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Full text of "A Guide to German Literature : or, Manual to facilitate an acquaintance with the German classic authors"

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liiVz ti ®»iin«B Eiitiratmrt, 

ilie htva^d^ gsuft 

a.|iir4 «ii" nfit". 

aOm»b (.[ft t<i *<u>r>t< f>|n. 

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«r.l>ri<'»'r)l<g<I-> Suing. 


0, Gooi^le 

A GUIDE ^s-oc 



ttam Clinic Hai^. 

ftmi aiioipt) iaostjjfsittr. 




enteral at StaUoserr Kill 

GlLBEBT Si RiviNOTOH, Prititera, St. Jahn'i SquRre, London. 

cjiij^c, Google 




cjiij^c, Google 

Die btuCfi^ Spni^t. 

< eiTiiti, •»< >»>« tl* <iMiKn. 
'■>> mt piilfii til biicli«E (Bto<(l! 


ic fiii... 

(, Google 


lV B iTiite thit Preface to be read. It !■ not intended u 
an Apology for not having done better, but ai a Requett 
that our Readers will mark corefidly what we have tried 
to do well. The literature of a country like Germany it 
not to be glanced at cursorily, but studied eameitly. 
Her Poets, her Philosophem, her Historians, her Divines, 
are of the fir«t order. What vre have here endeavoured to 
do, has been to bring under one view, comprehendvely 
and clearly, the whole field of German thought; to place 
before the atudent her master-minds (rom age to age, in 
all their various and relative excellence; so that, apart 
fVom the mere lingual advantages of the Book, be 
might, when he has closed these volumes, rise with a 

(, Google 


juBt and adequate kaowledge of the Literature of the 

Such atrotk is now lequiied, Not odI; have the Eng- 
lish UnivenitieB made its acquirement a conspieuoua 
feature in their coUegea, but private and general school* 
have been obliged to bring it vfithin their rontine ; and 
the language which wa« once a sealed fountain to all 
but the accomplished acholar, now poun its stream 
<^ wealth through the whole land, enchaining class after 
claaa, and circle after circle, in its widening and potent 

It ia, then, a matter of grave and high importance 
that there should be some work, both for Piofessor and 
Student, to guide them in their studies; some work em- 
bracing the course and history of the German intellect; 
selecting for them — copiously and impartially — extracts 
from the works of the most celebrated authors, and 
arranging the selectionE in such a manner that they may 
be the more easily remembered or referred to. 

We have not been content with mere Extracts. Every 
author of importance boa been introduced not only by a 
considerable Biographical and Critical Notice, but also 
by a philosophical Analysis of the nature and aim of bis 
creations; and in no instance has a writer's name been 
ineDtioned without duly marking every production of 

(, Google 

BDf value that bos isBued from hU pen. These worka, 
again, have been claned under the different branchei of 
Literature to which they respectirely belong, which will 
afibrd the stadent the oppoitumt; of at once connilting 
those autboritiea which bear directly on the iubject that 
(brms his theme for the time ; and we have been most 
careful to insert nothing that should prejudice our work 
as a Beading-Book in the Family Circle ; for, proud as 
we are to aid the Professor in his labours, the Student in 
his difficulties, or the Scholar in bis researches, we have 
a yet higher duty to perform, in making a work of general 
utili^ and interest; one which the Parent should consult 
with pride, and the Cluld study without danger. 

It has also been a primary object with us not to 
supersede the necessary vacadon of the Master. Amongst 
the several Indices prepared, we have added one which 
will give the Pupil a Graduated course of Pn^T^ssive 
Studies, by which, step by step, he may ascend the up- 
ward path of thought, passing one Author after another, 
until he reach, by patient and perfected labour, the sum- 
mit whence he sees the whole Literature of the nation 
spread before bim. 

We do not profess to make the learning of this language 
easy to the indolent, or the study of its Literatiure acces- 
sible to the uninstructed ; but we believe that, with the 

(, Google 


earnest Student, it will moBt materiallj furiat hinl in hit 
progren, and raott certunly lead to the accomplishment 
of hia object A writer in Frazer's Magazine has not 
only eloquently, but fairly, stated the claims the language 
has upon the Student: 

" GernuD Litentore bu for Bome time been gnduaU; mBking Iti 
w>j in Eaglsnd ; till the lut f«w jean, liowerer, it hu not been at 
lU ^recialed. It ia no mbj mUtn lo enter fully into the ipirit of 
an; farelgn Isagnage, uid of aU modern tongues German is avowedly 
the DuHt difficult. Its Liteiatare hss been much sbuied beesnse little 
understood, aadagreatdeslofnonaenie has been spoken and wiitten 
on the gubject. Like tlie English tmeller mentioned by the Che- 
Talier Bunsen in his ' KinAe der Zsisn/i' who — (hough entirely 
ignoruit of the language, literature, Bcience. hialorr, and eostoms of 
the people among whom he traTels ; or, what ia >till woise, knowing 
juit enongh of each to misunderstand them all, yet cavils and con- 
demns with the self-enfficiency of ignorsDce ; so the English critic 
either judges from tnniUtione, or, after six months' indolent study 
of giunmsi and pbrsse-book, takes up Goethe or Jean Paul, and 
boldly prononneea them to be exaggerated, nunalural, and non- 
•enucal, because they are to him unintelligible. The Germans do 
not deserve this from ua. They alone, of all foreign Dations, under- 
stand and appreciate onr Liteiatore. They hate spared no pains to 
become thoroD^ly acquainted with it. Their translations of Shake- 
spere arc adminbU; their commentariessupenor to our own. True, 
to become masters of onr langnagc is for them a much less difficult 
task than it is for us to acquire a knowledge of theirs ; but this cir- 
cnmatanc* fumiahos no eicuse fop hasty and prejudiced judgments. 
* * Nor let us Imagine that it is possible to form a just estimate of 
anywDikfrom atnnslatian. Facts may, no doubt, be rendered from 

(, Google 


one Unguage to anotbci with perfect uxanej ; bat ths chirm of 
atjle, the delicacj of touch, the magic of colouring, are eoUrelr led. 
Hiitoiy, thereftire, ii capable of beiog very tolerably tnotlated ; 
works of fiction or foetrj, never." 

Tmlj has this writer said, the Germans study the lite- 
rsture of other natioiiB in a spirit of simple earoeBtneiB. 
They honestly lahour to understand each in its peculiar 
and special form of existence ; not that they may praiae, 
or censure, or attempt to alter, but tiiat they may simply 
know it BB it exiats, and participate in whatever of north 
or beauty it has brought into being. 

We ask the same justice at your hands. And to this 
end we desire that all who take up this Book, hoping' to 
understand German Literature, should read every Author 
with the help of a good dictionary ' and an intelligent 
Master. Then, if the Master has performed his dnty, 
and the Pupil not deceived himself, but resUy understood 
what he has read, he will, we venture to say, read on 
with ever-increasing pleasure and profit; being, at the 
end of his labour, fairly acquainted with German Litera- 
ture, and prepared to read any work in the language 
with the same facility and delight which he would expe- 

Briefly, and in a brotherly spirit, we speak to our 
fellow Teachers. We have often seen learned men 

> PlUsil') !• OuU we nmaUr lecommgnd. 

(, Google 


unable, fiam want of method, to impart the knowledge 
fliey ponen. Now we do not offerthe suggestion we are 
about to malie as the only good, or eTen ike best method. 
Every Master has, or ihauld have, a system natural to 
himaelf, and appropriate to the obaractei of the Stiidentj 
but wherever the Master finds a difficulty in imparting 
instruction, we olTei a plan which in our own practice 
has succeeded perfectly, Jfo language can he called 
acquured that is not easily spoken. This is the most 
difficult part of the Master's duty. At 6rst, then, let the 
Teacher select a poem or a part of a poem, reading it 
carefully with due emphasis and clear tone, the Pupil 
repeating it after him, marking and accounting fbr the 
emphasia aa he reads. Then, when he has got it by 
heart, let it form the subject of the nest conversation. 
It is the frequent plea of the timid beginner, and the fair 
excuse of the badly-taught one, that he has nothing to 
talk about. Now here there can be no excuse. He has 
been prepared with the Biography, and the critical and 
other necessary remarks at the bead of the Selection. He 
knows something, then, about the Writer; he has beard 
and uttered his language with method and meaning. 
He is now prepared to enter into the spirit of the 
original ; to feel what the master-mind has spoken — 
to make it bis text for converse; and surely if this does 

(, Google 

not give bim speech, and ready tpeecti, there i« little 
hope for him. 

We have oflered this niggeitioii wUi a ntoat biotherty 
greeting. We do not dMire to dictate to them, but salt 
their indnlgence in having thua gone out of the pmvince 
of thii work, which we look to their kindneu and can- 
dour for receiving aa an acceptable and lueful Reading- 
Book. It hai fidlen to our lot to have been the Teacher 
of men of standing and erudition, men whose names are 
known in the Literary world. We are permitted to 
mention two out of the number, Richard Ford, Esq., 
author of the "Handbook of Spain," "Gatherings in 
Sptun," &c.; and the Rev. James Pycroft, author of 
Kveral works on Education, and of "The Honours of 
Oxford." It has been a source of no little pleasure to us to 
mark their progress in the stud; of the German language, 
to see the growing interest with which they sought for 
information; and their kind Testimonials have brought 
OS the satisfaction that they have received at our hands the 
aid diey required ; we cannot, moreover, lose the oppor- 
tonity which the mention of Mr, Ford's name here gives 
OS, to thank that gentleman for the repeated kindnesses 
he has shown ns during the several years we have had 
the honour of his acquaintance. 

We may here, too, be forgiven for stating that one of 


OUT Pupils, who began Iter elemental^ itudiw wHb ui, 
bai now become the autbor of a mucb admired translatioti 
of a work hj one of our best Poets. 

Thii will all Berre to sbow that it is never too late to 
acquire,' with diligent atud;, a, competent and thorough 
acquaintance with a language ; though, we muat candidly 
admit, that the earlier the study is commenced the 
better : the flexible organs, it is well known, cannot be 
too early habituated to a correct pronunciation. 

Although the labour of this work has been almott 
entirely unshared, yet we have not omitted in any case to 
mention our obligationa to any from who«e works we 
may bavs quoted ; but especial acknowledgment i« dne to 
our friend the Rev. Albert Wintseb, for hia kind sug- 
geatjons and much useful and Taluable information, and 
also to the son of our friend and publisher, Mr. Obokob 
GuiLLAUHE, for his uniformly ready asaiatance, more parti- 
cularly in the general clautGcation and reviuonof thework. 

We have omvelves prepared with great eare two Original 
papen, which will be found in this work. The first, 
which pre&cei the first volume, embraces the " Formation 
of the Language and the History of its Literature;" and 
the second is devoted to a "Classification of the various 
Styles of Composition in Prose and Poetry," illustrated 
by examples. 

0, Gooi^le 


At the end of the second Tolume we give a lilt of 
works that hftve been published □□ the Literature of Gei- 
raaaj. Some of Ihem are highly valuable to the matured 
Scholar, but for English Students at large they are for 
the most part in a great meamre unarailable. 

We hope and we belioTe that this Book will meet the 
various uses for which it has been designed, llat it 
may be at once tafely put into the hands of young people 
of either aex, and, on the other hand, form an agreeable 
companion to the Student; that it wiU become a valued 
Reading-Book in your public and private ichools, and yet 
auist the advanced Scholar in hig work of study and 
research. We know all the works that have hitherto 
been pilUiah^, and not one, we confidently aiaert, occu~ 
pies the ground we have chosen; — not one either offers 
in the number, the variety, or the character of the 
Selections, or in its arrangement of detail or complete- 
ness of design, the advantages which we respectfully and 
honestly claim for this. 

Acting in the spirit of those words of Jean Padl : 
„«iii Buft, bil 1141 mtli it n<(in»[i i<[>f» m >«t><ii, if 114 nirfl 

not an extract have we given hut will bear reading 
over and over again; whilst, as a whole, it will give the 
Student, whether in Prose or Poetry, that which we have 

0, Gooi^le 

promiied — via. an acquaintance with all the branches of 
German Literature. 

We now hand it orer to the Public, a tribunal to which 
every Author miut at last how, and which ia alone com- 
petent to give a final deciiion as to ita merits. 

F. A. MOSCHZrSKER, St. Phl. 

(, Google 





IL " PnoaBESBivE Index " or Eitbactb. — classed 
III. Indbx to Tolvhb. 




Lists or Cblbbbatid co^tbufobabt Fobbionbbs . i 
3. On the VAE10U3 Sttlbs or CoHPoBirioN in Pboib 

Tterto-.'-DirBistig." iuh ubiuh . iHj 

1. NuTBtive Proie Iv 

2. DescriptiTe Proae. — Example &om heinbb . iTiii 

3. Didnctic Prose Ix 

4. Lyric Poetry. — Eiamplee fi 


S. Heroic Epic Poetry IznrU 

G. DraniBtic Poetiy liizil 

7. Tbe Bpignuu. — Examples from 3( 

(, Google 



uom: •■ Dv Jummg." TBOli kHoubt 
EPOCH I.-(b.c. 100 TO A.D. 168) 

EPOCH II. (768—1137.) 

EPOCH m. (U37-134a) 

B (book of hikoib) 
EPOCH IV. (1348— ISM.) 

THE ifBismuInaBBi 
EPOCH V. (163i-1826.) 

EPOCH TI. (I62fi— 1761.) 

PAET n. [EPOCH VII.— 8E0TI0S 1.] 


^ono: -au art Ittprtaek.- noH (IUHI 

(, Google 

PAST m. [kpooh Tn.— 8B0TIOH n.] 


33fi— 384 

PAUT m. (coBTnruBD.) 

motto: "Am StUlUr't JUui." n miiit 

PAET IV. [xpooB TH. — sxotiok in.] 


PAST V, [epoch th. — BicTioB rv.] 

HOTTo: "£<«ii>MiMite-£M(r.-' rioa V. iiUun . I73 

PAST VI. [epoch th. — bectiok t.] 



PAET Vll. [epoch vn, — bzction vi.] 


uarto: "DtrKnuHtrmiidHtLtui." rui 

PART Vin. [epoch Til. — SECTION Til.] 



rro: "Alia Wiuau Km." 


cjiij^c, Google 

^rogrtSSibf Inlitjr, 

Bibiaion {. 

H.B. Tbe Ptou Eitruti ue dlitlngulilitd In tUi Indu bj IXd Enfllah 

H" f r<[ ..» »» n>ir — 

C<>i|<iii(»«3<tl — 

tiiDtnt ....» _—_—_.....- 

;-;■■; •'"'" 

(, Google 


"—- ■■ 


S<)>>ii bR «>lf<i>fI<)H tn<M< 


Cr Suit 

0, Gooi^le 

)k UWn (■» In UboMH) _. 

!■ rfu- «ri|Iill(M«|». 

«<|ii|(i,s.(.iL an 

(, Google 


SMIM ei)<* tm l<itll«« 



v«fi>iM «■«■<■ 


(, Google 

JB ibis ton SH. 

t^iZ"" ""•"-"■ " 

]IIg<in,i» aflLl |.. lH«t ,. g<hl|«l n» 


■.<>» •.»<<«■< '.sen*-*" 


Im: ti< OiTlRrHiithil nt IbiliinWiMt )» 

•<t..f<g, xm- e<t<>pa HiRMiiln (• > 


aal to. S»t™ |» 9tH<r>Vti< tn •*»!*" 





_ ■,.!»[. 

Kit »<.!«ir> («<■■<*>■»•»•) 


CcBin <..! Hliflm M 

_ - 

tu «« .„ b,. W«t, „ 


Sl< ■•»>.< • _ ;,„ 

.. C4 g< , 

(, Google 


_... t» 

_ „ 


— . 3i»il 


'" " 

0, Gooi^le 

Intrtr to Vol. i. 

. Where the flgone mn printed tmoll, a 

DoUu ulT will be ftiUDd. 


Abkaham a Sancxa 
Glaba . . . . 194 

a0bicoi<a, joh. 
Uetwt eprMfo^itUt 87—39 

AxBEBT, Psmz 
3n bas 0d)illn'« nbum 336 

Albebttb, Eeasmtts 

Alcuik .... 

Aitdbea, J. V. . . 

AxiTDT, J. . . . 

Asnou), G. . . 

. IM 

Ba8B»0W .... 
BbbHSQOBI', OomTT 178. 20fi 
Bebthold . -. . . 44 
Bbsseb 193 


Blttm 194 


67. 69. 92. 201. 204. 270 

tiebmtc an ®fam 70—74 

BoHHE, Jacob ... 43 

BojE, H. C. ... 803 




btfb) ..... 12 
BdmSEB .... 272 
Bbaiid, Seb. ... 16 
Bkooebb, Basthold . — 
BuKGBB . . 291. (347) 

Unatt 298 

Zrofl ..... 302 

»erlu(l .... — 

BirxTOBT .... 44 

Cakitz, Pb. . . . 192 
cabltle, thouab 

16. S37. 337 

CeablebT.,Eh7ebob 23 
CtAJtrB, J. (or Ki.Aj) 64 
Clauditb, M. . 303. 329 

R^riiuMfnOtb . . . 830 

Km tei i!F»Dntifd)aft 
ISiUnlanMlitb . . 
iDaSrfi^a ... I 
Clobxiteb, !Fb. . . 


Cbaheb, Joh, a. 142. 


(, Google 

nroEX TO TOL. I. 

. 60,-51 


@tianfmtibtt Bdfjriften 
n>to« bie SfeHgion . 143 
Sertrouen auf Sort . 

Ceaues, K. F. , . 303 
Dach, SiMoy 

TiufbM ium ^imtnel 

DABTB . . 


DlETMAK .... 

DinsiB, Albebt , . 15 
Ebekt, Abhold , . 116 

EoiHHAED .... 6 

EtKO TOH Bafsghow 8 
Eeasmits .... 25 
EairaaTi .... iss, 243 
EsCHENBACH, Wolfe. T. 8 
Eesdinaijb.Abckduke 23 
Flbmmino , , , 47. 6.1 
JWS treue .^ecj . 47,-48 
FfiANKE, Sebastian . - 37 
Pbaitbnlob, H. . , 8 
Feedbbick, Electob 

OP Saxont ... 22 
Pbebeeick II. 193. 107 
FtrST 13 

Gaetkeb .... 150 

Gellebt , , 68. 117 
JtetSulu! . . .124 

JDie ©pinne ... — 
iDtrSnabt . . .125 


Ete aSarfitd unt htt 
^hnilina . . . 126 

Muibeflcn: ffllwalifi:^ 
SSorlefunfltn . . . 127 

iDfe®flfe®otte6 134,-135 

GrBMMDfaEN . . . 194 

geobqb ii. . . . 76. 115 
Gebbeet .... 6 
Geehaett, p. . . , 62 

9)ajrion«lie& . . 62,-63 

GBBaTBNBEBO 303.326.329 

aus Ugolino . 326—328 
Gebhnbb, S. ... 92 
^'alemon .... 95 
^ttenfpiel unb (St^ana 9? 
aSirtU. Zi)tfcfi6 102—105 

Gleiu 162 

fBenu^ung to 3dt , — 

Die aSitiw .... 168 

Goethb 274. 279. 345-6. 3S0 





BtTES .... 8, U 

67-8. 92. 105-6. IIS 

eobwbe auf SBattin 
CpiS. . . 106—114 

Gotz 194 

GEiETEifaoHif . , . 193 

Gbimm, J 32 

Getph, And, ... 61 

0, Gooi^le 



GunTHBB, Chbihtiajt 192 


arcgie; Xuf rin Santx 

GrTTBliBEBe, J. . . 13 

niibi^n .... 304 

©tt aitt ganbraann an 

Hadlaub .... 15 

feiiifti ©oljti , 806,-307 

Haoedohn, Pe. t. . 163 

HOBHEOK .... 15 

3o^nn ba ©riftit 

HtTFELAXD . . , . 849 

fieber . . 164—168 

HAiLBE . . . . 88. 74 

Iiieiapm. ... 76 


Stauon^Obt . .81—85 

TOH S50 

Bailmaith . . . .193 

laELiH, Isaac ... 194 





Haesboeiteb ... 61 

Jean Paul (Riohtee) 227 

Habtkann t. a. Aub 8 

J0HNS05, DB. ... 43 

Habtmakn . . . .194 

Hegel . . . us. ssi 

KaHT .... 225. 843 

Hbineich t. Anbai/t 8 

Kantzow .... 44 

Eetkeich t. Meibzen 15 

KaeiT. .... 28 


Kakl ebb GaoBZB 

HEHET Tin. ... 24 

(Chaelemagke) . 5 

Hebdee 225 

Kaeibtadt .... 25 

6ontie unb ffllonb . 229 

KaSTNEE . . 

116. 243 

»n: fnSIje Sob . . 280 


. . 117 

&6n ba iuttoftiem 

Kbplbb . . 

. . 44 

«S<M 231 

Keho . . . 

. . 4 

Uteigmmbe . . . _ 


. . 82 

Vmom *<t ®fc 

Kleist , . 


ft^lebecaStnfdjljdt 232 
fung . . . 240,-241 

Klofstock , 

. . 197 


HoFEMAinn .... 193 

Vas bem OTeHiaS . . 208 
Eie Muferfle&ung . . 216 
iDie fril^n (Staba . 217 


Ett SR^einfaQ ... 218 

HpMT 303 

KoBinQ 194 

0, Gondii.' 

umxx TO YOt. 1 

KOBEAI) in. ... 7 

kobkeb ss8 

Lahgb, Samubi G. . 85 
Latateb . . 175. 177 
iDtr a^tinfaU bei 
edjaff^auftn 175,-176 
Leibhitz .... 193 
Leisewitb 308. 828, 329 

LEOX. 20 


61. 151. 168. 199. 241 
Die ^faum luib bit 

SxIl^ .... 248 
©wSStrauf . . . — 
iDaifi^timmltt S^fer . 249 
■m @anB .... — 
■Dec StaU .... — 
JDi« Sfxrltafle . . 250 
3tu8 unb bflS @<*af . — 
iDer ffifri unb berSBoIf 251 
iDer eiiM unb ber ^f( — 
XuSlSat^nberaiSHfe 252 


LiCHTEHBEKG . . . l76 

anf*laffl««fl ■ 177—179 

LiCHTWEB .... 168 

iDitfeUfatnenaHnjfdjm 169 
iDfr Mffe mit bw U^ 

LippsM 180 



Slaibt eScribenttn 86—9 

Lo&Au, Fa. T. . . . 6 

aufben^mu* . . 61 


Hat ^rmintuB unb 

Suinelba 52—60 

an bra .iKrbft . . — 

LuDwio DEB Deutsche 6 


LUTHEB 3, 4. 10. 17 — 34 

eiiK fefe SButfl 


Macabeb . . 
Matthbhiub, J. 
Meibsbk, Duke of 


MEnDXLaaoHH . 

MiLLEB, J. M. 

Kn eineni grfililinBfc 
moceen . . 324,-325 

MIITON . . . 198. 227 
MlMMBBASaEB 6, 7. 11. 15 

MoBATiAH Bbetheett 65 
MosEB, Justus . . 173 
MOBHEIH . .' . . 157 

MoBOHEBOSH .\ . . 198 

MiJiiBB, Db. . ' . .122 
MiJNSTEB, Sebastiah 44 

MiiHZEB 25 

MtrBMEB,TH. ... 16 
MyUUS . . . 115. 24S 

cjiij^c, Google 

. 244-9-G 

199. 227 

. 158 

30a. 323 


NiCOLAI . . 220. 24*, 24fi 


OlSBB 180 

OETBEDINGBlf, T. H, , 8, 9 
Oleabhtb .... 44 
OpiTZ, Mabtik 46. 6S,-e 

ivfritbai^tit . 45 — 47 

Oswald 15 

Otpbibd .... 6 
"Otto ton Thuenb . 8 

Pauldb 849 

Ppeffbl 171 

iDit Jiwi SSifimAn . — 

Da8 Soljomiiiniarmi 
*«..-.. 172 

iBi»i»ri®tiec^ 172,-173 


BQUOOL .... 105 

aCEOOL .... 116 

BCHOOI .... 69 

I'iBA, Jac. InUAKirEL 85 

SiBEJfBE J2J. 135,-186 

ati(fan®ellret 136—140 

B*iiLEB . . , .61. 222 

Olw(mgri(bri<!()H. . 224 

3Cuf tinen gettSninnm 225 


miobmation ... 16 

Rbbehbogek ... 15 

BsnUB T, ZWITEK . 11 

BcWABus .... 168 


Beekbot, t. Ditbnb . 11 
bedtecke puch8 . . 16 
Beinuab see Aeltxbe 8 
Ebehhold .... 349 
Bhabahub MAiTBrs . 6 


BlElCEB 193 

BoLlEJTHAaEK, Q. 39 

BriiiiOEB T. Makesse 8 

ErroLPH T. Emb . . 

Rudolpht.Hapsbubg 15 

EiiCKEET, Fb. 

Saohh, Hahb . . , 
SeitiouenatifSott 34- 



schillee . 

75. 19*. 188. 274. S2B. i 

KnS feintn 8rl(f(n 

gieSw . . . 358—361 
EonJtaflofl . 362—884 

SOHLEGEL, J. Ell. 150. 274 

Utti .ptrraoim 151 — 156 

SCHIiEOEL, J. AdOL. T. 156 

iDte Sttiljt . 156, 157 

s0hle8el,a.'w".t. 292. ms 
Schmidt . . , 
schnitteb, joh. 
sohobppeb . . 
scheuppiub . . . 198 





IFDXX TO vol. I. 


SoHiirz 349 


Semlbb, J. 8. . . . 158 

Mn Slopftod . . .196 

SHAESFEBE . . 3S3. 3S6 

8pee, F. V. . . . . 40 

®e^uc^tnad)3«fu 41,-42 

Sfebeb 64 

SPEBTOaBl .... 15 
Staupitz .... 20 
Stolbeeg, Ch. T. 303. 307 
STOLBEBO,r. Leopold T. 

303. 308 

sWa*t M SonfpitM . 310 

t>a t(utfif)« SmU . 312 

Kn bw Motui: . . .313 

Stbabitzkt ... 68 

Stuem 194 

Stubz, H. Peteb . . 173 
Etc SSnigSiM^l . . 174 

Tattles, J. . . ■ 9,-10 
Skibna*t8lieb . 10,-11 

Tetzel 21 

thibtt-teabs' wab . 66 

THOMAalTS .... 193 

TlBCK ... . . - 27* 

Tjjematb, J. ... 16 


Ulphiias .... 3 


nifiTEBaiTiEa ... 14 

Uz, J. Peteb . . .158 

fiobbrterUftrt 159— 

TELDECK, J0A8T V. . 11 
TOLTAIEE . . 65. 242. 272 

Toss 30S-*-9. 313—315 
MuS; ber eirtft 316—323 


"Wai-th ee v. d . Vo gbl- 

■WEIDB .... 8. U 

■Wasttepeied, Paoi . 6 
"Weckheelitj ... 43 
"WBisaE, Chbisti AN 193 .2 1^8 
Webmeb ..... 11 

WlELAND . . 370. 345 

Iu8Db«on . . . 275 
^lippo&ateS iu Tlbixta 


Wu-LIEAMa ... 6 


Utberffikirteberfiunfl 181 
txt ZpoOa Don S8tb 
Mbett .... 188 
eaotwn . . 190—192 



WotzooEif, Madame 

VON . . . 343. 346 

Zaohabia,J. RW. . 140 

Utt ¥fau unb in 
■Rtanic^ . . 141,-142 
Zazichotbn ... 11 

Zebnitz 115 

Zesen, Ph. v. . . . 192 

ZrMMEEMANN . . . 175 


Zwbtbb, Beimas T. , 11 

(, Google 



iSiccman lUnguagt ant 9,ttnatu». 

„Bntii< er»4"> lot' ixKKrtI* lilln 

m,H fi. On ni<(tig|l<n nirttig ,.Wm. 
K'om "Hit sot |l<i»[l mil •.l.iilt St .1 

cjiij^c, Google 

(, Google 



Fntsi Epocb, 100 e, 

SicoiiD Epoch, 76B—1137- 

liul»i«T>fi Ali»] 

Third Epoch, 1137—1348. 

Sililiif •>■ Bint ieh anfintnt 

cjiij^c, Google 

FOUBTH Epoch, 1M8— 15M. 

It eAiiiDi 

Fifth Epoch, 1534— leas. 

SixiB Epoch, 1825—1761- 

(, Google 


Sbvsntb ErocR, 1761—1841. 

3- «. H) UsTiRiiio 

«. C(. •>■ nut D%. JoBNioa 

e<il.V<|»r Rail mnoH 

C)T. DiTl. SMmt GotlHxl 

«. 9. tair^t Bdbhi 

3. a. Siad Uhi. di Stis 

■■g. ffi. Spint Loud Bnov 

eit>o>n BimWiwiiiiS 

(, Google 

S'. iKin. 3iiobI 

a. a. Cu>«K 

i. t' ^i' ^olCQ 

g.. woinf(r.B 

3. «. ion CiKI 

3»a Qcifx &ii|o «itt> 

«. n. «. ecMUi 
a. 6. «. 3f*«"< 

K. 3. ItiTin 

(, Google 


unb i^ttx Sftnatur. 

iQu btxa^S/i &ptafy flefit utttn: btii (etoibffl Spro^m all 
OM ber Uttfbiirtdnlten unb gtbilbftften obm otir unb libntnfft 
Me nuificti ncuem ®pTa^ on Biei^t^um tab Sttaft, an 
Silbfandeit unb @ef(t)indbigIeU. 3^ Qntwidelung ^itlt mit 
bn entuntttbing M tBoOct elddien SSi^t beUw gebic^ 
longfiiitir wdl bie Sitfem Scbingungen im @an|(n )u un= 
gfinfig nxmiL 

tnt^Sbmgigffi^i^ ber beutf^ Sproi^i Don i^rtn (fflni 
Xnf&nyn bid jn iSfctm ^g/tmoixli^ eitanb)nudtci uinfaft 
(i« ^ von ungefi^ itDangis ^oll^tKO't*'^'*''' ^J^^ ^'"' 
fo im beffertn Ucberfii^ in fblgmbe ficben Srittjlunie dn^ 
ttKilai/ wiii^ iebod^ nnWc jjiori .^otiptabftfinttte ^btaif itxit«n 
Unnoi, n&mli^ bit ®ef(^i(^ bn ottbtutf^tn unb bie btt neu: 
bratr^m ®pia(lf)c unb eitnatuT. 3en( umfoft bie tr|bn oitri 
bitft bie Ce^ttn btet bei fotgoiben Seiti&umcr fo baf bet ^nfang 
bei 16ten 3a^inibette ober bie SUfannation bie @r&nje bilbct. 

cjiij^c, Google 

(0r0ter Ztitranm, 

DflS gemwnlfdjsflorttlfdje Btltaltet. 8Son bem etften 
etf(^einm beutfdjet SBJKetfdjaften biS nuf .Rurl 
ben ©FOfen {ettoas uber 100 3n^re t)or S^tifii 
®ebutt K8 768 nud) S^rlftt ©cbutt). 

Jffut fcut^ fltiecW'fl' unb ibnffc^ ©ditiftfteUer ^atei wir 
einige Jbnntnifl oon bnn altcn S)tutfif)Ianb unb btm frS^t^n 
Snflanbe bet Zmitfi^it unb i^m Spra^. 3^nen lufotge ifl 
bie beuffd^ ©iwai!^ bie utfpiflnalfcEie obet esiammtpwi^ (tneS 
altnv in <Ktfd)itbent &tlimmt ^tt^tStta groSen iBolCeir tiKis 
aud) bit Srgebniflt bet txrglek^enbtn unb gefc^dffUc^ @)pra4= 
focfd)une beft&tigm. SriiM iltefbn aSo^nfi^ f&int btef<rS 
grof e ffioR in ^dwfuR gt^bt ju ^abtn, con it» auj et fd)on 
fe^t ^I) nati) <Snnxpa jn uanbttn bcgamif nnb btfbnbnrd 
befliEn n&TbI{d)en unb initttertn 3^ bcv&Untt. — iDn; namen 
Hbtutfi^' (altb. btutisl) taim twbcc wn bent SSbimine bfc 
Crntanrtt, ni>i^ mn bent angAUijta ®atte unb Sitanuns 
nttti; becfelbenr Suillor ab^lntet lonben i fcnbrni nt^tigec von 
bent oot^rdicn 9Sattt t^ai ottbnitfdi bioti Met, b. f. Self, 
nnb btbeuttt ntttfrin etgentliii) ngum Sotfe ge^irenbr" »bem 
SJotfc rigen". — Unto bem Slaraen ®ermanen (aSefers obet 
aSaifenm&nnec) nto^bn fii) btfonbtrt bi< ant 91^ unb an 
bci iOonau lebenbm beutfd)cn UiOnfi^^ burc^ tkliit/ti^ 
Sxiiqt bm SUnttrn belannt tmb fun^bor. t 

e^n in biefec fril^n Sett laffen fl^ bit beutfi^n SiMcct 
fi^fttn fn jRKi .^uptfUinune unb i^re manniefaUigtn StuntK 
omn in jwd .^ouptWatette unlrafdjtiben : ben ^ixtmn (obtr* 

(, Google 


bnitfdjen) im ©Abeib unb ben nKid)enn (nitbeib(Utfd)fti) im 
Stnben. @ie nxiiren f^n bamaU ntdjt o^ne 9}i:IUbid)tung unb 
&t^aa% i trim anfang dna ©rfilacl)t fflngfn |ie jut tf(iw ifiwi: 
®itta unb jm Seiet btS ](nben!enS ta))feTei SRAnnn eiebttf 
tatU^ luglti^ bie ®efd)tdtfe i^ BoRtS ent^fttten unb nuc 
mfinblit!) faTtgtp^njt win^cni obnw^t bit iD(utr<^ baraoU 
fc^n — »«nn and) nut t^rttewife unb in befdjiinBon SSoft — 
im !Sc|tg onn: dgnun iBui^btnr<^ft/ bo: abineni nurtn. — 
Sinen grogtn Sinflnp auf bit Silbung bcr ro^en Seutf^n unb 
i^t ®|na(^ ^tte bie bun!^ bat Xueivanbmi ba n&tbli(i)tn 
JB&Qn aui Vfini ut^ Suroipd vciranlafitt groEit BMnroanbCf 
rung bn cierten unb fftnfttn ^a^r^btct unb bie nai) unb 
no^ flrfblgtc Kutttnitnng bet (^Wt(i)en Sltttgion. 

WUEla« (twm 3at)te 360 6ii 360)> ein StfiH^ ba <^^ 
Iti^ ®ot^n in bent alien !D16fien (jett SSoIadiei)' txat Qrs 
ftnbet obet bod) aJetooObmnuKt etnet Sud^benfditift fik biefc 
}af)(tet<^ aSblletfi^ftf unb Mierfette bit bUlifd)en @d)riften 
it>< @ol^f<f|e — bafl &Ue1tef noi^ in grofen Siu^^fictm dots' 
^onbtne fd)tiftl{(i)e Senfanai einer beutfc^n anunbart — 
!BitIIei(i)t nic^ o^ne Sinfluf auf bie Spcai^ toar aud) bie 
SSamntlung n>n Sleditegenic^n^ilen bet ®<tlftan!en (leges 
Salic8e> bit im Satire 490 in ftin(i|'^ aSunbatt erfi^ 
nnb etfl ffiterfiln in bag eatcinir<^ Abeife(t nurbe. SMSfeibe 
UMir auc^ ber gall mit ben fid)fifc(ien @ef(^n ge^en baS Snbe 
bej 5ten So^r^unbettS. 

iDit auS ben ober beutfd)en !Dlunbarten gtbt^e 0<^rift^tad)e 
twrn 7ten big jum llten Satic^unbett nennt man bai VCts 
^od)beutf(^. Xiie iUeften unS et^Uenen alt^cdibeutfdien 
edirfpl»n(mi(et |inb: ®Iofreni®QmmIungen j bie UebttteSung 

(, Google 

tCT lateltti(4en ®d)rift be* » Sfitoi" wm ba @tbiKt Sefu but*) 
dntn unscnannten granbn/ unb bit XUberfe^uns b«r Eftefltt bM 
^igen SBtiifbict bur* btn IRM) Sf ro, bribt auS bem Tten 
obtc 8ten 3a^it)unb<Tt MonUadai (SSin^b au3 SBefer 
in SngEanb, 719 big 754) aaatb M bm:^ bit Sinfll^ne 
nnb SSerbreftung btS (S^fitnttjimi im mittltrtn X)eutfc^tanb 
groStt Btfbitnllf unb fuii)te iugltid) bat Sc^irdben ludi b«n 
Sinn ffit frinm K&n^t unb SSiflenf^opm ju btfSrbtra. iDofl 
(otttnifdje ^^bct mit bit ©mnbtoge bei bamaltgtn 3K6nd)&' 
fc^, auB meUia fi<f| bit ecstnm&ctigt bnttfi^ @d)nfl e^ 
bitbrt ^at 

Zbtittv Ztitvmm* 

2)a6 frinfift^e Seifalter- SSon ^atl bem ©wflen 
bi8 iu bm fi*«)abtfd)en ^olfem (768 biS 1137). 

^n»r HarlS SM ^roUta Sttgitmng (<wn 768 M^ 
814) gewann bfe beutfc^ ©praclie ft^ oitL ©i lief niiijt nut 
beutfcf) pnbigtn nnb In ^&u{t0tt; angtiegten ®i^Ien bfe Sugenb 
im Beftn unb ®i^ben untercid)tenf fonbtm oui^ in btn @es 
rldlten aSt ©tidtigfeittn beutfd) oer^anbeln. @r fantmeitt in 
aJerbinbung mft fltteiicten SSinnem atte ©efege unb mflnbUd( 
foTtgepflonjte SSotfiUeber, gab ben SSonaten unb SBinbtn 
beutfd)e sRomen unb arbeftete fogat an einec Spiadilefiie fix 
bit JDtutfu^en. — Xuc^ fein ©o^n* Su&»ig Ue Sromme (814 
bis 840) unb no<I) me^ (tin Snlelr Submig bee iDeutfc))e> 
(841 Mi 876) eifetten i^m awnigften* in Ux Zitbt fte bit 
itit^dft Spradfe nac^ SSeit tceniger gefd^a^ unter btn fotgcnbtn 

(, Google 


\ Mtdgm fftr ten %mtbaii Ut bentf^ epia^l 
flfl untrt .^rintid) I. {frit 919) unb Sen ifim fbtacnbtn 
MnigeR avA txm fS^ftfdien ^^aufc fyib fxd) luglefdi mft bent 
^S^eren ®(^ungt bo; Station iweii ®t&ni>xmq wn etJLMm 
nab Kv^it^tn m J^axOxH, ou^ bit tttrconTi^ Silbung ba 
3)«[tf(t)ai Don neuemr btgann abnrmit bcm lltenSafn^unbnt 
mitbct ju linloif hi bie ©rifHu^ tmmn md^tigir unnrbt 
imb ber Sinflu^ ba Jtaifn anf baS Itnterridittnxftn auffihtt. 

jDie mu^ttefttn )pixtifi^en Si^n^nlni&Itrf toclc^ nit out 
bjcftm 5titcaumt befiQenf finb in att^c^btutrt^ Qipra^t: 
boi aSrudiftfid brt .(fUbtbiraRbUieM tutb bat SSdfitnbnmnn 
9cbtt (bdbt ant bm 8ten 3a^unbtct) } ^tma bat tubioisfr 
Ktb tnib Ct^rieb't sercimte iBearbdtung bex oitr Siungett^ 
(oni bem 9ten Sa^^nnbert) ; in altfddififd}tr Dbn niebt^ 
btntfc^ Spcodft bit unter bnn 2ttel ^Qonb |eraude(etb<ne 
QDOngeliens^tannonit (au£ bem 9t«i Sa^vfiunbnt). ^[>n)Faifi^ 
fiSd)c!ften bitfer 3nt finb: <tnc Ue!i«fe(ung von Sationt 
CtMngetitna^armonit (au« b«n 9Cen 3al)i:^imbeit)f einc SBn 
aAtitmtQ bei ^almtn i»n Itfotltrr, rinent 3XSn^ in 
6t SaOen (flarb nm 1022)< nnb Waflltrain'« (_ftMb 
1085) Umft^nibunfl unb SttUrung beS {io()tnIitbeS Salft' 
oomSf fdmmtlid) in al^«I)bcut1'<6ec @))cad)er iMlif)e miUiin 
ti«fKCcfd)tnb mat unb bie mei^n vmb b<fkn Shorbcitn Ijntte. 
fflttrCuiftrbigt ®tUlfxtt bitfeS^ntcaunuSf aufitr ben ©enannCtn, 

gmolTen JtatU bed @tofenj Kftitbaavi fSlattmi{^b 
859)> etftiger S^loerbcnem unb SJerfaffer einn @lDffen> 
esonnnlung fiber We Sibil, Sietraar, ffiertert {Vaifift 
e^toeftei II.)( oud) bie latelnifdje iDic^terin ilftni(to£tia 
{urn 980). 

cjiij^c, Google 


Britttr Zeitraum* 

SaSBeitatter t>er fc^abifc^en ^6}tn (SRinnefdngn). 
SSon ben ft^dbifi^en ^ffem bi§ jur Siridjtuns 
bet etfien beutfc^en Unittecfttdt (1137 biS 1348). 

JUnta btE Sbglennie bee f<^&{fd)en Aoifn; aul bcm 
CStamme ber ^^^uftn, Uttn erfbi Xoniab III. im 3a^n 
1137 btn bfldfc^ Xaifatfron beftitgi nurbc bte oerfeinerttf 
tvo^lflitisenbe fi^Ufd^ obra aOemannifi^ SSunbatt (mitKIc 
^Uotr^t S))ni<f)t Mm 12ten Mfi juni I5ten Sotl^nnbnt) 
bic ^f: unb ffiftc^rfpiat^ btt ganjtn gefitteten Ceutfdjlanbl 
iDiet rnvc^l aU buj aufbl^nbc fflittett^unt, bit tm Za^« 
1096 beflinnoitan JtKUjjuaef twli^ bra Umfanfl ber £rant= 
iriffe unb @ef£i^Ie ber iScutfc^n fe^c enodteiten — fo Dklt 
3Canfenb< aud^ bur^ fit fit mu [(^wlcmerifi^ 3bce i^c Seben 
fm £am^ mit btn UnaUubigen aufopfem mufteti — ber er^&^ 
Sffiofilftanb in Xtcutfd^anb, b<|T<!n Scben tinb .^uiieUficii^ 
burd) foi^ef&ttiscren Vnbau f^n tntfit! ocreNIt teat, enbtt^ 
audi boi anngtnbe fdH^ fSfiTpiel ber HSfUt im f&blid)cn 
Scantreic^ (^^roeente iDt<^ ober Sroubabouci) — aOef bfeS 
belebte unb n&^rte ben bid|terifd)en @(ift ber £ieutfd)en in 
foU^ Straber baf eint gro^ ^f)1 2Md)ter uttCer bem Stamen 
SRinnefingcc auftratei)/ welc^ bmrd] bie Sf^rilna^me m&^ger 
gurflen unb ebler grauen nlift nxnig begOnftist unb aufges 
mtuUert nmcben. £ie ^^l biefer gemCittUi^ Katurbi^iteri 
unlet benen fic^ felbft giir|ien unb Xaifer befanben/ nne 
%ti«titb VI. unb Etnnratt IV., ^Jnig WBenjel »on 
V 3Racteraf <@tto con ^anbraburg (mlt bem ^)fei()r 

(, Google 


*«joe JojUann oon SBtahatd, sfflortsrof ftftitrftt win 
fflrifen unb %e(nri(ii, g&ll oon Sn^tt, beiauft |!*, in fij 
iwit (ic unS tetannt genwtrbcn iinbi fibre 300/ unttr btiun f[4 
wtrjiiflKi^ fotgenit auSjdd)ntttn : fte£iic((jb bun BriBedt, 
JIartmann ban OerSut, naoUram boit l£fcften' 
ibatjt, Xtefntnar trtr SUtt, Kfltolantf Stlfnstfolir, 
VBaUfiir bun Her Vo^tVatiSt, ^atttvitV bon 
dtraMiarg, WxUb bon liiJEittnMHn, SEtonraV 
bon nanr^bnt-^ u. m. a. Xm (^ngndifbn ti^b m {^ 
Sefong unter Saifre gwbri* II. {wn 1215—1250).— 
8i( txtfad)ttn fii% in ben mannigfaUigfttn gonnni Iijrif^ 
unb tfrifd^ ¥»(>'' unb litferten aud) t«fli^ Se^rbit^n^nb 
btfonbcTS Sab<In unb Sprud^gebit^e. 

Son eint^tn -^(bcngtbidjtfn bi(frt ^alterir benen doIHi 
tbitmlidt) btutftiK ^^nfogcn )u ®ninb( tUitni ftnb bte SSetc 
folfti: unbdannt iDa^in ge^irt baC bcriifHnte Stibtlungenlicbf 
beffen Sninblogt fr&nHfc^bucgunbfrt^ SSagm bttbcnr unb bte 
iOu^itiineni btg ^Ibenbu^f vxl6)t ban got^i^ngobaibif^ 
ESagratrrift ongt^ton. 

Der 9libelunflen 9lot^. 
j[)Kfrt soUflfinbigt unb ei^ oateirl&nbif^ ^Ibengeb^t 
bilbd ben SeninipngSpuntt cielfodi vrafi^lunanitir nmnbetc 
nOet olbeorifi!^ 3X^n unb ffioCIifagtn bti gro^n >^Ibeiis 
n^Af unb tam nad) Cac^ann 1210 gn SCoge. ZUxoe^l irii^ 
{u bcjodfetn iftf ba| bit SSogt bem gtofien ecrmanifi^nSoae! 
Somm ane^irt unb mit il)m im moigenlianbe nmiritlnb, |uf) 
manniflfoltta auSgebtrittt, fo foBoi boi^ flereifle ©tunbifige 
bnftlbtn bee Ureef^i!^c bc8 3}l(nf^nsefd]Ud)tS nn^im. e« 

cjiij^c, Google 


Mlbttt fic^ bit C^tunsi nit bit SIkt bcS ^mtri aufi btr 
fiiebetfatnmtnng cider einsft. ©ec Xem brt Sonjoi ift bCT 
UoUtgans bet 9ti6(Iungen( rinet altbitrpnbtf^n <^tbai: 
ftamnu< buti^ bit 9tac^ btt f[f)incn 6^riRnt)tlti> bit lubft 
i^tn ®emaf)ti bent ^(mtnten SHt^fricbf aU <^tqDtpnf'»i 
baftet)tf ba^ aui^ but Cicb \iXb^ in tiiiiecn .^bTdjiiftni naij 
i^ btnannt ift. iOie einitlnen am|t&nbt bd SScgt linb folc 
genbt : Sin fc&ntifi^ ^9), ®itg|Ttebr etnannt bet ®(t)6rnte( 
mflt ni rine Sdne 0t(Kc am 8ti!iden aiKgcnomnHni am gonftn 
A&rper unvemunbbat unb nit oon ^ont mori (am nac^ 
aSormtf nm bit fc^nt iS^dem^j ciiu ®dimt{lec (Suntot^i 
(®antaT'fi)f bcS SGniQl twc Snieunbn: unb @emal)Ii bee 
iBtun^ilbiSr ju fteitn. 9BeiI ec aber nitt fUrbr unb ^Ibtns 
miMfigfx maxt au aOe iButgunberi fo ^ften (ie ilin, unb eg 
atfdwS, bag fein ©tfeoogtr, bn grimmigt ^g*" "on Sroneflt, 
auf Snftiften bn Snui^i^ nnb mit ^nftimmung ber aition 
SBvCibeii ilin auf bei 3agb liitittn&de buTd)ba^ unb tf 
motbete, aU a eben auj einei CmeUe tranfi tnoiauf man fH) 
ftmi unBet)euien 9libeluns<nl)0rt(e (etneS gnfim @<^^r ben 
Stegfciebin ben91iebcrlanb(ngtnwmen) btm&d)tig». S^irienu 
f)ilb, bom bittern SSe^ , bur^brungen, oud) be* Sdjaftee teraubb 
btn man it)r nid)t nitbageben wdlUti gog nuni con ban 
.{lunneix^ftnig l£|el (Vttila con ben St&meni gcnonnt) nxgen 
i^rer Sditn^eit )ur @ema^ btgefn^r nac^ Unoamr btm 
aXiUelpunCt beS en>^n tCelT^ flt«^ i unb it/an Siegfcteb 
no<!^ immer tm ^n^en ttagenbr fann ^e auf btutigt Safy gtgen 
feine HXitber. ^ tub ba^ ben ©ontac^ unb feint fSrHbtti 
au<^ '£>aetn unb tin )a^Irtiil)el @efatge xxn JBurgunbetn an 
Oeel'« ^f )0 einem citttrlidint Se|L ^ nijtt fit bit .^mmtn 

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itnb btutfc^ Slunbeggeiunen, btfonbnl ten 'pxng/in afff^^ 
^(Oitri IStetriti bonSStnt (SE^oboru^ ben ®rofen nratun 
itn tit S&mtc) gegen bic Surgunbn auf> fo btif XUt iljmi 
Untecgang fvnbtn j e^rietnliab felbft abn burc^ bte ^b brt 
oUcn .|)Ubcbranb rcfd)lQgen tcirb. 

So twit bit (Bait, ^rmad) ierfSQt buS ISttAif \tlbft tn 
jmri ^ouptt^Ue: bet nfle (rttiilt bie SBegfbenljrit tni ju 
€Sk9liitb'6 ^bs bcr jtwite 6^rieml)Ubcite Ka^e (nntei 
wli^ Sitel e3 SBobmre jurefl 1757 ^etanS9ab)( bte jugleic^ 
baj SittnxnUixn ba^tibta, in ntet^em fte bte 9Iac^ bitob 
but gefi unb ben Xampf jurifc^ >&unnen nnb Sntgunbemf 
att bie Jtatafbrop^ befi ©aitjen in |td) faft 3n bcr gantai 
^onblttng (te^t baS GE^Iknf^iim nut im ^ntagmnbe; unb 
iM eg fid) in fdnsac^n 3%en gtistr (ic^iirt ti btm IDiditet 
mftt bent ©toffe on. 

Die 3eit, in weM« bet ©egenflanb bee ®ebi^ fillt, ift 
bie bee .^ntnnensSintgS S^Itn obet HtSia, tint bit SKitte be< 
5ten 3a5tl)unbei:fS j bte ©«ne iff ant SR&dn unb auf Dcflteu^ 
ut^ Ungatnl ©teniCr UKl(i)e£ ^ij bejlimntt mii bent ganjen 
Eiebe etgtbt; abet bet Sitxfa^a beffelben ijt unbetanntr obs 
i»W etr bent etflen Sa^tjetinbe be§ ISUn 3a^t&unbet« aiii 
ae^ ^abcn muf, nidjt fcfi^ unb ntd)t fp&tetj nut aul 
innttn Otfinben i|l tca^tfc^ttd; geraacdt mocben, boS tt 
feintid) twn C^bingen feii bet in Deflreid! nw^t befteunbct 
tML Kuf jeben gaS aber ir^tt bat aSett in feiner jcligtn 
Oe^tt nnc con @inent Ikt. Sie mettifi^ gotm ift bit Diets 
icdtgef janibif(I)( unb tt«I)&if<I)e Qtixp^, in ntdnnUd)en SRetm; 
paoten ntit fe^F^dten <^auiDtaccent ) au<^ fponbeifdjeRr anos 
l)iM<lW>unbbafe)afi(ienSK^?t^men. eaent^itt 39abenteuet 

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in 9636 SSerfm. — Xttf Sennre unli gnunte aKt*ut((6« 
fiiteratur ftnb Hba btn oorjEisIiditn SBeit^ beffeCbtn rintKCs 
ftonbta e* ip ein gtfldtid) flemStilter oateflilnMf^ SStoff, 
bci: bun^ bit S}nrfbd!tun0eR graitfeiiDann: dniscAffti bind^ 
lebenbigf iDarfbOungtii fRinnifi^ ®ittt tinb bunf) fi^or^ 
dtidnrnnQC bee S^rattm anjie^bi an^ in bet %oan ben 
tomantlfdien ®eift bet jDid)terS betunbeti imb (n aOen SC^eittn 
mit Aun^nn unb ©enialit&t jut ®in^ geotbnet i^ ^ bafi 
rdx bicfti Spot aU bai fd)i$bac|b XXntmal bcB beutfilien 
Stter^uml bttraditen miifl'en. 

Xnbere bid^fi^ gtflalttte Sagen icairtn fciitKi: ran fcan: 
jMifd^en nnb ptooenjaUftfifn iOfditeni bel»nbelt i fo loie bie 
^Ibengebii^ au« bem&aetntreift con StarlBrm QErroMtn, 
feinen |wU»ni Soirfa^un utib Sta^l^fttt (g. S. b<i6 StoIanbSs 
liebr »om l^fajfcn ItontaU, Store unb Slanfdjefluc ram 
KtnnraTi h. jFlltiir, iSiftelm wn Otonfe wn OBoUram 
b. tNc^titbarli) unb von SM% Hztm unb ben Slitteni ber 
Safelrunbe ({. SB. Snxin oon ftartmann ii. Vtt Snt, 
Zrifan twn ^oltfHeD ban ^traMinrg, SSieaIoi« von 
OSfrnt b. (fKraftn&trs)/ bcnen fi<& bie ®eM(I)te tnm 
^eiligen @ti:aa[(]Cbenbmci^ItlifiS^fK) onfi^iefcnf namtnt: 
(ii^ ^QTCtDal wn SSolfiam t>. Sr<!f)enba<!fb Siturel (wn bem^ 
ftlben begonnenr abor nut in einec fipMeten Seatbeitung oott 
^nbig er^tttn) unb So^grin von unbctannttm Serfalfcr. 
UufieTbtni beltQen wir auij poetifc^ fagenben, gefifrii^i^e 
iDic^tungeni SleinK^niien unb jofilteic^ Hantxt poetif<^ €e> 
t&^lungen <axi bieftr 3eit: bet Stenner eon %ngo h. GHni' 
btrs (1300) unb be« fi^&bifi^n gabelbiditerg 3Sontr 
Sbeljlein (flegm 1340). 

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Witrttt Zettraum. 

2xa Seftaltet bet SKeifferTanfler. aSon bet a»ttte 
be§ Dietjetjnteit SaljtltunbertS biS ju 8wt(>«'6 
BoUjlilnbiget SBibelfiberfefeung (1348 big 1534). ban Zobt bcS (egtm fc^»Sbifd)en Saijtrii grttbtit^'a 11. 
(1250), ^bxttn bit Areuiidefi nxnigftcRJ fdr !Deutfd)Ianb, 
ouf. IDer biditerif(f)t@loff ber^&feunbXiiftotratieHif^nMnbi 
nub oU bfe ^firften unb Siafen lid) an ben ^Ifen bet ^< 
namn iiKfet refreuttn, al8 an t*m ^eitren ©cfangt bet 2)id)t«, 
ba flfic^t fie^ bk ^oejie in bit iSt&bte unb na^ ^itr dntn 
ElriitbtearelMi^n Skater an i We ©Snger nniibtn grift nnb 
Sefi^madlofe SUitnn, bi«i »ie bie Abrigen SBmo^na baStabtr 
Snnimgen unb Jilnfte Htbtten. iDa^ei i^ tRame SSeiftrb 
finger. @d ISft (id) i'lw^ bie^uetitlbungb<i:beutf^SS|»ad)e 
in biefn ^ertobe ni^t snfennen, benn ivcnn rinetfeits ;iMt bie 
Sfbfefniffe bc8 pvaftifc^n ajerte^tS unb bie .&anbeUinttn(|en, 
tuTi bae nfi^teme itbtn unferet Sjpta^ ben VMtifdjtn ^Hurpub 
marteE tautte, anb tire bie flutje, JMIin^eit tmb KebltcWeit afc 
fteri^ : fo nnirbe anbentfeitJ bai fOttc^nifdje bcrftlben gtfd^ 
bert; fie murbe juc ytofa geWuftflet unb ben Mnfbrberungen 
bee mitdi^n SebenC entfprei^nbti;. !C!e im 3ugenbrti) pcam 
gtnbe Sungfcau, bie Utblii^ gSatb binbet bie flatternben feiifcn 
in gta^ten unb micb eine DeifMnbige .^uifrau. — Unb in bet 
X^tf bet ffiolligrifl erfiEelt in Uefem Seitiaum eine unge^euie 
Xnngung, bie tlmli con Kufkn fommenbr ban QturmminlK 
gltii^ Sermanien buri^braufler t^U aui innem Ser^&ItnifTen 
mtgnrungen, baS iSoIf mit S&fenfctiritten einer ^6^en SuCtor 
(ntgegentritbf fo ba^ autti in bev Spiac^ not^nbig bit 

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Spuren iutftdbtteben. golgmbe iSrdonffl'e tnigm bajn bn: 
bit Qntbc&na HmtdWe, brr iESo^tftanb ber SSt&btti bit 
StUt^e bcc beutfdKti JBautun^ unb bit Scgnbbung btr 
bflttfd^en aXaEmi, boe ISkberemtai^n ber SBi|ftnfi^aften( buti^ 
®riin&ung jaftltri^ Uirioreiaiten aeffaberti alt: ju ^ag 
con Jtart IV. 1348i nad) bem SRuftn bei in ^ati§ blAs 
^btn, ja mm IS65, ju ■^ibtltoe 1386. ju Jt5Itt 1389( 
iu etfurt 1392, )u itipii^ 1409. ju eihijbuTe 1413. jn 
SloM 1419. iu Xdn 1454, ju Smffitcalb 1456. ju Safcl 
unb greibuig 1460. iuSKainj unb S£&b{neenl477i julQittcRi 
berfl 1502. ju granfftirt a. b. D. 1506 a f. ». gernet bit 
tm erlbn SBJnttl bti ISten 3EiI|rt)unbtttl ^Adift na^c^Iit^ 
i»n tintm jOtutfdjen gono^e erfinbung bti 8umpni=Spapia:Sj 
bit burc^ 3o^nne€ iSi^ttnbeig ju USainj 1436 9ttnad)tt. nn^ 
wic^tigtrt ffitftnbung bet Sudjbrmfcrturtft, notauf Sol), gauft 
nnb ^fitta SSc^oifTer ben erflen iDnict ju SStonbt brai^ten 
(1440 — 1456)) bit Srobenrng Hon Qonftantinoptl bun^ bit 
Z&^tm (1453) nnb bit boburd) txninlafte XuAmnbtruttg ^ 
tt^t ®rie(^n nac^ 3taUen. wof)a ^d) benn auc^ in btt golfle 
bit @elt|rfamteitf bt^onini bie Stebe juc gtie^i^n @pra4t 
ntx^ iDeutfi^anb werbrntete ) bann bit SBUbung unb ffierbteis 
tung ber bcutfd)tn Spradie nUtf minbtt einfluSni^ @nt^ng 
unb SJttme^tung btt geitungtn, con bentn fii| bie ecfk ei»u 
1488 unttv bem SittI ftnbtt : ..JBermtTtt aui bem Stitbttlanbef 
ton Jloli. VSiatttittrjitt"i bit Don^an| bon <![«):(< 
Dotaefd)tngene,unttt ^ajrfrafKan'tfl. aiegitrung 1618 gts 
f^^tSinf%ungbei^|teniniD(utfd)Ianb. (JCaiftiSRailtnii 
lian I. 1493 — 1519 nal)m awdi btbtuttnben Xnt^ieil anlbtm 
Mutn mi^nfc^ftlit^n fobcn unb btt ttntutrttn Sptad^bitb ung. 


Sz mac tin dfciger Smmb unb Stfkbtxa ha W^tti\i)a^n, 
tefonbete bet btutf^tn eUeralitc. Si ^Obft fdiritb nufm beutf^ 
Xuff&^ unb gal) btn ®runbri# gu tiniam grfi^n Shrirn/ 
namfirttit^ ju btm oon ftinem ®c^dmfc^reiba jBarnK 
Crtft|Amrtot{n btn Vfixtntrttt\ aufgtfOIicttn %h(|b 
fiinig« atU^ fEied tint tiStf/xUiii itfyoAtUt pti>f(iffil)t df 
i&^bmg Mn SFtapmiltan't itixn unb anc^ efntn S^ tet 
Etbcnifttft^i^ feint« SSattrs, Sriebri^'fl 111., tMf&IX.) Wt 
ecgebmfTt biefrt 3dttauii« — muften (it nt(f)t not^ionibie ta* 
brntfi^ tBolt dner nnien @pMi)t tntgcgcnffi^ren 1 — btc beni' 
taren Stefonnotioiv butil) 8ut^ MrantaSt j ti^* bloS ber «(= 
Uginif fonbem jaelrit^ oOn jSifenfctxiflcn unb Dorjfiglii^ bn 
SSiJtat^ (1617). 
Son ben SStiflnf&nemi Kibtencn ecnonnt. ju iretben: 

Saamann, tetli^ec hai bttH^mtt fot^rifdie ®tMf „Stimtat 
ba Snc^" onfaflt, Sarttlit ban Ifis&c, dtta«tfati 
SranS, ber SSetfatTn bei meifivEtrbigen j,9tan:enfd;iffej/' 
libci vetUtiU ber beiHiliintt Jtanjdiebnet, Salter con Aaifei«c 
berg, bffeirtlti^j'iwebtgtt. Knfti: bem wcbienen bU JtiiegSlicbet 
bt« fStit VBUbtv unb Xnbeici, fo vie bit ^nfingt beC 
bnttTd^ JCtn^gtfangt* un 14ten 3i>f)itiunbert Ormi^nung. 
Sfa btn SieTfaffn; bt« Utt|bn bcutfc^n Jttr^nlitbtt gtU 
SUmrsIl bon <&tu(nfart. Untet ben ffiaOabcn ober ERUter; 
SMnanjtn jti^ntt (id) bat Steb txni dten-^ilbtbtanb cort^tS^ap 
oof. 3nbnp<Ktifi^n@Tii^Iungunbber jtQtiueiflinbnitf^ 
€^Kad|t onftitttnben bramaCifc^n iDic^nft ctrfuditcn (td) bit 
viaba^^ asdfterf&neer ^sntf Xto^ntiilut unb )^an0 
ffotjitct^c bit tr^nbdannt(nga^d)t£rpitlt bi(^tttfniu.m.a. 

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Sldnede bet %uM' 
Sn^lt beffelbcn unb ffltftimmimg feineS aBert^S, 
9at @tbiil|t (nie ei tit btr &tttfhn uirt bebinntcn a:utgabt 
oon 1498 Mc unS licgt) ifl in plattbeutfdiar obn nubnrbtutfc^ 
Spioditf unb {tDoi: in baa fritfifdjtn SMateft etf^^^' 
unb txfUtjt auS inn; S&^an« bmn \ibH mil}tttt Jtqntcl 
enl^&IL 2Me Soft finb Sumbtii/ in tie m intcfjot nai) 
bamalig/a SbgtOofigfrit be< SSntoiaftt vitit Sponbceni Xna= 
p&fkn u. f. m. eingefdiU^cn ^attn. ^e fSanje ifl tin (cbtnbigct 
®emilb« oon rinem ^t» befftn Sbgent fi* bai MnfdjUigen 
eine« nitbcitcdc^tfgtn @iin^ngt jUkcU^ unb babuir^ wtber 
feinen ffiiOen auf ben Untngang frinrt 8Ieu^ ^ orbeiMf 
unb mtli&lt ali rin fotlirirclKi Sabelgcbidit tAt itf)xt, baf nac)) 
btr Sett 8auf bi( ®cf|laii^ fibtr aOei illed)t ben Sieg baoon 
tr&gt. IDte bann QorEinnnienbni ^rfonen, ninili{^ bee JUni^ 
mft alien feinen ffiafaOenr @taatg> unb ^oftaamtenf ©rifUidje 
unb oQe fibriecn ^!inb<( finb unter bem fBUbt von aOertri 
S^itmnfaft in aefopifd)0;3»anier,i50tec)lellti unb berSdoratteti 
ben tie SHatue ieba S^ieiart eingtpT&et ^r bejeidjnet bie Dfhlc 
unb@emfit^rtb»f)anbelnben9>ei1t)n(n. !Cct: Sud)S (aieinedc) 
rpiett bfe ^auptroQe i ton ben dbrtgen X^ieien finb bet Shoe 
(9to6el) aU JUnig, ber l&at^ (Srlmbatt), bet iBAr (Sraun), 
bet Jtoter (^nie)( ber fflod (SSell^n)/ ber ^<tfe (ganrpe), ber 
Self (^fegcfm)/ ber ^nlin (^ennint) oori^Cit^ in tie SSes 
gebenlieit nerfliM^en. fReinti&i nad)bem er flc^ burd) aUe Vnc 
Hagen ber Xfiiete glficGid) burdjeelogen/ nirb m^ ;um @d)tuf 
mit Q^ren unb @nabenbeieiguneen wm Ainig iAttijiaift unb 
te^ in Sealeitung feiner nun la^Ireit^ Sreunbe in fetne ffiurg 

0, Gooi^le 


(aXoItpottM) jUi&li hm cr feinn: gamiUe btn gUifiu^ Xuis 
eung frineS |)anbtU erj&^tt. 

9!ut fttten ifl rin ®tbul)t |o aOgcmnn unb g&ijtig aufgts 
nommtn ttwcbnif wU bitfei. 2at)i:f)unbcrte (ang hmt e< im 
ganjtn n&itUi^ Sunipaf bcfonbeti in Snttfc^nb, «n iUfn 
lingg:, man tann fagtn dn SoOebui^ 3San ^itlt ei fib efnt 
Stmbgrubt, aii« bn fic^ tift et^&^ btr Stimilf ia ftOift bit 
@e^eunmffe bee titfftm ^cOXt fi^ipftn Ucfen, unb ba^ »ai 
td aud) in ben ^ixibta aUet %&cftm unb ®taaUm&nnrr. (Srft 
feit ba 9XiH( bc« vorigtn Sa^rtmnbtrti ^ bit Stcnge bti 
Stomane unb anbnec @d)d^n b«i ERrineA auS ben nritUrm 
&&nbcn MTbc&nglf unb a wtuAt DfcKdc^ gang in Sieigtflicn: 
lirit gerotltn feim menn i^n nidgt @tt^ in tbleni Stftalt 
oiebec in'l Geben genifen ^Stte. IMefc neut Sclebung f)Qt bat 
®ebt(^ um fo me^ nerbtcnti ba ti burc^ eine fe^i aeCrtue unb 
9Ut fflfaUtnt @^(iTattn)dd)nuns/ burc^ iRanniefaltigteit btc pfr 
fi!^ Conrifc^n ia^n, bur^ giUIe eon SSift unb gaune unb etne 
^mi lebenbtse unb frcim^Qe iDatMung in ffciftaOjittt fe^ 
fliefenbtn unb ungejwungnien IBttfen/ jtbcn etf^ angene^nt 
bef(i)&ftigt augrnb, SBtiS^ unb Slittlii^Irit tiaben in biefem 
®ebl^ ifm tKffUd)|i( Cobtebe gtfunbcn. Xudj fto ben e!ptad>= 
focfi^ unb Kttett^umibnnei; ift tS wn grofem SSet^ 

Snmerlung. Si i|t ^|l wo^cIieinUtf), baf itbtS X^ 
cine wirniC^ ^erfon Doiilellt. ®i^n @tui:b (Commentar. 
de rebus Franciee Wircel. 1729, T. II. p. 797) mmt, 
baS unter btm SBolf Sfegrim bet 9lame ttnrt .ftqoflS <»n 
Deftreid), untn: SRetnetle bem J^ui^ abet bet .^etioa SRetnlwrt 
oon tot^ringen ju oetjie^n fei, unb baf bet iDidjtet beibc ^Jtts 
fonen fef)t rid)tig gtjrii^nrt ^abe. 

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jfunftcr ^I'tranm, 

©as Srftflttet wiebetentw^mbCT SD3iffenfcl)afflid&(eft. 

SSon gutter biS IDfit^ (153* 6(6 1635). 

Bn wldittge ^nbroiun M 16ttn Sa^i^unlwtU, btm wit imS 
ie^t n&t)«iti tr&gt ten SSUmttl (rinet cignitI)Atnttd)tn ^IjarottRS 
in iKTlbtof^ri^ Xiic 9)i»fit finbct In t^m niii fpiiliditKa^ 
tungj fie eriiest ben gdt^ittn StetitiE^en b« X^cologtttr unb 
bie S^nniigni Iwr ^^antafie werben e^ifymt ban% ben &cn^ 
bt« ^)aTf(I)enb(R Seitgeifle j. 9tut einsetne itmrige bn iDic^tfamftf 
bfe bet jCirdie unb bnn SBcIt oneefi&teRi »ie bat Aiti^tn: ntib 
RJoOitfebf ttMTbenntitnfi^semeinemSIeiflanaebautj bieqrif^ 
9>Mfie abet befdtrfmQ fid) aitf Stt&^bmgen anb ^inoixat, bat 
&ei)C0tbic^ auf @ati«i unb baE iDtama gewinnt nut an iufetct 
KegetmS^igleit 9to in bem Seginn biifei ^titraumt geigt fii^ 
noil ^le unb ba eine tebcn^frift^ ^^ontaiier abet intmer 
fil)»4i^ unb farbtor« «tHfil)t fie mit bem 3af)t^nbett wc 
bem fhren^en St^begriff bet JHtc^. — 

Coddnufl bfe SeitumfUnbe bet bcutftfieniDti^tEimpveil'aetm, 
gaben fit befto ra<^^ bet 93{|1enf<^ unb fat {^ belbnbere 
btt beutft^ ^proTcu 3n biefet Steait^a fhlit bag 16te 3a^ 
^wibett fo ^oi^ boB ei mit gleii!^ SUift baS geftattet bei 
piofaif^ 6)>tad)bilbun0 ^annt weiben ttnnh. IDicfe (S» 
f^einnng war tine nottei^ %elgi btt Stefotmofionf bie tt 
]un&# mtt btt fSitbung beS SetjlanbeS }u t^un frattt ui^ 
tint SStnge bcn @^pen unb ©egtnfdirifttn ^beifO^r bit 
beutfc^ at^faft ftin mu^tnr n>enn fie ba£ JBoK Abet ftix 


VtligM SnteiefTcf ibct bic Stttigion, btUptn foOttn. tin 
S^maatet mtt friner fi^ffenbni JCiaft nw&tt aui btn bcibm 
iKUpttriateHni lOeulfc^lanbS eine @pca{[)« )u bSbenj bit tr gib 
tiii^fl ffir feint SSibelfitxrfe^ung a/iixaaiiU, unb bit non brc 
itit an untn bem Stamen nits 9t(UA^o(l)beutfc^" BJDttt: 
unb SfidderfpiQ^ ttmrbe. SOtSf mai Knt^er au^erbcm in 
feinen ^bigtm nnb erbaunngSfdinflen/ in fflmn Slenbi 
r^t^ritxnf Sma^nungen unb ®trdtfd)riftenf guc gtrbening 
(ciiKe gTofwn aSflrU fto feint d^gtia^ta ju 9cben ^ttt* 
mKbc in niKT cbleni teutfit)m ^fofo flcbat^ unb tiitbeo 
geftfldebtn. Su<^ 6cgann 1t(^ bie ®ptat^ ju ttgein bur^ bit 
Xnfinge bet beutf^ ®raniniatt( unb Mlograp^r ncoon Ut 
frA^ Sett feine ®pur <iii^un>nren ^ iDabei mnbc bai 
etubtum bra btiben flafftf^n ©ptatfeen unb brt <^biritfd)tn 
jur @tfbtfd)un9 btc bibUfi^n Urhmben mil <Sifn bettiebnif 
nnb ffir bie iffiiflenfiiKiFCen bra fS^i^Aft, tRat^tmatil unb 
nolurtunbtr f[> loit fib bit feftt iBtgrAnbune bra (StU))tttns 
nnb SJoIUtiianina buni) UnioeiiUjUen nnb ©diniUni oicl Sis 
fprief (ii^ gd^n. ©o |bt)t biefe ^ ba, aU aSitbtirbttebeiin 
be* nriffenft^ofHiien ®iifiiii bra etnH in J^^iat unb SRom fles 
6lfil)t ^atte. — IGSir tinnen ^itt bit fSetnertung nii^ untei^ 
MfaftHf bafi mit bem funfCen 3<itraum unfecra Sitraatuis 
^<4id)tt fid) tie @iesenben unb ©ifie bra fiprci^i^en unb 
pMttf^ni ISilbung fe^t tKr&nbem. Sit bofiin woe bteft fafi 
aatfi^tfli^ SigcntlHun btt ftotMftlid)en Z^foU von lOeutfi^ 
lanb gnoefen } je^ tnenbet fie ft^ immer metii; unb mt^i ben 
imififHit^ ©tgeRbnt ju. XHe ^ugstanTtguna baju gab um 
bttweiftlt bie Sttframotion unb bit burcft S,utlitr (Knots 
Brauftne @ci)nft= unb 9tationa(s@pra^/ wtldK bit bii ba^ 

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^mfil^nti enwftnen iDioIette in Sc^anttn bti gemriiien 
Sebenl iiiritftbiSnetc. ZHt n&d)fEt S^Ist jciwr Srfc^cinung nuT 
bfe VuEf unb goctbObung bee bU batiin nod) tMttig geEiMni 
9)toftii jumat ber btbatttTt^n unb Dtotorif^en $onnr benti 
bie Stefonnotocni btfonbtcfl beburpen. Sut^ molUer unt btr 
tiU^ fa'gtr RiU brm ®d)n)nt bee Siebe fcbloften. iDaju btbticftt 
a ber jRebefDnti ber btutfc^ ^a^Oi bie biS^ nxnig gebiCbetf 
trft buri^ Cnnler ini 14ten 3a^unbeet tfietotif^ angebautf 
fpitCT^in MB 'SVbxtfbt Buret aui^ ffir Prtng wiffenfu^fb 
H^ ©egenlUnbe beatbeUetr aber banim tntmer nod) con 
aBentgen gelanntf oon AeUiem in aQen ©attungen pTcifaifd)ei 
Siibt gebtQudit nwrben nur, lOit Cultin intDO^nenbe ^aft 
liegte nud) ^ier wie AberatL ®dn ^aif^ @tt)l ift iwangloe 
unb notAcli^i tiTnid)t unb fui}, unb buid) goibc unb -Eon mit 
bent 3n^alt ilbaein^inunenb. €Seine ®d)rift(n berbienen dot 
alien bal Stubium bei beutfdfKn ©pTad^orTd^Tg, ber in i^nen 
am befteit ben ®ang bee @ptac^inlbune wa^me^en lana 
SSefonbert ettennbac n>iib bie fd)6ne Sigent^Amlu^feit feiner 
9Iebe in ftintn OrieinalsSSerten : ben ^ebigtenr Sractatctb 
Sif^gefpr^en, SSenbfdireiben unb fwunbfdiafHi^ Striefen j 
rail meiff in feinen fatflrifd)en unb polemifc^n @d)riften» roc 
er aEg Streitet f^ bie et)re (SotteS unb GS^dfli eTfd)t{nt. 9BilI 
man inbeffen ben ganjen Sieic^um ber lut^erifdjen ®pra(^ 
{ennen lerneni fo muf man feine beutfd)e SSibtlslleberfegung 
llubiren. 9leben Sutler ermarben (id) Ditle Jtnbere Slu^m in 
ber Setbreitung unb SBeittrbilbung iti ^i^beutft^ €!o 
i- & WxUfi ban IQnttm, ein freimiU^iger Slebner unb 
^d)tbater Si^ftfteOer. ^ofiattn ^jjrf&ola, buri^ Xni 
Tcgung N* 9tat{onaI|tnnej ffir bie Kuibilbung ber beutfdien 


CSyiat^f nii^u bit von i^ gcfammeltMi btutf^en Sipt&ifiobtUx 
xM bdtmgen. ttQtnmn nai^fci^tnbi nnnrc^I an ®<n>anli^ 
unb p^fcip^if^ SSiOmiig i^n writ Unjtratitenbf )cid)nttt fU^ 
^tbattian JfVanfte out DonautHit^ aai. Stttxn i^in tft 
M fotvctfo^ esdniftlUIIn: ^ofi. Jlscbart (aa^ fHni\n 
ff^aim) {u ncnnni, irnldiR bit SSpTadjt btt beiitf(f)ni @«nftt^ 
lii^tdt, bet eaunc U6 ©dierjtS unb SpaM >»nt(t bOMc. 
tfieorg Stolltnibastn, Ciomatf fflximn. SStfmbtrt 
tno&^nt ju tonben Kibitnt ^Hntf Aultf, nn ^tftgnuf tmb 
l^nliK^nibn: S<^(unb Sut^'& (iner bet f]p&tt|ttii unb t^ti 
wibUsftni 9Rtf^&necc, b« bucc^ fctnc faft ja^Oofen @<bi<f)b/ 
Qrt&^ifi'"' ®(!wurpult u. f. ID. auf frin ^citattet ft^ nm^U 
t^'e enmrtt ^. Biet* frimv @tbu^ htunben feinen xtbt 
Iti^ unb bicbmi SinXf unb fteUm l^n all rinen 9tann box 
twn €innn ebltn, ffir jtbtn Sinbnid brt esd^inm nnb ®utni 
nnpf&n^U^en ■^trjeni Ban nanwr Htbt fix Sugmbtn unb 
Stiigion unb wn ema ^o^n bun^ Mnm SBtdgfel brt ®c^ 
foU gttrAbten biunc. @nne ga|faM^pilt ^b fctv untn<> 
ftoIUnb. ^icr met ^aai 0<u^ me^ in, ftuitm Qlemcnti oM 
m fdnm qtxfOiiim unb nwttUi^ £omibUn unb Sngtbitni 
unb fdn bficenUc^ SBi^. ber in btt SmUbie oft burd) €%f 
unb ^rnm bcgcinit mocr fanb \fitt tintti frrirai Spittrcutm. 
eiriiK gioft aRe44tnltnntni| |rigt fic^ ^ in {^ ganjtn 
fithfe. Sicte bicfnSofbia^ttpitb tann man all ft^ 9ctun^nt 
etttoiennSlbe feincS ^citalteig anfetint. 3u ben befttn ge^fot: 
ivit bn Zntfcl tin alt ffirib juc @^ na^m. 

KU ft4 min S'9«< *Snbc ^" Sntiaumt bai beutfi^ SSoIE 
in Cotton jnfpaUetci mag man bit polilif^n Ser^Unifft/ 
sber bit nltgiiftnr obtr bit wilfntfi^aftlldfin bttrad^tn: ba ging 

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^ftfister Zcitraum. 

SoS 3^'taftw roiberfhebenber 9Relnungen. SSon 

Cpife bis fluf StUppd (1625 bi§ 1751). 

QBenn ti fc^n ben Skfe^"! beS mcnfdjlit^n iDcnInii fibnu 
Ijaupt gemd^ unb bxaHj bie @erd)id)te aUet SiblStc be^itigt ifl> 
bufi btit nfttn ttiffenfdwftlwfien Sffttebungen etn ^mpf ber 
tDtefnungen folgcn mu$ : fa ifi folc^ f n bem ^ettraomer btn nnc 
ie|t anfangwi um fo crflStbaicc; ba i^m ai&H nur in btt 
iRc^irmatun «ik IDUi bcnKgtnbe Umformung btS <|itiQg|tcn 
unb Xufrtflung alfa: ®dfl«fa5fte DOMuSge^/ fonbrni oudf) mit 
(^m efne Segebtn^ besinntj bte gan) Dtuift^b bitt^ 
3af)te ^inbarc^ nfcllAttecte. @piadKiiDic))tfnnitanb$^UofDpf)it 
ftnb 1}itt bft brei ^uptgcaenft&nbei bicr mit nibnr^btnbcr 
£i:aft unb eben better mtt ungCdt^ Stfolg bMTbdttti btn 
SODriS ffi^teni baf bcr SlenTd) ei|t not^ Dielen mannigfattiem 
SJtrirrungen ben getaben Sies auffinbtt iDtcj i|l befonbeirS bei 
Salt bei ber iDi^ttunHf bie in biefem ^eittaume fltf) gxftnC^tiit 
Don ber Stot^mung i^tt, unb bat Sid^al fiatr ba^ fidi brri 
^toTteien in ben Stfi( bet beotfd^ ^oniaf t^n, bie nnr bos 
bui;^ nif^ ju bejeic^nen glaubeny bafl mit fie bie „seban{en> 
teii!^/ pnintsolle unb gel^e" ntnntnj mnburd) |ic^ jugltii^ bit 
aebctfc^ft biefet 3eittiranie8 K^eiHflt, bie, in fo fern \it btrf 
ueifc^bene gufUnbe in fid) begreifti nic^ blof ben fdimantenben 
unb ungRPilfenf fonbein fogai ben tntgegenfltfttttn e^arate 

0, Gooi^le 


ttfF^en oufibrfidt Um bM n&^ )u bead\tR, unb babtin^ 
ita Sn^ ba fOi%cnbax ^i^itttf btefei ^ntraumt hlttniinttc 
(iiqiddtnti mAgm noc^ einlgt befonbtre gefdiidnUi^ ICnbtntunam 
wratiy^ Sg giU nbnlii^ nntn aOra Bor^getxiibni Srib 
tfaBBtn unfcm; CtUratitc trincn ringigcnf in iMijan fb oM 
nilaftrebenbt 8(t|Kg( JtcifCe auf bra ®d|nupIaQ tKtoi, unb fat 
btn JEdbt bar Sic^tlunfl uab €Ii»:acEK etflni tinonbn anfimpfetir 
ittinbcm 17tcn3a^itnnibttt, baSinfefner afim^UfU eoiq 
ben Dodjt^tiligtn Sinflfilfen bet fi&btl(I)m ^C(»pa«, namtnat^ 
ub befMttS ^atdrrii^ ^tngeeebcn ift ®o mie nimlUj bnn^ 
bm bntpi^%igen £n(g rint ^ntlficn^rit in bra ^filf^iljm 
bbcn bn S^eutfc^ lKtbcig(^^ tcurbcr fo aud) in bcr ettero* 
btcr btfonberS in btr :&td)tbmfL — 3m SAlttignvfl^I ui^ fm 
BSfa^tmsOammtl fi^ Me Sin^eit bet beutf<^ Sleidjet unb 
SoSei )u @nmbe )u ^t^m, ba mit bem frembcn JtrlteCDoQe 
<Btii fienbc Sfnai^ unb Sitten in unfet SBoteirtanb einbrongrnr 
f) boS unfere f)(iinat^tiii)tn Saute unter bem bunten Spra^ena 
fltntifc^ faft verftummten. iDa (ieg ein ftaftooto 2)iil|ter oon 
QiMcften |)n feine fimi^n Cieber ert&nen unb brad) f£ic unfrre 
tSpafy eine neue JBaf)"' "uf melc^ betVen 0#i:tr rait gUda 
%m erfotge weiter fttebteti. iSIarifn <®ipftt, auf 9teifen 
nA in ^^eien (SefeOfdwftitEfiifli eebiOxtj ber buiifi CuitOens 
ftubEnn ber btntft^ ®pcaiit in i^ SRort unb f^en eebenfti 
lof) cmgebningenf fdiuf nid)t altein eine gefd^raatteoller untcte 
fmn ^ bie beutf^ 3)i(i)ttun|t, foi^etn aud) fOr bic 9>nifa- 
d teinigle bie €^a<^ wn einer SRenge urilbet Kuia&^c/ gab 
^c ntue Jda^brtet, beBgteii^n Sormen unb Seibinbungcn. 
Orig ^t ben etireniwCCen Stamen tine« Soteire unb fBiebe^ 
iaftOni bentfdiet Eid^rtunfl eriiotten unb oud) wrbienfe menn 

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man cnvigti one f e^ n \dat Siois&nan: unb ^^m^at an 
£enntnif ber ®praclKf an @t&ttt b« ©ebanttiv an gel&utertcm 
®e(d)ma(r unb ffifirb* M MuibtuiK abnfliigttt. !Dii SBa^l 
frinrt Stoffcif une bie Se^anblung bt|^ttb<n jrigen, itKld) dntn 
wo^ft^Stigen SinfluS bit fefnns bfi Slten auf tijn flt^St, btroi 
®ci|t n in fi^ aufgtnommnL i9|i(tj wat bet erfU. bn bic 
4dli fatfc^Cf t^eUi unf{(t)en £luanttt&t unferer ®i)[bm bes 
^mte« auf bit @(ttungf aSefTung unb SBctonune becftlbra aufs 
merCfam maift, unb burd) ttfltbore SrunbTi^ unfnn ^>n)fi)b{e 
i^r ®nlftt^n flab. ©«n( ©ebitfett (inb bit ctlbn, in btnen 
bui^^enb j dn im^tct unb DotRommenn: profobifi^ £R^^!)mud 
^ctrT^' r» x*i^ bn t»Itt£ntnbenr not i^m felten gtbrauditt 
ICtetanbtinn tint grA^nrt ICllgemrin^titf unb bur^ bit Sac 
bpng bn @tnfif)nint unb fflu^unttt unb bai Sinfi^ilinam bn , 
^iten in einanbtci me^ 3Sannisfaltigfrit unb SbttKcliftlung go 
DKinn. ©cflnbe gtnugf mit i^m/ aU btm ^fldHnbci bcc Jtonfts 
ifot^e, tintn neutn ^eitraum ju bcfltnnen. — 

S^m folflten mit mt^ ob<r tutnigtv @tlfi<t (tine deltn 
&^Uxt Dor olbn JPauI Jpltnimiiis, tin mit itittKm 
ISoIcnt auigtlfatttta; TniyUr. Untei alien Ct(t)teni biefe« 
3titiaumi tritt n btm &fit\ am n&d)flen unb gilt ots bet 
eeWtbetjle unb flrftte C^tifec bti lYtai 3a^r^nbertS. iDaS 
tr ienetn nac^fttte« unb i^m biel }u wibonten (otter fagt tr 
felblt mtm^ Ib^t (I i^m an 9innf|rit bet ©praSie unb 
Aca^ beS VuSbnicCe xadjt na^, unb bftt:^ i^n an Sunigieit 
bet ®t^U unb @t&r!e bee $^antafie tml)! tibettrelfen. 
.&itte tt [Snget gelebt, fo w&cii a feinen ®(Md)ten tintn 
l)6^n @cab bei SoUenbung gefltbcn (aben i aber er ftatbi 
noc( e^ (c einmol tint Gammluna betfelben sum X)nid 

0, Gooi^le 


i>eftcben ^tte. HnHrts* t&tmpbba (seb. 1616). alt 
Sprite: unb ®6ian\fnti^EAifitt tutd) Si/manq mi Stun bt> 

dhrftlrrfci tion Xrogan, Btrfalcr tnfFI^n einngtbi^f 
Sntrrtnt ^mlttni, 9Uani l@lMr(uS, £'. 39at(, 
nnti ^aul eStviatH. ffiti^artr fjlf aU ZM^ tt^ 
tn^ttt, nn juKittr ftnti^er. Stine eiebn; finb VaSbti^ 
(i«t fnmmen empfinbfamtn <&eTiCnei iai con btn ^tgcn 
Stffi^lni ber Mnbac^ 6i( jut: SBtgrillming gerii^rt unb 
nfd)]hteTt uucbf unb in fd^tm Z>rana( bet Stnpftnbung in 
©efong ftberfloe. SBir bejiften wn i^m noi^ 120 8itb«j 
inlelTm finb lit ni^t atle oon fllddjem ffiert^. — 

3n biefci Sntaltn f&Ut aud) bat itUn »on Jl. TO. 
SSfnltgrcf b«t buri% fein n apop^l^tgrnafa b. i. bet Z)tutfil)cn 
Huge Spn^dfCr" u.f.u). befannt ifti fo mie bat fc&ftigc aBtrftn 
wn iipfi becu^mten fatidf^n £td;tern j. 1KB. laorttti 
itts unb Jtoacj^fm JSartiel. Wt prcifaifi^ ®atirita 
' mimt 3^. fSL. fRoii^voiti riU)mIid)t emi^nuns- 
ffsritof, f&a^mt, 3Pii. b. Ktrirn u. a. m. txe Jtampf 
*«t WttberflrelKnbtn StSftt in bra ei^len unb ^V^txn ^ilfrt 
Mcfm ^triobtf bei oUe Sin^dt oeit)inbeitei mn&fligt fi<^ mit 
t<m Snbe b«i 17hn 3a^t:^unbettt unb ti ieigt {id^ im 
Vtginne be§ folgenben ein mi{tmt unb nationat(B Stnben 
1104 ton ISelTcienf inbtm SSprac^ unb ^oefie i^in ^t^*\a 
Wi, ^alltr unb ^agtbom entlcbigt nKtbcn. £a bet 
t^nuiitenbt Sufbnb bee beutf^n Sitnatur bit ie(t no^ 
ttincn tuilicnaten IS^atatttc ^attc gennnnen linnen. inbem 
tHe tAUcfitt ntet)r ober tcenigec bolb Staliener balb granjafen 
lutt SriOen iu i^en ffiotbilbtm genommeni fo nat lu 

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troocten/ baf bn buni) I^XItr imt> ^nitfieai gmtHe 
fwtm tStlit iee frine SHaljtung btfonbert ani b«n ffiertm bc« 
tlafltfi^nini^ntfiumS g^ogenibtn bUljcr un(«fdcMgttn Sinn f&c 
bafl €h^ine in ^f/taijt unb $iK(te ballb aOgemdnra anttgtn unb 
<inc nationals Voif« ^Mfitfctv ntlkbt. S< beburftt boio 
nut dnct neutn brilif^litnorifl^n Sentntafnngi unb bUft 
fanb {i4 in ben entgesensefc^fni Stftnbungen inxitt aiUnnn:, 
bie beibe oU SReiftn unb b^ (id) unb i^ £unf(g(iio|Tui in 
cine gc^bc txmiictellenr ukIc^ lang foitgcjogtnr uttni^ i^n 
ti^n Siu^ oil bit Segtitobune rintB (bltni (Scf^miutt 
btfStbret^t — 

Die briben @ti:eit«ib«n nwien: ^ofi. 3'teb Sottmer 
■ unb 3iei. Cgrfdtopti (ffi^otUciitti. Str Aampf ftOiK 
miib getD&^nlit^ ber £ampf bei Eei^jigtr unb d^ija^ 
genannti bit S^iinge beibo; ®d)ul(n begdc^neC man aU 
JSobmerianet unb ®ottfc^biano;. 

iCm litumifi^ ®tt(it bcibtr ^artdtn root folgenber: — 
3m Sq^w 1721 errid)feten 3Sofiiiwr unb ftin Steunb 
iSrttttnsrr tine geletictt ®<fel(fi^ft, bie fii^ an ^ftinuntm 
Xagtn txtfantmetter jic^ bba motolifi^ unb litetocifi^ ©egin: 
fUnbe unter^ielt/ unb !Bti:f)anb(ungen fiber itm ^ammens 
Knftt fO^rte. SHet ItUetc bie 6(ifCei; barauf ein moEalif'!)' 
&|U)cHf^ mettafblaa, m^ TLit be« englifctien 3u(d)auer« 
untec bem Sitel: »iDiihtrfe bn: !ERalar" (niralic^ <naln; bee 
menfifti^en ©itten) fjerauSjugebai, in iwU^m fie fiify unto: 
ben Kamtn berii^mteE ^Otaler alB ^ata ^aVbtia (bebeutet 
bolb Sottmer, balb ffirtttftiger) "^Vbtt^t Stirtr, 
JAajpfiiitl bon ^rbfn, SHicbatl 9ns(Io, JRolintf 
(Sobmet) wr&oreen. SKiluntet tonitn nun in biefet 

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ffiw^i^ft aud) einige fcitifi!)e XuffSftt dot, j. iB. fltn: 
6))ca^ ttnb @t^j nnbct ben iReim, fibre bit £nn|t iu tefcnj 
esttllen auS Soiteau'fi iD^ttun|t in reimloft Serfe flbttfcet 
imb rait £Beirf)ieI(n auS beutf<f)en jDii^Krn rt\hittxti fbi 
Xvaum }u (S^ftjnut &]b fiber <!KaI[einiiliifatf unb 
3P)pi^« t fibn: Me glei^ gettcnbcn ^^itta i fiber bit vo^ 
ff^tcbencn Xtten btr SBortfptelt/ u.f.nt. nnb bitft Setiai^tuiigta 
imn^ mit Steifpielen aiiS JiUtni unb ncuttn 3)icf|tnn etc 
Uuttitf babet bie Sorjfige bei ^fit^iAtttn gt^ unb bit 
Staler btr nntem @tbti}|te freimfit^ gtrfigt — ®<f)cn burt^ 
benSntutt biefer SBcd)enfi^rift, tie tm 3a^ 1729 unttt bem 
Zitel : rr ber iDtaler bn 0itten " fortetft^t nmrbtr fitri^ bit 
■^mit^ber tjiujie in ba6 ©ebitt beg grammotifi^ i&iOt* 
tfbt'tt, unb e8 fonnte nidjt fe^hn, ba| tr felbfi babet 
emp^Iic^ berft^rt ipurbc. Vbcr tt bauerle nic^t (angti fo 
flit^ben &t)nliil)t llnttmt()aiunetn. Sa (am j. SB. in Seipc 
Itg tint moralif^ a&K^nf^ft t)erauj| unttr bem Sitel btr 
"fieipjlget ©ptttateur/' beffen ^au«eeber fid) ben Stcunen 
SicgeneS beile^ten^ in Hamburg ber „^abMt" (bon 
SroAt* jFuhtittttA Haf&iann) unb in ^Ot »bit 
wnilinftipn CaUUrinnen" wn fGott^tV a a. 
iBb beiben S^iatr ptfifttn bieft SSdjtipen unb fuc^tn bit 
SefdimattldfieM berfelben affenflic^ ju ieigen. ERun er^ben 
(idl ^ottiOtftt, ScJEiiDa&t Crflltr u. X ali @(ptr btr 
e^mtijeif unb fud)ten biett in grammatifc^ .^nfiilllr bf 
fonbttS megtn i^res fdjroeiserifdjtn DialeM, ebtn fo jurti^ ju 
iKt(tni roie man (ie in dlW)eti(d]ei ^(i(f)t jutedit gtmitftn 
)aSU. iDieft ^Udtrrien na^men tine emiteie aOnibune, alt 
Sotrmtr'if UebecTclune bes SRiUon erfc^n. <ffiotUr)itlr 

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n&mltif) rin ^tani bet fcaniifififien @efd|tnaifs griff in ftfntr 
«iOid)ttunft" unb in ben HSBeittSgen jut ftritifiijen ^|t«i( btt 
btutfc^n Spcac^" bte lOtaniec M enetifdjcn iOic^tne mit 
ODltairifdjen (Siilnbm an; ffiolmicr fdirieb bagcgen einc 
{lath Si<rt^eibi3une unttt bem Xitel: r,JCtttifd^ Xbtmnblung 
non ton SSunberbann in b« ^Joepe unb btfltn SSetWnbung 
mit btm fBattrTi^cinlidfen." ©ottfn^ obwofil ticmli^ glim^fa 
lid) k^nbeltf jog biefe ICb^nblungen in frinen SStitii%fa 
jur {ntir<i)en -^{loTic bei beutf^n &fm<i)e ^eflig butddi imb 
fo ging benn bol long glimmenbt geuo; in dne ^(blobnnbt 
Slammt auf. iSer nun nftlSg aulgebto^ene Sebntticg wotbe 
tion beiben Seiten fo beifiig unb ^eftig geffi^f baf bit fitrit: 
cnben ^>i:iTteien/ in bet ^^ i^et ^olemiEi am ISnbe ben 
SSegenjtanb beg @tteite£ ^ani, auj ben ^ugtn otttoteni unb 
xAtlt bet (SottitbtVinrur gat nic^t mt^it nuEiteni tvown 
benn eigentlic^ bte 9tebe fd. 9lac^ tinec 9ieil)e Don ^a^ten ttug 
bie bobmetifdje ^aitei ben Sieg bavoni miu ^!Cli>ttc^t n>n ^Oet 
nt())t wenig ntiOmrCCer ba et getobe jut 3eit bd Stteitet mtt 
feinen ®ebi(E|ten aufttoti bie oOe bifi^etigen Etiftungen unenbtid) 
ObetCtafen. lOobutd; wutbe bie et^ Untegung gegeben ju tinem 
gtfinblid)en Stubium bet in Cptacfie unb @itte bem iOeutf^n 
ni^ |tet)enben SngUnbeti mit bnen Aenntniji ftt^ bie oUe 
SJotUebe fSt ^ani£fifd)e Citetatut immer mtpc mtIot. SS&^nb 
biefet £&in|)fe unb jum S^eil iadj biefettotr moaijt butd) bie 
f46pfKifd)( 5ttaff Slopflotf'S dn ^i^evet ®ri(l in bet beutfdjen 
eiterntutr bet felblt&nbig fid) bilbenbr ®pta(^ unb ^oefie auf 
rinen witlier nie gefeijenen .^i^epuntt jhUtF ju bem (abft bat 
aebilbete MuSlanb mit (launtnbet SBemunbetung ^inblitft 
ai8 SBorbeteitet einea beffewn ®efd)moifcS in bet beutfi^ 

0, Gooi^le 


?>oefw am Snbe M ITttn imb fan Tttlfaoi M 18ttn 3a^ 
^unbnrl^ finb btfonbot ju ncnnai : ^tint. SrotftM, bon 
CanCti, J(. €}>. (Smffnt unb bie eanjtiln; CbxiuUm 
aBtrnOtf imb C. J^. S,(itoob. ffin ftf)[ sncinistn: unb 
wnteUet; ©efi^act (tf((|dnt fi^on in bnt SS^ften brt Snftn 
f). SSnnau, SoScfi, <»crt, £alnra, ^. (f. Adilcitrl 
iL 0. tn. — Sof aui^ iGvttttftt'O'i &'ptaijU^ tab gefdnb 
nttte S(>rfdf)riften ber Stctbfamldt onb iDCi^thin^ bnn!^ boS 
etcebnt nod) Somtt^ unb SttgtlmAfEgtdt b« SMrffcIbmg 
<mf i^ Sdtatta nu^ umwitttiC^ft gcntirft ^btn, temtc oidi 
ICH^ nin: bn 9ttib Ceugnm. Sdm eelef)rtt|bn @tgnKr bic 
CS^md^n/ SSaluitr unb Srtf tfnstt, wrtannttn feint JBtvc 
btcn|ier inbflti fit gegen btn inncm @kl|aU bn fJocfit btn !tBnt( 
tbm: fd]iii eeregdtm S^rm unb einci nintn Vuttntcbl gu 
9cnng onfi^tigen. 

^i^enter Zettrsnm. 

JDoe 3titatt« Ilaffif(l)er unb romantiftlttt glteratur. 
Bon ^ot>fIi>if bis auf unfete 3eit (1751—184©). 

fOb Sottfc^iitte bet norigm gritnnnnt uortn rine glddli^ 
SoibcTritung ju bieTm le^tenr tim man nit 9Mfi bat golbnu 

3ritaltei:bn®)nra(I)t unb beBC%ifRKfeninnmenIann,tin3eit' 
atttt/ iwldjes aSnlter in itia Sunft unb SBiffenft^p eqeufltt, 
Me M Diit benen jebci anbem 91atton oufntlimtn tfinnen. Q* 
(^ bie 3eitj mo bee unJibertiePar erljabcne S&loptftotit, btr 
eS(^er ber 6efTe«n Nulf<i)en SDi^lthmli, ouptatj roo et uiA 
(tine eblen gettgenoffen, Cramfr, itSUim, ffitlUrt, 

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■»» "^^^JTe»— ■*" ^^ Mam"'' 

««- — 2:^^*^*"°*^'„t^*»»»• 
■^* *" »««•»•*•*"? J™, tow »'"* ; 


aE&UAN LrrERATDKX. xxxt 

ffiie bie XKutfi^ ten Knfongdpunlt ifgca Sloubtnlfm^ 
nrit %ut^ fc btitu^nen fit ben ^nfang i^rrt tiA^tmi SSptoi^ 
unb isHsttcntynt mit Alopibct/ b«m SUfti,\tntanttn itt 
brntft^n iDentend unb Sli^Iene. Qtft mlt i^ beefimt bie 
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ntann, £tavoIfnr IpUJiler, Sgnttf df^ranj, Stalrel 
Carnliasni, SStttina ban Snttm a m. a.— 3n bn 
9^c))^{t glAniten: |>nl}ir, Itant, feamann, ffLttt' 
HtUabn, ®arbe, jTettrr, ^aubf, jFfrJtte, dr&cl' 
IfnS, Kcffcl, Bolgn, MtSmi u. m. a. — 3n btc 
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Ufi^jceibung: QSfnItttmann, ^oiftr, J^tlilojer, dpftt' 
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0, Gooi^le 


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0, Gooi^le 


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anetngntt — SBonte man f^n non atUn J>td)ftni tmtofil^ribm 
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inuner unglAcCU^ gorfidlt^" (f. Aunfb unb ^Ctttrt^unif 
VI. I. ®. 200), fo ift nn« bet @<I)IAJTeI guc e&fung eegeben. 
9tai^ bcm attm tot)cn fBoOemilin^ i|t gouft bet tSi^mdnt 
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etben bt« ^{ftoriTi^ Souff fim) tmaifi in bem SnbiiHbuum 
MeiDcnffirriiMtfbie ba^in ^btt/ btn ®egenjtanb beg®lan6«nS 
and) in tin JBegteiftn unb SBifftn gu wrawnbttn. ©it* abec 
^lt)itt bei bem SXangel bti unautgtbObtten SU^e^oaSetX' 

0, Gooi^le 


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3bc(iIifmuS bn fptcuMsen ^^ilafop^fei in attifn bn bniti 
mbt ®«)t ®Iauben unb SifTtni Dffenbantns unb Skniimp 
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oon ot^dioem ®laubtn abgefaHenrtf unb oon nw ju b(friebte> 
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ft(4 bcrdl^tm St t|i dn gtcftt ®tbi(I)t; bie be^ SCtwaMcb 
M( itmoU Qcfc^ben nwibtn unb veiUntt b(e ^M)^ ICn^ 
merffamtett bet it^cct. Sin anbetcr 4^06 Ui beutf<^ 
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jefa^ien Knnen, fatten fi<f) in itim vmSxA^, mb ojeuetnt 
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mArbe feine gtofen ZaUntt no^ unslei^ ^1}a r<HAenf worn 
tt nii^ lutr aSt monnigfatttsm JCenntnijft unb tlefcn Sitf 
P(^, bie fffnen tiefpi^en poetifi^ SBerfen )um Oiunbt 
BtffTti beutlit^ {U erCennenf fonbern aai) in biefem IDti^ 
bra ticfbcnlenben Selttwifen, ben fi^mflinnifltn Wtf^rtite: 

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unb £un|lfcnitn:« ben griftoollen unt> It^eUIjcn (St^ifiift' 
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wb^t, Seine uiefentli^e CEigentfifinilii^Idt bt|b^ tn bee 
SBecefniQung cinet p^ttoTcp^trenben Xapft rmt pMtifc^m Sinn 
unb ®ct|le. SSoboIb a etnt ^t^t Stufe bet ffiUbune tf 
rang, leigte |icl) in iebem fdner Stjeugniifc plKIafap^dw 
Steperion int poeti^d)m ©amnbe { ja ei Xi$t ^ auB feinen 
@etiif)ten tic ^eriobe genan angebeni in mli/ct i^m bie 
nnterfcl)e{benben SJegriffe bet Mtifcfien ^^Ucifop^ ni^ bt: 
binnt gewotbcn ftnb. ICa ^bijfU ®Ian} bet beutftiien Sipatdjt, 
ben er Aber jebeg fefner Sittle ju berbteiCen ma$Ui unb 
befonbetfl b«t t^'^tfymH(fy ^Bo^Oaut, bet nii^ blof in feinta 
¥«fbn< fonbetn in alien ftinen aSetftn tierrfi!^ ^t eg ^maifii 
ba$ biefe Semettuna ni<^ fc&i) gtnug aufsefaft nmtbc 
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(tine profoifi^n S^ii^ften Abet (Segenff&nbc bet Jtriia unb 
£unlt fhibiren. So &ufetfl bottteffUt^ unb belt^b fie finbr 
fo mug man eingefle^eni baf 1tcf) fo bin St^ri^Oet ertUitn 
nfttber bei bent bie MnfUecif^ podif^ Vnfii^ bit wi:^errf<l>i 
enbe ift Sin gro^ S^ feiner bid)tttffc^ HHtOi, oenr&t^ 
eine letbenfdwftlii!^ SefangenlKit feints OemiU^ bun^ eiiw 
gettflbte £tbtnianfi(^t unb olpt ^meifeC fanb a f^tecin fc^n in 
fnl^ So^en feinen ffienif fit'* SEtauetfiiieL — Xbtt o^ 
Sel)lti: tein SSenftl) i alfo <niS) fein X>ii^. 

SRan ^ot bei ajtrsleii^ung unferf S)id)tetC mit ®6t^ 
einen fo wcfentlidien Unterfd)ieb jmifdicn beiben ma^genommen/ 
bag man (ie in tinent stuifTtn ¥untte ali @egenfJLte ^infteUen 

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win. iDwftt ?>unft brtrip b« Ctifrtinitlt ®it^'8 (wn tw: bfe 
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eSc^iilln:'*. lEBenn e« 3eiHm ouUrii^ nolArKi^ unb luigrtrfibtt 
8tu^ brt @an(it^ in SkrUnbuna mtt ^^sm fy)^ ZnttOiqftn 
ttoi) unterftfttt burd) bie fd^n frfl^ Unab^&ngisteit fAitt 
et6atS»t^Itnitter tridt^terttj f[<^ fnner ful^ccttven SBtgeillcvi 
Dne )U cnt&u^cmr \t fe^m tiitt, bofi tS &lfiSan nat^ ftincr 
eon Stotitr mfynit^ffta Stitnmung/ nad) ftinon angeborncn 
.^ongc )u cinem refUttirenbm Xicffinn unb na^ fefiin gaiqtn 
i^m nentt^tolidfoi ^(tanfi^uungi ft^ner unhn nrnftb 
bit fiiMDibiKlb 9Sa^^ ber SBbGU^ ran au^ufaffen. 
UcbaaK tiitt mi£ frinnn titfen unb cri^^Uiem @tni^ 
tint ibtalt @tbaiihroptlt {jnauSf burcd tMli^ n; bie aicRic^ 
Rett nu^ fdncr Snbioibuallt&t ab&nbtct unb geftattct £a^ 
tilaintn wit in alien frinen ?>tobuttIonen ftin i>ttf5nlii^ 34 
unb ba bitfci bit sIfidUd)t Sietnt^ibnUditeit in fic^ tc&gt, bog 
td unS inunti tin nw^utnbtd SiCb ^o^n unb reinn: ®f 
(omung/ grDBortiger ©tfd^te unb GnKrgit bei S^raltttt doi^ 
^( dtt asSb, tMl(^ gugltid) bal ttl)i(<fy ©epc&Qt btr 9latiDn 
ftlbft ift: fo btgm^ fid^ tdi^ bag @<l)illtir otint auf btr 
£nnft^&^ @5t^'S ju ftt^i bo^ btr Station mc^ iuTasen 
unb eit&Ungibii^ btr !C«ilfcf)tn ttitrbtn muftei w&^rtnb 
Sftt^ mit frintr Obiettiirit&t oUcn ^tittn unb alien SJilftm 
ongt^irt SBtnn biei im KOsemeinen von ben S)id)tortcn 
Striber giltr fo mug in St^ug auf bit fd)iUtrf^ iDromtn 
nod) btr bcfonbm jBorjug bemtitt nxcben/ ba| fit mt^ 
bramatifi^ Stbtn Oi bie git^i^n ^beni unb aU Sfi^nenn 
Qftdt bttrac^teti fid) urn fo mc^r gcltenb nto^tif ba aOe feint 
^Ibnif auSBeirid)n(t burc^ tinen flBtifTen Jtbri ber Statue, ba! 

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Sbeal nunfc^Ii^ SaUn^hft unb SktUt^ifin^ barfbnen. 
tlnb in fo fern feint SSA^enfUde nit bie tneiflenfeiner Iprtft^ 
IMditungcn doe oOra anbeni !pK^ tin Qtm^affit oDec 
IDeutfcEicn gnvotbtn ftnbi tonn tt aui^ f&gti^ a(i Slotionbiil^ 
bttnicf)tet wetbtn. @ttt>ip abet i^ haf (Sbt^ unb 6cI)U(tx 
bit ertften SSttinbilber am ^otigont btulfi^ ^Joefit ftnbf 
loeim gleid) Seber in tinttn anberC gtf&tbten Etii^t Iniiiitet 
lOlan muf bat)ei bem £inbt (SJetHna von Xminii gtbotnc 
Sttntano) beipflidittm nwnn H einjt ;u @&t^ r^Stt: bte 
SBelt fit^t eu^ an n<Ct inei SSri^ ouf einent S!£fyc6ni St 
Iwt fo Dttl Kn^ingti; wie 2)u> — fEe tmffene nii!^ bafi fCe 
bnii% ben tintn i»m anbent boA^ ntibcn. Unb @it^ 
ftlbft faet In ben @efprSiI)en mit Qdtnnann: u9tun ftretM 
fii^ bal ¥u&Ii(iim fett {nwnjtg 3aE)rtnr twt gttfer |ei/ SS^iOtc 
obct i<^ unb fie foOen flcii fmienf bag ibtroa tin ^aat Jterle 
ba ftnbi worAbet fit {Itdttn Unntn." 

•Sine ceic^ a&U t»n Sitbern unb @eflaUtn fi^lof ^ean 
^aaPt fi^&pfertfi^ .gumor bet lExat^i^ atufe <mf f sefeUige 
Vnmut^ unb feint Srojit tr^lt fit Don WUtlnj^'i un^ 
VbitmmtVt fifivff^J^ ■&<>nb. So^ bet SSternei bit nnfeter 
Qf/tai/t in bitfer ¥edobe Ituditettn unb na<% glinjtnr (inb fo 
tritle in oOen asifftnfc^ftenr ba| ^ in biefet furjen Uebtrfti^ 
nii^t Siaum iftr i^ Stamen ju nennenr n>tnigti noc^ i^ Sec 
bien|It ju m&biatn. Stuc biefel fei) nod) gefagtr feitbem 
Stiebii^ bet @tofe bit SSt^nlen bti menfc^iilien @ei|te( im 
S^nfen unb Sc^reiben bco^ unb bamtt fAr ba( IMttfi^ SBoIt 
unb feinet Citnatur me^ ttobettti oil iadi fein Si^neit fftt 
9)teu|enlanb ) feitbem ber Ta>t\ unb jeber @ebiU>ett ti ft^ jut 
Sk^bc anred)nen nfirbt/ ftine 9}lutttrfpn>d)c nid)t tii^tig )u 

0, Gooi^le 


ffttijm anb ju fi^rriben — fdt twc Jctt IjOHem (^ fti allen 
CSt&nttn bit ®^iagt ba Sreubti unb S^rlt unb fBoOi "Xbtl 
unb Bftrgtr fu^ {^ S£tm|xl mit fnfi:^ Jtiiiytn brt 
3tu^m« jn r^miithn. — 

eribtr ifl bai beutft^ fBott bm^ bit anf^nxOtnten ghtt^ 
ba poItt{fiI)tn Unigniffc btr jt^igm StUtn 1b onmognt mib 
mit eSorgm f(h: boS SXattritUt bc( n^ttntn Stbent fb 
gntugfiun btfi^Ar%/ bof bai jwctifc^ Sefufil en btn 
^gaSidita unb gpolitif^ Stbrftngnifftn ntoltet ilMt 
Vdlita i|t ittur fib btn JDb^ tin tbtn fo brau^barn; @ti)|f 
vit itti'T onbCTtf unb tonn na<^ tbn^&i^tn fi>sat ttttntmifa 
fnjn} aba n ftnbct fttnt (Stlain m bent 3nit<t bee poetif^ 
Jbutft ftlbft axA ioftitt ftbit »ol}lt^iti0t <e3irtuns( vxm btr 
JXi^ta: unbtfbtnun unb tottto* lent Sr&njt Aberfi^Ritet 

QR&sm <ntrm JDi^ nit vaee^tn, ia$ bat uulirt C^fnc 
bat Olemtnt Ut ®attn nli^ cntbt^ren tami) abet m&gt aui^ 
but con^Itiitiimene Stbtn unb bomit bit lg£i)eTt SSilbung tnuntc 
mttit XufT^nntna a en tf nnen ! 

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^wee ant Vcttts, tott^ SiamyUB. 

Cmuitf tni(AI It Vitiff, •■■ !»["> ■i4r'lii><ii Strmi 
Bcingil n Incfllg unkloi nii| Due lini i'nuf, 

■»>T p» Ma iaif4( It Ht lit): HI tUlinb bf> CAinKit 
timfl«>l: ».t .Bill SM HntrU H> I»«atf>4 ■'■'• 

VOL. I. » 

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e<[iti<iii< ocifi - _.. 


""•"l"*"! «IH.«f<|l. 


1 Bl[lliit< tr't :— 



In «uj>|b B!U[. eifl.i.l 



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txr «[.>)»> 

etc. ».(. «.isi 




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^ofa unb ^uefte im ^llgemeinen mit SeEf^ieltn. 
Vts^itf in maMititat 

j^ai xbmiidji Son wot nudi btm ain^ttnilTe ber Smni^tnt: 

umjUnbe in fec^ iftonsorbnungen ringet^rilt, nx[ct)e man Qlafltn 
nmuite. iDte @lt(tei be§ nibn Siangti bcjtti^iKtt man Mtjugi: 
nsife mit b«n Xiamen wSIaflifcr i" btnn bit auSg^ii^netlbn* 
ongefe^fflfttn unb rinfluttridrften Slitger M SSuatl ge^icttn 
p bfeftt SlQffe. ©pSttt trug man bieftn Stgriff aiif bit SSdiriff 
fttSn bee ®ned)rn unb Sihnn: dba unb nannte biefe SlafTittTf 
nwuntet man wm&0!i)tt muptr&afte SSdirtftftellet cnftanb. — 
SSiiCict) 1}aitn anil sicle bicfer SSt^ftfleUn' nw^I uneireidibaTt 
St u ft mu trte IjintnlaiTen. SBit umi: biti ou^ anbetl wn fret 
gcbocnen unb ftti erjogemn URinnetn ju etmaitem Iwt^ in 
rincm @taafc lebteur wo man von btr Sraflmine sroftr. n:: 
^bener ®(ban!en nidrf Unveil ^wxSjtitt, fonbeni SegrCinbungr 
Scftrberang unb SBc^fti0ung bte aDgemrinen Sb^let liClkr «:= 
unrtetcr unb xoa bic get^ XraftiuSmtng ntd)t buic^ enaljeqiger 
ftooWbflrgwttt^ SWfitlrtni be((^in(t nmrbt. JJod) nit^t blofe 

cjiij^c, Google 

bit fntc SBerfaffung bee Sitaattit fonbem aui) bit anmut^u|e 
Cagt btS SanbeS unter eiium f)dteni ^mmtH^xiiiit imttt be: 
flflnjKaenb auf Sunft unb ©<^tiftjltl(ttri beS fogenannttn Oafu 
('<i)m XIteTtt)untS ein. jDtSIjalti nmbcn aud) bte SlafTitn^ Emid) 
einfadit SBfabt unb Sdjta^ burd) gtofwn, umfaffMiben ®iim 
unb bun^ innne (Stiks/trHjtH fort unb fort itfjm onb !Soi> 
btlber bet 9ta(l)nKU bleiben. 

Bejridjnni mir abev burc^ ben ausbruce dofpf^ j(be« in frinn: 
Sit wttlomment ^unftoetfc in meliljem ®toff unb gorra ober 
Qintleibung dnatibec burd)bnngen unb ju «n«n ooQenbetcn 
Qkini«n oetfi^Ijen finb, fo (Jnnen wk ben SHamen eiafaer 
mil Sttijt aud) auf Dirt* @d)ri^ttn ber neuem flationen ubet 
tcagen. Xbcc nii^ b(o$ bie flcenae S<ad)tung bei SSprad): 
3ebraud)eg unb f^inrebnerif^ Sialtdildt gtben eegi&ibett ]Cft= 
fpdid); auf SlaiTtcit&ti benn 6<{ cinem claffifdxn @d)rtftflcUer 
fucl)t man nid)t oSein £lart)dt unb Steinfieit bee ®pttti}i unb 
SSeflintmttKit in bn €igen^Anili(^ b<« Xusbrudcfl. fonbtnt 
auc^ €k^^ unb Sin^ in bet JSoQenbung unb gcf&lligeg 
SbenmaaEi aUo: Xfietle bet JCotfleSune. iDie ^orm biefcir 2)at= 
lleKung muf bent ©tof fibnaUcoafonimen (ntfprti^n unb jebtr 
SItbante in frifi^ Sebmbigleit fo entmictelt unb aulgebtidt 
feiui ba$ er aU ein unentb(^rltd)er unb not^roenbiea 3^^' ^** 
ixUenbeten ©anjen erfd)tint 

9{a4 bent eben entoichlten Segrifft wa 61a(ficitU ^at auc^ 
bit beutfd)e Motion beai^nggum^ GElaffibr au^un)etfair bcnn 
Dieie beulfcf)C @c^^Iier Iwben in ungebunbener fooo^I aU in 
gebunbcnn SRebenxife Snff(id)ee seleiftet. — SXan untetfi^eibct 
Qen)if)nt{^ jnxi Detf(i]ieb<nt ^uptfbrmen ber Sprad^rlteOung. 
Difft @int|eilung grAnbct ft^ auf ben Unterfd)itb bet Scgrifft 

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fficfiriff ttcr 9roM. liii 

wm iOenten \m3> >Did)ttn. Htnti ift Srunbofocbeniig btt 

ycofa, mlt^ snviiinlii^ in unacbuntiemr 3UU wi^agai 
Qiabj btefe* i(t bci bcc ^oefic voirticrtfi^mb/ ivtli^ bit bacs 
jnjltlltnbai @c3en|tint« in baSltetCinnnaanSItiqttiniutr 
Otetobte, SpIIienmaafi unb 9irim gebunbcntn 91ebt 
DOttcigt — S3fi gtbtn ^ia twrtrft im SUgcmdncn ben ScEpff 
Ux ^rofa ba mir fpittr auf bie ¥oe|ie 

Son Cnilni, ukIi^ l}atqitf&(i|Ii(^ bit X^atiflbit be6 SBn= 
fonbtl in Zaipnii) nimmt, fkOm ntii uni btftimmtt Stgote 
ftitibt bnrd) Segrifft tor unb fnc^ bitfc iStffif^ px Sinleit 
)u Mcbinben. .jDitfc Segriffe ttidU nun Ue ^ta\a atc bcftimmte 
Sttomtniffie mit itoSneit btr^cofa i|) olfbiDtitt^ung unb 
Txtr^ttOm^ twn Socftdtungni obet Hon ®cbanlen> Qwh^ bind) 
bit !£^Sti9ft{t Ui StrjlanbeS tntrtrittttt unb auBatbilbtt noibtn 
finb. iDtim fit fix^^t btftimmtt ISrfenntnitTt inib Snfu^ 
Abcr @Itgcnflinbt aai, unb fii^ tntmbti in Xnbmn bi£(e dte 
lomtnitTt ^tnwriubdnatn unb ju bcrittitieeni mil^ aof bas 
Cnh nntni foer ni ty P in nwttai. obtr fit tTlbtbtfti$einfU4atif 
bit Seftnnungtn unb @ntfd)C^tf alfo auf bad EStgc^ngAxrs 
mtgen Snbttfl; (w&^renb bie ^otfit jun&diR Sinflug auf bat 
iStfA^ieetnnietn trjitit). XM^oIb unfttfi^eibct man auc^ bc^ 
It^wnbt unb btrebte ^fa (SRtbelunft). 

Zni ^tofa ift bit etu&^Uc^ @ptarf)t bes menfilfilii^ 
EtbenS. @it muf abti oU folrf)t aui^ auftgen>i^ unb gtbilbttf 
ttbcd) tlete ungeitDungen unb nat&cti^ ftia ^xcat (ti^ ber 
Stcbntr obtt: bet SSelt^renbt oft ben bilblii^n Sd^uit (»e(d)er 

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rigtntlii^ QigtrtOfum bee $»|ie iil)i um bie Sifnintnif mt^r ju 
Dcrftnnlu^n unb gu Derbmtlu^nr cbn ben 3u^kei ffir feincn 
ISegen^nb )u geioinntn; aber ju ^ufEger ©cbrand) baSilber 
in pTofaifdici: ERfbetveife fd)abet bee Alai^ ber CacjlenunSf 
ntliic ieii boS ^uptecforbemifi bet ^vi\a ifl. Vai) ben 
SWlOt^muS (gluf, Settmaafi unb SBo^lttang bet Siebe), btn 
®inn ffir angemclfene Sentgung unb aSo^iUout bes Sebanten? 
au£bru^e barf bee ^ute ^ofaitnr ntd)t unbtaditet lafen. iDenn 
obgleid) feine ©pcacfmirifE eigentUd) bie fniei not&rlidje, ung^ 
bunbent SRcbe Ni t&gUd)en SebenS t|tr unb bie ^fa in ber 9tegt( 
an biefa: SRebeicetfe erfannt nirbj fo oerlanet bod) bit ^ofa in 
ben ^eriobeni unb im BctfeSltniffe bet ®i6* inb bet eii^elnen 
©a^t^eile einen gereiffen, wotjOaiitenben Si^?t^mu8. 9Rit bem 
WuSbrucEe S)rofaiEet obet ?)tofaift bejni^et man dfo einen 
®*tiftftelta:, reel^ feine ©egenflinbe (oW eSegenftinbe ber 
ertenntniS) in »evflanbeemSpfl« unb ungebunbener ERebe 6e= 

XJie ^r« <m unb fflt fid) {trfdltt abet au^ wieber nad) ber 
a}etf(^ben^eit beB @toffei unb bet jOor^llune ober QinEleibunai 
befTeOen in nief)rere, mefentlid) con einanbet Detfdjiebene Unt€t= 
attf)eaungen. £)enn bie ei^^lenbe ^fo f^tU ^ Sreigiriffe nai^ 
i^er fSBirSi^Eeit ober aud) nad) i^rer Sllbglid)!e{t bori bie bes 
fc^benbe ^ofa f)at gewJ^nlid) SBete^tung jum ^md unb bt^ 
fcfeteibt entwebet OeaenjHnbe, ober fie fi^lbert g. ». 9latur= 
erfdjeinungen, aBi(fenfd)afhn unb ekmerbe. 

SBir beginnen mit ber etil^lenben ^ro(a. 

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Bk etjil^IunQ tft bie nbtKcifiJ)^ ZMifbOung mn SmgniffcB 
unb Sfatbnr^riten ous ber nnrtUt^ a&It Bie ift profaifi^ i 
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cjiij^c, Google 

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0, Gooi^le 

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cjiij^c, Google 

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0, Gooi^le 

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cjiij^c, Google 

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0, Gooi^le 

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(, Google 

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SiCtm. 2)iefe Slnt^ung in bit GoffiT'')' unb in bit roman? 
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mug. II. Smi) bit Samilitnstili&ltnifft i bit Samilicn 
bee HtUn mit bem Stlacenniefen im SeantfaSt }u ben 
Somilien btr neutrtn 3(it mit uonbmmcntr gtfetUiiia Si^ri^ 
tiOa SnbiDibuen. III. XM Seirfi&Unif ber Untnnrbnuna beS 
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0, Gooi^le 

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Si^tgfetten tin geringtren Srobti M iwl(i)en |td) bag SStrmtgen 

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afnniing bt« ©egebenen erfbcdt 

Ban xtUsmt i.ittt. 

fflag tcligi&fe 8i(b fdiilbnt immec mit 4>>niic^ ouf ben ©rfang 
tiejenigen ©efCt^tei nKl<^ baS !5ti^&Itni$ bd 9R(iifd)en )ut 
@ott^ in if)m njtugt 38 tonn batn dn btoftB iDonBieb 
obec rin 8teb bee JBcnfmingr Stwunbtnin3i2>Mniitf!,.^f^ung 
u. f. a. fetaf ba <S ben ganjin Q^tuS nlt^tfei Se^ien unb 
Snqjfuibungen in ltd) bepeiftn tonn. Tm Son bettelbtni fo 
roic ber btc^reifcije SJorteag; batf iebod) ntdjt ju tbealiffrt* nidjt 
)n (larf merbenr tceil e« babtad) ben i^m angeiDiefenoi e^araf fer 
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tan bntje^nten Sa^unbreb fo gut niie gar nidjtt fpSter abit 
bit jui: Sbfocmotion nut Fp&tlii^ angebaut. ba baS ollgemrine 
Scburfnig bei t[rd)Ii^n ^eireliditeiten bafTelbe nid)t oerlangit, 
unb man ^ Jcti|taiS bet SBoOfa^rten, iif(nl!id)en SBufljugen u. f. w. 
(id) frinct bebiente. 3u)at finbtn ftd) bet ben 3!lltnnef5ngetn 
mattdje reltgibfe 8teb«f nwill jur E^tf ber feciligen Sungfrau 
ober bee fOttjflenen US ^fUt())en @lauben§. JDiefc |tnb aber 
iimt a^ ju ffinlilid), alfi bof fie ©ittgang unb ffierbteitung 
bei bet giotion ^ilten gennnnen t&nntn. 3m XflB""™'"' t"ben 
tax auB alien ^ettcben ua^re HXti^vantt reltgtfifer ^ctfte 

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g«( vtlUsiait %ia. 

3(n meltt ^erj. 

iS(nn bir ter SSatet SEtfibfat fcEiicRe? 
®ei fhOr meiii .^nj ! a ici^rt nid)t lange, 
iBallb enbet HUeS, maS bid; bri^dL 

0O&I iDfll in bit We mu fi(t) tegdi, 
©i( mandjes lunge .&«} bctdfitt: 
J3t( mufit bu in (in ®to6tuil) (ca«i 
@ef(gnen alt» itiaS t^r geijStt 

]3alb IcfCt fie bic^ mit i^en gteulxnr 
SSalb btotjt fie Geib unb JCumtna bit:) 
@ie loill Don beinem @ott bid) fdjeibenr 
Unb ftelll bit tt)te m^n fik 

JBu barf jl bi<f) iticf)t mit i^ veninm j 
Saf t^T€ Dolbn 9!ofen {bl)ni 
Unb fie^Cf rote bie Silim fc^intn/ 
Unb I)£Tef one bf« ^atmen roe^n. 

$0 feif mein ^tti, a fei jufcieben 
gjlit MUeni/ mas ber ^ere bir fliebt, 
Unb bente, oon b« Sfflelt gefdjieben: 
®ott prflfet bi*, nwil er bi^ liebt 

$a, Batec I id) roiK ^ neel»n 
aHit meiner SB^tit nattt gtlmr 
3Me ^nbe ftomm gu jDit ecl)tbenr 
Unb nid)t auf biefe Sibe fe^n I 
Uni ax. S^itpen&iod'l n @e{|]lic^m Slumenfltau^." 

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Bnf reUsuKtt %it'tt. 

Sertrauen duf ®ott. 

^^offt, ^tn, taa not Stbulb I 
(Snbtic^ tmift ba SSUmtn ittiim ! 
0, bdn Soter i|t D^ ^^ulbj 
Aintilui) Mtfft bu ju ^ fpndjRL 
Vuf tiein aliubi^eS Soteau'n 
SBiib er gnSbig nieba:f<^n'n. 

JBan' auf bmti QotUt QnaU ! 

?u btr ^eube @ontKn^6t)'n 
S%en ilikmifdi bunHe ^abc 1 
X)od) tin tKMi Xuge n)a(!^ } 
Sittie nufit in @tiinn unb 9ta^ ! 

Stitei; bu ouf Selftngtunbr 
Qdji^nf/t bid) ju ®ott(d >EKTi«i 
9Ra(l)' i^ bcine Stiben lunb, 
Sag' tt)in beint tieffbn 0ci)mn]tn ; 
6r ifl giitigi unb nt^tiiitt 
SebeS {Kt^r baS Jtmnmcr br&ft ! 

jFii^' im @lauben tttmen aXut^ i 
Jtraft mirb btr btin ■^l^n ftnbtn I 
SKit bee ^aiAf bic flBunbac t^/ 
SStirb d btiiK 8ribm tnben. 
@c ift lauter Gteb' unb ^Ib i 
^fft, ^oi, nur mit @ebulb. — 

Siegfneb XugufL SSa^Imann '. 

Ni^liniiiii. t'lcnn ITII m £<iN<g. iiptitn tifritf l»». 

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SaS mltlii)t Sieb murbe in £eutfct|lanb T^iion f't"^ fi^^ "tit 
grofen SJorlietx angtbaut; mil fe[)en e6 barauSy bnf tetefte 
Sari ber ®tofr( ni^t allrin etne Iribet Hid)! hii auf un6 
gdommenc SSammluna aUgermanifdm: Sitbet otranftaltettj 
fonbcm auc& ltd) in feinen unb feineS ©olinfS ^apitulatien^ 
JBetwbnungen ftiben, mW ben ©a^fen baS @inQen bee 
Keufeteltcber, ben 3lotmen bad ©ingen Don Siebeiliebern, fo 
Riie tie SSecfertigung non ©pottllibern auf ^iftorifdw Swifts 
niffe ftreng txrbieten. Sue biefet unb ber n&(f|flfDlgenben 
3elt ift jebodj fcl)t iwmg erfealten roorbeni Mu biefem ffiknigen 
aUi erf^etnt bai Sieb auf ben @iee eineS roeflfc&ntif^n 
Slnig6f SubtDiflS III., iyitt bie 9?omiann«n bet ®obaIurd) 
an bet ^i^tlbt, aud) in poelif^ ^{nfid)t ali bai !Beb<uttnbfte. 
iDie eigentlid)e asifittiejeit ber [i)iifd)ni $oe^e unb notnentUd) 
bes SicbeS tm aJSttelaltct btg/mn jebod) aft m[t bet .J)ertf<Saft 
bet ^o^en^ufen (1138) unb ben SCagen bet SOHnnefAngetf 
meldje batTelb« mit grower SiottietK be^anbelteui jebotf) |1d) ju 
fe^ in {ftnftlii^n Sornun gefielen unb offenlut ft<fi nac& aufe 
l&nbtTi^ tDtufbtn bilbetetv nobutd) in i^e JBetianblungSc 
weife dne geroijTe emiiibenbe sSIonotiinie ttatf uon wtUtin fU 
um fo meniget ftti ju fpre^en |inb. aB fie fi^ in rinetn fe^ 
befd)t&nE''n fiteife non Knfcdauungen unb SBilbetn fxaxffKn. 
Kuf bet anbeni @eite jcit^nm fic^ tnbe|Ten nEele Bon i^ren 
Ciebem butil) innigt ®anSt^Ii<i)fctt> Sinfai^l)"'' ■twtjli^feit 
unb S^ird)' au^' unb namentlii^ bie Seiftungen SBaltet** Don 
bet ^elweibe/ @Dtt^b'§ non StraSbutg unb Ultiil^'C von 

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Dn( iatitlitit %Ui. Ixix 

Sttfettnlirin ge^icnt gu ten ft^nffcn unb anmutlitBlltii ffltiro^ 
nin<m bet ^fic auf bicfem Otbittt. XlCmi^Ua trfkrb abn 
bnr bu^mfc^ @r|I> unb tit ^afxtfingmi tifcfamt Sikgn> 
nxldie in tei aSoil^ .{MuaniMi unb JQ^ibcc ttcn fo gneiffetfe 
^ ate SSomttaet Serjic tmfntigtni (1350 — 1523). Exs 
iKinbcIten bol nvttlid^ Sicb bucdnuC o^nt @d|t unb mit 
fleinlu^ $(baiitmef butd) nxb^ alb tid)l(rifd)C gni^l 
voUtammen gei&^t wurbe. — 

3)n {Quite fetbft «atte ^c^ bie SUigung fb baa Sicb Itb^ft 
n^olten unb fortgepflonit, unb mil btftten namentUiJ! out 
jnKT 3«it. bis sum nUn 3a^^unl«t ^inab, io felbft nod) 
fpAter, rinen fo grofen uitb itfi^ &<^t ocn ed)ten unb 
tiefeni gemfitt)Ii(^i ttAm unb (eiton SSoIKIiebenif ttric i^n 
bine Station in biefem Umfange nebcn un< ati^u>»rif<tn ttaL 
tfioetiit, bar |t(^ in bcmfelten ju dna au^erorttntlidfni 
^^ anffd)n»nar cectie^ i^m ben ei^ten bcutfd)en S^raftn. 
3^ folgten ^&<l)^ begabte ZHd^ oof Irie1«: ^n ftesiM 
nac^^ baS einmol ongebaute Oebiet nnirbe fpitec bur^ tie 
Bemft^ungen ber twmantirii^n &tjidt, fo toie bur<^ bie 6in= 
nnrtmig lutionoler gco^ Sreigtriffe nod) me^ anigebefinL 
Sonn unb 3n^ bes Stebet gewannen on Tttmatfy &Umi 
nnb Sttofti on SorttKit unb ^iefe, fo baf tiefe Utottung bee 
Eiebling ber Station waxUi uid> nnc ie(t in oUen Srten 
befletben 3Itet^em)ei:te ou^utieifen ^ben^ UKlttje t^n ben vei= 
nunUtn Iprifdfen Srjeugntffen oQec ctoUiftrten Slationen ben 
Soixans (tieitig nuic^ t&fen. Slfegmb oifenbott (id) unfer 
beutfi^ SoltSc^rattei: fo etgent^£nnU4 nnb utftprAnsItd)! fo 
tM unb gottf fo reic^ unb tiefi n?it eben in unfeten Eiebem. 

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mat iotUmt %iftt. 

3n bet %xtmit. 

©ft Ijnh' idi bid) rauJ) aefttjoUen* 
SSultetfptacfit/ fo wttraut ! 

@i]bltd)«t SJienenlaut. 

BInb nun tar' i(^ in bre grai* 
gwunbtoS wn Drt gu Drt, 
Unb wmi^m'/ at^ mie fo flmie ! 
giur tin tinjiB beutfdixS gSort. 

jHan^ «at |i* mit int Snnrni* 
■Do* imt fc^ff' i* liin f^m Euft! 
MU mrin finbHd)rt erinntni 
ginb«t in mir fdne ®ruft 

tflnfani f(^r id) in bit gelbn* 
®ucf)' ein S<^ bet: ^atur { 
Xbcr md>t, aSinbt, SSAIber 
gtoufn^n ffunb auf biefer glur. 

^noerftanben> unbea(l)tetf 
mt man teutf^ Sieb vctljalUi 
SBUibt ee, nwnn mein SBuftn fd)moti)ttt, 
Unb in bongem SSe^nen nwHL 

Kufluft. SBiBjetet wm ec^kgeL 

Bie Obe ift a«ni>u 6etrad(tet, mir bai ftieb in ^B^reer unb 
l)W)ft« ^otenj. ®ie fdiifterC irgmb fine Smpfinbuna obet 

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9it &ttt. Ixxi 

einen ^vftanb bti tSt^iijlSBamb^ni, mU^ in twUtommeiKT 
ein^ieit Oftm ©toff mtn untet mbqfvilft coUdiWft ilftetif^ei; 
Sonn. £ic in ber Obt bf^nbttten @<^Ic unb t3ee«nfUnb< 
fbOen itbo^ Itceng genoinnKn, nur bie bcbentnibfkn SntncfTcn 
trt SRmfdKD bertlnren, unb, nxmt migltc^ ftelS efn etnbni 
nod) brai <f>mbnf nac^ bet JBolRommtnljcit barftiTkn obn 
botauf ^inbcuten. £a bit Cb« mm fo ei^bent ®toffe btlMnbcU, 
unb bit luS«re germ bnfetbetir fo ipit iin 5£oa m^ bidgUrifdm 
Sortrog, biefen gai^ angemefffn fcin niA|Ten< fb untoitflt li( bit 
3r&$te Segeitlming unb ben mb^U^n Sifniuns oon SStittn 
bM iDitfitne. ^fi4|tC!d| i^ iufam gonn W ■»<>■< i" 
neunvr geitr mfi(l ttbo^ mil Unrec^ btn SKtim bti beirfelben 
muMrfenf nnb m aOnn nac^ ben SBuflmif nxU^ nnt bit 
Wten ^tntnlaffsn ^ben, geti^tet. Ob Hefe gctuuc unb inflfl= 
lii^ Stat^^mung btm bentfi^n iSeifle tvirCIit^ jufaeCf ift ft^r 
)n bqnxi^lnr ba bit notionate VuSbiftung biefrr :Diit)tungflint 
babur^ iudidsebTSngt nxxben ifl. Xiie @ntfi!)etbung muti i<bod) 
bem einjetntn flteriajTm loerben. iffiril man lid) obn: bti btt 
Dbe ju ftrtnftt ©efefte aufetttat fyit, fo iff flt meijr gu etntm 
tOn^Iitf) gnnail)ttn @ebii^, bet m\di)an bit gonn l)or^tTifd)t, 
gtumrbcttf oU bag ftti tDaJ |ie tigenlHd) ftin foOttj bit Vtu^cnmg 
btr ^i<t)fttn iQrifi^n Smpfinbung unttr fhtngtr Sinfgtil unb 
SoUenbung eben ber gotnii bit jtd) aber itntt unttrorbntt, wSk. 
Sinigt X^Korttifn: ^btn bit Cbt in pm Jeiafltn strfaOtn loffen 
tooSenf in bit p^foptnfi^ unb bit ^ttrifc^i jeboc^ mitUnnd)t, 
ba man lw\ijt ®ebi(i)te nt())t blof nac& ifnretn Sn^ttt tlaflifitiren 
lann, {nb«m trfttbuci^ Itit^ tint JBtncfitung btiSBegrifft entfte^. 
T)n 3tan)t Cbt ift btm ©ticc^ifd^en tntle^nt. unb bebeutet 
IritT ube[f)(iupt tin @tli{d)t, tintn ©tfong. — j&em innenn SBtfen 

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Ixxii Sit &at. 

nacl) btftanb bie Db( fdf)on tingff in b«r beutfiijen ?i«fte, menn 
au(^ nic^ unter btm &aaun^xiamm, bee ifei erf} ivett fp&tet 
beigelegt unirbt. 3n mand^ <Eiin^c^ taiui ber becfi^mte Cotu 
gefangauf ben ^igenSnnOf SriHfdiof con Jt6ln (1075 )raU 
bie erfte S>U itttaiittt werben. Untei ben HXinnef&ngernf fo 
mie untn ben SSeifteif&naemr bmmen jebod) teine @cbid)te imi: 
bte biefe SSejeic^ng serbienen. — 11>k Scfttj we^ec eigem 
tf)&nltd)en ^oefien biefen Stamen beilegter abm^ n buid) bits 
felben ben Segriff {etneiratgefl feftfteUei max SESedlierlin in 
feinet 1618 ju Stuttgart ^auCgegebtnen Cammlung Don 
Oben nnb ©efiluigen. S^m fblgtrn fp&ter bie ZKc^ bei 
fd)lelif^@iljule bacin oain bod) nm boSf wai fle fo nannteni 
eigentUd) loeitec nid)tEi oU tin @ebti^t in eieberfocmr baC in 
ettiKil ^&^ei:ein Son oU aemiiinU^i emftCf mei^ leUgibfe (Sevens 
fi&nbe be^anbeltc 

Zn bie grinnerung. 

® ^ei SBe^Rtut^ ®ef&^rtin/ Srinn'tungl 
3!3enn jene bte gSinupei: finnenb fenftr 
^()ft bu betnen Sc^Ieiet unb [&d)el|l 
SKit dlcCm&Rg senxmbtem (McM I 

jitiU unb ^^1 me bee fdiiwigenbe SSoUmonb 
Sie @tr&betr befdjeint. betta^eft bu 
X)a8 Secgang'ne, nxflenben aSKcbSr 
aSte Sr&ute bei Sr&utisani< SBilb. 

Seine bSmmemben Silber finb (ieblidv 
JiBte ttiauigei iDuft im Kbcnbuitti I 
3>rine @ttmm' ifi fanfti tdt ber Sl&te 
3ni Sd)o entfil)»inbenbcr ^oiL 

0, Gooi^le 

tf^flmaU jrigft bu, in bnftignr gnrtu> 
a»ir frfunWu^ ber augmb eoija*filb ( 
Oto wilili in Jtianje te BeO.^ 
®o eitte nric, fparfdm nur, (aS. 

<l9n irfdKtnlt bn mic, Uc^bib burt^ 3:^aneiv 
Uitb-toflefl rait mir* «rtraut unb lang, 
Bon belt tobWn Sieben, an ®r6b«nv 
Xit ^i^ei @Ta8 fd)on umwoUt 

^ir ttnlUomnicn im @$teia ber Xrauer t 
SBiiaommen tni Ijeitem ©itberpot ! 
SRafd) (nffltu(^t bcr SfgtntDart gceubt i 
Du, finnenbt Si:61lmn, »ttl|L 

3. @. con ealifi. 

iSif iff burdjoufl aU Xtota= oia Kebtngattung ber Obe gu bes 
ttad^ten unb fyit jene allgemeinern Sigenf^ftenf bit Qi^abens 
^ ber @efinnungeni ben t)6(^n iQrifc^ SS^tcuns u. f. w.r 
mit frevfetoen gemein. Slagegcn unterfdjeibet fte (id) con i^ : 
I. ba^ eine bei SSeitem ntdjt fo ftrniee gorm filr biefelbe b«= 
nu^t tmrbf unb baf man ftd) oaTjuggnxife me^ be69teimee( oU 
ber jhrengen ontilen ffl^^t^mcn bobei bebient} II. M P< nidit 
baS gonse a!nt)&UniS be§ SHenfdien jum Unenblic^f fonbeni 
eoijiieUd) nur bat £ert)&ltnt@ bei IDtenfc^ )ut Sott^ im 
®ef&i}l fciner Unterotbnune be^onbett. !Da^ foftt niil)t fik 
bte ^^ne jebe metoptiqfifi^ fiUe, irie fiir bie Cbti fonbera 
mic iene ©ebantenr in tnctc^ ber 3)ienfd) ftinen 2)an!( feine 
Ifiere^rung u. f. to. ber @ott^ m&gliil)ft ibeolifirt aue^)tid)tf 
m&ge er nun biefe fellbft barin anttbtn. ober e(n out ber 8UiI)e 

Ixxiv 9it Hi^nmt. 

btr Snlili(i)cn a^ibtntt SQefcn oU g&ttUi^ pnrfoniftdren. ®tnaa 
Utcaiftt ift bit ^timne nut ein xtli^tt Gieb im ^fi^erm unb 
^ii^llen St^Ic. X)a |te oUdn ©egenft&nbc ^iot. wetd)e in 
unfenm Stemt^tfcin nun aneenetjine ®(fQ^Ie ^enMibringen 
thmcn, fo muf aai) ilm gansc SQirtung cr^el>enb unb ers 
^mintb, nnb bcr Son brcfeUitn bitfera on^melT'en ftin- 

SaSiBoit i,^mne" (ommt auS ban @riec()ifc^ (bebdittt 
i,ui) fnen burd) @effingr tc^ lobfingt"); ti» rt einen tiri ben 
frierliien Opfecn notattiagmen Eobgefang mit mufjlalffi^ 
IBegKitung (Kjri^ntlt. 

Zn bie Xonlunft. 
©tetn bet SEonhmffi auf pucinimen ©djwinBtn 
jtotnll bu Mn Sion ju lOtenfc^n Ijtcabi 
ee^mft lie fl6ten, unb fpielen, unb fin^n, 
®ri|f ft in bie ^otfe, bie 3oo<i bit flut'- 
Sfiiere unb ?)flanjen 
@treblen ju tanjent 

Summer unb SStljnKrtnuH) nnt Kwlfigfi ^^^ 
SBtc^n bJTf mSditifle @£tt!n( jurAiI. 

3le6t tintefl bu bet Siebe gwuben 
3ne ^^c .&arfenfi)lel. 
£u fongft son SItmnefeligfeitenf 
Unb iebe 9tote war @ef&H 
®&ttin bet SE«ntun|l( auf pnrtHirneB 0(I|i»{ngtn( 
JEnmft bu con Ston ju SRenfi^R ^orabl 

5le6t fSngft bu on ju fpieKn 
Sen ffummaeniorb'nen Sk^ertf 
SBia fufe a^rSnen fielen/ 
Unb tOfteten boS <&en- 

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®ittin bet Spntunflf ouf pucininun @4n<tngen, 
«amfl bu Don ©ton jO SDlenfiljm ^ab! 

Sit^t taa\iiUn He Sotten 
Won ^Qpfenben Si^euben; 
@£ fam im tlfiti'"^ £tanj 
©« beutfi^ nwtelnbe Sani. 
@l6ttin bA IXontunit, auf purpumen ®d)nt{na«i> 
Sam|l bu von Sion )u lOieiifdiMi iKtabl 

0ttn fd)n>ang bie ®6ttin fid) )um @^oi 
£ec Seiemben im ©otteg^uS enipor, 
Unb griff mit m&i^t'Qer gauft 
3n'g CcgelfpieL S)i; Sine ftogen 
Kraufenb empcnri fo brauft 
35et Dtean mit feinen SBogen — 
Unb ^deluja bonntrt ber @^or 
3n Sugen jum ■giimmel emptv. 
@&Itin bee SEontunftf auf pucpumen 0i^tiringen. 
£imi1i bu con @ion ju 33bnfd)en lierabi 

®nb nun fangft bu ein Sitdjenlieb — 
DU Ztibai^ ntif^e fid) b'tein, 
3He bttenb kc bem ^immel Cniet ; 
Unb fingenb fe^tief (it ein. 
©itfin bet SConhinfii auf puqjumtn 2kl)iirinaen. 
Stamft bu mn Wen iu 3)ienrd)en ^ab) 
£t^ne^ fie fl6ten/ unb fpieleni unb fingen> 
®rifPft in bie Jpac^, bie SoDO bit: flab. 
Zf)inre unb ^flanjen 
@bctbttn iu tanjcn:- 

Jtummer unb ®diniennulti mit nwltigem Slid 
Bitten btTf m&c^flc @tttin/ )ur&il 

&t)r. Si:. HXm. S^uberL 

cjiij^c, Google 

B^ S^arotter bev decnttul)en SleQie (Scaungtbiclit) ift t)«: 
^mntm ItnfdKuung in einiT tdbenben @cmiit^e^tnungf alfo 
md)t tcUbeif nngef^emtnto: Srgu^ iK# er{lni S<^etiei> unb 
dgentlui) aucf) nic^t ^rgufr fonlimi melnu^ iDotfttaung beS 
St^mnjtl Xkt SS^mo; I&fit ^c^ abn mn bann bai^eiij 
tDtim tDir tljn auS bet Scene (Stcgangtn^) bctrodrttn unb on 
biefet IQetradituna SieTgnQgen ffnb«n. IDaS .^ec} n&^ ben 
®c^a; gent, benn n gw&lict tl)in ben <lhnu^ wn SSonne 
unb SBe^mutli jugletdf). SDer @egen|tanb ber Slegte i|t fanfte. 
tmf)in&tt)igt JUage urn ceclomet ®lM, getrennte ftiebei do:: 
^bene Seliebte unb Jfctimber itin €Sitteimn(i^uIb ttingefilimunc 
benec^D^i^unbectef fcEini&imerifi^ Scinnenmg genofeneci innise 
@Set)nfu^ nad) bent Sobe gen)flnf(i)ter ®&tet. 3^i Snxd t^ 
Xt)e{[naf)me unb SDitgeffll)! ju erregen. Set San i|l TanFt nnb 
nifeiSf bie Sproiiic gem&fiist 

3n untu^iget Smactung. 

C^ taft mk^ tctnlen auj bet gotbnen ®d)alei 
Die t)oIb bafi fonff fo ^arte Sc))iiffal ^^^' 
Unb fb^t mid) nid)t Innities vcm S<^eubenfaaUi 
XnS bem bee aite ®^etj je^t ft^u entnxidjt 

Jldi lebn nii^, id) manbelt' aie im ®d)laft( 
iDucd) bicfe lic^te faibenteidje SBtU. 
3* tmg mein fc^nweS Hafetn ime ein SScltnXf 
£)ec ltd) {um Stvft on fcinen ScSunun ^&It 

0, Gooi^le 

9si ^onttt. Ixxvii 

jKit brat^n bvtntm SQcdrftl ni^t bit 6t«nfcenr 
£ae Seib nlcid)tenib burd) bee Sdterje Spitlf 
2)er iDomentranj nai: nic^t f&; ^id) butd)munbra 
fStt JSti^entnoCpnv mrina St^'i't)' ®P>'I- 

^c fijUpftt i^ in batten Clttal bie ^lag/t, 
Sam ®(!|fctral anfnrltgtf ffla^txi f)[n, 
Uttb mibtfi:^ tiuTr bo4 ^offt' 14 taunir t« toae 
SnetnjI nieOdd)! bem nac^tninliEUIten ©inn. 

ffier Xoubc gCeidif uottt SStiorttte ittott ^/ttatben, 
65o juitt mit in tiefffer SBt^jl ba« ^ttii 
2it) taiinte faton baS f^ iSl&iX, )u Uebtni 
2)od) fannt' id) ivo^I ber Sicbc ^i^n @d)mn}. 

|lnn flifljt ec DDT b(n mtten Snltotiinbni, 
lOie aul ben SSoKtn Eabung niebc[t^un> 
©ie tinli(f)tbat bit nidit'gen ®d)l«er wenbtn* 
HMf meine Xugen fro^ bie Siomte fc^un. 

^un ipill ti^ liebenb ai^i mit biirf!'gem Sliittr 
3n iljieir @ttat){et) @itteti;«id)t^uni fb^ni 
lint) rauf ttbfinben id) oon biefem ©(QiJe, — 
©tlrofti .^eri, id) ^be jte geft^nl 

Knb in bem greubtn!eld)( fei ion Sxopftn, 
iOer nid)t( trie Sftebar, meinen 8ip)>m red)ti 
3ft er oettteatf — battn/ ^eri, f)ii:' aiif ju tlopfcn, 
Snj SKtinbf ver1tuiiini(> unb i^, "Hug/na, biedjt! 

JSas Sonett. 

Blnter beti Heinmi I^c^ Sormeni oeldje bet $oefie bti 
6iiben# entle^nt ftnbi if) bai SSonettf obgteld) out ^Jmfigften 
angeniflnbt, eine bet fdRnierigfbn bo (4 fon»&( ^nfitfttlid) bft 

(, Google 

Ixxviii 9ii4 Sionftt. 

gonn, aI8 M Sn^altS unb bet SBe^nbtanfl, bit gi:6fite BotU 
fommen^rit nfbrbect Qs get)&rt ntn feinent ®Ufit na^ guc 
binfi!^ ^>oe1kr inbon ti incnfcljUdte @tffil)(t unb Smpfinbungcn 
iMTjufltoxife fdjUbert iDa (« tnnH lefkrtwenb i|l» fo tarn bn 
Son in ianftlSxn nuc gem&figter fcub nxtauf au^ f<^n bie 
Jufkn fttenge gonn Nn 1Did)(er ^inrorilij feton barf e« pdi 
H8 jiun ©diniungf b(r Obe a^btn. @S unterlicBt folaaibm 
beftimintEn ekfe^fn : 

I. @€ barf nur einen ^uptgebanbn ent^alten> ter mit 
feintr eintleibung unb Sntioitfttung gfnau b«i Stoura brt 
€SonttKi anSfCtOen mufi. 

II. @£ beftel)t auE 143(tlenfWin benen tne n|bn acf)t unb 
Ue Icfiten fe^i mit einatibn im Stdm onKingenf unb gmax \o, 
baf bit ac^ tcfUn In guKi SSRoptien son ie Diet ^kilen jerfaUcnb 
(Eluabamari)( nur jnwi SRnme Ijabtn/ nwlc^ in oetfi^bener 
Setfcbr&nfung {ebn ie uiennal ontlingen. tnt frd)§ Ce^ten bos 
fltgen in jmci ©ttopljen oon je bwi 3dfen jerfaUenb (aerjintn), 
finntntnitjnKiunbaui^bmSieinitl&netnnwctir^ iDiefeSefe^ 
mitTcn envui befolgt wn^n. Xric einjelne aierfc^&iduns, fo 
tme txt abnKdiftlnbt @e6t:au<l) m&nn[i(l)« unb weiUiilierERdnWf 
blciben bem iDid)tn: QbetlafTeni boc^ muf aui^ ^ aof ben 
Jiu^etlten SBo^Ktang geft^n nxirben. 2m XAd^t ^ot bat)ec 
fo Die! wit miglii^ ben aSt^et bei SotalCf fomot)! in ben Strfen 
ipie in ben 9ieinienf ju beobaditen. 

III. i&er @ebanle muf in bee eiften ®tropl)e eingeleitet, in 
ber jwetten eitltor bitOti^t burd) tin Silb «rfinnlid)tf in bee 
btitten ium ©c^Euffe wxiatittt, unb in btc bieittn DoOftdnbie 
Qu^^e^^irt roeibeni fo ba$ bit It^te Sctjine bie eigtnUid^e 
©runbibee be8 ®ebiil)tc« ent^itt. 


SM Cr£alet. Ixxix 

®dnen 9tam»i t)at baS Sonctt oon bem itolitnffdini Soit 
Buonare, Singaii onSingenf tceS^KiIb rt oud; txin dirigni 
b(utfd)en iDic^Utii £linggtt>id)t obcr Stangeeb^t gcnonnt 
raorben ifl 

an 3Cuguft SGBil^elm ©(^legel. 

^^aft bee eautt. bit t^ xiOmH T^S, 
£raft ta: Smetgci bie tncin ^upt umiDfnbcnf 
Satf u^ bii dti t)o^ tOoct oerl&ibcni 
Eos id) lilnflfl in meinun Sufen (nifr 

Jfunger ](ai: I 3)ein Unigtfc^ glug 
i^rb ben iDnid bee ffiolltn &beTn)f:^iv 
SBirb bie Safin juni Sonnentetnpel finbcn/ 
Cbet 9t)6bul SSoct in mtr ift eug. 

d^n unb taut i|t brined Sitti^ Sinen/ 
SBie bai @i:{/ ba§ ju £ttbona fianSi 
Ut^ ftin SS^weben teid)ti niie Sp^Anneang. 

ffifff) turn iDienft bed SonnengottS ]u (rbmn, 
^If itf) md)t ben eignen ^ong ju roert^ i 
2)0* — bk i|t ein befleter befcfjert. 

G). a. aSiveer. 

Slas Ctiolet. 

9a£ Xrioltt befte^t auS ad)t ^eiten^ con benen bie ecfle aU 
irtette unb fiebentef bie jweite n«^ einmat aU aiflt nrieber' 
(cl)ten muf. Stceng genommen bilrfen and; nur jntei Sleini' 
tl&nge in bonfelben nedjfclni unb bet gonje iSebante muf 
Ieid)t unb gef&Kia fein. 33ie £eutf(i)en ^ben (i(^ oft Kbs 
toei^ungen eilaubt 

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Ixxx Sad (^tutfrl. 

£ni3 Xriolet. 

41^ guttS Sdolet ju inadien> 
(Seffitt nid)t ju ben l«cf;ten @ad)(n. 
Sergebeirt bUfcet bn: pifi tim 
Sin gutei Xiiolit ju moi^iv 
^enn nic^t tie ^piecinmn mifyt. 
@tn ^inet ®aR)t ntoEi unl la^iii 
Unb XmoT felbfl ISe^fe feuii 
Sin gutte Xnolet ju mai^n. 

3- 9t- ©fie- 
stas t&itaatl. 

Siefed bm Orient ttiOt^te, Iprifdje gorm ift erft 1819 buril) 
gviebri^ fH&ittt (^munb 9bunar) in bit beutfdie ^oe|ie 
cingefiUln^tr unb feit bem ccn nu^rani takntsolltn 2)td)tmi 
mit @Tfats ongebout mocben. SMi (nc^tign: bee) ®^el ift 
per1ifd)en UrfptungrSr ui^ tmib ini SSDcgenlanbe oocjAstu^ 
^bcaxiiiti lun SmpftnbunQen bei fitebe obn bee ginibe unb 
beg @enuffee in bur^efA^rtn; Sin^ be$ ^kbanfene au^ns 
brfidtn i fdnni Stamen ^at eS con ben tSetli^Anlunsenf benen 
feine SBerfe bu):ti) ben cegelm&fis toiebertiatten SteimQang untet^ 
roocfen finb. SI beflel)t aut gwe^eiUgen SRqi^nr bectn 
S<xt)l, ftceng genontmenr nE^ me^ aU Re bjetin bettogen foUr bie 
gemi^nlit^ ift {teben cber at^ — ZXie aSetSmaa^ ^ingt oon 
bei SBal)l bee iDid)terg abr bed) wkb ein UingeteSi eltti^actig 
fmtfiijcaita'bti oorgeioaen. 35ie Wben erften 3eilen mftffen 
mit einonbec teimen unb in bet golge jebet mol bie gld^tn 
3eilen benfelien 9ieimllang ^aben, ober bie ©djluftooctt ber 

0, Gooi^le 

Bit fiOut Ixxxi 

afytt 3eile tDitbn^Dlen; bit ungteiditn 3tifen finb bogtam 
rcimCot tn^ itm GEnbung milO^^Kdv {tiodj ri^ct ^ bUft 
^infUdtlii!^ b(4 mdnnUt^ abn uKibUdftn @<^(uf|ei na(^ btr 
often Stnp^ — €!ca bag ®^f(l genan nai) bcm odtntolc 
tfi^ SoibUbe gebtditet tverbenifo mu$ enblfi^ bet XH^tti 
Fcintn stamen geft^icCt in btt te^ttn obn sorteSten StcoplK an^ 

S)et @d)mud ber SJIutter. 

^^lenf^ 1 tS ip bet 0cl)t^n0 9iac^ 

<Rid)t f&: bill) olCein snnai^ 
4Sinen i£t)ett ^ot fid) iur £ufl 

iDie 9tatut ^mmgebtai^L 
Stouni fingt bit Stad^igaO/ 

aSo bu f())Iununnil/ in ber Stai/L 
Unb bit r^nfte Stunu til£tt)t, 

e^' befi aag« KuB' ent»(l)t 
Unb betr fd)6nfte S^mtttcTting 

gitegti ICO 9{ttmanb fein ^ X(l)t 
^erlt ruljt im SHetttSfc^oS, 

Unb ber ebfljlrin tm ®i^a*L 
£inb 1 ba nii^Iid) ^ug' unb 01)1 

iDii; mit gMen ifl bebai^, 
eSnn' bet SXuttei ttmat aud)i 

jDot fie jum @tf(^<ib' fidi ma(i)t 

^bvict) Sludm. 

Bit dFaiEl. 

^ fteKt @(etsni|fe im ®ebtete bn ZtjiernxO/ mfl befonbnec 
StMfu^ unb Kmrnnbung auf ■ntnfc^ti(l)e Snbtbibuen, 3ujUinbt> 

VOL. I. / 

cjiij^c, Google 

Ixxxii 9(t Jflibtl. 

^Mungen mb lEkr^iUirttTe bar. SOtituntn bfhrfm ^Jflanjen 
obcr uitorganifdje AEqin: bit Stelte bcr X^ten witcrten. 
XKr ^[t Enftlticn tit etl;rtn bcr aSeU^tU unb Alug^ gu 
gcben untn bn fgmboUf^n ^HSi bti 3nfltn(» bn SCfnm/ 
oU ■^anbtungm bitfer le^tem auf rinc dnbtingli^ unb f^nt 
ilSeife bargelbllt 2)ie gabtl tierrinigt ba^ ten Siwit bibotc 
tifdfer unb epffdiei |)c>t^ }ii()Idd). ^t^a tntmte ttuin fie 
ccn bn; ^}Dt|u unb jog fie )Ur St^etorif ) ba abn bie iDors 
IteUung fob^ S^teren bcigtleeten '^nbtungen auf rinc pcetifdie 
SBrife aefc^^ti fo gc^ fie in bit ^oe^. iDIe .^btung 
bet gabel imie einfac^ unb naturgem&f feipiif baB SEtiier ftlbft 
fo gaoS^lt, ba| ber SRenTi^ in i^ fein Stilb mit feinen gnttn 
unb bJfMi Gigenft^aPen uhTm. Da He gabel* i^ron SnijaUe 
anetmeffen, Iei(I)t unb flte^enb er|St|tt fein mu^ fa ift f&r bie 
Sotm berfetbcn (eine beftimtnte Slegtl norgefi^ben nnb bie 
ffict^l e&njlid; bem @eftl)niadt bei £»id)tn:e AberlafTen. 

iDie Sabcl tft fd)cn frit^ in Z)tutfd)lanbf nad; bem Sltuftn: 
beir bem Kefop )ue«fd)riebeneni antihn gabeln mit S):fblg 
ongebaut worben. 

^in Qlep^nt, bem man ISngft naifieefteat. 
£a er tnanc^ Sleife unb SBe^enfelbi 
SSo ei tS Mit ganj aufgege^ieti 
iDunf) feinen fc^meren SEiitt cer^Keretr 
giet einfl in einen tiefcn SSc^^r 
iSen man gum gang fd)lau ongebiat^r 
3id>em man Itm anfC tanfUi#e oerfbdeti 
Unb {iberaU mit Strong unb SRooe bcbettet 

cjiij^c, Google 

9fc fartfS^t <Fr}aJtItttts. Ixxxiii 

iOnmr ba a trinen Xuiiwg fa^i 

Unb einsefc^olfen atbc Snbeib 

JConnt' er |i4 Qono&rtS mitf, ni^ rfltfiv&rH tncnbcn. 

SBat ttur ju t^un ? SSein UtifletnaA 

Bffeufjt et untet 5Btt) imb X^ ! 

3nbt^ fiet dnt tOiauS bcnfclben SStg tiinunCn^ i 

Z)(K^ tafftt ^f fic^ oufi nnb ltd unb muntn 

tief fie bit n^fte SBonb ^auf, 

Unb fa^ mU lOtiUdb onf ben Okptwnttn nleba. 

Srnef i^nad): rfOglMUti) SC^I 

X>a tKbft bii^ Ietd)t mm brinoa %a\k nicbcr} 

SBo^ bit imb HK^ mic I 

2>aui fliii^t rin ©lofkrr unftr rinetr 

tSilKbt er 1!c^ fo te^t nfc^, old bu Aldnn!" 

SSmobe md)t bit ®taf(n btefra !QcItI 
Txc @tiat4 ^&l fid) im Stumu bit @i^ [itgt gef^- 

(SSef) ©fttot.) 

ibic umfaft untec aQen fatt^ijtn gonncn bat ivettelte ®e: 
iAtti inbem n&mlid) oUee @cfd)c^(iH ob« aU gefi^t)en 
<Btba^r infcfera ti einec bb^toff^en IDulIelhina f&l)i0 tft> 
eon bofclbcn b<^beU itwrben lann. ®ie unterfcl)e)bel (id) 
bobur^ von ben ftbd^n Sonnen bet epifi^ tAifttwafli bag 
Ite mn ein gactum borjuftdlm btmifi imI^S aOetbineS non 
9Benfd)nt auSgeffU)ct fein muflf ju bem abn f ein euQelnn ^er= 
Dorfttt^mber Q^cnatteri fctn -^elb nct^menbig nfmbtxtiii ifL 
2)0* ®<f^l)ene felbft We ^anbtung* tft oarin bn aHittdpunft/ 

cjiij^c, Google 

IxxxiT Sit partbuir iSv\aihms. 

unb bit bcm @tof^ ongtmeflttK iCart^Ilung biefer ^iditung 
bit .^auptoufsabc ber poetifctien Sti&t)Iung. 3>a {tt nun aOd 
®ef<^^ umfaft, fo faim fie fo wo^I emmuft oB fomif* 
feinf nuc tnuEi btt $A6^ bic ISinKnbung fbrcna bem 3n^e 
anpaffen. 3^ iff alft m6gUd)|l fceit gotm geftatfat 8rfifitt8= 
tcit unb 9tat]h;licl)fett ixc 2)arjbQuns finb ■^auptbebinpngen i 
iin Utbrigen l)at ber IBtrfafln aUein barauf ju fcixnr bog et 
Stoff unb gorm in efn fmmontfiea SGeriiaitniS bringe. — 

3Xan lann ntit 8t(d)l bt^upteni ba^ bie jDcutf<i)en ouf 
biefem @ebitl( bee Did)t{un^ in unfercn Sagcn bag Stefle 
9ebtacf)t '^abeof ob ti)nen gCci^ fo bebeutenbe 9bbenbu^r wtt 
Soib iBQioni aBaltn Skotti ^ooit, SampbeQ unb Siabbe 
SegcniUirr fbljnr ba fie fill) ba£ SSortreffli^ biefet 9tu|lec 
oncigneteni ot)ne in bie ^^lei berfelben ju MTfaUen unb bie 
pott^i)t @iiiJ)lutig namentli^ concifer unb cI^ctiMC aU 3ene 

©er ©iegeS girft. 

4Dct)ilKt bie ))[&d)tigen ^fotten ber Siege I 

Smxitect mtt Sautfejen bie SEljow ber SJett t 

SoS fReic^ ift nun ©otteS; nun ru^n bie Jtiiegel 

et na^t (id) bet Sinig, ber |>ilb ! 

(Et na^t lid) j bet (tegenbe Sob witb gu fi^airten, 

@E nieift unS cetaebltd) fetn bTot)enbee @tab. 

@& foOen ben J(ned)ten beS ZaUS bte Sanben 

SJon ittleinben .^ilnben ^etab. 
gtit ttagen, fiSt geffetn, je^t, Wic^ ?)almen* 

Unb .^ofRiune umfttSmet, ffe SSeufter, bie SBniff. 

S)ai <^uUn bet £erfet Mt{tt)tt fid) in ^almenf 

iSen JEutnmer wriaget bie tufL 

cjiij^c, Google 

3&oma«it ntiU SallaUr. Ixxxv 

S& Sottn bn rangtn .^m:ttd)(dt ribiv 
Ste btinatn SBnf^ung unb ^inttnllfi:^ ^lat^t. 
Sfe SUiQc bic f(f)Ctc^tranen a&oOni {ert^n, 
dtrt^ldlt fid) bit tiaunnbc Stadjt 

{n IHIIa Qmplinbting bringti no^ ben Si^Rjtni 
Umfa^li^ iEoduft in a^rSntn (itrfilri 
ScQ mObtlbT 3iitlii$(nt fd)nielitn bit ■^crjeni 
SoO, ^Ibcc Qrlifec, vcn bit. 

9i^ -^ntanbi bt^ fuc^t bei grommen SStfinbtn. 
Sit ftii urn ben Ulmbaum ber !8kinftad fici) f<^linat 
jDiir foleet bie Eiebe bun^ 3cb tmb buni) Eeben/ 
2Mt Sttbtf bit ICOti begningL 

(Sonrob Kntdb eS^milk 
(Sit^i eansbcin/ ®Idin.) 

Komanft unli ISallitlw. 

^tt bent Stamen aiomanie ober SaUabe btitid)net man ofm 
eimn Unttrf^ieb Seibn; fcftju^tten/ fOAit bii^ttrift^ Sto 
iS^bm^enr »eli^ Stegeben^eilen aat bei SHtttrjeil nnb ma 
Um SOo^etitbaii \a nta^ aul bent t&slic^n itbn bair^IItn. 
Sit Sefltbtn^ttHf twb^ jum @toff ber Stomanje abet SoUobe 
bitnen foOnb mfijTtn bnn^ i^en ttasi(d)en ober tomifdicnr fo 
nrie inai) tfycm umnbetbateni gtofiaiti^ unb abtnttoetlii^ 
etMtattet intmffont frin. !Dte Siptadie unb ^altwig von 
Mtfet Ttxt fpifi})ei 2)td)tuns ntup UiiiC eebi&ngt unb but^ 
Stannlefalli^Ieit anjit^enb fein. iDen Stamen SaOabe gab 
man biefem Oebidjte feit bem jmSlften Soljt^unbettd meil man 
bei ban Bottroe betfelben ju tanjtn ffUqtti obtt nitiC bit 
Wtfm fflottrog beeleitenbe a3lu|t! jum ^ntni auffbtbette. — 

(, Google 

Ixxxvi Xlainan}t tn(B 3&aXUCBt. 

!Bir teliVn in b« beutf^tn ©pta^ (toe flrofi 3aI)I D0i1wff= 
(idiec ®tbid)U tricfn Sattuns- 

j[n tints nilhn @d)laci|tf 
aSo ■ftrm in* Jtnei^ ptitttn, 
Sitae ^ S^Mlo 3l^4t 
Sem Si^cCen bn: <OitffUnL 

Sn 3i£I(ii alt unb blinb 
Xm Einbmbounit tl^tet 

3u giifen «)m gefcftWitrt. 

3Sut 8taf)t' unb Mnfcn iw^n 
£ie S«^nen oon bet Sinbc 
3ma.t Eann et |t( nidjt fctin/ 
2)oii^ iaufd)cn fit im ^inbc 

Sit Sounn ^n im StAi, 
<StU^ttt auf ^fenlralcn. 

Sr nritb bei Sitant ^>nis 
©en aapferjbn erttjeilen. 

Db ilin <m^ SloiW um^e. 
Da er auf^bt boS Si^wtrt 
Unb f)n:iil)t bet ttefn StfUe: 

fiSSnfet aOe cor mi^ |in, 
3^ von untblem SBIutei 
1D«fi wn fet)t eblem ©inn 
Unb non be< Clwen asntltc. 

(, Google 

9m muttt JgeKrengtBfcj&t. Ixxxvii 

3B« XM Ittgt un %ta, 

iDo^ ^ ftet}t moni^ tin ^Ib, 
Wttlft aafS), an bif txibar&en. 
Bit fsUim 3Sut^ iin: tntalf 
X)ffl t£cbt»ti ma^ttt {itttnif 
Sie iI)E bit mttt rc^lugt, 
St4 r<^' id) mm jn 91ittcni." 

Skilfeang aSenjtl 

Sit oor)flsUd)fte Xufgabt, wtl^t bee £i(i)ttr Ixi hr fersoB' 
teingune bti tnifini >^^tng(bid)tts (Opotr fipopoc au« bmi 
®rid)if*tn i^ fagt/ ttii^lt obti l* madit) ju liftn ffoti be> 
^{)t badn/ ben Jtompf btc menfc^Iii!^ von bem ^titn 
ffiiUtn titpmmten £raft/ mtt bet fOaif Ut e<4idFatt bitrd) 
rinm ni&rbt0tnr tnttDcbet natiDnalnv (Act bo4^ aOenmin an> 
fpret^tnbtn @toff in einn biefem aemiftn %eaa unb Stc 
lonbUmg bat^ufteOnt. iDic Sttftnntutung bitfei Xnfgabt 
finbet t^tn <OtitttIpuntt in tintm tbcCnr btgabbn SXa^^m, 
ud^tt unt in bem (Sonfiktt mit bm Strlj&UnijTntf mhgpi 
bitft butc^ SRaturaot^iMiAi^ttt, obn bncd) B'f'Qfitortli'^ 
^&nbt btbingt umbcn, socgcffi^ tpitb unb out banftQitn 
motalifi:^ fit9rri<4 ^mwt^ti felbft tMim n i^ p^pfif4 mtcb 
lf<9m foOU. iDitfh; Ximpfer ^ei^ MTjugtiMift btr .^(b/ bit 
{^ fdtlblUi oitetstnfte^icnbt ^aft baS &ifii\al, bet Stamff 
in oOtn ftintn SE^KOtn bagegni bie ^onbtane btt Spot. 
(Sine conftquente S^aialteri«tl)nungi tine etien fo in einti: 
Solgtrri^ tion witdtietn unb nitotetn OttlgnifT'tn o^nt 

(, Google 

ixxxviii m* ttttitt ^ttvnmtititit. 

StoCbing unb ^(^diung bee SntecffTe bis ium S!d)luffe 
bnr^S'f'i^f wit einanbei; {nnig DetpocEitciw Sette son 
Sesebcn^m ftnb bonjufolge bie ^QuptErfbrbernilfe be« 
■^tbcnacbiittJr baS in ^tit^JiSiger inneirei: Siniirit straiten 
wcTben mu^ Sben fi: er^aben unb na^r n&mtid; aU bar 
>^U)i muf ba« f^n Iwt&tnpfeiibe @d)iiffal segenfibn; gefttOt 
UKcbtn. Urn JSeibe ^enun !&nntn anbetti in bit <^nblun0 
'dngreifenbe, ober bieftlben crlSutemb* Sperfonen, iwU^ aba 
ftcM ban <^lben unteigeorbnet «fii)eintnr gnippiirt wtrbtnr 
fo wie ee aud) niaubt ifl, Segeben^eiten in bt( tSrj&^lund ju 
vmtxbenf vxiiit ima nidit anraitttlbar jui Slucdif&tnntng 
berfelbm not^nbig finb« aba boju ititra^ni itn QRanni^ 
foUigleit fu wrUt^ unb miCtelbar in einnn natfidii^n 
Sufontmtn^Qe mit itft jbtin. — Xn^t ^ien Gpi^ibm. 
!Dtc fibeniatfirli(i)en SXittct, nxlt!^ bn Siiifa loi^Uf um bm 
Atun^ ju motimrenr ii>ecben » aXafd)inaie " bee -^Ibeiis 
gebi^tee genannt tm Sorttrag unb bie $onn bcS SpoS 
mOtfen n)&;bei»IIr ini^ig/ getneffcn unb gletd)ni&6ia f^r ba bie 
f)itf(^tUenbt ^anblung ebcn fo baiiufteOen ift. VU ^o^ 
Hmmlid) feltgefteUte Jonn nxirb bei ben @tied)en unb Stbmtcn 
bet ^ometetf bei ben Si^anjofen bee ^nexanbrinti/ bei ben 
Snglfii^eni fril^ ber fSnffiiSiBe iambif^ reimlofe »tt«, 
fp&ter buT^ Snton bit tnglifii)t @tanit, bei ben ffibli^n 
euTopiifc^ Slationen bie Xerjine abet bie a<^tiligt Stanjc 
angennnnien. — iDie Dtutfdjen ^ben |id) in ilpMi bttartifltn 
SBerfen bolb ber tintnf balb b« anbem ^aan bcbientf unb bit 
tlnit^ notionolei wcl^t fie befi|en( bie fogenannte „ XiblungE 
ftnip^" nur wenig angetcenbet 

(0ie^ Stopftaffi ,.mt^vii^' ffiielanb'i wOberon.") 

(, Google 

Bit Itamattecfie Voesie. 

Sic brainatifcf)c ^o^ Idttt i^n lHamm mm irm grinirifi:^ 
HSmtt ri^ama^' bae fg rul itnt one ^nbUtng sbn Sob 
anting diur ^nblung btjeidwtf ab. 0(t|on aul 'bicfer So 
luimuns tt^Oti bofi man uitftr Ztroma cin jur iDaiibllung 
btitd) ftnnlidic 9XineI bc^immteS ISMAt saftttjt, unb bap bit 
bioniatifdx ^pDcfu <i(K ju btefem Sttiufe wrfaftnt JSnle in 
ifmn £idd jitlKf tnfofrai fte fUm^upt in baS ®tbitt bet 
Did|ttun|l geliiKn. — Dae Dcama unttrf^nbrt ^iH) twifigtit^ 
von b«n €po( unb bcr Iqcifd^en ^)oe(ie( baf ^ nidjt bei 
Dt(^ ftlb^ ajS^lnibf f^lcnbr obn rcflectiitnb fii^ AiiMr 
ronbcm ^ter b<n ^nfontn guHicttiltti bit a; jut Q(uif%nine 
ba twn itim gtbii^ttten ^nblung ixiit>niM. 3u nnm alt 
gemritun •^upterfoubcmif beS biomotifc^n ®cfct<^ wirb 
olfD bit DoIOiinuntnt Dbitctioinms bcr .^nbtung wrtangtr in 
aaijtt ber Ssiifa, rotnn tt fdnt SnbiDibualitW mit bnftlbtn 
va^ti^ xooOtt, ftlbft nut abitctiuit:! fn^ barfttOtn ttnmt. 
SSA^rtnb boi Spoi ant von ben 9Xtnfif)cn unb bntn .^onbe 
Eimsen trji^f t^IIt bai Z)ranta unt bitfelben tvkfUi^ voti 
unb tntfattet jugltic^ bit aiU itntn mtfuTingenben Stbonfcn 
tmb Smpfinbunsen vot unS. 

)Die @fn^(^ mop iv&rbfsf unb nii^ aOttn btv >^blune, 
fontttn oud) ben einjttntnS^aratttitn unb bem Qismfdjaptn 
tmoemefftn fdn, b<4 eclaubt ba« ^6^ Drama biefelbt ibcaler 
)u ^tttn. >&inf(^tli(l) ber ftugem S^rm bee Sttbe ^ man 
^ in jDeutfdilanb am ^iiufiglttn bta XknanbdntrBi bee fftnfs 
fA^tgtn jombiTdjen Serfee fc nne be£ oierfiUftsen txci^i^ijot, 

(, Google 

tioil) tfxa fo 0^ au!^ bn pa^a bebient XAi tcamaHfci)e 
^loefu jtrfUIt in fclgnibe ICbt^rilungen : — 

1. £at SiaiKrfpitl } 2. bat euftfimt > 3. baS SSi^nfiiitl ( 
4. bat SfngfiiitL 

9as Craunspicl. 

9ai XcauR^ obn bit Xrag&bit ftinnnt botfn nrit ban 
Gpot abtmib baf rt glettfe bcmTelbcii ein SrtEoniS iwn ^cl)a 
SSebeutung be^tibtUr unb ben Aampf rineC bceabtot unb 
gtofaitlgtn SRenfcIfm nU bem ®tfi^C(te barftetUr nur gtfi^u^ 
irin bfffc SDorfknons in bramatiTi!^ S^nn unb b<r ^tli> muf 
p^fifi^ in bent Aomp^ untnlitgen. iDn Untngang dntc 
fb<In SnbiDibuofit&t burd) ^6^n ffiinen bilbtt alfo ben 
Snfratt unb bai .^iiiitmntmcil bet Xngibie. 31)te IBiirtung 
auf ben 3uf<^uer v^xbt ettw betribenbe feuif wenn xdijt eben 
bie'(Stfi%cinuna nnec ebebir ima )>^9fif4 untergt^nbeni abcE 
tnora({f4 fie0etU)en fRatac, rintn nlKbenben unb btfeligeiAen 
CEinbnict auf i^n maiitt, ba Ofin bat SJmuStftin bet ty)^ 
rtttU^en aSecfljeS bet inmfd)Ii«en fcaft urn beflo teb^apet 
iKtOottuft, — (esief) ©cf)iaer.) 

JSas i6c$ausi>tel. 

Bieff ©attunfl ber btamotifdien ?)oe(ie, nxl^e |i(l)i "1* fir (i'% 
befte^enbe Rla^t, nut in SDeutf^tanb finbctf unb ben Uebtrgans 
Qom Sbrouerfiricl jam SuftTpiel bilbttf untnfdjcibet fui) babuti^ 
mefenUii^ con bem ISitleten, bem fie jUrrigens n&^ Mcnwnbt 
tfti aU bem SeSteren, baS ^ nrie iencS einen btgabten aXtnTi:^ 
isi £ampf mit ben akt^&Unl|T<n Dber ben Ceibcnfc^^n 
f^tlbertf aber I^n ni^t aRein moTotffi^ fonbtm aut^ p^i)itfd) 

0, Gooi^le 

Salt Xntt' mdi AingrifCtl. xci 

fugcrit^ unb mnxiCeSt aut bemftCbcn ^taoifft^n lifi. Hai 
@>d)auf))tel tonn btrngemif feinen Stgenftonb fomo^I btm 
&fTtiitIi(t)aif tvif bun ^iufil^tn cbei bOcgerti^cn Etbcn ttit' 
Ittmetif ntir ninp bit Sc^nblung btinftCbm Dodommcn ongf 
mtfTien fHniunb niif)t6 bfe >£iannonie be* JCunftoerbt fUnn. — 
3m tUbrignt untnlugt rt gonj ben aOgMneintn Stbineungtib 
atld)at baa Iltania ibafytxcpt unttroorfen ift — (SSfc^ 

JSad 9.ustJ(pUl. 

jBa§ euftfpifl (bie JCom6b{t im tngeren EJituK bti !QotM) 
iff bU biamattf(t)t Catftedung einra ^nblungr biti:^ iwld)c 
bai nnitli^ cbn; aU micfitd) btidbon &bm mit f<euMn 
Sifc^nunstn Don feinrr ^titrni Stittr Im @ts«tfa( gur 
tragtfd)enf aufa<faft unb ouf eine fomifdier ng&Qlicf)e unb 
btle^nbt SSeife MiftmOu^ uiib. 6t btfi^fCist fl^ bm* 
e«n3f mit ben SH/aliititn unb fDtdngcIn bn SJtenf^ni nne mit 
bm aRifoerti&ttmljtn menf<^Kd)tr unb gtfcDf^fllii^ 3a#inb< 
unb benn EQeroimingen/ bie iebod) auf cine bcru^igenb< VU^t 
ifyn tifune tu (inben «rmbgnt/ unb mdiii)t bobunf) bm 
bopptltm Snxtt bcc Sig&|ung unb bn Scb^ning. 

IBas ii|iinga])ifl. 

9a< SSineTintl im WIeemcinen ifl tin bcamattfcM ®ebu^ 
in atUlian dm innise fSetbinbung btr ^)oefte mit ber 3Jmtan1lr 
unb etne et^nfeitigc Grg&njuna Seibct buri^dnanba bf 
jnxctt uitb. — Urn dntn mAslid)ft titftn Sinbuict auf bat 
litfj^l bed ^ufn^uert fferooriubringta 

0, Gooi^le 

Cpisramm. JSieTrt sritdjifdfjt aBort belwutrt dgniflii^ pi Diet 
aU Xuffi^ri^ Ibberfdidft £ieft iBebcuCung gicbt aud) ju^ 
gleid) ben ®tnn be|feU>m Irftifiditlii^ ba Z)i^un|l an. fSct 
ben ISritdben nonntt man fo bit |»xtt|'d)c 2uffd)nft auf Zttot 
jnltu ©tabm&Iemi Xunfbwthnf 6ffinit(ict)cn @eb&ubtn u. f. n>. 
iDn Stwd bee S^i^ammS ifl: entmbn: tint QdUicune )u 
Sebcn obtt bad @emQli) ju ftimmen. !Die 2)at(blIunQ mu^ in 
anfcfwulic^ S&^t ff^ifitftn unb nrfd^eintr uxmi fk fik btn 
a!ei:^nb btttikntt ifti bibaCtifd;! fat^riftt) obcr toinirdfii fih; 
ba4 ®effif)I iBrifc^ ober etegifdj. Bai reifiifle Spiaramm ncnnt 
man Sinngebidit iDicfeS tfl Srguf be^ aSi^S. Sec nfU 
X^ belVdben fpannt bit Hafmtc^amltit, ba juieite befciebigt 
fit auf eine angtne^me fibetrofdjenbe SBeife. 3ft ber Sn^alt 
wi^ifler aabet, fo nennt man ©ebidjte biefer 3Crt H@pi= 

Ifinem ift |Te bit ^ot^r bit ^mltfd)e ®&tttn ; bem Xnbem 
Sine tiit^tigt £ii^, bit i^ mit Sutttr 'oa^cxet. 

Coltnt f)iefi einft in altet 3tit 
!Bon Sott flebotnt gi^igbit 
S'louf twul Xalent 
@in Jtompltment i 

Unb boS tKclangt ^tut iebecmonnf 
iDet [i^mftnn obtr Ilimjxni !ann. 

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|9art {. 

Ulphii^s. — Cbaklbs tbb GmMAT.—TytMtUilor* tmd Com- 
mattatort : Kara ; NotJcei', lUubantu Mannu, Gerbert, Oiet- 
nurt Toldeck. — Ottbikd. — Thtologiaiu : TsdIct; Johaim 
Apicola. — MiNNia inqibb . — Heldeniuch . — NUhelKngmKtd. 
— H>iHTxiL8iNOBB8. — I^etnUott nf Prinliag. — Fimndalioti <tf 
VhiBtrtHiet. — Ldthkr. — Hams S*.caa.—_Satiriail Writrri: 
Hugo T. TrTmberg ; Kschart, BoUenbageii, Homer ; Rabenm, 
^■*^iiriii — Opitz. — Saertd Pettt : Andieaa, Spee, Flemming, 
Dadi. — PotUi Logan, HoSmtumswaldNi, Cramer, Ad. Schlegel, 
Glsini, TJz, Hsgedom. — Dramatic Writert: Grjph, Clajui; 
lAtieoBtdn, Giihua, J. EL ScU^eL — The TMrty-Ytari' War. 
— H^t .T"»- — The Sieut School : Bodmer, Pyra, Lange, Liscow, 
Rost,Gemtei.—TAe Saxon School: Gottsched, Zeraib, Myliw, 
KMtaa.—fMle Writtn: GeUert, liditwcr. 

0, Gooi^le 

W,m idni Ridr« Dirt atWl. bif I 

I|nl |e| tic >iDf| »l. F* l>g'> <I>r 
»«b.« u°t <» <awl nil ei<«« . 

e<f.tB<i{i4 mr l.r Situ li< «"(< « 
Bnb [III |u (iffmi e<i|D<iR[l4[cit (i 

lltii biifn Btit gimii^t tin Igiin), 
«<l ainigil e«u4 lin «ailil ViuCt 

g;>rt »4 biqunit Bill' « )«(<■ (I 

a?" f"f 1' ■■ int OimSl nnl (.iml' ijn [<iitt tiMKn. 

ntitm till Kill giliia' Riniiictn 
ei mo nDi, la.fl ti f<[|{l t.a iMiug 

0, Gooi^le 

¥art h 



B.C. 100 TO ^.D. jea. 
(jTBEMAJfT, previow to the Introduction of Chris- 
tianity, could boaat of little wortliy of the name of 

The GiothB, a people of direct Grerman descent, 
at a Tery early period embraced the Christian 
Faith ; &ad the most ancient relic of the Mixed 
Gothic tongue that haa been preserved to us, ia a 
partial tabulation of the Scriptures, of great in- 
terest and merit, executed by Bishop Ulphilas 
(a. d. 360 — 380), which, after having diBappeared 
for nearly six hundred years, was discorered in a 
monastery (near the close of the Sixteenth Cen- 
tniy), and is now preserved at Upsal. 

It may not be uninteresting to our readers to 
see an extract &om this early translation of Ulphilas, 
contrasted with that of Lather. We have selected 

cjiij^c, Google 

SStra. [Vin. Sa^ttjunbert. 

M the simplest example, 
the two Tergions : — 

9tta unfar' t^u in fiunfs 
nam *. neilinai name t^etn. 
Duimoi ti)iubtna|Tua Ojtiai. 
loatrtliat toftja t^inS. fiw 
in ^imina tat) ana abOjai 
^taif unfarana tijana ftntrin: 
on gif un£ ^unmabogo. 3a^ 
aflct una tl)atn flulanS fqai= 
mo. fbafbe ja^ tveii aftetom 
t^im ftulam unfaratm. 3a^ 
ni tirigeaid unS in f:aits 
tubiqaL a( laufet unS af 
t^amma ubiltn. untet^dnat{t 
ttitutangartn. jo^ tnotliS. ja 
nmltui '. in aiwinS. omen. 

In the Eighth Centiuy flotulBhed the Monk 
Eeso, known to ua as the Translator of the " Sulet 
of St. Benedict;" Bonipacius tod England, dis- 
tinguished by his introduction of Christianity into 
the interior of Oermany, and by his efforts to spread 
the knowledge of the art of writing ; Isidos (710) ; 
and some few others of little note. 

the " Lord's Prayer," in 


?Elnfer SSatre in bem ^imntetl 
iDein 9?ame naii gttKQfgtt 
ICein 8td(^ tommt Detn 
fBidt gefd)(tK auf Srtenr teU 
im ^immeL Unfer tigli^ 
StiDb gieb un£ ^tc Unb 
cergitb unE unfere SifOJixn, 
wit mil unfecn SS^uUigem 
OCTBebfn. Unb fiil)w unS 
nii^t in S3ecfu(t)un9/ fonbecn 
nl&fe une wm bent Xitbtt 
i&enn bein tfl bafi SKrid) unb 
bie Jttoftf unb bit .^mlid): 
fcitinSwi^eit Vmn- 

[n the pultEon at tt 

> nolHi, ghny. From Uia Buon 

ind i^Jectlia afla- tlie lub- 
E bit ind b« Etft U enttnlr 
Bilt 11.— LiUn, /■<;». 

0, Gooi^le 



CHATtT.TCMAetTB moBt be placed at tbe head of t}u§ 
Epoch. He giuned for himaelf the palm which 
every auccesBive hiBtoiian of the German language, 
or its Uteratnre, must award him fc^ noble en- 
deaToora and unwearied labours, in ftuthering the 
study of that langoage and aiding its progresa and 
development. He established schoola for the in- 
Btruction of the youth of Germany, and directed 
the Monks to preach in the German language, and 
the business of the courts of justice to be likewise 
transacted in the vulgar Tongue. He himBeif com- 
posed the first Qertnaa Grammar'; and it may not 
be oat of place to state here, that he was also the 
Gist, who, taking a comprehensive view of the wants 
of his time, united the nations, btigued by multi- 
&riouB straggles, in one common social form, and 
led them to the bo much wished-for repose ; fiirther, 
that at the time of Chablbb thx Gkbat, the 

1 It 1b TftlAted by endlblft talttorlui, that noder Oa uupleBi of 
CiiKUHUKa (Kiri der Oioih) «u fOnotd the CollKtloD at tba old 
popDUi SoDgf mentlonBd by Tacitut, u Kri^g tha poople for meino- 
iMt ud uuk, eelebntlng the origin ol tlwli godi ud uiHMiin. Tile 
" Bardltu " of which ho ipeAta nuiked the diiwD of Gernun Ijrleftl 
poMty. Tha eOSectliHi nude by oidai at ChuleDiigne ii Int. 
TOL. I. B 

(, Google 

6 fitfrftV. [IX. Sainr^uiibtrt 

BiehopB of Some Iiud claim to no temporal au- 
thority; but, by confirming the donation of tlte 
exarchate made by Pepin to Pope Zachaiy, the 
EuPESOB unwittingly plimted the germ (^ that 
future power which became bo dangerous to bis 
BucceBsor. The empire of Charlemagne owed ia a 
great measure its speedy diBBolution to the discordant 
elements then introduced ; it is such iutroductions 
which, more frequently than domcBtic events, have 
led to the division of great empires. 

Ludwig the Puwt, aon of Charles the Great, and 
Ludwig ike Qermam, his grandson, inherited of 
their ancestor the love of the Glerman language. 

Literary memorials of that Epoch are, — im 
" EvangeJien-IIxmnonie" by the Monk Otpbied 
(870), a most valuable memorial of Ancient German 
Poetry; a work on the "Psalms," by Hotkeb, a 
Monk of St. Gallon (died 1022); and a new Vei^ 
sion, with Explanations, of the "Song of Solomon," 
by WiLLtBAUs (died 1085). Of the learned men 
in this Epoch we would particularly name : Alcuik, 
Paul Waknxfeixd, Eqinbabd, the Hiatorian, and 
the Biographer of Charlemagne, Bhabaktis Madbub 
(died 859), Gebbebt, and DtETiUB ; but few of 
their remmns have been preserved, and it is difficult, 
in reviewing the history of German vernacular com- 
position, previous to the rise of the " Mnn nr. 
saSOxb," to assign the dates with any great degree 
of certainty. 

0, Gooi^le 


1137— 1348. 

WiTHthe AeeeaaiMiof Konred m. (oftbeHohen- 
Btauffen rac«), in 1138, opens a new and important 
Era in the Litenuy Histoiy of Germany. 

In the year 1147, the Emperor undertook a Cru- 
sade in concert with Louis VII. of France. This 
e^iedition brought the nobility of Germany into 
habits of association with the nobility of Prance, 
who at that time cultivated Provencal Poetry as a 
gay accomplishment, and a part of polite education. 

The silTery tones of these Provencal Trouba- 
dours, called forth the sonorous and heaven-ascend- 
ing voices of the German MinneBingerB. 

The " Minne Song " is one of the most striking 
phases in the history of poetry. In it the Lyrical 
is the prevailing species of composition. Every 
where the Works of Nature and God are myste- 
riously celebrated i^d pourtrayed ; and, restricted 
as are the lyrical boundaries, the Minnesingers 
displayed within them all the charms of a rich and 
luxuriant fkncy. 

Life they sang, — with its wars and tumults, with 

its splendours of chivalry and romance ; and admi- 


cjiij^c, Google 

8 SSM ^tOindiuti. [Xn. 3a^ 

ration of the &ir iras pk43«d in connexioii with the 
mj-steries of Mth and heavenly love. 

The Works of nearly two hundred Poets, &c,, ai 
this Era have been preserred, uuong which we find 
men of distinguiBhed and original Genius— such 
aa Hahtmasit von der AuE, 1201 ; Woueam 


"Waitheh von der VoQELWErDB, Herr Otto von 
Xhitkne, Meifiter Cosras von 'Wv&TZB-av.o, 1276, 
Hbihbioh Fbauenlob (N. D.), BiiDiaBB von 


author of " The War of Troy" and other poems of 
merit, Beibilab der A^ltebe, &c. &e. 

We may alao mention Eieo von Baischow, 
author of " The Mtrror of Saxony" Eitdolph von 
Bus and Ulbich von Lichtekbtein ; and amongBt 
the nobles who at this time distinguiBhed them- 
selves by their contributiona to Literature: — 
HxNBY of Ahhalt, The Eupebob Conbad, and 
the Dt7££s of Meisben and Bbeslau. 

The Book of Heroes (Heldenbuch), by Woifham 
of EacHENBACH (1212), nairateB the humorsome 
adventurea of the Emperor Otnit, and of the Dwarf 
Elberich, and, passing on, gives the history of 
Laurin, another Eing of the Dwar&. 

29as Kubeluitscnlictr, 
Or, The Song of the " Niebehi^," (a work cotem- 
porary with the " Seldenbueh,") the author of 

0, Gooi^le 

ZaiOn.] "HSMaXmnmlUU. 9 

which ia aaid to have been Hedtbioh Ton Onva- 
DiNQEK, who flourished about the end of the 
Twelfth or the cotmaencement of the Thirteenth 
Century, is the grandest production of the Middle 
Agea. The reputation of the "J^eSeftwi^" is world- 
wide. The scene is laid at the court of Attila, the 
King of the Huns, about the ^ear 480 or 440. 
The subject is the destraction of the race of the 
Bnrgnndians, who served in the army of that 
Honarch, and were gacrificed to the vengeance of 
one of his wives. This woman, herself a Bui^^- 
dian, drew down this calamity upon her Nation, to 
avenge the murder of her first husband, who had 
a considerable time previoufdy, been put to death 
by her brothers. 

Amongst the other heroes who figure in this 
Epic, we find Dietrich von Bern, or Theodoric the 
Great, the founder of the Kingdom of the Ostro- 
goths in Italy ; Siegfred Sige, called Der Glehomte 
(homed), a Margrave ; Buddiger, the ancestor of 
the first House of Austria, and, in short, the heads 
of all the conq^uerisg dynasties which overturned 
the Boman Empire. This song commemoratea not 
less than forty distinct Adventures '. 

giotittiin Cauitt 

A name deserving of mention in every work 
connected with Grerman literature, was bom in 

cjiij^c, Google 

10 Canlrr. [SBeqmat^stfcb. 

1294. Tauler vas a Dominican Monk, who lived 
and preached at StrasBburg. It ia said that he 
composed his SermonB in Latin, and dcliTcred them 
in German. Tauler (aays a modem writer upon 
literature) ia hia German Sermons introduced many 
ezpreseions invented by himself, which were the 
first attempts at a philosophical language, and dis- 
played srurprifling eloquence for the nge wherein he 
lived. It may be justly said of him, that he first 
gave to prose that direction in which Lather after- 
wards advanced. His devotional works have beeai 
often edited, and one of his modem admirers has 
written his biography, wherein we learn, " that once, 
whilst in the pulpit, he suddenly grew dumb, and 
did nothing but weep, continuing in this despon- 
dent Btete for two whole yewa, when he again lifhed 
up his voice with renewed power and energy j" he 
died, in 1361, at Strasaburg. 

QDj {ommt tin @d)iff gelaben 
SU an fein'n ^mien SBorb t 
Qi ttiit @ott't ®atn ooS'i: ©naNiv 
XK8 SSotecS tcoiqi SSort 

39a8 ek^fF ge^t ftiQ im Xtithf 
Qttr&gt (in' t^un Sajl} 
iDn Seget 1ft W iitbt, 

sxc jjoi'it Steffi bev m<4. 

0, Gooi^le 

^offi V. Snrabtrg.] fRitfattaiZtV. 11 

9(1 Satn ^'t auf Srbtn, 

Unb tMt Sc^ff {ft am Sanb t 
@ott'fi aSort t^ut mt glrif<^ ntnrtcn 
jDn €Soi}n ifl unS gtfanbt 

SSu Set^It^ g/iboaa 
3m SStoK tin £inbtkuir 
®{bt fii^ fAc and witonii 
©etobet muf el fe^n. 

Snb UKt bief Ainb nit Snubtn 
JHUffttv umfongtn RriKf 
IDer mu^ nor tnit {^ bibm 
(9i:d$ $ein unb SXortet oiel j 

jBatuuil tnit {^ aiui^ ^boi 
Unb flrifUii^ aufcrfb^n, 
Snngi 8(£><n ju ttbtn 
SBie an i^in ifi gcff^tin- 

Among the " MimieaiiigerB," Gottfbied of 
STaA.BBBirB&, TtBTiMtg Ton ZwsTER, and Walteb 
von der Vogelweidh were not wanting in Didactic 
character. The two last are especially noted for 
their aide thruBts at the Pope uid his Monks, the 
uBBOund condition of which body at the time could 
not escape even a ' LoTe-Minstrera' eyes. "Werner, 
Veldeck, Zazichoven (1194), and Beinbot Ton 
Dome, are aome of the earliest. 

(, Google 

12 Jftwnw. [XIV. So^fennbai. 

I^go bon Ctsmini 

One of the most important poets of tluB "Eca, wAa 
bcnii in a village c^ed Tiymberg, in the district t^ 
^piirzbiirg. He composed his poems in the year 
1800, which he named the "Benner" (Bnnner), as 
he himself said ; " XBcmi (tvril) d ^ oimni tntn^ odt 
(art (fianb) '.» 

He kept a School, fbr forty years, at Turat&ll, 
near Bambe^. He meatioDS, in the "Benner," 
that he had begun, above thirty-foiip years before 
this latter, a work entitled the "Sainmler" (Col- 
lector), but that having by aocident lost great part 
of his mannBcript, he had abandoned it in anger. 

About half a Century later in date than Hugo's 
"Benner," another work, not lees celebrated, made 
its appearance. This was the "!E!delstein"(Gem)of 

ISonnius or )3onnn; 

This work has enjoyed great popularity. Bonner's 
"Gem" is a collection of a hundred "JhSZe*" 
translated iato German rhyme. 

1 BcauH U aluU nm anongb *U luida. 

(, Google 


134fi— 1534. 

\J{ StraBEibui^, the Chronicler of the Fourteenth 
Century, acqnidnta as, in his Becords (1362), with 
the feaiful barbnTities practised towards the Jews, 
and the pereecntion and aufferings of the followen 
of Hobs which disgraced those times. 

With the invention of Frintin^, the great engine 
for the diffiiBion of Learning in every age, a new 
heaven was now to open over the literary world. 

JoEAnr GUTTSSBES&, to whom we are indebted 
for this wonder-working invention, was a native 
of Mentz, Imt settled at StrasBbm^. He is 
sitpposed to have conceived the idea before 
1410, uid to have spent the next ten years in 
making attempts to carry it into effect, which 
some assert him to have done in short fiigitive 
pieces, actually printed from hia moveable wooden 
chaiacterB before 1450. In Hie same year G-utteb- 
BXB0 went to MentE, entered into partnership 
with Fdst (Fanst), a rich merchant of that city, 
for the pnrpose of carrying out the invention, 
and was supplied by him with consid^iible sums of 

cjiij^c, Google 

14 Mntbtriitatta. [XIV. SaW- 

mon^. The subsequent steps in the progresB 
of the undertt&ing are obscure. It is said that 
Peteb acHOEFPEE, their assistant, inTented the 
method of casting types, and thereby greatly im- 
proved the others' wonderful discovery. It is a 
very stritiiig circimiBtaiice, that the high-minded 
inventors of this art tried at the very outset so 
bold a Sight as the printing an entire Bible, and 
executed it with astonishiag success. FirST and 
SonoETFEB diasolred their partnership with Qvi- 
TBITBEHQ in NoTember, 1455. 

GoTTBtTBEHa eatablished an opposition press at 
MentE, and printed, in 1460, a work of consider- 
able size, the Caiholieon of BaHn. The Clem^ttitie 
Canatitution, and part of the Canon Late were 
printed by him In the same year. 

One great fiirtherance of intellectual cidture 
must be particularly mentioned, namely, the esta- 
blishment of Universities, which became the nur- 
series of Science, and thus superseded the literary 
monopoly of the Clergy and the Monasteriee. The 
Vnioerntjf (^f Prague was founded in 1350, that of 
Ti&nna in 1864. During the latter part of the 
same Century were idso established the UnioernHes 
of Seidelherg, Cologne, Effitrt, oud in the Centuiy 
succeeding no fewer than eight others, of which 
Leipeiff (in 1404) is the most distinguiflhed. 

The opening of G«rman Poetry at that time had 
been, on the whole, brilliant and promising; but 

0, Gooi^le 

^RiiuciangtT.] ffcWrrAmstr. 15 

the oonfusioii, insecurity, laiA Tiolence which fol- 
lowed the death of Fbedebioe II., iu 1250, seemed 
&tal to the progress of improvement. The loss of 
some ftccomplished Priaces, the intemiptioQ of 
mtercODTse with the South of France and with 
Italy, the augmented independence of the Gtennan 
nobility, which required to be maintained by un- 
ceasing war&re, rendered their manners &om the 
latter part of the Thirteenth Century more rude 
than before. They ceased to cultivate Poetry, or 
to think it hoaouiable in men of distinction. After 
the time of Bttsolth of Hapbbuko, we perceive in 
the Poetry of Germany a risible decline. 

The MiHirEsiKQKRS were succeeded by the 
" MeUtertavger" (Mastersingers), which new race 
of poets were chiefly burghers of towns. 

These prudent, though uninspired, votaries of 
the Maae choose the didactic and moral style as 
more salutuy than the love songs, and more reason- 
able than romances. 

It is difficult to point out the precise period at 
which the 'Minncsanger' end and 'Meistersanger' 
begin, they so gradually blend into each other: but 
the character of the two Schools is widely different. 

The new School sent forth a great mass of 
Poems ; in which, however, the real soul of Poetry 
was wanting. Of the Meistersanger, the principal 


DuBEB, HsnrRicH t. Meisbeb, Hobheok, Oswau) 
(1367), and Miooael Beheih. 

cjiij^c, Google 

16 Mebierftt Jfto^tf. [XTV. 3a^^ 

The Torks of this period which chiefly demand 
our notice axe the following two : " Semecke der 
Fuehi" (Beynaid the !Fox) and " 1^1 Eulentpiegel." 

These works acquired Bingular popularity, the 
first on account of its shrewdness and its efiective 
satire, the latter for its lively adventures. 

The leading chai'acter in it is said to have be^i 
drawn from life. The first edition of " Eeinecke 
Fuchs'" wsfi printed 1498, and the work has sinee 
passed through an ^most countleBB number of 
editions. Garly le says, " The Apologue of Beynard 
the Pox" ranks undoubtedly among the most r^ 
markable of books, not only aa a Oerman, but in 
all senses as a Enropean one. 

To this date we ought also to refer the " I^ 
and Adventwei of Doctor Faustut." A former 
work on the same subject was "Lucifer with his 
Associate," printed at Bunherg, 1493. 

In this Epoch the following names deserve espe- 
cial notice : Madame, the author of " Der Todten- 
tana" (the Dmice of Death); Sebastian Bbajtd 
(1458—1621), author of " Da^ Mrreiuch^" (the 
Ship of Fools); Thomas Mtjbkek (1475— 1528), a 
poet of Straasburg, who was crowned by the Emperor 
MnTi'tmliftn^ and who zealously apposed the Beforma- 
tion; and Jooaioi Tubicaib (1477 — 1564), author 
<£ a " Siiion/ o/ Bavaria" in Latin and German. 

1 Slnca mod*nilMd bj OWm. 

0, Gooi^le 



i HE period of the BrEEOsiuTioTr must be regarded 
as introducing » new era of Gkrman literature. 

Sreiy truly great and original genius mirrOTB 
Sntii to posterity the capabilities of the Era in 
which he lived ; and we may venture to atBrm, that 
the human mlud can never be more than a cer- 
tain degree in advance of the spirit of the Age. 


QsEoosi Vii., &c. are the Heroes of their time 
and its history, because they conceived and re- 
presented the highest ideas of the periods in which 
they flouriahed. We now come to one who must 
be acknowledged the greatest man, not of his own 
coaaby only, but of the whole Christian Era : 

^atttn JLu^tt 

(U83— 1646), 
Was the son of a poor miner, bom in Eialebett, 
on the 10th of November, 1483. This man ex- 
pressed heroically, but moderately, the wants of his 
time, and placed himself at the head of those who 
fira^t £)r that liberty of reaeon for which a desire 

18 SU Stttonnation. [XV. Sum- 

was now awakened in the minda of men. He fought 
and conquered, undaunted hy the fulminatioiia 
hurled -ogainst him from Borne. But far be it 
from us to call this singular man, \rho, if bom at a 
less agitated period, might, in all probability, have 
remained simply an honourable private character : 
far be it &om ub to call him the author of an event 
80 ttnieereal in iim operation as the Beformatlon. 
LuTHES waa the chief mental warrior of his age. 
The Beformatlon chose liiin as her champion, and 
he proved himself fiiUy worthy of the cause ; for 
never did worldly knight appear in the lists vrith 
more humility, courage, and self-deuial than waa 
evinced by this spiritual hero. Whatever he did 
was done by divine impulse, in answer to the voice 
in his own heart, and to the summons of the age. 
To the historicid inquirer into the records of Gter- 
many, the Fifteenth Century must appear a highly 
remarkable period previous to the Beformatlon. 
The national mind is no longer satisfied with the 
dreams of its youth, and its painAilly-acquired 
knowledge can afford it no consolation ; but until 
the period of adopting and executing a manly 
resolve, it continues in a state of feverish restless- 
ness, by turns seizing and rejecting a thousand 
objects. In one instance it flies to the most remote 
recesses of sophistical speculation, — ^in another, to 
the crucible of the magician ; but, under all the 
forms assumed by an unappeasable inquietude, we 

0, Gooi^le 

SMtm ^mpA.'] Kntjttr. 19 

find the yeamiiig after truth to be the gieat moror 
of reseffrch. 

The popular trie of "Doctor Faustut," which 
had arisen during the Pifteenth Century, ie in some 
eort an allegorical expression of the temper of the 
age. The mind of FaustuB, and all minds of hie 
time, were equally bewildered in their search after 
truth ; but for the latter, a solution of aU doubts 
was found in the Beformation, while the former is 
represented to have perished in the mazes of doubt. 

Having thus regarded Oermany as the nation 
where the human mind was nnuauallf prepared for 
a great spiritual struggle, we will now proceed to 
consider the character of the man who bore the 
standi of the Jtuth in the conflict, and vic- 
toriouslj carried it &r beyond his original in- 

If wealth and prosperity in youth had been 
necessary for training a great man to great achiere- 
ments, Lutheb never could have occupied bo con- 
spicuous a place in the world's history. As a 
wandering scholar he was obliged to seek support 
by singing before the mansions of the wealthy ; 
but this early familiarity with want gave him that 
spirit of fearless independence which marked his 
character through the whole course of his career. 

A susceptible mind, an energetie will, an eager 
perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge, were 
the endowments which distinguished him in early 

cjiij^c, Google 

20 anatenbrrs. [XVI. is<m- 

youth ; and which were strengthened and supported 
hy a cheerful fortitude and a strictly-preserved 
moral purity. 

la 160S, throt^h the mediation of the Bererend 
Johann Staupitz, Yicar of Meiazen and Thuringen, 
(who, on a visitation to the Monastery, had seen 
and admired the young eccIeeiaBtic, on account of 
his application and acquirements,) Lothbs was ap- 
pointed Professor of Philosophy to the UniTersily 
of W^er^erg, then recently established. 

By his conduct here he acquired a power&l 
influence over the minds of the youthftil students, 
but a still greater over those of the people gene- 
rally, by his inspiring sermons. He applied him- 
self with unwearied assiduity to the study of the 
Greek and Hebrew languages. 

His fiiTourite project was to produce a German 
translation of the B9)l6 ; but before he could ac- 
complish this he was called into the field of active 

IiEO X., a man of loose morals, though a patron 
of the arts and sciences, stood in need of money ; 
and an application to the wealthy and simple Ger- 
mans seemed to His Holiness the most natural and 
effective mode of supplying the necessity. On the 
present occaaion the papal pretext was the building 
of Saint Peter's Church at Itome; and as the 
Popes had, for a considerable time, experienced a 
difficulty in levying what was termed the Peter's 

0, Gooi^le 

95 S&«e.] %vibtv. 21 

Fence, thej had thought fit to accommodate them- 
eelves to the growing commerciat spirit of the 
times, and had commenced a sale of plenary indul- 
gences for aU sins, past, present, and^A*re. 

Licensed hawkera of these commoditiea were 
Bent over to Germany on the part of Leo. One of 
them, (perhaps the moat bare&ced,) named Joh&nn 
Tetzel, came in contact with Ltttheb. 

The citizens of Wittenberg, who had paid a 
hcBYy sum for pardon of sins conunitted, and the 
p^miasion to begin a fi«sh course of vice, confiding 
in the pui^torial passport which they had obtained 
from the Pope, refdfied to perform the penaaees pre- 
scribed by LuTHEB, such being deemed superfluous 
according to the doctriue of indulgences. 

These proceedings iocensed our hero, and on the 
aist of October, 1517, he posted his ninety-five 
" Th^es" on the gates of the Castle Church of 
Wittenberg ; and, according to the prevailing cus- 
tom of the Universities, summoned Tetzel to a 

LoTHEE, in hia celebrated "Theses," inveighed 
against the erroneous views inculcated as to the 
efficacy of indulgences, and especially against the 
notion of the Pope's power over souls in Purgatoiy. 
He seems to have believed, that the dealers in these 
commodities had exceeded their commission, and 
that their proceedings would be disavowed by the 
Pope. Thia however was very &r from being the 

TOI. T. C 

cjiij^c, Google 

22 (SUaot dMe»rW&. [XVI. SoW. 

case ; and the determination of Leo to persevere 
in defending aU the much abused prerogatives of 
his See, drew Lutheb on to levy war against 
geveral tenets maintained by the Church, aganrt 
eeveral held by the most celebrated Doctors; to 
question the Divine right of the Papal Supremacy, 
and finally to renounce aU communion with a power 
which he now deemed an Antichristian tyranny. 
This absolute separation did not tate place tiU he 
publicly burned the Bull issued againat him by the 
Pope, and the volumes of the Canon Law, in No- 
vember, 1520, at "Wittenberg. 

Throughout this dispute LrrEEBwas suBtained by 
a prodigious force of popular opinion. It was, per- 
haps, in the power of his sovereign, Fbedebic, the 
Elector of Saxony, to have sent him to Borne, in the 
summer of 1518, according to the Pope's direction. 
But it would have been a step odious in the eyes 
of the people, and soon after it became impossible. 

MiLTiTZ, an envoy, despatched by Leo, in 1519, 
upon a eonciliatoty errand, told Luthbb that 25,000 
armed men would not suffice to make him prisoner, 
ao &vourable was the impression of his doctrine 
upon Gennany. Fbedebic himself also, not long 
afterwards, wrote plidnly to Borne, that a change 
had taken place in his country, — that the Gkrman 
people were not what they had been ; there were 
among them many men of great talents and learn- 
ing, and the laity were beginning to be anxious for 

(, Google 

Saa v.] ftntiiri- ju Siaanii«. 23 

a knowledge of the Scripturea, ho that unlesa 
Luthbh's doctrine, which had already taken root in 
the minds of many, (both in Germany and other 
coimtriea,) could be refuted hy better arguments 
than mere eccleeiaatical fiilminationa, the conee- 
qaence must be ao much of disturbance in the em.- 
pire as would bj no means redound to the benefit 
of the Holy See. 

At length the lion-hearted Luthes was Bummoned 
to appear before the celebrated Diet of Worms 
(1521). Never had man appeared before an as- 
sembly so august. It comprised six Electors, 
twenty-four Dukes, eight Mat^raves, thirty Pre- 
lates, seven Ambassadors, (including those of 
France and England,) and the Pope's Nuncios ; 
with the Emperor Charles V., the Archduke Fer- 
dinand, and many other nobles and distinguished 
personages. Yet mnidst all these he remained un- 
daunted ; and on the second day, when called upon 
for a direct answer aa to whether he would, or 
would not retract, his determination was given in 
those memorable words, " Here I stand : I can do 
nought else. God help me ! Amen." 

By the bravery and skill which marked his 
conduct on this trying occasion, Lttthek acquired 
mtmy &ienda among the host of nobles and princes 
then assembled. But notwithstanding the success 
of his appeal to the justice of the Emperor, he had 
much to fear in his return &om Worms &om the 

cjiij^c, Google 

24 KtfierfttiiuiB tftt nibtl. [XVI. 3fl^ 

secret mBchmations of hia papal foes, when he was 
secured on the road by the agents of hie Mend the 
Elector, and conreyed away with a semblance offeree 
to the friendly walla of the Castle of Warttrarg. 

In this solitude it was that he employed himself 
in translating the Bible, an undertaking which he 
executed with an energy fully commeneurate with 
the magnitude of the design. To this day his version 
remains an unrivalled model of plain, chaste, and 
vigorous language, and the comer-stone of German 

After the conclusion of this Work, which was the 
main instrument in achieving the Beformation, the 
activity of Luthes increased with each succeeding 
victory gtuned in the good cause to which he had 
now exclusively dedicated his exertions. 

If we consider how this man fulfilled his duties 
as a pastor and as the stay of the in&nt evangelical 
community, — writing and preaching as a Scholar and 
a Divine ; comprehending, as it were, at a g^ce 
the whole social, moral, political, and intellectual 
state of his country; making his manifold duties 
and endeavours subservient to one great purpose, 
and that fh^ greatest to which they coidd have been 
directed, — we must indeed admit that he was 
inspired by the Divine Spirit, and that he worked 
as the chosen instrument of Providence. 

His undaunted courage when rebuking the Duke 
Gieorge of Saxony, and Henry the Eighth of Eng- 

0, Gooi^le 

land ; or when combating the fknatidsm of a Moszeb 
and a EIlbistadt, or the proud and phariBaical 
mdiffeience of !EBi.BUCS, ia always that of a mind 
glowing with heavenly enthmiasia in the great 
cause of truth, and of national and moral enlighten- 

His great work is indelibly registered in the 
annals of immortality, and while Germany pos- 
Beaaes a history, the author of it will be its brightest 
ornament ; for were even the names of Dur Kings 
and Statesmen to pass into oblivion, that of Lvthsb 
would still remain with undiminished lustre. 

Up to the present point we have considered 
LrTHZB generally as the man of His century — as 
the great Beformer in whom the spirit of his age 
gained a distinct form, and who gave to the national 
(jiaracter a determined direction. We must now 
estimate his merit aa the founder of a new era in 
Qarman IMerabwrt, inasmuch as his authority trans- 
mitted to the German people a since universally 
adopted literary language. It would carry us too 
&r were we to enter at large into the entire his- 
tory of the German language befi>re the time dt 
LuTHBB ; but some brief remarks are necessary, in 
order to ascertain the value of his exertions. 

Tory ewly in the history of the Grerman people 
. two principal dialects, the TJig^er Oerman, or the 
SttoMan, and the Low Qerman, or Saaron, were 
formed ; and these have remained, even to our 

(, Google 

26 %ntin. [XVI. 3o^ 

timee, ae the popular idioms, notwithBtandiiig the 
general adoptioii of the literaiy language, which 
itself bears marks of the two provincial dialects. 
Of both of these we have literary relics preserved 
from olden times. Through the influence of the 
Suabian Emperors of the Sohentiaufen family, 
during the Twefth and Thirteenth Centuries, the 
StuAian dialect became the dialect of the court and 
of chivalric Poetry, and that in which the ' Minne- 
»oiig' was expressed ; but when, during the Four- 
teenth and Fifteenth Centuries, the ' Minnesong' 
had subsided, as we have seen, into the ' Meiater- 
Bong,' the literary language lost, to a considerable 
extent, the Suabian dialect, and approximated to the 
Saxon ; and this latter, as spoken in Central Ger- 
many, became mixed with the former ; so that, in 
the Fifteenth Century, before the time of Lutheb, 
we have proofe of a Sigh German language spoken 
in IT^pper Saxong, and in HetHa, or Central Oer~ 
many. The modem High German language must 
be regarded as an amalgamation of these two 

We shall not here inquire how &r the Franko- 
nian dialect (which, undoubtedly, was the court 
language during the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and 
Eleventh Centuries, and in wHch we have various 
literary remains) had any influence on the tbrroa- 
tion of the High German language, aa it appeared 
in the time of Lutkeb ; but there is one circum- 

(, Google 

»ia[(R(.] Itttin. 27 

atance connected with this qo^rtion, vUch should 
not be Bilently passed over ; namely, that the lan- 
guage of the Literary relics jnat aUuded to, bears 
considerable resemblance to the Austrian and Sile- 
sian diaUcts ae stiU spoken. 

Ltjtheb (a native of Saxony) availed himself of 
his proTincial idiom, -which had already acquired 
some value and authority by his speeches and writ- 
ings. It is, however, utterly erroneous to suppose, 
with AsELUNO, that Lutsbb used exclusively the 
Meissen dialect of Upper 9a.xony, since he himself 
in his Table Talk expressly says, " I have no dis- 
tinct or special language of my own, but use the 
common German language, that both Korth taii 
South Oermans may understand me." 

Thus he refers to a general language, viz., that 
in which the resolutions of the Diet were couched. 

Thelmiguagein whichLrTHEB thenceforth treated 
of the holiest concerns of the Grerman people, soon 
became as national as the great work of the Eefor- 
mation itself. If we had no other evidence of his 
truly German character, this single circumstance of 
his having set the example of writing and speaking 
in a language which all succeeding authors, even 
those who detested his dogmas, were constrained to 
adopt, would suffice to establish his claim to the 
title of the great literary legislator of his country. 
He cannot, it is true, be called the creator of the 
High German language, for no individual can create 

28 itajbef* »art. [sn. zm. 

a language; but he may be looked upon as tiie 
founder of ita literaiy authority. 

He detennined and fixed ita grammatical form ; 
and cultivated it according to its internal spirit, or, 
in other words, promoted its organic deTelopment. 

As the Beformation coutd not have been effected 
without opening to the people the only BOurce of 
religious truth, ao the ascendancy of the High 
German language could never have been esta- 
blished, had not the tranalaticoi of* the Sible been 
executed in that hmguage. And, what a traiuQa- 
tion ! — it ia as if the combined spirits of all thoae 
who composed the Sacred Yolume had assisted the 
man of Giod in unfolding, in simple and eneigetic 
language, the deep meamng of their inspirations. 
As long as Gtermans acknowledge the authority of 
The Bible, bo long must they revere this tranal&- 
tion of LuTHES. Not that we beKeye him infalltble 
in his Tersion, or his terms to be on all occasiona 
the moat refined ; but becauae his language, t^en 
aa a whole, is unpiuraileled for its dignity, simpli- 
city, brevity, and vigour. 

But it was not by the tranalation of the Bible 
alone that Luthes gave such decisive authority to 
the High German language : it could hardly have 
been moulded into a peculiar national f(mn, by the 
influence of a translation from two foreign lan- 
guages, the Hebrew and the Oreek. It waa by bis 
numerous sennons, pamphlets, and controversial 

(, Google 

wridngs Thich overspread all Germany, ia so Bhort 
a time, that he etiengthened and secured the influ- 
ence which the tranelstion of the Bible had ob- 
tained, not only on the moral and reHgious, but 
also on the intellectual and literaiy cultivation of 
the people'. 

The prose of LtrrHBB is impreBBive, profound, 
seldom florid, and never set off with imagery ; — 
powerful and fieiy, but always restrained by reason. 
He invariably Bpeaks from a flill heart, and thus 
penetrates the inmost recesses of the hearts of 

His poetry, like his prose, is more poweriul than 
euphonious ; his conceptions more boldly broached 
than elegantly expressed. He appears to us as a 
poetic Hercules, having cut outfor himself a path with 
uurivaUedaiidTesistlessforce. The Psalms of LrruEB 
ue still sung among his countrymen, and they are 
thus indestructible, not on account of the reputa- 
tion of their author, but because they appeal to the 
pious feelings of mankind, with a voice which will 
be heard so long as such feelings exist in the 
human breast. 

" Where is the Qermaji who could sing the fol- 

I In ISil, DO leu thu two hnndnd and thirty fnliUeubini n 
pomed bj IiDdwt; In litS, ona bnsitTed ud eighty, llmj we osl ■ 
that the UCBratnreDf Gennuiy was beln^fbrmed at the aame tinu 

made, and widely drcolatad, la Pnnoh, Engllih, isd ereo Italiu). 

(, Google 

30 (ffnt Cnitr Janrg. [Eut^. 

lowing beautifiil Paalm, and not feel himBelf thereby 
atrengthened for high tesolves and efforta'P" 

efne fefte JBurg ip unf« ®ott- 

©a otjit iBtrrg iff unf« ®ott» 
Oin gule 9Bef)t unb fBaflm. 
ffir tiUft un« fcei airt olUt »ot^, 

£i{ uM it%t ^ twtrofF^ 
jDei alt btfc getnb 
aRit (Emft n'e {e^t melntf 
®ro6 gRac^ unb iriri Sift 
@cfn gtaufam StiSftune tfb 
Xnf Ovb' i|t nii^t TeinS @(lti^ 

0iU m'in aSad)! ift nli^ a^t^ii/ 
JIBtt; finb gac bolb wttortn. 
<!fi ftttit f&: line bci tt(^t( !Ot<inn> 
Sen ®ctt ^at ftl&lt nColjten. 
gmeft bu/ iwt to ifli 
St ^n^ Sefug Stinft' 
■Do: .^err 3ebaot^, 
Unb ifl fdn anbn @ott } 
Dat S'l^ '"fS ^ bc^oUtn. 

I9nb mnn bit 9StU nod Snifct w&ri 
Unb nwU' una ^ac Htfdjltngtn : 
®o f&;c^(n nitr una nj[l)t to fe^f 
(Si fbn une bod) Qeltngen. 

(, Google 

)Utt] lotjin:. 

iDer gflrfl bwfn: SBdl, 
ffite fou'r cr (i* ftttU, 
3f)ut et unt bo^ miit: 

Sin S&rtlrin tann ifin filatn. 

9ae Stort |tt fbllni Ia{Ten Ifa^iu 
Unb trin iSont bogu ^btn. 
Sc iff &ri una wo^l (tuf btm ^lani 
aSit feinem (Mfl unb @abtn i 
9If^cn (it ben Eribf 
@utr @t)r, Xinb unb fBdb, 
SaS faimn ba^ni 
@ie l)aben£ Erin Sraimni 
^i Strii^ mtifi uiK boc^ biritot. 

Mufruf iMt greube fiber 3efu ©eburf. 

^om ■^mel (am bci Sngcl Sh^ot/ 
Srf(I)ien btn <|nrtcn ofTen&ori 
@ie fasten ifin'n : 6in £tnbletii jort 
iDai licgt bort in bet Xrippe ^oct. 

SSn S3etl)Ie^m in Cosibe ®tabl( 
ffiic 9Ki^ baS tKcffinbet Ijat ) 
@i ifl bti .^eRe Srfui S|rifti 
!Cet euet aHet <&eUanb iffi 

Sec foot i^ biUig ^^Ud^ feipn, 
t)a$ @ott mit eucl)ifl nwrben einj 
St Ifl ^bor'n cu'r Jbifd) unb Slutf 
gu't lumber ift bat etvig' @ut. 


32 mat mixtbtnlltri. [xn. 3a^. 

QSat tann extii ttnm Me Siimb' unb S^? 
3^ (»6t mit eui^ bra »a^n ®ott 
Saft i&men Scufel unb bit <|>iU' : 
©ott'l @of)n ifl uwtben ni't @efea 

iCt MDiQ unb faint Sud) lafjf n nic^t, 
®e$t t()i auf itin tuc' Suvolii^t 
(Si mbq,tn SucI) aiiel' fei^ on : 
iDtm feQ Xn^r bcr'S md)t laffra taim. 
2ul«$t mOSt i^ boi^ ^aben 9ied)t i 
3^t fc9b nu mocbnt @ott'* ®efcl)lMf)t. 
IDeS banfet @ott in Sniigteitr 
©ebuttrtft, fr6i)lii^ aUt 3ei( ' I 
In closing our remarka on Luthee, we cannot 
do better than corroborate them by those of an 
eminent authority — that of the most distinguiahed 
iac[uirer into the German and J^utonic language. 
Jacob Gbiuu, in the Preface to his Graminar, 

" The language of Liiiheb, by reason, of its noble 
and almost miraculous purity, and also on accotint 
of its powerfiil influence, must be considered ae the 
fcemel and the foundation of the modem High 
German, language, from which, down to the pre- 

; peaplB, wets never u mneh 

u In Ihi( 9nt ige of Pimeitinti 
IibIt maiical tempBtftUiFiiE diflplavr 

.im. And this, in { 

,. At the begin- 

To other udoD hu to miuh of thii 


ing of tbe righWenth eeDtui; tho 



Mti St i3,m, »na tlmt of their 

U (00. T 

hixe or Liim& 

•TB iMcn rnoB known Uum the rei' 

1; Iheyi 


«[ ImprsHlTB and deep. Bui thii 



leetnlned lull* 

light, wu not ulculUed K> deyelope full)- 11 

Qa creUiTe i 


(., Google 

fhtotrfhmtifd^ gfirffm.] Xntfttr. 33 

Bent time, but little deriatLon, and that little to 
the detriment of energy and expresaiTeness, has 
been made. In fact, the High German may be 
designated as the Froteatant dialect, the freedom- 
breathing nature of which has long Binee inaensibly 
overpowered the Poets and Authors of the Catholic 

He goes on to say — " WbateTer hae nourished the 
spirit and form of language — ^whatever has revived 
it, and called forth the flowers of modem poetry, we 
owe to none more deeply than to Luteeb." 

In the writings of Luihxb but few obsolete 
words occur, and those easy to be understood by 
the student. We would particularly recommend 
the perusal of a collection of choice extracts from 
his worts by Niethammer, in two volumes, entitled, 
" Weislieit LrTHis' a " (Wisdom of Ltttheb) , which 
was published at Niimberg, 1817. LuTHEa died at 
Eisleben, his native place, on the 18th of Februaiy, 
1646, in his sixty-second year. 

His body was conveyed in a leaden coffin to 
Wittenberg, where it was interred on the 2Srd of 
Tebruary with the greatest honours. He sleeps in 
the Castle Church, at the foot of the pulpit'. 

P»imi.iixTi, by Iheir Proton igiiinit the 

Ile«lulloi« of [h. n^orilj 

thet held it Augibuig the 

rellgiou, cnBd. 

ThB d«TM. rflh, DiBt, held U Augrturg 

Id I6SS, gB>e Iht fOlloWDii of 

Ihe Lntherui religion for Hi* flnl lime ■ 

Ibab right! becune put orttae public liv o 



S4 l^nU ^dttt*. [XVI. Zam- 

The authoTB most known, during and imme- 
diatelj subsequent to the time of Ldtheb, are the 

(14&4— 1570), 
A shoemaker, bom at Niiremberg, became in 
after life a Froteatant. TTia first poema appeared in 
1514. He flourished about 1530 to 1658. He is 
said to hare produced his first camiTd play ( Jtw/- 
naeht»piel) in 1517 ; and he poured forth, in about 
forty years, fifty-three sacred, and seventy-eight 
pro&ne plays, sixty-four farces, fifty-nine &bleB, 
besides a large assortment of Miscellaneous Poems. 
TIJH collected works were printed at Niiremberg, in 
five folio volumes, 1578, and reprinted in five, 
quarto, at Kempten, 1606. Many of hia Comedies 
in one act, caUed 'Schw&oke,' are coarse satirics 
on the times. He died in 1676. 

jQertraum auf ®ott beim SRangtl. 
Slv^arum iOtib^ tu bid), mein .£>aj, 
SSeUmmeift bid) unb trAgeft SS<f)aiai 
Slur um bat jritUd)' ®ut ? 
JBcrtrou bu betnem ^tma 9etti 
txx oOt XAoq' <rf(4afFm ^ot 

tfc famt unb toin bi^ lolfcn ni^ } 
9r nxi^ mi) wo^ »o« btr gebric^t i 
^immtt unb @rb' ifl fein. 
aKein Siattc unb mefn ^ttxt @ottr 
2xx mtr bepfle^t in oKer 9totl) t 

(, Google 

Sertraum auf @ott] %&nil darfijl. 

. VS& bu mrin @ott unb Satec tii^ 
Drin JKnb luirjt bu wttofTen nii^ 

3* bin tin amitr ®i*«i(lo«/ 
Kuf Stben nittS id) {tintn 2i:ofL 

Sec 9t(ut)' MTligt fid) auf fein jtitli^ OSut { 
3d) abet mid bir uctttouni mcfn @ott I 
Cb id) gldc^ roerb' onai^t'tf 
®o xotii Hi unb gtaut' iKftigUd) 
ISn bk txitcoutr bem manetlt nic^ 

3^10/ twi: em%<t bi^ 
2)a eS fo langc cepet nidjt 
3n fo fdncer tf)euiei: Sett ? 
Sin' JtBittroe auS ©obomer £anb, 
3u ber bu maTft oon @ott gefanbt 

IBq lag (T unttT b<m Sia(l)liolberbaumi 
Xxt @ngel StottcS oom ■^mel ban 
Unb bca^' i^m ®pei6 unb Sroid ) 
Si ging goi dnen itHiten @ang 
Si£ )u bem iBtcg ^octb gmannt 

I9d 2MirieU @lott n{d)t Mrga^i 
SDa or untCT b«n eiiwn fag ) 
0ein'n @nst( fanbt' et titiv 
Unb licf i^m Speife bcingen gut 
SMic^ frinen Sienn .fKibatuc. 

^ofe))t) in Ktg^pten Derlaufet nxubr 
SSom Jtinie ^^nno etTangen ^ 
tint frin' SotUfurc^igtett ; 
®ott mad)t i^n ju tvntm grof en -^mnf 
©of CT ftinnt' SSoto: unb SBtflber erniijc'n. 

0, Gooi^le 

^ma Smtin. [XVI. 3am- 

({8 wdteg au{^ nid)! ba Qctituc @olt , 
iDfe btt? aK&nnn: im gnierofm rot^ i 
SSein'n Sngel fanbt' cr ^inr 
Seifa^it' lie ffir bee gniccC ®Iut^ 
Unb fiolf i^n'n axtij aui aUer !fto(^. 

Ili) @ott, bn bift mxi) iKut fo i;ricl)i 
XIB bu bift sotxfni mriglii^ ; 
IRein Sectiauen fk^t eonj p bit. 
SJtat^' mtcl) an.mriner ©«lt trid), 
6c ^ab' id) pug I)ic unb ewigti^ 

ffler jdtti(ften Gtir' mttl icf] gern oitbe^t'n i 
iDu nwOcft mi$ nut btS Siingen gttc&^ir'n, 
!Cae bu mwrben l)a|t 
X)ut4 beinen tmben bUtmi Zab : 
£>aS bitt' i(!) bu^ mein ■^cn: unb @otL 

90e<f woe ill Quf bicfn ffielt, 
ee r«) ^Ibet, ®olb obor ®tQ>, 
Stni^fyan unb idtltd) ®tttt 
■Exxi m&Iirtt nut tin' tieine 3eit> 
Unb ijilR bod) nW)t jur ©eliflWt 

f (^ bani' bir, 6f)ri|t> o @ottee @a^n> 
txif bu mid) fold)'e t)a|l ntennen ton 
tmi) bdn gSttlidieS aSSort i 
SerUi^ mir au^ S3e|t&nbis(ril 

Cob, @^' unb ^rii fep bit gef^ 
^ ad' btin' tr;(ig» aSo^lt^ot, 
Unb bitt' (bid)) bcmut^ieli^, 
Sag mi(^ ni^t ban bei'm Sn9efid)t 
ffier|bfen iwtben enigtid). 

(, Google 

epri^wirtn:.] 9||rCtoIa. 87 

Sefiastian dFtaniw 

An able historiaji, bom at Dos&awoith. He made 
a collection of Paradoiea and of Proverbs. Ab a 
theologian, he opposed some of the tenets of Luther ; 
andvaa theftret promulgator of many principlea since 
adopted by the Society of Frieuda. His historical 
vorksare: " The Chronicle (>f the German. Saturn," 
and " The World-Book; or, Mrror of the Earth." 

Sotiann glsttciila 

(1492— 16«6) 
[JoHANN Schsittbe], known in the theological 
world by the name of Iblebus, wae bom in 1492. 
He made a collection of Oennan proverbB in 1528, 
and enlarged it greatly in 1548. He died 1566. 

SBoiju Me ©iprEtdwiitn bienftlfc^ ftinb*. 

^on anttegin bn a&tt ^ben He m^tti Sttil aUe Scftg mi 
Sdilte in tur^ wort wrfaflet/ auff ba« man (ie WcWtff) t«= 
gotten tiii*fe. ®ott gatw ben Sfiixn uitl ®tfe&e, a6« et faffrt 
fit aOt in €ln t&^i nemtii^ in jc^n fUd, batinn ni(^ cecs 
etd'en ifl aUcS Ue, baS <in fOtenTcl) ®ott onb ben fSSttttfifyn 
fi^u^ tft )utt)un. £)te ^Kibcn ^ben it 9tat&tlid) m^ in bte^ 
Mng S^affet, £iaB erttci ift etbarlic^ lebeni Qa£ anberr niemanb 
bef^ebigenr £aS btttCr einem jeben geben cnb tt)un toai jm non 
Ted)t ^b&M. XHe @d(d)en ^aben geliabt ni^t mt^ bcnn itoMff 

(, Google — 

38 ^dftann ^gritoU. [XVI. Hafjd). 

Saffttni bannnm alt jic SU^t gcfafl xeacm. Qoaaitii ^>ipt^ 
gotaBi ^kn ntnia moit grrebtr afwr ciet tnelnuns. 3n tkc^ 
feuiffui Dnb fouffen, iai tM^ nwiUf ufftig iff, ^abfn [u tinSU^l 
QC^altciv Inter bonos bene agere oportet, Qi fad ein from 
Warn e^Tticfi mit baa antwm tianbetn. @o(on marb s^ogt, 
nununb n bin @e1ee et)nad)t Ixtttt, nie motiB ^attm folt mit 
btm bo: fimtn IBatec emAcgtt ^otttf fogt it, Sr f)ttte ntdit go 
meint, baS iemanb fo bofi^afRis ftin miirbei »i^ dn foUfc 'titU 
t(wt iwgclKn. Summai 3e met): @efc^i je mt^r vntugtnb. 3u 
bem, 3e {rfimmcr bic 8eut( getwfen fefiii jt twnieer @«f«tt ^ 
bcbuiilt ^btn, ^btn aud) ganj nnfeliig s^btf onb einfeOnet 
fc^(e(i)te tpoil gcbcain^r Snb n«<^ fKute btp tag finbct (id)l olfo, 
bag ftonunt ecbor; leutc nxnig ivort nioifitnf Uba ffnantn tmnb 
bMricgti; maifitn cici tvort enb mcincne ni^t 2)ar atte Goto ^at 
)u KttKii fiotdnifi^ etnbt mit guten tuTlm xaattin t>nnb fd)Iu|T(n. 
:Da aba bcr SerboInKtfil)(r Sotonii nxirio imrt mit uiel tnnbs 
fbnben nben mitftti mudic etn Spmc^nwrt )u Htficn/ bat ben 
Sl&mecn bie mort im ^o^nr b<n ®nedf|en aber oUdn im munb 
mfic^en. Xlfo ^abtn cnfcn altc ZKutfc^ dnfelttg gcrcbt, ennb 
KKnig n)oi:t gtbcau^f au^ nmie @kf'B gt^tt TDxc xnt 
(Somtliui SacituS wn inm ii)ctibti fc ^ twQ b<n iDeutfifitn 
tnts nnb glauben me^ gotten on ciel Oefe^. btnn be? brn 
iNSmmii bit M Dilmmg t>nb mondwiEei^ ©efee ^tten. ®ott 
ift Krin, abtt eS gilt oiel, Kein gerina rafinfi iji xnO, aba fie 
^ nvnig/ Iflfo getten aui^ UKnlg oict @efe|t »nb vici noit 
Sin oafj mUci 3Bein6 tlingt nicf|t feE)r, abn (S I)at utel in ^ 
^eraibmmib rin leer Mft Gingt fetnblidi, unb 1^ nicf)tt in jm. 
S^ettiolben fetnb onfen alle ZKutfc^ (Solt envefoir bom fit 
I}ab<n t^Iid) tiidi Ovatlid) ge^nbett, mit mcntg noTten onb 

(, Google 

Offejen, SKr frii* (eibet jeftt geringe gsflnj toorbtn/ trnnb ^lUoi 
n>mi9 nrit dUI roocten onb Sefeften. StonK {dirtibt bol onfm 
alte XKutfi^n no^ tern tobt dull Secmontd ia Stimn 
^oftmcm, vxiija fie ^at mMIen mit ®eft^ onb getii^ 
jioang RgLCititf nrit oUen ben feiiun mnortct ^btn^ jncn bit 
jungen auig/i^i^itn, cnb gefogtf Sibils nunc vipera, iDu 
fi^longr jififit nil tnef)Cf iQamft onKifet nibbef baS »n|^ Mtn 
fasten \ijUif eiA ecmi)tr onb ouf^mi^ mtt aUen bingen feinb 
mnbgongenf JQenn in tur^ f^AITe ^<ibtn fit bat Itben bet 
^Xtrtiifya, aU in Emree Stegeln becfajfet SStbei: bte bau^orge 
^ben fu gefagtf Qlott bef^ettt uber noi^ ^tan, (Sott fya mt%t 
bnin er je bngob. !Son bn Sxra unb ontrav liabtn fit gefoatr 
iSetreiM ^anb get}t burd) oOe lonb. SnbrenK ^onb gt^t ^m 
tompt abet ni^ ^etwiber. SJon ber meHigleit in olUn J)in9tn 
iti fatten/ foeen fit, @^a [ot^ nie gut rombf Suuiel jeirttf^ 
ben faifc SRa* ift ju atfen Mngen gut, Suuirt ifl bngefunbi onb 
alfa fott con oUen guten vnb b6fen bingtn. $am gtlttn metben 
nnc geieilt, tmb fir bent bifen Qtaxamt, wtnn man fagt/ JScc 
rti^ t^ut witbi {inbtn, tuet bnttd)t tt)ut miibe auc^ finbcn, 3Bte 
eina t^vt, fo fogt own jm nat^ Da* mecce tobet feinen meifltc, 
Sttijt finbet fii^ Ss loarb nie fo fiein gefiponnen, eB fotn an bit 
Sonnen u. f. ». 

fStotQ 3SjilIentiagen 

'(1M2— 1609), 

Bom in Bemau (three miles fixim Berlin). He 
died Bector of tlie High School at Magdebui^, 
1609 ; he woe one of the greateet PhilologiBts of 
hia time, and well read. His beet poem is the 

cjiij^c, Google 

40 Jfvit-oviib brni »ptt. [XVI. So^. 

" Froeehmmeler" Therem he introduceB the Pope 
aa TTig Ti Priest of the IVogs, and the Frotestact 
Frincea as Chieftains of the Mice. The poem ia 
denrod from the Batraehomyomachia of Homer. 
His "FiAlet" obtained a large share of populwity. 

Sloltann UaUntfn anlrta 

(1686— 1SS4], 
Son of the celebrated Anticalvinist, Jacob 
Akssea, waa bom 1586, at Kerrenbei^, in the 
county of Wittenberg. In 1619 bis Poems were 
published at Strassbiu^, under the title " QeutUche 
KurzweU (Sacred Leiaure). One of the beat is 
an elegy on the decease of a female friend. Her 
death-bed is described aa surrounded by twelve 
holy Virgins, whose names are Faith, Hope, Piety, 
Loee, OhasHty, Obedience, Benevolence, Patience, 
Sin^Uci^, Modesty, Tempertmce, and Induttry. 
These Angels awwt- the departure of her soul, 
which they accompany into Paradise. Andrea 
composed also many worts in Latin. He died 
1654, at Stuttgart. 

jFtieJriri) bon Sper 

Bom 1591, near Kaiserawerth : lived aa a Jesuit 
at Edln. He translated into Germui verse the 
Song of Solomon. TTiw descriptive poems are very 

(, Google 

Se^nfit* no* 3ffit] itftt. 41 

remarkable tor euphony, and he first recorded the 
observation that in the German language atress 
constitutes quantity. He died 1636. 

®e(>nfu(tn nac^ 3Eefu. 

<©tei* frf^ mam fi^ tntjilnW 
£)« fObrnwigt Sagi 
Unb unt bit ®otm' ixrCftnM, 
JBaS 9{ai^ tcrboreen log: 
HHe Ktb' in raeimm ^trita 
8in glimmtein fl«to anj 
Has &t(niit alri(^ etiwr Xastn, 
&o Stionanb [ifdieti limn. 

TOann toifber bartn Mrtfloara 

Unb M gm tfef gciwgm 
2>te eionn' ui^ SSonnnififidn, 
Sag glimmldn, fo mi^ qu&teb 
9tM!^ b(eibt in voIUc @Iut^{ 
im' €Stuitti', fo oW man i&^Ut, 
aw** i« no.^ bwnntn tfmt 

9(10 gitmminn, bat {^ tntfiUf 
68 jitiKt SKort onb Srfne, 
Sifft dn gat unmbetfom. 

O ©aiifltea in ©^mnvn! 
M* binbt bocl) im .&«itn, 
flSteib' bocf) in ffimig&it 

(, Google 

42 3ii(ann 9m1lt. [XVI. 3a^ 

C bitter aud) ot)n' Siel! 
iDu mai!)e(l mi* wvlaffen 
Ktl' onber' gtcub' unb ©pidj 
iDu jMttt mtin @«nd^i 
Btfngft mir gnjfi .Jwrjddb/ 
Su Miilelt mrfn ®«btto, 
Srineft aui^ eTg66ttd)lnt 

9tit ju tauftiA 3o^(n( 
O 9B(It( ju autcr 9ta^l 
Vbo lafi mic^ nun fatrren ) 
Sii lingfl ^b' biti) Mtac^'t 
Sn Stfu Cicb' ii^ Itbe, 
Sag' bii Don ^erjengninb i 
3n UMa ^w&' i^ fdntebtf 
XBii ft^ i(^ bin wnmuib't 

Slo^ann Acnlit 
(16BS— leai) 

"WsB bom at Ballenatadt. His " 2V«c Cftm- 
tianity" has maintained its celebrity to the present 
As.j. It has been tranBlaited also into Englifih. 
He wrote, beddee, an " Brbawtrngthuch," or Mftnti'J 
of DeTotions, and is fevoniably known as a sacred 
poet. Abhit held many oftheprincipleBofFBAiTEE, 
and other mystics, and aimed at replacing the stiff- 
ness of the prevailing German Theology with a 
practical and erangelieal character. 

(, Google 

iBK^o^tn.] VMaii—^Vbtvat. 48 

3laco6 ISofimt 

The Teutcmie philosopher, by trade a shoemaker, 
was a mystic vriter oa theology and physical 
Hdence. His most noted work, was one entitled 
" Aurora ; the Mormng-Mednett in the Ea*t" which 
made a. great sensatioiL The severe remark of 
Dr. Johnson will be remembered, tbat " If Jacob 
saw in hia vision 'unutterable things,' he wanted the 
good sense of the apostle, or he would not have 
attempted to utter them." He died in 1624. 

Vutft$at1i tSlaltrJs, 

Who acquired reputation between 1524 — 1664, and, 
on account of his Protestant iaith, suffered many 
years' imprisonsient at Biga, with 

Erasmus 9l6mtj(, 

Tri«^ cotemporary, chiefly diBtinguished tbemselTes 
asfable-vriters. The former published three hundred 
new fables, among which are aever^ satires and 
anecdotes ; the latter, forty-nine (1550), in which 
he frequently scourges the narrow-nundedness and 
ignorance of scholastics. 

(1M4— 1661), 
A poet noted for his pure German, was bom in 
1584 ; died in London (aa secretary to the British 

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44 Wti&nVtL [Semriri^t 6&idftin. 

Embassy) in 1651. His first book of Odes and 
SongB was published in 1618 ; the second, in 1619. 
He introdoced the Eclogue, the Epigram, and the 

His Odes are in the style of Pindar. He cele- 
brates the heroes of FrotestantiBm, in particular 
O-ustavus Adolphns. 

Amongst the writings of this Era we find : 
" Chronicles of Pomerania'' by Kastzow (1499 — 
1542) ; a "Cosmography," by Sebastian MiiifaTEH, 
published in 1548, and widely circnlated ; " Oerman 
Theology" by Bebthomi, a Boman bishop (1527) ; 
Hymns ojid Sermons by Johajin Matteesiub, — 
one in particular, 1597, a Tciy remarkable one, 
entitled a " Serm&n to Miners;" — "Natural Phi- 
lost^ky," by Kepleh (1571—1630) ; " The Hebrew 
Lexicon" of the theologian Buxtoet (1564 — 1629) ; 
and a "SescriptumofBtitsia and Prussia''' (1626), 
by Oleasics, which has been translated into 
several hmguagea. 

(, Google 



Was bom at Buuzlau, in Silesia ; etudied 1618 at 
Frankfort on the Oder, and 1619 at Heidelberg! was 
made FrofesBor at the Gjnmaeium at Weiaeenbeig 
in 1625, crowned Poet Laureate by the emperor 
Ferdina^ 11. 1628, and ennobled under the 
name -^fartin Opitz von Sohetfeld (from Sober, a 
river near his birth place). He succeeded in rid- 
ding German Literature of the nmuerous and mixed 
dialects with which it was enccmbered. Hia poems 
were printed at Frankfort in 1628 ; his style of 
writing found many imitators. He died 1639.^ 


0(^of)t bmif ber mtit con ^^n £)ingen 
£Kn Suf fteOt nuf ba Sinfatt SBa^; 
Ser ftUun IDttit^ ju ^od) unU fdimngen. 
iDn flbft goi: (eid)tltd) dm an. 

iSin itia lobe feintn Sinn, 

3(fl Uebe incint @d)&fecin. 

inartfn <@pit{. [XTU. 3a^. 

(fin fyiljti ®dM ivtib con ben Si^Idgen 
£m (totfen iDonnecS me^ (xrfitxrt; 
aSn toeit tirilC fSKt o^ auA ben SBe^n, 
Unb »ftb butd^ ftinen ©tofj wrf%t. 

Sin iebeir tote feinen 0inn, 

3c^ liebe mefne Stfidfetin. 
9uf grofer <21e« fin& gtofe BBellen, 
iSiel JQtppenr @tunn unb ^itei tBinb i 
9Ber Rug ilb bUibit bei ben nneltenf 
3>ie in ben gcfinen SiMbem flnb. 

Sin jeber lobe fetnen Sinn. 

3{^ liebe metne @(t)&fenn. 
%at 1)^i9llia gleic^ mcf)t ®alb unb S^Afie, 
€So t)at fie bo^ nuB mir eefdUt I 
JEBomit id) mdn @emfitl) ecgt^i 
ffiirb nii^t getauft urn @ut unb @elb. 

&in jeber lobe feinen @inni 

3* fiebe meine ©i^iferin. 
I^an mt bei teiil)er Scute ^fiwte 
SetiE ofti unb Ummt boct) fttten ein} 
Sei i^ bebatf tS ta^ btc aSone: 
fZaS 0)1 ill, i(i nidit minber mein. 

Sin iebet lobe feinen @{nn> 

3i^ liebe meine ®d)ifeTin. 
®Iin)t fie gteid) nid)t mit ^euren Sa<^f 
So gUnjt bo4 i^et ^ugtn Si^ ^ 
®<a biel muf ^^fFott fi^ne mac^ 
3^ fd)Iet!i)la: ®c^ betcftgt mi(^ tric^. 

Uin jeber lobe feinen ©inn, 

3(^ Uebe meine @(^fcrin. 

(, Google 

iOaS txcue .^n^] ;f tennnfng. 47 

^|i 1ie fllrii^ n{i^ wn ^^mt Sitanbd 
eSo Ht fit bennoi^ au« bet Stett: 
fxtl fu glrii^ leinen SiQ im ganbtf 
©ft fdtft ill iiric tin nxto* gdb. 

Sin itbtt Uibt (eintn Sfniir 

34 lube meine St^ferin. 
QSct tciUi mas i" bit Silftt ffitgnv 
gjMn 3itl trfteecK fi(^ nit^ fo iHttr 
34 lafft mid) an bem btfsn&^n, 
ffia« ni<t)t bcm^t unb bo4 tr^utt 

UiA lobe btUis mrinen @fim 

Unb mdnt fdiine ^dj^ifci^ 

¥aul dFUmming 

(1600— 1040), 
Bom at Hartenstein, in Saxony ; was Btadent of 
medicine at Leipzig. He wrote Sonnets, Odes, 
Epigrams, and other poema. In 1635, he accom- 
panied the lemmed Oleariue into Persia, on an 
embaaay sent hj the Duke of Holstein Gottorp. 
Ke retomed 1639, established himself as physician 
at Leyden, and died 1640, at Hamburg. Amongst 
all the Foeta of his time, he was the nearest in 
imitating Opitz. 

iDoS trtue .^etj, 
(J/in gctmirt J^a^ tdfim, 
^ US ^fUn ®4aetg ^^ttij, 
iDn tft ftlie iU begri^f 
Ha tin tmut -^et^e uwiS. 

ntir Ift tcdtit bei ^6ci)fteni SS^mtrje, 
Stmt i4 oeif tin Cttott .^tr)t. 

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48 &(aum 9ad). [XVn. Sam 

I,Suft bat @l&^ gidd) jn 3eiltn 
KnboCr aU man »ia unb mrintf 
Sin ettreurt .jKii ^ft ftttittn 
aSibci alM wot ^ ftinb. 

SSitr {ft ao^ iLf.m. 
drin 3kr0ni%tn He^ aOttne 
3n bH ICntcnt KAOdikit, 
■^ bcB Xnbcnt »oti) fite frine 
ffitic^ nf^ aoci) bd bAfa 3«t 

!lRtc t^ nw^ u.f.w. 
ttunH bie te^ fi^ nad) bent ©Uidtf 
®alb tinb S)R(I)^iini bat iecfkuMf 
6<I)6n^t Ufit un« balb iin:A(Ec 
Sin gOtnti j^etit bldbt. 

gjKt tHwo^rt u.f.», 
(Fine ift ba |i^n unb gtfi^benj 
Oin gtUeuee .^e^ ^&ltr 
®itbt fid) oKejeit gufnebenr 
@tel}t oufi UKnn cS nub«cfU(t 

SRit t^ nw^I u.f.w. 
$i^ ift fOM' aU iwti Snue, 
ffienn fie efneS nwi^cn feint. 
SDieS iff Sf bef i^ nritl) erfceut : 
Unb (ie giebt t^ So bortin. 

fDtic ift no^I u.f.tD. 

A diBtinguished writer of devotional poetry. Dach 
was bom 1605, at Memel Held at Mb death 
the office of ProfeBHor of Poetry to the TJniTeraity 
of Kdnigebei^. Hia hymns are stiU chaoted in the 

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XufbUct gum .^tmmeL] Bacjb. 4S 

German Church. The most known are the two: 
3(i| ^ io ^"^ *" ''^t"" 3Kac^ (Tee, O Lord, I am in 
thy power), a hymn composed at the death of a 
poetic Mend, Bobbbt Bosebthih, at Eonigabei^, 
in 16*8: — the other: D wie ftUg fqib f^t bod), itfc 
grommen (O how blessed are ye, ye pious). 

31ufblfcf }um ^immel im Snifiltns- 
y^ ifl ja ttPa^c, ttlt ^ben nun 
<Die befit SScels unb Xug(n;4Beib<f 
9Sam auf bent bunlm SIununEkfo 
^\4 inunec bem jdwi triU 1^ 
Unb i)t&d)tia<c (td) mtint ju nia<^ j 
iDa^ man j(gt fu^ oOtj ladjcn. 

m^t, Siinba, auf bae S(U>Vrftmiti 
Unb pflildt eui^ con btr Sni(I)t btB Gtninir 
^ie 0b onb blau, bort gt^, )u jtednttn 1 
laSnaubt bat fc^e 9Ka^tldb i 
®e^t, von 9taidf|en unb iSioInb 
®a vici eud) gut bibCtr riiqu^oltn I 

fio4 et)' i^ bitS unb baB Ixti^O, 
©0 f^mingt juoot aue btefen ®d)tanbn 
^auf gtn '^mel bit ^ebanttm 
SBo )u ®«niiU^ tu(^ nriib gefAtntf 
aSai bcrt in itntn JCrang bet S^ 
^ta f^nt Slumen bod) gt^brtn. 

jBtr fiilitn faTbtnmd)e ^o^r 
!&!e ^itr ber Suttpan unb SteHtn 
aSug oft not Xbtnbi nod) oenMlItnf 
Sit fi!^n fie nn^ aud) angeladH: 
iDtt tujig gciine ^an; bet gcommen 
SBirb Die um feintn ^tenol^ fonuntn. 

(Si irimtn SStumcn fiini |u gut 
Xxitt an ben fittiettlaten S^aOkm 
Saa Stotb iftf bcr fi( neiEi )u fiUen, 
£etn '^anbr t>n i^nen SSc^ben t^utt 
SDen S^au Ewe itbtnS muf fie ne(en 
Unb i/b^fU JUoi^ett auf fie ftlcn. 

SSie ftUa tDcrben tie boc^ feQtir 
iDie tot in eitet SSorja^iSeXoaen 
So r^ine At&nse miben trageni 
Stagt i^f ob biefei Slomtnfc^in 
Huij euec $aar einmal uitb fidbm ? 
3o/ tiK) f^r fcomm tiiinl fe^n unb Ceiben. 


j@er aihnfd) ^at nii^i fD eigeiv 
Stid)tl fktit fo nw^l i^nt an, 
Vaiafftr eieb' njcisen 
Unb 9>^nbf(^afit ^Iten lann; 
fIBcnn ec ntit feinefi (SUiH^ 
@oll tnten in ein Sanbi 
Setfptii^ tc rAijt }u meidien 
fOtit ^tx^rii aSunb unb ^nb. 

9it 3teb' i|l unS gtgebcni 
Zhimit mc nidit aOein 
gib unC nut foUen Ieben< 
Unb fcni mn Seuttn fe^: 
Wx foOen unt (e^aeenf 
Unb fe^n auf guten Slater 
iCXiS Geib einanbet Uogoif 
€Souni betreten^t 

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©tfeKigteit.] l^arArorCtr. 51 

SHaS tann bit gmibf madjcib 
2)ie Sinfamttit wr^p? 
T>at 0ubt ein boppett eodjen, 
!Bia£ gnunten wirb eiift^lt, 
iDet lann frin Eftb oergeffoi, 
IJet e8 Don ^etjtn faaH 
D« muS ri* f«nifl auffnlfen, 
jD« in ge^ttoi fid) nogL 

<£Dtt fte^t mic cor alUn, 
iDte meint @«Ic liebt: 
^nn foS mil; aui^ gefoUen, 
XKt mtr |«^ ^icrjKtf) gi(M. 
aSit biefen SunbegefeUtn 
Serlad)' id) ^Im unb 9totl), 
@t^' ouf b<n @ninb bee .^illni, 
Unb bttiit buird) ben Zob. 

JId) ^b', ii) ijabt .^njni/ 
So tctati roit BtWt^rt 
iDte ^d)e[ci unb Zijinm 
Slie tirifTentlii^ bna^Ttl 
3c^ bin aui^ i^nen loitber 
Son @ninb ber ®eelt ^Ib, 
Unb fob' (u* me^r, i^ Stofibet, 
XII olln @t:ben ®olb. 

An intimate fidend of Clajus, bom 1609, at 
Numberg, wrote with great ease, sad published 
much. Amongat hia writings, which extend to 

0, Gooi^le 

52 Ca^r bon %iAtmsttin. [XVn. 3a^ 

Beven-and-forty volumes, are a " Hittory of Matke- 
matica" and a " Hietory of Poetry." He died 1658, 
in the office of alderman. 

jigoffmann bon f^offmannstDaDiau, 

Bom at Breslau, 1618, died an imperial aldermaji 
at his native pla<;e in 1679. He poBseaaed great 
knowledge in ancient and modern lai^uageg ; and 
composed numerous Foems, but they were only 
imitations of the French and Italian Schools. 

laanitl (Easpai; bon ^n^txauin 

(1S36— 1683), 
Bom at Nimptsch, in Silesia, 1635, Doctor of 
Law. The undeniable talents of this Poet de- 
veloped themselves so early as in his fifteenth year. 
At this ^e he wrote three Dramas ; Ibrahim Basa, 
Affry^ina, and Hpicharia. He was welt versed in 
ancient history, and studied careAilly the best 
Italian, French, and Spanish writers. He died 
1683. He also imitates too much the foreign 
schools. After hia death, his brother, Man* C. v. 
Lokemtem, edited and published his works in four 
volumes at Leipzig. 

Die @*[arf)f im SEeutoburger SBalb. 

Hm^ Kmriniue unb Suindbo. 
^^n: Sdnb toox buci^ ben SeTluft @cgeStt)niS QbentuB be: 
ftfiifitj ^njog .^ermaim sAtt buret) ben inelfa^n ®ieg bieftr 
£ieutf^ ^moionc gleidifani befd^ntet/ unb ba^ ju einrm 

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KnirfmU tt. JSuBnelba.] tojpnctttEn. 53 

fD cifcfgm @ef«I)tt angei&ibeti baf tdn S«nt) rdrnn Stum 
(nubonnn ton^ Salbut eiU»i> imI(1)r f^m btgcgnen uolttf 
nxn^ lun ilim tnit bem etreft^aimnn gn SotKn Qtfcf)Ias(n 
unb bdcdbec eefongcn. CutinttSui fSantii aU a i^n bem 
Rfantfc^ ^upt^Ier (b na^ tonimtn \a^ti maiiU fi^ nrit 
firiiKr eribmidie alS bencn Sngnilni Jtr&ftcn M 9tMfd)tn 
^«?Tt gegm l^m fK^fftr. Dfefct »attn tauftnb mit lupfltniRi 
e(^ilben tmb fdntpfit^ ^an^cni aue ban atttn Achk ba 
KSmifdjcn XritgUnitt outgetcftnc fntoOUstf wtliV fi^ f^ 
manSf^&^net TAaiftt auCgcltanbm unb anftlmtf^t Jtritgt-i 
Xonttr wrmalttti oui^ Miu XBac^ ebtr anben Kitirit me^ 
in certreleiv fonbmi nin b«i Sta^om ju kf^tanni ^ttoif 
unb oof Qmn edjilbeR btn 9tainen bet Jtdfoj mft ®oIbt 
dngu^t f%ten. iDftft tfxitni ml {f)c btflet nntn t^ron 
ftrntbann S'^^ SAdna { unb fi»^|tni nod) Stb^tn^ Ut 
txifiai oba ^autmn OcH Mb mit ifinm tnt^tHf boA mit 
btm iaagtn eponEftlim iDegen/ raomit bt( linctCf mie mit 
\tmm bie ctc^ Settt oofe^ nut. TDUvat bie Jbcttjicn 
nntttm miwtlfinst i»n bn SXutfc^n Steutnd lu ISnmbt 
ffniittti imb btt S^^^ lam bft SBotnC fo na^r bafr 
otool bit SUntffi:^ Xtitgfkatt i^ mit {^ S^ilben aufliS 
m&Mtt MibetCteiii n i^ etnen SBurffpicB in bie &d)utt« 
iagft i bem QuinfiCiuA IDIanlful aber fn .^li tinm ttbtO^nt 
6ti4 KTfc^tCi unb mit cignn .^nb i^m ben BUmIf(l)en Kbltr 
auSriS- 9tcul)bnn auct) tiijwif<f|tn beibt Stim^ift ^Sig/il gont 
ouf ban ^tVx gcfdilaeai nMtxn/ btotie $&# Qatunia; niA 
Sofltad) mit bn UteutmE auff bm fBamt Io$. SBobun^ bcx 
U^ 004 Itt^be tft^ bet EUmiTdjen ^corct in tffattlic^ 
Slu^r Cluintiliul SBonH ab«t in Aufecftt SSetinxiffclung 

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.94 %oittalttin. [Z)it CMiliu^ ftir 

gtbrat^ watb. SDerni oH a frint no^ fhrnb^altmbt ^^onb wll 
JBdIcU auff alten Eititen umcineir nnb nltembj^ tinigc ICu&> 
Ptni^ nte^ fo^ btjcugte ec tnbUil) gct^tu .^atfjafftiaEnt jn 
^btn dU )u !&in))rn)r uib nbete bk n&<^n mit bwftn 
Sortra on: tajftt utiSf {^ e^clii^ SUineri biefen ItQtfn 
@^g bet wrinberlfi^ @UUt6 be^t ertcagtm unb lifbn 
bent Sxiit fcifif) in bie ](u^ fe^i oil auj tbet hteof. 
ftt^nbm @(f&ngntt not^ ''inS' ■Silifune ^ffeiv tmb ulfo cfne 
fcelnnKtet Sntteibung nnet fnc(I)tifc^n 2)ieRfibarfett fteii^m. 
tkx fbU btfto r^mli^Of ber no4 tini^ ■^offnuno ju Ubtn 
fibcig ^t 3i^ gtjte^f ba@ nK 9tgt«t^S unb bit @ittn: 
unftr iSerborbcn wrfie]: gefagt i cStm twnn bat Str^&ngntS 
an uitfet I3tihtt>31ab bte -Eutib onltgti Knnn unS trine 1x1:=^ 
biutic^ JBormtnem auB feioer Siecfidsiing tnitt^in unb bcr 
fc^acfffumigften %if<t)Iigi tveibtn ftuntiiff unb wtwiiTet, 
3tbnl) lafe ii^ geme gtf^^f ba$ bar SSdilup bn ®&ttn mft 
roeinem iBafc|en beOefbcti unb bti SufoK )u meitKm S«= 
btuffen gemadjt nxite 9Brin €Mbatnr SeituS SoniS ^t 
in bo: ^^alifc^ Sc^c^ btmf) fHne ngenb mein JBotet 
Sanil Cuttntiliui in ban ^)^ilippim|'((ien jbrbge burd) feints 
freigriaffenen .&anb ftt^ Ikba f|inBerid)M etK fit fi<^ bee 
ffiaOfii t^ Sttnbci bit boi^ S&foa wattii untenonfm 
maOtn. Sc^ irti e« t^n nad)t^uni e^e ic^ in biefh: Sarboni 
^nbt faOe, urA tu^ ein SBeiTpitlf bn 9ia<SpKlt abra ioi 
Uit^ ^intetlaHVn : Ob i^ bmt^ mtine ®(^, abet batii ein 
befonbeiS BeitiftngniS meinei @ef^|(e(I)U alfo Mcge^ SralTut 
^t burdd jfine 9tieberlagc gegcn bie 9art^ nKniger SSc^nbe 
tingelegt all b<tfi et nii^tf mie ^bltu«f iSenforinue unb Stego: 
boi^ i^ fetbfi baS Seben certite^r fonbetn fic^ in bit vtf 

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Sntoliitrgtr SBalti.] jtoj^rnArln. 5S 

ci^eixft^n -^inbe bci €Snnna utrtrauetf unb btS 1Riii:art^t 
Q(M bie £cf)(e boEgtirefc^ ^t S8on bem SCobe ttwfir 3Battc 
ju madKar ifl nn StActt ba Alrinitifitigtcit !6iu ftfle i^ 
tnfi in ^ben fiaetfeff, ttnnet t^ bolKva fdiliefienf ba$ \ii 
iriononbra rinigc 6<^uU) bttmtfft. iDenn (t^ iHbei; SRmft^ 
tub ®htttt beRnoMV |te^ nuc bem atv bee Unga ju Itben 
ttgt^nt @in Xtirig aiba foU feinei 8tei^, dn Xotift fetnet 
■^etntr nn Atfe^nuinn feinti Cberf^ ein Sdbc^uptmann 
feinrt J^ttai 3&ol|tanb R^t fibertcbtn. {liemit um^iUlcte tr 
mit frinon ©olbeefUdten ^Hr^iimnantel frin -^aaptf nnb fla^ 
(rinen Seaen i^ l)i$ on ben (Stiff in! ^ttit- Til^cKt^iauU 
fiii oad) bee etmnrbete ^fietof^ nnbSutiuJf nonnit niemanb 
Sm jbrbenben Ungeberben fet)en mid)te. Sie fkne^ntften 
Kob ^et||(if^{bn tlgabn ed tiirem .^eerffi^ nac^ unb be^ 
no^en burd) eigene SntfeelnitQen bem S^nbe bie fiu{t nnb bie 
6^ Don Itincn ®tRi^ ju faCten. Xnberti oeli^ gCeii^ 
ox^ genugTanie £r&ffte ju fed)t(n fyitUrit tnarffes i^ @en>et)re 
vesf nnb ixic^n aut iBerbru^ gu teben i^ >^ft ben Fnnb= 
tii^ Sdnmbtetn ^fn. $imal wn benen neun Dberflen 
biefec onbtrttiaK) fiegionen ma nod} eineti mn ben neungig 
^aufOtttUn me^c ntil)t aU i^tc fOnff flbdg maren. Xiic 
gIA<^tigen ti>otben wn bee Steuterei ju Sloben gecenntr bie 
liegenben von ben f>f«b<n ertteteii/ bie flefKnben nie baS >&iel) 
^afk^dSt, olfo baf baS ^V> nunme^ bine @ejtalt eineS 
JlampfrlaSee fonbern einer ©djltufitband fiirflente. ©tfitfld) 
tMtb fiber befi SBaniS unb anbeier Dberften etgnet (Sntleibung 
It^ cerbitteTtr uieil er mit feiner Sleulem fie [ebenbig in bie 
i^be |U befommen ifem eingt6ilbet fiatte* unb ba^o fptang 
et fefifl wm ^erbe, fi^nitt ben Jtopf bea aJaruS Beidje ab unb 

cjiij^c, Google 

66 W.afttnitt(tt. [iDit ®diIai!A fm 

fbctu felbbn na4) brr JDnitfdjen nnb QatStt ^tttnonlitit nnb 
ben SUoieni tefto tnt^ Sd^cten jn tnad)tn auff tint fcuiit. 
■Dal flans* %'^ >wi* ""^ SEobfm btbedrt, unb bit jwifc^ 
btntn ^flflcln bitfts goilfefl lanffenbtn ffiStfec con b«n Slutt 
ber ^c))Iafltntn aufffltfdinentti uiTcnbtr^it on benm bref 
tnfltn gurtljtnt iwbinul^ bai SUmifdje ^tc ftint glu^t jutflttt 
notim. 3^ iSmnurlitfin; 3itfianb abtr teatb batbtnd) vtf 
grtflecti ba(l SJata Sttrnimiiul nnb ftine jinn tr^n bm^ 
gcuteent SItttnrti/ Sibitui& twlcf)^ jmiTc^ bentn $if|tn no<^ 
ibn jroilfTtauftnb fktitbaa aRinntr tnfcbei iufammtn g^ogtn 
unb in Orbming bcac^ ^tti, in fOIeinung mit bti ba(b ana 
bctcElcnbtn Slcu^t noc^ na^ btc 6atttn gtfhms jh tntiinnnti 
ingleidKn SBtftontoc unb Xtbogoft mit me^ oil jt^n tauftnb 
®al[ittn fltrabe auff ben ■Iwr^ 3t>bU trafftnj tveb^ bcr 
gtlbtKn: bem gtinbt (n btn 9IMtn }u gt^ btfe^ligt Irattt. 
S< i|t an^ipKt ju ennt|^n was benen ERbment bit awtbffltett 
Don ctner fo ^IPigtn eiMt rintm ffegtnbtn grinbe auff bem 
SUcCtn unb tintm ftifi^ i»n forntn ju btgtgntn fir .^inbeniis 
fd^ffte, \a XDat bit gutter aUa» beg pifOi Sxixmt fouwl ali 
Buger Keute (Sutaditen ge^Jret wecbni/ fir feltfantt SRtinungen 
auff bit Sa^n biadjte. <£intr titl^ ^ buir$ ben frffdjen nnb 
ottMfit nii^ aSpflroStn ^aufftn btS .^ennunburifd)m {)er|ogS 
bur<%ufil)lasenf unbr nxil bod) baS jwar n&|tit Eigtc feint 
®i(i)er^eitf b(e geftung ^fon abti leincn genugfamtn SRaum 
unb 8eten6=gSimi f^ffen ttntt, ben Mnfanfl* fdjon trfiefeltn 
aiSeg gtgen bn Catfenbutrfl ober gar an btn 9^ fortjufc^. 
Sin anber Ijielt bif f6t tin tieriWeifftQ 9Stti, unb mHUi boff 
nadibem ISeiDntuS mit bem gr6ften 3t)til bej linftn glflgtU 
unb bem tintgen noc^ er^altenen ^let ft^ wieber in bat S&get 

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ZtvtcHmgpc 9BaIb.] %ttittattlia. 67 

gtjogen. );itt<, man bat)in fdgen, (i<^ bortniKn bi| auf ten 
Itten SRann m^mif unb Don benen poti ii^tum toM/e 
indtiS Kfprcno* nul)t oI^utDtit twn ilinen untn Trincm ©tbiett 
^ttb ^filffe onMrtni fbttt. aSie mm He 3»ictciii!^ in So 
attenfKtttnf rkUIk bine langfamt Slot^^Uige nbu&nif tec 
gtratejlt !Bte iuii SBeiterten iflj alfo martetc ^fy>i Subfl 
bu erSttmmg t^ SuxilftU nttt)t auti fontetn bcbioUc fi^ 
tei miter bit Uneini^ ^^ft coct^ctl^fiitni ®«f<t|n)inbis!ttt 
Sinent pAtirtigm gdnb jagt auci) tin laufi^tnbrt Slot @df)re(ttn 
ein. ai&it fotte nid)t biefn ^eubigc ^Ib tntt fetnen ftctittonn 
unb tmenn^teten SbUttm ita/tn bid nxlc^ sum ecfbn aat' 
gcrifltn unb aOEiin: )Wif(i)ra St)6r unb Xngel tvomir aiUcit^ ? 
SHt Subil ttaff felbfi in ^nfon auff ben numoniuai nnb 
tacSfemmtt ftin mit fdnec 8anQet alfo flel bieftt Mt}agt( Xtrt' 
«t$n ni(^ nuc fd)impfl{i^i ronbcm au4 (^ aU bit uxl^e a 
fn @tii^ gelolfen tiotte. Scitomat loarb turn i^ burd) tinen 
IBioiifpefi fiefftig vciwunbetr unb nadjbtm t«n riner ®eiltn 
b{e{et .^(igc^ aufT bet anbem baS sanQc obfitsmte .^ec mit 
oOec @nvalt nadjbningnir mu|b biefn tkterre^ Ui gdnbeg 
in bm SJo^nlUbten bcr wilbai S£^e ifyct ^Hi/Ufiat fut^r 
imb rin ^ufltn ^, bet anbtt bait fic^ in bit bideftm SBSIba 
Dolntt^ SSefne aud) in biefcn ivictn fit con iiiren S^inben 
■^ unMrfolget blieteni wain nit^t bit ffaid^nftect (Rad)t mil 
tintm ^efftiaen$[4i^Sentineebro(6€n>mibbie ft^c^naSolcttn 
boS fonlt wot aBontenseidjt gonj ixrbiifhirt, mib alfo btm Sobs 
fd|<a0ni nid)t fo wot tin Snte, aU etnen anftanb gtmad^ ^ttc. 
iCtr g(Ib^ m bei bttTtt Segtben^ fitlbfl Sefe^t unb 
Sdt^ gttenr baf bit X)eutf(^n bti fo gefj^irli^ ginlla^ 
nnb fc^lfttiftfstm iStttei; i^ geinb in bit morafttgen asitbrc 

58 %aittiittin. [p(t e^butt im 

nt^t vatolgcivfonbmt mlt ber anfj^ijcntcn SSoniun bet StSnut 
uiibi^artScIi^llicncnbliclicnUntraflanBeinHtrtenfoIttn. ®Idi^ 
root I)tf(|tt tt bit IQUlba; um unb um an bentn OcUbi om n 
mttntcr bap k^tebi ba biefinc JBiOnilft tunbiec S^nb ju tnts 
rinnntf iinn fimgm SBeg fud)tn birf^ St Mtorbntte ani^ 
bai out benen umliesd^m SUtbn bem {■<t<^t' ■>>cti^g mm 
gUii^atn btn gan^tn gorft btUi^trtef Hn lUbofluP t»n SfbtnSs 
mitttliir utii^ bee iDeutfc^ 'Xclea&'SoIb ftnbi jufA^nni. Wt 
((^ )ic nun tbnft au(^ bem esi^ffe eigebcn [aOit mb von bet 
la&den Sc^ciit ecmSbct wonn/ fo trmunterte fie bo^ biefct 
t|ecttt(4e ®iea bcTgeliaU, baf nenig obet ttinn «n Xuge jut^ 
Xienn biei oelc^ nfi^ f^e eigenc abet i^ Xnst^idaen 
em)ifaii0ene JQunben ju wrbinbenr noi^ bit St^^en inS 
iltqa lu f&Inren ^attat, maijtta ^ auff btr SBa^t^oR unb 
um ben gncjl ^tnun bet ftlid)en touftnb 9Bad»c nnb Sreubem 
gtuem mit ®tfunb1)tit'2dnltn/ 3<iu(^^ unb eobgef&ngen 
i^ Selbn&etTin imb .^tei^ec Inliia. Untct bit Sxit^ 
tneditc mtfd^ fid) nun aui) bit Sarbeni fongen bon bem 
iOtutfc^n i^erlutee uitltTlti gitberi unb )iit)tn mit tinem fttuc 
bigen Sta^fiangt i^m enbU<^ bwfe btn grofmittietn ■^ennonn 

60 Dtcgnfig f[^ mm bd biefem SBodtben bit jDeutfd^ 
befanbeni fo tltnbc sUneeebenenUeb<ntmnbtnen,»ibcrnKl(^ 
bei .^inunel mmmdico febU fEd) Detfc^uwren ju ^ben f(^n. 
iDenn btn ent^benen 9iegni begCei^e tin folt^ erfi^redli^a 
Stunnwinbi tMl^ei: nii^ nut tie Xtfb tmb iSipftl ber iBilumt 
ttzbtai), fonbecn au^i bie Utottfbn StAmme mit ben JSur^In 
am bex Orben ti^ nnb fit bcntn o^t blfi tiolb tobtgefdilagentn 
auff bit •£>iU(t vorff. iDit abtci tntl^c bitftm Unacmitter gu 

0, Gooi^le 

iSwtotutget SBift.] X,ajttn<tetn. 59 

tttHommtn wrmtinftn unb aai ban (St^bUt (trwi ttoi)m, 
maim ten bcntn aDtm^oOtn UKtc^ometi iDeutfi:^ toit bie 
^mbt iexfkH<tict itxa eon^ (Stfinic abtbtU i»n tmatiff^ 
(i(^ JBSbtrf diA (olb oon bem S^lMttn bn CUfft, iOb nm 
ban Aiac^ btt SUnuMf ba(b imi tern Xn#<9(fdM ^ 
pcrff^ntfttartcnr oi^ fuUc onff cfmnol ben fct^AttKn SScd^^ 
btr (iMfitea Singe Ibi bn^ ftUn tinn lai^ HmUf uwnn nii^t 
btc anbfcc Mint. iDicfet Un^ Dxnrb vmnclint nm^ bur4 
bbfct .^ectetribf baf erfigten^riU bet 9^er t^ JSeiber unb 
Ainba, tMUf)t |k iviber bfc oUcn JCritflfts^cftec b«r SUmn bet 
fid), unb bie 9lad)t jumt oiK bem fiigei mftgef^t ^attnir 
von biejen CHucnMStaN iiberfallen« bit IGitibn offt in btn 
ICrraen i^ S^inneci bie f&ugenben Xinbet ouff ben Slrft^ 
i^ ^St&tta gen)<Htf<!f)t nwrbtn. 2a ei biat^ rinigen bifi 
iimnutlii^ @d)auf])iel berg^tott itir ^rt^i baf ^ aM Sc 
bamms, i^ dgenen JHnbet unb Sfxgatten Slenb burd) SRorb 
ju oerUi::^ fii^ entf^ffen. XJiefer @tnnn n6t^igte aiu^ bits 
fetben Xtmeniecr itieUf)t onf be6 jtnio IBe^^ Stme nen gefongen 
^ieltenf fi$ QuS bei innem iStlbnie ^cfjic ju t^un. Sri nxIdKi 
Segeboi^ !& i^m SJort^it trfo:^/ bem einen unbenntrcH bol 
@<^tDecbt aai bet @d)dbc jo^, unb bur^ bk 9tip)xn fliefi. £ie 
bni anbem jiebn fie jooi ^itrflbei fo gtinnnig anf aba fit betn 
0eibi9te fid) tnttunmiglttdiUdier'^tiSlwiftigftit XMe I)iei:bun^ 
mtgte (Scr&uf^ 30^ tine giro^ SKenge btm: im SBaQ imnben 
SIbma ^Uf weU^ bie t^dtt abgt^outnen Xitfeni:Ke^ t^tiU 
iu i^mn fii^te, nunmei)! abec gtgen Me gitid)faIS fid) odbar 
setfiunlett SJtutf^n jn S^werbtem brau^teni unb tneil |te ^^ 
jtbtrfeite auff ttU^ t)unbet:t uecfl&icttenr in einen uolllammnitn 
etttit mit einanbet geiitt^ JUt fiJtiiraeifftlung unb bM 

cjiij^c, Google 

80 ftojpttttttfn. [£VH. 3a^ 

ftltaiM gflun:®«f«^ bn Sttntet abet 6rad)t< W S^ratft^ 
inm toriddent nnetvol bu S<^i^ Simnuf oU nne gro^£liat 
•^clbinr ban Seinbt fUU bit Stimt botf anb toitn mdi^nibtn 
iCKutfd)cn WT&c^lit^ lorbf : Db ftt rin StmrnT^uunn m&mif 
welt^ Bom Staui^ Mttneben wihrbtn? Ob fit nnniiK^ fik 
rincni aitaaffraim Stiitbt in lanfl^ fAr bftM S^anbe ^idtoii 
ben fit btn Xog ccc^ in feimc btfttn SUifhina gefcblaeen 
^itten? <Enbti4 lam btr Slitta !Ba(btct mit tmti ^mitiai 
fOtann feiner SSacf)e boiitti wtUljt ben grinb not^ grofem iBetbtft 
niebei in XBoIb trtcW onb bteft >&«arin iu gceftx S^ubt be* 
santen .^eml jnm geibbenn bn^tf. 

Xn ben ^erbft. 
§S)<^te{i!6n: .^b^ bet 3abK« eSpeifemeilbrj 
So iebec Stent mir Segen auf uni tbaut ! 
iDu fi^ffft ben .^met reim bfe Stbe fetfteri 
Xm nnc(|t> baf bie StotuTf bie nit bent gr^Itne SnuH, 
Snt eommtr aXuthi: miebi im SBtntec nii^ mebi^ f&ugt. 
9tnn alB Berfi^nberbt fi$ jelgt 

$un brfns"" ©toub' nnb fcaut Sefim' rnib Sc^^e* 
nnb jebti: SBfntel fd^eint rin Gonnentifd) jn feqn. 
3)ai XBatTet jin^ bie ntebttd)^ SaVbtti 
iDit Ittre Gttfi foflot fi^elnt SIflgebocrt gu f^neTn i 
Xu4 ftnb bit SBAIbet nun bon Sbieren fa t/tfiOt, 
TOi mmiOtt Tu^ Saub in iBtlb. 

VStnn ain^ bet ^erbft fon{t fein ®eniAi^ mi^ %ittt, 
eo wire meinf ait eiti, ber fi^ Xcanbtnfoft/ 
Qt ffi bfe Sftib^ ber Xtten, i(t baS gettt 
iDer Stbe { SSorl nnb Ce[ bet JStlt, bee CSiiiRxi^cn Jtntft. 
Xten Co0el t^ nnb Sifd^ no4 anbtm S^imn — KtinI 
Ziem SXenTi^n f^uf i^n (Sett aOein. 


%t. em tfffox.] flttOrtltf fSrjifi. 61 

(ISW— 1666), 
A poet of noble family, was bom in SileBia, 1604 ; 
ho died at Liegnitz, 1655, after having produced 
8553 Epigrams, out of which Buileb and LEBsme 
selected the best for republication in 1759. 

^^{4 ftlbff bdimffm tft ba oIIttfdjtKrflt Ants ) 
&i) ^iSbfl tt^etn ift ba aOofdiinfte &ii^ 

3Cuf ben ?)raDu8. 
QpS fc^b ftd) ^hmmtS an fdn ^uS: 
^ qfl) iric^l JBSfeS dn nod| aaSl 
3(1) tvdf nidjtf foU fdn aSunTi^ beftt^X' 
SBo ^omie dn tmb ouS wicb gc^ 

(iei6— 1664), 
Bom at GroBaglogau, in Sileaia, wob a piooB and 
highly • BccompliHhed man. On accoiuit of the 
Thirty- Years' War he Idt Germany and travelled 
thioogh foreign countries, — Holland, Eo^and, Italy, 
and Franco. Aiter ten years' absence, he returned. 
He died 1664, with the reputation of being the 
finest mathematician of his time. He wrote mimy 
Hflya, Odes, and Songs. In his plays He imitates 
one of the popular dramatic authors of Holland — 
Joait von Vondel. Hia seven Tragedies are written 

cjiij^c, Google 

62 ^nl (Srrj^rlit. [Xm. 3aH- 

in rhyining Alexandrinee ; they hare chomseB and 
music accompaniment. Hia Comedi^ are mostly 
written in proae : for the theme of one of his Tra- 
gedies he chose the Martyrdom of King Charles the 
First of England. It Is called Ermordete Majettdt, 
oder Sari Stvart ixm Oro*»britanmen. 

Whose "Satu und EtrehenUeder" (Lyiice for the 
Church and House), &a excelled any thing that 
had preceded them, exhibiting much elegance of 
expression and true poetic feeling. Th^ have 
been lately republished under the title of " Oeitt- 
Uehe Lieder." 


^It\ mil taufcnbrnol fl'ST^i 
iOa mic^ je unb j( aelitW, 
3^U/ ber bu fctbft scbufict 
iDaS, rtwtnit id) bid) brtrfbt 

Xi^l ivie ifi mir bo<^ fo ivo^ 
aSann id) tnim unb liegm foil 
Sn bent Areuier ba bu f&befl 
Unb urn meint ®«Ie tifebe|t. 

.3^1^ utnfanser img' unb ttlft 
£)er gcb&n&en SBunbcn |hi^ 
Unb bie pur^iunDt^n %Mt 
:Cei)ur gfit' unb 9t&e^al. 

O nwr fcrnn boij, fc^ftcr giirft 1 
Een fo ^ narfi una gtbiitrff t, 
iDrinen Tna^ unb Keb'Swrlanflen 
SEQig fa^ unb umfangen. 

^^tOe mii^, ^l btt Swim j 
IBio i^ fean! unb ttaung bin ) 
9tunm bi( 'Sijmttifnt bit mi^ quUeiif 
Unb ben ganjen ®d)ab(n Iginr 

X>tn mir Kbamd gall gcbra^t 
Unb ii^ fetbjlen mfr B"nai^ 
ffiitbf D Ziiti ban Slut mi$ ntttnr 
aSirb m aU metn Sammec I'e^n. 

dc^ribe brine bluCgen SBut^cn 
9Stri -fKiTf (n ba< .^ttj ^dni 
jDa0 fit migm OUt Stunbin 
Sri mir unuersetTtn frin. 

jDu bi|l tio4 mrin f^Enllrt (Sitt, 
SDH mrfn ganirt ^a%t rulit 
Ea^ rai^ tiiec ju brinen S^n 
Z)rina Sieb unb iSunft geitkSen. 

Sitfe gfift nia ii^ ^oUen 
Kuf bag btj)* id) itnmn: tonn. 
@(^ue mrintc .g&nbe gatttn 
Unb mic^ fclbtten fteunbli^ an 

Son be6 fy>^ ArujcS Sauni, 
Unb gib mrina Sittt Kaumr 
Sprii^ : iai aU brin SCrauren fifetmnbcni 
3d)( ld| tOg' ate brim Sikbtn. 

glodann ISIaj, or (jtlajus, 

Bom at MeisBen, in 1616, was the minister of a 
church at Kitzingen. He appears to have devoted 
himself almost ezduaiTely to the compoeition of 

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U ^pmn. [XVn. 3a^ 

religiouB Tragediee. He represents in one of Us 
Diamas the " SufieringB of Chriat ;" and in uiother 
the " Eeonrrecticpii." T^^f best Play ia entitled 
"Etiffel und Brachensireit" (Angel and Dragon 
Strife). He died 1656. 


A tbeologiim, bom in Upper Austria, in 1635; 
died at Berlin, Teb. 6th, 1706. Hie vorks are : 
"Sermon*" "Inai^num Theoria," " Pia Desideria." 
SfENSB wee the zealous propounder of a pure and 
evangelicd Ctriatianity. Hia followers were termed 
" Pietists." After his death they increased greatly, 
and their doctrines were diffused over all G«rinany. 

A great number, at a later period, withdrew, and 
joined the community of the "United Brethren;" 
who, finding no toleration in their own country 
(Moravia), were invited (1721) by Cottht ZmziB- 
dobf' to settle on bis estates at Hermhutt in 
Upper Lusatia. 

Their ^thdrawal from the Lutheran Church 
contributed not a little to promote in it the very 
opposite elements of scepticism uid unbelief; 

openly Joloed blmicir to 






1 itult tint Blibop. 

Comfi Zh 


, In ITSO, Bt 








(, Google 

so ji^rigtr Xrteg.] ZfujniDarff. 6S 

and, but for that withdrawal, G«nnaa theology 
would have probahly presented a more determined 
resistanee to the rationaliBtic principles imbibed 
from the school of Toltaire. 

The Missions of the "Mobattah Brithbib" 
are to this daj more widely extended, and, in pro- 
portion to their means, more effective than those 
of any other Chrifltian Chiirch. 

We must here remark that the confiiBion conse- 
gnent on the "Thirty Years' "War" was severety 
felt in Germany, paralyzing science and general 
cnltuie, and that the spirit of Poetry, up to the 
time of the Peace of WestphaliA, was almost 
banished from the country. 

OpTTZ and IYbmhikg, with perhaps Paul Gsb- 
HABi>T, are the only poets who rose above the medio- 
crity, which characterized the time. Ofitz was a 
great importer of literary productions feom other 
countries, many of his poetical consignments being 
derived from Holland, but, tbongh not a man of 
original mind, his strong good sense and patriotic 
inspiration render his poetry even now readable. 

FLXUTOsa is inferior as a poet to Opitz, and 
yet, perhaps, his poetry is more interrating, pre- 
cisely because it is more personal ; because it lets 
us into the secret of his feelings, bis friendships, 

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66 JAvOMiA. .[XVn. So^. 

and attaclmieiita. Some of hie chmch-fayniDS are 
BtQl in ose. 

Foetiy at that period existed in scarcely any other 
shape than that of feeble imitatioiiB of the French, 
pro&se in mythology, penuriomi of feeling, and 
destitute of nationality. The General lateratuie of 
the country was at. a very low ebb, and the whole 
talent of the more able men of the time waa occu- 
pied in the production of LaHn woi^ on Philology 
and Beligion. 

Since the middle of the Seventeenth Century, 
howeyer, the Germana haTe been constantly aiming 
at a truer standard of letters. How &r they have 
aueoeeded we shall be able to judge, when we shall 
have inyestigated the productions of those great 
minda, who aesifited in raising the Literature of 
their country to the position it now holds in the 
estimation of nations. 

We have reviewed, iu the preceding pages, the 
early development of the German heroic song, as 
shown in the Heldenbttck and the NiebehmffenUed. 
We have noticed also the period of the "Minne- 
aanger," and its laterformin the productions of the 
"Meistersanger." We have pointed out the piogrees 
of literature in the stirring days of Ltttsbb ; and 
the Poetry of the first Silesian School, in which Opitz 
took the lead, establishing, on a firm basis, the use 

0, Gooi^le 

of the high Genmm dialect. A vigorous impulse 
Taa now to be given to the national Literature, by 
the mmultaneoua efforts of two men remarkably 
fitted for the i«ak. It waa in a state of great and 
general depreedon, when Boomkb of Ziirich, and 
GtyrrsoHED of Leipzig, stepped forward to aw^e 
their country to an intellectual activity. Hamburg 
and Berlin followed, until it attained its perfection 
at Weimar. 

At Ziirich there appeared, under the manage- 
ment of BoDMEB, a Magazine, which, though pro- 
feaaedly devoted to the antiquities and top(^raphy 
of the canton, contained regularly tranalations &om 
British Literature and contributionB of eminent 

BoDUEB and his school were well versed in Eng- 
lish Literature, and were considerably indebted to 
British sources for the formation of their literary 

At Leipzig, Gottsghed edited a edmilar paper, 
but the taste of his school turned altogether to 
tJiat of France, whence their style and character 
were derived- 

The rivalry between these two joumala was car- 
ried to an immense extent. Both fou^t strenu- 
ously; but the English school, aa we might call 
them, conquered, and gained a signal victory over 
that represented by Om3ttsch£d. The Saxon school 
freed Foetiy indeed from the impurities and un- 

0, Gooi^le 

68 Sror&tf-^Srritfnser. [SA^mi^ 

natural character which had prerailed ainc* the time 
of HoJTlLUniBWALDAtT, hut it introdnced in its place 
a cold snd empty philoaophy, ligorotuily oppoBing 
the efforts of Sthaiotzkt', to reetore the old Qer- 

The OaUomama having reached its extreme, a na- 
timl reaction followed. It was straightway attacked 
on all points in which its oneaidednesB had been 
conapicooue ; on the aide of nature by Bboceeb of 
Hamburg' (1680—1747), and by Halleb; on that 
of rational and hiBtorical critidBm, by Bobusb and 
Brbitihgbe' (1701—1776); on the score of mo- 
rality and religion, by Gxlixbt ; and, ia fine, on 
tjiat of the ancient daasical models, and of the 
EngHsh taste, now uniTersally adopted, by the 
general bias of the age which immediately suc- 

The great naturalist and poet, Albbbcet von 
Haxlxb, stood at the head of those patriotic Swiss 
who bad in their mountains remuned iaithfiil to 
nature. He was followed closely by the Tigorons 
critics BonuEB and Bbeitettoeb, both saccessfiil 
opponents of the school of (Sottbohbd, 

' STI.*1iinKT, kDDwnuahmnoiiilrt,irullvliigity<nmL Ke*u 
■he moat oeltlwUHl actoi of hii ft; a Silntu br blnta, edncitsd !■ 
lUIf. He iDtTDdnced th» tint O«nou thEUn Into Tlentu; ud hb 
■plill and tons ■» llun felt, In Itia Laopolditadt thutn, ma to the 

• BiBTBaLD &■«■», autboi tt ■ work entitled, •• XartUf SaOt- 
favHtw in Ood,^ 9 Toll., '^contelnlng muir iODli plctimt of nMun *■ 
•Ttn ■ Homer mlfbt doi bne been Mhnmed la own." 

' •• OMfW H/Poilrt," bj JDEIVV licot Qiiitirdk. 

0, Gooi^le 

e^geiitt &^U.'] SQoVmn. 69 

Was bom at Greifenberg, near Ziiricli, July Idtli, 
1698 ; he is aaid to have composed Latin verses,'aBd 
construed Greek with ease, in Lis twelfth year. He 
'Waa intended for the Church, and studied at Ziirich ; 
but when the time for ordination approached, he 
refused to Bubacribe the necessary articlea. In 
1717, his father obtained for him a situatiLOU in a 
merchfmts office at Bergamo, in Italy ; but he soon 
found trade to be ill adapted to his taste, and his 
employer sent him back to his father's bouae. 

He then returned to Ziirich, and gave a course 
of historical lecture, which procured for him a 
profeasorahip in that department. 

In 1727, he mairied bo as considerably to better 
his condition, but all the children from this union 
died young. In 1737, he was choaen an alderman 
of Zurich. He wrote the history of his own coun- 
try in the form of dramatic dialogues. Although 
he became one erf the most voluminous of the German 
Poets, and contributed in a great degree to reform 
the taste of hia coniatrymen with the sublime beau- 
tiea of Homer, he had scarcely published a verse 
in the German language before he was fifty years 
of age. He truislated " Milton'a Paradise Lost," 
.and published his " ZiUa," which is an imitation of 
it. He alao modernized sereral metrical Romances. 

TOL. I. r 

70 JOabnur. [SS^nx^ SMndc 

His first eBmjB were in Epic poetiy, <m subjects 
irfiich he took from the ScriptureB ; but he after- 
wards devoted his muse to other very Tsrious alyles 
of compoaitioii. At the age of sereiity-seTeii be 
b^an a transktioii <^ Homer, which be took three 
yesra to fimsh. 

He lived to a great age, and a " Butoiy cftke 
Oerman Language " lay unfiniebed in his desk at 
the period of his decease, which took phice on the 
2nd of January, 1783. His "-Noah" wbicb is com- 
posed in German besameters, ranks as one of his 
beet works. He also merits tbe highest respect a» 
a critic. 

SBobmer an ®Uitn. 

^uridii im Ccumbo! 1747> 
^bc angtfanQeni ban @titde IBnftanb nnb VU0ni 
mttifdinibcii/ iiiu^bcm ti sefifiaf^ ^i bo^ nU^ lingo: nSltim 
itntKflh:bertlebtrba:tanrenb®6nnn; ^at"t .^nxooitJCltifi^ 
Mefibtm.&ctmC.&iT)(l6tcii^ 34fanb bfcftnetneiflRit* 
tosh aU id) eben bom Rat^^ufe iami nc tnc an ni»m fCtoigra 
S&gmneifbirSStatt^Un unb jivilf ESat^t^itrctn »bd atli^rtnt 
0iben" eno&^It ^altenf in mHnnn .£K»tfti bU Snubt la^ ^im 
in boi Xugnb nbett mif ben ^Af^ni \i^MH (t^ in ben @Iiek 
maleni unb fprong in ben S^M- <St foste lein Siort, fbnbtni 
HxctoA^t mk ben Srief. 34 nxKb bobon plit^ mit ten 
Qonbulfionen beS iOoctnrS AberfoUen/ unb ^tte aUt !Olfi^ }n 
Der^Uf ba^ ic^ nfd)t tine unanfi&nbtse lCuifi%c{^mg begins 
fOteine erlb Qm^ijinbune ^ mid) mit rintr jungcn Snub bie 

0, Gooi^le 


firirfanlSmni.] 3SolitittT. 71 

^ffjmiatig man cine Stmuet tatijtn} id) ^ttc H getlwib 
wcmi milt «n SQct attf bit eroDititif^ SEot^tfiribnngr bit ii) 
Kk^ nic^ obgtltgt Igatttf mir jur uifxn 3tit jn ^(Oft aelammtn 
iDbc bof id) meintn Stnft betiolbn Umun. SitiatiteOnqififns 
tnne loar mit tin tvcnig So<^ btgltittt} ii^ ivolttt gltit^ ^ne ' 
gt^ unb tin SKUbtnfenti: jiuidtttni wtt^ maiv uxil rntin 
^aat oaf bem 3ih:ii^b«igtf gttobt ftbec btr CStaU cmpoc ^t> 
in btm gatigeii SS^algdinbc atfc^n ^iOt. 

Z)at 9Sa9lef4< Shtttbudi in Jffiilio ' 
iGSac btm paiAtmat Stan juni Srunb btftimmtf 
iDtn (Sk^l foOt' «in Utino; Sato fpi^n! 

Z>itft< fi^nt SSoEl)abtn loorb buti^ tin anbttt jtrftkti »tl^ 
nrfebti tintm anbtm ^log madjUt unb fo ff^Iug tint baj onbre 
bamtbtTf nrit centals bit S^es dypeaia vironim. Sd) 
twUf^tt nid)t tinlf unb befanb ml4 iutttt in tintm gtm&tigttn 
Strgn^aen. St btm mic n&mlit^ btt @cbanb in btn ®inn, 
ba$ JIttifl no^ fbtt btm e&rmtn btr SBoffen autgtfcet w&ce, 
tmbbtmSpotttfeiminngelt^rtenSi'ini^ 3i^ bin bcm ®Uict(> 
faef' id)f ftine foti^ ^rtubigt Vutfd)n)tifuns f<i)ulble/ fo tongt Jtlrifl 
bit eanblu{t mit fold)tn umoitisen Kcbtiten t^eiltn miti. 

3n btm Stttamel bet Xritgt unb unta bro^nbtn ^Safftn, 
Singt JCItiil btm @d)6pfn: ftin fl&ttlid)e6 Sitb. 

Or Itnst'i, @ott ^&i« ftin ^bi unb ftine mu^igt aXuft 
Sirfi^ridt nldjt wt btm ©ttilmmtl be! Sxk^i 

6ie f{6^ ftin ^iget J^mtfti mit e^mbietign: Sacgfiilt 
(Entfonet fit bit Stfa^rtn non i^ 

1 Bud Vitir4A itnF4>- 

72 f&idmtr. [6<^ci)ei 6i$u((. 

SSein ©(^(tbt reiitflt fi«fi^aft tin .{if(ti iei) frine menftfe; 

SBftMtnt mit ^Kimlic^n S^tnm ben SSiegl [lidie @ttit 
^&r|t bu n{d)t fctnen @cfang, o gdeto^? Stenn bu i^n 

9Saxxm tntjii^fi t>u bcm ®i!|i)ifa fcin Sub? [li&ctft' 
esdjen!' ftn ben SKufen, lag ifra ben ®d)Jpfer ru^iig befmgen; 

iDamv bann eetbienll bu jum ■^erclb i^n ftlift I 

ZHefen ^eOen fefitt nid)t«, alS bog ii^ fie nii^ felbft gemod^. 
fonbem .g>erm ®iefe(e nur nacfigef(f)rieben ^otK. 

Suljn betfimmett |td) Abei: 3^ Qntfemunej nte fiber ria 
lea^vti Uat^d. (Si fagd ei !)abe an bent Stige feiner @tnf%! 
ningr an nxl(i)em @ie abenreif't ftnb/ utramque fortunam 

Sltift ift ber einjigt/ reeli^ mit feiner Xrbeit ju tangfam 
jufdeben ivirb. iDod) neiiv SlatnUr ^at bitfen bclitaten Set)(et 
aud^ @ie fi^l^en biefem nictit iulaffeni bafi er fo wenis fi^reibt; 
ti ift ixocx ied)t, aber tt muf ni^ meniacir btnn totnie fc^ben. 
•fvir Sange fiinbigt in einem onbecn Gntrenu. 

3^ fu4e eine Selegen^lt, bem ^erm ®eneral wn ©tlUe 
meine .^o^oditunsf aU einem ©timer ber SHuTen/ ju bcjtugen. 
aiitUeic^ fommt ec nod) in UmfUnbef ba et ben aBiffini 
fi^en ante iDienfte t^un Eann. Qt i|l gat ju felteni baf dn 
beutfi^ @eneral ^ mit bem '{moi ab^bt ^lerm Sanger 
maii ^olijei ifl eint SatQie auf bie tnagere @tfinblttt)Ceit ber 
ihengen @c^uUe()«t. 

aKan t)at in ^mburg unb Seipjig nenneinen noJkn, btr 
3i^ meinei ber tr|le Xbam ^ab< nii^ a\xi Kormi^r fbnbcm oM 
@(ef&n{g!tit unb aut ^widit, feine @ca ju uetUeceni gefefjlt £i{e 
^)erfonenf bie S^tatterei bie UmftSnbe finb in bei ^nrcfaifdien unb 

(, Google 

Sricf an OUinu] Sslliiur. 73 

betgnrimtaiSiji^bingbufelbcnt tntntm benn oaten (it ni<^ 
mil bcnfelben Xffcttoi unb @c|iniiungen in beibm vraseibllt? 

Vuf Oftmi folbn Sic rinc fhvbc aul ben aXinntfingan 
ft^ XiK^ Mt gcautnepofnun follcn fit mittdft tintr ttrincn 
tDU^ Miftct)cn Unmnf o^nt bag niii fit ubofttow wdtliet fir 
aDju ^tvnftelten mtox. .^tmt ®ij(n< ntSatnung an 
cinea f^tntn £natien"idstf bagn bclitat f<i^ntb«n fann. 
3^ an^oKfyntn analrti>nlif(^n SStStIt ^obra mid) vcr^i^f 
bagi(^(tn)al®Icid)nifieHMifu(^nbficfen{ abcr ti finb Idbti 
mnr VtUt^^mvat wn Dnatnolm b« aSac^c be Eemene. 
SEBtnn i(^ me^ Iritifi^ Stdefe ^auigebCf nie f^ ffiilteni bin, 
fo via id) 3^nen bie|en nnb anbert italienifi^ gotten betaimt 
taadjox. 3d) b&d)Ur baf ®ie rin gutM Skil t^n l&nntent ntnn 
CSe iDeutfd^nb mit eiebcm in bem ¥etiar<^fi^laton{Td)tn 
@i)ftnn begabten. ®oIt ii^ 3^ntn ju bem 9nbe ntit dntnt 
IMtorA aufioacten? 

KU id) fd)ttegtn tcoIQei tea:^ mic .^en -^ictel 3f)t SSd)T(i: 
ben an i^n. 3)ie Xtom^ennt ^ben bie eritt b{^t1id]e ^obe 
am il)rtm Ki^r bit fie buid) 3t)te Sef&rbening abgetegt, fo pt 
gnnai^ bag imt'l in anbern Sdlten fo genau mit f^en ntd)t 
nct)men ntoUen. Si (ann abet taum anberS fepn, tcenn ®Itim 
mit Ufatn fc^t unb lac^ ift unb tiinfti bag fie iridit Mn 
feinem 9Bite anee|bA nxitien foUteni benn 9!{| gebiert !{&{«, 
a<ie eiebt. Ciebt j Sti^, £ri^ ffieiijei^n SSie tnii; bief raibciee 
eieid^igr Rxgen feiner SGt^tigteiCj obec ift-JSit nid^ Oaxxi 
3u[bnbe«? eSie fiidi uneefit)i: brr anbere 9oetr bei uxbei wn 
Ainigen gebettelt, no^ i^ Stiniftetn aefd)incti^It ^ 9d)k 
nm ber erfU. SSenn fonft ein SRann bon grofem ffiemiit^ <« 
tf)utf fo ^alt' i^'t bann ^t Srcnie 1 

0, Gooi^le 

74 ftaXlrt. [SSotrnin on mtim. 

3<% tnilt baS SBortr bat Sic ban .^nrR oon SSitltftIb gegrhn 
I)a6«ir m# anf bit Sibc gtfaUen ff^n (alTtn. Sit ^bot mU^ 
bdbuni) e«I|rtr baf Slit i^m bit tMntiat mit eintm Qonqriimtnt 
oon mil fibtrgebtn ^btn. Sc^ Eonn ni^ anberl, oK babti et> 
minneni nxim ®ii foctfd^rai mlOm, bti fo^tn ®t[tgni^titta 
3^te guftn ettfitrntmstn fik mdnt, S^tt .^6flitl|Mten fte 
mtitit andgnlcgm. jffioOttnSit fogar 3^ 3Ci:btiten f6i mtint 
lo«f<f)ta^nf ro fftn^tn S!it ni(^ tooftni S^n bitfM vott^ 
^ ift, ba6 it Sfii SSort bciawnicen mnbt. 3d) bin auf ben 
^antafftni bti n£t^ gt^mbtnt fitd fflv dntn ®c^iwt)ti au<= 
iugtbenr boniit a; fid) tti 3^tn tfnf%tti n{d)t fo fi^ btft. 
iDieTtc Sinfaa f^tntic^ ma €Sd))«iitin a>f tint tigtnt VxL 

}iictun(| gtrot^ Solb lobt a fdnt gtfi^ittt ongtbu^toi Qtintn 
fiSoraCit&ttni balb bit ScTt^ttibBngoif unb nxnn tint von bitftn 
bem onbem ^Ia$ taaiiu, fo titf ti ittcimal: ȣ) ivonmi f^it 
n nit^ fort! iOa objnbnd^ iff SSc^btl'' Simnal fagtt tc 
aui%: iifSavm rtbtt tr litto mtt ^ptni Saittni oU nrit 
fdntn tistntn? 3tnci; i|l atti biefcr w&n ntu, mib et f6antc ts 
fir guti oU on Vnbtrtr." — 34 bin non ganjtin ifKritn. 

fllbtctfit iion Halln 

WIio aJao belenged to the Swisa School, may be 
termed the founder of a refined national taste for 

HaiiLeb was bom on the 16th of October, 1708, 
at Berne; hia bther waa the Chancellor of Boden, 

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e^uc^ 'Z^uu.'i aartdbt bra Jlaller. 75 

but lived at Benie on a retired peneion. Hillleb Ib 
said to have been, at the a^ of nine jeare, well versed 
in Latin and Greek. He wrote Poems at the age 
of ten. At fifteen he was sent to the University 
of Tubingen, to study Medicine. He also went to 
Ley'den and Basle. At Iieyden, Baileb composed 
two poems, " The Morning Thought" and " The 
Sigh for Borne." In 1730, he settled in his native 
place as a Physician. In 1732, the first collection 
of hia poetry speared. His poem, entitled " The 
Alps," was written 1729. It is esteemed his beat 

^The Poetry of Halleb," says Sohillee, "is 
characterized by power, depth, and a simplicity of 
pathos. His soul is inspired by a love of the ideal, 
and his glowing appreciation of whatever is troe 
assists him to pourtray, in the quiet valleys of the 
Alps, that primeval innocence which has long since 
vanished irom the busy, bustling world. Profound, 
yet touching in his sorrows, he sets forth the 
errors of the mind and heart in a strwn of vigorous 
and dmost bitter satire : but nature he copies with 
much zeal and unaffected grace. Hau^eb is 
great, bold, impetuous, and oft^i sublime ; but that 
which comtitwtet the etienae and reaUty of beattttt, 
it has not, in his poems, been bis fortune to 

" His elegiac poetry ranks highest. The funereal 

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76 IbiHtr. [e4«iin eAoEt. 

piece, entitled ' Auf den Tod Maria»en»' is excel- 
lent." Such is the opinion of Schilleb. 

Hia " OH^ of Evii" was written in 1734 : this 
he considered his masterpiece. In 1736, Balleb 
received from &£OBaE 11. of England (then Elector 
<^ Hanover) a professorebip at the TTnivertity qf 
Oattinffeit. Soon after hia airiTal at Giittingen 
he had to lament the death of his wife in a most 
affecting poem. Haixxb was afterwarda twice 

In 1753, he retired to his native place. Haxleb 
wrote three political Novels, " X/tong" (1771), 
"Alfred" (1773), and " IMw and Cato" (1774). 
In 1777, he published the eleventh edition of his 
" Poem»." These were hia last hterary labours. 
He died on the 12th of December, in the same 
year, leaving a fiunily of eleven children. Haxleb 
waa greatly distinguished, not only as a poet, but 
also aa a natutaliat. Iha Emperor Joseph pur- 
chased his library. 

Km bffli QMudte: 


i2[lK»€nn Silani after 9traf)t bee fflipfel ^Hfott ixt^iibtt, 
Unb fein Dcemrtec f&M Me Kebcl untetbrOttt, 
60 nikbr mat tie Statue am ))el4tig^n sctObttf 
Stit itntner neuer Gufl uon nncm Seig eibUitt j 

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Ht Upen.] Aallrr. 

iDun!) Wn gnfo^mtn Xxai^ son dn« biinnni ^Ib 
(Stif^t fid) jUeUi4 bcr eHbaapla^ cimi SBcIt, 
Sin iwUec "Hv^ntfyHt con mcfit oil dncm SoUCf 
^dgt ICIbe auf tinnuilf loot fein &ibct nttfiitt 
Sin fonftei @it)ninbe[ fdilitft bie oHjuf^nia^n Zngta, 
IDu ben ja nnbn Jtrtil nii^ bucd^ ju {baliltn taugea 

<!Fin anonu^ ©emifcg oon S3«gni, giU unb Qtm, 
%iJit, na(^ unb nod^ trblri^tr bod) beutOtl) in't @e{1d)t) 
jDie blaue gnme fdjlieft rin JStonj btfllSnjttc ^fjen, 
Sorauf da f^KNUjn Jffialb bie b^ ®tra^ brii^: 
Salb jrist tin m^ ®ibag bit fanft tr^b'nen ^^li 
aBoocn cin laut Sebtit im Zfytit ntitbet^aOt} 
Salb r^'uit tin bceitn €!« tin mdltnlangn Spfesel/ 
Xuf b«ffen glattte gUil^ dn jfttecnb gture n>alft} 
IBalb aba iffhet fic^ «n @tndj Don grfimn ^idtemr 
ZMCf ^ unb f)a getcfimtnt, ftt^ im Sntfemen fi^brn. 

Snt fmtt tin ta^Itr Serg Wt glatttn ffi&nbt nieber/ 
&n tin i>eri|11|ite£ @il btm ^liinimtl glti^ git^&tmt i 
6aa fro^ieer SrQflaa fifiidt aHe Strain toiebcr, 
Dm bit etftiegne <{)i4' im XaH umfonfE btjtikmt. 
9ti4t ftnt bom Sift ftetdt, ooS ^tttmvic^ ffitibci 
Sin fcud^borti ©ebiig ben bcttten SUcttn ^i 
(Sn fanptc Ubliane gUnjt wn itifenbem @ttrtibt, 
Unb feint -^Q^l ftnb oon ^unbot .^ttibtn fi))nwr. 
IDni na^ ©egenftanb son unttrfn^bntn Sonen 
2cennt nut tin tngti Z^ m t&lfit ^Hjotttn txifyKn. 

%itt jdgt tin tteiler Stcg bie manetsleid^n @pi(tni 
Sin ^albfteom riU ^inbuc^ unb ftOi^et Sail auf SoO. 
ZitT btcC befd)iumtt SUi^ bringt but4 bee ^tliiu S&itn 
Unb f<l)icflt mit i&^et £caft nxit itber i^n aBaU; 

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78 fialler. [e<tinK^ @i^iilt. 

^i b&int SBafiet: t^It befi tufm SqUcS ®ilej 
3n bee wrbicHen 2uft fc^webt an bemtgiei ®raa j 
Sin 9Ie3«itwstn {bat)!! buti^ b<e jnfliu&len X^idlf. 
Unb bud entfmttt Zbal tcinft ein beft&nbig'g Zfyxvu 
(Sin JBanbm fi(i)t erftaunt im .fmnnMl Stt&ttc fltefei, 
2)t( auS ben Sotten flu^n unb fii^ in 3MUn gUpen. 

Bod) ma b<n tbleni Siinn, ben Jtoft unb 9Seij^ fi^rfnii 
iDmc^'t twitt Slrid) bet SBeltr empoi: sue Sa^^ fc^nnngb 
!Ca tmit an teinen Dct e/tUpctt Slide werfenr 
JESo ni^ ein SSunbec i^n jimi Ste^n unb Sotfd^ jwingi 
aita^ bunt^ berSBeiSt«t C^ t>it ®nift t>er Sibc (eitec, 
iDie ^niec&lunitn tr&et unb ®«Ib ben tBii^n JdjaOti 
tHaiifaSit ben ^Qxn !Ban txi bunt gtfd^fldten Sxiuitt, 
tUt ein verliebter SBeft mit fi^n ^eilen ttlmttl 
3^ tvetbet XUe< fc^n unb bo*!^ cerf^ieben finben 
Unb ben ju leic^ &^% fteu graboi, nie trgrihiben. 

QSknn bort bet SSonne Hift butif) flte^'nbc 9Itbtt ^m^ 
Unb Don bem nalfen Sanb bet JSolCen Xf)t&nen aifditr 
SSirb aUet ISiefen ®Ianj mit einem H^ bemaletf 
<DaS auf btn SiSmrn Ttllivebt unb bte Stotur afn^i^ti 
f)ie fiiifc ei^Ket fid) mit reincn Smbnbsdmpfcn/ 
£<!e Sloreni bunt ®ef<f|te<i^ gelinbcn ffiejbn iOiU 
!Det Slumtn fi^dedii^ .{Met fd^eint um ben Sttuig ju lAmpfen. 
Sin Iici)tel .^immelblau be[d)&mt ein na^ ®oIbi 
@{n gonj ©ebltec fiMntf gefitnigt twn bem Slegen, 
Sin grfinenber SX^pet. gefUtt mit 9iegenb5gen. 

ISott tagt baS (^ '^xiupt am eblen Gnjiane 
aBeit iAtm niebcen 6^ ber ^tbeli^JCiiuttr t)inj 
Qin oanjet tBIumem^oIt bient untet feinec ^of^at, 
SMn blouer SSnibet ftlbft bddt |td) unb ^mt i^. 

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Hie aipm.] Aanrr. 79 

Tin Slumen ^elUS (So% in Stra^Un umgebogeni 
Si)toit fi^ ant Stengel auf unb tcint fein grau (Stuunb) 
Dn fS\itttt glattrt 1tBe$> mit tttfeni @tim bucdtjogen, 
Sefbafitt Ut buntt Sti^ Don feu^em X){amant 
®tTtilU$a ®eW baf Avaft Itc^ 3iec «nn&t)tt; 
3n rincm fd)inen g«b tvolint tine f(l)ine ®eeU. 

)^ei; lned)t ein ntebrig £rauti gktdi eintm grouen 9ttbel> 
Xmt bit Statin fein Blott in Jtreuje ^ngtCedt} 
ZHe t)oIbe IBltune jrigt bit }»<{ oecgiUb'ten SS<^btIf 
Die ein von ^mettigtt gebilb'ta: Sogel tclgt 
iDort miift ein gUnjenb Slatti in Sinon: aufgtiertttr 
lluf eintn ^eSen Sa^ ben gribien SSiebof^ein^ 
£ei Slunien jwten €S<I^«( ben mottei ^)urinii; fArbetf 
@(f)Ueft ein aeikeipn @ttni in UKi^c 6triiI|Ien etnt 
®tnaragb unb 9)ofen bUi^ni auit) auf gecttetnei: ^eibt/ 
Unb St'fen becCtn fid^ mit eintm Pmfo^iaiit. 

Slltin uxitiin <m^ nit bie milbe Somu IflttEcti 
Xic ungefthrtec gcoft baS ibe Z^ tntloubt. 
aStrb ^olitet gelfen ®aift mit riner IJta^t fltf^raiitfttf 
X>ie !tint Seit utrft^itf unb nit btr SBinlei: lonbt 
3m nit er^effitn @irunb Don unttrl):b'f(l)tn ®rfiften 
fIBMbt ltd) bet ftu^e 2t)on mit fnnltb^em X]:^II; 
Set fi^imnteinibt AtipftoK fproft ani btr getftn Jtliiflnii 
SSUat buc^ bit bfiflct Soft unb ftro^ foetoO. 
O ERtic^um btr <Ratttrl JStitriedit tu^ »elf(l)t 3n)trgt, 
Quroptng ZHamant bf&^t ^ unb mi^ jum Stcee. 

^m fDtitCet tinti X^all i»n I)imme(^o^ Qifti 
9BoI)in ber tnilbe Siatb ben latttn S^n geftQt, 
Sntf)pi:ie{it ein letdier S3runn mit fttbenbem @ebiMUfei 
9Iaud)t butr<^ boS mOt &tai unb fmgrt, not a; neftt 

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80 HaUer. [®c^iin ®i^ul(.. 

®rin lauttc iSaffei: dnnt tnit flfiffigen WitaUtn, 

ffitn ^fam ©ftnfota wrflflllet frintn ftaufj 

3^ toAnnt b«r Qrbe ®cuft/ unb fciiu Slutixn tcaUen 

8!on {nnnlictjetn Strrit oecinifi^ter @a^e aufj 

Ufflfonft fi^t&gt Sinb unb SSdjiuc um fdnc ^ut^ {uTamninir 

@tva Stfen felbjl ifl gtu'rr unb ftine aSeOcn Slamnun. 

9rat abfCr nio im Sc^nni ba ftnibelrcid)en JlBcIKn 
Z)it iSiitf) bt6 ttiibdi SttDinC gefti^ec ^It«r rcAfit, 
fHixaH ber ©ttnrat @nip mit untmtb'fdKn Cuielbn, 
Sown bee ^ijocft QHjaaf bat 0ali bn gelfen fdimelit 
&i aSngel ^(tr Soud). snt)^!^ mit Ktabalbi;. 
Sd)Iiefit jioat bieS Qeinc fDtcec in ftefe 0^d)ten rini 
anrin fnn Ijcnb Slog iMmatmt bae gSormor^jflafin:, 
iOringt burd) bcr Jtliippen gug unb etU gebi;aud]t )u frinj 
ZHe SBArjt bn Statuci bcr SAnbn reidiftec ®<ef n 
Scut felbfl bem Sol! ft^ an unb {trinut un£ tntgegm. 

3uS ®ci)rt(Ii)Dnie faltem ^au])t, wo fic^ in bribt SS«n 
OuTopeni SSaiTnfdMe mit (biifcn StrSmen ttftOt, 
SSt&ni 91&i^Ianb« Xore fidv bte bund) befc^uniK ^&tK>> 
9Kit ^djctihnbtm @ei&ufc^ unb fdinelbn %i.titn tSti 
SDn SBttfie tnd)ei @tt)ad)t Mrgillbet if|r€ ^bma 
Unb f&ibt bte weift gUit^ mit tinigliclfeni Srji 
©« Strom fli(6t fcf)nxr Don ®clb unb mitft fltbiegne SSoift, 
KK( fonft nur graucv ®anb gnneintS Uftr fdjio&i^t 
£)([ ^a ftt^ biefcn ®il)(i^ tr tont ju feintn gii^ni — 
O Srifpirt fiir bi£ SBett, — « fieljts unb ligt i^n flieffn. 

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aran«,Ob«.] ^Ittr. 81 

btim abfttttan fdiut flttttfittn ffllQrianc, gtoonnber 1736. 

S7oII li^ urn bdnem S«U ttngcn? 
£) atorione, tutlc^ (in Sitb t 
iBmn eStufjer mtt ben ffiorten rinflwi/ 
Unb em aSegriff ben onbern pielit 
Tit Suflf bit id) an Mr gtfunbenf 
©ergtJgert jeftunb mdnt 3lot^ j 
34 iflne mtiiKj ^etjenS SBunbcn, 
Unb fj^le no^att befnen Zt»). 

Sm^ meine Eiebe max ]u (le^ 
Unb bu Hibienit fte olliu me^U 
iDetn Sti[b bteibt in mir Diet ju ti&ftig, 
Wtt baS 1<S Don bir f^roeigtn foO. 
1X6 lotrb/ im Vatbnid meina: SiebCf 
aXii etnag meineS @lfi<tee neu j 
m* roenn mn bii mii: etnwS bliebe, 
ffiin iStflif^ SbbUb unfter Sisu. 

liic^ Stoen, We b« IKift flebiraet/ 
9)i<i)t Si^terSagen fang' it^ an i 
9ltu ®eu^, bit ein ^erj cerUecetr 
SSann H fein SSilb ni(I)t fafTm tonn. 
Sflf tndne Seele witt ii^ fcfeUbenv 
Son 8ieb' unb Sraurigbit oenotety 
Sic fte, erg&gt an SCraurebilbem, 
3n Jturainer=aab5rint^n tart 

3^ fe^' bi^ no^ wit bu erbCa^ttft. 
ffiie id) oetjwdfrinb ju bir ttat, 
Bie bu bit leeten Rciftt faftell 
Um nod) rin aBnt, baS i* abat 

[;.i, tec, Google 

C &<tU wa bee lefnfUn SCiicbe I 
aSii ingllifl mar'll 6u fit mtin Erib ? 
jCieiii ItQM SBort tmc ^Ib unb Kicbei 
jDein Itfit'* 2C^n Oetaffen^rit 

SSo flief)' ii^ ^? in bkfm Zfyxxa 
igxtt jebei CTti tccte mi$ nrf'^'A ' 
©afi ^au8 ^, mo ic^ bid) Dectownj 
2)er SempeC botCr bn bid) bebedt; 
<t)jei: Ainber . . . Xi^ t tntin SBIut tnufi I^mi 
Strim iorttn lUbbnid brina: 3i«( 
SSann fit bii^ Ihmmdnb Don mtr fobmi ; 
Sio flit^ iij^ ^iti? a^l flecn ju bir. 

<@ foS mrin <^ ni^t urn bt^ mdnen ? 
<f>iar i|l (ein gtoinb bit na\)i oU id^ 
XEkc tif bid) aue bim 0^0 bcr Scinm ? 
!Du titftfl (it/ unb w4^1t(fl ini4 
Z)rin ajoteclonbr bein 3bd)t )um ©tiitfe, 
iDoS bdn Snbienfi unb iBIut bii gab. 
XAt finb'er woDon ii^ bid) (ntnJ<t(< 
SSo^in ju eiCm ? in bcin @rab. 

Qnt in ben bittern Xbfi^befhinbcn, 
X^ beint gS^iKftn: an bir ^r 
jffiiei n^ bem binb ecma^ tKrf^cunbenr 
eie unfmn UVf SH><C enteing i 
eproi^ bu )u miri mat fyiOxc ®kt, 
Xit. mit edafTncr itBe^ut^ iteitt i 
3c^ St^' mil ni^iacm @enii^ef 
SSoS fc^tt mil ? ■^oOn: {tmnit ja mit 

aSie lami id) o^ne S^lnen bcnten 
Xn ienen Za^ bcr bii^ mir gab? 
9ioik' it^t mfi)t enfl fi^ mit bcm £r&n(ni( 
SntjiiAing ttfl mit fffitfjmut^ ob. 

cjiij^c, Google 

3:ciuifl:>Cib&] JlalUr. 

aSic jirtli^ mar brin ^tii im Htbta, ' 
]Dai ek))&n^i SStanb imb ISnt ucgflt, 
Unb nnd)i oKein lud) meftun SxitUn, 
nnb nfcEit noi^ mefntm (Sl&ft maB. 

Wit bolb vnltcfclt bu bCe Sugtnbf 
Unb pa^ M( SSeUf urn mdn ju I^qii) 
X)u mitbft ben SScg gmcuwr SEnsci^i 
Unb noKfl fc^ fit mb^ oOein. 
Sein <^ t)>ns S*)"! <>° m'uttm ^a^, 
tub foretc ni^t f&: ban ®tf^<t ; 
SBdU Kngft. bet mdmn flein|tcn &^maitxt, 
enti&ctt attf tinen ^o^ fBM. 

tfin nif om (Sittin ftlbr IGStllt/ 
iDer fii^ nai) SottM S%ins ^ 4 
JB(iei%Ii(t)Idt unb fonftt StiOe, 
Z)tc ttKbet SSut^ no^Stibbwoe: 
(Sin fiorbilb Suset 3u^ on Xinbtrnt 
(Sin o^nt Slinb^ jorttg .^ ) 
Gfn .^«ir ganaiit nuin !«U ju linbtm^ 
SBoc meine Euflf unb iff mein SM^et}. 

94 1 ^Ii(4 W iii bi(^ aeUe&etf 
S&tt mt^i aU t(^ bic tunb enna^r 
9Xtt)t aU bit iSelt mir ©tonbcn stebeb 
9IttI)r aU ici) felbft voi^ giba^ 
SBit oft/ nann i^ bid) innifl Uiftef 
Qijittectc mtin ^t^ unb |^cfi: 
XBit 1 mum ii^ @ie valaflni mikfte 1 
Unb ^drnCid^ folstni St)iinm noi^ 

Siat mein SScbriibnifl foU no^ miiicm, 
fSam fdjon bit 3eil bit X^anen ^enunt: 
iDol J^ tamt onb'te Kittn ^ii/cm, 
VU bit bit SBansen iitt^ifmmmt 

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TAt ctfb HtU mtiatx Stigtnbi 
Qin iimig Dtntmal brina ^ulbi 
Unb bie Sine^ning bctiwr Sugenbt 
eSinb mrinrt ^ttitta (htt Sdwlb. 

So nienianb mdne JKIogm ^iit> 
ffiin id) betn tiotbtg aSObirif futi)tn, 
XBo tiftmanb mrin @ebi^if fUrt. 
3c6 ntia bid) fc^iu uric bu ^gtfk 
Cie trauns/ nunn i4 1ttrfd)icb lU^ ; 
nit jictlid^ nsinn btt mit^ umflnstft i 
SSic fr«^9r iMiin id) wiebct lam. 

audi in btfi .friinmtK tieflta: gemtf 
SiK i(^ im ^ntttn nai% Mr f«^nf 
Unb fotfi^n/ uwitei aU bit ®tnne/ 
. Cie Qntn; bcinen %S^ bte^n. 
iDoct witb jeftt bciiH Unfd)alb eUnjm 
Bom «(^ mflirttr IBSiffenf^fl: 
iCort (i^nvinst ft<^ auS ben atttn @c&nitn 
XWr @kU iuu entbonb'iu JCioft 

Boit tent|l bu ®otteg eid)t een)6f)ncn/ 
eSetn Stdtt) ntirb eeligftit fftc bid) } 
iDu mird)eft mit btr Sngel Stnnii 
jDein fiitb, unb tin ®«b«t flk mi*. 
Zm ItmH bra Stufira mrinti e«ben<i 
®on fditilst bet SSc^oU iBuii bit auf: 
Z)ott fle^t bie «bftd)t unfert edjcibenb 
Unb mein be^mttt fiebenSIauf. 

l^oObrnmenltt I bie i(^ auf Siten 
€a flai! unb bo<^ nid^ g'mig eettebt } 
t^ liebenlwarbie nriilt bu nxt^ni 
^m bi^ tin ^immliTi^ eid)t umgiebt! 

aEiouaiiDbt.] pjra— linjt— Ifittoto. 86 

aXid) flbfrfiOt eta MafdQ -^offeiif 
O ! fprid) ju mtincm SBunfn^ nWit ntm 1 
Dl ^' tit Knnc fOr m^ offtnt 
3<^ rikf ntris bein ju fe^n. 

Satoi {mmanutl ¥sta, 

Wlio may be cQaBsed in this school, vas bom, 
1715, at Cottbus, and died the 14th of July, 1744, 
in the twenty-ninth year of his age, Hia Poemt 
were collected by Lange, and publiBhed at Zurich, 
1745. They show that, had he lived longer, by his 
taste, knowledge, and feeling, he would have ren- 
dered great service to German Literature. 

i6amuel ffiiottigoRr ftange 

Som at Halle, died whilst miniBter at Laublin- 
gen, near Halle. He translated Horace, but hia 
own original Odes, which appeared under the title 
of " ITorazUche Oden," 1747, are for superior. His 
collection of learned and tkmiliar letter* ', are not 
unimportant. They contain Mb correspondence 
with the best authors of the time, Buch as Bosmjib, 
BEEiTiNeEE, Hauedoen, Kt.eibt, Ac. 

®t)tistian 3.«lrb)tB i-iffcoln 

Was bom at Wittenbnrg, in the Orand Duchy 
of Mecklenburg Schwerin, April 29, 1701. In hia 

I Two (Oil., Halle, 17S>, 1 7J*. 

(, Google 

86 JLiitoiB. [S^vdin SM^. 

satirical writings he attacked all the inferior authors 
of the day. TTia satires ive frequently directed 
against Gottsched. 

He lived at Dresden, as cotmaellor of war, On 
account of some political affairs he was imprisoned, 
and died (1760) soon after his liberation. 

The Satire* of Lisoow are full of acutenesa and 
irony, and his writing generally possesses a certain 
degree of historical interest. His Works have 
been republished at Berlin, by Karl Miichler '. 

%v& : Me SSotttefflic^teit unb ?tott>nKnbigedt bet 
elenben ©crlbenten'. 

^it gufcn Scribctitfn ^aben bif ©mc^ntieit, ba| fit oOemal 
tint licfjtige unb DoUfUlnbige aSeft^bung »on beritnlgen ®ac^ 
^beni bie fie ab^anbcln toiXttu unb aitS bicfn: Scfd^mibung 
aUbanti bie @Sd)lu{fe mac^nr bie gu it)rcin ^xotii bfenlid) finb. 
SSie toiffen ftc^ mist grof mit biefem JBeifatiunr nieil fie gloubenr 
boff auf \aliit TMi oQe ^itieibnitisfrit am befbn Dennitben iwrbtf 
unb i^ @<^itften benjenisen @tab ber SBoUtommen^ eclongeiir 
ben (ie ^bcn mtilTcnf itKnn man fte loben foS. 

Si^miDifinen biefe ongene^mt Qinbilbung gnu (affeni abcc 
lit, glaube, if)[ eigm @(imfTen mitb ifmen fagenf ba| it)« Set 
ju fditeibat ^c^t mflWotn (d/ unb fie ntdrt nmr uielre grtu 
lieifan becflubei fonbern i^nen aucft mani^, jut 3eit bet Mns 
fed)tung unentbe^Ui^ VulfCu^ befi^nobe. SDIeine wrtKfflii^ii 

I Thi« Tolt., entitled ,.S(ii|lliii tutmli Eitnui't eitclfiit," I80S, 

(, Google 

Slente Skdbtnttn.] l&(rdfai. 87 

tSt&bn ;um tDtnigfttn ^bcn ei ju aUtn ^nten fi^ rint uners 
ttiglidx 8a|t unb fdiinbUdK ©Uaoftei QtfyiXUn, bo? rin SScribott 
albtnal arrhmbcn fein foObf [rincn e<ftcn bnitU^ ju foaen, noi 
tr Iwbtn WoOej unb i<^ Ijitte a(fo, totnn id^ atg rooDto, uiUigt 
gnitKltf m(^ p faseiif xoat iii butd) nmn tlcntxn €kribtnttn 
wtfle^: oBdn nwil i^ beforgfn mug, baf unfew aBibcr(ad)eir 
ba^ Xnla^ ne^men mic^nr tndnc ®i^ftr i^cet @iunbli(t)t«t 
mtb Soitiefflt^tttt ungeac^f bd bei !IQelt aU tin wcntonenrS 
etmiif^ aufjufn^nuni )i] mill ii^ mic^ bufeSmal meines 31cd)tS 
btgebtm nnb tint SBtf^itfbung tints tienben SScnbenttn jum 
®ninbc tnciner Xb^Mung Iteen, mit tedi/a aCU 9BtIt jus 
^btn ftin »itb. fS^ bittt abn nuint SSinibtr um SJtrscbungf 
baS ttl) bem I±Mid)cn ^trlomnittv atlAjtt bti nnl fo dkI gilt. 
aU tin Skftgf mtstaen ^anbtlc 6ie Knnen elaubcik bof i^ 
mtdh blof )U i^nm SSelttnf fo titf lieiiintenafTtf unb id) Mtc 
fpitd)e ^% mi(^ in anbnn g&llen fo ju bt}tiatnr all tfi ttntm 
eltnbtn ®cribcitten Don 3itil)M unb @t)m)^nf)tit£ nvgtn gcb%tt 
34 fi^nitf ^traoaf e^ni ftnitct S&itUuftig!ett jut Sadjc ftlb|). 

Stt; ttnttr bit guttn Stribtnten genc^ ftin wilCi btr 
mn(i cemfbfti^ otbtntOct) unb jitdii^ fdiTeibeii. 3n bc|ftn 
S^riftcn alfo mitt Stnaxnft, noii Cibnungi n«l) ^ierlidittit 
aniufrcfftn i|t btr ift tin titnber Strittnt. 

34 aloubt ni<i)tf b<i^ iemanb an bitftc {Btfdnrtibung mai 
auijuftStn ^aben wivb i (te muf nBt^wenbtg alttn mdntn fitfeni 
StfoQenr unb mfi^ in i^tn ICugtn ju tintm SBunbtr moilinii 
wta i4 fo t^t4 Hnr nnb un9tfcl)nit betennt, xeai nteint SSrObtt: 
bit^ fo mil^fam ^btn (u tabag/m ^u^t Sxaat ft^ id) 
wr^r bag unftre JBtirfoIgtr Abet mnne Kufttd)ti^tt la^Rii 
unb 1t4 dnbilbtn ninbtni tt fti unmiglii^ na^ tintnt fo Dfftn: 

cjiij^c, Google' 

88 X.f«r(iiD. [Sc^itr SipxU. 

^igen SBrienntniS* bafl Bf nnsft* jur SBett^eibiaung Ut tienbcn 
Skribenlen DOtjubnngen : allctn id) bin aud) ixT|id)ert/ iai i^nm 
bit Suft ju Cac^ tcoi)! wcgetKn ntiibf uxnn id) it)ntn beutlii^ 
bawifen imi*«( baf ebtn bie asSngtl, mrtdje fit ben cltnbra 
SSoibenten Donctrfm/ unb welc^ id) md)t ju leu^im bese^Hi 
tneinc SrEibn: unb mid) Doctrtffltf^ unb uncntbt^tlit^ ma^tm 
JDiefec !8«i>d£ tini:b i^mn binc^ bit €SKle ge^ unb if)i:ei 
Spotteni unb e&|lnii8 ein Snbe m(id)(n. 3u bem Snbe ne^e 
id) aRrtj nuJ fit uni/ aut^ in btr grigten -^ i^ (Sifetti 
Donvecfoi tbnneni fur uat)c unb auSattnad)t an. 

3d) btbnnt aufriditifl, baf bit eltnbtn ©cribenttn oljm SGre^ 
nunft f^ceiben. IDiefti ift baS fd)tDei:t @ebi:((^ni rotU^ unt 
in bra 3CuQ«i anfertr ^inbc fo l&i^nrlid) unb Mt&^tlic^ madt. 
TCbtt (btn bai ekfu^eii fo bit !Ba:ii^ tlenbtc @d)nften 
bariibo: emgenf baf bit (lenben ©cribenttn l^re JBtcnunp nidit 
gtbraud)cnr beuKiftt bit UnbiHigltit bitfer Ctute. 3dl biltt 
mtint StftT, onpoctenfd) ju uct^eiltn: ob tS biUig ftii \mi cltnbt 
€5ctib<nttn urn eint« gtl)Ui:j nHQtn auSju^6^ntnj ben iwc nic^ 
nuc mit unfetn geinbtni fcnbecn mil bem gongen m(nfd)Iid)tn 
Qttfu^c^t semein ^aben? gafftn fic^ bit 9Rtnfc^n in it)ten 
■^nblungen n)«()l non bm ffitmunft legttttn? S»(dtn fit nit^ 
aUtmaC ben t^brtd)ten ffiegierben H}xt6 ^erjenS ? @ie n>onen 
gldctUd) ftin: fie tMlItn DeiQn&gt unb langt leben: fie imfftn ee 
aud) gut nw^C roie fie ti anfangen miffenj wtnn fie biefen Snwct 
trlangtn mclttn. Kbti btnni>i^ madden fit fid) Mcfi^Ud) fetbfl nns 
fllfitfiid), certikjen i^r Seben, unb finb i^nen fetbfl bie fruditbatfU 
dntUt oUeS 3)lIi^gnCtgtn£f rmlijii i^nen baffelbe fauer ma^ 
9Han fonn al(o, a^ SSerlegung ber 3Saf)tbeit* fagen* baf Me 
tOtenfc^ i^re SJecnunft nid)t etb[au(^n. Xvitfti i|l ein 0a(i 

0, Gooi^le 

eicntit estritoiten.] Z,£«coto. 89 

%en bi« Z^ar^tu, ik SiteUeitf bit Eafkc ntA bet Vbnelantxr 
wotin bai menfc^id)e @ef(t)I(d)t wcfaUni ifb ^{nl&ngtic^ bctndfim. 
2)ie ®d)rt^(n bee ®i\iiii^ijcA1xt, ^fiwim unb SBclbtKiren finb 
DoUlwnJSIagenilbnbtereiSeTbetben: unb man ^at^ijonUw^ 
onaemnrtttf bafr rati: ui))t vetntofttg ^nbcln raoKtf gnabe boe 
©tflent^ Don bemieni^ t&un mSfft, moa b« griftt ^ufe 
vonitmnit £n IKctfi^Iae i|i ecgcAnbct j abn rt ^btn 1i4 beef) 
gu oUtn Stiten scntge gefunbetir bit eu|l gttiabt ^jitttti/ bans 
felbcn iu fDlgm. 3(t) raunbtre mic^ bai:£btr tbm ni^i btnn 
H mirb boju tin @isenfinn tefocbertr btn ratnig Snilt ^ben. 
3!tan muS ft^r munbeiUif) ftini unb tine untitrAglic^ Sinbtlbung 
mn fi^ ftlbfl fyibexu ratnn man fid) bn sanjen a&U tntaegcn 
ftStnf unb fid) btrcbtn raiOf man fti aOtin flugr unb bei Sttft 
b(« menl^li:^ ®tr^M» cafe- 

jffiie tann man tS alfe ben elenben Scnbtnttn Dtrargeni ba@ 
jit i^R Snmunft ni^t sebcaudjen? @it Hnnen e£ nic))t t^un< 
o^ne bit S^cetbittung ju cttle^ bit man Urn gciliten .^uftn 
fdiulMg ifL 3d; loiOtt nidifi fagen. OKnn tic JBemunft im 
mntf^Iidjen Vxbtn uncntbt^li^ rairt: abtt fo fetK i(^ nic^f 
tvojU fie nii^e. 

at Ijl gar gu belanntf bafi bie JSdfi^ nioburd) bit a3tU 
Ttfftttt toirbf ft^t gtringt feL Parra est sapientia, qua 
regitur tnundus. <Si {bmmt mi duf bie JBorfe^ung an. 
SBit (ttKm ba^ bie Qiigften Xnfdjligt oft iinM ge^ unotre 
nAnftigt pgegtn tinin guten ^oitgang ^abtn, gum btuHit^n 
Snoetftf bog ef waitc fei, mai bee ^ebiger fogt: ivtat )um 
tonftn nic^ ^ft fd)nta feinr }um Slreit nid)t ^ilft flaci ftinr 
gnr Sta^ng ^itft nid)t gtfd)idt ftin, gum 9Iri<^uni pft nid)t 
fiug fein. lEuf etnet ongent^m feit ^Up nii^r baf er tin iDing 

90 %itatia. [€Sd)»eijti 6c^b. 

wt/^l t£ni»> fontxin aQrt Ue^ tS an bcr iktt unb ®l&t '." 
2)i( t&gl{d)t Stfalining lonn onif) efiun jebm tUm^Slfcau ba( 
au(^ bit nii(I)ttg1ten @crci)iftt in brr tntnfd)Ii4tn @eftllf(l)aft o^ne 
aJmiunp DtiTU^ Bwben ttnnen. ©olomon foflt: baf bfi 
nnoetftani unW ben ©mwUigmfeln: gonrinfei': unb oon i^ 
Mnu^niflen tBebimten fpni^t cin ^eibnift^ ¥«' : 

Bants . . . ferme senauB communis in ilia 
Portuna * 

HHeft Sbgtl ^t imftRftig i^< Xulna^me: abn fa oUI i(t bo4 
gftDiGr buS nic^ aOcntal bit JQAg^n am 8tub« fi^ SSii fnd> 
fo gittr unb glauben H. S^vt Shuutt/ bit &uGnUd)e ^aif, 
unb bit emft^ften unb gratritStiTc^ ©ebnbtn, roebuck {k fid) 
ein Knfe^en niad)tn. ptigen unfi rint btfcnben S^cnbietung dib 
unb MT^^ctn unB/ fit f&r weiTt ju Iialtenf tMi( fit gcofl finbi 
foOtcn mtc abti bitfic .^nTcn gnuuer tennm: fo w&rben nnc 
innt wetbtn, baf i^ie Alug^ an bem gIlkBtd)en Suiaangt 
it)nr ^btic^n unb (ricgcrifi^n Strriditunetn ben geringftni 
Knt^ ^abtf unb beifelbe gutentfietU bent ©lOife juiufc^mben 
fei ei genit^ bieftt b«t ®to$en biefcr SBett fo wenig jur 
@<I)anbb ba@ man nielme^r boiauS tt)t Shitiiauen auf @ott 
abne^meni unb e4 aU ben etniigcn IBettxil \^i C^ftent^untt 
onfftifn lann. 

£6nnen nun bit 9)egenten in ATicgs unb gdeben^eiten tS)t 
Kmt ot}ne Semunft mit Slu^m f%en : fa l&nnen tt bte ©otMc 
etle^tten nod) weit fiislid^ t^} uxil \U berufen |tnb, bit 
S&lt bun^ t^trid)te ^>rebiet(n fetig ju mai^ @ie ^aben mit 

0, Gooi^le 

SMx eoUxnttn.] Kfdcain. 91 

®d)rininfffen jti t^ttiir botefn fi^ bh Semunft ntc))t mtf(f)en 
mu^r unb )n:cUgtn efnnt Slaabcni bcm biefeltwr ofiiuXufino^nu, 
)ti gc^on))en txtbunbcn i|l iDit SbtlitSgelt^ni unb Xbvofottn 
grtoben fii^ auf tsiaiMfi^ ®^^ unb eincn ^^|t unwnifinfe 
tigm @i^nbttaii: fie braudden alTo bn Sienninft fo RKniflr oU 
bie UreitCf bie rt in i^er Jhinft gnnnnigHi^ auf eint in>dfeU 
^ftt Sifa^nin^ unb auf (!n ungeniffef ®lJic( anloinmtn lafem 
$uU ffilileni Sbupte Dnfc^mbnb tmb jufnebm finbr tccnn fit 
t^ ^tUntem canouicaiaeiite, e non tutti gli ordini ', 
jut StOjt btinflen. iDie SBelAwtfen fdjrinen bet ESernunft nt(^ 
beitM^igt ju fein: aUrin fi( ^aben fi<^ o^e Sactit^eil ilitec 
@^r betfelben bed) altenial nenig bebitnet GEiuto fagte fc^n 
ju feiner 3eit( e8 fei hint S^iot^eit ju erbtnbiii bie n«6t etanr 
Don benen SkttttHiftn UfyiapUt fyibt'i tmb ^eutlgei Zoffiii 
bo mir fo fc^ Compendifi Philoaopliue liobtn) niMh 
efnn (in 9tatx fnnr tnenn n o^ne 9to(^ fdne JBtmunft ab' 
nu^n xocatt. ■^at a nut fo ofel @ebAi^tnifi baf et rinei 
biefn ^famen S&iftt auSnKnbig lemm fonni unb ^RaulS 
gtnusr iDttbrt ^ ;u bcten, tvaS ti geleinet fyit, fo ift a 

IDa man nun o^nc Siemunp ganje Si^a ttgiamt HaAtc 
eiobecnr ©c^c^ten gtntinncni ®eebn btft^reni Stec^inbel 
eDtfdxibeiif ^litltn budifelni Siectpte tMtfdjniben unb efn Sktb 
Kwtfn: fein tami: fo mlc^t ii^ wUfi nriffen, Bwnmi rt bann 
nii^ (rtaubt fein foKtcr o^e Semunft tin SButI) ju fdfintbtn? 
<St win Dielf twnn bie Sieniunft ju einei @a^ wn fo 
nMnien SSid^bit unentbe^ilid) fein jbOte, ba man bod) o^ne 

I Arialippa d* M«r. de Bilix, p. »«. 
potest, quod non dlcitui ib aUquo Phllowpbaium. 

(, Google 

92 iSiaSt — fStHntv. [@#wij(t: e^ute. 

bitfclbc bie gttften S^tcn ccrri^en taim. 3d) aloubt et 
irii^, unb (wife (S fflr eint ^imtntlfcfjnitnbe Unbittiflfrit, bog 
man unl elenben SScrfbenten tine Caft oufltgcn nriUf bit nUr 
manb tnit einem Sinao: atijuril^nn 2ujt fytU 

0otann ffititistti^Q Hast 

Wae bom at Leipzig, I7l7. He waa the most 
irreconcilable enemy of Ctottbched, wbose literatj 
preteusionB he made the subject of aatire in hia 
poetiy and plays. IU.BI died at Sreaden, 1765. 

Salomon (Stssnet 

(1730— 178B), 
The Idyl writer, was bom at Zurich on the let 
of AprU, 1730. His father was a respectable book- 
seller and printer of that city. 

G-EsssEB was considered dull when at Bchool. 
At the request of his fether, Bodmeb undertook 
his tuition, bat after twelve months' instruction 
he gave up his pupil in desptur. Gehbitbb was 
^prenticed to a bookseller at Berlin, and in time 
succeeded his father in the business. 

In his twenty-second year he visited Oennany, 
where he became acquainted with very many of the 
literary chairacters of that period. His t^enta 
were doubtless called into action by the emulation 
which such intercourse is particularly calculated to 
excite ; for soon after his return to his native city 
he came before the pubUc as an author. His first 

Sob XbcU.] eittfiatt. 93 

attempt was the song of a SwisB to hk miBtress on 
appearing in armour. 

This piece he inserted in a periodical work, 
■which was published at Zurich, entitled " Corito," 
but it attracted little attention. His second pro- 
duction, which followed some months afber, met 
with a very similar reception. It was entitled 
" Sight," and was published separately and anony- 
mously in 1753. The Buccessfiil painter of nature 
appears throughout this performance; and it dis- 
plays the novelty of imagery, the freshness of 
colouring, the soft and delicate touches which 
truthfully and beautifully embellish the objects 
described. Although these pieces were coldly re- 
ceived, he was by no means disheartened, for he now 
began his "' Daphnis," a pastoral novel, imitated 
from " Zotyu«," which he had met with by accident 
in his Other's Ebrary. This poem, which appeared 
in the year 1764, at once established Gessnee'b 
character as a poet. 

In 1756, he published his " Idyl*." As the idea 
of " SaphnU" was suggested by " Lonffus" so the 
perusal of " Theocritue" gave him the design of the 

This work attracted considerable notice, both in 
Germany and Switzerland, and contributed to esta- 
blish for the author a European celebrity. 

In 1758, he published the " Death of AM." The 
motive which induced him to compose this work, 

cjiij^c, Google 

94 fSfnUntr. [Sditwiitt ei^ 

waa that he felt piqued at a Mmart from Bodhxb, 
who eajd that CtESBirGB was an excellent writer of 
pastorals, but that he was destitute of the talents 
necessary for the conception and execution of an 
^ic poem. 

In France, England, and other countries the 
most flattering reception awaited it : the work has 
been translated into ten European languages. In 
1762, Gesbneb published a collection of his works in 
four volumes, which contained also his two dramatic 
poems, " ^ponii" and".©-<M*iw." In 1772, a second 
Tolume of " Idyls," together with his " Lettert on 
Ztmd^cc^e Painting" appeared. These are the last 
works that G-essiteb produced. 

We have hitherto considered GtESBKEB only in 
the character of an author. It now remains to 
speak of him as an artist. G-esskeb had attained 
the age of thirty before he resoWed to devote his 
serious attention to the fine lulis. Till that time 
his essays on drawing and engraving were merely 
an amusement, and his study of works of art was 
nothing more than a natural predilection for every 
species of the beautiful, pursued for the pleasure it 
afforded. After his union with the object of his 
attachment, G-essheb resolved to make that which 
he had before cultivated for amusement the subject 
of his serious study. 

The character he gives in his letters of a true 
wtist, — "that he should glow with the warmest 

cjiij^c, Google 

^alotton.] <StMner. 96 

paBdon for Ma art, that he ahould dream of it at 
night, and in the morning awake with new eotbu- 
eiaam to porsue it ; that he should not seek to take 
adTantage of the bad taste of his age, but paint 
only for the applause of real judges, for true fame, 
and for posterity," — this character may with the 
greatest propriety he applied to himself. In his 
pictures, as in his poems, there prevadla a spirit 
which is unique and inimitable. In both he appears 
ae the successful painter of nature, and the &vourite 
of the Musea, whose influence is equally obviouB in 
all his performancee. 

He died on the 2nd of March, 1788. 

A maa-ble monument, by Tripple, on which 
Nature and Poetry are represented weeping over 
his tomb, waa erected to hia memory by some of 
his fellow-citizens. He left three children, a 
daughter and two sona. His eldest son has in- 
herited his talent for the arta. 


Ql^^it Iteblid) sliiqet baB SRotgtncot^ bur^ Me ^tlflaubt 
unb bit wilbtn 3lof(n am Senibr ! aSit fro^ ffngEt bit ednoafte 
duf btm lOoIfen unlet meitiem Z)ad)r ttiib bie Bdnt Enr^ fn 
btt fyHftn ftup ! KOeS i|l muntcr, unb jeb* ^Jflante dot (tifi itn 
Zfyiu Kri&ieet liuij ic^ au<^ id) fdititK wriiinsets tnein @tat> 
(oS mic^ &tti& DDT bie QifUKUt meinn ^&ttt ffi^n: ba uriS 
iii) mi^ b(E fonunenbcn Sonne gegenfitier fe^cni unb fiber bie 
ar&un aSiefen ^inft^en. C tint fi^n ifl altee um mii^ ^1 

cjiij^c, Google 

96 (6titntv. [&^maitt SS^ub. 

XHtti mat id) ^trtt finb @tunnifn btt grcube unb bti iDanb. 
£iU S5gel in bet Euft unb bet -^irt auf bem gtUe finacti tt)t 
^tgiiibni au(I) bit ^ecben bcfiUen il)r{ ^ube nan ben gtafe 
ind)cn ^%(n unb ouS bem bucdinidfeiten SCiial. C wie langi 
ivit lang, (tft ISittnl foil id) noi^ turn S&tigteit ^uge fein? 
Sbunjiemot fyib' id} jegt ben aSKlrfel bet 3a:^e«jeiten gefe^ni 
unb nsinn i^ jur&dbentcr non ieft bit {in: Stunbe metnec &t= 
butt^rine weite lieblic^ Xug|id)lr bie fid) am Qnbcf mic 
nnfibeijt^bai in rtinrc £uft oetUdrt — o nie naOet bonn mefn 
^m aufl 3{l bat (Sntjiidtni bad meine ^unge nit^t Hannneln 
tonn — ITnb meine greubent^Snenr if)i @bttetl nii^ tin ju 
f^nradier SMnt! S(t)I fIiefct«i>2^T&nen1 piefet bieSBangen 
l^mintecl £knn i^ gurA^e^f bann tfft/ aU ^&tt' iif) nnc 
cinen longen Si^t)Hne gelebt 4 unb meine tidben Stunben mata 
tuije tSemittei; fie erfnrd)en bie ^tlbPCi unb beleben bit^flanjea 
We ^ben f(I)ibli())e ®eucf)en unfen .^eiben geminbtrti nit ^t 
ein Unfall unfne iB&ume orrbecbti unb bti bitfin: ^i^e ^t nit 
ein lanenittig UnglAd struct 6iit}Ctctl fa^ 1$ in bit ^utunp 
fjinauSr ivtnn mtint JCinbti lild)elnb auf rntinem Xnn fpielttnr 
ober twnn mtint ^anb bed plapptmben SCmbti nuntenben Sufis 
tiitt leittte. aSit Snubent^t&ntn fa^ id) in bie Sutunft I)fnauCi 
mnn f^ bitft iungtn &pi^ttt aufCeimtn fa^ 2d) nnCi fie 00c 
UnfaU r^fi^Uf id) »ilC i^ iShiditttumd ntortenr fP'^'^ i^i 
bie ®6aei: ivetben bit SStm^ms fegnenj fie mtrbtn mpvc 
tpac^tn unb ^lic^ gcddjtt ttagenr unb ^ume mtbta, bit 
mtin f<^(I)ee liUtt in tcquidtnben ®i^en netimtn. ®o 
fpcai^ id)f unb btiidtt fit an nteine Snifij je^t finb fie mU 
etgen empor3eiKid)fen( unb nel;men tnttn gcautB IfUtt in tx= 
quidtnbtn @^Utn, ®o muc^en bit Xt^fttbiumt unb bie 

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eattmfptel u. ®<fans ] dSrHiur. 97 

Bimtn&Sume, unb tie ^l|en Stu^biumci bie iii aI8 SfinflUnB 
lun bie .^e t)n etpflanjt ^iti ^d) em)wr; lie tnteen bit 
aCttn Vefte nxit um^« unb ne^nwn bie Seine SBotinung in 
erquitttnben @c^tttn. iCicfi bteS wax mein f)efti0|]tc @ram/ 
D 3SirtaI ba bu an mcinet bcbenben Snift in meinm Xnnen 
9atU% 3ro5tfmal ^at v^t ^ipa ber grii^Ung bein ©rob mit 
Slutnen gefn^fictt ^n bei Sag xaijtt, da fro^ Sagl ba 
meine (Stheiat iu ben beinen nxtben ^ingelegt nxtben j DieUeic^ 
fii^rt tt)n bie lonunenbe 9ta(I)t tierbeil CI i^ fe^ (t mit gnltr 
uie mein grauet Stott f^neewttf iibet meine iBnifl ^eruntec 
UMOet 3ai fpi(>e mit bcm nvei^en ^oc auf meinec Srtifff bu 
Betncr ^ep^ii;! bei bu mid) umliQpfefti eg ifl eg fo nveit^r alt 
bag golbene ^^oat bee fm^ SAnelingtf unb bit braunen ioittn 
am 91adtn bet aufbl^nben 1Dtibd)eng. C biefn Za^ fun mic 
nn Sag bev Sieube feini 24 ^i^ nieinc JCtnber um mic^ ^ 
famntcin/ bit auf ben ticinen ftammelnben @nte[ unb min ben 
®6tteni opfttn. .^riet dm meiner |>iitte fei bet Mltar. 3t() milt 
mein faciei <|«uptuniMn}(n> unb mein ^ifmaHtnUim foil bie 
Sein ne^men i unb bann imOen mix, id) unb meine JCinberr urn 
ben aitat ^ EobUebre ftngen. Bonn mill ii^ ffllumen fiber 
meine Safe! ftceuen, unb untet fcotjen ®efprid)«n ba« Dpfet= 

®o fpcad) ^alnnon/ unb Iiub fiti) jittnnb an fetnem ©tab 
aufr unb def bie Xinbee jufanimeni unb bielt ben (Sittein tin 

Sie Scpnljuns beS ©aftenfliieB unb beS ©efangcS. 

jtn ber ertlcn ^ugenb bee Zaqt, ba bie nxnigen Sebftcfnilje 
bet Unfdjulb unb bie 9latui: untet ben noil) unMtbi»benen 

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98 tEttWiter. [erftabuna m ©aitenfpteli 

9]Ienfd)en bit jungen ^finflt njeugtcni ba Itbtt ein 3}t&bd)tni 
in b«nftU>en Sagen root feines fo fi^n* trims ipor fo jittluf) 
gtHIbetf bit @4&n^Ien ta: 9taluv ju tm^finbcn. Sceuben? 
t^Sntn (XQtillften bai Wtetffncot^ unb bie fc^ne ©egcnbi unb 
entjuden baS abenbtot^ unb ben ©(fiutimer brt 3Sonb3. !Da« 
mat* mar bw ®«fang noc^ rin teaetlofeg 3au^ien btt jjreubfc 
Sobolb bet ftfl^e ^aljn non btc ^iitte risfj baf ber SHorgen ba 
(ri — benn ba ^atttn fit fiift iur gwubt fiijon gfteOigt Sfjiew 
mtt Strife DOC bie ^fitte ittcbfjatt — bann ginfl fit unht i^tnn 
ft^genbtn iOad) ^rooc ; ein iDai^ non @d)ilf unb Sannen&fltn, 
an ben SSt&nmun nat)e fte^enber S&ume befefUat j ba nw^nte 
fie im Sc^tteti, unb iba t^, in ben bi(>)tbelaubten Ikfitn, 
bit (tngtnbtn ffiJget. Sie ging bann (linaui, bie ©tflenb ju fe^n, 
nrie fie int SEIgau gl&niti unb ben @ltfang ber aj&gel im na^ 
^ain JU be^ocdien. entjiiift fafi fle bann ba unb l^ixi/tt, unb 
fudite i^cen @efang na^uIaUtn. .{)armanif(t)ei:e 26ne flofftn 
iejt oon ti)ren ftippen, I)armonif(t>er, aia no* !ein ffiiibdjen gts 
fungen fiatte; u)a§ itin litbUi^ Stimnie oon tinel jeben ®efang 
nai^^men iimntt, orbnete fie 'oec^ijitbtxt inTanimen. 3t)t fltintn 
ftoijen ©inaet! (fo fprai^ fie mit fingenben SBorten) SBie Iieb« 
(ic^ tint euer Cieb twn ^o^i tS&ume 3!3i:pfeln unb aai bem 
ntebem Stiaud^I £Ennt' i<i) bent gl&njenben ^IHorgen fo Cie&U<^ 
n>ed|felnbe Zia' entgegtnfingenl O! le^ mi^ bte nKt^etnben 
Ziat, bann ^ng' i<I; nein fan^el Qntjucten mit eu* bem fcH^ 
gSonnenjba^L SSo fang fte, unb unoetmertt fi^miegten ilrce 
SSocte fic^ liacmonif^ in f&fitftntnbem ^Haai nact) intent ®c' 
fangei iwQ Sntjdden bemetftt fie bie neut ■^aimonie ges 
meffenei: aSorte. £Bie gt&nit bet gefangtiolle ^liain ! fo fu^ 
fie eifiaunt fottj nrie gl&njt bie ®tgtnb untfier im Sfyuxl 

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n. M Qk^aatfA.] «MAter. 99 

Obibbn tntfMaaMr4ufl XBit bin u^ oitjilctt I Stttfana 
H) mit UiWijim Sintti bid) (obotf a(C mtine ®cfpic(«t. &!o 
fang fttr unb bit (Statnb bt^on^ tnliMt bit ximt -iKirmomti 
unb bit SB&gtl Ui ■fyaxai f^nxcgMi unb ^rc^cn. 

VSU SEorsm glng (it ]i^t, bit ntut JCunft ju iUiXi in btn 
.^aCiL Xtec (in 3)toa''"S tfitte fit fc^n langt in bem ■^oint 
bt^(i)tj tntjiW ftunb n bann im btdtnbm Sufdh unb 
fica^f unb eina titftr in ben ^<m, unb fudjf i^ Citb noi^us 
o^uKn. QinftmoU faf tc ftannenb unttr fdntm 0c^iIfbad)r 
ouf fcintn Sogtn gtlt^nt i bain a tyOtt bit Annfb btn Soecn 
jU fOfinnf nfunbtn/ um bit matniq/H jn tibten/ bit frinc 
Xduben i^m laubtov btnm a ouf ban no^ Stomra tin 
^oai Don fc^Ioidtn ffitibtn&#tn gtfloi^ ^ottt. SBaS i|t boi, 
fo ffwac^ ttf bat auS mtintm Stufcn ^auffeuf}C( baS fo bang 
in mtintm .^trttn ft^? ^mta itit(I)|t(t cd ab mit Sntjiicftn 
unb mit gwubentfitdneni nwnn itli ba« aXSbi^n im ^in 
fctx, unb fttntn ©efong ^ j abtt n>enn fit ivtg {|tf o bonn* 
bann fi^t Sh^ntmiutt) in mtintm Sufen 1 ltd) I maS iff tif 
boj auS mtintm fBa|tn ^oufftu^t? 3nbtfl fpitttt ftint 
.|)anb mit btr onetfpannettn ®aitt beg tBogtnif unb tin litbo 
li^n Son ging oon tm SSoittr unb bet Sikgting ^d)tt unb 
vitbtc^otf trftaunt btn Zon. iDonn pount' tti unb ba^V 
tint ntue Srfinbune )u tntwitblnf litf nadh unb bann fpitIC tr 
wiebet mit btr onfltfijonnttn ©aitt bes ffloflenSf oon ben ©& 
bSvmen iti: gSaubotfltl geflodittn, Hbtr itjt fptang ec auf* 
unb fins «»' ®tdbe ju fc^ntibcn i pKi drngt @tibt unb jmti 
ftojere ; unb bit isiei tflijecn befejiigi' tr unttn unb obtn 
atgtn bit iUKi l&ngem St&bt/ unb fpanntt, jtnifi^n ben aniti 
l&ngtni/ Saitcn an bie (flcjem ftft Sgt t)ub ftint <&anb an 


100 ®tMner. [Scfinbung id &aiUn'riAiW 

in fpitlMi i nnb ba bemnft' a bie I!tbli<l)t a)eTfi^benI)eit ber 
Zbm, Ut fdin>ic^n unb (lirfeni Saam j bann banb n fie 
tDiebei: lot/ unb orbnett vctfi^bneTe @aittn in am ^armom^i^ 
SUSft, unb jt^t t)ub er an ju rpteleni unb ooU greube ju 

2<$t sing bar Si^nsling/ fa oft btr 3!toQ<n fam, bie neue 
£unft JU fibeni in ben bic^n -^Ini unb fucdte ju btn Eiebenif 
bie n bent sfflibc^n im >^in ab^^t^ ^atttf ^tmonif^ 
bcgleitenbe Sine auf feinen ©aiten. Mber man fogt, er ^aU 
lange untfonft gefuditi unb Dtele Sine ^ben ben @efang nid)t 
begteitra nwllen ; abei ein &M fe^ im ^ain ilim erfc^ienen/ 
unb ^b( bie Stiiten ber %e^ ^onnonifi^ georbndr unb fetne 
Cteber i^m twrgefpielt Set iebtm SHorgenrott) fui^t' er jt^t 
baS <Ol&b<i)cn im >^aini unb temte neue eiebei/ unb ging bann 
an bie Quelle jurMr auf ftiner Cciper fie nadjiufpieltn. 

Jn rintm fcf)inen SKoteen faf ba£ 9HSb^n im ^in i mit 
SSUunen bebinst fof tt ba> tmb fang : ®cfi gegr^. liebltt^ 
0onnel Winter bem Slecg ^ersori fi))on beQl&njen beine 
Stif^Oen ber Siume Stpfel auf ben fiotien -^Ageln, unb ber 
frof)en Ker^e l)i>4 f^nebenbeS @eitebet. JDir |tngen bit Si&gel 
be* ^in8 entgeativ unb — iefet fifa^i fit, unb fo^ aufnert 
fam umfjer : WtW^e litUiiit SStimme mifd)et \ii) in meinen 
©efang ? (fu rief fu erjhunt) @ie iwgleitet jeben Son ineinet 
©efangeei SBo bijl bu? — iBarum ft^roeiBcft bu* 8i(b? 
eSinge, lieblidje ©timmt ! SBift bu ein gefteberier Semo^ner 
biefet 'fiain^f o fc fditcinge bie gtCtgel l)iet)er auf biefen gii^ten^ 
baumi ba$ id) bii^ felte unb beinen ©tfang f}btt I So fprai^ 
fiei unb fa^ ntiX in ben SBipfeIn um^er. SSiR bu fi^fiditem 
Dber — biefe ©timme ^ab' id) nod) trie im 

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mb iet tScfangefl.] <Sti6nn. 101 

■^oin &t^iitt — SBenn ii^ mii^ tietro^ ^&ttt? !OUd) tSuf(t)t 
bod) (ein Siaum I id) niH noA rin Sicb fingen : ®nb ii>tlt> 
fommenf liebUi^ SlQmdjcn um^ I @eflaii naTet llir SMU 
pttii it^t (t(l)et i^ offhi ba; eu<(i griifcn bie licliltdien 
3SoTgcnl{tft<r unb bU fumfenUn Sim^t unb ber buntt 
SddnKttttling} (r flattert fro^ um tud) !)«( unb trinlet eutrn 
S^au. ®o fang fur cp untnrbrodicti/ nmb umt)ni'p&^eni> } 
benn bit SStimme ^tte ben @ef<tng niebet bt^ftUtt 

3«6t flunb lie f<i)fi<i)i«n auf. SHein ! id) ()abe mi* nic^t 
betrogen i jeben Son l)at bie ©timmt begleif tt. ®o fpro* (ie* 
oia b« Sfingling au( bem ®(bflfd)e fjeroortrat* mit SSIumen 
bfbinjt/ bie fieiet unter bem Xtm. fiSc^lnb na^m er befi 
fn^&^ternen 3Xib^$ >^nb. D bu fd^ineg 3Xibd)en! (f;pra<^ 
fein fan^ l&d)elnbec SRunb mit (ieblii^ Stimme) £ein bf 
fffige(Cer ffltmo^ner be< <^atn£ ^at beinen @efans na^sefungen. 
Sd) mat: tS, bn beinen @efang mit biefen SSaiten begleitett. 
TCUe STlotsen ging ii% tn ben >|iatn/ beinen ©efung ju t)ittn: 
unb bann ging id) einfom titf in ben ^^inf bie eiefcet auf ben 
©fliten ju lingen. Unb glaube, 9Xlbd)en ! mid) ^t'S rin ®otf 
im ^ain eele^il — Xitt flu^ti^ iBiid beS sn&b^ne ftceifte 
oft f^id)tern uber ben Silngling ^ini unb tuJ)eh bann auf ben 
SSaiten. O fd)ineg 9IIUi^n I (fu^t ber Siingling fort, inbem 
fein Vuge fd)ma(^enb fie anblidte) nie wia' id; tnti&dt, nxnn 
bu mit oerglnnfejli mU btr in ben ^ain )u ge^en, on beinei: 
©eite fieenb, brinen ®efang mit biefen ®aiten gu foEgenl 
3e(t fai) bag 5n&bc!)en auf. 3i!inglingi fo fptai^ tSi feot) bin 
ic^i menn bein ©aitenfpiel meine Siebec begleitetj lieblidjet: 
nntb ti fein all ber aBiebet^aai Unb jegt lomm mil mic 
unter mein ri^ttiBrt Eofti bfnn bie attittagifonne btrennet 

VOL. I. H 

102 ffie*(n(r. [04twii« ©*ute. 

fifin. 34 wiK in mcinem bfifhim ©fatten (ugf grudjte jum 
3Stttagma^I btr auflif^cni unb fdfd); f^ge WliU). 

Segt gtng bet Si^ngUns mit ittn Wdbd)(n untei: bod iDadiii 
unb fte Cc^rten tie S^gtinge unb bie SnSbc^n ben ©efong 
unb bae SSattenfpiet @tft lange (Kcnad) n>atb eS Don bcc 
gttte btfileitetj benn SJIorf^ brocfjtc bit glfite untet bie 
9BaIbg6lt(r( bie bie @rfinbenn SRinenia im gevei^f en 3om £ben 
ben ®pott ber Qiittinnen in ben @anb nurf. Wan pflanjtc 
ba iitti fShmt auf dnem ^olien ^{igel bem 3ltdb()]<n unb btm 
S&ngting/ unb bie fp6ten @nf«I erj&^Uen ben Jtinbern in i^em 
@^tten bie @i|inbung beS €Saitenf)riell unb beS @efange^. 

_;jBlirta ()aae (id) in einet !fitilen nSdiMidjen ©hmbe auf 
eimn nxit umfe^enten '^Cigel bta/tbtn i gefammeUe biku Sleifer 
brannfen not i^m in ^eUen glantmenf inbeg bufi ec, einfam tnfi 
®raB eejlcedetr mft inenben SUcbn ben .^meli mit @Cenien 
bef&etf unb bie com Silonb beleu<j;tete @egenb butd]IieF. Xber 
fi^k^ein fa^ ec ficf) jegt um} benn ed taufclile etmaS Int 
iDunfeln ba^er. (Si mar X^^rtiS. @fi mic nriUionuiienr 
fprai^ m f<^ bici) jum mirmenbe n g^euec j SSie tommtt bu 
t)iet;ei; j i^ ba bie ganje @egenb fdi)Iummett ? 

3^t)Tri& @ei mir gegt^tl l)&tt' iifi bid) ju fii^n ges 
gloubt/ id) ^3lte nic^ fo lange gesoubertf ben [obemben ^lanu 
men )u fblgenj bie im Smnteln fo fd)in inl S^al glinjen. 
TCba t)kej 3Sirtin je^tf ba be£ IDionbee biifher Sc^immer 
unb bit etnfame 9Iad)t ju eni|bn ©efSngen unS lodetf ^irei 
asittil ! id) fi^nfe blr etne fdijine iamptt bie metn filnjllidiei; 
SSater aul Qtbt gebilbet ^at j dne ®i^Iange mU gCCigeln unb 

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affirta— S5<)t|il.] ffie«itfr. 103 

giffni/ bit b€n SRunb iwi( (uiffp«rrt, auS bem baS Heine eid)t 
birennt } ben ©c^if ringett fie tmpcti bequem jut ^anb^obe. 
iDief fc^nl' ic^ bii/ ivenn bu mix bie (Beft^tc^fe btS SlapfjnU 
unb bet S^Ioe ^nge|l. 

3SittiL 3i% rota bii: bie ®efi^te beS Bap^niS unb bet 
Utlloe |Ingen( jegt ba bit 9laii|t la etnjbn ©efSngen lodf. 
.^iet finb b^tte Sleifei;} ftet) bu inbeg/ bafi boS minnenbe 
Seuei ni(l)t eTl^fdiet 

^get mit nadv {t)t geCfenHQfttl ttaurig tine mdn £i(b 
jutucti bur^ ben '{)am unb nom Ufer I 

Sunft el&nite bet ^onbi a(S @t)lcc am etnramen Ufet fhinbi 
fetinlid) roartenb ; benn ein 9Iii^n foUte ben :Sapt)ni§ uber ben 
glufr btingen. Gange f&umt mein (Selieittvi fo fptai!^ fi' i bie 
^ta^ttgnU fdjmieQ unb ^(^e bie g&ttli(t)en Xuente. Snnge 
fiumt et : bwfi — fjoti^ — i<if) ^ite ein ?it4tfi1)etn, rote aSeHen, 
bie roibet einen 9ia<i)en f^toaen. £onim|lbu? 3ii1 — bod) 
nein I — aSoItt i^ micfe nod) oft bettigen, il)t plitf(^tnben 
aSellen? Dl fpottet nii^ beS ungebulbieen 8Bartenl be« 
jarflidjltengHibc^nS! So bift bu jefit, ©rtiebtet ? SBefWaeU 
Ungebutb nit^ beine SAfe? wanbetfl bu jegt im ^^n bem 
Ufei iu ? C baf (ein Sorn bie eilenbm i^Sfic uetle^er unb 
teine fd)lei(%enbe Sd)lQnge beine gecftn ! 3)u (euf(^ ©bttrn, 
Suna abet ?)iana 1 mit bem nie fe^lenben SSoq/tni ftteue i»n 
befnem fanften @lan; auf feinen iGSeg ^in I D I menu bu aue 
bem 9la^n Ifeigefii »ie ntitl id) bii^ umatmen ! — abet jejt, 
geroif je|t, je^t tr^C i^t mid) bo^ nid)tf il)t SBenen 1 C t 
rd)Iaget fanft ben 9tad)(n I ttaget il)n fotgfiltig auf euetm 
»a«enl »d)! t^ «npmp^nl toenn ii)t: ie geliebet ^abet! 
roenn i^ i« roigt, nwS jiifli^ Smiattunfl i|l — 3<^ fe^' i^Hi 

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104 ffirtftitc. [pdmm ®*uh. 

fd mk aeBrfift! — 2)u oiUnwrtejl nf^? ©itttcl — 3f8t 
fanf (Si/ht o^nmli^ttQ am Ufer ^in. 

JUaget miv na*( i^r gdfenBfiftt ! ttaurig tint ukui Kib 
juc^dr butd] ben ^ain unb nom Uf<rl 

C£in umg(|UTitei 9ta^n fdmuntm ba^> bee aSonb bc: 
f(^ bie lUlgCiclie @efi^i<^ Sm Ufa tag 6^(m o^nin&d)lt0i 
ui^ eine fc^ouembe Stille I}errfd)tt unit)eT ! litbec fie ema^te 
nriebCT/ ein fc^tdlut]«t @tn>ac^n I ®ie fa^ am Ufn 1 bebmb 
tmb r^x^adilaef unb btt aSonb twrborg fii^ Iiinta: b<n aSelhn i 
i^ fflcufi b€bK Don ®d)luilii€n unb Scufjen. 3(|t fd)rie (te 
loutf unb bie @c^ miebertjoltt bee trauemben ©egenb if)r 
Sefi^eir unb ein bangei SBinfetn roufcl)te bunt) b«n ^in unb 
burd) bfe ©(biifcfji i lie fdilug tie rinaelnben ^nbe auf bit 
Slni^ unb rip bie Eocttn com ^au;pt. Xd) liDap^nii/ iDoptini^ ' 
i|c tieulofen StBeUenl i^i ^tijmplni I ai!^l td)@(tnbel i4 
iaub»f ii^ f&umer ben Sob in ben SBtKen ju fucf)en( bie mk 
bie SiKube metntS EebenS geroubt fiaben? So ricf fi<r uiA 
fptang bom Ufer in ben Jtufi. 

Jtloget mir nad^f i^i; Self«nfl{iftt 1 ttoutig t(ne mtin £i(b 
iuiMf buri^ ben .fiain unb Dom Ufei I 

Sbn bie Sl^mp^n ^tten ben aSellen befo^Ienr forgf&Uig 
tie auf bem S&iitn gu tiagen. Qraufame St^mp^en t rief fiei 
ad) 1 iAgett nict)t meinen Xob I ad) I oetfi^Iingt mid), aBeOen 1 
IXbet bie SBellen oerf^Iangen fie nid)t i fie ttugen fie fanft otif 
btm SUtden, jutn Ufer einefi tieincn Silanbel iDap^niS ^atte 
mit ®d;«iinimen (ic^ anS gilanb gerettet. Sffiie jirttid) fie 
i^m in bie Ztmt font nnb i^r ISntgiidenf o bal fann id) nic^ 
fingeni j&rCtit^ all raenn bie 9iad)tigall i^rem (Sefdngnif 
entfliegti Hfc ®atle ^dtte 91&d)te bnrc^ int SSipfel tllglii^ 

0, Gooi^le 

emir<^ e^ot.] tRtoucbtn. los 

gefnifjtts fit flicgt tntji^ bcm fdfancmben Sottra jOf fit 
f€U^ tmt f^nibeln unb umfc^Iagni tic*) mit it)Tcn ^geln j 
ab« ieftt tint i^ Sntjfitfen in gwubenlitkmi tiie (Wte Slai^ 

.^etf iegt nidit me^, j^ gelftndufte I gnutx tAne jttl 
eom ■^in iinr&d unb oom Ufei. Unb bu gitb mir bte Sampt i 
btnn icf) ^abe bit bit @efi^(f)te bei XKiplinie unb bn Sljlot 

We will now proceed to consider the principal 
Poeta of the 


Sloliann OEfittcitopti <fiottst^e1i 

Waa bom at Judithenkirch, near Konigaberg, 
1700, of which place his father was the pas- 
tor. GoTxaCHED was sent to the Ktmi^gberg Uni- 
veriity to atudy theology. In 1724, he entered the 
Univerniy of Leipzig, and there continued hia 
Btudies. In 1727, he became the foimder of a 
literary society at Leipzig, called Die SeuUehe 
poetUche QetelUchaft (Qenmm poetical aociety). 
He now contributed largely to the " Critical Jowr- 
tuU," of which he afterwards undertook the editor- 

In 1732, he was appointed Professor of Logic 
and Metaphysics at the Leipzig ITniTeraity, imd de- 
livered his first course of Lectures " On the Theory 
of Literary Art." In 1784, he published hia " ErHe 

cjiij^c, Google 

106 evtuc^tv. (;®&c))r>r<^ sdwit. 

Grmtde der Weltweitheit" (First Elements of Phi- 
losophy). In 1736, a collection of his " Poemi," in 
two volumes, made its appeturance. Gottsched 
also tranHlated tKe " Cato" of Addison into Grerman 
Alexandriiiea, and composed many original Dramas. 
Gottsched'b worts did not retain much popn- 
Imty — he had the moumfid fate to outlive his 
reputation, "ffia prose writings, however, con- 
siderably surpass his Poems, and, viewed as a 
Grammarian, he is justly entitled to commenda- 
tion. He was an industrious collector of German 
antiquities. In his literary labours Gottscoed 
found a Mthfiil co-adjutor in his wife, Loima 
Kuhws, the daughter of a physician at Santzic, who 
was posseraed of eitraordinaiy leaimng and accom- 
plishments. He died in 1766. 

7tu8 tet gobs unb ©ebdcljfni^Htie auf 9Rattin Cptfeen 

won JBobctfelb. 
0tE^enn ei ^vH ju Sage gnoi^nlid) mixt, bit !Bcrttfa|le 
gcofei: ^Immt, bie i^itm SSatevIanbe iDid)tige iBovt^dte wrs 
fcbaffet, tijCT n aStttarami ciel Glnre ytmaiifi ; |i0 ftlbfl obra, 
binrd) ScT|tanb unb 9Sutl)i fiber oiete taofenbe em|MTQefd)nwas 
aen Ijoben/ burc^ anfi^nlidx JKnlmilcr unb fonbn*an S^ns 
jeii^ni bem ICnbenlcn in Ulactimelt ju empfc^len : fo miitbe 
i(i| it^o tiiefen SffwiIIti^n JRtbnetftu^t nidjt btttffen ^ben. 
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ti^tige <lleb&d)tmf eind qtoI en a}tanne£ ju enieuernr tern boS 
eiftnntlic^ iOeutf(t)lanb bereiti ben gtb£it)renbtn >Dant abs 

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eobrcbt onf gRaitin Cpifi.] (£tttt«dlt>. 107 

gt^atta, iwldjein aUc Gieb^aber ber ^Yien JCfinfit f^n rint 
unauaiftyid)e g^cfutc^t unb .^(^iljtuna fltwibrntt ^tttn, 
KOeiiv bicfe^ ift bie Unem]pfinbltd;tnt unfecB 3a^r^unbecH : 
b(t| ei bie ffioitlt^atcn btc eortgeiif nxbn auf cine bantboR 
Xrt ertennrtf no^i iStct nifimtiil) ttroitnrtf iw^i aui^ i^n 
Urljtttm bie getingfte Sreadtung bafiii: ju Sfiett twrben lift. 
3)as bantbare ^ert^um fyit, unter imiit)ligcn anbcm 
fflotjilgtn, bie eS soc unfeni 3eUtn btfeffen, am^ biefen gt^bt: 
bog ee in SJerc^na bee Xu^enb unb @er<^cttlid)ltit gcrci^KTr 
ouf feine etn^etniifd)t eijrt eifrifleti gegtn fetne lEBo^rit^ter 
arbnntlu^i unb nom Steibe freier gewefen. SBelc^m ^iKlben 
^t tS UM^ connaUf fonbetIi<^ in @triec^Ianb unb 3taUtn> 
an S^renmaitm unb Z>enff&ultn gefetjttt? SSeId)en Siflnbec 
nO^i^ jQinge ^at man nici)t Mre6tteit ? Unb n>eld)em vocs 
ttefftidien aSannt/ ber lic^ nur einigecmaSen buri^ SSii|Tenfcl)aft 
unb IQi| ^tnotqtttiani ^at man ti an etntm Srabmale ober 
^fyxaWbe fe^Ien (ajftn? iDitfe fdjatflinnige Senner beS 
mtnfd()lid)en ^eijenS fal;tn ti nui gac ju nof)! tin: ba^ xAifii 
fo oennbgenb wire, ebte ©ttnflt^er ju lobwurbigen SCftaten 
ai^ufponienr aU Shi^m unb Slice. Unb ba |te iugleid) fik tie 
SSo^Ifa^tt i^wS SSatetlanbeS beforgt nwren ; ba lie aBe niit' 
fd)ape <ERitb&sec aufmuntccn nwUten/ bag gemeine Stile nacft 
SSennAgen ju befkbem: fo mugten iiintn ICtarmor unb fiSetaU 
jut Beteroiguna luo^towMentet SKinnec btenen; fo mugten 
bauer^fte Silbfftulen unb foflbare ®eb4d)tniSniiIer, bie in 
ten Iwrjen ber Eebenbigen oerbotfltnen gun!tn bet e^rliebe 
anfad)eRr unb fie )u Iftblic^ Unteme^ungen anfctfdien, 
Mmij lie fi^ gletdifaQg Sewunberung unb Un|terbli(l)teit 
tnwrben (6nnlen, 

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108 IffiotUtlittf. [e&^ftft^ Si^uU. 

®o mta hH entd)^d)t unb cbniftfic Wtert^um gefinnetr 
giAiA^ unb ^oi^ut^enbe "Xtm^mitl @an; anbtri otinr 
wr^ eS fill) ntit unrein ^cUcn- Snui; bie mbtttt^t bei 
iwnnaltgni 0i^Ri|{unftf bie bac^ ®tein unb Stjt bei SCugenb 
iftt Shtfit ^b«i roiberfa^rtn lafffO/ nwcben wn un8 noi^ fotgs 
f&ltie aufge^bcn. asir bnminbem unb wn^rcn ttcfelbcn nod) 
jcgo auf iixK faft abetgl&ubif(})( aSarc. 3a nir eerabfdjeucn 
oftmals bie SQut^i unfrn b<irbarij'd)en Socfa^enr beritnistn 
ff!t1)i(i)etti Danbalif<l)tnr nonnannifclKn unb longi>baTbif({)en 
aiMtetr bie bet i^nn Sinf Allen in SQilfffjknb eine uni&pore 
SRenge t»n marmoimenf tinmen unb anbmt no<t) mo^I p:&c^ 
tigtm @ebii^tni0&UbeTn b<i tapfetftenr tcdftften unb tugenb= 
Iwftejlen Seufe ju SBoben geworfen, ietmataiet unb B«m(i)tet 
^bta Jnteinr intem nit btrfe^ t^unr fo treten wii: felb^ 
eie{(l]nM^I getciflenna^n in i^re guftapfen. @o gro^ ift unfrc 
Ungeiei^tialtit I !Bir lobtn an Tttfyn unb Slum baSitniger 
mat mc bod) felbH ni£f)t t^un. ffiit fjrtfenf buw^ bie fotft= 
fiUigt SBtR)at)Tung unb SrIUIrung btt 'Xitttt^ttmtc, einec auft= 
[4nbifif)(n Sugenb iljren So^n ert^tilen i Itnb aber gu glridjtr 
3tit gegen efnt)eimiyd]e iQeibienlte uneifemitUc^ Urtt)etlcn fie 
fetblt ^djiuetrenk Kmwfenbe, 06 ii) bte SSa^rl)eit fagt? 
ISo fie^t man boc^ unter un^ bie (S^ctma&kt grofin: Stubr 
bie unfem JBaletlanbe im(i)ligc XHenfte geleifiet tiaben ? Unb 
nwtben wtr ^ierinntn nid)t faft wn aOen unfem 9ladf)bani 
*tf**nirtl SSofent )i* bie Qi(e«eit nt*t ftlbfl oecgStletH 
wofcm fi(^ btc ©toli. aW ber beftinbig* ®«fil)rte beS Uebos= 
flufleS/ nltl)t bei lebenbigem Setbe etn Mnbenlen ftifhtj ober e* 
bwl) ben ®einigen aI8 tine t^euce ?>flid)t auftriegt, i^ ein 
e^wnmal ju bauen: fc |Tel)t man ia faft nW)tS oon biefet Krt 

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ixUntbt auf fKortin C^iie.] ^atti^ttl. 109 

)um Snfdidne fommen. iDie Sugenb mufi n!d)t nur> fo langc 
fit U6<tr im Staube (iegni : neiib fie tonn aud) fi^ fterbem 
o^iK ju befoTflen, baf man itmaU i^K ®ebeine mit einet Soft 
tun SRanmnr 6ef(^nHren { obcr bie ^nb ber Mn|Utc mit Kb= 
bilbuna i^ti @t|lalti unb mit Singrabung i^xtt ^amtnt, 
nmi^n iwrbt. 

Snlangt man Sktiwift wn btef« Unad)tram(eit unfnf 
aSottttanbrt : fo flefte man in bit Stiibwlonbt, unb fel)e irte 
9tottert)am fetnen Srafntut in einn iBilbfiuIe seremiet ^at. 
<Kan Qtljt mil 1Q&Ifd|Ianbi n» man normaU ini Strgil^f beS 
Qictzo, unb bel (SatuOSf unb noi^ in ncuecn ^dUn Ui STa= 
calbtiu^i \a unjii^Ugn anb<m gele^rt«n !EIt&nner Xnbentnir 
auf bicfc aSftfe snenigt ^t fOtan ge^e na<(| (StitdKnIanbf 
iw nor Sciten fofi fein bcril^tn: Sitbnnr iDid|t«; ober 3SeIts 
nxifn gncefcn/ bcntn niift tntnxbtr i^re &tiaatf&iUi obcr 
anbm eanj ftembt Dtrter berglrii^tn ffi^ ttniitfen Ijabcn : 
fo goTf baS auci) bi« Xt^mienfer dnem p^njgtf^n ©fiown, 
bem tt^afuSi mti niner ^o^^tungi eint Stlbf&ule auf: 
gertd)fet ^aben. 31iian gt^t enblidf) nad) Snglanb, tm bie TiiUi 
ju Sktbn&nftn nid)t nui bie @riber bn £&nige unb ifelbeni 
fonbem aut^ i^rer aSeUnKtftn unb SAijttti einti fUfmtcxtti ^bbts 
fonS unb BtttUni, in pt&ditietn StitenmAImi unb Xxntfi^ften 
btma^ztt Unb al^bann fage man mirj motum ni(t)t Ecipiig 
fdnem ©tiftni 3ol)ann oon SS fin fit t berg/ Muflepurg feinon 
eeltee, bai Sran!en(anb einem Ulcic^ iMn ^utten/ SStttm 
berg feinem !£Relan<I)fl)on. Stiitnbetg feinem ^itt^timer, 
Stntn frinem @apecnicu£i ^bnigiberg feinem Sabinub 
aXagbebutg feinem @uerifei £anjig feinem ^eoeliu^i bie 
gaufnifi ifn:em aft^itn^auS, SBerlin etnem Efipnigj unb 

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110 i&omtbt'a. [@h(^Wi}t @(tiule. 

eine glttcfje ffi^te tjaben tDi^n:fa^r«l lafien ? 

jQcidfv naS foge id)? £ni dot aOen onbfTn tjSttcft ti vm 
bfentiun(lerblKl)n:Dptg/baM<i'i5(nbeiibnf aufStranftaltting 
bttned ganjen Siaterlanbc^i bucd) ein priidjtieeSi unb bauertia^ 
e^enmal mhtt wtmlqt motben: bu, ber bu !C(utf(ft[anb aUrin 
fo Diet S^TC gtmad)! ^a|f , baf fid) nUe feinc ganbfdjafCen urn bit 
^ettt ^Stten b«ni5f)en foUeiv brin ©trabmot unfer (id) ju ^aben. 
©bi^motl bi(l bu biS auf ticfe ®tunt« nw^ triarc foldwn ef)te 
t^«'!I)afli9 gtmcrben, iCeine @ei)etne ^ben btfi^r in cinec ®mft 
aecmefen miiflcnr btren @rabfhin aud) nid;t einmaC beinenStamen 
t)i)t au^ifen f&nntn. £ein Silbittg ijl un£ foum t)Ui4 (in 
einjigee ©emfilbei fan ber ge|d)i(ften |ianb beS ber^mten 
Stidbcl^r unb jwat in Satijig aufbe^Iten tcorbeni no bu bcin 
ni^miwliee Eeben btfd](o11en ^0,% Sod) bci b«r altgcmrimn 
9tadrt&rftg(nt ZxutTi^lanbS i^ biir$ leine ^anUt iaf bu bifl 
MTselT'n nwrbenj baf au^ fogai: bi^ettige ^anbft^aft/ bi« baf 
mrijte 3ted)t ^4ttti auf bii^ ftolj lu feini beine SBetbtentle ni^t 
ju belol)mn aeCu^ ^. SSielnu^ gfieid;! e£ bir ju einet bt: 
fonbein @t)tej ba^ aud) eine frembe ®tabt, bannnen bu ni<^l 
geboten norbenr batinnen bu nur all ein ^ntber gelbirben bifli 
bi^ bennoc^ in baS i)otnel)mfte i^rer ®ott(«l)Sufer begraben fyiti 
audi bei ermangelnbet Kuffttjrip bein« 3lu^e!animeir, b«i Drt 
nod) ie^o jttgen lanui wo bet SBater beg beutfd)en aSiJeSr btr 
unftetblidfe aSaFtin Optg oon fflobetfdb, begtaben liegt 

®o f!ac!j ^oi^uet)i:enbe Xmcefenbei i|l bie JCraft au£ne^ 
menber Serbienltei bafl fie aud) bie natMic^ Unbanfbaifeit bei 
SRenfi^en abetniaitigen fcinn. ®ie nit^jiget aud) bie Unemppnb: 
li^teit felbft, trfennfliid) ju wetben } unb ba man tiunbert Der= 

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eobnbe ouf aXortin DpiS.] ««rt«^e». Ill 

o/ilbtU iSxabm&ln foldgn Zobttn nid)t n»^ ju finbfn weifli Me 
114, burfi Sjxt Sdjift*, bre SSergtJTenitit efcn nitrinitn (jSthn: 
fo jtctlt Qud) bn [ene SndienRdn dnrt grofen ffianncj bie SBtr 
mui^trung unb bit Sleubegierbe bn 9tad){oinni(n auf |t4 So 
grarill i|t tS, bat ni<6t bui Srabmal btn SEobUni fonbnn btt 
Sec|li3tb€n€ frin ©tabmal anft^nlid) unb Imtlic^ mac^ 

etn Kbltdi«t giftr fir bit 6%ce unfert SJatttlonbrti unb tine 
tiefatnnicitttc Siebe jn btn ^ritn £iin|bn( gnibigt, fim^ft^^t 
Knnxftnbef (ubnt mid) (ingfl e<trit^' io fi^ ju nbtn, gts 
jimm^nf btnjtnigcn brfonberfi fim^ ja fd)%n( bem imi <t fa|t 
ttnjig unb alltin ju bandn ^btnr ba^ fid^ bet btutfdft W^ nor 
btm ^i^ btnat^badti: Sitta nitfit fd^men barf. Anum roac 
mir numnt^t fifem not funf unb jwaniia Sa^tn Don eintm 
tiKinet alabtmifd)tn Selmr btt grogt anattin DptJ/ aU btr 
JBottr ber beutfu^n ^otfit/ gtntnnet nwtbtnr alC xtij fc^n 6e> 
gitrffl itwtb, bit Serpen btfftlbtn gu Itftn. 3t mtljr id) bt(= 
ftlbtn tennen lemtti jt me^ nietn 9ta<^|tnnen mtt annia(i)rtnben 
3a^tn {una^mj je m(t)t id) auS btn Sirtmpein unb Sltgeln btS 
Wttttfiumi, tnit ben nw^tn eWjinSeittn bei; SBatur bttannt 
tparb : befto f)6i)tE Itnite id) tinen ffltann fdiAgcnf ber biefttben 
in unferer sffiuttetfptatlje jutrll fo fltfl(Ri* naiiiflea^mef 1)at. 
9lunntet)r ifl ti ^i btefrr mttntr alten ■^Dc^d)tung etnen 
iffenttid)tn auSbnic^ ju geltatttn, ^leute, icd)fl(fd)S6tt Jtns 
iwfenbti t)(Ute, fage idi. tft ein Dolte* 3af)t%unbtrt uerfloHtni 
bafi biefer beulfc^ .^obu£, in btm ®d)oi>^ incine§ gettebttn 
9>teu^anbtei bit SSelt Derlaffen fjoL Sin foh^ 2ag i() mit 
Diel {u benbvCirbig eotrgtlomnieni baf id) i^n mit tintm laltc 
(innigen ©tillfi^wigen ^itte &becf,t^ Ibantn. Unb twt roiti 
mic biefeS striurgtn? 3]tugtt bod) e^ebtntn tin Sicero nad) 

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112 CSotttftitlr. [S5acf||if*e Sdjule. 

^citien temmm, mb ben unad)tfanien S^atufancnt bat 
®w6 rinrt grofen 5£i:d)imebeS 6c!annt rnadjen : iwli^i (te, 
auS €inn ftriflu^n Unt)etad]CfamIeUr nid)t tneliT ju finbtn 
imt^ttn. KaC mitb tS nrir bcim fiJc einen Bioiwurf abgebeiv 
twnn ii^ sltic^faCU/ aU S^^embling in JDeutft^Canbf ben ni^ttn 
ianbHtutm btS gto^n D:^ glciifiram ba£ @lrab bieTtt um 
)terbli(l)en Utttitcrt jdgen Bwtbe } itwli^S id) junfl bor jt^ 
unb ^miad) oor Din: 3a^niv noi^ 8*ff^ i u"* ^ twle^ 
tc^r fo ju ttbtoi bai (StUtbtt get^n ^bcr fy\ttt ftin anbtnttn 
iu etneuetn. 

@£iuun fie mir nut, Mognifice, ^o^bo^ene, ^ot^ unb 
no^Igebottrenef aOerftitJ ^d)e(fd)&(le ^nnKfenbt, bfi bltfm 
metnem Sor^bcn, btto gn&bige unb gfneiglt Kufnterffantteft 
3eieen fie ieQo buni^ t^ ifi^mlidKi ^r/xmptli bai e* unt> 
tceber on Sieb^abnn bet fnien ^ht^, noc^ an iBne^irern bcr 
Sugenb unb grafier Berbienlle, nixl) an ((jritebenben iDeutfdien 
fe^le, bit aud) bal Cob eineS gtltticten unb lec^c^fftntn 
HKonntt ntcagtn Unntni bein mir eS fafl allein )u banfcn 
^b«if baf wit in bet Didits unb aebehinli Irinem (injigen 
^cutigen SSoKt eiti niH^ben b{irf«n. Z>ie|'et pattioCirdw S{ftt> 
btn i(^ auB ilira alttt Itugen lefej witb auc^ bit ^t^Iet meinet 
etebe ttfe^en : alt bit o^ntbiei alltn i^rtn aSert^, con bet 
@tgtnnatt fo trieler unb fo anfetinUd)^; 3ui)6nt, unb oon tt)t«n 
fluibigen unb geneigttn SSeifaUti witb trfjoUen muJTtn. 

(S6 ifl niemaU tin Sortedit gtofet unb betii^mtei SStSbtt 
gicm^ta, grof t SRinner ^troor ju bringenj bit fli^ burd) Betjhinb 
unb 3ugenb in bet 3B(It ^etiMr gettjan ^abtn. fRan ^t tt fafl 
butd)gei)enb« angemetfCt, ba@ bit fteinflen CeTtetr bie getingfttn 
gltdtn. eS faft ju aOen iktten btn pr&d)tie|ltn -^ouptftlibttn 

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eot)»b« taxi 3Kartui Dpfl.] ffiottM^rU. 118 

torinncn jucor gettian tiabcn. ®d f'^i and) Mnnalii Iteben 
Us bnitS^mtt^n @l4bte urn bte @^tc gtflrilten ^abcnj beg 
gWtlM^n .joiners ®(butt8ort ju ftin: fo geaif i|i ei aufc 
e«iuid)tr baf Irine uon i^nen nd)t get)atit ) unb bafl cm unans 
ftt)n(t^S Sotfr ia/ uielUi<l)t qat dn ofenti S^'!'' ">>": t">^ Uf" 
rfnrt gtuffEl, bier"" BmS'" iDi(l)ta bm «ft«i atlxm fltflcbtn 
^t Sin fidnet glttfen Ui 3Kanhia ^at b« SEBettbtljeiX! 
fi^rinn, 9!mii, b(n grS^hn unlet alfcn i1)a« !Dtd)tmi fldtefcrt s 
imb rin atpinalifdie* ©otf Ijat i^ ben ijortvefflid)|hn SRebntr 
gefc^tct, beffen SJeirfianb unb @teifl bet ®r6fie bee tSmtTdien 
Sletd)^ glcM) ui^ niitiiB gewrfen. SSaS i|t t£ alfo SSunbeci 
boS aud) baS (leine SSunjlan unfmn flroScn ©eraianten einen 
^oeten gelieftrt ^tr ben au^ bie gr&ften SRef^njs unb 
■^nbcUft&bte na6) buid) feinen i^m @6f)nf Sbtitroffen ^abcn. 
3i^ ntvaijtt beSioegen bUfd racgen it)rtr angene^men Sage. 
unb ftm^oten Oegenbi beUtbte ©tabt gonj unb gar xMf. 
3d) gtfte^ef ba| fte tmij anittr ge(el;rten 3}l&nnet iwgeni bie 
fie f)enicrcgebiraci)t ^U fi^n metfrnfirbig genug fein a&ibt. 
3t)) ficeife |ie vtelntetn; glQdltct); baf fie ee barin aSen anbem 
©tibten iOeutfdjlanb* juMt grt^ani inbem Ite unS ben unfterfc 
li^n Dpie JUT SBelt gtboTen !tat i ber fie. roenn fie gleid) fonft 
ntd)ll merfnj^bigeg aufjunKifen 1)&ttt, U& auf bie f^ite|^n 
3eiten in bem JCnbenfen ber ^ai^wttt er^ften E5nnte. 

£)od), nuE t)a(tt i$ mii^ bei b«i JSaterflabt unfece beutfifien 
SnniuS ouf ; ba boi^ biefelbe nu^ @lans uon i^iem @ct)ne 
erlonget \)at, aU fit bcmfelben txit niUttKtltn !&nnen ? |)&tte 
man nidjt biefelbe lieber gar mit @tinf(l)nieigen ilibergeljen 
fcUm i ba ti oitnebie* ein fcfjIedjteS 8ob atoSer 8eute t|t weWjeS 
wn bet ®ebuttEflabtf obet uon bem SQatetlanbe betfelben ^ 


112 ^atUtbtti. [e&<l)fifdK 0<I)uk. 

SSicilitn lommeni unb ben unai^amen 0^a(ufannn bat 
(Szab einc£ (fteita Titi^mtbti befannt ntad)en: nwt^S ficr 
aat (iner Uripidtjen Uii6ebad)tfoni!dt/ nicf)t melir ju finbfn 
nuttcn. SBai nwb ti mic btnn fib finen JOormuif ai^iat, 
tmnn t(I) glet4)fam> aU gironblfna in £eutfd)Ianbr ben ni^mi 
SanbSteuten bet grofen Dpi^ gleidifam bai @ttab biefcl unc 
fbibltditn Sic^terl ieigen ntnbc j wtWitS ici) gueijt am; gefnt' 
unb )}ttnai) ox cter 3at)tmif nod; gefe^en i unb bei wel^nn 
id)i fo ju rcben/ bat @(UU)be get^an ^btj ^uCe fern Xnbcnttn 
ju emeuein. 

iSSnnen fte mic hutj Magnifice, ^oct)3tbo^fntf ^o^ unb 
roo^lfltbo^OTW, oUtrfriK twf^ftiftlt Mniw(enbe/ bri bicfem 
meinent SSortmbeni btto gn&bigt unb gtneigte Itufmeirffomttft 
Seigen fie je|D buic)) t^ iriUimlu^t @)»ni)»lf baf e< ung/ 
weber on Sieb^bren ber freitn Mti$ti noc^ an iBfre^tem ba 
Xugenb unb gro^ ffiecbienftci nixl) an efxAtebenttn £eutfii)en 
ft^Itr bU aud) bat £ob tinet geletirten unb n^trc^afenen 
Mannet ectcaaen ttnnenf bem mic et fa^ aUein ju banlen 
tratxn, bafi wir in ber XsiiiU unb SUbetunfl !eineni eii^igen 
f)eutig(n BoKt Ot(I nac^Beben biirfen. Biefet patriBlifdie giferi 
ben i(l) out i^rei aUet ^ugen lefci tcirb auc^ bie geljler meiner 
sjtebe erfegen : alt bte o^nebiet aUen i^ren aB<rt^/ con ber 
©eacmcart fo uieler unb fo anfetinUdjn: ^u^&rerr unb uon ilnxm 
gnibigen unb geneigten iSeifaller tniib ertjattrn mfiffen. 

(Si ift niemalt ein fSorrtc^t grower unb berfi^mter @t&btt 
genefeni gro^ 3R&nnec ^enwr ju bringeni bie ^ij bunt) fSerftanb 
unb Sugenb in ber Stit ^emrc get^an ^aben. Wtaxt ^at et faft 
burdjaetjenbt angemerltr ba$ bte Ileinfhn Detterj bie geringftm 
^Icdcnr ei fajl ju aOen 3eiten ben )n:^tisftnl .^auptftlbten 

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barinnni iinoc getfian ^btn. 60 ft^ duc^ oorniaU, fcten 
bcT boiilimltlttn etibtt um bit <SI)n gcfbittm ^btn^ M 
gittUd)ni .fmncrt Qtburtiart in fnn: fo 0Rtn# ift rt aiKs 
^nuu^ baf Eeint Don i^mn tti^ etfyM ) unb baf tin nnaif 
fe^nfit^ £>Drf, ia, eitOcic^ gac tin sfftmt %iVb, obec bat Ufti 
tintd ^fii6, bit\tm groitn iDii^tr btn nrficn Kt^m stgcbtn 
Iwt Sin tUinei: gltdtn 6ti 3Rantiia fjot btr ^BtObt^ttec 
f<i)trinnr 9lem, btn grAftni unttr aOtn itiixn a>ii^tm stlitftrt y 
irab tin atpinotif^tfi ©orf ^ I^ btn w»rtwfflic^|tan atebntc 
9([(])tntetr btfTtn 8Jtrftanb unb @ti|i ba ®i6St M remtfu^n 
Sltic^ alti^ unb to&Mq acntftn. SBat i^ tt alfo JSunbrii 
ba^ au<l) bat Btine Stun^n nnftnn gtafitn QStrmonitn ttntn 
9wttn ettiefert ^t, btn oui^ bit gtt^n 91tfibti^ unb 
^onbttSftibte ns<l) butd) Itintn {^ 6if)nt iibtitrofftn ^btn. 
3(4 xaaift btiwtgen bieft, nitgen i^irtr ongcnt^men iagt, 
unb fni^lbdTtn IStgtnb, btlitbtc etabt gan; unb e«< ni^t 
2ii etfit^f ba^ fie autf) anbrn; gth^rttn fDi&nnn; nttgenr bit 
fit fKrbOTgt&Tac^ ^t, fdwn mottuftibig genug ftin wAibe. 
3<6 fta\t jit Dielme^ glflcEIid), baf fie ti barin oU(n anbtn 
@t&bttn X)tutfd^Ianb£ juvoi: get^an, inbtm (it unt btn unfitirb> 
li^n Cpi( jur XStlt gebortn t)al j bet fiti mnn fie gltii^ fonlt 
ni(i)te mtTtnikbigti ouftutpetficn ^tot/ bis auf bit ^efttn 
Jtiten in bem Jtnbenfen btr 9taijmttt tr^Uen Wnntt. 

Xxii, mai ^altt xij mid) bti btc JBatecflobl unftt« btutfi^n 
Snniue auf; ba boc^ bitftlbt mt^@lan) von itiremSk^nc 
trlon^t ^tj ali fie bonftlben tut ntift^Kiltn Unntn? ^iltc 
man nidit bitfelbe tiibet goc mit efillfdjweiaen flbttflt^n 
folten i ba el ol)nebie8 tin f*Iecf)te« fiob gcoStt feute Ijt, iwldft* 
wn bn: @eburti{labt/ ober uon bem Kateclonbe berfellKn t)er: 

(, Google 

114 ffiottti^rt. [fiotobt auf KSartta Cpi^ 

aeiwtnmen roirb? MecbingSi Magniflce, gnibige, mi ^ait= 
lut^ttnU Xniwfenbef ()Sfte man twi unfenn ootfreffUdjen 
^^tc bd^elbt e&nilid) Qcrfditcefgen ttnncn^ unb tcenn «S 
3lri(^ dn betu^mte^ Uti^tTu ein gropei Slomi abet ctn qtU1}xUi 
JCUranbtiOf flemefen mire. Zfkm, iif ^abt cS mit guKn fSazt 
bebac^h angefu^tt/ um in btefem bcfonbnn $alle Nfto b(utlui)ec' 
ju jrigenf baf unfet 9)oet binefl fremben SSfiftanbeS 6«i^igtff 
unb buret (i^ felbft oOtin 9«>S a^^wfen fet 

USeine Kbfidit ifl auf ctroa^ @rifeT(§ aeri^tet. 34 
iwrbt Bon rino: ©adje nbeni bit, aucf) o^ne attaS iibrigt/ 
wad man i»n Dpt^en rAtimen tannr i^n gan; alUin unfler; 
bltd) gcmad)! ^ben mikbe. @tinc SBorbitnfh um unfen 
gRutterfpracfeef J5i(^n(! unb ffiettifamfeit pnb ti, bic i(^ 
Iwujptfdditid) entR)eTfcn mil Siefe ganj alteinf n>erb{n i\)nnt 
Sector Academic Magniflce, ^o^gebarne, flnSbtg* unb 
^iHif)oU(t)ienb« Xnieefenbej bieftn beutr(l)en ^rtrartCia fo grof 
cor ^ugen flenen. baf fie teincr fernem Sbfu^ilbming fcinn 
librigen SBtfdjdpigungen unb fflegtben^tn con mir oeriangen 
nxrbea S)(uCfd)tanb i)at fdt jweltiunbnt 3ai)ren unsdtilige 
gele^ SKinnct wn altfclri arten txtDOtgEbvadit, mit mtWjtm 
ti alien Einbem oon Suropa 2tro6 biefcn !ann. 3tber ej ^ot 
nuT ctnen dnjigen Cpi| au^umcifeu/ beo ba n: in alien 
fibrigcn 3£rhn bet (SeleljrfamEfit ^Stte grog roetben Knnen, 
bennod) bit Sl)te feineS HJaterlanbcB ber feinigen Borgejctgen, 
unb feincr ^Dtutterfpradje jDienj^ geleiflet ^at, bit fie con nie= 
manbem anberS fo gut ti&ttt ertcorten Unntn. Tmi, btefii t|t 
boi ftltene Sobf nxlci)(S unferm Xiiiftx gaiq dgtn t|L 

0, Gooi^le 

©it^ftfdge ©cfflilf.] Zernftj— JMpluit. 115 

(ttJuiatian jFrirttitt Zitnit? 

Was a pastoral Poet, but ehowed talents for Didac- 
tic poetry in his " Qedanken von dem Endaweehe der 
Welt" (Thoughte upon the Design of the World). 
He died 1744, acd his writings were published after 
hie death tinder the title " V^rsucke in Moraliachen 
tmd Sohdfer Oedichten" (Attempts in Moral and 
Pastoral Poetry). 

Bom at Heichenbach, a village in Lusatia, 1712. 
He edited ^^Rudiger'g Gazette," and assisted 
GoTTBOHED in his writings. MyxtTB waa a great 
naturalist. He was recommended by H&xleb to 
G-EOBQE n. of England, as a scientific traveller 
for the mission to America, but died in London, 
March 6th, 1754. Hia writings were collected by 
Lbssing, and published at Berlin, 1754. 

Journalism received its first impetus from the 
struggle carried on between the rival schools. 
Eoglaad however, which, by the accession of the 
house of Haaover (1714), was at this time brought 
into closer contact with Germany, had already pre- 
ceded us in this path. 

Many now betook themselves vrith eagerness to 
the study of the English Classics, whilst others 
looked for the renewal of our Literature to an 
entire rejection of every French model. 

116 ^aitntv. [H. ©a#fc^ gsdjulc. 

These two parties both arose out of the natural 
reaction from the tenets of the Gottbched school, 
and their appearance -was designated by the appel- 
httion of the Gr<eei>mamia and the Angliymama. 
This last was promoted by the efforts of Abhold 
Ebbbt (1723 — 1795), -whose translations of You^, 
Riehardgon, and Maepherton were in great request. 


%\ixs.%s.ia VStV^tM 'M.s.itMX 

(171!»— 1800), 
Bom at Leipzig, 1719. He was professor of matie- 
matica at the University of Gottingen, and acknow- 
ledged to be a very clever writer of Epigrams. He 
translated a variety of pieces into German from 
the French, English, Dutch, and Swedish languages ; 
composed also didactic Poems, elegies, and odes, 
and wrote with success on the principles of Mathe- 
matics and the history of that science. He died 
in 1800. Hi a works were republished at Berlin in 

On the modem divines and the rationalistic 
interpreters of the Scriptiu'es he wittily remarked, — 
They use the Bible like a ease, in which they put 
their prettiest toys. He asks, " "What is now called 
the progress of time in learning ? " and answers, — 

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H In ber anat^emati! : imniK mitfc wifTm. 
3n bet SlieDlcgit : immci: wenisei: glauben. , 

3n bcr 9t)ilofop^ : tmmn tuut @pTaci)cn rtbtn." ' 

UtllTisttan dFtiicfitegott •S'ClInt 

(1716— 17«9) 
Was bom the 4th of July, 1715, at Hajnichen, in 
Saxony, where his &ther was minister. He com- 
menced hia education at Meiszen, where he lived 
with Gabtitsb and Babenxb, whose tender and 
intimate Mendship greatlj contributed to the hap- 
piness of hia life. 

In 1734, he went to Leipzig, and after studying 
theology there tbr four years, returned home regu- 
larly ordained. 

On his first appearance in the pulpit his weok- 
aesB and natural timidity so overciune him, that he 
was thrown into a state of nerrouaneas, &om which 
he was bng in recovering, and he never again could 
be prevailed upon to enter it. Cotild G-ellebt 
have conquered this timidity, he would probably 
have acquired a distinguished rank among pulpit 
orators. Having been at the outset thus unauccess- ■ 
fill in the ministry, he undertook, in 1739, the 
office of preceptor in a family named De Lutti- 
chaw, near Dresden. He afterwards directed the 
studies of a nephew, whom, in 1741, he took to the 
University of Leipzig, both to continue hia auper- 
jntendence, and to satisfy at the same time his own 

TOIi. I. I 

cjiij^c, Google 

118 ffitnert. [xvm. z<m- 

thirst after knowledge. GtELLEET, after hamig 
passed a year at Leipzig, began to publiah a periodi- 
cal work, entitled " Amusementt of the Heart and 
Underttanding." This contained many original 
tales and fables, didactic poems, and prose dis- 

In these many beauties were discorered, inao- 
mucb that he had scarcely shown himself among 
the German poets, when all eyes were tamed 
towards him. 

The moment a number of this periodical ap- 
peared, the readeir's first care was to search for the 
pieces contributed by G-eluibt. The easy and un- 
adorned style of hia simple and unaffected narra- 
tives, the sweetness and good-nature of his verses, 
the natural expression of a young poet seeking not 
only to please his readers, but to instruct and 
improve them, — ^who was playful without ofienee, 
whose laughter was never tinged with bitterness, 
whose smiles were ever those of Mendship or com- 
passion, — all these qualities were so attractive, that 
the taste for his woAs quickly spread among all 
classes of the public. It is not therefore surprising 
that Gellebt, finding his &ble8 obtained an uni- 
versal admiration, and enabled him to be useful to 
his countrymen, should take delight in cultivating 
a species of poetry which, fi-om the earliest ages, 
has been considered the best calculated to convey 
lessons of wisdom. In 1746, he collected and pub- 

cjiij^c, Google 

n. eimilt mijau.] (SfeOert. 119 

lished his " Fables," which were eagerly welcomed 
by all classes, horn the king to the peasaut. Our 
poet was poHseased of the moet delicate suscepti- 
bilities. It is said that shortly after their publica- 
tion, G^ELLEBT was one day accosted by a Saxon 
peasant, who drove up to his door a cart loaded 
with fire-wood, and demtmded of GI-ellebt himself 
whether he was not the gentleman who composed 
such fine fables P On receiving an answer in the 
affinnatire, the peasant, with joy sparkling in his 
eyes, and many excuses for the Ubert^ he had taken, 
made Gbllbet a present of the contents of the 
cart, as a matk of gratitude for the pleasure he had 
received in reading them. Gellebt was more 
affected by this simple acknowledgment, dictated 
by a generous heart, than he was disturbed by cer- 
tfun orities, who ujijustly reproached him with having 
imitated "La Fontaine." "People will have it," 
says Geliebt, "that I have imitated La Fontaine, 
Mid I can assure them it is not true." — " My great 
ambition," said he, in a tetter to a Mend, "is to 
please and be of service to reasonable people rather 
than to mere scholars. I attach moro importance 
to the approbation of a sensible woman thim to the 
praises of a periodical paper ; and, in tdj opinion, 
one of the populace, if he be endowed with a sound 
judgment, well deserves of me that I should try to 
arrest his attention, to contribute to his amuse- 
ments, and, in narratives easily retainable, to set 

120 (lEfenert. [XVm. Sam- 

useful truths before him, fitted to excite good 
emotions in his eoul." 

The work, " Contolalions Jhr Yaletudinariatu," 
puhliahed in 1747, wb:S well received, and trans- 
lated into several languages. The character of 
Mentor in this book is a picture the principal 
features of which Geluibt borrowed from himself; 
this renders it the more afiecting, aa it is a fiiith- 
ful exhibition of the Bufferinga which almost eveiy 
day of bis life he was subject to. 

In 1751, he also published, at the request of his 
friend Rabbkeb, a collection of letters written to 
Tiffioua literary friends, to which be added some 
on the epistolary style, pointing out the prevailing 
faults, and laying down rules for its improvement. 

His JHdaetie Poems, and some tales, composed 
many years before, appeared in 1754. Baienxb, 
in a letter to G-ellert, says, " How great is your 
modesty, my dear Gelij)et, to consider the appro- 
bation I bestow on your Saered Songs as a part of 
your reward for your labour in writing them ! This 
approbation is entirely your due, and none of your 
readers can refiise it to you, unless they have the 
misfortune to be the enemies of talent and reli- 
gion." G-ellebt'b early timidity had gradually 
left him, and he accepted, in 1751, the chwr of 
Professor extraordinary in moral philosophy. TTii? 
lectures were attended by crowded audience. 
Soon after he began to give lessons in poetry and 

n. ®ic^|tf*e ©t^ufe.] ffieUtrt. 121 

doquenee, for which he never Med carefiilly to 
prepare, however femiliar the eubjects might be; 
80 miBtrustful waa he of himself. In the discourse 
with which G-ELLXBT terminated hia leasona on the 
rules of Poetry, he says, " I have applied myself to 
instruct you, both in poetical objects and in poeti- 
cal style. I own that my leasons will not make 
you poets ; but if nature have given you a poetical 
genius, the rules by which it should be regulated 
cannot be useless ; they will direct your talent, and 
examples will complete your iustnictioii. I have 
particularly made it my study to inspire you with 
the noble and praiseworthy desire of becoming 
judges and critics ; I have set you the example by 
judging my own works with severity as well as 
yours. Bead with care and feeling the best ancient 
and modem poets. Do not be in haste to attempt 
composition, but consult your powers. Apply yonr- 
aelves to direct your genius by a severe judgment, 
and to regulate the fire of your imagination." In 
snother place he says, " How many poets have 
there been who have misused their wit and their 
talents by turning virtue and every thing virtuous 
into ridicule ! Horrible infatuation ! as If it were 
necessMj to be a libertine and wicted, as if it 
were necessary to forget our Creator and our Ee- 
deemer, to be a great writer ! A poet who has to 
reproach himself with having seduced an innocent 
heut by the charms of hia poetry, a poet whose 

122 ffietlert. [XVm. SaW- 

impioua and licentious veroeB continue to corrupt 
his readera long after hie death, and perhaps during 
man^ ages, — is not this wretch a thousand times 
more criminal than he who hj steel and poisim 
would take men's lives P Honour and glorify Ood 
by your poetry, I entreat you, gentlemen, as my 
Menda and brothers. If you devote youraelvee to 
theology, be instrumental in procuring for the use 
of the Church good spiritual songs ; — consider that 
one single hymn may kindle the fire of religion and 
piety in many heai^." Thus 0ellebt instracted 
his disciples. 

The next course of lectures G-ellebt delivered 
to the students was "Zettofu on Moral Fhihio- 
piy ■•" the well-merited renown of those lectures 
soon reached the Court, and <^eli;ebt was invited 
by the Elector of Saiony to dehver three lectures 
at the palace, for which a pension was conferred on 
him. Those lectures were published, and Geixbbt 
often recalled touching drcumBtances connected 
with them. 

The chair of philosophical professor in ordinary 
became vacfmt by the death of Dr. Mviieb, a 
philosopher of some reputation in his time. The 
Court was determined to reward Gellbbt's 
merits by giving him this post. All his friends, 
Babekeb especially, urged him to accept it ; but 
G-ELLEBT reiused, fearing lest he should be dis- 
abled, by his frequent Ulness, from faithiully dia- 

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II. ©id)|tfc^ ©(()uU.] (SfftUrt. 123 

charging it« duties. In a letter to Count de Briihl 
he aayB, " My refusal cannot be detrimental to the 
academy : the little my strength still permite me 
to do, I can do as Professor extraordinary. Had 
this post been offered me in 1761, I should have 
thought myself called upon to accept it; but, in 
1761, it is my duty to entreat that my acceptance 
may be dispensed with. My friends think lite people 
in good health, and they are right ; I think as a 
eick man, and I am in the right also. My resolu- 
tion is not dictated by indolence ; this is proved by 
the works I have published, and the lessons I con- 
tinue to give. The Court rewarded this modest 
disinterestedness, and assigned to him an addi- 
tional pension of 485 crowns, so that he received 
an annual pension of 586 crowns. Buring the last 
years of his life he lectured on vaidous occasions 
before the Elector and Ms Court. In 1769, he was 
listened to with so much pleasure, that the Elector 
requested a copy of his moral lessons for his own 
private study, A new edition of his works, then 
published, was dedicated to the Elector of Saxony. 
In the same year, on the 13th of December, at 
midnight, (tellxkt expired. The Moral Letion» 
have been translated into English by Mrs. Douglas. 
GrBLLBET also wrote different Dramas and 
Comedies, but they are ranked among his inferior 
productions. His "Swedish C(ytmtetg" & novel, 
has been translated into several languages, In 

ovGooi^le — 

124 ffirtUrt. [galKln. 

leftving thie favourite Poet we desire to assure all 
who intend to pursue a thorough study of modem 
Germaa Literature, that they can commence with 
no better author than Gellert. 

J)et StulvX. 

"^tr Jtutut fpiad) iu imaa ^taat, 
Tm auS b(c ®taE)t fntflo^cn imr/ 
f&ai fpri(^ man> fins '^ o" i>> filmptn/ 
f&ai fpri^t man in bcr 0taU twn unfnn 9Sc(i}t«pm? 
Xiai fpddit man Don btr 9tad)tigall? 
«©ie ainj* ®tiiM lo&t i^tt gieber." 
Unb son ber Cndft ? rief ec mttber. 
ffJDic ^altie Stabt lodt i[)cn; Stimme S^nU." 
Unb Mn ber amfeH fn^r et fort. 
«3Cutfi bi(fe lobt man Ijier unb bort." 
S(f) muS bt^ bod) no<^ etna^ ^agm: 
n^Oae, rief eri fpcfi^t man benn Don mit?" 
Da8, fpta* b« Staar, ba< nwJS ttl) nitfrt j« ro9«n J 
iDenn bine &itU nbt non bir. 
00 wiU ic^ fu^t n fort, mid) an b<in ttnbonl xMjin, 
Onb ttotfl OMi mir felbre fpwdjtn. 

2)fe €pinne. 

^oiimim iin it)te Jtfinfte, 
SSatf Bom butdrti^tigtn ©tfpinnfte 
!Die eiptnne mand)tn ftnflem Sliit 
Xuf eintn SSe^cmsunn iui:td i 

(, Google 

UK Jhoh.] CrllrTt. 125 

6a on^tbU^ nw tin Vtbontr 
!Dtc Tf^t Don fdnon Snt^ o^ittb 
3ii Sotfn jctntt ttgntn .^anb 
Sit on bta Sort otrgrabcn ^(ttf 
tliili ouf bm &ifila, ba i^ gniit> 
Ctn eUd mit ^oCbra Xngm ft^ttft 

Bet Sribnncuniif bra orp »t UKnig Sagm 
£« >^(TT )UT Saft mit fid) ind ^uA getiagrat 
Cit^ bitfcT Gpiniu longe jUf 
Dub fcagt julttt: fSoS mbfl btnn bn? 
Umriffnibni I&ft fic^ bit €()inn trbilirtt ^n, 
Da taimfl mi^ tMb inai) fsEc^ S^agtn ^irtn? 
Sd) mbt fikc bit Onrigteit 

B<k!| lotnn trtttiltt fit btn trDtigtn Stfi^: 
So rti^ bit SRa^f mit Secfkn in btn .{>inb«u 
iBon ben ncd) nid)t gepu^ttn XS&nbtn 
iDit Spinnt ntbjt btt Qtoigfeit. 

Sit Xunft ftt) no<ti fo grofi, bit btin IBtrftanb bt|tttt, 
6ic bitibt boc^ Ihitialidj, vxm fit btc fBktt nidit n&ttt. 
jBei^nti tuft (in ^tbonti mein JUif btnn hintn iDanI? 
Sttn ! benn tr fiitfl nii^te mt^r, oU anbttt aSiitteaana. 

Ztz Sinabe. 

Ql^n Snait, bar btn fltiftgtn ^opa 
CfC no^ btn ©ttmtn gurten fa^i 
fGoIlt au(l) btn .^inimtl ttnntn tenun. 
St blitb fitif voc bem @e^rot)i ftt^ni 
Knb faf) begitcig natf) btn ©tetntn i 
VUtinf tr brnttt nic^ tiitl feign. 

(, Google 

L26 ffitlUrt. [gabtln. 

3Ba£ ^Kt^ ti bmni fptadt brauf bet fytabtt 

iDaS id) fall nid)« erfennen !ann ? 

^a, 1)0, nun filtt mirfi (in, wafl ic^ oergefffn ^b« j 

9Hrin aSater fingt e8 anttc* an i 

(St btinjt juitxilen ju, baS ^ab id) nid)t getl)an. 

O tin id) nit^t (in bummn: Rmbt ! 

@^Dn 9ut! ?tun nieig O}, mat id) tt)u: 

Unb ^unig ^ielt er (i^ bic Xugen bt^be ;ui 

Unb fat) bucd)^ @ct)rot)r nac^ ben @ttn)ta 

2)er Srtarv 1 roaS fafe tx Una ? ©afi oUeSi was bu (w^ft, 

9B(nn bu, urn burd) bie @d)dft @Dtt btutli^ fe^n ju ternen, 

©fc bit StJemunfC oorfjti: entjitl)lt 

Eie SBa^tel unb bet li^nping. 

^ut !Bad)HI, nxld)c bet @cfaI)T 
iDeS ®arnJ mit 9tolt) entgangen tear, 
Sieg fid) bet ftolje .li&nfling nieber^ 
SStii^ bauert, fprad) er, bein (Stfititt. 
O! fagti reie ti immer lami 
!DaS man iit btm ^titftit na^m ? 

^i^ fprad) fie, (ocCK jent Slut. 
Unb id), ju Ififtetn tMn 9tatut, 
glog l)in i unb liefer im @etteibe 
^itt i^ btn Son ber Heb unb S^eube. 
Sit lief 1 laum nal)t ic^ mid) bem Som 
®o ^te mi^ baS 9teg au^ fd)on. 

9aS 9te$, fptad) btefct, nid)t gn fet)n ? 
X3tt ^attetgeiit ift te^t gefdic^n. 
!Ran mug, mill man ein ®Uid geniegen, 
£ie greit)ett ju be^aupCen m^tn. 

(, Google 

3Eorafif4( BoricfiiiiatR.] erOtrt. 127 

Qiii IRfti tiot fSn^ mi^ nimnwrmtj i r 
IFi flitgl mib nift in4 '■ Sttrt tC bit ! 

Atrj branf fu^ fit bto Snxnbi btr i^ 

Sn orifhi Dnttrrittit grgtbtiif 

ICnf linrc jBogrliu^ fkbcn. 

€|mi^ ticf ^1 nit ti tmnur tantr 

Z)af nan bii bdnt grri^ no^? 
Bit Srtunbiiif fpnii^ ttf ging mic no^ 

Dit i^ in bitfhn Bautt fa^ 

Sic rirff unb butd) bad @Ul(f beniostnr 

Urn |tf )u ftpiv tarn i(^ ^tftogtib 

Sun iDrig ii^ nii^tf bxKi) utUit ei^ 

9Xein guf ^ onetfefjfU ifll 
9ie Stut^f fpTod) fiti nit^t gu fe^? 

£iii: Slattngrilt tft itc^ gcfctit^n. 

SKan rauSf min man tin Wiut smxtimi 

ZHt ^cti^t )u bt^uptm roiflen. 

Kun lenw, mim hid^ nicy wtbrieft, 

93i{ na^ btr gaC btnt eHjon i(t 1 

WIgemcine 9)titte[ jut jSugenb ju gelangen unb fte 
ju »enne^ten '. 

^e wenigtr rdt biefe aSelti uni f€tb|t unb anbtte SRtnfdben 
fcnnen, belfe mtfjc |lett un|ir ffitrponb in (Stfa^/ mit 3rtt 
Itjdman unb fSorurCfKiten nfdllt ju NKtbcnf unb befto mefn; ift 
unfn ^s ben Steigungtn unb EtibtnT^fttn untentioTfeni bie 
Ur 9Bei£^ unb Sugcnb fitfi aiberfeten unb unS unottntntt 

(, Google 

128 ^tUtrt. [aXraatif^ IBoctefunecn. 

auf bie JSo^n bcS bi(f)t1inng unb bts eafhre lettcn. jDaraui 
fa[gtbictiot^tiienbigt9ieael: SStm&^t bid) fid^ Don beintn 
trften 3(i^ren an bie aStlt, bit 3itcnfc))en unb biil) 
Telbfl (fnndt unb immet gtnoutt (tnnen ju Urnen. 
JBfeU iKrieben oft untei immmD&^ienixn ^erltreuungen bie 
^IfCc il)cetr Sa^c o^nt mit @m^ batan ju bm&n/ ivaS bie 
ffielt iftr unb ttMrum fU auf bei Skit finb. Itni ben ^axA: 
lungen bet mei(ltn/ unb noi^ nidjt btc ftftltmmflen SHenfdien 
iu utt^ilenf m^gle man etaubeni fie tjtelten fid) be^tiKgen faa 
(Sett auf bie Qrbe gefr^t, um ilircn @innen unb t^ret Qinbib 
bung ju f4nKitt)eIn, obet bie JStifte i^ti Seiftefi unb it&tt 
\o animoenbcni bamit fie Sequemlid)feitr Uebetflufir Qifcti 
Kemftt unb ffiSfirben etbeufen mii^n. ffiJit (ommen felten 
Dber bod) fpit baiin, baf mic biefe Skit unb bie tiinfttse mil 
unfetTt @eban&n al8 etoai nerbunbeneS beti:ad)ten leniteni 
unb niic foUttn unS boi^/ ivenn imc wetfe fein noQteiif Don 
3uflenb auf geroi()nen atfo ju benfcn; f,>Oiefe Selt t|l ein CW 
bei Siocbereilungr biefeS Seben ein SStanb ber ^T^fungr aw vm 
taa bxadi @e^am gegen imfem ®d)i)ifei: )u einec Eiinftiaen 
unenblic^ ^ltd)eni SBelt gefdiittt mad)tn foSen. 00 unttv 
fi^ben bie 9l!enfd)tn ^ier an @labenf ®t&nbcn( Skcni^tunsen 
onb @lli)<t«^ern finb: fo ^aben t<< ^oi aUe dn Hmt, rine 
Vflic^r n&mli^ nad) bcm il)nen lugefallenen Coofe ttjten @)t< 
^rfam unb it)ce Siebe gegen bie S3orfet)un9 ju iiben. JDiefeS fed 
ber 1)0^ unb niebrtQCr ber rcid)e unb ormei ber nKtfe nnb eiit: 
f iltigef ber gele^e unb ber ^nbn)crtfimann> ber gt£t£ti^ unb 
bet geplagte t^un. 3n biefem fKinftc oerfammeln fic^ oOe 
eitrien bei ^iOtlt ber 9&eU. SSer in ber ^flid)ti in bie er eefe(t 
t|{| trcu ift unb bei btefer Sreue auf bie Siorfe^unQ jur&t fiel)t/ 

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II. 0id)fif*« ©i^uU.] ffitOm. 129 

ber ^at t^cn SSetfaUf i^ccn ®(%u^, unb in bn ffinftigen SQelt 
bie Btloljnuna feinrt SBet^oUenS iu genUftn. ffiet pi^ bwfnr 
?ifli*t ttteiaect unb bta Itbfic^fen ®ottcS roiberfltlrfi bn nrfbws 
ftel)t feinrm eignen gegennirligen (Sii&iit, iinadttct bit Qtttlid)e 
®nabe unb etlt nutgtn ®frafen entgfgen." 

X)iefe aSorfteUuna uim bee SBcttf oenn mr fte con ben evflen 
Sa^ren an ticf in tuifn Seelt bntthen unb ]ur @cunbfette 
unfrtt ftttlttlKn ■^nblungen mac^ttm nflcU m^xt aiugenb in 
nltni Umflinbnt untecftfi^n f)tlfen. ®ic rouibe una im @Iude 
aSiiSiflung' im Unglutfe ©tluffen^it, in b(n Ijitfifien asitrben 
2)eniutr in btm nitbriglten @tanbc Sbelmut unb itbtcaU JlBeids 
^it U^ttn, bie L^inbetnifie ber Sugmb itUt/Ut ju fibemiinbenj 
unS ni(^ blog Don ben Sinnen Idten jn laffen nnb unfec ®(&cl 
mti)t in unS felbft ju fudjen. SBir tecnen gnneinigliii) 6ei unferm 
Sintdtte in bie grcfe aSeU bie SItenfeljen in einem fe^ fulfcfjen 
tid)te (ennen. — S5ir unfwfcfeeiben felten boSi waS ber 51ilenf4 
nicflii^ t|lf Don benti ma£ er ju {ein fd)etnt unb ;u f^einen fk^ 
bemii^t BaS i|l bet tDIcnTd) Don 9tatuc? ®ein ESer|tanb ifl 
burd) Unwifi'enlieit unb ©infatt wrfin|fert( fcin ■^tq mit bBfen 
Seigungen unb einer unmSftgen ©elbfUiebe ecfiiltt, unb fein 
£&ipeT ift ein ynittifliditii ^i)mxifii unb ungefunbeg 3Qof)ns 
tiauS fk feine @eele. Unb leafi ifi bet gtftfite S^eil bn <!Senf(I)ntr 
aud^ wenn et buti^ 3uil)t unb ^nft Decbeffett worben ! aSeifienS 
eine JBrnnifEtung non @d}nKict)t)eit unb ®t&tfei uon 9BeiSf)eit 
unb S^ot^eitr Don SCugenb unb Safleci wn SlvS^t unb Unru^. 
SSalb Pe^t ber Sltenfi^ feine gSSngel bea ©eifteS unb Altpert 
unb Dettirgt pej balb mill k fie nitftt fe^en unb bejTnr frfieinen 
oK er ift. — SEBet meig nic^t, baf bafl JEIetb, ber Xuftug, bafl-®e= 
fblgTr ber @tanh baS ®efd]Ced^r bie <ERienef bits ®t\vti<i)i bk 

cjiij^c, Google 

130 (ffifellert. [93i«aUfd)e iBoirkfungcn. 

&u0ete fobeitSortr nic^ bee SSenfi^i nid)t baB ®ctl>|l beg 
Stenfil^n. tri^t feint wai)re 3SAtbei unb a!fo aud) nidgt fnn 
tsa^ceS @liid tjl? Unb ^^li^el wit oft laffni mic un8 von 
bieftra ®ct)ein( 6Iinb(n! SBSie op nit^t alUin in unfem frii^ern 
3a&«ni fonbem auci) wol noc^ in btn fpStcm toffen wir unfer 
Vuger unfei O^i von bem SBertiK bei USenf^n unb feints @l&i& 
int^eilni/ unb t^ufc^n unfi mit St&unicn bei SinbUbung unb 
mit bem a!Bunfil)e unfrc QiUid naij biefen Sciumtn einjits 

aSir ticten in tine gcof e ®tf(afcl)aft, in eine tSeTelir^aft bet 
Domeiimenf unb was erbltdm nir ba? n)eifei e^nc&rbi^Cr 
tugenb^fCer (KtminbemSniiiEbige unb gluiIlidK @ef(l)ipfef Me 
wk ju fein mfinfi^ bemi Sitten nit nat^tjmen D^ne (it etfl 
)u unterfudien. Unb uuS nnkbea n>tc oft fe^en^ ii>enn wit; 
nic^ naifi ben Sinnen urttKilten ! S)aniia bitfet gn>Se f)n:i(i)t : 
altti t)6n it)n oil ein Crobl an j a rebl con ben @ef(f)iften 
bee Waati mit einfici)tAw&ei: SeTettfamteit; loie angenetiin 
unb no^btiidltdi i|l fein S£on unb wie berebt unb ebcl feint 
mkiu I TCOti ifl ICnftonb an iiim. iDie ^ad)t feiner Aleibung 
erfitbt fein Knfe^n/ unb no er ^trittj folgen i^m Hv^tata 
unb SSerelitec j man beniui*ert i|n iibevalE i benn au^ *teini8= 
feittn et^alttn einen 3Sat^ bur^ i^n. 3>iefer 3Kann bee^tt 
mid) mit einei gfiniligen SXiene. iffielc^ tin ®IMI ®t 
ni.1)nt fi4 miTi urn mit mit ju fprtc^n, meine Xntnjorten 
gefaUen tl)m ; er Hopft mil betfaitgooU auf bie ©diultet. 3<f| 
jittre BOt greubeti. St hit meine Sefd)eibeniieit 6ffentlidv er 
rfi^mt mtint aSJiffenfcfjaft, oerfpric^t mit fctnt @nab«, in futjtm 
ftine Sreunbfi^o^ D mit glQ^ld) bin id) 1 unb »ie e^mih1)tg 
ifi biefer gtoft I — Settogener Sdngling I 

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II. ©d4|if*( S*ut(.] tfeOrrt. 131 

Vitt tft bcc grof e bn bid) t^ ? 
fptic^I hnnt a btr aktbicnfte SBnt^ ? 
|t( t^ aui fdiwm fy>^ StanbCr 
citUei^lt wiib bit ftui ffieifaU tidii/ 
uidttit^ ^lt|l bu f^m mett^ ju fnn 
nunmefjt fir eint ®t^nb«. 

9Su ttrikbcft bu crfdfin&ni wcnn bu bfefnn 3Rannt in bo,i 
iimerlte fdnee .^ene folgen Unattfl I Xrennt baS oon ft)m 
BM* nitiit frin ifl gotgt Oim in frin 3iinm(r wo « ftin 
Crbtnibanbi ftfn bUnbtnbrt SIrib, frine 6Ii?enbtn ©iamiinttn 
ablegt 3ft bi(f(g nod) bcr bnmtnbmmgSwihbigc Airpn;? 
mellric^ fu^ft bu tintn ficib bini!^ eaUnr unb XuJf^Mffunatn 
entfr&flet anb gef<!^Anbet i oitUiidjt f^mitu a fiH), urn ftine 
eeb«d)in ;u wrbergtn. golgt il)in in feint SShIc aaik i ^brt 
i^n ceben unb btntm j i|l tr b« roeife, bn atflCHidjc, b« er Mr 
iu fdn fii)im ? Betfdjloffen in feinetn 3immo: fprid)! er oon 
bfiwn, Me a liiititn, unb wn bcnen, tie tr ju ftinet @i(^^ 
eri)cben »iIL 6eine ®taaUtunft ifl mt ocbeitfame Sifl fid) 
b(i ban SU^nttn bcliebt unb fdn eigtned ®[iid imnm gtrifnr 
unb fefin ju mac^ 

3n (btn Uefti ©eftOTdKift |te^ bet SihgCing tine Caniti 
ber man ben 9lut)m bn ISnmutf bet Xugenb unb bet Ccbeniart 
nt^tiUt aSit el4njt iljt Vnjogf unb me^t aU alle i^re 
3u)MUn i^ belebtej Vugt! 3CIIe« ifl ©efdimad in t^ter 
JUetbung unb in iljTem SBettagen. Sic f^etjti unb man 
berounbett fie. 3San tebt eintge Jfugenblich oon (tn|ll)aften 
SorfiUem pon bet Stjie^ung dneg jungen gr&uIeinSf unb bieft 
SDiune tebt aSctS^itf \pnitf 9&ttUd)e SSittenfptfidje unb ot^tt 
Setflanb. 0ie lanjtr nnb i^te ^erfon gefiitt nod) me^t: 

cjiij^c, Google 

182 dStXlrrt. [9Sara(iri^ Sorlefungm. 

out i{t fni unb eroB- @ic fpielt unb t^ut ti mit dntm 
Xnflanber tfr btm &})itU bai Knfeffen eiiur eblen Scft^fHguns 
gibt ffieldie litbenfini^tigt ^eifon bej ft^ntn ®efi^lt4»> 
btntt bcr SCtne'ingi unb pcrift Sjttn @ema^Ir hn fit oft be? 
fi^ibtn anI<^Ui gt&itfcelig. Xbcr biefe grof ( ^etrfon auf btm 
S^otei: bei ^eUr an tft fiei entfemt son btm ^nangt bei 
Stftttfdjaft, tntllribrt wn btm tnigenbtn ®d)tnucte, btfrrit 
Don btn ^t^tln btS @tanbt§ unb bet SSegieTbe ju gefaUtn? ivtr 
tft fit in i^m Simmer, bti i^nn Ainbemi bti i^trm @ema^It,bti 
i^rm IBcbitnttn ? SSit tilt nac^ ■fiauft. O nit ^t ^< bunl) 
it)rcn St^ud fo uttle ^t^Ier unb @e&ttd)tn i^tti SChptti {u 
bebccten unb burife ttnfllid)tn ^Xnfldcfi bit bleic^ fcanft garbt 
bti @tfid)t« in tint firif<f|c gefunbe ju wnnanbeln senwStI 
@it ivolttt alfo ftinr was fit ni^ wot : fie ^inlergine bai Vugt 
mi SiltCttit. 

jDit @t(eQf^^ Don btr mil gtfprodjtnr ifi in btm ^nfe 
nati iKimt^mcn rdiffni eintj reii^n oon @>efi^mac!e. iDtt 
3inglinfl fdjliefit auS feinei: ^vaijU an* btm Uebttflufft, aul 
bem ©ffotgt, au* ber TCipsoi, bit i^m anbw btjeigen, ouf ftin 
@lfi(t unb fa^ bit SRtinunSf niei: fo lekn I£nntf niit Supin, fei 
ffiluKUt). 3f! erg mirllid) obtc fd^int er ti nur ju [tin! gafTet 
nn« feinen Suftanb tntiwrfen unb ftin ffletenntni^ i)6ren. 
iil eWrfliil)? fpra* fiupini unb fc^n tntwifi^ten 3%en. 
gSein ®oi)n tin S86fe«ii(l)t> btn id) ni^t btffern !onn. 
mein ilBtib baS mid) nid)t liebt — 3^ ungliiiitftelgeE tRann 1 
aSoS Iiilft mir mein $alaft? ivaS t)e(ftn asiaiontn? 
n&vb ii^ bit* iSltnb lofi/ in ■^Atten nwCU idi ooljntn. 
Unb gleidwDl wit oft preifen mic nid^t bnrc^ ben iufiem Slant 
gebltnbtt bit Su))ine gliitnid) unb {Ictben na$ i^rem (Dliicte 

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anotaliftfte ajortefimaen.] ffitUert. 133 

ait mij tm gc^ta ^ufneben^eit M Itbtnil 9Ste fttnaet 
witb unS bit IKberieugung, baf ber nidje oft ami bei frinetn 
8ieic^tl)ume unb bn atmt veii) bd fciner TCtmxit, baf (in guWr 
fOtut aud) o^nc bie Slafetn be& XUitiflu^ti ein tlglid^eS aSoI: 
lebtn f(i i baj Ur SBeg bet Sugenb brt gtommtn gnubt fd 
aud) fm ®tauki unb baf bei Saftei^afte nmringt mtt aKrai 
©Ificb ber ^o^it bennoc^ (Itnb unb 6lfe fd ! SBit fd)iwrIW) 
latm man fid) u&errcben, baf dn unbcfanntet Ztbtn viel nituc: 
It<!l)ei; nnb btqutmtt fd alS dn grof er SRutjm « ba| beri ber 
fti^ in Znnttt unb SSficben bi&ngt unb naij Qtroalt bti bem 
Jttnige xia^ oft nur nad) ben Setttn b« ®tlQ«rei ringt j 
bafi bei 9Inb unb bie ISifecfudit gegen bici bie ung glQifitd) 
fd)rinen, cine boppdf e S^or^rit fd : S^or^dt aCS dnt ®inU, 
Xt)oc^ ale dn 3irEtf)um> neil ti gac fdnen 9Ittb auf @tben 
geben m&tbt, ronrn mir toilEif«n, n)i( wtnia anbrt 9Stnfd)(n bes 
f!^ obei: geniefen 1 aBit fi^nmrlii^ f ann man ftc^ iibttttbin, 
baf bit ma%-M &cbit unb ^ol)dt beg ^OtenTdftn ntd)t |id)tbari 
nic^ finnlid) Tei unb ganj aUein fik bai ICuge beS !SnftanbeS 
ge^bte i baf aB(ief)dt, ®vtt, @ered)tisfeit unb Aenntnif btf 
jntiflen SBJa^r^dtf bw unS (Sotti fdnt ffioKfcmmentjdteni fdne 
iKtltgenVbfi^ten unb aBege dd)tig (ennen unb uece^Ttn U^ttti 
baf bie SefStbeninB bet nja^ten immetwilirenben Sffiolfa^ 
uetnAnfKfln; (Sefi^ft, bie @ttettung bet SOtenfdien oon itnrem 
Ketbetben: baf biefei aOdn Q»fe unb nat)Tt)aftiQ et^abne 
©egenfiink unb ©fiter bet ©eele feitn, unb bof adtS Znbit 
bcgegenr anet iufertidjet (Stanj fidn unb nid)tfi frii teine 
^(fKid)tung vetbienti !eine wa^te ^Iieit geben finne I 

o,Gooi^l>j — 

[xvni. so^i*. 

SUt &iiU ©otteS. 

Sft t« em gSnif*, bin pe nu^ rii^, 
Z)ec mil Dri^rtettnt @enii!iCf)( 
iDcn :D<m{ crfUtftf ber t^c gt&i^rt ? 
Mftiu fdne eiebe ju antfffnv 
Sep enrffl meine gi5fte ^flit^t 
Ztec ^err ^ot metn noc^ nfe txietfiicn! 
Ktc0, mein .^tt)i aut^ feiner nu^tl 

BBec ^at mic^ tDui^ecbor bereittt ? 
Xlet ©ottf bet mdnn nU^ bcbaif. 
SQet t)at mit eangmut^ tnti^ geteitet? 
Sir bcffcn 9Iatt i^ oft Mt»atf. 
Sec ft&ctt ben Si^ben fm QetmiTtn ? 
SBetr giebt bem @rifle neue Xcop ? 
SBn U^ mid) fo Diet iStadt gentefen ? 
Sirs nldjt fnn 3Crm, ber oBeB (*afft? 

£)^u', mein @ti|If in jenee Sebcnr 
3u )Mld)em bu erfctwffen bifb 
SBo bO/ mtt .^tii^it umgetwn 
®ott tnia f'^n 'o^ leie n i|t 
iDu ^aft ein 8bd)t in Wefen S<^eubtn i 
£mrd) @otte« @iU |mb fu beiiu 
eie^/ bontm mufte tS^Tijhti leiben, 
XUmit bu {tnntefl felig ft^n ! 

Wnb biefen ®ott foOf i^ niHf ttittn, 
Unb feine ®£tte nf^ nerjhtin? 
St foSte nifcn i id) ni:^ ^'t^'n ? 
!Den SBeg/ btn ti mir jeigti nt(^ e^n ? 

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II. ©Adirtfc^ €k^b.] Kabtntr. I3S 

&da fSM' i|l mk in'g ^oi gtfditietxn ; 

@att fan id) at^ oUcfl mttt, 
Unb meliun Stidifbit skid) aU mu& 

Sie^ iff mdn Xunff btt$ i^ fnn SEStUe 
2<& foa iwUbinmen fe^ii/ toie ec 
@o tang ii^ bieg ®ebot eiffiaer 
©teE' id) fein Sflbntf in mir (to. 
eebt feine eieb' tn mdntc @eelt, 
@o ttetlit fie mid) iu jtbec ^ic^ j 
Unb 06 i(6 fdjon aud ©djroacfefeeit fe()le, 
^nrfd|t bod) intnii: bte Siinbc n[d)t. 

<© @ott, (af beine @iif unb Eiebc 
gSit immerbat Dor Kugen ff i>n 1 
@ie fl&rC in mir bie guUn SStiebcr 
Stein gonjej fieben bic ju roeil)n. 
®ie txijle mid) ;uv 3eit ber ®(^eijen i 
®ie Ceitc mid) jui: 3eit bei ®lias i 
Unb fie befieg' in neinem .^ra 
Die ^aittit beg le^ten Kusenblt(t& 

0ottUf1i 2l2aat)tlm Vmttmi 

A oelebrated aatiriat, woa bom the 17th September, 
1714, at Wachau, near Leipzig. His father wae 
an enuBent lawyer. Babeneb was sent to Leipzig 
to study for the same profession. He became first 
known to the public through his contributions 
to the periodical edited by hia friend Qhllezt. 
BA^insa distinguished himself particularly by his 

136 JKtfiener. [H. ©idfjfif^ ®^. 

Batmcal compoaitions. He evinces in his works 
great wit, pure taste, and strong powers of obser- 

His " Satirieal Letter*" published in 1752, are 
written in an amiable and cbeerfiil strain of wit, and 
contain lively pictures of tbe customs of the age. 
He died at Dresden on the 22nd March, l77l. 

A new edition of hia works, in six volumes, waa 
published in 1840. The following are the most 
entertaining : " Da* Madcken vom ersten Afril" 
" Das deutsche Worlerbveh," " EJim's TodtenUtte," 
"Die SprichwSrter (jtroverhi) det fama;" and the 
" Sati/riscie Srieje." 

Stabtntt an ©cBett. 

%^bfia: ®ellert ! 
Hut mcineni EScicfe an ben ^crm 6oinm!niDneratl)r ten idj 
^tm> Si. . - DDr ttltc^ten Sagen gugellelltr itxcbtn ®ie einigt 
9tai^rid)t con m(inem tcaudgen ^idfale ecfc^n liaben. I£ci 
laubcn @i( ntirr ha$ US} nric^ aui^ not 3t)n(n bacon untnr^Itc j 
bcnn id) finbe eiiu groft aseru^ung barin. wenn ii> dn«n fo 
litbta gwunbti roii ©if finb, nwin UnBtficf Kagfn taniu SBa* 
bie Utnll&nbe bicfei; SelaQerune i!lbM;^u))t Ixttifftf fo nxrU iti) 
miti) bab«i iwmg auftwtten, unb miff) auf rin SEagebud) bcjiffeen/ 
RKld)e£ untn bee Kutorit&t unfeire Souueineure ^tr ^auS? 
gefommnv tinb fc^r juwrliffig i|li luir Don mdnen rigencn 
SufiOtn n^ i(^ etuui melben. Xtn 14. 3uli mit Knbrud) beg 
SCageS fing bie Aanonabe unb bai Simctifen ber .^nubiSgianaten 
auf bit ftiiniflii^fte Xrt an. gt:^ um a(^ U^c torn rine foU^ 

cjiij^c, Google 

iBriff an ®(l(nl] iHabmtv. 137 

®tar\att in mein ^intmei ((ie modft mel^t als brrifKe ¥funb 
witgen), ifrftftmettCTte bie ®tub« mdiKfi S&bimtfn unb jilnbrti. 
3Qir I5fi!^(n ben Srattb unb ma(I)tta alle mSgIiii)C ThtftaUtn. 
Sett «S aber (Sranatra nnb iwilfijfflntfge fluaetn auf mein 
■^aui unb bit bena(l)bacte (Scgtnb regnetef mclilKt bie ICbfit^ 
^ben mot^i bal jiRinjig S^dtte twn nuinec aBoi)nung txs 
jinlilidie ^ulDecmQaajin in We Suft p fpwnaeni fo iwtfte ic^ 
meine @iid)en/ fo Dtel eS o^e Stefa^r evfd)o|Ten ju metbeni an: 
gtngf juTammeni fd^lfte fte t^eiU in ben £eUeCf t^ld in ein 
@em&lbe, unb pAdititi HbttM um ac^ U^ nai^ ber 9teu|tabt 
JU ®. . . Sbet auif ^ire fing am 15. bie Mngft an. unb in (utjer 
3dt fuiinn tinige inuEfpf^bige £ugeln inS {tauSr natie bei mic 
twrbei 3ti biefec eebenSgefatn: btot^ten mvc bie ©annabenbS jUr 
K» tie jDauntfdje Mmwe bie SSeite Don ber Sleullabf befteite, 
neUijeS bit gcb^te ®nabe »acr bie ant ®ott in bet JSe&ngfKgung 
eijeigen tonnte. iOenn eben biefen Za%i befonbars um jmilf U^e 
SKittaaS, ging baS unglildtit^ Scmbaibement ber Stefiben; an. 
!0iet)r ali f)unbetC aSomben fielen in einet Iteit von biei 0tunben 
auf bie Areusgalfe unb JCici^j um tma Ul)r branntc mein 
^ue, unb um sier U^r tcu^te {<^ mein &i^i^al SHe SSomben 
lialten baS (Smelbti mo^tn wir alle unfite ©adjen geftftafft 
^atfem yn^^mtttat unb XQee vetbninnt j ber JteUer aber nut 
con ben Solbateui bie Uf^n foUleiir tein auigeplflnbert nwrben. 
3Kein Sebtenter. ber treue^ !Dtcnfd) von ber fEklt, ^tte fii% 
fo lange im ^aufe oufge^aUen/ bi§ ti onfingj einjuitihrjeni unb 
Ijatte tin Hufienb folt^ ©c^uttm (jinauigeprftgea i enblid) aber 
tsarb et ilbetmanntr unb fliid)tete ju ntir nuc^ 9Ieuftabt Sor 
Bergniigen) ben efjtlidjen Serli ben i^ fdjon fiiir erftt)offen ober 
o«bronnt liielf. wiebtr ju fe^i fu^lte id) ben Sdimerj nur 
t)alb/ ben mit bie 9Iad)i:i^ oon rnonem SSnIufte natOrlit^ 

138 JRrttiwr. {ll.&im^^m^ 

flBefflE Dermfot^ tnafitt. CSoOtt ti ni<^ itxf) t^tnir licb^ 
®cllnt( in {tfo^i M olb mefne Stttnii Xlttbcr, iSAfc^f 
Sii(^/ ^dpfnt, e^ribtt unb £Stlil)te jn Vf^c oeibniimt 
ivann? unb ©ta wiffnif wie wttyWi mW) b« .^mel mft aK* 
Mcfem stfegntt ^ (Bott juni ^hdfc mnf i^ a^fk^ bof Hi) 
mi^ {ibn bicfen gco^n SSalufl nic^t dnen Xugcnblid bettfibc. 
SI woe ntba fUt^lnioni nod) y^flofop^tef bie mid) (b nntnbcrbar 
bnulrigte } Ooltrt ®nabe oOnn war H. 9I^M ocn XOem twbe 
ic^ gtrtttttr oU dnm abgetro^nen Smffai unb tin ^aor attc 
Obti^btni bit id) auf bit @tiR gtltgt ^attd nm fie metncm 
Stbiniten )u gebcn. Sonntog frd^ fEng man an^ aud) fik bit 
SteuHobt btfptgt gu ftqn/ nnb eiel taufenb ^en^ifyn gingen judi 
iCfyx ^inouir auf bafl offtnt %(&, aab in bie iBtinbtcgt. Sdft 
folgtt mitr unb mtfn Sebindn muftt metn Stiinbtld)tn nntcr 
ben Haa nefunnif mtin gonicr 81ti<!^unt. Sm: bem &tfaafi ' 
fanb it^ ffnni jtrbrodfcnnt SBtinpfa()If auf btn ft&%tt U) mify 
nnb ntotttt bd dmc bnnntnben 4>i(t bmc^ btn Sonb tint 
iDItiCt IBtgS tvttt )ti mefntm Stennbcr auf feinen ffidnbtiat nw 
id) notifbihrftigtt (Sffen unb guttt SBaffer fanb. SSeit bnn 13. 
Kbenbi wot it!^ in trin Sttt gtbmmenj unb au^ l)ter lag id) 
bK aSittoo* auf btt fiibt 3d) litt enbliil6 feftigen Sagrt 
nad) ■^ofcnjUinr eiei a)trilen con SwtJbtni unb a>tU mtin fSts 
bimter e<in} 6:afclo£ war/ fo UtP ii^ i^n awei aXtilen ttiten unb 
ben Abrigra Sitg ging ci jn gu^. 3n <^a%«i|ltin fatA ic^ gutc 
Situnbtf bie atu^ abgebiannt maienr unb wii (ebttn ni^igi be* 
quem unb fe^ vcrenilgt Sonnabenbt nat^ btm Sbtftagt gingea 
uir iutddf unb id) befinbt mi4 feitbem etfunb, bo<^ nnt ®te 
mo^l ^uben tinntn, gar niii^ in meina Crbnung. 3i^ bin 
no* Dot oieltn tauftnb aStnfc^n gliiiHid) } benn tdn dnjietr 

' ToTDplk*. 


airkf<m«d[al] tUAttitt. 139 

(WD tnrinot Si^ttmbn: tmb Sdonntni tfl Dntmimt obcr a^ 
f^ofini nortfiif i4 ^ atfunb arbUcbob unb ^bc no<^ hoot 
@tSb godttt etUMi Don oltnn Xifi:^ mtb Settjnigt iff btf 
dncni Scfannttn umxTtnut^ gaitttt nwcbciif nnb fo ntirig t4 
rt iKcbtm (u^ittttf fo tub iff ts mil nunme^ IDtt 3XangtI an 
Jtkiban mtb S&fi^ iff ber anp|Ii^Iii^f uiril man f)in; irii^ 
betomnwn faoBt nnb mdf)t wdfi imi tangt nnj @ott Stnbe 
fn^mtt — fltriiw Sif^ bit bantrn tnicf) t aSe Xnf|^ unb 
fDtaauf(rif<(< bit m^ mnnnn SEiAt foIUni gcbniA nntob fmb 
niit Mibianiit SinsnfrtSIildfkMtStamnttnfCignSrit! 
Vtk SScitfe Don S^ntn unb nuintn Abrigtii Srambtiif ntbft 
eincT SSatntnlune oon nKliacn Sckfcn Mtfii^iebenn Srtf ffnb 
Idbrt and) fbtt Gm))^^ Sit mii!^ alien meinen grtunbcn 
anf« etfft. Saim ifii txuti no4 on unftm XSci^ f(l)te{ben< fo 
niill Id) e« tljun. Xn^erbera bitte ii^ Sie* i^n bitfen 9$ritf tefen 
gu lafRif fa tDie ben t^ilid)ni S^lf wtldjetr fo balb aU ^tt fSaHjt 
nnb Sricben gkbtf t« gnvi^ tmpfinbcn foKf bag aUe nwtnt S)fld)tr 
wrbrannt ftnbf bean ti^ urill il)n ^mad) in (Sontribntion ft^ 
mtrbenSuf' judna nnunS!libtial^)ufd)en!en. ^nKitnti^ 
a nid]t baun aalKnf totim ti (bitr bag mtinc roieiem SXanib 
fciiptti imb olfo feinet @o^ne« t&iftigtr Snlag ', mit uttbrannt 
ffnb i aba ii) tmQ i^n fi^n tdegtnf unb ttxnn cr mii^ n<ilb 
mac^ fo fi^dbt H) nribtr feine eigne Heine ^Terfcn einen 
Sanb @atipren in Ztncbej gnxi -^inbe Haifr ti)c[i:()e( itemlid^ 
tat gormat con feincnt Xftqxr feipn nrirt. — Xn baS <|)aui 
et . . bitCe nuincn untn^nEgflni Slefipett jn venntttien. ItBtt 
nw^t l)aben bie gn&bige grau Xomntei^trrin 0ett)an, baS fit 
fi^ nii^t rait bti gStt[td)en S'isung fibcteiU ^abcn. Slunnu^ 

' Bull 01 bejimiliic. > FablluUloii). 

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140 sBa&entr. [II. sa^fifdit @4ul(. 

^un^tttt mUk mit meinei Si^aur ba ic^ tmS ©Iflil ^ahr allein 
jU pungent. lUbn fagen Wt, id) 1.itft untnttjAntgfl bitttiir bat)fn 
ju f<^enf bag meine tiinftige grau brei taufcnb X^Iec tnc^ 
If&tte, aU duSn biettm UnglCicte aCaU nitiitg gntKfen fe^ni fa 
^od) fd^i^ id) meiiKii Sietlu% 9tutr ein eigtnee .|iaue foil fit 
nid^ tiaben. iDenn ic)) fann mir nic^ ©c^cittic^trt OKfUUati 
ale bie Umft&nbe dned 3Kanneei bet nut bee ^ufei oegen eine 
Siau nininit> boS .^uS abec burd)l gcuei: wrlieirtf o^ne bai 
(eine twn^e ^[fte jugteid) mit Dtrbtennt — geben @ie rooiH, 
metn befhr Sreunb. 3^ tnn tn Seuerfts unb SafTeinot^ 
Dreiben, am 9. augujt „Mld)er JRabmer. 


Sustus .dFrietinei^ tiaailiirlni >^st^ma 

A writer of satirical and comic heroic poeme, wae 
bom at Frankenhaiisen, Thurin^a, May Isb, 1726. 
ZA.CHABIA was gifted with great wit, and well under- 
stood how to give to his poetical ideas an agreeable 
and popular form. He succeasfiilly imitated Pope'i 
" Hope o/the Lock" in sever^ mock heroic poems, 
in consequence of which he was styled the Gtmnan 
Pope. In 1742, he composed an original poem, 
" The Jtenommist," in which the rude manners of 
the students of Jena are pleasantly contrasted with 
the polished refinement of those of Leipaig, which 
was at that time styled "Little FariH." !Fhia poem 
was much read and greatly admired. His " Phae- 

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Jw ¥fau u. t*t Scflnict).] Zatjaria, 141 

ftm" is a sort of parody upon Orid'a " PKaelon." 
Hjb dcBcriptive poem, " Die vier Stufen des weib- 
Hchen AUert" (the Four Eras of Woman'a Life) 
preseuts much exquieite deBcription, ajid many 
beautifitl paseagea. 

TTiH comic heroic poem, called " Dag Sehnupf- 
tueh" (the Pocket-handkerchief,) waa greatly ad- 
mired, aad his " Tagegzetten" (Timea of the Day). 
He translated Miltim's " ParadUe Lost," but with 
less Buccess. 

We are also indebted to hi-m for a CoUectioa of 
the beat pieces of the Foets from the days of 
Martin Opitz to his own times, with hiatorical and 
critical notes (2 volumea). In 1768, he completed 
a new edition of his writings in nine volumea. He 
died 30th January, 1777, at Braunschweig, where 
he was profesaor of Poetry. 

Dh 5Jfflu unb bet ^onidj. 

jvi^ tmtm Stcavi^ janftc {t(^ 
Sin ftoCjer Slfau. „fBU," fpiai^ tx, »btd) 
Bitjl bu boc^ nitf)t mit mtr wrgleidjen ? 
lEht mu^t tnir \a in ^XUcm tiKi(^n. 
ESieV nuc einmalr mdn fd)£nr8 Alcib 
3ft olUr anbfrn fflifld 9lrfb i 
!EBtin lan9cr ^pag/tVoCStr SSdwanj 
Unb meincS ^l^ti SSunberglanj 
SRadjt mid; ;u btefee ^ofti 3icr- 
JDod) bUf was ^a|l bu btnn an biri 

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142 Cranrr. [Ccr V^aa u. ber Jtranii^ 

iDa« mic ben fSociug ftrntig mai^; 
2)u gc^ft dniKT in SBautrtatift 
3n tliuni oltoi grouen £UttIf 
•&aft lefnot 9!ang nnb tnnen SiteL" 

IBei: JCrantd) f:pra(I) : „£>a ^aft bu fUtifil 
(Rein ERang i|t t(rin« mein fficd iff fi^(^ ] 
iDoi^ ^dt)' id) ^ jnxi gutt glilgel. 
.&i>i6 a&ec fianb unb aXm unb ^fiflrt 
Sd^ng u^ mict) aufr btftt)' bie SSkltr 
Unb nxtdiee Sanb mic bonn gef^r 
Stoif) btefcm ftmett mein @e|ubei^ 
SSenn id) e^ nitOr \af ic^ mid) niebai 
gii*' aSStt Drttn mtinm ■^ttii 
Unb effCf ntoS mrin Ikij bege^rt } 
2)a bu f)ingegen fkts im jSufl 
Xuf beinim ■^ofe tieiben mufti 
Unb lomn bu bi^ gum Slug trmann^ 
Xaum auf bie Sti^euer fliegcn tannft) 
SDium (I4 mi(^ fa gering nid)t an 1 
nid^ immcE mad)t boi £ltib btn Staml" 

Sofiann Snlirras (Bramn 

Celebrated for hia odea and lyrical compoaitions, 
was bom at Joatadt, in Saxony, January 29th, 1723. 
He studied theology at Leipzig (1742 — 1749), 
and became an active contributor to a periodical 
named the " Bremieche Beitrage. He was ap- 
pointed minister at Crellwiti, near Halle, in 1748 j 
court preacher at Copenhagen, in 1751 ; profeasor 

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Scbonttn.] Cramtr. 143 

to the oniTersity of Kiel, in 1765 ; and diancellor 
of the Bfune uniTersity, in 1784 ; in vhich office he 
died, June 12th, 1788. 

He waa a learned man, posaessed of ezteneive 
and varied accomplishmentB, and as a poet, orator, 
and historian, well known. As a tranaktor he 
gained much praiae, particularly by his excellent 
edition of So»»uet'9 " SUtoife Uhivergelle," to 
which he added a treatise on civil and ecclesiasti- 
cal history, evincing considerable historical know- 
ledge. His best ode» are those to David, to lather, 
and to Melancthon. He also published a collection 
of " Senrum*" and a metrical version of " The 
PsaJmi" of great merit. 

©ebanfm fiber bie groge: SBarum bte @d)i:if(en 
nnbet bfe SReligion fo oiel 3tuffebeti maiijen ' ? 

^Dc^enn man cine fKengc fcetgeifterffdiei €5i^irIfCen mit 
Jfufnwrffamteit unb mit uttport^cufiJjMi Mufltn gelefen ^aX, 
unb oon i^rem gertngen SSnt^ iiberffl^ i|l, fo foUft ition 
DieSett^t glaubeiir ba| eine @^dft nibn btc Sieligion %ax tein 
Jtuffefetn ma^tn Einnte. KUfin bte erfa^ning lel)rt bo* 
®«gentE)dL Sine @tt)rift ttiibei bie 9teligton, fe mag fo etenb 
fttaf alS fie idWi bleiSt tiitmatS ober nut feljr fetten in bet 
iCunfel^eiti norinnen fit begtaben fein fonte. 2Me aOgemeine 
Utfa(%( boDon iff fteilit^ We natirticlfe Kbneigung befi menf*i 

' IM ><■ «niiir<tl<n ei»ii|><i 3rt. «qS.«iain.fl. «.|,tn6"a'n "■" »■'«'!• 


144 Cramtr. [(Sebanltn ubtr bit 

tid)ni .^erienS roitur bit fbxaq/t Sugenii nwttfte bw Ciffen= 
boning ixrlangt. TkHj fie ifl nit^t bte einjiger unb man lann 
nt»f) tltHge anbn Uirfadjen angtbctir bte thtn fo Dul aU lent ju 
bm Kuffe^n beitragtrii bai frneeifterifdje @d)rifttn ma^m. 
Xtteft finb Ut @d)rin bn: 3l(UiKif, bet @^dn bee a}enMS«i= 
^( unb bie €5dt«it)rit foldxi; iSa^ 

^Det nien1(t)U<^ Binflanbr b«t nit^t affei<it fo ftot; ifti baf 
er (11^ n^t in taufenb iDingen bc^nrfdjen laffen, unb (in fret: 
miUlfltr unb me^r at* bemiit^igec ©dooe nwrbin foUh, oorlangt 
nut in fflleinungen* roeldje bis SReligion angt^n, dne grei^ 
ot)nt Sinfi^infung unb @i:enitn. Sa^ Ebmmt tii baf ba 
®c^n ber 9tcu^f wenn n roibec bie Sleligbn iftf fo DitI 
®niw(t fibre una ^at 3n alien anbem Dingen mug eint 
SKeiming nod; mt^r ali neu fein/ iwnn fie SeifaU finben foU. 
@ie necalht mit ber ^ati fie fei aud) noci) fo ungem&tinlii!;/ unb 
wenn fie falfd) ift, oeilieTt fie f^r Vnfe^n fe^ balb unb tmcb 
uergefftn. ^an mag {tc icieber lietDorfui^n > man mag i^ 
einc neue Sinlleibung geben ^ fie bleibt aUi unb t)ier t|l ber 
menfc^Uc^ SSerjlanb al^u efirgtijig/ ais bag ec fid) mel)t ali 
einmal ^inferge^en lafTen foUte. Silur in bemjenigem maS bit 
(Religion angelrf, wrgifit er feinen ISfergeij, unb feine Steele. 
@ineclei Sinnfirfer einerlei ^n^eifel unb Xnllogen bleiben itim 
immei neu unb ungewJlinti*. SJie oft pnb fie nii^ roibers 
legt unb befi^lmtr mitber^olt unb bo^ nid)t oeraditet roorben I 
©<^n bie ffierfdjiebenfteit ber ©pra^e iff attein ^iinreidjenb/ 
itinen bai lCnfet)en ber SReu^it ju er^lten. Sin engtifi:^ 
greigeifl fagf etniafi nrfber bie S&ligion/ baS ift neuj tin 
beutfdKT ^etettft fagt eben ba£i unb gnxir nid)t einmal mit 
bem SSdpude unb btr Si^bn^titi aU jener. unb bo* ift an^ 

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S^riftni mibR b. Sttltgion.] Cramtr. 146 

n«i. SQenn un^ bag nid^ jtistf tvic fletn unfn Sicrftanb i{l( 
fo twif i^ nii^tf nxtS unrnn fStoIj tem&lliigen fen. 

at tft n>a!)rr bcc SBctrug ^at truIerCn @l(ftaU<n angcnommeni 
aixr es ifl bod) aUtjeit tbtn ber fflftnig graxfen. Daburd) 
tKibtn bte geinbc bn Stdigton t^re ungercdite €!ad)e immer no^ 
aafci^t iu (rtjalten gefu(i)ti ba@ fie cinetlei ^wrifeC unb Qiib 
tB&tft mdi bee SRannidtfaltigteit b«r metiTn^i^n (Strndn^SaOeB 
t}ielf&Itig }u Dn&nbnm gefut^ ^abcn. Sinist tcflnft^n fiife 
rinen Setru^i Ut tint tieffinntae tBtitm, unb baJ ICnfefKn b<r 
S^aifflnnieleiti BJnmunft unb @eleMamf(it ^at, bit aUti aat 
ban ®cunbe ;u unterfu^n fdjctnt iDo^ei: fe^ einige Si^s 
ten iDiber bie ERttision fo mctup^ipfirti) unb matl;emattfd] aut. 
HxUfte \ititn btn Setrug rait tintm lai^mben unb fpottcnben 
ang«(i(^tti bet ilinen ben fdjlflpfriflen SBeg/ btn pf gern bet«= 
ten tcoOen/ mit Slumen unb ^Anjen beftieuen (dU. Z)a^ 
tommen bte @)p6ttei:eien Qbeir bie G^ftj bie STbi^tungtn 
einei fteveOiaften aSifeii unb bie ^niegocieni in ioeId)e fie t^e 
Sinn&fe aU 8t&tf)fel einlletbeni bamit [it biefelben in 9tanb> 
glcffen unb in etnem befonbern &<i)Uif[tl ecS&ren Unnen. Sin 
Sud^ mit einem @<I)luf1eU ££nnen wo^I bie Sei:tf)eibtger bei; 
Offenbaning foldie i]aitreffli(^ 3Stdt aufbetfen ? !ERan lann 
bieitnigeni weldje bie Sleligion bun^ einen mut^nnlligen ®d|trj 
I&d)«Ii(t) niad)en nollen, mit ben ^deflem bt% SXoIm^ nei:s 
gleidjcnr n)el(%e bet ®taufanifeitf nomit fie junge unfil)ulbige 
Jtinber aufopfetten/ bucd) eine loitbe jflucfjjenbe 8Hu|it etn 
fcb^Iii^ Xnfe^en ju geben (ui^ea 9Idi^ Xnbre lieben einen 
fi^n^eiligen IBettugr bee i^nen Sugenb unb fo gat Stimmig' 
Irit iu prebigen f(^tr nnb fie bo<^ con bent Se^orfame gegen 
bte iDf^baning befteit. Sin anbid)tigei; Steigei^ bal ift 

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146 Cramtr. [iStbonbn fiber bu 

ttaat, bai gat ju neu unb feltfam i^ Warn man bte Sc&rijs 
tnifllfit Bon dntnt Jrrfgeifle taiwn faun, woju braui^ man 
tie Se^rer bn Cfffnbanina! S)a( orelangfn biefe me^? 
eint ntat Wlatli ; nut fdjobei baf ti tine SSaiEe ifL 3n fo 
Difl ncue 3<tlalten ^ben bit aueidnbifctKn S"t0nfte f^cnt 
^ai geetn bit Sbligion ju txrSdbcn gefui^ ! iDit beutfdmi 
Dtiftm stben fidj fo oiel 9)Idl)t nt(i)t ®ie trasm i^t Sin? 
m&rfe iviber bit SItltgion fo fd)in Dotf baf tin !Xinba( obtc 
Qollin bnn^ dnen Sbtlmann unb anbre folttje beutfcfie 
greigetlltE uiclltii^ am teic^ttfbn ^itten bOtfyX uxtbtn 

©08 Mnft^ ber SJetmegtnliett, iwMjtf We ©c^ften urfbet 
bit SltCieion ^btn^ ift aui^ tine Xt^^aijti naaxm fie bet btntn 
fo iriel SinbcucC madjen, bit enOvtbtc im '^erjen fd)i>n mit bee 
EReligion unju^btn fuib, unb fi(( nui ni(f|t getrauen i^ 
:tnjufrieben!()eit ju dufiern, ober bit jum nienifl(len uon ber 
Slelijion noct) tttne »i^ ft^ unb eeimfft Uebetjengune ^abtn. 
SMt iBeriKgtn^ tntHtbt ^ct) oQemal dne fltmiq'e Stirfurd)!, 
Venn lie aut^ tabeQ)ap iilr unb fi) gar intnn |te btflraft ju 
nxiben utrbient &<li mibet Ce^rtn aufjult^neni bit fo oitle 
unb Itarfe SBeHxife btc aSa^ii)ttt fuc fid^ tiaben, baS ifl bent 
nttnf(t)Iid)en @to^ tin ongene^nttS SJi^nfpieL Sr glaubt 
dne eetDifTe ©tife bcfi @ei{hs bacinnen ju bemtdeni bie ec bd 
bet UnttncfirfigMt gtgen ben @lauben nic^t ju entbechn 
gtoubt aSit bera ©e^orfame gtBrn bie Offenbacung T*eint 
einige Surd^t uerbunben ju (ein s dn S^tigtift ^ingegen fi^eiut 
nid^ iu filr^ttn. SAan bilbet fuf) ober cini bai bet gcAfti 
fei« bee miifit f&rt^teL Xiix^ man btti^ ft^ fetiti uienn man 
nur bie &ei3tKaenl)eit bn geinbe ber Sktigion uUkc fennen 

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es^fttn mbtt b. Sbltefon.] Cramer. 147 

Irenm aHL SnUtnt nn Zt^tlliim rnii SUitO. \o viH ^oip 
a#ungf (M rin getnucc Untnl^tt fnnes prtten ? es i|t 
jtvifc^n einem £eid)tgUiu&istnf unb in)tfd)en einem UngUiutrigni 
bin anbta Untofcljicbi oU bieferi baf bie SRafnci btS (tgtent 
mcUnd)t tint gcifrt Unocbnung fm £b:pfl: angtigti aU bit 
S^adilKit tinb C^nnKidit btS aabtm. ®e n)&rt tbtn (b 
Utc^ecUt^ bit ££l^f)dt bcr Stinbt in {RtUgton fAt dne mifitr= 
otbtntlic^ @t&i:!e bc6 ®eiflt6 jn fatten/ aU ti l&i^U^ teiat, 
bit iiatiivli(f)C 0t&cfe einti aiolenbtn ju bewunbttn. 

nntnbefTen ifl tt bitft folfct^e S^i wtlc^ fmvofit bit gtinbt 
bti Sltli^on JU i^rtn Unttrntiimimstn antrtibtr aU aud) tint 
aOgtmtint jStrad)tiine i^tr @(^fttn otrt)inbti:t X>it mti|bn 
SKtnfd^ mihrbtn M ttnti SttfigioD/ bit aOsontin wixti ntd^ 
tnbttftlcni unb s>tnn {te aui^ faCfi^ fttn foUte. Ketin ti abcv 
Xnbw Hjvn, fo fe^tn lit foti^ atl tintn 9Hul^ ani unb bitfe 
^agixifttn wolltn fii^ ttintn babucd) n&tftnir baf fte il)n ju 
tMttninbtnt unb mit itmtn SnfoUt ;u belotinen mifftn. aSat 
bit Stinbe bet Sietigian unb iS)xt &t/d^n no^ fur^aiti 
niad)ti an fit finb) baS ift bit aUgugtoft Sorgfalt btqinigtm 
iBtld)t fi(t| bet SBa^lKit anne^mtn. 08 wfitbtn taufenb 
Qifnfttn nrfber bit SleUgion nic^t fo oiel ttufft^ wtucfai^tnt 
unb in tintr nmgcn sttbitnttti iQunltl^ btgtabtn bltiben. 
nxnn fie tntnwbet gat ni^t obtr n^t ju ^ufig loibedtgt 
wiliTbtn. 9&it eltnb ifl TaOft, bag id| tin Stifpitl anfU^i bti 
ffitRieiii iaf bet aSenFd) eine 9)ta((^e fti/ unb ivie Siett ^ben 
(i(^ nid)t eefunbtni bit btnfefon i^ SSibtrleflung amtbifl 
gtfunbtn ^aben? aiitlt iDei|bn twtbtn tcfl tKmxetnr n>til 
(te ffir cemegen unb t^n gel^oUen tuetben. 

an bet Sl^ fmb bU aJerfalTet btt ©i^pen arfbet We 

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148 tf ramtr. [XVni. Sa^l). 

9tctigion nic^ aHqelt biejemeenr bie inel SRutt) ^abtn. %ie ' 
SUkU gifbt es md)t, bfrm ganjc SBnroegtniidl b« hunger ifl! 
SQ^Tbe i^ncn i^r 3Siit^ nid)t Dcn einnr ni(beiti:&d)tigen @mttnn: 
fu(i)t beja^tti fo wlten jt( »itlbi(^ tri oKet i^wr Unreiflni^ 
fo ti^n, unb fi^ben f&: bte Steligionf nxnn fie nut rofi^nr 
faaS fie tbttt fb bid babri flomnncn wiirben. <Si iff eine be= 
fanntt ffia^t^, bag bk grcigfiflEr in wtbriegli^n UmflSnben 
bte ftigflm ®cfi^i|]ft finb. Sit finb bit ttufciotbcnlltdien 
enrt( nl(f)t, bie (it ju ftin (id) rinbilben/ unb twit geft^ifti 
bafi fit fid) con bem groficn .^auffn ab^uiattn, iteil fie 
tine 9IeU0U)n nii^ nnnt^nr bie fo fe^i befldtigt ifti baf 
fie fiii Dieteit^ ebtn jn bem grftften •^oufen ^Ilea fi* 
tft tm^c/ bafi a tne^i: tffentUdte S!en^biget bet Stetigionj <HS 
offtnbaK Seinbe btiftCben giebt. tiaS tbmmt abei nid)t ba^etr 
bag fo iiitl SKut^ unb fiJenttgen^t boju tiforbett ttAxb, i^re 
Iffialir^it ju leugneuf unb biefe Becteugnung burd) tintge 
UnKifel unb fi^nbace @triinbt gu Tt(^tfe[tigtn. iDae Hmmt 
Don bei; natArIid)(n XrAgfjeit btt !Dltnfd)tn ^ti. IDie gnis 
gnfter Ijaben eine groft 9!llenge wjn Saflet^aften unb Slieber; 
trSc^gen )u QlefeUfi^ftemi bit tbtn fo mut^ig fein mArbtnr 
aU ffci roenn fie bei i^era Unglauben nic^ bit Sbilje unb 
SBequemItd)fett fo fe^ liebttn. 

SSerttauen auf &oU. 

^eberaU ntrttau' auf ®ott, 
3n ffiefa^en, untet ®polt, 
3n ber aBibemiArtigbitf 
Sriiben, forgeiroonen dtit ! 

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StilTau' anf ®o(t] Cramer. 

©ran roa^t^apia ifl btr .^ot ; 
Tim ibaS^ait fTi 
itSaS bi(I) faftntt unb gut t«^ ifi^ 
SBoin bn ntu gclafftn UfL 

^ut Dcctraa' i^nu ^olt i^ ftiQi 
Stcnn n ifi eetmi unb ntOIf 
SBie bra Krtbfal ©torn atul) toW, 
•&aUiiv»ai«r bir 9tIobtl 

Kt&nnm &6ant wiba i^n 
&il tnvpittui Q({(t giiUnv 
Unb, nwnn fie bw .^ar niil)t raft 
jDonnet roQra bwrd) bie gnft? 

3au^n fu id^ iBcnn (St iM, fc^T 
fffifrb'« nii^ xiaij bnn SStnnnc ^? 
jSenn a anfigtbraDTet ^ 
®t:&tt ni>^ f(^ner Mne ®aat? 

^ott iff ia bin gSntTdfciitiiib, 
JDaf re ttuft^ i nWit 0e|mnt, 
XKt bein ^oi, bae manbetbor 
S3ebt, tOt SBHtta, in (Sefa^. 

ffit txfM, xoai re oer^ttfti 
.^orrt feinec I <Sx tntcAft 
Scii^, a]& bD ^fflb gnsif 
»M| (mi beiner ginftreniSI 

ffnbli(^ bric^ dn Sag bk (Ub 
jDen ttin Sltbel tHiben torau 
Unb bu lie^ft, baS feine Sreu' 
Unbowet unb turig fri I 

TOL. I. I. 

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150 mUa dcjbUgel. [XYin. 3a^. 

Stall (Sfitistian liliartnic 

Bom at Preibeig, Febniaiy, 1712. He Btudied 
theology at the Leipzig university, and held the 
office of Professor of Moral Philosophy and Ehe- 
toric at Brunswick, where he died (1791), He 
was the editor of the " Sremiteke BeitrSge"- and 
an able critic. His pastoral drama, entitled " Die 
geprujie Treue" (Tidelity tried), which first ap- 
peared in that periodical, met with great succesB. 
He translated a few ^French plays and some volumes 
of Bollin's history. 

3io|)ann ©lias Sttllefltl 

(Dramatist), bom at Meiszen, 28tb January, 1718. 
His talents as a Poet developed themselveB at a very 
eariy age. During his residence at Leipzig as a stu- 
dent of lav, he translated the " Mectra" of Sopho- 
cles. Heneztattemptedtoadaptthe".^^«nMi"of 
Euripides to the German stage, and published it 
under the title of " IHe Geichwkter in Tavrien." 
The piece was acted at the Leipzig theatre, and 
well received. This early success instigated the 
desire to apply himself particularly to dramatic com- 
position. His next piece was a comedy, " The 
Susy Idler," which was likewise welcomed by the 
theatrical worid. In 1713, he accompanied the 

.^tnitanit.] tfUitf AtfeUsrl. 151 

Saxon amboBBador to Copenhagea aa private eecre- 
tary. At Copenhagen he compoBed his best 
dramas, — "Die Trojaneriimen," " Satmt," and 
" Sermarm;" the latter he himself coneidered the 
best. SoHLEO£i also evinced talent in hia comedies ; 
as, "Der Triumph der guten Frau" (The Triumph 
of Pemale Yirtne), and "Die ttumme Schonheit" 
(The Dumb Beaut;^). They were often performed, 
and, when revived by Leasing, in 1767, were pro- 
nounced the best German comedies in verse. 
SoBLBssL also wrote vaiioua Poems and Odea. 
He died 1749. His works (five volumea) were 
collected and republished by his brother Johanb 
HxDTBica ScEX£&£L in 1770. 

3Cue: ^mniinn. 
^ifptar. %tnnann. JflabiM. 
Jplab. SKein ^atn, tt mirb \pli. 

Sit Utnml'e, bag man no^ iai}t in SacuS eoget gefjt? 
6%- SiH bu ein Z>«itfd)ei;? 
JFIai). iBSif? mtin S3afet, lamf bu fragni? 

Sin u^ benn nic^ ixfn EBtut? — SBat fann ic^ nxitet fagcn? 
^tg. ZHe Xntraoct i|t bit Iridit Spoil, mai betn <^a:;e 

jFIab. 3Rtin Sotcc Hi bin beutfi^ bod) fwIT icl) 9iom 

aut^ irif^t 
0ig. Sn atom ni^t ^afcn fann, lann nu^ bte Ccutf^n 
Sae 0e{k|t bu bein ^^et) ? ®cl tren mit ganjcn Sciftoi, 
Sri rfmifd) obet beutf4 3<6t wi^tf i*«wn S^i"** 
atom, obcc bdtum iSoQ fet gfinftie obei feinb I 

162 miai ^eftltitX. [XVlll. 3aI)Ef). 

^latl. ®o laim bcnn Mber KSSoliI n^t nu^ onrint ^ 
Go tDtrb man tKute nid)t fn SSornS enga gt^n? [jlctKn? 

^ig. IRdn eo^n. ^ ^bc iw4 )u Q^ni* 9«t e«lttit, 
JBm; ban to: Orbcntrrit tmb ftlbtr Stom trbcbf . 
IMt* UMt tin onbret ^lbi aU bftfc tc&gcn CSttlnt/ 
iDIt nun eebmen finbf buc4 ©efj bie JSJctt gu quAItn f 
Kuf frembe Siege fto^ in frign JOol(u|t ni^tu 
Unb nii^ aui S^besfn, out @tltirui^ <tBi» t^un. 
S(It|t S&fai fonntt nnr bci Vnbent ^urc^ ntntdtn. 
Un( in befiegen (tof, )» |i^d)( tm* lu trfi^tltn I 
Unb ben Kriaoilt ^ nfc 1M» ^eifti ^btugtf 
2)af cr Dor eifaii SMt ntit e^inei(f)cln fli^ 0nRf0t 
Umfonjl ^ bitfet ifin nur n&^ )n ilm fommm} 
IBaB je^unb JBonK t)iit> ^ (S&fai aii4 Mmonunm. 
9tdn I ftn^u^ llrionili mUt' i^ ben ISifai; fe^n, 
00 tc^' id) nic^ ju ftot}, nnb uwttte gu i^m gt^n. 
SMei tann aud) ISifac t^ niemt <Sifca mic^ bege^t 
^lab. jDo^ift bee In^3)ien1lbeinffiani« bulb een)i^et. 
^fjl. <Sin leic^ttr SMenfl nicb ft^toeri nenn n tie 6^ 

iftaii. aSer iwif, ob aSonij ur< in Qi^mpf gu bringen 

d%> @oUf{$etnfceieEgib1tni(^tbe<@c^«i'(un0f(I)&m€n? 
Unb foU id) ein @efe4 sen frembtn SKc^tem ne^en? 
d^Inb. S3ii; biciben bennod^ fed, fpric^ 8loni mK giei^ 

ftfg. SBem fflom ®efe6e gibt, ber ifl b« Sttmer «ne*t. 
JFIab. ffiom Ce^ un« Annft unb SOt^r unb g&^mt bie 

tirilben Sitten. 
fiig. Stomiagt bieUnfc))u[biMgau«baibeeI&ctten.&toen. 
ifflab. 3(f) ^abe £Rom stftiinf unb trau i^m @ute« gu. 
#%• 3d) tiab' eg ni^t gefe^ni unb hnn' H mflft, alS bu. 

cjiij^c, Google 

■jMnnann.] CUM ddlUgct 158 

;fUb. Bm»ii1ftbnJtun|lunti1Qt4f Mt Mi«nS&Rem 

3Xdn eifyn, ba ^mml rd^entt ban SXcnfc^n B(t uiib Aunfb 
Wi axittti unfrrt Bo^U unb 3dil)en feino: ®unfb 
jDoc^ bcr bct^tett &m ^t f^ StPtd verle^; 
aSaS ftbum iSIi^ Hnit« ^ ftinc 9totf) vermefiret 
Jtaittn ^t btt £Anfk Slanj bit Stau^igldt wtbtingti 
Co ntirb baS ■&»! cnwii^ boS an SeignAgen ^Ungb 
3ui SoKufi Itnirt^ ivitrb, anf ^^ tub @<i^te bt<^ 
Uttb (id) Don tfUbm So^ auf frintn Sort^ li^ltt : 
Sii cnbCi(^ etstmmt bit Zta fftte JDatatanbf 
Uflb fauCn axdefegans boi 3riib nadf) 9bt^ nahinnt 
So litgt b(e einf^ fommt XrafC unb fDtnt^ bornicbflCf 
Unb wal btii4 Jt^Mk ftita, bag fiOt bnr^ XAnfk uficbtc 
6o^nf ^^ bo4 atom tbxmal mil bitfni Xugen an: 
Sin Slid Don folc^ TSxt, ifb moi bii: nfitcn (onn. 

i^Iai). 6ofoabei:iDnttr(^fl«t«tnf(^Mibn.&fittninw4ntn? 

|^(g. <^ fid ft^n gfit atir me^r ati in ^atSften fni^ntn. 

:^fa. 9X{i^ fe&nttf baf nan in Kom mid) dntn Soibat 

df)}. iDa bfft (pfittet emigf nwnn bu ju Critgen »eift 

,^Iati. lfiui|tPie[4bie0niroIIfHntb8tcminid)b<{fa[(^nn. 

^ig, SnintfL SautfeinStAwiibbraKJSaffcnnKtfftn, 
3)0(1) feint SQoOujt fn^C^ ben Smii b«c fte gtbtauc^ 
«Ba< nflgt bit JMtgttbni^ wo Jtraftunb Otnt^ Mtrauc^i 

jFlaii. SBa* abtc nfitt ba 9Rut^ nwnn nitinanb Don 

^ig. !Dur<^ttftrtf&Ri<i)l4,nKRnbitl^bdng;DaiKn^? 

;flab. SIA^ ItBfft niib Jtnn|t burc^ mii^ fo (tnnt mic^ 

d%. SBal^bir'biMitntitbi^ffirfeiaunbtDtibif^^au? 

cjiij^c, Google 

S^iBb. SSon SEopftrtett unb 9ltut( {oH Slont mic^ nidit 
fRomi 8aftei nnU fc^ flieiKnj unb fefnc JtJbiHe Imun. 

dig! 2)u tmuell btc )u fe^. 9limm Ufmr ffio^Ifalnt R»^ I 

;^fa. fOictn Bateti pr^e mi(^ ot bu mi^ trJLsc fmb(|L 
^iq. SBdIiII abet btnft naii)r m^ bu bid) wrbfnbeft 

iDu fannft ja nit^ juglric^ ein ^H unb SIIaM fepn. 

iBo bu nid|t tr&ge bift mugt bu bctn SBoII btfntn. 

Stom tcirbf i«mi bu ifim Unilb bic^ nrit jBmufetung nomen. 

®ct)i jagt Stem in SunJ^f foil ti biti) nS^ ftnncn? 

Ctrloneft bu dfyc' unb Sob ) fit (inb bcin Siocnt^uin ! 

S^u rt(^r unb Ia| bm IQttt bit 0org' um bdnen 9)nl|m. 

Vud) {(^ bin twlfhungtsoll. XUJ tsbi bai id) noovbtnf 

@oa bri btn 9nleln bUi^n, tnenn U^ f^on Ungft geftorbtn } 

Dbglri* nwin f()ln: e!inn» bet nut He Susenb ftWfttf 

eii^ ^^nnbti; StidiUt^ nnb 9Xad)t entgtgen fegt. 

3(^ 9e^i baS beutfc^ SBoR in frinan aXut^ ju {Urlen. 

iah <&ennann, biefen Sug beg .^ogenC Kbel mcifen I 

SSei bu bet SUmer Snnbf unb bann fo ^^ {Uf 

SSei me^em 3tu^ triogti bein Srubetf ober bu. 

%mnatni. ;fTab(<tf. 

9^enn. So ^aft bu, piBtub En Slom nur bitj qtittmt, 
Sit lid) ein tbUt ^tti eon friner ^Ofli^ entfcnut? 
Tin aKei Zugenb ftotti bie bu Dorbtra gn^ 
.^ dtomt gertlimtet: SBij bi:^ untnu fe^n a»fe^? 
.^11 bu ben 9tamm felbfb bet bit non Stem geEonunenr 
Unb bet bit fApe flingtf nn: banmt nngenoniDieni 
^Domit, nxnn einfl bein Vtnt mit beinen Sibeeni ^t, 
%&c bein Mtrattinee ajolt fein beutfdtet Stame ^riC^t? 

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^ mt(6 ni(^ Stonii ait Hdir gtlt^ unb etg^^? 
®e oft dn niUicS S^ieci baS man jum Stamps vt^itti 
3ni €S<I)aupIaQ tdUltnb fpTang { T'' ^ ^i^f «t>ii(ni SSanb 
6!c tnantf) nr^i^M ^aar gtfibter ged)tcr ftanb j 
eSo oft btt Sto^t &«if auf bni eefdiniinben SBagen 
IM SuB^nb muntn Sk^oi: noi^ S'i'^l uitb Siig g^ogen : 
^ft bu bet fbtc^ Suft mii^ ItmaH loCt gefc^n ? 
iCoc^ bief(« (afye ni( bel ■CrimmeU @<i)Iuf etfctx^n, 
£a$ id)r nxnn mnne ^flii^ ratin Slut gum Oftfec nwHtCf 
Otn ritln @]pi(Ic ^ra^ mcin !6oI( vma(l)m foUe I 

jFIob. 3C<l)i .&«miami/ martK boc^ beS SitruberS ©mIi im^! 
SBtiin 2)aitfd)Ianb Sinn betcitgt, fo raciS itb tntEnc pfii^t 
Soc^ tann ^ o^nu €S<^n} mi^ meinetn ;Xnib rntnifen? 
Vud^ Stoni ^t noc^ rin 9Ied)t> mnn Satulonb ju ^ri^ ; 
00 longe bUfei Stins an unftrn Singmi ptangt/ 
aStt bfln wir £8ibgerrei^t unb Stittraf^ nlangt 

)l^tnn. Smt&^nt mir nut niijt biei ttii^tiet Shfi^tntt. 
Strinfl bu/ bap fi^ mit Sufi an mrine Anti^c^ btnle? 
9t(inf SmbtTf bie|«t Sling fdnmpft einrt XMitfi^ .^onbf 
XAt Srdtcit abett mic^ unb nu^t rin fcetnbcS Sanb. 
3^ fi^it' in bitfnn -^oin: 3^t QHtta feib jugtQcn I 
2Mm 3e{(!f)tn metnet ®ci)mai!f) iviU id) ni{^ eon mir (egeni 
Sil ii^ mrin Self buicItC SSi^imbt uon fdnet iDiui|ibaiteitf 
Unb mli^ bom Bibgenti^ be4 fteifn Stems iMfrritt 
Unb eudh aU SSiigetf bann jugleic^ mit bieftm fitinge 
Vmi) mandini giitbnni Sting refd)Iagnn SUmrc bringc 

jFlab. Xlii bu ttoSgeft nid)tf baf 9iamt @tiitl ^. 

)Ktrtn. S^uindben nwine(l bu, buni) biei on ®«i|cu flotti 
!CtE Cn«^tifd)C Segeft bit XJeutTc^n Siom Mipf&nbet, 
iU« fefnre Sugmb Su^ im fpdtei TCUn fdjinbeL 
V(^ I bet S<tT&t^tt fyit bit mit onfproc^ne Scaut, 
XU unfm JCntc^t^ft ^anbf ben Sei»^ anstttiaut 

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1S6 9tr. dtiltseL [.$cnnamiKm8l.e<(tcetL 

Sod]i no bit @£tt(c nur M bitfnn Ttan nlaubtiv 
IBia {i% |u ^Rite nofi) anS t^ .^Dben caiititn. 
3d) nntl fit mUterft^n : n» irit^r fo tmll t^ iSfttt 
£n fit onro^ai ^ bo^ in; Sboft ji^n. 

Aomm : nriOfi bit ItaitSam feiini filr« SJatttlonb ju flnitnif 
Bknn oOe intrtig ftnti, bit Saftn jn bttettcn ? 

g'bA. 9Btn ft( {i^? SRoifuB Ummt aStin Srnbtri taf 

X)af fit fb bitfttmal bir Sctnnbf<!^ft ®n% tint 
^tvra. 6a t^n nurttoai bu toia^ bS oUt ^ nti^i^n. 

Joiann S-trnVf^ Sbt^Uitl 

A lyric Poet, was bom 18th September, 1721, at 
Meiszen. He cotmderaiAj eniiched the lyrical 
treaBiH« of Ae cation by Ha hymnt. He had a 
peculiar talent for correcting and temodellmg the 
ancient hymns. We have three collections pub- 
lished hj him at Leipzig, <rf which many are atiD 
vniTorsal &TOBriteB. 

Their merit conafsta in pure language, compre- 
hensireneBa, and fluent veTBification : he does not 
by cWm to great origiiiality. Hia " Ode to SJop- 
itook" and a poem, entitled " Die JTaeu/naienen '* 
(the Discwitenied) deserre, perhaps, especial notice. 
He was Doctor of Theology and Counsellor of the 
Consistory at Hanover, vhere he died, 1798. 

Ilie S;tii)t. 
^U tint Stxi^' dnft f^ 9t|itt>ti: 

Wt ¥fautnftb<ni autgefc^ilctti 

[;.i, tec, Google 

JBefa^ 1le lid), txjn M tntiOtCt. 

Unb mift^ ftolj in ilitt @<f)aac fit^ tin, 
Uab glanbte ft^iii bar 3uno ^au ju feijn. 
JDit ^auen (a^n tieSf beraubtcn i^ dhfitbtT 
£eS €S<l)mu(t«i ben fit gtlxngt, unb miC i|)m aUei: ^taifi. 
iDn laum antiatbne ^au toarb dne JCii^ miebetf 
Unb felbft i»n @<I)n>aIbtn auigtlad)t 
9tt dn|t tin Stoma feint Subet 
9Xit frembtr JtCi^n^ autgtf^&tt, 
Srfang tt fiifer bon fid) tntiQcttf 
Unb ^ bit tAtifa felne aStiibec. 
Or brftngtt ftolj in it|K 3unft P4 ein* 
Unb bihifte fi^ tin <^lltr fi^n gu fei)n. 
iDte ©l^ fa^n Wtf( beiaubttn fcine fiittei 
iDe« SSi^i ben er fta^L SBo mot mm feine ^ac^? 
SXx ntut -^aKtr wacb tin feti^ Slrima: miebtri 
Unb felbft con 2)unfen (utigeloc^ 

(1606— 176S), 
Who for the elegance of his style, reeulting from 
the diligent study of the ClaaaicB, ia considered the 
" Fenelon" of G«nnany, waa bom at Liibeck, in 
1696. Hie " Meelesia$tiea,l Sigtory" (translated 
into EngliBh by Maclaine) far excelled any that had 
preceded it, and atill retains its importance. The 
iise of the vulgar tongue in public preaching, bo 
essential an element of Luther's Beformation, was 
well nigh discontinued untU Mosheim took the lead 

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158 fiRo^t(m—W\. imiiam. 

in reBuming it. TTia " Moral Letiona deAueeAfrom 
the Scripture*" and Mb "Sermon*" maintain the 
principleH of orthodox ProteBtantism. Hia death 
took place while Chancellor of the TJniTeraity of 
Qottingen, in which unaveraifcy he had ahly filled 
the FrofesBorahip of Theology. 

His cotemporary Eehubub (1694 — 1768) was 
the ftrat propagator of the ' EationaliBtic ' or ' Neo- 
logian' tenets ', in which he was zealously foUowed 
by M10H.XLIB * of (iottingen, by Seuleb* of Halle, 
and by Ebnxbti in Leipzig. Beiuabits was Fro- 
feasor of Hebrew at Hambui^, his native place. 
For his zoological and phyBiognomical investigationa, 
however, he cannot be too highly praised. His 
work, " Ohtervation* on the Instinct i^ Animal*" i 
a record of the deepest research and industry. 


Bom at Anspach, the 3rd of October, 1720. He 
erinced his poetical talents in various styles, 

1 Th»tr utoini mre-thit ths Sertpiat 

«• i» to ba (aUceted to the 

Slid Kgunient uotbar booki; sod the 


mod«n School of" Idwllnn,- 

laiuidtd tj Biait., cmaif li 

1 ttili— thi 

t, while the Utlei lD.e.t lb« 

■nliulei, ud otber lucli pntlone of Sciiptun, with a mythleil InitHd ot 

• Uteniy mcuilng, Iha toaatr 

cither npUIa tHam awif, or, Ullng In 



i{17lf— 171 


(■iw »/ tt. ff~ r«tawiu," ■■ 

EV>ic,.' " 

■ Joauni Sic Shlii (ITH— 1791), 


g/M« Conn.' snd LUin woiki 


HMsTjiiai on the laterprt- 

teMM oJtluOUl Tabmt*t. 

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eoli bee ^Ufett.] $ob- il^tttr Q[{. 159 

in light and in sacred Songs, Odes, didactic 
Foema, and rhymed EpiatleB; bnt he vaa beet 
fitted for BeriouB poetry, and chiefly owed bis 
poetical reputation to his Odes. Saraee waa 
the model he imitated, and in whose E^irit he 
sought to praise virtue and punish vice. Klop- 
STOOK esteemed his Sacred Songs very highly, "We 
also perceive in his composition a strong vein of 
love for his country. His descriptive Poem, " Sieg 
dee lAeheggoUet" (the Conquest of Cupid) will 
always be regarded as a very clever and lively com- 
position. The force of his ethic writings is shown 
in the two Odes: "An die Deuttcken'^ and "Dot 
hedramgte DeuUchland" (Oppressed Germany). TJz 
died at bis native place, 12th May, 1796. 

gob txe @rl6fer&. 

£d) willf ti^ mii^ Don 3efu ff^ngpi I 

Kul eitbe totn a: in bit It&It. 

tAt SBa^Ijtit flcg tnit Q^ntn SdittKn^tn 

WIS ginfUrniS bet bwffien ©^tten 
3iei) Ubec aOen Stltern lost 
Unb au4 ^ ^ifen teintti Za^ 
Xaaxn eine f(>)Wa^ 3)ii>iiinuiio gotten. 

f^ aiiltec, in 3ub!iene ShAnjen 
Ocfdieint ein wunbeibatts eid)t I 
2>ei Swbona nxif e glut^ fllinjenf 
ffiit son bn: 6oniun Xnge^. 

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3ioi. ifitttv «{. [Xrni. 3aH 

34 f'tK (Sttxm ^ii oetgi^iK 
X^ <Stbtm ouf bnn Siiianon 1 
IDcT nn» aXotgcn fi^mot fc^n 
Sil ja ben bunlelften ©cfilben. 

IIKott tonrnit com {itmmttf taSt ju k^nn i 
6ct)tr wit Dor i^m Ue Sibt fdiiMigt ! 
iD!e ■&eitai bringcn fu^ ju (hrcni 
X)a lu^ bei gcDfc it^ jtigt t 
St leljrtt nn< bit @i)ttl)dt fomtn/ 
Unb labct unj jiun neutn JBunb : 
©nrd^ i^ batf nnjn ft^tuei: SOlunb 
®ott toitbei unfon Sattt nenncn. 

9a tmfn: ft^idbigrt @rfd)Ud)b 
XXni Sobt fKime^foIIen uorr 
euU fl^ bet dnjiee ©mditc 
Sum Opfn b« iBer{t^nimg bar. 
iSerloren martn KbamS Jtioba I 
Tm eolin bee 9ottc6 Stboo^ 
enritbriat ruf) lum Areugtfitob, 
Unb ^frbt ffir obgefiinne Sdnbec, 

tfr fOaa, unb ntar aut @ott gcbortnl 
918(0/ 3»e{ftlf bn mil 3efura raubtl 
Sfe scimmig |{fc^ eor meinen C^ 
X)ie Statttrf fi^ivetltnb urn bein >gMupt ! 
Sd) bete, .^ercf «ot bir un Staube I 
£n lebeflf unb ebi ^ntlif^ Sldit 
Stradtt Titfl^ mfr in6 Unae)td)t ) 
Z)a rebejif unb {i^ d&r' tinb glaube I 

VSUe ? !E)tr f&! mii^ am Jteu} erblafittf 
Srftffhctt bt« SE^mben C^, 
8«tf/ bie bet Sobei Xtm umfaftc, 
XOtnilc^ out bem @rab twrawf 

[; .1 ,tc 0, GoOl^le 

SobtMOrttiM.] Bob- Vttn mt- 

Z^at iUm intnfd|Ud)eg aJmnbgen ; 
ttnb folto gsenf*, nut 9Ktnf4 aUtfn, 
SRid^ ®i>tt, tiM)t mtin Srlifw ftpn, 
Uab ^nbnt Siunbtnvertt Ugen ? 

tfr ijlfi n: iam |id) nid)t wt^^iu 
Qt ijt (i, ®oU Don Sivisfrit I 
3i% ft^Ac' (S bd boi gtofm SScelenr 
txn fOUitipnm bcr oUm ^d 
XHt fU) nac^ bitfnn 3ffu nannteitf 
Unb mit trfwbntm .^tltienmutt 
Xn^ auf btt SolttCf In ber @lut^ 
Sctfclstec e^cificn @ott Mamxtac 

ffen^rtr Dcntitt f^ni alb binbc I 
©« 3efu*» ber im Srabt Iwafc 
3tcbrid)t M ZeUi t1pa Sanbe, 
£ebt eai0/ unb fdn @Iaube fCtgt 
Srin &Umbt, bUft |aite ^flanjCf 
®nlnt ani orrlhrtnitnn Slut ^tnKti 
Unb ^bt im @tinm bag {moitt tmpoc, 
Unb prongt mit ungef^ini&t^itnn Slange. 

QHal It^ntn uiittlKntc Stenme 
ei(^ niite b«i 9St(ftQ* auf 9 
3^ Ung^eua auf btm S^ronti 
Z'svaamn, fommelt tuii ju ^uf 1 
©ofribilit? DodirwrinbrnTc^awnbenj 
Unb a(te .^ribm miiffen ft^, 
iDop 91enf(l)m @ott nit^t tmbetfk^, 
Unb unfec StTu* iibenininben. 

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162 (ffiUfm. [XVm. 3a^ 

Popularly called " Vater GHeina," waB bom on 
the 2iid April, 1719, at Ermfileben, near Halber- 

He studied lav at EaUe. (tOIM accompanied, as 
secretaiy, Prince LEOfOLD of Dessau in the second 
SOeaian war. In 1747, he becaiae secretary to the 
Grand Chapter of Halberstadt, which office he held 
fifty years. He died in 1803. G-leiu devoted much 
of Mb leisure to the Muses, and did much for the 
Literature of Germany, not only by his own literary 
productions, but by the kindness, zeal, and en- 
couragement which he manifested towards young 
anthoTB, who were induced by him to devote them- 
selves to the cultivation of German poetry. His 
own wri.tings consist of Fables, " SaUadat" (a 
didactic poem), EpUtlet, and F^^gra/mt, but the- 
work from which he derived his lame was the 
Kri^slieder einet Grenadt^v (War-Songs of a 
Grenadier), wherein he proclaimed the praises of 
King Frederick. His works were collected and re- 
published in 1818. 

ffienulung ber 3eft. 

3^flltie SRofm, tcexl fie Uilfa, 
SOtorsen ifl nlc^ iKut 1 
Slant Stunbe laf entflie^n ! 
9RotStn i|t nic^ ^eut 

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Z)ie SSim.] J^irttrom. 168 

%n @tn<4 nnb Stbtit ift 
^at @ctegtnt)fit 

SBcift bUf no bu morgcn M|t ? 

9ufrd|ub citiR guttn 3^t 
^ r^ # Sernit 
Wfilii Icbtn ift mrin 9tat^ 
S[&l)tie cilt tic 3nt 

Xlfe Stent. 

t^tne Seine Stiene flcg 
Qmfia ^ unb ^> unb fog 

Sdfriettit aui olfen Slutntn. 

Uiem^ib rpn# bit ettenetfaif 
iDie fie bti bei Stbrit tnfftf 
9San^ Sllume ^at boc^ @ift) 
Unb bu faugft auS oHen Slamtn ? 

^af fagt |ie jut Sdrtnerin, 
3a, bai (Sift Ia|T' {« borin ! 

dFiiilicic!! toon ^ogcliotn 

Waa bom at Hamburg on the 23rd of April, 1708. 
In 1726, he was sent to the unirersity of Jena. In 
1729, be accompanied the Danish ambassador, as 
secretary, to liondon, before finiaTiing his etudiea. 
During his residence in London he acquired a per- 
feet knowledge of the Eugtiah language and its 
literature. In 1731, he returned to Hamburg, and 

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164 ftaartorn. [XVIH. So^- 

there manifested the good taate which he had acquired 
by hia &niliarity with the Saglish chwsicB. Bob 
deep admiration of Pope's poetry led him to publish 
various eicellent translations. He waa also very 
anccesaful in hia origimil compoaitioiiB. He wrote 
moral poems, epigrams, tales, odes, and songs. 

In. these an easy flow and grace of Tersification are 
conspicuous; the lai^uage is simple, hut in the 
highest degree correct. In his fables we perceive 
throughout bri^t conceptions and pleasant fandes. 
His poems too are highly finished. " Der Seifen- 
iieier" (the Soap-boiler) is tta excellent poetical 
production. Hagedobn was ^so a great admirer 
of art. He is the author of " Betrachtungen Sber 
Malerei" (Observations on Painting) ; a wort of 
great value. Haqedobk died on the 28th October, 
1754. His works are collected in three octavo 

3oI)flnn b« Seifenfieber. 

^o^niii betr muntce @Srifen(kberf 
@ci;«:nte uifle fd)tne CitbcTi 
Unb fang mit VlxA^k^xm ®inti( 
aJom aSotfltn ba jum Ifinnb (jin. 
Sttn XagtottI fonnt i^m Staining brbigoi : 
Unb nwnn re af, fo muft re fingtn ; 
Unb warm n \m^ fo rocxi mit Sultf 
Tiv.i uoUcm ^a(d unb fctfec fSntjt 
SBeitn SOtoracnkobty brim 2£benbtffm 
SIteb Son unb 3TitIa unDcrstfTen } 

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iDtt 0riftiifW«.] ^^ajeBont. ] 

iDcr fdwUtt xtiff ! unb feint Stta^ 

Wtan ^otiH j man fcagf : ^Sa ftngt fc^n mfttirt ? 
SSa i|te? Z)ei: muntn Seifen^ber. 

ftn Ctftn ttwt « Xnfangi fdwwifej 
Oe lafl nul)tJr aU ben Xlmaniidir 
£o^ letnt' a aaij nad) 3at)cen beteiu 
ZHe Drbnung nt^ ju ilbeitrcttnf 
Unb f(l)liefi bcm 9tacf)bar gteii^ ju feqiif 
CfC ruigcnb, After lefenb, tin. 
Si fd)ien fa|l #(Std)CT ju jimfetu 
XU bu bmifnen ftcben ffieifeni 
XIS mani^ .^tipt gele^rtei; 3SeIt, 
2>ae ftd) fi^ i&c ben ad)ten ^&tt 

HtS tiK^nte biefeni in ber 9li^ 
Sin ®prbEittns etgnrnQfiger S^/ 
Drc, ^ unb {leif unb bfirgettidif 
3in SSdiniaufen feinem j^firften mit^: 
Sin ©orbi^ rti^nt«r Senvonbtenr 
iba ®dini&get( Settenii Stii^tnif SEcmten. 
iDet ftetl jU fialben tRSd)ten fsaf, 
Unb fetnn: Skc))fcl eft wcgaf. 

SSainn ^tce mtt btn fCtorgenflunbeii 
Gein erftei 0d)laf fid) etngefunben} 
@o Itef i^m ben <Smi$ bei 9Cut) 
Cer nntK Singer nimmer ju. 
Sum Renter 1 IScmfl bu bort fcf)on nntber> 
Bermolebeiptn: eSeif(n(Tet« ? 
Vd) tahn bci), gu tneinem ^, 
35eteclrtafiiier, mtebieaufterafta) - 

VOL. 1. K 

0, Gooi^le 

Ben ®in0«/ Nn rc fru^ Draiommtn, 
ei^ ei an mxtm 3Xnrgen fommenr 
Unb fpridjt: g»€in tutliget So^ann ! 
SBie flciit ea eni^? SBie fangt iljr'S an? 
SS [fi^mt ein j«bet um SBaaie : 
©agt* mie Diet tcinat lie eud) im Safire? 

Im Safjtt, ^axi mtt f iUU niii(# bcv 
&Bie g»f im 3(it)C mein SBctt^ fe^ 
3o ied)n' i^ nu^; tin Zas beftt)e^»tf 
aSaS bCTf fo auf i^n Ummti ccrge^tf 
iDKfi fblgt im 3a||i: (i(6 weif Me 3a&t) 
Z>ce^uiibctt fikf unb ft^tg mal 

(Sarii re^ : bod) linnt i^ mic'S nid^ fagen, 
SBoe ]9flegt ein S£ag wd^I einjutragen ? 
ailein .^, t^t fotfd)(t a!liufel)i: : 
SDer tine nenier man^ mt^t i 
SSo tcte'e bann f &nt : ^ict) jwingt (ur JCIage 
Sti^tS/ ols 6te Dtekn geiettoge j 
Unb met lie aHe totl) gefit&t, 
Jier ^atte woijl, nrie i^, geerbt/ 
iCem loot bie Stbeit fet)! jutnben 
IDae mac denil (ein SSeifenfieber. 

Siefi rd)ien ben 9!eld)en ju eifreun. 
^angf h»id!t eCf bu foUfl gUicCtid) feqn. 
36t biftbu ran; ein fc^i^ ^o^ler. 
2)a ^fl bu toaie ^nfjig SC^alei j 
Stut unletlafle ben IStfang. 
XiaS ®elb (Mt einen befem Alang. 

tfr banW unb fd)Ieid)t mit fd)eum ffllitte* 
. suit me^T ate biebfd)er gurc^ iurfiife. 

0, Gooi^le 

Btr €5e(f«ifi(b«t.] ffeajtbarn. 

Qt fKTjt ben SBeufcd ben er ()Alti 
Unb jA^tt, unb miQti unb fi^nU boS SW 
iDa* Sett, ben Itefprung feinet gttube, 
Unb feinet Xugen neue aSeibe. 

Ct wirb Riit (tmntner Cuft (efn^uti 
Unb einem £a|len onDettraut, 
Sen aSonb unb ^rfe ®i})UfT'tT f)ton/ 
Seijm ®inbnici) jDleben Scog ju bieteui 
iDen ou^ bcr large Zfyx bei 9tacl)t 
Xui bansei Siorfid)! fttbft bniiad)t 
So bulb fic^ nur bet ^ui^unb tegrti 
60 balb ber Xattt fM) beRiegeti 
2)unl)fu<^ tt aStti fsxt a glaubfi 
Dof tiin bin frei^ iDkb becaubtf 
SKiir oft 0e|to^ oft gefttjmtflen, 
eSi^ tnblid) btibe ^xiden mufen : 
Gtin Wlepi, bei leine Stm^ eecgofi 
Unb nebelnb bei bem £effet faft: 
®ein ^inif bee Siebling iungei Aa(a>< 
00 elatt eon %eUi ft neu^ von aca^en. 

(ft lemt iulejl, ii nwlir er fiwA 
8Bit oft fti^ Sorg unb SIet(l)t^inn pamti 
Unb manias ^ittlfngg bunKe Srenben 
Sm tutig tun b« SceiifKit fi^ibem 
iDie nur in nine 0eeten fito^lt, 
Unb becen @iad Ictn @olb bega^ 

ffiem 9tact)bar/ ben ei fbitt genxdet, 
Sit bet bat ©elb i^ jugefteiletf 
iDcm ^nt et batbi auS 8u|i jut SU^, 
X)en iwOen ShuteC miebet jtif 

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168 Kfrittorr. [XVIU. 3a^ 

Unb ^ftidit : ^at, k1)rt mii^ btftt Sactxiii . 
XU, ftott bet ein^mii ©elb banii^ 
Stt^mt immtr cnini IBtuttl tiiiv 
Unb Uift mir mefiun frot>cn ®inn. 
%ai)tt forti ntlcf) ^rinilu!^ )u beneibni. 
3ci) toufdjt iiid)t mit tvxtn Jfreuben. 
jDcr t^mel ^t mii^ red)t gtltebtf 
X>ei: mir bit Stinunt ujiebet aiebt. 
IffiaC W) gnwfnii nwb' i^ reitba: 
Soliann; btr manlw ®Eifen|wbfr. 

Magnus (Sottfcirl) 1Ltd)tton 

Bom 30th January, 1719, at Wnrzen, stadied 
the law at Leipzig. In 1752, be obtained 
the degree of Doctor of taw, and was appointed 
judge, nnder the Pru^ian government, at Halber- 
Btadt, where he died, let July, 1783. His poetical 
productions conaiet of ^Fables, Tales, and a didactic 
poem, in five books, "Daa Becht der Vemunfi" 
(the Bight of Season). His Fablea obtained for 
him great imputation amongat the German Poeta, 
and still ret^ their popularity. Hia chief merita 
are an excellent moral standard, great powers of 
conc^tion, and a finiahed style. 

Lebsinii remarks, " The inequity that Btrikea 
UB in the compoaition of Liohtweb ia of a quite 
peculiar Mnd. Seldom has a noble work of art 
proceeded from the br^ of g^us, which a mas- 
terly hand might not have altered or improTod, 

cjiij^c, Google 

£>ie fcltfomtn 3Rntf^ii.] Cftjitintr. 169 

bat it ia. obsetrable, in veiy mxaj of Lichtteb'b 

Fables, that the^ came freah fivm hie hand in bo 
finished a state aa to defy the most aagacioua 

The best of hia Tales are,— ".Der kleine IBfel," 
"Der Voter und die drei Sohne," " Der £ohold," 
and "IHe telteamen Mensoken" 

Ibxt feltfamen SRenfc^n, 

00111 SRann, ber in bar Sielt m trefftt^ umgtfttnv 

Sitm tnbltt^ ^eim son fdnn EReife. 

<Die Sceunbe liefen fn^aareiuMifE, 

Unb si#ttn itnren greunb } fo |}peat (« )u eefcMtin ) 

iDa fiUf c8 aOetnal: UnS fnut ten ^jxc^ SSeele 

iDtd) |in )u fc^n i unb nun : STja^le t 

VaaSnxnlibanic^njiltltl — >&tTtfrpi:ad)ertinft,i^wiflt/ 
9Bfe ittdt ton unfKC @tabt ju ben -^imiiun ift 
Silf IjutibcTt IDteiten f)intra j^nen 
0inb !Otenfd)«ii bit mtr fettfam fd)i(iicn. 
eie fi^n op bU in bit 9ta(l)t 
Seifommen fefl auf Sintc StcOe, 
Unb bmfen ntd)t an @ott nod) .^itU. 
jDa nncb bin Stf^ gebcCCti ftin 3Runb nilcb naf gona^t* 
SB UnnUn um |U tm bie DotuutrCetlt bCi^oif 
3uKi <fKeE' im Kam^fe |l(f)n j foUt au^ bcc .^immtl f(^ 
3S{t Anii^ feinen SinfoQ brctinr 
@te blitben unsefl&ret fittn { 

XXnn f!e |inb taub unb fhunm. iDoc^ lAfit ft^ bcinn unb mann 
(Sin f)atbQtbrod)nn: gaut aUB i^nrn SXunbc ^n* 
jDer nic^ }itfan)nien^&n3C« unb nKnig fagm {ann« 

cjiij^c, Google 

170 Krfcttotr. [gat^tn. 

Cb fit bit Xuem fi^a borfibti: oft ottfetjrtn. 

SSan fd^ mid) oft erfEauirt ju i^tc 6tite ftt^n i 

SitttUi wain boraleicfien JDfnfl fltfc^iit^t, 

00 pflegt man fifttrf ^injuse^cn/ 

SDafi man bit ituti ft^n fttlit 

®fau3jt, EBrilbo:, baf mtr nif bit grifll^ Scbcrben 

Kui betn ©emAtilt fommtn merbenr 

iDit id) an t^nen fal)f SJcrjiwiflung/ JRofttti, 

iBoS^afCe gteub'y unb Kngfl bobd, 

iDit at&HtUtn in ben ®e1id)l«n. 

@ie f^ntn miirr baS fd)»h' id) tu^r 

In SBut^ btn guritn* an Simll btn ^nenrid)ttra, 

Hb Vxiffi ben SERiffet^Atem aleid) I 

9Utini was ift i^ 3n>e<t? fo fcagten ^iei bit S^tunbt. 
SJitUridjt beforgen |i( bit iffio^Ifat)!* btr Stmtinbt ? 
Kd) nein ! — ©0 fud)en fit bet IBeifen SStdn ? — 3(ir int — 
So iMton lie beB 3ivfcB Bitce* finben i — 
Sdnl — ®o btreun |te alte Siinben? 
iDol ift tg alltS ni^ — ®o finb fie gar Dtrnnrrt/ 
XBenn fie nid)t ^hvtoi rebcn, fCI^Cenf 
Scift fe^n; nioi «)un (ie benn? — Sie fpieten. 

£>« TIffe mit bet Uf)r. 

^pin Kfft fanb cinft tine £afd)enut)r, 

ICit bonb et ftd) mit tlntr ®d)nui: 

gefl om ben 8ei&. Earauf t(f[(l)t ec fie «nb fprid)t : 

„ aSo f e^U'S boc^ biefet lll)r ? Denn tid)tia get)! ft nti^» 

er mad)f |ie auf unb fieOet fit jircfitfe j 

jDoc^ in bem anbem UugenbliA 

St&it tt fit niebei: doc 

3ett meifleirt ec am SifTtrbl&tttl^, 

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XVin. 3fl^^] Ifcittotr. 171 

^iU lie cm wenfe an bai Ci)c 

Unb rpnd)t : ,i 3)n ®c^ag i|i faCfi^ I" mmmt nn^ einntat fie tvi: 

Unb flk^ an bent £«ttil)en 

6ti$t in bk 9!Aberd)ni i unb Eutjf « t&cCt unb bxt^ 

So Innfle, bis |te (Klie fteljt. — 

€e ging iS}m, mt ti jcbem ge^tr 

XKr ttttxte raetEtem aiiUf mocon rt vASiti utirftt^t 

4!EontaK <B(ittlie& WtMtl 

Likewise a feble-writer of some popularity, was 
bom at Cobnar, in Alsace, ia 1736. 

Hia worta, which derive interest from the feet of 
bis liaving lost his sight at the age of' twenty-one, 
include Fables, metrical Tales, Poems imd Epistles. 
Besides these, he was the autbor of a Tragedy, 
entitled " J)er Eremil," and of Comedies, which, in 
many instances, show marks of a fertile imagination. 
The first edition of hia Poems appeared la 1761. 
He died in 1809. 

Die jwd ©c^itafen. 

^md ®<^n«l[en ttmm cinft in ©tteit SBotum? boe tSgl 
iid) 9lietniuib triumen } benltf urn ben ^lU ber ®d)riellis!eit. 
®o xoafft ifl til bo* ©tolj unb Steib au* in ben trfifl^ 
&ttka teimen. Sum Aani]ifgeticE)t emAt)Cte man bcei biibte 
grJfdje i biefe ftecCten bie SRennba^in at, unb aW fie quiftm, 
fo t)nb bag ^HiatOmpaat ben SBettlauf an. Si fyitte fiS) auf 
feinet i8oI)n Id)on lange mfi^ant fottgominben unb benno* in 
|t«i langen @tunben juxi Spanntn (oum juridgelest. i&it 

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172 ^(tStl. [Sobcto. 

8tic^ fafien mbmtjf unb gli^tttent mfib' mm langtn ■barren. 

lipRi^i Hil)t Stanniilemt, <^' i^ laufen wotUrerp g(^'' 

Unbomfti im neidjen IScaB 
Oinrt SaTt«n{|ainS. 

%ttft tcoH) aui foitltm SXooi 
Sdnc tRaAboriiif 
Knt £rittf t){n unb fd)^ 
301 i^r (Sift auf i^ 

fld)! iraS ^ab' i^ bit gtt^ani 
8Kcf ba SBunn il)i: jn. 
®tl fu^ i^n baS Unt^ on, 
aSanim gl&nicjt bu ? 

®ie jroei ®tie(lwn. 

,^)wi Ocitdjetir tw^e buci^ bal IBonb 

iDn SipmfMt^ic oeibrAbert waxtn 

tBecltcfen iung iln Soterlanbi 

Unb fuc^ttn ©like bei ben Satbann. 

iDoS @(^al ttrenntt fie i ^orp^^ 

Xam nad) SS^rfexr matb Xat^tntijt, CffidcTf 

Spiciir SeCbmairf(l)a[lf ©roSDejiar 

Unb fuTif (n 3eU Bon iwaRjis 3<>^nn 

aklEtfl tr ots ber ©djmiegerfo^ 

iDrfl JCinigS ben eteirbten X^ron. 

Kretf bet nidite ncn i^m erfa^ren/ 

0, Gooi^le 

XVni. San.-] moitt. 173 

£aiii oU rin annn ^^iUfiop^, 

ajom Unfllfld ftrtS wifrlgt, on feints gminW ^, 

3ia eben Xubitnj erttidlCt. 

a&ta fcV »<* ? •^immel I rief Xtret» 

iD« iwinoib if)m (ntgcam rilte» 

^potp^^l mdnSruber? — SSaS? fiet 0(in€ tDIajeP&t 

(£n;6t^nb i^ni inS aOort j fjinnxg mit btffem ZtUkttt 

IDr tmfmi @ttinb ceigiSt ! BitOeidit ^t gar tin grind 

@i4 Winter i^m uerbetgtn witen. 

Sergitb mir, fpcat^ Knti ic& tl''^ Itinen Srnuib 

^ einan Zijvcnt fu^ foQen 1 

Waa the sober writer of Eseays and Tales, dmrac* 
terized by an antagonism to French fashions, and a 
defence of old 0«rmaa customB and habits. He 
wrote also the "SMiort/ of OtnabrOck" his native 
place, where he died, Jan. 7th, 1791. This work 
exhibits deep research into the ancient history of 
Saxony and the archives of the Middle Ages. 

llElfteitI) IPetEt Sitaxi 

Bom at Sumstadt, became student of law at Got- 
tingen. He died Nov. 12th, 1779. His works are 
remarkable for their elegance, more particularly 
" IHe Srinnentnyen out dem Iieben deg Oneafon wm 
Semidorf," which is considered a perfect example 
of biogr^hical composition. 

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174 *turt. [XVm. 3aW- 

Hia Poem, " Die KonigtmtU," and hia " Brirfe 
(Lettera) a«* Unyland und Frankreteh," will repay 


^U itt QattxaSim ein|l onblulv 
Unb btt Stddxtag unentfi^fni iwinttt, 
9tid)t6 entfdriebi unb immei lanttb 
8Hef dn Eonntn^jriefta: : „ .&6«t mi^ I 
Um ben SBiicbigften ni^ ju iwcfe^ni 
®oI[ bte iSittin fjk unS mS^lm. 
IBefTen Xug' bn trtte Sftafil mri^t/ 
Ekinn fte nurgen aut bttn fOent ftdgti 
3)nn fn unfer Sfiron bcfc^benl" 
mic ^ffm, MUe ffnb'S ja^ben j 
3eb<E tcHumt fi^ auf ben na^ S^n. 
^oil mafi mittemaditf nnb f<^ 
8iiefen fit am 9Reet mil taufcnb Stimmen 
3^ geuergott^, ju entQlimmtn. 
ffinet nuTi oieOdtlit em S^. 
aiieb entfernt wm Ufet jle^n, 
Unb fat) unoetuianbt na(^ (teiten -^li^n 
fianbnjfirtB tin empor, 
Spigrammen taufi^ten um fein Ctnrf 
£mi%ncik3t mH ptbel^aftent SBiVf 
SU a enbltd) an ber gelfenfpieer 
Unb aOrini ben er|ten SStco^t entbtdt 

^flngUnSf foU bid) Sta^mes Snbeei f^fldeni 
golg' bem SBetfen, ben bin Sabel \ijctiti 
Unb bcm ^bM U^xi ftolj ben ffl&itml 

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aimmtmaiut] M.aiattt. 175 

Sotiann Cfeora Ztmmcnnann 

An eccentric character, was bom at Bru^, in the 
Gtmton of Benie, Dec. 8th, 1728. TTia masterpiece, 
" On Katumal Pride" haa been widely circulated in 
nuny knguagee. Hia treatise " Jleher die JEiruam- 
keit" (On Solitude) is too familiar, from ita Snglisb 
tranalationa, to require particular notice. He was 
court physician at Haaovw. He died in 1795. 

Soliann (ZCaspat laboln 


The celebrated Fhyeiognoinist, waa bom at Ziirich, 
Nov. 15th, 1741. Whilst exemplary in hia paatoral 
dutieB, he waa zealously occupied in the abolition 
of trials for witchcraft and other patriotic objects, 
and in the preparation of hia extensive "Fhytio- 
gnomUtal Fragmentt." His other writinga are 
" Views of Eternity," " Schuieizerlieder" and some 
sacred Lyrics. In his aixtieth year he was shot in 
the streets of Zurich by a French assassin, Jan. 8th, 
1801. The following extract ia a beautiiiil outburst 
of poetic feeling : 

Set JRljeinfaa bei ©^ofHwufen. 

iSict^vc @rban(e bei Sdjipfun^ 1 bft^i maieflittfd)cn SOKuifaUI 
9tdiii tm 0d)niune beg Sefangif brr ^arfe ^mfiifmUx EBoUfianer 
3tdni bu erflicgeft fie "'# bie Sut^ iei Hfinnrnben SStuijcS 
©riner gUtt^cngdrirge. ^a ! nrie re gefctiltubert ba^ ftfeiunitl 


176 Kabater. [iDec Sl^einfdll. 

?)feat, WOTiSSoflen gtbrilca, S}v frib ju Itmgfam I — ^3^ tnc^ ma 
.^o<^ }u Nn ^tntnen ber Sonn'i il|[ ^n^tbor nxfKnben Xtlm! 
ffiitttt feib % ntit nfc^ j ntd* ©dwttenbilta bar ©(^eHe 
JBon bem jnft&ubMibm Sturjc btS tioc^Iebenbtgen SSdjiueftorniS/ 
iOet an gelfen empoi (er ^^U |tc) fibei bie ^il^tn 
SBiaufli im {t&Oengtnittei, dn immn; bonnembei iQonnttI 
®d)autrnb ftaun' u^ eu<^ oib it)c nifenNn aSogengeni6nt ! 
3^ »rfi^linst mir ben Obetn ; i^T taubt btn Ci^iiKn bU SStimme ! 
Untra bit; iittett bit Srbc j bee geU bebt ; pr&c^tiger Tbifiaf)! ! 
Serr nxr j&uint tl)tv ben Strom i tea fteOt bU Srufl tlim ent= 
Sonnen ^elte bet aufl Si ^iett' im ^uine Aometeiti [gesen? 
SBonn bei 9)td)ter fie fdineO ju SBeltantOnbungen fortmllt } 
eSfdiH mit I&infen bit fhimenbe @lut beS pammenben •Scbbam, 
lOet t^n )&umKr ben SStiomf ber immei iiam&d)[igetr foctftikitf 
^^ unb Siefen oeif^tingt ; In nxtflauffif benben 9tebet 
€Seine ■^eRlid)(eit ^uKt, unb aue bem btaufenben l(uffd)aum 
Uebertlubenb bem Sdjauenben nift, w£e SStimmen bee SReen — 
ffSott ift! ^lii^ ip ©oltl ifl 3ramad)tl fiiljte bein Mirfits tier 1" 

(Sfeotg (S^xistapit Itrgtenfirrg 

"VTae the apt and very auccessfiil expositor of 
Hofforth. He was bom in a village iiea:r Daim- 
atadt, July Isfc, 1742. His "ErkUrvng der So- 
gartschen Kv^ferttiche" (Expkuatioii of the 
Pictures of Hogarth), shows a large amount of 
oatiTe humour, close observatioii, and exqiiisite 
detail ; it is, indeed, a worthy companion of the 
works themselves. liCHTEMBEHe had, when in 
London, been honoured with the Mendship and 

0, Gooi^le 

xvm. ao^t^.]«btta. 177 

hospitality of many men eminent in acience. His 
letters written whilst here {Briefe aue England) 
are remarkably interesting, as are also hia " Ver- 
miiehte Schriflen." He now produced a collection 
of Gomico-phyaiognomical Fragments, as a satire 
npon thoee of Latateb. He held the Professor- 
ship of PhUoBophy at &ottlngen, where he was 
afterwards court-counsellor. His death took place 
in 1799, on the 24th of Febroary. 

3(nfi$Iagiettd im SHomen son ^^ilabelpljia. 
nSra Stcb^atmt bet jtbtrnotfiiti^n $f)q|t{ wirb tiinbunt) 
Mannt o/anaiiit, baf twr ein 9aar %a,ym bnr ncltbcrft^mte 
^ubem V^belp^ut ^^abelp^tO/ t>«{T"i fcfxm iSariianuS in 
fttnon SSu^ de natura snpematarali Qcwilinung ttnib 
inbein ec i^n ben iwn n^fmnKl imb ^&Ite !B«netbetcn" nenntr 
oS^in duf ber ottindiren ^ft aneelangt i^> ob rt tl)m gltfi^ 
tin etid)teS grmeftn wircr bur^ bie Euft gu fommen. @e tft 
n&mlici) btrfelbcr ber tm 3af)i 1482 ju Stnebig auf iffentltd)em 
tRortt tinen JCnaul Sinbfaben in bie IBoIIen fi^l^f unb baran 
in bit 8ttft Itettertt/ bid man i^n ni^ nu^ fltfe^n. Sr micb 
mit bent 9. Senntr btefe6 3a^ anfangcn/ frine @tnt^ale& 
l£bfie auf b<ni fiiefigm fiouffwuft &ffhitIti!^^eimUd) bm Kuacn 
bci ^ubliti Doiriulegenf unb Ritit)entli4 Ju befferen fntfifitettflb 
Ut et enbti^ ju feinen 500 Snridb'oceStiicIen tommt/ bonntter 
m onige be^nbtnr btfr o^ne ^a^tmi ju nbenr bat ffinnbcb 
ban felbft lUicrtitlftnf \a, fa ju fogcn, f^ltditerbinQt unm5aH^ 

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178 l.frit«ii«jr. [XVni. 3o^ 

as ^ berfelbe bit ISnobt gt^abt, iwi: alkxi ^o^ unb 
nitbrigen ^otiatattn allre okr !B(tttt)eiI( unb no^ ootiflc SBwfte 
ani^ fcaor im filmften wic Stim aSaieftit b« SiniBin Dbena 
anf Ota^tUt mit btm griflten SnfaU fcinc &la0t {U 

iSt niirb ficl) flier oKt iSogt unb allt SStunben bei Xogcl 
ftlKn lafi'<ti' autgenonunm axontasS ui^ iDonnnllaeg md)t, ba 
n btm (^Arbigen Sonertf femei Sanbeieute ;u ^^ilabelpfria 
bte @rilbn seqagti unb ni(t)t son tlf bU )n;£lf beS aiormittogSr 
ba et p 6onft(tntin«pcI engagirt ifb unb nit^t von jtnMf bU 
rin«, ba et fpetftt. 

aion ben ^(UtiigSIUctdjcn ju etnem X^atet nwOen ute tfnfge 
angebenr ni(t)t fotco^C bit be^i aU Dielme^r bie* bie fid) mit 
ben nxnigften Sorten fa|Ten lafien- 

1) 9timmt er, c^nt auS bei Stube ju gt^enr ben aBetted)a^ 
Don bet SacobifXir^ ab unb ft^t Sjn auf bie Soinnnife 
SKcijt, unb niebenun bie gaf)ne bee SofjannifeSinf^s 
t^urmeS auf bie Sacobi^^SicdK. aSenn fte ein $aar 
SDHmiten fleftetH, bringt ee fie reieber an Ort unb ©tede. 

N.B. TOiti oline !Dtagnet( bur<^ bte bIo|t @«fi^»inbtgi: 

2) 9timmt er fec^ &»)) bee beften Kifentfef pulveciftrt unb 
taUft ii}n in ;nxt .^nnen 3SiIi^ unb ttactiit bie iOamen 
bamit ©obolb t^nen Qbel roirbi U$t er fie jWei biE brei 
Hfftl soil gefc^moljenen SSleifi nad)»in(eni unb bie ©efelb 
fdjoft ge^t gutej 3Rut^ unb (a^ti^ aueeinanbec. 

3) eillt er fti^ einc .^^ort bcingeni unb f^Ugt bamit tinen 
ber .^emn wt ben JEopf, bo^ er mie fobt juc Stbe fSUt. 
S uf ber gibe oerfe^ ei i^im ben jmeilen Streidb ba bann 

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Sboettiffemnit] WUatktlmtmn. 179 

itt ■^err fogleii^ auffkt)t unb geiiKiiriglt^ fragt : tuaS bus 
fir raw aSujTt fei? Utfcrigcng fo gefunb, »ie Dor^. 

4) Qi jttljt btri bit oiec IDamen bie H&^nc fanft aiiSf lift 
lie Don ber ©efeafdjaft in rinHn ffitithi forgfJlKfl burt^ 
dnanber fi^ihtelni labet fie alebann in (in fletnee gcCbfUiIf 
unfc feuert |te I)tfagtcn3)anicn auf bie £&pfe, ba benn Icbe 
t^re 3&^ne vein unb tveif mitbet ^ 

5) 9limmteraII«Ut)teni9iingeiinb3iiiMlenbeiXnn<efeni)enr 
oui^ baaxtS iStCbr twnn es cerlangt nirb, unb fteUt Sebetn 
efnen @<i)tin auS. ffiirft ^auf 1CIU8 in dnen £afferr 
mb niftt bomit nai) GaffeL 9la$ ad|t Sogen jenreiEit 
iebe ^er^ i^n 0i^r unb fo mie bee 9tif burd^ i^ fo 
ftnb U^mif 9tinge unb Sunxlen wiebcr bo. 3}iit biefeni 
€t&b ^ ec ftd) met ($tVb oecbtent 

rf.B. ■Dieff Botf)e no* auf ber obem Stube bee JCouf&aufes, 
tfinftig abec ^o<i) in frder Suft itbtt kn SHiaittbiiiniKn. !Qenn 
uxi nii^ iKiop, Ite^t n^t& 

®ittinsen< ben 7. Sronec 1777> 

The Bon of a poor Bkoem^er, was bom the 9tli 
December, 1717, at Stendal, in tbe Altmark. He 
studied theology at H^e, and, in 1743, became a 
schoolnutBter in Seehausen. His leisure time there 
he gaTe to the study of the ancient claesica, and 
his thoughts were altogether directed towards the 
lands of Greece aud Borne. Appointed librarian (in 
1748) to Count Bunau, near Dresden, he had 

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180 mtarktlmnm. [XVm. 3a^^ 

opportunitieB of examining the valuable coHection 
of ancient cuiioBitiea in that city ; and through hia 
acquaiatancB with Lippeet, Haoebobn, and Oesek 
he became more deeply initiated in the One arts. 
Through Cardinal Archinto, who held oat to him 
promotion at £ome, he became, in 1755, a convert 
to the Roman Catholic taith, and secretaiy to the 
library of the Vatican. In 1768, he returned to 
Germany to visit his &therland and friends, but 
the sight of snow on the roofs and ground, together 
with the smoky bouses, filled him with melancholy, 
and he resolved to return to £ome. He travelled 
thither in the company of an Itidian, Francisco 
Jrchmtgeli, who affected to be greatly interested in 
numismatics. Wihceelmash, on their arrival at 
Trieste, readily displayed to him bis whole collec- 
tion of gold coins, and, whilst explaining to him 
the various inacriptionB, w^ assassinated by the 
covetous stranger, June the 8th, 1768. 

WmcKELMAinT ranks in our literature as founder 
of the school of art-criticism. His ideas powerfully 
influenced the promotion of literary studies among 
the Germans, and his labours q^uickly advanced the 
formation of a correct taste. "WnrcKELiiAHir's 
writii^, both on the Grecian works of art and on the 
architecture of the ancienta,rank deservedlyhigh; but 
hia greatest celebrityis from the work "OeachicMeder 
Kuntt des AUerthumg" (Hiatoiy of Art among the 
Ancients). It is not alone a ehefd'ceuvre as regards 

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XUba WttU btr Aun|t.] VKfncfcrlmanti. 181 

ita pure prose style, but its criticisms of GireciMi 
literature and art are written in an enthusiastic 
spirit, and all his positions laid down in the most 
lucid and satisfiictoiy tnminer. To WmcKELUAim 
belongs the first derelopnient of the true principleB 
of Grecian art, and that example of research into 
tlie (daasical models of antiquity, 71)1011 was sin- 
gularly useful in giving an impulse and aa healthi- 
ness of tone to the whole Literature of the country. 

VLtia W S3etiai^tung in ^erte ber JEunfi. 

2!S^iaft bn iiet SBnh bcr SCmft urttctlen, fa ^f iik 
fAngEid) ^n i^ bait nai |td) burc^ gUif unb VxbtU anpvtifet, 
nnb fei as^tKcffam auf bati mat ber Ser|tanb ^mm^itaif 
^at : benn ber Sltif tann fi^ o^ne ZaUnt irigtn/ unb btefeS 
ocbUdt nun oui^ wo bet Sttfp ft^ Sin ft^ miUiram ge: 
maditeg SJttb wm aSaltc aba Silb^un i|l, blof aU bieftjf mtt 
rinnn m&^am gtarbeittttn !Ba^ )U t)eT0l«(f)en. iDmiv »ie 
0dt^ )u fi^riben Ri<^ bit gr&fu J^nft i^ fo tfl ctn ft^ frin 
unb glaK iiuegtpinfttttB Silb oOcin Inn SSenxti con tincm 
etafm JCfinftbr. SSaE bie o^ 9totf) gc^ufltn SteOin oitI> 
ntoU nit ed^fcntr Sdc^ in eintt ®^ft finbr bat i|t in cincm 
Sittw bit Mnbtutung oUtt Jttdnigttften. 5Bitfe JBrtrac^ung 
wirb bid) nidit erftaunen nwdun ilttt bit eorbttiblitttr an btm 
"XpciOi) unb ber jDq)^ne eon Sntiinff nod) itbtr bai 9It$ an 
tinti @tatut in Ceutfc^Ianb wnt itUun Xbam aue ^orU. 
Sbtnfo finb (etne £enn;tid)tnr an n>c[d)en ber gleifi'alltin Hif 
t^nl fya, fS^ig jinr Stnntnif abec jum Unterf(^itbt be( XUtn 
torn fttutn. ®ieb mtitans, ob ber SRtititr bee ffikrBi wtld)ei 

TOL. I. M 

182 SBfnAtlmBini. [XYIII. 3a^t). 

bn Uttaitft^i ftlbfl gtbat^ obtr nut na^mcu^ ^ } ob n 
bit Dotnt^ftt Sbfidjt ber &mfti bU @(^n^ett grtoimb obn 
niui) ben ilnn eni:)&^ii!iii]«i Sonnni gtbilbet { uiA ob er oIS dn 
Sftatm gtaibtitai nbec aU efn Xtnb gefpidct ^t 6B I&nncn 
!Biiii)er unb SBerfe ber Simfl aemoc^t werben* o^ne oiel ju 
ben!en i t^ f^lkf e con bem tooe wirQic^ ift ; tin SRaltr Eatm 
auf biefe mei^nifdje Kit efne tOtabonna bObenr bte pi) fe^tn 
Uftr unb ein ^ofeffor fogar eine SRctop^^lit fdimbeni bit 
taufenb iungen Ceiiten gefUIt £ie S&^eit bti JCAnfUtri gu 
benlen abet tattn |Td) nur in oft nnber^Uen Sotlbttungenf fo 
tme in eipen ®iftnbunscnf jeigen. iDenn fo nie ein rinjigcr 
^0 bie SSilbung bti @e(ti^ts oerfinbtitr fo lann bie Vi^uttma 
dneS einjigen ©ebantenSj iwE^ (td) fn bee 91{c))tung tineS 
@tUebeg &ufer1i bem jQonmtrft dne anbcte @t|talt gtbenr unb 
bie 3Sih:biafeit bei JtfrafUerC bait^ ^btto in Stop^aelS 
@(^utc ijon 'Ktlftn lii^ mn bra %int/ai unb er faget genug 4 
unb giguren oon ^uccari fagtn menig mit atkn iliren Mvbre^ten 
SScnbungen. Htntt tme ej fd)toeTrr iftf iiiel mit wenigcm an: 
jujeifl^nr aU ei ba§ @eaenl^ i^ unb ber ri^tigt IBerltonb mit 
iMnigem me^t ali rait oleten ju ttirten liebtj fo rotrb eine 
rii^ne gigut ber @^upla( a&ec £unfi eineS 1Dtet|tetg fein 
Unnen. Kbec te miabt ben me^rflen Mn^em ein ebtn fo 
^ttcttt @ebot fetnf eine fflegeben^eit in einer dngigen cba fn ein 
paur gigurenf unb biefef i|l grofl gejeic^i ooiiufteUem aU ei 
(inem ecribenten fein ntikbe, jum IBerfud) eine gang turje 
SSdirift aM eignem ®t«ff abjufalfen : bmn ^ter tann beibei 
eiifie erfd)rinenr bit flif) in ber SiiiOftit DerfttdCL Sbra bn^ 
[ieben fafl alte ange^enbe unb fic^felbft AberlalfeneiungeMnfUer 
mf^v, einen Snfnurf con einera -tauten iufommengefteOter 

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mba mat tei Jtunft] VKfiuficlinanii. 183 

Sigumt ju maiini aU tint tiniigc »inig au^ufii^nn. 10a nun 
baS KKnigci mt^ ober gecingeif ten Untafd|ieb nnter AAnftlttn 
ma^t, unb bag nxnigt Unmerflidx tin SSortDnrf btnlenba 
tnipfinbliii)n @>er(I)i)>ft iftj toe oicU unb ^nbgKiflt(l)e aba 
ft^taffe ©innt unb rinen pump^n Btrftanb btfd)4ftiflrt : fo wii* 
bee £An1Ifn, bet |t(^ Xlogen )a acfalUn bcgnfistt/ im Sii^IiKn 
gn)$ unb im SBtcber^tttn unb SSdannten mannigfattig unb 
bnifotb erfdKintn lAnntn. 3d) tcbt ^ wit aul btm SRunbt 
beS XItretI)unit: Dit]ti Ufyxn bit SBettt bet Xlttn, unb tt 
ni&:bt i^ntn ll|nli4 s^<^ten nnb gebObtt tottbm, wenn tiire 
SSi^ften uit f^e fSiltier bettrad)let unb unttifut^ ntdrbcn. 
JDn 6tD(g in bem Oemtt bet K|poUo &uftirt ^ Mmt^mtid) in 
bcm £inn unb in bee Unttrlt^f bet ^om in ben 9tiifteni feiner 
Softj unb bit JBeraditung in bee Cepung bee ffilui^ j i auf 
ben fibngen Snellen biefet 9£ttU<^ ^auptt nwtinen bit Sriiiitnf 
unb bie Sc^^ bidbet bti bet Smpfinbung unoetroifdit unb 
ttin/ »i( bit ®onne, btten BiO) er ifL Sm eooceon fietKfl bu 
be{ bem ®^et) ben Unmut^f n<{t ftbtt tin unni&:big(C Eeibenr 
in bcm Jttnufcn bet 9tafe, unb bat cittrlii^ 9XitI(iben auf ben 
UU9A)>feIn mit ttntn tt&ben iDuft f^tcfmmtn. i&iefc Si^n^eiten 
in tfnent rinjtgtn iDtuctc finb wie ein Silb in tinem SBorte 
beim fonenii i nut bet fonn ftt ffnbtnr nclt^ fte f ennet. 
®laube genrif, bof bet alten JtiinlHet fo mit i^cev SBSeifen afc 
fE<^ matt mit xotni^m slel anjubeaten. 2)al)ei: liegt bet Siets 
fldub bet Xtten titf in i^en SBerttn ) in bet neueten Skit ip 
es nt(^rentf)eiis wie bel betatmttn Jtt&metnr bit adt i^e SSaate 
oudftellen. ^omma gUbt tin ^i^tt SSUbf nxnn alte ®6tttt 
^if von il)tem ®i^ er^ebeui ba ZpcUa untet i^en etfd^tt, 
aU Qoaimoi^t mit fcinem ganjen ©efangt twOer Selt^ams 

cjiij^c, Google 

1S4 VKfntftrlmxnn. [XVni. 3a^. 

Ictt 3il tin Coct^ n^ti^ fo ift ti bit lUbciteugung vo& 
btm mat idj foge i mft btcfclbtn ni^nt bUk ju bntfSechn bt# 
VUtrtt)utn(r In ^oi^ung citl ju finbcn/ (b idu:|1 bu oitl fudjoi. 
Xb« bu muft bitftlbnt mit srofa Sbi^ bctrailiKn « bnui boB 
iSuIt im tBtnigeti/ unb bte fKIIe einfalt wtcb bu^ fonfl tins 
trbauet laffenr nie bb etlftrtiet Scfong beS ung(f(^ii(!Hen 

fltofien XEnop^n. 

iDoi imeitt Xugennurt btt SMra^tung bn aStrtt bei £un{l 
foH bit ©dWn^ f«n- 3to l)id)fle SSotraurf b« Kunft ^ 
ben!«ibe astntft^ t|l bn lOtenfdir obct nui bclftn &uftie ^djCf 
anb btef( if) ^ ben JEinftler fo fdjtwr QuSiiifDrfdiov mk am 
ben Sfficifen ba« Snnerc btffdbeni unb bafi fciinter^ ift, mat rt 
ni^t fdfdnf, bie @<I)&nt)t{t, roni lie, eteenflid) jU wbeTi« ni^ 
untn 3a^I unb 9)!a$ fSOt CEben ba^ i|l iai Skcft&nbnifi brt 
!Secf)Sltni{l'<B btS @anien> Me aBtlTenfiiia^ von ©ebetnen unb 
aRuehln nii^ \o fd)nxT unb aOgnncinei! ttU bit Aenntnif bci 
&i^6nen ; unb ntnn aui^ bat ®cf)tnt bun^ einen oOgtmeintn 
SkgdfT f&nnU U^mmt nterbtni n>e(i^ man roiinf^t unb fud)t 
fo Yofccit fit bemr RKlc^m bet .giniinet ba£ ®efii^l vetfast ^t 
ntd)t ^Ifen. £)ae ®(I)£ne be|te^ in ber SEnannigfaOtabit im 
IStnfa(^n j bieTtS iff tier SStrin ber SBeifen, ben bie £Qn|Uer yu 
Tudftn ^btni unb nel^n iwniae finbcn j nur bei ixrfle^ bit 
wenigen Sffiorte, bet fi^ biefen BSegriff aui fid) felbft gtmaiftt 
(Mt XAt imx, bit bat ®i^iit b^dl^aiti t|l eQiptifnEif unb in 
btrfettwi i|l boS Sinfoitje unb eine befi&nbigt SBctinbetang: 
benn fit !ann mit bintm ^itlel btft^iieben tcerbeni unb xxti. 
inbert in alien ^untten i^re 9iid)tune. X>w^ti ift Ietd)t gefagtf 
unbfi^nxr )U Itmtn; roelc^Stnteime^Dbeirnxnieettaiptifi:^ 
bit i»rfd)iebtnen S^eile iwc €5d)Snf)eit ^rmti tann bit KIgtbca 

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Utia fStrlt ber £imft] HtSfncfafltnaim. 185 

nU^ btfftnimen j aber bte KItcn fannten fiei unb wk finben fit 
Dom fDUnfc^n bU auf i^ie @f&{k. @o nit tii(l)tE Stcttlffirmtgrt 
ant aSenfc^n ifl, fo mad)t aud) bin ¥rofil euwS alttn tSefSfes 
tfnm fialbtn ^ixUt 

Scnn n>n mir ocilangt uAtbCf |tnnl{d)e S^egriffe bn &ijins 
^ )U beftiniintni iwMje* f(^ fc^iwt iff, fo xelaie i^ in 
G^ansclung aUtt uodbntmcnn SBcrle ober bcrcn ^gCifTci 
(tin Schnlen ttagtn, bl^tTbt, na(^ einjelncn SfKiltn i»n btn 
fi^lien Sltnfi^n genommnir an txm CMti no idi fdicleb<r jn 
bilbcn. 10a nun bitfie^ jett int Z)ciitf<^ nii^ Scf(I)et)en tann { 
fo mOStt i^( tctnn ic^ kt)Ttn moOtt, bie BJtgriffe bet @(I)int)eit 
Mnfniaungfiiwi[c midi anjubeuten begnilgen t id) muBt* mu^ 
ober ant aSangri btr 3nt auf bai @efi^ rinftfirinhn. 

iDie gnmi bn maiiren SS^&ntxit ^1 nii^ unCecbnidKne 
SSjtSi. Vuf bitfcn ®ae gnbtbtt fi^ baC ¥tro|iI bet atten 
iugenbU(I)cn Sbp^t, atU^t niditfi eineaCni&fiQtBi oai) iiUt)te 
QitigebObetce t^ j abci ti ift feltcn in bee ^tatutf unb fc^t 
fid) no(^ feltenet unter einem Tau(i<nr aU %liii&ijin ■^ntel ju 
finben ) ti befletit in bet fanfC gefenlten Cinie uon bet 0titn 
tni auf bie 3tafc. IQitfe Einie ijt bet 8d)Sn^ betmafen eigeni 
baf cin @(fi(^r YDtHiti, bon Dome sefe^ fd)tn fi^inlr con 
bet Seitt etblidtr bieM beitiettr je me^ beffen ^fU con bet 
fanflen Sinie abiwidjt. Diefe £inie ^t Setnini/ bet Sxa^ 
oetbetber, in feinem ^iftm glor nii^ lennen woUeni itiii a 
fit in bet gemtinen 9tatutf ntUtu nut alldn fein SSomnirf ge^ 
nxfenf niHjt gtfunbem unb feine ®c^[e folget itim. TCni biefem 
Sole folget femet, ba| nvbet baS £inn no4 ^^ ffiongen, butd) 
(SiAbi^n unterbi«i)enf bet Sotm bet wa^ten ®c^n^ S"«<^B 
fcin ttnnen : el tann alfo aui^ bie aXebiteifi:^ jBenuSr bie ein 

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166 miatktlMMti. [XTZn. 3a^ 

i^e SStlbung von tftur bcftimniUn fn^tiun Pa^an gntommcn (^f 
fa mit jtwi anbcct Btnuj in htm ®axUa ifvaUt Urn fkiUaft 
SaraeTc ofitnbore Sportiitl6pfe ^ben. 

2)U gorm bee toolinn @ci)in^ ^ Ut td)obenen S^Ie 
ii{d)t ^umpf, nnb bie Qontlbten nic^ obgcTdinittcn i btr !iCusnis 
tno^n ill pr&i^ ttfyiitn, unb boS Ainn otQig gtnUbt. iDie 
bclten Mnfia Ut TOtta ^abm ba^ balimfsc SC^ anf 
iccUtKin bit Xugenbtaunen lugeiv fdKncf etf#riCt«i gtlwttenr 
nnb in Urn JBtrfaOe btr MafU im XttertbutiUf uab in bem 
SitrberMf mttna Seiten. ifi biifcS 3^ nmblit^ mtb ffaunpf 
HTtritbenf unb boi Jttnn i|t inSgemtin iu Ileinli^ "XuS bent 
fumpf ee^allenen Kugoifnoc^ lonn man untec ai^etn vxf 
t^dXen, bai ber bo^mttf f&Ifc^tid) fogenannter Vntinmit im 
S8(lMbe« )u Mom ntd|t aai bre ^6*ffen 3eit bee *unft feta 
iann, fo mtnie mie bit iSenut. SHefeB tft aUsemcin i^pai^m 
iwn bem SBefmtti^n bti edjtntfnt beS @<fii^ njcldjefl in btr 
Sorni befb^t : bie ^^ nnb Sttijer n)«(<^ biefelbe tt^^txti ^ 
bie ©n^ie, uon iMliI)et befonbert ju ^nbeln ifL 

@ine mSnnlu^ gignt ^t i^ ®c^£nfKit wle eine jugenb: 
lii^t aber ba aM tinfai^ Stam^altigt in alien SMngen 
fdBtwet ift oEs ba8 9Rannigfal% an fi(%i fo i|l (ben befk 
wegen eine fd]6ne iusenblitlK Sieui gtof gu jrid^nen (ill) Kt|tetie 
in bem mAgliiil)en ©eabe bee BioUIammenlieit) bae fn^mer^. 
2}ie Ueberjcuguns iji ^ aOe SXrnTi^n au^ <wn bem Aopfe 
oOein. 9Ie^t boi @e|tc^ bet fd)in^ gis>x^ ix neueren ®es 
mUben/ fo mccbct i^ faft oKejeit dnt Iperfon fennoif bie fi^nee 
tft: i^ uct^eile nac^ 9Iom unb Storenjr »o bie ft^nfitn ®ei 
milbe finb. 

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lUba Sole bet Xtmft.] QHterittltnaint. 187 

30 efn Jtfin^ mtt imfAnlii^ &ifia^, mtt Smpfinbuna 
bed @(^nenr mit Scfft unb AtnnMf bti Sltnt^umEi b<gabt 
gowfcn, fd UMt tS 8ta)>f)ae(i luA btnno<4 finb feint @d)&n^eittii 
untcT bcRi Sdjinfhn in bet Stotitr. 3<^ teime ^>ttfanm, tie 
fi^iuT fiiUii att friae unueisleii^d^ SSobenna Im ^aUaft ^Ktti 
ju gtoentf unb alt Kldbiobet in ber &^k von llt^m: bte 
SSabonna b(« Saaxq^ ifl (eine ^of)e 3b(ti mi} bie oom 
SKotatta in bei OaOetJe ju X)»ibcnr o^ne Stat^tfjeil son ben 
urfpribelu^ e46n^e{ttn in ber 9tac^ beB erflem ju tebcn : 
bie beiit^mte Senui oom Sijian in bet Sribune }u ^iattnt ifi 
na4 bet genuinen Statue ybilbet iDfe Si&p^i Qeiner Siguren 
nom IClbano fi^cinm f<^n ) abet »em Xleinen inS (Stofk ju 
gebenr ifl t)in faftr oU uenn matii na^ QrUnums bet S^iffk 
fun|t atrt Sfid)cmr bfe S^^rung eineS SSc^ffed tm Ocean unteT= 
nr^men modCe. ^u{1tn« uxh^ boC Kttert^m me^r ale feine 
SorgAnger nnteifoc^f ^t fit^ oelonntr unb f^ niemal^ int 

iDie (Bdec^ abec fi^eintn iS^nlyiten enttoorftn iU ^oben. 
wie ein ajjpf gebreliet wirb: benn faft alle SJlinjen ifyttc fceien 
€Staaten jcigen Jtipfei bie DolUommenn' (inb con Sonn> ali 
nxM R)ic in bet Satur fennen, unb biefe ®(i)Jn^(it befie^t in 
bet einie, bie hai PeofH bilbet. @olttc ei nid)t leit^t ft^einen, 
ben 3ug Uefet 8inie ju finben ? Unb in aOen aRfingbib^eni i|t 
oon betfelben ab^mntiKn. <$itte nti^ Slap^tlr bet ftti) bcOagte/ 
jn ©olotee tcine w&Uxqf ®^ii^ (n bet Statui jn fiid)enf bie 
SKbung betfelben twn ben be|len Sptatufanifi^ iOtSiqen 
neltmen fbnnen/ ba bie ft^nffen Staluenr aufiet bem Soocconr 
JU feinet 3eit nod) nii^t entbectt wann ? iUSeiter, aSs Hefe 
^ROnjen/ (ann bet menft^li^ SegtifF nid)t ge^ unb i(^ ^ 

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188 WfnrEtelmanR. [3)«r x^wilo 

auc^ ni^ 34 '"ufi b'ti Eefet icfinTctjcni ben Ao^f beS f[f)6nni 
OenH in bet SEKa aSoigtKft, bit Kiobt unb t^ Ziiiteti bit 
IBilbn b« ^mten €M)in^ )u f<^: auftc SRom tnOfliEn i^n 
bit Mbgfiffe cber tie gefc^mttenMi ©trine Uffon. 3ntri bo: 
(dtinfleQ iugrabli^n Atpft finb bit Sninema bon SSpoliuSr 
jt^ }U SBitii/ uM) rin iu9enbi:i(f)n ^TfuUS in bem @tDfd;ifdjen 
.IHttfw ju gloreni- Ser bit be|bti SBtth be* aitert^umS ni^t 
^at (ennnt Icnienf glaubt ni(I)t p loiffenr roat naijt^^ fd^ 
ij]} unfert Skgtiffe tverben au^ti: biefet ^enntnig einjeln unb 
nad) unfeitc Sltigung gtbitbtt fein ; win @d;&nf;etten neuerer 
aKti|ter fann id) niifits ffioQCommnereG angebeni alfi bie gtriec^ 
i(c|)e ^lAnjenn bom ■^nm SRtnsIf qtef mie bie 9tatutf (lolbe 
gigur, in ¥a|le[ auf lidj aemolef, ffir ben tMarquie Groimate 

ailein Cefer 1 <£i ijt bieft Stinnerung net^g. iDeim bo We 
mt^r^ SRenTn^n ma an bei @d)ale bee iDinge umtieige^ ^ 
fp |ie^ aaii bai SiebCid^i bag @Iin)enbe, unfec Kuge lUtrH 
oHf unb bie blefie Siatnung not Snungenf wie tittt nur gefc^ttm 
t6nnenf mai/it ben trften @d)ntt jut Jtenntni^ 

2)et 2(1)1)110 Don SBetiKbere. 

13ie statue bH apollo ift bag t]&^ Sbeal bee ^nfl 
untei <tICen aBctten bei HMtrtiismii tcelc^ bet 2er|l&rung ent 
eatiB*" finb. iDet *iln|llet berfelbtn ^t biefeS 9Bert gSnitic^ 
Quf bat Sbeal B^tauet, unb et ^af nur eben fo oiel bon b« 
aXatetie boju genommeni oU nettjig mac, feine Xbfi^t ati^u: 
fii^itn unb (id)tbar gu niacin. ;Diefer UpoUo ilbeitiiffC 
allt onbtre ffiObtc beafelben fc weit, alfi ber XpoUo bei 
^omtcnS benrWeEc^ bit fotgenben iCii^ malen. Uebec 

0, Gooi^le 

von Sttwten.] aSfndttltniinn. 189 

bit fDttnfd)^ (Tt»btii f^ fdn JBud;^, unb feint SteOung 
leustt oon bet i^n tcf&IItnbeii Illi6|k. Sin tvAf/n %rG^K:\^ 
nit in bem gldttlic^n Sipiiumf bcHtibtt bh nijtnbt HJUnns 
[i<^!eit votlbinaienei 3a^t tnit gefinigti: 3>i9tiA> unb fpitlrt 
mit fonfCet S&rtlt^tit auf bem {toltm @eb&ubt ftinei: @litb<i. 
Qk^e mft befntm ®(i|h in baS SItiift unfiiTcrlic^ Sili&ns 
(dtctii imb oerfui^f ein ®i^£pfei einet tgimmlifd^tn 9t<itiii ju 
tvtcbtnr irni bm &nft mit ®(^n^cttem bit fu^ ttba bfe 9latiir 
er^btni lu erffiKen : btnii ^a ifl md)t8 @teiAli(^i no^ nxri 
Me intnfc^lidic iD&ftfdftit tTfotbert £etnt Sbem noi^ ®el)nen 
er^i^en anb emgen biefen JCStperr fonbern ein ^mlifi^ 
®riflr bn fi<^ wie tin fanftec Strom tiscffen/ ^at slrit^am 
bm ganjen Umfang biefet gi^ rrfQOet Sr ^t ben $t)ll)on( 
niber imIc^ er )ner{i t«ntn Sogtn gcbtaud^f otrfolsett unb 
fein mS(^%E Sidiritt fwt i^ ercd(I)t unb tiltgt Son bet 
^^ ftinrt Sen^anifeit ge^ ftin tr^benn Slictf wie tn'« 
UnoiUiiljti nxit Abn ftinen ®itg ^inaul : Snrcu^tung jt^t auf 
feintn Uppntf unb ber Unimit^r nxidien er in lid) jie^ti iliijt 
fi(^ in ben 9t&ften) ftintc Stafe. unb Iritt btC in bit ftolit ®tini 
^auf. ](be[ ber Si^be, roelc^ in einer fttigen @tille auf 
btrfelbtn f^bel> bleibt ungtOictf unb ftin Kuge ift W)n 
€Sfifia(dtr wie unlet ben ffltufeni bie it)n ju umcingtn fiii^ 
3n anen unt itxi^tt fSiibexn bet fSattxi btt ®(tterr 
nOfy bte £un1i mc^rtf n&fKct er fid) ntd)t ber @rS^ In 
nxli^ et fi^ bem JBerjlanbe bel e£ttfi<^n ibUftat offenborte 
nie yia in bem @c|Td)te bcfl So^neSi unb bie einjelnen SStl^Sm 
^dtm bei iibtigen QUtter treten ^iec* wie bei ber ^anbocoi 
in ®emt{nfd)aft aufammtn. Sine Stint bee Supittti bie 
mit bei (Sittta bee IBtii^ fdjtmnaet ifti unb Xugenbraunenr 

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190 rafncfcritnann. [XVUI. 3(^t^ 

bit batii t^ SBinltn f^ SiDm Rtl&ixn: Vugen ber 
JUnigtnn tm @6ttiinKn mtt ISrcf^ eroSlbt. unti rin Sbmbf 
ntldiabtin 0tI{cbUnSrand)ue bit Srii^dnfU^ Son 
iwi^-{M(ur;pUU>ti)ic bit iattennnb flfifliacn SS<l)Iinsm cbtcc 
fficinrtUib sltu^om bon raw: fanftcn Suft bovegt, lun biefrt 
gGttlid)( .&aii])t: et fd)rint erfolbt mlt bem Dtt btr ®&tta:> unb 
Don btn @raj{en mtt ^oQiet ^at^ auf frincn 0^dtel 
etbunbtn. 3cf) mtocHIc oltei anbtit &b«: bent Vnlritdt bvfirt 
SSunbntDtrtt bcc JCun^ onb t^ M^mt Telbfl rinni n^twncn 
®tanb ani nm mit Bkbigteit onjuf^utn. 3Xit Snt^nuig 
fd)nnt fid) meine 9ni|t }n rawitcm unb (U erfiebaif wit bife: 
jMii^i bie id) irfe Dotn Ocffit btr Sdffo^g aufgtfc^Qt felftf 
unb iiti fii^ mii% UMggtdlctt nat^ 2Mo< tinb in bit [i)df<:^ 
■^inei Octtf nwi^t XpoUo ntit fciner ®cg«nturt bct^: 
bcnn mdn Stib fd)rint Scben unb Savegung )u bdomnKn, inie 
bei^fiamalionSnKunt'il^ fBit ift ti mbgiil, tHa maka 
unb ju bcf^nibtn t fbU Amift fclbp m^ mic ut^ tuA 
Me fanb Iritaii bit erfttn Siigci nxldl)c iif) ^ tntoocfm ^obtr 
tJhifitig ausjufd^n. 3<^ le^e ben Stgriffr hkI^ i^ iran 
bieTeni Sitbc gteebtn twbtr ju f^n S<^(it' "tie bit £Tin}t 
brrienistnr bit bae ^iqit btr ISot^titen/ »tl(l)t fit fcincn ' 
nwdttn^ mi^ tixtidien tonnttn. 

^a birft etotut unttr fo uicltn touftnbtn btt berit^te^n 
SimfUai bit out oUtn Oiltn von IBrit^nlanb nai^ Stem 
^tbtaijt mwAtn, ^iet aU bol ^&4^ In btr Xunft 0tfd)A^ 
nwrbtnf fo oabient Uefelbe btt bet nttbriQm 9tai^U, bit 
nicl;tt vmn&gtnb if) ^ttwniubrinstnr mat bitftm SStrft nut 

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SootMn.] aBtttAtlntaim. 191 

tnt^nttn SSeift ttnnfi vn&S^ mabeai tfft) grlBtw Zix\s 
ntrtfotntrit utib Srounbcning. iE)« SBrifc finbet barin jn 
forf(^ unb ba XAnfKei: unauf^&Tlit^ )tt temctv unb bribe 
{iaun {tbOjeugt xettbttu txxi in btcfcm Silbe me^ onbocgnt 
(Uotf oil boS Voff iMtttti unb bof bn ffirejlanb bei 3Seifta:« 
Ditl t)£^ no^ alfi frin Siecl getixfen. 

Kaotoon ift dot ®tatne im ^id)|lcn @d)meT}tf nai) bcm 
Silbe cimt ^tanneS q/maifi, Ux bie boeufte @ticf( beS 
@rifttg gcgen brnftlben ju faauneln fud)ti unb inbem fein 
triben bie fflluefcfa auffi^Kt unb bie Seroeti onjte^t, Iritt 
bet mit Stirft bettuf^iete @eift in bo; aufgetriebcntn &tktit 
^nwcf unb bie lOruft er^bt fti^ buri^ ben befientmCtn Dbcm 
unb but(4 SurAd^oUung btt Vuif>m&)i bet Sm)>finbungf un 
ben ®tl)meti in (itt) !" fa1T"i «nb ju wrfcfjlieflen. ©a« banfle 
SSeu^enr n)e[d)ce ei in fid)i unb baS ben Dbem an fii^ jie^r 
eifdjb^ft ben Untedeib unb mai)t bie €!eiten }}o1)U uelSiti und 
gletdifani son ber Setneaung friner 6ingenieU« urt^Ien l&f t. 
Setn eigenee eriben aber |'ii)eint i^n ntcniger ju beingftigenr 
die bie |>ein (eintv fiinber, bie i^ KnB<fi*t i" '•'«''' iBatet 
roenben, unb um ^filfe f^reien: benn bat odterKc^ ^tj 
offenbait iit^ in ben iw^ntfit^t0tn Xugenr unb bat SSitleibcn 
fc^t in einem ttflben Xlufte ouf benfeCben )u ftfiioimmen. 
@etn ®efri^ ifi fiagenbr aber nfi^t f^reienbr feine Kugen {tnb 
na$ ber ^Sl)ern ^Mfe gemanbt IDet SXunb ift mtL uon SSe^ 
mut^i unb bie gefenlte Vtntttlifrpt ft^tco: von betfetben { in bei 
HbtaoixU gejogenen Cberiippe aber ifl biefelbe mit Sdimetj 
rcnmft^i n>ebif)er mit einer Slegung von Unmul^i wie iber ein 
URMTbienteSr unwQrbigel eribetir in bie Stafc ^inauftritt/ Hf 
felbe f^ofilftis mad^r unb m in ben enwiterten unb oufoiirts 

cjiij^c, Google 

.92 VBUaAtlmam. [BfrfiSittnn SMMftfWta! 

aegogimn Stfiftern offenbait Untet tei Sticn ijt ba Strdt 
jmifi^n ©i^etj imb Sibtrffanbi mw in dnem Spunfte o«i 
eintgtf mit grofet aStU^it gibiUft: binn inbem bee @d)Riti:j 
bit Xugenbtauntn in bie 4>^^ titiit, fa biftctt bae Sti&uben 
mibtt bcnfribtn bai obm Mua(np«fdi nitberwSrt* unb fltgen 
bal obete Vugenlieb jUf fo bap baSftlbe bord) bag iibtrattitUnt 
gleifrf) beina^ ganj bebt* nrfrb. jOie 9lfltin:, iwlifee b« 
Jtinllta: nii^t wi:f(fc6n(ni lonnte, ^at « tntwicWferf anfl(= 
prenettr unb in&(l)ttger ju jrigcn gefud)t : boi n»ot)tn bet grtplt 
Si^merj geligt ill, irigt jli^ aui^ bit gtbSte ©(l)inl)riL Die 
linh Seite/ in nield)< bie QHfangf mit bem n^ljenben S3ifTe 
itiren @ift aufgie^ ift bieieniger ti»l(t)e butt^ bie n&d)fle (Smpc 
^ung jum ^cjen am ^tigften ;u leiben fi^ntr unb bit^tt 
SE^ beS JCJtpert fann ein ffiSunber bet^unfl eenanntmerben. 
@titK SJrine noOen ftd) tx^tbtv, um feintm Ucbel ;u entrinneni 
fdn Xlfeil i|t in Siu^e } ja bie aSeigellhei^ felblt ^Ifcn jtn 
Sebeutung tinec trjlarrttn -^ut 

The niuueB of tluB Epoch which did not demand 
a more particular notice are as follows : — 

JBefitre the time of Qottseked. 
Of Minor Poete : — Chbistiah G^ththek (1695 
—1723), remarkable for the facility and natural 
style of hia pieces, who ia still had in memory for 
his unhappy life and miserable end; Soheffeh, 
1677; Phixipp t. Zesbn (1619—1689), founder 
of the poetical society of the Bope order ; Pblbd- 
BICH Gasitz (1654 — 1699), an imitator of BoUeau ;. 

cjiij^c, Google 

£U ©ottfi^b.] WttmSiiitt ddbrfften. 198 

Bbkjamot Neoeihch (1665 — 1729) ; Johaiw 
Besbeb (1654^1729). 

Of Critica and Safciriata of Morals i—GaiEPiai- 
80HN, 1669, author of the lively and sarcastic 
adventures of " SimplicuHmuB ;" ScEsuppirs 
(1610—1661) 1 MoscHEEOSH (1600—1669), in a 
satirical novel, called the " Strarye and veritable 
Adventuret <jf Philander von Sittewald," vHch is 
heavily laden with quotations in different languages, 
in accordance with the tashioa of the day ; Bal- 
THASAB ScHiTPP (1610 — 1661), who ridiculed this 
pedantic style ; and Bjeheb, the enemy of poet- 

Of Dramatic Writers :— Bibken (1625—1681), 
particulflrly in favour with the court of Austria ; 



Of Philosophers : — Leibnitz ' deserves remark 
as a phiLoeopher, a philologer, and a diplomatist. 
His works are written chiefly in IVench or in 
Latin. Thomasiits ', also, author of an " Infroduo- 
tion to Ethurg," and other philosophical works, said 
to be the first professor who lectured in the G-erman 

I64fi: died at Hinmcr, Nov. litli, HIS. The luttlecu of Mi ptalLgsi)- 
phlctl wtillngi chiefly luio refcrencs to the moril govemment af tlu 
waTLd, Hli'Gemun' WDrkBiretecepublubedlD 1S40, b; Gubrauer. 
■ OtLBiBHiTiiindTHOHiiTni, 11 wuncoidedbrFiediilekll., tlut 

(, Google 

194. ^tbtitUttOnmub iSatUtitV. 

Of HieologiiuiB : — 8Tmoi.,wboae " .Meditatiotu^" 
appeared about 1740; Sckiteb; Gottfbisd 
Abkols ; and the monk AwTuntw X Sanota Claba 
(1642 — 1709), author of some senuons less grave 
than gay *. 

Afler the time t^ QoUecKed 
A lor^ array of poetasters or versifiers presents 
iteetf, of which we enumerate, en passant, Schiz- 
BBiJiE (1741—1771) ; Habtmamn (1752—1775) ; 
GoTz (1721—1781); Schmidt, of Liineburg 
(1716—1789) ; Blum (1759—1790) ; GEMMtsaBH 
(1726—1790) ; ScHATZ (1768—1795). 

The Poems of the noveliBt Konig (1753—1796), 
deserve a more favourable mention, aa they are* 
marked by a natural and flowing character. Mis- 
cellaneous prOBB writing of the same period are 
" Treatises on Philosophy and HdueatioR," by Base- 
dow (1723 — 1790) ; and, by the same author, a 
" Practical Philoiophy for all Sanks." "Bj Isaac 
IsBLDf.anotedphilanthropist (1728—1782), " The 
Patriot" "Dreamsofa S'riend to Svmanity;" and 
a " Sistory qf Mankind," ably written in a good 
prose style. 

1 "MtiUaUau M IIU PntMtmce of God l*nw^i>al alljlaltiri," bj 
CHBinvFB Stubm. An «cell«Dt work, wtll known id Englldi ntden. 

• ScHILLEB il uM 10 tuve citruted ham one of tbtte Hnnani tha 
dlMonn* dsllHitd br Uw Capnchln In Walkmlaln'i camp. 

(, Google 

?srt H. 

Klopitoci. "DerMfHai!" "Hi* Atf»nttk»tiig i" Odai 
tic — KuiST. "Der Fanning." — Raulbr. Ode*. — Hbbdeo. 
" PhilotopAie der OesehielUe dtr ItetuchieU (Griechenland);" 
" Gfiit der ScAojifin^ ,■" Parabtei, — LEaBiND. Scene from 
" NalMtm der Weieei" Fableti •• Laaioon," — Wieland. 
" Oberoni" " Bippotmlet an Abdtrai" Sec. — BCfaoER. 
"Leonorai" " TYoit," — Christian ton Stolbbho. — 
Leopold von Stolbebo. "Macht det "Dm^eU:" "Der 
deulicht Knabt." — Vom. " Luin." — Holtt. Potttu. — 
ScHVBABT. " Dtr emige Juie i" &c Ac. 

(, doodle 

tn<ti <■ >ni ».<fir t''['|<T ei^iK iS 

Oil XI lUiuittiitq eium lint Co 
34 (ill gtoDbfi Cptilin In tan. 

3t>t. Canfttei Mtun*. 

0, Gooi^le 

¥art H. 



Vfs now approach the most claasical period in the 
hiatoiy of our literature. 

"When the Gbrman muse imveiled herself to 
Bhine forth in fiill beauty, she received no coun- 
tenance from Soyal patronage. Brought up under 
the eye of a French tutor, King Feedebio had 
imbibed &om his earliest youth a predilection for 
the French language and its literature, which was 
afterwards manifested in inviting Yoltaire and other 
Trench writerfl to his Court. The preference thna 
shown by him had an important inSuence, not only 
on other courta and the nobles generally, but on all 
classes; and German Poetry was on the brink 
trf becoming a slaviBh adherent to the spirit and the 
rules of the French. " If Kiopbtock had done 
nothing more than awakened the feeling of nation- 

TOL. I. O 

0, Gooi^le 

1S8 fitlopUorb. [XYin. 3a^^ 

ality hj hie poetry, and taugbt hia coimtFjtuen that 
in the &ee and indepeodent cultiTatioii of their own 
geniuB, and the selection of their own themes, lay 
their only chance of redeeming Germany &om the 
state of torpor into which ita poetry had fallen, he 
would by that alone have conferred an ineetdmable 
service on its literature." 

" We hare seen Poetry, says 8i 
by Frederic, the favoured aon of hia country, fly 
from the powerful throne which refiiaed to protect 
it, but it atiU dared to call itself Oerman ; it felt 
proud in being itself the creator of its own glory. 
The song of the Oerman hard, resounding on the 
summits of the mountains, was precipitated as a 
torrent into the valleys ; the poet, independent, 
acknowledged no law save the impression of his 
own soul ; no sovereign but bis own genius." 

Italy had given birth to a Dante — England, to a 
Milton ; it remained for Germany now to produce, 
in the person of EIxotstoce, a Poet who should 
rank with either. 

His '^Metsiae" is throughout a masterpiece of 
aublime conception, of graphic and powerful diction. 
In the fourteenth and nineteenth cantos, the mira- 
culous events attending the resurrection and ascen- 
sion of our Lord are told with remarkable felicity. 
The angels, in pwidculiu', pourirayed by Klop- 
STOCE will not suffer by comparison with those in 
the " Paradiee Lost" of Milton. The later cantos 

(, Google 

«etiing'« ©attrt.] Saiepfloffe. 199 

of the poem excel as greatly in exquisite finisb and 
maetery of limguage, as do tlie earlier in depth of 
thought and power of ima^nation. 

To quote a remtu-t of Menzel : — " By his Odes, 
and by thepowerfiiliTifluenceofhis'^i?(Ma«,* it was 
for fijiOPSTOCE, the German Somer, to establish 
the supremacy of a classical taste ; not, however, 
in defiance of Christian and national associations, 
but rather to their advant^ige. Beligion and patri- 
otism were with him the highest of all conceptions, 
and these, his exalted principles, have contributed 
perhaps more than even the great productions of 
hia pen in raising him to that high position which 
he wiD ever occupy," They have had the effect of 
r^idering him. an object of admiration, even to those 
who have scarcely read a word of his worts : a fact 
which has afforded Lessikci a subject for satire, in 
an epigram which runs thus, 

" "Who does not Klopstock praise ? 

Yet who will read his lays ? 

Such praise I do' not want. 

More readera only grant," 

dFttelric^ CSottltefi iSIO])8tiicfc 


Bom 2nd July, 1724, at Quedlinburg, where his 
&ther held the office of magistrate, passed his 
early years at home, under the guidwice of a private 
tutor. At the age of thirteen he was placed in the 

200 laiopitotfe. [xvni. 2<m- 

gftnnafdum' of that town, and tliree yean after 
removed to " Schulpforte," a Prussian college of 
high repute, where his character and mind began to 
display their full vigour. At the gymua^um Klof* 
BTOCE had in Bome degree neglected his atudies ; Ids 
father, therefore, admonished and exhorted him to 
exert himself to the utmost to obtain a creditable 
rank in the claasics. He says, " I followed his 
adrice, and asaiduoualy applied myself to Latin and 
Greek; wtdking up and down my garret in the 
heat of the aun,I studied in the sweat of my brow," 

Under the tuition of an able teacher, whose aim 
it was to make his pupils familiar not only with the 
mere language, but also with the spirit of the ancient 
writers, he acquired a perfect knowledge of the 
claasics, learned to appreciate their beauties, and by 
following with rapture the bold flights of their ori- 
ginal genius, he fed within himself a flame which 
was soon to burst forth in full lustre. Virgil waa 
his favourite poet; and while he beheld in him 
a worthy model, he felt a strong impulse to imitate 
him, He diligently applied himself to composition, 
both in prose and verse ; and some pastorals, ac- 
cording to the prevailing taste of the time, were the 
forerunners of one of the noblest plans that ever 
entered the mind of a poet. 

At this early period of his life Klofstook con- 

(, Google 

tKt ffielfio*.] tSLloftioA. 201 

ceired the idea of writing an epic poem, such aa 
since the " Ntehelwngenlied" had never heen at- 
tempted. His enthusiastic admiration of Yii^ ; 
the glory he promised himself in being the first who 
should produce in his natiye tongue a work like the 
" ^neid;" the warmth of patriotism which early 
aoimated him to raise the tame of German litera- 
ture to a lerel with that of other countri^ ; his 
just indignation on reading the work of a Frenchman, 
who denied to the Germans any talent for poetry ; 
all combined, with the consciousness of his own 
powers, to stimulate him in carrying ont liia grand 

He was, however, long before he came to a de<a- 
aion in the choice of a subject ; he chose and re- 
jected one topic after another which the page of the 
world's history offered him, until at last his resolution 
fixed on the "Messiaa." "With Milton's " ParadUe 
Lost" be was then still unacqumnted ; but already 
whilst young his mind and heart were imbued with 
the religion of the Bihle, and we read in an extract 
from Bodhek's Letters on Criticism: "Klopbtock 
made the Bihle his constant pocket-companion." 

He was very eariy so familiar with the character 
of the Hebrew language, that he often unconsciously 
expressed himself in words figurative as those of 
the Old Testament Scriptures. "WMe sitting on 
a fine spring morning with his &ther under an 
oak-tree, a cool breeze blowing upon them, the 

cjiij^c, Google 

202 Kl^itodt. [XVHL 3<m- 

IjOj, scarcely fourteen years old, thaa expressed 
himself: "All around the oak receives ub in his 
shadov : Boft airs breathe on us, like a whisper of 
the presence of God." And then again: "Hov 
peaceful grows the tender moss here on the cool 
earth ! The hills lie round about ia lovely twilight, 
as though new made, and blooming like Eden." 
BeHgion was with him not a mere speculation, but- 
a. matter of the heart, which deeply felt the great- 
ness and g^ory of the Messiah ; it was in him the pure 
source of praise and gratefiil adoration. From this 
turn of mind sprang a style of writiog full of poetry, 
before he had ever seen a verse or knew anything 
of prosody. He was a poet when neither he nor 
his father suspected it. 

In 1745, KxopsTocE left the College of Schul- 
pforte and went to the University of Jena, with the 
intention of studying theology. During his short 
residence here he laid out the first three cantos, 
t» proie, for the metres hitherto in use were repug- 
nant to his feelings. Although he well knew the 
force of the heiameter, he waa still in doubt 
whether the German language was pliable enough 
for such a metre. However, in one of his walks, 
in which his mind was always most actively engaged, 
he determined to try the structure of the ancient 
epic verse. In a few hours he completed a page of 
hexameters ; and, from that time, the form of his 
great poem was for ever decided. 

cjiij^c, Google 

e<^nlbt] ItlopAorb. 203 

it Leipzig, where he, on leaving the TTniveraity qf 
Jena, bad removed (1746) to join bia cousin ScauiST, 
he compoeed the first three cantos of the "Mestiat" 
in hexametera. Thia metre, heretofore supposed 
to be utterly inapplicable to the German language, 
was therefore first introduced into our poetiy by 
ExoFBTOOE, who mcT afterwards triumphimtly de- 
fended this mode of TeTsification both in theory 
Bod example. 

His relation and bosom Eriend, Schhidt, to whom 
he read the three Tereified cantos, greatly admired 
them, and showed them to Cbameb, the editor of 
the "£remer SHtrage" (Bremen Contributioiis), 
who prevailed on Klopstoge to allow them to be 
printed in that periodical, luid they accordingly ap- 
peared in the beginning of 1748 ; they were received 
throughout Germany with the highest enthusiaam 
and admiration, and their applause animated the poet 
in the prosecution of his sublime theme. 

In the two following years be produced many 
excellent Songs and Odes, which were published in 
TOrious periodicals. 

In the year 1748, EjiOpstooe lefb Leipzig, and 
accepted a tutorship at the house of a relation. It 
was there that he first met with the beautiful 
relative of his kinsman Schmidt, the subject of some 
of his most admired poems, in which she is dia- 
tiuguished by the name of Fanny. He never had 
courage to make her a proposal of marriage, as he 
thought he had no prospect of Bucceae, toA, the 

cjiij^c, Google 

2(M fOiUifttaA. [XVin. 3a^ 

lady was bood after united to another. Many of 
his OdeB and Elegies prore the purify and ardour 
of this youthful affection ; and the grief coneeqaent 
on disappointment, added to impaired health, con- 
spired to throw him into a deep melancholy, and, 
for a time, shed a dark colouring over all hie poetic 
e&sionB. However, while Elotbtoce had retired 
from the world to an obscure retreat, his "Me»tia»" 
excited such a degree of attention aa no other book 
had ever awakened in Germany. Friends and ene- 
mies, admirers and critics, appeared on all sides ; 
the sensation was owing as much to the sacredness 
of the Bubject ae to the beauty of the poetry. 

Divines even quoted it from the pulpit ; and ChriB- 
tian leadeTB bved it as a book that afforded them, 
amidst the r^e of controversy, a wide field for 
devout meditation. 

By some of the Clergy, however, it was con- 
demned as a presumptuons fiction. The parttzans 
of Ck>TTSCEED raised still greater clamour against 
the work on account of the language j while the 
Swiss critics, on the other hand, extolled it in the 
h^best degree. Bosmeb, in particular, the trans- 
lator of Milton, embraced the cause of the Glerman 
epic bard with enthusiastic ardour, and greatly 
contributed to accelerate the celebrity of the poem. 
EIlopbtoce let his friends and his enemicB vmte 
whatever and as much as they pleased, and fol- 
lowed undisturbed the bent of his genius. 

Invited by Bodmeb, he went, in the eummer of 

[; .1 ,tc 0, GoOl^le 

eiraf SJernBiiorf.] MltpttoA. 205 

1750, to Ziirich, to visit the romantic sceneiy of 
Switzerland. His admiration of it is described in a 
Tery beautiful Ode to the Lark. The sublime taid 
enchanting beauties of this picturesque country, 
the Mendship of some highly accomplished minds, 
and the uncorrupted manners of a simple and 
virtuous nation, would perhaps have induced him 
to settle there for life, had not an unexpected 
circumatance opened to him veiy different pros- 
pects. The illustrioua Danish Count Bekmbdobf, 
whose capacious mind traced in the very commence- 
ment of Kiopbtock'b work the future glory of the 
poet, resolved to take him under his patronage. 
By him Klofstock was recommended to Frederic 
the Pifth'e favourite minister, and through the 
latter to the king himself who invited him to 
reside at Copenhagen on a pension of four hundred 
dollars, a sum that would set him above pecuniary 
cares, and leave him undivided time to complete 
the "Metguu." This offer he accepted; and, in 
the spring of 1751, set out for Denmark by way of 
Brunswick and Hamburg. While at the latter 
place, he became acquainted with his second wife, 
an accomphshed woman (known in England by her 
correspondence with the novelist Biohahdbok), 
whom he celebrated by the name of Meta, and of 
whom he was destined only four years later, 1758, 
to lament the Iobs. He cherished her memory to the 
last moment of his life, and always found a melan- 
choly pleasure in visiting her grave in the village of 

206 mojfttaO- [XVnL 3aW- 

Ottenaen, near Hamburg, vhere lie directed that 
his own remainB should be placed by her aide. 

KxopsTocz continued to reside at Copeohageii 
till the year 1771, when the death of Count Beme- 
dorf, hia protector, took place: our poet then 
returned to Hambui^, where he still enjoyed a 
pension from the King of Denmart. In 1775, he 
spent about a twdvenionth at Carkruhe, on a visit 
to the Mai^rave Frederick of Baden, and then 
returned again to Hamburg, where he reaidBd 
during the remainder of his life. 

All who are capable of forming any judgment on 
the subject, agree in pronouncing upon £lopbtooe'b 
merits as a poet. His Odes rank among the finest 
in our language, and are for the most part as in- 
imitable as they are original. His "Me»situ" has 
raised the feme of Germany, in the highest depart- 
ment of epic poetry, to a level, at least, with that of 
any other nation. 'KLOFaiocs.'B piety, in its faii. 
extent, as it influenced both his heart and his 
understanding, may everywhere be discovered in his 
Odes, particularly in one entitled " The OmnipoteTit." 
His Sacred Diamas are of little value or merit. In 
1791, when in his sixty-eighth year, he married 
Joiamta von Wmthem, a newr relative of his first 
wife, and much of the happiness of his cheerM old 
age was owing to his union with this lady. 

To the close of life (died at Hamburg, March 
14th, 1803) he retained his poetical powers, and 
his sacred harp still sent forth straina of sublime 

cjiij^c, Google 

and heartfelt piety. He spoke of death with the 
most cheerful composure. The pleasing images of 
immortality, sung by his owb loflj muse, recurred 
to his mind in the hour of death, and whispered 
comfort to his apirit as it fled. 

When the last conflict approached, he raised him- 
self in his couch, folded his hands, and, with uplifted 
eyes, pronounced the sacred words so finely illua- 
trated in one of his Odes : " Can a woman forget her 
child, that she should not haye pity on the fi-uit of 
her womb P Yes, she may forget, but I will not 
foiget thee." The struggle was now over: he fell 
into a gentle slimiber, and awoke no more. 

The funeral, at which the diplomatic corps, the 
ministers of the Church, professors, literati, mer- 
chants, and persons of all ranks assisted, was con- 
ducted with princely pomp, such as never had heen 
witnessed for any man of letters. 

A copy of the "Jfemiu" crowned his coffin. His 
ownmostaffectiDgpoem,"i>iejli*/!»'«foA«(iji," which 
will be found in page 216, was chanted amid solemn 
stillness over the Poet's grave. The Extracts we 
have given &om the "Meetiat," relating the 
" Journey to Emmaus," will be found to contain 
some graphic deUneations of ' Character ;' and his 
"Fruhen Graber" (Early Graves '), and "Sefiectums 
on the Sight qf the Bhine-FalU ','' some equally 
graphic delineations of ' Nature.' 

0, Gooi^le 

208 RXnpjttorit. [XVIH. 3a^ 

Zm bent SSeTfiaS. 

3efu8 mlt Satop^a& unb 3)tattf)ia3 auf ban SBege 

mi) @maud. 

(TCta t«n 14. ©tfangc) 

J^IeopliaS ^tt' inbtB unb 3Ratt^io£ mit ixin ^hfycttn 

iSHioa bit Q^ttm bee ^olnun raexiit. Sa bie Seiboi nut 

aSounn gingnir unb nod) bd t^ntn n{d)t f^ @(fd^Tt ntot/ 
&CM(iitn fit untn nnanbn : 1&. aBu bnn u^ irren, WlatO^ti 
C bu tennR to bit SSut^/ bit tieif e Slad^c bcc ^nclhc. 
iBtt |u tterimmteni aU fie el nun ntd)t ju nw^ien vtnmSftn, 
J3ai tl)n 3ofe))^ begrtJbe. @ie ^ben @neue eemcnnenf 
^ben ben Zobten bnaubt unb uwUen i^m Mt) auf bem $%I 
aSei her fflerfluditen (Sebeln fcegrabtn. SBienric^it, o bu SBePer I 
.gietliafter 1 SDecCt fd)on @oCgat^a bemen ilartenben 8eii$nam ! 
^. Sber bit Snget am ®tai', o SXtepfy>i ? ^at fie benn atlt 
XirAbcl Xrauem eet&ufd)t ? unb fann benn Xtaurigleit mtcteiif 
Sol air $iinmlifd>c fe^n ? SSantm ni<^t bangt Sejlalten ? 
9tad|t? geriditete Xobte uielme^T I 3fd;ani>te @ee(e? 
*Ieopfia* bebte jurilct, barauf antroottef tr: 84fe 
SKii nun einen ^amftl, @etie&tec : aSarum ecfi^einet 
tinier SSeifta; nii!)t felbfl ? SQie !enn' id) Sngel ? <IBie nxif t^ 
JCennt ii^ fie attij, ob jie ber ©nnge fenbet? M* S^eutnl 
ffiihrb' er unj nid)t ecfc^nem reir' evwn ben 2obten ttflonbtn! 
S^n. i^n bnntn nii: I fiH. Sberi d SUopl)oA, glaubte Stona 
@abriel nidfti unb tunnte (ie benn bie iSngel? unb ttnnen 
@ottec ti6t)cce @eiilei; n>a« »nt«i:e« fagen, all ffia^r^? 
Unb Mibtenen wtr bcnnr bafr cr unC etfdieine ? SEu uSirtnf 
fSie bie 3ni6Ife geflo^ni ba Caut con ben ft&rmenben Scfwnenf 
S^rtm @ninni unb £ro^n unb Qefc^ (Set^femone fd^tUe. 

0, Gooi^le 

^Dec 3S(ftia£.] Ulojfitotk, 209 

Sernt nur/ ferae na^ten tnir unSi ba fein SubeSuct^iil 
0d)tect(i^ Dom Siidjta:^^ fi^Kr ai), fern bc3 SStntxnben 

jeieo])^! fpiad) : 2^ btrom' ee mit bit I Xxi) Unmn nnc 

JiaS et uns etfdjetne, wtbienm ? Sft « erftanbtiif 
Unb erfd)rint (Ti ad)i fo ecfdjeint tt aHein auS SibaRnuna; 
Shtl t^n unferefl @I«it!« iammect, unb tceU ec i&^Iet 
UnfCTC a^inen, roie er auf unfttetn ^auptt tie ^axt 
mt Qti&^U «atl jM. 0, meop^SI Unb bu luxifellt? 

SS. Bu itwifrili 
Xlfo nii^f 3»attI)iaS ? jH. X)u tmft, ba$ Hj imrnn: VOej, 
3BaS {(^ ba<^' unb an))fanbr bit gaiiir o £(cDpt)a«, fogte. 
aB«mi ii^ tnit ftillet Setcai^tuna tA itbreUntti fo glaub' 1^ 
abra menn mic^ bit Xngfl bet ^offnuna unb guti^t unb ^f 

SBenn ble gteub'i i^n roiebet ju fe^n? — bat ifi greube beS 

Ungefiibi ini(^ ngmfen unb meint @eele bunl)beb«i/ 
SBenn |ie ber ©timtn' bet aBa^t()eit nii(^ betiuben: fo gmtifC id) ! 
^op^a£ bliA' t^n i&ttlid) an unb fogle: Du Siebetl 
Sbet n>enn mit xekUiii i^n \i.^'ni fo m&be btS ^mmUt 
gteube, gceube ber @rbe nid)t 1 befi ewtgen gebenS 
BBonne wfebe, — faum finb' iif SESocte ! — wenn rote il|n fSifm, 
O baS itiiitb' una nod) me^t, nod) mSditiget flbeqeugen, 
ats bet pien Settadjlung eidjt, bal We ®eele mif fflo^lriirit 
Utbettttimt ! ^att^iaa etmiebecte : 3)tid)t' et ecfdicinen ! 
Unfete blutentt ©eele butd) feine ©egenwott ^eifen! 
JCIeop^e fptad): SQtt roi^nf<^en ju oiel, bu ©eltebtetl bet 

Unauatpted)lii^fle, ^6(fe|te, met fann fit, ȣinfd)t ec fie, fytffml 
gteube, roie bie, ijl nM)t f6t bicfeS Seben, ®e[iebtet I — 

cjiij^c, Google 

210 STopitort. [XVUl. z<m- 

IHnb fie WQten tntd) rfnrt fterfiber^angenben .^figcU 
&i)attm gegangen. SXi SBeQeS genienMe AtMntungcn ietgten 
CSribv&rtC jego Nn f^attenben ©ong. iDoct fofieit (ie tangfam 
ffifnoi SBonbmt CormnnL ffirfwbnim mSnnlii!^ Mnfrfin* 
ShiT b» ^tmbling unb f<l)ten in cmftei jDenbn wtlonn. 

fil. Saf un6 langfomer etlin/tOtatt^ t iSitltet^tr ba^ ber 

Unfcr ®efi^' imtb unb un< ba« traucmbc ^tct mit Stfptii^ 
eefnn SkU^ nquictt iDcnn mdfe trfdjdnt n unb cbtt 
jn. SSqSi £(cop^«f ^ilft une feint HBeU^, icofern a; 
9tid)t DonSelWniitunSfitl) untartbetl Snbem tomnit 
S^nen bei aSanbntr na^ nnb gd^ fit mit Ctebe. SKft S^ 

StA^en fie {{)n. OS. SBo gelKt itn; ^tn? H. SlatI) SmauC 

QSl. iCarf i$ 
Guer Otfi^rt fein? Sfl) gelw buri^ emaue. ffit. SH o bu 

a^eurer ! 
eei,niirHtt(nbic^unfet(l>ef&^ dS-BaSfpTac^i^fofnitiS 
Unter etnonbet ? 3il) fo^i'Sj goiq Ijinem an btefen Oefptiu^n 
ffiure Swlen unb wann oott atourtflteit ^teop^a! fogfa : 
Hibi mat tonnten wii ^i^n ? SSift bu M aMa, bn ni# niffer 
BqB in Senifalon bie|< 3eit bee Siaufmt gcfi^n {ft? 
TO. SBo* flefc^d btnn ? IS. O gmnbSng ! bu fenneft <aio, 

bu fenneft 
3efu8 Don Slogotet^ nidtf ? ben ^wpiieten ®otte8 ? bet mfic^itig 
JBot bem .^errn unb ton SBoUe butd) SBunbet unb ^tmmHf*e 

Da ein gEttlid^et SKann nxn: 1 XUetn oil) I unTere '^ertfi^ 
■^obeuf ent^mmt oon bem ®iimnei bet jQut^ bet unto:^ 

3f>n gegriffen unb i^n bem .^eibcn ^Klotut jum 2obc 

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»tr aReflifl*-] Sltopttotlt. 211 

Utbngebcn I IDtx tut fdn Zobteurt^til gefpto^n 1 

^, bfirfl' ict) bit Xrt be« fur<l)tbar(n Sobee nid)t nenncn> 

31)n grfreujiget I gorbas luiH, bag ic& tmtba bit Sffiunben 

tlSemec ©ctf aufcdit, bic feinen 34)b ju bef(i)reibenr 

unit tt f^bt an bcm Actuje 1 unb ait bcc '|i&gel fein Slut 

SBie ecbtei^ uiit)er(larrtum.Jifllf',um^fllf€iU®ottrief! — 
TUfi xdk ^fften auf i^n unb tiklten itin fik btn 97tef1ti:S I 
Sfiael, ^Dpn nrii:, follt' n: erUfcnl Unb fiber ba« KUeS 
JStai^ bee bntt( Sag fifoa ani fnt biefeS e«fd)(^n ifl 
Unb aSattliiae bfgann : Kud) ^ben bit aSribre b« Unfmi 
UtiB ecfd)i:e(tc ^(ut gineen |le in btt grfitx )um @tabe ) 
@einen Eric^nam fanben |ie nii^ 0ic famtn mit Sittcrnr 
.fatten ©epdjtt ber Sngel flffe^ii/ bi( fogten, (t Ube. 
Zifi tcir i»nnod)tcn md)t unB ju fceucn I <Smtge gingen 
ZMSi iu bem @tab' unb fanben eS offen unb oline ben Xobten. — 

Simo iaaun fit untec fi^enbe ^almen. Xm Sanbrcr 
®a^ fie mit ber Qr^ben^eil am bie @tift ber @eele 
Unb nid)t @tol) iflf unb fptad) mit ber mSditigen @timme btt 

Sitit Unmeifen ! nnb longfamen ^oiten .^en, }u glauben/ 
©em JU gtaubeni xeai eud) bie ^p^eten aertfinbiget twten I 
Wtafte nid)t bieg ber SAefftaS leiben ? unb na<^ bet aSoOenbung 
@einer getbtm er|l bonn }u feinet ^mU^ldt einge^nf 

;^tt St|taunen fa()n (le fit^ m, mit bebenbet @f)tfLtr<l)t 
35n ! ®ent ^Stten (ie i^n, bod^ nut Muflenblide, uetlaffen/ 
Unb Don i^m mit einanbet gefptodKa 3^ tx&btS Kuge 
SSSutbe lii^ unb begegnete fx^ mit feurigen gtagen : 
D nxr ift eCf iner i% bet utifere Seele mit e^rfut<l)t 
UlO) mit ®taunen erffiat ? ©odl) tjatt' er nut angefiingen* 
Uebet Tie btttd) bie ©enwU ber ftegenben asSa^t^ ju ^Kttfifteii. 

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212 laiojwodt. [xvin. 2<m- 

ffiit cln SStutmi bn beginnt/ mit ge^Itner Stlirft no<^ nx^ 
Slod) ben Kt)lma SBalb nidit ganj fflOt i SHOe tulxt 
9toc^ in frinen Sfiatenr nod) Uegen Ui,J\nt @^tten i 
®avt iff Me SSanne no^ nic^t vcn bes ^taxmts SSoIbn tint: 

naddtet: — 
mfo btgonn i^r er^b'mt <3«fS()rt 9liif|t lang'i unb tr ffl^ 
etc in tie iXitftn bet CfTenbatung ^ab. iDen 3Xeffiae 
Sdgrt « i^en, dn Subnet ®otUt, in ieb«r Ixt ^iefen. 
fiSie oninDd^ niit/t mef)c ju niib(t(U^n. @o reift (ic^ 
SDutd) b(n Kolb bar f^ttu Sturm. Die SBiumt beg SSoaeS 
gittevni taufc^n mit ttngelUlm aUt, beugcn fid) oKe 
ffioc bem t)eiTf(f)enben Sturmr ber SDonnccnwlten unb glnttien 
^immetfl^enber sGlecre con SSecge tieibet ju iBecge I 
Mnb (w (ianben crmattrt unb battn urn 3?ud' unb wifc^n 
@ii) ben ©i^twiS wn btr glflfjenben ©tint. 3Rann Softe* ! 

air lenntn 
Simr bici) ni(I)t ; boc^ bift bui o ben ntii: mit @f)rfun$t anTc^auD/ 
!iBat)Tlid) ein 3itt(id)» fSStann I bleibf ad)! unb laf on bee St&^le 
iDiefer CUiell' unS ru^n 1 ®ie feSten ITd] neben einonbet, 
ISegen lie Ibet bet gittlidie grembling. Sr cebet' je^t fan^r 
Stebete ocn bet Eiebe befi ®ol)ns ju ben SRenfiften, bet Siebe 
SSeinet DSenfi^n ju l^m. ®ie gebad)ten bee gco^ ^itten 
Sob mit ^erer SSeetei gekbt uon inniget 9!ut)e. 
aSie auf einen (ha^Iei^en Xag fid) bie ^itbenbbtomtung 
Cuftiget fiber bie 3SCiben geuftf — fo gof et Stqui^ng 
3n i^ .^etj. Unb liebt ii)r ii/a oud) ? baS ftogt' tc fie jffio. 
®ollten wit ilin nicl)t licben? @ie fpra^n'S mil eitenbergtimme. 
SB. ^bt i^t i^n immet geliebt? 3Bit DectieSen S)n, alfi (te 

jum S«b' i^n 
Sfii)ttenf ^inauf ju bem Aieui 1 bag wtftuntmenbe Samm jum 

J)a wtlicSen wit i^n I — SH. iOod) jeBOf ba ll)t eS miflet, 

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Xn HXefTioi.] UlttfiiaA. 213 

iDal a van {UTCtutUlm gtflorben ffd tnoDtet i^ jtto 

lCu# lan frinctnriUflif nxnn (r c8 fortette, (tarbtn ? 

O bu 2t^unt 1 wii: ^|ftn ju Sottj Ixr 8ttbent* lofirb' imS 

et&tfeiv baf n>it e^ f£nnten 1 XUdn o i&nci tnit Stirfutc^t 

gtaBen nrft, iflnw niiJ)t l 3(1 er oufetftanben ? ©u iwift ja 

KUeS con i^m. unb t&tftn wii: ung, SSonn @otteS/ brt .^tiU 

ScTut e^ftut mitba ju fe^n ? SDn SBonbenr fagtt : 
Jlofep^B aSrfibei ectonnten i^n ntif)t ! X>oi^ ba jBoim' unt> 

®e(ig( €Stunb« lamr unb Sofep^ tKtmoi^tc nii^l Utnaei 
®i4 iu ^Itni unb wdnete laut 1 ^ fagt' eg. eir^ub fic^' 
Sing. @tE folgtcn i^nif fteuMg nrfd^dfn, in 3»eifEl oertoren/ 
S$aE fit glaubtnr nid)t glouben foUtcn. @c niat'§ ja boi^ felbfl 

ato: dn Sngel »ifU«(l)t? Sit Honboi wifbn. Mc^barf*" 
!£& nod) rinmolr o bUr ben rate nid)t (emun, bi^ ftagtn ? 
Swor ni(I)t fennenf bod) ben wir unouSfpttcfilMi) omfiren, 
tlnauSfptt(I)G<l)tr titbtnl 9Za btft bu? fagt, ntr bifl bul 
Tibtt mk bArftn bid) nii^ umonnen 1 C fag' tS unS : Stifl bu 
QintrbwenaelBitUnc^fibic £mi®rab'trfd)eintn! HH. Um= 

ormt mid) ! 
Unb ^t mnarmten it)n long' unb nttinten i^m an bem ^f<. 
Snblid) nat)ttn |ic @mairi. SIS. 2t« @tlitbttn, id) gt^ 
Stun iu btn 9Rtfntn. ®o fpta* i^r ffltflltittt. 3l)t fefjrt, mein 

aSScg iit^t 
^ bur^ emaus pd). O btrfb bri unJ/ bu ®eliebttr I 
eit^ ts wis ^tnb ntibtn i ber Sag ^at f(^n |id) gentifltC. 
Unb fit ^itltin i^n iitternb bei t>rib<n ^&nben unb boltn. 
QB. ZafS mid) I bit aHtinEn |inb ftrn, unb |tt warten meiner 

mil Sk^mcqt 1 — 


214 miopttoii. pcvm. Sdiiti). 

&t, asaim (Satttt, ^Obm bid) imnet. j&u fic^ft t<ii K'i' fK)$Ii4 
S&i); bl^ liebcn t o bUt& 1 unb toacum UwOtefl bUr ^uror. 
3n bit ©cfa^m bee 9tad)t bt^ begeben! Xud) mu^ bu i»n Seff 
9t«^ tnit une tebtnl D bteib bcf iinil HQ. ®o K>in ic^ benn 

SSdne Srfiber, Ateop^e banftf tnit gnub' in ben !81tdeiii 
9ti(f)t ntit SESottenr unb tilet wtatti tin 3Sa^l ju btieiten. 

XSteopliae ^tr fo i)ei0t mtin (Sef&^rt, bet teblid)e 3QneItnei 
Seint .^to' in @nKiu£i b!e on bee ^nte ber Wt)Mm 
JHdjter Sfiume bebrft ®n reiner tabraba: CukU rinnf, 
SBo bet ®^ttcn am lu^^n U^tt. Sr eiUef boS fa^ i4> 
iStn>aS ®peife f&t unl ju txmUn unb imfere ^etjen 
tOtit bem SSknigeni bad et f)ati ju etquufen. O IKQet 
.^eitetec IKknb nod) biefer Ungftf ben Sagen bee Xtauetnil 
Unb Can! biti g6ttlic^[ 3Kannl T)u xehiiAgSt mi, fet)teji 
Sin bei unSf Decaditeft tie niebrige ^&Si bet Sinfalt 
Unb bee ^i^tftigteit nid^t. Sa 3efue H^rilbs nod) lebte. 
aBat er loie bu ein SKenrdjenfceunbi fo (nr iDeimrtl) tnt SStoube 
giiebec lid) tie^ unb getn mit feinet gjJei*^ unS labte. 
Kbct id) fd)n'ei9e wm i>ni. IDenn fibet aileS etljaden, 
HSae Id) Don it)m ju fagen oetmagf roac 3efuS @^ttfhiS 1 
Sngel bieneten i^m. X)o<^ feinet S^btigteit Utfad) 
®[6«nt "nir etflounlidier) aU mir feine 5Kiebri#il fetbft f^n, 
aber olfo aefc^^ NS Swiaen ffitlle. SDcn fflitem 
^at et fdicn bi« Siefen befi t&nftfeen !G3unbetg er^ffnet 
!OtM)t' id) mein Seben mit bit, SRann ©ottee, teben 1 unb m&^|tefl 
Du mid) lel)ten, mie id) e8 ban ^immlifii6en Sfinbetwcfb^nee 
SRedjt nai^ meinet Seele ffiettailgen tieiliflen Umttl 
iDenn ad), baunnben Sanl, ben inniglten, liebetwUften, 
.^OTjtidijlen Ban! oetbient non mi, b« unfete ©inbe 
ttlfo Detf6^n( unb biS ju bicfem Sobe geliebt Itat. 

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Ere SHefliai.] KtlopfUntfe. 215 

SSnb fd)on na^ttn ft Skapl^i ^firte. ®i( fafi'n, er tiit= 
!8ktjTer jum Srinfen bet aSunbang brt QuelU i bonn ftW' " 

ti dicnb 
Sei fid) niebrc unb nmfd; balfamifd)e buftmbe Jtx&utet. 
©dnc ^anb umflofTen mit abgerifTenm Slumen ^ 
Siirigt glittcn f}xnab mit bcS nteiNi^n Sadxi @tIifipeL 
Xbtr a rof) aitatt^g unb fat) ben gAttlid)en JIfmnbline 
StatjCr fptang (Uign auf : ®ei mici SSann ISottHi iDiUfontmen I 
Hilt beta ©egeiv mit bem bet ^ett bic6 fes"***' 9^^ 
iDu aRann @^tBr mit bit in tneine ^Otte I SRott^ias 
golgt' anb trug baS @ef!i^ unb bonn bit labenbc JQuelle 
QXtt bet tt&ufelnben £tiutet Stfrifi^ng. ^boptiaS fiotte 
0c^n btn unbetafieten Xifd) mit bem ganien 9ieid:tt)uni 
Seiner .^iitte befe^tf mit 3M(I) unb ^onig unb %tiitj\ 
Unb mit fUxUniaa Srob unb ^etjerfreuenbem Skinc/ 
i^atte bie Ztfpiijt f^en um^etgebteitet. @i( bgten 
©i(i gu bem ?Statjli, bet grembling allein/ pe gegen i^m fiber. 
Unb bet Srembiing begann auf fte fein Vuge ju riij)ten 
Smjl nnb freubig. 3!tit Sbx^t mit 2)an(r mit fei'rlid)em Xnftanb 
^m er bae fSioi ; fc vflegt' eS Sefua )u fatten I a b\idU 
etin gtn ^immel i \o pflegte gen ^immet 3efu« ju blitfen ! 
Unb r« ftarrten IT* an unb ifin. @r betete. SefuS 
3Bar bie SStimme be^ Sttenben 1 unb auf einmal baS Vntti^ 
SefuS et)ti|fai£ m £5etenben Sntti| I Si betett alfc: 

^nfer iSatct im -^immel fti ffir bie @abe gepriefenf 
Die a milb' unS gab/ ben bJbrftlgen Ceib lu ttftaCten. 
Siielen f^nt fie geting i boil) ^at mit eben ber TCIXmaist, 
SBel)^ bit .gimmel etfc^uf. (ie unfet ffiater bereitet. 

94 1 QUC^ ffine Sorte fogar I X>a fanlen Dot Steube 
SSleic^ fic niebecr mit angubettn. ISc rebete leieber : 

216 SlapjHocft. [Sat Xn^rrflc^g. 

■f^tai fd i^m 1 6t niftc txt Qonn'i nne iu Ituc^teni ban 

Son ba ®ttnu bo; ^6lxn ben SSctnxi^ gu tio<tntn. ®e fdntf 

Unfer t&gtidjeS SSrob. Knbetung unferem Sater 1 

3efue btacl) bat Sn>b unb gab eSi^ncn. @tt na^men'J> 
Stldd)ei; cor Jfitubciif unb Uiitttn i^n an i nun moOttn |te rebenr 
Jtonnten ni^t nbeni ISr fat) |ie noc^ cinmal mit ftgnenber 

.{nilb an 
Unb cerlief fte. iDa fpirangen fie auf unb falgttn {^ni> dlttnt 
SSu^tn unb fanNn it)n nu()t @le !t^i:Cen mtt 8btl)' jii bee' 

itt. So* loir f(l)n itin nod) mieber 1 3(1) bin tei .^imBwI, ®tt 

9ti$t auf bee Qrb'. in bem ^immdl Sd) Ateop^ ! Jtteop^ 

font lijm 
Hn bai ^eti unb fdjwiig. iDaiauf umnnnt' er t^n feutriai 
<f)ieU i^n long' unb umormt' i^n nan neuem. lEt. 9Xatl^iaSi 

Unfn .get) ni(l)t In unfl, bo «r auf bem SBeg* W Si'f fpratf)? 
iDa er bt( Offenbarung un8 auffi^loS? Sber irir fiiimen? 
€k^n ngriff or ben ®tab. Kud) tfial't 9Satt^ia& @ic gingtn. 

©ie Jtufetfieljung. 

!Mufetfle()nf ja aufcrfhljn iwrft bu/ 
<ERein ®taub, nad) tuiicr Slut) I 
UnfterbUdi'e Ceben 
SSirbr bei bid) fi^uf/ bit gtben I 
^Keluja ! 

^ieber auliubtii^n mtV id) etfU = 
Cer .|>eiT bre enit( ge^t, 

0, Gooi^le 

Unb fanunelt ©airben 

UnS rin, unS ritv bte fbirben I 

tCaa bti Xante 1 bet ^fr<tit«nt^&mn Sag ! 
jDu mamS ®otKi Sag 1 
8Benn id) im ©nibe 
@enug gefd;lnnimert ^ai^e, 
@m>e({fl bu mid; 1 

QSit ben Srdumenben wlcb'e bann unS fepn t 
SRif 3^0 9(%n roir tin 
3ii frinen gceuben ! 
2>et matm ^Igw Seiben 
@tnb bann ntc^ met)C I 

9<% in'g aner^igfte fO^it mli^ 
1EB«in 3Xitri«r bann ; UW id) 
3m .gfiligtbume/ 
3u frinei 9tamenS 9Iuf)n» t 
■fMlIeluja I 

SDie fcfiljen ©rater. 
vS»iKt<niimen, o fdbaxnx <Otonb, 
edi&netf ftiller @efi^' bet 9tod)t I 
3Du entflt(t)|l ? @ite nidib bldb/ ©ebonttn^nb ! 
@el)et/ ec bletbt, bai @e»iil{ tcalUt ntir ^in. 

See ^Stoitt (Smaiien ift rm 
®i^ner nod)> wU bie 0omni«:nad)tr 
aSenn tl)m St)aU( ^IT nie e{d)tr auS bet Socte trSufi 
Unb ju bem ^figel ittcauf tet^Ii^ er ttmmt 

i^ €blennf ai^ ti bem&^fl 
Sure SOtaale fd)cn emfUe anooi t 

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21S midjpttntlt. IZm a^dnfoO. 

& wit ma gtOCBitt) idii ols ic^ tioc^ mft tutf) 
@afK fi^ i:6t^ ben Za%> fd^imnum bie 9tad)t. 

Smpftnttungen beim Knblirf beS KtjefnfoHS. 

02^el^ ein groller ®(baii!e ber Sk^pfung t{l bUfet SlKms 
fait I 3d; fatin iegt bown nxtter ni^ fogtiij {tf) muf 
bkfen ffcafea (Sebanttn fe^ unb ^en. — Se^ ee9i#t> 
@t»m ! bn bu jnifcijtn •^Sgcln l)eruitter fUubfl unb bonnerQi 
unb bui ber ben Strom ^$ bat)in fi^rtf fe^ bcebncilr 

@4l)&pfn I in befnei; .^eirliiliteit ongebetet 

^tt m lCnge|td)te beS stolen fR^elnfalUr in bem ®tC6ft 
fttnefi m&d|tigen SBcauTent, auf einer ^olbftliaen igiitge im 
6trii|e ge|titctti ^iet gt^ t<i| eti^/ na^ unb fente ^i^eunbe. 
unb MT atUm Uiji bu mat^ii iani, bag mein Sufi jcfit 
betreten foUI — 01 Wf i* MOe, bie i* liebt, fjiefire Wfc 
fammtln tinntcj mit i^nen einet foU^en IBkrfei ber Statui 
r((t)t ju geniefenl ^ier m£d)l' id) mein geben jubringeni 
unb an biefei: ©teEc {terben> fo fcl)&n ifl fie. — aSeiter (ann 
id) bawn nid)tg auSbrfuten. .^ lann man teinen anbem 
@(banten unb (einen SBunTd; ^egem aU feine Sreunbe um ftd) 
)U iiaben unb befUnbtg tjier ju bleiben. Unb ii^ fage (m 
9tamen aller biefet $reunbe : ICmen I <@alleluia^ 1 

IBtoalti tStxistim bsn UUist 

(1716— 17«t), 
Waa bom at Zeblin, a village near Coslin, in Fome- 
rania, on the 3rd March, 1715; studied at the 
Univeraiiy of Konigaberg from the year 1736 to 

1 740, and served as an officer in the srmr xaxi&r 

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XVni. 3a^r&.] UltHt. 219 

tlie King of Demuatk. At the aceesBion of Fhe- 
DSBic II. to the FniaaiaQ throne, Exxist left the 
Banish army, and received an appointment m a 
Pruaeian regiment. In 1759, he fought aB a major, 
nnder the command of General Fiok, in the battle 
of Xunefsdor^ where his leg was shattered hy a 
cannon hall, and he was stretched aenaeleaa on the 

Some CoBsacfca passed, and, supposing he was 
dead, stripped him. He was found by a Bussian 
officer of the victorious party who chanced to pass 
by, and to whom Exeibt made himself known. 
He was then conveyed to IWikfiirt-on- the- Oder, 
where he died after eleven days of suffering, on the 
24th August, 1759. His portrait was placed in 
the Garrison Church of Berlin, and a monument 
erected at Frankfurt over his grave. We posaeas, 
amongst his writings, Patriotic Songs, Odes, and 
Elegiea, aome of conaiderahle excellence. 

A Poem of unequalled grace and sweetness is 
"Der Friihlmg" (Spring), in hexameters, in which 
he imitated Thomson's " Seasons." 

He was distinguished for harmonious numbers 
and fine simHes ; but some of hia moat beautiful aenti- 
ments lose much of their force by the circuitous 
manner in which they are ezpreased, a &ult not 
unfrequently found even in good poets. "DU 
Sehntueht fiach Swhe" (Longing for Beat), graphi- 
cally describing his own experience of the miseries 

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220 SaUttt. [JYUL StoW- 

of wta, is one of the most Keartfelt efiufliona of his 
Muae. Besidea hia Odes, of which the best are, 
" Lob der Qottieit," " An die PreutzUcke Armee," 
and " Hat Landieben" {Country-life), he also wrote 
Epigrams, some lidiles, and a Tragedy on the death 
of Seneca, with an epic poem entitled " CUsideg and 
Packet." His life has been written by Nicolai. 

Bj^eibt ia one of those poets to whom Grermany 
is greatly indebted for the amelioration of the lau- 
guago uid the improvement of the national taate. 

JJet Srupng. 


^uf cofcnfaTtinem ®eroM&f bdrSnit mit 'SMtftn unb M\m, 
®on( iilnaft bet grii^ling oom .&«nmtl Mu8 ftiimn Cnfen 

«0of fid) 
Die SSilcI) bn @irU in Strbtntiu Sktinell aliCt nea mumteliii 

bm Xlippen 
Ha @cl)nee in SSdxn lierab ; bee Sitnterj Qhribn, bit Sluff^ 
3n weWjen gflfen oon gis mil ^oiilem ©etife ftd) ffieScn, 
Sin|)fineen il)n, til&t)ten ful) aufr i»U ungebulbiger ^offnungf 
£)Ui:4rifTen nagenb bie 2)dniine, wrf(I)langen glecig ba$ ttfer. 
Sialb, %tVa imb SBitft UHnb mttt I — SMiaa (a^n bte SSipfel 

ber SESriben 
Sm ZSjOi wanttnb ^auB. — @efledtt Zatxifcc unb ®nten 
SJerfdmanbnif fdjolTen fgeianf unb itrten {loti'^ ben ^nteieem 
i6Jo fonft wc Sdnnerjen bet Sieb* im 8aub' bie Maifttiflan 

Set .W<^ von aBeaen uofolgtr Ibeift* ouf umoitttibaten %t^ta^ 

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Eer gtu^Ung.] nitHt. 221 

iDie traurig b{« )<[lutl) ilbafa^n. ^rgrtffeite fSSten bludiftflcjUn 
©as anfana* frit^e ©ereilttt j fie fi^fltteUen Iwuiranenb 
Eie urn fid) gieff nten gotten j ba<b fan! bre Irnilofe Soten j 
eie fdnubcn. fd)niammen jum Bolb'i umf(f)lanoen Sannen 

unb @i(i)en 
Xtiib ^uben fte tr&ufelnb empor. ^Att ^gen fie SngfUic^ im 

BJon ceifienben aSJinbmi wm ^eulen ber fliiffefpeienten filippen 
Unb fcli»atjev SEitfe 9efd)eiit. — Eer SB<i^Afi oetfamnieUt Singo: 
iBeti:ad)tetra Kaurig unb ftumm son bikren KrRien bci Sinben 
BaS ootmats gtttHtcljc Z^ait mo fw S*" pt^ben Sungen 
3m Eotnfh:au(() gSpeife oertlwilt — iOie fc&^ iad/ci wir 

Sid; aufm&rt^ (d)nnn0enbi txf^oute bie aSafTftm^lte son oben 
Unb fui^t eeclajfne @if!Ciit.~Si flafTen ^c^uera unbSB&nbe 
Unb C&d)ei unb ^iJtten um^er. — HmS @iebeln unb glcitenben 

Berfa^ b« trtulofe .^ fic^ einn: ©ilntflut^, bie uormais 
iDie UStlt umxaUtti tai QSemfen in fc^tagenben HBogen serfanfen I 
J^uTi ao jur Sinten bei: ^tUi itttibit mit SStr&uc^em unb 

3ur JQi.1^1 ben bl&ulid)en @Ronir fi'I) brfibei: nrigenbr bcfdwttetr 
SBill i^ in'e @r{me mid) fc^en an feinen jleinigen ^6()cn 
Unb X^ unb Sb'ne ixfdwuen. 

O iwld) ein fiotKS @le»a<)Ie 
fBtlebt bos (beifige fianb 1 SQie Ittblidi [Sd)«It bie Znmut^ 
XuS aSalb unb lBi^d)m f)m0tr I @in JCroni con bliU)enben 

Umf^tieft unb i£t^ rings um bie |id) onlterenbt SSeitCi 
Bora niebriflen ^immel gebrtitft. — BSon bunKn aXo^nblunten 



222 mUUt. [Str Sni^lms. 

' WX gtihtnn Sidjcn ctrft^, fEd) fdpJiltmlK Suf in bit SomCf 
2)urdyEmiit 'oem bl&^ben Stac^t S^I^cofen^^ibii unb 

3n ffiliitlKn fceunbUd) gt^illir. umlrSnjen bit Spiegel ber Seii^ 
Unb [e^ fuf) brinnen. 3ur @dt( liti^t quS bem gtCinlti^ 

Sin 9Xtti ma golbenn; @tia^I«n buir$ ¥^buS gISnienben 

S§ fdjtomot fein gelM ®t^it »on SXuTi^ln unb forbigen 

Unb Steb' unb ^ifraibe buri^taumeln in Brino: Sift^ @e(d))iiabein 
Unb in ben Sliefm bti 3X«iB Me unabfc^ban SUt<^ } — 
Kiif foncn aSiefm (un @ee fletin maieftitifdK Stoffe j 
eie iPtrfen ben 9taden enqrai unb fUe^n unb ivk^eni out 

iD4 <^iln unb S^lfm eli'rfialU. ©eflettte S^t bad^Uo/ 
QtefO^ nam ernften Stieti beB aSeieitiDfS bufi^ ®fimpfer 
&r finftre Sinben buri^fie()t i ein Sang oon espen unb Ulmen 
SiitiTt iu I^i bur4 biefe blinfet ein !Sai^, in SBinfen lii^ 

fBon aieifeetn unb ©c^inen tewofint Sebivge, bie Sriljle 

bee Seben, 
Ste^n frt^Ktl; urn i^n ^erum i fie ragen fiber ben 9u<l)K)ciIbr 
iDet Jpbg/ili Xtonti bawtt ein Z^tH int €5onnenfd)ein I&c^tt 
Unb fliinit, bet anbw hauerf im glor wn ©i^atten bet 9BoIIeii. 

Rati tiaiillielm ISamlec 

Wag bom at Colberg, in Pomerania, 28th Feb., 1726. 
TTiB parents being poor, he waa admitted into the 

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IVm. 30^^.] iBaraltr. 223 

orplum-echools of Stettin and Halle, wtere he very 
diligently attended to hia atudiea. An exhibition 
from the latter aehool, a reward for his aeaiduity 
and g^ieral application, enabled hiin to enter the 
univeraity. Here compodtion and poetry occupied 
a greater part of his time than his ordinary college 
Btudiea, Sorace waa his &Tourite author, whom 
he imitated very succesafiilly in his Odes, Frederic 
the Great, who neither honoured nor knew him, 
became to "Rahlub, what Augugtua was to Soraee, 
viz. the hero of his songs. In 1748, he was ap- 
. pointed Profesaor of Logic and Esthetics at the 
Military Academy of Berlin ; and, in 1787, Director 
of the national theatre, for which ho translated 
some dramatic piecea. He died, after having retired 
from active life, on the 11th April, 1798. 

His Odea, among which we particularly notice 
" An die Stadt Berlin" (on the Town of Berlin), 
"An den Frieden" (on Peace), '^ An den Konig" 
[see page 224], are, after Klopstook'b, the best of 
that era. One of his hymns, "Der Tod Jesu" (the 
Death of Jesna), has become well known to the 
public since set to music by Gtujts. Besides very 
good translationa of fifteen odes of Horace, he also 
translated the works of Batteua. 

His principal merit is to have awakened a feeling 
for right and correct rythm, and sound criticism, 
and to have thus beneficially influenced the next 
generation of poets. 

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224 «amUr. [XVIII. Soiirii- 

Xn ben j£6ntg vm $reu^en, 

Srubdi^ ben SiKilen. 

Jf ttebri<^ 1 bu, bem ein ®ott bo8 fir btf ®terWi*«i 

3ti etfSf)rIU(|e fiooi cimg 3S(inard)en gutr 

nnb (ein aSunbtr fih uni) bci: bu bein EdoS n^Ufl I 

S^ bin iDratma( aiiS 0tdni ^mmdan aufsetf){lnnt> 

Coett bcc StadjnxU bein Bob. ^bt juc t)m:lid)ftm 

ICOa et&bttr bie je 91d<l)t^um unb ailad)t crfi^ufi 

XKine S^conflabt rmporj — aCU bie IXtmpeIr bet 

^aHag unb bem Ttfoli unb bem i>eniiunbetfn 

Unbfjniingliflfni 3Sar8 ^i%, finb SEriimmtt rinft. 

3nar baS ^Q^^ud) bei Skit ntnntf nann ber Sifeigetft 

SStoIjei; JCinige fc^UFt> Ucb t>en 0xtibntt, 

©i(l) ben ©vofkn i bwl^ a<l) 1 ^fit bieS ein Seben ft 

£>eine Zugcnben ! ®a lebt in Sucopcnf, fo 

3n bei Sltetn SSelt KfUng mondiei; gibrflf 

ZKi an 9Beigf)eit nid)t glei^ S!elbfl bei unfleTbti(fit 

SSaceboniet — n){e [ebt et? Sgeiountiect nuir 

Kid^ geliebt { benn er fanb feinen iCittiifdjen 

^cccVb, befjcn @tfang mc^tr ali Sp^pue @r{« 

Singer fjni^fr aU TtfoWi at^menber ®#attenrifl> 

Unb no^ Z^ttn erjilitti wann ba8 @cf^tlbu(^ f^vtigt 

Xbec fie^er R>ie lebt 6&far Cctaciu^ 

iDurd) jiwi gble gtomS? (ebel nac^ glttlic^ 

Slanggefe^nr obgleid) nic^t auf bet SioOe bed 

(Senfort.) ®nrig geliebti ewig ein SKuftet; fiir 

MU ^errfd)er bet fSkO. — @Ifl<[Iid)et Satbe, ber 

Un»rbi(I)tIg ein iab, teiner aU JBeibec Cob, 

3n (ein Sailcnfpiel fingt I ®lildlid)et StoibCf ba 

Kidit ben gelbijectn oUein unb ben geftfiiftiflen 

0, Gooi^le 

Dbe on gtiebrt^ 11.] fin-&er. 

ganbeS^kllen in iki bee aud) ixn Skater beg 
.^ufegf btc (tud) ben S^eunb ftngt unb ben ft&filidira 
SBetfeni ti)n in ber £uiifl jeb<r famine gcof I 
®bmc 1 tti&ce bod; id) biefer beneibttc 
SBatbe 1 milbiv ju (c^maify a6et geftStft btirft i^ni 
Unb bie @prad)e wU &xa^ti bie wie ^ulliopfliS 
Xuba t&net, wie meit lief id) etid) I)intei: miif 
©infler .^nrid)S, unb bic^i Suberoifle gangt 3unft t 

3(uf einen gelfcbtunnen. 

jtmnin rinnet biefe SUieltCj 
aiemoti plaubat i^ aSelle. 
.Kcmnif SIB(inbnr> ^ter ju ru^n I 
Aomntf lern' an biefer CukUc 


Deeerrea a diBtinguished place amongBt the HIub- 
trioua authors of Germany. 

JoHAiTN QflTTFEiED voK Hekseb, bom at 
Mohningen, in. Pruasia, on the 5th August, 1744, 
was the son of a schoolmaBter, from whom he 
received his early instruction. In hia youth, already 
di%ently engaged in mental studies, he showed 
^impsBS of that talent which at a later period 
devebped itaelf in full force. While student of 
diyinity at the University of Konigsherg, he was 
an attached disciple of the great philosopher Kakt. 
Ho became minister of the Lutheran Church at 

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226 ^txHtt. [XVni. 3qW- 

Biga in 1765, and rector of the High School 
(Domsehule). In 1770, he waa ^pointed court- 
preacher and counaellor of tho Conaistory at Bucke- 
burg. Five yeara later, the Professorship of Theo- 
logy to the University of (Jottingen was offered to 
him ; hut, on his arrival there, lie received the dis- 
agreeable intelligence that his nomination had not 
been confirmed by the King of England. 

In 1789, the rank of vice-president of the Con- 
aistory afWeimar was bestowed on him ; and, in 1801, 
hewas ennobled by the Elector of Bavaria. He died 
18th December, 1803. His works were selected and 
edited by Professor Hetne and Johamth Mulleb, 
and appeared in 1806 ; they extended to thirty 
volnmes. Hia writings may be classed into works 
of history, literature, and theology. Of Hesheb's 
numerous works we shall briefly point out to the 
reader the more valuable. 

In his " Ideeti sw Fhiloiophie der Qeachichte der 
Menecliheit" (Ideas on the Philosophy of the His- 
tory of Mankind), the most sohd thoughts are pro- 
pounded in an elevated tone, and expressed in 
powerfiil and brilliant language. 

"The Spirit of Hebreai Poetry" (Geist der 
Hebraischen Poesie) is a work in which he gives 
bright proofs how far he could enter into the spirit 
of foreign nations. The peculiar genius of a pro- 
phetic people, with whom poetical inspiration might 
perhaps be termed an emanation from the Deity, 

0, Gooi^le 

Sean ^ut] ft»r»er. 227 

was never better defined. The wandering life of 
that nation, the mannere of the people, the thoughta 
and imagery habitual to them, are all painted by 
Herder with the greatest truthfulness imd life. 
Those who are unable to read the Faalms and 
poetical scriptures la the original Hebrew, cannot 
acquire a better idea of the charm with which they 
ore accompanied, than by Hekdxb's remarks upon 

His masterpiece, "Der Oid," combines all the 
chivalry and romance of the old Spanish chroniclers 
in a series of romances of varied metre and verses: 
the "Stimmen der Volier^" consists of ballads and 
detached pieces, on which the national character and 
imagination of different nations, such as the Oree ks, 
Eomans.Italiana, Spanianls,GfTeen]ander8,Wendish', 
and others, are strongly impressed. 

The " Zerstrmtte Blatter" (Scattered Leaves) 
are worthy examples of his poetical powers. 

The critic MxNZEL describes Hekdeb as not 
merely a poet, but, in the purest sense of the word, 
a man, a citizen, and a philosopher. 

ims Paul, his great admirer, said of him : 
•, ^btt max inn miittt,— a mac etivafi ntit n^abttttc unb 
beffec m an ^otti er mar felbfl ein ®ebi*t/ m intiif<fe= 
gcitdjifdieS <Spoii Don riiwni bet ttin^n 36tter gtf(^affen \" 

' " VoloM of tha NMIom." ' A Otrmin tribe. 

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228 fetrtlfr. [XVni. Ha^. 

HiB work On the Fhilosophy of the Siatoty of 
Mankind, already noticed, was a truly national one. 
The Germans Ikad not until then been favoured 
with the representation of a grand and vivid picture 
of nature, which could be intelligible and valuable 
even to the uninitiated '. 

Others had coldly considered the universe as 
they would have examined any piece of mechanifim ; 
he breathed into it an oi^anic life, enlisting the 
understanding and sympathies of his reader. Others 
had systematically classified, arranged, and told off 
on their fingers the individual phenomena of nature ; 
he made them all appear as connecting links of 
one great organization. The stone did not appear 
in the cotton of the mineralogical cabinet, but in 
the living bosom of the earth, where it grew ; the 
plant was not seen dry and shrivelled up in the 
herbarium, but fresh and glowing upon the meadow 
or the mountain slope, its roots fresh and moist 
with the dew of the earth ; the animal was not 
shown stuSed, or in a cage, but ranging at will 
Mnong the woods and fields, in the air op water ; 
the eye appeared not in a round case, but in the 
beaming lovely countenance ; man was not viewed 
from the solitude of the library, but filling the 
place assigned him by the Creator. 

His minor essays and fragments, including several 

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Sonne nnb SScnti.] %fCVtt. 229 

on politics and education, are compMitiona of nar- 
rower limits; but the cliums upon his country's 
gratitude, which have already been enumerated, 

will not easily be forgotten. 

Sonne unb SJlonb. 

^om 3{atE)« bed ISmigcn ging bit fi^fenbe Stimine aud: 
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SBoTUnt mufite id) Me 3n>eite unb ntd)t bie ®t(le fein ?" — 
Unb iJlifilii^ fd)«)an&, Don innetn ®taaK oeriagfi tijr ft^Snes 
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fo fle^ bu, t)alb! obec ganjoerfrnfteni ba, mie ieftL— iDorfif 

TOl. I. « 

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fpTot^ a, ufpriilb btc Stntentmi ju. Xud) fit in Ilimn (Slanie 
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mit ntuer toaft btfcbet" 

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Sii^teTin ba Gtnne. fSttwinenb (I)ie Si^ulb/ milldMs jtbn 
Ztpcint fttif fttf mn fit trquidti fie fiu^r ipen fie hlft. 

Uer fri^e Sob. 

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il)Kr Snofpe bof fl'f'SlofTen obec Ijalbgefi^loffen, brt !RMBtn= 
t^QueS buftenbt ^Ic^ rr9lo4 n<in i^ end) nid^ bm^ni" fagte 
baS 3S&&(i)en. ,i Sifl foQ eud) bit SSonne tffnen : fo tDtxixt ibt 
fiMner prangen nnb flStbr buften." 

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jerfTfffen; oom ©tta^I bet Sonne gebeugt/ erblagt unb nxlfcnb. 
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gSorgen fammelte fie fiii) ^n Jttanj frfifj. 

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ber Stco^I ber Sonne fie fti^, e^ bn: aSunn fit bttCOfcit 
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bet gertdittflt ^ammt lam fie nt(^ betceteni benn feine eSetIt 
ffl btfliA gtiMftn. 

(, Google 

®rrf gimibe.] »frtfer. 231 

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gutf ot> bu glei^ bog 3tel ciiui itben n{d)t fibcrfitlKiL SBige 
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bci)u o^ne !6ebuisung tin } tr lug eintm jtben fttne Uibeit fni 
unb fcag^t am Xbenbt tuitr nwran ei geai:beitet ^obt. 3tb« 
gdgtt/ mat a qft^cau bitfer btn Sridtnboum/ itner ben ^Im^ 
banm, btn a gtpflai^et iOer <^ul»ilei aab rintm itben btn 
Eo^ na^ famt ICtbritf unb fo nut: fein (Sartm tnit munt^etln 
iBiinntn b<)>flanit '^tten bit Itibtittt genntftf nMtd)tr Saum 
untei olltn btn et&ften Eo^n bci<f)tti fo mlax befi >^tieKiltTi 
^Cbftd)! nii^ trrti^ tootbtn, btt @art(n n&n ni(^t mit ntoni^ 
lei JBiumen bepflanjel. 

Sin SStiftT naXb aeftogti uunun it)n @otC alfo gefegnet ^be 
in feinem Seben. wSBeil id( bie tleinfk ?>pi#f wfe Me grigelle 
ttiati antnortete er/ bannn ^mii!^ @ott alto gefegnet" 

SSrei greunlie. 

tit""* t*!""" S*"""**' ""orin t"" i^n ni"^ aeprftfrt Ijofti 
an btr Xofet btB ®a^ma^U giebt'e me^ berfelbeni aU on btt 
XftOt be£ SetUtS, 

9in 9Rann Ijatte bret Situnbe ; jroei terfelben Ktbte a ft^r 
ba btitte nor i^m q^nii^fil^ ob biefer eg glleid) am reblidjften 
mit it)in mtintt. Sinft uxitb tt cor Sltiic^t gefotrberti ura n 

cjiij^c, Google 

282 fterttr. [XVin. Saftt^ 

nnfi^tilMej aUt tuit vcrQagt ttw. /i9Btr untn: iSu^f" fpca4 
dr "ti>{K mit mil gc^cn nnb fCrr mid) seugen? iDtnn ii% bin 
^it vtrSagt Rwtbenr unb ba A&nig jOmtt." 

SDo: «:fk foncr Srtuntie entfc^ulbigtc (Tt^ fosteuiir baf a 
ttii/t mU i^ ge^n Unne tocgen anb'rec ©cfn^fce. a)n imatt 
hglrittte i|ii bie jui: Sijkt bei Stic^aufeS } ba tsanbtt er fii^ 
unb ging ixatti auB Sin^<^ i^^ ^"i iotnifitn Stit^ta^ Da; 
SrittCf auf ben tr am twniglltn ffhaxut tjatttj gfng Irindn/ 
rcbttt f& t^n unb jtugte von frinn Unfdiutb fo fctaSn^ baf ba 
SOiita i^ loMieS unb befc^n!t(. 

iDrci gwuntf l)at bcr SDlfnfii) in biefer SBelt ; mit brttaflni 
fit fi^ in ber @tunbc bee SobeS. toenn i^n dtott sor ®a^ 
forbert ? Dafl ©olb, fein b(|ler Sieunb, wriaffri il)n junfl unb 
ge^ ni^ mit i^m. @«tne ^envanbten unb S^unbe bcelatai 
i^n bit jut Z^(at btl @ra6eS unb (et)Ten ni<ber in i^ ^'M'^^- 
Dtt XirittCf ben « im Ceben oft am meifttn ■ott^$t ftnb feint 
niotitt^Stisen 3&evfe. @ie aUein begleiten i^n bii )um X^rone 
beS 9tid)teiij {te getjen eocan, fpi^i^n fib i^n unb finben 
Sormlirijtgteit unb @nabe. 

3Cue ben ^tm jut ^Iiilofopt^ie bee @ef(^tcl}te bet 

I. @lri«^lanb. 
jDei ®ried)enlanb fl&tt fi^ bm 3Rorg«i auf unb nit 
f^tffen i^m fi»t) entgegcn. Xnt Sinaolmeir biefeS £anbei bcs 
tamenr in 9iei:eleid)un3 mit onbecn Stationen, fc% 0^ft 
unb fanben in ben mei|ten i^cer Sinrfanungen Stnebfebmi/ ilict 
@piad)e uon bei ^oefte jut ^rofa unb in bieftc gut ^^ilofop^ 

(, Google 

Sri(i^nlan6.] S'tTtC- 233 

unb Shfc^e ^atqufQi)Hn. 3Xt ^tnlofop^ bet ®efc^(^ 
fK(it alfo fflrierfjenlanb fiir il)w SebBrtSftltte an i [te ^t in 
i^m and) tCne fd)5ne 3iieenb buTc))Itbt ®d^n bet folKlnbe 
■^ntei: beft^dbt bit etttcn mtiftan S&Iter/ fo tneit frinc 
XtntUni$ itidjte: bie Singn bee Xceonantenr bmn 3tad)^all 
Abrig tftt erftetdta fii^ in eine anbttt mtrtmbbigc ®i^/mi. 
Vi fpAttt^n bic tigentlidje Qkfd)t(f)te fii^ Don bn $«fi< lt>«>: 
nunbf bfRiete ^ob«t m^mt e&nbn nnb tnia mit lAbOd^ 
finbtfi^ Stnigiecbc infonimenr moS ei fa^ unb ^(rtt. 3)it 
fpStecn ®efifiid)tf^i:tiber bn @riei^nr ob ft« {td) 0lri<!6 ttsentlii^ 
oof ifnr fionb cinft^intteni mupttn bennn^ au$ mant^i oon 
anbtm filnbem niclben< mit benen i^t 8J0II in Scibinbung 
lam) fp enwiterte ft(^ cnblii^ infDnberfxit buni) Wejranbet:* 
3&gtt oKm&Iitis bie %It SDtit fRomi bem bit @tied)en ni^ 
Kur )n SS^r«ni in bee @<fd|id)ttr ronbem aui^ ftlbft gu Sefditil^ 
fdjttibem bicntcnr enwiftrte fie fid) nod) mel)t, fo baf ©iobot 
Don Stdlieni tin ®rie(^r nnb Xtrognir ein StSmeti i^ 
SSotetioIien bemts )n einer %tt twn S(Ilgefd)it^ jufanmun' 
jutragen nagttn. Sir fctuen unt olfbr baf n<n: enbli^ ju 
«tiKm Soft aclangenf be|^ lUfprung jn>ar aud) int Dunftl 
fKmbm, beljen erfle Sdten nngeimf/ befltn fdWipe SBerte, foi 
ttie^ bti Jtunft ott ber ®i^ftr gcofentliriU aud) eon bn SSut^ 
bet Sitto ober oom SRobei: b« ^nten wrtilgt ftnbr ban bem 
aber bennod^ ^enrlic^ iDenfmale go vni nben. 

n. ISned)enIanb< @prai^ <OiQl^(o0t( nnb iDic^ttunlL 
Sic erit(^f(^ e^ai^ i|t bit ae^itt^ bei aBelb bic 
0r{e(^fd)c ax^^Ioeie bie ni^fte ui^ fd)hif[t auf itt Qibe, bfe 
gciti^fc^ Si^ttunp mbUc^ oitUdi^ bio mUIommenfte i^tt 

cjiij^c, Google 

234 Iftertirr. [®*f*f*'' t« 

TtUi mm fflott fit octs nnb tiit^mif btttodittL fBa gab mm 
Wtfoi rinfl tsil)m St&mmen tine p)I(^ ©piraiiif/ Vo^ m* 
tUbllc^ 3Briif)tit? XWr ®tniut bar 9Iatui gab fit i^nai, S^ 
Eanbi if)U Getxniactf i^ StUt ^ &tammtiiiacatttt. 

tAt ffM^ifi ®^aiiit i|t ivie bnrt^ Stfang cntjlantieii: btiin 
®efana unb Xi{<^ttnnfl/ tnA dn frii^ ®etraud^ iet fcden 
etbtne ^ fie jur fCRufnifpcat^ ia StU gtHIbet ®o felten 
|td^ nnn int UmfUidtt ba ®i{«^CRs€uttuc uriebet mfamineiK 
finbtn uxcbeiif fo nxnig bat aXtnf^tngcfii^dit in f<ine Xinb^ 
luinMeetKn unb dntn Dtplftuti SSvfSuc unb einuS ober einen 
^omtnii unb ^cftobud mil ottem waf fit btgtntete, sen ben 
Sobtm iui:A(tf6^ren Uarti fo nKnig ifi bit @niefie timt 
gne#fd)cn Q^ot^ in unfern Seiten fetbfl fib: biefe @tgenbtn 

3Mt gK^)t^Io9f^ ber ®i:itcl)en pof due ®agm oerft^benei: 
@(3enbtn jufammtni ba Qtlaubt btS JBoIUi Sii&^Umetn ber 
Sttame wn tfiten Un&ttnir obti bie erfbn SBtcfuc^ beidrabn 
Stipft maienf fii^ bit jESunbtt ber !Sett )u ectlimi/ nnb ber 
nHnTn^Iii^ ©tfeUfc^ft ©eftott pt dtbtn. 

Sol alien ift '^mer beciUimti bee fSattt aSn acie^(^ 
XAi^ onb Seifnb bit noi^ i^ Itbten. iDucc^ ein ^Iddli^ 
e^ictfol itnnrben feint jeiflmiten ffief&nge ja nt^tet; 3eit go 
fommelt mb ju einem gioiefatfien ©onjcn veceintf bag mit ein 
nngerfUtbortr $ala|t bee @6tter. imb .^(bcn au<i! nai^ ^a^i^ 
taufenben gldnjt ESic man ein Sunber bet 9tatur ju cctUnn 
fteebtr fo tiot man fii^ Slt&^ ge9tben< baS SSeibat ^meiB ju 
ecatonf bet bodi nii^ aU rin Jiiinb ber Statux mot, ein sl^<£> 
li^et Singer ber jonif^n JCilfb. &o manc^ feiner Zxt m6sen 
untereegangen fei^n/ bie iljm t^eiltwife ben Shi^ fiteitig ma(l)en 

!Dltiif^t)eit — .gomra.] )l^trtrtr. 235 

t&mUtti in atUiim ec ^c^t aU rin @tnj{gn feU. 3Xan ^ il)m 
Xetnixl gebautr unb i^n alB cincn nintf^li4<i> ®^ wxt^ ; 
bfe gcifte Sere^nme iHbtf ifl bie Hdbcnbe ffiErlungf bit n 
onf feine Station ^tte unb nod) je^ ottf alte btqcntgen ^tr 
bit i^n ju f^^ oomiden. Some finb bit StgtnftAiAc/ bie re 
btfingt, JUeinigltitni nai^ m^mi SBtifc: fdm QMtttr unb 
^tben mit itirm ®itten tinb Seibenfc^fCen finb Mat anbeici 
as bi« i^m bie Sage friner unb bo; tKreonenwi Seittn borbot; 
tbcn fo ringef^intt i|l aud) feint 9tatnc nnb ffirfenntni^i fnnc 
^KdeoI unb StaaMIe^. Titxc bte Sa^i^ nnb tSeiStKitr mit 
btr tr oOe @egenftJLnbt (tintr SSeft )n tintm bbcnbisen ®anjnt 
etnoebtr btr feflt Umrif jtbet feints 3dat in jtbei ^^trfon feinrr 
nnlteblitljen ©eraltbti bit unongeffcengte fonpt Zxti in mtldjet 
tti^aUnn (Sottr aSe IStiatattett |ttt)t, unb i^ce %afta unb 
Sugtnben, tT^rc ®Iilite unb UngtfittefiOt erid^U, bit SKufil 
tnblii^r bit in fo abmt^tlnbtn ero^ ®^i(^n nnouftiSrlii^ 
ton fcintn Gippen fbdmt mA jtbem SSilbtf jebtm £Iangt fdnei 
IKoctt ringcl)au<^ nit feinm €kfJbigen glttt^ etnia lebt : fit 
finb'S/ Me in btr ®efi!^c^ bet SBenfc^lieit ben ^mtt ium 
(Siniiatn feintr Xrt unb btr Unftttbli^ltit u&big madjenf 
nxnn ttnui auf @rbtn unfttrblic^ fe^ lana 

'^omec mar ben ®riec^ in mt^rmm ffittradit tin @bttec< 
bote be£ 9lationaI.«u5me» ein QueU bet HHelfeitioen 3lationaI= 
ffitie^ X)te fpitmn SDi^tr folgten i^ < bie tragif^n 
iog/tn atti il)m gabtbw bie le^rtnben XQesnienr Sttfpielt unb 
Stntenjen } j^bet erfk 8d)rift|lt(ltr rintr ntnen ©attung no^m 
am JCunftgeb&ube feineg 9!3erfj jn bem feinigen bat Sotbilbr 
oQo bof .^et got balb \M ^nitt bte grin^t^ ©efc^oitl 
worbf nnb btl f^ndubem JUpftn bit 9ttgtl aStr nienf(l)U<I)en 

236 »«rB»r. [®ef#lrt( b. 3»enf4f)rit. 

SaSeiS^fiL 5Cu4 auf bi( iCi^Ier bet SRimer ^ w geroirfe unb 
leine XendS wfirbf o^ne i^n ba fe?n. Sod) tnt^t feat auc^ ffii 
Mt tieumn ffittCci Suropa'^ auS ba SBorbocd ^ogcn : fa 
mancfeer Siinating fwt an ifem 6ab«nb« grtubt gemfftn, unb 
btt aTbtitenbc fonwfel aU b<r brtcaditenbe ^ann Stcgctn bei 
©efilpaift unb ber aRenfdjenfenntnifi aai i^m gesoatn. 

m. Afinfb bcr @d(d)en. 
9a abcc td ben iSdei^n i^ @Ut(r buidi @efang unb ®&= 
bt(I)te eingeffit)rt atom unb in t^ntlidjen @efkUcn bonniun 
lebttni xeai max nutficUi^r aU baS bic bilbenbe fiunfl oon 
frfi^ 3dtcn on eine Soijta ba ©id^flnnll matbi bet i^ 
abutter ient gro^n @ef[atten qfA^ara int Dfec fang ? IQon 
iDii^mi mnfte b« SiinlKre bie ®«fd)id)t( bee Sitterj milfeia 
audi) bie Xrt iferec SSotfteKung lernen i bat)er bie Sttcfle Jtun^ 
felbft bie gtaufenb|le OTbilbung ni^t oerfi^ititt* neil |ie bet 
iDic^er fang. 3Kit btr 3eit lam man auf gef&Qigen fSof 
Iteaungem well bit iDit^tbmft felbft gef&Qigec tombti unb fo 
ivarb .^metr ein ESater bet f^neni jtunft bee @de<i)enr ii>eil 
ec ber SSatec il|ter frfiSnetn ¥«iit Wat. fft gab bem ^ptlibin* 
jene erfeabene 3bee iu feinem ^upiteti tvelcEiet bann bie anbem 
Xbbi^ngen biefeS @itte[lun|tlere fjlgtcn. 9lacf) ben Stf 
nwnbtfctaften ber ©Sttct in ben eriSljlungen iJ)ter W^ 
tamen au^ be^mtere iSfeataltete obet gat gomffienjiige in 
i^re leUbeti biS enblid) bie angenommene iDid)tet<Stab{tion 
fid) iu einem eoben bet ©ittetgeffalten im ganjen «eit^ bet 
X.m9 fotmtt. £ein JBoIl bc« ^Otertfeume fonnte atfo bie 
Jtunfl ber @ried)en f)aben, baS nic^ aud) gried)if4e fDt^t^oIoglc 
unb 2)ii^tunft gefeabt featte^ jugleii^ abet aud) auf g 

(, Google 

£unfEe u. &tUn b. @t!tdicii.] Jgerlrtr. 237 

SQrif« ju fciner @uUut eclangt mat. ein fotifieB ^ e« {r 
bn ©tft^idite irii^ gtgcbenr nnb fo fttlicn tiit ®rtei^ mlt 
iljcec ^mtrifi^ £un|t olltin bo. 

aSoHtet t^r aI(o tin ntuefl @riei^mlanb in S&ttnbilbmi 
^enxcbringnir fo grbct eintm SQoite biefm bic^terififHnipl^olO: 
gif^n ICbtrglaubeni m&fl onroi taai bdiu ge^btf in fdner 
gonjen Statncrinfalt tvieber. Siurdireiftt @ried)enlaRb unb 
betrai^ fdne :X(m|>tIr ftim Scotttn unb fjeUigen |uin{, fo 
nxrbet t^ wn ban ©ebantcn abia^trti «ncm IBoOt bit .^t^ 
bet grit^4<n ^n|t aiu^ nut m^djen ju ocIUnr bae non 
rinei folc^n EFbligion, b. I wn eineni Itb()aft(n ^tbcrStanbent 
bcr iebt Stabti jebtn S^dn> unb iSinfcI mit iugntbtetj 
^eiliser @cgenmatt erfCillt ^ata, gang unb goi nft^H icrif. 

IV. @litten» unb StaotSwiS^ bra Sriffljen. 
SSalb alfo tl)attn^6i in uicltn ^dgetsotbtnai @t&rrunen unb 
Solonicn meifc SX&nnn ^eroocrbie SBtmn&nbei bee SJottt nuiben. 
Sit fa^r untet uhU^ Utbdn i^t Stamni titt/ ttnb fannen auf 
tine ffiintii^tunfl btffeHwn/bie ouf ©efefte unbeitttnbtS ®anjen 
ttbauet toixt. KatArUi^ vxam alfo bit meijttn bitfei alttn 
6rie#(^ weiftn SKinner in 6ffentHd)en Sefiiiifttn, 8!oti 
fie^ beS aSoOif Stalttgeber bee ^nige^ .geec^^ : beim blof 
Don blefen Gibein fonnte bie politif^e gultur autgefjeni bie meitet 
^inab (mf« fBcli rairttt. ®tlb|t fe^gi iDrabr Solon ntacen 
axa ben er^n Sef^djtmi i^cet ©tabt, jum SEIjea fet6|l obriji 
(titlidie ^)cTfDnen4 bie Uebet ber Xtiftotratie fantmt bet Un: 
gufritbentieit beB a3oIH noren ju i^ 3eit aafi t)6i^fte ge: 
^iegen/ bo^ec bit befTere Sinmlitung. bie fte angabtni fo gnim 
{^gang geitdnn. Knlhrblii^ bleibt bat Sob btefei St&nner 

cjiij^c, Google 

238 fttrtrer. [®«fi*MW b. *R«rf*t«t 

iai l<t' D'lin Sutrouen befl ffioUi un»i1tii|tr ffir ftd) unb bit 
S^rigen bm fBeft^ ba Dbtr^etrf^ft i»rf^il)t«tf unb oBtn 
Uiren SteiSf aOc ttin SItcnfdtitibi unb SioOettmu^ anf tin 
Semeiimtcftni b. i auf ben 0taat oU ®tatit wonbUn. Siren 
ilw arfltn 9ietfud)c in biefn Srt auc^ bd atitim nic^ bit 
^Mlfkn unb (wi9ta SXufkr ntenf(^Itd)n! (Sinriditnneatj {ie 
fbaten bitfrt and) ni^ ft^n : |te ge^tnn niraenb ^in/ all tto 
fie eingtfd^ aurbcn> ia aai) ^in ntuEten fit fid) ben Sitttn 
be! Stammel unb ftintn tinetwm^etttn Uebcln oft itiibti: SBillen 
bcqnatHD. S^turg fyitU ftatct ^nb aU Skilon } tt ging aba; 
in }u alttStittn gucM unb bauete tinen Staotf aU ab Ut IBeU 
ewia im fytbtnOiiet bet rofien Sugenb vtt^cten Unnft. &r 
fii^ctt ftint @efe|t tiUf o<)nt it)Tt fBirbmgcn abjimKiiteni unb 
ffir ftintn ®tift mitt H wot)! eine onpfti^Uc^^ SStiafe gwtftnr 
buEi^ 'i^ 3eitaltcr bet gried)ifi^ ®cfi%i(^t bit gotgen ju fe^m 
bit fit tl)tilC bind) !Oti(brau<^ t<)tili bun^ i^ |u laaqt jDautr 
feinn Stobb unb biawilcn bem gonitn Sritc^nlonb ceincfai^ 
^btn. Sit ®tfe^ Soloni umrben auf tlnem anbem SBege 
f^aSH*. Den ®«fl berfttben fytUe a fetbft flbetltbt j bie iblax 
Solgen feintt JBDlttngienme fai)e ec t«i:au£< unb fie ftnb biS 
turn It^ttn Stl)tat Kt^tnt ben iBtiftfkn nnb Stefbn feinet SStabt 
uneerlennbat eeblitbtn. iDaS t|t abtc tinmal bat @(^at 
aOti nienfd)Iti^n Sinri^^tungenf infonbet^ bcr fdinei^uir 
ftbec Eonb unb Stute. 3tit unb 9tatuT wt&nbtm aKta } nnb 
ba§ eeben btr 3tenf[))en foOtt fid) ni^t &nbeni ? 3liit jtbtm 
neutn @erd)[td)t {ammt eine ntue Btntort tmpori fa aUo&tenfd) 
aud) bit Sinrit^ng unb Hqie^ung bleibt. Steut Sebuc^nflt 
unb @kfal)ien, nent SSott^ bee 0iegct( be£ SIti(!^t^uni6r bcc 
tcad)fenben (S^tti ftlb^ btr mt^iecen Bts&Ittnme br&nsen ft^ 

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etaotiwefe^ i. Srit^n.] AerUer. 239 

^injui unb iDie latin nun ber ge^e SEog ber t)niti(|ei bag alte 
®cftQ nn noigce @€fc4 biriben? S£ niicb txibE^otttnr obei 
uielleicl)t nuc jum @^nr unb Itibet ant mnftcn in 9St^br&uc^nf 
benn ^Kufopfrtung eigninutigcnr trSsen SOtenfu^n )u ^art fiitt. 
iDK0 war bee goU nit SqlutgSr SoIonSf SRontuluff SSofeS unb 
aHm (Seft^ctv bit ifyn Hctt {tbetltbca 

Sro$ alfo oUa biftib |um 3^ nud) fd;rectUc[)er Solgatr bit 
f ik ^loUTii ^lai^t, SalonifUr Kual&nbei: unb Setnbe mani^ 
®riec^n|Iaat qt^abt feat i fo (Snnen wit tot^ baS' SbU jenrt 
SemeinfinneS nii^ ixttennnir ba in eaccbimonf KttKn unb 
Z^Un, ja gcnriffttmafen in iebem ®taat« ©cttc^nlanbe ju 
frintn iltitni ItbU. Ss ijt sfiSia wotfc unb gewifi baf ntc^ out 
tinielnen @efe^ dneS dnjelnen lOIanncg ecwa(^«n> ec aud) 
nit^ In icbeni @lieb< b<( Stoitel auf glci^ aSriTei ju aOnt 
3nten gtlt&t f)abe } gcltbt ^t a inbcf unter btn ®miimt ait 
a ftlbft nt>4 i^' unga:e<^ten neiblgen AncgCf bit ^&iCe|tcn 
ilirer SBebcficCungen/ unb bie tieulofcftcn S)etiAtt)(tr i^cer Sfitgec: 
tngcnb teigin. iDi( dteabfdinFt jma Spartantci bie M X^ 
ntopoUi ftelni: 

aSanbieii fag'S ju Spartor baS \iimn @eft;«tt gt^am 
SBii ofdiEaQen ^ [icgtn 

biribt athmal b« eSninbfaj b«r ^Mifttn polittfc^n Sugtnb, bet 
bem wir aud) jwei ^n^aufenbt fpdtec nur gu bebauern twbenf 
baf et jwoc einft auf ber Sibe ben ©ninbfaS wenign SportaiUE 
(ibec dnige Iwrte ^ottiderrfSefefte einee engen SonbeS/ not^ nle 
aber bag ^Jtindpium (fit bit teinen Seftfte bet flefammten 
aSenfd)^ ^at wecben migen. Det (Srunbfaft fe[b|l ift bee 
Iimte, ben fClltnfi^n )u iljiec sm^elisEeil unb ^ti^tit ecs 

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240 fetrtrer. [XVIH. 3a^. 

flnnnt unb aue&ben migm. Sin &t)nttij)c£ ift'e mtt ber SJec 
faffung TC^tn&i obgidd) biefftte auf rintn ganj onten 3njrf 
fjUirtc lEXnn nwnn bU VuftlAnins bcj SoEEeB in ®ad)enf tie 
jUR&d)tt ffo bagfelbc gc^&ieiir b« @eg<nftanb dn« polittTd^ 
eintitfttung ft^n barf: fo ifl ailxn unfttritig bie aufgeflStteftt 
Stctbt in m^txn itlcamUn iBelt gmeTen. aSetKt ^acie no(fi 
fionbonf mbtt ERotn nod) Sabi)Ionf noi^ ntniQtt SUtmp^, 
Smifalcm, $efing unb Senon^ wnbcn i^ bardber ben SUmq 
ai^tittn. ' SM nun ^otriotitmuJ unb XuffUrung bic &dben 
$oIt tinbr um uxlcEie fii^ afU @itt(nniltuc bn SSenft^^tit be= 
mtetr fo nxtbrn au(^ Xtt)cn unb Sparta immn bt( beiben gtv^n 
®tbJi$tni$plJi^ bleibmi auf meti^n fii^ bie ®taaUCunft bet 
gjlenfc^n flber bieft Jlreeifc juerft iu9tnbliiiMn>5 9<fi6t ^t. 

35er ®eift ber ©c^ipfung. 
^ud) ii^ mar ^%rim in btr aS^^neii 
Unb matt Dom SBegb fprac^ id): n^en ber SSeltl 
CEin Slid con bir wqiingl bie SdjSpfung. — ©k^'j 
£Tie Sonne biennt auf mid) : im ®anbt eIAt)t 
QSein naAer ^i, unb meine Sunge ledijt. 
St^TOanfe. .J)err/m«nfiid)t erltfd)t!" 

3d) Dor mir einen fc^aien SRafen, rings 
Umflocfiten con ©rt&fd). ©in ^atmbaum ftanb 
Xn tin«t nuelbf unb auf SBaum unb SAfc^n 
^% unter fSHit^en mand)t fi^6nc ^vudft. 
3d) lo^te, id) tranfr id) banitt iSott 
Unb Ugle mid) jur SRu^ nieber. ®anp 
Um^Mete ber ®^Iaf mein Kuge, bie 
6in SiunbettrauRi mid) fd)n«II emKdete. 

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®ri|t ba @i^)>fun9.] leMfRj. 241 

•SBtt @tift ia ®i^6pfuns ftanb n>r mii; unb [ptaij : 
I, ®tel)' auff ^txi\ii 1 £u ^ait senug anni^ 
Vuf bicfem SBeet Don jc^en tftufcnb ^flonicn 
Unb StSutwn meinte ^nrn. iDu Wfi gtfiSrft 
©i( .^inbin bort mtH aud) DErftftmadjten. ®^u 
Smxutet ficr bo^ bu auf{ltlKfL" — ^uf 
Ciwong id) unb fa^ Me ^nbin mfi ju gilf (m 
2)if aXuttet: nai:. @ie bitittt ^^ mft^ an 
Unb fprang ju i^i SSktbc. 

„ffiutec @ott, 
S&f ii^ bet bu f&t XleS forgeft 1 aSenn 
Z)(in Sinf bort Sionnen IcnICr fo btntjl bu aud) 
IDe« SBanb'me in bei 3Bufte, ba^ fein @ta& 
Kid|t b»d)er bafi bie tfiinbin nic^ t>nfi^ma(^(." 

So^ann €iottt)OlIi OEptiiaim 1B.nistng 

" Lbsbiso," aays a Gennan critic, " combined in 
himself the etudy of all the schools of his age ; eo 
that he passed through the Qallomanta, the Oreco- 
atmia, and the Anglomania like the sun pasBing 
through the Zodiac, without sacriScing in the least 
his freedom, or inclining either to the right or to the 
left, bnt steadily pursuing his own exalted course. 
In that age of foreign influence and of clashing 
taatee, great poets could not spring up as &om 
the earth. Ihey had, with Herculean strength, 
to struggle through a labyrinth of foreign hin- 
drances, which both bewildered aud led them 
astray ; they were forced to beat a track for them- 

242 %eMittS. [XVm. 3a^ 

selves, by metms of sound, comprehensive, and im- 
partial criticiflm." 

Such criticism' LEBSiKa, giited at the same time 
with great poetical power, exercised in muiy and 
TariooB fields; in those of theology, philosophy, 
philology, the history of art and literature, as well 
as in that of poetry. 

The Drama, also, he criticized with unsparing 
rigour in his " Dramatwgie," a work which tended 
greatly to improve the public taste ; and scrupled 
not to jest with much wit on the very chief of 
jesters, Voltaire himself. 

Lebsiks was bom in 1729, at Kamene, in 
Saxony, where hia fether officiated as minister. At 
the age of five he was remarked for feelingly reciting 
many of Luther's hymns, and for his progress in 
Latin. At the free school of Meitxen he laid 
(1711-46) the foundation of his Aiture learning; 
acquiring an intimate knowledge both of the C^reek 
and Latin. Several Odes of Anacreon which are in- 
seri«d amongst his poems were translated at that 
period. The customary leasona did not suffice him ; 
he required, aa the head-master said to his fiither, 
like some horses, a double portion of fodder. 

Shortly after leaving school he was sent to the 
University of Leipzig to study theology. 

LiBsnro's distinguifihed learning and promising 
tdent at once attjwsted the attention of many men 

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eeffing in tot^is.] leMing. 243 

who had passed through the probationafy college 
years. Here the lectures of Eeitesti and Kastneb 
were the only ones that riveted his attention : medi- 
cine, chemistry and botany, literature and poetry, 
were Ukevise succeasively the objects of his studies. 
He had accumulated many books, but seeing that 
book-learning vas insufficient to impart the know- 
ledge of men and things, he eoi^ht the intercourse 
of others, and would rather get into contact with 
freethinkers, singulis characters, and actors, than 
with stiff and pedantic scholars. In conneaion with 
hia friends, MTLirrs, a freethinker, and Weisse, he 
wrote, in 1747, short plays : " Derjunge Qelekrte " 
(The Young Scholar), "BieJudea" (The Jews),and 
"TferJVmjfeM*" (The Freethinker). To his parents, 
pious Lutherans, his connexion with Mtlius aa& 
the Theatre gave great uneasiness. 

He soon followed Mtlius to Berlin, where they 
jointly edited a periodical treating on theatricals, 
hot of this four numbers only appeared. Urged by 
his parents, who disliked his stay in BO "sctuidalous" 
atown, he went, in 1751, to Wittenbei^ (where his 
younger brother studied) ; he there took his degree 
as Master of Arts, and published a Collection of hia 
early Poems and Epigrams. 

TTi'a literary labours during his abode in that place 
were a translation from the Spanish of Hwtrte, of 
a medical work on the Study of Heads, originally 

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244 leftftaj. [XVm. Zam- 

printed in 1666, and a Latin veraion of the first 
five cajitoa of Kxopbtock's "Metsiah." 

In 1749, when his father was expecting him to 
take orders, he received a letter in which LEasmo, 
whose mind had by some meana become somewhat 
unsettled, thus expressed himself: — " I cannot take 
orders, and be acting the part of a hypocrite." 
H'B father replied, that he must then provide for 
himself. Lsssnf a had now no choice, but to follow 
the latter alternative. 

In 1763, Lessihq retomed to Berlin, and was 
employed by the publisher Yosa to assist in a 
political and literary journal. Here he brought 
out a third and fourth part of his lesser writings, 
including Poe-mg and Letters of Criticism, trans- 
lated "MarignfB History of the Arabs" and pub- 
lished several Comedies, which were flatteringly 

In 1754, although engaged in many other literaiy 
occupationa, the first two parts of his " Tkeatrical 
lAhrary" were published. An intimacy arose be- 
tween him, Mencelsbohit, and N'icolai : this in- 
telligent trio could not but exercise great influence 
over each other, and attract to them many other men 
of great distinction. In 1755, Lesbiho accompanied 
a wealthy man named "WtSKlBB in hie travels 
through Europe; but after havii^ incurred heavy 
eopeuses for traveUing equipments, and given up 

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Sfffing in ^BoIftnb&tttL] KeWfng. 246 

expreasly several profitable engagements with editors, 
lie was compelled to obtain the tulfilment of their 
contract by recotirse to law (1765), when the sum 
of 800 doll^B, the aaiaxj of four yews, waa adjudged 
to Lbbshtg. 

At MEiTDELBsoHii'a au^eatJOQ Lebboio trans- 
lated 2f(tei«n>»'< "Moral PkUosaphy," aniBiehard- 
gon'a " Selection from JEkop'a Fablet." This laat 
went through four editions, and induced him 
to compose his own elegant volume of original 

In 1757, KicoLAi, Memoelssohit, and Lebsqk} 
undertook -together a review, called " The lAbrary 
of Fine Literature." 

This review waa eminently successiul, taii was 
continued long after it had passed out of their 
hands. In 1760, he drew up the "I/i^ ofSopAoelei," 
and was admitted member of the Academy of Berlin; 
and shortly after vraa ^pointed secretary to General 
Tauenzien, whom he accompanied to Breslau. In 
1763, LEBBDia was introduced to the Wng at Pots- 
dam. Nothing remarkable is recorded of this inter- 
view. He resumed, in 1765, his residence at Berlin, 
and puldished, in 1766, his "Laokoon," and, in 1767, 
his beat comedy, " Minna von Bamhelm." Through 
the influence of the hereditary prince of Brunswick, 
LEBSDTe was, in 1770, appointed IMrarian at Wol- 
fentmUel. The appointment just suited him j he had 
thus at all hours within reach a library which 

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216 fLtUtag. [XVJll. 3a^: 

contained the most Taluable books and many 
mannscriptB. Of the latter be found a collection 
amounting to nearly aix thousand. He booh pnb- 
liBhed his " Contrihutiont to Literary Siatory " 
(appearing in numbers at intervals), which were to 
include uoticea and ertracte of remarkable manu- 
scripts, together with commeutB on the works 

In 1771, a, new edition of his miBcellaneous works 
waa issued. On the 13th of March, 1772, the 
birthday of the dowager Duchess of Brunswick, his 
" Emilia Qalotti" was first acted. 

In 1775, he married Madame Konig, a widow 
lady, whose children he had instructed at Hamburg. 
His wife having property at Viemia, he went to 
reside there. In the Bame year he imdertook, with 
Prince Leopold of Brunswick, a tour through Italy. 
During their absence the wife of Lessins died. 
He then returned to Wolfenbtittel, where he finally 

Though many offers of importance were proposed 
to him he declined all, holding himself bound to the 
house of Brunswick. 

Bis last production waa the dramatic master- 
piece, "Nathan der Weise" (Nathan the Wise). 
Shortly after its appearance Lessimg was tahen 
with iUness, and died on the 5th of February, 1781, 
at Brunswick. " He leaves no descendants," says 
MEtfDBi.BaoHif, in a letter which relates his decease. 

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Boofoon.] irtatfUft. 247 

" but a more Burelj enduring memorial. He wrote 
' Nathan the WiBe,' and died," 

LEsaDT&'a prose, though abounding in deep 
thoughts, is written with an unexampled clearness 
and precision. His modes of perception are Ger- 
man, his manner of expression European. His 
whole soul was filled with enthusiasm for the beau- 
tiful and the true, wherever it presented itself; 
and, multifariouB though his studies were in matters 
appertaining to the theatre, to philosophy, anti- 
quity, and theology, he never lost sight of his first 
and last object, which was a search after truth, in 
the single pursuit of which his mind seemed to find 
its greatest delight. His infiuence on his own 
age and the succeeding has been moat prominent, 
and will remain indelible in the literary history of 

His " Laokoon*' is a most remarkable work; it 
characterizes the subjects which appertain both 
to poetry and painting, with aa much philosophy 
in the principles aa judgment in the examples. 
Lessixi} exerted much influence in leading the 
Germans to the adoption of a national style in 
their theatrical works. 

Amongst his later dramatic productions are 
" J^itma von Sarnhelm," " Mias Sara 8amp»on," 
" Emilia Qalottt," and " Nathan dm- Weite '." 

' A tnoalsllDii of "Sallmj, da- W^itt," vltb i copioiu biogrsphjof 
LsisiHs, and full iiceaDnl oTIili icrnkg, an given \tilxfWs" Sarvn o} 

0, Gooi^le 

248 fLtUSas. [XTin. 3a^^ 

Of the lut-nained a short etetch vill be foimd a 
few pagea forward, with some of the principal scenes 
in fiill. We first give some of hia Fables. 


S)ie $fauen unb bfe JCtdix. 

xDtnt flo^c jttit)c fc^fiiftc ltd) mlt ben auigtfaOenen gebern 
bet fatbict)ten ^aucni unb mifc^e fid) Hl)nr aU lie genug 
gefi^mfittt iu [tin gtaubtej tmter bU gllnjenbrn Stgcl bn; 
Suno. ®it aorb ertannti unb fifutU ficlen bie ^auen 
mit Fd)aTf(n @$n&6eln auf ftCf iln ben beO&genfi^ 9^ 

ealTet nai^l fc^ fie enblit^ i {^ ^bt nun aQt boS Surige 
nriebci:. I&ocf) b(t ^fouenr ti»I(^ einigt von ben eigenen gl&ns 
jenben eWfuoingfebem bet XrS^ bonertt Ijatten, DerfefiUn; 
Sc^nxiSf ormfelfst 9t&rtinf btefe linnen ntd)t beln fdnl — unb 
^dttn neUer. 

iD« ©ttaug. 
^e^t roilt ii^ ffiegtnl" rief ber gigantififce ©trauf j unb ba$ 
ganje ffioK ber SSigcl fhnb in etn^ (Smuitung um i^n 
oerfammelt. „St^ will US} fUesenl" def er nod|niaU> 
breitete bie eettoltigen gittige wett auB unb fdjof/ flteid) rincm 
Sc^ffe mit auegefP^"^ ©cgelnr auf ban Soben i0ni otwe 
i^ mit einem Xrittt gu ixrUeren. 

@e^ ba ein pHtiftlKi Silb jenec un^iMtifi^n £t)>ftf bie in 
ben erttcn jkilen i^ ungebeunn Cben mtt (to^ @il)teingen 
pm^Ienf ft(^ Abei: SSoCto unb 0terne ju ei^ben iailftn unb 
bem Staube boc^ immet gecreu blelbcn. 

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SaMit.] JLHiittg. 249 

2NjS fdjlimmfie airier. 

^^ie 1}m bos f<t)lfintn|b ^^in mitKomen? 
©0 frogt rin SSnig diwn iwifen 3)lamt. 
2)tr Bdfc fprad) ; S3on mUben f)d^'e Siirannf 
Unb ®itmeid)Ier uon ben 3(tt)inea 

£)U ®anS. 

jgu Seb«n dnet ©an* bcfi^nrtm ben iwuafbotnen Sdmee. 
@teQ auf btefee btenbenbe @efd)(nf bee Statuti glauble fie etier 
}u eintm SijoaiUi aH ju bemi was |ie »ari geboren ju frin. 
@ie fonber^ fii^ uon if)rtSglei^ ab unb ft^omm einTam unb 
maieltSttfdi auf bent Zeiijt ^m. Salb be^nce (te >^en 
.^aier bcfftn MnU^eriTi^ JCArge fie mit oOec 3R<ii^ abtKlfen 
wXiit. B3a(b fud)te fie ilm bfe pr&d^ Siegung ju gebenrin 
weli^ bee eijiom bai tt&rMgfte XnTe^n etneS SogeU beS 
Xpoaa ^at iCiaij seigebenE : n tcai: ju ftetfr unb mit altn 
Hfctc aSemil^une brat^te fie ee nic^ weiteif oIB baf fie eine 
l&^etlit^f @ane aaciti o^e ein Sdiwon ju nxtrben. 

2>et SRafie. 

j@er 9!a6e bemeiftCr ba^ bee Xbler ganje bcetfig Xage Aber 
feintn Siem bnitete. Unb ba^ lommt efif o^ne ^roeiftlf 
fpiad) etf ba| bie 3ungen bee ^blerS fo aUfe^enb unb flart 
nxcben. ®utl bat will icl) aud) ttiun. 

Unb feit bent bi&tet ber fHabt wiiHiifi ganie bteifig Sage 
fiber feinen Stern j aber ttot^ ^at er nt<^ aW elenU SRaben, 

0, Gooi^le 

360 JLtMbts. [XVm. Sow. 

gabi tvorb ou^tielj'nt. XI£ fie nun in if)tem ntuen (Slanjt 
ba flanbi (amfn bit Spcrlinge iouIkti i^ aOm SBa^ngen 
jn fu(^ Sdrin |ie fanben fit aUe onnnatKit. 3u tcaSf 
f^n ftcr taugt bcnn nun baS groft @Ie&&ti t JtomtntiValafit 
ben iinbraiid)6ann Stdn^ufent 

3eu8 utib ba6 ©c^af. 
^loai ®^f mutCt Don alUn S^imn vitltS letbtn. T)a trot 
ti twc b«n Scuir unb boCr fein @Ie:A ju milbtTn. 

3<uS fn^iin ninigf unb fptai^ gu bnn @4^ : 3<^ fttx nw^b 
mdn ^trmtntS @efd}£)>fi t(^ iiabe bii% a(^u UKtirloa erfi^fftn. 
9tun loitile, mie it)) bicTem S^^tei: am beflen ab^lfen foIL 
@oIt id; brinen 3)iunb mit fdjndlidicn SJi^neni unb bcinf gft^ 
mtt £TaIIen t^a ? 

O minifagte ba< @^fi ii^ toiQ ni(l)te mit bra ceifenben 
S^ieitn gemdn ^ben. 

ObtT/ fu^ 3eue fbiti fon id) @t^ in bnnen Speic^I legm? 

Vd^i cnfi^tt bciS ®i^f( bie eifCigen SS^Iangra tcttben ia fo 
(e^r gclittffrt.— 

Sun was fon ic^ bmn ? Stl) win ^imn: auf brint estttnt 
pflanifDr unb StiiTe beinem Stadtn geben. 

Xu(t nii^t, gfltiBW !Bat« j id) tlnnte fci^ fo fttftg uwrbtn; 
alfi ber ffiod 

Unb slei^too^If ^ftaik ^ii mnft bn felblt f^obtn Unneni 
iwnn (t^ Snbrre bir (u f^obcn ^i^ foOtn ! 

cjiij^c, Google 

gabeln.] CtMinff. 251 

ffltftft' i* bai? ftufife bflSiSdjaf. & fo la^ m:<^ gfifiga 
Battti nne id) bin. IXnti baS 18evm69«n/ fdwben )u liniKiu 
KWtOt, plri^ id)* bi< Enjl fcfeaben }a wlkn i onb rt ift bfffer 
Uincd)t Iribtnr aU Xlmtiif t^nn. 3taS fegntte baa ^ommt 
&^f i anb c« KtQti wm Sbtnb an jn (lagtn. 

Ser (Jfel unfc ber ©olf, 

4U^ Sftl begtgnete einem ^ungrigen fSolft. ^bt tOlitleibni 
tntt rahi fagle bcr iittetnin Igfel ; id) bin tin armeS/ fcanftS 
Z^: {ie^ mtiTf lOftS fftr einen £)em i^ nor in btn SuS 
flttrtttn I)ab*! 

ItBo^r^fCtgf bn bauorfi ntiifir oerfegte bti 9BoIf. Unb it^ 
^nbe mi^ in mcincm (Unciffm tmbunbcni bii$ con biefni 
©tfimraien ju bcfteien. — 

JCaam nat bai ^oit eefagtf j'o am Ut @ftl {crnfTcn. 

aSet ihxot MXtb t«r ^afe. 
ilHin Ziwt wiUbiQtt dnen bTotlii^ten ^afen ftinn: niif)nit 
Sftanntr*afL ttbti ijl ti btnn nwljri fragh i^fi rinfi b« 
^fe* baS rod) fthwn dn eUnbet tclf)ei*et ^a^ fo Iriii(t 
oeiiaeen !ann? 

mnblngi i^ tS aatfc, anttociTtttt ber iirott unb rt ifl eint 
oOgeniRne Knmrttnne/ baf mic grofe Siiiere burcbfl&ngte eint 
geal^t KAm &iitoa^^ an nnS t)aben. @a toicft bu. lunt 
Seif:pfel, bon bcm eiep^ntro gc^bvt ^abtib bo^ il)m bat 
©mnjen rincS ©<*iMinB Si^ubcr unb entfejen eaetOt. 

-aSaljr^flfCial nntei:bt:ad)if)nbCT'©af(i ianunb«amfid)au^ 
tDoiunt wir .^atm unB fo tntfe^Iic^ dot bm .^tmbcn ^n^ten. 

0, Gooi^le 

252 %tMiat. [Xnil. 3a6r^ 

Theobjectof LEBBiKe'sTragedy.entitled "S'atian 
dw Weiie," ia to uphold the principleB of religious 
toleration and of mutual lore between men. A 
Turk, a Templar, and a Jew are tlte priacipal cha- 
racters of this play. The idea ia taken from a tale 
which exietB in the Hebrew, called "The Three 
Bings;" but the conduct of the piece is entirely 
Lbsbisg's own. Ifathaa is supposed to have suf- 
fered much by the persecutionof the Christians, (who 
had immolated the Jews at Graza,) and in one night 
to have lost his wife and eeven children ; and though 
he ftrat swears implacable hatred to the dmatian 
name, he by degrees returns to his reason, and 
says : " Yet, there is a God ; his will be done." 
At that moment a priest comes, and begs him to 
take care of a Christian infant, an orphan from the 
cradle; Nathan the Jew adopts her, kirea her as 
his own, and watches over her with the affection 
and tenderness of a parent; under his guidance 
she grows up a model of female rirtne. On his 
return &om a journey, he hears that his house has 
been on fire, and that his adopted child has been 
rescued from the flames by Conrad, a young Tem- 
plar, to whom Sahdm had given liberty on account 
of a strong resemblance to his brotlier, an emigrant. 
He becomes acquainted with this Templar, and 
wishes to recompense his serrices with the hand of 
Reeha, his daughter, who is loved by Conrad, when 
it proves that Conrad and Seeha are brother and 

0, Gooi^le 

»at«an t«r Skife.] £t«(ns. 253 

sister, the cliildreii of the sultan's brother. One of 
the remarkable scenes in tbe piece is that now given, 
in which the sultan demands of Ifathan that he shall 
demonstrate which is the only true religion. 

©rittet 3Cufiug.— giinftet Xufttift. 
iftalatrfn ontt 2ffat|ian. 

9lur o^iK gutdjt 1 

jjfflt. 2)te blttbt Wiwm geinbt I 

dal. 3>u netmit bii^ Statin ? 

Wat. 3a. 

iftal. Z)tn RKifrn <Rat^ ? 

Wat. iWii. 

daL 9StoI)U ntnnft bu bid) mii)t j nennt bid) ba« Solt 

Xat. Aanit fe^j baS aJcHl 

Aal. iDu gtaubft bo<!^ nii^tt boj ic(i 

iBaiA/iidi von bt« SJoOrt etimme ben!e ? 
3i^ ^bc (Angft gmiinfc^ ben Slonn )u Imnnv 
Sen tt ben ISeiftn nmnt 

Wat. Unb Rxrai H i^n 

^um 6))ott fo ntmiK? JEknn bem ffioltt nwift 
Ku^t wdto; Viix' aU Rug? unb Qng nut ba, 
Dtx ltd) auf fnnm Soitf)eU gut i>ecf{(t)t? 

dal. Suf feinen nu^nn SSoirt^itf m(ipn|t bu bod) ? 

Wat. iDann fwiplM^ «>St' bet eigerniafttglle 
Cer Atfig^ Xunn ahx' frepli^ tlug unb nxife 

dal. 3i^ ^he bid) etuKifenr not 
50n miboiipniJjen refflft — iDeS sffltiift^n n)af)ra 
Sott^ci bte tai SJoIt ni(^ lenntr tcnnft bu. 

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254 KnWfns. [XVIH. 3o^. 

^fl bu iu bnncn nwirigfttna gefud<t g 
{uft it&ba na(l)gebiic(|t i bag aud) aMn 
atoctt fiion ben SSttftn. 

Wat. Eer ltd) jebtc bintt 

3u ftiin. 

Aal. Sftm b« iBtft^tbm^ bmiubI 
lOcnn fit nui untnttbor ju ^&T€nr wo 
3Jtan ttotfeiK SBonunft (tntarCet, — trftlf. 
(St fpringf au0 
iaf una ;«<: @ac^ fontmen 1 liba, abet 
3Cufri(f)ti8( Sub'; aupWjttgl 

Wat. ®ultan, i* 

SM fidietUi^ bt^ fo bebiencnf ba§ 
Hi) bdner fnnem Jtunbfdtaft m^rbig bkibe. 

daL ffierbimninite? 

Wat. 2>u fellft bai SSefte ^abcn 

aJon flUtn i fottfl ei um btn biUtglUn 
^Jcri* ^flbfn. 

$al. aSonon fprii^il bu? bi>i% n»^I xd^t 
Son betnen Skaren ? — ®cf)ac^m wirb mtt bit 
©ijim nittne ©rfmxffer. (2)a8 ber ^wriftnrin 1) — 
3(f) ^be tnit bctn ^aufmann nid)ti )u t^un. 

Wat. @o tDiift bu oI)nc Stwifel miifen iDoUm, 
Stoe if! auf RKincm Siege son bem geinbef 
Etc oKetbingS ITc^ «tieb(t wget, (hoa 
SSemertt, gettoffen ? — aSenn id) unuer^ottn — 

dal. Itud; bdtauf bin id) eben nic^t mtt btc 
(S^ttaat lOason neif id^ r<^n/ fo niel 
3d) n6t^ ^be, — Aurj ; — 

Wat. ®ebict^, ©uttan. 

i>aT, 3d) ^eift^ beinen Unterrid^ in gang 
JSa* anbecn } ganj maS onbon. — jDa bu nun 

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SRotfyw bet SBrffe.] %.tiSi«g. 2B 

@So iwffe bift: fo fage mic bod) tinmal — 
Ski« fit ein ®Iauber ttxig fik fin QStTeg 
^t btr am ttwiikn eingdeu^ttt? 

Wat. ©uaon, 

3d) bin ein 3ub'. 

^al. Unb id) tin aSuftlmann. 

Det 6^ ifi jnrif^n un*. — Bon Weftn b«9 
Steltgtonm tann bot^ rint nur 
ZMe RXi^ fepiL — Sin UXonn/ ufe bUr bleiU ba 
fHatt 9t^ wo bei ^ufoO ber (SebuttI) 
35n Ijingeiwtfen : obet wenn er btei6t, 
fBIeibt ec auS Sinfidit, ©etoben. aSat;! bti SBefletn. 
SQotilan I fo t^ beine Sinfic^t mil 
iDann wit Sag mic^ bte iSrfinbe ^6Kn, benen 
3cb ftlbei: naS^ufscSbtln, niift bie 3eit 
@e^bl. iaf mid) bie iSa^Ir bie biefe @e&nbe 
Se|Hmint/ — veiflf^ fi^, im Sertiautn — wiffen, 
iDomit id) |u )u meiner mad)e. — aSie ? 
£ni1tu|efl?uS0flmid) mitbtm Xugt? — Jtonn 
aSo^l f(^f bafi ii^ bee erfle Sultan bin^ 
tin eine fold)C SnOe >at i bit m^ 
iDod) einet Sultans tben nid)t fo ganj 
Umourbig bfintt. — Stit^tioa^? — ®o tebe bodil 
@l»id) I — Cbet miUft bu cinen Kugcnblictr 
©w^ gu bebtnfen ? ®ut } icl) geb' i^n bit. — 
(Ob fie mo^l Ijint^t? 3^ nnll lie boc^ bclaufdjcnj 
SBiQ ^htni ob ici;a ni^t gemai^ — ) X>en{ nod) I 
®efii)nnnb ben! no* ! Sd) flume ni^&t, jurud 
3ii bnnnen. 

(Sr ee^ in bai Slebeniimmer, nad) tceli^m fid) SSitta^ 

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256 %mijii. [xvni. 3 

®e*8t£t HixfMtt, 
Wstjan (altdn). 
•&tn I ffin I nmnbnlii^ ! — SBU iH 
9tirbtnn? — Sot tciQ tec Sultan? oaS — 3$ bin 
Kuf 9t[b ecf a^ } nnbenoin — Sa^i^ 3 
UnMoia fit fo, — fo boot, fo bloi* oB ob 
X>ic Sat)t^ !ndi4( wiu I — 3<i/ lotnn tioc^ 
UroUf 9Kfln}t, bit fltwoetn ivdtb I — 
3)a< gkngt no4 1 — ^dtein ^ nnit ^(t1^(f 
X)i( nur ba etcmpcl ntoditf bit man aufS Srtt 
9titE iS^ barf, bat {^ lit bo<^ nun n^t I 
ffiit StO) in eaiff fb ^^c man in JCopf 
XntfaSBafK^rin; Str ifl btnn Ijitr bo: 3abt ? 
Si^obtrtcr — Z)o4n<it? eSoKf ti ouc^ uc^l 
XHt Sa^i^ iti^t (n SBo^^ f(4«nt? — ^nxttf 
Smt btr JBtibai!^ baf tc bit So^rtieU nut 
10$ %aSU braui^r iv&t' am^ gai |u Ktin ! 
SuBtln? — SBat {^ fib tfnen Stofenbcnn 
3u Hrin? — ®cnitfi snoie : erflfti^temit 
Ctr at^ fo in< .^aul 1 SKan podit bo<^ ^6rt 
!0o4 trib Rxnn man all S<tnnb fid) na^ — 3<!^ mttf 
St^iUTam Qe^n? — Unb wlt?trit bati — @ogan| 
©totQubt fd^n ju ndtcHf gt^ f^"" "Mfr — 
Unb gonj unb gar n^t Subt/ gt^ iw^ minbtr. 
jDtnn/ iwnn fttn Subtf botfc ct int(^ nnt ftagtn/ 
SJonmi fcin 3)tufe[mann? — iCue n»ill iCue tarni 
aXid) cetttn I — ffii^ bit £inbn bid, f^ft man 
asit St&n^ ab. — SrOmmt. Si tommt mxcl 

0, Gooi^le 

«atf»n bet fflrift.] KtMoi)}. 257 

©tebenbet Jtufttitt. 
Jtalatofn tnOr ^fTatibaii. 
ArL (So ifE boS gtib ^ ntn I) — 3cE) tonim' bit b<4 
9Ui!^ ju eefcMnb jurJld? iOu bifl jn 9taiibc 
SXit bctmr Uctmhguns. — 9tim fo t^ I 
@S ^to nnt (tint SStttc 
Wat. 9R&^ and; bod) 

3ft 9la^an fdnn; 0ac^ ? ^ 1 baS ntnn' 
34 «<nni Sffieifcn ! 9tie bit SBoln^^ jn 
So^^Ioi ! fAx fu oltei auf bol 6^1(1 
3tt fegen 1 Etib unb Ceben I @ut nnb SSCutl 

Xat. 3a I ja 1 nanni nit^ig lH imb nutt. 

£al. Bon nun 

ICtt barf i^ ^Dfftnr nntn meinn Xitel/ 
SeibcfTmr b<i flBctt nnb b(t lSer<4cl> 
9Kit 9tei^ iu f%en. 

34'at. Xtatui/ tin ft^ncr SUtl 1 

Co<I)r @ultan( t^ id) mid) bic gong wrtraittr 
Qilaub|l bu n)ct)tr bit tin @cr(()id)t<!f)Cii )u 

Bit aBotum baa nid)t? 3<6 t)in fbtt 
(Sin gmmb anotfen Don ©tf^idjt^m gut 

"Xat. Sflf got txiii/tmi bat ift nun 
SBo^I eben mtine ®ad)( ni^ 

fral. ®d)on oitbtr 

eo fiDia btft^nbtn? — SRod)! tq&^V a^A^Itl 

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258 3tt«£nj. [XVIH. 30^. 

Wat. Bor gtautn 3a^n kbt rfn ffiilann in Oftav 

Xxc einen BKng won unfd)46barnn ffintt)' 

au8 litber .^anb bffaS. ©tr SSttin nwt: tin 

CpvUf twr Ijunbtrt filjine gaitan fpitltti 

nnb ^atte bit st^timt £rafti un: (Bolt 

Unb a»eii[d)en angeiM^m ju madjtni wet 

3n bicf» 3uDa:fid)t i^n trug. XSaSStunber, 

X)a^ ii)n bn SXann in Cflen banim nie 

Bom gina« litp ) unb tit Brcfiguna traf, 

Muf tnrig i^in te^ feinem ^auft ju 

erfeatttn! 9ie^mlid) fo. gt litg btn Kinj 

SBon ftintn S&^ntn btm @><litbUjlen 4 

Unb ft^tt fcftr bafi bitfer nHtbmun 

iOtn Sing con ftintn ®6^ntn tan bttntadit, 

■Dtr il)m b«r Htbfit ftg 4 unb fttB btr KebUe, 

C^n' Knft^n ber Stbucti in JteafC aOtin 

£)«e 9IiRgSi iaS ^auptr btr Stirfl bed ^ufc« ninte. — 

Sieclte^ mi^r ®uUan. 
^al. 34 Dtcltt^ bi4 astiter I 

VSat. @o fam nun bttftc Sting, Don So^n jn ®o^ 

Kuf einen Batei enblit^ uon brtQ ®6^nen) 

£)tt atU bre; i^m gltid) gettorfam waien, 

2Mt aUe breq et folgltd) gktd) jU litbtn 

@i(fc nicijt cntbtedjen lonntt. 9tur Don 3ttt 

3u 3eit f(l)ien i^m balb btr/ bolb bitftr/ balb 

XKr britttf fo ime jebti fu^ mit tt)m 

XUcin befanbr unb ftin trgit^enb .EKTi 

iDie anbem jwep nidit t^Rn, — mArbtgtr 

©e6 aiingtS j ben n btnn ouc& rintm jebtn 

iDit fcomme ®(t)n)ad)^e{t ^otte, ju ctrfpiei^ 

iDae gienfl nun fo, fo lonfl t8 eienfl. — auein 

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9tat^ bet fBeifc.] XtHint. 269 

@8 tam jum ©terben* unb bn flut* Sutrc 

JShnmt in S3<Tleg(til)eit @e fc^tr;! tljiv iitK9 

San feinen @6^iunr bit (t^ auf fdn aSort 

Beclttffen, fo ju fcin&n. — aSaS ju l!}Un? — 

®r ftnlut in ge^im ju einem JtiinfHnr, 

Sti bent eii naii) bem 9Xu|lrr feiiuB SRingeSf 

Stw^ anbeic b<|leUti unb nieber £D|tm 

Slwt) SRfl^e fpartn ^fift/ fi' i"!"" 9l«4)' 

jBoUbiramn gbiil^ ju mai)ta. iDat selingt 

iCKni AAnfUei. jDa a it)m bie Stingt bttngti 

JCann ftCb|t bee SSatec feinen 3Su|!trTing 

Sltdjt unterfc()eib«n. gto^ unb fireubig mP 

@r feine ©6^n(i jeben inS befontirf j 

®lebt i(bnn inS Ufonbte feinen Qtigen, — 

Unb fEtntn SfSngi — unb fKrbt — Bu fifttft bo(i^ ©uUan ! ' 

jta(. (ber fid) beteoffen ton i^m gnoatAt.) 

tiit) ^bt, ii) ^bit I — .Samm mtt beinem !K!l()id)en 
glut bolb ju Qnbe. — SBirbS ? 

Wat. 3(1) bin iu SnlJt. 

Denn nrnS notfi folgt, wtjlefjt fid) ja wn felbjl — 
JEaum awr bee SBotec lobt, fo tbmntf tin jeber 
SOW feinem SRing'i unb jebet reiU ber giirft 
iDea .^uree fe:on- 3Kan unterfud)t, man lanttr 
aSan tlagt Umfon|t j bee cet^te SRing wa-c nti^ 
Snwiilid)} — 

(nad) (in« 9>aufe, in weWiet or btfl Suttoni 

Snlwort erroartei.) 
^a^ fo unenntiBIif^ aU 
UnS iet — bet redjte @laube. 

daL 3Ste? batfoE 

iDie Sntwort fe^n auf meine geage ? . . 

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260 %eilint. [XVIII. 3 

3Xid) btoe entfitnilbigenf lonin id) Mf SHngb 
9IIii nidit getrau )u unteifciKitKTif Me 
i&tr matrt in Ike V&fu^ ma<f)cn titf, 
jDomit fie nid)l ju unterfddefbeii lelan. 

ftal. XiteStfngel — epietenfditiiittmtr! — 3(6ti 
iDaS bit SttliffimtOi bie id^ bii 
@cnaniiti bod) nwf)I ju untetfii)({bni oArtn. 
83tB auf bit fiteibuiig i biS auf @pei« nidi ZxmS I 

Wat. Unb nur con Seiten itjtn ®rtmU ti^ — 
XSenn giilnben oSe fief; nit!()t auf @ef<i)icl)te ? 
®ef(^bai obet Abeiliefnt 1 — llnb 
®efc^^ ntuEi boci) no^ alUn auf 3nxi 
Unb ISIauben angcnmntmn tonbtn? — 9tic^? — 
Stun weifen Seeu unb Slonben iief)t man btnn 
am nKitiaJbn in ^a^U >Dod) ber ©efnen? 
jDod) bemi Slut wit finb ? bo<I) benm bit 
8Jon £inb^ an unS yroSen i(im Siebe 
@cgebtn ? bie uni nit getiuf^ty aU n» 
®etdufdit {ti nwben uni ^famtr wot ? — 
SBie lann id) mefnen Siitttn nKnigerr 
Zlt bu ben beinen gCaubtn? iDbtv unige!etn± — 
Xonn ic^ Mn bti Milanseni bag bu btine 
ffiorfa^Tcn Sflgcn {traf^ um mtinen nid)t 
3u roiberfpnifjen! Cber umgefe^. 
Sat nc^mlidic gilt t»n ben S^iifien. 9tii^? — 

dal. (Sti) bem etbenbigenl bex 3Rann tyit Sttif. 
34 mup uerfhunmen.) 

TXat. laf auf anfix Ming' 

Unl nriebtc tommen. iBit stfagt: bit 6b^ne 
Setttagten fii^ i unb Itber fdjtour bem Btiditetf 

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«at^ ba iBeife.] Stftffns. 261 

UnmiCteltMiK ant fctnrt Sattte ^^b 

Den Sting ju ^bcn. — SSie au<!^ wa^r I — 9lait)bnn 

Sc Don i^m (angt iat fStx^fiKiiitn fd)on 

®t^atit( bee SifngeS Sonedit einmal ju 

®eniefT«i. — aSie ni<^ niinba wa^! — b« SBottti 

fBet^'cte jeberr CGnne gegen i^n 

Kii^ faEfd) gen>eftn feqn > unb e^ "^ bitfcB 

Son (^ntr son tinem fol^n tiebtn fSatai 

littfoc^ma ta|' : tt)' mftp' et frine Sriiberi 

Qo gem n: fonft con i^nen nuc boj aicflt 

Sntit ju Qtouben f«i, bti faCfc^n @pitU 

SejeiiKn; unb etr nwUe bU ajetr&t^ 

Sc^n auSjuflnben ttrilTni) fic^ fc^n Ti(i)en. 

BsL Unb nnni ber SH^ttr ? — 3Xid) imlangt ju ^bttn, 
9Siai bu ben 9ttc^ fogen Ufftfti Spifi^l 

X«t. XKr gSi^ fpcad^: vmn ^it mic nim bm JBotn 
9lic^ tulb )ur SttUt fi^fp, fo nxif i<^ ni^ 
Son rnnncm ®tul}k. iDentt i^, baf id) 8Utf)feI 
3u Ufen ba t>in? Ober ^cret t^ 
Sis baS bet ce^e Sttng ben SKunb ectffne J — 
IMi ^att t Sd) 1)bn in, bet cec^ ERing 
ee|i(t bie iSunberfraft beUeU )u mat^ } 
BoT ®ott unb 9tenfd)en angtnt^m. Sat muf 
Sntfd)eiben I ^nn bie folf^ ERinge wecben 
IDo^ baB ni(f)t !5nnen ! — 91un i men lieben jwe? 
Son end) am niei|Ien? — ^Hai^ faff aiit 2^ fc^nxigt? 
XHt Stinge roirfen nur jucfid? unb nid^ 
Kod) ougen! 3Ebor liebt |td) feft« nut 
Xni mtlllen? — D fo fegb i^t nlle breg 
StCi»gene SJetdeger I Sure Slinse 
Sinb alte bie^ md)t ed^ txt eijU Sting 

TOL. I, a 

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262 l.e«£«g. [XVn 

!Bntnutt)(id)' gftng uerloren. IDcn SBnlufl 
3u becgtnf ju nfe^cnr lief b€r IBatnr 
X>u btcQ fOt tintn inadjcn. 

ItaL .|wrtiii)l ^(M)l 

If xt. Unb cilfo ; fu^ bee 9t{if|ta' foitf omn t^ 
9tul)t mtintn 9tat^i ^tt mdncS Spnic^f ttwHt: 
®(^t nurl — tCtdn Stot^ i1t a6<r bcr: itn nttimt 
©it ®ad)t uiUig wie (te litgt ^t oon 
®u4 iel»r felntn Wing oon frijiem Batre : 
®a giaulw jtbci: fii^ f^cn Sttng 
Den edittn. — aJtSgUi 4 bafi bet ffiotet nun 
IDit ^pcanncv M Sintn aiingS md)l l&nger 
3n feinem ^aufe butben woUen 1 — unb gewiS » 
Xki^ re eiiit) dOt bre^ geliebti unb gleii^ 
®rtwW : inbem a gnx? nitW brilcten mifien, 
Um elnen ju begilnftiBni. — ^^lan 1 
ISi tifti itbn feiner unbejiodinen 
Son S(irnrti)eiltn fire^n iitit naij I 
QS ftctbt eon eud) letter um bie SBettei 
Die firaft beS ©teina in feinem Sing' on Sag 
3u legen I fomme biefer Staff mit ©onffmirt^/ 
aXit t)etilid)et SerttAgli^ett, mit !Ba^mb 
9Sit innigftet etgeben^ in ®ott, 
$a ^iafl Unb wenn fic^ bann bet @tefne Ardfte 
fBei) euem SinbenvJCinbesKnbetn Suftem : 
So tob' id) iibet taufenb taufwb Somite, 
eie reiebetum not biefen Stu^L ©0 niitb 
ffiin iwiftet aSonn auf blefem ©tu^Ie fiSen, 
mi id) i unb tptecf«n. ©elit I — ©0 fagfe ber 
18efc()eibnt 31i^. 

^bI. @Dttt @ottt 

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«alf)an bo: SSeift] JtoMfng. 263 

Wat. eSdtobtn. 

aSenn bu bid) fi^Ieft, Mefn: melfm 
SkcTpi^Dcfnic SXann ju r<qn: . . . 

dal. (bet auf i^n juftiiat, unb fniie J^Kb rtgwift/ bit 
tc big JU Snbe nidtf iDiebo: fa^nn Uft) 
3(^@tauti? Si$9lid)tB? 

Wat. ffiaSijlbuvSnltan? 

$al. ^at^fan, GtUt ^atfyia ! — 

XAt taufenb taufcnb 3i^u bdnee !Ktd)tetr< 
€tnb nod) nid)t urn. — Sein asditttfln^l ijl nic^t 
Eetnwim. — ®e^l — ®d)l — Xb« feo mdn gwanb. 

Wat. Unb weitec tjStte ©atabin mir nid)fg 
|tu fagen? 

iial. 9tid)t«t 

N«t. 9lid)tfl? 

^bL ®<a ni^te. — Unb tcarum ? 

34*81. 3d) ^tte nod) ®eleg(n^ gmiMditi 
Ilir MDf ffiitw Borjntmgea 

S«I. ajt(rad)t8 

®el«aenl)rit jn tintt Sitte ? — SRtbt I 

Wat. 3d) fomin' oon eiatx ntiten JUriTi anf weldiet 
3c^ ©(ftulben ringetrieben. — go|t ^b' id) 
Drt bauwn StlbS ju oiet — £m 3eit beBinnt 
SebHilli* niUbnum ju lutrbtn j — unb 
3d) nwi^ nidrt Mct)t, wo pdjec bamit l)in. — 
Da bad)t i<& ob ni^ bu meOtidjtr — weU tod) 
Sin na^ Jtrug bee @WlbeS immn: mel)r 
erfobett, — ttma btaudjen f innitft. 

^aL (i()ra fWf in bit Mugen fe^b) 

9t(it^an 1 — 


264 %tt*iae. [XVin. 3<i^5- 

3d) nria ni^it fca^m, db Ta=^p \^ 
»tg to afWefcn j — vM md)t imletfuciicnf 
Cb bt4 ni^t foo^ tin Xigtvo^n tntbtr ntto biifrt 
OcbietlKn fnpa iDingt JB t^un: . . . 

ISfat. SinVipwfin? 

^bC. Sii^bini^wert^. — aJreseOtma:!— btnnwoi^ps? 
3d) mnf bir nttr eefb^iv — ba^ id) tin 

Kat. iDoc^ nu^, bai ^ttlfoiOtjt 

Tin mid) jn fut^n? 

Wat. ©0 »4i' 

VuB bt^ben ja gt^Iftnl — !Daf id) abcc 
2>ir oUe mdnt Saarf^ft ni^t !ann rd)i(ttni 
©ai mad)t btt junge atrnpel^ret. — iCu Itnnft 
3f)n io. — S^m ^ab' idi dm qcoit ?>o|l 
Sor^n no^ ju beja^Itn. 

tm itoli bod) mnne fi^ttmmfbn grinbt ni<W 
SRit btintm <S<Ib' auift unttrfK^ uoOen ? 

Wat. 3(^ f])rt^ nm bem rincn nui, btm ba 
J)afi 8«bm rtwi*(ff - ■ • 

Aal. K^ 1 tDoran trinncrfl 

©u mid) ! — ^ab' H) bod) bitfcn Sfingling ganj 
JBeteclftnl — Jttmifl bni^n?' — iSoiRer? 

S)ie ®ru)}pf beg gaof Don. 
Qpl gifbt Sttaa beS Sltet1^uin£j )wl(^ ble ®nqp^ Eoobon 
(mar ffit ein SEStrt gretW*" fflrilfaf a6« oirt ber 3dt btr 
Sa^tt ^Iteiii rodt fit alnutietv ba^ ber ajirgiltfdie bioloon babti 

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Hie @tuppt beg taofoon.] KnUfng. 265 

jum Sotbitbe gebimt ^abt. @U fanben o^ine Sweifd 

;it)ird)en bem Jbmtliwilt nnb bee StefdiTeibung beS jDidjCecJ efnt 
^ bffonben Utbarrinllitnntiingi bag ee t^nen anm6gli4 bfinfCt/ 
bafi beibe vcn ungtfi^ auf einnfei UmjUnbe foOtni gefaUeii fein* 
bit (id) nid)ts nenigeo aU con feOi^ bocbfeten. X)abe{ feeten 
fe DotaaSr bofo wmn ei onf bit @^ btr Si^ong unb bti 
erjltn (SebanlniS anlontnef bit 3BaMd|tinl{d)!eit ^ ben £iid)ter 
ungltic^ eci^a fci/ aU fie ben MnfUtt. 9tin: fn^en (it mt: 
9tnim jK ^btOf baf tin bntttc gdl mi^Ui^ fti. iDenn steUetdit 
^t ber tiiifa tbtn fo uxnig bent jeAnfU<iv <M btr AflnfUer 
teni Xii^ltr niKi)9eal|mt^ fonbtm bnbe ^abtn aul tintdd Utem 

Qntlltn fltfWpft- fBemitfen obtt nic^t beioitftn/ baf 

bie SBilb^uer b«n SSirgil nui^arbtittt ^btn } id) otK ei btof 
aime^meni Htn jh ft^n^ tvie fie i^m fobonn naUj^atbattt ^Jtttn. 
Uebec baS ®ef4Kt Ijabe til| mid) fifen ecMtt aJieOeic^ baS 
mid) tie wtiUxt Sttglti^nna auf nii^ ttxniger nnttmd)ttnbt 
SlemerEnngen Itittt 

©er ginfatl* ben SSotec mil feinin beiten Siftnen bmrcft bit 
tnirbenf^n ®d)(an9en in einen £noten }n fdiiiritnf ift unficeitia 
tin ft^t aliidlit^ StnfaUf bti son ttntc tmgtmtin maleriTdjtn 
^ijtmtafK ictet SStm gc^kt tc ? btm tli^tt, obti ben £fin{b 

Stt S>id)ter ^C bte @<f)tangen iwn rintr nranbti&aitn C&ngt 
eefd)ilbert 0te l)aben bit Xnabta umftridtf unb ba bet SSatei 
ifnien ;u -fiiilft fammtf eigtdfen fit anc^ i^n (corripiimt). 
9tad) i^rtr @r&$e tonottn fie fid) nii^ auf einmal eon ben 
JCnaben loewinbent eS mupte alfo tintn Sugtnblfd qthttt, ba 
fie ben fSatti mit t^ttn JUpftn unb Socbeit^eiltn fd)cn angts 
foOtn ^atteof unb mil i^u ^atect^n bit Anaben not^ uck: 

266 at«*fitf . [xnn. sow- 

fdllnngtn tiitlttn. SDitfa XnKict if) in bet goctfi^rnlnng be< 
ipoctifdjcn ©cniilM not^twnt>te j ber 2>uf|ta l&fit >^n fUfom 
tmpfinten t awe i^n <iu^nraal«i baitt oat jeCt bit ^tit nidft. 
XHif i^n bit altm Hatk^ audi) widli^ nnpfunbcn ^btm 
fc^rint tint SSteb bt< jDtnatui }n titjtugen. Sife iml nKnigtc 
witb (c ben XimfHtni fntnnf^t ftinj in btim wrilinbieea Xugr, 
aHit wa ifyattt vml^iiS)aft nttrben tonni fo fi^U unb bentttd) 

3r bra Stnbungm felbfif mit nxKf)tn ber ZH^tn bit 
eSd^ngen nni ben SoDtcon f%tr wrmctbet a focgf&Itig bie 
Xcmtf urn btn .^nbtn otic i^tt fflictTaniltft ju lafftn. 

.^toin mtifitm f^ bie JtinfUn: not^wenbig fblgtn. 9li^ 
eitbt me^ XuSbniit unb Stbenf alt bit Seweguns bet ^nbe } 
im Vffettt btfoi^trt ifl bat fpi:«f)ci>bflt @cfii^ otint fit imbts 
beuttnb. Simti bmii bit 9Iingt bet 9ct)Iangen ^ an ben 
JUtpet geft^ffntr ni&rbtn Sn>fl unb Sob iU>er bit gaiqe ®rap(K 
vnbteitet ^abtn. Klfa ft^ itnc fit) an ber <^aU)>Cf[pr fonw^li 
aU an ben 91t6tnf{gurtn( in oMlisti E^jicigttitr unb ba am 
meilien btfdfiftigt, wo geginn'toia ber ^eftiflfte ©drnwrj iff. 

aSeitec aber ouc^ nicys. aU biefe gtti^eit ber atmti fanbtn 
bit JC&nfUer juti&glui)' in Vnfeljune bn Strftcidung btc ®<^laR' 
geni Don ben SDii^ )u tntle^ntn. Siigil I&^ bit Si^tangtn 
bopftit urn ben &eibi unb boppelt um btn {mU bt£ Eootoon fii^ 
winbtni unb ^c^ mit i^n £ipftn ilbcr i^n fiinouArogtu. — 

XiiefeS fSUb fiUIt unfen QinbilbungSIia^ sorti:e|fIi<% ; bit 
ebetfttn Z^U finb bil jum I3r|ltdra geprefltf unb boS ®ip 
gel)t gerabt nai^ bem QleRd^. SetTennngtad^ nnt el lein 
SJilb fOr £^filet:, nelc^ bie aBtitungtn bti @ifU« unb bet 
eipaa^ in bem Sbtfa jeigtn moOtin. S)tnn um Uefe bts 

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2)ie ®nippe tiee eooCoon.] ItMbig. 267 

meifen ju finnnir muften bit ■^uptt^eilc fo feet fein all mig: 
lii^i unb bureaus mugte bin &ufnrec iDnict auf fU uitftnr 
nvld)ei tae Spiel bet leibenben Stecven unb ocbtitenben UKuileln 
iKrinbetn unb fdmiSdjen ttnnte. Cit boppelten SSinbungen bet 
Qkf)Iangen mikben ben ganjen Seit ontedt ^abeni unb jene 
((^merjlidje ginjit^ung bei UnteileibeS, weltfje fo feljt aufc 
bt&ifenb ift/ wikbe unft())tb<u geblitbtn fetn. USai man fiber/ 
ober mta, ober jwifi^n ben SSinbungtn Don bem Mbt nod) 
ecbUdt i)&tter n)fii:t« unter ^teffunaen unb ^fufEc^Oungen 
etf(t)ienm feinj bie nid;t Don bem inneni Scfpecjei fonbem Don 
bcr luSem 8afl gwi"* nwben. iDec eben fo oft umft^tungene 
^al£ roikbt bit pi)TannbaCi|ci)e ^fpigung bei Stupper nelt^e 
bem Xuge fo angene^m iftf g&njlid) Dertiocben ^aben i unb bie 
aud bteftt aSutft tni Sreic ^aufiragenben f^i^en St^angens 
(ipfe ^toen elnen fo ptiftlii!^ XbfaB oon SXenfut flemad)t, 
ia9 bit Sorm 1x6 (Sangen Mttft anfli^ig genwEben to&tt. Qi 
giebt ^ei^nei/ nxl^e unoetfUnbig gtnug gtmefen ftnb/ fu% 
bclfenungeoi^ an ben Xiiil)let ju binben. @aS Nnn aber aut^ 
buroul genwiben/ I&fK fti^ nntec onbecn aufi einem JBIotte bel 
Smns (Sltt^a mit ICbfc^u trtennea £iie alten Silb^neir ibo" 
fa^ eg mit einem a3Itde< baS i^ ^nfl tiiei eine g&njtic))e 
llbinbemng tcforbette. @ie uerlefiten alle SBinbungtn uon bem 
8ei6e unb ^ntfti um bie ©i^tel unb gflfe. ^ tonnlen biefe 
S&inbungen/ bem ISaibtaitt unbefd)abeti fo Diet beden nnb 
prcffflir oU nbt^ig nor. {lier erregten fie jogleiifi bie Sbee bet 
ee^mmten gb^t unb einer Xrt oon UnbenKglii^d bie bee 
tOnftlidjcn goiCbauei bel ndmUt^ ^uftanbeS fef)r cott^ 
3^ utif niijt, uie ti getomntem ba$ bie AunftriditeT biefe 

cjiij^c, Google 

268 ItMing. [XYm. ZaffOf. 

tBtrfi^bm^r ttxt^c fl^ ^ ^ SBinbtmgen bn SM^iongnt 
in)(fif)ni btta jtrnifbetttt unb ba Stfc^bung M ZKd|ttrS fo 
bnidi^ }riat« gftiq^^ nrit StiKTiipwigni {Ibct^ngcn ^btn. 
&t n^bt bfe XBtUfKit btt Mn|Hn ttxn fo ft^i oU bie anbm, 
auf bit fit oUt fttfUni b(t fie otxr nl^ fuDo^t angupieifen ma^uti 
oil vtcltnc^ noE jn tntfdiulbtgcn fuc^ 3d) mnnt bit Cn^ 
ft^bm^ttt in bcT JBtBribuns. SBirgift eoobon i|t in frinnn 
inrteftetii^m OmatCj unb in b« ©nqjp* rejtfeeint er mit fdnm 
bribtn &iimn oiRfg nadtnb. tOtan fogti rt fltbc Snttd mtUiji 
ilw gcofe nngaeiiiit^ bodn f&nbeni haf tin fiSntefifo^nf «n 
^MrfbCf bd rimm Cpfnr nadtnb MrgcfteCtt nxibe. Unb blefm 
ecuten antawrttn Xtnaa btr Xun^ in aOxm Smfb, baf tS 
anetbinal dn gc^Itt wftei bai UtbUt^ frif bof abnr bit JC&ilUn: 
boju gtgwungtn notbtm ntil fit i^n Sfgurtn Itint anftSnbigt 
Jtleibung ybtn tSnmn. Z)if SBflb^utnif fagtn fitr !tnnt Itint 
Stofft nadM^men ) bidt galltn mai^ten tint Ablt SSirfung j 
anl jnti 11nI)tquen)U(i)friten ^be man olfo bit gtringlb nii^f 
unb liebtt gtyn btt BBa^r^it ftrbfl iKrftaSeni aU in ben @ts 
wAnbtm tabtl^ rotrbm mifltn. ffiknn bie alien XrtiBtn bn 
bem Sinnnnfe loditn uiArbtnr fo nttifi i^ ni^r naS fit gu bti: 
Btantnwttuna fagtn bfaften. SSon lonn He Jtunff nid^ tieftt 
^abfttem aU ti baburi^ gtfdjtf^t. iDtnn stfettf bit SScuCptuc 
fbnntt bie otrfn^bentn StofTe eben fo gut naitfi^mtn, ali bit 
fffialtrti: wfitbt fobann fiaofcon not^menbig beHelbet ftin 
mQIftn: fSSfbbtn loit unttr bitftc fiStSeibung nii^ vetlfttxn? 
.{Mt tin @m>anb, ba« SBtrt fOanifi^ >&&nbef cbtn fo ctti 
e^tn^ oie bat fBtrt btt aoigtn ffiStiCfieitf tin orgamfitttt 
fitaptr? IStfwbtrt e« einetlei gi^igWten* ifl efl rintiiti fStf 
bienflr bdngt tS tinciiti S\}tt, itnti Dber bitftn nady 

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iDU ©Tuppt btt EaDEwn.] EeMfns- 269 

SBoOcn tmfrre Suaen nur getAufn^t feiti unb if) ci i^nen gCtidyi 
Dielf twnnit |ic gctSufdit nxrt«n? 

Sei btm X)i(^ tft tin @tnianb ttin ®<nunb ; ti ■oabeit 
niiilM i nnfoe SinbilbtmeSbap fle^ dbecaQ f)iiibuid). 8aatn>n 
fxibt tt M Urn SBkgilf eba tube « iri^ i frin Gribcn tft i^ 
on itbem SC^dU ftineg Jthperd efmnal fo fi^bao tme bai 
anten. Sit SSttnw ift tntt ber prieiterli^ Stnbt fik ^{ utm 
bunbtiif abtr ni^ itm^SOt 3a fit Iginbect rndft oltrin nUtf, 
bUft aSinbt i |i( o«ift4rtt auc^ nod) ben SBegttff, bm nrir unS 
von btm Unglfidt bcB Ceibenben mad]tn. 

n{<^ flOft f^ ftint prte^lt(f)e JSdcbe, felb|l ba« ^tUljm 
berftlbcnr bai i^m flbecoO Vnfe^n nnb Serc^ng oa^^^i 
miib son ban gifcigen @Ietfer bur^nt^t unb tnt^eOigt 

Vbn biefoi Stebenbtgciff muftt ba Vrtift anfgcbaif tvcnn 
bat .^uftUKrf mt^ bibtn foOte. ■^Atte «i ban Eooloon aud) 
mn: bitfe Sinbt gclalfenr fo w&cbe a ben Xudbnitt nm tin 
etofcS gefi^mii^t ^abcn. Die etinu toire gum S^ Borbtctt 
tmibcni unb bie @ttme iff bn SSig b<« XuSbiuctS. IBu n; atfo 
boitf bri bent @4rettnr bni Voebnut ba €5c))in^ aufopftrttr 
fo opfnte n tnn bat UtbOt^ bem XuSbnitte ouf. Utbei^iqit 
wai boS Uibli^ bd ben ICIten tint ft^ gerlngTi^igt SSat^ 
@itfjU)Itenj baf bit ()6ct)ftt ScftimmundilfuiJtiinft fit auf bie 
DiCGee (Sntbe^ng btfltlbtn ffilirtt. 0^n^t iff biefe ^iij^tt 
StfKnimune i 9tot^ erfanb bit £letbtif unb u»t ^ bit £imff 
mitbtrStot^ju t^nl Sdf) gtbe t« )u> baf tt aud) tine S^tn^ 
^ btE S3eRt{buna gitbt i aba mat ift fit etgtn bit Si^tftit 
ber mtnr(W)tn ^onn ? Unb nirb ba< ber bad @riStct etc 
mditn lonni fii^ mit bem Jtltintm btgnAgen ? 3d) fitei^e ft^r, 

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270 seifelnill. [XTin. 3a^ 

ber tMQbmnmlte 9)Ui|tn: in Oeninbmi jei^ bxaif btefc Ot^ 

(1733— 1B13). 

This graceful poet, while pursuing quite an opposite 
course to that of Klopstock, has obtained an 
equal celebrity with the great magter of Epic 

WiBLAio) was bom on the 6th of September, 1733, 
at Oberholzheim, near Biberach, of which place his 
father was the Lutheran nmuBter. From him he 
received his early education, and at the period when 
the youthful learner generally struggles with the 
elements of language, he read Tirffil and Horace 
with ease, and the works ot ShnteTieUe tmi Voltaire. 
At the age of fourteen, he entered the high school 
of Klosterbergen, and, three years later, the uni- 
versity of Tiibingen. Here, devoting to the Musea 
the greater portion of Ms leisure time, he produced 
a great number of his early poems, one of which 
C'Armniu*") was the means of introducittg him 
to the notice aud friendship of the learned critic 
BonuEB. Invited by the latter, WtBLiiTD, in Oct., 
1762, suspended his studies to visit him at Ziirich. 
Finding here, however, a profitable sphere for the 

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Siitlanb'eXeat^n.] WOthniU. 271 

employment of his talenta, tuid delighted with the 
prospect of independence, he dismiBsed all idea of 
returning, and devoted himself wholly to the cares 
of authorship ; commencing at once an important 
literary correspondence, vhich included such names 
as Klofstook, GsrtEBT, Hagedobb, and Haxleb. 

In 1760, he returned to his native city, where the 
corporation of Biberoch appointed him to the office 
of town clerk. At this time his Hterary labours were 
a translation of " Sh^espeare." Between the years 
1762 and 1766 he published, in eight volumes, a 
collection of twenty-two play^. 

In 1766, he completed his "Affolkon," a novel, 
which he had begun at an early period, and which 
is marked by an easy and flowing style. It pro- 
fesBes to relate the adventures of a young Greek, 
- and derives interest &om the fiict that it records at 
the same time the poet'a personal history. 

Hia " Idris and Zenide," a romantic poem in five 
cantos, appeared in the autumn of the same year. 
It was never completed. In 1769, he was nominated 
by the elector of Mayence to the first professorship 
of Law at the University of Erfurt, where his lectures 
attracted great attention. He afterwards resigned 
his chair at theUniversity, and undertook the office of 
tutor to the son of the Duke of Saie -Weimar, then 
sisteen years old. Intheautumnof 1772,Wi£i.AirD, 
in consequence of this engagement, removed to 
Weimar, where he was honored with the title of Aulic 

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272 wiuuta. [xvm. so^. 

CounfleUor. In 1773, lie engaged in the publication 
of a monthly magazine, entitled the " German 
Merewy." This continued for a period of more 
than twenty years the fevourite periodical of Gcr- 

In 1795, he transferred the editorship to Bor- 
TiQEB, who had contributed largely to it. Hia 
" Oheron" (of which we shall speak hereafter more 
fully) appeared in 1780, and, in 1789, a tranBlation of 
Lucian, enriched with very valuable critical notes. 

In 1801, he met with a very great affliction in 
the death of hie wiie, afber an union of two-and- 
twenty years. 

On the occasion of NapoIeonU visit, in 1808, to 
the court. ofWeimar, he brought with him a company 
of French players, who hired the theatre, and per- 
formed the "Death of Csesar" homVoltaire. Wm- 
■LiXD, who was present, was at the close of the 
tragedy honoured with the request of an interview 
from Jfapoleon. In his interesting account of their 
conversation, he givca the followii^ characteristic 
remiu^k of the emperor on the play they had wit- 
nessed : " Cesar would have been one of the greatest 
of men, but for one blunder. He knew the men who 
wanted to get rid of iim, and he ought to have been 
rid of ^Aem first." "If iPiipofeon could have read ^ 
that passed in my mind," adds WiELAin), "and 
I consider that he has been egoalled by few in 
quickness of perception, he might have guessed 

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9ta:pDUon Sonayartt.] WitUrOl. 273 

what I felt inclined to aay. Such a blimder will 
never be Md to your charge," 

Bonaparte sent him shortly afterwards a brevet 
of admiBaion into his Legion of Honour. 

In 1809, WiEi^lTD was admitted into the Amnlin 
Lodge of Freemasons, of Weimar, Four years 
after this he died, on the 20th January, 1813, 
His last words were from Samlet's SoUloqw/, " To 
die ! To sleep !" 

Hia death was unirerBally lamented ; and hia 
fiinentl obBequies were celebrated with great pomp 
at Oamanatadt, a few miles from Weimar. 

Though justly condemned for allowing some of 
his writings to partake of a degree of I'rench 
licenae, no modern poet has been more e^erly 
read, or more generally admired by his contem- 
por^es, than Wielattd. At first he had been an 
ardent admirer of KiopaTOCK ; but, won by the 
attractions of the French phUoaophy, he copied 
Voltaire in this respect, aa he equalled him in 
versatility and grace. 

His writings bespeak a rich iancy, an inexhaust- 
ible wit, great power of perception, and extensive 
reading. Of the more important of them, we would 
mention, in Epic Poetiy, '^ Der gepriifie Abraham" 
and-*' C^n»." In the hero of the latter poem he 
Bought to unite every shining quality with brilliant 
achievementa. "Derneue Amadu" is a romantic 
poem in eighteen songs. His " Oberon" an heroic 

0, Gooi^le 

274 roftlanlr. [(Sbtlft'l ISrilil. 

poem of coneiderable length, is hia masterpiece. 
It called fortli the romantic taste, since nouriahed 
and diBHeminated by the Schleoelb and Tieck, and 
vfaich CTen now prevtuls to a very great extent. 

Thia composition abounda with true poetic feel- 
ing, and served to place WibIiAITD at once in the 
firet rank of Foeta. 

GoTHE wrote thua respectii^ it to Latateb: 
I, iSibam' mrb fo lanfle ¥«t« Vot^i ®otti ®oai,imb er^ftall 
Qniltaa blriben utibr aU ein fOteiflcrftact pcetifn^ £uitft 
seliebt xa& btmaiAat ixeTben '." 

The design of " Oberon" was taken from an old 
tale of French chivalry, entitled " Suon de Btrr- 
deamv." Weblaud brought to hia subject a true 
poet's hand, and inyeated it with a wonderful 
interest. The imp Oberon, with the fairy Tifcania, 
are represented just such as Shakespeare has de- 
scribed them in the "Midmramer ^i^hfe Dream." 
The hero {Suon), in the course of Ms adventures, 
is sent to PaLestine to ask the daughter of the sultui 
in marriage : — one of the most comical episodes in 
the history is that in which the gravest personages 
who oppose his marriage, are simultaneously set 
dancing by the sound of his magical horn. The 
reader is never tired of admiring the atilful manner 
in which its varied and ludicrous effects are de- 
scribed ; and the more fully the poet has recounted 

0, Gooi^le 

Cbnron.] Wftlanb. 275 

the pedantic gravity of the imane and viziers at the 
Bultui'B court, the more are his readers amused bj 
their involuntary dance. 

All those who can read Wielasid's churning 
romance in the original, wiU find themaelves amply 
repaid by its study. 

We subjoin a tew stanzas, vhich will give a 
correct idea of the graced and elegant language 
which it exhibits throughout. 

©iebenfet ©efang. 

Bers 17. 
^^tnaii fi^iodrjt Ur ^immel fid), tt tifcfjen aUe Sterne : 
jDit ®]&(Bii)m ! fie nxiten'g nid)t gtuMliT. 
wat fhirmbrllftbnem gliigel btanft »on fetne 
Hn ftfTeUnfen SBuite ro^t &^ax i 
Sic ^htn'i nid)t. Utn^M von fui|biin (Stimmt 
3Iauf())t Dberon Docbei an i^rem Kngefi^; 
Sie ^6ten'< ntdit. ®d)on roOt bea £ionntrfi bio^be Stinune 
Sum britlen aRad unb ad) I fie tiinn'i nid)t t 

^nittiifdKn bridit mit ffbi^tnlidfetn ®aufen 
@in unei^brtec Sturm con aUen @<iten loS ; 
2)eS Qrbbam Hit bad)!/ ber JBoCfen Tc^acjei Sd^oo^ 
Sit^t gtuetllt&nu au6r bat fOteer be^tinC )u braufeni 
©te SESogen t^finnen fid) wie SBcrge fd)iumenb auf, 
Die ^fc ' f^ioanft unb treibt in ungewiffem Bauf, 
Sec Stoottoiann fi^nit umfonfl in ^urmbet&ubtt Ct)ren. 
fiant ^mlf e bnr^g ganje ®d|iff, nw^) unfi 1 mir finb oetloren I 

> Pink, * toMl of pacoUai to 

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276 mitUnH. [XYin. 3<m- 


iCcT sanjt ^origont fit tinen .f)illciiTa<^ 
BtmonbcU, laata ®lut^ bet Sk^ffie fietcC Xim<^ 
Uo* nK#l<wdr bote son bCT ttefjfen glufli 
fBnfc^Iimgtn f^cintf balb/ ^mdan gttritbenf 
Xuf aBostnTpiftm fc^bt, bit untn ^im jerftUben : 
iDief oOtif fhtil gettug bte SCobten ou^f<^(tetv 
Stnft' enbli4 unftr ^aac au£ ftinrai Zauttut UKcttn. 

Smanba fA^nt cntfeelt aul bee ®(Utbten Sanen i 
@ott I ruft fie auii nuB ^ben irit gd^ I 
XKt S^ulbbewiifite f{tf}t ben @(I)u^fl urn Stbacmeiij 
Urn ^6tfei menigftenB nitr fit Vmanbctij an ; 
SBeigebeng 1 Obncn tfl nun bei Unfcf)U[b SULi/a, 
3ft unetbittlit^ nun in feinem ©troffleriiiit } 
JSe[fd)ti)unben finb baB ^plioni unb bet SBei^i 
X)k ^&nbec fetnet ^ulb ; a ^M, unb ntUt nfif)t 

Set ^uptmann nift inbef baS goiqe Boa iitfamtneni 
Unb r)»{(f)t : 3f|T fe^ bit ollgnnetiu SRotI) ; 
3)tit febem ^uli\Sfai akb wn aSafTetr SBinb unb Slommen 
X)tm gnten ®d;if bei Unttrgang gebio^t 
9Iie fa^ ic^ fold]en Stutni 1 iDet .^tnuneC ftlittnt intn Sobr 
aiieUeid)! urn Qxnti ®ct)ulbf une aUt jn onbammen i 
Um @ine< greslevB ®i^ulbr jum Untergang uecflu^r 
iDen untei unB bei iBtt$ b<B 91&^et£ fucl)t 

do \a$t unB bmn bun^ £ooB btn ^nmtnel fragmi 
!G3aB fAr efn Cpfet ei Kriongtl 

0, Gooi^le 

Cbnon.] VRfelaUtl. 277 

3(1 rinn unfer taij, bem Dot brr Sage bangt? 

aSo jcber jtobcn tnufr t)at fdiwi »ae )ii migcn! 

@r ftnat^'Sf anb jtbermann fUmmt in ben !8ocfil)la0 dn. 

Cn ^dtftec ttingt ben£tld)) manmirft Mt GMfcbHini 

SKingS nm t^n Ikt Iff 9I alUt anf ben Anieen i 

<St mimnelt ein ®tbtt, unb ^i^ nnn jebtn lit^m. 

tJEt^rimn X^nung soUi bail tnit entfd)IoSnem 3Rutt)> 
atatit ^iea Itdh ben idcttidiften ber Slute 
Xuf fRejia gefenftf bie* bang unb o^ne Slutr 
©let* onem ©ijpSKIb fte^t St jw^tf unb — ©efn^cb ! 
D Dbcron I — er lit^ mit ^ft'ger bcbtnbrr .^anb 
jDoS SobeeiooB. SSccftnmmenb fc^ut bit Sitenge 
Xuf i^n J n lie^ nblafiti unb ot)ne Stibnllanb 
Srgubt n f^d) in \tmtS ®i$i^aU SStttnge. 

Sein SBref tfl biefi nift a ju Diwron empw i 
3* Wi obiwljl W) tri4 ni# fe^ie, 
St^toitn @djl, id) f^It brim 9ta^ 1 
SBe^ mit 1 bu nucnttlt midh bu fagKfl mk'i iwmt. 
©credit if! betn @end)t I Sd) bitte nid)l unt ®nabe. 
^CU fih; Xmanbm nuti Xd)! Sie i|l o^ne @d)ulbl 
SBngieti i^ 1 fRid) altein btlobe 
9Sit beinnn ganjen 3ocn< id) tcag' ifm mit Stbulb ! 

tlfci trie mein Sob et^SItr fifyatt eint fromme 3%« 
Cent SAngltngr ben bei Smtit aXifaunfl trffl) I 
9tii^t f<^Io< ftttb' id) ivna, bod) lebt' ii^ flets nrit 3^ } 
•Sin Sugenblidr nw ic^ t)(caufd)t wn fitfem ®ifti 
iDee SBocte DetgaSr bat id) gu rafd) gefdmxiieni 
IDie Stanunsr bie ju f|>&t in metnen bangcn D^rtn 

TOX. I. T 

2(t tmebntwOt — bai aHQtmrinc Extot 


l^fet toicb baS <fKi:j i^ groS i er ^JUt bit Uafft ^onb 
fiot't Sua' unb fttjtDetgt Unb niei Ira Jteefft |knb, 
Sttftummt ) bin ^i fo lo^i baJ nid)t bd feimm SatU 
Kuf rimn Vugenblict uon ^ESttUib Qbtrnxille. 
6S iDac eui JSUgi bet im Snt^^n uof^ipanb. 
@nn Zob ift SKc^^it, i|t bben f&: fte atlc ; 
Unb ba ber .^mtt fetb|t jum Opfer i^n nfe^n, 
IB(T b£ttfttr fosMi fi(f btm ■t>inimel u)ibn|te^n ? 

Set SSturmi beri feit bem (iflen Kueenblidcr 

Da ^ilon fid) bai aobteurt^ ffcai), 

Scfinftiat Fd]teni tarn i(t mit nniem @nmin jurfictc 

3ecfplittnl watb ber SSafb bni esttner bead). 

Saf , fdjreit bo* ganje Sd)iff, lafK btn SJrebredire jhtbtn I 

Cn ^uptmann n&^ fid) b<ni Slittn : Sm%n fSXann, 

0]nrtd)t ecf bu fte^fl ba@ bid) ajeriue nti^t tttten (anni 

€Sticbf weil tt ftin mufi fntf unb rttt' tut^ oom JBnbnben ! 


^nb mit entfd)Iofnem 0divin na^t fi(% bee ^atabin 
Seta Sorb be« S^ffS. Hvf eiamal ftucjt bit €!d)inef 
tHe tint aSette .t)n: leblofer SRainui; fdiicm 
®Ieid) rinn 9)afenbtn buri^ aOtS Sotf auf t^n : 
@t we^t im ®tunn i^c ^aat mit eiiuS ehetn 9}!&^ne j 
aitit t)od) erfd)tiie(Iter SBruft unb ^tugen o^m Sl^Ane 
Sc^ingt fit ben (larten Urm in liebtooOei: IGOut^ 
Um fifian ^tt, unb reifit i^n mit fi(^ in bit Stut^ 

0, Gooi^le 

xvm. 3o^] mithmv. 279 

This poem veil merited the laurel crown that 
G^HE sent to Wcelaitji on its appearance. 

He was not leas diatii^^tushed as a prose writer 
and a translator. Of his prose woAs we would 
particularl}' mention his "Don Sihtovon Ro»aIva." 
This novel is an imitation of the " Don Quixote" 
of Cetvotttea. 

Wanum has given ua very successful transU- 
tions oi " Soraoe" and of the " LeUere ofOicero." 

His "Aideriten" describes, in «a entertaining 
and satirical style, the customs, manners, and 
cabals peculiar to small country towns. The truth- 
flil descriptions with which it abounds, give to the 
wort a peculiar chann ; it is, moreover, free from 
any pass^es that might ofiend the most fastidious. 

|)lp})o(rate8 ju 3Cbbeta '. 
/Mvoei Jtobnopotiten bmrnrnt txc dm eon Dfbnr ba anbetx 
mxt ffitftntr [t^jta tinanbec iutn etftenmaltf unb |1nb S^eunbe i 
— nU^ wnn6^ time et^imen Si^mfaO^, bit ofeOeic^ nin 
in Somanen ju finbtn {ft i — nit^i twil befdiwonic ^id)tfli 
fie baju Ktbinbctt/ — fonbmir nxil ftc JCoCoKtpoIiten ftnb. 

3n itbtm tmbtxn Cilxn giebt ti aud) folfd^e obec menigftmS 
untD&bi^ Strubn : in bcm Dibcn ber J^mopolitcn i|l biefl 
(ine Unmtsli^leit} ui^ bit| iftf b&ui^ anii Ian gmngn: JBoc: 
{ua ber Jbimopolibn wr ollni aiAcm @efenfi^tiv @emeins 
^m, 3nnunacn/ Ocbcn unb SriUmfcfKi^n in bee XSctt 
3^ ©tfeSf^ft ^at ni^ mnn&t^ni, bui:<!^ gt^tmniMEt 


280 vaititua. [ZYin. Sa^^ 

QKononioi imb obfilbctdtnbe ^br&u(f)Cr »it e^aU bit 
&at;ptifi^n VmUnf bit nmnmn son f^ airi)ufi^Iitftn. 3)teft 
fi^Iiegtn fid) ftlbfi aid { imb man tann eben fo nrntig ein 
JColmapoItt fifttinni nxnn man tS nid)t i^i aU man fu^ o^nt 
Slolnit 1^ rintn guten S&ngn: obn Stign auSgebcn (arm. 
Hkc lESetnig tdbbc on ben Za% touanixt, fobalb man fid) ^finn 
[afftn m&ttt. ZHt Urti tctt bit £olnto^oIUen btntntr t^ 
iSnmbf^f i^ (9(finnnnsai> i^ &ftaiiti (^t ^Uema, i^ 
XQArm<i fc^ar ilire Souneni tUmaijIjaten nnb ^t^ltv, lofen 
lid) unmifilid) na^ad)tn/ uxil fie fix OUtt bU ntd)t ju i^rttn 
Dcbtn ge^irtni on nafynt ©e^rimnifi finb. 9tii^ cin ®t^tim= 
niff bol von ba ISetfd)w{tgnil)c{l bei ffilitgKtbrci obcc con i^m 
Sorfit^tiabit nii^ be^ocd)t }u nxtbtn, abftingt; fonbein rin 
@d)rannifli auf neUM ^i* ^Hotxa felbft i^ e<^td«: gcbtctt 
fyiL ICenn bit JtoBmopolitm linnten ef o^ Sebenftn bet 
Stompetoifi^n burd) bie gonjc Sielt uettfinbigen laffcn/ unb 
bitoftcn fid)tr barauf ttijami baft aufrcr i^iun felbft (ein 3Ktnf(4 

ttnwS boDon begcdfen niiitrbe. 

SRon o^be etual too rAijt uiun5giid)eei boi^ aRi>i$ unges 
mmCcS con unS ctrianQCBf n>enn man cnvaitdcf ba$ ntir unfi 
Hbtt bog ®eiKimni| bet £odmo^(lten beutli^ ^au8 lafTen 
foOten. iDenn eS gefiict (wie njir beutUi^ genus i« oeme^men 
gtacben ^ben) gut Statue bet ®acl)e/ ba$ oOtfr was man bavon 
fagen tannr ein 9i&t^fe( i^ m^u nur bit ©Utber biefeS Ocbcni 
ben ®<l^|fel ^ben. iDai eiiQiger woS urir no<fi ^u fe|en 
fbnnenf i^ ba$ i^ Xnjo^ gu alien Seittn fe^ Kein gnwfenf 
unb baf fie, ungeaifitet bee UnH^tbortett i^m ®efeaf<^ft, wn 
je^ etnen Sinfbi^ in bie iDinge bitfei JI&U be^aufittt ^btttf 
btjfen KBirtungen befto gopiffet unb bauti^per ffnb» weil fie 

0, Gooi^le 

.^ipiKtcatee ju Vbbmi.} V&itlanV. 2SI 

bin (Sn&ufd) maijati unb inei|bn$ i>ur<^ SKitttl erjitltiverbcni 
iaoi frdtinbore 9tul)tung bit Kugen bet sDtmgt tree mai^ 
aSem MeS dn iwurt 8Mi«)(el ift btn nfod)en »ir litber forts 
iutefttii aU fu^ mit rinec SSatf^tf bie il)n fa nKtiig onge^tr o^ne 
8lot^ btn £opf JU lerbredicn. 

jDcmotrit unb .^(Ji^ntefi 9e^6rten beibt ju bUfcc wunbtrs 
bann nnb feltnen Xct oon 9Xenfil)cn. @ie mamx alfo fc^n 
langef nrinvo^t unbetanntraDcifcr bie ccrtnuteflen gteunbc ae^ 
nKfen i unb i^n Sufammtnhinft glit^ oielme^ baa SBitbnie^n 
nad) einer langen Xrtnnungi all dnn ntu angttKnben iBtc&ins 
bung. Stm ©eTpT&c^i nad) iwld)(n bet Stfn okHeidit begUdg 
ifti loairen wnnut^i<^ intmffant genng um bee HKitt^ung 
nxrtt) ju feion. Vbec fie mikben nni ju nieit oon ben Xbberittn 
tntfecnetv bie bei: eigentttdK ®egen|tanb bttfei @e(4td)tc flnb. 
XUelf wai mte bacon ju fagen ^btn, ift : baf unfere AoSmor 
putiten ben ganjen Xbenb unb ben griSten Stieit bet Sitad)! in 
einer Untenrebung iubrad^ni nobei i^nen bie 3eit fe^ Cm:) 
tmtTbe ) nnb bag fie i^ut SegenfiiSIeCf ber Xbberiten unb ii/ctt 
©enots, unb ber Itofat^ warum fie ben ^pofcatefl fatten 
bmmen laffen/ Fo ginjlid) barfiber wrgafenr aU ob niemaU fo 
tin Dd unb fot^ Eeule in bee SBelt geuKfen m&ien. 

Scfl bee folsenben 9Kgr0ene> ba ^ nod) einem bid)len SS^laf 
oon n<enigen Stui^n wieber jtifaninien tamenr um atif tinec 
an bie ®Stten iDemotriM gienjenben Xn^6f)e bet aSoigenlluft 
ju geniefien/ erinnerte bet Xnbtict ber untet i^en tm Sonnets 
0lan} lifgenben Stabt btn <&ippctratet« ba^ er in Xbbera ®f 
fdjlfte fiobe. iiAonnft bu wo^I etrat^n," (agle er ju feinem 
gteunk/ wju n)et(^m ©nbe mid) bie Kbberiien eingtlobtn 
^oben?" „iDieSbbetiten^benbid)einBeIaben!"rief£)emot[it. 

cjiij^c, Google 

282 mttUnU. [XYIII. So^- 

»3(f| feirte bo<^ btrfe 3tit ^ von Irinn; &mi}t, bit untn 
{^ntn »At^ ! Ol ift jivar dne ff^^t HtbtxaiH^tit, mit btc 
fit aOt fammt unb |bnbtr(/ Ut auf fi^ ivtniactwn altinSeiten 

tiSttcDffnir gttrofftni giitniDttnotcttr bit| ift bit 80(^1" — 
„ IDu ft^cfb" imntbcitt unftr SSonn : » bit Xbtoitcn foUnt 
)um @tf{U)Ir »o tt I^ntn ft^Ut. attonunm Uv> ^ 3<^ ^t' 1^ 
jn gnt !Darin Ittgt tbtn itirt JtranffKit/ bai fit biet ni^ 
fA^Itn." — »3nbtfTtn," fafltt btr Knbrtj irift nid)» sttvilTtr, 
aU baf id) itQt nid)C in Xbbeia nixt, xotnn bit Ubbnitm ni(i|t 
von btm n&mli^t" VUbifi nwwn bu f|m<!^ eq>Iagt tcftrbtn. 
X)it onntneniCtl" — irK^t nunKtflt^'idibii^l BrineSes 
nifune bmntt tint Sittitne i^ Xianl|)dt ft^f o^nt baf fit 
ti ftltrft nni^fn. eafboc^ft^l — .^1 balwben nnii. 3tf) 
nttttf fit ^btn bid) brmmtn (afjRif urn btm tt)tUi!^ Xxmofrtt 
fa Dtel Kbm&fTt in^ Kitftnttd^ )u otcotbntnf oU tr oonntt^ 
^btn mti^tt, nm i^ ®bid)tn 10 wetbtnl 9Ii(^iMl)i?" — 
/(X)it(tnn|lbeint finite vortTtfflitb nit i^fc^riDtinotrit: abtr 
urn fo fanbiatig ton i^ 9tan^ }u ctboir mufi man fo 
baron etw&tjnt fcpn wit bu." 

»ine cb ti nid|)t aOtnt^Ibtn Sbbtrittn eSbt." 

ffXbtr Xbbenttn in bitftm Siabt } ffitigitb mirf RKnn t^ 
btincnt Salttlanbc rdHjt fo oitt 9{ad)fic^ fditnltn fann oU bn. 
Snbtfftn o(i:fid)tt bid), fit foKen mU) nid* umfonP ju fi4 bt= 
niftn ^btn I " 

X)it 3til lam (tnin, no btr VtStaUf btm Stnat von Kbbera 
ftintn Stri^ ec^ttn ^Ole. St tanif trat mitttn unttc Ut 
Dtrfanunilttn Sita, unb fpiad) mit eintt SSoi)(rtbtnt)ttt, bit 
alCe Xntvtftnbt fn Srflauntn ftQte ; 

0, Gooi^le 

^IwtrotH jn Vbteta.] nSftlantt. 283 

» Srittit fei) mit Kbbna 1 Sbfer Se|te< S^<))% mA aScife, 
titU ^ttttn unb Vbbcriten 1 <Seftecn lobK id) Sic tMgen 3^n 
gfirforge fiit bafi ®etfxn SflteS aJStburgert ©f mohrit j («ute 
ratlK t(^ S^nen m^rinenbf biefe SArfoige oaf 3^ ganit 
@taU unb Stqniblit jd wftcecten. @tfunb an Ceib unb ®ee(e 
iu f(^n< ift boi ^i<^ @atf ba4 ®te fii^ fc(b^ 3^ Xinbern 
tuib 3t)ttn SArgcm Mrfd^affin ttiutf n i unb bicfi nncGit^ jn 
t^unt iff bit tirfte 3^n ebrtg(ntlt(t)m ^flii^n. ®o tui:) mein 
^ufratiwtt untct 3^n iflf fo ijt ec bocii f(t)on lang gtnug/ uni 
nric^ ju iibecjnieenf baf fi^ bic Vbbmtm nid)t fo tvotil btjlnbeiv 
alS a VI RiiJnfdjtn tcire. 

If 3d] bin iwat jn Aofl gcbcsenr unb tcotine balb ju Vt^ 
balb )u btrif^ balb anbergmo i je^t ;u X&bCNtr morgtn vxtU 
UM)t auf bent SBegc mi) Stijaiq: abtr id) bin nwbet tin £oa 
nod; Xttfcneif nxbn; ein CatiUti no^ ICbbcnt t id) bin nn StjL 
€5a lang' ti Xranle auf bcm Si^boben gitbtf i(l meiiu ^fli^t 
fo oiele ge^b ju mad]en aU t$ lann. iDk gefi^Ii<^|len 
Xianlen |Tnb biCf bie ni<%t niffen ba^ fie frant |tnb) unb bk^ 
ifb mie id; {inbei ber $«& bti Xbbertto. lOai lUbel licgt fik 
mane Jtunfi ju tiff i abet »ae ic^ rotten Camif um Me >^nng 
Mrjubereiten, ift bie^ : SSenben ®ie mtt bent erfttn guten SBinbe 
fed)S groSe @d;if1^ nad) Kntittnro. 9Seintt^[ben (&nnen fit/ mit 
nwli^rlei fSaaren (£ ben ^becilm beliebtf baf)in bt^w!()tet 
neiben i abei )u KnticQia taffen Sie aOe fedjfi @<i^|fe fo sitl 
ftiefentn:; labeRf aU fie tro^en fAitnen o^ne gx ftnfen. 9Xan 
fann jiru: oui^ nicfeitnuj aul @alaiitn i)abenf bie ttmat wo'^U 
feilec ift aber bie oon Ifntitipra ifl bie befle. Bienn bie ©djifft 
ongefommen fei)n merbenr fb oecfommetn @i< baS gefonuntt 

(, Google 

284 mittstOl. [XVni. 3<4t«. 

ffioB attf 3^nm gtcfraaSoittet fteOm ®iCf tnU3f}nT goRieii 
ynrfttcF^of' ^ tx< Cpf^f nno fnalic^a Umeoiis JD aDcn 
3rai)Mtn in Xtibtra aib ttnb bttttn bii <SiOtc, \ia$ ^ bun 
CScnat unb btm iBoEtt ta Kbbcra gttitii tnit^tair nag (Km 
escnat anb ban SoOt }u Xbbtra ft^ SSoboim t^n €Sie 
aiif ben 9KaiCt juri(tf unb ti)tibn btn f&mtnOic^ fBonrot^ 
mm W/^tawcii anf acmrintr Stabt Unfo^Mif >mtn oIU St&cgec 
out) ouf jtben Jtopf fitbm 9>funb j nic^ ju «r^ffen> bag ben 
Stat^i^trrtnf ntel^c (attgerbetn u>ag fie fto |id) ftCbft gtbtaui^) 
nodj filr fo Dieli onbre JBnltanb ^ben mfifftn, eine bofipcUe 
^>ortion gtwtiftt twrbe! 

wX>te Vortioiien finb ftucb id) gtfte^' ce ; abn ringeniurieltf 
Uebel Tinb ^oirtn&ctiaf imb Unnni nor bttri^ lange an^ttei^en 
etcbtaudj bet Xi^i gc^ nxAen. Stem ©it nun btcfee SBdtc 
bereitunslmitttlr no^ bet Sorfdinft bte idj 3t)nen geben n)ill> 
buti^ Me etforbeili^ Sett gtitau^t fyibtn twrbenr bann fiber: 
lafl'e i(f) SEe einein anbeni Xiite. IDenni loie ^a$t, Ut JCrant: 
^ bci Xbberiten ttegt ju Hef fik meine £unfL 3e| tenne 
fftn^ig 9ReiUn ringi um Xbbeva nur einen einjigen SXanni bee 
Stintn nan @ntnb aui (elfen VamUi uenn €!ie 1i(^ gebutbig 
ui^ fblafam in feine Aur begeben uollten. iDei mum tKJfit 
iCemotdt, $>am<i|ippeni @o^n. @togen ®ie fid) nid^ on ben 
UmffoiAi baf n ju Xbbeia gtbonn itll St ifi banim tein 
Sbbetitj biefi Unnen @te mit auf mein SSort glauben i obet 
twnn ®it mir n(d)t glauben nwKenr fo ftagen @<e ben iDel^i^ 
@ott @t ijl (in sutfjetjieet 3Kann/ bet fi^ rin ajetgnfigen 
bataug niad)en nntb. S^nen feine iDitnfte )u lei^n. Unb ^iets 
miti meine ^etttn unb Sflrger Don Sbbccdi tmpfe^ iij @ie 

0, Gooi^le 

•^otrotes ju Xtibaa.] KSfelantr. 285 

npb 3^» @tabt btn @ittcm. Sktad^ten @ie meuun Slatti 
nii^ti n>ei[ id) i^n umfonfi ^tbt j ei ift bei htfti, Nn i(^ \tmau 
eiaem Szanttn, bet {ii^ fib gefunb twltf gedebtn tube." 

XU ^ippoEraieS bitS aeTagt fatter tnoi^e o: bem Senat 
«ne ^ifttd^ Sinbeueunaf unb ging fdneS SBcgeS. 

. (,9tiemaI8" — faflt bee ®«fd)iii)t(d)i:eibo: ^datiait ein bt|b 
glaubtoQrbiserec jkugc, tcett ei fei:bfi tin Sbberit nac, — ' »nie: 
tnaU ^ot man jiwi^unbctt SXenfi^ni oUe jugletdii in einn fa 
fcnbeiboren SUOuna aef«^ all bftieni^ beg ®tnat6 mn Xb= 
brra in bitfcm KugenbUift tsiu j e§ molten nw: bit gnxi^unbtit 
^6nidn; feigiif nieldK ^nfeuS buti^ ben Unblid bee JEopfei bei 
3Sebufa auf einmal in etwn fo ))iele iBUbt&uIen ocnpanbcttef oU 
itim i^c lini&^ca feine t^uer enoorbene Snbtomeba mit ®es 
tDaU utcbec abiaaen nraOte. 3n ber SE^at f)atten fie alle migs 
lit!^ Urfadien wn ber iBelti ouf eCUdfe aXinuten verlletneirt jU 
iwiben, Sef^tdben )U UKllen/ B)a6 in i^ten ©eelen oorflinfl/ 
n)dTbe wrgeblidie !Ol^e fei^n. 9lii^g ging in i^nen we i i^tt 
0eelen moren fo ueiltetnert aU i^ eeibec. 3Xit bumnum 
fiprad)Iofent ScFtannen fa^ fie atte na^ bei X^&ri burd) ukU^ 
bet Viit lt(l) iiiriUIeeioeen ^{f unb onf iebem ®efii^ MOU 
fidi iugleii^ bie angeftrengte SBem&fiune unb baS gdnjCic^ nns 
wnnigen au6r ttmi wn biefec&gelien^eit {u begceifen." 

(biMit^ fcilinien fie nai^ unb nac^ einige fcAf)et einige fpjitecf 
tDieber ju |ic^ feltilt ju bmmen. Sie fofien efnonber mit giaSen 
^Kugen on i f&n^ig ffl&ulec &f|iuten M iug(tf<% lu ba n&nf 
lid^ Srage/ unb fielen niebet ju. n»il fie fi<^ oufget^oit iiatttn, 
tt)t fie wu^ten mas jte fcogen n)ot[ten. t,3mi ^tOa, mebie 
■^ecmif" tlef enblic^ bee Sunftmet^ ^ftienif nfi^ glaube gar> 

ber duadfalbei (jot un« mit feinet boppelten portion Stiefeajurj 

0, Gooi^le 

286 mitUta. [XVin. Sa^ 

jn 9tamnl'' — h3(6 vnfa^ nic aln^ <>«»■ Xnfong nit^ 
Outct |o f^r" ^atfx Zxc^^fiiM. — naUctna ^annwtU' n: 
gtfton gat nii^ tfnku^tnb" fptoi^ ber Kdt^t^ 6tnilin. — 
rf3if) ba^tt gUi^ tt w&cbt flbtl ablauftn, »ft « oon lien (ei^ 
CIdlffftn fjwaitk bit tote not^ Vnticpca ItiAcn foUtenr" fagtc tin 
Xnbtm. — »Unb bte oetbommtt (Sntll^fttatrit/ toomit ci unC 
otUt bm Mtbtttomlrttf" ricf tin SAnfM ; »ii^ gtfti^f bog i4 
nrirgoc niif)t «nbtIbtnIcnntcrti»t«^noalIaaftnn&:be." — 
if^^^l tin lufti0tr SvfoIIf fb uu^ i^ tW^ Hnl" 
mtdcctt btr Cdnt bidi Sttf^t^, Inbcm n fi4 «« Boi^n btn 
Kaai) ^tt. »<B(fb^ urirr bag mti: ftin abgtfil^ 1tnt) I Sin 
MTi»dftUii CStni^l 3Mfi ^' un< nittit btatgimi foQtnt 
■^ fMf ^ ! " — H Xbtr tvtr foimte fi4 auc^ ju ttncm folc^ 
SJtaimc fo ttuxit vorft^n?" citf btr Stomcfiltn. — »®aiis 
gtmif ift tr <nii!6 tintt von tuem ^^tlofoi^ib" faglt 3Xtiftra 
Spftimt. nT)tc ^ritfttc StcobipCid ^at nNi^ctic^ fo Vxiwift 
nk^l Stmt tt nic^ oibtr unfn 9nt^ nixt, fo nwDf E4 
btr ti^ ft^ni btc bontnf ontrAet, baf man one bitft @p^(())f( 
lum tanbe ^inau< lagtt." — »a]tt{nt {wcttni" fuig ittt btr 
Hxiim an, hW Wfct btr Stabt Ybbtra ifl angegciffieiK unb 
anftatt bofi wtr ^ fiyn unb unt wunbcm obtr Slolftn nui^ni/ 
foOtcn uir nrit Snilt borauf benttnr »at unS in tintt fo KO" 
lii^ &aiit ju 1^ fltgitmt. JBtn: aUtn X>tnsni fc^ man too 
4>q>|Kfc(itti ^ingtbrnntn iff !" 

Sin fltot^Uenttf btr )u bitftm Snbt abgef^idt tmitbcr Com 
nai) dntr tttmtit^ Xitilt mit btr 9lad)Tii^ ivxtS, ba$ ti 
nftQnibt mt^it anjutrtfFm fpp. — /.ffiin wtpu^to Swii^ I" 
dtfcn bit dbxt^t^tmn auS Sintm SSunbt ) »n)cnn er unt nun 
tntn>if<^ n>&rt 1" — i,St nriib bo^ bin ^tRnmti^ ft^'' 

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fogte btr ^nnftmrifln; ^>fnem> inbem n naif einem ZmiiUt fa^f 
taS a gewi^ttd) iu friner eidjerfjdt gtatn biff ®«ft« unb 
b6fe Sugtn bd |t^ ju tt&qtn pflegtt. Salb batrauf nmrU bt=> 
ridjtet, man ^be btn frtmben ^ttui auf frinein OTautefel floni 
gelaffen tjinter bem Z«m)xl btr ilMoeturtn nat^ £)eniotntt Sanbe 
gut jutraben fe^n. 

fraOaJ ift nun ju t^m, meine .^enren?" fogt ber Xnljon. 
«3a — attobina*! — uwi nan ;u t^n ift — mat nun ju 
t^unift? — bi(Mfitt«nbi(gta9(!« iriifen bie iRaf^J^rcKn, 
inbtm |te nnantcr anfafxn. 9ta{^ einn langcn ^at^t jdgtc 
1i^ ba^ bte '|)cmn nii^ nni^enf nrag nun ju t^n mar. »X>eT 
!Dlann ftt^t in sroftm Xnfetitn beim Jtinig uon iOtaubanieni" 
fu^ ber 2r<^n fortr »« n<ub in gonj Qtiu^nlonb tcie rin 
jRKiter VtStuIap oeit^ I Siir tinnttn oM Uiiit in bftft ^Snbel 
txmritttin/ nxnn ivii dncrj niiavo^ gntditen Smpfinblt^ttU 
@eE)ir Qcben ujoUten. SSri aUeni btm Ifegt mir bie (Sfyct von 
MbbtTQ" — „D^eUntn;bred)Ung(.^arc^nl" fiel i^m ber 
3unfttneiftet ¥fneni rin. i, bit ®i)rt unb gtrilfrit oon Kbbero 
fonn niemanben ni^ei am ^ttitn liegen alS mir ftlbfL Kbeti 
aOti tco^l dbaUoti W ^^ UM^Iii^ nicEitr xoai bie <^n ber 
©tabt mit biefer SBegeben^eit ju t^jun I)abfli !ana !Di«f« 
.^orpoErateS obn .^qipobilu i. nrie er fu^ nennt. ifl rin Vxit i 
unb id^ ^ix mein Stage gelitor bafi «n ICrgt bie ganje jQelt 
fik tin grofka ®ied)^ue unb aOt aStnfc^ fAr frint Jtranten 
antte^t Sin jebtr fprtd|t unb ^belt mit tri btrflt^t ) unb 
mag eintr ni^i^ boS glaubt tr gem. ^iipofrituB mid)f tii 
bent ii^ mo^( (ribtni mtnn mir aKt frani wirtn. bomit er btflo 
mc^r ju I^eiltn &itb. 9tun bentt a, menu id) fit nur trft ba^in 
bringen lann, baf (it nuint Xrjntien rinnet)men/ bann foOen fie 

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288 BR(»Utflr. [XVm. SaftOf. 

mir {rant gnnig ntcrben. Sd) ^fk ntd)t SXdiln; ^>fdmf UKim 
titef nu^ bat ganje 0c^rimn$ ifll" n^Xmui SSutel ges 
tmffenl" luf txr Gtine biib Siat^^Knc; »tHber me^ nw^ 
uxnigtrl jDtc Xed iff fo nbctr<^ ntc^I — fSif mttt, wtnn et 
laniif f^utt CI unl aOc m6g(u!^ smfle unb Sitln on btn 
^oUf blofi bamit a ben Spafi ^aiti un^ f^ unfn; ®<U) viebcr 
gtfunb )u ma^n I '|kI( ^ ^ !" 

It Kbei oinje^n Vfunb 9tiefcnnirj auf jeben StaC^tjom 1" 
litf etncr Don ben IftUeflnv bcffen ®ti)ktt, nad) rdner aKiene 
ju urtl)cilenf fc^n cilBe auegdvodnet feqn moi^U. n iSn 
ollm Si^ifii)en bo: fiotonor bad {|l ju org I SSan maS bcis 
no^ auf ben Strgvofin lominenf bo^ eOcoi mefit bo^inter 

„ SBin}ef|n Vfunb 9tietenniij auf ieben Statfig^enii f nn^Ki:: 
;)DUe !Dt(ifln: |>frietn> unb lac^ auS wXm ^Ife. 

» Unb fik iebtn Sunftnuifln:/' fe^te Stnitoi: mit nnem be> 
bcutenben Sent ^u. 

» lOoA but' id) mtr aati" rtef !Rei0(T ^fi^i^' » <x foett 
tdn SSott nm Sunftmdftem." 

,1 Sbec boS Detfte^t fid) brn^ loo^t wai felbitf" oerfeftte jener* 
H 91atl)i^crren unb ^nftnteifttrr Stunftmriftti unb Slot^^erun} 
ii^ fet)e nid)t( nuium bit ■^enrtn Sun^meijla ^iecin uxie 
btfonberC ^btn fonten." 

» a2te/ nuS ?" rief 3Sdfter ^fciem mit grofem Si^ »t^ 
fet)t ni^ HMfl bit 3un^cifta oot ben 9tat^^en befonbteS 
^bcn? — aXeine <^<tienr ®ie ^abtn tt %t1fiai — ^m 
Stabtft^betf Hi bitt' tS )um ^atobU )u ne^menl" 

iDie Sunftmetltei: jianben alk mit gro^m Sebnimm son 
f^n fiiitcn auf. 

0, Gooi^le 

*ippo&at(« iu abUra.] TOwXaitB. 289 

H ©ogt' M) iric^' rief t*t alte 69P«6«'''»*f4< 9tatt}imdfttt, 
»baS etniaS mc^c ^ttr bet SiaSft ftedt? Sin ge^imn 
Knfc^e gcgm bie Xrilbtiatic, — IJCbtt bif .^(Tren Ijuben iic^ 
ein HKtiig ju ftft^ oetrol^n." — nSegen ti( ICt(|Mratfe?" 
fi^de ^>ftfem mit cnboppfltec Stunmc : ,i geeen nxUf)( ^rifbi 
ttatit ? ^um <^!ct, .fxn: StaOjtmtifiec, feit tDcim ift Xbbeia 
diu Kriltottatie ? 0inb win Sunftnwifter tboa nut on bit 
SJanb Inne«nalt ? ®telltn mit m^ baS Sotf wr! <^ben 
iDir nid)t frine 9!H^e unb grei^ritRi ju ontrttm! '^enr 
Stabtfcfirribni jum ^toloUf baf U) gegen oKeg SBibrigc 
pcoUftat, unb bem liblicttm gunftm ri jltr^um fnco^l aU 
gctneinct ©tabt OTbera i^t S«d)te ootbt^tte." — ,f^ot 
ttftiit 1 gnotcftirt I" fcEjciten bit Sunftmeifht attt jiifatninen. — 
I, Steptoltftirt I ttproteflirt 1" fi^rieni lie SRatftitwrei- 

D« eSrm na^m iSbtrijonb. «9»dra .^errnij" ritf bnr 
reglreenbe Hic^n fo laut a tonnter » uoS ffii ein Sipnintxl 
fya fie {tbecf aOen ? 3d| bitter bebenbn @ie n)er @ie frnb unb ta> 
@!ie ftnb 1 9Sae weibtn bie SUrtoeibei: unb Obftlginblennnen 
ta unten Don unt benfenr wenn fif una n<{t bit Salinbrec^ 
ft^rrien ^htn V' — Xbet bit Stintme b<t aOeie^ uerloT fi4 
ungtft&rt in bent betAnbenbcn @etift. 9tiemanb I)£rte fein 
detn SBoil 3u gufon ®I&( mu ed feit onben(l{d]en geiten 
in Ubbeia gebt&ui^tic^ auf ben $unft iicitf UI)t bui:^ bie 
gonje 6tabt ju SBittag ju elftn i unb uennige ber Stot^ 
ocbnung muftCf fo n)ie tine ®tunbe a^eloufen xoaxi eine ICtt 
wn -CMrolb cor bie Slat^tftube tteteni unb bie Stunbc ouerufen. 

n (Snibige J^ttii" def ber .^erolb mit bee @timrae be« 
1 etmtoti, ribie juMfte Stunbe ift eorbcil" — 
Uel bet Stunbemufti:!" — » « jEBot rief et?" — »^61fe, 


290 «Hif lin». [XVin. 3a^ 

mrinc <&ciTtnf smtlft twrbd !" — » 6<^n jtvilfc ?" » &ci)i>n 
DOriwi?— eSo Ift t« 1)0^ 3n( !"— iD« gtiftt 2^^ >>« ^IMe 
een {Kmn »ui^ |u ®^f^ gcbcttn. iDot g[{idlt(^ SBort 
Sivtifc naftVe lie olfo auf einmol in cine SteifK andcnt^er 
IBoir^IIunacnf Uc tnit bcm @tgen|lanb ifyat iania n^t in 
bee minbcfitn JBetbinbung ftanbtn. ®^ndltr <il£ bit Siguren 
En dnem ®u(Ha|ten ^ ■onaxoAtbi, ftanb rim gn>^ Za^l, 
mit rinn aSniee nitblii^ &^^in btbcdt, ogr lEnm Sticn i 
i^ 9ta{tn n>e&tni (id^ jum DorouS on Sfi^ wn twfter 
SJgibebCittunsi i^ C^ren ^irten bat ©efioppn: bet StOeri 
i^ 2unge fnlbtt fi^ bit tedtc^^n iSi%nr in beren &cs 
finbung bie ^bmtii'^n Jttdie mit rinanbtr nxttriferttn: tut:;/ 
ba< uniMientlii^ ISaftma^I befc^ftidte oOt £c&fte i^ 
Scelcn) mb oof dnmal aat bit 91ii^ bti TCbbnitififtn 
etaatt nitber ^treefteOt 

If JEBo UMttn ete ^utt fjxiftn ?« — » SSei ^l^fanttn." — 
IT !E>a^ bin id) auc^ gelabca" — » 3(i^ crfi:tue mi^ Abet bie 
Q^t 3^ ®trellf<^ft 1" — » ®«^ »itl (^ fte mi>^ I" — 
,/iBa8 roeiben nrfr blefen Mbenb ffc tin* S6mDbiE ^wben?" — 
„ iDit Mnbromeba b«S SuripibeS." — „ HTfo tin ataiMvfpitl 1" — 
„ O ! mein tittUngBltiltt 1" — „ Unb tine SSRuja 1 Unto: xmS, 
ber KomofplOT ijal etti^ S^lw fttbll gcfeet. Ste iwrben 
aSunbei ^Sren !" 

Untei fo fanften @ef]pT&(^n or^btn 1id) bie fiiitet uon 
^bera in dlfertigem abtc friebfamem ©tnimmel com 9tat^ 
twufef ;u giofer SSencunberung ber Gienveibei: unb Obflc 
1»ii^letinneni iotlife fur; iUDOi: bie SUnbt btr 9ta0)g^bt ban 
&4tm SCtitodfi^m @efi^ mibet^Oen eef)6i:t fatten. 

VOa bit| ^e man bit ju bonttnr wop^itiaeT Stunbenf 

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Xbbniteiu] Harstt. 291 

ntfnl O^ne Mne ff&S&i^ jDtqivtfditnhtnft wiaAt maSfU 

btm 3om bts Xc^tUcSf (fo l&c^lid) ou^ fdnt iSeconlafl'uitg 
bxit) in on Sciur auCgebiw^n feipib nKltfxi bte ft^rflii^ 
3aifittiu9i too nic^ got ben Untftuii bet Stpublit Kbbcra 
^ttt setutfaciKn Unnen. 

CBottftteli 9ugu0t ^iivatx 

Wfl* bom on the Ist of January, 1748, at Woll- 
meraweade, neu Holberatadt, of which place his 
&ther was paetor. Before his education was oven 
commeuced he gave indicationa of fatore poetical 
talent, fie was naturally poBseBsed of a good 
memory, and was able, at the age of ten years, to 
repeat most of Luthbb'b Hymns and a great por- 
tion of the Bible by heart. 

Prom the Hi^ School of Aachereleben, where 
he had been under the tutorship of a strict dis- 
ciplinarian, he entered the Univeraiiy of Halle; 
anA, in 176S, commenced the study of jurisprudence 
at G-ottingen. He obtained, in 1789, a Professor- 
ship at the latter univendty. 

BimasBwaa thrice married— the third time most 

In a fit of poetical enthusiasm he had surrendered 
sound reason to a few good verses &om a strange 
hand, and pictured to himself that the onion of a 
poet and poetess must be a heaven on euth. 

0, Gooi^le 

292 Saotstr. [XYin. 3o^ 

BuBGEB married — and was undeceived. It ia me- 
lancholy to relate that this ill-aBHorted union re- 
Bnlted in his early death. Only two years after he 
was obliged to apply for a separation. His health 
declined — he had to relinquish his FrofeBsorahip-; 
and died on the 8th of June, 1794, a sacrifice to 
Poetry. A marble monument has been erected to 
his memory in the public gardens at O^ttingen. 

His works consist of " Poem*," in two volumes ; 
"Macbeth" altered from Shakespeare; " Mv/ach- 
hauaen'a Travels;" " MUeellaneoua Works" two 
volumes, containing the first, six boots of the 
"IKad;" a prose version of "Omem;" and his 
contributions to varioua periodicals. Some of his 
Ballads, in particular his " Zenore," which we insert 
in ftdl, are of genuine merit. A. W. t. Schlbqbl 
say^ " Lenare" would of itself award to Bdbgeb 
on immortal renown, had he written nothing else. 

BifBGiEK's Muse was more in her element when 
occupied with the ballad or popular song, than 
when talking a higher fiight. His poems Mly 
entitle bim to the appellation of " Volfesdichter," 
though they are occa,8iona!ly blemished by the 
admission of a vulgar idiom or expression. 

He was a poet of nature's mould, of eminent 
originalily and vigorous language. 

Ofhis other Poems, the chief are"7)w(oiZifcJ2jw" 
(the Wild Hunter) and "Des Pfarrer'a ToeUer von 
Ihuhenheim." Besides these maybe mentioned "i)iw 

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Siii9«>;'* Swiott] Burjer. 293 

lAed vom froren Mcmne" " Die Welter von Weint' 
herg," and " Der KaUer tmd der Abt," a popular 

In " Lenore" the Btirrmg and epectral ballad, 
all the imagery, ^ the emotionB and sjmpathiee of 
the soul, are with wonderttil aptitude eipresBed by 
the poetry ; the syllables, the rhymes, the whole art 
of language is employed to excite terror. The rapi- 
dity of the horse's pace is rendered more solemn 
and more appalling than even the alowneaa of a 
funeral procession. The energy with which the 
knight quickens hia course — that petulance of 
death— causes an inexpressible sensation ; and we 
feel as if ourselvea were carried off by the phantom, 
together with the poor girl whom he draga after 
him into the abyss. 


ISmpor atit fdinmrtn Sriumen : 
„ SBift untwu/ ilBinjelm, o\xc fobt ? 
aSit lanae imB(t bu (iuiiKii ?" — 
Qx rem mit £&nig ^^briA'S 1!RacI)t 
Oejogen in bif ^ogre ®*lacf)f, 
Unb ^Ite ntd)t gefdinebeni 
Cb n gefunb gtblieixn. 

I3« Jfinia unb bie Jlaiffrini 
XKS langcn {laberB tnClber 
Qnwtd)ttn ilmn ^arttn Stnn. 
Unb mac^ enbli^ Sriete i 

TOL. I. O 

cjiij^c, Google 

»arg(r. [XVIII. 3a^r^. 

Unb jcbefl ^n mtt Sing unb SSanQr 
antt ^aubnft^tog unb JCUng unb Jtlon^ 

3oa ^im )u r<tiKn ^ufnu 
tSnb flbcToU, aU Aberald 
Buf Skfltn unb auf Stegtn, 
3cs XU unb 3un9 b«m 3ubelf(l)aU 
Tm £amintnb<n rntgegrn. 
@ottlob I ruf JCinb unb Sottin taulf 
aSiOdnnmcn ! manijt fro^c SSroutj 
Kc^l abet ffa CtRottn 
itSar ©rug unb £uf txtloieru 

die fms ben ^ug nw^I auf unb ab/ 
Unb frug nad) alien Slatnen i 
Sod) [ttner mart bee ^nbrd)aft Qnb, 
Son XUeni fo ba (amen. 
]1U nun bag ^r uorfibet; tsoii 
3enraufte (ie ifet Saben^at 
Unb marf (ii^ ^in jur @ibe 

aSit wiit^aec Qkbeibe. 

99ie aRuim lief wo^l I|in gu i^ : 

i/S(4 baf fid) ®ott eibarmel 

lOu ttaules ainb, aai ifl mit Mr ?" — 

Unb fd)IoS fie in bie 2(eme. 

» O aSutlet, gSutlec 1 ^in iff ^in ! 

gtun fat)t( ffiJett unb JCIUS ^in! 

SBei ®oIf ifi tein Stbamiea 

D tt>et)i HH^ mir Stmen !" 

f,^ ©ott, ^itfl eit^ itnS anibia an! 
ffinb, bet'rinSBaterunfetl 

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tonow.] Bitrstr. : 

SSoe @ott e^ut, bag ift wfilgct^ani 
©ott, Sett erbamt fi<^ unfttl" — 
„ D liSutter, 3Kuttet I @ittar SBa^n 1 
@ott ^ on mtr n^t nwt)(gettian I 
^ai ^Qlfj nag t)alf mdn Seten ? 
9tun ifl'g nic^ meiii; nonnittxn." — 

„ ^If ®ott, tiilf 1 Skt bf n SJafM femrt, 
Ett iMi|i er Ijilft ben Jtinbfrn. 

asStrb betntn 3amina linbenu" — 
„ C SMttix, ^nuttn I wafi mid^ btmati 
iCiae linbert mii !ein Sattamentl 
Srin ®a(ramEnt mug fettn 
E«i Sobten oiebtrgefiea" 

,, ^bx', £tnb I SffiW menn beE falfcffe SItann 
3tn fetnen Unflorlanbt 
0i$ (eintS @(aubene abget|an, 
3um neuen @^banb( 1 
Sag fa^ttBf JKnbi frin ^wrj bat)in ! 
Qifyati nimmecme^T @tnnnn I 
SBann ®«C' unb Crib ^(fe ttennenf 
SBJirb i^in f«in 9Xrinrib bretmen." — 

„ 4@ 9Kuttetr, SSutttrl ^in iff t)io ' 
SQnloten iff oettoten ! 
iCct; Sxib, bet Sob iff mein ©ouiim I 
O tt>dr' id^ nie gebortn I 
eifd) au«, metn Cic^f auf etota auS 1 

Set @oCt ift tein Sibannen. 
O me^, nte^ mit Uimen !" — 

0, Gooi^le 

JSttrgtr. [XVni. 3al>rV. 

„ )^f Sott. ^f 1 ®tf)' ni^ in'l ®am 
9Sit beinnn onntti Xinbe 1 
Ctt Bxff nit^, vkA bie ^ungt fpric^ { 
St^' t^ niiiit bU eAnbt I 
Ut^ JMnb, mp$ bdn iibifi^ Srib 
nnb benf <m ®ott nnb edieldtl 
©0 roieb bcd( briwr Seelm 
I5« BrSutiflam nid)t ftliltn." — 

„ i& mmt\ ooi tit stiiettft? 

OtRunerl wal ift .|iUte? 

Sei ^Kiu bd {Im ifE eclietdtf 

Unb ofme ffii^Ktm '&6I[( ! — 

etfd) auir mtin Cidtfr ouf «ne aaC I 

€tit6 ^ ftiib ^in in Stoc^ unb @raui ! 

D()n' i^ mafl iil^ auf Qrben, 

9Xag bort iiid)t fetig wetbcn." — 

Ao oiUIittt tBtTswriftlung 
3f)r in ®et)irn nnb "VAtm { 
e» ^^ mit ©ottd SQcrfe^ims 
!B«ntc|Tcn ^ gu ifntxait 
Strfc^hig ben Su|<cn> unb ytvcaxi^ 
Die >&anb/ bit ®onnenunlet0an0r 
Sis auf am .^mtneUbagen 
SDie golbnen Steme ifi^m. 

Unb oufeu/ ^otd) I ging't trog) Ua)> ttopr 
Xll nne eon 91o|Teef)ufeni 
Unb Bintnb iUeg ein SIrittr ab 
Xn bed Selinberi €Stu^ ) 

Unb Ijoid) unb ^otd) I ben ^Jforteitiingi 
@ang lofti leifei ttinalineling 1 

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itnae.'] JSntgrr. 

Gann tamm burd) tnt $fort( 
ajeme^nUu^ bicff aSorte : 

H f^oOai ^Da 1 Z^u' auf mem Atnb I 
&i09i eteb(t)enr ober ii)ad)fl bu ? 
9Si£ Ufl no(4 gegen mii^ ^f!nnt? 
Unb TOdneff ober lodift but" 
» Vdh aBU^cItn, bu? . . . Co rpU M 9ta<l^ I . 
(Smdcat ^b' id) unb gctmiiit, 

SBSo fonnfl bn ^ geritten?" 

II Wirt [otteln mu; um 9Xtttmiadf)t 
asett ritt ii^ t)a Bon !B6t)men. 
3$ ^abe fpit mi^ aufgnnad)t 
Unb \M btc^ ntt mtr Bt^mm." — 
,1 Kdb SOtKbiv nfl herein gef^minb 1 
2>tn ^gcbom bucifiraurt bn ffiinb t 
'{Knttir in mrintn ICvrntn, 
■^liebfter, )u mwmnm l" 

n faufen bncc^ btn ^e^otn, 
&ifi faufenr Xinbi laf faufen I 
iCer Sioppc fijant, tS Bint ba Sponi ) 
3<^ batf aO^ niif)t ^fm. 
JCominf fc^iligf/ fpring' unb fc^mingt bi4 
Vuf meinnt SIoppoi ^inttt mii^l 
Otuf ^ not^ Inmbm aXrilen 
tStit bit: inB Srautbclt etltn." 

» 9<^ I toolttelt ^unbnrt aMcn no<^ 
Stii^ ^eut in'e JBcantbett ttaaen? 
Unb ^01:1:^ I H bnnrnnt bie Wait na^ 
!Dit t(f ft^n angefcEiIaen)." 

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ffiinjer. [XVni. 3a(ic^ 

„SSi(^ tlfiu (iefe ^! . . . ©« SRonb (cljrint^en! . . . 
jtBic unb bit Sobten mien fc^en. 
34 bctngc bicf) juc a&etbf 
giodl ^ ini ^i^iritfKtte." — 

H Stas an, too ifl brin JCimmnInn ! 
!So, lolt brin .&<n^eitbttt^n ?" — 
„«Beit,tteU»n ^te! . . . ®tin, lii^l unb firin! . . . 
®ec^ SirtttcT unb iwei SBrettdjcn !» 
„ ^ot'S SSaum fto mi* ?" — „ gik bid) unb mid) ! 
Somrai fftfinf ' fpring' unb fi^roinge bi* ! 
Die Sammer |hl)t uni offea" — 

£(b6n fti46(i)cn fcWnVE, fprang unb fdjniang 
eii^ auf baS aiofi bt^itiK ! 
XBct)( um btn trauten 9teiter fd)Iane 
@ie il)K fiilien^jinbe t 
Unb t)une ^ui:ce( l)ap ^41 l)op, 
®ina'i fort in faufenbem ©olopp' 
!Da^ Stof unb SteUet fc(|nobenf 
Unb jCiee unb gunftn ftoben. 

Sur nd)ten unb iut Unlen ^anb 
aJorbrf bor ifeiren SSlicbn, 
Siie flcgen Ungeci .^aib' unb binb I 
SQie bonnerten bie SSrtlcCen ! — 
„ ®raut Mebd)(n au* ? . . . iKt BKonb fc^dnt ^tU! 
^utrat)! bie Sobten rsiten fdjnell! 
©taut 8i(b*tn ouc^ ow Sobten?" 
» Xd) nrin 1 . . . X)o(f) k| bie Scbten !" 

Was Clang bort fur @efang unb Atang? 
SBaS flattecten bit SKabtn! 

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.] iSttratT. 299 

Saft \na btn Snb begratKn I" 
Unb nA^ jDfl efn SetdKnjugf 
^a ®arg tinb Xcbtcnba^re trug. 
2)ag eieb mar sn vngkicEKn 
XKra Unltnntf in Seii^n. 

,1 fiaii 9Xitt«nad)t begrabt ten ieSi 
3St Jttang anb Sang nnb Slagel 
3egt f^' fa^ txitn mein iungee £teib j 
IDlitj mit gum Stcoutselage I 
Aomnif Jt^fteci ^ ! £omni mit bm <S\^ 
Unb gurgle mit baS Srauttieb nor 1 
£innm< ^fofTf unb fpcit^ ten et^tu 
€1)' mil: ju Sett nne bgen )" 

^tin JUang unb €Sfmg ...Tiii iSatnt fdinuiib . . . 
(Be^rfam fdnem Staftn 
^m'ttl}xmi^uml nadtgeianntf 
.^art Irfntre'a Soppen ^ufen." 
Unb immtr mitni ^p ^ ^ 1 
king's fnt in fauftntem (Sahffii 
X>a$ SRe^ unb SIdto ^djoobttu 
Unb JCifg unb Sunto ^ten. 

2Bie flogen nciitfif wU flogen linH 
®ebb:e(f JBSum' nnb .fHdfn 1 
8Bie flogm QnHr unb ttc^ nnb Itntt 
Die »ftrf«, SMibt' unb gltden I — 
n ®taut eiebc^n aui^ ^..-tia SRonb f^nt (kH ! 
^uciaf) I Me Sobten ctiten fi^n I 
@iaut fttebdjen aud) twr Sobten?" — 
» ltd) 1 Za9 |i( ru^n/ bit aE«b(en." 

0, Gooi^le 

Oiirjjer. [XVin. 3aW- 

&\t% ba) fiet bal Xm .&«(g«i4t 
Sanjt' tun btd SlaM SSpfnbelj 
^olf) fui)tb<iT(i4 b(i tSonbtntidit, 
Sin luftfgrt OtfinbeL — 
f. eafd I @tfiiiExI> ^itr 1 Inma ^ ! 
©ttmbtli tcmtn unb folgt tnic 1 
Sun]' unB ben ^oc^eftKiginf 
ItBonn Rnt jn SBtttt fidstn I" 

Snb ba« @tffnbtl( ttaft^ ^uf^ I|iif4> 
JCom ^inUn na^eeprafitttf 
toil SBtibcliDinb am '^ftl&ttf^ 
tiurd) bOnt SUttcE raffeU. 
Unb adtui atiUt, I)op ^ ^ l 
@ins'e fort in faufenbcnt iSaiepp, 
XuS 9bf unb SteUec f^btni 
Unb ^S unb Sunbn Ibben. 

BSie floii root nmb bn SRonb btfi^ntr 
IQie flo3 eg in bfc ^nne I 
XBte flogen oben fiber ()in 
iDer .flinimri anb bw Bttnif 1 — 
I. (Scaut etebc^n onc^ ? . . . iDer SSot^ ft^tiiit ^U ! 
■^uirat) I bit Zabttn teiten fdineS I 
Qtraut Citbd)(n aut^ wi: Xobten ?" 
(I O HK^ I Safi ni^n b!e Sobttn 1" 

»]%q)p'l Ropp'! aXid)b3nCtfber.^(n[4ottraft... 
Salb wfib bei SSanb wrdnntn . . . 
Slwp'I Stqjp'l iil^ wfttre aXorgtnluft . . . 
SHopp' ! tummie Mift son liinnen 1 — 
fSoHbiaijt, DoUbrad)t ijt unftr Sauf ! 
iDag .^odaeilbettt t^ {id) ouf* 

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jDit SobUn rtiten fd^Oe 1 

aSk tmb, tnit finb jur @ntl(. " — 

3Safc^ auf dn eifcni SitbttfiDr 
(Sing's mit wt^lnghni ^fifltl. 
aSit fdimanlet ®(rt' «n ®*Ia9 iauor 
Bofprengte ®c^S unb ERiegeL 
SMt SIfieel floeen tlinenb auf. 
Unb i^ber ®tiba ging ber Cauf. 
(Si blinfttn grit^nftrint 
ESunb um-im HSonbmfdjdnt. 

%a fiel) 1 ^a fiet) 1 im Vugenbliift 
{iut)u 1 ein gtAflid) aSunbei I 
;Dee SbitfM £olIn, etM fOr et&t, 
gtti abr ivie mitebn: ^unbtr. 
Sum S^brf ot)nt 3opf unb Sc^pfr 
Sum nacttm &d)ibel macb f^in JCopf t 
6rin JCiqKt jum @ltci)ip(f 
{Kit SStunbenglaS unb -^ippe. 

)^od) b&umte fii^f wtU) fc^nob bcr Siopj 
Unb rp<^t< S^uei^nftn f 
Unb ^uii n>at'i untn i^t f)inab 
SSetf<^ntm unb iKtfunfen. 
mijoill Se^ul aol 1)0^ Sup* 
©ewinfet fam oul tufo: ©nift 
eraocent ^i, mtt SScbeni 
Siang ini!fii)en S£ob unb foben. 

^un tan)t«n tcot)I b«t aRonbenglanji 
91unb urn ^mim to JCnifCi 
■Die Srilfa: dnen Ketttntanf, 
Unb ^uUtn biefc Scife : 

0, Gooi^le 

302 Bnretr. [XVIII. Sa^rlj. 

„ @ebulb 1 ®ebulb 1 SBtnti'S ^tti aud) brii^ I 

iDeseefM tnftbukbis! 
iSott fri ber BeiU flnibig !" 

Sl^nin l>fit) bit eAftn)unge 11i<^r 
@o la^ bit Wf )um Xrofte fagcn: 
IDte fd)lt(f)Hleii griic^e fmb H ni^t, 
ffioran bit Skfpen nagea 


0(|^onnelot)n getnuti: ^ulbiaunQem 
Zlen id) me^Ei oU ^unbert SKonben lattQ, 
SEog unb 9tad)t, tote gegtn Stunn titlb iOran^ 
Xkt ^Kli>t bem ^fciti nadjgemttgen ! 

3^ijn, allfitttug fflr @&ttei:iuiteenr 
©olbnefl JUrinobr bii jum Utbnfdiivans 
®t^ti(i) tttu ecfOlU tnit fiabetianf, 
D ntit batti ^at bid) baj @>i:ab oerft^ungcn I 

WettatleU)( bu ttwreft fiig genuti, 
Sitien Strom Ui itbtni {u uei:f{i^nr 
®aUt' re aui^ btici^ SBeltenaltre fticfm. 

QBe^ mto I ®etlbent bu f(t)tDaitbe|l( fitig 
aSitterbit mir ieber Sqb im aSunbe. 
^nig tthff nut meine SobeSjhinbe. 

BiJKGEB warmly co-operated in the promotion of 
tlie national poetry with the important " Confede- 
ration of Poets, " formed at Qottingen in 1772. 

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@t&tttnecT iDidjtnbunb.] ^aUg. 303 

The stmmlua given by this body to the poetry of 
Germany waa universally felt. 


are: Holty, the brothers Stolberg, Grotter (1746— 
1797), Heinrich Ch. Boje (1745—1806), Vobz, 
K. F. Cramer (1758—1817), and Miller; who 
were joined also by Grerstenberg, Leisewitz, and 
Claudius. Qotter and Boje were the principal pro- 
jectors of the celebrated "Mtuen-Almanach" issued 
by the confederation, which was deBigoed, by die- 
seminating widely eiich poetry only as was worthy 
of the name, to influence aright the public taste. 

%,u1)tDig If^tinxUif (Ctiruito)>ti l^olts 

Was bom on the 21st of December, 1748, at Mmen- 
see, near Hanover. His early studies were pursued 
at the gymnasium at Halle. At the age of twenty 
he became student of theology at Grottingen, where 
he was very soon a leading member of the ' Dichter- 
bund.' Shortly after his return from Gottingen 
to the house of his father, he died of consumption 
on September 1st, 1776, at the early age of twenty- 

The greater portion of his Poems appeared in the 
" Muten-Ahnanach ' ' already referred to, and in other 
periodicalH. After his death they were collected and 

ovGooi^le — 

8M )^aU)!. [SWinen S)iit|terfHuii>. 

publishedbf his&ieiidVoBz(A.D.180O). They giye 
proofs of the posHesBion of a high order of geniuB 
Andpromiseofgreatpoeticalpowera. ThecoUectioa 
made by Voaz includes BalladB, Songs, Elegies, 
and Odes, all breathing the spirit of Irue poetiy. 
His language posseeaes a musical aiveetnesB, and hia 
espressionB viTidly pourtray the beauties of nature. 

Xuf tin ^anbm&bi^n. 
^^t^nxumutbuon unb bumpflg ^aHt @kt&ute 
JBom bemooften Aicdjent^nnn 1)aa,h 
tBtoc mdrm. Sinbtt, ^{lOtt, ^tiatt, 
Unb bci SEobtengidbci gr&bt em ®rab. 
Xngetlian mit tinem @teib(Bribtr 
Sint Slumtntcon' itn Usnben ^ac, 
SSc^lumnurt SUMteiv fo ha aSutter Sntibti 
So t«T ®to^ bee CoifeS mat. 

^^re Steben, doK bel IDIt^c^cbe, 
S)en{en nldrt an ^inberfptti; unb aonii 
6tel)n am Saigci tcinbcn naffen SUctes 
3^ Si^unbin einfn SCobtcnfaani. 
HSj, bin <Dtibd)en tcai bee S^t&ntn toed^, 
Xie bu gutei frommes 3!I&bd)en bifir 
Unb im ^mel ift bin ®eift wrflirter, 
Vis bU ®eele 9i6e(t)enS ift 

OTte ein Snflrt ftartb im ©djifetllribe 
®ie coi; i^iei tieinen |)^nt^fic } 
SBiefenblumtn monn i()t @eC(^Rieiber 
Unb ein Snl^n i^ SiKenl Stei t 

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3!)re gi*« roattn ^pl^r^tS ^figel, 
Unb ber 3!l!oTaen^iii itir ^u^gtmaiib 
Z)i(fe ®ilbarqutntn i^te Spiegtlf 
a^re edjnnnh biefre SSac^ 

3tKc aiDtemvangtnr itiun JStid; 
9liinma nri^ bcr SSeropt) URfit)aIb> ntomec 
Son btc ^Q«R @(i)&fmii jutM 
SAngtingabOcte taamtUtxt DoU Seuet 
9lad) tKtn 9)a; bcS Utbtn aSUi^nl ^tn^ 
abn fetna:, alt itir SUti^/ttKixt, 
St&^ i«BflI4 if^ren ©inn. 

8Kef Me fibKn in ben fflui^n^tn : 
Untn'm @dinr t)Uii^|b:aI;U oon >^melbl&urf 
Slogen fie ben beutfcden SltingelTetli'n. 
StbUjin gab ii)in fS&nbtr monc^ Sotbei 
Jtam bie &mt\ an fetnen SiimtUtiut, 
Cdf mit i^m auf einer SBeiiengorbef 
eac^U' il)m iur yitbat SSut^. 

Sanb ben 95ciien> i«li^n aSil^Int mi^t, 
SBanb unb iuaelf i^nm eiebling not^i 
St« bit JC^lung lam. unb Xbtnbr&t^ 
Eut(6 bie falben SBSellgeTOMIe btad). 
Ueber Ztm oat i^m SUidKn tt)euec, 
SBar fein Saggebontei niai: (ein Siaum i 
aSie ficE) 3t66t^ (iebten unb ii)c Xieueiv 
^ben fii^ bie Sngel fount. 

QBil^elm 1 tSil^Cm 1 Sterbeglocten Iratlen, 
Unb bit ®tabff^&nff ^ben an i 

0, Gooi^le 

ftiU». [XVni. 3a^l). 

SSt^ribefloTtt araunrletite madtn, 
VUtb bit SobttntroiK me^t eoian. 
ffiU^Im wantt mit ftincm ijtittba^, 
Ka^tnTiugfi, an bai offne ®tab, 
XroibHt mit ttm OKifien Seu^tudic 
SSi(^ bie ^Klten X^inen ab. 

^ifumm'tt fanfti bu gutc fcommt SmIo 
Sid anf enrig bicfer @<I)Iuimnet fUe^ I 
SSrin' auf i^cnn -^i^If ^^mtltr 
Un bie S&nunerung «n SSttrfwIieb I 
SSe^t, nrie ■IX"^'"''^!' SbenbtvinbCf 
Curd) bit IBlumeni bie i^i ®rab eetw I 
Unb im iBi)}ftC bitfee Jttr^^inbe 
9tif[' ein XutteUaubtnpaai; I 

Sec dite gantnuinn an feinm <3o^n. 

^^b' immer Sieu' unb dUVIi^dt 
Ssa an bfin jKKed @cab( 
Unb iwidjt tetnen gtngetbrdt 
SSon (Sottti iSegen ab ! 

Bann toicft bo/ tnie ouf griinen ^u'n^ 
jDucdj'S 9>a8erltbtn flt^m 
XMrni {ann|l bu. fcrnbtr Sui:d)t unb (Staa'xii 
iDem Sob in's Mntlift fe^n. 

ISann niiTb bit @id)e[ unb bet ^opug 
X>ir in bet 'fianb fo leicf)! j 
iDann fingtR bu beim aSaftectnigi 
tta nht' bit IBtin gtmd)t. 

©em 86feniid)i nrfrt XUefl fi^on. 
<St tf}Mi, mat tt t^u' : 

0, Gooi^le 

©ittmger IDidbtfrSunli.] €bv. ^toVbtvi. 307 

SSai ia^a txabt ilin t)in unb ^re 
Unb l&pt t^m tern Sivfy. 

Set fd)ine gtiUiting laddt i^m niii^r 
3^ Iad)t tein Xel^ccnfclt) ; 
St ill auf Kft unb Srug trpidjt, 
Unb mim^ilt fii^ SIH#8, ale ®elb. 

Stt aSinb im ^ain'i ba^ Saub am Shmnt 
Sduft ttim @ntfe^ gUf 
@i ^b(tj na^ Ui Eibcnfl Staunii 
3m Skate fnne Sluf). 

do^n, fibc Xnu' unb Stcblit^ttft 
Si£ an bein tHjUt ®tab, 
Unb meii!^ teinen Singn&tdt 
aion @0ttee aBtgen ab I 

Sann fegnen Sntd btine @nft 
Unb nxinen iX^i&nen b'rouf j 
Unb Sommecblumenf oill con iDuftr 
Sl&^n ouS ben S^&nen auf. 

(R^xistian, Qtount' Stoliitcg 

"Was bom the ISth of October, 174S, at Br&matadt, 
in Holstein. In tia twenty-aiith year he entered 
the University of Gottingen. In 1777, he mMTied 
the Connteaa of Baveulaw, to whom some of his 

I e|ci|li<iB,«nri»e<>[i»g. Geimiu DDblJIIjaimpTliH thcfDllnwIng 
tuki :— tiiT|>g (duke),Sii|l(piliice), enF<euli>[Bauiit),BiiiBm(buoii|, 
<iiiiT (kDlghi). The word ,tm' bcTtarF a lunums denolei eliliar that 
(he tsmUj ua powuted nf landed eiUKi, oi )ut« bean tniintiled by 

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308 %top. dtalbers- [XYUI. SoM- 

beat Odes are addressed. He died on the ISth of 
Sanuttrj, 1821, at hia countiy-aeat, Widebye, in 
Holstein. His poetical works consist principally of. 
Dnunaa (of whicb the one entitled "BeUaner" ie 
conaideredthe beat), original "Poe»w," and "Odes." 
Hia tranalations from the Greek consist of " So- 
merie Sytans" the " Idgh of Theocritus," some 
poems of ".Bto»" and "Moschus," aU ably executed. 
Hia German veraion of " Sopheeleg," published in 
1787, is to the present day esteemed a standard 
classical work. 

jFmtntg 3,eopoll[, Count' S>iolbtiq 

Brother to the former, waa bom on the 7th of 
November, 1750, at Bramatadt, in the duchy of 
Holsteio. He studied with hia brother at Gottin- 
gen. In 1777, he left Gottingen, and was appointed 
by the Duke of Oldenburg envoy for Liibeck at 
the capital of Denmark. In 1779, a collection 
of the Poems of both brothers appeared, in two 
volumes, published at Leipzig. In 1782, he mar- 
ried the Countess Agnea of Witdeben; and, in 
1785, he undertook a diplomatic journey to the 
court of BuBsia, by direction of the Duke of 
Oldenburg. Sis. years after his marriage hia wife 
died (1788). In the following year, he was sent aa 

1« ttiKSiidi to Kll the lona or ■ nobleman, jonnga 

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etlttingR XAifUdMtb.'} Stop. ^toOttvs. 309 

DaniBliainbEUisador to ttePruaaiaii court. AtBertin, 
he became attached to the CoimtesB Sophia of Be- 
dem, a widow, member of the Church of Borne. He 
was imited to her on the 16th Febnuuy, 1790. 
He then undertook a long cont^aplated journey 
through Italy, and, in the same year, published eai 
account of his traTeb up the Shine, and in Switser- 
land, Italy, Sicily, Naples, &c. 

This work is a specimea of a good prose style, 
and the subatance of the volumes is conveyed in a 
most interesting manner. 

In 1800, be resigned all his offidal situations, 
and, together with the whole of his &mily, declared 
himself a convert to the Bomish fiuth. This 
brought upon him a great amount of cenBure in 
Gemuany, espedaUy from his Mend Vobb. He 
now undertook his work entitled " Oetciiehle der 
Belyion Jeiu Chriiii" (History of the ChristiaD. 
Beligion), which extended over fifteen volumes. 

His history evetywhere exhibits an undue bias 
towards the Boman Church: it is written in the . 
most classical language. 

He died on the 6th of December, 1819, at 
Sondermuhlen, in the province of Osnabriick. 
LioPOLQ Y. Stolbxbo WToto also Odet, SUyiet, 
and Bomanee*. 

HiH poetry is distinguished by purity of senti- 
ment and richnesa of thought. 

In dramatic hterature, he took the Greek tragedy 

TOL. I. X 

cjiij^c, Google 

310 %tof. dtalbfrg;. [(SSttingct iDu^btn^ 

for Hb model, and wrote two chorus-dramas, 
" Thaeua" and the " Sahe" which evince considev- 
able poetical powers. 

In "Die Htsel," a novel, which is perhaps not 
finished with the same skill as his other works, ve 
still discover a strain of the moet wonderfol ideas. 
His life of Alfred the Qreat, King of England, is 
remarkable for the simple yet very elegant style in 
which it is written. His translations of the fonr 
" Tragedies " of jEschghu and the " Dialogues " of 
Plato are highly finished, and deserve great praise. 

^nter viclin fflrifpielcn von bet Wtaiit its SonfpicU unb 
tafftn iBtrtung auf nnaebilWf gjlenfc^n vft forgfnbrt, wft^ 
unS bee tAnt ®av> IScaminaticue tzii^Ui mtifnMisr ftlbD 
bamif nKnn mit tie Si{&^(iiiie fik fibettiieben onfe^f u^ 
nrir bod) nw^ loum bfl:ed)tigt ftnbr ba iai @nipi6 fd^ tin 
3Cttfange bcS Sa^r^nbertd iutiug, in utUiiem Stno blA^i 
imbf )itc $Mt ba er fd^bf bie JCinbec berXugenjeugen Mtia. 
ffiSrc aUv aud) bie Stj&tiCung au^d)tn{tctti fo tcftrbcn wk 
beij out {^c n»t)ntet)men> afUi)tn Seariff man )u ienen Stiten 
con ba ©twolt bee aRnfil ^egte, unb bteftr Scgriff mufrte ant 
Stfa^ngm (arooTgesangen ft^n. — KU Scic^ ber ®utt, 
Abnig in £AnemacI, einfl unter fteitm .^immel mtt ben @ts 
walttatn feineC ^flagetj on bee Zaftl fafr teat nn .fxir^ 
jugegenr cd^mte felne Jbnft unb ^afft untec anbenii baf fie 
unn6genb fei/ bie ^iier in aBo^nRnn, ja in aSut^ ju wrfetcn. 

0, Gooi^le 

miin txt aonrpicEC] %tof. ^taang. 811 

©re JtJnig bege^ rintn Snwis bawn jU fel)*"- Umfonft 
fftUtc btr SSoitcnfpittn: ootf mie gef&^Ud) tie QrfatiTung ft^n 
mii^ 2>« *6iiifl btonfl mit ©enwU in i^a Da Mionftalfttt 
btt ^at^na, baf oUe 3Bafit-n bei ®ritt gtbrai^t unb baf oitle 
SKntfc^ anecjltllt tnttbetir in fob^ Qnlfecnun^ bap fie btm 
Saubor bed XonlJpieie tri^t aulgefefit, bo4 bit ■^Arer beobo^ten 
tonnttn/ unb ^f |iei fobaK fte touted unb ttQfi @ktfimnitC bts 
meden mkcUttt ^mbdiutauftiif i^m bie ^ift ouf bem Sa^ 
jn jccf^lagenf unb btn lofmben tDtenfi^n mit ®tmalt ffiin^ 
ju tliun. Kim begann tt mit fOaXiijaa ®|ml bie .liiKr jum 
Smft onb jur Xrauer )U (timmen s bann reregte n, bati) Wf 
inbtttt mtlobieii/ aut^taffene ST6f)li:^eitf mW^t fii^ liuftztt 
in fcttfamen ©tberbtn unb in SprAngtn j enblit^ wcfe$tc ti fit 
in aOnl^f bit in ftaS^taOSiet ®tfi:^ auSbui^ @og(tic^ tiltni 
lent 4)dtre ^«:bri { bre Jt6nig obtr nitrifi (tc^ bre <9<ftaf4aft, 
^n )u ben ffiaffeni fUrmtf nntbtr ^inrin mit blanten ®4nertt. 
Si oar tin SStftr nrie an (3t;i$t fo on XcafL Stec felner 
Jtriegecf bit i^n iMCten rooIUnv ft^ten unttr feinem @laf)l. 
SnbUd) gelting eS bet Stengtr i^n auf ben SSoben )u ffartdtn 
unb il|n nitbttgu^olten unttr lKtbti(|tbiail)len Settpfil^Ienf bit 
ftine ffiut^ aiogat'ibt fyxtU. Srid) nmc ein guttri fieunbli^ 
imb froramti SSann. SU tr ga (ic^ ftlb|I dtbrnmnv emfifdnb 
a bittre Steut Abti ben SKotb feinei treuen JCrieger. Sc ent: 
fc^ fu^ jn einer aSoUfo^ nod) Strnfoltm. 6eine liefist 
Bo^Ige^oU mA in Scnftantinoptl am ^oflagti btd gritc^fditn 
Jtaifere KItnui Somntnuf ange^nnt ; enregte abre au^ are> 
mi^nifdit ^mSjt atioi bet b&nifd|tn etibnuc^ befi Xaiftrdr 
win wUm man beforet*' tiaS lif ' bie alS btr lidttrfit ©(^u8 beS 
illnbifditn X^tone anatfe^en moibf son i^tun Jttntee 

^ „ ,1. 3* « 3*. 1105, »*^^^«. 
r^ ^ „« «» to W«w »* ■»* *^. ,8. 

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@StHtiea: JM^itafeunb.] Vat\. 

Unb, wit cin SogcV bee ^nfat 
Sot ■^oitf Mc&bcrfloa i 

ffia goffte (tnx, nnb fmite {ti^ 

Unb vc&ftt mdnenXnn. 

;flB[dn Xnn iDirb ttoA unb gro^ mdn SRi 
®i(b( JBotav mil: dn Edrnwrt I 

nrin jungrt Slut i 


an bie Sflatur. 

iKiltge i^tutf 
Qe^n auf bcinn: SpuCf 
; an bema ^nbf 
Kinb am Oingelbanb. 
n {(^ bami mnAbd bin, 

bb; an Suftn Iwif 
nfCt ^immtUtu^ 

an bo: SRutta Smft. 
nb: i^ fo nw^t bei bic. 

(iebcn fAr unb fik. 

0t^ auf bcinn Sfm 

inn llcmtict Voef 

(17S1— 1826) 
the 20tli of February, 
the Duchy of Mecklenli 


312 i.t9p. ^toOttre. [OM^t M ZorilfkU. 

itm VUB^aei teffUbni w&tbt sArati^t twtbn. Solb abn 
wrft^nxinb jebcc Strbaitit vet fdna: dnlntititaibcn 3ugnib. 
Or \HjU bU Rtiff fwtf tnoti bonl oiif Mc SitffI QwoBi nnb 
tab am 11. 3ttli Ut Soifti llOSi na^ ftcbenii^ciga Stb 
Stnnna- CStine ®eina^, bit BOttfcIigt JUnisfn SottOtr ^ttc 
{^ Ix^ettet nnb ftarb atu^ in eQp<Rb bolb niu^ ifya. Sin 
«1M bin^dfct 3a^ibtt4 fogt wn bfefm gutnt JUniai : nQ* 
Itbtt unttc frinm CsUt unc cfn Botti : oon i^ f^^ Miitr 

jDci teutf(f|e Jttulie. 

jitlrin Xnn wfrb pxt, tmb fiiofl intfn Stnt^/ 
ef(b, Sottt, mb tin edfnitt 1 

3(^ bin bn ffiatra nntf). 

il4 llnbe fhlM ttEnt «ii«» 
am wric^ Xaabmftai^ t 
3(b #&rb'i SktOf poljf Brit bui 
Dot Xcb fb'l Sotatanb. — 

dd)on ftfi^ in mdnct Jtfnb^ tt»t 
HSrin t&glit^ epiil bei JCtitg ) 
3ii txitmtt ^laiiitm nnb Stfo^* 
Unb Sunboi nm unb eSitOi — 

^Icin Sttbgtfc^ni MBtdK iitt(fe 

9to<I) lAngft tin 8fn>0f4(agr ntlt^ ii^ 
iDm Safia lugdMU^ 

9tt nnaii!^ unfm JCtitan C^ou 
SDnri^ imTic 6Stia|c 109* 

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Unbr wit efai IBogcIf txc ^ufar 
So fiofftc fbcTr tuib fnutc fic^ 

Unb piifCc nuinai Xmt. 

^^Ifin Ann untb fmtif ttnb gtof mrin 9 
Sitb, JBota. ntb dn e#wrt ) 
Stnuitc iti^t mdn pnotl 8titt 1 

3i^ trinbtES&ttTttxn^I 

Xtt bte Sflatur. 
^lt»t fKiSy noting 
fio^ nrii^ gr^ attf MtKt SSpitCi 
eritc mk^ an beiner >&aiib( 
!Bii tin Jtinb am Singdbanti. 

g pi^nn m9 Mtm vnnnbct tin/ 
&XK h9 bit cm Sttfftt Vflxu 
Xt^ flutfte ^InmuUIii^ 
■^ngtnti cm tec aXuttei Sni^ 

fii^ m& {^ lb racist bet in, 
msa Mdi Vitbta ^mt> t&c 
ta$ mUi 04>< (iKf Mna €)]»» 
eftPt/ 9t{[{0C 9tatvi 1 

(1761— 182S) 

Wm bcttn on the 20th of PehroMT, 1751, at 
Sotraaemiort, la the Duchy of Meckl^ibnrg. He 

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311 0««}. [XVm. 3a^i1iunbert 

received his e&rlj education &t a free school, where 
he acquired a sound knowledge of the Latin lan- 
guage. Hia lather, a &rmer, was in vecy reduced 
circumBtances, and could not assist his son in his 
desire of entering the TJniTersity. ToBS, at the 
age of nineteen, contributed to the " Muten- 
Ahnanach." He thus hecame known; and obtained 
a aitoatiou aa preceptor in a nobleman's family, 
vhere by strict economy his sakry enabled him, 
on the termination of bis engagement (1772), to 
enter the UniTersity of Gottingen. Here Hetnb, 
the celebrated Professor, granted him free admis* 
don to his lectureB ; and, with the help of other 
literary friends, he was enabled to pursue zealous^ 
his philological Btudies. In 1778, he became rector 
of the College at Ottemdorf, in the Hanoverian 
territory. In 1782, he removed to Eutin, as first 
master of a considerable grammar school. This 
office he relinguished, in 1806, for a classical pro- 
fesBorBhip at the XTniversity of Heidelberg. The 
Duke of Oldenburg granted him a pension for his 
lecd and long Bervices at Eutin. 

He -died on the 29th of Mareh, 1826. "The 
credit," sayB Wielattd, " of being one of the bwt 
poets, and most learned, Bagacious, and elegant 
philologists of his day, may be fairly accorded to 

In his translations, he may be said to combine 
the natural grace of Homer, with the pure and 

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Sttttnsn: IDiditerbunb.] Voi\, 315 

melodiouH diction of Virgil. His Idyls deserve to 
be immortal. The celebrated Pastoral, "Luite," 
gives a most &itliful and amusing imrratiTe of 
domestic manners. It has been compared to the 
pictures of the Dutch school for its simplicity mid 
truth. The same comparison applies to all hid 

Hi a "Homer" and "Virgil" are, aa transla- 
tions, the finest specimens which the human pen 
ever produced; the learned exactitude, the great 
fidelity, and the natural harmonious style with 
which he truiaplaated the thoughts of the ancients 
into his native language, will for ever rank him at 
the head of modem philologists. Scelosseb ob- 
serves, "Voss'a 'Homer,' lite Luthbe's 'Bible,' 
wiU ever remain in the hands of the German youth; 
for by his translations he certainly achieved, in 
point of language and metre, a striking counterpart 
of what LuTHEB accomplished by his version of the 

Yoss's Songs and Idyls surpass his pastoral 
" Iittite ; " more particularly that entitled " Her 
aiehzigtte Qehtrtatag" which is truly poetical. There 
have been great differences of opinion as to our poet's 
merits. He has been severely blamed by some of his 
critics for an attack upon the writings of his friend 
r HsTRI. 


816 VM;. [IShtingn; THiMbmtb. 

XuS bet euife. 

(Zui S'ft tm IBaCtx.) 

)^U RUR 3n« ^ ^^l atiitUn, oclc^ ntU bimMn 

Xonora unb ^ongnibcBt ®TAn wri^ltSmmistT Strten gelc&njt 

Sonben fit Aim unb SttiTeir unb fammflttn} bann ju bent Snc^ 
Watn fie. (intt im X^I* too bn Xeft «n unenblufier TOfaa 
Cog fn iaub unb ®c1b&ui^ ban |>iltt(n«; gcunins beafSintnrfl. 
JtoI) nun It^n jum ®ct bie SStlabencn. !!(tin ber .^efnet^ 
gtofl bit fprnfmibcn gunltn beS gta^U fm f*twunmie(n3unb«, 
gaff [^ in ftodcnet Eaub unb fd^ang mit @emaltr bii bem 

CUmlni auft(uif)ttnbrt gnitr enttobtrtf j ^iuftt gefc^ bann 
9lriftt unb S^ea, M bit Stammi bat ^ii but^ f[5t&4 b« 

Anotttttt*, finftrren 8Iau4 ffitraim au^omiifenb ium ^immtL 
Sefetf mo ber SBinb in bte @lut^ einfauftth fteOt' tr bra X)reifii$ 
Unb btn verf^IofTtnm Md) baiauf mit bn Ciutlle b(i Stolbes. 
iBc^nb umkitl' i^n bie fo^' ' unb eS biauit auiftcbrab bee 

Uber ba( SRfittecc^n gofi fn tie brinnlt^ Aanne ben Siafftt 
ICia bee popiecnen 2:ute *, gantngt mit fUuembem ■^d^om, 
@tir6mtt bie Cmelte borauf unb ftetit' anf Jto^lra bie Jtonne* 
^ingctnietr bit fttfeenb bie facblee Slafe geplott not. 
SSd^Ieunig anje^t rief jenei bat ^upt um bit K^el gnvmbet: 
$ete bie SSajftn juredttr mein Xic^c^ « gleic^ {ft bet 
@ac. !Die @>tftafi^ ninimt ia mit unTntm tftglidien Steinjeug* 
®an im Oritaen vcHkbt unb ungtttiil)tert(m Aaffee. 
ffiater oerbot Umftinb'i unb banSBeib* geiimtt bet eit^am. 

' CncUcd. • Blue. > Bug. ' Euttieni-nare. 

(, Google 

Sutft.] Vorif. 317 

Sifo Stoma i boc^ Ctdfe, bfe nf^ mit btm Anabm fii^ tunc 

■^irtt ben atuf nub (ntdl^ ooS bntt jDttbOoibe bit SCoffiEnf 
Stu^ bie SIafd)c rati 8Ia^ imb bie bltc^e £>af( mQ Stuttr, 
Otbnenb umtKt: auf ben Stofen; imb jc^b bo fie aOeS tm^ 

9lei^ ba« bUifienbe 9S&b<l^n ftd) ^Cb onb lSd)ctte fn^oll^aft: 
!M~e^mtn fit tmr' t nic^ Uel/ aXama fjot bie S&ffel vergefftn. 
SUo fostt euff i unb beS ax&ttcr^ne lai^en f!e oOe, 
ektjabtnfco^ t ouc^ (o^te fte fefbft< bie gjitig/t Statta, 
SBtldie bie banqjfentie Xamt ba^i: tnift. ICber bee 3^el*"9 
Spntne iu bei Stcte be^mbe/ bee tKuigenben, tmb wn ben 

@I&ttf t' a iietUd)e ®tU' onb carttrntR fte rina< ber ©efeSfi^. 
Se^o ban ttcben ^popa unb bem S^htgltnee rtit^ bie Sungfrau 
^Ofdfen bar nnb Xabott in bee ftedigen ^Mt beS Sieef)unbe i 
\UA niit bti eifc^btanbg Qnber bem gUmmenbenf iOnbete 

E5o auf SKooft numne^ bie ©etageaen : neben baa JBata; 
8iei!^ mit bem Anaben SBomar bie ben looterai SxtaA in bie 

SUfimaib go$ { lintt aber Sutf i nnb na^ btr SiWBn^ 
€He jWOT blkte fettcn beg ^igen aSo^rengeti&nfej } 
Cm^ Ijeitf na^ fie efn mnis nnb ni|Ttf(^ X^ mit bem 

Stnn oat jegti/^ Knge txrCht, nun taut beS Sefpt&dieS 
^eritii^feitf nun bafi Sefti^ ben leifeften Sbgungen fblgfomj 
folefomer niK^ loai; bein joitfi^iUnbca KntU^, o Sungfrau: 
ffiiff wenn buftigta SSt^immfrgRDba on ber SSiiai bet .^imnuU 
Smraer ixr&nbalit^ folgt bet Sep^^n launifibem Knljaui^r 
^Q umfilumit oont ffllonje bei lOxtibth ober bei jQoUmcnbi. 

0, Gooi^le 

318 V»t\. [Sitttngtr I^ahaOh. 

XU W trtfftnbtn Sorttn numne^r bti ennftt^Iii^ SBotert 
Xn^ntrtfant (td) Suirt mit tninfcncn Stiden t^m anfc^fr 
VtbttHf Bopft' {^ btr JBoter bit tofigt Song' unb txeann fo: 
&{nb/ bii brennt ja bit Bangc tvie ®&il( 1 3mx ift eS 

JCnjufe^n 4 boft ntem bir, mem Ziiftttiirtt, wt^tt ber Sugluft 
(EtnxiS mt^ unt ben -^U. SSon ntifttt m Irii^ in bn ^%t. 
3«itin fiipf bi* ■S»nb unb tmiitbrcte fttunbli^ bie Za^teti 
Su^uft ntnnft bu bit JtAt)Iunei bit fanft biin^ Stitn bts Ufets 
Xttimtt unb tautn mil tin S3&nb<f)en bewcgt ? @<^ JUbtft 

bu ma^UcEiI 
(Sat ni<5t bttnnt mid) bie^ftti mitgldf jo gingen »ir longfom ! 
fRu^toi aud) oft im &iiattm. 3<^ bin nut fo (ri^Ii^ mein 

ISatet I 
Btonf antootttttll bui t^mltbiget ^oiira wn QHhiau : 
3iif bu ttautt|lt ZoA/ttci ii) bin aud) fr^^lid) I fo ^6^ti(^ 
XB bit fingntbcn SJ&^I im a&tlb' ^ictf abet bai (Minora, 
SBel^ bit luftigtn Stvtist bucd)^{bpft unt bit Sungen im iasm I 
lC<^^n Sa^t fiinb ti ^tut'f bu f^ntte mit Qh>tt mtin gelitbtea, 
Seftt mdn rinjigts £tnb, fo Mtiliinbig unb ftomm unb ge^ 

fSit bo<^ bit ^ittn tntflJt^n I 3t^n !ommtnbe 3a^f toic wtit^ 
iDtfnit ltd) bra SHaum vm mii tinb tvit fd)U>tnbtt a, ntnn mit 

iut&rffcdn ! 
@tttttn nut'Si mit mlr bcu^tr ba lit vxtmi/iK'Bi in b«n Sotttn 
StTtttf a3I&ttet itrflAcCt' ' unb betttt i Ui nun mit tinmal 
Sti^ bit Satfd)ari f am : Sin S^ttt(^ iff unl gebottn ! ' ' 
fCtan^tt btff^b ftitbtm btr XOmHtigti @utci unb SBiftg. 
HwSi bai S&ft wot gut! btnn in afo^Cfo^tt lentt tt bet 


eui^] Vo*\. 319 

XJunbbn ©ongf unb eS blA^t aufi bittenr aSuriel baS .^ auf. 
SBn^ bur S^aui nnt t< cin|t not!) tangcr iDtoic gcrtQiictf 
Unb ii^ Snif ouf ban Xntih mit bit fn b<r$rtf(^btt®<trtnti 
Xttjincnb eing/ xm bai Xinb na^ bem fatbigen Sogtn (mporgriff 
Unb mi^ fMte : ^}«pa 1 ba ngmt rt Smmm bom -^tmnul ! 
®tmit bte bei Ittbt iSott un< £inba:d)enr buf mil {tc fommctn 7 
Sof bn btn Sogm ba .^Ib auifpannetc/ ftnutt bcm ^imml 
BCnmni nnb Sridjte ^abi ein aUwcfoigtnbtT Sattti 
iCag nrir nrit iDont rinTammcIn unb £mblu))!rit I iDenl' Hi btt 

D bann ^ebt f!il6 mrin -^Kr) unb fcMQt can rcgenr Snbrunft 
(Stgnt unfcn Si:{ibar, bie itngt umw^nm bal ^bieu^ 
3nKu: niitortig an Stxaft unb QSerftanbf boci) b« felblgen fflotttt 
JCinbldn aOtrwic nit I »on tineilei SiHHkn gni%et! 
Unb nii^ (an^i fo ge^ in ber Dinnntntns tini nat^ bun anbern 
3)tilbe jut dta^', bom Satn im ^cimGi^n Sogre gifegnet/ 
€ScI)Uift unb mvad^ am ffitoi:aai get^artt unb ^Ooen Siniuc 
SBonnt btrdnfti nann aOc ber ^ige SRorgen unC au^nntt I 
H SBo^r^^ Itmen ivir bann* baf ®ott bit ^ccfon ntii^ anfie^j 
H&ovbtm in aUnrlcf Solf tftf ner i^n ffiri^ unb ttiff Mjuti 
HSnenK^bfmiSctgeUn:!" C^nuUnMnnelnifrfceununt 
"XOt, bU ®utti ge^on nad) SXaft unb ttbltilKi; Sinfb^f 
Unb bii )n ^(tier Jtiaft ooirteuc^tttenr fmin unt mit ^ttmt, 
SSofeSf Jtonfuj unb -^omecr ban litbtnbenr unb dtcoata, 
Unb, bet ffa Sta^riirit ftarb, mit Sotrahi, ouc^ mit ban ebtln 
SttnbtUfofm 1 Dn ^iOt bin ®&tt[id)en nimmor gdroijiet ! 

I^m antuwrUte brauf ba tblt befd)eib(ne S&alt^n: 
Sc ni(^l 2)Ml^t3 b<bc&un nac^ ^aff linge, ^ute tctc vormaUi 
jQoi ISott ricf, ju erUftn bat ($et|t aui fSanboi bn ^SOh. 
Ziaunl (« mpitt, mm ein Ainb/ bat bei; bilbltdm Sttbi bei 

320 Vo«|. [etofnyc Zti^tecbuiib. 

aBenlen; bumpf, aufmtrft {m bAntimniten Sii^ ba Srfenntnig, 
6td) bat cno&^ttnx bibiBr bat tinjigef tMitn rt Mc Siibecr 
Sit tun Sottotet tinft ber 8Xtnf(^ttd)ft{t ^^^ii n:|lnb(tf 
ntiUfi^ tntt^En tMrfflnifbttnb ben nod) unmJfaibigMiVmtui^) 
Ober nof fnnMeer fi^onr bit ifffommtocHU Stlt^ng 
Softt tnit anbcmn SSinn nnb a^iKttr bieftn ensattfant 
e#tt unb norttct unb wixfjt l ason njJt^tte nrir muli^ da 

SinQmoU fotn rin Slobtcr mil 3Xdo) on bit ^}fa:t( be6 

^ttot' unb rvf : SJtad^ auf 1 !Da fifKuite ba Ijcilifle ^Mniif 
fotft bit S^ftr oufTc^u^Ribr ^(TDor nnb froatt: 9Sa: Uft bu? 
2tD|ig nwiebntt itnetf bea Kbfo^itttel ti^btab : 
3c^? dn(at^ofif(f)ne^i^b(edMn^d[brin9eiibm®hmbeti«I 
ee|c bt^ bnct ouf bit fBatd I antnoitttt ^(MnK Dtrf^UtM). 
{litniiif lam dn Sobter aui i&c^ an bit 9>fi>rtc beS .^inumU, 
pmat'mbxi^: aRoi^aufl ffiabijtba? fniste bti S&ngtr. 
34? ^ Caloimf<^ Shrift, bet oOcia ^tt&nneniben Slonbent 1 
Sort mtf bit Shuil 1 vief ^Mmfl. SDa fotn and) tin ZoUet otU 

^Ittcf nnbritfl SKad^toufl !Sa Mft bu? ^agte ba SJbgci. 
3i)? (in tut^et{f(f)n: S^rifb bcB olUin fitUbrinsmben (Stmbaai 
£>ott auf bie SSonEI tUf ^Mnii unb fi^o^ Kun faftn bit 

Sncbfom ntbcn rinanba nnb fa^nr boQ fUQa fiScttnmb'mng 
eonnni unb fitonb' unb ®e|lirn' onfi fc^enbtc 3«e gtoAnet 
Sunt rin t r ii^ ti fl t n Zanj t aui$ ^tn fit roufd^n ^anncn^ 
3m eicOautt^n ^ort bti frifgen Siilbr unb Sngcl 
'^aachqagef&ne' unb attimctro SI^ bet Etbtnt. 
Xbct {^ 0(t{ f(^a i^bec son maxtSfptaijfidfa 3ntn:un|t ) 
Unb ct, ci^b |i4 entgildc [^ ^tdo: Sefong ) »XB{[ el&tbcn 
»xn' an tlnm ®«ct 1"— iDa mit dnmol f;pran(|tn bieg^tl 

cjiij^c, Google 

euife.] Oftft. 321 

Xuf mft ®ct6ni baf n>tit vom golbemn ®laiqe ber Ktt^ 
Sntd)tctt 9etruf crfdiun unb fpniib tntt fteitnbUd)nn EA^In 
>^t f^ it|t eutl) ixfonnctir i^ t^&r^ten Amber? @o bntint 
filfo nbettn Sttb' to ttanlidxr {KTsnurgicfoitg 
Untn bent firilcien JBIan bt$ aQumf of tnbm >&toninU ; 
Sottei lebenbt Xitob' nmiw^tcn ftt. Vba Ux Ztu 
SSentK btn SlkC ttefltnnig unb fof (n ^taaa Kftiaim^i 
SBit, tetnn cr prebigen foOUf bol <^ SOU XBottc brt .^tmmttt i 
Stn^soa ngf n ba< <&atq)t j {^ btbtc bit SEtirdn' on ben 

Xlte iuglrii^ nun fc^cftgni nnb fi^ueten ientn beflArit an. 
Unb mtt er^abener SHnunt bigann bcc SitOhiUfft ®attM : 

Kiebt ntd) I nbet bet ^at, tmb bnUierGi^ bnlbd efnonber 1 
Wxr bie ^iSifc^ ^itlt QnbuOifiimldt ft^nu^ tn ben Kb^nmb ! 
^ftaift nnb wanbte fu^ bconf ju bn rDfenoansfaen 3imgc 
SStoge ben ntutn Sefatigj mdn IS&(^ter(i)eni i«I(^ tot Siilt^tine 
nnfec @aft ooti Sutin ^fer bidttett. .^efmlic^ entfi^Iid) « 
jDntd) bat @fi)6li ; i^ gingt mit be; ^tmbtti^ Smeffine 
9hi^ nm^r bu Telbft nnb Vnufini bit i^ i^ fanbet 

Jtcner fprad)i ; ba begann soft fletgenber 9tit^ bit 3ung^u 
SSonft ben Otefang i i^n Dtrtiirftey mit SSot^ einfttounenb, bet 

3QIidt anfi toie ^ ba« UiUft Waa 
^oii fiber nnS ^ nSIbet ! 
SBit fern ben gi&Kii Slang btr Tin 
Urn una tot Sonnenfi^etoe toc^n 
Set S3ud^ ioite Sl&tteti 


0MJ. [®&ttlngcr TA^tttbaab. 

Ttui taufntb Jtt^ fi^Ot. nric fd|6ti 1 
■ fBi(l|Knmiffl(8 tSefdjnKtttt ! 

Singlntn an SB&umen unb (StbOfn!^ 

6ittf<iRxIKn jungf Xriebe I 

.|){(t fdiatttU Utill Iritr atfimet M<i| 

Unb trinft ben (Stif btr Cicbt 1 

iDnnlwiall' unfi, bu ba Sitbt ®dft, 

3n bieftt Suferfb^ungf 

SBft ocnn bu tinfl oom Zob' cnKuft 

3u fcltget Sit)&t))infl 1 
SuB oUcn !BiIIem rauf^ bann 

Bertttoe aSiUionen/ 

iDitf Mbcrliii) eefeQtf fmrtan 
' Cm nnien &rm bmiclHun 1 

Cur<^ Smb' unb ®(aub«i ni^t fftxamt, 

Hn Sinn unb listen ^&^, 

eiinb S^m btn filbjl ttin 3uM nennt, 

Xm SxvbtnilUt n&^I 

ftt^n tiicr wront in ^ieb' unb guif 

eSri aOn ISeU gleittimnul I 

SSic finb ia tinci SStaubl @<i^l(i^ 

Sebettt Don einem .^niel 1 

Sir fpielen aTl' tm Sonmnfc^ein, 

SSergnfiat gemtinei ®(ibt i 

$Sk rutin unb Ibigen/ ^fi unb tirin, 

@eiUift aut unf'rcm @i:abt ! 
9u< aUcn SiMInn fd)all' nnpoi: 

©efang jum Ungtnanntcnf 

Ku i(be< fi$ ben Siienfl trtort 

Kit feintn (SotteeTanbttn t 

(, Google 

Mfc.] URtOtt. 328 

(San ^Stt Ut SBattt "SOtt fo 

ffiie fjttr tai iungtn Eoube f»5 
X)er Salbgefana nftfMlIet 1 

9lfo fangcn fk bdb' j unb bti SBoUi mat Ztmftl ta 
<SbtUt fji^tten |t4 alt' unt tntnfdili^et. Zba bit Sungfian 
ISiItt vom miwPsen ®i$ unb m01)te fii^ ^uftenb am Scuttf 
£)!i$ ft( bee SaltrS ^fdf aitiunbeltr iwld)e bem iSceifi 
aSalb in ber ^tftigen Wtb' o:Iofd)tn iwii:, rtii^f fit jtjt l^m 
aStenntnb unb fputftt m(I unb mad)l' (in Iraufta ®(fi^ti^ 
3nur l&c^Ut 3)an( nnb tiifte bae tofigt SSigblrinf 
iDaS t^m (»Ib an bit &Ht fid) f^iiflKj tiijtnlii^ fcftnb. 

Sotann iSlattfn ^illn 

(17S0— 1814) 
Was bom on the 2nii Deceinber, 1750, at TJlm. 
TTi'n &theF was ProfeesoF at the GymnBaium, where 
he received his education. In hie twentieth year he 
went to Gottingen, where he received holy ordera. 
He was afterwards appointed Greet Profeasor at 
the Qynmasium of tJhn, and, in 1810, consistorial 
coungeUor. He died in June, 1811. 

He is everywhere known by the sentimental 
novel " Stewart," which caused a great sensation 
on its appearance. But in his poems he more 
especi^y excels. His Elegies, Ballads, and Songs 
are all written with exquisite grace, and are to this 
day in the mouths of all classes. 

0, Gooi^le 

jSainr. [XVni. Sa^ttninbert. 

2Cn einem gruljlingamorflen. 

StSHie t5nt un tnfi) fo ffi^ SS^Q! 
Si^n nK(ft die ^rit^ 91a(t)tigaa 

Unb fK)5 6ea(ilft Dom SEifleWjotf 
©ttigt groS unb l)(a We ©oim' fnqMt, 
JDi( htrj i^ ft^t oabotatn. 

Bit &K^' CTWdtftt auf frif*« Miu 
Unb r*fitWi jid) bm S)«t«it^u 
Som trriunti^n ©cPeberj 
©ie fdjtwW unb fltSnirt* taxm fleft^n, 
Unb ttittet ttirt befonntMi ^Wv 
3^ Sitargcniieb ^emtebcr. 

HSo^taufr nnibclebttg '^ecji 
iDet ©inartin bft^ (itanMlmfitM 
aStt Sutwl nad))ufd)n>inaen t 
SBo^lauf, btm .4)etrn/ btr writ tinb bmt 
mniebtnb Cuft unb Stben Ibreuti 
iCein SRocgcnUeb ju fingen ! 

3ia, bid)/ bu ©egengqueOf tz^bt, 
aSa* nuv «n ^albte 8eben leM, 
Unb fteut p* belnei ®flte. 
Z>u: ioOt bafi nieb'cc JBetlc^n Sntftt 
Z>i4 pceiflr gcfi't tn blaut fiufti 

ffin Brine gif(% to Oaten ©ee, 
iDei rege aSurro auf bnntem JClee 
SDantt fttubtg bit frin Seben. 
3Mr bantt ber laotc SSiencnf^nMxmi 

(, Google 

iDii ^i^metleilingcf fcri Don ^rmi 
Hie i^ter J^W entfdjtwben. 

Mnh W aai tanfent At^ten ftfiaRt 
2>n: Sibgel £ieb com i8i[!enn>a[b 
3n bdiwS Sfftonrt Stofta 
SuT<^ beine ^anb atflttigt, ni^ 
Sm ^^ Stejit bci diabm fSM, 
Xit fr&^ bid) angmifni. 

Ci^ bet'8 in bHndor Slac^t etfprift, 
Unb tegt auf aSooi fii^ aicber, 
Sio^ tc^ret mo$ unb Slinb nnb Sc^f, 
gi:i3& fcljrl bet 3S«tfd)i erquidt wm ®d|loff 
3u aSetb' nnb Htbdt mitbtc 

9ucl) idh @i!^ftt, jau^' tmpor 
3n beinet ^Hfiplm^ eniem <SI)att 
suit Jtraft jum aSwt' eTqui(!et« 
iDa rinse mtin Su^ ^[l unb frifdv 
3nB taufenbfad)e euftgenrifcl) 
Btledtec SBefen blicht 

t@ @ott/ toie bUf Don Cieb' a^Mtt 
tai imm(t mirfi< btin fibm&ilb, 
£ui:d)6 StbcnCebtn naUcn } 
Unb wenn bie* febtn rinft oerbliilit, 
fSDlCtantm'iui: bic mem Sutidlteb 
3m ■|>inin»li<I)ar erfc^Uen I 

0, Gooi^le 

S26 IRttttmbtVt. [Sittinan iDU^ntunb. 

Was born at Tondem, in Schleavig, on the 3rd of 
JoDuaiy, 1787. He atadied jurispradetice at Jena 
and Leipzig, and afberwu^ joined the Daoiah 
nrmj, from which he retired in 1766, with the 
rank of captain. In 1776, he received the appoint- 
ment of Danieh consul at Lubeck. He died on the 
1st of November, 1823, at Altona. 

G-EKBTENBESG waB a Ifiic and dramatic poet. 
As a dramatist, his characteristics were fiery feel- 
ings and high tragic style. His moat noted trageify 
ia that of " Ugolino" for the idea of which he was 
indebted to the ' Pwgatorio' of Dante. In lyric 
poetry, hia " l&ndeleien" (Trifles) contains many 
poetical thoughts, marred by some puerilities. The 
" Oedieht einei Skalden" reminds us otten of the 
artl^s lays of the early Minnesingers. 

Zui Usoltno.— JBiettei Xufjug. 

JDin id) tnblit^ aQein? (Si ^ijSibt ben SSor^cht ab.) ^Ur 
oat i(^ Jtftnis 1 -Oicr wa iij S"unb unb SBatn I fUt nMr i^ 
angiitttt I 3^ ^d|tt n»^. 3A twtstt SttaMn im 6tau6t 
meiiud gupttim ft^n i unb fo oerloi: iij a'SkS, xeai bat pots 
Uifrdjc Sct^ingntp mn gtixn tonntt. Sienn iif mit [t^t bat 
ffiOim ©epr&ngCf bit Sropli&cnj ben Stolj ntttncr tnegenfu^n 
aoHt jurutt ertauffn linnh, ad) mit Sntjiictai flib' i(% (fe aOt 

Vflotfno.] IGmttnAtrg. 827 

' bk grpta^fttn ^iUfWm&^isin^n, um rin banHuttS iUjtta 
^ta: nrit^nibtn DBangtiv nm rincn belotinenbtn SUct t^ 
](ugeni nm rincn Son t^ 8ipp<nf um rintn Stu^n bet 
gtmibe aui i()nr ScuiL 3^ Ugolfnof ins toarft gtAdltd) I Arin 
@tn;bli(^ nui etddtit^ 1 Unb bn ^iltt^ gliteRii^ wOenbtn 
I6nmn! Z)a fi^t ber Stodiell 3(1) 6{n beitOtttbci: tnrinnr 
(Stonetta 1 ffiibet: mii% ^bt fit i^ bMc^ Xntli( jam ^imxatl ! 
Xuf t^mt Ugotino tit^ tf)i nnmiOion; Stijatten ben S&^tx 
f)erabl eiebtnenfirbiger ®ci{lt Ittbenftcikbig in bdnem Uti: 
mnt^ ! 3|t bcin XntOfe aan) ttnflE X^I bein Kntti^ (ft rniftl 
Qinjt ^b' i^ bii^ stfttinf mrint Sianetta j liebcooQ unb \iifii>' 
tern fontp bu in meint Snne. Stugefof Ubalbini ttot ^aan { 
bof (Stmonb M ^(^"^ caufil^t lautn i fnn btefforbigUS 
utofTrndtitrt Vngcfit^t tobtt bom Storm frina QtOt ) n wilitc 
frine abcitlitfn Sugm nirit ^emx i Zidt unb SBnberbtn laufi^ 
ttn tti(f)t in€l)T im 0d)lriei bet Kodjt t Su aba lagft fntditfatn 
at^ntenb an mrinnn <^lfe. jDa n^b fii^ mein ^j 1 £)a er? 
tonntt abiggteci nci^ dnroal @^arbe«ui( ben SRann I ICa 
imrcn btint Slitb mtlbj icie bn Sltorgcnt^u ; unb bdne fu^tn 
Siipfxitr btine ^tOtaclippnu brine aShinntlippen (tt ti^ fit) 
nanntm ^a'e SJefwier beinm erretlre 1 9lun bin id) fltbeugt, 
meint £iebe I aXtin ^<a i^ mm graor xa6) mtiu Sort ift 
fOrt^tetlidjf mic etneC Okfangenen. 2)o4 ^ erof < iOtergen nnrb 
ja bmmen I fdjrttCli^ bunteltct^ unb f(f)n&I ban ©enrittern roirb 
ftia bmmen 1 3n fetncm (djiMi^en Stia^le »iC i^ etUTdjen! 
3n feinct ecb&cenbeti SBoIh follf mit gtuet com .frimmelf mtin 
@rift fiber ^fa |te^n! 2)ann erjittre cin @Ienberl aber nur 
tiner. geuer unb m<^ \ ift mrfne ®ianeffa gefalltn 1 (fle^t 
tjtftinnig) 3Rit @ift ^ingcric^et ^n ft< mrine Sianctta? 

328 %tiitiaii^. [pttfttnbtti'ttlifiBm. 

Stft fogni (it aut btn SSoitoi mrintr Etcbe? a^ ! aul tm 
Sottnt nuinneifbe? Stnfaint Otbtl it^KauccI !Bai? mit 
®ift ftingnii^ ^btn fit mdntSfonttta? (gcfit (tUlfciirorigtQk) 
Son DiMif {4 bit Stimme M KbsrunM wtstffml baf 
iA ffc nit ettiArt (5ttt ! @in Stbctn^oufi btc Str^ungtmbtii I 
Sin Sebtin^ui bet IBtrliungrenbm I benn bcr S^ima ifi nm 
bftfn etanU an wrMt I ®tn (Stbtin^onS btc JQtr^unettnbtnl 
•^ ! »it tt m&C^t ber Qhbanit t irit er fic^ in mii; umCt^ I 
3(^(annif|n ni^anibenbnl unb ma9nf#l S> pfail ])fuit 
SSmnbrnol fib: bit ^a^iniiitat I tidett Sranbmal I SA tann 
mid) btintr nidit tnvtiirtn ; bu aBo^n^uS bti @if|ttdtne 1 ni^t 
mttit Stttia mtinii Omftbtisiuig I ®ntfC I (Snip btn ©cbtint 
Qi^aatbtUa'Sl (Stuft nittntt Suftt^^g I abtr trft meinn: 
JBtneefungl af)l nic^ nnrmelnn:! SAc^terltc^I ^ I^finltnl 
^itr mit btm Zobt lingtn ! tinfam ! son ftiner fttunbfdiaftli^IRi 
■iKinb URtrrftaetlsanttinfomt mttn SEBefb, mtint ^Mtr lingi 
um mii^ gtfammtU 1 btnnoi^ ganj tinfam 1 jtbtr @inn doH 
if)tttStnvtfungIftoI)ttr(i(I)et aU einfaml Xcbf mit ttintr bit^ 
fhtb, bu M|l futrfllerli* ! 3* toilt ni(t|f, id) WiK bi* nld* 
btnttn 1 (ei fit^t dhibbo.) ZNx^ itdngt mt^ bitTet Snbliil Ui^ 1 
baS id) Oattr unb SOtenFd) ycqn mufi I @te^ auf, araitr (Sabbo 1 
£u ontooittfl ni4tf 

Was bom May 9th, 1752, at Hanover. Ho was 
admitted into tke " Dichterbund" yery shortly after 
entering upon hie studies at Gottingen. At his 
death, which took place on the 10th of September, 

(, Google 

@6tlinen XH^terbunt] Clavlrfiitf. 329 

1806, he held the post of councillor of juatice in 
the Suchy of Brunswick. 

The fame of Lbisbwitz, as a poet, principally 
aroie from his tragedy, "Julitu von Tarent;" a 
powerful dramatic production, remarkably adapted 
for the stage by the vigour of its language, the 
lioldneaB and originality of its conceptions, and its 
powerful repreaentatione of deep feeling. Thie, 
■with the " TTgolino" of hia friend GrEBSTSifEBBei, 
were amongst the works most read and admired of 
ScHiLLEB in his youthful days. It first appeared 
in 1776. The coDected works of Lbisdwitz, pub- 
lished at Tienna, 1816, contain many humourous 
compositions of some merit. 

.^atttitas Claulitus 

Bom at Bheinfeld, in Holstein, on the 15th of 
August, 1740. He studied at Jena. At a later 
period we find him at "Wandsbeck, near Hamburg, 
editing a political review called "Asmm," or the 
"Wtmdgheck Courier," which became very gene- 
rally known. He died 21st of January, 1815, at 

Cla^ttdics may be numbered among the people's 
poets. Hia works are marked by great simplicity, 
humour, and cordiality. The collection made by 
him in 1771, and including the whole of hia poetical 
and prose writings, was entitled " Warka of the 


880 CUvmiai. [(9&Ctinen Xtu^terbunb. 

Wandibeek Courier ." It extended to Beven Tolumea. 
Patriotic, pious, and philoBophical, — his style, though 
not elegant, is agreeable, and remarkably wied. 
He traneporta your thoughts to days gone by. 
He makes yon weep — as he makes yon laugh — by 
calling forth your sympathy, and by enabling yon 
to recognise a fellow-creature and a friend in the 
characters he paints. Many of his songs are exceed- 
ingly popular, the " Ei^mweinlied" in particular. 


jOctr&nit mit iaub ben Uibm mCUn &ti)a 

Unb ttintt \bn fc6t)Ud) Ua. 
3n fiotig @uropiai i^i: ^enxa 3ti^ 1 

3jt fol4 ein ffiein n{d)t mtbt. 
CFt tommt nii^ ^r aai Unsom nod) a\xt ^akni 

9tMt) ma man fcanjmSnn'ftl) fpnc^t i 
S)a mag &anU SieiC, bee SiitUi:, aStin m ^Un I 

SBit ^olen t^n ba ni^t 
X^n btingt ba j SSotetrlonb aui ((inei S^Se { 

Wt is&t' tr fiMi(t fo gut I 
aBie nic' er fonfl fo ebtl unb fo fHIUi 

llnb bo^ mQ £tafl unb <Kuf^ I 
th ntd^fl nid)t &bnaa im beutfd)tn Slrirfit ; 

Unb Diele SBeige. ^ict, 
0tnbr tcie bte meilanb Artteti fault fSitt^i 

Unb ni^t bet ©telle wertf). 
C^iirineen* Steigei jum Siempel, btingnt 

®enii<!f)6j Pei)t ant mle SBeini 

(, Google 

ER^rimcriniieb.] Clanlrfiitf. 3S1 

3ft't aia ni(^ ) man f ann baM aiift fingtnf 

jDabri m<ftt fct^Iu^ feqiL 
|m @t}9cbtiee bfitft i^ au(^ ni^t fu^t 

SSknn i^ SBnn fbibtn woCt f 
iDat bnngt nur @ilbent) unb JtoboUIiit^nf 

Unb ttaos iau^fb. 
Bee Slocttbne i|t bet langc 4>nc ^^fltrr 

Qt mad)t nuc Sfnbi »ie ba f 
£'tuin tanjcn audf) b« Anihiit unb fein jeik|tei 

Suf i^m bit JCn i^ unb CUKr. 
3m St^rini am ER^nni ba toadifen unfte Keben : 

&tftffut feq btr Sl^tin ! 
iDa wai^en fit am Ufh ^in, unb gtbra 

UnS bicfcn fiabemdn. 
Sfc trtnlt i^n bcmv unb la^ unt alle ffitgt 

Uni ^u'n unb fcUiUd) fe^n I 
Unb n)agten mftr »o Stntanb trautig I&gtf 

Sir gSbcn i^m btn SSein. 

fiSon bet gteunbftt)aft. 
^^on bcr f])ti(^ nun tfncr : (k fid fibetaH i btt anbtre : ^ 
fici ntegmbC } unb el ^f|t ba^n, twr von btlben am Argfttn go 

ffitnn bu 9o^ t"" l^^t^ t^men (ibrfb fo tmcfl bu finbeni 
xSI}mt ^n btn ^Inut nritbtt : unb bafi ^$m |u S^^eunbc i 
unb boci) {ft oft )trif(^n U)ntn nxfUt nfc^Sr M bap rina ben 
ai^em tcafiti bamit tr t^n mieba bate/ unb fie m fi dnanbet 
wei^eUtDcife jum Wanen (aben : bemit wie bu fCc^fti iH frfeCf 
wit la Dtelen anbecn g&llcn( ein jeba nui feln eigenet ^tmtb, 


332 ClatAffitf. [Ottninen U^ittab. 

unb nic^ M antent grtunb. Sd) p^Uff tin (oId)ei Citig 
ir^IIttnlxi1t(unbfd)afC<n" )U nennen. SIBcnn bu dntn iangm 
'^UunbnjiDtia anfic^ftf fo ^xefft a ftinft&mmi^ unb no^ 
ScmnUt mH j fd)nnbe|t bu i^n abti ab : fo ifl n; innxnbig 
t)ot)Ir unb ifi fo ein tiocteneir ^iitoama^ti Stkfcn bariiu 

®o ganj cein gent's ^iei fnilid) fcllcn ah, unb etmaS ^tnfd^ 
licbei pfttgt jTi^ too^t mtt etnjumif^en i abn iai crfte ©efcS 
bet gieunbfc^ft fDH bod) ftin : baf etner b<e anbem S^unb 
fd Unb baS pKiCt i|l: ba^ bu'g oon 'C<«)(n ftitft unb @ute8 
unb fflifeS mit ifini tt)eileftr raie'S ooifommt. iEiic ^att^r ba 
man btn unb itnen ®tam aUdn be^alttn unb feineg S<^"^ 
r<^n(n nOIr ift mtiftcnl Sdrtclet: benn tUn bonim ffl er betn 
g«unb( baft « mit untnttrte unb e* bnnoi ®d)ultan Irit^er 
tnai^. £)ritttnl : bi^ bu btintn ^ninb n{dt)t imeimal Htbn. 
Kbei inenn'e bei bir IRott) tftr unb n tietftn bnn : fo ntratn bti 
flud) Wn ffllatt Doir'i tKauI, fonbnn qf^ unb fbtbert ^f^ 
^tcaufc oil ob'l fc fein ntfifftf unb gat nUtfi anbnS fetn ttnnc. 

<^t brin Sceunb etnuf an fic^ bat mi^ tangt, fo muft bu 
i^m boS nii^t »ect)aUm unb tt axijt tntfc^uEbigen etgen Qin ; 
aba atgen ben biitttn fOlann muft bu t§ Mrf)att«n unb tnb 
f^ulbtgen. — 9Xai^ tU^ ftljiHa 3cmanb gu beinim gicunbt. 
3fl er"* ab« riwnal, fo mu| n't flcflen ben britten fERomi mtt 
olkn frinen ^i^Utn frin. Stnue Sitnnlu^tett unb ^artettidilttt 
fib ben ^eunb f^etnt mtt juc gt:ennbfi^ft in biefer S3ctt |n 
at^tten. iDenn n)ollte0 bu an i^ nuc bie aWii) t^ unb 
liebenSra&rbieen Sigenfi^ften t^tn unb licben/ i»^u ninfE bn 
btnn (etn gmmb ? lOai foil ia jebet wi[bfmnbe> unpartriifc^ 
SXann t^un. 9tdnr bu muft brinen ^mxiA mit aUemi umS an 
i^m ifl/ in btinen Vxm unb in brinen @i%ut ne^men j boS 

0, Gooi^le 

JBon bet Sctunbf^a^] ClaaUfn*. 333 

granum saJie txtflt^t fii^ son ftKjIj unb ba^ auS einetn tblen 
ftin unebler ttKtbm mfife. 

SI gibt tine f&Tperli^ ^tunbTdwfC. 9taif) bet nxtbtn audf) 
{tori ^ferbCf bie cine ^illang betfammenftetKni Sieunbe unb 
ttnnen (ins beS anbern m# enlbefnren. Se gtbt aixii fonH 
noi^ man^r[ei Siten unb SBeranlafllinsen bctfctben. TCba 
eiBcntUcfje gceunbf^ap lann ni(i)t fdn ot)iK Sinignngj unb too 
bit iftf ba ma^ fie fid) ^eni unb con ftlbft So finb fieuter bit 
gufummen &<S^f(ixuit leibtn unb an eine ntiifb 3nft' B^roorfen 
nxxbcn/ gceunbe. fR&mlii^ bag gleii^ ®efii^l ba 9tct^ in ilinen 
Tdkn, bie gleic^ ^offnung unb ber eine aBunfd) nocf) ^iilfe 
einigt fie j unb bo« bleibt op Hjx ganjeS 8eben ^inbutrfj. ©inerlei 
®tfA^I/ einettei SSunfdh einerlei ^offnung etnigt ] unb ie tnniget 
unb ebttr bieS ®0lfi, biefer SSunfc^ unb biefe .{loffnuna |1nb : 
befto innteer unb tbkc ijt qui!) bie Snunbf<^fti bit bocaus 

aber, benffl bu, auf bit SBeife foKten jo oHe IStenft^n auf 
Srben bU innigllen gceunbe fein? gretti* m1)U Unb ti ip 
meine SScE|uIb nit^tr baf fie H nii^ finb. 

^)tinimt an mit ^tXUm )}tiijtn Xtong/ 
gfinunt on bofl Bieb bet Steber, 
Xti SSateirlanbeB '{iocf)gefans i 
Cos SOoIbtiial IjaU' i^n TOieberl 
3i(r atten JBatben S^oteclonbr 
iDein aJatertanb ber Zttat, 
XAc, nientoU outgefune'nti Sonbi 
iDii roci^n ate ung auf' < neue. 

fflattiisA €lsxiaixa. 
Sfur Vfintntugenb ok unt dkiIiiv 

Sic lubtn bnit1<^ Sri^U^tijn 
Unb aitt beutfi^ eutcn. 

BEc ajoibm fotltn Bttb' unb Stiib 
iDn^ fiftcr Xugmb pntfnv 
Unb foUtn biebce SX&mur ftpi 
3n WfyittB unb in HSrifcn. 

ffitit Uneeftfim riA mMl 

Unb itbtr ti^ btutft^ gjlann 
0oII ^cunb unb iSrubtr fyifm. 

£)et Stuping. 
I^tute nnU i<l) fT6f)Iu!f)r fctblic^ frint 
Jtcinc Iffieif unb Idne 9itt« ^htn t 
CBill mid) nt&Iicn unb era gnubt r<^<:«iv 
Unb bn Xtnig foil tnir baS nid)t vx^zen. 

fflenn (I (ommt mit fefntr Snuben Qifoax 
{Kutt auB bet aXoigemrtt^ .^[[tnf 
Oincn Dlumtnbanj um SSniH unb ^at 
Unb auf frinti Siivlikt Stac^tigolbiL 

^nb fcin Snttift (fi i^m toQ) nnt> atif, 
Unb re tr&uft von !£f)an unb iDuft unb Segnt — 
^ I mrin SC^ijrfue fci ein XncSpotpmC/ 
Unb fo taumC td^ nHtntnt gitunb' entgegtn. 

(, Google 

^art m. 

Poeta on Schitlrr, by Prince Albert. — Scbillbk's Lifb, 8w. 
Dhauatic WftiTiNoB! "Die Bduberi" "Fiescoi" "Don 
Carloi:" " WallentteiB i" " Maria Sfiiart :" " Die Jungfran 
vonOrUani:" " Die Braut tan Meeiina ;" " Wilhelm Tell i" 
" Kabalt und lAebe," Sx. Hibtobical Works : "Gegchiehte 
der Niedrrlande i" " Geichichte dee dreiizigjUrigen Kriege." 
PoEus: " Eine Leiektnpkanlatie ;" "Dai GlOei und die 
Weitheit," " Der Atpe^ager :" "Die Worte det Glaubeiu ," 
" Dae Kind in der Wiege ," •' An die Mgefiker i" "Wahi," 
" Die Glocke," Sic. Btc. 

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3n ba$ ec^iUetS HQim. 

•i Ifl aiif^Iikn to 3t'[ 'wt la In KiitlR •■[h|. 

» t.48.rM<» 


H •.in, tilt. 

1 ngKffp bi MI 6«|. 

SHiKt, ¥rin? 

(, Google 


No German author is so well known to the English 
public as ScHiLLEB, particularly since Thohas 
Cablile, who more fully than any foreigner, by 
dint of his original and cxpansiTe mind, entered 
into the realms of Qerman speculatiTe and ima^- 
native ideas, has written the biography of that great 
poet, and enabled the kindred race of the great 
Teutonic family in this country to recognize and 
appreciate hia genins. We fully agree with Cab- 
LTLE, when he says : " Of all the writers of the 
eighteenth century, none has a stronger cl^m upon 
our notice than baa Sohixieb. Distinguished 
alike for the splendour of his intellectual ikculties, 
and the elevation of bis tastes and feelings, he has 
left behind bim in his works a truly noble monu- 
ment of these great qualities; the more remarkable 
when we consider with what peculiar difficulties 
and harassing circumstances be had to contend, 
and how early in the years of productive manhood 
death carried bi-tn off." 

(, Google 

S88 fttfifUer. [XVIH. 3a^i:^b«L 

gloiganii iKticfstopli jFctelntFi) bon Sc^fUn 

(176»— 1806), 
Beet known hj the last of his CbriBtiaa names, 
VM bom Kovember 10th, 1759, at Marbach, a 
country town in the Duchy of Wurtemberg. Hia 
father, Johaiht Casfas Schilleb, was originally 
an army-ani^ieon, who afterwarda entered the army 
itaelf aB an ofBcer, and ended his days at Ludwigs- 
burg, as manager of an extensive nursery planta- 
tion belonging to the Duke. 

Among the early characteristics of young Sohil- 
LEK, aa deBcribed by Korkxb, were piety, gentle- 
ness, and a tendemeBS of conscience. He received 
the rudiments of his education at Loreh, a frontier 
village of the "Wurtemberg territory, where hia 
parents were residing from the year 1765 to 1768. 
Scuillbb'b poetical temperament was developed 
at an early age. Amongst several traits indica- 
tive of this, we may mention the following: — 
When scarcely past the period of iniancy, it is said, 
be was missed during a thimderstorm. Hia &ther 
sought him, and found him in a solitwy place, on 
the branch of a tree, gazing at the scene. On 
being reprimanded, he is said to have replied : 
" The lightning was very beautiful, and I wished to 
see whence it came." 

He was nine years old when he first saw the 

®d)iUti; in estuttgart] ^tiaUr. 339 

interior of a theatre. This circumBtance seemed 
at once to discloae hia genius. Prom that moment 
all Ms boyish sports had reference to the drama, 
and he began even to draw up plans for Tragedies. 
Not that his youthfid desire to enter one day the 
Church diminished, but hia whole recreation and 
amnsemeiits were centred in dramatic literature and 

He now continued his studies in a school at 
Ludwigsburg, where be was conspicuous for his 
diligence and activil^ of mind and body. The 
testimonials which he here received induced the 
Duke, who had lately founded a semin^ at Stutt- 
gart, to offer him a higgler education in that insti- 
tution. Hia father, who felt himself under obh- 
gatiouB to the Cuke, reluctantly abandoned his 
intention of granting hie son the profession of his 
wishes; and young ScHiLiiEB,stilI more reluctantly, 
in 1773, surrendered the Church for the Bar. In 
the following year, when each scholar of the eata- 
bliahment was called on to state his particular 
inclinations, he openly avowed "that he should 
deem himaelf much happier if he could serve hia 
country as a divine." And he found legal studies 
so little attractive, that on the addition of a me- 
dical school to the establishment, in 1775, he 
availed himself of the duke's permission to enrol 
himself a member. 

During this period, Schilleb attentively read 

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840 ^tHOtt. [XVin.So^tinbtrt. 

the works of Kiopbtock, Uz, LEBsma, Gothb, 
and G-xsBTEHBEBQ, and hia mind became deeply 
imbued with the idea of attempting original com- 
positian. About the same time he became ac- 
quainted (through WlBlJJfD'B tranalation) with 
the writings of Shaketpere; these he studied with 
great ariditj- and excessive delight, though, as he 
afterwards acknowledged, with but an imperfect 
comprehension of their depth. 

During his residence at Stuttgart, he had com- 
posed an Epic entitled "Motet," and a Tragedy 
called " Cotmode Medici," part of which afterwards 
mode its appearance in " The Bohberg." 

But he had no Booner decided on the medical 
profession, than he reBolved to abandon poetij for 
two years. He wrote a Latin treatise " On the 
Phihtophy of Phytioh^y," and defended a thesis 
" On the Connexion qf the Anvmal and ^iritual 
Natures in Man." He afterwards received an 
appointment as a military surgeon, and was con- 
sidered clever in hia profcBsion. On the expiration 
of his probational course, he found himself no 
longer restrained &om prosecuting his favourite 
study. Accordingly, in the year 1780, he published 
at his own expense, no bookseller venturing to 
undertakeit, thefamousplayof "J>»e.£au&er" (The 
Eobbera), which he planned and began at the age 
of eighteen (1777). 

It BeemB probable from his own testimony, and 

^ttioi e. Stonnbcrfl.] ^^Okr. 341 

from the general eyidence, that the militaiy des- 
potiBm which preraQed at tiie Beminary in Stuttgart 
had giveu rise to this play- It lumiBhed Soeixlsb'b 
idea of rarder and goTemment, while his own reet- 
leaaneas beneath the rigid Bystem of militaiy Hub- 
ordination supplied him by contrast the notion of 

The Baron von Dai^bebo, manager of the theatre 
at Mumheim, had it produced on the stage in 1782. 
SCHZLLEB wae preeent at the two firet represen- 
tationa which took place in January and May of 
that year. Bia absence however came to the know- 
ledge of the Duke, sai he was placed under arreBt 
for » fortnight. 

But hie misfortunes did not end here. A passage 
in the " Sobberg " gave offence to the house of the 
Qriaons, who complained to the Duke. The refnilt 
waa, that Schillbk was enjoined to abstain from 
writing on any subject but medical, and to abandon 
all connexion with other states. But KoBFEfi in- 
forms ua, that, however exasperated at the time, he 
spoke kindly of the Duke, and when hia mind had 
calmed evea justified his proceeding, attributing it 
not to any pereonal unkindneaa, but to hia ill-taste. 
He, indeed, even dwelt warmly on the paternal con- 
duct of the Doke, who had given him much salutary 
advice and wuming. But when the latter demanded 
to Bee all his poetical papers, Schtllbk stoutly 
reioBed, and the refusal, as might be expected, did 

TOL. I. z 

342 fttj&ftltr. [XVm. 3a^^ 

not &il to give aerioua offence. Tet the Duke seems 
not jet to have tenotmced Ub interest in Mb young 
&TouTite, for no iueaBiu«B were taken againat him 
or hia femily on the discoveiy o£ his subsequent 
absence from Stuttgart, and Schilleb even pmd a 
visit to his parraits' house daring the Doke's li&, 
without meeting with any molestation. For this 
departure he wished the Duke's permission, and 
endeavoured, through hia friend DiXBEBS, to obtain 
it ; but impatient at the tediousneas of the n^otia- 
tdons, he took advantage of the festivities occa- 
sioned by the visit of the Archduke Paul of Sussia, 
in October, 1782, and left Stuttgart by stealth. 

A youth named Steeiceeb was the companion 
of his wMideringa. All Schiu.eb's fortune lay in 
his tragedy of " Ftesco," which he bad, for the most 
part, composed when under arrest. Arrived at 
Mannheim, he presented his play to the stage 
manager, Meieb (for Dai-bbbo was at Stutt- 

Mkieb after a perusal was struck vdth the real 
merit of "Fiesco," and agreed to bring it on the stage, 
if ScHilJ^EB would make some requisite alterations. 
Meanwhile, Schili.£b and his friend were warned 
by letters from Stuttgart that their position at 
Mannheim was perilous. They accordingly once 
more took flight, and after many hardships took 
up their quarters at an inn at Oggersheim, wh^e 
"Fieaeo" woe completed, and another called "£jiiale 

(, Google 

aitabamc son SSoIgogcn.] ^tifUtt. 813 

«hm2 Liebe " begun. While at this place, Schillxb 
was offered on aBylum at Bauerhach, near Meinin- 
gen, au eetate of Madame von Woleo&xm, with 
whoge sooB he had studied at Stuttgart. Hariiig 
disposed of his " Fietco " to a bookseller, he availed 
himself of the generous invitation, whilst Stbeichss 
pursued his way alone to Hamburg. At Bauerbach 
SoHiLLEB found repose and appliances for atudy, 
finished " Kahdle und lAebe," and sketched out his 
"Don Cbriw." 

In 178S, ScHiLLES took up hia residence at 
Mannheim, where he occupied himself with thea- 
trical projects. Not long after, he formed an at- 
tachment to Margaret, daughter of his friend 
SoHWAMH, the bookseller ; a lady whom aome sup- 
pose to have been hia " Laura." During this 
period, he wrote essays on dramatic subjects, edited 
a periodical, " The BiheniaK Thalia ;" composed a 
poem called " Conrad von Schwaben," and a second 
part of " The Bobbers," to soften down the incon- 
gruities of the first. Some scenes of his " 2)on 
Carlot" appearing in the " Thalia,^' attracted the 
notice of the reigning Dute of Saie Weimar, who 
was then on a visit to the comrt of the Landgrave 
of Hesse Darmstadt. 

The Duke, a lover of literature, and himself a 

poet, appointed Schillbb a member <^ his council. 

In March, 1786, the Poet removed to Leipzig, 



844 smauv. [xvin. Sa^t- 

where, by his norka, he had gained many 

He spent the summer of 1785 at a village in the 
neighbourhood, n^ned Ctohlia, aurrounded by warm 
and affectionate friends. There it waa that he 
wrote hia "Lied an die Freude" (Ode to Joy). 
But his joy was fated to be overclouded. He 
wrote to SoowAi's, soliciting an union with hia 
daughter, a request to which, from their mutual 
attachment, he had entertained no anticipation of 
a retiisal. The father, however, had apparently 
Been enough of Sohixleb's habits to infer that his 
wealth waa not litely to equal hia feme, and the 
Foet was met with a reiusal. 

In the same ywx he left the friendly circle at 
Leipzig for Dreaden. Here he completed his 
"Don Carloi" which he recast as far as waa prac- 
ticable; and ia aupposed to have assimilated his 

princess " Eboli " to a cert^ Fraulein A , 

a great beauty of that city. Here, too, he sketched 
the plan of a drama, which he named "Der 
Mengchm/eind " (The Misanthrope) ; cdlected 
materials for a history of the Revolt of the Nether- 
landg under Philip II.; and wrote his strange 
romance "Der Qeixtergeher" (The Ghost Seer), a 
work suggested by the quackeries of Cagliostro, 
At this period, also, were written his " Pkiloaaphi- 
eal liettert." In 1787, he repaired to "Weiniar, 

0, Gooi^le 

■^ciber— ffiielanti— Sit^t.] ^tbOUt. 345 

wbere he was received vith great warmth by 
Ubbs£r and Wixlabb. Schillek here under- 
took the man^ement of a periodical called " The 
Oerman Merewy" which he enriched with Beyeral 
contributions in verae and prose, and to which he 
imparted new life and vigour. In the same year 
he received an invitation from Madame von 
WoizoQBN to visit her at Meiningen. On hie 
return thence, he made a brief sojourn at fiudol- 
stadt, but a memorable one, aa it was here that he 
was introduced to Fraulein von Lbnoefeu), hia 
fiiture wife. 

During his sojourn with this fhmily of Lengefeld, 
he made his first acqmuntuice with Goths. The 
impressions then made on him by this great 
maBter-mind we thus detailed : — 

»3m ©anjtn flenommHi," f(l|rieb re ii6« biefc 3ufammen. 
hrnft, /,i|l mriiM in b« S^iot gtro(iE 3I)« Don ©SHxi naif) 
bitfn pcrfinlid^rn Selanntfi^ft, ni^ Qcrmtntett moiben j aire 
iil pjtiper ob inte dnanbet \t fe^c natK cflcten weAm. SJitletr 
xooA ntk je|t noi!| intretfont t|!f toai id) nDi!| ju wSnrd)ni unb 
ju^offen^be, ^at feineQpod]ebci}il!mburd|t(bt Seinsanjtt 
IBeftn ift fd)an »oti Knfang ^n anbert angtltgtr aU boB mtinigtr 
fctiu 9BeIt ifl nic^t bit mriniger unfret Bioc^IIunelarCen fn^tn 
nteftntlid) iKifd)iet«n. ^nbejlen fdjUeft fi^ aoi ISinre folt^n 
Suftunmentunft nH^ fic^ unb girfinblid). Cit ^it nKrb but 

' "OnEhtwbale, mj'truij'lilghlduDrGBTEihuDoIbHD dlmialiliid 

0, Gooi^le 

346 *r)&aUr. [XVm. 3o^ 

"Time will teach fiirther;" and, in trnth, time 
soon Inuuglit about what was scarcely ex- 
pected; although CLOTHE had been prejudiced 
against h™ on the perusal of " The ScAbert," and 
had. eren avoided an interview, yet, in a few 
months, he evinced his interest in Schilleb and hie 
high estimate of hia abilities by eiertiag himself to 
obtain for the author of " 7^ RevoU of the Nether- 
land*" the appointment of professor to the vacant 
chair of History in the University of Jena. This 
work had only in part seen the light, bnt it had 
already spread Schillbb's reputation as an histo* 
rian. In bis new situation Schillxs laboured 
diligently, not only in reading and writing history, 
but also in the continued cultivation of poetry. 
He was at all times, as such a mind might be 
expected to be, devoted to classical literature. 
But, at this period, he imposed on himself a close 
applicatdon to this especial study, with a direct 
view to the purification of bis taste and style. He 
studied " Homer," in particukr, with great ardour 
and delight, and translated into German tbe "Iphi- 
ffeoia in AidU," and a portion of tbe " Fhcenitga of 



coutie, but 


belbei ire 


rycloKlj. Much 

whicb 'li >e 



much wbtob Ei 

luiiK mj wbh 




oul lu period. 

hole being ii, 

the Bnl, I 


t woild il n 


Ion lie »mii 

lilinot. How 


well gro 




tewh futhec." 

(, Google 

ee|U4 von SAratc] *tJbf[Ur. 817 

Euripidet." His freedom, yet accnrai^, putica- 
larly in the former of these traoBlationa, cannot 
but be highly admired. 

He projected a vereioa of the " Agamemnon of 
jSschi/lut" a play which greatly delighted him. 
"When, in 1789, Bubgeb rimted him at "Weimar, it 
was agreed between them that each should trans- 
late one and the same passage of TirgQ, in a metre 
of his own selection, and afterwards compare. 
These pursuits had a perceptible influence on his 
poetry, particulwly his dramas. 

From this year dates what is termed the 


His LQaugaral lecture at Jena was attended 
by an audience in number exceeding 400; nor 
did it disappoint the high expectation which had 
been formed of him. His pen was now a ready 
and certain source of ^ndument ; a " Suton/ of 
the Thirty Yean' War," and a " Qerman IFlutareh," 
among various literary enterprizes of smaller mo- 
meat, were put in preparation. He was admired 
and caressed by the great ; a pension was assigned 
him by the Duke of Saie Weimar, and there was 
now no obstacle to the fiil£lment of his dearest 
wishes. In February, 1790, he obtained the band 
of Fraulein too LvvoEtSLD. We here cost toge- 

(, Google 

348 *eiaier. [XVIU. Soo- 

ther, &om several of his iebten, passages descnptive 
of his satisfaction : — 

nSt lebt ^Hj bo4 ganj anbtrt <m btr Sriti ma liiUn 
%tm, aU fo nnrlatfen nnb altein — av^ im Semtntr. 3t(l 
trff eenieft ift bit ferine 9labn: sanj tmb Irbt in i^. Q€ 
Kribct {!(% aititt utn tnic^ fKcum in bic^ccifi^ Stftalttm unb 
oft ctgt itd)l miebtr in mcfiut Sni#. — StBai f&r tin (i^intS 
foboi ffi^ id) it^tl 3i4 f^ mit ft^Udmn Scific nm nri^ 
^, unb mein <^i fmbtt tint iramenv&^ctnbt fanftt Stfdf 
bieung ouen; fi4f mein @<tft tint fo fi^ 9bt(ntiig nnb 0c 
^oluna- <0tcin>Darc9niflintint^aiinonifi:^@Iefa^Striktti 
ni(^l ltibtnf(^ftiii!^ gtfpamtt aia tn^ unb I)c[l gttKn mit 
Utfe Zagf ba^ — SRtintm C&tftigen @dt)iiltfalt fe^e fi^ mit 
^tittrm SKutl)e tntgegen; v%t, ba id) am tnti^cn Sitlt fe^ 
tiftount ii^ fclbilr iDit mut bc^ fiber meine Snoattungen ^ 
eangen if). iDae ®d|idfal ^at bit Sd^nntrigltittn fb mid) bte 
fiegtr ti ^at mid) jmn Sitit gUiil^am ettiogcn. 9)on btt 
3u!unft ^fe i^ aOtt. aBnrige SatnVf unb id) iwibt im ccOtn 
@tmi^t meineS ®e{|teg Itbetir ja ic^ ^ffci id) nxrlx isicber gn 
mtincr 3uetnb jiniidb^Rn j tin imitrrt iDit^ttcUben gibt nnt 
fit ivx&i." 

This language, while it pTores the writer's affec- 
tion, and l^e purity aad elevation of Ms mind, 
shows his moat amiiing hopes to have been now 
realized. It pleased Providence, however, to afdict 
him in the beginning of the following year with a 
eerere attack of disease in the cheat, from which, 
though ^^ fifteen yeara toere added to Ait lipe^' he 

(, Google 

never recovered. His whole frame was Bhattered ; 
aad repeated relapses left him incapable of publicly 
lecturing, or any other laboriooH exertion. The 
diminution of income consequent on this caUmity 
added much to its severity. But this was not long 
to be a part of Ma diatreaa. The Crown Prince 
of Denmark, and the Count von ScHiMUELiLAjni', 
offered him a stdary of 1000 thalers for three years, 
vvith a deHcaoy and Mndneas, as he informs ua, 
not lesa gratifying than the boon itaelf. Unem- 
barrasaed now by narrow circumstancea, or by 
public duties, he applied bimself to the study of 
nietaphysicB. His Mends at Jena, Faxtlds, Schutz, 
HtTFEiLUTD, and Beinhou), had initiated him in 
the philosophy of Kaitt, the influence of which 
showed itself in some of his prose writings. 

History next to poetry was Sohilleb's fevourite 
employment ; and he was now occupied in an emi- 
nently congenial work, on which his reputation as a 
prose writer is chiefly founded, — " The History of 
the Thirty Tears' War' ' The events of that period, 
&om their poetical character, had always a peculiar 
charm for Sohilleb ; and various were his poetical 
projects in connexion with it. They resulted at 
length in the noblest production of his pen, the 
trilogy on the subject of " Walhnttem." It is 
remarkable that during this latter task he had 
much lesa confldence la his poetic powers, criti- 
cised his fonuer writings with greater severity than 

860 dtjbtdtr. [ivm. So^ 

before, and acknowledged that he had become a 
new man in poetry. The buth was, his taste had 
grown sererer and his judgment more ripe ; Mb 
mind, too, hod been disciplined by the study of the 
ancients, in particular of Jristotle, whom he had 
found to differ &r from the French theories as- 
cribed to him. Sohillsk's genius was never more 
Tigorons or brilliaiit, but it was now under guid- 
ance and command. " WaHenttetK " occupied seven 
yean. During this period, the French revolution 
was i^proaching its bloody crisis. Schuleb gave 
the most unquestionable proof of his hostility to 
its barbarooB principles, by projecting an address 
to the Frencli people in favour of their sovereign, 
of monarchy, order, and religion; a project which 
was not executed, only because he could not meet 
with any person who would undertake the transta- 
tion of his intended work. In 1793, the poet re- 
visited the scenes and companions of his youth, 
having previously ascertained that the Duke of 
'Wortemberg would not interf^« with his resi- 
ding at Stuttgart. His meeting with his parents 
was productive of great joy to all parties. 

On his return to Jena, Sohillxb conceived a 
new literary project. He had formed an intimacy 
with Wuhelu von Humboldt (brother of the 
celebrated traveller), who was then at Jena, and in 
concert with him, and his more distinguished &iend 
GoTHB, he started a periodical, called "Die Sorea," 

(, Google 

esc^iUet'eXDb,;] AdbOler. 351 

which the most eminent literaiy men of Germany 
&voiired with their contributions. This was a fer- 
tile period with our poet, for besides &urlj contri- 
buting to this work, and to the " Ahuanack of the 
Muses," he continued to proceed enei^etically with 
his " WtUUnttein." He now produced alao-the 
" Xenien," a collection of varied epigrams, which 
have widely influenced the literature of Oermsuy ; 
and the " Ballads" which are some of the most 
attractive of SchiDer's writings, and were the result 
of a Mendty rivalry with Gothe. In order that, 
in conjunction with hia friend Gothe, he might 
direct the theatre at Weimar in accordance with 
the mutual taste and opinions of both, 9ohilliib 
afterwards settled entirely at Weimar. The reign- 
ing Duke continued and increased the pension be- 
stowed hy the Danish prince, though Schilleb's 
literary aucceHses placed him beyond the need of it. 

" Wdllenstem " was followed in rapid succession 
byhisotherplays: ".ifiwyiS'it«w^,"which appeared in 
1800; the "Juneau mm Orfcon*," in 1801 ; "I>ie 
Braut WM Messina," in 1803 ; " Wilkelm Tell," in 
1804 : he translated Shak»peare's " Macbeth," Gtig- 
zPs " Turandot," and Racine's " Phedra" besides 
some other pieces. While occupied m the tragedy 
of " Demetrius " a severe return of his old com- 
plaint ended his life on the 9th of May, 1805. 

Of his friends and family he took a touching but 
tranquil farewell : he ordered that his funeral should 

852 »tbmn. [XTm. 3aiit6. 

be private, without pomp or parade. The news of 
Schilleb'b death fell coldly on many a heart; and 
not in Qermany alone, but over tUl Europe, it was 
regarded na a public loss, by every one who under- 
stood its meaning. In Weimar especially, the 
scene of his noblest efforts, the abode of bis cbosen 
friends, the senaation it produced was deep and 
universal The public plaees of amusement were 
'dosed, all ranks hastened to testify their feelings, 
to honoiu* themselves axii the deceased by tributes 
to his memory. It was on a Friday that Sohillbb 
died, and it was intended that his funeral should 
take place on the Sunday following; hut the 
state of hia remains rendered an earlier interment 

DoEBDiG thus describes the ceremony — " Accord- 
ing to bis own direction, tbe bier was to be have 
been borne by private burghers of the city, but 
several young artists and students, out of reverence 
for the deceased, took it from tbem. It was be- 
tween midnight and one in the morning when they 
approached the churchyard. The over^ilouded 
heaven threatened nun ; but as the bier was depo- 
sited beside the grave tbe clouds suddenly broke 
asunder, and tbe moon coming forth in peaceful 
deamess threw her first ray on the coffin of the 
departed. They lowered the corpse into the grave, 
and the moon again retired behind her douds. 
A fierce tempest of wind began to howl, as if to 

(, Google 


lemiud the bystanders of their great, their iirepE^ 
lable loss." 

Within the last ten years of his life, he loat his 
aiateT, father, md mother ; the two fonoer in the 
aame year (1796). 

Sohiiieb's lore for poetry, the drama, history, 
and hterature, was genuine ; he loved them for 
their own sake. "Unhappy mortal!" he bo ad- 
dreasea the man who writes for gain, "Unhappy 
mortal ! who with science, and art, the noblest of 
all inatrumente, effectest and attempest nothing 
more than the day's drudge with the meaneet! 
who, in the domain of perfect freedom, bearest 
about in thee the spirit of a slaTe!" The fire 
which animated his genius received its complement 
&om his gentle and peacefiil character, hia mind 
was inspired hy the love of liberty, respect for the 
female character, and enthusiastic admiration of the 
fine arts. 

SoHXEQEL, in hie lectures on dramatic art, re- 
marks — "Shortly aiter G^oths'b first appeaiauce, 
the attempt had been made to bring Shakeepere 
on our stage. The efibrt was a great aad extraor- 
dinary one. Actors acquired laurels in this wholly 
novel kind of representation, and Sohbodek, per- 
haps, in some of the most celebrated tr^c and 
comic parts, attained to the aame perfection for 
wliich Garrick had been idolized in lingland." 

As a whole, however, no one piece appeared in a 

0, Gooi^le 

8U ^ibaUr. [ZYni. 3a^ 

Teiy perfect shape, moet of them were trtumlationB in 
heavy prose, and &equentlj mere extracts with 
diB%uring alterations were exhibited. The sepa- 
rate characters and Bituationa had been hit to a 
certain degree of succeea, but the proper sense of 
Shakespere's composition was often missed. 

In this state of things Sohilleb made bis appear- 
ance, a man endowed with ail the quahficationH 
necessary to produce at once a strong effect on the 
multitude, and on nobler minds. He composed his 
earlier works whilst very young, and unacquainted 
with that world which he attempted to punt ; and 
although a genius independent and bold, he was 
nevertheless influenced in vmous ways by the 
models which he saw in the before-mentioned pieces 
of Lesbeno, by the earlier labours of Gotee, 
and by the great Shakespere, so &r as without a 
knowledge of the language he could comprehend 
ajid understuid him. 

In this way were produced the works of his 
youth : — " Die BdiAer" " Kaiale wtd lAele," and 

We shall now proceed to give an analytical 
surrey of Schilleb'b principal productions. 

FIB8T FEBIOn (1780 — 1790). 

Xiie 3UuI»r. 

" Franz von Mohr," in " Die Sauhevy' is a pro- 

saical " Bichard the Third,*' ennobled by none trf 

(, Google 

the properti^ wUcli in Sha&eapere's play mingle 
admiratioQ with aversioii. 

ScHiLLEB himself HubHequently said, " l^t he 
thanked God that no euch monater aa he had ima- 
giaed had real existence in this vorld." "The 
Bobbere," though a Teiy remarkable Tragedy, bears 
strong marks of the early age in which it was com- 
posed, and that the Poet was misguided by the want 
of that knowledge of human nature which obserra- 
tion and experience alone can bestow, " Karl von 
Mohr" is a character such as a young genius :Kill 
of poetical enthusiasm would delight to picture, 
more especially if we consider the discipline of the 
military academy to which he was subjected, and 
against which he was so much piqued. Karl de> 
parts &om his paternal home, surrounded by the 
most smiling hopes. He leaTBs the object of his 
affection, in the hope of speedily meeting her again. 
But how blasted are all bis hopes ! His Tillainous 
brother, jealous of his seniority, jealous of the gifts 
which nature has bestowed upon E^rl, esTious of 
his prospecta of earthly happiness, intercepts all 
his letters, and succeeds by the greatest hypocrisy 
in prejudicing their venerable parent against him 
by bis false insinuations. He then causes a letter 
to be written, in which he announces to .£arl 
that he is disinherited and cast off for ever. Driven 
to the greatest desperation, he embraces in his rage 
the proposal of some fellow-atudenta to become 

856 »^aUv. [XVin. 3al 

captain of a band of robbers, and to flee into the 
forest of Bohemia. Karl believes himself to be 
entitled to revenge, and ennobles, in his own ejes, 
his actiona, by giving tbem the colour of a disin- 
terested concern for the maintenance of justice. 
JVonz having already broken the ties of nature 
between father and child, attempts by the mi 
diabolical expedients to appropriate to himself a ' 
being whom Heaven destined for a higher and 
better world. Amelia, however, looks upon hin) aa 
her persecutor, and remains devoted to &trl. 

Hia thoughts, although sometimes revolting to 
the mind, sensibly touch the heart. 

What bitter remorse in his speech when he medi- 
tates what he one day could do t vdtat he would be, 
if it were possible ! 

It awakens in n) ft«ltng3 of pity which are 
almost paioiiil to ws ; a» for instance in the scene, 
where, on the htlb b«eide the Danube, he looks at 
the setting siiu. 

nSStmu Unfitant Mriw UsTdluIbl — Gc^t, ti ift mieS 
(tnatDeiaanstib fi<t) in fntblid^ Stia^ bei StJi^inat fu 
fonntn — toarum id) altnn bit ^Ot faugtn aui btn grtubm 
bit ffmmeU ? — iMi XUt6 fo #cEti>^ ift. burd) ben ®eifi btS 
ttUbin* auea fD wtfdprillnt. — Eie flonjt a&U rim gomUie 
unb (in SSattc bort obcn. — SXtin Sotn m^ — u^ oOnn b« 
SSerflo^m, ii^ aOnn auifltmuftctC aai ben Stei^ ber Sldnen 
— mic nld^ bet fuge SRome Xinb — ninuner mix bet ©elitbten 
f(^mac^nbci StlicE — ninuntCf nimmo: brt Sufenficuiibrt 

0, Gooi^le 

*act ailoTC.] Atifller. 357 

ttmonnune. (nntti lurikCfalirenb) Umlagat ten SSAitenv »n 
Kattetn umiifi:^ — angcfd)tnUbct on bat iafUt mft elfmmi 
Sanben — liinou!fd)B)inbeInb in8 ®rab bci Bnbtrbtni ouf M 
eafter* fdinanltnbcm fHo'fyc — tnilten in ben fSbmta bn #cb 
|{(^n ffitlt (in VnltnlKr ICbbaboima t (tOtit «fa^mut«) 10a» 
id) totcbnft^n bficftc in mtinec SRuttet Mb 1 bafi ii^ tin 
SSenio: gtbotro uxrtKn bikfti I — SUinlit^nwntenii^tnt^i 
^imtntl — bafi ii^ ivtcben b&fte uic biefer Soal&tincr don ! 
Df ii^ MwOte m{<i) abmObenr M mir bat !B(ut von btn @#ifcn 
toUtt — mfc bit aSoHuft rine* einjiBtn a)litto96fd)Iafrt jn «« 
taiifen — bit Stliatett rinn: rinjiatn SE^lnt, — S« UKnr dm 
Seitf too fte mic fa gmt floCrtn — o ifir Za^ txi Scitbtiti t bu 
@i^S meiiK j BaterB — il|r gtiliuii ^iimixmta^iitn SE^iler 1 
O olte (tn: SlpfeumSiCwnoi mdner Sinb^t ! — rorebet i^ 
nintmcT iucikctfe^n — nimttui ttiit {6pifcf)em 0iufc(n ineintit 
bmmenbHi Bufen K^fcn ? — Zxmat mit rait/ 9tatur I — ®ie 
nKirbm ntninin judidfe^tnr ntmmei; mit UfKiil)nn @&uftln 
mtincn bicnncnbcn iBufen t^n. Z)a^ 1 ba^ unufebetc 

Strength, wild impasaioned atrength, — tnilj re- 
marks Carlyle, is the distinguiahing qiuJity of 
Xarl Moor. 

" All his hifitory ehowa it ; and his deatli is of a 
piece vith the fierce splendour of his life. Having 
finished the bloody work of crime, and magna- 
nimity, and horror, he thinks that for himself 
suicide would be too easy an exit. He has noticed 
a poor man, toiling, by the way side, ibr eleven 

0, Gooi^le 

3fi8 64nttr. [XVra. Sa^H^ 

children; a great reward haa been promised for 
the head of the Bobber ; the gold will nourish that 
poor drudge and his bo^, and .Sor! goes forth to 
give it them. "We part with him in pity and 
sorrow ; looking less at his misdeeds than at their 
frightful expiation '." 

"Die Vertehtoorunff dee Fieico" was Schillbb's 
first attempt in historical dramas. The opinions on 
that piece are divided; we, however, are inclined 
to think with Hegel, who places this tragedy 
among the best of his early performances. 

Our admiration in this piece is directed to a 
variety of sabjects and characters. "The political 
and personal relations of the Genoese nobility ; 
the luxurious splendour, the intrigues, the feuds, 
and jarring interests which occupy themi, are 
forcibly brought before ua ; we nnderatand and may 
appreciate the complexities of the conspiracy, we 
mingle, as among reahtiea, in the pompous and 
imposiog movements which lead to a catastrophe 
displayed with so peculiar effect. The midnight 
silence of the sleeping city, interrupted only by 
the distant sounds of watchmen, by the low hoto^e 
murmur of the se% or the stealthy footateps and 
disguised voice of Fieteo, is conveyed to our 
imagination by aome brief but graphic touches ; we 
seem to stand in the solitude and deep stillness of 

0, Gooi^le 

©(^iiur'sgirtco.] ftdbaier. 359 

Genoa, awaiting the signal which ie to burst ao 
fearfully upon Blumber. 

At length the gun U fired ; and the wild uprotw 
which ensues is no less strikingly exhibited. The 
deeds and sounds of violence, aatoniahment, and 
terror,-— the volleying cannon, — the heavy toll of the 
alarm-bells, — the acclamation of assembled thou- 
sands, — the voices of Genoa speaking with Fietco, — 
all is made present to us vrith a force and a clear- 
nees which show no ordinary power of close and 
comprehensive conception, no common skill in 
arranging and expressing its results. 

Fieseo is not the only striking character in this 
play. The fanatical and republican virtue of 
Verrinia, the mild and venerable wisdom of the old 
Doria, the unbridled profligacy of bis nephew, even 
the cold, contented, irreclaimable perversity of cut- 
throat Mohr, aU dwell in our recollections; but 
what next to IFieico chiefly attracts notice is the 
character of Leonora, bis wife. 

Leonora is i^in to Amelia in the Bobbers, but 
the character introduced in this piece is involved 
in more complicated relations, and brought nearer 
home to the actual conditions of humanity. She is 
such a heroine as Schixleb most dehghts to draw. 
Her idea of love is, "that for him this bright 
majestic universe itself should be but as the 
shining jewel on which her image, only hers, 
should stand engraved." 


360 itftlUn. [mat bn nftm fttriobt. 

The scenes of this drama being too mueh inter- 
Toven to give a brief account of tlie plot, we offer 
to the reader one of Fiesoo's soliloquies. 

Jfitita (Mr'm genflre), 
JQcr KSonb ift tuttn. — JDtr !0!nr9cn tommt fturig auS bee 
6tt. -^ IBilbe Sp^ontaflRi ^btn meintn Sc^f oufgefdiuxlgl 
inein ganttC Sefm frompfle um one Qmpflnbung gapiljt — 
34 niu^ lo^ in) Offnnt bt^nen. (Sr mactit bie @Iaftt>fic 
duf. Statt unb 9K(tr ton SXcretnrot^ fibtrflainint SMti> 
mit ^i:lni €S4^eii fm itinima.) iDaf tc^ ber gciflt UXotm 
bin im sanitn ®cniia I unb bit tteintmi 6«(«i \00tm ft(^ 
nl^t unto bie gceft Betfamnieln ? — TCba Utj oerleV Wt 
au9tnb»n I (Stt^ ftttt.) augmben ? — JJn er^bcnt *opf 
^t onbert Betftu^nngtn/ aU bn gemdne. — ®i)Ut' n 
3usnib mit il)m ju t^riltn ^aben? iDn .^atnifi:^ ber btS 
^tiemStn fi^ad^tigtn JUrpec itcingtf foltte bet einroi SKefnis 
Uib anpalTtn m&ffen ? (Z>ie Somu ge^t auf Abee Senuo.) 

JDitJe maieflltifcfee Stobt ! (SRit offentn %iiHn bofleaen 
tilcnb.) Sltcinl unb barfiber tmporjuflammenr eleii^ bem 
[inifllidjen Sog — batfiber )u britm mit gSonoti^ntroft — 
ad bif tedxnbtn Stgitrbcn — all bit nimmcifotten SB{inf4c 

in bfefem eninblofm Ocean untetjutmu^? @ttn)t^l 

Bxnn aui^ btC Settiigne 9Si( btn Setnig nid)t abeltf fo abelt 
bod) bet ^ceii ben SeltOgec SI i^ fi^impfltt^ eine wlCe 
iS6rfe JU Ueeen — rt i|l fcedv eine SXiUion )u wcuntiencnr 
abei H i|t nonunbX gcofr eine Rtoai jU fle^Ien. XKc 
Sc^anbe nimmt ab mit bet tiKid)fenbc ®ilnbe. (^auft bonn 
mit Xusbntd.) (StfyKiftni — .^etifi^nl — unge^euit 

0, Gooi^le 

SMco.] dtlinUr. 361 

fc^nraiMiditt Sftift. — Itgt XUrt Rimini tnai ber SSsnfd) 
SoftbateS ^at — eu« aw»iii^fn EfWaiiffdi, erobem. — 
£MiI«' t\ai unfterbli^n SBnle — not WM^, ^tave, 
— curt aStm unb SfeUii il)c jBHtumfc^ffei: I @e^in:d)tn 
nnb ^ecTfi^n 1 etqn imb Slic^eim I S!in: &iti ben I't^ivinb: 
Itc^ Ocaben Mm Icftttn Sempt) itu" Unmblulien W' ^^ 
oui^ bie|ni Spnine auflmtHen. (SRit ai)cibcnnn @pitt) 3<t 
flt1)ttt in ieim fd)retnii^ et^btiun ^6^ — nteberjuf^olten 
in bet g&nfitidiWf nifienben ©ttubel, TOO bae Slab bet 
btinben SSenAgenn ®c^ctfale fn^elmifi^ mlljt — ben rr^n - 
Stimb am iB«^ b« ^tubc — tief untni btn gclianiifctitfti 
91iefen QkftS am ®&ngclbanbc ju lenfm — fn^gen )u fetfcn 
imDa^ftrae fffim^ni ivemi fein fmjannieet: ®dmm an baS 
®«I&nber bcr aXajf^ nnmai^ pdtert — bit unbAnbtgoi 
itibtt^itafUn beS ffiolte, gltii^ fo Diet ftampTenben SiorNi 
tnit bem wdd)en Spiel bee ^Ageie ju ^nsen — ben cmpoi: 
fbcbenben ©toft beS tSofaOra mit @intm. — ®nein 3(t^eni= 
gug in ben Staub {a (egem wenn ber fil^pferift^ gfirftenftab 
au^ bte Xriume bee fdrfUic^ ^bere ini Seben fdjmuigen ! 
.^a welf^ JBorfttHung \m ben ftaunenben ®etft Abet fetne 
einicn vitbeU I — Sin ](ueenbIicE gikfl l)at bat 3XarI bee 
ganjen 3)a^^ne uerfdilunetn. 9tiilt ber 3^mnulpIaS beS 
fitbcne — fdn <Sffy>a beftimmt feinen Bert^ ^nrft&ff bni 
ZMnner in feine einfadien &f)(bta, unb bu nnrf[ Ainbei bamit 
in bea CSd^mmet fingen i f^melje tie infammtn in cinen pU^ 
Iicl)en SM^Uf unb bei monardiif^ Cant uiiib ben emigen 
.^mel beuKgen. — 34 I'm entfdilafttn (^en)t|'<^ ouf unb 

0, Gooi^le 

862 »tbmtt. [XVIII. 3a^». 

" Sabale vnd Liebe" like the former plays, [»«• 
seats the contrast of life ideal and real, and t£ 
virtue and vice, but the sphere chosen is the house, 
and society as it is divided into different ranks. 
In it he depicts the corrupt maoners of the higher 
classes, and contrasts the degeneracy of a court 
with the virtuous simplicity of humble citizcsis. 
It has been remarked, that SohiliiEB, who had 
met with many a disappoiatment from persons <^ 
high station, gave in this production Tent to a 
kind of misanthropic feeling. The sensation pro- 
. duced by this play was much greater than that 
called forth by " Fieaco" a circumstaiice which 
shows that the pettier rehitions of a citizen's life 
agreed more with the existing taste of the public. 

" Don Carlos," though likewise one of'b 
earlier works, ranks high as a composition, and in 
its style bears clear proofs of its approach towm^ 

The language of prose is changed into blank 
Terse, and the subject of the play which in itself is 
one of the most dramatic that history presents to 
us, has been treated by other writers in different 
countries with &r less success. Before enterii^ 
into any detailed notice we will first state briefly 
the plot. Maaibeth, the yoimg and beautiful 
daughter of Heniy II., leaves the briUisnt and 
chiTalrous court of France to become a marriage 
prize to the dd tyrant, Philip 11., king of Spain. 

0, Gooi^le 

@d|itUr'e Txxt OmIdC] di^OUr. 363 

Dtm Carlos, his aon, who has been betrothed to 
EUxdbeth ham his yoath, retumB home &om bia 
atudiee, and finds bis afBaaced Elizaheih is now 
become his step-mother j he, however, cannot con- 
quer bia love. Witb the catastrophe in which the 
whole plot at laat resulta are intermingled the 
great political events, the Reformation and the 
Sevolt of the Low Countries. The 2^arquia de 
Pota, a noble Spaniard, and paitizan of liberty, a 
zealous adherent to all the new ideas which were 
then agitated in Europe, leaves Brussela aa a 
deputy &om the people of the Netherlands to 
Carloi, to apply to him for saccoui from the tyrant 
Aka, who ia about to inarch towards Brussels. 
But how blighted are all his expectations on find* 
ing bia friend and school-fellow, instead of the 
lion-hearted Oharlea, a broken-hearted and un- 
happy being ! Poea, after hearing the cause of his 
friend's unhappineae, takea it on himself to procure 
for Carloi an interview with the queen, and flatters 
himself with the hope through the consequences 
of this interview to accomplish bia designs as 
r^ards Flanders. Poia is introduced at court. 
The cold solitary tyrant, Philip, is thunder-struck 
at flniling in this youth the only mmi in all his 
donunions that does not need him. Po»a bewilders 
Philip's ear with novel language of cour^eoua and 
enthusiastic virtue, and after gaining the confidence 
of PhiUp, imagines that he shall be able to serve 

864 ftaftOIer. [Xvni, Sa^t^ 

the mtereot of Son Oarioi with hia father in i^ 
pearing to encri&ce him to his fiiiy. He &ilfi of 
Bucceea in these projects; the prince is sent to 
prisoii ; Po»a vitita him there, explains to him the 
motiTee of his conduct, and while he is employed 
in juflti^ing himself is shot by on asBassin com- 
missioned by Philip. Poea has left a message 
with the qneen to Oarloi, and an intertiew betireen 
them ia fixed. Philip has been apprized of it, and 
hastens to the spot witii the grand inquisitor — 
ovei^hears their conTersation, and Burprizes them 
when Carlot is about to depart. The queen &11b 
BenselesB to the gronnd, and Carlo* is soon de- 
lirered into the hands of the grand inquisitor. 
Other characters are introduced which are all 
dravu with a maaterb^ hmid. Oarlot, as the poet 
represents him, calls forth our traiderest 8ymp»- 
thies. Hia soul seema formerly to have been filled 
with good and exalted emotions, but despair has 
overshadowed all the fair Tisions of hia youth. 
EHitabeth, no less attractive, ia also depicted with 
the greatest skill : her heart bleeds fex Carlot; and 
we see that did not the moat sacred feelings of 
humanity forbid her, there ia no sacrifice she would 
not make to restore his peace of mind. By her 
soothing influence she strives to calm the agony 
of his spirit; by her mild winning eloquence she 
would persuade him that for 2)<m Carlot other 
objects must remain ; when his hopes of personal 

0, Gooi^le 

@4tlUi:'«iDoiiSario«.] ^ttVXtt. S65 

felicity have been cut off, she voiild wish, him to 
change hia lore for her into love for the nulliona 
of humaa beings who one day would be under his 

In the character of the Marquii de Pom the 
poet has commumcated to m his own private 
opinioDB. The glowing eloquence with which he ad- 
vocates the cause of truth, justice, and of humanity, 
waa such aa Sceillsb too would have employed in 
similar circumstuiceB. 

The scene between Eiixdbeth and her ladies of 
honour gives ue a. veiy striking characteristic de- 
scription of the "ceremonious" etiquette of the 
court of Philip II. The queen aahe of the Duchess 
D'Ohvares (her principal lady-in-waiting) which 
place of residence she likes the best, Aranjuez or 
Madrid, she answers : — > 

&\QMtt\. 34 bin 

£» aKtdmng, 3i)te fDttqt^b bofi tt 
6a ®itte vmc, ben einen SKonat ^i 
tin onbccn in bnti ^orbo aul^ulnltettr 
Den SBinlet fn btr StePeiiif fo langt 
Qfl XintQc fn Sponien gegeben. 

She does not allow herself the least mark of pre- 
ference, t.hinlring herself bom to have no feeling, 
except as she is commanded to feeL In another 
place (in the same scene), the queen requests to 
see her child, and is told by the Marchioness 

(, Google 

866 dcflHlcr. [IBott txr ttftn fkriofet. 

Olivares, that the hoar appointed for seeing her is 
not yet come. 

The MargiUt de Pota is announced, vho craves 
the honour of presenting some letters entrusted 
to him by the queen's royal mother. The queen 
asks : — Is this allowed P 
<SUiiarej (itbtnCui)). 3n meinn JBorfdin^ 
3|t twS btfonbmi gaOtS xnS^ gebad)t, 
^nn tin JCafttlian'f^ ®iMnbt Srit^ 
!Bon dnem fwmbtn -^of b« Ainiflin 
SBcn eponitn tn i^em Sartemoilbc^ 
3it {kbecRic^n bmmt 
lElonfjEn. 0o miS ii^ bcnn 

Kuf taaat a^fm ®efa^ tS roagfn 1 
tSUbare}. 2)od) mit versimu 3^n 3Xaic{Uit 

gw^ fo lang' ju (irtfenwn. — 
At last, the king appears, and the same derated 
lady is banished for ten years from the court and 
country, because she has left the queen to herself 
for a single half hour. 

We will nov introduce extracts from a few 
First, the meeting of Posa and Carlos. 

Siwiter qiufttitt. 
IKarlMI. iHarqnftf bun l^^'^*"'- 

£t. Siafommt? — asajfe^'ft^l D{^gut«i®ct|bc! 

0, Gooi^le 

Son Cailoe.] ^tUtttr. i 

3ft'« outn;? Sft'g nfitlii^? Sift bu'i? — D bn biffSI 

34 btM* an mrim @«Ie in<& ^ ^^ 

!Die betni^ aOm^tts an mk fc^toatn. 

O it«t ifl Slug niebcir gut. 3n biefn 

Umarnrans I)eilt mrin banl<$ ^oi- 3^ litge 

%n <^ft meinrt Slobctid). 

1^. 3^ tranhff 

3^ ftanW .Jwj? Unbroafiiflniwbtrgut? 
Soj i|l*S, bae ntiebec gut ju nerben (cau^ ? 
Sic tiicent wai mid) fbi^n mac^ 

Kt. Unb wai 

Srlngt bid) fo unwr^offt sue Bci^tl imbai 
tOem banf i^ biefe Utbenafd)un3? SSkm ? 
34 fcagt nod)? Sngei^' bent gnubetruntnen/ 
St^abnt SSotTi^t, bkff sajlrcung 1 
ISnn fonft aC£ btof XOe&tigltt ? Du nniStt|tf 
iDa^ Jtarlot d^nt (Sngel mac, bn fanbteft 
tERir bicftnr unb i^ ^agc no^ ? 

3Xein ^ui:n; ^nn]/ wmn ii^ bitC fUrmif^c 
SntjMen mit Ste^^ung nur tmiebn. 
So nxK e« nid)t/ nft i^ iOon ^t))p< Go^n 
Sntuctcb. Sin unnatMi^ ^t^ 
SntjAnbct ftt^ auf 31imi btafftn !tBane«i/ 
Unb 3^ e:f;>|pen ifttnm ^tn^ft. 
SBaen»i«id)eIauben,ttKitKi9>nni; — £>a« i^ 
X)er lAnxntt^m 3iln9lin0 ni^t' iu bcm 
ein uatttbt&iM ^UiennoQ mic^ fcnbct — 
D(nn i(6t fbV >4 aW SRobericf) nitf)* S*"^' 
9ti4t aU bee Xnaben JCoctoi Spicle^cQc — 

(, Google 

368 dtJbfOer. [ffitrb btr nfini ^ttUAt. 

Oin XbgurbnettT b<r ganjen 3lbnfEt;[Kit 
Uoiann' Uieit — Ss ftnb bit Slanbrifd)Ri 
^JtoDfnieni bte an 3^mn ^l^t mtmmi 
Unb frinlic^ tun SttOung Git bt^Armtn. 
®<t^an ifl'g um 31)t t^curcA binbi oenn TObai 
iDrt SatMtUmul tau^ ^nferefnec^r 
HSot fSrOfitl rfitft mit fpamfdjen (gtfettn. 
Xuf Jtatfer AarU glont)Arb'gnn Snbl ru^t 
iEM< Ctgtc {ttffnnne bfefet tbcin eonbe. 
SSit ftilajt ba^in, iMtin ftin et^biut ^tq 
Sttgtnen ^t filt ailOTf(l)H(l)ldt }u f^Ugen. 

1^. aBt^mirl !Ba« tnuf 14 ^n I 

IS. 2)u fi>ri[^|t OOR ^eitnii bit widangm finb. 
Xui^ mic ^at rin^ «n tinem JtocI ettr&umt« 
£nn'A fturig burc^ bit fiSangen titfr nenn man 
Son Srti^ ft>i>4 — bo4 bn ift long btgrabta 
Zien iHt ^ier f!t^ baS ifl ha Xaxl ni(f)t mel)t> 
£«: in XHola wn Mr ^fi^b m^m, 
jDtc fufi txrmaf in f!^ 3nmIenlKit/ 
;DtT ®(^&pf«: dneS ntum golbnm TOtnt 
3n ©panitn ju nxtbcn — O btr einfatl 
SBor finbifd)/ abet flJttlid) fcfein. »orl»i 
esinb biefe Sriunit. — 

fS. Sximu, ^Wnj I — So loten 

<3t Ztiamt ma aeiwfcn ? 

£1. £af mi^ ncintn 

Xn btintm .^eijtn ^ft 2^)r&ntn wdntni 
Xni tini'gcr gceunb. 34^teninnanb — ntnnonb — 
Xuf bitftr grofen twittn Srbt mtmanb. 
®D ttxit bal $tpttt nttinte SiaferB reii^ 

0, Gooi^le 

00 ttxit bit @d)ifffa^ unfTt SlnsO'" f^nbtti 
3ft feint SSftlte — bine — tme, we 
3d) mmit Sliriiun mi^ mtlaften batfj 
KU bfefe. C &ei antnif 91obnicf)f 
SSat bu unb id) breeinjl int 'fiimtntt ()offcn( 
SkTiagf imi) twn bitfet @tellt nii^ ! 

fiR. (neigf fu^ Sbct f^n ia fctodilal'ti; 9%mRS.) 

£t. Sin entlteii^xe 

®e^«tmntS brtnnt auf mtina !Bnt|L QS [(dir 
SS [on ^icauS. 3n beintn bIa|Tcn 3X{en«i 
SQiU id) ba« Urt^ mdiuS SCobeg kftn. 
^6i:' an— nflane— bwft erniibu nid)W — 
34 lifbe mein« SSuttti:. 

JR. O mein <9ott I 

IS. Stdn 1 2)ief( Sd)anuns nn(I i<^ nid)t @prid)'8 auSf 
0pr{(^ baf auf bitftm gtrofen ERunb bee Stbt 
Jttin @ltnb an bal mctnc grenjc — fprid) — 
SBas bn mil fagen tannfb nxat^' ii^ fi^n. 
Xxt &>^n liebt friiK a»uttet. SBtttgetaiu^e, 
t!it Drbnuns ber 9tatur unb SUmi @tfe|t 
Snbantinni bteft Ceibenf^ft. SOIdn Xnfprui^ 
SStift fikdffetli^ auf mtinej JBalcrd 91(d)tc 
3(^ ffll)!'*, unb btnnoc^ liib' id). iDiffer iEBtg 
8%t nuc (um aSa^nfinn ab<c Slutgtcfiftt. 
3<^ liebt o^ne .JioffrunB — lofier^ip — 
illtit Sobetangft unb mit @tfa^ btS BebenG — 
HcA ftl)' ii^ jar unb btnoM^ Ifeb' iij^ 

1^. iBeifi 

2>it Jtinigin urn bieft 9ttigung ? 

M. SHontit' a^ 

tmaS) i^T entbeden ? Sit i|l %>^\ifpi %xcai, 

(, Google 

870 dctiilltr. [ffitrft ba aftta '^aitbt. 

Unb Xintgin, tmb bat i(t fptin'f(I)n Sobtn. 

ffim mdme SBatnC Sifcrfui^ 6«uMd)tf 

S«i Stitctte dngfium rinyfi^lTeiv 

H^ fonnt' id) 0^ inagim mid) i^ na^? 

1Cd)t ^iOamoCb 3Ranbtn |1nb ei fi^ni 

iDa$ von bee ^^n Qifuit mi4 ber JC6nig 

3uciU(iKcitf( bof id) fie tAglti^ aii)ufd)au'n 

SenntlinU blnr unb nHe baj @rab ju fi^mctgen. 

]td)t ^ftEIenbtmst SXanbti ERobcci^ 

I)af bicfec Seu'i in mnncm Suftn miit^ 

Xiaf taufenbmal |!4 iaS (ntfe^ii^ 

®«flSnbni6 fd)on auf meinen eipptn mellxt, 

jDcc^ f(t)(U unEi fctg jurficE jum ■^cn triedit 

D atobm^ — nut mtn'ge augenbtitle 


:^. X(4 1 unb 3^T Sator, $>Tfn; — 

St. ttngliidliciiei 1 fBontm on ben mti^ ma^nen? 
€^nit^ mir Don aSkn St^ecttn bee @e»i|Ten«i 
IBon meinem iSater fprii^ mii: nit^ 

an. &w ^^n 3^ttn akttr ? 

£t. 9leinl Kc^nein! 

34 ^affe mrintn HJottr nidtf — bod) SSdfauer 
Unb axifTet^iter&i^nsteleU ecgreifen 
iBci biefem f&ci^terlid)en stamen mid). 
Jtann i^ bafik, »enn tine tned)tird)t 
Scjietiune fd)on in mdntm iungen .^lerjen 
IW 8iebf jorten fteim jertvat i ©edjS 3a^ 
.^an' id) gtlebti oU mic jum etflmniat 
iCer f&:c^Itd)e, btt, nrit fte mil fogtenr 
3Itein Biatet mat, not Xugen (am. iSi am 
Xn einem SXoKgtnf uw tt fttti'nben %aitt 

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Son (SaOai.'] SfcflilitV. 371 

Sin SHutint^ imterfd)citb. Sad) bitfem 
CSa^ iit Hjn nnr, wenn mir fih; ein SetgefKn 
Scflrafnng ungetfinbigt isatb. — O Oott 1 
^in fA^l' ic^ bofi i^ bitter ivertx — SBeg — 
SBSeg. iwa wm biefa: ©teltt ! 

1^. (nad) (intgem ®tiar(i)tt)dgen.} 2)(irf id) 
Zn mdncn XartoS eine Sitte wagra? 
SSoS 0i( au^ aBiOrng finb ju t^uiv t)«rf;pnc^n @ie 
Sticks o^ne 3f)cen greunb ju untemtt)mni. 
SSerfpredjen ©ie mil Mefts ? 

It. XHeg, aOfS, 

SBafi bnnt Sieijs mir gttnut. 3il) R>«fe 
Slid) ganj in bcinc Kmtc. 

3el)nter 3(uftritt. 
Btr Itonfs ttnlr JHar^tt bon 3poM. 

(Ciefa ge^t bon .Ktnigr fobalb n i^n gotxi^ nntbf 

eiUgegen. unb lA^t |td) i»r i^ auf tia Suit nitbctf 

fhfit auf unb bleibt o^ne 3eic^n btt SJenvimuig Doc il)ni 


IS. (b(nrQd)tet x^a mit einem SSlict bn SntDUtAenuig.) 

SKiifc fttion gefprodjtn alfo ! 
jlS. SttiiL 

IS. 3I)C tnat^t 

Um ntrine .Stronc m^ cerbitnt. Skmim 
Snt)ie^ itir cuc^ mdnem 3)ant? 3n meincm 
®tbid)tnif brinetn |id) btr SSenfdjMi Did. 
^COttrifTenb ifl nut etntr. @ud) lam'e jUr 
iDaS Xuge taat Mni^ti )u fud)(n. 
aBtStngm t^attt tt)t boi nit^i ? 
fa. Qi finb 

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372 ^ibttttv. [mat bcr nrfbn ^pmoU. 

Snr^ Sogt/ &ta, haf id) ia's Jtimetcic^ 
3tir£id gebituiun. 

Gt. 34 f>tn ni^t fitfbnnni, 

3n mtinn jDitntr SSc^ ju fte^n — dttMa 
Siufl Hnc ®nab( I 

0i. 3« afni* M( Sefefte. 

£t. Sits Eitei^ ^t au(f) bee SSictxr. 

^. HBtt ml mt^ 

Iw gut( SJtrger ! — Sin, i4 bin lufrielwit, 

11. (ffitii4)Sul@tU'|t3efi^lunbU^me11Xut^B<f®ottl 
jCo^ ba6 toac ^u enwictni — Stot; mill id) 
X>tn epanici^ 3d) mag rt etmc Itibeiif 
JtBcim au<!^ bci SStifft Abtrfi^umt — 3^ trofot 
ZvS metnen Stenfteiv ^&[' ic^? 

0i. SilKm S«n«n 

Den ^a$ )u t&utncnr gog fc^ mi^ jucjiit. 

£t. iDoS tt)ut mil; Idb. ^nn folc^ A&pf' f^^'"'' 
SBit oiel Berluft ffic meintn ©taut — aSittUii^t 
iB«fitd)tet i^r, Hi ep^ite ju oerfe^Un* 
iDte mm @ei{b( w^rbig t{t 

fla. Dntint 

Sd) tnn emnSr ba^ brt erfat)int £ennn:> 
3n 9Xenfd)enf<Kt(iv fnnem ©tofr seu&tr 
SJei'm erfttn SKcCe n>irb gclefcn ^ibtn, 
SBoS ii) it)m taugen !anib was ntc^t 3i^ f&i)Ic 
gjlit bemutl)&)otI«r ©anlbartril bit ©nabt, 
Die (Sure tiniglicN <Otatefl&t 
Xiur<$ btefe fb^ 3}l(!nung auf mid) ^ufm ) 
Eo^ — {Er ^dU innt.) 

St. 3()rt>cbtn{C(u<^? 

^l. 3d) bin — ic^ muf 

(, Google 

2)on eatloc] Jt^flbr. 

©((b^n* ®i« — fogltid) nitfit nwtmftrt, 
Sa£ lit 1^ Sfirger bicfec ffittt gtba^ 
3n Sorte 3^ Untnt^anl }U tUibea. — 
SMnn bamaUr Wxi, aU H) auf intmo: mit 
iDn £tdik attfac^beib glantif id) mfi^ 
Vuc^ bn Stot^nbigMt ratbunbcn, i^ 
Son blt^m Sc^rittc ©tintK aiquQcbtn. 

SK. ®o ftfwxi^ finb bitTe @ranbc ? S^ifit't i^ 
iDatxi )U wagen? 

^. aScnn tdi 3cit gctritmc, 

@i( jn of^pfeiv Site — mdn Gtben t)6(^nt. 
iDie SJa^rit aba fej' i(^ aid, Bxnn ®ie 
asir Weft ®niift BrenxiBmi. Smifiljen 31)Kt 
Ungnabt unb ©eKingfi^ans ijl mit 
iDie Sa^I S'lalT'en — <DtuS i^ mii^ entfibeibtn, 
eSo it>in ici) (in Skcbteiijit lieber aU 
Oin 2Ct)ot Don 3f|ien Sugen gelwi- 

S. (mit emmttiibeT Slliene.) Stun? 

^ — 34 fonn ntd)t g&rffcnUcner fe^ 

(Det A6>iis fit^t ilm mtt Stfhiunen an.) 

iDen Slufer ni^t betriigett, ®i«. — iSenn €!ie 
9Kid| oniulbUen m&cbistni fo moKen 
CSie nut bie votgtnwg'ne S^. 6fe noICen 
9tm meinen Km unb meinen fRut^ im Selbcr 
9tut meinen £opf im Sbtt^ 9ti(^ meine S^en, 
2)ar Seifallr ben fie ftnben on bem s;])ron< 
GMI meinet X^aten Snbjnjcd ft^n. 3)lit abet, 
fflit 5ot Me Sugenb eignen Sintfi. Ha* SIM, 
2)aj bet 9Xonatd| mit meinen .^inben pflanite, 
ffitfW "4 ff^'ft' unt greube mite mit 

VOL. I. £ b 

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874 fttiiflUr. [astrte ber nflen ^ttiobt. 

Unb dflM SBo^l/ was mic nut ?ifliii)t Tt^n fott". 
Ui^iftbafl 3^c 3Sti)nung? MnntnWt 
3n Sfltre ®d)6p^0 fwrnbe ©tfjlpfei: buOxn t 
3d) abet fott jum SSeiSd W'* wnitbem, 
ffio i(f) bei JtfinjUtt ttnnte fton ? — Stl) litbt 
ICie aSenfi^^, imb in <Enan<u:d)ien barf 
3t^ nitmanb toini al8 mid) fettfr 

IS. iWrt geuer 

3jl lobtnSiwttl). 3^ mM)tet Sutrt ftiften. 
fSitVfttt |Kftct( lann bmi ^oliiofen, 
ixm SBetpcn glti^ Diet ^S«t- ®o.^ ^'4 
Cm VofUn auB in mrititn fiftnifltcidjtn* 
■Ore oi^ b«rE(%tigt, biifem ebtfa Sriebt 

®enug (u t^un. 

Jgi. 3d) fii^ tdntn. 

It. fEBfe? 

1^. BdS CEurc !Otateft&t buri^ ninnt .^onb 

iUerbwitm — ill bo* ffllHifdjmflliii! ? — 3ft baS 

iDaflelbe @WiA bai meine trine Citbe 

2)en an(nfd)en flJnnt ! — ffiffl Hefm ©tficb m&be 

©ie sfflaieftSt etiittetn, — Wrin ! ffiln nnirt 

etfd)uf bet Sxone ^}oUttt — (in ®1M( 

Daa fie nod) tei^ genua 'ft* au«iut()eitov 

Unb in bem SSmfdjen^ctjen neut ZzkU, 

iDte ftd^ t»n bitfeai SlOcte fHOtn (affen. 

3n i^ten aWinim lift lie SEktjt^t fdjloaen, 

2)it aSa^^ bie fte bulben tann. SSenwcftn 

®inb aUe ®tempcl, bie ni^ biefem glddjcn. 

Xmi) mti bec£tone ftommen (ann — ift bat 

Sud) mit genug ? SDavf meine iBnibetliebt 

Wi^ iut £Settitt:iuna meineS Snibert botgen? 

0, Gooi^le 

3^an (Soilot.] fitbfXUt. 375 

asriS i* ifm #cStd6 — eli' ct Nnfen barf ? 
SXidi udtiUn &k nid)t, @ue, (SIActfeligteitr 
Cit ®{e one prSgeiti auejullttun. 34 muP 
3Xt(^ iwigmi) bitfe Stemptt au^ugeben. — 
3[^ tanii iridjt SMtcnbuna: feqn. 

£t. (etniae rafd).) 3^ ftp)) 

Sin ^Itoteftant. 

^. (na^ etnigcm Scbtnfen.) 3^ ®(aubcr @iie, ifl ani^ 
Co: mtintae. (9lai$ dnei paufe.) 3^ twibc mfftKiftanlKa. 
iDad tear (£« maS ic^ f(bd)tcte. @ie fe^en 
Bon ben ©((jeitnntffen bar 9Saie|tSt 
Smik tndne ^anb ben WfyUitc ntsgejastn. 
Kcr fti^ &ti b9$ mlt tuci) ^(tlig tKifCf 
ISaS mill) }n fd^ecfen anfge^irt} 3<^ bin 
@efiU)rli(!^ tpea i^ Abn ntid^ ecbadit — 
34 bin rt ni(I)tf nuin Abnfg. SReint IS&nf<^ 
SJowefni f|in. (iDie -^onb auf bit Sntft eeUgt) ^ Iiii)ct' 
X)tr Stoteiung, bit mir bei AdUn biftf [U^t SSutf) 

jDit fie iti^t gan} jtibce^tn lannf ixc^bfectt 
ffifib ntcin Slut nie ec^f^en. £ug So^i^unbert 
3ft HKtnem 3t>cal nf^ nif. 3d) lebt 
Sin Sibgei bcnif wet^e tonuntn tcnbcn. 
JCann ein ®em&Ibe 3^re Siul|e tnibai 1 — 
3^ m^ ISf^t ei auS. 

S£l. Sin 14 b« afU, 

Set (u4 von biefa €SriU &nnt? 

^. CiHi bleftv — 


3S. (fb^t auf, mai^t nnigt @4ntte unb bteibt btn SEorqaiS 
gt^tniba fte^n. S>k ftd)-) 9ieu jum iDtnieScn iff blcfn 
2)ie SSdpei^etei ni't^ftpft fid^ 9ta4iuat|nun [2ont 


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376 AditUn". [iBa* ber erihn ^txiclbt. 

Snriebtigl diun 9taim Ban Xq?f. — Ku4 rimnat 
2)u $nbe Don bent Skgnit^ Shtnun ni(^? 
Zut tUbnrnfi^be ma^ @UicL — ffitnn i^ 
fit fo Mt^ti est, |b ufll i(^ nii^ 
Xuf tint nnir Aonbtbinnnig d^tni — 
iDtn ftaxitm Skiff — 

!Bfa niebtfg eft eon 3Xntri:(cn>]>Arte bmltn, 
6St[bft in bet fnten aXonnei 6)>t<i^ nor 
iDoi Xunpgnff ttnc* eiimtiifittt f^ntf tnU) 
9Sii biuE^r id) ixcijf mc 6ie bogu bot^tigt 
X>i( SRenf^ jnMneRi eit ba}u { bit 1)abtn 
SniisilHg 3M ^^IxU fi(<l btgebob 
grntoiUia ftd) attf bteft nftbrt Stuft 
.Iwrab aefteOL ISrfii^tocKen ffic^ fit 
Sot bent @cfpen1tt (^ innnn <St6fttr 
StfoUen fid) m Qittr Xnmit^ fd^fidtn 
SRft fetger IBcii^ {^ Xttto auli 
llnb Xugenb nennt mant fie mit Xnffonb tcagen. 
So iiberlamtn Sit bit jEBttt. So niarb 
Sit S^nm groSen Satet flbctliefert 
ffiie (tonten Sie in bitfcc tranTigen 
lieirfffinunlima — 9Rtnf4tii t^itn? 

M. OtnusaBo^ 

ginb' itfi in bitfen SSorttn. 

M- XberSi^abtl 

iDa Sie ben SStnft^ oM bcS Wt/bpfat ^aai 
3n 3f)rer ^loAt Sted txwanbeUen, 
Unb bitftr neoQeeofntn SMatm 
Sum iSott fi(^ gabtn — ba etifa^ Sit*« 
3n ittoat nur : Sit blieben ftOrft no4 3Dtetif4 — 

0, Gooi^le 

■Kotm ntim mir opfem — jtttetn — jut^ betenl 
SenucnttoertlKr %ax^i} 1 nnftligt 
Sctbttdune ber ^tatat I — !0a @ie ben ffittnTi^ 
?u 3l|i«in eoitniipfel fjmndnrlUigttiw 
So; tfjOt mti 3fnwn -^oimonu? 

SEt. (Sn Oott, 

<Ei grdft in tnriiK Sttle I) 

:^. Xber 3^n 

aSebeuttt bkfei Opfec iri^ X)af&[ 
CSinb 6ic au^tinjig — S^t cfpc @attung — 
Um bfefcn 9>rdl fii^ Sit rin Sott. — Unb f^dlidh 
ntenn bat nti^t toSu — ocnn f&c blejen ^Ittifc 
Silt: bat jcctntne ®lM von StiUoiunf 
@i( ni^ goooimat ^Attoi t oemi bfe 8mi)rit( 
XXt SSic ccntic^ttttnf ba( Ging'ge mAitr 
Coe 3^ aB&af^ Kifen ban?— 3^ bto» 
axf^ }n entlalfaii eSiR. Sltrin Scgenfbinb 
Sbift mui^ botlin. aXdn ^a% ift voK — ba Stetf 
3ii taftc^tisi tor btm Sinjiftea ju 1tet)tni 
Cm id) tf Sffnen nt&^iU. 

(J>« Sraf Mn teroa tritt pterin unb fpri(^ einiflt 
Botte telfe tntt bcm Aitrigc. iOiefet glbt i^ nmn 
UBint ji^ ju (ntfenuni nab bidbt in (tintr vongen 
SttUung fUen.) 

fit. (;uRi tiSiirquig. nacf^m iama nxgeegaRscn.) abbct aiK 1 
fR. (nad) etnigtm Stiafditwlaen.) Sc^ ffi^ 6t« — ben 

0, Gooi^le 

878 ^tbdUr. [ffinft ber ofEen ^hc{«be. 

iS. SBoOtnbai 

3^ fyattt nrir noc^ mt'^ ju foeRL 

fSi. eSin! 

3fti^ft tom ii^ an can Slanbcrn unb Srabont — 
60 DicU [ridtti bt{t|tRbe ^Jcoctnjcn 1 
ffitn triftfeeir tin grofrt Solt — unb an^ 
Otn ffiUt SoQ — unb Kattt bie^ SoIM 1 
Sab boi^' fdh ba« nine e&tSicf) f<^^ >— 3>o 1ii^ 
3* «uf eerbrannte nicnfi^ic^ (Sebniw — 

(0ia: f^Rwiat a fKRj ftinc Vuqri tu^ auf bcm 
S^miffi ba H Mrfud|tr bieftn iBltCC ju entntbenti 
aba bttrofftn unb wnvtnt jut Stbi ffe^) 
CSit tiabcn Siti^ Sit mttfcn. £10$ Slef&nnenr 
tSat CSie }n in<i|T<m tin^^tu tut mfc^ 
9Kit fdfautmbo: SSwunboung burt^bnmscn. 
D 6S<^bCr baff in fcintm Slut gnti&Iiti 
Xiai Dpfet tntnig boju taugtr btm @tifl 
iDeg C)}ftteTe nn &ibM aniuitimmen I 
©aS SBenfi^n mir — niiJ)t iBStftn 5i(('Kt Mtt — 
Die SBfltgefc^e fd^ibni ! — ®anftm 
3a^unbertt wrbr&ngen |)^{(tpp8 ^eittni 
X)tt bttngen mftbrt SBeU^ ; JSibserelM 
ffiitb bann wif&^nt mit ^bxf^n^t^ wajibtlxit 
Sn facee Gtaot mit frinen Ainbctn ge^eni 
Unb bit ^tot^nbigbit niiTb menf^i^ fc^a 

SS. SSaini, bcntt i^f tvaiben biefc mtnl'^c^ 
Sa^t^onbertc trfi^nv ^itt' id) cor 
2>(ni SM btfi iefigtn gqittat ? Scliet 
3n nteintm SSponifti aic^ um. ^tt bl&^t 
3)rt BtoflttS Slfltf in nit broJttfnn grifbm 
Unb bitfe Sta^t g6nn' ii^ ben glont&nbmi. 

0, Gooi^le 

T»Ti (SaOet.'] ^tfttOtr. 379 

fft. (fi^tO.) Dit Sbi^t dntS £ii:di^ft! Unb @{t tioffcn, 
3u enbi^f nuS ®u bcgantun ? ijoffnir 
Dfr S^riHen^ gejritigte iSetreanblung, 
iDen aQgemdiKii Srfl^Itns au^u^ltenf 
3)nNt@ItftaUti«iEtcttoeTiftnet? SietvoIUn 
TOdn in ganj ©uropo — fE* ban Slabt 
iCM IBtttcecfiJbigmfl'tSr boS unauflialtfain 
3n >Mllan Soufe roKt/ tntgtgtn uxcfcn ? 
3Jlit gStnfitniann in frint ©pei*en faOen? 
eit nobtn ni<^ t S<^n ftolitn Sauftnbt 
KuS S^cn Kinbem fco^ unb arm. Cei SSfognf 
2)en Sic txrlomi fOc ben Sloubenf wav 
3t)r tbtlfto:. lESit offncn SDtuttnracmen 
SmpfAngt bit Slk^tnben Slifabetl). 
Unb ftud^tbat blfl^t bun^ Siinfte unfert Banbel 
SrttaimiO). iSnlaffen wn bcm Sl«f 
XM nnen Soften litgt @ienaba bit 
nab iauc^nb iie^t <£iii;ap<i feinen S«nb 
3Cn felbft0erd)la(tncn Siunben fid^ vcibluttn. 

(X)er £Snis ift baotfit, bn HHaEqutt bcnwrft tii tinb 
tritt rinige S^cttte nS^n.) 
Sit nnllen pflanien ffa bte GStnfgleit/ 
Unb f&en Sub 1 Sin fo njitntngneS Skrt 
ffiiib feinrt ^if^ @rift nic^ fibabauetn. 
S)ent Unbaid ^ben Sit stbaut — umTonft 
2)n: ^ortcn Aantpf mit ber Statur gnunaeni 
IMtfonfl rin erofiei f btigltd)ce fiebtn 
Scrllftrenbm entnnbfen ^inscopfnt 
$)a tRcnfti^ tfl me^i oU ®te von t^m gelKiUm. 
XM Inngtn SdtCuniinne fSanbt wixb n baifta, 
Unb wlebrefmrbetn frin gejiriligt iR(d]t 

0, Gooi^le 

380 dtifQtr. [IBob ixt ttftm fJmolx. 

Stttuum 9tcE0 unbSufttif ttric^ 
Or S^mi Stomnu unb — bae f^mnv miclif ban 
CStt iDOxagat. 
St. ISa; ^ cu4 btfTot fo 

jn. (mit Stuer.) So/ bdm mmHtie"i > 
3a — 3a— 3*»itba^r(8. ©ttwn ©ie, 
fBoS eft uid na^nuiv nnebtr. Cafif n @{t, 
ScoBrnftt^ ti>ie bet €Sarftr aScnfc^gUid 
Xu8 3^Hm SiUt^om ftcimen — IBeiflet niftn 
3n S^vtta aSett^bSube. Stbtn SHc, 
Siai Git mil notinini, aftbn. Shrbeit Sit 
SSon SXiUionen JUniecn tin JUnig. 

(Sc n%Tt fic^ i^ t&^n, unb inb<m tr feftc unb 
feunae SSIidt auf I^n cic^t.) 
C ttmitc Me JBerebfomtdt Don alien 
Z>en Soufmbair bit bitfec gioScn 0tunb< 
S^ed^ftig ^bf anf rndnen Sipptn fdimbtni 
X)en Qtia^If ben (c^ in biefen Xugtn nitrlti 
Sin Slanune ju trlKben 1 — ©eben SSie 
SMe nnnatibatc^ JBoeMl'ntne aufr 
iDft unt Detni^tet iSeiten @tt um SBufter 
iDet Swi^ nnb Bal)»n I — 9tiemaU — niemoU 
SSt^ai tin Sttrbli^ fo ciel, fo afttllti^ 
St ju gebrauc^ Xde JCfinige 
Suropenl ^uDngen bim Spon'fi^ Stamen. 
@e^n ®ie Suropent ^Snigen ooran. 
fiin Stbetjug von btefer ^nbr unb neu 
ffrfdjafftn wfeb bie Srbe. Skben fiSie 
<SebiinIenfie{I)eit — (@ld) i^m |u Silken wcrfenb.) 

0, Gooi^le 

iDon ISatloS.] dtMQer. 381 

St. (Abnraft^tf baS ®<fii^ tMsgtwanbt unb bann ntiebet 
auf btn aXatqiiis geWtet) ©onb«6otre Sttjwanntt! 
Dod) — Pe^tt auf — ii^ — 

1^. Se^ 0ie ®{i^ urn 

3nfeimrf|errIi(^9t(tCutl 5(ufgcef^t 
3f[ (t« aegrflnbct — nnb rott om^ t|l pe 
X)ur(^ Srei^ I Sir bee fpxti @i^Spferr tmift 
3n rinen Sropfen X^au b«n 9Bunnj unb Ugt 
9tcicE) in ben tobten SlJlunien bet SSenvefung 
5£>tt SBilttii^ (ic^ eigeQen — 3&t* S^tpfung* 
aSie eng unb arm I tiai Stanfi^ efnei Slattet 
eif^cetR ben ^ecm ber e^tiften^-— fiKe mfiffen 
Soi; jeber Sugenb iittem. Si — bee S^^i^ 
6ntiQ(tenbe Scfdjcinung nid)t ju iUnn — 
t&t mft bee UebeU sranenwllee >^eei: 
3n feinun SQeltoH Keber toben — ^n, 
iDen £iln|tlec toitb man ni^ genxi^r befilbtfben 
SertiAIlt et fut) in etoigt (Sefege j 
Siefie^t beTgre^ettbWinidjtS^it iBoju 
ffiin ®ott? faat «i bte 93ett iff fi* genua. 
Unb teineS 6^fhn Knbac^ ^ t^n meln 
XU bfefcg ffrdgri|le eS|tocung gepriefen. 

&. Unb rDoDet t^ eS unteme^nienr btei 
SitMbne Wt]i^ in ber ®tablic^teit, 
3n meiiun Staoten nai^ubUben? 

iH. ®ie, 

@ie tinnen ea. SteconbetS? !Skil)en®te 
TKxn Slfid ber jeSIIec bie 9t(gentenCnt^> 
Z)te — ac^ fo long' — beS Slironefi ®r66e nut 
@eR)u^ Tfattt — etcQen Sit bet aRenfi^^ 
Seilonien Hbtl nwbet ^ £et ffiihrget 

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882 SmOXn. [ffitrf* twt nflra ^ttiokt. 

estfl roiebernm, »a8 n: juDor smtfOi 
iD« SioM jSwed — i^ binbe Uint ^f^if, 
XU fniwr JBrfiba gtet^ t^noAirb'ge fUt^. 
{Btnn nun bn fDtf nf^ fid) felbfl iutfict 9es<<xn' 
3u feiiK* ffitrtW ®tf4iil «»«** — 1>« grri^tt 
Oi^bntf IMj* Slagti^cn flfbeiixn — 
ZMniit GSirtr niniii €Sie juni gtAcStdiflcn bn ^elt 
3&t d«nrt JWiriflKid) gcmai^ — boim i|t 
St 3^ $fli(l)tr bit SScU ju untemierfen. 

SEt. (mil niKm eroffli Sltinfc^indetn.) 3(^ IttS oi^ bU ^ 
enbe xtUti — Hnbetb 
etgreCr i^ w^fll' oU fonjl in Sltnifil)nit&pfeii> 
SRott ft^ tn bicftm JCopf bit iSett — oud^ tmO 
34 fcunbem SOtofftab nid) niclit nntantaftn. 
3i^ bin b« tiflti bem i^r eurc Snnnflrt 
Snttifim. 34 i^^^' ti' tMit id]'S »*nf- UiK ^n 
Sn^wttung nUbnr folilic ^einunsnir 
aSit fol^un Scun bod) umfaft, Mirfdjtmtgni 
3it ^obtn big auf bitfen S£ag — urn bieTer 
S3tfil)dbnen Alug^it wiQeni iunen SRamb 
aSia i4 Bwefffen* baf i4 1w «fal)ten, 
nnb wit id) |u trfatii^en. Stt^ aof. 
3d) nnU btn 3Anetin^ ber fic^ Alxnitf ' 
XU ®mt unb nic^ ali £6nt(i ttiibccCtsen. 
3* »ia tfc weU ic^'S win — ®ift alfc frtbft, 
ginb' i4< lann in gutartigtn 9talliren 
8u etwflS ffltHtrm (icfe oetttiein — Mbtr 
glict)t mtint Snquifition. — S« ^Ott 
SSirleib t^un — 

;^. aStr«t4? SoOt'etbae? 

SEt. (in ftinrai XnbUct wEloien.) 34 ^^ 

0, Gooi^le 

Hon eorlos.] dcliflltr. 

Sold) einen sRenf<6m nit gtfelitn. — 9Irin I 
giein,fRai;qut«l Sljt l^nt mir jUoieL 3d) HtiU 
Kid)! 9t«o ft^n. 3i^ win t« nii^t ftfln — win 
St StQtn (ud; nid)t fet)n. 9Iii^t allt 
©litdfdigfKt foil unter mit Mrbcrren. 
3^ felbft, i^ foflet untet meinen Mugen 
gortfaiiren biitfem aSenft^ ju feiin. 

Jfl. (rafd).) Unb moiw 

aKitbfirget, ®tr€ ? — 01 tiid)t um mid) wot mk'i 
3u f^un, ntdjt meine ®ad)« icoW !<% pl^iu 
Unb Sim Untert^iun, @in ? 

£t. Unb tDcnn 

3^ fo gut tuiffrt, roie bit golfltjdt 
9)li(^ ric^n »iTbr fy Umt |ie an tuij, 
ask id) mit S»ETifd)en e* QtfyiUtn, oU 
3<^ etmn fanb. 

jM. 1 ber e(red)tc^ 

Her Sintge fep nii^t mit (Sinem SSatt 
Ha ungwe^feftt — 3n 3^r(m glanbem 
Sinb taufenb Scffeit aU id). 9luc Sit — 
Haxf i^etftr^ gfjle^tn, groftr SSnig? — 
®ii fc^n jeftt unter bitftm fanftem Sitt* 
aJicUdc^ jum nften SSal bie gnt^eit 

£t. (mit gemiUxTtem SmfL) Slidite mc^ 
JBon bitTmi 3n^alt, junger 3Sann. — 34 oril/ 
3f|t wabtt anbcrC benltn, (tnntt t^t 
■Dm aSoif^n reft, mie i*— ■ ©d* ^Stf i* *u* 
Slii^ Bnn jum leftten USal gef(|)n. SiSi( fang' ii) 
<St an, tad) {u Dccbinbtn ? 

^. ealfen 6ic 

9Xi4 niEe ii^ bin. 9Qai toht' id) S^nen, Sin/ 
SBtnn @ie aud) mid) beft&(f)«i ? 

0, Gooi^le 

am Aitaier. 

SRvag' {(^ ni(I)t 3^ fe^b von fitutc an 
3ii tttdnoi Sioiftcn — Xtmc Siiutxnbune t 

The Bcene in the fifth act, where PhOip interro- 
gates the grand inquisitor as to the condemnation 
of hia Hon, ia quite original. 

After Bome conversation the king says : — 

Sontg. .Rannjt bu ntir dn€n neuen Slanbta qdmiai, 
Xkc diK« £tnbcl blot'ent SItorb vertlieibigt ? 

(firofjCiqnfjlftiit. £{t «% ©otditialtit lu fA^nen. 
etaib on ben Iwljt ®alte< enfyn. 

What ui expression ! what fearfol perversion of 
the most affecting doctrine ! what a eanguinaiy ap- 
plication of it ! and yet the character is not over- 
drawn, the words put into the mouth of this 
head-inquiaitor not exa^^^nted. 

ElTD or TCI. I. 

GiLBBBT A RiTiHSTon, Prinlen, St. John's Square, LoDdon. 

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