurck, Alexander, 28, Vesuvius st 

Brough, Ann, 5, Percy street 
Brough, J. 12, Langham street 
Brough, J. H. 14, Newstead road 
Brough, Jane, 79, Everton terrace 
Brough, James, 88, Melbourne street 
Brough, John, 13, Langham street 
Brough, Thomas, 24, Huskisson street 
Brough, Thomas, 18, St. James's road 
Brough, Wm. 45, White Eock street 
Brough, William, 46, Kensington 
Broughton, E. 100, St. Domingo vale 
Brounbill, I. 6, Peel street 
Brown, — , 23, Catharine street 
Brown, — , 56, Walnut street 
Brown, — , 124, Queen's road 
Brown, A. 39, Peel street 
Brown, A. 16, Boundary street east 
Brown, E. 25, Salisbury street 
Brown, A. 9, Gelling street 
Brown, A. 53, Menzies street 
Brown, A. D. 22, Canton street 
Brown, A. G. 83, Low Hill 
Brown, Abner, 13, Smithdown lane 
Brown, Alex. 72, Eastbourne street 
Brown, Alex. 16, Great Mersey street 
Brown, Alfred, 92, Field street 
Brown, Alfred, 11, Blackburn place 
Brown, C. 14, Rishton street 
Brown, Charles, 33, Byford street 
Brown, Charles, 207, TJTp. Frederick at. 
Brown, D. M. 195, Beacon lane 
Brown, D. C. 6, Sandon terrace, Upper 

Duke street 
Brown, Daniel, 73, Eadclifie street 
Brown, E. 86, Bedford street 
Brown, E. A. 21, Kamworth street 
Brown, Edward, 11, Blackfield street 
Brown, Edwin, 34, Tennyson street 
Brown, Eliz. 19, Luther street 
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth, 8, Hardwick st* 
Brown, Mrs. 16, Moor place 
Brown, F. 142, Queen's road 
Brown, G. A. 45, Hope street 
Brown, George, Eice lane 
Brown, George, 44, Poplar street 
Brown, George, 133, Upper Beau street 
Brown, George, 92, Salisbury street 
Brown, G. W. 27, Whitefield road 
Brown, Henry, 3, Northumberland st. 
Brown, H. 5, Norwood grove 
Brown, H. 38, Scourfield street 
Brown, Henry, B. 41, Fairclough lane 
Brown, H. G^. 23, Dunkeld street 
Brown, Eev. H. S. 274, Upper Parlia- 

ment street 



H. 8. 21. Brofiel street 

Henry, 20, Alexander street 

Henry, 11, Wesley street 

J, 59: li&xey street 

J. 40, Mitylene street 

J. 41, Bnlwer street 

J. 50, NorthumberlftDd street 

Capt. J. Ill, Upper Warwick st. 

J. B. 27, Sandon street 

J. CampbeU, B.S.C. F.C.S. Pro- 
)r of Chemistry, and Analyst to 
al Infirmary, 152, Falkner street 
I, J. 6. 88, Kilshaw street 
, James, 11, Clarence grove 
I, James, 60, Melbourne street 
I, James, 92, Boscommon street 
I, James, 98, Vine street 
I, James, 22, Norwood Grove 
1, James, 21, Biebmond terrace 
, Jane, 50, Caryl street 
, John, 107, Bose vale 
, John, 28, Washington street 
., John, 36, Canning street 
, John, 48, High Park street 
, John, 46, Langham street 
, John, 47, Langsdale street 
, John, 46, Smith street 
, Joseph, 27, Everton village 
, Miss C. 20, Newlands street 
, Mrs. 28, Orient street 
, Miss A. 180, Hamilton road 
, Miss B. 12, Cochrane street 
, Mrs. Elspeth, 8i, Windsor street 
, Mrs. Jane, 76, Cleveland street 
, Mrs. Mary, 3, Wellesley terrace 
, Mansfield, 15, South Hill road 
, Pat. 8, Newhall street 
, Peter, 120, Conway street 

B. 18, Plumptou street 

B. 5, Poplar Grove, The Elms 

B». 64, Boundary lane 
li. 8, Sunny Side, Devonshire rd. 
B. 72, Melville place 
Robert, 36, Conway street 
Samuel, 33, Mill road 
Sam. 90, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Mrs. Sarah, 83, Upper Hill st. 
T. F. 73, Vine street 
Thomas, 60, Eldon place 
Thomas, 79, Salisbury street 
rhomasy 30, Eastbourne street 
Thomas, 38, Conyers street 
William, 23, Kilshaw street 
William 9 ^9 Kinglake street 
HTilliaxn, 4, Conway street 

Brows, William, 11, Baffles street 
Brown, William, 37, Upper Stanhope St. 
Brown, W. 24, Tillotson street 
Brown, W. 18, Warwick street 
Brown, W. 9a, Park street 
Brown, W. L. 27, Eitzclarence street 
Brown, William, 11, Conyers street 
Bro^n, William, 107, Salisbury street 
Brown, William, 32, Hemans street 
Browne, J. W. 27, Whitefield road 
Brownfield, Edward, 181, Vine street 
Brownfield, James, 43, Kinglake street 
Brownell, John, 147, Upper Beau street 
Brovming, James, 81, Melbourne street 
Brownless, A. 45, Thomaston street 
Brownrigg, E. 280, Netherfield rd. N. 
Brownrigg, John, 18, Aber street 
Brownsworth, Maria, 2, Eastbourne At. 
Bruce, — , 42, Upper Stanhope street 
Bruce & Wallace, Dtb. 80, Gtt George sq. 
Bruce, Alex. 182, Grove street 
Bruce, David, 18, Salop street 
Bruce, John, 20, Cambridge street 
Bruce, J. 186, Wellington road 
Bruce, Mrs. 16, Walnut street 
Bruce, Bobert, 1, Carter street 
Bruce, Mrs. Mary, 37, Cobden street 
Bruce, B. 6, Bulwer street 
Bruce, T. 28, Bulwer street 
Bruce, William, 48, Huskisson street 
Bruce, William Wallace, 81, York ter. 
Bruckland, C. 8, Seymour street 
Brudbent, O. 17, Avon street 
Brue, William, 3, Beloe street 
Brumby, — , 12, Breckfleld road, N. 
Brumford, William, 168, Bose vale 
Brumley, Adam, 13, Morpeth street 
Bruiinor, Bev. Johu, 67, Parkfield road 
Brunskell, John M. 42, Cochrane street 
Brunskell, Bicbard A. 40, Cochrane st. 
Brunskell, B. M. 38, Cochrane street 
Brunt, S. 3, Lodge lane 
Bryan, G. 24, Calder street 
Bryan, J. W. 58, Stanhope street 
Bryan, James, 26, Alma street 
Bryan, John, 279, Netherfield road, N. 
Bryan, John, 17, Phcebe-Ann street 
Bryan, Mary, 4a, Catharine street 
Bryan, Bobert, 60, Conyers street 
Bryan, Thomas, 46, St. Domingo road 
Bryan, William, 17, Seiont terrace 
Bryan, William Thomas, Dental Surgeon, 
Hon. Dental Surgeon to Liverpool 
Dental Hospital, 184, Islington. 
Bryant William, 139, Grafton street 




Bryce, a. 89, Upper Hill street 
Bryce, J. J. 52, \vhite Bock ptreet 
Bryce, Mary Ann, 35, Bamber street 
Bryce, Thomas, 254, Beaufort street 
Brydour, J. 32, Seymour street 
Brynell, Thomas, 35, Simpson street 
Bryning, Bobert, 32, Lowther street 
Bryson, James, 6, Bock street 
Buchan, Mrs. E. 122, Upper Hill street 
Buchanan, D. 29, Shaw street 
Buchanan, Henry W. 255, Crown street 
Buchanan, James, 75, Luther street 
Buchanan, J. 17, Crete street 
Buchanan, J. 19, Sackville street 
Buchanan, W. 101, Hill street 
Buck, Bev. J. 28, "West Derby street 
Buck, J. M. 179, Bedford street 
Buck, Elizabeth, 112, Spencer street 
Buck, J. W. 28, West Derby street 
Bucky M. C. 110, Spencer street 
Buckler, — , 15, Kelshaw street 
Buckley,R jun. 24, Richmond tr. Breck rd. 
Buckley, J. 14, Thirlmere road 
Buckley, James, 73, Everton road 
Buckley, Mrs. J. 91, Bedford street 
Buckley, J. 113, Northumberland ter. 
Buckley, Miss Mary Ann, 6, Percy st. 
Buckley, M. 48, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Buckley, T. 11, Avon street 
Buckley, T. B. 37, High Park street 
Buckley, William, 27, Conyers street 
Bucknall, Joseph, 86, Burleigh road, S. 
Buckstone, Henry, 10, Salisbury street 
Bucuris, Q. 47, Queen's road 
Budd, S. C. 10, Ghrasmere street 
Buddie^ R. 43, Thomaston street 
Budge, J. 14, Calder street 
Budaon, E. 337, Scotland road 
Budworth, H. 9, Phythian street 
Bull, B. 63, Rydal street 
Bull, E. 51, Spencer street 
BuU, G. 147, Breckfield road, N. 
Bullan, B. 48, Rydal street 
BuUen, William, 78, Gordon street 
Bullers, William, 7, Burleigh road, S. 
BuUey, Richard, 23, Egerton street 
Bullock, Thomas, 20, Compton street 
Bui man, W. C. 50, Brownlow street 
Bulman, George, 41, Harbord street 
Bulmer, Miss Elizabeth, 10, Seldon street 
Bulmer, Robert, 5, Wynne street 
Bumbow, Joseph, 53, Gt. Nelson street 
Bundley, Thomas, 17, Mount Pleasant 
Bunn, Gheorge H. 3, Upper Duke street 
Bunsou, John, 13, Upper Warwick street 


I Bunster, Matj, 64, Eldon place 
Bunting, Elizabeth, 35, Stirling street 
Bunting, L. 72, Whitefield lane 
Bunting, Mary, 28, Everton village 
Burchill, William, 63, Grasmere street 
Burd, Joseph, 49, Bengel street 
Burden, E. 123, Upper Parliament st 
Burden, G. K. 5, Avon street 
Burdett, Miss M. A. 1, Lodge lane 
Burdett, W. 19, Moville street 
Bueaham, Micliael, 5, Vesuvius street 
Burdge, A. 3, Brenton street 
Burger, J. C. 19, Parkfield road 
Burgess, Edwin, 302, Nethertield rd. N. 
Burgess, Joseph, 38, Roscommon street 
Burgess, R. CO, Thirlmere road 
Burgeas, R. 56, South street 
Burgoyne, James, 27, Pluto street 
Burgoyne, Samuel, 48, Virgil street 
Burke, Andrew, 191, Park road 
Burke, J. 7, Upper Warwick street 
Burke, M. 30, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Burke, Susanna, 100, South Chester street 
Burkett, William, 41, White Rock street 
Burkinshaw, — , 7, Little Woolton st. 
Burland, John, 33, Lovat street 
Burley, Sarah, 195, Grafton street 
Burn, George, 17, Newlands street 
Burn, J. 9, Moville street 
Bum, L. 96, Radcliffe street 
Bum, R. 98, White Rock street 
Bum, W. H. 55, Lloyd street 
Burnes, Henry, 78, Toxteth street 
Bumes, James, Rice lane 
Bumes, John, 156, Pield street i . 

Bumes, Thomas, 101, Grafton street 
Burnes, William, 11, Langham street 
Burnet, James, 60, Tweed street 
Burnet, Thomas, 317, Crown street 
Burnett, George, Whitaker street 
Burnett, J. 3, r^orth Hill street 
Burnett, John, 122, Park street 
Burnett, Jos. 204, Beaufort street 
Burnett, T. 62, Aughton street 
Burnett, W. 53, Tweed street 
Burnie, Elizabeth, 62, Vine street 
Bumio, Joseph, 12, AVhitaker street 
Burns, A. 97, Hill street 
Bums, Arthur, 1, Chester street 
Burns, A. T. 116, St. Domingo vale 
Burusi Barnard, 57, Jordan street 
Burns, Catherine, 2, Blake street 
Bums, Eliz. 1, Caryl street 
Bums, James, 10, St. Marv's lane 
Bums, John James, 10, Alma street 



lira. J. 106, Warwick street 
Maret. 17» Preston street 
MaeL 78, Radcliffe street 
Mrs. 216, Mount Pleasant 
Mrs. Ellen, 72, Creaswell street 
M. 24, Aberdeen street 
T. 84, Combermere street 
John W. 14, Violet street 
gha, B. M. Ill, Bedford street 
', J. 32, Northumberland street 
', J. 13, Bowriug street 
'8, C. 108, Hill street 
a, D. 48, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
a, Q-- P. 38, Avon street 
a, John F. 15, Hardwick street 
-a, J. 16, Avon street 
8, Jos. 3, Whitefield road 
a, Jos. 46, Beloe street 
a, Joseph, 28, Overbury street 
s, Susan, 27a, Catharine street 
a, William, 91, Overbury street 
a, William, 8, Sherlock street 
, T. 48, St. Domingo vale 
I, Will'am, 14, Park place 
-, 213, Upper Parliament street 
sa. 11, Albert park, UUet road 
r. F. K. 50, Warburton street 
Crs. 81, Canning street 
ihaw, J. 34, Sherdley street 
lahaw, S. 19, Fitzclarence street 
, J. 52y Greenland street 
Miss Elizabeth, 38, Oxford st. 
George, 87, Compton street 
James, 118, Falkner street 
Job. 40, Whitefield street 
Thomas, 34, Smith street 
W. 42, Queen's road 
ohn, 28, Canning street 
R 36, Devonshire road 
I, J. 19, Dunkeld street 
?ho8. 313, Scotland road 
liOB. B. 19, Kirkdale road 
, J. W. 101, Bedford street 
, Misa M. 6, North view 
% F. H. 70a, South street 
'hoa. 240, Beaufort street 
Benj. B. 6, Hemans street 
a, S. 16, Parkfield road 
rt, W. T. 18, Breckfield road, N. 
*, Mathew J. 1, Sandon street 
% B. 78, St. Domingo vale 
Hemy* 21, Kensington 
J. B. 72, Menzies street 
— ^ 64, Spencer street 
Owen, 38, South Hill road 

Butler, P. 44, Parliament street 
Butler, Mrs. E. H. 19, Upper Hill street 
Butler, Thomas, 11, St. Bride's street 
Butler, Thomas, 42, Upper Hope place 
Butler, George, 69, Salisbury street 
Butler, Wm. 47, Grove street 
Butlers, Alexander, 9, Lonsdale street 
Butlers, Dr. 4, Berkley street 
Butlers, J. H. 48, Percy street 
Butley, James, 89, Walton lane 
Butt, Geo. 66, Whitefield street 
Butt, James, 202, Beaufort street 
Butt, Wm. 30, Whitefield road 
Butterworth, A. 77, Wellington road 
Button, S. W. 9, Scourfield street 
Buxton, E. J. 38, Arnold street 
Buxton, Heny. 10, Salisbury st. Islington 
Buxton, John A. 54, Carter street 
Buxton, J. 20, Moville street 
Byers, B. 60, Lavan street 
Byford, A. 35, Bedford street 
Byford, Geo. 5, Church Mount, Edge Hill 
Bjles, Jane, 44, Kirkdale road 
Byrne, Agnes, 61, Prescot street 
Byrne, B. 120, Hill street 
Byrne, G. 178, Grove street 
Byrne, H. E. 47, Phythian street 
Byrne, Joseph W. 212, Walton road 
Byrne, M. 40, Ca^l street 
Byrne, Michl. 6, Virgil street 
Byrne, Mrs. M. A. 81, Bedford street 
Byrne, Mrs. 99, Bedford street 
Byrne, P. 44, Warburton street 
Byrne, Thos. 14, Salisbury street 
Byrne, Wm. 107, Marybone 
Byrne, Rev. William, 16, Warren street 
Byrnes, Mrs. F. 99, Grey Eock street 
Byrom, J. 56, Warwick street 
Byrom, Miss, 41, Wilson street 
Byrom, Wm. 8, Kerford street 
Byron, Ths. 44 A 46, Park rd. Toxteth pk. 
Byrons, Mrs. M. A. 99, Warwick street 

Cable, William, 10, Blackfield street 
Cabstett, Mrs. 19, Phoebe- Ann street 
Cacey, T. 55, Combermere street 
Caddick, D. 63, Langham street 
Caddick, George, 4, Chesnut street 
Caddick, William, 67, Eose vale 
Cafferata, J. 26, High Park street 
Cafferata, Joseph, 53, Everton road 
Caffreton, Job. 10, Bichmond view, Belj 

mont road 
Caffrey, John James, 9, Sir Howard st. 
Caggart, W. 87, Ben^el attoat 




Cahill, W. 13, Lavan street 

Cain, G. 67, Northumberland street 

Gain, Charles, 65, Salop street 

Gain, Miss Ann Allen, 163, Chatham st. 

Gain, P. 29, Laxey street 

Gain, Bt. 237, Breck road 

Gain, William, 1, Everton terrace 

Cain, Allen John, 14, Catharine street 

Gain, Bobert, 287, Breck road 

Gaine, Chas. 86, High Park street 

Gaine, Nathaniel, 40, ITp. Parliament st. 

Gaine, Philip, 72, Upper Stanhope street 

Cairns, Alex. 12, Waterloo road 

Cairns, H. 74, South street 

Caking, Bone, 123, Bedford street 

Galcano, Jose Antoine, 3, Blackburn ter. 

Blackburn place 
Galdecutt, Sarah, 8, Moira street 
Calder, J. 2, Prince's park ter.Croxtethrd. 
Galder, John, 19, Torbock street 
Calder, Miss M. 49, Canning street 
Caldlin, B. 83, Deane road 
Galdwin, Bobert, 21, Eldon place 
Calej, James, 81, Hughes sioreet 
Galey, Mrs. Mgt. 44, Cresswell street 
Calfes, F. T. 32, Glevedon street 
Gallagham, Mrs. O. 60, Salisbury street 
Gallaghan, Mrs. Jane, 27, Hardwick st. 
Callaghan, J. 14, Greenland street 
Gallaghan, W. A 31, Dunkeld street 
Gallagher, Chas. 116, Beaufort street 
Gallan, F. 19, York terrace, Everton 
Gallan,Mrs. M. 119, Northumberland ter. 
Gallan, W. 34, Torr street 
Gallan, W. 39, Bulwer street 
Galland, M. 13, Arnold street 
Callander, Adam, 42, Adelaide street. 
Callaway, Edmd. 145, Uuskisson street 
Callaway, James, 68, Bose vale 
Callender, — , 52, Upper Hope place 
Gallender, J. 15. Bulwer street 
Callender, Thos. 108, Conway street 
Galley, A. 49, Melbourne street 
Galley, Wm. 13, Melbourne street 
Callie, James, 8, Boscommon street 
Callow, Chas. 63, Whitefield street 
Callow, James, 57. Brownlow street 
Callow, Daniel. 12, Bussell street x 
Callow, J. 43, Laxey street 
Callow, Jas. 28, WhiteJBeld street 
Callow, John, 25, Cottenham street 
Callvek, James, 77, Bose vale 
Gidlwood, W. 65, Anderson street 
Calvert, Ann, 78, Egerton street 
OjQrert, Thos. 78, Thirlmere road 


Calvert, Joseph, 5, Perth street 
Calvert,W. 12, Alexander ter. Prince's rd. 
Cam, William, 1, Everton terrace 
Cambell, Wm. 15, Newhall street 
Camberlane, Alice, 146, Tunnel road 
Cameron, A. 73, Anderson street 
Cameron, C. T. 297, Netherfield rd. N. 
Cameron, D. 18, Jasmine street 
Cameron, Ewen, Begent road, Bootle 
Cameron, John, M.D. 17, Bodney street 
Cameron, Mrs. 22, Oxford street 
Cameron, N. 73, Coniston street 
Cameron, J. 82, Queen's road 
Cameron, J. G-. 22, Lovat street 
Cameron, Niel, 129, Up. Parliament st. 
Gamm, Mrs. A. 39, Bed Bock street 
Camm, J. 19, Bowring street 
Camm, Thos. 43, South street 
Cammaek, A B. 11, Wellesley terrace, 

Prince's park 
Campana, Hy. Edwd. 136, Crown street 
Campbell, Albert, 43, South Hill road 
Campbell, Alexander, 75, Vine street 
Campbell, Capt. 115, Upper Stanhope st. 
Campbell, D. 5, St Domingo vale 
Campbell, David» 107, Grove street 
Campbell, Mrs. Donald, 15, Catharine st. 
Campbell, Duncan, 38, Sterling street 
Campbell, Duncan, 94, Berkley street 
Campbell, G. 124, Wellington road 
Campbell, G^o. 36, Langham street 
Campbell, Thos. 2, Grove park 
Campbell, Hugh, 255, Grafton street 
Campbell, Hugh A. 4, Moira street 
Campbell, J. 114, Kilshaw street 
Campbell, J. 70, Queen's road 
Campbell, James, 35, Pluto street 
Campbell, Jas. 16, Blackfield street 
Campbell, Jas. 188, Beaufort street 
Campbell, John, 33, Eldon place 
Campbell, Jno. 34, St. Domingo road 
Campbell, John, 269, Grafton street 
Campbell, Margaret, 10, Walton road 
Campbell, M. A. Dingle mt South Hill rd. 
Campbell, Miss E. 100, South Chester st. 
Campbell, Mrs. Ann, 108, Crown street 
Campbell, Mrs. £. 20, Thomaston street 
Campbell, Peter, 39, Silvester street 
Campbell, B. 1, Upper Warwick street 
Campbell, B. 190, Beaufort street 
Campbell, Bobert, 89, Boscommon street 
Campbell, Bobt. Ill, Salisbury street 
Campbell, Bt. 279, Beaufort street 
Campbell, T. 88, (Wning street 
Campbell, Thomas, 22, Queen Ann. street 




Ounpbell, Ttioa. 2, Grove park 
Campbell, W. 45, Seymour street 
Campbell, —,11, North Hill street 
Campion, Mrs. M, A. 39, Thomaston st. 
Oampion, J. 6, Upper Hill street 
Camur, Josh. 83. Liandseer road 
Cand, John, 178, Upper Frederick street 
Candland, Miss Ellen, 5, Grey street 
Canedy, J. 21, Wellfield place, Peel st. 
Canell, William, 104, Edinburgh street 
Caney, Mrs. 48, Salisbury street 
Cankilt, J. 82, The Willows, Breck road 
Cann, Juo. 44, Torr street 
Cannal, E. 260, Beaufort street 
Cannal, Thos. 276, Beaufort street 
Cannan, E. 166, Park road 
Cannel, James, 43, Rishton street 
Cannell, Ed. 16, Wilson street 
Cannell, Eunice, 38, Mason street 
Canning, G. 46, Brownlovr street 
Canning, J. 38, Mount Vernon street 
Canning, Mrs. 38, Ogwen street 
Cannon, J. 20, Salisbury street 
Cannon, J. 52, Faraday street 
Cannon, Wro. Norihfield, Devonshire rd. 
Cannon, S. 10, Boundary lane 
Cansgrove, B. 99, Athol street 
Cantrill, Joseph, 49, Ulswater street 
Cantwell, Mrs. 1, Seiont terrace 
Capper, C. T. 10, Mariners* parade, Can- 
ning place 
Capper, C. 66, Virgil street 
Capper, Peter, 42, Park road 
Capper, Thos. 26, Great Nelson street 
Caraher, Hugh, 51, Vine street 
Carbisley, James, 86, Landseer road 
Carbnck, R. 52, Calder street 
Cardas, Mrs. Ann, 89a, Hill street 
Cardwell, J. 18, Fowler street 
Gardwell, John, 55, Phythian street 
Card wood, Jolm, 14, Vesuvius street 
Carefiill, Thomas, 56, Windsor street 
Careful], S. John, 223, Beaufort street 
Caregau, Owen, 17, Sandon street 
Caregan, Peter, 7, Melville place 
Caremichael, Sugleon, 34, Gt. Mersey st. 
Carey, John, 14, Kichmondter. Breckrd. 
Carey, Thomas, 36, Tynemouth street 
Cariss, Astrup, 6, Hope place 
Carker, A. 28, Bupert lane 
Cariin, Mrs. G, St. Domingo grove 
CVlis, Walter, 8, AUau street 
Carlisle, Mrs. 82, Burleigh road north 
Ctriton, W. 24, Kepler street 
CaiitoD, J. 81, Park street 

Carlyle, Qeo. 10, Edge lane 
Carmichael, Thos. 78, Rose vale 
Carmichael, — , 5 1 , Clarence grove 
Carne, E. 31, Toxteth street 
Carney, John, 60, Dublin street 
Camon, D. 48, Holiburton street 
Carol, Michael, 27, Bailey street 
Carow, J. 121, Bedford street 
Carpenter, Samuel, 4, Grey street 
Carr, E. 38, Northumberland street 
Garr, George, 10, Canterbury street 
Carr, H. 86, Stanhope street 
Carr, J. 46, Clarence grove 
Carr, J. 71, Stanhope street 
Carr, John, 72, South street 
Carr, John, 35, Crosbie street 
Carr, John, 59, Eldon place 
Carr, Mrs. Mary A. 55, Plnmpton street 
Carr, T. 26, Caird street 
Carr, Thos. 7, Kent square 
Carr, Wm. 88, Gt)rdon street 
Carr, — , 24, Tynemouth street 
Carral, Mrs. Mary, 74, Vine street 
Carrathers, Hugh, 27, Gt. Mersey street 
Carrell, John, 46, Newhall street 
Carrick, Miss, 44, Aber street 
Carris, Dennis, 23, Begent street 
Carrogan, Owen, 17, Sandon street 
Carrol, Dennis, 68, 78, Gordon street 
Carrol, Tlios. 92, Badeliffe street 
Carroll, Bernard, 42, Denbigh street 
Carroll, C. R. 12, Egertou street 
Carroll, Edw. 26, Kinglake street 
(Carroll, Marin, 62, Walnut street 
Carroll, Jno. Joseph, 5, Mackenzie st. 
Carroll, Michael, 10, Kensington 
Carroll, Mrs. 100, Gordon street 
Carroll, Mrs. A. 2, Canton street 
Carroll, Mrs. E. 2, Northumberland ter. 
Carroll, R. 58, Melbourne street 
Carroll, Thomas, 7, Upper Stanhope st. 
Carroll, Wm. 67, Queen's road 
Carruthera, Mat hew, 54, Roae rale 
Carruthers, R. 379, Scotland rd. 
Carruthers, Thomas, 13, Sir Howard st. 
Carruthers, William, 5, Fiilkner square 
Carson, Joseph, 306, Up. Parliament st. 
Carson, Mrd. S. 2, Boalcr street 
Carson, Mrs. Sarah, 66, Norwood gro?e 
Carson, W. 12, Fowler street 
Carter, Alfred, -W, Boundary place 
Carter, Chas. 17, Norwood grove 
Carter, F. W. 41, Newstead road 
Carter, Hy. 59, Radcliffe street 
Carter, J. 17, Beloe atwet 




Carter, J. 46, Stanhope street 
Carter, J. 28, South Castle street 
Carter, John, 49a, Q-rove street 
Carter, John, 9, Wynne street 
Carter, Joseph D. 33, St. James's place 
Carter, Margaret, 41, Wesley street 
Carter, Miss Ellen, 49a, Parr street 
Carter, Miss Eliza, 9, Edge lane 
Carter, Mrs. E. E. 2, Bloom street 
Carter, Mrs. Walmsley, 34, St. James rd. 
Carter, Eobert, 3, Wesley street 
Carter, Stephen, 16, Gibson street 
Carter, Thomas, 7, Beloe street 
Carter, Thomas, 59, Ogwen street 
Carter, W. 57, Lloyd street 
Carter, William, 10, Melville place 
Oartman, A. 146, Stanley road 
Cartmelts, B. 7, Ezmouth street 
Gartner, John, 28, Foley street 
Cartwright, Mrs. Eliz. 166, Islington 
Cartwright, T. C. 97, Upper Staiiope st. 
Carus, Kichard, 61, Conway street 
Carver, L. 77, Chatham street 
Carwin, D. 70, Pield street 
Gascow, Charles, 60, Poplar street 
Case, A. 28, Sandon street 
Case, H. 24, Orove park 
Case, Henry, 183, Islington 
Case, Henry, 179, Islington 
Case, Miss Elizabeth, 27, Parkfield road 
Casement, J. 29, Peel street 
Casement, J. B. 27, Wilson street 
Casey, Denis, 132, Field street 
Casey, James, 38, Edinburgh street 
Casey, P. 10, Combermere street 
Casey, P. 19, Seldon street 
Casey, Thomas, 158, Upper Frederick st. 
Casford, Thomas, 82, South Chester st. 
Cash, J. 15, Seymour street 
Cash, John, 64, Harlow street 
Cash, S. 9, North Hill street 
Cashel, Gt. W. 49, South street 
Cashmore, J. H. 64, Windermere st. 

Breck road 
Cason, E. 127, Bose Vale 
Cassady, John, 46, Warburton street 
Cassels, William, 61, Conyers street 
Cassells, Alex. 99, Upper Parliament st. 
Cassidy, Mrs. M. J. 78, Aber street 
Cassidy, Thomas, 75, Marybone 
Casson, B. 125, Cardwell street 
Casson, John, 86, Conway street 
Oaseon, Mrs J, J). 151, Wellington rd. 
Ckssao, Robert, 4a, Uxbridge street 
-«cs4/£>re, George, 51, Egerton street 


Castellain, Alfred, jun. 2, Welleslej 

terrace. Prince's park 
Catchpole,B. 1684&170 Netherfield rd. N. 
Catchpole, Edward, 14, Alfred street 
Catcbpole, E. 199, Upper Parliament st. 
Catherine, J. 10, Tillotson street 
Cato, John, 120, Badcliffe street 
Cato, William, 33, Plumpton street 
Caton, John, 81, Bamber street 
Caton, John, 27, Latham street 
Catrall, John, 51, Kinglake street 
Catterall, J. 36, Baker street 
Catterall, S. 66, Devonshire road 
Cattle, Mary Ann, 56, Thomas street 
Cattrall, Edward, 20, Brunei street 
Cattrol, S. 79a, Queen's road 
Caulfield, M. C. 34, Conway street 
Cauty, Evans H. 29, Catharine street 
Cavanagh, Joseph, 25, Foley street 
Cavannagh, William, 13, Bake lane 
Cavin, W. 89, Athol street 
Cawlan, Catherine, 52, Nelson street 
Cawley, H. 21, Whitefield road 
Cawlton, Chas. 14, Sykes street 
Cawson, Mrs. Ann, 66, Melville place 
Cawthome, Ann, 121, Vine street 
Ceanes, Mrs. 43, Eodney street 
Chaddock, James, 18, Pleasant street 
Cbadwick, Daniel, 40, Wavertree road 
Chadwick, M. A. 198, Grove street 
Chadwick, John, 47, Parr street 
Chadwick, John, 27, Devonshire place 
Chadwick, Samuel, 5, Huskisson street 
Chadwick, — , 5, Haliburton stre^ 
Challiner, Henry, 116, Harlow street 
Challiner, Joseph, 3, St. Bride's street 
Chalmer, Emma, 10, Canning place 
Chaloner, James, 60, Clevehuad street 
Chalton, — , 71, Camber street 
Chamber, Margaret, 19, Beservoir street 
Chamberlain, G-. 82, Parliament street 
Chamberlain, Miss A. 9, South street 
Cham berlin,, Charles, 28, Bloom street 
Chamberlin, N. 64, High Park street 
Chamberlin, Eichard, 101, Everton ter. 
Chambers, Frederick, 5, Sugnall street 
Chambers, Gr. 34, Parliament street 
Chambers, James, 40, Tillotson street 
Chambers, John, 61, Eldon place 
Chambers, John, 21, York terrace 
Chambers, Margaret, 37, Caryl street 
Chambers, Mrs. S. 32,. Beaumont street 
Chambers, Thomas, 64, Freelai) d street 
Chamby, B^bert^SG, Smithdown lane 
Chamley, Mra. "MAty, \^,^iX^ «\2C^>;» 




Chimpion, Ennis, 2, Avon street 
ChampioD, E. 2, Avon street 
Chandler, James, 45, Wesley street 
Chanley, J. 80, Brown street 
Chant, Edward, 82, Alma street 
Chanty Sarah, 26, Harewood street 
Chantrill, Q. F. 1, St. James's Mount 
Chaple, Ann, 3, Latham street 
Chapman, A. 47, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Chapman, Charles, 7, Whitaker street 
Chapman, H. 40, Wellesley rd. Peel st. 
Chapman H. C. 2, Blackburn place 
Chapman, John, 10, Dunkeld street 
Chapman, J. B. 4, Ogwen street 
Chapman, John, 161, Bose Yale 
Chi^man, Joseph, 18, Scourfield street 
Chapman, Thomas, 8, Parkfield road 
Chapman, T. 90, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Chapman, T. 116, Hill street 
Chapman, T. O. 51, Whitefield street 
Chapman, "W. H. 87, Gelling street 
Chappie, John, 168, Bose vale 
Chard, J. W. 18, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
Chard, John James, 6, Seldon street 
Charke, J. 58, Menzies street 
Charles, J. P. 73, William Henry street 
Charles, Mrs. 12, Clarence street 
Charles, T. 16, Avon street 
Charl&«, W. 69, Beacon lane 
Charlton, Edward, 23, Mitylene street 
Chamer, Thomas, Bice lane 
Chamley, John, 25, Salop street 
Chamley, P. 45, Collins street 
Chamly, J. 76, Devonport street 
Chamock, John, 115, Badcliffe street 
Chamock, Mrs. C. 42, Mount Vernon st. 
Chamock, Bobert, 26, Whitefield street 
Chamock, Sarah, 29, Moira street 
Chamock, T. 7. Combermere street 
Chamock, — , 7, Whitefield road 
Charnocks, John, 206, Beaufort street 
Charton, William, 60, Smitlidown lane 
Chaston, William, 57, Toxteth street 
Chaters, J. 59, Queen's road 
Chaterton, E. G. 1, Brenton street 
Chatham, C. 33, Phythian street 
Chatterton, J, 13, Hill street 
Chatterton, Thomas, 49, Kent street 
Chedder, George, 49, South Chester st. 
Cheers, Edwin, 51, Collins street 
Cheers, Francis, 8, Newlands street 
Cheers, Thomas, 2, Upper Duke street 
Cbeetham, James, 74, Edinburgh street 
Cheetbana, Thomas, 62, Hall lane 
Cheeren, Captain C. 7, Oreenheya rd. 

Chegeen, Jonathan Nelson, Surgeon, 

101, Upper Parliament street 
Chell, Thomas, 110, Berkley street 
Cherry, Stewart, 14, Newlands street 
Cheshire, Fred. Wm. 50, Norwood grove 
Cheshire, S. 25, White Bock street 
Cheshire William, 15, Latham street 
Chester, William C. 89, St. Domingo rd. 
Chesterton, J. 54, Hamilton rd. Brerton 
Cheveley, Edward, 14, Aber street 
Chew, J. P. 12, Seymour street 
Chew, William, 4, Upper Newington 
Chick, Thomas, 29, Grasmere street 
Chilcott, Bobert, 30, Morton street 
Child, Mrs. Jane, 12, Norwood grove 
Child, William, 271, Athol street 
Child s, Paul, 257, Grafton street 
Childs, S. 71, Bed Bock street 
Chimmais, Frances, 73, Everton terrace 
Chinn, Susan Jane, 78, Grove street 
Chisholm, John, 1, The Elms 
Chislett, Louisa, 86, Grove street 
Chisman, G. 1, Galton street 
Chisnall, M. 68, Boundary lane 
Chiswell, John, 34, Salop street 
Chisworth, George, 139, Badcliffe street 
Chittick, J. 58, Aughton street 
Choberton, William, 33, Harewood st. 
Chrastall, Edward, 56, Lavan street 
Chreucho, Thomas, 25, Cardwell street 
Christabeloe, Henry, 16, Falkner square 
Chris tain, Maria, 19, Kinglake street 
Christain, Bobert, 7, Churchill street 
Christall, Charles, 24, Ogwen street 
Christian, A. 4, Menzies street 
Christian, Edward, 9, Alfred street 
Christian, F. 8, Elizabeth street 
Christian, Henry, 31, Upper Stanhope 

Christian, J. 7, Bulwer street 
Christian, Mrs. Sarah, 93, Berkley street 
Christian, AV. 169, Canning street 
C^hristie, Alex. 24, Melbourne st. 
Christie, C. 19, Upper Warwick street 
Christie, Mrs. Hannah, 28, Pleasant st. 
Christie, W. G. 4, Beservoir street 
Christie, W. 250, Beaufort street 
Christie, W. 12, Thomaston street 
Christopher, J. 18, Upper Stanhope st. 
Christopher, J. 14, Clevcdon st. Park rd. 
Christopher, W. 1, Wesley street 
Christopherson, H. Bill, 33, Arnold st. 
Chubb, Mrs. M. A. 12^,U\)i'&Vva&^Ts.%\.. 
Chuck, Thomas, 2.^, GcTTsjs«\^x^%\.T'eRX» 
Chudley, Ed^vin, lO^^exe.^ %VT^^>i 


Chudley, WiUiam, 59, Barnes street 
Ghurcli, C. 11, Devonshire road 
Church, Joseph, 2, Homer street 
Church, William, 71, Salisbury street 
Churchill, J. 124, Upper HiU street 
Churchill, William, 37, Blackstock st. 
Churchlin, Mrs. £. 193, Beacon lane 
Ohurlej, Thomas, 129, Bose vale 
Churphey, John, 34, Clevedon street 
Churfcon, J. 61, Albion street 
Churton, Thomas, 129, Fhythian street 
Clafbon, Mary, 48, Queen Ann street 
Clague, Ann, 177, Beaufort street 
Clague, J. 39, Fhythian street 
Cla^:ue, B. 91, Fhythian street 
Clair, B. S. 50, Caryl street 
Clamp, Edward, 29, Hardwick street 
Clampe, Ferring,145, Mill road 
Clancey, Mary, 109, Bed Bock street 
Clans, J. A. 5, St. Domingo grove 
Clare, D. T. 55, G-rasmere street 
Clare, Eliza, 15, Daulby street 
Clare, GTeorge, 55, Langbam street 
Clare, John, 119, Fhythian street 
Clare, Johnson, 30, Downing street 
Clare, Mary, 12Ay Devonshire place 
Clare, Mrs. T. 4, Laxey street 
Clare, Miss, 57, Hope street 
Clare, Mrs. C. 24, Elizabeth street 
Clare, Sarah, 1, Springfield street 
Clark, Abraham, 54. Toxteth street 
Clark, CharleSy 72, Alma street 
Clark, Daniel, 6, Canning street 
Clark, D. 32, Brenton street 
Clark, Daniel, 58, Highfield street 
Clark, E. 36, Bupert lane 
Clark, E. Ill, Bose. vale 
Clark, Elisabeth, 31, Blake street 
Clark, H. 8, Fhoebe-Ann street 
Clark, Henry, 50, Edinburgh street 
CUrk, H. J. 15, Cookson street 
Clark, J. 108, Warwick street 
Clark, J. 49, Thirlmere road 
Clark, J. R 64, Tetlow street 
Clark, James, 30, Denbigh street 
Clark, John, 41, Hughes street 



Clark, William, 4, Guilford street 
Clark Samuel, 74, Bishton street 
Clark, — , 30, Boundary lane 
Clarke, Ann, 71, G-regson street 
Clarke, B. 23, The Willows, Breck road 
Clarke, Charles, 55, BadclifTe street 
Clarke, Charles, 9, Aberdeen street 
Clarke, George, 1, Grey street 
Clarke, J. 16, Belvidere road 
Clarke, J. A. 17a, South Castle street 
Clarke, James, 53, Latham street 
Clarke, James A. 18, Vesuvius street 
Clarke, James, 53, Latham street 
Clarke, Margaret Ann, 122, Duke street 
Clarke, Mrs. M. A. 30, St. Domingo road 
Clarke, Miss, 156, Bedford street 
Clarke, Mrs. 63, Grafton street 
Clarke, Mrs. R 8, Beloe street 
Clarke, Bichard, 28, Norwood grove 
Clarke, Bobert, 73, Whitefield road 
Clarke, Bobert, 40, St. James's place 
Clarke, Bobert, 36, St. James's place 
Clarke, Samuel, 40, Chatsworth street 
Clarke, Steven, 21, Cornwallis street 
Clarke, Thomas, 129, Fhythian street 
Clarke, Thomas, 2, Seldon street 
Clarke, William, 30, Chatsworth street 
Clarke, William, 36, Melbourne street 
Clarkson, John, 28, Eldon place 
Clarkson, William, 104, Chatham street 
Clarkson, William, 55, St. George's Hill 
Clarr, R J. 8, Stanhope street 
Clater, Elizabeth, 53, William Henry st 
Clay, G^rge 31, Adelaide street 
Clay, Mrs. A. 85, Bed Bock street 
Clay, Balf, 23, Grove street 
Clay, Balnh, 23, Falkner square 
Clay, William, 169, Grafton street 
Clays, Margaret, 60, Walnut street 
Clayton, Ellen, 14, Pembroke place 
Clayton, E. 4, North view 
Clayton, H. 17, Haliburton street 
Clayton, Jane, 31, Mill road 
Clayton, M. 192, Park road 
Clayton, Mrs. Maria, 115, St. Domigo rd. 
Clayton, B. 26, St. Domingo road 

Clark, John, 233, Upper Frederick street Clayton, W. 16, Seftou square 

Clark, John, 38, Aber street 
Clark, Miss, 35, Guilford street 
Clark, Mrs. Maria, 59, Chatham street 
Clark, Thomas, 43, Great Nelson street 
Churk, Timothy, 143, Field street 
OJark^ Thomas, 45, Arnold street 
;g&«t TAomas, 49, Upper Beau street 
^y^^, W: J 01, Omning street 


Clayton, William, 47, Cottenham street 
Clayton, Mrs. 5, Fowler street 
Clayton, William, J^, Beloe street 
Cleary, Catherine, 39, Soho street 
Clegg, Archibald, 105, Latham street 
Clegg, E. J. 12, Everton valley 
Clegg, J. 35, Baker street 
^legg) James E, 4!2, T3i^i^t "S^xY^aiOi^iil «X. 




Cleggy Jobn, 42, Qrej street 
Clegg, Jolui, 55, South Chester street 
Clegg, John, 36, Beloe street 
Clegg, Pau], 19, Netherfield road south 
Clegg, Bobert A Co. 5, Highfield street 
Clegg A Wright, 74, Stanhope street 
Clegg, William, 03, Erskine street 
Cleggs, Miss, 52, Arnold street 
Cieghow, James, 26, Sterling street 
Clements, Captun Dsvy, Tennyson street 
Clements, Edward, 16, Maryland street 
Clements, Edw. 14, Everton village 
Clements, John, 16, Exmouth street 
Clementaon, J. 109, Upper Stanhope st. 
Clementson, John, 20, South street 
deminshaw, James, 23, Bake lane 
Clency, J. 10, Sefton square 
Clen&nnin, W. 28, Upper Hill street 
Clephan, Jasper, 30, Seymonr street 
Clerk. L. 181, Wellington road 
Clewoth, Joseph, 58, Freeland street 
Clibboon, J. B. 154, Smithdown lane 
Gliboon, Mrs. R 169, Bedford street 
ClidgaU, J. 58, Field street 
Clifi; William, 18, Gregson street 
Cliffe, Thos. 38, The Willows, Breck road 
Clifford, E. 4, North Hill street 
Clifton, Alexander, 26, Tynemouth street 
Cligheroe, E. 119, Upper Stanhope street 
Clinn, William, 46, Luther street 
Clinton, C. 104, Kilshaw street 
Clinton, John, 116, Mount Pleasant 
Clinton, Mary Ann, 19, Pleasant st. 
Clittel, Henry, 50, Greenland street 
Cloguet, Eobert L. 17, Hope place 
Close, John, 43, Conway street 
Close, Eohert, 48, Bengel street 
Clotworthy, H. 60, Upper Hill street 
Clot worth V, Henry, 35, Arthur ^t^eet 
aough, J.' 43, Park Hill road 
Clough, T. P. 30, Upper Stanhope street 
Clover, Mrs. Jane, 45, Parkfield road 
Clover, W. 29, Parkfield road 
Clow, Kobert, 21, CMiatham street 
Clowe, Henry, 42, Walnut street 
Cloy, Mrs. Elizabeth, 32, Grey Hlreet 
Clucas, J. 11, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
Clucas, W. 38, Kepler street 
Cluff. E. 110, Warick street 
Clunie, T. Prince's park terr. Cmxteth rd. 
Clydesdale, James, 46, Great George st. 
Coates, James, 55, IV'eland street 
Coates, Mrs. E. 33, Bulwer street 
CoatSy T. 44, yortbumberJaud street 
Cobb, J. 22, Bedford street 

Cobb, J. L. 10, St. James's road 
Cobb, John, Eice lane 
Cobb, Thomas, 40, Torr street 
Cobb, T. K. 8, Avon street 
Coburgh, J. 116, Canning street 
Cochrane, Kobert, 3, Whitaker street 
Cockayne, William, 30, ]31ooni street 
CJockayne, Thomas, 5, Bloom street* 
Cockburn, James, 52, Tennyson street 
Cockine, George, 45, Chatham street 
Cocking, J. 40, Combermero street 
Cockling, A. 14, Combermere street 
Coekrane, James, 16, Eldon place 
Cockrane, ThoR. 34, Mackenzie street 
Coekrane, J. 21, Oakfield road 
Cockrell, John, 34, Netherfield road, S. 
Cockton, Jului, 0, Whitaker street 
Cofty, Francis, 8, Blair street 
Coghill, P. J. 47, Cleveland street 
Coghlan, John, 47, Oakfield road 
Coghlar, J. G. 44, Brenton street 
Coglan, John, 28, Spencer street 
Cohan, Abraham, 77, Great Newton st 
Cohen, L. S. 62, Set'ton terr. Princes rd. 
Cohen, M. 98, Myrtle street 
Cohen, Mrs. F. 30, Bedford street 
Cohen, Mrs. Eachael, 11, Moon street 
Cohen, N. 88, Salisbury street 
Cohen, Samuel, 43, Pleasant street 
Coine, Caroline, 45, Huskisson street 
Colcut, Mr. 47, Mere lane 
Cole, Artliur, 66, St. Domingo vale 
Cole, Arthur, 56, Great Newton street 
Cole, Ellen, 29, Tillotson street 
Cole, (Ireor^e, 25, Parkfield road 
Cole, Henry, 42, Chatsworth street 
C'Ole, James, 1 1 , Nctlierfield road south 
C^ole, Mary, 13, Rock street 
(yolebank, J. SS, St. J)oiningo vale, Everton 
Coleman, F. 53, Comptoii street 
Coleman, Henry, 6S, Breckfield road, N. 
Coleman, John, 41, Comwallis street 
Coleman, Thomas, 2, Koee vale 
Coles, William, 132, Vine street 
Colett, R 17, Kent square 
Coley, James, SO, Augliton street 
Coley, Miss K. 51, Baker street 
Colgan, J. 00, Parliament street 
Col land, •). A. 18, Kent square 
Collard, J. A. 2. Highfield view, Belmont 

Colleen, Andrew, 42, Blandford street 
Coller, \Vn^. 1, Ivy street 
Collier, AV. 54, KatV^Ab^^ to^ 
Collin, George, iy^,&mvt\i^wm\M^ 





Collin, Henry, 40, Egerton street 
Collin, Hichard, 23, Freeland street 
Collihgwood, Wm. 60, Bedford street 
Collins, Ann, 71, Aber street 
Collins, Ed. 131, Eadcliffe street 
Collins, Eliza, 80, Egerton street 
Collins, H. W. 43, Canning street 
Collins, Hj. 104a, Eoscommon street 
Collins, Isabella, 39, Boundary place 
Collins, John, 20, Mona street 
Collins, John, 5, Sir Howard street 
Collins, John, 23, Grove street 
Collins, John Scott, 125, Upper Hill 

street, Eagle terrace 
Collins, M. 8, Belvidere road 
Collins, Mary, 23, Grey street 
Collins, Mary Ann, 44, Blundell street 
Collins, Matilda, 8, Belvidere road 
Collins, Mrs. 120,' Netherfield road north 
Collins, Daniel, 18, Lovat street 
Collins, Mathew, 80, Eishton street 
Collins, Mrs. M. A. 12, Newby terrace, 

Belmont road 
Collins, Mrs. Margt. 65, Up. Stanhope st. 
Collins, E. G. 55, Stanhope street 
Collins, W. 34, Haliburton street 
Collins, Mrs. W. 29, Coniston street 
Collinson, James, 9, Kinglake street 
CoUinson, John, 33, Eassell street 
Collinson, Eichard, 18, Guilford street 
Collinson, Thomas, 18, Avon street 
Collinson, W. 17, Moore place 
Collister, H. B. 20, Avon street 
CoUister, J. 15, Canton street 
Collister, J. 8, Grey Eock street 
Colly, P. 135, Upper Hill street 
Colly, James, 72 & 74, Upper Hill street 
Colman, Thomas AV. 8, Barnes street 
Colme, Thomas, 288, Beaufort street 
Colsell, Henry, 17, Sand street 
Colson, William, 36, Little Woolton st. 
Coltart, Mrs. Mary, 160, Islington 
Coltart, E. 54, Devonshire street 
Coltart, William, 80, Lodge lane 
Colton, John, 27, Barter street 
Colvin, John, 67, Grep^aon street 
Combacb, Eobert, 4, Grove park 
Coman, Thomas, 14, Kinglake street 
Comer, T. 14, Kinglake street, Edge Hill 
Commelair, A. 25, Caird street 
Commins, G. H. 40, Avon street 
Compton, Charles, 302, Beaufort street 
ComrJe, J. 28, Menziea street 
Chnarray, R. 42, York terrace 
Oonboj^, Michael, 81, Atherton street 


Conbrough, Henry, 37, Hope street 
Condon, Jerry, 73, Wellington road 
Coney, J. 14, Eichmond ter. Breck road 
Coning, J. 18, Haliburton street 
Conlan, Joseph, 1, Downing street 
Conley, John, 21, Conway street 
Conley, Mical, Eice lane 
Conley, Peter, 170, Field street 
Conley, Eobert, 52, Eose vale 
Connell, Miss M. 160, Bedford street 
Connell, Owen, 38, SsJop street 
Connell, Thomas, 58, Edinburgh street 
Connell, W. 11, Pluto street 
ConnoUey, James, 27, Eose Hill 
Connolly, Lawrence, 6, Great Nelson st. 
Connolly, M. 79, Upper Warwick street 
Connolly, Mrs. Hannah, 3, Ivy street 
Connolly, Patrick Joseph, Montpelier 
house, 25, Northumberland ter. EvertoQ 
Connolly, S. 22, Sparling street 
Connolly, Samuel, 74, Adelaide street 
Connor, C. 69, Upper Warwick street 
Connor, E. 86, St. Domingo vale, Eveiicm 
Connor, J. 51, Brenton street 
Connor, James, 20, Eield street 
Connor, John, 57, Eegent street 
Connor, Joseph, 26, Sackville street 
Connor, Judith, 33, Queensland street 
Connor, M. 107, Phythian street 
Connor, Patrick, 17, Breck street 
Connor, Patrick, 2, Lloyd street 
Connor, E. 17, Albion street 
Connor, E. 115, Warwick street 
Connor, Eobert, 16, Mitylene street 
Connor, Thomas, 85, Luther street 
Connor, T. J. 12, Mitylene street 
Connor, W. 18, Hill street 
Connorton, Mrs. J. 18, Canton street 
Conor, Eev. J. B. 126, Islington 
Conquhoum, Alice, 108, Edinburgh street 
Conroy, Mrs. C. 60, Warwick street 
Conroy, NichoUs, 25, Luther street 
Cons, C. 60, Aubrey street 
Constantine, Eev. Stratulis Archimus^ 

146, Chatham street 
Constantine, T. 12, Sparling street 
Conway, C. 26, Salisbury street 
Conway, J. 16, Aberdeen street 
Conway, John, 5, Brunei street . 
Conway, L. 28, Compton street 
CouA^ay, S. 3, Fitzclarence street 
Conway, Thomas, 24, Haliburton street 
Conway, Thomas, 52, Freeland street 
Cooban, Henry K. 02, Q^u^een's road 
I Cooban, Jameo^, ^iS, ^^exV-OTi to^^ 



FatricV, 64, KiDglake street 
.. 17, Sherdley street 
(en. 174, Grove street 
). I. J. 8, Wilson street 
laniel, 7, Melbourne street 
idward, 14, Luther street 
Siiza, 6, Newlands street 
ames, 16, Cookson street 
ohn, 6, Vesuvius street 
oseph, 20, Harbord street 
tfrs. 112, Gregson street 
An. Ann, 46, Harewood street 
»7, Mount Pleasant 
Robert, 42, Whitefield street 
James, 27, Scourfield street 
Mrs. S. 55, Erskine street 
R. H. 12, Torr street 
Bobert, 59, Salop street 
Thomas, 88, Norwood Grove 
Thomas, 21, Minshull street 
— , 8, Byford street 
r, Mrs. M. Ill, Grove street 
D, John, 47, Cardwell street 
n, John, 81, Badcliife street 
n, W. 19, Wilson street 
n, William, 16, SackviUe street 
dward, 18, SackviUe street 
», John, 69, Egerton street 
>, John, 61, Everton road 
B, G. J. 155, Vine street 
John, 108, Upper Hill street 
, Peter, 3, Kent square 
ij, John, 5, Brunei street 
, Charles H. 97, Grafton street 
, H. 134, Canning street 
, Henry, 75, Melbourne street 
, Henry, 46, St. Domingo vale 
, J. Ill, Grey Eock street 
, J. 125, Grat'ton street 
, James, 32, Beloe street 
, J. D. 122, Radcliffe street 
, Louisa, 114, Vine street 
, Mary, 41, Smithdown lane 
, Mary Aon, 16, Kelson street 
, Mary, 76, liadcliffe street 
, Miss M. A. 200, Wellington rd. 
, Mrs. 16, Downing street 
, Mrs. E. 7, Canton street 
, Mrs. James, 50, Chatham street 
, Mrs. Mary, 50, Wellington 
ce. West Derby road 
, Mrs. Sarah, 104, Vine street 
, B. 49, Shaw street 
; Thomas, 64^, Grafton street 
Thomas, 37, Melbourne street 

Cooper, W. 15, Kent street 
Cooper, Wm. 68, Breckfield road south 
Cooper, W. Hy. 60, Falkner street 
Cooper, WilUam, 83, OldhaU street 
Coopland, Geo, 1, Luther street 
Coote, George W. 42, Windsor street 
Copcutt, J. 67, Lw^y street 
Cope, Henry, 92, Westboume street 
Copeland, D. 9, Crete street 
Copeman, Charles R 108, Bedford street 
Copland, Martha, 135, Bose vale 
Copleton, James, 92, Gordon street 
Coppell, J. 9, Avon street 
Coppell, John, 66, Edinbuigh street 
Copple, Eichard, 7 a. Pilgrim street 
Corban, P. Rice lane 
Corbbally, C. J. 119, Bedford street 
Corbett, F. 50, Conway street 
Corbett, Jno. W. 45, Hughes street 
Corcoran, Antony, 3, Crosbie street 
Corcoran, M. 24, Lower Mersey view 
Corcoran, Thomas, 65, Great Newton st. 
Cordinglev, Thomas, 15, Whitaker street 
Corea, John. 14, Moria street 
Corea, Mary, 14, Nelson street 
Corfield, Eichard, 109, Falkner street 
Corin, W. 5, Priory place 
Corish, Patrick, 170, Huskisson street 
Corish, — , 70, Queensland street 
Cork, C. 8, Calder street 
Cork, Mrs. Mary A. 39, Tetlow street 
Corkhill, B. 6, Morton street 
Corkhill, Margaret 25, Park street 
Corkhill, Sarah, 28, Smithdown lane 
Corless, G. 34, Parliament street 
Corless, Mrs. Elizabeth, 9, Compton st. 
Corless, Seth, 56, Guilford street 
Corlet, Eobert, 80, Edinburgh street 
Corlett, J. 13, Wynne street 
Corlett, John, 60, Freeland street 
Corlett, John, 123, Latham street 
Corlett, John, 65, Eaddiffe street 
Corlett, Jonathan, 13, Wynne street 
Corlett, Mrs. 37, Sherdley street 
Corlett, Mrs. Ann, 118, South Chester st. 
Corlett, T. 106, Troughton st., Edge Hill 
Corliss, R 16, W^entworth street 
Cormack, J. 147, Beaufort street 
Cormack, Mrs. 118, Harland street 
Cormic, James, 75, St. Domingo road 
Connmack, A. B. 11, Wellesley terrace, 

Belvidere road 
Coruall, Elizabeth, 20, Kctford %t.t^t 
CornaU, 3o\mi, <i5, 0«\Att\<iTo^ 
Cornelius, TAra.^. K. \\\,C^>xR«t;^^^^^' 




Cornelius, B. 40, St. Domingo grore 
Comej, Bichard, 108, Chatham street 
Cornish, Mrs. 127, Beaufort street 
Cornish, William, 28, Fielding street 
Cornish, — , 41 Berkley street 
Comthwaite, W. 90, Chatsworth street 
Cornwall, T. 68, Tronghton st. Edge Hill 
Corpe, Mrs. S. 124, Duke street 
Corran, Thomas, 58, Bose vale 
Corrall, — , 6, Langham street 
Corran, J. 44, Lavan street 
Corran, Bobert, 5, Newton street 
Corran, WiUiam, 25, Troughton street 
Corrie, John, 4, Lonsdale street 
Corrie, John, 50, Poplar street 
Corrigan, James, 46, Bparling street 
Corrigan, John, 121, GPrafton street 
Corrigill, Mrs. Isabella, 20, Nile street 
Corrin, Abraham, 57, South Chester st. 
Corrin, Mrs. Jemima, 126 Duke street 
Coirish, John, 41, Tegit street 
Corsell, W. 44, Coniston st., Breck road 
Cortnej, Mrs. EHe. 58, Whitefield lane 
Cortol, John, 18, Upper Stanhope street 
Corwald, James, 26, Moon street 
Cosgrave, Thomas 101, Blandford street 
Cosgrove, Ellen, 13, Great Nelson street 
Cosgroye, B. K. 28, Fleet street 
Costeller, John, 67, Hunter street 
Cotlier, James, 126, Windsor street 
Cott, James, 42, Vesuvius street 
Cotter, Alexander, 25, Tynemouth street 
Cotter, John, 22, Wilson street 
Cotter, William, 61, Beloe street 
Cotterill, S. A. 24, Norwood grove 
Cotterili, Thomas, 17, Simpson street 
Cottham, J. 51, Crete str^ 
Cottier, P. 22, Avon street 
Cottier, J. 179, Canning street 
Cottle, Peter James, 58, Standish street 
Cotton, J. S. 83, Conway street 
Cotton, S. 128, Hill street 
Cottrell, Edward, 155, Grafton street 
Coublia, John, 175, Grove street 
Coubrough, Henry, 37, Hope street 
Couche, J. 8, The Willows, Breck road 
Couldrey. Thos. 34, Blackfield street 
Coulson, Henry, 281, Crown street 
Coulson, J. G. 6, Kemble street 
Coulton, Capt. John, 4, Tennyson street 
Counihan, John, 172, Grove street 
Coupeland, A. 39, St. Domingo rood 
Coupland, Henry, 29, Bentlej road 
Courtney, A. 58, High Park street 
Chiwin, John, 62, Conjera street 


Cousins, D. 11, Bed Bock s<areet 
Cousins, Edward, 15, Carver street 
Couth, W. 13, Procter ter., Whitefield rd. 
Coutie, George, 35, York terrace 
Coutiff, J. Berry, 9, Binncy street 
Coutts, Arthur, 18, Duncan street 
Couzens, B. 26, Bed Bock street 
Covell, a 184, Grove street 
Covile, — , 184, Grove street 
Cowan, John A. 1, Windsor street 
Cowan, John, 158, Upper Parliament st 
Cowan, Joseph, 55, Conyers street 
Cowan, J. A. 35, Upper Hill street 
Cowan, S. K 123, Upper Warwick street 
Cowan, Bev. T. C. 16, St Domingo grove 
Cowan, W. 25, Warwick street 
Cowan, William, 4, Beau street 
Cowan, William, 2, Poplar street 
Coward, G. 6, Northumberland street 
Coward, Bichd. 48, Lowther street 
Coward, T. 9, Orient street 
Coward, William, 3, Bydal street 
Cowdan, Joseph, 17, Oakfield road 
Cowdell, Jno. F. 46, Pleasant street 
Cowdy, B. 74, Coniston street 
Cowell, IVedk. 26, Wesley street 
Cowell, Capt John, 24, Tennyson street 
Cowell, Joseph, 68, Ogwen street 
Cowell, Bichd. 60, Kinglake street 
Cowell, S. 18, Bronte ter. Walton Breck rd. 
Cowherd, B. 18, White Bock street 
Cowin, Thos. 128, Bamber street 
Cowley, Mrs. Catherine, 82, Grove st 
Cowley, J. 59, Upper Hill street 
Cowley, James, 54, Luther street 
Cowley, Bichard, 18, Cottenham street 
Cowley, Bobert, 53, Badcliffe street 
Cowley, S. 86, Upper Stanhope street 
Cowley, William, 42, Bamber street 
Cowlev, Chas. 48, Mackenzie street 
Cowrie, James, 28, Mensio street 
Cowsil, J. 79, Thirlmere road 
Cowx, John, 69, Boscommon street 
Cowx, John, 22, St. George's hill 
Cox, Ann, 69, Christian street 
Cox, Charles, 100, Card well street 
Cox, George B. Mount Edge, Prinoe*8 pk. 
Cox, G. B. 13, Devonshire road 
Cox, Henry, 80, Bodney street 
Cox, James, 8, Falkner square 
Cox, H. 17, Grasmere street 
Cox, Bobert, 05, Hamilton road 
Cox, Bobert, 125, Chatham street 
Cox, Thomas, 29, Bay street 
Cox, T. H. 27, York terrace 



nomas, 28, Bailey street 
'iUiam, 165, Vine street 
'"illiam, 165, Latham street 
William, 9, Chesnut street 
td, Miss, 124, Breck road 
n, H. 11, Allan street 
J. 42, Warwick street 
John, 20, Bengel street 
Michael, 44, Sparling street 
M. 88, Conwaj street 
, W. 3, LaYan street 
ee, G-. 10, Plumpton street 
Uex. SamL 26, Upper Duke it. 
Mrs. Augusta, 27, Tynemouth st. 
I, Gheorge, 64i, Egerton street 
Alex. 14, Bold place 

C. 03, Kilshaw street 
Datid, 26, Park pkee 
Hamilton, 23, Caryl street 
Jno. 2, Edge lane 

Mrs. Sarah, 67, Low Hill 
T. J. 52, Tweed street 
W. 51, Earaday street 

D, George, 03, Beaufort street 
. Edwaird, 46, Boscoe street 

, WUliam, 173, Beaufort street 
James, 04, South street 
J. B. 00, Breck road 
John J. 26, Walton road 
rd, Hugh, 36, Sterling street 
e, Charles, 6, G-uilford street 
e, E. 72, Elizabeth street 
an, Mrs. J. 15, Warwick street 
Dn, Wm. 63, Thirlmere road 
3, — , 08, Qrey Eock street 
, Elizabeth, 106, Field street 
rd, Peter, 7, Mackenzie street 
rd, Mrs. 311, Up. Parliament st. 
rd, Andrew, 22, Poplar street 
•rd, Mathew, 24, Poplar street 
•rd, Mrs. S. 65, St. Domingo vale 
►rd, Thos. 86, Heyworth street 
[i. 4, Bowring street 
I, Luscombe Hy. 31, Cambridge st. 
GFeo. 118, Beaufort street 
, Bobert, 53, Mere lane 
, R. 10, Gelling street 
, Thomas, 4, Pleasant street 
, Thomas, 67, Great Newton st. 
n, James Moore, 4, Berwick street 
D. 56, Aughton street 
Chae. B. 6, Great Newton street 
, John, 5, Pluto street 
, J. 108, Warwick street 
, James, 73, Lime street 

Crellin, Mrs. Eebecca, 1, Chesterfield at 
Crelly, Alfred, 50, Newlands street 
Crene, K 48, Harlow street 
Creswick, Mrs. Hannah, 26, Melville pi. 
Cretney, Bt 101, Conway street 
Crew, Captain, 0, Albion street 
Crewdesol, W. 7, Queen's road 
Crewe, Biohd. 40, Collins street 
Crewe, W. C. 11, Oakfield road 
Creve, E. 35, Parkfield road 
Creyton, Thos. 35, Chester street 
Cribb, Joseph, 110, Latham street 
Crichton, W. 23, Bed Rock street 
Crierie, J. 58, Brownlow street 
Crierie, J. 33, Erskine street 
Crighton, George, 21, Nile sti^eet 
Crighton, Robt. 7, Blackburn place 
Crilly, Jno. 5, Beloe street 
Crippin, William, 06, Field street 
Crippon, Mrs. G. S. 45, West Derby st. 
Cripps, Miss Fanny, 39, Oakfield road 
Crispin, John, 7, Winter street 
Cristain, John, 74, Westbourne street 
Critchley, John, 74, Norwood grove 
Critchley, W. 25, Cleave street 
Croaker, Ed. 25, Kilshaw street 
Croall, David, 1, Great Newton street 
Croft, iVlfred J. 24, Spellow lane 
Croft, Elias, 49, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Croft, James, 106, Smithdown lane 
Croft, Samuel, 2, Bengel street 
Croft, T. 27, Upper Warwick street 
Crofts, G: 10, Canton street 
Crogan, John, 67, Eldon place 
Croke, — , 95, Park street 
Cromarty, Wm. 27, Egerton street 
Cromer, J. L. 20, Greenheys road 
Crompton, J. 12, Laxey street 
Crompton, Mrs. M. 24, Sir Howard st 
Crompton, Thos. 178, Park road 
Crompton, Mrs. W. 120, Warwick st. 
Crompton, — , 14, Rupert lane 
Cronan, William, 24, Exmouth street 
Crondson, Mrs. E. 42, Everton valley 
Cronin, Ed. 62, Park street 
Crook, B. 25, Perth street 
Crook, Mrs. E. 61, Shaw street 
Crook, James, 83, Salisbury street 
Crook, F. 5, Ulswater street 
Crook, Geo. 66, Clarence grove 
Crook, John, 85, Thirlmere street 
Crook, R. S. 30, Rodney street 
Crook, Thos. 168, Spencer street 
Crook, W. W. 80, Cochrane street 
Crookall, Mrs. Mary, 44, Everton valley 





Crookall, Bobt. 187, Athol street 
Crookanu, H. 68, Cleveland street 
Crookenden, Mrs. M. 49, Queen's road 
Cropper, Ellen, 38, Plumbe street 
Cropper, John, The Dingle, Dingle lane 
Cropper, W. The Dingle, Dingle lane 
Crosbie; David, 11, McGregor street 
Crosbie, Geo. Ed. 107, Chatham street 
Crosbie, J. 18, Bittern street 
Crosbie, R. 30, White Rock street 
Crosbie, W. 69, Peel street 
Crosby, F. 4, St Domingo road 
Crosby, H. L. 158, Bedford street 
Crosby, Richd. 63, Wesley street 
Crosby, William, Walton lane 
Crosby, Wm. 3, Pembroke street 
Crosfield, Alfred, 23, Deane street 
Cross, Mrs. Auguste, 28, Spellow lane 
Cross, Maria, 130, Radcliffe street 
Cross, Mrs. Mary, 86, Aubrey street 
Cross, James, 17, William Henry street 
Cross, AVilliam, 36, Cardwell street 
Cross, W. 8, Harlow street 
Crossfield, E. 6, Edge lane 
Crossfield, Edwd. W. 1, Park Field road 
Crossfield, Mrs. 3, Eake lane 
Crossfield, William, jun. 6, Alexandra 

drive, Princejs park 
Crossfield, Henry, Oaklands, Arghbirth 
Crossfield, J. Fulwood Park, Arghbirth 
Crossfield, William, Sen. Annesly Wood- 
lands road, Arghbirth 
Crossley, William, 64, Upper Beau street 
Crossman, J. F. 16, Kensington 
Crosthwaite, J. W. 16, Perth street 
Crosthwaite, Mrs. 124, Islington 
Croston, C. 65, Laxey street 
Croston, Eleanor, 88, Pembroke place 
Croston, J. 269, G-reat Homer street 
Croston, Joseph, 25, Crosbie street 
Croston, E. 14, South street 
Croston, Wm. 79, Coniston street 
Croswill, John, 7, Kinglake street 
Crosy, J. H. 12, Beaumont street 
Crotford, James, 27, Newhall street 
Crow, Mrs. Lydia, 124, Huskisson street 
Crow, Charles, 30, Conway st. Everton 
Crowden, William, 12, South street 
Crowden, Eobert Eeynoldson, 7, Ivy st. | 
Crowe, J. 126, Stanhope street 
Crowe, E. W. 10, Bedford street 
Crowe, T. 106, Upper Warwick street 
C!n?vres, Misa, 02, MoBCommon street 
OjvnrJejr, T, 38, Gray Bock atreot 
-^Jejr, Timothy, 32, Great Newton st. 


Crownshaw, James, 188, Vine street 
Crowson, E. 68, Langham street 
Crowther, A. 248, Park road 
Crowther, H. 26, Grasmere street 
Crowther, James, 77, Windsor street 
Crowther, Jane, 23, Eoscommon street 
Crowther, John, 6, Lonsdale street 
Crowther, Joseph, 40, Troughton street 
Crowther, E. 15, Jasmine street 
Crowther, Thomas, 27, Hemans street 
Crozier, J. 4, Combermere street 
Cruchley, — , 48, Poplar street 
Cruikshanks, A. 74, Kilshaw street 
Cruice, John, 60, West Derby street 
Cruse, Sidney E. 38, Stafford street 
Cruttenden, Courtenay, 31, Canning st. 
Crye, E. N. M. 98, Bamber street 
Cubbin, Miss Jane, 5, G-reat Mersey st. 
Cubbins, J. 27, Bengel street 
Cubbins, John, 41, St. Domingo road 
Cubbon, William, 62, G-reat Newton st. 
Cubbon, Charles, 284, Beaufort street 
Cubbons, Charles, 63, Wellington road 
Cuckson, Eev. J. 48, York terr. Evertcm 
Cuddy, Michael, 14, Salop street 
Culburt, Joseph, 6, Sand street 
CuUen, Ann, 99, G-rafton street 
Cullen, Barber, 41, Crosbie street 
CuUen, 1. 12, Wellesley ter. Belvidere rd. 
Cullen, J. 10, Ogwen street 
Cullen, J. 12, Wellesley terr. Prince's pk. 
Cullen, Miss, 185, Park road 
Cullen, Thomas, 10, Overton street 
Cullin, Ellen, 26, Ains worth street 
Culahaw, W. E. 48, Eodney street 
Culshaw, William, 48, Eodney street 
Cuman, A. 4, Gtdton street 
Cumberpatch, C. 17, Great Mersey st. 
Camming, Mrs. Eliza, 47, Huskisson st. 
Camming, M. 220, Athol street 
Cumming, William James, 8, Hemans st. 
Cumming, WiUiam, 46, Latham street 
Cammings, Thomas, 16, Eoscommon st. 
Cammins, C. 14,North view, Everton vally. 
Cummins, Joseph, 139, Park street 
Cuncliffe, George, 9, Eldon place 
Cunli£f, James, 64, Field street 
Cunliife, John, 32, Eldon place 
Cunningham, Daniel, 109, Crown street 
Cunningham, J. 76, Park street 
Cunningham, John, 1, Newlands street 
Cunningham, P. 38, Denbigh street 
Cunningham, Eobert, 92, Whitefield lane 
Cunningham, B^bert, 79, EAlcliffe street 
Cunningham, 'W . Ho\m|^, T ^"^otIoti f^.. 





Caretoiiy J. 16,AViDdermere8t. Breck rd. 
Curiett, John, 5, Avon street 
Curphey, Miss Catherine, 9, Moira st. 
Curphey, Mrs. Mary, 96, Admiral street 
Curphey, Thomas, 63, Menzies street 
Curran, A. 4, Galton street 
Curran, John, 66, Gerard street 
Cumuiy Patrick, 40, Denbigh street 
Carran, W. 88, Netherlield road north 
Currey, J. 26, Anderson street 
Carrey, Mrs. M. 15, Hunt street 
Currey, W. 36, Calder street 
Currie, John, 121, Park street 
Currie, John, 141, Hiiskisson street 
Ciirrie, W. 105, Hill street 
Carry, Mrs. Jane, 66, 8outh street 
Curry, Julias, 12, Smithdown lane 
Curry, Joseph, 35, Bishton street 
Curry, William, 267, Grafton street 
Curtis, Mrs. 202, Mount Pleasant 
Curtis, E, 16, Bake lane 
Curtis, — , 182, Wellington road 
Cartis, Charles, 40, Clare street 
Curtis, William» 2, Clarence grove 
Curtis, William, 65, Conway street 
Curwen, H. 2, Stanley street 
Curwen, John, 162, Smithdown lane 
Curwen, N. 97, Warwick street 
Coshen, B. 17. Mitylene street 
Cashing, T. 58, Northumberland terrace 
Cashing, M. Stephen, 13, Thackeray st. 
Cusker, F. 19, Northumberland terrace 
Cushworth, J. W. 45, Tweed street 
Cususopulo, Constantino, 11, Berkley st. 
Cuth, Evans, 11, Denbigh street 
Cathbert, C. 56, Pield street 
Cuthbert, Donald, 145, Crown street 
Cuthbert, James, 13, Edge lane 
Cuthbert, J, S. 0, St. George's Hill 
Cuthburt, B. 40, Coniston st. Breck road 
Cuttenden, C. 31, Canning street 

Dacey, John, 46, Poplar street 
Dacox, Amelia, 15, Walnut street 
Daft, B. W. 34, Bulwer street 
Dagg, James J. 1, Virgil street 
Daggers, W. 6, Seymour street 
Dagiish, W.4, Sunny Side, Devonshire rd. 
Dagnall, Henry, 48, Lonsdale street 
Dahl, — , 53, Tennyson street 
Daily, EUen, 56, Hiighes street 
Dale, H. 15, Bittern street 
Dale, J. 18, Aberdeen street 
Dale, James^ 80, Uppar Stanhope street 
Ihde, Joeepb, 8, Smithdown lane 

Dale, William, 35, Toxteth street 
Daley, James, 99, Salisbury Btreet 
Dalling, Miss Ann, 08, Up. Parliament st. 
Dalston, G. 29, Haliburton street 
Dalton, J. 7, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
Dalton, Joseph, 87, Chatsworth street 
Dalton, Robert, 117, Thirlmere road 
Dalton, AVilliam, 1G7, Latham street 
Dalton, W. 12, St. Bride's street 
Dalton, William, 21, Churchill street 
Daly, Mrs. Jane, 16, Erskine street 
Daly, P. 73, Athol street 
Dalzell, Andrew John, 33, South Hill rd. 
Dalziel, Andrew, 28, Carter street 
Damick, G. 35, Brenton street 
Damsell, Catherine, 115, Crown street 
Damsey, E. 170, Spencer street 
Dandy, Rev. R. 36, Gt. Mersey street 
Danger, W. 152, Hamilton rd. Everton 
Daniel, James, 20, Clevedon street 
Daniel, T. 59, Wood\'ille tcr. Breck rd. 
Daniels, Miss, 26, Everton Brow 
Daniels, D. 131, Upper Warwick street 
Daniels, George, 6, Windsor street 
Daniels, John, 11, Tynemouth street 
Daniels, Samuel, 10, Everton Brow 
Daniels, S. 124, Beaufort btreet 
Daniels, Thomas, 40, Prussia street 
Daniels, Thomas, 65, White Rock street 
Daniels, William, 13, Bloom street 
Daukin, J. 53, St. Domingo grove 
Danson, A. 4, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Danson, John, 6, Gibson street 
Dantee, William, 2, Dingle lane 
Darby, J. 4S, Thomaston street 
Darbyshire, C. 28, Calder street 
D' Arcy, J. 3, Tliirlmerc road 
D'Arcy, J. 10, Grove park 
Darling, J. 29, Alt street 
Darlington, John, 18, Cochrane street 
Darlington, John W. 20, St. James's road 
Darlington, Margaret, 64, Norton street 
Darlington, John, 42, Brunei street 
Darlington, Tliomas, 163, Latham street 
Darry, William, 78, Cardwell street 
Daru, Elizabeth, 22, Wesley street 
Darwen, R. 52, Lavan street 
Daulby, Mrs. Ann, 47, Field street 
Daulby, Thomas, 19, Boundary place 
Davenport, E. 61, Elizabeth street 
Davenport, Esther, 41, Crown street 
Davenport, Marv, 30, Mill road 
Davey, W. 32, Richmond ter. Breck rd. 
Davcy, J. W. ^5,Tet\o7i ^\iw»\. 
David, — , 19, ^ejmovxT «»\:i:^\i 




Davidson, Miss, 6, Sodney street 
Davidson, Edward, 44, Arnold street 
Davidson, Francis, 79, Crown street 
Davidson, Henry, 11, G-t George square 
Davidson, John, 49, Cornwallis street 
Davidson, Miss E. A. 6, Rodney street 
Davidson, Mrs. Emily, 13, Mount street 
Davidson, Mrs. M. 23, Plumpton street 
Davidson, Mrs. M. A. 21, Hill street 
Davidson, Patrick, 46, Rose vale 
Davidson, Robert, 11, Wynne street 
Davidson, Sidney, 102, Seele street 
Davidson, S. 235, Upper Parliament st. 
Davidson, William, 90, Landseer road 
Davidson, William, 41, Vine street 
Davidson, William, 26, Whitefield road 
Davidson, — , 8, Peel street 
Davie, Mrs. H. M. 22, Erskine street 
Davie, T. T. 32, Compton street 
Davies, A. 100, Westboume street 
Daries, A. 75, Stanhope street 
Davies, A. 84, Edinburgh street 
Davies, A. 8, Winter street 
Davies, Ann, 60, Qt. Mersey street 
Davies, Arthur, 15, Gt. Newton street 
Davies, Arthur, 37, Crown street 
Davies, B. 25, Leonora street, Park road 
Davies, Benjamin, 73, Hughes street 
Davies, C. 8, Kinglake street 
Davies, C. 59, St. Domingo vale 
Davies, C. 7, Seldon street 
Davies, Captain, 24, Lloyd street 
Davies, Capt. Jas. 33, Guilford street 
Davies, Charles, 69, Landseer road 
Davies, D. 45, Llovd street 
Davies, D. 82, Higli Park street 
Davies, David, 53, Berkley street 
Davies, Dan. 92, Troughton st, Edge Hill 
Davies, David, 262, Upper Parliament st. 
Davies, David, 51, Catharine street 
Davies, David, 149, Grove street 
Davies, David, 31, Tagit street 
Davies, D. W. 3, Kepler street 
Davies, David LWd, Assage House, 
Southwood road, St. Michael's Hamlet 
Davies, E. 24, Beloe street 
Davies, E. 92, Boundary lane 
Davies, E. 71, Upper Warwick street 
Davies, E. 71, Windermere st., Breck rd. 
Davies, E. 54, Warwick street 
Davies, R 52, WeUington road 
Davies, E. 89a, Hill street 
Davies, E. 15, North HiU street 
Davies, K 5, Ptaik Hill road 
JO9v2e0, JEkiward, US, Cardwell street 


Davies, Edward, 31, Ainsworth street 
Davies, Edward, 69, Ulswater street 
Davies, Edward, 92, Queensland street 
Davies, Edward, 146, Field street 
Davies, Edwin, 45, Wilson street 
Davies, Edwin, 45, Tillotsou street 
Davies, Ellen, 30, Kinglake street 
Davies, Ellis, 13, Canning street 
Davies, Evan, 89, Chatsworth street 
Davies, F. 69, Hughes street 
Davies, G. 57, Orient street 
Davies, Geo. 127, Grafton street 
Davies, G^o. 84, Rose vale 
Davies, Griffiths, 170, Grove street 
Davies, H. 19, Collins street 
Davies, Henry 26, Albion street 
Davies, Henry, 35, Whitefield street 
Davies, Henry, 34, Bupert lane 
Davies, Henry, 112, South Chester street 
Davies, I. 30, Mona street 
Davies, I. 11, Gal ton street 
Davies, J. 59, Overbury street 
Davies, J. 38, Anderson street 
Davies, J. 40, Heyworth street 
Davies, J. 83, Kilshaw street 
Davies, J. 58, Faraday street 
Davies, J. 34, Beacon lane 
Davies, J. 4, Harlow street 
Davies, J. 32, Bed Bock street 
Davies, J. 84, Northumberland street 
Davies, J. 62, Northumberland street 
Davies, J. 20, Low Hill 
Davies, J. A. 90, Bed Bock street 
Davies, James, 17, Thackeray utreet 
Davies, James, 108, Stanley road 
Davies, Jas. 49, Troughton st., Edge Hill 
Davies, Jane, 54, Collins street 
Davies, J. F. 27, Fowler street 
Davies, J. J. 98, Stanley road 
Davies, J. 6, Kinglake street 
Davies, John, 39, Bose vale 
Davies, John, 7, Melville place 
Davies, John, 48, Bose vale 
Davies, John, 67, Landseer road 
Davies, John, 28, Langham street 
Davies, John, 36, Spencer street 
Davies, John, 43, Aber street 
Davies, John,14 , Comwallis street 
Davies, John, 2, Alfred street 
Davies, John, 4, Sefton square 
Davies, John, 19, Troughton street 
Davies, John, 33, Whitefield street 
Davies, John, 24, Everton Brow 
Davies, John, 5, Ckesnut street 
Davies, John, 34, South street 



Jolm, 89, Cresiswell street 
John, 18, Grey street 
John, 16, South street 
Joeepbp 50, Walnut street 
Joeeph, 28, Qrey street 
J. E. 15, Phoebe- Ann street 
J. K. 15, Queen*s road 
Elate, 11, Camden street 
L. 18, Menzies street 
M. 33, Fairclough lane 
M. 83, Thirlmere road 
Margaret, 26, Upper Stanhope st. 
Mary, 26, Rose place 
Mary Ann, 8, Rose vale 
Miss A. J. 141, Bedford street 
Mrs. 4, Rose vale 
Mrs. 8, Brownlow street 
MrF. 22, Tetlow street 
Mrs. E. 1, Ernest street 
Mre. Elizabeth, 13, Olive street 
Mhs. Francis, 6, Grove street 
MrF. H. 312, Up. Parliament st. 
Mrs. Jane, 33, Cobden street 
Mrs. Jane, 34, Egerton street 
Mrs. Jane, 36, Freeland street 
Mrs. M. 9, Plumpton street 
Mrs. M. 185, Canning street 
, Mrs. M. 71, Queen's road 
, Mrs. M. 46, Wellesley rd. Peel st. 
, Mrs. M. 152, Canning street 
, O. 99, Pbythiaii street 
, R. 18, Barter street 
, R. 27, Faraday street 
, R. 15, Laxey street 
, R. 153, Silvester street 
, Richard, 37, Bamber street 
, Richard, 10, Caledonia street 
, Richard, 42, Lawton street 
, Robert 111, Conway street 
, Robert 36, Tillotson street 
, Robert 19, Conway street 
, Robert, 87, Whitefield street 
Robert, 56, Aber street 
, Robert, 10 & 12 Upper Beau st. 
8. 8, Brownlow street 
Samuel, 13, Upper Duke street 
Samuel, SO, Rose place 
Samuel, 14, Edinburgh street 
Sarah, 22, Winter street 
Sarah, 8, Great Sarah street 
Sarah, 10, Scourfield street 
T. 10, Phcebe-Ann street 
T. 77, Rockly st., Everton Brow 
T. H. 4f6, West Derby street 
Thomas, 44, Gt. Crosshall street 


Davies, Thomas, 33, Gt. Nelson street 
Davies, Thomas, 6, Chatham place 
Davies, Thomas, 52, Crown street 
Davies, Thomas, 287, Crown street 
Davies, Thomas, 54, Downing street 
Davies, Thomas, 96, Upper Hill street 
Davies, W. 3, Phoebe- Ann street 
Davies, W. 55, Kilshaw street 
Davies, W. 49, St. Domingo road 
Davies, W. 48, Letitia street 
Davies, W. 96, Queen's road 
Davies, W. F. 136, North Hill street 
Davies, W. W. 35, Erskine street 
Davies, Walter, 66, Field street 
Davies, William, 97, Cardwell street 
Davies, William, 5, Tweed street 
Davies, William, 176, Beaufort street 
Davies, William, 38, Seldon street 
Davies, William, 60, Westbourne street 
Davies, William, 275, Netherfield rd. K 
Davies, William H. 98, Pembroke place 
Davies, — , 76, Conway street 
Davies, — ,;^5, Faraday street 
Davies, — , 146, Canning street 
Davieson, — , 32, Wilson street 
Davis, Daniel, 38, Virgil street 
Davis, Edward, 80, Hard wick street 
Davis, Edwin M. 14, Sandon street 
Davis, J. 140, Windsor street 
Davis, James, 5, Raffles street 
Davis, John, 198, Mount Pleasant 
Davis, Louis, 47, Bedford street 
Davis, Miss H. 110, Huskisson street 
Davis, Mrs. 95, Huskisson street 
Davis, Thomas, 146, Limekiln lane 
Davis, Thomas, 44, Gt. Crosshall street 
Davin, Thomas Henry, 34, South Hill rd, 
Davison, Edward, 44, Arnold street 
Davison, Richard, 94, Falkner street 
Davy, William Henry, 53, Langham st. 
Davy, — , 35, Fowler street 
Dawber, Joseph, 281, Athol street 
Dawbridge, Mrs. A. 1, Upper Hill street 
Dawes, Alexander, 32, Lovat street 
Dawey, Peter, 19, Lovat street 
Dawn', Mrs. Elizabeth, 23, Windsor st. 
Dawney, Thomas, 65, Hughes street 
Daws, J. 64, Kilshaw street 
Dawson, Adam, 24, Bloom street 
Dawsou, George, 122, South Chester st. 
Dawson, Henry, 27, Tweed street 
Dawson, Henry, 14, St. James's road 
Dawson, Isaac, 5, Cook street 
Dawson, J. 17, Greenland street 
Dawson, J. 43, Warwick street 





Dawson, Jamee, 90, Harlow street 
Dawson, John, 98, Netherfield road, N. 
Dawson, John, 157, Field street 
Dawson, John, 8, Seiont terrace 
Dawson, John, 73, Grafton street 
Dawson, Mary, 101, Vine street 
Dawson, Michael, 98, Salisbury street 
Dawson, Mrs. C. 144, Upper Frederick st. 
Dawson, B. 78, Copperas Hill 
Dawson, E. S. 12, Fitzclarence street 
Dawson, Eer. T. West Derby road 
Dawson, Robert, 43, Everton terrace 
Dawson, Robert, 60, Lonsdale street 
Dawson, T. 26, Rodney street 
Dawson, Thomas, 5, Sykes street 
Dawson, Thomas, 1, Tillotson street 
Dawson, U. Henry, 78, Breck road 
Dawzard, Mark, 21, Luther street 
Dar, William, 67, Alt street 
Day, Edward, 115, Mill road 
Day, Francis, 24, Newland street 
Day, Henry, 54, Whitefield lane 
Day, Joseph, 29, Virgil street 
Day, S. 71, Kilshaw street 
Day, Thomas, 110, Ghregson street 
Day, William, 6, St. George's Hill 
Daynann, William, 31, Newhall street 
Deacon, J. 20, Boaler street 
Deakin E. 40, Norwood grove 
Deakin, John, 27, Ealkner square 
Deakin, Margaret, 14, Sherdley street 
Deakin, Mrs. Ann, 13, Falkner square 
Detkin, Thomas, 10, Greek street 
Deakin, W. 64, Salisbury street 
Dean, Ann, 50, Prospect street 
Dean, James, 25, Cochrane street 
Dean, Joseph, 69, Gregson street 
Dean, Mrs. Rice lane 
Dean, Mrs. 23, Fitzclarence street 
Dean, Mrs. Jane, 7, Norwood grove 
Dean, Mrs. Margery, 156, Chatham street 
Dean, Samuel, 237, Crown street 
Dean, T. 21, Bright street 
Deane, C. 36, Richmond ter. Breck rd. 
Deane, J. C. 91, Roscommon street 
Deane, Mrs. E. G. 7, Falkner square 
Deane, Robert, 71, South street 
Deane, Thomas, 27, Lodge lane 
Dearden, Mrs. Alice, 156, Islington 
Death, W. 144, Tunnel road 
Deberque, Thomas, 58, Richmond row 
Decampo, Peter, 10, Kent square 
I?0€:ar/0, Mrs. IL 86, Bvlwer street 
^^^o3ta, B. 90, aAliabury street 
>*««cr, Csptain, 16, Upper Stanhope at. 

De Frece, Isaac, 86, Pembroke place 
Dehucks, Patrick, 19, Eldon place 
Deis, T. G. 128, Park street 
De Jabel, Mrs. Mary, 118, Aubrey street 
Delamore, C. 171, Duke street 
Delany, George, 91, Vine street 
Delaney, Mrs. T. 63, Northumberland st. 
De la Perrile, Francis, 86, Windsor st. 
Dempsey, James, 115, Prescot street 
Deller, Ellen, 39, Gt Newton street 
Dellow, Mrs. S. 14, Plumpton street 
Delmerr, T. 109, Boundary lane 
Delve, William, 49, Harbord street 
Degimber, Mrs. M. 43, Up. Parliament st. 
Dempsey, Edward, Salisbury street 
Dempsey, Mary, 6, Kent square 
Dempster, Alex. 92, Grove street 
Dempster, C. 64, Hamilton rd. Everton 
Dempster, R. 51, Parkfield road 
Denard, N. 21, Lavan street 
Dendith, Sarah, 40, Wellington terrace. 

West Derby road 
Dennet, H. 32, Menzies street 
Dennet, John, 42, Cardwell street 
Dennis, Felix, 21, Bentley road 
Dennison, H. 36, Laxey street 
Dennison, W. 32, Little Woolton street 
Dennison, William, 56, Eldon place 
Denson, Sarah, 62, Spellow lane 
Dent, W. 25, Menzies street 
Denton, G. B. 2, Abercromby square 
Denton, I. 30, Brownlow street 
Denvil, Joseph, 12, Tunnel road 
Depledge, William, 47, Cochrane street 
Depold, Louis, 77, Blundell street 
Derbyshire, B. 15, Sir Howard street 
Derbyshire, George, 7, Dodge street 
Derbyshire, John, 29, Everton village 
Derbyshire, J. 76, Red Rock street 
Derbyshire, Mrs. 11, Ashton street 
Derbyshire, 8. 21, Mere lane 
Derbyshire, T. 46, Crete street 
De Sepres, D. Y. 8, Oxford street 
Desilra, William, 114, Duke street 
De Silva, Charles, 34, Downing street 
De Silva, Joseph, 30, Spellow lane 
Deucher, Patrick, 307, Crown street 
Devarine, Mrs. M. J. 56, Norwood grove 
Devenport, Miss E. 61, Elizabeth street 
Devonport, W. 58, Orient street 
Deveny, Mrs. Anna, 16, Combermere st. 
Devereux, William, 6, Benson street 
Dew, John, 27, Sykes street 
Dewer, Jessie, ^4i,B.\i^tt Ikqa 
Dewhurat, Thomaa, ^, IOl tqiA 



irst, William, 2, Catharine street 

ury, Mrs. 118, G-rep^son street 

nd, G. 41, Simpson street 

nd, J. 5r\ West Derby street 

nd, John, 40, Guilford street 

nd, Patrick, 18, Caryl street 

nd, AV. 04, Parliament street 

Edward, 120, Field street 

, A. 84, Hill street 

?ld, David, 54, Park road 

I. E. 5, Clarence grove 

Fames, 38, Torr street 

Thomas, 98, Kilshaw street 

. William, 69, Rose vale 

18, Edward F. 97, Falkner street 

iBon, M. 58, Laxey street 

3on, Mrs. Bachel, 124, Chatham st. 

son, B. L. 19, Bake lane 

iSon, Samuel, 28, Melville place 

son, W. 29, Kent street 

, T. 12, West Derby street 

son, Agnes, G7, Walnut street 

son, Anna, 38, Great Newton st. 

son, Elizabeth, 50, Eussell street 

son, George, 26, Great Newton st. 

son, John, 3, Waterloo road 

son, P. 23, Lower Mersey View 

son, R 92, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 

son, Bobert, 12, Park road 

son, S. 1, Combermere street 

son, S. 43, Collins street 

son, T. 53, Ashton street 

son, W. 23, Haliburton street 

son, William, 45, Badcliffe street 

son, William, 16, Prospect street 

son, Willifim, 13, Huskisson street 

G. 6, Aber street 

John, 95, Tweed street 

a, A. 33, Peel street 

a, Alexander, 4, Virgil street 

n, Eleanor, 35, Windsor street 

n, Henry, 29, Hamilton road 

Q, Henry, 5, Canning street 

n, S. 2, Grey Bock street 

n, W. 114, Crmning street 

n, William, 25, Vesuvius street 

Q, AVilliam, 8, Morpeth street 

n, G. 22, Kepler street 

John, 29, Brunei street 

3, Thomas, 9, Boundary place 

James, 88, Tetlow street 
, John, 12, Hope place 
, Edward, 60, Vir^'iJ street 
\ G. 8. 20, Canton street 

W. 31, Staabope street 

Dilworth, J. 39, Moville street 
Dilworth, B. W. 80, Woodville terrace, 

Breck road 
Dimderdale, B.24,Troughtonst. Edge Hill 
Dimmett, B. 31, Parkfield road 
Dinderdale, Mrs. 92, Aubrey street 
Dinwood, James, 28, Duncan street 
Diper, Thomas, 157, Wellington yoad 
Dirom, P. 20, Alexandra ter. Prince's rd. 
Disbury, J. 121, Silvester street 
Discon, W. T. 134, Fpper Parliament st. 
Dispeney, Josephine, 103, Palkner it. 
Ditchburn, Peter, 14, Mildred street 
Divedale, Mrs. Mary Ann, 2, Melville pi. 
Dixon, C. 53, Stanhope street 
Dixon, C. 3, Laxey street 
Dixon, E. 84, Greenland street 
Dixon, Isaac, 39, Elizabeth street 
Dixon, Isaac^ 56, Northumberland terrace 
Dixon, Jacob, 116, Nethertield rd north 
Dixon, James, 14, Melbourne street 
Dixon, James, 30, Burleigh road south 
Dixon, John, 56, Roscommon street 
Dixon, Michael, 11, May street 
Dixon, Mrs. 15, San don street 
Dixon, Mrs. Mary, 20, TJxbridge street 
Dixon, Mrs. Mary, 61, Chatham street 
Dixon, Bobert, 22, School lane 
Dixon, S. 49, St. Geoiwe's Hill 
Dixon, Thomas, 214, Walton road 
Dixon, Thomas, 155, Crown street 
Dixon, T. W. 57, St. Domingo vale 
Dixon, — , 76, Kilshaw street 
Dobbie, P. 15, Vine street 
Dobbie, Bobert, 74, Cardwell street 
Dobbin, Ez. 1, Manfred street 
Dobell, G. B, 13, Bodney street 
Dobell, Thomas*, 10, Bodney street 
Dobiggins, — , 2, South street 
Dobney, Bobert, 49, Phythian street 
Dobson, Francis, 7, Everton Brow 
Dobson, Henry, 98, Bose vale 
Dobson, J. 30, Laxey street 
Dobson, John, 6, Park road 
Dobson, John, 10, Lovat street 
Dobson, L. 73, Stanhope street 
Dobson, Mary, 10, Sir Thomas's Buildgs. 
Dobson, Mrs. 102, Crown street 
Dobson, Mrs. A. 22, Berkley street 
Dobson, T. 10, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Doby, John, 82, Tetlow street 
Dockrav, Joseph, 1, Comwallis street 
Dodd, Charkft, ^(i,ToTT %"tt^\. 
Dodd, J . 15, 'N OTt\\ ^\\\ «Jtt^^^ 
Dodd, J . 20, Grey "BLoovV^'tt^V. 




Dodd, Jamee, 311, Crown streeb . 
Dodd, James, 66, G-regson street 
Dodd, Jane, 1, Dawson street 
Doddy John, 28, Crown street 
Dodd, John, 56, Clarence grove 
Dodd, John, 9, Avon street 
Dodd, John, 61, Gbeat Newton street 
Dodd, John, 3, Aberdeen street 
Dodd, Joseph, 2, Clarence street 
Dodd, Mrs. 60, Oregson street 
Dodd, Mrs. 15, Canning street 
Dodd, Mrs. S. 21, Erskine street 
Dodd, Bichard, 366, Latham street 
Dodd, Thomas, 15, Mackenzie street 
Dodd, W. 32, Aber street 
Dodding, Arthur, 43 & 45, Bplton street 
Dodgson, O. 77, Alt street 
Dodgson, J. 31, Bulwer street 
Dodson, James, 58, Lodge lane 
Dodson, B. S. 57, Aberdeen street 
Dodson, Thomas, 98, Beaufort street 
Dodson, — , 11, Falkner street 
Doee, W. 43, Bowring street 
Doherty, Mary Ann, 183, Bedford street 
Doig, Hugh, 35, Cleveland street 
Doling, Edward, 27, Lowther street 
Dollson, John, 1, Salthouse lane 
Don, William, 18, Newlands street 
Donaghy John, 41, Q-rafton street 
Donald, Dr. 40, Upper Stanhope street 
Donald, Hugh, 14, Paisley street 
Donald, Mrs. A. 110, Northumberland it. 
Donald, Thomas, 67, Salisbury street 
Donaldson, 35, Collins street 
Donaldson, Alexander, 18, Foley street 
Donaldson, D. 83, Stanhope street 
Donaldson, J. 68, Windermere street, 

Breck road 
Donaldson, John, 46, South Hill road 
Donaldson, Mary, 15, Guilford street 
Donaldson, Robert, 16, Bengel street 
Donaldson, T. 33, Haltburton street 
Donbavand, B. 5, Chatsworth street 
Donegan, J. 4, Goniston street, Breck rd. 
Donelly, J. 88, Great Crosshall street 
Donlevy, Bobert, 13, Bold place 
Donmore, F. 147, Phythian street 
Donnison, Thomas, 196, Grove street 
Donoghue, Mary, Caryl street 
Dood, C. tt 2, Whitefield street 
Doodson, James, 47, Guilford street 
Doodson, Thomas, 34, Arnold street 
Dooy, Margaret, 49, Caryl street 
Doran, Edward, 122, Atbol street 
-Ooj^aa, James, 89, Mopwood street 


Doran, James, 52, Circus street 
Dordona, Frances, 203, Up. Frederick st, 
Doria, Miss M. 44, Newstead road 
Dorkin, W. 40, Stanley road 
Dorothy, James, 289, Beaufort street 
Dorrington, Mrs. Elizabeth, 164, Islington 
Dorse, Farewell, 21, KiUhaw street 
Doudell, KUen, 45, llighiield street 
Dougal, G. 43, Haliburton street 
Dougan, Mrs. S. 31, Caird street 
Dougherty, 44, St. George's Hill 
Dougherty, Ellen, 21, Blake street 
Dougherty, John, 38, Cable street 
Doughty, — , 51, Elizabeth street 
Douglas, — , 13, Freeiand street 
Douglas, H. 21, Thomaston street 
Douglas, H. 8, Thomaston street 
Douglas, J. F. 50, Thomaston street 
Douglas, Miss Sarah, 99, Beaufort street 
Douglas, E. 75, Upper Warwick street 
Douglas, B. 49, Northumberland street 
Douglas, Robert, 49, Conway street 
Douglas, William, 21, Blackneld street 
Doukin, F. 4, Erskine street 
Douling, Walter, 52, Collins street 
Douthwaite, Jos. 6, Dodge street 
Dove, Jessie, 161, Duke street 
Dover, William, 67, Thomaston street 
Dovitson, J. 41, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Dowar, Miss Isabella, 47, Mill road 
Dowbiggin, Mrs. M. A. 13, Blackboume st. 
Dowdall, Edward, 20, Hughes street 
Dowdall, James, 26, Denbigh street 
Dowdall, John, 43, Great Crosshall at. 
Dowdall, Mary, 5, Lansdowne place 
DowdaU, Thomas, 22, Devonshire road 
Dowell, James, 15, Overbury street 
Dowell, Bobert, 31, Clarence grove 
Dowie, Mrs. Mary, 5, South Hill road 
Dowin, Capt. J. 32, Avon street 
Dowling, J. 72, Hill street [Edge Hill 
Dowling, Michael, 36, Troughtou street, 
Dowling, Mrs. M. 80, Fitzclarence street 
Dowling, Mrs. Margaret, 114, Aubrey st. 
Dowling, W. Marton, 114, Aubrey st. 
Dowling, Walter, 52, Collins street 
Downey, James, 164, Netherfield road, N. 
Downey, John, 19 Warren street 
Downey, John, 65, Bamber street 
Downey, Mrs. M. 63, Low Hill 
Downe.1, John, 6, Freeiand street 
Downing, William, 31, Arthur street 
Downs, Samuel, 84, Admiral street 
Downs, Thomas, 13, Belmont road 
Dowthwaite, Joseph, 6, Dodge street 


Oowthwaite, Thomas, 32, Canning street 
BotIp, Bridget, 9, BlackBtock street 

Daniel, 24, Gonwa; street 

Daniel, 38, Sherdley street 

James, 97, At hoi street 

Jamea, 144, Suliebury street 

Jane, IUOa Buscommon street 

John, 53, Eirion ])lace 
^ Liwrence, 42, Stafford street 

Mies J. £. 32, Ogwen street 

Miss Martha, 31, Sykee street 

Mrs. E. 20, Scourfield street 

Ura. 137, Chatham street 

Richard, S9, Rose vale 

Thomas, 30, Carjrl utreet 
Doyle, ■William, 27, Hunter street 
Dradge, Miss Karab, 13, Sugnall street 
Drain, John, 16, Maiinii street 
' Drake, Edward, 13, 0-regaon street 
Drake, Isaiah, 3, Chatham place 
Drake, J. 84, Thirlmere mud 
DrakefOTd, Capt. E. 27, Hutchinson st. 
Drue, Joseph, 21, Overton road 
' Dianafield, — , 24, Canning street 

Draper, John, GS, Luther street 
' Draper, Hichard, 5, Carver street 
' Draper, Robert, 12, Eldon jilsce 
Draper, W. 91, Warwiek street 
Dnsban, John, 44, Simpson street 
Dreffey, Joseph, 158, Chatham street 
Drmion, Mrs. Mgt. 19, Weotworth street 
Dreaher, J. 44, Letitia street 
Dreuer, Mrs. M. 36, Windermere street, 

Breck road 
Drew, William, 22, Famvorth street 
Dridsma, — , 7, Falkntr street 
Dring, Mrs. (.'Iiarlotte, 67, Mason street 
Bring, Mra. E. J. 183, Canning street 
Drinlvrater, Dr. W. 16, Richmond View, 

Belmont road 
Drinkwater, Mrs. Mary Ann, 193, Upper 

Parliament street 
Drinkwater, W. 43, York terrace 
Drive, Gibson, 33, Lower Mersey View 
Driver, William, 39, Lavan street 
Drammond, Andrew, 31, Sterling street 
Drummond, J. 18, AVentworth street 
Drummond, V/illinm, 80, Burleigh st. S. 
Dry, Wiiliara, 22, Avon street 
Drybni^h, John, 4, Bluckboume street 
Diysdale, Bros. l.'jS, HeRent road 
Drysdale, Ducar, 91, Wellins^on road 
DrTBdale,J. J. (MD.) 36a, Kodney street 
Drysdale, K- 26, Adelaide street 
D^bej, A. 141, Phythian street 


Dubourg. A. HH, Elizabeth street 
Duck, Joseph, 88, Cardwell street 
Docker, William, 46, iSoiduu street 
Duckett, H. 50, Kilshaw street 
Duckett, James, 42, Aberdeen street 
Duckett, Thomas 27, Cardwell street 
Duckworth, Jonathan, 16, Spellow lane 
Duckworth, Joseph, 18, no|ie place 
Duckworth, Martha, 12, Spellow lane 
Duckworth, W. U. 69, lied Rock street 
Duddou, Mrs. Alice, 81. Berkley street 
Dudgeon, Elizabeth, 7, Percy st. [road 
Dudley, Mra.T.6.WelleB!ey tor. Belvidere 
Dudson, Jno. Wm. 290, Crown street 
Dudson, W. 69, Walnut street 
Duff, Mrs. A. 18, Moore place 
Duff, Sarah, Gl. Queensland street 
Duffey, Mory, 27, Moira street 
Duffey, Edw. 47, Xorfulk street 
Duffield, K 1, Beloe street 
Duffin, J. 34, Albion street 
Duffy, Edward, 41, Proapcct street 
Duffy, Elicia, 47, Plensant street 
Duffy, Miohl. V. 54, Evertnu Brow 
Dufiy, Mrs. 81, HuskisBon street 
Duffy, Thomas, 2, Clare street 
Duftoo, R 122, Mount Pleasant 
Dugdale, Mrs. M. 29, Fitzi-larence street 
Dugt^an, Hugh, 155, Mill road 
Duggan, Mrs. Ann, 44, Thackeray street 
Duggan, Wm. 73, Upper Stanhope atreet 
Dugsan, Wm. 38, Blandford street 
Dugid, Thot. 4, Alexandra Drive 
Duilin, Patrick, 4, Breck street 
Duke, Wm. 28, Burlfigh road south 
Dulsoo, Mary, 8a, Catharine street 
Dumbell, Rev. J. G. Northumberland ter. 
Dumbill, W. H. 36, Everton Brow 
Dunavan, J. 7, Northumberland street 
Dunbar, D. G, Chataworth street 
Dunbar, D. 261, Beaufort street 
Dunbar, Isabella, 190, Park road 
Duncan, A. 9, Anderson street 
Duncan, Abrnham, 99, Crown street 
Duncan, Colleu. 21, Seymour street 
Duncan, O. 4, Newstejid road 
Duncan, J. 99, Calder street 
Duncan, J. 43, Alt street 
Duncan, James R, 9, Bowring street 
Duncan, James, 135, Upper Beau street 
Duncan, James, 71, Boundary place 
Duncan, Mrs. 30, Tetli.w street 
Duntan, R. 15, Green hey 9 road 
Duncan, Rev. William, 161, Islington 
Duncan, W. E. Z. 5, Dingle road 




Duncan, W. 22, Upper Stanhope street 
Duncan, Wm. 17, Cockburn street 
Duncan, William, 26, Percy street 
Duncan, — , 15, Q-reenheys road 
Duncan, — , 344, Park road 
Duncan, — , 7, jDrete street 
Duncanson, Alexander, 115, Spencer st. 
Dunkley, John, 10, Wesley street 
Dunlop, J. 20, Aifi;burth street 
Dunmalesy, Eliz, 16, Sterling street 
Dunn, E. 85, Kilshaw street 
Dunn, James, 94, Beaufort street 
Dunn, L. 17, Thirlmere road 
Dunn, Michael, 6, Tunnel rd. Edge Hill 
Dunn, Mrs. Qt, 10, Northumberland st. 
Dunn, Peter, 72, Marybone 
Dunn, E. 11, Fielding street 
Dunn, Eobert, 50, Grasmere street 
Dunn, Thomas, 166, Spencer street 
Dunn, Thomas, 88, Salop street 
Dunnavan, J. 11, Hill street 
Dunne, James, 101, Phythian street 
Dunnia, E 133, Queen's road 
Dunnicliffy John, 33, Wellington road 
Dunning, J. 28, Collins street 
Dunning, Wm. 27, Newlands street 
DuDsford, Fredk. 7, Brougham terrace, 

West Derby road 
Dunson, John, 80, Aber street 
Dunwell, Sarah, 135, Duke street 
Durant, E. 38, Everton valley 
Durant, — , 22, Eishton street 
Duranty, A. 36, Alexandra ter.^Prince's rd. 
Durband, E. 80, Harlow street 
Durbridge, Wm. 67, Melbourne street 
Durham, Edward, 119, Eose vale 
Durke, Thos. 22, Eed Eock street 
Duminrr, J. 1, Hamilton road 
Duro, Isabella, 40, Ezmouth street 
Durrans, Walter, 65, Hunter street 
Durrant, Thos. 33, Conyers street 
Durrt, Francis, 78, Huskisson street 
Duskers, Thos. 43, GFregson street 
Dutton, J. 115, Canning street 
Dutton, J. 56, Albion street 
Dutton, Jas. 35, Byford street 
Dutton, Joseph, 53, Comwallia street 
Dutton, Samuel, 24, Huskisson street 
Dutton, T. 56, HiU street 
Dutton, Thomas, 62, Premier street 
Dutton, Thomas, 8a, Devonshire place 
Dutton, Wm. 92, Tetlow street 
J>i7vje, R 9, Hill street 
^^J'er, Annie, 4, Daalbv street 
^^er, :Bdward, 3, Denbigh street 
L J}4 

Dyall, Chas. 100, Aubrey street 
Dyke, Edwin, 84, Smithdown lane 
Dyke, Mrs. M. E. 54, Chatsworth street 
Dykes, Wm. F. 284, Crown street 
Dyson, Abraham, 3, Morpeth street 
Dyson, E. 45, Ash ton street 
Dyson, G-eo. 21, Arnold street 
Dy§on, Henry, 58, Hunt street 
Dyson, Mrs. J. 11, Conipton street 
Dyson, Mrs. H. 21, Premier street 

Eagan, Mrs. C. 48, Erskine street 
Eap;an, P, 33, Hill street 
Bales, Mrs. Ann, 37, Netherfield rd. S. 
Eames, Eichard, 13, Downing street 
Earl, George, 45, Salop street 
Earl Mrs. C. 6, Fitzclarence street 
Earl, T. 32, Boaler street 
Earle, James, 37, Almond street 
Earle, John, 115, Phythian street 
Earle, W. 17, Brenton street 
Earnelt, Joseph, 131, Duke street 
Easom, Thomas, 36, Uxbridge street 
Eason, Eichard, 3, Tynemouth street 
East, W. 50, Netherfield road, N. 
Eastham, J. H. 16, Harewood street 
Eastley, Eichard, 149, Vine street 
Eastman, E. M. 21, Avon street 
Easton, J. J. 8, Egerton street 
Eastwood, A. 308, Upper Parliament st. 
Eastwood, Adam, 4, Edinburgh street 
Eastwood, James, 66, Chatsworth street 
Eastwood, M. 24, Clarence groTe 
Eastwood, William, 36, Adelaide street 
Eastwood, William, 50, Langham street 
Eastwood, — , 63, Chatsworth street 
Eaton, E. 25a, Eoscommon street 
Eaton, John, 6, Gt. Nelson street 
Eaton, Eobert, 180, Mill road 
Eaton, Sarah, 11, Catharine street 
Eaton, Thomas, 38, Moon street 
Eaton, Thomas, 57, St. Domingo road 
Eaton, William, 117, Eose vale 
Eaves, David, 8, Spellow lane 
Eaves, Thomas, 51, Gt. Nelson street 
Eayles, John, 10, Park road 
Ebbs, John, 8, New stead road 
Ebrahams, Mrs. 4, Beech street 
Eccles, C. 41, Crete street 
Eccles, George, 61, Eishton street 
Eccles, James, 4, Arthur street 
Eccles, John, 73, Walton lane 
Eccles, O. 16, Moville street 
Eccleston, J. 74, Elizabeth street 
Eceleston, Ianie»>l\^,Cvt^'99^>X«X:t«^ 




Eocleston, WSliam, 34, Kinglake street 
Echlin, John, 17, Parliament place 
Ecken, Mrs. 22, Everton Brow 
EckeraleyW. 34, Moorfields 
Edegay, W . 333, Upper Parliament street 
Eden, C. 32, Coniston street, Breck road 
Eden, Catherine, 138, Beaufort street 
Eden, Mrs. 23, Mount Pleasant 
Edgar, Adam, 17, Tillotson street 
Edgar, J. 29, Leonora street, Park road 
Edgar, Robert, 187, Gratlon street 
Edgar, Robert, 49, Hill street 
Edgar, William, 380, Gt. Howard street 
Edgar, — , 29, Hemans street 
Edgcombe, William, 220, Beaufort st. 
Edge William, 3, Phythian street 
Edie, Mrs. M. 33, Bedford street 
Edington, J. W. 62, Lavan street 
Edisbory, John, 6, Eastbourne street 
Editham, James, 104, Gregson street 
Edkina, E. 35, Deane road 
Edmonds, George Henry, 43, Arnold st. 
Edmondson, J. 8, Sake lane 
Edmondson, J. 55, Ash ton street 
Edmondson, J. 29, Thomaston street 
Edmondson, Thomas, 7, Overton street 
Edmunds, F. 9, Wentworth street 
Edmunds James, 42, Alma street 
Edmunds, JameEs 72, Gt)rdon street 
Edmondson, M. 57, Grasmere street 
Edmundson, Miss, 5, Oldham street 
Edon, John, 31, Salop street 
Edward, Isabella, 92, Roscommon street 
Edwards, Annie, 15, Clarence grove 
Edwards, D. 95, Hill street 
Edwards, David, 98, Wellington road 
Edwards, E. 31, North Hill street 
Edwards, E. 5, Hunt street 
Edwards, E. R. 48, Warburton street 
Edwards, Edward, 58, Arnold street 
Edwards, Edward, 11, Greek street 
Edwards, Edward, 35, Boundary place 
Edwards, F. 5, Menzies street 
Edwards, F. 18, Parliament street 
Edwards, G. 12, Poplar grove, The Elms 
Edwards, George, 20, Mason street 
Edwards, George, 141, Rose vale 
Edwards, George, 38, South street 
Edwards, George, 22 Parliament street 
Edwards, George, 14, Anson street 
Edwards, Greorge, 32, Alfred street 
Edwards, Griffith, 12, Devonshire place 
Edwards, Henry, 21, Sherdley street 
Edwards, Henry, 25, Aughton street 
EdwmrdB, J. 58, Wmdermere at, Breck rd. 

Edwards, J. 187, Canning street 
Edwards, J, 15, Lodge lane 
Awards, J. 9, Bulwer street 
Edwards, J. 17, Hamilton road 
Edwards, J. 167, Bedford street 
Edwards, J. 19, St. Domingo grove 
Edwards, J. 9, Netherfield road south 
Edwards, J. 21, Albion street 
Edwards, J. H 44, Tillotson street 
Edwards, James, 76, Salisbury street 
Edwards, James, 142, Falkner street 
Edwards, James, 21, Bachelor street 
Edwards, John, 95, Gregson street 
Edwards, John, 6, Sir Howard street 
Edwards, John, 103, Mill road 
Edwards, Jno. 282, Upper Parliament st. 
Edwards, John, 68, Windsor street 
Edwards, John, 31, Windsor street 
Edwards, John, 59, Whitefield road 
Edwards, John, 1, Upper Park street 
Edwards, John, 28, Beloe street 
Edwards, Joseph, 58a, Beaufort street 
Edwards, Joseph, 51, Chatham street 
Edwards, M. E. 45, Pleasant street 
Edwards, Miss, 322, Netherfield road, N. 
Edwards, Miss M. 26, Gray Rock street 
Edwards, Mrs. Elisabeth, 112 Vine street 
Edwards, Mrs. Martha, 41, Seldon street 
Edwards, Mrs. Margaret, 86, Virgil Bt^ 
Edwards, Mrs. Margaret, 51a, Parr street 
Edwards, Mrs. L. 31, The Elms 
Edwards, Mrs. S. 143, Bedford street 
Edwards, Mrs. Jane, 13, Tynemouth st. 
Edwards, Mrs. Jane, 141, Huskisson st. 
Edwards, Mrs.E. 32, Orient street 
Edwards, Mrs. Amelia, 25, Dunkeld st. 
Edwards, Mrs. 96, Upper Stanhope st. 
Edwards, Mrs. 107, Grafton street 
Edwards, Mrs. 208, Mount Pleiisant 
Edwards, E. 146, Queen's road 
Edwards, R. 91, Wellington road 
Edwards, R. 75, Upper Hill street 
Edwards, Rd. 28, Torr street 
Edwards, Rev. T. C. 'ifO, Beaumont street 
Edwards, Richard, 128, Field street 
Edwardp, Richard, 38, Rose vale 
Edwards, Robert, 96, Wellington road 
Edwards, Robert, Poplar street 
Edwards, Robert, 4, Langham street 
Edwards, Robert, 120, Upper Beau st. 
Edwards, Samuel, 26, Silvester street 
Edwards, Samuel, 2, Mona street 
Edwards, T. 53, AVhite Rock street 
Edwards, Thoma^,^^, CodKWXi^ A\«fc^ 
Edwards, TVxoma^s Aa,^M^^\^ ^^^^^^ 




Edwards, Thomas, 47, Ilarbord street 
Edwards, Thomas, 16, Thackeray street 
Edwards, Thomas, 28, Eodcomiuon street 
Edwards, Thomas, 89, Whitefield street 
Edwards, Thomas, 96, Peel street 
Edwards, Thomas, 11, Great Nelson st. 
Edwards, W. 86, Gordon street 
Edwards, W. 118, Queen*s road 
Edwards, W. 89, Kepler street 
Edwards, William, 24, Sidney street, E. 
Edwards, William, 12, Erskine street 
Edwttrds, William, 58, Thirlmere road 
Edwards, William, H. 8, The Elms 
Edwards, William, 307, Smithdown lane 
Edwards, — , 120, Gregson street 
Edwardson, M. 48, Brunei street 
Edwardson, E. C. 10, Baker street 
Edy, G. 23, Thomaston Ftreet 
Egan, Eliza, 126, Vine street 
£^n, James, 117, Eoscommon street 
Egan, John, 22, Caryl street 
Egan, Michael, 22, Denbigh street 
Egan, Mrs. Mary, 37, Bloom street 
"Egajiy William, 34, Spencer street 
E^er, Charles, 97, Salop street 
£|gerton, James, 49, W hitefield street 
Eggers, A. 26, Devonshire road 
Eggington, Frances, 28, Upper Park st. 
E^lestone, Mrs. 17, Catharine street 
Eilbeck, John, 76, Gregson street 
Eilbeck, Robert, 21, Tagit street 
ElUb, WiUiam, 24, Arnold street 
Eilnon, William, 37, Sterling street 
Eimer, F. 210, Netherfield road north 
Eld, lliomas^ 6, Bedford street 
Elder, John, 9, Famworth street 
Eldred, Edward, 32, Albion street 
Elgood^ Henry, 45, Vine street 
Ellacott, John, 62, Devon street 
Ellams, J. 92, Begent road 
Ellams, J. 17, Ashton street 
Ellams, Samuel, 118, Stanley road 
Ellard, Thomas, 19, Sugnall street 
Ellary, Bichard, 84, Bamber street 
EUercott, J. 11, Bichmond ter. Breck rd. 
Ellershaw, Joseph, 47, Queensland street 
Ellershaw, Thos. 65, Sackville street 
Ellery, Williaui, 12, Lonsdale street 
Elias, John, 18, Devonshire place 
Elias, Mrs. 34, Conyers street 
Elias, WiUiam, 18, Devonshire place 
Ellinson, William, 59, Cottenham street 
Elliot, Clement, 61, Mill street 

.^iZrb/^, O. 42, HiU street 

^^^4 J> r, Thirlmere road 


Elliot, J. 8, Plarapton street 

Elliot, John Charles, 50, Torr street 

Elliot, Josh. J. 7, Bloom street 

Elliot, Joseph, 32, Cardweli street 

Elliot, Mrs. S. J. 98, Upper Hill street 

Elliot, Mrs. Jane, 21, Scourfield street 

Elliot, W. 15, Greetham street 

Elliott, Catharine, 109, Grafton street 

Elliott, J. 3, Sandhills lane 

Elliott, James, 19, Windsor street 

Elliott, W. 40, Laxey street 

Elliott, W. 20, Spailing street 

Ellis, — , 130, Falkner street 

Ellis, — , 83, Mount Pleasant • 

Ellis, Benjamin, 92, Huskisson street 

Ellis, Charles, 8, Cornwall is street 

Ellis, E. 40, Harlow street 

Ellis, E. 7, Priory road 

Ellis, Ellen, Mrs. 20, Mackenzie street 

EUis, F. W. Bice lane 

Ellis, George, 39, Upper Parliament st. 

Ellis, George, 52, Walkinson street 

Ellis, George, 94, Conway street 

Ellis, Henrv, 5, Pilgrim street 

Ellis, Henry, 123, Cardweli street 

Ellis, Henry, 51, Pleasant street 

Ellis, Hugh, 42, Premier street 

EUis, J. 8, Fitzclarence street 

EUis, J. 3, Hill street 

Ellis, James, 5, Great George aqnara 

Ellis, John, 28, Great George square 

Ellis, John, 6, Cambridge street 

Ellis, John, 29, St. James's road 

Ellis, John, 18, Bose vale 

Ellis, Jos. 21, Gt. Mersey street 

Ellis, Lewis, 38, Falkner street 

Ellis, M. 12, Chatham place 

Ellis, Mary, 17, Whitaker street 

Ellis, Misii, 136, Mount Pleasant 

Ellis, Moses, 69, Bengel street 

Ellis, Mrs. 87, Falkner street 

Ellis, Mrs. Charles, 136, Falkner street 

Ellis, Mrs. M. 27, Peel street 

Ellis, Mrs. Mary, 65, A.shtou street 

EUis, Peter, 56, Whitefield road 

EUis, Peter, 40, Falkner square 

EUis, B. 16, Low HiU 

EUis, Bichard, 41, Hardwick street 

EUis, Bobert, 50, Park road 

Ellis, Bichard Peter, 56, Thackeray street 

Ellis, S. Elizabeth, 1, Smithdown lane 

Ellis, Thomas, 57, Gregson street 

EIUs, W. 8, Derby road 

Ellis, W. F. Bice lane 

EUis, William, 29, \Sndet\i\\V «\t«^ 


EDison, C. 46, Northumberkud terrace 
SUiBon, J. 2, Sefton square 
flliBon, John, I. 49, Windsor street 
EQiBon, Josiah, 66, Crown street 
Hiison, Miss, 102, Upper Stanhope street 
Ellison, Bichard, 80, Tweed street 
Elliaon, Kichard, 5, St. James's road 
EUiaon, Richard, 6, St. James's road 
ElliBon, W. 14, Collins street 
Qlsworth, C. 44, Wilson street 
EUwiOod, Mrs. Mary Ann, 86, Percy st. 
Elskiuson, A. 63, Warwick street 
EUmore, John, 34, Newlands street 
Qston, J. C.21, Netherfield road, 8. 
Elston, Bichard J. 75, Salisbury street 
Elston, William, 303, Crown street 
Elstone, Mrs. Eliz. 133, Grove street 
Elrerston, James, 17, Comwallis street 
Elj, Agnes, 15, Conway street 
Emerson, William, 14, Falkner street 
Emery, J. 41, Aughton street 
Emery, W. 6, Menzies street 
Emett, Mrs. Margaret, 159, Gh*ove st. 
Emidy, K B. 8, Spencer street 
Emidy, F. 50, Tweed street 
Emmanuel, E. 95, Wellington road 
Emmery, Mrs. 30, Langbam street 
Emmett, John, 64, Park street 
Empson, J. 48, Wellington terrace. West 

Derby road 
English, Charles John, 26, Falkner sq. 
English, William, 36, Harbord street 
Enniff, Henry, 109, Field street 
Ennis, P. 27, St. Paul's square 
Ennis, Michael, 47, Chatsworth street 
Enright, F. 20, Kemble street 
Entuish. J. B. 121, Netherfield road, N. 
Enwill, John, 91, Silvester street 
Enid, Gkorge, 80, Beaufort street 
Erlis, W. 8, Combermere street 
Ervin, 62, Luther street 
Erring, D. 13, Crown street 
Erwin, W. H. B. 29, Wentwortli street 
Escolme, W. H. 15, Ash ton street 
Bstlin, Edgar, 77, Aber street 
Eteson, — , 77, Boundary lane 
Eoart, Bobert, 27, Berkley street 
Easter, David, 29, Newhall street 
Evans, A. 137, Grey Bock street 
Evans, A. 102, Kils'haw street 
Evans, A. 5, Boundhill terrace, White- 
field road 


Evans, Benjamin, 49, Spencer street 
Evans, C. 7, Mount Vernon street 
Evans, C. 4, Seymour street 
Evans, Caleb, 110, Scotland road 
Evans, Charles, 12, Sykes street 
Evans, D. J. 18, Bengel street 
Evans, D. H. 109, Beaufort street 
Evans, D. 35, Fitzclarence street 
Evans, David, 16, Toxteth street 
Evans, David, 48, Spencer street 
Evans, David, 85, Canning street 
Evans, Edward, 31, Conyers street 
Evans, Edward, 156, Netherfield street, N. 
Evans, Edward, 85, Alt street 
Evans, Edward, 8, Barter street 
Evans, Edward Henry, 88, Aubrey st. 
Evans, Edward, 42, Wesley street 
Evans, Edward, 60, High Park street 
Evans, Edward, 78, Eose vale 
Evans, E. F. 44, St. Domingo vale 
Evans, E. 98, Cleveland street 
Evans, E. 66, Crete street 
Evans, E. 41, Great Nelson street 
Evans, Evan, 201, Netherfield road, N. 
Evans, Evao, 109, Queen's road 
Evans, Evan, 29, Melbourne street 
Evans, Evan, 68, Queen's road 
Evans, Evan, 19, Violet street 
Evans, Evan, 39, Bamber street 
Evans, Evan, 50, Phoebe-Ann street 
Evans, Evan, 24, Lonsdale street 
Evans, Evan, 135, Field street 
Evans, Enoch, 45, Breck road 
Evans, Ellis, 41, White Bock street 
Evans, Elizabeth, 71, Spencer street 
Evans, Francis, 157, Grove street 
Evans, G. 25, Phoebe- Anh street 
Evans, G. 28, Baker street 
Evans, G. 8, Kilshaw street 
Evans, Henry, 62, Fairclough lane 
Evans, Hugh, 82, Lodge lane 
Evans, Hugh, 58, Chatsworth street 
Evans, J. 69, Windermere st., Breck rd. 
Evans, J. 79, Aber street 
Evans, J. 20, Sefton square 
Evans, J. 48, Enderson street 
Evans, J. 4, Tillotson street 
Evans, J. E. 23, Bydal street 
Evans, Jane, 71, Great Newton street 
Evans, John, 24, Sykes street 
Evans, John, 17, Mackenzie street 
Evans, John, 13, Circu^^ street 
Evans, John, 8i, Northumberland ter. 
Evans, John, 7, Cohyj^v^ ^\.x^ftX» 

Evans, Ann, 115, Upper Beau street 

EvaoBy Ann 'Maria, 131, Bedford street «, ^^..^ , 

EvanB,B. P. 7, Narihumberland terrace I Evans! Jolm, 446, ^t. ^«lvcv^^'^tq'8^^ 





Evans, John, 83, Silvester street 
Evans, John, 10, Walnut street 
Evans, John, 26, Haliburton street 
Evans, Jolin, 28, 1>odge lane 
Evans, John, 21, Lodge, lane 
Evans, John, 101, Salisbury street 
Evans, John, 7, Prussia street 
Evans, John, 35, Churchill street 
Evans, John, 77, Egerton street 
Evans, John, 14, Berkley street 
Evans, John, 5, Ivy street 
Evans, John, 23, Caird street 
Evans, John, 94, Spencer street 
Evans, John, 128, Falkner street 
Evans, John, 2, Blackfield street 
Evans, John, 5, Ivy street 
Evans, Joseph, 34, Stirling street 
Evans, Joseph, 27, Smithdown lane 
Evans, Joseph, 13, Chester street 
Evans, Lewis, 96, Smithdown lane 
Evans, M. H. 60, Stanhope street 
Evans, Martha, 9, Lovat street 
Evans, Martha, 5, Wilson street 
Evans, Mary, 871, Scotland road 
Evans, Mary Ann, 64, Eldon place 
Evans, Mary, 94, Windsor sti^t 
Evans, Mrs. 121, Mulberry street 
Evans, Mrs. 16, Salisbury street 
Evans, Mrs. Alice, 60, Whitefield street 
Evans, Mrs. H. 329, Up. Parliament st. 
Evans, Mrs. M. 1, Holland place 
Evans, Mrs. M. 10, Clevedon street 
Evans, Mrs. Mary, 185, &rove street 
Evans, Mrs. Mary, 17, Fitzclarence street 
Evans, Mrs. Mary, 94, Hill street 
Evans, Peter, 20, Upper Stanhope street 
Evans, Peter, 5, Conyers street 
Evans, R 15, Windermere street, Breck 

Evans, R 61, Cleveland street 
Evans, R 22, Orient street 
Evans, R. 77, Orient street 
Evans, R. 58, Tillotson street 
Evans, R H. 28, Everton valley 
Evans, R L. 18, Coniston st. Breck rd. 
Evans, Richard, 85, Salisbury street 
Evans, Bobert, 174, Huskisson street 
Evans, Robert, 89, Overbury street 
Evans, 8. 49, Silvester street 
Evans, Samuel, 5, Lavan street 
Evans, Sarah, 61, Melbourne street 
Evans, T. 126, Queen's road 
:EvADff, T. M, Warwick street 
^Ans, T. 15, Anderson Btreet 
^^s, Thomas, 23, Eggington terrace 


Evans, Thoma«, 5, Belmont road 
Evans, Thomas, 97, Field street 
Evans, Thomas, 21, Wilson street 
Evans, ThomaA, 21, St. Paul's square 
Evans, W. 62, Ogwen street 
Evans, W. 27, Lower Mersey View 
Evans, W. 138, Wellington road 
Evans, W. P. 4, Clevedon street 
Evans,' W. 53, Aber street 
Evans, William, 16, Salisbury street 
Evans, William, 70, Westboume street 
Evans, William, 93, Everton terrace 
Evans, William, 209, Great Homer street 
Evans, William, 3, Lodge lane 
Evans, Wm. 27a Roscommon street 
Evans, Wm. 31, Canton street 
Evans, Wm. 70, Phoebe- Ann street 
Evans, — , 298, Beaufort street 
Evans, — , 10, Faraday street 
Evans, — , 62, Kilshaw street 
Evanson, J. James, 67, Radcliffe street 
Evatt, R. W. 115, Grove street 
Eve, J. 43, Erskine street 
Evenson, James, 19, Seagra\'e street 
Everate, J. 62, Menzies street 
Everitt, R. S. 72, Chatham street 
Evison, Henry, 73, Langham street 
Ewing, Thos. W. 101, Crown street 
Eyekeil, Henry, 24, Catharine street 
Eyers, Mrs. Mary, 60, Vine street 
Eyles, George, 62, Radclifie street 
Eynon, Jno. Q^y Northumberland, terrace 
Eyre, W. 4, Beech terrace, Beech street 
Eyres, Sarah, 88, Copperas hill 
E3rton, G. 19, Lavan street 

Fabert, Eliza, 3, St. James's mount 
Faint, Thomas, 8, Mar}' bone 
Fair, Peter, 33, Upper Stanhope street 
Fairbrother, John, 6, Bailey street 
Fairbrother, E. 27, Combermere street 
Fairbrother, S. 98, Hill street 
Fairclough, D. 21, Sykes street 
Fairclough, F. 72, Chatsworth street 
Fairclough, H. 50, Ogwen street 
Fairclough, J. 14, Homer street 
Fairclough, Thomas, 21, Mill road 
Fairhurst, James, 97, Shaw street 
Fairhurst, John, 92, Kose vale 
Fairhurst, John, 53, Rydal street 
Fairhurst, Samuel, 105, Radclife street 
Fairlong, W. 49, Moville street 
Fairwather, S. 5, Northumberland ter. 
FalkinBtein, R 12, Field street 
I Falkner, Jane, dl, '&ea\xiotti %Xt«(^\. 




Falkneis Joseph, 47, Lloyd street 
Falkner, Major, 76, Grove street 
Fall, R. 10, Everton village 
Fallon. Thomas, 09, Upper Beau street 
Falloon, Dr. 12, Shaw street 
Falloon, Rev. W. M. 24, Percy street 
Fallows, Chas. H2, Beiitley road 
Fallows, Thos. 22, Lower Mersey View 
Fallows, William, 20, Beutley road 
Fsllows, Wm. 88. Falkner square 
Fallows, Wm. 9, Percy street 
Faradaj, J. 52 Sl 54, Vavertree road 
Fardley, Thomas, 5, Rutland street 
Farie. Johu, 20, Falkner square 
Farley, D. Rice lane 
Farley, Wni. 27, Mount Plea«>ant 
Fannby, John, 32, Everton valley 
Farmer, Mary, 28, Shaw street 
Farmer, Mrn. 301, Smithdown lane 
Farmer, Valentine, 30, Cumberland st. 
Farmer, John, 00, Eastbourne street 
Famworth, W. H. 4, Adelaide street 
Farquhar, James, 20, Bumber street 
Farquhar, John, 47, Conway street 
Farquhar, R. 1, Gelling street 
FarnU, George, 33, Oakfield road 
Farrall, Peter, 14, Bailey street 
Farzar, Mrs. E. 3, Canton street 
Earrar, — , h7, Kilshuw street 
Farrell, David, 51, Ash ton street 
Farrell, Ed. 96, Netherfield road, N. 
Farrell, John, 52, ^*ewhall street 
Farrell, John, jun. 173, Regent road 
Farrell, Samuel, 4, Great Newton street 
Farrell, T. 115, Red Rock road 
Ferrer, John, 10, Beloe street 
Farrie, A. J. 03, Parkfield road 
Farrill, R. 02, Henry street 
Farring^n, Ellen, 90, Stanley road 
Farrington, John, 38, Bamber street 
Farrington, W. 04, Warwick street 
Faulkea, Aver, 38, Great Mersey street 
Faulkea, Thos. 22, Salop street 
Faulkner, Henry, 113, Stanhope street 
Fauter, S. 23, Cleave street 
Fawoett, Wm. 83, Rishton street 
Fawkes, Wm. 78, Greenland street 
Fawriger, Aaron, 50, Warren street 
Pay, Barnard, 120, Windsor street 
Fay, Charles, 103, Grafton street 
Fay, James, 41, Tennyson street 
Fay, T. W. W. Upper Parliament st. 
Fay, T. P. Upper Parliament st. 
Facackerlaj, John, 90, Windsor street 
Fazackerley, Biohard, 0, Morpeth street 

Fazakerley, E. 22, Conibermere street 
Fazakerly,TliOH. 253, Upper Frederick st. 
Feau, S. 78, White Rock street 
Feares, R. 32, Dickenson street 
Fearn, James, 48, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Fearon, Maria, 102, Walton road 
Fearstole, Elizabeth, 51, Mill road 
Feenan, M. l3, Northumberland street 
Fegan, Mary, 10, Binney street 
Fegan, John, 21, Salop street 
Fegan, Thomqs, 57, Boundary place 
Feint, AVm. 13, Whitefield road 
Fell, Mrs. Ermilinda, 87, Berkley st. 
Fellor, Thos. 10, Coniston st. Breck rd. 
Felton, Charles, 23, Toxteth street 
Fenev, J. P. 41, Kent street 
Yeni] E. J. 01, Bengel street 
Fenton, Dr. 19, Upper Duke street 
Fenton, Robert, 9, Blackfield street 
Feran, J. 34, Queen's road 
Fergie, James, 59, Groat Newton street 
Ferguson, — , 20, Park street 
Ferguson, Dr. 95, Shaw street 
Ferguson, Duncan, 47, Smith street 
Ferguson, Edward. 22, Radcliife street 
Ferguson, Hugh, 123, St. Domingo road 
Ferguson, J. S. 10, Crete street 
Ferguson, James, 40, Wynne street 
Ferguson, James, 10, Catharine street 
Ferguson, John, 128, St. Domingo vale 
Ferguson, John, 12, Foley street 
Ferguson, John, 40, Wynne street 
Ferguson, John, 2, Rydal street 
Ferguson, Margaret, 45, Eldon place 
Ferguson, Mary, 20, Staftbrd street 
Ferguson, William, SO, Bamber street 
Fergusson, W. IS, Elizabeth street 
Fernandes, D. 92, Greenland street 
Fernihoiigh, Mrs. 20, Sundon t>treet 
Ferns, M'illiam, 22, liurbord street 
Ferriday, Thomas, 8, Collins street 
Ferrier, Thonias, 15ii, Wellington road 
Ferris, Mrs. 178, Mount Pleasant 
Ferris, Mrs. H. 90, Hill street 
Ferro, Wm. W. Lewip, 1?, Towerlands st. 
Fethers, James, 2, Berkley street 
Feuban, William, 00, Caryl street 
Feulder, R. F. 09, Hughes street 
Fiddern, John, 02, Jordan street 
Fiddler, William, 4, Norfolk street 
Fidler, R. 08, Northumberland street 
Field, David, 0, St. Paul's square 
Fielder, Mrs. Mary^aret, 4, Harper street 
Fielding Mrs. 77, Crown street 
Filan, Richard, 39, Upper Stanho\»e st. 




Fildes, Henry, 16, Hunter street 
Pilkin, R. 77, Hamilton road 
Filpot, Joseph, 9,- Caryl street 
Finch, Alfred, 9, Bailey street 
Fincham, Edward, 183, Towson street 
Findell, G. 31, Anderson street 
Findlay, James, 78, South street 
Findlay, J. & W. 11, Upper Warwick st. 
Findlay, John, 40, St. James's road 
Findlay, William, 111, Shaw street 
Fiuehurg, J. 17, Seymour street 
Finegan, Dr. 83, Great George street 
Finegan, J. H. (MD.) 61, Rodney street 
Finger, A. 68, Bengel street 
Finmson, Miss L. J. 23, Ulswater st. 
Finlay, John, 22, Aughton street 
Finlay> John, 33, Berwick street 
Finlay, Samuel, 2, Tynemouth street 
Finn, Bennett, 10i9, Chatsworth street 
Finn, John, 17, Devonshire place 
Finn, Thomas, 62, Conwny street 
Finnegan, Johanna, 20, Park road 
Finney, John, 23 Prospect street 
Finnie, John, 8, Cambridg^e street 
Finnigau, S. 81, Phythian street 
Firlong, Walter, 93, Silvester street 
Firth, Andrew, 131, Beaufort street 
Firth, Joseph, 160, Netherfield road, N. 
Firth, W. H. 68, St. Domingo road 
Fish, E. 89, Queen's road 
Fish, James, 216, Boundary lane 
Fish, James, 26, Anderson street 
Fish, P. J. 2, Aberdeen street 
Fisher, Ann, 40, Berkley street 
Fisher, E. 65, Landseer road 
Fisher, G. R. 8, Beech terrace. Beech st. 
Fisher, George, 18, Toxteth street 
Fisher, Henry, 15, Rodney street 
Fisher, J. 16, Bright street 
Fisher, James, 123, Rose vale 
Fisher, Jane, 200, Upper Frederick st. 
Fisher, John, 45, Catharine street 
Fisher, Maria, 160, Falkner street 
Fisher, Mrs. Ann, 6, Mount Vernon st. 
Fisher, Mrs. Margaret, 269, Crown st. 
Fisher, Mrs. Catherine, 155, Grove st. 
Fisher, R. 61, Crete street 
Fisher, Thomas, 24, Grey street 
Fisher, Thomas, 73, Bedford street 
Fisher, T. Simpson, 32, Berwick street 
Fisher, William, 24, Smithdown Jane 
Fisher, William, 27, Freeland street 
^shwjck, John, 114, Bedford street 
^/'^^\ -Rwbard, 185, Grafton street 
^^^^, Anthonjr, 63, Canumg etreet 


Fitt, Alfred, 34, Uxbridge street 
Fitt, Matthew, 4, Devonshire place 
Fitton, J. 18, Dunkeld street 
Fitz, John, 18, Nile street 
Fitzdue, H. J. 25, Belmont road 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. 24, Sandon street 
Fitzgerald, E. 66, Red Rock street 
Fitzgerald, George, 274, Beaufort st. 
Fitzhenry, M. 36, Fairclough lane 
Fitzpatrick, Ann, 161, Mill road 
Fitzpatrick, Henry, 16, Tweed street 
Fitzpatrick, Henry, 16, Sherdley street 
Fitzpatrick, R. 26, Comhermere street 
Fitzsimons, G. M. 2, Caledonia street 
Fitzsimons, H. 58, Moville street 
Fitzsimons, Henry, 41, Latham street 
Fitzsimons, Martha, 71, Ogweu street 
Fitzsimons, Thomas, 6, Lloyd street 
Fitzsimons, W. J. 22, Woodville terrace, 

Breck road 
Flanagan, J. 69, Parliament street 
Flanagan, James, 26, Sykes street 
Flanagan, James, 14, Chatsworth street 
Flarherty, Thomas, 116, Conway street 
Flatt, William, 13, Crosbie street 
Fleaherty, John, 141, Chatham street 
Flee, Thomas, 111, Mulberry street 
Fleetwood, John, 281, Grafton street 
Fleetwood, T. C. 61, Hughes street 
Fleming, Anthony, 3, Pleasant street 
Fleming, Boyd, 9, Moore place 
Fleming, Edward, 22, Russell street 
Fleming, J. 1, Hutcliinson street 
Fleming, Mrs. 196, Mount Pleasant 
Flemming, John, 6, Breck street 
Fletcher, A. E. (F.C.S.) 21, Overton st. 
Fletcher, Alfred, 171, Grove street 
Fletcher, E. 31, Greeuheys road 
Fletcher, Filmer, 17, Moira street 
Fletcher, George, 100, Bedford street 
Fletcher, Henry George, 30, Brunei st. 
Fletcher, Henry Backett, 108, Aubrey at. 
Fletcher, John, 16, Norwood grove 
Fletcher, M. J. 8, Coniston st. Breck rd. 
Fletcher, Miss Mary, 66, Windsor street 
Fletcher, Miss Alice, 76, Mount Pleasant 
Fletcher, Mrs. A. 26, Gelling street 
Fletcher, Mrs. M. 104, Canning street 
Fletcher, Peter, 6, Newton street 
Fletcher, R. 19, Newstead road 
Fletcher, Hamuel, 20, Moon street 
Fletcher, Thomas, B. A. & Co. 31, 

Greenheys road, S. 
Fletcher, W. ^, Leonora ^tveet. Park rd. 
Fletcher, W. 821, TJipv^t 'CwYNaxawoX. ^'t. 



lep, — , 6, Hatchinson street 

Mre. Cataliae, 67, Tetlow street 

Peter, 19, Toxteth street 

William, 34, Eldon place 
ey, Greorge, 52, Luther street 
y, Mrs. Mary, 47, York terrace 

Thomas, 111, Mulberry street 
, George, 48, Upper Hill street 
, Henry, 66, Upper Stanhope street 
, J. 42, Orient street 
. James, 11 & 13. Phillip street 
, James. 5, Great Grosshall street 
, Mary. 27, Jordan street 
, E. 19, Greenheys road 
. Thomas, 47, Ulswater street 
, — , 9, Calder street 
, G. T. 68, Norwood grove 
tders, G. 12, Crozteth road 
iders, G. 36, Thomaston street 
iders, John, 305, Up. Parliament st. 
Mlay, Thomas, 69, Lodge lane 
, R 50 Hill street 
k. Christian, 4, Dingle HiU, Park 

3n, Thomas, 53, Melbourne street 
I. Francis. 8 & 5. Back Canning st. 
I, Mrs. Bridget, 3, Blackboume st. 
I, William. 119, Rishton street 
le, Mary, 36, Norton street 
)n, Walter, 45, Great Nelson street 
John, 42, Exmouth street 
1, Richard, 37, Foley street 
ty, Jannet, 84, Melville street 
ty, John, 3, Binney street 

James, 23, Cottenham street 

L. 28, Woodville terrace, Breck rd. 

Robert, 8, Wynne street 

Thomas, 92, Salop street 
H. P. 53, Bedford street 
n, John, 118, Field street 
, James, 81, Whitefield street 
, William, 10, Berwick street 
•, — , 70, Salisbury street 
, John E. 41, Hope street 
, Robert, 26, Radcliffe street 
B, Charles, 127, Canning street 
8, Isaac, 53, Cottenham street 
8, J. 14, North Hill street 
, James, 121, Gregson street 
tt, John, 82, Cardwell street 
tt, Mical, 70, Luther street 
Edward, 14, Mount Vernon road 
Hannah, 24, Great George square 
J. 2\ JO, Kepler street 
TmncB, 103, dtoDbope street 

Ford, Mrs. Agnes, 35, Phythian street 
Ford, Richard, 238, Beaufort street 
Ford, Samuel, 1, Harewood street 
Ford, Samuel, 19, Whitefield street 
Ford, William, 35, Falkner square 
Ford, Wm. Bentley, 33, Walton lane 
Forder, R. 2, Anderson street 
Foreman, Maria, 82, Roscommon street 
Forest, Mrs. Mary B. 96, Hill street 
Forester, R. H. 19, Hill street 
Forfar, Rev. T. P. 30, Sandon street 
Forman, John, 27, Gregson street 
Formby, — , 18 & 20, Rose place 
Formby, Mrs. Mary, 114, Hill street 
Forquhar, W. 50, Calder street 
Forrest, Mary, 27, Park Hill road 
Forrest, Samuel, 47, The Elms 
Forrest, — , 297, Upper Parliament street 
Forrester, George, 102, Salisbury street 
Forrester, John, 38, Blackfield street' 
Forrester, Robert, 8, Hope place 
Forrester, W. 5, Mill road 
Forshaw, C. HL 72, Ulswater street 
Forshaw, David, 5, McGregor street 
Forahaw, J. 29, Grove park 
Forshaw, James, 61, St. George's Hill 
Forshaw, John, 88, Whitefield road 
Forshaw, John, 10, York terrace 
Forshaw, Joseph John, 27, Oakfield road 
Forshaw, Richard, 12, Mackenzie street 
Forshaw, Richard, 173, Grafton street 
Forshaw, Thos. A. 6, Beech ter. Beech st. 
Forshaw, William, 44, Prospect street 
Forsyth, Joshua, 3, Sir Howard street 
Forsyth, Martha, 10, Upper Park street 
Forsyth, W. 127, WeUington road 
Fort, Robert, 36, Torr street 
Fortay, Mrs. A. 7, Thomaston street 
Fortune, William, 3a, Rock street 
Fosbrook, Mrs. Maria, 69, St. Domingo rd. 
Fosbruke, Mrs. 90, Upper Stanhope at. 
Foster, Betby, 111, Spencer street 
Foster, Chas. W. 5, Lord Nelson street 
Foster, Charles, 13, Binney street 
Foster, Colin, 235, Crown street 
Foster, Edward, 72, Field street 
Foster, H. 42, Collins street 
Foster, Jas. 313, ^per Parliament street 
Foster, John, 98, Edinburgh street 
Foster, Miss, 94, Crown street 
Foster, Mrs. E. 95, Beaufort street 
Foster, Philip, 60, Windsor street 
Foster, T. 53, Plumpton street 
Foster, BicTaard "a^nt^ , \%13l^ %\»\^\i 
Foster, TViomaa, 50,'BwJTm't%\x^\» 




Foster, Thomas, 13, Collins "fetreet 
Foster, W. H. 32, Windermere street 
Foster, William, 52, Spellow lane 
Foster, William, (38, Whitefield street 
Foster, William, 120, Stanley road 
Foster, William, 6, St. Mary's lane 
Foster, William, 51, Field street 
Foster, William, 7, Dingle lane 
Foster, William, 12, Binney street 
Fothergill, James, 1, Whitefield road 
Fothergill ,Thos. 100, Northumberland ter. 
Fouden, S. 19, Mitylene street 
Foulds, J. 9, Queen's road 
Fouler, Mrs. Margaret, 115, Kensington 
Foulis, Annie, 89, Bedford street, S. 
Foulkes, A. 39, Aber street 
Foulkes, Edwin, 63, Bengel street 
Foulkes, Isaac, 18, Queensland street 
Foulkes Isaac, 25, Violet street 
Foulkes, John, 53, Kinglake street 
Foulkes, Mary, 41, Kinglake street 
Foulkes, Thomas, 10, Hemans street 
Foulkes, William, 10, St. George's Hill 
Fountain, Henrr, 30, Hughes street 
Fowden, C. 96, karlow street 
Fowden, J. 11, Hamilton road 
Fowler, E. 97, St. Domingo road 
Fowler, J. 34, Hunt street 
Fowler, J. E. 45, Cleveland street 
Fowler, M. 22, Elizabeth street 
Fowler, Mary, 15, Tobock street 
Fowler, Eichard, 139, Field street 
Fowles, Thomas, 75, Salop street 
Fowler, Wm. 51, Conway street 
Fox, A. 93, Overbury street 
Fox, Albert, 95, Beau street 
Fox, Charles James, 19, Lonsdale street 
Fox, E. 16, Brenton street 
Fox, F. 112, Gordon street 
Fox, G. 8, Sefton square 
Fdx, George, 41, Tillotson street 
Fox, James, 100, Salisbury street 
Fox, J. 46, Erskine street , 

Fox, John, 12, Berkley street 
Fox, John, 23, Perth street 
Fox, Mrs. 119, Upper Parliament street 
Fox, Mrs. 54, Warren street 
Fox, Mrs. H. 190, Mount Pleasant 
Fox, E. H. 22, Lloyd street 
Fox, Thomas, 52, Eldon place 
Fox, Wm. Chart, 219, Up. Parliament st. 
Foj[, W. T. 14, Wellesley road 
^ojJejr, John, 26, Foley street 
fbjrmR/i Hichard, 39, TillotBon atreet 
Vr, Mis, Ann, 67, Rill street 

62 ' 

Foyer, Airnes, 12, Great Mersey street 
Frame, F. lOS, St. Domingo vale 
France, E. 85, Conway street 
France, Edward, 46, Hughes Ktreet 
France, Henry, 2vS, Tyneraouth street 
France, John, 20, Boundary street east 
France, Mrs. Jane, 30, Queen's road 
France, Mrs. M. 32, Sandon street 
France, E. P. 89, Upper Warwick street 
France, T. 6, Bootle road 
Francis, E. 29, Upper Warwick street 
Francis, G. 17, Gelling street 
Francis, II. 44. Baker street 
Francis, H. W. 60, Grey Bock street 
Francis. Harrv, 114, Smithdown lane 
Francis, J. 70, Devonport street 
Francis, J. 66, Upper Hope place 
FVancis, John, 128, Beaufort street 
Francis, Miss, 118. Duke street 
Francis, Mrn. 106, Upper Stunhope street 
Francis, Walter, 19, Kilshaw strert 
Franckel, S. 27, Bedford street 
Pranghiadi, G. 0. 42, Arnold street 
Frank, — , 21, Beaumont street 
Frank, Julius, 8, Sir Howard street 
Frank, Mrs. Mary, 34, Bjford street 
Frankland, E. 21, Everton village 
Franklin, Wm. 42, White Eock street 
Franks, Miss B. 5, The Willows, Breck rd. 
Franks, W. 25, Eichmond terrace 
Eraser, D. 22, White Eock street 
Eraser, D. 32, High Park street 
Eraser, Henry J. 45, Bengel street 
Eraser, J. 26, Thomaston street 
Eraser, E. 50, Combermere street 
Eraser, William, 71, Crown street 
Fraser, — , 116, Bamber street 
Frazer, A. 37, Whitefield street 
PVazer, James, 13, Segrave street 
Frazer, Charles, 27, Moon street 
Frazer, Miss S. 154, Grove street 
Frazer, William, 20, Sykefl street 
Fredricks, Mrs. 58, Kinglake street 
Freclaiid, Peter, 115, Falkner street 
Freeland, Miss Jane, S, Church Mount 
Freeman, G. F. 9, Caird street 
Freeman, G. M. 14, Bake lane 
Freeman, John, 13, Hemans street 
Freeman, W. 2, Derby road, Kirkdalc 
Freeman, W. 71, Boundary lane 
Freeston, John, 8, Grasmere street 
Preet, Magnus, 16, Tennyson street 
Frelan, P. 32, Gradwell street 
French, A. 4A, Ea\Tc\oM^\ti3aft 
French, Dr. 107 , BeAioT^ *\.TeeX. 



, G^eo^ge, 8, Canterbury street 
, Henry, Kice lane 
, John, 120, Beaufort street 
, John, 7, Sterling street 
, Mrs. E. 10, Gloucester place 
, Teresa, 13, Lansdowne place 
, William, 70, Spencer street 
Job. 56, Lodge lane 
, William, 100, Berkley street 
nder, J. 9, Gill street 
[i. P. 51, Newstead road 
[>eorge, 19, Blair street 
Thomas, 70, Wellington road 
William, 1, Warren street 
am, Frances, 95, Radcliffe street 
am, J. 27, Upper Stanhope street 
am, Mrs. Frances Louisa, 238, 
sr Parliament street 
Mrs. E. 9, The WiUows, Breck rd. 
»n, M. 10, Northhall street 
ain, Robert, 56, Caryl street 
E4ck. 30, Bamber street 
Frederick, 10, Lowther street 
C. 46, Lav an street 
8. 25, Queen's road 
, Henry, 11, Walton Breck road 
in, Walter P. 26, Oxford street 
F. W. 18, Devonshire road 
John, 19, Beaumont street 
Mrs. 43, Hemans street 
Samuel, 10, Alfred street 
T. 58, Kepler street 
on, B. 262, Beaufort street 
, Henry, 6, Montpelier terrace, 
3r Parliament street 
, Mrs. 29, Devonshire place 
, Henry, 8, Caledonia street 
, James, 16, Field street 
on, A. 119, Warwick street 
on, G. 32, Hamilton road 
on, M. 6, Coniflton street 
J, John, 100, Salop street 
», Joseph, 9, Walnut street 
^, Peter, 42, Whitefield lane 
B, T. B. 1, Beaumont street 
in, J. yO, South 8J;reet 
I, George, 72, Whitefield street 
ilj Mrs. S. 25, Lavan street 

gha, William, 89, Luther street 
I, Edward, 3, Queensland street 
rhomas, 12, Stirling street 
E. 5, Sackville street 
9: ^1, Lavan street 
I, &, 70, Caryl street 

Gadsby, J. L. 29, Freeland street 
Gage, J. 68, Crete street 
Gahan, Joseph, 21, Carver street 
Gaines, David, 86, Northumberland ter. 
Gaister, Mrs. Harriott, 78, Melville place 
Galatti, D. A. Alexandra drive. Prince's 

Gulberth, William, 23, Great George sq. 
Galbraith, J. 96, Northumberland street 
Gale, Thomas, 53, Barnes street 
Galer, J. 57, Kilshaw street . 
Galey, James, 3, Moira street 
Gulice, Elizabeth, 16, Whitaker street 
Galin, Richard 161, Upper Parliament st. 
Gall, J. 9, Red Rock street 
Gall, William, 9, Gregson street 
Gallaghen, P. 71, Athol street 
Gallagher, James, 34, Luther street 
Gallagiier, W. 70, Everton road 
Gallard, Joseph P. 2, Alexandra house, 

Prince's road 
Gallaway, Mrs. E. 55, Chatsworth street 
Galleghan, William, 5, Back Goree 
Galletti, — , 6, Gloucester place 
Galley, William, 70, Harew.ood street ■ 
Gallier, John, 35, Ashton street 
Galloway, Alex. H. 28, Clarence street 
Galloway, G. H. 15, Arthur street 
Galloway, M. 6, Everton valley 
Gallwood, E. 109, Duke street 
Galna, George, 82, Hamilton road 
Galtress, William, 19, Carver street 
Gaman, W. 16, Hunt street 
Gambell, W. H. 33, Newstead road 
Gambier, George, 75, Bamber street 
Gamble, John N. 149, Kensington 
Gamble, Mrs. Annie, 94, Whit« Rock st. 
Gamble, Mrs. T. 53, Upper Warwick st. 
Gamble, William, 7, Slierdley street 
Gamma:i;e, Mrs. B. 71, Beaumont street 
Gammon, Peter, 12, Hughes street 
Gamon, Hugh, 72, Hughes street 
Ganbal, Jonathan, 52, Warburton street 
Ganderton, A. 25, Shaw street 
Gandy, Captain, 142, Islington 
GUndy, H. A. 14, Weutwortli street 
Gandy, H. H. 14, Everton village 
Gaudy, Maurice, 154, Islington 
Gandy, Thomas, 10, Uxbridge street 
Gants, Samuel, 56, Riahton street 
Garaty, E. 26, Greenland street 
Garbatt, Edmund, 22, Moira street 
Gardener, Miaa M. ^. ^^, Giios^ ?^^ft\i 
Gardiner, David, ^9, ^\.et\\xi% ^\x^^\, 
Gardiner, Jamea> l^i^, K\iWCt^\ssNi^ ^^.. 




Qtu'diner, JameB, 10, Tiolet street 
Gardiner, Joseph, 73, Eilshaw street 
Gardiner, Thomas, 13, Mulberry street 
Gardiner, William, 23, Eadcliffe street 
Gkirdner, Edward, 182, Wavertree road 
Gardner, Edward, 32, Field street 
Gardner, Eliza, 19, Duncan street 
Gardner, G. N. 11, Croxteth road • 
Gardner, J. D. 42, Tillotsou street 
Gbrdner, James, 99, Cardwell street 
Ghurdner, John, 31, Phythian street 
Gardner, John, 86, Luther street 
Gkurdner, John, 13, Adelaide street 
Gardner, John, 11, Aber street 
Gardner, Joseph, 30, Salop street 
Gardner, Kate, 217, Smitndown lane 
Gardner, Mrs. Mary, 57, Troughton 

street, Eds^e Hill 
Ghirdner, Eobert, 25, Conway street 
Gardner, E. C. 9, Croxteth road 
Gardner, T. 195, Park road 
Gardner, T. 7, Belvidere road 
Gardner, T. 3, Barter street 
Gardner, W. 6, Hill street 
Gardner, W. 29, Queen's road 
Gardner, W. 92, Kilshaw street 
Gkirdner, William, 59, Parkfield road 
Garfield, William, 48, Alma street 
Garland, E. 53, Spencer street 
Garland, S. 31, MTenzies street 
Garlick, J. 75, Queen's road 
Gamer, George, 17, Violet street 
Gamer, John, 19, Brownlow hill 
Garner, T. 65, Park street 
Garnett, Edmond, 13, Carver street 
Gkimett, G. 84, Stanhope street 
Gamett, James, 12, Brougham terrace. 

West Derby road 
Garnett, E. 5, Leonora street. Park road 
Gamett, T. B. 1, Leonora street, Park rd. 
Garnett, Thomas, 67, Falkner street 
Garratt, W. 20, Lodge lane, Windsor 
Garratt, Wm. 107, Beaumont street 
Garrett, E. 76, Bulwer street 
Garrighan, Joseph, 103, Everton terrace 
Garril, John, 141, Spencer street 
Garrison, John D. 63, Vine street 
Ghirrot, P. 23, Erskine street 
Garrott, Mrs. Elizabeth, 36, Harewood st. 
Garrott, W. 16, Bankfield street 
Garrow, J. 80, Thomaston street 
OaiTOw, Wm. 90, White Eock street 
j^jw'd0, T. 17, Hutcbimon street 
^^de, Tbos, 91, SAliBburr street 
^''^^de, Jamea, 69, Bodnej street 


Gartland, Thos. 29, Pleasant street 
Garton, P. D. 26, Seymour street 
Gartshore, Eobt. 104, Cardwell street 
Garvey, William, 8, Mildred street 
Qasbally, N. G. 3, Devonshire road 
Gascoigne, T. 4, Aigburth street 
Gascoyne, George, 122, Islington 
Qasgarth, Peter, 14, Eastbourne street 
Qaskarth, W. 15, Upper Hill street 
Gaskell, Isaac, 11, Baiter street 
GaskeU, John E. 43, Irvine street 
Gaskell, Eichard, 63, Grafton street 
Gaskill, E. 218, Beaufort street 
Gass, John, 115, Park street 
Gatef, Mrs. Frances, 151, Falkner st. 
Gatehouse, Charles, 116, Falkner st. 
Gatey, Eliza, 39, Hanover street 
Gathin, Mrs. Isabella, 77, Huskisson st. 
Gaudy, E. 46, Aberdeen street 
Gauld, Gordon, 90, Upper Hill street 
Gaults, G. 30, Gloucester i.lice 
Gavaghan, Joseph, 103, Everton ter. 
Gaved, Thomas, 31, Eussell street 
Gawith, J. 19, Avon street 
G^anon, Mrs. Mgt. 3, Erskine street 
G^eary, Esther F. 104, Huskisson street 
Geddes, David, 23, Norton street 
G«ddes, Mrs. 50, Eodney street 
G^e, Frederick, 37, Toxteth street 
Gee, Joseph, 21, Mackenzie street 
Q^e, Eobt. (M.D.) 5, Abe'rcromby sq. 
Gee, W. A. 39, Irvine street 
G^efeey, Thos. 281, Netherfield road, N^ 
G^gan, William, 79, Salisbury street 
Geldart, William, 62, Ulswater street 
Gilder, E. 69, Beloe street 
Gelderd, J. 62, Bulwer street 
Gell, Wm. J. 142, Windsor street 
Gellam, Ed. 96, Gordon street 
Gellas, P. L. 32, Premier street 
Gelling, T. 21, Hope street 
Gellint, Wm. 66, Smithdown lane 
Gelson, Thos. 14, Thackeray street 
Geltney, M. 88, Boundary lane 
Gem, A. 96, Canning street 
Genad, Jane, 13, Eastside 
Gendle, W. 55, Grey Eock street 
Gene is, E. 2, Aber street 
Geoghegan, Mrs. E. 13, Clare street 
Georgala, B. 21, Alexandra drive 
George, E. L. 167, Park road 
George, John, 86, Wellington road 
George, Mrs. Susanna, 54, Huskisson st. 
G^orgeson, Samoa, 4, Cax^l atreet 
German, John, 4A,T)exoTi«>\x^\. 




Oernrd, James, 182, Athol street 
Oerrard, John Austia, 24, Wjrnne street 
Gerrard, Joseph, 82, Olive street 
Oerrard, Mrs. M. A. 4, Seldon street 
Gkrrard, Thomas, 33, Hughes street 
Oerrard, Wm. 1, Wappiog 
Gerrish, William, 1, St. George's Hill 
Gerry, A. 124, BaddifTe street 
Gerpj, M. 27, Aber street 
Getberin, Capt. 39, Arnold street 
Gtothing, Walter, 30, Hemans street 
Giannacopulo, N. D. 80, Huskisson st. 
Gibb, J. 19, Falkner street 
Gibb, James, 18, Phoobe-Ann street 
Gibb, Mrs. Jane, 19, Thackeraj street 
Gibb, Eobt. 80, Queen's road 
Gibbins, Stephen, 14, Caryl street 
Gibbons, O. 2, Seymour street 
Gibbons, Hy. Ed. 38, Tennyson street 
Gibbons, Mrs. Isabella, 4, White Eock st. 
Gibbons, J. 145, Kensington 
Gibbons, John, 46, Seymour street 
Gibbons, Thos. B. 17, South Hill road 
Gibnej, M. 1, Paisley street 
Gibnej, Mrs. 156, Mount Pleasant 
Ghbbs, Henry, 145, Spencer street 
Gibbs, J. 94, Canuing street 
Oibba, Jane, 13, St. George's Hill 
Gibbs, Mrs. Hellen, 33, Carter street 
Gibbs, E. 47, Thirlmere road 
Gibbs, Eobt. 23, Churchill street 
Gibson, Adam, 108, Gregson street 
Gibson, Alfred, 73, Melbourne street 
Gibson, Allan, 83, Whitefield road 
GKbson, BeDJamin, 311, Smithdown lane 
Gibson, Brd. 33, Lower Mersey View- 
Gibson, Mrs. C. 48, Norwood grove 
Gibson, Charles, 24, Pluto street 
Gibson, Eliz. 108^ Vine street 
Gibson, F. 7, Park street 
Gibson, G. 24, Orient street 
Gibson, George L. 113, Mill street 
Gibson, J. 80, Greenland street 
Gibson, J. 10, Moville street 
Gibson, J. 74, Bed Bock street 
Gibson, J. H. 33, Lower Mersey View 
Gibson, John, 178, Mill road 
Gibson, John, 49, Newlands street 
Gibson, Mrs. 169, Upper Parliament st. 
Gibson* Mrs. 30, Berkley street 
Gibson* P. 18, Erskine street 
Gibson, Bobt. 37, Clarence grove 
GKbson, Stephen, 65, Lloyd street 
GKbson,' TbowM, 51, Oxford street 
CHb&on, William, 83, Keaaington 

Gibson, AV. 5, Sandhills lane 
Gibson, Wm. 37, Park street 
Gibson, Wm. 33, Lower Mersey View 
Gibson, W. 38, Letitia street 
Gich, J. 9, Woodville ter. Breck road 
Giddy, Josh. Tbos. 49, Barnes street 
Gidman, Henry H. 49, Faraday street 
Gifford, Mrs. 79, Up. Parliament street 
Gilbert, E. 27, Cleave street 
Gilbert, Mrs. Elizabeth, 21, Kepler st. 
Gilbert, James, 27, Falkland street 
Gilbert, Thomas, 64, Alma street 
Gilbertson, John, 78, South Chester st. 
Gilbertson, W. 70, Stanhope street 
Gilbreth, J. 108, Northumberland street 
Gilchrist, Mrs. Anne, 35, Aubrey street 
Gilchrist, J. 10, Bowring street 
Gilchrist, Mrs. Mary, 34, Moon street 
Gilchrist, Mrs. Mary, 74, Thomaston st. 
Gilchrist, — , 54, Canning street 
Gilder, John, 7, Mill road 
Giles, G. 184, Wavertree road 
Gilhall, Ann, 86, Gregson street 
Gill, George, (M.D.) 21, Abercromby sq. 
Gill, Miss E. 74, Grove street 
Gill, R. C. Bumford street 
Gill, Bobert, 106, South Chester street 
Gill, Thomas, 11, Pleasant street 
Gill, T. 242, Beaufort street 
Gill, Shaw, 15, Sugnall street 
Gillard, J. A. 5, Arnold street 
Gillbank, John S. 186. Tunnel road 
Gillbant, Wm. 315, Up. Parliament st. 
Gillebrand, Mrs. M. A. 56, Melville place 
Gillen, Mrs. M. A. 33, Schomberg street 
Gilles, Sarah, 59, Catharine street 
Gillea, Sarah, 43, Grey street 
Gillespie, Alex. 6, Moira street 
Gillespie, John, 3, Elizabeth street 
Gillespie, Wm. 14, Bentley road 
Gillham, C. 113, Bedford street 
Gillie, John, 22, Luther street 
Gillies, Bobert, 25, Exmouth street 
Gillmore, Mrs. A. 12 !•, Canning street 
Gill more, J. 24, Bed Bock street 
Gillroy, Patrick, 9, Hawke street 
Gilmore, Samuel, 51, Circus street 
Gilmour, Miss E. 49, Up. Parliament st. 
Gilmour, Jarne:*, 5, Stirling street 
Gilpin, Thomas, 2, Caryl street 
Gilroy, George, 77, Salisbury street 
Ginnerford, John, 59, Bose vale 
Girerson, Mathew, 45, Luther street 
Girling, F. 66, \Ve^\)acwLtu<& ^\.t^^V 
Girvan, Douglaa, T ,TS.o^^ ^^'^^ 




Gisbey, Win. 21, Great Newton street 
Gittings, John, 79, Phythian street 
Gladstone, J. 34, St. Domingo grove 
Gladstone, M. 93, Derby rd. Eirkdale 
Glaister, George, 57, Ashton street 
Glaister, John, 52, Whitefield lane 
Glass, Mrs. Christiana, 10, Windsor st. 
Glass, E. 15, Plumpton street 
Glassbrook, S. 53, Upper Hill street 
Glassford, Archibald, 11, Montpelier ter- 
race, Upper Parliament street 
Glasson, C. T. 39, Alt street 
Glassy, Sarah, 14, Great Newton street 
Glaves, Henry, 43, Anderson street 
Gledsdale, John, 106, Card well street 
Glendinning, A. 13, Newlands street 
Glendinning, John, 8, Whitefield road 
Glendinning, Mary, 61, Eadcliffe street 
Glenin, P. E. 6, Aberdeen street 
Glenny, Mrs. Maria, 21, Bamber street 
Glenny, S. 268, Upper Parliament street 
Glover, Edwin, 30, Tynemouth street 
Glover, Ellen, 47, Lowther street 
Glover, George, 6, Elizabeth street 
Glover, J. 149, Breckfield road north 
Glover, J. 29, Anderson street 
Glover, J. 57, Combermere street 
Glover, James, 112, Windsor street 
Glover, James, 252, Netherfleld rd. N. 
Glover, Jane, 73, Gregson street 
Glover, Joseph, 9, Sackville street 
Glover, M. 8/, Anderson street 
Glover, Mrs. 89, Upper Parliament st. 
Glover, Kobert, 200, Mill street 
Glover, Samuel, 45, Kilshaw street 
Glover, Thomas, 17, Benson street 
Glossop, M. A. 109, St. Domingo road 
Glynn, G^o. H. 1, Eodney street 
Glynn, Eev. Albert, 71 & 73, Seele street 
Goadsby, P. 53, Park Hill road 
Goddeard, J. 48, Ogwen street 
Godfrey, John, 15, Ulswater street 
Godfrey, John, 79, Upper Beau street 
Godfrey, Mrs. M. E. 2, Belvidere road 
Godsifie, Ed. G. 28, Anglesea terrace, 

Derby road 
Godsinn, Eichard, 82, Landseer road 
Godwin, Arthur, 32, Kinglake st. 
Godwin, J. 143, Breckfield road north 
Godwin, John, 72, Sparling street 
Goff, Edward, 28, Phoebe-Ann street 
Gbff; G. G. 8, Moville street 
jG^iTejr, Mrs. 100, Falkner street 
^/<die, John, 28, Buaeell street 
c^Jdin^, JE. n. 22, Beaumont street 


Golding, P. 16, Clare 
Gk)lding, J. W. 1, Dunkeld street 
Golding, Eichard, 28, Nile street 
Golding, W. 30, Smithdown lane 
Golding, W. H. 5, Oakfield road 
Goldsack, Eev. E. 30, Wentworth street 
Goldsmith, D. 8, Field street 
Goldsmith, John, 85, Highfield street 
Goldsworthy, J. B. 5, Kilshaw street 
Good, A. 32, Falkner street 
Good, J. W. 3, Sandon terrace, Upper 

Duke street 
Good, P. 8, Wellesley ter. Belvidere road 
Good, — , 150, Mount Pleasant 
Goodacre, John, 71, Windsor street 
Gk)odacre, S. Ill, Mount Pleasant 
Goodaker, Jos. Beech villas, Beech street 
Goodale, Henry, 96, Queensland street 
Goodale, W. H. 8, Dodge street 
Gk)odaU, John, 70, Adelaide street 
Goodall, John, 37, Hughes street 
Goodall, Miss S. J. 120, Falkner street 
Goodall, George, 16, Cambridge street 
Gt)odhou8e, Henry, 36, Caryl street 
Goodier, L. 110, St. Domin(2;o vale 
Goodier, Thomas, 6, Lord street 
Goodlow, John, 26, St. George's Hill 
Goodman, C. F. 92, St. Domingo vale 
Goodman, J. 35, Queen's road 
Goodman, Mrs. Ann, 128, Crown street 
Goodman, W. 85, Athol street 
Goodman, Stephen, 32, South Hill road 
Goodsly, — , 91, Eose vale 
Goodwills, E. 98, Troughton street. Edge 

Goodwin, A. C. 115, Chats worth street 
Goodwin, IVances, 78, Aubrey street 
Goodwin, Hannah, 61, Salisbury street 
Goodwin, J. 48, Brenton street 
Goodwin, J. 28, Cleave street 
Goodwin, Mrs. Ann, 67, Vine street 
Goodwin, S. 48, Everton valley 
Goodwin, Thos. 64, Hope street 
Goodwin, — , 70, Kinglake street 
Goodwin, — , 61, Anderson street 
Goody, J. 71, Thomaston street 
Goodyear, E. 34, Newstead road 
Goold, Hugh, 73, Huskisson street 
Goold, John, 30, Gildart street 
Gopel, T. G. 98, Boundary lane 
Gorddeard, T. 17, Wilson street 
Gordman, P. 76, Coniston street 
Gordon, Charles, 40, Overbury street 
Gordon, CharVea, *^0, CVi^Wixxt street 
Gordon, David, 11, V?>m\\\\ ^Vt^^X. 



on, E. 18y Nortbumberland street 
on, G-. 131, St. Domingo road 
on, G. H. 92, Hill street 
on, G. W. 13, Thirlmere road 
on, Isaac S. 15, York terrace 
on, James, 89, Beaufort street 
on, James, 41, Cottenham street 
on, J. 49, Crete street 
on, J. E. 22, Windermere street, 
eck road 

on, E. P. 32, Sackville street 
on, Eobert, 14, Pluto street 
on, Thomas, 44, Hardwick street 
, J. 61, Boundary lane 
, T. 99, Upper Warwick street 
, Ee?. A. 68, Hope street 
ig, Mrs. Jane, 5, Bowring street 
ism, James, 124, Gregson street 
dy, Henry, 12a, Luther street 
ans, Lewis, 62, Melville place 
>, Mary, 49, Egerton street 
;, Martha, 171, Grafton street 
I, Eichard, 167, Graftou street 
iidge, Ellen, 7, Spencer street 
m, John, 11, Everton road 
)n, William, 69, Conway street 
lalk, B. 11, Dickenson street 
Qg, John, 69, Whitefield street 
^1, J. R 74, Mount Pleasant 
James, 2, Silvester street 
im, Greorge, 44, Prussia street 
, William, 22, Chatsworth street 
b, Gteorge, 8, Sherdley street 
b, J. 14, Bedford street 
b, James, 10, Melbourne street 
b, W. 113, Warwick street 
K>urn, W. Henry, 17, Aughton street 
I, William, 49, Huskisson street 
lie, Mrs. E. 33, Irvine street 
ling, Mrs. S. 16, Aughton street 
Ison, Thomas, 8, Blake street 
iton, Mrs. 78, Elizabeth street 
tone, G. (M. D.) 30, Clarence street 
iwaite, 10, Spellow lane 
Francis, 70, St. James's place 
Howard, 5, Daulby street 
ind, John, 44, Lloyd street 
— , 99, Mount Pleasant 
t, C. 61, Combermere street 
f, Charles, 88, Luther street 
!, Miss E. 5, Grasmere street 
!, Mrs. 35, Kilshaw street 
, Thomas, 2, ScourBeld street 
, Tbomaa, 47, Melbourne street 
WUliam, 68, Harbord street 

Gradwell, E. 22, Smithdown lane 
GradweU, G. 78, Hill street 
Gradwell, Joseph, 19, Mount Vernon rd. 
Grady, E. 249, Athol street 
Graham, Alex. 82, Queensland street 
Graham, Archibald, 26, Vesuyius street 
Graham, D. 56, Warwick street 
Graham, Mrs. E. 45, Edge lane 
Graham, Gkorge, 22, Great George sq. 
Graham, George, 54, South street 
Graham, George P. 1, Walton Breck rd. 
Graham, H. 13, College lane 
Graham, J. 29, Aber street 
Graham, J. 44, Hill street 
Graham, J. 30, Lavan street 
Graham, James, 42, Great Newton street 
Graham, James, 188, West Derby road 
Graham, James Francis, 28, Tennyson st. 
Graham, James, 244, Ealkner street 
Graham, Mrs. Jane, 64, Ealkner street 
Graham, John, 68, Smithdown lane 
Graham, John, 120, Cardwell street 
Graham, John, 86, Whitefield street 
Graham, John, 83, Lodge lane 
Graham, John, 43, St. Domingo vale 
Graham, John, 4, Phosbe-Ann street 
Graham, John, 8, Wapping 
Graham, Joseph, 16, Violet street 
Graham, Mrs. Ellen, 8, Lavan street 
Graham, Mrs. M. E. 36, Erskine street 
Graham, P. 54, Calder street 
Graham, Bichard, 12, Harbord street 
Graham, Eobert, 10, Moore place 
Graham, Eobert, 11, Salisbury street 
Graham, Eobert, 2, Morpeth street 
Graham, W. 23, Aber street 
Graham, William, 35, Tetlow street 
Graham, William, 7, Alfred street 
Graham, William, 1, Chesnut street 
Gvandison, J. 2, Leonora street. Park rd. 
Grandy, Richard, 76, Cardwell street 
Granger, Henry, 12, Greenland street 
Granger, Matthew, 6, Church street 
Grannell, Dennis, 2, 4, & 6, Stanley road 
Grannell, Mical, 50, Cardwell street 
Grannell, P. 70, Hamilton road 
Grant, A. 93, Phythian street 
Grant, J. 52, Hamilton road 
Grant, E. 20, Phoebe-Ann street 
Granthem, Jame:^, 46, Salisbury street 
Grapes, Henry, 94, Stanley road 
Grasby, William, 60, Canning street 
Grasby, W. A. 57 , Com^\.o\i ^\ai^\, 
Graves, W. Gf. ^^."^VxA^tmct^ ^\xw^\» 
Graves, W. P. ^, Sd^iou^et^ ^^^»*^ 

' GBA 



Gravy, J. 21, Hunt street 
Gray, Catharine, 22, Spr ingfield 
Gray, Charles H. 59, Wincbor street 
Gray, Dr. 117, Mount Pleasant 
Gray, H. B. 128, Upper Hill street 
Gray, J. 84, Parliament street 
Gray, Jane, 7, Catharine street 
Gray, Mrs. Jessie, 37, Bydal street 
Gray, John, 16, Blackbourne street 
Gray, Captain John, 97, Upper Parlia- 
ment street 
Gray, O. 13, Dunkeld street 
Gray, Thomas, 18, Upper Beau street 
Gray, Thomas. 128, Windsor street 
Grayson, C. 2. Croxteth road 
Grayson, P. 26, Northumberland street 
Grayson, Henry, 8, Alexandra tenace. 

Prince's road 
Grayson, Mrs. 128, Bedford street 
Grayson, Mrs. Mary, 74, Thomaston st. 
Grayson.W. & H. 8, Sandhills lane 
Qrayston. Alfred, 37, Luther street 
Gready, James, 74, Gh*egson street 
Greasley, E. 89, E!irkdafe road 
Greave, Adam, 17. Field street 
Greaves, George Hudson, 2, Aubrey st. 
Greaves, Thomas, 61, Clarence grove 
Grebbin, Bernard, 46, South Chester st. 
Ghreebin,'John, 14, Bute street 
Green, A. 128. Hamilton road 
Green, C. 46, Upper Hill street 
Green, Charles, 8, Bussell street 
Green, Charles William, 4, Maryland st. 
Green, Charles S. 9, Sand street 
Green, D. 26, Seldon street 
Green, Edward, 27, St. Bride's street 
Green, Edwin John, 69, Tennyson street 
Green, Mrs. Eliz. 84, Beacon lane 
Green, Gheorge, 113, Thirlmere road 
Green, Gkorge, 6, Audley street 
Green, G. A. 87, Wilson street 
Ghreen, Henry, 127, Falkner street 
Green, J. 30, Hill street 
Green, J. 49, Hope street 
Green, John, 115, Everton terrace 
Green, James, 12, Bailey street 
Green, James, 65, Bamber street 
Green, Miss Jane, 161, Latham street 
Green, John, 121, Everton terrace 
Green, John, 70, Egerton street 
Green, John, 41, Walnut street 
Green, John, 32, Sherdley street 
Green, Joseph, 68, Badcliffe street 
Ghreen, L. 86, Avon street 
'^^neef?, Lawrence, 26, Mill road 


Green, Mary, 36, Queensland street 
Green, Miss Jane, 66, Tunnel road 
Green, Mrs. 109, Mulberry street 
Green, Mrs. J. 68, Bedford street 
Green, Nathan Moor, 102, Thirlmere rd. 
Green, N. M. 72, Windermere street, 

Breck road 
Green, P. H. 22, Grove park 
Green, Peter, 30, Boundary street 
Green, B. M. 29, York terrace 
Green, S. 68, Aber street 
Green, T. 31, Schomberg street 
Green, Thotna^^, 8, Sandon terrace, Upper 

Duke street 
Green, Thomas, 63, CardwcU street 
Green, Thomas, 5, Brenton street 
Green, Thomas, 77, Berwick street 
Green, Thomas, 89, Field street 
Green, Thomas, Gl, Bose vale 
Green, Thos. T. 19, Adelaide street 
Green, Thos. Wm. 29, Beservoir street 
Green, Wm. 15, Prospect street 
Green, W. E. 39, Bowring street 
Green, William, 11, Grey street 
Green, William, 67, Tweed street 
Green, Wm. 10, Chatham place 
Green, — , 12, Gill street 
Greenall, T. 42, Coniston street, Breck rd. 
Greenaugh, Mary N. 14, Grove street 
Greenaugh, Thomas, 153, Boss vale 
Qreenaway, J.61, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Qreenbaiik, John, 56, Byford street 
Gbeenbank, Jobn, 35, Byford street 
Greener, Mrs. 29, Great Nelson street 
Greenfield, Mrs. W. 12, Gelling street 
Greenhaigh, Abraham, 60, Salop street 
Gh-eenhaigh, E. 110, Salisbury street 
Greenhaigh, Joseph, 39, Everton terrace 
Greenhall, J. 14, Parliament street 
Greenhouse, Elizabeth, 19, Percy street 
Greenhow, B. 26, The Willows, Breck rd. 
Greenland, A. 26, Langham street 
Greenlees, William B. 11, Exmouth at. 
Greenleie, J. (52, Field street 
Greens, W. 65, Park Hill road 
Greenshields, Thos. 8, Grove park 
Greenway, E. 70, Northumberland ter. 
Greenwood, Henry, 37, Falkner square 
Greenwood, J. 43, Thirlmere road 
Greenwood, James, 21, Benson street 
Greenwood, James, 30, Everton terrace 
Greenwood, Mrs. Jane, 68, Vine street 
Greenwood, John, 43, Thirlmere road 
Greenwood, John, 88, Chatsworth street 
Greenwood, Wro. 76, Mitvlene street 



«, F. 12, Bclvidere road 
Daniel, 8, Priory road, Bverton 
, Wm. 63, Pluiiipton street 
r, G. E. 30, Daukeld ntreot 
ry, Alice, Atbol Btreel 

ry, E. 32, 
ry, E. 76, 
ry, Jobu, 

ry, Mrs. 8 X 

ry, Eichai 

ry, S. 49, 

on, Mn ti street 


odney st. 

William, 27, Churirtill street 
iCld, J. 70, Hill Btreet 
am, James, 10, Pros|iect street 
am, James, 8, Mill road 
am, Mrs. 65, Boundary lane 

61, Chatsworth st. 
Thomas, 11, Leoaorast. Park rd. 
Tbomaa, UiL.Ica^'wer road 

want, SI, HughL-s street 
H. i, Lavan etreet 
Itiomas, 24, Lovat street 

Griffiths, >:. 73, Salia treet 

Griffiihe, Edward, 7 

Griffiths, J. 210, 



Griffiths, N. 

Griffiths, «t 


GriffitliB, Henry, 9. 

Griffiths, Issnc, 40, 

Griffitha, J. 23. Bittern street 

Griffiths, James, 239, Beaufort street 

Griffiths, John, 76, 

Griffiths, John, 40, 

Griffiths, John, 28,!f3f?!iH 

Griffiths, John, 29, 

Griffiths, Joseph, ^?^ lane 

Griffiths, Joseph, 35, Boscommon street 

Griffiths, M. 1, Movilie street 

Griffiths, Mary, 84, 

Griffiths, Mary, 17, 

Griffiths, IVIory, 



Griffiths, Miss, 

Griffiths, Mrs. 26, Eastbourne street' 

Griffiths Mrs. Jane, 20, Caledonia street 

Griffiths, Mrf. Jane, 2, Boundhill terrace, 

Griffiths, O. 44, Faraday street 

3, Heman^at. 

r street 




Wellington road 
. 26, Brunei street 

>, Mn 

i', Thomas, 37, 

h, Isi 


ti, Mr ^ 



bs, David M. 18, Spelloi 

Griffitha, P. 49, 

Griffitha, Peter, 
' Griffitha, E. 93, 
geHilll Griffiths. Eidiar 
•eet I Griffiths, Eichar 

: Griffitha, Eobert, 83, Upper Stanhope st. 
' Griffiths. Robert, 33, Moon street 
Griffiths, Samuel, i^^ rd N 

Griffitha, Samuel, 
Griffiths, Sarah, 
Griffiths, Sarah, 
Griffiths, Thomas, 54, 
street , Griffiths, Thomns, 53, Queeoslund street 

Griffiths, Thot 

itrect Griffitli 

i3. I Griffiths, 

I Griffiths, 

treet Griffiths, 

St. ' Griffiths, 

1 Griffitha, 

t ! Griffithi 


I, 45, Conyers street 
I, 43, Tegit street 
1, 151, Mill road 

Griffiths, WUliam, 2 
Griffiths, Zachariah, 
Grimner, A. 128, 
Grimes, Henry, 4 




Grimes, J, 85, Aigburth atreet 
Ghrimsdale, Thomas, 29,Eodney street 
Ghrindall, Matthew, 49, Eose vale 
Grindle, Thomas, 33, Eadcliffe street 
GWndley, Mary Ann, 27, Ainsworth st. 
(Jrindley, — , 71, Mount Pleasant 
Ghrindley, W. & E. 34, Moorfields 
Grindrod, — , 46, Kindake street 
Grisenthwaite, J. 33, Thirlmere road 
Grisenthwaite, William, 72, Troughton 

street, Edge Hill 
Grisenthwaite, William, 43, Hunt street 
Grist, George, 5, Eydal street 
Gritney, — , 88, Boundary lane 
Groat, 'George, 82, Freeland street 
Grogan, F. 118, St. Domingo vale 
Gronin, E. 100, Hill street 
Gboom, William, 82, Cleveland street 
G^room, W. B. 29, Northumberland at. 
Ghrosvenor, Henry, 85, Cochrane street 
Grounds, William, 37, Tetlow street 
Grove, John Abbot, 3, Harewood street 
Gh:x)veham, B. 87 & 89, Park street 
Groves, Joseph, 25, Eoscommon street 
GrovBon, James, 24, Bishton street 
Ghruer, James, 174, Netherfield road, N. 
Gruggen, Dr. W. (M.D.) 29, Pilgrim st. 
Grunday, J. 39 & 41, West Derby st. 
Grunday, Henry, 49, Field street 
Grundy, John, 41, Circus street 
Grundy, T. 112, Grey Bock street 
Grundy, William, 64, Lloyd street 
Grunn, John, J. 121, Everton terrace 
Guage, H. 38, Everton Brow 
Guantrill, William, 32, Whitefield road 
Guest, G. 24, Kilshaw street 
Guest, John, 10, Aberdeen street 
Guick, Gkorge, 40, South street 
Guick, Mrs. M. 16, Barter street 
Guililand, WiUiam, 8, Freeland street 
Guinn, Peter, 40, Whitefield road 
Guinness, Mc J. T. 35, Seymour street 
Gulett, John, 127, Gregson street 
GuUey, W. C. 98, Bedford street 
Gummerson, John, 4, Plumbe street 
Gun, John, 35, Brunei street 
Gunn, H. 97, Duke street 
Gunn, Henry Jones, 1, Ogwen street 
Gunn, William, 12, Low HiU 
Gunnarson, John, 74, Luther street 
Gunnison, John, 67, Luther street 
Gunter, Annie, 5, Bieservoir street 
Gurley, Mrs. Ellen, 4, Oxford street 
Gust, W. H. 17, Eichmond ter. Breck rd. 
G^uthrie, J. 71, Upper Hill atreet 


Guy, Alice, 158, Field street 
Guy, Jane, 173, Eoscommon street 
Guy, E. 10, Grey Bock street 
Guy, Bobert, 43, Smithdown lane 
Guy, T. 44, Albion street 
Guy, — , 18, CardweU street 
Gwatkin, T. P. 25, St. Domingo grove 
Gwilt, John Lloyd, 114, Hayworth st. 
Gwynne, John, 18, Newstead road 
Gyle, Jno. 13, Guilford street 

Hackett, John, 36, CardweU street 
Hackett, Captain Bichard, 1, Malvern 

terrace. West Derby road 
Hackett, C. 96, Landseer road 
Hackey, J. 95, Northumberland street 
Hackins, William, 40, Great Newton st. 
Hackney, Sarah, 46, Berkley street 
Haddock, Thomas, 64, Chatham street 
Haddie, Walter, 23, Chatsworth street 
Haddington, W. H. 62, Bedford street 
Hadkinson, John, 33, Dodge street 
Hadley, A. J. 47, Grey Bock street 
Hadley, John, 54, Upper Parliament st. 
Hadley, Thomas, 6, Bgerton street 
Hadrill, John, 18, Uxbridge st. Edge HiU 
Hadwen, T. 15, Edge lane 
Hadwin, Captain James, 51, Tennyson st. 
Hagan, Peter, 12, Segrave street 
Hagan, William, 43, Queensland street 
Hagen, M. 26, Dodge street 
Haggas, W. 37, Park Hill road 
Hague, James, 63, Tetlow street 
Haig, — , 110, Falkner street 
Haigh, P. Alexandra drive 
Haigh, Joseph, 16, Grey street 
Haigh, B. 25, Greenheys road 
Haigh, — , 46, Walton Breck road 
Haigh, Thomas, 47, Boundary lane 
Haiken, Mrs. Susannah, 8, Mackenzie st. 
Hains, Joseph, 39, Bishton street 
Haines, Thomas, 210, Beaufort street 
Hainsworth, Mrs. 3, Sandhills lane 
Halcrow, Thomas, 3, Windsor street 
Hale, George, 73, Christian street 
1 Hales, Isaac, 13, North Hill street 
Uales, William, 65, Grasmere street 
Halewell, J. 8, Schomberg street 
Halewell, Thomas, 97, Henry street 
Halford, H. 34, Warwick street 
Halford, Joseph, 72, Hall lane 
Halfpenny, E. G. 17, Procter terrace, 

Wnitefield road 
Halidays, G. 44, Devonshire road 
Hall, Ann, 29, Conyers street 



captain McDonald, 33, Berkley at. 

^ E. 13, St. Domingo grove 

inward, 44, Almond street 

iSlizabeth, 32, St. Jameses road 

Frederick, 5, Luther street 

3-. 40, Queen*B road 

3^01^8, 19, Mount street 

\i. 73, Eed Eock street 

Henry, 40, Prospect street 

r. 28, Eose place 

J. 222, Netherfield road, N. 

J. 129, Upper Warwick street 

J. 4i, Plumpton street 

T. S. 33, AJbion street 

James, 75, Latham street 

John, 3, Holland pi. Towerlands st. 

John, SO, Eose yale 

John, Hope street 

Lindsay, Ullet Lodge, 1, Ullet road 

M. 25, Lower Mersey View 

Mrs. M. 130, Bedford street 

Bkfrs. Sarah A. Blackbourne street 

ftobert, 177, G-rafton street 

^. 18, Schomberg street 

lobert C. Sunny side, Prince's park 

Samuel, 55, Eose vale 

yiiss J. 147, Bedford street 

5. N. 45, Bedford street 

William, 9, Beech Mount, Beech st. 

ly, Andrew, 15, Chesnut street 

0, John, 116, Card well street 
n, John, 22, Sir Howard street 
Q, Samuel, 18, Perth street 

1, Joseph B. 31, Vesuvius street 

1, W. B. 7, Parkfield road 
ay, John, 22, Grasmere street 
gton, J. 63, (:J^reenland street 
rell, Joseph, 32, Eoley street 
(haw, Joseph, 16, Caryl street 

2, Miss Lizzie, 43, AVindsor street 
II, J. 49, Eed Eock street 

11, W. M. 93, Spencer street 
ti, Walter, 32, Pleasant street 
Q, John, 69, Sackville street 
a, John, 5, Elizabeth street 
Henry, 12, Upper Park street 
Tom, 5, Churchill street 
let, Peter, 29, Seiont terrace 
let, E. 7, Bittern street 
leton, William, 9, Troughton st. 
r, J. 3, Peel street 
r, J. 47, Laxey street 
r, James, 43, St. George's Hill 
r, John, 27, Langham street 
•, E. 5 & 7, Peel street 

Hamilton, A. K. 22, Conyers street 
Hamilton, Andrew, 16, Manfred street 
Hamilton, A. W. 9, Grove park 
Hamilton, David, 104, Salisbury street 
Hamilton, E. H. 180, Bedford street 
Hamilton, Eleanor, 6, Great Mersey st. 
Hamilton, J. B. 170, Smithdown lane 
Hamilton, James, 139, Upper Beau st. 
Hamilton, Jane, 62, Downing street 
Hamilton, John, 25, Caryl street 
Hamilton, Miss, 65, Clarence grove 
Hiamilton, Mrs. 31, Berwick street 
Hamilton, Mrs. E. 8, Cleave street 
Hamilton, Mrs. H. 24, Upper Stanhopest. 
Hamilton, E. 26, Torr street 
Hamilton, Eichard, Everton street 
Hamilton, E. B. 46, Calder street 
Hamilton, Eobert, 1, Prince's road 
Hamilton, W. 265, Athol street 
Hamilton, William, 42, Field street 
Hamilton, Wm. 17, Troughton street 
Hamlet, James, 10a, Luther street 
Hamlin, G-eorge, 27, Catharine street 
Hammett, Mrs. 123, Chatham street 
Hammiel, Michael, 148, Field street 
Hammill, Captain, 160, Queen's road 
Hammon, T. 101, Upper Stanhope street 
Hammond, — , 20, Salisbury street 
Hammond, Edwin, 42, Prospect street 
Hammond, Henry, 58, Spellow lane 
Hammond, J. 15, Bowring street 
Hammond, J. T. 40, Eed Eock street 
Hammond, Joseph, 16, Avon street 
Hammond, Miss, 128, Chatham street 
Hammond, Susanne, 162, Huskisson st. 
Hammond, Mrs. M. 11, Cleave street 
Hammond, Eobert, 7, Wesley street 
Hammond, Thomas, 21, Violet street 
Hampshire, Hy. Joseph, 32, Falkner sq. 
Hampson, — , 47, Tillotson street 
Hampson, Edw. 192, Netherfield rd. N. 
Hampson, I. 65, Eoscommon street 
Hampson, James, 3, Childwall street 
Hampson, P. 44, Combermere street 
Hampson, W. 124, Hill street 
Hampson, Wm. 85, Eadcliffc street 
Hampton, John, 79, Blundell street 
Hampton, Miss, 46, Tweed street 
Hampton, Mrs. 74, Bedford street 
Hampton, Mrs. E. 277, Netherfield rd. N. 
Hampton, Thos. Fred. 8, Overton street 
Hampton, Thos. 53, Toxteth street 
Hancock, A. 122, Hamilton rd. Everton 
Hancock, David, 75, Eose vale 
Hancock, Qrace, 20, Eose vale 



Hancock, H. J. 21, Duke street 
HaDCOz, G^o. 15, Smithdown lane 
Hancox, H. 23, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Hand, H. 35, Bowring street 
Hand, Mary Ellen, 21, Overburj street 
Hand, Thos. 21, Overbury street 
Hand, "William, 5, Clayton square 
Handford, J. 48, Brownlow street 
Handley, Eichard, 94, Cardwell street 
Handley, Ann, 61, Luther street 
Handley, Mrs. 199, Upper Frederick st. 
Handlin, M. 77, Duke street 
Handsome, John, 3, Grey street 
Hankey, Chas. 41, EadclifTe street 
Hankey, James, 10, Tynemouth street 
Hankey, Thomas, 34, Cardwell street 
Hankey, TV. O. H. 2a, Perth street 
Hanley, — , 16, Radcliffe street 
Hanley, Richard, 13, Boundary place 
Hanlon, Patrick, 146, Windsor street 
Hanmins, B. 56, Aberdeen street 
Hannaford, James, 14, Eaffles street 
Hannah, Chas. 3, Clevedon street 
Hannah, E. 48, Wellington road 
Hannah, H. 294, Beaufort street 
Hannah, John, 127, Up. Huskisson st. 
Hannah, John, 4, Mildred street 
Hannah, Kirk wood, 45, Silvester street 
Hannah, Mrs. Eliza, 48, Mitylene street 
Hannah, B. S. 5, Cleyedon street 
Hannah, Bobt. 2, Eield street 
Hannah, Eobert, 32, Mackenzie street 
Hannah, Samuel, 10, Tunnel road 
Hannay, Andrew, 26, Norwood grovo 
Hannay, John, 57, Warren street 
Hansen, John, 12, Kemble street 
Hansen, Jas. 50, Chatsworth street 
Hansen, Wm. 28, Poplar street 
Hanson, Elizabeth, 19, Tillotson street 
Hanson, F. C. 30, Netherfield rd. S. 
Hanson, Mathew, 125, Eose vale 
Hararton, James, 112, Wellington road 
Harbor, Geo. 39, Norwood grove 
Harbord, C. M. 28, Uxbridge street 
Harbord, Eichd. 98, Up. Parliament st. 
Harbottole, E. 104, Northumberland st. 
Harbour, S. 3, Schomberg street 
Harbridge, Joseph, 1 & 3, West Derby st. 
Harbroc, Thos. 8, Deane street 
Hardaker, Alfred, 64, Eastbourne street 
Hardcastle, S. 125, Grey Bock street 
Hardcastle, Sarah Ann, West Derby road 
Hardcastle, Sidney, 55, Clarence grove 
Hardcastle, Wm. 77, Everton terrace 
Jfardre, —, 22, Foley street 




Hardie, George, 12, Bold place 
Hardiman, J. 40, Everton valley 
Harding, Ed. 33, Ogwen street 
Harding, Edwd. 201, Up. Frederick street 
Harding, Hy. 25, Bailey street 
Harding, J. 42, Seymour street 
Harding, Jas. 29, South street 
Harding, Jas. 2, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Harding, Mrs. E. 40, St. Domingo road 
Harding, Mrs. M. 13, Plumpton street 
Harding, B. 15,Bichmond vw.Belmontrd. 
Harding, Wm. 134, Upper Hill street 
Harding, Thomas, 54, Great Newton st. 
Hardlauff, A. 39, The Elms 
Hardman, John, 58, Boscommon street 
Hard man, Mrs. Margt. 99, Field street 
Hardwick, Alfred, 138, Chatham street 
I Hardwick, Sargent, 19, Low Hill 
I Hardy, Mr.i. C. 24, Wentworth street 
I Hardy, Jas. 1, Beservoir street 
j Hardy, James, 51, Bloom street 
j Hardy, John, 32, Wynne street 
! Hardy, Mary W. 24, Gt. Mersey street 
! Hardy, Thos. 125, Athol street 
Hare, Edward, 14, Famworth street 
Hare, Mrs. Mary, 23, Mason street 
Hargadon, B. 84, Boundary lane 
Hargadon, P. 84, Boundary lane 
Hargate, G^o. 110, Windsor street 
Hargitt, C. 48, Bedford street 
Hargraves, J. 116, Upper Hill street 
Hargraves, B. 11a, Northumberland st. 
Hargreaves, Elizabeth, 13, Blake street 
Hargreaves, George, 101, Shaw street 
Hargreaves, J. 30, Kilshaw street 
Hargreaves, John, 30, Oliver street 
Hargreaves, Jonathan, 30, Up. Park st. 
Hargreaves, Jude, 48, Windsor street 
Hargreaves, Bichard, 34, Hotham street 
Hargreaves, B. 28, Seldon street 
Hargreaves, Thos. 8, Blackbourne street 
Hargrove, John, 2, Bentley road 
Hargrove, W. 39, Bengel street 
Harker, A. 43, Bedford street 
Harker, James, 22, Edinburgh street 
Harker, Bichard, 28, Bedford street 
Harker, Wm. 13, Hope place 
Harkouss, — , 50, Luther street 
Harler, C. 30, Er^^kine street 
Harley, — , 70, Bedford street 
Harley, J. 2, Bittern street 
Harley, Thos. 168, Grove street 
Harman, G«o. 13, Moira street 
Harmington, Bobt. 82, Huskisson street 
Harney, Michael, 20, Lloyd street 



•, Alice, 15, WalkidBon street 

r, E. 24, Fielding street 

-, Fredk. ^ine street 

■, street 

■, Lewie, 26, Canterbury street 

■, S. 106, Gordon street 

-, ThoB. 31, South street 

•, ThoB. ff 

•, W. 70, 



, Henry, 76, Park street 

t, 8. 26, Aughton street 

t, 1^ place 

gtott, street 

^D, Hy. 63, Greenland street 


5* on, 

A. 21, 1 

David, 75, 

J. 20, 

James, st 

Jamea T s 

John, a, ' 
John, 47, 
John, 16, Beau street 

'i ^3^^ street 

Mm. 14,1s 

Mrs. M:iry, 61, ine street 

Mrs. Mcirv, 10, Erskino street 

Richard, 217, Park road 

S. B. 20, Aughton street 

W. 81, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 

W. 2«, 

W. 20, t 

Berkley street 
William, 50, Albion street 
William, S8, Edinburgh street 
D, — , 33, Mount Pleasant 
n, A. 5, Red Rock street 
n. Add, Bice lane 
a, Ana, 171, Beaufort street 
a, Mw. Ann, 74, "Whitefield street 

Harrison, Vhitefield street 

street Harnaon, 

Harrison, E. 

Harrison, Ed ro»d 

Harrison, B.1 N. 

Harrison, E. 09, 

Harrison, P. W. mt 

Harrison, G. 255, Upper Frederick street 

Harrison, Henrv '0, Miushull street 

Harrison, H; J.' street 

Harrison, Hugh, 57, Kilshaw street 

Harrison, Hugli, 50, Guilford street 

Harrison, J. 110, w 

Harrison, J. 03, Field street 

Harrison, J. 25, 

Harrison, J. 89, 

Harrison, James, Rice lane 

Harrison, Jaines, 89, South street 

Horn son, James, 

Harrison, James, 

Harrison, John, 89,^ 

Harrison, John, 81, 

Harrison, John, 19, 

Harrison, John, 33, 

Harrison, John, 56, 

Harrison, John, 1( 

Harrison, Joseph, <t. 

Harrison, Joseph, 

street Harrison, ^Si , , 

' Harrison, Miss M. E., 23, Handou street 

Harrison, Mrs. 20, Sandon street 
street ■ Harrison, Mrs. ^ 

r street j Harrison, Mrs. S" W^ S . 

I Harrison, Mrs. l^i 

' Harrison, R. 32, Calder street 
street Harrison, Eev. — , 135, VVavertee road 
' Harrison, Samu ™l6 


wton street 



I, T. 51, 

Harrioon, T. 19, 

Harrison, T. 40, 
j Harrison, T. :?5! 
! Harrison, Thomas, 35, BenEel street 

Harrison, Thon^as, 39, 

Harrison, Thoma?, 74, vale 

' Harrison, Thomas, 10, 
I Harrison, Thoma", 43, Wesley street 
'Harrison, Thomas, 49, Eierton village 
' Harrison, Thomas, 30, 

Harrison, Thos. & Sod 

Harrison, W. C 

Harrison, W. 

Harrison, William, 61, Rydal street 

Harrison, William, 18, Park ro«i 

Harrisa, J.29,ThiTVmewiTO»i. 




Hftrrock, A. 44, Everton !Qrow 
Harrold, W. 67, Park HUl road 
Harrop, J. 175, Duke street 
Harrop, John, 41, Breck road 
Harrop, John, 114, St. Domingo vale 
Harrop, John, 82, Westhoume street 
Harston, J. N. 53, Parkfield road 
Hart, — , 91, Boundary lane 
Hart, George, 54, Moon street 
Hart, Henry, Bice lane 
Hart, Jas. 28, Egerton ter. Cleveland at. 
Hart, John, 17, Abercromby square 
Hart, John, 36, Dodge street 
Hart, Joseph, 33, Clarence grove 
Hart, Martha, 26, Cardwell street 
Hart, Sarah, 84, White Eock street 
Hart, Nathan, 7, Q-alton street 
Hart, William, 39, Arthur street 
Hartley, George, 39, Langham street 
Hartley, Isaac, 101, Prescot street 
Hartley, John, 2, Crosbie street 
Hartley, John, 22, Vine street 
Hartley, J. 127, Upper Parliament street 
Hartley, J. T. 28, Vine street 
Hartley, M. A. 79, St. Domingo road 
Hartness, T. 72, Northumberland street 
Harver, John, 48, Elizabeth street 
Harvey, C. 24, Cardwell street 
Harvey, Mrs. E. 41, Beaumont street 
Harvey, G. 93, Calder street 
Harvey, Q^o. Eussell, 46, Melville place 
Harvey ,'Q«orge, 47, South Chester street 
Harvey ,W. H. 46, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Harver, Henry, 1, St. Mary's lane 
Harvey, J. 36, Boundary lane 
Harvey, James, 2, Chatham place 
Harvey, John, 78, Great Crosshall street 
Harvey, John, 35, Ereeland street 
Harvey, E. J. 53, Cleveland street 
Harvey, Eichard, 32, Upper Park street 
Harvey, Samuel, 62, Lodge lane 
Harvey, T. B. 40, Calder street 
Harvey, William, 8, Eastbourne street 
Harwood, H. Eock Hotel,42,Eed Eock st. 
Harwood, J. 68, Orient street 
Harwood, Peter, 35, Tillotson street 
Haskayne, James, 20, Virgil street 
Hasler, George, 8, Scourfield street 
Hasler, Thomas, 43, Mackenzie street 
EEaaleton, George, 41, Upper Hope place 
Hasleton, Mrs. 3, Berwick street 
Hasnell, Ann, 4, Montpelier ter. Upper 

Parliament st. 
Hassall, John, 32, Conyers street 
MasBeJJ, Catharine, 27, Q-rey street 


Hassey, George, 70, Tetlow street 
Hassey, Benjamin, 35, Arnold street 
Hassy, Edward, 37, Mary bone 
Hastings, J. 57, Mount Pleasant 
Hastings, James, 54, Salisbury street 
Hastings, E. 64, Harewood street 
Hastings, Eobert, 31, Langham street, 
Hastings, William, 60, Chester street 
Hastings, W. 34, Walnut street 
Haswell, G. 29, Hutchinson street 
Haswell, William, 21, Park street 
Hatch, Miss M. 26, Byford street 
Hatch, Eichard, 56, Harewood street 
Hatfield, E. B. 57, Upper Parliament st. 
Hatfield, James, 61, Wellington road 
Hatter, J. 17, Thomaston street 
Hatton, — , 95, Chatham street 
Hatton, Mrs. C. 128, Eadcliff*e street 
Hatton, E. 33, Edge lane 
Hatton, Mrs. Mary, 10, Newby terrace, 

Belmont road 
Hatton, Peter, 39, Eose vale 
Hatton, W. 21, Hutchinson street 
Hattrick, Alex. 41, Beau street 
Haughton, Dr. 35, Eodney street 
Haughton, Edward, 51, Luther street 
Haughton, Edward, 68, Langham street 
Haughton, Henry, 19, Eoscommon street 
Haughton, J. 67, Greenland street 
Haughton, — , 84, Eodney street 
Haughton, William, 28, Newlands street 
Haulden, — , 56, Fowler street 
Hauley, Thomas, 33, Newhall street 
Hauney, P. V. 64, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Hawden, W. 62, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Hawes, D. B. 47, Bamber street 
Hawke, Jno. Paul, 39, Huskisson street 
Hawke, Eobert, 153, Smithdown lane 
Hawkes, Maria, 12a, Catharine street 
Hawkes, Mrs. Isabella, 40, Aubrey street 
Hawkes, — , 97, Kilshaw street 
Hawke?, Mrs. 18, Langham street 
Hawkin, H. 26, Avon street 
Hawkins, James, 19, Crown street 
Hawkins, Miss Harriet, 34, Chatham st. 
Hawkins, Jos. 12, Underbill street 
Hawkins, Sam, 39, Northumberland ter. 
Hawkins, William, 36, Eishton street 
Hawkins, W. H. 266, Up. Parliament at. 
Hawley, James, 22, Scourfield street 
Hawley, Henry, 22, Arnold street 
Hawley, Elizabeth, 87, Overbury street 
Haworth, Henry, 37, Cochrane street 
Haworth, Henry, 9, Towerlands street 
Haworth, George, 15, Torr street 



•til, W. 17, Netherfield road south 

Bfcv. Calvert, 52, HuBkisson street 
J, James, 15, Walnut street 
lome, Miss Esther Mary, 50, South 
. road 

lome, William, 34, Beau street 
)D, John, 2, Queensland street 
D. 56, Faraday street 
S^eorge Alex. 122, Windsor street 
Mrs. Margaret, 15, Cleveland street 
R. G. 3, Berry street 
Thomas, 57, Freeland street 
jn, William, 108, Salisbury street 
!n, William, 119, Stanhope street 
)D, M. 59, Gelling street 
, Henry, 23, Lloyd street 
I, J. 33, Park Hill road 
, J. 59, Park Hill road 
, James, 285, Q-rafton street 
, James, 46, Burleigh road south 
, John, 251, Athol street 
, John, 7, Epworth street 
, Miss E. 9, Bedford street 
, Richard, 97, Silvester street 
, Robert, 46, Haliburton street 
, Samuel, 27, White Rock street 
, T. 27, Seymour street 
, Thomas, 280, Beaufort street 
. William 13, Violet street 
Q, Francis, 50, Aber street 
2k, Roger, 45, Everton Brow 
», Henry, 41, Abercromby terrace 
s, David, 134, Upper Beau street 
B, John, 26, Cochrane street 
James, 14a, Luther street 
jrd, Charles, 2, White Rock street 
ird. Dr. 177, Grove street 
rd, Henry, 21, Raffles street 
K)d, M. 20, Seldou street 

John, 52, Uxbridge street 
Jane, 118, Netherfield road north 

H. 26, White Rock street 

Joseph, 64, Spellow lane 

H. 13, Kirkdale road 
', Lawrence, 23, St. George's Hill 
g, Wm. 12, Great George Htreet 

Edward, 5, Bevington Busli 

James, 28, Boundary street 

Thomas, 64, Premier street 
f, John, 16, Henry street 

W. 118, Wellington road 
sr, J. G, 33, South street 
1, Henry, 31, Ashton street 

A. B. 133, Canning street 

Daniel, 68, Tetlow street 

Heath, E. 38, Aigbnrth street 
Heath, Edward, 39, Newstead road 
Heath, John, 16, Upper Hill street 
Heath, Robert H. 156, Crown street 
Heath, Samuel, 60, St. George's Hill 
Heath, Samuel, 9, Roscommon street 
Heathcock, J. 35, South Castle street 
Heathcote, G. 82, Woodville ter.Breck rd. 
Heathcote, S. 89a, Hill street 
Heathcott, G, 51, Woodville ter. Breckrd. 
Heathcott, J. 40, Eastbourne street 
Heatley, John, 30, Groat Newton street 
Heatley, Robert, 19, Freeland street 
Heaton, John, 32, Rydal street 
Heavyside, J. 23, Hunt street 
Hebson, Mrs. E. 36, Mitylene street 
Hebson, Joseph, 60, Roscommon street 
Heckle, Thomas, 6, Canterbury street 
Heckle, Wm. 10, Guilford street 
Hedge, James, 2, Kilshaw street 
Hedge, Jos. 72, Melbourne street 
Hedlev, George, 2, Moira street 
Hedwin, Isaac, 3, Huskisson street 
Heercy, J. 67, Anderson street 
Hegegginton, — , 52, Tipper Stanhope st. 
Heggum, Mrs. K 117, Upper Hill street 
Heginbotham, James, 45, Devon street 
Heginbottom, Edward, 73, Park street 
Heighway, W. 87, Upper Hill street 
Heley, Samuel Wilson, 126, Huskisson st. 
Helibron, T. 97, Pitt street 
Hellon, D. S. 44, York terrace 
Hellon, Wm. 41, Conway street 
Helms. Mrs. E. 20, Anderson street 
Helsby, Thomas, 201, Park road 
Helsby, L. 11, Bedford street 
Helsby, Mrs. R. 28, Cochrane street 
Helsby, Thomas, 18, Byford street 
Helson, Thomas, The Elms, 7, Poplar 

Hely, Mrs. 26, Boundary lane 
Hemer, Hudson, 28, Waterloo road 
Heming^vay, Mrs. S. 31, Coniston street 
Hemmingway, J. 50, Rydal street 
Henderson, — , 144, Beacon lane 
Henderson, A. 22, The Willows, Breck rd. 
Henderson, Wm. B. 44, Harewood street 
Henderson, D. 33, Rydal street 
Henderson, Daniel, 49, Simpson street 
Henderson, D. H. 28, St. Domingo rd. 
Henderson, E. 127, Grey Rock street 
Henderson, Esther, 41, Catharine street 
Henderson, G. G. 118, Vine street 
Henderson, J. 35, Dunkeld street 
Henderson, J. 75, T\iom«jatoQ. ^\k^jj^\. 





Henderson, J. 82, Aberdeen street 
Henderson, J. 3, Beech Mount, Beech st. 
Henderson, M . 8G, Northumberland at. 
Henderson, Miss, 109, Canning street 
Henderson, Miss, 164, Chatham street 
Henderson, Mrs. M. 73, Upper Hill st. 
Henderson, Mrs. M. 109, Canning street 
Henderson, Mrs. M. 33, Dunkeld street 
Henderson, P. J. 17, Norfolk street 
Henderson, William, 117, Canning st. 
Henderson, William, 36, Eoseommon st. 
Hendley, E. 89, Phythian street 
Hendrick, Miss, 57, Eodney street 
Hendrie, M. 129, Queen's road 
Hendry, D. 17, Premier street 
Hendry, J. L. 92, South street 
Hendy, James, 14, Perth street 
Henessey, Mary, 81, Lowther street 
Heney, James, 25, Crete street 
Hennensy, Eev. James, 16, Warren st, 
Henninpr, Ellen, 75, Tetlow street 
Henri, Edward, 64, Westbournt* street 
Henrichs, C. 63, Upper Warwick street 
Henry, Alfred, 8, Upper Park street 
Henry, Ann, 37, Mill road 
Henry, John, 130, Windsor street 
Henry, J. A. 38, Aughton street 
Henry, M. J. 203, Breck road 
Henry, W. 77, Mill road 

, Henry, W. 37, Orient street 
Henshaw, Bryan, 113, Mount Pleasant 
Henshaw, Joshua, 40, Brownlow street 
Henson, J. F. 99, Queen's road 
Herbert, Henry, 98, Crown street 
Herbert, Mrs. Isabella, 20, Alfred street 
Herbert, Joseph, 47, Everton terrace 
Herbert, Joseph, 59, Mary bone 
Herbert, Mrs. H. 29, Plumpton street 
Herbert, Mrs. 76, Eodney street 
Herbert, Samuel, 13, Whitefield street 
Herbert, W. 18, Baker street 
Herbert, Wm. 28, Prospect street 
Herd, S. 82, St. Domingo vale 
Herdman, William, 41, St. Domingo vale 
Hermer, Eichard, 11, Brunei street 
Hern, Ann, 37, Blake street 
Hemes, John, 0, Park street 
Heron, J. 51, Queen's road 
Heron, James, 59, Aber street 
Heron, John, 14, Cochrane street 
Herring, C. 05, Pitt street 
Herriot, Q-eorge, 20, Torr street 
Herrmann, Cowan, 75, Windsor street 
Herron, J. 172, Beacon lane 

^errejr^ Mre. F, 114, Queen's road 


Heseltineold, Edward, 35, Sykes street 
Heselton, William, 13, Shaw street 
Hesketh, James, 8, Alma street 
Heslop, Charles, 168, Huskisson street 
Hess, Mrs. Mary, 77, St. Dominj;© road 
Hess, Miss Sarah, 17, Upper Duke street 
Hess, 8. T. 51, Bedford street 
Hesse, Mrs. M. McDower, 98, Queen^s rd. 
Hetherington, J. 58, Thomaston street 
Hetherington, E. 8, Northumberland tcr. 
Hetherington, Thos. 52, Chatsworth st. 
Hetherington, William, 25, Field street 
Hewetson, James, 9, Chesterfield street 
Hewetson, J. W. C. 14, Mackenzie street 
Hewett, John, 14, Conway street 
Hewgill, Mr*. E. S. 37, Norwood grove 
Hewit, Eev. Q. 40, Erskine street 
Hewit, Mrs. E. 52, Aughton street 
Hewitson, H. 29, Byford street 
Hewitson, James, 5, Sandon terrace, 

Upper Duke street 
Hewitson, J. 53, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Hewitt, Edward, 10, Blackburn street 
Hewitt, Eobert, 126, Tunnel road 
Hewitt, Edward, 10, Black bourne street 
Hewitt, J. Daniel, 16, Eutland street 
Hewitt, Martin, 20, Washington street 
Hewitt, Thomas, 21, Tynemouth street 
Hewitt, William, 13, Tweed street 
Hewson, J. 37, Aughton stre^^t 
Hewson, Jacob, 55, Mason street 
Hewson, John, 32, Byford street 
Hewson, N. 11, Hutchinson street 
Hewson, W. 30, Harland street 
Hey don, Margaret, *25, Bamber street 
Heyes, Henry, 12, Newland street 
Heyes, Mrs, Mary, 13, Overton street 
Heyliger, J. J. 11, Newton street 
He} liger, John 9, Newton street 
Heyman, Lewis, 14, Canterbury street 
Hiatt, Henry, 14, Harewood street 
Hibbert, Qeorge, 6, Eydal street 
Hibbert, Thomas D. 39, Sackvillo street 
Hibbert, William, 89, Latham street 
Hible, E. 136, Wellington road 
Hickie & Johns, 3, Shaw street 
Hickle, E. 48, Meuzies street 
Hicks, W. 28, AVarwick street 
Hicks, Mary Anne, 69, Boundary place 
Hickaon, Ann, 9, Mount Vtrnon road 
Hickson, Esther, 7, Eock street 
Hickson, Mrs. 97, Conway street 
Hickson, William, 2, The Elms 
Hiddiu, Thomas, 17, Collins street 
Hide, Mrs. Mary, 14, York terrace 



Hider, Mrs. E. 82, South street 

Hidej, C. W. 172, Park road 

Hidnet, J. 66, Laxey street 

Hier, Mrs. Susanuab, 34, LonsdnJe st 

Hiett, Richard, 29, Exmouth street 

Hiffer, Edwards, 54, Gtro\e street 

Higginbottom, C. J. 129, Phythian street i Hill, S. M. 10, Conway i 

Higgins, Charles, 45, Shaw street \ Hill, T.^ 131, Park street 

Higgins, James, 25, Smithdown lane 


Hill, Mrs. 21, Bengel street 
Hill, Mrs. 34, Upper Beau street 
Hill, Mrs. A. 113, Upper Parliament at. 
Hill, Mrs. E. 63, Upper Stanhope street 
Hill, Robert, 125, Evertou terrace 
I Hill, Robert, 73, Latham street 


Higgins, James, 28, Sidney street, B. 

Hi^ns, John, 55, Rydal street 

Higgins, Martin, 101, Christian street 

Higgins, W. H. 13, Croxteth road 

Higgins, William, 52, Kinglake street 

Higgins, T. 16, Harlow street 

Higgins, Thomas, 35, "Wellington road 

Higginson, G-eorge, 25, Sterling street 

Higginson, A. 44, Upper Parliament st. 

Higginson, John, 115, Cnrdwell street 

Higginson, Sophia, 7, St. Domingo grove 

Higginson, Mrs. 121, Cardwell street 

Higginson, Mrs. M. 45, Hamilton road 

Higginson, Snmuel, 132, Crown street 

Higg'nson, W. 7, Aberdeen street 

Higgs, GTeorge, 86, Queensland street 

Hignam, James, 64, Haskisson street 

Highdale, G. 46, Warwick street 

Highfield, Anne, 108, Smithdown lane 

Higbfield, William, 45, Bamber street 

Highton, A. H. 15, West Derby street 

Higman, F. 16, Fowler street 

Hignett, Mrs. P. 23, Ashton street 

Hignett, Thomas, 52, Q-rove street 

Hit^son, Mrs. E. 21, Wentworth street 

Hikins, Samuel, 151, Grafton street 

Hilditch, John, 38, St. Domingo road 

Hill, —,23, Mill road 

Hill, A. J. 45, Falkner street 

Hill, Benjamin, 20, Conway street 

Hill, Charles, 5, Netherfiefd road, S. 

Hill, Charlotte, 36, Gt. Newton street 

Hill, B. 15, Croxteth road 

Hill, Edward R. 25, Compton street 

Hill, George, 23, Kinglake street 

Hill, Henry Fletcher, 18, Melville place HiBlop, Richard, 77, Langhain street 

Hill, W. 37, Smithdown lane 

Hill, William Henrv, 17, Huskisson st. 

Hill, John, 31, Edge Hill 

j Hillen, Owen, 15, Hurat street 

; Hillon, Peter, 70, Beacon lane 

I Hills, G. H. 4, Bentley road 

j Hills, J. R 64, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Hilton, H. 22, Beacon lane 

; Hilton, J. H. 28, Hunt street ' 
Hilton, W. B. 10, Dingle kne 
Hi me, H. 77, Canning street 
Hime, Mrs. F. 20, Canning street 
Hince, Heniy, 138, Islington 
Hinchliffe, Mark, 50, Toxteth street 
Hind, John, 40, Stafford street 
Hind, T. 36, Cleave street 
Hind, W. 85, Everton road 
Hinde, E. 18, Kent street 
Hinde, J. 16, Aber street 
Hinde, J. 24, Fowler street 
Hinde, Anne, 6, Tennyson street 
Hinde, P. E. 12, Falkner square 
Hinde, William, 182, Tunnel road 
Hindle, H. 150, Queen's road 
Hindley, Joseph, 38, White Rock street 
Hindley, AVilham, 40, South Hill road 
llindsley, Richard, 43, Cotteuham street 
Hines, Henry, 43, Lavan street 
Hinsh, — ,Rev. 16, Sir Thomas Buildings 
Hinsley, J. 29, Conway street 
Hinton, T. 23, Thirlmere road 
Hipson, Mrs. 197, Upper Parliament st. 
Hipworth, Elizabeth, 21, Langham st. 
Ilird, James, 18, Brunei street 
Hironoraus, Francis, 48, Salop street 
III slop, Catherine, 30, Catharine street 

Hill, J. 34, Derby road, Kirkdale 

HiU, J. 5, Queen*s road 

Hill, John, 88, Edinburgh street 

Hill, John, 12, Olive street 

Hilly John, 109, Gregson street 

Hill, John, 191, Crown street 

Hill, John, 84, Luther street 

HiU, John 6. 136, Windsor street 

Hill, John, 31, Edge lane 

Hills, Mi88 Mary, 156, Beacon lane 

Hitchard, Robert, 94, Radcliffe street 
Hitchen, J. 5, Kepler street 
Ilitchen, William, 13, Gt. Newton street 
Ilitchman, Dr. William, 29, Erskine st. 
Hitchmough, W. 31, Brentou street 
Hithertou, Jane, 29, Roscommon street 
Hiverile, J. 17, Menzies street 
Hoare, W. H. 5, Belmont road 
Hobart, Miss H. 136, Canning street 
Ilobart, R. 15. 5V^, Kft\i\.o\i«XT^^\. 




Hobba, C.48, Orient Btreet 

Hobum' Samuel, 27, 

" ■ ■ ' J. 204, 



Hodge, I 

Hodge, C 


Hodge, Jame*, 218, Park road 

Hodge, Mn. E. 11, Brenlon .Ireet 





Hodges, C. P. 


Hodge., G. 9, 

Hodge., Willi. 


Hi)deie, William, 2, MH 

rd. N. 


Hodgson, J 
HodgBOD, J 
HodgBoii, S <Bd 

Hodgson, Bobt. 41, Bomea street 
Hodgson, Bobt. 48, 
Hodgson, Mrs. t. 

Hodgson, Tbos. 

Hodson,— ,19, Breckrd. 

Hodson, E. 39, 
Hodson, Jobn, ^ai 

Hodson, Bob Beech et. 

Hodson, Tho 
Hodson, W. 
Hodson, W. 

Hod»on, W. 178, !f?^S 

Hodson, William, 29, Tosbitb etreet 
Hoetti, N. Alexandra drite 
Hoey, Matthew, 23, Great Croesh&Il st. 
So^, T. 90, Calder street 
TttmoAB, M W. 80, Seymour Street 

Hofrung, A. 53, Canning street 

Hogan, J. 44, Aughton street 

Hogan, W. 75, Blundel street 

Hogarth, J. 2, Coniston street, Breck rd. 

Hogg, A. 16, 

Hogg, J. 44, 

Hogg, Thos. M. street 

Hogg, Wm. 10, 

Hogg, Wn 


Holbrook, «et 

Holbrooke, tock atreet 

Holcombe, Cbas. Alex. 29, South HUl rd. 

Holdan, Oeo. 

Holdan, Mrs. E. S. 14, Allan street 

Holden, -j^^ street 



Holden, rd. N. 



Holden, . it 

Holden, Thos. 5, l^tmi 






8, Qill street 

M. 80, Melville pi 

Holding, Or. 34, Parr street 

Holding, Mrs. Sarab «' T»-aum( rit st 

Holding, Seth, 

Holford, St. 

Holgate, Capt. street 

Holgate, J. 20, 

Holiwell, Alex. atreet 

Holland, — . 61, 

Holland, A. 21, 

Holland, H. 32, Ujp. Stanhope street 

Holland, Jas. 6, Mil road 

Holland, Tbos. 34, 

Holloway, James, 14, Eldon place 
Holloway, Titoa. 118, Badcliffe street 
HoUinsbead, Miss Jane B. 22, Abercromby 




Hollings worth, Mrs. Lucy, 96, Beacon In. 
HoUis, J. 134, Hill street 
Hollis, P. 46, Collins street 
Hollis, Thos. 32, Peel street 
Holme, Edward, 5, Troughton street 
Holme, Eliza, 20, Chester street 
Holme, O. Cavendish House, Devonshire^ 

Holme, J. 25, Woodville ter. Breok rd. 
Holme, J. 42, Combermere street 
Holmee, Geo. 238, Netherfield road N. 
Holmes, — , 109, Mount Pleasant 
Holmes, — , 54, Mount Pleasant 
Holmes, A. 9, Thomaston street 
Holmes, Amj, 31, Prospect street 
Holmes, David, 114, Islington 
Holmes, G«o. 2, Clevedon street 
Holmes, Henry, 156, Palkner street 
Holmes, J. 56, Hunt street 
Holmes, J. 52, Boundary lane 
Holmes, John, 23, Downing street 
Holmes, Joseph, 63, Chatham street 
Holmes, Miss Ann, 1, Huskisson street 
Holmes, Mrs. A. 41, Gklling street 
Holmes, Mrs. S. 73, Crown street 
Holmes, H. 43, Seymour street 
• Holmes, Bichard, 2, Walton Breck road 
Holmes, Hobert, 24, Egerton street 
Holmes, Hobert, 116, Aubrey street 
Holmes, Samuel, 64, Q-t. Newton street 
Holmes, T. 47, Warwick street 
Holmes, Thomas E. 43, Whitefield street 
Holmshaw, Joe, 16, Caryl street 
Holroyd, Thomas, 39, Salisbury street 
Holson, James, 27, Thackeray street 
Holstirun, Mary, 47, Arnold street 
Holsworth, C. 25, Aber street 
Holt, Mrs. E. 154, Hamilton road 
Holt, G-eorge, 3, Lovat street 
Holt, Henry, 19, Belmont road 
Holt, J. 37, Mitylene street 
Holt, Mrs. J. 23, Northumberland st. 
Holt, J. 13, Bittern street 
Holt, Mrs. Jane, 137, Phythian street 
Holt, Mrs. Mary, 21, Parkfield road 
Holt, Mrs. Mary Ann,20,Breckfield rd. S. 
Holt, P. H. 19, Croxteth road 
Holt, Thomas, 1, Oxford street 
Holt, Thomas, 15, Windsor street 
Holttum, William, 125, Grove street 
Holt, W. D. 23, Edge lane 
Holworthy, W. T. 5, Belvidere road 
Homes, Anne, 36, Blandf^rd street 
Homewood, James, 96, Luther street 
Hone^ WilHam, 21, Compton street 

Honey burne, B. 35, Lodge lane 
Honeyford, Isaac, 42, Kioglake street 
Honlin, Mrs. Jane, 13, Vine street 
Hood, WilHam, 12, The Elms 
Hood, J. 52, Fairclough lane 
Hood, James, 5, Fielding street 
Hood, J, V. 63, Phoebe- Ann street 
Hook, C. 137, Upper Hill street 
Hook, Margaret, 96, Gregson street 
Hooker, Chs. 9, Cochrane street 
Hooker, Frances, 7, Upper Park street 
Hooker, W. 20, Grey Bock street 
Hooper, H. 13, Ulswater street 
Hooper, Mrs. 37, Wesley street 
Hooton, Thos. 11, Lowther street 
Hope, E. 20, Wilson street 
Hope, G. 26, Letitia street 
Hope, J. 37, Menzies street 
Hope, B. 51, Warren street 
Hope, John, 6, Arthur street 
Hope, Peter, 6, Vine street 
Hope, S. P. Bank Chambers, 3, Cook st. 
Hope, Thomas, 17, Church street 
Hope, T. A. Bank Chambers, 3, Cook at. 
Hope, Thos. B. 144, Chatham street 
Hope, Walter, 19, Moira street 
Hope, W. C. 3, Cook street 
Hope, Wm. 55, Windsor street 
Hoperton, W. 104, Bedford street 
Hopkins, — , 233, Upper Parliament st. 
Hopkins, Ed. Henry, 85, Bamber street 
Hopkins, John, 89, Breck street 
Hopkins, Joseph, 73, Ogwen street 
Hopkins, Mrs. Maiy, 78, Warwick street 
Hopkins, Wm. 41, Pleasant street 
Hopkinson, Adam, 6, Parliament place 
Hopkinson, G. H. 24, Chatsworth street 
Hopkinson, Geo. 19, Byford street 
Hopkinson, James, 17, Cochrane street 
Hopley, Mrs. E. 46, Uxbridge street 
Hopson, Ed. 192, Wellington road 
Hopson, Thos. 39, Kilshaw street 
Hopson, Wm. 22, Thomaston street 
Hopton, Mrs. E. 35, Lavan street 
Hopwood, J. 69, Hill street 
Horde, Mrs. B. 63, Berkley street 
Horn, William, 91, Tetlow street 
Hornby, Geo. 70, Sefton ter. Prince's rd. 
Hornby, John, 30, Stanley road 
Hornby, M. J. 3, The Willows, Breck rd. 
Hornby, Mrs. M. Elm ter. Beech street 
Home, Mrs. E. 74, Erskine street 
Horner, Hy. 4, Eastbourne street 
Horner, H. P. 64, Devonshire road 
Horner, J. 3S, Coc\Lt«sv<b ^tec^i^X. 





Homer, Eobt. 32, Egerton street 
Homett, Thomas, 6i, Windsor street 
Horobin, W. A. 44, Bengel street 
Horrack, Thos. 8, Sterling street 
Horrack, Wm. 54, Spencer street 
Horrel, Isabella, 90, Badcliffe street 
Horrells, Mrs. Anna, 16, Windsor street 
Horrocks, Wm. H. 18, Great Mersey st. 
Ilorsal, John, 209, Athol street 
Horsfall, P. 22, Uxbridge street 
Horsfall, John, 102, St. Ann street 
Horsfall, S. E. 18, St, Domingo grove 
Horslej, Sarah, 18, Grove street 
Horton, Ealph, 98, Breck road 
Hose, H. 5, Lodwick street 
Hose, Peter, 58, Conyers street 
Hosey, Michael, 24, Caryl street 
Hoskins, Henry, 19, Sandon street 
Hoskina, Capt. Wm. 27, Upper Beau st. 
Sotkison, Mrs. M. 65, Queen's road 
Houan, Robt. 64, Sefton ter. Prince's rd. 
Hough, E. 49, Thomaston street 
Hough, Mrs. S. 49, Gelling street 
Hough, Sarah, 20, St. Bride's street 
Houghshedge, Hy. 60, Eield street 
Houghton, B. 31, Upper Warwick street 
Houghton, E. P. 42, Huskisson street 
Houghton, G. 25, Mere lane 
Houghton, George, 44, Sackville street 
Houghton, John, 68, Lloyd street 
Houghton, J. F. 4, Wentworth street 
Houghton, J. E. 21, Greenheys road 
Houghton, James, 81, Ererton road 
Houghton, John, 9, Byford street 
Houghton, Mrs. 58, Phoebe- Ann street 
Houghton, Ed. 16, Huskisson street 
Hoiu;hton, Wm. 21, Flint street 
Houldgate, W. 45, Aber street 
Houlding, W. 100, Park street 
Houlds, J. 79, Hill street 
Houlgrave, P. A. 146, Up. Parliament st. 
Houlgraves, Chas. 70, St Domingo vale 
Houndley, W. 12, Barter street 
Hounsill, Ellen, 89, Grafton street 
Hounslia, Joseph, 5, Park street 
Housden, James, 18, Sykes street 
House, Mrs. 210, Mount Pleasant 
Houston, Eliza, 48, Eirkdale road 
Houston, Eobt. P. 9, Shaw street 
HowaU, R 23, Ogwen street 
Howard, A. 28, Ko^ vale 
Howard, G. 157, Silvester street 
Howard, Edward, 16, Vesuvius street 
Howard, J. 3, Ernest street 
Hbwmrd, J. 12, IFiodermere st, Brcck nl. 


Howard, Jane, 101, Cardwell street 
Howard, James, 24, Vesuvius street 
Howard, Jas. M. 32, Spencer street 
Howard, John, 85, Aber street 
Howard, John, 18, Sandon street 
Howard, John, 46, Mill road 
Howard, John, 36, Sherdley street 
Howard, Mr*. 8, Poplar street 
Howard, Peter, 26, Bloom street 
Howard, Peter, 94, Edinburgh street 
Howard, Eobert, 87, Thirlmere road 
Howard, S. Bronte cottage, Walton lane 
Howard, T. 50, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Howard, T. 46, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
Howard, Thomas, 45, St. George's Hill 
Howard, Thomas, 30, Beloe street 
Howard, Thomas, 86, Greenland street 
Howard, Thomas, 27, Norwood grove 
Howard, Thomas, Eice lane . 
Howarth, L. 53, Caird street 
Howarth, Mrs. 29, Falkner street 
Howarth, John, 21, Bloom street 
Howarth, William, 44, Scourfield street 
Howarth, Wm. 1^ Burleigh road south 
Howat, Eev. H. T. 29, St. Domingo grove 
HowaU, E. 44, Calder street 
Howden, Henry, 163, Falkner street 
Howden, Eichard, 130, Cardwell street 
Howe, Charles, 36, Compton street 
Howe, H. E. 95, Upper Warwick street 
Howe, Joseph, 14, Harlow street 
Howe, Mrs. Mary, 22, Tillotson street 
Howe, William, 20, Freeland street 
Howell, Charles, 62, Einglake street 
Howell, John, 278, Crown street 
Howell, John, 44, Eoscommon street 
Howell, John, 1, Clarence grove 
Howett, Mrs. E. 15, Fielding street 
Howgatt, Sarah, 74, Berwick street 
Howlett, Thomas, 25, Selden street 
Howse, J. 11, Combermere street 
Howson, A. 85, Luther street 
Howson, C. 164, Eegent road 
Howston, John, 61, Windsor street 
Hoyland, G. 158, Queen's road 
Hoyle, Elliot, 29, Salop street 
Hoyle, J. 50, Lavan street 
Hubback, Joseph, 74, Eodney street 
Hubball, John, 1, Egerton street 
Hubbard, Charles, 19, Arthur street 
Hubbard, George, 20, Dodge street 
Hubbard, Wm. 10, St. Dominffo road 
Hubersty, F. 9, Thirlmere roaS 
Hubley, William, 18, Chatsworth street 
Huddart, B. 89, Scourfield street 


Hudderaton, FniDces, l', Tvteed titreet IHufjIieB, H. 30,Heyworth street 
Huddlttton, James, W, Luther street iHughee, H. 95, Everton terrace 
UuddletoD, Michael, 43, Eirkdale road iHughes, H. 141, Breckfield road 
Hudsfield, Mra. S. 85, Be&umont street ~Hugliea, H. 76, South atreet 
Hudson, A. C. 12, Lavan street ' Hughes, H. 78, Thomaaton street 

HndsoD, Capt. J. 26, Woodville ter. Brecl -Hughes, H. 29, Hunt street 

road —Hughes, H. SS, Queen's road 

Hndsou, Catharine, 7, Breck road Hughes, H. T. 29, Cochrane street 

Hudson, John, 52, Pitt street Hughes, Hannah, 33, Cottenham street 

Hudson, John, 4, Bloom street Hughes, Henrj, 159, Q-rafton street 

Hudson, John, 62, Oxford street Hughes, Hugh, 101, Chataworth street 

Hudson, Mrs. 126, Bedford street Hughes, Hugh, 50, Arnold street 

Hudson, Mn. Sarah, 21, Parliament place Hughes, Hugh, 40, Llojd street 
Hudson, HeT. J. 128, Queen's road -^ ■ 

Hudson, T. 50, Kepler street 
Huggins, J. 146, Beacon lane 
' Hughes, — , 4, Ed^e lane 
Hnghea, ^, 49, Orafton street 
Hnghea, A. 59, Kinglake street 
Hughea, Ann, 63, Bumber street 
Hughes, B. 44, Phmbe-Ann Street 
Hughea Brothers, 54, Brownlow street 
Hughes, B. 853, Park road 
Hughea, 0. 184, Park road 
Hughea, C. S, Brenton street 
Hughes, Charles, 33, Beaumont street 
Hughes, Charles, 27, Swan street 
Hu^es, D. 64, Harlow street 
Hughea, D. 15, Hutc-hinaon street 
Hughes, D. 11, St. Qomiugo grove 
Hughea, D. 68, Bulwer street 
Hughes, David, 97, Park street 
Hughea, K 6, Gelling street 
Hughes, E. 69, Melbourne street 
Hnghea, E. 86, Orient street 
Hnghea, E. 3, Lodge lane 
Hnghea, E. 38, Hunt street 
Hughes, E. W. 4, Great Mersey street 
Hughea, Edward, 207, Beaufort street 
Hnghea, Edward, 36, Wilson street 
Hnghea, Edward, 28, Adelaide street 
Hughea, Edward, 68, Freeland street 
Hughes, Edwin, 2, Basnett street 
. Hughes, Elisabeth, 24, Mill road 
Hughea, Evan, 33, Lloyd street 
Hughes, Evan, 41, Lowther atreet 
Hnghea, Ezekiel, 20, Silvester street 
Hnghea, F. B. 4, Weliealey terrace, 

Belvidere road 
Hughes, G. 93, Upper Warwick street 
Hughea, G. H. 80, Wellington road 
Hughea, G«or:ge, 50, Paddington 
Hughea, GeorffO, 2, Uxbridge atreet 
Hu^MB, H. 58, Aber street 
Hugbe^ H. 63, Crste street 

Hugh, 35, Salop street 
Hughes", Hugh, 12, Walnut street 
Hugh, 60, Sparling street 
J. 13, Anderson street 
J. 40, Bulwer street 
J. 174, Beacon lane 
J. 114, Conway street 
J. 186, Hamilton road 
J. 35, Warwick street 
J. 50, Orient street 
Hughes, J. 30, Upper Hope place 
Hughea, J. 190, Netherfield road north 
Hughes, J. 100, Northumberland street 
Hughes, J. 49fi, Park Hill road 
Hughes, James, 34, Warren atreet 
Hughea, James, 36, Gray street 
Hughes, Jane, 26, St. Paul'a square 
Hughes, Jane, 90. South Cheater atreet 
Hughes, J. B. 34, Wellington terrace, 
West Derby road 

J. B. 9, Wesley street 
J. H. 19, Minshull atreet 
J. M. 66, Elizabeth street 
John, 23, Conistou street 
John, 11, Carter street 
John, 15, Bold place 
John, 22, Albion street 
John, 100, Conway street 
John, 116, Gordon street 
John, 15, Vesuvius street 
John, 20, School lane 
John, 34, EggingtoD terrace 
John, 9, Graamere street 
John. 101, Mill street 
John, 7, St. Mary's lane 
Jolin, 45, Oakfield road 
Johu, 113, Prescot street 
John, 36, Downing street 
Hughes, Johu, 18, St. Bride's atreet 
Hughes, John, 123, Huskiason street 
Hughes, John, 1, Grecian terrace 
Hughea, John, 91, Hopwood street 





John, 118, Pmcot .tree* 


John, 26, Lowther street 


John, 92, -aSBiS 


John, 24, 


John, 14, 


John, 84, 


John, 6, Homer street 


John, 41, Breck street 


L. 17, S)6» Hull street 


L. 88, grore 




M. 11 . 





Miss Ann, 23, Mount-street 

Miss Catharine street 






Mis. a. 63, Bedford street 


Mre. Anne, 27, Windsor street 


Mn. A. 21 St. 


Mn. Ann, 


Mn. Ellen, :eet 


Mn. Ellen, 


Mn. Grace, 32, Mitylene street 


Mn. S 


Mn. M, 27, 


Mn. Marj, 68, 


Mrs. Marr, 24, st. 
Mrs. Ssnb, 16, 



Mn. 8. H. lane 


N. P. 80,N north 


N. Hargrearea 



Bean street 


F. W. 1, HaQburtoD street 




B. street 




B. 16, Eemble street 


It. 42,-ffi*W^"stte«t 

E.«Sffi 36, Bed Cresset. 





Bev. Ji eet 






Robert, ^ 




Bobert, street 


Robert J. lOO, Soho street 


Samuel, 6, Christian street 


Samuel, 7, Sackrille street 


SanHje), 20, Sherdley street 


I, Simon, 98, Duke street 
I, T. 13, Beacon lane 
I, T. 4, Albion street 
I, T. 68, Gelling street 
I, T. 27, Gelling street 

I, Tbomas, 

I, Thomas, street 

), Thomas, 44, Rupert lane 

I, Thomas, 26, 

I, Thomas, 85, 

1, Thomas, 42, 

), Thomas, 43, 

I, Thomas, 131 

I, Thomas. 6, 

I, Thomas, 7, Lon S 

), Thomas, 47, Great Newton st. 

I, Thomas, 16, 

I, Timothy, 4, 

I, T. K. 28, SI 

I, W. Thomas. wt 

1, W. 65, 

1, W. 38, 

I, W. 49, 

^ W. 

I, W. 

1, W. 38, 

I, W. 42, 

I, w. o. 

I, WillisE ttieet 

I, Willian 

I, William, 41. 

I, William, 16, 

1, William, 2f, 

I, William, 11, 

I, William, 25, 

., William, 58, ^ 

I, William, 40, Lowther street 

I, Williatn, 20, Norwood RTore 

I, William, 1 st, 

I, William, 7 

I, William, 9, 

1, WiUiam, 44, 

I, William, 

I, William, 

I, William, 14, Bose vale 

I, William, 56, St. Junea's place 

I, William, 116, Gregson street 

>, W. S. 184, Ealkaer straet 




Hughes, W.T. 80, Troughton st.Edge Hill 
Hughson, Mrs. Mary, 33, Windsor street 
Hugo, Thomas, 125, St. Domingo road 
Him, A. 55, Mitylene street 
Hull, C. 3, Hutchinson street 
Hull, Fred. S. 88, Eodney street 
Hull, Joseph, 4, Moor street 
Hull, Pearson, -M, Boundary street 
Hully, John, 91, Grove street 
Hnlxne, Eohert, Mersey street 
Holmes, John, 8, Eafles street' 
Hulae, Charles, 23, Boundary place 
Hulse, GteoTge, 22, Blackfield street 
Humber, W. 53, Alt street 
Humble, Andrew, 25, Eossell street 
Humble, Eichard, 32, Up. Parliament st. 
Humby, W. 12, Wellesley road, Peel st. 
Humby, W. C. H, 115, Wellington road 
Hume, Alexander, 27, Harbord street 
Hume, James, 59, Gregson street 
Hume, James, 142, Crown street 
Hume, Bey. Dr. 0, Eupert lane 
Humphrey, Walter, 147, Field street 
Humphreys, Evan, 179, Up. Frederick st. 
Humphreys, Henry, 24, Luther street 
Humphreys, J. 35, Aberdeen street 
Humphreys, John, 10, Eastbourne street 
Humphreys, Joseph, 22, Elliot street 
Humphreys, Mary, 24, Silvester street 
Humphreys, IVlrs. G. 57, Ersldne street 
Humphreys, Owen, 9, Grey street 
Humphreys, Eobert, 147, Field street 
Humphreys, Thos. 49 & 51, Eadclifie st. 
Humphreys, — , 17, Harper street 
^ Humphries, George, 27, Chatham street 
Humphries, Mrs. E. 38, Baker street 
Humphries, E. 43, 8cldon street 
Humphries, Walter, 117, Field street 
Humphries, William, 13, Whitaker st. 
Humphry s, Thomas, 55, Tozteth street 
Homphrys, William, 73, Field street 
Hunt, Ann, 52, Caryl street 
Hunt, C. 33, Salisbury street 
Hunt, E. 57, Aber street 
Hunt, F. 24, Fowler street 
Hunt, F. A. 34, Aber street 
Hunt, G^rge, 129, Grafton street 
Hunt, Henry, 25, Great George square 
Hunt, Joseph, 30, Beacon lane 
Hunt, Joseph, 9, Watkinson street 
Hunt, Miss Catherine, 17, Mona street 
Hunt, Eichard, 5, Norton street 
Hunt, Eichard, 36, Aber street 
Hunt, Sarah, 31, Abercremby terrace, 
Oxford street / 

Hupt, T. 166, Beacon lane 
Hunt, Thomas, 1, Whitaker street 
Hunt, William Henry, 9, Bloom street 
Hunter, Adam, 15, Norton street 
Hunter, Elizabeth, 25, Abercromby ter- 
race, Oxford street 
Hunter, Qeoree, 29, Elizabeth street 
Hunter, G. W. 66, Northumberland st. 
Hunter, J. 11, Kepler street 
Hunter, J. 32, Faraday street 
Hunter, James, 18, Field street 
Hunter, James, 16, Torr street 
Hunter, John, 26, Clevedon street 
Hunter, James, 41, Bishton street 
Hunter, John, 66, Caryl street 
Hunter, John, 53, Harewood street 
Hunter, John G. 66, Caryl street 
Hunter, John, 70, Park street 
Hunter, Magnus, 34, Great Newton st. 
Hunter, Mrs. Mary, 14, Torr street 
Hunter, R. 36, Brenton street 
Hunter, Samuel, 4, Bydal street 
Hunter, T. 2, Cochrane street 
Hunter, William, 16, Olive street 
Hunter, W. 130, Conway street 
Hunter, William, 38, Vine street ' 
Huntingdon, John, 66, Park read ' 
Huntington, Mrs. E. 178, Huskisson st. 
Huntington, Joseph, 8, Huskisson street 
Huntriss, — , 87, Boundary lane 
Hunts, John, 70, Bishton street 
Hurey, Mrs. Eliza, 39, Anderson st. 
Humell, E. 48, Bed Bock street 
Hurry, Mrs. 50, Eastbourne street 
Hurst, Luke, 18, Wesley street 
Hurtmond, James, 36, Bengel street 
Hurst, Thouias, 18, Adelaide street 
Iluson, William, 30, Covent Garden 
Hussey, Thomas, 1, Colquit street 
Husson, Eugene Beat, Qii, Huskisson st. 
Huston, W. 32, Upper Hope place 
Hutchence, G. 53, Hughes street 
Hutchence, H. 41, Phythian street 
Hutchings, Mrs. E. 49, Cleveland street 
HutchinsoD, C. 61, Gregson street 
Hutchinson, Esther, 35, Chester street 
Hutchinson, H. 22, Bridgewater street 
Hutchinson, Isaac, 19, Nile street 
Hutchinson, J. 94, Landseer road ' 
Hutchinson, J. 59, Boscommon street 
Hutchinson, James, 30, Foley street 
Hutchinson, John, 44, Vesuvius street 
Hutchinson, Joseph, 38, Brunei street 
Hutchinson, Miss Jane, 14, Kftii%YCi^^\i. 
Hutchinson, M. «^^, Orte^iX. Q^^ot^'s^ ^<3^aax« 




Hutchinson, B. 63, Boundary lane 
Hutchinson, B. 77, Upper Parliament st. 
Hutchinson. Bichard, 34, Catharine street 
Hutchison, H. 28, liivan street 
Hutson, John, 45, Tegit street* 
Hutton, David, 61, Canning street 
Hutton, Henry, 68, Spencer street 
Hutton, Isabella, 16, Canterbury street 
Hutton, James, 95, Conway street 
HuttoD, Mrs. Margaret, 16, Alfred street 
Hutton, Bobert, 8, Vesuvius street 
Hutton, T. J. 81, Berkley street 
Hutton, Thomas, 28, Byford street 
Huxley, J. 52, Warwick street 
Huxley, John, 73, Great Newton street 
Huyton, Henry, 71, Salop street 
Huyton, Thomas, 12, Cambridge street 
Hyam, Henrv, 33, Great George square 
Hyams, "W. o9, South street 
Hyatt, Henry, 14, White Bock street 
Hyde, H. B. 21, Edge lane 
Hyde, J. 83, Queen's road 
Hyde, James, 115, Huskisson street 
Hyde, Bev. C. B., LL.D. 12, St. Domingo 

Hyders, E. 15, Whitefield street 
Hynatt, J. W. 48, Vine street 
Hynde, Margaret, 48, Kinglake street 
Hyndman, S. 67, Elizabeth street 
Hyne, Samuel, 34, Berkley street 
Hynett, Thomas, 149, Spencer street 
Hynett, William, 76, Vine street 
Hyslop, Catharine, 30, Catharine street 
Hyslop, J. H. 19, Hutchinson street 
Hyslop, Bobert, 9, Sterling terrace 
Hyslop, S. 28, Belvidere road 

Ibbetson, John, 6, Hereford street 
Idale, — , 95, Kilshaw street 
[eley, W. 125, Wellington road 
Ignaus, Tarria, 66, Plumbe street 
Ihler, Q-. Francis, Huyton park, Huyton 
Tkin, James, 32, Exmouth street 
[liffe, B. B. 10, Avon street 
[llingworth, William, 2, Salop street 
[mage, Charles, 83, Salop street 
^mray, J. 59, Lavan street 
bchclifie, Q-. 19, Park street 
bgleby, Mrs. Eliza, 30, Alfred street 
bgham, — , 16, Faraday street 
[ngram, C. 41, Bed Bock street 
Ingram, George, 28, Lonsdale street 
[ngram, Percy, 51, Comwallis street 
[n^rram^ T. B. 50, Bulwer street 
Jnimm, Wm. 58, Smithdown Jane 

Iniff, Mrs. 20, Oxford street 
Inison, Stephen, 52, Grafton street 
Inman, Miss, 23, Nile street 
Inman, Thomas, M.D. 12, Bodney street 
Inman, W. 15, Brunei street 
Innes, James, 165, Great Howard street 
Innes, Zorennes, 24, Alexandra terrace 
Iredall, Henry, 184, Mill road 
Irdsly, B. 27, Menzies street 
Ireland, George, 45, Whitefield street 
Ireland, J. 16a, Brownlow street 
Ireland, John, 4, Walton Breck road 
Ireland, John, 51, Silvester street 
Ireland, Mrs. Mary, 93, Grove street 
Ireland, William, 48, Newlands street 
Irons, Mrs. Jane, 117, Crown street 
Ironside, A. 30, Thirlmere road 
Ironside, Alexander, 30, Thirlmere road 
Irvin, James, 311, Grafton street 
Irvine, Capt. A. 6, Dunkeld street 
Irvine, J. 38, Faraday street 
Irvine, J. 48, Calder street 
Irvine, J. 38, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Irvine, James, 45, Bishton street 
Irvine, James, 94, Landseer road 
Irvine, Mrs. M. 38, Bed Bock street 
Irvine, Mrs. W. 47, Gtelling street 
Irvine, Peter, 124, Park street 
Irving, John, 50, Gregson street 
Irving, Joseph, 12, Mason street 
Irving, Margaret, 52, Gregson street 
Irving, P. 32, Warwick street 
Irving, B. G. 41, Tweed street 
Irving, W. H. 51, Beloe street 
Isaac, Capt. W. 4i5, Menzies street 
Isaac, J. B. 46, Bedford street 
Isaac, John George, 63, Crown street 
Isaac, Mrs. 48, Seymour street 
Isaac, B. 3(J0, Upper Parliament street 
Isaac, Bobert, 15, Pluto street 
Isaac, W. B. 61, Bedford street 
Isaacs, William, 248, Beaufort street 
Isaacs, John, 219, Beaufort street 
Isaacs, John, 17, Park street 
Isherwoods, Edward, 70, Park road 
Isles, P. 43, Chatsworth Street 
Ismay, Thomas, 66, Hughes street 
Isons, William, 62, South street 
Isterling, Jasper, 34, Harbord street 
Ivill, Bobert, 15, Harewood street 

Jack, James, 26, Abercromby square 
Jack, T. 96. Grey Bock street 
Jack, W. 60, Bengel street 
Jackaman, H. 33, Moville street 




Jackaman, T. 43, Moviile street 
Jacks, John, 11, Moore place 
Jackson, — , 75, Conway street 
Jackson, C. 18, Poplar grove. The Elms 
Jackson, Daniel, 38, Spencer street 
Jackson, E. 65, Windermere st. Breck road 
Jackson, Edwards, 16, Clarence grove 
Jackson, Edward, 76, Huskisson street 
Jackson, Elizabeth, 33, Prospect street 
Jackson, G. 16, Boaler street 
Jackson, G. 45, Stanhope street 
Jackson, G. 6, High Park street 
Jackson, Gheorge, Isaac, 88, Huskisson st. 
Jackson, H. 10, Wellfield place. Peel st. 
Jackson, Henrj, 32, Spellow lane 
Jackson, Henry, 24, Violet street 
Jackson, J. 36, Melville street 
Jackson, J. 86, Beacon lane 
Jackson, J. 50, Caird street 
Jackson, J. 95, Eose vale 
Jackson, J. 36, West Derby street 
Jackson, J. 17, Conway street 
Jackson, James, 69, Virgil street 
Jackson, James, 72, Conyers street 
Jackson, John, 61, Berwick street 
Jackson, John, 18, Canning street 
Jackson, John, 69, Gregson street 
Jackson, John, 76, Eose vale 
Jackson, John, 48, Whitefield street 
JadLSon, John, 87, Upper Parliament st. 
Jackson, Joseph, 23, Thackeray street 
Jackson, Joseph, 15, Procter terrace 
Jackson, Joseph, 9, Upper Stanhope st. 
Jackson, J. V. 81, Aber street 
Jackson, M. 57, Tipper Hill street 
Jackson, Mary, 7, Lovat street 
Jackson, Michael, 77a, Windsor street 
Jackson, Miss Sophia, 54, Clevedon st. 
Jackson, Miss Ann, 31, Alt street 
Jackson, Mrs. E. 28, Morton street 
Jackson, Mrs. J. 33, Compton street 
Jackson, Eev. J. 54, Tbomaston street 
Jackson, Eichard, 10, Norwood grove 
Jackson, Eobert, 56, Kensington 
Jackson, Eobert, 42, Eupert lane 
Jackson, Samuel, 33, Toxteth street 
Jackson, S. B. 10, Brougham terrace 
Jackson, T. 46, Harlow street 
Jackson, T. A. 66, Netherfield road north 
Jackson, T. S. 33, Fitzclareuce street 
Jackson, Thomas, 40a, Aubrey street 
Jackson, Thomas, 133, Beaufort street 
Jackson, W. 45, Grey Eock street 
Jackson, William, 57, Langham street 
Jackson, WilHatn, 56, Huskisson street 

Jackson, William, 169, Vine street 
Jacob, Edward, 90, Aubrey street 
Jacob, George, 62, Eose vale 
Jacob, J. G. 20, Fitzclarence street 
Jacob, W, Henry, 29, Gloucester place 
Jacobs, Alfred, 33, Lord Nelson street 
Jacobs, David, 7, Chatsworth ter. Waver- 

tree road 
Jacobs, Henry, 34, Bengel street 
Jacobs, Solomon, 21, Mona street 
Jacobson, — , 27, Eichmond ter. Breck rd. 
Jager, John, 46, Eldon place 
Jagger, B. 3, Sugnall street 
Jago, Johu, E. 131, Canning street 
Jahu, Mrs. M. 5, Gelling street 
James, Captain J. 116, Park street 
James, Col will, 57, Clarence grove 
James, F. H. 13, Cobden street 
James, Henry, 66, Chatham street 
James, Henry, 85, Latham street 
James, J. E. 17, Caird street ' 

James, J. H. 67, Whitefield road 
James, John, 22, Lovat street 
James, Mrs. 306, Netherfield road N. 
James, Mrs. 44, Cardwell street 
James, Mrs. Catherine, 233, Crown st. 
James, S. 15, Albert park, XJllet road 
James, Thomas, 18, Cookson street 
James, W. H. 30, Clevedon street 
' Jameson, A. 89, Stanhope street 
Jameson, Captain, 22, Thackeray street 
Jameson, H. 41, Woodville ter. Breck rd 
Jameson, W. (yG, Eodney street 
Jameson, William, 28, Up. Parliament st. 
Jandrell, Isaac, 84, Aubrey street 
Janerin, Francis, 35, Siduey street E. 
Jankins, D. 62, Stanhope street 
Japson, Jane, 41, Pluto street 
Jaques, Benjamin, 130, Vine street 
Jaques, E. T. 45, Bowring street 
Jaques, W. 23, Collins street 
Jardine, John, 18, Mackenzie street 
Jardine, E. 171, Bedford street 
Jardine, W. 35, Aught^n street 
Jarratt, George, 7, Gerard street 
Jarratt, Mrs. 304, Upi)er Parliament st. 
Jarvis, Mrs. Harriet, 58, Harewood st. 
Jarvis, Wm. 46, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Jay, Mrs. Hannah, 99, Hamilton road 
Jebb, W. 13, The Willows, Breck road 
JefTares, E C. 105, Canning street 
Jefferson, W. 16, Lavan street 
Jeffrey, Capt. John, 280, Crown street 
Jeffrey, Mrs. A. 91, Up. Parliament st, 
Jeffery, Mrs. Am^ , ^, G\i'BXV\wxx. ^\:t^^\> 




Jeffeiy, Mrs. 59, Bodney street 
Jeffreys, BeDJamin, 40, Moon street 
Jeffrjes, Miss J. 70, Chatham street 
Jehu, David, 107, Wellington road 
Jellardy Mrs. E. 10, Upper Parliament st. 
Jellardi — , 9, Catharine street 
Jenaway, Joseph, 45, Everton terrace 
Jenkins, E. 51, Mitylene street 
Jenkins, J. 44, Bulwer street 
Jenkinsy James, 162, Beaufort street 
Jenkins, Miss, 68, Elilshaw street 
Jenkins, M. 62, Mill road 
Jenkins, Philip, 12, Mill road 
Jenkins, T. 46, Hill street 
Jenkins, Thomas, 21, Oxford street 
Jenkins, — , 18, Morton street 
Jenkinson, Wm. 46, Conyers street 
Jennett, John, 43, Silvester street 
Jennians, James, 59, Harewood street 
Jennings, A. 38, Stanhope street 
Jennings, P. 27, Brunei street 
Jennings, H. 65, Thirlmere road 
Jevon, J. 13, Alexandra Drive 
Jenning, J. 8, G-ambier ter. Up. Duke st. 
Jennings, Miss Mary, 27, Aubrey street 
Jennings, Mrs. 225, Upper Parliament st. 
Jennings, Mrs. 17, Hawke street 
Jennings, Mrs. E. 51, Caird street 
Jennings, Thomas, 82, Toxteth street 
Jennings, William, 115, Field street 
Jenson, Christopher, 29, Gt. George sq. 
Jerrard, J. 26, Bittern street 
Jervis, William, 55, Gregson street 
Jervitt, George, 10, Smitndown lane 
Jesse, J. 42, Stanhope street 
Jessep, Frances, 55, Queensland street 
Jevons, F. 1, Cavendish ter.Devonshixe rd. 
Jevons, Henry, 2, Lodge lane 
Jevons, William, 84, Lodge lane 
Jilson, William, 27, Lord Nelson street 
Job, J. W. 8, Princes Park ter. Croxteth 
Job, T. B. 1?4, Devonshire road [rd, 

Joblin, Mary, J>^3> Boundary street east 
Joey, John, 15, DuTJ^e^^^ »tr®et 
Johanning. — , 28, IWiT^^y street 
John, Mrs. C. 41, Upper V*rwick street 
Johns, J. 50, Mitylene street 
Johns, Stephen, 259, Grafton street 
Johnson, A. 26, Brownlow street 
Johnson, Alexander, 83, Seymour atreet 
Johnson, Ann, 138, Field street 
Johnson, Archibald, 23, Tennyson street 
Johnson, — , Brougham House, West 

Derby road 
^olmgai Charlea, 50, Great Newton st. 


Johnson, E. J. 48, White Kock street 
Johnson, Ed. 10, Rose vale 
Johnson, Edward, 40, Adelaide street 
Johnson, Edward, 19, Cbesnut street 
Johnson, F. W. 76, Tweed street 
Johnson, George, 22, Melville place 
Johnson, George E. 28, Harbord street 
Johnson, Henry, 7, Beaumont street 
Johnson, Hugh, 203, Park road 
Johnson, J. 76, Harlow street 
Johnson, J. 314, Netherfield road north 
Johnson, J. V. 122, Smithdown lane 
Johnson, J. 41, Aberdeen street 
Johnson^ J. 99, Walton lane 
Johnson, James, 55, Chatham street 
Johnson, James, .112, Spencer street 
Johnson, John, 58, Beaufort street 
Johnson, John, 26, Eussell street 
Johnson, John, 5, Smith street 
Johnson, John E. 44, Wellington terrace 
Johnson, Miss, 14, Lloyd street 
Johnson, Mrs. 41, Ashton street 
Johnson, Mrs. A. 172, Up. Frederick st. 
Johnson, Mrs. Ann, 13, Newstead road 
Johnson, Mrs. Ellen, 54,Whitefieldroad 
Johnson, Mrs. Ellen, 44, Virgil street 
Johnson, Mrs. E. 14, Overton street 
Johnson, P. A. 71, Beloe street 
Johnson, £• H. D. 1, Canning street 
Johnson, Eiohard, 84, Park street 
Johnson, Eichard, 138, Gregson stzeet 
Johnson, Sobert, 22, Lowther street 
Johnson, Bobert, 21, Cottenhaxn street 
Johnson, S. 15, Belmont road . 
Johnson, S. 21, Phoebe- Ann street 
Johnson, T. B. 24, Whitefield road 
Johnson, F. H. 2, Montpelier terrace 
Johnson, T. H. 7, Dunkeld street 
Johnson, Thomas, 12, High Park street 
Johnson, Thomas, 7, Pronpect street 
Johnson, Thomas, 139, ^^peucer street 
Johnson, Thomaa, LS, Tynemouth street 
Johnson, Thomas, 29, Thackeray street 
Johnson, W. 47, Hill street 
Johnson, William, 2, Caledouiii street 
Johnson, William, 63, Conway street 
Johnson, William, 51, Cardwell street 
Johnson, W. J. 23, Hope street 
Johnson, W. T. 49, Grasmere street 
'^Johnson, — , 40, iStanhope street 
jo.Hnston, Alexander, 36, Chester street 
Joiuib ^» E 39, Hunt street 
JohnstonV Gteorge, 3, Mount Vernon green 
Johnston, ^' 6^» ^^V Bocl^ street 
Johnston, J. 3/ i^anton street 




Johnston, J. B. 108, Hamilton road 
Johnston, J. H. 46, Wellington terrace 
Johnston, John, 72, Salop street 
Johnston, John, 27, HusKtsson street 
Johnston, J. T. 25, Upper Stanhope st. 
Johnston, Mary, 12, Prospect street 
Johnston, Mary, 129, Beaufort street 
Johnston, Mrs. A. 107, Upper Hill st. 
Johnston, Mrs. £. 140, Queen's road 
Johnston, Miss R A. 12, Dingle lane 
Johnston, Mrs. J. 38, G^ling street 
Johnston, Miss M. 12, Dingle lane 
Johnston, Mrs. Martha, 26, Warwick st. 
Johnston, Miss M. H. 18, Disgle lane 
Johnston, Samuel, 27, Exmouth street 
Johnston, Sarah, 42, Salop street 
Johnston, T. 42, Erskine street 
Johnston, W. 24, Northumberland st. 
Johnston, William, 18, Prospect street 
Johnstone, Charles, 26, Windsor street 
Johnstone, Dr. 22, Queensland street 
Johnstone, Jyr. Q-. 49, Bussell street 
Johnstone, Edward, 81, St. James's road 
Johnstone, Oeorge, 83, Bentley road 
Johnstone, J. 17, Wellington road 
Johnstone, James, 49, Eldon place 
Johnstone, James, 62, Westboume st. 
Johnstone, James, 18, Walton road 
Johnstone, John, 71, Bose vale 
Johnstone, Phillis, 87, Yesuyius street 
Johnstone, Bobert, 9, Blaokboume street 
Johnstone, W. 26, Brenton street 
Johnstone, William, 44, Lonsdale street 
Johnstone, — , 2, Bishton street 
Joinson, Thomas, 19, Qildart street 
Joint, C. H. 22, G-loucester place 
Joliff, W. 8, Orient street 
Joliffe, James, 20, Prospect street 
Jolliffe, James, 187, Field street 
JoUife, S. 14, Tweed street 
JoUiffe, Wm. 50, Upper Parliament st. 
JoUj, Mary Ann, 37, Upper Beau street 
Jonas, Margaret, 18, Gatkarine street 
Jones, A. 7, Elizabeth street 
Jones^ A. 16, Laxey street 
Jones, Abel, 16, Luther street 
Jones, Alexander, 8, Manon street 
Jones, Alfred, 10, Sir Howard street 
Jones, Alice, 158, Grove street 
Jones, Ann, 86, Copperas hill 
Jonesy Benjamin, 26, Bloom street 
Jones, C 83, Torr street 
Jones, C. 34, Boundary lane 
Jones, C. 14, Anderson street 
Jones, 0. 28, St. Bride's street 














j Jones, 

I Jones, 


I Jones, 

; Jones, 



; Jones, 





j Jones, 

I Jones, 

! Jones, 

I Jones, 

. Jones, 


I Jones, 


r Jones, 

: Jones, 

' Jones, 


i Jones, 






' Jones, 












Capt. J. 70, Bodney street 
Capt. T. 29, Upper Hill street 
Charles, 26, Plumpton street 
Charles, 114s Spencer street 
Charles, 111, Grafton street 
Charlton, 82, Oxford street 
& Crewdson, 37, Seymour street 
71, Everton road 
D. W. 16, Byford street 
D. 194, Beacon lane 

D. 27, Hunt street 
Daniel, 18, Hope street 
David, 58, Cardwell street 
David B. 4, Canterbury street 
David, 37, Soho street 
David, 184, Wellington road 
David, 56, Wellington road 
David, 18, Everton Village 
David, 150, Salisbury street 
David, 79, Bamber street 
David, 42, Everton terrace 
David, 8, Bentley road 
David, 43, Newlands street 
David, 67, Eoscommon street 
David, 48, Park street 
David, 14, Sparling street 
Deborass, 46, Caryl street 

E. 2, Tillotson street 
E. 65, Thomaston street 
E. 25, Wellington road 
E. 21, Wilson street 

E. 12, Churchill street 
E. 55, Kinglake street 
E. 82, Orient street 
E. 65, St. George's hill 
E. 57, Collins street 
Edward, 38, Upper Hope place 
Edward, 58, Gregson street 
Edward, 109, Grove street 
Edward, 32, Downing street 
Edward, 39, St. Gorge's Hill 
Edward, 11, Park street 
Edward, 55, Wesley street 
Edwin, 20, Queensland street 
Edwin, 8, Hughes street 
Edwin, 35, Hughes street 
Elias, 33, Beloe street 
Elizabeth, 143, Grafton street 
Elizabeth, 70, Chatsworth street 
Elizabeth, 37, Upper Hope place 
Ellen, 48, Radchffe street 
Ellen, 42, Edinburgh street 
Ellen, 29, Tennyson street 
Evan, 77, Upper Beau street 
Evan, 10, Com^tATL %\xqkX> 


JoncB, BTan, 65, Thomaston street \ Jone«, J. 36, WoodTille terrace. Brack rd. 

JoDM, Evan, 78, Conway Btreet Jonei, J. 

Jones, J. 

et. Breck rd. ' Jones, J. 

Fu-IUmt. Bt. Jouee, J- 

, Jonei, J- 

Jonea, F. 21, 
JoDes, F. B. 
Jonei, 1^^ 

Jones, Q. 36, MSffi 
Jones, Q. 41, 

Jonee, O^. 13, Breck road 

Jones, G. 72, 

Junes, Q. reet 

Jones, G^eorg reet 

Jones, Gkorge, 3, Toiteth street 
Jones, G^rge, 15, Collini street 
Jonee, Gteorge, 29, 
Jones, G-riffitfa, 26, 

Jonee, H. 27, 

Jones, H. 57, Hed Bock street 
Jones, H. 17, Mere lane 
Jones, H. 59, Larsn street 
Jones, H. 80, Orient street 
Jonee, H. 58, 
Jonee, H. 22, 

Jooeb H. 59, , 

Jonesi Hannah E. street 

JoneS) Henry, 16, 
Jonesi Henry, 16, 
Jones. Henry, 80, 
Jonee* Hemy, 53, 
Jones. Henry, 41, 
Jones, Henry, 50, 
JoneS) Henrj, 8, 
Jones* Henry, 58, 
Jones, Henry, 21, 
Jones, Hugh, 10, treet 

Jones, Hugh, 102, Atfaol street 
Jones, Hngh, Thomuton street 
Jones, Hugh, 58, St. Geoi^'s Hill 
Jones, Hugh, 68, St. George^ Hill 
Jones. Hugh, 12, t 

Jones. Hugh, 52, 

Jones, Hugh, 58, >t 

Jones, street 

Jones, reet 

Jones, J. 17, 

Jones, J- 35, Famday street 
Jones, J. 15, Bedford street 
Jones, J. J. 
Jones, J. 61, 
Jones, J. 31, 
Jones, J. 16, 
Jone^ J. 34, 

Jones, J. "W. street 

JOBB^ J. 1, 
Joaegi J. oe, Warwick etreet 

Jonesi J- 192, Upper Frederick street 

Jones, J. George, 03, Hadcliffe street 

Jones, J. 30, Galling street 

Jones, J. 12, Bulwer street 

Jones, J. R road 

Jones, J. 

Jones, J. 80, 

Jones, J. 

Jones, J. 21, i^ 

Jones, J. 69, 

Jones, J. ^ street 

Jones, James, 18, Moira street 

Jone^ James, 

Jones, James, 

Jones, Jamett, 

Jones, James, 43, Mitylcne street 

Jones, James, 86, Salisbury street 

Jonee, James, 6, 

Jones, James, 2, 

Jones, Jane, 18, ^^ 

Jonee, Jane, 

Jones, John, 

Jones, John Bt 

Jones, John, 

Jones, John, 

Jones, John, street 

Jones, John, 11, ELdon place 

Jones, John, 42, Egerlon street 

Jones, John, 60, Egerton street 

Jones, John, 28, Erertnn valley 

Jones, John, 10, Bentley road 

Jones, John, 23, 

Jones, John, 38, Melville street 

Jones, John, 49, Pleasant street 

Jones, John, 34, Pleasant street 

Jones, John Lloyd, street 

Jones, John Lloj terru 

Jones, John, 52, 
1 Jones, John, 39, «*igJ 
, Jones, John, 42, 
; Jones, John, 10, 
, Jonee, John, 13, 

Jones, John, 88, 

Jones, John, 11, O 
I Jones, John, 5. Winter street 

Jones, John, 24, 
! Jones, John, 15, 
j Jonee, John, 73, 
I Jones, John, 31, Kinglake street 



Jones, John, 18, Mitylene street 
Jones, John, 117, Chatham street 
Jones, John, 37, Lowther street 
Jones, John, 14, Dodge street 
Jones, John, 32, Haliburton street 
Jones, John, 10, Hawke street 
Jones, John, 30, St. PauVs square 
Jones, John, 18, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Jones, John, 15, St. Bride's street 
Jones, John, 62, St. George's hill 
Jones, John W. 264, Up. Parliament st. 
Jones, John, 145, Phythian street 
Jones, John, 60, Netherfield road north 
Jones, John, 02, Landseer road 
Jones, John, 62, Poplar street 
Jones, John, Capt. 70, Rodney street 
Jones, John, 337, Park road 
Jones, John, 168, Park road 
Jones, John, 28, Lowther street 
Jones, John, 243, Beaufort street 
Jones, John, 134, Beaufort street 
Jones, John, 24, Priory road 
Jones, John, 114, Beaufort street 
Jones, John, 94, Cleveland street 
Jones, John, 3, Avon street 
Jones, Jonas, 253, Netherfield road north 
Jones, Joseph, 4, Dodge street 
Jones, Joseph, 40, Dodge street 
Jones, Joseph, 97, G-regson street 
Jones, Joseph, 47, Grey street 
Jones, Joseph, 90, Field street 
Jones, Joseph, 23, Melbourne street 
Jones, Joseph, 147, Grafton street 
Jones, Joseph, 45, Caryl street 
Jones, Joseph, 143, Latham street 
Jones, Joseph, 16, Lovat street 
Jones, J. T. 12, Mount Vernon 
Jones, L. 359, Scotland road 
Jones, L. 113, Queen's road 
Jones, Lewis, 13, Carter street 
Jones, Lloyd, 36, Ouilford street 
Jones, M. 26, Stanhope street 
Jones, M. 71, Conieton street 
Jones, M. E. 20, Abercromby square 
Jones, M. E. 4, Everton Village 
Jones, Margaret, 2, Harlow street 
Jones, Martha, 7, Clarence grove 
Jones, Mary, 68, Everton Brow 
Jones, Mary, 35, St. George's hill 
Jones, Mary, 51, Everton terrace 
Jones, Mary, 107, Vine street 
Jones, Mary Jane, 18, Everton road 
Jones, Mary, 68, Highfield street 
Jones, Mary Ann, 209, Park road 
Jones, Mary Ann, 1, Mount street 


Jones, Mary, 61, Jordan street 
Jones, Mical, 72, Salisbury street 
Jones, Miss, 99, Huskinson street 
Jones, Mis8, 39, Upper Parliament street 
Jones, Miss M. 12, Netherfield road N. 
Jones, Miss S. 40, Baker street 
Jones, Miss Sarah A. 114, Huskisson st. 
Jones, Morris Owen, 42, Lonsdale street 
Jones, Mrs. 9, "William Henry street 
Jones, Mrs. 46, Eupert lane 
Jones, Mrs. 105, Wellington road 
Jones, Mrs. 60, Mount Pleasant 
Jones, Mrs. 208, Netherfield road north 
Jones, Mrs. 214, Park road 
Jones, Mrs. 26, Arnold street 
Jones, Mrs. 181, Beaufort street 
Jones, Mrs. A. 45, Phythian street 
Jones, Mrs. A. H. 2i., Uibridgo street 
Jones, Mrs. Agnes, 136, Huskisson st. 
Jones, Mrs. Alice, 3, Upper Stanhope st. 
Jones, Mrs. Ann, 114, Beauibrt street 
Jones, Mrs. Ann Frances, 82, Aubrey st. 
Jones, Mrs. Catharine, 17, Crown street 
Jones, Mrs. E. 10, Priory road 
Jones, Mrs. E. 222, Beaufort street 
Jones, Mrs. E. 13, Cockburne street 
Jones, Mrs. E. 38, Hamilton road 
Jones, Mrs. E. 16, Canton street 
Jones, Mrs. E. 53, Beaumont street 
Jones, Mrs. E. 33, Thomaston street 
Jones, Mrs. Eliza, 5, Aubrey street 
Jones, Mrs. Eliz. 40, Thackeray street 
Jones, Mrs. Eliz. 14, Blackbourne street 
Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth, 81, Alt street 
Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth, 4, Avon street 
Jones, Mrs. Frances, 106, Bedford street 
Jones, Mrs. H. 4, Wesley street 
Jones, Mrs. Harriet, 105, Rishton street 
Jones, Mrs. Henry E. 63, Catharine st. 
Jones, Mrs. J. 19, Eichmond ter. Breckrd. 
Jones, Mrs. Jane, 6, Aubrey street 
Jones, Mrs. M. A. 1, Mount street 
Jones, Mrs. Margaret, 40, Clevedon st. 
Jones, Mrs. R. 7, Lowther street 
Jones, Mrs. Robert, 17, Parkfield terrace 
Jones, Mrs. S. 14, Coniston street 
Jones, O. 20, Harlow street 
Jones, Owen, 3, Sefton square 
Jones, Owen, 104, Soho street 
Jones, Owen, 50, Field street 
Jones, Owen, 59, York terrace 
Jones, P 9, Collins street 
Jones, P. W. 43, Tillotson street 
Jones, Peter, 18, Poplar street 
Jones, Peter, 74, Troughton st. Ed^e Hill 




Jones, Podmore, 58, Bodnej street 
Jones, Price, 16, Bailey street 
Jones, B. 122, Boundary lane 
Jones, B. 29, Cobden street 
Jones, B. 14, Northumberland street 
Jones, B. 6, Orient street 
Jones, B. 18, Netberfield road S. 
Jones, B. 115, Upper Hill street 
Jones, B. 22, Seldon street 
Jones, B. 23, Aughton street 
Jones, B. 26, Stanhope street 
Jones, B. J. 7, Deane road 
Jones, B. I/. 6, Sunoyside, Devonshire rd. 
Jones, Bey. Hugh, 126, Upper Hill street 
Jones, Bichard, 241, Crown street 
Jones, Bichard, 30, Sackville street 
Jones, Bichard, 8, Lowther street 
Jones, Bichard, 62, Gregson street 
Jones, Bichard, 71, Chatham street 
Jones, Bichard, 88, Lowther street 
Jones, Bichard, 47, Aberdeen street 
Jones, Bobert, 20, Wesley street 
Jones, Bobert, 82, Windsor street 
Jones, Bobert, 51, Windsor street 
Jones, Bobert, 18, Letitia street 
Jones, Bobert, 32, Park street 
Jones, Bobert, 17, Parkfield road 
Jones, Bobert, 64, Lodge lane 
Jones, Bobert, 2, G-rasmere street 
Jones, Bobert, 22, Moon street 
Jones, Bobert, 37 <fc 39, Torr street 
Jones, Bobert, 109, Bamber street 
Jones, Bobert, 10, Churchill street 
Jones, Bobert, 107, Cardwell street 
Jozies, Bobert James, 7, Dean row,and 5, 

Harrington street 
Jones, Bonald, 64, Toxteth street 
Jones, Samuel, 218, Smithdown lane 
Jones, Samuel, 81, Conway street 
Jones, Samuel B. 86, St. James's pUoe 
Jones, Samuel, 40, Bose place 
Jones, Samuel, 60, Berwick street 
Jones, Sarah, 87, Luther street 
Jones, Sarah, Jane, 17, Lloyd street 
Jones, S. D. 12, Boundary lane 
Jones, Stephen, 29, Sterling street 
Jones, T. 192, Beacon lane 
Jones, T. 108, Orey Bock street 
Jones, T. 40, Hunt street 
Jones, T. 94, Aughton street 
Jones, T. 87, Cresswell street 
Jones^ T. W. 54, Hughes street 
ft^ocB, T. H. 20, Morton street 

^^'Jl ^' ^^' SUnbope street 
^ooar, Thomas, 100, CbsduuD steeet 



Thomas, 152, Beacon lane 
Thomas, 14, Barter street 
Thomas, 105, Bamber street 
Thomas, 11, Adelaide street 
Thomas, 3, Tweed street 
Thomas, 3, Vesuvius street 
Thomas, 46, Park place 
Thomas, 31, Thackeray street 
Thomas, 38, Whiteiield street 
Thomas, 131, Wellington road 
Thomas, 40, Upper Beau street 
Thomas, 26, Carter street 
Thomas, 14, Bamber street 
Thomas, 10, Morpeth street 
Thomas, 197, G-rafton street 
Thomas, 24, Spencer street 
Thomas, 118, Spencer street 
Thomas, 6, Newstead road 
Thomas, 125, Field street 
Thomas, 7, Hardwick street 
Thomas, 21, Bake lane 
Thomas, 27, St. George's hill 
Thomas, 93, Bed Bock street 
Thomas, 93, Luther street 
Thomas, 35, Lowther street 
Thomas, 292, Beaufort street 
Thomas, 24, Vine street 
Thomas, W. 42, Devonshire road 
W. 9, Combermere street 
W. 11, Bowring street 
W. 47, Bowring street 
W. 50, Upper Hope place 
W. 20, Priory road 
W. 26, Harlow street 
W. 27, l^herdley street 
W. 17, Fielding street 
W. 27, Mill road 
W. 80, Brenton road i 

W. F. 77, Anderson street i 
W. H. 162, Bedford street 
W. T. 10, Torr street 
William, 24, Crete street 
William, 191, arafton street 
William, 59, Thomaston street 
William, 35a, Boseommon stnei 
WiUiam, 163, Mill road 
William, 92, Edinburgh street ' 
William, Bice lane 
William, 74, BotK^mmon street • 
William, 2, Phcebe-Ann street 
William, 45, Grey street 
William, 47, Windsor street 
William, 47, Hughes street 
William^ % ^AaS^w^x %\x%^t 

Jones, Will^Mn, VJJd, ^i^ncax itet«e^ 



ones, William, 32, Edinburgh street 
ones, William, 140, SaLisburj street 
ones, William, 29, Churchill street 
ones, William, 35, Catharine street 
ones, William, G-l, Bose vale 
ones, William, 17, Salop street 
ones, William, 22, Silvester street 
ones, William, 99, Tetlow street 
ones, William, 31, Walton lane 
ones, William, 170, Wavertree road 
ones, William, 31, St. Gkorge's hill 
, WUliam, 59, St. Oeorge's hill 
ones, William, 51, Park street 
ones, William, 59, Bengel street 
onesy William, 44, Aberdeen street 
ones, William, 58, Cleveland street 

ones, William, 207, Athol street Kay, Jane, 22, Conway street 

ones, William, 64, Northumberland ter. ; Kay, Joseph, 125, Beaufort street 

Jump, Thos. Abercromby ter. Oxford at. 

Kaban, Victor, 15, Crown street 
Kanagban, Mrs. 00, Melville place 
Kane, Edward, 8, Prospect street 
Kane, Mary Ann, 24, Fleet street 
Kaue, B. 160, Hamilton road 
Kanny, James, 75, Athol street 
Kanock, W. H. 345, Scotland road 
JKavanagh, J. 51, Salisbury street 
JCavanagh, L. 25, Eldon place 
Kay, Benjamin, 55, Conway street 
Kay, George Alfred, 51, Baoiber street 
Key, H. II. 1, Aberdeen street 
Kay, Henry, 5, Queensland street 
Kay, James, 32, Bupert lane 

ones, — , 47, Kirkdale road 
ones, — , 84, Netherfield road north 
oneSy — 9 59, Brownlow street 
ones, — f S5, Laxey street 
ones, -'y 61, Mount Pleasant 
ones, — , 10, Bupert lane 
ordany Frederick, 165, Park road 
ardan. Miss, 110, Harlow street 
ordon, T. B. 68, Harlow street 

Kay, M. E. 85, Park street 
Kay, Miss, 39, Ashton street 
Kay, Mrs. 24, Phoebe-Ann street 
Kay, B. 79, Stanhope street 
Kaye, Edward, 112, Bedford street 
Kaye, George, 40, Salop street 
Kaye, James, 35, Irvine street 
Kays, Miss Emma, 25, Huskisson street 
Kean, Mrs. Susan, 22, Nile street 

ordon, W. 8, Woodville ter. Breck road Kean, William, 291, Grafton street 

oaeph, Charles, 102, Huskisson street | Keapt, T. 93, Bedford street 

osepb, £. 17, Bengel street 

oseph, John, 14, Dingle lane 

oeeph, Mrs. B. Ill, Up. Parliament st. 

oseph, Bachel, 33, Benson street 

osepb. The Misses, 62, Upper Hope pi. 

oeeph, W. B. 38, Tweed street 

osephs, William, 49, Kilshaw street 
oy, Francis, 50, Bengel street 
oj, G^eorge, 62, Bengel street 
oy, G. L. 19, Bengel street 
oyce, A. 63, Cleveland street 
oyce, J. 31, Devonshire place 
oyce, Mies B. 39, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
oyce, William, 143, Crown street 
Qjmun, Elizabeth, 14, Downing street 
oynson, Miss Elizabeth, 48, Mason st. 
oynsoD, Mrs. Jane, 54, West Derby st. 
ubb, J. 147, Cannirg street 
udge, John, 44, Newhall street 
adge, John, 40, Virgil street 
udffe, Michael, 1, Newhall street 
udkin, Captain, 77, Bedford street 
ugla, D. 33, St. Jaines*s road 
ukster, James, 13, Windsor street 
ulian, JBtf F. John, 122, North Hill street 
JuJiB, WiUiam, 49, Toxtetb street 

Kirkpatrick, J. 4, Anderson street 
Kearnon, Patrick, 4, Conyers street 
Kearaley, Samuel, 20, Percy street 
Keates, Joseph, 33, Catharine street 
Keating, J. 74, Thirlmere road 
Keating, James, 58, Great Crosshall st. 
Keating, Mrs. C. 82, Aughton street 
Keating, N. 265, Athol street 
Keddaw, H. 16, Chatsworth street 
Kedrick, John, 61, Upper Beau street 
Keef, George, 111, Chatham street 
Keef, John, 29, Caryl street 
Keefe, Arthur, 6l!, Salop street 
Keefe, M. 71, Warwick street 
Keegan, John, 73, Falkner street 
Keeley, Mrs. 32, Salisbury street 
Keeling, M. 3, Evertou ter. Everton Brow 
Keelon, Mrs. 32, Saliabury street 
Keen, William Mossop, 10, Harbord at. 
Keene, Mrs. J. 22, Bichmond terrace 
Keene, William A. 136, Islington 
Kehoe, Edward Wm. 16, Melville place 
Keighley, Joseph, 21, Bay street 
Keily, Eliza, 16, S^rm^^^ld 
Keith, ATcVi\WA,^^,^t^^^^^*««fc^ 
Keith, Da^id, 11 , Caxdv^W ^'cwrX. 





Ejeith, John, 8, York terrace 
Kelbrick, Isaac, 21, Toxteth street 
Kelen, John, 64, Caryl street 
Kellar, A. 19, Melbourne street 
Keller, Cornelius, 60, Chester street 
Kellet, Thomas, 190, Wellington road 
Kellett, Margaret, 164, Grove street 
Kellej, — , 29, Alexandra drive 
Kelly, C. 36, Coniston street, Breck rd. 
Kelly, Captain, 35, Upper Parliament sh 
Kelly, Captain, 18, Upper Parliament st. 
Kelly, Catharine, 135, Grafton street 
Kelly, D. 47, Baker street 
Kelly, Elisabeth, 8, Fleet street 
Kelly, G. 119, Everton terrace 
Kelly, J. H. 39, Albion street 
Kelly, James, 11, Mason street 
Kelly, James, 93, Bishton street 
Kelly, James, 32, Parr street 
Kelly,. John, 95, St. Domingo road 
Kelly, John, 10, Bridgewater street 
Kelly, John, 95, Salisbury street 
Kelly, John, 152, Salisbury street 
Kelly, M. 86, Field street 
Kelly, M. 9, Greenland street 
Kelly, M. I. 27, Stanhope street 
Kelly, Mrs. Annie, 40, Cresswell street 
Kelly, Mrs. C. 58, Thomaston street 
Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, 11, Priory road 
Kelly, P. 50, Coniston street 
Kelly, Patrick, 46, Hardwick street 
Kelly, Patrick, 5, Guilford street 
Kelly, Peter, 11, Vine street 
Kelly, Bobert C. 6, Mildred street 
Kelly, T. 50, Fairclough lane 
Kelly, W. 16. WeUeslev road. Peel st. 
Kelly, W. 106, Boundary lane 
Kelly, William, 64, Pitt street 
Kelly, William, 10, Queen Ann street 
Kelly, William, 8, Salop street 
Kelly, William, 10, Silvester street 
Kelly, William Thomas, 52, Chesnut st. 
Kelly, — , 164, Yield street 
Kelsey, M. 92, Stanhope street 
Kelso, J* 18, Clare street 
Kelson, F. 90, Canning street 
Kelwy, Thomas, 7, Vesuvius street 
Kemp, A. 48, Northumberland street 
Kemp, John, 43, St. Jameses road 
Kemp, Samuel, 21, Troughton street 
Kendal, John, 38, Eastbourne street 
Kendal^ ^?^> ^^^y Pembroke street 
£^endaJ, William, 2, Lonsdale street 
^^ndall, Jawea, 39, Cleveland street 
fCendall, — , 56, Upper Hope place 


Kendall, J. 59, Whitefield lane 
Kendall, Mrs. Sarah, 10, Chesterfield st. 
Kendel, W. 16, Schomberg street 
Kendel, William, 9, Bittern street 
Kendell, C. 22, Baker street 
Kendle, J. 23, Hutchinson street 
Kendrick, Ann, 6, Cottenbam street 
Kendrick, William, 121, Badcliffe street 
Kenedy, Mrs. M. A. 17, Cleave street 
, Kenion, John, 6, Tetlow street 
Kenley, A. 31, Caryl street 
Kennaugh, J. 22, G^ughton street Edge 

Kennedy, — , 15, Great Wilson street 
Kennedy, Donald, 8, Devonshire place 
Kennedy, Fergus, 45, Pluto street 
Kennedy, J. 83, Anderson street 
Kennedy, J. C. 60, Everton road 
Kennedy, James, 52, Boundary lane 
Kennedy, M. 85, Whitefield road 
Kennedy, Michael, 5, Warren street 
Kennedy, Miss C. 8, Norwood grove 
Kennedy, Bobert, 3, Pluto street 
Kennedy, Thomas, 76, Gordon street 
Kennedy, Thomas, 52, Melbourne street* 
Kennedy, William, 105, Falkner street 
Kennerd, J. Ill, Phythian street 
Kennerley, F. L. 7, Tynemouth street 
Kennerley, John, 81, Cleveland street 
Kenney, A. 48, Greenland street 
Kenney, Andrew, 16, Thackeray street 
Kenningham, John, 21, Lowther street 
Kennon, Mrs. 12, Conyers street 
Kenny, Dennis, 29a, Roscommon street 
Kenny, J. 6, Avon street 
Kenny, James, 6, Everton village 
Kenny, M. 78, Coniston street 
Kenny, Mrs. M. 101, Northumberland 

Kenny, Patrick, 20, Breck street 
Kenny, T. 11, Lavan street 
Kenny, T. 19, North Hill street 
Kenny, Thomas, 8, Anson street 
Kenny, William, 49, Mansfield street 
Kenread, Bobert, 4, Mona street 
Kenselle, A. 46, Laxey street 
Kent, B. 78, Kilshaw street 
Kent, Charles, 59, Everton Brow 
Kent, J. 14, Kilshaw street 
Kent, Miss Mary, 68, St. Domingo vale 
Kent, M. A. 67, White Bock street 
Kent, Mrs. 14, Plumbe street 
Kent, W. L. 21, Fitzclarence street 
Kent, Wi\\\am, 14, T^XLemwAVi. «tT«et 
Kenworth, "BLicViaTd, i^,^*m<b %twfe\. 



ihjy Jobn, 7, Avon street 
thy, Mary Ann, 7, Pembroke pi. 
thy, Eobert, 5, St. Bride's street 
, A. 7, Elm terrace, Beech street 
I, J. 24, Seymour street 
I, J. 47, Upper "Warwick street 
> Jobn, 12, Avon street 
P. 61, Everton Brow 
liberty 74, Queensland street 
le, Henry, 106, Salisbury street 
ames, 44, Eldon place 
obn, 49, Wbite Eock street 
Irs. J. 6, Toxtetb road 
irs. 59, Ereeland street 
t. 10, Belvidere road 
W. 16, St. Bride's street 
William, 35, Anderson street 
6^illiam, 7, Alma street 
^ F. 85, Lovat street 
^, Stephen, 20, Carter street 
n, T. 15, Eitzclarence street 
;e, W. 381, Upper Parliament at. 

I, Thomas, 52, Stanbope street 
pr, J. 17, St. Paul's square 

w, James, 16, Kerford street 
w, John, 95, Eoscommon street 

II, T. 84, Coniston st. Breck road 
k, Jobn, 16, Stafford street 

:, James, 10, Breck grove 

£ 13, G^elling street 

, M. 8, Faraday street 

', Mrs. 30, Wesley street 

wrge, 37, The Elms 

homas, 11, Bailey street 

lenry, 30, Grey street 

Fames, 55, Mill road 

Fohn, 110, Queen's road north 

David, 136, Beacon lane 

Sdward, 49, Sykes street 

rohn, 33, Melbourne street 

Robert, 100, Hughes street 

W. 43, Ashton street 

7r. 7, North Hill street 

, — , 68, Eastbourne street 

Adam, 11, Great Newton street 

J. 30, Eed Eock street 

James, Eice lane 

John, 5, Whitefield street 

W. 9, Peel street 

rick, Mrs. 67, Eodney street 

•ick, E. 76, Greenland street 

jf, W. 1, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 

i, A. 10, Bicbmond ter, Breck rd. 

i, James, 189, Wellington road 

4 A. 10, Bichpiond ter. Breck rd. 

Kincoyle, P. 267, Scotland road 
Kindon, — 85, Hughes street 
Kioe, Patrick, 11, Newhall street 
Kineton, William, 46, Torr street 
King, Charles, 69, Grasmere street 
King, G. 51, Ogwen street 
King, H. 53, South street 
King, James, 53, Smithdown lane 
King, J. 45, Upper Warwick street 
King, John, 46, Spellon street 
King, J. M. 35, Upper Warwick street 
King, Margaret, 11, Pembroke place 
King, Micluiel, 71, Palkner street 
King, Miles, 16, Eose vale 
King, Mrs. 30, Parliament street 
Kiog, Eichard, 2, North Hill street 
King, Eobert, 59, Shaw street 
King, S. 52, Hill street 
King, Thomas M. 21, Alexandra drive 
King, Thomas, 102, Landseer road 
King, Thomas, 25, Alexandra Drive 
King, William, 19, Pluto street 
King, W. H. 25, High Park street 
King, William, 60, Toxtetb street 
King, — 11, Scourfield street 
Kingsborough, John, 68, Bamber street 
Kinseller, E. J. 45, Au^hton street 
Kingston, Sarah, 159, Mill road 
King.-tone, Mrs. S. 52, Caird street 
Kiunear, Elizabeth, 7, St. George's Hill 
Kinread, Thomas, 24, Mona street 
Kinsela, E. 34, Poplar street 
Kinsella, Mrs. Ann, 14, Eydal street 
Kinsley, Joseph, 8, Aubrey street 
Kirby, G. 40, Parr street 
Kirby, John, 38, Eydal street 
Kirby, Thomas, 70, Great Newton street 
Kirby, M. 41, Elizabeth street 
Kirby, T. D. 23, Bloom street 
Kirby, W. 34, Kilshaw street 
Kirk, George, 132, Smithdown lane 
Kirk, J. W. 115, Shaw street 
Kirk, James, 117, St. Domingo road 
Kirk, Peter, 6, Caryl street 
Kirkham, Edward, 113, Eadcliffe street 
Kirkbam, Henry, 44, Moon street 
Kirkham, Henry, 36, Blackfield street 
Kirkham, John, 10, Mason street 
Kirkham, Thomas, 107, Park street 
Kirkham, J. 20, Clare street 
Kirkland, George, 96, Westbourne street 
Erkland, W. 7, Cleveland street 
Kirkland, — , ^S, ^\iCBfc^K\i\i ^X^tw^ 
Kirkman, HeTkty , Afe, C\\mxOcl ^\x^»\. 
Kirknxan, JoViii, l^,^3U\ife %\x«fe\. 




KirkmaD, Robert, 124, Conway street 
Kirkpatrick, Andrew, 42, Burleigh rd. S. 
Kirkpatrick, And. 42, Burleigh rd. south 
Blirkpatrick, J. 121, Upper Warwick st. 
Kirkpatrick, John, 21, Phytbian street 
Ejrkpatrick, John, 109, Eadcliffe street 
Kirkpatrick, E. 7, Avon street 
Kirkpatrick, E. 102a, Eoscommon street 
Borkwood, Francis, 152, Crown street 
Kinnan, David, 58, Clarence grove 
Kirman, William, 40, Conway street 
Kirshaw, Edward, 21, Adelaide street 
Barstin, — , 185, Crown street 
Kirwell, Henry N. 52, Bengel street 
Kirwen, Henry, 64, Bengel street 
Bjrwin, T. 37, Lavan street 
Kisch, Samuel, 14, G-reat George sq. 
Kitchan, James, 29, Latham street 
Kitchen, Elizabeth, 37, Harwood street 
Kitchen, Henry, 95, Luther street 
Kitchen, J. 60, Kilshaw street 
Kitchen, John, 54, Clarence grove 
Kitchen, E. 4, Collins street 
Kitchen, W. M. 9, Premier street 
Kitching, John, 64, Wbitefield street 
Kitts, J. 89, Boundary lane 

Knowles, Eobert, 168, Bedford street 
Knowles, S. 55, Hughes street 
Ktiowl^s, T. 17, Bulwer street 
Knowles, W. A. 60, Berwick street 
Knox, Charles, 45, Queensland street 
Knox, Henry, 60, Spellow lane 
Knudson, T. 100, Warwick street 
Kohn, Speyer, 23, Sandon street 
Kolman, John, 5, Duncan street 
Krausse, — , 40, Bedford street 
Krebs, John, 61, Lloyd street 
I Krubyer, Hugo, 8, Eoley street 
I Kup, — , 9, Erskine street 
Kynaston, Harriet, 4, Binney street 
Kynaston, William, 25, Lowther street 

LA.OBY, James, 52, Park street 
Lacey, Thomas, 81, Luther street 
Lackey, Edward, 55, Berwick street 
Lackie, Ellison, 27, Eeservoir street 
Lackie, Mrs. E. 9, Poplar grove, The Elms 
Lacy, Thomas, 56, Moville street 
Ladmore, Q^eorge, 26, Nile street 
Ladyman, J. 173, Bedford street 
Laffin, Hugh, 172, Netherfield rd. norfll 
Laidlaw, J. 3, Ashton street 

Kivelhau, H. 59, Troughton st. Edge Hill ' Laidlaw, James, 72, St. James's place 

Knaggs, J. 108, Thirlmere road 
Knale, William, 56, Adelaide street 
Kneal, John, 19, Upper Stanhope street 
Kneal, John, 20, Little Woolton street 
Kneal, Joseph, 28, Conway street 
Kneale, Charles, 13, Parliament place 

Laidlaw, James, 41, Norton street 
Laidlaw, Jane, 72, Spencer street 
Laidlaw, William, 86, Chatsworth street 
Laidlaw, William, 79, Mill street 
Laidman, Eliz. 94, Queensland street 
Laidman, R 5, Banton street 

Kneale, M. 7, Eichmond terrace, Breck ' Laidman, Eliz. 94, Queensland street 

Kneale, S. 29, North Hill street 
Kneel, E. 7, Barter street 
Kneen, W. 7, Schomberg street 
Kneeshaw, Henry, 2, G^mbier terrace 
Kneeshaw, E. 2, G-ambier terrace. Upper 

Duke street 
Knight, Gr. 65, Orient street 
Knight, Henry, 6, Bridgewater street 
Knott, W. 190, Waverlree road 
Knott, John, 161, Vine street 

Knowles, Edward 8. 30, South Hill road I Lamb, A. 3, Eed Eoi;k street 
Knowles, John, 48, Byford street Lamb, John, 6, Hur»t street 

Knowles, John, 20, Great Mersey street Lamb, Thomas, 45, The Elms 
Knowles, J. 21, Greenland street 
Knowles, John, 76, Bengel street 
Knowles, J. 15, Albion street 
Xnow)Ds, J. 164, Beacon lane 
^nowJeif, M. 5T, Stanhope street 

^' ^' ^^' Lower Mener view 

Laing, Alexander, 90, Cardwell street 
j Laing, George, 116, Huskisson street 
Lawson, Mrs. 320, Upper Parliameht st. 
Lawson, N. 59, Coniston street 
Lawson, Eobert, 172, Field street 
Lawson, Eobert, 11, Whitaker street 
Lawson, Thomas, 17, Cleveland street 
Lawson, W. 27, Warwick street 
Laing, W. 36, Kepler street 
Lake, G. 14, Fairclough lane 
Lake, Uriah, 31, Elizaoeth gtreet 

/ 7 7 

Lamb, Thomas, 39, Lloyd street 
Lambenbach, J, 3, Falkner square 
Lambert, George, 32, Stirliiig street 
Lambert, J. 53, Moville street 
Lambert, J. S. 34, Melbourne street 
Lambert, James, 75, 'BLo&common «^x«ei\» 
I Lambert, James, 67 , Circvui «\.t^\. 



by Jessie, 33, Bloom street 

t, Joho, 21, Marybone 

b, M. A. 182, Mount Pleasant 

t, Mrs. 92, Upper Stanhope street 

John William, 8, Melville place 
1, William, 109, Silvester street 
er, — , 45, Fowler street 
er, Benjamin, 74, Alma street 
er, Cornelius, 116, Windsor street 
er, John, 6, Walton Breck road 
er, T. 20, Newstead road 
er, Thomas, 59, Phythian street 
er, Thomas, 109, Vine street 
Edwin, 9, Violet street 
a-. E. 117, Bedford street 
, Joseph, 34, Bose vale 
'harles, 19, Deane road 
'harles, 13, Lowther street 
ohn, 77, Whitefield street 
teorge, 27, Tennyson street 
frs. Eliza, 113, Up. Stanhope st. 
I. 57, Cardwell street 
ohn P. 83, Falkner street 
amuel, 2, Vesuvius street 
V'illiam, 48, Great Mersey street 
a, Henry, 2, Up. Parliament street 
d, John, 16, Carter street 
m, G. 34, Mere lane 
pn, William, 17, Binney street 
id, George, 88, Grove street 
•, William, 5, Devonshire place 
', Mrs. H. 8, Famworth street 
', J. 70, Eose place 
•, John Jones, 16, Percy street 
•, Joseph, 65, South street 
, Margaret, 61, Boundary place 
, Samuel, 7, Langham street 
•8, Miss, 2, Carter street 
B, J. 35, Stanhope street 
lie, Mrs. J. 131, Upper Hill street 
1, Mrs. J. 12, Abercromby square 
^ Miss, M. 83, Park Hill road 
I, Mrs. Mary, 172, Beaufort street 
Japt. G^or^e, 27, Tennyson street 
. H. 13, VTilson street 

John, 14, Beaufort street 
Mrs. M. A. 12, Gloucester place 

William, 27, Ulswater street 
i. 42, Torr street 
Foseph, 192, Beaufort street 
D. 119, Upper Beau street 
Thomas, 5, iitoberts street 

John, 7, Crosbie street 
John, 4i7, Conyera street 
V jff. 5, Qrore Park 

Laskea, J. 82, Boundary lane 
Latham, E. 25, Devonshire place 
Latham, H. 16, Premier street 
Latham, J. 36, Aughton street 
Latham, James, 5, Whitefield road 
Latham, !B. 11, Alexandra drive 
Latham, Thomas B. 61, Arthur street 
Latham, W. 19, Sefton square 
Lathsbury, Mrs. E. 28, Newstead road 
Latriff, J. 84, Eed Rock street 
Latta, John, 131, Spencer street 
Lauril, Mrs. 16, Edinburgh street 
Lauton, A. 113, B*od Bock street 
Lauton, Mary, 64, Grove street 
Laughlin, William, 40, Mill road 
Lauson, G. 2, The Willows, Breck road 
Lauson, W. 11, Haliburton street 
Lausson, Betsy, 133, Park street 
Lavelle, Mary, 52, Thomas street 
Laver, D. T. 4, Wilson street 
Lavill, Henry, 21, Moira street 
Laville, Francis, 149, Latham street 
Lavis, B. 19, Torr street 
Law, Joseph, 16, Little Woolton street 
Law, Mrs. 128, Harlow street 
Law, James J. 52, Duke street 
Lawday, Miss, 33, Aber street 
Lawerence, E. 95, Whitefield road 
Lawerence, W. H. 121, Warwick street 
Lawerenson, Adam, 10, Cornwallis street 
Lawerenson, James, 70, Lodge lane 
Lawerenson, John G. 6, Edge lane 
Lawerson, John, 64, Beaufort street 
Lawler, J. 56, Erskine street 
Lawler, E-. 18, Harlow street 
Lawless, A. 122, Beaufort street 
Lawless, A. 50, Bed Bock street 
Lawndes, Fred. W. 62, Mount Pleasant 
Lawrence, W. F. 117, Mulberry street 
Lawrence, Ellen, 45, Berkley street 
Lawrence, Henry, 12, Tennyson street 
Lawrence, J. 16, Alexandra ter. Prince's rd. 
Lawrence, John, 10, Huskisson street 
Lawrence, Thomas, 200, West Derby rd. 
Lawrence, William, 11, Duncan street 
Lawrenceson, — , 80, Everton Brow 
Lawrenceson, W. 54, St. George's hill 
Lawrenson, A. 12, Chatsworth street • 
Lawrenson, James, 141, Kensington 
Lawrenson, Joseph, 76, South Chester st. 
Lawrie, Donald, 21, Vesuvius street 
Laws, Mrs. Bice lane 
Lawson, E. 268, Bea\]4oT\. «toc^\. 
Lawson, Edward, *l^,T^o^Vft\>a. %.'cc^^\. 
Lawson, G^otsq, 81 , "a^\Q«^ %\rNftNi 




LawBon, J. P. 194, Upper Frederick st. 
Lawson, J. The Willows, Breck road 
Lawsou, James, 17, Blackfield street 
Lawson, John, 266, Beaufort street 
Lawson, John, 1, Rutland street 
Lawsou, Mrs. Mary, 75, Falkner street 
Lawton, J. 76, Calder street 
Lawton, Mrs. Gt. 28, Northumberland st 
Lawton, Thomas, 38, Hughes street 
Lawyer, William, 11, Mount Vernon 
Laycocfc, William, 46, Egerton street 
Lay land, Henry, 6, Whitaker street 
Layland, Mrs. 61, Berkley street 
Layland, William, 1, Lodge lane 
Laxton, J. M. 44, Grove street 
Lea, Isaac, 33, Simpson street 
Lea, L. P. Guillaume, 59, Bedford street 
Lea, Mrs. A. 31, Peel street, Prbce's pk. 
Lea, S. 28, Schomberg street 
Leach, George, 35, Grasmere street 
Leach, J, 78, Tetlow street 
Leach, Sophia, 95, Walton road 
Leacomeber, — , 166, Field street 
Leadbeater, J. 5, Calder street 
Leadlate, P. 36, Moon street 
Leadsome, Mrs. Martha, 705, Grove st. 
Leah, John <&Edmund, 21, South Castle at. 
Leak, William, 19, Breck road 
Leakell, Thomas, 37, Elizabeth street 
Leaman, E. 15, Kirkdale road 
Leanord, B. 197, Beacon lane 
Leap, T. 45, Coniston street 
Leary Anna M. 38, Mill road 
Leary, R. O. 10, Brownlow street 
Leason, Robert, 36, White Rock street 
Leary, Thomas, 19, Duke street 
Leateley, Charles, 8, Walton road 
Leathaby, Jane, 10, Grove street 
Leatham, Andrew, 12, Lloyd street 
Leatham, William, 61, Plumpton street 
Leather, D. 1, Rake lane 
Leather, E. 27, Collins street 
Leather, Elizabeth, 123, Islington 
Leather, Mary, 20, Hawke street 
Leather, Misses, 151, Bedford street 
Leather, Mrs. 153, Bedford street 
Leather, Mrs. Elizabeth, 127, Islington 
Leather, R. 181, Smithdown lane 
Leather,Wm. 104,Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Leatherbarrow, 21, Roscommon street 
Leathom, Jane, 3, Bold place 
Leaves, Samuel, 34, Elizabeth street 
Leavesley, J. 50, Mere lane 
Xebatt^ — , 12, Red Rock street 
^l^^olr, Mrg. L. 10, Windermere eL Breck rd. 


Lecky, Captain, Squire, 47, Aubrey street 
Lecraft, Elen, 163, Grove street 
Ledger, George, 24, Upper Park street 
Ledger, Joseph, 104, Aubrey street 
Ledgwick, J. 87, Park Hill road 
Led man, Henry, 56, Queensland street 
Led re, James, 3, Montpelier terrace, 

Upper Parliament street 
Ledson, James, 61, Bute street 
Ledward, C. D. 13, Belvidere road 
Lee, A. 31, Hutchinson street 
Lee, Charles, 58, Soho street 
Lee, E. 63, Grey Rock street 
Lee, F. E. 4, Elizabeth street 
Lee, G. & H. 4, Great George street 
Lee, H. 38, Kilshaw street 
Lee, Henry, 147, Crown street 
Lee, J. C. 25, Cleveland street 
Lee, John, 70, Salop street 
Lee, John, 60, Rydal street 
Lee, Joseph, 24, Edinburgh street 
Lee, Margaret, 7, UpperWilliam street 
Lee, Mary, 1, Mav street 
Lee, Mrs. A. 37, Upper Warwick street 
Lee, Mrs. Agnes, 19, Queen*s road 
Lee, Mrs. Margaret, 32, Windsor street 
Lee, R. 4, Wellesley road. Peel street 
Lee, R. M. 125, Park street 
Lee, Sarah, 10, Kent street 
Lee, Thomas, 21, Thackeray street 
Lee, Thomas, 78, Rose vale 
Lee, Thomas, 72, Grey Rock street 
Lee, Thomas, 9, Langham street 
Lee, WiUiam, 26, Blackfield street 
Leece, H. H. 124, St. Domingo vale 
Leech, G. 61, Upper Hill street 
Leech, George, 94, South Chester street 
Leech, John, 60, Whitefield lane 
Leech, John, 76, Tronghtou st. Edge Hill 
Leech, Peter, 60, Lodge lane 
Leech, W. 23, Wilson street 
Leedham, Charles, 103, Duke street 
Leeming, John, 3, Poplar grove, The Elms 
Leer, John, 63, Tweed street 
Lees, David, 85, Silvester street 
Lees, Mrs. F. 22, Rake lane 
Lees, John N. 24, King street 
Lees, Noah, 284, Wellington place 
Lees, S. 21, Northumberland street 
Lees, Samuel, 62, Queensland street 
Lees, Solomon, 228, Beaufort street 
Lees, William, 14, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Leete, F. 19, Cockburne street 
Leevers, Charles, 16, Hardy street 
Leevers, William, 79, AJt street 



vie, William^ 58, Lavan street 
ester, Miss, 154, MoaDt Pleasant 

Sev. William 4, St. James's road 
;h, Thomas W. 41, The Elms 
Fohn, 48, Langham street 
t, Gkorge, 47, Warren street 
Thomas, 142, Upper Parliament st. 
t, Samuel, 4, Newton street 
8 Bisson, J. 1, Calder street 
er, John, 4, Wynne street 
E. 107, Northumberland terrace 
John, 125, Fftlkner street 
Miss, 74, DeYonport street 
W, T. 167, Bedford street 
ft; Whitley, 5, Clayton square 
— , 2, Shaw street 

W. T. 159, Bedford street 
m, A. 85, High Park street 
m, Edwin, 187, Islington 
»n, Thomas, 8, Breck grove 
»n, William, 11, Lodge lane 
Fohn, 26, Dickenson street 

Mrs. M. 14, Erskine street 
ier, D. 16, Parliament street 
\ H. 54, Hunt street 
Jas. 9, Lodge lane 

A. 22, G-reenland street 

Ed. 74, Park street 

Bebecca, 93, Palkner street 

Simon, 67, Wellington road 

William, 14, Seldon street 
us & Co. 21, Oldhall street 
:, Angus, 207, G-raflion street 
j, Edward, 13, Great George sq. 
3, WiUiam, 20, St. George's Hill 
, James, 31, Eldon place 
, John, 8, Breck street 
, John, 65, Upper Hope place 

M. 68, Coniston street 
n, Miss Jane, 3, Bold place 
(orris, 65, Windsor street 
1, Mrs. C. 25, Chatham street 
I, Eugene, 6, Wilson street 
, Henry, 93, Tweed street 
Samuel, 10, Fielding street 
Robert, 4, St. Mary's lane 
r. 56, Upper Stanhope street 

A. H. 46, Queen's road 
E. 133, Spencer street 
Francis T. 19, Latham street 
J. 13, Greenland street 
John, 19, Mackenzie street 
Fonas, 15, Boscommon street 
lev. T. M. 240, Netherfield rd. N. 
SW. 9, Fowler street 


Letcher, — , 68, Upper Stanhope street 
Letham, Orr, 86, Eainburgh street 
Letham, B. 10, Menzies street 
Lethbridge, Mrs. S. 7, Albion street 
Lett, — , 18, Carter street 
Lett, Samuel, 86, Berkley street 
Levason, Mrs. Kate, 26, Bake lane 
Lever, James, 22, Tynemouth street 
Leverett, James, 6, Moon street 
Leverson, James, 18, Moon street 
Leveson, Miss Catherine, 42, Kensington 
Leyeson, Bev. Wilfred, 32, Huskisson at. 
Levett, Elizabeth, 9, BrOck street 
Levi, Henry, 67, West Derby street 
Levi, W. T. 46, Smithdown lane 
Levy, J. 34, Seymour street 
Lewis, Ann, 86, Beau street 
Lewis, Catherine, 42, Prussia street 
Lewis, Charles, 96, Field street 
Lewis, David, 44, Eastbourne street 
Lewis, David, 189, Park road 
Lewis, David, 67, Upper Beau street 
Lewis, Mrs. E. 101, Queen's road 
Lewis, E. P. 261, Upper Parliament st 
Lewis, Edward, 27, Tozteth street 
Lewis, Ed. 28, Alexandra ter. Prince's rd. 
Lewis, Evan, 46, Smithdown lane 
Lewis, G. 94, Northumberland street 
Lewis, G^eorge, 16, Crete street 
Lewis, H. 42, West Derby street 
Lewis, Henry, 62, High Park street 
Lewis, Henry, 42, Mifi road 
Lewis, Hugh, 60, Crete street 
Lewis, Hugh, 22, Everton valley 
Lewis, Hugh, 46, Great Mersey street 
Lewis, James, 27, Kinglake street 
Lewis, James, 7, Vine street 
Lewis, John, 52, Great Newton street 
Lewis, John, 8, Walton Breck road 
Lewis, John, 7, Grey street 
Lewis, John, 69, Hope street 
Lewis, Lewis, 34, Crete street 
Lewis, Mary Ann, G6, Salisbury street 
Lewis, Mrs. A. 103, Phythian street 
Lewis, Mrs. Ann, 28, Thomaston street 
Lewis, Mrs. F. 54, Breckfield road north 
Lewis, Mrs. Mary, 180, Beacon lane 
Lewis, O. 213, Athol street 
Lewis, Oweo, 44, Percy street 
Lewis, Owen, 38, Adelaide street 
Lewis, Oweo, 46, Wesley street 
Lewis, Bichard, 8, Walton Brock rodd 
Lewis, Bichard, 18, Kensington 
Lewis, Robert, 36, Pitt street 
Lewis, Dr. S. 157, DmIil^ %tt^"^ 



Lindop,W. H. 51,Troiightoii et.Edge Hill 
Lindsay, C. J. 80, Conway street 
Lindsay, Gteorge, 123, Giifton street 
Lindsay, J. 1, Greenheys road 
Lindsay, Thomas, 86, Lodge lane 
Lindsay, W. G- 93, Upper Parliament st. 
Lindsay, Mrs. E. 32, Caird street 
I Lindstrom, N. 74, Wellington road 
I Lindup, Ain, 23, Tillotson street 
■ Lindup, Richard, 100, <}uccn»land street 
' Line, John, 77, Shaw street 
Lineker, Rw 93, Stanhope street 
Lingard, Mrs. 91, Mount Pleasant 
I Lingard, Mrs. M. 71, Canning street 
. Lingdon, Edward, 48, Thackeray street 
j Linn, Mrs. 121, Upper Parliament street 
; Linton, James, 72, Eldon place 
I Linton, Mrs. 44, Radclifie street 
Linton, T. 186, Hamilton road, Everton 
Lion, Thomas, 121, Rose vale 
Lion, William, 73, Luther street 
Lions, J. Rice lane 
I Lister, M. 7, Fowler street 
Lister, Margaret, 203, Beaufort street 
Lister, T. 33, Crete street 
Listy, John, 297, Grafbon street 
Litchfield, John, 12, Beloe street 
'Litherland, H. Murray, 5, Breck grove 
Litherland, J. B. 44, ^Norwood grove 
Litherland, William, 17, Edge lane 
Litimer, John, 18, Tetlow street 
Litt, J. L. 5, Caird street 
Litt, — , 78, Upper Stanhope street 
Little, Abraham, 192, Grove street 
Little, J. C. 118, Boundary lane 
I Little, Joseph, 93, Salisbury street 


Lewis, Sarah, 26, Smithdown lane 
Lewis, T. E. 35, Wentworth street 
Lewis, Thomas, 96, Cardwell street 
Lewis, Thomas, 17, Chatham street 
Lewis, Thomas, 60, Mill road 
Lewis, W. 26, Collins street 
Lewis, W. 20, Tweed street 
Lewis, W. 23, Phoebe- Ann street 
Lewis, William, 8, Walton Breck road 
Lewis, William, 26, Cleave street 
Lewrie, James, 3, Sherdley street 
Lewyn, R. J. 38, Caird street 
Leyden, D. 6, Beaumont street 
Leyland, Ann Jane, 137, Ealkner street 
Leyland, John, 42, Roscommon street 
Leyland, R. 3, Conway street 
Liardet, Henry, 15, Eastside 
Lichfield, John, 144, Walton road 
Licht, James, 15, Montpelier terrace, 

Upper Parliament street 
Liddell, Mary, 20, Cardwell street 
Liddell, G^rge, 12, Dodge street 
Lidgate, T. 28, Stanho^ street 
Lidsay, Joseph, 35, Moon street 
Lidstone, Mrs. T. 48, Hilskisson street 
Liece, Mrs. 128, Mount Pleasant 
Liggins, John, 80, Radclifie street 
Li^t, J. 20, Cleave street 
Light, J. T. 18, The Willows, Breck road 
Lightbody, W. 31, Leonora st Park road 
Lightbound, Jn. 339, Up. Parliament st 
Lightbound, jun. 39, Shaw street 
Lightbound, W. 9, Lodge lane 
Lightfoot, Mrs. M. 222, West Derby rd. 
Lightfoot, Robert, 107, Beaufort street 
Lightfoot, Robert, 93, Mill road 

Lightfoot, William, 105, Salisbury street j Little, Peter, 12, Kinglake street 
Lighten, William, 34, Langham street , Little, Mrs. S: 127, Queen's road 
Lilly, W. Bienry, 48, Smith street 

Lilly man, A. 61, Duke street 
Limbert, G. 12, Calder street 
Limpaney, J. 17, Mount street 
Limpiery, Capt. 1, Cook street 
Linacre, Hugh, 44, Moville street 
Linacre, James, 19, Epworth street 
Linaker, R 2, Priory road 
Linch, D. J. 34, Orient street 
Linch, Patrick, 50, Whitofield street 
Lindell, James, 29, Cottenham street 
Lindley, Charles, 70, Ooniston street 
Lindley, Mrs. Frances, 30, Kensington 
Lindo, Mrs. R 27, Melbourne street 
Lindon, Ann, 12, McGh^gor street 
Lindon, H. 31, Hill street 
<iodop, Bobert, 20, Evertm Brow 


! Little, Thomas, 13, Egerton street 
Little, W. 36, Northumberland street 
! Little, W. H. 76, Northumberland ter. 
. Little, William, 40, Rose vale 
I Littlejohn, Thomas, 199, Grafton street 
Littlewood, Thomas, 33, Luther stroet 
Livok, J. 15, Aigburth street 
Liverpool Brewery Company, 374, Scofc- 
I land road 

' Livery, P. .69, Kilshaw street 
I Livesey, — , 15, Brown low street 
I Livingston, Alex. 4, M'Gregor street 
I Liviugston, C. S. 16, Mcmtpelier terrace. 

Upper Parliament street 
Livingstone, Duncan, 11, Tennyson st 
Livington, Miss Jane, 135, Huskisson st 
Livscy, Edward, 145, Beau street 


LlcirellyD, JftmeB, 24, GregBon itreet 
Llewdlyn, John, IS, Devonshire place 
LleweUyn, WillUm, 82, West Derby rt. 
Lloyd, Add, 2S. Hughee Btreet 
Lloyd, D. H. 45, Crete atreet 
Lloyd, S. 1, Schomberg utreet 
Lloyd, D. 35, OeiliDg street 
Lloyd, Edwud. 150, Field atreet 
Lloyd, Edward, 59, South Chester street 
Lloyd, Edward, 145, Field street 
Lloyd, Ellin, 151, Field atreet 
Lloyd, F. 33, Bed Bock street 
Lloyd, George, 52, Mill road 
Lloyd, J. 82, Qreenland street 
Lloyd, J. 6, G-louceErter place 
Lloyd, J. 23, Park Hill road 
Lloyd, J. 12, Harlow street 
Lloyd, J. H. 47, Hope street 
lioyd, James Blair, S3, Bodney street 
Lloyd, Jacob, 166, Orove street 
Uoyd, James, 69, Ogwen street 
lAojA, Jamei, 160, Chatham atreet 
Lloyd, John, 18, North ffijl atreet 
Lloyd, John, 56, Sykca atreet 
Lloyd, John, 63, OakEeld road 
Lloyd, John, 7, Arnold street 
Lloyd, John, 32, Qreenland street 
Lloyd, John, 43, Henry atreet 
Lloyd, John, 16, Caryl street 
Uoyd, Joe. 36, Chatham street 
Lloyd, Joseph, 30, Mount Fleaaant 
Lloyd, Joaeph, 115, 

Lloyd, M. 47, Derby road, £irkdale 
Lloyd, Margaret, 19, Kent street 
Lloyd, Maria, 1, Frasar street 
Doyd, Mra. 61, St. George's Hill 
Lloyd, Mra. Ano, 14, Chester street 


Lloyd, S. 26, Hunt stroet 


Lloyd, Thomas, 12, Menzies atreet 
Lloyd, Thomas, 56, Edinburgh street 
Lloyd, Thomas, 52, Spencer atreet 
Lloyd, Thomaa, 65, South Chester atreet 
W. 11, Greenland street 
William, 224, Beaufort street 
A. 38, Tbirlmere atreet 
William, 256, Beaufort atreet 
William, 67, Bate street 
William, ICfi, Gregson atreet 
William, 57, Eldon place 
Lloyd, — , 206, Brook road 
Loadman, W. A. 88, Woodrille terrace, 

Breck road 
Lobley, Beujamin, 13a, Mount Temon 
Lock, Henry, 33, Be^l street 
Lockart, Bobert, 29, Falkner square 
Lockart, William, 6, Beserroir street 
Iiockerley, Ann, 19, Catharine street 
Lockctt, Jane, 28, Catharine street 
Lockett, B 43, Fairfield road 
Lockhart, W. W. 137, Tp. Parliament at. 
Lockrane, James, 13, Eldon place 
Lockwood, J. 57, Great Xelaon street 
Lockwood, John, 80, iJibridse atreet 
Lookyer, William, 110, Stanley road 
Lodge, B. F. 35, SUw street 
Lodge, — , 44, Bieckfield road aouth 
Lodge, Thomas, 21, Qravmere road 
Lorgren, Mrs. Anne, 4, Carter street 
Iforthumberlaad Lofthouse, Thomas, 16, Park road 
Legal, C. 11, Parliament street 
Logan, Frances, 53, Conyers street 
Logan, J. 6, Frioiy road 
Logan, Mrs. M. 23, Bedford stavet 
I/ogan, Hobert, 18, Bed Bock street 
Logan, B. 18, Beloe street 

Lloyd, Mrs. Eliis, 33, West Derby atreet Logan, Thomas, 19, Sir Howard street 
Uoyd, Miw Eliz. 46, Walton road Lomas, Mra. 2, Wesl^ street 

Lloyd, Mrs. Mary, 85, Falkner atreet 
Uoyd, Mrs. Mary, 206, West Derby rd. 
Uoyd, Mary, 6, Moira street 
Lloyd, Mrs. 84, Gregaon street 

Lomas, Bev. Holland, 22, Newby terrace, 

Belmont road 
Lomoi, J. N. 65, Evertonroad 
London, Mrs. C. 67, Grey Bock street 

Lloyd, Mrs. M. 47, Derby road, Ejrkdale London, Edward, 39, Tweed street 

Uoyd, Philip, 27, Cleveland street 
.Uoyd, Peter, 169, Beaufort street 
Lloyd, Mrs. E. 65, Upper Hill atreet 
Llc^d, Mrs. E. 20, Northumberland tap. 
Lloyd, Mrs. Sarah, 28, Aubrey street 
Uoyd, E. 15, Grove Park 
Uoyd, Bebecca, 178, Tunnel road 
Uoyd, Bicbard, 46, Crown street 
Uoyd, B. 4, Aber atreet 
Lloyd, Bichard, 60, G^ve straet 

Loney, Mary, 3, Salisbury street 

Long, A. E. 27, Harewood street 

LonK, Charles, 16, Wesley street 

I/ong, D, 8, Ernest street 

Long, J. 50, Windermere at. Breck road 

Long, John, 39, Beloe street 

Long, Mrs. 19, Overton street 

Long, E, 3, Caird atreet 

Long, B. 4, Clare street 

Long, Bicbaid,30d,U^Yet¥vV\»&<ei&^ 


Long, Eichard, 50, Windsor street 
Long, William, 96, South Cheater street 
Longcake, William, 50, Pitt street 
Longmire, James, 81, Halibnrton street 
liongmoor, James, 10, Newlands street 
Longmore, Mrs. 114, Salisbury street 
Longmour, H. 15, Aberdeen street 
Longnand, J. 86, Letitia street 
Longsdale, Mrs. £. 82, Schomberg street 

' Longston, The Misses, 15, Everton cresc. 
Everton Brow 
Longworth, J. 84, Hi^h Park street 
Longworth, Q. 86, Elizabeth street 
Longworth, W. 59, Mount Pleasant 
Longworthv, Mrs. E. 86, South street 
Lonsdale, J. 68, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Lonsdale, Joseph, 156, Wellington road 
Lonsdale, W. 88, Baker street 
Lonsdale, William, 9, Pleasant street 
Looney, Miss Elisabeth, 20, Hardwick st. 
Looney, James, 1, Mount Vernon Green 
Looney, William, 17, Greek street 
Lord, James, 28, Fielding street 
Lord, W. 41, Bowring street 
Lord, William, 70, mite Bock street 
Lord, John, 182, Huskisson street 
Lorimer, Charles, 12, Sherlock street 
Lorimer, Charles, 140, Beacon lane 
Lorimer, E. 46, Bowring street 
Lorimer, Mrs. Jane, 216, West Derby rd. 
Lorraine, Miss Eliz. 50, Huskisson street 
Lott, Edward G. 159, Up. Parliament st. 
Lott, Mrs. Mary, 88, Sandon street 
Lott, W. H. 12, Parkfield road 
Lotteris, E. B. 148, Duke street 
Lough, Sarah, 58, Ghreat Newton street 
Loundes, — , 24, Bichmomd ter. Breck rd. 
Love, G^rge, 4, Bidder street 
Lo¥e, James, 29, Smithdown lane 
Love, John, 18, Chatsworth street 
Lovegrove, B. J. 15, St. Paul's square 
Lovelady, Miss Sarah, 42, Seldon street 
Lovelady, E. 88, Byford street 
Lovell, K. 48, Adelaide street 
LoYell, Thomas, 44, Adelaide street 
Loyer, Mrs. E. 10, Caird street 
Lover, Peter, 89, Ulswater street 
Loversid^, John, 82, Luther street 
Loyett, Mrs. Margaret, 26, Orient street 
Lowcock, Hugh, 86, Scourfield street 
Lowe, Alexander, 41, Harewood street 
Lowe, Charles, 128, Vine street 
Lowe, Charles, 57, Walnut street 
Lowe, J. F. 88, Hardwick street i 

Zfowe, Ireland, 74, Nelaon street ' 




Lowe, Rey. J, B. (D.D.) 19, Baker street 
Lowe, James, 101, Thirlmere road 
Lowe, Luke, 104, Park street 
Lowe, Mary Ann, 27, Great Gheorge sq. 
Lowe, Mrs. J. 65, Hill street 
Lowe, Mrs. Jane, 120, Upper Hill stneet 
Lowe, Martha, 16, Upper Beau street 
Lowe, Mrs. Emma, 58, Thomaston street 
Lowe, Mrs. 108, Bamber street 
Lowe, S. 18, Aber street 
Lowe, Thomas, 48, Bamber street 
Lowe, Thomas, 24, Caryer street 
Lowe, Thomas, Breckfield road north 
Lowes, Thomas, 25, Windsor street 
Lowlands, O. 12, Melbourne street 
Lowndes, Henry, 1, Catharine street 
Lowrick, A. 53, Aberdeen street 
Lowrie, Mary, 34, Blandford street 
Lowrie, Mrs. Mary M. 49, Salisbury st. 
Lowrie, G. 4, The Willows, Breck road 
Lowrie, W. 37, Kepler street 
Lowry, James, 22, Mackenzie street 
Lowry, Capt. James, 5, Carter street 
Lowry, Thomas, 36, Kent street 
Lowry, M. 42, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Lowry, Robert, 36, Kent street 
Lowther, Mrs. A. 6, Berkley street 
Lowther, Thomas, 62, Smithdown lane 
Lowthing, John, 90, Crown street 
Lubbin, Edward, 147, Up. Parliament st. 
Luc, Louis, 22, Guilford street 
Lucas, Cluurles, 45, Groye street 
Lucas, Dr. 265, Great Homer street 
Lucas, Henry, 25, Berkley street 
Lucas, William, 59, Crown street 
Luce, CharleSj 5, Cockbume street 
Luce, Robert, 17, Wesley street 
Lucey, Layton, 23, Wynne street 
Luck, James, 13, Perth street 
Lucus, Mrs. Matt. M. 68, Huskisson st. 
Luftus, Musgraye, 29, Salisbury street 
Luke, Andrew, 110, Aubrey street 
Lukebruce, — , 126, Falkner street 
Lumb, R 8, Albion street 
Lumberg, Fred. 6a, Catharine street 
Lumsden, J. 103, Hill street 
Lumsden, Mrs. J. 58, Northumberland st. 
Lund, Ann, 2a, Haliburton street 
Lundbury, Andrew, 10, Toxteth street 
Lundie, R. H. 6, Beech street 
Lupton, J. 14, Clare street 
Lupton, Rey. John (M.B.) Stanley place, 

125, West Derby road 
Lupton, Mrs. Mary A. 17, Radcliffe st. 
Lupton, — , 70, Berwick street 





Lant, George, 13, Cardwell street 
Limt, Q^orgo, 10, Kin^lake street 
Lont, James, 109, Cardwell street 
Laat, John, 236, West Derbj road 
Lunt, — , 71, Boscommon street 
Late, Thomas, 121, Falkner street 
Luya, D. 76, Aber street 
Ljall, Mrs. Ann, 137, Grove street 
Ljall, George, 21, Kinglake street 
Lyan, L. 7, Greenland street 
Ljell, Mary, 68, Ealkner street 
Lynass, W. H. 68, Bulwer street 
Lynch, James, 64, Seele street 
Lynch, John, 48, Edinburgh street 
Lynch, M. 37, Northumberland street 
Lynch, Margaret, 46, Cardwell street 
Lynch, Mary, 35, Sherdley street 
Lynch, Anna, 34, Tillotson street 
Lynch, Mrs. E. 103, Wellington road 
Lynel, Bicbard, 36, Everton terrace 
Lynn, Henry V. 134, Windsor street 
Lynn, Joseph, 44, Bamber street 
Lynn, T. 94, Boundary lane 
Lynn, W. A. 84, Cleveland street 
Lyon, Elizabeth, 55, Park street 
Lyon, J. 15, Field street 
Lyon, James, 132, Islington 
Lyon, John, 163, Upper Parliament street 
Lyon, Joseph, 39, Conway street 
Lyon, Lewis, 10, Parliament place 
Lyon, Mrs. Mary, 36, Whiteneld road 
Lyon, Mrs. Mary A. 5, Gloucester place 
Lyon, Sampson, 20, Canterbury street 
Lyons, Abraham, 46, Up. Parliament st. 
Lyons, Charles, 18, Breck street 
Lyons, James, 19, Great Nelson street 
Lyons, James, 144, Islington 
Lyons, Mrs. C. 76, Warwick street 
Lyons, J. Heury, 28, EadclilSe street 
Lyons, J. 48, Stanhope street 
Lyster, Dr. 20, Belvidere road 
Lyth, Dr. 50, Everton Brow 
Lytham, W. 43, Upper Warwick street 
Lythgoe, Mark, SI, Great Newton street 
Lythgoe, Thomas, 12, Newton street 

Habrick, Charles, 48, Guilford street 
Macarty, David, 85, Brownlow Hill 
Macaulay, Mrs. 84, Bedford street 
Macaulay, James A. 92, Lodge lane 
Maccabe, Henry, 86, Eoscommon street 
Macdonnell, F. C. 14, Cambridge street 
Mace, Eliz. 147, Rose vale 
Macfie, William, 6, Abercromby square 
Machan, Ann, 16, Hope place 

Maciture, John, 79, Landseer road 
Mack, Ann, 268, Vauxhall road 
Mack, James, 98, Greenland street 
Mack, John, 25, Devonshire place 
Mackay, A. F. 17,Newbieter. Belmont rd. 
Mackay, Capt. 24, Wesley street 
Mackay, D. 33, Canning street 
Mackay, William, 21, Smith street 
Mackeun, Mrs. Jane, 58, Crown street 
Mackey, A. 16, St. George's HiU 
Mackey, Elizabeth, 35, MiU road 
Mackey, J. 5, Cresswell street 
Mackey, John, 39, Mill road 
Mackey, William, 30, Upper Hill street 
Mackeys, Miss, 2, Walton Breck road 
Mackie, Mary, 17, Oxford street 
Mackie, Miss, 137, Copperas Hill 
Mackin, A. 39, Mitylene street 
Maokin, Mrs. 7, Caryl street 
Macklean, John, 122, Canning street 
Mackney, Mrs. Anna, 92, Windsor street 
Macknire, Mary, 39, Kinglake street 
Mackridge,T. 20, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Maderoy, Mrs. Jane, 20, Melville place 
Macmane, Patrick, 72, Gkirard street 
Macnair, — , 75, Kilshaw street 
Macnaught, John, 50, Bedford street 
Macready, Henry, 46, Beneel street 
Macuson, James, 80, Langham street 
McAdam, Edward, 78,Westbourne street 
McAdam, J. E. 16, Eydal street 
McAdam, Patrick, 22, Hawke street 
McAdam, W. 46, Little Woolton street 
McAdams, F. 67, Boundary lane 
McAlister, Donald, 133, Crown street 
McAlister, Edward, 20, Chesnut street 
McAlley, J. 38, Windermere street 
McAllister, Charles, 11, Avon street 
McAllister, Charles, 11, Underbill street 
McAllister, C. 105, Queen's road 
McAllister, Patrick, 40, Newlands street 
McAllister, J. 49, Aughton street 
McAllister, — , 62, Stanley street 
McAllpine, Hugh, 131, Phythian street 
McAUum, Mrs. C. 181, Canning street 
McAlpine, James, 4, Foley street 
McAndrew, James, 19, Arnold street 
McAra, Mrs. Margaret, 34, Mitylene st. 
McArdee, Stephen, 3, Crosbie street 
McArdle, John, 108, Westboume street 
McArdle, T. 28, Dunkeld street 
McArthur, Wm. 270, Up. Parliament st. 
McAuley, Mary, 31, Upper Hope place 
McAulley, George, 32, Beacon lane 
McAvoy, John, 19, Bishton street 




McBain, William, 65, Egerton street 
McBeatb, George, 68, Clarence grove 
McBeth, B. 3, St. Domingo vale 
McBride, A. 18, Boundarj lane 
McBride, Agnes, 152, Tunnel road 
McBride, Charles, 84, Sackville street 
McBride, Donald, 2, Conjers street 
McBride, James, 139, Bose vale 
McBride, John, 4, Walnut street 
McBride, M. 68 and 70, Warwick street 
McCabe, James, 12, Moorfields 
McCabe, James, Gregson street . 
McCabe, John, 7, Brunei street 
McCall, David, 12, Vine street 
McCall, P. B. 5, Haliburton street 
McCallister, William, 18, Alexandra ter- 
race, Prince's road 
McCallum, D. 3, Thomaston street 
McCanick, Patrick, 1, Great Crosshall st. 
McCann, C. 82, Warwick street 
McCann, J. G. 24, Avon street 
McCanna, J. 58, Hill street 
McCappin, Mrs. 79, Wellington road 
McCarth, John, 98, Boscommon street 
McCarthey, B. 45, Brenton street 
McCarthy, C. F. 28, Low Hill 
McCarthy, M. B. 328, NetherBeld rd. ST. 
McCarthy, Michael, 8, Tynemouth street 
McCarthy, M. 24, Clare street 
McCarthy, M. 39, Crosbie street 
McCarthy, Sarah, 5, Moss street 
McCarthy, William, 188, Grafton street 
McCartlidge, E. 62, Tetlow street 
McCartney, J. 24, Torr street 
McCarty, D. 4, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
McCarty, M. 46, Parliament street 
McCaul, C. 7, Chatham street 
McCaul, Dr. Andrew, 41, Salisbury st. 
McCaul, John, 35, Bose vale 
McCheane, — , 47, Shaw street 
McChesney, Alexander, 175, Graflon st. 
McChlerie, Andrew, 20, Blackfield street 
McChugo, Patrick, 45, Bose vale 
McCitty, William, 68, Aughton street 
McClealland, Thomas, 33, Pluto street 
McClean, Daniel, 119, Badcliffe street 
McClean, Mrs. 69, Park Hill road 
McCleer, Martha, 13, Hurst street 
McClellan, Samuel, 140, Chatham street 
McClelland, A. 127, Upper Warwick st. 
McClelland, M. 28, Seymour street 
McClelland, Malcolm, 37, Beaumont st. 
McClelland, T. William, 4, Tweed street 
M^Clelland^ J. H. 17, Ilarewood street 
^oOJellaDd, Wmi&m, IB, Scerlhkg street 


McCleman, J. 80, Bydal street 
McClentock, W. 56, Kepler street 
McClive, W. 17, Bichmond view, Bel- 
mont road 
McClive, Mrs. 29, Lower Mersey >'iew 
McClorey, P. 21, Bittern street 
McCluman, — , 61, Parliament street 
McClure, W. 53, Warwick street 
McCluskey, James, 21, White Bock st. 
McCoU, Miss Flora, 25, Latham street 
McComb, J. J. 8, Gambier terrace 
McComb, William, 130, Salisbury street 
McCombe, H. 14, Grey Bock stre^ 
McCombe, John, 8, Butland street 
McConkie, Mrs. 63, Walton road 
McConnochie, William, 33, Newlands st. 
McConnaugh, Al. 287, Up. Parliament st. 
McConnell, Mrs. E. 14, Thomaston st. 
McConnell, Bobt. 31, St. Domingo Grove 
McConnell, J. 59, Tetlow street 
McConochie, Bt. 311, Netherfield rd. N. 
McConochie, John, 15, Sterling street 
McConway, James, 9, Overtou street 
McCooey, B. 57, Phythian street 
McCoppin, Mrs. 79, 'Wellington road 
McCormack, W. 22, Ogwen street 
McCormack, Mrs. E. 85, Up. Stanhope st. 
McCormick, Henr}', 215, Grafton street 
McCormick, James, 41, Silvester street 
McCormick, John, 54, Chri^jtian street 
McCouan, D. 3, Collins street 
McCounal, — , 53, Brownlow street 
McCounlio, — , 8, Ganibier terrace 
McCouville, H. 21, Warwick street 
McCoy, C. 6, Harlow street 
McCoy, George, 21, Currie s*reet 
McCoy, James, 64, St. George's Hill 
McCoy, T. 47, Ashton street 
McCraith, Mrs. J. 10, Cleave street 
McCrejiry, Bichard, 64, Conway street 
McCreight, Margaret, 45, Boscommon st. 
McCridy, H. 54, Laxey street 
McCubbins, J. 16, Letitia street 
McCulloch, Alexander, 102, Windsor st. 
3IcCullock, Mrs. 124, Bedford street 
McCullock, Mrs. S. 16, Dingle lane 
McCullock, AVilliam, 52, Melville place 
McCullock, Bobcrt, 163, Beaufort street 
McCuUin, Thomas, 7, Luther street 
McDermont, J. 5, Devonshire road 
McDermot, J. 47, Mary bone 
McDermott, Michael, 28, Warren street 
McDermott, Mary, 26, Portoscue street 
McDermott, Mical, 10, Edinburgh street 
McDermott, Mrs. 16, High Paric street 



UcDon^ld, A. 59, Orey &Dck streefe 
McDonald, A. 39, Hughes street 
McDonald, Alexander, 44, Tetlow street 
McDonald, Aleiander, 9, Clarence Grove 
McDonald, j Bock street 

McDonald, Guilford street 

McDonald, street 

McDonald, bald, 33, Crown street 

McDonald, C. 4G, Arnold street 
McDonald, Clara, 5, 
McDonald, George, 9, Greek street 
McDonald, H. 14, WhiteBeid street 
McDonald, J. 61, i*)S^ 

McDonald, J. 45, 
McDonald, John, 
McDonald, Jobo, 
McDonald, John, 292, Wi 
McDonald, Jobn, 203, 
McDonald, Jobn, 42, 
McDonald, John, 7H, reet 

McDonald, Jobn, 3(i, 
McDonald, Josepb, 7 
McDonald, Mrs. 61, 
McDonald, Mrs. '.iS, Breck road 
McDonald, Mrs. SH, Park street 
McDonald, Mrs. 44, Higb Park street 
McDonald, Mrs. A. 78, r per HJH street 
McDonald, Mrs. C. 103, 
McDonald, L'^lli^^oe street 

McDonald, j^j^jm^ 
McDonald, £^3^^ 
McDonald, i?ES? 
McDonald, W. 13, 
McDonald, Wni. 1B6 
McDonnald, ^ 


Breck rd. 

Irs. 106, Crown street 

M. 43, 



McDoogali, A. 89, Crown street 
McDowall, John, 18, Plutu street 
McDowall, Harah, 11>, Grey street 
McDowell, Patrick, 24, Boundary at. E. 
McDofrer, Clmrles, 36, 

m ■ 

amea, M, ^ 
McElroy, ^ 

McE»oy, Chart iureuce Grove 

McFarline, D. 21, Saukville street 
Mc^ul, J. &, Greenland street 
Mcfto, Alex. 176, Upper Fariiament st. 

McFee, Harriet, 67, Mill street 



McGarva, »t 

McGarvy, rt 

McGechan. James, '^Jg^j^t! 

McGeo, V. W. road 

JVlcGee, James, itreot 

McGee, Patrick 

MoGeorge, Mies, 78, Mount PlMsant 

McGeorge, S, J. 21, Norhm street 

McGeorge, Thoma 

McGill. J. 3, Calder street 

McGilf; William K. 150, Grore street] 

McGivern * 


McGowan, « a*. 

McGowan, 3 

McGowau, S ; 

McGowen, 'Si§ 

McGrath, Edward, 40, Marybona 
McGrath, Thomas, 10, Freelnnd street 
McGraih, - ~ fort streat 

McGreath, street 

MuOroevty street 

McGregor, street 

Mi:Gregor, J. 13, Tort street 
Mi^Gregi.r, James, 43, Graamere street 
McGregor, Dr. Jobn, 2B6, Netherfield 

road north 
McGregor, Murdock, 8, Newton street 
MuOre^or, E. 28, fiichmond terrace, 

Breck road 
McGregor, William, 7, Cockbume street 
McGrotty, H. 
McGuffey, Ale 

McGuinesB, street 

McGuine^, J(^ JiSfty road 

McGuiness, J. 9, 
McGuiness, Mrs. M. 74, Hill street 

Patrick, 32, Deabigh street 

. 66, !t 

144, Beaufort street ' 

McGuroeskey, J. 

McGurdey, Mrs. ^ 

McHale, J. 54, 

McHalo, W. SO, Greenland street 




McHugh, John, 9, Bamber street 
Mcllyenna^ Alex. 6, Lutlier street 
Mclndoel, A. 5, Seiont terrace 
Mclndoel, William, 54, Low Hill 
Mclnes, Alex. 71, Luther street 
Mclnnes, J. 6, Canton street 
Mcintosh, Alex. 49, Lowther street 
Mcintosh, B. 28, Kepler street 
Mcintosh, J. jun. 89, Grasmere street 
Mclntire, James, 82, Seele street 
Mclntjre, A, 29, Bedford street 
Mclntjre, James, 183, Beaufort street 
Mdntjre, E. 15, Kepler street 
Mclntyre, Malcolm, 8, Tennyson street 
Mclntyre, Maria, 1, Gildart street 
Mclntyre, W. 57, Northumberland st. 
Mclver, Charles, 8, Abercromby square 
Mclver, Miss, 18, Catharine street 
Mclyor, William, 70, Hughes street 
McKay, A. 20, North HiU street 
McE[ay, A. C. 154, Wellington road 
McElay, Ann, 51, Queensland street 
McE:ay, J. 103, Blandford street 
McKay, J. 0-. 2, Park street 
McKay, Miss J. S. 13, South street 
McKay, John, 12, Bishton street 
McKay, B. C. 7, Perth street 
McKay, William, 84, Au^hton street 
MclCay, — , 10, Devonshire place 
McKean, — , 59, Salisbury street 
McKeand, John, 25, Smith street 
McKechanie, C. 88, Calder street 
McKecknie, Alex. 66, Berkley street 
McKee, James, 48, Simpson street 
McKee, John, 66, Great Newton street 
McKee, Wm. C. 249, Up. Parliament st. 
McKeefe, Henry, Comwallis street 
McKellar, Alex. 46, Thomaston street 
McKellar, L. 52, Torr street 
McKelvy, M. 263, Gh-afton street 
McKenna, A. 46, Thomaston street 
McKenua, C. 49, Anderson street 
McKenna, J. 51, Plunipton street 
McKenna, Mary, 136, Badcliffe street 
McKenna, Mrs. Cath. 35, Kensington 
McKennell, Miss, 108, Up. Stanhope st. 
McKennon, Peter, 143, iLensington 
McKenzie, A. 107, Duke street 
McKenzie, Alex. 106, Westboume street 
McKenzie, David £. 26, Alfred street 
McKenzie, F. 113, Canning street 
McKenzie, J. 31, Collins street 
McKenzie, J. 42, Wellealey rd. Peel st. 
McKenzie, John, 173, Grove street 
Jf^iCebzie, Eobert, 39, Chatham street 

McKenzie, — , 92, Bishton street 
McKenzie, J. 105, Bed Bock street 
McKenzie, J. 203, Upper Parliament st. 
McKenzie, J. 30, Anderson street 
McKenzie, John, 29, Seffrave street 
McKenzie, Mrs. 54, Berkley street 
McKerlie, Alexander, 73, Walton lane 
McKerman, J. 64, Brownlow street 
McKeman, John, 3, Troughton street 
McKeman, P. 121, Pitt street 
McKerrow, — , 9, Brownlow street 
McKettrick, Mrs. 127, Chatham street 
McKevion, Thomas, 57, Crosbie street 
McKew, Antony, 9, Newhall street 
McKew, Michael, 40, Jordan street 
McKibbin, Eobert B. 18, Carver street,. 
McKie, Grace, 7, Berwick street 
McKie, Peter, 77, Conway street 
McKie, T. 40, Orient street 
McKieman, B. 7, Vernon street 
McKieman, John, 12, The Willows, 

Breck road 
McKillagan, T. 18, St. George's Hill 
McKillop, Miss, 12, Huskisson street 
McSon, J. 1, Kepler street 
McKinlay, T. 16, Bittern street 
McKinlay, Daniel, 31, Great George sq. 
McKinlay, A. 11, Sackville street 
McKinney, M. 7, Norwood grove 
McKinnon, J. S. 26, Newstead road 
McKirick, Patrick, 52, Cardwell street 
McKnight, Bobert, 130, Stanley road 
McKnight, Thomas, 3, Galton street 
McKnight, W. 286, Beaufort street 
McKodson, J. 8, Moorfields 
McKown, T. 1, Bright street 
McKuen, T. H 32, Cobden street 
McLachlan, D. 8, Torr street 
McLachlan, M. 21, Sel^on street 
McLaren, A. 18, Aigburth street 
McLauchlin, John, 7, Grenville street 
McLaughlan, J. 14, Melbourne street 
McLaughlan, 56, Moon street 
McLaughlan, Bobert, 51, Moon street 
McLaughlin, Charles, 305, Grafton street 
McLaughlin, Thomas, 26, Edinburgh st. 
McLaughton, — , 25, Brownlow street 
McLay, Mrs. A 191a Up. Parliament st. 
McLean, J. A. 42, Ogwcn street 
McLean, David D. 32, Blackfiold street 
McLean, J. 75, Anderson street 
McLean, B. 49, Plumpton street 
McLean, William, 19, Foley street 
McLean, S. H. 17, Everton crescent, 

Everton Brow 


f IcL 



VcLeish, John, 2, York terrace 
lIcLennan, — , 52, Bedford street 
MeLeod, Catharine, lU, Paisley street 
KcLeod, J. 60, Lazejr street 
McLeod, Mary, 137, Duke street 
HcLeod, R 38, Chatsworth street 
McLeod, T. 47, Newstead road 
HcLoug^lin, Mary, 34, Boundary street 
McLoughlih, P. 37, Collins street 
HcLoughlin, Thomas, 26, Edinburgh st. 
Hdiehon, 60, Harlow street 
McMahon, John, 241, Up. Prederick st. 
McManQs, James, 11, Oildart street 
McMaster, George, 21, Up. Stanhope st. 

ji KcMsster, A.25, Windermere st. Breck rd. 

I McMiaster, — , 8, St. Bride's street 
' IfcMaster, Peter, 53, Luther street 
jf cMaster, Thomas, 26, Pluto street 
UcMaster, William, 28, Pluto street 
McMillan, Bobert, 34, Salisbiiry street 
HcMUIan, D. 166, Netherfield road north 
McMillan, James, 18, Bailey street 
McMiUen, H. 18, Whiteficld road 
McMillen, Bobert, 34, Salisbury street 
McMiion, £. 40, The Willows, Breck rd. 
McMinn, D. 11a, Schomberg street 
UcMinn, Mrs. £. M. 56, Coniston street 
McMinn, W. 31, Grey Bock street 
McMinn & Sogers, 54, Poplar street 
McMonnies, James, 28, Berkley street 
McMiildrow, P. 5, Brownlow street 
McMullan, John, 28, Butland street 
McMullin, Daniel, 71, Landseer road 
McMurchie, Bobert, 89, Busscll street 
McMurland, William, 32, Adelaide street 
McMurray, J. 6, Aughton street 
McMurtree, James, 53, Windsor street 
McMurtrv, Thos. 104, St. Domingo vale 
McNair, j^eter, 119, Vine street 
McNalley, W. 12, Aughton street 
McXally, Bernard, 74, Smithdown lane 
McNamara, J. 103, Bose place 
McNamara, P. 52, Conway street 
McNamara, Thomas, 75, Hunter street 
McNaught, Dr. John, 50, Bedford street 
McNay, David, M, Field street 
McNee, Mrs. J. 1, Highfield view, Bel- 
mont road 
McNeil, — , 7, Seiont terrace 
McNeil, Arthur, 1, Baffin street 
McNeil, Bev. E. H. 15, Wellesley ter- 

race, Bel?idere road 
McNeilbedge, Elizabeth, 15, Wesley st. 
McNeil], Andrew, 7, Violet street 
McNeill, John, 112, Salisbury street 

McNeUI, T. 42, Mitvlene street 
McNeir, B. 78, Aughton street 
McNemey, G-eorge, 33, Aberdeen street 
McNichol, A. 10, Bieservoir street 
McNichol, Pinley, 36, Duncan street 
McNish, T. A. 4«3, Egerton street 
McOubry, John, 93, White Bock street 
McPhail, — , 87, Athol street 
McPherson, E. A. 30, Melville street 
McPherson, J. 138, Falkner street 
McPherson, John, 88, Lodge lane 
McPherson, John, 181, Q-rafton street 
McPherson, Bev.T. 32, St. Domingo grove 
McPolland, B. 24, Hunt street 
McPride, 28, Queen's road 
McQuaid, W. 17, Bowring street 
McQuarrie, William, 62, Windsor street 
McQueen, John, 31, Bishton street 
McQuie, James, 6, Mason street 
McQuie, William, 39, Edge lane 
McQuiston, John, 48, Breckfield road, S. 
McBoberts, James, 37, Conyers street 
McBobie, James A. 15, Netherfield rd. S. 
McShea, William, 68, Virgil street 
McStay, M. 18, Greenland street 
McStay, W. 59, St. Domingo road 
McSweeney, M. 24, Field street 
McSweeney, W. 64, Northumberland at 
McTaggart, A. 82, Upper Stanhope street 
McTaggart, M. 234, Beaufort street 
McVane, James, 41, Bloom street 
McVane, B. 64, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
McVickers, William, 5, Whitaker street 
McVine, Mrs. Mary, 40, Windsor st. 
McWean, W. 15, Sackvillo street 
McWhae, Andrew, 8, Clarence Q-rove 
McWhannell, Gilbert, 3, Duke's place 
McWhean, Thomas, 31, Moville street 
McWhinnie, William, 73, Egerton street 
McWilliam, William 44, Edinburgh st. 
Madden, C. 38, Erskine street 
Madden, Dennis, 130, Islington 
Madden, W. 94, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Maddock, Charles, 171, Chatham street 
Haddock, James, 26, Everton village 
Maddock, John, 18, Oxford street 
Maddock, Mrs. L. 24, Gelling street 
Maddock, T. 44, St. Domingo Grove 
Maddock, Thomas, 10, Maryland street 
Maddock, Thomas, 112, Upper Beau st. 
Maddock, — , 102, Boundary lane 
Maddock, W. D. 74, Hamilton road 
Maddock 8, Miss A. M. 40, Beacon lane 
Maddock s, J. 22, Bamber street 
Maddocks, T. 26, Hill street 





Maddoz, Miss E. J. Sandy lane 
Maddoz, Bichard, 5, Lrttle Woolton st. 
Maddoz, William, 1, Parliament place 
MaddraU, William, 26; Brunswick street 
Maddrell, James, 27, Thomaston street 
Maddrell, W. 69, Tweed street 
Maddy, M. 118, Thirlmere street 
Madeliune, A. 13, Bengel street 
Maey, — , 44, South Hill road 
Ma^innes, William, 85, Mitjlene street 
Magarry, John, 43, Blunter street 
Magee, E. 41, Beloe street 
Magnus, David, 8, Kent square 
Magrath, Marj, 3, St. Paul's square 
Maguire, Beruel, 59, Upper Beau street 
Maguire, Elizabeth, 34, Caryl street 
Maguire, Mrs. 214, Mount Pleasant 
Maguire, Thomas, 44, Guilford street 
Maher, Patrick, 16, Eastbourne street ' 
Mahler, John, 43, The Elms 
Mahon, Eobert, 108, Field street 
Mahoney, G«orge, 97, Roscommon street 
-Mahoney, Thos. 51, Great Howard street 
Mahord, Eer. James, 129, Everton ter. 
Mahr, William, 5, Childwall street 
Maiden, Mrs. J. 38, Schomberg street 
Maidin, W. 267, Upper Parliament st. 
Maidment, William, 22, Maryland street 
Mailler, Georc;e S. 149, Falkner street 
Mainey, Elizabeth, 77, Walton lone 
Maiss, W. M. 43, Wilson street 

' Maitland, D. J. 67, Parkfield road 
Maitland, John, 74, Huskisson street 
Major, E. 269, Athol street 
Major, Joseph, 2, Toxteth street 
Major, Samuel, 48, Conyers street 
Maker, W. 133, Eose vale 
Makin, Ann, 100, Gregson street 
Makin, Charles, 49, Ogwen street 
Makin, Miles, 75, Landseer road 
Makin, Mrs. Susan, 66, White Eock st. 
Malcomb, J. 84, Woodville terrace, Breck 

Malcolm, W. H. 8, Falkner street 
Malcomson, David, 1, Mount street 
Malcomson, Mrs. 80, Parliament street 
Malcomson, William, 29, Berkley street 
Male, — , 65, Greenland street 
Maiey, William, 23, Lodge lane 
Malkin, W. 31, Cleave street 
Mall, Anthony, 45, Toxteth street 
Malley, Charles, 140, Smithdo\«n lane 
Malley, Edward, 56, Uardwick street 
MaDaj, J. 56, Everton Brow 

^^i^a//ejr^ Mai^ffuret, 86, Biuaell street 


Malon, John, 48, Field street 
Malone, James, 35, Marybone street 
Malone, M. 45, Great Crosshall street 
Malone, Martha, 39, Ashton street 
Malone, Patrick, 30, Vine street 
Malone, Patrick, 11, Eadcliife street 
Maloney, Joseph, 1, Sterling street 
Maloy, James, 112, Field street 
Malton, John, 124, Windsor street 
Manaugfa, F. 49, Eoscommon street 
Mandeno, W. 6, Elm terrace, Beech st. 
Mander, James, 11, Deane road 
Manders, Eichard, 29, BadclifTe street 
Mangan, A. 84, Gordon street 
Manly, J. E. ^, Wellington road 
Mann, Capt. John, 22, Freeland street 
Mann, Charles, 12, Kent street 
Mann, E G. 62, Mitylene street 
Mann, James, 5, Allan street 
Mann, Mrs. Jessie, 14, Chatham place 
Mann, Mrs. Matilda, 46, Chatsworth st. 
Mann, Thomas, 17, Sir Howard street 
Mann, William, 47, Eldon place 
Mann, William, 46, Simpson street 
Mannassi, Mrs. Jane, 14, Liver street 
Mannheim, Louis, 11, Anaon ^street 
Manning, James, 8, Jamaica street 
Manns, P. 172, Huskisson street 
Mansell, Henry, 127, Cardwell street 
Mansell, M. A. 74, Chatsworth street 
Mansergh, William, 72, Lodge lane 
Manslow, A, 37, Crete street 
Manson, John, 35, Clarence grove 
Manson, Mrs. 24, Conyers street 
Manson, William, 30, Conyers street 
Mantle, John, 100, Bamber street 
Manton, Mrs. 19, Egerton street 
Maples, F.60, Sefton terrace, Prince's rd. 
Maples, William, 51, The Elms 
Marcus, Henry E. 40, Falkner street 
Marcus, Eaniord, 48, Downing street 
Marett, P. 6, Clare street 
Margesson, J. 31, Bedford street 
Margetts, Thomas, 31, Whitefield street 
Maries, Thomas, 32, Brunei street 
Mariner, Mrs. A. 40, Hill street 
Maris, Mrs. Emma, 143, Mill road 
Mark, Mathew, 56, Grove street 
Markey, James, 26, Ashton street 
Marks, Benjamin, 41, Eegent street 
Marks, Mrs. Ellen, 35, Oak field road 
Marks, J. James, 9, Tennyson street 
Marks, Leon, 16, Great George 8<juare 
Marks, Mrs. 36, Poplar street 
Marks, William, 19, Preacot street 



Mrs. Pauline, 14, Wynne street 
i^ Rev. Henry, Acre terrace, 68, 
ton Brow 

', George, 8, Seourfield street 
r, J. 126, Field street 
w, William, 180, Upper HUl street 
iBj E. 1, Beeeb terrace. Beech st. 
is, W. 29, Orient street 
;, W. 11, Brownlow street 
.tt, Charles, 49, Hughes street 
F, Mrs. 90, Bedford street 

Thomas, 26, The Elms 
George, 19, Blackfield street 
jn, Mrs. 61, Crown street 
3n, Joseph, 50, Kensington 
5n, Mtb. M. 10, St. Domingo grove 
3n, Joseph, 41, Haliburton street 
m, Thomas, 125, Stanley road 
3n, Thomas, 56, Grafton street 
m, William, 30, Soourfield street 
, Charles, 84, Adelaide street 

Henry, 29, Queensland street 

Henry, 2, North view 
, John, 50, White Rock street 

Joseph, 55, Eldon place 

M. 13, North view 

— , 124, Cardwell street 

Margaret, 14, Cropper street 

N. B. 44, Bedford street 

T. 60, Troughton st. Edge Hill 

Thomas, 46, Vine street 
lU, B. 170, Tunnel road 
Jl, Edward, 11, Mount Vernon rd. 
ill, J. 25, Bowring street 
kU, John, 11, Chatsworth street 
dl, John, 81, Lathan street 
dl, Joseph, 4, Luther street 
dl, 44., Nethertield road north 
ill, Mrs. 96, Up. Parliament street 
ill, Mrs. 206, Mount Pleasant 
J], W. 15, Set ton square 
ill, J. 75, Orient street 
illsay. The Misses, 18, Bedford st. 
j1, J. W. 137, Queen's road 
jll, R. 67, Celling street 
n, Eobert, 11, Olive street 
all, Mrs. 143, Canning street 
, A. 57, Whitetield street 
, A. 51, Eldon place 
, Aaron, 154, Huskisson street 
, David, 95, Chatsworth street 
, B. 8, Everton valley 
, Elizabeth, 27, Bute street 
, Esther, 26, Carter street 
f Harriet, 56, Park road 

Martin, J. 86, Prussia street 
Martin, J. 46, Hamilton road 
Martin, J. 18, Seymour street 
Martin, J. 97, Chatsworth street 
Martin, J. 2, Stanhope street 
Martin, J. 35, Park Hill road 
Martin, J. B. 60, Chatsworth street 
Martin, James, 90i., Roscommon- street 
Martin, James, 41, Conyers street 
Martin, James, 91, Latham street 
Martin, Jane, 85, Roscommon street 
Martin, John, 28, Violet street 
Martin, John, 106, Islington 
Martin, John, 63, Hughes street 
Martin, John, 24, Berkley street 
Martin, John, 56, Oonway street 
Martin, Joseph, 75, Upper Stanhope st. 
Martin, Joseph, 15, Cochrane street 
Martin, Jnan, 14, Blandford street 
Martin, Miss Mary, 22, Bloom street 
Martin, ALary, 11, Bock street 
Martin, Mrs. 194, Netherfield road north 
Martin, Mrs. E. 24, Erskine street 
Martin, Mrs. Lucy, 9, Cleave street 
Martin, P. H. 16, Berkley street 
Martin, Philip, 23, Oukfield road 
Martin, B. T. 15, Mount Vernon road 
Martin, Robert, 77, Gregson street 
Martin, Samnel, 17, St. Jameses road 
Martin, Thomas, 891, Scotland road 
Martin, Thomas, 87, Hughes street 
Martin, Tyson, 172, Mill road 
Martin, W. 27, Dodge street 
Martin, William, 1 1, Lloyd street 
Martin William, 15, Huskisson street 
Martin, William, Wentworth street 
Martin, William, 71, St. Domingo road 
Martin, — , 119, Mount Pleasant 
Martin, — , 223, Upper Parliament street 
Martindale, John, 16, Conway street 
Martiudale, P. 63, Hif^hiield street 
Martinez, Frederick, 25, Sandon street 
Martland, A. 57, Faraday street 
Martyn, Henry, 40, Kt^nsingtou 
Marwick, Mrs. 15, Crosbie street 
Marwood, John, 129, Park street 
Mary, Patrick, 10, Jamaica street 
Masnelli, F. 6, Ullet road 
Mason, — , 23, Canning street 
Mason, G. 40, Aughton street 
Mason, Q-. 80, Grey Eock street 
Mason, Henry, 55,*Egfrton street 
Mason, J. 30, Hunt street 
Mason, James, 95, Vine street 
Mason, John, 83, Field street 




liasoD, John, 5, Hughes street 
Mason, John, 68, Eastbourne street 
Mason, John, 11, St. Paul's square 
Mason, Miles, 2a, Berkley street 
Mason, Mrs. Id2, Mount Pleasant 
Mason, Mrs. Mary, 60, Upper Hill st. 
Mason, Eichard, 60, Langham street 
Mason, Bobert, 158, Beacon lane 
Mason, S. 118, Grey Bock street 
Mason, Thomas, 14, Bankfiald street 
Mason, Thomas, 23, Bose Tale 
Mason, Thomas, 81, Pleasant street 
Mason, W. 851, Scotland road 
Mason, William, 14, Hope place 
Mason, William, 10, Manfred street 
Mason, William, 46, Kepler street 
Massey, E. 10, Aughton street 
Massey, H. 47, Scourfield street 
Massey, J. 63, White Bock street 
Massey, James, 15, Chatham street 
Massey, James, 10, Upper Stanhope st. 
Massey, Bobert, 48, Crown street 
Massey, W. 6, Moville street 
Masters, E. 66, Queensland street 
Masters, John, 255, Athol street 
Matchell, Mrs. 85, Mount Pleasant 
Mater, Sarah, 48, Denbigh street 
Mather, Charles, 212, West Derby road 
Mather, Miss, 70, Mount Pleasant 
Mather, B. 21, Aberdeen street 
Mather, T. A. 50, Wellington road 
Mathers, A. 66, Thomaston street 
Mathers, Mrs. Anne, 43, Deane road 
Mathers, Thomas, 57, Menzies street 
Mathew, Bessy, 134, Field street 
Mathew, Edward, 149, Field street 
Mathew, P. W. 16, Windermere street, 

Breck road 
Mathews, George, 34, Premier street 
Mathews, Henry, 23, Lavan street 
Mathews, Henry, 6, Park place 
Mathews, John, 126, Beaufort street 
Mathews, Joseph, 79, Whitefield road 
Mathews, P. 114 & 116, Wellington road 
Mathews, William, 18, Exroouth street 
MathewBon, Wm. 84, Devonshire rd. west 
Mathewson, William, 56, Caird street 
MathewBon, William, 74, Eldon place 
Mathias, Eev. B. 8. 36, Monter street 
Mathieson, N. 17, Pente street 
Mathison, David, 6, Beech grove 
Mattison, Mrs. Ann, 83, Grove street 
Matthews, Mrs. C. 105, Crown street 
Matthews, Hugh, 42, Badcliffe street 
AfsUAew, J. W. 57, Great Newton st. 


Matthews, James, 23, Berwick street 
Matthews, John, 10, Badcliffe street 
Mattbewson, Jamee» 15, Mona street 
Matton, Andrew, 79, Cardwell street 
Maudsiey, Colonel J. 11, Chatham place 
Maugin, Elizabeth, 38, Poplar street 
Mauman, H. 5, White Bock street} 
Mauston, A. 42, Beaumont street 
Mawdesley, Charles, 15, Blackfield street 
Mawdsley, James P. 36, Fslkner square 
Mawdsley, James, 11, Canning street 
Mawler, John, 26, Poplar street 
Mawson, J. 45, Beacon lane 
Mawson, John, 77, Oxford street 
Mawson, Moses, 28, Wesley street 
Mawson, Moses, 6, Atou street 
Maxton, James, 32, Torr street 
Maxwell, Alexander, 93, Tetlow street 
Maxwell, D. 78, Canning street 
Maxwell, Mrs. E. 3, Albion street 
Maxwell, F. 53, Haliburton street 
Maxwell, Gilbert, 32, Hope street 
Maxwell, J. 97, Woodville ter. Breck rd- 
MaxweU, Mrs. M. 212a, Park road 
Maxwell, Mrs. 14, Abercromby square 
Maxwell, Peter, 96, Huskissou street 
Maxwell, B 15, Belvidere road 
Maxwell, T. 8, Devonshire road 
Maxwell, T. 69, Bedford street 
Maxwell, Thomas, 14, Devonshire road 
Maxwell, W. 32, Belvidere road 
Maxwell, William, 17, Gildart street 
Maxwell's Stables, 34, Hope street 
May, Eliza, 98, St. Ann street 
May, George, 62, Chatsworth street 
May, Henry Daviea, 36, Tillotson street 
May, J. E. T. 7, Blackburue street 
May, John, 38, Grey ntreet 
May, Mrs. Eliz. 291, Beaufort street 
May, Mrs. 109, Stanhope street 
May, Bev. H. S. 63, Evertou road 
May, W. Henry, 134, Badcliffe street 
Maybrick, Mrs. Ann, 44, Gt. George st. 
Maybrick, Mrs. 77, Mount Pleasant 
Ma}' cock, S. H. 10, Allan street 
Haven, Thomas, 75, Norfolk street 
Mayhew, A. 7, Anderson street 
Mayland, J. 10, Hamilton road 
Mayle, Harry, 20, Coniston street 
Mayle, Miss Sarah B. 7, Breck grove 
Maylor, Alice, 23, Arnold street 
Maylor, Bd. 31, Smithdown lane 
Maylor, Mrs. T. 112, Harlow street 
Maylor, W. 23, Hill street 
Maynard, William, 17, Percy street 




Ibjmare, Joseph, 71, Latham street 
Mftjne, G-. J. 10, Bulwer street 
Iftjo, Nathan, 7, Eldon place 
Uajon, E. 69, Kirkdale road 
Major, Eobert, 72, Norwood grove 
Mayor, Sampson, 36, Cleyedon street 
Meacock, William, GS, Shaw street 
Mead, Isabella, 53, CathariDe street 
Meade, John, 8, Lovat street 
Meadon, Alexander, 5, Hemans street 
Meadows, Chris. 2, Phillips street 
Meadows, T. 65, Northumberland street 
Meadows, William, 81, Eose vale 
I Meagher, John, 46, Tillotson street 
Meagher, John, 54, Tunnel road 
Mec, M. 9, Leonora street. Park road 
Mecabe, James, 14, Beau street 
Medcalf, Charles, 30, Tozteth street 
Medcalf, J. 35, Moville street 
Medcalf, J. 25, Barter street 
Meddins, John, 9, St. Bride's street 
Meddon, Thomas, 54, Wellington road 
Medhurst, Eichard, 94, Baml^r street 
Medland, Thomas, 117, Cardwell street 
Medley, D. 13, Bengel street 
Medley, William, 111, Chatham street 
Medos, J. 72, Nelson street 
Mee, H. 21, Wynne street 
Meek, Miss, 65, Eodney street 
Megrath, F. 63, Eed Eock street 
Meikle, W. 15, Schomberg street 
Mein, Edward, 221, Beaufort street 
Meish, John, 11, Percy street 
Meiss, E. 125, Bedford street 
Meister, E. H. 10, Wellesley terrace, 

Belviderc road 
Mekeloun, Mrs. E. 17, Eake lane 
Mekin, Jame?, 102a, Scotland road 
Melladive, John, 52, Kensington 
Mellin, Gustavo, 11, Arnold street 
Mellor, James, 17, Hunter street 
Mellor, Mrs. Jane, 19, Edge lane 
Mellor, Peter, 104, South Chester street 
Mellor, E. 53, Kilshaw street 
Mellor, T. 291 & 293, Netherfield rd. N. 
Mellor, Thomas, 5 & 7, Mitylene street 
Melly, George, 90, Chatham street 
Melton, Edward, 62, Whitefield lane 
Melton, Mrs. 102, Gregson street 
Melvilla, Charles, 3, Conyers street 
Melville, Mrs. Sarah, 5, Pleasant street 
Memory, James, 46, Mackenzie street 
Meuzies, James, 49, Clarence grove 
Mercer, Alexander, 69, Luther street 
Mercer, Alice, 206, Walton road 

Mercer, Elizabeth, 20, Salop street 
Mercer, H. 18, Leonora street. Park rd. 
Mercer, Miss Eliz. 40, Bridgewater st. 
Mercer, Mrs. Harriet, 34, Percy street 
Mercer, S. 25, Toxteth street 
Mercer, T. W. 15, Baker street 
Merchant, G. 70, Crete street 
Merchant, Mrs. S. J. 11, Bittern street 
Merchants, William, 48, Luther street 
Meredith, H. 49, Harbord street 
Meredith, John, 8, North Hill street 
Meredith, Eobert, 17, Lonsdale street 
Merkin, M. 27, Brownlow street 
Memey, John, 85, Caryl street 
Merret, Mrs. 12, Bownng street 
Merrick, — , 79, Mount Pleasant 
Merrile, Mrs. K 131, Queen's road 
Merry, F. E. 12, Cleave street 
Merry, Thomas, 85, Tweed street 
Mescow, T. W. 5, Langham street 
Messer, A. 75, Eed Eock street 
Metbum, Thomas, Eice lane 
Metcalf, — , 9, Arnold street 
Metcalf, J. 44, Kilshaw street 
Metcalf, J. 1, Peel street 
Metcalf, J. 45, Caird street 
Metcalf, Mrs. 18, High Park street 
Methuen, Mrs. Margaret, 42,' Caird street 
Mewer, William, 57, Field street 
Mewha, D. 62, Coniston street 
Meyer, Mrs. A. 24, Wellesley rd. Peelst. 
Meyers, Jno. F. 246, Upper Parliament st. 
Michael, Hellena, 42, Moon street 
Michael, J. 40, Brenton street 
Michalouski, Mrs. 81, Queen's road 
Middlebrook, Stephen, 68, Salop street 
Middlehurst, Mrs. Eliz. 185, Grove st. 
Middlehurst, H. 8, Horner street 
MiddJehurst, Henrv, 43, St. Ann street 
Middleton,. E. 47, Seymour street 
Middleton, Edward, 47, Seymour street 
Middleton, Frederick, 118, Mill road 
Middleton, Harrison, 6, Stanley street 
Middleton, Henry, 97, Hughes street 
Middleton, Isaac, 29, The Willows 
Middleton, I. 92, Myrtle street 
Middleton, James, 128, Gregson street 
Midghall, Alex. 8, Sir Thomas' buildings 
Midgley, J. E. 100, Wellington road 
Midgley, Mrs. M. 64, Menzies street 
Midler, William, 86, Vine street 
Midwood, Mrs. 39, Luther street 
Miesky, Joseph, 16, Gildart street 
Migginis, Joseph, 59, Jordan street 
Milbum, Marg. 260, Netherfield rd. N. 




Mildestein, G-. 1 &.2, Kent square 
Milea, Annie, 16, Blandford street 
Miles, J. 85, Palkner street 
MHington, J. 44, Collins street 
Mill, Mrs. Elizabeth, 60, South Hill rd. 
Mill, J. 6, Crozteth road 
Mill, J. G. 99, Eed Bock street 
Mill, Mrs. L. 83, Upper Parliament st. 
Mincrist, S. 10, Wellesley road, Peel st. 
Millea, J. 27, Aughton street 
Miller, A. 30, Belyidere road 
Miller, Alexander, 39, Prospect street 
Millery'^D. 25, Aberdeen street 
Miller, David, 76, Aubrey street 
Miller, Mrs. Frances, 164, Upper Frede- 
rick street 
MiUer, H. 13, Oakfield road 
Miller, Isaac, 44, Chatham street 
Miller, Isabella^ 2, Segrave street 
Miller, J. 1, Gloucester place 
Miller, J. 22, Letitia street 
Miller, J. 43, Upper Hill street 
Miller, John, 52, Fark road 
Miller, Jno. 14, Procter ter. Whitefield st. 
Miller, John, 33, Bamber street 
Miller, John, 14, Kemble street 
Miller, John, 11, Brougham terrace^ West 

Derby road 
Miller, Mary, 23, Wesley street 
Miller, Miss Ellen, 7, OUye street 
Miller, Mrs. Ann, 15, Beacon lane 
Miller, Mrs. 13, Ashton street 
Miller, Mrs. Annie, 84, Ghnove street 
Miller, Mrs. M. 8, North View 
Miller, Bobert, 18» Manfred street 
Miller, Bobert E. 45, Upper Stanhope 

Miller, Samuel, 5, Toxteth street 
Miller, Samuel, 79, Luther street 
Miller, T. 19, Chatham street . 
Miller, W. G. 39, Falkner square 
Miller, William, 42, Guilford street 
Miller, William, 92, Queensland street 
Miller, William, 41, Thomaston street 
Miller, William, 106, Vine street 
Miller, — , 327, Upper Parliament street 
Miller, — , 74, Tetlow street 
Miller, — , 9, Benson street 
Millet, Thomas, 88, Greenland street 
Milligan, Jane, 4, Pluto street 
Milligan, John, 99, Latham street 
Milligan, E. 68, Grey Bock street 
Milligan, B. S. 64, Grey Bock street 
Milligan, Bobert, 26, Thackeray street 
MUlikeD, Bobert, 48, Crete tftsreet' 


Milliker, James, 52, Walton road 
Millikin, W. 91, Upper Hill street 
Millin, Edward, 14, Badclific street 
Millington, E. 42, South street 
Millington, E. 44, Crete street 
Millington, J. F. 47, Tweed street 
Millington, J. T. 126, Smithdown lane 
Millington, T. 38, Crete street 
Miller, Thomas, 28, Whitefield road 
Millrov, Mrs. S. 109, Warwick street 
Mills, E. John, 73, Tweed street 
Mills, Edward, 60, Gt. Newton street 
Mills, David H. 10, Ivy street 
Mills, John, 42, Queen Ann street 
Mills, J. H. 53, Ogwen street 
Mills, Mrs. Elizabeth, 13, Mackenzie st. 
Mills, B. D. 65, Tweed street 
Mills, Bichard, 22, Sidney street east 
Mills, Samuel, 131, Latham street 
Mills, Thomas, 10, Canning street 
Mills, Thomas, & Co. 5, Fenwick street 
Mills, William, 77, Luther street 
Miln, Bobert, 183, Grove street 
Milne, — , 20, Faraday street 
Milne, David, 18, Abercromby square 
Milne, George, 51, Smithdown lane 
Milner, H. D. 6, Aigburth street 
Milner, Miss Maria, 28, Bentley road 
Milner, Bev. J. W. (M.A.) 26, Bentley rd. 
Milner, W. 33, Everton ores. Everton Brow 
Milner, William, 30, Bentley road 
Milner, William, 1, Laxey street 
Milrory, Miss Grace, 81, Mackenzie st. 
Milton, David, 8, Upper Stanhope street 
Milton, Bichard, 44, Smithdown lane 
Milton, W. 61, Ogwen street 
Mine, Mary Ann, 196, Up. Frederick st. 
Miners, S. H 129, Canning street 
Mines, Bobert, 4, Blackfield street 
Minnis, B. 94, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Minor, McJ. 18, Bankficld street 
Minor, McWiUiam, 131, Field street 
Minors, Bobert, 50, Canning street 
MinsheU, W. 27, Orient street 
MinshuU, William, 81, Tweed street 
Minton, Mrs. Arthur, 81, South Hill rd. 
Mirfield, H. 35, Combermere street 
Mirfield, Mrs. 44, Fowler street 
Miskelly, Alexander, 36, Exmouth street 
Mitchef, A. 46, Caird street 
Mitchel, A. 107, Warwick street 
Mitchel, Mrs. Agnes, 6, Sugnall street 
Mitchel, E. 25, Laxey street 
Mitchel, J. 51, Northumberland street 
Mitchel, J. 60, Devonport street 


IGtchell, Alice, 147, Spencer street 
Mitchell, Mrs. Ann, 5, Bittern street 
Mitchell, Catherine, 30, AVarren street 
liGtchell, Elizabeth, 44, Caryl street 
Mitchell, Henry, 30, Kepler street 
Mitchell, J. 64, Coniston street 
Mitchell, J. 22, Collins street 
Mitchell, Joseph, 10, Moira street 
Mitchell, Miss M. 46, Deyonshire road 
Mitchell, M. 63, Ogwen street 
Mitchell, B. 66, Devonport street 
Mitchell, S. 40, Crete street 
IGtchell, Bobert, 64, Norwood grove 
Mitchell, Thomas, 62, Nelson street 
Mitchell, Thomas, 2, Fort Vernon 
MitcheU, W. E. 52, Norwood grove 
Mitchell, William, 61, Marybone 
Mitchell, W. 7, Moviiie street 
Mitchell, W. 12, Morton street 
Mjtchell, William, 10, Bailey street 
Mitchell, — , 46, Beaumont street 
Mitchell, — , 65, Evertou Brow 
Mitchley, Thomas, 7, Badcliffe street 
Mittendoffer, M. 37, Fhythian street 
Moah, Joseph, 87, Everton road 
Mock, Mary A. 39, Latham street 
Mockinmon, D. West bourne street 
Moddre], James, 8, Avon street 
Moddrel, L. 51, Harewood street 
Moffatti, Francis, 9, Vesuvius street 
Moffatt, Walter, 7, Piuto street 
Moffatt, Edward, 90, Edinburgh street 
Moffit^ Thomas, 7, Lansdowne place 
Moffott, William, 22, Harewood street 
Moffott, Miss, 55, Brownlow street 
Moier, John, 13, Bishton street 
Moir, Elizabeth, 217, Grafton street 
Moir, J. 3, Brownlow street 
Molineaux, Fredk. Wm. 5, Hope place 
Molineauz, C. 9 & 11, Northumberland at. 
Molineaoz, John, 60, Hope street 
Mollason, Eiiz. 6, Mount Vernon green 
MoUatt, Frederick, 258, Athol street 
MoUej, Thomas, 17, Wynne street 
Mollonien, Bobert, 53, Huskisson street 
Molloj, J. 29, NetherEeld road south 
Mollyneaux, J. 84, Troughton st. Edge H. 
Molne, Alexander, 28, Kake lane 
Molyneauz, C. 57, Hill street 
Moljmeauz, Ann, 34, Eadcliffe street 
Molyneauz, John, 96, Tetlow street 
Moncrieff, Henry, 141, Beaufort street 
MoncriefT, Henry, 232, Beaufort street 
Moncrieffon, Jobn, 31, Wynne street 
Mondej, C. 123, Mulberry street 


Monday, W. 73, Walnut street 
Money, John, 28, Caryl street 
Monk, James Samuel, 102, Chatham at. 
Monks, Ann, 147, Latham street 
Monks, W. 34, I^xey street 
Monteath, John, 13, Fhythian street 
Monteith, Henry, 307, Netherfield rd. N. 
Montford, O. 33, Fhcebe-Ann street 
Montgarrot, John, 67, Overbury street 
Montgomery, Jas. 138, Up. Farliament st. 
Montgomery, John, 46, G-rasmere street 
Montgomery, J. B. 44, Kensington 
Montgomery, Mrs. Mary, 11, Sugnall at. 
Montgomery, William, 74, XJlswater st. 
Moody, J. 16, Anderson street 
Moody, James, 94, Boscommon street 
Moon, Jobn, 32, Dunkeld street 
Moon, Bichard, 29, Langham street 
Moon, Kichard, 171, Up. Farliament at 
Mooncroft, James, 245, Crown street 
Mooney, Alice, 19, School lane 
Mooney, G-. 36, Combermere street 
Mooney, W. 19, Bright street 
Moor, Henry, 118, Fark road 
Moor, Mrs. Mary, 14, Upper Hill street 
Moor, Mrs. T. 6, Combermere street 
Moor, Thomaa, 15, Cresswell street 
Moorby, James, 16, Foplar street 
Moore, — , 51, Canning street 
Moore, A. 7, Sunnyside, Devonshire road 
Moore, David, 30, Adelaide street 
Moore, David, 24, Everton vallev 
Moore, F^ 77, Fark Hill road 
Moore, Ed. 37, Badcliffe street 
Moore, Edward, 32, Berkley street 
Moore, F. J. 121, Bedford street 
Moore, G. 60, Windermere street, Breck 

Moore, G. lOJJ, Woodville terrace, Break 

Moore, Gertrude, 30, Great Mersey 

Moore, Henry, 44, Melville street 
Moore, H. T. 20, York terrace 
Moore, J. 64, Devonport street 
Moore, James, 25, lUdcliffe street 
Moore, John, 14, St. George's Hill 
Moore, John, 5, Vine street 
Moore, John, 88, Spellow lane 
Moore, John N. 41, Deane road 
Moore, John, 261, Grafton street 
Moore, John, 45, Cardwell street 
Moore, John, 62, Clarence grove 
Moore, John, 81, Landseer road 
Moore, John, 37, St. Domingo road 





Moore, Josepfa, 140, Stanley road 
Moore, Joseph, 58, Caryl street 
Moore, Margaret, 58, Walton road 
Moore, Mark, 71, Kinglake street 
Moore, Mary Ann, 68, 'Spencer street 
Moore, Mrs. Mary Ann, 89, Vine street 
Moore, Mrs. Elizabeth, 3, Chatham st. 
Moore, Mrs. M. 112, Aubrey street 
Moore, Mrs. H. 88, Deyonshire road 
Moore, Mrs. E. 4, Bright street 
Moore, Mrs. Ann, 56, Premier street 
Moore, Bandolph, 9, Whitechapel 
Moore, Bichara, 158, G-roTe street 
Moore, Thomas, 148, Field street 
Moore, Wesley, 19, South street 
Moore, William, 4, Bishton street 
Moore, William, 18, Bose Hill 
Moore, William, 58a, Everton Brow 
Moorehouse, C. 28, Bentley road 
Moppett, Mrs. H. 9, Hardy street 
Moralle, M. J. 62, Everton road 
Morath, Laurence, 25, Tetlow street 
Mordaunt, John, 22, tipper Beau street 
Mordaunt, Mrs. M. 129, Bedford street 
Morden, Edward, 40, Beacon lane 
Moreton, W. 56, Brownlow street 
Morgan, Captain, 11, Upper Parliament 

Morgan, David, 27, Boundary place 
Morgan, Henry, 85, Latham street 
Morgan, Henry, 61, St. Domingo road 
Morgan, Hugh, 42, Highfield street 
Morgan, Hugh, 21, Tetlow street 
Morgan, J. 81, High Park street 
Morgan, John, 10, Clarence grore 
Morgan, John, 8, Blair street 
Morgan, John, 72, Bamber street 
Morgan, J. 53, Peel street 
Morgan, John, 1, Upper Stanhope street 
Morgan, John, 5, Upper Stanhope street 
Morgan, John, 78, Troughton street, Edge 


Morgan, John, 4, Whitefield road 
Morgan, Joseph, 99, Mill road 
Morgan, Lewifi, 52, St. Domingo vale 
Morgan, Mihs 8. 126, Canning street 
Morgan, Mrs. E 50, Grey Bock street 
Morgan, Mrs. E. 84, Everton valley 
Morgan, Thomas, 42, Chatham street 
Morgan, T. 13, Queen's road 
Morgan, T. 89, Upper Warwick street 
Morgan, William, 82, Caiyl street 
Morgan, William, 108, Baddiffe street 
Moreajo, WiJliam, 9, Walton Breck road 
MbrUnd, A. 29, Lloyd street 


Morley, John, 10, Harlow street 
Morley, Bichard, 335, Upper Parliament 

Morman, W. 158, Netherfield 
Morrel, J. &, Co. Bankhall street 
Morrice, F. 10, Chombery street 
Morrice, John, 74, Whitefield lane 
Morris, Ann, 81, Tynemouth street 
Benjamin, 82, Landseer road 
Chas. 55, Troughton street, Edge 




David, 45, Tetlow street 
David, 22, Egerton street 
Evan, 96, Berkley street 
Ewan, 271, Beaufort street 
E. 9, Hunt street 
Gteorge, 9, North View 
George, 128, Baddiffe street 
George W. 44, Bishton street 
Henry, 18, Bussell street 
Henry, 5, Lowther street 
Henry, 17, Smithdown lane 
Isaac, 12, Walton road 
James, 91, Cardwell street 
James, 106, Conway street 
Jane, 83, Cambridge street 
John Gbunt, 8, 5, & 7, Philippa st. 
John, 6, Melville place 
John, 4, Caledonia street 
Mrs. Maria, 2, Moon street 
M. A. 92, Wellington road 
Mrs. Ann, 18, Virgil street 
Mrs. Ellen, 20, Erskine street 
Mrs. 40, Conyers street 
Mrs. 88, Upper Stanhope street 
Mrs. 22, Boundary lane 
M 84, Grey Bock street 
P. 8, Menzies street 
Bichard, 6, Foley street 
B. S. 272, Up. Parliament st. 
Samuel, 89, Falkner street 
Susannah, 81, Segrave street 
Thomas, 82, Brunei street 
Thomas, 13, Lovat street 
T. 5, Woodville ter. Breck road 
Tom, 22, Plumpton street 
T. 19, Mere lane 
T. 24, W'oodville terrace, Breck 

W. Bohert, 76, Admiral street 
William, 126, Myrtle street 
William, 8, Tetlow street 
William, 5, Salop street 
William, 17, Adelaide street 
William, 48, Boscommon street 




More, S. 41, Bichmond torrace, Breck rd. 
Moreland, A. 77, Aber street 
Moreton, G. H. 21, West Derby street 
Morris, W. 120, Grey Rock street 
Morris, — , 23, Falkner street 
Morris, — , 79, Upper Hill street 
Morrisey, Mrs. M. 15, GelliDg street 
Morrison, A. 6, Sykes street 
Morrison, A. 115, Upper Warwick street 
Morrison, Edward, 32, Arnold street 
Morrison, F. 50, High Park street 
Morrison, H. 51, Kilshaw street 
Morrison, H. 48, Devonshire road 
Morrison, John, 5, Bailey street 
Morrison, Lewis, 58, Upper Hope place 
Morrison, Mrs. M. A. 7, rarliament place 
Morrison, Robert, 78, Burleigh road, S. 
Morrison, T. 72, Wellington road 
Morrison, T. 4, Cochrane street 
Morrison, WilUani, 74, Field street 
Morrison, William, 40, Melbourne street 
Morrit, Mrs. Jane, 24, Rake lane 
Morrit, Mrs. 8. 25, Rake lane 
Morry, J. 32, Hunt street 
Morse, Tlioraas, 8, Baker street 
Mort, H. L. 119, Breck road 
Mort, Thomas, 10, Guilford street 
Morten, John, 39, Foley street 
Morthcroft, Ghorjre, 220, West Derby rd. 
Mortimore, Gr. W. 31, Gloucester place 
Morton, George, 37, Wynne street 
Morton, Joseph, 15, Eldon place 
Morton, J. 50, TiUotson street 
Morton, — , 64, Bedford street 
Moselej, E. 7, Aigburth street 
Moseley, Joseph, 172, Chatham street 
Moses, J. V. 19, Rydal street 
Moses, L. 7, Gill street 
Mosley, Robert, 21, Binney street 
Mosley, R. 23, Upper Hill street 
Mosley, Thomas, 10, Pleasant street 
Mosman, Miss H. A. 51, Peel street 
Moss, B. 14, Peel street 
Moss, Charles, 18, Upper Park street 
Moss, Charles, Rico lane 
Moss, Edward, 20, Grove street 
Moss, Elias, 20, Falkner square 
Moss, George, 42, Carter street 
Moss, James, 11, Towerlands street 
Moss, James, 11, 8eldon street 
Moss, Jane, 17, Ererton road 
Moss, Jane, 84, Falkner street 
Moss, John, 23, Walton lane 
Moss, J. B. 34, West Derby road 
H 088, Maurice, 80, Salisbury street 

Moss, Mrs. 78, Virgil street 
Moss, Richard, 30, Eldon place 
Moss, R. t^, Thomaston street 
Moss, Robert C. 64, Arthur street 
Moss, S. 105, Bedford street 
Moss, Thomas, 19, Bamber street 
Moss, Thomas, 70, Langham street 
Moss, William, 22, Boundary street east 
Moss, William, 40, Lonsdale street 
Moss, William, 26, Field street 
Moss, W. 70, Orient street 
Mossop, H. 389, Scotland road 
Mossop, R. G. 68, Egerton street 
Mossop, Wm. 8. 54, Derby rd. Kirkdale 
Mothershead, J. 15, Conyers street 
Mottershead, Thomas, 48, Whitefield lane 
Mottram, John, 2, Beech street 
Mottram, T. 29, Moville street 
Mottrell, Thomas, 53, Bengel street 
Moubry, C. 22, Anderson street 
Mould, R. Andrews, 23, Northumberland 

terrace, Everton 
Mouldiug, J. 10, The Elms, Peel street 
Moulsdale, E. 16, Gloucester place 
Moulson, C. J. 16, Grey Rock street 
Moulson, George E. 54, Wellington ter. 

West Derby road 
Moulton, George, 12, Rupert lane 
Moulton, S. 20, Everton valley 
Mountfield, Wm. 12, St. James's road 
Moville, James, 88, Beacon lane 
.Mowat, Margaret, 133, Falkner street 
Movvatt, S. 86, Harlow street 
Moyce, Frederick, 11, Manfred street 
Moyle, Miss A. 68, High Park street 
Mucombe, T. P. 8J3, Chatsworth street 
Mude, Hugh, 11, Downing street 
Mudock, AVilliara, 38, Salisbury street 
Muffat, Robert, 1, Melbourne street 
Muir, Alexander, 23, Belmont road 
Muir, J. 6, Richmond terrace, Breck rd. 
Muir, James, 3, Bloom street 
Muir, R. W. 4i, Wellosley rd. Peel st. 
Muir, The Misses, 13, Montpelier terrace, 

Upper Parliament street 
Muir, Thomas, 111, Bamber street 
Muir, Thomas, 136, Spencer street 
Muir, William, 102, Park street 
Muir, William, 63, Thomaston street 
Muirhead, James, 8, Xemble street 
Muirhead, AVilliam, 2, Hardman street 
Mulcaster, John, 63, Rose vale 
Muldiner, M. R. 119, Beaufort street 
Mulhearn, B. 59, Warwick street 
Muligan, J. 84, Aberdeen street 





Mullnn, James, 12, Cornwallia street 
Mullen, John, 55, York terrace 
Mulleneux, Hugh, 26, Catharine street 
Muller, William, 17, Segrave street 
Mulligan, James, 40, Eldou place 
Mulloch, Wrs. Margaret, 23, Newstead rd. 
Mulluck, Mrs. 56, Crown street 
Mulrj, John, 37, Circus street 
Mulvaney, Mrs. M. 35, The Elms 
Mumford, E. 23, Alexandra drive 
Mummerj, Thomas, 27, Queensland st. 
Munch, William, 16, Moon street 
Munn, Mrs. Ann, 50, Thackeray street 
Munn, Bobert, 4, G-reenland street 
Munn, W. 92, Tweed street 
Munro, Mrs. 185, Upper Parliament st. 
Munroe, Mary, 31, Marybone 
Munton, Mrs. 12, Sandon street 
Murch, John, 164, Spencer street 
Murchland, William, 36, Vesuvius street 
Mifrdoch, G-. 165, Canning street 
Murdoch, William, 38, Salisbury street 
Murdock, Capt. Francis, 94, Eed Bock st. 
Murdock, John, 60, Hose vale 
Murdock, R. 19a, Reservoir street 
Murphie, James, 185, Athol street 
Murphy, C. 32, Burleigh road south 
Murphy, James, 27, Mitylene street 
Murphy, James, 32, Field street 
Murphy, John, 55, Luther street 
Murphy, John, 87, Rose vale 
Murphy, John, Bice lane 
Murphy, John, 22, Mason street 
Murphy, John, 66, Harlow street 
Murphy, John, 4, Mason street 
Murphy, John, 87, Silvester street 
Murphy, John, 190, Vine street 
Murphy, J. B. 56, Cresswell street 
Murphy, J. 121, Upper Hill street 
Murphy, Martin, 76, Queensland street 
Murphy, Mrs. Mary, 25, Upper Hill st. 
Murphy, Michael, B. 194, Grove street 
Mupphy, Miss K. 45, Woodville terrace, 

Breck road 
Murphy, Miss, 26, Upper Parliament st. 
Murphy, Mrs. Johana,30, Combermere st. 
Murphy, Mrs. A. 3, Priory road 
Murphy, Mrs. 34, Crown street 
Murphy, Thomas, 17, Gklton street 
Murphy, Thomas, 58, Adelaide street 
Murphy, T. G. 24, Mount Pleasant 
Murphy, — , 94, Upper Stanhope street 
Murray, Mrs. A. 57, Elizabeth street 
MuiTBj, A. 5, Overton street 
^urmjr^ Cbarlea, 65, Beloe etreet 


Murray, George, 27, Segrave street 
Murray, James, 17, Doage street 
Murray, James, 63, Latham street 
Murray, J. 45, Aberdeen street 
Murray, J. H. 5, Aber street 
Murray, Mrs. Mary, 62, Egerton street 
Murray, Mrs. Margaret, 12, Whitefield rd. 
! Murray, Mrs. M. 17, Jasmine street 
i Murray, Patrick, 69, Park street 
! Murray, W. 179, Park road 
Murrey, John, 29, Mitylene street 
Murry, J. C. 45, Moville stneet 
■; Murry, E. D. 40, Devonshire road 
MurshuU, Lonsdale, 24, Abercromby sq. 
Murther, James, 43, Blake street 
Murvin, James, 162, Netherfield rd. north 
Musgrave, E. I). 1, Spencer street 
Musker, E. 67, St. Domingo road 
Musker, George, 36, Seldon street 
Musker, H. 62, Grey Bock street 
Musker, J. 41, Cochrane street 
Musker, Mary, 2, St. Mary's lane 
Musker, — , Bice lane 
MuBsell, George, 9, Latham street 
Mustell, Joseph, 8, Fielding street 
Muter, Bobert, 61, Salisbury street 
Muttins, John, 107, Beau street 
Myer, J. H. 24, The Willows, Breck rd. 
Myer, John, 3, Newhall street 
Mjers, J. W. 281, Beaufort street 
Myers, John, 7, Bengel street 
Myers, William, 42, Devon street 
Myerscough, J. 33, Northumberland st. 
Myerscough, Thomas, 5, Compton street 
Mylchrist, D. 66, Wellington road 
Mylcrist, Samuel, 99,* Upper Stanhope st. 
Myles, Bobert, 53, Upper Hope place 
Myles, H. 5, Tagit street 
Mylious, Charles, 18, Torr street 
Mylis, Bobert, 22, Vesuvius street 
Myrick, J. J. 90, Queen's road 
Myrtle, William, 11, Parkfield road 
Mysell, B. 85, Upper Warwick street 

Nanny, B. 68, Devonport street 
Napier, F. 64, Bodney street 
Napier, Henry, 96, Greenland street 
Napier, J. 32, Harlow street 
Napton, John, 82, Berkley street 
Nash, E. 21a, Northumberland street 
Nash, L. 102, White Bock street 
Nash, Mrs. 26, Bishton street 
Nash, William, 38, Clevedon street 
Nash, William, 38, Tillotson street 
Nasser, Joseph, 47, Parkfield road 




Kithan, Joseph, 30, Tillotson street 
NstioD, Joseph, 5, Tillotson street 
Xawliss, Annie, 20, Segrave street 
Nawton, Matthias, 104, Queensland street 
Nay, John, 31, Conway street 
Naylor, Miss, 110, Badcliife street 
Naylor, Dayid, 9, Carter street 
Naylor, O. 51, Thomaston street 
Kaylor, H. 5, Kent square 
Naylor, H. J. 61, ParkEeld road 
Naylor, Joseph, 84, Westboume street 
Naylor, Thomas, 37, Parkfield road 
Naylor, W. 120, Breck road 
Naywood, W. Eice lane 
Neagle, John, 20, Q-reat Newton street 
Neal, John, 6, Beloe street 
Neal, John E. 112, Beacon lane 
Neale, Eobert, 18, Lonsdale street 
Neale, Silvanus E. 208, Walton road 
Neale, William, 93, Canterbury street 
Neale, W. 69, Wellington road 
Neam, G-. 49, Bowring street 
Neddham, E. 12, Bright street 
Needham, J. 13, Sackville street 
Needham, John, 8, Mount Vernon 
Needham, John, 9, MinshuU street 
Needham, W. 18, Eadcliffe street 
N«m>ponte, P. P. 5, Wellesley terrace, 

Selyidere road 
Neil, James, 53, Park street 
Neill, M. 25, SackvUle street 
Neilson, (George, 91, White Eock street 
Neilson, G. H. 9, Newstead road 
Neish, John, 11, Percy street 
Nelson, B. 35, Parkfield road 
Nelson, C. 19, Menzies street 
Nelson, Elizabeth, 38, Caryle street 
Nelson, F. 49, Lavan street 
Nelson, H. 14, Moville street 
Nelson, Henry, 49, Grove street 
Nelson, J. 5, Seymour street 
Nelson, John, 29, Grey street 
Nelson, John, 31, Uuderhill street 
Nelson, John, 27, Lonsdale street 
Nelson, John, 86, Westboume street 
Nelson, M. 33, Parkfield road 
Nelson, Mrs. Ann, 23, Aubrey street 
Nelson, P. 51, St. Domingo road 
Nelson, Philip, 14, Alexandra terrace, 

Prince's road 
Nelson, Eichard, 72, Eadcliffe street 
Nelson, S. 95, Northumberland street 
Nelson, Samuel, 54, Langbam strecit 
Nelson, Thomas, 71, White Eock street 
Nelson, W. 52, Little Woolton street 

Ness, Henry, 8, ITllet road 
Neustead, G. 43, Tweed terrace 
Neven, Peter, 45, Thomas street 
Neville, Mrs. A. 72, Erskine street 
Neyin, A. 96, Cresswell street 
Nevin, Charles, 23, Sackville street 
Nevin, William, 13, Eeservoir street 
Nevitt, — , 46, Percy street 
Nevitt, William, 75, Bedford street 
Newall, — , 53, Faraday street 
Newall, John, 27, Wellington road 
Newall, Mrs. Ann, 126, Warwick street 
Newbiggin, A. 74, Orient street 
Newby, T. B. 50, Eadcliffe street 
Newby, Thomas, 73, Cardwell street 
Newell, A. W. 35, Great Mersey street 
Newell, J. 80, Erskine street 
NewhaU, Mrs. M. 58, Hill street 
Newing, F. G. 12, Brenton street 
Newingtou, Mrs. Eliz. 67, Egerton street 
Newlands, J. 11, Greenheys road 
Newman, Alfred, 46, Stanley road 
Newman, Chas. 86, Northumberland ter. 
Newman, James, 88, Chatham street 
Newman, John, 114, Salisbury street 
Newman, — , 75, Mount street 
Newn, Alfred, 32, Almond street 
Newnis, George, 7, Mount Vernon road 
Newport, C. 21, Hamilton road 
Newson, Ann, 102, Salop street 
Newstead, Mrs. E. 31, Huskisson street 
Newstead, William, 10, Falkner square 
Newton, A. E. 29, St. George's Hill 
Newton, E. 61, Aber street 
Newton, George, 20, Poplar street 
Newton, G. B. 97, Canning street 
Newton, J. B. 12, Grove park 
Newton, James, 7, Sackville street 
Newton, John, 13, West Derby street 
Newton, John, 52, Toxteth street 
Newton, John, 3, Melbourne street 
Newton, John, 52, Upper Hill street 
Newton, Mrs. 46, Upper Stanhope street 
Newton, T. 37, Laxey street 
Newton, T. B. 26, Huskisson street 
Newton, William, 51, Bengel street 
Newton, William, 65, Toxteth street 
Newtons, John, 52, Tetlow street 
Niblock, Mary, 35, Eldon place 
Nichless, Joseph, 26, Tetlow street 
Nichol, John, 4, Sugnall street 
Nichol, Joseph, I, Lonsdale street 
Nicholas, C. 180, Canning street 
Nicholas, J. C. 23, Eeservoir street 
Nicholas, William, 39, Egerton atc^t 




NichoU, Mrs. Hannah, 97, Huskisson et. 
Nicholl, John, 27, Stirling street 
NichoU, Richard, 46, Boundary street 
NichoUs, H. 89, Norton street 
Nicholls, Miss Jane, 152, Huskisson at. 
Nicholls, John, 58, Collins street 
Nicholls, — , 79, Kilshaw street 
Nichols, H. J. 7, Low Hill 
Nichols, John, 42, Upper Hill street 
Nichols, T. 66, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Nicholson, Frances, 25, Bose vale 
Nicholson, Henry, 22, Mildred street 
Nicholson, J. 42, Eowler street 
Nicholson, John, 1, Bishton street 
Nicholson, J. 50, Stanhope street 
Nicholson, James, 4, Ivy street 
Nicholson, James, 44, Field street 
Nicholson, John, 195, Up. Parliament st. 
Nicholson, M. 82, Canning street [road 
Nicholson, Mgt . 22, Alexandra ter. Prince's 
Nicholson, Octavius, 54, Oxford street 
Nicholson, S. 45, Bulwer street 
Nicholson, Thomas, 14, Spellow lane 
Nicholson, William, 22, Clare street 
Nicholson, William, 22, Kemble street 
Nicholson, W. 7, St. Bride*s street 
Nicholson, — , 38, Bedford street 
Nicklin, M. W. 24, Beaumont street 
Nickson, Mrs. E. 89, Mount Yemon st. 
Nickson, James, 48, Bishton street 
Nickson, Balph, 40, Sackville street 
Nickson, Thomas, 35, Menzies street 
NicoD, J. 28, Moville street 
NicoU, Marian, 14, Manfred street 
Nicols, Q-, 77, Kilshaw street 
Nicolson, John, 55, Bengel street 
Night, M. 22, Seymour street 
Nighten, J. 8, Fowler street 
Nimmo, G-. W. 13, Caird street 
Nimmo, J. 25, Bittern street 
Nimmo, W. 54, Northumberland street 
Niptrott, Jane, 19, Langham street 
Nisbet, James, 37, Sackville street 
Nisbet, John, 7, Bydal street 
Nisbet, Mrs. Mary, 87, Q-rove street 
Nisbet, T. 22, Queen's road 
Nisbete, A. 73, Thirlmere road 
Nisbett, B. H. 6, Beech st. Elm terrace 
Nitell, T. 29, Bichmond ter. Breck road 
Nixon, Edward, 65, Vine street 
Nixon, J. S. 49, Beaumont street 
Nixon, John, 40, Spellow kne 
Nixon, W, 4, Uxbndge street 
I^ijon, — , 95, Mount Pleasant 
^7?aAs^ ThoiDMB, 24, JPreeland atreei 


Noakes, G^eo. 2, Sandon ter. Up. Duke st. 
Noble, E. 68, Cresswell street 
Noble, Henry, 85, Beacon lane 
Noble, Jane, 9, St. Paul's square 
Noble, J. 52, Grey Bock street 
Noble, William, 38, Kinglake street 
Noble, William, 24, Boundary street 
Nobol, Mrs. 64, Caa^well street 
Noel, Ann, 17, Chester street 
Nolan, — , 3, Church Mount 
Nolan, J. 17, Bedford street 
Nolan, James, 5, Hawke street 
Nolan, Michael, 27, Eldon place 
Nolan, Bev. T. J. 18, Hardy street 
Nooland, Michael, 32, Law ton street 
Noon, J. H. 183, Vine street 
Noon, Mrs. Mary, 83 & 85, Warwick st. 
Noon, Thomas, 6, Minshall street 
Noon, Martin, 48, Silvester street 
Norbury, A. 1, Overton street 
Norbury, Alfred, 26, Upper Hope place 
Norbury, Bichard, 26, Upper Hope place 
Norbury, W. M. 182, Up. l^Vcderick st. 
Norcombe, Edmund, 29, Mount street 
Norcott, Miss Jane, 68, Canning street 
Norfolk, E. 32, Tweed street 
Normal, James, 24, Tetlow street 
Norman, Edward, 28, Fltzdarence street 
Norman, John, 71, Melbourne street 
Norman, John, 134, Vine street 
Norris, Alexander, 47, Blake street 
Norris, Charles, 7, G-rasmere street 
Norris, F. 1, Leonard's park road 
Norris, H. 10, Breck road 
Norris, Mrs. 26, Chadwick Mount 
Norris, Mrs. 25, Catharine street 
Norris, Mrs. 46, Canning street 
Norris, Mrs. M. E. 26,'Everton valley 
Norris, Margaret, 102, Berkley street 
Norris, Bichard, 83, Cardwell street 
Norris, Thomas, 59, Bute street 
Norris, Thomas, 12, Moore place 
Norris, T. 1, Leonard's park road 
North, W. H. 62, Orove street 
North, W. 46, Brownlow street 
Northardt, Thomas, 53, Whitefield lane 
Norton, James, 19, Seiont terrace 
Norton, James, 98, Windsor street 
Norvall, Alice, 7, Salisbury street 
Nerval 1, J. 5, Thomaston street 
Nott, John, 1, Walton Breck road 
Nott, W. 6, Devonshire road 
Nottage, Thomas, 67, Grove street 
Nottingham, Dr. 20, Boscommon street 
Nottingham, James, 54, Virgil street 




yottingbam, T. 45, Kepler street 
XoweU, M. L. 4, Movilie street 
NojeB, Heiirj, 1G7, Eose vale 
Xojse, Mrs. 126, Salisbury street 
Nott, Mrs. 133, Chatham street 
Xattal, James, 24, Sose place 
Xuttall, Jas. 8. 12, Roscommon street 
Nutter, H. 47, Northumberland street 
i>e, J. 1, Plumpton street 
^ye, Thomas, 41, Premier street 

Oak, J. 41, Aigburth street 
OakeU, J. J. 8, Highfield vw. Belmont rd. 
Oakes, G«orge, 05, Rishton street 
Oakes, J. 7, Gloucester place 
Oaks, C. R. 18, Bro^^Tilow street 
Gates, — , 21, Woodville ter. Breck road 
Gates, Mrs. Mary, 38, Lavan street 
Gates, Rev. Richard, 41, Irvine street 
G'Brian, Patrick, 7G, Marybone 
O'Brian, Rev. Philip S. (A.B., LL.B.) 

24, Thackeray street 
O'Brien, J. G. 2S, Wellesley road, Peel st. 
G'Brien, John, 0, Adelaide street 
G'Brien, M. 45, Northumberland street 
O'Brien, Margaret, 22, Frederick street 
O'Brien, Michael, S, lieservoir street 
O'Brien, Mrs. Alice, 12, Silvester street 
O'Brien, Mrs. M. A. 81, Queen's road 
Occleshaw, Elizabeth, 52, Roscommon st. 
Ockleshaw, Thomas, 49, Bloom street 
0*Gonnell, C. 1(), Fairclough lane 
O'Connell, William, 17, Crosbie street 
O'Connor, C. 9S, Beacon lane 
O'Connor, Dr. T. J. 26, Heyworth street 
O'Connor, E. SO, Warwick street 
O'Connor, I[. 84, Red Rock street 
O'Connor, James, 16, Cornwallis street 
O'Connor, John, iO, Adelaide street 
O'Connor, John Joseph, S, Ivy lane 
O'Connor, John, 38a, Roscommon street 
O'Connor, Mical, 9, Crosbie street 
Odd Fellows' Hall, 68, 8t. Ann street 
Oddie, James, 81, Rodney street 
Odgear, Janiet^ R. S, Thackeray ntreot 
O'Donnell, l>r. 84, Rodney street 
O'Donnell, Xcal, 10, G-reenland street 
O'Donnoughue, H, 72, White Rock street 
O'Donoghues, 1, Aber street 
O'Dowd, John, 28, Sykes street 
Offolter, Lewis, 40, Langham street 
Ogden, Ellis, 18, Vesuvius street 
Ogden, Mrs. C. 186, Hill street 
Ogilrie, Laurence, 98, Tetlow street 
OgUvic, William, 9, Oakfield road 

O'Hanlon, James, 88, Phythian street 
O'Hara, Antony, 10, Breck street 
O'llara, Michael, 18, Everton terrace 
O'Hare, C. 5, Hamilton road 
O'llarrell, T. 126, Park street 
Ohle, H. W. 71, Anderson street 
O'Xeefe, Mary, 8, Everton village 
Oiaherty, Rev. Philip, 8a, Daulby street 
Oldfield, Gr. 55, Collins street 
Oldiield, John, 18, Freelaud street 
Oldfield, W. 19, Schomberg street 
Oldfield, William, 22, Kensington 
Oldham, Mrs. Margt. 78, White Rock st. 
Oldham, Thomas, 86, Palkner street 
Oldridge, J. 150, Hamilton road 
Oldritt, Capt. J. Ed. 166, Tunnel road 
O'Leary, Peter, 86, Great Crosshall st. 
O'Leary, R. 12, Brownlow street 
Oliphant, David, 26, Overbury street 
Oliphaut, John (M.D.), 14, Walton road 
Olive, John, 17, Tennysou street 
Oliver, Miss Eiiz. 120, Huskisson street 
Oliver, G. 7, Seymour Street 
Oliver, Mrs. J. 88, Beaumont street 
Oliver, Joseph, 188, Beacon lane 
Olivers, Mrs. M. 11, Bright street 
Ollis, Mrs. J. 112, Northumberland at. 
O'Loughlin, P. H. 50, Stanley road 
O'Malley, M. 91, HiU street 
j O'Neil, James, 258, (Scotland road 
O'Neil, Margaret, 9, Holstenholme sq. 
O'Neil, Mrs. 15, Mill road 
i O'Neil, John, 66, Alma street 
I O'Neill, Conatantine, 70, South Chester st. 
! O'Neill, D. 25, Rydal street 
! O'Neill, Ellon, 79, Christian street 
I O'Neill, Henry, 71, Radclifle street 
O'Neill, .1. J. 47. Hunt street 
O'Neill, James, 98, Thirlmcre road 
Otiionn, John, 2, Northumberland terrace 
Onsol, T. 81, Chatham street 
, Onslerd, McLaren, & Co. 11, Oldhall st. 
, Opherson, Christ. Henry, 83, Arnold st. 
Orcherson, J. 81, Hamilton road 
Orford, T. 8, Dunkeld street 
Orme, J. W. 40, Anderson street 
1 Orinond, Thomas, 78, Smithdown lane 
Ormrod, Martha, 40, Poplar street 
Ornisby, Miss Doria, 52, South street 
Orrasby, W. 4, Brownlow street 
Ormson, T. 4:^, Red Rock street 
O'Rouke, — , 27, Seiont terrace 
Orr, James, 118, Crown street 
\ Orr, James, 2S, Falkner street 
! Orr, John, 1, Moutl\, N^TViOtv^iwA. 




Orr, John, 85, Queen's road 
Orr, Eev. John, 3, Catharine street 
Orr, Robert, 26, Luther street 
Orr, Thomas, 82, Eose vale 
Orr, W. K. 86, Anderson street 
Orrell, Fanny, 84, Breckfield road south 
Orritt, W. H. 60, Northumberland ter. 
Orsmotherly, Mrs. J. 156, Bedford st. 
Orton, B. 272, Beaufort street 
Orton, W. 127, Wellington road 
Osbom, Joseph, 92, Spencer street 
Osborne, Bichard, 18, Poplar grove 
Osbourne, Thomas, 2S, Premier street 
Oswald, H. 86, Calder street 
Oultol, William, 103, Grove street 
Oulton, George, 58, Norwood grove 
Oulton, Wm. 68, Sefton ter. Prince's rd. 
Outran, Joseph, 96, Aubrey street 
Outterside, Thomas, 21, Cleveland street 
Over, Thomas, 96, South street 
Overend, Charles, 72, Eodney street 
Overend, James, 55, Hope street 
Overend, James, 56, Arnold street 
Overton, J. 12, Bichroond ter. Breck rd. 
Ovus, Isaac, 196, Wellington road 
Owen, Ambrose, 38, Percy street 
Owen, C. 197, Chatsworth street 
Owen, Charles, 59, Chatsworth street 
Owen, Ebenezer, 14, Adelaide street 
Owen, Edward, 54, Netherfield road, N. 
Owen, Ellen, 104, Ealkner street 
Owen, H. 99, Duke street 
Owen, Henry, 46, Grove street 
Owen, Henry, 134, Gregson street 
Owen, J. 135, Grey Bock street 
Owen, John, 278, Crown street 
Owen, John, 18, Dickenson street 
Owen, John, 96, Crown street 
Owen, John, 30, Bichmond terrace 
Owen, John, 19, Sherdley street 
Owen, M. 38, Newstead road 
Owen, Margaret, 83, Beaufort street 
Owen, Mrs. 22, Harlow street 
Owen, Mrs. Eliza, 21, Moon street 
Owen, B. 12, Elizabeth street 
Owen, Bichard, 61, Latham street 
Owen, Bobert, 72, Crete street 
Owen, T. 27, Cochrane street 
Owen, S. 59, Plumpton street 
Owen, Thomas, 58, Arthur street 
Owen, Thomas, 36, Crown street j 

Oweu, Thomas, 47, Oakfield road i 

Owen, William, 94, Beacon lane 
On en, W. P. 24^, Everton valley \ 

Oiren, —^ 32, Walnut street 


Owens, E. 113, Everton terrace 
Owens, E. 210, Athol street 
Owens, Dominic, 1, Boscommon street 
Owens, Dr. 41, Alt street 
Owens, Elizabeth, 50, Hardwick street 
Owens, Elizabeth, 43, Stafford street 
Owens, Griffith, 11, Cochrane street 
Owens, Hugh, 68, Egerton street 
Owens, J. 30, Bichmond ter. Breck road 
Owens, James, 29, Violet street 
Owens, Jane, 128, Breck road 
Owens, James, 128, Breck road 
Owens, John, 47, Crete street 
Owens, John, 218, Netherfield road, N. 
Owens, John, 9, Northumberland terrace 
Owens, John, 63, Boscommon street 
Owens, Lewis, 68, Carter street 
Owens, M. 40, Letitia street 
Owens, Mrs. 64, Aber street 
Owens, Mrs. Ann, 9, Huskisson street 
Owens, Mrs. E. 15, Poplar grove, The Elms 
Owens, Mrs. Grace, 186, Beaufort street 
Owens, Mrs. Margaret, 123, Queen's rd. 
Owens, Owen, 125, Spencer street 
Owens, Owen, 3, Kilshaw street 
Owens, Owen, 20, Arnold street 
Owens, Owen, 86, Aughton street 
Owens, Owen, 106, Upper Hill street 
Owens, B. 66, Orient street 
Owens, B. 43, Stanhope street 
Owens, Bichard, 20, Beacojti lane 
Owens, S. 97, Calder street 
Owens, Shem, 48, Clevedon street 
Owens, Thomas, 14, Premier street 
Owens, William, 88, Burleigh road south 
Owens, W. 18, Fitzclarence street 
Owens, W. 2, Queen's road 
Owens, W. 16, Aigburth street 
Owls, Dr. 13, Grecian terrace 
Oxberry,- Mrs. 124, Field street 
Oxbery, J. 94, Stanhope street 
Oxford, Mary, 10, Great Newton street 
Oxley, Dr. 49, Bodney street 
Oxley, J. 26, Schomberg street 
Oxten, Thomas, 108, Cardwell street 
Oxton, John, 16, Great Mersey street 
Oxton, Joseph, 40, Harbord street 
Oxton, T. 20, Albion street 

Pace, Bobert, 49, Falkner street 
Pacel, Louis, 131, Grove street 
Pack, Charles, 88, Berkley street 
Packer, Bichard, 35, Bloom street 
Packman, Bev. C- H. S, 10, Tennyson st. 
Paddington, John, 259 & 261, Scotland rd. 


Piddock, Bobert, 26, Grey street 
Bidlej, Alfred, 16, Carter street 
nigin, John, 7, Brownlow street 
Fkge, Charlotte, 209, Breck road 
Pkge, Elizabeth, 92, Smithdown lane 
Page, George, 29, Norwood grove 
Pige, Philip, 60, l^erton street 
Pkge, Bichard, 6, Greta street 
Page, William, 14, Oil street 
P^i^t, E. 7, Grove park 
Fading, Mrs. 41, Moville street 
Pain, Ed. 86, Kilshaw street 
Pain, James, 16, Perth street 
Pauley, John, G2, Langham street 
Fdkenham, Mrs. 14, Guilford street 
Paleogo, J. 12, Alexandra drive 
Palethorpe, J. L. 4, Eake lane 
Pally, Matthew, 133, Badcliffe street 
Palmer, — , 48, Fowler street 
Palmer, Elizabeth, 30, Eoscommon st. 
Palmer, George, 18, Eastside 
Palmer, John, 83, Walton lane 
Pklmer, J. 27, Bittern street 
Pdmer, J. 79, Park street 
Palmer, Matthew, 2, Olive street 
Palmer, Mrs. Mary, 40, Albion street 
Palmer, Thomas, 28, Clarence grove 
Palmer, E. & C. 84, Eichmond ter. Breck 
Palmer, R 24, Gloucester place [road 
Panney, Thomas, 37, Great Nelson st. 
Papayanni, Elias, 4, Marmaduke street 
Papayanni, George, 107, Shaw street 
Papenfuss, John, 14, Cookson street 
Pargeter, T. Henry, 198, Breck road 
Paris, George, 8, Tillotson street 
Paris, Mrs. Jane, 183, Up. Parliament st. 
Paris, John, 143, Huskisson street 
Paris, Philip, 7, Smithdown lane 
Park, M. E. 118, Canning street 
Park, John, 4, Aberdeen street 
Park, Thomas, 22, Sterling street 
Park, F. T. 34, Eodney street 
Parke, F. T. 34, Sandon street 
Parke, Mrs. Jane, 18, Lodge lane 
Parke, — , 8, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Parke, William, 27, Marybone 
Parker, Archibald, 162, Chatham street 
Parker, C. 141, Crown street 
Parker, Edwin, 221, Upper Parliament st. 
Parker, Esther, 26, Christian street 
Parker, E. F. 75 A 77, Phythian street 
Parker, Francis, 19, Myrtle street 
Parker, Henry, (58, Wcstbourne street 
Parker, Henry, 12, Salisbury street 
Parker, Henry, 138, Huskisson street 


Parker, G. H. 16, Leonora st. Park road 
Parker, John, 43, Park street 
Parker, Mary Ann, 252, Park road 
Parker, Mrs. Annie, 18, Caird street 
Parker, Mrs. C. 26, Queen's road 
Parker, Mrs. E. 61, Huskisson street 
Parker, Mrs. Mary Bridget, 88, Aubrey st. 
Parker, Matthew, 36, Upper Stanhope at. 
Parker, Eobert, 2, Sackville street 
Parker, — , 15, Greenland street 
Parker, Mrs. 13, Troughton street 
Parker, E. J. 89, Henry street 
Parker, T. 50, Canning street 
Parker, William, 39, Great Mersey st. 
Parker, William, 10, Sackville street 
Parkes, David, Conway street 
Parkes, E. 5, Barter street 
Parkes, John, 18, Kemble street 
Parkes, Eey. William, 19, West Derby st 
Parkes, William, 5, Sherdley street 
Parkhill, PhiUp, 199, Park road 
Parkington, H. 26, King street 
Parkins, Miss Mary, 9, Chatham place 
Parkins, W. 24, Collins street 
Parkinson, Bernard, 271, Crown street 
Parkinson, Elizabeth, 95, Tetlow street 
Parkinson, H. 13, Moville street 
Parkinson, James, 120, Salisbury street 
Parkinson, James, 18, Windsor street 
Parkinson, J. 1, Stanhope street 
Parkinson, J. 31, Baker street 
Parkinson, John, 18, Conway street 
Parkinson, Mrs. 3, Canning street 
Parkinson, P. 2, Moville street 
Parkinson, E. 31, Aber street 
Parkinson, E. 48, Laxey street 
Parkinson, Samuel H. 8, Mount street 
Parkinson, Eev. S. H. 46, Carter street 
Parkinson, — , 67, Kirkdale road 
Parkinson, — , 10, Harrington street 
Parks, Mrs. 159, Canning street 
Pari, James, 14, Field street 
Pari, Eichard, 88, Eose vale 
Parlasca, Eliza, 101, Eose place 
Parle, P. 52, Mitylene street 
Parnell, Eev. Charles, St. Margaret's 

Parsonage, Prince's road 
Parr, Edward, 265, Grafton street 
Parr, George, 30, Arnold street 
Parr, James, 16, Tynemouth street 
Parr, Eobert, 103, Park street 
Parr, W. 18, Netherfield road 
i Parratt, J. 3, Bclviclere road 
Parrington, Edmcl. 75, Nctherfiel<l rd. S. 
Parriugton, John, 6, Grey btroet 

' ■ I 


t^arrisl), ThomaB, 7, Great Newton street Parry, William, 39, Tennynon street 

Parrot, Mrs. W. 57, Gelling street 
Parrott, Mrs. Isabella, 33, Cleveland st. 
Parry, A. 31, Lower Mersey view 
Parry, D. 14, Exmouth street 
Parry, Edward, 4, Rodney street 
Parry, QxM)rge, 16, Parliament place 
Parry, George, 88, Queen Ann street 
Parry, Henry, 17, Lansdowne place 
Parry, H. 54, Adelaide street 
Parry, J. T. 5, Thirlmere road 
Parry, John, 3, Gregson street 
Parry, J. 76, Great Crosshall street 
Parry, John, 48, Netherfield road north 
Parry, John, 81, Christian street 
Parry, John, 27, Oompton street 
Parry, John, 20, Premier street 
Parry, Jeremiah, 43, Pitt street 
"Parry, John, 3, Walton Breck road 
Parry, John, 8, Moon street 
Parry, John, 7, Guilford street 
Parry, John, 1, Salop street 
Parry, John, 28, Lloyd street 
Parry, Joseph, 38, Harbord street 
Parry, Joseph, 3, Cockburn street 
tarry, L. 153, Field street 
Parry, Lewis, 22, Fielding street 
Parry, Leigh, 21, Cockburn street 
Parry, Lewis, 82, Grey Rock street 
Parry, Mary, 29, Tagit street 
Parry, Mrs. 100, Harlow street 
Parry, Mrs. E. 81, Orient street 
Parry, Mrs. E. 17, Laxey street 

Parry, W. 36, Beaumont street 
Parry, — , 207, Upper Parliament street 
Parsine, Richard, 80, Gregson street 
Parson, G. 100, Canning street 
Parson, W. D. 65, Hope street 
Parsonage, Susannah, 24, Canterbury at. 
Parsons, James, 150, Beaufort street 
Parsons, J. 12, Caird street 
Partington, 7, Caird street 
Partou, A. 31, Scourfield street 
Partoon, G. 41, Great Charlotte street 
Partridge, Charles, -35, South street 
Party n, C. D. 7, By ford street 
Pascoe, J. S. 80, Roscommon street 
Pass, B. 26, Gloucester place 
Patching, Captain, 19, Ncwlands sti'eet 
Pate, Thomas, 45, Chatsworth street 
Paterson, D. 7, Lavan street 
Paterson, J. 102, Beaufort street 
Paterson, John, 85, Dodge street 
Paterson, Thomas, 48, Scourfield street 
' Pateson, James, 10, Egerton street 
Paton, David, 34, Huskisson street 
Paton, G. 52, High Park street 
Patrick, J. 1, Erskine street 
Patrick, J. 12, Woodville ti»r. Breck road 
Patrick, Mrs. L. 10, Tamworth street 
Patson, R. 41, Beacon lane 
Patten, Mrs. E. 104, Thirlmere road 
Patten, Thomas, 42, Rishton street 
Patten, William, 73, Mityleue street 
I Patterson, George, 4, Salop street 

Parry, Mrs. Mary Eliza, 79, Red Rock st. ! Patterson, James, 62, Russell street 
Parry, Mrs. Phoebe, 18, Clevedon street Patterson, James, 6, Childwall street 
Parry, M. A. 172, Spencer street Patterson, John, 16, Devoushiro road 

Parry, M. 94, Kilshaw street Patterson, J. 35, Hamilton road 

Parry, Mical, 205, Grafton street ' Patterson, J. 14, Cleave street 

Parry, Peter, 176, Hui*ki8Hon street 
Parry, Richard, 43, Radcliffe street 
Parry, Robert, The Lawn, Ullet road 
Parry, Robert, 68, Park street 
Parry, Robert, 10, Rydal street 
Parry, R. 31, Hunt street 
Parry, R. 6, Orient street 
Parry, Thomas, 24, Everton village 
Parry, Thomas, 44, Rose vale 

Patterson, J. B. 7, Moon stn»et 
Pattenjon, — , 803, Grafton street 
PattiuHon, John R. 67, Edge lane 
Pattison, D. 200, Netherfield road north 
Pattison, James, 24, BlackReld street 
Pattison, Mrs. Emma, 48, Ilemans Htreet 
Pattison, William, 28, Blackfield street 
Patton, William, 69, Cresswell street 
Paul, Alfred, 52, York terrace 

Parry, Thomas, 42, Derby road, Kirkdale Pjiul, Byrne, 44, Warburton square 

Parry, Thomas, 62, Northumberland ter. Paul, Edward, 23, Brunei street 

Parry, Thomas, 16, Tetlow street Paul, J. 34, Wellesley road. Peel street 

Parry, Wm. H. 46, Derby road, Kirkdale Paul, J. 14, Hill strt^et 

Parry, William, 92, Aughton street 
Parry, William, 25, Premier street 
J^'arrjr, William, 47, Wesley street 
^^rry, WiJJiam, US, SaUabury street 


Paul, Robert E. 10, Grey street 
Pauling, G. 11, Laxey street 
Pawlett, Charles, 32, Sykes street 
Pawson, Edward, 59, Mason street 


hyn, 3o\m, 39, Curd street 

P»jne, M™. 62, " e Btreet 

PWjne, H. A. «2, 

htjne, ThoDuw, Htreet 

Peace, Geurgo, 3-2 
Peace, Jacob, U2, ^ 
Peace, J. R. 4, 
Peacb, Jweph, ■£ 
iPeaeock, A. S^, 

Peacock, David, 7, Lloyd street 
Peacock, J. P. n, 'Bloom street 
Peacock, Mn. 23, tnet 

:, William. 


Peate, ston street 

Peck, ( orwick street 

Peck, ; ter. Brack rd. 

Peck, SMnuel, street 

Peck, Watron. 24, Sherlock street 

Fearce, £■ 63, 

PearcOj G. 67, Thomaston street 
Pearce, J. 21, Bute street 
feAive, J. 6, ^K Peel street 

Pearce, J. 128, SM% 

Pearce, Mrs. 30. M 
Pearce, Mrs. 51, Ujnier Hope place 
Pearce, AV. 5, Mefton square 
Pearce, W. II, Tillot^on street 
Pears, H. H. old 
Ptarse, iiSi road 

Psarse, Mrs. ^^^ grore 

Pearson, — , (!, rij 
Pearson, Ami, 25, Hegrave Btreet 
Pearson, Benjamin E. 110, Mill road ■ 
Pearson, Cliarles, SI, Tillotaon street 
FearaoD, Edwin, 7. Iintlinm street 
Pearson, Elitn, 72, Grove street 
Pearson, Elizabetii,48, i^'reeland street 
Pearaon, ■ Boundary place 

Pearson, ill'e street 

Pearson, Hcnrj- street 

Pearson, Horatio A. A.'rSfiS street 

PeareoD, leam; 
Larson, J. ti'.i. 

Pearson, James. , street 

Pearson, John, 7. Cochrane street 
Pearson, M. 22. Breok rd. 

Pearson, Mrs. IM 
Pearson, Mrn. V. IS 

Pearson, Bobert, 3 
Pearson, Bev. S. 9, 
Pearson, T. 05, oRjiiJ 
Pearson, "Wood isn 

Pearson^ Williain, 63, Ij 

Pearwtn, William, 27, '/:^mS 

Pearson, William, ^^ 

Pearson, William, 76, Luther street 
Feat, James, Lieut. B.N.U., 33, Upper 
Parliament street 



Pedger, Frederick, Little Vine street 

Peers, George, 17, South street 

Peers, George, 

Peers, Henry 

Peers, James, ^ 

Peers, W. 35, 7K ter. Oxford sb 


Peet, George, 3 S% 

Peet, H. D. 

Peet, •! 

Peet, John, 

Peet, Pearson, 

3, Oxford street 
Peglnr, G. H.. n>ad 

Pegler, A. 46, T^&^, 
Peirce, 21, Great 

Peirce, Emanuel, '^^ street 

Peirpont, Jo 
Pelham, J. S 

Pember. John. v-alo 

Peniberton.G. Boechst. 

Pemberton. J street 

PembertoD, John, 21, Wenne road 

Pendleton, William, 9s, Conway street 
Penn, John, 88, street 

Penn. 8. H. 76, M Breck rd. 

Pennell, F. il. A. 9, Bruugliinn terrace, 
West Derby road 

41, Collins street 
Hugh, 32, Stanley eircet 
Janicii, H7, Tetlow Bireet 
John, 83, Mill road 
John, 208, Upper Parlia- 

Mro. Ann, 9, Parliament pi. 
Mrs. M. 19, Bed liotk st. 
T. B. 9. Evertoii road 
Thoinse, 40, Malisbury street 
Pennington, Thomas F. 12, Lowther at. 




Penticost, Caroline, 88, Cornwallif street 
Peotland, J. 42, Harlow street 
Pentland, John, 24, Boscommon street 
Penny, J. 25, Netherfield road south 
Penny, William, 42, Whitefield road 
Peples, L. 46, Kilshaw street 
pepper, J. 1, Ashton street 
pepper, W. 109, Heyworth street 
pepi)erill, Q-. 45, Upper Warwick street 
percival, J. 62, Kirkdale road 
percival, John, 35, Newlands street 
percival, W. Bice lane 
Percy, A. 78, Park Hill road 
peris, p. 18, Ogwen street 
Perkins, Henry, 53, Hamilton road 
Perkins, J. 54, Greenland street 
perks, Edward, 62, Salop street 
Perrin, A. 55, Oxford street 
perrin, James, 8, Alfred street 
perrin, John, 09, Tetlow street 
Perris, Charles, 3, Tillotson«street 
perris, John, 3, Anson street 
Perris, WiUiam S. SB, Compton street 
Perrott, John, 48, Prospect street 
Perry, Captain, 7, Grecian terrace 
perry, David, 23, Huskisson street 
perry, Edward, 16, Sir Howard street 
Perry, Frederick, 61, Oxford street 
Perry, John, 4, Upper Hill street 
Perry, John A. 42, Spellow lane 
Perry, Joseph, 68, Boscommon street 
Perry, Mrs. Elizabeth, 52, Virgil st. 
Perry, S. 9, Schomberg street 
Perry, T. 80, Kilshaw street 
Perry, Thomas, 128, Salisbury street 
Perry, W. 51, Menzies street 
Pescot, 100, Boundary lane 
Petch, Edward, 44, Great Newion street 
Peters, Captain J. 19, Berkley street 
Peters, JohD, 122, Conway street 
Peters, J. & W. 280, Upper Parliament st. 
Peters, W. 62, Warburton street 
Peters, W. 324, Netherfield road north 
Peters, William, 3, Bittern street 
Petersop, Hans, 64, Norfolk street 
Peterson, Jos. 128, Beaufort street 
Peterson, P. 6, Moville street 
Peterson, William, 56, Bauiber street 
Petite, Mdm. 2 <& 3, Great George square 
Petite, Margaret, 86, Netherfield road, N. 
Petrie, David W. 37, Berkley street 
J'^^Je, Z>r. Jsmes (M.D.), 13, Upper Par- 
Jj'aznent street 

w'^' ^^- ^' Wslnut street 
^^^, I'eteri64, Neleoa street 


Petterson, Bichard D. 160, Park road 
Pettigrew, — , 24, Faraday street 
Peur, 127, Grove street 
Pew, W. 22, Little Woolton street 
Pewnell, Mrs. B. 20, Gloucester place 
Peyton, C. 14, Everton Brow 
Phease, David, 12, Toxteth street 
Pheir, William, 3, Mildred street 
Phelix, John, 111, Prescot street 
Phelps, R 26, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
Pbibbs, Miss, 92, Bedford street 
Philips, Oliver, 36, Pluto street 
Philips, T. D. 17, Bydal street 
Philips, T. 60, Aughton street 
Philips, Thomas, 1, Elizabeth street 
Philips, Thomas, 1, Lodge lane 
Philips, William, 40, Mackenzie street 
Phillips, David, 62, Caryl street 
Phillips, E. 88, Harlow street 
Phillips, Ellen, 48, Lloyd street 
Phillips, J. 18, Faraday street 
Phillips, J. 24, Virgil street 
Phillips, John, 9, Besitley road 
Phillips, John, 66, Cleveland street 
Phillips, John, 9, Back Goree 
Phillips, John, 95, Upper Parliament st. 
Phillips, John, 34, Virgil street 
Phillips, Joseph B. 85, Christian street 
Phillips, Mrs. 50, Bose vale 
Phillips, Mrs. 93, Crown street 
Phillips, Mrs. G. 55, Gelling street 
Phillips, Owen, 89, Silvester street 
PhiUips, W. Marcus, 14, Huskisson st. 
Phillips, William B. 31, Gelling street 
Phillipps, Wielopolski G. A. 31, Boun- 
dary place 
Phillipson, James, 35, St. James's road 
Phillipson, William, 36, Beacon lane 
Philson, Alexander, 29, Gildart street 
Phipps, Chas.Paul(M.P.), 87, Bedford st. 
Phipps, John, 9, Seldon street 
Phipps, S. B. 10, Croxteth road 
Phoenix, Charles, 106, Queensland street 
Phoenix, J. 118, Warwick street 
Phoenix, John, 111, Prescot street 
Phythian, Mary, 12, Queen Ann street 
Pickance, Balph, 161, Duke street 
Pickarvance, W. 142, Canning street 
Pickavanel, Maria, 21, Mount street 
Pickels, Bev. J. 156, Queen*s road 
Picken, Ambrose, 13, Blackfield street 
Pickering, — , 64, Langham street 
PicktTiug, — , 103, Boundary lane 
Fiekeriug, James, 4ft, ^o^aoxwmoti ^t* 
Pickering, Jo\m, 11^, Cjvoxe «ICt^\. 




Fickering, Mira Emma, 148, Tunnel road 
Fickeringy Mrs. E. 3, Hamilton road 
Fickerranoe, J. 256, Netherfield road, N. 
Picket, Mary A. 12, Blackfield street 
Pickett, O. 98, Salop street 
Kcklea, Edwin, 12, Morpeth street 
Pickles, Mrs. 108, Field street 
Pickop, William, 34, Olive street 
Picknne, Joseph, 51, Arthur street 
Pickthafi, John, 52, Alma street 
Pickthall, Mrs. PI 83, Grove park 
Pickton, John Wm. 58, Everton Brow 
Pickap, Alfred, 210, P^rk road 
Pickup, Alfred, 255, Upper Parliament st. 
Pickup, George, 46, Vesuvius street 
Pierce, E. 54, Boundary lane 
Pierce, Joseph, 9, St. James's Mount 
Pierce, Mrs. Catherine,95, Up.Stanhope st. 
Pierce, fiichard, 15, Everton terrace 
Pierce, Bohert, 85, Salisbury street 
Pierce, Koger, 168, Tunnel road 
Pierce, W. 22, Belvidere road 
Piercy, Joseph, 80, Everton road 
Piero, Stephen, 31, Great Nelson street 
Pierrepont, Mrs. Eliz. Marg. 38, Breck- 
fiela road south 
srrepont, W. 134, Breck road 
rott, Mrs. M. 138, Canning street 
ce, George, 83, Spencer street 
Pike, John T. 162, Grove street 
Pilcher, E. M. 26, Fitzclarence st. 
Pilcher, John, 1, Church Mount 
Pilkington, D. 1(5, Overton street 
Pilkington, S. 12, Bedford street 
Pilkington, Thomas, 17, Tynemouth st. 
Pilkington, Thorp as, 19, Hare wood street 
Pill, Sarah, 87, Spencer square 
Pilling, Jame8, 12, Eydal street 
Pilot, S. 34, Tetlow street 
Pilshaw, E. 36, York terrace 
Pim, Miss, 31, Belmont road 
Pimbott, Samuel, 204, West Derby road 
Pinder, G. 80, Hamilton road 
Pinder, John, 11, Beech Mouut, Beech st. 
Pinder, E. M, Whitefield road 
Pinder, W. 10, Sparling street 
Pine, Pred. 89, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Pine, N. 54, Upper Hope place 
Pinker, James, 19, Great Mersey street 
Pinkerton, Margaret, 28, Gt. Newton st. 
Pinkerton, R. 156 Canning street 
Pinkston, W. 29, Combermere street 
Pinn, J. 42, Boundary Jane 
Pinning, Mrs. Elizabeth, 114, Beacon lane 
Pinnington, J, 25, Combermere street 

Pinnington, Samuel, 94, Upper Beau st, 
Pinnington, Thomas, 17, Byford street 
Pinnock, John, 83, Tweed street 
Pintress, M. 228, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Pirouet, E. G. 113, Park street 
Pirrie, Washington, 139, Upper Parlia- 
ment street 
Pisgance, 148, Upper Parliament street 
Pitzpatric, John, 5, Newhall street 
Pitt, Martin, 113, Limekiln lane 
Pitt, Mrs. H. 123, Ghatsworth street 
Piwell, Mrs. E. 1, Newstead road 
Pixton, Andrew, JO, Marmaduke street 
Pixton, George, 1, Overton street 
Pixton, J."^B. 99, Woodville ter. Breck 

Place, G. 117, Upper Warwick street 
Pladey, Sarah, 36, Smithdown lane 
Planchard, R C. 73, Woodville terrace, 

Breck road 
Blanche, J. Gerratt, 32, Netherfield rd. S. 
Plane, W. T. 37, Queen's road 
Plank, George, 96, St. Domingo vale 
Plant, Alfred, 23, Adelaide street 
Piatt, John, 2, Norwood grove 
Piatt, John, 49, Conyers street 
Piatt, J. 35, Upper Beau street 
Piatt, Miss E. 48, Falkner street 
Piatt, William, 12, Fielding street 
Pljce, E. 63, Orient street 
Plimkett, Lawrence, 6, Edinburgh street 
Plisset, Mrs. Alice, 21, Caird street 
Plum, Thomas, 8, Queensland street 
Plumbe, Eichard, 167, Vine street 
Plunkett, Edward, 73, MQl street 
Plunkett, Mrs. Elizabeth, 12, Virgil st. 
Pluutot, L. P. 36, Brownlow street 
Pocock, Henry A. 9, Aubrey street 
Podmore, John, 102, Wellington road 
Pohlmann, William, Hargreaves build- 
ings. Chapel street 
Point on, E. 32, Baker street 
Pointon, Samuel, 10, Nelson street 
Poland, Jane, 17, MinshuU street 
Pollard, Edward, 126, Beacon lane 
Pollard, George, 8, Carter street 
Pollard, William, 9, Adelaide street 
Pollock, Eobert, 132, EadclifFe street 
Ponton, J. 83, Woodville terrace, Breck 

Pook, William, 24, Toxteth street 
Poole, F. 42, Laxey street 
Poole, Mary Anu, 1G6, Huskisaon street 
Poole, 3ameE,*I^,^w\«N ^\.x^\» 
Poole, "Maftft ^. \^Si ^>\^\^^^^3^^^'y^*^ 




Pooley, A. 9, Albert park, UUet road 
Pooz, Joseph, 54, Mill street 
Pope, Abrabam Swain, 20, SackviUe st. 
Pope, P. 26, Wellesley road, Peel street 
Pope, Samuel, 4, Barter street 
Pope, William, dO, Berkley street 
Porley, W. 8, Grove Park 
Port, Frederick, 180, Tunnel road 
Portcourse, Thomas, 40, Beloe street 
Porter, Mrs. A E. 202, Breck road 
Porter,' George, 8, Lutber street 
Porter, John, 57, Canning street 
Porter, Mary, 78, Berkley street 
Porter, Ealph, 107, St. Domingo road 
Porter, S. 67, Hughes strpet 
Porter, T. 76, Northumberland street 
Porter, Thomas, 12, Moville street 
Porter, W. 28, Harlow street 
Porter, W. 33, Conway street 
Porter, W. 13, Fpper Hill street 
Porter, W. 86, HiQ street 
Postance, Eev. R 84, St. Domingo vale 
Postlethwaite, D. 58, Parr street 
Postlethwaite, M. A. 79, White Eock st. 
Poston, P. H. 18, Great George square 
Poston, Mrs. 15, Baraber street 
Potbury, John, 3, Brougham terrace, 

West Derby road 
Pottage, Fred. William, 66, Eose vale 
Potter, Eliza, 6, Hughes street 
Potter, J. 2, Bowring street 
Potter, James, 54, Tennvson street 
Potter, Eobert, 21, South street 
Potter, Thomas, 91, Everton terrace 
Potter, Thomas, 118, Bedford street 
Potter, W. 126, Grey Eock street 
Potter, William, 42, Berkley street 
Potter, William, 64, Conyers street 
Potter, W. 10, Alexandra ter. Prince's rd. 
I^>tt8, James, 37, Oakfield road 
Potts, Mrs. M. A. 47, Crown street 
Potts, Samuel, 100, Queen's road 
Potts, William, 8, St. Mary's lane 
Potts, William, 5, Wesley street 
Pouley, C. 11, Bengel street 
Poulton, John, 4, Hughes street 
Poulton, Thomas, 15a, Mt. Vernon road 
Povey, Samuel, 30, Tennyson street 
Powel, T. 77, Hill street 
Powell, Mrs. 46, Faraday street 
Powell, Amelia, 169, Islington 
Powell, Anna, 106, Park street 
Powell, Elisabeth, 47, Comwallis street 
^'oweJJ, F. 14, Elizabeth street 
J'owe/J, John, 103, Chatham tftreet 


Powell, John, 25, Wesley street 
Powell, John, 219, Grafton street 
Powell, John, 140, Field street 
PoweU, Mrs. 87, Everton terrace 
Powell, Mrs. Ann, 21, Canton street 
Powell, Mrs. Eliz., 43, St. James's place 
Powell, Mrs. Margaret, 19, Dodge street 
Powell, Mrs. Sarah, 32, Melville street 
Powell, T. 6, Bowring street 
Powell, Thomas William, 57, Arthur st. 
Powen, William, 84, Alma street 
Power, Elizabeth, 80,.EiBhton street 
Power, John E. 92, Admiral street 
Power, Mrs. M. 43, Gelling street 
Power, Miss Flora, 8, Farnworth street 
Power, Peter, 8, Great Nelson street 
Power, E G. 31, Peel street 
Power, Eev. P. 7, North View 
Power, Eichard, 55, Jordan street 
Power, Thomas, 2, Berkley street 
Power, W. 38, Orient street 
Powers, C. 86 & 38, Boaler street 
Powles, Mrs. 65, Eose vale 
Powley, Joseph, 3, Lonsdale street 
Prag, Eev. Jacob, 35, Mount street 
Prange, F. 19, Devonshire road 
Pratchard, Mrs. M. A. 28, White Eock st, 
Pratchett, T. 12, Brownlow street 
Prath, A, 117, Everton terrace 
Pratt, F. 76, Whitefield lane 
Pratt, G. 23, Crete street 
Pratt, J. E. 15, Falkner street 
Pratt, John, 18 & 20, Crown street 
Prax, — , 69, Mount Pleaiant 
Prearce, Eobert, 12, Eeservoir street 
Pregg, Joseph, 64, Warburton street 
Prenslaw, A. 29, Upper Parliament street 
Prentice, William, 34, Fairclough lane 
Prcsante, D. 21, Dickenson street 
Prescot, G. 48, Upper Parliament street 
Prescot, H. 51, Gelling street 
Prescott, James H. 20, Upper Boau street 
Prescott, Mary Ann, 76, Upper Hope pi. 
IVescott, Samuel, 65, Elizabeth street 
Prescott, William, 5, Manfred street 
I Presdu, J. 1, Netherfield road north 
1 Pressprich, Otto, 65, Canning street 
Prest, Mrs. Jane, 24, Plunipton street 
Prestman, John, 94, Eose vale 
Preston, C. 68, Menzies street 
Preston, H. B. 72, Devonshire road 
Preston, J. 180, Wavertree road 
Preston, J. 72 & 74, Warwick street 
Preston, E. A. 50, Menziee street 
Preston, Thomas, 19, Bloom street 


Preaton, W. Bock House, West Derby rd. Pritchard, H. 31, St. Paul's square 
PreBton, William, 30, Sackville street Pritchard, Thomas, 12, Blackboume st. 

Preston, William, 11, Avon street 
Preston, William, 49, Luther street 
Preston, William, 11, Avon street 
Pretyman, Eev. J. B. 29, Huskisson st. 
Maton, Edwin, 67, Shaw street 
Price, Charles, 152, Field street 
Price, B. 7, Great Crosshall street 
Price, Edward, 43, Hanover street 
Price, Elizabeth, 7, Great Crosshall street 
Price, F. E. 60, Coniston street 
Price, J. 80, 0»wen street 
Price, James, 31, Falkner square 
Price, John, 54, Vine street 
Price, John, 144, Wellington road 
Price, John, 16a, Devonshire place 
Price, John, 39, Rydal street 
Price, Jos. 54, Grasmere street 
Price, Margaret M. 114, Prescot street 
Price, Margaret, 114, Prescot street 
Price, Mrs. M. (J8, Northumberland ter. 
Price, Mi8sS.A.319, Upper Parliament st. 
Price, Mrs. Ann, 43, St. Domingo grove 
Price, Robert, 2, Bedford street 
Price, Bichard, 5, Conway street 
Price, S. 9, Aber street 
Price, Thomas, 14, Walnut street 
Price, W. 31, Wellington road 
Price, W. 162, Beacon lane 
Rice, William, 57, Anderson street 
Prichard, Hugh, 123, Upper Beau street 
Prichard, Owen, 46, Highfield street 
Prichard, Eichd. II. 126, Upper Beau st. 
Prickerd, — , 90, Boundary lane 
Meter, Arthur, 293, Grafton street 
Pride, John, 106, White Kock street 
Prier, H. B. 16, Haliburton street 
Priest, David, 175, Vine street 
!^est, Thomas, 205, Upper Parliament st. 
Priestley, Mrs. E. 67, Kensington 
Priestley, John, 12, Canterbury street 
Priestly, John, 32, Bengel street 
Priestly, T. V. 8, Wentworth street 
Primlet, Eobert, 7, Morpeth street 
Prince, J. 4, Northumberland street 
Prince, S. 2, Ashton street . 
Prince, Samuel, 16, Bushton street 
Prince, Samuel, 80, Cleveland street 
Pringle, — , 58, Upper Stanhope street 
Prioleau, C. K. 19, Abercromby square 
Prior, Abraham, 18, Priestley street 
Prior, C. E. 23, Overton street 
Pritchard, Ann, 1, Queensland street 
Pritchard, Anne, 22, BaiBes street 

Pritchard, Daniel, 16, Pleasant street 
Pritchard, Hugh, 188, Vine street 
Pritchard J. 90, Stanhope street 
Pritchard J. 50, Breckiield road north 
Pritchard, J. 126, Hamilton road 
Pritchard, J. 61, Tforthumberland street 
Pritchard, J. 9, Mount Vernon street 
Pritchard, J. D. 11, Everton crescent, 

Everton Brow 
Pritchard, John, 25, Norwood grove 
Pritchard, John, 25, Prospect street 
Pritchard, John, 34, Alma street 
Pritchard, John, 22, Gh-eat Mersey street 
Pritchard, John, 39, Wesley street 
Pritchard, Mrs. E. 35a, West Derby st. 
Pritchard, Joseph, 14, Lowther street 
Pritchard, M. 13, Conwajr street 
Pritchard, Mary, 15, Moira street 
Pritchard, Mr». 37, Greenland street 
Pritchard, Mrs. 57, Wesley street 
Pritchard, Mrs. Jane, 81, Hamilton road 
Pritchard, E. 19, Caird street 
Pritchard, E. 102, Northumberland street 
Pritchard, T. 134, North Hill street 
Pritchard, W. M. 29, Freeland street 
Probert, E. 123, Breck road 
Procter, Jas. 43, Hope street 
Procter, Mrs. M. 23, Aberdeen street 
Procter, Thos. 82, Conway street 
Proctor, K. 53, Erskine street 
Proter, T. Gr. 78, Stanhope street 
Proudfoot, Mrs. M. 17, Mount Vernon rd. 
Proudley, Mrs. M. 8, Caird street 
Proudley, Thos. 7, Kilshaw street 
Prouse, Wm. 58, Huskisson street 
Prow, D. 153, Netherfield road north 
Prowse, J. B. 87, Canning street 
l^owse, John, 63, Toxteth street 
Pryde, Margaret, 20, Sterling street 
Pryer, (Charles, 28, Haliburton street 
Pryer, Edwin, 19, Chatsworth street 
Pryer, Eobert, 95, Athol street 
Pryor, G. 44, Boundary lane 
Pucha, H. 3, Beech terrace. Beech street 
Pucketts, John, 1, Beech street 
Puckle, Mrs. E. 27, Netherfield rd. south 
Pudding, H. 170, Mount Pleasant 
Pugh, — , 119, Chatham street 
Pugh, — , 89, Mount Pleasant 
Pugh, Ephraim, 3, Sterling street 
Pugh, Henry, 60, South street 
Pugh, J. 180, Queen's road 
Pngb, Josiak S. ^,^^oi^ ^\x^^ 



Pugt, Mias M. 93, Grey Bock street 

Pngh, Samuel Lewis, 31, Field street 

Pugh, Thomas, 48, Brownlow street 

Pngh, T. 69, laaej etreet 

Pngh, ThoB. 81, Wellingtoo road 

Pugh, W. 70, South street 

Pngh, Whitworth, 29, Newlands street 

Pughe, D. 20, Windermere street, Breck 

Pnghe, J. 6G, Oresswell street 
Pughe, T. 43, Brownlow street 
Pughe, Wm. 57, Eadcliffe street 
Pugmire, John, 17, Moon street 
Pnlford, A. 7, FitBclarence street 
Pulford, J. 8, Bankfield street 
Pulson, Wm, 71, Cresswell street 
Pnnshon, W. A. 57, Grove street 
Pnrcell, A. 19, Churchill road 
Pnrcell, Mrs. Fannj, 8, Seldon street 
Purdey, Wm. 57, Shaw street 
Pnidie, Jas. 12, North View 
Purdon,Mra.E. 56, Upper Parliament at. Q, 
Purdan, Bobert, 1, Sandon street 
Pnrdy, Mrs. E. 63, Queen's road 
Poridl, S. 19, Phythian street 
Fuise, John, 55i, Caird street 
Pursell, J. 24, Thirlmere road 
Pnrslow, William, 5, Underbill street 
Pnrvis, JoEd, 108, York terrace 
Push, A- H. Liscam House, Ullet road 
Putt, Prank, 89, White Bock street 
Pye, Edward, 28, Salop street 
Pye, J. 64, CresBwell street 
Pye, Miles, 38, Beacon lane 
Pye, Mrs. 4, Breck road north 
Pye, Mary, 70, Eoscommon street 
Pye, Nathan, 4, Breckfield road north 
Pye, ThoB. 4, Grey Eock street 
I^e, Thomas, 13. St. Bride street 
^e, WiUiam, 27, Tagit street 
I^er, James Henry, 44, Seym»ur street 
l^gott, Bichard, 192, Cardwell street 
Pyser, — , 251, Grafton street 

Quail, George, 123, Field street 
Quail, Mrs. A. 25, Bulwer street 
Qoaile, T. 50, Crown street 
Quaily, Miss, 2, Church mount 
Qufllsh, P. 71, Thirlmere road 
Quarton, J. A. 46, Hunt street 
Quayle, C. 88, Wellington road 
Qoayk, C. B. 12, Sefton square 
Quayle, E. 89, Greenland street 
Qu»j]e, James, 3, Perth street 
eoMyle, Jas. 3, Duncan ttreet 

Qusyle, John, 154, Park road 
Quayle, Mrs. 14, Moore place 

ip, 68, Bengel street 
p, 116, Sraithdown lane 
naa, 63, Eose place 
89, Mount Pleasant 
»ard, 8, Violet street 

lliam, 58, South Hill road 
ph, 65, Oardwell street 
. 65, Gelling street 
SI, Eichmond ter. Breck rd. 
bert, 80, EHzsbetli street 
MMgaret, 26, Crete street 
Quine, G. 31, Upper Hill street 
Quine, J. 18, Combermere street 
Quine, James, 89, Wellington road 
Quine, Sobert, 89, Lowther street 
Quine, Thomas. 63, South Chester street 
Quine, W. 57, Queen's road 
Quine, William, 28, Chesnut street 
Quinn, Austen, 5, Prospect street 
Quinn, B. 2, Luther street 
Quinn, P. J. 229, Crown street 
Quinn, J. 24, Parliament street 
Qninn, Mary. 113, Upper Beau street 
Quinn, Eose, 32, Parliament street 
Quinn. T. 65, Luther street 
Quirk, Edward, 81, Thirlmere road 
Quirk, Margaret, 4, Bute street 
Quirk, William, 9, Tweed street 
Quirk, William H. 43. Kensington 
Quirl, Michael, 249, Crown street 

Eadbury. M. E. 18, Winter street 
Badcliff, William, 100, Thirlmere road 
Eadcliffe, Jane, 82, Falkner street 
Eadcliffe, Tommaso, 40, Canning street 
Eae, David, 1, Blackfield street 
Bae, H, CMrie, 3, Percy street 
Bae, James, 60, Devon street 
Bac, John, 222, Smithdown lane 
Bae, Mary J. 21, Prospect street 
Bae, Eev. Eben. 12. Peel street 
Bae, B. E. 17, Norton street 
Bae, Bobert, 32, Yesuviue street 
Baffles, Thomas S. 13, Abercromby sq. 
EaffloB.W.W.18unny Side, Devonshire rd. 
Bag, B. C. 11, Wert; Derby atroet 
Ba^n, John, 36, Eose place 
EaiUy, Jane, 12, Eastbourne street 
Bainey, C. 2, Bed Bock street 
Esinford, James Kaye, 107, Crown at. 
Eainford, H. 19, Bittern straet 
Bainsford, James, 76, Spencer street 
Baitt, William, 75, Badcliffe street 




Ealf, J. 32, Derby road, Kirkdale 

fiallj, M. 3, Deanc road 

Ralli, Siprnor, 140, Upper Parliament st. 

Ealph, Mrs. 57, Hope street 

Balph, 8. Thomas, 144, Huskisson street 

Balphs, Robert, 97, Rose vale 

Bidstou, Mrs. J. 36, Sandon street 

Ramble, Robert, 238, West Derby road 

Bamm, H. C. 19, Gt. George square 

BtmBftj, A. M. D. 9, Procter terrace, 

Whitefield road 
Bamsaj, D. 9, Parkfield road 
Bamsay, J. 48, Warwick street 
Bamsay, Louisa, 1, Newby terrace, Bel- 
mont road 
Bamsay, Mrs. A. 21, Byford street 
Bamsay, Mrs. Margaret, 31, Bentley rd. 
Bamabottom, John, 13, Mt. Vernon rd. 
Bamsey, William, 17, Freeland street 
Bamskill, Thomas, 46, White Rock st. 
Bamson, Thomas, 15, Raffles street 
Bamson, Thomas, 3, Walton Breck road 
Ban, William, 67, Berkley street 
fianadiU, E. 10, High Park street 
Bandall, Charles, 25, Tagit street 
Bandall, Mrs. Ann, 20, Vine street 
Bandle, James, 47, Caryl street 
Bandle, Thomas J. 82, Salop street 
Bandies, Mary, 8. Upper Willjam street 
Randies, Peter, 5, Sand street 
Range, Joe, 19, Tagit street 
Range, ^laurice, 31, Catharine street 
Bankan, Mrs. 83, Huskisson street 
Rankin, James, 67, Latham street 
Rankin, James, 29, St. James's place 
Rankin, John, 9, Egerton street 
Rankin, John, 29, Upper Stanhope st. 
Rankin, John, 60, Luther street 
Rankin, John, 58, St. Domingo vale 
Rankin, Mrs. Jane, 48, St. James's st. 
Rankin, R. 72, Upper Parliament street 
Rannard, Edgar, 14, Kerford street 
Raper, William, 64, Clarence grove 
Rapheal, P. 17, Lenora street, Park road 
Rass, Joseph, 103, Cardwell street 
RatolifT, Edward, 5, Moira street 
Hatcliff, Mrs. Mary, 117, Warwick st. 
Ratcliffe, Anne, 100, Breck road 
Ratcliffe, Charles, 146, Grove street 
Ratcliffe, David, 34, Alfred street 
Ratcliffe, Henry, 38, Conway street 
Ratcliffe, Henry, 23, Cleveland street 
Ratcliffe, J. 39, Chatsworth street 
Ratcliffe, John, 6, Churchill street 
BatcHffe, William, 47, Kinglake street 

Ratford, M. J. 98, Westbourne street 
Rathbone, Faithful, 5, Gt. Richmond st. 
Rathbone, J. 19, Brenton street 
Raven, Mrs. Ann, 67, Chatsworth street 
Ravenscroft, Mary, 35, Elizabeth street 
Ravenscroft, W. 108, Kilshaw street 
Ravenscroft, — , 106, Kilshaw street 
Ravinn, J. 16, Greenland street 
Rawden, J. 11, Edge lane 
Raweson, W. S. 164, Crown street 
Rawkins, Charles Edward, 5, Blaokbum 

terrace, Blackburn place 
Rawland, G. J. 117, Spencer street 
Rawlands, Owen, 68, Edinburgh street 
Rawlandson, William, 24, Langham st. 
Rawley, E. 29, Brownlow street 
Rawling, J. 120, Boundary lane 
Rawlins, H. 59, Red Rock street 
Rawlinson, F. 43, Newstead road 
Rawlinson, James, 17, Overbury street 
Rawlinson, John, 3, Dodge street 
Rawlinson, A. 37, Cleveland street 
Rawson, C. 28, Brownlow street 
Ray, J. 36, Thomaston street 
Ray, J. B. 4, Clayton square 
Ray, Rev. James, 61, York terrace 
Ray, John, 36, Wesley street 
Kay, John, 27, Clarence grove 
Ray, Robert, 39, Parkfield road 
Rayner, Edward, 76, Berkley street 
Rayner, H. 70, Windermere st. !&reck rd. 
Rayner, L. 3, Sunny Side, Devonshire rd. 
Rayner, William, 79, Upper Stanhope st. 
Rayner, William Edward, 34, Oxford st; 
Rea, Alexander, 69, Eldon place 
Rea, W. C. 55, Everton road 
Rea, J. 22, Newstead road 
Rea, Mrs. J. 65, Woodvillo ter. Breck rd. 
Rea, W. 206, Netherfield road north 
Reach, John, 67, Kinglake street 
Reach, Thomas, 42, Vine street 
Read, D. 9, Aberdeen street 
Read, Joseph, 44, Whitefield lane 
Read, Mrs. Jane, 20, Derby street 
Read, Mrs. Mary, 141, Grove street 
Read, Samuel, 31, Wentworth street 
Read, T. 29, Lavan street 
Reader, J. W. 95, Queen's road 
Readhead, John, 62, Harlow street 
Reason, Thomas, 38, Conyers street 
Reay, J. B. 78, WoodviUe ter. Breck rd.' 
Redcliff, J. 49, Bulwer street 
Redding, J. 17, Anderson street 
Reddington, N. 1, Blackboume street 
Reddingtou, P. 19, Mill tos^ 


BeddmRton, Patrick, 73, Jordan street 

Eeddiah, Charles, 87, Phythian street 

Beddv, C. 8, 

Bodfeani, E. B. street 

Bedfesm, Mrs. 

Bedfwn, F. 71, 

Bedfern, W^^. 

Bedfern, ilberdeen street 

Bedford, D. 89, Eose vale 

Bedgwar ** 


Bedmsii, Bosona, 25, Bnmawiclc street 

Beece, T 
Beed,F. , 
Eeed, Thoraa 

, Belmont rd. 
les street 

Eeede, Miss, ^ 

Boeley, Mm. T. 7, 

Bees, Capt. D. 30, Beaumont street 

Bees, E. 28, 

Bees, James, 45, Egerton street 

Beea, John, 81a, Queen's road 

Bees, Jonea, 24, Newby ter. Belmont rd. 

Bees, &ln. Jane, road, 8. 


Bees, street 

Bees,' eel It 

Bees, Thomas, 6, Alexandra Ihive 

Bees, William, 34, White Dock street 

Beese, Mm. J. 42, Letitia street 

Beeve, E. 10, The street 

Beeves, treet 





B^t, Marr 13, Kent street 
Begen, Mrs. str 

Beher, John, 2 tret 

Beid, David, 1 

Beid, let 

Beid, Henry, 46, Jordan street 
Beid, Henry, 10a, 
Beid, John, 2, 
Beid, John, 4, 
■£»«( Joseph, 8, 
■Seif^ Muy, 248. Falkaer Xtreet. 
' 128 


Beid, Mrs. 28, Percy street 

Beid, Ml i, Whiteficid street 

Beid, ^^ Bock street 

Beid, SJ^jBtrect 

Beillv, street 

Beilly, Eunice, 

Beilly, Bev. C. 


Bendell, A. 158, Hamilton road, Everton 

Bendell, Bichard, 110, Vine street 

Benner, Mhi.E.38, W 





lament st. 



Bewn, Thomas, , 



Beynolds, E 

road north 

Beynolds, F 

Beynolds, G 

a. Kirkdale 

Beynolds, G^eorge, «, ^^Ji^ 

Beynolds, James, 109, 

B^nolds, I street 



Beynolds, street 

Reynolds, P. 40, Collins street 

Beynolds, B. 47, Albion street 

Beynolds, B. 10, Brownlow street 

Beynolds, Bobert - " " au street 


Beynolds, Bichard D. 31, Brunei street 

Beynolds, Thomas, 88, Wellington ter- 


Eire, Ch.rie., 

Eice, Edwin, 2, WS 

Kite. John, «,^«»!Sif 




raon street 





Bice, William, 19, Salisbury street 

Bich, L. D. 70, Devonihire road. W. 

Kchard. Mre. A. 46. Gelling street 

Bichard», B. 5, Baker street 

Biohardrt, O&ptain, 1, St. James's road 

Bichards. George, !■*, 

Bichardn, Janice, '* 

Bichardn, John. 11, 

Bichards, John,, IG, ^^*? 

Biehards. Mm. 134, Bedfiwiatreet 



BichardH. TM^ itredt 


Bichards, ^et 


Bicbards. W. at. 

Bicharda, W. 

Biflharda, -, 18, 

Bicbardaon, C. £■> "t. 

BJahardaon. Captain G. -15, Tennyeon at. 

KchardBon, D. 54. Premier street 

Biehardson, Eliza, 54, 

BicbardsoD, G. B- 10 

Bicbardaon, J. 31, 

Kebardaon, J. 31, ^^ 

Ricbard«on, Jamea, 23, Fair street 

Bicbardaon, James, 19, Bidder street 

Biehardson, Jamea. 

Bicbaidson, J. J. 24, Hardy street 

Biehardson, .Tohn, 48, Aber street 

Biehardson, Jolin, 

Biehardson, J. II. ter. 

Biehardson, Miss Lydio, 27, Upper Par- 
liament street 

Biehardson, &[ra. 18, 

Biehardson, Mrs. street 

Biehardson. K. tiO, 

Bicbardaon. B. 40, »M^ 

Bicbardaon, itober 

Kcbardaon, Bober lane 

Bidiardaon, H. >t at. 

Kcbardson, T. 

Biehardson, T. 25, 

Bicbardson, T. 63. 

Biehardson. T. 72, 

Biehardson, T. D. t 

Kchardson, Tltomi 

Biehardson, Thonu 

Biehardson, \V. 14 

William, 84, Landseer atreet 
Wm. W. 28, Sherdley street 

Bicbmond, Barbara, 147, Grove street 

Biehmond, rrands, 68, He m a iw street 

Bidunond, U. J. 78, Ha^w atreet 


Richmond, Jane, 100, Field street 
Richmond, The street 



101, Prescot atreet 
, Harbord street 


Ridley, \m 

Ridley, William, 

Rieley, John, 70, 

Rielly, James, 20, 

Rielly, O. P. 188, Atbol street 

Rigby, Jane, 14, Winter street 

Higby, John, 115, 

Rigby, John, 118, 

Rigby, John, 



Rigby, Mrs. 10, 

Rigby, Thomas, 64, Guilford street 

Rigby, Thomas, 23, 

Rigby, William, 40, 


Rigg, He 

Riley^ E. 8, Great' 

Riloy, Eliza, S 

Riley, J. 62, 

Riley, James, 8, UegraTO street 

Riley, J "" 'Jpper Hope place 

Riley.M j... ifta. Grove street 

Riley, i street 

Riley, Mrs. 69, JMK 

Riley, S. S. 182, atareet 

Riley, grove 

Riley, — , 7 

Rilley, street 

RimingtoD, st. 

Rimmer, G. ^ st. 

Rimmer, £. 

Rimmer, Ed war lane 

Rimmer, G. 806, Beaufort street 

Rimmer, J. 74, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 

Rimmer, James, 86, Conyera stracft 



Eimmer, John, 16, Canning street 
Eimmer, John, 40, Walnut street 
Bimmer, Joseph, 18, Eldon place 
Bimmer, Bobert, 139, Badcliffe street 
Bimmer, Bobert, 28, Eastbourne street 
Bimmer, Bobert, 78, Windsor street 
Bimmer, Bichard, 211, Park road 
Bimmer, Samuel, D. 25, Hope street 
Bimmer, W. 8, Leonora street. Park rd. 
Bimmer, William, 94, Vine street 
Bimmington, James, 41, Sherdley street 
Bimmor, E. 32, Brcnton street 
Bingeling, George, 22, Compton street 
Bingland, W. P. 34, Erskine street 
Bingor, E. 46, York terrace 
Bipley, Bichajrd, 8, Moore place 
Bishton, Mrs. 58, Upper Parliament st. 
jtitchie, A. 117, Badcliffe street 
Bitchie, D. 40, West Derby street 
Bitchie, John, 26, York terrace 
Bitchie, Mary Ann, 229, Boundary st E. 
Bitsou, John, 36, Cropper street 
Bitto, Bichard, 21, Harewood street 
Bivers, Elizabeth, 138, Spencer street 
Bivington, S. 67 & 69, Copperas hill 
Boach, Capt. S. 11, Canton street 
Boach, Charles, 23, Crown street 
Boach, John, 7, Oxford street 
Boach, Samuel, 144, Windsor street 
Bobarts, Bev. P. H. 20, St. Domingo gr. 
Bobarts, S. 58, Hamilton road 
Bobb, James, 47, Grafton street 
Bobb» Michael, 39, Crete street 
Bobb, Mrs. A. 25, Brownlow street 
Bobb, W. 101 Upper Warwick street 
Bobert, John, 127, Upper Beau street 
Bobert, Bobert, jun. 118, Huskisson st. 
Boberton, Maria, 13, Lord Nelson street 
Boberts, Mrs. A. 17, Northumberland st. 
Boberts, Ann, 28, Conyers street 
Boberts, A. L. 11, Breck grove 
Boberts, Anthony, 128, St. Ann street 
Boberts, C. 15, Tillotson street 
Boberts, C. 29, Scldon street 
Boberts, Catherine, 43, Smith street 
Boberts, Charles, 17, Scfton square 
Boberts, D. 3, Dunkeld street 
Boberts, D. 25, Park HiU road 
Boberts, D. 26, MoviUe street 
BobertSy D. 4, Orient street 
Boberts, D. 61» Windermere st. Bieok rd. 
Boberts, Darid, 20, Olivo street 
Boberts, David, 20, Exmouth street 
^obertg, DAYid, 121, Upper Beau street 
^^^ertm, Zhtyj'd, 281 Smitbdown lane 


Boberts, E. 130, St. Domingo vale 
Boberts, E. 109, Boundary lane 
Boberts, E. 61, Phythian street 
Boberts, E. jun. 11, Mill road 
Boberts, E. sen. 13, Mill road 
Boberts, E. P. 28, Anderson street 
Boberts, Edward, 22, Grey street 
Boberts, Edward, 8, Clcvedon street 
Boberts, Edward, 334, Netherfield rd. N. 
Boberts, Edwiurd, 47, Boscommon street 
Boberts, Edward, 90, Speneer street 
Boberts, Elizabeth, 279, Grafton street 
Boberts, Elisabeth, 49, Stafford street 
Boberts, Ellis, 6, Olive street 
Boberts, Evan, 7, Sir Howard street 
Boberts, G. 2, Lowther street 
Boberts, G. 10, Bute street 
Boberts, George, 63, Hope street 
Boberts, George, 50, Stajford street 
Boberts, George, 21, Lovat street 
Boberts, George Wm. 19, Falkner square 
Boberts, H. 37, Lodge lane 
Boberts, Henry, 9, Tagit street 
Boberts, Henry, 74, Caryl street 
Boberts, Hugh, 6, Exmouth street 
Boberts, Henry, 107, Upper Stanhope st. 
Boberts, Hugh, 34, Grey street 
Boberts, Hugh, 79, Anderson street 
Boberts, Hugh, 8, Bailey street 
Boberts, Hugh, 30, Spencer street 
Boberts, Isabella, 44, Carter street 
Boberts, J. 279, Scotland road 
Boberts, J. 133, Upper Warwick street 
Boberts, J. 19, Warwick street 
Boberts, J. 11, Bulwer street 
Boberts, J. 16, Bentley road 
Boberts, J. 29, Kepler street 
Boberts, J. 14, Laxey street 
Boberts, J. 6 Plum pt on street 
Boberts, J. G. 66, Egerton street 
Boberts, James, 15, Toxteth street 
Boberts, James, 28, Moon street 
Boberts, James, 24, 'Rose vale 
Boberts, James, 79, Chatham street 
Boberts, James, 29 & 31, Chatham st* 
Boberts, Jane, 6, Bussell street 
Boberts, Jane, 198, Wellington road 
Boberts, Jane, 48, Walnut street 
Boberts, John, 99, Thirlmere road 
Boberts, John, 9, Allan street 
Boberts, John, 88, Windsor street 
Boberts, John, 28, Edinburgh street 
Boberts, John, 154, Beacon lane 
Boberts, John, 6, Clevedon street 
Boberts, John, 34, Burleigh road south ' 





Roberts, J ihn, 15, Bloom stivct 
Roberts, John, 0, lie mans street 
Roberta, John, 23, North Hill street 
Roberts, John, 16, North Hill street 
Roberts, John, 85, Bose vale 
Roberts, John, 19, Grove street 
Roberts, John, 24, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Roberts, John, 116, Qregson street 
Roberts, John, 79, Hughes street 
Roberts, John, 29, Dodge street 
Roberts, John, 282, Beaufort street 
Roberts, John, 61, Hope street 
Roberts, John, 198, Park road 
Roberts, John Grcorgc, 41, Upper Parlia- 
ment street 
Roberts, Jonathan, 100, Nctherfield rd. N. 
Roberts, Joseph, 24, Dodge street 
Roberts, Joseph, 35, BadcliiTe street 
Roberts, Kenrick, 39, Crown street 
Roberts, L. 5, Badcllffe street 
Roberts, Llewellyn, 37, Queen Ann street 
Roberts, M. 133, Upper Hill street 
Roberta, M. 6, Brownlow street 
Roberts, Mary A. 105, Grafton street 
Roberts, Margaret, 22, Bailey street 
Roberts, Margaret, 34, Norton street 
Roberts, Mrs. 36, Seymour street 
Roberts, Mrs. 79, Grafton street 
Roberts, Mrs. 53, Cardwell street 
Roberts, Mrs. 11, Gill street 
Roberts, Mrs. 47, Bo^e vale 
Roberts, Mrs. C. 15, Badclifie street 
Roberts, Mrs. Catherine, 63, Berkley st. 
Roberts, Mrs. Charlotte, 42, Melville st. 
Roberts, Mrs. E. 54, Crown street 
Roberts, Mrs. H. 31, Badcliffe street 
Roberts, Mrs. Mary Jane, 27, Ogwen st. 
Roberts, Mrs. J. 43, Upper Stanhope st. 
Roberts, Mrs. M. 2, Percy street 
Roberts, Mrs. M. 90, Northumberland st. 
Roberts, Mrs. M. 83, Queen's road 
Roberta, Moses, 133, Upper Hill street 
Roberts, Owen, 35, Premier street 
Roberts, O. 9, Northumberland terrace, 

RobertP, Owen, 36, Everton valley 
Roberts, P. 80, Boundary lane 
Roberts, Peter, 27, Tillotson street 
Roberts, Peter, 23, Lovat street 
Roberts, Philip, 41, Vesuvius street 
Roberts B. 136, Upper Hill street 
Boberts, B. 37, Seldon street 
Boberts, B. 67, Beloe street 
Boberts, B. 2, Fitzclarence street 
Boberts, B. 75, Beaumaris street 

Roberta, B. 56, Ejjerton street 
Roberts, B. 130, Gregsou street 
Boberts, Bichard, 15, Binney street 
Boberts, Bichard, 68, Upper Hope place 
Boberts, Bichard, 5, Churchill street 
Boberts, Bichard, 12, Sir Howard street 
Boberts, Bichard, Everton ter. Everton 
Boberts, Bobert, 23, Exmouth street 
Boberts, Bobert, 20, Beloe street 
Boberts, Bobert, 289, Netherfield rd. N. 
Boberts, Bobert, 40, Spencer street 
Boberts, Bobert, 25, Tnackeray street 
Boberts, Bobert, 71, Shaw street 
Boberts, Bobert, 51, Conyers street 
Boberts, Bobert, 127, Everton terrace 
Boberts, Bobert, 72, Edinburgh street 
Boberts, Bobert, 18, Lowther street 
Roberts, Bobert, 78, Bisfaton street 
Boberts, Bobert, 5, Windsor street 
Boberts, Bobert, 34, Upper Hope place 
Boberts, Bobert, 14, Badcliffe street 
Boberts, Bobert, 2, Thackeray street 
Boberts, B. 10, Thackeray street 
Boberts, B. L. 33, Lowther street 
Boberts, R B. 41, Northumberland ter. 
Boberts, S. 106, Hamilton road, Everton 
Boberts, 8. 2i?, Fitzclarence street 
Boberts, Samuel, 28, Collins street 
Boberts, Samuel, 8, Park place 
Boberts, Sarah, 3, Boberts street 
Boberts, S. G. 12, Chesnut street 
Boberts, Stephen, 8, Lloyd street 
Boberts, T. 39, Gelling street 
Boberts, T. 9 & 11, Upper Hill streot 
Boberts, T. 180, Beacon lane 
Boberts, T. 71, Lloyd street 
Boberts, T. 81, Stanhope street 
Roberts, Thomas, 123, Ealkner street 
Boberts, Thomas, 14, Devonshire place 
Boberts, Thomas, 63, Cottenham street 
Boberts, Thomas, 48, Spellow lane 
Boberts, Thomas, 4, Park street 
Boberts, Thomas, 33, Tillotson street 
Roberta, Thomas, 10, Barter street 
Boberts, Thomas, 64, Henry street 
Boberts, Thomas, 12, Moira street 
Boberts, Thomas, 90, Boscommon street 
Boberts, Thomas, 20, Haliburton street 
Boberts, Thomas, 22, Hemans street 
Boberts, Thomas, 109, "Wellington street 
Roberts, Thomas, 37, Chatsworth street 
Boberts, ^V. 23, Gelling street 
Boberts, W. 51, Moville street 
Boberts, AV. 27, Laxey street 
Boberts, W. 10, Lavan atrcet 




BobertH, v. 25, Haliburton street 

HobertB, W. 139, Grey Eock Btreet 

Boberte, W. 41, LaTan street 

BobertB, "William, t-Mi-'' road 

Boberta, "William, Catharine street 

Eoberts, William, IS, 

EobertB, 'William, 88, Alma street 

Eoberts, William, 95, Salop street 

Eoberts, "William, 70, 

Eoberts, "William, 86, 

Boberts, "William, 14S, Falkser street 

Boberte, William, 43, Ulswater street 

EobertB, William, 59, 

Boberte, William, 27, Coniston street 

Eoberts, William, 38, Burleigb road, S. 

Eoberts, William, 40, uii&'i^i'. 

Eoberts, William, 

Eoberts, William, 17, York terrace 

Eoberts, William, 76, Eoscommon street 

Eoberts, William, 

Eoberts, William, 

Eoberts, William ] . . ind 

219, Upper Mann street 
Eoberts, — , 
Eoberta, — , 

Eobertson, A street 

Eobertson, A 

Eobertson, Adam, treet 

Eobertson, st. 

Eobertson, 0. at xt. 

Eobertson, C. 

Eobertson, il>.%L^ 

Bobertson, Eleanor, 16, sq. 

Eobertson, Edward, 24, Clarence street 
Eobertson, i Hill road 

Eobertson, ter. 

Belvidet« road, Prince's park 
Eobertson, John, 40, Bherdley street 
Bobertson, John, 59, Canning street 
Bobertson, John, street 

Bobertson, Miss B. 95, 
Robertson, Miss Jessie, st. 

Robertson, Mrs, 0. 48, 
Robertson, Peter, 
Eobertson. E. 34, 
Bobertson, Robert, 7i 
Bobertson, Samuel, 53 
Bobertson, Sarah, 
Bobertson, T. 21, 

Eobertson, W. 22, street 

Eobertson, William, ,= 
Bobertson, William, st. 

^Bebina, Qeotge, 11, 
■SaAia^ Bmrj, 6, Cheater street 

Robins, M. 0. 75, Tweed street 

Robinson, A. 78, Kilshaw street 

Robinson, A. 28, Deronshire road 


Robinson, pi. 


Robinson, Bq. 


Robinson, C. W. 

Eobinson, D. 12, 

Robinson, R. 33, 

Eobinson, B. 22, 'M 

Robinson, E. 52, 

Robinson, E. W. 

Bobinson, E. 5, 

Robinson, Eliza Ann, 5, Coburg terrace, 

West Derby road 
Robinson, F. 16, 1 

Robinson, G. 12, 
Robinson, G. 27, ^^Cl 
Eobinson, George, a^^S^I! 

Robinson, George, 64, 
Robinson, George, 20, 
Robinson, H. 45, 

Robinson, Henry, 19, Raffles street 
Robinson, Henry, 19, Alfred street 
Robinson, Henry, 5, 
Robinson, Henry, 21, Alma street 
Robinson, J, 28, Gloucester place 
"Robinson, J. 139, Breckfield road north 
Robinson, J. 45, 
Robinson, J. 87, 
Robinson, J. 
Robinson, J. 17, 

Robinson, J. 27, Breck rd. 

Robinson, J. ter. Breck rd. 

BobinsoD, J. street 

Bobinson, J., 
Eobinson, Jas. 98, Cardwell street Edge 

BobinsoR, James, 22, Beloe street 
Bobinson, J. B. 57, 
Bobinson, J. C. 70, KJM 

Bobinson, Jeremia reet 

Bobinson, J. F. 94 tsr. 

RobinRim, J. H. 10, 
Kobinwon, John, 70, 
Robinson, John, 96, 
Robinson, John, S9, "Vine street 
Robinson, John, 9, Bold place 
Robinson, John, 83, 
Robinson, John, 25, 
Robinson, John, 14, 
Bobinson, Jobs H. i 
Bobinson, Joseph, 118, Hhav street 





Belmont road 


Joseph, 90, Falkner square 
J. W. 106, Ghrey Eock street 
Little, 65, Chatham street 
L. L. 116, Thirlmere road 
M . 60, Parliament street 
M.'2, Laxey street 
M. 83, St. Domingo grove 
Miss, 72, Devonport street 
Miss Louisa, 1, Newby terrace, 

Mrs. 44-, Wesley street 
— , 20, Smithdown lane 
Mrs. 47, Falkner street 
Mrs. 117, Upper Parliament at. 
Mrs. 42« St. James's road 
Mrs. Alio^, 53, St. Domingo rd. 
Mrs. Elizabeth, 65, Grove st. 
Mrs. Elizabeth, 33, Brunei st. 
Mrs. M. A. 38, Aberdeen st. 
Mrs. Mary, 11, Jasmine street 
Mrs. R. 27, Upper Hill street 
Br. 53, Combermere street 
B. E. 5, Windermere st. Breckrd. 
Bichard, 40, Toxteth street 
Bichard, 3, McOregor street 
S. 31, Hope street 
Thomas, 113, Bishton street 
Thomas, 56, Great Mersey st. 
Thomas, 89, Canning street 
Thomas, 7, Denbigh street 
Thomas, 4, Manfred street 
Thomas, Bridgewater street 
Thomas, 31a, Boscommon st. 
W. 148, Wellington road 
W. 250, Park road 
W. 104, Warwick street 
W. 162, Heyworth street 
William, 47, Toxteth street 
William, 17, Lovat street 
William, 55, Ulswater street 
William, 31, Crown street 
William, 78, Conway street 
WiUiam, 20, Mitylene street 
W. M. 2, Albion street 
— , 28, Aber street 
Bobotham, Mrs. G. 39, Northumberland 

Bobson, E. 16, Menzies street 
Bobson, E. 17, Falkner square 
Bobson, E. B. 17, Grove street 
Bobson, Matthew, 143, Upper Beau st. 
Bobson, Miss A. 10, Bed Bock street 
Bobson, Mrs. C. 40, Windermere street, 

Breck road 
BobaoiD, M. 26, Erskiiie atxeot 

Boby, Miss, 96, Myrtle street 
Boche, Patrick, 39, Newhall street 
Bock, John, 8, Toxteth street 
Bock, Mrs. Caroline, 321, Crown street 
Bock, Mrs. Mary, 65, Beaumont street 
Bockliff, Edward, 13, Salop street 
Rodatt, B. G. 55, Arthur street 
Boddick, John, 66, Phoebe- Ann street 
Boden, Alfred, 86, Salop street 
Bodgers, Ben, 28, Derby road, Eirkdale 
Bodgers, C. H. 1, Bittern street 
Bodgers, Daniel, 21, Caryl street 
Bodgers, James, 19, Vesuvius street 
Bodgers, Joseph, 6, Ealkner street 
Bodgerson, Wm. 165, Up. Parliament st. 
Rodrigues, George, 50, Norfolk street 
Boe, Adam, 30, Bulwer street 
Boe, F. 32, Anderson street 
Bofe, Captain Charles G. 48, Grey street 
Eogan, John, 48, Cardwell street 
Began, P. 25, Coniston street 
Boger, J. 116, Queen's road 
Bogers, A. 68, Hughes street 
Bogers, A. G. 244, Upper Parliament st. 
Bogers, B. 30, Derby road, Eirkdale 
Bogers, Bridget, 55, Parr street 
Bogers, E. 20, Aber street 
Bogers, Emma, 15, Canning street 
Bogers, George, 94, Salisbury street 
Bogers, G. A. 17, Guilford street 
Bogers, G. F. 1, Bittern street 
Bogers, J. 22, Upper Hill street 
Bogers, J. 4, Bed Bock street 
Bogers, J. 17, Grove park 
Bogers, John, 1, Alfred street 
Bogers, John, 86, Berkley street 
Bogers, John, 41, Whitefield street 
Bogers, Miss F. 58, Devonshire road 
Bogers, Mrs. M. 7, Upper Hill street 
Bogers, Mrs. Buth, 73, Grove street 
Bogers, T. 65, Coniston street 
Bogers, T. 83, Bedford street 
Bogers, Thomas, 37, Brunei street 
Bogers, Thomas, 9, Haliburtou street 
Bogers, Thomas, 19, Caryl street 
Bogers, W. 267, Athol street 
Bogers, William, 55, Upper Stanhope st. 
Bogers, Wonnorth, 42, Everton Brow 
Bogers, — , 58, Bedford street 
Bogerson, J. 18, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Bogerson, J. 16, Stanhope street 
Bogerson, James, 132, Falkner street 
Bogerson, John, 41, Caryl street 
Bogerson, Mrs. 138, Stanley road 




Eohner, G. W. 19, Bedford street 
Boland, D. 75, Whit^field road 
Boland, E. 45, Grasmere street 
Bolland, A. A. 149, Wellington road 
Rollinson, Mrs. A. 31, Comoermere st. 
Bolton, William, 25, Mount street 
Bomeril, John, 98, Harlow street 
Bonal, George, 107, Grove street 
Bonalts, Dr. 1, Bose ynle 
Bonan, John, 261, Athol street 
Boney, James, 15, Lonsdale street 
Boobath, Mrs. 54, Warburton street 
Booce, John, 106, Badcliffe street 
Bood, George, 74, Dublin street 
Book, Henry, 177, Islington 
Book, Henry, 181, Islington 
Book, John, 6, Hall lane 
Book, James, 74, Bussell street 
Booke, Henry, 148, Grove street 
Booke, John, 24, Grove street 
Boom, Ben. 285, Upper Parliament st. 
Boomer, Thomas, 29, Bishton street 
Boonay, John, 3, Beservoir street 
Booney, Mrs. Margaret, 1, Melville place 
Boose, Bobert, 16, Cardwell street 
Boose, William, 25, Melbourne street 
Boot, Mrs. Julia, 111, Huskisson street 
Boper, James, 49, Latham street 
Boper, B. 101, Harlow street 
Boper, Capt. Thomas, 27, Bussell street 
Boper, W. 138, Queen's road 
Bopes, H. T. 4, Blackburn terrace. Black- 
bum place 
Bosbottom, John, 45, Troughton street. 

Edge Hill 
Boscatto, John, 31, Frederick street 
Boscoe, Thomas, 24, Pleasant street 
Bose, Dr. Esau, 13, Prescot street 
Bose, W. 52, Harlow street 
Bose, G. 24, Aughton street 
Bose, L. C. 127, Duke street 
Bose, T. 44, Mount Vernon street 
Bosendale, Mrs. M. 17, Lavan street 
Bosseter, Mrs. Jane, 16, Clare street 
Bosevear, Mary, 77, Park street 
Bosewolf, Miss, 31, Benson street 
Boskell, John, 10, Wynne street 
Boskell, Mrs. Alice, 1, Foley street 
Boskell, William, 57, York terrace 
Boss, A. 52, Brownlow street 
Boss, Antony, 39, Vesuvius street 
Boss, A. S. 240, Upper Parliament street 
Boss, Capt. J. 51, Up. Parliament street 
-Scwy, D. J 36, Beaufort street 
-Boss, J?avid, 41, Upper Stanhope street 


Boss, Jane, 57, Catharine street 
Boss, John Trant, 25, Kensington 
Boss, J. B. 24, Newstead road 
Boss, Miss J. 135, Bedford street 
Boss, Mrs. Ann, 82, Hill street 
Boss, Mrs. M. 25, Upper Warwick street 
Boss, B. 86, Boundary lane 
Boss, William. 62, Canning street 
Boss, — , 80, Mount Pleasant 
Bosthorn, Elizabeth, 19, Tennyson street 
Boston, Benjamin, 5, Binney street 
Boser, John, 140, Vine street 
Botheram, — , 97, Chatham street 
Botherham, J. 38, Hill street 
Botherham, Mrs. 80, Bedford street 
Bothery, A. 91, Queen*s road 
Bothery, J«44, Bed Bock street 
Bothery, S. 21, Mitylene street 
Bothschild, M. 69, Low Hill 
Bothwell, Anthony, 43, Moon street 
Hothwell, E. 12, Wentworth street 
Bothwell, Mrs. G. 33, Aughton street 
Bothwell, Thomas, 119, St. Domingo rd. 
Bottierani, Mrs. 80, Bedford street 
Kothschild, Michael, 69, Low Hill 
Boughsedge, James, 32,'St. George's Hill 
Boughsedge, B. 12, North Hill street 
Boughsedge, Thomas S. 89, Field street 
Boue, J. T. 100, Upper Stanhope street 
Boules, T. C. 81, Upper Stanhope street 
Boumphrey, Thos. 153, Canning street 
Bourke, James, 2L, Tillotson street 
Bouse, B. C. 14, Grove park 
Bouse, William, 14, Upper Beau street 
Boutledge, John Fisher, 273, Crown at. 
Bow, EHas, 6, South street 
Bowan, Wm. Hood, 11, St. James's road 
Bowatt, James, 38, Hemans street 
Bowbotham, D. 39, Faradav street 
Bowe, George, 131, Upper Beau street 
Bo we, J. A. 2, Elizabeth street 
Bowe, James, 105, Shaw street 
Bowe, John T. 41, Caryl street 
Bowe, T. 19, Queen's road 
Bowe, Thomas, 32, Fielding street 
Bowe, Thomas, 53, Conway street 
Bowe, William, 22, High field street 
Bowe, William, 33, Great Mersey street 
Bowe, — , 72, Egerton street 
Bowen, J. 18, Laxey street 
Bowett, Anne, 12, Duncan street 
Bowett, Mrs. 268, Netherfield road north 
Bowland, Jane, 15, Oxford street 
Bowland, M. 30, Northumberland street 
Bowland, William, 30, Everton valley 


Rowlands, Charles, 18, Olive street 
Rowlands, Hugh, 36, Haliburton street 
Rowlands, James, 18, Wavertree road 
Rowlands, J. 43, Baker street 
Rowlands, John, 35, Ta^^it street 
Rowlands, Mary, 50, Riehton street 
Rowlands, Miss H. 11, Eichmond view, 

Belmont road 
Rowlands, R. 3, Bulwer street 
Rowlands, R. H. 30, Coniston st. Breck rd. 
Rowlands, W. 11, Torr street 
Rowlands, William, 28, Great Mersey st. 
Rowlandsoii, — , 27, Falkner street 
Rowley, B. 1 3, Conyers street 
Rowley, E. 13, Thomastou street 
Rowley, Richard, 81, Salisbury street 
Rowley, Thomas, 154, Falkner street 
Rowlinson, F. J. 50, Melville place 
Rowlinson, John, 18, Spencer street 
Rowlinson, P. 17, Greenheys road 
Rownald, Alexander, 11, Lansdowne pi. 
Rowson, Peter^ 32, Kinglake street 
Rozborough, J. 2G, Beaumaris street 
Roxbourgh, John, 20, Berkley street 
Roxburgh, Mrs. 120, Harlow street 
Roy, John, 62, Beaufort street 
Royal, John 36, Rose vale 
Royal, John Thomas, 8, Burleigh road, S. 
Redden, J. 4, Belvidere road 
Royder,T. B. 5, Sunnyside, Devonshire rd. 
Royle, Mri». E. J. 25, Farnworth street 
Royle, John 25, Walton lane 
Royston, Frederick, Willow Bank, Amo 

road, Ox ton 
Royton, M, H. 10, Kent square 
Rudd, Henry, 36, St. Domingo grove 
Rudd, T. W. 96, Aughton street 
Rudden, James, 17, Great Newton street 
Rudge, Sarah, 10, Moss street 
Rudkin, E. 13, Haliburton street 
Ruell, Theodore, 34, Alexander terrace, 

Prince's road 
Raford, George, 22, Violet street 
Rule, J. J. 5, Kirkdale road 
Rule, Thomas, 12, Aberdeen street 
Rule, W. 10, Letitia street 
Rummons, Sarah, 33, Card well street 
Rundulph, Mrs. R. 9, Ashtou street 
Runehou, William, 57, Grove street 
Runiner, W. 59, Combermere street 
Rupp, William, 68, Roscoe street 
Rush, H. 52, Queen's road 
Rushtbrd, George, 31, Llovd street 
Rushton, C. 83, Hill street 
RaahtoD, D. 18, Dodge street 



Rushton, Henry, 15, Moon street 
Rushton, J. 33, Laxey street 
Rushton, John, 24, Compton street 
Rushton, 0. 19a, Brownlow street 
Rushton, Oliver, 26, Egerton street 
Russell, Captain A. 118, Wellington road 
Russell, R. 85, Upper Hill street 
Russell, A. 9, Low Hill 
Russell, A. 11, Melbourne street 
Russell, A. 15, Fairclough lane 
Russell, C. 105, Stanhope street 
Russell, D. 55, Menzies street 
Russell, Jame^^ H. 30, St. Jameses road 
Russell, John, 22, Chesnut street 
Russell, John, 30, St. Domingo grove 
Russell, John Miller, 64, Canning street 
Russell, Joseph, 76, Smithdown lane 
Russell, Mrs. Mary E. 140, HuskiBSon 

Russell, Richard, 98, Huskisson street 
Russell, T. 13, Allan street 
Russell, Thomas, 38, Vesuvius street 
Russell, Thomas, 25, Moon street 
Russell, W. 133, WelliuKton road 
Russell, William, 8, Sandon street 
Russell, — , 64, Canning street 
Ruston, R 37, Red Rock street 
Ruth, Mrs. Amoore, 48, Mill road 
Rutherford, John, 17, Vesuvius street 
Rutherford, John A. 23, Tetlow street 
Rutherford, William, 75, White Rock st. 
Ruthorn, D. 12, Tetlow street 
Rutledge, George, 32, Byford street 
Rutledge, R. 61, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Rutter, G. W. 8, Bedford street 
Rutter, Jjine, 43, Upper Beau street 
Rutter, Mrs. A. 29, Aberdeen street 
Ruxburgh, Mrs. Jane, 6, Alfred street 
Ruxton, Mary, 57, Couyer street 
Ryal, James, 45, Beau street 
Ryan, D. 31, Orient street 
Ryan, J. 20, Bulwer street 
Ryan, John, 51, Warwick street 
Ryan, John, 61, Aubrey street 
Ryan» S. 29, Crete street 
Ryan, Mrs. Catherine, 46, Brunei street 
Ryan, T. 18, Bulwer street 
Ryann, John, 114, Gregson street 
Ryder, Edwiu, 33, Exmouth street 
Ryder, E. 2, Ullet road 
Ryder, H. 8, Chatsworth street 
Ryder, II. 47, Anderson street 
Ryder, — -, 78, Bedford street 
Rydiug, J. 34, Calder street 
Ryland, Mary Ann, 67, Saucer fLtroet 




Bylands, AzinD. 66, Sefton ter. Prince's rd. 
Ejlands, Mary, 11, Sterling street 

Sabiston, Alexander, 1, Morpeth street 
Sadler, J. 48, Greenland street 
Sadler, E. 15, Welifield place. Peel street 
Sadler, William, 29, Lonsdale street 
Sailsbury, Mrs. M. 68, White Eock st. 
Sainsburg, Susannah, 10, Cambridge st. 
Saint, Thomas, 11, Morpeth street 
Salfield, Mrs. Ann, 29, Canning street 
Salis, Hugh, 18,Everton crescent, Everton 

Salisbury, A. 12, Overton street 
Salkiido William, 8, Churchill street 
Salkina, Samuel, 56, Mill road 
Salmon, D. 32, Crete street 
Salmon, John, 51, White Eock street 
Salmon, John, 16, York terrace 
Salmon, J. C. 11, Phythian st. Low HiD 
Salter, — , 18, Tweed street 
Salthouse, Mrs. E. 48, Aughton street 
Salthouse, O. 48, Woodville terrace, 

Breck road 
Salusbnry, John, 16, Exmouth street 
Sambrook, David, 164, Park road 
Sambrook, ,Eichard, 77, Grafton street 
Sambrooker S. 61, Menzies street 
Sammens, T. H. C. 82, Wellesley road. 

Peel street 
Sammonds, F. H. O. 81, Wellesley road. 

Peel street 
Sammos, E. G-. 48, Melbourne street 
Samples, B. 72, Harlow street 
Sampson, John, 26, Hughes street 
Sampson, Mrs. E. 56, i^tboume street 
Sampson, Mrs. 5, Ashton street 
Sampson, T. E. 9, Oakfield road 
Sampson, Thomas, 55, Chatham street 
Samson, E. 1, Netherfield road south 
Samson, Thomas, 6, Diugle lane 
Samuel, C. S. 14, Canning street 
Samuel, D. E. 18, Wellesley terrace, 

Belvidere road 
Samuel, E. S. 12, Percy street 
Samuel, E. P. 11, Belvidere road 
Samuel, E. L. 12, Percy street 
Samuel, H. S. 27, Canning street 
Samuel, J. 124, Hamilton road 
Samuel, Mrs.' 145, Upper Parliament st. 
Samuels, Dr. A. 65, Eidon place 
Samuels, Dr. 98, Shaw street 
Samuels, Mrs. 10, Falkner street 
Samuels, E. H. 2, Canning street 
SoiDnels, B, SI, Aiehnrth street 


SanbeUs, Ann, 35, Ormond street 
Sanders, Hannah, 47, Upper Hope place 
Sanders, James, 52, Chatham street 
Sanders, John, 125, Field street 
Sanders, John, 2, Adelaide street 
Sanders, J. 8, Aberdeen street 
Sanders, Joseph, 19, Underbill street 
Sanders, T. D. 225, Breck road 
Sanders, W. E. 65, Falkner street 
Sanders, W. E. 174, Chatham street 
Sanderson, W. 85, Duke street 
Sanderson, William, 9, Prospect street 
Sandford, W. 5, Ernest street 
Sandie, Mrs. E. 16, Bedford street 
Sandiford, Mrs. E. 117, Ghrey Eock street 
Sandilands, J. 1, Norwood grove 
Sandrey, Samuel, 16, Shaw street 
Sandys, W. Alexander, 28, Barnes street 
Sankey, John, 40, Tunnel road 
Sansom, W. D. 3, Cochrane street 
Santamaria, Mrs. 110, Bedford street 
Santley, William, 68, Chatham street 
Saque, A. 57, Bedford street 
Saqui, J. 48, 48, West Derby street 
Sarah, H. A. P. 48, St. George's HUl 
Sarson, H. 17, Brownlow street 
Satterthwaite, J. 89, Troughton street, 

Saul, D. 35, The Willows, Breck road 
Saul, J. 6, Anderson street 
Saunders, O. F. 16, St. Jameses road 
Saunders, George, 16, St. Jameses road 
Saunders, John, 88, Tetlow street 
Saunders, John, 12, Tork terrace 
Saunders, Mrs. S. 16, Caird street 
Saunders, Mrs. Elizabeth, 45, Seldon st. 
Saunders, Eichard, 87, Eoscommon street 
Saunders, Samuel, 16, St. Jameses road 
Saunders, W. E. 81, Eishtcm street 
Sauuders, — , 75, Bamber street 
SaundersoD, George, 63, Field street^ 
Saunderson, E. 98, Northumberland st. 
Saunderson, Mrs. 49, St. Domingo grove 
Savage, B. 72, Stanley road 
Savage, E. D. 56, Spencer street 
Savage, J. 116, Kilahaw street 
Savage, Miss, 117, Park street 
Savage, W. 12, Frederick street 
Savage, W. 29, Eed Eock street 
Savery, E. 46, Whitefield street 
Sawell, C. 84, Warwick street 
Sawle, Isaac, 52, Moon street 
Sawyer, A. 38, Premier street 
Sawyer, Jacob, 18, Exmouth street 
Saxton. W. 27, Schombcrg i^trtct 




Sajer, John, 18, Seldon street 
Sayer, Thomas, 18, Fielding street 
Sajers, Mrs. 148, Crown street 
Sajle, J. 14, Seymour street 
Style, Philip L. 83, Crown street 
Sayle, W. 24, Parr street 
Scaddan, Mrs. S. E. 6, Bloom street 
Seaiff, Michael, 38, Exmouth street 
Scairsbrick, John, 190, Ghrove street 
Scairsbrick, W. 22, Haliburton street 
Scale, Eichard F. 1, Newton street 
j Scamble, Margaret, 3, Deane street 
I Scarborough, Miss E. 95, Bedford street 
' Scarborough, — , 42, Baker street 
Scarbrough, W. 1, Fielding street 
Scarff, John, 12, Upper Hill street 
ScariBbrick, James, 285, Crown street 
Scarisbrick, Mary, 18, Maryland street 
ScariBbrick, T. 71, Whitefield road 
Scharples, J. S. 25, Collins street 
^ Schell, John, 12, Caryl street 
' Schemeil, A. 12, Beutley road 
Schenstradt, S. 42, Oxford street 
Schillizzi, J. P. 4, Elm terrace, Beech st. 
Schluter, Edmund, 2, Falkner square 
Schneider, Martin, 102, Bedford street 
Schneider, John, 17, Torbock street 
Sdiofield, David, 20, Spellow lane 
Schofield, George, 20, Catharine street 
Schofield, Mrtn. 100, Kilshaw street 
Schofield, Thomas, 9, Devonshire place 
Scholfield, J. 29, Warwick street 
Scholfield, John, 38, Smith street 
Scholfield, Mrs. 29, Canning street 
Schreader, H. 11, Belmont road 
Schrell, Jamei«, 46, Whitefield road 
Schroraer, John, 89, Burleigh road south 
Scobie, Mrs. Ann Eliza, 74, Egerton st. 
Scotland, John, 19, Sterling street 
Scotland, William, 4, Vesuvian street 
Scotman, Mrs. 35, Rodney street 
Scott, C. R. 85, Canning street 
Scott, E. 28, Ken.ble street 
Scott, Isabella, 47, Berwick street 
Scott, Henry, 37, Shaw street 
Scott, Henry, 44, Harbord street 
Scott, J. 68, Stanhope street 
Scott, J. 12, Devonshire road 
Scott, J. 8, Grey street 
Scott, J. 54, Lavan street 
Scott, J. 53, Lavau street 
Scott, James, 54, Conway street 
Scott, John, 44, Wynne street 
Scott, John, 92, Breck road 
Scott, John, 70, Premier street 

Scott, John, 19, Ogwen street 
Scott, John, 41, Mitylene street 
Scott, John James, 5, St. James's Mount 
Scott, J. Eandell, 78, Pr.ik street 
Scott, M. 47, Erskine street 
Scott, Miss, 202, Upper Parliament st. 
Scott, Mrs. Eliza, 66, Rodney street 
Scott, Mrs. T. 191, Heyworth street 
Scott, Robert, 11, White RocJ street 
Scott, S. 32a, Parr street 
Scott, T. 38, Laxey street 
Scott, T. 27, Canton street 
Scott, Thomas, 116, Beacon lane 
Scott, Thomas H. 9, Pluto street 
Scott, T. 93, Warwick street 
Scott, W. J. 152, Mount Pleasant 
Scott, W. O. 102, Hill street 
Scott, Rev. W. R. 52, Stafford street 
Scowfield, M. 49, Parkfield road 
Scritten, James, 41, Park street 
Scrogham, R. 25, Fitzclarence street 
Scrogie, G-. 2, Conibermere street 
Scurlell, William, 161, Grafton street 
Sculling, William, 41, Kilshaw street 
Scully, Peter, 44, Denbigh street 
Scurr, Lancelot, 79, Latham street 
Sdeuard, R. S. C. 9, Potter street 
Seadstill, W. B. 24, York terrace 
Seal, Alfred, 18, G^lton street 
Seal, Robert, 117, Upper Beau street 
Sealy, Jonathan, 32, Hardy street 
Searle, John, 123, Everton terrace 
Searle, William, 132, Cardwell street 
Sears, Henry B. 75, Canning street 
Sears, Miss, 40, Oxford street 
Sedden, James, 28, Wavertree road 
Seddon, Joseph, 100, Edinburgh street 
Seddon, J. 32, Aughton street 
Seddon, James, 79, Whitefield street 
Seddon, James, 2, Windsor street 
Seddon, P. 55, Queen's road 
Seddon, Peter, 41, Pluto street 
Seddon, Ralph D. 36, South Hill road 
Seddon, Thomas, 23, Smithdown lane 
Seddon, William, 111, Latham street 
Sedgewick, Mrs. M. 18, Allan street 
Sedgwick, J. 87, Upper Warwick street 
Seeds, John, 24, Cochrane street 
Sefton, Edward, 25, Seiont terrace 
Sefton Hall, 91, Park road 
Sefton, James, 58, Whitefield t^trcet 
Sefton, R. 41, Northumberland street 
Segar, George B. 4, Coburg terrace. West 

Derby road 
Segar, MJre, 3«iie^ \^, (^x^^^n? yv ^<^^\\ 




Seiner, Joseph, 54, Edinburgli street 
Selke, Isidore, 10, Paul's square 
Selkirk, E. 16, Elizabeth street 
Seller, John Al-x. 28, Falkner square 
Seller, P. 105, Qrey Eock street 
Seller, Mary Ann, 64, Ghregson street 
Selsby, J. 25, Peter's lane 
Selway, D. 94, Chatsworth st. Edge Hill 
Semple, IVfiss Susan, 23, IT. Parliament 

Sempler, J. 123, Stanhope street 
Senoforth, Thomas, 103, Huskisson st. 
Senior, Joseph, 54, Edinburgh street 
Senis, D. 30, Devonshire road 
Sephton, Charles, 15, William-Henry 

Sephton, Edward, 198, Netherfield road 
Sephton, Eev. John, 166, Bedford street 
Septs, L. 57, Ogwen street 
Sergant, Mrs. Charlotte, 57, La van street 
Sergeant, P. 270, Beaufort street 
Sergeant, J. 2a, South Castle street 
Sergeant, J. 86, Cleveland street 
Sergeant, Mary, 17, Eoscommoa street 
Sergeant, Eichard, 127, St. Domingo 

Sergentson, William, 70, Hope street 
Serle, George Eeid, 37, Tennyson street 
Service, E. 100, Grey Eock street 
Setton, M. 97, Upper Warwick street 
Seal, Alfred, 13, G-alton street 
Sewell, George, 61, Sackville street 
Sewell, John, 65, Parkfield road 
Sewell, John, 23, Hardwick street 
Sewell, Thomas, 94, Oil street 
Sewell, William, 5, Alfred street 
Seymour, John. 48, Smithdown lane 
Seymour, W. 34, Little Woolton street 
Shacklady, P. 71, Mitylene street 
Shackleton, Mrs. S. 86, Cresswell street 
Shadrach, Elizabeth, 88, Highfield street 
Shakeahaft, Mrs. Anna, 58, Alma street 
Shallcross, Mrs. 144, Breck road 
Shallcross, William, 61, Everton terrace 
Shand, Mrs. E. J. 36, Norwood grove 
Shandley, Edward, 53, Salop street 
Shanks, J. 69, Stanhope street 
Shannan, Jamen, 7, Walton Breck road 
Shannon, Eobert, 61, Eoscommon street 
Shannon, W. T. 12, Sackville street 
Shape, H. 11, Grasmere street 
Sharmau, H. >>0, St. Domingo vale 
Sharmau, W. 6, Caird street 
Sh&rjy, Andrew, 22, Olive street 
^^arp, Anthony, 77, Field $treet 


Sharp, Captain, 153, Grafton street 
Sharp, C. 1, Lowther street 
Sharp, Edward, 4r», Clayton street 
Sharp, George, 16, Lonsdale street 
Sharp, James, 122, Gregson street 
Sharp, J. A. 24, St. Domingo grove 
Sharp, John, 88, Landseer road 
Sharp, Mrs. Ann, 31, Washington street 
Sharp, Mrs. Mary Ann, 24, St. Domingo gr. 
Sharp, Thomas, 15, Tynemouth street 
Sharp, .W. C. 54 & 56, Queen's road 
Sharpe, George, 22, Cardwell street 
Sharpe, J. 31, Seymour street 
Sharpe, W. 23, &ymour street 
Sharpey, James, 125, Silvester street 
Sharpies, John, 26, Salop street 
Sharpies, John, 163, Hay worth street 
Sharpies, P. 33, Menzies street 
Sharplea, Mrs. Dyer, 5, Upper Park st. 
Sharpies, Mrs. 13S, Mount Pleasant 
Sharpies, 68, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Sharpnell, H. L. 7, Edge lane 
Sharps, John, 82, Hughes street 
Sharps, T. T. 14, Gloucester place 
Sharrock, Ann, 46, Everton brow 
Sharrock, J. 52, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Shaw, C. 67, Ashton street 
Shaw, C. W. 33, Mitylene street 
Shaw, D. 9, Windermere street 
Shaw, D. 88, Hill street 
Shaw, Edward, 6, Little Woolton street 
Shaw, F. 26, Couiston street, Breck 

Shaw, P. 9, Lloyd street 
Shaw, Henry, 20, Minshull street 
Shaw, James, 38, Berkley street 
Shaw, John, 13, Scourtield street 
Shaw, Jonathan, 87, Walton lane 
Shaw, Joseph, 2, Beech terrace. Beech 

Shaw, J. E. 11, Fitzclarence street 
Shaw, J. 105, Kilshaw street 
Shaw, J. 37, Aigburth street 
Shaw, J. 40, Phoebe- Ann street 
Shaw, M. 176, Beacon lane 
Shaw, Mrs. Ann, 38, Crei«swell street 
Shaw, Mrs. E. E. 64, Hughes street 
Shaw, Mrs. Hannah, 13, Moon street 
Shaw, Mrs. Hannah, 51, Huskinson street 
Shaw, Mrs. .Margaret, 70, Melbourne 

Shaw, Mrs. 11, Hi/iih Park street 
Shaw, Mrs. 54, (irafton btreet 
Shaw, Mrs. 8, Wesley street 
Shaw, Mrs. 12, Hall lane 




Sbaw, E. 86, Woodville ter., Breck rd. 
Shaw, Beuben, 17, Sykes street 
Shaw, Eobert, 39, Whitefield street 
Shawy R. 21, 'Ulswater street 
Shaw, B. 79, Bose vale 
Shaw, S. A. 17, G-reat Gkorge square 
Shawy Thomas, 67, Salop street 
Shaw, Thomas, 17, Tetlow street 
Shaw, Thomas, 42, St. Domingo road 
Sbaw, W. F. 12, Sberdley street 
Shaw, William, 14, Butland street 
Shaw, William, 3, Newby ter. Belmont rd 
Shaw, William, 82, Luther street 
Shawcroft, J. 2, Lodwick street 
Shawcross, Q. N. 36, Bentley road 
Shea, A. 19, Bulwer street 
Sheals, William, 15, Queensland street 
Sheard, Joseph, 51, Phythiau street 
Shearer, Henry, 42, Hemans street 
Shearer, Jamen, 92, Stanley road 
Shearer, James, 50, Smith street 
Shearer, J. 37, Aberdeen street 
Sheen, Henry, 21a Boscommou street 
Sheen, M. 34, Northumberland street 
Sheffer, William, 86, Smlthdown lane 
Sheidrer, John, 103, Silvester street 
Shekkleton, John, 54, Bengel street 
Sheldon, Isaac, 98, Heyworth street 
Sheldon, Joseph, 34, Freeland street 
Shelford, J. 7, Hill street 
Shelmerdine, Thomas, 20, Mildred street 
Shennessy, Mrs. Mary, 164, Huskisson st. 
Sbephard, James, 21a, Beservoir street 
Shephard, Margaret, 10, Bussell street 
Shepherd, James, 62, Cardwell street 
Shepherd, John, 40, Bute street 
Shepherd, Joseph, 58, Silvester street 
Shepherd, J. 29, Evert on crescent, Ever- 

ton Brow 
Shepherd, Miss, 8, Shaw street 
Shepherd, N. 37, Upper Parliament street 
Shepherd, Thomas, 31, Great Mersey st. 
Shq)herd, T. 10, Newstead road 
Sheppard, E. 37, Brenton street 
Shepperd, Miss, 16, Bro^sTilow street 
Shepperd, 37, Upper Parliament street 
Sheppherd, Mrs. E. 23, Gibson street 
Sheppherd, Samuel, 29, Carter street 
Sheppherd, — , 96, Conway street 
Sheridan, B. 22, Brenton street 
Sheridan, Thomas, 44, Hughes street 
Sheridan, William B. 15, Beservoir street 
Sheridon, John, 8, Evertou Brow 
Sherington, J. 17, Plumpton street 
Sherlock, Henry, 5, Hare wood street 

Sherlock, Mrs. E. A. 62, Chatham street 
Sherlock, Mrs. M. A. 13, Gloucester pi. 
Sherratt, John, 41, Aber street 
Sherriff, John, 64, Alma street 
Sherrington, Bichard, 29, Prospect street 
Sherwin, Dii, 60, Hughes stn^et 
Sherwin, James, 105, Conway street 
Sherwood, Mrs. Maria, 24, Avon street 
Sherwood, Mrs. T. 92, Northumberland st. 
Shield, Mrs. James, 109, Chatham street 
Shield, Garrard John, 3, Park street 
Shields, Eliza, 13, Hurst street 
Shields, AVilliam, 99, Silvester street 
Shields, William, 56, Clevedon street 
Shierson, John, 105, Everton terrace 
Shillcom, S. 140, Mount Pleasant 
Shimmin, Hugh, 13, Avon street 
Shimmin, W. J. 29, Gelling street 
Shinglar, S. 15, Brenton street 
Shipman, J. 56, Harlow street 
Shirmacher, Herman, 113, Grove street 
Shock, J. 166, Park road 
Shone, Henry, 55, Cleveland ^treet 
Shone, Bobert, 67, Arthur street 
Shore, Mrs. Mary, 89, Grove street 
Short, John, 18, Tillotson street 
Short, J. S. 65, Mount Pleasant 
Short, Mrs. Maria, 25, Harewood street 
Short will, Howard, 28, Windsor street 
Shrapnell, H. S. 7, Edge lane 
Shubrook, T. H. 25, Oakfield road 
Shute, M. 16, Seymour street 
Shuttleworth, J. 132, Canning street 
Shuttle worth, L. Ill, Field street 
Sibbing, William, 1, White Bock street 
Sibbitt, Mary, 308, Great Howard street 
Sibin, J. 44, Anderson street 
Siddan, James, 32, Moon street 
Siddeley, J. 96, Burleigh road south 
Sidebotham, Charles, 55, Spencer street 
Sidelium, Charles, 14, Hardy street 
Sidney, George, 19, Belmout road 
Siemms, Adolphe, 14, Bodney street 
Signterm, James, 8, Blackfield street 
Silcock, — , 22, Kilshaw street 
Silk, John, 10, St. Bride's street 
Silk, Mrs. E. 37, Caird street 
Silke, Samuel, 171, Falkner street 
Sill, J. 78, Bed Bock street 
Sillitoe, W. Charles, 76, Berkley street 
Sillitoe, — , 74, Upper Stanhope street 
Silverlock, Alfred, 31, Harewood street 
Silway, David, 94 & 90, Chataworth street 
Sim, Mrs. Ann Jane, 6Sj Arthur utreet 
Sim, William, 28, Silvester stre*it 




Simco, Jane, 137, Eose vale 
Simcock, William, 14, Everton village 
Simcock, William, 2, St. Domingo road 
Simkins, S. 17, Torr street 
Simmelkiar, T. 49, York terrace 
Simmins, Margaret, 19, Lloyd street 
Simmons, H. 81, Upper Eill street 
Simmons, Eobert, 3, Lloyd street 
Simmons, Joseph, 3, Crown street 
Simon, A. 6, Hamilton road 
Simon, Miss Ellen, 21, Huskisson street 
Simon, Mrs. Ann, 77, Berkley street 
Simons, W. J. 46, St. Domingo road 
Simpkins, Thomas, 37, Windsor street 
Simpson, Andrew, 10, Windsor street 

C. 122, Gordon street 

D. C. 8, Alexandra drive 
Ellen, 40, Derby rd. Kurkdale 
F. 67, Orient street 
Francis, 92, Berkley street 
F. H. 5, Aberdeen street 
H. L. 4, Clayton square 
James, 16, Adelaide street 
James, 61, Beaufort street 
John, 57, Tetlow street 
Joseph, 54, Torr street 
Joseph, 56, Bose vale 
J. 45, Laxey street 
J. 53, Laxey street 
J. 113, Upper Hill street 

J. H. 26, Newby terrace, 



Belmont road 

M. 113, Duke street 
Mrs. A. 305, Netherfield rd. N. 
Mrs. Ann, 27, Brenton street 
— , 32, Morton street 
Bichard, 18, Hughes street 
Eobert, 20, Greenland street 
B. 107, Hamilton street 
B. 20, Greenland street 
Sarah, 109, Bose vale 
Dr. Thomas, 30, Wavertree rd. 
William, 83, Bose vale 
W. 37, Klent street 
William, 30, Low Hill 
Sims, G. 77, Queen's road 
Sims, George, 46, Denbigh street 
Sims, Mrs. Mary, 37, St. James's road 
Sinclair, Adam, 11, Nile street 
Sinclair, Daniel, 74, Chatham street 
Sinclair, Dr. 115, Mount Pleasant 
Sinclair, James, 89, Burleigh road, S. 
Sinclair, J. W. 42, Bose vale 
Sme}B3T, Mrs. Mary, 90, Bamber street 
SiacJAir, ThomoB B. 58, Berkl&j street 


Sinclair, William, 49, Huskisson street 
Sinclair, William, 29, Clarence grove 
Sinclair, W. 32, Devonshire road 
Sinclar, Mrs. C. 80, Devonshire rd. W. 
Sinclare, P. 29, Hill street 
Sinclare, B. 161, Grove street 
Singlehurst, B. 44, Menzies street 
Singleton, George, 54, Boscommon st. 
Singleton, J. 24, Anderson street 
Singleton, Thomas, 9, Torr street 
Singleton, Thomas, 86, White Bock st. 
Singleton, William, 90, Bose vale 
Sinker, Bobert, 154, Chatham street 
Siunett, John, 87, Upper Parliament »t. 
Sinnott, Mrs. Isabella, 43, Oakfield road 
Sinnott, Bichard, 109, Salisbury street 
Sinnott, B. F. 56, AVTiitc Bock street 
Sisson, John, 116, Vine street 
Sixsmith, J. W. 33, St. George's Hill 
Size, H. J. 141, Canning street 
Skae, William, 25, Lovat street 
Skeaf, Joseph, 63, Grove street 
SkeUoru, John, 63, Elisabeth street 
Skelly, J. 54, Crete street 
Skelton, J. T. 2, Peel street 
Skerior, B. H. 9, Priory road 
Skerrit, J. 3, Woodville ter. Breck road 
Skevington, Mrs. J. 109, Grey Bock st. 
Skiller, J. H. 28, The Willows, Breck rd. 
Skillicom, J. 113, Phytbian street 
Skillicom, James, 12, Collins street 
Skillicom, J. E. 7, The Willows, Breck rd. 
Skinner, D. 29, Collins street 
Skinner, Dr. 1, St. James's road 
Skinner, James, 46, St. George's Hill 
Skinner, James, 170, Bedford street 
Skinner, W. J. 86, Admiral street 
Skuse, George Henry, 59, Everton ter. 
Skynner, John, 163, Park road 
Slabb, J. 24, Wilson street 
Slack, Catherine, 73, Falkuer street 
Slack, Henry, (M.D.) 36, Bodncy street 
Slack, Mrs. Ann, 66, Belbournc street 
Slack, Miss S. 127, Bedford street 
Slack, G. W. 27, Edge lane 
Slack, Thomas, A. 31,Exmouth street 
Slack, T. J. 59, Northumberland street 
Sladdell, T. 31, Northumberland terrace 
Slaighton, James, 25, Sykes street 
Slapellon, Henry, 13, Newton street 
Slater, A. 132, North Hill street 
Slater, Edward, 275, Grafton street 
Slater, J. 102, Troughtou st. Edge Hill 
Slater, W. 39, Phosbe-Ann street 
Slater, W. 69, Boundary lane 




Sattary, William, 58, Salisbury street 
Slittery, William, 56, Salisbury street 
Sfatoghter-house, 198, Up. Frederick st. 
Slayde, J. 56, Northumberland street 
Sieddon, Mrs. Elizabeth, 157, Breckfield 

road, N. 
Sieddon, Mrs. 123, Park street 
Sieddon, Mrs. 65, Kilshaw street 
Site, E. 24, Belvidere road 
Slee, Samuel, 35, Upper Stanhope street 
Sleggin, B. 45, Thirlmere road 
Slejfgs, Q-. B. 68, Queen's road 
Sleigb, George, 98, Aubrey street 
Sleight, Parkin, 227, Up. Parliament st. 
Sleightholm, J. 196, Beacon lane 
Sleightholme, — , 36, Faraday street 
Slinger, James, 84, Chatsworth street 
Sloane, A. 64, Hill street 
Sloem, J. 4, Melbourr^e street 
Sloan, John, 44, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Sloan, P. 41, Seymour street 
Sloane, William, (55, Cleveland street 
Slobom, Q-eorge, 18, Sand street 
Slone, William, 116, Bedford street 
Sloss, D. 45, Haliburton street 
Slowe, Bernard, 17, Bidder street 
Slowman, Bev. Thos. 121, West Derby rd. 
Small, H. 43, Hill street 
Small, William, 2, Paisley street 
Smallbrook, Mrs. 13, Moss street 
Smalley, B. 15, Famworth street 
Smallpage, B. 55, Ogwen street 
Smalthwaite, J. 29, Aberdeen street 
Smart, David, 50, Q-rove street 
Smart, Elizabeth, 25, Clarence grove 
Smeathan, Henry, 56, Tillotson street 
Smedley, Samuel, 44, Premier street 
Smedley, W. 34, Woodville st. Breck rd. 
Smellie, Marie, 175, Grafton street 
Smelton, J. 40, Hamilton road 
Smerdon, G^eorge, 78, Cleveland street 
Smethers, Mary Ann, 5, Alma street 
Smethurst, J. 88, Bed Bock street 
Smethurst, Mary, 69, Langham street 
Smethurst, William, 6, Sherlock street 
Smiley, H. F. 19, Anderson street 
Smith, A. 23, Netherfield road south 
Smith, A. B. 66, Stanhope street 
Smith, A. T. 5, Bentley road 
Smith, Benjamin B. 51, Windsor street 
Smith, C. E. 58, Mount Pleasant 
Smith, Charles, 249, Uppier Frederick st. 
Smith, Charles, 88, Bengel street 
Smith, Charles, 68, Field street 
Smithy Charlee, 84, Upper Parliament st. 
























































Charles, 92, Vine street 
C. W. 15, Bentley road 
£. 37, Deane road 
Bev. £. 144, Crown street 

E. 33, Warwick street 
Edward, 60, Clarence grove 
Edwin, Bice lane 

Ellen, Lovat street 
Elizabeth, 102, Stanley road 
Esther, 2, Chesnut street 

F. 4, Farnworth street 
F. 78, Admiral street 

F. T. 80, Tennyson street 
Bev. F. 36, Newstead road 
Gr. 21, Brenton street 

Capt. George, 13, Cresswell st. 
G-. 12, Coniston street, Breck rd. 
Gt. 49, Tweed street 
Q-. 12, Kepler street 
Q. B. 60, Warburton street 
George, 31, Lovat street 
George, 277, Athol street 
George, 45, Cochrane street 
QQOTge, il5, Chatsworth street 
George, 23a, Boscommon street 
George, 11, Boscommon street 
G^orgo F. 58, Salop street 
H. 80, South street 
H. '26, Uxbridge street 
Henry, 10, MUdred street 
Hugh, 34, Denbigh street 

G. S. F. 2, Duke's place 
J. 51, Anderson street 
J. 55, Mere lane 

J. 7, Haliburton street 

«r. 19, Laxey street 

J. 8, Brenton street 

J. 20, Avon street 

J. 64. Aughton street 

J. 12, Faraday street 

J. 20, Caird street 

John, 3, Cookson street 

James, 146, Bedford street 

James, 13, Cleveland street 

James, 82, Bamber street 

James, 29, Guilford street 

James, 8 <& 10, Clare street 

Jane, 22, Tennyson street 

Jane, 42, Jordan street 

Jane, 64, Devon street 

Jane, 7, Segrave street 

John, 8, Tagit street 

John, 43, Troughton st. Edge Hill 

John, 59, Torteth street 

John, 7, SoMtVi ^tt%fc\. 





Smith, John, 50, Tetlow street 

Smith, John, 42, Eydal street 

Smith, John, 196, Viae street 

Smith, John Hawlej, 1, Blackburn ter. 

Blackburn place 
Smith, Joseph, 86, Tetlow street 
Smith, Joseph, 81, Beaufort street 
Smith, Joseph, 202, West Derby road 
Smith, Josiah, 50, Eldon place 
Smith, J. B. 22, Bentlej road 
Smith, J. D. 98, Spencer street 
Smith, J. Edward, 186, Netherfield rd. N. 
Smith, J. W. 87, Warwick street 
Smith, J. W. 9, Hughes street 
Smith, M. 59, Cleveland street 
Smith, M. 110, Beaufort street 
Smith, M. 14, Wilson street 
Smith, M. 36, Hunt street 
Smith, Margaret, 12, Great Newton st. 
Smith, Margaret, 57, Kent street 
Smith, Mary, 31, Egerton street 
Smith, Mary, 35, Lloyd street 
Smith, Martha, 19, St. Bride's street 
Smith, Michael, 83, Hughes street 
Smith, Miss, 95, Crown street 
Smith, Miss C. 7, Bold place 
Smith, Miss M. D. 261, Upper Parlia- 
ment street 
Smith, Miss S. 18, Wellesley rd. Peel st. 
Smith, Mrs. A. Erswell, 40, Ainsworth st. 
Smith, Mrs. E. 13, Aifred street 
Smith, Mrs. IsabeUa, 47, Egerton street 
Smith, Mrs. J. 4, Peel street 
Smith, Mrs. S. 66, Mount Pleasant 
Smith, Mrs. 11, Walnut street 
Smith, Mrs. 16, Conyers street 
Smith, Mrs. Ann, 18, Calder street 
Smith, Mrs. 54, Dean street 
Smith, Mrs. M. 57, Upper Warwick st. 
Smith, Mrs. Martha, 43, West Derby st. 
Smith, Mrs. Mary Ann,109, Thirlmere rd. 
Smith, M. G. 20, Wellesley rd. Peel st. 
Smith, Mrs. M. 16, Fitzclarence street 
Smith, Mrs. Margaret, 3, Egerton street 
Smith, M. A. 26, Mona street 
Smith, Mrs. Sarah, 17, Hope street 
Smith, Mrs. Sarah, 115, Bishton street 
Smith, Mrs. Sarah, 4, Falkner square 
Smith, Mrs. Sarah, 86, St Domingo road 
Smith, Mrs. W. A. 4, Falkner square 
Smith, Powell Harry, 9, Olive street 
Smith, Peter, 30, BJai kfield street 
^«sa/ij4 Peter, 82, Great Meney atreefc 
wi^'i''"'^' ^, Hunter street 


Smith, B. 6, William-Henry street 
Smitli, B. B. 31, Byford street 
Smith, Bichard Thomas, 301, Graflon st. 
Smith, Bobert, 6, Sterling street 
Smith, Bobert, 17, St. Bride's street 
Smith, Bobert, 84, Conway street 
Smith, Bobert, 66, Cardwell street 
Smith, Bev. F. 36, Newstead road 
Smith, S. 8, Croxteth road 
Smith, S. 151, Breckfield road north 
Smith, 8. 54, Faraday street 
Smith, Samuel, 22, Sherlock street 
Smith, Sydney, 151, Breckfield road, N, 
Smith, T. 56, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Smith, T. 140, Wellington road 
Smith, Thomas, 10, Kemble street 
Smith, Thomas, 28, Mill road 
Smith, Thomas, 48, Egerton street 
Smith, Thomas, 53, Bamber street 
Smith, Thomas, 17, Bishton street 
Smith, Thomas, 108, Islington 
Smith, T. C. 62, Hamilton road 
Smith, T. Gill, 102, Smithdown lane 
Smith, Thomas M. 34, Kensington 
Smith, T. S. 27, Belmont road 
Smith, T. W. 23, The Elms 
Smith, W. 92, Grey Bock street 
Smith, W. 89, Mill road 
Smith, W. 3, Aber street 
Smith, W. 165, Bedford street 
Smith, W. 26, Fowler street 
Smith, W. 66, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Smith, W. 41, Baker street 
Smith, W. 58, William-Henry street 
Smith, W. A. 4, Falkner square 
Smith, W. B. 97, Byford strtee 
Smith, William, 36, Badcliffe street 
Smith, William, 81, Bishton street 
Smith, William, 25, Brunei street 
Smith, William, 65, Norfolk street 
Smith, William, 70, Arthur street 
Smith, William, 68, Conway street 
Smith, William, 78, Gregson street 
Smith, William, 1, Troughton street 
Smith, William, 70, Cardwell street 
Smith, William H. 70, Windsor street 
Smith, — , 58, Downing street 
Smith, — , 26, Peel street 
Smithson, J. 41, Caird street 
Smyth, Bernard, 16, Denbigh street 
Smyth, E. 19, Grasmere street 
Smyth, J. 15, Hamilton road 
Snape, Joseph, 40, Huskisson street 
Snape, Thomaa, 4t, C\\\xTCi\vl/Lavfli\. 




Saetfc, Henry JohD, 225 Crown street 
Snitger, T. 53, Bed Eock street 
Snowden, K. A. 64, Bengel street 
Snowdley, E. A. 64, Bengel street 
Snjder, — , 93, Mount Pleasant 
Soar, Joseph, 2, Beau street 
Soden, H. 139, Canning street 
Sokill, J. 39; Queen's road 
Solej, Gheorge Thomas, 55, Parkfield rd. 
Solomon, E. 8. 14, Albion street 
Solomon, John, 19, Percy street 
Solomon, L. 57, Bengel street 
Someren, Henri von, 37, Abercromby 

terrace, Oxford street 
Somenrille, Thomas, 92, Conway street 
Sommers, Christopher, 3, Sackville street 
Sommerset, Thomas, 10, Collins street 
Somner, Myles, 17, Eldon place 
Somner, W. 14, Bed Bock street 
Sonden, W. 24, Brenton street 
Soper, E. Q. 52, Devonshire road 
Sothem, James, 71, Walton lane 
Sothem, Mrs. Sarah, 27, Pleasant street 
South, John, 5, Eraser street 
Southern, J. 22, Barter street 
Southern, W. 18, Priory road 
Southom, Mrs. M. Ill, St. Domingo rd. 
Southwarth, S. 78, Grey Eock street 
Southwell, A. 44, Kepler street 
Southwood, Eichard, 120, G-ordon street 
Sowden, J. T. 5, Blackburn street 
Sownsley, William, 1, Oil street 
Spain, John, 12, Breck grove 
Spain, Eobert, 98, St. Domingo vale 
Sparke, Morton, Charlwood House, 

Sparkes, C. 68, Netherfield road north 
Sparks, Mrs. Jane, 28, Alfred street 
Sparks, Mrs. 31, Mount Pleasant 
Sparks, Thomas, 20, Chatsworth street 
Sparks, William, 119, Upper Hill street 
Speakman, E. 8, Orient street 
Spear, Leonard, 6, The Elms 
Speed, Edwin, 106a, Eoscommon street 
Speed, John, 37, Great Mersey street 
Speed, Thomas, 1, Brunei street 
Speirs, A. 42, Ealkner street 
Spekeman, T. O. 70, Aubrey street 
Spellman, John, 136, Eield street 
Spenee, Jacob, 195, Beaufort street 
Spenoe, James, 10, Abercromby square 
Spenoe, — , 87, Huskisson street 
Spencer, Charles, 31, West Derby street 
Spenooi^ ChMrie§,112, Wastboome street 
Bpeaeer, EdwMrd, 17, Camptm street 

Spencer, Edward, 26, Mackenzie street 
Spencer, James, 76, Langham street 
Spencer, John, 60, Prescot street 
Spencer, John, 102, Eadcliffe street 
Spencer, J. 26, Kilshaw street 
Spencer, Eichard, 10, Tetlow street 
Spencer, S. G. 117, Bed Eock street 
Spencer, Thomas, 139, Beaufort street 
Spencer, Thomas, 49, Seymour street . 
Spicer, G. & H. 29, Woodville terrace^ 

Breck road 
Spier, K. C. 11, Crown street 
Spilsbury, G. 60, Hamilton road 
Spinsor, Joseph, 76, Eldon place 
Spragg, John, 2, Manfred street 
Sprainger, £. 76, Wellington street 
Sprat, Alexander, 17, Melbourne street 
Spratt, George, 3, Newton street 
Spring, A. 13, Aughton street 
Spring, J. 11, Thomaston street 
Spring, — , 20, Bamber street 
Sprosten, J. 62, Devonport street 
Sprott, Joseph, 69, Kinglake street 
Sprott, Johnston Bell, 76, Upper Stan- 
hope street 
Sproule, E. 94, Tweed street 
Spruce, David, 32 & 34, Netherfield 

road north, Everton 
Spurgeon, Isaac, 43, Bengel street 
Spuriug, Captain, 29, Arnold street 
Spurr, William, 56, Chatsworth street 
Squire, E. M. 36, St. James's road 
Squire, — , 42, Conyers street 
St. George, W. W. 1, Mersey court, Co- 
vent Garden 
Stabb, George, 32, Wesley street 
Stabbs, J. 61, Bed Eock street 
Stack, G. 10, Burleigh road south 
Stacy, Patrick, 9, Kilshaw street 
Stafford, B. 48, Coniston st Breck road 
Stafford, £. 85, Stanhope street 
Stafford, H. 44, Brownlow street 
Stafford, E. 60, Eastbourne street 
Stainstreet, Edward, 50, Percy street 
Stainton, W. 10, Troughton st. Ed^e Hill 
Stalker, William, 49, Boundary place 
Stammers, J. 8> St. Domingo grove 
Stamp, W. 104, Boundary lane 
Stamper, WiUiam, 17, Aigbnrth street 
Stamper, William, 23, Bamber street 
Standish, Thomas, 41, Eishton street 
Standish, Mrs. Mjurgt. 35, Gloucester pi. 
Standwell) Thai&. 44,^Qi^^\>.\s^c^5^ias^\iiSL, 
Stan&eU, C\>ai\«i,\^,^B««ft^ii«^ 




Staniatreet, John F. 7, Aberorombj sq. 
Staniatreet, John, 13, Byford street 
Stankie, Gheorge, 126, Up. Parliament at. 
Stanley, John, 34, Lodge lane 
Stannanought, James, 42, Tozteth street 
Stannanoujrht, J. Ill, Harlow street 
Stannet, Henry, 126, Harlow street 
Stant, Thomas, 12, Parliament place 
Stanton, Joseph, 12, Eerford street 
Staple, James, 93, Hopwood street 
Staples, Mrs. Jessy, 5, Blair street 
Stark, T. H. 4, Torr street 
Starkings, William, 60, Bamber street 
Starky, John, 40, Arnold street 
Stating, JameS) 54, Salisbury street 
Statt, Thomas, 3, Berkley street 
Stavely, Bichard, 4, St. J&omingo grove 
Stead, A. 41, Lodge lane 
Stead, George, 6, Barter street 
Stead, S. 24, Elixabeth street 
Steadman, Bichard, 9, Eunouth street 
Steadman, S. 51, Melbourne street 
Stearling, James, 19, Haliburton street 
Steel, Dr. 62, Mount Pleasant 
Steel, Henry, 19, Huskisson street 
Steel, James, 62, Cleveland street 
Steel, James, 69, Q-rove street 
Steele, Edward, 7, St. James's mount 
Steele, John, 91, Conway street 
Steele, Mrs. S. 6, Grey ftock street 
Steele, W. 67, Haliburton street 
Steele, W. P. 124, Palkner street 
Steele, — , 38, Boundary lane 
Steelpeel, Josiah, 8, St. Gborge*s Hill 
Steen, John, 12, Homer street 
Steer, Joseph, 38, Boundary 
Steinman,;R. 27, Bentleyroad, Prince'spk. 
Stelfox, James, 26, Scourfield street 
Stemson, Edwin, 18, Hardwick street 
Stenmore, Mrs. M. 24, Bedford street 
Stephens, Alfired (M.D.) 4, Upper Par- 

bament street 
Stephens, Arthur, 18, Little TVoolton st. 
Stephens, F. 80, Aughton street 
Stephens, George, 42, Walton road 
Stephens, George, 114, Stanley road 
Stephens, H. 17, Upper Hill street 
Stephens, Henry, 24, Harlow street 
Stephens, J. G. H. 91, Tweed street 
Stephens, J. W. 17, St. George's Hill 
Stephens, Mrs. N. 133, Upper Hill street 
si^pbenB, ThiM, English, 28, Crown street 
^t>Bph^is, W. H. 12, Gragmere street 
Y^pAongoa, AJexandBT, 71; Low iDU 
^phonsoD, George, SI, BeBervoir street 


Stephenson, H. W. 22, Upper Park st. 
Stephenson, James, 20, Tynemouth st. 
Stephenson, John, 28, Virgil street 
Stephenson, P. 68, Cardwell street 
Stephenson, W. 41, Bedford street 
Stephenson,W. D. 289, Up. Parliament st. 
Stephenson, W. S. 95, Mill road 
Sterns, John, 34, Grasmere street 
Sterling, W. 14, Crete street 
Stem, Samuel, 13, Percy street 
Sterry, William, 15, Lovat street 
Steven, Gowen, 42, Bridgewater street 
Stevens, Albert, 69, Cardwell street 
Stevens, Ch. 70, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Stevens, John, 36, Eldon place 
Stevens, Montague, 81, Cnatsworth st. 
Stevens, Thomas, ^, Sackville street 
Stevenson, A. 72, Cardwell street 
Stevenson, Andrew, 12, Vesuvius street 
Stevenson, Elisabeth, 49, Catharine street 
Stevenson, J. 70, Falkner street 
Stevenson, Mary, 6, Henry street 
Stevenson, Mrs. 17, St. George's Hill 
Stevenson, Mrs. J. 160, Chatham street 
Stevenson, Mrs. M. A. 72, Cleveland st. 
Stevenson, E. 4, South street 
Stevenson, Tliomas, 184, Vine street 
Stevenson, Thomas, 59, Eydal street 
Stevenson, Thomas, 7, Bowring street 
Stevenson, Thomas, 109, Beau street 
Stevenson, W. 101, Kilshaw street 
Stevenson, William, 67, Vine street 
Steventon, John, 8, Parliament place 
Steward, Charles, 4, Dingle lane 
Steward, James, 49, Great Mersey street 
Steward, John, 43, Latham street 
Steward, Mrs. Jane, 91, Huskisson street 
Steward, William, 83, Latham street 
Steward, William, 6, Silvester street 
Stewardson, John, 30, Uxbridge street, 

Stewart, — , 4, Boundary lane 
Stewart, — , 27, Mount Pleasant 
Stewart, A. 11, Everton terrace 
Stewart, George, 29, Cleveland street 
Stewart, Henry, 11, Vernon street 
Stewart, J. 3, Wilson street 
Stewart, J. A. 57, White Bock street 
Stewart, James, 135, Spencer street 
Stewart, Jdm, 3, Grenville street 
Stewart, Joseph G. H. 9, Sandon terrace. 

Upper Duke street 
ateWart, Mra. C. 27, Gh-eenheys road 
Stewart, Mxa. E. M, Ctivmxvs, %tc^t 



, John, 68, Mount Pleasant 
, P. G. 149, Bedford street 
, Eobert, 73, Bishton street 
, ^bert, 3, Devonshire place 
, Bobert James, 13, Bose Hill 
, Bobert, 37, Bodnej street 
, W. F. 46, Anderson street 
, W. J. 11, Grove park 
, Wm. 11, Upper Stanhope street 
& Bobertson, Brougham House 
emy, 17, Upper Parliament street 
, D. W. 156, Upper Frederick st. 
, Hugh, 66, Aubrey street 
►hn, 19, Conyers street 
Rosanua, 22, Blandford street 
, George, 15, Adelaide street 
, David, 47, Luther street 
, E. 166, Mount Pleasant 
er, Ann, 144, Field street 
n, Eliza, 100, Beacon lane 
Charles, 157, Upper Parliament st. 
tall, Joseph, 40, Tetlow street 
, E. 18, South street 
, Thomas, 24, Great Newton st. 
J. 49, Laxey street 
n, Mrs. 51, Laneham street 
t, Alexander, 10, Mount street 
t, Frances, 152, Park road 
t, L. 2, Devonshire road 
t, Mrs. 150, Bedford street 
t, Mrs. Ann, 1, Berkley street 
, William, 149, Mill road 
A. 35, Woodville ter. Brock road 
Charles, 19, Hope place 
Dr. George, 12, Kensington 
J. 74, Greenland street 
J. 58, Hill Htreet 
Mrs. Annie B. 57, West Derby st. 
Mrs. E. 49, Chatsworth street 
Nathan, 88, Falkner street 
'. 24, Bittern street 
ohn Geo. 74, Up. Parliament st. 
ilfred, 85, White Bock street 
George, 313, Netherfield road N. 
Fane, 12, Everton Brow 
)/Ln. B. 115, Queen's road 
i. A. 15, Allan street 
iV'illiam, 116, Bedford street 
SVilliam, 16, Park street 
Joseph, 97, Phythian street 
I, Dr. (M.D.) 1, Bodnoy street 
■tor, John, 186, Wavertree road 
£. 17, Faraday street 
Samuel, 16a, Catharine street 
A. 188, Park road 

Storey, John, 1, Boe street 
Storey, Miss M. A. 43, Crown street 
Storey, T. 14, Kepler street 
Storey, Thomas, 52, Clevedon street 
Storton, Alice, 137, Grafton street 
Story, Bobert, 31, Clarence street 
Stott, Benjamin, 38, Field street 
Stott, Charles, 161, Kensington 
Stott, John, 8, Salop street 
Stott, Miss E. 157, Canning street 
Stott, Mrs. Maria, 4, Allan street 
Stott, W. W. 52, Bydal street 
Stoup, J. Slade, 25, Carter street 
Stowe, Alexander, 40, Pluto street 
Stowe, Joseph, 98, Huskisson street 
Stowe, T. S. 136, Upper Parliament st. 
Stowers, Jacob, 1, Fsdkner square 
Strachan, James, 17, Sterling street . 
Strain, J. 15, Aughton street 
Strainge, B. 1, Moville street 
Strains, Jn. 88, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Strains, Peter, 27, Bose vale 
Strang, Matthew, 145, Fidkner street 
Strang, Bobert, 25, Wynne street 
Strange, D. 4, Fielding street 
StrauBon, Paul, 1, Clare street 
StrawBon, Paul, 1, Bidder street 
Streather, William, 19, Oxford street 
Street, Ann, 11, Minshull street 
Stretch, Drew, 19, Benson street 
Stretch, J. 88, High Park street 
Strettell, T. 80, Thirlmere road 
Strickland, Captain, 32, Boundary lane 
Striddis, T. 55, Aber street 
Stride, William, 91, Spencer street 
Strike, Mrs. E. 29, Menzies street 
Stringer, Alfred, 49, Salop street 
Stringer, Seth, 47, Salop street 
Stringer, WiUiam, 132, Beaufort street 
Stromeyer, F. 22, St. Domingo grove 
Strong, J. 9, Aigburth street 
Stroyan, Antony, 21, Warren street 
Stroyan, Peter, 27, Norton stareet 
Stuart, — , 68, Mount Pleasant 
Stuart, — , 25, Tillotson street 
Stuart, -— , 66, Bedford street 
Stuart, Gordon, 7, Boduey street 
Stuart, J. B. 6, Calder street 
Stuart, John, 122, Bedford street 
Stuart, John, 84, Badcliffe street 
Stuart, M. L. 16, Thomaston street 
Stubbey, Thomas, 6, Warburton street 
Stubbs, C. 1^, ^ew»Ti\Mi^ 

I Stubbs, Henry , l^^^Hxx^^SMflwwi ^teirt^ 




Stabba, Henry, 73, Eodney Btpeer 
Stubbs, J. 189, Canning street 
Stubbs, John, 189, Canning street 
Stubbs, P. 3, Gelling street 
Stubbs, Eichard, 92, Cardwell street 
Stubbs, Thomas, 258, Crown street 
Studderd, B. 30, Newstead road 
Stunt, John, 211, Grafton street 
Stuntles, William A. 16, Nelson street 
^udders, James, 124, Sdisbury street 
Sudlow, Henry, 21, Sugnall street 
Sudlow, S. 38, Seymour street 
Sultvan, J. 76, Field street 
Sulivan, P. 22, Fowler street 
Sullivan, Andrew, 96, Edinburgh street 
Sullivan, Edward, 13, Gregson street 
Sullivan, F. 102, Northumberland ter. 
Sullivan, John, 6, Tozteth street 
Sullzburger, H. 18, Grove road 
Summer, Mrs. 42, Eastbourne street 
Summerson, John, 38, Moville street 
Summervilie, — , 70, Upper Stanhope st. 
Sumner, Alice, 21, Field street 
Sumner, Edmund, 55, Marybone 
Sumner, J. B. 86, Bed Rock street 
Sumner, James, 28, Melbourne street 
Sumner, John, 71, Walnut street 
Sumner, Joshua, 69, Field street 
Sumner, Mrs. M. 42, Hamilton road 
Sumner, Bichard, 2, Upper Park street 
Sumnera, E. 30, Toxteth street 
Sumneri, H. 98, Canning street 
Sumners, William, 86, Soho street 
Sunman, W. B 74, Upper Hope place 
Sunter, James, 72, BerKley street 
Surman, Sarah, 38, Lloyd street 
Sutcliff, T. Ill, Stanhope street 
Sutherland, Angus, 52, Berkley street 
Sutherland, Charles, 39, Tagit street 
Sutherland, Donald, 67, Hope street 
Sutherland, G. 133, Upper Parliament st. 
Sutherland, H. 38, Queen's road 
Sutherland, J. 61, Bulwer street 
Sutherland, J. W. 39, Ogwen street 
Sutherst, Henry, 37, Salop street 
Suther^t, T. 15, Cobden street 
Suttle, E. 34, Bedford street 
Sutton, — , 15, Upper Parliament street 
Sutton, J. 27, Caird street 
Sutton, Joseph, 6, Melbourne street 
Sutton, Miss Ann, 186, Breck road 
Sutton, Mrs. 26, Sandon street 
Sutton, P. Ann, 53, Tillot^on street 
Suetoa, Rii'hard, 29, Lovat street 
^ai^i,, HobeH, 14, Jfitjrleae street 

Sutton, Stephen B. 41, Everton Brow 
Sutton, T. 11, Beacon lane 
Sutton, Thos. G. 2, Moira street 
Sutton, William, 29, A^'esuvius street 
Swaborough, Mrs. 38, Fairclough lane 
Swain, D. 36, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Swain, Mrs. Mary Ann, 46, Harbord st. 
Swaine, Mrs. 43, Kilshaw street 
Swainson, Miss, 121, Mount Pleasant 
Swainson, Mrs. H. 96, Bedford street 
Swallow, Andrew, 117, Mill road 
Swallow, G. 58, Greenland street 
Swallow, William, 67, Toxteth street 
Swann, Andrew, 91, Crown street 
Swann, Henry, 25, Crown street 
Swanson, Mrs. Mary, 52, Windsor street 
Swanson, Sarah, 7, Bailey street 
Swarbrick, William, 275, Athol street 
Swarbrick, William, 10, Lloyd street 
Sweeney, Henry, 111, Vine street 
Sweeney, John, 23, Kensington 
Sweeney, Lieut. M. A. 30, Falkner street 
Sweeting, Christopher, 58, Grove street 
Sweeting, Miss J. 32, Tliorncaston street 
Sweet man, Martha, 6, Haliburton street 
Sweetman, W. B. 63, Brownlow street 
Swerlaender, Victor, 11, Falkner square 
Swettenham, W. E. J. 98, South street 
Swift, — , 8, Langham street 
Swiffc, A. 7, Eake lane 
Swifb, Edmund, 169, Grove street 
Swifl, J. 47, Bed Bock street 
Swift, John, 10, Mitylene street 
Swifb, Mrs. M. A. 46, York terrace 
Swift, Mrs. Martha, 107a, Grove street 
Swift, Mrs. P. 40, Northumberland street 
Swift, E. 122, Hill street 
Swift, Rev. T. W. 3, Grecian terrace 
Swift, S. C. 96, Breck road 
Swift, Thomas, 36, Bamber street 
Swift, William, 27, Prospect street 
Swift, William, 32, Harbord street 
Swift, William, Eice lane 
Swinbank, Wm. 64, Albion street 
Swinbum, Mary, 91, Luther street 
Swinden, Edward P. 68, Berkley str^t 
Swinden, John Marwood, 33, Norwood 

grove. West Derby road 
Swindon, Geo. Philip, 15, Hemana street 
Swinmaster, Joseph, 57, Luther street 
Swinscot, John, 24, Windsor street 
Syers, Joseph, 88, Queensland street 
Syers, L. 93, Woodville ter. Breck road 
Syers, Mrs. Francis, 14, Crown street 
Sykes, James, 78, Eodney street 




SjkeB, John, 288, Netberfield road north 
SylTeBt€r,8. 26, Alexandra ter. Prince's rd. 
Sjmao, John, 61, Ulswater street 
Sjme, Henry, 48, Boundary street 
SymondB, W. 22, Bacon lane 

Tisky John, 35, Great Nelson street 
Tiig^rt, H. 43, Menzies street 
!Dii^;gttrt, W. 64, Wellington road 
Tunsbury, "W. 70, Falkner street 
lUt, William, 43, Vine street 
Tuie, Arthur, 94a, Eoscommon street 

I TtlhoCy John, 78, Field street 
Talbot, Alfred, 5, Newlands street 
TUbot, Arthur, 28, Breck road 
Tklbot, Gaeorge, 54, Beaufort street 
Tdbot, Mm. Elizabeth, 2, Ivy street 
lUbot, S. H. 282, Netherfield road north 
Talcber,Eichard, 166, Fpper Frederick st. 
IMlentine, Wm. 197, Upper Frederick at. 
IMly, J. 2, Morton street 
Tmker, J. 31, Upper Hope place 
Turner, C. H. 19, Albion street 
IVumer, J. 133, Grey Eock street 
Tuner, John, 36, Wesley street 
Tupley, Jas. C. 130, Chatham street 
Xurbet, William, 9, Abercromby square 

! Ttfbett, Hy. 3, Oambier ter. Up. Duke st. 
Tsrleton, Mrs. 34, Guilford street 
Tarpet, Henry, 3, Gambier terrace 
Tart, James, 29, Ogwen street 
Tar?et, Andrew, 138, Eadcliffe street 
Tuker, J. 14, Belvidere road 
Tasaell, Wm. 15, Newlands street 
Tasseymen, J. 6, Eed Eock street 
Tate, A. J. 21, Belmont road 
Tate, J. 36, Schomberg street 
Tate, Joseph, 46, Scourfield street 
Tkte, Mrs. A. 10, Gelling street 
Tate, Thos. 2, Eupert lane 
Tate, T. W. 14a, Belvidere road 
Tatham, H. J. 54, White Eock street 
IVitlock, — , 120, Mount Pleasant 
Tatlock, F. 49, Mitylene street 
Tattersall, G. 83, Park street 
Taugh, Wm. J. 3, Guilford street . 
Taunton, — , 48, Everton Brow 
Tavenor, Mrs. J. 46, Combermere street 
Tayle, Mrs. Daniel, 53, South Chester st. 
Taylor, A. 9, Canton street 
Taylor, Alfred, 8, Lonsdale street 
Taylor, Andrew, 29, Gt. Mersey street 
Taylor, Ann, 46, Grey street 
Taylor, AuOy 43, Falkner street 
Taylor, Ann, 42, Tennywn street 

Taylor, Anna, 8, Park street 
Taylor, B. 133, Eose vale 
Taylor, Chas. 14, Kent square 
Taylor, Chas. 2, Eeservoir street 
Taylor, Chas. 69, Spencer street 
Taylor, D. C. 16, Newstead road 
Taylor, D. J. 22, Dingle lane 
Taylor, Dr. Hibbort, 1, Percy street 
Taylor, Edward, 39, South Chester street 
Taylor, Edward, 70, Eldon place 
Taylor, Edward, 7, Lord Nelson street 
Taylor, Edward, 12, Mona street 
Taylor, Emanuel, 136, Chatham street 
Taylor, F. 9, Barter street 
Taylor, G. 2, Coburg ter. West Derby rd. 
Taylor, George, 200, Beaufort street 
Taylor, George, llo, Vine street 
Taylor, George, 60, Adelaide street 
Taylor, George, 54, Melbourne street 
Taylor, George, Eice lane 
Taylor, George, 23, Sterling street 
Taylor, George, 224, Walton road 
Taylor, Henry, 7, Tweed street 
Taylor, J. 58, Bulwer street 
Taylor, J. 73, Queen's road 
Taylor, J. 33, Wilson street 
TayJor, J. 28, High Park street 
Taylor, James, 48, Torr street 
Taylor, James, 7, Windsor street 
Taylor, John, 51, Hope street 
Taylor, John, 72, Caryl street 
Taylor, John, 38, Guilford street 
Taylor, John, 21, Ashton street 
Taylor, John, 82, Upper Hill street 
Taylor, John, 9, Salop street 
Taylor, John, 53, Phythian street 
Taylor, John, 8, Beau street 
Taylor, John, 38, Overbury street 
Taylor, John £. 24, Butland street 
Taylor, Joseph, 81, Northumberland ter. 
^Taylor, Joseph, 105, Upper Stanhope st. 
Taylor, Joseph, 16, Hemans street 
Taylor, Joseph, 76, Alma street 
Taylor, Joseph, 9, Upper Park street 
Taylor, J. E. 20, Devonshire road 
Taylor, Luke, 51, Salop street 
Taylor, Miss £. 37, Ashton street 
Taylor, Miss Maria, 33, V\ hitefield road 
Taylor, Miss Mary, 11, Moira street 
Taylor, Miss Mury Jane, 88, Tweed street 
Taylor, Mrs. 47, Caird street 
Taylor, Mrs. 177, Upper Parliament st. 
Taylor, Mrs. 29, Kilshaw street 
Taylor, Mrs. 93, Everton road 
Taylor, Mrs, Anw, ^^, Y\A^ ^\x«i\. 




Taylor, Mrp. Ann, 8, Greek street 
Taylor, Mrs. E. 50, Warwick street 
Taylor, Mrs. Eliza, 18, York terrace 
Taylor, Mrs. Emma, 142, Beaufort street 
Taylor, Mrs. Fanny, 85, Low Hill 
Taylor, Mrs. J. 60, Nortkuniberlnnd st. 
Taylor, Mrs. Jane, 3, Chatsworth street 
Taylor, Mrs. Mary. 7, New stead road 
Taylor, Oliver, 39, Barnes street 
Taylor, Eev. William Francis, 13 Newby 

terrace, Belmont road 
Taylor, Eichard, 20, Windsor street 
Taylor, Eichard, 69, Berkley street 
Taylor, Eichard, 33, Wapping 
Taylor, Eobert, 34, Letitia street 
Taylor, Eobert, 5, Great Newton street 
Taylor, Eobert, 11, Salop street 
Taylor, Eobert, 82, Gr^son street 
Taylor, Eobert, 71, Eldon place 
Taylor, Eoger, 133, Field street 
Taylor, Staveley, 11, Bentley road 
Taylor, Thos. 46, MoviUe street 
Taylor, Thomas, 36, Smith street 
Taylor, Thomas, 15, Sherdley street 
Taylor, W. 112, Queen's road 
Taylor, Walter, 90, Conway street 
Taylor, William, 57 Park street 
Taylor, William, 317, Netherfield rd. N. 
Taylor, William, 6^i, Ulswater street 
Taylor, William, 52, Thomaston street 
Taylor, AViUiam, 30, Brecktield road S. 
Taylor, AVilliam, 12, Bath street ' 
Taylor, William, 13, Denbigh street 
Taylor, W. S. 37, NewHtead road 
Teadstill, William B. 24, York terrace, 

Netherfield road north 
Tear, James, 97, Whitefield road 
Tear, John, 113, Chatsworth street 
Tear, E. 70, Menzies street 
Tear, B. 51, Laxey street 
Teare, 1). 39, Queensland street 
Teare, John, 20, Vesuvius street 
Teare, John, 29, Wynne street 
Telford, Dr. 253, Tipper Parliament st. 
Telford, John, 50, Queen Ann street 
Telfords, Miss, 103, Eadcliffe street 
Templetoii, John, 22, Pluto street 
Temps, Eobert, 53, Norfolk street 
Tennant, W. 7, High Park street 
Terry, George, 96a, Eoscommon street 
Tertullian, Eev. B. 62, St. Ann atreet 
Tossajrjnan, Joseph, 40, Eed Bock street 
^^^''nond, a. 121, Queen's road 

S/^""!^?^-^' ^f' ^erniour street 
^^' ^^^'^in, 15, White Eo-k street 


Teugheer, Hermann, Z»I is. 22, Huskisson 

Thackerdy, James 
Thackery, W. 24, Byford street 
Thistlewood, Eobert, 307, Grafton street 
Thom, Mrs. Euphemin, 28, Erskine st. 
Thomas, A. 130, Harlow street 
Thomas, A^ 102, Canning street 
Thomas, Abraham, 123, Silvester street 
Thomas, Alexander, 21, Aughton street 
Thomas, B. 27, Lloyd street 
Thomas, Charles, 50, Upper Stanhope st. 
Thomas, Catherine, 199, Beaufort street 
Thomas, David, 34, Hcmans street 
Thomas, D J. 33, Eichmond ter. Breck rd. 
Thomas, E. 10, Seymour street 
Thomas, E. 50, Brenton street 
Thomas, E. G. 148, Spencer street 
Thomas, Elizabeth, 16, Cumberland si. 
Thomas, E. M. 8. Saekvillo street 
Thomas, E. N. 117, Bedford street 
Thomas, E. W. 52, West Derby street 
Thomas, Edwanl, 114, Windsor street 
Thomas, Edward 11, Tetlow street 
Thomas, G. 31, Aughton street 
Thomas, Georg**, 17, Alfred street 
Thomas, GriiEth, 143, Phythian street 
Thomas, Henrj^ 16, Everton Brow 
Thomas, Henry, 27, Eodnev street 
Thomas, J. Ill, Upper Hill street 
Thomas, J. 43, Llcyd street 
Thomas, J. 2, Great Nelson street 
Thomas, J. 24, Lavan street 
Thomas, J. 5, Torr street 
Thomas, J. C. 13, Harwood street 
Thomas, James Samuel, 102, St. Domingo 

vale, Everton 
Thomas, James, 198, West Derby road 
Thomas, James, 6, Bengel strt^ct 
Thomas, Jane, 104, Conway street 
Thomas, John, '-3, Parr street 
Thomas, John, -14, West Derby road 
Thomas, John, 295, Grafton street 
Thomas, John, 1, Toxteth street 
Thomafl, John, 18, Mill road 
Thomas, John, 14, Great Mersey street 
Thomas, John, 155, Field street 
Thomas, John, :.26, Netherfield road N. 
Thomas, John, ("7, Everton terrace 
Thomas, John, ("9, Everton terrace 
Thomas, John, x 5, Guilford street 
Thomas, J. T. l^Litvlene street 
Thomas, Lewis, 103, Beaufort street 
Thomas, "Mifts yAYen, ^0, C\«Nt\w\^ ^\.t^^\» 
Thomas, Mra. CAiVieime,^,'ttv«\>oT^%X. 





Mrs. 29, Bamber street 

Mrs. 50, Upper iStanhope ptreet 

Mrs. Catherine, 22, Exmouth st. 

Mrs. M. 95, Phythian street 

Mrs. Sarai), 21, Kemble street 

Owen, 18, ^Fel bourne street 

R. 53, Hey worth street 

R. 62, Thomaston street 

R. 59, Hill street 

R. 20, Trouirhton st. Edge Hill 

Rev. J. 11, The Willows, Breck 

Richard, 1-15, Netherfield rd. N. 
Richard, 29, Sykes street 
Robert, 20, Hope ])lace 
Robert, 273, Netherfield road N. 
Robert, 45, Brownlow Hill 
Robert, 62, Oxford street 
Robert, 55, Catharine street 
Rowland, 11, Violet street 
S. 73, Aber street 
S. G. 55, Red Rock street 
Samuel, 32, Upper Beau street 
Samuel, 40, Queen Ann street 
Stephen, 132, Salisbury street 
Thomas, 12, Queensland street 
W. 34, Fielding street 
W. 28, Greenland street 
W. 15, The Willows, Breck rd. 
William, 236, Beaufort street 
William, 48, Compton street 
William, 64, Edinburgh street 
William, 15. Lowther street 
William', 17, Toxteth street 
William, 68, Premier street 
William H. 142, Beacon lane 
W. H. 55, Beloo street 
Thomason, P. 13, Compton street 
Thompson, — , 9, Domingo vale 
Thompson, — , 46, Rodney street 
Thompson, — , 22, Aber street 
Thompson, A. 17, Ulswater street 
Thompson, Aaron, 37, Ulswater street 
Thompson, Alexander, 69, G-rafton street 
Thompson, Alice, 11, Orient street 
Thompson, Captain, 128, Huskisson st. 
Thompson, Capt A. 8, Wcllesley road, 

Peel street 
Thompson, C. 283, Netherfield road N. 
Thompson, "D. 15, Northumberland st. 
Thompson, D. 216, Beaufort street 
Thompson, D. 177, Canning street 
Thompson, David, A. 1, Arnold street 
ThompgoD, Dr. W, C. 7, St Domingo vale 
Tbompaon, R 158, Falkner street 

Thompson, E. 21, Moore pi. London rd. 
Thompson, E. 90, Kilshaw street 
Thompson, E. 37, Kensington 
Thompson, Edward, 58, Rose vale 
Thompson, Francis, 48, Eastbourne street 
Thompson, P^rederick, 138, Salisbury st. 
Thompson, G. 18, Devonshire road 
Thompson, G. 4, Dunkeld street 
Thompson, George, 31, Gregson street 
Thompson, George, 49, Crown street 
Thompson, George, 69, Great Newton sL 
Thompson, G. H. 16, Abercromby square 
Thompson, G. H.22, Wellesley rd. Peelst 
Thompson, H. 70, Upper Parliament at. 
Thompson, H. 16, Poplar gr. The Elms 
Thompson, Henry, 112, Radcliffe street 
Thompson, Henry, 13, Cochrane street 
J hompHou, Henry, 6, Perth street 
Thompson, J. 14, Mere lane 
Thompson, J. 18, Aberdeen street 
Thompson, J. 54, Stanhope street 
Thompson, J. 141, Athol street 
Thompson, J. 74, High Park street 
Thompson, J. 17, Falkner street 
Thompson, J. 36, Wellesley rd. Peel st. 
Thompson, J. 26, Faraday street 
Thompson, J. 30, Cobden street 
Thompson, J. 5, Bedford street 
Thompson, J. 21, High Park street 
Thompson, J. B. 6, Belvidere road 
Thompson, J. G. 15, Plumpton street 
Thompson, J. P. 14, Compton street 
Thompson, J. R. 36, Netherfield rd. S. 
Thompson, James, 271, Grafton street 
Thompson, James, 93, Landseer road 
Thompson, James, 98, Roscommon st. 
Thompson, James, 21, High Park street 
Thompson, James, 20, Russell street 
Thompson, James, 144, Grove street 
Thompson, John, 30, Bedford street 
Thompson, John, 76, Circus utreot 
Thompson, John, 3, BiMitley road 
Thompson, John, 20, Pluto street 
Thompson, John, 25, Wliitcfield road 
Thompson, Jolin, 50, Harbord street 
Thompson, John, l.'J, Caryl street 
Thompson, John B. 24, Chesnut street 
Thompson, Joseph, 16, Hughes street 
Thompson, Joseph, 48, Tennyson street 
Thompson, Joseph, 74, Windsor street 
Thompson, Joseph, 39, Upper Hope pi. 
Thompson, Langley, 178, Bedford street 
Thompson, M.. S^, Xot^x\. %\.T^fc\. 




ThompsoD, Miss E. 79, WoodviUe terrace, 

Breck road 
Thompson, Miss E. 26, Chatsworth st. 
Thompson, Mrs. L. 26, Farnworth street 
Thompson, Mrs. 136, Oregson street 
Thompson, Mrs. M. 15, Hill street 
Thompson, Mrs. 92, Crown street 
Thompson, Mrs. A. 11, Orient street 
Thompson, Mrs. Ann, 10, Exmouth st. 
Thompson, Mrs. Isabella, 17, South Hillst. 
Thompson, Mrs. M. 28, Peel street 
Thompson, Mrs. Martha, 32, Crown st. 
Thompson, Mrs. Mary, 36, WhiteBeld st. 
Thompson, Mrs. Mary, 15, Egerton street 
Thompson, P. 49, Upper Hill street 
Thompson, P. 107, Upper Warwick st. 
Thompson, E. G. 44, Lowther street 
Thompson, Eev. Q. 13, Baker street 
Thompson, Eichard, 72, Bedford street 
Thompson, Eoderick, 2, Oxford street 
Thompson, S. 140, Breck road 
Thompson, S. P. 74, Northumberland ter. 
Thompson, T. 23, St. Domingo grove 
Thompson, T. 40, Salisbury street 
Thompson, Thomas, 6, Eichmond view, 

Belmont road 
Thompson, Thomas, 103, Eishton street 
Thompson, Thomas, 142, Orove street 
Thompson, Thomas, 30, G-rove street 
Thompson, Thos. H. 40, Smithdown lane 
Thompson, W. 33,Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Thompson, W. 35, Ogwen street 
Thompson, W. 23, Sefton square 
Thompson, W. B. 53, Albion street 
Thompson, William, 21, Orove street 
Thompson, William, 21, Falkner square 
Thompson, William, 65, Boundary place 
Thompson, William, 51, Cleveland street 
Thompson, William, Upper Hill street 
Thompson, Wm. O. 118, Upper Hill st. 
Thomson, Alexander, 85, Beaufort street 
Thomson, D. A. 1, Arnold street 
Thomson, James, 167, Chatham street 
Thomson, James, 5, Bedford street 
Thomson, John, 11, Latham street 
Thomson, Eobcrt, 19, Binney street 
Thomson, Samuel, 5, Tennyson street 
Thomson, T. 245, Upper Frederick street 
Thorburn, Mrs. 236, Up. Parliament st. 
Thorley, William, 39, Eadcliffe street 
Thornbury, W. 1, Barter street 
^ome, James, 56, Mount Pleasant 
^0rii^e/ii BIcbard, 18, Bengel street 
f^F^^^^- ^^> Oreeuland street I 



Thomley, Samuel, 27, Deane road 
Thornley, Samuel, 89, Cardwell street 
Thomley, Thomas, 7, Cottenham street 
Thornthwaite, John, 8, Tetlow street 
Thornton, A. 24, Clevedon street 
Thornton, A. 47, Wilson street 
Thornton, E. 78, Calder street 
Thornton, Edward, 157, Eose vale 
Thornton, Frederick, 16, Langham street 
Thornton, H. 44, Stanhope street 
Thornton, J. 28, Combermere street 
Thornton, J. 58, Albion street 
ThorntoQ, John, 10, Great Mersey street 
Thornton, W. Henry, 50, Hunt street 
Thomwall, Jacob, 172, Smithdown laue 
Thorp, John, 40, Vine street 
Thorp, Eobert Stead, 7, Hemans street 
Thorpe, Capt. Edward, 27, Beaumont st. 
Thorpe, E. H. 59, Elizabeth street 
Thorpe, J. 36, Moville street 
Threfall, Henry, 37, Salisbury street 
Threfall, Mrs. C. 38, York terrace 
Thuruby, Mrs. M. 19, Calder street 
Thurston, Jos. 48, Grove street 
Thyer, C. 43, Caryl street 
Tidde, William, 9, Melbourne street 
Tidd, Mrs. 126, Cardwell street 
Tidd, W. T. 122, Warwick street 
Tiddlaw, Peter, 20, Springfield 
Tiernan, Eobert, Breck House, 16, St. Do- 
mingo grove 
Tiffer, William, 18, Sir Howard street 
Tilly, O. T. 102, Vine street 
Tilson, Mrs. Jane, 41, Anderson street 
Timmons, John, 4, By ford street 
Timms, Edward, 1, \ine street 
Timpaoy, David, 3, Lord Nelson street 
Timothy, C. 254, Netherfield road north 
Tiocbam, E. Ib3, Towson street 
TiDdall, William, 33, Huskissoii street. 
Tindle, Elizabeth, 4, Stafford street 
Tinker, -Alfred, 41, Sykes street 
Tinkler, John, 4, Spellow laue 
Tinkler, Joseph, 10, Stirling street 
Tinkler, E. 36, Bvford street 
Tinney, George, i5, Prescot street 
Tiunsiiood, T. 7, Gelling street 
Ticsley, Edward, 51, Grafton street 
Tirsley, J. 335, Scotland road 
Tinsley, Moses, 45, Harewood street 
Tinson, William, 69, Hunter street 
Tipper, Henry, 170, Park road 
Tipper, Jchn, 207, Park road 
Tippeih, Rietard, 40, OiLtotd street 
Tippetts, J. W, IS, Couv^t^tL fi\.tvi^\. 




Tipping, James, 06, Soho street 
lipping, John, 56, Whitefield street 
Tipping, R. 2, Eleanor street 
Tipton, Hubert, 32, Sidney street E. 
Titherington, Qeorge, 83, Canning street 
TitiieringtoD, Mrs. T. A. 83, Canning at. 
Titherington, R. 33, Grey Rock street * 
Titherington, T. P. 35, Grey Rock street 
Titherington, Thomas, 22, drey street 
TitUe, William, 30, Pluto street 
TittoD, W. H. 12, Kilshaw street 
TobiftB, G. W. 41, Canning street 
Tobie, Edward, 34, Everton Brow 
Tobin, Barney, 7, Newhall street 
Tobin, Mical, tj, Caryl street 
Tobin, Richard, 8, Caryl street 
Tobj, David, 3, Allan street 
Toebatb, Joseph, 17, Kinglake street 
Tod, James, 48, Oxford street 
Todd, Alexander, 141, Latham street 
Todd, C. 107, Harlow atreet 
Todd, G. 114, Warwick street 
Todd, Gteorge, 21, Falkland street 
Todd, J. 3, Alexandra drive 
Todd, Joseph, 56, Ogwcu street 
Todd, Peter, 118, Caniwell street 
Todd, Peter, 123, Rishton street 
Todd, R. 15, Harter street 
Todd, S. 137, Uut^kisson street 
Todd, W. 6, Kowler street 
Todhunter, Joseph, 42, St. George's Hill 
Todhunter, Mrs. Mary, 36. Up. Hill st 
Todminter, Thomat*, 111, Everton terrace 
Toes, Mrs. E. Windermere sireet, Breck 

Toker, J. 07, Boundary lane 
ToUen, John, 22, Prosf ect street 
Tomkieci, Mrs. 31, Crosbie street 
Tomkinson, Henry, 21, Downing street 
Tomkinson, Samuel, 28, Cardwell street 
Tomkinson, W. 41), Baker street 
Tomkinson, W. 20, Brownlow street 
Tomkinson, AV^ 22, Brownlow street 
Tomkiss, William. 148, Smithdown lane 
Tomlinson, Mrs. Jane, 211, Upper Par- 
liament tit roe t 
Toilet, Thoniar*, 47, Canterbury street 
Tomb, David, 36, Bedford street 
Tomkinson, W. W. 20, Fielding street 
Tomlin, Fr ncis, 31, Dodi»e street 
Tomlin, Greorge, 44, Cochrane street 
Tomlinson, John, 10, McGregor street 
Tomlinson, Kobcrt, 67, Cordwell street 
TomliBtKUJ, S, IT, Winter street 
TomlinMOD, Thomiw, ID, Moon street 

Tomlinson, AVilliam, 40, Brunei f>treet 
Tompkinson, J. 43, Aughton street 
Tompson, John, 13, Caryl street 
Tompson, J. G. 58, Tweed street 
Tompson, Mrs. 87, Queensland street 
Tompson, Mrs. 69, Huskisson street 
Tompson, Patrick, 46, Eastbourne street 
Tompson, William, 165, Grafbon street 
Toms, C. J. 115, Chatham street 
Tomschintz, J. 107, Canning street 
Tomson, — , 19, Clarence gro?e 
Tomson, W. 170, Begent road 
Tomybie, Mrs. H. 44, Haliburton street 
Tonney, Joe, 33, Breck street 
Tonnorn, C. 33, Chatham street 
Toole, Laurence, 31, Denbigh street 
Toole, M. A. 109, Phythian street 
Toone, C. 8. 31, Chatsworth street 
Topley, William, 96, Cleveland street 
Topper, E. 89, Northumherland street 
Tord, William, 47, Vine street 
Tohck, J. R. 9, Highfield View, Belmont 

Tory, L. L. 9, Duncan street 
Totman, J. F. 35, Lovat street 
Tott, J. M. 315, ScotUnd road 
Touudrow, B. 95, Everton road 
Towers, Thomas, 3, Norwood grove 
Towers, Thos. A. 18, Canterbury street 
Toweroon, John, 1, Avon street 
Towier, David, 60 & 60a, Norwood grove 
ToA'ley, D. 109, Huskisson street 
lowndrow, Jame», 4-1, Ogwen street 
Towndrow, Thomas, 36, Lloyd street 
Townley, 8am uel, 13, Seymour street 
Townley, Thomas, 7, Cottenham street 
Townsen, Bicbard, 55, Tweed street 
Town^end, — , 296, Upper Parliament st. 
Townseud, B. North Hill street 
Townsend, Charles, 170, Beaufort street 
Townseud, Jackson, 12, 8t. George's cres. 
Towusend, John, 41, Grasmero street 
Townsend, Mrs. E. F. 178, Bedford street 
Townsend, \Vm. 52, Pha)be-Ann street 
Townshend & Sons, 23, South Castle st. 
Townson, Dr. 55, Shaw street 
Townson, William, 173, Grafton street 
Towzeau, 1). James, 36, Kensington 
Towzeau, J. 24, Torr street 
I Toy, Captain, 2, Upper Stanhope street 
i Toy, James*, 35, Breck street 
' Tratford, Mrs. J. 32, Cleave street 
Traill, A. 42, Abec atveet 




Tranter,. John, 19, White Eock street 
Trantheam, Jamea, 46, Salisbury street 
Trantom, Joseph, 969& 871, Scotland 

Tranton, Joseph, 20, Walton Breck road 
Treacy, Thomas, 59, Eegeut street 
Treeleven, E. 79, Queen's road 
Tremlett, J. 8, Queen's road 
Trevett, Moses, 102, Harlow street 
Trewerk, W. 46, Boundary lane 
Trie^ick, Mrs. Agnes, 28, Queen's road 
Tiipp, G. 200, Mount Pleasant 
Trippett, John, 58, Canning street 
Trott, M. K H. 9, Mill road 
Trotter, John, 25, Egerton street 
Troughton, Asepw, 108, Eose vale 
TruehamJ Joseph, 20, Walton Breck rd. 
Trull, J. C. 26, St. Domingo grove 
Trumble, P. 26, Byford street 
Tnmdale, — , 45, Faraday street 
Try, William, 99, Gregson street 
Try, William Qeorge, 29, Lowther street 
Tubman, Jane, 119, Ealkner street 
Tubbs, Ann, 15, Tweed street 
Tucker, Edward, 3, St. Gorge's Hill 
Tucker, F. 41, Peel street 
Tucker, Martin, 13, Newhall street 
Tucker, William; 103, Conway street 
Tnige, John, 96, Troughton st. Edge Hill 
Tudley, Percie, 247, Upper Frederick st. 
Tudor, Owen, 89, St. Domingo grove 
Tuer, Thomas, 54, South Hill road 
Tullock, Mrs. Captain, 44, Wellington 

terrace. West Derby road 
Tunna, — , 50, Seymour street 
Tunstall, Edward, 82, Tetlow street 
Tunstall, Edward, 48, Moon street 
Tunstall, Mrs. 56, Upper Beau street 
Tunstall, William, 4, Scourfield street 
Tunstan, Charles, 46, Moon street 
Turbet, Henry, 25, Hegent street 
Turlong, James, 145, Upper Beau street 
Tumbull, Ann, 44, Teunyson street 
Tumbull, Charles, 83, Pleasant street 
Turnbull, James (M.D.) 86, Eodney st 
Turnbull, James, 29, Windsor street 
Tumbull, Ee?. John, Incumbent of St. 

Mary's Church, Edge Hill, 26, Mar- 

maduke street 
Tumbull, E. L. 7, McGregor street 
Tumbull, Thomas, 29, Mill' road 
Turner, C. 36, Grasmere street 
Turner, Charles, 36, Albion street 
Tamer, Dr. William, 20, Eupert lane 
Thner, J^. 4T, White Bock street 


Turner, Henry, 87, Devan street 
Turner, James, 109, Northumberland ter. 
Turner, John, 17, Tagit street 
Turner, John, 5, Park field road 
Turner, John H. 23, Abercromby square 
Turner, John, Prince's road 
Turner, John T. 69, Great George street 
Turner, J. E. 1, Norwood grove 
Turner, Miss, 50, Eodney street 
Turner, Mrs. Elizabeth, 26, South street 
Turner, Mrs. Martha, 56, York terrace 
Turner, Eev. Dr. D. Wm. 94, Lodge lane 
Turner, Eobert, 32, Dodge street 
Turner, Thomas, 80, Bamber street 
Turner, Thomas, 68, Tweed street 
Turner, W. 34, Falkner street 
Turner, W. 26, Belridere road 
Turner, William, 9, Upper Duke street 
Turner, William, 14, Parkfield road 
Turner, William, 29, Bloom street 
Turner, William, 40, Grove street 
Turner, William E. 112, Islington 
Turning, Mary, 71, Tetlow street 
Tumnan, Patrick, 13, Parnworth street 
Turphy, John, 15, Scourfield street 
Turton, James, 64, Walnut street 
Turton, John, 69, Berwick street 
Turton, Joseph (M.D.) 8, Upper Par- 
liament street 
Turton, S. 58, Mount Yemen street 
Turton, William, 61, Ghrafton street 
Turtton, W. 64, St. Domingo vale 
Tute, Laurence, 87, Christian street 
Tutton, William, 32, White Eock street 
Tuvitt, Joseph, 72, Adelaide street 
Twaide, J. 4, Caird street 
Tweddle, Thomas, 108, Berkley street 
Tweddle, William, 63, Egerton street 
Tweldley, James, 63, Sali»p street 
Twendell, J. 14, Canton street 
Tweutyman, George, 54, Hemans street 
Twentyman, Rev. J. 117, Shaw street 
Twigg & Crosfield, 54, Parliament street 
Twigge, William, 12, Pluto street 
Twiuame, Mrs. 18, Percy street 
Twist, — , 72, Huskisson street 
Twist, Hugh, 4, Queensland street 
Twist, T. 59, Boundary lane 
Twoling, D. 56, Crete street 
Tyerman, Mrs. Elizabeth, 77, Grove st. 
Tyke's Porter Company, 332, Scotland rd. 
Tyler, Mrs. A. 96, Kilshaw street 
Tynan, F. 31, Cardweli street 
Tynan, Mrs. Elizabeth, 44, Clevedon st. 
Tyrer, Henry, 76, Westbourne street 




Tjrep, Isabella, 155, Falkner street 
T^rer, J. B. 278, Netherfield road north 
T^er, Mrs. M. A. 24, Cleave street 
T5rrrell, J. P. 35, Orient street 
Tyson Brothers, 2, Fowler street 
lyson, Isabella, 81, Falkner -jtreet 
Tyson, J. 108, Upper Warwick street 
Tyson, John, 123, West Derby road 
Tyson, John, 2i3, Crown street 
Tyson, Morris, 58, Carter street 
Tyson, Mrs. Emma, 14?, Norwood grove 
Tyson, R. 66, Breckfield road north 
Tyson, Thomas, 28, Chatsworth street 
Tyson, Thos. O. 47, Upper Parliament st. 
Tyson, Thomas P. 10, Sandon street 
Tyte, Gr. H. 22, Spencer street 
Tytler, P. B. 32, Upper Hill street 
Tyzack, Margaret, 76, Hughes street 

Umewin, Mrs. 103, Field street 
Underbill, J. 33 Falkner street 
Underwood, George, 57, Bose vale 
Unlathorne, — , 59, Kilshaw street 
Unsworth, — , 15, Langham street 
Unsworth, Charles, 6, Fielding street 
Unsworth, Mrs. M. 49, Bedford street 
Unsworth, Robert, 37, Tynemouth street 
Unsworth, Robert, 22, Mona street 
Unsworth, Thomas, 34, Smithdown lane 
Unwin, Lewis, 3, Mackenzie street 
Upton, John, 2, Ernest street 
Urmson, Sarah, 81, Moira street 
Urmson, Thomas, 52, Eastbourne street 
Urquhard, James, 144, Upper Parlia- 
ment street 
Urquhart, D. 21, Crete street 
Urquhart, George Duncan, 51, Aubrey 

Urquhart, John, 27, Vesuvius street 
Urran, Charles, 107, Conyers street 
Usher, Elizabeth, 33, Frederick street 
Uttley, J. 34, Caird street 

Vacey, T. 99, Hill street 
Valentine Henry, 41 , South Chester st. 
Valentine, J. Henry, 53, Anderson street 
Valentine, W. 134, Smithdown lane 
Van Gelder, P. 52, Wellington terrace. 

West Derby road 
Van Gruisen, N. L. 21, Canning street 
Van Wyn, 134, Crown street 
Vandle, Louin, 51, Great Mersey street 
Vane, F. 16, Red Rock street 
Vanhee, Peter, 52, Great Mersey street 
Varian, Thomas, 18, Grasmere street 

Varlett, E. 7, St. Paul's square 
Vasconsllas, M. 28, Belvidere road 
Vasey, William, 10, Upper Hill street 
Vass, A. 9, Seymour street 
Vass, George, 39, Stafford street 
Vaughan, A. 8, Queen's road 
Vaughan, Captain, 39, Berkley street 
Vaughan, E. 18, Queen's road 
Vaughan, Isaac, 43, Great Mersey street 
Vaughan, James, 85, Upper Parliament st. 
Vaughan, Mrs. Catharine, 04, Vine street 
Vaughan, Richard Charles, 247, Upper 

Parliament street 
Vaughan, R, 21, Laxey street 
Vaughan, Samuel, 16, Sandon street 
Vaughan, W. 92, Warwick street 
Vaughan, William, 53, Sykes street 
Vaughan, William, 42, Compton street 
Veacock, J. 17, Poplar grove, The Elms 
Venables, Mrs. 29, Crown street 
Venables, E. 40, Great Nelson street 
Venables, Thomas, 47, Latham street 
Venis, J. 87, Hunt street 
Venmore, Mrs. Jane, 57, Mitylene street 
Verbracken, J. V. 35, Edge lane 
Vering, Robert, 18, Violet street 
Vernon, J. 96, Regent road 
Vernous, Thomas, 101, Boundary lane. 
Verrill, Mrs. Ann, 80, Upper Hill street 
Vey, Mrs. Margaret, 136, Queen's road 
Vicars, Mrs. Annie, 43, Norwood grove 
Vickars, Samuel, 7, Sugnall street 
Vickers, J. 99, Grove street 
Vickers, Thomas, 63, Huskisson street 
Vincent, F. 16, Farnworth street 
Vine, G. 78, Cresswell street 
Viner, Alfred, 21, Underbill street 
Vinnis, Robert, 14, Gibson street 
Von Sobie, T. 19, Bentley road 
Vou, Richard, 15, Alma street 
Vou, W. 112, Kilshaw street 
Vose, James, (M.D.) 5, Gambier terrace, 

Upper Duke street 

Wackham, Samuel, 90, Huskisson street 
Waddell, — , 26, Spellow lane 
Waddington, W. H. 62, Bedford street 
Waddington, William, 18, Lloyd street 
Waddle, Miss A. 49, Grey Rock street 
Waddum, Mrs. 15, Gloucester place " 
Wade, Frederick G. 38, Newlands street 
Wade, Gkorge, 35, Seldon street 
Wade, J. 09, Stanhope street 
Wade, John, 26, Kensington 
Wade, Mrs. E. 17, We\it>KQTt.\i %i^x^/^\» 




Wade, Richard, 41, Aubrey Btreet 
Wade, Robert, 42, Little Woolton street 
Wade, William, 19, Hunter street 
Wade, William, 15, Christian street 
Wadson, Thomas, 110, Canning street 
Wadsworth, C. 88, Woodville terrace, 

Breck road 
Wagstaff, Charles, 3S, Egerton street 
Wagstaff, Mrs. Eliza, 53, Hope street 
Waidson, Henry, 96, Tweed street 
Wain, William, 4, Sandon street 
Wainwright, — :, 8, Fowler street 
Wainwright, A. 17, Woodville terrace, 

Breck road 
Wainwright, Archibald, 70, Vine street 
Wainwright, C. 2, Smithdown lane 
Wainwright, George, Caryl street 
Wainwright, Henry, 74 Gordon street 
Wainwright, J. 6, Field street 
Wainwright, John, 99, Falkner street 
Wainwright, John, 18, Gkrard street 
Wainwright, Martin, Rice lane 
Wainwright, Mrs. Ellen, 7, South Hill rd. 
Wainwright, R, 7, Croxteth road 
Wainwright, Robert, 2, St. George^s Hill 
Wainwright, Thomas, 10, Newton street 
Wainwright, W. 14, Uxbridge street 
Wainwright, W. 4, Stanhope street 
Waite, David, 102, Beacon lane 
Wakeham, Capt. Sam. 21, St. James's 

Wakeham, Geo. 62, Upper Parliament st. 
Wakeham, Mrs. Ellen, 21, Windsor street 
Wakem, Peter, 20, Aubrey street 
Walan, P. 58, Kilshaw street 
Walbrick, Mary, 104, Stanley road 
Walbrid^, John, 43, Tetlow street 
Waldie, James, 58, Melville place 
Walkden, P. 80, Elizabeth street 
Walker, — , 153, Breckfield road north 
Walker, — , 74, Tweed street 
Walker, C. D. 80, Canning street 
Walker, C. J. 19, Trough ton street 
Walker, Caleb, 72, St. Domingo vale 
Walker, Charles, 13, Walnut street 
Walker, Charles, 7, Great Mersey street 
Walker, Christopher, 8, Silvester street 
Walker, £. 180, Hey worth street 
Walker, E. 81, Erskine street 
Walker, E. 54, Grey Rock street 
Walker, Frank, 67, Mitylcne street 
Walker, Frank, South Lodge, 21, Belvi- 
dere rcdad 

i"^/^-or rmUowny, SI, AiihroY strf ofc 
-'^^^v, aeorgtf, 121, Grove Btreet 


Walker, George, 90, Gordon street 
Walker, George, 96, Soho street 
AValker, George, 41, Toxteth street 
Walker, Henry, 65, Beacon lane 
Walker, J. 4, Breuton street 
Walker, J. & Son, LQ, Kinglake street 
Walker, James, 64, Netherfield rd. north 
Walker, James, 66, Premier street 
Walker, John, 28, Kinglake street 
Walker, John, 22, Berwick street 
Walker, John, 76, Field street 
Walker, John, 26, Boundary street 
Walker, John, 31, Smith street 
Walker, John, 20, Farnworth street 
Walker, Joseph, 277, Grafton street 
Walker, Joseph, 6, Sandon street 
Walker, Major, 55, Canning street 
Walker, Mrd. 160, Huskisson street 
Walker, Mrs. 50, St. George's HQl 
Walker, Mrs. Ann, 21, Schomberg street 
Walker, Mrs. Jessie, 36, Scourfield street 
Walker, Mrs. Mary, 37, White Rock st. 
Walker, B. 10, Sherlock street 
Walker, R. 50, Compton street 
Walker, R. C. 180, Beaufort street 
Walker, Robert, 18, Alma street 
Walker. Kobert. 6, Whitefield road 
Walker, Samuel, 61, Purk street 
Walker, Sarah, 19, Norwood grove 
Walker, T. 9, Kepler street 
Walker, T. S. 82, Rodney street 
Walker, Thomas, 63, Melbourne street 
Walker, Thomas, 58, Lloyd street 
Walker, Thomas, 40, Card well street 
Walker, W. 47, South street 
AValker, W. 155, Wellington road 
Walker, William, 30, St. George's HUl 
Walker, William, lOl-, Bedford street 
Walker, A^illiam, 101, Rudcliffo street 
Walker, William, 3, White Rock street 
Walker, William, 12, Harewood street 
Walker, William J. 25, Pluto street 
AN'alkerlowe, J. 12, Conway street 
Wall, Mrs. Sarah, 2, Breck grove 
Wallace, Alexander, 41, Boundary place 
Wallace, Alexander, 4, Egerton street 
Wallace, Archibald, 25, Huskisson street 
Wallace, Henry, 43, Bloom street 
Wallace, J. 60, Boundary lane 
Wallace, J. 41, Fowler street 
Wallace, J. 15, Fowler street 
Wallace, J. B. 135, Canning street 
Wallace, James, 135, Latham street 
WalUuti*, 3o\\n, 01, \Vwce\Noo«l%tT<iet 
Wallace, ^Ira, C. ^1 , \j)^\^tT WSiV ^\.t^i^\. 




Wallace, Mrs. Maria, 65, St. Domingo rd. 
Wallace, E. 113, Grey liock street 
Wallace, Richard, G7, Everton Brow 
Wallace, Samuel, 86, Whitefield lane 
Wallace, William, 26, Butlaad street 
Wallace, William, 133, Latham street 
Wallace, William, 38, Sackville street 
Wallace, William, 70; Edinburgh street 
Wallace, William, 2, Langham street 
Wallas, Mrs. Mary, 68, Aubrey street 
Wallcott, J. 2, Tweed street 
Wallis, Bobert, 41, Foley street 
Walls, C. 26, Went worth street 
Walls, W. J. 55, St. Domingo road 
Wallsby, G. 23, Bulwer street 
Wallwork, John, 11, Togit street 
Wallwork, Jos. 171, Vine street 
Wallwork, Bev. John, 16, Warren street 
Wallworth, Mrs. Mary, 12, Troughton 

street. Edge Hill 
Wdmsley, — , 6, Phajbe-Ann street 
Walmsley, J. 58, Badcliffe street 
Walmsley, J. 56, Stanhope street 
Walmsley, Joshua, 16, Clevedon street 
Walmsley, Bobert, 151, Kensington 
Walsh, E. 34, Whitefield street 
Walsh, J. 95, Warwick street 
Walsh, J. 51, Brownlow street 
Walsh, James, 12, Denbigh street 
Walsh, James Lynch, 107, Falkner st. 
Walsh, Jane, 102, South Chester street 
Walsh, John, 75, Great Newton street 
Walsh, Joseph Boger, 86, Huskisson st 
Walsh, M. 57, Ulswater street 
Walsh, Margaret, 21, Park lane 
Walsh, Mrs. M. 10, Fitzclarence street 
Walsh, P. 9, Greenland street 
Walsh, W. 24, Warwick street 
Walsh, William, 11, Upper Beau street 
Walstow, Harriet, 120, Tunnel road 
Walstow, Isaac, 124, Tunnel road 
Walteri*, Frederick, 9, Falkner square 
Walters, J. 8, Anderson street 
Walters, P. 48, Bulwer street 
Walthew, — , 30, Percy street 
Walthew, John, 15, Sand street 
Walthew, Mrs. Mary, 10, White Bock st. 
Walton, Allen, 7, Besen'oir street 
Walton, J. 25, St. Bride*s street 
Walton, J. 53, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Walton, John, 140, Tunnel road 
Walton, John, 74, Cleveland street 
Walton, Mary, 47, Clarence grove 
Walton, Miv. S5, Couwajr street 
n'^altoD, Thomas, 147, Hey worth street I 

Walton, Thomas, 31, Norwood grove 
Walton, W. 4 & 6, St. Bride's street 
Walton, William, 62, Breckfield road S. 
Walton, William, 74, Bulwer street 
Walu, James, 75, Great Charlotte street 
Wamber, James, 39, Grec^son street 
Wannop, J. 31, Newstead road 
Wannop, John, 116, Islington 
Wanstall, J. H. 12, Bankfield street 
Waperzng, Joseph, 31, Sherdley street 
Warbrick, Mary, 145, Grafton street 
Warburton, Dr. Joseph, 2, Holland place^ 

Towerlands street 
Warburton, John, 9, Anson street 
Warburton, Mrs. M. 18, Thackeray st. 
Warburton, Peter, 23, Falkland street . 
Warburton, S. 5, Northumberland street 
Warburton, T. 35, Haliburton street 
Warburton, Thomas, 46, Queen Ann st 
Warburton, Thoniw, 62, Whitefield road 
Warburton, W. H. 33, Grasroere street 
Warburton, William, 81, Windsor streel 
Ward, — , 12, Tweed street 
Ward, Charles, 110, Upper Hill street 
Ward, Charle;*, 16, Bloom street 
Ward, Eleanor, 40, Blandford street 
Ward, G. 43, Combermere street 
Ward, G. 21, Aigburth street 
Ward, G. E. 18, Crete street 
Ward, Harriet, 114, Falkner street 
Ward, J. 14, Boundary street 
Ward, J. 9, Upper Warwick street 
Ward, J. A. 120, St. Domingo vale 
Ward, James, 10, Queensland street 
Ward, James, 72, Coniston street 
Ward, John, 23, MinshuU street 
Ward, John, 33, Tynemouth street 
Ward, John, 64, Field street 
Ward, Mary, 21, Crown street 
Ward, Mrs. Elizabeth, 21, Aubrey street 
Ward, Mrs. Sarah, 64, Cleveland street 
Ward, N. 106, Landseer road 
Ward, B. A. 100, White Bock street 
Ward, B. 14, Bittern street 
Ward, Bichard, 80, Field street 
Ward, Bobert, 6, Prospect street 
Ward, Bobert, 35, Thirlmere road 
Ward, Sarah, 30, Newlands street 
Ward, S. W. 112, Grey Bock street 
Ward, T. 30, Cleave street 
Ward, T. 32, Erskine street 
Ward, Thomas, 103, Latham street 
Ward, W. 47, Brownlow street 
Ward, ^^M1. V^^,Tv\\t\\\\^T^ ^^^^^ 
Ward, \\V\\\sim/^V^Sv^^^^^^'^^'^'^ 




"Ward, "William, 25, Everton village 
Warde, Charles, 128, Cardwell street 
"Wardel, J. A. 69, Chatsworth street 
Wardell, Captain, 86, Berkley street 
WardeU, Sarah, 180, Grove street 
Warding, John, 85, Gregson street 
Wardle, John, 14, Sir Howard street 
Wardle, Jolm, 78, Wellington road 
Wardle, Eichard, 188, Wellington road 
Wardlow, Sarah, 25, Reservoir street 
Wardon, James, 47, Sykes street 
Wardrop, J. M. M. N. 122, Huskisson st. 
Ware, Annie J. 133, Duke street 
Ware, James, 1, Bridgewatfr place 
Wareing, Mrs. Sarah, 02, Cleveland st. 
Warhurst, J. 67, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
Warhurst, John S. 18, Mildred street 
Waring, John, 24, Whiteficld street 
Waring, Mary, 45, Upper Beau street 
Waring, Mrs. 64, Downing street 
Wanner, Mrs. Ann, 13, Low Hill 
Warkle, Dr. 19, Upper Parliament street 
Warmsley, Mrs. IJ. 88, Hutchinson st. 
Warne, Ellen, 88, .Cardwell street 
Warner, George, 11, Newlands street 
Warner, S. 71, Hope street 
Wamock, J. 17, West Derby street 
Warr, Rev. W. G. 52, Up. Parliament st. 
Warral, William, 52, Lloyd street 
Warrall, T. 25, Hunt street 
Warren, 29, Bengel street 
Warren, Christopher, 104, Smithdown 1ft. 
Warren, George William, 17, Sugntill st 
Warren, Henry N. 18, Albion street 
Warren, Jane, 105, Latham street 
Warren, Mrs. Jane, 142, Huskisson st: ' * 
Warren, Richird, 120, Smithdown Ihne ' 
Warren, W. 1, Seymour street 
Warren, William,"30, Bengel «h*et ' ■ " 
Warrener, James, 131, Chatham street '* 
Warriner, H. 15, Soho street 
Warriner, Robert, 2, Edinburgh street 
Wartnaby, Henry, 76, Breck road 
Warwick, John, 44, Guilford street 
Warwick, John, 86, Alma street 
Warwick, Joseph, 103, Roscommon st. 
Warwick, Samuel, 82, Toxteth street 
Wash, Robert James, 13, Nile street 
WashingtonjMrs. Hannah, 26, Pleasant st. 
Wason, J. G. 106, Stanley street 
Waterbury, George, 41, Huskissou st. 
Waterfall, 8. S2, Xilflhaw street 
Watcrhouae, Alfred, 85, Everton terrace 
J^J^^/^ouse, Alfred, 88, Everton terrace 
^^^i-Aouee, Mra. H. 1 Gambier terrace 


Waterhouse, Mrs. K. 5, Rake lane 
Waterhouee, Mrs. 1, Gambier terrace, 

Upper Duke street 
Waterhouse, Mrs. Octavius, 3, Edge lane 
Waterhouse, Sebastian, 37, Catharine st. 
Waters, Dr. 27, Hope street 
Waters, E. 15, Everton road 
Waters, F. 74, Grey Rock street 
Waters, J. 47, Lavan street 
Waters, J. 26, Hamilton road 
Waters, P. 12, Combermere street 
Waterson, C. 20, Menzies street 
Waterson, Samuel, 54, Luther street 
Waterson, William, 19, Guilford street 
Watkin, W. 24, Fairclough lane 
Watkius, Ann, 22, Hope place 
Watkins, Charles, 20, Pluto street 
Watkins, E. J. 53, Great Nelson street 
Watkins, P. 107, Grey Rock street 
Watkins, Philip, 31, Tetlow street 
Watkins, T. Ill, Northumberland ter. 
Watkinson, A. M. 35a, Shaw street 
Watkinson, Elizabeth, 17, Gt. Nelson st. 
Watkinson, Francis, 11, Freeland street 
Watkinson, George, 48, Clarence grove 
Watkinson, Govre, B. 35, Exmouth st. 
Watkinson, John, 13, Bamber street 
Watkinson, W. 3, Aigburth street 
Watson, Daniel, 29, Harbord street 
Watson, Edward, 43, Pluto street 
Watson, E. T. 4, Hamilton road 
Watson, G^eorge, 5, South street 
Watson, George, 8, Melbourne street 
Watson, George, 137, Upper Beau street 
Watson, Hugh, 11, North View 
Watson, Isaac, 36, Clarence grove 
Watson, J. 48, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
Watson, James, 31, Freeland street 
<Watwjn,Mrs. 66, Hope street 
Watson, Mrs. Mary, 4, Bulwer street 
Watson, Mrs. E 41, Warwick street 
Watson, Mrs. R. 138, Windsor street 
Watson, Robert, 60, Edinburgh street 
Watson, Robert, 23, Bengel street 
Watson, S. 38, Brenton street 
Watson, Sarah, 51, Seele street 
Watson, Thomas, 31, Dodge street 
Watson, Thomlas, 92, Northumberland ter. 
Watson, W. 67, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
Watson, William, 14, Lonsdale street 
Watson, Wm. Heard, 117, Kensington 
Watson, W. N. 1. South Hill road 
Watt, John, 178, Beaufort street 
Watt, G. 47, "WoodvxWc V-^t. ^t^ck TQ-jid 
Watts, 3. 11, Con>^•tt^ f^Vte^X. 


Watts, William, 8, CathariDC street 
Watte, William, 4G, Great CroHshall st. 
Warrington, J. T. 34, Bentlej road 
Warrington, James H. B, Edge lane 
Waugb, John, 16, Mackenzie street 
Wayne, A. 42, Grey Bock street 
Wayne, J. J. 31, Bengel street 
Wenle, Anthony II. 132, Windsor street 
Wear, — , 213, Upper Frederick street 
Weatherall, W. 119, Card well street 
Webb, — , 06, Kinglako street 
Webb, Cowper, 35, Conyers street 
Webb, G. 18, Kepler street 
Webb, G. H. 108, White Rock street 
Webb, Harriet, 20, Tunnel road 
Webb, H. Bellamy, 14, Percy street 
Webb, James, 7, Brokers' alley 
Webb, John, 71, Sackville street 
Webb, Margaret, 74, Salpp street 
Webb, Mrs. E. 1 2, Everton valley 
Webb, Mrs. Mary, 28, Olive street 
Webb, Thomas, 119, Grey Eock street 
Webb, W. 92, Bamber street 
Webb, William, 67, Sackville street 
Webber, George, 78, Beaufort street 
Webber, Samuel, 58, Luther street 
Weber, Gust. W. 30, Alexandra terrace, 

Prince's road 
Weber, Marks, 76, Card well street 
Webster, David, 38, Little Woolton st. 
Webster, Edward, 68, Crown street 
Webster, Henry, 13, Tetton street 
Webster, J. 157, Eegent road 
Webster, Jame?, 66, Lloyd street 
Webster, John, 35, Grey street 
Webster, John, 6, Spellow lane 
Webster, Margaret, 50, Salisbury street 
Webster, Maria, 1 1 4, South Chester st. 
Webster, Miss, 40, Percy street 
Webster, Mrs. Mary, 80, Hill street 
Webster, Mrs. M. 91, Northumberland ter. 
Webster, P. 5, Fairclough lano 
Webster, Samuel, 47, Whitofield street 
Webster, Thomas, 79, Iluskisson street 
Webster, Thomas, 59, Iluskisson street 
Webster, W. 130, Warwick street 
Wedgewood, T. 32, Brownlow street 
Wedgewood, W. 36, Mount Vernon st. 
Weekee, E. E. 19, Gloucester place 
Weetman, G. 43, Beacon lane 
Weetman, H. 74, White Eock street 
Weingaertner, Johanna^, 90, Grove st. 
Weightman, G. 27, Baker street 


Weightman, William, 6, Bentley rd. N. 
Weiland, C. 119, Mulberry street 

Welch, J. 19, Dickensou street 
Welch, J. E. 112, St. Domingo vale 
Welch, Mrs. Mary. 63, Blandford street 
Welch, Patrick, 125, Upper Beau street 
Welch, Thomas, 95, Walton lane 
Wekhe, — , Eice lane 
Welding, Mary, 8, Hawke street 
Welfern, William, 188, Wavertree road 
Well, Eichard, 218, West Derby road 
Wellings, Elizabeth, 8, Childwall street 
Wells, — , 70, Smithdown lane 
Wells, Ann, 160, Grove street 
Wells, John, 30, Thomaaton street 
Wells, John, 49, Albion street 
Wells, J. B. 48, Chatham street 
Wells, Mrs. Mary, 53, Ulswater street . 
Wells, Thomas, 100, Vine street 
Welsby, Johnston G. 99, Canningstreet 
Welsby, William, 41, Bevington Bush 
Welsh, Cecilia, 21^ Tennyson street 
Welsh, David, 14, Blair street 
Welsh, J. 54, Eed Eock street 
Welsh, Mrs. Mary, 62, Warwick street 
Welsh, E. 15, Calder street 
Wenlock, Joseph, 47, Catharine street , 
Werlnand, Anna, 18, Catharine street 
Wess, Miss Anna, 40, Salop street 
West, Charies, 7, Fielding street 
West, Elenor, 41, Warren street 
West, George, 29, Gregson street 
West, H. 11, Suffolk street 
West, Henry, 3, Aughton street 
West, Joseph, 20, Luther street 
West, John, 81, Teilfm street 
West, Miss, 107, Hus^sson street 
West, Miss, 5-i, Falkner street 
West, Mrs. Gl, Eodney street , 
West, T. 20, Schomberg street 
West, William, 8, Olive street 
Westbrook, W. 20, Tennyson street 
Westby, Sarah, 28, Egerton street 
Westcott, James, 141, Up. Parliament st. 
Wester, William, 40, Eupert lane 
Westgarth, Elizabeth, 94, Gregson street 
Westhead, Margaret, 98, Smithdown lane 
Westmoreland, J. 5, Shaw street 
Weston, G. 13, Mere lane 
Weston, J. 6, Esk street 
Weston, Mrs. Jane, 55, Caird street 
Weston, E. 32, St. Domingo road ' 

Weigbtman, John, SO, Anglesea ten-ace4\Weaton,Sam\x^\A^>^^^^'^^'^^'^'^^ 
Wett Derby road \ WealmviV, JoViiiA^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^*^'^ 




Westwopth, Thomas, 37, Barnes street 
Wetherspoon, J. 11, Caird street 
Wettbam, Thoiuan, 26, Baker street 
Whaites, C. 69, Clarence grove 
Whaley, A. 50, Premier street 
Whaling, Matthew, 35, Hunter street 
Whalley, Edward, 2, Hope place 
Whalley, George, 32, Virril street 
Whalley, Miss, 6, Upper I^ewington 
Wharmley, Thomas B. 45, Kensington 
Wharrie, J. 30, Upper Parliament street 
Wharton, John, 34r, St Ann street 
Wharton, Mrs. Ann, 97, Grey Rock st. 
Wharton, Mrs. Sarah, 18, Bentley road 
Wharton, Mrs. Sarah, 39, Lodge lane 
Wharton, Richard, 21, Queensland st 
Wharton, William, 8, Bold place 
Whatlow, W. J. 6, Faraday street 
Whatman, Ann, 28, Upper Stanhope st 
Wheatly, J. N. 33, Heyworth street 
Wheeler, Joseph, 23, Queensland street 
Wheeler, Rev. T. W. 9, Greenheys road 
Wheeler, Thomas, 7, Phythian street 
Whelden, Mrs. 134, Cardwell street 
Wheley, Mrs. E. 17, Upper Stanhope st 
Whenwright, Thomas, 44, Berkley street 
Whibley, T. 44, Orient street 
Whick, Albert, 82, Chatsworth street 
WhUey, James, 35, Sackville street 
Whinvates, John, 26, Chesnut street 
Whitaker, E. 24, Everton valley 
Whitaker, John, 36, Falkner street 
Whitban, Thomas, 19, Gregson street 
Whithread, Hennr, 60, Vine street 
Whitby, John, 48, Beloe street 
Whitby, Thomas, 64, Menzies street 
Whitchurch, T. (M.D.) 31, Springfield st. 
White, — , 126, Gregson street 
White, — , 40, Lavan street 
White, A. 28, Rydal street 
White, Andrew, 10, Luther street 
White, Captain, 26, Newland street 
White, Captain James, 66, Berkley st. 
White, Charles, 117, Prescot street 
White, Charles, 73, Netherfield road 
White, E. 103, Queen's road 
White, Edmund, 63a, Parr street 
White, Ellen, 23, Chester street 
White, George, 30, Lonsdale street 
White, George, 91, Field street 
White, Irving, 21, Freeland street 
White, J. 1, Brownlow street 
JPhjti^, J, 71, Park Hill road 
Wh/to, X ai, Grcjr Jiock street 
*^^y^^, J. a 4, The Elma 


White, James, 27, Cottenham street 
While, Jas. i57, Woodville ter. Brock rd. 
White, John, 38, Upper Parliament 8t. 
White, John, 31-, Vesuvius street 
White, John, 40, Virgil street 
White, John, 50, Downing street 
White, John Gray, 25, St. James*^ roaJ 
White, Joseph, 5, Grecian terrace 
White, M. 2, Aughton street 
AVhite, Marcold, 53, Vine street 
White, Marianne, 69, Tetlow street 
White, Mary, 33, Crosbie street 
White, Mary Ann, 90, Westboume st. 
White, Miss, 130, Smithdown lane 
White, Mrs. 179, Upper Parliament st. 
White, Mrs. E. 93, Northumberland ter. 
AVhite, Mrs. Eliz. 6, Breckfield road S. 
White, Oliver, 38, Pluto street 
White, Patrick, "7, Blair street 
White, Rev. Dr. 171, Islington 
White, Rev. Vomer M. (LL.D. D.D.^ 

175, Islington 
White, Richard, 21, Seiont terrace 
White, Robert, 31, Hardwick street 
White, S. 9i, Grey Rock street 
White, S. 18, Richmond View,Belmont nl. 
White, Thomas, 31, Virgil street 
White, Thomas, 24, Harewood street 
White, W. 87, Woodville terrace, Breck rd. 
White, W. 140, Falkner street 
White, William, 35, Crown street 
White, William, 21, Alfred street 
White, William, 168, Upper Frederick st. 
White, William, 24, Exmouth street 
White, William, 42, Mere lane 
White, William G. 35, Chatsworth st. 
White, Wm. Haythronthwaite, 9, Mor- 
peth street 
White, Wm. Henry, 48, Harewood st. 
Whiteford, G. 13, Bulwer street 
Whiteford, R. F. 28, Grasmere street 
Whitehead, J. 119, Red Rock street 
Whitehead, John, 103, Bedford street 
Whitehead, Mrs. Ann, 17, Aluaa street 
Whitehead, Mrs. S. 15, Overton street 
Whi tehea J, T. 85, Woodville ter. Breck rd. 
Whitehead, Thomas, 21, Parliament plac« 
Whitehead, Thomas, 40, Vesuvius st. 
WhitehiU, William, 21, Mill road 
Whiteley, Sarah, 27, Blake street 
Whiteman, John, 99, Everton terrace 
Whiteman, John, 49, Cardwell street 
Whitemore, W. 1, Belvidere road 
Whitelock, J. F. 55, Compton street 
Whiteaide, W. P. 12, Alfred street 




Whitfield, — , 83, Bamber street 
WTiitfield, Dr. J. 93, XJpper Hill street 
Whitfield, Henry, 43, Tennyson street 
Whitfield, M. a 12, Edge lane 
Whitford, John, 21, Alfred street 
Whitham, B. 38, Pleasant street 
Whitington, Hj. 14, Schomberg street 
Whittiogton, E. 88, Kensington 
Whitlen, Edward, 56, Conyera street 
Whitley, Edward, 3, Breckfield rd. south 
Whitley, James, 53, Compton street 
Whitley, Mrs. Jane, 18, Alfred street 
Whitmore, Daniel, 22, Norton street 
Whitnay, 8. 11, Alfred street 
Whitney, John, 62, Adelaide street 
Whitney, J. 23, Chatsworth street 
Whitread, John, 90, Hughes street 
Whitt, George, 37, Premier street 
Whittaker, Henry, 22, Tweed street 
Whittaker, John, 36, Falkner street 
Whittaker, Wm. 79, Beaumont street 
Whittany, E. 23, Phythian street 
Whitthead, William, 5, Scourfield street 
Whittingham, J. 48, Kilshaw street 
Whittingham, Eichard, 74, Toxteth st. 
Whittington, E. 39, Stanhope street 
Whittle, A. (M.D.) 161, Islington 
Whittle, Daniel, 83, Whitefield street 
Whittle, Dr. 79, Upper Parliament st. 
Whittle, Joseph, 5, Melbourne street 
Whittle, T. 42, Newstead road 
Whittle, William, 45, Melbourne street 
Whitton, Joseph, 50, Beloe street 
Whitton, B. 56, Menzies street 
Whitty, H. 46, Cresswell street 
Whitty, H. 41, Plumpton street 
Whitty, M. J. 6, Princes Park terrace, 

Craxteth road 
Whitworth, Henry, 24, Northhill street 
Whitworth, Mrs. Sarah, 4, Northumber- 
land terrace 
Whollam, William, 45, Newland street 
Whonsand, Mrs. 48, Fowler street 
Whotow, F. 12, Everton village 
Whyte, John, 301, Netherfield rd. north 
Whyte, John Gray, 25, St. James'd road 
Whytewell, William, 139, Grove street 
Wibberley, John, 61, Field street 
Wichelhans, 17, Belvidere road 
Wicherley, Mrs. 23, Sherdley street 
Wick, G. K. 79, Chatsworth street 
Wickens, C. 27, Anderson street 
Wickett, Charles, 94, Westbourne street 
Wickham^ Mrs. A. 43, Qieon'a rond 
Wickham, Thoma<», 1, Segravc street 

Widerson, H. 109, Woodville ter. Breok rd. 
Widdows, J. B. 65, Spencer street 
Widdowson, H. 81, Whitefield road 
Widdowson, Mrs. Thos. 44, Spellow lane 
Widycombe, Aug. M. 5, Mona street 
Wigdell, E. 8, Bed Eock street 
Wightman, John, 39, Hope street 
Wiglesworth, Arthur, 1, Brougham ter- 
race. West Derby road 
Wiffnall, W. 29, Whitefield street 
Wilby, J. 16, Elizabeth street 
Wilcock, — , 11, Fowler street 
Wilcock, J. 22, Faraday street 
Wilcock, Mary, 31, Rose Vale 
Wilcock, Mrs. Edgar, 24, Albion street 
Wilcocks, William, 28, Brunei street 
Wilcockson, Frederick, 1 1, Aubrey st. 
Wilcox, Ann, 91, Beau street 
Wilcox, D. 11, Eed Eock street 
Wilcox, J. 3, Anderson street 
Wilcox, J. A. 32, Iietitia street 
Wilcox, John, 46, Everton valley 
Wild, J. 10, Berkley street 
Wild, Thomas, 12, Kadclifie street 
Wild, R 78, Devonport street 
Wild, William, 25, iiardwick street 
WUdbord, William, 55, Elizabeth street 
Wilde, Christopher, 67, Aubrey street 
WUde, E. 124, Warwick street 
Wilde, M. Henry, 47, Dean road 
Wilde, John, 40, Everton terrace 
Wilde, Mary, 14, Torbeck street 
Wilde, Mrs. 25. St. George's hill 
wading, H. 14, Richmond View, Bel- 

mont road 
Wilding, Thomas, 50, Oxford street 
Wiley, J. 17, Schomberg street 
Wilie, Mrs. E. 8, Jasmine street 
Wilkes, Henry, 68, South street 
Wilkie, Mrs. Jane, 48, Albion street 
Wilkin, Jane, 51, Hunter street 
Wilkins, Eev. H. J. 11, Low HiU 
Wilkinson, — , 20, Bankfield street 
Wilkinson, E. 45, Ogven street 
Wilkinson, F. 152, Queen*s road 
Wilkinson, G. 58, Coniston street 
Wilkinson, George, 168, Vine street 
Wilkinson, George, 66, Salop street 
Wilkinson, Grace, 145, Brecsfield rd. N. 
Wilkinson, G. M. 6, Oi^wen street 
Wilkinson, John, 29, Whitefield road 
Wilkinson, John, 22, Eydal street 
Wilkinson, Joseph, 52, Conyers street 
Wilkinson, John X. 21, Orcy streeti 
Wilkinson, Mies, 15^ Aber street 




Wilkinflon, Mr9. 34, Schomberg street 
Wilkinson, Mrs. M. 80, Up. Warwick st. 
Wilkinson, Mrs. 81, Everton terrace 
Wilkinson, Rev. Wm. 4Q, Albion street 
Wilkinson, Eobert, 18, Sherdley street 
Wilkinson, Sept. 187, Vine street 
Wilkinson, T. B. 93, Grafton street 
Wilkinson, W. Henry, 54, Erskine street 
Wilkinson, William, 127, Upper HiU st. 
Wilkinson, W. S. 93, Badcliffe street 
Willacy, Miss A. 246, Up. Parliament st. 
Willacy, Thomas, 22, Alfred street 
WiUan, C. S. 1, Sandon st. Up. Duke st 
Willcock, James, 15, Beloe street 
Willcock, Thomas, 53, York terrace 
Willcock, W. 19, Beloe street 
Willcocks,. William, 28, Brunei street 
Willcox, Joseph, 45, Irvine street 
Willett, Charles, 2, G-rove street 
Willey, Joseph, 43, Aberdeen street 
Williams, — , 20, Brenton street 
Williams, — , 101, Chatham street 
Williams, — , 28, Mitylene street 
Williams, — , 9, Ogwen street 
Williams, — , 97, Wellington road 
Williams, — , 18, Beaumont street 
Williams, A. 12, St. Domingo road 
Williams, A. 31, Shaw street 
Williams, Abel, 12, Adelaide street 
Williams, Ann, 24, Bichmond row 
Williams, AnUy 33, Ormond street 
Williams, Ann, 50, Overbury street 
Williams, Ann, 70, Upper Hope place 
Williams, Austin, 54, Queensland street 
Williams, Bell, 71, Grove street 
Williams, Capt. Charles H. 18, Washing- 
ton street 
Williams, Catharine, 50, Plumbe street 
Williams, Charles, 35, Compton street 
Williams, Charlotte, 74, Mill road 
Williams, C. T. 59, Gordon street 
Williams, D. 72, Smithdown lane 
Williams, D. 32, Bloom street 
Williams, D. 66, Erskine street 
Williams, D. 30, Baker street 
Williams, D. 74, Harlow street 
Williams, D. 20, Haliburton street 
Williams, D. 258, Netherfield road N. 
Williams, Daniel, 19, Great Newton st. 
Williams, Daniel, 11, Cleveland street 
Williams, David, 1, Cochrane street 
Williams, David, 55, Haliburton street 
Williams, D. L. 67, Lloyd sfcreet 
WilJiams, B, M. 108, Harlow street 
Wm/aiaB, K 54, St. Dommgo vale 


Williams, E. 68, Erskine street 
Williams, E. 42, Brenton street 
Williams, E. 50, Park street 
Williams, E. 101, Bed Bock street 
Williams, Ed. 2, Netherfield road north 
Williams, Edmund, 49, Lloyd street 
Williams, Edward, 23, Compton street 
Williams, Edward Eobert, 12, Key street 
Williams, Eliza, 27, Mount street 
Williams, Ellen, 38, Eldon place 
Williams, Evan, 14, Beaumont street 
Williams, G. 29, Tweed street 
Williams, G. 14, Menzies street 
Williams, G. 49, Hunt street 
Williams, G. 117, Queen's road 
Williams, G. 16, Egerton street 
Williams, G. 70, Devonshire road 
Williams, G. 56, Moville street 
Williams, George, 7, Salop street 
Williams, H. 23, Newington 
Williams, H. 33, Chatsworth street 
Williams, H. 34, Great Nelson street 
Williams, H. 146, Beaufort street 
Williams, Henry, 7, Smith street 
Williams, Henry, 43, Salop street 
Williams, Henry, 11, Lovat street 
Williams, Henry, 18, Aujghton street 
Williams, Henry, 56, Badcliffe street 
Williams, Henry, 17, McGregor street 
Williams, Henry Jones, 6, Eutland st. 
Williams, H. M. 217, Athol street 
Williams, Hugh, 17, Lowther street 
Williams, Hugh, 307, Up. Parliament st. 
Williams, Hugh, 165, Eose vale 
Williams, Hugh, 4, Park road 
Williams, Isaac, 21, Hemans street 
Williams, J. 145, Bedford street 
Williams, J. 52, Bulwer street 
Williams, J. 110, Conway street 
Williams, J. 20, Boundary lane 
Williams, J. Oi, Crete street 
Williams, J. 39, Aberdeen street 
Williams, J. 74, Parliament street 
Williams, J. 74, Windermere street, Breck 

Williams, J. 25, Schomberg street 
Williams, J. 61, Gelling street 
Williams, J. 25, Galling street 
Williams, J. 63, Stanhope street 
Williams, J. 6, Kepler street 
Williams, J. 54, Letitia street 
Williams, J. A. 30, Lodge lane 
Williams, James, 153, vine street 
Williams, Jane, 53, Lloyd street 
Williams, Jane, 83, Highfield street 



tnSy J. E. 2S, Dodge street 
□QBy John, 3, Low t her street 
nSy Joho, 65, Berwick street 
ms, John, 22, North Hill ntreet 
ms, John, 11, Premier street 
ms, John, 74, Eastbourne ntreet 
018, John, 74, Conway sti^eet 
ms, John, 43, Vesuvius street 
nas, John, 13, Bentley road 
mH, John, 41, Evorton terrace 
ms, John, IS, Grey street 
ms, John, 20, Grey Htreet 
ms, John, 11, Toxtcth street 
ms, Johu, 39, Grafton street 
ms, John, 18, Blackfield ntrcet 
ms, Johu, 74, Eose vale 
mj4, John, 9, Pertli street 
ms, John, 22, Walton Breck road 
ms, John, 2, Sterling street 
ms, John, 112, Huskisson street 
ms, John, 12, Melville place 
ms, John, 104, Eadcliffe street 
mn, John, 13, Sjkes Ktreet 
ms, John, 36, Denbigh ntreet 
ms, John, 8, South street 
ms, John, 2, Albert park, Ulletrd. 
ms, Eev. Joseph, 5, Walton lane 
ms, Joseph, 4S, St. Doniiugo road 
ms, Joseph, 8Sa, Eoscominon st. 
ms, J. P. 74, Hughes wtreet 
mH, J. E. 72. Aughton street 
.m«, L. 57, Plumpton street 
.ms, L. 20, Toxteth ntrcet 
rms, M. 20, Aber street 
ms, M. 6, Ganibior tor. Up. Duke st. 
,ms», M. 25, Ogwon street 
.ms, Mariraret, 237, Boundary st. E. 
.ms, Marin, 22, Grove street 
.ms, Mary, 50, Spellow lane 
ms, Mnry, 145, Viue street 
ims, MiP!< E. 60, Upper Hope place 
ims, Mr.^. 184, Mount Pleasant 
tms, Mrn. 3, Minshull ntreet 
ims, Mrs. 41, Falkner street 
imp, Mrs. 11, SoL!;rave street 
uns, Mrs. 191, Upper Parliament st. 
ims, Mrn. 74, Langhain street 
ims, Mrs. 53, Mount Pleasant 
inis, Mrs. A. 47, Orient street 
imp, Miv. B. H. lOS, Qucpn's road 
ams, Mtv. 0. 21, Toxleth street 
ams, Mr^J. Cath. 28, Hard wick st. 
amp, Mrs. E. 7, Northumberland st. 
ams, Mrs. E. ^, Gelling street 
ams, Mrs. Elizabetli^ dS, Canning st. 

Williams, Mrs. J. H. 11, 8efton square 
Williams, Mrs. Jesse, 19, Hemans street 
Williams, Mrs. L. 18, Thomaston street 
Williams, Mrs. M. 16, Seldon street 
Williams, Mrs. M. 140, Canning street 
Williams, Mrs. Mgt. 46, Upper Hill st. 
Williams, Mrs. Mary, 0, Belmont road 
Williams, Mrs. 8. 42, Breck road 
Williams, N. 21, Caird street 
Williams, O. 105), Upper Warwick street 
Williams, Owen, 13, rremier street 
Williams, Owen, 11, Orecian terraee 
Williams, Owen, 72, Eishton street 
Williams, Peter, 49, Netherfield rd. south 
Williams, P. 13, Qreenh^s road 
Williams, Peter, Duke's dock 
Williams, Peter, 24, Eastbourne street 
Williams, P. B. 79, Spencer street 
Williams, E. 47, Haliburton street 
Williams, E. 58, Beacon lane 
Williams, E. 22, Fitzclarence street 
Williams, E. 59, Beaumont street 
Williams, E. 14, Bulwer street 
Williams, E. 18, Seldon street 
Williams, E. 19. Woodville ter. Breck rd". 
Williams, E. 45, Field street 
Williams, E. 78, Spencer street 
Williams, E. 19, Plumpton street 
Williams, Eev. J. 22, Wentworth street 
Williams, Eiehard, 7, Sandon street 
Williams, Eiehard, 36, Prospect street 
Williams, Eiehard, 52, Netherfield rd. N. 
Williams, Eobert, 41', St. Domingo road 
Williams, Robert, 180, Grovo street 
Williams, Eobert, 19, Netherfield rd, N. 
Williams, Eobert, GO, Moville street 
Williams, Robert, 57, Salisbury street 
Williams, Eobert, 40, Little A^oolton st. 
Williams, R. P. 26, Elizabeth street f 
Williams, E Y. 9, High Park street 
Williams, Samuel, 22, Salisbury street 
Williams, Samuel, 319, Upper Parliament 

Williams, Samuel, 36, Spellow lane 
Williams, S. D. 17, "Baker f^trCL-t 
Williams, Samut'-, 22, Salisbury street 
Williams, Sarah, 92, Gregsou street 
Williams, T. 21, The Willows, Breck rd. 
Williams, T. 3', Baker street 
Williams, T. 1 0, Hill st-:eel 
j AVilliams, T. VJ;, Pari: roa I 
Williams, T. 71, Laxey strcofc 
W^illiam, Thomas, 13, Pluto street 
W^illiams, Thomas, BO, Eussell street 
Williams, ^\iom«ft, ^1 v^«X\t2«ivw>^ %\2tftR^ 




Williams, Thomas, 73, Berkley street 
Williams, Thomas, 42, Breck road 
WiUiaros, Thomas, 47, Springfield 
Williams, Thomas, 43, Eidon place 
Williams, Thbmus, 80, Hop wood street 
Williams, Thomas, 82, Devonshire road 
Williams, Thomas, 110, Card well street 
Williams, Thomas, 45, Crown street 
Williams, Thomas, 17, Eastside 
Williams, Thomas, 296, Beaufort street 
Williams, Thomas, 9, Kent street 
Williams, Thomas, 1, Yt* suvius street 
Williams, Thomas, 77, White Eock street 
Williams, Thomas, 19, Overbury street 
WOliams, Thomas, 48, Eupert lane 
Williams, Thomas, 16, Lloyd street 
Williams, Thomas, 23, Tagit street 
Williams, Thomas, 26, Prospect street 
Williams, Thomas, 36, Eastbourne street 
Williams, T. L. 6, Ogwen street 
Williams, T. S. 42, Anderson street 
Williams, W. 11, Mere lane 
Williams, W. 18, Moville street 
Williams, W. 6, Cochrane street 
Williams, W. 34, Wavertree road 
Williams, W. 37, Phoebe- Ann street 
Williams, W. 13, Leonora street, Park rd. 
Williams, W. M. 90, A ugh ton street 
Williams, Watkin, 12, Greek street 
Williams, William, 70, Conyers street 
Williams, William, 41, Smith street 
Williams, William, 61, South Chester st. 
Williams, William, 18, Everton Brow 
Williams, William, 6, Lowther street 
Williams, William, 48, Jordan street 
Williams, William, 22, Crete street 
Williams, William, 36, Egerton sfreet 
Williams, William, 66, Baniber street 
Williams, William, 115, Orafton street 
Williams, William, 9, Whitefield road 
Williams, William, 3, Eoundhill terrace, 

Whitefield road 
Williams, William, 37, St. George's HQl 
Williams, William, 37, Great Newton st. 
Williams, William, 13, Tagit street 
Williams, William, 172, Field street 
Williamson, Alex. 110, Smithdown lane 
Williamson, David, 68, Gregsun street 
Williamson, E. 31, Whitefield road 
Williamson, P. 170, Upper Frederick st. 
Williamson, George, 61, Kinglake street 
Williamson, James, E. 35, Eichmond 

WiJJiAwtioa, JameB, 6, Salop street 
^'yiljomeon, John, 48, Lodge lane 


Williamson, Miss Eliz. 18, Huskisson st. 
Williamson, Mrs. M. 35, Eichmond ter. 

Breck road 
Wiliiumson, Mrs. Mary, 9, Mona street 
Williamson, Eobert, 17, Chatsworth st. 
Williamson, E. E. 54, York terrace 
Williamson, William, 56, Boundary st. 
Williamson, William, 23, Duncan street 
Williamson, William, 166, Chatham st. 
Williamson & Eeader, Messrs. 10, White- 
field road 
Willick, Mrs. A. The Dingle, Dingle lane 
Willie, Edward, Eock park, Eock ferry 
Willis, Charles, 93, Conway street 
Willis, George, 7, Upper Stanhope st. 
Willis, Henry, 45, Salisbury street 
Willis, James, 27, Denbigh street 
Willis, Mrs. 8, Upper Stanhope street 
Willis, Thomas, 2, Fielding street 
Willis, W. 7, Collins street 
Willis, W. 112, Boundary lane 
Willit, Charles, 2, Grove street 
Willman, Mrs. M. ^, Caird street 
Willoughby, Thomas, 37, Lloyd street 
Wills, Catherine, 11, Daulby street 
Wais, Mrs. 81, Cardwell street 
Wills, Mrs. 44, Canning street 
Willy, Eev. J. 18, Eichmond ter. Breck 

Wilmer, Frederick, 7, Towerlands street 
Wilriiot, Wm. 5, Erskine street 
Wilson, — , 96, Gregson street 
Wilson, — , 6, Collins street 
Wilson, Alexander, 93, Hoscommon st. 
Wilson, A. 19, Perth street 
Wilson, A. 20, Seymour street 
WiUon, A. H. 9, Phcabe-Ann street 
Wilson, Andrew, 22, Lonndale street 
Wilson, Andrew, F.C.I.S. 16, Hope st. 
WiUon, Charles, 37, Tagit street 
Wilson, D. 15, Premier street 
WiUon, E. J. 15, Eake lane 
Wilson, Eliza, 13, Anson street 
Wilson, F. 99, Kilshaw street 
Wilson, F. E. 32, Newland street 
Wilson, Fisher, 18, Eake lane 
Wilson, Francis, 20, Lonsdale street 
Wilson, G. 21, Collins street 
Wilson, G. 7, Conyers street 
Wilson, G. 1, Eoundhill ter. Whitefield rd. 
Wilson, Geo. 44, Everton terrace 
AVilson, George, 43, Everton valley 
Wilson, Henry, 64, Lavan street 
Wilsuni Henry A. 42, St Domingo grore 
Wilson, Isaac, 47, Tetlow street 




Witsoiiy J. 7, AsbtoQ street 
WiboD, J. 100, Beaufort street 
WOBon, J. ^, Oompton street 
WilBOD, J. 100, Hamilton road 
Wilson, J. 16, Tillotson street 
Wflson, J. B. 25, Overton street 
Wilson, J. S. 18, Brenton street 
Wilson, Jame9, 18, Sterling street 
Wilson, James, 84, Northumberland ter. 
Wilson, James, 51, Toxtetb street 
Wilson, James, 52, Grey street 
Wilson, James, 80, Salirtburj street 
Wilson, James A. K. 41, St. James's road 
Wilson, James, 14, Melville place 
Wilson, James, I, Winter street 
Wilson, James, A. 7, Blackfield street 
Wilson, Jobn Eraser, 48, Boscoe street 
Wilson, John, 13, Lodge lane 
Wilson, Juhn, 18, Eastbourne street 
Wilson, John, 12, Berwick street 
Wilson, John, 21, Brownlow street 
Wilson, John, 12, Upper Stanhope street 
Wilson, John, 23, Springfield street 
Wilson, Jobn, 5, Caryl street 
Wilson, John, 15, Epworth street 
Wilson, John, 0, Caledonia street 
Wilson, John, 154, Field street 
Wilson, John, 94, Bice lane 
Wilson, Joseph, 32, Burleigh road south 
Wilson, Joseph, 78, Devonshire rd. west 
Wilson, Joseph, 28, Tetlow street 
Wilson, Maria, 23, Cambridge street 
Wilson, Miss, 34, Canning street 
Wilson, Mi«»8es, 74, Canning street 
Wilson, Mrs. 71, Card well street 
Wilson, Mrs. 114, Card well street 
Wilson, Mrs. 58, Erskiue street 
Wilson, Mrs. 140, BadclifFe street 
Wilson, Mrs. 293, Upper Parliament st. 
Wilson, Mrs. 70, Canning street 
Wilson, Mrs. C. 42, Boaler street 
Wilson, Mrs. E. 45, Erskine street 
Wilson, Mrs. H. 7, Belmont road 
Wilson, Mrs. Jane, 97, Grove street 
Wilson, Mrs. M. 33, Collins street 
Wilson, Mrs. Margaret, 30, Nile street 
Wilson, P. B. 11, Seiont terrace 
Wilson, Paul, 35, West Derby street 
Wilson, B. 208, Beaufort street 
Wilson, Bachel, 21, Sterling street 
Wilson, Bobert, 114, Card well street 
Wilson, Sarah, 14, Queensland street 
Wilson, T. 10, Bichmond ter. Breck road 
Wilson, T. 88, Warwick street 
Wilflon, Thos. 146, Vine street 

Wilson, Thos. 70, Salop street 
Wilson, Tlios. 31, Coclirane street 
Wilson, Thomas, 69, Badcliffe street 
Wilson, Thomas, 12, Exmouth street 
Wilson, Thomas, 99, Tweed street 
Wilson, Thomas, 17, Bainber street 
Wilson, W. 31, Grove park 
Wilson, W. 42, Menzies street 
Wilson, W. 48, Boundary lane 
Wilson, W. 86, Warwick street 
Wilson, Wm. Ill, Park street 
Wilson, Wm. 413, Bose vale 
Wilson, William, 23, Mount Yernon rd. 
Wilson, William, 127, Latham street 
Wilson, William, 26, Vine street 
Wilson, William, 111, Thiflmere road . 
Wilson, William, 12, Whitefield street . 
Wilson, William, 102, Westboume street 
Wilton, Mrs. Eliza, 77, Cresswell street 
Win, Mrs. J. 1, Poplar grovf , The Elms 
Win, Thomas, 14, Stananought 
Winchester, Mrs. 71, Huskisson street . 
Winchloe, James, 76, Melville place 
Windsor, E. 1, Stanley street 
Windsor <& Davis, Messrs. 41, Kepler st. 
Windsor, William, 15, Percy street 
Wingram, James, 117, Huskiss^on street 
Winkler, E. L. 53, Boundary lane 
Winn, David, 78, Luther street 
Winn, J. 57, Peel street 
Winn, John, 37, Cardwell street 
Winne, Frederick, 58, Grafton street 
Winram, J. 117, Upper Hu5«kisson street 
Winskill, John, 102, Cardwell street 
Winsloe, Bichard, 7, Gambier terrace. 

Upper Duke street 
Winslow, Bev. C. De Bois, 22, Falkner st. 
Winsor, John, 213, Beaufort street 
Winstanley, Anne, 52, Birkett street 
Wiustanley, W. 9, Deane road 
Winstanley, WUliam, 323, Upper Parlia- 
ment street 
Winter, — , 82, Erskine street 
Winter, Edmund, 26, Anglcsca terracr, 

West Derby road 
Winter, John Chas. 22, Everton village 
Winter, Joseph, 26, Wynne street 
Winter, Thomas, 33, Marybono 
Winterbottom, John, 63, Lloyd street 
Wise, John, 29, Sherdley street 
Wise, Mrs. 9, Falkner street 
Wisely, Mrs. 43, Oo;won street 
Wiseman, John, G7, Grasmcre street 
Wishart, Bev. J. (M.A.) 33, High Park 

1 ^»^ 



^ishart, William, 36, HemaQS street 
iTissett, J. 80, Bed Eock street 
Rtham, E. 30, Crete street 
ITithers, Gheorge, 91, Falkner street 
?'ithers, H. H. 99, Shaw street 
ITitbers, Mrs. Eliz. 25, Lonsdale street 
iTithers, Samuel, 16, Abercromby square 
T'itherspoon, Miss M. 35a, Peel street 
nthy, Charles W. 40, Harewood street 
fithycomb, William, 177, Grrove street 
Vitter, Frederick, 83, Chatham street 
Vitter, Mary, 107, Crown street 
^Titter, Eobert, 30, Prospect street 
Vitter, Samuel, 7, Greek street 
Vittingham, W. 6, Northhall street 
Vittleton, William, 8, Beaumont street 
Vitty, J. 155, Upper Parliament street 
W'itty, W. P. 30, West Derby street 
VoaDy J. 68, Windermere st. Breck rd. 
Voan, William, 100, Eadcliffe street 
^obal, William, 38, Kinglake street 
Volf, Mrs. 37, Parliament street 
^ol&U, John, 17, fiaffles street 
ffolfe, James, 4, Morton street 
W'ollaston, Dr. T. O. 31, St. James's pi. 
?irood, — , 24, Burleigh road, S. 
^ood, — , 82, Langham street 
W'ood, Alfred, 142, Field street 
^ood, Benjamin James, 78, Tweed street 
JV'ood, Charles, 39, Guilford street 
Wood, Charles, 20, White Rock street 
tV^ood, Charles, 22, Falkner square 
Wood, Charles, 22, Grove street 
Wood, Edward, 11, Devonshire place 
Wood, Elizabeth, 56, Poplar street 
Wood, Fortune, 193, Grafton street 
Wood, QiBorge, 191, Up. Parliament st. 
Wood, George, 12, Burleigh road, S. 
Wood, J. 9, Faraday street 
Wood, J. 26, Calder street 
Wood, J. M. 2, Sunnyside, Devonshire rd. 
W^ood, J. W. 15, Eichmond ter. Breck rd. 
Wood, James, 118, Gordon street 
Wood, John, 76, Adelaide street 
Wood, John, 37, Aber street 
Wood, John, 60, York terrace 
Wood, John, 29, Blake street 
Wood, Joseph, 22, Eldon place 
Wood, Joseph, 14, St. Domingo road 
Wood, L. 31, Newlands street 
Wood, Luke, 141, Falkner street 
Wood, M. A. 56, Boundary lane 
Wood, Mrs. C. 61, Thomaston street 
^ood, Mrs. PiimroBB, 106, Canning st. 
"^^ ^. JC^ Canning street 


Wood, P. 8, Poplar p^rove, The Elms 
Wood, Thomas, 33, White Eock street 
Wood, Thomas P. 4, Harbord street 
Wood, W. F. 1, Priorv road 
Wood, William, 1, Edjije lane • 
Wood, William, 110, Bengel street 
Wood, William P. 4:U, Prescot street 
Woodall, Ed. 186, Park road 
Woodbossomworth, J. 1, Aughton street 
Woodbum, James, 30, Eoscoe street 
Woodbum, John, 34, Cochrane street 
Woodbum, John, 31, White Eock street 
Woodbum, Miss, 26, Canning street 
Woodbum, Mrs. Agnes, 101, Field street 
Woodbum, R B. 1, Allan street 
Woodcock, — , 75, Shaw street 
Woodcock, J. 79, Tweed street 
Woodcock, Mrs. 26, Conyers street 
Woodend, Eichard, 79, ifgerton street 
Woodfin, Samuel, 51, Great Newton st. 
Woodger, Ann, 13, Eoscommon street 
Woodger, Thomas, 98, Eadcliffe street 
Woodger, William, 9, Seiont terrace 
Woodhead, Charles, 79, Eoscommon st. 
Woodhead, E. 45, Everton valley 
Woodhead, J. T. (M.D.) 60, Spencer st. 
Woodhouse, J. 35, Peel street 
Woodhouse, J. G. Bronte House, Everton 

Woodman, William, 1, Gt. Nelson street 
Woodnorth, G^eorge, 16, Troughton street, 

Edge Hill 
Woodron, — , 94, Myrtle street 
Woodroofo, Eobert, 30, Moon street 
Woodruff, J. 8, Prince's Park terrace. 

Croxteth road 
Woodruff, Thomas, 70, Alma street 
Woods, — , 5, Falkner street 
Woods, — , 61, White Eock street 
Woods, Charles, 4, Chats worth street 
Woods, D. 4, Leekwortli street 
Woods, E. 29, Dunkeld street 
Woods, G. 9 & 11, Bold street 
Woods, George, 10, Langham street 
Woods, J. 79, Kilshaw street 
Woods, James, 111, Wellington road 
Woods, John, 16, Salop street 
Woods, John, Qij, Eldon place 
Woods, John, 69, Everton Brow 
Woods, John, 40, Aberdeen street 
I Woods, Joshua, 30, Deane road 
Woods, Mrs. E. S, Uxbridge street 
Woods, Mrs. E. 31, Fitzclarence street 
Woods, P. 14, Windermere at. Breck 3td. 
Woods, Samuel, 16, Boundary street 


VToods* Sarah* 22, Great Newton street 
WoodBj T. 12, Northumberland street 
Woods, Thomas, 117, Eishton street 
Woods, W. 47, Everton road 
Woods, W. C. 69, Vine street . 
Woodsy William, Bice lane 
Woodside, John, 22, Adelaide street 
Woodson, G«or^, 20, Perth street 
Woodvine, William, 21, Chats worth st. 
Woodward, D. T. 26, Grove park 
Woodward, Mrs. E. 60, Woodville street, 

Bieck road 
Woodward, J. 31, Albion street 
Woodward, J. 52, Menzies street 
Woodward, T. 28, South street 
Woodward, M. 1, Croxteth road 
Wookey, — , 37, St. Domingo grove 
Woolcott, William, 166, Grove street 
Woolej, John, 51, Bose vale 
Woolejy Thomas, 55, Field street 
Woolff Aaron, 73, Canning street 
Woolf, J. 52, Bed Bock street 
Woolfkll, Margaret, 218, Walton road 
WoolfaU» Bichard, 23, Clarence grove 
Woolland, M. 133, Athol street 
Woollcott, Mrs. Susan, 71, Yine street 
WooUey, J. lO^s, Northumberland terrace 
Woolley T. 70, Cresswell street 
Woollight, — , 52, Canning street 
Woolliscroft, William, 5, Clayton square 
Woolman, M. 14, Moorfields 
Woolridge, Bobert, lOi, Field street 
Woolstenholme, Andrew, 15, Manfred nt. 
Woolwright, John, 144!, Bedford street 
Woomby, H. A. 49, Mere lane 
Wooaey, James, 41, Chatham street 
Woosey, B. 43, Field street 
Wordal, Mrs. 67, Kilshaw street 
Worden, J. 106, Northumberland street 
Worley, Balph, 7, Manfred street 
Wormsley, S. 28, Cardwell street 
Wormsley, S. 25, Queensland street 
Wormsley, W. 48, Queen's road 
Worrall, George, 23, Arthur street 
Worrall, James, 17, Lodge lane 
Worrall, John, 264, Beaufort street 
Worrall, J. H. 231, Up. Parliament st. 
Worrall, P. 5, Upper Hill street 
Worrall, W. 12, Grey Bock street 
Worsley, Jane, 16, Silvester street 
Worsnop, John, 81, Boscommon street 
Worthington, H. 21, St. George's Hill 
Worthington, J. 13, Jasmine street 
Worthington, M. E. 25, Lodge lane 
Worthington^ Mra. Add, 96, Beaufort st. 

I Worthington, Mrs. 105, Huskisson st. 
j Worthington, B. 69, Upper Stanhope at 
I Worthington, T. 37, Phoebe-Ann street 
I Worthington, Thomas, 58, Eldon place 
Worthington, William, 10, South street 
Worthy, Mrs. 28, Kilshaw street 
Wosser, Thomas, 3, Upper William st. 
Wrake, Capt. Henry, 150, Tunnel road 
Wray, Bev. Cecil, 184, Netherfield rd. N. 
Wren, John, 69, Mitylene street 
Wren, John James, 56, Up. Parliament st. 
Wren, William, 13, Manired street 
Wrenshall, Miss C. 13, Bed Bock street 
Wrenshall, William, 76, Canning street 
Wright, — , 9, Bydal street 
Wr-ght, B. Son & Co. 39, South Castle st. 
Wright, Capt. George, 16, Uxbridge st. 
Wright, Capt. W. 12, Uxbridge street . 
Wright, D. 80, .Northumberland street 
Wright, Daniel, 28, Downing street 
Wright, David, 71, Conway street 
Wright, Douglas, 66, Up. Parliament at 
Wright, E. 78, Stanhope street 
Wright, D. 122, Wellington road 
Wright, Elizabeth. 143, Spencer street . 
Wright, J. 19, Kepler street 
Wright, J. 88, Stanhope street 
Wright, James, 68, Adelaide street 
Wright, James, 33, Hope street 
Wright, John, 52, Clarence grove 
Wright, John, 40, Burleigh road, S. 
Wright, John, 62, Aubrey street 
Wright, John, 31, Arnold street 
Wright, Joseph, 50, Tennyson street 
J Wright, Joseph, 41, Newlands street 
' Wright, Mias J. 08, Devonshire road 
\ Wright, Mrs. 54, Conyers street 
' Wright, Mrs. 42, Percy street 
; Wright, Mrs. 37, Bose vale 
Wright, Mrs. G. 22, Canning street 
, Wright, Mrs. Martha, 8, Sugnall ntreet 
' Wright, Mrs. Mary, 82, Crown street 
' Wrij^ht, P. 62, Aber street 
Wright, P. 53, Brenton street 
Wright, B. 29, Aigburth street 
, Wright, Bichard, -, Hughes street 
I Wright, Richard, 1, Nelson street 
, Wright, Bichard, 8, Epworth street 
I Wright, Bichard, 12, Moon street 
Wriglit, Thomas, 224, West Derby road 
Wright, Thomas, 8, MiushuU street 
Wright, Thomas, 45, Langham street 
Wright, Thomas, 25, Canning street 
Wright, Thomas, 3, Torr street 




Wright, W. 193, Park road 
Wright, William, 13, Parkfield road 
Wright, W. H. 89. Whitefield road 
Wright, William, 28, Boundary lane 
Wright, William, 7, Devonshire place 
Wright, William, 24, Overbury street 
Wrigley, William, 73, Salop street 
Wyatt, William, H. 12, Anson street 
Wycherley, John James, 52, Newlands at 
Wyke, Elizabeth, 46, Conway street 
Wyle, James, 10, Walton Breck road 
Wyle, W. 63,' Lavan street 
Wyley, Hugh, 6, Grasmere street 
Wyley» J. M. 8, Grasmere street 
Wyndam, Samuel, 16, Freeland street 
Wynti, George, 41, Bamber street 
Wynn, Eoland, 59, Field street 
Wynne, A. 76, Sweed street 
Wynne, E. 256 A 258, Gt. Howard st. 
Wynne, E. W. 25, Bedford street 
Wynne, George, 158, Islington 
Wynne, Mrs. W. 180, North Hill street 
Wynne, Robert, 40, Premier street 
Wyper, Kobert, 10, Clevedon street 
Wy swell, Thonms 1 , Hir Howard street 

Tare, Farer, 2, Devonshire place 
Yates, Ann, 41, Great Meri?ey street 
Tates, George Samuel, 18, Falkner sq. 
Yates, George, 14, Beloe street 
Yates, George Eobert, 18, Grove street 
Yates, Henry, 19, Queensland street 
Yates, Hugh, 13, Everton crescent 
Yates, J. 42, Hamilton road 
Yates; J. 88, Grey Eock street 
Yates, J. B. 20 Whitefield street 
Yates, Miss, 3, Dingle lane 
Yates, Mn«. Ann, 6, Maryland street 
Yates, Mrs. W. 105, St. Domingo road 
Yates, Mrs. Catharine, 145, Grove street 
Yates, Mrs. E. 38, Huskisson street 
Yates, Mrs. T. 25, Canton street 
Yates, Sami/el, Thomas, 99, Chatham st. 
Yates, W. 20, Fowler street 
Yates, William, 32, Trueinan street 
Yeates, Charles, 23, Pluto street 
Yeates, Thonia?, 39, Compton street 
Yeates, William, 16, Albion street 
Yeldham, D. 17, Sackville street 
Yeo, John, 87, Stanhope street 
Teaman, C. 73, Orient street 

Yeomen, Mrs. 75, Boundary lane 
Yeoward, Joseph, 137, Park street 
Yeoward, W. H. 17, Tho Willows, Breck 

Yersley, R. 7, Sefton square 
York, Elizabeth, 11, Card well street 
York, G. 71, Orient street 
Youd,' Peter, 133, Phythian street 
Youds, Henry, 19, Cochrane street 
Youlton, E. 33, Upper Warwick street 
Youlton, Euima, 135, Park street 
Young, — , 88, Bishton street 
Young, Daniel, 56, Cardwell street 
Young, G. 23, Laxey street 
Young, G. 62, Low Hiil 
Young, G. Ihomaston street 
Young, George, 49, Canterbury street 
Young, J. 34, Bichmond terrace Breck 

Young, John, 30, Grasmere street 
Young, John, 62, Bamber street 
Young, John, 31, Bute street 
Young, Joseph, 54, Cardwell street 
Young, L. W . 24, Hamilton road 
Young, M. 8, Mount Pleasant 
Young, Misp, 53, West Derby street 
Young, Miss, L. C. 17, Seldon street 
Young, Mrs. Catherine, 70, Huskisson st 
Young, Mrs. Elizabeth, 87, Crown street 
Young, Mrs. M. A. 7, White Kock st. 
Young, Paul, IH, Bloom fttreet 
Young, R. 74, Devonshire road west 
Young, Eobert, 107, Conway street 
Young, Samuel, 53, Collins street 
Young, Thomas, 300, Beaufort street 
Young, William, 87, Upper Stanhope st. 
Young, William, 48, Snlisbury street 
Young, William, 160, Field street 
Young, William, 68. Grove street 
Young, William, 29, Cleave street 
Younge, E. 30, Rupert lane 
Younggennings, Joseph, 9, Overbury st. 
Yoxall, James, 121, Wellington road 
Yunnie, Peter, 24, Sackville street 

Zeisz, Jacob, 95, Christian street 
Zigomala, Nicholas, 56, 8efton terrace, 

Prince's road 
Zimmermann, William, 5, Moon street 
Zizinia, D. G. 25, Bentley road 
Zoltner, J. 14, Woodville ter. Breck fnl. 



Beg to state that thej are prepared to undertake, upon the most liberal terms, consign- 
menis of CKxkIs to their Correspondents abroad, from Firms Exporting to the respeoci^e 
Markets. In the majority of instances Libm^l Advances will be maide noon Shipment 
Orders for Parchases of Foreign and Colonial Produce in Commission, ana all inquiries 
cwelaUy and punctually attended to. 



AaroDSy Henry, sexton of the Jewish 

synogogue, 64, Eussell street 
Abeierombie, William, pawnbroker, 25 

A 27^ Northumberland str^t 
Abbinett, H. N. George hotel, 31, Dale st. 
Abbot, J. teacher of chemistry, 45, 

Flumpton street 
Abbott,^, greengrocer, 66, Stanley street 

Abbotti J. cabinet maker, 73, Is- 

Abbott, J. flour dealer,2 1 1, West Derby rd. 
Abbott, John N. tobacconist, 14 1, Dal est. 
Abbott, William, solicitor, Chatham 

buildings, 35, South John street 
Abboytis, J. flour dealer, 74, Beaufort st. 
Abel, B. bootmaker, 28, Mount Pleasant 
Abereromby,Wm. printer, 33, Springfield 
Ablewood, B. grocer, 209a, Yauxhall rd. 
Abraham, George, pork butcher, 141, 

West Derby road 

Abrahams, A. & Go. opticians and 
mathematical instrument makers, 
22, Lord street, and 15, London 

Abrahams, A. dining-rooms, Oriel close, 
Water street 

Abrahams, H. china dealer, 80 & 82, 
Benshaw street 

Abrahams, Henry, outfitter and tobac- 
conist, 62 & 64, Paradise street 

Abrahams, Isaac, furniture dealer, 1, 
Lawton street 

Abnbsmg, J, jeweller and bullion dealer, 
88, Ume atrvet, and 81, Falkner st. 

Abrahams, J. furniture warehouse, 8, 
Banelagh street 

Abrahams, Mrs. 137, Botanic View, 
Smithdown lane 

Abrahams, B. butcher, 20, Mt. Pleasant 

Abram, H. greengrocer, 185, Walton rd. 

Abram, John H. corn merchant, 2, Ci^es- 
terfield street 

AbseD,T. licensed victlr, 59, Hey worth st« 

Acheson, George, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 42, Duke street 

Acheson, Geo. &, Co., wine and spirit 
merchants and brewery and distillery 
agents, Hauck*s buildings, 42, Duke 
street • 

Ackerley, A. stock and share broker, 
5, Dale. street 

Ackers, Peter, licensed victualler, 12, 
Gerard street 

Ackland, Margaret, licensed TictnaUer, 
290, Mill street 

Ackroyd, Joseph, veterinary surgeon, 9, 
Upper William street 

Acri meager, J. grocer, 35, Cazneau street 

Acton, Thomas, brassfouuder and gas- 
fitter, 120, Bichmond row 

Adair & Co. brassfounders, 17, Neptune st. 

Adair & Dawson, grocers, &c. 835 and 
331, Park road 

Adair & Dawson, tea dealers and Italian 
warehousemen, 73 to 77, London road 

Adair & Dawson, tea dealers and Italian 

\ Adam, ^dN<j w^, ^\i^ivi\^si «fiL\ ^vst^e^^sj 
^ \«1 




Adam, Jamefl, Son, and Co. fumitTiTe 

brokers, 37, North John street 
Adams, A. L. broker, Apsley building, 

2nd floor, 4, Old Hall street 
Adams Bro. grocers, 107, Kirkdale road 
Adams, Dr. physician, 122, Islington 
Adams, G. shipwright, 5, Buneshe street 
Adams, J. butcher, 218, Park road 
Adams, John, gasfitter 
Adams, Mary, dressmaker, 61, Begent st. 
Adams, N. provision dealer, 45, Byrom st. 
Adams, B. saddler, 5, Moorfields 
Adams, Balph, D. grocer, 36, Park road 
Adamson, K. and J. wholesale retail 

drapers, 23 & 24, Old Haymarket 
Adamson, liichard, saddler, 38, Lord st. 

Ahearn, Michael, fruiterer, 27, St. John's 

Ahem, W. new and second-hand clothing, 

40, Paradise street 

Ahlborn, Louis, & Son, toy ware- 
house. 48 & 50, Whitechapel. (See 

Ain, Thomas, publican, 20, Hood street 
Aines, Daniel, watch and clock manu- 
facturer, 23, Park place 
Ainsworth, William, general furnishing 

ironmonger, 15, Paddington 
Aird, Heury, fish salesman, 22, St. JohnV 

Fish market 
Aitan, W. publican, 30, Strand street 
Aitchison, J. & Co. brewers. Agent. 

Adamson, W. chandler, 69, Mount Ver- \ George Dike, 5 & 7, College lane 

non street > Aitken, Alexander, Temperance hotel, 7 

Addinsell, W. W. shirtmaker, 91, Dale st. \ Springfield 

Adelphi Bank (limited), John Ellison, 
Esq. manager, 15 to 19, South John st. 

Aitken, John H. baker, 44, Bread street 
Aitken <fe Co. John, tea merchants, Tem- 

Adie, Eichard, optician and steam-gauge ; pie court chambers. Temple court 
maker, Exchange buildgs. Rumford st. j Aitkin, William, shipwright, 50, Ander- 

Addis, Eichard^ tailor and draper, 31, , son street 

Park Hill road I Aitken, William, music seller and sta- 

Addi8on,N.proYi8iondealer,65,Berwickst. tioner, 24, Elliot street 

Addi8on,E. victualler, 88, West Derby rd. Aitken, William, mercantile staticfncft:. 

Addison, Eobert John, Tarn o'Shaiiter I 46, Whitechapel 

spirit stores, 59, London road 
Adiman, Waddiu^ton, licensed victualler, 

17, Eegent road 
Adkins, Elizabeth, 44, Preecot street 
Adkins, H. publican, 70, Kirkdale road 
Adkins, W. tailor and draper, 220, 

Smithdown lane 
Adkini»on, William, licensed victualler, 2, 

Galton street 

Aked, E. & W. commii^Bion merchants, 10. 

Eumford place 
Akin, W. baker, 112, Vauxhall road 
Alban, S. fishmonger, St. James's mariiftt 
Albarez, Ysidoro, outfitter and tailor, 26. 

Oldhall street 

"Albion" Newspaper OfBice, pub- 
lishing office, 5, Union court. 
Castle street 

Adkin8on» William, licensed victualler, Albezion, Arroteque, & Co. ship owners 
63, Great Howard street and ship chandlers, 83, Strand street ^ 

Adlington, Thomas, emigration agent, Albred, James, licensed victualler, 58, 
21, Hunter street AVaterloo road 

Aerated Bread Co. 108, Scotland road Alcide, Peter, hosier, 139; Stanley road 

Aerated Bread Co. 91, Brunswick road Alcock,A.hame88 maker, 51, Hey worth st. 

Agacio, Antonio, merchant, Brunswick : Alcock, J. grocer, 24, Limekiln lane 
buildings, 7, Brunswick street 1 Alderdice, Mrs. fitth dealer, 4, 5, & 6, St. 

Agar, Jno. beerhouse, 30, Berington bush John's Fish market 

Agelasto, Augustus, merchant, Victoria Alderdicey, John, oyster-rooms, 133, Rich- 
buildings, 24, Hackins Hej j mond row 

Agelasto, D. M. & Co. general merchants, Alderoft, Eliza, lodglnjr-houne, 18, Upper 
Batavia buildings, Hackins Hey Newington 

A^ew, H. chemist, 290, Gt. Homer st. . Aldersey, Peter, house agent, Doran's pi. 

^^oGw, e>, ahemist, 4, Kirkdale road, and | 6, Dorau*s lane 

f^' ^f^^^^o"'^^ Bt'^t Aldous, Samuel French polisher, 9, 

d%iST^^' "^ '?''^*' pi<^^^^^ gt^lery, Hampton street, Q^^^ k^N\.TXiTl\.^ 

^^,Jyn'erpooId:Zondou chambers ' Alecoe, Edmund, 4ra.^^r> ^i<^«TaJi %\xe^\. 




Al^umder, Aleiander, ctnyas merchant, 

1, Goree Piazzas 
Alexander, Benj. painter, 69, Frescot si; 
Alexander & Christie, 64, South Castle st. 
Alexander, Ellen, marine store, 56, Cop- 
peras Hill 
Alexander, Jdmes, master mariner, 52, 

Thackeray street 
Alexander, JaiDCs, & Co. ship owners, 

5, York buildings. Date 8trcet 
Alexander, M. A. outfitter, IsS, Mersey st. 
Alexander, Perry, & Co. brewers, Dublin ; 

B. W. Xuttall, agent, 12a., Cook street 
Alexander, B. provision dealer, 95, Yaux- 

hall road 
Alexander, Bichard, licensed victualler, 

85, Mill street 
Alexander, William, 10, Parkfield road 
Alexander & Lott, commission mer- 

chantSy 18, James street 

Alexandra hotel, Dale street, Philip 
Eberle, proprietor 

Alexandra & Eoyal hotels; P. Eberle, 

proprietor. Dole street 
Alexandre, Dunand, hairdresner and per- 
fumer, 20, Exchange street, E. 
Alhambra Temperance hall, H. Defree, 
manager, Manchester street, 86, Pem- 
broke street 
Alker, Samuel, carver, gilder, 'picture- 
frame and looking-glass manufactureir, 
27, Basnett street, and 5, Tyrer street 
Allan, D. linen raerchaui, 4, Bath street 
Allan, Jane, grocer, 25, Pellew street - 
Allan, W. H. coal merchant, 28, Pellew st. 
AUcock, M. butcher, 90, Wellington road 
Allcott, William, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 71, Myrtle street 
AUen, Ann, bookseller and stationer, 

57±y Myrtle street 
Allen, Seymour, confectioner, 255, Nether- 
field road north 
Allen, E. bricklayer, 7, Fairclough lane 
Allen, Edward, fjiilor, 101, Brownlow Hill 
Allen, Elizabeth A. glass and china 

dealer, 81, Soho street 
Allen, George, 24, Carter street 
Allen, n. bread & flour dealer, 8, Prescoi st. 
Allen, Isaac, dining-rooms, 106, Wood st. 
Allen, John, boiler maker's office, 5, 

Camden street 
Allen, John, baker, 14, Scotland road 
Allen, Joseph, plumber, painter, &c. 313 
Jt 815, Crown street 

Allen, Patrick, tailor and draper, 11> 
Tarleton street 

Allen, E. surveyor, 7, Orient street 

Allen, Thomas, wood turner, 8, Great 
George place 

Allen, W. publican, 127, Yauxhall road 

Allen, W. tobacconist, 48, Benshaw street 

Allen, W. W. & Co. commission mer- 
chants, 34 & 35, Ist floor, South cor- 
ridor. The Albany, 6, Old Hall atreet 

Allen, AV, W. & Co.,. Oriel chambers, 
14, Water street 

Allen, William, tailor and draper, 2, Great 
Crosshall street 

Allen, William, cooper, 65, Coitenham' it. 

Allen, William, licensed yictualler, 286, 
. Crown street 

Allen, Wm. watchmaker, 85, Scotland rd. 

Allen, William, 35, Queensland street 

Allen, William He.nry, boot manufac- 
turer, 11 & 13, West Derby road 

-Allen, William H. boot manufacturer, 
61, West Derby road 

Allenby, M. saddler, 83, Yauxhall road 

AllensoD, Joseph, licensed victualler, M, 
St. James's street 

Allerton,' !N^. provision dealer, 6, Scot- 
land place 

.Alletson, H. C. & Co. tallow phandlei«, 
16, Great George place 

Alliance Bank (Jiiinited), James 
Beckett, manager, 62, Castle st. 

Alliance Bank (Limited), 55, Hamilton 
St., Birkenhead, AV. E. Hinde, manager 

Alliance British & Foreign Life & 
Fire Assurance Go. Established 
1824, Capital £5,000,000 sterling. 
William Roberts, district mana- 
ger, Mellois buildings, Exchange 
street, £. 

Alliance British Fire and Life Assurance 

Go. John Cobb, agent, 125, Dale at. 
Alliance Fire, and Life Assurance Offioe. 

E. Jordan, agent, 23, Old Hail street 
Alliance Insurance Co. Henry Joned, 

agent, Adelphi Bank chambers, South 

John street 
Alliance Marine Assurance Office, E. H. 

Robertson, K, ground floor. Chambers, 

Liverpool and Loudon. 
Allinson & Carter, publicans, 4-1, Islington 
Allinaon, John, publican, 2, Breck street 

4G, ^ottoxv ft\.T^vi\. 

Allen, MMrjrA, dairy, 93, Limekiln lanel Al\ini^oli,T.\>^AeV^^,'^^^^'^•'5k'^^^^'^ 




Allison, Margaret, foreign fruiterer, 66, 

St. John's market 
Allott, Ann Mary, toy dealer, 191, West 

Derby road 
Allsopp, S. & Sons, ale mercbants, Wap- 

ping Bailway Office, 12, Cook street, 

and Burton-on-Trent 
Allsopp & Son's Stables, 3, Peter's lane 
ABBopp & Son's Ale Stores, Sparling st. 
Alnfaeen de Yenos Enpanoles, Julius 

Franks, Mellor's buildings, Ezehange 

street east 
Alms, Joseph, fish salesman, 50, St. 

John's Fish market 
Almond, John, broker, 359, Mill street 
Alpass, chemist, 329a, Park road 
Alport, Joseph, gunmaker, 96, Park st. 
Alrarez, Ysidoro, boot and shoe maker, 

25, Strand street 
Aman, Godfrey, J. cotton broker, 26, 

Exchange street, R 
Aman, John M. P. wine merchant A im- 
porter of Havana cigars, 1 basement, 

Queen's buildings, 11, Dale street 
Aman, John Matthew, wine merchant, 

12, Union street 
Ambler, John, ship broker, 48, Tower 

buildings, Water street 
Ambrose, E. milk dealer, 17, Ambrose pi. 
Ambrose, Henry, baker, 12, Grey street 
Ambrose, Henry, bread & flour dealer, 

61, William-Henry street 
Ambrose, M. J. milliner, 42, Kirkdale rd. 
AmbroM, T. grocer, 199a <fe 286, Yaux- 

hall road 
Ambrose, W. publican, 1, Bevington Hill 
American Consulate (Thomas A. Dudley, 

consulate), 69, Tower bd^. Water st. 
American Lloyd's Association, 5, Goree 

Americsn Packet Office, 9, Waterloo rd. 
Ames, Wm. H. steyedor, 4, Chester st. 
Ammon, Ernest, publican, 75, Park road 
Amos, James, bootmaker, 60, Jordan st. 
Anakin, W. greengrocer, 82, Soho street 
Anchor, S. L. pubhcan, 105, Boscommon 

Anders, James, licensed victualler, 84, 

Wbitefield lane 
Anderson, A. bootmaker, 75, Walton lane 
Anderson, A. B. solicitor, 17a, South 

Castle street • 
Anderson, Anna, toy shop, 815, Smith- 

ifown Jane 
rnfenon, C. auctioneer, 4^, Byrom st. 


Anderson, D. hosier & glover, 5, Castle 

Anderson, David, accountant and estate 
a^ent, Slater court, 5, Castle street 

Anderson, F. and Co. timber merchants, 
2, Canada dock 

Anderson, Frank, provision dealer, 1, 
Norfolk street 

Anderiton, J. painter, &c 42, Fleet st. 

Anderson, J. commission agent. Law As- 
surance buildings, 18, Harrington st. 

Anderson, J. publican, 20, Hanover st. 

Anderson, J. solicitor, 8, Washington st 

Ander.«ton, J. & Co. cabinet makers, 
decorators, &c. 11 & 18, Slater street 

Anderson, J. W. & Co. manufacturers, 
Glasgow, J. B. Maxwell, agent, Cuth- 
bert buildings, 14, Clayton square 

Anderson, James, & Co. wine & spirit 
merchants, basement. The Albany, G, 
Old HttU street 

Anderson, John, & Co. East India mer- 
chants, 16, Hackins Hey 

Anderson, John F. boaroing-houBe, 49, 
Bridgewater street 

Anderson, John, wine A spirit merchant, 

21, Great Charlotte street 
Anderson, John, licensed victualler, 20, 

Hanover street 
Anders()n, Magnus, baker, 56, Gerard st. 
Anderson, It. & Sons, caroet and linen 

warehouse, 42, 44, & 46, Bold street 
Anderson, Bev. D. surrogate, 56, Hodney 

Anderson, Bobert, luncheon-rooms, 20 A 

22, Exchange street east ; and Exchange 
court, 26, Exchange street east 

Anderson, Eobert, & Co. brass founders, 
coppersmiths, and lead merchantSi 72, 
74, & 76, Duke street 

Anderson, S. printer & ticket writer, 91, 
Great George street 

Anderson, Eobert, luncheon-room. Ex- 
change court 

Anderson,T. F. clerk to the commissioners 
of taxes, 4, Cable street 

Anderson, Thomas, licensed victuaUer, 
60 & 62, Athol street 

Anderson, W. feather merchant, 68, Scot- 
land road 

Anderson. W. H. agent to the Nor- 
wich union Fire and Life In- 
surance Co. 27y Castle street 

Anderson and Collins, notaries and 
attorneys, 2, Brunswick street 


inderaoQ and Co. brass foundrvy 49, ! Appleton, EdwarJ, licensed victualler, 

Henry street 
inderaon & Harper, solicitors, 4, Cable st. 
AndertoQ Carrying Co. Charles Mitchell, 
I ^nt. Duke's dock 
Andertony Edward Charles, auctioneer 

and valuer, 34, Berwick street 
Anderton, L. milk dealer, 34, Athol st. 
Anderton, William, 12, Rum ford place 
Andrew, A. accountant,. 40, Newstf^ad rd. 
Andrew, J. shipwright, 96, Blundell st. 
Andrew, Mrs. Mary C. seminary, 8, 

Cochrane street 

41, Richmond row 
A ppleton, Henry, clog and pattern maker, 

292, Great Howard street 
Appleton, John, butcher, 375, Mill street 
Appleton, Matthew, baker, 1, Cropper st. 

and 36, Lawtbn street 
Appleton, W. butcher, 246, Falkner it. 
Apter, W. and Son, tailors and drapers, 

31, Williamson street 
Arbuthnot, Ewart, and Co. East India 

merchants, 9, Harrington street 
Archdeacon, J. spirit vaults, 5, Hill st. 

Andrew, N. and Co. ship brokers, 9, South Archer, James, horse slaughterer, 99, ' 

Castle street Limekiln lane 

Andrews, Alfred J. licensed victualler, i Archer, James, Eirkdale dry wood works, 

21, Christian street I 182, Walton road 

Andrews, Bell, <& Co. commission mer- \ Archer, John, The Park inn, 293, West 
diants, insurance and shipping agents, | Derby road 

Archer, Joseph, tobacconist, 197, West 
Derby roacf 

India buildings, 4, Fenwick street 

Andrews, C. H. confectioner, 152, Kirk- 
dale road 

Andrews, James, grocer, 78, Pitt street 

Andrews, W. blacksmith, 29, Spring- 
field street 

Angel, Ephraim, merchant, 4, India build- 
ings. Slater street. 

Angel Hotel, R. S. Comberbach, pro- 
prietor. Dale street 

Angel Hotel Vaults, R. S. Comberbach, 
proprietor, 2, North John street 

Angus, A. pork butcher, 25, Copperas hill 

Angus, Marg. milliner, 27, Copperas hill, 

Angus, Miss Emma, teacher of music 
12, Hard wick street 

Angus, AV. leather dealer, 62, Hunter st. 

Anna], John, grocer, 12jl, Gildart street 

Annal, John, provision dealer, 56, Bland- 
ford street 

Annett, James, builder, 11, Harper street 

Ansdale and Cary, ship brokers and com- 
mission agents, 20, Red Cross street 

Anson, J. ironmonger, 80, Brunswick rd. 

Anthony,Bubb,tea inercht. 27,Hanover st. 

Anthony, William Henry Birtlet James, 
solicitor, York buildings. Dale street 

Antill, W. boot and shoe maker, 200 & 
202, Park road 

Antrobus, G. butcher, St. James's market 

Anwyll, I. cart owner, 278 & 280, Mill st. 

Apothecaries' Hall, Thomas Hackett, 
manager, 4, Colquit street 

Appleby, — , iron turner, 34, Bamber st. 

Appleby, John, dining-rooms, 40, 
Titbebarn street 

Archer, Eobert, plumber and glazier, 45, 

Lowther street 
Archer, W. F. manufacturerand importer 

of musical and optical instruments, 62, 

South Castle street 
Archibald, E. tailor & outfitter, 96, Pitt 

Ardane, Eobert, publican, 37, Pox street 
Arden, Thomas H. butcher, 81, Bemr st. 
Ardle, James, cotton dealer, 27, Oreat 

Howard street 
ArenasJEI*<& Co. general merchant, Weaver 

buildings, 15, Brtinswick street 
Argent, J. E. printer, 48, Dale street 
Argent, William, printer, 75a, Henry st. 
Argyle, Gkorge, butcher, 82, Stanley rd. 
Argyle, P. stationer, 160, Heyworth st. 
Arkle, W. B. agent for Potts & Co. 

vinegar merchants, 8, Cable street 
Arkley, J. bellhanger, 19, Clarence street 
Armishaw Brothers,metal brokers,Eo8Coe 

buildings, 20, Titbebarn street 
Armitage, J. dining-rooms, 148, Dale st 
Armitstead, John, victualler, 160 <& 162, 

West Derby road 
Armour, John, licensed victualler, 14. 

Eegent street 
Armour & Co. cotton brokers, Brown*i« 

Armstrong, E. poulterer, 5, St. Martin':* 

Armstrong, G. L. commercial school, 11, 

Soho street 
Armatroiig, 5 ."B.'«tvQfc^T^\,^t.'&t\^<^'%^l. 





Armstrong, John, licensed victualler, 106, 
Everton road 

Armstrong, Philip, Saddle inn, 381, Scot- 
land road 

Armstrong, Richard, licensed victualler, 
238, Falkner street 

Armstrong, Robert, accountant, 2a, South 
Castle street, Warrington chambers 

Annstrong, Sir W. 6. & Co. Elswick 
WorkSi Newcastle-on-Tviie; Li- 
verpool office, Central Chambers, 
SouthCastle street; London office, 
(O. V. Bowe, agent), 8, Great 
George street, Westminster, S.W. 

Armstrong, Thomas, grocer &oil merchant, 

32, Hopwood st. (See Advertisement.) 
Armstrong, W. turner, 45, Warren gate 
Armstronff, W. watch &, chronometer 

maker & jeweller, 14, Albert buildings, 

Preeson's row 
Armstrong & Berey, cotton brokers, 18, 

Hackins Hey 
Amald, "William, butcher, 72, Beaufort st. 
Amell, jr. shoemaker, 157a, Gt. Homer st. 
Arnell, J, shoemaker, 91, Biebmond row 
Amell, J. & Co. boot manufacturers, 39, 

Byrom street 
Amoldi Augustus, commercial traveDer, 

9, Haiford street 
Arnold, Eliza, stationer, 45, Faddington 
Arnold, J. publican, 101, Yauxhall road 
Arnold, J. shoemaker, 146, Scotland rd. 
Arnold, J. ironmonger, 37, Fontenoy st. 
Arnold, J. &, Co. bootmakers, 26, Mill 

Arnold, James, carman, 31, Brunswick st. 
Arnold, Joseph, licensed yictualler, 94, 

Great Crosshall street 
Arnold, ft. licensed victualler, 191, Mill st. 
Arnold, 8. victualler, 134, Scotland road 
Arnold, W. brass founder, 26, Bolton st. 
Amott Brothers & Co. brokers, 7 & 8, 

Mersey chambers, Old Churchyard 
AronoDsberg, N. tobacconist, 97, Fark 


Aronsberg, M. & Co, opticians, 
mathematical & philosophical 
instrument makers & importers, 
39, Castle st & 4, Manchester st. 

Arnot, G. W. com broker, 20, Bruns- 
wick street 
Arrol, Archibald, Tho Alloa Brewery, 

42, Duke street 
Arrowsmhb, JUchard, tallow chandler, 6, 
^^/inond street 


Arrowsmith, Samuel, ironfounder, 40 
Chester street 

Arrowsmith, T. builder, 56, St. Ann street 

Arthur, Alfred J. bookbinder and sta- 
tioner, 28, Tarleton street 

Arthur, Nathan, butcher, 22, Scotland rd. 

Arthur, R. Lewis, butcher, 43, Mersey 

Asberry, Joseph, accountant and valuer, 
agent for tne Manchester Commercial 
Agency, Clarendon Booms, South 
John street 

Ascroft, F. H. & A. S. general fur- 
nishing ironmongers, 59, Lime street 

Ash, Sarah Ann, licensed victualler, 
27, Simpson street 

Ash, C. and Sons, manufacturers of arti- 
ficial teeth, 13, Mount Pleasant 

Ashberrer & Son, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 1, Bumford place 

Ashbridge, J. W. A Co. corn merchants, 
Boro' buildings, 7, Bumford street 

Ashbum, William, licensed victualler, 64, 
St. Ann street 

Ashbury, John, earthenwiare dealer, 8. 
Price street 

Ashby & Corf, French dvers and 

cleaners, 17, St. Ann st and 72, 

Brunswick road. (See Advtmnt.) 
Ashcroft, H. brazier, 284, Scotland road 
Ashcroft, J. baker and flour dealer, 72. 

Ejrkdale road 
Ashcroft, M. cowkeeper and dairyman. 

16, Highfield street 
Ashcroil, Bichard, blacksmith. Brook st. 
Ashcroft, S. baker and flour dealer, 240, 

Scotland road 
Ashcroft, 8. ironmonger, -43, Kent street 
Ashcroft, Thomas, jun. timber merchant. 

67, Seele street 
Ashcroft, W. provision dealer, 29, Fair- 

clough lane 
Ashe, James, licensed victualler, 1, TJn- 

derhill street 
Ashe, T. F. wine and spirit merchant. 

and export bottler, 20, Thomas street 
Ashe, T. F. wine and spirit merchant, 

9 to 15, Atherton street 
Ashely, Henry, hosiers, 259, Park road 
Ashinall, Alfred, merchant, 23 <& 25, 

Greenland street 
Ashley Brothers and Co. ship brokers 

-and ship owners, 18, Water street 
Ashley, John Baptist, watchmaker, 2. 

Lonsdale atroet 




IfhlAj j John (manager), Public Aston, Margaret, draper, 49, Prescot at. 

Loan and Discount Company, 
^ Bnssell street 

Mejt John B. grocer, 28S, Crown st. 

likmere, E. L. butcher, 33, Christian st. 

ABbort, E. hosier, 109 & 107, Scotland rd. 

Aihort, J. gasfitter, &e. 73, Pembroke ])l. 

Aihot, W. fish dealer, 112, Scotland road 

Aiditon, A. sharebroker, Queen's Insu 
ranee buildings. Dale street 

ABhton, George, tailor and draper, 8, 
Mow street 

Aahton, J. provision dealer, 52, Ains- 
worth street 

AshtoD, M. & Mrs. hosiers, 20, Dansie st. 

Ashtony P. Belmont hotel, 1, Belmont rd. 

Aflhton, Richard, pawnbroker, 360 & 
862, Great Howard street 

Aahton, R. and Co. fire-brick and tile 
manufacturers, 48, South John street 

Aahton, Robert, rifle manufacturer, Bir- 
mingham, 11, Rumford place 

Ashton, S. twine dealer, 67, Stanley st. 

Ashurst, William, greengrocer, 189, West 
Derby road 

Aahwood, Sarah, tobacconist, 76, Brown- 
low HiU 

Ashwortb, J. tobacconist, 14, Renshaw st. 

Alia Minor Cotton Company, Thomas B. 
Bees, manager, 37, Castle st. 

Askew, C. & Co. horse clothiers, 
saddlers and harness manufac- 
tnrersi 7, Banelagh street 

Askyne and Smith, confectioners, 52, 

Great Homer street 
Aapanwall, E. stationer, 56, Paddington 
Aapinally Ann, hosier, 167 & 173, 

Scotland road 
A^all,F. W. publican,24, St Bride's st. 
Aspinall, Jos. butcher, 29, Kirkdale rd. 

AtheDseum Hall, 16, Brunei street 

AthensBum news-room aud library. W. 
Roscoe Jones, master, 40, Church st. 

Ather, Samuel, carver, gilder, and look- 
ing-glass manufacturer, 27, Busnett 
street, and 6, Tyrer street 

Atherton, James Heys, accountant, 49, 
South Castle street 

Atherton, John, dining-rooms, 2a, Bruns- 
wick street 

Atherton, Joseph, & Co. estate and in- 
surance agents, Harrington chambers, 
26, North John street 

Athya, D. tallow chandler, 33, Prescot st. 

Athya, David, & Co. tallow chandlers, 
48, Islington 

Atkin, E. cabinet maker, 25, Stanley st. 

Atkin, George, & Co. Seele street 
Patent Asphalte manufiBicturers. 
Works, Llwynenion, near Wrex- 
ham, cement dealers and sole 
licensees of Ranson's patent solu- 
tions for indurating stone, Ac 
Office, 40, Seele street; branch 
depot, 60, Claughton rd. Birken- 

Atkins, G. shoemaker, 43, Canning pL 
Atkins, G. shoemaker, 56, Duke street 
Atkins, G. Asphalte works, Pumpfields 
Atkins, H. publican, 301 & 303, Great 

Homer street 
Atkins, John, stevedore, 27, Waterloo rd. 
Atkins, W. and Co. gentlemen's out- 
fitters, 40, London road 

Aspinall, Martha, Elephant spirit vaults, dock 

Atkinson, G. tobacconist, 111, Oxford st. 
Atkinson, H. chemist, 102, Breck road 
Atkinson, II. chemist and druggist, 39, 

Brunei street 
Atkinson, Isabella, tobacconist, 9, Queen's 

103, London road 
Aspinall, R.U. medical chemist, l,Leecest. 
Aspinall, S. grocer, 8, Mount Vernon st. 
Aspinall & Bird, attorneys and notaries. 

Union court, Castle street 
Aspinall, Son, and Brooks, sail makers, 

80 & 10, Lancelott's Hey 
Astbury, John, glass and china dealer, 8, 

Price street 
Astick, Isabel!.^, ■^aicter, i lumber, &c. 89, 

Bamber strecv 
Astley, — , boot n: (! slue n::iker, 318, 

Netherfield road njrth 
Astley, T. G. grocer, 803, Scotland rd. 

Atkinson, Isabella, cigar dealer, 10, East 
side, Queen's dock 

Atkinson, J. hay and straw dealer, 4, 
Cobden street 

Atkinson, J. millwright, 133, Great 
Howard street 

Atkinson, J. cotton dealer, 43, Castle st. 

Atkinson, John, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 2 & 4, Brunswick road 

Atkinson, John, steam whet*! mauuflic- 
turer, 13, Light body street 

Atkinson, John, licensed victualler, 37 
& 39, Prescot street 




pLotographic and optician's warehouse, 
35 & 37, Manchester street 

Atkinson, Joseph, The Brown Cow, 113, 
Brownlow Hill 

Atkinson, K. shipwriglit, 201, Beaufort st. 

Atkinson, S. E. smallwares, 293, Crown st. 

Atkinson, Thos. grocer, 86, Hughes st. 

Atkinson, Wm. licensed victualler, 31, 
Union street 

Atkinsou, Bartlett and Atkinson, attor- 
neys and notaries, York chambers, 
22, North John street 

Atkinson and 01deri>haw, cotton mer- 
chants, 2nd floor, Liverpool and Lon- 
don chambers 

Atlantic news-room, 8, Brunswick street 

Atlas Assurwice Company, Gt. G.Hornby, 
agent, 7, Dale street 

Attar, William, publican, 50, Islington 

Attfield, W. and Co. family grocers, 85, 
Park road 

Audley, Catherine, tailors* trimming ware- 
house, 13, Williamson street 

Audley and Mead, shipsmiths, 72 & 
74, Jordan street 

Audsley, W. & G. architects, Law As- 
surance buildings, 13, Harrington st. 
12, 15, & 17, Berkley st. Prince's rd. 

Aughterson, S. D. wholesale and retail 
tea dealer, 165, Scotland road 

Aiimonier, D. watch jeweller and diamond 
setter, 11, Church lane 

Aust, Q. pork butcher, 3, Springfield st. 

Austin, E. stationer, 105, Mount Pleasant 

Austin, Ed. grocer, 54, Smithdown lane 

Austin H. saddler, 107, Mount Pleasant 

Austin, J. box manufacturer, 65, Corn- 
wallis street 

Austin, J. provision dealer, 31, Walnut st. 

Austin, Jas. general dealer, 116, Pad- 

Austin, James, fancy box manufacturer, 
83, Washington street 

Austin, Thomas, confectioner, 4, Nether- 
field road north 

Avery, G. publisher, 48, Aberdeen st. 

Avis, W. shipwright, 45, Bridgewater st. 

Avison, Boult, & Maples, attorneys and 
notaries, 18, Cook street 

Aylwardi Thomas, and Co. grocers, 14, 
St. James's place 

Ayre, Jas. builder, 179, Wellington rd. 

Azienda Fire and Marine Company, Ccm- 
mercM court, W. Collins, secretary, 
Water Btreet 



Babcock, B. T. J. & Co. merchants, Com- 
mercial buildings, 17, Water lane 

Baclie, John, toy dealer, 254, Mill street 

Backhouse, John, blacksmith, 45, Alt st. 

Backhouse, Eobert A. marine store dealer, 
94, Soho street 

Bacon, Nathaniel.outfitter, 61, Paradise st. 

Bacon, S. S. silk mercer, &c. 81 to 85, 
Bold street 

Badan, Bruno, Spanish vice-consul, 12, 
Preeson's row 

Bage, Francis, plumber and decorator, 9, 
Myrtle street 

Badger, Miles, baker, 39 & 130, Brown- 
low Hill 

Badger, Miles, baker, 46, Copperas Hill 

Baggalay, William, victualler, 26, Oil st. 

Baggaley, J. glass and china dealer, 31, 
Cleveland square 

Bagillt Smelting Company (limited), 6, 
Bumford place 

Bagley, Joseph, hemp, flax and com dealer, 
7, Park lane, and 35, Carter street 

Bagnall, Henry, glass and china ware- 
house, 324, Park road 

Bagnell, S. grocer, 231, Scotland road 

Bagot & Sons, flax proprietors, 35, Bed 
Cross street; house, Peter Bagot, 

Bag(<haw, John, and Sons, cutlers, 87 k 
89, Church street 

Baguley, W. licensed victualler and din- 
ing-rooms, 49, 50, & 52, Waterloo rd. 

Bagut, W. hairdresser, 15, Thirlmere rd. 

Bahr, Behrend, & Co. merchants, ship 
brokers, and agents to Spanish steam- 
ers, 26, Preeson's row. Old Castle bdgs. 

Bailey, A. victualler, 86, West Derby rd. 

Bailey Brothers, grocers, 202, Great Ho- 
mer street, and 78, Kirkdale road 

Bailey Brothers and Co. iron and tin 
plate merchants, 22, Tower buildings, 
Staker street 

Bailey Brothers and Co. warehousemen's 
office, 34, Tower buildings 

Bailey, £. pawnbroker, 26, Limekiln lane 

Bailey, Francis, surgeon, 51, Q-rove st. 

Bailey, G. fishmonger, 136, West Derby rd. 

Bailey, Henry, drysalter, 90, Islington 

Bailey, John, bootmaker, ll,Eichmondrw. 

Bailey, John, publican, 330, Scotland rd. 

Bailey, Lowndes, and Stockley, average 
adjusters, Liverpool and London cham- 
bers (2nd floor) 




Uey,)£ar7,proyi8ion dealer, 79, Gerard 

Buley, T. Queen's buildings, 11, Pale st. 
BBleV, W. greengrocer and fruiterer, 

8, HeyworUi street 
Bailey, W. publican, 56, Smith down lane 
Bailey, W. London hotel, 38, St. Ann st. 
Bailey & Neep, estate agents, 10, Soutii 

Castle street 
Bailey, — , licensed victualler, 54, Everton 

Bain, Blair, and Faterson, pi^^iron works, 

Harrington, 11, Bumford place 
Bainbridge, E. O. licensed victualler, 342, 

Great Howard street 
Baine, Kicbard, boarding-bouse, 65, Great 

Crosshall street 
Biines Brotbers, pawnbrokers, 156, West 

Derby road 
Baines, C. boarding-house, 62, Dublin st. 
Baines, H. bird fancier, 108, Wood street 
Baines, J. G. and H. sbip brokers and 

ooal merchants 

Baines, James» Taylor and Go. Alli- 
ance buildings, Black Ball line of 
Australian packets, 60, Castle-st. 

Baird, A« H. draper, 9, Lord Ndson st. 
Baird, Henry, fruiterer, 40, Berry street 
Baird, Ivie John, draper, 5, Springfield 
Baird, John, draper, 25, StaSbrd street 
Baird, Moses, wine and spirit broker, 
Eldon chambers, 20, South John street 
Baird, Thomas, painter, 51, Boundary pi. 
B«ird,William,merchant,12,Pi eeson's row 

Baker, A. C. district manager. So- 
vereign Life office, and printer, 
South Castle st. 55, Tithebarn st. 

Baker, Charles, licensed victualkr, 222, 
Scotland road 

Baker, Charles, victualler and oyster- 
rooms, 30, Basnett street 

Baker, Charles, London oyster stores, 
4, Ezcbange street east 

Baker, £. B. tobacconist, 142, Spencer st. 

Baker, Eliza, grocer and smaliware dealer, 
23, Lowther street 

Baker, £. W. 18a, South Castle street 

Baker, Isaac, butcher, 30, Parr street 

Baker, J. fruiterer, 18, Beushaw street 

Baker, J. licensed victualler, 75, Park 
Hill road 

Baker, J. S. butcber,158, G reat Howard st. 

Baker, John, butcher, 103, Derby road, 

Bakm*y John, confectioner, 158, Maltonrd. 

Baker, John, sailmaker, 7, Chesterfield st. 

Baker, John, perfumer, 78 A 80, 

Bold street. (See Advertisement.) 

Baker, John M. hat and cap manufacturer, 
12, Whitechapel 

Baker, M. pork uutcher, 100, Croat Ho- 
mer street 

Baker, Matthew C. butcher, 76, Nether^ 
field road north 


Baker, Samuel, waiter, 47, Eussell street 

Baker, Samuel, and Co. shipowners, 2, 
India buildings, 2, Water street 

Baker, Samuel, engineer, 12 & 22, Oil at. 

Bakewell, Sidney, publican, 30, Thomas st. 

Baker, Thomas, licensed victualler, 85, 
Hanover street 

Baker, W. Wood, wine & spirit merchant, 
7, Cases street; residence 70, Well lane, 

Baker, William, furniture dealer, 273, 
Scotland road 

Baker^ William, tallow chandler, 52, Pad- 

Baker, William J. porkbut<;her, 25, Prus- 
sia street, and 102, Great Homer st. 

Baker and Turner, ship brokers, 24, Fen- 
wick street 

Bald, Arthur, com merchant, Weaver 
buildings, 15, Brunswick street 

Baldwin, George, upholsterer, 2, Sand st. 

Baldwin, James, cabinet maker, 5, Ches- 
terfield street 

Baldwin, Peter, ^rictualler, 21, Great 
Crosshall street 

Ball, J. spirit vaults, 42, Fairclough lane 

fialfour, J. C. and J. game dealers, 6, 
St. John^s Fish market 

Ball, Edwin, mariner, 33. Chester street 

Ball, John, butcher, 7, Brunswick road 

Ball, John, fitsh salesman, 83, St. John's 
Fish market 

Ball, Joseph, watchmaker and jeweller, 
35, London road 

Ball, P. painter, 50, Erskine street 

Ball, P. greengrocer, 70, St. John*s market 

Ball, Thomas, fish salesman, 43, St. John's 
Fish market 

Ball, William G. tobacconist, 158, Bich- 
mond row 

Ballard, John W.tin and iron trunk manu- 
lacturcr, 7 & 9, Falkland street 

Ballincolig Boyal Gunpowder Company, 
managing director, J. A. Tobin, Esq. 
Walmer buildin^^ 6^ WaA»c atcoot 




Bally, J. W. Bank cbambers, Cook street 
Balmer, Ann, 10, Oalton street 
Balmer, John, accountant, 50, Lord at. 
Bamber, John, stationer and tobacconist; 

36 & 34, Park place 
Bambrid^c, Cuthbert, licensed yictualler, 

87, Kensington 
Bamford,B. provision dealer, 308, Netber- 

field road north 
Bamford Brothers, proyision merchants, 

8y Matthews street 
Bamford, Seth, boot and shoe maker, 45, 

Bidder street 
Bamford, Thomas B. jon. surveyor, 13, 

Stafford street 
Banbury, George, boot and shoe maker, 

19, Kensington 
Bancroft <& Co. oil merchants, lard refiners 

and soft sonp manufacturers, 4, Edmund 

st. Bes. P. Bancroft, Beechey, Allerton. 
Band, W. tailor & draper, 24, Lord st. 
Band, William, 5, Montpelier terrace, 

Upper Parliament street 
Bank, North and South Wales, W. H. 

Jones, manager, 188 to 140, London rd. 
Bank of England (branch), B. Davidson, 

agent, Qeorge B. Lempricre, sub-agent, 

31, Castle street 
Bank of Liverpool, Samuel Smith, mana- 
ger, 5, Water street 
Bank, The National, limited, 14, Cook st. 
Bankes, M. coal proprietor, 2 & 4, Leeds 

Banks, Clifford, agent for Mountford, 

Homer, & Co. manufacturers of chain 

cables, Ac 1, Qoree Piazzas 
Banks, George, hairdresser, 99, Great 

Howard street 
Banks, John, trunk maker, 7, Hawke st. 

Banks, Jonathan, insurance and 
forwarding agent, Queen's build- 
ings, 11, Dale street, 87, Hanover 
street, late 8, Key street 

Banks, M. greengrocer, 161, Mill street 

Banks, Bichard, brewer, 22, Bose place 

Banks, B. licensed victualler, 53,- Mans- 
field street 

Banks, B. brass moulder, 80, Sparling st. 

Banks, B. J. cigar maker, 45, Seele st. 

Banks, Bichard, butcher, 41, Berry street, 
and Strawberry farm, Fazakerly 

Banks, Bichard,publicaD,62, Boundary st. 

Banks, Thomas, qaddler, 2, Nova Scotia 
Mui^^ W: carpenter, 6, Chesterfield st. 
^snA^ W.MaeUl broker, SO, Oasth fit. 


Bannan, M. pork butcher, 27, Prussia st. 

Banner, Harmoodi & Co. account- 
ants and agents to Clerical, Medi- 
cal, aad General Life Assurance 
Go. 24, North John street 

Banner, Samuel, general broker, Irwell 

Banner, Thomas, chemist, 179, London rd. 

Banner & Young, official liquidators of 
Bamed's Banking Co. Harrington 
buildings, 26, North John street 

Banner, Wm. Geo. estate agent and 
agent to the Boyal Fire and Life 
and Plate Glass Insurance Co. 
12, Beaufort terrace, Brighton 
street, Seacomb ; office, 19, Slater 
street, W. 

Bannerman& Massej, shipwrights, Jordan 

Banning, C. Eegent hotel, 60, Begent rd. 
Banning, Stanley, general merchant, 9, 

Korth John street 
Bannister, B. & Son, tallow chandlers, 63, 

Bannister, Bobert, butcher, 218, Breck rd. 

and 177, Great Howard street 
Bannister, Thomas, butcher, 824, Groat 

Howard street 
Bannon, Daniel, egg salesman, 11 A 12. 

St. John's market 
Bannon, P. confectioner, 59, Old Hall st. 
Bannon, P. bootmaker, 43, Warren st. 
Bansley, W. master mariner, 28, Hemans 

Bantley, James, grocer, 34, Mersey street 
Bar-Ely, Tussy, Oriental repository, 29, 

Hardman street 

Barber, Geo. pharmaceutical che- 
mist, 51, Great Geoi^e street 

Barber, John, stationer, 54, Tithebam st. 
Barber, P. coal agent, 7, Erskine street 
Barber, Thomas, master mariner, 299. 

Upper Parliament street 
Barber, W. T. optician, 4, Gibson street 
Barber A McKinnon, tailors and drapers. 

36, Basnett street 
Barbone, Francis, wiro worker and cage 

maker, 8, Preston street 
Barbour, John, & Co. merchants, 17 A l^, 

ground-floor, South corridor, Thi' 

Albany, G, Old Hall street 
Barclay, George, fish curer,232. Milk st. 
Barclay, Mary Ann, conibctioner, SI, 

Brownlow Hill 
Barclay, W.' publican, 4, College lane 




Bndffjf, W. general dealer, 23, Hawke at. 
Birdaj, W. & Co. merchanta, 52, South 

Cftstle street 
Bu4 li. T. hide factor, 52, South Castle st. 
Bardsley, M. tobacconiBt, 52, Athol street 
Barandt, J. E. insurance agent, Bigby 

building, 19, Dale street 
Barff & Ca commission merchants, The 

Temple, Dale strept 
Barfoot, J. W. draper, 297, Park road 
Baifbot, James, hairdresser, 33, Soho st. 
Bargery, Thos. hosier, 175, London road, 

and 99, Byrom street 
Barins; Brothers & Co. merchants and 

bankers, 1, India buildings, 2, Water st. 
Bark, Joseph, publican, 1, Nova Scotia 
Barker, Annie, stationer, 4, Overburj st. 

Barker & Dobson, confectioners, 
wholesale and retail for exporta- 
tion, importers of French confec- 
fiionery, bonbons, jidubes, cos- 
sagnesy crystallized iruits, wed- 
ding cakes, ornamented table 
decorations, &c. 6, Duke street 

Barker Brothers, cotton brokers, 18, 
Chapel street 

Barker, Charles, outfitter, &c. 32 & 
34, Old Hall street 

Barker, Dennis, printer, 10, Spho street 
Barker, E. A. dressmaker, 48, Berkley st. 
Barker, Edwin, chemist, ^14, Marybone 
Barker, Prancis, painter, 40, Denison st. 
Barker, Henry, professor of music, 4, 

Overbury street 
Barker, J. hairdresser, 90 <& 92, Dale st. 
Barker, John, haireutter and perfumer 

4 & 6, Yernon street, and 90, Dale st. 

Backer, Joseph (agent), Financial 
Beform Association, 20, South 
John street 

Barker, Luke C. licensed victualler, 13, 
St. James's street 

Barker, Nathaniel, grocer, 197, Nether- 
field road tiorth 

Barker, IL & W. ageqts for Q. Younger 
& Son and Jobn Caffrey <& Sou, Chat- 
ham buildings, 35, South John street 

Barker, Bicha^ merchant, The Old Hall, 
39, Old Hall street 

Barker, Bw boiler maker, 3, Baffin street 

Barker, Thos. Wm„ solicitor (and 
at Lord street, Soutbport), Guth- 
bert buildings, 14, Clajrton square 

Barker, Wm. stationer and printer, Eoscoe 
buildings, 20, Tithebarn atreet 


Barker, Wm. hairdresser, 4, Boe street 
Barker, Wm. juu. <fe Co. cement merchants, 

and agents for Hills & Underwood, dis- 

tillers, London, Chatham buildings, 35, 

South John street. 
Barker, William, licensed yictualler, 7 & 

9, Clare street 
Barker <& Bobinson, wholesale icon&c- 

tioners, G, Duke street 
BarkliiU & Handleyfield Coal Co, (J, H. 

Massy, agent, 16, AVater street), 197, 

Crown street 
Barkley, Jas. carpenter, 31, Pluto street 
Barlow, Chas. hat and cap manufacture, 

114, St. James's street 
Barlow, H. W; tinman, 10, Winter street 
Barlow, John, pawnbrkr, 92, Old Hall st. 
Barlow, Mrs. licensed victualler, 31, St. 

Ann street 
Barmington, Francis, tailor and draper, 5, 

Custom House arcade, Canning place 
Barnaby, John, licensed yictu^Ier, ; 22, 

Barton street { 

Barnacle, T. tailor, 66, Islizigton 
Barnby, John, licensed victualler, 18, 

Waterloo road 
Barnes, Adam Miles, provision dealer, 70, 

Conway street 
Barnes, Charles, & Co. merchants, 3, 

Bumford place 
Barnes, Davidson, & Co. merchants, 

Knowsley buildings^ Tithebarn street 
Barnes, H. & Co. merchants and ship- 
owners, 5, Bumford place 
Barnes, James, victualler, 11, Windsor st. 
Barnes, James H. physician and surgeon, 

57, Pembroke place 
Barues, John, licensed victualler, 30, 

Barnes, John, tailor, 49, Elect street 
Barnes, M. Goat hotel, 26, Peter's lane 
Barnes, T. licensed victualler, 70, Soho st. 
Barnes, Thos. cement dealer, 9, Porter st. 
Barnes, W. painter, plumber, Ac 322, 

Park road 
Barnes & CoUor, restaurant, 15, Lower 

Castle street 
Bamett, A. general outfitter, 127, Great 

Howard street 
Bamett Brothers & Co. South American 

and commission merchants, 14i, Mersey 

chaipbers. Old churchyard 
Bamett^ George, bookseller, stationer, 

and printer, 82, Lime street 
BarueU.U. tmcN tcq^^-^^^'^^^*^*^'^'^' 


Baniett, Henry, generftl dealer, 18, Lord [ Bartlem, James, grocer, 14, Mary bone 

Bartlett, Gamaliel, rope and canyas agent 

Nelson street 
Bamett, E. G.^licensed vctr. 89, Pall Mall 
Bamett & Co. Foreign money and Ex- 
change Bank, 27 A 80, South Castle st. 
Bamicle, John, tailor, 44, Queen Anne st. 
Bams, J. cart-owner, 26, Brunswick st. 
Barr,A. provision dealer,156,Heyworthst. 
Barr, A. F. & Co. wine merchants, 26, 

Castle street 
Barr, Hope, A Co. shipowners and in- 
surance brokers, 27, Tower buildings. 
Water street 
Barr, John, grocer and prorision dealer, 

106, Walton road 
Barr, Mrs. Mary, blacksmith, 6, Henry st. 
Barr, William, bread and biscuit baker, 

17, London road 
Barr, Wm. B. builder, 6, Moss street 
Bairatt, J. greengrocer, 80, Stanley road 
Barratt, James, Temperance hotel, 57, 

Hunter street 
Barrell,W. J. tax collector, 24, Admiral st. 
Barrell, William, attorney, 16, Lord st. 
Barrett, — , provision dealer, 76, William 

Henry street 
Barrett, F. tobacconist, 80, London road 
Barrett, H. milk dealer, 68, Norfolk st. 
Barrett, Henr^, cabinet maker, 20, Sir 

Thomas's buildings 
Barrett, Henry, dealer in foreign and 

British birds, 9, Manchester street 
Barrett, J. hatter, 48> Great Homer st. 
Barrett, John Joiner, 47, Mount Pleasant 
Barrow, E. restaurant, 80, Castle street 
Barrow, E. packer, 29, Manesty's lane 
Barrow, Q, dairy, 86, Clare street 
Barrow, E. greengrocer, 110, Park road 
Barrow, W. licensed yctr. 11, Walton la. 
Barrow & Tessier, surveyors of ships 
(E. Barrow, agent for French Lloyd's), 
Bureau Yeritas, Mersey court, Covent 
Barry, Ellen, fish dealer, 26, Cleveland sq. 
Barry, James, cabinet mkr. 2, Cropper st. 
Barry, J. last maker, 12, Derby street 
Barry, T. D. & Sons, architects, 28, 

Church street 
Barry, Thomas, cooper, 60, Eussell street 
Barry & Co. printers and stationers, 

Shaw's buildings, 84, South John st. 

Barset, Mary, confecticmer, 51, Eose pi. 

Baivton,}^. filen)anufaeturer,41,Enightst. 

MartAoJomevr, George, A Co, cabinet ware- 

^oase, 147, IsUngton (Sieeman, agent) 

(Charles Crewwood), 17, Brunswick st. 
Butlett, H. mariner and boarding-house, 

88, Sparling street 
Bartlett, John A. brewer, 90, 92, 94, 

Frescot street 
Bartlett, John A. Morning Star music 

hall, 26 <& 28, Scotland ^Uce 
Bartlett & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 
19, Lower Castle st. and 82, Castle 
Bartlett & Dutton, wine merchants, 19, 

Fenwick street 
Bartman, J. foreign shipping agent, 8, 

Salthouse lane 
Barton, Henry, mariner, 9, Pilgrim street 
Barton, Jas. butcher, 78, Breckfield rd. nth. 
Barton, John, publican, 2, Oreat Homer st. 
Barton, Mary, foreign wine retailer, 28, 

Williamson street 
Barton, E. publican, 98, Scotland road 
Barton, Eobert, window-blind manu- 
facturer, 66, Gt. Gteorge street 
Barton,T. ornamental carver,ll,Eus8eU pi . 
Barton, William, coal merchant, 211, 
Crown street, and 89, Old Hall street 
Bartons A Woodhead, tea dealers,' 71, 

Church street 
Barwise, W. grocer, 177, Wavertree road 
Basnett, J. 68, hairdresser, Presoot street 
Bass, Batclifie, & Gretton, brewers. Bur- 
ton-on-Trent ; Ball & Smith, agents, 
28, James street 
Bassell, G. bootmaker, 88, Berry street 
Bassford, P. A Co. wholesale grocers^ 22, 

College lane, and 22, Egerton street 
Bassnett, J. k Son, nautical instrument 

makers, 6, Bath street 
Bastards, Alicia, sewing-room, 29, Staf- 
ford street 
Bastwick, M. grocer, 64, Walton road 
Batavia Wine-room, Benham & Conley, 

Batavia buildings, Haddns Hey 
Batcheldor, G«o. cement manuiacttDer, 

20, Sir Thomas*s buildings 
Bate, J. greengrocer, 184, London road 
Bate, James, licensed victualler, 12, St. 

James's street 
Bateman, Isaac, medical galvanist^ 102, 

Eoscommon street 
Bateman, J. Son A Co. gmeral and cotton 

brokers, 11, Old Hall street 
Bateman, John, licensed victualler, 67, 
Walton road 




MftFpyjtj J. P. ironmoDger, 1, Clajton st. 
hte« Brothers, dyers and cleaiiers, 20, 

FoK street 
lutes, Edward, merchant, 8, New Quay 
Bstes, Edward, merchant, 9, Bumford pi. 
Bates, Btokes, & Co. merchants, Onel 

chambers, 14, Water street 
Bates, Bachel, butcher, 350, Mill street 
Bates, Thomas, nocer, 88, Boundary st. 
Bates, T. P. goldsmith and jeweller, 62, 

Duke street 
Bates, William T. dyer and cleaner, 13, 

Leeoe street 
BstesoD, Bobinson, & Morris, attorneys & 

notaries, 26^ Castle chambers. Castle 

Bsth, W. confectioner, 61, Paddington 
Bathgate, A. coal merchant, 164, Falk- 

ner street 
Bsthgate, J. stationer and tobacconist, 

198, Burk lane 
Battigate A Sons, shipping and export 

druggists, 28, Canning place 
Batho, Bobert J. provision dealer, 16jl, 

lUkland street 
Bttttams, G-. W. & Co. cotton brokers, 

Battams, W. J. & Co. cotton brokers, 

4 A 6, Key street 
Battarbee, G-eorge, licensed victnaller, 1, 

Smith street, and 2, Gt. Mersey street 
Batters, A. butcher, 22, St. John's market 
Batters,B. bootmaker, 182,6rownlow hill 
Battersby, Jacob, Irish and American 

prorision dealer, 39, Duke street 
Battersby, John, licensed yictualler, 23, 

Hill street 
Battersby, W. &C.& Co. coal merchants, 

1 A 2, ground-floor, North corridor, 

The Albany, 6, Old Hall street 
Batterson & Hillow, merchants, Ghrosrenor 

buildings, Tithebam street 
Battey, W. bootmaker, 13, St. Ann st. 
Battie, James, licensed yictualler, 39, 

Mary bone 
Batting, C. victualler, 98, Parlisment st. 
Batty, ildward, surgeon, 34, Stafford st. 
Bat^, John, fish salesman, 18, St. John's 

Fish market 
Batty, Joseph W. accountant. Bank 

chambers, 3, Cook street 
Batty, W. shoemaker, 13, St. Ann street 
Batty, William, liye bird dealer, 28, 

Bichmond row 
Baty^ John D. wine and spirit merchant, 

18, Bed Cross street ; house, 5, Bangs* 

land road, Oxton 
Baty, Thomas, wine, spirit, and ship 

store dealer, 18, Bea Cross street; 

house, 22, Hamilton sq. Birkenhead 
Baugh, Bey. H. surrogate, 68, Low hill 
Baxter, — , butcher, 28, Stanley road 
Baxter, James, butcher, 411, Scotland rd. 
Baxter, John, A Co. warehouse keepers, 

Derby buildings, 24, Eenwick street 
Baxter, B. solicitor, 42, Basnett street 
Baxter, R J. & S. Berlin wool repository, 

6, Gt. G^rge street 

Baxter, Bobert,Iiairdre88er and per- 
fumer, 18, Dale street, A at 87, St. 
Ann street 

Baxter, Steedman, & Co. com merchants, 

7, Back Goree 

Baxter, Thomas, licensed yictaaller, 6^ 

Commutation row 
Baxter, W.greengroeer,101,CopDeras hill 
Baxter, W. tailor, d9, Copperas hill 
Baxter, W. boot and shoe maker, 10, Liter 

Baycott, B. butcher, 42, St. Maitisi's 

Baye, William, cabinet maaufiEtctory, 21, 

Fleet street 
Bayley, G-. J. produce factor, 22, Can 

ning place 
Bayley, J. greengrocer, 271, West 

l)erby road 
Bayley, J. tobacconist, 96^ Dale strset 
Bayliff, T. victualler, 166, Brownlow hill 
Bayliff, W. victualler, 10, Houshton st. 
Bayliff, William, billiurd-table maker, 

15, Houghton street 
Baylis, Bobert, milliner and hosier, 73, 

St. James's street 
Baylis, T. E. perfumer, 8, Leece street 
Baylis, W. tobacconist, 128, Qt. George pi. 
Baylis, William, optician and rule manu- 
facturer, 67, Park lane 
Bayliss, Jones, & Baylis?, chain and 

anchor manufacturers, iron hurdles, 

continuous fencing, and wire standard 

manufacturers, 26, Freeson's row 
Baynes & Johnson, paper manufacturers, 

43, South John street 
Baynes, B. estate a^ent^ 62, Kepler st. 
Baynes, William, joiner, 79, Wmdsor st. 
Beacannan, C. yictualler, 69, Overbury st. 
Beale, Penross, & Co. general commission 

merchants, 1, Goree Piazzas 
Beamaxi, 3, Isa\.ot, &fc. fe\^"Bi!QKsassij^'tw^ 




Bcamer, H. Bpirit Tault8,84f, Thirlinere rd. 

Beamer, William, stock and share broker, 
40, Castle street 

BeansD, G-. umbrella maker, 13, Park pi. 

Beardwood, Jones, & Go. 57, South Castle 

Beardwood, Martha, boot and shoe manu- 
facturer, 59, Scotland road 

Beckett, S. T. shoemaker, 322, Great 

Homer street 
Beckett, S. T. shoemater, 21, Fox street 
Beckett, S. T. boot and shoe maker, 127, 

Stanley road 
Beckett A Spragp:, grocers and provision 

merchants, 6(5 & 70, Eegent street 
Beckman, J. C. publican, 16, Greethamst. 

Bearwdod, Jones, & Co. custom-house ' Beckwith, Henry, carriage broker, 20, 

agiftlits, Canning chambers, 17, Canning 

Beaifa, J. & Co. agents for Lew Chemical 

Works, 9, Eumford place 
Beadi, James, it Co. general merchants, 

6, Mersey chambers. Old churchyard 
Beatley, Daltgeldt, & Co. James Murphy, 

11, Eumford place 
Beaton, Duncan, hotel, 29, Derby road, 

Beattey, C. oilman, 96, Vauxhall road 
Beattie, J. & J. G. amallware dealer, 177, 

Brownlow hill • 
Beatty, James, emigration agent, 108, 

Great Howard street 
Beaufoy & Co'. British wine makers, 89, 

Henry street 
Beaumont, Charles,' licensed yictualler, 

3 & 4, Strand street 
Beaumont, J. A- G. woollen And fustian 

manufacturers, 17, Williamson street 
Beaumobt,^ John, coal dealer, .259, Upper 

Frederick street 
Beaumont, Johd. ft George, woollen and 

fosiSan maiiuftdturers,:26,'Whitechapel 
Beaumont, W.B.iun.builder, 2,Hor8leyst. 
Beaumont, Wi^'IB. grocer^ 53, Mount 

Vernon street ' 

(Beanmont ft Bebb,irtinraongers, 12, Millet. Beesley, B. G. watcb manufacturer, 247, 

Beaven, Arthur Bdward, Staffordshire 
dining-rooms, 27, StiraiMi street 
. ^eavor, T. smith and' £tter, 3, Brokers' 

alley ■» 

Beazley, J. boot and Bh6e dmker, 46, Nase 

Beazley, J. cotton nordianty 2, Hall lane 
Bebbington, T. surgeiMiy 66, Great Howard 

street ■..':: 

Bebington, Elisabeth, poulterer, 47, St. 

John's market 
Bebington, Jbhii^!WBtch manufacturer, 72, 
Mill street .■ - 
. Beck, Hex4)ekt,. hbaier, 7, Moss street 
AfcAr, John, dnperi 8; Stafford street 
^^it ^/w. M dmanaker, 5, Chatham st. 
^OpcJr, Tkoaw^^drmp^r, 26, Stafford street 


Queen Anne street 
Beckwith, Henry, carriage broker, 17, 

Upper I^ewington . 
Beckwith, John, jun. ft Co. hide and 

tallow brokers, 10, Cook street 
Beddoes, William, licensed victualler, 15, 

Great Hichmond street 
Beddowe, Mary, laundress, 38, Alma st. 
Beddows, J. grocer, 382, YauxhaU road 
Bedford, C. butcher, 45, Low Hill 
Bedford, C. greengrocer, 240, Walton rd. 
Bedford, Charles, butcher,228, Walton rd. 
Bedford, G. butcher, 168, Eichmond row 
Bedford, J. butcher, 201 ft 203, Brownlow 

Bedford, J. coal dealer, 34^ Smith street 
Bedford, W. butcher, 218, Mill atreet 
Bedlington, Henry, china and glaas di'aler, 

1, Deane street 
Bee ft Brown, metal mrchts. 66^ Jordan st. 
Bee, Jane £. ladies' school, 21, Wesley st. 
Beer, J. boarding-house, 25a., Duke st. 
Beesley, H. lamp manufacturer, 182, 

London road 
Beesley, J. pawnbroker, 11, Brunswick rd. 
Beesley, J. licensed victualler, 101, Sose 

yale, Everton 
Beesley, John, pawnbroker, 58, Fox st. 

Boundanr street east 
Beesley, W. Yictualler,.84, Brownlow Hill 
Beetle8ton,T. licerr^ed victualler, 11 ft 13, 

Blandford street 
Beety, AV. provision dealer, »3, Myrtle st. 
Bcever, W. hairdresser, 51, School lane 
Beftley, P. G. stationer, 98, Vauxhall rd. 
Beha, Isador,watcli maker, 10, Vauxhall rd. 
Behrend, Bahr, broker, 101 ft 103, Bicb- 

mond row 
Beims, Mary A. hcisier, 118, Mill street 
Belcher, Michael, ft Co. cottonbrokers, 

Victoria building, 24, Hackins Hey 
Bell, A. poulterer, 115, Brunswick road 
Bell, A. D. 22, Lord street 
BeIl,A.fumiture broker,38, Brunswick rd. 
Bell, A. & aon^ i^.^t\vaats, 28 ft 29, 1st 



loor, South corridor, The Albany, 6, 'Bell, T. & K. provision merchantB and 

(Hd Hall street 
kkflt, P. Tictinller, 142, Limekiln lane 
itekett, &. stationer, 261, Park road 
heketty G. tobacconist, 257, Park road 
Beckett, Oeo. tobacconist^ 181, !MiU st. 
Bell, Ann, greengrocer, lOi, Pitt street 
Bell, Catlieriue, confectioner, 186, Mill st. 

BeQ, CharLB8,naval& military tailor, 
30 JLord street 

Bdl,.i>.- solicitor, India buildings, 4, Pen- 
wide street 
Bdl, David, merchant shipping agent, 

marine insurance broker, and agent for 

the Northern Assurance Company, 

office, 7, India buildings. Water street 
Bdly £. confectioner, 20, Springfield st. 
Bdl.F. clothier, 12, West JDerby road 
BeDy .Q^orge, general produce broker, 

do Tower chambers. Old chiurchyard ; 

liofuse, 180, Palkner street 
Bell, G. Ai Co. shipowners, Mersey court, 

Covent Garden 
Bell, J. butcher, 66, Old Hall street 
Ben, J. A Co. millwrights, 6, Tabley st. 
Bell, James, engineer, 22, Boundary st. 
BcU, James, grocer, 145, Gt. Homer st. 
Bdl, James, grocer and provision dealer, 

99 & 101, Walton road 
BeU, James, clothier and outfitter, 55, 

Bjrom street 
Bell, John, engineer, 33 & 35, Henry st. 
Bell, John, leather dealer, 15,.Marybone 
BeU, Joseph, public accountant, estate and 

mortgage agent, Clarendon rooms. 

South John street 
Bdl, Joseph, estato agent and accountant, 

9, Soutn Castle street 
Bdl, Joseph, jun. French polisher, 69, 

Benshaw street 
Bell, Martha, confectioner, 65, Brunswick 

Bell, Mary, boarding-house, 117, Pitt st 
Bdl, Mary, Prench polisher, 29, Ilawke 

Bdl, Mrs. dressmaker, 21, Browulow Hill 
Bell, Nott, & Co, cotton brokers, 11, 

Exchange st. £. Exchange buildings 
Bell, B. shoemaker, 243, Gt. Homer st. 
BeU, B. shoemaker, 116, Kirkdale road 
BeU, Bichard, bootmaker, 77, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 
BeU, 8. glass and china dealer, 30, Cleve- 

Iwd square 
BeU, Sarah, 182, Park road 

cheese factors, 3, Cases street 
Bell, Thomas, & Co. merchant, 52, South 

Cattle street 
Bell, Thomas & Bobert, provision mer- 
chants, 58, St. John's market 
Belt, W. publican, 1 & 3, Fi-^derick st. 
Bell, W. k Co. team owners, 2, George's 

Dock gates 
BeU, W. M. draper, 20, Greek street 
Bell, William, 56, Mason street ' 
Bell, William K. com merchants, 8, 

Brunswick buildings, 7, Brunswick. st. 
Bell, William, & Sons, land agents, 

Clarence buildings, 40, North John st. 
Bell & Co. turners, 64, Jordan street 
Bell & Wynne, tailors and drapers, 7, 

Prince's street 
Bellamay, C. shoemaker, 30, Parr street . 
Bollard, E. tobacconist, 128, Yauxhi^U rd . 
Bellion, Mary, watch and clock jDiakef^< 

35, Pitt street 
Bellion, W. watch and clock maker, 89^ 

Park road 
Bellis, Sarah, proyision dealer, 98, Upper 

Beau street 
Bellringer, Thomas, solicitor, 5» Dale at* 
Belman, Louis, wine and spirit merchant, 

dining-rooms, 80, Tarleton street 
Belmer, W. baker, 104, West Derby rd. 
Beloe, Henry C. accountant and oiyil 

engineer, 22, Lord street 
Belaiger, C. dining-rooms, 54, Cable st. . 
Beltcher, G. baker and flour dealer, 128, 

Qt,. Homer street 
Belwood,K. & Sons, estate agents, Grecian 

cliambers. Dale street 
Belyen & Armstrong, ship chandlers, saU- 

makers, and provision merchants, 34, 

Bed Cross street 
Benas, L. <& Son, Exchange bank, 5, 

South Castle street 
Bencke, J. A. & Co. hemp, flux, and 

cotton brpkers, Borough ouildings, 7,. 

Bumford street 
Bend, Eliza, nurse, 136, Upper Beau st 
Beuecke, Souchav, & Co. general mer- 
chants, William Thompson,, agent, 7, 
Manchester buildings 
Benedict, Elias, jeweller, 112, West 

Derby road 
Bengiman, Annie, fish dealer, 39, St 

John's Fish market. 
Benion, Joseph, Havana hotel, 26 & 28- 
Norton tttteet 




Benion & Healej, coach builders <Sb har- 
ness makers, 16, Beny street ; manu- 
fifu^rj^ 79 A 81, Seel street east 

BeDJatnin, B. plumber, Sec 76, Park road 

Benn, Joseph, cotton broker, 10, Ex- 
change street east 

Bennet, Alex, hairdresser, 6, Falkland st 

Bennet, G-eorge, & Sons, wine and spirit 
merchants, 13, Fenwick street 

Bennet, Joseph,licensed victualler,Eegent 
road, Bootle 

Bennett, E. A Co. commission merchant, 
18, CkH?ee Piazzas 

Bennett, G*. & Sons, wine and spirit 
merchants, 14, Lower Castle street 

Bennett, Gflorge, upholsterer, 40 & 42, 
Fontenoj street 

Bennett, H. carman, 32, Brunswick st. 

Bennett, Henrj, boot and shoe maker, 
822, Gt. Howard street 

Bennett, James, boot and shoe manu- 
fitM^turer, 93, Islington 

Bennett) James, licensed victualler, 29, 
Prussia street 

Bainj9tt> James M. physician, 137 & 139, 
Park read 

Bennett, Jane, refreshment-rooms, 29, 
South John street 

Bennett, Medley, A Collins, African 
merchants, 49, South Castle street 

Bennett, S. J. A Co. accountants, 5, 
Dale street 

Bennett, T. F. A Co. general merchants, 
9, Harrington street 

Bennett, Thomas, licensed victualler, 74, 
Gbeat Newton street 

Bennett, Thomas, yictoaller, 153, Brown- 
low hill 

Bcmnett, Thomas, shoemaker, 115 A 117, 
Great Homer street 

Bennett, Thomas, cooperage, Old Hall st. 

Bennett, W. S. washing machine ware- 
house, 103, Bold street 

Bennett, Wm. dinin|^-rooms, 3, Chapel 

B«;anett, Wm. auctioneer and appraiser, 
58, Byrom street 

Bennett, Wm. jun. ironfounder and engi- 
neer. Sir Thomas's buildings 

Bennett, William, iron founder, marble 
chimney-pieces, kitchen range, grates, 
Ac. St. G^eorge's place. Lime street 

Bennett, William, tallow chandler, 51, 
I^v»cot street 
^eajjiD^ton, Emma, school, 128, Vine st. 

Bennion, E. joiner, 42, Heyworth street 

Bennion & Healey, coach builders, 
81 & 83, Seel 8t A 16, Berry st. 

Bennis, Edward, oil merchant, 1, Ooree 

Benson, Alice, provision dealer, 13, Crop- 
per street 

Benson, G-. 05, Ogwen street 

Benson,. George, licensed yictualler, 70, 
Stanley road 

Benson, John, leather factor, 18, King st. 

Benson, Jos. butcher, 3, Brownlow hill 

Benson, N. baker, 214, Yauxhall road 

Benson, Noble, baker, 36, Athol street 

Benson, Bichard, publican, 31, William 
Henry street 

Benson, Bobert, commission agent, 10, 
Chapel walks 

Benson, Bobert, &|Co. merchants, K, 2nd 
floor, Liverpool and London Chambers 

Benson, Thomas, grocer, 54, Up. Hill st. 

Benson, Thomas, baker and flour dealer, 
230, Mill street 

Benson A Holme, 10, Castle st. 

Bentham, Bowen, A Co. tea merchants, 
33, North John street 

Bentham, J. publican, 130, Yauxhall road 

Bentham, J. Cooper, builder, 43, Pem- 
broke place 

Bentham, James, brush manu£Eu:tory, 99, 

Bentley, Geo. bootmaker, 5, Byrom st. 

Bentley, H. musicseller, 346, Scotland 

Bentley, John, bookseller, 17, William 
Brown street 

Bentley, Joseph, provision dealer, 84, 
Mersey street 

Bentley, Joseph James, watch and clock 
maker, 35, Pembroke place 

Benton, Duncan, hotel keeper, 29, Derby 
road, Kirkdale 

Benton^ Enoch, locksmith, 66, Duke st 

Benussi, J. pawnbroker, 65 A 67, Para- 
dise street 

Benyon, John, grocery, Italian, lea, cofl*ee, 
and spirit warehouse, 21, Cases street 

Beran, James, A Co. wine and spirit mer- 
chants. Temple, Dale street 

Berends A Bei, wool merchants, The 
Temple, Dale street 

Bereton, B. shipwright, 248, Beaufort st. 

Bernard, Benj. grocer, 21, Walton lane 

Bernard, Q. Banton, licensed victualler, 
92, Netherfield road north 




Barnard, McKneyne, 19, Bridgewater st. ' Bewley, Mrs. Caroline, provisioQ dealer, 
Bernstein, John, broker, 9, St. Ann 8t. I 275, Crown streefc 

Berrick, Bamett, watchmaker, 43, Great 

Howard street 
Berrill, W. & Son, cured fish store, 52, 

Nay lor street 
Berriman, Edwin, butclier, 120, Pitt st 
Berriman, S. A. victualltr, 1, Clarence 

street, Brownlow hill 
BerrisoB, Louis, fruit d^er, 135, Eich- 

numd row 
Berry, Edmd. publican, 80, Eirkdale road 

Berry, John & Co. wine and spirit 
merchants, ond ale and porter 
bottlers, 28 & 30, North John st. 

Berry, Jolui, & Co. ale and porter mer- 
chants, 86 & 38, Hunter street 

Beny, Bichard, butcher, 108, Everton rd. 

Beny, Ed. butcher, 83, Brunswick road 

Bony, Eobert, chandler, 48, Scotland 

Berry & Co. brewers, 4, 6, & 8, Edge vale 

Bertois, Jules, merchant. Clarendon 
buildings, Tithebam street 

Bertrem, A. sailmaker, 20, Barton street 

Berwick, E. wool and general broker, 8, 
JN'orth John street 

Best, John, provision dealer, 233, Brown- 
low hill 

Best, Eodger, & Co. Leith, Offices, 34, 

Beswick, T. J. pianoforte, harmonium, 
and general musicseller, 9, Berry st. 

Betebee, John, grocer, 21, Eussell street 

Bethell, Edwd. sawyer, 8, Chesterfield st. 

Bethell, John, & Co. timber preserving 
works, Lightbody street ; agent, Wm. 
Myers, 3, Cable street 

Bethell, Samuel, confectioner, 36, Eich- 
mond row 

Bethunet Jane, stationer, 279, West 
Derby road 

Betly, Stephen, publican, 44, Tunnel road 

Bettely, Stephen, spirit merchant, 9, 
Wavertree road 

Be^p, William Elliot, chemist and drug- 
gist, 134, St. James's street 

Bevan, Thomas, metal broker, 8a, Mersey 
chambers. Old churchyard 

Bevan, William, wine merchant, 50, Ver- 
non street 

Bew, William, insurance broker, Colonial 
buildings, 36, Dale street 

Bewley, John, & Son, accountanta, 4, 
basement, Brown*s building?, Exchange 

Beynon, John, grocery, Italian, tea, coffee, 

and spice warehouse, 25 & 27, Eane- 

lagh street 
Beynon, Wm. boat builder, 62, Jordan st. 
Bezley, John, tinplate worker, 8, Pow- 

nall square 
Bibbey, E. W. publican, 16, Hood street 
Bibby, Elizabeth, milliner, 108, Mill st. 
Bibby, Jane, confectioner, 169, Falkner st. 
Bibby, John, accountant, estate broker, 

and commission agent, 22, Lord street 
Bibby, John, victualler, 2, Bose street 
Bibby, Margaret, provision dealer, 62, 

Pall Mall 
Bibby, Eichard, watchmaker, 38, Over- 
bury street 
Bibby, Eobt. whitesmith, 17, Preston st. 
Bickell, J. B. shipowner, Queen's Insur- 
ance buildings, Dale street 
Bickerstaff, Wm. T. , furniture broker, 

23 & 27, Eoscoe arcade 
Bickersteth, Edward Eobert, surgeon, 

2, Eoduey street 
Bickersteth, Hay, & Co. marine insurance 

brokers, 2na floor, Liverpool and 

London chambers 
Bickerton, Thomas, surgeon, 82, Mountr 

Bickerton, Thomas, tinman and brazier, 

38, Netherfield road north 
Bickerton, William, dining-rooms, 71, 

Eegent road 
Bickett, Samuel, boot warehouse, 119, 

St. James's street 
Bidston, Adam, chair maker, 11, Harford^t. 
Bidwel), P. S. corn and commission mer- 
chant, 18, Brunswick street 
Bigger, Norman, licensed victualler, 46, 

Chapel street 
Biggs, P. London pie-shop, 59, Paradise st. 

and 61, Park lane 
Biggs, Eussell H. W. solicitor, 40, Castle 

Bigland, S. H. Marine Lisurance C( . 

16, Ilackin's Hey 
Bigland, Sons, & Jeffreys, general brokers, 

Middleton buildings, 1, Eumford st. 
Bigland, Thomas, licensed victualler, 18, 

Edmund street 
Biglands, Eobert, provision dealer, 811, 

Park road 
Bilborough, Thos. P. wool broker (houst\ 

75, Edge lane), 43a, Temple street 




Billet, W. baker, 117, Vanxhall road 

Billett, Thomas & Samuel, bakers, 38, 
• Byrom street *"' 

Billing, Margaret, froit dealer, 50, Himter 

Billinge, 8. confectioner, 176, Heywortb 

Billings, Francis, butcher, 194, Mill st. 

Billington, P. chemist, 127, Wavertree rd. 

Billington, Thomas, irine and spirit mer- 
chant,. 47, Great Howard street 

Bilsborough, W. T. publican, 47, Moor- 

Bilsborrow, T, electro-plater, Ac. 62, 
Brunswick road 

Bimgen, Soubb^, general commission mer- 
chant, Penwick crt. 10, Brunswick st. 

Bimson, J. joiner and builder, 13, Upper 
"Warwick street 

Bimson, James, soap and oil dealer, 59, 
West Derby road 

Bimson, John, solicitor, 6, Lord street 

Binell, Wm. & Son, fish merchants, 35, 
' Freemasons* row, 52, Naylor street 

Bineham, . A. Beid, draper, hosier, and 
glover, 8, Myrtle street 

Bingham, J. A Co. general merchants, 
Brunsnick buildings, 7, Brunswick st. 

Bingham, James, coal proprietor, 189, 
Falkner street 

Bingham, John, & Co. com merchants, 
13, Old Eopery 

Bingham, Joseph, draper, 139 & 141, 
Brownlow hiU 

Bingham, T. draper, 249, Breck road 

Bin£;ham, Wm. & Co. general merchants, 
Xork buildings, Dale street 

Binion, Charlotte, dressmaker, 27, Nile 

Binks, Chas. hairdresser, 30, Prescot st. 

Binks, Harriet, fancy repository, 239, 
Park road 

Binnie, Thomas, agent, 14, Clarence st. 

Binnion, W. jun. cairiage lamp maker, 
95, Copperas hill 

Binns, C. grocer, 16, Dickenson street 

Binton, Maria, milliner, 98, Prescot street 

Binton & Hichell, bookbinders, 3, Col- 

Birch, O. tallow chandler, 100, Brown- 
low hill 

Birch, Bichard, publican, 80, Boundary st. 

Birch, Thomas, bootmaker, 24, Warren st. 

Birch & Co. guano and general merchants, 
Queen's buildings, 11, Dale street 

Birchall, Bobert, painter and gilder, 2, 
Brokers' alley 

Birchall, Thomas, liye bird dealer, 87, 
"William Brown street 

Birchall, Wpa. butcher, 22, Prescot street 

Birchwood, J. coal merchant^ 27^ Almond 

Birchell, S. publican, 204, G-t. Homer st. 

Bird, Henry, lunoheon-room, 24, Ex- 
change street east 

Bird, Henry, licensed victualler, 264, 
Crown street ^■ 

Bird, Henry, Turkish baths, warm and 
yapour baths, 5, Cases street 

Bird, J. paperhanger and painter, 81, 
Benshaw street 

Bird, J. general merchant, 30, Chapel st 

Bird, James, store dealer, 68, Athol st. 

Bird, Jane, Central cofiee-house and 
dining-rooms, 2, Paradise street 

Bird, Mrs. fruiterer, 73,, St. John's market 

Bird, P. ironmonger and locksmith, 150, 
&reat Howard street 

Bird, Sarah, broker, 74, Copperas hill 

Bird, T. estate agent, 1, Wentworth at 

Bird, Thos. licensed yictnaller, 1, Nile st. 

Bird, Thomasj house and estate agent, 
87, Soho street 

Bird, Thomas Vicars, merchant, Beyenuft 
chambers, 12, Canning place 

Bird, William, victualler, 45 & 47, Lime- 
kiln lane 

Bird, William, wine and spirit merchant, 
23 & 25, Dale street 

Birdie, J. H. & Co. general merchants, 
Feuwick court, 10, Brunswick street 

Birdie, David, baker, 433, Scotland road 

Birkenhead Amalgamated Brewery Co. 
limited, Oriel close, 14a, Water street 

Birkenhead Land and Investment Associ- 
ation, limited, Astrup Curiss, secie- 
I tary, 40, Castle street 
I Birkenhead Land and Investment Associ- 

lege lane 

Bioletti, coiffeur perfdiner, 31. Bold ' ation (limited) ; secretary, E. Worth- 
street* (See Advert, on cover.) ington, 22, Lord street 
Birch, E. grocer, 70, Great Homer street Birkett Brothers, bonded warehousemen, 
Birch, John,tinplate worker, 10, Porter st. 15, Great Howard street 
MmA, Joseph, stationer, 176, Netherfield Birkett, Holland T. The Old Hall, 89, 
road north \ Qld Hall street 


itt TEADES dteectobt. 

Bbkett, J. commission merchant, 8, Lea- 
ther lane 

Biriretty John, publican, 24, Kent street 

Birkett, Maria^ tobacconist, 2S, Park lane 

Bixkett, Bobert, 27, Islington 

Birkett, W. gasfitter, 58, Limekiln lane 

Birkheab, Mark, lamp dealer, 81, Old 

Birks, Eliza, milliner, 429, Scotland road 

Biriey, James, licensed victualler, 90, 
'Wiiitechapel, and 1 & 3, Hood street 

Birmingham Alliance Pire Office, Robert- 
son, D. resident director, 40, North 
John street 

Birmingham Arms hotel, wine and spirit 
merchant, St. John's lane, and at 
10* 'Qneen*s square 

Birnie, Patrick, publican, 57, Spencer st. 

BImie, Bofoert, tailor and draper, 41, 
Byrom street 

Bimiey Bobert, car owner and green- 
grocer, 97, Walton road 

Birrell, W. engine fitter, 25, Aigburth st. 

Birtenshaw, A. clothier, 81, Paddington 

Birtle, Edwin, saddler, 58, Christian st. 

Birtle«, Elizabeth, butcher, 18, St. John's 

Birtles, John, milkhouse, 82, Epworth st. 

Birtles, Thomas, grocer, 14, Padding^n 

Bishop, G^. publican, 77, Tithebam street 

Bishop, George, dyer, 4, Great George pi. 

Bishop, John, wine & spirit mercnant, 
48, Bussell street 

Bishop, W. J. <& Co. shipping agents, 
6, Goree piazzas 

Bispham, Joseph, licensed yictualler, 97, 
Fontenoy street 

Bispham, Kobert, licensed victualler, 48, 
Bolton street 

Bissell, John, grocer, 11a, Soho street 

Bisserot, Edward, Angel hotel. Dale st. 

Bisset, Evan, tripe dresser, 64, Ycmon st. 

Bissett, Evan, tripe dealer, 1 <& 2» St. 

John's market 
Bisson, Thos. shipwright, 44, Chester st. 
Bistrup, John, master mariner, 8, Com- 

walhs street 
Bizat & Co. wine merchants, 28, Har- 
rington street 
Black, Andrew, fishmonger, 18, William- 
Henry street 
Black, D. keeper's room, 7, Unity buildings, 

22, Lord street 
Black, James, Manchester warehouseman, 
16, "Williamson street 


Black, James, forwarding agent, 24, Cha- 
pel walk 

Black, John, fish salesman, 80, St. Jofan*8 
fish market 

Black, Joseph, joiner, 46, Gill street 

Black, J. T. poulterer, 81 & 88, Houghton 

Black, ThomaSi oil refiner, 11, East- 
side, Queen's dock 

Black, W. F. stock and share dealer, 

6, Eumford place 
Black & lieaddie, builders, 120, Chatham 

Black A Yanall, shipwrights, 18, NeptmM 

Blackaller & Mawdsley, ship chandlers, 

sailmakers, and commission merchants, 

14, Wapping 
Blackburn, E. greengrocer, 55, "Wert 

Derby road 
Blackburn, Margaret, tobacconist, 22, 

Waterloo road 
Blackburn, Miss S. E. confectioner, 4, 

Wavertree road 
Blackburn, E. tobacconist, 49, Paddington. 
Blackburn, l^amuel, fruiterer and green- 
grocer, 4, Motmt 'Street 
Blackburn, Schofldd,& Co. cotton broken,- 

Borough buildings, 7, Bumford street 
Blackburn, T. C. publican, 29, Strand st 
Blackburn, Wm. accountant, 4, Wavertree 

Blackburn A Co. W. D. brewers, d, 

Mason street 
Blackburn & Parkinson, prorision mer- 
chants, 10, Mathews street 
Blackburne, Thos. merchant ; also agent 

to Guinness, Son, & Co. Dublin, The 

Old Hall, 39, Old Hall street 
Blackhurst, James, publican, 49, Fox st. 
Blackhurst, Thomas, wholesale outfitters, 

33, Jaraes str^t 
Blacicledge, J. com and flour dealer, 88, 

Great Crosshall street 
Blackledge, James, baker and flour dealer, 

1, Scotland road 
Blackledge, James, baker and flour dealer, 

26, Fox street 
Blackledge, Thos. fancy dealer, 254, Great 

Homer street 
Blaekmore, A. T. wine and spirit merchant, 

21 & 23, Berry street • 
Blackson, G. undertaker, 16, Kirkdale rd. 
Blackwell, A. Hing and Bells tavern, 1, 

Peter'tt lania 




Black well, A. Bestaurant, Countj Pala- 
tine buildings, 10, School lane 

Blackwell, (George G. mineral agent and 
commission merchant, 9, James street 

Blackwell, Bichard, bookbinder and ac- 
count-book manufacturer, Chatham 
buildings, 25, South John street 

Blackwell, W, B. watchmaker,15, School la. 

Blackwood, A. C. print sellers, 89, Ken- 

Blackwood, J. W. B. French polisher, 
122, West Derby road 

Blain. Arbuthnet, & Son, cabinet 
makers and upholsterers ; £actory, 
Atherton st. ; timber yard, Eliza- 
beth st ; and stores, School lane 

Blain, J. general manufacturing stationer, 

39, South John street 
Blain & Sons, com brokers, Fenwick court, 

10, Brunswick street 
Blain & Sons, William, com merchants, 

Tennick court, 8, Fenwick street 
Blair, T. T. painter, &c. 16, Golquit street 
Blake, J. timber merchant, 18, Aubrey st. 
Blake A Mackenzie, The Temple, Dale st. 
Blake & McEenzie, stationers, engrarers, 

and lithographers, 6, School lane 

Blakeley, Samuel, boot-top mann* 
fiicturer, 22, Ganterbuiy street 

Blakely, G. marine store dealer, 39, Par- 
liament street 

Blakely, James, builder, 8, Daulby street 

Blakey, John, boot and shoe maker, 15, 
WiUiamson square 

Blakey, John, oyster-rooms, 14, William- 
son square 

Blamiess, John, licensed yictualler, 32, 
Denison street 

Blamphin, W. T. professor of music, 
129, Badcliffe street 

Bland, J. & Co. timber merchants, 5, 
Canada dock 

Bland, J. joiner and builder, 2, Union st. 

Bland, James, grocer, 225, Walton road 

Bland, Mary, fishmonger, St. James's mrkt. 

Bland, Ed. brassfounder, 103, Paddington 

Bland, T. G-. greengrocer, 155, Kensington 

Bland, Willuim, painter and plumber, 
16, Upper Park street 

Blandell, William, block maker, 184, 
Beaufort street 

Blane, Thomas B. licensed yictualler, 25, 

Clayton street 
Waanjtch, Jsmes, greengrocer^ 484, Scot- 

'/'Utid road 


Bleasdale, J. publican, 124, Mount Plea- 
Bleasdale, Thomas, Norwood Arms, 267, 

West Derby road 
Blease, John K. plumber and painter, 12, 

St. Ann street 
Blease, John S. & Bobert, accountants 

and estate agents, 15, Lord street 
Blease, Sarah Byder, tobacconist, 301, 

West Derby road 
Blenkinsopp, H. currier, 23, Paddington 
Blenkisop, J. currier, 52, Low hill 
Blessifi;, Braun, & Co. general merchants, 

Walmer buildings, 6, Water street 
BloTin, James, bookseller and stationer, 

57, Seel street 
Blevin, John, plumber and painter, 39, 

Knight street 
Bley, Prancis, tobacconist, 50, Everton rd. 
Blezard, Miss Jane, tobacconist, 193, 

Netherfield road north 
Blezard, E. "Liverpool Mercury," 419, 

Scotland road 
Blezards, Mrs.. Elizabeth, victualler, 80 

& 32, Scotland place 
Blezin^ Jame9, printer, bookseller, and 

stationer, 29, Leece street 
Blinges, John, greengrocer, 31, St. John's 

Blinkbom, Bobert, commission agent, 24, 

Hunter street 
Blisset, Thomas, gun manufacturer, 38, 
South Castle street 

Bloor, William, coal proprietor, 7, 
Edmund street 

Blower, Ben. surgeon, 119, Shaw street 
Blower, Ed. victualler, 13, Hurst street 
Blower, W. tailor & draper, 51, Crown st. 
Blundell, Edward, 74, Mary bone 
Blundell, Gt. L. commission agent, and 

agent for Benyon*s Newport black vein 

steam coal, 43, Castle streev 
Blundell, J. chemist, 56, Tithebarn street 
Blundell, J.greengrocer,90,We8tDerbyrd. 
Blundell, James, boot and shoe maker, 62,, 

Leeds street 
Blundell, James, & Co. cotton brokers, 

Manchester buildings, 1, Tithebarn at. 
Blundell, John, & Sou, coal and cannel 

proprietors, 174, Crown street; head 

office, 7, Rumford street 
Blundell, Jonathan, & Son, coal, cannel, 

& coke proprietors, 171 & 176, Crown 

street ; heaa office» 7, Bumford street 
Blundell, Bd. butcher, 299, Park road 




Bfamdally Bichard, lodging-house keeper, 
20, 22, & 24, Soho street 

Bfaindell, Thos. watch, clock, and chrono- 
meter manufjBtcturer, 103, Qt. George at. 

BlundeU, Wm. publican, 166, Scotland rd. 

BloziD, £. provision dealer, 21, Kirkdale rd. 

Blnnsum, Nathaniel Farrant, li- 
censed auctioneer A valuer, 248, 
Smitilidown lane. (See advertise- 

Bluaooume, J. tobacconist, 75, Hanover at. 

Bljtb, John, miller, 27, Back G-oree 

Bljtii A Sons, horsehair and bedding 
manufacturers, 24, Henry street 

Bbrtii A Sons, leather-dressers, 28 & 30, 
Uenry street 

Bljthe Brothers, shipowners, 12, New 

Biythe & Harvey, cotton brokers, base- 
ment, 2nd entrance, 85 A 36, Brown*8 

Boadle, J. G. grocer, 284, Mill street 

Boadle & Colebank, ahipbrokers, Cres- 
wood, Charles, 17, Brunswick street 

Boaler ft OedicoaV fancy leather 
case makers, 9a, Tarlton. street 

Boardman, — , tailor and draper,. 17, 

Pembroke place 
Boardman, Joseph M. upholsterer, 11, 18, 

A 15, FonteDoy street 
Boardman, M. O. Victoria Family hotel, 

11 & 18, Eoe street 
Boardman, M. Y. Royal Victoria hotel, 

Lime street 

Bold, T. licensed victualler, 1, Marybone 
Bold, Thos. victualler, 24, Dansie street 
Bold A Lawrence, stock and share brokers, 

82, Castle street 
Bolderston, William G«orge, fruit mer- 
chant, 25 A 27, Temple court 
Bole, M. carver aud gilder, 42, Myrtle st. 
Bolger, Miss, dressmaker, 56, Pitt street 
Bolitho, Thomas, A Sons, tin smelters and 
tinplate merchants, Irwell chambers, 
Union street 
BoUin, J. publican, 119, Vauzhall road 
Bollman, Condy, A Co. vinegar makeni, 

64, Duke street 
Bolshaw, Alfred, coach builder, 72 A 74, 

Pembroke place 
Bolton, A. W. A Co. commission mer- 
chants, 12, Union street 
Bolton, D. butcher, 26, Crown street 
Bolton, F. L. com merchant, Brunswick 

buildings, 7, Brunswick street 
Boltoo, Henry, watchmaker, 28, Old at. ' 
Bolton, Isaac, tarpaulin manufacturers, 

43, South John street 
Bolton, J. flour dealer, 152, Beaufort at . 
Bolton, James, baker and flour dealar, 
121,/Mill street 

Bolton, John, licensed victnaller, 15, 
Doncan street 

Bolton, B. & J. E. drysalters, spice and 

seed merchants, 4, Mathews street 
Bolton, T. A Co. drapers, 114, Kirkdale rd. 
Bolton A Field, bookbinders, Waterloo 
buildings, Hanover street 
Bocock, David, hairdresser and photo- ! Bomfield, Mrs. publican, 87, Kenshaw st. . 

grapher, 2, Eegent street ' Bomford, W. grocer, 196, Vauxhall road 

BMdmgton, N. H. agent to Bridgewater ; Bond, £. bootmaker, 19, Moore street 

Trust, 1, Duke's place j Bond, F. merchant, 16, South Castle st. 

Boden, John, salt merchant, 22a, Pree- Bond, G. W. victualler, 69 A 71, BrunS" 

son's row wick road 

Boden, Mary, dressmaker, 2, St. Bride's st. Bond, J. pianoforte maker, 44, Norton st.. 
Boden, Thomas, pork butcher, 265, Ne- 1 Bond, John, licensed victualler, 1a, Lord 

therfield road north j Nelson street 

Boegewitz, Mrs. 11, Upper Newington i Bond, Mrs. pattern modeller, 78, Ruasell 
Began, John, grocer and provision mer- street 

diant, 109, Great Howard street ' Bond, Silas, boot and shoe maker, 148, 

Boggiano, Peter, tobacconist, 12, Upper 
Duke street 

Bichmond row 
Bond,W. pianoforte maker, 44, Bvertonrd. 
Boggs, G. A Ca merchants, 89, South i Bond, W. A. N. A Co. merchants, Har- 

Castle street greaves buildings. Chapel street 

Boiler, Peter, barber, 8, Ashton street Bond, W. J. J. C. artist, 65, West Derby 
Boifij, Harriet, draper, 157, West Derby rd. street 

Bold, Maxwell, carver, gilder, and print Bondellis, W. metal agent, 80, Falkner st. 
seller, 21, South John street | Bonfield, Miss, licensed victualler, 4, Old* 

Bold, Miss £. 11, Wellfield place. Peel st..! ' ham street 




Boniford, — j&mily grocer»220,!Fal1uier st. 

Bonce, William, & Alexander, ship store 
dealers and provision merchants, 26, 
Bath street 

Bonney, Thomas, carman, 9, King street 

Booker, George & Oo. merchants, 47, lat 
■ floor. North corridor. The Albany, 6, 
Old Hall street 

Booker, J. A. butcher, Sa, Park street 

Booker, Joseph, tallow chandler, 121, 
"Wavertree road 

Booley, H. licensed Victualler, Clarence 
docK, 22, Pleasant street 

Boorn, Thompson, & Co. com and- general 
brokers, Fenwick court, Fenwick st. 

Boote, C. lodging-house, 15, Parliamentst. 

Boote,H.G.famil7 grocer, 260, Falkner st. 

Booth, Alfred, &• Oa merchants, .1, India 
buildings. Water street 

Booth, G-. tailor and draper, 2, Parker st. 

Booth, J. T. licensed vctr.,17i Pownall sq. 

Booth, J. T. licensed victualler, 2, Cock- 
spur street 

Booth, Mary Ann, broker, 86, Stanley at. 

Booth, Mary Ann, broker, 72, Piieacot st. 

Booth, Mrs. A. boarding-house, 4, Bold pl» 

Booth, Mrs. M. small ware desder,. d47, 
, Park road 

Booth, £. tailor & draper, 77, Kensington 

Booth, 8. publican, 35, Oleyeland square 

Booth, William Ghsffles, painter and de- 
corator, 177, Park road 

Bostock & Abington, hop merchants, 20, 
James street 

Bott, Frederick, watch and dock manu* 
facturer, 87, West Derby road 

Bott, Thomas, and Co. watch and clock 
manufacturers, jewellers, and siWerw 
smiths, 58, Great George street, & 72, 
Argylle street, Birkenhead 

Bottomly, Walter, publican, 173, Nether- 
field road north 

Bouch, Thomas, & Oo. tea merchants, 66, 
South John street.. . 

Bouchur, S. L. coal agent, l,Goree Piazsaa 

Boult, E. L. A Co. ship brokers, 
agents to Idverpool and London 
Globe Insurance Co.Swift'scourty 
11, Castle street 

Boult, Joseph, architect and sur- 
veyor to tiie fire offices,* 15, 16, A 
17, Exchange buildings,' 3rd floor 

Boult, Mary Ann, fish saleswoman, 12 & 
13, St. John's Fish market; house, 
40, Seymour street. 

Boult, Walter, broker, 1, Brumford plaoe 

Boultbee, Edward, & Go.]merchant8, 
46, Manisty's lane 

Bottlton,. G-. saddler, 8, Prussia street 
Boulton, Q. harness maker, 70, Old Hall at. 
BoultoD, Miss Anna, boot and shoe maker, 

81, Eyerton villago 
Boulton^ !Bobert, greengrocer, 89 & 91, 

Prescot street 

Booth, William, professor of elocution, Boulton, IL A Co. leather-seller and 

33a, Wesley street 
Boothby, Ellen, St. Gheorge'a hotel, 18, 

Lime street 
Boraston, Frederick, general draper, 63, 

London road 
Borders, Thomas, J. auctioneer,- 56, St. 

James's street 
Bore J. & Co. feather purifiers, 26, North 

Hill street 
Boreham, A. C. varnish manufacturers, 

• ■60^ South Castle street 
Borst, A. W. professor of the pianoforte 

. and organ, 125, Queen's road 
Bosomworth's auction-rooms, 34^ Duke st. 
Bostock, W. boot and shoe maunfaoturer, 

21, Paradise street 
Bostock, Walter, boot and shoe maker, 1, 

School lane 
Bostock, Wharton, & Over, salt works, 

Exors. of G-. Deakin, 8a, Lord street 
JSo0tocIc, Wil/jMm, Jun.hopmeTohtmtf 27 J 
James street 

188 . 

currier, 52, Duke street 
Boulton, W. com broker, 7, Dale street 
Boumphrey, M. ft Co. commission mer^ 

chants, forwarding agents, and marixM 

insurance brokers^ K 2, 3rd floor, liver- 
pool and London Chambers 
Bourn phrej, Moore, & Co. com merchants, 
. 14, Brunswick street . 

Boumphrey, W. accountant, 34, Castlie 

Bourgoise, J. com merchant, 1, Bruna^ 

wick street 
Bourne, E. C. twine dealer, Washington 

buildings, 23, Brunswick street 
Bourness & Brobinson, coal and cannel 

proprietors, 252 ft 254, Crown street,. 

and G6a, Tower buildings, Water si 
Bousfield, James, gunpowder agent, 2, 

Brunswick street 
Bousfield ft Johnson, cotton brokers, 22, 

Hackins Hey 
Boustead, John, chemist,. 95, London, rd. 




BoDtcher, Mortimer, & Co. hide akid 

leather factors, 31^ ^ing street 
Borne, J.H. & Co. commission merchants, 

Penwick court, Eenwick street 
Bow, John, accountant, 46, Stafford st. j 
Bomm, Mrs. Eliza, tobacconist, 58, 

Wavertree road 
Bowden, John, & Co. ale, porter, and 

dder merchants, 21, Park lone 
Bowden, Robert, hat aiid cap manufac- 

tuarer, 61, Scotland road 
BoweU, R. hosier, 209, West Derby road 
Bowen, Alfred F. drysalter, oil and 

eoloorman, 68, Bulwer street 
Bowen, E. brush warehouse, 14, West 

Derby street 
Bowen, G-. M. Nicaraguan consulate, 5, 

York buildings. Dale street 
Bewen, James, ladies' outfitter, 334, 

.Scotland road 
Bower, A. H. salt broker. Bank chambers, 

3, Cook street 
Bower, T. R. salt and commission mer- 
chant, 2, Mersey court, Covent Garden 
Bbwek", William, A Bon, cotton brokers, 

8, basement, Brown's bdgs. Exchange 
Bowering, G undertaker, 6, Knight st. 
Bowes, C. confectioner, 20, Eensbaw st. 
Bowes, Edward E. fitter, 128, Upper 

Beau street 
Bowefs, J. L. & Brothers, brokers, 26, 

main staircase. Queen's buildings, 11, 

Dale street 
Bowes & Martin, general brokers, York 

buildings, Dale street 
Bowker, Adam, bookseller, 17, Stanley st. 
Bowker, J. publican, 347, Scotland road 

Bowker, Bichard, boot and shoe 
manufacturer, 81, Islington. (See 

Bowles, Jabez, 28 & 30, Lord Nelson st. 
Bowley, Samuel, & Co. merchants, 50, 

Harrington street 
Bowman, Charles, licensed victualler, 121, 

Mary bone 

• Bowman, J. ironmonger, 29, Benshaw st. 
Bowman, James, licensed victualler, 15^ 

William Brown street 
Bowman, James, painter, plumber, &c, 
281, Park road 
' Bowman, W. chemist, 100, Duke street 

• Bowman's Com Market hotel, 1, Old 

. Bownng, C T. & Co. merchants and ship* 
owners^ 53, South John street 

Boyd, Edwards, A Co., merchants, York 
buildings. Dale street 

Boyd, Eliza, fruiterer, St. James's market 

Boyd, John, publican, 40, Scotland road 

Boyd, Robert, stationer,. 116, Mill stro^ 

Boyd, Thomas, & Co. metal brokers, 12, 
Bumford place ; . i 

Boyer, G. Alliance hotel, 82, Cable at. 

Boyes, John, grocer, 98, St. Ana street 

Boylan, Michael, window-blind manufac- 
turer, 54, Russell street 

Boyle, D. & Son, wadding and cotton 
wool manufacturers, 28, Slater street 

Boyle, J. T. A Co. chemists and druggiats, 
183, Great Howard street 

Boyle, James, penny stand, 68, Park lane 

Boyle, Peter, tmman, 01, Norfolk street 

Boyle, T. tin box manufacturer, 138, 
liOndon road 

Boyle & Co. tea dealers, grocers, and 
provision merchants, Cockspur street 

Boylett, Arthur, plumber, 58, Breckfield 
road north 

Boys, W. draper, 292, Great Homer st. 

Brabin, C. butcher, 156, Great Homer'&t. 

Brabin, P. butcher, 141, Gbeat Hom^r st. 

Brabner, Samuel P. attorney and notary, 
Clarence buildings, 40, North 

Brace, McGaan & Co. Chilian merchants. 
Commercial buildings, 17, Water st 

Brack, Andrew, shipsmith, engineer, & 
boiler maker, Carlton street 

Brack, G. paper dealer. School lane 

Brockell, Thomas, printer and stationer, 
7, Cook street 

Bradbum, Alice, milliner and dressmaker, 
24, Melville place 

Bradbum, John, provision merchant, 1. A 
3, Eainford square, Temple court 

Bradburo, Thomas, .china and glass 
dealer, 50, Overbury street 

Bradbury, John, stationer and confec- 
tioner, 38, St. James's road 

Bradbury & Cook, wool brokers, Man- 
chester buildings, 1, Tithebam street 

Braddock, Maria, confectioner, 102a, 
Scotland road 

Bradford, George, victualler, 48, Brown- 
low hill 
Bradford, Gkorge, licensed victualler, 
Ainsworth street 

Bradford, William, tobacconist, 1, Church 
buildings, Whitechapel 

Bradford,. William, tobacco and oigar 




Bradford, William^ tobacco and cigar 

manufacturer, 1, Church street 
Andley Brothers, cabinet makers, 110, 

Bold street 
Bradley, £. cart owner, 20 & 22, Cock- 
spur street 
Braidlej, Gibson E. timber merchant, 185, 

Regent road 
Bradley, Henry A. architect, 15, Lord st. 
Bradley, J. provision dealer, 60, Tithebam 

Bradley, James, shipbuilder, 18, Dingle 

terrace, Sandy lane 
Bradley, John,master mariner, 122, Upper 

Beau street 
Bradley, John, clerk, 87, Ormond street 
Bradley, Pass, & Co. carvers, gilders, and 

decorators, 80 & 86, Elliot street 
Bradley, Bichard B. photographer, 12a, 

Lord street 
Bradley, Thomas, licensed victualler, 85, 

James street 
Bradley, Timothy, licensed victualler, 86, 

Gteard street 
Bradley, T. A W. T. leather merchants, 

112, Duke street 
Bradley, W. J. baker, 84, YauxhaU road 
.Bradley, William, victualler, 78, Bich- 

mond row 
Bradley, .William, publican, Netherfield 

road north 
Bradley & Orundy, provision dealers, 

grocers, Ac, 51a, Richmond row 
Bndley A Steinforth, attorneys, York 

buildings. Dale street 
Bradnock, T. carpet dealer, 29, Bruns- 
wick road 
Bradshaw, James, licensed victualler, 106, 

Brunswick road 
Bradshaw, James, draper, 92, Islington 
Bradshaw, James, provision dealer, 60, 

Mill road 
Bradshaw, R. hairdre8Ber,292, Scotland rd. 
Bradshaw, Robert, accountant and estate 

agent, Doran's place, Doran's lane ; res. 

Arpley viUas, Holland street, Eairfield 
Bradshaw, Thomas, butcher and fruiterer, 

84f, Everton road 
Bradshaw, T. L. registrar of births and 

deaths ^Howard street district), 27, 

Leeds street 
.'Bradshaw, Wm. viotualler, 192, West 

I>arh7 road! • 
^drre/J, ^OuuJeF, . kdlow. chanJler, 87, 
-^oxisdsle Btrtet 


Braga & Go. merchants, 24, Tower build- 
ings, Water street 

Braham Bros, outfitters, 162, Park lane 

Braham, Mark, licensed victualler, 1, 
Cases street 

Braid & Hughes, engineers, blacksmiths, 
Ac. 9, Blackstone street 

Braidwood, J. butcher, 10, St. Martin's 

Braine, Edward, millman, 8, Bedford st. 

Braithwaite, H. manure merchant, 18, 
North John street 

Braithwaite, J. & W. cotton brokers, 
Roscoe buildings, 20, Tithebam street 

Braithwaite, M. publican, 8, Fox street 

Braithwaite & Shimmin, accountants, 
estate and insurance agents, 12, Free- 
son's row 

Brakell, John, printer, 11, Epworth st. 

Bramham, J. wireworker, 104, Dale st. 

Bramley, Charles, pharmaceutical chemist, 

I, London road 

Bramley, Hodgson, shipping agent, 28, 

Breckfield rcMid south 
Bramley, James, executor of the liate 

* pawnbrokers, 18, St James's place 
Bramley, John, licensed victualler, 2, 

Mansfield street 
Bramley, Moore, & Co. merchants, 11, 

Orange court 
BrammaUjEllis, licensed victualler, Canada 

dock stores,Regent road, Bootle,and 56, 

Soho street 
Brammer, T. whitesmith, 11, Alma street 
Bramwell, — , druggist, 1a, Fark street 
Bramwell, Gteorge, chemist, 50, Carter 

Bramwell, Mary, boarding-house keeper, 

II, Hunter street 

Bramwell, W. L 28, Nelson street 
Bramwell, W. L. & J. Bros, medical 

botanists, 1, Park street, Toxteth park 
Bramwell & Sons, chemists, 89, Fark lane 
Branagan &, Lydiate, confectioners, 42, 

Fembroke place 

Branch, John, auctioneer, 60, Han- 
over street 

Brancher, John B. Son & Co. general and 

cotton brokers, 88, Exchange alley. Old 

Hall street 
Brancker & Co. coal, coke, and slack 

proprietors, Edward Morgan, agent, 

91, Old Hall street 
Brandrath, R. block maker, 25, Arthur st. 
[ Branley, John, gtocex, 28, Thomas street 


Bnnn, Henrj, tallow chandler, 240, ' Brenton, John, pawnbroker, 285, Nether- 

Falkner street i field road north 

Bran, J.T. W. (M.D., F.B.C.S.) 14, Park '[ Brereton, A. broker, 82, Bicbmond row 

road Brereton, £. W. & Co. cotton brokers, 

', W. confectioner, 247, Scotland 


Btmmt, Thomas, & Co. engineers and 
■hipDuilders, Atlas buildings, 49, South 
Caisile street, and Canada works, Birken- 
head ; James Taylor (naval architect) | 

Brasnnffton, J. publican, 16, Duncan st. 

Bistt, &mes, poulterer, 287, Park road 

Brattaui, Joseph, architect, 22, Lord st. 

Brawn, Alfred, tallow chandler, 98, St. 
James's street 

Brawn, Samuel, artist, 100, Pembroke pi. 

Brayer, Mary, dressmaker, 17, Chesnut st. 

Biasell, Patrick, Begent road, Bootle 

Bzacier, Frederick, cattle dealer, 15, 
Batchelor street 

Breakell, W. J. dairyman, 54, Pitt street 

Breakey, J. printer and stationer, 25, 
Yauzhall road 

Brearley, Elizabeth, stationer, printer, and 
booksdler, 18, Paradise street 

Brebner, James, & Son, merchants and 
ahipbrokers, 12, Preeson's row 

Bceck, A. tobacconist, 160, Gt. Howard 

Brecknall, H. draper, 17, Daulby street 

Breden, James, com merchant, 12, Fen- 
wiek street 

Carlton buildines, 8, Bumford street 

Brereton, James, licensed victualler, 88, 
Boscoe street 

Brereton, Bichard, licensed victualler, 
22, Bichmond row 

Bretherton, E. & C. solicitors. Oriel close, 
Water street 

Bretherton, F. tailor, 28, Houghton st. 

Bretherton, Francis, tailor and draper, 7, 
Elliot street 

Bretherton, Henry, provision dealer, 85, 
St. Ann street 

Bretherton, J. watch manufacturer, 4, 
Scotland place 

Bretherton, J. greengrocer,104, Prcscot st. 

Bretherton, J. & Son, veterinary sur- 
geons, 78, Wood street 

Bretherton, James, tobacconi8t,24, Brown- 
low Hill 

Bretland & Bushton, stevedores, 15, 
Irwell street 

Breton, S. painter, 884, Park road 

Brett, J. stationer and bookseller, 46, 
Old Hall street 

Brett, John, butcher, 275, Breck road 

Brett, John, butcher, 56, Byrom street 

Brew, A. E. tobacconist, 101, Mpunt 

Biedin, Bichard, com merchant, Fenwick | Brew, John Cox, outfitter, 69a, Park lane 
ooort, 8, Fenwick street and 10, Bruns- ; Brew, Rebecca, twine spinner, 103, Brown- 
wick stmt I low hiU 

Breen, E. 285, Vauxhall road I Brew, William, tailor, and dealer in trim- 

Bfeen, Thos. cooper, 13a, Denbigh street j miugs, 27, Williamson street 

Breese, J. tailor, 259, Crown street | Brewer, Charles, ladies' workroom, 120, 

Braffett, Edgar, & Co. Aire and Calder Bold street 
Glass Bottle Co. F. A. Bayner, agent i Brewer, J. pilot, 82, Cresswell street 

Bremner, Hodson, shipping agent, 28, i Brewer, Thomas, tobacconist, 11, Com- 
Breckfield road ! mutation row 

Brenchley, H. agent, York buildings, I Brewer, William, coal merchant, 34, 
Dale street I Bichmond row 

Brennan, Margaret, fancy poultry dealer, Breze, Fred, agent, 9, Gkilton street 
45, St. John's market; house, 60, 'BriceA Co. fish dealere, 392, Scotland rd. 

Mitelene street, Eirkdale 
Brennan, Patrick, poulterer, 9, St. John's 

Brennand, J. coal merchant, 282, Crown 

Brennand, James, plumber and painter, 

28, Springfield 
Brentoo, S. provision dealer, 68, Vauxhall 


Brickland, Charles, fish salesman, 4, St. 

John's Fish market 
Brickland, Charles, fijsh merchant. Queen's 

arcade. Lime street 
Brickwell, J. C. licensed victualler, 5 47, 

Elliot St. and 29, Great Charlotte at. 
Bride, T. block maker, 21, St. James's st. 
Bride, Thomas, A Son, timber yard^ 37^ 
1 St. Jamec^'^ %\.T^^ 


Bridge, Henry, flour dealer, 174a, Walton 

Bridge, John, cart owner, 6, Paisley street 

Bridge, T. painter, 79, Orient street 

Bridger, G. J. greengrocer, 144, Park rd. 

Bridgewater Canal Company, opposite 
Stanley dock, John Oldfield, manager, 
G-reat Howard street 

Bridgewater Trustees. Charles Mitchell 

(agent), Puke*s dock 
' Bridle, George, eating-house keeper, 49, 
Denison street 

Bridson, Thomas, & Co. cotton and general 
brokers, 49, Brown's buildings, second 
floor, Exchange. 

Bridson, William, furnishing ironmonger, 
48, Bold street 

Brierley, James, butcher, 33, Brierley hill 

Briggs, Mjb. £. tobacconist, 101, Ken- 

Briggs, Thomas, Yorkshire flag and stone 
yard, Carruthers street 

Briggs, W. S. secretary to Lowood Gun- 
powder Co. 10, Orange court. 

Snght, B. E. insurance broker, 1, Bruns- 
wick street 

Bright & liCggc, silk mercers, 70, 72, 74, 
& 76, Bold street 

Briley, John, fitter and turner, 10, Bus- 
seli place 

Brvadle, John, spice bleacher, 43, Parr st. 

Briscall, T. & XL oil merchants, 1, Wol- 
stenholme square 

Briscall, T. & H. oil importers, 8, Parr st 
and 38, Mill hill, Leeds 

Briscoe, Mrs. Martha, proyision dealer, 
16, Blair street 

Briuscoe, T. spirit vaults, 62, Albion street 

Briscoe, R. (general manager), The 
Ballincolly Gunpowder Mills Co. 
Limited, 3, India buildings 

Briscoe, Vaughan, & Co. wholesale gro- 
cers, rice and fruit merchants, 18, 
Mathews street 

Briscoe, W. hosier, 382, Scotland road 

Briscoe, Walter, merchant, Cable street 
dbambers, 3, Cable street 

Bristol Steamship Ccstores, 26, Vulcan st. 

Briatow, J. & W. com and provision mer- 
chants, 45, North John street 

Bristow & Hartley, merchants, 9, Bum- 
ford place, 

British ]jnperial Insuxance Corporation, 
I/nuted, 1, basement, Brown's build- 

^SV, ^Etxcbange 



British Shipowners' Company, limited, 

James Beazley, Peter's ouildings, 11, 

Bumford stre^ 
British <& African Steam Navigation Co. 

Agents^ Elder, Dempster, & Co. 2, 

Brunswick street 

British and Foreign Bible Society, 
and Breligious Tract Society, Rd. 
Johnson, agent. IS, Slater street 

British & Foreign Insurance Company, 
Exchange buildings, Bumford street 

British & Foreign Marine Insurance 
Company, limited,8. Exchange buHdiuga 

British and Irish Telegraph Company, 8, 
basement, Exchange buildings 

Briton Medical & General Li&, <& Brit- 
tania Fire Associations. Ben. Clarke, 
district-manager, 23, South John street 

Briton, Jessie, dressmaker, 122, Vino st. 

Brittain, W. <& Co. provision merchants, 
106, London road 

Britten, — , hairdresser, 29, William- 
Henry street 

Britten, Thomas, chemist, 71, Byrom st. 

Britten, ThomaSj chemist & druggist, 
155, Dale street- 

Brittian, Mary, licensed victualler, 0, 
Boberts street 

Brittian, N. licensed victualler,, lA^Ty^ 
Hevworth street 

Brizell, J. cart owner, 47, Upper jBeau st. 

Broadbelt, J. James <& Co. nour deajers, 
bakers, provision merchants, <& family 
grocers, 41, 43, & 45, Evertqn road 

Broadbelt, T. W. & Co. timber-yard, 2, 
Vulcan street 

Broadbent, Amon Flatt, wine & spirit 
merchant, Stanley buildings, 19, Han- 
over street 

Broadbent, J. C. physician, 11, Breck 
road, Everton 

Broadbent, John & Co. merchantSi 11, 
Bumford place 

Broadbent, painter, 50, Cresswell st. 

Broadbent, Thomas, hat & cap manufac- 
turer, 136, St. James's street 

Broadbridge, &eorge & Co. merchants, 

4, Bumfeivd place 
Broadfield, B. draper, 231, Gt. Homer 

Broadhurst, Alfred, provision merchant, 

13> Aubrey street 
Brocklebank, Thomas & John, merchants 
and. ship ownersi Carleton buildings, 
3, Bumiord street 



' Broeklesbj, P. N. & Co. merchants, 
7, Brunswick buildings, Brunswick 
Brodie, E. provision dealer, 65, Thomas st. 
Brodie, J. greengrocer, 18, 14, St. Mar- 
tin's market 
6rodie,S. provision dealer, 3, Ainsworthst. 
Brodie, Thos. & Co. general commission 

merchants & forwarding agents 
Broham, W. & Co. insurance brokers, 

India buildings, Water street 
Brokenahaw, 3, master mariner, 75, Beau- 
mont street 
Bromhead, John, butcher, St. James's 

Bromilow, Foster & Co. limited, pro- 
prietors of the Bickerstaffe collieries, 
Briscoe's New Hall, 41, Old Hall st 

Bromilow, Haddock & Co. coal pro- 
prietors, 174, Crown street; chief office, 
Alexandra bridge, 19, James street 

Bromilow, Thomas, licensed victualler, 
61 & 62, Waterloo road 

Bromley, Charles, pharmaceutical che- 
mist, 1, London road 

Bromley, E. painter and plumber, 259, 
Breck road 

Bromley, Henry, plumber and painter. 
La. & 3a, Comwallis street 

Bromley, John, bricklayer, 3, Bnssell st. 

Bromley, John, plasterer, 169, Duke st. 

Bromley, W. butcher, 10, St. Martin's 

Bhimley, W. T. accountant, 60, South 
Castle street 

Brook, J. ironmonger, 100, Kirkdale rd. 

Brook, M. dining-rooms, 39, Hurst st. 

Brook, Mrs. H. chiropodist, 6, Gill st. 

Brooker, G-. licensed victualler, 256, Mill 

Brookea, Edward, publican, 20, Eleet st. 

Brookes, O. tobacconist, 1, St. Ann st. 

Brookes, T. family grocer, 251, Breck rd. 

Brookfield, Holbrook & CoUinson, Man- 
chester warehousemen, Cuthbert build- 
ings, 14, Clayton square 

B^r^oks, Edwin, clicker, 18, Cottenham st. 

Birookfl, J. B. general discount office, 39, 
Stanley street 

Brooks, J. & W. family grocers, 1, 
Elliot street 

Brooks, B. painter* plumber and glazier, 
236, Smithdown lane 

Brooks, John, tailor, 43, Cochrane street 

Brooks, John, stationer, 73, Walton rd. 

Brookfly John, lace dealer, 84, Bold st. 


Brooks, Thomas, wholesale and letpil 

leather dealer, 89, Byrom street 
Brooks & Co. commission merchants, 

Queen's Insurance buildings. Dale at. 
Brooksbank, John, butcher, 121, Bruns- 
wick road 
Broom, Elzar, cabinet maker, 4S & 45 

Gerard street 
Broomhead, Ellen, butcher, 14, Nile st. 
Brophy, W. J. broker, 3i & 33, Fonte- 

noy street 
Broster, H. publican, 49, Money street 
Brotherton, Andrew, furniture detJeri 

7 to 9, Howard arcade 
Brotherton, Jane, general shop, 68, Ho(>f 

wood street 
Brough, Frederick J. grocer and pro^ 

sion dealer, 6, Pluto street 
Brongh, Thomas, cabinet makes,, H^ 

Lowther street 
Broughton, J. wine and spirit merehiiiti 

43, Mount Pleasant 
Broughton, Mark, victualler, 10, Piic^ at.; 
Brown, A. licensed victualler, 13, Alt st. 
Brown, A. tailor and.draper, 10. &,I2i 

Duk^ street 
Brown, A. A. & Co. com mercbaots^ 15, 

Fenwiok street 
Brown, A. B bootmaker, 14, South 

John street 
Brown, A. C. & Co. merchants, 11, Lord 
Brown, Andrew & Sons, linen n^ercbanta, 

37, Paradise street 
Brown, Arch, tobacconist, 355, Mill st. 
Brown, A. <& B. ironmongers, 35^ 

Waterloo road 
Brown, A. & B. brassfounders, copper- 
smiths, plumbers, &c. 87 to 89, BegcBit 

Brown, B. J. draper,/U4, Breck road. 
Brown Brothers & Co.. sack contractors 

J. B. Collings, manager, 19, Ghoree 

Brown, C. accountant, 23,, Oustom-house 

arcade, Canning place 
Brown, C. g;rocer, 32, Boscommon st. 

Brown, Christopher, shipwright, 7, 
Eastside, Queen's dock 

Brown, Daniel, engrarer, lithographer, 
and general printer, 7, Dale street 

Brown, E. stationer, 476, ScotUind rd. 

Brown, £. tailor aiiid draper, 175, Ealk- 
ner street r-' ' 

Browja, £. Johnson, cooper, 12, TaUej 




BrowD, Eliz. hoeier, 161, Kirkdale road 

Brown, Eliza, dressmaker, 144, Spencer 

Brown, Gt. M. broker. Commercial court, 
Water street 

Brown, George, fishmonger, 318, Great 
Howard sti^eet 

Brown, Geo^e, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 19, Great Charlotte street 

Brown, George, 262, Mill street 

Brown & Giannacopulo, cotton brokers, 
7, Exchange alley, Old Hall street 

Brown, H. Imker, 41, Fairclough lane 

Brown, H. S. tailor, 21, Brunei street 

Brown, H. W. ships' flag maker, 44a, 
Waterloo road 

Brown, Henry, ale and porter agent, 72, 
Henry street 

Brbn^, Henry, beerhouse keeper, Wil- 
liam Brown street 

Bn^wn, Henry, licensed appraiser and 
public-house broker, 16, Manchester st. 

Bix>wn, Henry B. boarding house, 52, 
Sparling street 

Brown, J. butcher, -87, Beacon lane 

Brown, J. greengrocer, 38, Smithdown la. 

Brown, J. B. draper, 144, Breck road 

Brown, J. Campbell, professor of che- 
mistry, 152, !E^ner street 

Brown, J. & Y, jewellers, 6, Mount 

Brown, J. G. & Co. navy biscuit & ship 
bread manufacturer, 59, South John st. 

Brown, L. chemist, 282, Gt. Homer st. 

Brown, Mrs. H. dress and mantle maker, 
86, Myrtle street 

Brown, B. fringe and upholsterer's 
trimmings warehonse, 20, Wil- 
liamson square 

Brown, E. stationer, &c. 69, Bold street 

Brown, Bichard, accountant, 22, Lord st. 

Brown, T. estate agent, 7, Clayton square 

Brown, T. watchmaker, 31, Benshaw st. 

Brown, T. W. commission agent, 10, 
Wentworth street 

Brown, W. com merchant, 28, Chapel st. 

Brown, W, pawnbroker, 1 & 3, Kent st. 

Brown, W. publican, 12, Canning place 

Brown, W. painter and decorator, 95, 
Benshaw street 

Brown, W^ fruit mercht. 8 & 10, Derby st. 

Brown, W. & Co. fruit and rice mer- 
chants, 8 & 10, Derby street 
Bit>wn A Co. Avit merchantp, 32, 

Maaeatjr'a lane 


Brown, Hunter & Co. cotton brokers, 2, 

Dale street 
Brown, James, master mariner, 239, 

Boundary street east 
Brown, James, metal merchant, 56, 

Tennyson street 
Brown, James & Co. ship owners, 19, 

Tower buildings. Water street 
Brown, John, timber yard, 50, Sparling 

Brown, John, umbrella maker, 126, Bich- 

mond row 
Brown, John, timber merchant, 21, 

Tabley street 

Brown, John, saddler and harness 

maker, 60, JPox street. (See Ad- 

Brown, Joseph, fruit merchant, 62, Ever- 
ton village 

Brown, Joseph, joiner, 20, Wood street 

Brown, Joseph, fishsalesman, 34, St. 
John's Fish market 

Brown, Joseph, labourer, 33, Blackstock st. 

Brown, Joseph, chemist (by examination) 
82, Wavertree road 

Brown, Martha, licensed victualler, Bol- 
ton street 

Brown,. Peter H. fishaalesman, 11, St. 
John's, Fish-market house, 120, Con- 
way street 

Brown, Eich. photographer, 42, Virgil st. 

Brown, Eobert, merchant, 57 <& 58, 2nd 
floor, north corridor, The Albany, 6, 
Old Hall street 

Brown, Shipley, <& Co. general merchants, 
Bichmond buildings, 26, Chapel street 

Brown, Stanley, joiner, 8, Suffolk street 

Brown, Thomas, wine and spirit 
mercnant, Elton villa, 19, Genges 
road. West Derby road : stores, 2, 
Scotland road 

Brown, Thomas, hatter, 26, Hatton garden 
Brown, Thomas, grocer and provision 

dealer, 19, Pembroke place 
Brown, Thomas, family grocer, 65,William- 

Henry street, and 79, Salisbury street 
Brown, Thomas T. engraver, 63, Hunter st. 
Brown, Thompson, <& Co. merchants, 10, 

Eumford place 
Brown, Timothy, tailor, 13, Bailey street 
Brown, William, grocer, 50, Canterbuiy st. 
Brown, William, pawnbroker, 135, Park la. 
Brown Wm. bootmaker, 159, Brownlow 

Brown, Wm. hatter, 26, Hatton' garden 




' Irown, "Win. milk and coal dealer, lU, 
I Marble street 

Brown, Wm. Edward, felt manufacturer 
and shipping and commission merchant, 
The Old Hall, 39, Old Hall street 
Brown, Wm. J. Dinge priory, Sandy la. 
Brownbill, Henry, tobacconist, 70, Park la. 

nrownbill, James, watchmaker, 6, 
Prussia street 

Browne, W. L. C. Stafford Arms Hotel 8: 
Bestaurant, 24; & 36, Upper Dawson st. 

Browne, Edward, corn merchant, 15, 
Fenwick street 

Browne, John, timber yard, 21, Tabley st. 

Browne, John, timber merchant, 17, 
Tabley street 

Browne, Martin, solicitor, 4, Cable street 

Browne, McCarte, & Co. commission bro- 
kers, Carlton buildings, 3, Eumford st. 

Browne. Van Santen, and Go. late 
Vo8,Browne, and Go. shij^brokers. 
Canning chambers, Ganning place, 
vice-consulate of the Nethermnds. 

BrownelljW. greengrocer, 220, Walton rd. 

Browninfi^, Hugh, photographer, 46, 
Church street 

Brownlow, Foster, & Co. (limited), 1, 
New Hall, Old Hall street 

Brownlow, Joseph, manager of the In- 
dustrial buildiog society, "Waterloo 
buildings, Hanover street 

Brownlow, Robert, butcher, 123, Mill st. 

Brownrigg, P. P. & Co., ship-chandlers, 
eailmkers and paint manufs. Walter st. 

Brownrigg, Peter, 59, South Castle st. 

Bruce, Ann, poulterer, 1, St. Martin's 

Bruce, James, confectioner, 75, Mill st. 

Bruce, John, optician and chronometer 
maker, 26, Wapping 

Bruce, John Alex, spar, mast, and block- 
maker, 42, Manesty*s lane 

Bruce & Kendall, tailors and drapers, 
47, Lord street 

Bruce, Simpson, & Co., general corn 
merchants, 57, 2nd floor, South corridor, 
The Albany, 6, Old Hall street 

Bruddah, Eobert, eating-house keeper, 
69, Gbeat Howard street 

BruffiU, Thomas, chair bottom maker, 
35, Blake street, and 20, Brownlow 

Bruffy, J. china and glass dealer, 171 
Great Homer street 

Brumage, B. shoemaker, 156, Spencer st. 

Brumby, George, carpenter, 8, Breekfield 
road north 

Brundrit, John, provision dealer, 168, 
Mill street 

Brunker, W., general dealer, 224*, Scot- 
land road 

Brunker, Wm. hardware and toy dealer, 
St. Martin's market 

Brunswick Assembly Booms, 51, Bruns- 
wick road 

Bryan, C. fruiterer, 288, Vauxhall i:pad 

Bryan, H. watchmkr. 96, Great Homer st. 

Bryan, Jas. P. professor of the pianoforte 
and singing, 1, Coburg terrace, West 
Derby road 

Brjan, Thomas, cooper, 4, Harford street 

Bryan, William, dental surgeon, 134j, 

Bryant, Joseph, licensed victualler, 31, 
James street, (Grey Horse) 

Bryant, E. E. ironmonger, 215, Breck rd. 

Bryant, Samuel, wine and spirit 
merchant, 50) Myrtle street 

Bryce, Charles, tailor, 45, Duke street 
Bryde & Son, timber merchants, 1 Gren- 

ville street 
Brydell, J. marine artist, 181, Great 

Howard street 
Bryden, David, bread and flour dealer, 2, 

Foley street 
Brydon, J. marine store, 25,Hopwood st. 
Brydone, Bobert, draper, 82, Norton st. 
Brydone, Wm. draper, 4, Norton street 
Bryerclif, Thomas, watchmaker, 249, Gt. 

Homer street 
Bryson, A. manager, workshop for out- 
door blinds. 37, Bold street 
Bryson, John, bootmaker, 83, Byrom st. 
Bryson , Robert, j un . cotton broker, ground 

floor, 39, Brown's buildings, the Mari- 
time Insurance Co. limited 
BiTson & Houlding, mat dealers, 5, 

rhoman street 
Bubb, A. tea merchant, 27, Hanover st. 
Buchanan, David, Dean Swift's Box, 

refreshment rooms. Swift's court, H, 

Castle street 
Buchanan, W. ship broker, York bdg>. 

Dale street 
Buchanan, W. shipwright, 29, Comwallifl 

Buchanan, Wignall, & Co. cotton broken, 

ground floor, 15, Brown's buildings 
Buchanan,. A Co. merchants, Knowsler 

buildings, TitheboiYTv «tteftfc 




Bncbannan, A. lioensed rictualer, 59, 

Park street 
Bnehaiman, J. publican, 163, Duke at 
Buck, Peter, licensed victualler, 13, 

Buck, Robert, stationer and tobacconist, 

858, Great Howard street 
Buck, R. general sbop, 23, Overbury st. 
Buckles, Q. & C. grocers, 91, Rensbaw st. 
Buckles, M. A. stationer, 84, Seele street 
BucMej, E. & Co. wool brokers. Colonial 

builddngs, 36, Dale street 
Buckley, T. B. slate merchant, Eenwick 

court, Fenwick street 
Buckley, T. B. slate merchant, Fenwick 

court, Brunswick street 
Bucknell, Arthur, earthenware dealer, 

17, Renshaw stieet 
Bucknell, J. J. marine insurance^broker, 

2, Key street 
Bucknell, W. china dealer, 419, Deane st 
Budding, Henry, The Old Castle dining 

rooms, 28, Preeson'a row 
Budding, Thomas, refreshment rooms and 

spirit vaults, 30, Paradise street 
Buff, Serpelt, & Co. general merchants, 

4 & 6, ICey street 
Bnggelu, Henry, coal merchant, I7i^ 

l^uth Castle street 
Bull, Edward, 57, Ranelagh street 
BuU, G. baker, 147, Breckfield road, N. 
Bullen, John,greengrocer, 170, Walton rd. 
Bnllen, J. & H. brewers and wine and 

Spirit merchants, sole agents for James 
imson's pale ales, Edinburgh, 5, 

Doran's lane: Brewery, Maguire street 
Bullen, Martha, lodging-house keeper, 
' 62, Silvester street 
Bullen, M. A. licensed victualler, 43, 

TTpper Mill street 
Bullens, H. & J. licensed victualler, 118, 

Bulley, Henry, sharebroker, 16, Castle st. 
Bulley, S. Marshall, cotton broker, 

Borough buildings, 7, Rumford street 
Bulley, Thomas & Son, coal merchants, 

16, Violet street 
BuUock Sc Robertson^ mercbants, Peter's 

buildings, 13, Rumford street 
Bullock, James, clothier and outfitter, 

15, Scotland load 
Bullock, J. licensed victuaUer, Hawke st. 
Bt^ock, J. S. victualler, 80, Copperas hill 
-Bti^oeJt, William, licensed victoaUer, 81, 


Bulmer, Henry, cashier, 51, Beaumont et. 
Bunn, George H. Honiton lace manu- 
facturer, 49, Berry street 
Bunting, J. iron and plate worker, 42, 

Old Hall street 
Bunting, W. ironmonger, 117, Kirkdalerd. 
Burcham, Mrs. Ann, stationer, 20, "West 

Derby street 
Burchett, O. carpenter, 63, Parliament at. 
Burden, E. ironmonger, 234, Park road 
Burden, E. & Son, tailors and drapers, 

17, Church street 
Burden, Son, & Co. hosiers and shirt 

makers, 17, Castle street 
Burden, William, chronometer finisher, 

369, Mill street 
Burdett, John, tea dealer, 8, Roe street 
Burgess, — , butcher, 22, Upper Parliament 

Burgess, Adam, 48, watchmaker, 48, 

P^scot street 
Burgess, G. E. grocer and tea dealer, 9, 

Scotland road 
Burgess, H. master mariner, 21, Everton 

crescent, Everton Brow 
Burgess, J. butcher, St. James's market. 
Burgess, J. glass dealer, 39, Cleveland sq. 
Burgess, John, licensed victualler, 11, 

Jordan street 
Burgess, John, jun. beer housekeeper, 

23, Jordan street 
Burgess & Co. cigar merchants, 58, 

London road 
Burgess & Co. family grocers, and wine 

and spirit merchants, 285, Breck street 
Burgess & Soulby, commission merchants, 

Fenwick court, Fenwick street 
Burghall, W. licensed victualler, York 

hotel, 25, Williamson square 
Burgon, T. C. merchant, 12, Union street 
Burgoyne, J. brewer, 1(K2, Upper Beau st. 
Burk, David, cooper, 58, Norfolk street 
Burke, Edward, grocer, 26, Kient street 
Burke, Francis, butcher, 97, Marybone 
Burke, J. tailor and draper, 27, l^rescot st. 
Burke, J. tailor and grocer, 69, Circus st. 
Burke, Marg. broker, 81, Richmond row 
Burke, Mary, licensed victualler, 37, 

Regent street 
Burke, P. engine fitter, 65, Hiehfield st. 
Burke, Patrick, broker, 105, Marybone 
Burling, William, cigar manufacturer, 

91, St. Ann street 
Burling, W. licensed victualler, 78. Mill 



Bun, Sichard & Co. ship brokers, York 

buildingSy Dale street 
Bum & Ainley, in liquidation, 15, Lord st. 
BameBs & Erobinson, coal and oanuel 

proprietors, 213, 252, & 254, Crown st. 
Baxnet, Thomas, printer, 34, Fellew st. 
Bomett, Edward, provision dealer, 32, 

Mansfield street 
Baznett, J. shipwright, 265, Beaufort st. 
Bozoett, Philip, jeweller, 26, Paradise st. 
Bnniej, T. cabinet maker, 36, Hughes st. 
Bmning, William, licensed victualler, 

1 d^ 3, Mm road 
Boms, A. master mariner, 1, Chester st. 
Bums, F. cooper, 166, Beaufort street 
Boms, J. M. HDoemaker, 215, Scotland rd. 
BurDB, P. tailor and draper, 99, ParK st. 
Bazns,T. ironmonger, 60, Gt. Crosshall st. 
Burns, T. broker, 60, Gt. Crosshall st. 
BamSyT.provisiou dealer,193,yauxhall rd. 
Bams, W. cart owner, 9, Walter street 
Bums, Andrew, provision dealer, 17, 

Cockspur street 
Bonis, Edward, grocer, 85, Limekiln la. 
BoTDs, Elizabeth, hosier, 5, Mill street 
Bums, Henry, tin broker, 176, London rd. 
Bums, James, druggist, 82, Myrtle street 
Bums, James, licensed victualler, 149, 

Ghreat Howard street 
Bums, Jer. butcher, 141, Copperas hill 
Bums, John, grocer, 176, Mount Pleasant 
Bums, John, tripeseller, 10, St. Martin's 

Bums, Margaret, stationer, 22, Mount 

Bums, Michael, beer housekeeper, 14, 

Henry-Edward street 
Boms, Patrick, sugar refiner, 3, Cropper 

Bums, William, provision dealer, 23, 

Christian street 
Burns & Maclver, steamers for Havre 

and Mediterranean, Middletou build- 
ings, 1, Bumford street 
Bumveat & Dalzell, ship store dealers 

and shipchandlers, 10, Letherlaud alley, 

and 3, Salthouse lane 
BurreU, K. D. (W. Dean & Co.) Fair- 

field terrace, Kock Ferry 
Burrough, W. victualler, 2, Crown st. 
Burroughs, Joseph, licensed victualler, 

156, Mill street 
Burroughs, T. innkeeper, 86, Wavertree 

Burrow, H. tobacconist, 59, Moorfields 


Burrows, Mary, boot warehouse, 75, St. 

James's street 
Burrowes, Ann, provision dealer, 228, 

Mill street 

Burrows, G. F. law stationer, 15, 
Lord street 

Burrows, — , surgeon, 64, Boscommon st. 
Burrows, — , surgeon, 23, Clarence st. 
Burrows, Ann, tobacconist, 74, Hall lane 
Burrows, Henry, photographic artist, 21, 

Burrows, H. japanner, 40, Nether- 
field road north 
Burrows, J. coal dealer, 4, Bamber street 
Burrows, James, plumber and painter, 

40 & 42, Norton street 
Burrows, Margaret, fruiterer & provision 

dealer, (SQ^ Everton road 
Burrows, E. watch finisher, 18, Low Hill 
Burrows, 8. butcher, 49, Alt street 
Burrows, Thomas, confectioner, 56, 

Wavertree road 
Burry Brothers, general merchants, Irwell 

Burshall, E. grocer, 48, William-Heniy, 

Burton, A. G. licensed victualler, 22, 

London road 
Burton Brewery company (limited), 9, 

BurtoD, Brothers, china, glass, and earth- 
enware dealers, 37, Lime street 
Burton, Bros, glass <& china dealers, St. 

Martin's market 
Burton, £. Aske^ <& Co. Eumford court 
Burton, E. whitesmith, 66, Duke street 
Burton, Edmund, licensed victualler, 

Brockfield hotel, Breckfield rd. north 
Burton, Geo., joiner and cabinet maker, 

42, Pleasant street 
Burton, J. butcher, 180, Gt. Homer st. 
Burton John W. confectioner, 89, Eich- 

mond row 
Burton, J. butcher, 113, Eichmond row 

Burton, Bichard, Cambrian Hotel, 
25, Lord Nelson street 

Burton, T. bricklayer, 22, Mere lane 
BurtOD, Thos. sailmaker, 35, Hemans st. 
Burton, Thomas, butcher, 30, St. John's 

Market house, 20, Devon street 
Burton, Wm. solicitor, 32, Lord street 

Busby, W. and D. coach and car 
proprietors and funeral furnishers, 
15, Renshaw street. 1, Park place. 
Toxtetk i^^k. 1. ¥<^iL ^tx^^Cv ^2^4 




163, Richmond row. (See Adver- 

Buscb, E. & Sons, general mercbimts, 

Mellor's buildinga, Exchange st. east 
Busfield, Wm. licensed victualler, 28, 

Red Cross street 
Bush, A. hairdresser, 124, Scotland road 
Bush, H. fishmonger, 137, Gt. Homer st. 
Bush, J. hairdresser, 82, Whitechapel 
Bush, M. fishmonger, 102 & 320, Gt. 

Homer street 
Bush, S. tobacconist, 219, London road 
Bush, T. fishmonger, 56, Hey worth street, 

and at 313, Scotland road ; dried fish 

stores, 79, Pembroke place 
Bush & Co., auctioneers, 13, Freemasons* 

Bush & Sons, T. fish curers, 20, Free- 
masons' row 
Bushby, Charles, stationer, 40, Mill street 
Bushby & Edwards, shipowners, 26, King 

Bushby & Co., cotton brokers, ground 

floor, 14, Brown's buildings 
Bushell, Christopher & Co., wine & spirit 

brokers. Royal Insurance buildings, 1, 

North John street 
Bushell, J. & Co. commission agents, 64, 

South Castle street 
Bushell, Miss, milliner, 52, Everton rd. 
Bustros, Cousins, 27, James street 
Butcher, Charles, bootmaker, 25, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 
Butcher, C. bootmaker, 3, Scotland pi. 
Butcher, James, master mariner, 12, 

Falkner street 
Butcher, "VV. butcher, 174, Richmond row 
Butcher, "W. mariner, 18, Breckfield rd. N 
Butler, Henry, fruiterer, 192, London rd. 
Butler, J. greengrocer, 190, Gt. Homer 

Butler, James, tailor & draper, 11, Old 

Post Office place 
Butler, James, 38, Wood street 
Butler, P. R M. merchant, South Crescent 

chambers, 6 Lord street 
Butler, Rev. G. surrogate, 248, Park road 
Butler, Thos. cook. Id, Heyworth street 
Butler, Thomas, licensed victualler 81, & 

83, St. Ann street 
Butler, Thomas, licensed victualler, 78, 

St. Ann street 

Bailer, TV. tailor and draper, 218, Smith- 
Air/? Jane 
BatJar, Ww. victualler, 6, Puddinsion 

198 ' 

Butt, C. D. money agent, 2, Brunswick st- 
Butt, John M. chronometer maker, 34* 

Basnett street 
Butterfield,T. stationer, 151, Heyworth st. 
Butters, J. surgeon & dentist, 48, Percy st. 
Butterworth, C. F. hosier and outfitter, 

60, London road 
Butterworth, Edwin k Co., rag & rope 

merchants, cotton bag makers, A dealers 

in cotton waste, &c. 63, Waterloo rd. 
Butterworth, J. practical naturalist, 13, 

Manchester street 
Butterworth, W. bootmaker, 368, Mill st. 
Butterworth, W. C. oil broker. Prince's 

buildings, 28, North John street 

Buxton, John, A. forwarding agent, 
16, Lord street, 54, Carter street 

Buxton Lime Co., Ingram & Clarke, 
agents, 86, Great Howard street; office, 
13, Pitt street 

Buxton, Rob. chemist, 79, Kensington 

Byford, Ambrose, auctioneer, 49, Pem- 
broke place 

Byford, 6. estate agent, 52, Castle street 

Byford, Susan, pawnbroker, 87, Dale st. 

Byrd, G. <fc Co., wholesale & retail tea 
dealers & grocers, 28, Old Haymarket, 
and 8, James street 

Byrn, James, stock & share broker, 
Barnett's buildings, 17, Sweeting street, 

Byrne, A. £. & Co., merchants. Tower 
buildings, "Water street 

Byrne, Andrew, tailor, 50, Freeland st. 

Byrne, Dennis, boot k shoe manufacturer, 
37, Bath street, and 64, B.egent road 

Byrne, Edward, licensed victimller. Com- 
mutation row 

Byrne, G. M. estate broker. Castle cham- 
bers, 58, Castle street 

Byrne, J. boot & shoe closer, 9, Circus st. 

Byrne, James, provision dealer, 105, 
Netherfield road 

Byrne, James Joseph, grocers* out- 
fitter & fixture dealer, 3, 4. & 6, 
Derby street, and 7, Church lane 

Byrne, James, provision dealer, 103, 

Netherfield road north 
Byrne, John, fruiterer, 24, St. John*8 

Byrne, St. Clare, J. 19, Fenwick street 

house, Delamere terrace. Park road 

south, Birkenhead 
Byrnes, A. weight taker, 14, Hawke s(. 
Byrnes, Francis, warehouse keeper, Criel 

chambers, 14, AVater aVtcct 



^xneB, James, cooper, 18, Blackstock at. 
Bjnies, Patrick, tauor, 4, Blandford st. 
Bjmes, T. confectioner, 58, Circus street 
%Tom, E. stationer, 178, Park road 
^rom, Morj, midwife, 24, Smithdown la. 
Byron, Edwd. pork butcher, 48, Park rd. 
Bjron, Thos. victualler, 44 & 46, Park rd. 
Bjran, William, house estate and insur- 
ance agent, 25, Great George street 

Caddick, Mary, stationer, 204, Nether- 
field road north 
Caddick, William, 67, Eose yale 
Caddy, Isaac, publican, 82 & 84, Islington 
Cade, Jas. dock gateman, 31, Ormond st. 
Cade, William, cider merchant, 15, Upper 

Barliament street 
Cadwalader, J. publican, 88, Yauxhall rd. 
Cahill, Alice, chandler, 6, Scotland road 
CUiill, J. tallow chandler, 8, Highfield st. 
Oahm, M. grocer, &c. 81, Highfield st. 
Cahill, Michael, tailor, 18, Derby street 
CahiU; B. general draper, 136 & 138, 
Cheat Howard street 

Cain, George, and Go. paper rulers, 
59, South Castle street 

Cain, Lawrence, shoemaker, 18, Sir 

Thomas's buildings 
Cain, B. J. brewer, 65, Stanhope street 
Cain, B. J. jun. victualler, 2, Sparling st. 
Cain, Bobert, licensed victualler, 9 & 10, 

George's Dock gates 
Cain, Bobert, bread and flour dealer, 48, 

Prussia street, and 187, Breck road 

Cain, Bobert, and Son, tailors and 
drapers, 34, Lord street 

Cain, Kobert, & Son, licensed victuallers, 

172, Park lane 
Caine, Charles, pawnbroker, 188, Mill 8t. 
Caine & Elitchin, iron and tinplate mer- 
chants, 8 to 12, Button street 
Cairns A Brown, ship store dealers, 80, 

Lancelott's hey 
Cairns, Peter, furniture broker, 17, 19, 

& 21, Boscoe arcade 
Cairns, Patrick, broker, 27, Benson st. 
Calaghan, Pk. grocer, 52, Gt. Crosshall st. 
Calbo, John, tobacconist, 46, Lime street 
Calcy, John, chemist, 109, Derby road, 

Caldecutt, Ed. engraver, 48, Brunswick rd. 

and 33, Basnett st. 
Caldecutt, Sarah, oil and colour dealer, 

336, Scotland road 


Calderbank, John, plumber and painter, 

d6A, Cable street 
Caldwell, A. licensed victualler, 6, Bright st. 
Caldwell, S. J. B. surgeon, 13, Moore pi. 
Caleb, Baff, licensed victualler, 59 & 61, 

Banestre street 
Caledonian Patent Tube Company, 13, 

GK)ree Piazzas 
Caledonian Schools : teachers, McGenne, 

H. Johnstone, and Miss Agnes Lourie, 

17, Oldham street 
Caledonian Steam Tug Company, 16, 

Gh>ree Piazzas 
Caley, S. W. licensed victualler, 1, Old- 
ham street 
Callaghau, Anne, broker, 62, Boundary st. 
Callaghan, John, grocer, 10, Athol street 
Calla^han, Thos. butcher, 16, Begent st. 
Callahan, Philip, grocer, 4, Whitley st. 
Callan & McArthur, sail makers, ship 

chandlers, and provision merchants, 31, 

Strand street 
Callanan, Chas. engineer, 12, Boscoe st. 
Callasten, E. pilot, 37, Erskine street 

Gallender, Andrew, and Go. provision 
brokers, 8, Temple court 

Callender Brotners, commission 
merchants, tobacco brokers, and 
forwarding agents, Doran's place, 
6, Doran*s lane. 

Galley & Co. 52, Castle street 
Callighan, J. grocer, 88a, Yauxhall road 
Callis, C. wholesale ironmonger, chain, 

nail, and spade warehouse, 24,Wapping 
Callon, Johanna, fruiterer, 44, St. Joirn's 

Callon, W. J. (M.D.) 129, Islington 
Callon, WiDiam, Cunard hotel, 118, 

Derby road, Kirkdale 
Callow, Dnl. estate agent, 12, Eussell st. 
Callow, John T. tailor and draper, 109, 

Brunswick road 
Callwood, Eliza, hosier, 218, Scotland rd. 
Callwood, John, draper, 23, Cleveland sq. 
Calton, Et. dining rooms, 60, Waterloo ra. 
Calvert, J. greengrocer, 174,W. Derby rd. 
Calvert, Miss J. H. fancy repository, 

106, Bold street 
Calvert & Eobertson, tailors and drapers, 

36, Church street 
Calvert, Thos. master mariner, 44',yine st. 
Cambble, Mary, fruit dealer, 19, St. 

John's market 
Camel, J. & W. lithographers, engravers, 

and nrintertt, 67 , T^so^lk John, atceat 




Cameron, Donald (M. A., LL.D.) , classical 

and mathematical tutor, 22 Oxford st. 
Cameron, Eliza, rictaaller, 8, Kent street 
Cameron, GTeorge, plumber, II, Ainswoilh 

Cameron, Qeorge, draper, IG, Anson st. 
Cameron, J. Or. hosier, 22, Overbury- st. 
Cameron, John B. chronometer and nau- 

tieal instrument maker, optician, and 
■ insurance agent, 54 & 56, South Castle 

Cameron, John & Peter, carriers, customs 

and shipping agents, David Johnstone, 

agent, 2a, ^uth Castle street 
Cameron, John E. watchmaker, 105, 

Upper Parliament street 
Cameron & Poston, watch dial makers, 

12, Old Post Office place 
Cameron, Bobt. bookseller, 142, Dale st. 
Camidge, H. F. & Co. wine and spirit 

merchants, aerated water manufacturers, 

185, Duke street 
Campbell, A. 14, Ghranwell street 
Campbell, A. A Co. brewers, 41, Peter's la. 
Campbell, Anne, butcher, 26 & 27, St. 

Martin's market 
Campbell Bro8.<fe Olds, general merchants, 

9, Bumford place, and at New York 
.Campbell, Charles, & Co. com broker?, 

12, Fenwick street 
Campbell, D. publican, 386, Yauxhall rd. 
Campbell, David, 187, Grove st., agent to 
■ Eg. Clark, rice miller and seed merchant 
Campbell, David, consulting engineer, 

20, Castle street 
Campbell, Emma, glass and china dealer, 

61, Myrtle street 
Caibpbell, Geo. A Co. tobacco importers 

& merchants, Oriel chmbs. 14, Water st. 
CampbeU, H. W. & Co. of Glasgow: B. 
. Adam, agent, Cuthbert buildings, 14, 

Clavton square 
Campbell, Hugh, bootmaker, 18, Blake st. 
Campbell, Hugh, 26, Sir Thomas's bldgs. 
Campbell, J. cattle dealer, 16, Gill street 
Campbell, J. bootmaker, 89, Pitt street 
Campbell, J. butcher, 109, Yauxhall road 
Campbell, James, licensed victualler, 1 

A 8, Cockspur street 
Campbell, James, plasterer and mason, 
. 7, Lower Milk street 
Campbell, James, butcher, 0, St John's 

market ; house, 16, Gill street 
Pampbel], Jana^ cotton broker, Ex- 
eAsn^e allejr. Old Hall street 


Campbell, James Patrick, broker to the 

Liverpool Underwriters and Protection 

of Wrecked Property Association De- 
partment, Phoenix chambers. Exchange 
Campbell, John, carpenter, 6, Duncan st. 
Campbell, John, boot and shoe maker, 

11, Mariners' parade. Canning place 
Campbell, John T. commission merchant, 

87, Castle street 
Campbell, M. eating-house keeper, 17G, 

Yauxhall road 
Campbell, Marj, butcher, 4, St. Martin's 

Campbell, Mary Jane, tobacconist, 86, 

Mersey street 
Campbell, Mat. greengrocer and fruiterer, 

29 & 80, St. John's market 
Campbell, Mich, fishmonger, St. Martin's 

Campbell, Mrs. provision dealer, 1, Bbck 

Campbell A Nelson, tailors and outfitters, 

18, Mariners' parade, Canning placb 
Campbell, B. printer, 14, Berwick str^t 
Campbell, Bobert, licensed victualler j]61, 

Park place ^", 

Campbell, Thomas, watch and chrl^o- 

meter maker, 7, South Castle street 
Campbell,W. potato salesman, St. James's 

market « 

Campbell, William, tailor and draper, 

64, Badcliffe street ) 

Campion, C. butcher, 108, Hey worth *t. 
Campion, J. licensed victualler, 25, St. 

James's street 
Campion, B. confectioner, 41, Overbuiy st. 
Camus & Co. ship broker8,l,Goree Piazzas 
Canada Shipping Co. limited, commission 

merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 

and general forwarding agents, 24, 

Fenwick street 
Canadian Express Ca Wm. Blackwood 

agent, 61, Tower buildings, "Water st. 
Canally, Dem. tobacconist, 69, Park lane 
Canderton, Henry, Boman cement and 

plaster-of-paris, &c manufacturer, 22, 

24, & 26, Gill street 
Candrick, John, 14, Moss street 
Cane, Thomas, tailor and draper, 46, 

Mount Pleasant 
Canerali, J. victualler, 236, Yauxhall road 
Caun, Daniel, wine and spirit merchant, 

59 & 61, Copperas hill 
Cann, J. A Co. grocers, 29, Brownlow hill 
Cann, John, grocer, 49, Blake street 




(hmiell, J. S. dater and plasterer, 80, [ Caries, A. accountant, 40, CasUa street 

BoMell street 
Onuell, John, successor to C. Ilutchins, 

eosraTer and lithographer, 57, North 

John street 
GnneU, T. master mariner, 5G, Arthur st. 
Osnningy Mary, furniture broker, 34, 

Coekspur street 
Cannon, David, Sons & Co. commission 

merchants, 53, South John street 
Cannon, J. fruiterer, 22, St. John's mkt. 
GaonoD, James, cabinet maker, 11, Derby 

road, Kirkdalo 
Gsnnon, James, cabinet maker, 109, 

Derby road, Kirkdale 
Cannon, John, photographer, 2, Price st. 
Cannon & Bogersou, pharmaceutical 

chemists, 10, St. James's street 
Cannon, T. painter, 4*7, Highfield street 
Oant, J. £. chemist, 49, Everton Brow 

Canterbury Music Hall, 28, Bruns- 
wick road 

Cantlin, J. boiler maker, 16, Virgil street 
Gaatrell, E. broker, 79, Low hill 
Gantrell, W. chemist and druggist, 84, 

Heyworth street 
GantroU, William, chemist. Post Office 

■avings -bauk and money order office, 

277, Upper Parliament street 
Oape^ M. children's outfitter, 88,* Atbol st. 
Caple, Erederick, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 9, Bouth John street 
Capper, Gt. victualler, 129, Kirkdale road 
Gapper, John, commission agent, 18a, 

South Castle street 
Capper, S. licensed victualler, 2, Athol st. 

and 296, Great Howard street 
Oapatick, J. glass and china dealer, 6, 

trreat Homer street 
Carbut, M. greengrocer, 275, Great 

Homer street 
Carclifie, Richard, brassfounder, <&c. 13, 

Virgil street 
Cards, Hen. gasfitter, 8, Brownlow hill 
Oardwell Bros. <fc Co, merchants, 69, 

South Castle street 
Cardwell, Mrs. machinist, 1, Chatham st. 

Cardwell, Thomas 2. jeweller, 83, 

Careful, A. publican, 16, Wavertree road 
Carefull, £. greengrocer, 40, Brownlow hill 
Carey, John, chandler, 73, Limekiln lane 
CargiU & Co. shipbrokers and commission 
and forwarding agents, Victoria build- 
ings. King street 

Carle, Oswald, general merchai^, 11, Old 

Hall street 
Carlile, Trimble, provision dealer, 8, 

Bevington hill 
Carlisle, Charles Joseph, detective officer, 

7, Eed BrOck street 
Carlisle, Thomas, Son & Co. merchants, 

24 & 25, Ist floor, south corridor, the 

Albauy, G, Old Hall street 
Carlisle, W. confectioner, 176, Scotland 

Carloss, Charles, watch gilder and electro- 

tjper, 12, Slater street 
Carlow, Eliza, dealer, 10, Najrlor street 
Carlton, Joseph, licensed victualler^ 6, 

Bichmond row 
Carljle, George, manufacturer of tracing 

and oiled papers, Waterloo buildings, 

Hanover street 
Carmichael, Hugh, estate agent and ac- 
countant, Cambridge chambers, 79, 

Lord street 
Carmichael, J. & Co. liver establishment, 

60 & 52, Church street 
Carmichael, John, licensed victualler, 1, 

Great George place 
Carmont, D. coniectioner, 357, Mill at. 
Carmont, P. confectioner, 57, Vauxhall rd. 

Camaby & Go. gas apparatus 

maker, 91, Pitt street. (See Adver- 

Came & Co. Santa Barbara Gold Mining 
Co. limited, 52 & 53, 2nd floor, south 
corridor. The Albany, 6, Old Hall st. 

Carnegy <& Co. commission merchants, 7, 
Sweeting street 

Carney, Catherine, game dealer, 28, St. 
John^s market 

Carney, D. haircutter, 14, Norfolk st. 

Carney, Esther, fish dealer, 37, St. John's 
fish market 

Carney, J. poulterer, 27, St. John's mkt. 

Camock, Bebby, &, Co. rigging rooms, 24, 
Tabley street 

Caroll, tVm. tailor, 25, Warren street 

Carow, John, 12, Preeson*s row 

Carpenter, E. naturalist, 61, Lime street 

Carpi, Loby, & Co. merchants, 28, Chapel 

Carr Brothers, cutlers, 105, Dale 

street. (See Advertisement.) 
Carr, J. broker, 22, Greetham street 
Carr, J. greengrocer, 45, St. John's mkt. 
Carr, Jane, trige dealer^ St. James's mkt. 




Carr, John W. solicitor, 15, Cable street 
Carr, M.«A. cutler, 6, Exchange street E. 
Carr, Michael, wheelwright, Virgil street 
Carr, P. D. & Co. general brokers, 3, 

King st. ; private address, Cro wood, 

Carr, William, provision agent, 12, Cam- 

berland st. ; private address, 104, St. 

Domingo vale, Egerton 
Carran, Henry, & Co. mineral works, 10, 

Love lane 
Carregan, Owen, & Co. managers for 

Ladies' Lane and other collieries, Hind- 

ley, near Wigan ; Thomas Glidlow, 

Slater court, 5, Castle st. proprietor 
Carrick, T. confectioner, 171, Mill street 
Carrick, W. & S. bakers, 27, Derby road, 

and 144, Athol street, Kirkdale 
Carrie, Q-. bill-poster, 47, Christian st. 
Carrigg, — , grocer and dealer in wines, 

89, St. James's street 
Carrington, Albert, emigration office, 42, 

Carroll & Co. bookbinders, 26, Lord st. 
Carrol], Edward, tailor and draper, 310, 

Gtreat Howard street 
Carroll, Hugh, tailor, 70, Dublin street 
Carrol], Joseph, tailor, 57 and 59, Stan- 
ley street 
Carrol], Marffiret, licensed victualler, 

Begent road, Bootle 
Carron Co. ironfounders, 30, Bed Cross st. 
Carmthers, A. draper, 18, Greek street 
Carruthers, D. ironmonger, 157, 159, & 

161, Scotland road 
Carmthers, H. milk contraotor,91,Athol st. 
Carruthers, Hugh, provision dealer, 23, 

Blackstone stroet 
Carruthers, John, licensed victualler, 26, 

Blake street 
Carruthers, John, publican, 106, Pitt st. 
Carruthers, John, publican, 11, Hurst st. 
Carruthers, B. draper, 18, Greek street 
Carruthers, B. hosier, 379, Scotland road 
Carruthers, Bobert, milk dealer, 211, 

Boundary street east 
Cars, James, butcher, 73, Marybone 
Carson, J. whitesmith, 62, Orient street 
Carson, John, draper, 57, St. Ann street 
Carson, Mrs. M. A. provision dealer, 4, 

Blair street 
Carson, Thomas, surgeon, 322, Upper 

P«*liament street 
CSm^, WiJh'am, commiBBion merchant, 
-^ -Brunswick street 


Carstaira & Co. rice millers, 18, 19, & 20, 
ground floor. The Albany, 6, Old Hall 
street ; mills, 14, Bur lington street 

Carswell, Geo. tailor, 150, Bichmond row 

Carswell, J. publican, 251, Scotland road 

Cartan, T. poulterer, 14, St. John's mikt. 

Carter, Dr.Wm. surgeon, 69, Elizabeth st. 

Carter, Edward, commercial hotel, 34, 
BuBsell street 

Carter, Ellen, licensed victualler, 50, 
Leeds street 

Carter, G. spirit mercht. 37,Everton Brow 

Carter, G«o. B. solicitor, 6, Lord street 

Carter, Hales, & Co. pickle merchanter, 
64, Duke street 

Carter, J. pie-house, 69, Byrom street 

Carter, J. Joseph, pattern maker, 20, 
Cottenham street 

Carter, J. tailor, 39, Hardwick street 

Carter, J. jun. hairdresser, 25, Mersey st. 

Carter, James, printer, bookbinder, and 
stationer, 41, Ogwen street 

Carter, Jane, victualler, 61, Fleet street 

Carter, John, bird dealer, 122, Dale st. 

Carter, John, butcher, 6, Gt. Homer at. 

Carter, J. confectioner, 8, Up. Duke st. 

Carter, John, & Son, commercial, naval, 
and military haircutting and shaving 
establishment, 26, Bed Cross street 

Carter, Julius C. tailor, 41, Christian st. 

Carter, Stephen, victualler, 1, Mona st. 

Carter, Stephen, wine and spirit merchant, 
80, Myrtle street 

Carter, Thomas, window-blind maker, 21, 
St. Ann street 

Carter, W. O. slate merchant, Lightbody 
street, and 12, South John street 

Carter, W. 0. slate merchant, agent to 
Pemambuco Slate Company, limited, 
12, South John street 

Carter, W. O. slate works, 31, 35, & 37, 
]Norton street 

Carter, William 0. slate and slab manu- 
facturer, 35, Norton street 

Carter, William, & Co. merchants, 88, 
Tower buildings. Water street 

Carter, Wm. surgeon, 121, Bichmond row 

Carthy, Bridget, dressmaker, 29, Bound- 
ary place 

Cartledge, J. frinse maker, 49, Guilford st. 

Cartmel, G. academy, 63, Park Hill road 

Carton, T. provision dr. 5^ Eairclough la. 

Cartwright, E. H. glass bottle manufac- 
turer, Victoria buildings. King street 

Carver Brotbera & Co. general mer- 




ebants, North Western Bank build- j Catleyi Edward H. European Bail- 
ings, Dale street I way Hotel, 19, Islington 

Onrer & Co. carriers, Queen Insurance Catlow, Henrj, hairdresser and perfumer, 
biuldings, 10, Dale street 205, Smithdown lane, 85, Pembroke pi. 

Carver & Co. carriers. Duke's dock Caton & Daniels, engravers & printers, 

Carvill, Francis, & Son, commission agents, 27, La wton street 

25, Water street ! Caton, Marj, fruiterer, 45, St. John's 

Canrill, William, beerseller, 40, Porter st. I market 

Oaiy, E. M. & Co. merchants, 45, Ist Caton, T. estate agent and accountant, 
floor^north corridor. The Albany, 6, | 4, Clayton square 

Caton, W. brazier, 18, Lawton street 
Catterall, Henry, licensed victualler, 63, 

Cable street 
Catterall, James, grocer, 63, Derby road 

Old Hall street 
Caryl, John, watch manufacturer and 

jeweller, 49a, South John street 
Casartelli, Anthony, optician, mathema- 

tical, philosophical, and engineering Catterall, W. licensed victualler, 14, 
instrument maker, Swift's court, 11, ' Waterloo road 

Castle street 

Catterall, W. & Co. cotton brokers, 

Casartelli, Lewis, optician, 18 & 20, i Apsley hidings. Ist floor, 4, Old Hall st. 

Duke street Cattle, James, 58, Standish street 

Case, George, stock & share broker, Catto, G. tailor and draper, 4, Cleave st. 

Slater court, 5, Castle street 

Case, J. book-edge marbler, 20, Peter's 

Caae, Thomas, stock and share broker. 
Swift's court, 11, Castle street 

Casey, Catherine, provision dealer, St. 
James's market 

Casey, H. broker, 1, Greetham street 

Casey, Thomas, emigration agent, 22, 
Begent street 

Cashen, W. tobacconist, 102a, Islington 

Cassalls, James, provision dealer, 63, 
Great Eichmona street 

Cassella & Co. general merchants, Ade- 
laide buildings, Chapel street 

Cassidy, Jas. tobacconist, 34, Prussia st. 

Gassidy, John, tin plate worker, 32, 
Segent street 

Gassidy, Thos. beerseller, 55, Circus st. 

Cassion, Margaret, tobacconist and sta- 
tioner, 71, Great Howard street 

Casson, Jane, milliner, 5, Latham street 

Castellian, Charles, Oak lodge, Ullet rd. 

Castle, £mnia> Queen's Hotel, 
Lime street 

Castle Coffee-rooms, J. B. Stoneman, 
manager, 18, South Castle street 

Castle, Spencely, attorney, and agent to 
the Marquis of Salisbury, Oriel cham- 
bers, 14, Water street 

Cater, J. W. & Co. merchants. Bank 
chambers, 3, Cook street 

Caterall, Isabel, dining-rooms, 3, Lord st. 

Catholic Cemetery ofi&ce, M. Daly, 16, 
Manchester street 

Caughey, J. & A. general merchants, 21, 
Tempest hey 

Caulcutt, Prederic King, ironmonger, 
209, Smithdown lane 

Caulder, James M. cotton broker, Lidia 
buildings. Water street 

Cauldwell, J. pattern maker, 187, Brown- 
low hill 

Cauley, Hugh, butterman, 56, St. Mar- 
tin's market 

Caulton, John, pork dealer, 67, Hey worth 

Caunce, W. licensed victualler, 20, Greaves 

Causton, Thomas, watchmaker, 38, Tarle- 
ton street 

Cauty, E. H. surgeon, 22, Catharine at. 

Cavafy & Co. general merchants, 15, 
Fenwick street 

Cavan, Joseph, com merchant, Fenwick 
court, 10, Brunswick street 

Cavana, C. A E. small ware dealers, 73, 
Mulberry street, and 7, Leece st. 

Cavanagh, A. tobacconist, 24, Ghi'eat 
Crosshall street 

Cavanagh, J. W. (M.D.) 169, Great 
Howard street 

Cavanagh, J. master cooper, 58, Virgil 

Cavanagh, James, cement merchant, 20, 
College lane. 

Cavanagh, James, eg^ and butter mer- 
chant, 23, Dickenson street 

Cavanagh, John, boot and shoe maker. 




Cavinagh, F. proyision dealer, 61, Fitt tt. : Chafiers, Thomas, flag and stone yard, 
CavanaS, Mrs. H. spirit vaults, 60, Hill I Great Howard street 

Cave, George, veterinary surgeon, 45, 

Eox street 
Cave, J. provision dealer, 4:2, Athol st. 
Cave, J. greengrocer, 182, Scotland rd. 
Cave, James, boot and shoe maker, 105, 

Bose place 
Cave, James, watch-case maker, 42, 

Eldon place . 
Cave, James H. gasfitter, and glass and 

china warehouse, 161, Falkner street 
Cave, Bobert, milk house, 8, Falkland st. 
Cave, W. grocer, 222, Walton road 
Caven, M. & J. milliners, 95, Derby rd. 

Caveny, John, broker, 2, Copperas hill 
Caves, C. provision dealer, l7, Dansie st. 
Caw, Neisb, & Co. Leicester buildings, 

£jng street 
Cawley, William, carter, 11, Cookson st. 
CawBon, Thomfis, licensed victualler, 64, 

Whitefield lane 
Cawthorn, Miss F. stationer, 59, Mount 

Vernon street 
•Cearos, Jos. sti^tioner, 88, St. Ann street 
Cecil, George, eating-house proprietor, 
- 85, Scotland, road 
Celling, Eliz. baker, 44, Brownlow hill 
Central Chambers luncheon room, 17} 

South Castle street 
Central Belief Society, 7, Dale street 
Cestrange, J. publican, 276, Yauxhall rd. 

XShadburn & Soiif manufacturers of 
optical, mathematical, and philo- 
sophical instruments, 71 and 73, 

Lord street, (^ee Advertisement.) 
Chaddock, Ann, draper, 203, West Derby 

Chadwick, Benjamin, wine and spirit 

merchant, 48, St. Ann street 
Chadwick, D. & Sons, rope manufac- 
turers, sail makers, and ship chandlers, 
13, Strand street 

Chalk, Mary, hotel keeper, 32, St. John's 

lane, and 5, Queen's square 
Challen, William, baker, 71, Mount 

Vernon street 
Challcnder, Nancy, smallware dealer, 56, 

Hopwood street 
Challoner, Edward, timber merchant, 6, 

Queen's dock 
Challoner, J. P. ship broker, 4, Bumford 

Chalmers, A. W. accountant, agent for 

the Eagle and Boyal Insurance Com- 
panies, 5, Eenwick street 
Chalmers, Alexander, & Co. rope and 

sail makers, 57, Wapping 
Chalmers, Djr. D. 50, Flumpton house, 

Everton village 
Chalmers, Miss A. Ann, Infant school, 

46, Carter street 
Chalmers, William, smallware, dealer 107, 

Chaloner, J. publican, 10, Canning place 
Chaloner Schools, Norfolk street 
Chaloner, Vincent, agent for the County 

Eire and Provident Life Insurance 

Office, general commission and coal 

agent, 20, Eenwick street 
Chamber of Commerce Cotton Brokers' 

Association, 26 & 27,Brown'B buildings, 

and 55, Exchange 
Chamber, — , veterinary surgeon, 38, 

Parliament street 
Chamberlain, T. greengrocer, 120, Cop- 
peras hill 
Chamberlaine, Dr. J. B. chemist and 

druggist, 122, Stanley road 
Chambers, E. grocer, 66, Vauxhall rd. 
Chambers, E. provision dealer, 182 & 184, 

Heyworth street 
Chambers, E. bread, flour, and grocery 

warehouse, 75, Beacon lane, and 1, 

Wavertree road 
Chambers, E. & Co. bakers, 84, Soho 

Chadwick, Job, tobacconist^ 10, Harper street 

street = Chambers, E. grocer, 30, Whitechapel 

Chadwick, John W. publican, 49, Be- > Chambers, J. & Co. ship-chandlers and 

vington hill j sailmakers, 1, Cooper's row 

Chadwick, J. commercial temperance, Chambers, W. engineer, 56, Seelc street 

hotel and news-rooms, 11, Cases st. j Chambers, W. & Co. stock and share 
Chadwick, Joseph, general shop, 77, ! brokers, 7, Castle street 

Hopwood street Chambers, Ered. grocer, 52, Islington 

Oha^Ter, J. jomer and undertaker, 6, Chambers, Holder, & Co. cotton brokers. 

Cleave street \ Clarendon buildings, Tithebam street 





flamben, Jolm, veterinarj surgeon, 6 J 
Hoa|;btoxi street 

Chimpion & Co., yincgar maker& John 
Beeky agent, 10, Yernon street 

Chance Brothers & Co. window glass 
manufacturers, Birmingham. Agent, 
J. IL Bobs, 24, Newstead road, Smith- 
down road 

Chancery of Lancashire, Liverpool district. 
J. W. Winatanley, Esq. registrar, Traf- 
fbrd chambers, 58, South John street 

Chandler, Jno. bird fancier, 22, Hood st. 

Chandler, Mary, broker and ironmonger, j 
84 & 36, Hatton garden 

Ghantrell, G. F. building material mer- 
chant, 23, Hatton garden 

Chantrell, J. general mrcht. 16, Union st. j 

Chapel, Bethel Union, Bath street 

Qiaplin & Home, railway carriers. Agent, 
J. Sprott, Walmer bags, 6, Water st. 

Oiaplin, J. shoemaker, 164, Yauxhall rd., 
and 100, Great Howard street 

Chylin, Marg. licensed yictualler, 166, j 
Walton road 

C9iapman, F. W. grocer and provision 
dealer, 114, Thirlmere road 

Chapman, J. grocer, &c., 238, Mill street 

Chapman, 3. & Son, fruiterers, 10, James 

Chapman, George, Gregson's Well, 129, 
Brunswick road. 

Chapman, B. tobacconist, 107, Yauxhall 

Qiapman, Mrs. S. licensed yictualler, 1, 
Kadcliffe street 

Chapman, W. butcher, 18, William- 
Henry street 

Chapman, W. cowkeeper, 7, Cropper st. 

Charles, Henry Towns, waiter, 70, Pair- 
dough lane 

Charles, L. hairdresser, 242, Vauxhall rd. 

CSiarles, Mrs. Mary, registry office, 12, 
Clarence street i 

Qiarlton, B. Hall & Sons, wine and 
ship brokers, 69, Henry street ; office, 
17, Dale street 

Charnock, J. draper, 135 & 137, Kirk- 
dale road 

Chamock, J. publican, 198, Vauxhall rd. 

Charnock, J. baker, 23,'Prescot street, 
and 4, Epworth street 

Charters, B. confectioner, 172, Great 
Homer street 

CSiaiie, A. master mariner, 60, Breckfield 
road south 

Chase, Ann, refreshment house, 12, Great 

Homer street 
Chatham Institute, James Veitch, M.A. 

principal, 161, Chatham street 
Chatham, K. hairdresser and wig maker, 

185, Great Howard street 
Cheers, F. estate broker, Shaw's buildings, 

34, South John street 
Cheers, T. ladies' and children's stay and 

outfitting warehouse, 1, Great George 

street, and 27, Bold street 
Cheesbrough, F. J. consultiug engineer 

and patent agent, 43, Castle street 
Cheetham, A. £. hairdresser and perfumer, 

71, London road 
Cheetham, B. hairdresser, 60, Tunnel rd. 
Cheever, Pooley, & Co., wine merchants, 

6, Oriel close, and 14, Water street 
Chegeen, Dr. Jonathan Nelson, surgeon, 

101, Upper Parliament street 
Chegwin, Sedman F. stationer & printer, 

1, Union court. Castle street 
Chellen, W. D. chemist and druggist, 79, 

Lord street 
Chellew, W. D. chemist, 278, Breck rd. 
Cheshire Amalgamated Salt Works. B. 

Finley, agent, Bichmond buildings, 26, 

Chapel street 

Ghesmre, Fredrick, broker and 
commission merchant, 12, Baltic 
buildings, Red Cross street 

Cheshire, T. & Go. agents, 22, John- 
son street 

Cheshire, T.ft Go. weighing machine 
and mill manufacturers, 24 & 26> 
Johnson street, Dale street, oppo- 
site the end pf Manchester si^ 

Chessold, Jas. joiner, 16, Audley street 

Chester, E. butcher, 18, Mount Pleasant 

Chester, Edward, butcher, 12, St. John's 
market ; house, 116, Field street 

Chester, J. licensed victualler, 156 to 
158, Wavertree road 

Chester, William, master mariner, 03, 
Latham street 

Chester, J. cabinet maker, 69, Stanley 

Chesters & Stretch, executors of the 
late David Buchanan, licensed victual- 
lers, 18 & 20, Eose place 

Chesworth and Elliot, accountants and 
estate agents, agents to the Lanca- 
shire Insurance Company, 13, North 
John street 

Chesworth, E. tobacconist, 1, Bussdl 0t. 




Chew, J. P. watch gilder, 6, Parker st. 
Chiesnal, J. veterinary surgeon and shoe- 
ing forge, Sprainger street 
Child, J, restaurant, 41, Lower Castle 

ChUd, W. baker, 295, Scotland road 
Child's Restaurant, Pekin buildings, 21, 

Harrington street 
Chillington Company, iron merchants. 

Edwin P. Adams, agent. Orange court, 

87, Castle street 
Chilton, Thomas, 42, Yauxhall road 
Chinn, Greo. confectioner, 36, Prescot 

Chisholm, S. & Co., steam tug owners, 

17, GK)ree Piazzas 
Chiflholme, W. grocer, 13, Springfield 

Ghisholme, William, cheese factor, 136, 

Brownlow hill 
Chisman, J. gmgrocer, 220, Mt. Pleasant. 
Chisnell, James, veterinary surgeon, 3, 

Sprainger street 
Chisnell, James, bread and flour dealer, 

8, Walnut street . 
Chludon, A. <& G-. merchants, Inner 

Temple, Dale street 
Chown,H. C. boot mkr, 138, Brownlow hill 
Christian, E. J. milliner and dressmaker, 

29, Myrtle street 
Christian, H. solicitor and notary. Peel 

buildings, 5, Harrington street 
Christian, Isaac smith, 14, Soscoe street 
Christian, J. joiner and builder, 13 & 15, 

St. Vincent street. 
Christian, J. painter and plumber, 55, 

Crown street 
Chri^tian, Jensen, shipwright, shipsmith, 

&c., 63, Bridgewater street 
Christian, John, temperance coffee house, 

42, Bevington hill 
Christian, W. tailor and draper, 60, South 

Castle street; house, 122, Upper 

Huskisson street j 

Christie, H. & Co. oil, colour, & varnish 1 

manufacturers, 28, Gt. Homer st., and ' 

238, Scotland rd. 
Christie, B. jun. commission merchant, 

Waterhouse buildings, 1, Old Hall st. 
Christie, E. general broker, 41, Exchange 

alle;^. Old Hall street 
Chriatie, Thomas, angle ironsmith, 245, 

Beaufort street 

Cludstie, W. (Alexander & Co.) «nd 
4tr^^ for Carron & Co. jTlass 


bottle manufacturers, Glasgow, 
64, South Castle street 

Christodulo, C. D. merchant. Castle 

chambers, 13, Lower Castle street 
Christopher, Joseph, coach builder, 121, 

St. Axm street 
Christopherson, H. B. licensed victualler, 

222, Mill street 
Christopherson, M. hosier, 224, Mill st. 
Chubb <& Son, patent lock and fireproof 

safe manufacturers, 2S, Lord street 

Chuck, George CampbeU, shipjoiner 
and builder, 18, Bedcross street 

Chunie & Kemp, 1, Fenwick street 
Church Deaconer's house, 105, Chathm st. 

Church of England; Band of Hope 
and Temperance Beformation 
Society for liverpool, Birkenhead, 
and surrounding districts, 58 & 
60, South Castle street 

Churches, Ster. milliner, &c, 96, Mill st. 
Churchill, J. grocer and provision a ler, 

124, Upper Hill street 
Churchill, Pat. painter, 21, Ainaworth st. 
Churchward, Wm. smith, 62, Chester st 
Churton <& Tomlinson, wine and spirit 

merchants, 8, Drurj lane 
CiW^ of Dublin Steam Packet Co. W. 

Henry Payne, agent, 20, "Water street, 

& 29, Eegent road 
Clacus, William, general merchant, 22, 

Alexandra buildings, Ormond street 
Clafton, TVilliam, greengrocer, 15 & 16, 

St, John's market 
Clamp, Bichard, trunk manufacturer, 8, 

Parker street, and 41, Dale street 
Clamp, T. wine and spirit sample-case 

maker, 41, Dale street 
Clancy, John, bootmaker, 27, MinshuU st. 
Clapham, Peter, butcher, 16, Alma st. 
Chure, C. L. & Co. agents for Egyptian 

Commercial Trading Company, 11, 

Bumford place 
Clare, J. licensed yictualler, 6, Bath st. 
Clare, P. Bjiowaley Hotel, 187, London rd. 
Clare, T. TJ. butcher, 153, Kirkdale road 
Clare, W. & A. attorneys and notaries, 

commissioners fur taking afEdavits in 

Chancery and Common Law in England 

and Ireland, Harrington chambers, 24, 

North John street 
Clare, William, & Sons, cotton brokers, 

Ist floor, 7 <& 8, Exchange buildings 
Clarey, Thomas, barber, 1^3, Marybone 
Clark, G. bait stable, 87, Beau street 


Ckrk A Go. patent self-coiLing shutter 

manufacturers, G-. M. Mansell, 87, 

Lord street 
Clark & Drielsma, watchmakers, 77, 

Church street 
Clark, £. glass and china warehouse, 281, 

Clark, R & Co. seed merchants, 35, 37, 

& 89, Parr street 
dark, Edward, & Co. David Campbell, 

agent, 35, 37, 39, & 54, Parr street 
Clark, H. & Co. general brokers, 1a, 

Liverpool & London chambers 
Clark, Henry, chemical works, 24, Black- 
stock street 
dark, J. butcher, 68, Spencer street 
Clark, J. Tictualler, 8, Houghton street 
dark, J. lamp-oil dealer, 172, Walton rd. 
CSark, John, & Co. shipbrokers, 2, Lidia 

buildings, 2, Water street 
Glaik, John, draper, 74, Great Howard st. 
Clark, Jos. butcher, 394, Scotland road 
dark,Mrs.Mary, tobacconist and stationer, 

67, Netherfield road north 
Clark, B. poulterer, St. Jameses market 
Clark, T. shopkeeper, 14, Porter street 
Clark, T. timber merchant, 14 Upper 

Clark, Thomas C. architect and survejor, 

3, Lord street 


Clarke, J. S. chemist and druggist, 92, 

G-reat Howard street 
Clarke, J. fishmonger, 78, Hejworth st. 
Clarke, John, boot and shoe maker, 97, 

Hey worth street 
Clarke, John, outfitter, 5, Eegent road, 

and 52, Tower buildings, Water street 
Clarke, John, passengers* general outfitter, 

52, Tower buildings 
Clarke, John licensed yictualler, 20, New 

Clarke, Jos. cottonbroker, 28, Netherfield 

road south 
Clarke, Jos. The Grape, 279, Wt. Derby rd. 
Clarke, M. Liverpool laundry, 63, Seele st. 
Clarke, P. laundry, 115, Copperas hill 
Clarke, P. marine store, 79, Virgil st. 
Clarke, Eobert, bootmaker, 41 Berwick st. 
Clarke, Bobert, boot and shoe maker, 5, 

Upper Newington 
Clarke, Sobert, boot and shoe maker, 1^9, 

Mill street 
Clarke, Robert, grocer, 51, Parr street 
Clarke, Hobert, general bill poster, 13, 

Frank st. Toxteth park, off Mill st. 
Clarke, T. painter, 27, Vauxhall road* 
Clarke, T. Barnes, & Co. merchants and 

shipowners. Brown's buildings 
Clarke, T.C. ironfounder, 25 & 27,Seele st! 
Clarke W. grocer, 16, Sparling street 

Clark, Thomas, Son, & Co. ship biscuit Clarke, W. greengrocer and fruiterer, 33, 

manufacturers, 30, Strand street 
Clark, W. broker, 86, Eichmond row 
Clark, W. carver, 4, Priory road 
Clark, W. publican, 2, Fox street 
Clark, W. tailor, 44, Pleasant street 
Clark, W. C. solicitor, 6, Fenwick street 
Clark, Walter C. attorney, 22, Lord st. 

St. John's market 
Clarke, W. stationer, 125, Kirkdale road 
Clarke, W. P. cotton broker, !), Bumford st. 
Clarke, Wm. broker, 163, Mill street 

Clarke, William, & Son, tobacco 
manufacturers, 67> Duke street 

Clarkson, E. photographer, 68, Soho st. 

Clarke, At^ti L. dining rooms, 14, White- Clarkson, W. licensed victualler, 227, 

chapel ! London road 

Clarke, C. wheelwright, 143, Beaulbrt st. ; Clarkson, W. painter and paperhanger, 
Clarke & Co. boot and shoe manufacturers, i 44 <& 46, Everton village 

85, Netherfield road south j Clarkson, W. painter, 101, Chatham st. 

Clarke, Cath. outfitter, 58, Eegent road Clarkson, William, victualler, 133 & 135, 
Clarke, D. shipsmith, 6, Queen's dock Brownlow hill 

Clarke, E. G. draper, 208, Falkner street , Clarkson^^ William, licensed victualler, 
Clarke, Ellen, butcher, 246, Scotland rd. 
Clarke, H. slater and plasterer, 39, Bute 

Clarke, J. butcher, 423, Scotland road 
Clarke, J. plumber, 4, Houghton street 
Clarke, J. hairdresser, 248a, Park road 
Clarke, J. butcher, 114, Scotland road 
CUrke, J. E. The Civet Cat, dealer in 

toys and fancy goods, 83, Lord street 

180a, Eichmond row 
Clarkson, William, licensed victualler, 

86 & 88, Prescot street 
Clarkson, William , brewer and wine and 

spirit merchant, 111 to 119, Soho st. 
Clawley, E. confectioner, 150, Scotland rd. 
Clay & Abraham,pharmaceutical chemists, 

87, Bold street 
Clay, Alfred, hairdresser, Feel buildings, 




5, Harrington street; residence, 87, 

Victoria road, Tranmere park 
Clay, Dod, & Case, wholesale druggists, 

S&, St. Ann street 
Clay, E. haircutter, 84, Lord street 
Olaj, E. goldbeater, 86, Slater street 
Clay, Inman, A Co. Birkenhead forgie 
Olay, J. E. 86, Heyworth street 
Clay, E. L. & J. paint manufacturer, 8, 

Mersey street 
GUy, Thomas, watch and clock maker, 66, 

!Bichmond row 
day, William, iron merchant, 1st floor, 
- 7, Exchange buildings 

Claypole, H. K. & Go. sbipping and 
forwarding agents, ship and insur- 
ance brokers, and commission 
agentS241, Lord street 

Clayton, jBrothers, publishers of time 
tables & shipping directoiy, 16, South 
Castle street 

Clayton, Jos. tool maker, 56, Park lane 

Clayton, Joseph, mount cutter, Ac, 8, 
Christian street 

Clayton,Mat.cowkeeper,7, Stanley street 

Clayton A Son, pawnbrokers, 875, Scot- 
land road 

Cleary,W. provision dealer, 60, Warren st. 

Cleaton A Co. brokers, 8, Rumford^^lace 

Cleaver, W. clerk to the guardians 
and superintendent registrar of 
the West Derby Union and town- 
ship of Toztetn park : residence, 
Bisnop's court, Sandfleld park, 
West JDerby, Guthbert buildings, 
14, Clayton square 

Clegg, Edwin, smith, 18, GKldart street 

Clegg, J. shipwright, 214, Beaufort st. 

Clegg, Joseph, pawnbroker, 112, Soho st. 

Clegg, Paul, fishmonger, 21, St. John*s 
fish market, and 19, Netherfield rd. S. 

Clegg, Squire, family grocer, 24, William- 
Henry street 

Clegg, S. furniture and carpet warehouse, 
286, Great Homer street 

Clements, John, brush manufacturer, 

29, Kensington 
Clements, WiUiam J. licensed victualler, 

1, Bolton street 
Clementson, W. tobacconist, 2, St. 

James's street 
Cleminson, Ann, publican, 6, Button st. 
Clensy, Mrs. Ann, tobacconist, 6, Boe st. 

and 102, Dale street 
Clepban, Mary, toy warehouse, 28, West 

Derby road 

Glerc, Hr. & the Misses, dancing 
academy, Benshaw street. (See 

Cleverley, W. C. baker, 11, Liver street 

Glibbom & Co. provision merchants, 
Prince's builokigs, 28, North John 
street 22, Harrington street 

Cliff, J. spirit yaults, 19, Eairclough lane 
Cliff, William, merchant and ship owner, 

60 & 51, The Albany, 6, Old HaU St. 
Cliffe, Joseph, licensed victualler, 55, 

Sefbon street 
Cliffe A Talbot, linen drapers, &o. BOO, 

G-t. Homer street 
Cliffer, Bobert, licensed victualler, 87, 

Ot. Howard street 
Clifford, H. watchmaker, 75, Hanover st. 
Clift, W. butcher, St. James's market 
Clindinning, W. G. grocer, 38, Mount 

Vernon street 
Clint A Co. shipowners, York buildings. 

Dale street 
Clipsham, J. tallow chandler, 182, Ealk- 

ner street 
Clissold, John, hairdresser and perfumer 

9 A 11, Elliot street 
Clitherall, Ann A Son, painters, gilders, 

and decorators, 61, G-t. George street 
Clitheron, B. H. licensed victualler, 80, 

Leeds street 
Clotworthy, H. book-keeper, 85, Arthur 

Clough,E. cattle dealer, 51, Bussell street 
Clough, B. H. A Co. York buildings. 

Clegg, T. rate collector, 28, Wentworth st. I Die street 

Cl^gg, T. confectioner, 17, Kensington Clough, "W. shoemaker, 11, Prescot st. 

Clegg, W. musician, 48, Cazneau street 
Clegg A Co. wholesale grocers, 67, Tithe- 
bam street 
Cleig, Edward, joiner and builder, 64, 

Bamber street 
Clement, James, licensed victualler^ 48, 
&L J^ewton street 
Cta^entB, J, yictnatter, 15, Dantie st 


Clucas, William, coach body maker, 25, 

Alma street 
Clulow, Joseph William, paraffin oil and 

lamp depot, 170, West Derby road 
Clunan, Madame, corset maker, 105, 

Bold street 
Glunie A Kemp, com merchants, 7, Back 

Goree, and 1, Eenwick street 




Clutteadon & Oulton, cotton brokers, 

11, Olii Hall street 
Clyde, W. boardiiig-housc, 27, Hegent st. 
Cljrnchy Lawrence, boot and nhoe manu- 
facturer, 30, Gt. George street 
Coadsby, B. gas-filter and plumber, 

80, Virgil street 
Coady, John William, tailor, G, Blake st. 
Coatcs, G. publican, 15, Dickenson st. 
Coatee, G«orge, licensed victualler, 45, 

Queen Ann street 
Cootes, J. painter, 17, Wuethiugton st. 
Coates, Jane, tobacconist and stationer, 

19, St. James's street 
Coate«^, John, victualler, 87, Limekiln la. 
Coates, Lvdia IT. milliner and drods- 

maker, lOO, Brunswick road 
Coates, li. merchant, 43a, Temple street 
Coates, K. publican, 4S, Mount Pleasant 
Coates, Bichard, licensed victualler, 35, 

Benson street 
Coates, Thomas, victualler, 32, Mary bone 
Coates & Co. provii^ion and produce 

brokers, 20, North John streeu 

Coffee, W. J. victualler, 79, Old Hall st. 
Coffey, Mary, greengrocer, 19 to 21, St. 

Martin's market 
Coffey, N. wine and spirit merchant, 83, 

Mount Vernon street 
Coghill, A. jiin. cotton broker, Borough 

buildiug;^, 7, Bumford street 
Coghill, A. & Co. ship & insurance 

brokers, agents to Imperial luHurauce 

oiHce, Borough buddiut^s, 7, Uumford st, 
Co/i^ne, B. 8. master mariuer, 108, 

IBeaufort sti'eet 
Cohan, Asher & Son, silversmiths and 

jewellers, 53, South Castle street 
Cohen, Aaron, outfitter, 50, Park lane 
Cohen, Bernard, glass dealer, 41, Park pi. 
Cohen, H. tailor and outfitter 69, Old 

Hall street 
Cohen, Henry, hairdresser, 24. Blake st. 
Cohen, Henry, outfitter, 35, Byrom st. S. 
Cohen, Isaac, furniture dealer, 23, St. 

James's road 
Cohen, Jonas, licensed victualler, 74, 


Coats, G. licensed victualler, 45, Soho Cohen, M. furniture dealer, 74, Bruna- 

street wick road 

Cobb, John, attorney, 125, Dale street Coheu,rM. pawnbroker, 95, Byrom street 

Cobham, John, dining-roomt?, Slater court, Coin, George & Co. paper rulers, 69, 

5, Cttstle street 

South Castle street 

Cochran^ P. & Co. manufacturers of Cule, E. army and navy embroidress, 20, 

writing inks, 17, 20, 22, Cable St.- AVilliamson street 

Cochninc, J. geuerul stereolyper, 18, Cole, Francis, chemist, 66, Everton rond 
Cable Htreet | Cole, John, bootmaker, 6, Hard wick st. 

Cochrane, John, zinc and tin plate; Colo &. Jones, nhipbrokers, 18, Bruu.<- 
worker, 2."), Knight street I wick street 

Cochrane, M. shopkeeper, 1, Ainsworth Coleburn, William, fruiterer, 205, Xe- 
street therfield road north 

Cochrane, Thomas, 7, Adelaide buildings, Coleman, A. hairdresser, 25, Latimer st. 

Ejinelagh place 
Cockayne, T. cowkecper, 5, Bloom street 
Cockbain, Joiiu, tailor and draper, 41, 

Pembroke j)lacc 
Cockbain, Roxburgh &Co. South American 

merchants, 19, James street 
Cockbaine, Charles, artist, 52, Carter st. 
Cockerill, S. T. draper, 130, Kensington 
Cocks, — , surgeon, 14, Oxford street 
Cockshott & Lansemann, general mer- 
chants, IS, Brunswick street 
Codrey, Thomas, painter, 53, Christian st. 

Cod ._ ^ ' 

Codrington Brothers, cotton brokers, 

Parana buildings, Titiiebarn street 

Coleman, Edward, hosier, Ac. 46, Mill t^t. 
Coleman, George, ii;jh and potato stores, 

24, Crown street 
Coleman, II. ponltcrer,68,Breck field rd.N. 
Coleman, Jan. tea dealer, 29, Eegent st. 
Coleman, Kate, stationer, 103, St. James's 

Coleman, Thomas, grocer, 100 & 260, 

Great Homer street 
Colenso, Geo. bootmaker, 17, Newington 
Colga, Jas. coppersmith, 62, Christian st. 
Colgan, T. cooper, 8, 11, & 13, Thomas st. 

rington, T. B. & Co. merchants, 5, Colgan, T. provision dealer, 13, Thomas st. 
idia buildings. Water street Colgan, T. provision dealer, 56, Eoscoe 

Colin, Cambell, & Co. cotton brokers, 
Coen, G. merchant tailor, 94, Old Hall st. I Clarendon buildings, Tithebarn street 


TSAftBS itkEtrovi. 

OJtihrd, Miry Ann, to1>ac3oni8t and sta- 
tioner, 163. WtJst Djrby road 
Colidreiiy Mary A. broker, 100, SOscoin- 

mon street 
C 'lley, D vviJ, carp^nte-, 17, Snith lit. 
C »lley, Sa^, i^oniionger, 125, Pdrk lane 
Ci/lley, B. provirtion dealer, 70, Mill rond 
Colli'y & Co. office and eatdte amenta, 52, 

C i8tle street 
Collier, Alexander, & Co. inerchnnts, 

W.iteriiond^ bldg^. 1, OM Kail etreet 
Collier, Catherine, diniug-rjdin.*i, 77 & 78, 

R'geiit toad 
Collier, George, & Co. merchants. Water- 
house buildiiigii, 1, Old Hall street 
Cdllicr, John, baker, 54. Overbury street 
Collier, T. B. solicitor, 11, Lord street 
Cnllignon, P« basket wareho. 34, Slater st. 
CoUihole, W. bread and flcur dealer, 2, 

B:idclifre str^t 
Cullihole, William, 6dm and flour dealer, 

48 to 50, London rd. and 1, Everton rd. 
Collin, Joseph, draper, 6, Hardy street 
Collin & Wil>on, tent dealers, 270 & 

2 2. Falkner street 
Coliugs, riioH. grocer, 93, Oxford street 
•Colli nation, W. & Son, bout and Shoe 

makers, 124, Bold street 
CollingwooJ, Wm. M. artist and teacher 

of drawing, 60, Bedford street 
Collins, £. warehouseman, 18, Plumbe st. 
Collins, Frederick, setid and provender 

dealer, 4 & 6, Currie street 
Collins, John, provision merchant, 59, St. 

John's market 
Collins, John, bootmaker and dogger, 

108, Park road 
Collins, John, egg salesman, 2, St. John's 

Collins, John, publican, 41, Cleveland sq. 
Coll ns« John, boot and shoe maker, lU, 

St. Ann htreet 
Cjilins, Matilda, ladies* school, 8, Belvi- 

dere roail 
Collins, Mrd. greengrocer, 46, St. John's 

CwUiii}!, Mrs. Ellen, 2, Barnes street 
Collins, Pat. Salutation tavern, 7, Merdey 

street and 4, Park Line 
Collins, Sarah, provision warehouse, 39 

A 41, St James's street 
Collins St Capell, hosiers, and gldvers, 

78, Lime street 


C »'in3 m, Jin-),b'>ob andshoawirehotiie, 
10, Ruielagh street, 2i*, Castlo street, 
9, MoM street, and 36, B dd street 

Collinson, Wiiliam, & S.m, boot and shoo 
makers. 21s, Fenwick street 

Colinan, E. butcher, 2, St. Martin's mrkt. 

Colman,H. poulterer, 63, Brotrkfield rd. N. 

Colonial .\ssunince Corporation (limited), 
Thos. Affleck, resident secretary, Shaw's 
buildiniiS. 31, South John street 

Col:ieutt, W. shipwright, 187, B aufort st. 

CoUell, H. butcher, Sr. .Iames*s markec 

Colson, Mrs. M. tob;iCC(mist, 247, Park rd. 

ColtJir-, A. L. s lipowner, 42, Chapel st. 

Col tart, R ibert, & Co. timber, 13, 
Canada dock 

Coltirt, William, Son, & Co. shipOwner^i, 
42, Chapel street 

Coll on, Annie, George's Dock hotel, 22, 
Brunswick street 

Col ton, J. B. land and cst:ite agent, 81, 
Lord street 

Colton, John C. wine and spirit merchant, 
Irwell chambers 

Coiner, T. A Co. merchants, 6,Itumford pi. 

Cohvell,T. H. joiner, 285, B-anfort street 

Combey, N. coffee-h«juso, 11, Dawson st. 

Comberbesch, A. hatter, 80, (it. Homer st. 

Comer & Harrison, cotton brokers. Claren- 
don buildings, 19, Hackins Hey 

Commercial Union Assurance Com- 
pany, '• Fire, Lite, and Marine ; " 
Underwriter, Thomas Howartn; 
Local Secretary, W. A. Harris, 
Exchange court, Exchange steast 

Commins, Andrew, barrister, Eldon cham- 
bers, 20, South John street 

Commins & Foster, wiue coopers, 3, Bum- 
ford place 

Commins, W. & Co. importer of wines and 
spirits, and general commission agents, 
17, Adelphi Bank chambers. South 
John street 

Common Hall, Philadelphia building<(, 3, 
Hack ins Hey 

Conaway, R. & Co. insurance brokers, 50, 
Tower buildings. Water street 

Condie, Ja:'. painter, 46, Lowther street 

Condi iff, Thomas, watch and clock manu- 
facturer, 12, FrSser street 

Condliffe, J. broker, 161, Richmond row 

Coflney, Patrick, tailor, 10, Blake stn-et 

Cohlan, C. stationer, 147. Bi<*hniond row 

Ou/J/tiSMi Brothtrj, boot and sho6 makers, Conlan, M. toy dealer, 92, Paddingtou 
-^ Ma6^ atreet j Couley, R marine store, 60, Boundary st. 





Canley, P. master lumper, 22, Simpson st 
Conlon, Eliz. dealer, 10, Naylor street 
Conlon, John, provision dealer, 216, Vaux- 

halL road 
Connab, Charles, & Go. coal office, 166, 

Smithdown lane 
Connah, Thos. ft Wm. 12, Eumford place 
Connell, J. estate agent, 46, Canterbury st, 
dmneU & Co. millers aud tea dealers, 31, 

Mathev street 
Connell & Holdon, Misses, ladies' and 

children's outfitters, 6J>, Lmdon road 
Connellj, Henry, licensed victualler, 106, 

Derby road, Kirkdale 
Connelly, James, provision deal.^r. 111, 

Great Howard street 
Connely, Mrs. poulterer, 8, St. John's 

Connick, B. ironmonger, 51, St. James's st. 

Connbck, Wm. tailor and draper, 32, 
Basnett street 

Connolly, Dan. bootmaker, 96, G-erard st. 

Connollv, P. J. cotton and waste dealer, 
50, Naylor street 

Connor, -*■, timber merchant, 101, Dake st. 

Connor, A. upholsterer, 9, Faircloiigh lane 

Connor, D. shoemaker, 32, Pitt street 

Connor, Edith, butcher, 45, Simpson st. 

Connor, J. E. tobacconist, 6 ), Kensington 

Connor, John, painter, 17, Parr street 

Connor, Judith, 33, Queensland street 

Connor, Louis, plasterer aud slater, 38, 
Bnssell street 

Connlley, C.itherine, broker, 92, Soho st. 

ConoUy, Thomas, greengrocer, 51, St. 
John's market 

Conror, Henrv, wine and spirit merchant, 
80 k 82, Paradise street 

Conroy, James, provision dealer, 32 & 31;, 
Soho street 

Conroy, John, butcher, 238, Mill street 

Conroy, John, general draper, 41, Bruns- 
wick road 

Constable, George, hairdresser, 1, Bruns- 
wick street 

Constable, W. broker, 16, Mount Vernon 

Constantinidi, Michael, commission agent 
and merchant, 8, Penwick street 

Constitutional Association, B. Ben- 
nett, 833rdtar7, SDuth Castle &t. 

CjtHulate de Prance, cfiancsllrfrie, H^^nry 
B3ijsolier, cou^ul; H9nry Tab malle, j 
vice-consul; first attachii, John A. de 
Moor; second attache, Lucien &allard 

de Ferry; The Albany, 6^ Old Hall 

Consumers* Tea Association, John Booth, 

manager, 16, Banelagh street 
Contostavlos, P. merchant, Brunswick 

buildings, 7, Brunswick street 
Conway, Peter, bread and flour dealer, 147, 

Stanley road 
Cooban, James & Son, timber merchants, 

96, E^erton road 
Coodey, Edward, eating-house keeper, 44, 

Pitt street 
Cook, George, confectioner, 145, Waver- 

tree road 
Cook, James, fishmonger, 53, Paddington 
Cook, John, &, Co. master carters, 8, 

Leather lane 
Cook, Michael, baker, 20, Scotland place, 

and 175, Scotland road 
Cook, Mrs. E. tobacconist, 88, Low hill 
Cook, Samuel, stationer, 27, Old Hall st. 
Cook, Thomas, provsn dir. 137, Stanley rd. 

Cooky Thomas, architect and sur- 
veyor, 23, South Castle street 

Cook, W. engraver, 57, Eenshaw street 

Cook A Townshend, drapers, sUk 
mercers, and ship and house fkir- 
nishers, Ac. 9 to z9, Byrom streeti 
and 161, Dale street 

Cooke, Alexander, tea and coffee meirchant, 
8, Temple court 

Cooke, B. & Co. ladies* and children's 
outfitters and baby linen establish- 
ment, 49, Great Charlotte street 

Cobke, B. & Co. wholesale teadealers, 10, 
Collei>:e lane, and 174, Orove street 

Cooke Brothers, publicans, 6, Hanover st. 

Cooke, F. Ldieester buildings, King st. 

Cooke, Isaac, & Sons, cotton brokers, 
43, Brown s buildings 

Cf>oke, J. cooper, 89, Kent street 

Cooke, John, grocer and provision dealer, 
40, Myrtle street 

Cooke, Jonathan, A Go. oil mer- 
chants, rgfiners and drysaltsrs, 
5, Batchelor street 

Cooke, M. baker, 175a, Scotlahd road 
C( 6'ce, Mary Ann, licensed victualler, 70, 

H mover street 
Cooke, Mrs. Eleanor, fancy bread baker, 

19, Park place 
Cooki, Sirih, stationel*, 53, Old 
Cooke, W. & Son, paper bag mtdufac- 

turerj and twiuo dealers, 21, Q-r^at 

Charlotte atcoet 


Cooke & Co. flower and feather manu- Cooper, Thomas Colliog, butcher, 11, 

factureni, 5, Bold street Paddingtoa 

Cooks?ey, John, paiDter, 10, Christian st. Cooper, Vosper, & Co. provision mer- 
Cookson, Edward, pawnbroker, 18 & 15, chants, 13, Mersey street 

Leeds street Cooper, Wm. joiner and cabinet maker, 

Cook^on, J. pawnbroker, 294, Gt. Homer i 8, Boundary place 

street, and 405, Scotland road | Cooper & Brandon, provision merchants, 

Cook8on,S. pawnbroker, 94, Wavertreerd. i 20, Byrom street 
Cookson, ii. d^ Co. woollen drapers, 56, [ Coopland, G. H. pawnbroker, 230, Great 

S(mth John street j Homer street 

Cookson & Withers, cotton brokers, 31, ! Cope Brothers & Co. tobacco works, 30, 

Brown's buildings ! Sidney street, E. 

Coombes, Henry, tobacconist, 80, Mill st. ! Cope, David, oil merchant, 53, G3, and 

Coombes, J. E. confectioner, 2, Tennyson 

Coombes, John, milkman, 52, Harbord st. 

Coombs, P. plumber, 133, Vauxliall road 

Cuonan, Edward, tailor and draper, 7, 
Carver street 

Coonan & Co. tailors, 13, South John nt. 

Cooper, Alice, dining-room keeper, 119, 
Park lane 

Cooper, Charles, commercial and temper- 
ance hotel, 3, Manchester street 

Cooper, Elisa, grocer, 5, Jordan street 

Cooper, G. pattern maker, 32, Fairclough 

Cooper, H. edge-tool maker, 52, Seel st. 

Cooper, H. & Co. cigar importers, 22, 
Ix)rd street ^ 

Cooper, Henry, & Co. cigar merchants, 
21, Cable street 

Cooper, J. M. plumber, painter and gla- 
cier, 6, Smithdown lane 

Cooper, J. umbrella maker, 9, Leece st. 

Cooper, James, stationer, 8, Winter st. 

Cooper. James B. & Sons, furnishing 
and Diulders' ironmongers, grate 
and kitchen range, marble and 
stone chimney piece manufac- 
turers. Shopj 87, London wall ; 
show rooms, 8 & 10, Morton st. ; 
works, 1 to 7, Burgess street; 
marble works, 18, \A^ilde street; 
residence, 49; Shaw street 

Cooper, John, whitesmith and bellhanger, 

84, Tunnel road 
Cooper, M. cooper, 41, Blackstock street 
Cooper, Mary Ann, publican, 212, Park 

Cooper, Miss E. butcher, 3d, G-rej street 
Cooper, Miss, Victoria school, 129, Chat- 

Ajtm Btreet 
^^P^'''^ gtniner, 88, Frederick street vyurwso, o. vaiwL ^ti^^ wii^v^v^^^^ iu.%ti .«. 
^/^A Jfudert, butcher, 85, Prescot at. Corless. lamcB, tnuV.wT.^'n , Ctsx^Tx %\. 


87, Norton street 
Cope, J. confectioner, 33, Brunswick rd. 

Cope, W. N. S. hatter, 38, London 
road, and 24, Berry street 

Copelaiid& Green, brewers, 12,Marybone 
CopeUton, S. Clitton hotel, 41, Islington 
Copeman, C. B. solicitor, of the firm 

oi'Snowbnll&Copeman, 108, Bedford st. 
Copestake, Moore, Crampton, & Co. lace 

merchants and manufacturers, 10, Wil- 
liamson street 
Copestake, William, licensed victualler, 

54, Dale street 
Copiapo & Coquimbo Bail way Co. K 3, 

Exchange buildings 
Copping, John, & Co. shlpbrokers, 2, Old 

Kopery, and 2, Fenwick buildings 
Copplestone, W. van owner, 8, Duncan st. 
Corbett, P. master mariner, 38, Chester st. 
Cor bet t, T. butcher, 49, St. John's market 
Corbett, William, barber, 18, Marvbone 
Corbin, William F. licensed victualler, 64, 

Prescot street 
Corbitt, M. hairdresser, 78, Hopwood st. 
Corcoran, Cliarles, licensed broker, 2, 

Union street 
Corcoran, C. general dealer, 64, Union st. 
Corcoran, T. clothier, 54, Wbitechapel 
Cordwell, G-. publican, 10, Hanover st. 
Coreless, M. plumber, &c. 1, Sherdley st. 
Corf, Joseph, silk-dyer, 3, Park Hill roiid 
Corfe, W. publican, 24, Vauxhall road 
Corish, J. & P. tailors and drapers, 25 & 

27, Tarleton street 
Corkhill, Edward, publican, 19, Strand st 
Corkhill, George, tailor and draper, 21, 

Pilgrim street 

CorUiilL Jane, umbrella and parasol 
maker, 18, Lord street 

Corkhill, B. confectioner, 25, Myrtle st. 
Corlass, 8. taWox «i\id 4iX^^T^ S^^ Mill rd. 




Corless, Bicliard/hemp and jute merchant, 

19, Seel street 
C(N*iett, Mary, dining-rooms, 89, Begent 

Gorlett, Bobert, joiner and builder, 8 & 5, 

Cottenham street 
Cormode, John, tailor, 56, Alma street 
Cornelius, Richard, corn merchant, 12, 

Brunswick street 
Cornish & Co. G-. H. insurance brokers, 

1, Bumford place 
Coniish, JamcH, & Sons, booksellers and 

publishers, 87, Lord street 
Gornishy Or, J. & Co. insurance brokers, 

1, Bumford place 

ComwidI, John, proyisiou dealer, 280, 
Scotland road 

Corporation Baths, manager, Wm.Welsbj, 
Paul street 

Corran, James, ship and insurance broker, 
22, Fenwick street 

Carrie (Brothers, tea dealers, 59, Brown- 
low Hill, 29, West Derby road, and 
154, Scotland road 

Corrie, Hampshire, warehouseman's office, 

2, Alexanura buildings, Ormond street 
Corrie, Hampson, & Moon, cotton brokers, 

16, Exchange buildings 
Corrigan, Edward, poulterer, 6 & 7, St. 

John's market 
Corns, J. joiner, 8, Bright street 
Corroll, Michael, cattle salesman, 10, 

Corror, Bev. J. B. surrogate, 138, Is- 

Corsar, David, & Son, sailcloth makers, 

8, Goree Piazzas 

Corson, Elizabeth, boarding-house keeper, 

82, Bussell street 
Corson, J. 8. & Co. wine and spirit mer- 

chauts, 3, King street 
Corson, Jame8, watchmaker and jeweller, 

9, Fox street 

Corstage, John, licensed yictualler, 73, 

Eldon place 
Cort, Sarah Anne, licensed victualler, 14, 

Norton street 
Cory Brothers & Co. coal merchant?, 

16, Water s reet 
Corzon, Elizabeth, boarding-house keeper, 

82, Bussell street 
Cosens, Gr. H. & Co. wool brokers, 4fG, 

Dale Btreet 

Cosgrove, Ellen, fruiterer, 23, St. John* 

Cosh, John, marine store dealer, 41, 

Bridgewater street 
Cosleit, J. butcher, 25 & 89, Paddington 
Cossage, Wm. &Sons, soap manuiacturers, 

8, Blackstock street 
Costa, Mrs. Elizabeth, prorision dealer, 

42, Cazneau street 
Costaiue, John, bread and flour dealer, 

C6, Hey worth street 
Costella, John, fish-salesman, 8, St. John's 

fish market 
Costi, A. A. general merchant, 6, Fen- 
wick street 
Costigan, Charles, auctioneer, 1, TTpper 

Park street 
Costigan, Charles, auctioneer & furniture 

dealer, 181, Park road 
Costin, Dunlop David, surgeon, 235, 

Boundary street, E. 
Costingan,N. tobacconist, 52, Tithebam st. 
Coterell, J. wood and ivory turner, 65, 

Copperas Hill 
Cotlcr, Garratt, bootmaker, 77, Pembroke 

Cotesworth, Lyne, & Co. shipbrokers, 21, 

Tower buildings. Water street 
Cotterull, Isabel, dining-rooms, 8, Lord st. 
Cottier, J. baker, 87, Alt street 
Cottier, John, bread and flour dealer, 

188, Falkner street 
Cottier, B. painter and plumber, 80, 

Pleasant street 
Cottier & Cruitie, general mercers, 57a, 

Brunswick road 
Cottle, A. A. baker and flour dealer, 20, 

St. James's street 
Cottle, Alfred W. baker and flour dealer, 

68, Mill street 
Cottle, James, baker, 58, Eontenoy street 
Cottle, Peter James, flour dealer, 58, 

Staiidish street 
Cotton, Edward, attorney and solicitor, 

Adelphi Bank chambers. South John st. 
Cotton, Miss, licensed victualler, B«geLt 

road, Bootle 
Cotton & Fryer, estate agents, 10, Cook st. 
Cotton « G . lit hogra phic printer, 9i Derby St. 
Cotton, Susan, printer and lithographer, 

5 & 7, Derby street 
. Cottrall, D. hoatdvu%'\\Ci>a»ft^^\.^\^v^Q&s?A. 

Cosgrave, J, baker, 168, Great Homer st. 1 CoUreU, Ileiirj,\\WMBfc^ \\Q^^»:^^^'i5: 
Co-^ffri/r, William, 55, EaneJagh street * 22, TamAw «Xt^^^ 




Gottrell, W. estate lige^t, 80, Great Cross- 
hall 8treet 
Cottrell, Samuel A. corn and flour denier, 

111, Brunswick rqad, aud 111, West 

Derby road 
C^ubrough, Boyd, A Co. ship chandlers 

and sailmakerH, 1, Litherlaxid alley. 

South Castle street 
Couche, J. ^r. conimissipQ agent, 86, 

Tarleton street 
Coulebourne, J. greengrocer, 202, Brown- 
low Hill 
Couley, F. oyster-dealer, 11, Chesnut pt. 
Cuulon, J. provision dealer, 210, Vauxhall 

Coulston, Thomas, tailor and draper, 128, 

Bichmond row 
Gouiston, Thompson, S^ Co. wine and 

spirit merchants, 10, fi^eel street 
fioulston, Bobert, shipping agent, 10, 

Chapel walks 
fieultart, Bpb^rt, 4 Ce- timber brokers, 
' 8» Manchester hidings. 1, Tiibebarn st. 
Couly, Thomas, gasfitter, 128, Tunnel rd. 
Cpnnl^ Court (l^rgt. Wheeler and James 

K. Blair, Esq. judges), 80, Lime street 
Coun^i^ Palatlue Ijoan an^ Dis^unt Pom* 

pony (limited), 10, School lane 
. Coupland Brothers, l^asit India merchants, 

66, Tower buildingj. Water street 
. Coupland, H. export diuggist, 29, South 

Courier Publishing Office, C. Tin- 
luig> proprietor, 44, Cable street 

Con^peliuss, A. J. stocl^ and share broker, 

Sweeting street 
Coutts, A. stationer, 48, Evertoii road 
Covell & Mayor, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 85, Duke street 
Coventry, Henry, last manufacturer, 17a, 

Coventry & Fox, brokers and commission 
agents, 18, Water street 
, Cowan, David, coop^, 7, Gt. Bichmond st. 
Cowan, Elizabeth, publican, 113, Pitt st. | 
Cowan, J. dairy, 7, Alt street I 

Cowan, John, tailor & draper, 37, South ; 
Castle street 
. Cowan, Jos. corn broker, Fenwick court, 
, Fenwick street 
Cowan, W. K. licensed victualler, 38, 

Dale street 
CoH'snB, James^ hatter, 59, Dale street 
Otifrmrd, Jobo, joiner, 10, Camber street 
c^oHTMrd^ W. shoemaker, 104,, Scotland rd. 


Coward, J. W. boot manufacturer, 7, 

Scotland plnce 
Coward, J. W. & Co. boot and shoe 

makers, 37, Eanelagh street 
Cowell, S. spirit vaults, 73, Mount 

Vernon street 
Cowell, S. licensed victufiller, 48, Foley at. 
Cpwell, Wii)iam, grocer, 19, Bose Hill 
Cowell, W. furniture dealer, 248, Crow n st. 
Cowen, J. licensed victualler, 224> & 226, 

Falkner street 
Cowen, S. hairdresser, 68, Bichmond row 
Cowen, T. bootmaker, 12, Bichmond row 
Cowen, Thomas, licensed victualler, 123, 

Bamber street 
Cowen, ^illiam, joiner, 9, Grenville st. 
Cowen, William, bread & dour dealer, 

113, Breck road 
Cowie, C. Q. Son & Co. ship owners & 

poqamission agents, 7 & 8, l^e Albany, 

6, Old Hail street 
Cowie, Gilbert, agt- Bombay Ins. Society, 

41 Sb 42, The Albai^y , 6, OI4 Hail si 
Cowie, Mclver & Co.| CQttpn bjrQJ^rSy 

99, Brpw's l)Hilding^ 
fipw^JPTf ^okn & Cp. harflwarq ^c^ors, 

♦7, rp>9^^r l)uuding«, Water street 
Cowley, T. picture trainer, 68, J&((iiryhone 
Cowman, Jeremiah, licensed victualler, 

44, Hopwood street 
Cowper, Elizabetht Blue Post inn, 4, 

Grenville street 
Cowper, Jno. greengrocer, 47, Deuison 

Cowper, Von Melle, & Co. oil & commis- 
sion merchants, 11, Key street 
Cox Brothers, merchants, Ap^ley build- 
ings, ground iloor, 4, Old Hall street 
Cox, Edward, & Sous, cotton <& general 

brokers, Manchester buildings, 1, 

Tithebam street 
Cox, Frank, Temperance Hotel, 23, 

Houghton street 
Cox, Frank, restaurant & dining rooms, 

25, Water street 
Cox, Geo. £. fancy bazaar, 43, Lord st. 
Cox, George Edward, toy & fancy re- 
pository, 34, Elliot street 
Cox, Elizabeth, toy shop, 88, Everton rd. 
Cox, H. & Co. merchants, Grosvenor 

buildings, Tiihebarn street 
Cox, John, cotton broker, $6, Carter st. 
Cox, Joseph, gas fitter, 39, Bensliaw st. 
Cox, Owen A Kelly, fihip chandlers, 13, 

New Quay 




Coi« Mary Ann, beerlipuse keeper, 0, Crane, Juhn, winp find spirit merchant, 

DdWBiin ttret- 1 

Gox, P. |)otato dealer, 87, Brownlow Hill 

Cos, Philip, master inariniT, 26, Violet sf. 

I'oit A- S. & Co. general broken>, North 
Weiitem Bank buildiii(|;p, Dule street 

Cos ABaik-lifle, cotton & trenenl brokers, 
Waterhoiue buildings, 1, Old Hnll st. 

Cos, AV. P. L. sail maker & chandler, 28, 
Meraev street 

Cox A iToung, cotton broker^, 21, Ex- 
change allev. Old Hall street 

Cnibiree, G. on (fitter, 82, Sr. James's st. 

Crackaon, W. 19, Thomaston stret't 

Cnddock & Co. ship ^ iron brokers, 
Ipwell chain ber3 

2, Johnson street 
Crune, Joseph, hatter, 159, Boundary 

street cnst 
Crane, Mark, green$;;rocer, 28, Dansi^ st. 
Crane, Peter, greengrocer & fruiterer, 

77, St. JohnV ninrl^et 
Crnnc, T. Q. &, Co. general brokerji, 12, 

Buuiford place 
Crane, Thos. pawnbroker, 221 to 228, 

Scotland rond 
Cnnidge* P. Brown & Co. Brownlow Hill 

mills*, 109 & HI, Brownlow Hill 
Crnnk, Geoffrey, tailor and woollendf aper, 

72, Lord street 
Cnmkshaw, W. & Co. wine and spirit 

Craddock, Edward, & Co. fruit merchants, | merchants, 38, Church st. ^ BrooVs aly. 

i2, Harrington street ! Crnnkshaw, \Vm. licensed victualler, 57 

Cn^t John, beer-house keeper, 11, 1 & 59, Egerton street 

William Brown street | Crantner, George, classical t^ach^r, 75, 

Cn^i^, T. cabinet maker, 11, Oldhnm st. | Berwick street ' - • 

C|raig, p. fishmonger, 14, Upper Duke st Cranston, ^ndrew, master marini^r, 10, 
Cnig, J. furniture broker, 2, Nctherficid Nile strpet 

]road pouth 

[niigi JamejB, dittper, 87, Stafford street 

igi jTohni'cabinet maker, ^0, Kuight st. 

kig, 'l^atric'k, refreshment rooms, 22, 

South John street 

Craig, P. provision dealer, 16, College la. 

C raig, W. fish & egg dealer, 11, Mill st. 

Cras & Boucher, go^eral brolfi^, India 

buildings, lY^ter street 
Craj'dellW. S. frujtf^, 225, 6t. Ppraer st. 
Craven, M. <ft J. fniUo^rB;95, Perby ;*oad, 

Crawfonl, Culvin & Co. merchants, 41 ^ 

42, The Allwny, 6, Old H»ll street 

Craigb, J. & Co. woodenwuU dealiTS, 10, Crnwfonl, E. M. umbrella manutactureri 

Stanley street | 34, Bold r^treet 

Craigie, CharleS) lithographer, l Cruw ford, Jaue, small w ares, 23, Vesuvius 

draftsman, engraver, & orna-j street 

mental printer, letterpress printer I Craw turd, John, grocer and tea dealer, 

& stationer, practical illuminator, I 43» Leece street 

5^« Castle street 

Craik, Elizabeth, dra|)er, 28, Stafford st. 
Cruina, Jas. chain maker, 25, Blake st. 
Crallin, J. joijicr & builder, 45, Aubrey 

Crawford, Matilda, dining rooms, 4, 
Prei- son's row 

Crawford, William, coal dealer, 11, Corn- 
wail is street 

Crawford, "NVin. steward, 30, Key street 

Cram, Hy. &Co. ship brokers*, Brothcrton i Creagh, C. im-rchant, 40, Key street 

buildin;2S, 10, North John street 
Cramer, James, licensed victualler, 19, 

Cranipton, James, disirict mnnngcr of the 

European Life & Guarantee Society, 

28, North John street 
Cranipton, J. blacksmith, 14, Bussell st. 
Crane, J. Sheil Park Hotel, 207, West 

Derby road 
Crane, J. & Co. gaafi tiers, 284, Gt. Homer 


Cnan, Mary, tallow and ^reas^ manu- 

faciurer, 5l», Bevinj^ton Jlill 
Ctean, R. masttr nuirintr, 53, Mere lan<* 
Crebbin, Mrs. crape ileaner, 0, Ko^coc st^ 
Crf<ldle, Mrs. straw bonntt maker, 25*, 

Lloyd street 
Crei^', W. fishdealer, 480, Scotland rond 
Creighton, Miss Ann, grocer, t)8, Au- 
brey street 
Creij;hton, George, pawnbroker, 240, 
Smithdown lane 

Crane, Jno. licensed victualler, 121 to 123,1 Creighton, Mary, smallware dealer, 21, 
Dale street Egerton street 




Crellj, Mar}', liceDsed victualler, 52, 

Bc^ent street 
Cremor, John, wine and spirit tnerclianti 

53, Lime street 
Cress, Benjamin, lace manufa<^turery 181, 

London road 
Cre8swell,W. victualler, 6, Brownlow Hill 
Crewe, Ann, publican, 88, Duke street 
Crewe, Ann, victualler, 71, Henry street 
Crighton, Eobert, shipwright, 62 J, 

Jordan street 
CriJlj, Hugh, smallwares, 167, West 

Derby road 
Crilly, James, plasterer, 4 Blake street 
Crinshaw, W. Q-. & Co. Borough buildings, 

7, Bumford street 
Cripps, Frederick, stationer, Post a!id 

money order office, 107, Brunswick rd. 

Cripps, J. & Go. shawl, mantle, aad 
silk mercers, 14 & 16, Bold street 

Critchley, George, watch maker and 
j<*weller, 16, St. «Fohn*s lane 

Croall, David, Venetian blind manu- 
facturer, 16, Pembroke place 

Crockett, Francis, lodging-house keeper, 
82 & 84, Christian street 

Crockett, F. confectnr, 62, Richmond row 

Crockett,T. provision dealer, 82, Gerard st. 

Crocock, Bichard, boot and shoe maker, 
153, Hey worth street 

Ch)cott, — , attorney, 113, H^worth st. 

Croft, Alice, publican, 1 <& 3, Kirkdale rd. 

Croft, Sarah Jane, milliner and dress- 
maker, 58, Berry street 

Crofb, B. C. metal broker, agent to the 
Bagillt Smelting Co. Chas. Hand, 5, 
Bumford place 

Croft, John, grocer and provision dealer, 
13, Chesnut street 

Croft, Sarah Jane, milliner, 58, Berry st. 

Crofts, James N. architect and surveyor, 
7, Cook street 

Croggon & Co. felt manufacturers, 2, 
Goree Piazzas 

Crombie, Hinry, fish curer, 51, Free- 
masons* row 

Cromer, Scott, & Co. galvanized iron 
workp, 20, Neptune street 

Cromie, John, ten, cofiee, and provision 
dealer, 260, Great Howard street 

Crompton, James, cabinet maker, 73, 
Hejjry street 

Crompton, James & Son, wholesale 

/A/ifi^ ifeolen, Priaee*a buiidings, 28, 

^ortb John street i 

Crompton & Sbawcross, coal proprietors, 
193, Crown st. and 89, Old Hall st. 

Cronan, Bridajet, greengrocer, 78, St. 
John's market 

Crooks, Eobert, & Co. commision mer- 
chants, 18, Water street 

Cropper, James, baker and flour dealer, 
30, Plumbe street 

Cropper, William, chimney sweeper, 46, 
Vernon street 

Cropper, Wm. solicitor, Pekin buildings, 
21, Harrington street 

Crosbie, C. joiner, 19, Orient street 

Crosby, Beauford, & Co. cotton and 
general brokers, agents to the Panther 
Lead Co. Mellor*s buildings, Exchange 
street, E. 

Crosby, Catherine, greengrocer, 18a, 
Springfield street 

Crosby, John, flsbsalesman, 13, St. John's 
Fish market 

Crosby, Richard W. house and sign de- 
corator, 39, Islington 

Crosby, Bobert, & Sons, cabinet 
maJiers, upholsterers, and general 
house furnishers. 8, Cases st. and 

il, Islington. (See Advertisement.) 

Crosby & Sons, cabinet makers, 3,BoId st. 

Crosby, Thomas, iishsalesman, 15, St. 
John's market 

Crosby, Thomas C. fishmonger, 6, Fortes- 
cue street 

Crosby, Wm. plumber and painter, 8 
Pembroke street 

Crosby, Wm. L. Liverpool United Q-as- 
light Company, Newington 

Crosland, Edward, accountant and 
estate agent, ana agent to the In- 
surance Go. and National Provi- 
dent Institution, Pekin buildings, 
21. Harrington st. residence. Park 
villa, E verton st. New Brighton 

Crosland, Thomas, chimney sweeper, 15, 

Vernon street 
Crosley, Samuel, publican, 1, Sefton st. 
GrosH, C. leather dealer, 102, Brownlow 

Cross, Jame?, naturalist, 121, Park lane 
Cross, John, butcher, 321, Park road 
CrosH, Joseph, %-ictualler, 10. Brvthmenst. 
Cross, \V. eowkeeper, 57 & 59, Thomas bt. 
Cross, W. victualler, 38a, Brunswick H. 
Cross, W. (M.D.), surgeon, 29, Islington 
Cross, W. H. & Co. iron merchants, 20, 

Brunswick street 



Gubbin, E. F. teacher of mueic, 41, St. 
Domingo road 

Cuft, Edwin T. pork butcher, 77, St. 
James's street 

Cuff, H. A. pork butcher, 51, Byrom st. 

Cullen, Edward, joiner, 6, Broot street 

Cullen, Frans. clogmaker, 73, Prescot st 

Culshaw & Sumners, architects, Bum- 
ford court 

Culshaw, John, licensed victualler, 300, 
Netherfield road north 

Culshaw, Wm. architect, 48, Eodnev st. 

Culshaw, W. milk dealer, 62, Highfield st 

Culshaw, William, harness maker, 11, 
Derby road, Kirkdale 

Cuming & Co. ship store dealers, wine and 
spirit merchants, 10 & 12, Cooper's row 

Cunimine, Catherine, family grocer, 104, 
Everton road 

Cumming, George, tailor, 5, Blake st. 

Cumming, William, master mariner, 45, 
Latham street 

Cummings, Charles, cotton broker. Ex- 
change alley, Old Hall street 

Cummings, J. J. pawnbroker, 35 & 37, 
Great Homer street 

Cummius, A. warehouseman, 11, Bia- 

GroBse, James, & Co. family grocers, 104, 

Breek road 
Crosse^ W. B- greengrocer and fruiterer, 

43, St. John's market 
Crosseman, G. & Co. corn merchants, 17, 

Back Goree 
Crossfield, George & Co. wholesale 

grocers, 28, Ti mplo court 
Cro^island, John, accountant, 7, Xinglake 

street, Edge Hill 
Croesley, James, pilot, 19, Foley street 
Crosthwaite, — , licensed victualler, 108, 

Vine street 
Crosthwaite, Daniel, stock and share 

broker, 16, North John street 
Crosthwaite, J. flour dealer, fancy bread 

and biscuit maker, 77, Falkuer street 
CroBson, H. B. fruit merchant, 27, North 

John street 
Crouch's Express mail parcel office, 

Queen buildings, 11, Dale street 
CrouchjWilliam, Fox hotel,4,Atherton st. 
Crow, Orchard & Colliery Co. (limited), 

Briscoe's New hall, 41, Old Hall st 
Crow, Wm. 78, Marybone 
Crow, Wyllie, & Co., merchants and 

shipowners, 5, Fenwick street 
Crowe, C. saddler and harness maker,348, j pham street 

Scotland road \ Cummins, Jas. hairdresser, 5, Whitley st. 

Crowley, J. tallow chandler, 362, Mill st. : Cumpspy, John, spruce maker, 126, 

Crown Life Assurance Co. Benj. J. Hil- 
ton, secretary, 5b, Exchange bldngs. 
Crown Preserved Coal Co. limited, H. 

Limekiln lane 

Gumpsty, George Charles, surgeon 
dentist 7da, '/8b, & 80, Islington, 

Fletcher, sec. Old Hall, 39,01d Hall st. j and 49, Stafford Street 

Croxton, J. undertaker, 410, Scotland rd. i Cumpsty, Isaac, plumber, 48, Lowther st. 

Crozier,W. grocer, 87 & 89, Brunswick rd. 
Crozier, W. family grocer, 50, Hey worth 

Crucc, John, greengrocer, 30, Radeliffe st. 
Criickshanktf, Mary, provision dealer, 22, 

Warren street 
Cruice, John, grocer, 237, Brownlow Hill 

Cuningliam, James, provision dealer, 34, 

Jordan street 
Cunlifle, J. general mercht. 7, Edmond st. 
CuulifFe, Patton, & Co. corn merchants. 

Corn Exchange bldgs. 9, Brunswick st. 
Cunningham, — , butcher, 181, Great 

Howard street 

Cruice, Henry, steam - tug owner, 07, j Cun?iini;ham, A. butchpr, 13 & 14, St 

Cro^\'n street ' ^lartiii's market 

Cruicksliank, James, & Co. commission Cunningham, And. & Co. cotton brokers. 

agents, 7, Dale street 

basement, Peter's buildings. 13, Rum- 

Crute, Mary, baker, 01, St. John's mrkt. ford street 

Crye, E. & 31. t'urnituro dealers, 23 & \ Cuniiinghtim, Bernard, general shop, 36, 

2-i, Howard arcade I llopwood street 

Crre, AVilliam, cabinet maker and uj?- 1 Cunningham, D. pork butcher, 124, 

holstcrer, 122, Richmond row ' Great Homer stn-et 

Cryne, Thomas, provision dealer, 19, ! Cunningham, Edward, shopkeeper, 12, 

Westmoreland street j Whitley street 

Crynston, William, wine and spirit mcr- ' Cunningham, John, civil engineer, archi- 

cbant, 13, Paradise street \ tect, and ^wvNe^ot, ^,'>^««k«V^ ^v-^^^v 




Cunoinghani, Mary, baker find proviBion 

deoicr, 390, Great Howard stret-t 
GunniiighniD, 0. labou|^r, 23, Denbigh at. 
Cunninghiiin, 'Snrah, liceDsed victualler, 

1, Old Churehv^rd 
CMnDinghnin,8 shopkeeper, 26,Saltney at. 
CuDDiiigbani, W. %, drapei', 7, Jforton at. 
Cuntiioghaiii & Henahaw, cotton brokers, 

"Waterhoupe bldga. 1, Old ^nll street 
furd, S. A. 4& Co. merchants, 2nd jQoor, 

Liverpool and London chambers 
Curran, Thomas, professor of music, 5, 

Queen Ann street 

Cuthbcrt, J. S. photographist, 3, Lord st. 

Cuthbert& Co. Australian Packet 
Office. 40, Cbapel street 

Cutter, S. cabinet maker, 19, Bold street 
Cutter, W. warehouseman, 11, Piirr st. 
Cutti«, F. M. staymaker, 6, Eensliaw st. 
Cutti», J. F. batter, 288, Great Homer st. 

Dafl^, George, butcher, St.James's markt. 

10, Great George pi. & 37, Carter st. 
Dagg, J. J. watchmaker, 242, Scotland rd. 
Dagger.-, — , attorney and notary, Eigby 

buildings, 19, Dale street 

Curren, fit. ship carpenter, lO.Eoscoe st. Daglish, J. & E. pa>»ubrukers, 138, Great 
Currie/A. provision dealer, 11, Norfolk st. ; Homer sti^et 

Currie, Donald, A Co. shipowners and 
" mchnts, 4A 4t 49^ Th^ Albany, 6, Old 

Hall street ' 
Currie, J. mantle and shawl warehouse, 

5, Bold street 
Curne, John, publican, 142a, Park road 
Curried Co. ^ine merchants, ^,Ansdell st. 
Curry, ]Sdwd. barber, 10. Duncan street 
Curry, Jpseph, master of Kipg^s and 

Wapping pock's 

Curr}-, MaVgif. ohl^ttey, |:8, Waterloo rd. 

Curry, JR^bt. gffengrocer, OjfVMyrtle pt. 

CurtiJ^jT. C. grocer and" provision mer- 
chant, ]34, Great Howard street 

Curtis & Harvey, gunpowder manufac- 
turers, 'Jhon)a8 Brougli & Sous, agents, 
66, South John street 

Curtis & Enowles, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, Harrington chaniberF,24, North 
John street ; office, 3, Lord ntreet 

Ciirwen, H. carriers* (iffice, 4, Sianley st. 

Curwen, Henry, \ictu«ller. 50, Dale bt. 

Curwt-n, J. publiijui, 258, Vauximll rosid 

Cusack, Charles, & Son, coin menhauts, 
13, Back Goree, and 22, Fenwitk st. 

Cusani, Chas. A. natura]ist,3, Park place 

Cusani, Miss T. Catholic repository, 7, 
Park place 

Cusker, James,- licensed marine store 
dealer, 9, Litherland alley 

Cusker, J(,hn, marine store dealer, 338, 
ftcotland road 

Cuthbert, Catherine, poulterer, 4, St. 
John*s market 

Cuthbert, Donald, seedsman, 12, Clayton 
square ; house, 145, Crown street 

Cuthbert, James, general seedsmao* 
Iti^'i^op, 10, Clayton square; 

IS jpA^^^f' -Sfflrirei street; Louse, 

^^' -Ei^e lane. Edge Hill 


Daglish, John, E. P. pawnbroker, 128, 
West Derby road 

Dagnall, Fanny J. comb-makor and manu- 
facturer, 3, Queen's arcade. Lime st. 

Dagwel], Jo) in, foreman, Mathew^* paint 

' works, 32, JJutton Ghirdeh 

Diiiley & Mprris, SocK Life ^ssurance 
Office, J. A. Timmis, agent, )Sa', Lord t-t. 

Dally, Annjfiuiierer. 46, St. «rolin*8 rokt. 

Daily, tTohil, horse ^npcr, 79> Boscoc^ 'v%. 

JDaily, Michael^ pfovifion' otater, 966, 

"^ Scoithind ri>ad 

Daily Courier Office, Cable street 
Daily Mercury Office, School lane 
Daily Post Publishing Office, 23 & 
25, Lord street 

Daily Post Printing Works, 18, Cable st. 
Dak in, J. greengrocer, 22, Gt. Homer st. 

Dalby, J( seph, licensed victualler, 
J , £l arford street 

Dale, G. ho'jif r, 129, London road 

Dale, T. (M.D.), surgeon, 167, Llington 

Dalf, William, glass and china dealer, 
5 & 7, Cleveland square 

Dal;;leish, J. anchor and shipsmith, 49, 

Daigliesh, James, boot and shoe maker, 
233, Ketherfield roj.d north 

Dalglish, J. & Co. n;erch ants, 9, Harring- 
ton htrt*et 

Dalglish, E. W. & Co. merchants, 9, Har- 
rington btreet 

Dalrxmple, Charles, cabinet maker, 4^0, 
Duncan strett 

Dalton, James W. boot and shoe manu- 
facturer, 88, Whitechapel 

Dalton, John, contractor, 3, Cable street 

Dalton, ' 3oV\n, greer\^TOcer, 135, Dtrby 
road, ILiikdaW 

DaltoB, "VT .' cga\ ie\»aftx, \W , Tu»i>a».m %\ 


Dftly, Bridget, grocer, 84, Comus street 
Daly, Deni^ & Sod, corn inerchauts, 28, 

Brunswick street 
Dalzif), — , dyer, 103, Mount Pleasant 
Damaell, H. W. coal merchanl, 115, 

Crown street 
Dandliker, E. A. & Co. general mercbauts, 

14, Canning place 
Dangerfield, Jubn, slater Qnd plasterer, 

23S, Crown street 
DdnieJ, C. boot and shoe maker, 188, 

London road 
Paniell & Co. East India merchants, 14, 

Nova Scotia 
Dauiell, John, bootmaker, 7, Paddington 
Daniels, D. tailor and draper, 70, Para- 

dii*e street 
Daniels, E. butcher, 851, Vauxhaltrosd 
Daniels, G. watchmaker, 11, Carter st. 
Danieli^, W. artitit, 85, Cre^^well street 
Danks, C. butcher, 48, St. John*s market 

Danson ft Daviesi architects and 
Borveyors, Qrecian chamberss 57, 
Dale street 

Danson A Jackson, provision merchants, 
18, ^orth ^ohn street 

Danson & Wilde, cotton brokers, 6, Ex- 
change alley, Old Hall street 

Danston, T. carpenter, 35, Almond street 

Dan ton, Greorge, licensed victualler, 83, 
Hanover street 

Darch, Jesse, butcher, 70, Wavertree 

Darcy, James, Leeds and Manchester 


Date, S. boot and shoe maker, 88, Hey 

worth BtfCpii 
Daulby, JarvOo, surveyor, CI, Aubrey st. 
Daulby, J. C. surveyor, &c. liariied's 

buildini;s, 17, Sweeting street 
Daunt & Senior, metal brokers, 2, India 

buildings, 2, Water street 
Davenport, J. liceused victualler, 2, High 

Park street 
Davenport, John, eatina[«house keeper and 

car proprietor, 29, Qreat Hpward st. 
Davenport, John, licensed victualler, 64, 

Byrom street 
Davenport, W. glass merchant, 2 & 4, 

Frederick street 
Davenport, W. A Co. manufacturers qf 

earthenware, chinn, and glass, 30, Can- 
ning place, ana i^ongport, Stalibrdshire 
Davey, Henry E. leather merchant, lO)* 

Davidson, A. boarding bous^i 9^, V^fl^ 

ment street 
Davidnon, Daniel, merch^t and eiiginfer, 

16, Goree Piazzas 
David:*on, Francis, consulting enginfer, 

16, G^oree Piazzas 
Davidson, TJ,. flqur de«ler,25, Newlaodf Pf. 
Davidson, J. groc^, X40, Ifimekiln lane 
Davidson, J. butcher,^, St. John's mkt. 
Davidson, Mnson, & Jones, ship broker^, 

16, Ooree Piazzas 
Davidson, Miss, seminary, 84, Stanley rd. 
Davidson, Thomas, licensed victualler, 22, 

Leeds street 

warehousemen and export agents, 2 &| Davidson, William, bread and flour dealer, 
4, Custom House arcade, Canning place | 26, Whitetield road 
D.ircy, Thomas, broker, 4, Boundary place i Davie, John, agent, Greenock Sacking 
Darlcy, Kobert, ship-stores dealer, 16, ! Co. 14, Brunswick street 

Canning place 

Darlington, J. butcher, 6 & 7, St. Martin's 26, Lord street 

DavioH, Alfred, &r?neral distraint office. 


Darlington, J. publican, 6, St. Martin's 

Davies, Anne, dress and mantle maker, 

3, Norton street 
Davies, Benjamin, butcher, 60, Carter st. 

Darlington, Jolin, wood and ivory turner, ; Davies, B. butcher, St. James*s market 

42, Brunei street 
Darlington, Josh, wood and ivory turner, 

12 & 14, Slater street 
Darlington, Joseph, butcher, 137, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 

Darlin(!ton, W. & Sons, wine merchant?, j ment street 

Davies Brothers, general drapers, 
silk mercers, and outfitters, 65, 
Great George street 

Davies, C. (trade unknown) Sweeting st. 
Davies, D. butcher, 286, Upper Pariia- 

20, Chapel street 
Dariiie, J. B. & Co. commission agents, 
23, Manestv's Jane 

Davies, D. draper, 82, Great Homer ft. 
D:ivies, D. boot aud shoe maker, 28 & BO, 

J>art Jt Sogen, fruit brokerBy Temple, I Bavw,I>.\i\v)(t>Lxcv^^T,^,^ta^>aa^^ 
Dale street \ X)a\\eft, I>«ai. ^iw^xv^et^ ^,^^^i«w»^ 




Daviw, D. T. draper, 339, Park road 
DavieB, Daniel, butcher, 66, Norfolk st. 
Davies, D. draper, 79, West Derby road 
Davies, David, grocer, 208, Mill street 

Davies, David W. ft Co. shipowners 
and brokers, Washington bdgs. 
23, Brunswick st. 

Davies, David Llojd, timber merchant, 
Assay e bouse, South wood road 

Davies, £. hatter, 190, Scotland road 

Davies, E. chemist, 65, Netherfield rd. N. 

Davies, Elizabeth, licensed victualler, 29, 
Union street 

Davies, Elizabeth, boarding house, 39, 
Union street 

Davies, Evan, baker, 47, Overbury street 

Davies, Evan, hatter, 28, Eanelagh street, 
and 190, Scotland road 

Davies, Evan, provision dealer, 59, Over- 
bury street 

DavieR, Qeo. beerhouse kpr, 17, Cropper st. 

Davies, George, cart owner, 12, Sand st. 

Davies, H. M. & Co. ship brokers, 37, 
South Castle street 

Davies, Henry, & Co. ship-store dealerf, 
30, Brunswick street 

Davies, Holland, butcher, 18, Knight st. 

Davies, Humphrey, boot and shoe maker, 
68a, Netherfield road 

Davies, J. chemist, 157, Great Homer st. 

Davies, J. painter and plumber,33,Hunt st. 

Davies,J. joiner and builder, 7,Creswell st. 

Davies, J. hatter, 22, Cases street, and 
190, Scotland road 

Davies, J. H. & Co. cotton brokers, 
Adelaide buildings. Chapel street 

Davies, J. J. hairdresser, 60, Gt. Homer st. 

Davies, J. T. engineer, 5, Henry street 

Davies, J. T. & Co. merchants, 32, North 
John street 

Davies, J. Thorp, engineer, 160, Smith- 
down lane 

Davies, Johp, woollen draper, 7 & 9, 
Great Howard street 

Davies, John, wharfinger, 18, Chester st. 

Davies, J. Cresswell ArmH,89,Cresswell st. 

Davies, Joliu, whitecoopcr, 251, Park rd. 

Davies, J, pork butcher, 25S, Falkner st. 

Davies, J. master mariner, 54, Chester at. 

Davies, Jolm, chandler, 58, Hey worth st. 

Dav'wb, J. cart owner, 15, Goree Piazzas 
JP.m'eif, John, tJtiJor, 4, Hurst street 
^av/ea, John, cart owner, ft Irwell street 

oZ'h' •^^^ provisioa dealer, 8, Netber^ 
ami a romd north 

Davies, John, cabinet mnker and up- 

hoL-terer, 20, Great George street 
Davies, John, woollen draper and outfitter, 

19, Q-reat Howard street 
Davies, John, millinery and haberdashery, 

99, Great George st. and St. Mary*s 

road, Garston 
Davies, J. licensed victualler, 22, Key st. 
Davies, Jos. fishsalesman, 14, St. John*8 

fish market 
Davies, J. & W. H. 63, West Derby st. 
Davies, M. & M. hosiers, 99, Oxford st. 
Davies, Margaret, licensed victualler, 15, 

Moss street 
Davies, Maria, confectioner, 59, Islington 
Davies, Mary, fruiterer,22, St. John*8 mkt. 
Davies, Mary Ann, confectioner, 55, 

Davies, Mrs. family grocer, 21, Foley st. 
Davies, Mrs. Jane, dressmaker, 5, Fitz- 

clarence street 
Davies, Mrs. Jane, stationer, 329, Park rd. 
Davies, Peter, tailor, 52, Hunter street 
Davies, E. butcher, 1 k 2, St. John's mrkt. 
Davies, R. licensed victualler, 20, Gill st 
Davies, R. chemist and druggist, 72, Ot. 

Howard street 
Davies, R boot and shoe maker, 3, Earle 

DavieSjBichard, tea dealer, 75a, Prescot st. 
Daviesi, Richard, (Thompson & Capper,) 

homoeopathic chemist, 46, Pembroke pi. 
Davies, Robert, general draper, 95, West 

Derby road 
Davies, R butcher, 117, West Derby rd. 
Davies, R family grocer, 235, Breck rd. 
Davies, R. family grocer, 2, Childwall st. 
Davies, Robert, tea and coffee dealer, 75a, 

Prescot street 
Davies R. hosier, &c. 99, Brunswick road 
Davies, S. provision dealer, 211, Chats- 
worth street 
Davies, S. tallow chandler, 64, Boundary 

Davies, Thomas, licensed victualler, 224 

& 226, Vauxhall road 
Davie:^, Thomas, Liver spirit stores, 93, 

London road 

Davies, Thomas, glover and sbiit 
maker, 79, Ghurca street 

Davies*, T. toy dealer, 55, Netherfield rd. ?. 
Davies, Thomas M. painter and decorate r, 

35, Lime street 
Davies, Vincent, WcetiBfcdi VvcX?Qj^.«r^ Vi 

& 95, So^^o street 




Dftvie«, W. boot and shoe maker, 91, 

Mill road 
Daviea, W. estate agent, 12, Albion 8t. 
Daviea, William, artist, 48, Kepler st. 
Davie:*, William, saddler, 101, Paddington 
Daviea, William, victualler, 84, Henrv st. 
Davies, W. H. pianoforte maker, 98, 

Pembroke place 
Davies, W. & T. general drapers, silk 

meri'er^, and funeral furnishers, 15 & 

17, Berry street 
Davies* Wm. painter and paper hanger, 

24, Newiogton 

Davis, John, lodging hoose keeper, 18* 

Dutton street 
Davis, J. tobacconist and stationer, 92, 

West Derby road 
Davis, John, mariner, 32, Kent street 
Davis, John, shoemkr, 4, Mount Pleasant 
Davis, John, Palatine inn, 20, Myrtle at. 
Davis, John, tailor, 72, Park ro:id 
Davis, John, publimn, 52, Upper Beau at. 
Davis, L. draper, 151, Scotland road 

Davis, Louis, hosier, glover, and 
shirt maker, 63 & 89, Lord street 

(See Advertisement.) 

Davies, W. estate agent, 3, Hackins Hey DavJH, Mary, wine and spirit merchant, 
Davies. William, contractor and builder, ' 23, Brunswick street 

41, Lord street ! Davis, Miss Ellen, 0, Montpelier terrace, 

Davies, William, joiner, 18, Torbock st. I Upper Parliameut street 
Daviea & Jones, agents, Irwell chambers i Davis, Mrs. tobacconist, 28, Benshaw at. 
Davies, William, provision dealer, 15, Nile ! Davis, Bichiurd, warehouseman, 12, Upper 

8t ; 58 ;<fc 160, Mill st. ; 131, Dale st. I Newington 

and 90, Soho st. 
Daviea, William, greengrocer, 31, Derby 
road, KirUdaie 

Davis, S. mariner, 87, Highfield street 

Davis, T. publican, 43, Tithebam street 

Davis, T. grocer, 298, Great Homer st. 

Davie^ William, mast and block maker, ! Davis, T. publican, 226, Vauxhall rd. 

'43, Bridgewater street 

Davies & Co. Parcels Express Office, 
Key st Agent, Jonathan Banks. 

Davies & Co. news agents and stationers, 

230, Fttlkner street 
Davies <& Crowther, slate merchants. 

Duke's Dock 
Davies & Edwards, woollen merchants, 

31, Tarleton street 
Davies, Kllis & Co. tea importers, 44, 

Lord street 

Davis, Thomas, printer, 9, Cheapside 
Davis, Thomas, outEtter, 40a & 42, St. 

James*s street 
Davis, Tiiomas, licensed victualler, 28, 

8t. James*s street 
Davis, Timothy, jeweller, 10, Old Poat 

Office place 
Davis, W. F. shawl cleaner and dyer, 

183, Brownlow Hill 
Davis, William, dyer and scourer, 07, 

Great Qeorge street 

Davies & Jones, block and spar makers, Davis, AVillium, dyer, 45, Mill street 

shipsmiths, 9, Canning place 
Daviuson, J. baker, 258, Gt. Homer st. 

Davis, David, dining rooms, 2, Great 
George place 

Davi8, K miller, 4G0, Scotland road 

Davi9,Edward (F.C.S.), analytical and con- 
sulting chemist and asHayer, 59, Parr st. 

Davis, Eiiza & Mary Ellen, professors 
of music, 14, Colquit street 

Davis, E. stoker, 55, Derby rd. Kirkdale 

Davis, Ellen, dressmkr, 266, Vauxhall rd. 

Davis, G. saddler, 86, Scotland road 

Davis, H. & Co. bonded stores, 25, Back 

Davis, J. & Co. merchants. Liver cham- 
bers, Tithebarn street 

Davia, J. & Son, tailors and drapers, 14, 
Colquit street 

Vavia, /. hairdreBser, 401, Sootland rd. 

Davis & Co. Parcels express to all 

5 arts of the world. Jonathan 
tanks, agent. Queen's build- 
ings, 11, Dale street 

Davis, Sons & Co. wholesale tea dealers, 

56 & 58, Stanley street 
Davis, Winifred, licensed victualler, 117, 

Walton road 
Davis & Co. sack and bag manufacturers, 

22 & 24, Bath street 
Davison, Ann, licensed victualler, 112, 

St. James's street 
Davison, H. paint manu&cturer, painter, 

plumber, &c. 8, Sefton street, and 26, 

Queen Ann street south 
Davison, John, licensed victualler, 23, 

L.xt\vciQt f^tt^Xi 

Dav\aoTi,U ^v^^'^^^^^^'^^^^^ 




Davit, John, provision dealer, St. Jame»*8 

Dawbarn, W. A Co. slate, tile, timbel* 

and iron merchants, Lij^htbody street, 

3) Temple Dale st. nnd 1, Canada Duck 
Dawes, John, dru«5i»isti 2*^^, Walton rd. 
Dawes, Joseph N. latch maker, 182, 

Upper Beau street 
Daws, E. boot maker, 161, Latham st. 
Daws, John, boot and fthoe maker, 25, 

Biackstone street 
Dawson, A. M. & Co. merchants, 11, 

Bumford place 
Dawson, Adam, coal merchant, 203, 

Crown street 
Dawson Brother8, shipping agents, Bris- 

coe^s New Hall, 41, Old Hall street 
Dawson, D. family grocer, 74, Stanley rd. 
Dawson, C. H. grocer, 99, Vauxhall rd. 
Dawson, J. E. (M.l).), surgeon, 134, 

Brownlow Hill 
Dawson, Elizabeth, lodging house keeper, 

28, Batchelor street 
Dawson, Henry, licensed victualler, 4, 

Williamson street 
Dawson, J. shipwrightj Duke's Dock 
Dawson, J. wine merchant, Bedford st. 
Dawson, J. E. (M.D.), 134, Brownlow 

Dawson, Ja. publican, 17, G-reciilaiid St. 
Dawson, John, butcher, 29, Old Hall st. 
Dawson, S. J. victualler, 2, Derby t^treet 
Dawson, W. H. oystet mrkt. 28, Hood st. 
Dawson, W. greengrocer, 238, Park rd. 
Day, E. earthenware dlr. 92, Christian st. 
Day, J, glass merchant, 69, Patadiae st. 
Day, John, saddler, 102, Eose place 
Day, John, poulterer, St. Jameses mrkt. 
Day, Sarnh, earthenware dealer, St. Mar- 
tin's market 
Dav, W. W. chemist and druggist, 14, 

tipper Parliament street 
Day, Joseph W. A Co. ship broker, 

Washinton bdgs. 23, Brunswick street 
Day & Martin, blacking manufacturers, 

30, Seel street 
Dayley, Bridget, grocer, 81, Limekiln la. 
De Wolf, J. S. & Co. merchants and shij) 

owners, l,Towerchamberii, Old Church- 
Deac(m, Or. P. consulting engineer; 16, 

Cook ttrcet 
Deacon Jii. cowkeeper, 81, Grey street 
'^^e8ir?a,JicMlaiietjnaketJtnd upholsterer. 

Deacon, William, licensed victualler, 6i, 

Ha re wood street 
Daaley, G-. bootmaker, 1, Avon street 
Dealy, W. printer, 21 Moorfields 
Dean, Ann. butcher, 3, St. John's mrkt. 
Dean, Bros, salt merchants and brokers, 

23, Nova Scotia 

Dean, C. & Co. cotton brokers, 21, Ei- 

chan^e alley. Old Hall street 
Dean, J. boarding-house, 33, Itegent st. 
Dean, Richard, brazier, 20, Strand street 
Dean, W. pawnbroker, 12, Scotland place 
Dean, W. warehouse keeper, 80, Norfolk st 
Dean, W. R. hairdresser, 8, St. Ann street 
Dean, William, & Co. warehouse keepers, 

9, Baltic buildingp, Eedcross street 
Deane, John A. chancellor to Spanish 

Consulate, 12, Prerson's row 
Deane & Ban kei<, solicitors, York building. 

Dale street 

Dear Brothers, family grocers and 
wine and spirit merchants, 1, 
Berry street 167. London rd. and 

24. Islington. (See Advertisement.) 
Dearden, K. plumber, 174, London road 
Uearden, R. bill-poster, 9, Mathews st. 
Dearden, E. bill-poster, 1, Manestj*s lane 
Deik, AV. B. A Co. oil merchants, 21, 

Dublin street 
Decosta, A. pcmlterer, 5, St. John's mrkt. 
De Costa, Jolin, shipping agent, 8, 

Waterloo road 
Deeley, Win. & Co, oil and commission 

merchants, 20, Edmond street 

De Frece, Isaac, tailor and draper* 
62. Byrom street 

De Frece, Harry, Alhambra Temperance 
ball. 46, Manchester street 

Begge & McGinn, agricultural en- 
gineers and implement agents. 51» 

Great Charlotte street. (See Ad- 
Depan, J. wood-turner, 92, Wood street 
Degan, John, dyer, 29, Brunei street 
De^'g,E. publican, 250, Gt. Homer street 
Degge, W. licensed victualler 32, Everton 

Dehii, W. tobacconist, 63, Old Hall st. 
Deighton, J. W. cornfactor, Commercial 

buildingH, 17, Water street 
Deighton, J. W. com merchants, Com Ex- 

fhange biiih ings, 0, Brunswick street 
D.ight*)n, Tho*. fruiterer. 219, Breck rd. 
Deitrich, Guillehno, tailor, 4S, Mersey st. 

De la Perrelie & Go. ship brokers* 




63. 8 rath Gtitb straet and 7* 

Bj Jer^iey ft Co. inercliants, 23, Exchange 

street easit 
D lamereiJ. nurseryman. 3 to 6, St. John*fi 

tiarket ; uuraery, Holme laue, Oxton, 

Dilainerei T. Cotton dealer, 6, G-oree 

Djlamar^'s Assembly !B3om5i,prore««orof 

dAacinv^ nud eale^thenics, liardma'i st. 
DjUiiy, J. grjcer, 1S5, Vauxh:tll ro:id 
Djlun^, Miry, tobijconidc aud outfitter, 

1, B ;gent roid 
Dileiieir, John, saaman, 33, Pellew street 
Ddir, F. D. ph:ir;naccuCic4il chemist, 14, 

Hardman street 
Dw' Ii3np A Al'an, dyer.^^ 49, Seel street 
DJI, Ojorge, pawnbrjkif, 67 & 39, 8c. 

Ja^nes*!! place 
Dampsuy, John, shoemaker, 19, Blake vt, 
Dampsey, Daniel, master m.irinL'r, 29, 

Ej^iiigton terrace 
Dioipiey, M. greengrocer. 76,B3nshanr gt. 
Dimply & Enery, tailors, 33, School lane 

D8inp3t3r, Alex, hosier anl glover, 
4l> Gastls street 

Diiapiter, And. builder, 26, Clarence st. 
Daabigh, L. dre33m:ik;jr, 5, Pembroke pi. 
Dinett, Mitt, green j;rjC3r & truiterer, 

67, St. J«ihn*s m.irket 
Deney, J shopkeeper, 55, Walkinson st. 
Djnis, Mary, be^r retailer, 103, South 

Chester 8trest 
Deaaing, John, dyer and cleaner, 120, 

London road 
Denaiti, Ectrenne, & C«). merchmts, 1, 

Knowsley buildings, Tithebarn street 
Denni8on,John, perfumer and hairdresser, 

4, Benson street 
Denniston. ii. merchant, 11, llumford pi. 
DdiiRon, T. tailor, ftc. G, G>reiiville street 
Benson & Jackson, provision dealers, 119, 

Scotland rond 
Dantal Hospital, 29, Russell street 
Bantith, B. butcher, St. J(ihn*8 market 
Ban ton, G. B surgeon, 2, Ab.^rcTjmby sq. 
Benton, G. publican, 83, H mover street 
Benton, Isaac, contractor & builder, 142, 

Park road 
Benvir, B. stationer, 55, Tithnbirn street 
Berney, Andrew, foreman sailmaker, 16, 

Carter sireet 
Bdiaix, P. cjoper, 74 & 73, Norfolk st. 
Be Silva, J. bootmaker, 35, Beniion st. 

De Silva, J. plumber, paintei*, and iroa^ 

monger, 76, Begent road 
Be Silva, W. chronometer and nautical 

instrument maker, ft?, 114, Buke st. 
Desilva, Joseph, oil and paint dealer, 161^ 

Walton road 
Deioer, J. bootmaker, 2, Boundary place 
Bjthle^s, — , grocer, 150, Burlington se. 
Detimea, John, bourJiog house, 60, High^ 

field streat 
Davayne, J. cooperage, 8 & 10, Henry st. 
D3vaynfc;, W. & Sju, coopers, H:-nry st. 
Ddvaynei, Eiza, smallwares, 49, Great 

George street 
Devon port, J. fishmonger, 13, Fox street 
Djvenport, AV. glass an i china dealer, 4ff 

Frederick stroet, anJ 30, Cannon piac:e 
Devenport, W. publieau, 77, Seel street 
Devereux, J. hairdresser, 37, Pembroke pi. 
D^veril, T. F. Trallbrd chambers, 63, 

South John street 
Deverill, Mary J. pawnbroker, 93, St. 

Jam34*s street 
D jvic, M iry, stay and corset maker, 9^ 

Commutation row 
Devitt, J. butCerman, 4, St. Martin's mkt. 
Devitt, J. pro/ision dealer, 1 A 2, St. 

Martin's market 
Dewar, M iry, lodging-house keeper, 1% 

Pilgrim street 
Dewbursts, iloyles, <& Smethurst, coal 

proprietors. J. D. "Williams, agent, 

Briscoe's New H ill, 41, Old Hall st. 
Dewhurst, W. butcher, 73, Warwick st. 
Dewhurst, Wm. butcher, 25, Prescot st. 
Ddwhurst, W. publican, 2, Catharine st. 
Dewsnip, H. Scott, bread & llour dealer, 

76, Hall lane 
Dewson, Mrs. Harriet, greengrocer, 72, 

Windsor street 
Dowson, J. stationer, 341, Park road 
Dewson & Bogers, japauners, 29, St. 

Paul's square 
De Zjuche, Isaiah, (M.D.), surgeon, 93, 

Pembroke place 
Diamond, Tobias, painter, 19, Suffolk st. 
Diaper, Henry, <ft Cj. shipping agents, 

Queen's Insurance buildings, Bate st. 
Dickenson, J. E. blockmiker, 7, G6ree 

Dickenson, James, boot and shod manti- 

facturar, 50 & 52, Mdl street 
Dickenson, John, liceusei victualler, 3> 

Waterloo road 




DickensoD, S. publican, 197, Scotland rd. 
Drckenson, E. greengrocer, 68, Paddington 
DickenBOD, W. cotton broker. Basement, 

Pet4*r'8 buildings, 11, Rumford street 
Dicker, J. B. warehouse keeper, Innell 

chambers, Union street 
Dicker, T. bootmaker, 12, West Derby st 
Dickey, J. Tailor, 121, Latham street 

DicldnSt B. chemist and druggist, 
221, West Derby road 

Dickinson, A. & Co. cotton brokers, Liver 

chambers, Tithebarn street 
Dickinson, ¥, wholesale brush manufac* 

turer, 151, Dale street 
Dickinson, Gt. publican, 55, Gt. Homer st. 
Dickinson, H. spirit vaults, 2, Plump- 
ton street 
Dickinson, Hugh, licensed victualler, 149, 

Stanley road 
Dickinson L victualler, 43, Paddingtou 
Dickinson, J. chandler, 02, Heyworth st. 
Dickinson, John,stoue mason, 55, Nether- 
field road north 
Dickinson, J. & Son, ship chandlers, 7, 

Goree Piazzas 
Dickinson, Peter, licensed victualler, 244, 

Crown street 
Dickinson, P. tobacconist, 46, Berry st. 
Dickinson, U. bootmaker, 145, Islington 
Dickinson, Wm. licensed victualler, 142, 

Myrtle street 
Dickinson, W. beerhouse keeper, 40, 

Yauxhall road 
Div'kinson, W. B. shipping & commission 

merchant, Trafford chambers, 58, South 

John street 
Dickinson, J. fishmonger, 202, Nether- 
field road north, and at 150, Kirkdalc 

Dickon & Co. tea and coffee dealers, 45, 

Lord street 
Dicks, J. C. agent, 34, Park street 
Dickson, Agnes, straw bonnet maker, 40, 

Roscoe street 
Dickson, D. engineer, 210, Walton road 
Dickson, Isabella, commercial hotel, 5 

Canning place 
Dickson,, James, spirit merchant, 287, 

Netherfield road north 
Dickson, John, commission agent, 37, 

South Castle street 
Dickson, Samuel, licensed victualler, 44, 

Waterloo road 
X>jckiK>D, Wm. cow keeper, 247, Nether* 
£eJd road north 


Dicksons, Boardman, & Co. merchautR, 

18a, South Castle street 
Dienstbach Brothers & Co. (Hugh Jones, 

agent,) Grecjan ciianilers, 57, Dale st. 
Dietrich, W. outfitter, 48 Mersey street 
Dilworth, W. provision dealer, 133, 

Stanley road 
Dinsdale, John, butcher, 21, Slater street 
Disher, Bobert, brewer, 52, Duke street 

Dismore, T. goldsmith, silversmith, 
and jeweller, 2, Bold street. (See 

Dix, George, broker, 5, Stanley street 
Dix, T. cabinet maker, 80, Stanley street 
Dixon, At'd. bookkeeper, 2, Daiilby street 
Dixon, A. liccn^ed victlr. 116, Everton rd. 
Dixon, C. K & A. merchts. 9, Bumford pi. 
Dixon, Christopher, licensed victualler, 

27, St. James b road 
Dxon, C. victualler, 87, Scotland road 
Dixon, R H.Hanover hotel, 62, Hano\ erst. 
Dixon, H. greengrocer, 89, St. Ann street 
Dixon, John, butcher, 71, Limekiln lane 

Dixon, Richardson, & Co. wholesale 
export and manufacturing sta* 
tioners, 60 & 62, Cable street 

Dixon, Kobt. greengrocer, 285, Park road 
Dixon, K. Harper, accountant and estate 

agent, 16, South Castle street 
Dixon, Thomas, licensed victualler, 155, 

Crown street, & 91, Oxford sti^eet east 
Dixon, Thomas, lithographic writer, 38, 

Tarleton street 
Dixon, N. licensed victualler, 3, Union st. 
Dixon, William, solicitor, 8a, Lord street 
Dixon, W. H. Levant steamer, 44, The 

Albany, 6, Old Hall street 
Dixon, W. T. a^'cnt, Goree Piazzas 
Dobbin, A. family grocer, 295, Park road 
Dobell, A. L. publican, 13, Wilkinson st. 
Dobell, G. C. & Co. general merchants, 

Brothertou bdgs. 10, North John st. 
Dobell, G. & Son, saddlers, 31, Church st. 
Dobie, James, draper, 0, Fraser street 
Dobinson, Mrs. M. 10, Sir Thomas' bldgs. 
5, 1 Dobson, Catherine, greengrocer and pro- 
vision dealer, 5-1., Fox street 
Dobson, Henry Edward, furniture dealer, 

18 & 19, Howard arcade 
Dobson, Henry N. cabinet maker and 

undertaker, 73, Park road 
Dobson, H. Y. gas superintendent, 15, 

Upper Newington 
Dobson, James, hairdresser, 23, Great 

Howard street 




IMmod» J. cabinet maker, 16, Greek at. 

DobeoDy B. butcher, 182, Bichmond row 

Dobson, Bobert, pork butcher, 190, Lon- 
don road 

Dobson, T. agent for Thomas Stephens 
& Co. insurance brokers, London ; 12, 
Bumford place 

Dobson, W. hosier, 22, Heyworth 

Docker, Thomas, grocer, 10, Falkland st. 

Dodd, Christopher H. licensed victualler, 
8l7y Park road 

Dodd, Ann, butcher, 190, Walton road 

Doddy Edward, (exors. of) 37, Cheapside 

Doddy H. licensed victualler, 71, Alt st. 

Doddy Jane, butcher, 19, St. John's mkt. 

Dodd, Jane, poulterer, 113, Oxford street 

Dodd, Janet, dealer in game, 14, St. 
John's market 

Dodd, John, licensed victualler, 61, Tor- 
bock street 

Dodd, John, window glass merchant, 
Arron chambers, 9, Canning place 

Dodd, J. master mariner, 9, Avon street 

Dodd, John, grocer, 89, Oxford street 

Dodd, John, grocer, 105, Oxford street 

Dodd, John, butcher, 18, St. John's mkt. 

Dodd, Thos. bootmaker, 79, Walton lane 

Dodd, T. licensed victualler, 80, G-reat 
Howard street 

Dodd, T. engineer, 27, Aigburth street 

Dodd, T. publican, 48 & 50, Copperas hill 

Dodd, Thos. glass merchant, 61, Dale st. 

Dodd,T. licensed victualler, 2, Springer st. 

Dodd, Thomas, licensed victualler, 183, 
Bichmond row 

Dodd & Coulton, plumber and painter, 
61, Dale street 

Dodd & Winkle, painters, &c. 4, Slater st. 
private address, 76, Melville place 

Dodding, Arthur, licensed victualler, 43 
& 45, Bolton street 

Dodds, T. tobacconist, 22, Hanover st. 

Dodds & McNeilly, wholesale Birmnghm. 
& SheflSeld warehsemn. 75, Paradise st. 

Dodge, Henry S. confectioner, 162, Rich- 
mond row 

Dodge, Thomas, solicitor, 15, Lord street 

Dodgson, Jonathan, cotton and twine 
stores, 29, Hanover street 

Dodgson, T. & J. H. hosiers and glovers, 
4, St. George's crescent 

Dodgson, John, sailmaker, 29, Hanover st. 

Dodgson, T. & W. hosiers and glovers, 
2, Lord street 

Doding, Arthur, publican, Copperas hill 

Dognall, J. hosier, &c. 42a, Overbury st. 

Doherty, C. pawnbrkr, 164, Gt. Howard st. 

Doherty, J.provn. dlr. 378, Gt. Howard st. 

Doherty, P. hairdresser, 5, Price street 

Doherty, T. pawnbroker, 23, Marybone 

Doke, W. W. stock and share broker, 
York buildings. Dale street 

Dolan, Mark, wholesale ironmonger, 85 & 
87, Bichmond row 

Don, Bobert, confectioner, 223, Nether- 
field road north 

Don, W. joiner, 3, Chapel street 

Donaghy, Francis, licensed victualler, 75, 
Begent road 

Donaldson, Elizabeth, milliner and dress 
maker, 42, Lowther street 

Donaldson, J. & Co. cotton brokers. Com- 
mercial buildings, Tithebarn street 

Donaldson, Samuel, hosier and draper, 
308, Great Howard street 

Donavan, J. tobacconist, 146, Yanxhall rd. 

Donherty, J. coal merchant, 170, Crown st. 

DoQuell, B. provision merchant, 23, Tem 
pie court 

Donnelley, Joseph, tailor, 21, Hawke st. 

Donnelley, Charles, provision dealer, 72, 
Simpson street 

Donnelly, J. wheelwright, 88, Gt. Cross- 
hall street 

Donnelly, M. P. trunk maker, 123, Pitt st, 

Donnely, Patrick, tailor, 12, Warreu st. 

Donovan, John, master stevedore and 
lumper, 43, Blundell street 

Doodson, Thomas, watchmaker, 11, South 
Castle street 

Dooley, Mrs. M. Francis, stationer and 
tobacconist, 319, Netherfield rd. north 

Dooley, H. M. Clarence hotel, 19a, Cla- 
rence street 

Dooley, Joseph, undertaker and joiner, 
370, Great Howard street 

Dooley, Peter, boot warehouseman, 113, 
St. James's street 

Dooris, O. provision dealer, 101, Pitt st. 

Dopson, D. dentist, 16, Oxford street 

Doram, A. stationer, 140, Scotland road 

Doran, Arthur, stationer and newsagent, 
91, Scotland road 

Doran,£. J.printerandstatnr.44,Duke st. 

Doran, J. cabinet maker, 47, Byrom st. 

Doran, John, plumber, 38, Fortescue st. 

Doran, John, herbalist, 35, Bichmond row 

Doran, Joseph, butcher, 122, Paddiugtou 

Doran, Michael, baker, 60, Bichmond ro>f 

Doran, Peter, & Co. dra^jer^ 63^I*U\i^<iu 





Doran, J. A. pawnbroker, 191, Brownlovr 

hiil, and 81, Faddingtoa 
Boren, M. tpbaccoaist, 217, Scotland rd. 
Dorej, Thomas, carpet and furnishing 

buyer, 36, Tunnel road 
Doria, Henry, coal merchant, Orrell pi. 

Lord street 
Doring, W. publican, 2, Beoshaw street 
Dorkins, John, cabinet maker, 33, Tenny- 
son -street 
. Dornan, Hugh, porter, 18, Ainsworth st. 
Doming, Fred, metal broker, 7, Dale st 
Doming, John,painter, 63, Jordan street 
Doriington, W. W. & Co. co'iimissioQ 

agents. Beck with buildings, 42, South 

John street ; stores, 50, Duke street 
Doubleday, E. confctnr. 52, Bensbaw st. 
Doubleday, Jas. surgeon, 4, Catharine st. 
Dougherty, Patrick, stationer, 5, Price st. 
Doughty, A. & Co. merchants, Bedcross 

Street chambers, Bedcross street 
Doughty, Samuel, licensed victualler, 12, 

Hanorer street 
Doughty, T. fl. victualler, 11, Hurst st. 
Douglas, A. H. chemist, 47, Copperas hiil 
Douglas, James, draper, 255, Scotland 

Douglas, Bobert, baker, 75, Up. "Warwick 

St. 15, Mill St. 242, Falkner st. and 

21, Bichmond row 
Douglas & Co. merchants, Briscoe's New 

Hall, 41, Old Hall street 
Doulinin, W. H. licensed victualler, 374 

& 376, Qreat Howard street 

Doulton Brothers, manufacturers 
of glazsd stoneware, pipes, chim- 
ney tips, flue pipes, closet pans, 
invert Diocks, paving and ridging 
tiles, stoneware barrels, water 
filters, cracibles, and all descrip- 
tion of glass bottles. B.obert J. 

, Hughes, agent 100> Soho street 

Douthwaitf, T. licensed victualler, 97 & 
99, Badcliffe street 

Dover, Jno. rope maker, 189, Scolim 1 rd. 

Dovey, Edwin, grocer, 67, Preacot street 

Dow, Stewart, & Co. wholesale iron- 
mongers, 74, Waterloo road 

Do wall, J. shipwright, 4, Stananonght st. 

Doward, Dickson, & Co. shipbrokers, 6, 
Bumford place 

2>c?*fb^^in, — > provision dealer, 277, 
J^Brk road 

^^j^daJl, John, cotton dealer, 49, Arch, 
^^^ol street 


Dowdall, John, cotton dealer, 43, Great 
Crosshall street 

Dowdall, J. marine store, 87,Burlington st. 

Dowdall, Thos. sharebroker, Uuion build- 
ings, 16, North John street ; residence, 
22, Devonshire road, Prince's park 

Dowie, James, Black Star line of Austra- 
lian packets, 32,Tower bldogs. Water st. 

Dowie, Kenneth, & Co. merchants, 17, 
James street 

Dowie, Miss, 9, Dingle ter. Sandy lane 

Dowler, Frederick, cabinet-maker and 
upholsterer, 19, Hardman street 

Dowlin, James, car proprietor, 8, G-reat 
Bichmond street 

Dowling, Mary, chandler, 28, Pitt street, 
and 230, Breck road 

Dowling, Mrs. greengrocer, 58, St. John's 

Dowling, S. coal dealer, 26, Williamson st. 

Downes, John, hosier, &c. 29, Prescot st. 

Downes, Samuel, & Co. general brokers, 7, 
The Albany, 6, Old Hall street 

Downes, Thomas, Bear's Head 
dining-rooms, 35, Cable street 

Downey, G-. boot-top manufacturer, 15, 

School lane 
Downey, J. pawnbroker, 17, Warren st. 
Downey, J. pawnbroker, 17, Ainsworth st. 
Downey, J. C pawnbroker, 73, St. Ann st. 
Downey, M. shopkeeper, 47, Begent st. 

Downey, Margaret^ tobacconist, 35, 
Old Hall street 

Downey, Mrs. M. umbrella maker and 

confectioner, 35, Old Hall street 
Downey, Thos. weigher, 3, Vandries st. 
Downey, Wm. shipwright, 13, Cookson st. 
Downie, Margaret, marine store dealer, 

2t5, Knight street 
Downie, W. C 7, Dale street 
Doyl, Michael, boot aod shoe maker, 67, 

Netherfield road south 
Doyle, Bernard, dining-rooms, 46 & 47, 

Waterloo road 
Doyle, C. refreshment rooms, 35 & 36, 

Bath street 
Doyle, EL J. trunk manufacturer, 133, 

London road 
Doyle, J. F. architect and surveyor, Wa- 

8on*s, buildings, 4, Harrington street 
Doyle, John, wiiie and spirit dealer, 42, 

Stafford street 
Doyle, M. pub\vca\i,^^,X>si\xT?a»ilToad 




Doyle, Marj Ann, provision dealer, 86, 

Roscoe street 
Doyle, William, lithographer, engrayer, 

and printer, 6, Lord street 
Doyle, W. publican, 14, Mount Pleasant 
Doyle, W. lithographer and general 

printer, 102, Brunswick road 
Drain, W. H. coal dealer, 17, Mason st. 
Drake, Joiiab, publican, 75, Pitt street 
Drake, Martnaduke, licensed victualler, 

18, Scotland road 
Drake, Richard, stationer and smallware 

dealer, 177, Hey worth street 
Drake, T. publican, 39, Simpson street 
Drake & Wild, leather sellers, 210, 

London road 
Drake, Kleinwort, & Cohen, merchants, 

Apsley bldngs. 1st floor, 4, Old Hall st. 
Drakeford & Co. corn merchants, 12, 

Brunswick street 
Draiie, H. M. confectioner, 10, Everton rd. 
Drane, J. C. musical instrument manu- 
facturer, 24, Everton road 
Draper, G-. J. licensed victualler, 93, 

Q-reat Howard street, and 24, Oil st. 
Dreaper, W. P. & Son, pianoforte ware- 

houRe, 96, Bold street 
Drenko, E. agent and commission mer- 
chant, 11, Old Hall street 
Drennan, W. vctualr. 17S, BrownlowHill 
Dreseher, Louisa, watch mkr. 10, Park la. 
Dresden, E. lard refiner, 50, Pall Mall 
Dresser, W. photogripher, 39, Virgil st. 
Drew, A. j)ublican, 274a, Vauxhall road 
Drew, C. J. attorney, Clarence buildings, 

40, North John street 
Drew, John, joiner, 155, Beaufort street 
Drew, — , chemist, 98, Falkner street 
Dridge, T. hairdresser, 109, Soho street 
Drielsma, M. walchinakr. 3Ga, Castle st. 
Drielsma, Rose, outtitter, 14, Par.idise at. 
Drink water, Jane, milliner, 252, Great 

Homer street 
Drink water, T. butcher, 2-59, Park road 
Drinkwatep, Thomas, ladies' and children's 

outfitting, baby linen, and boy's knicker- 

bocker suits, 27, Church street 
Drinkwater & Parr, sharebrokers, Queen's 

Insurance buildings, Dale street 
DriscoU, Anne, confectioner, 70, Nelson st. 
Driou, A. glover, 39, Bold street 

Dro^aeda steam packet office (He 
Eir^y, ag^nt), 23, Watsr street 

Drarjr, Alfrad, lithographic printer, Vic- 
toriA baildiapi, 2, King street 

Drury, Charles, cutler, 6, South Jobn st. 
Drury, John, hosier, 260, Scotland road 
Drury, Thomas G-. and Slater, James, 

undertakers, 90, St. Ann street 
Dryden, David, sailmaker, 16, Kent street 
Drysdale Bros, timber stave merchants, 

Oi. Regent road, and 14, Queen's dock 
Drysdale, J. J. (ld[.D.)d6A, Bodney street 
Du Temple & Co. shipping agents, Traf- 

ford chambers, 68, South John street 
Duarte, Potter, & Chaddock, Queen's 

Insurance buildings, Dale street 
Dubey, Wm. cowkeeper, 4, Low Hill 
Duck, W. licensed victualler, 76, Soho st. 
Duck^ W. Icnsd. vctualr. 75, Mansfield st. 
Duck, W. <fc J. brewers, 23, Devon street 
Ducker, Wm. brewer, 81, Upper Beau st. 
Duckers, W. publican, 158 and 160, 

Vauxhall road 
Duckers, William, licensed victualler, 42, 

Maguire street 
Duckett, C. M. victualler, 18, Mersey st. 
Duckett, R. hairdresser, 92, Highfield st. 
Duckett, Richard, hairdresser, 67, Great 

Howard street , 

Duckworth, A. publican, 36, Vauxhall rd. 
Duckworth, H. waste paper and cotton 

dealer, 29, Cockspur street 
Duckworth, Henry, coffee merchant, 18, 

Temple street 
Duckworth, Nicholas, A Sons, cotton 

brokers. Exchange buildings 
Duckworth, William, architect and sur- 
veyor, 24, Tarleton street 
Duckworth, W. pawnbroker, 17, Spring- 
field street 
Dudii;ean, A. pork butcher, 358, Mill st. 
Dudley, Alfred, 18a., South Castle street 
Dudley, T. chairmaker, 53, Renshaw st. 
Dudley, G. C. watch manufacturer, 47, 

Reiishaw street 
Dudley, Miss, collegiate school, 51 <fc 56, 

Bedford street 
Duff*, Ann, laundress, 20, Hawke street 
Dufi', Edward, provision dealer, 110, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 
Duff; Rankin, & Co. general mercliants, 

H irofreavea* buildiui^. Chapel street 
Duff, Virilliam, broker, 15, Currie street 
Dufferin, John, furniture broker, lOS, 

Derby road, Kirkdale 
Duffey, G. licensed victualler, 33, New- 



DuflTej, Mrs. oyster rooms, 80, Eenshaw Duncao, Mrs. E. milliner and dressmaker, 

street 74, Admiral street 

Duffield, J. bootmaker, 180, Upper Fre- Duncan, Ewing, timber merchant, 4, 

derick street Canada dock 

Diifiy,Marj,provisiondealer,94, Leeds St. {Duncan, Ewing, & Co. timber brokers 
Duflfy, Pat. carpenter, 167, Beaufort st. and measurers, 2nd floor, Liverpool 

Duffy, Thomas, carpenter, 1, Maddrell st. ; and London chambers 
Dug, George, pork butcher, 129, Nether- Duncan, George, engineer, 33,Peter'8 lane 

field road north Duncan, John, fish curer, 10, Boe street 

Dugan, John, publican, 41, Stanley street i Duncan, John, fishmonger, dealer in game, 
Dugdide, E. victualler, 131, Limekiln lane | ice, and commission merchant, 17, Gt. 
Dugdale, E. licensed victualler, 68, Mill rd. ; Charlotte street 
Dugdale, Roger, broker, 93, Richmond row ; Duncan, Jno. fish salesman, 17, St. John*s 
Duggan, Jas. schoolmaster, 2, Porter st. ! fish market 

Duggan, J. billposter, 28, Vernon street i Duncan, L. family grocer, 56, Hall lane 
Duggan, John, publican, 7, Hanover st. | Duncan, Rt. publican, 86, Wood street 
Duggan, William, master mariner, 25, 'Duncan & Robinson, shipwrights, 75, 

Cornwallis street Bridgewater street 

Duggil, R. butcher, 30, Eairclough lane \ Duncan & Robinson, shipwrights. East 
Duggin, James, boot and shoe maker, 20, | side, Queen's Dock 

Winter street ; Duncan, Hill, & Parkinson, attorneys 

Duggle, G. butcher, St. James's market j and notarys, 10, Water street 
Duggle, George, butcher, 10, Haud street ' Duncan, Squarey, & Co. solicitors, 10, 
Dugsle, Rd. butcher, St. James's market Water street 
Dugli^, Mary, greengroceri 35, [Duucan, William, provision merchant, 

oChool lalie ^> South Castle street 

Dugnall, Jessie, greengrocer, 102, Hey- Dundalk and Newry kSteam Packet Co. 

worth street j J. D. Williams, ageut, 1, Goree Piazzas 

Duguid, Thomas, & Co. merchants, 26, ' Dundaa, William, commission agent, 15, 

rreeson's row Goree Piazzas 

Duits, Wm. confectioner, 97, Bamber st. ; Duntbrd, William, poulterer, 23, St. 
Duke & Baker, com merchants, Bruns- * Martin's market 

wick buildings, Brunswick street ; Dunham, John, butcher, 30, Paddin^ton 

Duke & Goffey, solicitors, 16, Harrington : Dunkerley, Carter, & Co. American Tro^ 

street, and 15, Lord st. 
Duley, Maria F. stationer, 321, Nether- 
field road north 

duce Company, 16, Temple court 

Dunkerly & Steinmann, shipowners 
and forwarding agents, Borough 

Dulson, Wm. hosier, 15, West Derby rd. buildings, 7> Bumford street 

Duley Brothers, cotton brokers, 9, Tem- ! Dunkerly & Steinmann, agents, 10, 
pest Hey Water street : 

Dumbell, H. fruiterer, 41, St. John's mrkt. Dunmore, J. hairdresser, 32, Blundell st. 
Dumbell, Thos. watch maker and jeweller, Dunmore, W. barber, 22, Cornwallis st. 

11, Lonsdale street j Dunn, Chas. poulterer, 3, St. John's mkt. 

Dumbell, William, painter and plumber, I Dunn, Edgar, saddler, ironmonger, Ac. 

99a, Derby road, Kirkdale 18, Hatton Garden 

Dumont, Victor, pork butcher, 144, Mill st. Dunn,Eliz. smallware dealer, 53, My rtlest. 
Dunand^ Alexander, hairdresser and per- Dunn, Henry, greengrocer and fruiterer, 

famer, 20, Exchange street east 207, Breck road 

Dunbabin, G-. confectioner, 8t. James's 

Dunbar, Henry, photographic artist, 74, 

Paradise street 
Dunbar, John, bootmaker, 26, Blair street 
I>aDcan, Andrew, 57, South John street 
I>uncaa Brothers, merchants, 22, Lord St. 


Dunn, Jas. bootmaker, 52, Old Hall st. 
Dunn, J. butcher, 80, Vauxhall road 
Dunn, John, butcher, 219, Athol street 
Dunn, M. car proprietor, 4, Tunnel road 
Dunn, Thomas, poulterer, 11, Marble st. 
Dunn, Timothy, coal dealer, 62, Fleet st. 
Dunn, Tim. coal merchant, 98, Gerard st. 




Dann, William, builder, 8, Hardy street 
Dunn, "W*. stationer, 27, William-Henry 

Dunnett, Thomas, barrister-at-law, Peel 

buildings, 6, Harrington street 
Dunning, George, boot and shoe maker, 

121, Stanley road 
Dunninsr, Thomas, provision dealer, 34, 

Fsradise street 
Dnnond, George, provision dealer, 28, 

Simpson street 
Dansford, Fredk. printer, stationer, and 

lithographer, 26, South Castle street 
Duquid, Thomas, & Co. merchants, 26, 

Preeson's row 
Duranda, Henry, importer of cigars and 

tobacco, 3 & 27, Dale st. 19, Castle st. 

and 67, Church street 

Dorandu, John, surgeon dentist, 1, 
Parker street, Church st. 

Durandu, J. dentist, 9, Rowlands street 
Durant, Henry, 8, Queen Ann street 
Durantry, Alexander, & Co. merchants, 
Com Exchange bldgs, 9, Brunswick st. 
Durband, Alice, herbalist, 82, Park road 

Durham, James, wholesale butcher, 
8,Netherfleldrd.north. (SeeAdvt.) 

Durham, W. butcher, 233, Gt. Homer st. 
Durham, Wm. jun. butcher, 348, Great 

Howurd street 
Duringer, John M. tailor, 45, Almond st. 
Durran, J. The 'Nook, 12, Brownlow hill 
Durraus, G. wool sorter, 73, Hunter st. 
Durrans, W. & T. tobacconists, 86, Dale st. 
Dntton, John, publican, 12, Seel street 
Dutton, M. A. greengrocer, 8, Denison st. 
DuttoD, N. & T. cabinetmakers, carvers 

and gilders, 41 & 43, Great George st. 
Dutton, Sarah, glass and china dealer, 

19, Mill street 
Dutton, Ts. plumber, &c. 13, Oldham st. 
Dutton, Thos. plumber, 15, School lane 
Dutton, William, boot and shoe maker, 

119, Netherfield road north 
Dutton, Massey, & Co. Torwarding agents 

and general merchants, 25, Wat«r st. 
Duxberry, Isaac, licensed victualler, 12, 

Knight street 
Dwyer, John, tool dealer, 25, Park lane 
Dwyer,Ths. fruiterer, 41, St. John*smkt. 
Dyer, Hugh, bricklayer and contractor, 

28a, Pembroke place 
Dyke, George, Italian warehouseman, 78, 

Bold street 
Dyking, JBdwd. & Co. grocer, 54, Soho st. 

Dyson, E. publican, 158, Gt. Homer st. 

Eaden, Margaret, licensed victualler, 10, 

George's Dock road 
Eager, J. com dealer, 13, Goree Piazzas 

Eagersfleld, Christopher George, 

i'eweller & haberdasher, 21, Far- 
[er street 
Eaglesfleld, Christopher George, 
hosier, glover, and outfitter, shirt 
and collar maker, 11, Parker st. 

Eaglesfield, J. grocer, 23, Alt street 
Eaglesficld, Thomas, provision dealer, 147, 

Netherfield road 
Eans, J. engineer, 30, Boundarjr street, E. 
Earl, John, shoemaker, 35a., Kent street 
Earle, Hj. furniture dealer, 112, Park rd. 
Earle, T. & W. Liverpool shipowners 

association, Fen wick street 
Earles <& King, oil . merchants and seed 

crushers, 5 to 11, Oil street 
Earp, Joseph, & Co. tailors and outfitters, 

59 & 61, Lord street 
Earp, T. licensed victualler, 1, Moss st. 
Earp, Thomas, merchant tailor and out- 
fitter, 3, Church street 
Eason, Barry, & Co. cotton brokers, 

Exchange buildings 
Easison, M. provision dealer, 25, Devon st. 
East, Ann, undertaker, 70, Copperas hill 
Eastee, George, fancy repository, 53, 

Church street 
Eastee, G-eorge, merchant, 50b, Lord st. 
Eastee, Greorge, fancy bazaar, 5, St. 

Greorge's crescent 
Eastern District Post and Money Order 

Office, 23, Pembroke place 
East ham, Henry, publican, 32, William- 
Henry street 
Eastham, Henry S. licensed victualler, 

25, Canterbury street 
Eastham, K. M. insurance broker, 15, 

Lord street 
Eastwood Brothers, provision merchants, 

18, Temple street 
Eastwood, J. tailor and draper, 24, South 

John street 
Eastwood, John, draper and tailor, 28, 

Chester street 
Eastwood, James, corn merchant, Ratford 

buildings, 57, Park lane 
Eastwood, J. coal merchant, 59, Park 

Eastwood, Miss, stationer, 83, Park road 
Eastwood, TnI. k, t^AoT,! ,^^^^\^\^^ '^^'^^ 




Eastwood, Eichard, pork butcher, 162, 

LoDdon road 
Eaton, E. licensed victualler, 53, Tetton st. 
Eaton, F. J. general produce broker. 

Queen's buildings, 11, Dale street 
Eaton, G. Henry, clerk to the county 

maffistrates for the division of Kirk dale, 

5, Clayton square 
Eaton, Mrs. drt^ssmaker, 60, Islington 
Eaton, Sarah, boot and shoe m^Ler, 5, 

Berry street 
Eaton & Son, solicitors, 5, Clayton square 
Eaton, Samuel, & Co. cotton merchants, 

4s Leather lane 
Eaton, Wm. victualler, 62, 64, Park road 
Eaton, Wm. hardware, 126, Walton road 
Eaves, D. publican, 79a, Great Homer st. 

26, Old Hall St. & 49, William-Henry st. 
Eaves, Henry, licensed victualler, 98, 

Great Howard street 
Eaves, J. publican, 146, Great Homer Bt. 
Eaves, Eichard, licensed victualler, 27, 

Hopwood street 
Eaves, Eoger, milkman, 45, Harbord st. 

Eberle, rhilip, Alexandra Hotel, 

Dale streeti 
Eberle, Fhilip> Royal Hotel, 45, 

Dale street 

Eccles, Alexander, & Co. cotton brokers, 
19, Exchange aUev, Old Hall street 

Eccles, E. cotton broKer, 18, Hackins Hey 

Eccles, Edward, butcher, 164, Mill street 

Eccles, Mrs. Edward, provision dealer, 
13, Blair street 

Eccles, S. general shop, 30, Hopwood st. 

Eccleston,W. watchmaker,34, Kinglake st. 

Eckersley, Walter, general broker, Leith 
offices, Moorfields 

Economic Life Office, T. O. Cooper & 
Sons, Exchange buildings, Eumford st. 

Eddowes Brothers, & Co. merchants and 
agents to the Scottish Union Assurance 
Co. Brotherton bldgs. 1, North John st. 

Eden, Stanistreet, Fears & Logan, soli- 
citors, 57a, Church street 

Edgar, J. engineer, 50, Albion street 

Edgar, James, musical instrument maker, 
1, Upper Duke street 

Edge, James, provision dealer, 113, West 
Derby road 

Edge, J. H. solicitor,[27. North John st. 

Edge, P. licensed victualler, 21, London rd. 
^^B^a, H. butcher, 9, St. Martin's market 
^^^ JBobert, butcher, 43, W&lton lane 
&cf^G^' 4&J.J. butchers, 4, Tbomaaton st. 


Ed^e, T. joiner and undertaker, 142, 

Wellington road 
Edgerson, Mrs. Anne, hardware dealer, 

11, Eoley street 
Edgerty, J. butcher, 281, Scotland road 
Edinburgh Brewery Co. limited, Jamt^s 

J. Hunter, district mngr. 3, College la. 
Edinburgh Life Assurance Office, Alexr. 

Kincaid, agent, 52, South Castle street 
Edington, Elizabeth, grocer, 102, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 
Edisbury, J. chemist, 86, Everton road 
Edisbury, Lawton, chemist, 27, Soho st. 
Edmiston, J. G-eorge, commission agent, 

4, Parliament place 
Edmond, A. coach builder, 29, Benson st. 
Edmonds & Co. drapers, 215, London rd. 
Edmondson, — > master mariner, 194, 

Beaufort street 
Edmondson, Charles, cabinet maker, 

and upholsterer, 26, St. James's road 
Edmondson, H. publican, 67, Moorfields 
Edmondson, H. victualler, 28, Tithebam st. 
Edmondson, H. E. licensed victualler, 

61, Walnut street 
Edmondson, James, iishing tackle and 

archery warehouse, 15, oasnett street 
Edmondson, James, grocer, 31, Bidder st. 
Edmondson, J. hairdresser, 11, Christian st. 
Edmondson, J. & Co. merchants, Temple, 

Dale street 
Edmondson, T. plumber, <&«. 309, Park rd. 
Edmondson, W. publican, 127, Scotland rd. 
Edmunds, W. painter, &e. 34,Trueman st. 
Edmunds, W. & Co. export bottlers and 

beer merchants, 2, Mersey chambers. 

Old Churchyard 
Edwardes, F. general merchant, 7, Cook st. 
Edwards, A. C. metal brokers, Fenwicck 

court, Fenwick street 
Edwards, Bros, cart owners, 2 George's 

Dock gatcH 
Edwards, Chas. fruiterer, 5, Paddington 
Edwards, Charles, broker, 2 Circus street 
Edwards, D. carpet braider, 16, Leeds st. 
Edwards, Ed. tobacconist, 157, Park road 
Edwards, E. tailor and draper, 182, 

Beaufort street 
Edwards, Mrs. Elizabeth, 60, Henry st. 
Edwards, E. butcher, 34, St. John's mrkt. 
Edwards, F.S. corn merchant,18,Chapel st. 
Edwards, G-. licensed victualler, 126, 

Great Howard street 
Edwards, Gporge, licensed \ivt;;uller, 1, 

Upper WiWiam »tte€t 




Bdwarda, George, lioeuaed victualler, G4, 

Wavertree road 
Edwards, George, provision dealer, 225, 

Sinithdown lane 
Edwards, Griffin, joiner and builder, 46, 

Netherfield road north 
Edwards, H. glass and china dealer, 29, 

Cleveland square 
Edwards, Henry, spirit vaults, 58 & 60, 

Eairclough lane 
Edwards, Henry, hairdresser, 36, Smith st. 
Edwards, Henry L. professor of music, 

24, HAwke street 
Edwards, H, dentist, 234, West Derbv rd. 
Edwards, James, fruiterer and trreen- 

grocer, 37, Leece street 

Edwards, Sarah, confectioner, 3, Little 
Woolton street 

Edwards, T. greengrocer, 14, Dansie st. 

Edwards, \Vm. victualler, 27, Hurst st. 

Edward8,9Wm. cart owner, 29, Naylor st 

Edwards, W. greengrocer, 21, Torbock st. 

Edwards & Go. East India merchants, 
Mellor's buildings. Exchange bt. east 

Edwards & Lucas, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 115, Duke street 

Edwardson, H. accountant and estate 
broker, Prince's buildings, 28 & 30, 
North John street 

Eeder, Sarah, tobacconist, 50,Christian st. 

Egan, Catherine, 12, Prescot street 

Egan, Michael, grocer, 4, Richmond row 

Edwards, J. butcher, 268, Scotland road Egerton, Thos. publican, 12, Scotland rd. 

Edwards, John, coal agent, 3, Maddreli st. 
Edwards, John, tailor and draper, 31, 

South John street 
Edwards, John, Eagle inn, 39, Dennison 

Edwards, J. publican, 28, Dickenson st. 
Edwards, J. storekeeper, 20, Harford st. 
Edwards, John, grocer, 82, Paddington 

Egerton, Smith, & Go. Mercury 
Office, 6, School lane 

Eggers, Albert E. & Go. merchaDts and 
ship owners, Bank chambers, 3, Cook st. 

Eglington, Alfred, watch glass maker, 
101, Duke street 

Egner, F. pork butcher, 191, Scotland rd. 

Eills,J. master mariner, 19, St. James's rd. 

Edwards, John, small ware dealer, 11, j Eil Is, Wm. ship chandler, 24, Arnold st 

Prussia street Eiton, J. H.coal mercht. 24, St. James's rd. 

Edwards, J. coal agent, 18, Falkland st. Elam, W. estate agent, County Palatine 
Edwards, J. provision dealer, 59, Whit- ■ buildings, 10, School lane 

field road 1 Elam, Mrs. W. T. stay and corset maker, 

Edwards, J. & Co. merchants. Commercial i 100, B<'ld street 

Bank buildings, 4, Cook btr^et < Elder, Mrs. baker, 59, Hotham street, 

Edwards, J. & Co. commission merchants, | comer of Copperas hill 

& forwarding agents, 37, Chapel walks Elder, Margaret, baker, 70, Dale street 
Edwards, Margaret, butcher, 2, Prescot st. Elder, Mrs. Margaret, flour dlr., 25, Bed- 
Edwards, O. & J. boot and shoe makers, cross street 

22, Williaroson square Electric & International Telegraph Com- 

Sdwards, P. 51, Hev worth str e i pany, limited, 12, Water street 

Edwards, P. gas collector, 5, Chester st. i Electric & International Telegraph Com- 
Edwards, P. grocer and provision dealer, ! pany. Exchange buildings 

82, Boundary street | Electric Telegraph Company, 35, Castle st. 

Edwards, R. baker, 271, Up .Parliament St. Ehas, W. & E. builders, 78, Netherfield 
Edwards, B. grocer, 93, Wellington road ! road north 

Edwards, B. confectioner, 8, Byrom st. 
Edwards, B. licensed victualler, 95, &reat 
Howard street 

El kin, W. greengrocer, 174, Tunnel rd. 
Elkington, John W. metal agent, 1, 
Alfred road. Claughton 

Edwards, B. plumber and painter, 18, i Elkington & Co. silversmiths, electro 
Newington manufacturers and bronze statue 

Edwards, Bobert & Co. merchants, 27, i founders, T. H. Bollason, manager, 21, 
G-radwell street 23 & 25, Church street 

Edwards, Bobert, grocer, 374, Mill street > EUam, Unsworth, & Leonard, Everton 

Edwards, Samuel, draper and glover, 93, toffee shop, 21, Moss street 

Scotland road 
Edwards, Mrs. 8arah, dressmaker and 
town waitrawr, 4, Olive Btreet 

Ellams, J. dining rooms, 92, Begent road 
Ellams, John, publican, 25, Kirkdale rd. 





Ellams, S. yictualler, 118, Stanley at. 

Ellams. T. licensed vetler. 35, Eegent at. 

Ellenahaw, Thomaa, provision dealer, 26, 
Sjiffles street 

Ellerbeck, Joseph T. family stationery 
warehouse, Bold st.; public library, and 
bookseller, 14, Myrtle street 

EUiadi Brothers, merchants, 21, Mersey 
chambers. Old Churchyard 

Elliot, Arthur, tobacconist, 71, Park lane 

Elliot, B. tailor, 11, Sherdley street 

Elliot & Co. tea dealers, &c. 16, Elliot st. 

Elliot, Adam, merchant, agent Boyal In- 
surance Co. 37, Castle street 

Elliot, Ann, umbrella manufacturer, 17, 
St. James's street 

Elliott, Archibald, tailor and draper, 75, 
Pembroke place 

Elliott, Edward, flour dealer,16, Devon st. 

EUiottjF.A Son, stccountants, estate 
agents, and surveyors, agents for 
the Blidland Counties and Plate 
Glass Insurance Cos. 21, North 

John street. (See Advertisement.) 
Elliott, Jas. joiner, 87, G-uildford street 
Elliott, James, agent for all kinds of sewing 

machines, 67, Great Charlotte street 
Elliott, Warwick, master steyedor, 20, 

Sparling street 
Elliott, William, London coffee house, 

41, Bolton street 
EUiott, W. greengrocer, 56, St. Martin's 

Elliott, C. & Er forwarding agent, 17, 

Gt>ree Piazzas 
Elliott, G-. & E. com merchants and flour 

dealers, 31, Gt. Howard st. 72, Pitt st. 

and 29, Highfield street 
Elliott's Patent Sheathing and Metal Co. 

limited, 9 & 11, Irwell st. J. W. Elk- 

Ellis, Charlotte, hosier, 41, Paddington 
Ellis, E. cattle dealer, 7, Priorj road 
Ellis,Edward, ladies' outfitting warehouse, 

68, Paradise street 
Ellis,|Elizabeth, general djer and furrier, 

63, Myrtle street 
Ellis, Elizabeth, fancy repository, 50, 

Brunswick road 
Ellis, Erau, Denbigh Castle, licensed vie. 

27, Cazneau street 
Ellis, E. & IL millers and contractors, 22, 

Oiuining place 
£y/ur, Geo. aaw wJUm, IT, Oil atreeb 
^iuf, s. buteber, T8,at. Cromhall st. 

Ellis, Henry W. & Charles, butchers, 
172, Falkner street 

Ellis, James, buker and flour dealer, 1 , 3, 

& 5, Low Hill 
Ellis, James, publican, 219, Park road 
Ellis, J. cabinet maker, 3 & 4, EAuelagh pL 
Ellis, Jas. baker, 48, Paddiugton 
Ellis, James, & Co. wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 22 & 24, Williamson street 
Ellis, John, butcher, 158, West Derby rd. 
Ellis, John, shoemaker, 91, Duke street 
Ellis, J. cigar manufacturer, 20, Fortescue 

street * 

EUis, John, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 

3 & 4, Eanelagh place 
Ellis, John, pawnbroker, 73 & 75, Parlia- 
ment street, 20, St. James rd. and 14, 
G-t. George place 
EUid, J. joiner and builder, 19, Union st. 
Ellis, J. sryyr. of taxes, 2, Stananought st. 
Ellis, Joseph, ship builder, 87, Old Hall st. 
Ellis, O. marble mason, 23 & 30, Gill st. 
Ellis, Peter, architect, 37, Castle street 
Ellis, P. veterinary surgeon, 9, William- 
son street 
Ellis, E. provision dealer, 30, Park street 
Ellis, Sarah Eliz. chemist, 34, Paddington 
Ellis, T. publican, 143, Athol street 
Ellis, T. publican, 211, Athol street 
Ellis, Thos. tailor & draper, 4, Sand street 
Ellis, Thos. bootmaker, 13, Tarleton st. 
Ellis, T. butcher, 27, St. John's market 
Ellis, T. licensed victualler, 2, Park pL 
Ellis, William, publican, 16, Eaffles st. 
Ellis, W. Bond, yellow, metal and copper 
agent, 80, Falkner st. Office, 4, Baltic 
buildings, 9, Eedcross street 
Ellis, Wm. & Co. carvers and gilders, 20, 

Clarence street 
Ellis & Co. rope makers, 1, Park lane 
Ellis & Field, attorneys & notaries, 31, 

EUis & Hargreaves, provision merchants, 

11, Mathews street 
Ellis|& James, tailors, 51, North John st. 
Ellis & Moore, wine & spirit merchants, 

60a, Hanover street 
Ellis, Marsden & Co. brass founders, 15, 

Argyle street 
Ellis & Co. patent felt & Portland cement 
manufacturers, (agent, J. Bedell,) 28, 
Strand street 
Ellison, C. 0. architect and surveyor 
Adelphi Bank chambers, South John st' 
Ellison, J. butcW, Bt, Jt^meb's market. 




EUisoDy John, chemist, G9, Church at. 

EllifiOD, J. nail manufacturer and iron- 
monger, 55, Paradise street 

ElUson, J. & Co. wine and spirit mer- 
chants, 32, King street 

EIliaoD, J. pork butcher, 35, West Derby 

EUiaon, M. tailor and general outfitter, 
118, Ghreat Howard street 

Ellison, Miss Sarah, girls* school, Black- 
bume house, Blackburne place 

EllisoD, N. Tunnel hotel, 50&52, Tunnel 

ElliaoD, B. J. broker, 110, St. James's st. 

Ellison, iiichard, bread and flour dealer, 
158, Mill street 

Ellison, T. cabinet maker and uphols- 
terer, 244, Park road 

Ellison W. pork butcher, 69, Mill st. 

Ellison & Whiting, timber & stave mer- 
chant, 63, Sefton street 

EUiflton & Co. publicans, 16 to 18, 
Bevington hill 

Ellitheme, W. C. chemist, 23, Nether- 
field road north 

Ellitheme, W. T. chemist and druggist, 
262, Scotland road 

Elnead, J. M. family grocer, 15, Foley st. 

Elston, G-. confectioner, 2, Manchester st. 

Elston, H. publican, 5, Church lane 

Elston, J. lamp and oil depot, 364, Scot- 
land road 

Elston, J. C. oil and lamp dealer, and 
tinplateworker, 21, Netherfieldrd. south 

Elsworth, G-. licensed victualler, 172, 
fiichmond row 

Emery, E. victualler, 128, Brownlow hill 

Emery, James, boot and shoe maker, 45, 
Walnut street 

Emmens,H. J. photographer, 108, Seelst. 

Empsill, John, butcher, 36, Foley street 

English Fire and Life Assurance Com- 
pany (J. E. Ley land, manager), Mawds- 
Jey^chambers, 8, Castle street 

Ennis, Ann, tobacconist, 12, Netherfield 
road south 

EnniSy Mary, provision dealer, 105, 
Yauxhall road 

Enright> E. conlectioner, 100, Hey worth 

Entwistle, E. licensed victualler, 150 & 
161, Heyworth street 

Entwistle, T. grocer, 88, Smithdown lano 

Krck, M. professor of languages, 10, Eliza- 
beth street 

Erlan, Ann, draper, 24, Bcnshaw street 
Ernest, Sotio, & Co. genrl comsn. mchnts. 
Law Assrnce bldngs. 18, Harrington st. 
Ernst, A. ship smitb, 54, Sparling street 
Erskine, James, commission merchanti 

10, Bumford place 

Erskine, Jane, Argyle dining rooms, 8, 

Hanover street 
Erwin, J. licensed victualler, 2, Bav st. 
Esserry, H. leather dealer, 62, Mill st. 
Essery, Bichard, joiner, 26, Adlington st. 
Estor, — , late B. Childs, The Harrington 

dining-rooms, Harrington street 
Etcheilis, E. milliner, 56, Copperas Hill 
Etty, Tbomas, attorney, 22, Lord street 
Enbank, T. J. artist and photographer, 

20, Castle street 
Eugenie, Mdlle. dressmaker, 78a, Bold st. 
European Assurance Company, (F. E. 

Bird, agent), York buildings, Dale st. 
Eutychides, A. & Co. commission agents, 

49, South Castle street 
Evan,|G-. fish 8alesman,St. John's fish mckt. 
Evans, Brothers, timber merchants, 181, 

Begent road 
Evans, C. toy dealer, 110, Scotland road 
Evans, C. H. sailmaker, 88, Mersey stw 
Evans, D. H. boot and shoe maw, 28, 

Conway street 
Evans, E. butcher, 112, Heyworth street 
Evans, E. butcher, 286, Falkner street 
Evans, E. coachbuilder, 24, Alma street 
Evans, E. E. mariner, 16, St. Paul's sq. 
Evans, E. provision dealer, 64, St. John's 

Evans, Elizabeth, lodging-house keeper, 

11, Ormond street 

Evans, Enoch, shoemaker, 8', Warren- st. 

Evans, E. hairdresser, 35 Manchester st. 

Evans, George, tobacconist, 90, Faddington 

Evans, H. cUemist, 209, Great Homer st. 

Evans, Hugh, merchant. Queen's Insur- 
ance buildings. Dale street 

Evans, Hugh, beerhouse keeper, 22, 
Plumbe street 

Evans, J. coachbuilder,30,Brockfleld rd.S. 

Evans, James, bookseller and stationer,' 
85 <& 87, Byrom street 

Evans, James, coachbuilder, 46, Seel st. 

Evans, J. general dealer, 20, St Paul's sq. 

Evans, Janc^, hosier, 185, Park road 

Evans, Janet, Mersey dining rooms and 
restaurant, 11, Lower Castle street 

Evans, J.licensed victualler, 48, Hunter st. 

Evans, 3 olim) \TOiux\Q\i%«v ^^ ^'^^j^^^.x^^x 




Evans, J. tailor & draper, 44,St. James's rd. 
Evans, J.slater and plasterer ,443u88ell st. 
Evans, J. cabinet maker, 12, College lane 
Evans, John, licensed vctllr. 9, Queen st. 
Evans, J. tailor and draper, 31, Slater st. 
Evans, John, joiner & builder, 1, Eay 

street, and at No. 4, court, Edmond st. 
Evans, John, butcher, 46, Overbury street 
Evans, Jos. hairdresser, 73, Tithebam st. 
Evans, Louisa, bootmaker, 84, Soho st. 
Evans, Louisa, vine and spirit merchant, 

88, Great George street 
Evans, M. bookseller, 122, Crown street 
Evans, Mrs. midwife, 43, Prussia street 
Evans, Margaret, groeer,^a L.Worfield st. 
JBvaus, Margaret, licensed victualler, 27, 

Eedcross street 
Eyana, Mra. Jane, 36, Barnes street 
Evans, Paul, provision dealer, 151, Mill st. 
Evans, B. druggiat's aundryman, 8, Cleve- 
land square 
Evans, Eicbard, salt proprietor, 42, Tower 

Jbuildings, Water street 
Evans, Kobert, shipbuilder, 85, Mill st. 
Evans, R ship carpenter, 20, Highfield st. 
Evans, E. & J. shipsmiths, Grundy street, 

and Brunswick dock 
Evans, Eichard & Co. colliery proprietors, 
' 18, Exchange alley. Old Hall street, 

181, Crown street, and 39, Leeds st. 
Evans, Eichards, & Co. silk mercers and 

general drapers, 45 to 53, London rd. 
Evans, Sarah, milliner, 46, Overbury st. 
Evans, Samuel, beerhouse keeper, 5, 

Fazackerley street 
Evansy T. government tax collector, 69, 

Beaumont street 
Evans, Thos. shipbroker, 15, Up. Duke st. 
Evans, Thomas, clerk of St. Nicholas's 

church, 9, Prussia street 
Evaus, Thomas, bootmaker, 63, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 
Evans, Thomas Walter, surgeon, 115, 

Heyworth street, Everton 
Evans, Thomas, hosier, 52, Whitechapel 
Evans, T. tobacconist, 159, Eichmond row 
Evans, William (M.P.S.), chemist and 

druggist, 209, Great Homer street 
Evans, W. butcher, 46, Pitt street 
Evans, William, provision dealer, 14, 

Edmund street 
J^raus, W. funiljr grocer, 27 y Heywortb 

^y^as, W. pilot, 22, Carter street 
^^ Wm. prormon dernier, 6, Bay at. 


Evans, William, chemist and druggist, 

3, Lodge lane 
Evans, William, pilot, 19, Cobden street 
Evans, William, tailor and draper, 132, 

Spencer street 
Evans, W. saddler, 197 & 199, Ealkner st. 
Eyans, William, tailor, 4, Brunei street 
Evans, William, & Co. Worcester, cigar 

manuiacturers (J. E. Eoss, agent), 24, 

New stead road, Smithdown road 
Evans & Co. ship's bread bakers, 6 & 7, 

Canning place 
Evans & Lockett, solicitors, 15, Lord st. 
Evans, Eichards, <& Co. general drapers, 

2, 4, 6, 8, & 10, Eraser street 
Evans, Sons, & Co. drug manufacturers, 

31,Fleetst.56, Hanover St. & 21, Seelst. 
Eve, Henry, cook and confectioner, 55, 

Brunswick road 
Everett, Chas. J. stationer and coal agent, 

62, Pembroke place 
Everett, E. S. Leicester bldgs. King at. 
Everett, William Edward, fishmonger and 

poulterer, 48, Pembroke place 
Evers, Samuel, cotton brokers, Eoacoe 

buildings, 20, Tithebam street 
Every, Charles, tailor and draper, 17 & 

19, Basnett street 
Eves, Catherine, store dealer, 16, High- 
field street 
Eves, John, Eeindeer hotel, 29, Great 

Charlotte street 
Eves, William, & John Williams, pawn- 
brokers, 128, Stanley road 
Evisou, S. linen draper and silk mercer, 

81, London road 
Ewing, George, plumber, painter and 

glazier, 106, Seel street 
Ewing <fc Co. ship's bread bakers, 15 & 

16, Strand street 
Ewing & McMaster, shipwrights and 

smiths, 17, Lightbody street 
Exchange Club, (manager, F. Parry), 23, 

Hanover street 
Exchange Newsroom, (J. H. Young- 

hu>band, secretary,) Exchangebuildings 
Exley, Thomas, grmder and cutter, 6, 

Upper Newington 
Eyelt, John, watchmaker, 64, Netherfield 

road north 
Eyre, William, metal broker, 1, India 

buildings. Water street 
Eyres, Thoa. white cooler, 79, Park road 
Eysaen & Co. ^eneinX moscXiviiV.^,'! ,\\i^^ 

buildings, ^atet atwfet 




Eyton, Adam, lead merchant, 84, James 

Fabert, J. & Co. ship store dealer, 1, Par- 

linmeiit street 
Fachiri, Antonio A. general merchant, 7, 

Brunawick street 
Fagan, A. draper, 27, Kent street 
Fagan, M. painter, 25, Dickenson street 
Fagan, P. carpenter, 20, Bridgewater st. 
Fagan, Jas. cabinet maker, 57, Bute st. 
Faint, Jno. M. eating-house, 68, Dale st. 
Fairbrother, K. tin worker, 141, Mill st. 
Fairbrother, Thos. wholesale bookseller, 

13, Canning place 
Fairburn, Belie, publican, 64 & 66, Wil- 
liam Henry street 
Fairclough, Henry, corn and flour dealer, 

86, London road 
Fairclough, Mary, confectioner, 148 & 

160, Brownlow Hill 
Fairclough, R. & Co. plane manufacturers 

and tool dealers, 72, By rom street 
Furclough, Bobert, licensed victualler 

and watchmaker, 2, Low Hill 
Fairclough, £. greengrocer, 3, Hughes st. 
Fairclough, Thomas, cotton broker, 26, 

Exchange street east 
Fairclough, William, licensed victualler, 
90, High field street I street 

Fairclough, W. provision dealer, 2, Winter 
Fairclough, W. M. family grocer and pro- 
vision dealer, 18, Myrtle road 
Fairclough, W. M. provision dealer, 55a, 

Warren street 
Fairhurst, Henry, pawnbroker, 45, 47, & 

49, St. Ann street 
Fairhurst, Wm. painter, 30, Nelson st. 
Fairrie, Adam J. sugar broker, Queen's 

Insurance buildings, 10, Dale street 
Fairrie & Co. suj^ar refiners, Colonial 

buildings, 36, Dale street 
Fairweather, Steward, coal agent, 61, Gt. 

Itichmond street 
Falk, H. E. salt manufacturer and mer- 
chant, 11, Lord street 
Falkingham, W. broker, 228, Vauxhall rd. 
Falkner, C. T. & Co. carriers, 15, Irwell st 
Falkner, J. W. commission agents, 18, 

Brunswick street 
Falkner, John, provision merchant, 28 & 

30, Mathews street 
Faliowes, C. sack merchant, 7, College la. 
FallowB, John, c&lenderer and packer, 12, 
Peter's lane 

Fallows, W. & Co. iron merchants, Com- 
mercial buildinga 

Falls & Helsby, wine and spirit merchants, 
Leicester buildings, 27, King street 

Fane, Elian, publican, 61, Kirkdale road 

Fanning, E. milliner, 97, Scotland road 

Fanning, Ellen, tobacconist, 22, Hough- 
ton street 

Farley, A. J. butcher, 32, Highfield st. 

Farley, A. J. butcher, 45, St. John's mrkt. 

Farley, W. tobacconist, 252, Falkner st. 

Farley, W. accountant, 27, Mt. Pleasant 

Farmer, Ellen, dressmkr. 7, Ainsworth st. 

Farmer, Samuel, butcher, 22 & 24, Pem- 
broke place 

Farmer, S butcher, 53, St. John's mrkt. 

Farmer, Thomas (Haggon house), emi- 
gration agent and boarding-house, 15, 
Cumberland street 

Farnworth, Jane, tobacconist, 9, Cleve- 
land square 

Farnworth, John, watch and dock manu- 
facturer, 76, Mill street 

Farnworth <& Jardine, wood broken and 
measurers, Liverpool and London cham- 
bers, and Canada dock 

Farqubar, J. estate agent, 24, Qreek at. 

Farm II, John B. baker and flour dealer, 
258 &, 260, Mill street 

Farrall, Mary, cabinet mkr. 29, Stanley st. 

Farrar, Wm. shipbroker, 12, Daulby st. 

Farrell, Ann, provision dealer, 15, Den- 
bigh street 

Farrell, Ed. licensed broker, 3, Marybono 

Farrell, F. cotton dealer, 22, Liver street 

Farrell, F. provision dealer, 1, Saltney st. 

Farrell, J. cook and confectioner, St. 
James's market 

Farrell, Jrio. ship store dealer, 12, Bound- 
ary street 

Farrell, John, jun. general marine 
store dealer, 173, Aegent road 

Farrell, M. clothes dealer, l,Fontenoyst. 
Farrell, P. publican, 102, Vouxhall road 
Farrell, P. licensed victualler, 214, Paul 

Farrfell, R. storekeeper, 129, Bichmd. row 
Farrell, Sasan, greengrocer and fruiterer, 

St. James's market 
Farrell, Thomas, bread and flour dealer, 

222, Park road 
Farrer, Eliz. greengrocer, 66, Paddington 

tavern, *2.1 , 'SiAsio^Xwi^. 




Earrer & Co. commiBBion merchants, York 
buildiDgs, Dale street 

FarnDgton, Jemima, oil and lamp dealer, 
165, Mill street 

Farro, W. L, general broker, Brotberton 
buildings, 10, North John street 

Faughner, B. dealer in game, 10, St. John's 

Faulkner, John, proyision merchant, 33, 
HemaDs street 

Faulkner, S. hairdresser, 183, Falkner st. 

Fawcett, Jas. upholsterer, 19, Harper st. 

Fawcett, John, marine store dealer, 20, 
Denbigh street 

Fawcett, W. pattern maker, 6, Binney st. 

Fawcett, W. cabinet maker, 76, Bussell st. 

Fawcett, Preston, & Co. engineers, 25, 
Lightbody street, and 17, York street 

Fay, C. butterman, 11 & 12, St. Martin's 

Fay, T. W. W. surgeon and dentist. Upper 
Parliameut street 

Fayer, Henry, bread and flour dealer, 69, 
William-Henry street 

Fayer, ,"W. corn dealer, 207, Q-t. Homer st. 
and 13, Dansie street 

Fazakely, Ellen O. yictualler, 98, Lime- 
kiln lane 

Fazekerley, Hugh, publican, 142, Bur- 
lington street 

Fazakerley, Hugh,licensed victualler, 162, 

Fazakerley, Margaret, greengrocer, 59, 
Frescot street 

Fazakerley, T, surveyor for the Corpora- 
tion Waterworks, 32, Cottenham st. 

Fazakerley, Wm. publican, 93, Norfolk st. 

Fear & Lawrence, poulterers, 209, Lon- 
don road 

Fearnall, William, wholesale stationer and 
printer, 12, Old Post Office place 

Feamon, Joseph, provision dealer, 212, 
Netherfield road north 

Fearon, J. mariner, 22, Calder st. [road 

Fearon, Maria, news agent, 162, Walton 

Feather, Bobert B. merchant, Molyneux 
place, Water street 

Feathers Hotel (Jessie Harding, pro- 
prietress), 1, Clapton square 

Feeny, Owen, provision dealer, 53, Tithe- 
barn street 
-Fej^aa, Pat stationer, 100, Derby road, 


^luf' ^^""f "^ ^^' commercial merchants, 
^^, Mum ford pia^e 


Felerty, A. bird fancier, 17, Vauxhall rd. 
Fell, Jas. lamp dealer, 6, Whitley street 
Fell, Bichard, watchmaker, 41, Nether- 
field road south 
Felton, Chs. butcher, 15, St. John's mkt. 
Fennesay, J. P. bootmaker, 4, Cheapside 
Fenney, Caleb, milk dealer, 7, Denison st. 
Fenwick, H. attomevs, 17, Exchange 

alley. Old Hall street 
Feraw, J. & Son, importers of Irish pro- 
visions, 23, Pitt street 
Ferdinand, Lehman, beer-house keeper, 8, 

Bridgewater street 
Fergie, Benjamin O. Family Wine Co. 

8a, Lord street 
Fergie, Margaret, milliner, 37, Islington 
Ferguson, Agnes, baby linen and ladies* 

outfitter, 4, Bold street 
Ferguson, G. & Co., The Wholesale Tea 

and Coffee Stores, 54a, Cable street 
Ferguson, J. joiner, 32, Barnes street 
Ferguson, Hugh, engineer and boiler 

maker, 23, Fulton street 
Ferguson, John, licensed victualler, 263, 

Breck road 
Ferguson, Bobert, confectioner, 366, 

Great Howard street 
Fergusson, A. stationer and library, 89, 

Bold street 
Fergusson, W. & J. pharmaceutical 

chemists, 31, Tithebam street, and 48, 

Dale street 
Ferme, Henry &, Sons, merchants and 

ship owners, 20, Water street 
Ferns, Patrick, ginger beer manufacturer, 

18, Fortescue street 
Ferny hough, W. H. glass and china 

dealer, 7 to 9, Deane street 
Ferrier & Marcott, merchants, 31, Tower 

buildings. Water street 
Ferris, Philadelphia dining rooms, 5, 

Hackins Hey 
Fidler, Bobert, surgeon and chemist, 

183, Mill street 
Fidyman, T. butcher, 18, St. John's mkt. 
Field, Charles, spice aud oil merchant, 

65, Henry street 
Field, James, fruiterer, 174, Falkner st. 
Field, Mrs. £. dress and mantle maker, 

46, Upper Hope place 
Field, W. O. confectioner, 109, Islington 
Fielden Brothers & Co., merchants, 

Carlton bmldvn^, ^, Bumford street 
Fielder, H. ». \a.N« \iw>Yiftfe\\vc, ^n. 

Plum pt on EtTeeV^^EixerVoTi 


Fielder, Messrs. A. <& H. shirt makers, 

27, Plumpton street 
Fielding, I. tallow chandler, 7a. Park st. 
Fielding, J. cotton dealer, 20, Exchange 

street east 
Fielding, J. superintendent, 187, Crown nt. 
Filkin, Ann, tobacconist, 123, Park road 
Filkin, Thomas, pianoforte maker, 111, 

Park road 
Financial Eeform AsRociation, (C. E. 

Macqueen, secretary,) Eidon chambers, 

20, South John street 
Finch, Wm. victualler, 18, Limekiln lane 
Finch & Kellej, iron merchants. Com- 
mercial Bank buildings, 4, Cooke st. 
Finchard, 8. whitesmith, 7 & 9, Hain- 

ford gardens 
Findlater, James, ale and porter stores, 

98, Duke street 


Fisher, James, plumber and painter, 50, 
Prescot street 

Fisher, John, leather dealer, 226, Scot- 
land road 

Fisher, Henry, poor-rate collector, 17, 
Hemans sti^^t 

Fisher, Mrs. Agnes, dressmaker, 85, 
Grreat Greorge street 

Fisher, 8.'<& Son, provision merchant:}, 
56 & 57, St. John's market 

Fisher, T. hairdresser, 48, Great Crosshall 

Fisher, T. leather merchant, 137, Dale st. 

Fisher, W. victaallor, 16 & 18, Daw- 
son street 

Fisher, W. C. & Co. provision brokers, 
13, Mathews street 

Fisher, W. licensed victualler, 23 & 25, 
Scotland road 

Findlater & Co., porter brewers, Leith ; Fisher, AVilliam, licensed victualler, 8, 

offices, 34, Moortields 
Findlay, Wm. carver and gilder, 21, 

Findly, John, wine and spirit merchant, 

10, Grreat G-eorge street 
Finnan, licensed victualler, ^ 54, Great 

Howard street 
Finegan, J. H. (M.D.) 61, Rodney street 
Fineity, R. greengrocer, 299, Scotland 

Fingesson,W. & J. chemists, 31,Tithebarn 

Finlay, Campbell & Co. merchants, 9, 

Bumford street 
Finlay, James, victualler, 78, South st. 
Finlay, Roberts & Co. cotton brokers, 

33, Brown's buildings 
Finley, Jane, confectioner, 10, Jordan st. 
Finley & Hill, tea merchants, Inner 

Temple, Dale street 
Finne, James, shoemaker, 22, Naylor st. 
Finnegan, R. plumber, &c. 24, Scotland pi. 

Sinney. James & Son, accountants, 
31, North John street 

Finney, Benjamin, perfumer and hair- 
dresser, 3, Lawton street 

Finnie, John, artist, 8, Cambridge street 

Finnigan, E. licensed victualler, 5, Little 
Howard street 

Fish, James, licensed victualler, 117, 
l^tanley road, and 215, Boundary lane 

Figher, Henry Fras. physician and sur- 
geon, 2, South Castle street 

TisheT, Isaac, model lodging iiooae keener 
lOr, 8t Ann Btreet ^ ' 

Williamson square 

Fisher & Son, attorneys and notaries, 20, 
Temple court 

Fisher, The Misses, stationerc*, 9, Nether- 
field road north 

Fislier & Ramdal, 1, Rumford place 

Fisk, Edward, restaurant and 
dining rooms^ 9 , Cable St., and at 
George's chambers, Lord street. 

Fiski William, resturatur, cook, 
and confectioner, wine and spirit 
merchant, 25, Castle street ; bouse 
13, Rock park. Rock Ferry 

Fisk, luncheou bar, 8a, Lord street 
Fiswick J. pawnbroker, 63, Tithebarn st. 
Fitton, J. poulterer, 189, Richmond row 
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth, greengrocer, 59, St. 

John's market 
Fitzgerald, J. broker, 97, Christian st. 
Fitzgerald, M. broker, 10, Greetham st. 
Fitzgibbon, Anna, dressmaker, 45, 

Prussia street 
Fitzgibbons, Wm. tailor, 21, Springfield 
Fitzpatrick, John, umbrella maker, 17, 

Fitzpatrick, James, tailor, 31, "Warren st. 
Fitzpatrick, J. T. grocer, 216, West Derby 

road, and 62, St. James's street 
Fitzpatrick, M. coal merchant, 62, Seel 

Fitzpatrick, Michael, coal merchant, 22, 

Thomas street 
Fitzyatrkk, .¥^\>tv^^ ^^^xqa^^t., 'S^ 

AAna^OTtVi %tt^\. 
¥\T\c\;,nt. K\\ATT,^i\.^V.^^^^'' 




Fitzpatrick, Terence, warehouseman, 

16, Harford street 
Fitzgimons Bryan, proviBion dealer, 28, 

Scotland road 
Fitzsimons & Son, pawnbrokers, 30, 

Scotland road 
Fitzsimons, Messrs. J. & P. grocers, 55, 

Northumberland st. 
Fitzsymonds, A. shoemaker, 296, Great 

Homer street 
Fitzsymonds, B. grugrcr, 28, Scotland rd. 
Fitzsymonds, W. boot and shoe maker, 

96, Wood street 

Flamant, Adolphe, United States 
and European Telegraph Agency, 
F. Washburn, London, 18a, Ex- 
change buildings 

Flamant, Samuel, mrcht. 22, Nth- John st. 
Flanagan, Jas. bootmaker, 30, Duke st. 
Flanagan, M. J. burial society, 5, Over- 
bury street 
Flanuagan, M. publican, 30, Duncan st. 
Flay, J. M. gas fitter, 59, Low Hill 

Fleay» J. M. chandelier and ship 
lamp manufacturer, gasfltter, 
bellbanger, copper, zinc, and tin 
worker, 72, Cable st (See Advt.) 

Fleet, Henry, outfitter, 23, Cornwallis Bt. 
Fleet & Mendoza, tailors and outfitters, 

2, Paradise street 
Fleetwood, William, • general dealer, 

joiner and builder, 352, G-t. Howard st. 
Fleischer, A. eating house, 13, Liver st. 
Fleming, A. fruiterer, 36, Brownlow Hill 
Fleming, J. cabinet maker, 30, College la. 
Fleming, L. druggist, 107, Prescot street 
Fleming, P. wine and spirit merchant, 

158, Dale street 
Fleming, Thomas, boot and shoe manu- 
facturer, 95, Great George street, and 

91, Lord street 
Fletcher, A. & P. attorneys and notaries, 

24, Fen wick street 
Fletcher, C. toy warehouse, 153, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 
Fletcher, C. & Co. merchants, 14, Cases 

Fletcher, £. M. iron founder, 22, Admiral 


Fletcher, G. provision factor ; office 
A Victoria street; retail shops, 61, 
/S^, John's market, 1, Banelagh 
f^^^^'r.^^^' JXI^yrtle street, and 40 

^iH^^' ^ff?rP^J preet; prirate 
^eazdence, 100, Bedford street 


Fletcher, George, confectioner and tea 

dealer, 29, Berry st. and 85, Dale st. 
Fletcher, G. confectioner, 17, Whitechapel 
Fletcher, G. H. & Co. merchants and ship 

brokers, 15 & 16, The Albany, 6, Old 

Hall street 
Fletcher, James & Co. merchants, Charles 

Church,^10, Eumford place 
Fletcher, J. provision dealer, 213, Breck rd. 
Fletcher, James, bookbinder & stationer. 

Swift's court, and 11, Castle street 
Fletcher, James, provision dealer, 37, West 

Derby road 
Fletcher, J. provision dealer, 213, Bj'ecfe rd. 
Fletcher, J. H. fish dealer, 143, Waver- 

tree road 
Fletcher, J )hn, draper, 9G, Scotland road 
Fletcher, John, juQ. general broker, 

Waterhouse building, 1, Old Hall st. 
Fletcher, J. corn & provender merchant, 

11, Cumberland street 
Fletcher, John, & others, coal proprietors. 

(A. Burrows, agent,) 223, Crown street 
Fletcher, T. butcher, 3, St. Martin's mkt. 
Fletcher, T. greengrocer, 44, Limekiln la. 
Fletcher, T. & Co. fruit and corkwood 

brokers, 4, Leather lane 
Fletcher, W. tailor and draper, 23 Hey- 

worth street 
Fletcher, AV. prvsn. dealer, 101, Oxford st. 

359, Park rd. 51, Myrtle st. and 178, 

Falkner street 

Fletcher, W. outfitter, 46, Islington 

(See Advertisement.) 
Fletcher, William, & Co. oil and lamp 

merchants, 1, William Brown street 
Fletcher & Others, Atherton collieries, 

185, Falkner street 
Fletcher & Parr,ship brokers,23, Castlest. 
Flett, J. & W. wholesale>and export oil- 
men, 4, Ben's gardens 
Flinn, Dr. J. J. surgeon, l.Fitzclarence st. 
Fliun, M. fruiterer, 47, St. Johu's market 
Flinn, N. stationer, 52, Orient street 
Flint, John,chemist, 5, Adelaide buildings, 

Kanelagh place 
Flint, J Scott, wine and spirit merchant, 

73, Duke street 
Flint, M. A. publican, 82, Tithebarn st. 

and 25, Hatton G-arden 
Flint, Mrs. Eliza, school, 2, Bright street 
Flint, T. licensed victualler, Walton lane 
Flood, A.R. boot & shoii maker, 16, Bath st. 

Flood, C. fift\\viioTigeTA^>^«>'^'»^^^^'3*^ 
and 25, MvvTybonei 




Hood, C. &Ah curer, 125, Walton road 
Howodaj, Thomas, baker and flour dealer, 

48y Harbord street 
noccky Christian, Dingle Hill school, 4, 

Dingle hill, Park road 

tlm, Bridget, stay and corset maker, 
17, Leece street 

Flyno, W. Q-. stationer, 185, Kensington 
Flyan, J. greengrocer, 91, Manrbone 
Fiyno, J. lithoi^raphio and letterpress 

printer, 3, Dorau*s lane 
Fijnn, Miry El lea, licensed victualler, 

25, Hatton G^^rden 
Fodeo, Thomas, hairdresser and perfa9ier, 

16, Begent road 
Fogarty, Fraacis, 14, Denbigh street 
Fogg, Thomas, architect, 16, Lord street 
Fogg, Thomas, architect and surveyor, 

23, Alexandra buildings, Ormond st. 
Fogg, L. pawnbroker, 39, Richmond row 
Fos^herty, M. cabinet maker, 41, Blake st. 
Foley, J. prvisn dealer, 273, Vauxhall rd. 
Foley, T. tailor, 46, Ainsworth street 
Follett, S. master mariner, 91, Walton la. 
Fontaine, I. ironmonger, 24, London rd. 
Fontenoy Street Brewery, 75 & 77, 

Henry-Edward street. Vaults, 69, 71, <& 

73, Fontenoy street 
Forbes, C. surveyor of ships and cargoes 

for the Mersey Pock and Harbour 

Board; office district D., N.E. end of 

Brunswick dock 
Forbes, Forbes, & Co. merchants, 26 & 27, 

1st floor. South corridor. The Albany, 

6, Old Hall street 
Ford, E. wholesale tobacconist, 303, Scot- 
land road 
Ford, E. jun. accountant, 22, Lord street 
Ford, Eliza, restaurant, Commercial court, 

Water street 
Ford, Q-eo. draper, 28, Williamaon street 
Ford, Henry, draper, 42, Limekiln lane 
Ford, J. butcher, 8, St. Martin's market 
Ford, J. provision dealer, 6Q, Christian st. 
Ford, John, painter, plumber, and paper- 
hanger, 158, Heyworth street 
Ford, S. t^lass & china dealer, 26, Frederick 

st. & Cleveland buildings, 21, Park la. 
Ford, R shipwright, 238, Beaufort street 
Ford, Thomas, hat and cap manufacturer, 

121, St. Jameses street 
Ford, Thomas, grocer, 20, Mill street 
Ford, W. boot & shoe maker, 24, Beacon la. 
Ford, William Bentley (M.D.), surgeon, 

33, Walton lane 

Ford,W. greengrocer,9, St. Martin's mkt. 
Ford <& Co. hat and ca^ manufactiu'ers, 

9, Great &eor^e street 
Ford, fi. P. butcher, 60, Paddington 
Foreshaw & Hawkins, attorneys. Sweet- 

ing street 
Forest, M. dressmaker, 69, Jordan st. 
Forester, P. boiler maker, 36, Pluto st 
Forester, Al bertha, Brothepon buildings, 

10, North John street 

Forfar, T. joiner, &c. 21, Bridgewater st. 
Forman, Leigh, musician, 30, Lawton st. 
Formby, Q-. F. licensed yictualler, 18 & 

20, Rose place 
Tormby, John, <& Co. engineers, &o, 9, 

Formby, John, slater, plasterer, &c. 89, 

Soho street 
Formby, John, licensed victualler, 189, 

Great Howard street 
Formby, John, licensed victualler, 39, 

Fontenoy street 
Formby, Mrs. Ann, smallware dealer, 79, 

Everton village 
Fornby, John, & Co. ironmongers, 9, 

Forrest, Frederick, tailor and draper, 18 

& 14, St. George's crescent 

Forrest, J. A. & Go. glass and oil 
manufacturers, 58, liime street 

Forrest, S. solicitor, Fenwick chambers, 

8, Fenwick street 
Forres t,W. pro vision dealer,36, Paddington 
Forrester, G. C. tobacconist, 17, Soho st. 
Forrester, George, & Co. ironfounders, 

77 & 78, Recent road 
Forrester, E. shirt maker, 65, Church st. 
Forshaw, Edward, & Co. grocers, 5, 

Beviogton hill 
Forshaw, John, attorney, 11, Lord street 
Forshaw, Richard, implement agent, 289, 

West Derby road 
Forshaw, W. licensed victualler, 31, Leeds 

Forster, David, 16, Arnold street 
Forsyth, J. stationer, 11, St. George'sHill 
Fort, Robert, coal agent, 36, Torr street 
Forwood, Henry Peploe, cotton broker, 

firm of Zigomola & Forwood, Exchange 

Forwood, Heaton, A Co. merchants, 6- 

New Quay 
Fosbery, W. C. & Co. general merchants, 

41, Tithebaxa «tTc^ 




Eoibrooke, Clement, hairdresser, 92/ 

Ghre8t Homer street 
Foshaw, Ed. groci^r, 55, Kirkdale road 
Foste, John, 7, Hood street 
Foster, A. provision dealer, 6, Norfolk st. 
Foster, A. basket maker, 165, London rd. 
Foster, A. tobacconist, 79, Paradise st. 
Foster, Ann, butcher, 186,GI-reat Homer st. 
Foster, C. confectioner, 29, Circus street 
Foster, E. beerhouse, 31, Cornwallis st. 
Foster, H. & Son, brass and iron-founders, 

1 A 2, Paisley street 
Foster, H. & Sod, ironfounders, 11, 

Waterloo road 
Foster, Henry, watch manufacturer, 18, 

Parker street, and 12, Washington st. 
Foster, J. A. & Co. ship and insurance 

brokers and general commission agents, 

22, Fenwick street 
Foster, J. H. sailmaker, 59, Bridgewater 

Foster, Jasper, licensed yictualler, 6 & 

8, Denbigh street 
Foster, Jasper & George, bootmakers, 7, 

West Derby street 
Foster, Lawrence, pattern lace maker, 

141, Upper Beau street 
Foster, Mary, publican, 32, Copperas hill 
Foster, M. licensed victualler, 1, Blake st. 
Foster, Eichard, solicitor, Clarence build- 
ings, 40, North John street 
Foster, Thos. victualler, 1, Overbury st. 
Foster, Thomas, wiue and spirit merchant, 

79 & 81, Paradise street 
Foster, Thomas, dining-rooms, 1, Lance- 

lott's Hey 
Foster, Thomas, smith, 23, Mansfield st. 
Foster, W. tailor, 34, Greek street 
Foster, AVm. tin-plate worker, 2, Lower 

Milk street 
Foster, William, master mariner, 19, 

Lowther street 
Foster, Wm. solicitor, Clarence buildings, 

40, N. John St. ; res. Oakage, AUerton 
Foster, WJ& Co. metal merchants, 20, 

Canning place 
Foster & Capstick, cowkeepers, 10, Wash- 
ington street 
Fotl^rgill, O. publican, 15, Norfolk st. 
Fothergill, W. F. publican, 51, Pitt st. 
Fothergill, William, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 39, Berry street 
Fothergill & Co. tea dealers, Grecian 
ehMtabers, JDuIe street 
Moulds, Bobert, cbemtBt, T6, Pitt street 


Fonlger, Edward, grocer and tea dealer, 

55, Kirkdale road 
Foulker, Mrs. Elizabeth, coal merchant ; 

office and yard, 209, Crown street ; res. 

41, Kingl^e street, Edge Hill 
Foulkes, J. publican, 133 & 135, Park rd. 
Foulkes, Jonn, grocer and butcher, 27, 

Athol street 
Foulkes, Mary, confectioner, 63, St. 

John's market 
Foulkes, Richard, produce broker, 12, 

Rumford place 
Foulkes, William, cabinet manufacturer, 

64, Stanley street 
Foulkes, William, licensed victualler, 110, 

Foulkes Brothers, 290, Up. Parliament 

Foulton, Peter, fish salesman, 26, St. 

John's fish market 
Fowler, Annie, 89, Bedford street 
Fowler, B. jun. Patent Friction Gearing 

Co. 39, South Castle street 
Fowler Brothers, provision merchants, 

Temple Court chambers. Temple court 
Fowler, Edmund, painter and plumber, 

15, Walter street 
Fowler, F. watch jeweller, 28, Tunnel rd. 
Fowler, George, coal merchant, 19, Ever- 

ton crescent, Evcrton Brow 
Fowler, Henry, painter and plumber, 35, 

Walnut street 
Fowler, Mrs. Mary Ann, greengrocer, 52, 

Mackenzie street 
Fowler, R master mariner, 26, Breck- 

field road south 
Fowler, Wm. coal proprietor, 41, Leeds 

street ; residence, 28, Juvenal street 
Fownes, Frederick J. hosier and glover, 

10, Lord street 
Fox, A. fishmonger, 234, Vauxhall road 
Fox, Chas. cigar merchant, 36, Berry st. 
Fox, Edward, timber merchant, 22, Great 

Crosshall street 
Fox, Fredk. timber dealer, 12, Rose hill 
Fox, Geo. F. printer, 33, Pembroke pi. 
Fox, Hugh, printer, 30, Norton street 
Fox, J. Parker, commercial traveller, IC, 

Cotteiiham street 
Fox, Thomas, publican, 29, Simpson st. 
Fox, T. pawnbroker, 30 to 34, Rose pi. 
Fox, Wm. tallow chandler, 119, Park rd. 
Fox, William, & Son, iron merchants, 3 <& 

4, ground-floor. North corridor, The 

Albany, 6, Old Hall street 




Foz A Blair, ship store dealers and 
wine merchants, 45, S. Castle st. 

?ox A Co. Grecian chambers, 57, Dale st. 

Fox A Wilks, tea merchants, Jack- 
son's chambers, 21, South John st. 

Fozall, jE2i & John, chain makers, anchor 

makers, and shipsmiths, Eegeut road, 

Fojy Alfred, shipwright, 44, Boscoe st. 
Foy, Ann, beer and boarding house keeper, 

19, ComhiU 
Fojtfd, Alf. victualler, 277, Scotland rd. 
FoTO9Matthia8,8hip and insurance broker, 

31, North John street ; residence, St. 

G^eorge's mount, !Neve Brighton 
Fossard, Tempus, licensed victualler, 66, 

Frackelton, W. passenger broker, 7, 

Bath street 
IVadsham, Matthew, cork manufacturer, 

10 to 12, Beau street 
FrftDc, Dan, publican, 13, Eumford gard. 
Frances, H. tailor, &c. 14, Bridgewater 

Francis, Alf. artificial florist, 9S, Bold st. 
Francis, G. & Co. tailors and drapers, 33, 

Basnett street 
Francis, J. dairyman, 14, Ai^burth street 
Francis & Almnnd, solicitors, Pekin 

buildings, 21, Harrington street 
Francis, Kichard, commission agent, 2, 

New Quay 
Francis, Thomas, provision merchant, 

188, Vauxhall road 

Frankland, Julia A. confectioner, 199, 

West Derby road 
Frankland, Thomas, frame maker, 15, 

Vauxhall road 
FVanklin, James, watch dial maker, 13, 

Christian street 
Franklin, W. & Co. bullion and marblo 

merchants, 7, St. George's crescent 
Franklin, Wm. merchant, 12, Bumford pi. 
Franklin & Collister, ornamental plaster- 
ers, 48, Pleasant street 
Franks, A. provision dealer, 12, Hey- 

worth street 
Franks, J. butcher, 28, St. Martin's mkt. 
Franks, J. H. & W. comi merchants. 

Chambers, 21, Brunswick street 
Fraser, Angus, draper, 13, Pembroke pi. 
Fraser Brothers & Co. shipbrokers and 

commission agents, Eevenue chambers, 

12, Canning place 
Fraser, J. cattle salesman, 51, Kensington 
Fraser, Jas. engine fitter, 79, Walton rd. 
Fraser, James C. commission merchant, 

60, Castle street 
Fraser, James, grocer, 63, Heyworth st. 
Fraser, John, repairer of umbrellas, 21, 

Brownlow hill 
Fraser, John, commission merchant, 62, 

Duke street 
Fraser, John, commission merchant, 46, 

Almond street 
Fraser, Thos. butcher, 118, Prescot st. 
Fraser, William, boot and shoe maker, 

8, Bock street 

Francis, Thomas, confectioner, 6, Derby j Frazer, G. master mariner, 9, Chester 

road, Kirkdale street 

Francis, Wm. engraver, 9, Houghton st. Frean & Duke, corn merchants, 31, Back 
Francis, Wm. stationer, 51, Overbury Goree 

street | Frear, Mrs. S. tobacconist, 29, Irvine st. 

Francis, William, & Co. tea dealers, 6, j Free Labour Begistration Society, John 

Church buildings, Whitechapel ' McLaughlin, agent, Cable street cham- 

Franckel & Son, ship chandlers, 35, Mer- bers, 3, Cable street 

sey street I Freeman, C. bootmaker, 43, Segrave st. 

Frane, Thomas, boarding-house keeper, 'Freeman, Geo. joiner, 9a, 

4, Blackstone street i Freeman, James, confectioner, 436, Scot- 

Franghiadi, Bodocansihi, general mer- 
chant, 8, Fenwick street 

Frank, J. & Co. jet ornament manufac- 
turers, 13a, Great George street, and 
103, Bold street 

Frank, Peter, importer of and dealer 
in sewing machines, Byrom street 
Lodge lane; shop, 11, Mount 

Pleasant. (See Advertisement.) 
Frank. B. greengrpcer, 66, Pitt street 

land road 
Freeman, John, painter and glazier, 76, 

Christian street 
Freeman, Mrs. Ellen, tallow chandler, 

'8, Beacon lane 
Freeman, S. hemp dealer, 97, Marble st. 
Freme, W. P. John Critchley, agent, 3, 

North John street 
French, B. & Son», shipowners, oakum 







FreQch, B. & Son, Bhipownen, 44, Castle 

Erench, Daniel O'Conmdll, solicitor, 28, 
Castle street 

Erench, James, hosiery, 8, Ourrie street 

French, John, butcher, 40, St. John's mkt. 
and 28, ¥ox street 

Eren6h, William M. beerhouse keeper, 
49, Gh*eat Bichmond street 

Erench & Co. general brokers, Trafford 
chambers, 58, South John street 

Erench & Smith, metal brokers, 4, Bum- 
ford place 

Eriend, E. C. & Co. shipowners and 
brokers, 2, Tower ehmb. Old Ghurchyd. 

Erifbh, C. & E. confectioners, 74, Kirk- 
dale road 

Erisby, Dyke, * Co. drapers, 58, 60, 62, 
64 & 66, Lord street 

Erisch & Schierwate, watchmakers and 
jewellers, 29, Church street 

Erith, H. & Son, cutlers, Tithebarn st. 

Erith, Thos. grocer, 92, Brunswick road 

Erith, W. greengrocer, 165, W. Derby 

Erodsham, Taylor, & Taylor, attorneys. 
Law Assurance buildings, 11, Harring- 
ton street; residence, E. Erodsham, 
Elton house. Mailing road, Aintree 

Erodsham & Keen, chronometers, watch- 
makers, and opticians, 17, S. Castle st. 

Erommell^ Co. merchants, 9, Rumford pi. 

Erost, Ephraim, 43, Knight street 

Erost, J. baker, 283, Scotland road 

Erost, J. family grocer, 210, Breck road 

Ery, C. "W. sharebroker, 10, Bumford pi. 

Eiy, H. & A. P. architects, 40, Castle st. 

Ery, James, & Co. metal brokers, 1, Bum- 
ford place 

Ery, James, & Co. metal brokers, 2nd 
floor, 2nd entrance, 56, Brown's bldgs. 

Ery, Mrs. Ellen, provision dealer, • 88a, 
Arthur street 

Fry, Wm. & Sons, tea brokers,Tork cham- 
bers, 22, North John street 

Eryer, Mary, publican, 9, Nova Scotia 

Eryer, Sarah, pawnbroker, 194, Londonrd. 

Eryson, B. provision dealer, 69,Warren st. 

Euesile, Henry, packer, Jackson lane 

Eullarton, A. & C. booksellers, publishers, 
A, bookbinders (John Harrison, agent), 
7, Elliot street 

JRaJler, T. printer and stationer, 5, Bruns- 
^iek rond 
J^unenl Carriage Co. 119, 8t Ann street 


Funeral Compfuiy, Thomas Harding, 

manager, 105 & 107, Soho street 
Funke, Bobert T. & Co. merchants, 

Temple, Dale street 
Furlong, William, 21, Epworth street 
Eurlow, Frank, tailor, 28, Kent street 
Fumiss, J. family grocer, 159, Falkner st. 
Furniss, W. H. merchant, 4, Bumford pi. 
Furnival, Oeorge, bread and flour dealer, 

49, Breck road 
Furnival, Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 107, 

Bold street 
Fustana & Co. cotton brokers, Mellor's 

buildings, Exchange street east 
Futrell, William, bootmaker, 67, Mount 

Vernon street 
Fyfe, Mrs. Jane, licensed victualler, 125, 

Breck road 
Fyfe, J. C. & Co. commission agents and 

brokers for sale of ships, &c. 18a, 

South Castle street 
Fyson, B. greengrocer, 42a, Bussell st. 

Gkbbutt, J. confectioner, 121, Kirkdalerd. 

Gabbutt, J. mason and builder, 6a, Min- 
shuU street 

Ghibriel, Messrs. dentists, 134, Duke st. 

Qnbriel, B. fancy bazaar, 247, Breck rd. 

Gkige, James, stationer, 121, Circus street 

Q-aillaird & Kidson, pawnbrokers, jewel- 
lers, and dealers in works of art, 149 
& 151, Brownlow hill 

G-ain, B. publican, 163, Great Homer st. 

Gainer & Hughes, Eagle iron foundry, 
16, Wood street 

Gair, Thomas, merchant, India buildings. 
Water street 

Gktir, Thomas, plumber, 6, Pluto street 

Galatti & Co. cotton brokers, base- 
ment, 3, 4, Exchange buildings 

G^le, E. & E. J. butchers, 54, St. John's 

Gale, J. boot and shoe maker, 49, Hey- 
worth street 

Gale, John, publican, 10, Frederick st. 

Gale, John C. & Co. hide and leather 
factors, 7, Hatton Garden 

Gtile, Bobert, boot and shoe maker, 28, 
Everton road 

Gale, Thomas, fruiterer, 57 & 58, St. 
John's market 

Oale, Thomas, fimcy toy warehouse, 5, 
St. George's crescent 

Gale, Thomas, butcher, 29, St. John's 
I market-, \xo\»e,^\,'DeioiifKtreet 


G-ardner, J. licensed TictaaUer, IBI, Cock- 

Oalesb^, G-. batcher, 131, &reat Homer nt. 

8f Bupham street 
GaUagher, Catherine, fruit dealer, 17 Sc 

18, St. John's market 
Gallagher, Mary, pronsion dealer, 14, 

Springfield street 
Gallagher, T. porter, 169, Smithdomi la. 

Bpur street 
Gardner, J. T. grocer, 167, Kensington 
G-ardner, J. publican, 31iL, YaUxhaU rd. 
Gardner, John, licensed victualler, 372, 

Great Howard street 
Gardner. J. & Sons, timber merchant, 

Oallahan, J. bootmaker, 15, Gildart at. • 115, Park lane 

Qallaaher, Michael, plumber2and painter, I G-ardner, M. A. dresAfnaker, 19, Knight st. 

Oalletij, Q-. brewer, 26, HardwicK st. G-ardner, tedder, & Co. brewers, 144, 

Oalletlj, M. stationer, 122, Kirkdale rd. 
GUlilee & Thorp, block and mast makord, 
11, Simpson street 

Richmond row 
G-ardner, B. tobacconist, 28, Regent fdad 
Gardner, R. C. & Co. wine and spirit mer- 

Ghiliiper, W m. ironmon(];er,^3, 8oho At. chants, Colonial buildings, 36, Dale st. 
Gallop, Wm. butcher, 32, St. John's G-ardnor, Thomas, hairdresser, 7, Beving- 

market ; hou^e, 4, Fortescue street ton Bush 

Galloway, A. H. (M.D.) 2S, Clarence st. G-ardner, T. publican, 20, Tithebam st. 
Gait, &. H. confectioner, 55, Lord st. ■ Gardner, T. victualler, 2, Price street 
Giiitress, T. butcher, 131, London road ' Gardner, Thomas, stay and corset maker, 
Ghilway, H. hosier & smallware dealer, 78, Richmond row 

219, Netherfield road north i Gardner, Thomas, spirit merchant, 229, 

Qaman, John T. produce broker, 63, Netherfield road north 

2nd floor. North corridor. The Albany, j Gurdner, W. coal dealer, 40, Soho street 

6, Old Hall street [ Gardner, William, commission agent, 21, 

Ghimble, "W. provision dealer, 15 A, Mill st. | Temple street 

Ghunbles, I. master mariner, 45, Hemansst. , Gardner, William H. licensed victualler, 
Ghunpert & D'Aubigny, comuiission mer- 1 25, Canterbury street, and 36, Bidder 

Gardner & Lee, block makers, shipsmiths, 
&c. 48, Regent road, and 79, Hurst st. 

, Garland, Alfred, jewellef and sil- 
I versmith, 57, Lord street 

chants, 13, ground floor, »South corri- . street 

dor. The Albany, 6, Old Hall street , Gardner, W. & Co. provision brokers, 3, 
Ghindy, Saumel, timber merchant, 16 & North John street 

18, Christian street j Gardner & Broomhall, importers of and 

Oarbutt, Mrs. Catherine, licensed vie- dealers in wines and spirits, 10, Red- 

tualler, 153, Dale street > cross street 

Gkirdam, vSamuel, licensed victualler, 85 

& 87, Walton road 
Gkrdiff & Wheeler, furniture dealers, 31, 

Brunswick road 
Gardiner, James, & Son, liavy biscuit | Garlaud, Edward, tailor and draper, 21, 

manufacturers, 8, Canning place j Tempest Hey 

Ghardiner, John, chair maker, 65, Seel st. Garland, T. joiner and builder, 4, Gill st. 
Gardiner, J. tallow chandler, 2 i, Beau st. Garlick, J. victualler, 127, West Derby 
Gardiner, Mrs. G-. licensed victualler, ! road 

47, Badcliffe street | Qurlick, W. cart owner, 17, Goree Piazzas 

Qtirdiuer, Mary, stationer & post office, ' Garner, George, victualler, 296, Crown 

6, Wavertree road , [street ; street 

Gardiner, S. plumber, 266, Great Homer I Garner, J. tailor & draper, 84, Basnett st. 
Gku*diner, L. grocer, 19, Smithdown lane ' Garner, Samuel, tailor and draper, 2, 
Gardiner, R. & Son, plumbers, glazieru, Great G^eorge street 
' and painters, 183, Duke street ! Garner, W. H. tea merchant, 16, Tern- 

Gardiner, T. hairdresser, 26, Scotland rd. (ilo street 

Gardiner, T. sail maker, 38, Kent street Gamer, W. blacksmith, 6, HaWke stMet 
Gardner, B. B. solicitor, Colonial build- 1 G-arnett, Samuel, smallware de&I^, SO, 

iiic;a, 86, Bale street i Richmond row 

Gardner Brotherd, glass painters and ; Garnock & Bibby^ abi^ chandlet^^ ^ tci 

stamen, 108a, laliagton \ 38, CbapeV «Xire^^ ^tA ^Vl^%^T&'t^A^ 


^arratt & Go. breweri, 5 to 9, Bose hill 
Garratt, Thomas, licensed victualler, 16, 

Gurratt, "Wuliam, car proprietor, 107, 

Beaumont street 
Ghirrity, Mary, boarding-house keeper, 

17, Union street 
GkuTow & Bath, coopers, 20, Comhill 
Garrow & Bath, coopers, 12, Tablej st. 
Garstand, Thomas, oilman, 170, Great 

Homer street 
Ghirston, £. & J. H. & Co. merchants, 3, 

Bumford place 
Garston, The, Land Company (Edward 

"Whitley, secretary), Wafmer buildings, 

6, Water street 
Garthside, Jas. surgeon, 69, Bodney st. 
Gartland, Thomas,gla8s manufacturer, 20, 

Pleasant street 
Garton, B. D. fish salesman, 20, St. 

John's fish market 
Garton, D. D. fish salesman, 22, Byrom 

street, 1 Vaults, St. John's fish market 
Gartshore, Gkorge, licensed victualler, 

102, Mill street 
Garvev, M. greengrocer, 175, Scotland 

Garwin, James, tailor, 22, Kent square 
Gascoign, George, provision dealer, 120, 

Scotland road 

Gascdine, George, & Go. furnishing 
and general ironmongers» 10, 
Islington, and 47, Brunswick rd. 

Gasgartn, Thomas, baker and flour dealer, 

51, Falkner street 
Gaskell, J. Commercial hotel, 14, Greek 

Gaskell, James, & Son, cotton brokers, 

Exchange court 
Gaskell, B. L. shipwright, 12, Queen's 

Gaskell, S. B. & Bros, cotton brokers, 

basement, Peter's buildings, 18, Bum- 
ford street 
Gaskell, Thomas, tripe seller, 7, St. 

Martin's market 
Gaskell, W. auctioneer and estate agent, 

Eldon chambers, 20, South John st. 
Gaslight Company, Liverpool United; 

engineer,W. Kings, Esq. C.E. ; numager, 

W. L. Crosby, Eso. ; secretiwry, ,P. F. 

G^imett, Esq. ; omces, Newington ; 

works, Athol st. Ecdes st. Harrington, 

TParetrtree, and LiD&cre 
^»^ J: W: deatiMt, 19, Hope Btreet 



Gaston, Jas. publican, 91, Tithebarn st. 
Gaston, J. engraver, 10, Bainford gardens 
Gate, Q-. spirit dealer, 75, Waterloo road 

Gatehouse, Charles, brewer and 
wine and spirit merchant, 215, 
Cleveland street 

Gatehouse & Co. wine and spirit mer- 

chants, 25, King street 
Gatberton, J. grocer, 211, Scotland road 
Gaudin, W. Q. tailor and draper, 28, 

Tarleton street 
Gaughan, John, tailor, 9, Blair street 
Gaulet, H. publican, 6, Cleveland square 
Gaundry, Maurice, & Co. canvas agents, 

18, Bedcross street 
Gavid, Thomas, tobacconist and cigar 

manufacturer, 101, Brunswick road 
Gavin, P. W. & Co. general merchants, 

16, Union street 
Gavin, Patrick, commission agent, 14, 

Vernon street 

Gawith, T. H. chemist and drug- 
gist, 47, Lime street. (See Adver- 

Gawne, T. bootmaker, 113, Paddingfcon 

Gay, Isabella, shoemakers' grindery dealer, 
116, Dale street 

Gayter, Elizabeth, general dealer, 89, 
Hanover street 

.Gearing, W. H. commission agent, 43, 
Barnes street 

Gearns & Brown, ship store dealers, 32, 
Chapel street 

Geams & Brown, bonded stores, 7, Sum* 
ford place 

G^eary, — , dental surgeon, 230, West 
Derby street 

Gtee, £d. Topping, zincwork engraver, 
10, Thomas street 

Gee, Peter B. cabinet maker, 35 A 37, 
Boscoe arcade 

Gee, T. E. tea merchant, 100, Myrtle st. 

Gee, T. Er. & Co. wholesale tea dealers, 

19, Mathews street 
G^e & Wordley, architects and surveyors, 

15, Sweeting street 
Gtelder, H. Van, jun. & Co. commission 

merchants, 3, Kine street 
G^Uer & Co. generiu merchants, 1 & 3,. 

Ormond street 
G^Uibum, James, tailor and draper, 19, 

St. Vincent street 
Gelling, Janet, baker, 114, Brownlow hill 
Gelling, Thomas, bread and flour dealer, 

8, &aue\ag\i \\ac^ 




GdUng, 'William, hairdresser and per- 

iiinier, 7, Parker street 
Gdling. William, wholesale bookseller, 

49, Lord street 
Oemmel, T. hosier, &e. 41, 8t Ann st. 
Gr«mme11, John, draper, 19, Daulby st. 
Gemmell, Mary S. 25, Staflbrd street 
GemaoDy L. boot and shoe maker, 211, 

Breck road 
Greneral Brokers and African Association, 

Exchange buildings, Eumford street 
Geneae, Samuel, printseller, 5, Hardy st. 
Oenge, T. 8. stationer, 148 & 152, Great 

Homer street 
Gennis, William Stephen, agent to the 

Bojal Insurance Company, Prince's 

chambers, 28, North John street ; res. 

Preacot road, Eoby 
Gtent, Jane, confectioner, 23, Moss street 
Ocorgala, B. & Co. general merchants, 

Brunswick buildings, 7, Brunswick st. 
Oeorge, D. boarding-house, 17, Frederick 

QecfTge^ Elizabeth, pastrycook and con- 
fectioner, 42, Berry street 
George, F. bellman, 19, Greek street 
George, G. gasfitter and contractor, 81, 

Hanover street, and 21, Hardman st. 
George, Gheor^e, wholesale biscuit baker 

and confectioner, 43, Brunswick road 
George, L. carpenter, 42, Bridgewater st. 
George, William, carriage builder, 69, 

Comwallis street 
Gteorge, Wm. tobacconist, 20, Hall lane 
Gteorgeson, G. mariner, 11, Kent street 
Gkrald, Morgan, undertaker, 6, Upper 

William street 
Gerard, Gaston, chemist and druggist, 

27, Paradise street 
Gerard, Hy. victualler, 75, Scotland road 
Gerard, H. C. brewers, 151, Islington 
Gerety, C publican, 141, London road 
Girling, H. greengrocer, 1, Salthouse lane 
Gkrman Church, Eev. D. J. Hirsch, 

minister; A. Kranz, sexton, 16, Sir 

Thomas buildings. 
Gkrrard, Garston, publican, 31, Mersey st. 
Gerrard, Garston, chemist, 23, Paradise 

street, and 31, Mersey street 
Gerrard, James, victualler, 70, Park road 
Gerrard James, bookseller and stationer, 

44, Manchester street 
Gerrard, John, publican, 25, Hurst street 
Gerrard, W. chronometer and optician, 

I, Wapping 

Gerrit», K. shipping acent, 20, Norfolk st. 

Gestrat Martina, pioture-frame and 
looking-glass mantiiiacturer, 28, 
Christian street 

Getty, John, merchant, 23, Temple street 
Gholson, Walker, & Co. merchants, 33, 

Ist floor, North corridor. The Albany, 

6, Old Hall street 
Gibb, John, & Co. ship chandlers and sail 

makers, 14, Hurst st. and 24, Tabley st. 
Gibbon, Edw. cotton broker, 64, Union st. 
Gibbons, A. tobacconist, 48, Pitt street 
Gibbons, E. butcher, 50, St. John's mrkt. 
Gibbons, J. iron merchant, 54, Breck at. 
Gibbons, John, stevedore, 64, Union st. 
Gibbons, John, butcher, 17, St. John's 

market ; house, 18, Bridport street 
Gibbons, Jn. fancy bread and biscuit baker 

and biscuit powder manufacturer (by 

steam), 18, Fenwick street 
Gibbons, John, warehouseman, 195, Great 

Howard street 
Gibbons, John, & Sons, cattle aalesmen, 

27, Chapel walks 
Gibbons, Margaret, bufccher, 88 & 39, St. 

John's market 
Gibbons, Margaret, butcher, 14, St. John's 

market ; house, 18, Bridport street 
Gibbons, Osborne, proyision dealer, 28, 

Queen Anne street 
Gibbons, Patrick, butcher, 23 & 24, St. 

John*8 market 
Gibbons, W. butcher, 29, St. John's mkt 
Gibbs, Bright, & Co. merchants, Boyal 

Insurance buildings, 1, North John 

street, and 7, Dale street 

Gibbs, Jonesi & Go. commercial 
stationers, printers, account book 
manufacturers and grocers' (slc- 
tors, 34, St. John's lane 

Gibbs, John, irontbunder and export agent, 
Doran*8 pi. 6, Doran's lane ; residence. 
May field, Aigburth 

Gibbs, Mrs. Helen, 33, Carter street 

Gibbs, Eobert E. engineer and manufac- 
turer of patent heating apparatus, 136 
& 137, St. James's street 

Gibbs, Wm. sack and bagging merchant, 
8a, Brunswick street 

Gibson, Adam, & Go. cement mer- 
chants ; agents for the Hydraulic 
Cement, Fire Bricks, Sanitary 
Tubes, &c.; stores, 11 Hanover 
street, 243, Manesty*8 lane; office. 
45i Manesty's lane 




G-ibson, A. & Co. ship etore dealers and 

ahip chaadJer8,YictoriabldgB.4,Kii]gBt. 
Gtibsoc, B. & Co. iron merchantB, 8, Cook 

street ; private addres, 1 Emsleigh, 

Gibson, Bros, ironfounders, 2, Wapping 
Gibson, G. publican, 179, Scotlana road 
Gibson, G. pawnbroker, 22, Walton rd. 
Gibsop, George, boot aud shoe maker, 

53, 'Q^opwood street 
Gibson, Henry, hatter, 51, Lord street 
Gibson, J. family grocer, 266, Park road 
Gibson, J^awnbroker, 1, Eord street 
Gibson^XlLpawnbroker, 1.44,yauxhall rd. 
Gibson, James, starch manufacturer, 19, 

St. Ann street 
Gibson, J. master mariner, 20, Walton rd. 
Gibson, John, fishdealer, 66 & 68, Great 

Homer street 
Gibson, J. H. engineer, 7, Pilgrim street 
Gibson, Joseph, smith, 38, Arthur street 
Gibson, Joseph, smith, 22, Norfolk street 
Gibson,M.coal mrcht. 37, South Castle st 
Gibson, S. 33, Orient street 
Gibson B. auctioneer, 138, St James's st. 
Gibson, Bobert, forwarding agent, 12, 

Union street 
GKbson, William, ship painter, 6, Gt>ree 

Gibson A Bradley, timber merchants, 185, 

Begent road 
CKbson A Spencer, drapers, 8 & 10, Mill st. 
Gick, W. tailor and draper, 66, Soho st. 
GHdlow, John, butcher, 53, St. John's mkt. 
Gidlow, John, butcher, 106, London rd. 
Gidlow, Mary, butcher, 8, St. John's mkt. 
Gidlow, Thomas, coal proprietor, 207, 

Crown street 
GKdman, Henry, watchmaker, 27, Queen 

Anne street 
Gifford Brothers & Co. merchants, 20, 

Tower buildings. Water street 
GKfford, W. baker, 56, Parr street 
Gikes, James, butcher, 35, Cornwallis st. 
Gila, Elizabeth, butcher, 15, St. John's 

market, and 2, Chapel laue 
Gilbert Brothers, grocers, tea dealers, 

and Italian warehousemen, 2, Newing- 

Gilbert Brothers, tobacconists and cigar 

importers, 89, Lime street 
Gilb^ Brothers, tea importers and 

coffee merchant, 41, Lime street 
Gilbert, E. tobacconist, 40, Pembroke pi. 
^t/Aar^ Jane, grocer, 171, Biehmond rw. 


Gilbert, James, grocer, 121, Scotland rd. 

Gilbert, Son, & Co. tobacconists and cigar 
importers, 8 Queen's arcade. Lime st. 

Gilbert & Co. grocers and provinion mer- 
chants, 85, Beaufort street 

Gilbert & Jukes, grocers, 68, Hill st. 

Gilbert & Jukes, grocers, &c. 143, London 

Gilbert & Jukes, grocers, 65, Biehmond 

Gilbert & Jukes, grocers, 90, Mill st. 

Gilbertson, F. B. metal broker, 5, York 
buildings. Dale street 

Gilbertson, B. butcher, St. James's mkt. 

Gilbraith, Mrs. fruiterer, 55, St. John's 

Gilchrist, John, grocer and tea dealer, 59, 
Myrtle street 

Gilchrist, John, nailmaker, 78, Paul st. 

Gilchrist & Patten, American Lloyd's, 
surveyors-general, ^, Chapel street 

GKldea, Charles, dealer in game, 17, St. 
John's market 

Giles, Nathan, general dealer, 30, Hall la. 

Giles, S. carver and gilder, 18, Brownlow 

Giles, Tho. cart owner, 96, Brownlow hill 

Giles, George, painter, 184, Wavertree rd. 

GilfiUan, Arch, coal merchant, 4, Globe 
street, Everton valley, Kirkdale 

Gilfom, Michael, boot and shoe maker, 
12, Sir Thomas's buildings 

Gilham & Sons, hat and cap manufac- 
turers, 1 & 3, Whitechapel 

Gilkes, J. dining-rooms, 50, Manesty's la. 

Gill, Boddy, provision merchant, 15, 
Temple street 

Gill, E. hairdresser, 26, Springfield st. 

Gill, H. dining-rooms, 72, Begent road 

Gill, Jlenry, licensed victualler, 104, 
ArVavertree road 

Gill, Jannes, 58, Ogwen street 

Gill, J. 11. R attorney and notary. Com- 
mercial Bank buildings, 4, Cook street 

Gill, John, poulterer, 6, St. Martin's mkt. 

Gill, John, publican, 10, Frederick street 

Gill, John, outfitter, 5, Park lane 

Gill, John, butcher, 3, Everton road 

Gill, Matthew, cooper, 104, Beaufort st. 

Gill, M. bootmaker, 15, Houghton street 

Gill, B. & Co. cotton brokers, Peter's 
buildings, 13, B\imford street 

Gill & Bryan, dentists, 146, Ish'ngton 

Gillard, John, fish salesman, 42, St John's 
fish market 




OiUbanks, Isaac, tailor, G6, St. James's pi. 

Sillbanks, W. baker, 800, Crown street 

GiUbttnki, William, flour dealer, 300 & 
802, Crown street, 325, Southdown laue, 
Tmmel road, A 141, Wavertree road 

Oillberry, Isabel, victualler, 37, Blun- 
dell street 

Gliile & Saiierlaender, commission mer- 
chants, 70, The Albany, 6, Old Hall st. 

GiUebnmd, M. confectioner, 22, Moss st. 

Oillebrand<& Co. patent stone filter manu- 
fiMSturers, 47, South John street 

GKlleland, W. sailmaker, 16, Prince's st. 

G-illeSy W. bootmaker, 37, Mt. Vernon st. 

Gillespie, C. butcher, 27, Clarence street 

Gillespie & Co. commission agents, 18, 
Brunswick street 

Qiliett, F. cabinet mkr, 69, Wat. Derby st! 

Gillham Charles & Son, hatters, 1 
ft 3, Whitechapel ft 101, Lord 
street Factory, 21, Leigh street 

GKUiat, John K. & Co. merchants, Com- 
merciai buildings, 17, Water street 

Gilliat & Co. merchants, 31, ]N^. John st. 

Ghillie, AdolphuB and Herman, 9, St. 
James's road 

GHllies, Gamett, & Co. Bradford, 5, Gold- 
smith street, London, 25, Gordon st. 
Glasgow, and 6, Lord street, Liverpool 

Gilligan, M. shoemaker, 13, Cornhill 

Gilling, William, wholesale bookseller, 
49, Lord street 

Gillis, Robert, licensed victualler, 15 & 

17, Tempest Hey 

Gillon, John, & Co. proviHion merchant, 

18, Union street 

Gillow, Anne, confectioner, 10, Cases st. 
Gillow, & Co. cabinet makers ((r. 1\ 

Harris, agent), 5, Bold street 
Gilmore, J. cart owner, Boundary street 
GUmour, Neild, & Co. merchants, 37, 

Castle street 
Gilmour, Wm. Rodger, consul for tho 

Argentine Republic, 37, Castle street 
Gilson, T. jun. accouutant, referee, and 

estate agent, Harrington buildings, 26, 

North John street 
Ginnox, A. greengrocer, 147, Vauxhall rd. 
Gt y, John, baker, 3, Ambrose place 
Girling, B. P. auctioneer, 39, St. Ann st. 
Girving Brothers, merehant«, 41, Tower 

buildings. Water street 
Girvin & Slater, merchants, Peter's build- 
ings, 18, Rumford street 
Gisbome & Co. engineers, 3, Gtotee Fiazs. 

Gitting, Mary, temperance hotel, 59, 

Great Crosshall street 
Gittins, Edward, leather merchant, 20, 

Manchester street; residence, 28, 

Spring place. Christian street 
Gittins, Mary, coffee-house, 59, Great 

Crosshail street 
Gittins, W. livery stable keeper, 74, Soho st 
Given & Braddyll, cotton brokers, Peter's 

buildings, 11, Rumford street 
Gladding, James, licensed victuaUer, 1 

& 3, Boundary place 
Gladson & Serjeant, 23, Old Hull street 
Gladstone, John W. ship owner, 26, Bath 

street; residence, ^, St. Domingo 

grove, Everton 
Gladstone, M. 93, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Gladstone, Oldham, <& Co. sailmakers, 

<&c. 20, Bath street 
Glashoff, C. 293, Beaufort street 
Glassey, John, Bread and flour dealer, 

9, Smithdown lane 
Glassford, Archibald, commission mer- 
chant, 11, Montpellier terrace. Upper 

Parliament st. ; office, 14, Canning pi. 
Glay ton, John, paper-hanger and painter, 

57, Bevington hill 
Glazebrook Brothers, wine and spirit 

merchants, Brunswick buildings, 7^ 

Brunswick street 
Glazebrook, Son, <& Co. merchants, 8, 

India buildings, and 6, Fen wick street 
Gleaves, Harriet, licensed victualler, 10, 

Great Howard street 
Gledhill, G. shoemaker, 114, Pitt street 
Gledhill, J . boot & shoe maker, 9, Rose pi. 
Gleeson, J. tailor <& drapr. 17, Qn. Anne st. 
Glen iSc Wild, commission merchants, 3, 

India buildings. Water street 
Glenam, druggist, 168, Walton road 
Glencross, G. draper, 26, Stafford street 
GlondeningjW. & H. wholesale poulterers 

and game dealers, 49, St. John's mkt. 
Glcndiuing, R. poulterer, 39, St. John's 

market ; house, Walton village 
Glenny, 1. provision dlr. 264,Yauxhallrd. 
Glenny, Samuel, corn broker, 19, Fen wick 

St. ; house, 268, if pper Parliament st. 
Glevin, J. fruiterer, 27, St. John's mkt. 
Glew, \V^m. coffee shop, 26, Hood street 
Globe Navigation Co. limited, 27, James 

Globe Parcels Express Co. Hinshelwood 

& Co. Brotherton buildings, 10, JNorth 

John street 




GHobe Parcels Express ; branch,5A,Dean8t. 

Glover, G. shoemaker, 46, Vauxhall road 

Glover, H. tallow chandler, 194 Vxhll. rd. 

Glover, H. H. & Co. oil, grease, & varnish 
maQufacturers, 23, Tower buildings. 
Water street ; works, Chester 

Glover, H. butcher, 47, Netherfield rd. N. 

Glover, Wm. Henry, licensed victualler, 
17, Derbr street 

Glover, J. B. tailor, 149, Breckfield rd. N. 

Glover, Isaac, licensed victualler, 852, 
Scotland road 

Glover, James, wine and spirit merchant, 
S& 75, Fontenoy street 

Glover, J. publican, 850, Scotland road 

Glover, J. wholesale tea dlr. 2 & 7, School la. 

Glover, Robert, tailor, 11, Sand street 

Glover, R. pawnbroker, 200, Mill street 

Glover, T. cowkeeper, 49, Bute street 

Glover, W. consulting engineer, 18, 
Chapel street 

Glover & Co. commission merchants, 25, 
Water street 

Glynn, G. commission merchant, Briscoe's 
New Hall, 41, Old Hall street 

Glynn, J. & Son, merchants, 19, James st. 

Glynn, John, & Sons, shipowners. Oriel 
chamb«?s, 14, Water street 

Goad, Bigg, & Co. hide and tallow bro- 
kers, ]y£!son's buildings. Exchange St. E. 

Gobbii L. carver and gilder. 6 & 8, 
St John's lane 

Godber, Benjamin, tailor and outfitter, 
10, South Castle street 

Godfrey, Bambsley, & Son, merchants, 
Liver buildings, Tithebarn street 

Godfrey, W. cartowner and forwording 
acent, 6, Mathews street 

QoSfrey, William, cartowner and black- 
smith, 8, Walter street 

Godson, W. portrait painter and photo- 
grapher, 20, Newington 

Godwin, Jane, stationer, 12, Williatn- 
Henry street 

Godwin, John, millwright, 143, Breckfield 
road north 

Qt)dwin, John, publican, 12, Hurst street 

Godwin, John, publican, 59, Wapping 

Goebel, W. & Co. cotton brokers, base- 
ment, Peter's bldgs. 11, Rumford st. 

Goepel, J. B. dental surgeon, 74, Mount 

Goffey, J, & W. insurance broker, 5, 
jRitJofctrd phice 
Oo/t, J'ohn, car proprietor, 18, £affle6 st. 


Gtoldf W. publican, 46, Canning place 
and 1, Wapping 

Goldberg, Joseph, wholesale importer of 
pipes and fancy goods, 36, Paradise st. 

Golding, A. D. builder, Harrington cham- 
bers, 24, North John street; yard, 
Sefton road, Litherland 

Golding, Davis, & Co. manufacturing 
chemists, Harrington chambers, 24, 
North John street ; works, Widness 

Golding, E. greengrocer, 64, Boundary pi. 

Golding, George, accountant and 
estate agent, Harrington cham- 
bers, 24, IVorth John street 

Golding, Henry H. merchant, Brunswick 

buildings, 7, Brunswick street 
Golding, John W. general and furnishing 

ironmonger, 61 & 53, West Derby road 
Golding, Jno. & Son, sharebrokers, second 

floor, Liverpool and London chambers 
Golding, T. E. (exors. of) com merchants, 

41 & 43, North John street 
Golding, Thos. Vaughan, com merchant, 

16, Clare terrace, Marmaduke street 
Goldman, G. tobacconist, 9, Prescot st. 
Goldman & Collins, pawnbrokers, 76, 

Sobo street 
Goldman & Collins, dealers in gold and 

silver plate, 33, Stafford street 
Goldsmith, John, milk-house keeper, 85, 

Highfield street 
Goldstein, Wolff, cap manufacturer, 5, 

Clarence street 
Goldstone, Morris, watchmaker and 

jeweller, 66, London road 
Goldsworthy, J. B. photographic artist, 

120, Bold street 
Qt)lightly,P. salesman, 39, Upper Beau st. 
Gones, E. butcher, 249, West Derby rd. 
Good, Jas. cotton broker, 18, Chapel st. 
Good, W. master mariner, 15, Alfred st. 
Goodacre, C. general broker and dry- 
salter. Queen's buildings, 11, Dale st. 
Goodacre, James, liosier, 31, Colquit st. 
Goodacre, James, hosier and outfitter, 

36a, Castle street 
Goodacre, Joseph, wine and spirit mer- 

chniit, 16, Cook street ; private address, 

13, Beach street, Fairfield 
Goodacre, S. & J. i^holesale grocers, 3, 

School lane 
Goodall, M. plaster and papier mach^ 

works, 88, Hope street 
Goodbum, Asa, joiner, and sexton to St. 

Bride*s church, 81, Up. Parliament st. 


Goodbura, J. iruiUitT, 115, Wavertree rd. 
Ooodbum, J. victualler, 12, Brythen st. 
Goodbum, Jno. jun. licensed victualler, 

5y Ainswortli street 
Soodburn, J. fruiterer, 182, Loudon rd. 
Gooddy, — , agent, Flint street 
Gooddy, Chas. marble depot, 17, Parlia- 
ment street 
Goodere, — , attorney, Grrecian chambers, 

57, Dale street 
Goodere, J. H. accountant and solicitor, 

47, Tennyson street 
Gh>odfellow, John, boot and slioe maker, 

21, Tarleton street 
Goodier, Thomas, accountant, 6, Lord st. 
Ooodlass, Wall, & Co. oil, paint, and 

colour merchants, 3, Wolstenholme sq. 

and 44, Seel street 
Goodman, C. S. solicitor, Barned's build- 

insB) 17, Sweeting street 
GKxraman, John, plumber, &c. 9, West 

Derby road 
Goodman, William, pickle manufacturer, 

65, Bose place 
Goodwin, Chas. sailmaker, 84, Lawton st. 
Goodwin, Cobb, & Co. Brooklyn, New 

York ; 17a, South Castle street 
Goodwin, G. S. consulting engineer, 19, 

James street 
Goodwin, T. publican, 229, Scotland road 
Goodwin, W. baker, 14, Cumberland st. 
Goodwin, W. H. beerhouse keeper, 17, 

Ainsworth street 
Goodyear, E. & Son, shipowners, 33, 

JameA street 

Goold, John, hosier, glove and shirt 
maker. 55 & 57, Londonroad. 

(See Aavertisement.) 

Goore, George, general broker, and apent 
for the Royal Insurance Co. 1, Fen- 
wick street 

Gordon, Arthur, licensed victualler, 1, 
Great Richmond stn'ct 

Gordon, Elizabeth, hosier, 3, Pownall sq. 

Gordon, J. wheelwright, 97, Highfield s<t. 

Gordon, James, tin-plate worker, 5, 
Anson street 

Gordon, James, & Co. hide brokers, 11, 
Orange court 


Gordon, Michael boot and shoe 
maker, 48a, Myrtle street 

Gordon, S. shoemaker, 86, Duke street 
Gore, Michael, licensed victualler, 83, 

Regent road 
Gore, S. P. wood and ivory turner, 49 «fc 

51, Duke street 
Gorell, Mary A. licensed victualler, 32, 

Prospect street 

Gore's General Advertiser J. 

Mawdsley & Son, publishers, 46, 

Castle street 
Gorfenkle,' J. & Go. importer of 

sponges, 44, Brownlow hill. (See 

Goring, Louth, & Co. wholesale clothiers, 

3, Button street 
Gorman, J. cotton dealer, 37, Hunter at. 
Gorman, Richard, provision merchant, 20 

& 22, North John street 
Gorman, Thomas, provision merchant, 22, 

Temple court 
Gt)rman, Thomas, jun, & Co. provision 

merchants, 7, Rainford square 
Gorman & OTarrell, silk mercers and 

dressmakers, 64, Bold street 
Gorrell, Mary Ann> licensed victualler, 

13, Childwall street 
Gorse, Mary, poulterer, St. James's mkt. 
Gorst, Joseph, & Sons, saddle and harness 

makers, 81, St. James's street 
Gorst & Lance, cotton brokers, 10, 

Brown's bld^'s. i:round-floor, Exchange 
Gorstige, John, licei.rcd victualler, 73, 

Eldon place 
Goss, Esther, licensed vctlr. 89, Mill st. 
Gosp, H. confectioner, 95, Prescot st. 
Goss, Mies, draper, 212, Brcck road 
Gosschalk, Adolphs. toy imprtr. 5, Park pi. 
Goudie, James, grocer, 11, Bidder street 
Goudie & Co. limited, mineral oil manu- 
facturers, 20, North John street 
Goijgh, H. tobacconist, 14, Brunswick rd. 
Goiigl), James, chancellor of Portuguese 

consuhite, office, Beckwith buildings, 

42, South John street; residence, 14, 

Bedford street 
Gough, Murty, boot and shoe maker, 3, 

Nile street 

Gordon, John, marine store dealer, 47. 

"Walnut street 
Gordon, J. confectioner, 107,Tithebarn st. 
Gordon, J. draper and outfitter, 7, Pitt Ht. 

G^tilbum, John, spirit merchant, 183, 

Xethertielii road north 
Gould, Ellen, conftvtionrr, 63, St. John's 


Gordon, John, & Co. shipbrokers, 10, G-ould, John, vinos and refreshments, 
Water street S, Do.'-an's hwe 




Oould, John, tailor, 9, St. Vincent street 
Oould, Mary Ann, broker, 47, Mill at. 
GK)uld & l5avie8, wine and spirit mer^ 

chants, shipowners, and ship store 

dealers, 3, Benns gardens 
Gouldwell & Co. plumber and gasfitter, 

16, Gk)ree Piazzas 
GoiUon, A. tobacconist, 64, Gt. Homer st. 
Gt)ulson, Charles, licensed victualler, 61, 

Goulstone, J. G. (M.D.), 30, Clarence st. 
Gourock Sopeworks (James Smith, 

agent), 6 & 8, Cooper's row 
Government tajc office, Clayton square 
Qt)vemment tax office, ("W. Weston, col- 
lector), 6, Harper street 
Grace, Isaac, 18, Admiral street 
Grace, Isaac, brewer, 9, Cuerdon street 
Grace, Midgeley, licensed victualler, 9, 

Hanover street [hill 

Ghrace, M. A. confectioner, 134, Copperas 
Grace, Eobert, attorney, 62, South Castle 

street ; residence. Holt Hill, Franmere 
Grace, E. joiner, 70, Duke street 
Grace & Co. tea dealers and fan[iily 

grocers, 6, Havelook buildings. Berry st. 

and 1, 3, & 5, Hardman street 
Gradwell, G. butcher, 32, St. John's mkt. 
Gradwell, J. & Co. cabinet makers and 

upholsters, 7, Golquit street 
Gnu, Joseph, joiner, cabinet maker and 

upholsterer, 37, Cable street 
GTaliam,Dr. A* F. surgeon, 59, Everton rd. 
Graham, A. & H. gentlemen, 11, Eum- 

ford place 
Graham, Benjamin, provision dealer, 44, 

Walnut street 
Graham, David, draper, 5, Stafford st. 
Graham, Edward, tobacco and cigar manu- 
facturer, 20, Whitechapel 
Graham, Grace, tea, coffee, and provision 

dealer, 97, Great Howard street 
Graham, Hugh, tailor and draper, 31, 

Eichmond row 
Grahlam, J. tobacconist, 32, Duke street 
Graham, J. grocer, 357, Scotland road 
Graham, J. H. fruiterer, 123, Stanley rd. 
Graham, J. fishmonger, 244, Falkner st. 
Graham, J. French polisher, 21, Law ton st. 
Ghraham, J. fishmonger, 186, Brownlow hi 
Gh«ham, James Francis, 28, Tennyson st. 
Graham, John, provision dealer, 39ji., 

Netherfield road south 
OjvhAm, John, chronometer maker and 
opticiaD, 8, Wapping 


Graham, J. H. greengrocer, 71, Walton rd. 

Graham, J. painter &plmbr. 64,Blundellst. 

Graham, Joseph, beer seller, 64, Bidder st. 

Graham, J. publican, 40, Cleveland sq. 

Graham, Mrs. dressmaker, 70, Prescot st. 

Graham, Bichard Eobinson, builder, 37, 
Hemans street 

Graham, E. dining rooms, 118, Dale st. 

Graham, Eoper & Parker, mustard manu- 
facturers, Paul street 

Graham, Eowe, & Co. merchants, 19, 
James street 

Gb^aham Tho. chandler, 41, Greenland st. 

Graham, W. marine store, 21, Vauxhall rd 

Graham, W. Dixon, builder, &c. 16 & 18, 
Chesnut street 

Graham, W. & E. & Co. merchants. 
Borough buildings, 7, Eumford street 

Graham & McArdle, cotton dealers, 57, 
Blundell street 

Grainger, Henderson, & Co. foreign pro- 
vision brokers, agents to Bank of South 
Australia, 14, Brunswick street 

Grainger, Mrs. grocer, 320, ^Netherfield 
. road north 

Grand Junction Hotel and Eestaurant, 
(Margaret Dickinson, proprietress,) 29, 
Lime street 

Grandire, M. C. baker, 21 & 23, Kent st. 
Pitt street 

Grandison, Alice, earthenware dealer, 50, 
Great Howard street 

Granger, Charles, provision dealer, 24, 
Prussia street 

Grannell, Dennis, victualler, 339, Scot- 
land road 

Grannell, P. timber dealer, 88, Soho st. 

Grant, Alexander, cabinet maker and up- 
holster, 1 & 3, Dauiby street 

Grant, Bernard, coal dealer, 2, Walter st. 

Grant Brothers & Co. merchants, 18, 
Water street 

Grant, Henry, coal merchant and ale and 
porter bottler, 55, Eussell street 

Grant, J. licensed victlr,l,Gt. Mersey st. 

Grant, James, grocer, 52, Hamilton rd. 


Grant, P. marine store dealer, 9,Kegent st 

Ghrant, S. wine and spirit merchant, 39, 
Paradise street 

Graves, John, shoemaker, 5, Mere street 

Graves, George Hudson, volunteer cap- 
tain, 2, Aubrey street 

Graves, E. S. (M.P.), merchant and 
shipowner, agent for the New York 




board of underwriters, and for the San • Greaves & Co. saddlers, 70, Bensbaw st 

Francisco board of underwriters, 9, 6reen.AIfired&Cqj9ubli8her8,4,Ver- 

Baltic buildings, Bedcross street 
GraTCS, T. pawnbroker, 77 & 79, Atbol st. 
Gray, C. JT opticia'., 26, Strand street 
Gray, C. W. u: \v . merchants, 6, Bum- 
ford place 
Gray, I)unn, A Co. fancy biscuit ware- 
house, 42, Duke street 
Gray, Gt. engineer, 10, Smith street 
Gray, J. CaleJ-^nian hotel, 28, Duke st. 
Gktiy, J. coacii smith, 60, Upper Beau st. 
Gray, J. H. hairdresser, 77, Evertor^ village 
Gray, J. L. prvsn. mrchnt. 2, Mathews st. 
Gray, John, tailor, 28, Knight street 
Gray, Mary, milliner, 241, Walton road 
Gray, Micnael, tailor, 16, Mildred street 
Ghray, Bobert, wine and spirit merchant, 

19, Cropper street 
Gray, B. ship chandler, 40, Manesty 's lane 
Gray , Bobert, furniture broker,45,Nether- 

field road north 
Gkay & Co. clothiers, 65, Byrom street 
Qmj A Davidson, organ builders, 18, 

Golquit street 
Gray & Tilson, block, mast, and spar 

makers, 22, Comhill 
Graysonj Charles & Henry, A Co. ship- 
wrights and shipsmiths, 158, Begent rd. 
Grayson, E. provision deal^, 48, Leeds st. 
Grayson, Or. E. architect and surveyor, 

19, James street 
Grayson, B. pork butcher, 110, Brown- 
low hill 

non chambers, Vernon st. Liverpl. 
&2jNew Broad St. Ci^Xondn,E.C. 

Gh*een, Allen, shipbroker, Avon chambers, 
9, Canning place 

Green, Beniamin, licensed victualler, 65, 
Hopwooa street 

Green, C. bellhanger, 73, London road 

Green, C. butcher, 56, Upper Hill street 

Green, Chas. Wm. architect and aurveyor, 
4, Maryland street 

Green, Daniel & Bichard, ship chandlers, 
rope and sail makers, 15, Hanover st. 

Green, £. ironmonger, 74, Benshaw st. 

Green, E. ironmonger, 200, Qt Homer st. 

Green,Elizabeth,hairdresser, 3,Gildart st. 

Green, Emma, restaurant and dining- 
rooms, 14, Cable street 

Green, E. fur-cleaner, 115, Breck road 

Green, Frederick, pawnbroker, 82, 84, & 
86, Brunswick road 

Green, G. licensed victualler, 41, "Wel- 
lington road 

Green, G^eo. butcher, 9, St. John's mkt. 

Green, Henry, whitesmith and bdllhaoger, 
38, Leece street 

Green, Hugh, watch-case maker, 56, 
Bussell street 

Green, J. publican, 169, Scotland road 

Green, J. oil manufacturer, 132, Upper 
Frederick street 

Green, James, licensed victualler, 24, 
Pownall square 

Ghrealey, J. broker, 110 & 112, Kirkdale rd. I Green, James, merchant, Eumford court 
Great Conquest steam-tug office, (Thos. \ Green, James, milk deder, 63, Mason st. 
Sockett, manager), 16, Strand street Green, James, provision dealer, 46, Eich- 
^ ■ "" . . . ^ , ^ ^ mond row 

Green, J. licensed victualler, 11, Soho st. 
Green, Jane, grocer, 69, Athol street 

Great European Emigration Land Compy. 
(C. Whellams, & Schorer von Wald- 
heine, manaj2for«), 27, King street . , o . --, 

Great Northera & M. 8. A L. Bailway i Green, John, hairdresser, 4, Childwall st. 
(Wm. OatoSj agent), 45, Old Hall st. i Green, J. licensed victualler, 39, Bose pi. 

Great Western Insurance Comp. of j Green, John, licensed victualler and band- 
New York (Colin Mackenzie, ■ master, 68, Warburton street 
agent), E.l, Liverpool and London i Green, John, coffee roaster, 26a, Seel st, 
Cnambers 'Green, John, general outfitter, 16, St. 

Great Western Bailway Parcels Office, • James's street 

13, James street 
Gh^at Western Bailway offices and goods 

yard (Hugh Hughes, agent). Duke's dk. 
Greatrix, J. E. tin-plate worker, 16, 

Walter street 
Greaves, John, hosier, 239, Scotland road 
Greaves, T. H. wine and spirit merchant, 

115, Great Howard street 

Green, Mrs. licensed victualler, 6, Hack- 
ins Hey 
Green, X. fruiterer, 133, Wavertree road 

Green, Nathan, licensed victualler^ 
104, Devon st- and Moss st 

Green, N. M. chemist, 102, Thirlmere rd. 
Green, B. & D. ship chandlers, 15, Han- 
over street 



Green, T. greengrocer, 56, Low Hill 
Green, Thomas, confectioner, 83, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 
Green, Thomas, watch case maker, 44, 

Gerard street 
Green, Thomas, gasfitter and tinplate 

worker, 26, Smithdown lane 

Green, Thos. chemist, 22, Wavertree rd. , 

Green, William, pawnbroker, 190 & 192, Greenwood, Samuel, fancy busineis, 19, 

Brownlow hill . Paddington 

Green, William, pawnbroker and silver- ! Greer, A. & Co. metal merchants, 53, 


Greenwood, Mrs. chemist and drug- 
gist, Post & Money Order Office, 
Telegraph and Savings Bank, 
43 & 44, Foley street 

Greenwood, Mrs. Sarah, licensed victu- 
aller, 12 & 14, Cazneau street 

Greenwood, ;Bobert, greengrocer, 150, 
Walton road 

smith, 39, Mjrrtle street 
Green, W. estate agent, 6, Mere lane 

Seel street 
Greerson, S. K. bookseller, 58, South 

Green & English, J. H. commission and Castle street 
foreign agents, Briscoe's New hall, Greetham, Findlay, silk dyer, 34, Mount 

41, Old Hall street 

Green & Guyler, silversmiths, 223, Lon- 
don road 

Green & Paralow, architects. North West- 
em Bank buildings, 6, Dale street; 
residence, W. Parslow, Waterloo 

Green & Taylor, warehouse keepers, 28, 
Chapel street 

Green & Taylor, outfitters, 26, Canning pi. 

Green's Patent Tube Company, limited, 
(John W. Elkington, manager), 9 & 
11, Irwell street 

Greenall, Alfred, chemist, 308, Breck 

Gkeenall, Alfred, stock and share broker, 
8, India buildings, 2, Water street 

Greenall, Thomas, printer and litho- 
grapher, 20, North John street 

Greenbank, M. provision dealer, 175, 
Heyworth street 

Greenfield, Philip, slater and plasterer, 
14, Queen Anne street ^ 

Greenhill, T. stationer, 122, Brownlow 

Greenlaw, Ellerton, auctioneer, 18, Isling- 
ton, and Camden street 

Greenough, J. stationer, 21, Currie st. 

Greenshields & Co. merchants, 6, Tower 
buildings. Water street 

Greenwood, Hen. commercial and export 
stationer, account book manufacturer, 
printer, lithographer, engraver, book- 
seller, and stationer, advertising agent, 
&c, 82, Castle street 

Greenwood, J. joiner and builder, 24, 
Mount Pleasant 

Greenwood, John, greengrocer and fruit- 
erer, 349, Park road 
G^reenwood, Joshua, TbomB9, collector and 

^neral agent, 31, West Dcrbr streets 



Vernon road 
Greetham, W. tobacconist, 17, Fox st. 
Greetham, W. tobacconist, 40, Byrom st. 
Gregar, J. B. fishmonger and poulterer, 

8, Bcnshaw street 
Gregg, Daniel, commission merchant, 

8, Priory road, Everton 

Gregor, J. B. fishmonger and poul- 
terer, 22, Myrtle Strset. (See Ad- 

Gregory, C. Penny, & Co. chemical 
brokers and commission merchants, 

9, Mersey chambers. Old Churchyard 
Gregory, E. provision dealer, 167, Vatu- 

hall road 

Gregory, Henry, butcher, 40 & 41, St. 
Martin's market 

Gregory, Henry, butcher, 37, Bute street 

Gregory, Jas. hairdresser, 4, Eenshaw st. 

Gregory, James, provision dealer, 5, Eich- 
mond row 

Gregory, Jas, confectioner, 51, Nether- 
field road south 

Gregory, John & Henry, solicitors, York 
buildings. Dale street 

Gregory, John Henry, & Co. merchant 
clothiers, 74, London road 

Gregory, Miss, milliner, 246, Breck road 

Gregory, Bichard, tailor and draper, 66, 
Boundary place 

Gregory, Susan, licensed victualler, 72, 
Dublin street 

Gregory, V. architect, 17a, S. Castle st, 

Gregory, W. coal oflSce, 128, Myrtle st 

Gregson, H. joiner, 101, Beaumunt st. 

Gregson, John, hosier, milliner,and ladies' 
outfitter, 45, Great George street 

Gregson, Leigh, & Co. East India and 
general commission merchants and for- 
warding; agents. Slater crt. 5, Castle st. 




OrctgBon, J. & W. Scott, family grocers, ' 
72, Heyworth street | 

Gregson & Co. timber merchants, 77, 
Begent road 

Greig, C. D. share broker, 12, Ruraford pi. 

Greig, Maior J. J. (C.B.) head constable, 
111, Dale street 

GrelUer, F. haircutter, 79, Lord street 

GrrenDan, Richard, joiner and packing- 
case maker, 3, Harford street ! 

Gre8COD,E. pawnbroker, 16, Copperas hill 

Gresson, S. B. stationer, printer, 
lithographeri account-book manu- 
facturer, and bookbinder, 58 & 
60, South Castle street 

Grey, A. draper, 163, Great Homer st. _ 
Gtrejf Edward, & Co. general brokers, 

Waterhouse buildings, 1, Old Hall st. . 
Grey, George, hosier, 81, Park road i 

Grey, J. shoemaker, 5, Mere lane j 

Grey, Miss J. M. ludics* school, 5, High > 

Park street 
Grey, Mrs. Eliza M. hosier,, small ware, I 

and milliner, 29, Netherfield road N. 
Grey, Bichard H. bookseller, 31, Nether- 
field road north 
Ghreyson & Co. saw mill proprietors, 177, 

Uegent road 
Orejstcn &" Roberts, drapers, 219, Groat 

Homer street 
Grice, George, bootmaker, 48, Warren st. 
Grice, George, broker, 36, Stafford st. 
Grice, John, auctioneer, 40, Whitechapel 
Ghierson, John, estate and assurance 

agent, 36, Church street 
Griffin, G. A. confectioner, 46, Scotland rd. 
Griffin, Henry, commission merchant, 2, 

India buildings, 2, Water street 
Griffin, Michael, licensed victualler, 38, 

St. James's street 

Griffin, T. Bernard, clerical robe 
maker, tailor and gentlemen's out- 
fitter, University House, 20, Is- 

Qriffitn, E. Grapes hotel, 7 & 9, Lime st. ; 

residence,Westmoreland villas, Hu jton 
Griffith, John, fishsalesman, 29, St. • 

John's fish market | 

Griffith, J. iron merchant, 28, Chapel st. * 
Griffith, L. draper, 59, Netherfield rd. S. i 

Griffiths, E. & Co. coal merchants, ! 
240 , Crown street 

Griffiths, B. builder, 12, Priory road 
Griffiths Bros, ironmongers, 15, Nether- ; 
field road sor^li 

Griffiths, C. publican^ 21, Smithdown la. 
Griffiths, D. outfitter, 8-1, St. Jameses pi. 
Griffiths, D. & J. tailors and drapers, l^, 

Prussia street 
Griffiths, E. timber merchant, 171, 

Eegent road 
Griffiths, E. tobacconist, 5, Derby road, 


Griffiths. Edward, Grapes Hotel, 
7 & 9i Lime street 

Griffiths, Ed town waiter, 21, Carter st. 
Griffiths, Edward, ship smith and general 

ironmonger, 171, Eiegent road 
Griffiths, Edward, tobacconist, 5, Derby 
• road, Kirkdale 

Griffiths, Edward, broker, 26, Stanley st 
Griffiths, Edw. hatter, 95, Canterbury st. 
Griffiths, E. beerhouse, 137, St. James's »t. 
Griffiths, Ellen P. dressmaker, 31, Gt. 

George street 
Griffiths, G. butcher, 320, Scotland road 
Griffiths, G. licensed broker, 27, Cock- 
spur street 
Griffiths, George, boot and shoe maker, 

169, Kensington 
Griffiths, G. fruiterer, 76, St. John's mkt. 
Griffiths, George, fruiterer, 41,Hunter st. 
Griffiths, J. plumber, painter, &c, 44, 

St. James's place 
Griffiths, J. E. furniture dealer, 82, 

Everton road 
Griffiths, James, draper, 58, Myrtle st. 
Griffiths, J. plasterer Ac. 8, Church lane 
Griffiths, J. wood carver, 79, Berwick- st. 
Griffiths,J.licensed victualler,!, Latham St. 
Griffiths, J. bootmaker, 186, Walton rd. 
Griffiths, Joseph, oonfectiouer & registry 

office for servants, 7, Fox street 
Griffiths, Joseph, confectioaer, 380, Great 

Howard street 
Griffiths, J. T. auctioneer and appraiser, 

36, South John street 
Griffiths, M. grocer and tea dealer, 21, 

Prussia street 
Griffiths, Mary Jane, smallwarcs, 153, 

West Derby road 
GriffithSjjMary, butcher, 474, Scotland rd. 
Griffiths, Mrs. dress and mantle maker, 

registry office for servants, 31, Great 

George street 
Griffiths, Owen, spirit merchant, 143, 

Netherfield road north 
Griffiths, Thomas, plumber and painter, 

93, Netherfield road north 




Griffiths, E. 0. licensed victualler, 47, 

Prussia street 
Griffiths, Samuel, watchmaker, 35, Mill st. 
Griffiths, Son, & Palethorpe, brokers, 1, 

Water street 
Griffithe,T. master mariner, 55,Heman8 st. 

Gronaw, Augustus, Germanreading rooms, 

10, Roscommon street 
Groom, G. & Son, stationers, 42, Lord st. 
Groom, H. & Co. tea and coffee dealers, 

431, Scotland road 
Groom, J. shoemaker, 15, Frederick st. 

Griffiths, T. shipwright, 287, Beaufort st. Groom, William, agent for Foreign Pasa- 

Griffiths, W. grocer, 352, Vauxhall road 
Griffiths, W. C. joiner and builder and 

funeral furnisher, 203, Smithdown la. 
Griffiths, William, draper, 57, 53, & 51, 

Kirkdale road 
Griffiths, Wra. outfitter, 160, Park lane 
Griffiths & Cornish, tailord and drapers, 

139, 141, & 143, St. James's street 
Griffiths & Williams, iron merchants, 6, 

Goree Piazzas 
Griffiths & Williams, anchor and chain 

makers, Duke^s dock 
Grille, John L. 81, Old Hall street 
Grimely, William, licensed victualler, 1, 

Queen street 
Grimes, Hannah, greengrocer k fruiterer, 

24, St. John^s market 
Grimmer, William H. attorney-at-law. 

Prince's buildings, 30, North John st. 
Grimlev, Mrs. Henry, ladies* school, 16, 

Walton road 
Grimsditch, T. J. <& Co. agent for the 

Patent Enamel Co. Birmingham, 17a, 

South Castle street 
Grimshaw, Charles <fc Co. shipowners, 

Hargraves bridge. Chapel street 
Grindell, Joseph, publican, Con waj street, 

Great Homer street 
Grindlaj, W. & B. ship brokers, Leith ; 

offices, Moorfields 
Gr Lndle,Cath . feather maker, 27, St. Ann st. 
Grindley,E.printsellers,73& 75,Church st. 
Grindley, J. shoemaker, 181, Scotland rd. 
Grindley, Bichard, licensed vctualler, 2, 

Queen Anne street 
Grindley, Bichard, licensed victualler, 

44, St. Ann street 
Grindrod, Chas. surgeon, 132, Chatham st. 
Grindrod, Arthur, pawnbroker,13,Mill st. 
Grindrod, J. merchant, 0, Bomford place 
Ghindrod, Thompson, and Co. merchants, 

(W. B Kent, agent), 7, Cook street ; 

private address, 28, Clarence street 

Grinnot, D. publican, 399, Scotland road 

Ghrocers* Comp. 1 India bldgs. Water st. 

Oracott, J.C.attoraey, S2,Mount Pleasant 

Pragma, & provision dealer, 68, Overbury 



ports & Yorkshire Fire and Life In- 
surance Company, 42, Lord street 

Groom W. & Son, stationei-s, 42, Lord st. 

Groom, J. leather (iealer,8G, St. James's st. 

Grosby, B. W. decorator & gilder, 29, 
Norton street 

Groute, E. pianoforte tuner, 36, Brunei st. 

Groveham, Thomas J. bread and flour 

• dealer, 261, Netherfield road north 

Grover & Baker, sewins: machine "taiakers, 
59, Bold street and Heathfield street 

Groves, E. victualler, 29, Overbury «t. 

Groves, Henry, publican. 27, Kensington 

Groves, Herbert, greeiigrocer, 18, Fox st. 

Groves, Mrs. M. B. dining-rooms, 5G, 
Waterloo road 

Groves, Philip, licensed victualler, corner 
of Leigh street, Williamson street 

Grundy, A. hosier, 1, William-Henry st. 

Grundy, David, broker, 16, Boundary pi. 

Grundy, Edward, hosier, glover, and lace- 
man, 6, Banelagh street 

Grundy, John, licensed victualler, 41 &43, 
Circus street 

Grundy Bichard, grocer, 55, Mansfield st. 

Grundy Steph. broker, 52, Bichraond row. 

Grundy, Stephen i<; James, pawnbrokers, 
53 & 55, Bichmond row 

Guardian Fire and Life Assurance Com- 
pany, (William Mathisou, agent), Queen 
buildings, 11, Dale street 

Guest, W. goldbeater, OS, Wood street 

Guest & Company, hosiers, 37, Byrom st. 

Guffie, Alex, mariner, 14, Kent street 

Guion & Co.Liverpool and Great Western 
Steam Company (limited), Peter's 
buildings, II, Bumford street 

Guion & Co. steam shipowners and agents, 
25, Water street 

Guion & Co's. warehouse office, 2, Covent 

Guion & Co. Steamship Company, (Arasmus 
Bamsden,) 115, Waterloo road 

Guillier, Wm. whitesmith, 72, Soho st. 

Gully, W. C. barrister-at-law, Law Assur- 
ance buildings, 13, Harrington street 

Gunn, Henry .1 . grocer, 17, West Derby 



Chmn, Wm. lithog^pher and draughta- 

maa, 10, Exchange street east 
Chinning, WilUaia, timber merchant, 

18 his. Seel street 
GnnBon, J. licensed victualler, 178, G-reat 

Howard street 
Oanaton, Sons, & Co. merchants, Alliance 

Bank buildings, 60, Castle street 
Ghirden, William, warehouse keeper, 2, 

Inner Temple, Dale street 
Onmell, Miss Marj, dressmaker, 29, 

Hard wick street 
flamey, Joseph, victualler, 18, Upper 

Dawson street 

Hadwin, Isaac, jun. & Oo. hide broker^, 
(Eustace Ana^nostopulo), basement, 
Manchester buildings, 1, Tithebarn st. 

Hagau, Jane, dealer m smallwares, 85, 
Salop street 

Hagan, John, grocer, 2, Blackstone street 

Hagan, Marjr, provision dealer, 65, St. 
John* 8 market; 

Hagarty, A. stationer, 70, Heyworth st. 

Haggas, John, tobacconist, 122, Mill st. 

Haggas, Wm. confectioner, 124, Mill st. 

Haggas, Sam. ironmonger, 101, Mill st 

Hague, G-. tailor, 25, G-reat Homer street 

Haid, John, tailor, 26, Boscoe street 

G-arving, John, pork butcher, 17, St. ' Haigh, Ann, wine and spirit merchant, 

John's market 

Oathrie, R estate agent, 2, Brunswick st. 

Ghitteridge, B. baker, 130, Upper Boau st. 

Oatterid^,S.milk dealer, 3S,BouQdary st. 

Ghiyler, William, broker, 7, Daulbjr street 

G-uyton, Joseph, Walmer buildings, 6, 
Water street; private address, 3,Der went 
rood, Stoneycroft, West Derby 

Gwathrim, T. P. & Co. wine and spirit 
merchants, 8, King street 

Gwilliam, E. wood turner, 5, Christian st. 

Gwilliam, M. fishmonger, 88 & 90, Bruns- 
wick, road 

(Hrilt, J. 8. wholesale grocer, 114, Acq- 
worth street 

Chnrnn, Wm. hosier, &c. 7, Highfield st. 


Harberer, M. tailor, 10, Seel street 

Hackett, Thomas, hosiery and small 
wares* 20, Elliot street; ware- 
house, 34, 0-reat Charlotte street 

Hackett, W. O. candle manufacturer, 82, 
Ki^dale road, and 108, Breck road 

Haddock, Job, V^hemist and drug- 
gist, 30, Windsor street 

19, Now Quay 
Haigh, Eccles, broker, 21, Tempesl Hey 
Haigh, J. dlr. in game, 1, St. John's mrkt. 
Haigh, Thos. <& Co. cotton brokers, ground 

floor, 12, Brown's buildings, Exchange 
Haigh & Co. attorneys. Canton buildings, 

15, Water street 

Haigh & Co. drapers and silk 
mercers, 60, Bold street 

Haigh & Co. architects, surveyors, and 

builders, office, 11, 12, 13, & 14, Fraser st. 
Ilaigh, Wilson, & Co. merchants. Borough 

buildings, 7, Bumford street 
Haill, J. carver and gilder, 40, Chatham at. 
Haines & Baker, marine insurance brokers, 

F. 3, Liverpool and London chambers 
Hainsworth, Watson, & Co. merchants, 

3, Mer.^ey chambers. Old Churchyard 
Hakes, James, surgeon, 30, Hope street 
Hale, W. J. & Co. provision merchants, 

9, Elliot street, and 5, West Derby st. 
Hale, J. licensed victualler, 161, Beg^ent rd. 
Hale, Mrs. fruiterer, 56, St. John^ mrkt. 
H<vle, Pet. butcher, 44, St. John's market 
Hale, Thos. coal agent, 63, Bidder street 

Haddock, G. T. news agent, 159, Great Hale, C. wheelwright, 40, Brunswick st. 

Homer street 

Haddock, John, general broker and agent, 
5, Dale street 

Haddock, T. solicitor, 13, South Castle st. 

Haddrill, John, professor of music, 18, 
Uxbride street, Edge Hill 

Haddrill, Miss Louisa, professor of danc- 
ing, 18, Uxbridge street, Edge Hill 

Haden, Jno. provision dealer, 34, Dicken- 
son street 

Hadfield, George, & Co. artificial manure 
manufacturer, 28, Lightbody street 

Hadwin, J. jun. cotton broker, Parana 
buildii^, Tithebara street 

Hales, E. plumber, 71, Blandibrd street 
Hales, Edwin, fancy dealer, 43, Great 

Charlotte street 
Hales, G. B. publican, 97, Vauxhall road 
Hales, Peter, butcher, 65, Scotland road 
Hales, B. haircutter, 60, Duke street 
Hales, Bichard, butcher, 65, Scotland rd. 
Hall, A. licensed broker, 3 & 5, Moore pi. 
Hall, A. provision dealer, 45, Marybone 
Hall, O. grocer and baker, 109, Mill rd. 
Hall, Charlton, h Sons, wine and spirit 

brokers, Atherton buildings, 17, Dale st. 
Hall, Charlton, K. & Sons, wine brokers, 

07, Henry atteet 




Hall, EatoD^ wine and spirit broker, 8, 

Castle street 
Hall, Edwin F. commercial boarding-bouse, 

9, Hunter street 
Hall, Ed. S. watchmaker, 58, Aubrey st. 
Hall, H. provisiion dealer, 8, Jordan st. 
Hall, J. plumber, 26, Fairclough lane 
Hall, J. publican, 171, Yauzball road 
Hall, James, & Son, shipping butcbers 

and navy contractors, 8, rreeson's row 
Hall, J. & Son, butchers, 76, St. James*s st. 
Hall, James T. gas, engineer, Clarendon 

rooms, Soutb John street 
Hall, John, shipbuilder, 48, Carter street 

HalL John, chemist and druggist, 
5. Kussell street (See Advto 

Hall, John, & Sons, wool merchants, 11, 
12, & 13, Wolstenholme square 

Hall, J. 0. stock and share broker, Bos- 
coe buildings, 20, Tithebarn street 

Hall, Joseph, merchant, 4, Moon street 

Hall, Mrs. S. A. licensed victualler, 70a, 
Falkner street 

Hall, Nich. surgeon, 196, West Derby rd. 

Hall, Peter, butcher, 291, Crown street 

Hall, E. C. cotton broker, Peter's build- 
ings, 13, Eumford street 

Hall, S. k Son, pawnbrokers, 47, Breck rd. 

Hall, T. P. corn factor, 20, Brunswick st. 

Hall, T. W. stationer and bookbinder, 37, 
Dale street 

Hall, Thos. milk-house, 57, Prescot street 

1 lull, Thos. tailor and draper, 66, Duke st. 

Hal), W. publican, 5, Great Homer st. 

Hall, William, joiner, 63, Bicbmond row 

Hall, WiUiam (*'His Lordship's 

Larder"), Crimean hotel and 

dining-rooms, 354 & 356, Great 
Howard street 

Hall, Wm. storekeeper, 15, Oldham st. 

Hall & Cox, accountants, house and land i 
af;ents, basement. The Albany, 6, Old I 
Hall street ! 

Hall & Jones, cotton and general produce I 
brokers, Manchester buildings, 1, Tithe- 
bam street 

Hall, Parke, & Co. general commission 
agents and export bottlers. Commer- 
cial court, Water street 

Hall & Rogers, wine merchants, 
ddp store ae alers, export bottlers, 
and general grocers, 15, South 
Castle street 

JSa/y, SiaclRir, & Co, merchaDts, 70, Tower 
buildings. Water street 


HaUam,Mr8. Mary Ann, smallware dealer, 

22, Dansie street 
Hallam, W. leather dealer, 52, Byrom st. 
Hallen, T. grngrocer, 52, Queen Anne st. 
Halliday, James, licensed victualler, 141, 

Walton road 
Halliday, James, & Co. blanket mdnufac- 

turers, 7, College lane 
Halliday, Thos. cotton broker, 4, Hope 

chambers. Leather lane 
Halliday, Wm. brickmoulder and shovel 

maker, 5, Foley street 
Halligan, Wm. live bird dealer, 14, Eich- 

mond row 
Hallis, Wm. stationer, 117, Breck road 
Ilalliwell, Thos. cart owner, 97, Henry rd. 
Halliwell, Thos. milk-house, 3, Gerard st. 
Halliwell, Wm. cart owner, 54, Henry st. 
Hallow, W. shipwright, 363, Beaufort st. 
Hallows, Eliza J. licensed victualler, 64, 

Christian street 
Hallows, Jas. metal broker, 16, Cook st. 
Halls, Wm. hosier and glover, 35, Lord st. 
Hallsal, S. brewer, 32, Beviugton bush 
Hall wood, A. H. poulterer, St. James's 

Halpin,Rbutterstall,14, St.Martin's mrkt. 
Halpin, W. butcher, 95, Kirkdale road 
Halsall, J. publican, 301, Scotland road 
Halse,Thos (H.M.C.),67, Wellington rd. 
Halstead, L. upholsterer, 47, Beaumont st. 
Halton, John, cork manufacturer and 

importer, 34, Cable street; residence, 

5, Elizabeth street, Pembroke place 
Hambelton, J. A. wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 25, Temple street 
Hamer, Thomas, saddler, 27, Renshaw st. 
Hamill, Jaue, haberdasher, 32, Fox street 
Hamill, Jane, hosier, 20, Kichmond road 
Hamill, John, hairdresser and perfumer, 

37, Brunswick road 
Hamilton, A. greengrocer, 83, Mill street 
Hamilton, C. T. provision merchant, 

Prince's buildings, 30, Harrington st. 

and 28, North John street ; residence, 

Cannon Hill, Cloughten, Birkenhead 
Hamilton, Chas. truukmaker, 27, Mill Ht. 
Hamilton, E. C. The Temple, Dale street 
If amilton, Gur. A. architect and surveyor, 

Holford chambers, 12a, Lord street 
Hamilton, Jane, provision dealer, 19, 

Hi^hfield street 
Hamilton, John, 25, Mill street 
Hamilton, Martha, confectioner, 40, Great 

George street 




Hamilton, Bobert,.8iirgeoD, 1, Prince's rd. 
! Hamilton, B. W. cotton broker, base- 
ment, Peter*8 buildings, 13, Eumford st. 
Hamilton, Thos. draper, 180, Vauxhall rd. 
Hamilton, T. shopkeeper, 31, Saltney st. 
Hamilton, Wm. hosier, 91, Paddington 
Hamilton, Wm. electroplater and gilder, 

28, Tarleton street 
Hamilton, Wm. hairdresser, 104, Derby 

rood, Kirkdale 
Hamilton, W. tin plate worker, 54, 

Seel street 
Hamlet, J. M. practical cutter, 29, Can- 
ton street 
Hamlej, J. C. grocer, 94, Yauxhall road 
Hammeratein, Morrin, passenger broker, 

Brunswick hotel, 66, Hanover street 
Hammond, — , china dealer, 92, Bold st. 
Hammond, C. publican, 17, Hurdt street 
Hammond, J. dining-rooms, 116, St. 

James*8 street 
Hammond, John & Joseph, figure and 

ornamental carvers, 66, Kegent road 
Hammond, J. T. commission agent, 7, 

Clayton square 
Hammond, Joseph, outfitter, 16, Avon st. 
Ibmmond, Joseph, tailor and clothier, 

10, Paradise street 
Hammond, Louis, bead manufacturer, 35, 

Mill street 
Hammond, M. butcher, 167, Gt. Homer st. 
Hammond,Mia8, teacher of the harp, piano, 

and guitar, 128, Cliatham street 
Hammond, P. tobacconist, 26, Dansie st. 
Hammond, W. H. BrownlowHill brewery, 

16tt A 170, Brownlow hill 
Hammond, W. block and spar maker, 12, 

Cobden street 
Hamner, &. E. licensed victualler, 94, 

Wellington road 
Hampson, Mrs. E. vctualr. 27, Peter's lane 
Hampson, Edward, public notary and 

conveyancer, 9, James street 
Hampson, — , licnsd. vctualr. 5, Queen st. 
Hampson, Eliza, publican, 9, College lane 
Hampson, Charles, licensed victualler, 13, 

Cases street 
Hampson, H. grocer, 148, Vauxhall road 
Hampson, Jane, licensed victualler, 25 

& 23, Gildart street 
Hampson, John, coal merchant, 219a and 

221, Crown street 
Hampson, Robert, fiirnishing undertaker, 

28, Brutiswick road 
Hampson, Thoa, engraver, IS, Stanley st. 

Hampson, W. stationer and printer, 265, 
Breck road 

Hampton, Norman & Go. ship and in- 
surance brokers, general shipping and 
forwarding agents, Adelphi Bank cham- 
bers, 19, Soutli John street 

Hamson, T. Dod*s hotel, 14, James st. 

Hanby, J. publican, 362, Yauxhall road 

Hance, Joseph, Park View, Ullet road 

Hance & Co. wool broker, 25, Temple st. 

Hanckel, Allen, merchant, 8, Union st. 

Hancock, D. leather dealer, 38, Paddington 

Hancock, Q-. clogmaker, 18^, Gt. Homer st. 

Hancock, George, stock and share broker, 
and agent to the National Provident 
Institution and Liverpool lusurance 
Company, 5, Lower Castle street 

Hancock, H. J. & Co. 21, Duke street 

Hancock, J. victualler, 86, Paddington 

Hancock, M. pork dealer, 65, Paddington 

Hancock, W. coach maker, 156, Smit&- 
down lane 

Hancock, W. greengrocer, 87, Walnut at. 

Hancox, J. watch and cut-glass manu- 
facturer, 19, Cases street 

Hancox <& Chapman, hosiers and glovers, 
70, London road 

Hand, Joseph, porter, 3, Highfield street 

Hand, Thos. cowkeeper, 63a, Walton rd. 

Haudford, A. Icnsd. vctllr, 48, At hoi st. 

Hankey, Charles, fish-salesman, 23, St. 
John's fish market 

Hankey, William Oldroyd, carver and 
gilder, 67, West Derby road 

Hanley, R. grocer, &c. 53, Duke street 

Hanloii, Arth. broker, 70, Brownlow hill 

Haulon, John, broker, 35, Ainsworth st. 

Hanmer, J. tailor and draper, 26, Duke st. 

Hanmer, James, licensed victualler, 44, 
Standish street 

Hannah, W. licensed victualler, 105, 
Heyworth street 

Hannan, M. W. tailor and outfitter, 35, 
Groat Howard street 

Hannay, Andrew, & Son, corn merchants, 
24, Fenwick street 

llaunay, John N. ship and insurance 
broker, 4, India buildings. Water street 

Ilannon, Wm. wire worker, 32, Hawke st. 

Hansen, J. C. merchant and shipowner. 
Chapel walks ; private address, San- 
down park, Waverti-ee 

Hanson, — , milk dealer, 205, Upper 
Frederick street 

Hanson, Jamea, co^uV^e^^c^'l ^"^^^Xwijl^x 




Hanson^ Wm. cart owner, 95, Highfield 

Harber, William, licenfted victualler, 133 

& 135, MUl street 
Harbord, Eichard & F. G. warehouse 

owners, Trafford chambers, 58, South 

John street 
Harbord & Johnson, printers, 8a, Lord st. 
Harbord & Johnson, shorthand writers, 

printers, and stationers, 11, St George's 

Harbridge, James, biscuit manufacturer, 

(W. E. WanstaU), Batavia buildings, 

Hackins Hey 
Harbridge, Joseph, spirit vaults, 1 & 3, 

West Derby street 
Harcombe, W. boot and shoe maker, 16, 

Netherfield road north 
Hard, Mine, reformatory school. Park 

Hill road 
Bardcastle, J. hosier, 438, Scotland road 
Hardcantlc S. Ann, Brougham seminary, 

West Derby road 
Hardie, James, licensed victualler, 38, 

Bath street 
Hardiker, — , plumber, &c., 162, Upper 

Frederick Btrcet 
Hardiker, A. pawnbroker, 35, Prescot st. 
Hardiker, D. William, painter, plumber, 

&e. 60, Nelson street 
Harding, Edward, broker, 10, Eose Hill 
Harding, George, merchant, li. Dingle 

terrace, Sandy lane 
Harding, J. shoemaker, 17, Copperas hill 

Harding, Jessie, Feathers hotel, 
Clayton square 

Harding, Jas. pork and provision dealer, 

91, Byrom street 
Harding, John, boot and shoe maker, 

11-1, Everton road 
Harding, J. H. victualler,75,Brun8wick rd. 
Harding, J. bootmaker, 17, Copperas hill 
Harding, Mr*. Jane, dross and mantle 

maker, 105, Hamilton road 
Harding, N. cooper, 29, Brunsw 'A: ^f. 
Harding, E. corn bruker, 9, Old Itopery 
Harding, T. publican, 376, Vauxhall rt»ad 
Harding, T. T. ironmonger, 18, Moorfields 
Harding, W. family, grocer, 120, Brcck 

Harding, W. 577, Vauxhall road 
Harding, W. butcher, 18, Upper Hill st. 
Hiirding, W. butcher, 65, St. James's st. 
Jfardhjfr & Partington, brewers, 16, 
J^ruaer etroet 


Hard man, Joseph, coal merchant, 74, 

Birkett street 
Hardman, E J. (agent for Standard Life 

Assurance Co.), wine broker, 17a, 

South Castle street 
Hardman, Gkorge, flour merchant, Shaw's 

buildings, 34, South John street 
Hardman, T. repository of fine arts, 7, 

ground floor. South corridor. The 

Albany, 6, Old Hall street 
Hardman, W. hairdressr. 114,Coppera8hill 
Hardstaflf, John, toy and fancy repoditory, 

43, Myrtle street 
Hardy, J. publiciui, 246a, Vauxhall road 
Hardy, J. draper, 36, Great Vauxhall st. 
Hardy, J. & Co., biockmakers, 52, Spar- 
ling street 
Hardy, Joseph, grocer, 76, Wavertree rd. 
Hardy, Joseph, grocer and tea dealer, 89, 

Netherfield road south 
Harf »rd, Thos. bootmaker, 29, Warren st. 
Hargraves, Q- Berlin and needlework 

warehouse, 71, Buld street 
Hargreaves, G. merchant, 37, Castle st. 
Hargreaves, J. gentleman, 1, Walton rd. 
Hargreaves, John & Joseph, silversmiths 

and jewellers, 108, Bold street 
Hargreaves, John & Joseph, jewellers 

and silversmiths, 28, Church street 
Hargreaves, Mary A. tobacconist, 66, 

St. James*8 street 
Hargreaves, E. weaver, Eoscoe buildings, 

20, Tithebarn street 
Hargreaves, Eichard, wax chandler, 4, 

South Castle street 

Hargreaves, Robert, furniture re- 
mover and general packer, 117a, 
Islington, and 2, Soho street 

Hargreaves, Robert, cabinet maker 
and upholsterer, 117a, Islington 

Hargreaves, William & Son, estate agents. 

Queen's buildings, 11, Dale street 
Hargreaves, W. estate agent, 62, Soho st. 
Hargreaves, Furgesou, & Jackson, ship 

ownt-rs, Hargreave's bli^s. Chapel st. 
Harker, John, general hardware dealer, 

57, Paradise street 
Harker Brothers, fruit merchants, 7, St. 

John's market 
Harkin, P. watchmaker, 38, Pitt street 
Harlev, David, licensed victualler, 34 & 

36, am street 
Harley, John, grocer, 7, Pownall square 
Harlev, J«)hn J. tool maker, 36, Old 

Hay market 



Harley, Thomas, shipwright and timber 

dealer, Prince's buildings, 8, Bath at. 
Harnett, J. & M. cotton brokers, 12, 

Penwick street 
Harnett, J. M. com merchaDts, 10, Fen- 
wick street 
Harnett, M. & A. boot and shoe manu- 

facrturers, 188, London road 
Hamold, John, & Co. merchants, 2, India 

baildinjvs, Wdter street 
Harold, James, butcher, 181, Netherfield 

road north 
Harold, George, butcher, 77, Walton rd. 
Harper, Eliz. stationer, 82, PreHcot st. 
Harper, John, egg salesman, H & 9, 8t. 

Johu*8 market 
Harper, Nathan, butcher, 22, Scotland road 
Harper, R. L. butcher, 59, Brunswick rd. 
Harper, Wm. broker, 88, Pontenoy st. 
Harricks, Thomas, stock broker, Walmer 

buildings, 6, "Water street 
Harrington, F. G-. carriage builder, 8, 

Chester street 
Harrington, H. coach builder, 88 to 90, 

Parliament street 
Harrington, Henry, ship smith, 37, Com- 

wallis street 
Harrington, J. publican, 7, Gt. Homer st. 
Harrington, J. brewer, 45, Gt. Homer st. 
Harrington, Thomas, wheelwright and 

blacksmith, 817, Smithdown lane 
Harrington (Jarrying Co. (Charles Mit- 
chell, agent), £)uke*s dock 
Harris, A. W. dre:»smaker, 88, Stafford st. 
Harris, B. gnn^er, 364, Vauxhall road 
Harris, B. plumber, &c. 92, Brownlow hill 
Harri.s, C. broker, 8'>8, Hcotland road 
Harris, Charles F. licensed victualler, 40, 

Dale street 
Harris, David, tailor, 15, Benson street 
Harris, David, pipe manufacturer, 38, 

Fn^derick street, and 87, Vauxhall rd. 
Harris, F. corn and flour dealer, 103, 

Highfield si root 
Harris, F. jet manufacturer, 47, Berry st. 
Harris, Geo. potato dealer, 57, Virgil st. 
Harris, Henry, carvi3r and gilder, 13, 

Russell street 
Harris, Henry, publican, 40, Sparling st. 
Harris, Henry, grocer, 45 & 65, Christian 

Harris, Isaac, earthenware warehouse, 

107, Oxford street 
Harris, J. smith, 87, Duke street 
Harris, J. & A. wholesale watch manu- 

facturers, jewellers, and diamond 
dealers, 28, Berry street 

Harris, John G. lodging house, 47, Great 
Crosshall street 

Harris, Julius, importer of foreign goods, 
5, Quadrant buildings. Lime street 

Harris, Margaret, lodging house keeper, 
17, Ormond street 

Harris, Misses, milliners, 2, Hardy street 

Hiirris, P. engine fitter 6, Blackstone st. 

Harris, E. draper, 8, William-Henry st. 

Harris, T. fishmonger, 89, Paddiugton 

Harris, T. poulterer, 30, SSt. John's mkt. 

Harris, T. baker, 219, Vauxhall road 

Harris, T. tobacconist, 79, Netherfield 
road south 

Harris, W. tinplate worker, 35, Cheapsd. 

Harris, Wm. blacksmith, 8, Hop wood st. 

Harris, Wdliam, Richmond lodging-house, 
132, Richmond row 

Harris, W. broker, 38, Richmond row 

Harris, William, master pilot, 74, South 
Chester street 

Harris, W. A. Commercial Union Asssur- 
ance Office, 26, Exchange street east 

Harris, W. S. & Co. manufacturing, 
wholesale, and export stationers, base- 
ment, Manchester buildings, 1, Tithe- 
barn street 

Harris & Thompson, cigar merchants, 2, 
Islington square 

Harrison, Aaron, licensed yictualler, 1, 
Pleasant street 

Harrison, C. mariner, 76, Parliament st. 

Harrison, Colpitt, wine merchant, 52, 
Aubrey street 

Harrison, Edward, baker and flour dealer, 
60, Boundary street 

Harrison, Elizabeth. & Co., oil merchants, 
James G. Bull, Traflbrd chambers, 58, 
South John street 

Harrison, Gustavo, water-proof manufac- 
turer, 48, St. Jameses street 

Harrison, H. grocer, 53, Scotland road 
and 39 & 41, Fox street 

Harrison, H. grocer, 81, Gt. Homer st. 

Harrison, H. & Son, Liverpool Galvaniz- 
ini^ Works, 17, Tabley street 

Harrison, Henry, chemist and druggist, 
45, Heyworth street 

Harrison, James, shipwright, 53, Bridge- 
water street 

Harrison, James, butcher, 8, Scotland rd. 

Harrison, James, tobacconist, 109a, 
Great Homer street 




Harrison, JameB, painter and plumber, 

91, Park street 
Harrison, James, bath brick maker, 19, 

Wolstenholme square 
Harrison, Jane, dyer and cleaner, 84, 

Great G-eorge street 
Harrison, J. spirit vaults, 2, Kepler street 
Harrison, John, chemist, 151, Netherfield 

road north 
Harrison, John, general dyer, 83, 

London road 
Harrison, John, plasterer, 2, Eussell pL 
Harrison, John, 8, Eumford place 
Harrison, John, licensed victualler, 135, 

Stanley road 
Harrison, John Alexander, Eoyal Stan- 
dard Hotel, 262, Netherfield road 
Harrison, J. pilot, 68, South Chester st 
Harrison, Joseph, furnishing ironmonger, 

brassfounder, and pewterer, 62, Great 

George street 
Harrison, J. & Sod, Liverpool Gtdvaniz- 

iug Works, 17, Tabley street 
Harrison, J. W. earthenware dealer, 86, 

Great George street 
Harrison, John W. Temperance and 

Commercial Hotel, S6, Gt. George st. 
Harrison, J. W. jeweller, 107, St. James's 

Harrison, Lucy Lucretia, luncheon 

rooms, 2, Old Hall street. 
Harrison, Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstresa, 

24, Mason street 
Harrison, R greengrocer, 47, Blandford st. 
Harrison, E. surgeon, 51, Eodney street 
Harrison, Samuel, ironfounder, Soho 

Foundry, Stanley road, and Cranmer st. 
Harrison, T. licensed victualler, 1, Bath st. 
Harrison, T. shoemaker, 87, Ainsworth st. 
Harrison, T. victualler, 15, Mersey street 
Harrison, Thomas, plumber and paper- 
hanger, 57, St. James*s place , 
Harrison, Thos. architect. Canton build- 
ings, 15, Water street 
Harrison, T. &W, cooperage, 19, Tabley st. 
Harrison, Thomas & Co. merchants and 

shipowners, 11, Orange court 
Harrison, Thoiqas, & Co. ironfounders, 

147, Dale street 
Harrison T. & J. ship owners, IS, Chapel 

Harrison, William, shipwright, 205, Beau- 
fort street 
£lam'Bon, W. C. cabinet macbinisti 46, 
C^^oster Btieet 


Harrison, W. H. watchmaker, 2, Dale st. 
Harrison, Mrs. boarding house keeper, 68, 

Eodney street 
Harrison &, Co. tea merchants, 51, Bow 
street ; office and warehouse, 89 <& 41, 
Fox street; branch establishments, 
188 & 158, Scotland road, and 81, 
Great Homer street 
Harrison & Crossfield, wholesale tea and 

coffee dealers, 28, Temple court 
Harrison, Gilbert & Brothers, timber 

merchants, 108, Greenland street 
Harrison & Harbridge, ship's bread ma- 
nufacturers, 16, Mersey street, and 2, 
Ansdell street 

Harrison & Jones, lath cleaners and coal 
dealers, Eegent road, Bootle 

Harrison, Eobinson, & Co. timber mer- 
chants, 7, Canada dock 

Harrisson, Miss, seminary, 29, Smith st. 

Harrold, Jane, licensed victualler, Con- 
way Castle, 23, Tarleton street 

Harrold, John & Co. general merchants, 
India buildings, 2, Water street 

Harrop, James, wine & spirit merchant, 
78, Dale street 

Harrop, George H. licensed victualler, 
111, Mill street 

Harrop, Sarah, publican, 4 & 6, Lither- 
land alley 

Harrgp, T. W. & J. C. & Co. colonial and 
cotton brokers, 24, Hack ins Hey. 

Harrop, William, wine & spirit mer- 
chant, 62, Warren street 

Harrop, William, wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 42, Eussell street 

Hart, Ann B. butcher, St. James's market 

Hart, B. provision dealer, 89, Eegent st. 

Hart, H. broker, 9 & 11, Stanley street 

Hart, H. S. ship store dealer, 81, 
Waterloo road 

Hart, James, outfitter, 55, Waterloo 

Hart, J. provision dealer, 27, Cable street 

Hart, Joho, bootmaker, 54, Eoscoe street 

Hart, John, haircutter, 33, Old Hall st. 

Hart, Moiris, tailor, clothier, & outfitter, 
13, Washington street 

Hart, Morris & Co. clothiers and out- 
fitters, 18, Ghreat George place 

H^t, Nathan S. outfitter, 1, Back Gt>ree 

Hart, Nathan S. marine store dealer, 7, 
Galton street 

Hart, Mordecai, watchmaker and general 
outfitter, 6Q, \?atadvae street 

H Alt 



Hart, Sol. hairdresser, 33, Old Hall at. 
Hairt, 8ol. butcher, St. James's market 
Hart, W. forwarding agent, 22, Porter 

Hart & Co. clothiers, 7, Scotland road 
Harte, Nathan, ship store dealer, 31, 

Waterloo road 
Harter, J.C. general merchant, (H. George, 

agent,) 6, Fenwick street 
Hartle^r, Alice, milk dealer, 102, G-reat 

Howard street 
Hartley, Edward, laceman, hosier, and 

glover, 48, Eanelngh street 
Hartley, J. grocer, 26, St. James's street 
Hartley, John Gill, licensed yictualler, 

200, Park lane 
Hartl^, Joseph, grocer and tea dealer, 

80, Pembroke place 
Hartley, Joseph, family grocer, 19, Wil- 
liam-Henry street 
Hartley, Joseph, grocer and tea dealer, 

10, Commutation row 
Hartley, Joseph, grocer, 220, Mill street 
Hartley, J. family grocer, 274, Falkner 

Hartley, J. & Co. glass manufactory, (H. 

B. jTames, agent,) 10, South Castle 

Hartley, Eichard fruiterer, 39, St. John's 

Hartley, S. greengrocer, 26, Prussia st. 
Hartley & Turner, hat house, 14, Castle st. 
Hartly, J. shoemaker, 161, Vauxhall rd. 
Hartly, John, milk trade, 22, Vine street 
Hartnass, Hector, boot and shoe maker, 

165, Mill street 

Harwood, T. veterinary surgeon and forge 
for shoeing, 13 to 15, Boundary st. east 

Harwood, W. Henry, dancing academy, 
44, Nelson street 

Haselden, J. block maker, 39, Aigburth st. 

Hasher, W. eating house, 13, Lirer street 

Hashayne,E. pawnbroker, 90, Vauxhall rd. 

Haslam, Joseph, publican, The Gh:ey 
House, 184, Scotland road 

Haslan, W.porkbutcher, 111, Yauxhallrd. 

Hassall, H. B. Queen's Insurance build- 
ings. Dale street 

Hassall, James C. shipchandler, 33, Yan- 
dries street 

Hassall, John, stationer, 55, Hey worth st. 

Hasson, H. game dealer, 33 to 35, St. 
John's market 

Hastie, E. furniture broker, 45 & 47, 
Eoscoe arcade 

Hastie, John, car owner, 7, Stafford st. 

Hastie & Wood, bakers, 37, St. John's 
market, and 26, Cable street 

Hastings, Tho. refreshment rooms, 376a, 
Vauxhall road 

Hastings, T. master mariner, 15, Wash- 
ington street 

Haswell, Charles, printer and sta- 
tioner, 27, Ormond street 

Haswell, M. A. broker 17, Bichmond rd. 
Hatch, Samuel, engraver, 54, Bold street 
Hatchman, James, hatter, 33, Old Hay- 
Hatfield T. chemical works, Fumpfield 
Hathaway, Edwin, builder, 30,Epworth st. 
Hather, George, greengrocer, 48, Over- 
bury street 

Harts, Walter J. fish salesman, 7, St. Hattisthat, A. sugar refiner, 20, Eldon pi. 

John's market 
Harvey, A. tailor and wool draper, 99, 

Derby road, Kirk dale 
Harvey, Dr. surgeon, 452, Scotland road 
Harvey, J. screw merchant, 78, Q-reat 

Crosshall street 
Harvey, J. grocer, 32, Great Homer st. 
Harvey, Mrs. Sophia, dressmaker, 31, 

Eggington terrace 
Harver, Thomas, woollen draper, 17, 

Derby road, Kirkdale 
Harvey, Jevons & Eyley, solicitors, 3, 

Lower Castle street, & 12, Castle street 
Harwood, H. Eock Hotel, Eed Bock st. 
Harwood, J. pawnbroker, 131, Copperas 

Harwood, Susan, provision dealer, 41, 

Queen Ann atreet 

Hatton, B. provision dealer, 35, Hurst st, 

Hatton, O. Venetian blind maker, 8, Ever- 
ton road 

Hatton, J. window blind manufacturer, 
84, St. James's place 

Hatton, Mrs. J. cow keeper, 24, Mary- 
land street 

Hatton, James, Son & Co. chain and nail 
factory, 23, Freemasons' row 

Hatton, J. Son & Co. ship and anchor 
smiths, 1 & 6, Mersey street 

Hatton & Cookson, merchants, 1, Mersey 

Hauck, Albert, jun. general manu- 
facturing forrier, 1^ Renshaw 
street, and 35, Hamilton street, 




HaughtoD, ChriBtopher, shopkeeper, 54, Hayas, Eliza, greengr. 48, 8t. John's mkt. 

Hop wood street 
HaugntoD, D. 35, EodDej street 
Haugbton, Edmund, corn and commission 

merchaitt, 20, Fen wick street 
Haughton, G-. bookbinder, 86^ Pilgrim st. 
Haaghton, Smith, timber merchant, 14, 

Canada dock 
Haaghton & Bickerstaff, shoemakers, 18, 

Bichmond row 
Haughton & Livingston, com merchants, 

16, Fenwick street 
Haw, 8. general broker, 20, Admiral st. 
Haw, Thomas, tailor, 66, Duke street 
Hawkhead, Thomas, pork butcher, 187, 

Vauxhall road 

Hawker, William, boot and shoe 
maker, 289, Great Homer street 

Hawkins, C. tallow chandler, 35, Brown- 
low hill 

Hawkins, Charlotte, tailoress, 3, Eock st. 

Hawkins, Horatio, pildt, 26, Avon street 

Hawkins, P. broker, 39, Gt. CrosshaU st. 

Hawkin,W. butcher, 85, St. Martin's mkt. 

Hawkins, W. H. drug and produce broker. 
Exchange alley, Old Hall street 

Hawksworth, T. flour dealer, 72, St. 

. James's street 

Hawksworth, Cath. baker, 75, Frescot st. 

Hayden, J. draft and curled hair manu- 
facturer, 5, Wolstenholme square 
Hayden, Jas. tailor, 29, Gt. CrosshaU st. 

Hayes, Alfred, van proprietor, 214 
& 216, London road 

Ha) es, E. cart owner, 73, Everton village 

Hayes, Gilbert, veterinary surgeon, 20 & 

22, Hattou gard. ; house, 3, Kodney st 

Hayes, Henry, & Co. wine and spirit 
mercb ant, office, 42, Church street; 
hottling stores, 31, Peter's lane 

Hayes, Isabella, stationer, 111, iHlington 
Hayes, James, porter, 67, Vauxhall road 
Hayes, James H. Nottingham buildings, 

21, Brunswick street 
Hayes, J. whitesmith, 6, Netherfield rd. N. 

Hayes, Joseph, licensed victualler, 
43, Netherfield road south 

Hayes, Joseph, L. plumber and painter, 
9, Camden street 

Hayes, J. L. plumber, 32, Wentworth st. 

Hayes, Michf. tailor, &c. 13, Clarence at. 

Hayes, Misises, ladies' school, 105, {Spen- 
cer street 

Hayes, M. A. publican, 151, Kirkdale rd. 

Hayes, Thos. merchant, 15, Sweeting st. 

Hayes, T. H. block and spar maker, 15, 
Neptune street 

Hawksworth, Thomas, flour dealer, 27, Hayes, T. J. victualler, 139,W. Derby rd. 

Simpson street 
Hawley, Henry Charles, glass and china 

dealer, 22, Arnold street 
Hawley, H. C. glass and china dealer, 11, 

Cleveland square 
Hawley, James, joiner, 47, Boundary pi. 

Hayes, William, artist and photographer, 
25, Lime street 

Hayes, William, Strangcways Hall Col- 
lieries (J. H. Johnson, manager), 23, 
The Albany, 6, Old Hall street 

Hayes & Sons, carriers, 11, Hood street 

Haworth, Elizabeth, tobacconist, 40, Old Haygarth,G. victualler, 14&1G, Byromst. 

HaU street • Haygarth, G-eorge, licensed victualler, 

Haws, John & Co. ship and insurance i 2, Clayton street 

brokers, forwarding agents and com- Hay ley, 1£. A. joiner, 167, Bichmond row 

mission merchants, Beckwith buildings, 
42, South Jphn street 

Hawthorn, A. hairdresser, 7, Copperas hill i Kewiugt<m 

Hay man, H. tobacconist, 190, Breck roid 
Haynes, James, licensed victualler, 8, 

Hawthorne, HansS. harrister-at-law. Law 

Assurance bldgs. 13, Harrington st. 
Hawthorne, J. bootmaker, 32, Lonsdale st. 

Haynes, J. Hall, grocer, 3, Dansie street 
Haynes, P. beerhouse, 24, Frederick st. 
Haynes,W. H. merchant, 10, Kumford pi. 

Hay, David, tailor and draper, 27, South j Hay ward. Dr. 177, Grrove street 

John street | Hayward, H. T. chemist, 215, Vauxhall rd. 

Hay, Hattley, Providence Hotel, 10, ' Hayward, John, coffee dealer, 11, Eain- 
WiHiamson square, and 28, Hunter st. ford gardens 

Hay, J. shipwright, 28, Boundary st. east Hayward, Miss H. teacher of pianoforte, 

HigV-^John, & Co. ship and insurance 27, Alt street 

'Jt^jv, 8, Chapel walkB 
Wl A J, arcbitectB and surveyors. 
Cable street 

Hayward, M. A. & S. L. Berlin wool 

repository, 1ft, M^Ttle street 
Haywood, 5 . "P. WtlV^t, T ,^e\imO«L ^\., 




Haywood, E. bootmaker, 20, Upper | Heatou, Edwin G. cbemisK 6(5, Dale 8t. 

Haywood, Thos. dyer, 128, Scotlaud road 

Hazeldine, B. coal dealer, 22, Cobdeu »t. 

Hasell, James A. & Co. merchants, 11, 
The Albany, 6, Old Hall street 

Haxlehurat, Mary, marine stores, 18 & 
22, Minshull street 

Head, John, & Son, sharebrokers, 6, base- 
ment. Brown's buildings, Exchange 

Headfield & Co. brokers, Kuowsley build- 
iuea, Tithebarn street 

HeadoD, John, beerseller, 16, Walter at. 

Heald, Charles, family grocer,d5, William- 
Henry street 

Heald, J. commission ngent, 35, Barnes st. 

Ueald, J. coal merchant, 64, Union st. 

Healey, J. block maker, 10b, Boundar}' st. 

Heaton, Robt. solicitor, 2, Hatton Garden 
Ht^aton, W. ironiiumger, 84, Old Hall si, 
Hebblethwaite, William, provision dealer, 

2, West Derby street 
Kecking, Thomas, fish salesman, 47, St. 

John's Fish market 
Heckle, Mary, hosier, 62, Whitechapel 
Hedden, J. G. dining-rooms, 459, Water- 
loo road 
Hedderley, 0. J. hosier and outfitter, 

59, Byrora street 
Hedge, R. butcher, 17, St. Martin's mkt. 
Hedl('y,BeBsie,ladies' outfitter, 17, Mossst. 
Hcdley & Gamble, mustard, cocoa, chicory, 
and starch manufacturers, 21, Circus 8t» 
Heeley, E. cutler, 105, Kirkdale road 
Heeney, H. fishmonger, 37, Pitt street 

Healey, J. furniture broker, 58, Athol St. I Heeney, Miss B. A. ladies' workroom, 
Healey, S. R. & C?o. stockbrokers, 7, i 130, Dujie street 

Dale street 
Healing,W. pawnbroker, 22, St. James's st. 
Healing, W.tool dealer, 35, St. James's st. 
Healing & Pemberton, corn brokers and 

insurance agents, 22, Fen wick street 
Healy, Patrick, shoemaker, 8a, Upper 

William street 
Heap, John, paperhanger, 145, Mill st. 
Heap, Joseph, sugar refiner. The Temple, 

Dale street 
Heap, W. carver & gilder, 37, Hard wick st. 
!Heape, G. cowkeeper, 130, Copperas hill 

Heeney ,W. cattle dealer, 36, Wavertree rd. 
Hefler, JEdward A, architect and sur\'eyor, 

39, South Castle street 
Hegaity, M. A. draper, 156, Vauxhall rd. 
Hegarty, Thomas, provision merchant, 

11, Scotland road 
Ueginbotham, James, plasterer, &c. 24, 

Boundary place 
Heidfield, Oscar, corn merchant, 39, 

Ch.ipel walks 
Heigh ley, AVilliam, timber merchant, 

3, St. Vincent street 

Heaps, A. & M. milliners, 242, Park road iHei::liton, P. smith, 04, Gt. Crosshall st. 
Heaps, J. C. tailor, 36, Mount Vt^ruon rd. ' Heigh wey, R. butcher, 7S, Mill street 
Heapy,W. provision mercht. 3, Button st. i Hcilbron, T. hairdret^scr, 59, Pitt street 
Hearn, J. boardin^jj-house, 4, Henry st. j Hciiiemjiun,Berthold, merchant, Mellon's 
Heariiden, George, licensed victualler, | buildings, Exchaiige street east 

22, Gerard street ' Heisler, G. hairdresser, 117, Park lane 

Heary, James, 2^1, Vauxhall road | Hclan, F. poulterer, 6, St. Martin's uikt. 

Heath, J. cabinet mkr. 47, I'airclough la. j Helay, Patrick, tallow chandler & grocer, 
Heath, Jane, chandler, 24, Hey worth st. i 171, Great Howard street 
Heath, Robert, & Son, iron merchants, ' U elder, George, cotton broker, Carlton 

Oriel chambers, 14, Water street buildings, 3, Rumford street 

Heath, Thomas, joiner and cabinet maker, 
8, Old Post dflice place 

Heatii^ Thomas Theodore, licensed 

Hellawell, F. & Co. indiarubber and gutta 
percha manuf'acturera, 45, Castle st . & 
2 it 3, Quadrant buildings, Lime street 

victualler, Royal Colosseum Thea- ! Hellings & Fry, linen drapers, 79, Great 

tre, 25, Paradise street 

Heathcott, E. lime burner, 182, Crown st. 
Heatherington,"\Vm.9S, South Chester st. 
Heatley, E. photographic artist, 23 & 25, 

London road 
Heatley, Lydia, licensed victualler, 2, 

Camden street 
Heaton, E. G, chemist, 95, Spencer st. 

George street, and 76, London rd. 
Helsby, G. butcher, 41, 8t. John's mkt. 
Helsby, J. butcher, 51, »St. John's mkt. 
Helsby, Edwin, wool broker, Brotherton 

buildings, 10, North John street 
Helsby, W. G. & Co. photographers, 3-4, 

Church street 
Hemay, M. proviaiou dQaUir^*2o4.^Pa.vkrd. 




Homans, J. shipping clerk, 99, Batnber st. 
Hemelryk & Clover, cominisMon mer- 

chante, 37, The Albany, 6, Old Hall et. 
Hemer, H. victualler, 28, Waterloo road 
Hemer, H. Cockbum street, Lod^o lane 
Heroer, Hodson, victualler, 25, Neptune 

Hemer, J. victualler, 30, Tithebam st. 
Henazhan, J. boarding-house, 62, Porter 

Hend, C. pawnbroker, 124, Park road 
Henderson, D. publican, 49, Simpson st. 
Henderson, Dva. publican, 70, Norfolk st. 
Henderson, J. tailor, 36, Nelson street 
Henderson, B. E. tailor and draper, 79, 

Duke street 
Henderson, W. coffee and dining rooms, 

44, Tithebam street 
Henderson, W. grocer, 75, W. Derby rd. 
Henderson, Wm. commercial traveller, 

65, Mason street 
Henderson, W. spirit vaults, 42, Low Hill 

Henderson, W. ft Sons, silk mercers, 
11, 13, & 15, Chnrch street 

Henderson, Anderson, & Co. merchants, 
2, Molyneux place. Water street 

Henderson & Glass, iron, steel, and 
general metal merchants, nail and chain 
manufacturers ; agents for Marsh and 
Wylie, boiler tube manufacturers, Glas- 
gow, and Birmingham brass tubes, 54 
& 56, Begent street 

Henderson & Wild, tea merchants, 11, 
North John street 

Hendry, Daniel, surgeon, 344,Gt. Howard 
street ; re:^. 26, Great Mersey street 

Hendry, Daniel, pawnbroker, 6, Eegent 
street, and 284, Great Howard street 

Hendry, Mary, boarding-house, 6, Salt- 
house lane 

Henesey, G. cabinet maker, 15, Park pi. 

Henessy, F. bootmaker, 70, Mary bone 

Henev, E. grocer, 338, Vauxhall road 

Henking, B. cartowner, 57, Walton road 

Henley, & Co. wine merchants, 64, South 
Castle street ^ 

Hcnnecan, Thomas, coal merchant, 4, 
Hardwick street 

Henney, Louis, groc^^r, 59, Christian st. 

Henning, Michael, provision merchant, 
10, Si'Otland place 

Henny, Elizabeth, grocer, 9, Hardwick st. 

Henning, A. tailor, 32, Mt. A^'ornon st 

Henning, Julius, boot and shoe maker, 
y^ Batcbehtr street 


Hennings, Gt)s]ing, & Co. merchants, 

30 & 31, The Albany, 6, OldHoll st. 
Henry, Ann, licensed victualler, 89, 

Park Hill road 
Henry, Ann, butcher, 75, Brownlowhill 
Henry, Francis, master stevedore, 28, 

Bridgewater street 
Henry, G. shipwright, 51,Bridgewater sfc. 
Henry, Hy. victualler, 40, Sparling st. 
Hetiry, P. greengrocer, 182, Walton rd. 
Henry, T. provision dealer, 18, Gleave st. 
Henry, W. tobacconint, 14, Frederick st. 
Henry, W. shipowner, York bdgs. Dale st. 
Henshall, A. publican, 127, Copperas hill 
Henshaw, B. com dealer, 41, Eanelagh st. 
Henshaw, George, game dealer, 24, St. 

John's mnrket 
Henshaw, Hall, tobacconist, 83, Burling- 
ton street 
Henson, W. E. corn merchant, 16, Fen- 
wick street, 13, Back Goree 
Henson & Croft, corn brokers, 19, Fen- 
wick street 
Henton, George, commission merchant 

3, Leather lane 
Hepburn, David, cheese factor, 30, 

Brunswick road 
Hepburn, E. tailor, 8, Conway street 
Hepworth & Co. trade protection offices, 
(J. Newell, agent,) Chatham buildings, 
35, South John street 
Herbert, Joseph, chemist and druggist, 

59, Marybone 
Herbert, Wm. Green, picture repository, 

32, Castle street 
Herbert, W. W. & Co. artists and photo- 
graphers, 7, Parker street 
Herbert & Teates, merchants, Richmond 

buildings, 26, Chapel street 
Herd, J. jun. com mercht. 20, Fcnwick st. 
Herman, A. D. clothier, hat and cap 

manufacturer, 264, Great Howard st. 
Herman, Heyer, & Co. York bdgs. Dale st. 
Hernshall, Aaron, victualler, 36, Greek at. 
Heron, J. brushmaker, 281, Gt. Homer at. 
Heron, J. basket dealer, St. John's mkt. 

Herriman. C. Z. architect and 8ur- 
veyor, Haycot, Oreen HiU road 

Herring, Henry J. wholesale grocer and 
spirit merchant, 47, Great George st. 

Herrman, D. oil merchant, &c. Fenwick 
court, Fenwick street 

Herrschaft, A.bootniaker,29,Houghton st. 

HerscheM, A. & M. comm. merchants, 802, 
Queen's buildings, 11, Dale street 


Hcne, W. brushmaker, 349, Scotland rd. llcyii, J. jnn. sliipping insurnncc broker, 

Hertley, J. licenced broker, 7, Moore pi. 22, Fenwick street 

Enketn, Alfred D. umbrella maker, i^eynsen, Thomas, carpenter, 29, Pluto st. 

105, St. James*B street i Hejwood, John, painter, 25, Tennvson st. 

Stesketb, Amelia, stationer, 162, Crown i Heywood, A. Sons & Co. bankeni, 5, 

street Brunswick street 

Hesketh, Mary, publican, 24, Baffles st. | Heywood, Eichard, licensed victualler, 
Hesketh, W. dentist, 50, Gt. Crosshall st. ! 26 & 28, Soho street 
Healop, Jobn, licensed victualler, 140, ! Heywood, William, spirit house, 21, 

Great Howard street I ]3erby road, Kirkdnle 

Hetty Balpb, commission merchant, 80, Heyworth, Pearce, & Balman, commercial 

The Albany, 6, Old Hall street 
Henemnller, A. stevedore, 45, Gornwallis 

Hetberington, William H. stationer, 3, 

Mill Btreet, and 32, St. James's place 
Hett, Guthrie, & Go. shipowners and col- 

liexy agents, Oriel chambers, 14, Water 

Herejr, Bfrs. Margaret, stationer, 0, West 

Derby street 

merchants, Boyal Insurance buildings, 
1, North John street 

Hiatty Heni^i chronometer maker, 
39, South Castle street 

Hibbard, Joseph, Temperance hotel, 22, 

Hunter street 
Hibbins & Co.* general and commission 

merchants, Bamed's buildings, 17, 

Sweeting street 
Ilibbittri, Julia, general dealer, 81 , Mill st. 

Hewett, Jaa. victualler, 29, Limekiln lane j Hickej,J. boot and shoe maker,75,Bold st. 
Hewett, William, potato salesman, St. i Hickey, J. furniture broker, 30, Saltney 

James's market J street 

Hewitson, Thomas, ft Co. drapers, 159 to j Hickman, Mary, stay and corset maker, 

163, London road j 45, Great Charlotte street 

Hewitt, William, fish salesman, 8, St. ! Hicks, Andrew, hardware dealer, 238, 

John's fish market Walton road 

Hewitt, C. horsekeeper, 221a, Crown st. Hicks, T. F. ship broker, 15, Lord street 
Hewitt, Wm. greengrocer, 8, Sand street Higgin, Anne, undertaker, 23, Bolton st. 
Hewitt, W. E. tailor, 28(5, Crown street Higgin, Thomas, & Co. merchants and 

Hewlett, George, hat and cap manufac- 
turer, 94, Whitechapel 
Hewlett, T. butcher, 66, Boundary place 
Hewlett, T. butcher, 59, Boundary place 
Hewson, James, publican, 78, Hall lane 
Hewson, W, batmaker, 44, Bute street 
Hewson & Proctor, printers and stationers, 

5, Leather lane 
Heyden, Ellen, smallware dealer, 16, Cock- 

epur street 
Heyder & Co. general merchants, 2nd 
floor, Liverpool and London chambers 
Heyea, J. spirit vaults, 78, Erskine street 
Heyes, T. greengrocer, 43, Low Hill 
lleyes, James, auctioneer and surveyor, 

13, Parker street 
Heyes, T. spirit vaults, 84, Erskine street 

salt manufacturers, 33,Tower buildings, 
Water street 
Higginbotham, C. agent to Atlas Insur- 
ance Company, 27, Exchange alley. 
Old Hall street 
Higginbottom, dentist, 73, Park street 
Higgins, Charles, drug broker, agent to 
the West of England l<iro and Life 
Insurance Company, iiwift's court, 
11, Castle street 
Higgins, E. J. & W. wholesale tea dealers, 

31, Mathews street 
Hij^giup, S. druggist, 01, Mersey street 
Higgins, J. fishmonger, 8, Gt, G-eorgopl. 
Higgins, John, chemist, 41, Mersey street 
Higgins, John, marine store dealer, 65, 
Circus street 

Heyes, Thomas J. provision dealer, 51, {Higgins,P.egg merchant,45S, Scotland rd. 

Hlandford street | Higf^ius, Thomas, 89, North John street 

Heyes&Jooe8,bookbinders and stationers, I Higgins, Thomas, broker, 53, Moorfields 

3, Lord street i Higgins, W. H. & Q. iron and tin-plate 

Heyman, L. jeweller, 48, Old Hall street | merchants, 15, Sweeting street 
Heyn, Edmund, commission merchant, ' Hii^ginson, Alfred, sargeon, 44, Upper 

35, Tower buildings. Water street IMrliament pti*eet • 




HigginsoD, James, plumber, &e. 255, 

Beaufort street 
HigginaoD, J. P. k Co. coal proprietors, 

28, Castle street, and 181, Crown st. 
HiggiDson, 8. grocer, 121, Brownlow hill 
Higginson, T. S. estate ageut, 71, Mill »t. 
Higgs & Jones, furnishing ironmongers, 

46, Lord street 

Higham. Mary Ann, tobacconist, 
61, Islington 

Higham, Thomas, grocer, 49, Christian st. 
Hicham, E. & G. gun manufacturers, 9, 

Banelagh street 
Higlifield, W. drysalter, 28, Gradwell st. 
EJLiirhton, A. cart owner, 2, Faruworth st. 

H^bton, A. H. bouse, land, and as- 
surance agent, 15, West Derby st 

Highton, J. car proprietor, 5, Bright st. 
Higbton, J. P. machinist, 64, Great 
. Croeshall street 
Highway, Wm. butcher, B, St. James's st. 

Hignett Brothers & Co. tobac- 
* conists and snuff manufacturers, 

cigar and tobacco importers and 

factors, 66, Wtiitecbapd 

Hignett, Joseph, grocer aud provision 
dealer, 8 & 9, St. John's market, 22, 
Prussia street, and 63, Cable street 

Hignett. J. B. merchant, Leicester build- 
iDgs, 27, King street 

Hignett, Thomas, W. estate and insur- 
ance agent, St. George's court, 33, 
Lord st' eet 

Hignett & Mulhen, grocers, 16, Slater st. 

HigsoD, George, ale and porter vaults, 
55, Pleasant street 

Hiles, Henry, printer and publisher of 
Liverpool and Birkenhead time tables, 
8a, Lord street 

Hill, Allen, flour dealer, 22, Alma street 

Hill, Charles, (M.D. M.K.C.S.), 26 Great 
Mersey street, Kirkdale 

HiU, Charles Curtis, boot and shoe maker, 
142, Brownlow hill 

Hill, C. H. solicitor, Beckwith buildings, 
42, South John street 

Hill, Charles, & Son, cotton merchants, 

2, Bum ford place 
Hill,£iy,merchant,Ca8tle street chambers, 

3, Cable street 

Hill, Evans, & Co. vinegar manufacturers, 
Worcester (agent, J. E. Boss, 24, l^ew- 
tfteMd road, Smithdown road) 
-ff//i George, boot and shoe manufacturer 
^, Cuatom-houBe arcade, Canning pi. 


Hill, Henry, optician, 88, Breck road 
Hill, Henry, nruggictt, 150, Islintiton 
Hill, Henry, T. tea merchant, 33, North 

John street 
Hill, James, broker and furniture dealer, 

90, 95, 97, 99, Eichmond row 
Hill, John, butcher, 33, St. John's market 
Hill, J. B. & Co. oil merchanis, 45 Black- 
stock street 
Hill, John, victualler and builder, ^, 

Derby road, Kirkdale 
Hill, John, butcher, 20, Devon street 
itiU, John, licensed victualler, 63, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 
Hill, John, metal brokers, 22a, Brown's 

buildings, 2n(i flpor, Kjchange 
Hill, John, stationer, 72, Mill road 
Hill, Jos. shipwright, 58, Parliament st. 
Hill, J. E. &Co. printers aud lithographers, 

73, Lime street 
Hill, Mary, ladies' school, 127, Park st. 
Hill, Mrs. Eliza, artist, 1, Bold place 
Hill, M. F. stationer, 53, Bnmswick road 
HiU, Michael, J. victualler, 52, Mary bone 
Hill, ^•. S, hemp and flax broker, Har- 

rve's buildings. Chapel street 
, Eichard, butcher, 60, Wavertree 

Hill> Eowland, financial agent, 26, Lord 

Hill & Sons, brewers, 31, Manesty's lane 
Hill, Sarah, greengrocer, 4, Brunswick 

HiU, T. King s Arms, 211, London road 
Hill, Thomas, butcher, 19, Flint street 
Hill, Thomas, shoemaker, 33, BInke st. 
Hill,T. lieeused victualler, 202, Walton rd. 
Hill, T. glairs dealer, 8, Great George st. 
Hill, W. Devonshire Hotel, 29,Mer»ey8t. 
Hill, W. picture-frame maker, 56, 

Et'Dshaw street 
Hill, W. publican, 29, Mersey street 
Hill, W. iloorcloth printer, 53, Bull st 
Hill <& Smith, merchants and rice millers, 

23 to 27, Edmond street 
I Ilillin, Owen, groeer, 15, Hurst street 
Hillii*,Martha, provision dealer, 90, Derby 

road, Kirkdale 

Hillman & Langley, tailors and 
drapers, 12, Cable street * 

Hilton, J. licensed victualler, 37, James st. 
Hilton, James G. cabinet-maket, 53a, 

Brunswick road 
Hilton, W. H. seal engraver, Waterloo 

buildings, HauoN^t ^Xtwt 


Hilton & Walthewjcommussion merchants Ifitilicock, Henry, plumber, painter, &c. 

k insurance agents. Brown's buildings 
Hime & Sons, pianoforte workshops, 3, 

Old Post Office place 
H]ncliffe,E.. provision dealer, 20.RoBCoe st. 
Hind, Geo. fishmonger, 231, Walton rd. 
Hind, J. ironmonger, 90, Heyworth st. 
Hind, Mary, chandler, 135, Gt. Homer st. 

ffind, William, tailor and draper, 
22a, Lord street, and 19, Cable st. 

Hinde, Robert, victualler, 273, Upper 

Parliament street 
Hinde, T. bootmaker, 27, Eichmond row 

Hindle; Henry, solicitor and com- 
missioner for administering oaths 
in Chancery and in the court of 
common law, Fekin Buildings, 
21, Harrington street 

Hindle, John, solicitor, 41, Lord street 
Hindley, E. C. & Co. S. Maldon & Co. 

grocers, 9, Boe street 
Hindley, J. contractor, 38, White Bock st. 
Hindley, B. grocer, 61, Alt street 
Hinds, A.fishdlr. 54, 8t. John's iish nikt. 
Hinds, Andrew, tin manufacturer, 16, 

Sichmond row 
Hine, Henry, engineer, 9, Park street 

22, Scotland place 
Hitchcock, Henry, provision dealer, 104, 

Wood street 
Hitchen, Joshua, publican, 287, Athol st. 
Hitchen <fc Squire, ship flag makers, 

70, South Castle t^treet 
Hitcbman, Wm. (M.D.), 29, Erskine st. 
Hitchmough, John, coach and carriage 

proprietor, 302 & 260, Crown street 
Hobbs, C. B. stock and share broker, 

Sueetinij street 

Hobbs, Frederick H. bat and cap 
manufacturer, 79, London road, 
and 2, Norton street. (See advep. 

Hobbs, Jeremiah, news agent, 42, Vox st. 
Hobson, Eph. grocer, 45, Copperas hill 
Hobsou & Ta\lor, cotton brokers, 46, 

Brown's buildings 

Hocken, Joshua, chemist and drug- 
gist and Post and Id one; Order 
office, and agent to the western 
Counties and London Mutual Lite 
Assurance Co. 31. Old Hall street 

Hockeuhull, J. tea dealer, 28, Temple crt. 
Hockey, F. publican, 139, Wavertree rd. 

Hines, E. provision dealer, 21, Athol st. Hodge, Henry, boot and shoe maker, 268, 

Hineson, R. cigar merchant, 18, Castle st. ! F^kner street 

Hingley, N. & Sons, iron merchants, 28, Hodge, Mrs. Mary, dairy, 20, Liver st. 

James street , Hodge, Bii^hop, Dunlop, & Co. merchants, 

Hingaton, A. chemist and druggist, 78, Greenland street 

Falkner street Hodges, James, law strtioner, 11, Lord st. 

Hingston, A. H. pharmaceutical chemist, Hodgins, Edward, (M.D.), 79, Oxford st. 

68, Bold Bt. ; Post and Money Order 
Office, and Saving's Bank 

Hingston, Wni. rigger, 54, Norfolk st. 

Hinhck, John F. wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 46, Paradise street 

Hodgkins,D.importer of bristles,5,Daie st. 
Hodgson, B. Albany stores, 0, Ormond st. 
Hodgson Brothers, American provision 

mi^rchants, 14, Button street 
Hodgson, E.izabeth, 17, Suffolk street 

Hinrichson, H. J. Brunswick dock master, Hodfisou, James, gilder, 17, Epworth st. 
10, Queen's dock Hodgson, John, general detder, 237, Bur- 

Hintou, T. fruit salesman, 10, Bright | liugt on street 

street, Everton road i Hodgson, J. restaurant, 9, South Castle st. 

Hinton, Thomas, gas fitter, 125 & 127, 1 Hodgson, J. H. wine and spirit merchant, 

Brownlow hill 196, Smithdown lane 

Hiorns, Thomas, coilee and dining rooms, , Hodgson, J. G. pawnbroker, 19,Hanoverst. 

76, Myrtle street j Hodgson, Kichard, licensed victualJcr, 

Hipkins, John, whitesmith and locksmith, ; 20, Kensington 

29, Eose \)\iuni i Hodgson, Sarah E. plain and cma- 

Hird, C. grocer, 241, Vauxhall road mental bookbinder and account 

Hirst, G. publican, 34 & 36, Canning pi. ' book manufacturer, 13, Parker st 

Hirst, John, professor of music, 42, 1 Hodgson, 8. A hosier, 87, West Derby rd. 

Thackeray street Hodkin8on,W.slioemaker,297,8cotlaiMlr(l. 

Hirst, Joseph E. scale-beam maker, 63, Hodkinson, Gteorge^ ^aafittoc sjid belL- 

Great Howard street I hanger, 51, ^'^V'W^ fX»t^^\» 




Hodkinson, Margaret, licensed victualler, 

1, Mill street 
HodsoD, John, shipwright, 88, Paul street 
Hodson, John, dairy, 80, Great Cross- 
hill street 
Hodson, J. dairyman, 115, Yauxhall road 
Hodson, Thomas, provision dealer, 57, 

Leeds street 
Hoey, G, hairdresser, 104, Scotland road 
Hoey, Matthew, tobacconist and stationer, 

23, Great Crosshall street 
Hoffnung & Wolf, commission merchants, 

22, Lord street 
Hofken, G. publican, 12 & 14, Pitt st. 
Hogan, James, 30, Stanley street 
Hogan, P. shopkeeper, 30, Carlton st. 
Hogarth, Thomas, 0, Walton lane 
Hogg| A. keeper. Commercial court, 

Water street 
Hogg, G. draper, 101, Scotland road 
Hogg, Sarah, greengrocer, 80, Circus st. 
Hogg, Thomas Henry, licensed victualler, 

7, E eg ent road 
Hogg, William, captain, 10, Chester st. 
Hoggart, James, clerk, 52, Guilford st. 
Hoggarth, J. tobacconist, 172, London 

Hoistendahl & Co. East India and general 

commission merchants, 31, JNortn John 

St. and at 7, Marsden st. Manchester 
Holbrook, N. solicitor, 13, Arthur street 
Holcombe, Charles Alexander (M.D.),29, 

South Hill road 
Holcroft, Peter, & Co. coal merchants, 

386, Great Howard st. ; res. Eupert la. 
Hold, Mrs. M. butcher, 226, Beaufort st. 
Hoi den, — , butcher, 3, Denisou street 

Holden, Adam, bookseller and pub- 
lisher, 48, Church street 

Holden, John & George, solicitors, 28, 

Chapel street 
Hold^i, John, & Co. York buildingR, 

Dale street 
Holden, Joseph, watch and clock maker, 

16, Eussell street 
Holden, Oliver, coal proprietor, 195, 

Crown street 
Holden, Ed. gas-fitter, 12, Epworth st. 
Holden & Co. confectioners, 61, St. Ann st. 
Holden & Co. upholsterers and cabinet 

manufacturers, 5, 'Church street 

Holden. R.& Cleaver, attorneys and 
solicitors, Grecian chambers, 67, 

-BToIden, Bicbard. Town Clerk of 


Bootle-cum-Lin acre, Grecian 
chambers. Dale street 

Holden, G. & Co. merchants, Leicester 

buildings, 27, King street 
Holden, J. tailor and draper, 11, New- 
stead road 
Holden, James, tailor, 6, Mount Pleasant 
Holder, Ed. beerhouse, 9, Eeservoir st. 
Holdertiess, Thomas Hunter, 5, Eenwick 

street ; res. 11, Abercrombj street 
Holding, Joseph, butcher, 47, Eose place 
Holding & Morris, miliinerj estaolish- 

ment, 46, Brunswick road 
Holdsworth, C. A. chandler, William- 

Heurj street 
Holdsworth, E. commission broker, 22, 

Lord street 
Holford, Joseph, cartowner, 72, Hall lane 
Holford, Mary C. trunk manufacturer, 

12, Lord street 
Holgate & Eishwick, brass-founders, &c. 

5, Dale st. and 65, Great Charlotte st 
Holgreaves, W. greengrocer, 29, Blake st. 
Holland, Jane, silk cleaner and dyer, 2, 

Benson street 
Holland, Charles, book-keeper and sexton 

of St. George's church, 4, Old Post 

Office place 
Holland, Charles, merchant, 70, Tower 

buildings. Water street 
Holland, J . boarding-house,59, Highfieldit. 
Holland, J. tobaccouist,21,West Derby rd. 
Holland, J. milliner, 57, Scotland road 
Holland, J. cotton broker, 8, Exchange 

alley. Old Hall street 
Holland, Joseph, wholesale paper-hanger, 

21, Pembroke place 
Holland, S. greengrocer, 66, Walton rd. 
Holland,W. pawnbroker, 196, Scotland rd. 
Holland, Jaques, &Co. general merchants, 

27 & 28, 1st floor, Korth corridor, The 

Albany, 6, Old Hall street 
Hollander, J. watchmaker and jeweller, 

15, Scotland place 
Holliday, Henry, pilot, 57, Derby road, 

Holliday, Joseph, victualler, Canadian 

hotel, 59, Derby road, Kirkdale 
Holliday & Storrs, tailors and drapers, 5 

& 7, Lord street 
HoUiman, Mrs. M. 81, Thirlmere road 
Holliiis, Francis & Co. cotton brokers. 

Exchange court, 26, Exchange st. east 
Hollins, E. E. accountant and estate 

agent, 31, Lord Nelson street 




Mlhu^head, J. W. earthenware dealer, 

17 h 18, Cleveland square 
HflUiiigshead, Tetley, & Co. cotton 

brokers, Borough bl(l<:^, 7, Buinford at. 
HoUmever & Co. inerehantH, 29, Tower 

baildiDgs,' Water street 
Ibllm, Alfred, working jeweller, 28, 

Tnleton street 
HoUu, Emma, broker, 50, Eichmoud row 
Hdiii, John, hairdresser, 134, Hill st. 
Hdlia, M. A. confectioner, 125, Park rd. 
Hollis, Mortin, & Co. general merchants, 

18, Temple street 
HflUiSv Bichard, fish dealer, 53, Netber- 

field road south 
Holliwell, William, straw bonnet maker, 

152 & 154, Brownlow hill 
HfllHwell & Bouropbrcy, painters, plum- 
bent, glaziers, &c., 170, Falkner street 
HoUowaj, £. & J. stained glass works, 7 

jk 11, Herry street 
Kdlyoak, Henry, grocer, 84, Crown st. 
HoUrwell, T. hairdresser, 9, Old Post 

Qffioe place 
Holm, M. A. butcher, 34, St. John's mkt. 
Holme, Joseph, coal agent, 6, Anson st. 
Hdme & Nicol, builders, 10, Benson st. 
Holmes, Ann, boarding-Iiouse, 1, Hus« 

kistoa street 
Holmes, David, & Sons, salt and coal 

merchants, Tork buildings. Dale street 
Holmes, Frederick, & Co. general com- 
mission and forwarding agents. Chapel 

Holmes, 6. boiler-maker, Pumpfields 
Holmes, Gr. pawnbroker, 122, Wulton rd. 
Holmes, Gt. pawnbroker, 291, Park road 
Holmes, G-. blacksmith, 12, Christian st. 
Holmes, John, victualler, 46, Mersey st. 
Holmes, William, grocer and provision 

dealer, 111, Wavertree road 
Holt, Alfred, civil engineer and steam- 
ship owner, 1, India bldgs. Water st. 
Holt, Edward, cabinet manufacturer and 

upholsterer, 105, Duke street 
Holt, Greorge Edward, accountant. Union 

court, 29, Castle street 
Holt,G-. metal manufacturer,18, Falkner st. 
Holt, G-eorge, metal factor, Middleton 

buildings, 1, Bum ford street 
Holt, G^rge, & Co. cotton brokers, 6, 

India buildings, 2, Fenwick street 
Holt, John, coal agent, 118, Myrtle st. 
Hoit, Philip, merchant, 1, India bldgs. 

Water street 

Holt, Bichard, chemist, 15, Derby road, 

Holt. B. publican, 4 & 6, Sir Thomas's 

Holt, Bobert, licensed victualler, 4, High 

Park street 
Holt, S. chemist, 164, West Derby road 
Holt & Bowc,solicitors,14,South Castle st. 
Holttum, Wm. boot and shoe manufac- 
turer, 66 & 68, Myrtle street, and 123, 

Grove street 
Homer, J. B. tallow chandler, 163, Scot- 
land road 
Homer, W. F. wax and tallow chandler, 

63, Great Charlotte street 
Honan, Matthew & Bichard, provision 

merchant.^, 23, Temple street 
Honan, — , ham curer, 30, Fleet street 
Honess, T. dining rooms, 45, Moorfields 
Hood, John B. shipwright, Ac., 71, Bluu- 

dell street 
Hood, Joseph, publican, 52, Wood street 
Hook, J. draper*s assistant, 26, Nelson st. 
Hoomer, J. coal agent, 12, Gt. Bichmond 

Hooper, E. shoemaker, 47, Mersev street 
Hooton, Bichard, & Co., cotton brokers, 

3, basement, Brown*s bldn^s, Exchange 
Hope Brothers & Hare, successors to C. 

Dick & Son, brewers, Edinburgh, Wm. 

Wilson, junior, agent, 21, Hanover 

Hope, H. & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 

1 &3, Button street, & 11, Whitechapel 
Hope, James, licensed victualler, 145, 

Loudon road 
Hope, Javin, joiner, 31, Guilford street 
Hope, B. provision dealer, 13, Brick st. 
Hope, W. shopkeeper, 5, Newport street 
Hope, Wm. builder and contractor, 14, 

Eurle street; residence, 7, Hertford 

street, Mount Pleasant 
Hopkins, J. 11. & Son, brush mauufuctx)ry, 

1, St. George's crescent 
Hopkins, Margaret, 11, Bose place 
Hopkins, Kirkwood, & Company, general 

merchants and American commission 

agents, 5, Cook street 
Hopkinson, George, architect and sur- 
veyor, 19, Byford street, Wavertree rd. 
Hopkinson, James, cabinet maker, 127, 

and 129, Mill street 
Hopley, T. baker, 206, Great Homer st. 
Hoploy, Wm. pianoforte tuner and maker, 

8, West Derby ^Vr^e^. 




Hopps, Alfred, & Son, brokers, 57, 
Tower buildinga, Water street 

Hopson, Ann, licensed yictualler, 27, 
Union street 

Htipwood, John Henry, victualler, 9, 
Great Crosshall street 

Horbacli, P. baker, 22, Limekiln lane 

Hore, John D. accountant, 39, Ormondst. 

Hore & Lynch, solicitors, 15, Lord street 

Horn & Kelly, slate merchants and 
m mufacturers of fire-brick, red 
and wiite facing bricks, d3alers 
in cement and plaster-of-paris, 
glazed sewerage pipes, tiles, Ac, 
and all other baildin^ materials, 
Slate Vfhirtj Dike*s j)jck west; 
works, Bavenhead, St. Helens, 
Lancashire ; office and stores, 1, 
Morton street. 

Horn & Parkinaon, merchants, 4, Tower 
buildings. Water street 

Hornblower, Lewis, architect and sur- 
veyor, 9, Baltic buildings, Redcross st. 

Horublower, W. & Co., wool brokers and 
general airent.^. Temple, Dale street 

Hornby, H. wholesale wine and spirit 
merchant, 75 to 79, Lime street 

Hornby, Hy. publican, 59, Kirkdale road 

Hornby, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 
43, Dale buildings 

Horrobin, Michael, greengrocer, 14, St. 

John's market 
Horrocks, Ann, bread and flour dealer, 

28, Prussia street 
Horrocks, Mary Ann, dining rooms, 36, 

Canning place 
Horrocks, W. baker, 189, London road 
Horsey, Miss E. dressmaker, 30, Sykes at. 
Horsfall, Charles, & Sons, West ALfriean 

merchants, 17, James street 
Hor-fall, J. broker, 24, Fontenoy street 
Horsfall, J. confectioner, 85, Cbiirch st. 
Horsfall, Wm. & Co., general brokers, 

Batavia buildings, Hackius Hey. 
Horsfall & Penny, Queen's Insurance 

buildinu:H, Dale street 
Hor><ley, M'Laren, & Co. brokers, 11, Old 

Hall street 
Horstendahl & Co. East India merchants, 

31, North John street 
Hopton, Arthur T. pharmaceutist, 181, 

Upper Parliament st. & 53, Bloom st. 
Horton Brothers, furnishing ironmongers, 

66, Bold street 
Horton, D. gas inspector, 13, Avon street 
Horton, Enlph, milk dealer, 42, Hall lane 
Horton, Richard, provision dealer, 356a, 

Latham street 
Horton, Mary, milliner, 6, Myrtle street 
Horton, R G. silk mercer, &c, 6, Myrtle 

Hornby & Co., H. <t J. general merchants, i street 

3, Brunswick street Horton & Sons, boiler makers, 16, Oil fit. 

Hornby, Thomas, wholesale wine and Horton, Wm. publican, 67, Greenland st. 

spirit merchant, 29, Lime street 

Hose, W. beerhouso keeper, 41, Parr at. 

Hornby, J. watchmaker, 167, Duke st. Hoskins, Henry K. shipowner and mer- 
Hornby, John O. provision dealer, 53, | chant, 10, Cook street 

Circus street Hospital for Skin Diseases, 17, Islington 

• Hornby, Richard, and Son, chrono- Hossfield, c. printer, 104, Copperas hill 

meter and watch manufacturers, ■ Hoswoid, Mary, confectioner, is, G-reat 

33, Soutti Cjistle street 

Hornby, W. jeweller, 31, D-ike street 
Hornby & Robinson, cotton brokers, 

Knowsley buildinj^s, Tithebarn street 
Horn, M. lodging house, 75, Highfield st. 

Crosshall street 
Hotel, Saddle, Mary Orme, proprietor, 

5, Vernon street 
Hone, Chnrles Thomas, clothes dealer, 7 

& 9, Fontenoy street 

Horner. Francis, s )licitor, Central Hough, J. butcher, 32, St. Martin's mkt. 

Chamoers, 17a, South Castle street -Hough, Samuel, steam-ship owner, 25, 
Horner, G. B. tallowchai idler l(SS, Scot- i Water street 

land road ' Houuhton, A. II. Borough buildings north, 

Horner, H. P. architect, 14, Cook street Eumford street 
Horner, Jabey, engraver in wood and Houghton, Geo. Harrison, licensed vic- 

draus^htsman, 11, Church Line 

tualler, 15, St. James's place 

Horner, J. ironmonger, 45, Fontenoy st. Hougliton, Henry, licensed yictualler, 99 
Horner, Wm. honp merchant, 31, So nth j & 201, Smithdown lane 
Castle Btreet I Houghton, JtiineH. merchant, York build« 

I£omgaa, John, outfitter, 73, Begent st. • ings, D do street 



Hongbton, JiimeB, fruiterer, 

Joha'a nmrket 
Houffhton, James, diBpensing chemist, 4, 

EUiot street 
Houghton, John, merchant, York build- 
ings, Dale street 
Houghton, L. & E. wine and spirit mer- 

chanta, 18, Seel street 
Houghton, M. pawnbrkr. 78, Yauxhallrd. 
Houghton, Margaret, watchmaker, 138, 

Scotland road 
Hooi^htou, B. W. 8a, Lord street 
Houghton, tStephen, watchmaker, 212, 

IScotlaiid road 
Houghton, Thos. solicitor, 23, Alfred st. 
Uougbton, Wm. solicitor, 32, Lord street 
Houghton & Co. cotton brokers. Borough 

buildings north, 7, Eumford street 
Houghton & Livingston, corn merchants, 

5, Back Qoree 
Houghton & Levy, fruit merchants. Tem- 
ple Conrt chambera, Temple court 
Houghton, Smith,<& Co. timber merchants, 

15, Cauada dock 
Houldin, E. S. licensed victualler, 70, 

Leeds street 
Houlding, John, Breckfield hotel, Breck- 

field ruad north 
Houlding, John, lice