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Full text of "A Handy Urdu-English Dictionary Based on Shakespear and the Best Modern Authorities"

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1 8 ' 7 

A R T b S S v: M -J T 1 A V t K I T A 5 

;jV ij-vi^' 











S. SANGAJI, .^' -'^'•*' 

Superintendent, BihCe Societjf^SifipH, Bangalore. 


... » J . 




print:bd and pubXtISH^d 

at the s. p. o. k. press, vbp^rt, madras. 

'' . 1899. 

m i&t£(f)t0 ItorrbeH.] 

X.4 " 





ii-i^s/ys • 


.^ The present work, althongli basei^ C T BH^ he w^ell-known 
dictionary of Shakespear, is by no means a mere condensation of 
that work. The changes introduced and the additions made have 
been^so fiameroas and extensive IJiat it may justly claim to be^ 
M^nsidered a new dictionary. 

'^ 'The compiler's primary aim was to provide the public with a 
rcompact and portable volume within the means of every Student of 
,^the language. But in carrying out this purpose he has kept in 
mind the rapid growth and expansion of Urdu literature of recent 
years, and has striven to keep his work fully abreast of the timeif. 
How far he has succeeded will be apparent to all who will tak^ the 
trouble to carefully compare the present work with any previously 
existing dictionary. "* 

Twelve years have been spent on the preparation of the work. 
All the standard dictionaries have been searched for needful 
suggestions ; and the compiler has had the assistance of eminent 
Muhammadan scholars, well- versed in Urdu, Persian and Arabic, 
and experienced in the teaching of these languages. To make itT 
more useful, many Dakhani words have been included. The chief 
^missions have. been of words which are used neither in polite 
society nor in classical writings. The compiler trusts that the 
result will be a work that shall prove a real boon to military 
officers. Government officials, missionaries, merchants, travellers 
and students, and all others who have to make use of the 
Urdu language. 

The Urdu language, as is well-known,' arose out of the 
necessities of the camp and court of the Muhammadan invaders of 
Hindustan, by means of a fusion of the Persian and Arabic spoken 
by, the conquerors with the Sanskritic languages of the Hindus. It 
has been said of it that '' it had in it the sweetness of Persian, the 
grandeur of Sanskrit, and the sublimity of Arabic.'' It is now 
spoken by one-third of the, inhabitants of India, and has for long 
been, and for thuse who do not know English mu^t still, continue 
to bo; the lingua franca of India. At firsts Mubsmmadan authors 

• . c 


• %• 


thonght it beneath their dignity to write in ajiything but Persian^ 

• and Hindaatani literature. was therefore yerjblimited. ^But a great 
^ro«Ql]}tion nas taken place. Daring the past hundred years Urdu 
^has made a progress that is perfectly astonishing.* Political and 
. scientific expressions have been borrowed from tiA West. 

* Translations oj eminent f oreign'works have enriched its vocabulary 
to an enormous extent: Newspapers and periodicals as welf as 
standard works Ji{>ve been pouring forth from the press year by 
year ; and the^e new works are noteworthy both for the ipanner in 

•jrhich they are written and the matter which they contain. 
Sanskrit and Arabic being religious tongues^ it naturally follows 
that the Hindustani is exceedingly rich in theological terms/ and 
hence anfbng Indian Yemaculars is the best prepared to express 
the doctrines of Christianity. 

The compiler bespeaks indulgence for the errors which have 
no doubt crept into his work. He will welcome candid criticisyi 
whicli, in the event of a future edition being called for, will enable 
him to make his work more worthy of the favour of the public. 

He desires to record his thanks to the European gentlemen 
and Muhammadan scholars who have taken an interest in his work 
* and have aided him with their counsel. He gratefully acknow- 
ledges the aid rendered to him by Rev. E. P. Rice, b.a., of the 
London Mission. Had it not been for the interest which he has 
taken in this work, it would not have been possible to bring it out. 
He would make especial mention of the kind help given by the 
Hev.E. Sell, b.d., and the Revs. Gr. M. and H. D. Goldsmith. N^ 
does he think it just to conclude without acknowledging his 
^ indebtedness to Rev. John Lawrence, the Secretary an* Superin- 
w^ tendent of the S. P. C. K. Press, Madras, for the acouiacy and oare 
with which the typography has been executed. 

"^And now, may ^ the blessing of the Giver of all good rest on 

this work, and make it the helper of reciprocal good-will between 

^ the riilers and the people of the countries in which the Hindustani 

^language is spoken. 


Bahqalobe^ January 1899. ^ 



for ' 




• literally. 





_ • masculinct 




Mah. ^ „ 







^ Malay. 


















metonymically. • 







Bot. • 























Persian. ^ 










plur. • 


plural. • 






Poetical. , 




















































S. or ■ 
Subst. , 


Substantive. * 


























.» II 





















f Unknown 
i Iknguago. ^ 















( Women's 
I language. 





In this work, c when initial in a syllable, is signified by " placed over t!ie 

Boman vowel which follows in utterance ; when not initial, the like form is placed 
after the vowel which precedes : thos — (Jla£ aql, m ma*. 




^ • 


O .1 



1 c^l 


I Alify IS the first letter of the Arabic and 

Persian alphabets. In the representa- 
tion of numbers by the Arabic letters, 

I stands for one, * 

*• S-^I ob, (^l^J') adv. Now, presently. 
A. L^l ahy (contract, of ftJi) s. m. A 



P. ^^ I aby B. m. Water, splendonr, ele- 
gance, dignity, honour, character ; 
lustre or water (in gems) ; temper (of 
*- steel, etc ) ; edge or sharpness (of a 
sword) : mode, manner. 

A. u| tba, B. m. Denial, refusalt denying. 
A. c I abtf, 8. plur. (of ^\) Fathers. 

H. U 1 ahhdy 8. m. Father, Papa^^^j^bl 

^l^bl - iJW"'^' ^^^ father, a 

dear Papa. ^^ If^l ^ ^ ^\j\ 

A. ^jJ<yj\ al>aHZ,s.m. A swallow, martin. 

P. (>u I dhady a4j* Galtivated, populous, 

prosperous, happy, well done ! li-^jb I 

v. a. To cultivate, to make a place 

P* ^^Ijlil dhdddn, adj. See jUI 

P. -JlJu I dhaddn-i, s. f. A habitation, 

a cultivated, or inhabited place; pros- 
perity, abundance. 

. P. i^CX>\ dhdd-i, 8. f. Seo ^Jbbl j- 

8. Ij^bl uhdmd, (3?[R^) ▼• a. To set 

at liberty, liberate, release. 
^* fjj] uhdl, 8. Boiling, ebullition. 

8. Ulbl uhdlnd, (cans, of ULI q. v.) v. a. 
To boil, to make boil. 

P. ^Ul dhdn, B. The eighth Persian 

A. ^JU I dhd'i, adj. Belonging to, o^ 

descending from one's ancestors; pa* 

P* i5«^o ^..^1 d}mpU}UfB.t. Sprinkling 
water, irrigation. 

P. ^U 

3 ^ 

I dh'O'tdh, s. f. Splen- 

dour. *-^ 

A. )jjb) ihtidd, (inf. viii. of IJJ ) 8. f. 
Beginning, commenceuent. ^^ 

A. 5I Jjbl ihUdd'afif adv. In the beg^- 
ning, at first, firstly. 

A. ctjJbl ibHdJ% (inf. vin. of cJj) s. 

Innovation, the producing of some- 
thing new. 

A. Jul ahtaVf (from Ju Was destitute of 

a tailV: adj. Kuined, spoiled, worthless, 

A. a^maI^I ihtisdm, (hS. vin. tt-j^MjJ) s.m. 
A smiling, smUe, gaiety, \m\w\\.^* 


'. ujT 


talc, ■) adv. Till now, 
^ V hitherto, yet, as 

A. ULI ibh7tf, (inf. viii of h) a. Trial, 

A. <^Uj^I ihtihdjMiiLTiii^oi ^yj)8. m. 

Gladness, alacrity, cheerfulness. 
*• er^' nltan, ) (^g^) 1. v. a. 
». \jjj\ ubatndy \ To rub on the 
• body a detergent application, called 

j^^i 2. 8. A perfumed wash ball, 

commonlj^ used by the bride and 
bridegroom as a cosmetic to soften 
and cleanse the skin. 

P- j^vd- »— > • dh'i'jdrif 8. Running 

•water, a stream, a rivulet, a current, 
tears flowing. 

A* Sssf] ahjady The name of an arith- 
metical verse, the letters of which 

• have different powers from one to a 
thousand, as follows. This was the 
ancient order of the alphabet, as it is 
now used in the Hebrew alphabet. 

• <• • 1 '^ A •• • 

ill l§§ §ii§ SSS8 

The letters may be arranged regularly or 
irregularly; they have always the 
pame value ; and the addition of the 
several values gives the value of the 
whole. This system is much used in 
chronograms, and in books of astrono- 

* mical tables. 

^' C^'^J^ *^^.' o.hjad-hhwdny a. m. One 

wW is lenmi ng his. alphabet, one 
reckoning by ahjad, 

P* i/*'^^ ^-* • dh'jOah^ 8. Gravy, soup. 
^P.H. Ijlib^ V-->l Jb charhundy v. a. 
To wheb, shnrpen. 
P. i^*^ S->1 dh-chashl, 8. f. The 

giving drink to ft child for the first 
time (generally when about sii^ months 
old)LT>rcpa5atory to weaning. 

P* KiUJ^ \--> I ah'i'haydt, s. Water 
ofViSo; the fountain of life : a fabulous 

spring, aaid ^ be hidden from human 
sight. « 

A. »-acl ahkhiray 8. plur, (of ,laC or 

.ftfiT ) Yapours, exhalations, perfumes. 

A. (Jisrl- ahl^o!i% adj. compar. (of jjodir^ 

More, most or very covetous. • 

^ C Drinking ; 

P. .*»• • L-> I dh-o-Vh^fy \ drinking 
-^' ' * C and eating; 

fortune, destiny. * 

P. ty^ V-—? I <7b-Hyra, s. A narrow 

mouthed vessel for drinking out of. 

P'JJid- V--> I dh-MeZy a. 1. A soil in 

which water rises up if dug into but 
little. 2. A swell of water. 

A- JjI abad, s. m. Eternity without end. 

A. ) Jj! ahadany adv. Eternally, forevof. 

P. .1 J »— -> 1 dh'ddTy (v-->l q. v. and ^ It) 

Having) s. m. The person entruflted 
with the chaise of water for drinking. 
Any thing full of water or splendour, 
as fruits, pearls, swords, adj. Polished, 
clear, (a« gems), well tem'^ered (as 
steel), sharp (as a sword). 

p. Jcjl^ ,)|3 c^ I dh-ddr-Midnay a* The 
place where the db-ddr keeps the water 

for drinking. 
P. ^.Ij <-->l dh-ddr-ty B. f. The having 

water, the emplojrment of an dh-ddr ; 
the brilliancy (of gems), temper or 
polish (of steel), sharjmess (of a 

A. cl Jjl ihda^, (inf. iv. of c Jo) a- m. The 

production of something new, inven- 

A. JIJo) ihddl, (inf. iv. of ^}S}) 8. m. 

Change, exchange, substitution of one 
thing for another. 

A. Jljjl ahddly s. m. (plnr. of (J^.*V) 
A jreligious person, a devotee, an 

• enthusiast, a class of wandering Mn- 
hammadan saints, or religions fratcr ^ 
nity of a singular stamp and office \ 

A. ^IJjI ahddny s^plur. (of ^o*^) Bodi 

p. JcJlj • »— ->l fih'O'ddna, B. m. Drink 
and food. 




o o 

P. d^vAwJ t-3l dh'dast^B, m. Purifi- 
cation with Vat er before prayer and 

on other occasions. ULu di^>*M Jj 1 

•• • 

Washing the anna after easement. 

4* <^fc3^l ahad-h adj. Eternal, •without 

P* ^1 ahtf 8. m. A clond. ^^U^ y I A 

black cloi^* la-j>iLr. .J i A thick clond. 

P. Lj I •a6rtf, s. m. The onter fold of a 

double garment (distinguished from 
JLm\ the lining) : see 8^1 

a-^UjI ahrdr^ 8. plur. (from ji) J^sti 

holy, pious men, dutiful (to parents). 
s» ijUm Ml ul>ra-8u6r^,B. Remnant what 

48 loft or not consumed at t&ble, orts, 
fragments, leavings. 

A. ^lyl ihrdm, (inf. iv. of a.j) b. m. So- 
licitation, entreaty, urgency, distress- 

A. j^j^]j)] ihrdhimf n. prop. Abraham. 

8. ul^:»- ji) ahr chhdnd, To be overcast, 
to lower. 

/\ ^/N^ 

A. ^j^ I ahra^^ (from {joJ) adj. Lo- 
* prous, having the leprosy. 

A. ^J I obra^, (from ^-J to sparkle). 

8. m. Talc, mica. 
2- <^-^' abrafc, 3^^^ 8. m. Talc, mica. 

P. •j\ obrw, 8. f. The eyebrow. •^ •jjI 
'J^U «^ V. a. To frown. 

^' 3f* ^^-^«, 8. f. Honour, character, 
reputation, lJ}Ij )jt^ s. f. Disho- 
nouring, dishonour. 
M^* Ol'^ *-r-^' ah-i-rawdn, 8. Bunning 

H water j a sort of extremely fine muslin. 
W p. ^ji\ dbra, s. m. The outer cloth of 

I a double garment, see Lil.lJljbJdoS^I 

To sew or quilt another, or outer fold O 
upon a garment. ; 

P" v^fjl ahr-i^ adj. Clouded, vari^^oted 

iXio f^ji\ A kind of thick and shin- *^ 
ing paper, marble paper. , 

•*• JJ> .J I ib-reZf 8. A water-pot, especi- 
ally a garden jr's^ with a broad spout 
on one side pierced with holes; a 

P. A^to Jl ahreshamy s. m. Silk, ra^ 

A. jjfJ* •^1 ihriqj 8. m. An evrsiT. 

P- fj'ij <^\ db'i'tuldl^ a. Pure, limpid, 

wholesome water. 
P. <^yUiJ I abttf^an, adj. Pregnant, with 

P. dX^A dhista, adj. Pregnant, with 
young (a woman or animal) : new-born 

(a child), a^if^ 

H. Uawj) uhasndyY.n, To rot, to pu- 
l.p. .J ^MiJl ah -86 dur, (an expres. 

sion of those who, after reciting past - 
misfortune, pray to be preserved from 
a return of it.) Far be it from us ! 

P. X^\ dh-shdTy 8. m. f. A waterfall, 


1 dh'i bhor, s. Brackish water, 


salt water, sea water. 
P. ;$.VM ik^^\ dh'Shdra, B. Water cooled 
with saltpetre. Lemonade, sherbet? 

A. .Uflj) abmr, s. plur. (of j^ Eyes, 

sights, understanding. 
A. JUaj] iltdi, (inf. iv. of JlaJ) s. m. 

AboUtion, act of destroying or annihi- 
lating; confutation, refutation, ren- 
dering null, quashing, neutralization. 

A. j'jwl a6 ad, s. plur. (of SsS) Dis- 


tances. JcJJU jUol The three dimen- 
sions; i.e. length, breadth, and thick 
nC88. . 


If p. ^Ci\ dh-kdrj B. m. A diBtiller (ospe- 

iaiiy ^ BpiritnouB liquora), a wine- 
merchant or seller of spirituoua liquors. 
,^ .. A drinker of wine. 

P. ufi^ I dh-kdr-r, B. f. The businesa 

of a distiller, diftillatiofi ; a^uty levied 
on distilleries. 

H. jJKjI uhk^tt 8^,#Aot of vomiting. 

H. Uxi! uhdknd, v. n. To vomit : (dakh.) 
^ to gnsh, issue or spring forth, to shoot 
or swell out. 

J*. Jk^ Lmj\ dh-i'hausar, B* The water 

of the river Kausar, fabled to flow in 
paradise with milk or neotar. 

S. il^l ab-fcc, adv. Now. 

^, C^^aT \mmJ I dh'i-gdsht, a. Gravy, 

broth, water in which meat has been 
boiled down. (It is used in dressing 

P* jS \mm> I dh-gir, s. A ditch in which 

water stands, a pond ; an instrument 
^ like a broom for sprinkling water on a 
«• warp stretched for weaving. 

P* ^CjulC I dhglnOf 8. m. Glass, a look- 
ing-glass, bottle ; wine. 

▲. cIjI ihldgh, (inf. IV. of wb) a. m. 

Causing to arrive, conveying, sending. 
A. Ai\ aUaq, (from Jfb) adj. Pie- 
bald, black and white, party-ooloured. 
5. Ubl uhalnd, (3T np, and r. ^^ 
^*' Move) V. n. To boil, bubble up. 
^ r. jjj 1 dhila,B. m. A blister. ^JUiXLT 

8. f . The having blisters on the feet. 

iS^y aL I a. m. The French pox» a 


aV'jJjI ahlah, (from ^) adj. Foolish, 

silly. C^o J adbl An impostor, wily 


A. I M».jJbl iUis, (from iiJbv he des- 

y>aireC,j9o nam^^d because he despaired 
of God's mercy) : s. m. The devil. 

^i fj^f ihn, A m. A son. ^JuAJUamJ) ^I 


A traveller, wayfarer. 
Selfish. ' 


* IS. plur. 

( Sons 
S't-rongdr, J 

>- (CUil dhnd'i-iina, s. plur. 

Of the same kind or quality; com* 
rades, companions, equals. 

A.p. JtJ i^WjI alnd- 

A^ jSUj ^c U^l ahnd 

of the age or time, contemporaries. 
^» iili ; ^^1 ihn Kiydd, n. prop. A gov- 
ernor of Eufa and a great enemy of 
the sect of Ali. 

'• LT*^ dhnu9, 8. nu Ebony. 

P- ^ i—^ 1 a6-no», a. The perpendicu. 

lar tube of a huqqa on which the chi' 
lam is fixed. 

A. ^1 abii,-8. m. Father. 

A.^^| y}\ abU'Uhashar, The father of 
mankind, Adam. 

A« (J^^^l ^1 dbu-Ufazl, (father of ex- 
cellence) n. prop. The secretary of 
the Emperor Akbar. 

A. ij ^] ahu hakr, (lit. father of the 

virgfin) n. prop. The father-in-law and 
first successor to Muhammad. 

A. S^x y "^ iwrdb, n. prop. All, 
the son-in-law of Muhammad. 

A* (Jkyj>- •J I ahu jahl, (f^her of igno- 
rance) n. prop. An uncle of Moiham* 

A. )(•> jJb ^1 ahu huraira, (father of the 

cat, because he was in the habit of 
carrying a cat with him) n* prop. One 
of the companions of Muhammad. 

A. Uii^ly) alwdh, 8. plur. (of i--^^) 

Doors, chapters, 
p. OUj « ^mmJ \ dh namdkf water and 

salt; said of a curry or puld^o 
prepared with its exact proporti 
water, salt, asd other seasoning. 

P* Ijb • LmJ I dh hawd, s. f. Water a. 
air, climate. 

. ^ 



A« uJ%J« a6«», (from^jl) adj. PatemaL 

j-^l^il uA^ (^ and r. ^ fill, sap- 

port) B. m. Swelling, plampness, 
tamefaotion, prominence* 

I* UtlfJI uhhar-nay ▼. a. To plnmp up, 

to raise up, to excite, to persnade. 
A. A^l tb/tam, (from j^) s. The 

thnmb: suspicion, ambiguity, adj. 
Concealed', unknown. 

S- Ui.^1 ubhrdnd, v. a. To fill a vesse] 

till it run over. 

§• w^i ubhama, v. n. To swell, to rise 

up, to overflow, to unlade (a cart or 

^ ^J'^^ obW-nwn, ^rfilTinT b, m. 
Pride, self-oonoeit, arrogance. 

{. |^.tjl ah'hi^ adv. Just now, immedi- 
ately, presently. 

*• {^^^ ahhyds, ^*Mih s. m. Prac- 
tice, exercise, study, the frequent 
repetition of a thing in order to fix it 
on the mind. 

p. ^ 1 tf6-i, adj. Aquatic, watery. 

B« ^t aln, B. f« A kind of bread. 

usually called ij^jii iPl 
Vi. ^1 dhet inter], (used by way of 

contempt) Holla, you fellow, you 
rascal ! sirjj^ah ! 

A* ly I o^'h My father. 

A. CL^La^I ahydt, s. plur. (of SJl^) 

Houses ; distichs or verses (most com- 

P. fCj\jki\ dh-ydri, s. f. Irrigation, 

H. ^1 aUr, s m. Powder used in the 

holi festival of the Hindus* 
A* ^/a^l obyof, adj. compar. (of ^^^J^ 

r. (jo\j) White, wjiiter. 

». L-->I dp, (3TTcfl55[ Soul, Self) pron. 
Self, selves, yourself, you Sir (used, 

instead of the personaf pronoun of the 
second person, by an i^erior when «d- 
dressing his superior) his worship. 4t% 

2. Ij I dpd, (see i^\ ) s. f. An elder 
sister. Self. 

H. JbUI apdhaj, adj.^ Lazy, cripple : a 

person who never visits any one. 

2« Vx)ol up(andf I composition of per- 
fumes, flour, etc. used to rub and 
cleanse the body with. 

«• 1^1 tipoJTw, (^ andj-. Zf^ Go) 

V. n. To spring up, grow, be produced, 
shoot forth. 

H. Jll^t uprdld, s. m. Aid, assistance 

thelbeing on one's side. Ij^ Xtyl 

V. a. To take one's part, to protect, 
to stickle for. 

adj. (Lit. without an opposite shore.) 
Boundless, infinite. 

'* V^^v!^ apranj'it adj. (dakh.) Mosi 
pure, free from alloy (gold). 

5. i-^j)^' ap-rnp, adj. (dakh.) Extra- 
ordinary, unique, rare, excellent. 

"• ^ji' v^arnd, (^cj and r. ^Z Go) 

V. n. To be rooted out, to be pulled 
out, to be skinned. 

H. Ijjjl uparnd, V. n. To be imprinted 
with the mark of any thing. 

fi' ^/"^I ^P^f (seev-^l) pron. recip. 

Self, selves, cue's self, themselves, one 

a, UmjjI upas-ndf v. n. To b3Come 

musty, to rot. 
B. .Ixil upa-kdr, s. m. Assistance, bone* 

fit, kindness, favour, obligation. 

H. jLi upldt 8. m. Cakes of dried cow 

H. Sj\ uplif s. f. Cakes ot cow-dung^ 
of a BmaUor mo fViSiii mA u^Aa. 



? 8. ^L«ol apa-mdn, 8. m. Diiurespect, 





^#S- Ubl a|))ia,m. jJbl apw?# f . (see «—^ I ) 

pron. poas. Of ^r belonging to selFi 
» own. 


- ^^' a-P«*, (^T?5Sr) adj. (dakh.) 

Pare, unmixed, claftfi"d, freed fram all 
floating imparit^ies. e 

% '-^' ifpfca?inJ, (3"^ and r. q^ 
Move, go) V. n. To boil over. 

T. ul atd, 8. m. Father. 

T. cJoUl afu'huk, (comp. of U! Father, 

and lS> Lord) a. m. A maater, a 

• teacher, a title given to the Mnga of 

». jul utdr, (3^c[ciK) 8. m. 1. Descent, 

• abatement, declination. 2. A red no- 
tion in price. 3. A qaarrelsome peraon. 

Rabat says : — 

Sitting she fights with those who ait, 
Starring with those who stir, 

Never a word would I exchange 
With such a wrangling jade. Worn, 

ub J .Ul ntdr dend. To bring down j 

(met.) to disgrace, to dishonour. 

c^ •• IjOl ttfartf, (from UiUl) 8. m. 1. A 

descent, crossing or passing (over a 
river, etc.) ; lunsom. 2. The cooked rice, 
flour, eta, moved an^odd number of 
times from the head to the foot of a 
sick person under the belief that the 
«vilo spirit is thus removed from the 
sick person into the rice, etc. 3. Halt- 
iiig place for travellers. 

5. UjUl utdmd, (cans, of U Jl) v. a. 

1. To cause to alight or descend, to 
bring down ; to degrade. 2. To cause 
to pass over, to convey ov^. 3. To 
take of5, tb strip off, to tear off, cut off 
or break off (a portion of any thing), 
^ unloaii, disembPTk, dismount, dis- 
cltar^^. 4. To wake a return or re- 

compense. "5. To copir letters or pic- 
tures. 6. v^o cast out an evil spirit. 

T. ^jh:W'jl atdliqf a. m. A .{)rivate tutor, 

a preceptor. 

2- o)^' utdn, OP iU'tdn, v^TIM (3^ 

and r. c7*i( Extend, stretch) •adj. 
Supine, lying on the back ; aha) low. 

H. (J •III utdwal, a. f. Quickness. 
H.JI^UI utd'old, adj. m. Swift, sjieedy, 
precipitate, rash, impatient,*unstcady. 

A. 4>'oscl ittihdd, (inf. viii. of ^V^^) B. m. 

Union, friendship. 

8. J I uiiar, 8. m. An answer, the north. 

A. CJUI airak^ s. (pinr. of cJj>) Turks. 

H.ljlJl itrdndtV a. To give one's self 


Galio says : — 

With what an air he struts, 

Being dubbed companion to the king ! 
Else what was Giilib ? in the town's 

Esteem how poor a thing ! 

s. Ja f(3^^ J I uttara'hhddrapad^ 8. m.' 

A mansion of the moon (the twenty- 
seventh.) • 

4. ^2\ utarany a. f. Worn out or^cast 

off clothes. 
H, ^y I uiran, a. (dakh.) A medicinial 

lactescent plant. 

2. Uyi utama, (^Tll^l from 3?^ and 

p. ^ Cross over) v. n. To descend, 
*» alight, halt, bait, disembark, land, 
dismount, subside, decrease, pass over, 
cross, go off, fall off, decay, fade, flag, 
be freed from debt, become insipid, 
flatten, fall in vjilue or in dignity. 

3. lil. Jl utarwdndt (cans, of Uy I) v. a. 
To cause to descend or alight. 




'r « 

!• jj^ v_^y ' *^** P'wi^i 8. An electuary 

composed of three sorts of Myrobalans, 
vii, the embKc, beleric, and arnla, with 

coriander seed and honej. 8ee A^ J 

^ jJl uitofi 8. m. (dakh.) Placing 

oi)% upon another ; a pile or heap 
regnlarlj disposed. 


^fi^ I dtaah or dti8\ s. f . Fire. 
P. \%^ ij^^ dtaah-afroz, Sid}. Kindling 

fire ; seditions, factions. 8. A mis- 

P. 4^jl^ i/^l dtash'hdt-Jt B. f. Exhibi- 
tion of fireworks, fireworks. 
P. VI* '"ti* if^ ' ^^os^-pavaat, 8. m. A 

worshipper of firo, a guebre, one of the 
tfiBct of the Magi. (i.e. a Parsce). 

P* Jb!^ i/^^ ' dtaah'kJutnaf s. m. A 

fire temple ; a powder magazine, a 
park of artillery. 

P. tf «^ tj^ 1 dtash'kliwdr, (Firo eater) 
8. m. Name of a bird, a variety of 
Tetrao rnfns, called in Hindi jy^ 
ehakoTf q.v.: a salamander. 

P. ^1 J ij^ ' diaah-ddny s. A chafing- 
dish, a fireplace, any receptacle for. 
•fire, a brazier, a grate. 


J'ij d^'\ 

dtash-zada-gifB.t. Com< 

bnstion, coifflagration, the firing of 
hoa^, etc. whether accidentally or by 

P. ^jwi i/^ ' dtash-fishdn^ adj. Scat- 
tering fire. 

P. {,* ^-"* 1 dtashale, a. f. The venereal 
disease, syphilis. 

'. 8 Jo 1/^ I dtaah-haday s. m, A fur- 
nace, grate, chimney, a temple of fire- 

P. ^\l^ i/^ 1 dtaah-mizdj, adj. Fiery- 

P. |«^l fl^O«fe-f, 

P. ^jjJ^I dtas^ 

i, ) adj. Fiery, hot, 
j^ \ irascible. ^^^ I 

JUUJ I A plain, round burning-glass, I 
burning lens (carried by travellershtu^. 

stead of a fiint and steel) : i^'mJ I 

JL*jJJSj a burning-glass : a glass diges- 
ter in which herbs, roots, seeds, etc. 
are subjected^to a^and bath, and mace- 
rated in the heat of the sun : a retort 

(glass vessel). ^^.fcUc ^--uJ I A bum. 
*i^?-gl^B, round or oval, set in a ring. 

A. JL^t ittifdlj (inf. viii. of tJ-^^V' 
s. m. Con junction, union, attachment, 

A. ^UJl i«i/J^, (inf. VIII. of ^3^) B. m. 

1. Agreement, concord, concurrence, 
friendship, conspiracy, collasiun, simi- 
larity of <li8po8ition. 2. Chanc«, *for- 
tune, ^accident, incident, occurrence,, 
success, opportunity. 3. Equality. 4. 

Probability. Uju ^liJl To accord or 
agree together. Ujj ^UJt see ^lall ^ 

Uyb auuAd- ^'^I or CL^'i'^l 

A twA g^ s. m. Unexpected good for- 
tune, agreeable accidents, good luck. 

li -> ^'*AJ I To accord or agree together, 

to concur, to unite, to conspire, to 

happen, liyb ^'^1 To happen, to be 

agreed, to become strict friends, to 
grow intimate. 

A. li^l ittifiqanf adv. Accidentally, 
by chance. 

A. CLj'i'^l ittifSqdl, s. m. plur. (of^j'^) 

Accidents, occurrences, events, suc- 

A. P. ^'UjI xttifiq-ly adj. 1. Accidentft), 

casual, fortuitous. 2. Agreeing, con- 

A. Us) ittiqdt (inf. viii. of ^^Jj)s.m. 

Avoiding, shunning; abstaining from 
evil ; piety. 

A. LxaSI atqiyd^ s. plur. (of ^J^) Reli- 
gious mdd, devotees, devout, pure of 



T. S^] atTcd, 8. m. The husband of a 





^^' at gat, (^rfh and ITc! 

-:>^gQne) adj. or adv. Very mnoli, very 
great, exoessive. 

^' 4J>1 uttam, ^tW adj. Excellent, best, 
first, proper, ex^dient. 

Doha, • 

^ My rank is highest," to the goldsmith 

qnoth the gold, 
** Seat in the scale with me that black 

f aoej} ghanghchi bold ?" 

«• jpl «^, (BTIoR^) 8. m. Soal, self. 
k£j[^ j^\ Self-murder. 

8- UJ I atmd, (3TTcJF[) 8- ^« 1- The soul, 
the body the self, 2. Belly ; stomaoh^ 

When the belly is full you may see the 
Supreme soul. 

A. A^ I itmdmp (inf. iv. of aW ) »• ™- 

Perfecting, completion, accomplish- 

H. UjI ien^, adj. m. As much as this, 
thus much, so much, so many. ^Jo) 

B^jJ^ In the mean time, mean-while, 

H. Liu I ntndf adj. m. As much as that. 
H. ot uttu, s. m. 1. Plaits of cloth. 

2. Plaiting, gathering into oraamental 

plaits or folds. Ufc^lw or [)dJ y\JX^ 

^o beat severely so as to leave marks 
on the body ; to bea£ one to a mummy. 

H. ^1 dtu, 8. f . A female teacher or 
, governess. 

2- J 1/1 itwdr, {^\\i:M^R) 8- m. Sun- 
day. • 

H. .J I dtiin or ijfifV 1 dtuti'fif s. f. 

A governess, schoolmistrefii. 
A.^ A^i Attihdm, (inf. viii.of a^^) 8. m. 

^ £lDspic]on^ impeachment, accusation, 
consnro, ^ 

»' »V a-thd\ (3? an« PTR[ Place) 

adj. Unfathomable, bbttomless, very 
deep. 8. An abyss. • 

a, (J^l uthcd, adj. 8&llow, low. 
a. ULfil uthalndf ojf''[jX^ IJul^I uf^Zni 
puthcUnd, V. n. To turn over, to oversdi. 
8. jJl if I, (|fff r. ^ Go) a pAticle 

implying, cause, manifestation, refer- 
ence, something additional, oonclnsion : 
and may be translated b^Thus, there- 
fore, lo, behold, et cetera, b6 says, 
finis, the end ; in which latter sense it 

is usually written like ^t». •S^^^.J 
in Persian and w in Arabic, at the 
end of a book, letter, etc. 
8- Cl^l am, (3T%fKr) 8. m. A wan- 
derer, pilgprim, a fakir (among Hindus). 

H. b I dtdy s. m. Flour, meal. 2Ui t^ I 
Ijyb To become hopeless, begin to 
despair. ^ ^J /y. J ^J~\ 

U6 ifMj Like the flour was ground up 

the ghun (weevil) ; a man is judged of 
by the company he keeps. 

-• ^J^^ atd-ri, (3Jf ) 8. f. 1. A 

thatched upper room, upper-roomed 

'S* Vtjl aidl'dy B- m. A heap ; furniture. 

H. Uti^I aiil-//n^, (cans, of UO!) v. a. To 
stop, to prevent. 

H. • lO) aikd'o, B. m. Pretention, hinder- 


H. , MbJj jOI utakkorlaUy B/di\, Precipit- 
ate, rash, acting without consideration. 

H. (J^l aikaly 8. f. Guess, conjecture, 
judgment, opinion, quantity, size. 

jij (Jl7t adj. Adroit at guessing; an 


H. tf*^^ ^J^l ajkal'pachchu, s. m. One 

who gnesses at a venture, or without 
grounds on which to judge, adv. At 

random. A random guess. ^ ^fiST ^Jx> I 
^[fiirli or* i^M ^ (Jx^l Earnest im- 
portunity for what cannot be had; 




wild and Tisionary speonlatipna. {jS) 
\mJj aae^j ^ ysr To recite the 

first chapter of the Qur'dn, Ac. : to seek 
impossibilities, • to* romance, torn 

H* ^2^M« ^^1 af-kan maf-kan^ s. A 

sort of boj's play, ** gness if you can." 

H. UijI afaJe^nd^ v. n. To be stopped, 
to be prevented. 

t. Ja^I afhhel, (r. ^ Exceed, and 
^cf^ Sport) adj. Wanton. 

S* ^<La^I a(](;?ie2-t, s. f. Wantonness^ 

an affected (also a gracef al) pace or 
mode of walking. 

"• (JS\ a^fal, (3? and r. 2^ Be agitated) 

adj. Immorable, one that never 
flinched ; headstrong. 

H. ^1 o/am, 8. m. A heap, pile, crowd. 

«• U> I a4nd, (r. ^SfS Go) v. n. 1. To 
be contained. 2. To be filled. ]J 
Uf(3l The well is filled np. 

H. ^JoJ] ufangan^ s. 1. Name of a river 

near Go'ili&r. 2. Name of a plant, a 
i{)ccie6 of nettle or stinging plant, the 
seed of which is nsed in Indian prac- 
tice, by the natives, as an aphrodisiac. 

«• ^ i^'^*^*V^'y' ^^^^ khaiwatt 

kh<i(todn(i lend, To be confined to bed 
in great trouble or affliction. 

i- ^1 dth,{Z{Z) adj. Eight. ^T 
8^ If) I Tumult, confusion, uproar. ^J I 

\j^j ymj I 4)1 To shed floods of tears, 
to weep exceedingly, j^ ^\ All the 
twenty-four hours 1 constantly. ^OH^ I 
Aajo 1. A nors^ marked 

with a black bay upon eight places, 
rts. the legs up to the knees, the ears, 
mane, and tail. 2. Bkilfal, expert, \ wantonness. 




conversant, experienced. 3. Shrewd, 
cunning. Juil^ i:^^ '[^V ^ 0^ 

5. L|>I affhd, s. m. iT Eight. 2. An 
assembly. 3. l^J^e ejghfc at cards. 

** C^T^V athdrah'Wdh, adj. Eigh- 
teenth. « * 

2- »;V athdrah, (^TJ]^) adj. Eigh. 

». ^\i>] aihdsu (^I^ftRr) adj. 

2- ^J^^ * -tti^w, (vJc^M) 8. m. 1. 

Rising, ascension. 2. (dakh.) Height, 
summit. 3. Salacity in the female, lust 
after thS male. 

5* bl^I nthdnd^ (cans, of Uf)l) v. a. To 
lift, take or raise up, elevate, hoist, 
take or bear away, produce, invent, 
cause, gain, get, enjoy, abolish, excite, 
rouse, support, bear, carry, remove, re- 
ceive, suffer, exhibit, to contract debts 

or purchase on credit, to expend. U>) 

UJ>4> uthd-dend, 1. To remove away, 
abolish, abrogate, exterminate. 2. To 
rouse, excite, provoke. 

2- i/yV athd-navwe, (Biy^cffff) adj. 


2- c;^^' athdwan, (3^gT^RI?j;) adj. 

2- LT^^^'l athd'is, (31^rf%%) adj. 

5. P. l^^^l^I uthd^Jglrd, s. m. A 
pilferer, a purloiner, a petty thief. * 

2- -i^W -^^ ^f^ ^ipK B. f. 1. Rest- 
lessness, agitation, tossing and tumb- 
ling. 2. A kind of exercise. 3. The 
ceremony of standing up and dropping * 
on the knees alternately at prayei'. 

adj. Forty -eight. * 
2- ^J-J^^ aihkheli, (r.^ 3^ «xyoed,. 
and l^J Sport) s. f. Playfulness^ 

• « 







H. Ijlffl ithlandt v. a. To walk affected- 
ly or coqiSfettiBhly, to express tendor- 
ess or kindness by gesture. 

J. U^l uihnd, (,J^H from 3?|; a^^ ^• 

^ Stand) V. n. To rise or get up, 

be raised, spring ;*1)o proceed from, 

arise oat of; to leave, quit, depart 

from. . 

8. f. The state of being confined to 
bed through sickness, <&o« 

S- ];'^l aihwara, (for "9^ Eight, and 

^T^ Day) s. m. The eighth day after 
any other ; a week. 

S* uW ath-voan,{lS^^ fi^. Eighth. 
I. «Ay^1 athhattar, adj. Seventy-eight. 

{. ^ I dth 8. f . (dakh. see nnder L^*^ 1 ) 

A skein or hank of thread of different 
colours : a twist, fold, plait, flexure. 

B. iOn!^' oip^^f'^^1 8* ™* ^* "^ skein or 

bundle of thread, a reel. 2. Tho 
lounge or circle in which a horse is 
trained (in the manege). 

H. li-JjI afemdf v. a. 1. To mako up 

thread into skeins, to reel. 2, To 
lounge a horse. 

A. c±j'j| <Wtf«, 8. plur. Household fur- 
niture, wealth, goods, money, slaves, 
cattle, effects. 

I furni- 
o«'^««> J tnro. 

i. ij\j\ 

A. .Ul aadr, s. m. plur. (ofyl) Signs, 

marks, traces, impressions, vestiges, 

^effects ; histories, traditions, memora- 

blo events; the traditions of Mu- 

hahimad. uJD .it .Ul or L^ilco ,lj| 
"J J J * J 

Sacred relics of ]dKihamm(X{JL, 

A. dj'jol %Mi, (iuf. IV. of Cl^) 8. 
Confirmation, proof, aflwinntion. 

"A. Si ^aar, s.-m. A mark, sign, trac«», 

impressions, effect- yjo j)! adj. Tak- 
ia^ eJTQ?t. 

A. UJI cutn^, (from ^J^) 8' ™« Th© *'"^* 
die, interstice, interval folds or plaits. 
^^^ %\j fJ\jS\ w »K ^^Lul In tho 

middle of the roAd, whilst travelling. 

i^» J^ ubi lantf os?iar. Twelve; the 

twelve Imams, i^f**^ ^1 ci^j* Helat- 

ing to tho twelve (Imams). Tho ^hVa 
sect. • 

A. ^^1 cMi^n, adj. Sinful; sinner. 

S --T ^i (^) adv. To-day. --T 
vL C 

J> Nowadays, to day or to morrow 

of late, in a few days, Uy J> ^ 1* 

To procrastinate, put off from day to 

A. e^l>-l ijdhat, (inf. iv. of i--->^) 

8. f. Answering (of prayer or of a 
petition), granting a favourable reply, 

A. JJi'^l ijdrOy 8. m. 1. Hire, rent, a 

privilege or income of variable amount 
sold or let for a fixed sum. 2. A 

farm. .Ij ^i'*^' 8» "*• ^ farmer 

of land or of revenue : ono who ha8 
purchased the labour of another : tho 
holder of a monopoly. 

8.J'*d-l lijtf.r, (see li^l) a<lj. .De8«rfc, 

desolate, ruined. 
2- Uj'.>.l ujdfni, (caus.^of Uy^l) V. a. 

To lay waste, desolato, plunder, 
A. CL;,ld.l ijdzat, (inf. iv. of ;^3^) 8. f. 

Pennission, leave, sanction. 

a. 3'.^- 1 wj'^ltf , \<tA and r. 3^^ Shine) 

1. 8. m. Splendour, brightness, light. 

2. (dakh.) Silver, especially a rupee. 

«. 'JJ'^I ujdlnd^ (cans, of Ul^i q. v.) 

V. a. To cleanse, to polish (metals or 
be jewels). 

9, U^^ I d'jdnd^ (U 1 and Ul^ q. v.) 

V. n. To Come suddenly, happen; to 
acquired. • 

A. c^^d-1 ijtum\ (inf. viu. of '«-A3-) 
s. m. 1. Act of assembling togcihor ; 



agrooing together (in opinjpn), assem- 
blage, collection. 2. Conjunction (in 
astronomy). • 

A. L-i;*Jul».t ijtinah, (inf. Till. of^w^J'v) 

6. m. Turning asicle from, avoiding; 
•abstinence, self-denial. 

A. j'ifL>.l ijtihad, (inf. Vlll. of iVf^-) 

B. m. Exertion, effort, earnest, endea- 

A. JiiX^.) ajkdd, 8. plur. (of Jv^ jadd) 

S. J^J vjaddy adj. Inconsiderate, rasb, 
ignorant, clownish. 

A. ^^1 ojr, B. m. Retribution, reward 

* of good or bad actions, recompense, 
hire, fare, fee. 

A. iy*-i ijrd, (inf. it, of t-f;^) ^* ^* 

Causing to flow or to circulate, put- 
ting in force, execution, practice. 

A. A^t^l ajrJm, s. plur. (of a*^) Bodies. 

A« V** K^l ujraty B. f. Howard, wage, 

f. Uy^l ujapna, \JS^ and 3I2T A 

fibrous root) y. xu To become deso- 
late, to Ho waste. 

A. ^iJ>'i ajzdf B. m. plur. (of J^) Parts. 

* portions ; ing^dionts, articles. 
A. AWMb^l ajaam, b. plur. (of ^mi^) 

Bodies jLub^-l • a^^^m^^^i Bodies and 

71 Swallow) aj-gaVf s. m. A large 
serpent, Boa constrictor. 

A, (Jl>-i ajal, 8. f. The term of life, 
fate, death, the hour of death, respite. 

SJlAmii (>>-) Overtaken by fate. (J^' 

AxijT Seized by fate, on the point of 

death, in a situatioc^ that leaves no 
hopes of life, in the jaws of death. 

A. (Jl^I o/oZZ, adj. compar. (from^Jal».) 

More or most glorioas. 

2- J^l ujjaly (3^R5) -adj. Clear, 
puix), shining. ^^^^ 

«. 31^1 ujldf adj. White. 

A. ^^Lwl ijlasy (inf. IV. of (^yJl*-) s- ^• 

Seiiting, a sittiJtg (of council), a session 
(for judicial proceedings). 

A. uJil^l a/{a/, 10. *plur. (of c pI^ 
jHf) Vile, ignoble, unjui^t people. 

A. J1L>-! ijldl^ (inf. ^. IV. of^Jl^) s. m. , 

The bestowing or acknowledging of 

s. Ua».| ujldnd, (caaa. of Ul^l) v. a. 
To cause to cleanse, to brighten. 

s. UU-1 ujalnd, (s^JJcJ^H from ^ 

and r. 3^q5 Shine) v, n. To become 

clean, shine. 

A. jd^\ ajilla^ 8. plur. (of U*ji^^ jfl^'i 
or (J^i ajall,) Illustrious men. 

A. cIa»-I i;ma*, (inf. IV. of «^.4^) s. m. 

Act of assembling, an assembly, senate, 
council, court of justice, a crowd, col- 
lection, amount, whole; concurrence, 

agreement. d^w«1 ^^^^l b. m. 

General assembly or convocation of 
the people ; unanimous consent. 

A. JU>^) i}mdl, (inf. IV. of (J^-*^) s. m. 

Casting up, reckoning up ; an abstract, 
compendious account, synopsis, sum- 

A. ^^^jjxA». I oj matn, s. plur. (of t**^ ' ) 
The whole, all together. 

P. dyks^] ojmttcT, (^fjWt^) B. m. 

Parsley, common caraway, a kind of 
lovage. • 

«. ^&-l (3^^) ajin, s. m. A hid« 

used as a scat, bed, &o. by the religious 
student ; generally the hide of an an- 
telope or tiger (?). 

A. , M.U^^ajrw«, s. f. (plur. of ^j*-f^) 
Kinds, sorts, species ;«variouf#fc«)rts. 

A, j<JUl>-l ojnabf, adj. Stranger, for- 
eigner. * 





H- j^U^l (ytotfyan or ajwd*tn, s. f. The 
;ed of a plant of the dill kind. 

^U^l j-iU*ij^ Hjoscyamaa niger 

or black HenbSne seeds. 

A. S.^di-1 ajura, s. n. Sire, rent, wag^s, 

fare, reward, fee. 
H.J^] iiJjAar, adj. Jgnorant, illiterate. 

A. (J^.ki^) aj'^o^, adj. oonipar. (of u^l^) 

More, most or very ignorant ; a block- 

H. \j^,^]»U}halnd, v. n. To flow or be 
poared from one vessel into another. 

H. \^\ ajif An interjection to call 


or bespeak attention. 

(In Bengal, it is used to an inferior or in 
cases of great intimacy only ; bat, in 
the western provinces, and in the 
Dakhan, it is often addressed to a 
saperior as a term of respect). Holla ! 
O ! Good sir ! Hear me, sir ! Madam ! 
My Lady ! (The address of a person 
of better condition to an eqnal or 
superior of either sex). 

B. |V?-' «•]<**» *^i- ^^^ victorious, un- 
successful, subdued. 

A. J^\ ajir, B. m. A slave, hired ser- 
vant, hireling. 

B. ijn!^! a-lirant s. m. Indigestion; 
surfeit, flatulence. 

H. f^^A^^i uehdpat, s. Credit, a debt: 

that which is borrowed or taken up 
on loan or credit. 

t«4iU.l uchdt* (S"^ andr. ^ 

Break, pierce, injure) adj. Displeased, 
dissatisfied, uneasy, annoyed. 

^. \jS[>^] uchdtnd (cans, of Ua>-I q.v.) 

▼.a. To divide, separate; to cause 
to rebound. 

P. j\j>^ I dchdr, (or aciidr) s. m. Pickles. 

8.^^.L>i.L dchdrl, adj. Practising 

(what is good), strict in the obser- 
vance of religious ceremonies ; a de- 
"votee, piouB, holj man. 


an - 

H. c.^l>-l aehdnak, * \ 

- U'j'^*' <^^p(ilt m. f. adj. JKestleijB^ 

playful, brisk, wanton, swift, uneasy, 
impatient ^ 

Nazir says : — 

What care that she should laugh, and 
talk, or show her pretty, playful airs 

To him who only wants one look, one 
moment issued from her house. * 

8. VJ:.^! uchii, 3i^ (r.^ Speak) 
adj. Proper, fit, suitable. 

8. uu»-l uchatnd, (3^ and r, ^[Z Se- 
parate, break) v. n. To separate ; to be 
separated (as plaster from a wall) ; to 
slip, slide, rebound (as a sword striking 
a hard body obliquely), recoil, glance 
by ; to be broken or interrupted (^eep). 

H. d1»-i uehakJcd, s. m. A thief, a pick- 
pocket ; knave, scoundrel, villain. * 

s. U\C>^1 uchlednd, v. a. To lift or raiso 

up. • 

B. UC>-i uchdknd, v. n. To rise. Ho be 

lifted, to leap, bound, spring up. 

H. UC>>1 ichaJcndf v. n. (dakh ) To grin, 

show the teeth spitefully (as a dog or 

H. l^A>K>-| aehamlha, s. m. Wonderful 
thing, astonishment. 

«. lf>"l achchhd, (^^ Clear, trans- 

parent) adj. Good, excellent, righteous, 
healthy, well. 

B, UIl^l uehhdhidf (oaus. of l)U|>> i) v. a. 

To toss, thro^v, fling op, to toss up a 
thing (as a ball, Ac.) and catch it 
in the hand. 


fr j^] achehiar (^KJ^) mm. A letter 
of the alphabet. 

2- Ul|»>l uchhalnd, (?C^ and r. ^^ 

^Move) V. n. To leap or bound to 
spring Or spout up (as water in a 

foifbtain), U^ J^l To break into a 

passion, to become in a rage, to flj 
out, get warm. 

^' L5^!^^ och^iD^t, 8. f. Candle. An 

aromatic decoction nsnally adminis- 
terefl to Ijing-in-women. 

«. lja>-l achhiitS^ (^T and r. ^ To 

>o V 

touch.) adj. Uhtouched, untasted, in- 
tangible (victuals dressed for saints, 

A^i}l». I dhdd, 8. plur. (of iX>.l) The 

units, ones. 

A. d^(>l».| ahddia, b. f. (plur. of 

L^^4^>-) Traditions, (particularly) 
the traditions or sayings of Muham- 

A. ^^^1 ihata, (inf. it. of Is^) s. f . A 

surrounding* an enclosure. 

Ia».| ahilibd, f s.plnr. (ofCy^ J H'n^) 

Friends, lovers, 


\hihhd, f 

^« jlJl^l ihtirdM, (inf. Tin. ofJj^)8. m. 

Abstinence, regimen, abstaining from 
improper aitjj^ions of any kind. 

A. ^Ui^l ihtirdq^ (inf. viii. of Q^) 8- 

Burning, conflagration- 

a«^IjI>.| iktirdm, (inf. viii. of (^^) 

B. m. Act of honouring, veneration, 
reverence, treating with respect. 

a. i^UmjI».| ihOM^ (inf. viil of 

\^,^^/smj^) s. m. 1. Making up accounts, 

reckoning, estimating. 2. Superin- 
tendence of police : prohibition. 

A. ^UL1».) tAtMKjm, (inf. viii. of >4^^) 

s. m. Pomp, parade, retinue, magni- 
ficence. « 

A. fXioA ihtilim^ (inf. viii. of U^) s. m. 
Kociomal pollution. 

A. jUId-1 tA^tmil, (inf.. viii. of J^ 
He bore) s. m. 1. Act of bearing^'*' 
supporting. 2. Doubt, uncertainty, 
suspicion. 3. ProbabiUty, likelihood, 

^ -^^^^I ^%«i, O^J- VIII. of ^^) 

s. f. Necessity, want, occasion, need. 

A. ]o\j^\ ihtiySLjiM. VIII. o{)o^) s. f. 

Caution, circumspection, foresight, 
scrupulousness, care* 

A. \]o[jU^) ihtiyitan, adv. Cautiously, 
with caution, circumspectly. 

A. tX^l ah€td^ s. Unity, one, am unit, in- 

A. d^lJk^l ikdia^ (inf. iv. of ^tLl>A^ 
He rojjewed) s. m. Act of making or 
producing any thing new, production,* 

P' ^5^3^^ I ahd'i^ s. m. A sort of soldier. 

A. i,::^«J^I ahadiyat, s. f. Unity, the 
being singular, individuality. 


A. lU*-' aArJr,8. (plur. of j^-) The in- 
genuous, liberal, open, free. 

A. ^j\j^\ ihraq^ (inf. iv. of ^J^) s. m. 
Act of burning or setting on fire. 

A. Jj^ 1 ihrim, (inf. iv. of /♦ t^) s. m. 

Act of forbidding or interdicting ; put- 
ting on the pilgrim's habit at a certain 
distance from Mecca, determination or 
resolution. (At a certain distance 
from Mecca, the pilgrims interdict 
themselves all worldly enjoyments, Ac, 
There their resolution is fixed to com- 
plete the pilgrimage ; and, hence, the 
word means the determination thstt 

^Ij^-I A^l»- or ai»>-i (alone). The 

garment worn by pilgrims on approa- 
ching and entering Mecca (consisting d( 


two wrappers without seam :) aI*>'| 

UJbtXiu To make one's vows as a pil- 
grim, at a cert&in stage from Mecca, 
appointeit for the- purpose, preparatory 
to the entrance of th^ holy 6ity^ ' • 

A. ^;U»-I ah%dn, 8. (plur. of ^JJ»') Sor- 
rows, MelanohoUes. ^ 


• • 







^'u^w^>.i i^<K7n,(inf. iv. of ^^*m^>.)b. m. 

ncficenco, benevolence, favonr. kind- 
ness, the conferring of obligation. 

jj Jo 1^ (j'***^^l Grateful acknowledg- 
ment, requital or return for any favour; 

courtesy. jJL*^L*d-l adj. Obliged; 
bound (by favon^, grateful. 

A. ^A*j^».| a^an,adj.coTnpar. (of j^^*M^.) 
More or most beautiful, excellent. 

A. t.**^i^^'^^^i ahsant, adv. Thou hast 
made excellent ; bravo ! well done ! 

A. Li^l ahshiy 8. plur. (of Ll»-) The 

contents of the thorax, (viz, the heart, 
and lungs) together with the liver, 
► spleen, &o. • 

A. Lfia^ I Jhfi^ (inf. IV. of L^-ifl>-)s. Num- 

bering, describing, comprehension. 
A. .Lfl>.l ihzSr^ (inf. iv. of r^:^) B, m. 

Act of causing to be present; sum- 
moning; a summons. 

A. yi^-i ahqar, adj. compar. (of -jJi^-) 

More or roost contempt ible,most unwor- 
thy. (A solf-humiliatory expression). 

A. a1^>>-i ahkdniy s. pi 





Orders, commands, decrees, ordinances. 

A. «X.ik».i a^ma4, adj. compar. (of JcMk>-^ 
More or most praiseworthy or com- 
mendable, n. prop. Name of Muham- 
mad and of otliers. 

A. jCtX^k^-l akmad-lf adj. Belonging to 

^ Ahmad; a musalm&i}. 
A. ^A>>l ahinar, adj. Bed. 

A. V4^>.| ahmaqj adj. Very or most 

fooli%h, blockhead. ^ciJI |Jf>«^»-l -^^ 
arrant blockhead, natural fool. 

A. (J'^^I ahwilf s. nv (plur. of Jl^-) 

Condition, circumstance^ matters, 
teven^j^^dbcurrences, state, account. 

A. J^^' akwalf adj. Squinting, one 
"trlio S003 qifjocta doablo, squint -eyed. 

A. L)^-l ahfi, a. plur. (of ,c^) The 

living. % ihya, (ii\f. IV. of ^^a- He 

lived) s. m. Vivification, giving life, 
saving, preserving. 

A. U.;^I ahyanan, adv. Sometimes, now 

and then, from time to time; ^if) ftt 
any time, in the event, incase, should, 

A. * I ath, 8. m. Brother. 

A. 1^1 akhkhi^ An exclamation of sur- 
prise, ha ! 

A. .Us*- 1 akhhiTy 8. plur (of t*^) News. 

intelligence ; a newspaper. fU»-l 

iwjiJ An intelligencer, a resident 

abroad who gives intelligence of tho 
occurrences at his station. 

A. L,**^4^i ukhtf 8. f . A sister I a female 

A. JjIs^] imitim, (inf. viii. of JlS- 

He sealed, finished) s. m. Finishing, 
end, completion, fulfilment, close* 

P* y^l aMitaVf s. m. A star, a constel- 
lation ; fortune, omen. 
A. cl^l mtira^, (inf. ViiL of CjO^) 

8. m. Invention, discovery. 
A-.L^ii*-! tfc^h'fjr, (inf. viil. of^an) 
8. m. Abridgment, epitome, abstract. 

A. ^Laii-I ikIiH0f, (inf^ViiL of (j^^) 
8. m. Appropriation, peouliaritj* 

A. Ui^l ikJitifd (inf. viii. of U^ He 

concealed) s. m. Act of hiding, con- 
cealing, covering. 

A. \slx^\ ikf^iilit (inf. Till, of laU. 
He mixed) s m. Act of mixing, inter, 
course, intimacy, friendship. 

A. uJlii-l ikhtilaf (inf. viii. of c-iU- 

He iiassed, changed, succeeded) s. m. 
Difference (of opinion), opposition, 

A. JUls-l ^kJiUm (inf. VIII. of Jsw) 

8. m. f. 1. Interruption, disturbance, 
obstacle. 2. Need. 




P. JLV^ I Skhta or aVUa, adj^ Castrated, 
a gelding, c j^ XJ^ I A capon. 

A.^Uli.1 iihtiySf, (inf. vin. of jJ^) 
s. m. Choice, will^ authority, power. 

A. S^] okTutj 8. f. Taking, seizing, inter- 
cej^ing, objection, hostility. 

^* •^1 S^Jiar, Another, a second. 

^T <^yiS JklacI ^^^® ™® another 

A. j^j SkMr^-Vid}. Last, latter, s. m. 

End, termination, adv. At last, finally. 
A. ^ '•»-! itifraj (inf. iv. of — j^) s. m. 

Extraction, exclnsion, derivation, ex- 
pulsion, evaonation. 

A. CL^ld-l^l ik^ijit, 8. m. (plnr. of 

-p.i.>-i) Expenses, costs, charges, dis- 
A. j^^] j^\ SkAiru-i-arwr, adv. At the 

end, finally, at last. 
A. ^L^jJij^l athiru-Z'zamin, End of 

time, the latter times. 
A. CLJji- 1 StTiirat, B. f. Fnturity, a 

future state, the world to come. 
A.P. i/ij^ I ikMraah, adv. At the ond 

of it, at last, finally, after all. 

A.P. l^y^T 5gir.i-fcJr, See •^St^l 

B,' db^S-\ akJirop^ (^T^kTO b. m. A 

A. ,^^1 Skiir-tf adj. Last, latter, 

final, extreme. HXJJ^ J^^ ^J^ 

The last Wednesday that falls out an- 
nually in the month aafar^ a festival 
observed with much solemnity and 
rejoicing by the Muhammadans of 
India, their prophet having on tha*^ 
day found himself well enough to walk 
abroad, for the first time, after a very 
severe illness. 

A. j> ^ 1 afc/^iVln, Bf plnr. (of •>■ I ) 
The last ; posterity, those that comc^ 
after. /•J ij^^t^l The last broath. 

A. Ui^l ikTifa^ (inf. iv. of ^J^) s. m. 

Concealment. ^-^ "^ 

F* J^i aKhgar, s. f. Live ashes, a 

spark of fii*e. • 

A. ^^iU-1 ikiilif, (]ph IV. of ^jo^^ ) 

B. m, (Making pure) Sincerity, puro 
friendship, genuin% attachment. 

A.R 4>jL;\^il>-) ikJilas-mandf adj. Sin- 
cere, friendly, kind, affectionate ; a a 
friend. • 

A.P. ^^jJi^jl>-i ilMds - mand-7, B. f. 


A. IslU.) amat, 8. plnr. (of Lla*- Mi^) 

The humours of which the blood is 
composed in the bodies of animals. 

A. ^ls^\ dkMaqy s. m. plnr. (of Jfi»- 

kJiulq) 1. Manners, disposition, the 
good properties of mankind, virtues. 
2. Ethics, morality. 

'*• .JL> |<i>-l akJini (or iklynt) jmli*o^ 

A pulii*o made with stewed meat or 
thick rich gravy. 

A. ^^\^\ ikTiwdn, B. plur. (of U-l akJi) 

Brothers. ^^U) ^^)^^ Contempo- ^ 

P. .*^l ak^or^{or dkJt^tr or SjcJiilr) s. f. 

Refuse, offals, filth, sweeping, litter, 
waste grass of stables : a stable. 

oolm aster, 

P. ^0%^ 1 $kh¥^i 1 8. rn. Tutor, 
.. / tor, Bchoo 

P. Si^ I akTiund, J teacher. 

A. 1^%^! okTiwJ, adj. BrcJthorly, frater- 

A. jj^l akTi'i, s. voc. and pi on. My bro- 

A. Xxs>^ athyir, adj. plur. {(J ri^^ 

The good, the better (people). 
A. iljcsfc-l akhyifl, adj. By the same * 

mother %ut by a different father (a 
brother or pistcr). ' , # 

A. yJ^I akittfj ndj. Last, final, latter, 
s. m. The end, coTi\\A«ilA9\\. 






y A. ]^}] adi 8. f. 1. Performance, com- 

^ ^ j letion or bringfinpf to perfection, exe- 
cation, discharge, payment. 2. Blan- 
^ dishments, coqnetry. 

Mir Hftaan says : — 

She moved along displaying every grsibe, 
• She smiling moved — a veil thrown o'er 
• her face. 

8. Expression, warbling notes. 

A. t— ^Ij 1 ddih, s. m. (plnr. of V.^Ji/ 

Ceromoities, etiqnette, politeness, good 
manners, forms of address in writing 
ai}d speaking, ealutation, respects. 

1** %|^4^^^ .fj> C— ^ 14} I Most humble com- 
pliments, most submissive respects. 
A. djljl adit, 8. f. An instrument ; a 
particle (in grammar). 

s. ^J\d\ udis, (3^^) 8. Retirednoaa, 

loneliness, adj. Sorrowful, sad, melan- 
^ choly, low-spirited. 

MTr Hasan says : — 

Vv^ ^ (^ ^ «j^ * u"^. 




Some hope she had, some feeling of des- 
pair ; 

Her lips all smiles, but sadness on her 

A. jdluiJi adlma-llih, Mny God pro- 
serve (him).* 

A. jJljl adJui, adj. plur. (of ^d 
da%l) Mean, contemptible (people). 

l-^lJLAlb^jl udihat (from 'Jul) s. f. 
, A. ^bl ad J.?, 8, f. See 1 j) add. ^bl 

,Jt3 ad4-i dain^ a. m. !^ymcnt of 

A. c-JJl adaby s. m. Institute, rule, 
*" ^ood mann^, poUtenesB, roapect ; tak- 

ing care no^ to pass thvj bounds of any 
thing. Smence, learning, philology, 
modesty, civility. 

A. .Ijjl idhir, (inf. i^ of J J Was be- 
hind, ruled) 8. f. ynming back, going 
back, misfortune, bad luck, adversity. 


u* i^y^^ adatfif adj. (dakh.) Hanging, 
pendulous $ infirm, not solid. 

A. J^^] id&iah (inf. IV. of Jo- J) 8. 
Insertion, causing to enter. 

h ^ijfc^i udrdjy 8. (dakh.) Name of a 

jewel worn in the ears. 

A ilifc>t idraty (inf. iv. of •») Flowed 

freely) s. m. 1. Flowing of milk 
(from a camel) j involuntary discharge 
of urine ; hard rain ; flow ; munificence, 
a liberal gift. 2. Daily allowance. • 

A. \JS\j6\ idrik, (inf. iv. of lJji}) s. m. 

Comprehension, understanding. 
S* Cj[i(3l adrak or idrahy (3jls^4i) s. f. 

Ginger in the undried state. 
A* irHlj^^ idriSy n. prop. The patriarch 


A. UjI iddii^ (inf. viil. of Ic J) s. m. 

The act of demanding one's rights, 
claim, pretension, arrogance. 

A. ^LJ^Ji adiyo,8. plur. (of Ic J) Prayers, 
benedictions, good wishes. 

A. Ab,d\ idgt'iniy (inf. IV. of j^J) 8. m. 

Reduplication of a letter, or the con- 
traction of one letter into another, 

A. ^^}] adaqq^sA}. compar. (from Ji^t^) 

More or very abstruse, difficult, fine or 
minute, subtile. 

H. As:*43i adaqcha, s. m. A cloth for 
carrying things in, a covering, a wrap- 
• per. 

H. J4X) Jjl adlhadl, Is. m. Ex- 

H. JIjj "id] adld hadliy I change, al. 
teration. • 

A. ^d) adilla, 8. plur. (of cW*}) Proofs, 
indications, arguments, evidences. 




A. ^i>T idam, (Waa red or .tawny) n. 

prop. Adam,,the first man ; man. 
f. »>U*)1 udmSd, (3^=^115) fl. A fit of 

lost, lasciviooi mood. 

S. .fjLojl udmid-l, I adj. Wanton, 

lewd, lasoivioos. 2. s. f . Faroxjam of 

p. j^ A J t ^(Zam-£$or, adj. Man-eater, 

ouui-devoaring ; a cannibal. 
f' jh mJI idam^tSd, a. m. f. Man, 

»▲. -<«4> I idm-i, ». m. f. A descendant of 

Adam, a human being (man or woman), 
an individual, a certain person, a man 
eervaut, people. 

A. v*%-^i>i^ I Jdtmyae, s. f. 1. Hamanitj, 
homan nature* 

Zanq says : — 

Humanity is one thing; learning, quite 
another. Teach a parrot ever so much, 
a parrot he will be. 

2. Civility, urbanity, complaisance, po- 
liteness, good, breeding ^| \^::^^jk^d I 

ul9>-»To be bereft of one's nature. 

deprived of one's right reason, to 
become bewildered, lose one's senses. 

ljjx> d^^J^j) To become civilized 

Ull^CMi ^j:^^J^d\ or ci^^j^jT 
US ^jJi^ Tocivjlize. 

A. Ut>t adnit adj. oompar. (of ^^) 1 

Inferior, lowest, mean, small, little, a 
person of no consequence. 2. Nearest. 

H. yid) adwiUarr ^ a^i. (dakb). * See 

B. (^ Jui)) adanin 
A. jJj] odn^, adj. oompar. See Ui)) 

A. CLjI^jI odawif, a plur. (of CL^Ijl) 

1. Instruments, tools, utensils. «2. 
Particles (in grammar) or paragogio 




^. f. Braces for 
, the 
strings of a bier ojr other article of 
similar construction. 

A. CL>U^J1 adwiyit^ s. plur. (of plur. 

^^^(3i) Medicines, drugs. 
A. ^^d\ adwiya, s. plur. (of Ij*)) Medi- 


rjadj. (daib). 

a. Sjl adh or JdA, (^T^) (m compos.) 
Half : see UbJ I 

«. IfcJ 1 «aA«, adj. Half. In compos, it 
becomes SJ I or sjl or Ujl or 4)] as, 

l^«>] Half-dead. 

U.I .. 1 (^TT^ food, or ^ 
9» j\au] adhaTf I 

> 1 Food, victuals, sup- 

J port, subsistence. 

B.' .Ijbi) I d'dhdr, (STP^IR) 8. m. A 

patron, supporter, one on whom de- 
pendence is placed for assistance. 

8. .UbJi tidhdr or ud-dhar, (3^R) (3^5^ 

and r. )3 Hold) s. m. Debt (especi- 
ally not bearing interest), Jpan. 
5. ,^:W SJi adh'hlchf adv. In the mid- 

H. JbJl i-dhar^ adv. Here, hither, on^ 
this side. JbJ I ytjj, About, a^und, 

up and down, here and there. 

H. JbJl u-dhaTf adv. There, 
that side. 



Pendulous, sus 





K w 

8. cl^jt adhik, adj. Exceeding, ex- 
cessivOi grouter, more. 

«. H. ). Jo 8*>l adk-gadra, adj. Half- 
ripe. • 
A. ^j1 adfcam^s.^m. ^A dark-coloared 


H. Jb j1 adhan, s. m. Water set to boil 

for dressiDg viotnals. 
f-jlytjr adhwir, (from ^ Half) 

q. f. A half (geDorally applied to 
pieces of cloth). 

». I.ybjl adh-urOf (for K^ »jl) adj. 

Half -ready, half dressed; unfinished. 

* i^?y^«^f a^lh-aufi^ 8. f. Half a hide 

(of a thick, strong kind) : the coarsest 
and thickest sort of leather, snch as is 
fit for the soles of shoes, for bnckets, 
traces, Ac. : the hide of the buffalo. 

S- |Jtjl addhi, B. f. Half a damfi (a 
small coin), half a piece of cloth. 

fi. J:!^«3l ad-hert adj. Middle-aged, just 
past the prime of life. 

H. "jJtj) udher, s. Unravelling, nnweav- 

"*8* Lijij^^' Perplexity. 
B.U^ijJtjl udhe^na^ ▼. a. To undo, un- 
ravel, unsew, strip off (a skin), rip, to 
^ skin, exodriate. 

f. JUJbJl adhe4d^ s. m. Half a paiai (a 
small coin). 

vA. yjlijl adydnt &• plur. (of jji»> din) 

A. V«^^j) odJb, s.m. A teacher of polite 

. «• 

manners, urbanity » etc. 
^. \cSj x^*^! ^^ ^°^*» '• Complaint. 

8. ^^S\ ides, 8.^ ^ 1. An order, a 
" command; 2. The w6^d used by gosi'int 

of the kan-phati orfler, is making 
obeisancif among themselves : 

Hlr Hasan sayt: — 

He saw through her disguise, and 
straightway he saluted her — " Good 
morrow, JogTji." 

8. (in grammar) A stfbstitnte, ond 
letter substituted for another. * 

A. j^S\ adim, s.m. 1. Perfumed leather. 

2. Surface (of the earth or heavens). 
P. Jub J I odfiia, 8. Friday. 

H. 1 Jl a44i, s. An abode, dwelling, sta* 

tion, place, home ; a roost, the perch 
of a bird. ^ 

A. j\d\ iMir, s. The sixth of the Chal* 

dean or Syro-Macedonian montha s 

A. ^i4>i ofin, 8. f. The summonB to 

prayers (generally proclaimed from 
the minarets or towers of a mosque). 

T* L.^4)i ufbdkt B,m. Name of a Tartar 
tribe or nation. 

H. _JiGc3i wbaka'fu, 8. f . A female 

P. j]i I Swur or dxar, & m. 1. Fire. 

2. the ninth solar mon^ ; winter. 

A. ^UjI *§*inf (inf. IT. of ^lA^ s. m. 

1. Obedience, submission. 2. Confi- 
dence, belief. 

A. J j] cufar, adj. compar. (of J J) 

Very or most fragrant, strong-soented. 

A. .oji cufXrjr, s. m. plar. (of .^J fiib') 

Bepetitions of the names and praises 
of God, recitals, commemorations, 
rehearsals of prayer. 

A. Lji'iil aMyS, 8. plur. (of ^3) 

People of disceiiimenti the acute, the 
ingenious. * 

^* <j^ ' ^^> ^ ^'^ Permission ; leave, dis* 



1. C:^31 atnyai, s. t Walton injury, 

annojance, oppressioD, trouble, goffer- 
ing, torment. ^ 

H. .T Jr, 8. f. A goad 8. m. I The epnr 

^of a ooek). 

P. .1 #r,(forjfl) conj. If. 

& I.T iri, 8. m. A saw. 

F. Jb\Xariha,M,m. A wheeled-caiTiage, 
a gnn-oarriage, &a, a cart. 

A. I^J jU irJdoi, 8. f. ) (inf. IV. of 

A, td]j] iHda, 8. m. ^ O^j) Desire, 

inclination, design, inteation. 

P- ^Jj^)j\ Msta-gh B. t Preparation, 
decoration, arrangement 

P. ^UA insta, adj. Prepared, adorn- 
ed, arrang^ 

A, ^U ari§h 8. plar. (of ijij^) LaaidB. 

P. m]A irim^ 8. m. Base, rest, kcalth, 

relief, repose, comfort. \i^ ^y 

To recover. C-JJb Jj\ adj. Idle, 

riothfolt a lover of ease. UJ aI^i 
.To rest, repose, sleep. 

P. »lt*M irim-gih, s. f- A resting 

plaoe;abed-fliamber. »'J^U 1 ^^•»y 

Beetf ng in paradise (an epithet applied 
to Mohammad Shah). 

F. ijl^j \ iri^fih, s. f. Ornament, em- 
belisbment, dressing, beaoty. 

iiiillic»i8. W-^ S^' Innomerable. 

A. I-jU1 orWb, 8. plor. (of C-^) 

Lords, mtBters. ^^ji^ ^^j^ 

The intelligent. jA^ ^^j^ EIo- 

qnent persons; poets. joLmJ <>-->^i 
Daaoera and mosioians. 

s. ,<**jj.l urbost or w»To«t, s. f. 1. Name 

of one of the female dancers of away g a 
or Indra's heaven. 2. An ornament 
worn on the breast. 

A. ^A arhi*, f 

^-^ > adj. . i^nr. 

A. JHfuAarhai, 

'J ' -^ 

^ U^sf^t/ arba'in, adj. Forty. 

«. U^ I JrfJ, (BIKlf^oh) B- n>. A cere- . 

mony attending marriage. When the 
bridegroom first oomes to the honso 
dt the bride, he is received by her 
relations, who present to liim, and 
move circularly roand hi^ head, a 
platter painted and divided into several 
compartmeats ; in the niddio of which 
is a lamp made of flour, filled with ghi § 
and having several wicks lighted. 

A. )o\jJj\ xrtihit^ (inf. viii. of tj.) s. nt 
Connexion, closest friendship. 

A. Jlac^i irtihal^ (inl viiL of |J>"i) 

B. nL Act of marching or tnurelling; 
departore, death. 

A. d)S}j] iHidid^ (imf. viii. of «^) 8. m. 

Retoming, refusing, opposing; apoa 
tasy, recantation. 

A. cMjj] irtifi^, (inf. viii. of ^j) S- nu 
Klevation, exaltation. 

A. ^,^l£.l ir^iJkab, (inf. viii. of C^*^ 

He rode or monnted) a m. 1. Perpe- 
tration or commission (of crime). 
2. The commencement or undertaking 
(of an enterprise). 

8. JH^A arth or arath, (^^) 8- ™- 

I. Meaning. 2. Intention. 3. Cause, 
sake. 4. JVoperfcy. 5. (dakh ) T;he 
varied motions or dnnib show of the 
hands, with which the dancing girls* 
accompany the music they daHce to, 
f as significant of the subject or possioa 
to be represented. 

mony performed in ^doratiAn pf tite 
gods by moving circularly round the 
head of the image, a platter containing 
a burning lamp with aevera^ Yf \ck^ » 




^ l±J»il t>«i a. m. Inheritance, heritage. 

A.*J^.l arjal, 8. m. 1. A horse with 

one white foot. A horso having the 
lower part ol one of hia fore feet 
white, which is accounted a great blem- 
ish among we^farviers. 2. A large- 
footed man. 

P. JjUj>-i1 arj.m^ni, adj. Possessing 

worth or dignity; beloved, worthy, 
excellent, learned, uneqaalled. 

of a celebrated hero, the third son of 
Panrfu^nd friend of Kriahna. 2. Name 
of a tree, Pentaptera arjuna. 

A. aU^iI arhim^ s. plur. (of jf^j) 1- 

Wombs, matrices. 2. Relations by the 
mother's side, uterine kindred. 

A. j^j) arhanif adj. compar. (of ffi^j) 

More or most merciful, ^^ji^ y ' f^ 

The most merciful of the merciful 
(an attribute of God). 

A. c3. 1 ird (or irad)^ a. m. Flour, meal. 

H. J^LAjIj.lttrdtfb^l/ani, s. f. A female 

armed attendant in the haram. 
H. Uljfl ardiw^t s. m. Coarsely ground 


T. Ai).] v/rdiif 6. m. An army, a camp, a 

market. ili**^v_5[9«^i' The royal camp 

or army (generally means the city of 

^ Dehli, or Shahjali&nabad, and %^%^y 

^JjJ ^ J^^^ The court language). 

JP. c/*^' urday, s. (for K_!!i-^^^^ i-^*^') 
The*second month of the solar year. 

A. Jjil ar^oZ, adj. compar. (of Jt^t)* 
very or most mean or ignoble. 

P'^tl arZf s. m. Price, value, .Ub:. I 
Price current) market price. 

-^/^/ uruzgr urg, a, m Bice. 

P» y;'i;" aj«*», adj. Clieap. 

'* jVJl;' arjBjn-*, s. f/» Cheapness} 

abundance of provisions. 
*** C^'j ^''*^^> a. m. A kind of grap, 

millet. (Panicum piloanm.) 

**• jjj. I «r£!«, s. f. Wish, desire hope. 

P. <J^«tM I irzii^mandi adj. Deairona, 

P. P. Jif • aral^, a. f. Tin. 

P> f^S^Jj] arzhang, & Tho picture g^- 
lery or cave of the celebrated Chinese t 
painter mJ^ 

H. ^•^I tVw, B. (dakh.) Axle, axle-tree. 

A. JLi.1 tr«32, (inf. IV. of J**i^) a. m. Act 

of sending (especially, a writing, letter, 
&c.) ; mission, remittance. 

»». Ja**..! an«tK, (for ^^y*^lL'Ja«i^l 
Aristotalis) n. prop. Aristotle. 

T. ^AMiil arslSUyB, Alien. 

H. ^MsA i^si, B. f. 1. A mirror (parti- 

oularly, a mirror on the thumb). 2. A 
ring surmounted with a tiny looking, 
glass, worn by women on the thumb. 

A. jli .1 irshid, (inf. iv. of J^) g. m. 

Direction, shewing the right way, com- 
mand, order. • 

A. ^j] an, 8. f. The earth, laud. 
®- {:jy^j' arghaniin, s. m. An organ. 

P c;'^' f^rghawdn, a. m. A plant 

whose flowers and fruit are of a beau- 
tiful red ; a red colour, purple. 

A- JSj\ irqim, (inf. iv. of Jj He 

marked or punctured) s. m. Act of 

s. 4^1 mrk (dakh. arak), (^) b. m. 

1. The sun. 2. Name of a plant 
(swallowwort). 3. Crystal. 




i!> \mmSy arlcy b. m. Fortress ; Qiutle ; fort. 

H. i^^j] arleitf Name of a city in the 

Camatio, Aroot. 
H. ^y^j\ arlcihh 8. m. A pilot. (So 

named, perhaps, from the oity of 


^ \J^j^ o^^n, s. plur. (of ^^j) Pillars, 

oolnmns. LsJ^*) U^ Nobles, minis- 
ters df state, grandees. 

H. vacr.1 argaJS, s. m. Name of a per- 

fume of a yellowish colour and oom- 
pounded of several scented ingredients. 

• ^' t^J ^^^* s. m. A fabulous garden in 

Arabia ; paradise. 
T> u;^;| €Lrmdn^ s. m. Desire, wish 

longing, sorrow, regret. 
F* ^U^l armodifin or armugi^f B. m* 

Present, rarity, cnriosity. 
P. JO-*!' arman, n. prop. Armenia. 

P. |JU)ti arman^i, adj. Armenian. 

1. A wild bnffalo. 2. Cow-dung found 
dried in the forest (used as fuel by 
the native apothecaries in the prepar- 
ation of medicines). 

P. SjJt) arindaf s. m. A porter, a 

I. Soj\ aran4A^) "• ""• The tree 

from which castor ; ',^*a made. Eicinus 
communis or Palr^^ o>^ Hsti. 

S.I ^ .* . I 

I i^S}j] aran4'h (^Tom *yjj\) s. f. 1. 

The fruit of tho castor oil plant. 
1. tgJ^j^ arujdh^n, plur. (o^ ^ jy) Spirits, 

p. a • .T droglh 8. m. Belch, eructation. 

H. ^^r,.] arwif s. f . A species of Arum, 
the root of which is* used in food. 
(OaUed,also, ^j^b^ and *in Bengal 

P. X.I arrof s. m. A saw. ij^»il 

A sawyer. 
H. i,S^8sl ar^al» s. m. An engine for 

raising water. • 

«. Jbj) arhar, (9?T3^]f "• ^- ^ spedos 
of pulse (Cytisus cajan), called also 

«. ^ci I «ri, (from K 1 q. v.) s. f. A small 

saw, hand saw, an awl j (dakh.) a goad, 
pricker, bodkin. 

R 1^] are, m. ") (3?^) interi (used in 

m . I ^«^ f \ calling to or address- 
^SV y ing, commonly in a 

disrespectful way or from a superior 
to an inferior) Holla! ho! O! hoar 

you! woman! ^cj] ^^] ^^ sJj ^Jr 

P. ^cj I «re, adv. Yes, ay, even so, right 

H. k^^OjI web, B. f. Complication, 

deception. adj. Crooked, oblique, 
aslant, aslope. 

H. J I aft s. f. 1. A screen, shelter, con- 
cealment, fence, protection. 
Inshfi says : — 

Pin not thy faith, my heart, on greaf 

loDg beards. 
Entangled all with fawn -eyed beauties 

are; • 

Behind this fence this sort do freely^ 
2. Prevention, stop, hindrance. * 

n. ?l ary s. f. Contention, contrariety, 

H. 1?T dra, adj. Oblique, across. I?T 
J • » i, '* 

Jjyj^adj. Fat iJUl ^U ^^jT To 

threaten or blame (any oue'^ 




B. \j]j] atdrdt a, m. High steep banks 
pf a river or tank. 

f. ^Ijfl tiftfii, (3^ and r. ;ft ^o fly 

npward.) (from U?l) b. f. Act of fly- 
ing ; springt bounds flight. Um y\Ss]j] 

or U^«J>-^ >V^'J' '^^ ^y away, 
to slip away, to abscond, hide. * 

Sr liljfl urdni, (oaaa of IJ?1) v. a. To 

oanse to fly; to squander or spend 
extravagantly ; to blow np or away, 
to disperse, to entice. 

H. iJljfl arini, (cans, of Ijjij v. a. L To 

make to stop. 2. To fasten one thing 
to another. 3. s. m. Name qf a tune. 

B. S* SJJj] af band, & m. A cloth worn 

by Hindus, passing from the waist 
between the thighs and fastening be* 

H. UjUj I arhangif adj. Crooked, uneTen. 

(dakh.) arhingi, adj. Crooked, indis- 
ereet, silly. 

B. i.M>^^ ^T^ afap/^(Mvi2>, (used only 
with ^ or ^^jjL^ men) s.!. Need, 
necessity. 2. Scuffle ; struggle ; fight. 

adj. Forty-eight. 

Jjl vftdkf 8. f. (dakh. explained by 

•' {J^J LT^ ^^) Covering or 
housing of a saddle. 

ti. li?] artM. 8. m. Defence, sholter* 

protection : counterscarp, curtain (in 

H. ««iJjj ) a/^Mfc, 8. (dakh.) Interception : 
w adj. Out of the way, erroneous. 

S. lSj>^J\ nrehak^B. Thi^ 

f.''ULa»^rttf.cfca5«l,(^rom Ujl withliU.) 
▼. n. To walk with a stately or affec- 

H. ^^Vi ifTckan, adj.* (dakh.) Tight, 

narrow, uneasy. 
B.j;l«nK{.e. Blaok »; green gran.. » 

kind of pnlae,» Phaseolns max (or 
mungo). ^ 

H. I^ljjl ortiJtof, 8. (dakh.) Df ashed 

grain mixed with a little oil and water 
g^ven to horses with the hand, to 
make them soon fat, 

S> IjJjJI ardan4i, a m. (dakh.> Bolt, 
bar (of a door), yoke (for oxen). 

H. vjljj I a^ofini^ V. n. To wail or lament 
aloud, to set up a doleful cry or shout. 

H. CJ^I a^ofc, s. (dakh.) A surname* ^ 

title* honorary api>ellatlon, epithet. 
H. 1^1 arH^ 8. (dakh.) A brass coii^of 

the value of ten cash {kiti) or the 
eighth part of a Madras f anam. 

I. lijfl urni, {g:g[ and r. ^ Fly) v. n. 
To fly. 

H. \jj\ arni, V. n. To stop, to hesitate, 
to be restive. 

f* Uo?l arangi^ (r. ^f? Strive, and 

^fTT Body) 8. m. 1 A mode of wrest- 
ling with the feet 2. An obstacle. 

H. •" I ifUf B. m. A peach. 

H. ^Jl wHt adj. (dakh.) Much given to 

venery (a man) ^ •*. horse, male ass, ^ 
kept for breedi^^Trmrposes, 

H.jlj)jl Jr-tair>'^T. A prop. adj. Stop* 

«• \^}ji iJTi; ' ^''^ P*''^> ■•"*• Neigh, 


H. \:Z0^ I %Thoti & f . Agency, com- 
mission, brokerage. 

H. h ^ ' ^5; • «^ *»*» ▼• »• To protect, 
to become a proteotion. 






B. 4ji J I aryolt adj. Obetina^, reetire* 
r. j] as, prep. JProm,of, than, by. with. 

«Laflf*i J I Of that nnmber. i/^Ji 
From the abnndanoe, sufficiently, not- 
withstanding, althongh. ^jtfi^j^j^ 

aJij Oyj^j] Absent in mind, ont 

ci mind, distracted. It may also be 
prefixed to 'Persian words beginning 

withayowel; as, ^Ul From that 
^^jl From this. 

P* ;l is, 1.1. Ayarioe. 

^. ft>|j I i»id^ 1. adj. Free, liberated. 

2. Solitary, lonely. 8. s. m. A kind 
of Ja^r who shaves his beard,eye-la8hes 
a^d eye-brows, and yows chastity ; a 
hermit, devotee. 

P. t^&)|jT itidHf 8. f . Freedom, release. 

P> •): t JsJr, 1. 8. m. Sickness, disease, 
affliction, injury. 2. Part, act in 
compos, (of ^i^jj I ) Troubling, afflict- 
ing, as in M] A&)r« adj. Vexations, 

P. i):! tsJr, B. f. Drawers, ironsers. (Not 
80 wide as the ^lac; u) 

P. SJJjU) inir-hand, 8. m. The string 

with which djawers are tied. 
A. atljl iaila, (inf. ly. of Jj^) 8. m. 

Bemoval, abolition ; (in grammar) eli* 
sion of a letter or of a vowel point 
from a word. 

P. •> *1 ''^'^^^t adv. By heart, by me- 

moryf by rote. 
?. i^'ji jl M barj'e, For, for the sake of, 

on aoooont of. 
A. A^iij\ ««diAim, (inf. yiii. of ^j) 

8. m. A oonoomrse, crowd, a rushing 
together of people. * 

A. i)U lyj] itsdiyUy (inf. YHI. of iXjj) 
8. m. Increase, augmentation. 

A. .J I izar, p» 8. m. The name of the *• 

father of Abraham, Terah. 
P. yS'^j) ' iawrdo-gff, s. f. Displeasure, •* 

affliction, sorrow. * ^ 

H. tdy^ Jiwrdo, tfdj. -Afflicted, sonrow- 

fal, displeased, sad, ^ispirited. 

A. ^Ji asrag, adj. Cerulean, blue, asnre. 
0r^**^ OjJr Having blue, or grey eyea • 

P* K^^jy atiru'e, From the seeing, from 
the face or appearance of ; by reason of. 

A. fjj] azal, 8. f. Eternity, without 

A* ^J^ I af a2-»» adj. Eternal, without begin- 
ning, from all eternity. 
P.H. UUf I dtmi-nS, V. a. To try, to . 

examine; to touch gold, etc. on the 

**• U^.4; ' iffmrpfK (from ^*>^-T)8. f. 
Trial, proof, experiment. * 

A. aiiojl aumina, s. (plnr. of ^Uf or 

**U;) Times, ages. 
P. »4>^jl Stmiida, part. pass, (of 

^Jt^yoJ I ) Tried, proved, experienced. 
^" '^'jy' <^»^J\ 8. f. plur. (of -.^j or * 

^-?J) Spo'"*"! couples. , 

A. jSj^] aziiqa^ s. m. Food, provisiomu 

^ azhdar, s. m. A dragon. 

P. Ut4>^l azhdahi, s. m. A large snake, 
a dragon. * 

«. CL^'jb«y*l azh'dhdt, {^S{^ Eighty and'' 

• qjcT ^®^Us. Name of a mixed metal. 


H. lu,] is, pron. dem. sing, infltct. Thi^j, 

H. ^j^ I U9, pron. dem« sing, inflect That, 
him, her, it « \ • 




«. ^^ 

A. ^y, I tf«, 8. The myrtle. 

T ««, (3?Rrr) ^^P®' ^^^^*"' 
P. Lm I Jsf , 1. adj. Like, reeembling. 2. 

part, (of ^2)*^y*^^) SoothiDg, pacifying 

A. ^(JJLjI aslftfa,«. f lur. (of jUmI) Tea- 
chers, masters, tutors. « 

f. \jlu] uwrJ, (3ct ^^^ '• Q Move) 
8. m. A porch, portico ; shed. 

G. oJ^)W 08^*'^^) s. (dakh.) Asamm 
europsDnm, wild spikenard. 

name of the Hindu third solar month, 
Ashada (Jane — ^Joly.) 

A. iM.l«Ml 0808 f 8. f. Foundation ; a 

A. j^^ImiI oalmf, (plnr. of j»>mI) b- '• 

Names; ofQce, place, appointment, snb- 
stitution of one person to do the dnty 
of another; s. m. or f . A defendant 
(in a law-soit), a client. 

P* ^Um I iaSrif adj. Easy, cooTenient. 

H. \jL#l uaSnif V. a. To winnow. 

B. UjLm I wSnni, (trans, of UJuil) v. a. 
To boil. 

H. uuil asinS, V. (dakh.) To free any 

yossel of all taint, bad smell or impn- 
rity it may have acquired, by boiling 
water in it. 

'^. ^j^l*A i3i*i8h, (from ^^dyJi) 8. f. 
Best, ease, tranquillity. 

A. t^UMj) ashihf s. m. (plur. of ^,^^m} 

^ 1. Causes, 2. Qoodsand chattels, fur- 
niture, 3. Materials. 

A. LUm*] osblf, s. plur. (of LjUw) Tribes 
(especially of Israel). 

^P* C^^^l asp, (^^) 8. m. A horso. 

fi. ^^U ^«^ I U-pis, (^^ Side) 8. m. 
Vicinity, oircumf erenQe. adv. Around. 


B. i- jlm) ta*}>ar, On this. % iis-par, On 



'• JJiAamI Mpaj^got, & m. Seed of flea* 
wort or plantain. 

P. u^XaamI (upak^ (dimin. of L-^/^mjI) b. f. 
Bridge of a musical instrument. 

P. JJLiUmi %8pand, s. m. A seed (that of 
the ^fcXyjUL.« Lawsonia inermis)* 

H. IXm] uatiy (perhaps for JUmjI) 8>m. 
A barber. ^ 

P* JUumI %8tid, s. f. The act of standing. 

A. 4>jUm1 U8tid, 8. m. A master (in any 
art), teacher, adj. Expert, sldfi^ul, 
clever. Chief performer or leader. 

P. }(4>1jUm) istada, part. Standing. A pole, 
support, prop, eta 

P. (^ILmI ustid'Jt 8. f. Mastership, 
mastery, skilf ulness, art. 

P* jUumI U8ti9, Same as jUmI 
A. Xxm\ Utir, 8. A weight of four-and- 
a-half misqSl, 

P. Jj^l Ssm, (??TPT PI*ce, r. gr) 
Stand) 8. m. A threshold, a faqir's 
residence, ^^f, ^^ ' »• '• Kissing 
the threshold ; paying respects? 

P. JuiljUi] isUlmbdl, n. prop. Constan- 
tinople, Stamboul. 

P. J:)11mT istina, 8. m. Same as ^J^ I 
P.H. ^JUmjI U8ti'fa 


8. f . Femalo 

A. ^jJUUjI isiahraq, s. m. Silk cloth 

(particularly cpreen silk). 

A. Ijuuui) iitUri, (inf z. of ^JS He 

turned, etc.) s. m. Exception, distinc- 
tion. Deuteronomy. 

• # 



A. JUo«^UmI istihigaf (from ^^^^>> s. m. 

Immoderate flax of the menses : or, a 
discharge of klood at any time between 
the periods of thS menses ; the whites 
in women. 

• ^ 4^ ^ ^ 

A-^Urs!Ll v»i\\iiT, (inf. x. of CL^'Jis*-) 

a. m. Treating with contempt, vilify- 
ing, scorning, despising. 

A. JfUrsiul UtihqJq, (inf. x. of ^J:>^ 

Was •prescribed or necessary.) s. m. 
Demanding justice, claim, right. 

A. ^1^[^L] isHmm, (inf. X. of Ss^ 

Was firm, was wise.) s. m. Confirmation, 
firmness, strength, fastness. 

A. S^lkul istimra, (inf. x. of jJ^^) 

8. m. Jadging from omens, augury, 
i^eking to conciliate the divine favour, 
looking into the Quran for a good 
augury or omen. 

P- j^Umi ist%l±ar^ n. prop. Name of an 

ancient city in Persia, Pcrsepolis. 

A. ^]jSSX»*4\ istik^rajt (int. X. of ^jt^) 

B. m. Making to go or come out, 
expulsion, extraction ; banishment. 

A. ^^Ifisiul istikhli?, (inf. x. of ^^^JLs- 

Was free, separated) s. m. Seeking 
to liberate ; release. 

P. J^fsL.) uBtukAwin, (3?f^) 8. m. 

A bono, the ^tono of fruit, &c, 

A. ^LJjLmI istidrijf (inf. x. of ^ tj) 

8. 1. Withdrawing or advancing grad- 
ually, seeking to remove by degrees. 

2. A miracle, when performed by others 
than Mohammedans. 

A. lS]j^!Ls] istidrik, (inf. x. of uJ^J 

Ho travelled, overtook) s. m. Reach- 
ing, comprehending, obtaining. 

A. UJuUiI istid'l, (inf. x. of (^rj) 

8. f. Request, prayer, invitation, hum- 
ble petition, supplication. 

A. ^^'isL*] isHdlil, (int. X. of eiJjj) 

8. m. Seeking proof, arguments or 
reasons, demonstration. 


P. ji*»l afitar^ a. m. A mule, islar or 

astax. Lining, ^c.o JUmI Plastering, 

A. Cl^^^-lyUil i&ixTlhai. (inf. x. of --^ 

He respired ; ]^e8ted.)i s. f. Repose, 
rest, ease, sleep. * 

6* (— SjUmI asiarah, 9. m. Storax. 

P- XjUmI uztura, 8. m. A razor. 

«• 4^JL^I 1. wM or xiiirl or xs^ariy 

ij^\\ 8. f. A woman or female in 
general : a wife. 2. istTi or itiari 

(r. ^ Spread out.) 8. A smoothing 

iron. • 

A. IaamjLmI Mh'sgi, (inf. X. of 4«Aam Was 
watered.) s. m. The dropsy.j<lft*wjL*jl 

^\ Anasarca. l<~ ^\JLmX*s] 
(also, |JUL»- i^LS— w>. L ,<*il Tym- 

pany. .-Aa:' ^uImjJUmI A dropsy 

pervading all the members of the 

A. K^]yatXMi] istiawahy (inf. x. of k^)yO^ 

8. m. 1. Approving, approbation. 2. 

A. ci^^'JoLil isiitiat, (inf . x. of 9 ^) 

8. f . 1. Power, possibility. 2. Submit- 
ting to, dei)endence. 

A. .LiaJU*) istig'Mr^ (inf. x. of «^) 

B. m. Imploring assistance. 

A. X.'.*JU*1 istiura, (inf. x. of UL^J^) 

B. m. Borrowing; using a word 
metaphorically; a metaphor, figure* 
figurative expression. 

A. i.^«^ ljt!Liji istiinatf (inf. x. of ij^) 

8. f. 1. Asking assistance. 2. Pro- 
tection, inyiloring help. 

A. t>lty«jLMl isWdid, (inf. x. of -3 c) s. f. 

Rendincps, preparation, ability, ca^^ 
city, proficiency. 


f A. UxJUmI iati^fi, (inf. x. of ^AC) 8. m. 

Asking forgiveness, resignation (of an 
office or trust). 

^ A. lUliil w«Vi, (inf. X. of ^) 8. m. 
Snperiority, exaltation. 

A. jUiJ**.! istftml, (ffaf. X. of lU H« 

operated,) a. m. Castom, daily practice., 
exorcise, use. • ^ 

A, aLiliiLiI istigj^isa, (inf. x. of d;^) 

• ». m. Asking for help; demanding 
justice, moving (a court) for justice, 

A. jLiLbl istighrilq, (inf. x. of Jf^) 

8. m. Drowning, the being immersed, 
absorbed, or wholly engaged (in any 
thing), immersion. IT adj. prowned, 

• immersed in thought, engrossed, 
wholly employed, drowned in sleep, &c. 

A. .uul**4l istighfSr^ (inf. x. of ^J^/^) 

• 8. HL Begging mercy, deprecation. 

A. AjiyutLMl astaghfirwdlah, I entreat 

^ forgiveness of God. (An expression 

« signifying negation, God forbid !). 

A. LujLmI istitfhni, (inf. x. Uc) s. m. Con. 

, tentment, independenoe (in point of 

A. UJUSmiI isiifida, (inf. X. of UJjli) 
8. m. 1. Seeking gain. 2. Profit. 

^ A. UaLjI iatiftSi, (inf. x. of J^-yii) s. m. 

Consulting (a lawyer or learned man), 
^ taking an opinion. 

A. c La1*i1 iatlfrigh, (inf. x. of VJI^U) 

*" 8. m. Vomiting. 

A. .UjaAJUm) istifsir^ (inf. x. of ^amJ He 

explained.) 8. m. Searching for in- 
^ formation, asking an explanation, 
inquiry, interrogation. 

A' ^^y&A**j| istifh4m^ (inf. x. of j^^) s.m. 

Desiring or seeking information; in- 
quiry, interrogation, asking questions 

A. ^j^lYfliMJl istifhimi, /adj. In- 
^ • > terroga- 

A. jyL«'..yilM I wf (/TiJmtj^a, J tive. 


AvyiStbi <— ^r^- An interrogative 

\AL4\i8Hqimat, (inf. x. of aUs) 

8. f. Standing erect ; durability, 
residence, stability, integrity. 

A. J'jbil*j| wfiqbiZ, (inf. X. of Jif He 

came in front, ho accepted.) s. m. 1. 
The ceremony of meeting and receiv- 
ing a visitor. 2. Futurity. 

A. JIaLmI wfiq^aZ, (inf. x. of CiJi) 

8. m. Absolute power, absolntenesB, 
resolution, perseverance. 

A. »LijL**il istikrih, (inf. x. of «^) 
8. f. Aversion, abhorrence, reluctance. * 

A. <— i^.^GUii istihshiff (inf. x. of L. 0<m>) 

8. m. Seeking the manifestation, ex- 
position or laying open (of any thing). 

A. JUCuil istikmil, (inf. x. of JL^) 

8. m. 1. Seeking the completion or 
perfection (of any thing). 2. Com- 
pletion, bringing to perfection. 

A. aJ^JjUjI %8tilzim, (inf. X. of j^tji) 8. m. 

1. Rendering necessary. 2. Necessity. 
A. cv>iJLmI i8tiini\ (inf. viii. of ^>Imm) 

8. m. Hearing, listening (to music, 
&o. particularly). 2. Tidings, rumour. 

A. ClJIaImI iatimilat, {int x. of (Jjb«) 

8. f. Gaining over, conciliating, pre- 
vailing upon, soothing, consolation, 

A. J^iX^JUil istimdad, (inf. x. of 4>Jc«) 
8. f. Begging assistance. 

A. AjAJm*] istimrar, (inf. x of j^yc) s. m. 

Continuation, perseverance. 

A. ^KaXm] istimzijf (inf. x. of ^ J^) 

8. Searching out one's purpose, sound- 
ing one's intention, asking an opinion. 

A. LIjuuLm) ta^tmMt, (inf . x. of LaJ) 8. m. 
Drawing out, extraction, deduction. 

A. \spJi**4\^sHnji, (inf.x. of Ifl?) 8. m. 

Purification after the offices of nature ; 
making water. 



» i> 

A. ^'JLJuLm! istinshiqy (inf, *x.^ of Jf^) 

a m. 1, ThrowiiKj water into the 
fiostrils wheit performing the watu. 
2. Snuffing ap the uir or odonrs, &a 

A. lyUMl M^uTi, (inf. fill, of ^yM Waa 
^qaal) 8. Parallelism, equality. 

'• .lyLMl u«£ut(7jr, adj. Firm, strong, 

8. ^IfLil iwt/iJrt or sthin, (^M r. 

^qj To stand.) a. m. Place, abode, 

A. U^!Lil t«e»7i»«, (inf. X. of 1^) 8. m. 
Derision, laaghing at, joke. 

^A. Cjl^l istihlik, (inf. X. of Ljhb) 

B. m. 1« Seeking; the death or ruin of 
any one. 2. Ruining, destroying, con- 

A. Jl^l isUhtil, (inf. X. of ^}hb) 
a. m. The appearing of the new moon. 

A. ^L^xLm) iatifil, (inf. x. of (Ju^l) 

B. m. Eradicating, pulling up by the 
roots, destroying. 

A. u^'jUjLmI tstiih, (iof. X. of C^^^%c^^ 

8. m. Taking the whole, extirpating ; 
asking in a present. 

A. SLijLmI istild, (inf. x. of _!•) b. m. 
Predominance, conquest, 

^* Lji^ ' ^^^^^» B- ^* -^ sleev^e, cuff. 
J UM o lAbAJUM I A domestic enemy, 

an enemy who wears the mask of 

A. ^ jc**^' *VAi<7, n. prop. Isaac. 

A. JumI oBod, s. m. The lion, leo (the 
sign of the zodiac). 

8. »J^1 a-suddh, (3RR[ (3? a»^ 5r5 
Pure, correct.) adj. Incorrect, impure. 

§. l^T i'fri, (3T W^) *• ™- Means of 

defence or protection, reliance, hope, 
asylum, refuge, shelter, abode, house. 


A. .1-**,! asrir, b. plur. (of -«i^) Secrets, 
confidential concema. 


A. .ywl wrir, (inf. IV. of jMj) s. 1. Con- 
cealment, keeping secret. 2. Disclo- 
sure, revealing of a secret. 

A. i^Lwl isrif, (inf. ^ IV. of c^jam) 

s. m. Prodigality, abase of wealth, 
extravagance, roin. * 

A. (J^i'j^i Urifll, s.jn. 1. The name 

oh an angel who, it is said, will sound 
the last trumpet at the resurrection. 
2. A seraph. ^* 

A. (J^ '•***) isriytl, n. prop. Israel. 

a. jUpT isirhid, (3TRit^^5) 8- m. 
Benediction, blessing. 

^^T «-srom, (3TIOT) 8- °i- 1- 

Abode, residence. 2. A religious order 
(of which there are four kinds refer- 
able to the different periods of life : as, 
1st. That of the hrahmachdri, or stu- 
dent : 2nd. That of the grihastha, or 
householder : 3rd. That of the vSna- 
praathay or anchorite : and 4thly. That 
of the hhikshut or beggar). 

A. JjIxmI weoW.s. m. A stable. (Lafc. 

G. e-^S-L**<l usturlibi b. m. An astro- . 

G. I j*.5«3%^%ia***1 wt«*A«diis, s. Shrubby 

A. iXxM*! as'ad, adj. compar. (of t^J^) 

More or very fortunate, or happy. 
A. .li-il a«/3r, s. plur. (of^ sifr) 

Volumes, registers. - ^ 

p. U'^1 isfanij, (or ^JUs] iafinaj) 

s. m. Spinach. " 

A. JomiI a«/«l, adj. compar, (of JiU)~^ 

o Inferior, the lowest. ^^^UJI Ji***1 

The lowest helL 
©• Jw-*-l isfyijjB^m, A8ponge,ayea8t 

dumpling. ^ ^ ^ 

P. ,L) jJuMil ts/andtyir, n. prop. The 







son of ^•^'Wi^JL^ of the first dynasty 
of Persian kings. 

P. ^lyi***] iefahin, n. prop. Ispahan 
the capital of Persian ^i*c (the anci- 
ent Parthia). 

A. yjuM] i8qat, (inf. IV. of lalu* Ho fell, 

&c.) 8. m. 1. Causing to fall ; procnr- 
iiig an abortion, Miscarrying, miscar- 
riage, taking away, dying (of catftlo). 
2. Giving alms for fasting or prayers 

A. ujiA- 1 usquf, (PI. aiJLl), A bishop. 

B.A. .(XftAM I is'qadar. To this degree, thns 
much, BO much, thus. 

«• lilC**l uakini, (r. 3^ Bvn) v. a. 

To light a fire or candle ; to excite, to 

«. V^^Cwl iskat or aslcat, (3RI%; Ina- 
bility, from 3RIxf7 ^^la^lo-) »• f- Lazi- 
ness, tardiness. Phrase. The thief of 
time ; castle of indolence. 

Eastern Proverb. 

Lazy hands, moustache in month. 

A. jdjLtM] iBtcandar, n. prop. Alexan- 

A. ^ .iXaLm) isJeandariya, n. prop. Alex- 
andria in Egypt. 

5. <JJu«m) asgandh or isgandh, (3T^- 

jp^p frgm Qijjg' Horse, and Tp>=| 

smell) 8. m. Name of a plant used 

A. L^LmI asldf, 8. plur. (of uJuLm) An- 

A. ^JLm\ Ulim-i, 8. m. f. A Muham- 
madan, a believer. (Pers. plur. 

A. i^JLI itlimifa, adj. Taithfal, or- 
thodox. *^ 

A. l--)Jum1 usluh, 8. m. Manner ,«mode, 
method ; arrangement, form. 

A. A^l WW, 8. m. Name, a.noun. 


J\^r\ ^] The great name, t.c., of 

God; the wordyb hn, applied to God. 

I>«ugjb/e U ^1 Name coinciding with 
S? * 1 . ' 

the named, or name fitly denoting the 

qualities of the named. »X«l^ >amI 
A noun primitive. iJ*^ !►***' The 

name of God. ,J'^>*^ ^* ^ name 
importing something good or beauti- 
ful, ir*^^ !►***' A'^o^^ appellative 
or generic. ^I'^- <►***! Present parti- 


I A concrete noun 


A. a]L<! w2im, (inf. IV. of aLm Was Bafe,^ 

entire, at peace.) s. m. The Mnham- 
madan religion, orthodoxy (according 
to Mujiammadans), obecUence to the 
S?ill«pf God, SKbmission. 

O J^A^**«1 Ulimhdl, Constantinople. 


or adjective. 

A. |ju»A^lw*.l asma-i-kusni, The best, 

(or the ninety -nine sacred) names (of 

A. jJj^LvmI ismi'tl, n. yrop. Ishmael, 
son of Abraham. « 

P. jjUmjT asmin, (comp. of ^^j^ I A 
millstone, and ^U Like.) s. m. The 
sky, the firmament, heaven, the celes- 
tial orb. Ujl ji ^;Um- 1 To fly on the 

sky, to boast, brag. U^ l**^^ jj*-^*** ' 

To give one's self airs, to aspire, to be 

vain. UV'j (JjJ ^Um*T (the skj- to 

fall) To bo excessively grieved ^t^*w I 

U^ j-»*j T(f fall from the clouds, is 

applied, particularly by women, to sig- 
nify an acquisition that has been made 




• • 

suddenly and nnezpectedly, withont 
Iftboar or care, and the vaire of which 

is inconsidei^ble. «^»Jo ^Ia*** I 8. f . 

(dakh.) A canopy or cloth fastened 
to the ceiling of j^a room, a cope. 

LO^Limm I Book from heaven,*, c, 

the Psalms of David, or the Law of 
Moses, or the Gospel of Jcsas, or the 
Qaran of Mohammad. 

A. (JjLx^vmj) isma*il, n. prop. Ishmael. 

B. ^^T isan, (3Tra?T (r- ^TTH To sit.) 

B. m. 1. A stool, a seat, a small carpet 
on which the Hindus sit at prayer, a 
carpet to sit on. 2. Stay, abiding, 
«. posture, attitude, sitting (especially, 
the attitudes adopted by jogis in their 
devotional exercises, of which they 
enumerate eighty-fonr). 3. The inside 
CX under part of the thigh. 4. The 
withers of an elephant, the part where 

the driver sits.U J Jj T To come 
under subjection. (j« J To sit 

on the hams. ^J^ ^^ I --*m ^^mi I 
To sit close in contact with another 
person. U'Xl ^^ | To sit obstinately 
in a given posture till one's request be 

obtained. ij^U ^^T To sit (parti- 

cnlarly in an attitude practised by 
jogh or devotees), to retain one's seat 
firmly on horseback. 

«• ^^l ««»«» (s^rfig^T) s. m. The sixth 

Hindu month, AswTja. September— 

8- ^^^ *'*^^' (3?^ or 3TRH) 8. m. 

The name of a tree on which the tasar 
ailk-worm feeds. 

H. LL-I usnS^ part, (from liLwl) Boiled. 

A. i3J«mI asnid, s. plur. (of jJuu q. v.) 

Grants, law papers in general, deeds 
sanads, warrants. 

A. i)'JL*| iftnid, (inf. iv. of jJuu) s. Mak- 
ing one thing the prop of- support of 
another, alleging on the authority of 

P.^l^l «««^^ (3T^R") 8. m. Cavalry 

a horseman : mounted, riding on (any 
thing, as a ship, &c.). 

H. A. ^JatM]yn] i8-ui>*te, For this reason, 

A. t>^l asicad, adj. Black, blacker, 

blackest. ^ 

^ T ** 

P' /V *^y** ' isiida-gt, e. f . Quiet, peace 

P. X Jyw I Ssudaf adj. At rest, quiet, 
satisfied, Jl»- Zdyt4 1 or Jsl^ ^{J^ I 

or J J Xfc>^**< I Full, at ease, in easy 

circumstances, comfortable composed 
Ac. ' r> 

H.A. e:^^) is-vmqt, This time, now. 
HA. kj^^^y^] u8-waqt, That time, then. 

a. ^ym] (MtiTini, (Sff^^) b. f. The 

first of the twenty-four constellations 
in the moon's path ; hence, considered 
its mansions. ^ 

A. JlyAwi is*hil, (inf. iv. of (>^) s. m. 

Loosening, purging, diarrhoea ; JUj**! • 

LJy<*^ Bloody flux. 

^' O^^' aa^hal^ adj. compar. (of ^AV***) 
More or most easy. 

3. ^1 ««^ (3RTVfcT) a^i- Eighty. 
P. UUw I isiyi, s. f. A mill, watermill. 

P. ^_ -- i"- 1 if eh, 8 m. A • misfortune ^■ 
... ^ 

(generally meaning such misfortune 

as is the consequence of the shadow of 

a demon having fallen on one, and 

the like), trouble, calamity, damage. 

A. fJUMi aslr, s. m. A prisoner, a cap- 

tire. t>^j ^-^i r:^^' Attached to 
one's native land. 

8- ^1 ^**^' ^J5l^ s- ^' A fragrant 
root of grass, used in makii.g tattis 
(Pers. ^^^) 




**• !«*. 1 ashf B. f . Gniel, pottage. 

A.* (JlA^\ isharat, s. f. ) (inf. iv of 

A. xA^l ishira, B.m. ) j^) Sign, 
wink, signal,* hint, beck, allusion. 

X.Lil ^1 A JcBaonatrative pronoun. 

P. Jj^\ ishim, p%ft. act. (of ^J*^^^ • ) 
in compos. DriDking, drinker. • 

A. sbuLtl wWiWfc, (inf. VIII. of ^) 

B. m. Doubt, ambiguity : comparison, 

A. 4>l»\ljrl ishtidid, (inf. viii. of CL^J-t) 
8. m. Confirming, strengthening, in- 
•creasing in violence. 

P. jU^I usktur, (3"|r) 8.m. ^ camel. 

A. ] JLil w^ftrj, (inf.vill.of J^) B, m. 
Buying, selling, commerce. 

A. L-JlJ^l iahtirik, (inf. Viii. of 
i^:^yt) 8. m. Partnership, partici- 
pation, communion. 

A. jULil ishtVil, (inf. Viii. of <KU*t) 

«. m. f. Inflaming, burning, instigat- 
ing a quarrel. 

A.P. (J3*.ffl^l ishH'alak, (dimin. of 
J^juLtl) B. f. A small flame; a quarrel. 

A. J'jul^l igfcfi^i^l, (inf . VIII. of cU^) 

8. m. Occupation, employment, study, 

A. ^'.iLil xshtiqiq, (inf. VIII. of ^J^) 

» B, m. Derivation of one word from 
another, etymology. 

A. J'.>«jLil ishiimily (inf. viil. of J^) 
8^ m. Comprehension, containing. 

*A. \j^^^\ ishtiha, (inf. Vlll. of iJUy^) 
8. f. Appetite, desire, hunger. , 

A. .'^ylil xshiihdr, (inf. Vlil. of tJLJjy^) 

8. m. Poblioation, notification, adver- 
tise mei)^, proclamation. 
.. * r * 

p. |<Awrf I ashttf 8. f. Peace, concord, 

* reconoiliabiOD, agreement. 

A. j'vXLil \8htiyiq, (inf. vill.of Qyii) 
8. m. Wish, strong inclination. 

8. LSj'jbJuLil a«5/aidMe, (^T^ Eight, 
and Hf[cf Mcta4) s. m. The eight 

metals, said to be gold, silver, copper, 
brass, tin, bell-metal (or steely, lead 
and iron. 

A. .la:^' <whyjr,8. plur. (of^s^) Trees. 

1*1 € * ^ 

A. ^^JK***' ashkhi}, 8. plur. (of ^jcs^ ) 

A- JumI ashadd, adj com par. (of Jj Jwm) 
More or most vehement, severe. 

8. JJjJtrl a-ahuddh, (3? and 5T?[) I*»re) * 
adj. Incorrect, impure. 

A. yJU I ashrir, a. plur. (of •J', t^) Wick- 
ed, criminal, seditious (people). 
A. c-J)^| aahriff s. plur. (of u^ .it 

but often applied to an individDal). 
Nobles, grandees, gentlemen, men of 
high extraction. 

A. J|Li! ishriq, (inf. IV. of (jf^) 
s. m. Rising (of the sun), Instre. 

A. 1*5 'f^' ishriq-tj adj. Eastern, having 
the splendour of the cast, ij^^lyil 
The eastern people ; Saracens. 

A. «.«5j*il aahraf, adj. compar. (of 

^ °.*.i"^) More or most jioble. u^ytl 

CL^UJl^I The most excellent of crea- 
ted beings ; mankind, 
p. jc't^' ««/ira/?, s. f. A gold coin so 

called. (The Calcutta ashrafi is worth 
£1. lis. 8d.). 

A. .U^l a8h*ir,B. plur. (of j^) Verses, 

A. J'Jt^! ashghilf 8. plur. (of (jSo^) 

Labours, occupations. 

A. ^'^1 ashfaq, 8. plur. (of ^o^) 

Kindnesses, fitrours. 
P. ^CLi*i»T aahufta-gi, & f. Distraction, 

uneasiness, misery. 



P. iJAi^ I Sahnfta, adj. Distracted, dis- 
tressed, deeply in love, uneasy. &xsl^ I 
Jl>> Distressed in condition, em- 
barrassed. Jol^- &xiLii0 1 or Jiiiu^ I 

fjd Afflicted in mind, disqaieted 

P> uJ^l <u/iXe, 8. m. A tear, tears. lXmI 

•b part. ac^'. Weeping, shedding tears. 

P' . 1^ 1 ishMff 1 adj . Apparent, clear, 

P. \j^'] isfikira. ) ^^°™' P^^^^°- 

A. J 1^1 ew^iitrJl, 8. plnr. (of (JC^) 
Forms, figures, shapes . 

A. JommI ishkilf (inf. iv. of (JCm) s. m. 

Ambiguity, difficulty, suspicion ; pain- 

H. Ul^] uahkinSt s. (dakh.) To set on 
a dog, send a dog after. 

A.H. UlKlil xshkil-nd, v. (dakh.) To 
find fault, to excite suspicion. 

«. uJ^l ashlok, («t^) 8- ™- ^erse, 

■. l^Oli^] aahlekhi, (or aahleshiX^W' 

m) 8. m. The name of the ninth 

lunar mansion. 

A. m[aJ^\ ishmSm, (inf. iv. of j^) s. m. 

1. Diffusing x.dour, shedding perfume. 

2. Giving to a quiescent consonant a 
slighc sound of gamm or kasr, but so 
as not to lengthen the syllable or 

A. • 

make a syllable more; as in i*^%^ 
P. IjLm I ishnS, 6. m. f. An acquaintance, 
lover, friend. K^:^**»j^ Uut I Friendly, 
attentive to friends, obliging. 

a. ^[Xl] ashnin, (§IK) b- m. Bath- 
ing ; purification of the Hindus by 

P. * ^- "' I ishoh or iahuh, s. m. 1. 

8. }iSX<y^\ ashwa-medh, {^W^^) sm 
The ceremony of sacrificing a horse. 

8. tJytl OMhwinl, (BTT^^) 8. f. Name 
of the first lunar mansion. 

A. V.^^Y**'' asKhab^ adj. Of a black and 

white colour, in which the white 
prevails: grey (ajicfrse), ash or dun- 
coloured (a camel or mule). 

A* iX^I asKhadUf v. 1st pers. pres. 
tense, I bear witness. jJ| S ^1 tV^l 

<idi! II) asKhatlu an U mhailli-mh, 

I bear witness that there is no God 
bnt God. 

^' jY**' ^shhar, adj. compar. (from 

d;-^) More or most colebi-atcd 
or known. 

A. Lx^il ashyi, s. plur. (of ^JL) Things, 

P« ^y^i I ashiyin, / s. m. A bird's 
P. JCJUiT "^'^♦V*^^- J nest. 

A. jxLci asigbi'"', a<^j- plur. (of •«^') 
Little, mean, contemptible, poor. 

A. v,::^Ltfl asllat OT iail at, {{vojxi tJ-cl) 
8. f. Firmness, integrity, genninenpps, 
the being well rooted, constancy, soli- 
dity of judgment, essentiality, noble- 

A. lil'wcl aailatan, adv. Originally, per- 

L->la:^l fl»'^b,s.plur. (of C-j^^^r^U) 

Lords, masters, companions, apostles 

(In composition the word signifies.) 


' Learn- 


Tumult, clamour. 2. Terror. 3. Mis- 
fortune. 4. Storm, tempest. 5. An 

Possessed of ; as aIc L^ 

ed men, &c. Jj^ L-;'.:s^' The great 

companions (of the prophet), the four 
Khalifs immediately sncceeding Mu- 
hammad, u-ftyf v-->'.x^' Inhabitants 
of the cave**, e., the seven sl'iepers. 

A. .Iju^l wd«r, (inf. iv. of^cX-tf s. m. 
Producing, appearing, \%skx\i^%. 





A. .Lcl W7-,J/-, (inf. IV. of yc) 8. m. 

Persisting, perseverance, obstinacy. 
A. cii^l uri/, (inf. iv. of (»»9jjc) 

8. m. Expeaaituro, waste, prodiga> 

lity. uy c— ik^l V. a. To sqaau- 
dcr, dissipate, &c. 

A. A'alocl MjtibJ^, *(inf . viii. of v^ 

He stained) a. m. Imbuing, dipping ; 

A. (Jaloci iatablf 8. m. A stable. 

G* L-i^^J&cl u^.^uHlb, a. f. An astro- 

A. -.iUa-tfl istilrrh, (inf. Viii. of Jlc) 

8. f. A phrase, phraseology, style, 
idiom, mode of speaking peculiar to 
a langunge or dialect, the correct 
metaphorical sense of a word in op- 
position to its mere literal or verbal 
eignification ; technical term, figure in 

rhetoric. ^1. (CL^'^lk^l). 
A. ^^;>.jUa^l istilihly aHj. Idiomatical, 


technical. . Juc« . ..d-iUa^l Idioma- 

tical meaning or acceptance. 
A» jk^) aaghurf adj. com par. (of ~/Ju0^ 
Less, very little, least, mean. 

A. { ,flo I ftaafj 8. m. 1. The caper 
tree. 2. The name of a man, said to 
be the son of BarkhiyJ, and to have 


been Solomon's wazlr, ^\j 

Prudent as Asaf. J^ jJl u-ic I The 
• Asaf of the state. 

K, j^Suo\ aiflVf 8. plur. (of yUtf aifr) 

*A. -A^I asfar^ adj. Yellow. 

'*• jj^Aitfl is/ahdn^n. prop. See ^o^^i^I^ 

A. UA-tfl «*./»1/*, s. plur. (of ^Jl^) The 
pure, the just, the saints^ 

A* l)"*'^'« "?^ 8-* ^* 1- Root, origin, 

original, foundation. 2. Lineage. 
» 3. Capital, principal sum, stock in 

trade. Jj (J^) Original name (in 
opposition to what is distinguished by 

y: urf), 

A. JLcI asli or aafan, adv. In the least, 
at all, by no means, never, not at all. 

A. ^Icl islih (inf. iv. of J*^' Pros- 
pered, wns fit) s. f. Correction, amend- 
ment, adjustment ; dresf^ing the beard 

(by a barber). Uyb J>*i^ — JLc t To 

become corrected. [iS ^L^i To 
correct, to amend. 

A. lywygJ! (J^^i aalu-S'Sua, 8. m. Li-, 

A. ^Jucl aslh adj. Original, radical, 

fundamental, essential, natural, native, 
genuine, principal; noble, of a noble 

A« CI^^^fuLcl aalt-yatt s. f. Originality, 
essentiality, genuineness, nobleness. 

A. j^xf] asamytif adj. Deaf; a surd num- 
ber (in arithmetic) opposed to llaJL« 


The square root of a snrd. 

A. u_^!jL«] aanaf, 8. plur. (of i— flV>^) 
Sorts, kinds. 

A. Cl^lwtf I aawdtj 8. j^lur. of fJUyC q. v* 

A. Jwtfl v^t'd, 8. plur. ((ff ^J*^!) Roots, 
fundamentals, a musical mode or tone ; 

manners. JU^li (Jy^' (mode of the 
dove) One of the seventeen modes of 

music c •J • Uy^' ^' R^*'^ *"*1 
branches, causes and effects. 

A. (JJ^i aailf adj. Well born, noble, 

genuine : (iu Hind.) s. f. A maidser- 

A' Cl^'wi! izdfat (inf. iv. of ^^~AJ<^) 8. f. 

Addition, adjunct, reference, annexion; 
constructiontpf one noun with another. 

A. JCfUpI ixifaf 8> m. Addition, junction, 
annexion, augmentation^ attribute. 



A. L-^Lki) XMtirih, (inf. yiii.jDf S-V^) 

fl. m. Agitation, restlessness, anzietj. 

A. _^|jajl i§tiriyif b. f. Agitation. 

hnrry, impatiencei ]^recipitation. 


AAUa-dl Htirir, (inf. viii. of -i) 

8. m. Violence, oompnision, agitation, 
despair, the last extremity. 

A. jT.) Jfl^l <ipiiVar«, s. f. See tl Ja^l 

A* i.^U^) af'J/, adj. pinr. (of l»Qw*^ 
tiV) Double! 

A* V p*-^' a«'*a/, adj. oompar. (of 

«.JUjc^) Very weak or helpless, most 

A. c]Lc) aflJ", 8. plur. (of «jLi ftl*) 

ftibs, sides; districts, divisions (of 
land) ; convexities, arches. 

A. cl^vclL' tW'*o<, (inf. IV. of c ^) 
8. f. Obeying, SDbmission, reverence, 
worshipping. [iJ CI^vc'Js) To obey. 

A. Ulo) aitb6^, 8. plor. (of ^.^ou]0) 

A. «^l Jol atrJ/, s. f. plur. (of uJis) 

Sides, environs, confines, skirts, out- 
parts, districts. 

A. ^Jaj> Joi itrifal, s. See (J^ t>y I 

A. JUjiLI aj^'ima, s. plur. (of i*UL) 
Viands, victuals. 

A. lib) a/5, (inf. iv. of lit Was extin- 
guished) s. m. Extinction (of fire). 

A. J'^l atfil, s. plur. (of J^) Child- 

A. clLl iHiU\ (inf. viii. of c^i?) s. f. 

Manifesting, notice, declaring, infor- 
mation, notification, Uy cs]o] To 

acquaint, inform, apprize. JL«ljL:}Ubi 

A written declaration or notification, 
a notice in writing. »> 

A. /jllol itldq, (inf. iv. of ^jUo) 8. m. 

1. Setting at liberty; divorcing, re- 
pudiating ^ diseng^agedness; freedom. 

2. Application; referendb. 8. This 
term is applied to the office and records 
of dastcika (demands or summonses) and 
lalabJna (fees on their delivery.) 

{J^.^ c5*^i The person who keepa 
the doMiak accounts. 
A. ^jjjol atlas, 8. m. Satin. 

^' ^'^y^' itfnindn.Jitii. iv. of ^ij^) 
8. T. Tranquillity, rest, repose, quiet, 

security. Jel^ e^'-SJ^ Peace of 

A. (^ULI atndh, s. plur. (of«C^^^) 

A. 1 1 Jo I atwdr, 8. m. plur. (of j^) 
Manner^, modes, methods, ways, be- 
haviour, habits, I IJ0I im^ Well- 
mannered, well-bred. 

A.^lylsl afUr, adj. plur. (of ytlL) 
Pure, chaste. 

A. Ajd^i aglarHf adj. compar. (of <%)Ui^) 

More or most unjust, tyrannical, Ac. 

A. .lytl ig*hdr, (inf. iv. ot jy^) s. m. 

Manifestation, revelation, publication ; 
a declaration in a court of justice or 
before police officers. 

A. •ybi ag*har^ adj. compar. (of ytU?) 

Very clear, more evident. ^^ rfc^^ 
imm>4mJLji Clearer than the sun. 
A. CL>jU^ t'ldaf, s. f. ') (inf.iv.ofj^) 

A. SOlcl Vaday s m. J Performing 

so.Tiething a second time, repetition, 
revision, returning. 

A. ci^lc 1 i'anaty (inf. IV. of ^^) s. f. ^ 
Help, aid, assistance, favour. a 

A. .UicI i^tihir^ (inf. viii. of ^JLC He 

passed over) s. m. Confidence, trust, 
reliance* H Taking as an example, 
reasoning by comparispn. * * 

A. ^j%Uicl iVtftJri , adj. Of credit, trust- 
worthy, credible *, a coiA^^^. 

a * 




f A. JljJcl i'tidil, (inf. Tin. of JiXc) 

8. m. EyenneflB, moderation, temper- 

* A. •Iciifi I t«e«fir, (inf. Tin. cftjS^) s. m. 
EzcQse, apologj. 
A, ^Licl »»<ir*f, (inf. VIII. of u^j^) 

8. f. Opposition, refnsing assent, ob- 
jection, cUscussioa, criticism. 

A. uJlJLftl i*Hraf, (inf. Till, of (— i^) 
8. m. Confession, acknowledgment. 

A. J\jX£} i^fizdl (inf. Till, of (jjfi) 8. m. 

Secession, abdication. 
A. aI<^1 t*<iatfm,(inf.Tiii.of C^^4»inr) 

8. m. Abstaining from sin or what is 
» nnlawfnl. • 

A. i>IaIc1 iHiqid^ (inf. Tin. of JJb) s. m. 
Confidence, faith, belief. 

A. uJl^l t^iikif, (inf. Tin. of CA^) 

8. m. 1. Continuing in the temple or 
mosqne (especially at Mecca, and en- 
gaged in prajer). 2. Restraining, 
carbing the passions from religions 
motives (as in Lent). 

A. d^s^kXs] iHimgd, (inf. Tin. of cV^ ) 
8. m. Reliance, tmst, confidence. 

A. Luc I WnJ, (inf. VIII. of ^Jb Was 

concerned or afflicted) s. f . Care, atten- 
tion, stndy, labour. 

A.jU^' i*iSz, (inf. IV. of Jac^) s. m. 
Disappointment ; miracle, wonder, sur- 
prise. i< vfiCW« Jvac^' A cure as 

miracnlons as the cures of the Messiah, 
* a miraculous cure. 

A. d^ys^^ u^juha, 8. Wonder, miracle, 

*• A. ItXc) a*di, 8. plur. (of ^Sc) Enemies. 

A. i--^t«ct tVjb, (inf. IV. of ^9£-) s. n% 

The notation of the vowel points, the 
vowel or diacritical points. ^aVvi6, 
The Arabs or race of AiAbs inhabiting 
* th^^esert. ^ 

A. (PUC I a^abi, 8. m. An Arab of the 

deaertg > 

A. ^^1^1 »^«f , (inf. IV. of (joA) 8. m. 

Aversion, avoiding, dislike. 
A* u^lxt aVi/, 8. n^. Purgatory, a place 

intervening between heaven and helU 
A. j\tc\ t*«f«, (inf. IV. of d^) 8. In. 

Honouring, magnifying, respect. 
A. ]jc) a*\zzdf adj. comp. plur, (of ijjc) 

The most excellent, worlhy or dear. 

A. L^UacI a'sdh, 8. plur. (of ^._ - -^^^ ) 
Nerves, tendons, ligaments. 

A. L^l a*§dt s. plur. (of «^) Members, 

limbs; i**tJ^j (^L^i The principal* 

members, vital parts, t. e., heart, brain, 
liver, testicles. 

A* jjieic] a*fam, adj. compar. (of ^jiBf ) 

Greater, greatest. 
A. let a*ld, adj. for J^l q. v. 

A. JLz) %Him, (mf. iv. of Ac) 8. m. 

Proclaiming, teaching ; distinction, 
distinguishing (one's self in battle); 
a notification, a warrant. 

A. ^JLl i^ldn, (inf. iv. of ^^) b. m. 

Divulging, manifesting, publishing. 

A. jAcl aHSy adj. compar. (of ^Jlc) 

Higher, superior, most high, most 
exalted, supreme, loft/. 

A- jlf 1 a'^mdl, 8. m. plur. (of ^) Ac- 
tions, &c. <UU Jl^l The book in which 

the deeds of the good and of the bad 
are recorded. 

A. J^l o«mi, adj. Blind. 

A. ^j|^' aSdny 8. plur. (of ^j^) Aids, 
assistances, aiders, assistants. 

A. o^w^cl a*yany s. plur. (of j^jJ^) Eyes; 
grandees, nobles. 

T. {£. I agl^y s. m. Lord, chief, master. 

P. j\£. I dghii*t 8. m. Beginning, com- 





*• A^AXCl igkiindm, (ini. Tin. ^f aJIc) 8. 

Taking or seising as plunder or as a 
prize, seizing. * 

^ ^\jt\ igiriq, (inf.«iv, of ^J,) s. m, 

t^ansing to drown, submersion; (in 
poet^) exaggeration of praise or cen- 
sure, which ntay appear possible though 

g. ^A. !Lr l dj^ashta, part.. Moistened, 
macerated, mixed, polluted. 

H. Jkil asHMlj «. A bar, bolt. 

A. jlcl igitHqy (inf. iv. of Jfli) s. m. 

1. The being abstruse or difficult to be 
« understood, abstruseness. 2. An ob- 

A. Jlil agMdl, 8. plur. (of Jii) Yokes, 

A. ^lt\ iS^am, (inf, iv. of At) s. 

t. Inflaming with desire, provoking to 
venery. 2. Sodomy. 

^' ^^» r l aj[j^&, adj, compar. (of 

C«.^lc} Superior, stronger, f adv. 
Most likely. 

A. ^If I ighmU, (inf. iv. of fjof) s. m. 
Dissimulation, connivance, ogling, 

coquetry. \iJ ^l?l To wink or 
connive at. 

A* UicI aj[&«i|^, 8. plur. (of iJ^) In- 
dependent, rich. 
A. 1^1 igiiwd, <inf. IV. of ^<y£. Erred, 

acted perversely) s. nu Seduction, 
temptation, instigation. 

P. ^j*»^ 1 dghoshf 8. f. Embrace, bosom. 

A. .Ixcl ag^dr, s. plur. (of jJ^) Stran- 
gers, foreigners, rivals. 

A. uJI uf or «/, interj. Fie ! pish! for 

shame! alas! ohl \jji u^l 1. To 

disapprove of, to lameitft. lJL>- Jb u^t 
To become ruined. ^ 

A, Cjli I df9t, s. plur. (of v::^!) Cala- 
mities, miaiortnaes, evils, daugen. < 

A. Jj'i 1 i/ig, 8. plnr. (of Jfi)) Horizons, 

quarters of the heaven or of the eatth, 

A. ^Ul t/igo, * m. ,3 O^^ ^'''" 


valoscence, recovery from sickness or 
from a swoon, &c. 

A- c;^] dfat, (Sais. 9?!^. «. t 

Calamity, mtsfortune, 

P. c^IasT |/<| b, «.m. l^e«nn,4nifi8hiDe. 

^' ^'Jli I ^tdha, s. m. An ewer. 

*. j^lJbT a/^bi, 1- adj. Of the sun, 

like the sun, solar, faded by the sub, 
yellow. «. s. f . A parasol of a parli- 
colar form, a target etuddod with gold ; 
a shield made of tortoiee-shell. 

"^ part 
J 4:J 

P. «jUil u/felda. J ^liil) Fallen, 
lying flat, poor, wretched, helpless, 
oppressed. (Plur. ^ojUil) 

P- j-Sjliil ufUdagly s. f. A fallings 
tumbling ; weakness, helplessoesB. 

P. 4j;ljJ^^ tj^^ «*/'*♦* ojbfizan, Now 
falling now rising ; with nrndb ado. 

A. .lar^' ifti^dr, (inf. viii. of js/i 
s. m. Glory, honour, gracefulness. 

A. 1 jlil */2tirl, (inf. Tsxt, of Lft») »• ^- hu 
Calumny, false imputation, scandaL 

A. jl jl fl/rad, 8. plur. (of 4>J) Indivi-^ 

duals single ones, singular numbers, 
sheets (of paper). 

A. jUI ijrid, (inf. iv. of 4^y) a. &. 

Withdrawing from society. ^ 

'- ;U! a/ri«, (or (^U') pa^. act. ia 

compos, (from ^J^^-f^ ^^ cT^y 
Exalting, raising. ^ ^ 

P. L-->La*w1j) 4ijTdiMfahj Name of an an- 
cient king, who from Twrtary vjr^bARA . 
Pecsia, aad vaa «\8an. b:j BM^tom* 




A* ^tJl ifrit, (inf. IV. of L> J) B. m. f. 

Excess, superfluity, abnndanoe. 
A. i^flf y) afranji, adj. Earopean, 

P. iix^^J] ajn^ta, part. pass, (of 

nP^^y ) ^°^°\^> lighted. 
P. Uvil afroM, part. act. in compos. 

(from ijJ^^t*') Ulnminating, kindl- 
ing, enlightening. 

P. tlT 43# J I dfrid-gdrj a. m. The Creator* 

P* Si3o> J I afrida^ part. pass, (of ^;^V ' ) 
Created, creature. 

P. ^.jil */nn or dfarin, s. f. Praise' 

applause, ^ interject. Bravo ! well 
done! part, (in compos.) Creating, 

creator; as ^ .3 I ^J>\^ Creator of 

the world. 
P. i/mJ^JI 4^*^^^ or dfarinish, s. f. 

P* SjJubJi dfrinanda or Sfarinanda, 

part. Creator. 

P. Ijil aftd, part. act. (of ^^*^^^) io 
compos. Increasing. 

P. i>^.|jil aftd'ish, 8. f. Increase. 

P* 4>«l»t afzud^ 8. m. Increase, addition, 
abundance, adj. More, superfluous. 

P* ^9/^1 a£zuny adj. Increasing, more, 
manifold, much. 

P- «5^9r^i af^dnif 8. f. Increase, abun- 

P. A>UmJ| afsdna, s. m. A fiction, rom- 


ance. ^^y^ A>UmjI or Sdi[mii M 
story-teller, romance-teller. 
P. jamJ) afsar, s. m. f. A crCwn, a diadem. 

P» j^JyMJl a/»urdo-yi, s. f. Frozen- 

' neaa, dejection, melancholy^ lowness 
or depreeaioa of BpiritB, 

P> SjyMJUa/nirda, adj. Frozen, with- 
ered, faded, melanoholy. SJ^mijI 
jol^. Depressed in mind, dispirited. 

Jj SJjMiil Faint-hearted, lov- 
spirited, dejected. « 

<>• i^AAjLmJI ci/«anftn, s* Wormwood. 

P. i^yMj I afsoB, s. m. Sorrow, regret, 

a pity. ^ interj. Ah ! alas ! iMwyMJi 
Uy To sigh, to regret, gprieve, mourn. 

P* ^y^ii a/n«nf 8. m. Incantation, a 

spell, verses used in spells or enchant- • 
ment, fascination, sorcery. 

P. jT ^y^i afsun-gar, s. m. An en- 
chanter, a sorcerer, magician. 
A. Llil ifshd, (inf. iv. of ^ Was 

spread abroad) s. m. Divulging, pub- 

P. ^Liit afahdiit part« (o^ ^jJLUl) 

Scattering, shedding, dispersing, scat- 
terer, (used in composition chiefly ; as 

^tuJ) (JiS Strewing roses). 
P* tdyJUJn afshurda, part. pass, (of 

^Jy^jl) Pressed, squeezed out, 

A. ^^»ci\ afaah, adj. cougar, (of ^^< »ai) 

Very eloquent, speaking very correctly. 

A« J'w^J o/f5l, 8. plur. (of (J^) 

Graces, virtues, favours. 
A. (J^i afnal^ adj. com par. (of J^li) 

More or most excellent, pre-eminent. 
A. .ISoil ifidr, (inf. rv. of ii) s. m. 

Breaking a fast, l!^ .Ikil To break 

one*s fast in the evening after fasting 
all day, as the Mnsalmans do during 
the month of Rama%dn, 

A. ^c.Uai^ »/(««, 8. Things proper for 

A, JUil ofdl,«. plur. (of Jj6) Actions. 




.» t « 

*' Ji*^' «*/*«> (vulg. fl^fi) s. nk A ser- 

pent, basilisk, ^p, viper. 

**• ij«*ii afgltin^ 1. 8. m. See ^jlii 

2. D. prop. A pe<fple, called also 
Bathdna^ iuhabiting the hilly country to 
the N. W. of Lahaur. In their history, 
they pretend to derive their origin, as 
well as name, from Afg]uin^ whom 
they account a grandson of Malik 
TaJut (king Saul). As to religion, they 
are M^hammadans, notwithstanding 
the claim they set up to a Jewish extrac- 
tion, (Plur. Arab. JUclil or Pera. 

A. Jfil ufuq, 8. m. 1. The horizon. 

2. A tract or region of the earth. 

3. (poet.) The world. 

A.^^I o/fejr, 8. plur. (of^i) Thoughts, 

cares* meditations, opinions, counsels. 
P-^LGI a/gar, 1. adj. Wounded. 2. s^ 

A sore on the back of beasts of burthen. 
P- ^^1 afgan, part, in compos, (of 

^JJJsil) Casting, throwing down. 

P. j-SJai^il afgandagty (in compos.) 8. f. 

Throwing, casting. 
P- iJlGI afgani, (in oompoB.) s. f. 

Throwing, casting. 
A, j^iil ifla^t (inf. IV. of (^yJli) s. m. 

Poverty, penuvy, indigence. 

A. H. ^^lil ifldsl, 8. f. Poverty. 

O- ^y® J^ ' aflatunf n. prop. Plato. 

A. Ljlil afiahy 8. plur. (of LljOi) The 
heavens, heavenly bodies. 

A- — .yl fl/«?Jj,8. plur. (of -j.y) Armies, 

SJtJ ^'^' ^ victorious army; the 
imperial or his Majesty's forces. 
A. »ly| afwlh, plur. (of 8y) 1. s. m. 

Months. 2. 8. f. Doubtful news. 3. 
Fame, report, rumour, llearsay. 

of ^jJ^h B, t Opium, 

f. ^^ ^1 o/»m.cW,adj. ^ Opium- 
^* r eater; (fig.) 

a sot. 


H. ^jAJ^il a/fman,adj.f. 

H- L<^' a/imi, adj. m. J ^i^"*^ 

K>- Opium bird, i.e. ^opium-eater. 

A. ^^JjI afyunt s. f. Qpium, the inspis- 
sat^d juice of the Papaver somniferum. 

P. \j I dqif 8. m. Master, owner. (Turk. 


A. L^flii aqirih, 8. plur. (of ^.^ J) 


A. Ijjlil a^d^ti/i, 8. Acacia, the express- 
ed jnice'of the fruit of the acacia 

tree, or of the ^jJiiS qilqil, 
A. j^\S^ aqilitn, s. plur. (of i^TfJ^') 

Climes, climates, regions. 
A. c^v«Uligimat, (inf. iv. of Jj3) B,t 

Besting, staying, abode, dwelling. 

A. JUil iqhdlf (inf. IV. of fjjs) s. m. 

1. Prosperity, good fortune. 2. (in 
law) Admission (of a claim or of a 
criminal charge), acceptance (of a 

bond, &c.). ^lui His good fortune, 
Ac A^'^! Their good fortune, &c. 

P> jJUlUifl %qhdl^mand,Adl, Prosperous, 

P. . ct^iJ'^' iqbal-mandif 8. f. Pros- 

perity, good luck. ^ 

A. j-^bCwl iqtihds, (inf. viii. of ^^y^l) 

8. m. Borrowing (fire from anotheri; 
acquiring, procuring, asking, quotation. 

A. IjoJl iqtidd, (inf. VIII. of CLJ^^) 

' B. f. Following, imitation; following 
the imam in prayer. 

A. .1 joifl xqtiddr, (inf. VIII. of jJ^) B. m. 

Power, authority ; dignity. \ .^ * 
A. .LiUl iqiisdr, (inf. viil. of ^*) 8. m. 

Abbreviation, abtidgmeiil. >» 




tf « 

A. LauI] iqtiMttt (inf. VIII. of t<^) ^' °^* 

Demand, requisition! exigency. 

A. aI^XjII iqddm, (inf. IT. of a<^) b* ni. 

The canBing*to go before; the being 
before, resoliition, firmness, attention. 

A. ^tMiXs) aqdas^ adj. oompar. (from 

• j*.jj) Verj^ «r moat holy, moat 

A. .iJl tqr«r, (inf. IV. of .IJ) a.m. Con- 
fession, avowal, affirmation, promise, 
agreement, acknowledgment Juliti .5 1 
8. m. Written agreement, bond. 

A. J\J] aqrdn, b. plur. (of ^^) 
Equals, contemporaries, 

A. b Jfl aqrihd, s. plur. (of Lmm^J) 
Kindred, relatives, friends. 

A. aLmjI aqsam^ 8. f. plur. (of ^^ma5) 
Boris, kinds, different sorts. 

A. L^l aqtit I adj. oompar. (of ^^«Ai) 

A. L-^l aqad, J Extreme, most dis- 

tant i the extreme, extremely. 

A. elki'l %qta\ (inf. iv. of OflS) 8. 

Cutting, lopping ; assignment of lands 
(from a prince to a subject). 

A. Qj] aqallj adj. compar. (of ^J-jJ^) 
Less, least. 

A. j^M] iqlim^ B. m. Clime, climate, 
^ region, Country. 

A. J 1*3 1 aqwdl, s. plur. (of JJf) Words, 
sayings, agreements, promises. 

^ A. Alyl aqwdmy s. plnr. (of ^Ji) Tribes, 
people, nations, castes. 
fr LJT dk, 1. (BTgR ) 8. m. Curled flower- 

ed gigantic swallow-w^rt. 2. (^) 
•- B.^ni.* A sprout of sugarcane. 

•• dI t&&a, (v^ch) adj. 1. Single, incom- 
pambJS, anique, 2, 8, m. An ear- 

ring of a single pearl. 3. An orna- 
ment wf»m on the wrist, often hollow, 
containing perfume. 4. A candlestick 

holding one candie (see oj) 

A. ji^] akdhir, a3j. plur. (of Jkf !) The 

great, people of rank. ^Icl^ • J^] 
High and low, rich and poor. 

*• tO I d'kdr, (^|«hR) . 8. m. Form, 

5> CL>iOl akdnUf adj. see «f^o] 

a. ^j\^ aWrat;t, (3?^FiP^) adj. Unpro- 
fitable, fruitless, vain. « 

B. ii*»o 1 afcfl«, (or ahds, ^l^hRl) s. m. 

The fifth element, ether; the sky^tha 
atmosphere, the heavens, the firma- 
ment, space. (This element is held 
by the Hindus to be more subtle than 
air, to fill and pervade the universe, 
and to be the peculiar vehicle of life 

and sound). ^J\j i>*li 1 8. f. A voice 
from heaven; revelation, an oracle. 

a. ^^\ »Jkfl«, (^rM^) adj. Eighty- 

A. Jol akkil, adj. superl. (of Jf ') 
A glutton, a gormandizer. 

£. vjry^l ikdnawiee, (^^?T«[m) adj. 
Ninety-one. • 

«• iIaJI ifc-blr, ( .UGJ) One time, once. 

A. jaS) dkhar, adj. oompar. (of yXfS) 

Greater, very great, greatest; name 
of an Emperor of India. 

A. P. (^«A> I aJcharit adj. Relating to 

Ahhar ; a sort of sweetmeat. ^j^\ 

i^.J**^ A gold coin worth sixteen 

adj. Forty-one. 




|. UUf 1 uktSniy {^ and r. ^ Grieve) 

V. n. 1. To fret, to be melanoholy. 
2. To be tire^ of, disgusted, with e. g. 

A. ^jLijli'l iktisah, (inf. viii. of ^.^^-ftf) 
8. m.^cqQi8ition, gain. 

A. Iftif] iJfce»/3, (inf. VIII. of CU^.lfti') 
8. f. Safficiencj, oompetence, content- 
ment. Jj^ Uj^I To be or pest satisfied. 

f. ^^1 oitt, (3?^%! ) 8. f. The agatj 

fr {j'^^ ihtis, {\^\^^\^) adj. Thirty- 


8. IfA^I a^7MortJ(ra^//Mr, (^One,and 

H(|«l Place) adj. Collected together, 
in one place. 

A. jjSi aJcMir^ adj. compar. (of .JUO ) 

Most, very mnch, frequent ; adv. Gene- 
rally, for the most part, freqnentl;^, 

mostly, chiefly, often. C-^lJ^I yS) 
At most times, generally. 

t. P. AiM 1 ik'dam. One moment. 

A. aI«> I ^ram, (inf. IV. of /^JS) e. m* 

Honouring, complimenting, treating 
with attention and ceremony. 

A. i\J\ ikrdh, ^f. IV. of zJ) 8. f. 

Aversion, abhorrence. 
A. A .3 1 akram^ adj. compar. (of ^J) 

Yery kind, merciful, generous* 
fr ^» jV?^' a*af-b(i«, (comp. of J^l and 

jb) An affected person, a fop, a 

8. P. ^^\[Jy\ akar-hitif 8. f. Strutting, 


drawn together, to become stiff. 2. 
To strut affectedly. 

^' Uir ' ^^ru^t 8. m. The posture of 

sitting on the hams with the soles 
of the feet on the ground, to squat. 

a. ULiI uksani, v.a. 1. (p&sal of UuJ'l) 

To raise; to raise (the wick of a 
candle), kindle, fan^ the flame; to 
persuade ; to instigi^e. 



*• i^\j^^ dkar'hi% s. f. The oramp. 

f. \ijS\ akarna, (^TT^^) v. d. 1. To 

writhe, to be cramped, to have spasms 
or convulsions, to be contracted or ^ 

5- \XmJ] ukasna, {^ and r. ^RT Move) 

V. n. To be excited, to be moved. 

A. -J^mJ I iJtsir, 8. f. A powder or mixture 

pretendej to be capable of converting 
other metals to gold or silver; the 
philosopher's stone, an eliwir ; alche- 
my, chemistry. 

A. J^\ aU, 8. m. Eating ; food. . J^| 

^^j»*t Eating and drinking, meat and 


«. 1^1 ikla, (^TT^^ Agitated) adj. m. 
1. Fleet, swift 2. Peevish. 

a. lil^l ukldna, ahuldna, (from ^^^ 

Agitated, distressed) v. n. To be agi- 
tated, to be distracted, to be confused, 
to be out of order, to tire, to weary, to 
be astonished. 

a* ljy>l ik4auidy 
a- lo^l ik-launt4, 

A. Jjiae" JUKI iklilu-l.Jahal, (lit. the 

crown of the mountain) s.^ m. An 
herb smelling like frankincense, rose- 

A- ujOllI JlaKI iklilu'UmalilL, (Ht. the 
king's crown) s. m. Melilot. 

A. JI4 1 ikmdl, (inf. I v. of JLj) fi^> m. 
Perfecting, accomplishing. 

A. (>4l akmalthdj. compar. (of jj^o/ 
More or most perfect, complete. 

A. ^1 akmah, adj. Blind^ from ^ birth, 

A. uJU^I aknif, b. plur. (of v— fti^) 
Borders, confines, enviiona. ^ 

adj. Only, single, 
alone. An only 




P. ^jy^I ahnunf adv. Now. 

«. Jl^l vhhar, (aee Ujfl^l) s. f. Boot- 
ing np, extirpation, eradication. 
J^fv J^' "Higgledy-piggledy, topsy- 
turvy, pell-m«ll. 

^' \\\^] ahhofit 8. m. A palaestra or 

place for wrestlflig, a scene, any place 
of assembly, a court or circus. ijJl 
ijl^l o Indra*s court. 

«. Ujl^l ulcMrna, (trans, of Uj^f I q. v.) 

V. a To root up, eradicate, extirpate, 
pluck up, dislocate. 

8- Jl^! ukhdl, (^JtT^) 8. Vomiting, 
throwing up. 

«• JLyi'l ik-\aJttar, (^cfltl^lci) adj. 

H. «^1 dkik/uir, adj. Undisciplined 

(soldier), barbarous. 

5- U^^i"! ukharni, (^cj] and r. J^ 

Divide, tear) v. n. To be rooted up, 
plucked up or raised up, to slip out 
(as a bone, Ac.) to be dislocated (as, 
a joint). 

a. ^\ ukklh (3^^ or ^W5«cr)) 

s. f . A wooden mortar. 
8. Jo^l a^khan4, (3T^) adj. Unbroken, 

whole, entire. 

Decay) adj. Everlasting, not liable to 
* decay. ^ l^' Name of a tree. 

i/^ji 154^1 The immortal tree. 

• •• li^J^I ukhernS, v. a. See U*l^l 

5. tJl«JJL^I ttfeh^rwtfnfl, (cau8.of Ulj^I) 

V. a. To cause to pluck up. 

^* 1/**^' *^^««» adj. Twenty -one. 

'' g. SjlS] aJkeU, (^ One) adj. Alone, 

* ^- 4S/V ^^' ("37^) «. f. Fire. il/T 

U'^I V. a. To raise disturbance, to 

enrage, provoke. Ul^flKT y^j\ v. a^ 

To extinguish £re ;* to appease a 

tumult, pacify a quarrel, Umj*^ < ^ ^ I 

V n. To rain fire (applied to Jthe 
extreme heat of the sun, or to a hot 
fire of cannon or musketry ia battle). 

V. s. To be in a whirlwind of passion j 
to be mad. or foaming with rage. 

'^^ ;^ I V. a. To speak idle 

words, to boast* UIxLm y^J I v. a. 
To inflame ; to excite sedition, foment 

a quarrel clandestinely, fjyc o (^S I 

Of great price. 1)13 i^\ v. a. To 
set on fire, inflame ; to enrage, cause 

disturbance. ^J ^U ^J !j3 vil/ 1 

u"*i) To pretend to appease a quarrel 
which one has purposely excited, to 

play tricks, deceive. Uxi vfj I v. n. 
To be set on fire, to be enraged, to be 

very hungry. ^ ^ jj ^ cL/ I 

U^U U UubjJyt J CUyo To put off, 
delay or excuse one's self on vain 

pretences, ul y 15^ ^-^1 To 

come to get fire (is spoken of a friend 
who goes to visit another and leaves 

him quickly). *^^-y« jjrj^ i^ I 

*i ^j^aIm*^ u Pro v. Piss on the fire 

or become a Mohammedan. This pro- 
verb is said to have originated in the 
tyi*annical roign of the Mughal Kings 
who forced Hindus to embrace Moham- 

madanism. Uyb d/ 1 To be enraged. 

a. liT agd, (3^ before) »• i^- The 

front, the forepart ; the future ; the 
time to come. The private parts of 

the body, y l> I IJbl ^>. 15-^'^ 

l^artfi Is t The cloth forming the 
fore and back part of a jinut from 




the neok to the waist U^ Ini^i IT I 
V. Eu To hesitate, waver, boggle, 
demar, stand shill'^-shalM Ull^x^o I 
Uui l> To go forwards, to proceed. 

t* Kgfj^ ' ^dfi, (from ^W The fore- 
part. «c.) adv. Before, in front, for- 
wards, farther on, onward, s. f. The 
topes with which a horse's fore feet 

are tied, the front, forepart. t>?^^ 
li^to To attack in front, to attack the 
advanced guard, to defeat a hostile 
army in pitched battle. u^?Ufl^ t>?^' 

^ uUJ To confine (especially a horse), 

to tie a horse by the fore and hind 

f- Jlfl ugil, (3*?^ and r. IRS Eat) 

a m. That which is spit oat after 
chewing any thing (especially, betel 

8. f. A spitting-box, 

f. liol uginiy (cans, of lo^) v. a. To 
oaose to grow, Ac. 

P* so) igdh, adj. Informed of, ac- 
quainted with, aware. JjSo I adj. 

Vigilant, of an attentive mind. sL I 
\jS to inform, acquaint, caution. 

P. ^l^T dgahd, (from «lfT) s. f. 

Information, intelligence. 
P.jTl of/or, conj. If. 

fi. ^\ agar, (^H^) s. m. Wood of 
aloes, aloe wood. 

*-^|/' osfrir, (from ^TJJ^R.") s. 

(dakh.) The Brahmans' quarter in 
any town, a village or town inhabited 
entirely by Brahmans. A grant of 
land given by kings to Brahmans for 

P« l^'S] agarchi, con^. Although, 


!» t^,ri agariy adj. Of the colour of 

"^ 6 

S\ (i. e, wood of aloes), of or relating 
to agar, 

5- Kl tf^zj^ (3RZI) adj. 1. Prior, pro- 
ceding, first, foremost, Jormer. 2. An- 
cestor, ancient* 3. Oth^r, next. 

a. Ul^l ugaXni, (STSfTt r. IT To spit 

ont.) V. a. To spi^ dut, to bring up 
fro^ the stomacb or craw (as birds 
for their young), to vomit; (metaph ) 
to refund property surreptitiously 

obtained. Ul?t Jt; v. n. lit. To 

vomit or eject poison. To shew or 
betray envy or jealousy. * 

*• viT °^^^ ^ agan^ 3|Tjr !• 8* ^* 

fire. 2. s. m. The god of fire and the 
regent o^ the south-east quarter ; the 

^' #j^l o^o^i »• «i. Name of a bird, a 

sort of lark. 

f. Uf I ugni, (gcj and r. IW Go) v. n. 

To grow, to be produced, to spring 
(as plants). 

«. ^J^\ agni-hdn, (BrfjI^TR) 8- m. 
Arrow of fire. 

- ^^ e;^' agin-h^o, (BTffT^Tcf) a f. 
The farcy in horses, an eruptive disease 
in men or elephants. 

a. ^J?l agni, 1. B. f. Fire. 2. The south- 

«. 1/t ayu>l or flj^w'tf, {^Sf^ or ^MMlfil ) 

adj. Foremost, s. m. A guide, a fore- 
runner, harbinger. * 4 

a. ]^\J] agwa-r^, 8. m. The front, the 

forepart; the space in the front of^a 

5. ^1^' a(;ii7lnf , (^WlW) s. a. A 
* guide, a harbinger. 
5. }^\ aghdr, s. m. Greediness : see 

a. v^jl^il ogMri,adj. (dakh.) Greedy, 
ambitioufx. . 




i. Ujl^t ugMr^, {^ r. ^ to open) 

(trans, of Uj^l q. v-) v. a. To 

nncorer, discover, mivei), open, un- 
close, bare, . 

K. Ul^ I aghzT^^ 1. V. n. To surfeit, to 

be satiated. ^. adj. Satiated, cloyed; 
satisfied, rich. 

i' ^ji^ r ugharnaX^ and r. ^ ynite) 

V. n. To be nncoYered, disooYered, 
opened, palled off. 

»• l:;^' aghan, (3^W^|i[U|) s. m. Name 

of the Hindu eighth naonth, November- 

»• ^^^^1 aghant, s. f. The produce of 
the month of Aghan, 

'V^' ap^<w, (^?^) adj. Formida- 
blcy terrible. «^ll» .^^l s. m. A par- 
ticular religions order among Hindus. 

^^jfUj jyp\ or uf;^l adj. (ased 
Bubstantively) An order of religious 
mendicants professing ^^Ui j^^ 

• (they eat every thing, however filthy, 
even human carcasses ; hence) a gross 
or filthy feeder. 

«• 4^^' Of/ /ion, adj. Covetons, greedy, 

a glutton, voracious eater. 
'• ^^^v^l agahit s. f. Same as ^JtoT 

*• v^ ' age, (^W) adv. Before, in front, 
beyond, formerly, forwards, farther, 
onward, icf z*^ ^^ '*3^ ^1 There 

is nothijig but God. No more ; that's 
■ an. A poet says, 

^""^vi^i ; ^\ v. D. To come forward, 
. befall. ' \ , . 

l« ^fder, permissiol^^ 

*. iCiol^! asrsry5-fe«ri or iggyi-lciri 

(for 3{|^|«h|<r) adj. Acting accord- 
ing to order, obedient. 

a. liLnS I aflfy(f/iJ,l[3Tf5I Fire) v. a. To 

bum vessels of metal for tbe purpose 
of cleaning them. 

a. tjJU^l ageti or *yc«f, (^PTR fire, 

and ^l«hld pot ) s. (dakh.) A furnace 

fas, of a blacksmith) a portable grate 
(for fire), a chafing dish, a stove. 

^' ^^^\ J^»n, (used in compos.) adj. Fall. 

H. J I dl, s. f. The name of a tree^ 

from the root of which a red colour is 
extracted for staining leather, dyeiBg 
silk, Sm, , 

A. jT ih 8* f- Children, family. (This 
word seems applied in India to the 

maternal progeny and Si^\ to the 
paternal). (Jj^ J I Descendant^ 

offspring. \xc ^J 1 aUi-ahi, Muham- 
mad, Fatima, Ali, Hasan and Husain. 

9, X I iUf 1, (for ^V^ House) g. m. 

A small recess in a pillar or wall for 
holding a lamp, Ac, 2> (dakh.) House, 
niche, receptacle, nest of a bird of 
prey. 3. A shallow hole, dug round 
the foot of a tree, to confine the water 

conducted to it. 4* (for 3^TS[) adj. 

Wet ; running (as a sore) ; land satu- 
rated with moisture. 

A. SI ill4f adv. If not, if, besides, except, 
otherwise, else, but, unless. 

8. u->S 1 ilipy (corruptly, cdSp ^1^(4 


^f and r. <^7 Speak), s. f. Pirelude 
to singing, modulation. 

s. SU i] m-pilSy 8. (dakh.) Leaves of 

a. Ll) 11 alipni or aldpnd, (3Tl^5|TpI 

see *^^* ' ) ^- f*^' To tune the voice, 
run over the different notes previous 
to sinj^ing, to catch the proper key, 
sing, time. 




A« iJlA] alit, B. plar. (of C^T) InBtru- 
ments. toolB, utenails. 

f. U^SI ilachi, •». ^[dakh.} A kind of 

oloth, woven of silk and tkread so as 
to bear the appeaifmce of grains of 

^j-^-ll) cardamoraB. 

^1 ildchi, v^^O s. f. CardamomB. 

LLJU |<^»SI To distribute oarda- 

moms : a custom among women at the 
marriage of a Musalman in India. 
CardamomSi betel leaf and sugar, 
placed in a cohered dish, are sent by 
the haads of a nurse (ddya)^ attended 
with music, to the houses of the rela- 
^ tives, that the ladies may come and be 
- present at the ceremony, as well as 

partake of the festivities. 1 J^y c5^^^ 

<&p«u1e or pod of cardamoms. 15^^^ > 
«JUU A wild fruit, larger than fox's 

' grapes ((•.•^JUjui C^^Jlc a species of 

nightshade), becoming black when 
ripe, and sweet-tasted, within it there 
being two grains resembling carda- 
moms im shape and smell. (<>i«) 15^'' 

A sweetmeat, cardamoms with sugar 
formed into grains. 2>i«3 ic^'' 
Capsule or pod of cardamoms. 
B. cJI uZJ^ 8. m. An owL 

T. ^j) uldq, B. #. A kimd of small boat. 
A. Jill aldqi, s. 1 (pL of iuiiJI) I. 

Questions, problems. 2. Misfortunes. 
A' Ji\ Aldm, 8. plur. (of ^1) Pains, 

■^« ^jL^JI al-€mdnt s. m. Merciy, quarter; 

calling for quarter in battle. 

&• ^«-««! alamdn, (Lat. Alemanni) A 

«. JiJ ildn, (3^R5R) s. m. The post 

to which an elephant Is tied, or the 
Tope that ties him. •• 

A. isjll al'dn, adv. Now- ^J^ Q Ji\ 

adv. As before, as fonnerlj, just as 
heretofore, as asuaL 

H. vJil all4ndf Y. n. To bawl^ to scream, 
to squeak. 

H.^ll ald*o, B. m. A bonfire: Flame, a 

blaze. y 

H. 1^)11 eklliwd, 8. (dak&. see jSI) Apit 

dug in front of th^ dsluir-kfylna, im 
which fires are kiifdled ; or, a hole dug 
wilhin doors or out, over which peopls 
wash their hands, and in which they 
throw refuse. 

H. \sai] uldhnd^ s. ra. Beproach, com- 

H. Ucll iliyaehdtB, A kind of silk cloth. 

s. j<^Sl %ld*echi or ili'iefu, s. f. Carda- 
moms. * 

P. ^i\ dWpih, (from ^jJj^T) 8. 1 
Pollution, contamination, tiltb. 

«. JUIT alhdl, (^^r^S^TT^) s. m. Abasia 
for water round the root of a tree. 

A. auuJI alhatta, adv. Certainly, indeed, 
positively, by all means. 

P. :-jJl alhurz, s. m. Name of a cele- 
brated mountain between Persia and 
India. The highest mountain of the 

H. JLuJI alheldp adj. Artless, simple, 
innocent, spruce, b. m. A fop, a bean. 

(fern. ^JLjuJI A beUe). 

port, ,^-ulI alpin, (Port alfinete) «. 
A pin. 

▲« CiJ I *^«*» «• ^' ^ *oo^ ^^ instni- 
ment, apparatus; membrum virile, •« 
veretrum animalium. 

A. i^USlI atihis, (inf. v«L of \^j*^) 

B> Obscurity, intricacy, the circum- 
stance of two words being similar in -^ 
sound but various in meaning. « 

A. l:r^' iltijd, (inf. Viii. of W) b. t 
Fleeing to any one for relief or pro- 
tection, taking refuge ; request. 

A. ^hill iltizdm, (inf. TV}, of yjJ)^8. t«L 

Being necessary or expedient, being 
assiduous, taking on oiiq'« selL 





A. v2->'iill *ilHfit, (inf. viii. of CI^ 
He bent, inclined) 8. f. Friendship, 

kindness, obligation, conrtesj, CL^lftJu) 

liy To attend to, to have regard or 

respect. * 

A. ^|*,Ui!! iZftf}^, (inf. vin. of tr*^) 

B. m. f. Beseeching, petitioning, re- 
quest. • 


T. [kjHi] aZtamghfl or SUamglid, (T. J) 

red, \k^ a stamp or impression.) s. m. 

1. The royal seal ; a royal gp^nt in per- 
petuity descending to posterity, royal 
insigt^a* royal diploma. 2. A tax 
levied on travellers. 3. tamgtdf (among 
the Turks signifies) A stamp on gold 
or silver plate to certify its being of 
standard parity. 

H. jJuut altni, B. f. The rope round the 

neck of an elephant, in which the 
driver puts his feet as in stirrups. 

A. lyiii tZfwa, (inf. viii. of (^J) s. Delay- 
ing, postponing. 

A. ^jlyjiSI Utihah, (inf. viii. of ^.^) 
B. m. Burning, heat, flaming. 

A. Jjuil\ tltiydm, (inf. viii. of A) s. m* 

Healing or dosing of a wound. 

f. U!l ulti, part, or adj. Beversed, turn- 
ed back. ^ s. m. Opposite, contrary. 

^jjlj^ Jty^^^ l3t The thief 

threatens the police officer. 

fi. IaL LJi ulid pulti^ adj. Topsyturvy, 

a. Uul) ti2|tfnJ, (oaus. of UaI!) v. a. To 
* overturn, upset, pervert, reverse. 

2* UbJb UU!t iiliind pultdni^ v. a. 1. 

•To reverse, to modify. 2. To inter- 

». LirJb l1-JI ulaipulat, 1. adj. Hig- 
gledy-piggledy, topsyturvy. 2. s. Ii 
Confusion, cheatiug, making black 
white and white black. 

g. LLJI ulaini, (3rl[ and^t. q5^) v. a. 

To pervert, subvert, thwart, reverse, 
turn inside out, reply, v. n. To be 

^» ^y^ a^;«i ( Jl art. and 9^ 

Hunger) interj. used in complaining 
of hunger. • 

H. Ul^' vljhSnd, (trans, of Ufa:^') v. a. 

To entangle, tcf ravel (as thread), to 
involve, busy or engage (in difficultsss, 
business, &c.) to embroil. 

H. /^x'' ulijhio, s. m. Entanglement, 
perplexity, intricacy. 

H. ^^^^ lUjhan, s. f. Involution, en- 
tanglement, complication. 

H. Ufar' ulajhni or ilajhnd, 1. v. n. To 

be entangled, to be involved in diffi- 
culties). 2. V. a. To quarrel. 

H. llA^' vljherS or Ujherd, 8. m. En- 
tanglement, intricacy : 860^2^^' 
A. ijl ilhih, (inf. IV. of P) A. f. 

Solicitation, importunate entreaty. 

A. ols" ilhid, (inf. iv. of «vL) 8. Irre- 
ligion, heresy, apostasy, atheism. 

A. Jgcla:" (U'hisil, (The result). In 
short-, in fine, upon the whole. 

A. ^U' ilhdqy (inf. iv. of Jfk, join- 
ing) 8. m. Annexation, junction, ad- 

A. J Is'' aUkil, adv. Now, at present 
presently, just now 

A. jjW' ilhin, (inf. iv. of ^^k.) 8. m, 

Note, sound, modulation, tune, an air 
(in music). % alhdn, s. plur. (of 

^^^) Notes, tunes. 
A. .Jkac*' al'hagar, (The taking care.) 


Take care ! beware ! see . J^». 

A. m , ter ' al-hafig (The protector: used 
as an interj.) God bo the protector or 
defender ! God preserve me ! 

A' ^Js^' al-haqq, adv. In truth, really 
assaredly, the truth (is). 

A. jdl (Xas" al'hamdu lUldhi, God be 
praised. * 

P. jllsc'l*' aZkhdlaq, s. f. A coat with 
sleeves, surtout, formed as the Luf 




(q. V.) bot having battone instead of 
strings, and that in three Qiaces; at 
the neck, navel, and between the two. 

H. \j\3i] aZ^lTitf, V.n« (dakh.) To scream, 
shriek, bawl, bellow : see Ul??) 

!• jJI a-lar, adj. Not grown up to right 

nnde^tanding (the young of man or 

^ ^]p\ a»im, (IV. of ^j] Fastening (a 

thing) upon one. s. m. Conviction, 
confutation, reproof, blame, proof. 

uU jj\jj\ To be convinced, confuted, 

f. i*JloZa«or«cM,(^R5^ from ^^55^ 

• ^^ 

^ not, W1 to move.) s. m. Lazi- 
ness, inactivity. 

fi jIamJ] alaSnd, (from ijJl q. v.) v. n. 
To dose, to slacken. 

I a'Uut, (for a-Uutu) Am I not ? 


(perhaps in allusion to some passage 
of the Quran). 

A« ▲ImJI aS'SalSm, See a*mi 

^ ^JuJI alsina^ 8. plup. (of * ^;UJ) 

B. j-*-Jl 3TR5^E5| ilasyi or Hast, adj. 

Drowsy, slothful* 

H. ^^mJI oIm, 8. f. Linseed. 

T. i»^l uliM^^ 8. m. The leavings of 
a superior. 

A. uJiy ) oZfl/, s. m. plur. (of caD) 
Kindnesses, favours. 

A. JjlaI) aZ-abd, The signature or initials 
of a subordinate officer or servant. 

A. JuJci^^viIaiJI al-agamatu lUldhi, Great 

is God ! (an ejaculation expressive of 
surprise, fear, denial, &c.). 

P. .Ull ilghdr, s. A forced or hasty 

march, expedition, speed. 
H. ^« flwi (Ugtdrdnt adj. ^ Great deal, too 

much. ^:^ ^^yji) ^ jb 

A. (jOjii] al-yharag, adv. In short, upon 

the whole, in a word. 
A. ^yi\ algliuza, s. m. A whistle, flute, 

small flagelet (a span long). 

A. i±^«Aj| al-ghiyii.t s. yi. Complaint, 
demanding justice ; a'.a8 ! help ! 

A. c-ftl! alf, adj. Thousand, f alif, Name 

of^a letter. OUL?} i^l A position 

in archery straight like the letter !• 

A.H. \si\ alfi^ s. m. A kind of dress re- 
sembling a shirt without sleeves and 
open at the sides, worn by faqirs. 

A. tliJl alfit, s. m. plur. (of laiJ) 
Words, articulate sounds, terms. 

P. ijJ t-il] dlif he, s. f . The a, b, c j the 


A. c^iJ! tiZ/of, 8. f. Friendship, fami- 
liarity, intimacy, affection, kindness. 

p. JUaII dlufta, (or ilafta) 1. part. pass. 

(of ^o^b Astonished, out of one's 

mind, mad (with love). 2. Strangers, 

foreigners. ^^ 1^ / ^j^l; j^ 

The family have not a bit of bread, 
while strangers enjoy the wealth. 

port. eL>U.ftll alfanStj s. f. (dakh.) A 

A. ^JJI alft, 1. s. f. Same as UJl or a 

small alfi. 2. adj. Covered with 
marks like the letter alif (cloth, &c.). 

A. UII ilqi^ (inf. IV. of ^) 8. m. Inspi- 
ration. tt * ^ 

A. v-^Ult alqdh, B. m. plur. (of (»^^^) 

Titles, honorary names ; superscrip- 
tion or forms of address, &c. in letters. 

A. JOifliill alqiasa^ adv. In short, in a'^ 

A.H. UJ^laiul alqat ItoniJ, v. a. ^* « 

has been cut.) Tocutjbro 

short} di8A)ntinue. To -^"W^f . or 

to turn out; to ^' 
V.«^_ To aq^er, yet. 

moreover, ne« 




tid of. To refuse admittance ; reject. 
1^ loAjl jjtg^ ^^ This verse won't pass. 

(Said in capping verses). 

A. .yl oJfcan, ^(from j^^) adj. Speak- 
ing barbaroqslj, stammering. 

«. ^1 a-lakh, (^ and ^5^ To be seen) 

adj. Invisible* ^nseen : a form of 
talutation among jogid. » 

fi. ^]alakhan. (S^^S^iJOT) adj. Having 

bad or ill-omened marks ; unfortunate, 

«. lLSI-o-Zo^, (3T and 55JI or ^^ To 

adhere, joined) adj. Separate, apart, 

distinct, aloof, asandor. lL3I iifll 

aZajF aZoflf, adv. Separately, ^^ f^f tgflt 

S* 15^^ oZ<7am, s. f. A line for hanging 

clothes OB. 
e.^xSl]] alaltappu, adj. (dakh.) Un- 

atable, irregular, wretched. 

i. UUl ulalrtd, (3^ and r. 55^ Play, 

stir) V. n. To be overset, to be laid on 
one side. 

A. AJi]] alldh, s. m. God. JkTI ad)t aZ^/itt 

akbar, God is great. ^1 dd]| aZZjfc/ 

alJdh ! An interjection expressive of 
surprise and approbation : an exclama- 
tion calling on God for help (as on 

commencing battle), ^ci /HI God ! 
^ my GodJ J^Ks^ ^ J^ T)| 

«iZl«;ittwiwa Balli al4 muhammadin, God 
be gracious to Muhammad! (an eja- 
culation expressive of approbation on 
tasting or smiling a»y thing very 


J1 alam, s. m. Pain, grief, affliction. 


^ UuJt ulah 

•l^l almart^ (Port, almario) ■. A 

' wers, book-case. 
TCT^rvertf inn. 

torn inside oat, ^« A diamond^ adfl- 

T. j^ j^] allam gkcUlamf s. m. Trifling 

talk or business, vanity, pretence, idle 
excuse ; wickedness. * 

A.P. u-5uL' alam^nak, adj. Full of pain 
or grief. 

A. ^ CI^^A^ I alminnatu lilUhif Praise to 

God ! good God ! (an ejaculation ex- 
pressive of surprise, fear, denial, Ac). 

H. v^.^1 dang, s f. Side, way, corner. 
9. li^l ulang* (^^Jf) adj. Naked. 

I** C^Jjul ilangf s. f. Int'renchment, 
trenches. . 

H. U I y i^Jou I dlang par ani f y. n, 

B. Ua# jJ (.f^ I Slang par hond J 

in heat (a mare), lustful (a woman). 
S- UxjJl tUangni^ (3^^i 3c^ and r. 

55f^ G,. leap, .prin^ orer) v. n. 
(dakh.) To leap or pass, to traverse. 

8. j^^iuJl uUanghan, (H^^^PT) ^* ™* 

Lea^ng or passing over or beyond ; 

8. J I ilu or dlu, (3^1^) a. m. An escu- 

lent root, a potato, a yam, a sweet 

P< Jl dlu,B, A plum, prune, cherry. 

g. Jl ullu (3^^) B. m. An owl (the 

great eared or homed owl) ; (metaph.) 
a stupid fellow. 

A. J\^\ alwin, (plur. of ^^^) g. 

Colours, kinds, various sorts. 
s. c^yi alop, adj. 1. (for ^^r and 

^m Cutting off, disappearing) Con- 
cealed, defaced, retired, run out, des- 
troyed. 2. (for 3T and ^^) 
Apparent. ^^1 C-J>yi A collyrium. 

which, applied to the eyes of any one, 
renders him mvisible to others. 

- *• Uir ^^^«-P<wii «• m- Stupidity, 




|. Uj^I alopna, (^TT^t^^ or from 
C^y^) ▼. a. JTo oonoeal, to hide one's 

self, to lie hid. (dakh.) alopni or 
Slopni, V. n. To li^ hid or concealed, 
lark, skulk, to be unknown, not to be 

F. d^\Ulud^ contract, of TidjA 

^' f J al'ioadi\ 8. Farewell: see 

'• fSf^y\ iludagi,8.f. Contamination, 

stain, fonlness, poUatedness. 

P. KJJ I diada, part. pass, (of ijjJ I ) 

Defiled, stained, smeared, soiled: 
immersed, covered. 

T. \^yi tUushf 8. m. Same as jJilt 

u. L/ry ' ^"^^i 8. A tribe or family. 
A* immi^] tUuf, adj. plor. (of i^Ji) \ 

•• jyi alol, 1. (for ^] and ^*f^5 

Shaking, moving) s. f. Gambol f^ner- 
allj applied to a horse). 2. (dakh.) 
Jumping, playfulness, sauciness, im- 

f- J^ jyi (del kalol, (see J^l) s. f. 

Gambols, playsomeness. 
«. Ujll o-ZonJ, (3T not, ^^SfUf salt.) adj. 

Saltless, insipid. 
F. Jjyl alwand, n. prop. A mountain, 

called also 43Jj».I in the vicinity of 
A. IL^^Jklb^] ulnhiyat, s. f. Divinity 

A. di I ila, 8. m. Same as c:^ I 

A. Jdl iWfc, B. m. God. L^l O God ! 
A. ^1^1 ilhim, (inf. rv. of ^) s. m. 

Inspiration, revelation. * 
f. U'^II (Uhinay (^I'^fT^ Joy, gladness) 
V. D. To rejoice, to be obeerfol. 

H.J^I cUhaft adj. Toung, untaught 

(animal), unskilful. 

H. 11^ I \dahn4, 1. s. m. A complaint, 

accneation: see iJubSI. LbJ llJI To 
reproach, complain (to)| accuse. 2. f. 

(3"cH and "^ Grow) v. n. To grow, 

to vegetate. ^ • 

A- 15^^' t7j?u, adj. Divine, of God J inter j. 
My God! 

A. ei^yll ilahiyat, 8. f. The divinity, 
godhead. • 

A. ^JI xlg, prep. Up to, till. ^Jl ^J) 
tZa-^-in. Till this time. 

8 .^T Hi, (3TT% or 3TI^) s. f. A. 

female friend, a damsel, f ^|^q 

s. m. House, habitation, 
s. ^1 alt, (3Tfe) 1. s. m. A large black 

bee, fabled to be enamoured of the 

lotus. 2. s f. (for ^JT) A female 

A. li*.'^! ilyS'if n. prop. Elias (said to 

bo a grandson of Shem son of Noah). 
A. ^1 alint, adj. Painful, excruciating. 

H UjojJI ulendnd, v. a. To pour a 

A. duJI ilaihi, (an abbreviation, somo- 


times met with) for ^1 tW*-* Abovo- 
mentioned, aforesaid. * ^ ' 

s. J am, (^TRT) 8- m- Tho mango fruit. 
A. J ttwm, 8. f. Mother. ^;L}^Jt«%l 

Mother of the children, t. c, the devil's ^ 
wife, who frightens children in « their 
* sleep. A kind of Epilepsy which 

children get. U-^Ui3l ^\ Mother of 

the book, tgp., the lauh-i-mahfiigt or 
the Qur'an, , " 

A. 'w«i amm^j conj. But, moreover, ne« 
vertheless, boiveveT» yet. 

. 4 




a- Ut ammi, (3^^), 8. f. Mother. 

P. — .LoT imij, 8. m. A mound or heap 

of earth on which a mark is fixed to 
shoot arrows* at, a mark or butt for 
shooting arrows at, an instrument with 
which land if ploughed, a throne, 
the twenty-fourth part of a parasang. 

sUCd-Lo 1 Th»place where the mark 
is fixed for shooting arrows at. • 
A. CL>iUl imdrat (or amirat), s. f. Go- 
vernment, sovereignty, lordship^ office 
or dignity of J^^ 

A. 8.1*1 ammira, adj. Imperious, head- 
strong, obstinate. 
P. i^t* 1 dmiSf 8. m. Swelling. 

S. ^jAJ ammis, (BWRIW) 8- (dakh.) 

The night or two before the new moon, 
the last two days of the moon's age, 
i.e. The pitch dark nights of every 

A. j^tjLol amikin, s. pltir. (of ^J^) 

Mansions, habitations, places. 

A. «L«I imilOf (inf. iv. of (JJ^) s. Cans. 

ing to incline ; a change, in grammar, 
of faVha to kaar^ and yi to a^t/, as in 

'^jS of like meaning with 

• M 

A. ^L«i imim^ 8. m. 1. A leader in re- 
ligions affairs, a prelate, patriarch, 
priest, chief. 2. A large bead in a ro- 

^*^- 1?U ^Ul Place to which the 

i^JfO and standard (a^') are conveyed. 

•a. CI^v^Ui imimat, s. f. Office of aUI' 

A. iLK^^\ imfntiya, 1. adj. Relating to 
** « 

\he imim. 2. s. Name of the shVa sect, 
^ who make All the rightful imim im- 
mediately after Muhammad. 

A. ^L«l amin^ s. f. Safety, seonritj^ 

mercy, protection, 

£. ^Loi ammin^ b. f. Sge L«l ammi^ 
• MothA. 

A. ci^l^l aminatf s. f. 1. Deposit, 
• cbsrge, any thing given in trust. 

f)i> d«^t<«l Depositary, trustee, gaar- 
> • 

dian, faithful, honest. 
A. jJLol amimy s.'f. 1. Security. 2. 

Trust, charge, dfeposit. 3. adj. (applied 
to land) What is in charge of a collec- 
tor on the part of government (in 


opposition to ^t^' ^hat which is 

- U*^^' amiwoB (^FlI^qT or 3iqr- 

o||^| from 3TOT With, and r. TO 

Abide) s. f. The conjunction of the sun 
and moon, the change of the moon, the 
new moon. « 

8. jX^\ ambar, (^j^ r.' to surround.) 

8. m. 1. The sky. 2. Clothes, appv^li 
a. l»-^jLo! amharchii 8. m. (dakh.) An 

ornamental drawing of an oblong, oval, 
ovate shape, seldom exceeding two or 
three irches in size, indented and 
scolloped like a gothic arch on each 
side, and having the gfround inside 
filled with an embroidery of orna- 
mental figures. A favourite mode of 
decoration among the Hindus, being 
not only adopted by various artisans 
on their productions ; but, transferred, 
in pattern, to ornaments of gold and 
silver plate for different purposes. 

a. ,^CjJ^\ amimr, i^V^l or 3^^ 

Water, and ^f^ Doer), s. m. (dakh.) 
A sailor. 

A. ci^v«l ummat, 8. f. People, sect, a 
people of the same religion, the 
followers of any prophet. 

A. ^Irsiul imtihin, (inf. viii. of ^js* ) 

8. m. Proof, trial, examination, experi- 
ment, temptation. 


A. 4>1jjL«] imtidid, (inf. viii. of S^^ 

I. s. m. Protraction, prolongation, ex- 
tension, 2. aflj. Protracted. 

A. lUl imtili, (inf. viii. of ho He fiUed) 
s. m. Repletion ; indigestion. 





A. cUjLel imtini, (inf. viii. of 9-ji-«) 

B. m. Proliibition, restraint. 
A* |cA^) umma^i, My ummat, or the 

same as ummat. « 
A.^buL«1 imeiyds, (inf. vni. of JJL«) 8.m. 

Discymination, discretion, distinction, 

A. Jll«l arriMil, s. plur. (of (JjU) Equals, 



) adj. superl. 

A. 4te^' am/flwi, (from 
Most glorious. 

f- ij^' amcWr, (3^|^x|U|) s. m. Par- 
ings of the mango dried in the snn. 

'• S^\ amcidy s. f. Arrival, income, 


A. :>lj^| imdid, (inf. iv. of J^) s. f. 
Assisting, aiding, sncoour, help. 

'• Ju« I S^ I amcuJ Jmad, s. f . Is come, 
is come (an exclamation on the arrival 
of some one) ; approach, arrival. 

F. C::^! 9 S^ amad o raft, ) « ^- ^o™* 
^ "* ^ \ ing and 

P- Jw^ • iX^ I amad o shud, ) going, 

ingress and egress, intercourse. 
P- jJiX^I imdanly (or imodant, from 

^«X«1 To come) s. f. 1. Coming, 
arrival. 2. Import, income, revenue. 

i* UjLcI umadndf (perhaps, from s. 

^'•'♦ITl) V. nT To overflow, abound, 

fall (as tears), gush, swell, increase or 
be poured out (as a river, clouds, an 
army, the heart, Ac). 

A. ^1 amr, s. m. 1. An order, a com- 
mand. 2. The imperative mood (in 
grammar). 3. An affair. tmmJ^jm^ j^i 
Commands of God or of the prophet. 

A. ^\ amir, part. act. (from ^i^ One 
wlio orders, a commander, a ruler. 

■"L ^S^gT? ^^^ ^ What 

hg, aoew iL^ Die)T'adj.^Imi^rtal , 
K^l '"••• \^th^ everlasting. 2. A 


A. L«l umari, s. plur. (of J^\) Nobles, 

grandees ; a noble (generally). 
A. fy^irno) amruM, s. plur. (of (j^j^) 

Sicknesses, diseases, cjjstempers. 
8. ^^L«laniar»M;a*i,(^WCRmt) B. f. 

The celestial city of Indra. 
- L-^^r*' awr«*f, (^WP^ Mango tree, and 

^|vjjr Line or row) s. f. A garden or 
grove of mango trees. 

8. CL^-*I amriU ^^^ {^ and r ^ 

Die) s. m. The food of the gods, am* 
brosia, nectar, the water of life, what 
is immortal or renders immortal, any 
thing s^eet or delicious, water, wine, 
a guava. 

». iJr^f amriti, or vulg. imrati (from 

Cl^.^1) adj. Nectareous. s f . A kind 

of sweetmeat. 
A. i>j^1 amrad^ adj. Beardless ; hand- 
some (a youth). *^*_* ^^..i i>^| A 

P- jj^ I Jmiir«, part. act. in compos, 
(^j JjJ •* I ) Pardoning, forgiving. 

P. lAjr*' imtirzish, s. f. Pardon, 

grace, forgiveness of sins (by the 

P. j^f*^ imurz-gir, s. m. He who 

pardons ; pardoner (an epithet of God). 

8. ^^r«T (Im.roa,!^^?!^ Mapgo, and TO 

Taste, juice) s. m. Inspissated juice 
of the mango. 

* <ZJ»f^\ amrut, (^TOl) 8. m. A gnuva. 
P. 4^5 r«' amrud, s. m. A guava. 
V jjj^l tmroa, (^^1 This, and J^ Day) 

adv. To-day. ^'^^ j^r^ To-day Or 
to-morrow ,'».€., soon ; procrar,tiimtio^. 
A. ^ • ^1 amr o nahi^ s. in. Com- 
mands and prohibiUotvw, o\«\ex^ v^^^ 

* <i 




coonter-o'Mers, commanding and 

A. «^Lm^I imtrl^, (inf. IV. of ^_>"rir 
He held, drew) s. m. Holding, reten- 
tion ; parsitiiouy, abstinence, a medicine 
taken to prolong pleasure, Bcarcitj, 
want, Bavingness. 

P. JLj^I im*90l, (for ^\ ThiB, and 
JL* Year) a^v. This year. 

>! imahckb, (-j>l This,* and 
Night) adv. To-night. 

A. .Ua^l afMir, b. plur. (of t-^a^) Cities. 

A. Ijt^l om'J, 8. plur. (of U^ or ^<*-«) 
iDtestiues, guts. 

H. Kj^J IC«I amhi dhamkiy a. m. 1. Tri- 
fles, idle talk, prate. 2. A person of 
little estimation. * 

A. ^^] imkany (inf. iv. of ^J^) s. m. 
Possibility; contingent existence (in 
opposition to S-^^J Neoesslty, or 
necessary existence). 

A. fj^] amah 8. m. Hope. 

H- (Jw«l amal, s. m. Intoxication. jj»^l 
jjlj Intoxicating liquor, as wine, palm 

wine or hang. 

A 3U! iwZd (inf. IV. of JU) 8. m. Filling 
up. completing ; orthography, writing 

5 3UT i-mU (^TPR^ScR) b. m. The em- 

blio myrobalan. 

A Vi.^}L«1 amldkf a. f. plur. (of v*,MiT 

q. V.) Possessions, properties (generally 
applied td laud). % imlik (inf. iv. of 

(^JJ^) 8. m. Causing to possess : (in 

India) a freehold property which hns 
f everted to the zamlndir for want of 
an owner. 

H. ^m^UULo) amaltis, s. m. Cassia fistula. 

B. JcL« I dmala or imila, s. m. See ]L«T 
5 ^-UI imn, (3P^^) B. m, A tama- 


A « 


A^1 umam, b. plur. (of 
s^c^s, natioDS, rcJIffions, 

1) People, 

A. ^^] amn, a. m. Security, safety. 

^L«l • ^^1 B. m. Quarter, crying out 

for quarter, tj**^ i^l Safety and 
comfort. ^ 

f* ^^ I imin, B. (dakh.) A tall pyraxii* 

dal sharp-pointed kind of mai^o tree 
like a cypress. 

A. lJL«l imon-n^. We (or I) believe* 

Uif Ju0 ^ UU I We (or I) believe and 
acknowledge to be true. 

H. \x^ I dmnJ, 8* m. (dakh.) A mild 

reproof, gentle rebuke, friendly ex- 

«. UjJUI uman4ni, (3" np, JpT to 
move swiftly) v. n. (See |j JU)l) JuLoI 
Ija • ji JuL«l To weep bursting again 

and again into tears. 

u. i^JX^\ wnang, b. f. ExoesBive joy, 
transport, exultation, ambition. 

H. UijL«] umangnd, v. n. To advance 
with joy. 

»' |J^ I dmin-ni, s. f . 1 See ^^ I 2. A 

piece of green or blue glass cut into 

the shape of the ^^ I tree and worn 

as an ornament in the ear, especially 
of girls. 

A. vj:^aJuL«I amnlyatf b. f. Security, 

safety. * 

»• jJl«Imi |JU I imne simne, ( lJL« I 

IjULm ) adv. Opposite, face to face, over 

A. CL>I^I amieit, s. plur. (of v:i J^ it) 

The dead. 
A. 19- V^^ amiwijf 8. plur. (of «f ¥«) 

Waves, billows. 

A. J1%^1 amwdlf 8. plur. (of JL«) 
Biches, wealth, goods, property a 

taught.' Uftji 4i>. „j L He fille,"* 

again a study or rtndigestion. 



..J I 

^' jy^ ^'^ur, a. m. plur. (of ^1) Affairs, 

bnsineM, matters, actions, oommands. 

^- Vii^K^I wniritp B. plur. of plur. 

See t^l . 

JP« j^l Jfnos, part. act. (of i*p^y^) 
in cofhpos. Teaching, learning. 

§• ^^y\ a-mol (3T and T^^ Price) adj. 

Invaluable, priceless. 
A. j«^' fimmi, adj. Not knowing how 

to read or write ; illiterate. 

^' JLXflCtol irn^^ta (part. pass, of 

^IsCV^I^ adj. Mixed. 

P' 43JL«1 «med or umm«el, or wmtd or 

umatd, or uminaid, s. f. Hope, expect- 
ation, trust, dependence; (in Hind.) 

pregnancy. Uw ^^am 43kX«1 Pregnant. 
P. )4JJL«I ^^'^wwd-wlr, adj. Hopefol. s. 

An expectant, a dependent, a candi- 

P. ^f;'9«3JL«i ummed-irin, s. f. Expect- 
ation, hope, hopefnlness, dependence. 
A. .X*) atiMT, s. m. A commander ; a 

nobleman, a lord. i.«l1 jJ^ Lord of 
lords (a title giv'en bj eastern princes 
to their prime ministers). ysr'fJL«1 

Admiral, ^^ji^j^r^^ Commander 
•f the faithful (a title of the Khalifs). 
A. P. lj]jM amHna, adj. Princely, 

-' P. ld\jjX^\ amir-Mida, Nobly-bom. 

■"om r «• I 

^4Cj-J*«i amirif s. f. Sovereignty, 

t from de. i 

^ip, dignity of -C«) amir. 

7 imstt part, (of ^jic^T) in 

yMixed. 8. m. Mixture. 

••• ^^y^ imesUh, n, f. Mixture, mix- 
ing, aooiablenesfl, intercourse. 

A ^^ibe I §mtn or amln, adv. Amen, so 


^' {ji^^ "'»*'*' *^J- Faithful, s. m. A 

commissioner, trustee, guardian, in- 
spector ; a law officer so called. 

A. P. Ju-«l oww»»i 8. '. The office of an 

^jXioi omtn; trust, ^ guardianship, 
security, adj. Securtf: 

A. ^1 Jn, s. f. Tim^^ hour, minute. 

mcftnent, instant. ^^^ ^ I ^ ^\ 

in kt an men^ In one moment. j* 

Mir Hasan says : — 

In short, she flew away with her, in a 
twinkling of an eye, to the fairy-land. * 

B. ^i an, (3T»^) A prefix of negation, 

privation or diminution, used properly 
before words beginning with a vowel 

only ; I or 37 being adopted before 

consonants : in Hindi, however, ^ 
frequently occurs with consonants. 80 

CI^Jul an-ani, l^,jJl an-dekhi. 

H. ^ I Jn, s. f. 1. Bashfulness, modesty. 

2. Character, good name, reputation, 
dignity, honoar, proper spirit. 3. An 

H. UiL« ^ I in manndf v. s. Vanquish- 
ed ; to acknowledge one's superiority. 

Nazir says : — 

The very paddy field has acknowledged "* 

the superiority of your green oodice 
J you wore. 

p. ^1 an, s. f. 1. A graceful attitude, an 

affected gf'Jt; affectation, pride. 2. 
Property, estate. ^ ■* 

mm mm •» t 

P. ^1 an, pron. dem. That. ^;'j' From 
that, since. 




« «. 

H. ^1 in, (a pron. plur. in the obliqae 
case, and in dakh. sometimes in the 
nominative). These, them j this ^y *^1 

H. ^1 un, (a oron. plur. in the obh'qne 
case). Those^hey ; he, she, it. 

s. ^1 anu, (^1^ prep. After (in time, 

place, rank and degree) ; acoordiyg to, 
in imitation of. It is the reverse of 

(3Tf5T °^^*) 
s. ^1 an or onn, (3^ ^rom 3^^ to eat) 

s. m. Food, victuals, grain. ]^ |^ ^1 
(the worm of food : met.) Man. 
a. UT «nj, 1. (3^r and 3^^ A going) 

V. n. To comoi coming, ujj ^ I To 

happen ; to arrive at, 2. s. m. The 
sixteenth part of a rupee. 

T. Ul anni^ s. f. Nurse, a wet-nurse. 

^' U)^^J " ^ *'**'^ ilaihi rajVuna* 

Truly we are returning to Him (i.e., 
to God) 

A. C^»AJI inJbaf, (inf. iv. of UJy) s. f. 
Conversion to God, repentance. 

5- ^Ul anaj, (3RT Food, and of Pro- 
duoed) s. m. Grain. 

«. . jUI an'ddar^ {^^\<^'i) b. m. Disres- 
pect, affront. 

P. .u I anir, s.m. A pomegranate ; a kind 
^ of iire-werks. 
H. ,c?l!t «^f'» 1- *^i- Unskilful, clumsy, 

^wkward. 2. s. A simpleton. 
2. ^^Ul unJs*, (^3?n5frfcT), adj. 

A. UliU I anan-/a-anan, adj. Every mi- 
nute, constantly, incessantly. 

i ^JI^jI arMini, (3pTR?T»I ^'om 
^ and r. 3?!^^ Listen to) a. f . 

Turning a deaf ear, overlooking, wink- 
ing at, purposely neglecting. 

A ^u1 ananif s. m. Mankind. 

A- cJ^^' dnSmily s. plur. (of ^UkCO 
Fingers, tips of*^the fingers. 

A. Cl»'^A>ul animyat or anamyat, t.f. 

Egotism, boasting, self* conceits 

s. Vi^^ 1 Jm6, (^TRT) s. m. Mango. 

P- tUil am&ir, s. m. A heap, a pile, a 

granary, a barn. 

a. IjUil amhdri, s. m. (dakh.) Hibiscus 

cannabinus, or Hibiscus sabdariiflb. 
A very useful plant, the leaves of 
which are a good culinary vegetable 
(called sour greens or ozeille greens^ 
and the stalks yield an excellent mate- 
rial for coarse threeid, ropes, &c. 

P- jUjI otnMfl, 8. A partner, an associ- 
P. i^jUil amhizt, s. f. Partnership. 

P. ^UJI amhdn, s. 1. A very soft sort of 

hide or leather, cordovan, kid-skin. 2. 
A sack, wallet, bag, purse. 

P.H. ^\j ^ \ in bin, 8. f. Spirit, proper 

B. jjl amhar^ (3^^) s.m. See jKt] 

a. fc]j^\ amharaly (^TRT Mango, and 

^T^ Bow) s. f. A mango-orchard or 
P> J[»- jJt amhar-cha, (for J(>- jlIc) g qj 

(dakh.) An ornament filled with am- 
ber for the neck : See l^- JL«l 

A. tlAAiJiii imhieity (inf. vii. of Ioamj) 
8. f. Gladness, joy, cheerfulness. 

"^ Jj^t anUl, s. (dakh.) A sort of 
pottage or gruel made chiefly of the 
meal of ragi, boiled up with a little 
pounded rice. 

a. ^J|^t amhotl, {W^^^) b. f. 

(dakh.) Oz<^lis comioulata, procum- 
bent oxalis or yellow wood sorrel. 

^'jyi^ flw^wr, 8. (dakh.) Tweezers, 
pincers, tonga 




F. Hyfj] amhoh, 8. m. A crowd, multi- 
tude, mob, great quantity. 

'• §• SJj] amha, % m. A mango. See 

A. feuJ' <w»6»ytf, 8. plur. (of ^A^) Pro- 
«. Ubljuol on-biyl^, adj. m. Unmarried. 

§• ubfcVJj ^1 an-btfdhj, (^i priv. and 

Ujuj Bored.) (3ff^) adj. Unbored, 

•. ^Jj ^1 anupin, ^Wq'H (^W and 

tJI«T Drink) 8. m. Any thing in 

which a medicine is mixed to faci- 
litate the taking of it, or which is 
swallowed after the medicine ; a 
fluid vehicle (in medicine). 

f. ^U ^1 aim, (or an) pint \^^ 

Food, and m^<^ Water) 8. m. 
Victuals and drink. 

§• w^ ^ ' in^parnif 1. v. n. To arrive, 
to reach I to come to hand. 2. v. a. 
To acquire, to get. 

£. |jb^ ^1 an'paf'ha, adj. Unread, illi- 
terate, uninformed. 

f. ci^T int, (^) B. f. Entrails, 

gut, intestine, tripe. 

■. e:^! ant, (for ^) 1- «• m. End, 
completion. S. Perdition, destruction. 

3. Mind, heart. Ui3 UI^l (dakh.) 
The end (of any thing) to be com- 

f. ^^^liil untSlia, (35^3Tf^5R^) 
adj. Thirty-nine. 

1. e-;li^' Mieifc$Jb,(inf. Till. of^.^ar) 

8. m. Selection, drawing or plucking 
out ; making extracts from bcoks. 

8. JO I antar, (^I^tR) b. m. 1. Interral. 

intermediate space, intermission. 2. 
Beart. 8. Difference. > 

f. Ijiil antarit (^FxR) b. m.* A Terse, 

any Terse of a long except the first. 

s. JJJ JL>I antarhedf n. prop.* Name of 

the country between the Oan(;& and 
Jamuna rivers, called in Persian 

s. iio Jul antar-pap, (^l^xT'C Between, 
and ^Z Cloth) s. ta. A curtain, 

screen. j 

«. ^^^\j^ Jul an far-y^mt, adj. Acquaint* 

ed with the heart. (An epithet of 
the Deity). 

a. ^cjjul antrij (^^) B. f. Entrails, 
intestine, bowels, gut. '-il^'^jVj^' 

fm ^P ^9 

To be very hungry. adJlyb Ji (J^/^' 

Ulb^ To be very hungry, {lit. The 

belly repeating, there is but one God.) 

A. .ImJuI inixshAT, (inf. viii. oi JUi) 

8. m. Spreading abroad, divulging, 
scattering, dispersion, confusion, pro- 
pagation, explanation. 

A. .UaxJl intigir, (inf. of viii. of isi 

Beheld, observed) s. m. Expectation, 
looking out for. 

A. J^] intij^m, (inf. Tin. of jjiai) 

s. m. Arrangement, order, regularity, 
management, administration. 

A. eliiJ! intifi, (inf. Till, of ^M) s. m. 

Profit, advantage. 

A. J'wftiil intiqdl, (inf. VIll. of Ja!) 

8. m. Migration, transporting, transfer, 
passing from one to another, trans* 
lation, removal, travelling ; departure, 

A. AaH] intiqim, (inf. viii. of >AJ He 

took revenge) s. m. Revenge, retalia- 
tion. ^ 

A. L^'l iniihi, (inf. Tin. of ^-^*) 1. s. f. ' 

Termination, end, summit. 2. adj. 
Finished, prohibited. 

B. ^^^^*^1 un/M (g^f^^)adj.Twenty 
nine. ^ -» , 

8. Lf-^T ini or anai, (^TIH^ Bound) 
B. f . LA knot. 2. BtiTy. 




§. LJl anti, (3t^ An egg) b. m. A ball, 

a marble. .^LiJl A billiard room. 

A shell or kowri. 
a. H. cL^Llil ^anii-ehit, (IaJI A ball, 

and C^'v>^ ^ying on the back) adj. 

Unlncky, whose fortane is exhausted. 
(A term of abnse). 

«. L^^Li lS-JT ilni'8int, s. f. Pai^ner* 
ship; intrigae. 

a. Ulil an/nl, (3fl^T5 Bonnd) v. n. To 

be contained, to be tightened, to be 
filled np (a well, tank, &c.). 


$• Llui 1 intni, (trans, of UuJi q. y.) v. a. 

To fill (a well, tank, &c.}, to come or 
go into, to reach. 

H. UlfAJl anthl4ni, 1. v. a. To twist, to 

writhe. 2. v. n. To swagger, stmt, 
give one's self airs, walk affected Ij. 

See UlJl itrdnd, and \il^\ UMSm. 

«. ^Jjl dnp, (see (JUiT) s. f. A 

handful, a skein of thread, (dakh.) 
1. A necklace made of coloured threads 
and worn in the muharram : see H. 

^-Lw 2. Twist: see ^Jjj 

Vi;:^:^^ ' '^Wiayo^n, (or unsiyain) s. m. 

dual. The two testicles. 
P. [ssr\ an-ji, That place, there, 
p. As^] anjMm, s. m. End, tormina- 

r • 

5- ^Ifipl anjdn, adj. Unwitting, nnin. 
tentional, not knowing, ignorant,^',^* I 
Uyb anjin honi, To feign ignorance. 

P. v^Wl in-ji-i, adj. (dakh.) Of this 

place or country. 
^- v. |^ ^ fy i aiyab, adj. oompar. or super!. 

of Lmm^'Kjkaf (dakh. mst.) mean, rulgaf. 

«. (J^l onn-/oZ (3lV|vJl<j>) g. m. 
^ and drink. * 

fr XflKTl flwyT*, (3?3rf^) 8. m. The 
cavity formed by putting the hands 

together ^nd holding the palms as if 
to receive water ; as much as can be 
held in ooth hands so diRposed. 

A. j^ser] anjum, s. j^lurr(of ^i^) Stars. 

A. jUaf I xnjimU, (inf. vii. of S4^) 

8. Congelation, condensation, ciod- 

**• f^j^^se:) anjumanr s. f. An assembly, 

a meeting, a company, banquet. 
8. j^jflf*) anjan, (3<\Jl«i) b. m. A oolly- 

num or application to the eyelashes 
to darken and improve them ; anti- 

B. t<^^' anjanh s. f. (dakh.) A small 
boil on the eyelid ; a sty. ^ 

s. P. j-JflCl anjir, (3f^7^) s. m. A fig. 

o. Jjapt injll, s. m. The New Testa- 
ment, the Gospel. 

H. ^1 inch, s. f. Heat, flame of a fire 

(not of a candle), blaze. 

a. 1^*1 anehd, (perhaps, from r. 3}^ 

To go towards) s. (dakh.) A stage, 
station, relay of the post on the road : 
packets of letters, mail, dispatch. 

a. ^^I unchia, (vcJilH^Ria) ^dj. 

5' d^*^! an-ehitf (3^ prfv. and l^i. 

Understanding) adv. Unawares, sud- 
denly, unexpectedly: (dakh. perhaps) 
adj. Not knowing. ^ 

8, Jacrt anehal, i (3R[o5) s. m. 1. 

* {j<s^ I inchal^ j The end, border, 

fringe or hem of a cloth, veil, shawl, 


?\ anehhar, s. m. Letter; word; 
spell, charm. 

A. uJLac^I inhirSf, (inf. vii. of U^*»-) 

B. m. 1. Deflection, inversion, change, 
(met.) proving a turn-coat. 2. Recan- 
tation, deviation, apostasy. 3. Declina- 
tion (in astronomy). 

A. .Ufia^l inhiair, (inf. vii. of f^s^') 

B. m. The being surrounded or besieg- 
ed I limitation, blockade. 




P. iUL>-1jjl andilsiltaf part* pass, (of 
^^j^ljjl) Thrown. 

«. I.ljjl indiri, {^ A well) a. m. A 

large well of masonry. 
'• ■ijJI andi*, I. s. m. Measure, weigh- 
ing^ val nation, oonjectare, gness. 2. (in 
compos.) part. act. (of ^l»-ljjl) 

Thro«?ing, caster, shooter; as, jl jjl^^ 

(lightning-thrower) A matchlock-man. 

P. SJIjJi andixa, s. m. Measure, dimen- 
sion, weighing, manner, time in mnsio. 

P- A'tXii andjm, s. m. Bodj, stature, 

figure, ^y'-^ /♦IjJl The private parts. 

P. .Jjl aftdar^ (^IcT^) pr^P- Within, 

in the inside, inward. ILtjJl (met) 
The heart. 

8. ijJl indra, (or, vulg. indar, ^ r. 

^ Have supreme power) s. m. Indra 

The regent of the visible heavens and 
of the inferior divinities. 

B. I^jjl indirS, (Cf^) s. f. See ^^AfJ 

A. ^liJkJl indirij, (inf. vii. of — .J) 

s. m. Being folded together, the 
being inserted ; insertion. 

■• cT*];*^' indr^jMfi^, (f^ and 3irePT 

Seat) s. m. The seat or throne of 

2- ji^J^^ indriyan (^^P^) s. f. 

Colocynth, wild gourd (Cucnmis 
oolocjnthis, a fruit of beautiful ap- 
pearance but bitter taste) ; hence, a 
beautiful but worthless person is called 

J^i ^ i^l;*^' ^**® ^'■"^^ ®' indri- 

i- ^iJj) indarjau, it^^J^) S- m. 

Name of a medicinal seed, that of the 
Neriam antidysenterioum. 

P. ^ jjl ofMiars, ■. m. Last Vill, last 

advice, precepts, admonition. 

§• UmiJoI andarsi, s. m. See UMti)) 

A kind of fried sweetmeat (rice flour 
formed into balls, then fried in ghi and 
covered with clarified sugar). 

P* yj^j*^^ aadanin, adv.^r adj. Within; 

interior, inside. * 

2- j^jJkil indri, (^1^^) s. f. An organ 

of sense, the orgadb of action and per- 
ce^ion (the Hin4ii8 reckoning those 
of action to be the hand, the foot, the « 
voice, the organ of generation, and the • 
organ of excretion, and those of per- 
ception to be the mind, the eye, the 
ear, the nose, the tongue, and the 
skin) ; the privities, membrulh virile, 

veretram animalium. U->A^ i«^J^' 
A diuretic medicine. 

A. clijJl 'indifi\ (inf. vii. of ^i)) 

8. m. The being repelled or prohibi- 
ted, repulsion. 

P- C^jJl andail;, adj. Little, small, few. 
^jjl A little. 

A. JLejJl iudiwil, (inf. vii. of Jw**)) 

8. in. The being healed (of a wound), 
healing, cicatrisation. 

i ^JJT indu, (^IT^ from ^Tf^^ 

to tie. r.) s. m. The chain or rope 
with which the feet of elephants are 

P. ^uL>>«jJl andol^ta, part. pass, (of 
i^A>-ft jjl) Acquired, having gained, 

P. JajJl andud, part. pass, (in compos. 

for JJi)«jJl from ^^J^jJl)'Incru8ted, ^ > 

plastered over, washed over (as a wall, 

P. ; • JJ 1 andoz, part. act. (f rom^^i^^ JJ ») 

used in compos. Gaining. • 

P. 8«jJl andoh, s. m. Grief, an:/iety, 
'trouble. ^^,J^ »^Jol adj. Full of 

grief, sorrowful, 
a. U JJl andhd, {^) adj. Blind, dark. 

A blind man. jJllbj'jb^l Blind, 
blindly; immoderately, cxccaaivelv. 





]^JbJj) 'a well filled up with rubbish 

or overgrown with bushes or weeds, a 
dry well. 

5. vjnl^jJl andhiri, s. f. 1. A blind of 

cloth or leather, pnt over a horse's 
eyes to prevent his doing mischief. 
2. Gloadines^y duskiness. 

B. ^JJI indhnn, {^pj r. ^ Kindle) 

B. m. Firewood,*fael. 
H. ^JbS) I dndhi, b. f. Storm, tempest, 


a ]jMSi\ andhyiri, (3TH|^^) 1. adj. 
Dark* 2. s. m. Darkness. 

». .J^iXil andher, {^'Sf^^) s. m. Mis- 
fortune, injustice, tyranny. 

«. I^Jol andheri, (see T^UibjJl) 1. 
adj. Dark, blind. 2. s. m. Darkness. 

s^f^T ^.^T^*^ ^' '• ^ ^""^ room ; 
the belly, the womb. 
«. ,^-JJbJJl andheri, 1. adj. f. (of 

LjJbjJl) 2. B. f. Darkness. 8. A 

blind for a horse : see ,cilit jJl 
P. i^m1> Jji andesh, part. act. in compos 

(from <2;<^'^.«^l) Thinking, con- 
P. lJIUoJoI andeshnik, (for dU^Jot 

lSj) adj. Thoughtful, sad. 

P. JC^mJJOi andesha, b. m. Thought, sus- 
picion, care, anxiety, dread, fear. 
S' l^Jol an-dekhS, adj. Unseen, in- 
V visible.* 

S- JJ I and or dhr, (^T^) s. m. A testicle. 
^ IjJl andi, (^T^) s. m. An egg. 

head. 2»(dakh.). A circular support, 
coil or, ring, of rope, straw, wood, 
metal, Ac, on which vessels having 
round bottoms, without feet, may be 
placed on the heftd or on the ground. 

H. U)j.xJ| undelni, v. a. To poor. 

A. jyi iftMl (inf. IV. of J^') gTm. 

Causing to descend ; emission* emissio 

A. p. Lil 

^Xl^ ****'"'^'^' "* ™- Sarcooolla 

(Gum resin, said to be from the Pen»a 
sarcocolla, a tree growing in Arabia, 
Ethiopia, Ac). 

A. 1^1 inziwd, (inf. VII. of ^^^j) b. Re- 
A. ,^y*j) ins, s. m. Men, mankind. * 

A. ,^y*jl uns, s. m. Society, fellowship, 

friendship, love, affection. 
A. C-^'w*aJI anadb, s. plur. (of L.^%mJ) 

Genealogies, lineages, races. 
A. ^J\MtJ) insdn, s. m. Man, a human 

being (man or woman), mankind. 

'^*mJ1 insiniyat, s. f. Human- 

A. LJl 

5- ^jJl dndu (from jjl ^t^) adj. 

1. Having large testicles. A bull (q^t 
castrated) kept to serve domestic 
cows. 2. (mcf) A lazy fellow. 

H. LjJl indniy s. m. See IjbJubl 

H. CgfJ*X)l indai or iyiifwi, s. f. 1. A 
round ornament for the top of the 

ity, affability, politeness, civility. 
A. C^^moI ansah, adj. compar. (of 
^-^vmLLo) Most saitable, convenient. 

A. ei^^l anasat, s. f. Familiarity, 

a. ^LJ! un-8ath, (3»5T^) adj. Fifty- 

«. ^a.'**" ^jl an-8amjhi, (^1 priv. and 

\^'*^ Understood) adj. Not under- 
stood, not knowing. 

2- ***jJ I ihsu, (3^^) 8. m. A tear. 


Mi j^ yMj I To have the eyes filled 
with tears (though not crying out). 

A- ^^ • ij0^\in8ojannfB.jn. ) 
A. ^^^ ^ ij0mii ins wa jinn fS. ni» j 



A. L^l inshi^ (inf. I v. of LiJ) s. f. Pro- 
ducing, creating ; (common accepta- 
tion) writing, composition, elegance 

of fitvlo, the belles Icttres. ^^lltJy'wiJl 




8. f. Writing, letter-writing, eleg^ant 
oomposition (especially, in letter-writ- 

A. jdlUlt ^1 Ush^ allih, or ^^^1 

J^UJ^I in$hi alldhu tallq, God 
If illing, if God pleases, please God. 
^ fUoil an»ir, s. plor. (of ypU) Assis- 
tants (especiallj, of Muhammad; the 
Arabs who attended the prophet on 
his departure from Mecca to Medina). 

A. uJL^I intif (inf. it. of L,o*ni) s. m. 
Decision (of a cause or question) ; 
equity, jnstiue. 

A* A^ ff«A>1 inairim, (inf. vii. of ^yp He 

^ cut) 8. m. The being cnt or broken 
off ; finishing, accomplishing. 

A. AW I anim, s. m. Qoadrupeds, cattle, 

A. Ajq] in' dm, (inf. ly. of Cl^>vu) s. m. 

Benefaction ; a present, a gift. (Plor. 

CL>l«Uil) m\S] Jjo) An honourable 

t . 

gift. % an>'im, s. plor. (of ^fO) 

Gifts, favours. 

A. ^^Kiiil in'ihds, (inf. Tii. of ^j*^) 

8. m. The being inverted ; inversion, 
reflection, representation of appear- 
ances in a mirror. 

A. .UJl anfir, s. plur. (of .AJ) Persons, 
soldiers, servants. 

A. ^^Uil an/it, s. plur. (of ir*^) 

A. i^*.Ajl aVu«, 8. plur. (of i/«^) 
Spirits, souls. J^liT • i#«Ail Things, 
animate and inanimate ; the world. 

A. JUaiJ) inJUil, (inf. vii. of Juds) 

s. m. Separation, division : settling, 
decision (of a cause). 

A. JUaJ) infi'il, (inf. vii. of Jlni) s. m. 

Shame, modesty, the being abashed ; 

A. ^Uijl inq%l4§t (inf. yili. of ^^/a^i) 

8. m. The being contracted; consti- 

A. JwmAiI inqisim, (inf. Tii. of |S^) 

8 ' 

s. m. The being divided i division, 
partition, distribution. 

A. oUaAJt inqitS^f (inf. TIL of Ooi) s. m- 

The being cut or broken off; amputa- 
tion, separation, failure. 

A. L^IaJI inqildh, (inf. vii. of ^w^') 

8. m. Revolution, vicissitude, altera- 
tion, change. ^ 

A. i>UAJ) inqiyid, (inf.^ii. of Jy) s. m. 
Obedience, submission, fidelity. 

g. cJoT ink, (^t^ a mark) s. m. Mark 

spot, fig^ure, number; mark on cloth 
to shew the price. 

A. Xj] inkdr, (inf. iv. of SS) s. m. 

Denial, refusal, negation, dislike. 

S* X)l anchor, (same as .51) Having 

come. ' 
f. u^J^T inkfi or ankfiy (see ^^»Sj\) 

8. f. The barb of an arrow, a hook, 
tenter, catch ; a circle. 

a. iM»G I JnJkiM or ankaSy or ankutf 

(^PFRl) 8. m. The iron hook or 

crooked goad with which the head of 
the elephant is clawed to drive him on. 

A. .Lgjjl inkier, (inf. tii. of jmi) s. m. 

The being broken ; humility. 
A. -ciLiilil tnkisjn, s. f. Humility. 

a. ^^I anUi, {^^) b. f. A 

hook, a tenter. 
A. uJ'JiXil inJkwHJ/, (inf. tii. of u-i^) 

s. Laying open, disclosure. 

a. liGT Jnknl, (trans, of U^l) t. a. T. 

value, to examine, to approve of. 
a. Ifylil on]korJ,8. m. (dakh. see^^^***d) 

A hook, tenter, crook, drag, grappling- 


„ U/ <^yir\ ^T or UT ^T' To 

have an inflammation in the eyes, to 
have an attack of ophthalmia, to be 

blear-eyed. Jl?-^' j%i (-^'.j' -^' 
Prov. To be out of sight is to ^"over 

the hillB and far away. 




'Mir Taqi says : — 

UlflC -^T J^o steal awaj privately and 
onseeD, to av^d the sight (of any one.) 

U) JJ^ I To^withdraw oue'd favour or 

affection from any one. UU! J jJb*,.^ I 

1. To tarn from another j to treat one 
with neglect. 2. To die. ..^ I 
li^4>_^^ To look till one's cnri- 
osity is fully satisfied, u J ^ ^^ I 
To have eyes full of tears, to be ready 

to cry. U 1^^ ^ I (from ^|Aj A 
stone) To become dim (the eyes) from 
long expectation. Uj4j.^l (met) 

To be satiated, to have enough. ^^ I 

Udj^ To feel a pulsation in the eye. 

(Considered, if in the right eye of a 
man or the left of a woman, as an 
omen of some desirable event, whilst 
the contrary affection is regarded as 
nnlncky : it is, also, considered as an 
indication of the arrival of a friend). 

li-A^ .^1 To shew aversion after 

friendship. iJuJ J^ ^Ci I To tnm 
away the eyes (as, from grief, dis- 
pleasure, Ac). \jJ u5^^^ -^1 
To.have consolation by meeting friends, 
to be glad. UGk|». ^ I . (To move 

the eyes quickly) To fear, ^^j^ -<^ t 

(To steal eyes) Not to attend to, to 
avert the eyes through shame, to avoid 

the sight of any one. lJ ji''^ ^^ 

^ U^ J To look with great attention 
and deep meditation, or with anger. 

U'l^J ^T or Ul/t) ^T (To 
shf^w one's eyes) To frighten, to 

deter, to browbeat. UUjjJ ^^\ 

The eyes to fill with tears. U^. ^^ I 

l.^To love, to entertain friendship. 

2. To have hopes. 3. To discern. 4. 
To look with an evil eye at a woman. 

U^ r J^ '^ ' '^^ ^ angry, .i^ I 
[jS ^^ (To fall from eyes) To be- 
come contemptible, to be disgraced or 
out of favour. 4JSjuUm ^^ i To con- 
template the beauty of any ^ne 
\jj^ ^[j ^ -4CJT to peiidh the 

water (splendour) of the eye, t. «. 
To become wanton and daring, to 

abandon modesty Ul^ .^ I To 
have the eye opened; (met.) to be 
adorned by means of paint or varnish 
or washing and scouring ; to become 
of ability in art or science, to become 
skilful or judicionb in the ioleiiices. 

lil^^^l To wink as a hint, to oonv 
municate a secret by signs, to make 
love mutually by the eyies. lilfl jfj 1 
To contract friendship or affection for 
any olie, to ftiU in love. U.Lo ^\ 

To wink, to tip the wink, to stop any 
one by a sign, to make amorous signs 

with the eyes. •Jjar* -<^^ ■• ^* 

Blindman's buff. (Persian cJL« 

^JJU ^1 (To mingle looks) To 

contract friendship. [iS tJ^^ ^^ ' 
To make the eye dirty ; (met.) to scowl 

or frown in anger. 4^ ' t^n!^ '^ ' 

U jL« To mix eye with eye (as a brave 
upright man that bends not the head 

before his opponent.) ^jjk^ \J^4^ ' 

always present in one's eyes, to be 
ever in one's mind. ^Jk^ ^; M^ ' 
Ulf»- ^<^ t<^ To be wilfully blind, to 
pretend from pride not to know one's 
old acquaintance. d^<^ {^ri^ aJJ^ ' 

U!)3 (To throw dust in one's ^yes) 
1, To commend or puff wares of an 
inferior quality. 2. To pilfer or snatch 
away any thing quickly and privately. 

\jj^ Cul. ^X« ^^ufj] To pass the 

night awake. U^ ^^JL* ^^^^ ' To 
esteem as dearly as the apple of tbe 




eye. ^rd ijr*/** U:M« c^^^ 
or ^yY> y*^^ To appear every- 
where yellow to the sight. To be jolly 

Niyaz 0ayi : — 

1. To be beloved or esteemed* 2. To 
persist in one's own erroneoas .opinions. 

U|^4> jjJ^'I 1. To study one's 

• temper or inclination. 2. -To behave 

respectf ally towards another iji^ ' 

\ij ^JLaj ^Jui To (Aange th? 

oolopr ol the face from ezoesp of 

«• SJ^I anJfcM, (^^rf^) B. ^- An 
^e or glanoe of the eye. 

f. 4^T i/V* (^) 8. m- The body, 
a limb, member. 

I. Ixi) anyi, (^tn Body) s. m. A 
ooat : see ^t^il 

f. llil angiri, s. m. (^t^H^) Live 

coal, embers, sparks remaining in 

ashes : |>a;ming matter. U>J jJ ^9;^ ' 

To be agitated 4or tormented (particn- 
larly from jealousy). 

'' il;:^^^' A^A^^t B. m. Honey. (Arab. 

J. (4^^! angarlchi, (^H^\ ». «., ^ 

and iSJI Protection) s. m. A ooat, 

doublet. A garment lik^ the uJ without 
open flaps ; breafU; sj]ud,armpit8.oo.vered. 

P- J Joi a^gre9f JSnglishmfin. 

'• j^Jy^S^] angreUy f^dj. Hoglish -, the 
English language. 

-' 1^1/^1 991^% P* ^ SltCAtddiog th^ 
limlMi, ^ yjkwning. 

P- Clp^til awr/us/i^ 8. f. A finger. 

^j u^ ur^'*^ *^^ cj^wif;) 

To bite the finger, or place it between 
the teeth to express surprise, s", -"-^«'' 

Cl^i>L^ The forefinger. 

P. ^UduuxJl an^u^M-ana, 8. m. 1. A ring 

(particularly the oni worn on the 
thupb), a thimblS. 2. (dakh.) A 
ring of gold or silver, formed like an 
archer's ring, worn especially on the 
thumb (in marriages of the Musal- 
mana given to the bridegroom). 

P' ^(C^■^du>X)l angii«^ton, s. f. A ring 

(particularly one worn on the finger, 
and not on the thamb). 

P. Is^ ^j, -fnrV*' anguihi-nwrni^ One who 
is pointed at, famous (in a good or bad 
sense, but in India ^ost frequently in 
a bad one), notorious. 

«. J^l anguly (Spl^) s. (dakh.) The 
thumb, great toe, an inch, a* finger, a 

digit. I«JLJ U l«j JjCil A whitlow, 

a. ^iXil v/ngll, s. f. (^^) A finger; 
a finger's breadth. 

H. v,i^^5jj^! Q,ngUt, 8. f. Physical frame 
full of flesh, fat. 

2- ^^S\ ingan, (3FPJ) s. m. A yard, 

a. Uiol angni, area, court, inclosed 
space adjoining to a house. 

«. Ufj! an-gina, (^mI^Ici) adj. Un- 
counted, numberless. ^UJLy^ Uxj) lit 

The unreokoned month. The eighth 
month of pregnancy. In this month 

the child seldom lives. tr»fi Ux>| 

lit. The unreckoned year. The eighth 
year of one's age.' In this year the 
child is geiie;^lly subject to ^vi). 
JTherefore the eighth month and eighth 
year is considered to be unlucky. 

^1 ^] \j^^ \jj^ ^j j^ M 

V^ Ui^ U^ji ^^ preserve^ my 

darling, because now he is in th* 
upreoioned ^ear. (WomV 




2. jJUlol angni%B. f. An inner oourfc, 

see ^^Jo I 
9- CI^JJol an'-ginat, (^^ priv. and 

^rf&Icf Counted) adj. Unoounted, 
oonntleu, inwiinerable. 

A finger, toe. bl^^jl^^l Atf atti- 
tude adopted by women, in blandish- 
ment, as a token of prohibition; to 
brave, to defy. 

«. ^-f/jl anguthi, {^^) e. f. A 

ring worn on the finger : or toe. 
8* If^-Jol angochhi, {W\) The body, 

and r. ^^ Bind) b. m. A cloth which 

Hindus fasten round the waist when 
bathing, and afterwards wipe them- 
selves with ; a towel, a handkerchief. 

^- iJoi angur, t. m. A grape. iJ^i 

JjbjJu Granulations in a healing sore. 
To keep getting sound or healthy, to 
* be convalescent. 

'• S^y^l anguna, s. m. Asafcetida. 

u. ^|$j| anghar^ adj. Unexperiencedf 


fi. Ufil angiyi, (^IT Body) s. m. 
Bodice, stays. 

H. ^i^jujol angeihi,B,f, Achafing^ish, 

p. JjJtil angeM, part. act. (of Jis:i^^) 

in compos. Exciting, rousing, causing, 
beg^etting : raised. 

fi. ^uJol angiyah, s. m. A sort of bodice 

* or stays (worn by the Kusalman 
women in India). 

f. UU^I OM'fnandnit {^V^^PU*} ▼. n. 

(dakh.) To be perplexed or doubtftal 
or agitated in mind, onwilling. 

fi. J*^l an-mol, adj. Invaluable. 

*B. lijij 'anni^ e. m. A nurse, a familiar 

term for a wet nurse. 
PORT'i t>^\ ai»aiin«f,t.]iu A pineapple. 

^ • 

B. 6ji I ^nandf (or a-naitd,) ^?H^ \^\ 

and r. •ll^ Bejoice^ B< m* f* Happi- 
ness, joy, pleasure. 

fi. J I Jnv, (^TPf ) 8. m. The glutinous 

whitish matter or mucus voided by 
people afBioted with a tenesmus; 
affection of the bowels. 

A. .1 Jl anwir, s. plur. (of ly) Lights, 


A. cLil armi , s. plur. of (^y) Sorts, 

kinds, varieties. 

fi. L-jyl on-lip, (^TrjcpT from 3?^ 

priv. and ?^T^T Resemblance) ad{. 
Incomparable, without compare. 

fi. ^Ijyl oniipjn, (^pTTPl) s. m. A 

fluid vehicle in medicine. See i>U ^1 

H. c^y I awwaif s. m. A ring furnished 

with little balls and worn on the great 
toe. (A sort of g^ld or silver ring, 
worn by women of most castes and 
conditions in India on the great toe 
of each foot). 

fi. Vy' cmuihi, (^^t priv. and If) I 

Risen) adj. Rare, wonderful, (Gene- 
rally applied to things or animals). 

A. .y) amoor, adj. compar. (from .y) 

More or very splendid, shining. 
A. P. ^CfJ I anioart, n^prop. Name of 

a celebrated Persian poet. 

fi. If^y I onokhi^ (see If^yl) adj. Rare, 

scarce, extraordinary, wonderful. 
(Generally applied to man). 

fi. JyT inwal, (^TTO) b. Afterbirth, 

secundines. ^-aT JyT (see Jyl) 
A dried myrobalan, or one fallen 
under the treea JU J|y I The navel 

string, Ac, of an infant.^ylf^ L5T 
f. JyT 1r*oM, (^lFfR53R) •. m. Name 
of fruit, a kind of myrobalaaB. 




sort of brimstone ; Purified sulphur. 
B. ib I ina^ A smalf Bengal ooin ; see 


f. i|ilun.fca<«ar,(3?T?I5rfcT) adj. Sixty- 
A. a1«3^I inhidim, (inf. fli. of a«3^) 

•. m. The being demolishedi abolition. 
■. ^Jl aifi, ^3?fST or ^^ 8. f. The 

point or edg^ of any thing sharp (of 
an arrow, spear, io.), tip, summit, 
nib, end. 

adj. Nineteen. 

A. iwipJJl anis or (jmJJ^ ij->^' 8.m.f. 
A companion* 

o- ^yMbjjl anMn, s. m. Anise seed. 

•• %' o, (^) The Tocative interjec- 
tion, O ! 

■. ^1 ava, (3pr) prep. From, down 
from, off, away. It is the reverse of 
(^r>) And is sometimes used to denote 
deprivation, disgrace, disjunction, Ac. 

». •! o, pron. He, she, it, that. 

H. )^T i»3, s. m. A potter's kiln, a 
furnace or receptacle for melting 
(glass), a kiln ^for bricks, Ac.). 

A.^1^1 avaitir, ■. plur. (of ^l) 

Ends, latter parts, 
p. ^X^ ivfiragi, t. f. Wandering, 

vagrancy, profligacy. 
P. %j]^l ivoira, adj. Vagabond, roving, 

wanderer, dissolute, astray. 
P. jl.T itoa«, s. f. (dakh. s. m.) Voice, 

sound, report, echo, a whisper. 
P. %i]m\ itMsA, 8. m. Bepqrt, fame, 

mmoor, talking loud* 
f. ^^jT iwigwnin,B,m. TrADimigra- 


A. JjuI awd'jl, s. m. f. plur. (of J?') 

CommenoementSi beg^ning, firsts, 
chiefs, ancients. 

A. I', ipf^^y auhieht s. m. A rake, a 
dissolute fellow, debauchee, libertine. 

P. JC^'w^ljal aubfs/iana, ad^ or adj. Like 
a rako, rakish, disdolute. 

P. |<^^^l auhlahi, % f. Bakishness, 

debauchery, dissipation. 

S* C^^^t au'hat, or ahai, (3^ and 

^TS Way, or for C^^^ adj. Im- 
passable, steep, inaccessible, devious. 
I- sJ^^J^ji au-b?iai, adj. See C^>^«i 
H. yj^^S^m \ i'ohhagatf or 4'obhayati, 

s. f. Civil reception or salutation, 
welcome, courteousuess. 

i. jj^] upar^ (OTk) adv. Above, on, 

up, over, outside, at. 
5 i^ji^^ *P^ (^""oni jj^)) adj. Upper, 

outer, external, outside, foreign. 

H. CL^^I Ht, or a'it, (^TT^) s. m. 1. 

One who dies without leaving issue. 
2. An unmarried man. 8. (in Hindi 
phraseology) A stupid person, block- 
head, dunce. 

A. i>U*l autid, 8. plur. (of jJ^) Pegs . 

nobles, chiefs, props (of the faith), 
four certain saints. 

8. .U^l ava-tir, 3?^R (^T^ and r. 

cT Cross, pass) s. m. Descent, especi- 

ally of a deity fromlheaven ; mcama- 

2. ti.l oi, (r. ^Z Surround) s.f. ip. 

Protection, shade, shelter, screen, 
covering, concealment, partition. 

w. UlJjl outinJ, V. a. (cans, of lu^I) 
To cause to boil, to make hot. 

H. i^tJLkj tial ui-paiing^B, m. Absur- 
dity, what is without meaning or 
foundation, adj. Poor, destitute, in 




A. fJLl aiilf, adj. oompar. (of ^j) 
Better, best. 

prinoipal, b^t. 
A. ^m\ «Zi,»dj. Possessed of, endowed 

with. iL«fi;'jri jJL t i«f»-i-alwjr, Discern- 
ing, wise, discreet. JSar^lj ^y 

uli'l-ajniha. Winged animals. ^^1 
Mlfi\ uli't^aMm, Determined, resolute. 

^Uy ^Jt\ ulul'ilm, Possessed of 

science, learned. 
TAM. TKL. J.t «{», s. (dakh.) A chisel. 

«. ^;W- vJj^ role-jrole, (dakh.) 

A. jjj.l auliyif s. plor. (of ^j) 1. 

Friends, companions. 2. The saints, 

the apostles, the holj. ^1p'«jJaI 
auliyi-i-allihf Friends of God. 

A. P. JuJ. I aulz'tar, (comp. of iJL I 

and the Pers. •)) adj. Better, best. 

A. f^*My aicwaltn, adj. plar. (of (JS') 
The first, the former ; the ancients. 

f- vs;^t «n, (3»^? r. ^T'l Cover) s. f. 

Wool (or shaggy hair that may be 

■• ^*^y «»a, 3^ (in compos.) adj. Less 
(in number, &c.). 

f. wZ^^I uni, (77) ■• m. A camel. 

n. 1 
If (dakh.) ontf s. m. Lip; see #fAJ)«l 

f . H. I^ll^ (^^^ I fini ibailrj, s. m. Name 

of a thistle of which camels are fond. 
«• JV-^^' «w/ni, (from lS^jI) b. f. 

A female camel. 
f. ^^1 onth, (3?tB) ■•™- The lip. 

f. ^jliincH, (?^) adj. High, tall. 
^gki 40?^\ High and low, uneyen, nps 

and downs (of life), vicissitode; par- 

^ IrSTjl unchd, (^) adj. High, UU, 

lofty, steep, load. Uly Jy Ir^^l 
To speak with pride. Dlm l^t , To 
be hard of hearing. .yJU ^d^ 15^^ ' 

The proad ones are degraded. lacrM 

P* Jj^ I iwand, (c-^ I and Jj^) a. m. A 
vessel, a pan. 

H. IJbjJ^I aundhif (oh down ^f to place) 
adj. Upside down, topsytorvy, in otter 

confusion, ruined, 
s. m. Misfortune. 


H. liUtJj^l aundhd-ni, ▼. a. To torn 

upside down, to reverse, spill. 
H. ^y ungh^ s. f. Nodding, sleepi- 


H. U^«) unghni, v. n. To nod from 
sleepiness, to doze, to slumber. 

|. -J^t ufu, (from ^^jl un) adj. Wool- 

H. ^y (V)' ^^*^' jxiune, adv. More 
or less. 

P. S^ I iuHi, s. m. A kiln : see U I^l cho, inter j. Heigh! ho! hey! 

^* imJy ^'^ in ten. Oh! (peculiar to 
women) oh strange I wonderful. 

P. ^CAfls:^ I dwetkta, (part. pass, of 

^^^IflC^ I ) c^j* Hanging, pendulous. 
2* J[^l awer, adv. Late; too late. 

Ay** Ay Late or early; late in the 
evening or early in the morning. 

P* ^J/^ 4 I iweudn^ (part. act. of <jAaKr« I ^ 

adj. Hanging, pendant. 
P* 0« I f i(;««a, s. m. An earring, drops 

worn in th.e ear, a pendant. 

P. %\ Hk, 1. B. f. A sigh. 2. interj. 
Alai! ah! U^ vT or U^ «T or 




U,U «T To sigh. »l^'»rv« T A heart- 
J ' ^ • 

rending sigh. ]y**jr^ * ' ^ heart- 

bnrning sigh. 

F. »1 ufc, interj. Oh ! Hah ! 

«. liUM,(3T^) interj. Ha! braTo ! 

how excellent ! oh rare ! strange : 
ahhif Alas ! 

B. .llbT ihir, vulgarly dhir, (BTf^R* 

BIT c^nd r. ^ Take) s. m. Alimen, 
food, victuals. 
A. ^JUtl ahSll, s. plar. (of Jjtl) People, 
consorts, inhabitants, citizens. ^Jtl 
^Jl^^ Nobles and plebeians, rich 
and poor. 

A. vji^'jtl ihanat^ (inf. iv. of ^j^) 
B. f . Contempt, insnlt, scorn. 

«. Ijbliblibl ahahahd, (^^) interj. ex- 
pressive of surprise, pain, pleasure, 
Ac. Ah ! aha ! « 

A. Aam] ihtimim, (inf. viii. of aA) 

s. f. m. Solicitude, care, inspection, 
management, superintendence. 

f . uiJbT dhai, s. f. m. (3Tr^5T) The 

clack, sound or noise of a person's feet 
as he goes along. 

n. Jtl ihar, s. 1. A small pond. 2. 

A salt-pit, a trough for watering 
cattle, a drain. 8. A tribe of Hindus 
so called. ' 

P. ij^Jbl aharman or iharamariy s. m. 

The principle of evil, the devil. 
P. Mrffrl dhiitagi, s. f. Slowness, 

delay, gentleness, patience. 

P. ALjbl Jfcwttf, adv. Gently, slowly, 
softly, tenderly, by degprees. 

P. Ljjb I ihdk, s. m. Quicklime. 

A. Jifcl aW, s. m. People, possessor, in- 
habitant, consort, adj. Fit, capable, 
worthy* (in compos.) Possessed of, 

endowed with. jdll Jfcl People of 

Ood; dervishes, faqirs. Job (Jtol 
Conttmplative, the enlightened of 

mind, the saints. C^^ (Ja< (Peo- 
ple of the house) Family ; (but always 
meaning) the family of the prophet 

Muhammad. immJy^S (Jjb) The pure 
of heart, the pious, the oontemplative ; 
an anchoret. SSj>' (JlhI Artificer, 

artisan. c:^<w«Ji>- (JjtlAn officer ;One in 

office under the government. (J J (J^l 
Liberal, brave, generous; dervishes. 
^js**' Jjtl Eloquent. q Jit Jjbl 

A legislator, a lawyer, one who ob- 
serves the law of Muhammad| (Jjt 1 

Ia^ Pure in heart, pious; a Sufi', 
J^Jb Jjtl or vjI^A^ls Jl^I Go- 
ing in the way of God ; an observer of 
the laws of Muhammad. iO^r^ U^' 
Learned, well-informed, intelligent ; 
j^ (JJbl Scientific, ^r^ (J^l 

Designing, selfish. i^^J (Jjtt Eu- 
ropean. jJuJ (JJbl They who direct 
their faces to Mecca in prayer, Muham- 

mhdans. e^U^ Jjbl A learned 
man, a person of any religion revealed 

and contained in books. ^*f>^ U*» 
One skilled in his own language. 
C:.^y«^ (Jl^I Possessed of the know- 
ledge of God ; devout, pious. JOJ (Jjbl 

Discerning, clear-sighted, e ij (JJtl 

Pious, religious. 
A. v^:^^jJjbl aUiyat, (from (Jjbl) s. f. 
1. Worthiness, capability, skill. 2. 

A. XjlJt! ahliya, s. f. A wife. ^ 

A. ^1 ahamm^ adj. compar. (from 

C^j^) Important, Tery moment6u8 
aLl^I aAI Most important of affairs, 

A. J'^t ihmal, s. m. (inf. iv. of Jk^) 
Negligence. ^^ ^ 

P. Jtl dhan, s. ro. Iron. K^3 ^1 
Water in wbicU ^ot Vtou ^%a >a**iv 




I, i adj. Of iron, made 

qnenchcd, given to one sick of a 
disease in which cold prevails. 

**• l^ ^ 1 dhaH'ruhdf (^ 1 Iron, and 

bi part, of jjfc>^ To seize) s. m. 

A load«tone, magnet. 

p. t* £1a I l^anp', 8. m. Design, purpose, 

intention : manner : sonnd, melody : 
one of the Persian tunes or modula- 
tions in music. g 

'• SjCb I ahan-jar^ s. m. A worker in 

iron, a blacksmith. 

P- |<Alb ! dhani 

**• ^^Ji>J^ I dhani 

AfiCb adj. Iron-banded, strong. 

'• yb 1 iA«, «. m. 1. A deer. 2. Vice, 
defect, fault. 3{y yb I A fawn. 

P. j^^Si^! dhekiitan, y. infin. To ex- 
tract, castrate, bang, suspend. 

f. jJfi\ dhlr, (^rflT^)8.m. A cowherd, 

a milkman. 
2. ^1 alter, (B^MJ) s. f. The chase, 

hunting ; prey, game. 
i* ^f:^^> ahirarif s. f. A female of the 

ahir caste, a cowherd's wife. 

■• •*• ^c\ a», (Q[) interj. O ! used in 

calling to or addressing, li^ j^I 
Would to God! I wish. 

■• P ^^1 e, (Q^) interj. O ! a respect- 
ful particle of address. 

f. ^1 d*i, (from U 1 ) s. f. 1. Coming; 
2. Doom, hour, time, death. \i>^ 

Would that somebody's death came 
tt> me! 

P' bl ii/j, interj. used to interrogate*or 
to express astonishment, ha ! whether 
or not, whether, O ! 

PORT, b I iyi^ 8. f . A nurse who feeds a 


A. un^tj I ayity s. plur. of. vj^o I 

o« ^ fbrtylri/, 8. The warm purga- 
tive compound, Iliera picra. A brain 
purifier. » 

T. :b) ayd*, n. prop. Name of the 

Turkish servant and favorite of Sult&n 
Mahmud Ghaznavi. * 

T. cbl ayighy s m. A cup. 

P* H. Jb I aydl, s. f. A horse's mane 

(Pers. Jb). The lock between a 
horse's ears. 

*• Cl^Jbl iydlat, (inf. iv. of J.l) s. f. 

Dominion, Government. 

A. ^bl at'ylm, s. m. (plur. of ^y) 1. 

Days, times, time. 2. Season, weathdr. 

A. ^",-« I dyat^ s. f. (bl) A sig^, a mark ; 

a round mark used in the Qiir'an, at 
which the reader may optionally pause 
or not; a verse or parag^ph of the 
Qur'dn, contained between such marks. 

llL.« C^. I A mark different from 

the simple dyat^ and nsed in the Qur*dn 
only, at which a pause must be made 
by the reader. 

A. i-ilul ttildf, (inf. Till, of uJ!l) 

s. m. Familiarity, friendship, society. 

A. t- i^mer\ ijd\ (inf. lY. of *,_,S^a) 

B. m. 1. Rendering necessary. 2. 
(in logic) Affirmation (opposite to pri- 
vatioo). 3. (in Muhammadan law) 
The first proposal made by one of the 
parties iu negociatiag or concluding a 

bargain. uj^ ^ S-^"^' Proposal 

and consent (between bridegroom and 

A Sssf] ijddf (inf. IV. of *^^^) 8, m. 

Invention, contrivance. 

A. ;bar] ijdZf (inf. IV. of J^^) ■. m. 

Abridgment, the abridging of a dis- 
course or book. 

A. liji f»J, (inf. IV. of d^il) B. f. 
Hurting, injuring, pain, affliction. 

"• nMi y.' eripherf s. m. ) Exchange, 

H. ^^1^^ 1^1 erdpheri, s. f. ) barter, 

dancing attendance. 




A. jt^l ,>«d, (inf. IV. of J,^) 8. f . Bring, 
ing, prodacing, alleging. 

'• \iyf} irdn, n. prop! Persia. 

P* 4^'ri' iriwi, adj. Persiao, of irin, 

^'jV ^» ^' '• Spurring, gpnr, the heel. 
li'jJ Jil or [iS Jjil To spur: 

(met) to flee. U^UjjJ To spur. 
H. ^yj eft, 8. f. The heel. 
P> Jl)) esid, 8. m. God. 
**• c/'^Jd' «»«''' adj. Divine. 

B. LijI aisd, (^^ Like this) adj. 
Such, thia-like, so : resemhling. 
j^X« j<AM^> In the meantime. 

«. ^jL^I Mi», (f5lFT r. ^ Rule) 
A name of Siva : (in dakh ) the north- 
east. mJ^ e^^^' "• ™' North-east. 

P. SJUamjI iftoda, part. Standing. 

•• jf^ iihuKLr, 8. m. Ruler, master, 
lord, chief ; God. 

A. LoJf I atftt?, adv. Again, also, as 
before, item. Ditto. 

A. Uj>] i/«, (inf. IV. of \j^) 8. f. Per- 
forming (a promise, Ac.), satisfying, 
fulfilling, punctual performance. 

t. «Jjl «fc, (^) adj. One; only. See 

T. |^2K*i' elchif 8. m'. An ambassador. 
T. .UJbl tljT^r or elghar, s. See .ull 

tZ^r, U 1 fUL 1 To come by forced 
B. iJbl elwa, 8. m. Aloes. 

A. LiL) iliyi, n. prop. Jerusalem. Elias. 
A. l^-l imi, (inf. iv. of U^) s. f. Sign, 

nod, wink, hint, beck, sympUto. 
A. ^l^J itnln, (inf. iv. of ^\ Trusted, 

was secure) s. m. Faith, belief, con- 
science, credit, reliance. 

H. j^w^_J eman, s. m. A musical mode. 

A. 1^.^,1 aimatij adj. compar. More or 
most happy, fortunate or augnst. 

A. P. jJi^.l aimani or imaXi, s. f. Secu- 

rity happiness. 

A. JL^I a'/mma, s. pl^rt of (^'•^1) j^ 

^•CJ ^ grant of land, &o , to the 

people who attend at the tomb of a 

A. ^1 aima, 8. m. (for a*jmma, plur. of 

aL«]. buD used to denote) Land given 

as a reward or favour by the king at a 
very low rent, a fief. (When no rent 

is paid, the land is called ^1^1 

Charity lands. ^^} ^Jama-d«r, One 

who holds land in H^) a feoffee. 
P. jotfil 3'm, 8. m. Regpilation, institute, 

statute, rules, common law (the laws 
delivered by Muhammad being called 

c jut and those established by princes, 

^jjl/ custom, manner. 
P. ^1 in, pron. dem. This. 

A. ^1 atn, adv. Where ? 

2. (iujl int, {^Wx) 8. f. A brick. 

B. ^^flbl ainthan, s. m. Tightening. 

H. UfJjbl ainihni, v. a. To tighten. 2. 
V. n. To writhe, to twist ; to strut, 
to walk affectedly, to swagger. 

B. Jbl ainch or inch, (from UarV.') 
8. Reserve, pulling ; desire. JfJ^ ^1 

Wrangling, mutual perseverance in 
quarrelling or disputing. 

B*. Uac^' ainchni or tnchni, v. a. To 
draw, to attract, see UarSM^ 

P. X jJbT dyanda or i'inda, part. act. (of 
^vV^T) Coming, the future ;»b«ibse- 
quent, next. adv. In future. 

4 * 




5. ^JJbl indhan, {^p\ r, ^ Kindle) 

8. m. Fuel (wood, grass, Ac), fire- 

H. Ijjubl aindna, v. n. To strat, to stalk- 
•• • 

H. lytJubl in4hu'it 8- m. A roll or round 

fold of cloth'or flax on which a barthen 
is carried on ^e head. 

P. JUji I i'lna, s. m. A mirror, i look- 

ing-glass. ilj JUuil The maid who 

holds the mirror ; a barber. • • &JUJ I 
Having a face bright as a mirror. 
.iSJixAM aJLaJI a mirror of polished 
steel attribated to Alexander. ^JLajI 

{Jesf^ (a glazed house) An apartment 

the walls of which are coyered with 

!*• ioWJ *'^^ or aiwdnf s. m. A hall, a 

gallery, an open hall supported on 

A. ^JyJ aiyiih, n. prop. Job. 

P. A. ^u ^1 at tol'c, (Pers. j^l and 

Arab. c^U) inter j. Alas! alas! 
A. ^\ dya, s. m. A sentence of the 

Qur'Sn. See Vil^T 
A. UujT iytta, or i^ttd^ adj. (dakh.) 

Ready, prepared, in readiness. 

mJ h§, called U hd in Arabic, is the 

second letter of the Arabic and Persian 

A. <^ hi, prep, (always prefixed to 

another word) By, with, from, in, into, 
near, on, according to, for, towards. 

P* \^ ha, prep, (often prefixed to an- 
other word, but, when standing alone, 
written fy) With, by, for, in, into, 
to, up to, on, upon. 

P. '^*J, prop. With, by. ^yj \j adj. 

Honourable, respectable ; adv. Hon 

Durably, 'respectably, i^jl \j With 
good ifianners ; by your leave ! pardon 

me! ^\ Ij Altllough. ^IfJ U 

Faithful, religious. i^^Lc^ Ij With 

the attribute or description ; notwth- 

A. K^\J ba5, s. m. 1. A door, gate. 2. 

A chapter, section or division of a 
book. 8. Subject, head, affair, point, 

T. IjU bjM, s. m. Father, dad ; sire ! sir ! 
(endearingly) child ! a aannydsi, uli 
.1^ Dear child ! 

A. c:^u hihatf s. f, Account, bend, 

article, item ; business, affair, matter ; 
on account (of), for. 

A. (jAi hihuly n. prop. Babel or Baby- 

H.^U MbM, B. m. 1. A child. 2. A 

prince. 3. Master (a title given by 
Hindus, equivalent to Mr. or Esquire, 
and now chiefly applied to native 
clerks who write English). 

P. Aiyu babMTia, s. m. I. Chamomile, 

chamomile flowers. 2. Wild ivy. 
5. K^\j Mp, (TOO s. m. Father. 

0. LimmJjIj bSptismd, s. m. Baptism. 
«. KZj\j Idt, (cfrrrf r. fcT Speak, be) 

s. f. 1* Speech, language, word, say- 
ing, report, discourse. 2. Account, 
subject, question, cause, business, con- 
cerns, matter, circumstance, article 

liljbji L£L^1j To prolong a contest. 
UjtXi CL^U Toonar a plot, to spoil. 

Uliu ULJJ To make up a story, to 
make excuses. UIl> CLiIj To put off, 

to excuse one's self. vj^A»- kzAj 
B. f . Conversation, chit-chat, discourse, 

talk. U^^i \£j\j To assist, to agrec> 

to comply. \jj jCu ll^ KZJi\j To 

multipiy words,'to talk much^on little. 

^jX< C^b ^ dp'j adv. Instantly. 




* i: •> Nakhatsays: — 

} ^ C^' uJ^ ^V J ^^ 

lUu, ir}^^ To receive abuse or 

harsh reproof. 
«. JJli Mtwni, (from <sJj) adj. 

Talkative, chatty, entertaining. 

g. Ui^U bJf^nivJ, (from CL?lj) s. m. A 

talkative, conversable, entertaining 

B. tjjj hit, {mZ) 8. m. Eoad, path. 

a. viU btft, (^S^) s. m. A weight or 

measure of weight. 
P. -.b W;, 8. m. f . A tax, duty, toll, im- 

I)ost, cess, Ac, tribute. .l«^3-u A tax- 
gatherer, a collector of tribute or 
revenue, flj^ ^l> One who pays 

taxes, duties, Ac. 

f. U^U Mil, (^RI r. ^^ to sound) 

• • 

B. m. A musical instrument. JuflET 1»>\J 
A band of music. 
H. ]^»Jj hiird. 8. m. A kind of millet. 

f. li^li W/ni, (^RI see Ub) v. n. 

1. To sound (as a musical instrument) ; 
to be published, to bo famed. 2. v. a. 
To beat, sound,'play upon ; to act, play, 
perform the part of. 

T. |«»>U bo/i, 8. f. An elder sister. 
I. jjL«l L*^'^ ^-^* ommon, j s. f . See 

«. .fT^tj bocfc^, 1. 8. f . (^3^" Desire) 

Selection. 2. (^T|f The mouth) The 
comer of the lip. 3. adj. Useless. 

«. U>-lj MchW, (era) 8. m. A calf, or 

the yoong of any animal. 
5. U|>.U lachhnM, (r. ^T^ * Desire) 

V. a. To choose, select. 

P. JU>-lj btf^fa, part. pass, (of jo^^) 

Played ; beaten at play. 
P. d^\j hatha. 8. m. A tortoise, turtle. 

P. jU btfd (^Ic!) 8. f. Wind, air, breeze, 

gale. A remission (of rent) on account 

of deficient produce. . tiJb j'j adj. 

1. Swift, matching the winds ; a swift 
horse. 2. A wortjjless person who 
car^s not what he says, an idle talker, 
a false speaker, one busied in useless 

labour. Juu d\j A stormy wind 
Xxij dJ adj. Swift as the wind. 

Ay«wM jlj 8. f. A hot pestilential 

wind. M0J44 Ju A fair wind, a 

favourably wind. Ixc jU s. f. The 
morning breeze, a zephyr, a refreshing 

gale. immfiySj The pox. ^^jU 

A whirlwind, flatulence from indiges- 
tion in which the wind soems to move 
like a ball in the bowels, a murmuring 

or rumbling of the intestines. t)U 
uJ)]ls^ 8. f. A contrary wind. 

P- jU hid, (imper. of ^;^^) Let it be, 

so be it, may be. 
P. IjIj hidi, (from ^;Jy) May it be, 

God grant it ! 

P. ^bb bjdJm, (^TcTrer) 8. m. An 

p. ,<^1«3b hidimi, adj. 1. Almond- 
coloured, almond-shaped. 2. A kind 
of eunuch. 3. A eunuch in general 

^ I j^bb A placid, sleepy eye. 

p. ^bjb hddhdn, s. m. 1. A sail. 2. 

A vessel used to hold a lamp for tlie 
purpose of protecting it from the 
wind. 8. A wicker lantern. 

P*, b jb* bld-ptf, 8. m. A swift horse, 

P. nA^- fc)U bad-fcAaya, 8. m. The rupture, 

hernia; hydrocele. 

ft 4 

P. j^ c>b hid'kJior, s. m. A disease in 
horses from which. lV\e Vwi l«\\% q^. 




F. \j^ j'j U^-WkOTi (j'j for JU Hair) 
Scald head. 

P. A. ^j Ci\\ hadranj, ) g. m. 1. 
P. C^. j'j Hirartj.J ofouci 

2. A citront 

A sort 

P- SiiyK^j J J* &idrany-&oya, or J J 
Zy^yXafj B. Arayan balm, citroDel. 

P. J^M^i • Ju bj<2-res?ia, s. m. 1. A whirl, 

a cirenlar piece of wood at the end of 
ft Bpindle. 2. The roand piece of wood 
or the cap at the opper end of a tent 

P. ^it^y hidriya, s. m. A rentilator, 

suspended to the roof of a bonse, to 
increase the circulation of air and 
drive away flies. * 

P. ^ J d\j lid'zan, b. Fan, ventilatoi. 

P* xIm^jU hidshihf a. m. King, sovereign. 

P* jJljbLM Ju hddshih-dna, adj. Imperial, 
adv. Royally, princely, kingly. 

p. K^:^J,d\i hidahihat, s. f. Royalty, 
empire, kingdom, rule, government. 

P. _2bLtjU hidshdh^t adj. Royal, s. f. 

Royalty, reign, sovereignty, kingdom. 
P. iA^«3u hddkasht s. m. A fan, a 


«. Ji^'j hddcd, (^\f^ r. ^ or 

^R water + <{^^r to give.) s. m, A 

B. )jIj hidli or hidali, ) a m. Gold or 

B. jid\j hidla or hddala, j silver thread 

or brocade of silken stuff variegated. 
H. jJi^u hddalt, s. f. Siver cloth. 

P* ^;«flf*«3«> hidanjin or hidinjin. The 

egg plant, brinjal ; see jo^JLAJ 

p. V^ JU had-numdj s. m. A weather- 
cock, vane. 

P* XJu hdda, 8. m. Wine, (in India 
often) spirits. 

P* ^lytjU hdd'U'hawd'ly s. I» Fruit- 
Jessness, uselessness, waste, vanity. 

P. ^4>J Wi«, adj. Flatulentv '^ Witb 
j^ms^^^jSj The bliiJ^^.^es. 

A. fCi^U hidt, parti, act. (from «tXj) 

Beginner, anther. 
P. ^lj'.«3^ hidiyin^ s Sweet fenneU or 

anise seed : see 

P* ^,i3u hidiya, s m. A bowl, cup 

flagon, gla^s (bat generally made of 
braBS or bell-metal). 

P* ^Ju hddiya, s. m. A desert, a forest. 

P. lb hdr^l. s. m. Load, burden, charge 

(of,a gun, dakh.), heaviness, pregnancy, 
fruit : time, turn, once, repetition : ad- 
mittance, access: 2. part. act. (of 

^^Jjflj To rain, used in comp.) 

Raining. 3. f'«^y j^ Burthen-bear- 
ing ; a porter or carrier, a beast of 

burthen, t^r^jir^ "• ^* ^^^^ means 
of conveyance ; carriage-hire, burden- 
bearing, beasts of burthen. .Ll^- .b 

Tiresomeness, trouble of mind. L]| .1j 

hdrU-ildhdf or ul J>' .U bdr-i'^^uddydf 

Great God ! i '«^b part, (used adjec- 
tively) Loaded, full of fruit, fruitful, 
pregnant. (^ }^, Public court or 

public audience, ^r^ M To load, 


jyj^, adj' Fruitful, producing or 
having fruit. 

4. .U hdr, {^K day) s. f. Time, oc- 

casion, delay. 
'• ol];'^ hdrin^ 1. 8. m. Rain. 2. (part. 

act. of ^;43o.Ij) adj. Raining. 

P. ^V'i'^ hdrini^ adj. Relating to, or 

depending on rain, of rain; b. f. A 
great coat or a cloak for keeping off 
the rain. 

•I • # I 
P. X»l>. .u hdr-ktina, s. m. A ware- 





'* LJ^J' ^^^^» (from ^^Jj .u to rain, 
c • • 

r. ^^ shower) b. f. Baio. 

A- /Ul f^j^ hirak'Ollah, God prosper 

jou ! (a phrase expressire of approba- 

F* ifi^j^, bir-kashf part. act. (used 

sabstantivelj) Burden-bearing or 
-drawing; elephants, carts, a porter, 
carrier, &g, 

P> V^yjhdr-gdhyB. f . A coart, palace, place 
of aadienoe./j0«^ SOjU Private coart, 

privy coancil chamber. ^^ ^^^ 

Pablio court (where erery body is 

F. j^y^, hir-gxr, s m. 1. A horseman 

(soldier) who does not find his own 
horse. 2. A beast of burthen. 

*• y^LJ^yj hdrut, 8. f. Gunpowder. 
P* 4>).lj Mr«d, s. Gunpowder. 

f. »^lj hdrah, (SR^^I^) a^lj. Twelve 

li^f c3!j ^b Ta be vagabond, 
mined or harassed. (Ci J 2|ib (from 
S.U and jj a door; q. d. Having 

twelve doors) s. f . A summer house. 

P> S.u hdra, 8. (in compos.) A time or 
tarn ; point, matter ; item nXj ^mS 
KSt^ U^^ What are you speak- 
ing about ? 

8- UuLi )iX) hirah'Singi, (SK?!^ 

Twelve, and ^\f\ Horn) s. m. A 


stag of a large sort, having twelve 
branches on his horns. 

p. Ub^b lir-hd, adv. Often, repeatedly* 

-* U A • ^^♦'<*^^-^^**i *^<^j' Twelfth. 
P. *f«vj ijre, adv. 1. Once, one time, 

all at once. 2. At last, at leifgth. 
A. |C^U Wri, (from U Created) part. 

act. (used substantively) The Deity, 
the Creator, jj^^t^j^ hdrhta'ila, 
The most high God. 

- ^J^ ^"^^* *' ^* (^'V Time, tour, 
turn, t <fc> v-fiT -^'^ attendant who waits 
in turn with others, d^ ^^^ ^<j\j 
An intermittent fever. 

P. CJ>'o .b Mr-v^b, tidj. Admitted at 

court or into company, obtaining ad- 

P. ic^V »^ hir-ydhJ, a. f. Admittance 

at court or into company. 

P. i^JJyj Mnfc, adj. Fine, slender, 

minute, subtile. ^J^ l1S^X> adj. 

Intelligent, quick of apprehension, 
penetrating, nice. 

p. ^J^J^ hdriki, a. f. Subtilty, minute- 
ness, fineness, niceness* 

«. j[j hir, \^TS r. ^Z Surround) s. f. 

Edge (of a sword, knife, Ac), verge, 
edge, margin, a fence, a hedge, a line 
(of soldiers) (in compos.) an enclosure, 

garden, liljl ?J To fire a volley. 

Ijjl|fl»-Jlj To fire a volley. Iw jjU 
To sharpen, to grind ; to excite, to 
instigate, animate. U^i j J To sharpen. 

a. ^c% lir»y (^TcT) 8. f. An enclosed 

piece of ground, a garden, orchard, 
kitchen garden ; a house with the 
garden, orchard, &c., attached to it. 

*. U?o hdr-yd V Jb Edge) s. m. A 

whetter (of swords, knives, Ac). 
P. jlj hit, 1. (^T^ or q^^ feathered) 

B. m. A hawk, a female falcon, u I jjj 

To decline, to leave off, to reject, to 

abstain, ^f^jj^, To hold back, to 

"•restrain, refrain, to prevent. Uut. jU 

To decline, desist, abstain, cease 
shun. 2 adj. Open. 8. (in compos. 

part. act. of oJ'^j'^ To play) Player. 

P. . I;!j •bitir, s. m. A market, market- 





'*' ^rj^, ^^*^^h a^j. Belonging to the 

market ; a market person. 
P- 4^;:}^ 1*^ MM'pastn, adj. Last. 

**' UViJ^ hii^purs, 8. f. 

1^j4j M«-ikAti>J«f, 8. f. 

p. 1^ 


inquiry, minute investigation or ex- 

P- ^'^jj'^, biaar^Jn, B. m. A merihant. 

P. ^JL^hXj\j hiz-gasht, s. f. Betuming, 
turning back, retreat. 

P. ^j\j W«w, 8. m. ("^ST) 1. The arm. 

2. The fold of a door. 3. The side of 
a bedstead. 4. A friend, a companion. 

6. Flank (of an army), [jjd tfj\j 
To assist, to help, to support. 

P. jJu AJJ hSMu-handj s. m. An orna- 
ment worn on the upper arm, an 

P. fj;j\j hdxt, 8. f. Play, g^me: (dakh.) 
A suit at cards l!l» ijrjU To be vic- 
torioQS or prosperous. Ujf4> i^j^ 
To make game of, to trick, \i^^ ^j\j 

1 . To lose, to be cast. 2. To be cheated. 
U'^v^U To wager. U'j!fjJ ^^'Ij 
To win, to excel . 

P. \j:^9\Jj[j hU-ydft, B. A getting 

(something) back; a deduction, re- 
sumption, recovery (of lands, &c.). 

P. ^^jV W»*-c^a, B. m. 1. Fun, play. 

2. A toy, a plaything, a gewgaw. 

P. »lxj ;lj hizi-gdh, s. f , Place for play. 

P. f^j^, bizi-gar, g. m. A tumbler, one 

« who exhibits feats of activity, rope- 

8. ^^Ij his, (r. ^RT Scent) b. f. 
Smell, Bcenty odour. « 

i [m\j hdsi, (?Rf) B. m. Lodging, 
abode, dwelling, temporary residence, 
P. ^HmO hi8tdn,9A}. Old, ancient, past. 

i. .|5m,'j lasath, (3;r?%) adj. Sixty- 

in the arm. **"** 

u. ^m\j hisdnf 8. TB, ^ basin, a plate, 

dish, goblet, pot, &c, 
a. ^^\j hast, (r ^^ Scent) adj.^ 1. 

Stale. 2. Perfumed. 8. Fusty. 

P. ^i\j biah, (imper. of ^jSJ^[i To 

be, sometimes used in oomp. as a 
Bubst.) Be, being, living. 

P. iX^li hUhadf aor. third pers. sing. 

(of ^;*\J^'^) May be, will be. 
P' bJJutU bishonda, (orinlndia, &tf«^m- 

da) part. act. (from ^;»\J^w To 
remain) Inhabitant. (Pers. plur. 

P. JC^tb hisha, 8. m. A hawk, a sparrow- 
A. S^b hisira, part. act. (from j*^ 

used substantively) Sight, the sense 
or faculty of seeing. 

A. JLU b«eil, (from Jlflj) adj. False, 
vain, absurd, futile, void. 

A. -Lb hitin, (from ^Jloj) b. m. The 

inward part, the internal; the mind, 
adj. hidden, latent. 

A. Ci^^b hi*is, part. act. (of C^«v) 
Productive ; (usually as a substantive 
mas.) Cause, occasion, reason. 

P. cb hSght 8. m. A garden, orchard, 
bl». Jt b b Jt cb *cb ▼. n. To be 

delighted b^J b bl^J ^ cb 

To excite desire and expectation by 
deceitful promises. 

Jurat says : — 

p. ^;bxb hdgh'hin, b. m. A gardener. 

P. )$xb«ba<r&ra, (for JJpb) s. An indo- 
lent knot or tumor, indurated gland 
ft knob, kernel. 




j-cu higj^, part act.' (from ^Ju 
" fm^Ju) Mutineer ,*trai tor, rebel. 


^ J^^lfU high'ieha, (dimin. of cu) 

B m. A small garden^ 
P. (lib W/, (from jJ^b) part. act. and 

pass. Qsed in compos. Weaver, woven. 
^J i^yjS A weaver of lace, ^cj \ 

fj i. A gold lace weaver. 2. Gold 
iissae, cloth interwoven with gold. 

>*• ij:-^lj M/t, 8. f. Weaving, web, tex- 

P. xiib M/^a, part. pass, (of '^^b) 

1. Woven. 2. s. m. A kind of cloth 
3. A ooloar in pigeons. 4. Buttons 
woven like mohair. 

P- SjJLilj hdfanda, part. act. (of ^A»1j) 

P. ^Jl^ilj hiqir-kifini, a f . A kind 

of bread or cake mixed with butter 
and milk. 

A. jiiu hiqila, s. m. A bean. 

A. j«9u hdqt, part. act., (from Ia^) Re- 
maining, left in arrear. lasting, eter- 
nal; (used substantively) remainder, 
balance, arrears. 

A. CL^'jJIIj hdqiyat, s. plnr. (of ^«Sb) 

Remainders, balnnces, arrears. 
P. L^b hdkf 8* m. Fear, apprehension. 

A. s J^j M&trai, part. act. f. (from S^ 
used substantively) A virgin. 

"• <^i/b b''9i 8. f. A rein, a bridle. 
Ijuj yf,j\j To take the rein ; to cnrb 

or pull op (a horse, Ac.), ^jyo i^J b 

To turn the reins : and, this phrase is 
applied to the drying up of the small- 
pox: thus, when the pustules begin 
to blacken and dry up, they say, 

^*'JU or i^jyo ;^lj JpJ^ 

The reins to have slipped from the 
hand, denotes the loss of choice, power 
or cootroL 

H. .^Job hdg»4*>^f ■• ^' ^ long rein with 
whioh horiea are led. 

P. lS\j higra, 8. (dakh.) See ijt\j 

S- ^ high, (S^rra, f^ intensity, 

3^ from all sides, ^ to smell.) 

B. m. A tiger. t<Xj 0^ Tiger and 
sheep ; a play of children. 
2. ^^b hdyhan, {^m^\) 8. f. A 

?. uio^b hdgh.nak, {^^\^^^) 8. m. 

1. A tiger's nail. 2. The claws of a 
tiger set in silver and hung from the 
neck as a charm. 3. A weapon made 
of steel, resembling hnge claws, and 
fitting on the hands. 

B. Jb hdl, im^) 8. m. 1. Hair. 2. 

A boy, a child. 8. (for ^T^) s. f. A 

girl not exceeding sixteen, (hdl, A boy, 
a girl, io the age of seven or eight. 

Jb Jb Hair by hair,' every hair. 

b\U 4^?^ i5**^b Jb To shoot at 
without missing, to act with great 
care, not to mistake. i^^y\(^ ^^, J^ 
Let not a hair be disordered (let not 
the least harm be done), fj^ Q^ 

Tricks of children Jb^ Jb Family 
P. Jb hil, 8. m. A wing, a pinion : the 
whole arm. ^Jblil Jb s. f. Ex- 
pansion or shaking of the wings. 
ix.t*ijii Jb Distressed, wretched. 

H. Jb half 8. f. 1. An ear or spike of 
com. 2. A crack in a cup or glass. 
8. 8. m. The thread on which sugar is 

crystallized. t^t3Jb A cracked vessel 

(of china, glass, &c.). * 

A. Jb Ml, 8. m. Heart, ^te : power. 

P. Jb hdld, prep. Above, up, aloft, adj. 

High, 8. m. Top, stature. U'jU )b 

or bb J lb To balk, to circumvent, to 
dupe* to put off, to disappoint, to 

prevaricate. CI^'>*m J j j adj. U^er- 
handed, victorious, superior, more or 
most precious. 




8. lb hdli, (^r^) 1. 8. f. A female 
child, a girl nut arrived at the age of 

maturity. 2. («Jl^) A medicinal and 
fragrant pla|Lt. 3. s. ra. An earring 

4. (^ro5) A'malechild,aboy. iXi'^S'j 
The new moon. 
B. H.)^. ^'j hHi'hhoU, adj. Innocent, 

artlePB as a child, s. m. An ij^rtless 

B. H. ^^1 J hili'pan, 8. m. Childhood, 

P- lAy^'i bili'posht 8. m. A ooyertot, 

a quilt. 

A. ^UjS'j hi-l-ittifdq. By chance, by or 

with agreement or concord or onani- 
niity, or sneceBS. 

A. J'^A^SU hi-l'ijmil. In the integrity, 

in the whole (as an estate without any 

P- JCJ'^Jb haia'thina^ s. m. An upper 
room, an upper story, a balcony. 

P- ^j^#iJS'j hiH-nishin, part. Occupy- 
ing the chief seat ; a president. 
P> V *;.--^-' • %j hili o past. Above and 

below, t. e. the heavens above and the 
earth beneath. 

P. jJS'j baldi. (A led horse), adj. 1. Over 
and above, extraordinary. ^^\^ icJ* "^ 

8. plur. Secret pleasures. Cl^^^.^J'^ 
8. f. Perquisites. 2. Cream. 

aer Jlj hdl-hachche, l^f^ A child, 

and ^^ A child) s. plur. Children. 

p yj • /J'o hdl-o-par, s. m. Adoption of 

better habits. 'JJKj^j Jlj 1. To 

turn over a new leaf. 2. To Oourish 
or prosper. 3 To betray one'a evil 
disposition, to begin wicked pranks* to 
shew the cloven hoof. 

8. H. ,jJU hil-pan^B. m. (dakh.) child- 
hood, vouth. 
A. ^ jj^\i hi't-tatiili, With explicit- 

- vyJ^ hil'toff ^ ra. A pimple. 

A. jdiAarJ hi'l'jumla. On the whole, 

altogether, to suSh up all. 
H. »^^- JU hilcchhar^ s. f. Name of 

a medicine or perfume. «. 

A. jJ^^^i hi-UkJiair. In good ; with good ; 

happily, well. 
A. *-** il.vlli &i-2-slMn essence, in natore. 

• — «• 

P. i;^U hilish, s. m. A pillow, bolster, 
cushion. «. 

P. 0*2J'j Ulisht, {^^^^) 8. f. 
A span. * 

A. f >.j -^V I H-f>far«rjt, adv. By neces- 
sity, necessarily. 

A. i^CJU hi-l-ahst adv. On the con- 
trary, on the reverse, invertedly. 

A. iJ'j hdligh, part. act. (from i^) 
Reaching its end, arrived at the age 
of maturity; an adult. (Pern. M*j)* 

A. (j^raJb hU'farg, adv. With the sup- 
position, granted. 

A. JjuiJ'j hi-l.Ji*l, adv. In the fact, at 
this moment, at present, for the pre- 
sent, now, in short : in the mean time. 

8. Lli3b hilak, (3[[^5cR) b. m. A 
young child, an infant. 

a. KI'j hSlki, (oJI^q-i) 8. m. A young 

follower of a Jngi^ Sannydsl, judge, Ac. 

8. H. ,J^'j hUak-pan^B.m. Childhood. 

A. Jfl'o hi-l-kull, SLdv, Entirely, wholly, 

A. <julil'j li'UkulUya, adv. See Jfl'j 

A. adIU hi'lUK By God. 

«. J'j hilam, (^^5^ r. ^ to love.) 
s. m. 1. A lover or beloved person ; a 
husband. 2. A kind of cloth, si^, 
I-J^i s. m. A sort of cucumber in 
season in the rains. 

5 J'j %dlu. (^I^cRT) 8- ^- Sand: 

^tiJL^^^ A kind of sweetmeat 



f. ^'j hiii, 8 f. 1. (srrfef^) A 

female child. 2. (^J^5t) An earring 

worn in the ear passing through the 
centre of it. • 

'• {V^-i ^ilida-gi, (from XJ^'j) B.f. 

Vegetation, growth, maturity. 
**• y;«^^«J hilidan, inf. or verb, noun 

To grow, grow up, growing. 

•* ffl 

A. ^AftJUj bt;2-yayin. With certainty, 

'• ,^jjJ'j hdlint 8. f. A pillow. 

5- Jj ham, 1. (for JfT^ r. ^5 *<> ex- 

pand.) 8 f . An eel. 
P* Aj Mm, 8. m. 1. An upper 8tory 

the terrace or roof of a house. 2 
Morning, dawn. 

R. a\j ham, 8. (dakh.) A fathom, three 

cubits and a half, or the space em- 
braced by the extended arms. 

P* j1ji«1j himdid, 8. f. Morning 
dawn, aurora. 

n i 

H. j-Jiib ^^J himan-hatti, s. f. Name 

of a plant. 
f. ^'j hdn, ' 1. 8. f. Temper, quality 

manners. V^^l Kind, quality). 2 

(^pjf) g. m. An arrow ; a rocke 
nsed in battle ; & skyrocket, a grenade. 
P. ^Ij hin, (used as an affix in compos* 

oni^) Keeper, guardian ; so, ^^f^ 

f. U'j hJni, 8. m. I. {W^ Colour, class) 

Habit, profession. 2. Fuwhion in 
dress, peculiar to individuals or to 
bodies taken individually (so, regi- 
mentals may be called hdni) ; unifor- 
mity. 3. A kind of weapon. 4. A veil. 

6. (cTrftl Weaving) The woof in 
weaving. 6. A badge. 
H. \J'j hini. 1. V. a. To open, (dakh.) 
To stretch out, spread, cast: noe o^ 

2. «. (dakh.) A vat, earthen pot or 
jar, having a round bottom . and no 

feet : a hemispherical bucket, made 
of iron phites, closely ri vetted together, 
used in raising water in irrigation. 

R- d^li'J binl^ 8. f, Broad cloth. 

H. jJi^xi'^J hdmhhjit, "^ * 

^ j 8. >. A snake's 

V * * hole: a^^term 

H. 1 <WJ hamhi, <j 

applied, also, to ant-hills. 

9. uOJ linti, 8. m. Share, portion, 

8. \ju3^jhintni,{^'^ T. ^toilivide.) 

V. a. To share, distribute, divide, 
participate, apportion, parcel out. 

«. ^^U 6>i;7i, (^^) adj. Barren; 
sterile. ^ 

a. UftjJb hindhni, (#=R) ▼. a. To 

bind, tie, fasten, dose, stop water, 
inbank;to invent, contrive, stop, pack, 
aim, build, compose, form, put, settle, 
put on, tie on. 

a. JLftjJ'j hdndhnii, (r. ^^ Bind, 

8. m. 1. A mode of dying, in which 
the cloth is tied in different places to 
prevent the parto tied from receiving 
the die. 2. Slander, plot, plan. 3. 
A kind of silk cloth. 

H. ^jJU hindi, 8. f. A female slave, 

«. Ijob hindi, (^^) adj. Tail-less. 

8. m. A serpent which has lost its 

H. i^Jou hdndt, 8. f. A cudgel. 

«. imJu hihs, (^5T) 8. m. 1. A bam- 
boo. 2. A measure of about ten 
feet, nspd to mensiife tanks, ditchc«, 
and excavations in general. (A cnbo 
of one hiiu is called a chauki). 


J V. n. To be branded 

with infamy. 
a. L**J'j hihai, (cf^) s. m. The 

bridge of the nose. 
-■ ^f*^ • hi hsr I, or h4it/<Hrl, (^^T) 

8. f. A flute, ftie, p\x^e. ^ 





A. _1UmJ*j hihsl'h 8. f. 1. A flute, &c. : 

Bee (^jamJ j 

«. ulioU M»ik, (f^ r. ^^ Bend, 

curve) 1. B. m. 
A* A. 

A crook, curvature, 
bending 2. A reach or turning of a 
river. 8. Fanlt, offence, wickedness. 
4. ». f. A semicircular ornament worn 
on the arma ^5 A kind of dagger. 
6. An exercise with the dagg(^r. 7. 
A settee. 

f. ISj'j hdnJcd, (r. ^ Bend, be crook- 
ed) 8. m. I. A fop, a coxcomb, a 
bravo, a bully. 2. A knife or hook to 
cut tlHmboo with. 3. adj. Crooked, 
ooxcombish. 4. (dakh.) A bended 
trumpet made of brass. 

2- .»»- ojU hdnlc4-chur, b. 9. A fop, a 
a beau, a coxd6mb, a buUj, a bravo. 

2- \jo uLxilj bink'patpif 8. m. A kind 

of fencing with (wooden) dagger and 

«• H. ^iJLC'^ hink-pan, (Hilj and ^) 

8. m. Foppishness, debauchery, dis- 
orderly conduct. 

P' 4—^ J hang, s. f. Voice, shout, out- 
cry, sound ; the voice of the mu'aifin 
calling Muhammadans to prayer ; the 

crowing of a cock. Ijuj vi^L) To 
call Muhammadans to prayer. 
*• ^^C) J hdngi, B. f. A pattern, a muster. 

P y J hinu, B. f. A lady, gentlewoman 
of rank. 

f -yJL hiah, (^r?*) s. f. 1. The arm. 

2. Guarantee, protector or security 
(as, when a person trusts himself in 
the jiower of an enemy, a third person, 
who engHjf(-a to return him to h\» 
house or fort in security, is his ^ihk). 

\y^ ^* J To protect. UJy ^U 
To be destitute of friends or protec- 
tors 'ojf J ^*'j To assist, jjjylj 

U ^j^ To get ready, to prepare. 

A. ^ J bdnty part. act. (from jJu) used 

substantively. A builder, author, in- 
veuto^ founder. 

8. ^U«6Jn», (^n^ r. ^ to Bound) 

a. f* Speech, voice^ language ; name 
of the goddess ^araawail. 

A. P. lOjJlj hdntckir, s. Architect ; com- 
poser, author, beginner, instigaton 
2. ,'j Wo or Mr, (^[^) s. f. Wind, 

air. U^b JjU •'j To prevail over an 
adversary by flattery or invective 
without argument. c»ub aU b. f. 
Sophistry, exaggerated praise of a 
worthless being J^> i^j^, ^^ ^^ 
light estimation. lij«M*'J Wind being 

discharged backwards. UUu a^ f o • u 

To cheHkt, to impose on, to deceive. 
^'^ aU 1, To live in pleasure and 

enjoyment. 2. To court one's inspira- 
tions, t. 0., to protract a miserable 

H. ^U M'o, 8. f. The pox. See Si 

P. LIj hiwd, 8. m. Father. See \j\j 
■J * • • 

S* immUU aU bdl*o-bafa«, b. f. PosBession 
by a demon or devil : misfortune, 
calamity. See C^^%Jum I 

i» 1>«U Wo'Vt^ B. m. 1. Banner, flag, 
standard. 2. A sail* 

P. .alj hiwar^ 8. m. Belief, faith, con* 

fidence, truBt, credjlt. oy jaU To 
believe, to trust, to credit. 
ij^yjV hiwarchi, b. m. A cook. 


lJ^V^ • R. m. A kitchen, cook- 


H. 4^?«b M'on, 8. f. (dakh.) A well : 
See ^^\j 

a. J^^V hro^tml, (^RRI^) 8. m. 

The colic. 
a X^U bro-goli (cfTcTT^ t. e., 

cfFcf Wind, and T\W^ The spleen) 

8. m. The cohVk. flutulenoy, flatu- 
lency with i Hi paired function of the 




2* 3^^^ ha old or hdwala {^0^) adj. 

Mnd, insane, cmzy. 
B. J^U M oU, 8 f 1. A large well into 

which people denoenfl by steps to get 
water. 2. The drag (thing or animal) 
wirh which hawks, dogs, &c. are taught 

to hunt. 3. A trick. 

To initiate, to train. % (dakh.) Name 
of an ear-ring (small). 

8- y^^U hdwan, adj. Fifty-two. 
8 lj^*j hVoni, adj. Dwarfish. . 
H. -^b bronchi, a. (dakh.) A kind of 

Sauda says : — 

^IJ v^l^ 

uj"i u 

U\j ^^ U^j^ 1^ ^ 


A. 8 J M^, 8. f. 1. Virility, manhood. 
2. Coitus. 

f. Jb'j Mfcor or hihir, (^f^^) «dv. 

Withont, out, outside, abroad, away; 
adj. Foreign. 

A. JbU hdhir^ part. act. (•y^) Excelling, 
eminent ; conspicuoas, manifest. 

P. ^b 6a-^atn, ady. Together, mutu- 
ally. According, unanimous, friendly. 

8 ^j^^ hahman, (^f^Fl) •• m. A 

Brahman, a man of the sacerdotal 
class of Hindus. 

8- ^JUJbU lihmani, s. f. The wife of 

a Brahman, a Br&hmaness. 
H. ^JU hM*i, s. * f . 1. Mistress, lady 

(among Maharattas). 2. A dancing 

girl. 8. A woman, i*^ l^^ '• ^' 
The mother bawd. 

I v^lj W« or hd'i, (^nr) 8. f. Wind, 
air, flatulency, rheumatism. 

f. ^UU bdyih, (^^) adj. Left (hand, 
Ao.). s. m. The bass part in music, 
the bass sound (especially, of ^UaL 

vJJjJtJ and ^^.^ which are 

played on with the left hand). ^J[ J 

U>.a|i ^/ !j To acknowledge the cun- 
ning of an artfol person. 

He» who did not bow ^wn to Adam, 
worships the left leg of Shaikh, ».«. 
bows to his superior cunning. 

S^;j biyah, {mS^q or ofrq^) 
s. m. North-west. 

«. ^ijj ^Jj 6i'e birang, iT^^^) 

s. m. Name of a medicinal seed. 
P. Ju»'J:^ Job biyad-o-8hiyad. As it 

should be. 
-• ^^y*:^^ fei'ifl, adj. Twenty. two. 

P. ^lLmj'j li(iyt»fa, (part. pass, of i^X*J^^^) 
adj. Necessary, requisite. 

B. ^^majJ'j bJ'iw, 8. f. 1. The royal 
army (so called, because composed of 
the troops of twenty -two ^yc) 2. A 

command of 22,000 men. Lby |c*»*J^L 
To attack with one's whole force. 
A. j^b 64'/«, part. act. (of ^Jo) A seller, 

H. I^LaJj hrm, 8. f. (dakh ) Woman. 
H. ^GJb hnko, s. f. Woman. 

-• ^^y^ «-^^ ^^'* (or ^'*«) jyoM, 8. m. . 

Flatulence from indigestion, in which 
the wind seems to move about like 
a ball in the bowels. 

P. j^b ba-in. With this. 

P. j'ju ba-bdd' To the wind. 

P. JU babar, B.m. A lion, a tiger. 

H. «^tJ^ httbn, 8. f. 1. Cropped hair, 

tresses. 2. The act of cropping (eRpe- 
ci«lly, the manes of horses). 3. Hair 
of a camel. 

P* v<»f^ babri, adj. Relating to the 
lion or tiger, tiger- coloured. 

I J^ babul, i^^J) 8. f. The name 

of a trpp of the Mimosa kind, (Thore 
are seypral species, but the ci^\Tv\Tcioii^%\. 
is Arabica.) The licaciBi lTe«»,. 




p. |. U Jb uu ha-pi hond. To bo raised, 
established, or pitched. 

«. C^Aj hipat or hipati, I 

f^'-lBS r. 'Tc^ to fall.) 8. f. Adver- 
sity, misfortune, distress. 
a. U^ bip/iarnj, f^i ^ft and •r. | 

go (goes to ruin) (t^T^) v- n. To 

be perverse, refractory, disobedient, 
cross, obstinate, peit. 

P. c:.^ ^ue, (s. ^Xl^) B. m. An idol, 

image, statue: a beloved object, a 

mistress. C:^^«m^ Ul^J ^n idolater. 

^JUi y v:i^ 8. f. Idolatry. Ai'^sarV 

B. m. An idol-temple. 

p. ci-^ kat, B. m. A line drawn to 
distingaish separate names in a cata- 
logue or articles in an account ; a 
mark, a score. 

H. i.**i-* hat. s. m. The worm which is 
destructive to shipping (Teredo). 

a, ci^o hat, contract, of CLj\j A word, 
affair, or of CL>U Wind, generally used 

in composition; as ^ft*^ ^— *^ ^*^' 
hihari, adj. External, foreign. 

a. \jj hitta, (f^n^fiST) b. m. A span. 

H. Uu hutta^ s. m. Overreaching, fraud, 

trick, take in Ibt) ^JU To overreach. 

H. LU hati, s. m. 1. A bamboo lath, a 
thin slip of bamboo. 2. An oblong 
stone on which powders are levigated. 

^f hattiy (dakh.) See Lu 
a. ttJjJ bafci8, (from c^lcl) s. f. Wind, 

sweetmeat, sugar-cakes. 

a. U'JU hat-d^M, Y 

^.^ i 8. m. A kind 

of 8weqf>mea,tf Bagar-cukeB (of a ongy 

texture, or filled with air, as the word 
implies^ ; a bubble. 

H. U'oj ^«^^^. y- a. I (qR?T r. ^^ 

to speak, telling) To point out. to 
shew, indicate* signify, to explain, 
teach, to toll. 2. To appear. 3. s. m. 
An under turband. 4. A small bra!ce- 
let of metal. 

p. Jo hatar, (contract, of yJj) adj. 

oompar. Very bad, worse. 
A. Jj hatar, adj. Mutilated, wanting 
the tail (an animal) ; destitute of good 
qualities. See Jul 

P. XiX>jb hut-kojila, s. m. An idol-temple, 
a pagoda. 

i' JxX) hat»aJc1cgri a<lj> Garrulous : see 

5« •LuxJb hat-Jcahi'o, am. ) A »« ^ j 
a. ^^^ hat.1caht, s. f. ) Word, 

and ^\j^ To say) Loquacity, con- 
versableness, discourse, dialogue. 
H. UStlj hatldn^^ v. a. To shew, ex- 

plain, point out, denote, teach, inform, 
express, signify, adduce, account for. 

See lilx) 

a. Uu hitnS, (r. f cT Pass) v. n. To 
pass, come to pass. 

p. a. Uyb L^xjj To be distressed. 
A. JaJU bat«2, B. f. Jl pure virgin. 

The title of the daughter of Muham- 
mad, Fatma the wffe of Ali. 

H- ijM^ hcUolif 8. f. Buffoonery. 

a ^vV baf-KTu, adj. Talkative: see 

a. l!.'.fU btf/kirni, (cans, of U^^) v. a. 

To cause to scatter, to cause to sprin- 

a. Uljfy hithrindf v. a. To scatter, to 


a. Jo yitti, (^m) 8. f. 1. A candle, 

2. A wick, a match, stick (of sealing- 
wax, &c.). 



H. ^Xj hittti, 8. f. Provision (^r travel- 
«. LjUi hitiiyi, (f?om Uu bi7/J for 

T^Clltn A span) ^. m. A dwarf 
(i.e t a span high). 

i' ^^jfjJ hatiyini, (from \Ju\j A word) 
V. a. To speak, to talk, to say, to 
converse, discourse. 

H. ^mmJUU hatiSt or hattis, adj. Thirty- 

H. W> *i^ hattisd, s. ni. A medicine 

composed of thirty-two ingredients, 
usually given to mares after foaling. 

H. ^ ^u^JJj hattisi, s. f. 1. A set of 


teeth. 2. Any aggregate consisting 
of thirty- two parts, lil^t) ^^«mJUU 

V. a. To shew teeth ; to laugh, to 
scoff or make faces at any one. 

«. lL^ ba*i (r. ^7 or c(>s' Wrap, 
entwine) s. m. 1. Tripe 2. (from 

UL To twist) Twist, fold, plait. 3. 
A wrinkle or fold of the abdomen. 4. 

in compos, a contract, of ^^ J Road . 

as in v^ 


J hat, 8. A weight. 

u. Laj hat^i, s. m. 1. Deficiency, loss. 
2. Exchange or discount : difference 
of exchange, any thing extra. 3. 
Defect, blemish. 4. A ball (of wood 
or stone). 5. A box in which gems 
are kept, a casket. 

H. ULu hitiniy V. a. To scatter, to 
sprinkle. % hatini^ s. (dakh.) A pea. 

f. ^IL hata'u, ('=llfk«h) B. m. Tra- 
veller ; robber. 

f. iP^J^ hatd*i^ (from \juo To twist) 
8. f. Hire paid for twisting ropes, &o. 

■|r(fromr. ^Z Partition) A certain 

share of a crop given the landlord for 

f- y ¥« <>^-^ hat-mogri, s. (dakh.) Jas- 

minum Zambao, double jasmine. 

S *Juu haMy (r. mZ or ^ Wrap 
round, entwine : divide, share) 1. v. a. 

To twist, to form by convolution (as 
ropes) : to divide, share : to gain, to 
make profit. 2. v. n. To be divided, 
to^ be twisted, s. m. An instrument 
with which ropes are twisted. 

5 UJJ hatii^a or hatutvdy r. ^ Sur- 

round, envelop) s. m. 1. A purse, a 
small bag (generally used for holding 
betel-nut, Ac). 2. A brass vessel in 
winch Hindus dresj their food. 

H. \yjj httam, (dim in. of Luu) s. m. A 
son. « 

5 ^j^yjj hat-foird, {r. ^E Divide) s. m. 

A share. 

•• • 

5- (J'^ij hatw4n4y (causal of Ui) v. a. 

To cause to twist, to cause to be 
divided, Ac. 

I. K • 

9. U.^AJ baiormnd, v. a. To gather up, 

collect, purse, accumulate. 
9. }i^jj Mtiva, s. m. A purse : see Ljo 

«. ^y^ hatohi, (from ^JZ A road) 

s. m. A traveller, wayfarer. 
s. UlfL hithdvi, ^ (cans, of L^Llj) 

a. UlfL hiiMind, ) V. a. To cause to 
sit down, to seat, to set, to settle. 

5- ^JLu hapa% (from ULL To twist) 
B. f. The art of making gold thread. 

H. U-u hitiydy (dimin. of j<JU^j) s. f. 
A daughter. 

«. jJUJ hater, (^^) s. f. A kmd of 

P- Iflf] ba-ji. In place ; tit, right, proper, 
accurate, true, properly. 

H. .'.^ hijir, 8. m. A stallion, a bull. 

a. Jl'.asr hij-ili, (see ^) adj. Relatiijg 
to seed. ^ 

p. 5 Li8.flf] ha-ji-ldnd, v. n. To perform, 

■accomplish, execute, to obey. 

**• ^^)^. ha-jan. Heartily; with, in or 
to soul. 

«. U'jae: hajind, (IRJ, r. gi^; to 

sound. A musical instrument) v. a. 
To sound, to play upon an \w^tT\v,TtvfexsL\. 
of music, to beat i,a drum, &c*V 



P. iC^ss^ ha'ji*e adv. Instead, in the 

plaoe of. 
p. a. U Jb tXasT ha-jidd-hondf v. a. To be 

in earnest, io be importunate, to 
insist. ^ 

8. ^asT hajr, (^^i ^3T to go.) s. m. 

1. A thander-bolt. 2. A diamond. 
3. (dakh.) A stone. 4. adj. fiard. 

niiig fall on him, &c. (An expression 
nsed in onrsing any one). 

a. \jSf hajri, (perhaps, from -aC imply- 

ing Hard, heavy) s. m. A boat for 
travelling in, a pleasure boat of a 

larger kind. 

n • 

H. ftju jOf hajr-bat(u, s. ra. Name of a 

fruit. Seeds of umbrella- bearing 

P. JkjSSp ha'jurm. By or for or in the 

f. iJ^jSS^ hajrangif s. f. A kind of 

tilak or mark made on a Hindu's fore- 
head with red lead. 

a. HjOf^ hajra, s. m. See 1^^ 

f. i^rSfC ^V**** 8. f. See ^J^ 

P. Ifl^ ha- jut, prep. With the excep- 
tion, without, besides, except. 

«• i^. ^V^»» (f^raT[ '"• ^ to shine.) 
9.f 1. Lightniuff'. 2. A thunderbolt : 
see ^ 

f- ^i*C hajnij 1. V. n. (in trans, of 

li'os^) To be sonmled, to sound; 2. 
B. m. A rupee (used among brokers). 

|. u^/iflKT hajantarl, (^[^ r. ^pr. 
to sound. A musical instrument, and 

^?U A musician) s. m. One who 
plays on musical instruments. 

p. A. A^iJlfl^ hi-Jinsihi, By kind, in detail, 

H. ti^ hijiit 1. An animal that feeds on 

dead carcasses ; the Indian badger. 2. 
0^4et.J A siuuU-e/ed person. 

H. [ij^^hajorni. To beat hard with a 

* ^ff. hijog, \f%*qt^ from ^ 

not and ^\^ V ^^ to join. Junc- 

tion) s. m. Separation, absence (espe- 
cially of lovers), adj. Separate, parted. 

*• L^y^, hijogi. An unfortunate, a 

miserable perBon. 
H. lJl|flC^ hujhlnd, (trans, of UfaET) v. a. 

To extinguish, to put out, quench; to 
damp, depress or deject (the spirits). 

^i^^^sfT ^^lJ^ To quench thirst. 
a. iJl^flT hujhini, (caus. of U|».y) v. a 

To explain, to make to comprehend, 
to demonstrate, to push as with argu- 
ment, to persuade, assure, instruct, 
signify, to cause to believe. 

§• JL^sSXifflC hiijhbujkavwal, B.m. Enig- 
ma, riddle. 

H. fm^ts^ hujahrS, s. m. A vessel for 
warm water. 

H . U|ar hujhni, v. n. To be extinguish- 
ed, to be put out, to be quenched 
(thirst) to be dejected (the spirits, Ac). 

8. M^ bach, \^^) 8. f. Orris root. 

8. .Irs: hiehir, f^'^\l (1% and r. ^ 

go, move) s. m. Consideration, reflec- 
tion, contrivance, judgment, opinion, 
thou^fht, apprehension, will. 

a. [ijsef^ hichimM, (f^^^^R^) v. a. To 

consider, reflect, think, investigate, 
comprehend, conceive, to judge. 

P. X^lflsT hich4ra, (for 1iJ>^ ^) adj. 


H. u.2^ hachdr^, v. a. 1. (trans, of 

lifiC) To save, to preserve, secure, 
spare, to defend, to guard, to avoid. 

H.^l*^ hachd*o, (from UsC) s. m. Pro- 

tection, defence, safety, security, pre- 
servation, salvation, escape. 

**■ "* i^ji^ hach'pan, (dsf, and ^^)s. m. 
Childhood, infancy. 




p. H. lili^ hach'liinay (perhaps, from 
a^) l.a^lj. Small (generally applied 

to shoes and (Tlotkes). 2. b. m. A 
dancing boj. 

F. H. ^jKrST hach-Ufri, (from dC:sr) 

■. f. A girl adopted by an old pros- 

hach'kaeh, s. m. (dakh.) Plar. 


Infants ; family. 

H. uCsST hichaknif v. n. To be disap- 
pointed, to be balked : to sprain : to ran 
away, to retreat : to withdraw a con- 
sent which has been g^ven. % (dakh.) 
To start, to be afraid or startled. 

«. Ul^* hu'.halni, {f^ and r. ^^ 

Go) V. n. To tarn, to bend, to slip, to 
break one's promise, to infringe. 

B. IWf^ hichamndf v. (dakh.) To vex 
with questions. 

8. ^js^ hachan, (?^ r- ^^ Speak) 

8. m. Speech, talk, word, promise, 
agreement lijy ^^^ To break 

one's word. Ijb J ^^^ To promise, 

A ^ \\ A ^^ To receive a 

to agree. LuJ ^sf, 

promise, lilf^i ^^^ To abide by a 

a promise. Utllb ^ST 1. To promise, 

to agree, to give or pledge or plight 
one's word, to affirm. 2. To break 
one's word or promise. 

n. Ijbc hachni, v. n. To be saved, be 

spared, to escape, avoidj remain un- 
expended, recover. 

P. ab^ hachcha, (^c^ r. ^ to dwell 

or a child till one year's old.) s. m. An 
infant, a child, bantling, the yoang of 

any creature. ^J\d &:^^ s. m. The 

womb. ^j^ ^Jl^ ^sr: The 
Pleiades. ^ ^ "^ ^ 

«. l!'«|ar hiehhini, (trans, of UfsT^) v. a. 

To spread, extend. % s. m. Bed. 

f. l^icC* hachh^i, V^c^l s. m. A calf. 
Sr tj^^, hickhafd, s. m. SeparAtion. 
2 ^ji^, ^ichharni or hichhufni, (f^ 

and r. ^S ^^^') ^' "- To separate 
to be separated. 

a. Ulf^. hichhalna, (1% and r. =^^ 

move) V. n. To be separated, to sepa- 
rate, to slip, slide, slip out of place, 
sprain, turn away the fa«?e. 

3- U^fl^, hichhnd, (perhaps from T^^^ 

*"• ^ Spread) v. n.* To be spread, to 

s. wS/U^. hachchhmg, (^c^P^) 
8. m. Name of a vegetable poison. 

s. ^^ hichchhi, (f %cR) B.*m. A 

scorpion, the sign Scorpio of the 
Zodiac : name of a firework. 

H. Ij^^ hichh'iii or hichhu*^, s. m. 1. A 

sort of dagcrer. 2. An ornament, ring, 
worn round the toes. 

a- bu^flsrbicA^uwfiJ,(cau8. of ui^^ <!• v.) 

V. a. To cause to spread. 
i» >^^i^, bichhauni or hichhonS, (from 

Ij^fl^, q. V.) 8. m. Bedding, bed- 
clothes, bed, carpeting. 

9. |nM^ haehherS, (^r^) 8. m. A 

5- ^j^^. haehheri, (see, ]jJk^Ja.f. 

A foal, filly. 
P. . ^ hachcht, 8. f. (from ^CflC) A 

female young one, a little girl. 
A. v^^a^ hahhU, adj. superl. (from 

L^^^'X^) A great diflputer, contro- 
vertist, arguer. 
A. i^^ae^ 6iAir, s. plur. (of yaC) Seas. 

P. A. fj\as^ ha-hil. In state or condi- 
tion ; adj. Unaltered, happy, flourish- 
ing, in office, restored, confirmed, up- 
held. \jJ (J'-^^ To reinstate, re- 
establish, replace, restore, confirm. 

P- A. iJ''^ ha-hili, s. f. The being in 

state, the being unaltered ; r«^&tora- 
tion, maintenance, being in office or 


A. i^^^ >*cr hahSf 8. f. Inquiry, discus- 
sion, controversy, debate, argument. 
P. A. tX-^ ha-fiadd, or iCtS^:^ ha-hadd-e, 

To the extent, to such an extreme ; to 
such a degroe. 

A. yfl^ hahr,^^. f. m. A sea, a bay, a 

gulf. 2. 8. f. Metre, verae. 3. A fleet. 

A. ^^\j^, huhrdn^ s. m. The orisis of a 


A. ^^JC^ bahrty adj. MaritimOi belong- 
ing to the sea, naval. 

A. ^ -^ lahr-ain, s. dual (of ya^) 

Two seas, the two waters, ♦. c, that of 
the sea and that of rivers. 

p. A. \ ^Uf!^ ha-hisdh, With or in the 


P. A. L^ ^"^^ ha-hash. In the propor- 
tion, according to. 
p. A. AXflST ha-hukm. By command, by 

authority, &o. 
A. S^Afi^ huhaira, (dimin. of *a^) 8. m. 

A small sea, a lake. 
A. .IsET hut^hiry s. m. Steam, glowing 

heat (of the ground or such as is felt 
in fever), vapour, exhalation, fume. 

U^ ij^ Ji) iL^, To entertain 
enmity or malice in the heart. 
P. c^s^ hatAt, s. m. Fortune, luck, 
jJUj T ^^:^J^, s. f. Trial of fortune. 

A. ^**, ^Acr lukht, 8. A sort of camel, 
strong, hairy and with two bunches 
on its back. 

P. **^jJ^ hakhi-itoaVf adj. Fortunate, 

P. ic.«lia^ hakht-iwarif s. f Lucki- 
ness, good fortune. 

P. t%A£C hakht'War or hakJit-ur, adj. 

Fortunate. ^hukAtiir or haihtiir, s. 
Thunder, a roaring lion or other roar- 
ing thing. 

P. , Jia^ lukJitif 8. f. A quick-paced 

camel (generally used to ride on, and 
not for burthens). 

P- iLuflST hakhtyir, adj. Fortunate, 

P. ^jf.ljjia^ ba^-i/«rJ, 8. f. Good 


P. ^wS^ hak7ira,B.m. Share, portion. 

y^ * • 

P. lA^, hakjish, 1. part. act.(^t\A«*»,'*^) 

in compos. Giving, bestowing, for- 
giving. 2. 8. m. Share, portion, lot. 

Ub J ^fi^s:^ To bestow, to forgive. 

P. ^j;ij>L3L-ir hakJisha'ish, (from Lli^. 

^ Juj) 8. f. Forgiveness, a present. 

P. ^ji^Ji,^ hakJiahish, (from ^JoJ^) 

8. f. Gift, donation, grant, boon, 
gratuity, present, pardon, forgiveness. 

\jJd . JlAfiT To reward. 

P. H. |jLi*i: hakJuh-ni, v. a. To give, to 
grant, to bestow, to forgive, to pardon. 

p. Jl^uLJlsC^ hathsh'nima, s. m. A deed 
of gift. 

P- gJJLtfcgC bakhshanda, part. act. 
(^JaAflSr) Giver, bestower, par- 
doner, donor. 

P' ly^ufl^ hakhshij s. m. A general, 

a commander-in-chief. (Lit, a pay- 
master ; but, in Muhammadan armies, 
the office of the latter is generally 

united with that of general). ^J^i^^ss^^ 

Ll-xILiXl A title or rank equivalent 
to commander-in-chief. ^l». 

A •. 

The pay-office, the general's office. 
2. (in compos.) s. f. Giving, forgiving. 

A. (JflET bukMj 8. m. Avarice, stinginess. 

P. A. u-5A^ ba'kJiildf, In opposition, 
contrary (to). 

P. ic^^fiST ha-kJtiibi. With goodness, 

well, in a good manner. 
P. J^i: ha-kh^d. In self, by self, of 

A. i^aC hakJiiir, a. m. Perfume, odour, 

A. ^'jjJ^^ ba'khair. With good, for good, 





A. (JjldsT hakAtl, (from J*a^) adj. Miser, 

niggard, stiDgj. 
A. ^ijdiC ia*d«^', (*rom Jjd^) b. f- 

StiDginess, parsimony^ avarice, 
p. 4e!^. 6a^t|/a, s. m. A kind of Btitoh- 

ing, a strong quilting ; a stitched cloth. 
P. Jj bad, adj. Evil, bad. Jl^l Jo adj- 

Unfortanate^anderabadstar./^A^I Jj 
adj. Of bad habits. (J^^ljo adj. 
Low-born. uUU£ ) Jj adj. Mistrust- 
ful. JUil Jo adj. Of bad deeds. 
jJiijJl Jo adj. Evil-minded, malici- 
ous, malevolent. «jJ90 Jj adj. Evil- 
minded. iJ^'j *^ s* ^« Malice, 

ill- nature, s ** -^ Jo adj. Unlucky, 
nnfortunate, wretched, rascally. 

|JlflSr Jo 8. f. Misfortune, bad luck, 
adversity. «J Jo 1. adj. Fetid. 2. 
B. f. Stink. JJ^P J^ adj. Not con- 
trolling one*s inclinations and passions, 
intomperatet ^JjJ^r^ ^ B* ^' ^^' 

temperance, excess, ir*'^ *V *^J* 
Senseless, stupified, in consternation. 
^^Mi1^»- Jo 8. f. Stupidity, sense- 
lessness. JL3>> Jo or v^ A^i^ jj 
adj. Bad in disposition. ^Jil > - Jo 

8. f. Bad disposition f evil nature. 
^ Jo adj. Of bad habits. ^)^ Jo 
adj. Wishing evil, malevolent, ill- 
wisher. <J^ U^ J^ 8. f. Ill will, dis- 
affection, malevolence, enmity, hatred. 
|J»»- Jo 8. f. Unmannerliness, bad- 
ness of disposition, ill-nature. LcJ Jo 
s. f. A curse, imprecation. Jfc> Jo 
adj. Suspicious, evil-minded. cX^d Jo 

adj. Dissatisfied, displeased with every 
thing. ^cLeJ Jo 8. f. Ill-will, displea- 

sure. Ju J Jo adj. Ill-8haped, clumsy 
CJ-t> Jo adj. Low-born, of bad dis* 

position, of bad breed, base, wicked, 


oijjo s. f. Baseness, 

wickedness, vitiousness, villainy. Jo 
^ju; 1. adj. Indecent (speaker), 
abusive. 2. s. f. Indecent language, 
abuse. jJ^j Jo s. f. Abuse. Jo 

^\**4 s. f. An unlucky moment, 
w^ Jo Ill-disposed, ill-natured. 

JlC*j Jo adj. Evil-minded, malig- 
nant. ^JLm Jo s. f. Misbehaviour, 

maltreatment, abuse. CI^jJUm ^ adj. 

Ill-tempered, ill- disposed. (Jm Jo 

adj. Ill-sl^aped, ill-looking. s^LJjyo Jo 
*^j- ^^^y* clumsy, ill-conditioned. 
iJjyc Jo s. f. Ugliness. CI^jLxL «3o 
adj. Malevolent, iniquitous. ^JuuJo Jo 

8. f. Malevolence, iniquity, ^t Jo 
adj. Suspicious. J^ Jo adj. Faith- 
less, treacherous. ^Jio Jo Evil-doer. 
2LiJf Jo had-qawira. 111. formed, ill- 
mannered. tO Jo or I'l^f^ Jo adj. 

Evil-doer, sinful, wicked. • SiJo Jo 

adj. Impious, irreligious. ^jLj ^ 

adj. Suspicious* mistrustful. r\S ^ 

adj. Of bad origin, bad by nature, 

unprincipled. aIw Jo adj. Not obedient 

to the reins (a horse), hard-mouth- 
ed. ^ij.«Jo adj. lU-tempcred. Jo 

^Jj^ 8. f. 1. Tastelessness. bad 

taste, nauseousness. 2. Coolness bet- 
ween friends. Cl^w^u^ Jo adj. In- 
toxicated, dead drunk. iJi'jc* Jo 

adj. Of a bad profession or way of 
life, of an infamous trade, immoral. 

A^^JL^ Jo adj. Unfair in dealing. 


li Jo adj. Infamous, of bad repute. 

[iS ^'J JoTo as^peTF-^ VM^ . ^^l^m^ 




l«^l) Jj s. f. Infumj, scandal. 

(J^ Jj 1. adj. Of a bad race or 
breed. 2. A bastard. L..^w^^ Jj adj. 
Unfortunate? «^JaJ Jj s. f. Bad- 
ness or wicl^edness of look. d\^ Sj 
adj. Ill-disposed. ^jjL^i Jj s. f. 
Badness of dt&position, ill-u^tnre. 
Lll^o^i 43j adj. Of bad intentions, 
malevolent. |<X>J fcX^ b. f. Badness 
of intention, ill-will, malevolence. 
«^M Jj adj. Evil-disposed. «3j 

_«^* s. f. Bad disposition. ^4uflib iXJ 

8. f. Indigestion. |^^, Jj adj. Ill- 
omened, nnpropitioas. ^^kc, iXJ s. f. 
Bad omen, bad luck. 

u. Jj had, s. f. A bul>o, a syphilitic or 

pestilential swelling of any of the 

«. Jj hid, (or, dakh. had for T5R5 A hole). 

8. f. A little pit into which children 
in play endeavour to throw balls or 

8. Jj hadi, (^T^ r. f^Hir moon,) s. f. 


Tho wane of the moon. 

2. 1 Jj hid'i, (f^5[nT or o|j>^) 8. f. 

Dismission, taking leave, farewell, 
adieu. [jJ Ijj To bid farewell, to 


«. IjJ hadi, (T^^) 1. adj. Pre- 

destined. 2. s. m. Fate, destiny, the 
divine decree. 

i\i f^Sj\Si hadahadt, adv. With emu- 
lation or rivalship, contentiously. 

r. ^j\s^ hadan, (for L-; with ^1) 

By that, for or from that. • 

A. CI^^ft1J^ hadihat or hudihat, s. A 
thing happening unexpectedly. 

A. Cl^.'<^ hadiyat, s. f. Beginning. 
A. «^ljj badi7'> f^' plur. (of J^iuJj) 

P. J> Jj bo<i-far, adj. compar. Worse, 


P' ^Ll»-Jj badoJM«/i$r^. Name of a 

country famous for the production of 

A. . Jj hadr, s. m. The full moon. 

P. .Jj ha-dar^ adv. Without, out, out 

of doors, 
p. A. &».j6j ha-darja. In or to tho 

A. ^tJo hadriqa, s. m. 1. A guide, 

convoy or guard on the road. 2. A 
fellow-traveller. 3. Any thing ordered 
to be taken with a certain medicine 
(as water gruel with salts), a vehicle 
(in medicine). 

P. 5m<J^ hadar-rau,B. f. A drain, sewer, 

kennel, channel. 
A. Si Jo hadra, s. m. A bag of money; 

a weight of ten thousand dirhems. 
P* UI^^AM Jj hi'dist, 8. A span. 

P- t^Ui Jj ha-dastur. As usual, according 

to custom, in the manner, customarily. 

A. e:^cJj hid' at, 8. f. The introduc- 

tion of novelty or change in religion, 
heresy, innovation ; wrong. 

A. ^AC Jj btd'af.J, adj. Tyrant, oppressor. 

H. Lo Jj hidaknifjV. 1. To start; shy; 
startle. 2. To take flight. 

A. J Jo badal, s. m. Exchange, substitu- 
tion, retaliation ; (postpos.) In ex* 
change, for, on account of. LLw J Jo 
To exchange, to take in exchange. 

P. J Jo ha-dil. With heart, heartily. 

A. J Jo hadli, s. m. Exchange, lien, 
stead, a substitut^^ recompense, return, 
compensation, revenge, requital. 

UjklJjov. a. 1. To alter. 2. Tore- 
*• . 

taliate, take revenge. jJj^ In ex- 
change, in return for. 

H. Xjo J^dli, 8. m. (dakh.) A (leathern) 

bottlo or vessel for holding oil or 




A. If. USjj hadl4ni,(cskua. of US Jo) v. a. 
To canse to alter, to change. 

1. H. Uljj badal-na, J. a. To change, 

exchange, alter. 
A. aJ Jj hadla, s. m. Sed Jjj 

«. ^JIjJ hadli, (dimin. of Jj'j) 8. f. 

1. Clondiness. 2. A small bitof cload. 
A- (j*"^ 6ad?J, 8. f. Exchange, relief 

(of watches). 
H. ^ Jj 6i«f ?7,/ B. f. (dakh. from X Jj 

q. V.) A small (leathern) bottle. 
A« ^Jj hadan, s. m. The body. 

«. li Jj 6adnJ, (^'T Saying) v. a. 1. 

To wager, to bet. 2. To settle, to pre- 
destinate, to take (as witness), to 
obey, to acknowledge, to agree, not to 

A. jc* Jj hadanif adj. Corporeal. 

A'^«>J hadn, 8. f. 1. Beginning, appear- 
ance. 2. The desert. 
p. A. vji^.jj ha-daulat. By the fortune, 

by the bounty, by the means : in or 
with empire or fortone. 

^' U3*^ hidun, prep. Without, besides, 

A. (^^Si hadawlf adj. Of the country 

or desert; an Arab of the desert, a 

8- X Jj hudhi or huddhi or hudh. ?T^ 

(r. ^cj Understand) s. f. Sense, 

knowledge, wisdom, understanding, 
intellect, discretion. 

s. SJj hudhf V^^) 8- m- !• A. wise 

or learned man, a sage* 2. The planet 

Mercury. 8. Wednesday. % ^5 

huddha. The ninth avatir or Bindu 
incarnation : a learned man, a sage. 

8. ^IJ^JJ huddhi-min, (^f^['TR[) adj. 

Wise, sensible, intelligent. 

«. 'JcbJj hadhm, 1. (^^) v. a. To 

smite, kill. 2. 

(^) T. 

n. To in- 

crease, grow : see Uftjj f btd/inj, (r. 

T^^ or intransitive of UubJUO) v. n. 
To be pierced or perforated. 

H. UJbJj bad^n^, s. m. A kind of pot 

with a spout to it, a vosiel for drink- 
ing water from. 

H. ^JUbJj hahdni, s. f. A small pot 

with a spout to it : see UJb Jj 
8. ilybJj hudha-wiry s. m. Wednesday. 

a. ^JJ haddhi, (3^^ or ^^) s. f. 

An ornament worn round the neck^ 
hanging down to the waist and cross- 
ing behind and before ; a belt, a sash, 
brace (of a carriage, &c.). A weal, 
the mark of a stripe or lash. 

P. f^S} hadiy (from Jj) s. f. Badness, 

>\'ickednoss, evil, ill, mischief. 

B. bjj hidyd, f^?ir («•• fsR Know) 
8. f. Science, knowledge, intellect. 

8. ^j-^J>Jo hides f ("Ul^^) 8. m. A 
foreign country, another country. 

8. j<***J J^ lidesi, (i>*.J',Jj) adj. Foreign- 
er, foreign, abroad ; wretched. 

A. «-J) J^ bodily (from c Jj) adj. Novel, 

wonderful, rare, curious, strange. 

J»^««r' ^,i3J Of rare or wonderful 
A. ^Jj hadiha, 8. m. 1. An extem- 
pore, an impromptu, any thing done 
without meditation, an unexpected 
event. 2. An axiom. 

A. L<*-> vXj hadihi, 1. adj. Unpremedi- 
tated, apparent, self'oWdent. 2. s. f. 
An axiom. 

A. Jbijj hi-»iti'hi, adv. By its own 

essence, of itself, of himself, personally, 

A.j.JJ hazr, 8. m. Seed. S j^ A 

A. Mjj hazlf 8. m. Expense, gift, munii 

A. a;Ijj hanla, s. m. A jest, raijlery, 





A. -> }iarr^ s. m. Dry land, a desert. 
H. jj bur, 1. 8. f. Pudenda foemina). 

8. jj bar, (^) 1. 8. m. A choice, a 

boon, a bleQ3ing, a good. 2. A bride- 

P* y^ bar, 8. f. J.. Bosom, breast. 2. 
Fruit. 3. prep. On, up, above, upon, 
at, in. 4. part, (from ^^'^jO Bear- 
ing, taking away. U!^ v. n. To 

com^np, come fortli ; be successful, 
be obtained, be accomplished, to abs- 
tain. US^ V. n. To extract, get 

out, produce, exhibit, fnlfiV accomplish, 
yield. c^tSl^y or ^j-Xcj On 

the contrary, in spite (of), in opposi- 
tion. Qsr^j or ^y^y. or ^^^^j> 

Opportune, seasonable, apropos, appo- 
site, &c. in the nick of time. 

A. j) tirr^ 8. A fox's cub. 

H. 1^ turd, adj. Bad, worse, naught, 
ugly. Uijlj^ y. n. To be unpleasant. 

UJL«ljJ v. a. To take amiss or ill or 
as an affront, to be displeased. 
P- jl J lar-i'har, adj. Abreast, even, 

level, plain, uniform, smooth, like, 
alike, up to, opposite, over against, 
equal, on a par, adequate, correspon- 
dent, suitable, exact, accurate, straight. 

\i\ jj)j» To overtake, y ^r*** y 'y 

adj. Equal, alike. 

P. vJj^'y har^i'bart, s. f. E<iuality, 

» rcspondence, emulation, rivalry, com- 

§■ C-^1^ harat, {^\^) s. f. The marriage 

procession. • 

A. CLi>M harat, s. f. A commission, a 

warrant, decree, assignment, letter; 
name of a suit at cards. 

P. H^b harit, r. f. 1. Cheque. 2. The 
fourteenth day of the month Sha*yir\, 

which is appropriated to the com- 
memoration of ancestors. 8ee *-t^-^^ 

CL^i.^ (which ]|}ame the day more 

commonly bears). 

- L5^'y harat}, (^fcll) s. m. .The 

company and attendants at a marriage. 

8. cib hirat, 8. m. 1. (f^U^) The 

embodied spirit. 2. (f^TF^) A 

5 Ud-b hirijni, (fsf and r.^J^ Shine) 

V. n. To be conspicuous or splendid ; 
to enjoy one's self; to live in health, 
ease, content and independence. 

P- ifc)iy hiradarf (or, harddar) s. m. 


P- Jbl.t)!^ hiradar-ina, adj. or adv. 

Brotherly, like a brother. 

P- 8 JK.Jl J birfdar-fljda, s. m. A bro- 
ther's son, a nephew. 

P- %^jt^^ji hiradari, (from »*^'y) 1. s. f. 

Brotherhood, fraternity, relationship, 
company. 2. adj. Brotherly, 

A. »Jm hurada, 8. m. Filings, sawdust. 

P . 1 -J har-dr, ( j Up, and part. act. of 

^fc>.» I To bring) Bringing or bearing 

up ; accompUsher, performer, produ- 
cer, raiser up, taker, bearer. 

A. :i-j hardZy properly hirdZj s. m. 1. 

Stool, motion, excrement, fsDcea. 2. 

H. ir-M huris, s. f. (1-^) Badness, 

evil; anger, displeasure, vexation, 

P. JLU^ 1^ har-ishufta, adj. See jiii^ I 

P« JU>.«yljJ har-afrokhta, (part, pass.) 

adj. Inflamed, set on fire. 
A. ^]ji huriq, n. prop. The ass on 

which Muhammad is said to have 
passed from Jerusalem to heaven. 

A. ^]^ harrifi, (from ^.j) arlj. Flash- 
ing, shining, brilliant. 




(*• J^^v^ har-^ma^, 8. f. Coiniug up, 

cominf? or going out or fortli, egress, 
out-going, oxitfCruytion, source, issue, 

P- S«X«I .J bar-Jrmzda, s.'m. A verandah, 

balcony, porch, gallery, eaves. 

** Kj^f, ^^rran, (from y;^^) part. 

Cutting, sharp. 
P- I'lJo! J bar-ttiwZjz, part. act. (of 

^i^l jJij) Overturning, destroying. 

P ^i*'r^ bar-aunt rd or -^xoavd,, s. f. 

Calculating, estimating* considering 
beforehand what may be necessary for 
a feast, &c., an estimate, a casting up. 

8. ijJ^M "hrlhman (or, hxrihmarC) (^f" 

^vi|) 8. m. A Brl/iman. 
/ .> 

H. jJI^ bwrJJ, (from \S) s. f. Mis- 
chief, badness, evil, dissension. 

P. ^^J{ hari*e, adv. By reason of, on 

account of, for the sake of, for. 

A. IjIj hariySt 8. plnr. (of <Xjj) Crea- 
tures, people, nobles. 

P. jb^ har-hSd, adj. ^ ^ on j'j 

Wind. See jU-t (Given) to the 
winds; thrown away, lost, wasted 
destroyed, laid waste, ruined. 4) J«J 

\X}d or \iX jljy To give to the 

winds, throw away, lose, waste, ruin, 
destroy, &o, liJb Ju jJ To be thrown 

away, misApplied, or lost. 
H. ^j J larhartf 8. f. A large kind of 

goat (from Barbary). 
p. ^Y> harhap, s. f. A kind of harp or 


p. H. [Xibj U J bar-pi rahni. To con- 
tinue firm or standing. 

P. 9. \jS [jji har-pi kami, v. a. To 

raise, to pitob, to establish, to set on 
foot, to cause, to occaaiou, to introduce. 

p. a. uyb IjJ har-pi /ioni, v. n. To bo 

raised, set on foot, pitched, estab- 
lished, produced, occasioned. 

2- <^^*^ harat, 1. (^cT) 8. m. A meri- 
torious act, a fast, a vov, a religious 
rite or penance. 

8. ej.> hritti, (ff%) 8. f. Livelihood, 
stipend, pension, income, estate. 

5. Ij-J hirfi, (T^T^) 8. ni. Substance, 

ability, power. 
8. C:^'oj h'itjnt, or hrittint, (JtTTc^) 

8. m. Intelligcnco, tirliiigs, narration, 
story, history, tojnc, mode, circum- 
stance. Ju Cl^o'Jj The record of a 

< decision given by a panchzyat. 

P. jijj har-tar, adj. High, higher, supe- 
rior, excellent. 

P. ^fji haV'tarJ, s. f. Excellence, supe- 

H. ^yj hartarif s. m. A dish, plate 

basin, &c., vessel, utensil. 
H. UJ-j hartntl, v. a. To use. 

A. ^ ^ hurj, 8. m, 1. A bastion, tower, 

bulwark. 2. A sign of the zodiac, a 

s. ^ hraj, (or hrij or hirj) \W^) 

8. m. Name of adistrict, containing the 
several villages of Mathura, Goknl, 
Brindavan, &c. being about 1G8 miles 
in circumference. 

P. l»>.^ har-ji. In place; accurate, 

right, true. 
P. JuLmu>-.J har-joittaf (from j Up an^ 

^jLmj^ To leap) adj. Opportune, 

upropos, right, exact, prompt. 
H. U^ jJ harajnd, v. a. To forbid, to 

A. j<^»J burjly 8. f. A small tow#(, a 

turret; the cut- water to the \ner of 
a bridge. 





li, 8. m. / 

/i/l?, 8. f. J 

A (long slen- 
der) spear, a 

P. , M*-A^-jJ bny^, 8. A name of the 

planet Japiter 
H. '»^5fc-yJ barc/i/ii 

javelin, darjb. 
* cis^»- -J hirchhik, s. m. see U-$^**V 

H. C:^^J^?-^? harchhait, (from ^J^^^) 
8. m. A Bpearman. 

P. A. 2^^ bar-/ia^5. In truth, by right, 

rightful ; incumbent, inevitable. 
P. CI^^'^jJ bar-k5 j«f, (from ^JxtM^y) 
a. f. Rising up, recalling or removing 
from office, recall. Uyb iJ^0^s**X^j) 

V. n. To rise or break up (as an 

p. j^ji har-kJi\ir, adj. See .'J^^^ 

P. dj^ji^ har-kJi^rd, 8. f. Sacces8, the 

obtaining one's desires. 
p. ilji*^iJ har-kJi\ir'ddr, adj. Happy, 

enjoying long life and prosperity. 
(Male children are thus called, enjoy- 
ing the fruits of life.) 

p. ^^^Ji harl^e, s. A little, somewhat, 

a small part. 
A. \j^ji harkAiyi, 8. Name of the 

father of Aaafj the minister of Solomon. 
p. 4>-j hurdt (from M^«^y) b. ^» 1- A 

bearing, carrying. 2. A term used at 
chess when the king only, on one side, 
remains on the board ; (hence, also) 
an opportunity of making some ac- 

^' df> hard, 8. f. A kind of sheet with 

stripes, especially manufactured in 

Yaman called •JW-'^r^ 
A. dj^ hard, s. m. Cold, frigidity. 
P. ilJ^ har-dSr, part, in compos, (from 

^^jiji,\dji) Take up, carrier, bearer, 
holding or raising up. 

P. Cl^by har-disht, {ivom ^Jx^^i^jj) 
B. f. Endurance patience. C^^ (3 •^ 
MS To endure, to bear with patience. 

P. ^uLllj^ har-ddshta, part. pass. 

(^JLi,l4)j) Raised up, elevated; re- 

P. jMi^fJ hurd'har, adj. Burthen-bear- 
ing ; forbearing, patient, mild. 

P. L^jMi}fi hurd'hari, s. f. Bearing of 

burthen ; forbearance, patience. 
P. Jul>->JjJ har-do^ta^ part. pass- 
See 4Ud^^J 

P. X J.J hardoy 8. m. and f. A captive, 

a slave. Lj^'^j^ ^*^ri -^ slave mer- 

A. • \jj harzaMt am. Interval, par- 
tition, separation ; the time and state 
of man from death till tho resurrec- 

P- ^if jJ harsan, s. A street or quarter 
of a town, a desert or plain* 

-' LJ^J^ haras, (^) b. m. Rain; a 
year. ^fAj'o ir^y S- ^» The cere- 
mony of tying a knot on the anniver- 
sary birthday of a child ; birthday. 

a. CLjLiJ harsit, (^W) b. f. The 


Rainy. 2. s. f. The name of a dis- 
order in horses, the farcy (blisters, 
or pustulous eruptions that usuRlly 
attack cows and horses in the rainy 
season, breaking out over the head 
and neck and upon the fore and hind 

8. lJ^j^ hrischik, (ff^) B. m. A 

scorpion; Scorpio (the sign of the 

a. UuiJ harasncl^ (^^) v. n. To rain. 

"' U j**}^ haraS'toin, adj. Annual, anni- 




§r i^yi harsif (^f t ^Qpi) 8. m. Annual 

ceremony in commemoration of de- 
ceased relations. ^ 

P- ij^fi hurrisk, (from iO*^.r^) 8. f. 

f- ^^j^ hirishta, part. pass, (of (^-^ r^) 

Fried, broiled. 
R Jl^y harshkil or harashkil, ^^~ 

^n^ (from ^ Rain, and ^IT^ Sea- 
son) 8. m. The rainy season, the rains. 
A* ^jCjJ haratf s. m. Leprosy. 

P. A. ^JUo-J har-tahaq. On the ground. 

by reason, in the event. 
P. A. i^j^Oj} hir-tarafj adj. Aside, 

apart, dismissed. MS i^^Oji y. a. 

To dismiss, discharge, turn off, 

cashier, discard. Ijjt ^ *,^,* v. n. 

To be dismissed, discharged, turned 
off, or cast aside. 

P. A. fjjoj} har^tarfi, (j^Jtj>) s. f. 

Dismission, discharge. 

P- ^— *r^ ^1^1 i 8. m. f. Ice, snow. <>— 3«J 

^j^j^ ft<ij. Iced, cooled in ice. 

^' cJr^ tar/7, s. f. A kind of sweetmeat, 

adj. Icy, snowy. 
A. Qj} harqy s. f. Lightning. ^ j 

JiJj] A matchlock man, a musketeer. 

^- ^ji hurqa\ (or <X*5-j) s. m. A 

dress or kind of veil with eye-holes to 
it, covering the whole body from head 

to foot. ij«*y ^^yi ^^^ ^^° wears 
a hurqa\ 

^ ^^^ 

A. Cl?l^ barakif, plur. (of Ci^i^j) 8. f. 
Blessings, auspiciousness, prosperity. 

CL.9D.J u adj. Fortunate, prosper- 
ous, fortunate in every undertaking and 
communicating good fortune to every 
thing one is concerned in, productive 
of advantage and saccess. 


A. yj^jjj barakat, s. f. Blessing, abund. 

ance, prosperity. [X)^} <^^ri To 
bless, to prosper. 
A. iSji birkaj s. m. A "pond, a small 


8. ^jj hrikh (f^) 8. m. A bull ; Tau- 
rus/the sign of the Zodiac). 

P- i^ji harif, 8. m. 1. A leaf. 2. War- 
like apparatus, provision or necessa- 
ries for a journey. 3. A musical in- 
strument. 4. Melody. (Plur.^lyfj). 

t>S t^ O Leaf of a rose : (met.) the 
lip of a mistress. 
H. If-j hargd, s. m. A rafter. 

H- C^o*^ haragaty a. m. The Bengal 
fig- tree : see ^ 

P. U Jo Ji -J har-guzida, part. pass. Cho- 
sen, selected, elect. 

P. M/uN.y har-gaahta-'gl, s. f. Retro- 
cession, inversion, turning back, apos- 
tasy, abjuration. 

P. XxJjSj} har-gashta, part. pass. Turn- 
ed, changed, inverted, turned back, 
apostatized, rebelled. 

H. I J hurlif 8. m. A wasp. 

a. ij) hirld (w?>) adj. Scarce, un- 
common, rare, wonderful. 
H. '.^ J harmi, s. m. A kind of gimlet 

or borer worked with a string; an 
auger, a drill. 

H. lj'w«^ baz-mlnJ, V. a. To bore. * 

s. l!l>«p hirmdnd (causal of *^t^) v. a. 

Jo stop ; to t«me, to reduce to obedi- 
ence, to allure. 

P. 5U^ harmali adj. Public, conspi- 

8. ^^ harun (^^) s. m. 1. Th^e'god 
of water. 2, l^ame oi «k U^e. 




J. ^yJ haran, 1. {^^) 8. m. Colon r, 
sort, class ; one of the four tribes 
among the Hindus {viz. 1, S^F^^I 2, 

?ar%I 3, -^?q 4, 51^) 2. A 
letter of an. alphabet. 3. Praise, des- 
cription. 4. ('sK*(^ ) con]. Moreover, 

but even, rather, \jJ ^y {^^) 

To hire a priest for the perfonnance 
of a sacrifice or any religious ceremony. 

P. \ij} hamif s. m. A youth. 

P. ^ji hirinj\ s. m. I. (or hiranj) Rice 

(freed from the husk). 2. Brass. 

I * * 

P. ^^j\apyj hirinj'drl, (ff\i Rice, and 

. I Bringing) s. m. One who follows a 
camp with grain. 

8. Ijjy hrindi, (f 3[r) B. f. A plant 

worshipped by the Hindus, commonly 
called TuUi, 

|. ^IfcjJjJ hrindi-han, s* ra. Name of 

a place in the vicinity of Mathuri, and 
the scene of Krishna's sports with the 

P. SJi*^ harandoy part. act. (of ^*^t^) 

Bearing; bearer. 
«. ^Sm ^J ham-sankar HwW«h<) 

8. m. A person of a tribe originating 
in the intercourse of a man of one 
tribe with a woman of another. 

P. ^^j3 ha'tang. In the manner. 

f. SU ^jji hama-mm (T^^M) s. f. 
An alphabet. 

«. ^j} haman (c^^lH) p. m. Descrip- 
tion, recital, explanation, praise. 

5. ^j) larant OT haruni (^^'^ll) B.#f. 

An eyelash. 
H. ^ji himi, 8. f. 1. A wasp. 2. A 

smitdl grain. 
''-jf^ haru, s. (dakh.) 1. The reed used 

for writing with, A rundo karka. 2. A 
tube, pipe, conduit, canal. 

H. u J hirwa.^ s. m. A plant, a tree. 

P. V^^4t^ burjif, 8. f. Whiskers, mus- 

A. ^ • J hurujf B. plur. (of ^ y ) Bas- 
tions, towers, signs of the zodiac, 

A. CU(3«.J huriidaff s. f. Coldness, cool- 

5- ^^f^ri ^^^^9> v**^ ^^^ ^m Junction) 
8. m. Separation, absence. 

«. jS^jJ hirogan (f^qtf^) adj. f. 
Separated, distressed from separation. 

5. iJ^ji hirogi, (l^nf^) adj. Separ- 
ated, absent (from the beloved). 

P* iX)l««*i haru'mand, adj. Fortunate, 

P. ij**^ hir«h, adv. (contract, of ijjjn!^) 

Without ; the outside. 
P. S^ haray 8. m. A lamb, a kid. 

A. ^Jjbf^ hurhSnt s. m. Demonstration, 

8. v^, -t-">>.« briAflRpo^t, (???TTc1) 

s. m. 1. The regent of the planet 
Jupiter identified astronomically with 
the planet : in mythology he is the 
preceptor of the gods. 2. Thursday. 

a. XxXkmJbji hnhaspatihir, (?$^4lc1-" 

^TT) 8. m. Thursday. 
8. j^y} hrahm or hrahma, (^5f) God, 

the cause and essence of the world 
from which all things are supposed to 
proceed and to which they return. 

P. A^bfJ har-ham, (together) adj. 1, 

Confused, jumbled together, entangled, 
spoiled. 2 Angry, vexed, offended. 

sullen. A^ji^ f^T^ ^^i' ^'^^CLiigled, 
confused, topsy-turvy. ^dj M^f> 
8. mf Confusing, mixing together, 
striking together. SJj ^^ Con- 




fased, convulsed, tamed topsy-tui-vy. 
UJ ^ji "^ exciter of quafriols, an 

embroiler. ^j i^jJ s. f . 1. Em- 

broiling, confusing. 2. Interference, 
lyevention, putting a stop to. 

8. Ij^ J hrahmi (^5IT) s. m. The Deity in 

the character of Creator, or matter 

B. ^cXs^j^ hrahmaehSriy (?^m) 

8. m. A religions student, a Brih- 
man from the time of his investiture 
with the sacerdotal thread till he be- 
comes a householder, a person who 
coniinnes with his spiritual teacher 
studying the Veda, a Fandit learned 
in the Veda, an ascetic. 

§. ^^y> brahman or harahman or birah- 
man, n. prop. Brahman. A See 

P* iJ^f> harahnagl, s. f. Nakedness. 

P> ^Uftji harahna, adj. Naked. 

A. ^Cji hart (from » j) adj. Acquitted, 

/ • 

free, clear, guiltless, innocent. ^c•J 
JLciVil Free from chargiB or obligation, 

A. ^^ barrf, adj. Belonging to the 

dry land, to the forest or desert ; wild, 
p. ^l> Ji btryan or (biVtyin) adj. Fried, 

roasted, broiled, parched, grilled; 
bnmingf consuming. 

P. ,«i'j *{ biriyini, s. f . Name of a dish 

made of flesh, rice, Ac. 

P. i-ifcVJ Ji bittidani, adj. Fit or deserv- 
ing to be cut. 

P- S JJ mi bttrtda, part. pass, (from 

^Jj t^) Cut, amputated, clipped, s. 
Fields cut by stealth by a cnltivator. 

^Jijijt/ ^*''*' ^•^** ^'~™ u^y) 

Overcome by and yielding to mis- 
fortune or an enemy. 

P- jhmJ rf hareshanif s. See ^i^i^ jJl 

P. ^ji hartn, adj. High, sublime. 

a. y bar, (for ^Z) s. m. The Ben- 
gal fig-tree. . 

«• \y hari, (^^) adj. Large, great, 

big, senior, elder, eldest, principal &o, 

<Jy 1/^ °' ™' "^^^^ ^^^^ > ^^^^ applause. 

^jfc) kj 8. m. lit. A long or great day. 

ChriHtmas day. LJ^ IjUw. ^Jj To die. 

l) J^ \Kj 1. To enlarge, to e^alt, to 

promote. 2. To extinguish, to put 
ont (a lamp, &o, as to use the direct 
phrase is deemed unlucky). 

H. hi bari, (s. ^ or ^^) 8. A sort 

of spiced bread or biscuit, made of the 
flour of the chickpea, coriander, cumin 
and fenugreek seeds, pounded capsicum 
and salt, all kneaded together with 
water into a paste, which is then 
formed into round cake and fried in 
butter for use. 

- kJ^J^ ^^^"^ (^^^) 8- '. 1. Creat- 
ness, excellence, bulk, bulkiness, big* 

ness. 2. Magnifying, boasting. i3^ji 
U.Lo li \jJ To extol, to magnify, to 
boast, to vaunt. 
a. i^Jj hurhura, s. m. A bubble, (see 

«. Ulj^^ harharina (from *jjj) v. a. To 

mutter, grumble, chatter nonsense, 
talk light-headedly, rave. 

5- ^j^^J barman, ) (from I^) 8. m. 

2- ^J^ji bar-pani, ) Greatnes«, 
grandeur, dignity, superiority. 

5- H. Wjb^ burhd-pa (from lit"y) s. m. 
\)ld age. 

«. USlft^J harhi-l4ni, v. a. To bring 
forward, to lead on (an army). 

«. U'jbjJ barMni (trans, of UaJj) v. a. 

1. To increase, enlarge, lengthen 
niake advance, !orv««xd, ^x«\\.,«\^nk\a 




» • 

raise, promote, extend. 2. To extin- 
jruish. 3. To shot up (a shop). 4. 
To rexnoTe the tablecloth. 

- J^J^ larhi'o (from Ufcjj) s. m. Pro. 

longation, advancement, increase, en- 

H. i/^o^JS^ hurh-bhaSf adj. Affecting 
in old age the manners of yonth. 

-^' > (from Ulbjj 

-' L.^^J^ harh-tif 8. f . J 

%fiS^J) Increase, augmentation, over- 
plus, * more, promotion, aggrandize- 
ment, elevation, advancement. 

H. (Jjtjj harhaly s. Name of a small 
round fruit. 

- ii/^ji harhan, a. f. A carpenter's 
"Wife. See ^^ji 

«. Uubjj harhni (o|'6^«l r. ^ Increase) 

T. n. To increase, enlarge, go on, pro- 
ceedi advance, grow, rise, swell, to be 
promoted, to amount, lengthen. 

«• ei^AftJj harhant from (Uitjj) 8, f. 

' f^y- ^^rhotar, s. m.')(from lJUb«j) 

«. j^JybJj Kr/iofan, s.f. J Interest, 

profit, advantage. 
«. /*5^^ harha'i, s. m. A carpenter, 

«. Uib^V bur/iii/J (from ljb?^j) s. f. An 

old woman. 
a. SuJbJj harheliy s. m. A wild hog. 

• See IjuL) 

«. ^^cJJ ta.'-' (^Tct) 8. f . A dish made 
of pulse : see under l^j . 

a. H. ^J^t^t^j^ hare miyih, 8. m. An 

old man : Sir ! (applied to an elderly 

I- jLa jjA^ ijyj^ haryaun men milni. 

To be grown up. 

p. \i huz^ 8. m. A he-goat. Jt^P -A. 

coward, tj*^ 8. f. Cowardice, 
timidity, want o( courage. 
A. p buzz, 8. m. Fine linen. 

A JjJ hazziZy adj. (snperl of J wsed 

substantively) A oloth-merchant, 
draper, mercer. 

A. p. ]\]Jj hazzizi, B.m. A cloth -market. 

A. p. ^ci'lp hazzazif 8. f. The business 

of a cloth merchant, drapery, linen- 

A. ^]b huziq, 8. Spittle. 

•*• *^X/^ huzurg, adj. Great ; reverend, 
venerable, (used substantively) a gran- 
dee, a great man, noble, a saint, an 
older, an ancestor. (Pere. plur. 

P. ^^ff> huzurg-dna, adj. or adv. 
Magnificent, magnificently. 

P. Xjlf Vi^-^ huzurg-zida, adj. High- 

P. lA*^ ^"^jj*, ^et^rg-manish, adj. 

P. ^«MLt« Vi^-Oj^ huzurg'maniiih'i^ s. f. 

Greatness of mind. 

^- J fjji huzurg wir, adj. Great (man); 
aiiccdtor, elder, saint. 

P' \^yy^Jj{ huzvrg'XtlrJ, s. f. Great- 
ness, eminence. 

P- tSiji hiizurgi, s. f. Grandeur, great- 
ness, seniority, nobleness. 

P. aJlcjJ huzghila, s. m. A kid. 

P. aJj hazm, s. f. Banquet, assembly, 

P. ^l) hi-zan, imper. of the verb ^JL' 

Strike. ^ hazan, p. A harrow or 
instrument for levelling ploughed land. 

P. j»ji hii'Zor. By force, forcibly, per- 

P. O haza^ 8. m. A sin, a crime, yi XJi 
A criminal, a sinner. 




P* ^/»^ ^«*» «^i' Enough, BufBcienfc, 
plenty, abundance, very much. immJ 
y^jj To stop, to seize, to put an end 
to, to have done. iS ij^j Although. 

<• ^^j»^ has, (^) 8. m. Power, will, 

authority. [X^j ^jJL« ^^j^j v. a. To 
have under command or control. 
«. ^j^ hie. ("m) 8. m. 1. Poison, 

venom. 2* Met. it is soraetimes ap> 
plied to bitter things. 

P. Wj hasi^ adj. Much, many, very. 
CLj'Jjl UwJ Mostly, often, frequently. 

H. CL^LmJ hUit, B. f. Means, capital, 
stock, estate. 

H. ^^U*jj hisSti, 8. One who sells every 

kind of things, a pedler, haberdasher. 

A. IoUmJ hisdjt, (from la*jjj) s. f. What 

is spread out; carpeting, bedding, a 
chess-board, surface, expansion, &o. 
This word is, also, adopted for h. 

CL>umJ Means, power, ability. 
P> ^UmJ ba-«Jn, In the likeness, like. 

f • liUAjJ hasani, (trans, of ILmJ) v. a. 1. 

To people, to colonize. 2. Cause to be 
scented or perfumed. 

2* JtJo^AMj hisindh, a. f. See t^JUbUAjj 

9- j^UjjJ hisihan, I 

K^ra Smell) 8. f. 

Fetidness, stink. 

«• I JuiibLjj btAi/iindJ, adj. Fetid, stink- 

a. (^u ^^ji*^ ba« bis, (r. ^^ Dwell) 

B. m. Abode, residence. 
A. XmUUmJ &a«&J«a, 8. m. Mace (the 

spice so called). 
P- A. ^^ -.*'rr? ha-sahah. By reason, on 


J bcwf, (or haatUf for ^[^) s. f. 

Thing, matter, substance, chattels, 
goodB, baggage, ornament 

P. K^^^^k) hist, (for e^***J^) Twenty. 

1[ hant, part, (in compos.) Bound, 

P. Ia**jJ ba«M, 8. m. The cloth in which 

a bundle is tied up, wrapper, a bundle. 

P. ^jU***J hustan, 8. m. A flbwer-garden. 

See ^2Jr^yi 


P' *>AM^ bi^iar, s. m. 4. Bedding, car. 

peting. 2. A bed, mattress. 
P. I.AawJ hiatard, s. m. J. A bed, Ac. 

peculiar to faqirs. 2. The abode of a 
P. »^AmO bisfara, s. m. Bed, Ac. See 

P. ^<CLjJ hastagl, s. f. Binding, con- 
traction,^ constipation, concretion, 
congelation, stoppage, obstruction. 

P. ^-xLwJ hastani, a. f. A cloth for 

binding together bundles of paper, 
books, ink-stands, &c. 

P. JUamJ hasta, part. pass, (from ^^jJ^) 

Bound, shut, frozen, s. m. Cloth in 
which any thing is folded up, a parcel, 
a bundle, a bale. 

«. ^Jj^ b<M/i,(^ m) 8. f. An abode, 

a village, a peopled or inhabited place, 
a population. 

A. (XamJ husaad, s. m. Coral. 

P. jMjJ ha-sar. To an end. Li \ j**jj v. n. 

To come to an end, to succeed, to 
be accomplished, to get away from. 

\iS y**jJ V. a. To bring to an end, to 
finish, accomplish, execute, spend, 
pass. Iflarrr jt**J v. a. To bring to ai# 

end, to finish, accomplish, execute, 
acquit one's self of, outstrip. -*wJ 
G^^ V. n. To be finished, ended, 
spent, or passed. 

a. j^^f^ hisrxm, (T^^TO from 1^ and 

r. ^m Grow tired) s. m. Best, ease, 
repose,pail8e,a8top,fk pomtvTiy«T\\.\iiv^. 




♦ • 

Uuu /•<r«Mj To rest, to repose, to pass 

the night (particularly used by wan- 
dering /aqJr*). 

a. UjMiJ hisarnii (T^ and r. W Re- 

memb«?r) f. n. To forget, to be for- 

P. mJ**'>'^j'*iJ ha-sar-O'chaihrnf (With 

head and eye) cheerfully. * 

A. IoamJ hast, 8. m. Diffusiveness, spread- 
ing or extending out. 
A. ^^Ju»^ haafiyaj or hhfa^jjy s. m.- 

A medicinal root, polypody, 
a. IjJ^ ir*i his-khaprSf B. m. The 

name of a medicinal plant. 
a. l.Jvu^ LJ*^ his-khoprdf s. m. The 

name of an animal of the lizard kind, 
about a yard long, and said to be ve- 

A. \Ak*MJ hasmJf (Arab. HiAu^m^ a. ro. 

Staining (particularly, the beard : or 
women staining the legs, so as to have 
the appearance of being dressed in 
tight drawers, when they are in fact 

A. ^Jk>«uMJ hismil, adj. Sacrificed; an 

animal sacrificed. U^ (J^AamJ To 



A. dd!1 a^mJ hismi l-lihf In the name 

I * -s, 

of God, or (•'.•S-s^y' ^^jTJ^ ^^ d^~^ 

hismi'l'lnhi-r-ralimini-r-rahim. In the 
name of God the most merciful. (An 
invo«ation nrenerally used by Iduham- 
madans at the beginning oF all actions 

• and works). IJ^ aUi j^mjJ To begin, 

to commence. \Jt xJl j^mjJ Said of 

A child who has just commeifted 
learning to read. 

5. 'JufcfcJ hasni^ I. (r. ^^ Dwell) v. n. 
To dwell, inhabit, settle, reside, to 

abide, to be peopled or built. 2. (^W 
BmellJ. Jl To be Bcented or perfumed. 

5. C:,>^>M>) hasant, (^cl) s. f. 1. The 

spring. 2. One of the rigs or musical 
modes of the lUndus. 3. The name of 
the first of the six seasons, comprising 
(Chait and Baisdkh). 4. The small 
pox (a phrase peculiar to the Banga- 

lis). UI^ CL^I^aJ v. n. To put 
forth the blossoms of mustard plants. 

dazzle. jX^ ^ e^JUwj Knowledge 

of, or care about, futurity. 

«• t^^^ haaanti^ adj. Of yellow 

colour. (This was Krishna's favourite 

H. ^JmjJ hasm, 8. f . A purse. 

K. UamJ hasway s. m. (dakh.) A bull, 
the sacred bull. 

- \^^^\^J*^ ba«-o.M«, (r. ^^ Dwell) 

8. m. Home, dwelling place, residence, 

H. \ijy*jJ hisHmS, v. n. To cry slowly, 

to sob. 
H. jLaajJ ha8uld, 8. m, A kind of axe 

used by carpenters, an adz. 
H. ^4AA>^ hasuli, 8. f. An instrument 

for cutting bricks, or a small instru- 
ment for cutting. 

«. ^y**^ hisiva, (from 17-^ Twenty) 
8. m. The twentieth part (particular- 
ly, of a '.^^). 

P. j<*wJ hasi or hose. Much, many 

enough, (in) excess. 
P. tw^AMj hisydr, adj. Many, much, very, 

«. IjAojJ haserif (r. ^^ Dwell) a. m. 1. 

A time before evening when birds re- 
turn to their nest. 2. A night's lodg- 
ing. 3. A bird's roost, a bird remain- 
ing on its roost. \jJ t t:^*wJ To roost 

A. loJuttfj hasH, (from Ismjj) adj. 1. 

Simple, uncompounded, elementary. 
2. Spread. 



f> 4S!^^ ^^Msfc^t (ft^l'^/ 8. m. 1. Parti- 
cular circumstaDoe. 2. adj. recaliar, 
special, abandant. 3. adv. Particular- 
ly, speciaUj. * 

A. KZJj^itJ biahtrat or hyiBhirat 8. f. 
G^ tidings, good news. 

^ LT*^ hoMh^hUK (from e^^'Jij) 
adj. snperl. In good spirits, pleased, 
delighted, cheerfal. 

A. c:^L^ hoBhithat, 8. f. Cheerful, 
ness, alacrity. 

p. A. CL>J>.mJ ha-shiddtU. With violence, 

A. Jltj hoMhnr^ 8. m. Man, mankind, a 

haman being, mortals. 
P> A. je»«uJ hO'Shart. On condition. 

P. |i^_iV? _vn« hO'BharU'kif On condition 

that, provided that.. 
A. <.imJ bof^ro, 8. m. The countenance. 

A. CII^*«mJ (iu/iriyaf, 8. f. Humanity, 

hunmn nature. 

F. A. Jyi^MiJ 5a-«7bttmwZ, With the in- 
clusion (of), inclusive. 

S* mJ^ M»han, (Hwi|) n. prop, (in 

Hindu mythology). The deity in the 
character of Preserver. 

A. jX^ haahlr, s.' m. A messenger of 

good tidings. 
A. dJ.L^ Jxuiratf (from yof) s. f. 

Sight, seeing, perceiving, 
p. (X^i^ ha'tad. With a hundred. 

A. j^ hatar^ 8. m. Seeing, discerning, 

vision, sight, the eye, understanding, 

A. (Jl«^ hayalf s. f. An onion. 

A. J^ ^"i^t pftri^- act. (from yn>) 

Seeing. {M§t.) Blind. 
A. ilii.J^fli hanrat, (from «^) 8. f. 

Sight, insight, circumspection, pru- 

A. v^r'*^Y7* Hf I'o^i 8. f. Capital stock 
in inde. 

A. laj haty 8. f. A goose, a dock. ^^ lai 

A kind of goblet in the form of a goose 
or duck. 

A. Ja^ hata^, s. See K^^ni 

A. P. kLCVi) hat-ak (dii^jin. of Lj) 

8. f. I. A duck. 2. A vessel formed 
in imitation uf a duck. 

A. ^jSypJ huifia, 8. f. •Abortion, false- 
ness, vanity, the becoming of no effect. 
A. ^^^ hatn 8 m. The belly. 

M 9 

A. Ulsj JjO ULj bafnan, ba*d ba^nan, 
adv. Generation after generation. 

p. A. I Ja^ ha-iaxLT^ By the way, in the 

A* ^JoJ haity^^ 1. 8. m. Interior part* 

2. Heart, mind. 3. adj. Concealed. 
A. ^jjJsJ bi^tt^, 8. m. A muskmelon. 

p. A. Jblla^ ha-pjihir^ In appearanoOf 

on the outside, externally. 
A. \ *' ^%\ }}Q^9. 8. m. 1. Excitement, 

motive, cause. 2. Resurrection. 
*"' * -* 8. m. The resurrection. 

A. Jjo hc^d^ adv. After» afterwards, 

A. cXiU hv^d,^ 8. f. Distance, remote- 

A. ^SaO ho^da-h-Mk. adv. After that or 
which, then, afterwards. 

A. ijC90 ha^if, adj. Some, certain ones, 

P. 'A. \,2L0^^ ha-iUat, By reason (of). 

A. i^^^Jjo ha*alzahnh, a. m. Beelze- 
P. A. t>oyO ba-MTOf, Instead. 

p. K, i^ikiO ba-aun. By the assistance. 

A. SJ<n} ha'id (from Sfo) adj. Far, 

distant, absent, remote ; strange, im- 
probable. , 

A. SJJjO huaini-hi or bi-aiwtA, adv. Ex- 





8. m. 1. A broach 
in a wall. 2. A 



P. yJo hughtir, 

X.'ju hugjuiraf ^ deep wound, gash. 

ZJm^Jo ha^icatf (from 15*^) ». f. 

HebelHon. • 

H. U'jtJUU hffahhagKani, V, n. (dakh) 1. 

To boast, blaster. 2. To bill (as doves). 
3. To low or utter a sound (a camel). 

P. liiJo bu^J, s. m. A cleaver tfsed by 
cooks or butchers, a knife, chopping- 

A. iM) hughfs, 8. m. Malice, spite, 
resentment, revenge, hatred, grudge. 

P. JjJ haghaly s. f. I. The armpit. 2. 
Embrace. Ulsf. JA^ To be highly 
pleased, to be in triumph^ to jeer, jest, 
chuckle. ^Jh iJJo 8. f. A painful 

glandular swelling in the arrppit. (It 
is believed by the old wives, Ac. of 
India to be mo^t effectually relieved 
and dispersed by getting a cat to lick 

it; hence, its name). ^*^j^ji U^. 
Brought up in the arms ; a tlarling or 
favourite child. UU-^ U UU- JiJ 
To go out of the way. ^ O^ 
Insulting, provoking, rejoicing at the 
misfortune of another. uSjy** Jx^ 

To be abashed, to repent, ^^y^ d o J*J 
Lr.MJ>L> iJ^ - 8. m. A traitor; 
a secret enemy. ft^l»> A) '^.— "j'^ ^l 

a friend, he'll smite you under your 
arm. iSXi (Jjo Stinking armpits. 
. -aT {JJu An embracer in the Hindu 
mode. Liyt jJ^ Jju To embrace 
%^J^^ tj^ ^' ^' Embracing. (lij 
^ji ^^ To embrace. ^^X* J« 

liuJ To get possession of another's 
gdods by fraud. lUJ ^jKc Jjb To 

take in one's arms, to embrace, {jxi 

UiL« jtJ^ To conceal under one's 

arms. Ull J -^JUl ^^ fjju To be 
ashamed. • 

P. iJ^ hu^li, (from J*^) 1» adj. 

Relating to the armpit, axillar]|. 2. 
8. f. A disorder in camels when they 
rub the thigh against the belly. 3. A 
purse. 4. A kind of dumb bell used 
in exercise. 5. A sort of dress, the 
bottom of which is under the armpits. 
G. The action of a bird putting its 
head under its wing. 7. A trick in 

wrestling. US Jii ^ S->^-> ^J^, 

H. ^t^jyo haghordiy s. m. (dakh.) 1. A 

thump with the fist. 2. A short 

dagger, li^ c/«^?^ To fight with 
the fists. 

*• fJo ba^J, adj. Rebellions, mutinous. 

P. A. ^jo ba-^ir, or iLj^ Without 
except, besides. 

P. Uj hafd^ 8. f. A kind of scales or 

dandruff formed in the head. 
A. ub haqit 8. f. Duration, permanence 

eternity, immortality. 

A. JUu haqqil, adj. superl. (from (JAJ 

used substantively) A grain-merchant, 
shopkeeper, grocer. 

A. U'Jb haqayit a. plur. (of ^a^) 
Remainders, balances, arrears. 

T. JCs^ huqcha, s. m. A small bundle 
of cloth or clothes, a wrapper. 

?. A. t jJb ha-qadVf By the power, by or 

in the quantity, by the means, accord- 
ing to. 

A. Jb haqaVf s. m. A bull. i^J^ Ju 

A festival held, on the 10th of ti'hijja, 
in commemoration of Abraham's offer- 
ing to sacrifice his son, Isma'il (agree- 
able to Muhammadans,and not Is'hiiq): 

see lar-^'jJkC under IsT^ 
A. &xij huq*a, B. m. A house, a place. 

A. iisu haqla^ s. A potherb. 




>\^ ^^r^ 9^^^ 

(The stapid herbage) Porslain. 



i^^ haqqam B. f . Sappan wood. 

^}y^ huqnl, 8. plur. (of ^J^) FlantB. 

P. A. J^Sj ba-gauZ, By the word or Bay- 
ing, according to. 

A. JLXAJ haqiyot 8. m. Remainder, ba- 

lance. cAJUmjI ajJl) The remainder 
•• •• • 

left by the sword. 
». Kj buJkAtf, (Hrg<+i) 8. m. Handful. 

A. Kj ImJki, 8. f. Weeping, lamenta- 

A. CLJ).!^ balljra^ (from jG) 8. f. 

a. aKj biil'a'o, (from lil»^) 8. m. Sale, 
vent. adj. Saleable, for sale. 

P. (J«l*i &aJ(:0K7aZ, 8. m. 1. A onpbear- 

er, a steward. 2. A head cook, super- 
intendent of the kitchen. 

B. ^OJ hakayaiiy s. f. The name of a 
tree. (Melia sempervirens. I^M*!^). 

f. K,^>si c^XJ hak baJb, s. f. Prattle, 
foolish talk, ^S «^J V1.J0 To prat- 
tle, chatter, babble. (Arab. Ij Jf^). 

P* jLi haktar, s. m. Iron armour, a coat 

of mail, a cuirass. 

a. l2^ hikai, {fH^Z) adj. Difficult, 
hard ; terrible, frightful. 

P. A. ^ZjSSj ha-koMratf In abundance. 
A. Sj 6ifcr, 8. f. Virginity. 

5. l-iw« hakri {^^^X) s. m. A he-goat : 
(dakh.) A ram, a sheep. 

S- aSj hikram^ (T^^?T) 8. m. 1. Great 

power or strength, heroism^ over- 
coming. 2. Name of a celebrated 
sovereign of Ougein. 


«. jj^ hakri, {^^ft) A goat (gener- 
ally), a female goat : (dakh.) an ewe, a 

3. ^^ hikri, (^3??) s.^f. Sale. 

«• UUajoJ hikaandf (i^chti^) v. n. !• 

To blow or expand (as a flower). 2. 
To be delighted, to smile. 3. (dakh.) 
To become entangled (the threads of a 
piece of cloth); to become weak or 

H. ]ymij haksn^d, s. m. The tongue of 
a buckle. 

P. • nI^J hu-kwh, (imper. of ^^XuJ) 
Kill, slay. 

P. A. « _ qC^ t l^.kafff In the hand. 

a, Jji^ haJckal, 1 {^W^f^) s. m. Bark, 

2* AXJ hakld^ j skin, rind, shell of a 
fruit), husk. 

P. ^G hu'kun, imper. 2d pers. sing, (of 

^4>J) Do. f ha-kan (from ^^Joi') 

a. LiG bak^ni, (from ^l«Fi Speech) 

V. n. To prate, chatter, chat, jabber, 
babble, cackle. 

5. UG hiknd, (from 1^^ Sale, or f^ 
and r. ^ Buy) v. n. To be sold, to 

sell. Ul*- C-^ (met.) To be depen- 
dant on, to be obliged. 

H. JCj hukni, 8. f. Powder. See 

8, ir.l%G bafcirl8, (r. ^^ Speak and r.^ 
^^ Desire) s. f. Talkativeness. See 


£. U.^ hikharnd,{f^ and r. ^ Scatter) 

V. n. I. To be scattered, dispersed. 
2. To become angry. 

H. ^^j^ hakhif s. f. The side under fhe 




f. luA^G lakhwna. Bee Mm v. a. To 


H. llA^ hakheri, s. m. Wi-angling-, a 
tamalt, dispute, qaarrel, 

f. ^G b^t, part. act. (from UG) 

Talkative f jabberer. (^xKr) 
TIL. IG huggd, •• A foontalD, /pring ; 

f. JUC> bi^«r. (from UjUo) s. m. Vio- 
lation, differeDoe, discord, mianiider- 
staling-; damage, iDJarj. [iJ 'fSj 

Y. a. To quarrel, to forfeit friendship. 

U I jj jJii Y, ». To ^be ready to 

•• Ujoj higarna, (trans, of U^) y. a. 

1. To spoiT, in}are, ruin, to break a 
castom. 2« To canso misanderstand- 
ing between friends. 

M* Jx^ 'bagcqr, s. m. A kind of rice. 
f (dakb,) adj. Unoleaned, dirty : see 
vnder hja 

B. ]yii hagra, s. m. I. Troabia 2. 

Cheat, deceit. % adj. (dakh.) Kot 
eleared of husk (seed of sesamom or 

f. [i^ Ugarni, (^^^) v. n. To be 

spoiled, damaged, to be at variance, to 

§ jLo "bagld, or hagnld, s. m. A heron, 

paddy bird. C^-wCJii AkJ A hypocrite- 

» %Sj hagHldf (from ^U or ^^) s. m. 
» A whirivrind. 

§> Ayo fio^iila, s. nt. See i Jo 

B. .1^ ba^^r, s. m. The spicea which 

nre mixed with food to give it relish > 
seasoning, condiment. 

H.'J'^ haghdma, (from flfC) v. a. 
*^o season. 

^'^^§^ haghi, b. f. A borsefly. 

«• Lj^ boy/MZu, B. m. A tiger's whelp, 
yoan|c tiger. 

H. Jl? hal, 8. m. • 1. A coil, twist, crook, 
convolation. 2. Side, direction. See 

H. (J^-^liXLadj. Crooked, tinylsted. 

Lo J Jj V. a. To twist, lilii' Jii 
To be twisted. 

8. Jj 5a«, s. m. 1. (5[^) A name of 
the elder brother of Krishna, 2. Power, 
strength. ^ fjj interj. Bravo! 3. 

or lali (^rfe) Name of the king of 
PaUUa or the infernal regions. 4. A 
sacrifice, an offering. Ul^. (Jl> or 

^^ Jj Jj To be sacrificed. Jj 

Uj>i> ot\jJ iJjTo sacrifice. 

A. (Jj hal, conj. But, yet : see di]j 

5. Jj hil, (f^) 8. m. A hole, burrow. 

H. h ham, 8. m. A pole or boat-hook. 

A. lb laid, 8. f. Trial, calamity, mis- 
fortune, accident, evil, ill. iJ^^S *f 

8. m. What averts evil ; expiation^ 

«. 1) hilld, (f%^53) 8. m. A male cat. 

A. JL hi-ld, prep. Without. 4>jJ Ij 

Without hesitation. i-Jfy h With- 
out delay, speedily. 

H. [jopHi h huld hhejni, v. a. To send 

A. 4>AJ lilid, s. m. plur. (of jJj) 
Countries, cities, provinces. 

p. f4>AJ halddur, b. The marking nut, 

A. ciu ba^i*, adj. strperl (from ^-L) 

used substantively, A glutton. 

A. ;j:^h hald^at, s. f. 1. Elo- 
qnence. 2. Maturity. 

H. J[]b huldq, (or ^h) 8. m. An orw 
nament worn on the nose (suspended 



from the fleshy part at the bottom of 
the bridge of the nose, mostly set with 
a pearl or some other gem). 

■^ Jli hilil, n. prop. Vame of the man 
who in Mukammad*8 time called the prayers. 

B. f. ^1 Xj hula land, v. a. To sammon. 
B* bJu huldndj V. a. To ciUl, inTite, bid. 
§• aAi biZd'o, 8. m. A male oat. 
H. Ljb buZdioJ, 8. Calling. 

H. {^^h hMhat (from Uli) s. f. 

Calling, call, a sammons, bidding, in- 

A. t. IJLa] ^fiSl> haWeh leni. To draw 

the hands over the head of another in 
token of talking all his misfortnnes 
upon one's self. (Generally practised 
by women). 

P. C^^ ha-lah. In or on the lip. 

P. (JuJb hulbul, 8. m. f. ]. A night- 
ingale. 2. (in India) A shrike. 

£. IjJj htUhuli, \^^) 8*in- A bubble. 

H. liljJj halhalinS, t. n. 1. To 
ferment (as, sonr milk, curds, Ao-). 2. 
To be inflamed with last. 8. To make 
a noise (a camel) from lust. % btlhil- 
inif V. n. To be restless, to be tor- 
men Led with pain, to oompUin from 
pain or grief, to lament, to blabber. 

§. ?yiL haltor» Hk>^? from ^T^ 

A hair, and r. ^^ Dissect) s. m. A 

pimple, a sore, a small bile (supposed 
to be caused by the breaking or pull- 
ing out of a hair, as the word imports). 

«. Ux^ hilachni, (1% and r. ^5?J 

Hark) t. a. To extract, to select (as, 
passages from books), to pick. 

P. A. b'.acT ha-lihig, With i-espeet, with 
reg^d to. 

A. jJb hal<id, 8. A city, town, country. 

•. ^j! jL hali'din, («|Rx;m) s. m. Act 

of saerifioing a victim, or offering a 
to God. 

A. s Jjj balda, s. m. A city, a town. 
H. Jb hallar^ s. (dakh.) A variety of 

Dolichos lablab : (a wholesome, nutri- 
tioas pulse or boan). 

A. ^UiJj halcuCm, a. m. Baloaat, 

a. LUb hiUsni, (f^ and r. ^^ Play) 

V. n. . To be pleased, te be«atisfied, to 
be delighted. 

A. ^^aL bcdgham, 8. m. L Phlegm. 2* 

A running at the nose from cold. 
A. ^^^Aib hal^ami, adj. Phlegateiio. 

A. ^^jt,Ml} halqlA, 8. f. The queen of 
Sheba. . 

5. l2-^ halkat. 1. adj. (dakh.) Strong, 
robust 2. 8. A kind of ship or boat. 

a. UQi halaknd, (r, ^^ Uxrrt) v. a. 

1. To open. 2. To speak indistinctly 
from excessive joy or intoxication. 

H. UOi hilaknSf v. a. 1. To sob, to cry 
violently (as a child). 2. To long for* 
to desire eagerly. 

P. AJJ hdUeiy adv. Koreover, bat, nay. 
H. ]IL hilaUi, adj. Foolish, simple, silly« 
H. j^ ballam^ a. m« A spear, pike, 

3. ^ halam, Y^^) s.m. A lover, 
i. UL baZmJ, 3 a husband. 

a. liLiJb hUmdnd, (from ^^♦T Be- 
loved) V. a. To allure, to tantalize. 

MJiL. ftA^JJ hilamhu, 8. (dakh.) An aeid 

fruit, frequently made into tarts, 
pickles, preserves, &c., the juice of itt 
also, being much used in dying, Sto* 

P. jJli huJandf adj. High, elevated, 
lofty, exalted, sublime, tall, loud. 

xAj JjJj adj. Of high rai)^. 
^duc>%>> t3JUb adj. Ambitioiui*.a«^vc- 




ing. iOl^ Ij Xkij SiL High in 
rank or dignity. Jo! JjJj adj. As- 
piring. c:^4>a> 4)0!^ adj. Ambi- 
tious, high-viinded. 

^' f^SX\} Wtfandi, B. f. Height, eleva- 
tion, high land. 

g. UioJb bilan ^tia, (T^ and r., ^\^ 

Leap over; T^^H^ Overstepping) 
▼.a. 1. To climb, to ascend. 2. (dakh.) 

^^-b SJJL^y To catch by leap- 
ing up to. 

R. (<a1j hilnif 8. f . A sty or stithct the 
disorder in the eyelids* ^ 

H. IJj halwd, s. m. A . tumult, riot, 
insurrection, mutiny, alarm. 

8. ^IJb halwdn, (from (JJ 3[^) adj. 

Strong, powerful, able-bodied. 

H. UlJb buZt«antf, (causal of liiu) v. a. 
To cause to call or to send for. 

P. ifcU hUlaurf (or hilor, Pers. bulwr) 
8. m. I. A kind of stone, crystal. 2. 

Glass (of the finest quality). 3. 
(Arab ) Beryl, Aqua marina. 

P. jj»tJ^ biZori, 

P. ^f%u bi{{aurii», glass. 

^- v:;^^ bi7orm, ^ 

A. loJj halitf or prop- boZZiif, s. m. An 
acorn, an oak, a chesnut-tree. 

A. c »u hulught 8- ni. Puberty, adoles- 
A. c^^C Jl^ hul&ffhf^fy s. f. Puberty. 

f. UJj bi7on« or hilowand, (t^^lS^) 
Y. a. To chum. 

8. Lir-J^ ba/-wjan^ (plur. ^^cT.') 

-• i-f;*v^ bo/i-^KTri or halhar^ a. tii. Sa- 
crifice. Ul^ .L^ To be SMT^ficed. 

8- ^Jj bai-t, «|^H adj. Strong, power- 

2- ,<w baWi, (^^^i ) 8. f. A climber, a 


adj. Made of 
>• crystal or 

See ^jl^ 

^' {^ halliy s. f- A prop, a pole, a 
long pole or bamboo to steer or move 

a boat with. \SX^ ^Jj To steer. 
^ hUli, The bolt of a door, a bar. 

2. ^ hillh (fq>SI^V|) 8. f . A she cat, 
a cat. 

P« ^jb baZe, adv. Yes, true, even soi 

well, right. 
A. lL) halS^ 8. Yes, true. 

^ - '^ u'*^ halaiyih lend. To draw 

ono*s hands over the head of another 
in token of taking his misfortunes on 

one's self. See UuJ i^jilb 

A. CL;Ia]j haliydt, s. plur. (of Cl^Jb) 
Evils, calamities, misfortunes. 

A, Sm halid^ adj. Stupid j a dunce, a 

A. i^b haUgJif adj. Eloquent. 

2- ^y-^^^ hiin-lotany (from ^Aj A cat, 

and ^J>y Tumbling, rolling) s. m. 

P. ^ULxb lalela^ s. m. A fruit, the bellerio 

n. IjJuuj halendd, s. m. 1. A whirl- 
wind. 2. A ridgepole (of a cottnge). 

H. j^ hantf s. f . 1. A spring (of water). 

2. A fathom. 3. A measaring rod. 

t. aJ ba»Ji, \^^J An interjection ad- 
dressed to Siva (much used by pilgrims 
to fno 


temple of Baijnath or Vaid- 




A. P. ^ hanif B. f . 1. The bass part, 

the deepest or g^vest note fii music. 
2. A bass or lowest string, or drum 
having the deepest tone. 3. Deep 
sound (as that of the large pipes* of an 
org^n, or of a dmm)* 

5- J^U: himan, (%^TR r. f^ to 

traverse.) s. m. A car or chariot of the 
gods (sometimes serving as a seat or 
throne, and at others carrying them 
through the skies self directed and 
self -moving). 

H. ^x^^ hambiif s. The bamboo. 

H. ^^^ humhi, s. f. (dakh.) The navel. 

P- A. 4>«ac^ ha-mujarrad, adv. In- 
stantly, at the instant. 

p. A. SJ^pC, ha-martaha. To a degree, to 
or in a (g^^eat) degree. 

P. A. ^x^^ ha-ma'ah^ adv. Together 
with, along with. 

P. A. j^Lflii^^ ha-mvqtagai. By the ex- 
action of ; in consequence of, confor- 
mable to. 

p. A. M\XC^ ha-mamila, In the place, 
instead, in the station or degree. 

H. jJL^ hamni, s. f. (dakh.) I. A kind 

of lizard. 2. Name of a disease in ele- 
phants, a slow mortification of the tail. 

A. p. ^,^^^-iC ha-muiib. By reason, in 

A. ^ b»», (contract, of ^1/ A son. 

A. J hunf (properly, hunn) s. m. Coffee 
before it is ground. (When ground, 

it takes the name S^)* 
P. _> bun, 8. f. Basis, root, foundation. 

fr ^ barif (^^ a wood.) s. f. A 
forest, a wood, a grove. 

f. ^ bin, (f^l) adv. Without, ex- 
cept, unless, not. ^ 
A. lib Una, 8, f. Building, foundation. 

H. \Jo band, 1. s. m. A bridegroom. 2. 

part, (of Ub or UlJb) Made, pre- 
pared, having made, &c. 

H. Lo banni, v. n. 1. Xo bo made, be 
prepared, be mended or*ad justed. 2. 

To chime, agree, fall in with, do, an- 
swer, serve, be, become, avail, counter- 
feit, succeed. 3. s. gn. A bridegroom. 

blo Uj Finished, ready made, com- 
plete, entire, perfect. U^ \jo To be 
fully adorned, to bo decked out. 
Uuti Ub To remain waiting. • 

A. 'wU bannd, (from Ub) s. m. A mason, 
a builder. 

H. Lo bunnd, v. a. To weave, to inter- 
twine, to knit. 

H. Lb binnd, v. n. To be picked. 

P. j)\JJ bindbar. On account, by reason. 

P- j^y^-V hindbar-ln. On this account, 

n. CL^Ub bandt, s. f. Woollen cloth, 

A. d^'Jo banit, s. f. plur. (of CI^) 


• -o ^ ^^ 
A. ^iJixJjj Cu'Jb baniiU'ri'iid^sh, s. m. 

The constellHtion of the Greater or 
Les-^cr Bear, consisting of seven stars; 
four uf which are conceived to bear 

the resemblance of a bier (i/*^)» 
and tho remaining three to be the 

(CL^Jb) daughters preceding it. 

P. A. .J'jo 6a«id»r, s. plu. (of li^Jb) 
Ports, harbours. 

?.»^JuM<Ub 6ana«-pa^fi, (^^^M?l) s. f. 
Forest leaves. 

P. ip*^ Ub bind'gnshf s. m. The lobe 

of tho ear, the tip of the ear. -• * 
P. ^Ub ba-nam. In the natuft. 




H. Ijlb hanandt (trans, of uub) v. a. 
To make, prepare, form, fashion, 
shape, moald, fco do, fabricate, hnild, 
compose, perform, to make to agree, 
to adjastf adorn, reconcile, tu pluck 
(a fowl), to djpeBS (victuals), to mend, 
repair, invent, rectify, mock, feign. 

H. g. Li I ^ han-ina, v. n. To be per- 
formed or effected, to snoceed, to be 
fortunate, to prosper. 

n.jLu hani 'o, (from UUb) s. m. 1. 
Preparation, formation, composition, 
fabric, fashion, decoration, dressing, 
decking one's self. 2. Concord, nnder- 

Btandijikg, reconciliation. liy^Uj To 
adorn, bedeck, decorate. 

H. i^JjJ hanawat (from lilL) 8. f . 

Make, invention, contrivame, fabrica* 
tion, formation, fiction, sham. 

H. cf^aLb hinSwui (from ub hinnS) 8> f. 

*• i/**^ \^, han-has, (^RWR?) 8. m. 
Living in the forest, forester. 

f. lyw'jub ba»-bJ«-i, (^'I^rHl) adj. 
Inhabitant of the woods. 

«. ^!L ^^ han-hiia\ (^^rf^FST^) 8. m. 

A wild cat. 
H. ^«fjb humhl. 8. f. Navel : see j<J^ 
8. f. (dakh.) Stack (of com)^ rick (of 
hay) : see ^^t^ 

H. 'Jjj ^ han-parnif v. n. To succeed, 
to answer, to suit, to come to pass* 

H. c^^ hanai, s. f. Lace, a riband 
studded with spangles : gold or silver 
lace worn on the hat, Ac. 

/ A 

A. vj:..Jb hinty 8. f. A daughter* 

C^«JuI \ Daughter of the grape ; wine. 

9. Jb bant; or bano/, (^n^l^) s. m. 
Trade, traffic, merchandise, commerce 
A. A^ hanj, 8. f. Henbane. See p* 

8. or p. l.larV ba»j^rd, ( Jb hanj for 

Jb bony as above, with 1. 1 for 


cfiR kdraf Doer : or P. ^yj Rice, with 

• I Carrying) s. m. A grain-merohiwit, 
a carrier of grain. 

& or p. ^jr^lar^ lanjiri, (see Klar*^) 

1. s. f. A kind of tent used by havji- 
ris. 2. adj. f. Half -boiled (grain). 3. 
The wife of a hanjiri. 

«. ys^ hanjar, (^^F Barren) 8. f. 
Waste land. 

s. ^Jufar^ hanjhoii, (from ^^f 

Barren) s. f. A medicine taken to 
produce barrenness. 

P. jJb band, (^^ to bind.) s. m. f. 

A fastening, a knot, a bond, imprison- 
ment, arrest, captivity, bondage^ a 
bandage, ligature, belt, roll, string, 
joint, knuckle : the burthen of a song : 
gripe, hold, grasp, twist (in wrestline), 
a mode of seizing the antagonist : a 
mound raised round land to contain 
water for transplanting rice, &o, adj. 
Fastened, shut, stopped. (In compos.) 

Bound, armed, or part. act. (of *Ivjj) 

Binding, binder. si\^ lJ*^ ^* ^* 
A prison. 

t. l^IjJb handirS, (^HRRR) g. „. 

Skirt, side (of a garden), shore, brink 
(of a river, Ac). 

a. . jJb bandar, (^RT» cf^ forest, or 

qj like, m^ man.) s. m. A monkey. 

P. j&3Jb haTidoTf s. m. A city, an em- 
porium, a port, harbour, a trading 
town to which numbers of foreign 
merchants resort. 

a. Ifi3jb handrSf s. m. Mistletoe: see 


8. b.jJb handar-iyif 8. f. A female 

P. i^j^^SX) handiah, (from^*wj) s. f. 1. 

The aol or state of tying, bindintr. 2. 
CoQStraction, invention, contrivance, 




artifice, preparing a false story, colln- 
Biun, makiDg up a false account of a 
transaction ; oabal, intrigue, conspi- 

racy. 3. Elcgance/of style). ly^jJu 

UftiiJlj ▼. a. To contrive, plot to- 
gether, cabal, conspire. 

B. p. jIA^ Jjj hind'kushadf s. m. Se- 
men cito emittens morbo affect us. 

P« ^j^o jJb handa-gin, s. plur. Slaves, 

'• ^SjJO handa-gi, s. f. Slavery, 

service, devotion, compliment. (A 
mode ol salutation). 

P. ^^Sxj handu*i, s. m. A prisoner, a 

^ v» ^nni^jJu hand-o-hctat, (from ^j-Uij) 
s. m. Settlement, regulation, arrange- 
ment, management, government. 

f. y^jJb hawior (r. 4<=l Bind) s. f . A 
female slave. 

T. ^^Sh handuq, s. f. A musket, fire- 

T. ^s^^iXJu handnq-chifB^m. A mnske- 

■. Jt jJb batuZh, (^) 8 m. f. Binding, 
bandage, bondage, imprisonment. 

F. sjJ^ &anf?a, 8- m. A slave, a servant, 
bondsman. j»jj SjJu Cherisher of 

BiTvants (a respectful expression used 
iu addressing a superior ; as, your 

honour !). i^j^j^ JJjJb s, f . Cherish- 
ing of servants, nf^ji} S jJu The slave 
of (yonr) threshold. S jl| SjJb Son 

of (yonr) slave, •'. e., my son. :! J S jJu 
Ctierisher of serTanta or dependants, 

patron, i^r^ 8jJb Cherishing of 

a. ^Jbt jJu handhu%(from U'jbjJu) s. f. 
Hond, binding, fastening. 

8. ^ jJu handhan, \^^) a. m. Fasten- 
ing, bawlage, bondage, imprisonment ; 
ob«tacle, hiaderance. 

§• lyt jJb handhu'a, (^) s. m. 1. A 

friend, relative, kinsman. 2. A pri- 
soner, one bound, a captive. 

«. i^SJJ handiy \'^<ij) s. m. A pri- 
soner, captive. 

P. 4^4Xb bandt, s. f. 1. (in compos.) 
Binding, tying, stopping, shutting, 
construction, &o, i2. (from Si^J^) 

. Female slave or servant. ^l»> i^*^ 
A prison, gaol. 

9. u jJu hundiyi, (from T^^ a drop) 
a. f . A kind of sweetmeat (likg drops). 

s. ^UJ[«3Jb handl-win, 8. m. A prisoner, 


s . « 

H. ^^Jub handl, s. f. A short robe, a 

short full ^l»- see l^Jol 

2> IjJU banfl, \^\) a. m. A bride- 
- u^5^ banp, (see Iju) a. f. A bride. 

s. ii-Jb ba»«, (^^) a. m. 1. Bace, 

liueage, family, offspring, descendant. 

2. A bamboo. 

s. iJ^UJb ban«.<iti?o7i, (^5ir^fe) a. f. 
A genealogy. 

▲. P. ci^^^UmJu hamnishat With respecl 
to, with relation to, relative. 

-• lJ^^ LJ*^ hans-lochav, (^5T* 

^?r^«T) s. m. The manna or sugar 

of the bamboo. Arab. J^Jjc (It 

h«8 been found by analysis to contain 
much silicious earth). 

8. ^<**Jb hansif s. f. 1. (^^ l) A flute. 

^^^ wlA^ The fig-tree under which 
Kritihna was accustomed to play the 
flute. 2. (^1^5T) a fishing hook. 

3. (in compos, from ir^) 0/ *^® 

race or lineage 4. A kind of wheat 
with blackish ears. 




♦ « 

A. jj^ hinsir, s. The ring-finger. 

^< SJLijJ hanafsha or hunufsha, 8. f. 
A violet. 

P. L«Xb bam;. 8. f. 1. Hemp. (Caiiabi8 

sativaV ^ An intoxicating potion 
made from the leaves of hemp. 

{• lib hingi, (r. ^^ Bend) adj. (dakh.) 
Crooked, oblique, curved, bent, bowed: 
8ee Kj'j 

2- S'JOU h'xng-ala, n. p. ' Name of Bengal. 

fr jJ'«^ ban^-SZi, 8. m. A native of 

Bengal. (The Deng ill san^ era 80 
called, began at about a.d. 593^. 

P. slxJU hungdhf 8. f. Baggage, equipage 
of an army. 

H. f^jil) hangH, 8. f. An ornament 

(properly, of glass) worn on the wrist, 
a bangle: (dakh.) a ring of coloured 
glass worn on the wrists by women. 

H. jLkJb hanglat s. m. 1. A kind of 
thatched house, a summerhouse, a 
lodge, cottage. 2. A sort of betel leaf 
or pin so called. 3. Bengali (language, 

F. ^SM hangt, s. m. One who intoxi- 
cates himself with hang, 

£. ^i^J^^AJb han-manusy (^«T A forest, 

and ♦iH'^ A man) s. m. A man of 
the woods, a wild man, an orang-utan. 

S- ii-^'yiJ hamcdRf \^^^\^) s. m. 1. a wood Bppaitited from one's 
family. 2. (met.) Disinherited (a son). 

^ 'JlJb hanwina^ (cans, of U'Ju) v. a. 

To caase to make or to prepare or to 
build, &o. 

H. J Jb hinaula^ s. m. The seed of Ijie 

C4)tton tree. (It is said to be wry 
factetiiiig food for oittle). 

**. SJJ hunn, 8. m. Baggage, goods, 
hcirsehold furniture, root, foundation. 

H. ^y ham, 8. f. A bride. 

A. ^Ju hanif 8. m. plur. (of ^1) Sons. 
A J I ^^XJ Sons of Adam ; men. ^J 

(JA>l•^Ml Children of Israel, Israelites 

^l^ jjb Beings who inhabited the 
world before Adam ; genii, fairies. 

5. Uju haniyi, (^f^^) 8. m. A shop- 
keeper, a merchant (usually, a corn- 

P. JUJb hunyidf 8. f . Foundation, basis, 

origin, groundwork. Ull J OUaj To 
lay the foundation, to found. 

A. ^IjJb hunyin, s. m. Foundation. 

See jUJb 
- t»j^*^ hanyiyan or hanyi^jn, s. f. 

Wife of a LjJb (shopkeeper, &c.) 

H. i-JUUU hanaiit^ s. f . \^Z to dance.) 

A torch lighted at both ends and 
whirled round so as to form a double 
circle of fire. 

A. y bw, (for yl) Father; possessed of, 

endowed with. UU*w ^Jlc y or Ic y 

P> y bM (In India, ho) b. f. Smell, scent, 

H« *^ b», 8. f. (dakh.) Sister: see yo 

or ]yi 

u. 1^ bM'a, 8. f . 1. Sister. 2. {in Hin^ 
dawi) An aunt by the father's side. 

H. \j\^ bo'aru, (from li*j) s. m. Seed- 
time, sowing. 

r. A. iia^]^ ha-n^sUa, By reason, by 
means (of). 

A. J^^^i haudsir, 8. plur. (of ^JUwy) 
The piles or hemorrhoids. 

A. C;^.xac*y hu-l-ajahy (y) Endowed 

with, and 

Wonder) adj. 





A. j^.jttiU* hu-l'fagul, (^ Endowed 

with, and Jj-fl* Kxcess) adj. Exces- 
sive talker, prodigal.* 

A. i;**JljJ hu'l'hawas (y Endowed 

with, and i^yt Desire) adj. 1. 

Desirous. 2 Whimsical, capricious, a 
wavering fickle (person), a blockhead. 

J. H. Ul^ boMna, 1. (from Uy) v. a. To 

cause to sow. 2. (from y Smell) v. n. 
To stink, to emit a smell, to smell. 

kibe, blister or chap on the foot, 

«. i_J^y) bo*a'i, (from U^j) s. f. Sowing, 

the act of sowing, seedtime. 
*• vlioy huhak, (dakh. for i*-^'j) 

8. m. ^A>-1 .Jo An old simpleton. 
H.^fti biib«, B. f . 1. A sister. 2. (on 
the west of India) A lady (for t^^) 

8. A favourite concubine or one of 
superior ruuk. 

f. U^ hutd (from ^^ See CL^yt and 

li Jt) 8. m. Strength, power, ability. 

P. \jy) hota, 8. m. A young camel. 

P« iS^ huta, 8. m. A crucible, a melting 

P. .LijJy bAtimSr^ 8. A heron. 

H. ti*J hut, 8. m. A kind of pulse, 

chick-pea, green chani. IF hot (dakh.) 
s. A finger, finger's breadth. 

P. b*J hutd, 8. m. A flower (particular- 
ly, worked on cloth or painted on paper, 

H. Jjj bi*«, 8. f. 1. Drugs. 2. Flo- 
wers or sprigs (on muslin). 3. Bush 
or sprigs of a plant. 

H. s^ hott, B. f. A morsel, £Jice or 
lamp of meat : (dakh. also) tripe. 


H. l^.^ hojd, adj. (dakh.) Heavy, 
burdensome, weighty. 

P* L>-fcj hoja, 8. m. Beer: see Uyi 

p A. ^c».«j ha-wajh. In the mode or 


M. -^^jJ hojh, 8. m. A load, burthen, 

weight ; importance : (in agricultural 
language) about five ^hokas of com. 

a. >^^ hujh, (<?t^ or ^1^) «• ^* 

Understanding, comprehension, 

- kJ^^' ^^y^. hujhd-hiijhi, s. |dakh.) 

A game amongst children. The eyes 
of one of them are bound up ; he is 
then desired to guess who it was that 
touched him, and remains with his 
eyes bound till he guesses right. 

A. (Jk^^^ hii'jahl, 1. n. prop. See 

(jLy^ ^] 2. adj. Foolish. 

H. ^y^^^ hojh'Ol, (from ..^^y^ adj. 
Loaded, heavy. 

s. lA^y hujhnd, (r. ^^ Understand) 

V. a. To understand, comprehend, 
conceive, to think. 

^'iX^^}i hojh-el, (from -1?-^) adj. 

H. l»-y hochd, s. m. A kind of sedan, a 
chair paLki. 

H. l>-y huchd, adj. m. Ear-cropt, with- 
out ears. 

H. L»-ft^ hochri, adj. (dakh.) Chipped, 

jagged, notched on the edge ; gapped 
(as the teeth). 

u.J^y) boucfc/iar,/g, f, wind and 

( driving raiir, 
H.?!^^-*^ hauchhar,) 

wind and rain, drift. 
H. i^^, huchi, adj. f. Without ears 

TEL. ^r»-iJ biichi, s. (dakh). Hobgoblin. 
0» ^' 

p. Jy hud, (from 4j*>y) 8- ^' ^^^e* 




• • 

H. 1i>y boda, adj. Weak, faint-hearted, 
^ bodf , 8. m. A buffalo. 

P* ti Jy bo-dar, 1. adj. Scented 2. 
B. m. A kind of leather bo oalled. 

'• i/^V*^%J «6«dbtf«h, (from ^^)*^^,) ". ^. 

Kzistence, Bubsistenoo, residence, 

P. ^fc^y hadan^ tfif. or verbal noon. To 
be, being, existence* 

P. iiiU • Jy bi«d-o-M«H, Bee i/tbjy 

•• Jb Jy baiuU/ta, (^1^) B. m. A fol- 
lower of the religion of the Buddhaa 
H. .y hur, adj. Barren (land). 8. f. 

Chaff, husk. ySi )^y * A sort of 

sweetmeat made with the husk of 
g^in. (The confectioners avow the 
imposition and ory out to passengers, 
" you'll repent if you eat it, or regret 
not tasting it*" Hence, great men are 

sometimes called • JJ D.y when they 

make a practice of encouraging their 
dependants to hope, but do nothing 
for them at last ; as, dancing attend- 
ance on them and neglecting them are 
each likely to produce regret. The 
term also means, any person or thing, 
which is fair without and foul within, 
or that promises well but turns out ill 5 
a well looking, but stupid, fellow). 

H. ^y} hira, s. m. 1. A coarse kind of 
sugar. 2. Sawdust, filings. 3. Powder. 
4. adj. (dakh.) Bad: see Li 

**• v^];^ bwrtfni, s. f. A kind of food 

consisting of the fruit of the egg plant 
{haingan) fried in sour milk. 

^* \Jjy^ ^^^ ®' battra^, s. m. Borax. 

^' **0y ^^* ®* ^* '^ gtinny bag; a 
measure of three maunds. 

**• Tj*y horiyn, s. m. A mat. 

fi. Ijy hora, (f?r) adj. (dakh.) Deaf. 

«. tf?y horJcd, (15) adj. (dakh.) Bald, 

H* u"y hofma^ V. a*. To cause to dive, to 
immotse, drown. 

S- Iftjy hilrha (fS) adj. Old; an old 
man. Old man, eldest man. 

H. \j *y hufiyd, (from l>?y ) s. m.» A 

P< 1 .y bo«a, s. m. Beer, or a fermented 

liquor resembling beer. 
P. ^ iV hiizina or bozimx, s. m. A 


p. (^y ho8, 1. part. act. (of (J*^^)i^ 
in compos. Kissing. 2. s. for ^^y 

P» ^Jj^***j> hO'Stdn, B. m. A flower- 

P. »\jS • if*'^ ^* ^ hinar, s. m. Kiss- 
ing and toying, dalliance. 

P. A^y hoaa (or hiisa), s. m. A kiss. 

P. ,<^ JJUwy hosida-giy s. f. Rottenness, 

P. Tii\J^^ hosida, part. pass, (of 

^iJjUMy) Rotton, stale. 
P* cy hogh or b^ji&i B. An outer 

covering, wrapper, pouch. JOAfy s.m. 

The cloth in which any thing (parti- 
cularly, a saddle) is wrapped up. 

P. 1*C«J hoghra, s. m. A dish made of 

boiled meat, flour, &c. UKi l^y To 
be well beaten. 

P. Ijki hoghmay 1. s. m. Trumpery, 

trifles, scraps, rags, &c. the stores of a 
wallet. 2. adj. f. Ugly and fat 

A. x^'biiq,B.m. A trumpet, a clarion. 

A. ,i^^^^ huqalamiiny s. m. 1. A cha* 

meleon ; hence. 2. Any thing of vari- 
ous hues. 3. adj. Various, variegated, 

s. Jy holy W^O 8. m. Myrrh. 




B. J^ hol, (from ULj) 8. tn. (dakh. f.) 

1. Word, speech, talk, conversation. 

2. Words of a song. 

A. JLj 6tttt/, 8. m. Urine. 

H. w J'j J^ bol-6iJ(l, ( J%J Speech, 
and lib High) s. m. A kind of bene- 
diction. Uyb j'j Jy To prosper. 

H. 'J!^ b#ZM, part act. (from IjJ^ 

iiHed sabfitantivelj) The faculty of 
speech ^ soul, life, saying. 

«• U^ J^ 6oi-cAi??, s. f. Conversa- 
tion, confabulation, diction, talk. 

H. 'iiy holnti, (r. ^Z Speak) v. n. 1. To 
speak, talk. 2. To sound, emit sound, 
articulate. 3. To tell, say. U^'l fju 

To speak out, exclaim. UIl>- U!^ 
To converse, speak together. 

«• ^yi holt, s. f, 1. Speech, dialect, 

language. 2. Conversation, talk, 

**• ^y^ iJU^ hoU-tholl, B. f. Jeering, 
speaking at but not to a person. 

P* A%^ Iwm, 8. m. 1. An owl (great 
homed). 2. Land, ground, region 

country. (^T'T)» 

Y^ lK)«, ig. f. (dakh.) Howl- 

. ^j^^ homri, 3 ^' ^ *' 

f. \jy) bond, {WJ^ r. qq) y. a. To 



|. liy hauna, (^IHH) 1. adj. Dwar- 
fish. 2. 8* m. A dwarf; the fifth 
(avofjr) incarnation of the deity. See 

TBL. -B^y bifn/, s. (dakh.) Mouldiness, 

mould, mustiness. lu; tffji Mouldy, 

« jjy h&nd, (T^T) s. f.^ A drop. tiJy 
jjy By drops, drop by drop. 

H. iJu^ &o»«/a, 8. (dakh.) Capsule, pod, 

or seed vessel (applied to cardamoms, 
cotton, the poppy, Ac). 

i- ^^ 6(MiH*, (^i*Wr) 8. f. -A femala 

H. ^J^^ hohnl, 8. f. The first sale for 
ready money in the morning. 

H. |Jy Iw't, s. f. A word used to 
frighten children, a goblin. 

**• «-fy ho*e, 8. Smell : Bee P. yi hfi. 

P. Aj ha, prep. By, with, in, to. See 

p. jj hih, 1. adj. Good, better. 2. s. A 

A. ^ hihi or hih. With it, by it. 
P. Lj haha, 8. m. Price, value. 

f. ^'^ hhdhhi, (^RT^) 8. f. A 

brother's wife. 
». c-j'^ b^p, / (gW) 8. f. Steam, 
«. ^^l^^ b/^p^ ) vapour, exhalation. 

$. CL^^^J hhit {MxhJ s. OL Boiled rice ; 

H. lIj^^ hhaf, 8. m. Name of a tribe, a 

bard, minstrel. 

H. \^^ bhdtha, s. m. A current or 
stream, the ebb-tide. 

8. ^^^^^i hhafi,B. f. (W^) Greens, 

or a preparation of them for food. 

pi\i)L; hahidur^ 1. adj. Bravo, bold, 

valiant, courageous. 2. b. m. A hero, 
a cbampion, a knight. 

8. Sjji}\j hhadra-pad, {'^f^^) 
8. m. See ^J)^^, 




• • 

'• jCti)lyi hahSduri, 8. f. 1. Bravery, 

heroism. 2. (dakh.) A small ring 
worn on the border of the ear. 

i' fj^iy^ hhddoh (^T^) B. m. 

Name of tlie fifth (or by some ac- 
ooanted fhe pixth) solar month, 
August-September (in which the full 
moon is near Purva-hhadrapada). 

P. .l^J hahdr, * f. Spring, prime, 
bloom, beauty, elegance, delight, en- 
joyment. ^o'-'^7^^ 8- ™- ^ plfto© 
adorned with the bloom of spring. 

8. Lj hhdr, (^TR) 8. m. A load or 
burthen, a great weight of gold, 
weight, gravity, fagot. (Pcrs. .U)* 

% hhdr, (dakh.) See JbU Without, 
Ac., and .Lj hahdr, Spring. 

8- \Xf) Ihdra, (^^) 8. m. A load, 

P. iji^jW hahardn, 8. The spring. 

8. CL^jl^J hhdraty (^Kcl) 8. m. 1. 

The heroic poem which contains the 
account of Judhishthir's war. 2. One 
of the nine divisions of the world, 

8. ,olf^ hhar-h (^m) 1. adj. Heavy. 

weighty ; of importance, valuable ; big, 
great, fat, large; grave, patient; 
strong, loud, thick; burdensome, 

Patience. 2. adj. Patient iJM> 

^J^^ / C^^ J^ ^° withdraw 

from a difficult or impracticable un- 
• • dertaking. 

«. ?^ hharA^^^) 8. m. A furnace, 
kiln, (particularly, for parching grain) , 

H. ?l^ hlid^, 8. m. The price of forni- 
cation. U's^?*^ V. a. To live on 

the wages of prostitution (not the 
w^yian, but her dependants). 

R ]j\fi bhafa, 8. m. Hire, fare. 

H.^^f^ hhiffiti, (from Ijl^J said to 
be TK^.) s. m. (dakh.) Bullock man. 

9. U'^ hhasha, •(^W^l) s. f. 1. See 

L^i^ 2. Name of a ragini or musical 
mode. « 

8. \^^^ hhakhd, (Hf^) 8. f. Speech 

language, dialect. See L^l^ 
^' vSX^J hihigy 8. m. Name of a rig, 

a. '^'^ hh'ig, (^TR^) 8. m. Fortune, 

s. \Lf[^ hhig, (^^TTfl) s. m. 1. Share, 
part, portion ; tax, duty, 2. (or 

^1*^) Destiny, fate, fortune, lot 

um^^ L.J^l|^ Consolation. 

H. U^ V^-T^J hhag-jand, v. n. To ran 
away, to flee, to abscond. 

H.^l^ hhagar (from UA^) s. f. Flight, 

a general emigration, escape, immedi- 
ate danger. 

2- U^W ^'^S^-man, (^RIRP^) adj. 

H. UT^ bhagna, v. n. To flee, to run 

2- J^^^ bhag-wdn, (^Tn^R[) adj. 
Fortunate, rich. 

"• KJ^J^ bhdgiram, (Vrr%[^) 
s. f. The Ganges. 

s. J'^ bhil, (^) B. f. The point or 
head of an arrow. 

I- 8'^ bhdlQy (^^) 8. m. A spear 

(about seven cubits long), a lance (with 
a narrow head). 

a. J.^ bhilii^ (^^^) s. m. A bear: 

(dakh.) hhala. An old jackal. ^^ Jf^ 

B. c:^!^ bhalait, (from 81^) 8. m. A 




H. U'^ hhdna, 1. T. n. To be approved 

of, to please, to suit, to fit %. v. a. 
(dakh.) To throw, cast. 

f. LilyJ hahand, (trans, of iLj) v. a. To 

make flow, set afloat or adrift, to pour 
foJi^h, float, launch, swim away. 

H. c;^^^^ hhdnt or hhanti,B. f. Manner, 

mode, sort. VJI^lfi C:,^l|J adj. 
Various, divers. 

a. \sf{^ hhanja, (^iRw^ or ^rfil- 
niST) 8. m. A sister's son, a nephew. 

f . ^jsr[^ hhanjX B. f . 1. (^nf^^) 
A sister*8 daughter, a niece. 2. 

(^3TnT/ Interruption, hinderance. 3. 

Talebearing. .^ ^^rsTl^ 8. An 

intermpter, a talebearer. \j[p i<flf^ 
▼. a. To give malicious intelligence. 
U^U b Uui) i-fls-'^l^^ V. a. To inter- 
rupt, to put a stop to, to break in upon. 

B. jjl^ hhdnd, s. m. 1. (^¥) An 

earthen pot. 2. (for ^^) A mimic, 
an actor, buffoon. 

fi. IjJl^ hhan4a, (^^) 8. m. 1. A 

large earthen pot. 2. Estate, equipage. 

U)^ \^\^ y. n. To lose one's 

«. viJtil^J hhang (^^) s. f. Hemp 
(Cannabis sativa) of which an intoxi- 
cating liquor is made. See ^J^^se^ 

f* i<-t« ^l|i hhdnmatl, s. f. A female 
juggler, an actress* hhSnu-matiy 

(WH*1^) Sbdj. f. Splendid, shining; 

P. ^Ibi banana, 8. m. Pretence, evasion, 
shifty anbterfnge, contrivanoe, excuse. 

pretext, feint, affectation. *d- ^-.lJ 
Seeking a pi'etence. 

H. jl^ hha'o, s. m. Price, value, rate : 

H. uUj ^l^ b?iz'o-ba<una,»v. a. To 

«. ^L^ bahff'o (from U^) p. m. Flood, 
flow, flux, effusion, fluidity. 

2. -^'^ b^iaicflj, (^RpTFfl) s. f. A 
brother's wife. 

«• ^^^ hha*t, (^?TclT) 8. m. Brother; 

i. SXi f^ Ua'hhand, (W^^) s. m. 
Brothers, relations, friends. 

"* J^ L^^ hhal-charuy s. m. Bro- 
therhood, fraternity, quality or pro- 
perty of brother, intimacy, brotherly 

A. mS^^ haH'jmy s. plur. (of ^HAJj^'i 
Beasts, brutes. 

a. }^j^ hhahlea^ s. m. 1. (^l^ ^I^) 

An alembic, a still. 2. A kind of 
drinking vessel with a large mouth. 

H. UxA^ Ihahaknay ▼. n. 1. To be en- 
raged, to rush on with rage. 2. To 
catch fire. 3. To run with great ra- 
pidity (a horse). 

H. -JIa^ hhahki, s. f. Threat. 

«. CL;^> hfialiit, (flr^rf^) B. f. 

Ashes of dried cakes of cow-dung, tem- 
pered with chaff, Ac. (Of these ashes,' 
mixed with cow's milk, gum-water, 
and dried, balls are formed and 
kept to make the prescribed marks of 
distinction daily,* upon the forehead, 
arms, breast, and even the whole body 
of Brahmans and other high castes. 

P. iSx^ hih-hUd, s. f. /Health, 

p. ^fc>*JkJ hihhud'i, s. f . ) ^ ^' 
being, welfare. 


^' jiH^. 6/iab/taf or hhahhaTi (^^PW) 

B. m. Solicitude, alarm, li^ r^M^ 
Y. n. To be alarmed, to be frightened. 

H. cJlfJ^j hkahkak, b. f. 1. Sodden 

bursting forth of flame. 2. Smell 
arising saddenly. 

H. Llx^A^J hhahhaky^Uy v. n. 1. To sim- 
mer, to babble. 2* To emit steam, to 
fame, to boil. 

{. CL?^fH^.» bhahhiit or hhahhuti, (^^T- 

Tcf ) s. f. Ashes of cow*dung which 
faqirs rub over their bodies. 

H. Da^A^ hhahhukS, 1. s. m. Blaze, flame, 

explosion. 2. adj. Red* (as a coal, 
Bometimes applied to the splendour of 
% beloved person's countenance) ; 
splendid, benatifaL 

s. Uw^J hhapard, ) »• E*>»alation, 
^ "' ' > steam, famiga- 

«• ];Ka^ bfcajjAara, J tion. 

I- d^Y> ba?tti^ V^?) adj. Much, 
many, more, over much, most. C^^^ 

Vmj adj. Bather too mach, some- 
what beyond or exceeding. 

f. iXy^ hahta^ (from ^J^) part. act. 
Banning (water), afloat ^<>^ l<^ 

uyt J ..^'jb ^r^ To pay attention to 

one's friends, or to attend to one's own 
duty or affairs while the opportunity 
is favourable ; to make hay while the 
sun shines. 

H. liyj hhatta, (^TWO 8. m. (dakh.) 

f. CL^'jlyi ha^^tat, {^^) B. f. Bx. 

cess, abundance. iBee C^^vXl^ • 

A. ^lly^ buhfin, s. m. Calumny, false 
imputation, defamation. 

f. M^'oyJ hahtUayat {^^\) b. f. 
Abundance, plenty, multitude. 

P. JUj hih-taTf adj. compar. Better, 
good,* excellent, preferable. 

«. JiyJ hahatHar, (fS^IBTc!) adj. 


P* i^P^ hihtofi^ B. f. Welfare, improve- 
ment, advantage, the better. 

P. ^.ff^ hth'tar-in, adj. sup. Best, 
most excellent. 

|. \j1^ hhutna^ (from 'VTcT ^^y^) ^' ™* 
A small devil, an imp, a ghost. 

2- ^^y^ hhiUni, (^c! iZJ^) s. f. 
Wife of a devil, a female demon. 

H. AX^ hhatta, s. m. Ploughman's 
wages in kind. 

A UkSH? hhaUja, (^^TRfiT) b. m. 
Nephew, brother's son. 

* ij=fy^ ^^tiji, (WRFiTr) B. f . A 
niece, brother's daughter. 

J. LMv^ ^^^'«»^» (^^) adj. 
Many, very much, abundant. 

J hhai^ (^f^) 8. f. 1. An oven, 

a furnace, a kiln. 2. Curse, mis- 

H. La^ hhuita, B. m. Indian com, maize. 
% (dakh.) An ear of com. 

H. oj^ hhatkd, adj. Astray. 

H. UI^La^ hhaikdnd, v. a. To mislead, 
bewilder, cause to wander. 

a. ^Si l1^ hhat katd% ^^ f^ rpj^^ 

5. [Ji Li-<J hhai kaiaiya, 5 "^^^ °^ 
a prickly plant. 

H. UxJk|J hhaiakna, v. n. To go astray, 
to stray, wander, miss the right path, 
lose (the way). 

H. jJlAf^ hhifnlt s. f. A nipple. 

J. ijfAf^ hhathi, (^^) s. f. A fur- 
nace, a kiln, hhatihi. A liquor shop, 
a distillery. 



f. p. V-J^ hhaihiySrd, (Wf An 

oven) 8. m. A antler, an innkeeper, 
one who prepares victaals for travel- 
lers in a IjAM 

f. P.^ ^'^ J^H^ hhatkiyir-l^ana, 

■. m. An inn, a carayansary, an eat- 

f- ^y1tH^ hhaihiyarin, s. f. Wife of 
a hhathiydrd. 

5. Jl^ hhatti, (^^) 8. f. (dakh.) 

A famaoe, a kiln, a washerman's boil- 
ing place, a distiller's fire place, a 
small grate or stove used by gold- 
smiths ; an alembic, a still. 

«. ^ Ihuj, (^3T) 8. m. f. 1. The 
arm (aboire the elbow). dl) ^ 

(dakh.) s. m. An ornament worn on I 
the arm, an armlet. 

i- uL>- .yJ hah'ja/na or hahi-jdnOf 

(from liy^) v^* n* 1* To flow, pass. 

2> To go or swim with the stream. 3. 
To be mined, to be destroyed. 

A. w-'y^ hahjatf s. f. Joy, pleasure, 
beanty, grace, excellence. 

B. ^JOB^ hhajan, \^Sp\) g. m. Ador- 
ation, worship ; a hymn. 

B. iS^J^:^ hhujang^ (^^TSPT from 

^T3I A curve, and r. W{ (Jo) s. m. 
A serpent. 
§• IXasc^ hlivjanga, a. m. A kind of 

shrike. (^) Uljl ^Jj^^ 1. To 

be in great distress and poverty. 2. 
To spread false reports. 

H. liusl^ hhijwdnd (causal of U^Vj^) 
V. a. To cause to send. 

H. ^|j hhuehjOd}. Barbarous, ignorant. 

t- cliXxl^ hhachah or hhichak, 
(H^fqUhCl) adj. Alarmed, aghast, 

starting. iJot^ C-^^ To be 

amazed or astonished at a sadden or 
unexpected event. 

9. Iil^cc4^ hhaehkana, (cans, of Ui^a^) 
V. a. To astonish, to amaze. 

I- lJi^:€ hhachak-na, v. •a. To be 
astonished or amazed ; to startle. 

i. \xj^ hhu-ehampa, (^ftf^q^) s.m. 

1. The name of a tree. 2. Afire^work 
like the flower of that tree. 

H. |j^ hhaddd, adj. Stupid, dull. 

^' ji^> hhadra, (^) adj. Fortunate, 

lucky, s. m. Good luck : the shaving 
the head and whiskers. 

8. I^J^ hhaara, (^) s. f. 1. An 

unlucky moment ; bad luck. 2. The 
2d, 7tb, and 12th days of the lunar 
fortnight. 3. A lark. 

S* byt j*y^ bhadr hona^ v. n. To be 

clean or purified by shaving one's 
head and beard after mourning or in 
a holy place. 

S* c^t^i hhadri, s. m. An astrologer, 
a palmister. 

H. ^JjmjJ^ hhadettalf adj. Ill- shaped, 
ugly, awkward, clumsy, 

P. yiU hahr, prep. For, on account of. 
% "ba'har. In every, to every, Ac. 

s. j^ hhar, ( W) adj. Full, as much as, 
as far ss, up to, whole, all, bulk, size, 

every, each. .yJ J^*^^ '^^ ^^^ ^^^ 
of one's power, with all one's might ; 
jy) yXM A «er ; j^ ji All lifetime. 
ttf^ M A full ko8. 

2. ]j^ hharri, (^?RT or ^^) s. m. A 

pknic. !«i 1^ ,jJ^ ^y The army 
was seized with a panic. 

a. 1^ hhara, (^) adj. Full, replete. 
\jj \j^ Filled, full. 




• • 

H. 1^ hahra, adj. Doaf. 
H. jV'k? ^hardtl, B. f. See J^^ji 
P. a1*y^ ba^rdm, 8. m. 1. The planet 
Mars. 2. Vame of a king of Persia. 

f. lit.^ bAflruna, v. a. To wheedle. 

g. li'j^J b^arand, (r. ^ Fill) v. a. 1. 

To fill, to can A to fill. 2. To cover or 
cause to cover (a mare). 3. To feed 
its joung out of the hen — bird's 

B. 1^ y^ hhurhhuri, adj. Dry and in 

the state of powder. 

H. Ul^ .^ hhurhhurdni, v, a. To 

throw or sprinkle sngar or salt npon 
meat. % (dakh.) To flatter or oxnlt. 

S* \j)u}j/^> hharhharana, (r. ^ Fill) v. n. 

To swell and be glossy (particularly 
the face, as in fever). 

a* UU«^ hhar pand, v. a. 1. To be 

paid, to receive the fnll amount. 2. 
{Met) It is used when a person is dis- 
appointed ; as bU ^ ^ ^jJL^ I am 

J. (<J'«J m^ hhar-pd% s. f . A receipt in 

full. (This name is taken from two 
words used in the body of the receipt, 
like as the English word *' Cocket" 
anciently written " Quoqaet," is from 
quo quietus, occurring in the old form 
of acquittance for custom dues. 

a. jyiA> hhar 'pur, adj. (VR and M^l) 

Brimful, overflowing, quite full, re- 

8. <^^r^ hharat, (^ict) n. prop. Name 

of tho son of Danaratha and Kaiheyi, 
and younger brother of Rimachandra, 

«X^> <^ri> ^ ™* 0>^o of the nine 

divisions of the world, between Lank& 
and Sumeru ; India. • 

H. ^JLJu) hhart, s. m. A mixed metal 
composed of copper and lead. 

8. kS'j^ hharla, \^^\) B. m. Husband, 

H. \3j^ hharta or hhurla, 8. m. Vege- 
table boiled or fried and broken in 
the hand. 

«• L^jH hhartt, *(from \Sa>) 8. f . 1. 

Completion. 2. Filling, recruiting (of 
soldiers). 8. Loading, lading, cargo, 
burden (of a ship, &c.). 4. (vulgarly 

used for) Promotion. [iS i^j^ 
To recruit, to load. 

H. \j3u) hhart-iya, B- m. A brasier, a 
worker in the metal called CL>.|J 

fi. u'^-^ hharjana, v. n. 1. To be 

filled. 2. To be lined (a bitch). 3. 
To be broken winded (a horse from 
severe exercise). 

p. A. J',.>--^ ha-har-hdly adv. By all 

means, at all events, at any rate, some- 
how or other. 

». Uji J j^ hhar dena, v. a. 1. To pay. 

2. To fill. 3. To reimburse. 4. To 

8. ij^ji> hhraeht, ^^ (r. ^ 

Fnll down) adj. Fallen, debased, pol- 
luted, abominable, vitions, dissolute. 

[iSsS^ji) v. a. To pollute, Li-M^^ 

liyb V. n. 1. To be polluted. 2. To 

P. A. . Js -yj ha-har-taur, adv. By 

all means, at all events, somehow or 

p. A. CL>.yC j^ ha-har»aurat. In every 

condition ; at all events, at any rate, 
in every point of view, by all means. 

a. j^jH hharkam^ s. (dakh.) See >%j|i 

H. ^^jfi hhurla, 8. f. Decoying, in- 

p. A. ujLa> j-^ ha-har-kaify adv. By 
any moans. 

a. ^u> hharam, {^^^) 8. m. Credit. 

character, reputation. liiJb ^t^ 
V. a. To lose character. 




i> ul^»4> hharmAnd, (from /^j^) y- &• 

1. To deceive. 2. To excite by throw- 
ing oat temptation. .S. To perplex, to 

t. \jj^ hhamd, {WlFl r. ^ Fill) 1. 

V. ft. To fill ; to lo»Mi, charge, satisfy, 
perform, daub, pay, liquidate or dis- 
charge (a debt, fine, Ac), to give 
(evidence), to undergo, to suffer, 2. 
V. n. To be filled, to be sated, to be 
performed, to be completed to abound, 
to heal (a wound). 

J. ^J^Ai hhringh {HJ\) 8- ^- 1- ^ 

kind of wasp, called also (jr^'f^ 

q. V. (Vespa solitaria). 2. A large 
black bee, a humble bee. 

f. ^Jji> hharnt, (from ^ ^) a. f. 
Weft, woof. 

8. ^j^ hharana, (Wfl") B. f. The 

- name of the seoond lunar mansion. 
(Three stars in Musea). 

f. Lj«.y> htthu^rupiya (or hahurupi^ 

99^^) 8. m. An actor, a mimic. 

f. b«jfi hhjtroia, ft. m. A load (of grass, 
hay, Ac). 

if. l«Mj*f> hharoM, ("Hj^RlT from ^ 

Good, and ^TRTT Hope, desire) s. m. 

Hope, dependence, reliance, faith, 
assurance, confidence. 

P. «-yj lahra, s. m. 1. Property, for- 
tune. 2. Quota, share, portion. 3. 

Profit, advantage. jJLeS^ or f^*t^ 
Blessed, fortunate, contented, happy, 

profited, <^l> ^j^ Partaking, pro- 
fited, gainer. 

F. ^JuL« S^ hahra^mand'if s. f. Pros- 
perity, happiness. 

i. ijjY^ hhari, (from W J^^ 8« ^« 
1. The wttght of one siooa rupee : 


one toli or 12 mdsha. 2. A grass used 
for thatching. 

H. ^^ hihri, B. f. A subscription to 

raise a certain sum, contribution, as- 
sessment, quota, rate, share. 

H. f^jjfi huhrif 8. f. Fried^ or parched 


H. ^j^ hahri, s. f. A falcon, a female 

hawk. • 

H. J^ hhifj B. f . A wasp, a hornet. 

^ ^ 4" 

H. 1j1^ b/uir^o, B. (dakh. <0 JuC >mJ) 

A sort of sacrifice. 

H. Uh^ b/iirana, (cans, of UW^ ▼• *• 

1 To join, to place close to, to close. 
2. To cause to fight. 

H. ^1^ bWfa'f, (^54^)8. f. The dosing 
or joining of (two) armies in fight. 

H. U J^J^ bharbTuxrtt/a, adj. Simple, 
candid, without guile. 

s. m. A man who parches grain. 
a. .aC^ft^^^ hhathhunjan, s. f. A wo- 
man who parches grain. 

H. u-^ hharak, (from \jS^) a. f. 1. 

Splendour, blaze, flash, glare, show. 
2. Perturbation, agitation, alarm, 
starting, shiness (in animals). 

H. [Xj^ hharkandi v. a. 1. To frighten, 

to scare. 2 To blow up into a flame, 
to kindle (a fire). 

H. Ui^ hhardknd, v. n. 1. To start, be 

alarmed. 2. To be blown up into a 
flame, blaze forth (fire). 

H. iJj^ji) hhark-el, (from U^4^) adj. 
Shy, skittish, coy, wild, untamed. 

H. h^^ii hhark-ilii, (from CJ^) adj. 

Splendid, glittering, flashy. 
H. Uj^ hkirna, v. n. To close (as two 

armies), to join battle, come together, 
be placed together touching each other, 
be continuous* 

H. KlfijH hharangy adj. Simple, silly, 

artless, having the quality of telling 
Beorets without reserve. 




R. Uji^ hhaji(*a or hhaj^uwa, b. m. A 

pimp, pander, one who lives on what a 
proBtitate earns. Also (dakh.) hhapjo^f 
A bawd, procaress : ragamuffin, black- 

P. 4>hyi hii^tdd, 1. Name of Tsfandiy&r 
son of Gusbtasp. 2. The name of a 
celebrated painter in Pex^ia, who lived 

during the re|^ of Shah iBonall Safwi. 
£• ij*^ hhu8 (^^) 8, m. Bran, husk, 

chaff. iJL>\ji j^ ^^j*^^ An assign- 
ment on ohaff : i. 0. , that from which 
nothing can be obtained. 

H, Imj^i|m,|> hhaahhasd, adj. Flabby 
loose (as meat). 

S. >«*«*4> hhusrd, 8 m. Ad inferior kind 
of wheat. 

H. [ij^^j^ hhuskama, v. n. To hiss (a 

H. S.OMtA^ hhuska/raf b. m. Hissing of 
a snake. 

■. ^M*.|^ hhiuam, (^^W n WI to con- 

■ume). B. f. Ashes. 
P- S^-" ^» hihisht, 8. f . Paradise. 

P. ^JLuL^ M^»«^tt, 1. adj. Paradisiacal, 

celestial ; inhabitant of paradise. 2. 
B. m. A water-carrier. 

H. vj,^ b^afe, 8. m. Explosion (of a 
gun, Ac.), 

f* ijTtl^ (^iikdri, s. m. A beggar. 

H* Ul^ hahkana, (trans, of Ux^) v. a. 

(r. ^5 *o carry) To balk, disappoint, 
mislead, deceive, beguile. 

's. CI^Jl^ ^'^*» ^^ (r. VrST Serve) 

1. 8. m. An adorer, a devotee, a 
votary, a zealot. 2. A Hindu performer 
for entertainment, a dancer, a player. 
3. adj. Pious. 4. Desirous. 

8. jJl^ hhdkti, 'HTTfT (r. ^^ Serve) 
■a f. Religion, faith, devotedness, attach- 
ment, desire. d^Jl^ adj. Devoted, 
religious, pioiu. 

f 1 

fi. yjf^, hhaktaX (VRRcTT) s. f. See 

H. UC^ ba/iaX;na, v. n. To be balked, 
to stray, to be intoxicated. 

«. U^ hhakndy v. n. (dakh.) 1. One's 

thirst to be quenched. 2. To paFS the 
bounds, exceed the limits, be carried 
away, go beyond. 8. To become 

crazed. 4. See UC|j 

H. U'X^ hhagdnd, (trans, of lAflfj) t. a. 

To cause to flee or escape, to cause to 
run away, to drive away. ^ hhigdrui, 

(trans, of UiuL^) v. n. To wet, 
moisten, steep. 

a. Cl^^ b/ia9ae,(^^) s. m. See C:*^^ 
I U J ^ ( Viii^^JL^ V. n. To act 

(a play), to imitate, to mimic. W^-if|* 

b Jb V. n. To be initiated as a devo- 
tee, to be affiliated to a religious order. 
(This is peculiar to the low tribes. 
The initiation consists in putting a 
necklace of beads round the neck, and 
marking a circle on the forehead. 
After which, the initiated person is 
bound to refrain from the nse of spiri- 
tuous liquors, flesh, &o.), 

'' 1^^^^^ hhagta-i, (from CL^J^) b. f. 
Piety, devotion, religiousness. 

«. UUi^J hhugtdna^ (cans, of UXxfj) 

V. a. (r. ^31 to suffer, enjoy.) To 

cause to enjoy, to distribute, to re* 

- lJ^^ blmgtan, s. f. 1. Wife of a 

K^S^f 2. (ironically) A lewd woman, 
a prostitute, a whore. 

Uax^ hhugatna, (from V^J^ ^?|T) 

V. a. To enjoy, to suffer, to receive 
the reward of virtue or the punishment 
of crime, to be requited. 

9* ^ju!>^ hhagtiydf (from d^^x^) 
s. m. A dancing boy dressed up as a 
dancing g^rl. 

H. ij£^ hhagcdy s. m. Affectation, hy- 
pocrisy, trick, deception. ^ hhugul, 
B. f. (dakh.) Hot asheB. 





^- ^^t^ hhagliya, b. m. Impostor, 
cheat. * 

H. Uyi ^Jj^ hhagli-§akna, B. m. False 

jewels, trinkets. 
«. J*^^^ hhagandar, (^JR[^) a, m. 
A fistala (in ano). 

H.^ bhaggu, part. act. (Uflfj) A 
deserter, a ranawaj, a f agitive. 

«• ^'^ hhagwan, (WTSfP^) r. iqSf 

to worship,) adj. DiWne, s. m, God', 
the deity, the Supreme being. 

H. Ul^ Ihagwana, y. a. (cans, of 

US!^) To caase to flee or ran away. 

■• iJy^ hhagora, (U?l|j) s. m. A run- 
away, a deserter, a fagitive. 

H. IJ^ hhigona, (trans, of UiuL^j) 
▼. a. To wet, to steep, drench. 

5. Cl^/ii hhagwant, (Wm) adj. 
Krine ; 8. m. God, the deity. See 8. 

H- J^ bo^ 8. f. A two-wheeled car 
(for riding in, not for baggage), tf 
coach, a carriaga ' 

=• L^J b^ 8. m. Side, direction. 

Olfi 1^ f*» Head-foremost, head- 

«• Xyi hhaU, (T?^) adj. 1. Good, 

excellent, benevolent, kind, healthy, 
well, Tirtnons, righteons, sound. 2. 
Strange, wonderfol, eomioia, droll. 

,^fc> I l^J or ^^U l^J 8. m. A 

person of respectability, a gentleman ; 

(tVon.) a silly fellow. UJU 1^ To """""""' ""*' U.J'ir? 

take weU. "^ h. ^J^ bahali, 8. 1 A light 

for riding 

f. lU^ X^J hhald ehanga, adj. In good 
order, in health, hale, well 

*• ^*Vf lfc«fu*, (see UI**J) 8. Forget- 

i- UXyi hhuldna, (cans, of Ul^) v. a. 
1. To oaiue to forget 2. To inveigle. 

mislead, bewilder, deceive, fascinate, 
coax, amuse, allure. 

H. UJlyj baWdna, (trans, of UL^) v. a. 
(f^5^) To divert, to amuse. 

3. jl^ hhuWu, (from Ul^) s. or adj. 

(dakh.) Misleader, inveigler. 
«• Ijl^ b^ittZaww, (from UXyj) a. m. 

Deception, fraud, chSat, deceit, faint. 

UjJ '^l^j To deceive, to play a trick. 

5. J^l^ hhil^wdn, (>lf5rcT^) 8. m. A 
nut used for marking clothes, Ac. 

-' L5^*V^ b/iaia't, b. f. Goodness, good 
health, welfare. 

^' i^a Ja hhaUhhal, a. (dakh.) A caU 
to an elephant. 

2. J'-?-I J4J J^ hhal hhal ujald, B.m. 
Dawn or break of day. 

H. ILm1|J hhuUiand, v. n. (r. >W to 

born.) To be singed or scorched. 
9. iZjluJ^ J^ hhaUmansat, (^15TPI- 

^^^T) 8. f. Humanity, benignity, 
civility, decorum. 

H. Ul|j ba^oZwa, v, n. To be diverted, 
to be amused : one's time to pass 
agreeably, one's leisure hours to glide 

^' w^^ hahlil, B. m. 1. A prince 

endowed with every virtue. 2. Name 
of a celebrated Dervis. 8. A man 
much addicted to laughter. 

-• L5^^ bWiattn;,-, (VT^^oT) g. f. 
The seed of the ^j'^lyJ 


■*• ft^ ha-ham, (for ^b adv. To- 
gether, one with another, one 
against another Ul ^ To be pro- 
cured, to be acquired* UlflcC^ ^^ 




geifulneftB, error, mistake, miss, blun- 
der. Slip of the tongue. 

H. )^ hhola, adj. Simple, artless, inno- 
cent, meek. 



r ^il^ X^ hhulorhhatka, \ ^^^ * 

road, (generally, a person) calling on 
another in oogsequenoe of some acci- 
dent, <fcc., not intentionally to pay a 
visit. Led astray. 

5- 4^»> K^ hhola-ndth, s. m. A name 
of Mahideva, 

f. UIft|^ hhulndt (from r. '^^ Err) v. n. 
To forget, go astray. 

B, ^Jy^ hholi^ adj. f. (of ^u> Innocent, 
artless.) («:!^'<J L5W Innocent prattle. 

8. M^ hhum, \'^\^) a. f. Land, earth, 

region, country. % hhaum \M\^) 
B. m. The planet Mars. 

«. JU^^bWmi-pdZ,(VrfqqrR5)s.m. A 

prince, sovereign. 
§• \x^^ hhunuiyaf B. m. A landlord. 

§r Jlxwi hhumydl, s. (dakh.) 1. 

^kyU Inhabitant. 2. s. f. (^J^j) 
Native place, home. 

- U^ ^^^^^* \^) ■• '• The eyebrow. 

L5^/ ^J^ U^ ^- *• '^^ ^^"^^^ ^ 
frown, to look angrily raising the 

eyebrows. ^JLJ'o ^^yH To knit the 

eyebrows. % hhuh or bAaun (for 

^1^) a. f. Ground, land, earth. 
S* (J^'>" tjy^ hhaun<hil or hhuh-chSkl, 
(vrfif^T^ from ^ft Earth, and r. 

^<55 Move) s. m. An earthquake. 

f > tA>. ^j^ hhuh'Champa, (^fif^Tcfj) 
fl. m. The name of a plant. 


H. )jJb^ bHon^d, adj. Ill-shaped, use- 
less, bad, ugly, unlucky. 

S- jiy^ hhaunrj (^?^) 8. m. A whirl- 
pool: see t%A^ 

«. 1^^ b;iattnr«, (^5WR) s. m. A 

large black bee enamoured of the 

A y^ hhaunra, 1. (^T^^T) b. m. 

A cavern, vault, cellar. 2. See jJ^ 

Whirlpool, gulph, eddy (of water) ; di- 

H- i^y^a hhaunar, kali, s. f. A kind 
of halter (for horses or dog^). See 

- lSj^^ 6/ia«nrt, 8. f. 1. Feathered 
hair. 2. Name of a defect in horsea. 

S- LaC^ hhaunkna, (r. '^^ Bark) v. n. 

1. To bark. 2. {met) To talk 

H. Uxu|j hhonknd, v. a. To thrust, to 
drive (as a nail). To stab, 

fi* U|»^ b/i«nni, (>ivjt*t r. ^5^ or 

^?f^ Parch, fry) v. a. To parch, 
grill, broil, toast, fry, roast, inflame. 

TBL. ^Jy^ hhanl, B. f. (dakh.) Handael, 

see ^_jXyJ 
I- I.UJ^ hhunyara, a. m. (dakh.) See 

Ail>> jJ under. £ 

H. jV^ hho*tf (or, b/iK^t) 8. m. 1. A 
chair-porter, a palkT-bearer, a bearer. 
2. A white cat. S. (To the south of the 
Nerhudda applied to). The head of a 
Qond village. 

-• Ui^y^' hhu'ih, (^ft[) 8.f. 1. The 
eartfi, gpround. 2. A kind of caterpi1« 
lar covered with hair and destmctiTa 



easy. ^ w^. P»ol» barbarouijeaBness, 

'1-1 \\(' * 

diseaie. lUxc' ^y ^'» > vi^ "® ®™" 

*^or estimation, not *to be ^vlied on, 
^^'T^hyty. ^^jJlcI ^,i fire-Un- 
like a flo»re&-i«4j^, jsembling thoi 

commonly called flil) 2. Name of 
a plant : see Uij- ^^ 

^' L5V^ ^^*' ** ^* ^' -^ qnince; and 
(in India) a gna^a. Ulfc) ^«^ b. m. 

Quince-seed. 2. (from dJ Gk>od) 
Groodness, the being well or better. 

i. jj|J hhai, (Wl) 8. m. Fear, terror. 

\j[^ 15^ '^^ ^ afraid, to be 

even, and, moreover^ 
H. ^yj baW, B. f . A book not stitched 
at the sides but at the ends j a register, 
book of accounts, ledger. Ul|> ^^ 
Day book kept by merchants. 

I. U|J hhaiya, (^Tc^T) 8. m. Brother. 

8. UjLaij hhaydndk, (^MM^Ti) adj. 
Frightful, dreadful, dismal, terrified. 

i. eWf^ ^^*' ^- ^^^^ ^^rf^) 8. f. 
A wall, or breadth of a walL 2. (for 

^) adj. Fearful. ^ ^j^^) 

cwi^ ^/ ^^ <i^-:^?- v::-^;;i Th« 

friendship of the mean is like a wall 
of sand (t. e., unstable). 

f. bWtar, JLjii (3pHfcR) adj. Within. 

f. ^jAJLiJ bAl^, (from jXJ^) adj. In- 
ward, inside, internal, inner, interior. 

H. v^ ^J^^ hhei, s. f . 1. Meeting, inter- 
view. 2. A present to a superior. % 
hMt^ An elevation of earth made near 
a tank for the purpose of planting 
pin: moundsof a tank: the Vestige 
of an old house. 

modest, o'etna, v. a. To meet, to join. 

less, canftke a present (to a superior). 

refleoiio, , .. m. » . 

pendep ^^^J^* «• ni* The brain. 

Ls j'^» ^^^j''*^* ^' *• To send. 

«? ui^s:V{^ hhaichak, i^^^Sf^) adj. 

Alarmed, aghast, starting. See f^J^esS^ 

s. JO^ hhed, (^5[* r f^ to 

break.) s. m. 1. A secret, mystery. 

2. Separation, difference. UuJ dJ^ 
V. a. To spy, to pry into, to work 
one's self into confidence, to socyid. 

i' ««\J^ hhedu, (from ^^} s. A 

secret-keeper, a confident, a spy. 


, ((^^) 1. adj. In. 

a- u«\j^ hhediya, J 

telligent. 2. s. m. A scout, spy, a 

H. jjLyj hahlr, s. f. 1. The baggage, 
&o. of an army. 

H. Ijju jJLyj hdhtrAjunga, s. The rabblo 
of camp followers. 

8. ^jX^ hhairav, (^^ r. ^ to fear). 

s. m. 1. The name of Siva, bat more 
especially of an inferior form or ma« 
nifestation of that deity. 2. A musi- 
cal mode, that which is calculated to 
excite emotions of terror. 

S- jnJ^ hhairo, s. m. (dakh.) See 

H. P. SJJ ^rJ^ hahir o huna. T|he bag- 
gag^ of an army. 
§. Uj ^fj^ hhai-rupiya, adj. (dakh.) 

See Sisj^ ^ 

- iJ^rW ^^<**'*^i v^^^/ 8- ™* ^* 

The name of a rig or musical mode 
sung at dawn in autumn. (It is re- 
presented by Mahideva with the Gan- 
gres flowing from his head and the rag 
issuing from that deity's mouth).^ ^2. 

A name of Biva : see yrj^ 





'* ^9r:M^ hhairavi 

\ miss, blun- 

irari, ") ^ a* 

»'^»» •' ^88, inno- 

The name of a rdgiru, the . 

hkairoh robg. 

H.Jji^ bWr, 8. f. Moltitude, crov^^u^ _ " 

press of work, difficulty. 
AjJL^i fc^, (}T^) 8,f. A sheep, an 
ewe. v^ - rrj^ '^ J:!^ Mutton. 

t« l«JL^ fco/i^^ (f^^5\cR») 8. m. Bel- 
leric myrobalan. 

fr il^ b^ra, (^^) 8. m. A ram. 

H. Jly> JjL^i 6Wf-bWlf, B. f. Crowd, 
mob, bustle. 

H. \ijJ^ hhfifna, V. a. To shut, to close. 
i' c-rtj4> hhefi^ ( "^^) 8. f. An ewe, 

^ ^J>i> bh^r«y3> (^^^r) 8. m. A 


8. m. Disguise, counterfeit dress. 

§. ,<Cj|> bwik^, (f^^r r. fJr^to 

beg). 8. f. Begging, mendicity* 

charity, alms. UxiLe -l^^j^ To ask 
alms, to beg. 

hhigna or hhihgna, v. n. (r. 

^ to anoint.) To be wet. 

hful, (^1^) 8. in. The name 
of mountaineers. 
dif 8. f . A lump of coarse 

sugar (or g^^^* 

8. jU4) hhtmH^^) >• n- Vf^' The 

spcond broth^ <>* Tudhishihira. 2. 
adj. Dreadful. \ 8. s. m. Horror. 

«• J-'^^ hhaim^n, (^^WR[) adj. 
Pfightened, alarmed, terrified, afraid. 

H. 1^^^ hhon4a^ adj. Ill-shaped, use- 
less, bad, ugly, unlucky. 

^' fye^^tli^^^f t^^) B, m. A^vith, 

^^visit. SKwi-i 
n ^t^ 

'- ef JJu^ hhen4h 8. f. (dakh.) flibis- 

cus esculentus (a good nutritious 
culinary vegetable). 

«• cMf* ^'•«*^ (flf|^) 8. f. A 
female buffalo. 

A LiJui^ hhaihsa, {^T^) 8. m. A 

male buffalo. 
H. UjU^ b/ien^d, adj. Squinteyed. 

B. UuUfi bAtnna, v. a. (dakh.) See 

H. p M, 1. A vocative particle used in 
^* • 

speaking to women. 2. (contract, of 

^ ^^) Lady. 

H. ^ he, A vocative particle iiaed 

contemptuously, yon feDow! yoa 
rascal ! sirrah ! O ! 

P. -i be, a priv. particle orprepo8. (TSf) 

Without, out of. (When prefixed t^^ 
words, it is equivalent to the Englisik 

in, UB, im, ir, dis, less, Sk), l^ I ^ 
Without water, lustre, temper, dignity, 

Ac. (see U-Ji)*«jjl ^ adj. Dis- 
honourable, disgraced, y 1 ^ adj. 
Without impression or effect^ in- 
effectual, u^i iP adj. Untimely 
(death). tUii-l ^^ Without choice, 
involuntary, by compulsion, against 
one*s will. ^j\ju^] ^ 8. f. 

Without choice, helplessness, ^ 
C^^Jl adj. Rode, nnpolite, impu- 
dent, disrespectful, ig!*^' 15^ 8. f. 
Bnd^ness, contempt (of court, in 

1^^)- |»];T^ adj. BMtioii, uo- 

! 121 

•*^- i^'^^'cl' barbarou^eaBness, 

disease. X*J^^ ^<j" • > vi^ "^ ®"* 
dit or estimation, not •to be ^tlied on, 
dishonesty. ^^Jjlcl ^-^ ■• '• Un- 
eFei^ness, inequality. jlSicl ^ 

adj. Inoredulons, disbelieving* % 
VJJi] s. f. Want <if n gard, atten- 

tion or kindness ; tL^^'^i ^ adj. 
Undistinguishing, indiscreet. ^ 

._<;'uuL«l s. f. Indiscretion, inoivi- 
lity. Lii! ^ adj. Bonndless, in- 
finite, endless. |^'1jjl ^ adj. 
Immoderate. u-9^wia!l ^ adj. Un- 
jnst. j'-^^ 15^ »• '• Injustice. 

^l^J ^ adj. Without religion, 
infidel, without conscience, faithless, 

treacherous. iPWj 15? ■• ^* ^°^' 
delity, irreligion. ^u ^^ adj. Com- 
plete, paid up in full. (^U ^ a. f. 
pletion L-f'J ^^J adj. Pear- 
lU ^ adj. Without 


• • • 1. 

15 ? «^.^ 

S. f. 


authority, helpless. 
5 Helplessness. lyJ ^ 

•■^ jable, X»yJ ^ In want 

^jirofit or portion, destitute, 
U . -i »d3. Very 



r*^^ v^ 

wretolied. Jj[j ^ a^J- Boundless. 
t3 ^Jv l5^ *' '* Openneos, immo- 

desty. Xi)ji ^ adj. UnTeiled, i 


modest, openly. )• •> _i adj. Fear- 
less, careless, unconcerned, without 
reflection, thonghtlefS, at ease, inde* 
pendent. adv. Boldly, fearlessly 

lJ jji L5^ ** ^* Carelessness, tmn- 
quillity, indifference. ^Jk) ^^ adj. 
Having no spiritual guide ; vicious. 
jX) ^ adj. Cruel, merciless. .-> 


o adj. Faint, powerless 1 rest* 
less, uneasy, impatient. ^bU ^ 
Restlessly, impatiently. ^J , g. f, 

Faintness ; restlessness. J^^ ^ 
Ineffectual. JU ^ adj. Out of 

time (in music). (Jy«U ^ adj. In- 
considerate, rash, extemporary. .-> 

^U adj. Out of tune. Lilo^ ^ 
Inconsiderate, rash, without dis* 
tinction. n|^J^ ^.J adj. Incau- 
tious, inconsiderate, imprudent. 
^^aLJ ^ 8. f. Freedom from 
connexion or concern, independence. 
•AiAaJ ^ adj. Innocent, blameless, 

faultless. u,bK,J _i Without cere- 
mony, frank. ^J^ ^ B. f. The 
being without ceremony, frankness. 
j^nCiji a^i' ^oid of discrimination, 
indiscreet, silly, wJjt^ L<f ■* ^* 
Indiscretion, jrl-^y 15^ *• ^* ^"^^ 
attention, unkind ness. ^-^y 15^ 
adj. Hopeless. CL^'jo ^ Unstable. 
V^V v/^ »• '• Instability j^ ^ 
adj. Fruitless. l». ^ adj. Ill- 

plated, misplaced, improper, adv. 
Improperly. ^\^ ^ adj. 1. Life- 
less, inanimate, faint, dead. 2. 
Valiant ,brave. a»»> ^ adj. Fault!- 

less, innocent. \^f^ iV.*'^* ^^^^ 




B. c^^nj^ hhairav 
B- fjl^jHi hhairvih 

S miss, blun- 

iravl, )^>-«-.- 
irvih, J ^Bg, i 

The name of a ragini, the \^ 
hhairoh rag. 



H.Jj^ hhtf^ 8. f. M altitude, cro^^^ 
press of work, difficulty. 

* JJL^i hher, (}T^) 8,f. A sheep, an 
ewe. v^ -rry^ ^ JtM? Mutton. 

f. I«JL^ fca;i«ra, (ft^T^cRj) 8. m. Bel- 
leric myrobalan. 

fr ll^ bfc«r5, (^^) 8. m. A ram. 

H. Jly> JjL|j hhir-hhat, b. f. Crowd, 
mob, bustle. 

H. lilA^ b^<7-7»a, IT. a. To shut, to close. 
I' iJjJ^ hhen^ (-H^) B. f. An ewe, 

^ ^jiit ^hetiyi, (^^^f) 8. m. A 

f. ^^^^*a|> b/iM, (^ OP t^r or ^q) 

fl. m. Disguise, counterfeit dress. 

1. ,<Cj|> bwik/i, (fir^r r. fJr^to 

beg). fu f. Begging, mendioitji 

charity, alms. UxiLe -f^^ To ask 
alms, to beg. 

h.VuLCha) hhigna or hhihgna, v. n. (r. 
[^ to anoint.) To be wet. 

a. (JJ^ Ihil, (^TT^) B. in. The name 

of a ra^e of mountaineers. 
*. |Ju^ h,hsli, 8. f . A lump of coarse 

sugar (or 9 tt^). 

8. j^Jj^^ hhim, {wn) ). n. prop. The 

second broth^.r of Tudhithihira, 2. 
adj. Dreadful. 3. b. m. Horror. 

«• J^"*^ hhaim^n, (^q'TI^) adj. 

FAghtened, alarms, terrified, afraid. 

ML \ju^ Ith^nd, M, t 


H. IjJb^ hhonda^ adj. Ill-shaped, use- 
less, bad, ugly, unlucky. 

-•/jH^fe^^''' ^^^^ "•"^* A- "with, 

^visit. oK^i-i 
IS ^1: 

'H. ^sJJU^ hherufi, a. f. (dakh.) Aibis- 

cus esculentus (a good nutritious 
culinary vegetable). 

«• LT^ ^^^*^ (flf^) 8. f. A 
female buffalo. 

A LJu|^ hhaihsa, {^T^) 8. m. A 

male buffalo. 
H. UjU^ hhenga^ adj. Squinteyed. 

B. UJUfi bAtnna, v. a. (dakh.) See 

H. ^ bt, 1. A vocative particle used in 

speaking to women. 2. (contract, of 
^ ^) Lady. 

H. ^ he, A vocative particle used 

contemptuously, you fellow ! yoa 
rascal ! sirrah ! O ! 

P. ^ be, a priv. particle or prepoB. (TSf) 

Without, out of. (When prefixed to 
words, it is equivalent to the English 

in, UB, im, ir, dis, less, &c). ^.J I ^ 
Witliont water, lustre, temper, dignity, 

Ac. (see S-' ')*jit^' 15* *^i* I^>8- 
honourable, disgraced, y I ^ adj. 
Without impression or effect^ in- 
effectual. i)^t tg> ftdj. Untimely 
(death). lUI^I ^ Without choice, 
involunttiry, by compulsion, against 
one*s will. ^j\ju^] ^ 8. f. 

Without choice, helplessnesB, ^J 
i^jl adj. Rode, unpolite, impu- 
dent, disrespectful, tji*^' t^ 8. f. 
Bndfness, contempt (of court, in 

Iaw). AT^ adj. BMtiefli, uo- 


easy, .wi'ir^c®^' barbarou^easneafl, 

disease. .WLc^ ^<j" • J J^} "^ ®^" 
dit or estimation, not *to be ^vlied on, 
dishonesty. ^J^JO^' y^, b. f. Un- 
CFei^ness, inequality. jUlcl ^-^ 

adj. Incredalons, disbelieving. j 
J'^ill «• ^' ^^^^ ^ n gard, atten- 
tion or kindness ; jL^A-«i ^ adj. 
Undistinguishing, indiscreet. ^ 

. <;!juL«1 s. f. Indiscretion, inoivi- 
lity. Lii! j-i adj. Boundless, in- 
finite, endless. |^'1jj1 ^ adj. 

Immoderate. u-J-ifliI ^-i adj. Un- 
jnst. j'w.^1 ^^ 8. f. Injustice. 

•l^j ^ adj. Without religion, 
infidel, without conscience, faithless, 

treacherous. ^yVJ i<? ■• '* ^°^" 
delity, irreligion. ^U ^ adj. Com- 
plete, paid up in full. \^ J ^ a. ^ 
Completion L-f^i ^<J adj. Fear- 
less. ^ ^ JV V/^ «<^j- Without 
power, impotent, helpless, jj , 

adj. Without blemish. JjJ ^ 
adj. Incomparable. ji iS^ ^^' 
Fruitless, barren. L<ji i<i ** '* 

Destitution, want. ^^^ ^^ adj. 
Without power, authority, helpless. 
^^MiJ ^ B. f. Helplessness. lyJ ^^ 

adj. Inraluable, tyui ^ In want 
without profit or portion, destitute, 
unfortunate. t** !^ tji *^^* ^^^ 
wretched. ^UU ^^ ~^1- Boundless. 
L3*^ri LS^ ** '' Openneos, immo- 
desty. tOjt ^ adj. UnTeiled, im- 


modest, openly. Lji _i adj. Fear- 
less, careless, unconcerned, without 
reflection, thoughtless, at ease, inde- 
pendent, adv. Boldly, fearlessly 

jJujj -ji 8. f. Carelessness, tran- 

quillitj, indifference. ^Jk) ^^ adj. 
Having no spiritual guide ; vicious. 
jX) ^j adj. Cruel, merciless, ^j 

L-.^U adj. Faint, powerless i rest- 
less, uneasy, impatient, ^bll ^ 
Restlessly, impatiently. ,\j , g. f, 

Faintness ; restlessness. J^^ ^ 
Ineffectual. JU _i adj. Out of 

time (in music). jJy^lJ ^ adj. In- 
considerate, rash, extemporary. |P 

^U adj. Out of tune. Lilo^ ^^ 
Inconsiderate, rash, without dis- 
tinction. j^*y^ jcJ adj. Inoau- 

tious, inconsiderate, imprudent. 
^^aLo ^ 8. f. Freedom from 
connexion or concern, independence. 
•AiAaJ ^ adj. Innocent, blameless, 

faultless. u,bK,> _^ Without cere- 
mony, frank. j^aKJ ^-i 8. f. The 
being without ceremony, frankness. 
j^4^J, adj. Void of discrimination, 
indiscreet, silly, ^jt^ \Jt ■• '• 
Indiscretion. lyV^y iP ■• ^' ^^" 
attention, unkind ness. V^y 15^ 
adj. Hopeless. wSjlx) ^ Unstable. 
kJ^ K^ "• ^- Instability j^ ^ 
adj. Fruitless. l»> ^ adj. 111. 

plated, misplaced, improper, adv. 
Improperly, ^jl^ ^ adj. 1. Life- 
less, inanimate, fsint, dead. 2t 
Valiant ,brave. ^j^ ^ adj. Fault!- 

less, innocent, t^f^ iV.**^* ^^^'^ 




of courage. ^j^s^Lja. t. Helpless- 
ness. Si^A^O adj. Without remedy, 
helpless, poor. c<jrCO adj. 1 Lamp- 

less. 2. Desolate, ruined beyond 
hope, chiTdless. ^^s^Lj adj. In- 
comparable, inscrutable. ^^^^ tgf 
adj. Uneasy.* ^JUr^O s. f. Un- 
easiness. ^L^l^. ^ 8. f. Un- 
profitableness, fruitleRsness. ^ 

cj'«ak adj. Out of condition, ill- 
circumstanced, indisposed, t^^^^^ 
B. f. Badness of circumstances. 

U-«>'j^^ adj. Unveiled. -J 

^Ij l^ Without a yeil, openly, 
shamelessly, tgf^-^^ 8. f. Appear- 

in^ unreiled; immodesty, indecency- 
iVsn^ adj. Boundless. C^^w«^^\^ 

adj. Disgraced. _jUu£CVj s. f. Dis- 
grace, L/^^^ ^^i' Insensible, 
senseless. ^iJ««M^»- ^^ adj. Count- 
less, beyond cnlcnlation, Lx»- -J 
adj. Shameless, immodest, impudent, 
barefaced. ^Sj^^s^L) s. f. Shame- 
lessness, immodesty. ^L« • t»\^ (<^ 

adj. Houseless, destitute. y^^^V^ 

adj. Without intelligence, senseless, 
incautious, careless, heedless, impru- 
dent, uninformed, ignorant, stupid. 

^•asCVj s. f. Imprudence, careless- 
ness, i**^ t^ ijJ 8. f- Want of pay 
or wages. t^jS^ ^ adj. Wi^iout 
understauding, stupid.lLico adj. Un- 
erring. Jas^ and HjioiCL} adj. Free 

^rom danger, safe, fearless. c^^iftSCLJ 
mSJ. 8)e0p}eB». ^UaCU s. f. Sleep- 

lessnes, b;»on^a, adj. •" ^jj^* ^''®" 

self,* od, ugly, me*8 mind. JjLiif^ 
adj. L^-rii'e enraptured or be^Hf^ 

himself. ^cd^s^L} s. f. llie being 

beside one's self, alienation of mind, 
ecstacy, raptare, sensele8sness,% deli- 
rium, c— ;1^ ^ jf^ *^i* Wi^^o'ifc 
inclination to eat or sleep, restless. 
JiJcA^ 1. 8. f. Tniqaity, injustice. 2. 
adj. Unjust, .rjljJU s. m. An 

oppressor, c^t^i Jc«j s. f. Injustice. 
^IJUO adj. Grainless, seedless (as 
fruit). (Jk»>JjLj adj. Dispossessed, 

ejected. Ij^ i)^*^ ▼• »• To ex- 
clude, to eject. ^A^SJO n, f. Want 
of entrance, exclnsion. (XJOJ adj. 

Unfeeling, merciless. ^J.JcU s- f. 
Freedom from pain, unfeelingness, 

inhumanity. ^^Jo. JJJ Without de- 
lay. ^*\W adj. 1. Undeniable, in- 
contestable, readily acknowledged. 2. 
Unsparing, ungrudging, liberal, not 

refusing. 8. Pitiless. I) . \J^--t} ^ 
adj. (Having neither hands nor feet; ; 

helpless. JjUO adj. Heartless, sad. 
^J*y^ 8* f • Heartlessness ; dejection. 
cu«JJLj adj. Ill-tempered, easily pro- 
voked. j^LeJcO s. f . Bad temper. 

LjybJJO adj. (f^5^ fearless) 
Without fear or donbt, on a sudden. 

sjL^^JlJbd ^ adj. Fearless. ^^SJO 
adj. Irreligions. ^uJlU adj. Shape- 

less ; ugly, uneducated, '^■^^fr ^\!ti 
adj. Ill-shaped, ngly, awkward, adj. 
Uneducated, ill-mannered, ill-bred» 

improper. JJu ^ adj. Erring, as- 
tray; dissolute, nuprincipled. ^ 

loJt adj. Irregular. ^^ ^^ adj. 


ileu, cmel, barbaroas. ^ 

8. f. Craelty. ^j^j^j^ ^^i- 

Ont of employment. u\ ^ ad. With. 

out gaile, candid, sincere. **r^J Lgi 
\jj ! adj. Without guile or deceit. 

ip^j |«^ ^j« Beardless (a youth). 

iJLlj ^ adj. Without fibre. ^ 

^JjJ Mute, without language (beasts). 

i^^j 15? 8- '• Inability to speak, 

dumbness. .J ^j Without money or 
the means of getting it; helpless. 

Ju; ^ Impeiishable, unchangeable. 

jytj ^ adj. Without gall or bilej 

patient, good-tempered, forbearing ; 
shameless. ei^i^j ^ V.,^ j ^ 

^j- ^glj And awkward, inelegant in 
dress and person. /C^'*^\.f*t,^^ adj. 
Undisguised, plain, artless. :Lm ^cJ 

adj. Without apparatus, tools, &c. ; 
unaocoutred. ^LoLm ^ b. f. Want 

of apparatus or necessaries. ^ 

^0^yn adj. Causeless. ^ ^j adj. 

Shapeless, ill-made. JbJuu ^ adj. 
Senseless, beside one's self; in a 
swoon. CL^M ^ adj. Stupid ^ 

U«.M« Impotent, destitute, very 
wretched. ^^LtUM a^ _i adj. With- 
out apparatus, destitute of necessaries, 
nnpronied, helpless. 4l5.aIm« ^ adj- 

Without method, awkward. a»«m ^ 

adj. Shameless, immodest, jy^ ^ 
adj. Ignorant, uninformedf a block- 
head. UuM ^ or iUut y ULt _i 

adj. Doubtless, certain. .Uwt _i 

adj. Countless, much, yfjc ^ adj. 
Impatient, restless. c>>^ 14^ 

s. f. Impatience. iJyi^ _i 

adj. Unprofitable. jJo^U^ _j adj. 
Irregular. cu^'JoAj adj. Powerless, 
weak. ^ jioJO adj. ^ Ill-mannered, 
uncivil. La^JJajL^ adj. Uncalled, 
unsought. %-^ ^ adj. Free from 
covetousness, disinterestedi ^iJojU 

8. f. Incivility, rudeness. CL^JC ^ 
Without honour, disgraced, j-^ j-^ 
s. f. Dishonour, ignominy. ^ 

^•»'wAr adj. Faultless, without ble- 
mish. ^jCjmX) adj. Disinterested, 
without selfishness, impartial, inde- 
pendent, indifferent. siLcjS. ^ 

adv. Disinterestedly. l<^j^ 15^ 

s. f. Disinterestedness. (j£. ^ 

(mIx • adj. Without troable or 
anxiety, without fraud or hatred. 

dj-Ai LJ^ ^i' Without pride or 
emulation, spiritless; infamous. ^ 
S JoU Unprofitable, useless, vain. ^ 

^' adj. Thoughtless, contented, 
tranquil ^^O ^ s. f. Freedom 

from care. ^^AA9 ^ adj. Unprofit- 
able, possessing bat not bestowing (as 
a learned oian who does not oommuni- 
oato his knowledge, or a rich man, 
from whose wealth no person receives 

ad/antage). y'i ^ adj. 1. Unable. 

2. Without restraint, out of one's 
power, secure against surprise or 

attack. tfJoili ^ adj. Irregular 
nngrammatical. ,ji ^, advWort^- 


lets. ^j*yS ^ ■• f. Wortblessneaa. 

j^S ^ adj. Inoonstant, unsettled, 
restless, sjy^ iP s- if* Instability, 
restlessnesB, nneasinesSi anxiety. ^ 

•%^ adj. Fanltless, innocent. _j 

imLu adj. Inoonceivable, contrary 
to the common order of things, in- 
comprehensible, immense. lO ^ 

adj. Unemployed. %^j^ 15^ *• '* 

Wapt of emplojrment, idleness. ^ 
• - 

^1^ adj. Shoreless, boundless. ^ 
1^ adj. Friendless, ^destitute. ^ 

^LmJ adj. Friendless. |<*mJ ^ 
s. f. Forlorn, friendlesa state. ^ 
^o B. f. Restlessness, uneasiness, 
agitation (of mind). VT— -^j /^ u3* 
adj. Without omission, accurate. 
»lf ^^ Untimely. ^Lj ^ adj. 

Without doubt or suspicion. s!-AXAJ 
adj. Innocent, guiltless, l^dr ^ 
adj. Inattentive, impertinent. ^ 
CaLj adj. Unkind, inelegant. ^ 

^-ilal s. f. Unkindness. z*'*^ •<> 
adj. Unbridled, licentious, intemper* 
ate. Jub««^ adj. Incomparable, 
unparalleled. ibLc ^ Without funds 
or sobstance; poor. J'uU ^«J adj 
Incomparable. U^ar* ^-i Out of 
place, improperly. <^^5r« ijJ '^^i- 

Unkind, cruel, uncivil, i^^f ^P 

s. f. Inhumanity, cruelty, unpolite- 

^•«- »j^ ^ ftdj. Tasteless, insipid. | 

S^^ ^ "Mlj. Unmeaning, foolish. | 

f^***y 1^ O'l* of season. fJ^y ^-i 
adj. Out of place ; inopportune. ^^ 
jY* adj. Unkind, ^r^ ^, *• ^• 
Unkindness. ^J^i • a'J ^ adj. 
Without name or character. ^ 
adj. Without lot or portion ; 

unfortunate. , ^ax^JLaj i.f. Misfortune. 
jt^ ^ ^^i* Incomparable. ^ 

CJsC A^J> Saltless; insipid; ugly, 
ordinary. ^^S^^ ^ adj. Shame- 
less. ^-.^U y lIXw ^ adj. With- 

out name or character. I J ^^ adj. 

Without provisions or furniture, desti- 
tute j s. m. A kind of dervis who 

shaves his eyebrows and beard. ^ 
\^y 8 .^ Indigence, beggary. j^ 
d^^lyj adj. Without bounds, end- 
less, j^ yj> adj. Wanting and 

asking nothing, not in need ; indepen- 
dent. yj;j\j^ ^ 8. f. Independence. 

^^^ sdj. Without cause or reason. 

,^^ ^ Without a home, an exile. 

li^ adj. Faithless, trea- 

cherons, traitor, ungrateful. ^ 
^J^J^ s. f. Infidelity, faithlessness, 
ingratitude, treachery, s. f. Want of 
dignity. U:^^ ^y adj. Out of 
senson, untimely, ill-timed, at an un- 
usual time, unseasonable. JL ^ 
adj. Without dignity or character, 
dishonourable. ^J^yH *• ^* Want 
of dignity, dishonour. i^y^^Aj adj. 
Ignorant, foolish, tJ^^JH •- t 
Ignorance, Jlf ^ adj. Withoni 


compeer, nneqnalled. \^^>^ ^ adj. 
Unainbitioiis, pasillanimoas, hamble. 

uj^ j^ adj. Incomparable. -P 
Jut ftdj. UnskiUol, nnskilled. _j 
^ Jut a. f. UnBkilfalness. i^lGft ^ 

adj. Untimely, ^y^, ^V Sen«e- 
les8, intoxicated, delirions. i****^ U^ 

8. f. SenaelessnesB, intoxication, 

i. Lw baya, (^.*) am. 1. The name 

of the little bii-d that learns to fetch 
and carry, «tc. and which the Hindus 
teach to snatch the ornHmental patch 
or wafer from the forehead of their 
mistressea 2. An assizer. 

F. ^'jLu bayabdn or, My*6«n, s. m. A 
desert, a wilderness. 

f. Lu bya;, (S^FiT) b. m. 1. Pre- 
tence, disguise. 2. Delay. 3. Inter- 

est. j^ ^^ «" V^ ^'-^i 0"» 
who takes interest, an usurer. 

F. ,\jO be-or, V. imper. 2 pers. sing. 

J -• 

(from 43;*^^') Bring (t^on). 
f. jLjJ bya«, s. (dakh.) Interest, usury 
see -.LjJ sign. 8. ^j)>y^ Usurer- 

a. ttJj^ hySs or vySta, V^A\t\) •• m. 

A celebrated saint and author, the 
supposed originnl compiler of the 
VedaM and l^urdt^a* ; also, the founder 
of the Vedanta philosophy. 

f. ^^Ui byi«-,( ^€ti?r) adj. Bighty. 


A. tiAjJ baySf , B. f. 1. Whitness. 2. 

A blank book, a commonplace-book. 
3. Name of a figure in the science of 

^J^j orgeomanoy. 

f. ^jjSbo hySkara^, (SIJT^ROT) a m. 

»• iK^JLJ bya^uZ,^ (sqi^R^ from f^T 

neg. ^ all round. W\^ to collect to- 

gether.) adj. Perplexed, confounded, 
restless^ agitated (in rxi\pf\), uneasy. 

». fjkj bayd/a, (^^ from ^ to more,) 
adj. Flatulent, windy. 

2- "v^-^'j he'ilit, (or, fl^iZw) (% ^gccff- 

Tl^^) adj. Forty-two, 

A- ^;L^J hay in, (^ being separated) 
s. m. Explanation, relation. • 

2. »'aj hyih or biya/i, (f^If r. ^^ 
to marry)« s. m. Mariiage. x\j^ 
^^j To celebrate a marriage. »'jij 
ly To marry. UX »Uj To take in 
marriage, to^bring home a wife^ 

5. ULm by a/id, m. (f^rf^n) ) 



«. j^Lw byahan, ( n^T^) s. m. Mar- 
rying, marriage, to marry, to wed, 

^^ J^^ o' 4^. adj. Fifc 
for marriage, marriageable. 

2- life'o^ hyahna, (from f^T^) v. a. 
To give or take in marriage, to marry. 

H. ^ ^ bibi, B, f. A lady, daaue, 

madam ; (vulgarly) a wife. 

J. j\xjJ^baipir (dakh. '.bepJr, o^Nk) 
a m. Traffic, trade, business* 

Uaj haipdri, (oqrqrft) b. 

A merchant. 


A. t^*^^ baif, B. f. 1- A house, temple^ 
edifice. 2. A couplet, distich, verse 
(in poetry). 

t' c:^J^ b«e, (^e[) a f. A cane, 
I rataii, a blow or Btroka with a caxxa. 




fi. JljU^ hetal or baieji, (c|c!T^) 8. m. 

1. A dead body occupied and animat- 
ed by an evil spirit. 2. Name of a 

A. ^1 c:.^* haitU'llah, 8. m. (House 
of God) The temple of Mecca. 

A. i*i«aE'' O-'OJ 6atttt-2 -/iartfm, s. m. 

(Sacred hoase^ The temple of Mecca. 

A. iLsr' K''^-}* haitu-l-mald^ s. m. A 
necessary, a privy. 

A. (.^jMyjl Cl*'^ haitU'Sh'aharaf, a. 

The AianRion of eminence ; the highest 
mansion (uf a planet), &o, 

A. j^X^] yj^^sjj haiiu-9'9anam, a. m 

An idol temple. * 

A. A*\] L^'^ jLi haitu4»mdlt s. m. An 

escheat, property that falls to the 
crown in failure of heirs. {Met.) An 
unfortunate fellow. 

A. P.^^4^ Cl^OJ 

8. A house in heaven, or in the sky, 
over against the ka*ha of Mecca (as 
believed by the Muhammadans). 

A. |^i3Jiii Cl^^ haitu-l-muqaddas or 

haitu-l-maqdis. (The holy hoase) The 
temple of Jerusalem. 

fi. j^yu^ t«»'a'**^». (^CT^^) 8. f. 1. 

A river, according to the Hindus, 
which is to be crossed by the dead on 
their way into the world of spirits, 
like the Styr of the ancients. 2. A 
river in Orissa, 

J. Ijuyj hitnd, (from 5?I^c!) v. n. To 
pass, come to pass, happen, befall, 
arrive : see ULU 

<. Uajo heinii, ▼. Tdakh. explained by 

^Jj-^ ^j'i) To cut cloth. 
|. l1^ hit, 8. f. (t^S") I. Dung of any 

animal. 2. (Same as f^3^^^) 
A faotitious salt containing sulphur. 

UUl aUhaitu-l-ma*mur, I 
^JO hait-i'ina^mur, I 

H. Luu beta. s. m. A son, a child. 

H. UjL^ hitnat v. n. To spill, scatter, 
pour out. ^ 

a. UI'-fLiJ haithdlnd, ) cans, of UfAJJ 

IM *= t ..L, - w V. a. To cause 

seat, set, settle, place, station, apply, 
plant, calm, becalm, allay, assoage, to 
enthrone, to make one believe, to level* 
to I'uin, to stun. 

it uJv^JUO haithak, s. f . 1. A seat, a 

place where people meet to sit and 
converse, a bench. 2. s. f. (from 

lA^AJ^) Act or state of sitting, sitting. 
8. A kind of exercise. 

a UfAJJ haithna, (from 3i^T^^ Seat- 
ed) v. n. 1. To sit, to be nnem ployed 
or idle. 2. To sit in dhamd. 8. To 
subside, abate. 4. To perch (a bird). 

H. ^JJO heii, s. f. A daughter. 

- g^H ^V» ■• *"• l* (^or ^T^) Seed* 
2. (for ^T^) Sperma genitale. 

P> IstN he-ja^ adj. Improper, nnneoes* 


ticket tied to goods or on bags to mark 
their contents, price* &c., a list, an 
invoice. A bill of parcels. 

a ^!Uac:^^ haijantl, {'^<f{^tu from 

t^T^T to conquer.) s. f. A flag or 
standard ; the standard of Viehifu, 

^ see ^^jiianW and 'IT^r Neck- 

lace) s. f . A necklace especially worn 
by Vishnu in his several forms or 
incarnations, and composed of the fol- 
lowing jewels, produced from the five 
elements of nature : namely, the sap- 
phire, from the earth ; the pearl, from 
water; the ruby, from fire; the topaz, 
from air; and, the diamond, from 
space or ether. 

H. ^flfU heJM, 8. m. The name of an 

animal that feeds on carcasses. Indian 




<• ^Xi \ncht (see y^) !• &<!▼• In, 

into, amonfr, between, dorinjr- 2. s. m. 
Middle, midsfc, centre. 8. Difference. 

4. Quarrel, hostility, ^^fl^. ^J^ Me- 
diation, interposition, arbitration. ^Xi 

\jji J^^ To mediate, interpose. 

the very midst. 
I* ^X) Is^ btc/i-a-btc/fc, 8. Very mid- 
dle ; in the very middle, central 

1. Ur^ heehna, ▼. a. (f^^ to sell.) 

To sell, dispose of. 
P. JU^r^O he-ehohaf (lit. pole-less) s. m. 

A kind of tent pitched witboat a pole, 
P ^^ l>etht 8. f. 1. Boot. 2. Origin. 

foondation. _> O^ An extirpator, 

exterminator ; a jndge (as extirpating 
thieves) ; a thief (as destrojing the 

sobjects) _J0 ^Jjj s. f. Extirpation, 

f. 43JJ haid, (^^) s. m. A physician. 

f. i3J0 bed or veda^ (^^T r. t^ to 
•• • \ 

know.) 8. m. A Veda^ or the Vedas in 
the a$rgregate. The original Veda is 
believed by the Hindus to have been 
revealed by Brahmin and to have 
been preserved by tradition until it 
was arranged in its present order by a 
■age, who thence obtained the surname 
of Vyd«a or Vedai*yifta^ that in. compi> 
ler of the V&las. He distrihuted the 
XTidi^** scripture into four parts, which 

are wverally entitled ^*l Big, '^^^ 

Ta/iisJ, ^IR 8ama, and 3^^ Athar- 

va : and each of them bears the com* 
men Dame of Veda, 

f' i3J0 hed, 8. f . I. A willow. 2. A 
sort of oftne, a ratan. v^^) Sjo 

\ *_ ^" ' -t An odoriferous sort of hed or 

P. »'*XJJ heddr, adj. Awake, wakeful, 

sleepless. v,::.,,^ .IjJU adj. For- 

**• ^;^*\^^ heddri, b. f. Wakefulness, 
waking. * 

s. CI^'I^J hedanf, (^^cT) s. m. 

The name of a particular Hindu philo- 
sophical system. 

a. ,^1^ ledanUi, (^^^) g. „. 

One who is c^mversant in the hedCint 

2- ^J^*^ haidd% {^f^^) s./. Prac- 
tice of phypic. 

P. jAamiXaj b<'da«/ar, s. The castor bea- 

A- ^J«^:^^ bairfag, (from Pers. Xj'jo) 
s. m. A pawn at chess. 

s. lJJoj batdifc, {^f^Wl) 8. m. A 
Brtf/iman well versed in the Vedae. 

^ haidak, {m\^) s. m. The practice 
or science of physic. 
s, Ud) JO^ hedhnd, (^^ r. f^ pierce) 
V. a. To pierce, to bore. 

i.^SJ^Udhi, ](|v5t)..m. A 
5. LAJbiXO hedhiyd, I borer, one who 
perforates gems, 4bc. 

2. jXJ bir, {Wfl) 1. B. m. A hero. 2. 

adj. Brave. 

H.^-AJ bir, 1. 8. m. A brother. 2. A 

jewel worn in the ear. 3. s. f. A 
tuttk. 4. A sinter. 6. Pasturage. 

5. -JO hair^ (^v *• "*• Ki'mity 
hatred, 'JuJ -A^ v. a. To revenge. 

a. JtKJ her, 1. b. m. (for ^5[?) The name 
of a fruit, that of the jujube ; also, the 
name of the tree. 2. s. f. (for ^R or 

^^) Time, turn, bout, vicisBitntle, 
delay, while. 



A. yXi hiW, 8* A well. 

f. \jX» Kr«, (^IK^) 8. m. A betel 

leaf made up with a preparation of 
the areca nat, spices and chanam. 

H. ^^1^; %erikherit 8. f. Quarrelling, 

wrangling, dissension, 
f. {^S^T^ hairdg OT hairdgya, \^TT^ 

T^ neg, <l*l passion) 8. m. Penance, 

devotion, the act of leaving the plea- 
sures of the world. 

f . ^S\jM hairdga^ (from ^^Rli) 8. m. A 

smaH crooked stick (or piece of iron) 
which a hairigi places nnder his arm- 
pit tu lean upon as he sits. 

«. ^Lw hairdgan, (^<|p|"Tl) i. f. 1 

A female hair'gi. 2. Same as O in^ 

f. i/lnW hairSgl, {m\Tf\) s. m. 1. The 

religions asoetiCt or he who abandons 
terrestrial objects, thonghtn, passions, 
&o. 3. A kind of wandering faqir 
who practises certain ansterities. 

H. ^^ -Jj hlr-hahuti or hir-hahuttij 

8. f. The red velvet insect, scarlet fly 
or lady cow. 

H. Jf^ J^ lir-hahiiti, s. f. See JO 


P. /••AJ batVag, 8. m. Banner, ensign, 

colon I'S. 
|. ^rti hair an, (^ R^l I ) s. f. A female 

H. .-JO Mran, s. m. Brother. 

p. jj«^ herun, prep. Without, on the 
outside, out. CL?laf^^ Country 

(opposed to town). iJ'^^r^ Hun- 

tic, belonjring to a village or the 
country, a countryman. • 

«• U^ ^^^ (^^ft) 8. f. The tree 
<if Zizyphus jnjnba. 

|. *^JjJO b#ri, (qlQichi) 8. f. 1. A 
bBte) leaf made np with spices, Ac. 

(See ^U)' 2. The colonr which ad 
heref to the lips from chewing betel. 

'* cfn!^ hairit \^\t) s* m. An enemy, 

«• Ij^W herif (^^) s. m. 1. A»raft. 

a float. 2. The raft which is floated 
by the Muhammadans in honour of 
kAtcdja thizr. (Besides the anniver- 
sary hej^i offered to propitiate him, 
hundreds of Kmaller ones with lamps 
may be ween on Thursdays of the month 
hhddon pai ticuliirly, which are offered 
by the Muhammadans to this saint). 

UftjJ'j llAj V. a. To collect a crowd. 
U'wfl [} 'JJ.lj kju To relieve from 

dintress, to remove difficulties, to help 
one through a business {lit, to feirj 

over a raft). * Uyb Xj 1*0 To obtain 

deliverance from misfortane or dis* 
tress, to succeed. 

$. 1^ hifu, 8. m. 1. The same as §. 

t^ 2. A thong tied to the hilt of a 
sword by which it is retained in the 

scabbard, a sword knot. ljl|>l kjLi 
V. a. To undertake a business. I^A» 

UI>3 To propose a premium for the 

performance of a task. (These expres- 
sions originnte in a custom that pre- 
vailed of throwing a bird of betel into 
the midst i*f an assembly, in token of 
propostil to any person to undertake 
some difficult affair then requisite to 
be performed ; and, the person who 
took up the betel bound himself to 
perform the business in question). 

H. 1^ hercit 8. (dakh.) Snrroanding, 
siege. UOj ijJO to besiege. 

B* %jijJ^ heri, 8. f . 1. Irons fastened to 

the legs (of criminals, elephants, Ac.), 
fetters ; (dakh.) a ring worn round the 
ancle. 2. A basket used to irrigate 
fields with. 8. Nuptial ties ; wedlock. 

h t^JJJ bifi, 8 f. (dakh.) See LjLi and 



P.J-fj hez, part, in compos, (from 
Ji^) Sifting. 

^' JJ^ beiar, adj. Displeased, angry, 

out of hnmoar, disgusted. 
P* ^jjJ^ hezKan, n. prqp. A Persian 

hero, son of U^ and of a sister of 

*• C/^ ^» (fif^rf?!) adj. Twenty. 

i* LiJLj hiM, (f^5rfcPn5) B. m. A dog, 
which has twenty nails. 

2. VWi haUilch, (q^TM) 8. m. The 
first solar month of the Hindus ^ the 

fall moon of which is near t^RTI^r 

(fonr stars in Libra and Scorpio) ; 

P. I- 

Jo list, adj. Twenty. 

^' ^ ^ **^*J heiitunt n. prop. A cele- 
brated mountain in Persia, which Far- 
hid dug through at the commsuid of 
his mistress Shirin, 

V' jmJO hesar, s. f. The small ring 

worn in the nose. % lisar^ s. Glean- 
ings left in the fields. 

P. S- >/«MuU hc^ur-i, adj. Out of tune. 

H. ^^^MjJLJ hesan, s. m. yJ^V^ flour). 

The flower or meal of pulse (particu- 
larly of ckand, 

«. l^AwJLi heswd, (^?m from f^f^ to 

attach.) s. f. A prosfcitnte ; horlut. 
§• ii'%AM^ his-wlh, adj. Twentieth. 

•*• ti^*^ henht adj. 1. More, greater. 
2. Good, proper, well, better, excel- 
lent, elegant, delightful. Lj • *^^ 

or ^^^A-AJ ifi^ Gf great price or 
▼alne, costly, precious. 

P* J ijij^ heah'tar^ adj. com p. More 

tnosti mostly, for the most part, usu- 
ally, ezooeding, better, rather. 


a- yLltULJ haishnav, (^^H?) a^j* Of 
or relating to (lc(Wf) Vishnu ; s. m. 

A follower of Vishnu. 

'• f^3 L/^^ 

J bes/i-o-Xram, adj. Not 

much, a moderate quantity, more or 

p. jt^iju hesha or hisha^ s. m. A forest 

.. . 

p. Ajo ^^h'if 8. f. Excess, premium, 

surplus, increase. 

A. /jflJO '^***f » B. m. A mark fixed to 

public writings by the magistrate o|r 
any principal officer. 

A. l-fl ii tfl*»«, 1. adj. White. 2. s. m. 

The Sun. lil^J LjJb Jj v. a. To 

distinguish one's self in any work (an 
allusion taken from the luminous hand 
of Moses). 

A. -<,LajL) ^i*o,m, s. f. The name of 

a book containing a commentary on 
the Qur*in, 

A. ^^ya^J ^*iawi, (from AaJj) adj. 
Fashioned in the shape of an egg^ 
made of eggs, relating to eggs. LS- 

^^yaJo 8. m. A form of the Persian 

NastaHlkj character, in which the 
curved tails of the letters are segments 

of an oval : opposed to ilij J ^JL 
in which they are portions of a circle. 

it white.) An egg ; (dakh.) a testicle. 

A. ,UaJU hait'ir, s. m. A horse doctor, 

a farrier. 
A. wO bai*, s. f. (Baying and selling) 

Commerce, BoUinjr, sale. \iJ «^ 

v.'*a. To sell. Hi} J wJiJ s. m. Bill 
or deed of sale. 

A. P. ^U-J^ hai'ana, s. m. Earnest 

money, advance. 
A. v^„-«^* haVat^ a. f . Hom^^^, lQQ\\rj^ 



MS \JL^^fd<i y. a. To bccounc a disci- 
ple of Bomo saint. 
« dLu hi^t Crooked as in IxU / J I) see 

«nder Jl/ Hair. 

~ * «^ 

jh «ifXji^ haikwnih^ ^W\Z) s. m. 1. 

A name of Vishnu. 2. The heaven or 
paradise of Tisikntt. 

T. i^S^, 'beg, 8. in. A Moghal title, 
corresponding with the English, Lord. 

^•ySjj hegar, adj. (A person) forced 
to WM>k, or (carriage, &o.) pressed into 

service, with or without pay. t^i^ 

b^ To press (a man or carriage, &c.) 
into service with or without pay; 

'' j^lx^ hegair4, b. f. Tho act of 
pressing or forcing to work. ^<.l)Jjj 

U^ To take forcibly or presr, with 
or without pay. 

'• ^^M> heganOf ad|. 1. Strange, not 

domestic, not an acquaintance or 
friend, foreign, alien, unknown; 
stranger. 2. Not one's own. 

7. a^Oj hegam^ s. f. A lady, a queen, 

(Women of rank a recalled hegams). 
(Bug a U)rd, am a feminine afiix.) A 
title of Mogal ladies. 

T- JEa-^* v«Wa{tfi (dimin. of j^J^) s. f. A 

young lady, ^V 
"• t:/:!^ haigartj s.^^ The egg plant. 
T ^J^, heg-nl, s. f. ?«^Po of a Beg, 

f- IfljJ lighd, (r«lM^)^ . * A quantity 

of land containing twentjj^ katthif* or 
120 feet sqmire. (This uswu ^ nreasnre 
of land varies much in th^» various 
parts of India. Tho one here g Srcn of 
1600 square yards is in use in B» Vjupal . 
but, in the EngliRh surveys o "£ j^e 
upper provinces, it is usually ace- QQ^t- 
ed 3025 square yards or 5-8th8 c ^£ ^^ 

I. jJljJ Ug-l, (from ^l) adj. Swil*^^^ 
gaigk:adv. Qnicklj. ^ 

«. ckW.&un, (qcj>lcj^) 8, m. A bull, an 
ox {met.) A blockhead. 

a. Jaj hel, 1. or hll (lor ft^) 8. nr. 
Tho name of a fruit. 2. (for ^Tf^/rom 

^55 to move). 8. f. A creeper, - 

climber ; tendril (of a vine) : any vine 
or climbing plant. 3. Offspring. 

P* (Jju hel, B. m. A spade, shovel, 

pickaxe, hoe, mattock : a pole for 
directing a boat. A spot in which the 
receiving pans are placed when sugar 
is manufactured : a line marked out 
on a road or gardes with an axe, point- 
ing out tho direction of any propoeed 

9, jLu hel-a, 8. f. 1. Name of a shrab 

or flower. (A ^>ecie8 of Jasmine). 2. A 
cup. 3. An instrument of music re* 

sombling a fiddle. 4. Time. (^qS 
to go). 

s< UaJ (JjJ heUhuttl, s. m. A shrub, 
bush or creeper ; flowers (on cloth). 

P. uJ^iW beZ-c^ofc, 7(dimin.of Jjo) 
P. issk^ hel'Cha, J 8. m. A hoe, 

a spade, a small mattock, 
p. .Ij^IUj hel'dar, s. m. A pioneer, a 

digger, user of a spade. 

P. (^Ilo bel-ak, s. f. 1. A small mat- 
tock. 2. Tho iron point of an arrow. 

* ^JjO helan, (^^5?T f rom r. fcRS 
Spread) s. m. A rollingpin, or roller, 

«. ULu helna, (^^) 1. s. m. A roT- 

lin^rpin. 2. v. a. To spread oat, to 
roll the flour into a flat CAke, 

s* (<AJJJ helni, s. f. A small rolling- 
pin. Y lelanif u, m. A braneli. 
P* ^nJJ bJm, 8. m. Fear, terror. 

H. IaJL^ hlmd or <o^^*^ himin, s. m. 

Insurance, money paid for the inior- 
ance of goods. 




stepmother. ^Jl^ CL9*w>«JLj A brother 

bom of a different mother by the same 
father, a half brother bj the father's 

$• i^Uaj be-m«(2, s. f. (dakb.) See 

'• fUoj bimJr, ("RT neg. ?;^ to rest.) 
adj. Sick, indisposed, bad, ill, patient. 
ZjX^XaJo 8. m. Am hospital. 

P. JbliLiJJ htmar-anat adj. Sickly, like 
one sick. 

P« ili^jLuu HmJr-dar, 8. A nnrse of a 
sick person, an attendant on the sick. 

'• ^^r^r^^, Mmur-dtfr-f, s. f. Nurs- 
ing of a sick person, attendance on the 

'. i^JjkJkj hlmSr-tf s. f. Sickness, ill- 
ness, disea8e(mand{p). 

P. ^^JO Hit, part. act. (m;*^^) ^^ c<>™' 
pos. Seeing, looking. 

ir f^JO hen, (for ^^) s. f . 1. A flate, 

pipe, fife. 2. Kn (for ft^) s. f. 

A kind of late or a sort of gnitar, with 
five or seven steel strings, and having 
a large dried gourd at each end of the 

finger-board. 8. hain (for ^Pu) s. m. 
A word, speech, sound. 

A. ^Lj hain, & Separation, interval, 


^ iji^. haiyan, (^jUj) b. m. Explana- 
tion, interpretation, 

B. ujj haina, B. ra. An ornament worn 
on the forehead. 

P. Uyii Una, (from ^;»3o43) adj. dear- 

sighted, seeing, having sight. 
'* l^/^H ^o-t, » f. Sight, ejesigkt 

^' {:xti cl^ batn-tain, adj. Inrterwe- 

diate (between good aad evilj ; mid- 

H. \jJJjkj hintna, v. a. (dakh.) To cut 
out or shape clothes : see LuJ^JO 

H. ^SAJJ hinda, s. «. A roll of paper; 
a boadle, &c, 

p A. • 

L/^-V^ hin-ish^ s. 1 Seeing, discern- 

1. ^^CUj haingan, {^^\^) «. m. 

The egg plant. See ^Jiu 
**• V|,5¥^ ^'»t* B. f . 1. The nese. 2. m 

compos, (from^^) Theact of seemg 
or regarding. 

-• Ji^ hyaupur, s. (o^PTPJ ^^ ^ ^^ 

trade.) (dakh.) See ,UjU 

-• ^/iy^ hyaupari or hyt>pufi, s. m. 
A merchant; a dealer. See t^.ljub 

^ ^^^'"^^ ^wywiaf , s. plur. (of plur. <]f 
C^.^) * bousehold expenses. 

H. C:^^ byonf, (T^ separation, ^tcf 

clotli.) s. m. Shape, fashion, the act of 
cutting out dothee. 

"• ^^ySH hyonfna, v. a. 1. To cut or 

shape clothes. To measure one for a 
suit of clothes. 2. To kill, slaj, des- 

P. ZyJj hetctL, s. f. A widow. 

f. .Ub^ hyauhar or hyohdr, (oi^^^K 

from S to take,) s. m- Profession, 

calling, trade, money-lending, negoci- 
ation, transaction, pi*actice, custom. 

H. i^yJ^ hitoi, a f. (dakh.) Lady. See 

P. Stiy^} hehiida-gi, s. f. Absurdity* 

nonsense, vanity, foolery. 

P. Zdy^JO hehuda, adj. Absurd, vam^ 
foolishf idle, frnitlesft, viti^tQi&VAX^^ 



•> 1)<3)W^ A talker of nonsense, a 
babbler. ^J^ 8i>^* «• *• talking 

nonBonse, nonsonse. 

Pc, the thij^ letter of the Persian 

alphabet, oorresponding to {^) in San- 
skrit. It does not occnr in the Arabic 

alphabet; bnt the letter tmm3 fe is 
snbstitated for it in Persian words 
adopted into the Arabio langnage. 

With 8 he affixed, it maj stand for 
the Sanskrit 7i as 4^ 

P. \j pdf 1. (HF<i) 8. m. The leg, foot: 
B^^JU jXssrji\jQdl Fettered, in 

chains* L-i^Di ijU (Foot in the 
stirrup) ready, prompt, alert. L 
AiUmjJ^ Infirm, reduced. 2. In com. 
pos. part, act of ^*l*^^^t^ ^o continue ; 
M, \j-^J Permanent. 
■• \j pa, A termination affixed to nouns 
to denote the abstract qaality : see h. 


^Ji as from — ^1 — f^kf-^ 

P. jljjl \j jpd-andaz (\j Foot, and jljJl 

part, of ^^^i>■IJJ^I^o throw) s* m. 

A carpet spread at the entrance of a 
room for cleaning the feet on. 

P. sXAj pTx^landy (TT^^R) 1. s. m. A 

rope with which the fore-feet of a horse 
are tied, 2. adj. Clogged, fettered, 

bound, restrained. Ujb «\jb'j )^. n. 

(Met.) To be married. 3. A servant. 

P. {j^y^,^ pa-ho8,\Xj Foot, and part, act 

of ^;fc3^y To kiss) part, or s. m. 

Kissing the feet, », g., Adoring, 
wanhipping, reyeriog. 

P* i^M^u pl-5o3-t, B. f* Kissing the 
feet ; worship. 

8. l-jU pap, (7P7) 8. m. Sin, fault. 

5- jAj pdpar^ ( ^^TST) s. m. A thin crisp 

cake made of any grain of the pea 
kind. ULjJ ^U To undergo great 
labour or pain for insufficient wages. 

a. hjU pdprd, \HHft) s. m. 1. A certain 
plant. 2. The fruit of the Dhak tree. 

i-j'^]jik P^m-khar. (qfejR) B. m. 

Ashes of the plantain tree used 
instead of salt for seasoning the cakes 

called jj[j (J^ j^) is translated 
" pellitory root" 

^'J^ji^ P^P<^r'^^r, 8. (dakh.) See 

2- ui^ l>«P»w. (^rfq^ from Wf 

Crime) adj. f, A sinner, wicked 

^' KJ^yi^ V^-V^^K 8. f. A slipper. 

■• t5i'v ^''^"*» (Hm) adj. m. A sin- 
ner, a criminal, hard-hearted. 

P. 8*)L^ -J pi-piydda, adv. On foot. 

a. c:^U P^t, (q^) 8. m. 1. A leaf. 

2. An ornament worn in the upper 
part of the ear. 3. A draught or 
chock on a banker. 

P- ^UL pd-^16a, s. m. A sock. 

8. JlJU pdtal, (TTc!!^) B.m.]. Regi- 
ons, according to the Hindus, under 
the earth or towards the south-pole, 
inhabited by a serpentine race; infer- 
nal regions ; hell. 2. Nadir. 

P- ^tlulU pdtUa or iXlJl) pTdila^ s. A 

wide-mouthed kettle or pan, especially 
one used by confectioners. 

n. ciU paiy s. m. ('73 to floor) 1. 

Breadth (of cloth or of a river). 2. 
Tow. A plank placed across. 





«. cSU l>5i, (qi) 8. m. 1. Silk. 2. 

A millstone. 8. A throne, seat. 4. 

vJ^) A board, shutter, leaf or fold (of 
a door). A platform. 

«. I3b Vaia, (qf ) B. m. A plank on 
which washermen beat clothes. 

«• ^^^ pai-rani, (ciU A throne, 
and _jK Aqneen) a. f . Thoqaeen 
or principal wife of a Bdji, 

Silk cloth, a silk garment. 

H. Lulj patnd, V. a. 1. To roof, to 

cover, to shut. 2. To fill, fill up, over- 
Btook, heap, pile, accumulate. 8. To 
water, irrigate. 4. To pay. 

^" \^!fi P".*"^»» B. m. A ferryman. 

8. ^ path, (qre from 73 to read) 

B. m. A reading, lecture, perusal (of 
a book), lesson. Task. 

H. l^jlj pa/hJ, s. m. A young animal 

full grown (generally, a goat or ele- 
phant), a youth or young wrestler. 

B. clX^Jb voihaK (qra^) 8. m. 1. 

He that gives lessons, a teacher, a pro- 
fessor. 2. A title of fir^Amatif. 

B. J'^ ^L[ path^sala, {^\6^\\^) 8. f. 
A school, a college. 

*• ^J^ P^P^> (Trj)*) s. m. The same 
as (J.X^ 

P. &*U-1j pfi-yoma, (Ij Foot and &*U^ 

Garment) b. m. Trousers, long draw- 

^' j^5^^ P«y*» a^j- Mean, base. 

^' ^^-^Ij puchdk, 8. m. Cow-dung 
dried for fuel. 

p. itd^U poc^, 8. m. Sheep's foot, foot. 
»• '^1*^^ fxic/ifcna, V. a. To inoculate. 
1- *>'i P*<^, (T^) 8. m. A fart. 

P« (^'jlj pddush, 8. m. Eetaliation, 
recompense, reward. 

°* Uy^*^^ p«(2a.7ion, (see l1^ sign. 

2) s. m. Black salt, prepared by melt- 
I ing common salt with 'a small pro- 
portion of royrobalans. ^(It contains 

P' ybyju pad-zahvy s. m. The name of 

a medicine, expeller of poison . (Bexoar 

atone). ' 

P. SU^jli pddshah, s. m. King: seo 

P. A}UbUM4)l) padshdh-dna^tud}. adv. lake 
a king, kingly. 

P. C^^l^jlj pddskahat, 8. f. King, 
dom, sway : see C^^Lljb 

P ^^uittJu pddshdh'i. See jJtLtt>b 

P* ZdU sImJu pddslidh-zddaf s. m, A 

H. IjiliTju pad^hahrd^ adj. Frightened 

out of one's wits, timorous, pusillani- 
mous. To turn tail. 

5- UjIj pddThi, (q^) V. n. To fart. 

8- flj par, (qiT limit) s. m. The oppo- 
site bank or shore ; adv. Over, across, 
on or to the other side, through, be- 
yond ; adj. Last, past, ^ji j^ 1. To 

ferry over, to cross. 2- To finish, ac- 
complish, carry through. 3. To per- 
forate, to transfix. 4. To relievo. 5. 

To carry off. UU-yb.U (dakh.) To 
go away, to be off, to escape. 

a. l^lj porCi, (qR5 or W) 9. m. Quick.- 

silver, mercury. 

P. ^^X> p rcha, s. m. A fragment, a 

piece, a scrap, a piece of cloth, a rag, 
cloth, clothing. 

a. ^^.L) paras, s. m. 1. (fT^FRff^) 

The philosopher's stone. 2. (hK^) 
Persian. 8. A touchstone Cor ^«xnA« 



P. ^jy\j P«>«» (qroi) 8. m. Persia. 

P- UMtU pdrsdt adj. Abstemions, chasfce, 
watchfal, a holy man, a devotee. 

P. fJyMijXj pa/^aZ, s. or adv. Last year. 

P. jJl***ilj parsa-t, 8. f . Chastity, purity, 
abstinence, continence* 

g. (JJJjJ LT*]^ paras-plpalf (TT^W"* 
^^) s. m. The name of a tree. 

«• 'f ^ UV^ paras-natK {U^^^H^) 

8. m.* Name of the twenty-third JiiM 
or Jaina pontiff. 

8. P. 15***;^ parsi, (mK^I I ) i. m. A 

Persian, the Persian language. 
H. 1-Mj.U par«J, 8. m. A follower of 


S. L^^^i parvaU, {^[^nt) 8. f. 

(Daughter of ^^c\ or a mountain) 

Ihirga the wife of SivcL 

P* %j\j para, 8 m. A strap, a slip, a 

pieoe, a bit, a fragment. A wall of 
stones piled up without cement. 

JftJX.Ij s. m. 1. A patcher, cobler. 2* 

A t'Cnt-maker or one who applies the 
leather parts in tents, pardcLSf Ac. 

tSL J.lj para, (^R) 8, m. Quicksilver, 


H. ]j\j pafUy s. m. A quarter of a town, 
a ward. A calf, a male buffalo calf. 

H. LjU purtai, 8. (dakh.) See JLm 

f UjU par^a, (^P^) 8. m. A hog. 


I. ^j^ par^h 1. (from j\j 8. f. 

Crossing a river when travelling on 
it). 2. A young buffalo, a buffalo calf. 

f. |_^?U pdpt 8. f . A female calf. 
p. Jtjlj pH-xahr, s. m. An antidote to 
poison, besoar. See *^'a^ <j 

8. ;^lj pfl«, (for m^ Side) postpos. 

at the side, near, beside, about, in the 
possession, at, QJoseby, at hand. 

P* ij*^J p'lSf s. m. 1. Guarding, tak- 
ing care, respect, observance, custody ; 
sake. 2. A watch or term of three 

hours. 3. A guard. Jsl^- ij**^ 
Attention to (one's) wishes. 

s. LAj pasa, (TRl^ A dice) 8. m. A 

die (plur. •***<' J dice, the oblong dice 

with which chausart and chaupar are 
played) s a throw of dice. 

P« ^^^ pas-hcin, s. m. f. A sentinel* 

a watch, a watchman, a guard, a 

P» iP^^x P^''^^*» 8. f. Watch, 

guard, guarding, the duty of a guard, 
protection, keeping. 

P. ^UamU pdstany adj. Old, ancient, 

P. 4<i'i3uMU puS'ddr'i, s. f. Watching, 
gfuardianship, partiality, favor. 

P. cXJumU pa'Sang, s. m. A make 

weight, something placed in one scale 
to balance the other, or something 
placed on one side of a load to form 
an equipoise to the other. 

8. j«*M\j past, 1. (TRT a noose) a. f. 
A net. 2. A rope with which the legs 

of a horse are bound. 3. (TRm) s. m. 
A fowler. A Tadi drawer. 
P. f«il> pa8^ part. act. Sprinkling, 

scattering, {j^^ UT » P*^ ®^*' 
rerod in pieces, broken in pieces. 

T. L^\j pashut A pHshd, governor of a 

province, counsellor of state, great lord 
also sometimes the grand vizier. The 
highest title in the civil or military 
hierarchy in Turkey. There are now 
many grades of pashas. Ut. The 
grand vizier, and those who rank with 
him. 2nd. Those who have filled that 
office. 8rd. Those connected by mar- 




riage with the Imperial family, ^th. 
The general class of ministers, or 
secretaries of state; and tbose to 
whom the rank is given. 5^^. Simple 
mushirs, not ministers of the state; 
these are, governors-general of large 
provinces, or generals commanding 
corps d'arm^e, &o. 6th. Viziers, also 
governors-general. 7th. Feriks, or 
lieutenants-general. 8^^ Mirimiran, 
or governors of smaller provinces. 
9^^ Miri-liwa, or generals of brigade. 
ICth. MimU-nmera or governors of 
■mall provinces onlj. 

'. JU^\j pashina^ 8. m. The heel. 

r. ^vmU poi'Shoyti, s. m. Washing the 

feet with medicinal liquor for lessen- 
ing feverish heat. 

P* f<«^lj pdsh-i, 8. f. in compos. Sprink- 

'• imSsj pdkf adj. Pure, clean, holy, 
spotless, blameless, immaculate. 

'• jUOu pdk'hde, adj. Undefiled (gener- 
ally applied to the mind), honest, 
candid, sincere. 

'• <-/;'^^ i)tt*-ta»-i, 8. f. Purity (ge- 
nerally of mind), candour. 

F. ^^^«X>u pak-ddman, adj. Chaste, 
pure, holy in life, modest (woman). 

P. ^^'UI*xJIj pak'daman-*^ f s. f . i 

F. ^JLolj^ pok-daman^i, ) ^^^^' 

tity, holiness of life, innocence. 

P. A. i^LcC^ P*i^-faf, adj. Pure, 
clean, nndefiled, unpolluted. 

H. l^So pakh/1, 8. m. A shed, any small 

building leaning against the wall of 
a yard or area. 

f. l^ pakha, (qg) 8. m. (dakh.) 
Side, quarter. A side wall, A shed. 

f. -^sj pakhar^ (M<5fi) a f. Iron ar- 

monr for the defence of a horse or of 
an elephant ; (in the Dakhan) an orna- 
ment of flowers, intended to represent 
armour, thrown over a horse's head 
and body* 



|. jS^ pdkhand, (qi^HBT) s.m. 
Wickedness, deceit, hypocrisy, heresy. 

8. JuL^ pikhan4, m^^ ) 

» * • ^ ^ > adj. 

8. tiJJi^ pikhandl, ^\^€^ 3 

Hypocritical, deceitful, heretical. 

F» 15^ P^-h 8. f. Pujtty, cleanliness, 

sanctity. DUl ^^^ v. a. To shave 

or pluck hairs from parts concealed. 

F* ^S^jki\j pakiza'gi, s. f. Cleanness, 
purity, neatness, chastity. 

F. XjJoL pakt»a, adj. Clean, pure, neat, 

chaste. L:i>^li*^^ liJ^ ^^ chaste 

habits or disposition. JbS ^j^O l> adj. 
Of a pure nature. 

H. (Jo \j pagal, 8. m. A fool, idiot, mad- 
man. (Bdoli), 

H. Jl> pdZ, 8. m. f. 1. A sail. 2. A 

small tent. 8. Layers of straw, leaves, 
Ac, between which unripe mangoes are 
ripened. 4. (dakh.) A shed. 

8. JU pal, yjl^ Line, range) 8. (dakh.) 

A dam, dike, bank. See JaJL« 

8. JU pali, (qrfe) 8. f . The Mdga^ 
dho'prakrit language. 

«. JP^ pdla, (nr^^) 8. m. 1. Frost, 
hoar-frost, snow; (dakh.) dew. 2. 
Trust, charge. U^ JU v. n. To snow. 
\j^.j , Jlj V. n. To fall within the 
power of another. 

P. ^SL» pdldn, 8. m. Packsaddle, dor* 

P. IioU pi4ag]i», s. Slip, stumble, sin, 
error, blunder. 

2. ui3U piUak, 8. m. 1. (qi^^) A 
I kind of gieenfi (a ttv«de« ol v^Sxar^. 




2. (^q^) A bedstead. 3. (Hl^>«h) 
or pilik, Cherisher, protector, keeper : 

adopted ; as, Jo ui3U (qflWCTiH^l) 

An adopted son. 
H. (Jt^ L«^l> pdlak'jttht, s. f. Name 

of a medicinal tree. 
«. h^U pilak-fUf a>)j. (dakh.) Adopted 

(as a son). 

2' f^k ^^^'' ^^ R^^) 8. t A lit- 
ter,^ sedan. ^aA^ L^'i ^i^titledto 

be carried in a pdlki^ (Formerly, this 
privilege was granted by a King or 

f. UIU palna, (qi^JT) 1. v. a. To 

preserve, protect, bring np, rear, che- 
rish, noarish, foster, breed, educate, 
patronise, keep. 2. s. m. A cradle. 

P. SJytj paludd, 8. A thing made of 
starch or paste with sherbet: see 

P* ^XiLyJu paAahang, s. m« A tether, 
a halter. 

H. _Iu pdZf , s* f . 1* A battle between 

birds. 2. A place whore birds fight, a 
cockpit. 3. A covering of a pot. 
4. (In fiengal) a vessel for measuring 
4. The knee pan. 5. A cowherd. 

>*. 4jt<'*J pCi-mal, adj. Trodden on, 
ruined, destroyed. 

P. jJLcIj pa-mdl't, 8. f. Devastation, the 
beating down by treading, destruction. 

P. i^Jy^'j pd-mard-i, s. f, 1. Strength. 
2. Resolution, valour. 

*• {Ji P^^f (^TH) 8. m. 1. Drinking in 
general. 2. or pCini (for TrWl) The 
hand. 8. pan (for ^) A leaf; betel 
leaf (loaves of Piper betel). lJl|3l ^Ij 
or \Xaj ^\j To accept, to assent : see 

'J'^I^]jJ^ under ]jJO 4. pin, adj. in 
compos, (for ^L> Five.) 

|. UU pdna, v. a. (JH^T'T ^rom XI and r. 

^TFT Acquire) To get, acquire,* find 

enjoy, sufPer, overtake, reach, accept, 
obtain, attain: subst. Finding, get- 
ting, <&c. To take food. 

5. ^L panc\ (T^) adj. Five. adj. 

Of five years. Cl^Li ^[j s. Per^ 

*• u'yf ^ paneh^wah, (T^) adj. 

a. ^ff\j panch-wih, (T'^FRt) 8. f. Tho 

fifth day of tho moon or of tho half 

«• jjli^iU pan-dan, (q^^^R) s. m. A 
box for holding betel and its apparatus* 

■••JJlj pandav, (CfT^ from ^TT 
^ ^ >o 

Pale), s. m. Descendant of BUji 
Pindu, especially applied to Yudhish- 
(hira smd his four brothers. 

B. ^lil pande, 1^^^^ ^ ^^ 

5- i^'lj Pdnre, ) title of Brahmans j 
a schoolmaster. A learned man. 

P. Xi^jilj pdnzdah or panzadah, adj. 

P. jiAJfiU panzda-hum, Bdj. Fifteenth. 

5' Lw)lj pahsna, v. a. To manure, to 

2. ^'o pansau, | (cf^^y^) pj^^ 

-' L5***^^ P'msai, J hundred. 

H. LXiU ptlnijrr", s. m. Tho coral tree. 

f. yU pjnuj, (^R" Pors. U) B. m. 

Leg, foot. 


*• {^^ P«*"» (hI^m) 8. m. 1. Water. 

2. 8perm. 3. Lustre, water (of a 
gem), 4. Character, •reputation, ho- 
nour, lij^ iV^ ^^ confess inferi- 

oritjr. U«j ^L> ▼. n. To rain, ^'o 

Uuwy ^ ^ To curse excessively 

(i. e. till the throat, beins: dry, must 
be moistened by drinking). 

\jji aL ^^Mi _iU To abash, to put to 

shame. JjJj ^ _JL (A bubble of 

water) indicates instability. \ij^ ^J[) 

V. n. 1. To dry up, to be evaporated. 
2. To exhibit signs confirming a sus- 
picion. UUoLo si _ilj To be slain 

with the single stroke of a sword, &c., 
and die instaiitly. 

f* 5^ l>«'o, {'TT^) s. m. A quarter, a 

fourth part. One pice. 
FORT, ^[j pl'o, B. Bread (made in the 

European way), 
i* tJj^ pd'oii^ (see \i\j) 8 f. Income : 

see jJjc«l % pa*uil or pa'oti, 8. f. 

A kind of lamp. 
P* JbJ *\j pa'o-zahr^ 8. (dakh.) Bezoar 

stone ; see Jbj c>L> 

s. jLlj pVola, (from aIj) s. m. A quar- 
ter of any coin (as, of a rupee, Sbc). 

§• lyU pa'old, B. m. (dakh.) Gesture, 
movement : posture, attitude (in arch- 
ery, fencing, Ac. Ullj iJjl> or 

liAM# ^Jy^ To step by rule, to walk 
f< ijj^ pd*on. Same as JU or the plur. 

inflection (for 4j^y'«j)' ^yl u/^ 
To be dislocated (the 
foot). U'*4>l ^j^j To go quickly. 

Ul^ j^ ^jU Numbness of the feet, 
sleeping of the feet. ^^^LjJ jJ ^j{^ 


uuJ.L« Of one's self to spoil one*s own 

affairs. U^ yL ^ ^^o I. To imitate 

or adopt the conduct of another, to 
walk in the steps of another. 2. To 

sit at ease, to sit cross legged, tjf^ 
U^ To entreat submissively. 1]^^ 
U^ 1. To beseech submissively. 2. 
To prevent one from going. *j/-> 

Ud-*j 1. To honour another. 2. To 

avoid another. Umm v^^UL^ ^j^>j 

(lit To sleep with the legs ext^ded) 
is applied to signify perfect content 

and security. ULj^ u/^ ^^ insist, 
to be obstinate. u^%fj (J^ a^j <j/^ 
U^ To do any thing carefully. 

lil>- ^j[j To go on foot (child). 

UUj yti) yti) ^j^ (lit To drink the 

water with which one's feet are 
washed) denotes perfect confidence. 

UII J ^y.j To prepare for and com- 
mence an undertaking. \jS3 ^j^^ 

To slip. U^ JCJ ji ^jJ^J ^jU 
is used to express excessive joy 

one close. \i\j^ ^j/U ^^ ^^ 

To be near. ^?« ^jf'^ To plant one's 

feet, to stand immovable. UlldJ fjj^ 

1. To exceed one's proper limits. 2. 
To withdraw from an undertaking. 3. 
To be a ringleader in a criminal action. 

U I ^y^ ^t> To come gently and 

unperceivod as a spy. ^J^^^ U^ 

Misfortune : see ^m^^ Umi I 

§. Jlj pcVf, (TR) 8. f. A coin, the 

fourth part of an and ; a pice (Natives) 
2. A small copper coin equal to one- 
twelfth of an.anna ^ a |rie. 


9, ^U pa*« (^nr) "'in. TIm leg, foot, 
the stawl of a table, ehair, Ac. ; basis 
foondatioD. jJb ,^l> 1- ad^* Tied 

by the legf fettered, captivated ; (met.) 
encambeved with a family. 2. s. in. 

Fetters. SJL^ <cb 8. m. The 

royal retideDoe or place of general 
residence of the royal family, ^^li 

i«^)J B« m. The first stage of a 

Jonmey. (It is nsaal to make one 
short stage at the commencement of a 
Jonmey, and then to wait a few days 
to * collect every thing necessary). 


V^^o I |C u 8. f . An ornament worn 
found the ankle by females. ^l> 
^L« adj. Trampled on; mined. 
JLo 4^1j To trample on, to 
destroy, to lay waste, to ravage. ^/U 

^L« 8. f. The being trampled upon* 

destmotion, ravage, min (occasioned 
by an army or cattle, overmnning and 

trampling fields, Ac). %^^f< c^^ 

8. f. Courage, resolution : see ^&>.^L> 
'• ^->vJ[b pd-yab, 1. adj. Within man's 

depth, fordable. 2. s. m. A ford. 
'• L^^ l>«-ya6-l, s. f. Quality of 

being fordable. 


'• \Mi P^y''^y 8- «• (^ End, 

P» ^17 i^u pCi^B'taha, s. m. A sock or 
short stocking. See Ij^3[i 

'. ^U^^^^po'e-yama, B»m. Long draw. 

ers or loose trousers, .very wide in 
the legs. 

r. ^\>*^^^pe^e'lAana, s. m. A necessary 

'. ilj,,^ pd'e^ar, adj. Firm, steady, 
durable, lasting, permanent. 

F. ^b^^ pffe-dar^t, s. f. SUbility, 
Annneu. Permanence. 

P* sbuf X P^'^'Q^K ^ ™* 1* BcLok, dig« 
nity. 2. A stable* 

S' U^y pa-yalf ^T pd*ilf 1. adj. Sure- 
footed, oasypaoed (an elephant). 2. 
8>f> An ornament for the foot or 
ankle* 3. pd-yalf s. A bamboo ladder* 
4 A child whose legs come out nrst at 
delivery said to care twitches (chik) 
in the back. 5. A bamboo ladder. 

P* ^J^t^u po'e-tnSZ, adj. Trampled on ; 

ruined, devastated* 
F. ^^t^A^ pd'in, 8. m* The lower part* 

the bottom, adj. Lower, adv. Be- 
neath, under* 

fr jJiJbU p&'enth (^n^RT) 8. f. The 

foot of a bed>the side towards the feet. 

F. JCju paya, 8. m. 1. A step. 2. Bank, 

dignity, degree. 8 The leg or foot of 
a table, chair, Ac, 4. (daJch.) Basis, 
foundation, ground-work. 

«. ]jxj papr^i (TH?) b. m. a onuit. 

5- ujJii P^Pfi* (l^) B.t 1. A scab, 

a scale, scurf* 2. Scales formed by 
the drying up of moist earth. 8* Thin 
cakes of bread. 

«• hjH PO^Pri'lS, (from ^jxi) adj. 

«. ^ Jjo pippti or pipit, Vi^^^ (dakh.) 

Long pepper. Piper longnm. 
H. ^xx> poptif , 8. f. The eyelash 

TAM. j^yy papo*i, s. (dakh.) 

TAW. byu papoyu, 8. (dakh 
papaya, the papaya or papaw fruit. 

H. ly^ papiha, '>8. m. A sparrow- 

h.) ) 

> Carica 


H. \jUi papaif/u, s. m. 1. A sort of 

child's whistle. 2 Name of a tree and 
of its fruit (the Papaw tree, Carica 

«. vjiuo pat or po/t, 1. (^) s. f. Good 

name, honour, character. Temperance, 
strict conformity to enjoined diet, 2. 


\7tS from m to ppoteofc.) 8.,in. A 

lord, master, hasband. 3. pati, (T^) 
8. m. A leaf. 

8. c:^ pitt or pit, (f^) 1. Bile, 

gall 2, Ang^r; passion. 
8. \L pita, (f^r) s. m. A father. 

«. IL pitta, (ftrT) 8. m. BUe, the 

gall-bladder ; (ironioally) anger, emo- 
tioQ of mind; modesty, shame (dakh.)* 

\ij^ Hi To sabside* cool (anger). 

i* \jL> paid, (^ Leaf, &o.} s. m. A 

sign, mark, trace, symptom, hint, 
token, direction, address or place to 
which one is directed, label. 

f. IL pom, (^) 8. m. 1. A leaf. 2. 

A trinket* 3. A card. 

Sr Jljb pattal or patal, (hIC1K> in 

Hindu mythology) s. m. The infernal 
regions or a place under the earth : 
(dakh.) adj. Deep. 

2> *Ail-ij pitdmhar, s. m* See JLIjLaj 

«. \jjkL patihratd, (TfcT^cff) adj. f. 
Chaste (woman). A faithful wife. 

Kame of a medicinal plant. 

«. e:^ patit, (^fcfc!) adj. Fallen, ab- 
ject ; guilty, abandoned ; fallow (land). 
^^\j C:^ Purifying the guilty. (An 
«pithet of the deity). 

£. H. J4>. ij:^ pat.jhar, 8. f. The 

fall of the leaf; antumn. 
f. H. ^j^^ l:;^ pat-jhar-i, 8. (dakh) 

Fall of the leaf, autumn. 
BL JU putr or puira or puttar, VJ^) 

8. m. A son. 
f. ylj paitor (or pair ^T^) s. m. 1. A 

leaf. 2. A letter, epistle. 3. Deed, 
grant or oonveyance of land, encfravcn 
on a plate of brass. 4. Plate or clamp 
of metal. 

^ yi P«'r*i (^^) 8- ™* Father. 

5- lyj patra, (^) 8, m. An almanac, 
an ephemeris, a calendar. 

8- i^yo putrh (T^) 8. f. ^ daughter 

T patfi (from ^^) s. f. A letter, note, 
epistle. w 

Q. _GL» patmikl, 8. f . A small pot, a pan 

5- JJj pott< (^^M<yi) 8,f. A plate 

or trencher formed of leayes. 
H. ]tu patla, adj. m. 1. Fine,« thia 

(cloth or liquids> 2. Lean, meager, 
delicate, weak. 

s. tx} putla^s, m. An idol, image; 
(dakh.) A doll. 

pupil of the eye. 2. An image, a 
puppet, an idol, a dolL 3. The frog of 
a horse's hoof. 

-• \^^ ^^*> ^^^^ ^^^^ *^^* ®'**®"* 

of brass. 
8. Jjo patan, (^TcR r. TcT Pall) «. m. 

The act of falling, 
s. i^^^jjo patang^ (hcI^i) 8. m. 1. A 

moth. 2. A paper kite. 3. The sun. 

4. See jiAJ liljl viSub v. a. To ay 

a paper kite. 
H. Ujuu patangd^ 8. m. A spark. IxUj 
li Jb To go rapidly about a business. 

a. \jJJo patangn, (MCt*0 8.m. A moth. 
8. ^yL patnl, (q^) 8. f. A wife 
a. lyj pafatitua, (T^) 8. hl A leaf. 

8. \Sjyo pativrata, (^fcWc!!) Seo 


{. .fU patihar, (vltCtt) 8. m. A stone. 

stone; hail. %Jf^, ]^ ^ ^* Stone- 
throwing, playing with stones. jfU 

Ul»- yb«JU 1. The melting of a 

stony heart. 2. A difficult task to be 

faoilitated. .U^Lmu Jxi To be 

softened or melted (a stony heart). 
U^ j> ^[^j^ To be patient 

by eompalsion or from being without 
renjedy. li^U (i,^U^ ^^;f^ '^^ 
reply rashly without understanding 
the meaning of one's question. .^ 

LJ^U U lij^ j*M ^j**i To teach or in- 
struct a fool. iJJbj^ 1. To be 

heayy. 2. To be stable, to stand still- 
8. To be unmeroiful. 

t* UL|Jb pathrana, (tfij) ▼. n. 1. 

To be petrified. 2. To become hard 

(a bile), to indurate. tJ^j^ '^> 

See under .^ I 
{• Y]^ p€Uhrd*Of (from ^li1«fU) s. 

§• ^J^ patthri (or pathri, from IRcR) 

8. f. 1. Grit, gravel 2. The flint of 
a musket. 8. Stone in the bladder, 
^^oalculus. 4. A gizzard. 

!• Aivfij patthr'tla, («fi^) adj. m. Stony. 

§• ^^ pattt, (from ^T^) s. f . 1. A 
leaf. 2. Hemp, of which an intoxicat- 
ing potion is made, f pati (for ^t^ 

from ^T to protect) s. m. Lord, 
master, husband. * 

g. LiUi pifiya, (iHTT^) 8. m. Apater- 

M y ^ • 

nal uncle, a father's brother. 
g. KUaj pattyartf , (SPP?) s. m. Trust, 
ronfidence^ belief. 

«. \j\j3jpatiydna, (v\rt{^^) y. a. To 

confide in, to trust, to believe, to de- 
pend on. • 

H. JUJL) patilaf s. m. A pan, a pot. 

H. l2^ pai, 1. 8. m. A shutter, the 

valve of a folding door. 2. adj. Up- 
side down, overturned. 

s. l1^ pat, vJZ) 8. m« A cloth, cloth. 

8. {S^ putt v^) >• m* A menstruum, 
solvent, fiuz. 

«. LL paia, B. m. 1. (^Tfel) A foil, a 

wooden scimitar for cudgelling with. 

^ju (1.) A fencer, a cudgeller. 

(2.) (met) A coquette, a wanton, a 

strumpet. \X>^ Uj v. a. To discharge 

from service. ^ 2. (^) A board on 

which Hindus sit whilst eating their 
meals or performing religious cere- 
monies. 3. (dakh.) A streak, stripe, 
broad line. 4. The half of the beard 
of the cheek, half the board or one side 
of the face. 5. A leaf of the American 
aloe or of any similar plant. 6. The 
head stall of a bridle. 7. A code or 
book of regulations for the guidance 
of rent-collectors. 8. A long narrow 
slip or stripe of coarse cloth, matting, 
Ac. 9. A straight, long and broad 
swot'd with two edges. 10. A foil or 
wooden sword used in fencing. 

g. \Jj patta, (^) 8. m. A lock of hair, 

a dog-collar : name of harness : a 
horse's girth : a deed in writing, parti- 
cularly a title deed to land or a deed 
of lease : (dakh.) a stock (band for the 
neck) : name of an ornament for the 

neck worn by women. linJ Liu To 
flee, run away. 

H. uu p^t/a. adj. Fatherless. 

H. l^ Lu paM4fta, (properly, ouu 

from C^Lu A sound) s. m. A cracker, 
a squib ; a crash. 

g. I.Laj pitdrTi, yJE\) s. m. A large 

basket (generally, of cane or ratan), a 



<. o^iLu pit&rif (t^R3i) B. f. A small 

basket, a portmanteau. 
H. l^LL paMa, 8. m. *See l^Lu 

fi' IrAj l>a*ra, yJZ) B.m. 1. A plank, a 

pl^nk to Bit on, a plank on which a 
washerman beats clothes, a board on 
which dongh is kneaded, Ac. 2. Un- 
ripe grain UbJ J lyu v. n. To 

deprive one of his power or strength, 
to convict an adversary and leave him 
without reply. 

i. jJly^ paUrdnlf 8. f. A queen who 
is installed or consecrated with the 

§. ,jfJj pairi, (^ or ^^) 8. f. 1. A 

plank to write on. 2. A narrow slip 
or plank of wood, iron, &o. 8. A firm 
seat on horseback. 4. A tile. 

f* Ijjo paiT^t B. m. See 1^ 

f. ICx> paika, dlf)s.m. 1. A cloth worn 

round the waist, a girdle, sash, ^^jj 

l^ju The golden girdle (an ensign 
conferred by the Peshtoi on generals 
who are invested with authority 

immediately by him). UftjJlj ILu 

To determine on, or prepare for nny 
act. 2. A layer of mortar in a brick 

H. UCjo pataknat (r. ^ Move) 1. v. a. 

To dash against any thing, to throw 
on the grannd with violence, to knock. 
2. V. n. To crackle, to crack. 

B. $. Ijbi3 <aSLu paikani dena, f 

H. §. ljbfc> ijH^ patJn dencif ) 

To dash on the ground, to throw 
against any thing with violence. 

- U^ Pf^P^^> (^TFT) 8- (dakh.) City. 

V. a. 

. n 

H, ULu paindy 1. V. n. To be paid, to 

be procured. 2. To be watered. 3. 
To fill. 4. To be covered, to be roof- 
ed, to be piled, &c. in trans* of \jd^ 
5. 8. m. Name of a city. 6. To agree 

together. 7. To be crowded. (TS^) 

ana lape. 

H. .1^ paiwar^ )"• ™* ^° 

'^ * ' > keeps a 

H. %^y%J<^ patwarif \ of lands, 

«. iLo p^tn', (iH6 to hurt.) (inia*. of 

Ujulj) v. n. To be beaten. 

«. ylj paHn, (from ^) s. m. A kind of 

woollen cloth, a cloth to cover with 
from rain, &c. '* 

9, Laj paiu*a or patwa, (r. ^Z String, 

arrange) s. m. A n;an who strings 
pearls, a braider, a maker of fringe 
and tape. 

One who 


i<.i^Aj patwan, J ot lanas, a land 

steward, yj^ a writing, ^it^ doer). 

H. uUju pakjodna, (cans, of iLo) ▼• A* 
1. To provide money. 2. To water. See 

s. JLju paitay s. m. See Lu CdI^^ju 

Title deeds to land or deeds of 

H. l|AJ pcLttha^ 8. m. 1. A young full- 

gprown animal, a youth* a wrestler. 2. 
A sinew, a tendon. 3. A plant with 
long leaves. 

H. l^ju puUha, 8. m. The buttock, the 
hip (of an animal), the breech. 

H. ^IfL pathariy n. prop. See ^^Uil 

H. IjifJU paihiyd, s. f. A young full- 
grown animal. (Generally applied to 
kids, fowls, &c.). 

■• {Ji P""'' ®* '• ^' ^"^^ ^ bandage, 

fillet, brace : tape : a head-bnnd or 
narr«tw plate of silver or brass worn 
by sepoys and their native officers 
across the turban : a ntfter or the 
whole row or series of rafters that 

cover one side of a house. 2. (TTJ^IT) ^ 

A quarter of a place. 3. The side 
(Weces of the frame of a betlstead. 

Uj>J or U'jb^j ^JO To give a lesson ; 

to tench ; ad vine ; counsel ; instruct. 
To put one up to ; to initiate one in 
roguery. To take in ; decpive ; cheat. 
4. A rOw, lino. 5. A kind of sweet- 
meat* 6. Division oC thft hsAt ^\i\0{i''A 




»• \i^y^^ pachho^, (r» tM^fi Separate, 
divide) y. a. To winnow with a basket 
used for this purpose. See tiCj^ 

^* «-f ?%l^ pfLchkofi, a. f . A sheet : see 

pachchi^ adj. 1. Adherent. 


sticking, joined. 2. (met in mosio) 

In Tinison, 

B. f« 1. Mo- 

saic. 2. Patching or darning of 
damaged cloth. Ujt ^j^ 1. To be 

stuck together as with glae. 2. To 
be in nnison. 8. To be strongly at- 
tached by love. 

«• W^^ P^^* (7^?rfh) adj. 

fr j^^M-WSj pachiB'i, s. f. A game 

played with hiufis instead of dice> and 
so named from the highest throW) 
which is twenty-five. 

^* -fC ^*^» interj. Happy! bravo ex- 
cellent ! 
P. Uiji^^ |m4Se«n, 8. f. 1. Cakes (or 

bread) which are laid over dishes 
when bringing to table, and under 
which the meat is kept warm. 2. 
Cakes imbued with clarified butter 
from being laid over certain greasy 
dishes, such as dopiyata^ Ac. (These 
cakes are very soft and savoury: 

whence) Ul^ J^J^^ '-*'-* To eat 

cakes of this description prepared by 
his mother, is applied to a person 
accustomed to luxury and incapable of 
labour or fatigfue. 

P- <^5^^ pttAjeo-yi, 8. f . Ripeness, the 

being cooked, maturity, firmness; 

P <aaC puthta, adj. 1. Dressed (as 

victuals). 2. Baked (as bricks)^ of 
brick or stone. 8. Ripe, mature, ma- 
tured. 4. Shrewd, knowing, expert, 

wise, firm, strong, solid, ^j^ jCxss: 
8. f. Firm workmanship, maturity. 
up SJ^ To make strong, shrewd or 


knowing; to ripen. ic^' 

8. f. Firmness, constancy, stability. 

^' LT^ po4i»^, adj. 1. Pressed with 
the foot. 2. Extended, drawn out. 

H. ityj pidda, 8. m. Name of a bir^. 
^' j*^ podar or pidar, s. m. Father. 
P. o^A^ pidar-ty adj. Paternal. 
^' <-f;^ P^rt» 8' ^* A tomtit. 

H. u^^i^^* padcJc, 8. f . (dakh.) Name of 
an ornament for the neck. 

S» A4>J padam, V^) 8. m. 1. The 

lotus. 2. Ten billions (according to 

the shdstr) ; or, one thousand billions 

(according to the DoHtunud-amal, or 

the Royal ordinances of Akhar). 
I. CLJ^jUiXj padmdwat, ('TOT^iSI') n. 

prop. Name of a celebrated princess, 
whose adventures are related in a 
romance entitled Padmdwatu 

i' «5^*^ padmani or padmim, 

{^\^(nt) 8. f. A description of wo- 
man, the most excellent of the four 
classes into which womankind is di- 
vided by the Hindus. (The names of 
the other three are ehitriifif aanJchini 
and hastini)* 

S- |?j*i^ pador&t (from, d\» or 'J?) 

adj. Having the quality of farting. 
{Met) A coward. 

P* iVjiXj podici, adj. Open, public, clear, 
evident, manifest, conspicuous, visible. 

P* J» Jj poMirt part, in compos, (from 

^^•£i3j) Taking, receiving, admit- 
ting; being possessed of or endowed 
with, susceptible, liable, p Jd ^mI 
Capable of correction or amendment ; 
remediable. Jijo ^J^ Remediable, 

admitting a remedy. jijw> (Jl^ 
Troubled, disturbed , disordered. 
j»i3j VJl^J Possessed of ornament, 




I adorned. ptL Ijbo Sndowed ^th in- 

I tegritj, sincere, pure. J»Jj\£JLAC 
Taking warning. ^" * ^' 

P. l^*ij pofir^. (from Ji^j»^) adj. 

Acceptable, agreeable, accepted 
(prayer), s. Acceptance. 

>f • -J|j> J^ poMtra-i, 8. f. Acceptance. 

y- ijr;^*^ P«f«**-*> 8. f. (in eompoe.) 
Taking, acceptance, 

f. jj par, 1. (^) adj. Distant, remote, 

far ; other, strange, foreign, ij^i^j^ 

Abroad, adv. and conj. Over, above, 
through, after, at, by, for, of ; but, yet, 

however. 2. (37k) prep. On, upon, 
at, notwithstanding^ 

i*. jj par, 8. m. A feather, a quill, a 
wing; ^1^3 ly 8. f. Expansion or 
shaking of the wings. Iby y or 
Ijd^ •> To be without power or 
ability. Ujl^^orUl/^ 1. To 
prepare to fly. 2. To get new feathers 
after moulting. JJLt^m •> Distress- 
ed, afflicted. aIS o •> A pen made of 

a quill. liSixi y To display, on ac- 
quiring power, those qualities which 
remained concealed in poverty or a 
low station. 

P. jj pur, adj. Full, complete, loaded, 
charged, i^) J^ji ^l- I>anger- 

ous. JLo y adj. Sad, sorrowful, 

8. ^ pwr, yJT) 8. m. A city, a town. 
^mU jJ Inhabitant of a city. 

?. )y purtt, yJK) s. m. A large village, 
a town, an assemblage of habitations. 

8. ly partLf (4<l) prep, in compos- 
Back, backward, reverse, over. 


H. Lj pard^ s. m. A company, a body 
(of troops). 

f. |J1^ puratam, (TOcH) adj. Old, 

ancient. 2. Knowing ; experienced. 
°' V^i paratha, 8. m. Qread made 

with butter or y/ii, and of several lay- 
ers, like pie-crust. 

^JJ parachit, ($1^?%^) 8. 


A fine or penance imposed on religions 
occasions as the price of absolution; 
atonement, expiation* 

S. ij:.^\jJpraielUtAW^[^^)B.m. 

Atonement, expiration. See C2^>%>.t.i 

S* Lll^ CL^I^ prahrit hhdsha, 

(m^ ^TNT» 51 before, ? to make 

lit. original.) s. f. A dialect of 
the same origin as the Sanskrit langu- 
age, but vulgar. 

8. Aji^ji parakram, (TO^f TO 

and r. PjH Step, pace) s. m. Power, 
muscular strength, prowess, vigour. 

«. '^U P^^» (iPTm) 8. m. The 
ancient name of Il&habad. 

P. 15?*^^*^ paraganda-gi, 8. f. Dis- 
persion, distraction. 

P. SJj6m paragandaf adj. Dispersed, 

scattered, distracted , dissipated, 

S' JJy poroZ, (h^I^) 8. f. Straw : 

see Jl^ 

8. «43jJ1^ pralahdh, (mI<!^®^) s. f. For- 
tune, fate, lot, chance, destiny. 

8' ijlr* pw*'ti>», (Tm) s. m. A Purana 

or sacred and poetical work, sapposed 
to have been compiled or composed by 
the poet Vyasa. There are eighteen 
acknowledged Puranou, comprising tlie 
whole body of Hindu theology : and, 
each Purrna treats of five topics es- 




peciallj, i. e., the creation ; the des- 
tmotion and renovation of worlds ; the 
genealogy of gods and heroes; the 
reigns of the Ifayiu^, and the transac- 
tions of their descendants. The 
Punlnas are, 1. Brd^ma; 2. Podma, or 
the lotos ; 8. Brahmdnda, or the egg of 
Brahma ; 4. Agni, or fire ; 5. Vishnu ; 
6* Oaru^t the bird or vehicle of 
Vishnu; 7. Brahmavaivarta^ or trans- 
formations of Brahma ; 8< Siva s 9. 
Linga ; 10. Nar<»da, son of Brd^ma ; 11. 
Skandat son of Siva ; 12. Markandeya^ 
BO called from a sage of that name ; 

13. Bhavi»\iyat^ fntnre or prophetic ; 

14. Af a^Aya, or the fish ; 15. Varaha^or 
boar ; 16. Kilrma, or tortoise ; 17. 
Vamana, or dwarf; and 18. The 
Bha^avatf or life of KVt>J)na, which 
last is by some considered as a spuri- 
ons and modern work The Puranas 
are reckoned to contain four hundred 
thoasand stanzas. Th^re are, also, 
eighteen Upapurdnas, or similar poems 
of inferior sanctity and different ap- 
pellations ; the whole constituting the 
popular or poetical creed of the 
Hindus ; and some of them, or parti- 
cular parts of them, being very gener- 
ally read and studied. 

8. ^\j^ par an or pran^ (fll^l? ^V^ to 

breathe) s. m. 1. Breath. 2. Soul, 
life, 3. Sweetheart, mistress. 

«. lib pttrona, 1. (TH^) adj. Old. 2. 

(from r. ^\ Fill) v. a. To fill. 

H. lfX>ly Y^ahiha^ 8. m. A kind of 
cake, paste.v See lf>iy 

fl. IfA^tJ j^\ji prana-pratishtha, (Ml^f— 

sifasr) si 

image of a divin' 
or spells. 

Imparting life to the 
jty by certain mantras 

-• V-'ri paruya, (*T?) adj. Strange, 
foreign, belonging t o another, other. 

8. eUs*^.l^ prayascMtta, {Wff^) 

8. m. Expiation, pent \nce. [ifiond. 

H. L--;y parah, s. m. A f-gem, a flat dia- 

I- ^->«j parah or parhf ( Ho^) •• «• 

A festival, a holy d«y, nn^' anniversary 
festival, feast : a chapter \X"^ ** book). 

a. •i-'^JP prahas, (M^ltl from 51 and 

r. ^ Dwell) 8. m. Travelling, so- 
journing in a foreign conntry, abroad. 

f. |<*»*U»i> !• prahas-l, JRP3T 8. m, • 

A traveller. 2. ^^TPm pura-hasi, 
8. m. An inhabitant of a city. 

a. Lll^^y parhat, (^cl) 8. m. A 
mountain. [mountaineer* 

«• iJ^y parhat-t, (T^^T) 8. m. A 

a. , JjJfJ parhat'lf 8. f. I -_ 

a. LfUUy par^af-tyu, 8. m. J 
Production of hills) A kind of pumpkin. 

- L/*^y j>or-l>o*, (hI**^) adj. De- 
pending on the will of another, under 
the authority of another, dependant, 

8. Lll^J^ pari-hhMa, (T^WM) 8. f. 

Technicality, a conventional term in 
any science. 

8' «4^y prahhu or prahhu or parhhu^ 

(W> 51 and r. >T Be) 8. m. God, 
Lord, master, principal. 

«• ^^ji prahin (JRW) adj. Skilful, 
intelligent, accomplished, clever. 

f. ir^^ par-pota, 1{^^) g. „. 

^' y yiji P^^'P^^^> \ Great grand- 
a. I Jy -i> par-potroLy J 


^ *^f^ji P^^"P^^^^ 
-• U5^^^ partpo/i, 

«. t^yy y par-potri, / vMmMI/ s. f. 


Great grand-daughter. 

^ji paratf a. m. A fold, plait, ply, 
layer, crust, incrustation, a stratum. 

P, K^\ij} partahf fl. m. Bowshot, the 
range of an arrow, musket, Ac. 





I 8. i— >UjJ pra-tap, (vJcIIh) 8. m. Glory, 

brightnoBS, splendour, majesty, the 
high spirit arising from the possession 
of rank and pow^r. % pati'tapf 

(^TKcTFT) 8. m. Pain, anguish. 
8. J^JjJ pratipal, (m(c1MI^> flfcT and 

r. ^1^ Protect) 8. m. Patronising, 
proteotioDf fostering, cherishing. 

POBT. JKJjJ pwrtakalf n. prop. Por- 

H. cPt^ paWol, B, f. The baggage of a 

horseman carried all on one bollock or 

tatti^ jjj o (JJy A paokhorse, a 
bat-horse. [shoalderbelt. 

H. s3ji partalOf B. m. Bword-belt* 

P. Jjj partau, (iicll'-l) 8. m. Light, 
rays, splendonr, sanbeam8,moonbcams. 

«. f^fc^'y/i prati'Vad'i, (5lld^|<ft) S. m. 
Defendant, respondent. 

8. m. A king. 
8. t^ ** ^Ai^i^ pri^/iii;!- or prUhiwi-pati^ 

(!i'^4td or ?f«I%fa) B. m. A 

8. m. Lord of the earth ; a sovereign » 
a king. 

f. ^^J^* y parftt or pratltif (SlcTlTcl) 

8. f. Faith, confidence, tmst. d^^^^^ 
U.^ 1. To examine. 2. To believe. 

3. To trust. ^ pratU (SJdTd) adj. 
FamooB, known. 

8. li^fj pratihar, {^^\[^!(^) 8. m. 
Revenge, remedying. 

•• W'ji P^W (fl^l) s. f. A subject, 

tenant, renter, people. 
8. d^j*^ jj praja-pat or prajo'paHf 

\^^\^\^) B. m. King, prince: a 
name of Brahma. ^ 

2. U-^ porc;ia, (w^f) s. m. Exam- 
ination, trial, proof, e^eriment. 

«. liUyj parehana, {mfV^l[^) v. a. 

To introduce to a person, to engage in 

P. M^'j^ parcham, s. The fringed 

bunch or tassel of a lance, spear or 
pair of colours. 

«• ^^J^ji paraehna^ (hR'^M*1) v. n. 

To be made acquainted, to be intro- 

H. |<*%^-»J parchiini or parehaunl, s. f. 

The act of selling flour, meal, &c. 

H. ujft^y parchitniya, s. m. A meal- 
P* a^- ji parchuj & m. A bit, scrap ; 

slip of paper. See ^^ i^ 
u. (^^-»> parchhd, s* m. 1. Self-sown 

paddy (ricp). 2. A spindle for wind- 
ing thread on. 8. Decision. 

s. l^^ jJ prichchhd, (^^T) 8. f. In- 
quiry, asking. 

a. l|^-«J poric/i/ichd,('7^rR3T/ s. f. Ex- 
amination, trial, proof, (^j^s^l.) 

2. jjjJ^ fJ parchhdlh, ) 8- ^- Image, 
(from shado or reflection), shadow, 
shade. Uf l<> ^ ^\ ij^^ji 
To be frightened at one's own shadow. 

«. .J^^'fi parchhati or parchhatd, 

(Cfft^^) 8. f. A small thatch 
thrown over mud walls. Lv.jVh' ji 




f> ^y^»-ji parchhaj^, (dakhj See 

■• ul^^*^ parachhnd, v. a.^1. To move 

a lamp or candle over the beads of a 
bride and bridegroom, to ^nwe away 
evil spirits, propitiate good ones, &c. 
2. To kiiftlle (a fire). 

P. \i^f> parl^aahf s. m. War, oon- 

fliot, disturbance, tnmalt, violence. 
iDJary, opprossion, severe inquisition. 

F. Jy pardf 8. A fold, ply; map (of 

cloth) : IT 7*urd, A bridge. 

». iJLf^^dji pardakhtt from ^jJ^^ji) 

8. f. Performance, finishing, patronis- 
ing, relinquishment. 

8. H. I Jljy par-dada, s. .m. A great 
grandfather by the father's side. 

8. H. ^4>i Jy par-dadi, a, f. A g^eat 
grandmother by the father's side. 

F.jlj-i pardaz (from (o^'*^Ti) ^' P*""*^- 

Performing, completing ; performing 
on music. 2. s. Finish, perfection. 

P. ijr/'*^y pradaZ'i, s. f. (In compos.) 

P. |«?*^tJ porda-grt, (from Sjy) s. f. A 

modest chaste woman, one who is con- 
fined at home. [liberal, generous. 

P. (Ji)t-> pur-dU, adj. Brave, bold : 

P. iJ*^t> pur-dil-i, 8. f. Bravery, cour- 
age, generosity. 

P* Si3»> parda^ s. m. 1. A curtain, screen 

veil, hangings, tapestry, film, fine web, 
lid (of the eye), sail (of a ship), 
pellicle; secrecy, modesty. 2. A 
musical tone or mode, note of the 

gamut, ij^^ ^*^ji ^o t^ of con- 
cealing a blemish. w?«^ Hdjj 1. To 
let fall a curtain. 2. To lay ^ide 
concealment. •IJXJy Confidential. 

u) S Jy Tearing the veil ; a betrayer 
of secrets, ijij*^ V^«j The betraying 
of secrets. Uf^ VJp To give obscure 

bints, or to relate a matter in such 
terms as to be understood by part only 

of the hearers. \jJ S Jy To conceal. 
\if^ ^ ^ « J^ or ^ X J^ 

IaI^ ^ To reveal the faults of 

another. f^i^MMj S Jy Remaining be- 
hind the curtain; modest. 

*• LH'*^ji P^^^^y i^J^^) 1. B. m. 

Bomoto or foreign country. 2- adj. Is 
another country, in a foreign land. 

«• ^<*wJ JjJ par-desi, (T^OT) b. m. 

Foreigner, stranger, a new man. adj. 
Foreign, exotic. 

P> TijjJ purza, s. m. A scrap (generally 

applied to paper), piece, bit, rag, frip- 
pery ; the nap of cloth or the down of 
birds. A sharp fellow. 

- UVi ^"*"**» (M^'h) 8. m. A man. 
«. [j^ji paraa, (?T5T) s. m. Touch. 
P. tj^ji pv>r8f part, (in compos.) Asking* 

Sr wMaJ pursa, s. m. Condolence: see 



S. L^ puna, (l^^) adj. Of 



height; 8. The extent of a man's 
reach in height when extending the 
arms and fingers»a fathom, four cubits. 

8. jLijJ pra8ad, (5R?T5) 8. m. 1. 

Yiand, victuals, food that has been 
offered to the deities. 2. Kindness, 
favour, blessing, gift. 8. Leavings of 
a g^reat maa or a spiritual guide* 

^* e;^y pursan^ part, (in comp ) 
Asking, inquiring, inquisitive. 

P* l^^Mji parastf part, (in compos.) 

Adorer, worshipper; devoted to, at- 
tentive to ; as, \J^^utyi ij^ I A wor- 
shipper of fire ; a guebre of the sect of 
Abraham, Zoroaster or the Magi. 

C^^MiP KJi,0^) An idolater, worship- 
per of idols. C^Mi^ I J^ A worship- 





per of God. y^Lt^mjj Ju»- A wor- 
shipper or admirer of Belf-con(Mited. 

F. X^j* parastar^ ^jtJcljLiy b. m. 1. 

An adorer. 2. A slaye. 
'* ej'^^y P^^*''^^^» 8. na. Fairy-land. 
^» (mJUm-j parosfM^, (from ^j^^^if'^Tj) 

B. f . Worship, devotioo. 
F. j^Iv^.Imi,! para«<w^-(7d/i, s. f. Place 

of worship (mandir). 
F. jJ^ y para«^l, (in compos, only) 

B. f. Worship, adoration. 
F. ^j^ji pwrsUh, (from ^;*^A*^) 

B. f. Inquiry (generally, after health, 
Ac), interrogation, qnestioning. 

m. (^^ji praaangy (5Rf^> ^ and ^^ 

Meeting, union) s. m. 1. Association. 
2. Mention, discourse, subject of diu- 

course. Ux! JcJ s^S^*'-***ji ^o^ ^ as- 

Bociate with 3 Opportunity. ( y**y) 

B. |jy*j-i> jxirson, (dakh. parson for 

IT^^TO) adv. 1. The day before 

yesteiiay. 2. The day after to- 
morrow, [of the sick. 

r. JUi|J pursa, 8 m. Condolence, visiting 

F. iIm> • IjU*#j parsiyuum^^an, s. m. 
Name of the herb maiden hair. 

B. ^^ puruih, (T^) 8. m. A man, 

generally or individually; a male, 

mankind. ^, parush, (^T^) adj. 
Harsh^ severe : s. m. Abuse, contumely. 

§. d^Ji*j> panhUd, (JI^K) s. m. OfEer- 

iags made at a shrine. See JImm 

P. A. *^*J*tj> pur'8hu*ur, adj. Wise. 

P. Xf} parJcar, b. f. 1. A pair of com- 
paBses. 2. Kind; sort; manner* me- 
thod. See .1^ 

H. ir^ji parhds, (H^RRTtfl and r. 

^RI Shine) s. m. 1. Light, daylight, 
splendour, display. 2. To indicate. 

8- ijSXjj pra-hdsh, See ij-^oy 

P. ^^jj parhala, s. m. 1. A spark. 2> 
A pane of glass. « 

F* ^.J par^m, adj. Become useless, 

out of employ^ idle. « 
5. ^ijJ parahh, (T^^ from qft and 

r* ^^ See) s. f. Inspection, ex- 
amination, trial, proof, experiment. 

S* ^^<4^y par£hd)id, (causal of \lpjjy 

V. a. To cause, to inspect, examine, 
try or prove. 

a. U^ parakh-na (hO^^i) v. a. To 

inspect, to examine, to prove, to try, 
to assay, test. [spiteful. 

P' iJJ^iji pur-lina, adj. Malicious, 
P. j^ji pargar, R f . A pair of compasses. 

F. JUby pargana, 8. m. (Tax-paying 

land) ; an inferior division of a coun- 
try (less than a «JL^) nearly equalling 
a barony. (Plur. KuL^ ^^ji ) 

•ti) jJby 8. m. The superior oflScer 
of a pargana, lord of the barony. 

F. JSy} pur-go, adj. Talkative, garrulous. 
H. }y parla, adj. Of the other side; 

next in order ; yonder. 
8. uJJw para4olc, i^^^) b. m. 

Heaven, the other world. 

8. ^fJ parow, (q^) adj. Best, most 

excellent, chief, principal, first, 

a. UU parma, s. (dakh.) Pox, gleet^ 
clap : see ^j^j* 

8. L«JL«J param-atma, (H^'HK^II) 8. m. 

The Supreme Being, considered as the 
soul of the universe. 




celebrated, place of pilgfiimage, the 
oonfloenoe ef the (7ange« and Jamund 
with the Bopposed subterraoeoiis ad- 
dition of the Saraswat^ ; the modem 

•f. Ci^tJ prit, (5tfcf from r. 5t 
Love, enjoy) s. f. Lore, friendahipi 
affection. See Xxj 

8. Ci^tJ preiC,* \!?^ from 51 and \ 

to go forth.) a. m. A departed soul, a 
«pirit of the dead, ghost, evil spirit, 

B. l^flC ^ panc^HS, (w<n3r) s. f , Ex. 

amination, trial, proof. See ^jws^j. 

p. 4jil%^(^fJ jmn-SujSn, 8. m, A 

-ma^^cian, one who holds the fairies 
and genii in snbjeotioo. 

»P. |Jl%^ i^f parvfiti)an-i, s. f. Ex- 
orcising, calling aid from fairies. 

P* 40«^ «j paridan, (in compos.) s. 
Flying. [Flown. 

p. jf jj^ parida, (^j;*^.^) part. pass. 

P> t^lpy part-sod, adj. Fairy -bom; a 
fairy, a beauty. 

iP. ^^^MAJ^y pare«Hdn, adj. Dispersed, 
perplexed, oonfnsed, distressed, de- 
ranged, Jl»- ^JjiiJj} Distressed in 

condition. ,^Jol^ ^LSj jj s. f. 

Trouble of mind. J J ^Lij j adj. 

Troubled in mind. -J J ^Ltjy 

8. f. Trouble of mind, UJ^ \J^.t* 

To perplex, confuse, confoun,d, trouble, 
distract, perturb, disorder, derange. 

'JLy^ ^LuJ^ To talk foolishly Irom 
absence of mind. iJy ij^. j^ 
8. f. Confused or absurd talk. ^LmJ ^ 
.%^jloi B* f • Confusion of sight. 

P< ^Lbuijj pareshdn-tf s. f jb dent f 

Bion; confusion, misery, perf ' ^ 

«. l^G^ pareHa, (Cf^t^)*!"!! patroi 

amination, discrimination, it |^j cheris 

fl. aJ> -j prcm, (JR) s. m. ^ • risher 

tion, friendship, kindness, i ®®' applie< 

^' i^->;i prcm-t, (5I#t) ifSii^'goft^d 
tionate j lover. #^3^ ^'''^<^- 

I f Ks 

«. 1«» pura, (q?) s.m. Ala' ^^ ^V^ 

(of physic, Ac). See 0^ »olcattIj/ 

*' Jilji *^*^^P°^> *^^* ^^*^ reiterated 
strokes, as a shower of hail, ibc. 

§• UU 1^ pafci-pana, v. a. To find or 
get easily. 

§• ^Ijj parawo, (cans, of lJ«j) v. a. 1. 

To lay down ; to put to sleep. 2. To 
cull, to pluck, to gather. 

' 3^ji P^ra'o, (from UHj) b. m. 1. 

Halting place. 2. Camp, encampment. 
3. An army. 4k A crowd, an assembly. 

h li^Ji par/dno, v. n. To lie down; 
to repose, to cease (as the wind). 

«. U^ pafna, (r. ^,^ Move, fall) v. n. 

1. To fall. 2. To lie down, repose. 3. 
To befall, happen, occur. 4. To en- 
camp. 5. To drop. 6. To be confined 
to bed by sickness. 7. To halt. 8. To 
depend on. 9. To be vacant. 10. To 

fall to one's lot. 11. To cost. "j 

Dub^ or \Mj ^Jj To remain help- 
less, poor or destitute. 

H. UU^ par.wana,s. m. (dakh.) See lit) y 

H. A*#l^j«j pafnawaM, s. m. (dakh.) A 
great grandson. 

"• 'i/i l**?^^* *• (clakh.) A boat, large 

«• 'J'^Ji pi'rioona, (cans, of liljU) v. a. 
To cause to press, squeeze or pound. 





^|. ^j^})j pafOi, (jrf?Rra or JlfclW5l) 

c'f a. m. Neighbourhood, 


tflr^ or nfcT^Tf^) B. f. A 
female neighbour. 

- {^3ji ^'*?^"» (TT^ ornfc!^?lt 

or XJPT^RfT) B. m, A male neighbonr. 

i* \lbjj parha, (from Ufc^) part. pass. 
Bead, learned, of much reading. 

l^ bb^ or Udlft^ adj. A learned, 
experienced man. 

»• U'jbHj parhdnd, (cans, of l*^^) (^ 

to read.) v. a. To cause or teach to 
read, to instmct, to teach, to teach to 
spealc or sing (as, birds). 

i. ^^ parhan, {^^) B. f. The act 
of reading. 

«. UftHj parhna, (h6«i) v. a. To read, 
recite, repeat, ju ^ft^i Reader. 

f> vr-*^*^* paj'hant, b. f. A reading, a 
spell, a charm* 

t. Uljb^ parhwdnd, (cans, of ^^Al^) 

▼. a. To canse to read or repeat, to 
teach to read. 

TEL. TAM. ^«) pan, s. f. (dakh.) A 

raeasare of capacity, containing a &er 
and a half. 

f. 1j«j puriyd, (TSt) b. f. A parcel 

(of physic, Ao.). 
H. !j1» pariyd, B. f. A female buffalo 

P. y j»az, part, (in compos.) Cboking, 


ii)*^T^ji) *' '• Witherednesfl, frosen 
state ; dejection (of spirits). 
P. ^t^j^^J paxhrnurda, part pass. With- 
ered, pallid, faded, drooping. 

^' {^J**i P^' *dv- After, i)ehind, at 
length, then, therefore, finally. 

j] ^^j^ After. jljJl ^^j Savings 

something laid up for old age or want 
of employment (Labourers, Ac. call it 

8. ^'oAAj pisdch, (%IF^) s. m. An 

eWl spirit of a particular class, a 
demon, a spectre. Adj. Seized, pos- 
sessed by a pisdcn. 

2* . ^X^-Iamj pisdch-M, 8. f» A female 

P. JJ^'P pazdwaf 1 

(from ^^SJ^l}i) B. f . 
A brick-kiln. 

■• L5?"^ Pisdch'l (fq'OTft) s. f. A 
female imp : see . JI^^Lmj 

8. UUo pasdrdf (i^tlK from XI andr. 

^ Spread) s. m. Expansion, the act 

of spreading out. \iJ I.LiJ To pro- 
crastinate and find obstacles to aa 
easy matter. 

«. li^lojj pasarnd, (m^K"|) v. a. To 

spread, stretch out, extend, expand, 
open, display. 

a. UUj ;>i«aritf, (WT r. f^ Grind, 

reduce to powder) v. a. To reduce to 
meal, to grind. 

h Ul^ pasdna, (MtHN^l) v. a. To 
skim, to pour off snperfluons water. 
^ (for Ul^ V. a. (dakh.) To par- 

f* tS^j<y p^ihmurda'gi, (from 


boil or half boil rico^ in preparation 
for seasoning and farther cooking. 

- Li^'^ pis« 'i,(fromljL*j) s. f . Price 
paid for grinding. 




below. CLJj)eJ c: 

An animal, and r. Ml^> Preserve) 
8. m. Cow-herd. 

F. «. lJ-3 Ij »^^ pas'pd Icamd, r. a. To 


P.J, u Jb U i»*^ paS'pd hond, v. n. 1. 

To decline. 2. To fall in the rear, to 
retreat, to flee. 

P. ^c. Ll-maJ pa8mpd*e, B. f. Sitting cross- 
legged as the Asiatics sit. 

«. CD^ ^^j-o pus-i>iie, (hT^^^) 8. m. 

Adopted son. 
P. s^»-">* jxutt adj. Low, abject, lower, 

adj. Of in- 
ferior understanding, low« base. 
43J v* '"r * Low in stature, s.*^ --"* 

^»»^^^^ adj. Low-minded, mean- 
spirited, nnambitions. i<A^^ LII^amj 
8. f. Low-mindedness, mean-spirited- 
neps. U^J 43a)j • ;_!* -j To consider 
and take precautions against the vicis- 
situdes of fortune. [dng- 

P. ^iUmu piston, s. m. Breasts, pap or 

8. clioL^jj ;»iwf A ("^^Cl^J 8. f. A 
book, volume, manuscript. 

P. JUUaj />t5fa, St m. 1. A pistachio nut. 

C^ JuLmJ adj. (As the) pistachio 
nut (sweet) in the lip. 2. A lap dog. 
P. ljJUaJ past-i, 8. f. Inferiority, low- 
ness. [green. 

P. kLS^i ls^^^***^ p\9ta-i rang^ s. m. Pea- 

P. Tii^j^^ \^j^} pas-^vrda, a. m. Leav- 
ings, offal. 

H. jMjj paaar^ b. f. Grazing cattle at 

night usually on forbidden pasture. 
P* juij pisar, B. m. A boy, a son, a 

child. SOl;.AM^ A grandchild, yu^ 
){jJL>> An adopted son. ^mJ 
_rjJl^ 8. f. Adoption, 

»• U^amj pasamdt \^ and r. ^ Spread) 

V. n. I. To bo spread, stretched out, 
expanded. 2.^ To lie prostrate. 

P» •* i»^ pas-rau, s. m. 1. A follower, 
2. Dependants. 3. Train, equipage. 

POET. J^Ismaj pistol, s. A pistol. 

P. A. ^j^^AXc 1^ pas-gtaihat, adv. In 
one's absence, behind one's back. 

2. ^JUj pasli, (qr^) s. f. A rib, tho 

P> ]$JjIamu pas-mdndat part. Remain- 
ing behind; a remaining person, a 

5. [l^ pisna, (CRFI r. fq^ to grind.) 

V. n. 1. To be reduced to meal, to be 
ground, bruised or broken to powder. 
2. To be ruined or distressed, (met,) 
to be desperately in love. 

P. iXAMAj pasand, 1. 8. f. Choice, ap- 
probation. 2. adj. or part, (from 
^i^^JOAMj) in compos. Approved, 
grattiful, approving, choosing; as 
4Xi***j J J Grateful to the heart, 
agreeable. Sx**^ l^ Approving 
what is just. U I jJL>>x> To be ap- 

proved or chosen, \jS JJLm.) To ap- 
prove, choose. 

P. SJoJJlwjj pasai^da, (^JjjJu*jj) 

adj. Chosen, approved of. 

a. y*Aj pasu or /»ofiii, (^) 8. m. A 

beast, an animal. (ilXlu %mu 8. m. 
A cow-herd. 

H.^A**j pissu or pi9H, 8. m. A flea. 

f pdssn, 8. m. fdakh.) As much of 
nnv thing as the hollow of both hands 
joined together oan contain. 


^. A 

\JH^^ U^ pa»-o-jpef fc, B,in, 




hesitation. \JjJ iI**:*^ 5 tj*^ 
prevaricate, boggle, demur, 

ptf^ujiulf V. a. To stitch. 

pasijndt (Mt^^^T) v- n. 1- 

ire, to sweat, to melt. 2. To 
onate. 3. Simmer. 

paifin^ adj. Last, posterior. 

KLsiiuiy (Mt^^) s. m. Pers- 

ptffA^c^, 8. m. See ^^^**^ 

pusht, R. f. 1. Back. 2. Pro- 

anc<»wtry, a ^feneration of pro- 

3. A prop, a second, au 

i. (5^ The back), d^-t^ 
dJ Generation by generation. 
lo 8. f. The instep. CI-^JL) 

» * V 

ji^ ^^**^ ji (^**. To back 
support steadily. ls\jo '>*^^— ^ 

, a supporter. .^^ C^m^ 

iw or scraper of ivory, wood, 
1 a long handle to scratch the 

^ V^ - "' » adj. Hump -backed. 

l^wi^L) (lit. To turn one's 
To flee, run away, turn tail. 

pusht'dra^ s. m. A load borne 

>ack ; heap ; mass. 

J pushtaky 8. A vice in horses, 
3^ and kicking up behind. 

ashto or pashtii, 8. The lan- 
f the Afghans. 

9ii$htaf 8. m. A buttress, prop, 
lacis, dike, quay, hill, mound, 

je, heap. j^wJU »XLj b, t. 

pushM, (^B) 8. m. 1. Sup- 
prop. 2. Allxance, aid 8. 

The cover of a book, ^b tj^^ An 

ally, supporter, aider. L)*j ^JLmJ 

to assist, to support, to second, to back, 

P. l1X<1^ pwfcfe or pa^W;, b. f . The orbi- 
cular dung: of goHts, sheep, camelff, 
ruts, Ac. IF Cat, pussy. 

P. JS^ pw^itii, B. m. • The orbicular 
dung of sheep, deer, Ac. 

**• (♦"^i pashm, 8. f. 1. Wool, hair, fur, 

down ; a thing of no moment. 2. 

Pubes turn maris turn feminsB.' ^J^ 

U^f^ ^ To suffer nothing from the 

enmity of another, not a hair of the 
head to be touched. (Spoken in great 
contempt of an adversary). 

P- V* va.^. i pashmak^ 8. Name of a 

adj. Woollen, 

P. i*A^ pashm-i, 

P. ^^aJIkJ pashm-inf 

P. f\ ^-tvA^nf pashm'tna, adj. Woollen, 
(woolen goods). 

P. f^JijJLi panhanfft s. Name of the 

father and of the son of Afrdsiydh, 
also of a warrior of h an : a long pier- 
cing instrument with which buildeni 
make holes in walls, a woollen cloth or 
a plank prepared with a piece of wood 
lit each end on which bricks, clay, Ao. 
are drawn : tyranny, oppression, 
labour: exuding (of water, &o.). 

P. jly^ pishwaz^ 8. f. Bee J^yLjj 

P. dLu*J pashaha, 8* m. A gnat* 

p. }jkJJ*»j pasheman, adj. Penitent, 
sorry, repentant, ashamed, disgraoed. 
Uyt ^J-^^^i^ To repent. 

p. Jl^JUyuJ paahemdn-t, 8. f. Hepent- 
ance, penitence, regret, shame. 

a. ^ pakhd, (^K) adj. !• Bipe, ma- 

ture. 2. Boiled, dressed foppotite to 
raw) , cooked, baked ^aa \wWka^^* 




of brick. 3, CnnniDg, knowing, in- 
Btructed, firm, strong, proved, expert, 

adept, li^ lx> To establish a claim, 

agreement, or propocdtion, so that no 
doabt or subject of dispute can remain. 

H. JCj pikdr, (3^) 8. f. Bawl. 

calling out aloud, cry for help ; noise. 

H. KK> puk^d, 8. m. (dakh.) Call, 

shout, halloo, cry, noisiness, preten- 
sion, renown, report, fame. 

H. Uji fc) .Kj puTcar dendf v. a. To pro- 
claipi publicly, call* 

H. UtKj puJcdrrui, v. a. 1. To call aloud, 

to cry out, exclaim, shout. 2. To in- 
voke ; call on God. 

f. UKj pdkandt (trans, of UC) (^^ 
to cook) V. a. To ripen, to dress vic- 
tuals, to cook, to bake- «lj ^^ 
Bipening; suppurative, 

2- i^! paWo, (from ^) 8. m. Suppur- 
ation. adj. Suppurative. [Ripeness^ 

9. |JI*i pakatf (from Ukj) s. f. 

H. jL pakaty (^^) 8. f . The act of 
seizing, capture, holding, objection, 
difficulty, handle, wrestling. 

H. UljC pdkrdnd, (cans, of ^J^) ▼• a« 
1. To cause to be caught. 2. To 
deliver over, to give in charge. 

H. P. i^SSi jXj pakaf'handlf s. f . Ob- 

jection : see yJi^Ji 

H. Ujio pakarnd, (5P(? to gain) v. a. 

To catch, lay hold of, seize, appre- 
hend, take, gripe, handle, arrest j to 

H. UljJ^J pakarwdnd, (cans, of Ijj^) 
V. a. To cause to seize. ' 

s. ^J^ pak^llh (T?JT) 8. m. A bird : 
an ally, assistant, partisan. 

H. iCj pakld, 8. m. A sore between the 
toes^prodaoed hj moiatiire. 

a. Ukj pakfid, (T^*T from T^ to cook), 

V. n. To be dressed or cooked, ma- 
tured; burnt J to ripen; suppurate 
(inflammation, bile, Ac.) ; tnm grey 

(hairs), udj Ix) Ready cooked. 

n. U^j p'ikndt V. n. (dakh.) To be sown 
or cultivated. 

8- ij^^ pahidn, (^P5f) B. m Sweet- 
meats, victuals fried in butter or oil. 

-' J^ pafcictfwrt, (cans, of UC*) v. ft. 

To cause to be dressed or cooked, to 
cause to ripen. 

2- if^ pdkorif B. m. I 

"' ^^!ri P^^f^ 0^ paJcaufi, 8. f . J 

^3T) a kind of dish. Pastiy stuffed 
with pease-meal. 

«• J'^ pakhdi, (qqr^geS •• *• TTO 

Water, and ^3f5 Leather) 8. f. A 

large leather bag for holding water 
generally carried on bullocks. 

-' {^^^ ;»afe;iffZ-f, 8. A drawer of 

water or one that brings it in leather 
bags upon a bullock's back. 

H. ^ ^l^ paJchawaj, s. f. kind of 
drum, a timbrel. 

H. i^st-y^ pakhdtcaj-l, b. m. One 
who beats the pakhdwaj\ a dmmmer. 

H. ^yij pahhrdj, (T^qrrsT) «. m. 

A topaz. The eighth nachhattar or 
mansion of the moon. 

H. \jmj^ pakhrautily s. m. A bit of 

gold or silver leaf covering a M/w or 
mouthful of betel. 

s. 1^^ palchwa, yV^ or M^^i) 8. m,' 
(dakh.) Side, flank, gable end (of ft 
house). [see ^^Jb 

S. IJU^ paikhoid, 8. m. (dakh.) A wing. 



V V 

) pakkeru^ ('7?^ A wing) b. m. 
I. (Met.) a man. 

pagt (TT) 8.* m. The foot. 

> Cji> or ^jj J v^^ B. f. 
-path, by-way, footpath, track 

5 Jo J f^Ji) To track, to trace 

*'tgd, B. m. A rope fastened 

the neck or foot of a bullock, a 

[ing twilight. 

pagdhf s. f. Dawn of day, mom- 
pagrif ('Tf from ^E to cover) 

. A turband UG'I , <^Jo To be 
ate, or persevere. 2. Honor. 

pag?<?, adj. Foolish. (Phrase 
ftr to Bengal and the eastern 

Df Hindustan). See jj^ u 

\ pighldniy (M*U0«1 or trans. 

>^vj) V. a. 1. To melt, to fuse, 

jlt or cast (metal), to dissolve. 
. soften (an angry or a hard per- 
issnage, mollify. 

pighoUnd, (mM^'I from XI 

<1^> Bon ont) v. n. 1. To melt 

bo melted, to be in fusion, to 
k metal). 2. To yield. 

paly (H^>) 8. m. A moment, 

th part of a ghari or dand (2^ 
eing equal to one minute). 

ml, contract, of v,l>L y^ 

3ve) U .Lo Jj To make a motion 

eyelid. ^ J*^ Jj adv. In the 

ling of an eye, immediately, 

} pulf yT^j 8. m. A bridge, 

nbankment. U2t jJu i>» v. a. 

To make a bridge) I, To limit. 

abound. Wijjc Jo A bridge, 

rl^ofaf in the belief of Muham* 

madans, the righteous will pass to 
heaven, and from which the wicked 
fall into hell, on the day of judgment. 

i. h pilld, {T^^ Blear-eyed) s. m. A 

puppy, whelp, cup. L i<«'t»- -A 
H. L palld, 8, m. 1. Space, distance. 

2. Assistance. 3. A bgrdor of cloths. 
4. A sheet (generally applied to chints 
or shawl). 5. A bag. 6. Labium 
vulvae. 7. One shutter or a fold of a 
door, Ac. 8. Border, margin. 

P. }b palld, 8. m. 1. One scale (or side 
of a pair of scales) : see jJb -j JL> 
U I ^ ^^^***J To assist, to favour, to 
side with. 2. A weight of 3 maunds. 

H. Jb paldt 8. m. A spoon, ladle for 
taking out oil, &o. [vc^. 

**• ^^*i paldSf 8. m. Very coarse can 

a. ^jAj palu8, (^Rl) 8. m. Name 
of a tree on which the lac insects feed. 

HHC) 8. m. The seeds of the Butea 
frondosa used in medicine. 

T«L. JIL palal, 8. (dakh.) Name of a 
weight {30 fulu8 of Madras.). 

H. Liib paldnd, v. n. (dakh.) To lament, 
bemoan, bewail, weep for, howl. 

». jL puld*o, or pala'o, (^jvf) a. m. 

A kind of dish made of flesh, rice and 
spices, &c., boiled in soup. 

P. i^*XU (Jj put-handif s. f. 1. Imbank* 

ment. 2. Sodomy. U-3 4^*3^ (Js> 
To ravish, to violate. 
H. lAj pilpild or pulpuldy adj. 1. Soft, 
fl&bby, flaccid. 2. Weak, feeble. 

H. IjJUb pilpildnd* t. a. To soften: 

V V 

(dakh.) V. n. To become soft. 

H. tSJtlbJb pilpild-hat (from \j1AA 
B' f. Softneoti 



V. a. To 

H. \Aa valid. 8. m. Turn, stead, ex- 
ohangre, recompense, retaliation. 

H. UUdj paltdnd, (trans, of uub) ▼. a- 

To turn, cause to turn, return, repel. 

H. A. li'^ Uup palld lehdfidt v. a. 1. To 
turn ovei^ead and heels. 2. To over- 
turn, to be tilted. 3. To rebound. 

H. AAj paliao (from UJuj) s. m. Con- 
tradiction, reaction, rebound. 

H. a. IjuJ LkL paltd lend. 

H. $. UjJ l1^ palat 

" tak^ back, to take in return, to take 

K. ,jJl> paltan, a. f. A battalion. 

H. UIL palatnd, (TK^cT to turn over) 

V. n. To return, to turn back, to re- 
treat; to overturn, to rebound; to 

change. See Uuul 

B. 8. u .Le 1|aL paltkd mdmdt ▼. n. To 

sit down on the ground resting on the 
buttocks. [stick, to cling. 

H. \lari pilachndf v. n. To adhere, to 

^. H. 1^ polfd,, 8. m. A scale, i. 0., one 

side of a pair of scales. See P. Jb 

£. cJI^UmJLj pilftdtf (from *;{'•>) ^* ^* 

P. C^Aii palashtt (Hind, pilisht) adj. 

Polluted, impure, unclean ; (met,) s. f . 
An adulteress, a strumpet. 

P. lIXL pcddk^ 8. f. m. The eyelid, 

eyelash ; a moment, u«L« CS^j 

V. a. To wink. ^ »^ ^ VilXL^ 
In the twinkling of an eye. 

fr UL piintf. (T^H r. fq[^ Cast, 

throw) 1. V. a. To attack, to assault. 
2. V. n. To be bruised, thrashed, trod- 
den, pressed, gi*ound. 

f. UU palnd, (h^M r. T^ Preserve) 

▼. n. To be reared, nourished or fat- 
tened, to thrive. 

H. IjJdj pulandM, {^^ to collect.) 
B. m. A bundle ; paroeL 

A shelf 

». v^Jodj paJang, {^^MWi) s. m, A 
bed (without curtains), a bedstead, a 
couch, cot (to, sleep on), liy v^^iu 
8. m. A coverlet, a counterpane. 

P. t^ vilj palangy s. m. A panther, a 
leopard. [A small bedstead. 

2- tJ^}^ palnng-n, (T^^cRT) b. f. 

H. Jb />a?Z«, 8. m. The hem or border 

of a garment. f>fc3y^ A garment with 
a silver or gold border. 
H. .IJb palwdr, s. m. A kind of boat. 

H. |Ci'JL» palwdr-i^ s. m. Boatmen (be- 
longing to a palu'dr), 

s. l^Jb palauthdi adj. First-bom. 

P. Aj palla, 8. m. 1. A scale for 

weighing in : see Jb 
B. IjuLyL pah 

H. v^^JJLjb pnlihndly 

upon which waterpots are placed, a 
place where water is kept. 

H. \j pall, 8. f. A ladle used to take 

out oil with. SeeL % palli, (ftS 
a city). A small village : a lizard. 

»• Cl^J^ paljt, {W\) 8. m. A ghost. 

P- IjuJb palitdt (corrupt, of A^i or 

jljJU) 8. m. 1. A match (of a grun) 

2. A candle. 8. A wick (especially, 
one used in expelling devils from per- 
sons possessed). \j^^ d'l^- ^^ 
To flash in the pan. 

H. ^juib palethany a. m. Dry flour laid 

under and over bread when it is rolled. 

boj ^^JUkXi To contrive the ruin of 

any one. U!H> ^^;fS!^ To beat 
severely. To beat to a jelly. 

P. JoL palid, adj. Unclean, poUated 
contamiDated, imj^^are, nasty. 

ftVm^tf, 8. m. / 
ilihndly 8. f. 3 




|. ^ pun, (m"h) 8. m. Virtue, moral 
or religions merit, g^od deeds. 

H.^ pan, '7^:) adv. (dakh.) But 
ezoapt, nnless : perhaps. 

B. ^^/>on, s.m. {^) 1. Vow, promise 

Te8«>latioiL 2. An aggregate number 
consisting of twenty gan4iM or, eighty 
kaufU : (and sixteen pans make a 

lahan), 3. (T^) contract of ^J>J 

as Lu _j 8. m. A betel box. 4 
Price; earnings. 

B. ^ jian. A termination, affixed to 

noans to denote the abstract quality, 
and answering to the English termina- 
tions ship, hood^ ness, &c. as _^ ^Uy 

Childhood. ^ bJb The business of 


H. \jo pana, A termination, see H. ^ 

f. Uj /»anna, (^H) 1. s. m. An 

emerald. 2. (T'T) A leaf . 
f. ^'Ju 1>««^^»* B. f. See . Uj 

\ijj ^J'•>J To be very fat (a horse). 

vJU panana, Y. a. To cause the 

milk to come into the udder of ani- 

'• sUj pandh, 8. f. Shade, shelter. 

protection ; asylum, refuge Lb J s'Ju 

To protect, to harbour, ty*^ S*>X» 

UxjLe ^M 1. To seek protection. 
2. To avoid. 

'* jJ^Lij pandh't, (TPT refuge) s. f. 

in compos. Protection, or the being 
the protector of — . 

'• AUj vumla, s. m. Cotton. dJJo 
^^ adj. Deaf. ^J iJJo adj. 

1. Silent in oompanji taoitun, 2. 

-' ^^ l:;^ pan-&/ia^^i, B. m. A kind of 
drink uiade fi*om rice* 

H. uuob panapnd, v. n. 1. To commence 
increasing in bulk (a man, tree, (bc.)« 
2. To prosper, to flourish, to thrive, to 
shoot, to grow, to be refreshed or 
restored. 3. Tu get stronger. 

8. „^)jo panth, I ^ 
s. \^AjU pantha, \ • 

^VfJ^) B. m. 1. A road, path, way. 
S. A sect, a religious order. 

9. jcfUi) payih'i, {^l^^W\) s. m. 1. A 
traveller. 2. A sectary, a follower. 

K L /wn;, adj. 1. Five. {^^) 2. Of 
seven years old (a horse). JL> ^j 

Of five years old. JL> ^L« Of ten 

years old. (These phrases are applied 
to horses only). C^v> ) ^Jb The five 

chapters of the Qur*dnt which are read 
during the mourning of a Musnlm&n. 

i^ < ^ ^ Ju Five holy persons (t. «., 
1. Muhammad. 2. All. 3. Ffitima. 
4. Hasan. 5. Husain. Ij^j^Pi ^® 
space of five days. ^^J** C^^JX JL> 

adj. Very vicious (possessed of five 
vices, i. e. 1. Eobbery. 2. Adultery, 
3. Gaming. 4. Drunkenness. 5. 

Falsehood). ^jLo Jo adj. Of five 

stories (a house, Ac). 
P* ^.i^lsCb panj.ahy («^l Jb) s. m. 

Name of a country. (7^*^)* 
P. ^^^sspo panj^h-i, adj. Of the Pony 
ah, [Cinque-foiU 




panj-angusht, s. m* 

P. slfClj panjdh, adj. Fifty. 

». I jffO pinjrd, (t^vJK he skeleton ; 
1 a ribbone.) 8. skA oa^.U^L'A^ 




To be or grow lean, (met.) The hn- 
m:in body. [daj. 

P. JUJJLs^j panj-shamha, 8. m. Thars- 

p. A. s_ ^^g JL» panj-aih, adj. 1. Very 

vicious (a horse). 2. The five vices in 
a horse. 

P. xflCaCb panj-gf ana, adj. 1. Five-fold, 

five. 2. Daily five times of Prayers 
amonj^ MohammedaDS. 

P. j^Spj panjunt, adj. Fifth. 

P. AaJU panja, yj^ five) s. m. 1. A 

hand with the five fins^ers extended, 
claw, clutch, paw, grasp. 2. A sort of 
link or torch resembling the five 
fingers, or having five branches, hence 

also called j^|^ Ji;» 3. A hand made 

of ivory, &o., to scratch the back with. 
4. The five or cinque point at cards, 
dice, (Sbc. 5. The whole foot and toes 

from the ankle down. [i^J^ JC^b 

To overcome, to overpower. \jS <Xs^b 

A kind of wrestling, wherein the 
antagonists lock their fingers together. 

^JmS JbCU 1. s. m. An iron instru- 
ment resembling a hand, with which 
wrestlers exercise themselves by lock- 
ing their fingers into those of the 
instrument. 2. (A kind of bread) 
bearing the marks of five fingers. 

^* 7 «^fV pinjiydra, (from UssrUj) 

8. m. One whose business it is to boat 
or separate cotton. 

- ^J^^ Panfirl, (7^Jt)<l) s. f. A 

Btrengthonincr medicine composed of 
sugar, g^l, flower, &c. given to puer- 

peral women; caudle. % ^^yj^rCb 
\jo o Indian borage. 

H. .LJL.2CU panje-war, ( *-CU and ex- 
plained by Jaac*) Famished, very 

C. Ju pinch, ("t^) 1. adj. Five. 2. 
B, m. A ooancili an aasembly of five 

men, a meeting, a company. 3. A jury 
• of arbitrators, y»> Jb panch pair, 

t^^^?f) 8. pi. A kind of vessel 
used by Hindus during worship. 

8. S^s^ paneh-agam, {^W^^) s. f. 

(dakh.) Name of a book (said to be 
on astrology : Perhaps, on spells : see 

8. j^l^ panchagni, (H*^!!}?) a. Five 

fires (amidst which a devotee performs 
penance during the summer season ; 
or four fires lighted severally to the 
north, south, east, and west, and the 
snn over head). 

H. J'cCj panchalt adj. (dakh.) Art- 
ful, cunning, deceitfal : see t^^ 

8. CL^jJ^s^ panchamrit, {^'^\^^) 

B. m. Milk, onrds, sugar, ghi and 
honey, or a mixture of them. 

«• Cl^Usaj panehdyat, {^^]) s. f. 

A meeting of any particular society 
(generally, as a court of inquiry) ; a 
jury, an inquest, council. 

8. fJD^^ys^ pancha-hhuta, ("T^^fTc!) 

s. m. See 

J ¥ V 

8. yu^b pancha-tatwaf (fl"^ClCO|) yt^ 

Five, and Clcol The essential) s. The 

five elements or principles according 
to the Hindus, namely, earth, water, 
fire, air, and space or ether, (akash). 

8. it^jS^^ pancha-ras, (dakh.) Com- 
posed of five metals, or fluids. 

a. ,J^f^ panchdkkt, (^Rt^ Water 

and "^5^ A wheel, a mill) s. f. A 

8. SjJis^\j pancha-gavya, s. m. Five 

things derived from the cow : i. e,, 
milk, curds, clarified batter, oow'fl 
nrine and cow-dung. 


■■ 1. Wl^U paneh-lar-a, adj. Of five 
KWB or atringi (a necklace, ix.). 

*■ "■ i-J/'^ patfcK^iar-i, •■ f . A neofc- 
laoe of fire tows or alritigs. 

•■ jfsii panehdm, (T^) 1- '^i- 
Fifth. 2 a. m. Name of a rag and of 
a («r or maaical Dote. 3. Tbe aopraDO. 

I. ij*saj pmeAanti. (T^) a. f. The 

fifth daj of tha laaat forbnigUi. 

B. ii«Sb pmchvri, a. m. An earthea 

Tesaol with a niirrow naolc and a bole 
in the hrjUoLu. When filled with 
water and the month itopped, no 
wa:«r Bows from tlia liuli' bii|oiv till 
the hand or wbitteTsr atoppod the 
month be renoved. (It ii 
eiporiment to illoi 


I. ts^ij patKhh-la, (T^ a tail) 

♦ ,_jfsi panchhi, i'Vit from <T?J 
a wing.) a. m. I. Abird. 2. (met.) A 

V- tlJL) pand, a. m. Advice, admonition, 

counsel, y'-^ Adviser, monitor. 
ttL, Ijjij pinda, a (d«kh.) Yonng or 

nnripe frnit. 
*. .1 Ja> pindar, a. m. 1. Thought, im- 

Bi^inDtiun, opialon, notian. 2, Self- 

conorit, pride, vrogiiuca. 

f. iTU.jJu pandamafo, a. m. (dtikh.} 

Fortnight, or a fifteen days. 
a. ijjSj pandrah,{^^^) «d}. Fif- 

taen. [teenth, 

!■ ij'A"*^ pandrah-viik, adj. Fif- 

a. f. The Afte<>Bth day of a half month, 
full or new moon. 

§. JJLf /vin^B, (TT?) i. m. Kame of 

a BOToreign of ancient Dehli. and no- 
niii.1.1 father of Yudliighthir and tbe 
other fonr J'iin4ava ptiuoea. 

I. JJ; pin,/, (fij^) 8, m. 1. Bodj 
person. \ijj JJiJ^To follow, to pnratw 
to he wtent on. Ijl^ja. jjj to avoid, 
to esoape. 2. (FTS to roll into a Inmp 
or ball.) Balli made oT fionr or rice, 
at a religious ceremony of Hindus. 
(They are nflerwardH thrown into the 
riTar or ^iven to oowi), 3. A rnnnd 
substance, bull. 4. A fnneral oake. 

[. IjJij pittdi, ifj^) B. m. 1. 8ody, 
person. 2, A lamp of clay, ic. R. A 
handle or "ball of strrng, clew. 4. See 
SJj sign. 

!■ U*J pan4d. ;{'Tf?fl) B. m. A Brah- 
man. A minister who presides at the 
temple of an idol. 

I. r. ]j\Sjj pin^ara, (ftj^ Lnmp of 
food, and . 1 Briuger) b. m. A plun- 
derer, a pilttger. (among UahSrittas). 

. j)lib pir^dli, (f^^) a.m. Mwme 
of a frnit. (Trewia nudiflore). 

. jlljuu pin4eti, (f^fcJ) a. t^aklx.) 

An eeonient tuberose root like a yam. 

. lijjiii pan4it, ('rlVfl) adj. Wise, 

learneil ) n. m. A learned Bnlhman. 
An honorai; title aigDifying doctor or 

. r. Ai'.»- dJjkJL) pandil-Hina, (for 
jo'i- i_cl-ij) "■ ™- A prison, gaol. 

. ,_*, JJj pin^ri, s. f. See ^Ji" 

,, ^ijj pix^-li. '■ f- (dakh.) Se* 
^"ij [s. f. The calf of tbe leg. 

,, Ltjj ,>'«^''. (f'^'f^I the calf). 

r. ^]Sj pi«di, (TTS A lamp) s. f. 1. 



tained in the fist. 3. A small clew g. Ja> pungiy s. f. (dakh.) See Jsiy 
or ball of string. 4. A small altar of "^ ' ^ -'^ 

Band a cubit square, on which oblations 
to the manes are offered. 6. (dakh.) 
A sort of sweetmeat. 

I, (q^>^'H) 


0. A-"^ f^ punar-janma 

B. m. Second birth, the being bom 
again. [calf of the leg : the shin. 

S- iJ[/*i P*«?» (dakh.) s. f. The leg, or 
- c/j'^*^ panadfi, (h"^ A vendible 

commodity, and r. ^ Spread) s. m. A 
druggist. One who sells spices, &o, 

«. LJj pan»alla 

8. m. A stand where water is provided 
for passengers. [called. 

H. (^^mJu pan80% s. f. A small boat so 

s. ^camJU pinsif s. f. A foul> corroding 

ulcer in the inside of the nose. 

£• i^^^Jj panfcitfcr*! ■• (dakh.) Water- 
fowl (in general) : a curlew, a snipe. 

«• ^^Cu pankh% vVZ) B. m. A feather, 
wing, pinion. [fan. 

«. l|Cij pankhd, V^ A wing) s. m. A 

«. t^^JiOj panfc^ri, (TO" A wing, a 
feather) s. f. A petal, a flower-leaf. 

f. ^|X.X> parUfhi, (^T^) s. f. 1. A small 

fan. 2. A bird. 
8. t^*^ Silj pangat, WTtTJ) b. f. A row 

or line of people sitting down to a 
meal. feed, a cripple. 

a. Kju pangld, (T^) adj. Bandyleg- 

H. l.Jjb pingurd, '] . ,, 

Jj V ^ ^ 8. m. A cradle. 

H. SJoo pinguid, J 

8. f. (dakh.) A piece of sugar-cine. 

a. (J^^ panghat, (THY^ Water, 

and SJf A quay or landing place) 8. m. 
A passage to a river, a stair or quay 
for drawing water. 

5- ^ punam, \H^M) a. m. (dakh.) 
Moral or religious merit. ^ punim 

or punam mWy^]) Full moon. 
a. i^y^ panwari or panwdfiy \H^}r 
^TcT) 8. f. A betel garden. 

a. j^lyu panhdra, (hI'T^M^O b. m. A 

man who carries water in pots on 
his head. 

•TlM^rti^ir) A woman who carries 
water on her head. 2. (^^TfiFft 

from ^^ Wager, promise, and r. ^ 

Take by force) A faithless person, a 

P. ^;^-J^ pinluxn, adj. Secret, hidden, 

9. UL^Jb pan/wnfl, (fllm^ from ^^ 

milk.) V. a. To cause the milk to 
come into the udder of animals. 

P. ^LlJu ptnhdn-i, s. f. Concealment. 

8- ^yi pt*9Va, {^V^ 8. m. Virtue, 
moral or religious merit. 

a. U'uub paniydnd, {^\^^) 1. v. a. 

To irrigate, to water. 2. v. n. To 
yield water. 

P> yXSi panir^ 8. m. Cheese, ij^ jjo 
8. m. Bunnet. 

■• (s;'^ punyawln, (T^^) adj. 
Meritorious, virtuous, righteous, chari- 

H. y paii, 8. f. 1. The one or ace on 

dice. 2. A stand. (S^T) A primitive 
drinking fount where water is provid- 
ed for passengers. Ua^u (RTcTJ) 
To dawn (the morning). 





'• ^ '^ pawdjy 8. Arab, plur. (of ^j^lj) 

Mean people. 
H. \J]^ po'ufd, 8. (dakh.) A story or the 
circnmstances of a storj. 

*• J'ji. P^vfcU or po'dl (4^>|<jO 8. f. 

" V ^ Pop^«, adj. One whose teeth 
are fallen out, toothless. 

i !* 

B. a. UX^ o po^hatnd, (see 8^) ▼. n. 
To dawn, to be break of day. 

B. d^^ pot, 8. m. 1. Nature, disposi- 
tion, quality. 2. (mI*1 from ^ to 
weave) Glass beads, beads. 

!• Cy^ put (^) 8. m. A son. CUV 

I.*XK 8. m. A young monkey. 

!• IJ^ potd, Vit^) 8. m. Grandson, I 
Bon*8 son. 

'• ^j^^ pautfi, (^3T) (dakh. potri) 
■. f. Grand -daughter, son's daughter. 
!• c^J^^ potfi, 8. f. The afterbirth. 

1. sjjyj potndf (T to make clean) ▼. a. 
To besmear, to plaster, to whitewash. 

f. ^^ poth, 8. m. A small glass bead : 

■®® ^^^ [book. 

Ifljj pothd, (TO^) 8. m. A large 

. ^jj po^M, (7?^) 8. f. A book. 

• v^^ po<W, 8. f. A clove of garlic. 

^^ poli, int^) 8. £. Grand- 
daughter, son's daughter. 

' L5*li ^^^' ®- '• (dakh.) Red cotton, 
cotton wool fully saturated with a red 
or crimson die which it gives out 
readily to water for the purposes of 
red ink, staining, painting, Ac. 

• ^^ pop* (^ to bind together) 

■. f . 1. A bundle, a bale, a package. 

2. A spout. 8. A large qnantity. 

U^ pota, 8.m. 1. An unfledged bird. 

2. The eyelid. 3. The crop or craw 
(of birds). 4. Btomach. 6. The mu- 

cus of the nose, snot. 6. (dakh.) Son : 
see ej^ [2. (dakh.) Bam. 

B. Jb^ pctld, s. m. 1. A large bundle. 

"* L5^^ ^^•*^' «• ^' ^ bundle, a packet. 
H. v^^ poiha^ g. ni (dakh.) Cfaw, crop, 

maw, gorge (of a bird). 
TEL. TAM. ^^ pott, 8. f. ^(dakh.) Prop, 

support : competition, rival, rivalship, 

^-*^ <J^ To prop. 
**• ^^ V«J» adj. Moan, base. 

*• ^^ /*i^» (T^fF from CpiT to*ror- 

ship) 8. f. 1. Worship, adoration, devo- 
tion. 2. Idolatry. 3. (Ironic) Beating. 

9. kJj\»-^ pujCiri, 1 

■. cliV^i pUjak, (731^) j '• *? 
Worship) 8. m. A worshipper. 

"' U^yi W'^*** (^JpH) verbal n. 
Worshipping, adoring. 

- ^^^ pujna, (^3H) V. a. To 
worship, to venerate. 

P. — .^ puch, adj. 1. Absurd, of no mo- 
ment or consequence, useless, non- 

Talking nonsense. 2. Empty, mean. 
2- -1^^ P«c^h, (JT^ to ask U|d.^) 
8. f . Inquiry, investigation. ^^^. o 
^f^U 8. f. Inquiry, interrogation. 

«. Ia|^^ puchhnS, (JI"^*f) v. a. To 
ask, to inquire, to question, to interro- 
gate. ^;l£^ '^^^^^ '^^ inquire, Ac 

P. 4>^ pwd, 8. Woof, the threads woven 

in the breadth of a piece of cloth across 
the warp, which is called in Persian 

tU [skulking warblers. 

H. UJaJ podnd, 8. m. Name of a bird, 
H. ^Jt}^ podni^ 8. f. Female of \idy 
H. ;{jLj pauda, s. Bush : see IjbJo 




H. X«^ pohy 8. f. Dawn of daj. 


Going, rmming. 

P* ^y jw>y«i 8. m. A canter, or hand* 
gallop. 18l>- ij^.yi ^' °- ^® canter, 

«. A» pa, oonj. a^v. or postpoB. (contrac- 
tion of *») But, yet, on, at, Ac. % pu 

(^HK) postpoB. On, over ; bnt, yet, 

Ac. : see yj 

B* C^lfj phdiak, B. m. 1. A gate. 2. 

A large shatter. 3. An obstmction, 
impediment, a check. 4. The bar of a 
oonrt of justice, where the plaintiff 
and defendant take their station. 

^•jLyj paha^f s. m« A moantain. 

U^J L5**^'^ ^°^ nightB (especi- 
ally, of sorrow). 

H. l"t|i pahara, 8. m. The multipli- 
cation table (in arithmetic). 

9. lil|f^l^ phar hhdna, r. a. To worry, 

«. ^j-fy pharnd, (t^ld*l or cans, of 

ljU|j) T. a. To tear, rend, lacerate. 

H. 4<jLyj pahdf'l, 8. f. 1. A hill, a 

small mountain. S. adj. Mountainous, 
of the mountain. 

H. Vj^i pahdriya, (from jly->) adj. 

Belonging to, or of a moantain ; subst. 
A mountaineer. 

a. vi/l|j phag, (TJ^) b. m. 1. Red 

powder (sprinkled in the time of the 
Holt). 2. The act of throwing coloured 
powders in the Holi, the gambols of 
the HoU. 

*' iir^ phdgan or phdgan (or phaXgunf 

^Wrm) 8. m. The name of 1;he 

llth month, the full moon of which is 
near pdrvaphalgunt, February-March. 

«• Jl|{ phdl, (^R5 from *TJ^ to cleave) 

8. f . A ploughshare. 


^' (Jt^ phdl^ s. f. 1. A lump of betel 
nut (Areca). 2. A step. 3. (dakh.) 
A slice of meat. 

H. jJl^ pholli 8. f. (dakh.) A leathern 

pillow placed under the buttocks of a 
child. , 

B. LJlfj phdnid, 8. (dakh ^Ll) Branch, 
bough; neck (of land). 

8, ^W phdnj, 8. (dakh.) Noose, sun re 


8. m. 1. A noose, snnre, gin, net. 2. 
(met.) Perplexity, difficulty. 3. Leap, 

2- UjJl^ phandnd, v. a. 1. (^K>*1 r. 

^^ Move) or {^^^ going). To 
jump over, leap over, to bound, spring, 

leap. 2. (from r, ^^ Bind, restrain) 

To imprison, tie, insnare, entangle, to 
noose, entrap. 

H. ^jJW phdndif s. f. A bundle of 50 
or 100 sng^r canes. 

... , . f (qRr)s.m. 1. A 

a. UmjI^ phanadf J 

noose. 2. An impediment. % phdnsd 
(dakh.) Lots, a die (for playing.) 

^^*mJ^ Dice. 

5- UmJI^ phdhma-, (hRi) I. v. a. To 

noose, to insnare, to entrap, to throttle, 
to strangle, to choke. 2. v. n. To be 
impeded, to stick (as, in mud) ; to be 

»• ^^5***^''4J phdnsi^ (TRT) s. f. A noose, 
a loop, snare, halter ; strangulation. 
Ibi) ^^amjI^ v. a. To strangle, to 

H. c.^!^ phdnkf B. f. A slice, a piece 
of fruit ; a clove (of garlic.) 

H. I^'w^ phdnkrdj \ 

8. m A fop. 



H. Ukiljj pKankndy t. a. 1. To chnck 

ioto the month from the palm of the 
hand (grain, meal, &o.). 2. To squand- 
er. % V. n. (dakh.) To yaaish (as 
clouds) to be passed (time). 

H. uy^ phd'ofo, 8. m. Muttook, spade 


H. Ubl^ phdhd, 8. m. 1. A flock of oot- 

ton wet with atr or scented water. 2. 
A plaster, a pledget. 

H. |jU|j phahtj, (from Lu^) adj. Per- 
tinent, fit. 

H- ,^yA|i P^^^l (^rom Ub^j) B. f. Or- 
nament, conjecturing what a person is 
by his dress. '^^^ ^V^ v. a. To 
say what is conjectured by one's dress. 

H. LilA|jj phahakna, v. n. To shoot forth 
(as, a plant). 

H- j^^ phahan, (lu^) s. f. Embellish- 
ment, ornament, elegance, charm. 

H. Ua^ phahndf ▼. n. 1. To become, 
befit, fit, suit. 2. To look beautiful. 

H. 3Lu|j phaliUd, (from UU^) adj. Be- 
coming, fit. [a paternal aunt. 

H. l^A|j phnpphd, 8. m. The husband of 

H. U**^ phaphBCL, adj. 1. Swelled. 2. 

Insipid. 3. Fat, flabby, puffed. 
H. \iX>^^ phuphJcdrnd, v. n. 1. To hiss 

(a snake). 2. The puffing of a steam 

I' i^fV^ phaphold, J 

Blister, vesicle. ^ ^J J%4A|^ 

^ t^ To satisfy a revenge that has 
long been rankling in one's breast. 

H. ^Jj^^A|^ phaphundly s. f. Mouldi- 
ness, dampness, mildew. 

R. ^|A^ phupphif 8. f. A paternal aunt. 

H* !• ti^^^^tM^ pfcup/itya-sas,s. f. The 

sister of a father-in-law. 
H. «. ^ammmIj^A^ phuphiya-sasury b. m. 

The husband of a father-in-law's sister. 

^' ^jiaa P>^^phera, m. ) ^dj. Descend- 
H. jC^jL^ Mw/'^eri, f. ^ ed from, or 
related through a paternal aunt, 
^y T^ 'rM^ '^^^ B^^ ^^ ^ pater- 
nal aunt; cousin. J^^yi UjHiii 
Daughter of a paternal aunt. 

H. L^*^ phitf \^^E • to despise) 8. 
Curse, malediction, adv. Fy ! lS^ 
V_" -r Curse on it ! fy upon it ! 

8, v^ -r p^u/, (??U) adj. Odd, un- 
paired, single, unmatched. 
8. L^ phatd, (from Ua|j) s. m. A 

crack. 'a; J yU jjX« ^ To 
interfere in any thing. 

H. li'jk^ phitdnd, v, a. To beat up and 
mix, to froth. 

a. \jy (>-^^ Ma.* Paf»«, ^. n. 1. To be 

produced plentifully. 2. To become 
fat suddenly. 3. To be confounded 

with too much business. ^^«^l 
U^ V_? -r T. n. To rain hard. 

H. (JJo^ phitiky s. m. (dakh.) Trap, 
snare, cage. A fowler's net. 

u. .(Lk^ phitkdr, (l^TST to despise) 8. f. 

Curse, malediction, removing some* 
thing to a distance. 

H. lJtlC\^ phiikdmaf v. a. To curse. 
a, ^^^Ui^ phUkirt or phiikari or 

phatkari, {^E^t^ or TO3^) 
8. m. Alum. 

«. LaCa^ phataknd, (?TJT3tT r. t*hd 

Break, separate) 1. v. a. To winnow. 
2. To dust, to shake or knock off «ny 
ifght thing which slightly adheres (aa 
crumbs from a table-cloth or dust 
from a table). 8. To look in. 

H. jXa^ phulMy 8. f. A blot, spot, 

stain. % phatki, s. f. 1. A fowler's 
net. 2. A large caure. 3. A rope tied 
to a rattle to tti^Vilew V)\t^a. ^ 



i. Uu«j phaM, (tH><;*l) V. n. To be 
torn, rent, cracked, to burst, split. 


H. \jui^ phiina, v. (dakh.) To be paid 
ofif, liquidated, discharged (as a debt.). 

1.* ^Ir^Uj 3|o?K;/ia7i,('aJ'j^V^j) s. f. Ao- 
qaaintanoe, recognisance. 

«. UJlrCUj pahchannd or pahichdnnd^ 

(nfcTf R) v. a. To know, to re- 
cognise, comprehend, nnderstaad. 

H. \jSSv phudakna, (^^•T) v. «. To 

jamy, to leap, to hop (applied to small 
birds, fi'ogs, &c.) to dance about in 
token of delight, or with excitement. 

H. ^Js^ phudkl, 8. f. The name of a 

hnmmiug bird. 

H. y^ phir or phiri, vJ^J (se© ^jii) 
adv. Again, then (dubani.} 

-• rW ^*'"**'» ^^^ (3^^) 8. m. A divi- 
sion of time consisting of eight ghafis, 

a watch or 3 hours. ^^Hj "^^^ ^^^ 
watch of the day, i.e., from vi. to ix. 
.!Ljl.^ The first watch of the 

night, i.e. from vi. to ix. p.m. j^u 

\>Jbj ^b dJ^ The night to be ad- 
vanced to its l^st watch, to draw near 
morning or daj, to be between iii. and 
yi. A.M. 

«. I.« pahruf (3^ watch) (^yj) B. m. 
1. A turn of watch, a sentinel ; cus- 
tody. Lw J luj To watch. c^]^ 

u!1 J ifJ^ ^o K^^® ^° charge to a 
watch or the guard, 
n. 1^ pharay s. (dakh.) Haunch, hip, 

«. Ulj^J pharrai't (r. tHil tremble, Start, 

throb) s. m. I. A piece of bamboo. C A 
sound made by the flying of a bird or 
a flag or the breathing of a horse. 

«. w'rl^ phiranuj (cans, of L>j4^) ^- a. 

To cause to turn, to whirl, wheel, 
maku to go about, to rctorn, turn back, 
to change, to roll, shift, wander. 

«. U^ pharrand, (?R^) 7. n. To 
fly or flutter (as, a flag). 

a. L»U^ pahrdnd, or jfahir ana Ji^\^Jii\) 
▼. a. To cause to dress, to clothe. 

2- Ij 1^ pahrdwd or paharawd, (IH -^) 
8. Dress, raiment. 

'' ^l;HjH Murpfc»rdn«, (r. fTJT Shake, 

move) V. n. 1. To tremble. 2. To 
wave (as, hair in the wind). 

-• ^J^J^ phurphuti, (r. ?TJ^ Shake) 

B. f. Trembling, quivering, tremonrr, 
palpitation. [trick, wickedness. 

H. jJl^^ pharphandf s. m Deceit 

«. ViJ^ phurt (^TTm) s. f. Activity 
quickness, alertness. 

-• ^J^ phurti, {¥f^) 8. f. 1. Acti- 
vity, agility, quickness ; 2. Readiness. 

«. LJ^ phuri'lld, (trj^) adj. Quick, 
nimble, active, smart, ready. 

H. B. uld-j^ phir- j and, v. n. 1. To re- 
turn, to revolt. 2. To be distorted. 
3. To warp. 4. To evade. 5. To bend, 

H. ^j^ pharchdf 8» m, 1. (for l|^.^) 

Clearing away or dispersion (of clouds 
or of a multitude of people) ; fair 

weather. 2. (from lJU^-|j) Decision* 

definitive sentence (of a jadge). 
H. Ul^. ^ pharchind, v. a. To decide 

to give a final sentence. 
H. ^^t^ pharchhd, (TK all round 

^\ to divide) adj. Pure, honest, fair, 

candid, fair (not cloudy). U J\^».yA» 
V. a. To clean, to settle, to sweep. 

H. ul|^^ pfuLrchlidnd, v. a. To clean, 

to sweep, to wipe, to settle, to clear 
away (the clouds, people, Ac). 

«. tlOj^ pharaknd, v. n. See UT^ 

H. ^j^ phirki, (l>»<j) 8. f. A whir- 
ligig, any thing turning as on an axis. 




"• ^ Phima, (hUpW Going round 

or ?TJ^ to start) v. n. Tb turn, 

return, walk about, go round, circulate, 
roll, whirl, to wheel, wander, travel, 
ramble, change* revolt, (b&g! hon&), 
a. n). Return, exchange. 

|. U^ pahamuor pahimi, (^rfl^R) 

V. a. To put on clothes, dress, clothe 
one's self, wear. 


^^ji* Phimi, s. f . See iJjii 
«• 8^ pahra, s. m. (dakh.) 1. See Lyj 
2. Watchman, sentinels ; care, custody. 

H. I Jt.^ pharahriy i 1* s. m. A vane, 

^ r 1 * pennant. 2. 

H. urJb^ pharahii, ^ adj. Half -dried. 

f- \jj^ pahriyat (Rfff^) s. m. A 

watchman, a sentinel 
I- H. J)^ ^j\i pahr€'Wdla, s. m. (dakh.) 

Sentinel, sentry, a guard, watchman. 
^•JfJ pW, 8. f. 1. A gaming-house 

where dice are played. 2. A place 
where goods are exposed for sale. 8. 
The shafts or pole of a carriage. 

H- ]y<J phafd, s. (dakh.) Leaf of the 
ooooa-nut tree. 

H. li|j4;J^ pharphardna, v. n. To flutter, 

to flap the wing^, to wave, to twinkle, 
to move with convulsive motion, to 
struggle, to be agitated. 

B. v_° ^»^jjf* »|* pharphaTd'hat, s. 1. Dis- 
quietude, agitation. 2. Clapping (of 
the wings.). S. Struggle. 

f. ]J^ pharard, {^^) 8. (daVh.) Blade 
(of a sword.). 

f- s^jiiPharak,{^?0 1. verbal n. f. 

(of ^ji*) Flattering, vibrating, 
throbbing, palpitating, flap. 2. (dakh. 

^j ifi^) PotDmel or bow of a 

f- Uf 5« pharakni, (r. ?K2 or ?fR) 

V* n. To flutter, to vibrato with 
convulsive involuntary motion, as the 


eyelids and other muscles; to palpi- 
tate; to writhe (the shoulders, Ac). 

^* ^jii P^^y^' (ji*) 8- ^' ^' ^ P«dlar, 
a retailer. 2. Keeper of a gaming 
house or dice table. 

(. Ujij phuriydf (dimin. of )ji^) 8. f . 
A sore, a pimple, a bile. 

H. I JjW|i phu8dn4d, adj. (dakh.) Stink- 
ing. Bee IjJUmJ • 

fi. Lii>|AMi>|j phasphasd, adj. 1. Flabby, 
loose* not rigid. 8. Mouldering. 

H. UlM*|AAMb|i phu»phu$and, v. n. To 
whisper. [terrified. 

H. UImaij (jH^ phisphisdnd, v. n. To be 

Ht r ftti ."ftf* phvsarphusar, s. m. Whis- 

H. ICj*|i phuslcd, adj. 1. Weak, without 

strength. 2. Slack (as, a knot). 
H. <ftf /g« phaski, s. f . A handful of 

grain exacted for each load of gprain 
brought to market, (dakh.) Bee 

i, UIm^j phisldnd, (cans, of UL^) v. a. 
To cause to slip, slide or err. 

H. U2Li4j phusldndf v. a. To coax, flat- 
ter, fondlOf entice, seduce. 

a. H. IjJu 4j**4j phisal^lmn^^ s. (dakh.) 

A sport of children, sliding down the 
smooth bank of a tank or river, a slop- 
ing stone or hill. 

a. \jLu^ phUalnd, (v^(V^^ slippery.) 

1. V. n. To slip, to slide, to err. 2. 
adj« Slippery. 3. To incline towards. 

H. ^yty-tft phusain^if a^J- Stink ; bad 

■mell ; fishy smell. 
|. 1^ phakhd, s. m. A quantity (of 

parched com, &c.) taken into the 

palm of the hand to be chucked into 

th(^ mouth. 

H. l2^^ pfj^ai, adv. (dakh.) For 
xMtbing. See U^n ^^ 

H. "^ phtMcar^ ('WR to behave ill) 
■. m. WraagUai^r mutual abuse, brawU 




raillery, jlij^j An abn8er,an inde- 
cent chatterer. A foalmoathed fellow. 

S- U^ phukna, (intrans. of Um^) 
V. n. To be blown, to be blown np 
(a fire), to be blown np into a flame. 
% phdkrtd, 8. A sort of fireworks, a 
roman cfndle, with flowets held in the 

hand, % phukna (from kLJ*^) 8. m. 

A bladder, ^a bag, purse. % phdkna, 
V. n. (dakh.) To be chnoked into 
the month from the palm of the 

hand (grains, meal, &o.) i see IamU> 

|. ^JC^ phuJcnl C'+i^c+lR^) B. f. 1. 

A Dlow-pipe. 2. A fire-lock or pistol. 

S* KJL^^M^ phihait or phakait, (from 

UxJUL^) s. m. A thrower (of a spear, 
Ac). A club-player. 

8. Ulk^ phugdna, (causal of u^) ▼• &• 

(dakh.) To inflate, fill with air (as a 

f. \j^ phugnd, v. n. (dakh.) To be 

inflated, to heave, to swell, to be dis- 

B. jj^ phal, yfk^ to bear fruit) s. m. 

1. Fruit; effect, advantage, children 
progeny, liu ^j^ To reap the re- 
ward of (good or bad actions). (J^ 
^.A^ Fruits of various kinds, fruit- 
age. j\d (J^ adj. Fruitful. 2. The 

iron head of a spear or arrow, &c. 8. 
A blade (of a sword, &c.). 

B. (Jk^ pahal, 8. m* 1. A flock of cotton. 

2. (5PTO) Beginning, commencement i 

aggression ; in the first place. 8. The 
side of a rectangular figure. 

H. 31^ pahld, (5W?) See IS) 1. adj. 
First. 2. adv. Before, rather, soon. 

!• A^ phulld, 8. (dakh.) Cataract 
(disease of the eye) : see *|J4> 
Ullxi A^ To couch (an eye.) 

H. ijM«]l^ phuldaard, 8. m. Flattery. 

f. \jJ4j phuldnd, (trans, of liLfj) v. a. 
1. To oaose to swell, to inflate, distend. 

2 To fatten. 8. (mei.) To 
proud or to puff up with flattery. 

«. Cioll^ phaldngj (mT^^ bound) 
(see c^a^^i^) B. f . A stride. 

<• (Jhs^U^ phaUhujhauwal, s. m. 

The name of a game (called also 
Mankeld) : " think of a number, double 
it, add ten to it, take five from it, &c, 
how much remains ? " *' twenty -one," 
*^ the number was eight." 

8- CI^J phalit, (Tjfecl) adj. Fruit- 
bearing, luxuriant. 

«. i^jfifsMi phuljhafi, (flower- scatter- 
ing) 8. f. A kind of firo-work like a 
fountain, or a roman candle held in 
the hand with flowers, [a sword, &c.). 

2- IjJ^ phaX-fa, (^TI^) a. m. Blade (of 

8. 1^1^ phulkd, (Hk83 ^ flower, blown 

as a flower). 1. adj. Inflated, puffed 
up ; light. 2. 8. m. A blister. 8. A 
kind of cake or small loaf. 4. An area 
or arena for wrestlers. 

i. Uilxlij phulkdmd, (TkfS Blossom, 

and r. ^ Make) v. n. To inflate, to 

swell out (as a snake's hood), to 

«. ^Kl^j phullcdn, (<^eSI^K) 8. m. 
Flowered cloth. 

5. ^^^ phull^, (7i55 Blossom) 8. f. 
A cake or raised bread, fritters. 

«. UI4J phcdna, (7i^5rf) y. n. 1. To 

bear fruit. 2. To result, be produced. 
8. To be fortunate. % phulnd^ v. n. 

Bee UI^ 

5. iSjal^ phalang, (^^ r. 55^ 

Leap, spring) b. f. A bound, spring, 
leap, jump. 

P. Jl^ pahlu, 8. m. 1. The side. 2 
The wing or flank of an army. JL^ 
\ij> ij^ To retire, retreat, with- 
draw, refuse, decline, evade. 2. Spe- 
cious; ambiguous; dissimulating. 




* i^T'^nJ phul'Wari, (7If5 ^ flower, 

and ^JZ\ A garden) 8. f. 1. A flower- 
garden, an orchard. 2. Offspring. 

'* U jnd P^^^**^^* ■• ™' A hero, a 
champion, a stent fellow, a wrestler. 

8- J^^ Phala^wan, (^T^^p^) adj. 
Frait-bearing, producing results. 

Heroism, athletic exercise. 
«. IJy^ paht7au*tf, or IfjJ^ adj. 
First-born : see ^%|> Jl» 

S' 1-5;^ phttZattn, (TJ^S^^) s. f. 

Bread or cake made of fruit and pulse, 
and fried in ght or oil. 

P. ci>J^ pithlai% adj. Of a city, of a 
hero, heroic ; a langusge of Persia. 

* \J^ P^^^^ ^'^^ ■• '• ^- ^ <^' 

a pod (or the seed) of any leguminous 
plant, but particularly of peas. 2. A 

f- ^^J^ phulli, (TJi^ Blossom) s. f. 

A disorder in the eye, the albugo. 
^ Name of an ornament for the nose. 

s. ULa1|> phaliy&rtd, (r. ^^) v. n. To 
bear fruit. 

^' Uj^t^ phuleri, s. f. (dakh. J^l 
lUo) Gambols, playsomeness. 

s. jjji^ phulelt (^Kf^T^) 8. m. Oil 

impregnated with essence of flowers 
by steeping them in it, essence (as a 

s. j^ phan, (7?T) b- ™- The hood 
or expanded head of a snake. ^^^ 

\i[^\ V. a. To spread the hood (a 

p. -yj pahan, prop, pahn, 1. s. m. 

Width, breadth, ampleness. 2. adj. 
Wide, broad, oxtonsive. 

P. U^j pahnd, adj. Broad, wide. 

{ Uyj ixa^nna or /)a7iinn«, (T» WFT) 

1. V. a. To put on, to dress, to clothe. 

2. s. m. Dress, clothing. 

§• uULj pahnand or pahirMna, (causal 

of Uy)) V. a. To dress, to cause to 
put on. [Clothing, dr«»ss. 

»' i^wLj pahanawUf (from >J^) b. m. 

^- ^^;Wi P^^*^-'^^ ? adj. Ample, 
P .^Uyj i»a7wifl.ii>ar, ^ wide, broad. 

P. |J'JkJ ;>a?infl-i, 8. f. Breadth, width. 

|. UUfU^i phanphandnd, (TJ^ or ^^\U 

V. n. 1. To hiss, expand his hood (as, 
a snake). 2. To spring up suddenly 
(as, a fast-growing plant). 3. To move 
about briskly (as, a playful child). 

H, JLj pahunch, (H + 3?^ to go) 

(UscC^) 8. f 1. Arrival, reach; 

comprehension, sagacity, penetration. 
2. Access, admittance. 3. A receipt. 
4. Reach, grasp* comprehension. 5. 

H. IflcCuj pahuneha, s. m. The wrist. 
H. UU^Uj pahunchdnd, (causal of 

U^Uj) y. a. To cause to arrive, to 
convey, transmit, bring, conduct* 

H. UflCVyj pah%Mchndt v. n. To arrive, 
reach, extend, to befall, belong. 

H* Uiy^VyJ pahunchu}dnd$ (causal of 

U^Uj) v. a. To cause to arrive, to 
cause to convey or conduct. 
H. L-fl^Wi pahunM, s. f. An ornament 
worn on the wrist, a kind of bracelet. 

a. \S^} phanda, (r. ^^ Bind) s. m. 1. 

A noose, a net, a snare. 2. Perplexity, 
difficulty. 3. Clutches, hold. 

H. iJAAtfj phundndf s. m. A tassel. 

H. ihJ^ phanaSf s. (dakh.) The jack 

a. UUmJI^ phansdnd, (Hf^ to bind) 

(cans, of UumJij) v. a. To cause to 

be insnarod, caught or involved (in), 
Ac, to entrap, ^ 





«. ^MiJ^ phahsO^o, (from UmJIij) >• m* 

«. Umj^p phanani, (r. ^51 Bind, res- 
train} V* n* To be entangled, to stick, 
to be involved (in calamity, &o.), to 
be insnfred, noosed or entrapped, to 
be caught. 

H. ^y**>iii phufuii, (t^fi) B. t A pim- 
ple, pnstale, a small boil. 
«. I.LjumjIp phansiyari, (i<M*^^) >■ ^^ 

A foot.padwho strangles passengers 
or travellers. 

H. }iJ^ pheaiia, s. m. A handful (or, 

rather, mouthful) of any thing eaten 
by being chucked into the mouth. 

|j.t« Ka|j To eat by chucking into 

the month, to chuck food into the 

mouth. See Uxilfj 

a. l)fOji|J phwihdr-ni, v. n. To hiss 

(as, a snake}. [a snake). 

8. ^.I^ji^ phunkdr-i^ s. f. Hissing (of 

§. iji^J^ phunguni, s. f. (dakh.) A 
pimple, pustule, eruption on the skin. 

^* C^i^^^ phunang, s. f. Top, summit. 
H. Jl|j p/iunno, s. f. Penis puerilis. 

H. .lyji|j phuhhAF, s. f. The small drops 
of rain, drizzle. 

H. lil^AfJ pkunhdrd, (from ilyi|j) s. m. 
A fountain, a jet d'eau. 

s. ^^^ pAo^-i, (Hi^TI) b. ra. 1. A 

serpent. 2. A wedge. 3. (dakh.) A 
weaver's instrument, a carding comb. 

H. [j^ phupd, s. m. See l^j^ 

n. \^UJ phuphd, a. m. Father's sister's 
husband, uncle. 

H.^^ phuphii, s. m. f. Father's 
sister's husband, or father's sister. 

H. |<^ «4j phuph^t s. f. Father's sister, 
paternal aunt. (bna). 

«• !;:Mi^ '^*'^^' \ adj. (dakh.) Be- 

lating to a father's sister; as ^jH^ 
Jl|> Father's sister's son ; tJr^^ 
^^ Father's sister's daughter. 

rate, burst) s. f. 1. A kind of melon. 
2. A ripe cncumbw bursting elasti- 

cally. 8. (??I2) Odd, unpaired. 4. 

Difference of opinion, dissension, dis- 
cord. 5. Separation. 6. A flaw, 
breach, break, lijj <i^ To arise 

(dissension), ^^^j^^^y^^!^ 
Uj . To weep excessively, to burst 

into tears. Ufc^ ^yH ^' '^^ ^ 
broken. 2. To be dispersed. 3. To be 
unpaired, liyb ^y^ To be divided 
in opinion. 
2* l?%fj MMta, (from U>^) adj. Broken. 

rate, burst) v. n. 1. To be broken, to be 
broken into or broken down. 2. To be 
dispersed, to be separated, to separa^, 
to be unpaired. 8. To burst, spKt 
gush (with tears). 4. To be made 
public^ to transpire. 5. To arise (aa^ 
a smell) or to burst forth. 6. T6 get 
promotion or advancement. 

H. (J>>Mj pKoJsholi adj. (dakh.) See 

iJ) ^ [sore, abscess, nleer. 

a. \j^ phoiv, (see ^j^) s. m. A boil, 

a. lij^ phorna, (t^<l«l) v. a. To 

break, to split, burst, disclose, divulge 
or betray (a secret), to break open, 

shatter. (^/ jy^ ^^ f^j) To be 


«. ir*^ P^Ms, s. m. Old dry grass or 

straw. U!lj u5;'^^- ^jj^ L/'Mi 
To excite contention or strife. 
H. if*t^ phHSrd or j***^i> phiisfd, s. m. 
A rag. 



H. (i^iui P^lk, 8. m. 1. DregfTi sedi- 
menti grains, drots. 2. HallowiiesB. 

H. lS^mj phokait 8. m. An indigent 
person, for nothing, gratuity. 

H. Ji^ phoJcal, adj. (^^) Empty, 
hollow, ooncaTe. [blow, to puff. 

i. lifj^ |»/i«lww, (4icchlt) V. a. To 

* J%^ P^^^i C!f5 * Wl-blown flower) 

B. m. LA flower, a blossom ; boss, 
•tod, bunch of ribands, Ac*, a eookade. 
2. The menses, of which children are 
the fraitw 3l A swelling. 4. Bones of 
a dead person after the fleshy parts 
are burned. 5. Lights or fire (seen at 
Digfat). 6. (in the plur.) A cei«;mony 
performed in honour of a de^^eased 
persoB on the third day after his 
death. 7. (dakh.) A white metal 

(called also ^/^ ^V^' ^* ^™^' 
goi that is hatched in meat or in 
neglected sores. 9. A pearl or white 
opaque spot on the comer of the eye. 

L^)) «JftA> ▼. n. To be performed (a 

ceremony in honour of the dead), to 
complete the forty days of mourning. 

UfLu J^ V. n. To be glad. J^^ 

Ijl^ V. n. 1. To swell. 2. To be 

delighted. 3. To become fat. J^ 
U^f^. r, iu L To speak eloquently. 

2. To fall from a lamp (drops of burn- 
ing oil). 

{. S^ phoia, {^^ A flower) s. m. 1. A 

blister. 2. A skein of cotton, Ac 

s. J^ phuU, (TJg) adj. U Swelled. 

2. Q^oflsomed. UUw nS 1^ Not to be 
able to contain one's self from delight, 
to be overjoyed. 

a. H. ^J;^^^ philjhcfif s. f. A sort of 
fireworks, reman candle, with flowers. 

{. H. ^JS J»|j phul'kolHf 8. f. A cauli- 

«. U!^ phulna, (*+4?3*l) ▼. n. 1. To 

blossom, to flower. 2. To be pleased, 
to be in health and spirits, i. e., to 
bloom, to flourish. 3. To swell* to be 
inflated, to be puffed up (with pride* 
Ac). 4. To be big with child. 

a. iJ^ (7*55 Flower) •• f . A disorder 

in the eye, the albugo. 
H. UflST^ pahonehna, v. See U^Vyj 

* clio^ phunk, (from 'JiG^) 8. f. 
Act of blowing, a puff, a blast, blow* 
iog up (fire, &c.). U-N^^ i^^^ 

\jJbJ Ju ^ To act or walk care- 
fully and cautiouBly. UiJ k^ii^uj 
To set on fire. 

«. U.tdJ^ phunkdma, (TT^R) v. n. 
To hiss (as a snake), to snort. 

«. UC!^ ('Kc^IR) v. a. To blow with 

the breath, to puff ; to blow up (a fire, 
Ac), inflame, set on fire, kindle, blow 
(a horn, trumpet, &o.). To blow a 
charm or spell. To lavish, waste. 

°- SJf^y^ Phunhh ^^f^ g„a„ r^n^ 
B.X^y^phohhar, > drizsling, mis. 

H. tUt^ phuhir, ) 

H. Ijtui phuhaf 8. m. A fictitious teat 
or pAp> formed of cotton or other sub- 
stance, by which milk is given to a 
young goat or the like>when unable 
to suck the mother. 

°* T^HS P^*^^Tt L adj. f. Undisciplin- 
ed, uneducated i foolish, rude (applied 
to women). 2. s. f. A bad housewife, 

a slut or slattern. Lu U j^ J*^ 


8. m. Stupidity. Ac. [^V^lri 

H, iJb*^ phuhif s. f. Small rain. See 
H. ^UJj^ phutyah, 7g Driszling, mis- 

H. .L^ phuhdr, s. f. Small rain, y^^y^^ 

,r^ \ (IT;^) v. n. To 

I fly (as, a flag in the air)^ to fluttev. 




B. IjLyj pahiyd, 8. m. A wheel. 

Dryness of tongae or lips. 

H. fi*JU^ phepaSf adj. (dakh.) Flabby, 

limber, lithe, flaccid, fat. 

H.^UmJLA^ phepta, 8. (dakh.) 1. Lights, 
lungs. 2. Gorpnlency, flabbiness. 

H. \^yj^ ph^hrd, ('ii^'^tl) 8. m. Lights, 

H. ^5fSMd P^^P^T^f &• f' Inability to 

H.^j^j pker, (from 'JrHj) "• «i- 1- 

Torninpr, return, change, meander, 
maze, curvature, twisting, coil, fold, 
circumference. 2. Equivocation, am- 
biguity. 8. Difficulty, distance. 4. 

adj. Again, back, ^^ji^ To ^i^er 
Ij^^llj^ To alternate. U^p^ 
To return, to restore, refund. Jk^ 
\ji\j JL« To throw obstacles in the 
way of another. \j{p Jj^ 1. To 

wind (as a river), to meander. 2. To 
go round about. 3, To meet with per- 

H. 1-jL^ pherit (from ^t:f4j) B, m» 1. 

Turning, circuit, perambulation. 2. 
A roll. 3. A wooden frame with 
which lime, sand, &o. is measured. 

H. .^%i J^ pheT'hoilf s. f. All the ab* 

dominal bowels contained in or con- 
nected by the caul, the whole con- 
tents of the lower belly or abdomen, 
the paunch. 

H. \jjJ^ pherndj (cans, of ^j^) ^* »• 
1. To turn over, « \j] ^jyjS Ij^f 

[^ j6 1.A4J Why planted the 

horse, why rotted was the pai^, and 
why burnt the bread ? I. He was not 
properly trained. 2. They were not 
turned over. Turn back, invert, re- 
verse, avert, turn away, make to walk 
backwards and forwards, bring or car- 
ry back, shift, repeat. 2. To plaster, 
to stroke. 3. (dakh.) v. q. To turn, 

turn back, return ; pay. U^Aa) ^lib 

To caress, fondle. U.Ji4> ^Pjb o ^ 
To deceive by coaxing. 

^' ^JjHi P^^^y 8- ^' (dakh.) Joint, 

round or slice (of a sugar canej, joint ' 
(of a stalk.). 

"• ^'^ ^ji^ Phen-icald, s- m. A pedler 

H» ^jJ^ phefnd, (cans, of Ua|j) v. a. 
(dakh.) To pay, liquidate (a debt, Ac.) 

H. IG|{ phikd, (qpT^ sapless) adj. 1. 

Weak, valid, tasteless, insipid. 2. 
Pale, sallow, light (in colour), 

H. UL^ phaildnd, (^io stretch furth.) 

(trans, of UU|j>) v. a. To spread, 
scatter, expand, stretch out, extend, 
publish, proclaim, U)b^ 4*'jt To beg. 

H. jLl|j phaild*o, (from UU^j) b. m. 

Spread, expansion. [Prolixity. 

H. )«aJL^ phaildwd^ (from UjU^^) b. m. 

H. uLa^ phailnd, v. n. 1. To be spread, 

2. To bo expanded, dispersed. 3. To 
become public. 

S. ,jLjL^j pahefh (M?nr^l) 8. f. A 
riddle, enigma. See ^j^^at^ 

•• U^^<i J-^' I (^) 8. m. Foam, ' 

8. uU^ phendf j froth. 

H. LuU^ phentd or phaintd, 8. f. 1. 
Waist-band. 2. A small turband. 

H. ljLjUUi^p^eTi,tti(l, V. a. To mix, to beat 
(as, eggs, Ac), to triturate. 

R. |<^^^4Mj phenti, 8. f. A skein (of 

thread, &c,). (aUi), ^ 

H. 1«X)U^ pheiidd, adj. (dakh. S^ 

ei^^rs***) Flabby, soft. 

?• [J"^^ phenus, {^P^) s. m. 

Biestings, the milk of a cow, &c. for 
some days after calving- 

s. {JSj^ phenk, (^JT^ throwing) 

UkJui^) s. f. Throw, cast, fling. 

IjoJ vJ^i>^ V. a. To throw away. 



J. UCuL^ phenhnoy {fS^} ▼• »• To 

throw, to fling, to dart, to let flj (a 
hawk, Ac, at game), to set off (ahorse) 
at fall speed, to gallop. 

u. )^>JuL^ phehgrd, adj. (dakh.) Olub 
footed, having a distorted foot or feet. 

f . iJu^l^ phen-i, s. f. A kind of sweet, 

P. ^ pai, 8. m. 1. (^^) The foot. 
Ul ^ To liave a splint (a horse) 
\jj *i To plague, to seize, to be im- 
portunate. 2. A nerve, tendon, sinew. 
8. adv. Behind, after, following, 
therefore, in parsait, by reason, on 

account. ^Uj ®' V^ *^ Lii ^'" 
^ .J ^ adv. One after another 
successively, consecutively. 

«• Ljj piyd, (ftl^) 1. adj. Beloved. 2. 

B. m. A husband, a lover, a sweet- 
heart, paramour. 

P. ^if JLu piydda-gan, 8. plur. of X j'^^JJ 

P. »4>'jLj piydda, ('-|<^lKl) s. m. A foot- 
man, one on foot, a foot soldier, a 
pawn at chess. 

s. iLjj pi/5r or piyar, (^TTcT love) s. m.f. 
Love, affection, fondness, (mahabbat). 
\iJ j\jj To fondle, caress. 

f. l.LAi pyard or piydrd, {^H^) «^j« ni* 

Beloved, darling. UuU. KLaj To 
esteem. [pleasant. 

«. |jf;'t*i l^«"i ( WIT) adj. f. Beloved, 

P. jLju piyoii, 8. f. An onion, leek. 

|. ^^Lj^ Fl/5» or /»iya«, (iHHI^l from 

CfT to drink) 8. f. Thirst. \j^^ 

ljlf3^ To quench thirst. \m if^^ j 

To be thirsty. U^U ^-Ij^ To suffer 

thirst. U»« ij*^^ Applied to thirst 
which vaniihet without drinkiDg. 

§» UmUj pydsd or pVasd^ (THHlRdCl) 
adj. m. Thirsty, athirst. 

2- J'^ ^«l/«^ (7^^) 8. f. Straw. 

p. ^'wAJ piydla or Pyala, s. m. 1. A 
glass, a cup. 2. A firepan, of priming 

pan (of a musket, &c.). U^ ^'^-^ 
To be puffed up with p-ide. ^[x> 
iJJb (in the phrase of faqira) To die. 

P* iJ':!^ P^y^^h B. f. A small glass or 

cup. [intelligence: see j^jOj 

P* 4*Uj pay dm, s. m. A message, news, 

P* jf^J^ paydm'har, s. m. A messenger, 

a prophet : see jxJJlX) 

i- ^«^^ Pi^» {^) »• f» Pns, matter, 
corruption, purulent running. 

«. L..*^ I«P, (^) 8. Pns, matter. 
PORT. [xXj pipdt s. m. A barrel, cask. 

5- J^i i''/'*^ !• (fr^^) 8- m. The 

holy fig tree. 2. (f^^) s. f. Long 

H. AJUO p'lpldy 8. m. L The point of a 
sword. 2. The metallic point of a 



f. Jy« AJUj pipld-miilf ) *^ 

s. m. The root of the long-popper tree. 

§. ^^^Ujb pipit, (^Fl^) s. f. (dakh.) 
Long pepper. 

8. iJI^ULi i^t, 1. adj. {^tc\) Yellow. 2. 

8. f. or pitif (for STTlc!) Love, affec- 
tion, ^1 ^ c:^ ^ ^J:^:^i 
^ ^"'jb c:..^ 1^ c:,.^ Let 

friendship continue and the sweets or 
benefits of it will be obtained. 

8. jA^IjU^ pJiemhar, (SIcfT^ from 


^cT yellow, 3RR cloth.) a m. Silk 

cloth of a yellow colour; (vulgarly) 
a Bilk cloth. 

H. LLu paitard, {U^^) 8. m. 
Flourishing about before cudgelling, 
Ac., ISjj «.yu^ V. n. To make 

certain movements before wrestling, 
^aba says : — 

•• J^ P'^^-^f (^c!^) or (fqrRs) 

8. m. Brass, {hiranfi), 
§. Xljj |»eia, (f7TR5) adj. Brazen. 

P* S' SjUL) paitald, (^ fai, Foot, and 

Jb The bottom or sole) adj. Shallow. 

a. j^XJ^ pitam, (Tifi^d^l) adj. Buperl. 

Host beloved ; s. m. A lover, a sweet- 
heart, a husband. 

f. *A4jLo pU-amhar, (h I CI I «!0 s. m. 

A silk cloth of yellow colour. 

8. ci^Jb re/, (T^ to heap together), 
s. m. 1. The belly. 2, The womb, 
pregnancy. Li I l2*%j> To be purged 
Uft jJLi v_5 -^p To eat less than one's 

appetite demands. lilibyJ L?*<J^J 
To eat voraciously ; to encroach on the 
share or rights of another. lS*^ 
Uui 1. To fill one's belly. 2. To 
be satisfied. U!U v^^.Aj 1. To be 
able to live deoentlyi 2. To be 

selfish. ^Ji^^ d^ The last 


child of a woman. \m^u 
To burst with laughter. (C*l^ 
Uyb To be fluxed, to be purged. 
u1L»» cl^J^^ To be very hungry. 

laxativeness U/««i>> \j ULs^ l£ 

child. Uft. lL^ To be piegnant 

To be purged, to have a diarrhoea. 
lil|j i> v_" 'J^f To complain of poverty 

and huug^. UIl3 V_" -^* To procure 

abortion. U'.^ l1^j>j To get with 

adj. Pregnant. ' " 

U Jt ^M To be preg^nant. 

Uljt Jci _i1j o is applied to the 
steady motion of a horse which does 
not agitate the rider. 8 Jjj l^ v_? -^j 

8. m. The omentum. \jJ^ l^ 

1. To pinch one's belly, to starve one's 
self. 2. (in Bengal) To be griped. 



V^ I . J cf^Jb B. f. Maternal 
affection. lil^a^ y^/T ^^ 
To eat something, ^/j J^ 

J^' ^^ practise baseness or 
vitiousness. ULs K^-y To cause an 

abortion. UjS lS^ To miscarry 
(a female), abortion, miscarriage 

Ul«^ tl^ To have borborygmi. 
U'o. ^ l1^ To be starving 

with hunger. UfAAi ^jUo v_?-jf 
To worm one's self into the secrets of 
another, to become intimate. lLaAj 
*^ (ji-< To endure, haye patience. 
Jl^ lS^ adj. f. Pregnant, l!^ 
Ul«jjjb To have a griping or inclin- 
ation to stool. [lusty. 
«. ILjj peila, adj. (dakh.) Gorbellied, 

«. \jlxi pttna, i^tS^ or f^fS to 

hurt) V. a. 1. To beat, to thxssh, 
to strike, to knock, to thump, to 
pound. 2. To lament. 

«• '^ P^P^f (?8) ». f- The back: a 

kind of seat, ^nj^ >^^ ^ -f^^ 
To pat on the back, to eaooorage. 



>jiii '4'SM ^^ ^°"^ one's baok, to 

depart, to flee, to leave, to withdraw. 
U>^ -fA:!^ ^o animate, encourage. 
Ub J 0%Jd^ To ran away, to flee, to 
tam'taQ. ^^jJ\j ^ ^AJLj (dakh.) 

The backbone. U^ ^^y^Clj ^ '^^ 
To take refnge or shelter. ^ 4AJO 
Iju! Jlj ^r^JfU To protect, to de- 
fend. liLd ,^JLAj To throw down in 

wrestling. US «|JULj To have a sore 

on the back (a horse). 

H. .fA^ pai/^, s. ra. 1. A duplicate (of 

a bill of exchange}. 2. (S?^^) to 

^JULj) Entrance, in- 
gpress, admission, access. Igonrd. 

f. Iflo /w«/w, (firft) s. m. A kind of 

i. UfLu paithnd, (Srf^? Entered) 
y. n. To penetrate, enter, pervade. 

belly-band, a girth. 2. A portman* 
tean. 3. A box, tumbril, a case. 4. 
The thorax, chest. 

I* lil>- ^ pi-janS, V. a. 1. To drink 

or to be drnnk. 8. To absorb. 3. To 
stifle one's passions. 4. To refrain 
from answering. 

*•• ^ P^^* (from ^;;i^Sf!ri) 8. m. f. 

1. Twist, rcFolution, involution, a coil, 
a plait. 2. A screw. 8. Perplexity, 
anibigaity, maae, difficulty, trouble. 

4. Deoeit, 6. Complication. ^>j 
Ulb Job To grapple in wrestling. ^>j 
jAi 8. mt Twist, ooil, mase, Ac. ^Jo 

li^ To become difficult or intricate, to 
occur as an obstacle, to be entangled, 

UI>- ^Xi To prevail by stratagem 
■1i> ^l^ adj. Twisted, intricate. ^J^ 

^} .4> Coil within coil, entangled, 

intricate. Ibj ^J^ To circumvent, 
to deceive, to twist, to screw, &c. ^J^ 

Uli3 1. To throw obstacle in the 

way. 2. (in playing with paper kites) 
To entangle the string of an adver- 
sary's kite. MS ^-U l- To deceive, 

trick. 2. To seize in wrestling, grap- 
ple. Ul^f ^ 1. To coil. 2. To be 

perplexed, fall into difficult ies, sustain 
a loss. Ul|^ ^JLj To be untwisted or 

unscrewed. Ul^ ^X^ To untwist, 

to unscrew. IJLfJ ^y^ To fight paper 

kites (each party endeavouring to 
entangle and cut the string of his 
adversary's kite). 

^- ^ti %5^i peeh'd'pech^ Twist npon 

twist, all oonvolution or intricacy : 
adj. involved, iotricate. 

'• ^;'«^{ peehdn, adj. Twisting, coiled, 

P* ^^ ^ ^gj^ pech'O'tShj 8. m. 1. Uest- 

lessnoss, perplexity, twisting and 
twining, contortion. 2. Anger, wrath. 

U'<^ v»;U ^X^ To suffer distress or, 
anxiety, to be vexed. 

^' Cr^ peehi$h, (^jSMf^) s. f. 

1. Inflection, contortion, writhlnfir, 
2> Pain in the bowels, tenesmus, gripes* 

O pechak, s. f. 1. A ball, hot* 


» " V 

torn, skein or clew of thread. 2. The 
bottom on which thread is wound. 

P. ^\^^ pech-win, adj. Twisted 

(generally applied to huqqas or (luqqa 

f. 4^^ pichh, s. f. {VJ^ rioe-gruel ) 

Bioe-water, water in which rice has 
been boiled, rica -gruel. 

a- W^ J^hhi, (Cf^Rr) s. m. 1. The 
hinder part, the rear. 2. Pursiiii^ 




Uj W^!:-j ^* ^" pQraa&, chase. 

Ujj 1^ss:l> To pursao, importune, be 
obstiaatuly persevering. 
5^ ^i^^Lj pichhe, (from l^fCO) adv. 
In the i^fiBT, after, behind, ago, after- 
wards, astern, in the absence. U^CO 

uj^ ], To dance attendance, rnn 
after, importune, don, persecute, tor- 
ment. 2. To be outstripped. ^^|^0 
UllJ To leave behind, outstrip, sur- 
pass. llC ^rffiaj To pursue, follow, 

» -V 

prosecute. Phrase. (To follow as a 

9-' ^^JJ^.j pech-ida-gif s. f. Twist- 
ing, contortion, winding. [Twisted. 
P. ZXkssXj peeh-tda, (..^JJ^sCL)) part. 

P. (Jlfl^ jnl^ilf 8. m. Dong of birds. 

P* Ik3^ paidd, adj. Bom, created, pro- 
duced, invented : procured, acquired* 

\iJ I JJki v. a. To disoover, produce, 

breed, find, create, get, earn, gain, 

»l^ liJJb B. m. Produce of a field, 

fruit, profit of trade, Ac. Uyt I JJL» 

1. To be bom, to be created. 2. To 
be found, be earned, be produced. 

P. {J*^}*^ paUa-ish, (from 143JL>) B- f. 

Birth, creation, production, origin; 
earnings, produce, pn>fit. 

(. J*3JJ faidalf adv. On foot. & m. 
Infantry, (dakh.) a footman. 

r jAj pir, (Ti^) b. f. Pain, ache, 
sickness ; fceKng, pity, compassitm. 

P. yKi p'Vy 8. m. L An old man, a snint, 
a Bpirituat guide; a head of a religious 
order. (Plnr. Pers. ^jJ^) 2. Monday. 

^- j^ V^^r, (Im) b. m. The foot, 

ffkotprint. ^ (dakh. Tel.) Standing 
corn, urceii com, corn in the blade. 

^' cli Ujo jMinii, (^ to oarry aoross) 

(j^) s. m. A Bwiminer. 
P- i^\^ p^kirSman, 8. m. A circuit, 

circuntfcrence, environs, adjacent pla- 
ces ; the skii-t, lappet or flap of a gar- 
ment i adv. About, around. 

P- g^^jnJi pairamun, Qee ^^'^ 

P' a!^^ piranQf adj. I. Elderly, like 

an old man. 2. Belonging to, connect- 
ed with, or worthy of a saint* 

u. U^ p9riwa,B. (dakh.) Bee SZ^c\jj 

% pairdtod, s. (dakh.) Clothing. 
P. i»fi^J^ pairdhan, s. m. A long robe, 

a shirt or shift. (As tho Uf but 

having buttons instead of atrings, and 
that in three places, at the neck, navel, 

and between the two : (^f^^^lM) To 
wear (clothes). 
P. db^jJij pirdya, s. m. An ornament. 

i. CLi>j-U pift or ftraf, 8. f. (dakh.) See 

P. J Ij^ piT'%dl, 8. f . An old womfin. 

H. U .J^ paimdf v. n. To swim. ^ 

pemdt y. a. (dakh.) To aow, till, 
plant, cultivate. 

H. . _>j iMnf, 8. A turkey. 

P. • -Jo jHii-rou, (jjj Behind, and •• 

Going) part. act. Following, follower, 
p. |C«.-0 pairawl, 8. f. Following, 
imitation, prosecution, pursuit. 

P. ^^ Pijdrahan^ 8. m. See y^^jj^ 

p ^^JJ<i pir-tf s. f Old age. 

H. i^jXt pair-t, (from yX)) 8. f. An 
ornament worn on the legs. 

H. lu per, 8. f. (nJ'TT) A tree, a 

pbint : (in dakh ) tmnk (of a tree). 

U'J3 Jjo To plant trees. 

S.JJO #w, (ffeT from ^ to five 

pain) 8. f . Pain, labour (in ehildbirth): 

i' Hjo perd, (iH^ a lump) 8. m. ]. A 

kind of sweetmeat made with onrds. 
2. A globular mass of leaven prepared 
for baking. 







B. i^ pifdf, (qt^) 8. f. Pain 1 leti JOj 

». ."Jl^ |»8fK, (7?) •. tn» The belly be- 
low the navel, pnbes. The pelvie. 

|. l&lA^ fir^i, (^fe) B. m. A Bfcool or 
choir OQ which women sit. 

a chair. 2. A f^eneraiion of progeni- 
tors or descendants; pedigree. 

in compos. Sifting. [See ^j^^^^ 

P. .hjj pnuar, s. f. A slipper, a shoe. 

P. syj^ pezna, (from ^j*^„jj^ or 

iiu) 8. m- A siei^e. 

p. ii0»J<J F^Mf 8. m. Leprosy* 

B. \^ t t^ } paisd, s. m. (^^(J 1. The fiahie 
of a copper coin. (In valne, about two 
farthings. 2. Ifoney, cash. Utjl L*^ 

1. To spend eztravagantly. 2. To 
take the money of another by theft or 

deceit. Ul|f UwJ^ 1. To spend «^xira- 
vagantly, to waste. 2. To take bribes. 
d. To embezzle. 

«. ULjJO pisnd, (7^) ^. a. To grfiid, 
to powder ; to gnash (the teeth). 

H. P. |^f«XJ^M^ paw-*n<l4?«.i, B, f. 
(dakh.) Uichness, ability, means. 

P. XmJIj paisa^ 8. m. See Umufj 

P. j^*J^ ^M?i, 1. adj. Before, in front ; 

promoted, adrafnced, respected, poss- 
essing inflaence. 2. s. The vowel 

point C) ttlili' U^ ^^^''^ ^^""• 
•X^^JaJj 8. f. Access, admittance. 

UT fijJ To t^eat, to behave, to »e- 

gociate, to come befoi^, td o(Jcnr, hap- 
pen, to Jjflpesent (itself), preoantion. 

^Lm^JjI iAM PPOVidont, prndent. 

jju ifi^ «• "• ''l^^® ^®'*^ ^^^^ 
fpMBttf over ife ho^M'fli breast to prevent 
thv3 sdMliie't fKppt*^ back y m^rtingO. 

*>J*^ [U^ '• ^' foresight, titnely 
preparation. ^^ L/^ **^i' ^"** 
dent, provident, wise. ,JjO ijw^ 
8. f. Foresight, prtldeuce. ^JuJ^ 

li'*»- To go forth. AaJ^ lAM ^- "*• 

A tent or other baggrage sent on 
before ; the camp equipage, tents, Ac. 

8ent on in advance of ah army, lij^ 
^j*'4> Vestibale, porch j gallery, por- 
tico, verandah. Cl^>*w4> i,Afi *^J' 
Anticipating, being beforehand, sur- 
passings one who excels ; (snbst.) de- 
puty, manager or assistant (in office) 

J ^Jt>M4> lA^ To antioipatei 
make haste, take the lead, Sto* iAxj 

VJ!l>^t adj. Making isnpression, sdo- 

cefisfai, efficient, effectiial (generally 
applied to words that are attended to)« 

if ijia a^i- (tiseil snbstflntively) !• 
A precursor, a leader. 2. The advanc- 
ed guard. Qs^ L/*3^ ®" ^' ^ ^^°^ 
of dagger. ^<<JJ {j^^ »• ^. ^P* 

ping before or forwards', outstripping, 
anticipation, iyfertness, activity, a^ 

gression. JaJ ^J^ Object, pros- 
pect. j[^ . jZj.j s, in. He that 
precedes in sayifij^ prayer, the priest. 

latton, habit, example, model, \rto- 
fession. 2. Desire, wish, &c. 

;L1jO re^hah, (aW^ from fl 

and r. ^ flow) s. m. Urine, piss, 


P. jJLijLi ptf*r^/?ni, s. f . 1. The fore^ 
head. 2. Fate ; heading, title. 

P. iJL^^J^ pesh'far^ adv. Before, pnof, 
formurly, ago, further, beyond. 

P. ,1C*^uJ^ pesk'kdTf s. m, 1. A deputy, 
J -^ 

agent, a manager, foreman. 2, A 

native officer in a Court next below tb* 


P. ^.K-JiJa pttiHAtirAy 8, f, DiBp^* 
ship, agency. 




'• ^^\miJ^j pesk-kaah, b. m. A present 

(ealdTru)^ a tribate. 

P. s'XuuJL; pesh-gahf b. f. The foremoBt 
place, front, a portico. 

P. |tfWAi pa4f^, 8. f. An advaaoe (of 

money) *money given in advance or on 
account, earnest. 

P. U'^^Aj pB8h»wa, B. m. 1. A leader, a 

gnide, foreman. 2. A title of the 
Mahar&tta minister. [female dress. 

P. jL«!LjL» pesh^wait, 8. f. A g^wn, a 

P. |J1%^u*J0 pe8hwd^,%,f. The meeting 

and conducting a gnest or visitor, 
gaidance, supremacy, leadership, 

P* f 4^u*A) peshaur, 8. m. Name of a city, 

properly taULu bnilt by Akbar. The 

word imports *'* an advanced post,*' as 
it is the next town to the Afjjtana. 

P. ^(^wLu pesha^ s. m. 1. Trade, profes- 
sion, basiness. 2. Onstom, habit, prac- 
tice. (Mach used in compos.). •* XmJLj 
8. m. 1. An artificer. 2. A shopkeeper. 

P« it'^LjO pesh'i^ s. f . 1. An advance. 2. 

Precedence, superior rank. 8. Trial. 

P> M;AMtJO peah-in, adj. Anterior, an- 
cient, former, s. m. The afternoon. 

P. /*^J^ paighflm, s. m. A message, 
mission. Embassy. 

P. JL«jUlj paighiitn-haVf 8. m. 1. A 
messenger. 2. A prophet, apostle. 

P. ^ JLcIaJIj paigkdmhar-t, a. f. Mission 

(especially, of a prophet). 
^ j^ijtJtX) paigham-harf See JL^'JLjU 

P* i^j-y^JkkX} pnighamhar-if s. f. Mission 
(eHpecialPy^ of a prophet), legation. 

H. Cjj^ plk) (jrR(R) s. f. The juice 
of the betel It^af chewed and spit out. 
^^S^J ». m.\ A vessel for holding 
betel spittle, a s^nitting-pot. 

P. vIXa; paik, ('Irrf^) 8. m. A 
courier, a messenger,^ ,^n express. 

P. .ll^J pa»«r«r, 1. h. f. War, contest. 

P. ^JCjjj paikan^ s. m. f. The bead of 


an arrow. 
P. ^J^ paikar, 8. m. f. 1. Face, 

tenance, visage, form, appearance, 
figure. 2. A portrait, a likeness. 

(Much used in compos, as) StJoJia 
Victory in face, victorious. 

«. I^Cjd pai-karit 8. m. "^ 1. Iron 
-^ " * / chains on 

5. lib^Oo pai'karhd, s. m. 7- a culprit's 

•-^ *•* \ legB, fet- 

». ijiji^ pai'kan, 8. f . / ters. 2. 

Ornamental rings worn on the ankles. 
H. fJLuJlu paigashtti b. (dakh.) See 

H. Jixj paigH, 8. m. Pegpi | a Bort of 

green coloured Btone (brought from 
Pegu). A horse. 

P* l)^ ^^ B* °^- ^* -^ elephant 2. 
The name of one of the pieceB at chess* 

the bishop. (Arab. J^i)* J^ Jlu 
8. m. A term used at chess, to ex- 
press that A bishop and two pawns 
mutually support each other. (Pers. 

plur. ^;lvj)- 
s, ijjkj pel, (UjJO) s. m. Shove, push. 

S. Lo pi'a, ("ftcT) adj. Yellow. H A 
species of ehand, 

H. ]Laj f>0{a, s. m. 1. A testicle. 2. 
Fault, oppression. 3. A prop, 

P. ^ULjj j»M>a», 8. m. An elephant 

driver, one who has charge of ele- 
phants, [phantiasis. 

P. IjJu^ p'll-pd, adj. Afflicted with ele- 

p. JUtbdju pll-payUi 8. m. (An elephant's 
foot ; hence) A pillar^ column. 

B. lSL^ pil^K (7^^^^) 8. 1. The large 

black ant. 2. The golden oriole' 
known as the mango bird. 3. (dakh.) 

Name of a disease. (Jaundice). 

4. 'aL>.» pelna, ( IcW) 1. To shove, to 
push. 2. To stuff, to cram. 8. To 

express, to 8que«'ze out. ^U (Jj^ 
part. Shoving, pushing, Ac. 



{. Jjki piU, (^t^) ■. m. The name 

of a tree. (Salvadora persica; aXao, 
in the Dakhan, Gareya arborea). 

P. jLkj pela. 8. The ball or cocoon 
which the silkworm forms round 
itself* the silkworm. 

i. jJlaj pilit (niCt) B. f. A gold-mohnr. 

f. P. .1:1 ^ i^Lfj pile ii dzar, (dakh.) 

Jaundice. ^J*^ Beyond. 

j|. i^aLu paiJhoar, adv. (dakh ) See 

^ Ujj ;»aima, part. act. (^4;i>^>S5j) in 
compos. Measuring a measurer. 

P. ^ttiJJ f»a{mtfn, s. m. A promise, 

ajcreement, confirmation, secnritj) an 
oath, convention, compact. 

P. ^Uoj paimdna, s. m. 1. A goblet. 
2. A certain drr measure. J^iUuo 
\3jt> K^v.a. Tofflluptheme.- 
sure of one's age, i. e. To die or kill. 

P. i^^Jl^Sfi Pt^ifnd'i, B. t The act of 

**• (J^S^ P<^^^i'i*K (cl'V^) ^ ^' 

Measurement, land survey. 
P. tA>aJL» payam-bar, s. m. See »JU^J(A> 

**• imSri'^^ payamhar-t, s. f. See 

H, iLu /latiii, p. m. A goad (for oxen) 
adj. ra. Sharp. (jjJ) ; cutting. 

2' IjUO pind.l, (TM) v. a. To drink i 
to smoke (tobacco) : snbst. Drinking, 

Ac. 2. (f^^n^) «. ">. The dregs 
or refuse (of linseed, Ac), the oil cake* 

adj. Forty-five. [Forty-fifth. 

-' UT^•^^'^^^ ^infa^M-trin, adj. 

f. UIajLu peiitdndp ('TT^TcT) s. m. The 

foot of a bed, the side towards the 

- L/*:M^ painiht (T^t^^If^) adj> 

H. ^AJUo i>en//t, 8. f. A market. 

it ^jSfUj paih-jan, {^^tWi) s. (dakh.> 

An ornament with little bells fastened 
round the ankles of women or children ^ 

H. UflfU^ pinjnd, v. a. Jo clean cotton 
from the seeds. 

3- ^ysp^ penjni, (T^^f^pft) s. f. 

Little bells fastened round the feet of 
pigeons and of children. 

H. Ufl^lAj painchnd, v. a. To winnow. 

R. \SJU0 penddj s. m. The bottom (of a 

vessel, box, pot, ship, Ac.) ; the breech* 
(of a cannon). 

f. JJUO /wirf or paind, yj^ from ^^ 

to move.) 8. f. 1. Pace, step. 2. A 

rising ground, an eminence. jJuLf 

iftxf^ A species of the date or palni 

tree, from the pith of which a nutri-- 
tious flour may be obtained. 

"• L/^ ^'*"*' (^f^^T^) s. m. A 
disease or suppuration in the nose. 

H. yj^Mj plnas, (^H^r a box) s. f. A 
chair or litter. A palanquin. 

E. {^j**^ finaa, s. f. A kind of boat^ 
pinnace. [Sixty.five. 

J. •ll-Juj painaath, (7^%) adj. 
S' CSj^J^ pinak, (r. ^ Drink : see IjUj> 

••V • »A 

8. f. Intoxication and drowsiness or 
nodding from opimn. 

H. IaxxAj peng-ndt v. a. (dakh.) To hang, 

s. yJO pVo or pCu or piyu, (fip?) 1. adj. 

Beloved, dear. 2. s. m. Husband, 
sweetheart, lover. 

s. v^Jf^ P^'ofi, or piydfi or pevpX^^y 
B. f . A kind of yeUow coVout V«^\^ \.o 






IP. ,^lJ iaji a. m. 1. A crown, diadem, 

tiara. 2. A high crowned cap. 3- A 
crest, tuft, plume, the comb of a bird. 
4. Name of a suit in cards. The pack 

^JCA^^sCV^) consists of eight snits 

^ .^ G .) each containinfr twelve cir- 
cular cards, iM'f . a king or tntr, a waztrt 
and spots from one to ten. In every 
snit the mtr is the highest card, and 
the voazlr is the second. The saits are 

divided into two classes : I. 



in which, after the mtr and want, the 
highest numbers from 10 to 1 are 

most powerful. These are 1. ^U 
{a cap), 2. dMMjj (a silver coin or 

the Moon), 3. J^Ai* (a scimitar). 

4. A Ac (a slave or boy). II. jkAO 

in which the lowest numbers from 1 to 
10 are most powerful. These are 1. 

i^'wiJ (representing a loaf of bread), 

S> ^iSJ'f^ {^^ oblong inacribed with 
eharacterSf representing a warrant or 
iyuigoment), 3, y^^***- (a harp), 4. 

^ f** jj (s<>ld ooi° or the Sun). The 

mir of every suit is seated on a throne 
under a canopy, and the watir on 
horseback ; with these exceptions. 
Of zar-hsurMif the mir represents the 
Bun mounted on a tiger, and the watir 
Also rides a tiger « of ghnldm, the mir 
rides on an elephant, and the wazir on 
A bullock { and of ehang, the wanr is 

monnted on a oamel. 

• ^ 


adj. (used substantively) A king, an 
emperor, one who g^ves away crowns. 

• i«X^b s. m« Crowned, one who 

wears a crown, a king, a prince. 

cock ; the coxcomb flower. 
A. j:>-u tajir, (j^i compensating.) part 

act. (of ^SjXaf used snbstantively) 

A merchant, trader. ( jT 1 Jy^)* 
P* t^^u tij'War, Possessing a crown; 
M,m, A king, a prince. 

P. ^jPf^^yi tajwav'tf a. f. Royalty, «ov- 

P. jj3 tiiht a. m. 1. A veil. 2- Firewood. 

8. Darkness. 
P. Cl^si-U taWy (from jjJ^'j>),8- '• 
Assault, attack, incursion, inrode, in- 
vasion. MS ^z^^\i To assault. 

P. ^ UJ ViI^^-Ij^ tdldit-tardj, 8. m. As- 
sault and plunder, depredation, de- 
vastation. \jS ^1tlj> ^ VJ^^U ▼• ft* 
To ruin, to depopulate. 

k, J^]^ tif^lr, (inf. II. of dl^l 

from^l going back.) a. f. Delay, 
procrastination, impediment. »^>- vJ 
MS To del^, procraa tioate, post- 
pone. (U^ J^ <^T). 

A. k«^4>\3 fodib, (inf. ii. of U-Jj) 
he became well disciplined.) s. f. Cor- 
rection, chastisement, amendment, 
erudition, discipline, admonition. 

P. Xi tdr, (cR to stretch) t. m. f. 1. 

A thread. 2. A wire, the string of a 
musical instrument, a chord. 3. Dark- 
ness, obscurity. 4. The warp or threads 
placed lengthwise in weaving a piece 
of cloth. 5. The crowu of the head. 
6. (dakh.) The hair worm or guinea 
worm. (narO). 7. The snout, sucking 
tube or trunk of most winged insects : 
the horns, antennae or feelers of 
prawns, flies, &c. 8. The hairs of a curl 

or ringlet. 9. A telegram (ciWi'j)' 
Uibi^Jb I'J To continue or repeat 
an action without interruption. 
UM lU To be disjointed, to be separate 
ed. SJSJyfilCjM Cobweb, yJ^J^ 
a. m. A wiredrawer. ig>^jM s. f . 1. 

A kind of needle work. 2. Wiredraw- 

8. \j\j tara, (cTRl) 8. m. 1. A star. 2. 
The apple of the eye. 3, n. prop. The 
name of the wife of fUlj& Bali. ^.U 

Ujfy (dakh. \iSjL^) To practise de- 
ceit. liiT ^lU To oomit the itvra 



i. e.| to get ao sleep, to be wakeful. 

fjSx<}j\j 1. The starry sphere. 2. 
(dakh.) A sort of fire-works like the 
Ju j^d ander Ju bat ever and anon 

stars burst up. 
'* '9^*j^ tdraj, s. m. Plander, pillage, 

devastation. [iS 77);^ To plunder, 

to spoil. {piece; distinctly. 

'• j^j^ tdr-iar^ Fiecenieal, piece by 

'• 5- j;^j^ tar^tof, \j\S Thread, and 

jy Break) s. m. A kind of Sewing 

or needlework, open work, palling out 
some threads, &c. 

B. •j\j taralAt s. m. (dakh.) Palate or, 

roof of the montli. 

A. vl/jU tarik, (from ^Uy) part, act. 

Leaving, abandoning; a deserter 

UJjlt il/U 1. adj. Abandoning the 

world, abstinent, sober, chaste. 2. 
9. m. An anchoret, a hermit. 

P. ^li^U tarak, 8. nu The crown of the 

head. 2. A hill, heap, summit. 

A. ^j]j tarilA', (inf. ii. of obsol. «i .1 

dating a letter or, he loosened, tra- 
velled : or, rather, from Heb. and Ch. 
A month) s. f . 1. Date, era, epoch, 
day (of a month); chronogram. 2. 

Annals, history. S^sf ' fCj^ The 

era of the Hijra. j^y f^J^ *^^' Daily, 
at stated periods. 

»*• f^SjjS <ori*, adj. Dark. 

••• i^^J^ tarih^i, g. f. Darkness. 

*JIj tar (cTT^) 8. m. The Palmyra 

tree, fan palm. J^J'j* The gelatinous 
pulp of the Palmyra nut. 

H.Jf'J tar, (from lijU) s. f. Understand- 
ing. y^JlJ adj. Intelligent, quick of 

B. \jj\j tarna, {^ to strike or hit.) v. a. 


1. To understand, conceive, compre- 
hend. UyJ yU To examine the cor- 

rectness (of a pair of scales), 2. To 
expel 8. To chastise. 


(jF? J 'torh (from jU) s. f. The juice 

of the Palmyra palm tree, palm wine 
or Toddy. 

P. jll ^«, 1. part, actj, {J}^^ to 
run at.) in compos. Banning, hasten- 
ing. 2. fl. Assault, attack, race. 

**• kJP *^**-A («;'j>) 8. t. 1. Fresh- 
ness. ' 2. Plumpness, fatness. S. 
Tenderness. 4, Pleasure. 

P. »f U taza, adj. 1. ' Fresh, anew. 2. 

Fat. 8. Young, green, tender, raw. 4. 

Happy, pleased. J^l^ UjU New oomer. 

F. t^j\j tdti, (JxsJj to run at.) L adj. 
Arabian, or Arabic ; Arabian (horse). 

3S ^^J^ A greyhound. 

F* ai^J^ td»iyana, s. m* 1. A whip, a 
Booarge. 2. Flagging. 

F. u^jb tdtak, s. m. 1. A horse of 

mixed breed. 2. An Arabian oolt 
which has grown op in some other 

H. tjjj ti», SL m. 1. The cards, a game 
at cards. 2. Brocade : see if^ 

A. ^o»mI? ta*(U8uf (inf. ▼. of <— ttutl he 
grieved.) s. m. Brooding over afflic- 
tion, pining, remorse. See ij^y**j\ 

H. i^'j tdah, s. m. (era) ]. Cloth 

of gold, brocade, cloth interwoven with 
gold or silver thread. 2. Playing 

P. ^U t4fta, 8. m. 1. A kind of silk, 
taffeta. 2. A colour in pigeons and 
horses, glossy cream colour. 

T. |JiU ia^, 1. adj. m. and f. De- 
fective (horse), having the eyes of two 
different colours* 2. 8. f. A kind of 



{. \lf^ tak, {^T\) 8. f. 1. Look, 

fixed retrard, glance, \yeepf stare. 2. 
Aim, view, the act of aiming, point- 
ing (of a dog). U» jJ'j vl/'J To co- 
rot, to point (as a dog), ^^j vi/'J 
To aspire. 

F. vi/U felik, 8. f. A vine; branch of 
any tree growing or triiiued like a 
vine, grapes. 

J. UPJ tdkndf \\U^3) V. a. To stare 
at, to aim, peep, see, spy, watch, view* 
behold, look for, attidnd. 

. JLjiU taJcid, (inf. ii. of J^l he trod 

wheat.) a. f. 1. Confirmation, em- 
phasis. 2. Injunction, ascertaining. 

8. Superintendence. \jJdJ^^ To 

enjoin strictly to nrge, to press, insist. 
4. A reminder. 

iTU tdga» 8. m. (cRT^) A thread : 


(dora) see ITubJ 

B. JU tax, 8. m. 1. (c!R5) Beating 

time (in music), musical time or mea- 
sure, chime. 2. Slapping or dapping 
the hands together or against the 
arms, &o, 3. A musical instrument 
of bell-metal or brass (a sort of 
cymbal) played with a stick. (Cym- 
bals used by devotees, and frequently 
an accompaniment to the j|d*t/(u: 4. 

(cT^m) A pond. Ubi) JU To chime : 
to slap the hands on the arms before 
fighting. \jS^ U U\U JU To strike 

the hand against the arms prepam- 
tory to wrestling. 

f. V3 tUd, (rir^^) 8. m. A lock. 

P. C-jTJ tSllh, (l^m) 8. m. A 
pond, a reservoir of water, a tank. 

{. lil^ J 'J iaUmdkhini, s. m. The 
seeds of the Soianum Indicum. The 
name of a medicinal herb (Barleria 
longi folia). 

f. ^'j talu, (cTT^) 8. m. 1. The pnlate, 

the ridge or slit in the roof of the 
mouth. 2. A disorder in horses, the 
lampreys. 3. The crown of the head. 

i- J'J na, (cTI^)8. f. 1. A ^ej.(^^^) 

2 ( ^W^) Clapping of the hands to- 
gether. ^^jJiaf. ^ -f?'jb tliol ^3 
is used to express an impossibility. 
u sf^ ^yS To clap the hands (gener- 
al ly, by way of censure and ridicule); 
to hoot. lj\U jJU V. a. To hoot, 
to damn. 3. To rejoice. 
TKL. ^J tsli, 8. f. (dakh.) A sort of 

A. i^-iji^J edZi/(inf. II. of e:^l bring, 
ing together, compilation.) s. f. 1. 

Connecting, uniting in friendship, re- 
conciling. 2. Composition, compilation 

(of a book, Ac). \iJ f^Mj3f3 To com- 

pile, compose (abo<>k,&c.) : to reooncile 
or join in friendship. 

A. AajJj t&liqa, (corrupt, of JLAjLJ) 
8. m. An inventory, a catalogue. 

A. au tdmm, (part. act. of aI^) ftdj. 

Perfect, entire, complete, full. 

«. U*ll tdmha, (dl^) 8. m. Copper. 
2- <*• •) ij ^^U tdmap-gar, s. m. (dakh.) 


•• » 

/J ftfm-chini, s. f. Enamelled 

«. h.«U tdmri, (cll^) 8. m. A g^m of 

inferior value, of a copper coloor. 
(dakh.) A gHrnet. 

8. ^j,^^ tinuM, 1. (cTf^^) adj. Affect- 
ed by, or appertaining to, the quality 

j^ inert, stupid, ignorant. 2. (cT?^) 

8. m. Darkness, illusion, irascibility. 

A. (J^«u /a'ommui, (inf. v. of ^Jb«l) 8.m. 
Meditation, reflection, consideration, 
hesitation, purpose. Li^ (Jl«Ii To 
collect one's self, consider. 

«. ^'J tin, (cTr«T to stretch.) 8. f. A 
tune, the key note in musia 




§• lib tini, (r. cf«T Expand, stretch oat) 

B. m. The warp, the threads that are 
extended lengthwise npon a loom. 

\jji \i\j li'J To fidget, to dance atten- 


daqoe. UJ ^J To wander here and 
there withoat profit. 

«. UU fdni, (aee 'J^'J) v. a. (cTPT?!) To 
heat, to prove, to asaay, to melt. 

f. Ui'J f JmM, (?TRf ) B. m. Copper. 

i* F jT Vsl^U ftfmbaf-^ar, a. m. (dakh.) 

A brazier, coppersmith, plnmber, 
worker in lead and pewter, founder. 

H. vJjuJlI tAmhel, 8. f. (dakh ) Tortoise, 

f. d^l! (5nl,B. f. 1. (cf^) Gatgnt. 

sinew, the string of a mnsioal instrn- 
ment, whether of oatgnt or metal, the 

string of a bow. •! ^}j y^^jU 

l^».*j t^t]j He understood from the 

first word. UftjJb c:^'J To put 

to silence an idle talker. 2. (cT^) 
A loom ; a horn. 

f. UjlJ tdntdt (did Train line.) s. m. 

1. A string (of camels, horses, Ac), a 
drove. 2. Row, range, series. 

«. aJJu tdndav, (cTf^^) B. m. DRnc- 

ing, especially with violent gesticula- 
tion. (Particularly applied ro the 
frantic dance of the god Siva and his 

H. Uo'J tdngd, 8. m. {dJ\ to go.) A 

small two- wheeled oar without cover- 
ing, and on which one person only can 

{« U?J iinn^, (cT^H r. cH Stretch 

out) V. a. To extend, to stretch, to 
tighten, to expand, to pull, to knit (the 

eyebrows.) luU *AiI To pitch tents. 

§> jJU fani, (r. cH Stretch out) s. f. 

1. The warp. 2. The price paid for 

A- ^'J taannt, (inf. v. of Jl) s. f. De- 
lay, procrastination. 

A. C^'J tdnJ9, (inf. II. of ij^l) 
8. f. Feminine gender. 

P. or a, yS too or tdv, (corrupt, from 

1^^ orcTPT) s. m. 1. Heat. 2. 

Passion, rage. 3. Strength, power. 4. 
Splendour, dignity. 5. Twist, coil, 

contortion. iLi) jU 1. To twist. 2. 
To stroke the whiskers. 8. To heat 
(as, iron). UI^^U 1. To be heated. 
2. To be angpry. 

H.^U td*o, s. m. 1. A sheet of paper 

2. Proof, trial, essay. 8. Speed. 
P. »\m\j tdwdn, s. m. 1. Retaliation. 

reoompense, compensation, amends, 
2. Debt. 8. Fine, mulct. 4. Loan. 

(^ 'aU is used in opposition to ^*>M 
and means the price paid for blood). 

UUl or UftjJU ^^^U To fine, to 
mulct. li^Jj^LlS To amerce. 

f. U^'J ta'ond, (fTpT or ^[U^) v. a. 

1. To heat to raise heat by blowing 
with bellows, to anneal. 2. To prove, 
to assay. 8. To twist. 

A. Jj>«U tdml, (inf. II. of J^l inter- 
preting) s. f. Explanation, elucidation, 
interpretation, paraphrase. 

H. 1^ JbU tdhifi, s. f. A kind of dieh^ 

viz. Rice boiled with bayi, («fCl)f 

which consists of pulse (Phaseolns ra- 
diatus) ground in a wet state, mixed 
with ginger, pepper, Ac. and dried in 
small lumps. 

H. ^J td*t, s. f. (dakh.) (c!IcT father.) 

An aunt, paternal uncle's wife, father's 
elder hrotlier's wife. [elder brother, 

a, Ij'J idyd, s. m. (dakh.) A father's 

A. Cj^^J ta*}h, (from Jfjy ) part. act. 
mas. Repenting, penitent. (Fem. 



A. 43jJ'J td'id, (iDf. II. of JjI he 
strengthened.) s. f . 1. Aid, assistance, 
behalf, side, support. 2. Corroboration. 

tah, adv. 1. (rl^) Then, at 

that time, so soon. 2. (c^I ) After* 
wards, clio L.^ Till then. 

P* C*aJ fab, 8. f . 1. Fever : see 
2.* Heat * 

P* lUUi tob«r, 8. m. 1. People, nation* 

2. Race, tribe, family. iJ^ J^T\^ 

j\m a monaroh of an illostrioas 

A* sUj^ tahirak^ v. Be blessed, bless. 

aill ^^j^ God be blessed. 

|. 8^UJ tiUra, (f?RR) 1. adj. Thrice. 

2. A hall or room with three doors. 
A. jbttJ ^ohashtTf 8. A medicinal sngar 

(salt) found between the joints of the 
bamboo, see .Xy^ulo 

P. sLu £aba?i, adj. Bad, wicked, deprav- 
ed, abject, spoiled, ruined, wretched. 
Jl^. sU? adj. Ruined. See i>ljM 

P. jJt'jJ tabah*i, s. f. Wickedness, 
depravity, ruin, wreok, perdition. 

A. ^\Si toMyun, (inf. vi. of ^JO or 

^U it became separated.) s. Diffe- 
rence, contradiction, inconsistency. 

A. -arV tahahhw (inf. v. of \tfr) s. m. 

Profoundness in learning. 
A. Jia:^ tahaihtur, (inf. li. of JlaC) 

s. m. Strattinjr, walking with a 
haughty gait or a rolling motion. 

A. Jju^ iahhaddnXi s. m. 

(inf. V. of J Jo changing.) 
A. (JJ[JJO tahdil, 8. f. (inf. 

II. of J Jj changing.) 

alteration, difference, transposition. 

. Change, 

uy (J^«V^ "^^ change, to alter. 

^oL« (J^.4VaJ Migration. 
P* jAI tahar, 8. m. A hatchet, an aza 
A. ikfjOJ /abamcl, (inf. v. of ^JL^j^ 



He blessed) s. m. 1. Benediction, 
congratulation. 2. A portion of pre- 
sents (or what is left of food pre- 
sented to great men, &c.) given to 
their dependants; sacred relics. 

A. b jj taharrukan, adv. As a sacred 
relic, as a blessing. 

A. c3j*A3 tahrid (inf. it. of J j cooling) 

8. f. Cooling, refreshing, a cooler, re- 
frigerant (in medicine). 

. Jjf jJ idhiiz, n. prop. Name of a city. 

. *amjJ tahassum, (inf. y. of ^^^) 
8. m. A smile. [dienoe. 

A. v^^^if taViyai, (f-A>) a. f. Obe- 
T. dia^jj tdbancha, s. m. A pistol. 

A. uJUU tobanni, (inf. ▼. of iJ^) •• '• 

P. Ajo ialwi/i, contract, of »'jJ which see. 

|. ^^ fab-W, (c!?^) adv. At that 
very time. 

A. ^LjuJ tihyin or <aby«n, (^j^xJj) ■• 

Becoming or making manifest, mani- 

8. i^^ top, 1. (cfT) B. f. Heat, 


warmth. 2. (c!^:) s. m. Devonfc 
austerity, religious penance. 

P. L-*^ tap, 8. f . (cT? heat) A fever. 
To go off (a fever). 
UubH^- To come on (a fever). 


. Ai) s. f. A hectic fever. 
^ s. f • A tertian fever, o 

Ul»- CL;yc The brenking out of an 
eruption on the lips after a fever. 




S'lJ i | ^ 8. m. An ague. 

^^sr^ 8. m. An ardent or burning 

fever. Jul^U^ J , ^ A quotidian 

fever. Cl^y 
mittSent fever. 

8. f . An inter- 

f . li-xUi tapas, (r. c!^ Shine, bum) 8. f . 

1. SnnshiDe, the sunbeamB. 2. Toil, 

P. v£«rLu faj^aX;, 8. m. 1. Affection, es- 
teem, regard, love, leal, ardour. 2. 
Consternation, afiBiction, uneasiness. 

P- ^IjJ tapdn, part. act. (of ^*^^^) 
Palpitating, growing hot. 

f. ULu fapana, (cTlH*! or cans, of luJ) 

V. a. To heat, warm, make glow, 
make another person warm himself at 
the fire or in the sun. 

8. ci^oJ tapat or tapt, (cIH) 1< adj. 
Hot, warm, fervent. 2. s. f. Heat. 

P. iifJ^ tap'ihala, 8. m. Breaking 

out on the lips after a fever, the 

B. imjS tapas^ (clH^) 8. (dakh.) Re- 
ligious austerity, mortification of self, 

f. («*MJb tapn or tapiin or tapassi, 

i^^^n) 8. m. A devotee, a per- 
former of austere devotion, an ascetic. 

2. adj. Devout, practising austere de- 

8. LjUmJO tapaspuy (clMtMl) 8. f . Devout 
austerity, religious penance, devotion. 

P. ifijS tapUh, (from ^j*^^) 8. f. 1 

Affliction, agitation, palpitation. 2. 
Heat, warmth. 

8. LmjJ iaptuha, 8. f . See Ijuma I 

«. ^^y^ «a|)ot;i«wts (cinRq^) 8. f. 

A female devotee. [See ^<mjJj 

8. . ^mjJ tapcLsht or fopcu^^iiy s. m. 

a. IjUmJi topof^Hiyffi s* f. See U^mjOj 

T. clX-U fupalr, s. f. A masket; guB 

p. H. UGJ tapdkfia, (\L/Wj) v. n. To 

throb, to palpitate. ^ £,"h^ UCiJ 

The throbbing of a phlegmon or boil, 
when coming to suppuration. 

8. ^i tapan, (cTT^ r. W[ Bam) s f. 
1. Heat, glow, fervour. 2. The sun. 

a. luS /apwtf, (cT^^) V. n. I. To be 

glorified. 2. To glow, to be heated, to 
frisk about, to bum with pain or grief. 

P. ^t3JuJ tapldafiy s. m. Palpitating, 
flouncing, agitation, tremonr. 

a. c:^ tat or tatt, (clTci) s. m. 1. An 

element, a principle, the essence. 2* 
The real nature of the soul considered 
as one with the divine spirit. 

a. \jS taiid, (cW) adj. Hot, fiery, pas- 
sionate, furious, outrageous. 
P. j\j3 tatdr, 8. m. The same as .iJlI 

a. Xxi tatar, (from U.ljo) 8. f. Em- 
brocation, pouring of warm water on 
a diseased part or cold water on an in- 
toxicated person. 

S- \iXj3 tatdmdy v. a. To embrocate. 
«• liUJ tatana, (from cUff) v. a. To warm. 

A. «_XU tatahhu, (inf. v. of «-aJ He 
followed) s. m. 1. Following, imita- 
tion. 2. Gontinaation. \iJ^fJ^ To 
search diligently, to explore, to ex- 
amine, to imitate, ape, mimic. 

H. Jb JU tiiar hitar or tittar hittar^ 

adj. Dispersed ; thrown into confu- 

H. U)IjIS tuildnd, v. n. To lisp, to speak 
imperfectly as a child. 

H. jJuo titltf s. f. A butterfly. 

H. Lujui titimhdf s. m. Obstacle, impedi- 
ment, stratagem. See Hj^, 



A. ^>«kU tntimmot n. m. (j^ being com- 

pipfo.) An appendix, a supplement, 

B. Jb tattwa, (clTc() 8. m. Reality, the 
essentia^i eMsence, element, principle. 
See a. C^ ij^^y^ ClT5|^l»1 8. m. 
Knowledge of divine truth. C'^'iy. 

<. -fiJ fif/i or ft7;i», (fhf^) 8. f. A lunar 

B. v_"-" ^ni. (cTH!^) 8. m. A shore or bank. 
H. liuJUo tatfatiind, v. (dakh. VJI^^s**') 
^fc>j> J.t) To give great pain. 

A. (.^^..ujjj taalta^ (inf. ii. of (wJu 

Throe) s. f. 1. Trinity, triad. 2. 
Dividing into three parts. 8. A trine 
(the aspect of the planets). 

A. JUUUO t4tMniya, (inf. ii. of ^Jb ^^ 

doubled) s. m. used adjectively, 

(f|[ W^) The dual (number). 

f. ^ taj, (^^) 8. f. The bay tree or 
its bark. Woody cassia. 

A. .'^ tujjdr, (plur. of t^u> osed as a 
singnlnr in Hind.) s. m. A merchant. 
'^j'>sf ^t/Jraf, s. f. Trade, commerce. 

Jy^ tajfiwuz, (inf. vi. of :»^ He 

departed, Ac.) r. m. Depnrting, pass- 
inar, transgressing, sarpasning, excess, 
deviation, offending, diversity. 

A. jJft'^rC tajdhid, (inf. vi. of J^^^) 

«. m. Pretended ignorance, conni- 
vance, apathy, indifPerencc. 

A. i>Asr tajaddud, (inf. v. 



>■ (t 


r o m 

of «3)^) R. m. 
A. SiSsP* tajdid, (inf. if. 


of *3^) 8. f. 

i)^) Renewal, novelty. 

A. SJ^ tajrihat (^^^' if- of L^«^ he 
i»ada trial of.) s. m. Experiment, 

trial, proof, experience, assay, proba- 
tion. .0 ^jSf^ adj. Expert, experi- 
enced, conversant in. 


A. t^jSf tajarrud, (inf. v. of (^*^) B.m. 
Living in solitude, celibacy. 

A. SljOf tajrii, (inf. ii. of i>«^) b. f. 

Separation, solitude, celibacy (pro- 
perly, rendering solitary). 

A. ^jOf tnjatti, (inf v of \}>-) •• ^. 
Separating into small pieces, analysis. 


A. ij^ause tajaS9H$y (inf. ▼. of i/*^) 

8. m. f. Spying, exploring, search, in- 
quiry, investigation, curiosity, inqui* 

sitiveness. MS ^ft»m>af To pry into, 

to search diligently, to explore. 

A. ^Asf tajalli, (inf v of !»- Was 

manifested, &c.) s. f. Splendour, bril- 
liancy. Lustres, illuminations. 

A. (J>A>af tajammul, (inf. v. of JwAft. 

was beautiful.) s. m. Dignity, pomp, 
parade, retinue, conveniences. 

«. Uflf tajna, (?T3R) v. a. 1. Toaban- 

don, to desert, to quit, to leave. 2. 
(dakh.) To long; desire anxiously, 
want. 3. Renounce. 4. To divorce 

(a wife). See ^J^^ 

^* L/'nM^ tajnta, (inf ii, of tr^J^ 

made homogeneous, kind.) s. f. 1. 
Making of the same kind ; resem- 
blance, analogy. 2. Equivocation. 
3. Funning to the eye instead of 

the ear, alliteration. ^Ja*^ Lr*^^^^^ 

Writing words alike which are pro- 
nounced differently, a sort of equi- 
voque in writing ; as pul, ptU and pU 
in this couplet of Saud& : 

A / A A^ 

This is not a river that you can cross 
by means of a bridge ; the waves that 
arise from the eyes of lovers would de* 
molish a bridge in a moment by their 




A. P «flf* to/wiz, (inf. II. of «^ Passed, 

removed) s. f. 1. Approbation, per- 
mission. 2. Inqairing into, investiga- 
tion, considering, d. Contrivance, 

sentence, jadgment, ( .^^ deter- 
mination, trial, scheme. 

§> p|Sf* tujh, pron. inflect, (of y) 

Thee ; thine, of thee. [Thee, to thoo. 


a. ^pf tujh-€^ pron. inflect, sing. 



tayhw, (inf II. of ^fys- 

he fitted out a corpse) s. f. (^^Jx^sf 

^^jAaC Arranging and shrouding %, e. 

burying the dead.) (U'JIJJ UUa^) 
Expediting, arranging, adorning 

[jj jCnJ JJLyCf* To raise an army. 

A. v_opfc?' iaha'if, B. plnr. (of JU^*) 
1. Baritieai curiosities. 2. Presents. 

taht, 8. m. \^ -*^^ beneath. 

1. The inferior, part, below, under. 

2. Subjection, ( iLu^-l) possession, 

Ail ** 

dominion J^yui c:,^^V^ s. m. Under 

the earth, i^j^d^^^ or c:^^ 
1 _ ; 8. m* Subjection, dominion. 

l-^^ Sa. vJI^'O^ Jurisdiction. c^9^ 
Uiot adj. LiteraL adv. Verbally, 
literal translation, interlinear transla- 
tion. US jjJL« CL,^^* To conquer, 
subjugate, bring under, reduce. 

■'"-^ tahtaiUt adj Inferior, lower. 

▲• •£ .fl^ tahfir, (inf. ii. of •^ he wrote, 
well). 8. f. 1. Writing correctly, writing, 

description. 2. Manumission. \j} jo^ 

ft ** 

for \jj j.£s^jjJ>' ) adj. Written, 

dated. (Plur. jlj^ <>' ^^l/i;^ 
iMfjLll!) jljO^ Euclid's elements. 

8. f. Instigation, stimulation. 
A. v_p«yv* ^a^/> (inf* n. of u.9j>- 
altering.) i. f. 1. Transposition of 

words or letters; «n nnn^rram. 2. 
A clerical ern»r. 3. Tampering. 4. 
Sharpening and cutting tlie puiiit of a 
pen obliquely. 

A. uX^ya^ tahnk, (inf. ii. of CI^**- 
it moved.) s f. 1. Movement, agita- 
tiun, stimulation, exciteni«nt, insti- 
gation, temptation, encoaragement. 

A. JUo -ac^ tahnmaf (inf^ ii. of /»•>-) 

s m. The commencement of pr*«yer 
(as, worldly thouglits are then forbid- 

A. ■Mi.'V^ fa^^'fur, (inf. v. of di;^M*>>) 

s. m. 1. Grieving, regret. 2. Con- 
dolence. 3. Lamenting with despair. 

A. ^^jt^^ yj*'^^^ *<*^-. wa^, adj. Spoilt, 

broken, dispersed, overthrown, des- 
troyed, unfortunate. (The la^t wonl 
is bignifioant, the first redundant). 

A. ^jjM< a^ tahsiut (inf. n. of ^*»*>- 

was or become beantiful, Ac.) s. f. 
Approbation, applause, acclamation. 

\jjS ^ }n * s^ To praise, applaud, ap- 
prove, acclamation, cheers. 

A. (Jj^jiOS^ tahsily (inf. ii. of Jv^3>> 

become educated.) s. f. 1. Gain, ac- 
quisition, profit, attainment, Ifarning. 
2. Collection (particulnrly, of revenues 

or rente). PI. CL^lx-iarC Collections, 

acquisitions. \jm> (Jju^^ To acquire, 
gain, learn, collect (revenue, Ac). 
A. P> .IjJLXtdfiC tahiil'dar. s. m. A col* 
lector, a tax-gatherer. 

A. CL^'jZfUaT tuhfujaf, s pi. (of ASlosT) 
Rarities, curiosities, presents. 

A. jjia^ tuhfay 1. s. m. (i^s^ pre- 
senting.) A curidsity, rarity, the b< st 
or beauty (of a thing). 2. A present. 
3. adj. Uare, excellent, admirable. 

^jjs^^ ^AS^ A wag. 

A, jj^ju^ tahqirf (inf. il. of d^'-A^) 
s. f. Despising, scorn, neglect. 

A. JfJ^Aar* tahqiq, (inf. ii. of ^J>. was 

right.) 1. s. f. Ascertaining, investi- 
gation, trial, verification, exactness, 
precision. 2. Truth, certainty. 3. adj. 
Authentic, ascertained, actusA, tf^AV^ 


• - • 

indubitable, apparent. 4. adv. Truly, 

indeed. (Plur, LSjU^jJUsT Inquiry, 
inquiries, investigation, &o.)» 
A. ^i^ tahakktim, (inf. v. of S»- *»® 

restrained him.) s. m. I. Command- 
ing, ruIi\^,dominion, power, authority. 
2. Usurping authority. 

A. JjJb^ tahlil, (inf. ii of J^ un- 
tying.) s. (used generally in compos, 
with verbs) 1. Dissolving, ditrestion, 
ooQCOction, solubility. 2. Making law- 
ful. Marrying a thrioe-d i v o r c e d 
woman (beyond that it is unlawful). 

A. (J^A^ tahammul, (inf. v. of J^ he 

bore it.) s. m. Patience, endurance, 
long-suffering, resignation, forbear- 
ance, truce, peace, meekness, humility, 

\jj ^Ji4kSC To endure, bear, forbear, 

be patient See U^^^lJy 

A. JOAasT* tahmid, (inf. it. of t^T*) 
8. f . Praising God repeatedly, 

A. <Jj>*a^ tahwilf (inf. ii. of J^ 

altered, transferred.) s. f. 1. Change, 
changing, transfer, renovation, return. 
2. Passing of the Sun, Moon, or a plan- 
et from one sigp to another. 3. 
Trusts, charges, cash ; (in) the charge. 

(Plur. CL^XiyS?) tJ^ J?.y»r 

A. P. .ijJlji^^ tahwU-ddr, s. m. A 
cash -keeper, a treasurer. 


A. ^J^J.^ tahiyat, (inf. ll. of ig>') 

B, f. A salutation, congratulation, 

. •• 
prayer, benediction. (Plur. CL^.Aa^) 
A. j^t'S^ tahaiyur^ (inf. v. of CL^.A»> ) 

8. m. Amazement, wonder, astonish- 
ment. To confound the mind. 

A. j^'ic takh'^luf, (inf. vi. of (.Ji^) 
8. m. 1. Opposition, being opposed, 
contention. 2. Enmity. 

P. C^^ taliit, s. m. A throne. *._** -^ 

S_^ -*^ 1. Throne and fortune. 2. 
Used as a form of benediction, parti- 
cularly by women, to signify wedlock 

and wealth. U|JUJ pc:^^ To 

8. m. A travel- 

reign- J^^j 

ling throne erected on a platform car- 
ried on men's shoulders, a throne on 

which the 


king is carried, ci 
To dethrone 

ijjJtiJ Sitting on a throne, reigning i 

a king, a sovereign. ^JuUmJ *_^ -^ 

8. f. Accession to the throne, reign, 

^ulsC Ii \^ -^ Either a throne or a 
bier (spoken on engaging in a desper- 
ate enterprise). 

P. slCifi^ taMit-gSih, 8. t The royal re- 
sidence, metropolis, capital. 

P* JUflC ta^ta, 8. m. 1 A plank, a 

board ; deck (of a ship) ; drawbridge. 

2. A stool, bench. 3. A bier. 4. A 
sheet of paper. 6. A bed of flowers, 

Ac. J J JUks^ 8. m. Backgammon, or 
rather the same as f**^^ 

P. ^Jxa^ takhfh (dimin. of JUa^) fl. f. 

1. A small plank. 2. A little board 
like a slate, which children write on. 

3. A signet of stone. 4. The breast. 
5. (dakh.) A leaf or thio plate of 
stained glass, agate, topaz or other 
precious stone with a sentence of the 
Quran inscribed or engraven on it, 
worn hung from the neck by children 
and others rather as an amulet than 
as an ornament, adj. Of a throne ; 
ornamented with gold and silver leaf. 

A. C^^JijSC takhrtbf (inf. II. of ^j^ 

Was desolate) s. f . Devastation* des- 
truction, razing. 


tath?i^t (inf. ii. of 
he distinguished it) s. f. Particularity, 
peculiarity, appropriation, reserving 
for one's self. Determining. 

A. (^.ijLAsC tathfif, (inf. ii. of 

it became less.) s. f. 1. Making light, 
alleviating. 2. Despising. 3. Ab- 
breviating. 4. Alleviation, abatement, 
relief, remission, abridgment, mitiga- 
tion, decrease, decay. 5. Softening 
the pronunciation of letters, or chang- 
ing one for another enphonisB gratia. 

\iJ \ m^ .kL ^ To extenuate, mitigate, 

allay, remit. 


• «• 


A. ^jgM^ tafshalluSf (inf. ▼. of ^^^Jl>- 

he chose it) s. in. The titalar name 
asvamed by poets ; as, Sauda was the 
taj^nlluM of Mirza Mahammad Rafi\ 

A. Jjlflsr tathliya, (inf. ii. of tJDyi^ 

•\i • 

or AJ^ was or became empty.) s. m. 

1. Evacaation. 2. Privacy ; a private 
room. 3. Manumission (of a slave). 
4. Divorce (of a wife). 


P. i%^s^ tuthnif 8. m. 1. Seed. 2. An 
effg. 3. Sperm. 4. A testicle. w|^ 

•xil J 8. m. A seed of a cooling qua- 
lity. Jj j^s^ adj. Low-bred. j^i^ 

%^j>j 8> f> Scattering seed, sowing. 
*2to A^ s. m. Seed of lettuce, j^ 

^'jO 8. m. Linseed. See ^i^ 
A. Juic tii^ma, (from ^t^^) 8« m. 

Indigestion. (^4>.^te Jo)* 
A. yXA^ai^ talshfnir, (inf. ii. of t^^) ■• ^' 
Fermentation, forming into leaven. 

A. Uula^ <oi&tmnan, (from ^j4^) adv. 

L By gaess, by conjecture, by ap- 
praisement, hypothetically. 2. Nearly, 
about. On a rough estimate ; on the 

• • ** 
A. JUUUik^ ^fliSmiwo, (inf. II. of ^^y^^^ 

he surmised.) Guess, appraisement, 

conjecture, valuation. See SJ IjJI 

A. %.^y^ taJshwtf, (inf. II. of 4^.f^^) 
s. f . 1. Terrifying. 2. Threatening. 

A. jLAflC tathaiyul, (inf. v. of JU>-) 
s. m. 1. Fancying, imagining, sup> 

poning. 2. Suspicion. Plnr. ML'^Jf^ 
!• Suspicions. 2. Fancies* 

A. .J^l JJ tadahtr^ s. plnr* of ^O J^ 

A. J^ljJ tada^vU, (inf. VI. of J^4>) 
s. Mutual entrance or insertion. 

A. (^.ijj tadTxruk^ (inf. vi. of (mmSjd 

overtaking, visiting with.) a. m. 1. 
Repnration, remedy, an expedient, 
precaution, provision, preparation 
(particularly, to obtain jiutice), in- 

vestigation. 2. The instruments and 
means used to procure justice (as, 
writings, lawyers, witnesses, Ac). 3. 
Chastisement, retaliation, infliction of 
fine (ir punishment. 

A. jC*'Jj tadawi, (inf. \l» of Ufc)) s. f. 
Administering medicine, ciA'e, healing. 

A. jJiJ jJ eodbir, (inf. ii of -J J forecast- 
ing.) s. f. 1. Deliberation, counsel, 
contrivance, expedient, opinion, advice. 
2. Government, regulation, arrange- 
ment, order, management, policy, 

prudence. (Plur. CL;LwjJ ) nW*3^ 
CI^^laALi B f. Politics. 

P. • iJJ <adttrv, (Pers. ^ » j^) s. m. A 

pheasant (to whose gait that of a 
mistress is compared). 

A. f^jSi tadrij\ (inf. ii. of ^ f&) went 

step by step.) s. f. Gradation, scale. 

if^jSxj By degrees, gradually. 

A. tj^j*^ tadris, (inf ii. of \^jt^) 

8. f. Giving lectures, instruction by 
means of reading. 

A. ^^JJ tadfin, (inf of ^t>). 8. f. 

Burial, interment, funeral. 

a. l.btJJ tidhara, (f?n=IR) 8. m. 1. 

The name of a plant. (Euphorbia 
antiquonim). 2. The meeting of three 

«. JbjJ tidhar, (cT?l) adv. There. 

A. ^^^Si tad'hin, (inf. il. of ^i)) «• 
Anointing, besmearing. 

A. ^jJfjJ tadaiyun, (inf. v. of Lll^ooj) 
8. 1. Religiousness, constancy in reli- 
gion. 2. Borrowing, getting into debt. 

A. u-'ijt^J tagahauhf (inf ii. of 

L-^JJi) wavering) s. Agitation, com- 
motion, palpitation ; vacillation, sus- 
pension of judgment, ambignity. 

p. ,. jJ toMarVf 8. m. Bee j^iX) 
A. jj'jj tawhira, (inf. ii. of Jj re- 
membering) 8. m. 1. Memory, remem- 
brance. 2. A memoir^ billet^ ftchft* 





dale, obligation, handwriting 3. Bio- 
graphical metnoirs, life (espeoially, of 

A.^jJ tatkir, (inf. ii 0!^*)) 8. f. 1. 

MaacQline gender. 2. Commemora- 
tion, brin firing to memory, mentioning, 
recording admonishing. 

A. JjJjJ tatlU, (inf. II. of c:^3) 8. f . 
Abasement, debasement, depression. 

P* S tar, adj. ]. Moist, damp, wet 

fresh, gfreen, ycmng, juioy. [dnst. 

A. ImjIJ turihf 8. m. Earth, gronnd, 

A. i^jjlJ taraduf, (inf. vi. of i^c). 

He followed) 1. a. m. Snocession. 2. 
adj. Uninterrapted, carrying double 

(ahorse). [li.^ KlJ To gallop- 

H. LI Ji tarrdri^ s. m. Bapidity, flow. 

P. jijLl tardstUjB.f, (ci^>l) A scale, 

a balance, pair of scales. [three. 

§. ^]y eimsi, (?^^TlIa) adj. Eigbty- 

P. L/i'y tarash, (^;i3JMt)J to sha^e, 

pare*) 1. part, in compos. Catting ; 
ontter, carver. 2. s. f. Cntting, par* 
ing, shape, form, fashion (of clothes, 
Ac.) ; make ; mould ; build. 

P. i/^'t** L/^y tardsh-tj^arish, s. f. 

Shape (particularly, good), neatness 

of form. (JI4D- iSa^y 
P. H. UtlJ tarashna, (from (jilj) 

y. a> 1. To out, to clip, prune, to 
hew. 2. To shave. 3. To shape, to 
cut out. 4. Coin or use (big words). 

P. ditMiji tarasha, s. m. Shaving, par- 
ing, splinter, chip, shred, scrap. 

P* 1^1 P tardq, 8. The noise of the snap- 
in g of a stone, Ac 

A. ^1 J tarakunLf (inf. vi. of j^iA s. m. 

Heaping together, the being thickly 
collected together, accumulation. 

f. Jy tirdnau or ^y y tirunauwe or 

/»nitiatt'«, (f^PRrfh) adj. Ninety- 

P* ^y tarana, s. m. 1. Modulation, 

hat-mony, voice, soncr, a tune, an air, 
ballad, melody, symphony, trill, shake, 

quaver. 2. A kind of song. si\J 

y^j> Composing song^. 

P* (/^^y iarawish, s. f. Distillation, 

dripping, trickling, exudation. 
8. »1 J trah or trdhi, Wli^) interj. 

Mercy! save! \jS sly sly To cry 
out for mercy. 
H, ^y tard% s. f. A marsh, mead, 

meadow. Mif^ l^ V '^i* ^^^'^S ^"> 

or near water, waterfowl, water- 
(spaniel, Ac). % turat (dakh.) The 
sharp angled cucumber. 

P> ^-y ^urb, s. m. A radish. 

A. C^y ^urbaf, 8- f. (^Jy had dost 

on him.) A tomb, a sepulchre. 
P. Ju J far-ba-fxir, adj. Completely wet. 

Uyb J^i To drip with wet (but, 
generally) to be covered with blood. 
P* JJ •! twrheid or tu,r}nkd or ttVbtd. 8. m. 
A purgative Indian root, Turbith. 

P. Jy iarhu%y 

P. *«y Ji torbiis, 

A. vj^^ J iarHt/a^ (inf. 11. of ^ . 

He increased) s. f Education, instruc- 
tion, bringing up, breeding, correction. 

r?.*^ ^"^^"^y Docile, tractable. 
a. jJu^ Mbent, (f?|q"Tl Three 

braids of hair) s. f. The conflux of 
three sacred rivers ; especinlly, that of 
the Ganges, Janinna, and supposed 
Saraswati under ground at Il&hkb&d, 
which city is also so named. [three. 

a. ^y tirpan, (%NRTfl) adj. Fifty- 

H. Ub .1 turapnd, v. a. To sew (in a 
particular manner), to stitch, to hem. 

A watermelon. 




^ \jkLjJ tirpaidiya or IriptLulijfi, (Tcf 

Three, and J^ for .^ A door) 

B. m. A building with three doors or 
arches in a line. 

•. 1|X J tirphala, (Rt+i^H three frnits) 

8. m* The name of a medicine com- 
posed of three myrohalaos : or, see 

vnderjlfi ^jS] 
frVty t»r«oce«r«t. ) ^^^ 

2* *** * V CLI J turt phurtt j 

from cTT to make haste.) adv. In- 
■tantly, qniokly, presently. 
H. Ul JJ tartardtd, adj. 1. Very greasy. 

2. Dripping with moistnre. 
A. <-_ ^J-» j} tariihf (inf. ii. of ^^^^^ 
he set in order.) s. f. Arrangement, 
disposition, order, method. i^^ j Gy 

U>i> To order, arrange, compose, as- 
sort, adjust, &o. 

^Pd) adv. Hastily, aaickly. 

fi. c:^«X^ J iri'jagat, J 

8ee Cj^y 
▲. 4jiUk»- J ter;iim«H, s. m. An iater- 

A. iA,^^ tar jama or tor/ufna, s. «• 

Translation, interpretation. 
A- ^J^y to*7»*t (inf. II. of ^>^ 
the balance inclined.) s. f . Gaining a 
saperiority, preference. ^i^f 

)L Unreasonable prefe^nce 
UjJ ^J^y To prefer. 

A. P. jJb ^i^} tarfi* 'hand, A kind of 
■ttnsa, in whioh one line recura at 

stated intervals, (c ^^i Return, re- 

5. l^^-f* tirchhd, (f?!^"^) adj. I. 

Crooked, across, bent, oblique, awry, 
aakannt. 2. Perverse. 3. Affected, 

foolish. \jJ ^\ |-4>-y To look 
ang^ly, oast unkind looks, ic^y 
Jai Leer, ogle, side glance, squint. 

A. |»^y tarahhum, (inf. v. of *^) 
s. m. Pity, compassion, kindness. 

A. mJ^i tarlAim, (inf. ii. of ^^i 

cutting off at the end.) s. f. Abbrevia- 
tion, contraction, apocope (in gram- 

A. Ji) J taraddud, (inf. v. of i>. retnru- 

injr.) 8. m. 1. Irresolution, flnocuatioa^ 
suspension of judgment, wavering, 
anxious consideration, trouble (of 
mind). 2. Debating, rejecting, con* 
trivance. H, Cultivation. 

8- LT^^y «»-*-<I»«i,(f^ft^> f?l Three, 

and CN Evil, fault) s. m. Efferves- 

eenee of the three humours, vis. 
phlegm, bile, and atrabilU, 


A. Jjfc> J tardid, (inf. ii. of Ji) B. f. 
BepelHng, opposing, rejection. u^«^ 
SijdS Tke disjunctive conjunction, 

H. (^ J tar$, 8. m. Compassion, mercy. 

Ul^^ (M*.S To compassionate, to 

P. ,^J tor«, (^ra)* 8. m. (^cU-y 
to fear) Pear, terror. 

P. Lm«i tarsi, s. m. A christian, a wor- 
shipper of fire, a gnebre, a paj^n, an 
infideL [adj. Fearful, timid. 

P. lO^y tarsan^ (part. act. of ^^J^^^i***]^) 
a, ULm J tar sand ^ ((p|tf to thirst for) 

(cans, of ULmJ ) V. a. To cause to 
long, set agog, to tantalize, to teaae* 




I. ^JUmJ tirsath or tirsat^ (f^lMl^) adj. 


f. Uoj J tarasnd, {^W^) v. n. 1. To 

long, to desire nuxionsly, be agog. 2. 
To pity. 3. (dakh.) To beseech, 
crave oi^desire earnestly. [fied. 

P. L.^ JUm J tarS'Tid^, adj. Timid, terri- 

8. Jyw J tri'smlf (T?RTq3) s. m. A trid- 
ent, a three-pointed pike or spear 
(especially, borne by Siva). 

H. -jMw J tar«on, adv. The third day 

past or to come (not inolading the 
present, i. e. two days intervening). 

A. (Jjuw J farsti, (inf. ii. of (J»**j) Send- 
ing, transmitting. 

P. iii J ^Mr«?», adj. 1. Sonr, acid, harsh, 
gruff. 2. Ill-tempered, crabbed. 
• . tiS adj. Cynical, morose, surly. 

stern, ugly. ^]j^ or ^jio ^y 
adj. Sour-tempered, harsh. 
A. ^S taraahshuh (inf. y. of ^j 

exuded.) s. m. Exuding, dropping (as, 
sweat, Ac). 2. Dripping, distilling. 
3. A small rain, niisling rain. 

P. H. 'Juiy taraahna, (from ifil J) v. n. 
To be cut or pared. 

s. iLi J iHshnay (cT^^Jf , ^ to desire.) 

8 f. Thirst, ambition, desire, avarice. 

(Pers. ^uLtJ Thirsty). 

P. H. uLm^i J tarashwdnd, (caua. of iJul^ J 

To be cut) V. a. To cause to cut or 

P* |4m!» J tursh-if s. f . Sourness, acidity, 

harshness ; gruff ness. (^4)1^ l^J^ 
adj. Acid or flatulent (a medical term). 
A. J^ J taroisud, (inf. v. of iX«^i) s. m. 
Expectation, hope. 

A. ^.Xcy farjt* (inf. IL of %>^f) 8. 

Setting or adorninj? with jewels ; com- 
posing so a 3 to give to each word a 
correspondent of like measaro and 

A. <«,^JLxy targliih, (inf. it. of y^^^^^j 

desiring greatly.) s. f. Exciting 
desire, incitement, enconragemcnti 
instigation, temptation, stimulation. 

UkC J To set agog, excite, 

iitcite, to tempt, to allure, entice, in- 

*• L^^viy tttraqquhy (inf. v. of ^mm^-^j) 
s. m. Contemplating, expectation. 

A- iJ>y taraqqlf (inf. v. of jJ?. he as- 
cended) s. f. 1. Promotion, prefer- 
ment, advancement, elevation. 2. In- 
crease, improvement. 3. Making pro- 
gress in learning, proficiency. 

A. j^J tarqhn, (inf. ii. of ^it) s- f. 

Writing, noting, pointing orthographi- 
cal ly, placing the vowel points. 

A. P. i^y turh, (cl*^^) B. m. 1. A 

soldier. 2. A Musalman, properly, a 
Turk, which in Persian takes many 
other meanings). 

A. iiiy tarh, 8. m. (vS-^ 1»© 1«^<^ »0 
Abandoning, abandonment, omissioD, 
leaving, deserting, abdication, ^^f 

l-JJI Disrespect. liJ vS-5^* To 
abandon, forsake, quit, cease, resign. 

P. vS^ iark^ 8. An iron helmet or cap 

worn in battle. 
«. 1^^ turukj s. m. A Tork. [tables. 

H. ^lO J tarXriri, 8. f. Esculent vege- 

8. 1. Inroad, 


, - . - 2. Feigned 

P. ufj^f turlS'tdMt, f. J anger (of a 

lover). 3. Walking affectedly or with 
a tossing about of the body. 

a. \1S^ tirkuld, (Rl«rMi) 8. m. A mix- 

tnre of dry ginger, long pepper, and 
black pepper. [A quiver. 

**• {J^y tarkaah, (for yjiSuo) s. m. 

P- ^' ^3 turk-an^ or turk-in^ 

P. H. ^y turk-aiii, or turk- r(from 

*. .*U> J tuTk'id»t m. i \je 
\ UfJ^/ turh^tdni, f. J a^ 




i^< j>) s. f. A Turkish woman. 

B. ^^y tri^kon, (f^^Ft'n) adj. Trian- 
gular. (C^JLjU)' 

A. 9^1 tarifai, 8. m. . {jf^^ left) The 

estate of a deceased person. A be- 
quest, a leg^jr* Inheritance. 

«. |<-*-*^y ftr-Jkfct*n/i, 8. f. A trivet, 
P. |<^ J furfci, 1. adj. Tnrkish. 2. a. m. 

A kind of horse, i-f^ ^U" l*^;^ 
Spoilt, destroyed. 

A. L^^ji(^ tarkih, (inf. ii. of ^*'^^j 

overlaid.) s. f. 1 Composition, mixture, 
cement, make, form, fashion, mode, 

mechanism. jJb V— ^<^> J A kind of 

poem. 2. (Gram.) Analysis. 

H. ) J tarliy s. m. 1. A kind of bamboo. 

2. adj. Lower, nethermost. 

■• t^f^yf tri-lochan^ (i?|0>|T|rj having 

three eyes). 8. m. The Hindu deity, 
an epithet of 8hiva. 

s. viJ^J;* tri'lolc, m. (f?|^5t^, % 

Three, and ^^ World), s. The 

three worlds, i. e. Heaven, earth, and 
the regions under the earth ; the 

universe. ^4^*^ 

P. ^^ jI« J turumturi, 8. f (dakh.) See 

P. jJ*-*?* turumtt^ (Pen. ty^^) *• ™' 

The name of a hawk. 
B. !•>« J tirmira, s. m. 1. A spot of oil, 

Ac., swimming, or floating on water. 2. 
An ocular spectrum, or spark appear- 
ing before the eye from the internal 
state of that organ. 

B. [i\y^S tirmirdnij v. n. 1. To vibrate, 

to dazzle, to thrill. 2. To glisten as 
grease or oil swimming on water. 

{. ^fS tirmiri, (from ICTIhI Dark- 
ness.) 8. f. Vertigo, darkness. (Per- 
haps, amaurosis or blindness from 

«. K2Jjyo^ tri'mirH, (R|*im) 

8. f . 

Trinity ; the three principal Hindu 
deities. The Triad. 

A. j^X^ji tarmtm, (inf. ii. of a. Mend* 
ing) s. f. Mending, repniring. 

^' clH to*^«» (cT^^l) adj. Toung, 
juvenile, adult. See ^'%^ 

*• (j/ iarani, (r. cI Gross, traverse) 1. 
(cT^t^) 8. m. The sun. 2. 8. f. A 

boat. 3. taran (c1<^l) s. m. Passing 

over ; escaping, being saved. 4. One 
who is saved or delivered* 

A* t^ji turunjf B. m. (-. J) A citron. 

^' er^^^O* °' ur^r^y taranjuhin or 
taranguliny or taranjahin or taranga' 
bin, s. m. 1. Manna (produced from 
the Hedysarum alhagi). 2. (by this 
name some call) Honey mixed with 

lime-juice. Sec. [ IjJaJ 

9r tSiji tirondd^ 8, (dakh.) A buoy. See 

8. i^Siy tarang, (cf^'l) s. f. 1. Wave, 

emotion. 2. Whim, conceit, fancy, 

caprice. 3. Becoming state and dig* 

nity. • 4. Transport, rapture. Whim, 

A {^S^S turang^ (rl?[^) s. m. A horse. 

A. ^ J tarannum, (inf. v. of ^"t) s. m. 

A song, modulation. [a scimitar. 

-' J J^ *<*»*w^»'' (c^^^Ik) s. f. A sword, 

P. S;'«^^ J far-o-fasa, adj. New, fresh 
and ripe ; quite fresh, cheerful. 

P. p'JjaJi tar-o-Ui%a-gif B. f. Newness, 

». I) ijJ tarwariyaf O'^y) *• *"• ^* 

A sword. 2. A swordman, a fencer. 

a. 1*3J*J tiraunda, \jJ and 3^ 

Water) s. m. A buoy, beacon. 
$• i«X>)J tironda^ s. m. (dakh.) See 

t i3j A .i [<^^° 1 concealed . 

■• OW <»ro;ite, (fcRtf|c!) adj. Hid* 



mit, consign : to salute (most respect- 
fally), to make obeisance, to homage, 

to do homnge. Uyb mJ^***^ T^o be 

resigned or committed. 
^> iiAtuJ tasma, 8. m. A thong, a strap 
of leaMier. (Often ?rom round the 

loins). UfiCU^ JUmmJ To strangle 
A, JU4mmJ tcmmiya, (inf. V. of ^Imm or 

i^Am) 8. m. Nomination, giving a 

name to ; the hismi-Ulakf &o. (ased by 
Muhammadans at the beginning of any 
act or work). 

A. i^JUmJ tasannun^ (inf. v. of V**. -^"■) 
s. m. The being or becoming a Sunnt. 

A. A.AJLgijJ tctsniniy (from a-^) b. A 

water or fountain of paradise. 

B. mmJ ta«6ii, B. m. An inch. 

A. i3JMMJ foffUTtel, (inf. ii of JImm) b. f. 

1. Making black. 2. The draught of a 
letter, &c., a rough copy, a sketch, a 
plan, delineation. 

A. Qjky*sJ ta8*hili (inf. ii. of u^**) b* ^• 

Making easy, facilitating. 

A. Jj\jitJ tnahahuhf (inf. vi. of dJJt) s. m. 
Similitude, resemblance, likeness. 

A. \_Q«A-^» ta»hariff s. plur. of uJbytJ 

A. ^JfLuJ tosKd^uZ, (inf. yi. of (JCt) 
s. m> Mutual resemblance* 

A. Hk^') tanhuhbHh (inf. y. of Hif^) s. m. 
Resemblance, similitude* 

A. ^^y^7 tashhih, (inf. ii. of dJJt made 
*• • * * 

like it.) s. f. A simile, comparison 
allegory, metaphor. JLAxlj kmm9j>' 

Adverb of similitude. Ubi) dJ^ ikil>3 
To assimilate, liken, compare. 

tashattut, (inf. v. of 

.* . * 


8. m. Dispersion, distraction, separa- 
tion, [small plate, a saucer. 

H. ^JLU tdshtari, 8. f. A salver, a 

tashakhkh'^t (inf. v. of 
i^) 8. m. Identifying, particu- 

lArigiDgi appropriation. 

A. ^joXs***^ tcLsh^Uy (inf. il. of ^ 

it was individuated) s. f. 1. I 
guishing perfectly, aiicertainmer 
word much used by physicians, 
note their having ascertained t1 
order of a patient, &c.). 2. Vak 

3< Assessment* \jS ^^aJ^s^** 

ascertain (a disease). 

A. t^SuS tafhaddudf (from iXm ] 

tensified it.) 1- s. m. Seizin 
holding firmly or by force, sh 
vehemence or severity. 2. adj. S 
robust, corroborated, confirmed. 


A. J^JJtJ tashdli, (inf. ir. of S^ 
1 . Consolidating, corroboratio 
Putting the orthographical 

tashdUd, ("*) over letters, whi( 

notes that they should be pron( 
double. 3. The name of the chf 



c JmJ tiuharru (inf. v. of 

s. m. 1. The ordinances of a pi 
particularly the laws of Muha' 
2. Acting agreeable to those or 

tashrihf (inf. ii. of ^ 

8. f« 1. Explanation, declaratio 
Anatomy, dissecting a body, m 

^li) Anatomist. 3. Declaratioi 

A. ujb jAJ tashrtf, (inf. ii. of 

became exalted.) s. f. 1. (your 
your worship) Honouring, ex 
2. Investinsr with a splendid 

lj^<««i (mean simply) To go 

come. UlsiN coJvmJ Tog 

U) (^^J^ To come, %. e., to ! 

with one's presence (never e 
one's self, except by a king). 

A. tl5o JtJ taahrik, (inf. ii. of (^ 

8* Associating with, common i' 
K, ^A*iJ tashaffi, (inf. v. of 

8. f. 1. Consolation. 2. Be< 
calm (after anger), calmness, sc 
tion (of mind). 




A, JL^ kuhannuj\ (inf. v. of ^J^) 

8. in* The cramp, oonvQlsion, spasm, 
twitching. [Temptation. 

F- ^vlui) «wfcna-sri, a. f. 1. Thirst 2. 

F- iULlj «M?ina, adj. Thirty. (cT^TST) 

^^ AJuU Blood-thirsty. U^ ^uL^ 

To make thirsty : (met.) to create de- 
««,. to f,^ *i^ or ^- 

V^ adj. Thirsty. ^ iUL^ a. f. 

Thirstineaa, the state of having parch- 
ed lips. 

A. ^jJLwLT iashni,* (inf. Ii. of ^JLm 

taunt.) a. f. Disparaging, slandering* 
tannting, reproach. See. ^io 

A. A 

A A 

A. iimJmmJ tashtnslif (inf. ii. of (jmaw 

became perplexed.) s. f. 1. Gonfasion. 
2. Distraction. 3. Anxiety, grief, 
disquietude, alarm, apprehension* 

A. S^U tashahhudf (inf. v. of 

dLlOl^) a. m. 1. Making a pro- 
fession of religions sentiments. 2. 
Avowing belief in the unity of the 
deity and the mission of Muhammad. 

A. ji-Y**^ Uuhhir, (inf. ii. of CLJyym 

published abroad.) a. f. Proclaim- 
ing, publishing, reciting in public. 2. 
Marking a criminal, public exposure 
(of a criminal, Ac, by carrying him on 
an ass, &c. through thp city). 

A. uJfJiiS taahaiyul^f (inf. v. of OUt) 

8. m. Ostentatious pretence to, or 
display of rank or dignity. 

A. C«.««%ft43^ T ^*'* taahaiyu^'mcmhah, 

1. Heresy. 2. The sect of shi^a, fol- 
lowers of Ali. See Jl^ftXit 

A. ^jXmJ tashaiyunt (inf. ▼. of ^;wm) 

8. m. Displaying of state, dignity, 
ostentation. [eighth lunar mansion. 

8. JLA^ iishya, (fcT^) 8. m. The 

A. «XcLa> ia«d*ud, (inf. yi. of Smjo) 
8. m. Ascending, becoming difficult. 


A* v.JUoU^ taadntf^ s. plur. (of 
immSLXLai") Literary compositions. 

A. jly^ tasdmrf s. plur. (of jim^ 

OTfj^^ pictured) Pictures, portrait, 
image, &c. 



taa'hih, (inf. I. of 

was restored to soundness.) s. f. Bee- 
tification, correction, emendation, ver- 
ifying, illustrating, attestation, putting 
in order. 

taa*hSh-a, a. m. Muster. 

C Ii) The office in which the 

horses taken up for service are 

A. LMsgf^ taa*hif, (inf. il. of 4— c*^) 

8. f. 1. Making an error in writing. 
2. Writing. 3. Changing the diacriti- 
cal points so as to alter the pronunci- 
ation and meaning of a word. 

A. ^t}^ tasadduqy (inf. v. of ^S^ 

he said true.) s. m. 1. Giving alms 
(particularly, with a religions view). 
2. Alms. 3. Sacrificing, sacrifice, 

devoting. (Plur. CL;ti Jc^)* 

\jjS ^S^ To devote, to sacrifice. 

A. mj>J^ (Ofdr, (inf. II. of cSta 

split) 8.f . 1. The headache. 2. Affliction, 
trouble, annoyance, vexation, toil, per- 
plexity. 'JbO «^J^ To incommode, 
trouble, vex, tease, plague, annoy. 
[jS ^JugJ To take the trouble. 

A. £jiju^ fofdtg, (inf. ii. of ^«3wp 

truth) s. f . Verifying, attesting, verifi- 
cation, acknowledging as true, appeals 

jy^ Ii ^J^ Presupposition. 

A. immij^aS tfuarruf, (inf. ▼. of 4^yc) 

a. m. 1. Possession, use, sway. 2. 
Expenditure, disposal, embezslement, 

>•> immSyOi or cjyo) 

\ii iji^ To take or get possession of. 
to apply to one'f own purpose, em- 




«. ^„^f tri'Venl, f?R^ B. f . See 

1*. S J fara, 8. m. Oarden -herbs, pot- 
tage, greens, ly*^ ji <y A gfreen-gro- 




*/*-••- . f C den- 
. ylJlti »y <aro-fexa«, ^ 

H. ,Jt J turAt, B. f . A tminpet, a clarion. 

B. i^i J tura*lf 8. f. I. The name of a 

kind of cacnmber. 2. A musical in- 

P. ^J iar-i^ 8. f. 1. Moisture, fresh- 
ness, water fin opposition to dry land). 
2. Rugar. ^ ^^ adv. By water. 

fr Lf J firiya or trtya, (^f) s. f. A 
woman, maid, female> wife. SjJ^ •> 
The science of women, knowledge of 
woman, ff^^f (^I'^K^l) b. m. 

Female wiles, 'r^j^^f (tpTl'^l^) 

Amazon country, petticoat goyem- 

A. ijljy firyiig, 8. m, 1. Treacle ; (but, 

in Hindustan it always means) opium. 
2. An antidote. 3. A remedy for 
every disease. 

A. tj^ I'i y^.,f ii^cuq-faruq, 8. m. The 

name of a medicine, an antidote to 

P. Li^J J iiryak, s. m. See ^^ J 

H. \j>S tarejUt b. m. The falling of 

water from a spout, or from any 

P. ^ji J tarin, 1. A particle added to 

adjectives, to form the snperlative 
degree; most, very. 2. adj. Moist, 
fresh, good. 

f • t(3jb J tirendd, (r. cT Float) s. m. A 

B. j! taf, 8. m. 1. Party, division, fao- 

ijon. 2. (cl7) An imitative lonnd. 

H. IjJ taju, s. m. An island. 

H. }^\Ji taraka, ». m. The Bound of atrik- 

5- Uhl turana, (cauB. of L)?J) v. a. To 

cause to break, to change (money). 

H. v^jjj tarap, (from Ujjj>) 8. f. HaBte, 

hurry, outrageouBness, explosion, fury, 
leap, jump. 

H. libj! tarpana^ (causal of Ui^) v. a 

1. To put in great agitation. 2. To 
cause to flutter or stumble. 

H. LujJ tarapna, or UfijJ v. n. 1. To 

flutter, palpitate, fluence, be agitated, 
writhe, jump, spring, bound, wriggle, 
quiver, vibrate, toss. 2. To be very 
desirous about anything. 8. To thirst 
after, to be dying for. 

H. ^Jj taraph, (from Ufi Jj) s. f . Agi- 
tation, tossing about, palpitation. 

B. Ul|jjl tarphdna, v. a. See l>'«jjJ 

H. Uh^^ tarphardn&, v. n. To flutter, 

to paJpitate 
B. ci.*vJtIj-fJ jJ t€irv^rahai, (from 

lilj^ ^ ) B. f. Act of fluttering! 

B. iimJI tofus, 8. m. (dakh.) The hyena 

P. B. UijJ taraqna, (^j«3ji^)) v. n. To 

be orackedr to be eplit. 

B. \Lfy» tirik, 8. f. (dakh.) Great pain 

B. Kjj tarkdt 8. m. Dawn of day. ^^ 

adv. In the morning early, at dawn. 
of day. 

P. B. U^ tarakna, (^J^/) ▼• "• To 

be cracked, be Bplit, burst, crack, gape, 

«. UljijI turujdna, (oauial of U?y ) v. a. 

To cause to break. 

B. ".Jj tarwar, B. (dakh.) Name of a 

shrub the bark of which is used io 
tanning, as the seedB and leaveB are 
uBed medicinally by the native practi- 




tvbzuk, 8. m. 1. Retinae, pomp, 
ilation, ordinance, institute. 

tatkiya, (inf. II. of ^j) *• 

ig, sanctifying : justifying (by 
es), approving. 

azaUul^ (inf. II. of i^^j) 8. m. 1. 

bion, agitation, trepidation. 2. 

tazwij, (inf. II. of 4^9;) ■• ^• 

azwir, (inf. il. of j^j) •• ^• 
ire, deceit, stratagem, lie. 
ta»*in, (inf. ii. of \JL^j) 

ressing one's self* decoration, 
at, hononr, jewel. 

tis, inflect, pron. (from ^ J 

Sans. cH??) That, which, of 

B, Ac, JUmJ Besides, over and 

moreover yet, nevertheless, 
an, after that, thereon, whereat. 

(»*J Thereon, nevertheless, 

iasamuh, (inf. Yi. of ^^um) 

. Reciprocal indulgence, mu- 
.dness and forgiveness, conni- 
2. Double meaning. 

J tasdvotf (inf. vi. of f^y** 

[ual) s. f. Similarity, same- 
[uality, neutrality. 

• tasdhulf (inf. VI* of Uif*** 

soft, easy.) s. m. 1. Conniv- 
, pardoning. 2. Carelessness, 

J iashih, (inf. ii. of ^JU*j He 

) 8, f. 1. ITie act of praising 
S. A rosary, a chaplet of beads 
plied to a Hindu rosary). 

'^ tasthir, (inf. il. of jss^ 

ght him under.) s. f. 1. Tm-* 
ig of an evil spirit. 2. Taking 
g hold, subduing, captivating, 

jia^ Captivating of hearts. 


A. iimJ^iXmJ t'UidU, (inf. ii. of i mtiXam^ 

8. f. 1. Dividing into six parts. 2. A 
sextile aspect of the stars. 

«. ^mJ faanr, (?|ti<) 8. m. A kind of 

coarse silk, the produce of n jj^articnlnr 
worm (Bomhyx paphin) thnt feeds on* 
the dbsan found wild in many parts 
of India (Terminalia alnta tomen* 
tosa), &c. • 

A. •jis'^J tatttir^ (inf. ii. of M***) 

s. f. Delineating, writing. 
A. 'c.jmJ Ub*, adj. Nine. 

A. ^jlCwJ taskiny (inf. ii. of ^^^ Was 
quiet, allayed, remained) p. f. Conso- 
lation, comfort, pacifying. ^jlxamJ 

^jJuflC adj. Assuasive, mitigating, 
consolatory ; an anodyne. See ^J"**^ 

H. LmT tdsld, s. m. A vessel used bj 
Hindus to dress their victuals. 

A. (JggJLMj tasalifulf (inf. li. of JcLiJLam 

rippled like a chain) s m. ]. Connect- 
ing like a chnini concatenation, associ- 
ation of ideas, infinite series, succes- 
sion. 2. Flowing (as, of water). 

A. IoLmI fofallut, (inf. v. of joLm He 
ruled) 8. m. Domination, sway, abso- 
lute rule, commanding despotically. 

A. jJLwJ taaalli, (inf. v. of iJ»*m or jLm 

He was quiet, became consoled.) s. f. 

Consolation, comfort, solace. I^aT 

[fi^ adj. Consolatory, comforting. 

Lbi) |<1mJ To comfort, to console. 

A. ^ijImjJ laalimf (inf. ii. of Aut he was 

safe) 8. f. 1. Delivery, consignment- 
surrender, resignation. 2. Keoom- 
mending to the care or protection of, 
another. 3. Saluting most respect- 
fully, homage, obeisance, touching the 
ground with the fingers and then 
making aaldm, 4. Health, security. 

(Piur. cyUjkLJ • US'usr cyUjJuJ 


To resign, snrrender, cede, qqul* 



mit, consign : to salute (most respect- 
fnlly), to make obeisance, to homage, 

to do homnge. Uyb mJ^***^ To be 

resigned or committed. 
^< J(4mmJ tasma, 8. m. A thong, a strap 
of leaMier. (Often ?rorn round the 

loins). iJifiSXX^ JUmmJ To strangle 

A, JLMmmJ toktmiya, (inf. it. of ^Imm or 

i^Am) 8. m. Nomination, g^iving a 

name to ; the hifmi-l-laJi, &o. (ased by 
Mahammadans at the beginning of any 
act or work). 

A. i^JUmJ tasannun^ (inf. v. of C^J^) 
s. m. The being or becoming a Sunni. 

A. aJJujJ ta«nim, (from ^3^) s. A 

water or fountain of paradise. 

B. yMJ tasBM, 8. m. An inch. 

A. iJJyMJ to^toui, (inf. ii of JImm) 8. f. 

1. Making black. 2. The draught of a 
letter, &o., a rough copy, a sketch, a 
plan, delineation. 

A. Jjl^MiJ <cw'Wl, (inf. II, of (jLy«M) 8. f. 

Making easy, facilitating. 

A. JCjLmJ ta»hahuhf (inf. vi. of iJJit) 8. m. 
Similitude, resemblance, likeness. 

A. u.AJIiImJ ta^hdrif, 8> plur. of uJU[»«mJ 

A. ^JfLuJ toxHdX^uI, (inf. yi. of (JCt) 
8. m. Mutual resemblance* 

A. JUkJtJ ta^huhhHh (inf. y. of JUU^) s. m. 
Resemblance, similitude. 

A. <K>«»^A? ttfsHbt/i, (inf. II. of dJJ*t made 

like it.) 8. f. A simile, comparison 

allegory, metaphor. ^^:^Am!J i.^^^. 

Adverb of similitude. Uui) JLK ikil>3 

.. ... 

To assimilate, liken, compare. 

A. ^j:,-*'^-* tashattut, (inf. v. of c:^) 

8. m. Dispersion, distraction, separa- 
tion, [small plate, a saucer. 

H. ^JLlJ tashtarif 8. f. A salver, a 

A. *>3ac**** tashakhkh^^ t (inf. v. of 
^ y^ ) 8. m. Identifying, particu- 

)iurhiDgj appropriation. 

A. ^joJ^a:'*^ tashl^ia, (inf. ii. of (jeaf** 

it was individuated) s. f. 1. Distin- 
guishing perfectly, ascertainment. (A 
word much used by physicians, to de- 
note their having ascertained the dis- 
order of a patient, &c.). 2. Yalnation. 

3< Assessment. Up ijoXa^**^ To 

ascertain (a disease). 

A. JiXAi faf?iacidu(i, (from SJ** he in- 
tensified it.) 1- 8. m. Seizing and 
holding firmly or by force, shewing 
vehemence or severity. 2. adj. Strong, 
robust, corroborated) confirmed. 

A. JuijJtJ tafthdid, (inf. ii. of Jm^) 8. f. 

1. Consolidating, corroboration. 2. 
Putting the orthographical mark 

iashdid, ("*) over letters, which de- 
notes that they should be pronounced 
double. 8. The name of the character 

A* c jJtMJ tiuharru (inf. v. of ^ f**) 

8. m. 1. The ordinances of a prophet 
particularly the laws of Muhammad. 

2. Acting agreeable to those ordinan- 

A. f^JLi tashrihf (inf. ii. of ^ «m») 

8. f* 1. Explanation, declaration. 2. 

Anatomy, dissecting a body. t^^JLi 

^li) Anatomist. 3. Declaration. 

A. \_ Q* J— * tashrift (inf. Ii. of i^^Jit 

became exalted.) s. f. 1. (yonr honor, 
your worship) Honouring, exalting. 
2. Investinsr with a splendid h>be. 

ULeJ tJ\j^ **-^.r^ And 4.^ J^ 
U^J (mean simply) To go or to 

come. Ulsnr u^»mJ Togo, and 

lit ^g*.— ^ To come, i. e., to honour 

with one's presence (never said of 
one's self, except by a king). 

A. cLio JtJ tashrik, (inf. ii. of ^^J^) 

8. Associating with, communicating. 
A. ^i*ij tashaffi, (inf. v. of ^-A-l) 

s. f. I. Consolation. 2. Becoming 
calm (after anger), calmness, satisfac- 
tion (of mind). 




A, JL^ kuhannujf (inf. v. of ^J^) 

8. mt The cramp, oonvnlsion, spasm, 
twitching. [Temptation. 

F- ^vlA) «w^na-^i, 8. f. 1. Thirst. 2. 

F. idL^ fM^fMi, adj. Thirty. (cT^TST) 

^^ aJuU Blood-thirsty. U^ ^uLU 
To make thirsty : {met.) to create de- 

V»^ adj. Thirsty. _a! iuLuJ a. f. 

Thirstiness, the state of having parch- 
ed lips. 

A. ^jJLwuT iashni* (inf. Ii. of ^JLm 

taunt.) B. f. Disparaging, slandering* 
tannting, reproach. See. ^io 

A. A 

A A 

A. iimJmmJ tashtBuhf (inf. it. of (jm^w 

became perplexed.) s. f. 1. Gonfasion. 
2. Distraction. 3. Anxiety, grief, 
disquietade, alarm, apprehensiont 

A. iVyjuJ tashahhud, (inf. v. of 

dLlOl^) s. m. 1. Making a pro- 
fession of religious sentiments. 2. 
Avowing belief in the nnity of the 
deity and the mission of Mahammad. 

A. Jj-Y**^ tcuhhir, (inf. ii. of CLJy^ 

published abroad.) a. f. Proclaim- 
ing, publishing, reciting in public. 2. 
Harking a criminal, public exposure 
(of a criminal, Ac. by carrying him on 
an ass, &c. through thp city). 

A. ^j utj taahaiyul^f (inf. v. of OUt) 

s. m. Ostentatious pretence to, or 
display of rank or dig^ty. 

A. C^^iX^ ^J»t»> tashaiyu^'maMhah, 

1. Heresy. 2. The sect of shVa, fol- 
lowers of All. See J^ftiM* 

A. ^^JbiJ tashaiyun, (inf. v. of ^;wi) 

8. m. Displaying of state, dignity, 
ostentation. [eighth lunar mansion. 

8. JLJ^ iishya, (fcT^) 8. m. The 

A. «XcLa> iofd'ttd, (inf. Yl. of Smjo) 
8. m. Ascending, becoming difficult. 


A* V, d^)Uflj taadnif, s. plur. (of 
immSLXK>ai) Literary compositions. 

A. jly^ tasdmrj s. plur. (of J)m^ 

or, .^^ pictured) Pictures, portrait, 
image, &c, * 


A. ^i^^ ««?'*?*, (inf. I. of e:^^ss^ 

was restored to soundness.) s. f. Bee- 
tification, correction, emendation, ver- 
ifying, illustrating, attestation, putting 
in order. 


tas*hih-a, s. m. Muster. 

C lo The office in which the 

horses taken up for service are 

A. LMsgf^ tas'hif, (inf. li. of i^ss^) 

8. f. 1. Making an error in writing. 
2. Writing. 3. Changing the diacriti- 
cal points so as to alter the pronunci- 
ation and meaning of a word. 

A. ^t}^ tasaddttq, (inf. v. of ^jS^ 

he said true.) s. m. 1. Giving alms 
(particularly, with a religions view). 
2. Alms. 3. Sacrificing, sacrifice, 

devoting. (Plur. dJSX^y 

\jjS ^S^ To devote, to sacrifice. 

A. m,j>tV<a? (afd?, (inf. II. of cS^ 

split) sf . 1. The headache. 2. Affliction, 
trouble, annoyance, vexation, toil, per- 
plexity. UbO ^XaS To incommode, 
trouble, vex, tease, plague, annoy. 
\iJ m,j>Jua? To take the trouble. 

A. £j JuoJ tofdiq, (inf. ii. of ^i3wp 

truth) 8. f. Verifying, attesting, verifi- 
cation, acknowledging as true, appeals 

jy^ li ^ J^ Presupposition. 

A. L^foS tcaarruf, (inf. ▼. of 4^yc) 

8. m. 1. Possession, use, sway. 2. 
Expenditure, disposal, embezslement, 

extravagance. 0.3 \mm^yai or c^^«d> 

U) ijt^ To ^^® o' S^^ possession of. 
to apply to one'f own purpose, em- 




bezzle, occupy. Plar. CD'Jj^i^ (in ge- 
neral acceptation for) The sam total 
of expenses. 

A- f^r^ tMrlk, (inf. Ii. of ^ r^ 

became clear) s. f. Evidence, manifes- 
tation, explanation, narration. See 

A- UJU»^*2J tasrifj (inf. ir. of L^j-a 
changing) 8. f. 1. Conjagation, declen- 
sion, inflection (in grammar). 2* 
Changing, toming, oonverting. 

A. J^iuoS tcufiliflr, (inf. ii. of Jua Was 

small) 8. f. Diminution, a diminutive 

A. ^jLJua) taafiya, (inf. ii. of Uwc was 
pore) 8. m 1. Purifying (particularly, 
the mind from ill will), purgation, the 
making clear, clearance. 2. Reconcil- 

A. ^^^JLfa> tofUh, (inf. ii* of ^^)u0) 

8. f • Cmcifizion, making hard, 


A. mA4^ tasmtm, (inf. II* of j^) 8. f. 

Resolve, determinatioD, intention. 
A. ^JLa) taaannu*, (inf. V. ^J^ wrought, 

forged.) 8. m. Making a show of art, 
pretending to an art, specionsness. 

A. v_ ^y^'"^^ taawft (inf. II. of u ^^v 
formed.) s. f. Invention, composition, 
writing (of a book, Ac), (Plur. 

I • • « * *l **v . • w 

!*• a\f^ ^Arrtt or C|| Q ^*V ^> V ^01 l^x>\ 

[ijS To oompoee, write (a book, Ac). 

A. jy^S iaaauwurf (inf. v. of ^ZJjy^ 

became pictured.) s. m. Imagination, 
meditation, idea, conception, appre- 
hension. \iS jyoS To imagine, to 
fancy, to regard. 
A. u •y-^* tcuauwnf, (inf. V. of * ^J*^) 

8. m. The theology of the Mufis or 
mystics of the oast; mystery, con- 
templation, (bed&nt.) 

A. jly^ tatwir, (inf. if. of \£LJjyifi pic- 
tured.) 8. f. A picture, portrait, an 
image. A»l»- ]^..y^ ^ picture gallery. 
UlL ^^ or li^U^ ^^" To 
draw, Ac to paint. 

A. jLoi taifdddf (inf. vi. of J^) s. m. 

Contradiction, contrariety, absurdity, 

A. CSj^s^ taif*?uk, (inf. ii. of u 

Ho laughed) 8. f. Mocking, derision, 

A. c f>Jti taMarru\ (inf. ▼. of c j^) 

8. m. 1. Supplication. 2« Lamenting. 

A. \_okm,A\ tan^l^f (inf. ii. of (..Am) 

8. f. Doubling, increasing. Making 

A. ^^JL4^ tatmtn, (inf. il. of ^j^) 

8. f. 1. Giving satisfaction for an 
injury. 2. Comprehending or includ- 
ing one thing in another. 8. Inserting 
the verses of another in one's own 
poem. 4. Giving security. 5. Intrust- 
ing with another. 6. Lending on 
interest. 7. Putting in a purse or 

strong box. \jS ^^Xa>JS To insert 

the Terses of another in one*8 own 
poem, making the one correspond 
with the other. 

A. j^- fa,i«, I (j^^ „^ ^f ^_j^) 
A. ^kjJS taMyi\ J 8. f. Spoiling, 

wasting, idling (away time). 

Cl->li«l Idling away time; ennui, 
weariness. Defacing. 
A. ^UaJ taialuq, (inf. VI. of ^^aSo) s. m. 

Similarity, congruity, concurrence, 
analogy, cohesion, according. 

A. J^l^ tatdwul, (inf. vi. of J^) 

8. m. Usurpation, tyranny, conquest, 
rudeness, insolence. Ti'eachery. 

A. jyuJflJ taihiq, (inf. il. of ^jJo) s. f. 

1. Comparing, likening. 2. Drawing 
up in line, or making to confront (as, 
two armies). 

A. (Jj^^ tatwilj (inf. ii. of Jklo) s. f. 

Extending, leng^thening, prolongation, 
stretching out, prorogation. 

A. jX^ tat'hir, (inf. Ii. of Cl^l^) 

8. f. Purification, purfsration, sanctifi- 
oation. Washing (with water). 




A. JllaJ tagallumf (inf. v, of J^^) 8. m. 

Groaning andor oppression, complain- 
ing of injustice, injury, oppression. 

A. UiJkliu toiiru/, (inf. yi. of c^jC) 

8. ni. I. Mntnal acquaintance. 2. 
Knle, fashion, custom. 

A- C^,^liJ to'dqub, (inf. VI. of t^_-Sr 

coming after one.) a. m. 1. Pursuit. 
2. Persecuting. 3. Alternate succes- 
sion, following. (UsCL>)* 

A. ddll J'siJ ta*dl allOh, interj. Good 

God! [God! Bravo! 

A- J'oJ J'jo fa*ai to'tfi, interj. Good 

A. Jj'jJ ^o'JU, (from yic) adj. Most 

high, jdll jJ'^ The most high God. 

A- ^^^«^ ^a'£iu?u», (inf. VI. of ^^J^^) B.m, 

Assistance, conspiring. 

A. C^^KJ <a*ab, 8. m. f. Labour, lassi- 
tude, weariness, toil, trouble. 

A. jXijo ta*bir, (inf. ii. of .AC He passed 

over) 8. f . I. Explanation, interpreta- 
tion (particularly, of dreams). 2. 

Attribute, quality. ^T «-{^Aio s. m. 

An interpreter of dreams. 

A. aJUuJ ta*hiya, (inf. il. of UC or *Ac) 

8. m. 1. Arrangement, disposition. 2 

Drawing up of an army. 3. Inlaying. 
A. C^^AflE** ta*ajjuhf (inf. v. of <- ^^ 

wonder.) s. m. Wondering, admira- 
tion, surprise. (Ua>-1) 

A. Jj^ ta*jil, (inf. II. of J«^) 
8. f. Agility, haste, despatch, expedi- 
tion, urge, press. 

A. fc>l JkjJ ti^dad or ta^dad, (from JAc 

numbered.) s. f . I. Number. 2. Com- 
putatiim, enumeration. 3. Amount. 

- * 

A. i^Sso ta^addudf (inf. v. of JJ^) 

8. Exceeding in number, plurality, 
number, a specified sum. 

A- i^Sm te'acidi, (inf. v. of •tXc 

passed from it) s. f. Extortion, ex- 
orbitancy, oppression, cruelty. (Gram.) 

Causation. iiK^^^rij)' 

A. jSxi ta'anury (inf. v. of iJ^c) 8. m. 

Apology. Arab. plnr. CL;1f«XiJ 

A. jijou faVtr, (inf. ii. of j^) 8. f. 

Apologizing, subterfuge, excuse. (Lit- 
tle used). 

A. (j^fO ta'arruM, (inf. v. of {J^j^) 

8. m. Resisting, preventing, hinder- 
ance, obstacle, opposition, impedi- 
ment. Arab. plur. CLi^L^yJ 

A. immJjto ta*arrufj (inf^sV. of i»J.c) 

s. Instructing, notifying, inquiring. 

A. ^^a^yo ta*ri§, (inf. ii. of (j^j^) 

8. f. 1. Enlarging. 2. Making con- 
spicuous. 3. Kendeiing obnoxious. 

4. Ambiguity in speech or hinting ut 
a snbject obscurely, insinuation of evil. 

5. Rendering intricate. 6. Making 
writing illegible. 7- Not dressing 
meat sufficiently. 8. Opposing, ob- 
jooting. 9. Barter, exchange of one 
commodity for another. 

A. (..^yo taVi/, (inf. ii. of i.^.£ 

knew ) 8. f. 1. Explanation, descrip- 
tion. 2. Praise, commendation. 3. 

Assertion. JLl^^Ij J*yar^'u-AJ> jo 

Explaining in terms as little under- 
stood as the thing intended to be ex- 
plained. 4. An introduction to a 

person. See Lmm9\jcy 

A. v^:^J*o ta*ziyat, (inf. ii. of ^j^ 
he enjoined patience.) b. f. Condol- 
ence, lamentation, mourning. «^ ** — ^ > * 

JO«U s. m. Letter of condolence. 

A. •> >J> ta*ztr, (inf. ll. of tic) s. f. 

Punishment, reproof, reprimand. 
A. fJljio ta^zil, (inf. II. of Jjc) s. V 

Removing or deposing from an office. 
A. ^Jjo ta*ziyay (from i^\^) a. m. 1. 

See Cl^yo 2. It is become the 

name of the repi'esentation of the 
tomb of Hasan and Husain^ which is 
thrown into the river at the anniversary 

of the muharratn. A>!^ ^j^ 8. m. 

The place of td^tiya. .Jo Ij tit) Aiy^ 
I One who observer the n\ow\-\\\ii\t^ Vol 




muharram: and, ^ilo ^.yu s. f. 

The observaaoe of it. LLa! di >S 

To observe the mourning daring the 
muhirramj to g^ into monrning. 

A. ^^itJO t^'aththuq, (inf. ▼. of ^^**^) 

8. m. Being or falling in loye, mak- 
ing love. 

A. ^^^-.-n^* taiuatibt (inf. v. of 

twisting, aiding one's party.) s. m. 
Prejndice for or against, bigotry, su- 
perstition, religious persecution. 

A. f^)ejo taHil^ (inf. ii. of JJoc being 

without ornaments, vacant, unoccu- 
pied.) s. f. 1. Abandoning, neglect- 
ing. 2. Rendering useless. 3. Lay- 
ing waste. 4. A holiday, vacation. 


great) 8. f. Beverence, respect, ho* 
nonr, treating with ceremony and res- 
pect, gentility, politeness. 

A. ^^^ftjj to'ajfun, (inf. y.of ^^ stink) 
0. m. Stink, fetor, fetidness, (ii*^) 

A. V,y.*^5ii> ta^aqquh, (inf. ▼. of '-b,^"'*) 
8« m. Punishment, chastisement. 

A. iJOAjJ ta^^d, (inf. if. of Jat) 
Knotting together, causing to unite. 

A. J^AMJ ta*qir, (inf. ii. of Jkz) 8. 

Wounding much. 

At (JjUi fa'aggttZ, inf. v. of (>ac) 8. m. 

1. Understanding, perceiving. 2. In- 

A. rLu ta*(illuq, (inf. v. of Jflc 

it hung to it.) s. m. 1. Relationship. 

2. Connexion, concern, dependence, 
property, possession, appertaining. 3. 
Consideration, reflection. 4. Com- 
merce, correspondence. 5. A manor, 

lordship. ftiXAliu A landholder. 

A eu^UiftT ia*alluqait 8. plur. of Jfliu 
f^jsid Cl^^Jiiiu Worldly coi oorns. 

A. p. ^Ji^lac^A^ ta^alluqa-jat, a plur. (of 
^UuiJ) Lordships (of land), manors. 

A. is^jo ta*aUuqa, (see ^JfJJo) s. m. 1. 

Connexion, relationship. 2. Possee- 
sion of land, fee, manor, lordship, a 

subdivision of a %-a^ i '<3 Smjo Pos- 
sessor of an estate, a lord of a manor, 
landlord, feoffee. 

A. JiiJ ta^allul, (inf. v. of VJI^) 

8. m. Procrastination, excuse, objec- 

A« JLiJ ta^allum^ (inf. v. of JLc ho 

knew it.) s. m. 1. Learning, know- 
ledge, being taught. 2. Study. 

A. iio ttt'oZZi, (inf. V. of ^) 8. f. 

Highness, eminence, exalting one's 
self, appearing conspicuous. 

(Friday is the ;• . (^ (Jukiu of 
Muhammadan school boys.) 
^^jiaiu ta^inm^ (inf. it. of JaC bQoafS6~-A« ^fjJjJ iaHiq^ (inf. ii. of ^Jflc) 8.m 

1. A kind of writing (the Arabic cha. 
racters) used by the Persians. 2. Sus- 
pension. 8. Delaying. 

A. tAAfo ia^Hqa, (from JfLc) 8. m. 

An inventory (of property) ; a list of 

A. JjLJ taHll, (inf. ii. of 

diverting ; altering ) s. f . I. Causing 
one to make an excuse, occasioning. 
2. Changing one of the weak letters 
for another, changing of vowels, (in 

grammar). Plur. CL^ijUT 

A. aJlIiJ taHimt (inf. ii. of JLc he knew 

it.) 8. f. 1. Teaching, ^J^ji 
instruction, tuition. 2. Copying fine, 
writing accurately. \jS j^mo To 
teach, g^ve a lesson. 

A. ^4JO ta'ammuqj (inf. v. of ^jf^). 

8. m. 1. Deepness. 2. Penetrating, 
going deep into anything. 

A. tX^Aio taSnid, (inf. ii. of Jsf ) s. f. 1. 

Propping up. 2. Baptizing. 

A. Jj^4j6 «o*mir, (inf. ii. of ji ho 

dwelt.) 8. f. 1. Rebnildinf^, building, 
structure, repairing. 2. Making a 



• • 


plaoe habitable, productive and popa- 
loas. (Plar. Cl^LjLAio)* \iJ nflAiJ 

To bnild. liyb nM^J To be built. 

A. (JLmju eoSntZ, (inf. ii. of (J^ per- 
formed) 8. f. Cansing to act, putting 
in force (a decree, &c, in law), execu- 
tion (of an order), performance. 

A. itAAAJi ta^miyn, (inf. Ii. of ^^) a, m. 

1. Act of rendering blind. 2> Conceal- 
ing the meaning of a sentence or dis- 
course. (Generally applied to a chro- 
nogram after the manner of ahjad, 
when the clause, which should give 
the date, fails in accuracy, and the 
excess or defect is obscurely indicated 

by another word. Ex. gr. (J^^ J 1 

• ifc)^ Li-i)] u»gjiVni Draw water from 
the pellucid cistern. The letters in 

i^ PjM {ji^ make 943, from which 
snbetracting those of u^l 3, we have 
the date required 940). 3. An enigma* 

A. Jj AiU ta\nMt (inf. ii. of J^f fleeing 

for refuge.) s. m. 1. Having recourse 
to the deity, asking protection. 2. A 

charm, an amulet. ( JU».)* 

A. ^jfiyw taSnq, (inf. ii. of ^5^) ^' ^• 

Suspending, suspension, preventing, 
delaying, averting. 

A. tXyju ta*ahh\idt (inf. v. of i^-c) R. m. 

1. Agreement, engagement. 2. Bent. 

A. ^Xfo id'aiyruh, (inf. v. of i/^) 

p. m. 1. Rejoicing. 2. Procuring a 
livelihood by labour and industry. 
A ^^yJ^ ta'aiyun, (inf. v. of ^^J^ 

appointed.) s. m. Manifestation, ap- 
pointing, appointment, establishing* 
establishment, assigning, deputing. 

A. ^^ ta'in, (for jjXA« inf. ii. of 
i^J^) s. m. Appointing, deputation, 
appointment. Uy i*;^"^ ^^ appoint. 

A. ^JlJjujo ta'inat (for CL^'JLjUiiJ 

plur. of ^^ri^) o- «*• Appointments, 

appointmeoti business, (dakh.) A 

A. kSlAxJjo fa'aiy^n^^ s. plur. (of ^Jju) 

A, ^ilJULiO ta*lndt-i, s. f. The object or 

business of an appointment, &c. tour 
of service, attendance, duty. 

P. j\j6 taghdr, s. m. A tul|^ bucket, 

trough, pail, platter. 

P. i^XfO taghdfi, 8. f. A small tub, 
a kneading — trough, or 1)ucket. 

A. (Jilju taghaftd, (from y^-^Q^ neg- 
lecting.) s. m. 1. Negligence, indif- 
ference, inadvertency* 2. Being ab- 
sorbed as in sleep, &o. j\mJm ^Ijo 

or i/mJj ^Uj adj. Careless, in- 
attentive. ^^Xfiit (Jiijo s. f. In- 
attention, carelessness. 
A. J\J6 tagj^yufj (inf. vi. of jj^) 

8. m. Difference* diversity. 

A. JUdJu taghtiya, (inf. II. of \Sc) sm. 
Food* nourishment. 

A. ^_^^*" toahallub, (inf. v. of 

overpowering.) s. m. Taking advan- 
tage, cheating, imposition, forgery, 

falsification, embezzlement, {^^j}^)' 
A. jJJljo ea^oZZub-l, sir Embezzle- 
ment, adulteration. \ijS j^^aLJ To 
adulterate, counterfeit, forge. 

A. jJiaJ taghannif (inf. v. of Ui) s. f. 

Singing, cooling, celebrating a mis- 
tress in verse, contentment. 

A. jJo taghir, (for vJUlJU inf. ii. of Jkc. 

destroying) s. f. Alteration, change, 
adj. Changed, discharged, dismissed. 

\iji jjJo To remove, dismiss, dis- 
charge (from office), alter, byb -Axj 

V. n. To be altered, removed or dis- 
missed, to alter. % fa^atyiw (inf. v.) 
8. m. Change, alteration, removal. 

A. CLi)1«AJU taghirdt, plur. of J^ 

A. H. i^Y^JO taghir-if s. f. The state of 

alteration of papers or change, revo- 
lution, discharge, dismission, disgrace, 

• •• 



• •• 


A. vJULio taghyJr, s. f. Soo yJkJu 

P* v..fij tuff B. m, 1. Spittle, snliva. 2. 
Execration, cnrso. Intj. Tush ! 

P. ujij' fa/, 8. lu. f. Vapour. 

A. ->^IaJ JafakhuVf (inf. vi. of js^) a. m. 

Boasting among themselTOs, vaunt. 

A. Jji'viJ tafdruq, (inf. VI. of ^t*) 8. m. 
Division, separation, dissension. 

A. dJjliJ ta/riwut^ (inf. Vf. of CLJ»y 

distance) (see Jul) 1. s. m. Distance. 

2. Difference, distinction, contradic- 
tion, disparity. 3. adj. Distant, sepa- 
rate, away, absent. [See J*i) 

^' J*Uj tafaivul, (inf. vi. of J'j) s. m. 

P. 4uLaj <a/M, (for XjS3 part. pass, of 
jJld'J) ]. adj. Hot, burning, melted, 

(Plur. ^JJjSo)' 2. 8 m. Quick lime. 

A. ^Ji^jdio tafiish, (inf. ii. of *£xi 

examining, searching.) 8. f. Examin- 
ation, inquiry, search, investigation. 

A. js^ tafajjur, (inf. v. of ys^) 8. m. 

Suppuration, bursting forth. 

A. fjoss^ tajahhusf (inf. v. of ^jos?) 

8. m. Investigation, inquiry, search, 
disquisition, scrutiny, demanding in- 

A. ^^ t^ifakh&ur, (inf. v. of yk^) 

8. m. Pride, boasting, arrogance. 

Jo tafarrujy (inf. v. of ^ J) 

Recreation, amusement, relax- 
8. m.'^.f mind, to amuse one's self, 
ation 6 

»^'i^iafarruh (inf. v. of ^ *3) 

A. ^ J^ ^ 

, ixc, ease, refreshment. 
8. m. Leisu. ^ 

^ 'if, (inf. v. of c:^^***)^) 

A. ir^fi^ tafaml, Jf 

-^ ^ ,,.^nce, understanding, 

8. m. 1. IntelligCsdging from pliy- 

discemment. 2. Jt 


- •- ^ . /. * ^ ^^ Bopamt- 
A. «X5^ tafrxiia (inf. H. d w>r 

.,..,. ^ , Separation. 

,ng. d.vidmff) a. m. !• ^-tress. 3. 
dispersion, distinction. 2. Div 

Divorce. (Plur. ^jUJ)' \iJ sSJiJ 
To separate, to distinguish. 

i^* ^ j^ fa/r<yi, (inf. II. of ^ J expand- 
ing) s. f. Rejoicing, exhilarating, 

• — 
amusement, gratification. ^^f^ 

waL Ease of mind, cheerfulness, 
hilarity, jest. 

k.SiJo tafrtdt (inf. 1 1, of t>j) 8. f. 

Separation from others, retirement 
from the world (especially, for the 
sake of devotion), the being anique in 
science, &c. 

A. {^j*»iy^ tafrla, (inf. if. of i/^t* ^® 

broke) s. f. Rending, breaking or 
tearing in pieces. 

A. J^jOJ tafriq, (inf. ii. of jj) 8. f. 

1. Separation, division of land 
(SiUA^)* analysis, distinction. 2. Par- 
tition, participation. 3. Jealoosy, 
misunderstanding. 4. Department. 

P' SJJLmiJU tafstda, part. pass, (of 

^t\JuMjJ) 1. Burning, heated, warm- 
ed. 2. Cracked (lips). 
A. jJUmaJ tafslr, (inf. if. of .amJ Be 

interpreted, analyzed.) 8. f. Explana- 
tion, commentary, paraphrase, an 
interpretation of the (^r*an. 

A. (Jju^flJ taffUf (inf. II. of (j^ cut- 
ting, defining.) s. f. Explanation, 
analysis, separation, division, detail. 

\jJ (JJuOaS To detail. tlJu^OAj adv. 
Distinctly, in detail. 

A. (JuAAJ tafaggul^ (inf. v. of (Jw^) 8. m. 
I. Beneficence, kindness, deserving. 2. 

Excelling, excess. (Plur. i** il ^0 >)• 

A. ^JL^iJ tafzlhj (inf. ii. of ^*ii) B. f. 

Disj^race, disrepute, ignominy. 

A. (jLUiAi* tajgilf (inf. ii. of (Juai in- 
ci'easing.) s. f. Excellence, pre- 
eminence. (JlAm^aJ aamI An adjective 

in the comparative or superlative 


qqud, (inf. v. of cXfti Was 

B. m. 1. Searching for a 
2. Kindness. 

khuTy (inf. V. of Sj) s. m. 1. 

, meditation, cogitation, con- 
2. Anxiety. 

Jckuh, (inf. v. of <J^) B. m. 

ig. 2. Penitence. 3. Enjoy- 

Dy thing. (Plur. CL>Iy^)' 

i*/on(7, 8. f. A musket (pro- 
' tube through which a thing 

I. ^^J^ A match-lock 
kcteer; a musket. 

fannun (inf. v. of j^) s- m. 
mt, pastime, diversion, re- 

fauwuq (inf. v. of ij^) 8. m. 

ading to a superiority over 
t. Doing any thing by degrees. 

fauund (inf. v. of Jli) 8. m. 

in omen (especially a good 
the word of another). 

taf^diM (inf. ii. of (jij^ oo*^- 

(UuJ^)s. f. 1. Resigning, 

tng to another, cession, recom- 
, confiding to another. 2. 
gr a wife without a fortune. 

ifahhum (inf. v. of >y3) b, m. 

anding, conceiving. 

tafhtm (inf. li. of ^) 8. f 
g, instructing, informing. 

taqdbuh (inf ▼». of JaS) b. m. 

^ring, the being drawn up in 
opposition, standing face to 

b taqdruh, (inf. Vi. of C-^) 

. Approaching one another. 2- 
lification) Name of a measure. 

laqaga, (for ^^'j*^ in^- Vi. of 

determining, predestinating.) 

Dunning, exacting, exigence, 

f, importunity. ^ ^VjUb 

istoma or habits of different 
\ of childhood, youth, manhood, 

Ac. \iJ L^Ui' To claim. ^LiUo 

SiS^ Inexorable dunning. 
A. JoUu taqatur, (inf. vi. of Ja3) s. m. 

I. Distilling drop by drop. 2. Raining. 
A. dJ^Uj taqawat, (from j^* or ^^) 

s. f. Piety, abstinence, continence. 
A. i^m\3j taqdwi, (inf. vi. of t^y) s- f* 

1. Strengthening, spsisting (particu- 
larly, tenants). 2. Vying, contending 
with. 8. Money in advance. 

A. j^tXftJ taqaddasa, (3d perst sing. 


past tense of v. con jug. from tj*'*^ 
used adjectively.) Pure, holy, purified- 

|JliJ ijt^d3j taqaddasa ta*dla (an 
epithet of the deity) Holy most high. 
ii^iVSJ taqaddus^ (inf. v. of ^j-^*^) 
B. m. Purity, sanctity, holiness. 

A. ^*Vaj taqaddunif (inf. v. of g^Si pre- 
eminence) s. m. Priority. 

A. ^JjiS eaqdir, (inf. ii.of ^Jj measur- 
ing) s.f. (dakh. fl.m.) Fate, (^S^\jj) 
destiny, divine decree, predestination, 



A. ij^JtXAJ taqdiSf (inf. II. of ;^*V») 
s. f . Sanctification, sanctifying, purity, 

A. j^SAi taqdim, (inf. ii. of f,Si prio- 
rity) 8. f . Giving precedence, priority, 
performance. \iJ ^JJiJ^ To perform, 
to put before, to give precedence to. 

A. W^«aS taqarruh, (inf. v. of S-^' 

came near.) 8. m. Propinquity, near- 
ness, approximation ; union approach 
or access to God. 
A. jJo taqarrur, (inf. v. oi j\y) 8. m. 

The being established; confirmation, 
ratification, approbation,appropriation. 

A. K^^jSj taqrih, (inf. II. of L-^ 

came nenr) b. f . 1- Bringing near, 
approximation, approaching, access. 
2. Recommendation, mentioning any 
one to another before meeting. 3. 
Occasion, conjunction, cause, means, 
pretence, motive, probability. 



A. IX) JiJf fa^rib-an, adv. Near to, about, 
nearly, approximately. 

A. jiJo taqrir^ (inf. II. of Jf or .1 Jf 

pouring words into another's ear.) 

8. f. S^e m;^ Confession, avowal, 

exposition^ declaration, assertion, as- 
certainment, relation, recital, detail, 

narration, «oonfinnation. MS P*aJ 
To relate, argue and reason* 
A. aJ<mM to^sim, (inf. ii. of m^**3 divid- 
ing.) s. f. !• Dividing, division, dis- 
tributing, sharing, partition. 2. Di- 
vision (in arithmetic Jy a-^mjJU 

To divide, share, distribute, part, por- 
tion, apportion, assort.) (liuou) 

A. jX^Sj taqsir, (inf. ii. of yioS or jyOM 
diminishing.) s. f. Fault, error, crime. 
(Plur. i:L>\jXcSSy iSJUjJUQftJ or 
J\^JL^iSj filamable, criminal, gn^lty, 

A. .JLlaAJ taqHr, (inf. ii. of Jo!) 8. f. 

Distilling, dropping (particles of 
urine), strangury. 

A ^,a1q5> taqtt*, (inf. ii. of vJat) b. f. 

1. The C898ura or pause in reading' 
poetry. 2. Scanning of verse. 3. 
Cutting into parts, dissection. 

A. ^_ -^°* taqalluh, (inf. v. of C^Jj 

a * 

converting.) 8. m. Oonvorsion, inver- 
sion, change, transmutation. 

A. ^_,-.^^^Q* taqlih, (inf. ii. of ^.-^') 
8. m. Conversion, inversion, change, 
transposition. Altered. 

A. 43j1aS taqlldf (inf. xi. of jJl» putting 

a rope round the neck.) s. f. 1. Imi- 
tation, representation, counterfeiting, 

forgery. 2. Investiture, liy cXjJlaI 

To imitate* counterfeit, mimic, ape. 


A. JjJla! taqlih (inf. ii. of dJi) 8. f. 
Diminishing, diminution, reduction, 
causing to look less. 

A. Jf aaJ taqwqy a. m. Piety, abstinence, 
the fear of God. ^lsf^ J^' Pious. 

A. ^^JfJ taqaum, (inf. v. of ^J 

strengthening.) s. f. Assisting (par- 
ticularly, tenants by advances, remit- 
ting rents, Ac.). 

^ KJL^yiJ taqtoiyat, (inf li. of ^j^ 

strengthening) s. f. Corroboration, 
8treng^hening,establishing, confidence, 
assurance, support, comfort, reliance, 
trust, aid. 

A. A^yu taqinm, (inf. ii. of ▲%? or Jji 

making straight.) s. f. Causing to be 
straight or erect, adjusting; an al- 
manac, ephemeris, calendar, ^^jam^*) 
^ Jb Perfect symmetry or elegance. 

A ^jLi ta^t adj. Pious, fearing God. 
% tuqd, 8. Piety, fear of God. 

A. 43jJu taqaiyud, (inf, v. of JULf res- 
training) s. m. f. 1. Application, at- 
tention, diligence, industry, strictness^ 
injunction. 2. Care, assiduity, su- 
perintending, overseeing. (Plnr. 

Cjl43aAj)* See JoAl 

A. JLAiU ^09<y<^» 8* Fear, caution, piety. 

H. (^^ tukfB.t I. One line of a poem, 
a rhyme. 2. A moment. 

H. d^ tah, 1. adv. Till, to, up, to, 

while, toward, near to, with. 2. a. f. 
A scale, balance. 8. verbal n. f . (from 

Uio) Aim. \ilbj or UutjJlj cl/j • 
or UUS To gaze, to stare. 

P. oj Ukkd, 8. m. A small piece of flesh, 

a lump of meat, a steak, a chop, a 
oollop, a slice. 

P. oj tukkd, 8. m. 1. A sort of arrow 
blunt at the end. 2. A small hill, an 

eminence. See iij 

P. iJy>^ tdfc-a-po-i, I 

A. (JmmOJ tahdsul^ (inf. Yi. of ij**^) 

8. m. Indolence, negligence, careloaa* 
nees, becoming idle. 




J takaliff s. plar. (of v °^*^*) 
ioDB, distreesefl, diflSooltifis. 
^^Jedrtf 8. m. 1. Motion, 'sgita« 
BSture. 2. Fatigue, lassitude, 


takdhtU, (inf. vi. of J^) b, m. 
inoe, remissness. 

Jeahhur^ (inf. y. of mxi being 

8. m. Arrogance, haughtiness, 
>f tinesSfpresumption, ambition, 

ij tdkahhur-i, 8. f. Hanghti- 

takhir, (inf. 1 1, of J^) 8. f. 

ng the Mosalm&n creed ; or 
ayinfiTi "God is great," Ao. 
dly upon particular occasions. 

ikaddur, (inf. v. of « Jo) 8. m. 

ess, dregs ; turbid, impure, dark 
liquor, etc.) dulness, sullenness, 
:ade of mind. [(dailj). 

aJeciddu, (for JiXm) s. Labour 

is talcMih, (inf. ii. of ^-^J^) 
cusing of falsehood, giving the 

ikrar, (inf. ii. of S repeating) 

. Repetition, iteration, tauto- 
kltercation, contention, cavil. 

CJ To dispute, debate, arg^e, 

I, repeat. 2. Objection, con- 

^rrur, (inf. v. of J) 8. m. 
ion, reiterating, persevering. 

takrim, (inf. ii. of j^J) a. f. 1. 

, reverence, respect. 2. Treat- 
1 respect, honouring. 

akoBSur, (inf. v. of f**i) a. m. 

f broken or shattered, spent or 
bed. 2. Carrying (figures, in 
tic). 3. Folding up the wings 
ird when about to ceaae from 

takasstU^ (inf. v. of (J**j^) 

ickneas, being lazy or inactive, 


^- jXmiS taksir, (inf. ii. ot juJ) a. f. 1. 

Breaking to pieces. 2. Carrying 
(figures, in arithmetic). 8. Dividing 
BO as to produce a fraction. 

A- Jla^ takajful, (inf. v. of fJiS) a. ra. 

1. Taking aecurity. 2. Becoming secu- 
rity for another ; bail. 

A. ^-jifi takfir, (inf. ii. of Jti or %j\jS 

expiating) s.f. 1. Covering. 2. Ex- 
plating a crime, doing penance or 
paying a mulct as atonement. 8. 
Humbling one's aelf before another 
(putting the hand upon the breast, and 
inclining the head), shewing distant 
respect. 4. Accusing one of impiety, 
calling him infidel, making one an un- 
believer. 5. Guiltiness. 

A. ^^jXm iakfin, (inf. ii. of ^) s. f 

Putting on the winding sheet, laying 
in the coffin, ^* shrouding, aepulture. 

H. ^jfi tvJckal^ a. f. A kind of paper 

kite (raiaed by meana of a thin atring, 

and reaembling, except in ahape, the 

European kite.). 


h AxJ iakldk, (cich) a. m. A apindle. 

A. ^p)^> takaUuff (inf. v. of c»ol^)a. m. 

1. Inconvenience, ceremony, trouble, 

taking much paina one'a aelf in any 
matter. 2. Bxtravaganoe, profusion. 

8. Preparation. (Plnr. i:L>l.fl,i^J )• 

Ij^ IipKI To take paina, to be cere- 
monious (in). 
A. JsJ takallum^ (inf. v. of J>) a. m. 

Converaation, eloquence, talking. 

«. ^KJ takUf (aee Kl) a.f. A weaver's 

A. ;_'^jl^* tMtJ, (inf. IL of CiM) a. f. 

1. Ceremony. 2. Imposition of a bur- 
then. 3. Trouble, difficulty, moleata* 
tion, diatreaa, inconvenience, ailment, 

affliction, annoyance, llbj i^pjKT 

To annoy, moleatf trouble. i^pj^KV 

\SS To take the trouble. 

A. idjk^ toX^ila, (inf. ii. of (Jl)) b. m. 
Ferfeotion» completion. 




p* JU^ tukma, s. m. A bntton, a loop, 
an eyeloop* 

A. (Jj^A^J i<ihmilf (inf. ii. of ^jJ^ com- 
pleted) 8. f. 1. Completing, finishing, 
perfection. 2. Authentication, aatho* 
rity. • 

«■ UG takndf (r. cY^ Shine, inreiiti- 

gate) 1. Y. a. To look nt, to look, to 
observe, 1^ aim at, to watch. 2. ▼. n. 
To he looked at, to be stared at, to 
look. 3. Strain one's eyes. 

f. ]JS taku'a, 8. m. A spindle. See Kl 

P> aJ* (Jli^ tak'O'dau^ s. 1. Close 

pursuit or search. 2. Anxiety. See 

A. 1^,%^ tnktoint (inf. n. of ^y) e. f. 

Causing to be, making to exist. 

P. j£j tukka, 8. m. aiJ ^j^Jy ^ y U3 

No better than a straw a whit the 
dart that fails its mark to hit See 

P. JuC ^ahi^Of 8. m. 1* A pillow, 

bolster. 2. A faqh^t stand. 8. The 
reserve of an army. 4. Beliance, 

trust, reclining. •! J JLJW A faqtr, a 
deryis. lb J du£j To reoeive respect- 
fully. \iJ J(gji^ To support, to en- 

couimge. \iJ .j t^*»^ ^^jt!*^ ^o ^^' 

pend upon. JiS iJ^ s. m. A cant 

word introduced into one's oo^Tersa- 
tion without any meaning, an exple* 

tive. UlQ difSj To lean, to bolster. 

^^^XuJ iUjCj A faqlr, a dervis. 
P* (^.s^ to^, 8. f. Running. [search. 
P. ^ASj tagdpii, s. f . Bustle, toil, labour, 

x*' ^ «3 • i^^M* tag-o-dau, s. f. Fatigue, 

running about on business or in search 
of employment, great exertion. 

p. {^Sj iagarg, s. m. Hail, [bustle. 

P- ^ ^ v^>j i4i§'0-put 8. Seftroh, inquiry, 

P- jli ^ cL^ tag'O'tuM^ s. m. ButiBing, 
course, gallop. 

|. JJ M, (^^Tf) adj. Alike. Jj 

U^JUij L To be weighed against 
yaluable things, which are to be given 
in alms. 2. To sit straight and com- 
pact (as in a boat which might be 
overset by sitting uneven or careless- 
ly), lilb. JJ To stand front to front, 
ready for battle or oppoeed. 

«. JJ ta, (fp,^) B. m. (dakh. i. f.) 1. 

The seed of the Sesamnm, or name of 
the plant. 2. A mole or beauty spot 
on the face. 3. A momenti an instant. 
4. The least quantity of anything* 

V uiie' ^^ u^U^ <^«»-*« 

say there is no oil in the seeds of 
Sesamum, is) To say snow is black, to 
deny the most evident truth. - 

A. ^ tall, s. A hillock, bill, heap* 

{• 17 fold, s. m. 1. Bottom, lowest part, 

I base. 2. The sole of a shoe, slipper, 
Ac* 3* Flroteetion. 4. told or taUd 
(dakh.) Bottom, breech, buttocks. 

8* sj tula, s. f. 1. A balance or soalOi 

2. The sign Libra of the zodiao. 9. 
The practice of being weighed against 
gold or any kind of valuable sabstanoe^ 
which is afterwards given to priests. 

P. aJ tillit (from Uo) 8. m. Golden 
border of a turban. 

P. ^ti^lii etUa-dSfi-c,s. f. A housewife, 

a hold-all, or small bag for holding 
needles, thread, Ac. 

f- «jP*a7 tala-H, (see sj sign. 8) a. n« 

(dakh.) A keeper, guard, one that 
looks after, attends to watches. 

A. if^Ju tcddsh, (see iJ***^) 8. f. 

Search, investigation, pursuit, explor* 

ation. \jjS tjM To seek, to search 

A. ^Jlsj taldsht, (inf. vi. of ^-wJ from 

^S Nothing) s. f. 1. Annihilation. 

2. Dispersion. [searcher, 

A. ^jiiij talasffif 8 m. f. Seeker, 
A. Jblj talatum, (inf. vi. of jjd) s. m. 

Collision, dashing, buffeting (partico- 
Urly, of waves). 




A« 3IJ talafi, (inf. TL of Ji) s. f. Com* 

penBation, making amends. 
^ till UUdqi, (inf. Ti. of ^Ji or Ji]^ 

•. f. Meeting, interview, reanion. 

A. «>^XJ taldmiM, ■. pi, (of JJuJJ) 

Stodents, scholars. [kind of song. 

P. \ilj tilandt (corr. of AilJ) s. m. A 

T. Ljb tuldiodf (cormpt. for ^CiUlIL and 

^£j0) An advanced gnard, forlorn 
hope, a patrole or reconnoitring party. 

§r i^Xi tuldwd, (r. CIW Weigh) s. m. 

i^rt of a Hindustani carriage, which 
rests on the axle*tree arm and sup- 
ports the body of the carriage. 

A. cUuXJ tildwat or talawatf (Jj he 

read), s. f. Meditation* reading (par- 
ticularly, the QiAr'dn, as an act of reli- 

H. ^%ti tdUToTif 8. f. The name of a 

plain in the vicinity of Sirhind, 
abounding in robbers; hence, it is 
applied to any situation of danger* 

A. ^^^mJLaU talH$, (inf. 11. of ^jt»i^) 

■. f* 1. Cheat, fraud, fallacy, impos- 
tore. 2. Mixture, confusion. 8. Mis- 
representation. 4. Concealing (the 
truth, the faults of goods on sale). 5. 
Failing in proving one's allegations. 
6. A knave. 7. Covering. 8. Coun- 
terfeiting coin. 

f. V_^ '^^* talpat, adj. Buined, des- 
troyed more especially crops by the 
trampling of the cattle ; lost ; stolen. 

« '*" To destroy. 


J V. n. To fluti 
'' \ palpitate, 

' J flounce. 

To flutter, 



B. UaU talapnd 
H. UfAlJ talaph 

' UXaU tulttUdndf V. n. To become 
soft (from moistare, as a mud wall in 
the rains, as a sore or bile when sup- 
purating, or as a fruit getting ripe). 

H. UJUU taltaldndt v. n. To shake : 

fdakh.) To implore or entreat ear- 

f- H. ^^U- JJ tU chi^oU, B. f. 1. 

Mixture oomposed of rice and sesa* 

mum seeds. 2. A mixture of black 
and gray hairs in the head. 

{. H. [ji9^ ^ til'Chatidy (from ijj^ 

Oil, and lluW To lick) s. m. A 
cockroach (Blatta). 

t* i^JJ^ CP tilehufi, (Tc!^>"c|^f) a. f. 

The name of a sweetmeat. 
H. {S^,^^ talchhai, (Jj bottom Ia?^|>- 

to be left), (^t^ leaving), s. f. 

Dregs, refuse, scum, sediment, ofiPals, 
leavings, grounds, lees. 

P. JGi talkh, adj. 1. Bitter, acrimoni- 
ous, acrid, rancid, pungent. (l;Jj) 
2. Malicious, sorrowful, ao V-> &dj. 

Bitter to the palate. ^ ^ adj. 

Plainspoken, harsh. *^)j^ ^ ^^\' 


P. \s^ taltiid, ■. m. 1. Grain parched 
and pounded and then mixed up into a 
paste with water. 2. The gall-biadder. 

p. ^sr* UU^Hf s. f. Bitterness, acri- 

1^1-,., . "JA necklace of 

H. j«L U-lar-a, am. i ^^^^ ^^^^^^ 

{ (three rows 
H. ^JfyJ ti-lar-i, s. f. J of small 

round gold beads threaded on silk). 

8. ^^^ tuUh (^55et) 8. f. 1. A 

small shrub held in veneration by the 
Hindus, holy basil (Ucimum sanctum. 
TtdtH or Tulatt was a nymph beloved 
by Kri$lna and by him metamor- 
phosed into this plant). 2. (dakh.) 
A necklace made of several stringM of 
hexagonal gold beads. 3. A shrine 
having an nm with the sacred plant 
on the top of it, in which the pagans 
of India sometimes preserve the ashes, 
or a portion of the remains, of deceas- 
ed friends and relatives ; and before 
which they perform certain rites to 

the memory of the depnrted ^y^^ 
I Mto^ J n. p. Name of a Qjtalh, 
Ai1«) Mjjj A gold ornan^ent. 




?• \^SJm (JJ til-ahahari, (TcT^ and 

^^^) 8. f. A kind of sweetmeat 
made of sesame and sugar. 

A. (— rLIj talattvj, (inf. v. of cAy) 

8. m. • Kindness, obligingness, blan- 
dishment, favonr. 

A. <»Qb talaf, 8. m. (<. Qt> he perished). 
1. Rain, destraction, loss. 2. Prodi- 
galifcjj consumption, expense. caU 

•>«jJI i— bI»- Jill The loss of riches 
is the prolongation of life. MS L—ftU 

To rain, consume, destroy, liyt caIJ 

To be unfortunate, meet with a loss, 
be destroyed. 

A. IsaJJ icUaffugf (inf. y. of )aii throw- 
ing out of the mouth), s. m. Utter- 
ance, expression, pronunciation, artica- 
latioik- ~ 

1. tab tilqd, (inf. ii. of ^ji or JSi) 

8. m. 1. Reprehension. 2* Arriving 
at, meeting with, falling upon, en- 
countering in battle. 

A. ^^j^sdij talqtnt (inf. 1 1, of ^) s. f. 

Instracting, informing, religious in- 
struction ; prayer over the d^id at the 

time of interment. [iS i^J^si3 To 
instruct, inform, teach. 

8. CSio tilah^ (f^^5^) 8. m. A mark 

or marks made with coloured earth or 
unguents upon the forehead and be- 
tween the eyebrows, either as an orna- 
ment or a sectarial distinction. 

H. C^ taldk, adv. Till : see Cj^ 

H. UlUlJ talmalana^ v. n. 1. To be 

tantalized. 8. To grieve, to be agitat- 
ed, to toss about (from sickness, Ac), 

A. c^^jMJJ talmig, (inf. ii. of it^) s. m. A 

stadent, disciple, papil. 

H, ^ talan, s. (dakh.) Prying, fried 

food. [in batter or oil. 

H. UlJ talna, v. a. To fry, or be fried 

g. jjj tulna, (r. cT^ Weigh) v. n. To 

be weighed or balanced ; to hang over; 
to be drawn up in array (as one army 

against another). See under JJ 

«. 1^ tiWd or iilu'd, (from m^) s. m. 

A kind of sweetmeat (eaten, particn- 
larly, by the Hindus when the San 
enters Capricorn). 

2* iJJ ialii'd or talued or talu*d^ (c^ 
bottom) s. m. The sole of the foot. 

U?U- 1^ or UjbJ ^[ JJ ^^ 

To flutter, coax, wheedle. ^JJ 

^]Lm4 (lit To stroke the soles of the 
feet) sig^fies excessive flattery, adu- 
lation. ^^yiS li/ 1 ^M* U^^ ^'»*- 
burning in the soles of the feet) 
implies excessive anger. 

«• .1^ <alu>«r, (cfT^lft) s. f. 8ee.l«J 

«• ILmiJJ taltoasndt v. a. Spoken of 

the feet of an animal which are worn 
by treading on hard rooky g^und. 

P. AmIJJ ialwdsaf s, m. Commotion, 

astonishment, trouble, restlessness, 

8. 1/j!J tUottamd, (fh^StrRT) n. p. 

Name of an Apsard, nymph or dancing 
girl, in the court of Indra, 

a. l> iJi? tolwariyd, (from fUil) 1. ■• f. 

A scimitar. 2. s. m. A swordman, 
one armed with a scimitar, a sword- 

A. ^Aj talauwun, (inf. v. of ^^ J color) 

B. m. 1. Changing colours (like a 
chameleon). 2. Fidgeting, restlessness, 

capriciousness, changeableness. t^jy^ 
|L«or«^j^ adj. Capricious, whim- 
sical, fretful. L^]j^ cJ^ •• '• 
Capriciousness, caprice. 

2. ^ tali, (c1^) B. f. 1. The bottom 

of any thing. 2. The sole of a shoe. 
3. Beneath, under. 4. Impalpabid 

powder, f Jj B. f. (St^r) The 



spleen or milt ^Jj l ^ b. f . Dis- 
order of the spleen, 
f. J3 taU, (c^ Bottom) adv. Below, 
down, beneath, nnder. y«l Jj adj. 

1. Upside down. 2. Confused. ^ 

{J^ji^^ U^J v^ « used to ex- 
press great disturbance and confasion. 
§• jJUi tiller, (and, perhaps, til-yar) 

1. 8. Name of a bird. The English 
starling. 2. adj. Deoeitfal, knavish. 

f. ^ tarn, (c!H;)8. m. 1. The third 

of the qualities incident to the state of 
humanity, the tama gun or property 
of darkness, whenoe proceed folly, 
ignorance, mental blindness, worldly 
delusion, Ac. 8. Darkness, gloom, 
passion, ang^r. 

£. j^ turn, {^HJ 2d pers. pron. plur 
Ton, yon all. CJ I aJ Yon yourself. 
y^T To you. 

P. JL^^[^ tamaehaf s. m. A slap, a 
blow. See ^^[^ 

H, «. U.L« U^l^ tanuti^i mamS, v. a. 

(inelegant). 1. To reproach in jest. 

2. To put on airs of consequence in 

A. (jiXc tamdru§, (inf. vi. of ^^r«) 

8. m. Feigning a disease. 
A. vMil^ tamdtulii, (inf. vi. of ^m) 

8. m. Effacing, transforming, meta- 

A. \Ji,\jQ tamdshS, (for -^U" i^*» V'* 

of ^J^ walking.) s. m. (dakh. a* f. 

Walking out for the sake of recreation 
or health). 1. An entertainment, 
show, a spectacle. 2. Sight, amuse- 
ment, U^ l^U" ^- *• 1* '^o see. 2. 
To take a walk. 8. To jeer, to jest. 
^JjJ (^U* A spectator; a rake, an 

epicure, a whoremaster. ij^V 

l^j*^ 8. f. Raking, whoring, gal- 

A* P. 80 Lmv^ tamasha-gdhf s. f* A 
place of show, a theatre. 

A. H. ^-JLiv^ tamdshd'i, 1. b. jn. f. A 

spectator. 2. adj. Fit for a spectacle. 

AMKBic. ^^ tarndkn, (for^'juu) s. m. 

A* J^ tamdm, (from ^J Was per- 
fected or completed). 1. adj. Entire, 
Oj^) perfect, complete. 2. s. The 

whole, conclusion, end. Ijjb j^Vc 

1. To be finished or concluded. 2. 
To die. 

A- i<«V tamdm'if s. f. 1. Comple- 
tion, conclasion, totality. 2. Brocade, 
cloth of gold, tissue. 3. adj. The 
whole or entire. 

P. ul;' tamhd, / s. m. Trousers. See 
P. ^J^^ tamldnt 
8« U^ tumbeiy (cl**J||) s. m. A long 
gourd: see dJ 

8. icXC tumhit . f. 1. See \x^ 2, 

Name of a musical instrument played 
on by jugglers. 

AMEBIC. ^^ tamhaku, 8. (cTRT^S 
Tobacco. ) See S^ 

^- yKC tambM, s. m. 1. A tent. 2. 
(dakh.) An eel. 

A. d«^^ tammntf v. n. past tense 3d 

pers. sing. fern. It is finished. 
A* %.J<C 'amaf^M* (inf. v. of 9-A/«) B. m. 

Enjoyment, using, gaining, delight, 
pleasure. The income tax. 

«. U^v>«jLc tamtamind, (from cPTr) 

▼.a. 1. To gprow rod (in the face). 2. 
To glow, sparkle, twinkle, flash, 

^' J^ timgfil, (inf. ii. of JjU) 8. f* 

Besemblanoe, picture, a figure, astatue, 
a drawing. 



A. ^jXc tanum jtttl, (iiif.>. of (JjU) 8> m. 

1. Imitating, reseinbling. 2. Applying 

A. (JjjL^ tami^lf (inf. ix. of (JJU) s. f. 
1. Comparison, assimilation, siroili- 

tade. *2. Allegory, parable, (J'^U) 

apologne, an example, a connterpart 
or doplioate, a fac-simile. (Plar. 

\ji JjuL^ i^Ljlj^Xj) To allegorize. 

A. JJuL^ faiiijitZ-aa, adv. By way of 
similitade, allegorically. 

A. Juv^^ tamjid, (inf. Ii. of Jas^) 

8. f* The glorification of God ; hence, 
the hymn or prayer that is pronounced 
from the minarets an hoar and a half 
before dawn. 

u j^ tamr, s. m. A ripe or dry date. 
^^JJUb j^ B. f. A tamarind. 

tamarrudt (inf. y. of J*^ Be- 

belled or mbbing with the hand) a. m. 
Refractoriness, stubbornness, rebellion, 
obstinacy, resistance to orders. 

A. jas***"^ tamaal^ur, s. m. Bnifoonery^ 

)*• \a^ tamgid, 8. m. 1. A stamp on 

gold, silver, Ac. or a brand or mark on 
an animal. 2. A tax on travellers. 8. 
A royal grant or charter. 4. A medal, 

a diploma. See \jl4Jj] 

A. 4,* ^'•' f tamouiuk, (inf. v. of ;* ,^-" ir 

seising, holding fast) s- m. A note of 
hand, bond, obligation, receipt. 

A. _C^ tamakkunf (inf. v. of ^^^) •• 

1. Possessing anthority or power. 2. 
Taking np an abode, inhabiting. See 

A. y^AC^ tamkanai. (^Ji^) •• ^• 
Dignity, gravity, 'majesty. (See jf I) 

A. ^j;J^ tamJan^ (inf. ii. of ^jC«) s. f. 
Majesty, dignity, anthority, power, 

A. sL^ tamalliLq, (inf. v. of A^) s. m. 

Cajoling, caressing, flattery, dalliance, 
adulation, ceremony. 


P* iȴC^f*^inan, s* m. |1. Brotherhood, 

cooAexion^ cast, Ae, 2. Bevy, orowdi 

troop, squadron (properly, ten thous- 
and). See y;Uy ♦ UitJjb ^ To 
collect a body of troops. 
A. U^ tamannd, (for ^J^C in^* ▼• of 

^JU defining, apportioning. ^ 

to think.) 8. f. Request, wish, prayer, 
supplication, inclination, petition. See 

T. ds^^ tatnancha, s. m. 1. A pistol. 
2. (sl&og) A favorite, a mistress. See 

A. ^JkC tamanni, (inf. v. of iJU) 8- ^* 


A. _^ famautott/, (inf. ▼. of *9^y) 

B. m. Agitation of (waves), nndola- 
tion, billowing or flootnation (of 

A. (J%^ tamauwul, (inf. v. of (Jt«) 

B. f. The being or becoming rich. 

2- W^^ tum'hard, pron. 2d. pers. mas. 

genit. plur. Tours, your. (m^^)« 

A. t^Jk^C torn/lid, (inf. ii. of Sy^ mak- 
ing (a bed), spreading.) b. f. Disposi- 
tion, arrangement, settlement, oonftr- 
mation, preliminary, preamble, pre- 
face, preparative, introduction. 

S* ifiiC tum-heht pron. plur. object. 

case. To you, you : (in dakh. it may be 
nom.) You. 

A.JA^ tomif, (for UA^ inf. II. of 

LjLe separating, distinguishing.) s. f. 
1. Discernment, judgment, discretion, 
distinction, sense. Observanoe of 

the rules of etiquette. J>^ c^«^ 
An adverb. 

P» «• ^J> *<*"» (^) 8- m. The body 
person, .^y ^ Careful of the body, 

over attentive to the body. kJj^j* l^ 
8. f. Self-indulgence, lyil ^ adv. 

Alone, solitary. C^^ »*».>> ^ adj. 
Healthy, vigorous, well (in health). 



^JuMt JJb 8. f. Health, vigoar. ^Jt Jub 

•. f. Applioation, exertion, attentioo, 
diligenoe. Ub J ^ To paj attention. 

U.Lo ^j^ ^ iJ* ^^ restrain one's de- 
tires and be silent. 

i* Ul faani, v. n. (c1*1«f to stretch) 

1. To stretch, to pnll or be pnlled tight. 

2. To sit aprigbt, or straight. 3. To 
look big, show oif. 

p. o^«»-Uj fani-l&or-i, s. f. (dakh.) 
1. See i^yii under ^ 2. See 
«uJj J [Dispersion, flight. 

A. jUb tafiacM, (inf. VI. of iXi Fled) s. 
A. c ;Lm toniaii*", (inf. vi, of f ^ ^^ 
chJ) i. m. Wrangling, strife. 

A. CM•«^M«ljb tanatub^ (inf. ti. of ^«amjj) 
a. qi. f. Resembling, relation, propor- 
tioD. (Plnr. CdUmUJ)* 

A« ^Ijb teiitftutt, (inf. ▼!• of ^mJ 

transcribing.) s* m. Transmigration 
of sonls, metempsychosis. 

A. JumUJ tanMul, (inf. TI. of Ju^mj) 

a. m. Begetting, generation % nninter- 
mpted descent throngh a series of ge- 

A« JU? tanafwr^ (inf. ti. of .oj) s. m. 

lintnal repugpnanoe or aversion, die* 
poting for honour before a jndgOi 

A. (JUJ tamSfiy (inf. ti. of ^Jo) ■• f. 

1. Expelling, pnrsning, perseonting. 

2. Denial (that another person has 
performed some thing, as that he has 
paid a debt). 

P. fttUJ ian««ifKir, adj. Corpnlent. 
A. J«Uj eoaavrnZ, (inf. TI. of Jy ) s. m. 
Eating. \iS J^US To eat. 

A. ^UJ tatiaM, (inf. ti. of ^c^i) s* f. 

Finishing, completing, arriTing at the 
end or place of destination. 

AXBUC. ^^Ujb iambffi^, s. m. «r9Dbaoco. 

£. yUjb tamUlii, (cfT^ Copper) s. Pot, 

P« m;'^^ temWw, or properly tumhan, 
s. m. Drawers, troasers (very wide.). 

H. ^jub iamhu, g. m. A tent*(c/ a large 

sise), pavilion, (dakh. moreover) Eel, 

J. J^JUJ tamhbl, (cTT^)* s. nu The 

betel leaf {^) U I J^JUb To bleed 
from the bridle (a horse's month). 

«. ^^ tammin, (cft^fe^) ■. f. A 

woman whose bnsiness it is to sell 
betel leaf. 2. Name of a tree. 

«. ijI^Ai* tamhoXi, (cTT^^) s. m. Name 

of a caste whose bnsiness it is to sell 
, betel leaf. 

A. /uub ianalihuh, (inf. v. of dixi) 

s. m. f. 1. Admonition, advice, ani- 
madversion, punishment. 2* Bashfnl- 
nessy modesty. 

A. AJUUb tambi^, (inf. ii. of ^) s. f. 
Admonition, correction, beating, 
punishment, lb J or \iS ^UAJO To 
chastise, punish, correct. 

8. JUb tantr^ (cl?l) s. m. 1. Name 

(rf a religions treatise teaching 
peculiar and mystical forms and 
rites for the worship of the deities or 
the attainment of superhuman power. 
It is mostly in the shape of a dialogue 
between Biva and Durga^ who are the 
peculiar deities of the Tantrika9, 2. 
Charm, enchantment. 

A ^^ JUb tantn, (d^ A stringed instru- 
ment) s. m. A musician : a praotiser 
of enchantments. [tingle. 

H. liUUb tanlananif v. n. To twang, to 

H. L^nlfrl'M*** ianianihai^ (from UUuUb). 
s. f. Sharp pricking pain from in- 

A. ^(JkflCL) tanfim, (inf. ii. of f^S^) 

s. f . Astrology, science of the stars, 
defining any thing from the aspect of 
the stsfs. 

A. Jls^ ianal^nut^^ (inf. ii. of W^^ 

• •• 


B. m. Clearing the throat, hemming, 

P. slUcG tan-lsh^aK S- ^- Wages, or 
salary an assignment (on the reve- 

naes), order for wages. ((w^Uo) 

P. jJb t%iid, adj. Active, quick, hot, 
spirited, tierce, sharp, severe, lost, 

acrimonious. ^ JJb adj. Irascible, 
of a fiei^ disposition, passionate i 
fretfal. jVl^ *^. *• ^' Passionate- 
nes8» aptitude to unseasonable and 
excessive ang^r. .^U^ «^-AJ adj. Hot- 
headed, passionate. 
P- .jJb tMndar or tundur^ s. Thunder. 

P. cil^^AM. jJb tau'durustf adj. Sound in 
body. See under ^ 

P* ^jJb tund'i, (from jJu) s. f. Acri. 

mony, swiftness, fierceness, sharp- 
ness, activity, impetuosity. 

A. Jjjb tanazzvH, (inf. v. of Aj^ he de- 
scended,) 8. m. Descent, declining 
slowly, diminution ; condescending. 

A. %jXi tanazxuhf (inf. v. of 8J) s. m. 

1. Purity from vice, Ac. studying con- 
tinence. 2. To divert one's self. 

A. Jjjjb tantil, (inf. ii. of Jji) s. f. 1. 

Revelation. 2. The Qur''dn, 3. Caus- 
ing (a traveller) to alight, receiving 
him hospitably. 

A. ddjj3 tanzih, (inf. ii. of xJ) s. f. 

Keeping apart from all impurity; 

A. JUijAl tanziya, (inf. ii. of j(ji or hi) 

8. m. Inspiring with desire ; desire, 

A. (Ju»jJb fana$8ult (inf. v. of (Jla«J) 
8. m. Pedig^ree* 

A. uXmJj tanntht (inf. ii. of ^**i) 

8. f. Causing to annul or abrogate, 
abrogation, quashing (of a decision). 

A. yOJj ianaMaur^ (inf. v. of -.a)) a. 

The becoming a Christian. 
A. ^JJ tanaffur, (inf,;v of ^) s. m. 

Aversion^ disgust. 

A. ^mJuo tanaffus, (inf. v. of L7*A>) 

8. m. Respiration, breathing. 
A. ^JAaJ tanqih, (inf. ii. of Ju ex- 

tractin$r the marrow.) s. f. 1. Clean- 
ing* polishing. 2. Deciding disputes, 
investigation, ascertaining. 

A. JUlaU tanqiya, (inf. ix. of ^Ju) B. m. 

1 . Purging, cleaning (the bowels). 2. 
Winnowing grain. 

f. P. f^Sj^ tunuk or funoi, adj. (clH^h 
a little). Slight, weak, delicate, thin, 
effeminate, u^i? cI^aJ adj. (a 
weak vessel) Tale-bearer, tatler, sim- 
pleton. diiLc kL>jS Slight or weak 
in substance, adj. Whimsical, capti- 
ous* peevish, fretful, is^y^ U^^^" 
8. f. Peevishness, captiousness. 

8. c^jsjb tanuk or tanak or tantk^ (cH«h) 

adj. or adv. Slight, small, a little, 
adv. Slightly. • 

H. KaI tirikd, 8. m. (cT^ » straw). A 


straw, a bit of the stalk of grass, a 
scrap of thread or paper; a mote, par- 
ticle, fescue. Uu! ^jX^ uy^'^ ^ 
To make submission, confess inferi- 
ority or ask for quarter. ^1^ ^j3 
(lit. to pick straws) To be intoxicated. 
P. tKil ianJcar, (d«h"l) 8. m. Borax. 

H. UOl tinakndt y. n. To flutter, to 

palpitate, to throb, to fly into a pas- 

P. H. jJjb tunk-i, s. f. A kind of bread 
or wafers thin as muslin. 

P. \SJ>^ tung, 8. m. 1. A vessel with a 
long and narrow neck. 2. A body of 
troops. 3. Bullock, or camel load. 

P. i*J>J^ tang, adj. 1. Strait, tight* 
narrow, confined. 2. Wanting, scarce, 
scanty, barren. 8. Distressed, de- 
jected, sad. 8. m. 4. A horsebelt a 
girth. 5. A bag, a sack, half a horse's, 

bullock's, or camel's load. Ij I i^^jS 

ot^ UT i^jjj Ji} To he distress- 
ed (S^ilcacted or incommoded, lobe 




ezhaasted, to be dejected. v^>A> 
^mL»- adj. Miserly, niggardly 

iJ!^- i^JSi adj. Poor, distressed, 

straitened in cir cam stances. ^iJjj 
^^JOA adj. Unable to keep any 

thing secret, blab. V**-""^ (^>Jl) 
tan^-doaf, adj. Poor, distressed, mi- 
serly, stingy. ^Ju* J (^^ s. f. 1. 
Poverty, want, inability. 2. Parsi- 
mony, jjj v^,^ adj. Narrow- 
hearted, miserly. Ij.^ ^^JSi 1. To 
straiten, to tighten, to narrow, to con- 
tract. 2. To distress. U%it V^J^ 

To be in distress or difficulty, to be 
distracted or harassed. 


tan^-eWf, s. f. 1. 

Tightness, closeness. 2. Scarcity, 
distress, difficnlty. 3. Stinginess. 

P. uOj tang'^a, s. m. ^ A strait place 

• fl .^.. r o' passage, 

'• ^JuxJU ton^^nd'i, s. f . J a strait. 

^' fJji tang-i, s. f. 1. Straitness, 

tightness, narrowness i distress, po- 
verty, want. 2. A bag, a sack. 

p. A. jA^ tanur or tannur, s. m. An 

oven, a stove: the tmnk (of the 
human body.) 

P- jJueJb tanomand, (comp. of ^ 

Body, and the particle jJU) adj. 
Robust, corpulent. 

A. j>Jb tantoir, (inf. ii, of • J or .Ij) 
s. f. Illumination. 

A* ^J>,y^ tanmn, (inf. ii. of ^y Nun- 
nation) (fy s. f. Nunation, doub- 
ling the vowel with the final letter of 
a word in writing (which in pronunci- 
ation gives such vowel the additional 

sound of ^^ tt; as, in ULMtdC IaIaJI)* 

P. djS tana, s. m. 1. A stalk, stock 
trunk, stom. 2. A spider's v^. 


P* lyJb tanhdt adj. 1. Alone, solitary, 
single, singular, unique. 2. Private, 

apart. 3. adv. Only. See Ijki] 
P' •<>^-^ tanhd't, s. f. Loneliness, 
solitude, privacy. 

A. f^jiJ^ tinnin, s. A large serpent, a 

«. y to, 1. (for cT^ or cfcH]^ or c^ 

a correlative of »»-) A conjunction 

introducing the answer to a condi- 
tional proposiCion ; then, that ; in that 

case, as 


If thou wilt come, then shalt thou re- 
ceive. 2. (cT) An adv. denoting 
asseveration ; indeed, in fact ; as 

I was in fact coming, but he prevented 
me. 3. An emphatic particle, as do, did. 

f. y tau or to \^<a}) adv. Then, that 
time, in that case, moreover, that, 
also, for, yes, well. _^ y adv. Even 
then ; still, yet, nevertheless. 

f. J tu, {^^^ Thn. J) pron. Thou. 

(Inflect ^ssT or ^f^ Thee). 
P. I J tawa, (cTT to heat) (»^Iji or 

^Ij) s. m. 1. The iron plate on 

which brefid is baked. 2. The part of 
a huqqa to which the tobacco is fixed, 
or the tobacco itself. 3. An iron 
mirror. 4. A griddle. 

A. m^]J tawahi*f s. plur. (of ^^) 
Followers, dependents, partisans. 
Arab. plur. of plur. ^^jJ^\f 

A. Jl J tawatuVf (inf. vi. of y^) s. m. 
Continuation, succession. Public ru- 


s. .ly tii'ar, (cT^<t) 8. f. A kind of 
pulse. See • «ftjl 



A. i^i'y tawdrud, (inf. vi. of Ji^ or 

(>•.•) a. m. 1. Unintentionallj in- 
serting the sense of another in one's 
own poems. 2* Corresponding by 
letter. 3. Joining, arriving at. 

A. f^jy tawaritlif s. (plur. of f^j^) 

1 . Dates. 2. Histories, annals, chro- 
niolos. 3* Epochs. 

A. w^iy tawdgu* (inf. vi. of f-«^9 

form.) 8. f. Humility, attention,' ciyi- 
lity, entertainment, g^ft, pretended 
kindness, empty compliments. 

i^Si5yf\/» flf^y ^^iBe politeness, 

pretended kindness, empty compli- 
ment, false hospitality. 

A. ^IJ tawdfuq^ (inf. vi. of ^y) 8. m. 

1. Concord, agreement, coincidence, 
concnrrence. 2. (in arithmetic) The 
relation between two numbers which 
have a common divisor (as 6 and 8 ; 
both being divisible by 2). 

A. jjlj tawdludy (inf. vi. of JJ^) s. Be- 
getting or being bom generation, after 
generation, propagating, generating 
again and again. 

A. -Jly tawali, (inf. VI. of ^J^) 8. f* 

Continuation, succession. 
A. Aiy tau'amy s. m. A twin. 

^' iJ^V tau'aman, s. (dual of ^'y ) 

'* Uly ^*''^^^» *• ™' Power, strength. 
P. lily tuwdni, adj. Powerful, robust. 
P. jJlily tuwand'%, u. t. Power. 

p. Jouj ktu'^n-gar, (prop. twoSn-ffar) 

adj. Bioh, opulent, powerful. 
H. |«jy fobra 

H. jjy y tohra 

A' ac^ y taTi&a, s. f. 1. Penitence, re* 

pentance, conversion. 2. Promising to 
sin no more, recantation, abjuration. 

li^ iby To repent (of sin). 

s. m. The bag in 
which horses eat 
their com. 

A. ^y tauhild^f (inf. ii. of f^^) s. f. 

Reproach, to rebuke, speaking harshly, 

T. ^mmJhi topt s. f. 1. A cannon, a g^n, 

a field piece. 2. (met.) A very fat, 

corpulent person. Ail>- ^— ^y 8* >°- 

A park of artillery, the p]ac« wliere 
cannon and artillery stores are kept, 
an arsenal. 

T» ic^y top'chif s, m. A conductor of 

artillery, a commissary of ordnance, 
bombardier, a cannonier. 

T. cliX^y topak or tupdkf (dimin. of 
Cijy ) s. f. A musket. 

H. Ijby topnd, v. a. (Wl HTcf) To bury, 
to cover. 

A. CL;y tut, s. m. A mulberry. 

H. Uy tote, 8. m. 1. A parrot. 2. The 
cock of a matchlock. l>j%^ «Iy 
v. n. Worn. To calumniate ^y 
UU.;l or UU-JI iy i ^y{ 
(Uli3 d^^>^) To be confounded. 
UIl) Ijiy V. n. To nurse a sore; to 
conceal a foul disease. ^^^ ^y 
adj. lit* Parrot-eyed. Faithless as a 

parrot. U^ (J^^ {J** ij ^f 

V. n. To turn away one's affections; 
to become indifferent to one. 

H. Jby totld, adj. Lisping, stutterer, 

stammering, spenking imperfectly, in- 
distinctly as a child. 

P. |J)y tott, s. ni. A singing bird. 

(from CL>y) Ijily ^Vy ^' n. To 

have the chiefs ear; to acquire 
authority. [Zauqsays:— ] 

1^ jl;^ U^**^' 





1^ UuUm who would listen in a con- 
cert to the poor notes of the parrot ? 

P* a. Ul J tutiyd, 8. m. (cT^) Blue 
ritriol, salphate of copper. 

TAM. TKL. ty toti, 8. (dakh.) A land 
8tewart,*village bailiff, 

A J^y tawajjuh^ (inf. y. of A:^^ tam- 
ing the face to) a. f. 1. Tnming, 
leaning, bent, inclination, proceeding, 
conntenancingt regard, attending to, 
tendency. 2. Favour, Idndnees. 

A. ^UL».J taufih, {ini. II. of ^^4) 8. f. 

1. Galling one's attention. 2. Ex- 
plaining, accounting for. 8. Adjust- 
m(*nt of accounts. 4. Assessment* 6. 
A description roll, statement. 

A. i/M^y tawahhush, (inf. y. o 

(J^*) Horror, aversion, loathing, 
the being desolate. 
A. JUL»> J tauhid, (inf. ii. of A^-* being 

single.) s. f. Unity, believing in the 
unity of the deity. [lows. 

P. (CiJy todrt, s. f. The seed of mal- 

p. s Jy tuda or toda, 8. m. 1. A mound, 

a heap, a stack. 2. The butt or 
mark, at which arrows are shot. 

A. Cl>1*y taurdt, s. See CI^ t J 

P. ^liJ furdn, n. prop. The country 
beyond the Oxus from Persia. 

a ^jy torat^f a. m. (cTK^) Strings 

of flowers suspended across gateways 
on public festivals. 

T. s. J toraf 8. m. 1. A tray or dish of 

various meats, a number of trays 
containing various dishes of food, 
presented to others by great men 
on marriage occasions, Ac. 2. 

Pride. i^iXb ^y s. f. The arrange- 
ment or sending out of trays of food 
as presents. 

Jy tor, (from lijy ) (cl¥ to break) 

8. m. 1. Breaking, interruption. 2. 
The strength of a current. 3. Whey. 

4. Remedy, j^ J J 1. Arranging 

a speech, &c. 2. Shifts. 3. Oombin- 
ations. [Insha says : — j 

j.y taufit or iaur$t, (Arab. 

il.y ) 8. f. The Pentateuch, the Old 
Testamenti the Torah. /^ 

Uj3 jJ Counter-blow, defence. 

H. \jy lord, s. m. 1. Scarcity, want 2, 

A purse, a bag containing one thous- 
and rupees. 3. The match of a gun, 
a linstock. 4. A bank, an island, bar. 

6. A plough share. 6. A' piece of rope. 

7. An ornament like a chain. 8. A 
mode in dance. 

[Saba says :— ] 

». lijy torndt (^2*r) V. a. 1. To 

break, tear, rend, V>urst, demolish. 2. 
To change (money), to pluck or gather 
(fruit, flowers. Ac,) to reduce (in 

Arithmetic). U?J ^J To be at the 

point of death. \i^fi- UjJ (to break 

and to join) expresses absolute power 
over anything. 

S- ^ji^ topfi^, 8 (dakh) See UUu 

H. p. .ij 8jJ tofa-daTy s. A matchlock 

P. Jy tu%, 8. The bark of a tree which 

is used to wrap or twist over a bow, 
saddle, &c. [cartridge box. 

T. P. ^Ijo^y tos-dtfTi, 8. (dakh.) A 

A. k*My tawtusui (inf. v. of 1s«m%) s. m. 

1. Mediation. 2. Introduction ; also, 
a mediator or introducer. 

A. (Jy^J tawassul, (inf. v. of u^^) 

1. Conjnnction, copulation. 2. Intro- 
duction (to another pet«oiiV 




**• ^^^wJ tausan, a. m. 1, A horse. 2. 

A yonog nnbroken horse. 3. A horse 
with a hard month or unmanageable. 

A. wAmio* tausi^ (inf. ii. of f-**'^) s* ^' 

Extending, enlarging. 
P- ^i«J^J ^osh-dan, s. m. A ponch. 

P. lLxamJ eo8?uiX;, 8. f. A quilt, a mat- 
tress, bedding. 

P. JCM^iy tosha^ 8. m. Provision, expenses 
of food (particularly, of a traveller). 

Aild^ dC«tJ s. m. A wardrobe, a place 
where furniture is kept. 

A. ^J^^ tautihih, (inf. ii. of ^t^^) 

8. Putting on the girdle called t9^% 

(in poetry) arranging the verses so 
that the initials of the lines being put 
together may form some word or 
verse, composing an acrostic. 

A. i.J2JLcJ ^(H^Si (inf. II. of \mmAO^ 

8. f. Description, commendation. 

A* ^jA^y totiff^, (inf. ii. of ^yc^ 

8. f. Manifestation; statement, ac- 
count of collections. 

A. jji J tott/tr, (inf. ii. of S^ or .yu 

becoming full, complete) 's* f. Increas* 
ing, completion, surplus. A super- 

A. jyiy eai*/ig, (inf.ji. of JfJ^ fitting) 

8. f. The completion of one's wishes, 
the divine grace, prosperity. 

A. 9-^y iawaqi^ (inf. y. of sy^ 

alighting (birds) 8. f. 1. Expecting 
anything to be done, hope, desire, re- 
liance. 2. Request, begging. 

A. uJ^y fauNi^qu/, (inf. v. of i.»A9a 

standing; stopping) 8. m. Delay, 
pause, stopping, patience. 

A. vJ^y fatigir, (inf. II. of JL doing 

honor to one) 8. f. Honouring, vener- 
ation, making grave, respect. 

A. ^^f tougt*, (inf. II. of %i>^) 8* m. 

Signing with the royal signet (an or- 
der, diploBum, lettort patent, ko) 

A. JJy tawakkvl, (inf. v. of Jf« ^n. 

trusting one's aiS^airs to another.) s.m. 
Trust in God, resignation (to God). 

*• Jo tol, 8. m. (nt^ or fR5 
to weigh.) Weight, weighing. 

f. Jy tola, (c?|^) 8. m. A denomin- 
ation of weight, consisting of a 
number of mashaSy which varies in 
different parts of Ifcdia. The standard 
toldf or sicca weight of Calcutta is 
12| m&shas, agreeably to the follow- 
ing table : — 

4 Panks « 1 Dhan or Grain. 
4 Dhan = 1 Ratti-Gr.Tr. 1*79666. 
8 Ratti = 1 Miisha „ „ 14-37333. 
12i MAshas =« 1 Tola „ „ 1796666. 

A. Jy tawalldt (inf. v. of iJ^) 8- ™' 1» 
Attachment, affection. 2. Hope. 

A. jjy tawallud, (inf. v. of &M^) 1. s.m. 
Birth, nativity. 2. adj. Bom. 

i. Uly tolnd, (cfloH) v.a. 1. To weigh, 

to balance. 2. To ponder, deliberate, 
judge, estimate. 8. To confront (as, 

two armies), in}-* U^r^ ^^ ^** 
estimate the worth of any one. 

g. jJy tola, (^1^5^) 8. m. Same as 


A. C:^y tauliyat, '(inf. ii. of ^^) 

1. f. Superintendence (of any busi- 
ness). [Birth, generation. 

A. iUSy fauZtd, (inf. u. of «xl^) s. f. 
H. ^y ^m, 8. (dakh.) 1. A dry measure 

of twelve Arcot ser. 2. The pipe, 
conduit, channel, or sluice of a tank, 
basin, or public reservoir of water. 

P. 40^J tamdn, •. m. 1. A myriad, 

10,000. 2. A sum of money equal to 
10,000 Arabic silver drachmas (which 
are about one-third less than those of 
the Greeks): also, a sum equal to 
fifteen dollars and a half. 3. DistriotB 
into which a kingdom is divided, each 
being supposed to furnish 10,000 fight- 

ing men See ^^ (When the city of 
Samarkand, for example, is put down 



A hol- 

for seven tomans^ it implien that she 
mast hold 70,000 men ready for the 
field on the requisition of her sovereign. 

f • l^y tomfa^ s. m. I ^- 

f. Ufj^y tamri, 8. f. 3 lowed gourd. 

R* lJL«y tfimndf v. a* 1. To card or separ- 
ate (wool or cotton) with the finger, 
preparatory to combing. 2. To call 

f. jjy ton or tettn, (cT^ or Cl^l) adv. 

8o, in that manner* then. 

S. Uy tumha, (d fqchi ) 8. m. A hol- 
lowed gourd, the rind of a gourd in 
which beggars carry water, Ac. 

«• ^y tumhi, 8. f. 1. (ct^) A small 

Uiy 2. A kind of pipe (chiefly used 
by those who exhibit snakes). 

!• ly ^jll ^jy tun ton hamaf To 
dispute, to wrangle. 

S- Sjy tend, (cf ^ Belly) s. f. A pot- 
belly ; corpulence. 

f. i^Si^ tond-i, (cfCl) 8.f. The navel. 

i. A^jJy tond-at2a, 

Potbellied, gorbellied, corpulent. 

H. lIuMiy faun«ntf, (cRT thirst.) v. n. 1. 

To be aifected or languid or overcome 
with heat, to droop, fade, wither. 2. 
To be very thirsty. 

P. Joy tawangar, (for t^'y) <^j* 

Bich, wealthy. [wealth. 

F. ujrJoy <atoan^ar-lf 8. f. Biches, 

{• #n!Vy ten-Mn, (d^Jl^) adv. Ex- 
actly then, instantly, at once. 
A. AJby tawahhwn, (inf. y« of ^Jb*) 

8. m. Suspicion, imagination. 

i. ^y W-M, (Sfi^) Thou thyself. 

A- ^^jJJbJ fauhin, (inf. ii. of ^^) s. f. 
Bnenrstingi relaxing, toof&of^.^^ 



^' %mSy ^% 8. 1. Feast, entertainment, 
2. Inside. 

H. ^y fot ^tti, 8. f . Ornamental lace> 

P. Jb tahf s. f. 1. Fold, plait, ply, layer 
or stratum. 2. The bottom^; beneath, 

under ; intent, meaning. ^ Jb adv. 

Plait by plait, every fold. jJb £ 
8. m. A cloth worn rodnd the waist, 

and passing between the legs. ^Xj £ 
8. m. A cap or cloth worn under the 

turban. 15^9^ ^ ^* ^' Drawers 
worn by women under their trousers. 
Jui s. m. A cavern, a cellar, 

I • 


a room under ground, a lower 
story, a vault. tJ^J^ ^ 8. f. The 

scrapings of a pot, the burnt part of 
victuals that sticks to the bottom of a 

pot. Uu J £ To tinge slightly. S £ 

y^j Fold and lay it by, i. e. keep it to 

yourself (is used to express the 
speaker's independence, or his not 

wanting the thing spoken of), li.^ Jcl 

j\^ Ai K disease of a horse, 
from excessive thirst, affecting the 
flanks. Vj • £ Topsyturvy, upside 

down. \iS Sb J Jj To subvert, to 


». l^ tha^ y. n. (^TPSicT) past tense. 

H. v»jlf thap^ {^^) s. f. A thump, 

box, cuff, tap, a pati a flap, paw ; the 
sound of a small drum made by strik- 
ing vrith palm, as a beginning or finish. 

H. \y^^ thdp-d, 8. m. A mark of the paw. 

8. \jj^ thapnd, (WPR) 1. ▼. a. To 

patch (as, a wall with cow-dung). 2. 
To tap. 3. B. f. A religious ceremony 
performed at a certain season, at Agra 
and in its vicinity. 

H. j-jlf> thdp'i, s. f. 1. The noise of 

tapping. 2. TVi« \iA\>Tum«iii\. ^vCc^ 





which potters beat their earth, or with 
which terraces are beaten ; a bat. 

3- J'^ ^^^i (^f^) 8. m. A large 
flat dish, or plate of brass* &c. 

J. f^ th^ld, 8. m. i^fj^) 1. The 

place at the root of a tree for holding 
water. 2. The exoaration in which 

a tree is t5 be planted. 3. (t*ll^>) 
A large flat dish, or platter. 

!. jv thiii, 8. f. 1. (?«n^) A 

salver, a platter, a small flat metal or 

earthen disb. 2. (^^/ A mound 
aboat the root of a tree. 8. (dakh.) 

See ^b Clapping of the hands. 
I. ^[^ thdm, 1 (^) ^ ^ ^ 

§. .^V ^^^^K J P^P' pillar* co- 
lumn, support, obstacle : (dakh.) Mast 
(of a ship). 

f. [X^k^^^ thdmhhnd, \ v. a. 1. To 

support, to prop. fi. To shield, protect, 
retain, to shelter. 3. To prevent, 
withhold, restrain, calm. 4. To stop, 
pull up (a horse), to bear, assist, resist 

H. .1^ than, s. m. 1. A piece of cloth. 

2. (^^7T*T) A stall for cattle, a man- 
ger. Oovciring a mare. 3. A piece 

(of coin) ; as, cJ/^' ^J^ <— A ^^® 
gold mohur. 

|. ^j[^ tahah, (?T3) adv. Thither, 
there, ^l^ ^j\^ In each place. 

fi. lil^ thdnd, (^^) s. m. 1. A 

subordinate police station, a guard ; a 
petty police j arisdiction. 2. The in* 
side of the lines of an army. 

£. Uxil|J> thdmhnd 
f. L^jJ^^iff thdmhhnd 
Bee UL«l|J and 

no, ) 


V. a. 

2- P* \J!Lj\s^^ thdna-jdt^ s. plur. of U^I 

H. y^Jj\^ thdng, s. f. 1. A den of 
thieves. 2. Trace. 3. Stolen property. 

H. ^Jii\^ thdng-i, or .1 J jJo'*^ s. m. 

A receiver of stolen goods, a detective. 

$. a!1^ thdna, s. ra. See lil^ 

S. 8^^ thdh, (r. ^F Stand) s. f. Bottom, 
ford, depth, profundity. 

2. ^^ tihd% 8. f. 1. (cT^^) The 

third part. 2, The third part of a 
piece of cloth for making Crousers. 

H. JjL^ thappaft B. m. 1. A box, a slap, 

claw, oufiF. 2. Layer, stratum. 
H. v,*,St^^ thapcik, s. A pat, a tap. 

H. VjXK^ thapejrd^ s. m. 1. A slap» a box, 
a clout, bufiPet 2. The scalp. 

f. J^3 tihattar, adj. Seventy-three. 

A. CJ-'^{^ tahattuh, (inf. v. of klJjJb) 

8. m. 1. (Orig. but not used in Hind.) 
The being torn (a veil, &c.). 2« Dis- 
grace, dishonour, defamation. 

H. \J«Qjl^ thutkdmdf /v. n. To drive 
"^ > away scom- 

H. U.K^i^ thuthhdmdt S fnlly. 

H. lil^A^ thuthdnd, V. a. To frown, 
soowli or pout. To be sulky. .^X« 
lilfi^ To make a wry face. 

f. ^J^ thuihnl (^) 8. f. The 
mouth of a horse, camel, Ac. 

A. iXs^ tahajjvd, (inf. v. of *yat^) 

a* m* LA form of prayer said during 
or after the night. 2. Wakefulness. 
3. Sleeping sound. 

a. Ua:^ thijnd, v. n. (dakh.) L To 
become senseless and motionless, to 
bo astonished. 2. To be congealed. 

^a:^ tdhajjt, (inf. v. of yx^J s« f. 
Spelling, orthoepy. [iS »/sA^ To 

spell. ^<a:^ **^>/^ '^^^ letters of 
the alphabet. 






^' dj',at^ tah-ttdna, s. m. A room 
under ground, a cellar. 8eo under 


A. S>S^ tahdtd, (inf. if. of i3Jb) b. f. 
Terrifying, threatening, menace. 

H. ^^J^ thu^di, 8. f. (dakh.) The chin : 

see v^-X^ 

A. Km^^i^ tahnb, (inf* n. of i■J^^^^ 

civilisation, politeness.) s f. Purify- 
ing, adjusting, adorning, refinement, 

edification. ^A^l Cy^^V^> Civili- 
zation, good breeding. 

f. -|I thar, (W^) B. m. A lion or 

tiger's den. % (dakh.) A layer (bed 
of anything). 

g. \j^ tihrdt (tif three) adj. Triple' 
threefold, triplicate. 

H. \i\j^ tharrdna, v. n. To tremble, to 
quiver, to shudder. 

§• Utj^ tihrcmd, v. a. To tertiate, to 
do the third time, to triple. 

s. lilj^ thirand, (t^^) v. n. To set- 
tle (as liquor). 

H. U1jfij4> tharthardnd, v. n. To trem- 
ble, to quiver, to shiver, vibrate. 

H. ^ ^^ it* it" tharthardhat 

®* iJj^J^ tharthari, 

shaking, trembling, shivering, vibra- 
tion. 2. Ague. 

H. \jSm^ thiraknUf v* n. To set one's 

self off well in dancing, to dance 
with expressive action and gesture. 
% (dakh.) To hover (as a bird), to 
swim at ease (a fish). 

H. P. 'ijj^ thur-dila, {\j^^ Little, and 
^4> Heart) adj. 1. Miserly, narrow- 
minded. 2. Cowardly, (JO'p)' 

a. i^jj^ fhafoftj 8« f. (dakh.) See 


H. ^^j*>^ {^J^ tahaS'^ahas^ adj. Buin- 
ed, dispersed. (Arab. iM»r^)* 

2* u^ thal'df (from U^) s- m. Any- 
thing congealed Ac. adj. Tired, weary. 

H. KjK^ thakd hakha, 

H. }^}^ thakd pihkd, ^^dj. (dakh.) 

H. ^i^ I^J thakd, phahkd, J 

Distracted, troubled, perplexed, con- 

«. UK|J thaJrdnd, (causal of \ji^) v. a. 
To tire, weary, fag, fatigue. 

H. liK^; thukdnd, (cans, of Uf^) v. a. 

1. To cause to spit. 2. To cause to 
reproach. 3 To call names. 

«. U^ thakndy (^JT) V. n. To be 

wearied, to tire, to fag, to be fatigued. 

«• V^^^ thuh.hd*i, (il/^) adj. Base, 

contemptible (fit to be spit upon). 

>fi thigld, 8. A patch : see cVi^JU 

* (Jf* thaly (W^) 8. m. 1. Place, firm 
or dry ground : a sand-hill. 2- A lion's 

or tiger's den. See -^ * !^ ^^ 

( W^ and tZ^) Place of abode and 
means of attaining one's desires. 
j^^ ^}' Moving on land, terrestrial 

H. Ua^II^ thai thaldndf 

H. £. \iJ ^J|J J^ thai thai hamd 

To undulate, to fluctuate as a thick or 
glutinous fluid, to shake as the flabby 
flesh of a fat man ; to waggle. 

H. jj^ <J^ thulthul^adv. Gently fall- 
ing or dropping (as water from a small 

». \^j^ thalrif s. f. (dakh.) See Jl^ 

H. \jil^ (halaJcnd, v. n. To palpitate, to 

A. aJL^* tahluka, (inf- I. ^Cxiib perishing) 

s. m. 1. Ruin, perdition. 2. Conster* 
nation, alvm, pamc. 3. ¥axv^^«:^iv^ 





A. Joif^ taJUil, (inf. ii. of Jjb) s. f. 

PraisiDg GocL [See U>«lf» 

«. UL^J e^tn&na, v. a. (cans, of U^fi) 

pillar, a post. 


> V. n. 

See UUf» 

2* UU^ thamanit (caas. of l)U^} t. a. 
To stop, restrain, content, pacify. 

2* ^-i^A4k|j thamhfy\ 

2- Uft4^ thamhhnan 

A. c^ -,-*-!» tuhmat, 8. f. Sospicion of 

gnilt, false accasation, calamnj, 
slander, falsely charging one with a 

crime, aspersion, impatation, d^«>tk|I 
^Ifl or J-f or ^4> To belie, 

accuse falsely. See aUI 

2* Uuf tfcamna, (^^) t. n. 1. To 

stop, cease, be restrained, or pre- 
vented. 2. To be supported, to re- 
cover one's self (from a stumble, &o.) 

2« |jf> than, 8» m. (tr1*l) Udder, teat. 

1 1 4)0^ An animal with a large udder, 

or having an udder. 

P- Jli £ tah^ndl, 8, m. The mounting 
at the upper end of a scabbard. 

2* vJuu^ thamhna, same as iLi^ 

P' ^ImLj £ tah^ishan, adj. Inlaid (par- 
ticularly, iron with gold), [in horses. 
H. ^Ji^ thani, s. f. Name of a blemish 

A. I'^^iLT tahnVat, (inf. ii. of U2b 

Proved well or anointing.) s. f. 

u. .)ft^ tihxvdr, s. m. See j^^J^ 

i.jj^ thohar, 1.^;.. 

f(^^) 8. Mouth. 
2- 1«J^ thohra, ) 

[see l«<x^ or IfXa. 

i' })jj^ thopra, B. m. (dakh.) Jaw. 

«• U> 5^ thopnd, (r. ^^' Heap up) v a. 

1. To support, prop. 2. To plaster. 
3. To pile, to heap. 4. To pat, put on 
the pan. 6. To apply with the fingers 
or palm, to clap on. 

5. U|I^ thithnd, 8. m. ) ^^.^ 

.--,,. . } i^^) The 
2- 15*1*^^ ihuthntf 8. f. J 

mouth or muzzle of a horse, camel, Ac 

A. j^ tahauiour^ (inf. ▼. of . Jb) s. m. 

1. Temerity, rashness, plunging in- 
considerately into any business ( in- 
trepidity. 2. Fury. 3. Oppression, 
adj. Intrepid, brave. 

H. ]J^ thoray adj. A little, small, 
few, scanty, some, less. «^ "— t ^ If*^ 
adj. More or less. Ij^ 1?*^ A 

little, by degrees. (xLjb I )• 

A. C%f> tahauwu\ (inf. ▼. of 6 %&) 

8. m. Sickness at stomach, inclina- 
tion to vomit. 

H. li^ thok, 8. m. {^n multitude) 

1. Amount, heap, ready money. 2. 
A company, party. 3. Share, portion. 

I 'J ^^y^ s. m. A wholesale dealer. 
H. cL^ thak, 8. m. (^c^IIT) Spittle. 

U3l>- <i/jf» To break one's promise. 
UbJ ^^-^^ To leave, to g^ve up. 
Mjyi^ j^Si li/^ To treat with 

sovereign contempt. UUj ^^L/mI To 

apply spittle. (A term of abuse and 
of most indecent meaning). 

H. [jS^ thakna, v. a. To spit. 

H. ^^ thnli, s. f. Name of a dish or 
of a sweetmeat. 

n. ^^ thilnt, 8. f. (?^QTr a prop.) 

A post, pillar, column ; the upright 
post over a welPs mouth. 

H. Jb^ thiihar or thohaVf s. m. The 
name of a plant (Euphorbia uoriifolia. 




**• ^-1* tihif adj. Empty, vain. A^ 

\iJ ^ ToabstaiD. c^umJ ^ 

adj. Empty-handed; poor. ,Jum4> ^^ 
8. f. Poverty, penary. 

u. ^J^ iha\ 8, f. A heap, a pile (of 
cakes, clothes, kc), 

"• \J^^ ^^^9^^» »• '• (?^ to cover) 

A patch (in a garment.) ( jJ^Jb) 

H. ILJ f^iaWtf, B. m. V- ^ P°?® *|®^ 
"^ t round the 

=• i<W '^^^^^ »• ^ ] V *^*^- ?•. ^ 
'^^ -/ bag. [ring. 

B. 1^^ ffcetcff, 8. m. A stone set in a 

A. iU|J taluya, (inf. ii. of ii UJt or Jb) 

8. m. Preparation, provision, putting 
in order. Making ready. 

^- ijdi^ C^ the'i'thg% 8. f. Merry. 

a.^LaJ foiyir, adj. Beady, prepared, 

finished, complete. (sjL« I ) 

A. P. fjfjj^ taiydr-t, s. f . 1. Beadiness, 
preparation. 2. Bobustness. 

1. v£/UJ fy«(?, (?Tm r. 5731 Quit) 

8. m. Abdication, leaving, abandon- 
ment, renunciation. 

J. UAjJ <yasf-»&, (?TRT r. 9T5T Leave), 

V. a. To leave, to abandon, to divorce, 
forsake, quit, resign. 

■. j^^UJ tyig-h (9Tmt) s. m. Abandon- 

er, relinquisher, forsaker, abdicator; 
but chiefly applied to the religious 
ascetic or him who abandons terres- 
trial objects, thoughts, passions, &a 

n. "CUAi tepcht, 8. f. A kind of run- 

ning stitch. 
«. yyJ tttar^ (mlTlit) s. m. A par- 
tridge. ,^j^ ^ ^ y^u {lit. 

Good fortune proceeds from the mouth 
of the partridge, which is a small bird, 
of little estimation.) A saying used 
when a person of mean ondcrstauding 


is chosen to decide in matters of which 
he is incompetent to judge. 

«• iC^XaJ iltri, s. f. 1. A butterfly (one 

of the largest species). 2. The name 
of a medicine (for intermittent fever). 

S- ^ «U, (^^r) 8. f. Th,5 third day 
of a lunar fort-night. 

«. \xJ^ tijuy (cT^^) s. ». The third 

day after the death of a relation, on 
which oblations are offered. (Used 
among Mnsalm&ns). 

I' «^^lj ^ tej'pdt, ((^^7?r) fi. m. 

The leaf of the Laurus cassia, cassia. 
8. jj^ tir, (otl) s. m. 1. The bank of a 

river, the shore of the sea. 2. Near. 
P. jjJ <ir, s. m. 1. An arrow. 2. The 

planet Mercury. 3. The fourth solar 
month of the Persian year (corres- 
ponding to Sans, (^rt^l) srdwan, or 
Hind, edwan), 4. A beam, a roast. 
jIjJt jJJ 8. m* An archer, a bow- 
man. i»yr*i fj^ ^ punishment in 
which the culprit is shot with arrows. 
L^^Jy jkS The range of an arrow, 

bow-shot distance. U 1^ u3 To 

V J*» 

shoot an arrow. 

3* 1^ Urd, (^^t^ or cR) pron. 

2d. pen. sing. mas. (in the gen. case) 
Thy, thine. 

8. ^^jJ tirath or tirth, (Sl^) s. m. 

A holy spot, place of pilg^mage ; es- 
pecially, at sacred waters. .^1. j^J^ 

^V^f^F^T The city of Ilahabttd. 

P. iPtJ^ tira-gl, 8. f. Darkness, ob- 

3. \jjJG taima, (c1<"|) v. n. To swim 

(OjJj) to float, to cross over. fTax. 
TAM. 1^^ tim-d, s. (dtikh. : J^^fiar*) 




p. S-jJ tira, adj. Dark, obscure. ^J^ 
C^rk; adj. Unfortunate. S^ 

J J 1. adj. Black-bearted, malici- 
ous. 2. B. m. An apostate, an out- 
caste. ^j%j ^ji^ Unfortunate. 

i. «o^%^n!^ ^''a^-u70^> adj. Thirteenth. 

F. IfJ tezt eJ}, Sharp, keen, pungent, 

acute, hot, fiery, caustic, corrosive, 
acrid, strong, impetuous, riolent, 
clever, quick, keen-witted, swift. 

U^lljj s. m. Nitrous acid, aqua fortis. 

p. {^flJ^ tezak, s. m. Cress, cresses. 

P. fjflXi Ux-t, s. f. Sharpness, soar- 
citjf dearness, fleetness, Ao» 

s. ^j^J^Hs, (t^RFl) adj. Thirty, 

f . LiJj taisi, (cTT^ or oomp. of 

^^jJI That and W Like) 1. adj. 

8uch. 2. adv. 8o, in that manner* 
in like manner, at the same moment. 

{. LmjJ Hard, (?T^^) adj. Third. 
^L^tM In the third place, thirdly. 

A •J^MijJ tainr, (inf. ii. of .amj) s. f. 
Rendering easy, facilitating. 

P. JL^LjJ ieBhfh s* '• («• ^) A kind of 

axe used by carpenters, an ads. 
p. y ^* fejA, s. f. A scimitar, sword, 

( .IJJ) cutlass, dagger. 

P. UjJ ftffltfi »• "n. 1. A short, broad 

scimitar. 2. A walled up arch or 
other opening. 3. A trick in wrestling. 

A. bfl>V (ayaqqug, (inf. v. of oM) ». 
Watchfulness, vigilance, waking. 

A. ^Lx} tayaqqun^ (inf. v. of ^Joj) 
m. m. Ascertaining, certainty, 

9 ^^ tVchd, (S^) adj. 1. Pungent. 

2. Angry, passionate. 3. Sharp, 
penetrating. 4. Bright, graceful, 

he^iincing. spruce. See J>J 

a. JjJ <eZ, (cR5) ■. m. Oil. JaJ 

UU^ To anoint the head, should- 

ers, and hands and feet of the bride 
and bridegroom with oil mixed with 
turmeric during the marriage cere- 
mony. Hence (in dakh.) the marriage 
ceremony above described. ^ til, 

Sesamum orientale : see (Jj [an oilman. 
5- jLjJ telin, (clfe^) s. f. Wife of 

2- ^yJj^ UUf (d^) s. m. 1. Name of a 

caste whose business is to sell oil, an 
oilman. 2. An unclean or dirty fellow. 

H. ^J^ tin, 8. f. 1. A bar (as, of a 

cage, ^.) 2. The calf of the leg. 

R. IjjJLu teUyi,B,m, 1. Name of a colour, 

dark bay. t^fij^u ULpadj. Light 

bay coloured (horse). 2. Unctuous 
(said of water the use of which cakes 
and hardens the soil and is unfavour- 
able to cultivation. 

P. .UjJ ttmtff, s. m. f. 1. Oare, atten- 
tion, regimen of the sick. 2. Infirmity, 
sickness, indisposition, affliction. 

A. ^»^iJ^ layammumf (inf. v. of ^ the 

ocean) s. m. Purifying or rubbing the 
hands, face and other parts of the body 
before prayer with sand or dust, when 
water cannot be had. 

2- fjiiS to*i», (WH) postpos. mas. 

Up to, to, at. (Or, denoting after a 
genitive form, the objective case). 

«. ^^ tin, (#rf^) adj. Three. (^ 

SjJj considered as unlucky numbers.) 

adj. Dispersed, distracted, ruined, 
broken, sqandered, wasted, 

S* ir^^'^^^J^ taintaUs, adj. Forty- 

- (^/*:H^ taiiitU, adj. Thirty-three. 

a. ^SlX) tendit, (fcf?^) s. m. The 

name of a fruit (Diospyros ebenum or 

H. ujjul tcndaWt or UndiKii, s. m. A 




B. .^jj iewar, g. m. 1. Forehead, counte- 
nance, physiogQomj, fixed gaze or 
look. 2. Eyesight. 

B. Uit^Aj t^orana, v. n. To have a 

swimming in the head, to be grid<^y» ^ 
be faint, to stagger, to fall down sense- 
less from a blow. 

B. ^jyi^ te'ori, s. f. Frown, t^jyjt^ 

U^Jb^ To frown: also, U!jj Joi 

To change countenance, 
a. aj%^ tyuH ot tyoh or tyauM, adv. 1. 

8o, in like manner, like, as. (d^) 

2. At the same time, then. (cT^f) 

H. (JbvjJ te*ohar, s. m. A holy day, a 

P. ^Jj tihUf B. m. A small partridge. 
i- L/AM^JuJ te*i8, adj. Twenty-three. 

Zf represents the Sanskrit letter ?• 

It does not occur in the Arabic or Per- 
sian alphabets ; and, its sound or4)ro- 

nnnciation differs from that of fJLJ 

in being formed by the forcible appli> 
cation of the tip of the tongue to the 
palate, instead of tbe roots of the 

teeth. The same letter aspirated ^ 
represents the Sanskrit character 3* 

B. yj Idbar, s. f. 1. A small lake. 2 
A but* 3. A family. 4. A boy. 

B. u^v> tap, s. f . 1. A stroke with the 

fore foot of a horse. 2. The sound of 
a horse's hoof in travelling, 

B. uJidpifS. m. A hen-coop, crinoline. 

^y WS 1. To trifle. 2. To grupe, 
to rummage. 
B. jj*J tdpu, 8. m. (St?) An island, 

('[/y?-)' an isle). 
B. (^\j fof, a, m. Canyass, sackcloth. 

B. ^^I>U tdkant s. (dakh.) A pony, see 

"• Jl^ .«^, !• verbal n. f. (from Ul'J) 

Evasion, (SU S I )« putting aside, 

putting off or out of the way, rejecting 
a request. 2. s. f. A heap (of grain, 
Ac), a stack, a rick. 3. Baldness from 
age. 4. A turn or trick in wrestling. 

U^ Jlj 1. To put off. 2. To heap. 

li;U Jl> 1. To heap. 2. To turn the 
sciile fraudulently in weighing. 
B. lb tdla, 8. m. 1. Evasion, Ac. : see 

Jl) 2. A rick, heap, stack. 
B. jLx« Jb tdl'tnatol. s. m. Eva- 
sion, putting off, shuffling, chicane. 

H. U!ij tdlnd, (trans, of UU) t. a. 1. 
To evade, pravaricate, put off, post- 
pone, defer. 2. To drive out of the 
way, put or turn aside, ward off, avert, 
fend, remove, prevent. 

siJJ tdndd, s. m. 1. A venture (of 

goods). 2. Name of a place. 3. The 
goods of a hanjdrd, 4. A caravan* 

«. (J^b tdnk^ (?^; s. m. A weight 

equal to four mdshas. (See under Sy ) 

B. cliob tdnk, 8. f. 1. An iron pin* 2. 
A stitch. 

B. I^b tdnkay s. m. 1. A stitch. 2. A 

tub made of stones* 3. Solder. ^\j 

liU3 1. To stitch. 2. To solder. 

B. \jij\j idnknd, r. a. To stitch, to 
cobble, (dakh.) To write, scribble. 

H «^b tanX;;i, s, (in Guserat) An under- 
ground reservoir for water, a tank. 

B. Xilj tdnlny B. f. 1. A venereal 

chancre or shanker. 2. A square piece 
cut out of a melon to examine its 
quality. 3. (dakh.) A dent, notch, 
jag, small hole, hollow or pit. 

tf. , ^l> idnH, {t^) s. f. A chisel. 
a. ^^^3 tdng, {t^) s. f. The leg, 


2. ij^'j Wnr^/t, (J^) 8. f. (dakh.) 
Leg, foot. 

H. 'a>j'j tangnd, (trans, of 'juLo; v. a. 
To hanjjr up, to dangle, to hang by a 
string, &c. (not on a peg). 

v. ^j^J^tdnghan, s. m. A kind of 

horse, highland pony. 
R. JO /abbar, B. m. Family. (Pers..bJ)* 

TKL. JM tibba, 8. m. (dakh.) ]. A 

height, rising ground, hill. 2. A sand 
bank or shoal (in the sea.) 

H. L ^*J tep, B. m. 1. Spring, leap, 

bpnnd, a drop of rain or other liquid. 
2* A sound ; sound of drops falling. 
3. The fly of a tent. 4. A cover. 

H. Lu iappdy 8. Di. 1. The post office. 2. 

The name of a mode in music. 3. The 
bound of a ball, Slc. 4. A sort of hook. 

5. A jump, a bound. \j^^ -A) To 

bound or ricochet (a shot), u • w« U> 

1. To sew or stitch with intervals. 2. 
To read in a desultory manner. 

n. J*j6 tappdl^ 8. (dakh.) A packet of 

letters, the poit. ^^^ JU> The 

post office. [jump over. 

n. s. Ul*- *^_ ^ tap jandf v. n. To 


H. clXo tapak, (from U^) s. f. 1. 
Pain, throbbing. 2. Sound made by 
dropping. lj«, ^^' To drip. 

H. bJO tapkrif 8. m. 1 A drop of rain. 

2. Fruit falling when ripe (particu* 
larly mangoes), a windfall. 

n. ISLo iipkdt 8. m. A stain of any co- 
lour applied by the finger: see clj 

H. Ul^ tapkdnd, (causal of UCo) v. a. 
To cause to drip, to distil. 

H. UCu iapokndj v. n. 1. To drop 

when ripe 2. To drip, to distil. 3. 
To throb, to palpitate. 

■. |JjO inpln^ 8. f. diminutive of ICo 
(a woman). 

u. [xxj tapndf V. a. To jump over, 
(dakh.) To couple, copulate (as birds). 

H. IjO tatta, s. m. A screen. 

|. IjtflC'y lS-^ ta(-pHnji-d, adj. Bank- 
rupt, or reduced in circumstances (a 
merchant). [animal by tiikt^n. 

H. IJtKjO tiikdmd, v. a. To urge an 

H. i^.liLo iilkdrl, s. f. The noise made 

by drawing the tongue from the roof 
of the mouth to make horses, Ac. 
proceed. [sized horse. 

H.yo tatttlf 8. m. A pony or under- 
H. ^l*-b tatwdnlf 8. f. A pony mare 

H. UJ Ju taiolnd, ▼. a. 1. To feel for, to 

grope, to search for by feeling, to 
touch, to finger. 2. To examine. 

H. ^o iatfif 8. f . 1. A screen, a mat« 

ted shutter. 2. A necessary office. 3. 

A frame for illumination. iP j^^*** 

^^ <-^^' ^J kJ^ 1- To do se. 

cretly. 2. To form an ambuscade. 
B. UuL* taiiydt 8. f. A screen, a matted 

«. IrbJUu ialihrd, B- m, I 

^. r '• 

«. f^jjUUiJ iatihri or iiiihri, 8. f . J 

(ifflS^) A sandpiper ,^.yjju 

iLi'^ UV ^Um-T ^ Will the 

sky be supported by the sandpiper ? 
Applied to a person who undertakes 
an enterprise far above his strength. 
(This bird being said to sleep with his 
legs upwards, as if to prop the firma- 
ment). 2. A kind of rattle. 

s. Laii fttc^ha, (cT^ Empty), s. m. 

A rake, a blackguard, mean fellow, 
u-' tai^nd, 8. m. The ankle joint* 

Ju ti4dd, 8. m. A grasshopper. 

H. ^Ju fy^if 8. f. A locust. 

H. J iar, adj. 1. Intoxicated. 2. Iik- 

attentive, regardless, like one intoxi- 
cated. 3. The croaking of a frog. 4. 



Roughness, violence. Prov. ^yas^ 

of a Sheikh (priest), the insolence of a 
Fathan (soldier). 5. A crane. 6. The 

day after («3^j^) 8^ the day after the 

7^ y 4-iiV^^ *\!^ 

U«J^i> ^^a^ After the festival, 
rejoicing ; after the wedding, mastc ! 

y tarra, adj. 1. Wicked, vicious 
(particularly, a horse). 2. Stout. 

fr lily iarranuy (2f^) v. a. 1. To 

chatter. 2. To grumble. 3. To be 

i- J y tartar^ s. f. Chattering, [chatter. 
«. lilyy tartarana, (SfU) v. a. To 

B. (jL^y tarsal, s. m. A contemptuous 

epithet for a woman, a low priced 
trull, a drab, an old jade. 

§• j^ tasar, s. m. See jamj 

H. v^ ^>"*^ tcwiU;, s* f. 1. Shooting pain, 
stitch, throb. 2. To be boiled. 

H. UCmJ ta^aknJ, v. n. 1. To move, to 

shake. 2. To have pain. 8. To de- 
cline in quality. 

H. UCmJ tu&akndf v. n. To cry, to weep, 

H. UamJ Uundt V. n. To bnrst (as, tight 

cloth or a pillow stuffed too full), to 
split, to crack. 

H. ^^mmJ taswe, B. m. Tears. 
H. clio tak, g. f. Temper, nature, dis- 
position: stare, gaM, view. cl>3 

LUb jJU To stare, to gaze. UlO u^' 
To expect* to long for. [while. 

2- vlJO tuk, (^^t^) adj. A little. A 

H. 1^ paltdf B. m. (ccFi^) A copper 

coin equal to two paitS ; money. 

f* \XS tikdni, v. a. 1. To retain, to fix 
in any place, to stop, to check, to billet, 

to lodge to •tfttioa. 2. See \i^ 

^•fS3 IUcIVh, adj. Durable, lasting. 
H. jJooo takULki oTlikiilci, s. t Staring, 

fixed look, gaze. UibJjIj ^S*^ '^^ 

regard with a fixed look, to gaze. 

H. yj takkar, s. f. Shoving, push, 

shouldering, knocking Against, running 
against, collision, strikins; a blow, but- 
ting, the knocking of head to head ; 

equality. ^Jl J ^ j^ S^ To enter 

the lists against an antagonist of 

greatly superior force. lf'»^ -x> 

1. To stumble. 2. To be dashed 
against any thing. 3. To meet with a 

loss or misfortune. Li.'w« S3 To knock 

5- 1^ tukru, (^nt^) s. m. A piece, a 

division, a bit, a morsel. 1 J^ ^ A 
beggar for a bit of bread, &c, 

H. [j\s3 iaJkranSy (from ^) v. a. 1. To 

knock together the heads of two 
people, to dash the head on some- 
thing, to butt. 2. V. n. To grope in 
a dark place or passagct 

S- Iji? tukrCi, s. m. ) I. A piece, a bit, 
-^ ^ a portion, divi- 

2. A 


5- t,jfjO ^ukriy 8. f. 
band of men, &c. 

- wJ[5^ i^^h ^ ^« Party, band, troop, 
division or corps of an army. 

«. JUXS idksixL, (i«h^||^i|) s. f. A 
mint. Uib^ JUmJo To be edn- 

cated. ytb Jum^j adj. Uneducated, 
unpolished, rude, unclassical. ^Lyio^ 
u^ o adj. Spoilt in education. 
H. ^ tikli (or, iUckali) s. f. 1. A wafer, 

a small ronnd cake. 2. An ornament 
worn in the forehead. 

H. \jS3 iikndy v. n. 1. To stop, to re- 
m.iin in any place, to be detained, to 
lodge. 2. To survive ) live. 



ft ^ 

«. lyl? (fiAii'd, (c!^) 8. m. A spiodle. 

See l«xj [tice, fomentation. 

H. .Aj iikoTt 8« m. A cataplasm, a poal- 
H. jS3 taJkor^ B. f. 1. The sound of a 

drum. 2. A fillip, tap. 
H. i.aO lakorif s. m. 1. A fillip, a tap. 

2. A very small nnripe mango. 3. 
The sound of a drum. 4. (dakh.) The 
Moorish kettledrum of the third size, 
which is made either of brass or bell- 
mctnl. The treble end of the same 
instrument, also, is thus denominated. 

H. ^j^ iakom'tt 7. a. To foment. 

H. ^3 iikki or tiki, s. f. A small loaf 

of bread, cake. U^Jj ^^G To form 

a connexion, to make interest, to earn 
a scanty livelihood. 

B. IaC> tikiydt ». f. A small cake, a lit- 
tle cake of charcoal for the hitqqa, a 
wafer, a bolus. 

n. c:^ takait, | (,„„ (^«j ^. 

H. Uuij takaiti, ) EJch, possewing 
ready money. 

u. Ua> talandy (cans, of Ul?) v. a. 1. To 

cause to disappear, or give away* % 
To pass in idleness. 

H. a. U'*^ Jd ial jSna, v. n. To get 

out of the way, to disappear, to va- 
nish, to pass away. 

H. Uly ialna, (r. 2^ Be confused or 

agitated) v. n. 1. To give awayi 
shrink from, flinch. 2. To disappear, 
pass away, retire, to be evaded. 

H. UUXaj iimiimani, ▼. n. To give a 
faint light, to twinkle. 

H. ^^^CJ .lo»»a», 8. (dakb.) A small tim- 

brel or drum made of Iron, wood or 
clay. A small circular brass plate, 
played on by striking it with a piece 
of wood having a knob at the end. 

liLfj ^^jC*J To make proclamation. 
H. IW iumna, v. a. (dakh.) See 

M « V 

H. Vju> tafitOf 8. m. Wrangling, alter- 
cation, squabble. (Ijx^^-) 

u> Ja> tund^ B. m. A hand or branch 

that hss been cut off. 

H. Ijo) iund-a, adj. Handless, whose 

hands have been cut off, or one bom 
without hands. 

J H. ^Jjj itin^-i, 1. (ct^) B. f. The 
navel. 2. adj. f. Handless. ^uJub 

U^ or UU«:>- or Uft jJU To tie 
the hands behind the back. 

8. u.^ tank, (Zm) s. nu A weight 

equal to four mdshas: a sword, a 
hatchet. [(of a bowstring). 

8. .Kjuf tarikar, (S«ttl<) s.f. The twang 

' > v.n. To 

H.UJO) tangnd, ) 

be hung, to be suspended. 

I ^Xj^ toni^rt, s. f. The leg. 

H. Lu> tuniya, adj. Tiny. Uy Luj 

A kind of parrot. 
H. c^y top, B. m. 1. A hat. cap, which 

covers the ears, (cH) ^) helmet, 

head, cover, thimble. 2. Bait. 3. A 

H- ^^ iopan, s. (dakh.) Cap (night), 

muBzle (to confine the mouth.) 

B. iLy iopnd, V. a. (dakh.) To insert, 

put, place or fasten in, to introduce, 
let in ; to plant, sot a young tree or 

H- ^y pop-l, 8. f . A hat, cap. ^ J 

) Ij One who wears a hat, or on animal 

with a comb, crest, Ac. It is used to 
express the Persian or Moghal troops, 
and also those of Ifiuropeans. 

2. ciy m, (from UJy Sffe) a. f. 1. 

Fracture, breaking, break. 2. Mis- 
understanding or coolness between 
friends, harm, loss, deficiency. 8. A 
passage omitted in the writing of a 
book, which is afterwards written in 

the margin, [ijj ciy To break in 
npon, to rush in, to be coUected in 



crowds. Ijl»- C^y 1. To be broken. 

2. To become ill, to pine Uft^ cl^y 

1. To be difltresaed, to be weary, to be 
reduced to poverty, to pine away. 2. 
To be separated. 

H. by iota, 8. m. 1. Loss, deficiency, 

injury, detriment- 2. A cartridge. 3. 
A 0Hndle*s end. 4. A squib (straight), 
a cracker. [a philter. 

B. KSy fofka, B. m. A charm, an amulet, 

8. U5y iuhii, (#tCT r. ^ diWde ) 

V. n. To break, to be broken, to borsti 
fail, break forth or rush upon. 

f. il.^ f«K {f^\^ Little, small) 

B. m. 1. A piece, a little, a particle, 
an atom, a bit. 2. A single beat of a 
drum. [an evil eye. 

H. I^y toitf, 8. m. (dakh.) Influence of 
B. ]JJ tohri, 8. m. A large basket 

(without a lid), (dakh.) 1. A broad, 
flat, shallow basket. 2. A wicker fer- 
ry-boat covered and sewn over with 
leather, in which travellers may not 
only themselves securely cross the 
river Kistna in the south of India, but 
have their goods and cattle safely 
ferried over. 3. A lost game or de- 
feat at paehU'i, [(without a lid). 

B. i^Jo fokn, 8. f. A small basket 

B. [jSJ iokna, ▼. a. I, To interrogate, 

prevent, challenge, envy, accost. 2. 
To look at with an evil eye. 

B, )y to2«, 8. m. A quarter or particu- 

lar part of a town. ^ (dakh.) A gang, 
group, band, caravan. 

B. ^y ioli, 8. f. A company, a so- 
ciety, a crowd, (jj^^) T f^^i ^ ^• 
(dakh.) Half a/ieZiM. 

H. Uuy Uimna, Y. a. (dakh.) To strike 
softly, to jog (gently). 

B. Uy tofia, L 8. m. Enchantment, 
fascination, necromancy, magic. 

j\j ^y A necromancer. 2. v. n. To 
feel, to grope, to handle, f iauna, 

8. m. See '^^y 

H. \joy tonia, s. m. 1. A cracker, a 

serpent in fireworks. 2. A joint of 
bamboo, Ac. 8. A cartridge. 4. adj. 

H. j«jJy foniit 8. f. A spout. 

B. l^y ionhit s. m. A juggling man, a 

**• {^-^^ ionh:i% 8. f. , A juggling 

woman, a female conjurer, a witch. 
B. »y,fa)h, 8. Spying, watching (i/iXi)* 

a. 4>^ pMh, 8. m. 1. State, dignity, 

equipage, pomp. 2. Conveniency, 

f. X^ thdr, (r. ST) 8. m. 1. Deter- 
mination. 2. Snow, frost. 3. (dakh.) 
Place, residence ; in place, instead. 

«. S<^ ihahvr, (39R) 8. m. 1. The 

divinity. 2. An idol. 3. A lord, 
master, chief (among ^Jpiits). 4. A 
landholder. 6. A barber. 

2* ^If^ ihiUf 8. m. f. Place: seeJl^) 
- C^V t^^^i >• (dakh.) Place of bind- 
ing an animal. L^mJI^ 

•I u 
B. iMN>V^ ihdhs^ 8. (dakh.) Cough : see 

B. UmJ*.^ ihanand, v. a. To stuff, to 

cram, to ram or cram down. % (dakh. 
also) To rein in, pull up or stop (a 
horse in his course), to crnb, control. 

s. Ui^^ ihinna, v. a. 1. To resolve or 

fix (in the mind), to determine, to be 
intent on, to intend, to set one's heart 
on. 2. To settle, to perform. 

•I tt 

|. y'.^ thahw, / (WR) 8. f. m. A 
{. ijJlf) ihahohf \ residence, a place, 
a situation. 

s. |j«l^ ihd'on, 8. f. A place : see y'^ 

B. Ia^ ihappd, 8. m. An instrument for 
stamping leather with, a die, a stamp. 

a. l2^* P^^ (fTS) 8. m. Bank, shore. 


n :: 

"• 4M^ .t/l(ifh,B, m, T\\IOTV^, «^^^* 




H. lfA4> ihaiihoy 8. m. 1. Fan, sportj 
joking, jost. 2. Name of a place. 

jIj «r4^ -^ jester, a humorous per- 
son, a funny fellow, jocular, arch, wa>?- 
gish, ^mical, facetious. U.L« ^fA^* 
To jost, crack a joke. 

u. u*f A^ ihithimd or thithumd or 

thttHartitf, v. n. To be numbed or 
benummed, to be chill. 

H. UC^jk^ thathaknd or thithdkfidt v. n. 
To stop, to stagnate, to stand amazed, 
to draw back in sm-prise, to shrink, to 

n. fJ^^Ji^ thatholfhd}. Banterer, jester, 
wag. [sport, joking, derision. 

II* ^^^^J<^ thaiholl, 8. f. Fun, humour, 
n. }jJ^^> thatherd, s. m. 1. A brasier, 

a tinker. ^^1^ ^ t^ji^ €^jJ^ 

A bargain between two people equally 
acute or knowing, diamond cut dia- 
mond. 2. The stalk of the jo'dr, 
(dakh.) A reed. 

H. v^ vf! ihakh'ihathjn, (dakh.) Clack, 

jangling, nonsensical talk. 
H. ^Jkf) ihu44i, 8. f . 1. The chin. 2. 

Unslit parched grain, bp^^ c/*^ 
To flatter, curry favour. 
j^ tharrd, s. f. 1. A kind of wine 

or spirituous liquor. 2. A kind of 
shoe worn by villagers. 

f. Ut.f> ihiranat (caus. of ^j^) ^* ^ 

To cause to congeal. % pharana (caufl. 

of ^t4>) ▼• ft> '^o fix, settle. 

«• wj^ IhirTid, V. n. To freeze, to be 

chilM. % thamcU v. n. To be fixed 
or settled, to stop, to stand, see 

>jjf^ [earthen Huqqa. 

n. b j4> thariya, s. m. A kind of 

If. iiM#f> ihas^ ihi«f or thus, An imita- 
tive sound, as of a musket ill charged 
or Bashitig in the pan. % phaSj s. 

(dakh.) Sound of a congh. ^j^ 

lil^ (dakh.) To suffer injury (as a 
vessel by being chipped, Ac.) 

h.[m*P ihassd, s. m. 1. A moulder 

form into which plates of metal, &c, 
are beat to take the form of pastes of 
ornaments, &c. 2. Pride, vanity. 3. 
(dakh.) A stamp, print, die (for coin* 
ing), a printing letter, metal type. 

UII J or IJbJ La^ To coin, to atamp. 
to imprint, impress. 

n. ^^^"'1* thasak, 8. f . State or dignity. 

H. UC>j.|? ihuaaknok, 1. t. a. Peditum 
ciere, suppedere. 2. v. n. To weep 

but not aloud. (IaO^)* 

H, \jLm^ ihanaltnd, v. a. To break a 

piece off any vessel of earthenware, 
by knocking two vessels together, 
without completely destroying it. 

fi. UK|? iWifeflna, (wiqrT) r. m. 1. 
Residence, place, station, site. 2. 
Boundary, limit, fixing. lii^ 

Uft jjjb J To seek a reaidence or em* 

ploy men t. Iij3 lil^ To acoonnt for, 
to search or trace an affair to its com* 
mencement. Uli3 lil^ 1. To estab- 
lish, settle, prove* 2. To find out 
one's residence. liliJ ^(^ 1. To 

put to death, kill, waylay, make away 
with, despatch, assassinate. 2. To 

establish, settle, arrange. Uij ^C^ 

To be killed, to die, be put an end to, 
be terminated. 

H. L^> ihiMrSit 8. m. 1. Fragment of 

an earthen vessel, a shard, potsherd. 
2. A vessel for carrying fire, such as 

faqtrs use. 

n* uijX|> ihuJirdnd, (from y^) v. a* 
To kick or strike with the toes. 

2- i^}f^ ihahurayan, (fem. of S^) 
8. f . A female divinity or idol. 

H. ^i^ ihag^ s. m. \i^*\ a rogue) 
1. A robber, assassin, cut-throat. 2« 
A cheat, impostor, ^^j^j or \jS} k£J^ 
s. f. Cunning, ai't, fraudulent dexterity. 




< n 

liS \^J^ To rob, to cheat \ZS^ 

ULaI To cheat. 

H. UIX^ fhag-dnd, 1. vC n. To be cheat- 
ed. 8. T. a. To cheat, to deceive : 
or, to cause to cheat or deceive. 

H. liSj^ ihag4<jnd, t. a. To cheat : 

Bee Ui^ [impose on. 

H. \jJ^ ihag-nd, ▼. a. To cheat, deceive, 

H. |Jix|3 ihag-m, s. f . 1. A female rob- 
ber. 2. The wife of a thng. 

n * < ? *i - % 8. f . R o b b e ry, 
H. ^^^ thag^-i, ^ ^^^^ practice of 

^8 i ^ ^^^9 >' <^heat- 

^- ^y^ *'t<V^, ) ing, imposture. 

H. UlC^ thag-iya, 8. m. A cheater. 

H. Jly^ iahal or .X) (J^ s. f. 
Housewifery, housekeeping, duty, 

service, job, use, drudgery. ^J^lJ 

\jJ To serve, to drudge. iJl3 (Jv 

To dance attendance. 

H. UlLy> ia^Itia, v. n. 1. To walk back- 
wards and forwards, to take the air, 
to rove» to ramble, to take a walk. 
2. To be ofiP. 3. To die. 

H. ^J^ tahcdni^ s. f. See c^J^ 

H. IJhJ iahWa, s. m- A manager of 

household concerns, attendant. 
B. i^Xi> iahlu% s. f. A housewife. 
n. IjUif) ihiliyaf 8. f. A water-pot. 
H. UC^p .^'wtwiaftna, v. n. To walk with 

grace and statelineps, to strut, to walk 
with dignity or with a jerky. 

H. ^S*^ thunikif 1. adj. Lazy. 2. s. f. 

The playing of a paper kite to keep it 
up when the wind is light. 

H. ULu) iahana, s. m. A branch or large 
bough of a tree. 

B. liU|AJif> thanthandna, v. n. 1. To 
jingle. 8. To neigh. 3. To rut. 

B. Ja|> ihan4f 8- f- Coldnefls, cold. 


H. Ijui^' ihan4-a, adj. Gold. \jJj )jui|3 
To abate (anger, virility, or wanton- 
ness). \jJ \jJ^ V. a. 1. To make 

cold, to cool. 2. To exting^uish. 3. 
To comfort, to assuage, to pacify, ap- 


pease. Uyt ]jui^ 1. To beSome cold. 

to cool. 2. To be extinguished. 8. 
To be comforted or pacified. 4. To 

rest. 6. To lose virility! Ijui^'lffvX 

u Jb 1. To be pleased, to be happy 

(by seeing a friend, son, &c.). 2. To 
have one's revenge gratified. 

H. \l/dJ^ than4'ak, ^ s. f . C o 1 d- 

\ ness, cool- 
H. cli^JJi^' than4hak, ^ "^e^. 

H. ^^Jui|J ihand-i, adj. f. Cold. ^jla|> 

H. IjbJJi^) than^hd, adj. See iJOf) 

B. UxJl^ ihinaknd or thmuknSt v. n. 

To sob. % thandkna, v. n. 1. To 
throb, to shoot (as, the pain of 
headache). 2. To jingle, tinkle, clink. 

H. [jSix^ ihingndt adj. Dwarfish. 
H. jJiyJ tahm, 8. f. A branch. 

H. j^ ihaur, 1. 8. f. (^f place) 

Place, residence. 2. adv. Upon 

the spot. Uft. j^ To be murdered, 

to be knocked down lifeless upon the 

8. f. The chin. 
See i^*\^ 


H. Um^^ ihosd, s. m. The thumb pre- 
sented in token of denial. (A mode 

peculiar to women. See l^yjl)* 

H. IJLw*^) ihofi.nd, V. a. To stuff, cram 
in, wad, thrust, force^beat or drive in. 

H. Sj^ thokar, s. f. 1. Tripping or 

striking the foot against any thing, a 
beat of the foot, a kick, a stumble, 
false step. 2. A stumbling block. 




Ul^f S^ 1, To trip, to atnmble. 2. 
To meet with a Ices or misfortane. 
|jU3 S^ To strike againBt the foot 
(a stnmbling block or obstacle). 
H. \ji^ .tfcofcno, V. a. 1. To beat, 
knock, perform (on the kettledrum), 
strike, to drive (as a stake). 2. To 
bang. 3. To punish. 4. To pat on the 
back. 6. To pot in the stocks. 

H. 5L^ ihola, 8. m. 1. A cup for the 

food and drink of a bird in a cage. 2. 
The knuckles. 3. (dakh. explained by 

W^) A blow U;to 51^ To strike 

with the knuckles. 

H. ILJ^. ihohsna, v. a. (dakh.) To 

eat a great deal, to stuff. See Umj^ 

H. UGft^ ihonknai 1. v. a. To knock, 

hammer. 2. To drive (as, a stake or 
nail). 3. To thrust with the finger, 

fillip, drive, beat, thump. ^LS^^ 

Lb J To hammer or drive down, to 

knock. (ILuj)* 

u. i^Sj^ thong, 8. f . 1. The act of 

striking with a finger or beak, peak* 
ing. 2. A beak, bill. 

8. L!).^ ihahrana, (cans, of \Sjju^^ 

▼• a. To fix, stop, determine, appro- 
priate, settle, to ascertain, appoint, fix 
on, to demonstrate, to prove, to con- 
clude or consider, ascribe. 
_ mjff^ ihahrao, s. m. Settlement, 

permanence, appropriation, proof. 
{• ^;^ ihaharna, (r. ST Stand) v. n. 

To be stopped, be fixed, stay, remain, 
abide, rest, stand, last, be concluded, 
be settled, be determined, be proved. 

"• (m^:!^ ^^^Pi 8- '• A kind of lamp. 

stopple. Lb J ^jX^ ^ C5f^'^'' 
silent or close one's month. 

<• UjJ^ thaimS, or ihema^ v. n. To 

stay, stand, wait, stop, &c. : see wj.^ 

H. ii*<J^ iheSf 8. f. A knock, a blow- 
tripping against a stone, &c., a shove, 

a push, a thrust. (See v>%f>)* 

H. LLm^ thesna, v. a. 1. To pierce. 

2. To knock against. 8. To stnfF, 
• cram, ram in. 4. To eat ravenously. 

H- Cmi^J^ ihilc, 1. adj. Exact, even, 

accurate, complete, just, fit, meet- 
proper, reasonable, true, regular, right ; 
adv. Exactly, Ac. 2. (met.) Parsimo- 

nious. 3. 8. m. Sum, addition. C^^ijk^ 
^^[^ 1. adj. Exact, fit, proper, ac- 
curate; properly, fitly, accnrately, 
adequately. 2. s. m. Exactitude. 

U I (J-XA^ V. n. To fit, correspond, 
suit, answer, apply, i^ < ^l|? t^iou> 
\jJ V. a. To put to rights, cor- 
rect, adjust, fit. \jJ CSj^ v. a. 1. 

To put to rights, to correct, adjust, 
adapt, fit, ascertain. 2. To beat. 

H. Kjj^ thlkd, 8. m. 1. Hire, fare, fixed 
price. 2. Work done by contract, a 
task. [of earthenware. 

H. (jSLxf) ihikrd, s. m. A broken piece 

^' ^/^ ihikri, s, f. 1. A broken 
piece of earthenware (for holding fire) 
a potsherd. 2. Mons veneris. %^Xj^ 

Ll». To be mad. 3. (dakh.) Two bits 

of sticks or fragments of earthenware 
used as castanets. 

H. iLj^ ihtka, s. m. See ^^J^ 

n. iJj^ iheJsit s. f. 1. Act of resting on 
the way (by a porter carrying a load) 
Ulxl ^j*^ To rest (a porter carry- 
ing a load). 2. A large sack of grain. 

Ii> 2UL^ iheldf s. m. 1. Shove : see Mi>* 

V, Ju^ JLx«) s. f. Shoving and 

stiouldering. 2. A wheel -barrow. 





H. uLl^ thelnd,y.Vk. To shove, to elbaw^ 
, shonlder, to move forward by pashiDg. 

B. IS 

H. .ifAJU^) thenth, adj. 1. Pare ge- 

naine. 2. Contentious. 
H- IxJuf) ihenga, s. m. 1. A stick, a 

small club. 2. A tool (penis), [fish. 
H. U^JuL^ thengnd, adj. Short, dwar- 

^- L.^'^ itPf s« f. 1. A note of hand, a 

check. 2. Drawing a card. 3. Rais- 
ing the voice in singing. 4. (from 

UAA)) 8. f. The act of pressing, com- 
pressing, (dakh.) Sewing in a certain 

way. K^5 K^^yM s. f. 1. Oma- 
ment. 2. The act of pressing or com- 
pressing. UuJ (^«/UJ To draw a card. 

H. UxjJ iipnd, V. a. To press, to com- 
press, to grope, to feel, to squeeze. 

u. UaCjJ UlAnd, V. n. 1. To call (as a 

partridge). 2. (dakh.) To sing or 
warble with a sweet note. 

L. a 
)jj^ f€ma, V. n. 1. To bawl, to shout. 

2. To tune. 8. To speak. 

H. Ub^ ierha, adj. Crooked, bent. 

H. ^j^jJ^ Ufi, 8. f . A locust. See ,^j6 

H. UUxA) Hs-nd, V. n. 1. To palpitate, 
to throb, (pain.). 2. To stitch (a book). 

3. Enmity (jo)- 

H.yAjjJ ieaUf s. m. 1. The blossom of 
the palds tree 2. A kind of play. 

8. ^CjS Wca, 1. {S\^\ to explain) s. f. 

A commentary. 2. (for TciCXh) s. m. 

A mark or marks made with coloured 
earths or unguents upon the forehead 
and between the eyebrows, either as 
an ornament or sectarial distinction. 
3. An ornament worn on the fore- 
head. 4. The nnptial gifts or engage- 
ment. 5. Inoculation. Ua^L4J I^JO 

To send the nuptial gifts, which are 
presented by the relations of the bride 
to the bridegproom. 

u. ICm tekdt B. m. (dakh.) Trust, 

B. uCfj ieknd, v. a. To support, to 
prop, to place, set or put down. 

H. Xa) tildf 8. m. A rising ground, a 

small hill, a hillock. [ornament. 

auz. Lj fild, s. (dakh ) J^ kind of 

Guz. ^jLjj fUh B. f. (dakh.) See tjJ 

H. j^ tern, 8. f . Snuff of a candle, the 

flame of a candle or lamp. av> j^ 
8. m. Dressing, ostentation. 

H. lS^JuJ tent, 8. m. 1. (or tine) The 

ripe fruit of karil. 2. A speck on the 

eye. 3. Cotton pod. 

I a. a 
H. i»JUUJ ieniu*d, s. m. The windpipe, 

the throat. 

• a 

H. |«AA> ieni, s. m. A particular breed 
of fowls, adj. Tiny, small. 

called i^iJuU ^U or jic' *'j is the 

fourth letter of the Arabic alphabet. 
It does not occur in words of Persian 
origin. Its sound, among the Arabs, 
is that of th, in the English word thin ; 
but, the Persians and Indians give it 
the Bound of s. In the appropriation 
of the letters of the Arabic alphabet 

to denote numbers, v^ represents 

500. When, moreover, Persian words 
are introduced into Arabic writings, 
this letter is sometimes used instead 

of d^ or 


^ -. ^j^yiS for 
KJUj^yjS and ^y^ for [j^jy^ 
and, in Arabic words the letter ^ is 
sometimes substituted for C; ; as 
Ji for CJU- 
A. ojU fiflWt, (from CL>^ or v::^ 

subsisted.) adj. Firm, proved, ascer- 
tained, sure, valid, confirmed, estab- 
lished, a fixed star, a«^ vJ>jI^ 




adj. Immovable, stable, reeolate, 
permanent, constant. MS Cl^*^ 

To confirm, establish, render durable, 
verify, prove (by witness). 

A. P. ^y U. Ci.^U fidhit than-i, A kind 

of soldier or servant, armed or 
dressed, probably, agreeably to the 

device of a ^J^ Cl^U* 

A* ^^o fidqih, (from L^^^) adj. 1. 

Shining?, splendid, brilliant. 2. Sab- 
lime, high. 

A. ciJU gcUis, (from cJj a third). 
8. m. 1. The third. 2. An nmpire, 
an arbitrator, a mediator. L^^'j 

•>ar\j An unprejudiced arbitrator. 

^U CJU s. m. Trinity. dL«lJ tiJU 

s. m. Deed of arbitration, an award 
by joy. 

A. Jul J Roliga, 8. f. . An arbitress, a 

A. ^<aI'j ^oZtji-i, 8. f. Arbitration. 

A. ^^\i saminf adj. Eighth. 

A. ^\j f^dnt, 1. adj. Second. 2. 8. m. 
f. The second. Jlar' ^'^ Another 

time. M^-ilk^ LJ^^ Revision. 

A. uJb isamyan, or uJl) Aoniyd, adv. 

A. duJIj jiantva, (feminine of ^^) 8. f. 

The second. 
A. CLJ\JJ f(ahdt, 8. m. Permanency, 

firmness, resolation, constancy. 

A. ^|_!•,-^* fiaht, 8. f. Stability, fixing, 

impression. [iJ CI^^ To inscribe, 

to sabBcribe, to write. Uyt Kii^^ 

To be inscribed or written. 

A. CLM? Ruhut, 8. m. Firmness con- 
firmation by evidence, conviouon, 
proof, adj. Firm, entire, proved. 

A. ly narSt 1. adj. Opulent, rich. 2. 
B. m. The earth. 

^' *^^)y saruxU, s. f. (yJ» Abounded in 

cattle, &o.) 1. Wealth. 2. Multitude. 
8. power. 4. Authority. 

A. by fiuraiyd, s. m. The Pleiades. 

A. ^Uio su^hdn, 8. A long and bulky 
serpent ; a dragfon. 

A. C,..^lirj fia^ldht s. m. A fox. (Plur. 

A. %^m^^^ ^,^U> fflnab murri, s. m. 

Salop (the root of a species of orchis, 
Orchis mascnla, considered, particu- 
larly in the east, to be a strong res- 
torative and aphrodisiac). 

A. fjAi ^ufi, 8. Dregs, sediment, refuse. 

A. djub ?.iqdt, s. plur. of JCSJ 

A. c;JUj ?aqdlat, s. f. ((>AJ was 
heavy.) Heaviness, weight. 

A. (Jjb ^iql^ 8. m. 1. Gravity, weight. 
2. Indigestion, heavy load. 

A. idi fiqa, 8. m. 1. Confidence. 2. A 
confidant, a trusty friend. 

A« (Jjii Raqtl, (from (JaJ) adj. 1. 

Heavy. 2. Lazy, phlegmatic. 3. Indi- 

A. cl^lU /ta7a8., adj. Three. (Heb.). 
A. cI^JL 8uld^^ adv. By threes. 

A. j<jSj ^idti-iy adj. 1. Triangular, any 

thing made up of three parts, triple. 
2. (in g^am.) Triliteral. 

A. lIiJd aulfy 8. m. 1. The third part. 
2. An Arabic hand-writing. 

A* f^ /{amar, s. m. 1. Fruit. 2. Pro- 
duce, advantage, profit. 3. Offspring. 
• iJ j^ adj. Fruitbearing. 


A. Zj^ fiamara, s. m. 1. Fruit. 2. Pro- 
fit, reward, recompense, rcBult, pro- 
duct. 8. Offspring. 


A. ^j^ scunafiy 8. m. Price, value. 


^* {^ fi^^^ or fitimtm, s. m. The 
eighth part. 



A. ^^KC iiamtti, adj. Precious, valuable. 
A. \x) aandy 8. f. Praiae, applause, lib 

^1^ Repeating praiae; praiser. 

yUMbTUo adj. Scattering praise. 

A. <^U> iiatoab, B. m. (<--Jy returned, 

recompensed.) 1. The future reward 
of virtue. 2. A virtuous action, re-' 
ward, premium. 

A. v^,-«Ut paMoahiU (plur. of CI^U) 

s. m. The fixed stars. 
A. ^mmJ^ fifl'U'^i s. m. A robe, a vestment. 

A. .y ^ur, s« m. 1 A bull 2. Tau- 
rus, the sig^ of the Zodiac. 8. Twi- 
light, crepuscule. 4. The name of a 
mountain near Mecca. 

A. V»jLjJ ^y^\ (plur. of ^Jy) B. m. 

Vestments, clothes* robes. 

A. AUJ /saiytbo, s. f . A young woman 

who has consumated her marriage, 
fcemina cujus periit virginitas. 



jtm or jim-i-tdzi, the fifth letter of 

the Arabic and the sixth of the Per- 
sian alphabet, has the sound of y in 
the English word judge. In Sanskrit, 
its correspondent and equivalent let- 
ter is vsT : and, to represent the aspir- 
ated letter ^ jh, it is combined with 

X thus 0^, In Arabic, it stands for 

3 ahjad numeration ; for Tuesday in 
almanacks ; and for the sign Cancer 
in astronomy : it may, also, stand as an 

abbreviation for the month, ^jUk^ 
>>)) It is sometimes used for ijl 

as -J.^^ for ^}i Would ! for J as 

for ilj^- A chicken; for 
^^/^(particnlarly in conformity to Ara- 
bic pronunciation), as 0^ for ^^^J 

Europe; for 8 as m^UM for Sf.jji 
A turquoise. Again, for ,— are used, 

CL^ as CL^I^U for \J^ Plunder; 

J as j^d^ for ^Jac^ A gcorpion; 

^ as ^^JJJ!iJJ\ for ^J^\ 

Contrary. Rarely it is >edundant, as 

^Ui4> for UjJ Brocade. 
Q^ • •• • .. 

P. U- ja, s. f. A place, IflcU- adv. 
Everywhere, hither and thither. 
j^^AkMJ l». 8. m. A locum tenens, a 
deputy, a successor, a vicegerent. 

H. ^i^l^ jah^ s. m. 1. Muzzle for large 

cattle, ox-muzzle. (KJU^jw- ofA'^)* 
2. A net for fruit. 8. A sort of grass. 

A. j^l^ jabir^ (from r^) part. act. 

1. Despot. 2. A setter of broken 

H. A^. jdhit s. f. Muzzle for small 
cattle : see c^l»- 

• • 

B. euU- jat, (3Tlf?T r. 3PI Produce), 

s. f . 1. To be bom. (Arab. vSjIj) 
Caste, sect, tribe, class, race. 2. Birth, 

production. iS^ji> CL^U- «l|fctt1g 

adj. Deprived of caste. c^iL) '***■ — 
s> f. A pedigree. 
P. CL^l»> /at, A termi nation or affix 
sometimes added by the modems to 
Persian or Arabic words ending in S 

to denote the plural; as in S*X« 
CL>1». Fmits. 
5. yU- jatrd, (^MT r. Tf\ Go) s. f. 1. 

Pilgrimage. (^ CL^Uj). 2. Depar- 
ture, march, journey. 3. A religi- 
ous festival or fair, a procession. 

«. 4<j5l^ jatni vJ\^) s. m. A pil- 
I grim. 




u. L^l»- jdt, 8. m. Name of a tribe 
among Hindus, (cultivators). 

H. ^^^l^ jdjinit 8. f. A cloth thrown 

over the carpet to sit on. 
«. ^d\:^Jddai\ (<4l<^a| from M^) 8. m. 

1. A descentlant of Yadu. 2. Krishria* 
as descended from Tadu, 

P- •jl»> ya(2!(, 8. m. Enchantment, in, 
oantation, charm, oonjaring, juggling. 

U]l.»- aJL^- orlij^«jl»- To prac- 
tise incantations. S^u^ s. m. An 

enchanter, sorcerer. ^^S mtj\^ 8. f. 
Magic, necromancy. 

A. Sjl». jddda, or jada, s. m. A path- 
way, manner, practice, the right road, 
a highway, public road. 

A. c-^jl^ jd*}^* part. act. (from 

v.. .^VT^) adj. 1. Alluring, attractive, 
absorbent. 2* Drawing (as, a plaster). 

A. ^ jl». jdMih-a^ s. m. Drawing, at- 
traction, charm, beauty. 

A. .1^ jdr, 8. m. Neighbour. 


A. .1^ jdrr, (from j^) part. Giving. 

kctar to the last letter of a word. 
•l»> LmSA' A particle which occa- 
sions the noun to end in hoar. 
P. KmmJ»j[^ jd-ruht (\j^ Place, and <--JS i 

part. act. of ^^j To sweep) s. m. 
A broom, besom, or the sweeper who 

uses it. ijZi k^^j[^ 8. m. A 

A. lJ]^ iari, (^JjA or jc^. 

passed quickly.) adj. Running, flow- 
ing, proceeding, current, usual ; inforce 

(a law, Ac). \jJ Ufj^ To begin, set 

on foot or set ag'oing, introduce (a 
custom), issue or pni^ in force (an or- 
der). Ijyb tjfj[^ 1. ^' Jo flow, issue. 

2. To pass current, oircnlAte, prevail, 
proceed (as business). \ 

H. |^il»- jdrit B. (dakh.) Indian millet : 

see J 

A. ^ tl»- jdriyay s. f. A maidservant. 

S- ljl>- jaTd, (at>S to chill.) s. m« 1. 

Cold, coldness. (i^^V^)* 3. The 

A. A*'l^ jdziiUf part. act. (i*/^) Hav- 
ing the property of rendering the last 
letter of a word quiescent. 

A. ii^yj^ jdsuSt (from ^j*^ Felt, 

seeking, explored) s. m. Spy, an 

A. ^mmmI». jd8U8-%, 8. f. The action 

or duty of a spy, spying. 
S. ^%*mI»- jdsUn, 8. (dakh.) Scarlet 

China rose : see a. u 

a. LZJy^ ^J^^^ jdgthjot, (^JW^T 

^licir) adj. Possessed of or exert- 
ing miraculous power. (A term for 
an idol which is in the full enjoyment 
and exercise of its divinityj. 

^» u^fj 1^ j^gn, 8. Treacle, refuse of 
sugar: see ^ 

a. U^U. jagnd, {^J^^) ▼. n. To 

awake, to wake, to watch, l!^ i^S^ 
V. n. To awake. 

P.^^l^ jd-gtr, 8. f. Land given by 

government as a reward for servioefl, 
or as a fee ; a pension (in land), a fief. 

.) J jjfi^ 8. m. The holder of a 
fee or jagtr, a feoffee. 

8. Jl^ jdl, (5TR5 to cover.) s. m. (or, 

dakh. 8. f.) 1. A net, grating, lattice; 
snare. 2. A saah. 3. Magic, iUuaiGn, 
supernatural deception. 4. An eyelet. 

.tjjl»- adj. Reticulated. 

a. Hl^ jdld, (3TR5 web) s. m. 1. Cob- 
web. 2. A pellicle. 3. A jar. 4. A 




speck on the eye, .-y cataract. 5. 
(dakh.) A net : Mildew ftn flonr). G. 

A large water-jar. See. ^V*^ 

1. J!\js- jaU, (from JL^) a. f. 1. 

Network. 2. The integament in which 
a foetns is enveloped. 3. A coil, a 
canl. 4. Lattice, grate, trelliswork. 

5. (dakh.) Lace, edging. B. An ox* 
mnzzle : a net bag for weighing hhus 
(chaff.). 7. The thick coating of a 
mango stone. 8. Bobbinnett 

o. iT'^yJ'^ jdltnus, n. prop. Galen. 

^' aV»- jam, s. m. LA goblet, cnp, 

glass, anj vessel for drinking ont of, a 

bowl. 2. A mirror 



or 8. m. The mirror of 
Jamshid, in which he saw whatever he 

wished. L^ cl r^ (• . ^ pharos. 

«. J^ jam, 8. m. 1. (3f^) The rose- 
apple. TT (dakh.) A gnava. 

A. S^\j>~ jamid, adj. Styptic. (Aa»> 
congealed) «^^l». ^ I (Gram.) Primi- 
tive or concrete nonn (not derived 
from any root, and from which no 
word is derived ; as, tree). 

!*• •1t3k^l»- jdma-ddr, s. m. Keeper of a 

wardrobe. ^1S> iiiX^l^. A wardrobe. 

P. ^ljb«l^ jamddnit s. f. 1. A kind 

of cloth in which the flowers are wove 
and not worked ^generally maslin). 2. 
A kind of leathern basket or port- 
manteau, valise, trunk. 

A. «-^l»- jdmi^f if"^^ ^® collected.) 

1. part. act. Completing, compre- 
hending, collecting ; collector, compi- 
ler, compriser. 2. adj. All, whole, 

universal, collective. 3« s. f. («.^l». 

»Xar***^) A great mosque, temple, or 
cathedral, where the prayer called 

MO^ is repeated on Fridays. ^-^^ 

%£jti[A^] adj. Most learned, skilled 
in all sciences, containing the essence 

of all perfection _AJf^AjU!l «-^l»- 

GoUector of the dispersed or scattered 

P» itf^w*- jdmgi or jdmagt, s. f. LA 
salary. 2. Match of a gun. 

- v:r*''^ jdman, (Sf^) s. f. A fruit 
and tree so called. 

H. |^l»- jdma/n, s. m. Sour milk used 

to coagulate or curdle fresh milk 
runnet, coegulator. 

A* L>M^^ jdmuSt s. m. A buffalo, 

(Pers. ^J^^y 

f. ^2)y*^ jdmun, s. (3f^) (dakh.) 

Name of a fruit. 

P. J^l»- jdmaj s. m. A garment, robe, 

gown, vest, a long gown (having from 
eleven to thirty breadths of cloth in 
the skirt, which at the upper part is 
folded into innumerable plaits, and 
the body part, being double-breasted, 
is tied in two places on each side. 

|Jli> JC^l^- s. f. Portmanteau. 

^^Ij ^l^ adj. Becoming, one's 
clothes. .1^ ^U- 1. adj. Pit to 

make clothes of, sufficient for a jdma> 

2. s. m. A flowered sheet or shawl, 
a kind of chintz. 

P> <«^ jdm-i^ adj. Of the cup; name 
of a celebrated Persian poet. 

p. ijiW^ i^**» 8* '• ™* ^* Life, soul, 
spirit, mind, self. 2. A sweetheart. 

3. (met.) adj. Dear, beloved. ^'-.^ 

^ J I Animator, creator of life (an 

epithet of God). J^^ adj. Risking 
life» venturesome, daring, intrepid. 

spirited, mettlesome, c/;'^'^ s* ^ 

Risking life (in battle, &o.), intrepi- 
dity, mettle, spiritedness, working at 

anything as if life depended on suc- 
cess. U Jb a^^IamJ ^f^ ^l>- To die, 

expire. iJ^^, ^^^^ ». t Giving of 
life, vivifioatioD, pardon ot a c».v^t^^ 





crime. Ujb J {j^ ^^ aorvive, out- 
live. C^«^ t*)^ °^i' ^^ ^^^ point 
of expiring. Uyb C;^^ ^j^- To be 
at the point of death, li I y <j^ 
or li^ To be exposed to imminent 
danger. UL{^ y^ U • ^^ ^^^"^ ^^^ 
hazard. U5j ^'^ To be refreshed ^l». 

U1^>- To escape, get rid of. .I&3JI»- 

Having life ; an animal (generally im- 
plying strength), powerful, active, 

lively or spirited (as, a horse). ^^ 
^Uam adj. Life-destroying (as, poison or 
a snake, Ac.), Li J ^J^ Life-consum- 

ing. ]ji ^l»- adj. Life-increasing, ani- 
mating. i<i^-*i ^J^ 8- f' Very hard 
labour, extreme diligence, devotion. 
]sllx!l»- adj. Life-reducing, heart-break- 
ing, pathetic, affecting, jj ^c**^ U • 
Ijbi) 1. To love excessively. 2. To die, 
to fall a sacrifice. ^JtSjS ^jl^ or ^U- 
^JS s. f. The agonies of death, 
agony, torture. J I tXT-jl^ adj. Life- 
dissolving or destroying. ^JL^ ^l*. 
U 1 iji^ To be satisfied, to be com- 
forted. J JO ^l^. adj. Devoted, 

sacrificing one's life. \^/J0 ^y^ 
s. f. Devotedness, &o. 

g. ^U- jdn, L (^l«ir) adj. Wise, 
intelligent ; s. m. A conjurer, an as- 
trologer. 2. (lulft-) part. Know- 
ing. ^^ or ^ ^^^ ^U. adv. 
Knowingly, wilfully, purposely. 

A. io^ jdnn, B. m. (collect, of ^j^) 
The race of genii or demons. 

fi. UU. yana, («TPT r. ^T or ^ Go, 
attain) v. n. To go, to be, to past, to 

reach to continue. Uftt lJl»- To be 
lost, be nissing, pass away. 

**• ^vil>- jdndn, 1. s. plur. (of ^^) 

Lives; 2- sing. A sweetheart, one 
beloved. 3. Poet. 

A. C^l>- 3dnxh, B. f. (v.»^Jl». the 
Bide), Part, side ; party, adv. Towards. 

f li) V«^ol»- A supporter, a second, 
patron, ^m U.^%il^ In the name of. 

A. ^jJUL>l>- jdnihairif s. dual (of ^l-H^) 
Mutual, on both sides, or parties. 

^' S* c;%^ U • jdn-pahchdn, (know- 
ing the soul) s. m. An acquaintance, 
an intimate friend. 

f. 4^U- jdnch, (dsf\^) s. m. Trial, 
test, proof. An estimate, guess. 

«. UficW jdnchnd, (m^Ff) v, a. To j 
examine, to inquire into, to ascertain. '' 

s. U^l>- jdnghiydt {^Hl the thigh) 

( .1.) s. m. A kind of breeches that 

do not cover the thigh, or that reach 
only half way down the thighs. Short 

a. UJ'^ jdnnd, (ifPT from r. fT 

Know) V. a. To know, comprehend, 

recognize. UUJ ^^l^ To get a know- 
ledge of, to understand. 

P> fyl>- jdn-war, (life-having) 1. s. m. 
An animal, a bird. 2. A fool. 

g. tl^'^ jdn-hdrf (r. ^f Go) adj. 
Going, passing away. 

p. J[^ jdn-t, adj. Of life» of the 

heart or soul, cordial, hearty, dear, 
beloved; (substantively) a lover, a 

friend. ^^y^J l^^ ^^ enemy de- 
sirous of one's life, a mortal enemy, 
g. Ai) ^l»- jdne do (from UIj^ Mid 
iJbi)) Never mind, let alone, don't. 


I- liAi4> ^l^ janB dena, ▼• a. 1. To 

liberate, to let go. 2. To ezcnse, to 
pass over (as, a fault), 

'* c^M^"^ jawidin^ 9id}, Eternal. Bee 

P* ^iJUv^ jdwidan-i, b- f. Eternity, 
r. jJUm ^l». Ja^o-ahir, a* See jJJi,m\f 

P- 43j aI»- jawed or jaund, i 

P. ^^^9^ iffUT^dfln, or ^tfiddan, ^ 

Always, eternal. 
P. 4<>1jJ 4^ jawidanH, 8. f. Eternity. 
P. sl»- yifc, 8. f. Dignity, rank, gran- 

dear. Jl^'j S^ Dignity, splend- 
our, magnificence, pomp. 

A. (Jjbl»- /afciZ, ((>v^ was ignorant.) 

adj. Ignorant, illiterate, barbarous, 

A. P. ^Jjbl»- /aMZ4, s. f. State of ig- 
norance; paganism, 
P« ^A^ /«*«! 8. f. Place, room: see 

i9r^ ^^ *• '• ^^ necessary. 

^j^Juli J^ A successor. j\^ JU. 

A carpet, mat or doth, on which 
prayers are said, 

f. ^^W jiti, (SlTflT) adj. f . Bom ; s.f. 

A daughter. (^_^-SK) 
|. IjI»> j«ya, (^cT) adj. m. Bom ; 

8. m. A son, (^IcTT) 8. f . A daughter, 
f. (Jb^j 4^1^ jt^e-phah (^»tl ICIH^W or 

SncfrTJ^J) 8.m. Nutmeg. 

P« 4>l43jv^ ji^e-dad, s. f. An assign- 
ment on land (for the maintenance of 
troops or an establishment or person), 
assets, funds, resources, effects (in 
law), property: plaoe, employment: 
the ability of any district or province 
in respect to ita revenue. 


A. J>[»^ ia*izt (jl%^ ^^ J^ traversed. 

(«ar?) I . adj. Lawful, permitted, right, 
proper, authorized, allowable. 2. s. m. 

A joist, a beam. U^.^l^ To war- 
rant, justify, tolerate. 

A. XJI^ j^^i'^i 8. m. * 1. Examination, 
reviewing. 2. BeDeficence, a gift, 
reward. • [dwelling. 

P* Sool^" ja*e-gah^ 8. Plaoe, station* 

P. yJjJl^ jd^e-gitf 1. s. f. Pension. 2. 
adj . Taking a place ; fixed, effioacious. 

f. ^-..^^ jah, i^Zj) adv. When, at 

the time when, as soon as. 

Lmm^ Now and then, u^ 

adv. Till when, whilst, as long as 

^^^^ ... 

^»M Since. C»«o o L^^^- adv/ At 

the time when, at the proper moment 

, gAfS C-^^ Whenever. M ^_-^>- 
adv. At the time when, when, since, 
k.^^ A) C^^'^- adv. Now and then, 

perpetually. 15^^?* &<^^' -^^ ^^^ 
very time. 

A. .U». jahhdr, (from jA»-) 1. adj. 

superL Omnipotent, mighty. 2. 
Genqueror, 3. s. m. A tall palm 
tree. 4. A revenger. 5. Orion. 

A. JUj^ jilal, 8. plur. (of U^) 

Mountains, hills. 
^' u'^ jahan, (from ^^^) a d j. 

Pusillanimous, trembling, abject. 
A. S^^^ jildhf a plur. of .-uA»- 

A. JL^ jahr, (was strong) s. m. («A»- 

he set (a bone). Oppression, violence, 
strength, force, power, constraint. 

^ Jkd» By violence, violently. Jk». 

^L^AJ Making good a deficiency (as, 

if two horses are to be given to two 
persons, one to each ( if they are not 


equally good, saddle and bridle are 

given with the worst). jdj*Jl«^*Ad. 

^' 7^^ jabron, adv. 

lently, compulsively. 

^ U^ji^mJahraytl, 

the world or sphere of omnipotenoe. 
H. 1«A^ jahrif 8. m. (SPT:) The jaw, 

Forcibly, vio- 

The archangel 


or the part of the face from the cor- 
ners of the month to the jaws. 

A. (JiA^ jahal, s. m. A mountain, a hill. 

A. c:.JLa». jihillatf 8. f. Essence* qua- 
lity, disposition, temperament, con- 
stitution, creation, form. 

A. ^yuA^ jahalqum, s. m. An amethyst. 

A. ^J^ jihilli, ( Jodi. He (God) creat- 
ed him. adj. Natnral, (|<*^') innate, 
essential, in general. 

A. jV^ juhutiy or juhn, 8. m. 1. Pusil- 
lanimity. 2. Cheese. 

A. Aa»- juhhat 8. m. A kind of long 

vest resembling a shirt, a coat of mail. 
A jacket, vest or doublet with short 
sleeves reaching only to the elbows. 

H. lfJk»- jahha, 8. m. The jaw. 

H. tj|A»- jahkra, 8. m. The jaw. 

A. .yA». jahha, s. m. The forehead. 

JLm -t^^ The act of rubbing the 

forehead on the ground, beseeching 
earnestly, &c. 

A. (o;J^^L». /abin, 8. f. The forehead. 

8. t, ^wA» jap, (^m) 8. m. Muttering of 

prayers, repeating inaudibly passages 
from the scriptures, charms or names 
of a deity, coonting silently the beads 

of a ro8ary, Ac. 


and cT^r) 8. m. Devotion, adoration. 
^Lo or jUjk»- 8. f . A rosary. 

2, lu^ japna, {WJ^ r. W^ Repeat 

. in silence) v. a. To count one's beads, 
repeat the name of God inteiimlly, 
recite the bead-roll, make mention. 

H. ULa»» japnd, V. n. (dakh.) To wait, 
expect, lie in wait for. 

S* \jJ^ jatdra, (from kiL>^) •. m. 

Dynasty, race, lineage. 

a. Ijfj^ jatafa, 8. (dakh.) Family, race, 

stock, house, line, lineage. See Ku»- 

|. Uli^ jatdna, (from ^) v. a. To 
inform of, to caution, warn, remind. 

«. j^X^ JQJtan, {^^) 8. m. Careful, 
ness, remedy, care, eftort, endeavour* 
U^ f^P^ To guard take caro of. 

f. Uu>. jitna, (^l^9[) m. adj. How 
much, 80 much, as much a8, as many. 

{. liUld- juticdni, (causal of (ill»-) 
y. a. To caiuse to join or yoke. 

f. Ifi^ jatha, (??} 8. m. 1. A com* 

pany, band, gang, class. Ult jJU IfL^ 
To form a party. 2. Capital. 

s. -Ji»- j<»*»i (^tc!) 8. m. 1. A sage 

whose passions are completely under 
subjection. 2. A religious mendi- 
cant, especially one of the Jain secL 

H. l)*.xl»- jutiydnd, (from »y^) ^* •• 
To beat with a slipper. 

a. \^ -*^ jai, I . V 

' « ' )(^0 Matted hair. 

8. Lid- jaid, 3 

^^d IV (^*RTO1?I") 1. adj. 

Whose hair is matted. 2. 8. f. The 
cockscomb flower, amaranth. 

8. _amJI<« U i5*m '^ ^"^ ^^^ fnin or 
-mJiwi, (vHdWl^) 8. f. Spikenard. 


fr vy^^lV y»*^*«, (fern, of .^J^) 

8. f. (^y-l^) Hnsband*^ elder 
brother's wife. 

A. JCa». jufna, 8. m. The body, the 
figure of the hnman body* 

f. ^Uac?- jajman, (q^RH r. ^ 

Worship, make offeringrs) s. m. A 
customer, a person to whose custom 
Br&hmaas, barbers, washermen, and 
some others, have a legal claim. (The 
hereditary Brfthmaii, or barber, 'Ao, of 
a village must be paid his fees, whether 
yon choose to employ him or another 

B. ^js^ jiji, 8. f. (dakh.) A foster- 
mother, a wet nurse, nursery-maid. 

M. IjLa:^ jijiy^t 8. f • 1. A sister. 2. A 
dug, a breast. [to be tried. 

H.U«*" jachnd, V. n. To be guessed, 
A« ^sJLs^ jahinu s. A great and vio- 
lently burning fire, gehenna, hell. 

f. ^^^ jad, (^0 adv. As, while, 
whilst, as soon as, at the time when. 

A. J^ jadd, 8. m. 1. A grandfather; 

ancestor. (Plur. i>1«X»-) Ancestors). 
2. Dignity, glory (of Gk)d), happiness. 

A. tX». /{id, 8. m. Trial, endeavour, 

study. \iJ^ *^^Y^ 9 *^^ ^® endea- 

vour, to strive. Sj m J^ 8. m. Ex- 
postulation, endeavour, effort, industry. 

p. ]s»^ y^da, adj. Separate, distinct, 
away, apart, aside, asunder, absent, 
difFerent, peculiar, extraordinary. 

\iJ lt\»- To separate, disjoin, part, 

disunite, detach, disengage, distiu- 

guish. Seeclj31)« 

P. Jb^S Ij^ juda-gana, adv. Separ- 
ately, apart. 

s. m. Fighting, contention. 
P. ^IJk^ judo't, (from Ij^) s. f. 
Separation, absence. 

A« jCi*3k^ judrif s. f. The small pox. 

A. Jj^ jadalf 8. m. Fighting, battle, 

encounter, altercation. 
A. .ut\». jadwiirf a m. (perhaps, dakh. 

8. f.) Zedoary. (Curcuma zedoaria ) 

A. JaJ^ jadwalf s. f . 1. Lines drawn 

in a buok (as, ruling, or to separate 
the margin). 2. A rivulet. A table, 

an astronomical table. (PInr. J* li^^. V 

4. A card of paste-bonrd, across which 
threads are laced tight, used to rule 
or line the pages of a book. 

A. ^^S^- jadtocU'i, adj. Marked with 

lines (a book). 
». Jbi^ jidhar, (^) adv. Where, 

wherever, whither, there. r^^^^ 

JbjJ (^^Cl^) adv. Here and 
there, everywhere. 

A. ^S^ jf^di, 8. m. 1. A kid, a he 
goat. 2. The sign Capricorn. 

A. ^^S»' jadd'ty (from Ju»-) adj. An- 
cestral, belonging to ancestors. 

A. t3j*X»-yadH, adj. New, ('uJ) modem, 
fresh, recent. 

A. ^li)^ j^Jidm, s, m. Leprosy. 

A. \m *iV^ joMh. s. m. Allurement, at- 
traction, absorption, drawing (as, of a 
plaster). Uyt ^ -y iV^ To be absorbed. 

A. di>S^ jaaha, s. m. 1 . Passion, rage, 
fury. 2. Violent desire. 


• Ju>- jaar, s. m. 1. Origin, root. 

2. The square root (in arithmetic). 

A. j^ jarTf s. m. (-3- dragged) 1. 

Drawing, dragging. 2. Base, founda- 
tion, foot of a mountain. 3. Tha 
vowel fcosra at ihe en^ ol 'wvc^ 



«U9- vr« A (.^^ A particle, which 

gives to the noun a termination in 

kaara. f(<J^) 

*• L-^l^ jurrab, 8. m. A sock, stocking. 

A« kZjIa jv^at, 8. f. (]a was bold) 

Courage, s^dacity, valour. \jj CL;L»- 

To dare. (<^»jJfc))» 

^. ^'»^ Jarrdh, (— a wounded) 8. m. 

A surgeon. 
•A- C^.»"wL3» jarahat,{ooTreot\j jirdhat) 

8. f. A wound, a sore. 
A' i^»-I^ iotTtfVt, 1. 8. f. Surgery, 

chirurgery, 2. adj. Surgical. 
A. diA jardd, 8. m. A locust. 

A. I't^ jarrdr, adj. Warlike, brave, 
multitudinous (an army). 

B. liL». jirdnd, (causal of U*^) v. ai 

(dakh-) To dry up. 
A. A^ij^* jard'im, s. plur. (of ^l^j^ 

he cut it). Faults, crimes, sins. 
A. {^j^^j^ jaras, s. m. A bell. 
A. Ai^***j^ jiraSm, 8. m. The pleurisy. 
A- ^j^- jur'a, 8. m. One draught, a 

drop, if*^ ^ r?" Drinker. 
P* ^ji^ jorgo-t 8. m. Forming a circle, 

pntting in rank or row men and other 
animals ; a flock or drove of deer, Ac. 

A. ^^ jirm, 8. m. (aj^ body) 1. The 

body of any thing inanimate. 2. A 
globe. 8. A flaw in a precious stone. 

(Plur. ^\y^\y 

A. j^A. jurm, (or, in dakh. sometimes 
jirm) s. m. A crime, fault, sin. j^a 

^L4 or 1^^ ^j^ A great 
crime, a felony. 

A. P. AiLc*^ jurmanOy 8. m. See 
Ail^ A [up, to absorb. 

H. \jA jimd, V. n. a. <dakh.) To dry 
H, Uj^ jurn*a or juruwa, 8« f . A womaii. 
P. Ha jwrrat s. m. A species of male 

hawk or falcon. 
A. jj^3. yari, (t^l-'W^ - W WM ^W) 

adj. Valiant, intrepid, brave, bold, 
A. ^l>»»- iflraytf«, a. m. {^JJ^ wa« 

habituated to.) Running, flomng, flnx 

(of blood, urine, semen, Ac) ^^j^ 

'Ct Dysenteiy, flux. 

H, C^ •3. janht 8. f , A sort of 

. "J* 

wooden dart with an iron point. 
A. ^_-»,**^ ianb, s. f. (^■^>y^ 

a certain measure. 1. A land mea- 
sure. 2. A com measure (of SM 
mudda or about 768 lbs.). 8. A mea* 
suring chain or rope, being of the 
length of 60 gas or 20 gaiheu ; and, in 
the standard measurement of the 
upper Provinces, is equal to five chains 
of 11 yards, each chain being eqni^ to 
4 gaihas, (A square of one jarih is a 

higha: MJ U^t^ To make a 

survey (of lands). 

A. ){t3Jt»> jartda, 1. adj. Alone, aepa- 

rate, solitary, nnattended (when tra- 
velling), unencumbered. 2. s. m. 
Volume, book, register, [forfeit, fine. 

A. p. ^l^jOi. janmdna, 8. m. Penaltyt 

B.j;^ jar, (for «r?r) 8. f. A root, 
origin, foundation, basis. (Sec^**)« 

«. m\^ iafd'o, (IJV') 8. m« Setting of 
jewels. [jewels. 

g. i^j^ jard'u, adj. Set, studded with 
g. B. Jju J». jaf'^er, s. f. Boot and 

branch. Uj'^l ^ JJb J^ v. a. To 



R. «. Uj!»- jarni, ▼. a. 1. To strike, to 
shake off. 2. (for 5135^) To join. 3. 
To stad, set jewels, fix, enchase, inlay. 

i> U?^- iurii«i (p. «i^ Join) V. n. To 
be joined, to be attached. 

|. ^J^ jcfif (5!7r a root.) s. f. The 

root of a medicinal herb, ^y} «J[/^ 
8. f. Medicinal herbs, drugs, simples. 
p. J^ juM, adv. Besides, except. 

A. j^ yus, B. m. (1^ portion) 1. A part, 

portion, foot of a verse. 2. A division 
of a book consisting of eight leaves. 3. 

Ingredient ^^SJJ^ 8. f. Binding 

of a book. ^;^«^^ B* m. A cloth in 
which books are wrapped np, a port- 
folia iT'iJ^ ^j* 1* Penetrating, 
aagadons. 2. Fmgal, economical 
te*»jj^ ■• ^ Frugality, economy, 
Aa ^^Bpjjij^ An indivisible atom, 
any thing too small to be divided, a 

monad. JSV>- *dv. Totally, en- 
tirely, great and small. 
A. !>. ya«a, 8. f. (uf^ made satis- 
faction) Retaliation, requital, return, 
compensation, reward, recompense. 

A. aJJI (^/Ifft- jazd'k^lah. May God 
reward thee ! Qod bless yon ! 

A. JU»- iatd'ir, 8. m. plur. of ^jlj^ 
A* (Jilj^ jazd'flt s. m. A large mus- 
ket, a wall piece, a swivel. cP|l^ 
j\dS\ One who fires a wall-piece. 
A. .j^ jazTf 8. m. The ebb-tide, the 

reflux of the sea, river, rain, &c.jj^ 

S^ m 8. m. The ebb and flow of the 

tide % jazar, (in arithmetic) Duplica- 
tion or doubling a number. 

he cat it 

off.) 1. Decision, resolviDg. 2. Am* 
putation. 8. The orthographical cha- 
racter jazm ( ^ ) which is placed 

over a letter to show that it is quies- 
cent or has no vowel following it, 

^^s'U bi4-jazm, With decision, in 


A. A^»- i^'V) 8* ™« See ^'J^ 

A. (^«j^ juzwit adj. Particular, in 

part, few, a little. (Plur. %iL>\lmA' 
Parts, particulars). 
A. ^Jj^ yw«», adj. A particle, a part, 

a little, a few. ^Js>- y ^X In whole 

and in part, entirely, wholly. 
A. CL;bi3- jusiyat, s. (plur. of JuJ^) 

A. S*J»J»- jazira, 8. m. An island, a 


A. JbJ:>' y^'VOf B* ™' («-^l^ made 

satisfaction.) A tribute, capitation* 
tax levied on individuals, poll-tax, tax 
on iofidels. 

f. ij»^ ja»y (^r glory) s. m. Cele- 

brity, reputation, fame. 

A. ^y^ joMtn, 8. m. (aJs 


inflect, (of ^) Whom, what, who, 
which, that, any one ; whose. 

A. K^u Xf^ f^ jasarat, 8. f. Boldness, 
intrepidity, presumption, temerity. 

A. i**^ Vvt«»- joMinat, (j^Mi^ was 

made largo, embodied.) s. f. Cor- 

p. ^«', ->'r,*>- jast, ( -Aa«J>-) 8. f. 1. A 
leap, spring. 2. Leaping, C:.>^«*>> 
^Jj^ or ^ji To jump. 

B. o*u^ j(Mt, 8. m. Pewter (dakh. 
jasi, s. f. prince's metal ). Zinc. 

8. f . Searching, inquiry, examination. 


P- 4LUa». juata, {^^P^**^) P&rt. pass. 
Sought. % jasta^ Leaped, having 

A. JkMx»- jatadf 8. m. The body. 

A. jAM^ jisr^ 8. A bridge. 

£. A. .la^ogw jiS'tarahf What fashion 

or manner, (in) what manner, n8. 
A. A^M^ jisnif 8. m. Body of any 

being. ^DwA»- a^w^^ Metallic body. 
(^Jb^». A^u*i>- Constitntional parts. 
^JUA>- 1^**^ Animal body, a^m^ 
^UJ Vegetable body. 
A. ^Um*.3. yi*tn-<Jni, (a.*m^) adj. 
Belonging to body, corporeal, ma- 
terial, carnal. [see 8. «». 

fr ^ (^/»^ jis-ne, pron. Who, which : 
S* A. ci^^AM^ jis'ioaqt. What time, at 

what time, when, whenever. 

fr vi^^Mfcd* y<M-wa»^ (piur. ^RMcf:) 

adj. Famous, illnstrions. 
A. ..^^Au.^ jasirHf (j^mj^^ adj. Cor- 


P. ^»**^ jashn, B.m. A feast, a festival 

(chiefly Applied to the royal celebra- 
tions of festivals). A jubilee. 

A. JU«^ ja*ha, 8. A quiver. 

A- i^^ y<**(l, s. f. A ringlet, a curly 
lock of hair. Having curly hair. 

A. jSLK^ Jo*fary 8. A large river ; a 

little stream* a proper name. 
A. ^jkm^ ja^ar-i^ s. f. 1. A kind of 

cupola. 2. A sort of screen (the in- 
terstices of the frame being iozenged). 

Lattice work (corrupt, of S-/LA^)* 

3. The purcBt kind of gold. 4. The 
name of a yellow flower (called also 

^5-*tI ^ Linum trigynum). 

A. (Jjt»- yo*!, adj. (ij^^^ be made) (a 
thing). Counterfeit. 8. Forgery. 

^c|l*M (JM^ 8. f. CoanterfeitiDg, 

A. ^J»n^ ja*l-t, adj. Counterfeit, 

forged, spurious. [p^J* 

o. JUi5l.A>> jug^rdfiya, s. m. Geogra- 

P. Ifl^- jafd, 8. f. Oppression, Yiolencei 
injury, injustice. ^ 7 < J j VAi>> or Ut»> 
»». or ,U«tlA». or .l^Ufiw adj. 

Oppressive, unjust, cruel ; subst. Op- 
pressor, tyrant. jjpiO li^ 8. f. Op- 
pression, tyranny. 

P. C^^:>. jtt/f, s. m. Evenness, party, 
a pair, a couple, a match, a mate. 

P. ^A^ iti(/i^a, adj. 1. Bent, wrinkled. 
2. Running together (the threads in 
oloth). 8. A crumple, crease. 

P. «. Ulf^ i^^^ y**/'* ithtftitf, v. a. To 

copulate, to pair (as, birds). 
P. -ft*. ;a/^, 8. m. The art of making 

amulets or charms, [nonsensical talk. 
P. lac*^ y<«9y«9. ■• (dakh.) Nonsense, 

«. \L^ ya^i (^) 8. m. 1. When 
treasure, Ac. is buried, an animal 
(sometimes a man) is killed and buried 
with it as a guard. This animal is 
called iak, and receives orders tu allow 
no one else to take up the treasure, 
&c. 2. (tiiee.) A miser, called also 

H. U ^x»> jalca^nd, v. a* 1* ({f 

union, ^ to make) To tighten, to 

draw tight (as a knot), to bind, to 
tie, 10 pinion. 2. To put in stocks. 

*• kL^ mt (^n) 8. m. 1. An age 

of the world or great period. (The 
ajces are four, i. e. 8atya or Krita, 
Tretd, Divdpnr and Kali). 2. A term 
used in the game of chansar (the op- 
posite of a blot, two or more men 
standing on the same square). 8. A 
pair. 4. A thread (brocade-workers). 



{. i^Ji^ jag, 8. in. 1. (for SJITf^) 
The world, the universe. 

H. UJ'J!^ jugalnd, v. a. (^ to eat) 

To chew the cad. 
B. |Jlx^ jugali, 8. f. The end. 

f. li'JV W«»^. (j^MK^f or 3IT5 to 
awake, or caas. of Ux»-) t. a. 1. To 

awake, ronae fnim sleep. 2. To light, 
kindle. 8. To raise the wick of a 

». \ji'^'^ jagaty (3Plr[ from ^T^ to go) 
8. m. 1. The world. 2. A buttress. 

jugab, (^1^) 8. f. 1. Ad- 

dressi dezteritj, contrivance, connsel, 

wit, a pan, art. jU v!:,->7- Punster, 

qnibbler. 2. The mysteries of asoetism. 

H. vi-Jb^J^ar**^ jagjagahai, s. f. Splen- 
dour, much light, glitter. 

F. Sj^ jigor* 8* m* The liver, vitals, 

heart, mind, courage. iXJb S^ s. m. 

1. The liver, lungs, and heart together. 

2. A son. j^i) j^J jX^ .Xd- Mine is 

mine and yonrs is yours, or every one 
knows where his own shoe pinches. 

JL^^ Js^ 8. m. A lobe of the liver ; 

(met.) One dear or beloved. 

P« i^J^ jigar-i, adj. 1. Belonging to 
the liver or heart, hepatic. 2. Liver- 
ooloured. ^Sj^ ^Jiax. Carnelion. 

H. LC«kk*. jagmagd, adj. Glittering, 
splendid. [shine. 

u* Ul)w4J^ jagmagand, v. n. To glitter, 

H. i^.«^itlLaXj>- jagmaga-hatf s. f . Glitter 
splendour* [awake, to rouse. 

S. lib!;*. ya(/iw, (3TFR^) v. n. To 

B. Jix^ i^^^t B. m. 1. The fire-fly. 
2. A jewel worn ftboui iho nook. 

H. jjix*' yuyni, s. f. Fire-fly, glow- 
worm. 2. An ornament worn round 
the neck. ^[ jigni. A small semi-lu- 
nar ornament worn in the centre of a 
string ot beads, &c. ^ jiiiJ»h A small 
grain from which oil is extracted. 

H. «.yX»» jagah, s. f. Place, station, 
quarter, room, vacancy, stead. 

A. (J^ y*<ZZ, s. f. A houliing or covers 
ing for an elephant, bullock, &o. 

u. (Jl». julj s. m. Deceit, cheating, a 

trick. Ubi) (i»- To cheat. 

s. ^J^ jal, (sij^) s. m. Water. ^J^ 

^J^ s. m. Ground half covered with 
water, marshy ground. 

A. (Jkdi. jalUiy v. 3d pers. past sing, 
(from Ja».^ Is eminent in majesty 

or glory. jdH^ (J». or Ai'J^ (J». 

Eminent is Uis (God's) glory or ma- 
jesty. An epithet of God. 

A. A»- jild, 8. f. (^o) Splendour, 

brightness, polishing, ^m ]l^ s. m. 
Emigration, leaving one's country. 

\iS ^Jio^ 1^ To abandon one's 

country, to exile. To banish from 
one's country. 

A. i^A^ julUh, s. m. A purge. (Draw- 

ing, from ^^_ -^7- Drew; and, in this 

sense, it is generally used in India: 
bnt, GoliuR says) A mixture of water 
and sirup (perfumed with roae-water^ 

from Pers. (J^ A rose, and ^---'l 
Water); hence, julap. [hot-tempered. 

9. U|> 1^ jatd-hhunif adj. Passionate, 

s. H. lj]L^ jalapat s. m. (dakh.) Envy, 

A. Ja^- jallad, 8. m. («^^ he hurt 
his skin.) An executioner; (and, 
hence) cruel, hard-hearted (^ta&A ^Vis^ 




skins or flays, from jl^ The skin). 
{^Jls SL^ The planet Mars. 

A. d^jA^ jalddatf s. f. Activitj, 
strength, agility. 

A. ^jJl^ jallad-it s. f. The office of 
an executioner ; cruelty, villainy. 

A. jJJl^ j€dql,8,m. (l)^ ^*8 or be- 
come great.) Dignity, majesty, gran> 
dear, glory, power, wrath. 

A. |Ja»> jalal'i, adj. Divine, glorious, 

irruRtrious, terrible (applied to the 
attributes of the divinity). 

A. ju!l^ jaldliya, s. m. 1. A person 

who worships the more terrible attri- 
butes of the deity. 2. Name of a sort 

of Faqir, a follower of (Ja^ *^^t*** 
^.^^ 3. A kind of pigeon. 

fi. UX^ jaldnd, (^R5*T or cans, of 

UIl»-) v. a. To bum, to inflame, to 
fire, to make jealous. 

ft lilU- jiland^ (cans, of Uud- ^t^^) 

V. a. 1. To give life to, animate, to 
recover any thing almost dead. 2. To 
foster, to patronize. 

P. Ijbl^- juldhd, s. m. 1. A weaver 

^^^fy (of the Muhammadan reli- 
gion). 2. (met.) A fool, a blockhead. 

8. ^J^^ jal'pdft, (vjI^hH) 8. m. 

Drinking (of water), eating, taking 
light food between meals, a luncheon. 

B. ig^J (Jd* jaUtarang, (vJtwHl) 

s. m. The musical glasses or har- 
monicon ; playing on glasses or China 
bowls by rnbbing the edges ; a brass 
vessel in which water is put and the 
edges are beaten with two sticks. 

r. jJL». jaldt adj- Expeditious, quick, 

nimble, brisk, fast, hasty, impetuous. 

A. tXU- jild, 8. f. 1. The skin, leather. 
2. Thebindingof abook. & A volume, 

jbook. jS «3Ji»- 8. m. A bookbinder. 

«. yjb jl^ jala-dhard, (mJ^V^KI) g. f, 

A stream or current of water. 

P* i^jJl^ jali'i, s. f. Quickness, hasto. 
adv. Quickly. [Companions. 

A. ImA^. julasdj s. plur. (of i/**:^l^)* 

A. AwJi^ jaUa, s. m. 1. (i/m1»- he 

sat.) Posture, situation, seat, meeting, 
assembly. 2. Entertainment, feast, 

A. ^,pi^ j<il<ifi (correct, jilf) 1. s. m. 
A miser. 2. adj. Mean, base, despi- 
cable. (Plur. cJ]Ul)* 

A waterhen, a diver. 

8. ii^jUl^ jal-fnunu8, (vH^!^|c|»s|) 
8. m. A water«man, a mermaid. 

fi- ij^ jcdan, (^^>l) 8. m. f. L 

Burning, heat, inflammation, throb. 
2. Passion, vexation. 3. Envy, jea- 
lousy, malice, hatred. 

f. Ul^ jalndj (^W*!) v, n. To 
burn, to be burnt ; (met) to get into a 
passion, U^*^ (_>»• To brand, bom 

to ashes. \i^Si ^y tJ ^^ (lit. to 

throw salt on one who is burned) To 
triumph over, to insult. 

fi. ,jJd^» jalandar, 1 ^ •^ ^ 

fi* Jbi3Ju»- jalandhar, j 

8. m. The dropsy. 
A. Ad- jUau, (for JJ^Ld- or l^ was 

displayed.) s. f. A rein (of a horse's 
bridle), retinue, court, equipage, train» 

suite, j^*^^ Attendant ii\^ i^ 

An area, vestibule, porch, anticham- 

A« iT'y^ julua, 8. m. (^y*i^ ^^ 

Bat.) Sitting; the aooession (to ft 
throne) ; state, pomp. 



A* t<*M Jl»> julHt'iy adj. Of the reign, 
relating to accession (to the throne). 

A* sJl»> jcdwa 8. m. 1. Splendour, 

lastre. 2. The bridal bed or orna- 
ments, the appearing of the bride un- 
veiled in all her ornaments to the 

bridegroom. SO S J^ 8. f. Nuptial 

throne, place of display. .S sJl^ 
adj. Splendid, conspicuous. 

A. ^^ joli, adj. 1. Plain, apparent. 

2. Large, plain (hand- writing). 

H. ^^juul». jalebi, s. f. A kind of sweet- 
meat. [A companion. 

A. ^^j^^Ai^ jalis, (i^y^) a.m. f. 

A. (Jkjlsf" jaUlf (from J«^) adj. 

Great, illnstrions. % jJili (J^»- adj. 
Aagost* illustrious, glorious. 

P. j^ jam, n. prop. Name of an an- 
cient king of Persia. See Ja^4>A» 

a. M^ jam, {^^) s. m. The regent of 
worlds below; or death, and judge 
of departed souls. 

Messenger of Jam or of death. 

bi> (*^*1<riH) 8. m. A candle or 

illumination sacred to Jam, lighted on 
the 13th of l-artik, krinhn paksh, i. e. 
three days before the devcall. 

A. j^i^ jamm, s« A multitude, con- 

course ^JiA.c ^^ A great multitude^ 
all both high and low. 

A. i>wA»> jamdd, s. m. Whatever is 
incapable of growth, a stone, a fossil. 

Plur. CL;'4>.4k^ Minerals, fossils, in- 
organic nature. 
A. JjJl ^^jL«o>. jiimada-l-auwalf f 

A. iJLJi ^^jUoi. jumad(i'l-Ala, J 

Name of tho fifth Arabian month. 


'«4^ juindda-l'di^irf / 

-.'^ r. 

Name of the sixth Arabian month. 

A. c'v4^ jimd*, s. f. Coitus, concubitus, 


A. e:^iilA»- jama at, s. f. (^->^ ^® 

collected.) A crowd, an'assembly, a 
troop, meeting, society, congregation. 

A. J'«4^ jam^l, s. m. Beauty, elegance. 
H. ^Ja) fj^v4h»> jamdl-goidj s. m. 

(^MHI^*l<il) The name of a purga- 
tive nut (Croton tiglium). 
A. JIa^. jamdl-iy s. m. A kind of 

muskmelon (red-fleshed). ^ adj. Ami- 
able (as an attribute of the divinity, 

in opposition to 11^) 
2- UUk^ jamdndy (causal of Ua^ r. 

^H Bind, restrain) v. a. I. To collect. 

2. To sum up. 3. To coagulate, to 
freeze or make ice, congeal, consolid- 
ate. 4. To pace in the manage. % 
V. n. (dakh.) To gape, yawn. 

8' 4*^^ jamd*o, (from uU^) s. m. 1 

A crowd or multitude, collection, 
accumulation. 2. Coagulation. 

a. / "»Ja«i^ jamdwai, (from uIa:>-) s. f. 
Coagulation, consolidation. 

«. l%',4k^ jama'ord^ s. m. (dakh.) A 
collection: see ^^^^^ [perpetually. 
H. j^», j^,^ jam-jam, adv. Always 

A. Sa^' jamd, 8. m. Congelation, con- 
nexion, concretion. 
a. JtcVA^ jam-dhar, (dakh. ^J^A^ 

from ^^ Death, Jam, and ^IT 

Sharp edge) s. m. A dagger. 

P. cV^A-ttf*- jamshid^ n. prop. Name of 
an ancient king of Persia. 


*. %->*^ ya***** 8. f. (^-'^^^ collected.) 

A congregation, cob junction, collec- 
tion, assembly, amount, eum total, 
whole, revenue generally and the go- 
vernment demand in particular, plural 

number. ^^tSJUit4^ a. f. Accounts 

of the revenues, rental, settlement of 
the revenues, rent-roll, a statement 
of the rents fixed on every field in the 
townshipt the annual settlement of 

the revenue 


SfiA^^- 8. m. 1. A 

native officer of the army so called- 
2. The head of any body, as of g^ides^ 

\arlcara8f &c. \jS ^-^*^ To collect, 

assemble, heap. ^ j^ • ^'•"^^^ b* ™* 

Account of receipt and disbursement, 
debit and credit, cash account, ac- 
count current, li^ ^ •»- • ^^*^ 
To make up, or balance an account. 
^»JULitf I A V^*^ -^^ aeoomnt stating 

payments periodically due, with the 
amount received and the arrears; an 
account of the revenue of government 
with entries of payments and arrears. 

A. P. ^«MM^ junCa-glt s. f. 1. The 

weekly allowance to schoolboys paid 
on a Friday ;. also, the present given 
on a Friday by Bchoolbojs to their 
preceptor. 2. (dakh ) The giving of 
entertainment on fi^'e successive Fri- 
days after a marriage. 

A. i,mA^ ytim'a, s. ra. Friday (on 

which day Mnsalmans assemble to 
pray at the great mosque). [day. 

A «. 

A. \JL 


jurn'o-rit, b. f. Thnrs- 

jam-tyat, s. f . 1. Collec- 
tion, assemblage, accnmnlation of fol- 
lowers, Ac. 2. Wealth, affluence. 3, 
Recollection, reflection. 4. Peace of 
mind. 5. An array. 

H. IaS»»^ jamiikna, v. n. To succeed, 
go on well, fit, be assembled. i^o^J 

_C>«k». Buyers and sellers are col- 
lected in the shop. _kA»- 15^!^ 

The fight was joined. l^A»- 4L«jJi.« 
The cause is begun to be debated. 

5. vi-^fJ^^*^ jamghat, (r. ^^ Bind, 

restrain, and ^S Body) s. m. Crowd, 
A. ^^A^ jaml or jamais s. m. A camel. 

A. (Ju«^ jumalf s. plur. (of A^A»-^ 

The whole, the sum. O'^^ ifc—JW^- 
The reckoning by ahjad. 
A. p. >jL>aj>- fumla-gt, s. f. Univer- 
sality, totality. 

A. Mjk^ jtcmlat 8. m. ((JiA^ he col- 
lected) 1. The whole, the sum, ag- 
gregate, total, amount. («.>«^) 

jJL«tfe'' ^ Upon the whole. ^^ 
J(Lih». From or out of the whole. 2. 
A sentence, daase. (Plur. lI^^)' 

a- f^f^ jaman, VW^) 8. (dakh.) Co- 
agulation, congelation, jelly. Th# 
buttermilk used to curdle milk. 

a, UUkd- jamunif (^WTf) n. prop. f. 

Name of a river : (in mythology) twia 
sister of Yam. [minate, to grow. 

s. IJLA^ jamndf (^^) T. n. To gor- 

s. \Xk:>' jamndy (r. ^^ Bind, restrain) 

V. n. 1. To be coagulated, to curdle, 
to be congealed or frozen, to consoli- 
~ date. 2. To be collected, to cake, to 
clot. 3. To adhere, stick, set. 4. To 
pace in the manage. 6. To be settled 
firmly. 6. To fit to, in, or on. 

a. ,J'^4^ jamhdl, {W^l or W^ r. 
vypT or Snr Yawn, gape) s. f. Yawn- 
ing. UUl jJ.f«^ To gape, to yawn. 

A. .^yA^ jumhur, (»f4k^ he collected 

together.) adj. Universal, all. s. m. 
High heaps of sand, a republic, the 
populace, a whole people, community. 

A. ^JL4^ /aTwi* adj. All, universal. 
A. Jj^4b». jamVy (from JLa^) adj. 

Beautiful, elegant. (Fern. ^JUa^)* 


». i^j^ jant (5f?I to be boriu) s. m. 

Han (individually or collectively), a 
man, person, mankind. 

H- ^A. jin, 1. pron. rel. plar. inflect. 

Whom, what, "which; (in dakh, used 
occasiona]iy in verse for the sin^ulHr 
inflected or for the nominative of 
either number) who, what, whoever. 
2. A neg. particle. Not, dont. 

A. j»^ i««»> 8. m. 1. A genius, spirit, 

demon, one of the Genii. 2. Anger. 

f. U^ jana^ 1. (3H) s. m. A person, 

individual. 2. part. pass, (of lxA».) 
Bom ; a flon. ft. To be delivered (of a 

child). 4. To breed. ^<i*^ s. f. A 

mother ^^^i*- s. f. (3H^) The 

actual mother of a child, in eontradic- 
tion to a «tep mother. 

▲. u-^U». jandh, s. f. 1. Side, brink, 
margin. 2. Majesty, highness, ex- 

cellency. iJ^^ *^^-^ Your ma- 
jesty, your or his excellency, the most 
high. 3. Vestibule, threshold. 

A. C1^U»- jandhatf s. f. PoUation. 

i». jinndt, s- plur. (of ^^^) 
Genii. [an army or bird, 

A. ^ul^ jandht 8. f. A pinion, wiog of 

A. X.' .X»- jandza or jin^za, s. m. 1. A 

bier. 2. A Corpse. [Gardens, paradise. 

A. ^Uj>- jindn, s. plur. (of c:^<A»>) 

M, \j'Jl»- janinij v. a. I. (causal of 

)JuL>-) To deliver, to bring to bed. 

2. (causal of Ui^^) To inform, to 
warn, to point out, to shew, to seem 
(used but little except in the Braj. dia- 
lect; liU^ being more commonly 
adopted in this sense). 

f- tJ^'^ janal, (U'a»*) s. f. A mid- 
wife. (^J't^)* [of country. 

A. L ^ky. jamb, 8. A side, part, tract 
^ /uiuib, adj. Defiled, polluted. 

P. jji'^^^^ jumhdn^ (part. act. of 

^JJLaI»-) 1. Jidj. Moving, trema- 

lous, vibrating. 2. (in compos.) part, 
act. Moving, shaking. 

Motion, gesture, shake, trembling. 

jj^9- jamhtoXip, {^M^h} 

8. ra. One of the seven parts of the 
world. (India). 

s. ^-jL^jJL^ j amhhiriy (^PT K or 

Sf^^) s. f. A fruit of the lime kind. 
A. t - ^ A*>^ jannaU 8. f. The garden, 

heavoi, paradise. ^IjLit 1 M*. - *«^ 
Whose Aest (abode) is paradise ; the 

deceased or late (King, &c.). ^oL« 

• . •* • 

abode or lot is paradise. 

«. Uu^ jarUd, (T^) b. m. An in- 
strument for drawing wire. 

s. Jul»- jantr, \^^} s. m. 1. A 

machine in general, any instrument 
or apparatus. 2. A musical instru- 
ment. 8. A dial. 4. An observatory. 

()$^o iXi^) 5. A diagram of a mvstical 
nature, or astrological character. 6« 

An amulet. JLU jS^ (m?I^?|) 

6. m. Juggling, conjuring, enchanting 
by figures and incantations. 

s. ^JU»- jantn^ s. m. 1. (i^^) An 

instrument fer drawing wire. 2. 

(^^u) A conjurer, a wizard. 3. An 

almanac er register. [lieaveiily. 

A. |Jub^ jaHnat-i, adj. Of paradise, 

8. J'l^^V*- janjdlt \W^\^} s. m. 
Trouble, difficulty, embarrassmeni;. 

P* SJi»' jundj 8. Castor, a medicinal 
substance found in the caator beaver. 



A, ii-^jL>- jin8, B. f. 1. GennB, kind, 

gender, species, sort. 2. Family, race 
of the same stock. 3. Goods, Tner« 
chandise, moveables ; grain, com- 
modities, products. (Plur. ^»*.'Jl>.i)» 
r^i imJL>- Mankind. JUmJ^ST In 
the kind or in the particulars of it. 

A. [Jl^U^t^*!^- jinsiyat, s. f. Kindred 

nature, similarity of kind, homogene* 
ousness. [gentian. 

A. ULa^U>- jantiyand, s. m. The herb 

H. i^tli^ jung, s. f. h Emotion. 
2. A volume containing several books. 
P. i^ Cls^ Jang, s. f. Battle, war. 

Tried in war, a veteran. .• 1 {^ 
A champion, ^ f^^^Jl^ Contenti- 
ous, quarrelsome. (J«^^ ^ CiXL>- 
8. m. Battle, conflict, brawl. 

8. JJo^ jangal, {W\^) a. m. A 
forest, a wood. A waste land. 

a. KU. jangld, (STT^l^) 1. adj. Wild; 

8. m. Woody conntry, forest. 2. s.m. 
Name of a rdginl or musical mode. 

«• ^^J^^ jiingl-h adj. f. and m. Wild, 
savage, of the forest, barbarian. 

H. aXI*- jangam, a. m. A kind of 

faqtr who has matted hair and rings a 
bcll. 2. The animal kingdom. 

8. jXj^ jangam, (jf^ r. W{ Go, 

move) adj. Removable, moveable., 
mendicant. [thigh. 

8. l^^JLs^ jangha, {W\\) s. f. The 

P. ^(^ jang-t, s. m. A combatant, 

a warrior, adj. Warlike, of war, mar- 
tial, military, (jc^ty)* 

P- J^ j^^^ jangea i^dn, n. prop. 

The famous Mughal conqueror, born 
A.D. 1154. 

janam, (vJFR r. 3PT Pro- 
duce) s. m. 1. Birth. 2. Life, a*^ j^X^ 

or .U**x>#a^ (lJ^j) ^' ^' Birth-place. 
^ JL) j^J^ 8. f. Horoscope, nativity. 
UU XJJ ^J i^Jo ^>- To meet 

one's fate. iL». i*"'^ ^i* Earned or 
spoiled from its birth, originally bad, 
Ul J j^X^ 8. m. A father. ^J a-A»- 

8. m. Birthday, ^cfji (•-*?• *^i* 

a. uu^ yannd, (SPPT r. 5pT Pro- 

dnce). 1. V. n. To be delivered (of a 
child), to give birth to. [mother. 

B. icAA^ janani, v^'lHl) B. f. A 

s. Ua». janwdy 8. (dakh.) See 9:!^^^ 

«. tJly^ yan«?«*i, 8. m. (STT'ilcT) 

A son-in-law. (jLolJ)* 

A. u-^JL>. jandhj s. m. South. 
A. ^ci^X^ jannh'i, adj. Southern. 

A. ^^^ jundn, 8. m. 1. Madness, 
phreiisy. 2. A demoniac. 3. Lunacy. 

A. P. ^c>y^- junftn-t, adj. Mad, in- 
sane ; passionate, lunatic. 
s. i<A^ jaii'lf s. (dakh.) A dangerous 

f Hinting fit to which lying-in women 
are subject. [unborn child. 

A. j^JU^ janin, s. Foetus, embryo, an 
f. %a)i>- jane'o or jane'd^ 8. m. 1. 

(^l€tc!) The brahmanical thread, 

2. A flaw in a jewel, thread-like and 
heuco an object of worship. 

P. ^rw jo (or jn) \. s. f. A river, a 
brook : see ti>^ 2. part. act. 

(^^^W^) used in compos. Seeking, 


p. a. ^ jau^ (in Braj jav, ^^) s. m. 1. 

Barley. IJuJ u-^Um^. y>- •»- ^o 

take a strict acconnt. 2. The mark 
between the joints of the finger. 

§. »». jo, 1. (ijril^ Ac.) pron. rel. 

Who, what, which, that. 2. or jau (for 

^rf^) conj. If. 3. jo or jau (for ^^ 

or ^Ciy or^fT) adv. When: see 
^^.%d. * ^a. ^ ( ^[^ : ) Whoever, 
whatever. lAo- *»- What thing, 
whatever. . ^ ^^ Whenever. 

^ ^ (^Tfrf^f^) Whatever ^ 

^^ (^:^tf^) Whoever. Jcf ^ 
Though, although, whereas, which- 


H. 1^^ jawa, s« m. 1. A clove of garlic 
2. A kind of stitch in needlework. 

S- 1*^ jawd, 8. m. 1. y^^) Mark in 

the joints of the fingers. 2. (^T^r) 
Name of a flower, China rose. 

«. 1^^ ja'df s. m. 1. (^l) A yoke; 
tlie yoke of a carriage or plough. 2 

\^^ or ?J5) Dice, gaming, playing 

with dice, &c. gambling. tiJu^ 1^»> 
To gamble. ^^^^ ^ gambler. 

A. L^l^». javcahf s. m. An answer, 
reply, anything answering to another. 
Counterpart, defence. l«^>*^u L-^I^^ 

8. m. A proper answer. Sj L^i^»- 
Answerer; adj. Amenable, accountable, 

responsible, answerable. ^Jb Jj 1*^ s. f. 
Tbe giving an answer, responsibility, 

the defence (in a court of law). u-^U». 

UbJ 1. To bo accountable for. 

j^ftlai <^u»- 8. m. A definitive 
answer. UL« v.^1 »»• To be dismissed 

or discharged. ^U l^i«^ s. m. 

A writing fixed to the winding 
sheet, on the breast of the deceased, 
which it is intended that MiAikar and 
Nalcir should read, in case the poor 
soul should be too much flurried to 

answer their questions. S^ J^ .SjLo 
A. ig>^^^ jawdh-if (from L^'^^) s. m. 


L.^'^»> A flat refusal by way 
of answer, a categorical answer. 

1. A respondent. 2. A kind of bill 
of exchange, the price of which is not 
paid till notice is received of the bill's 
having been cashed. 3. The chorus, 
especially in repeating a viarsiya or 
elegy. 4. A defendant. 

A. i3u»- jauwdd, adj. (superl. of fc)^) 
Liberal, beneficient. 

A. •)•*• jawdr^ or juwdr^ s. m. Neigh- 
bourhood, vicinity. (i7*.u ii*. ' )• 
H. .1 j^ judr jo* dr or jtvdr or jawd r^ s. f • 

(jT^T?^^) 1. The name of a grain, 
Indian millet. ^ 2. jawdr or jwdr, or 
jd'dr, Flood-tide, u'l^ rj^ ^' ™* 
Flood and ebb-tide. 

- J j^ jawdrd, B. As much land as 

can be ploughed by a pair of bullocks : 
a yoke or pair of bullockfi, osp<'cially 
when employed at a well : the barley 
which i8 forced in earthen ]mts by 
Brahmans for preseutatioii at the 
dasahrd, or by women for presenta- 
tion to their brothers or fathers on 
the same festival : (in Vehli) the area 
ploughed in half a day. 

P» lAy^^ jawdriah, s. f. A stomachic 
medicine. (An Arabism of lAj'^ 
from iO'VjV To digest or concoct). 

«• ^yi^ jA'drl or jivdrl or ju*drif 

(^l^ft) s. m. 1. A gambler. 2. 
A thread stretched over the bridge of 
a musical instrument L JU*/ beneath 

the cords, whereby the sound is said 
to be improved. 




A. jl«d- jawdSf B. m. (jV*- ^os current 

or lawful.) Permission, toleration, 
lawfulness, propriety. 

5. j\^\^ jawakhdr, (h*^^IV b. m. 
Name of a medicine, impure saltpetre. 

A. J '53? jauvoaly adj. Going about or 
travelling much. ^ jiwdU 8. plur. (of 
i\%s%-) Walls or enclosures of wells. 

P. /Jl*^ juwdlf 8. 1. A sack or a uten- 
sil woven of wool for holding things. 
2* Fraud, deceit. 3. The human body. 
4. Any thing opened, expanded. 

^ B. f . Flame. 

8. HU^ ywfli«i ^i^r 

«. HW jawdld, (from ^^ see P. R. ^) 
8. m. Grain mixed with barley as food 

for cattle. [<?i|*1<^) e. t A volcano, 
f, ,^C«SI*^ ytoaia-mufc^, (from ^l"" 

p. 9. oJ^^ jaicdn, (Pers. jawdn. ^^) 

1. adj. Young. 2. s. m. A youth, 
adult; s. f. Young woman. 3. A 

young soldier. u:^%2C ^^y^ adj. 
Fortunate (person), one of blooming 

prospects. Jutf (J ?^ ®* "^' "^ ^°* 

e. jjl^ yw'flw, 8. (plur. o{ ijy^) Lie®- 

P. ^iJV^Uly^ jawdnd-marg^ s. f. Death 

in the bloom of youth, untimely death. 
U^v,^j^UI*3. To ^ie prematurely, 

A. C- ^ >L«^ jaicdnih, 8. plur, (of 

U-^'^^) Sides, environs, 
p. tify^\^ jaxodn-mardt 1. adj. Brave, 

generous. 2. 8. m. A fine young 
fellow, a brave fellow, a hero. 

^JL^^I^ 8. f. Manliness, gallantry. 
P. ^ W jawan-l, s. f. 1. Youth, ado- 
lescence. 2. Puberty, full age. 

A. fyjs^ jaiodhir, s. m. (plur. of t*^^ 

but used in either number). 1. A 
jewel, gem, jewels, gems, Ac. (Plur. 

Cu1jbU».) 2. Essences, substances. 
•IC v^bl^^ Ornamented with jewels. 

- jo^%^ johan, or jauhan, \M\^) 

s. m. 1. Puberty, prime. 2. (met.) 
Breast, a fine bust, 

a. CUa yo« or yoet, (^^tf^O fl.f. 1. 

Brilliancy, lustre, light. 2. The sun- 
beams. 3, The flame of a candle or 

lamp. 4. Vision. 6. Eyesight, optics. 

6. Spirit. % jot (from UJ^ s. f. 

Cultivation, ploughing, also, signify- 
ing the rent paid by a cultivator. 

H. lJy». jiitdj s. m. A shoe, slipper. 

a. iJy^ jotd, (from UJy>.) s. m. A 
ploughman, husbandman, [Hace. 

«. i^ffi^ javiatriy (STT^nWT) 8. f. 

8, tj^^^ jotishf B. m. See ^^^^ 
5. i<*^*^ jotish'i, 8. m. See ^5^%^ 

s. ^^ joiikh, {^^\fm) s, m. 
Astrology, astronomy. 

5. ^jtf^fi- joiikh-i^ (^^frf^rft^) e. m. 
An astrologer, an astronomer. 

s Jj^y»- jot-mdn, {^^fh^^J^) adj. 

Splendid, illustrious. 
a. UJ«d- jotna, (^|vr|cf r. ^EJlf Join, 

•yoke) V. a. 1. To yoke- 2, To ploug^. 
H. ^J^^ y«'^ 8. f. A shoe, slipper. 

i^j^iJ^ 8. f. Scuffle* 
f. fj^^ jojan, (qi^*l) 8. m. A 

measure of four co8. (See iH^y)' 

A. 4)»». y^d, s. f. m. Liberality, muni* 

A. d.94)ft^ jaudatj s. f. Ingenuity, in- 
telligence. Benignity. 


A. jy^ yaM**, 8. m. f. Violence, oppres- 
sion , inJQstice, tyranny. 

8. j»d- jor, (^1^ r. 3T^ Bind, join) 
0. m. Junction, soldering, a patch, a 
seam, society. Ijuj j^ To cast np, 

to add the sum. J^ f»d- s. m. Con- 
trivance, arrangement, mechanism. 

f. l?^;w/-«, s. m. 1. (^fg") Cold. 2. 

(3TSr) The hair done up in a knot be- 
hind. 3. The hinder part of a turban. 
3. Crest or plume of a nightingale. 

a. \^y»- jora^ V^l^ r. 3T^ Join, couple) 

s. m. 1. Joining, connexion a pair, a 
couple ; a pair of shoes ; a suit (of 
clothes). Consort; wife or husband, 
counterpart. 2. Alchymy. 

a, U?»^ jorna, {^^^) v. a. 1. To 

join, to mend, to patch. 2. To add 
together. 3. To reckon, to cast or 
sum or add up. 4. To get or rather 
to save and scrape up a fortune, &c. 
to fabricate, cement, solder, unite, set 
(a bone, drc), annex, afiix, attach, join, 
invent, contrive. 

5- c^"^?" ^^'''' (^n^ Junction, Stc.) s. f. 

A pair, a couple : a fellow (to some 
one) an assessor. 

A. \^ jauZy s. m. 1. A nut. 2. Nut- 
1^^- (>>v>«Jl*t»^ The thorn apple. 

A. >t'*^ jama, s. m. 1. The sign Ge- 
mini. 2. Orion. 

An astrologer, an astronomer. 

P. ii^%s%- jo>*h, 1. 8. m. Ebullition, effer- 
vescence; heat, passion, lust, emotion. 
lA^j^ i*2»d- 8. m. Anger, passion, 
rage.DbJ lA^ '^^ cause to boil, 
to boil, ^j v^^ **^i- ^»*">fif ^?f 

in a state of ebullition. Lil^ LJ^^ 

or \iX^ lAj^ '^^ ^°^^ ®' bubble up. 
2. (In compos.) part. act. (from 

^SJkMjy^"^ fioiling, effervescing. 

^' ij^^ joshdn, part, act.* (from 
^SjJm^^^ Boiling, bubbling up. 

P* SJjLMAi>. joshdnda^ 8. m. A decoc- 
tion. (\ibj^y 

P- i/^y^ joahishy (from ^f^^^^) 

8. f. 1. Heat, ebullition. 2. Violent, 
desire, emotion, fervour. 

A. lo^^^ jaushan, s. m. !• A cuirass, 
armour, coat of mail. 2. An armlet. 

A. e«^ i«*, 8. f. Hunger, appetite. 

^I ^^ or L^l ^^ adj. 


A. u^%»- ya«/, 8. m. The interior 
cavity (of any thing ; hence, a drum 
called tm^^sr^^ concavity, hollow. 

A. ^jj^ yaug, s. m. A troop or body of 

men. lJ^ O^ ^^ troops. 
P* ^^y^ys%- jau'koh, (^ Barley, and 

part. act. of ij^^y reduced to 

particles like barley corns) adj. Half- 
pounded, coarsely ground. 

H. j^^ jokhim^ s. f. Risk, venture, 
enterprise. ^j[^\ a^%^ To run the 
hazard, to venture. 

H. |j%^%^ jokhon, s. f. See j^^^ 

2- vS-^^ 5^0 i 8. m. (mT^) !• Junction, 

fitting. 2. A fortunate moment, op- 
portunity, occasion. 3. Penance, de- 
votion, religious meditation, union 
with the supreme being by means of 
abstract contemplation. 4. Certain 
divisions of a great circle, mcasnred 

upon the Ecliptic. 5. (^^) adj. 
Possible, capable, fit. (In com^«« li 


answers to ahle^ worthy^ &c.). bl4o^^ 

8. f. A deceptive power which Jogls 
are supposed to possess. 6. Name of 
the person on whom a draft or bill of 
exchange is drawn. 

■Jfii^y^ joga-hhyds, (ql*II*Mltl) 
8. The life and practice of a Jogl. 

a, ^j^^^ Jogan, or jogin, (mTkRT) 

a. (^^ 

8. f. Female of 



B. ^y^^ jogini, (qtf^Rt) 8. f. 1. A 

female 6end or sprite, attendant on 
and created by Dargd. 2. (in astrolo- 
gy) Spirits ruling periods of good and 
ill luck. 

2. iSy^ joo-h (^T^) 8. m. 1. A 

Hindu faqir, a devotee. 2. A caste of 
Hindus who are commonly weavers. 
(The people of this caste do not bam, 
but bury their dead ; and, the women 
are sometimes buried alive with their 
husband's corpse). 

H. Ub«i>- jogiyd, s. m. 1. Name of a 

colour (reddish yellow oohre. ^T:^^) 

2. f. The name of a rdginl or musical 
mode. 3. A kind of pigeon. 

p. -o**^ jauldn, B. m. Moving about 
(in the place of exercise), coursing, 

springinj?, wandering. TSrSSi^s^ 8. f. 

Place of exercise .(especially, of an 
army or of horses). 

A. |0^%^ jawaldtif 8. Going about, 

walking around, motion, agitation. 

P. J1J%^ jauldnl, 8. f . 1. Strength of 

mind (or body), quickness of appre- 
hension, aumen. 2. Fleetness. 

g. ^^ jaun, 1. (for ^."^T^ &c.) 
pron. rel. Who, what, which : foc 

^ 2. joii or jauh (for ?7^ or '^<^\) 

adv. As, when. ^jy jj^ ^^ some 

^ay« ijy » cJ!^ ^ originallj, as 

it was, as in fact, as in reality, nnal- 
tered. [A woman. 

H. ^j^ juhy 8. f. 1. A louse. 2. (met.) 

-' U^ javan, (^^) s. m. A Greek, 

a Muhammadan or European invader 

of India. See s. j^;<,*3U ^j^ An 
ornament worn on the neck by women. 

a. b\d- jiina, \W^) 8. m. 1. A ropo 

of grass for cleaning vessels, or tying 
a bundle. 

2- il^^ joiih, (vij^ijchl) 8. f. 
leech. U^Jj CS^^ To apply leeches. 
H. ^J^js>- joh'hih, adv. As soon as. 

A. Jt*^ jauhar, (*f^ was conspicu- 
ous. ) (from Pers. Jto) 8. m. f. ]. 

A gem, jewel, pearl. 2. Skill> know- 
ledge. 3. Matter, sabstance, essence 
(distinguished from accident). 4. 
Virtue, worth, merit. 5- Blackish 
marks in the steel of well-tempered 
scimitars. 6. adj. Bright, glittering. 

7. Spirit. 8, Secrets, ilj t^^»- A 
scimitar marked witli jauhar, j^^ 
[iS To kill one's self, to commit sui- 
cide. (When the Hindus are attacked 
by a force too great for them to rt»w8t, 
they sometimes, in such cases, "Slaugh- 
ter or burn their i»wn wives and chil- 
dren, and then take to flight, or are 
themselves slain; and, this act of 
killing their wives, Ac. in such extre- 
mities, they call juhar or jauhar), 

A- dj9 t^5^ jauhaV'i'fard, 8. m. 1. An 

indivisible atom. 2. (met.) A person 
unrivalled or unequalled. 

A. ^Jb^ jauhar 't,B. m. 1. A jeweller, 

lapidary. 2. adj. Essential, relating to 
a jewel. 3. A tester. 

H.J;b^ jdhar, s. m Pits filled with 

water at the bottom of mountains, 
johar, A large pond or lake {DehH). 
Any inundated land {Centr,U Doah^ 
and there pronounced jhof.). 



h ij^^ y***> (^*^r) 8.^« ^. Jasmine, 

2. A kind of fireworks resembling the 
jasmine. S. An insect destructive to 
certain crops. 

'* cfj^ i^*^> ■• ^' ^ rivulet, a brook. 

•Uiy>. A large river formed of many 

smaller streams. ^yo-t(from ^1maj>-) 
in cx>mpoe. s. f. Seeking, searching. 

H. »^fi- ju% s. f. An insect destmc- 
tive to certain crops. See jJub* 

(from Ji^»^) 

J who searches 
'• S jJb ft^ joyanda, \ for, an inqnir- 

er, S jJb ^J S jJL) ^3- Finds who sear- 
ohes, search and yon shall find. 

*• '• J V ^^ ju*e-haz, s- m. Oambler. 

'• i^.fi' javnn, (^) adj. Of barley. 

B. ul|». jhdhit 8. m. A leathern pot for 
measuring oil, ghi^ &o, [basket. 

B. ul|». jh&pd, s. m. A narrow*monthed 

A. CL^'.y»- ;»^iai, s.' 1. plur. (of i^) 

Duties on mannfactores, 2> The 
faces, the surfaces. 

f. jf^lf>- jhdjhar, (515T) s. Cymbals, 
or an ornament with little bells for the 
ankles; see J'-arr^ 

A. (^«y^ jihad, (inf. tit. of S^^ striv- 
ing.) s. m. War (especially, against 
infidels), crusade (aMah. religious war. 

^•JW ;^» 8- ™- (5IRr a wood.) 1. A 

tree, shrub, plant. 2. A kind of fire- 
work. 8. A lustre or chandelier. 4. 

A purge. K jJb Jl|». (dakb. lit, tree- 
monkey) A game of children (so 
called from the circumstance of one 
being mounted on a tree), called also 

^Ji^Jwlj*libjJUjl^ To rain 

without ceasing. vl^^Jflf»> 8. f. 


JugKliiig, coujuriug, hocas pt>cu8 
(particularly, to cure the bite of a 

snake or a disease). vIXa^ f^^ 
s. f. Sweeping. 

H. ]J^^ jhard, s. m. A stool, a purge* 

\jj^ \j ^.^ To walk among tlie bushes 
(which means) to go to the necessary, 
ub J ij^^ ^<> submfb to search 
UbJ Ij^^^ To search (a person.) 

H. Un^f>- 1;''^^ jhard-jhiifit s. f. 
Search, dusting, cleaning. 

H. ^^J-^ jhdran, (from Ujl^) s. f. 

1. Sweepings. 2. A coarse cloth for 
wiping furniture, Ac. 

H. Ujl^ jhdrnd, v. a. To sweep, brush, 

clean, dash, strike, to cause to drop or 
fall, boat corn &c , flap, strike fire (as, 
with a fiint), to beat (bushes, Slc). 

H. «jl^»- jhdruf s. m. f. A besom, 

broom, whisk ; a comet. 

H. ^jf1^». jhdii, 8. f. Forest, small 

bushes, shrub. 
k. j^^j^^ j ahdz OT jihdz, s. m. 1. A ship. 

2. The tree of a camors saddle. 3. A 
portion in the disposal of the wife. 
The ornaments, jewels, &c. of a bride, 
which she carries to her husbands 
house, exclusive of her dowry. 4. 
Funeral apparatus. 6. Vulva, puden* 


da mulieris. r> i^^^r^' adv. Aboard a 
ship. 6. Anything very large, wide- 
A. ^jly^ jahdZ'tf s. m. A sailor, naval. 

H. vl^|«»^ jhdg, 8. m. Foam, froth ( of 
the ocean), scum. 

H. /JU»- jhdl, s. m. 1. Sharpness, heat, 

(as, of pepper), acrimony. 2. A large 
basket. 3. Joining or soldering of 
metals. 4. Waves, billows. 

s. Jl^ jhdl, s. (dakh.) Sec s. Ju>- 
sign. H. See also, ^^y** ^^^ U^^y 

A. Jl^ juhhdl, 8. plur. (of JaI^) 
Fools, simpletons. 



A. d^!ly»- jahdlat, b. f. Ignorance, 
barbarism, brutalitj. 

H. Jl^ jhdlar, B. f. Fringe, frill. 
»i J J^»- adj. Fringed. 

'• ^^-^ jahdn, s. m. The world. 

]/ ' J^\r^ World-adorning, ^b ^L|.a. 

World-protector, a sovereign. ijiU^ 

sub World-protection: asjlam of 
the world, bis majesty, yonr ma- 
jesty! ^->'<^ u\^ Heating the 

world. ^;^^ e^V^ ^' ^^^t 
many. .Ij ^;vy^ Buler of the world, 

a king. ]Sjj«>^l^j>. adj. One who 
bas seen the world, a great trayeller, 

experienced. Jfi ^J^^ World-tak- 
ing, world-sabdoing. ^^H^j;^^ adj. 
Going ronnd the world ; s. m. A tra- 

Teller. l^ ^ly». adj. Exhibiting 
the world. 

a. ^j'^y*" jahdh, (^T?f) adv. Where, in 
which place, which place, u.^" U t^ 
As far as. iiU^ (jW^ Here and 
there, everywhere. ^J^ '* U^^ 
In the same place as before, ij^^ 

j^l^ adv. Wherever, ^jf^ o'^V^ 
adv. Wherever. [shatter. 

■* i_ ^ U-^- jhamp, B. m. A matted 

B. lJuJly». jhampna, (like UuUj 
T. a. To cover, to shot, shroad. 

B. lS^I(»- jhdni, s. f. The hair of the 
private parts, pubes. 

B. .,^fldy». jhdnjh^B.t. 1. Anger, passion. 

2. Stillness. 3. Impatience (of hanger, 
or in a horse expecting his com). 

J. ^af le- jUnjh, (51^) 8. f. Cymbal. 
(Two small bnuu cnps tied together 

with a string, and played npon by 
striking odo against the other.) 

H. l^:^l^». jhanjhdj s. m. The name of 
an insect, caterpillar, cabbage-worm. 

H. ^^ap.^ jhanjhtt s. f . A kind of 

play. (Children in the month of Ann 
go abont at night, dancing, begg^ing, 
and carrying on their heads earthen 
pots perforated on all sides, within 
which lamps are kept borning). 

B. UmJI|^ jhafisif B. m. (dakh.) Eager- 
ness, aptness, avidity, inclination, 
design. An assessment formed with- 
out specific groand and only by general 

H'UmjJ\^»- jhansnd, v. s. To debanch 
to sednce, to wheedle, to coax, to coart, 

B. ^^^>ly^ jhdnkf (BTt^^^JpT over- 
looking.) UCly^) 1. B. f. A peep. 

2. 8. m. A herd of deer, flock of 
birds, &o. 

B. |X>%f^ ^^^^ jhanki jhonH, or 

^Jlil^ uil^d- jhdnki >Mnli, s. f. 

Peeping, bopeep. 

B«UGl|»- jhinJcnd, v. a- 1. To peep, 
to spy. 2. To pry, look throogh a 
key hole. 8. To pay a very short 
or flying visit. 

P. ^TyjJoly*- jahdn-gtr-t, 1. adj Prince- 
ly. 2. s. f . The name of an ornament, 
a sort of bracelet. 

fi* (j>%i^^ jhdhwahf b. m. See t«l|». 

B. |Jylf>- jhahwli, 8. f« 1. A wink, 

ooqnetry. j\j Jyl^a- A eoqnette. 

P. |Jly»- jahdn-i, adj. Belating to the 

world, a person of this world. 
P. ij^U^ jahiniyan^f b. plar. (of 

jJly^) People, creatares. 

s. y,yft- jha'u, (511^ or ^iqch) b. m. 
Name of a tree, called in Persian 
b Ijy^ from its growing in marshy 




i. ^jjJly?" iha*ih, (gPTf) 8. f. 1. 
Shadow. 2. A freckle, or black mark 
on the face (not a mole). (\^/>^)' 

H. U|^ jhahha, b. m. A tassel. 

B. UIC4»- jhahkana^ r. a. To astonish. 

H. 1*A|^ yAab6ii'0* adj. 1. Long-haired 

(cattle or dogs), shaggy. 8. Bent, 
curved, bending (as, the bough of a 

»- jhap, 1. adj. Qaiok. 2. adv. 
Quickly. ^ V^-^^f?- ad^- Quickly, 

in a trice. Ulff ^^^"^^ ▼• n. To 
overset (a paper kite in flying). 
H. ^A^ ^'^^ jhapi jhapi, s. f. Haste, 

tuS^j^^ jhapai, (m1o|HC1 a quick 

fall.) (Uuaift.) B. f . A snatch, a 
•pring (as, of a tiger), rush, snap. 

ULa! v_f -^f*^ To snatch, seize. 
B. ljuL^»» jhapaita, s. m. 1. Assault, 
sudden attack. 2. The spring of a 
tiger. 3. An evil eye or spirit. A 

■natch. li.t« ^J^jf^ To snatch* 

B. Uja^ffc. jhapatnat ▼. n. I. To snatch, 

to attack suddenly, to spring or pounce 
upon. 2. To walk fast, go quickly. 

B. (J,Jix^ jhapak, C^^^M^) 8* ^ m. 

shame, fanning, winking, moving to 
and fro, blast, gust (of wind), &o. See 

B. iCik^ jhapJcd, s. m. (dakh.) 1. 
See 1^^-^^ 2. Puff, gust (of wind). 

B. lJoa|». jhapkanit v. n. To wink, to 

B. UvA|». jhapakna, 1. v. a. To fan, to 

move to and fro (a fan). 2. v. n. To 
spring (as, a tiger). 3. To snatch. 4* 
To wink. 

H. ^Cn|a> jhaphit s. f . A snatch, a 

spring (as, of a tiger), drowsiness, 
wink, twinkle. 

A« CL^i^ jihatf s. f. 1. Cause, reason, 

ground, motive, account. 2. Side, sur- 
face, form, manner, mode. 

2. lS*^ jhat, (5lfefc^) adv. Quick- 
ly, instantly, ^m v_"^i ■■^ or ^ ^^'^ 
ci^ adv. Quickly, hastily. 

?. UIU^ yhuialnd, (see ^^^) v. a* 

1. To prove to be false, to prove* one to 
be in the wrong, to disprove, to falsify. 

2. To pollute victuals by touching 

or tasting them, &o. U]ljk|». ^yJL« 

To eat something. UIIa^^. ^yJLo IJU 
To give a man the lie to his face. 

B.USift. jhaika, (5171 + 15^ a quick 

pull) (liGkf^.) 1. part. The slaughter 

of an animal, offered as a sacrifice by 
cutting off the head at one stroke (in 
the Hindu way), broken asunder or torn 
by a sudden jerk, torn to pieces. 2. s. m* 

A shake, a pull, a twitch. U^^ ^^^^^^ 
y. a. (dakh.) 1. To steal, filch. 2. 

i^jJl^) To make haste. 

B. uL\f»- jhatdkna, 1. v. a. To touse, 

twitch, pull, jerk. 2. v. n. To be- 
come lean ; to shake, [belie, to falsify. 

a. ljiU4^ jhutland, (from ^«4^) ^^ 

a, UIlfA^^ jhuthdlna, f '^* a* ^ee 
8. UlfSi*. jhuthlana, ) '^W*- 
«. r=F^ jhajavy (dakh.) See vl^^*— it 

g. j^si^ Jhajjhar, (5R Cascade) s. m. 

A porous goglet, pitcher. 
B. uiCace- jhijhak, (from Uilfa:^) 

s. f. Start, recoil. (^^L/^)y 
B. UiS ^^> jhijhkand, v. n. To start. 

B. UtK^ai^ jhajhkdma, v. a. To brow- 
beat, to speak snappishly. 

B. UC|s^ jhijhaknd or jhajhdknd, v. n* 
To start or boggle, to feel the sensa- 




tion of the limbs being asleep, or as if 
pins and ueedlos were striking into 

A* (Xt^ jahdf 8. m. Struggle, en- 
deavour, diligence, care, earnestness, 
fatigue, power, strength* 

A »y^ jahr, 8. m. 1. Speaking loud 

enough to be heard by the company. 
2. Revealing. 3. Perceiving. 4. Evi- 
dent. • 

«• 'ji^ jhard, 8. (dakh.) Spring (of 
water). See l>*f^ [Very thin 

«. ^ji^ j^ jhir-jhira^ {^SSltj adj. 

fr Lf'»^ j^ jhirjhirdna, (515R/ v. n. 

To trickle, to rill, flow in a thin 

B> (^.L-v^^^d*. y^urmat, 8. m. 1. A multi- 
tude, a crowd, 0J^) assembly, ball. 2. 

A battle, conflict. 3. A shawl twisted 
round the head, or the head and face 
being folded in a cloth. 

H. Uut««fA» jhurmutdndf v. n. (dakh. 

ll^# Tidj^tj^ To be or become 
withered, or faded, or blighted, &c. 

8. \jj^ jhamd, \^K A cascade) 1. 

6. m. A skimmer. 2. A sprinfir, a 
cascade. 3. v. n. To spring, to flow. 

4. A kind of sieve. See US'^ 

H. [jj^ jhurndt (3R to be decayed,) 

V. n. To pine (from grief), wither 
fade. To have the green sickness. 

§• ^^ji^ jharHJii, B. m. (l^r^J Bull's 

eye j air hole, round window) a. m. A 
lattice, window, casement. 

E. ^t^'y- jhuri, 8. f. A wrinkle. ^ 
jhiti, 8. f. Withered wheat, blight. 

H. a. y^J^j^ jhar-herif s. f. (j'^f^- 

A bush, and ^U Bee jX>) A wild 
B. «^.^^4». jharap, 8. f. Heat, fierineas 

(as, of paper), acrimony, sparring, 

contention : (dakh.) being possessed of 
a devil, f jhurup, s. f . (dakh.) Thicket, 
bushy place, shrub (thorny). 

H- ^ji^ kji^ jharpd-yham, e. f. 

Fighting (particularly, of birds), spar- 
riQg, contention. 

fl. \joJ^ jharap-ni, v. n. To spar, to 
fight (as, cocks, &c.) , to contend. 

H. §. UufJ 14^^^^ jharti denm, ▼. a. 
(dakh.) To give or render an account. 

H. §. DyJ iJji^ jhardUnif v. a. (dakh. 

ILa! ^l^^\at^) To take an aoconnt. % 
jharte lend^ To search (a person). 

H. tJj^ ^^.^jhorkd'jharlcifOTJhirt^ 

jhirki, 8. f. Mutual wrangling. 

H. U^^^^ jhiraknd or pmfdknif t. a. To 
browbeat, speak snappishly to, scold. 

H. ^J^^- jhirlH or jharhi, s. f. Bebnff, 
frowning. Scolding, 

H. ^4^- y'haran (Uy^) «. 1 1 The 

act of falling off (as, of fruit from the 
tree), 2. Snuff. 8. verb, nonn of 

B. U^i^ jharnit ▼. s. To fall off (as, 

fmit from the tree), to be swept off, to 
drop, to fall, to shaJce, to strain, to be 

sounded (the Cl^y )• to be discharge 
ed ( a volley). 

R. (C^^ jhariy s. f . 1. Continued rain, 

showers, wet weather. 2. Perquisites. 

H ^,* v^«>^ jhak, 8. f. Passion, emotion. 
Delirium. Nonsense, babbling. Insa- 
nity. A bad smell. uiL«. (JJ^|^ 

To act fruitlessly or absurdly, to rave. 
To talk foolishly. To tell lies. 

H. Ulx^ jhukdnd (cans, of Ux|».^ y. a. 

1. To cause to stoop. 

H.^|^[^ jhukd'o (UC^) 8. m. Tb« 

state of being bent downward, stoop, 

B. ^jjji^ *--^<*' Shakjhori, a. f. 
Scrambling and wrangling, soatchiag^ 



*• cJT;^*^ jhakri^ R f . A milk-pail or 
TOBsel. [a storm, a tempest. 

'• J^ jhakJcar, (iRiR) s. m. A squall. 

H. U^>- jhukna, ▼. n. 1. To nod, bow^ 

stoop, especially downwards (as, the 
bough of a tree)* bend, lean, to be tilted. 
2. To be angry, to be perplexed. 

^'jy*i^ jhakor, s. f. 1. Loss, misfor- 

tune, c:.^ ^ ^j 


^^J^jtjL^ This illness has reduced 
him much. 2. A breeze, gust. 
B. lj^^^». Jhdkomdt ▼. a. 1. To shake. 

2. To drive or beat as wind or rain in 
a squalL 

H. J^C|>- jhakol (from \jijC^) s. f. 
The act of shaking in the water. 

H. X^^ jhdkola, B. (dakh.) A shove, 

push, swing. A wave. A splash or 
dip in the waten 

H. UJ^x^ jhakolna, v. a. To shake. 

^' L<M^ y^aXj-i, adj. Passionate. % 
yhahk'i, s. m. One who talks to him*self. 

H. «C|^ jhagar^ s. m. A kind of hawk 
or falcon, [rolling, strife. 

H. I^x^ y'hagra, s. m. Wrangling, quar- 

H.yij^^ jhagru'la, m. adj. Quarrel- 
some, [quarrel. To dispute, argue. 
H. \jy^>' jhagarnd, v. n. To wrangle, 

2- J^*- i^l (^^ Flame) s. f. 1. 

Passion, anger, jealousy. 2. The heat 
from a fire. 3. (dakh.) affection. 

A* (>^-^ jahlj 8. m. Ignorance. 

A. ly^ juhald, a plur. (of (JjbUi.) 
Ignorant people. 

§• .^1^ jhiddhor, 1. adj. Splendid, 

shining, covered with jewels and orna- 
ments. 2. B. f. Splendour. 

i* (J4»- A|>. jhaldjhal, I. adj. Lumin- 

oot, embroidered. 2. «. f. Splendour. 

«• liA4»- jhuldni, (caus. of LiJ»^) 

V. a. 1. To swing, to shove a swing 
in which others are, to rock (a cradle). 

2. To dangle, to hang. 3. To make 
another (as a dun) dance after one. 

a- UX^a:^*- jhaljhaldnd, (r. ^^^ Shine) 

V. n. I. To glitter. 2. To be in a 
passion. 3. To throb. 

a. i^^^l^sM^ jhaljhaldl^at, (from 
UJlfsW-) s.f. 1. Glitter. 2. Smart 

B- P. iblsHr^ jhal'thdnn, s. m. Jail- 
house, prison. 
^' ^j^i.^ jhuldi, I g. f (dakh.) 
«-^>«T- /'^"^ri. ) Wrinkle: see 
^^^ chin. 

i- [L^A^jhulasnd, (r. ^^ Blaze; 
burn) V. n. To be singed, scorched or 

seared. ljl&- l>*J^^ ^* ^* '^^ ^® 
scorched or singed. 

£. t,* .yl ^^ jhaldky (from USJL|»>) e. f. 

Brightness, reflection of light. 
5- U^l^ jhalahnd, (^WTil Flame) 

V. n. To shine, to flash* 
H. j^^a^" jhilamy 8. f . 1. Armour, a 

coat of mail. 2. The visor of a helmet. 

3. (dakh.) Cymbal L-jy ^ A^ 
An iron helmet. 

H. Ju«Jl^ jhilmil, (see 1^^^ ) s. m. 

1. A kind of gauze. 2. A shutter, a 
Venetian blind. Pi^g* 

H. SUl^^- jhilmil'df adj. Thin, spark- 

H. USUl^^ jhilmildnd, (seeUI^^^) 

V. n. To undnlate as the flame of a 
candle or as water, to twinkle. 

H. Ul^ jhcUnd, 1. V. a. To fan, to 

move to and fro (as, a fan), to flap. 2. 
V. n. To be soldered or repaired. 3* 
(dakh.) To be sifted. 

H. L^mI^ jhilang^Bid], (dakh.) Very 
fine, or of au excellent quality (cloth 
or paper). 




H. ^Jl^d. jhim, (S^) B. f. 1. A thin 

skin, a pellicle, inner bark (of a tree, 
Ac). 2. The membrane in which the 
foetus is enveloped (secundines). 3. 
The caul (omentum). 

A^^' jham'jham, I 
\a*{^ jhama-jham, I 


H. ^^^, 

Heavily and during the whole day 
(i*ainlng). * Heavy continued rain. 

B. oUt^ jhamdkd, b. m. 1. A heavy 

shower. 2. Quickness, haste* 
H. l,» l^JT, ^ ^*^ jhamjhamdnd, v. n. To 

sparkle, shine. % jhumjhumdnd, v. n. 
(dakh.) To smart or pain (a foot or 
hand) from the infliction of a blow. 

H. ICis^di- jhumkd, 8. m. i. The bell. 

shaped pendant of an ear-ring. 2. 
The wain, Ursa major. 8. A bunch 
of flowers or fruit. 4. Name of a 
flower. 5. A cluster. 

H. hCik^ jhamakfu, s. m. Splendour. 

H. Uk4>^g^ jhamakna, v. n. 1. To glit- 
ter, to flash. 2. To dance. 

B. , ^^s^Li^- jhinjoit, s. f. Name of a 
rdgini or musical mode. 

H. [ij^ssfL^ jhanjorndt t. To pull and 
gnaw flesh with the teeth (as a dog). 

H. v.S'«fSf\f>- jkanjhatf a.m. I. Wrang. 
ling. 2. Perplexity. 3. Encumbrance. 

H. U]l^^\|^ jhunjhldndt v. n. To be 

peevish or fretful. [}'^^$ storming. 
H. ^^»sl^^"\|^ ihti^jhlnhni 8. f. Bag- 

B. U^pCA^^ jhunjhundt 8- m. A child's 
rattle. [v. n. To tinkle, clink, ring. 

fi. ljU|SfVf>- jhanjiiandndy (Hc^R) 

B. ^i^2C\^^ jhunjhuntf 8« f. Little 
bells worn on the feet. 

H. Jl|2Cl^ jhinjhini, 8. f. The ting- 
ling sensation felt when a limb or 
ones leg is asleep. 

P* S jJly^ jahanda (part. act. of ^I w jfc . ) 
adj. Springing up, skipping; elastic. 

8* Juif>- jhund, 8. m. 1. A crowd, the 

buzzing noise of a crowd. 2. V^.^^ 
A clump (of trees). [banner, flag. 

H. Iju^d. jhan4d, (sPTcf) 8. m. A 

9. aJu^^. Jhandu \^<i) 8. (dakh) 

Petals or foliage of a flower ; a lock 
of hair. 

a. HaAA^;^ jhandi'ld, adj. With thick 

handsome foliage (a tree), with a fine 

head of hair (a child). 

9. ^Ja^ jhuTidl, s. f. A bush, a tuft 

of grass. The roots of grain stalks, 
sugar cane, &o. 
H. ^JULyS^ jhandi, 8. f. A flagsitaff. 

(^LJ) an ensign, flag used by sur- 
veyors to direct their observations. 

S* V* ^'*^iT~ j^^^o^ {WO 8« f. Ring- 
ing, clinking, tingling, clank, gingle. 

9. j^^\^ jhankdrX^^^) «-f Clinking. 

8. UCi^ jhanaknd, ^fr[) v.n. To 
tinkle, to clink, to tingle, to ring. 

HBB.*A. AJk-^ jahannam, s. m. Hell 
(The valley of Hinnom.) 

H. hj ^4j>- j^opra, s. m. 7 

B. i^jJy\(^ jhoprt^ 8. f. -^ '^ 

or cFHf) adj. False, s. m. Lie, 4>y^ 

U!y To tell a lie, ^fjw: ^y^ False- 
hood. In jest, for nothing at all. 
fi. IS^^ jhutdt 

or ^?) adj. 1. Liar, false. 2. 

(among Hindus). That which has 
touched food and is thereby defiled. 
3. Offal, refuse, left (food); s. m. 

Leavings of food. l>lf>- ^y^ "' ™* 

Offals, left food. UjfU- ^.^t^ 
To eat leavings, to be very wretched 

(3r^ or ;jf^s 

i (3T? or ;?f^g 


^* iy\f^ juhudf 8. See *y^\l 

H. vL>l^ jhokf 8. f. A jolt, a puff or 

gust. (Mech.) Sonsibilitj (of a 

H. o%^^ jhokdf 8. m. A blow, a contact, 

collision, a gust, bla8t,*breeze or cur- 
rent (of wind) : (dakh.) bonch (of 

grape8, &c.) Bee OJM^ 
H. ^^^ y'hol, 8. m. 1. Paokering or 

wrinkling (a8, of ill made clothes). 2. 
A litter, brood, farrow, hatch, a birth. 
8. Palsy, a paralytic contraction and 
incurvation of the joints. 

A. J%|^ jhulf (corrupt, of (J^ jull) 

8. f . Body-dothes of cattle, housings, 
horse-cloth, a bag, a knap-sack. 

A. J^y3- jahul, (from (J^^-) » d j. 

Very ignorant. 

u. s^ic^- jhold, 8. m. I. A stroke of the 

sun. 2. The palsy. 3. A knapeack, a 
wallet. 4. A cold wind which affects 
wheat by drying up the ears. 

». S%4»- jhula, (5^^ ^ swing) (see 

IjJ^^»-) 8. m. A swing, the rope on 
which people swing ; (dakh.) a cradle. 

«. UI^f»- jhulna^ (^t^5?I from 5"^ to 

oscillate.) 1. v. n. To swing (for 
exercise). 2. To swing, to rock. 3. 
8. m. A kind of poem. 

H. »J^^ jhoUt 8. f . A wallet. 

H. yt^^ jhumar, s. m. (^FM move to 
and fro.) A company, band. A jewel. 

H. ll^>^^ jhumna, v. n« To wave, move 

the head up and down, slumber, move 
loose, to gather (the clouds). 

H. ]Jm^^ jhompra 
H. ufjxiy^ jhompfi 

8. lli«4^ jhontd, (<Jldl Hair matted) 

8. m. The hair of the back part of the 
head : (or, dakh.) the whole hair of the 

B. I J>%|»» jhaunr^t a^j* Tawny. 

A cottage, 

H. d— S»>j^'Vi jhonk, B. f. A shove or 

push in swinging. 2. The impulse of 
a squall or sudden blast of wind. 

DuJ CXjy^ 1. To set fire to 

(particularly, straw, Ac.) 2. To throw 
dust, &o. 3. To throw aw^y (the 

lives of men uselessly). Ul^ clXi^^ 
To roll. 

H. Hi^^ jhonkd, 8. m. I^ee o%f>- 1* 

Ear or beard (of corn), bunch (of 
grapes), bunch, cluster. 2. A swing. 

H. Uxi%«»- jhonknd, v. a. To cast, to 

push, to throw, to toss ; to cast into or 
supply fuel to Can oven). 

A. JJku>- jahez, 8. m. (jf>- supplied to 

a bride.) A bride's portion, whatever 
a wife carries with her to her hus- 
band's house, dower, paraphernalia. 

H. UCa^s^ jhUend, "] ▼• »• To grieve, 
** ' to lament, to 

H. U|SL^^ jhikhnd, r ^^^"^ °^ ^^J 

thing with 

H. UxJU^;^. jKvnknd, J sorrow, to re- 
commend any thing seriously. 

H. (Jo^ jhil, 8. f. A lake, shallow 

lake or morass. Marsh, low ground. 
(Mas.) The bass part of a song. 

H. Ulji^d- jhelnd^ v. a. To strain (colare). 

To bear. To digest. UuJ Jla^^- 
To fold in the arms, to grasp, [prawn. 

u. IkJLx^afc- jhingd^ 8. f. A shrimp, a 

H. X)UL^»' jhingar, jhlnguVy s. m. The 

name of an insect, a cricket. 
J. ^. yi, (^Sl^) 8. m. Life, soul, 

self, spirit, mind. U'^l ^j^ To 
withdraw one's friendship or desire. 
|jl»- 1 ,4»- To have the mind sud- 
denly fixed (on any thing), ic^ 
li^ \mJ 1. To vomit, to have a nausea. 

2. To be displeased. UUjj ^^ To 
be moderately desirooB. ^«|^ 


▼. n. To faint, li'.^ fjj , «»- To be 

at ease and contented. U i j^ ig^ 
To be toncbed with oompassion or 
seized with grief. ^•H-^ lS^ '^^ 
aniU89one'8 self, to dissipate reflec- 
tion. U1jl|> jJ ^^3- To risk one's 

life, the hazard : see uL^ jj ^l»- 

Ul»» JJo or UL^ or LbcUij . ^^ 
To be compassionate, feel affec- 
tion. lil>- h^ ^J^ To be sorry. 

Ij^«»- .^ «»- 1* To be contented. 2. 
To be satiated or disgusted. ^;»- 
li]l». 1. To befriend. 2. To plagae, 
to perplex. Ul^ ^9- To be vexed 
or troubled in mind. Ufcl^. ^s^ 

To desire. Ul,^- orULiUr*^ . ^^^ To 

do a work carelessly or lazily, to neg- 
lect. l)JL>- ^-^ To act bravely. 

ULs^ V^ To desire. U^ ^Ij ^j^ 
To grant life, to pardon a capital 
crime. uSjIbi} l5^ ^^ have a pal. 

pitation of the heart. ^^^^ le^ 

Ul». To faint. Lui', . ,,3- To be 

easily pleased, to please. ^* ^-^ 

bl>- Jil 1. To sink in the opinion of 
another. 2. To be brokenhearted. 
uLO ^^ To excite desire or love, to 
place or fix the mind. 'uLQ ^d- To 
contract affection for any person or 
thing, to hanker after. iJuJ 

1. To penetrate one's thonghts. 2. 
To excite one's desire. 3. To kill. 


To mortify one's desire, to 

V. n. To feel 

displease. liJuU ^-i 

nansea, be sick at stomach, ini^ic^ 

u I To come into the mind, to oc- 

cur to the recollection. J^ ^j. 
uv»- To be tormented with envy 
jealousy. 'Jy i^ ljU"^ l<^ To be 

pleasant, agreeable or acceptable. ^^^ 

I.I • 

bi Jb To be discouraged, to be de- 
pressed from fear, to be spiritless. 
UU- LS^fi> ,«3. To detest. 
«• |cl»- ja'i, s, f. Oats: the small 

shoots of barley which are carried 
about in the turbans of Hindus during 
the dagahrd: the first sprouts of ger- 
minating rice (see under javcdra) when 
the seeds are steeped in water previ- 
ous to sowing : a small species of barley. 

H. ^j^ jt, 1. Yes. 2. Sir master, 

madam. 3. A form of address to 
one's self. , |\Jb , ^«»- intj. Yes sir. 

quite so, very good, true* 
8. . .d- jai, (Wl or M Conquer) 

B. m. f- Conquest, victory, triumph, 
bravo! huzza! all hail! . ^a. 

X 8. m. Rejoicings, triumph ^^>^ 
\iji X ^-^ To huzza, to shout. 

JUtJ^ 8. f. Necklace or garland of 
victory, bays, laurels. 

A. ^•..«^Aj>. jaih^ 8. f. The breast, the 

heart, the breast collar of a garment. 

T. C«^.OL^ jeh, 8. f . A pocket ; purse. 

I Jo ^•.AJL»- 8. m. A pickpocket. 

i. ^fJU^ jihh, (ftr^l) 8. f. The 

tongue. (^Jj)) U^V -W^ To long 
after or covet unattainable enjoyment. 

[jj^ ^i*J^ I. To forbid by signs. 2. 

(from the Persian) To grant the re- 
quest of a petitioner. 3. To be struck 

with terror or astonishment. «£AJ^ 

UloJ To be extremely fatigued or 
thirsty. To feel the heat, to pant. 
To pull out the tongue (a punishment 
for misusing it.) 


«. ^JUk^ jitd, adj. (for ^t%T) AUve. 
U\riDg. ^d. ^J^ »dj- Alive, living 

«. UIa^ jttn&j (r. t5T Gonqaer, excel) 
V. a. To win, to conquer. 

«. ^fJOd- ie/^i, (^B) 8. m. 1. Hus- 

band's elder brother. 2* Name of the 
second Hindu month (the foil moon of 

which is near ^31) May-June. 3. 

adj. Elder, first-born. 
«. ^^IfLjLd^ jeth-ani, (^g) s. f. The 

wife of a husband's elder brother, 
a. JbJ^ ^j^d^ jethi-madh, {^^^^) 

8. m. Liquorice. 
A. JUk»- /id, 8. The neck. 

A. JUk»- jaiyid, (from (3%^) adj. Ex- 
cellent, elegant, arable, fertile. 

£. tkM'^jL^ jaisd {M\'t^\) adv. or adj. In 
the manner which, as, what-like, such 
as, according as. Jjti\^ WJL^. As may 
be desired, as it ought, sufficiently. 

ImjjJ d ^MjuHafc- Such as in the ori- 
giaal, or as before, the self same, unal- 
tered, LmjJ %> ,>mJL»- tit for tat. 

J[>LamJ^ As though, as if. 

T. iJLj^ fighf'tt 8. m. An ornament of 
gold worn on the turban, a band 
about six inches long and two broad, 
consisting of a piece of velvet beauti- 
fully embroidered, and a gold plate set 
with precious stones sewed on it. 

A. SAj^ ilfa^ 8. m. Carcass, corpse. 

«. ,.tA»- jain, (^«T) s. m. A sect of 

Hindus. They deny the authority of 
the Tedas and disregard the distinc- 
tion of castes. 

«. iJUa- jina (^t^ r. ^^ Live) 

y. n. 1. To live. s. m. Living. 2. 
To enjoy life. 3. To rally. Worship 
twenty-four divine teachers. 

f* iJ^!^ /otn-t, adj. of a Jdin, A 

follower of the Jain sect, or religion. 


jyu, (^^) 

8. %A». nw, or jVu, or 

s. m. 1. Life, soul ; animated being, 
animal. 2. A sweetheart, a lover. 3. 
interj. firavo! [adj. Brave, courageous. 

«. C^ftA^ jixoai or jtyaut (vilR Life) 

|. I?%J^*- nxordf or jiyura s. m. (3u^) 
Life, soul, sweetheart, beloved. Will. 
H. 1?*JL^ je'ofa, s. m. Cord, string. 

8. y^yJ^ jiwan, (^IT^) 8. m. 1. 
Living, Uvelihood. 2. Water. 

^ che or ehim, called also jim^'farsi 

or jtm'i-ajnmly the seventh letter of the 
Persian Alphabet, sounds like ch in 
the English word cheek. It does not 
occur in Arabic. According to the 

ahj'ad, it stands for 3, like ^ (fim). 

The permutations of the letter ^ are 

the following ; into J bm J^ ^or 

^o Glass, a pine tree; into J M 

ciCij for c>wM^a physician or 
apothecary ; into iJH as |«<^1d for 
« «»-o Made of glass: into ,_. as 
^o for ^o ; and, arabistically, into 

This letter corresponds to ^ in Sans- 
crit ; and when aspirated, or with % 
affixed, to 9. 

8. '^ in Sanscrit may signify Siva, a 

thief, a tortoise, seedless, vile, base, 
and, also, moreover, mutually, equally, 
otherwise, for on account of, but, &c., 
or it may be used as an expletive to 
fill up the measure of a verse.. [Teapot. 

P. l>- chdy 8. f. Tea, vsl'*^'^ •** ^^ 





P* clx^l^i. chdhukf 1. adj. Active, alert. 

2. B. m. A borse-whip. (In this senBe, 
however, it is found in the works of 
j[&axrau only, and it is probably Hindi). 

li.Ka^ i^JiA»- To crack a whip. 

.^yw *«JJol^ B. m. 1. horse. A 

breaker, a jockey. 2. A prood rider, a 
rough rider. 3. A horse-broker. 

fi. UbU- ehdhna (^^) v. a. To 
chew, to masticate, tq gnaw, to champ. 
H. ^J|\f- cMW, 8. £. A key. (^^'j)* 
H. i,.^l>. chap, 8. m« A bow* 

V • 

P. ^Mi Jl>1^. ehdplus4t s. f. • Flattery, 
wheedling, fawning, sycophancy. 

8. yU- ehitur, {m^) adj. See Ji^ 

t» 4^ Jl^. chatur-i, 8. f. Cleverness. 

H. 43U. ehdt, 8. f. 1. Longing, taste. 
2. Habit, custom. 8. A delicacy, 

bonne bonohe. UUl cl^l> To lick np. 
H. ISI^- ehaiif 8. ro. (dakh.) See J^Ji 
B. Uul^ ehalna, v. a. To lick, to lap. 
B. |«)l>> chait, 8. f . A chnm. 

B. l». l>. chach4, 8. m. See Is^ 

B. ^l>- ehdchar, s. m. 1. The pole 

round which they play at the festival 
of the holi. 2. A fair or assemblage 
of people collected after the holt, 

H. f«^^ ehdelat a. f. A paternal 
annt : see 

(JJol X^- 8. m. A palm (foor inches). 

JUjJ I ,l>. 8. m. Iron armour. X^^ 
- > V y • 

(mJIj b* m. a throne, couch, or 8ofa. 
JL«l>- tl^- 8. m. A kind of saddle 


without a tree). 



Meeting, interview, the eyes of two 
people meeting. cJ5;^*i«^ }^ ». f. A 
court-yard, enclosure, area. Jlj .l>> 
Uf)LAJ To squat, to sit cross-legged. 

MM tl^ A cross road, two roads cross- 
ing each other, a square or court. 
^liM .1^ adj. Tongh, hardy, .1^- 

iJjJit Wednesday, i^y J^ *• '• * 
square, a quadrangle. IiL« X»- s. m. 

A walnut. U«j c:^^ ^ ^j^^U. 
To fall at full length on the back. 

B. .l>. chafy 8. (dakh.) A kind of soup, 
mulligatawny. [A qaadruped. 

P. AjI> ,1^. c?iar.«ava, 8. m. (*^r|rT^) 
P. ^'j .l>» c?iarpa4, B. f . 1. A bed 

stead, a bed. bjj ^ ^Jy^ ^U- To get 
sick. 2. A litter for carrying the sick. 

.. Uf> ...... (^^, .,. 

Fourfold, or times. 

P- .&>*v>- ehtfdar, 8. f. I. A sheet, a 

plain white calico wrapper, mantle or 
cloak, that reaches from the head to 
the ankles. 2. A waterfall. 3. A 
kind of firework in imitation of a 
waterfall. 4. Shot and shell. 

P. .U- chat, ("^cctK-) adj. Four. ^U- 

A^) p. m. A kind of dervia who 

p. ,1^. b .Id.. chaf'^d'Char 

. 1 

> adv. 
Urhfir, J 

P. .1^. L) • tl^- ehar-o-nd^har 

Certainly, inevitably, by force, right 
or wrong, nolens volcns. 

8. cS/I^yl^ chdrvak, ('^?^) adj. 

The head of a tribe of atheists; a 
sceptic, a sophist. [of a nut. 

e. ^^j^ charolt, 8. f . (dakh.) Kernel 

p jj I chdra^ s. m, Bemedy, expedient, 
J • 

shaves his eyebrows and wbittkers. | holp, resource, redress ^<j,\**» tX^- 



8. f. Preparing a remedy. ^ vT SiL^ 
B. f. RemedjiDg, care* 

B. Sil^* ihara^ s. m. (^^ to eat.) 1 . 

Forage, food for cattle, bait for fish ; 

truss, grass. UIIj S.l>> To bait. 

'• c/;^y*^* cWr-yar-i, i. m. A sect of 

If usalmins who venerate equally the 
four successors of Mnliaminad. 

"• i-i?'^ cAarf , 8. f. (dakh.) Backbiting, 

talebearing, aooasationi charge : see 

^JLiu>. ♦ j^ SmSf^ Backbiter, 

li'4^ cjrjV 1*0 backbite, Ac. 

P* V^^imI^ chdtht, s. f. The middle 

hoar between sanrise and the mefidiRo; 
also, what is eaten at that time, break- 
fast, a collation. 

F. 15*^ ''^ ehdshni, s. f. {^^ to taste.) 

1. Flavour, relish, a mixture of sweet 
and sour. 2. A spedmen. 3. Sirup. 

T' ^^ ehaq, adj. 1. Active, alert. 2. 
Erect (a horse), readj to cover. 3. In 
spirits. t3Jb»»- i3^ ^^i* Healthy 
and vigorous, athletic. [penknife. 

T. J)L»» ehdqUf s. m. A clasp-knife, a 

P. ^^/l>- choky 1. s. m. A narrow open- 
ing? intentionally left in clothes, a slit, 
a fissure. 2. adj. Bent, slit, lacerated, 

torn, cut. \jS s^[»- To rend, to 

split, rip. ^^IWjfvlA^ Having the 
collar rent ; afflicted, sad. 

|. kU^l»» ehak, (^^^ 8. m. 1. A 

potter's wheel ; a wheel ; (especially 
amongst cultivators) the pulley over 
which the ld*o passes at the well. 2« 
(dakh.) Wheel (of a carriage, Ac). 

P. v^l^- ehmkarf s. m. A servant. 

P. ^^jil>. chdkar.i, s. f . Service, employ. 

P' ^AM^A». ehakiu, s. m. (^9 an eye.) 

The name of a medicine (a small 
black seed) for diseaseH of the eye. 

P- iJL}^[»- chakat, s. (dakh.) See 

B, \j^j^ ehakhnd, (^qi^ r. '^'^ 

Eat, taste) v. a. To enjoy, to relish. 

s. JU^ ehih (^[^ r. "^^ Move) 

8. f. Gait, motion, movement, pace, 
procedare, habit, custom, conduct, 
practice, method, way. A metre, 

tune. \As^ J*c>- 1. To behave. 2. 

To deceive. JljtJ JU- s. f. Gait, 

manners, behaviour, breeding, polite- 

P« (^^3\j>' ehdlak, adj. LaboriouB, ac- 
tive, hard working, nimble, ingenious, 
quick, clever, dexterous, expert. 

l^J (^SU^ s.f. Sleight of hand. 

P> 15^^ chdUk-i, 8. f. Activity, 

agility, sharpness. ^ J Sl>. adv. 
Bj unfair means. 

P. ^Sl*- ehdldn, b. (*^^ to more.) 1. 

An invoice, bill of lading. 2. Trans- 
portation. 3. A remittance. 4. Pass- 

P. (mII^ ehilish^ B. f. 1* Exertion in 
battle. 2. A pompous or graceful gait. 

a. (^/^U. ehdlu (^c^rfRRl) 1. adj. 

Forty. 2. Weighty, important. 
«• UmjJL>- chalU-d, s. m. 1. A dimness 

of sight which is supposed to come on 
at forty years of age, and often to be 
removed on approaching the forty - 
eighth or fiftieth year. 2. The fortieth 
year of any era, or of the century. 

{. 4iU*»*jJl>- chalU'Wah {'^^uK^) 

adj. 1. Fortieth; (hence) 2. The 
fortieth day after childbirth, death of 
a relation, when food is distributed, &o, 

a, ^l>- chanif (t(*h) b. m. Hide, skin 

leather. Oj^) ^^ (•'^^ «£ (•V 

Y. a. To stretch to the utmost a 
temporary aothorit^. (lit^ To give 
currency to a coin of leather). 




tj^ A^ (dakh.) AcaruB airo, the 
flesh loose of the morbas pedicalaris. 
l^^U- champ, 8. f. ('^PT) 1. The 
lock of a gan. 2. The stocks, the 
rack. ^ A bow. Ulft" 

1. To cock a gan, to bend the bow. 2. 
To punish or torment bj squeezing 
the ear wiyi a lock of a gun. 

f. 4SJl>- ehdnd (^^) 8. m. 1. The 

moon. 2. The crown of the head. 3. 
A white spot in the forehead of cattle, 
and many other things which are moon- 
like. 4. Name of an ornament. (A 
semilunar gold ornament worn under 
two others on the head). 5. A month. 

6. A target (to shoot at). \JlS\j 4SJl>> 

The first night of the new moon, or the 

end of the month. UtL« iSJl^^ To 

fire at a mark. ^JT;^ iSJl^ >• f* 

Target practice. ^l*,i-^|^ ^ jJl»- 

\jS The moon has risen. 


8. ^j;i];*3JU- chandrayan, (^JfT^) 

8. m* A kind of fast, in which the 
food taken is diminished by one 
mouthful daily as the moon wanes, and 
increased in like manner as the moon 

[light. SU^t. 
ehdndnd (^TS[) 8. m. 

§. jJ jJl^- chdndni (^f^l) s. f . 1. 

The moonbeams, moonlight. 2. Name 
of a flower. 8. A kind of cloth spread 
over a carpet, or to walk on occasion- 
ally or for other purposes (as, for an 
awning or canopy or cope, in dakh). 
4. Any thing white and shining. 

^^ — jjjl. 


I. UjJL 

_34^jv^ 8. m. A wide and 
public street or market, ^jjl^ 
d^l. A moonlight night iV*^^' 

ljl>- ,t« D Y. n. To be affected 

with a disease supposed to proceed 
from a stroke of the moon (a horse). 
8- XJjy.^ chdnda, s. A common station 

2' i^iXJUi* chdnd'i (^5) s. f. 1. 

Silver (pure), electro-plate. 2. The 
crown of the head. 3. Wealth. 4. 
Profit. % (dakh.) Hair of the top of 
the head gathered up and tied. 

^* (»^l>> ehdnk, b. A stamp fixed on a 

stack or heap of grain, called also 
chhepd : name of a ceremony observed, 
in the threshing ground at the time of 
forming the winnowed com into a 
heap. [horses. Healthy. Expert. 

8. JLx)1>> chdngld, 8. m. A colour in 
H. Jyl^ ehdnwal, s. m. (cT^^) Rice. 

One-eighth of a ratti. See J^l^ 

p. j;;t>. chana, s. 1. The lower jaw, 

the chin. 2. A lump of leavened 
flour, from which one loaf may be 
baked. 3. Conversation, talk. 

B.jl^ chd*o, 8. m. f. 1. Eagerness, 
pleasure, taste, gusto, zest, desire. 
(^"^0 2. A measure equal to four 
fingers. 3. A kind of bamboo. J^- 
2L».^di. or :^». .1^. Fondness* 

of the Revenue survey. 

fondling and toying. Ij I ^J^ al^- 

V. n. To be an object of love or 

H. i^y^ chdwfi, 8. f. Name of a place 

in Dehli. % chd'ofi, (dakh. tkl.) A 
caravansary, a choultry. 

T. ^/i/^ ehd'uBh, B.m. A mace-bearer, 

an officer that goes before bearing the 
wand of state. 

H* oy^ ehdwal, s. m. Rice (cleared 
of the husk and not dressed). 

2. «U- chdh, i^^j) 8. f. Desire, love, 

liking, choice, want, appetite. 
P. Vv^ chdh, 8. m. A pit, a well 

(u'y^) fO' *'^ ^"^ {J^ *^ The 
dimple of the chin. [affection, will. 

«• ut^ chdJuif (iJutl^i.) 8. m. Love, 

a, C>*U- chdhat, (UaU-) s. f. De- 
sire, volition. 



§> U2t*..>> chdhnd, (^"^T Desire) v. a. 

To love, wish for, demand, choose, re- 
qnire, pray, approve, ask for, call 
for, propose, orave, attempt, try. 

a. UjlaU^ ehdhtta, i^^\ Desire) adj. 

Agreeable, desirable, beloved ; sab. A 
sweetheart, oae beloved, a darling. 

8. |Ju2tl>> chdhiH, {^^J Desire) s. f . 

A mistress, a sweetheart. 
P. ^. l»- ehd*e, s. f. Tea. 

u. (;>i^- chd^in, s. m. 1. Name of a 

low class of Hindus. 2. Seed of 
tamarind. 3. A litigioos person. 

f. Ulx5»- ehabdna, (^Oj) v. a. To 
chew, gnaw, champ, masticate, bite 

(the lip). Jji cyU i 'a*- U». 

To speak with stndj or preparation ; 
also, without reserve, or haughtilj and 
soomfullj. [boyish. 

H. syj^ ehahd'old, adj. Childish, 

H. ^Jiia>- chuhukni, s. f. (dakh.) A 
pnnotore, prick, stab ; motive. 

H. JL^ ehihUla, j ^1L&. Boyish- 
ness, childishness. 

H. s JftA^. ehahutara, 1 1. A terrace 

or monnd to sit and converse on, an 
elevated seat or platform. 2. A ens- 
tom house. 3. A police-office. 

H. Ulfik>- chuhhdnd, (cans, of U^X>-) 

V. a. (Q^) To stick into, thrust 
into pierce, goad, stab, prick. 
H. U|JL>. chuhkna^ v. n. To be stuck, &c. 

H. lJ%AA3^ chubhona, v. a. See 1>Ua>» 

«. \Xxxs^ chdhend, (^^ or ^^ to 

chew.) s. m. Parched grain to exercise 
the teeth with when more substantial 
food is not at hand. 


chap, adj. Left (hand, Ac.). 


•t "» 

8. m. {lit, right 

and left). 1. Unsteadiness, want of 
principle. 2. Carelessness. 

H. %^„y^ chup, adj. (^^ siletice.) 1. 

V » v3 

Silent. ({jiyJy^) 2. interjec. Si- 
lence! (the word TSj being understood)* 

3. s. f. Silence : as. (<AJ3 |Jji». or 

^<JbJ L ^^ T. n. To be struck dumb. 

4. adv. (dakh.) Gratis, for nothing, 

H. U^ ehappa, s. m. (^qff a span of 
land) A measure of four fingers. 

PORT. eL>U,>. c/iaptfi, (for Port, capato) 

8. f . (dakh.) A shoe of the European 

»•• ^l^ ehapdti, B. f. (^qSt) A 

thin cake of unleavened bread. 

V V 

H. LiUL»- chiptd,VLd}» Clammy, glutinous. 
2. L5a^ chappd, (f^iqj flat.) l.adj. 

Flattened, compressed, shallow. 2. 
A jar. 3. One having a flat nose. 

H. P. :\j c^„aJI». chapat-hdZf Femina 

libidini sapphics) indulgens. y^ ->,'^ 

^'b s. f. CongressuB libidinosus 
duarum mulierum. [be flattened. 

J. IJUA^- chapatndi (t"cflH<j) v. n. To 
H. lJuA»- chipatnd, v. n. To stick, to 

V V • . » 

adhere. (Uaa^)» 
H. ^jji^' chap^, 8. f. Congressus mu- 

Uerum. Ub^ or U«l ^y^ v. n. 
Libidini sapphicsD indulgere. 
H. « ^ l*^ V*.i^^^- chvp'Chdp, adv. 

V • V • 

Silent, silently. 

H. UfiCV^ c^«|>-cht/^, adj. Clammy. 

V V vv 

r. Ul 

V V V» 

chup-chupdnd, v. n. To 



keep silence. ^a^\»- Silently, se- 
cretly, [here. 
B. liUgCUrw chipchipana, ▼. n. To ad- 

V V V » 

H. ^x»~ chippatiif (see If^^) b. m. A 

sparrvwhawk. [male hawk or falcon. 
H. Ide^ chipthit s. m. (dakh.) A 

H. L^-^Uflte. chipchipahai, s. f. Vis- 
cosity, stickiness. [eyes). 
B. ljA>- chipra, s. m. Gam (of the 

B. ^M»l JL^ chaproLS, s. f. A backle, a 
breastplate, clasp, badge. 

B. |<*Mi*-ik»- chaprda-i, s. m. A mes- 
senger or other servant wearing a 
chapras, A peon. Orderly. 

B. jJ<^ 5^^ ehapar-chapaf-i An imita- 
tive sound of the noise of the month 
in eating, or a dog lapping water. 

B. i^A>> chupta, adj. Plausible speaker. 

B. IjA^ chaprd, 8. m. (^PT?) 1. A 

kind of lac 2. Clear land. [eyes). 

B. ljbhjk>> ehiprahdj adj. Bleared (as 

n. b'^^. chupaj^fMf ▼. a. To varnish, 

to cover, to smooth, to palliate, to 
anoint, besmear. To oil. To batter. 

B. i^jJo- chupri, adj. f. 1. Oiled, 
greasy. 2. Smooth, plausible i^jX^^ 

CL^U Flattery, soft words, jj^jj^^" 

^« . Cakes rich with clarified batter. 

T. jJiLftJl>. chapqulaah^ s. f . 1. Fight- 
ing with sword. 2. Crowding, want of 

B. ^s^*^ chippak, adj. 1. Shallow. 2. 
s. f. Name of a bird (perhaps, the 
same as ^A.^-)* 

B. ICi». ehup-kd, adj. Silent. Crafty 
H. v)lxA.>> chipkdnd, v. a. 1. To make 

V • 

adhere, to stick on. 2. To compress. 
3. To threaten, 4. Get one a berth. 

R. jo^J^^- chapkarit s. f. A kind of vest, 

a sort of coat (like the US bot breast 

B. UCAd^ ehipdkniy v. n. 1. To stick, 

V V ' ' 

to adhere. 2. To spread or sink (as, 
ink on damp paper). 3. To be com* 

pressed, to be indented. y* ^^^ 

ol»> v. n. 1. To be compressed. 8. 

To be sold on acoonntof its sweetness. 
3. To fall in love at first sight. 

B. UCa>- chapaknd^ y. n. To collapse. 

(dakh.) To become flat or leveL 

B. |Jjk>- chup'Tci, B. f. Silence. 

B. (JjL». ehappal, s. f. Slipper. *Jj^ 

ij.Le V. (dakh.) To strike the slip- 
per (on) ; to reject or abandon. 

8. fjj^ chapcd, (^^) adj. 1. Tre- 

V V 

mnlons, shaking. 2. Wanton, restless. 
B. JulAmj (Jji^ ehappal'-^en4i ■• Cactus 

Indicus the prickly pear or Indian fig. 
B. ^^X»' ehappan, s. m. A lid or cover 
of a pot (large). 

B. Lu3- chapndf V. s. (^R to be quiet.) 

1. To be silent. 2. To be ashamed. 
B. , Ju»> chapnt. 8. f. A lid, a cover, 

(UUbj)* saucer, top (small) ; cap of 
the knee, kneepan. The crown of the 
head. i->^J uJ^ kJ^jH u^ 
lij^ (tit. to drown one*8 self in a 
saucer-full of water) To be greatly 
abashed. , J6l>> . Ju^^- Git. to 

lick the pot-lid) To be contented with 

B. yx^ chappiif 8. m. (^J^WI from 

T^TT to throw.) A paddle, an oar. 
\j.Li Ui^ V. a. To row. 
B. i<A^ chippie 8. f . A patch on paper. 

«• ^^^^ chappi, 8. f. Gently kneading 
I the limbs. Shampooing. 


«v "» 

ehapei, {^RS) a. f. A 

slap, a blow I a sadden misfortune, 
risk. Loss, damage. 

ft. LuUL^- chapeid v^Z) 8. m. A 

•• V • 

slap, a blow. adj. Illegitimate ; stolen, 
secret s. m. A bastard. 

B. c:,^^- chit, B. 1. Look, glance, sense. 
2. adj. Sapine, Ijng flat on the back. 
UjJ d^«^^ To throw (one's adver- 
sary) on his back (a term in wrestling). 

8. ij:^>- chit or chitt. (fx|Xf to take 
notice.) s. m. Mind, life, sonl, heart, 

attention, memory. ^jx! V!!,-^ 
(i"^Tl^>JT) adj. Amusing, pleasant. 

«. \j:^^ chit (f^) adj. (dakh.) 

Dirty. iJL^ ^^^^"^ ^^ ^^^ ' 

8. U^. chita, (n^Cll from t^ to 
pile.) 8. f. A funeral pile. [paint. 

«. iJilj^ chitdmm (r. t^l^) v. a. To 

fi. c^;'-'^ chitari (n^^^h^) 8. m. 

(dakh) A portrait-painter. 
«. ljll»> chitand (oaus. of luA>- for 

•qct*i) ▼. a. To caution, warn, alarm 

^ chafdnd (dakh.) To excite, to blow 
np or kindle (a fire). 

«. ^^yJ^ chita'onl {=^^) s. f. 1. 
A token. 2. admonition, warning. 

ehitr, ( P^) s. m. A picture. 

8. X'xs^ 


JU or JU yL*. (f^^IW) 

A gallery of pictures, a picture-room. 
A drawing room. 

JL>- ehatiir, adj. (^^cl^) Clever, 

ingenions, sagacious. [brella. 

P. JL^ efcotr (^) 8. m. An nm- 

f. IJld- eftatri or cliaiiira ("qcii) 
adj. Wise, intelligent. 

8. iJLy- chiera, (n^9|l) 8. f. Name 

of the fourtecmth mansion of the 
moon (Spica virginis). 

-' L5^'y^ c7ia<Mrd-t, s. f. ("'^ICI tCiT 

or "^iCKl) Cunning, accomplish- 
ments, cleverness, skill. 

8. m. A portrait-painter. ( .»«d^)* 

g. ^J^y^ chitr-kar-l (f^?|«M*M) 
8. f. Portrait-painting, painting. 

5. SpO' chitT'gar (T^^^W) 8. m. 

A portrait-painter, painter. 
P. jL« Jl^- c^kifor-nwr, s. m. Toadstool,. 

mushroom. [paint. 

5. U JL>- chitarnd (r. T^^) v. a. Ta 

{. jc^^r"^ chiiraw^i, adj. (dakh.. 
^Jo. v::^^) Artful, cunning, ver- 
satile, of various colours. 

8. jJ J^ chitrinl (or, chitami (l'^l?f"' 

^Tfi ) B. f. The second description of 
woman. Accomplished and fascina- 
ting woman. (See under •J^'^)* 

p. ^jJ^^ chairi, s. f. 1. A canopy, veil,, 
a parasol. 2. A tent, a pavilion. 

a, \uS SJ:^'^£>^ ehitJoahrd (f%3^3T) 
adj. Piebald, speckled. See cM>i>- 

«. XjU- ehitld (f^^) adj. Spotted, 
piebald. [* look, glance, 

H. ^J^ chitwan, s. f. (rq^«l) Sight, 

H. Ujlfi>- ehithdrnd, v. a. 1. To tear to 

pieces. 2. To fill a paper with wri- 
ting. 3. To abuse, revile. 

H. l5fL>- chitkra, «. m. (=qK doth.) 

A rag, tatter. 
fi. ^JL^ chUH, {V^^) 8. f. 1. A soar, 

a spot, freekle, Ac 2. A kiud of 


speckled serpent. 8. A kaufi worn 
smooth with rubbing. 4. Mildew. 

«. U:jul>> chiterd, (t^^«h<) s. m. A 

person who paints flowers, Ac. on wood 
and walls. A painter. An engraver. 

H. Li^ chat, 1. (Sifefcf) adv. Quick- 
ly, instantly. 2. s. f. An excoriation, 
a sore, scab, chancre. 3. The noise of 

breaking, snap. \jjJ L^-^^^- To eat, 

dissipate, make waste. Uyb lS^>- 
v. n. To be consumed. 

H. La^ ehiHd, 1. adj. (^cT) White, fair. 

2. s. A silver coin. % chattd, s> 
(dakh.) Coat. [Reiterated sound. 

8. Ll-r>. IJU- chatdchat, {"^SV^rO 

M. l^LXd* ehapdthd, (properly oU^>) 

8. m. A crash, an explosion, a smack 
(on giving a kiss). 

H. \J^\j{»m ehatak, 1. s. f. A crash, an 
explosion. 2. adj. Intelligent. 

H. dLa»» chatdkd, 8. m. See IS-Ia^ 

H. ^lx>- chatdn or chaiidn, 8. f. A large 
block of stone, rook, rocky ground. 

H. lJljL>- ehatdndf (causal of U>1>-) v.a. 
To make lick or lap up. 

H. ^Jll^- chatd% 8. f. (^TJ) A mat. 
« . , « -^ ehai-pat, (^rfsfcT 

Quickly, and r. ^S Move) adv. 
Hastily, instantly. 

tt ~ 

£. Lu 

ehat'patd, (see 

^^j ) adj. 1. Active, lively, smart, 

clever. 2. Stout. 3. Meat djf^ssed with 
little sauce or gravy. 

liLo v.?-**- ehat-patdndt (see l^.>^.'>- 

(J«^) V. n. To be agitated, to be 
frying (grain). (UU)« 

f. jJu *^?" ehap'Patt, 8. f. ^Haste, 
hurry, [(as, charcoal). See lJiCx>>* 


chaiatkndt V. n. To oraokle 

H- C-N-^d- c^a/oi, s. f, 1. A crash, a 
crack. 2. Intelligence, gaudineas. 3^ 

(^^0 Glitter, prime of life. 4. 
adj. Intelligent, quick. 

^* 1*-^^ chitka, s. m. 1. A kind of grass 
or grain. 2. Mucus, slime. 

H. Ka^ c/iato, 8. m. Scarcity. Kl>. 

Ul2 To thirst, to wish. 

H. ]Xijj>. chatkdrd, s. m. (S.l.^^ji>- 

chatkhdrdf 8. m.) A clack with the 
tongue oocasioned by an acrid or nice 

taste. LL^ c^^^iJ^^- V. a. To 
clack with the tongue. 
H. lJ.\aL\^- ehatkdmd, v. a. To urge cat- 
tle by the clacking noise made by 
drawing the tongue from the palate. 

H. lioa>» ehaikdndf (cans, of UxA>-) 

V. a. I. To crack (as, a whip), to snap 
the fingers (in rejoicing). 2. To split. 
3. To fire off a musket. 4. To irritate. 

H. jICa^ ehutkuJd, 8. m. (^? pleas* 

ing discourse, cftWI art.) 1. Plea- 
santry* facetionsness, wit, hnmoiir 
(<djial) 2. See l^y Conundrum. 

Li )uLa>- adj. Amusing. 

H. UCajw ehaiaknd, v. n. {^[S to 

break). 1. To crackle (as wood on 
the fire), to crack (as, a whip). 2. To 
split. 3. To open out; bloom (a 

flower). iS ^iAs. or jCL.. cjlf 

2. UCJ^ chaikana, iWf^Pl) s. m. 
A slap on the face, a box, a blow, cuff. 

H' 1^/*^^ ehutki, 8. f. 1. A pinch, 2. 

Snapping of the fingers. 3. The 
hammer of a gun. 4. A mode of print- 
ing cloth or gulhadan. 6. Name of ao 
ornament worn on the toes. 6. A 
handful of grain. 7. A medicinal 

powder (^^^)- \Sjii ^JJ^ or 
Uul I. To nip, to pinch. 2. To 




throw oat provoking insinuations. 

Ul?l iji^ ^j^aCa^ To put one orf 
with a joke. 

B. IjlCa^- ehaiktld, ad]. 1. Splendid, 
gandj. 2. Tastj. 3. Excess. 

i. 11^ ehuUa, (*^>Sl top knot). 8. m. 

A cae or lock of hair worn behind. 
H. jJu>- ehainlt s. f. A kind of acid 

•anoe (condiment or marmalade). 
B. .ftA». ehaior, 1. See hy^ 2, JbSJ 

Wicked, sinfal. [A greedy. 

H. 1f%Ad^ chaiorA^ 8. m. An epicure. 
H. xls^ chujta, 8. (dakh.) A cheroot. 

B. l|Ad^ ehifthd, s. m. (t^f? to send 

oat a messenger). A memorandum of 
money paid, or the pay of servants of 
the state, a rough note. Schedule. 

B. jjfA^- ehiffht, B, f . A note, a letter, 

obit, a billet ,«|^ ^^ 8. f. A 
summons, a process or precept. 

B. \s^ chacha, s. m. Paternal uncle, 

father's brother (or, dakh, a father's 
younger brother). 

B. ^yW^ chaehd^it 8. f. A father's 
brother's wife, aunt. 

chichrij 8. f . A tick or louse 

(of dogs and sheep). 
H. ljil^«^ chiiehkamat v. n. To fondle, 

to chirp to (^^ + ^) to cheer by 

making the noise occasioned by 
drawing in the breath with lips pro- 
truded. To chup (a child Ac.). 

I* i^jSis^ chachandari, s. f. See 
H. IjOar^ ehichinddj s. ra. (T^T^^ 

a snake gourd.) The name of a vege- 

B. UtAa:^ ehaehornH 
B. U;^ chachoma 


(=^ to 

suck). To 

suck (a dry substance from which 
nothing can be obtained). 

{. {_Cj*yi^s:^ chuohondarif s. f. The 

female musk rat t a sort of fireworks, 

H. ^^s:^ chachi or chachcM^ s. f. 

Father's brother's wife, aunt. J^ chichm 
chi or ehichi (dakh.) Breast (of a 
woman), udder, pap, dug, teat, 

H. l^sr^ chaeherd, adj.. Descended 
from or related through a paternal 
uncle J as, ^^_cJW 1;??^^ ■' ^* ^ 
cousin, son of paternal uncle. ^^J^^^ 

^^ Daughter of paternal uncle 
a female cousin, 
P. a>- choM, B.f, Quarrel. [Wrangling, 

P. ^^ \mr^ ehaih^hal^h ■• '. 

H. . ^1 J^ chuddB, 8. f. (^ to drive 
in) Lust, the sexual passion. 

H, UltXa*- chudand, (trans, of UiX^-) 
V a Viri amplexibus se submittere 
(mulier). [person, 

H. «^J^r>- chudakkar, 8. m. A salacioui 
H. Ul^ cha44hd, 8. m. 1. The groin. 
8. A bubo. [shorter than U!^ 

H. ^i>- chaddl, 8. (dakh) Breeches 
p. al^ chirdgh ot Pers. chardgh* «• w. 

1. A lamp, a light. 2. (met.) The 
light of the hous& A son. (Plur, 

UUjj V. a. To put out, to ex- 
tinguish a lamp j^^*^^'^ ■• *"• ^ 

stand for a lamp, a11> ^j^ An 
extinguished lamp. ^ 

P. 'oiW chirdfh'PS. ftdj. 1. Bearing (a 

V y^ 

horse). 2. Turned upside down, 
P. 2\^^ chirdgh^, B.t 1. A present 

wade to the l^ulld for offering up 
oblations at the tomb of a saint. 8. 
Alms given to beggars who walk thi 
•treet8 »t night m tb© olMi oftlled 


Naqshhandh 3. Preaent to sooth- 
sayera. [meadow. 

P. 8o1f»- ekard-gdhf s* f . A pastnrei a 

2. Ul,^- chardnd, {^U^Pl or ^ to eat. 

or cans, of w.^) v. a. 1. To cpmze, 

to pasture, to feed. 2. To command, 
lead by the nose. 8. To make a fool 

of (UUj ;jfr!)- 

s. ^\j^ ehurdnd, {'^ft^ r. ^ ^ 

steal), y. a. To steal, filch. 
H. |jir>- charrdni, ▼. n. 1. To burst. 

2. To ache, to smart. 
H. Jjl^ chirand, s. f. ('^'PiHl) The 

smell of baming leather, hair, Ac. 
H. ^jJl.>> ehirdn4it s. f. (dakh.) A 

by lane, alley. 
a. Jl»>- chariot, s. f. 1. The price 

paid for pasturage. 2. Pasturage, 

P* ^-^»>> charhj adj. 1. Fat, greasy, 

rich, viscous, oily. 2. (also eharah) 
An oyermatch. 3. Sharp, active, quick. 

CI^^amJ u^.>> adj. Active, ingeni- 
ous; (met.) a thief. ^Ijj S-^v^- 

adj. Smooth-tongned, fairspoken, 
plausible, conversible, entertaining. 

^«Ji w>^.>- B. f. Speciousness of 

language, fine talk. \st H-'v^- 
Dainties, viands. [drum. 

H. bU»>- ckarhdndj v. a. To brace a 

"*• ^.j^ charh-if s. f. Fat, suet, grease, 

tallow. [wound. 

H. ^j^ charpaidt s. (dakh.) A small 

H. 'tJ»^ eharpard, adj. 1. Acrid, hot 

(as, pepper). (JJ^) 2. Smart (in 

^ ( serly, wick- 

^'jyifi^ ^^n»^'t\ J ed, mean. 

H. ]ajj^. charphard^^i' Active, clever. 

s. J»>" charttr, \'^\iM from ^ 

to move.) s. m. Conduct, dispositioD, 
history, story, legend. 

.. U.* cHarcU, (^ from ^ 

» v» 


to talk.) s. m. f. 1. Talking over past 
events, mention, discourse, discussion, 
the talk of the town, gossip. 2. Ador- 
ation. 3. Perfuming by plastering 
the whole person with sandalwood, Ac, 

^ ^ char char, 8. f. Splatter- 
ing (of a pen in writing). 


charekaT'dt, 8. f. (dakh.) 
Sharpness, acrimony, pnngency. 

H. til •>••»• charchardnd or chirehirinaf 

V. n. To cracle (as, wood in the fire), 
to sputter, to chew with a cracking 
noise, scold, storm. % charchardnd 
(dakh.) 1. To talk nonsense. 2. To 
be pungent or sharp (on the tongue). 

P. ^ ^ eharfA, (^cft) 8. m. 1. A 

wheel (particularly, a potter^B, or 
of a watermill, a well, or an oil* 
press). 2. The sky, heavenly sphere, 
the celestial globe, heavens, 
the sphere. 3. Circular motion, 
4. Turn, press. 5. Fortune. 

chance. .Ajl ^ r^* ^® heaven of 

the stars. ,.^^1 
sphere. ii*»ljoi 

line sphere or heaven. l^)j ^^ j^- 

A ceremony observed by the lower 
orders of Hindus in Bengal, on the day 
when the sun enters Aries, for the 
expiation of their sins. They are 
suspended, by an iron hook passed 
through the skin of the back, to one 
end of a lever, which is raised on the 
top of a high pole, and whirled round 
by means of a rope fixed to the other 

The ethereal 

The crystal' 

end. f'^*^ 

s. m. The sky, 

^^•J ^ r^ 8- The sky, the celes- 

tial orb. 

^j • ^ 1. adj. Whirling, 

turning. 2. s. m. Spinner. ^->J 'T j^ 
f. A vpiiiuing wheel, spinning. 



Y chari^a 


il, 8. nb A spin* 
ning wheel, a 
erel. 2. adj. 
Lhin, weak. 

^' i^^j^ chariot, B.t 1. A spinning 

wheeL (It is commonlv made of pie- 
ces of bamboo lasbed together in the 
form of a cylinder.). 2. The inatm- 
ment with which the seed is separated 
from the cotton. 8. A globe. 4. A 
kind of fireworks, Catharine- wheels. 
5. A dnmb<-waiter. 6. The pnllej by 
which water is raised from a well by 
two wateropots tied to the ends of a 
rope and raised alternately. 

TKL. ,^JJ«3^ chirdan4h 8. f. (dakh.) 

A dish of frnit with the jnice of the 

^' L r'l^' eharas.B. m. 1. The eznda- 

tion of the flowers of hemp collected 
with the dew and prepared for use as 

an intoxicating drug. 2. (^H skin.) 

A large leathern bucket used for fill- 
ing water from wells. .[Envy, enmity. 

H, ^j»»j^ ch%r8 or churus, s. m. (dakh.) 
R. Um^»- ehanif 8. m. A hide, a skin, 

D. U>^ chiraJsnit v. a. To have a scanty 

stool. [slovenly. 2. s. m. Dung* 

P« 42^^^*^^ chtrk^in, 1. adj. Filthy, 

H. Ubj»- chtimgndt v. n. To gabble, to 
"prattle. •[babble, 

H. USj»- churagndt v. n. To chirp, talk, 

p. 8. ^^ charm, (^) Oj^) 

8. m. Leather, a skin, hide. 
P. JUUU**^ chami'ina. adj. Made of 

leather. ^^^ auUL^^ s. m. A shoe- 
maker. [graze, to feed u]x>n. 

2. U,^ chamd, {^^^) v. n. To 

H. li*»- ehamd, 8. m. Half trousers 

dressed leather; especialty the thick- 
est and strongest sole leather. 

>*• Q •»- ehoTjf^j B. m. A kind of hawk. 
P- *^j^ charjfhad, s. m, A cricket. 

up to the knees. U'jtJ^ U.>. v. 
To put on half trousers. 


^JsTj^ chiran-jh ](^ 
yj^^ chiran^iw, J ^^^^ 



c^n^PT Living or lived) adj. Long- 
lived, (as a benediction) long life! 
P. SjJ.^. ^^ iXJ*^ eharand or cha* 

P« <JJ>»- chirk, 8. ra. 1. Dirt, filth, 
ordure. 2. Matter from a wound, pus. 
» J^T vlX^ Filthy, Ac. [(of birds). 

B. ^^^-^'W c^uruA;, 8. (dakh.) Chirping 
i-^^s^ eharka, (f^?R») L adj. 

White-spotted (as from a leprosy). 
2 B m. A small wound, scratch. % 
(dakh.) GauterizatioD, burning ; smart 
of a wound (from a sword, Ac). 

«• ^jf^ ehar-kata, (^ Forage, and 


7J ^^ ^ Cut) s. m. The 

person who outs forage, for cattle, 
«lephaat-keeper*8 mate. 

randa, adj. Gracing (an animal). 
8. m. A beast, an animal that grazes. 

Jj*»> 8. m. Beasts and birds. 


2' Jy^^> charandhnl, J «' ^^"^^^^ 

I n. C cies of 

2, J^^j^- charandUl, ) skylark, 

2' iPt*- cfcarni, s. f . (^^ to eat.) A 

feeding trough: see UfAJ 

2- lAl*»d>- charwdhd, C^jt^') "• ^* 

(^R to eat. ^5 to carry.) A gra- 
zier, shepherd. 

H. t/^^f^ chironji, s. f. Nut of the 
Chironjia sapida, and the tree. 

«. UT;^ chari, (r. ^ Eat) s. f. Un- 
ripe corn (jaiodr) cut for th« fuod of 


cattle. T Small portions of land held 
rent free by cultivators. 

n.yy. chir, (3y^) b. f. (=^ to be 


angry). 1. Vexation. 2. Aversion, 
antipathy. Mocking. [sparrow. 

a. ]j:^ Wiiri, (^^3^) B. m. A (cock) 

H. Uh^ ehirana, (trans, of Ujf-) v. »• 
To vex, irritate, provokoj offend, mock. 
It. U^^> chifnd, V. n. To be vexed« 

f. Uj^' chur&*d or c/ittrw>a, (p^lHi 

Hoe beaten flat.) s. m. A dish pre- 
pared from parched rice. (Bice pre* 
pared by soaking, pounding and roast- 
ing in the hnsk). 

H. lilft^ charhdna, {^W) (tranfl. of 

^7^ } ^' ^* ^' ^^ m&ke ascend, 
embark, Ac. 2. To offer Up oblations 
or sacrifice. 8. To string (a bow), to 
brace (a drum). 4. To raise, die (with 
colour), oock, fix (a bayonet), run. 

M.jUj^ charha\ (Ia»^) 8. m. As- 
cent, rise* attack, flood-tide. 

«. ^J^}^ charha% (Uft«d-) 8. f. 1. 

Acclivity, dignity. 2. Price paid for 
ascending, riding, embarking, &o, 8. 
Invasion, attack, assault. 4. Ascent. 

R. |4>A^>> eharhti, s. f. Advantage, 

gain, rise. Increase ; advance, 
tt. [ijb^^-charhnd, v. n. To mount* ad* 

vanoe. UJ) Uft^>> v. n. 1. To 
hire and dismiss. 2. Gongressus. 
H. ^jlyt^ charhtodh, adj. Rising up 
(a shoe over the heel of the wearer). 

cHH, fl. f. (•q<S«hl) (fem. of 

\j>-) A hen 'Sparrow. 

It. U»,»^ ehiriyay 8. f. 1. A bird, (a 
hen-sparrow). 2. A kind of sewing. 

xil^ lji«-*. 8. m. Anaviary. 

i» U«i^ chiriyd, (^fS^r) 8. f. A 

hftti -sparrow, (the generic term) a 
gparrow or sparrows. 

H. jj^jjj' ckurail, 8. f. 1. The ghost of 

a woman who died while pregnant. 
2. A hag, a fury, harridan. 8. A dirty 
or ugly old woman, beldam. 

H. 8. .Uj5^>" chift-mar, (Uj^- or ^^ 

A bird, and .t« part, of U.L« To 

kill) 8. m* A birdcatoher, a fowler. 

S- uu»«i>- ehusandf (cans, of ljLMft>-) 
r. a. To cause or give to snck. 

P> ^uUMh>- chcLspanf adj. Yisoons, slimy. 

"*• v^ '^:^^'*?' ehaspida-gt, (^j^^AX*^) 
8. f. Love, tenacity. 

adj. 1. Joined to, adhered. 2. Addic* 
tea to, liking, fond of, attached. 

P> s^^m,'^ chustf adj. 1. Active, 
smart. 2. Karrow, tight, compact. 

vil/jl»^ ML-i"'"*^ adj. Agile, vigorous. 
P* UM*.i^ ehustd, 8. m. Tripe, rectum. 

P. Iam^ cTiiM^tf, (from \^-"f'^) adj. 
Tight, fitting well (as, clothes). 

P» ^Ju**^ c/nw*-f , 8. f . Activity, alert- 
ness, fleetness, nimbleness. 

H. (JS^^ chasalh 8. f. Pain, a stitch 
(sharp lancinating pain). 

Hi 0iMA»- chiiskd, 8. m. Love, ardent 
desire, a relish, habit, custom. 

H. UkA<»i^ chasaknd, v. n. To throb. 

|. ^^^>- chushi, 8. f. (^ to snck.) 
A mouthful of drink. A pull at a pipe. 

H. IJLm>.>- chcwnd, V. n. To burst, or 
split (as, tight cloth). ^i^^^^ 

- LS'^**^ chusnl^ (-q^wTlM) s. f. See 
^jJ1>- chash, part, in compos, (of 
^ JUL/^^^) Tasting. [A tasting. 

cha$kdk, (from ^j*yXm^^) n»t 






•• ^IS"-^ ehathcik, i^^^) a. m. Any 
drinking vessel. 

P. j^;lsj>^ chashm, a. f . m. (^) (^1) 

1. The eye. 2. Hope, expectation. 
^^A^- y^ I Fawn-ejed, soft-eyed (an 

epithet expressive of beaaty). am*>> 

•ft J fc3J Avannt malicious glances ! 
liyt sly ii^'^^ To wait for, to 

expect. fL*^ (^'wL^* s. m. An eye 

that looks half closed (from modesty, 
an epithet applied to beanty). f^:^ 

^^iM«j 8. f . Turning away the eyeS) 
affecting not to see or hear a petitioner, 

• 8. m. 

Weeper. t!^>^ mA>^ The socket of 

Ac, connivance* Jf j^ 

the eye. VJL^Alj m^^^ s* ^* Hope, 
confidence. iJ^ 0**^ '* '* ^^ 
proof, i 1y>- • j^^j^ Dearly beloved. 

>*• i^.^>iJL>- e?uz8?imafc, Si f. 1. Wink, 
winking, misanderstanding. 2. Spec- 
tacles. 3. (called also yMjl>> and 

• . . * 

^;^>^^ or ^J^mJ^.) The seed 

of Cassia absns, nsed as a remedy in 
diseases of the eyes. 

P* ^Am1>- chashma, s« m. 1. Spec- 
tacles. ((.lioUf) 2. A fountain. 

P* ^«'*^ c/ioa/i-i, s. f. in compos. Tast- 

T. Ujt>. chagJiatti, 8. m. The name of 

a Muglial family, to which the house 
of Timur belongs. [screech-owl. 

P* JJi»> chufjhd, B, m- An o^rl, the small 

P* jM^ chagj^r, B. m. A wall-eyed 

P. Ja3- chughul, or jy». Ji^ s. m. 
A tell*tale, a talebearer. 

**• ^^J^ chufhl'h 8. f. Tale-bearing. 

Ul|f Jjis- To backbite. [ jj^^ 

f'jSXk^ chughundur^ 8. m. See 

'• ^jf^ c^»?» 8. f . A kind of screen 
used to keep out the glare, a blind. 

'"'• J^-U^c^&r*ag,8.f. See K^ 

viLr L>- [steel for striking fire. 

'• j'^*^ c/iogmo5, 8. f. A flint or 

T. ^Ua>. chaqmdq'i, s. f. A firelock. 

P« • JkAA>. cfcugundur, s. m. Beet, beet- 
root. (Arab. dL w/g). 

H. tl<^ ehik, B. f. (1%^ to pain) 

1. A pain in the loins, or back. 

2. A screen or shutter of bam>i- 
boo : see Jfj». 8. (dakh.) Involution, 

«- tl^*?- c^o^i i'^) 8. m. Landed 

property, a farm ; a portion of land 
divided off, detached fields of a village,. 

a patch of rent-free land. . <43JuC^. 

* * 
s. f . Defining or marking the boun* 

daries of an estate or chak, 

S* w>' chaklcd, 1. s. m. Coagulated 
milk, curd. 2. A carriage wheel, a 

circle, round. (^HR)» 3. The weight 

(generally, of clay) nsed to piress down 
the small arm of the tfhenlUh 4. adj. 

Thick (as duhiy &o.). See oJ^*^^ 
Ha a. ul>- ^l>>* chakate jdnd, v. n. 

(dakh.) To be in amazement or 

P. ^L/l^. oL>- ehakachuh, a. f. The sound 

of the repeated strokes of a sword, 
dagger or mace. 

u. SJj^>> ol>> chdkdchaundh, s. f. 
The state of being daxzled^ radvQAy(^«. 




B. i.o^^i. chikircL. 8. m. 1. A kind of 

antelope found on the banks of the 
Jamund, (dakh. A fawn. 2. A kind 
of fiddle. % A chukdra, Gastoms duty. 

H. s.l^ ehikira, 8. m. See l.1x>- 
P. X^I^>-*cWili;tfra, (comp. of to- What 
and •(> Bufiiness) adj. Useless. 

F. ^ chaUn. (u,^?-) P»^ « 

compos. Dropping, distilling. 
B. lil^!>> e?ittileana, (cans, of Ux>- v. a. 

1. To finish, settle, adjust. 2. To fix 
the prioe of. 3. To pay off (a debt). 

B. f«l^^ chakdioarf 8. m. Name of a 

disease in horses. 
P. (^j«l^ chakawak^ 8. m. 1. A lark. 

2. An aquatic bird, said to be the 
aame as the Vi^l^ •**» 

^ p. . I »A^^ chak'har'ar, 8* Colleoting 

rents according to the sise or produc- 
tiveness of chaJte, 

T. \IC>- chdkattd, s, m. See Uiid-* 

|. llC»- ehaktd, \^f^ A circle) 8. m. 

1. A scraping of the skin, a scrape, a 
«car. 2. A round slice (of a vegetable ) 
Ac. LuJ or Uj J \j^^^ To scar. 

«• •• ^ 

f. ^J^»' chakti, \^^ A circle) s. f. 

1. The hide of a rhinoceros (of which 
shields are made). 2. A ronnd patch 
of leather, a washer, a slice, compress- 
ed, flattened, a patch, the round of a 
cheese. 3. A ronnd plate of metal, Ac. 
4. The crown of the head. 

B.l1X>- chikkat, adj. (f^lFl) 1. 

Filthy, covered with greese and dirt. 

2. (dakh. til.) Clammy, mucous: 

clotted (hair), see lajJlc* 
B. ^Ju>»»- chikatnd, v. n. To be filthy, 
Ac. To be matted. See l^^o^" 

B. i5^^^^v chakchaki, 1. s. f. A 

kind of drtgsrer worn on the waist. 
2. adj. f. Resplendent. 

«. J;J^>* chak'4ol, 8. A kind of 

8« jk^ chakkar, {^PH a circle.) (A, 

8jJ)J) 8. m. 1. A whirlwind or 

whirlpool. 2. A discus or sharp cir* 
cular missile weapon. 3. A circular 
course, the lounge (in manage). 

V^J Sj>^ (dakh.) A whirlwind. 
Ub J S^ (dakh.) To deceive, to 
delude. Ul|^ j^l^. (dakh. ^-^ »i 

UI43) To be deceived or tricked, 
l)iL< S^ To wheel round, to whirl- 

ronnd. UbJ Jl^ ^ aJj^ *^^ 

lounge a horse. 4. {met,) A misfor- 
tune, scrape, perplexity. 5. A side or 

quarter; as, ^jX* jC>- ^j^y^ ^^ 

the four sides, on all sides. 6. Wheel, 
circle. 7. (dakh.) A kind of play- 
thing, whirligig. [sion, trick. 

P* jCo S,^ cKaJkaT'moktLr, s, m. Eva- 
s' i^J^ ehakti, (^^) 8. f. 1, An 

assemblage of singers. 2. (dakh.) A 
plaything for children, a bandalore or 
small wheel with a cord fixed to its 
centre, which winds and unwinds it* 
self alternately by the motion of the 

hand. 3. A pully (^Jt^)' 

H. JuS.^^ chiksa, s. (dakh.) A perfumed 

powder, composed of a variety of 
odoriferous substaaces. 

H. ilC^- chdkld, 1. 8. m. A brothel. 2. 

A kind of cloth made of silk and cot* 
ton. 3. adj. Wide, broad, 4. (t«l. 
dakh.) A log, large piece of wood. 

2. K^ ehakld, (^^) 1 . 8. m. A 
division of a country containing seve* 
ral Parganas, .Ij ^^ s. ra. The 

governor or superintendent of a pro- 
vince or chakld. 

u. U]S>- chikalnd, v. a. To masticate, 

to chew (slowly), f (dakh.) To bear 
down, squeeze, press upon. 




H. Libk>> chakmm, 8« m. 1. A game at 

cards. 2. Cheat. ((>>-) 3. Loss, 
damage. Ul^ ti»C>- y. b. To saffer 

a loss. UL>- or |jb J Uil^. ▼• »• 

1. To trick, cheat. 2. To cause loss 

or damage. L^°&>* 

H. 4uil>- chakma, 8. m. A boot, a stock- 

P. j^il^- chikan^ 8. m. f. A particular 

mode of working flowers on mnslin or 
other cloth, embroidery. Needlework. 

S or ;. J j^jx^- 8. m. One who per- 
forms cation-work. ^jX ^^f^ 
8. f . The making of ^oC>- 

f. UG. c^ttna, (I^*"l) adj. 1. 

Glean, polished, smooth. 2. Beaatifnl 
(persons). 3. Greasy, fat (as meat), 
glossy, slippery. 4. Incontinent, wan- 
ton. Uub |5|f or ^^Ij \ji^ To be 
incontinent, deaf to admonition. 

A kind of betel-nut prepared by boiling. 

^ ^yio^ (f^*"WKh*l) 8. f. 

Clay, potters' earth. 
H. [jC^- ehukna,y. n» 1. To be finished, 


to be completed. 2. To be agreed 
upon, be fixed, be adjnsted. 

u. J. ,«»^ ljix»- chaknd-chvr, s. m. 

" >J» V 

Scraps, small pieces, atoms, filings. 
U^ j^ lJ&^ To shatter, break to 

pieces. ^^ j^i' ^^v" To be dashed 
to pieces. 

a. P. jL^Uxj*» choi-fKima, 8. m. A deed 

or statement shewing the area and 

bonndarics of a chak. 

a. li'jG- chiknand, (f^8R^) v. a. 1. 
To clean, polish, smooth, lubricate, 
sleek. 2. To become plump, fat. 

2 li^'J^ chiknihai, (^^FT) 

8. f . 1. Sleekness, polish. 2* Greasi* 
ness. 3. Beauty. 

2* H« ^yj*M 15^^^^ ehiknt supari. 
Nuts used in Betel. 

5. ]^j>^ chakwa, 8. m. 1. ("^^I^) 

Buddy goose. 2. (^^) Whirlpool. 

H. by^ c^iiX;aufa, s. ro. A task, 

agreement, adjustment, decision, set- 
tlement, [the lime kind, a citron. 

H. uSSjs- chakotara, s. m. A fruit of 

a. db^ chahot, (U^) adj. (dakh.) 
Delicious, savoury, delightful. 

8. i^l*- ehakor, (^^«nR) s. m. The 

Bartavelle or Greek partridge or In- 
dian red legged partridge (Pent. 

cIb^JO ) said to be enamoured of the 
moon and to eat fire at the full mpon. 

«• ij/*^ chabwi, (^pR^T^) 8. f . The 

female of the uk». ruddy goose. 

8. .^C>. chaJkh, (^5f:) 8. m. The eye 

a. wl(x^ ehakhdna, (cans, of tJl^[^>^ 
▼. a. To cause to taste. 

«. U^ ehakhnd, (=^^) v. a. To 

taste, to relish. 

f. iJ^ chakkl, y^^) 8. f. 1. A mill. 

stone, a mill, handmill, corn-mill, 
grinder. 2. Kneepan. 8. A thunderbolt. 

4. A plaything for children : see 

^-C>- - cilj o ^J*J»- A millstone 
(one of the two parts.). 
H. ^ ^'*- chukkif s. f. Deceit, fraud. 

Lb J ^J^ ^' *• To play tricks. 

'• l/*^^^ chaJcldagi, (^Jj^i^) 

8. f. A drop, distillation. 
P. tSjCs^ chakJda, (^^J^^i^-) part. 

pass. Dropped, distilled. 

TEL. jC^ ehugur, s. (dakh.) New 
f leaf or foliage of trees. 




TIL. U»C>- ohugur'na, r. (dakh.) To 
renew the leaves or foliage. 

p. Jj!^. chigil, 8. Name of a city of 

Tnrkistan, the people of which are 
extremely handsome, and unequalled 
in archery : clay, mud. [out appetite. 

H. Ui^!»> ehigalnd, ▼. a. To eat with- 

H. Ut»- chudna, v. n. To peck, to pick 
up food with the heak, to pick up food, 

to feed, [jui iJiJ^ T. eu To select, 
choose, cull. [stance, manner. 

p. iS^y^ oW-^fitia-91, 8. f. Ciroum- 

F. S^Ss^ chi-gunat adv. How P of what 

B. J^ clial, ij^ r. =^ Move) 8. f . 

1. Going, dispersion. 2. Variation, 
departure from truth, failure in the 
performance of a promise or accom- 
plishment of a prediction! Ub J ^j>9^ 

V. a. 1. To march (as, an army). 2. 
To beguile. [2. Sexual passion. 

H. (Ji»- c/ittZ, 8. f. 1. Itch, scratching. 

P. \>- cMlla, 8. m* 1. The forty days 

which the religious fraternities of the 
East sometimes pass, retired to their 
cells or remaining at home, in fasting 
and divine worship ; the fast of Lent. 

2. Quarantine. 3. The period of forty 
days after childbed during which a 
woman remains unclean, a period of 
forty days. 4. (dakh.) A shrine of a 

«aint, or a /agir's residence, a^- 
UsrUL^ To keep quarantine. 

H. ]l^ chiM, s. m. 1. The string of a 
bow. 2. Gold threads put in the 

border of a turban. UflCUk^^ ]L>. 1. 
To bend a bow. 2, To prepare for 
battle. Uljb?^- %>. To bend a bow. 

«• ^^^ ehilati, B. f. (dakh.) Scream, 
screech. fv. n. To scream, shriek. 

«. Ii5l:^ chilldna, (T^tUR a Bcream.) 

8. UjI^ chaldni, (^l^5rt or tj^jft to 

move, or cans, of ^J^>^) ▼• a- !• To 

impel, set a going, to drive, actuate, 
direct. 2. To fire a musket or cannon 
or dischargee (an arrow), forward* send, 
walk. 8. To put in execution. 

a J^^^- chali^o, s. m. Custom. 

P. ^A^- chulS^Of 8. m. A kind of dish, 
said to be a pula^o without flesh. 

$. La»- chaldioa^ C^^^) ^* Movement, 
motion, going, custom. 

a. j^^JLf- ehaWoni, (IjA>») adj. Cur- 
rent (as a coin). 

a- J^. Jf- chal^hichah (^^^t^^^) 

8. m. 1. Error, mistake. 2. Dis- 
ordered. 3. Disjointed. 4. Panic. 

H. JLdd^ chulhtUd, adj. 1. Bestless, fid« 
getting. 2. Airy, sportive, lively. 

^^Ll^. 8. m. Gaiety. 

H. UjuJL»> chulhuldndt v. n. Te be rest- 
less, be agog, to fidget, to roll or toss 
from side to side. [purifying nut. 

a. Juud>- ehil'hinjt 8. (dakh.) The 
P. AmUI^- chalpdsa or chUpasa, s. m. 

V » 

A lizskrd. 
H. UJl^. chalta, 8. m. 1. The name of a 
tree (Dillenia indica) producing an 
acid fruit. 2. («.) part. act. (of *<il^) 
Going. Xj w *jil>- A sharp fellow, a 
cheat, swindler. ^ %jji UlAk. Uj H} 

This is a great swindler. *jk». , JUb^ 
8. f. Saleable goods, passable coin, &c. 

To pnt a stone in the way of a mn« 
ning cart. 2. To obstruct } hinder. 

P. aul^- ehiltay (for jj Jyf-) «• f. A 

thick rodaplicated coat for soldiers, a 
coat of mail. 

V. n. To itch, to titillate. 



■• lii^ iW- ekil childna v. o. To 
■hriek, Boream. [tion for journey. 

f. •Xac*^ chtU-chald^o, s. m. Prepara- 
TBL. 11^ eAtlra, adv. (dakh.) Bj re- 
tail (selling). 

P. S:J(IL»> chilgi^oBaf B, m. A kind of 

not like the pistachio, or the kernels 
of the pine. 

H. Li^^ chxlakna, v. n. To glitter, 
(dakh.) To emit sperm (as mares). 

B. A». chilam, s. f. The part of a 
prepared huqqa which contains the 

tobacoo and fire. 

o o^ 


chilamchi, (or »^^ • 

8 f » 1. A wash-hand-bason of metal 
with a cover to it. 2. Part of a huqqa 
fijced nnder the ehUam, 

P» tO^*^r* C>^ chil'inarddny s. m. The 

leather fixed to the vacant part of the 
tree of a saddle. 

H. jo"«»l>- chUman, s. f. See ^jy^' 

a. jJl^- cfcaian, ('^^H ) 1. s. m. Habit, 

way of life, custom, process, coarse, 
fashion, conduct, behavionr, carriage, 
deportment, gait. 2. Ceremony. 3. 
Currency, 4. adj. Current. 

a. IJA*. chalna, (*^^H) v. n. To 

move, go, proceed, walk, go off, pass 
(as, coin), be discharged (a gun, Ac), 
to blow, flow, drive, behave, sail, work, 
answer, succeed, avail, last, serve, 

stand. U)Ci (J^>- To turn out vitioas, 

to exceed bounds. lil»-iL>> To go 
along, be off, depart. 

|. ^yU. cfcoZai, 1; 8. f. Hl^^) A 
bieve, a kind of basket for winnowing 

grain. 2. adj. (TJt^>«l) Current, 
usual, fashionablOi 

h JL^- ehullu. \^^m) s. m. A hand- 

ful, the palm of the hand contracted 

so as to bold water, ^b j^ yL>- 


>j^ S^^*-^ Lji^ i^*^' '^^ drown one'ai 
self i^ a handful of water) To be 
greatly abashed : see j^ ^U,>- 

LL JUm To get a habit of drinking by 

gradual increase. U^b J1 iji^ %l»- 

To be intoxicated with a mouthful. 

S* ^js%- chalo, (from U]L>-) interj. 
Away ! begone ! 

H. ^j^ chilwan, s. f. (^T^f^l) A 

screen for keeping out the glare, a 
Venetian blind, a lattice. 

8. b Jl^- chalaund, s. m. A small stick 

with which the spinning wheel is 

turned. [ ]1^ 


P- H. add* chilla^ 8. m. See p. and h. 

H. ^J^ ehilli, 8. f. 1. A kind of dish 

made of egprs. 2. A blockhead, one 
who plays mischievous pranks. 

P. wuL>- ehaltpd, (corrupt, of ^^^vjJLc) 

8. m. A cross, crucifix: 

P. A^- chaniy 1. B. A graceful gait, a 

way of talking with a bend or leaning 
from side to side. 2. adj. Prepared, 
adorned : gained : bent. 

I'jl^ charmr, {^^l or ■q^+l'tiK) 
8, m. 1. A worker in leather, a shoe- 
maker, (l<^^^) cobbler, tanner, cur- 
rier. 2. A dirty person (iJ^)' 

P. ^t«^>> chamdn, s. See a^ 

8. lLnaa»» chumhak, ('qqcfi) g. m. 

1. A loadstone. Magnet ((^^:j^'*^^)* 

2. Extract (from a book, Ac), 

B. ^JjL>«u»» chamhal, s. f. Name of a 

river. % A log of wood with grooves 
fixed on banks of canals, and used in 
drawing water for irrigation. 

* lMk>- Champa {^W\) See -^^ 

V V 



H. s. ljL>- Jb or U Jb L**^±.A.i^ champat' 

hona or -hojand, v. n. To ranish, dis- 
appear, run away. 

B. -^jLib^. champa*i,Bd}. Yellow ; gulden. 
Of tY^fi colour of [xX»- 

V » 

H. ljL4i>- chimtd, 8. m. Tongs, forceps, 
pincers, pippers. 

H. \jlA4k>> chimiandt v. n. To adhere, to 
cling to. 

H. uibj L^«v«k>- ehimat rahnd, ▼. n. To 

cleave to. [to stick. 

H. Uu/ik^ chimaind, ▼. n. To adhere, 

H. j<A4^ chumii, 8. f. (dakh.) 1. Ant. 

see i5^^:f^ ^^^ ls^^^^ °'P ^'^ 

pinch (with the fingers). \jy 
To nip or pinch. 

H. «• UJo . c-A^^ e^tm^ iS;«/n0, (cor- 

rapt, from ^Sj^^-) v. a. To pinch. 

H. lilAs"*^ ehamehamdnd, y. n. To 

tingle, to sleep, glitter. % ehumehu' 
mdndy (dakh.) To smart, to be felt 
the sensation of pain from a blow. 


chamchat imH^) s. m, A 

spoon. •^ ^^s'*^ ftclj. Spoonful. 

-Jo J Jb Aa:^^ A sponger, one who 
meddles in every one's concerns. 

2. 0^y^ ehamrakh, (^n?i) s. f . 1. 

The apparatus of a spinning-wheel. 2. 
(met) A lean woman, all skin and 
- bone. 

i> 1^>«c>- chamfa, {^^P^) 8< m* Leather, 


a skin. UyJ^Ji t}"*^ To flay, to 

chamii, s. f* Skin : see il 

H- tl^4^ chamofc,(liC«^) s. f. Glitter, 
droad. [loadstone* 

«. U>A>- c^tttnmaX;, V^'^^) 8. m. A 

H. ,!C«k>- c^umX^ar, s. f < A sound with 

the lips by which dogs and horses are 
called or coaxed. 

H. li.ldk^- churnkdr^nd, ▼. a. To coax, 

to speak kindly to, to sooth (by draw- 
ing in the breath with protruded lips). 

H.uiX4k>» chamhdnd, (cans, of Udk>-) 

V. a. 1. To cause to glitter. 2. To 
provoke, to make to start, to startle. 
8. To wave, brandish, flourish, 
brighten) burnish. 4. To display. 

H. vJ ^^K^i^ chamkdhai, s. f. Glitter 

splendour, gleam, lustre, flourish, 
brightness* much light, fladi, startle. 

H. UC4k>> ehamaknd, v. n. 1. To glitter, 

shine, flash. 2. To prosper. 8. To be 
angry. 4. (dakh.) To be alarmed, to 

startle. [Tinsel. See 


H. ^Ca>. eharM, s. f, (^PKR? glare.) 

H. J 4>lxA>> chamgddaT, s. m. I 

H. jjf?jJLm>. chamgudri, s. f . }• A bat. 

H. jJax4k>> chamgldaf^ s. m. j 

B. ^Jk4k>- ehammalf s. m. 

H> ]Lk>- ehamld, s. m. 

H. |JIa3> cham2t, s. f . 

chaman, s. m. A bed in a gar^ 

A beggar*s 

den, a parterre : a flower garden. 



chaman'istdn, s. m. A 

flower-bed. [A razor-strap, 

s. bv«b»- chamoid, s. m. 

_ (from^'^) 
«. i^y**^' chamoUf s. f. 

TEL. |fMk>- chumordt s. (dakh.) Pinch* 
nip (with the nails of two fingers). 

«. \1^ ehand, ("qujcfi) b. m. A kind 
of pulse, chickpea, vetches. 

H. U>. chunnd, 1. v. a. To gather, 

pick, choose, select, coll, glean. 2. 
To pick up food (as, birds). 8. To 
place in order, arrange. 4. To plait 

(cloth). 5. s. m. Asoarides. Sfl%t«^ 
U»> To close a door with bricks. 




P* f wL»> chanar or e^tndr, s. m. 1. A 

poplar, a plane-tree. 2. chanar ^ A 
circle stained by women on their 
hands and feet with hinnS, [so. 

P. |«ili>- chunJn, adj. Like that, such, 
P. ,.JuL»> i.jU^* chundn'ehunin.vAy, In 

• • 

this and that manner; {met.) evasion, 

p. ^;^U»- chunanchi, adv. As, like as, 

80 that, in such manner that; for 
example, e. g. 

P. ffX^ chamharf s. m. A cover (sar' 

posh) for the ehilam of a huqqa, a 
circle, hoop (of a tnb, &o.), ring. 

%s)^r 7^^ Stocks, pillory, necklace, 

handkerchief, dog's collar, [circular. 
P* ^JUl». chamharAy adj. Bonnd, 

cMimbafc, (^[^^) 8. m. A 

magnet, (i/**:!^^'^^)* 
H. ^aI^ chambii, 8. m. A narrow-necked 

vessel for holding water. 
H. JLJJU>. c^mb«Zt,8.f. The name of 

a flower. (Jasminnm gprandifloram). 
«. Liul>- cfcawipa, (^^) s. m. The 

V • 

name of a flower- tree, (Miohelia 
champaca). ^Ji UL»- s. f . A neck- 
lace, each piece of which resembles 
the anblown flowers of the champd, 

H. $. Ujb Cl^^>- champat honUf \^^ 
to go) (Ul*^ ^iL/\^) V. n. See 

H. v_^-i«^ c^unaf, (li^) 8. f. Plait- 
ing (cloths), plaits, ruffles (of a shirt). 

«• CU^l'>' chinL f -^ . ^ 

... ' j- (f^ar. ^ 

8. Ui^- chintd, J 

to think.) 8. f. Thought, considera- 
tion, reflection, anxiety, care, doubt, 
risk, danger. [study, to think. 

1. \jjS>^ ehintand, (fMc!^) ▼• a. To 

m 9 

H. lflci>. chinchdt 8. (dakh.) The stone 
of the tamarind. 

8. (lflci>- chanchaly (tJxi^) adj. 1. 

Trembling. 2. Restless, wanton, fickle 
3. Perishable, traasitory. 

!• • ^ . 

H. Us^V^- ehunchundt s. m. Ascarides. 

V • 


V » 

chunchune. s. f. Ascarides : 

see U:^\d- [purse. 

V » 

TEL. . *<r\«^ cTianchi, a. f. A kind of 

» • 

P« t3Jl»- c/iand, adj. How many P how 

much ? how often P some, a few : (in 
compos, quantity, as much, many). 

Ja>- f J i3J^- adj. Several, various, 
jj;. . 43jL>- adj. Of a few days, ephe- 
meral. OJl»- Jb adv. Although, 

nevertheless, notwithstanding, how- 
ever, with all that, so much the more. 

H. 1jJi»- chandit s. m. Assessment, 
contribution, subscription. 

P. ^1jJL>- chandaut adj. So much, 

much, many, numbers, more, as many 
as, as much as, how many soever, so 

greatly. 4^1jJi»- As many, as 
much, whatever, so greatly. 

s. ,jji»- chandar or chand/r, ("^fi) 

a. m. The moon. ^^y**^, J*^^^ 

Descendant of the moon; name of a 
tribe of Kahatriyas who claim descent 

from the moon. ^V*^ J*^^^ ^^ 
.^-0 •i3Jk>- Having a countenance 

beautiful as the moon. ^^S j*^"^^ 
An eclipse of the moon. 

a. m. The moon. 

8. ,la iJJl^- ehandra-hdr, v^^l^ 
J J '• 

s. m. A necklace composed of circular 
pieces of gold, silver, Ac. (each piece 
resembling the moon in shape.). 

S. Jja^ cha^xdU, (=qrf^^) adj. Bald. 





[&o. See ji^Xj 

n J V 

«. iO«^>^^ c/iondon, (^l^^) 8. m. Sati- 

dal-wood or -tree, sanders. •Ut ^ jJL>- 
A necklace or omaTnent for the neck. 

H. t*Jjl^» chandiwa, s. m. A small 

canopy, an awning. The Crown of a 
hat. A snnshade of cloth. 

B. Aft JjL>- c^undA{tf,-8. m. BKnkard. 

^. liiUt JJl>- chundkhla-na, v. n. To be 
pnrblind, to see dimly. 

P. ^jJL>- ehandSt adj. Some, a few, a 
little, awhile. 

B. ^Jo^. ehindt, s. (dakh.) Piece, rag, 

f. bjJl»- ehandiySi, (^?) see «3Jl> 

B. f. The crown of the head. [many. 

P> ^jJl^^ chandin, adj. So mnoh, bo 

8. JUa^ chandal, {^^\^) s. m. 

A man of the lowest Hindn caste; 
originating from a Sudra father and a 
Br^lhmin mother, (met.) an outcast, 
wretch, miser. 

'B. ^j^]^^}^ chandawalyB.ta, The rear- 

B. ;JUL^ cTuifufu, 8. (dakh.) 1. A ball 

(see 1 JJulT)- 2. An intoxicating sub- 
stance made of opinm. 

"H. J^v.\JL>- chan4ol, s. m. ("clcif^TcS) 

^^A sort of sedan with two poles. 
J!r Tlie name of a bird. 8. A plaything 
j^nsisting of four little earthen pots 
«ined together. 

^/ 1^- chunari, 8. f . A mode of 
dying v 

diflferenl^®*'^^* in which they are tied in 
them in i Peaces previous to dipping 
parts tied '^® *^*®> so as to prevent the 
also, cloths &"?"* receiving the colour : 
^ Med in this manner. 

. ' ^8. f. The bursting of 

the husk of a seed , ^ 

to the sun. *''* P^^ oj exposure 

H. U0L>- chanal'nd^ v. n: ^ , 
* » • ^ , ^To burst and 

fall out (as a seed from tfty^ , , ^ 


H. B. y^ _3- chiin-khi^u^ a. (dakh). 
1. A*bird. 2. A beggar : see ^l|C|j 

P* ^^Jj^>- ehang^ s. f. 1. A claw. 2. 

The hand expanded. 8. A kind ol 
guitar, a harp. 4 Fame, report. 5. 
A paper kite which they fly at night, 
or otherwise. 6. The name of a Buit 

at cards: see nnder 


,c;lJ 8. f. Playing on the guitar, 
Ac. 7. A lute, tambourine. 

2* LCa>- changd^ \^^ Handsome, 
dexterous, sound) adj. Healthy, cured. 

sound. \jJ IxA^ To cure lxl>> s^ 

adj. 1. In health and vigour. 2. 
Perfect, good. Pure. True. 

n. ^.ICa». chingdfi, s. f. A spark (of 

P. JlxJL»> changdl, 8. m. See (jH^^ 

P. (JJOL>> changul, s. m. Claw, talon, 

hand, clutch, gprasp, hook. % chwtgal, 
A handful of anything dry. 

B. jl^xi^ ekinghdrt (H|cchl) s. t 

Scream, screech, \J.Lb iji?4^J^ '^® 
scream. The trumpeting of an elephant. 

§. |jjl^xL>- chtnf/Ttaf-nayT.n. To scream, 
(applied properly to the elephant). 

H. iJol^. chingt, s. f. 1. See fj;JjJL^ 

2. A wicked dwarf. Ul^ or US^f^ 
U^^ ^$jld- To sparkle, [a tray. 

H. ^jJjL>. cHanyer, s. f. A flower-pot, 

H. )yjjjl3>- changerd, 8. m. / 1. A large 

'^ /. ( baBket. 

H. ^jJ6j^ ehangerij g, f, ^ 2. A 

trough or tray. 

H. Iji JL>. chunwdndt (causal of U»>) 
V. a. To cause to pick, &c. 

-• kJ^ chunauti, (^tjy^) 8. f. 

1. A box for holding the lime used H 
chew along with betel. 2. A sma) 
spoon used to take out the lime. 


H. ^Jl»- chunouli, a. f. 1. Enoour. 
aging troops in the tiine of battle (tor 
whidh purpose there is an oHrcer in 
IniliaD annioB). 2. Selrating from an 
army the fittest men for a desperate 
enterprise. 3, A prsetica which for- 
merly prerailed at JienareB. (On the 
11th afjelh, ihutl-pakth.tbe inhnhi- 
tauts were wont to swim HorosH the 
rivor. and forming themsolTei into two 
parties, to B^l'^ '"ith swordB, olnbs, 
4c.) i. (Fan.) A watoh. 

». .ji^ thaAiFor, (^TR or ^TO) 
fl. ID. The tail of the Bob grBnoieDS 
(a species of ot} nasd to irbisk off 
flies, Ac. The jallL 

t- +to- chink, (f^==?) fl. ni. Mack, 
ipot, staiD, scar, sign, symbol, token 
by which any thing it known, trace, 
truck, ayoiptom, fentiire, signature, 
ti'jb^ .fi». To stigmatize. 

B. ^y». ihtHi«i, a. f. i^M) 1. A 

small rnb;. 2. Aaoaridea. [thns. 

r, ^JiJ•^ chitnin, aH\, Like this, eucl!, 

H. j». chan, e. m. 1. A buck-tootb. 2. 

PIongbBbare. 3. {^?} adj. {in 

compos.) Four. Aiu ^>- i. m. A 
kind of jacket not open nnder the 
arms. ^j^jb. a. (, 1. Giving a 
horse now aboes. 2. The fasteninFfa 
of baggage, tJ^ •?" "''J ^^ *''* 
four ag^a or great periods, ii^jj^ 
HdJ.^ from WH fonr 3^3 pot- 
aen.) Eren, sqaare, adj, ^jft>U •»- 
•or ^,4Vf (dakh.) Fonr sides, (on) the 

*onrside». (JL-Oj^f j»- s. I- A quadri- 
lateral. 2. The foar qnarters, the 

world. 1W« j>- ailj. Of four 
stories (a house, Ice ). ij(f^ }^ 
adj. Fooi-faced, haTing fonr Eaoes. 
IsCUj^ Tyiog tlie elbows behind. 

P. y^ thi, (for yj^) adv. Like, as, 

"■ Ij?" *^^'''" "'■ '^o"^. ■• m, 1. The 
nnme of a pBrfnme (musk, HmberftriB, 
saffron and the jnice of the flowers of 
the Arbor triaiis, ground toiwthL'r to 
apiiBte). 2. The pod, siliqax or skin 
of any kind of pnlie. 3. A windfall 
(frnit), *. (dakh.) A small sqosie 
hole. 5, A diseBBo to whibh new born 
children are aobject. 6. Four, four 
finger's breadth, fonrs ; the four or 
quatro at cnrds, dice, Ac. IT cAh's. A 
plant which forma one erf the chief 
Buri/prodncts of the hills supposed 
to be the Amaranth OS olerocena. 

^) adj. Forty.four. 

, (oaus. of 'J^B-) V. a, 

JW chau-a 

8. f. The fonrth, 

Wood, timber, a pole, a post, dmm- 
etiok, stick, staff, a maoe, club. ■ ^ s-- 

iJil^ ™" i^i^J^ '■ '■ ^- boating 

with a stiok. 8. A kind of embroider7 

i.j'jja. (hfluiiar, (see Jljja-) s- m- 

BommorhonBe, an assembl;, coart, 

I. yj}^ ehav-ldr-a, s. m. A shod. 
f- iCs^js. chaahaelicha, a. m. Corrupt, 

of JISlfS>- 

P- jjiLfSTj^ eluth-Mnl, a. f. The 
name of a modicine, China-root. 

P. JLukJ ' _ ']■»- chob.datl.i, B. f, A 
Btatr, a walking stick- 

r. ,'jj»^- clioh-diiT, a. m. A servant 


chobak, a. I. A dmuiBtick, 


B. l^^^ chohhd, 8. tn. 1. A nail. 2. A 

kind of victuals given upon great 
occasions, marriages, &c. (said to be) 
a dish of pula'o mixed with slices of 
cocoa-nats, dates, and almonds. 8. 
Prey. 4. Poncture. 

? c-> *^ chauhe, ("^d^^) s. m, A 
Brdhman acquainted with the foar 

Vedas (sye SJJ hed or veda.) Now, 
however, the term is applied indiscri- 
minately to the descendants of snch 
thongh not learned). 

P. ij>y^- choh-i^ adj. Wooden, of wood. 

adj. Twenty -four. 
P. j^tJ^*^^' choh-iUf adj. ^ Wooden. 

2. y^^^- chau-pdr^ (see ?uy>-) s. A 

small shed in which the village com- 
m unity meet for public business. 

B. ?lj%>- chau-pdr, s. m. 1. (t|c|— 

^rTi^l) A kind of snmmerhonse 

or pavilion (generally built jointly by 
several people as a resting place com- 
mon to them all). 2, (■c|dW4K) 
A quadruped, an animal, a beast. 
S. ^Ijy>- chau-fSl, 8. m. See %>^ 

[A litter, sedan. 

S- S'<^^>- chau'pdldt (^RT^*TR[) 8. m. 

P. mi^%>' ehaupnn^ 8. m. A cowherd 
or shepherd. 

J. ib\j •>- ehaU'pdyay (*^Cl^Wl<^) s. m. 
An animal, a beast, a quadruped. 

H. L^^ft^- chaupaft adj. Bnined, des- 
troyed, levelled, flat, plain. 

|. ji^^- ehaiipari s. f. The name of 

a Rrame played with oblong dice (like 
chausntf differing merely in the form 
of the game. The cloth or board on 
which it is played (having two trans- 
verse bars in the form of a cross). Bee 

also ?b %d 

and ,lj^>.« 

H. Jj *^ c/iopfiw*, thupaf, B. m. (SlRT 
butter) Grease, oil. 

cMi, (^fh) 8. f. Vulva. 

>, i 8. m. A mod 

> in mnsi 

^).^ vr..>«^ Stmmpet. 

of which is marked by foar olaps of 
the hands) 

HjJ^ chuiaf, B. m. (f^Trft) The 
backside, bum, bnitock, breecb, 
hip, rump. lilfi^jJ^ To l>e over- 
joyed. UfSilf ^ ^ J)^ To 

speak in parables, to use far-fetched 

«. lf>^ chaniXhai (^^cW) adj. Fourth. 

5. yj'^fi' chautha% (-qaql^l) s. f. 

The fourth part, a quarter* 
«. ^j^y^- ehaum, (^CpfP) a. f . 1. 

The fourth day. 2. A Mahommedan 
ceremony performed on the fourth day 
after marriage. 

§. l-J^*^' ehutiydt 8. m. A blockhead, 

dunce. One who lives on the earn* 

ings of his faithless wife. ljJ«dk 

iXJLyjM 8. m. A cully, a dupe. A man 
who dies from excess of copulation. 

?. \^j**i^y^ chautis, v^iW^J^) adj. 

H. c^ft»- ehoif 8. f. 1. A hurt, a 

blow, bruise, damage. 2. Fall. S. 
Bpite, effort, assiduity, desire, aim. 4. 
An ingenious way, adopted by shep- 
herds and husbandmen, of folding a 
blanket or sheet into a covering for 
the head and shoulders: also, the 
tying the end of a blanket in a knot, 
and so placing it over the head, which 
in some places is called ghiinghi, 

cJl'^di. mi d9»i^ One misfortune fol* 
lows another, misfortunes oome not 
singly. U»*3JU vi^ 1. To de- 




fend. 2. To bind np the edge of a 
Bword, Ao. 8. To restrain by magio. 

li'<^ cS?'*^ 1, To be hurt, to receive 

a blow. 2. To suffer loss. 
B. l)^»- ehottd, 8. m. A thief. 

f. ^%»- e^<«i (^^) 8* f • 1* A single 

lock of hair left on the top of a shaven 
bead, the hair braided behind, a oae. 

2. Top. See i<^^ 
p. ^^^^ cfciS|;a, 8. See t\u%~ 

H. A»>ft». cftocM, 8. m. Flayfolness, 

blandishments, endearing arts and 
exprcBsions, coquetry, toyishness. 

f. , «»-^»» c^«e/kt, ('^■q«h) s. f. 

Breast, pap, nipple, teat, dug. See 

B- UJa^*- ehodnit ("^^ to drive in) 

(trans, of ^i3c>>) ▼. a. To copulate. 
To have sexual intercourse with. 

S. SJ^ ehaudah^ ("^CK^^l) adj. Four- 
teen, [man of a trade and caste, 
s. ^ Jb4)ft»>- c^awdfiarg, s. m. The head 

a. H. ijiybJft^- c^attdah -toan, adj. 

Fourteenth. CV^K tji^^^ Four- 
teenth night of the moon. 

J 8 
kJ*^' c^u-^ol, 8. m. Kind of 

sedan with two poles.- 
^' Ji^ ^^^* (^(k) b. m. A thief, 
false, treacherous, sty, hidden, j^ 
Jb 8. f. A quicksand. Ly> .^». 
or ^rV9vV^ ^® advanced g^ard of 
the army: see {jy^^ *^ »" J!^ 
8. m. A thief. Jul»- t^»- b. m. By- 
room, concealecl drawer, ^j^yid j^ 

. 8. m. Trap-door. j^^ j^ 8«™- 1- 
Plaintiff and defendant. 2. All the 

parties of a law suit. 3. A thief and 
what he has stolen. JUUm « .«»- A 

by-way. ^ji^j j)^ A quagmire, 
bog. J^l JyM jy^ A smuggler, dealer 
in contraband or stolen goods. *%^- 
^JtljUM B. f. Backstairs, j^ 
iJj^ 8. f. A back-door, a by-door. 
tJ^jy^ B. f. A by-road, back-lane> 

\jSjjy%- V. n. To bo injured, to 

damage, y w4u£p \jJjj^ To waste, 
a candle, by & thief being attached to 

it. (Js^ .fcd- B. m. The apartments 
of the concubines of great men. 

U^iXLo !%*• s. m. A game played by 
children in villages. 

'jff' ^^*''' ('^) I'B-m. Powder, 

filings, atoms. 2. adj. Bruised. .^ 

jysf^ adj. Broken to atoms Uub. .»d- 

To sot. \jJjy%. To break into small 

pieces, to shatter, liyt •»>. 1. To be 

broken into small pieces. 2. To be 
enamoured of, to be in lovo, to 

dote. 8. To be tired, i^ ^jJL* ^ 
uyb To be intoxicated. 

-* 1;^ chura, {^^) s. m. 1. Fil- 
ings. 2. Sawdust. 3. Grain reduced 
to coarse particles to be chucked into 
the mouth. 4. Powder. 

«. ly**];^^ ehaurdai, ("qdl^jum) adj. 

Eighty -four; s. applied to a subdivi- 
sion of a pargana or district, amounting 
to eighty -four villages. 

H. (^M't^^- chaurdsi^ 8. f. Morris-bells 

worn on the ankles by dancing girls 

«. ^Ji.*^- chauronait'wc, or chaurd- 




ttaiotf or ehaiifamoe. I'^dn^ m) adj. 
Ninety -four. 
S* P- lit itft»- e?iatt^a^-a, («»- Four, and 

8*. Way) 8. m. A cross-road, place 
whercwfour roads meet. 
a. !/*»;%>■ chatt-rcw, adj. Level, even : 
Foar square | a four-sided glass. 

8. ^ji;%^- churan or churn^ \^f^) s. m. 

A powder composed of medicines for 
promoting digestion : dust* 

«. U.»>- chumd^ ("^IH) V, a. To re- 
duce to very small pieces or to atoms. 
S- \^S^jf>- chawanqy \^^TJ\) s. m. 

1. A practice of the sword exercise. 
S. Gutting the four legs of an animal 

ofF at one blow, uuo (^JOf^>> v. a. 

To cut off the four legs of an animal 

at one blow. lj.L« ^f^.^». To lose 
the use of the limbs by illness. 

9> V^^>- chura^ 8. m. (dakh.) Piece, bit, 
scrap. [s. f. Theft, robbery. 

a. y^j^ chor-t, (=tt?tq or ^g) 

§. J^ chur, {'^\h\^\) s. m. 1. A 

silver or gold ornament worn by the 
Hindu widows. 2. The ring fastened 
to elephants' teeth. 

H. j*»- chaut, adj. Spoiled, destroyed. 

TEL.jL^. chauf, 8. (dakh.) Earth 

saturated with mineral alkali, impure 
carbonate of soda in its native fossil 
state, used by washermen instead of 

soap, ulx^ ^ j^^' Fixed mineral 

alkaline salt, prepared soda or salt of 
soda, pure carbonate of soda. 

H. ij%»- ehaura, adj. Wide, broad, 

ample. jlC»- 'j)^' ^i' ExtenBive» 
spacious. [Width, breadth. 

H. ^jf^y^' chaurdn, (from l?%>-) •• ^ ni. 

H. jtfi'j*^- chaufd't, s. f. 1. Breadth, 
width, extension. 

H. U?^ chivoarna, v. (dakh.) To 
squeeze, wring, rub. 

«. «J[;>>- c^^n» 8. f. (-M^^wR*!) 

Bangles or rings made of glass, seal- 
ing wax, Ac, and worn on the wrist. 

The ring of an eye glass, .ij ^^^^ 

Drawers, or sleeves, made too long, so 
as to be crumpled into plaits. 

P« ^jy^' chuza, 8. m. A chicken, a 

young bird. Ju ^jy^- 8. f. An old 

woman who keeps a young gallant, 
an old woman fond of striplings. 

fi. •fA**!^ chausath, (xRT.'^S) adj. 
Sixty -four, 

a. «*M*^ chausar, s. m. v^RT^^Tm) 

Name of a game like pachis-if but 
played with dice {pdse) instead of 
kaufns. The dice are four or six-sided, 
four inches long and half an inch 
thick on every side, are thrown by the 
hand, not from boxes, and fall length- 
ways. What the game is played on. 

»• ^jMjft»- chavksar-i, 8. (dakh.) An 

ornament worn tight round the neck, 
by women, and hooked behind. 

fi. IJUw^ chusndt ("qM^l) v. a.1. To 
suck, absorb. 2. To exhaust. 

2. t^^ chumi, ("qM^llq) s. f. 
Child's coral, a sucking-stick for chil- 
dren. f(^) garment. 

P* lcc>- chogjkdt 8. (dakh.) A sort of 

H. k^jl>. chuhf 8. f. Ad error, fault, 
blunder, mistake, failing, miss. 

«. \JLA>^ chuh, ("qch) s. m. 1. Sour, 

acid. 2. A medicine made of boiled 
lemon-juice and pomegranates. - 

a* ^Ul>- chauk, s. m. (dakh. s. f.) 1. 

A market. 2. A square of a city. 8. 
A court-yard. 4. A square place 

filled, at marriages and on other oc- 
casions of rejoicing, with sweetmeats, 
which after certain ceremonies are 
distributed. 5. (dalih.) An ornament- 




ed square beDoh or form on which the 
bride, aud bridegroom take tbeir seats 
a short while at their respective 
houses* during a certain number of 
nights, before the wedding. 6. A 

grinder or cheek-tooth, l)^ s^Jy>- 

or lity To fill a rhauk or square with 

coloured meal, perfumes, sweetmeatHi 
&o., on some occasion of rejoicing. 

S. ^%^^ ehukdf ("^l^t^^l) 8. m. A kind 

of French sorrel. 
2- Oft»- chaukd, 8. m. 1. The space in 

which Hindus dress or eat their vic- 
tuals. 2. A square slate of marble, 
&o.t a square space of ground. The 
four front teeth. 4. The cube of a 

measnre called ijM^iw 

f. >5>y^ chau-kaj'd, s. m. A ring of 

two pearls worn in each ear. % Divi- 
Bion of crop in which the onltivator 
giyei only one fourth. 

i* %^y^ ehaulcarif s. f. 1. A bound, 

a spring, a bounce. 2. (see H>%d^) 

A ring of pearls worn by men in the 
ears. ^ ehaukri (dakh.) An ornament 
worn by women tight round the neck, 
formed of stars of gold, strung on 
three black silk or wire threads, with 
black glass beads filling up the 

interstices. U.^ ui^9^ ^^ ^®^P* 

^ ^jrp%^ To forget one's bound. 

i. «. to be fascinated, to have one's 
senses benumbed. 

H. (^yJ'^ ehaukaB, adj. (=^1^) 1. 
Cautious, watchful. 2. Full weight. 

H. ^M«3^ ehaukaS'if s. f. ]. Watch- 
ing, diligence, attention. 2. Four 
people employed together, or eating 
ouf of the same dish or plate. 

H. ^jSa chUkni, v. n. To blunder, to 

mistake, depart from, miss, err, fail, 
miscarry. /' 

n. U(%^ ehauk^nnd, adj. Cautious, 

alert, oireomt|M|ct, sly, on one's guard 

s. f*^*»- chatL-kor, 

^ (=^^1^) adj. 

>^3%:>- chaU'kondf \ "^ 

Four-cornered, square. 
5. l^*^ chau'kha, s. m. A station 
where four boundaries meet. 

ehau^khai, (^cT^TB) 


s. m. f. 1. Frame of a door, door. 2. 
The upper and lower piece of the 
frame of a door. 

5. ljJ^k>- ehau'Tchunta, adj. Square; 
s. m. A square. 

H. ^Jy:>' chaiiki, s. f. ("^^ » ^^^^ 

resting on four columrs.) 1. A frame 
to sit on, a stool, bench. 2- Guard or 
watch, watching. 3. The post where 
a guard is stationed, police station. 

4. An ornament worn on the breast. 

5. (dakh.) A present to a dancing 

girl. .Ijoi^ 1. adj. Keeping 
guard. 2. 8. m. A watchman. ^Jy^ 
Llbj To watch, guard, mount guard. 
U^U tcf^^ To smuggle. 

p. ^0%^* chaugJn, s. m. 1. A game 

resembling cricket (or tennis) but 
plHjed on horseback. 2. The bat or 
club with which the game is played. 

t^6^jS^ A place for that game. 
^jb ^JS^ •• f. Playing of the 
game of ^J^y^ 

3. p. fc) J^ft.>> chau^gWdt adv. On all 

sides, all round, all about. 8. Neigh- 
bourhood, district. (Fourfold. 

a. Uf»r>- chau-gun-l, ("^H^^) adj. 

I. P. iJlS^:*- chau-gonha. 1. adj. 2. A 
kind of oblong tray. 

8. P. ljL*iki»:>- chau-gosh-iyi, s. m. A 
iurki horse, a horse with »lit ears. 

8. ^j^y^- chau-ghar-df ("^^l^?' '• ">• 

A small box of gold or silver, with four 
partitions, for huldint^ spices or per- 



^- ]j^m^' chaughara, 8. m» An earthen 
toy DonsiBting of four small cups 

joined together. |<*-I1 ^Wy^" ■• ^• 
The best kind of small cardamom. 

H. J%^ chai, a. f , I. A tenon, the part 

of joiner's work which fits into another 
(as, a dovo'tail). 2. A pivot upon 
which a dpor turns (as on a hinge). 3. 

An axle-tree-arm. \jj^\ lJ^3^' ^' 

liyt ^J^<^ To be tired, worn out 
with labour. 4. (dakh.) Itching. 

a. jL^ choldf (^^) B. m. 1. See 

^JL»- 2. A garment worn by a bride 
at her marriage. 3«^ A long coat 

B. ^Si^^- chauUX B. f . A kind of 
Tegetable (Amaranthus polygamus). 

f. H. iju^^ ehaU'lar'dt 8. m. # A neck- 

r ? lace of 

fi. H. jj^%^ ehau4ar-t, a. f . ) four 

strings (four rows of small round gold 
beads threaded on silk.). 

H. UIc>> cholnd, B. (dakh.) Short bree- 

ches reaching only half way down the 
thighs. [place, oven. 

jfe y^^- ehiilhS, 8. m. (^ftf§) A fire- 

§. ^J^ ehoti, (^W" or ^^5) g. f. 

I. A bodice, a waistcoat, the body of 
a gown> a jacket. 2. A small betel- 

£► Lok>" ehumit (xj«|ct) g. m. A kiss. 
. Jl>- Le«»^ 8. f. Dalliance. 

S' U^ c/iwiM^ 1. ("^qc(«f from r. ^ 

ehiimaft<4Xift^ar, 8. m. 

A magnet. See Cm>y'^ [kiss. 

8. IXo*>. cH»m«i, t"^^) V. a. To 
a. ^^>- e^iima, s. See L«^>- 
F. ^»>- cfciJn, adr. Like, aa, when 

^ .*^. When that, whereas. 
£. ^^ eAuttwin, (^^^T^RI^l) adj. 


Go, to drop^. V. n. To leak, distil, 
drop. 2. To drop from the tree wheB 

ripe (fruit). 8. {^) a. m. Lime, 
aiaked lime. UU3 [j^ To defame. 
B> 'fXu^- efcauntori, a* m. See Sy %A> 
3* y^j^mXxi^ chaunti§t adj. See 

n. Lo%»- ehunid, a. m. A large ant. 
a. jLu^^- ehontld, a. m. 1. The ribboD 

with which hair is tied or braided at 
the end, the cue or lock of hair behind. 
2. False hair mixed with the refil. 
H. itf^^^* chiiniiy (the diminutive ov 

female of IjJ*>> )%.t» A amall ant. 
a. t^tj>' chonch^ (^^7 >• '• !• Beak. 

bill. 2 A point, (4^^)* Bpont. 
n* \s^^ chonchd, adj. (dakh.) With a 
contracted hand, handTeaa. 

P. r.^^ • U^^" ehiin-o-ehard, (when and 
wherefore ?) Wrangling, altercatiesw 

a. . -^%>- c?iiinc?if, f'^'^^) a. f. 
Breast, bubby, dug, nipple. 

H.libjJc^- chundhd, ) adj. Dim, pur- 
-'* > plind, dim- 

H. ]Ut JJ«> chondhld, S sighted. 

H. UljbJJft^- thondWd-^., V. n. To 

see dimly. [dulneaa of sight 

H. JbJjft>- e^iondhi, a. f. Dimneas, 

H. ljL*Jt JJ*>- chawn-dyii^dndt v. n. To be 

confused, to be frightened out of one's 
aenses, to be amazed, dazzled. 

a. ljJ%i^ ehonddt ("^^1 Crest, Ac) 

s. m. 1. The head. 2. Hair braided 
on the top of the head; or (dakh.) the 
whole hair of a womac^ahead gathered 
up into a bunch or kiiet and fastened a 
little above the back x of the neck. 




§- 4jfy^ ehauhfi, {^m OP "^m) 
«. f. An instrument for driving away 
flies, a fly -flapper. See ji%>> 

1- »fW) ^ ckawisafh, adj. See 

§> jMiSy^ chau/kaar, V^cT^^TIH) b. m. 

1. The name of a game, ike same as. 

j*M^>- S. A garland of flowers. 
«. ^iy>- ehaunkni, y. h. To etart, 

^gffl^t start up from sleep. c1,n)%^^ 

UJI To start, wince. l!«» iU^^s^- 
To bounce, start np. [because that. 

^* cJI^?**^^*""**' ^J^oo t^t, since that, 
H. lC^j>- «Aaun94, B. m. WheedJing 
bjj \JOft>- To wheedle oat of money 
A. \X)ft>- chonptf B. m. A fa&neL 
f. lJo^3^ c^on^a, 8. (dakh.) A sort of 

[see 1)Um 

5- Uoj%»- chungniy v. (dakh.) To suck. 

^. aCi 

see Ij 

catena, s. m. Lime, chnnam 
^^^ sign. 3. 
«. VA^>> ehuhd, 8. m. A rat, a monse. 
^li) <$%^ s. m. A monse -trap. 

X* ^)^ a m. A sparrow-hawk, cor- 
morant, a moaser. 

*• 42J^^^ chauhan, (^^fg^R) s, m. 
A caste of Rajputs, 

f. yJby^ ekau-hattar, (=^:g^fcT) 

adj. Seven ty*f oar. 

H. jJ^y^ ehuhatt 8. m. The act of 

hunting by deceiving game with a 

H* li^y^ cAii^ri, 8. m. A Hindu 
sweeper, the lowest caste of village 
aonraDti: see jj^ Jl>-* 

H- ^jf^^ chuhfi, 8. i. Wife4>f« 

M> jJb^»- c?i»^t, s. f. A monse, a she 

mouse or rat. [A welL 

P* to- c/uz/», (contract, of sls^} s. in. 

p. j:^. chi, pron. 1. iaterrog. What? 

2. Which, what ; as. because, whether 
or. (When prefixed to another word 

the S is dropped ; a8,^X>. In what 
manner P how ? And, it may be iiced 

to varioas Persiaa words ; so, <JL>- Jb 

Whatever; ^4^ Although; JC^) 

That which). 

P. JL>> cha^ a particle affixed to various 
Persian nouns to form diminutives ; as 

A>-^ A little street, from JS and, 
sometimes ^^ is prefixed to it ; ««i 
J[^\cl) or aCs^b A Httle garden, 
from c\>* 

B. ^^l^». ehhap, 8. f. Stamp, print, 
copy, impression ; a seal, seal-ring. 

u. W^^ cKhayOf 8. m. 1. Sectarial 

marks nepresentiog a lotus, trident, 
Ac., delineated on the body by the 
Vaishnavas or worshippers of FwMiv. 
2. Edition, impression, stamp, prints 

seal, Ac jJ'<^ «r^^^^ Printing-office. 

H. l)b^«4d>- chhdpna, v. a. To print, to 
stamp, bring out an impression. 

B. ^'.^». ehhdpa, s. m. See U'«f^ 

The village seal used to impress grain 
with : the heap of refuse corn and 
chaff which is formed in winnowing : 
a small heap of fi^iAin appropriated to 
purposes of charity : the basket used 
for throwing water out of a pond for 

the purpose of irrigation. A>1>> X)lf^ 
A printing-office. A press. 

§. U'^^i. chhatat (^?|) a m. A larg6 
umbrella. [brella. 

-• lV W^ chhdHy (S^) s. f. An nmi- 

H. ^l4>- chhiti, 8. f. Breast, dog, 




bubby. jH ^^W^ Breaithigh, 

^ ' j^ c^'^r To weep. ^J^ 
ljl»- u} To be chest-foandered. 

tience. Ulj i^^jSyo jJ iV'^^ 

(h7. to period p-ilse on the breast) To do 
any thing'in presence of another per- 
son by which he is rexed ,<^'*f>- 
^lA|j To break, the heart, with grief 

or BoiTOW } to sympathize. iJ*'^^ 
UjLa^ To Iiiment, to regret, repent. 

U>^) Ly'«4»- !• To enconrage. 2. 

To assure. Ujb t>AjU> jV'f^ ^o 

bo plensed or overjoyed. Ud^ 15^*4^ 
1. To have the heart -bum. 2. To 

lament. ^^ l^ c^^^^ Nuisance, 

pest. iJ];*^ «^'^?" The breast to 
■well (in young women). ^ i^^^' 
ULfl To fondle. 

B. ^^>^ chhaj\ i. m. (^^ a leaf.) 

A kind of basket used in winnowing or 
clearing grain. [Buttermilk. 

H. <-.l|>- ehhach, } ^^ 

^ • [-B-f. (^^) 

H. ^>- l^^* chhdchh, J 

P. iU->- ehdhdr, adj. ("^d^) Four. 
4J^U iU^ (dakh.) A quadruped. 

*^V^?" adj. 



i^U 8. m. Throne (Indian) with four 
cushions, yw tU">* A square, a mar- 
ketplace. XXJJi* f^->* Wednesday. 

F. t * C> or ij^^J .l^.>. c/iahar-^a^ or -*afc, 
s. m. Gallop. 

F« X4)flu>> c/ia^ir-dahf adj. Fourteen. 

p. aX^ thahdT'Um, adj. Tlie fourth. 

8. (^[^ chhag, (SW) 8. m. A he 

S. (J^'^^* ehhagal^ 8. f . 1. A leathern 
bottle with a spout to it, a goatskin. 

2. 8. (^Fl^) A goat. 
S- J'^ c/ihfl^, (!3^» ^f|5 skin, bark. 

see ^y^) s. f . Peel, skin, rind, bark. 
\ij3\ J'*^>- To peel, to decorticate. 

9. Sl|^. chhdld, 8. m. A blister, a pue> 
tule, pimple, watery yesicle, skin, hide. 

chhaliya, 8. f. (32PT5^) 
A kind of betel-nut. (J^)* 

8. lil|^ ehhdnd, {W^^f S? to corer) 
T. a. To thatch, v. n. (dakh.) To be 
shaded, li'-^ lf»- To spread, to lie. 

^' 2' iiy4^. i0^4^ ehhdn hichhdn^ 8. 1 
(dakh.) Investigation, search. 

H. uuo''^^ chhdntnd, V. a. 1. To pare, 

elip, prune, lop, shear crop, trim, dress, 
to cut out (clothes) ; clean, select. 2. To 
separate the husk from grain by poun- 
ding it in a mortar, to husk. 3. To 
vomit, cast up ; to kill, to slaughter. 

H. ljjol^»- chhdn4ndy v. a. 1. To let go, 
leave, abandon, loose, release, fonake, 

emit. 2. To vomit. (Uf^')' 

H. UU'.^^. chhdnndy v. a. ('^|CJ>1 mak- 
ing to go.) 1. To strain, filter, sift. 2. 

To search, investigate. UuJ ^Af»- 

To cull, to select. U.U ^^^f*^ To 
search, to rummage, explore, canvass 

2- y l«^ chhdhw. ] (^Tqr) 8. f. 1. 


2- 4 i^'-^^ chhaiion, Y Shade, sha- 

S* t^^^^ ehhdhhy J reflection of 
any object in a mirror, Ac. (Plur. 

pices. [See %i'|^ 

2* ^/^^ ehhd*oh, a. f . Shade, shadow. 



* u^y 

chha'oni, (see U'^) g. f. 

1. Cantonments, barracks or huts for 
soldiers. 2. Thatching, the art of 

8. \A^^ chhaya, (^PTT) s. m. 1. Ap- 

paration, spectre. 2. Shade. 3. (met.) 
Somewhat resembling. 4. A mode in 
music. 6. Kefuge, asylum. 

£. ijV.*^^' chkayah, s. m. Shade, sha- 
dow: see uU^* 
«• U:^^'^^ c/ihaAin, ) (^qy ghade) 

2- U^*^ cH^a'in, ) g. f. Disco- 
loration. % chka'lhy (dakh.) Goblin, 
ghost. An eyil spirit. 

chhah, {^fk) 8. f. 1. 

Beaaty, splendoar. 2. (Arab. ^Cx*^) 
Shape, form, figure, body, structure. 

s. f. Handsomeness. 

p. ^flg\H|jw ehah'ha^ihcha, s. m. A small 

reservoir of water, vat, cistern, font 
(for ablution). [large basket. 

B. \j>>^ chhahrd, b. m. A sort of 

g. [^j»^>^ chhalhit, {^^f^^lf^) 

adj. Twenty-six. [graceful. 

s. JULV^jfc. ehhah-Udf adj. Handsome, 

B. l.^rk chhipa, adj. Close, hidden. 

iJUbt Ufd- To abscond. j<XiJ^ L^^- 

adv. Underhand, secretlyt 

H. U Jk|^ chhipandt chhupdna, (3^ to 

cover) (cans, of Uu^^.) v. a. To con- 
ceal, cause to be concealed. 

H. u U ^ ^ chhapand, (cans, of uL>'«^) 
To cause to print. 

" {J-^^ c/i?iaptf*t, (UUf^^) B. f. 

Edition, the price of printing, the act 
of printing. [thatched roof. 

H. mX^ ehhappart s. m. (^T^) A 
H. £. cf^lf^ or vJ*, -^> r^^* chhappar- 

hhai or -Jthat, (^^T) 8. m. A beditead 
with cortaiiiB. 

H. ^Jix^ chhiphali, B. f. {^f^) A 

lizard. [Fifty-six. 

a. ^^^ chhappan, (^7^=^!^) adj. 

H. Uu^ chhipndf or ehhupndf v. n. To 

be concealed, to Inrk. lil>- 'l.«^HL»* 

To retire, to withdraw, [or stamped. 

H. Lu^»- chhapndt v. n. To be printed 

H. li)yi|». chhapwdndf (cans, of Uulf»-) 
V. a. To cause to print. 

5- ^uT..-^'^ chhat, (33) B. f. A roof, a 
cloth stretched across the roof of a 
room, a platform. UoU iJUb tji -tf '»>- 

or lioJ To ceil, to cover the inner 
roof of a building. 

a. \!x^^ ehhattd, (^3) 8. m. 1. A 

honey -comb. 2. A roofed lane. 
s» Jkf>. chhattar or chhatr, s. m. !• 

(33) An umbrella, a canopy. Jl|^ 

^U J or c: ^ 

33?fcf or33^iIKt 

s- m. One entitled to carry an nm- 
brella, i. e. a Rdjok, prince, &o. 2. 

(corrupt, of J^^^^) A house set apart 

for the charitable entertainment of 
strangers, guests, &c. ; (dakh.) an 
hospital for the poor, &g. 

H. lil J^^ ehhitrandf v. a. (I^H^ 

from fi^ thrown, ^ to do.) 1. To 
scatter, to strew. 2. To spread. 

H. I! J^^* chhitamdy v. n. To be scat- 
tered, strew^ed or spread. 
a ^>/|^ chhatri, 1. s. f. (33) A. 

tester or covering of a bed, Ac, a 
small umbrella. 2. A frame made of 
bamboos for pigeons to settle upon. 8. 

B. m. (^ t3^) A man of the second 
or military tribe of Hindus. See 

under ^ (^)* [Thirty-six. 

g. ijmJU^ chhattU, (^JTTeRRO a^j- 



fi. ^^j**i-^4^ chhatas-i, (vJ*-^M*- on® 

who knows thirty-six postures and 
pretends innocence) adj. f. Frude, 
prudish. Canning, crafty. 

^ uJoLAfft- chhaiank, (^If^) B. f . The 
sixteenth part of a seVf two ounces. 

■• liuuU43» chhatpatdnd, v. n. To toes, 
to tumble about, to flounder. 

«• "• u;^^^ chhutpan, (l)^f^) 8. m. 

Infancy, childhood, ((oj^)' 

8. ,Ka45** chhut-koTf f 8. m. Ex- 
> * > emption, 

a. ijOo^ chhut-kardf ) liberty, de- 
liverance, release, discharge, acquittal. 

H. Ui^^5fc- chhitakna, v. n. To be scat- 
tered, to spread. To shine, to be 

bright. 1^ vy^''^ l-A^^^f^ The 

diffusion of moonlight. To be dis- 
. placed. 

H. <x>^»» chhitki, 8. f. Small shot, 

speck. Iw J ^C^i^ To flecker, to 
spot, to mark with strokes or touches. 
UlU ^S>J^i^ To splash. 

«. lJU|^ chhufndf (r. ^RT or 9d 

V3 n3 

Divide, cut) v. n. To be adrift, be got 
rid of, be let go or left off, be left or 

abandoned, \Jo L^ 

^u^ to 

slip (from), escape, be liberated, to be 
loose, to be dishevelled (the hair). 

§. *j\j<i^ chhalwdn, adj. Sixth. 
a. IfX^ ehhaiha, (^) adj. Sixth. 

ehhaihi or ehhatthi, {^§\) 1. 

adj. f. Sixth ; sixth lunar day. 2. s. f. 
A religions ceremony performed on 
the sixth (somotimes on the seventh 

or ninth) day after childbirtlL ^cf^^^ 
US J jU JbJ>^ J 1^ To correct. N 

f. 15-*^^ ehhuiti^ (from Uu^) 8. f. 

Discharge, release, acquittal, leave, 
time, leisure, oessatiun, disenga^- 

ment, intermission, dismission, per- 
mission, freedom. Holiday, vocation, 

furloagh. ('^»)* Chaff, jest. 
H. Iac4^ chhajjd, s. m. 1. GhiUery. 2. 
The expanded branches of a tree. 

H. }Jsi^ ehhichrdf s. m. Sink, slough 

(of a wound), skin : (dakh.). The 

cellular membrane that covers the 
surface of the body : the internal cel- 
lular web. Guts, (met.) A brat. 

H. lj.\x«€^ chhuchkdmd, i. v. a. To 

drive away contemptuously. 2. To 
Bet on or encourage a dog. 

H. 1.*^^ chhichora, adj. 1. Childish. 

light, mean, base. 2. Showy. 

P. Jfacf^ chahchah^ 8. The warbling of 

the nightingale. 
P. l^s^^ chahc^aha^ (for ,^uss^) B. m. 

The song of a bird, warbling. ^_yg4^ 

lj.l« To sing, to warble (birds). 

P. H. Ijlys4^ ehahchahdndj (ly^^) 

V. n. To sing (as, a nightingale), to 
whistle, warble (as, birds). 

chhuchhundar (^^?5\T) 

8. f. 1. Mole, musk-rat. 2. Squib 

(firework). 3. A rover. •jJ^fxf^ 

ljj^f>- To backbite, oalumniate, 
to excite resentment. 

S* H. Ait\^>> chha'ddm, s. (In money) 

six dam (or, six and a quarter dams, 
equal to two damfis :), a small coin, 

S* ljlt^4>> ehhiddndj (causal of UjJi^»-) 
y. a. To cause to pierce, to perforate. 

a. Uj^ft^ chhidndt (T^ or f^^ to 
pierce. To be pierced or bored. 

H. ^j^. chhar, s. f. 1. Spikenard. 2. 
Shaft, pole, pike, staff, flagstaff, flag. 
BeeJ^ f (dakh.— c:^.si*« J^ 

J^ i^S) contrariety: sobbing or 
violent crying of a child. 

a. jSi 




F* H«>^- ehihr, for Xrv^- 

B. ludo e^/tarrtf, a. m. Small shot. 

f. 1-1^ c^^ura, (^K«hl ) 8. tn 1. A 

large knife. 2. A razor. (SjLmI)* 
P. Srt^»» cfcifcra, 8. m. 1. Face, yisage, 
ooantenanoe, air. 2. Desoription-roU. 
U^ <«f^ To write a description- 
roll (soldier'a). lil^ 8^y»- 1. To en- 
list. 2. To take service and horses. 

:». e^^un, (^tt) s. f. A knife, 

an offensive weapon. ^ ^iV^ 
Lluj aJ To be patient in difficnlties. 

B. "4e». c^W> B. f . 1. The pole of a 

spear. 2. Spikenard. 3. A fishing 
rod. 4. A long pole or bamboo. 

H. ]«^». Miafa. 8. m. An ornament 

made of pearls worn in the ear. 

g. h^ chAoTfl, (r. ^ Separate) adj. 
Alone. Solitary, nnacoompanied. 

& U1jf>- c^^uriina, (oans. of Ua^) 
V. a. To set free, liberate, deliver. 

H. U\f".4>- c^h»>fc»ni, V. a. To canse to 

B. f l^5|5w chHt>i«*o, 8. m. (^TrT to 
sprinkle). Sprinkling, watering. 

B. U^^A»^ cKkifolkmA, v. a. To sprinkle, 
to water, to asperse. 

a. U^,«^ cfcfcariw, (r. ^ Separate) 

V. a. 1. To beat or pound rice, to 
separate the hnsk from it, to husk. 

2. To beat, chastise. See U?^^* 
B. U^^A^ cKhxfna^ (intrans. of ^^^X^ 

V. n. To be tonched, (l>^»-) pass 

or mn the fingers oiver. To tickle. 
Handling* excited, played on. 

1. ui 

eJb^«rwiin0, (causal of 

li?^^) V. a. To cause to let go, to 
cause to set free. 

H- fJjV>- chhari, s. f. (^% stick.) 

A switch, wand, rod, cane. A walking 
stick. 2. A procession of jbhe fol- 
lowers of .Ijl^ s'>jm* 

H. 1^^ chahkd, s. m. I. A kind of 
firework. 2. The smarting of a wound, 
&c. by the application of a medicine* 

3. To be paved. IJU3 }^^ To burn, 
the skin slightly by fomenting. 

a. K^ ehhakka, {^E ) s. m. 1. The 

sixth (at cards, &c.), the six (or size at 
dice, &o.), the aggregate of six. 2. A 

cage with a net attached to it. u^3» 
\jS ^^sf^ To deceive, to play tricks. 

P. H. .|^». chahkarj s. f. Singing or 

talk or chirping of birds. Make 

H. lju^»- ehhakSndt (cans, of Ux^»> ) 
V. a. 1. To pamper, to cloy, to sati 
ate. 2. To chastise. 

H. ^^r^ chhakkaf, s. f. A slap, blow, 
cuff, thump. (jAf>)" 

H. Ijilf>- chkakriy s. m. (^I^fi a cart.) 

A kind of carriage, a cart, car, a two 
wheeled bullock cart, (carrjing bur- 
thens on a sort of platform). 

P. H. ULl,^- chahaknd, v. n. To whistle, 
sing, warble, chirp, (birds.) 

B. Ux^^ chhakna, v. n. I. To be con* 

tent or satiated or gratified. 2. To 
be afflicted, harassed^ astoninhed. 

Ul»- klXtf^^ ▼• D. To be satisfied 
or satiated. [small goat. 

-• ufr^^** ehhagri, (^J^^) s. f. A 
s. J.^>- chhal, (^^) s. m. Fraud, 

trick, deception. Jj {J^>' 8. m. 
Force and fraud, stratagem. 



H. (J^y^* *^^^^0'h B. f. 1. Mention. 2. 

Cheer, jollity. If^ Oic^ '^° carol, 

to make merry, &c. 
P. jj^s*- chihalf adj. Forty. iJ iX\r^ 

8. f. Coat of mail. ^ Ju* jj^^^- or 

iULo c>-^>" n. prop. Name of Perse- 

polis. j<^tVi (J^y^- 8. f. 1. Walk, 

ramble. 2. A cnstom, at the fnnerals 
of Musalmdns^ of stepping back forty 
paces from the grave and again ad- 
vancing to it before reading the ser- 
vice over. 

H. jL^ ehhalla, s. m. A small ring of 

silver or gold worn on the fingers or 
toes : a ring of knotting or chain work 
embracing the top of the huqqa snake 
whore the month piece is inserted. 

B. f^^J^A^^- chhxildng, b. f* Skipping, 

jumping, a spring. li^U fji^^f- 
To spring, to jnmp. 

S. i^«4^ chhaldwdf (Ujl^^^) b. m. Ignis 
fataus, will-o'-th*-wisp. To deceive. 

H. (Jiyj t>y^ chahal'pahal, a, f. Jollity, 
merriment. Life, movement. 

H. liil^a:^^ chhulchhaldnd, v. a. To 

make water slowly (as, mares, &C' in 
heat). Weak in the loins. Discharg- 
ing somen quickly. Boyish. 

H. «1^3^ ehhtllar, s. ra. The husk of 
chand. [s. f. Running over, overflow, 

«• tlilf^ chhalaJCy (UOlfs- or 3W^^) 

f. Kl^^ chhilka, s. m. (^f|5 «^in) 

Crust, husk, shell, peel, hull, scale, 
rind, bark, skin, cuticle, scarf-skin, 

epidermis, lii'ji ldJl|>- To blanch, 
peel, husk, decorticate. 

a. UM43. chhalkdnd. (trans, of UCf»-) 
V. a. To spill. To splash. 

i. USJ^d^ chhalaknd, (see (JJvl|>-) 
V. n. To be spilt, to spill, to overflow. 

B. USnI^'v. chhttlaknd, v. a. To make 
water slowly (as, mares, Ac. in heat). 

P- ll^^>^ chihlum, adj. Fortieth, the 

fortieth day (of mourning. Ac). 
«• JLlL^>- ehhalniy I. adj. Battered. 2. 

s. f . ("cll^irfT winnowing). A sieve. 

A strainer. \jj ^jJl^>. To batter. 

5. ^. Jl4>- chhaXori or ehhilori or ehhi- 

laurij B. f. A whitlow, a blister. 
H. uL maM^ chhamchhamdndt v. n. 1. 

* V 

To shine, glitter. 2. To sound as 
heavy rain. To tinkle (as small bells, 

H. Uuif^' chhanndt 1* v. n. To be 

strained, to be percolated, to be sifted 
or cleansed. 2. s. A sieve, a cloth 
through which any thing is sifted. 

H. J'Ji^^ chhindl, s. f. A harlot, a pros- 
titute, drab, trull. A loose woman. 
H. jU^». chindl-dt s. m. Fornication, 

adultery. Uy X^ji|^ To whore, commit 

■ ** 
H. uuaf>- chhantndt v. n. 1. To grow 

thin. 2. To diminish. 3. To be ex- 
tracted or separated. 4. (dakh.). To 
be washed (as clothes) by beating 
them out wet on a flat stone. 

H. u)^U^»- chhantwdnd, (cans, of 

Uujl^) V. n. To cause to clean 

H. \jJ^sC\^»> chhanchhan^vdy ▼. n. 1. 

To simmer. 2. To sound, chink, 
clang. 3. To smart, to pain* 

s. «XA4^ chhand, \^^l ) s. m. Measure 
of verses ; a measure (in music)* 
Jo^ chhandndj v. (dakh.) To 

vomit, spew : see li J^il^^- sign. 2. 

H. U04»- ehhinakndt 1. v. a. To win: 

now, to sift. 2. V. n. To go away 
offended. 3. (dakh.) To sprinkle. 

see '-OJ43-- 
- i^J^'^ chhingult, s. f. ^^^i^- 
little, ^^IJoi finger). The little finger. 

a. UiXl^ ehhungliydt s. f. The little 


B.^^ ehhu, 1. B. (dakh. Jjbjj Uj 
\iJ A J) Blowing on repeating a 

prayer, incantation. 2. interj. osed to 
excite a dog upon his prey. 

H. lil%4^ ehhii'dnd, (causal of U^f>-) 

V. a. To cause to touch, Ac. 
H. t «* >^|^ chhut, 8. f. 1. Defilement. 

2. Contamination, touch. 

B. ^^«J^'^ ehhot, 8. f. 1. (^PTI) Im- 
purity. 2, An evil influence on a sore 

|. L2jy%>' chhut, 8. f. {^V^ leaving). 

1. Beraission of revenae, redaction in 
the assessment, leaving. 2. Striking 
off hand or playing loose in fencing. 
8. Badianee or splendour of jewels, 
reflection of a mirror, &o. 4. Giving 
money off hand or at will to jagglers, 
Ac. at entertainments. 5. Separation, 

divorce. Leisure (i.oji^)* 

£. ^yi>- chhopd, (?3J[) adj. Little, 
younger, junior, least, low, niggard, 

&c. \^ ^^^" adj. Varied, various, 

great and small, high and low. 

S* U>a»- ehhiitnai 1. v. n. To escape, 

cease, get loose, be let go or abandon- 
ed, be loft, to remain, slip away, be 
discharged, to spout, to shoot forth. 

2. V. a. Bee ^;^^' 

H. l^a^^- chhUehhd, ]. adj. Empty, 
hollow. 2. 8. m. Conjuration. 

H. a4»> mA^. chhcehho, s. f. I. A nurse : 
commonly applied to a dry nurse. 2. 

Bosom. xiS ^so ^^£^ To fondle. 

H. tj^^- ^^ ehhiichhi, 1. adj. Con- 
temptible, mean. 2. s. f. A narrow 
pipe, a tube. 3. A ncedie-case. 4. 
The ear without the grain. 

8. jyi>- eh'^aur, V^(K) s. m. The 
shaving of the head or beard. 

B. .^>» chhor, 8. m. (3T^^) 1. Bor- 
der. 2. Edge. 3. End. 4. A tow- 
boat % chhzur, I. A large stack of 


jawdr or hdjrd^ collected for fodder. 
2. Walking a boundary with a raw 
cowskin on the head, under a solemn 
oath to decide correctly. 

H.-l.^^^ chAora, s. m. (^RoR a boy) 

(1^); lad. (perhaps for^ljf^^) 

See ^Jyi^^ufj^i^l;yif' Boy and 
girl. Children. 
4. U?«^*. ehhorndf (^^) (trans, of 

IxA^d^) V. a. To let go, emit fire- 

emit or discharge (semen), forgive, 
forsake, leave, quit, desert, except, 
loose, free, omit, pardon, release, re- 
sign, discharge, lay aside, shoot, fire 
(a gan, &c.), spare, abandon, abdicate, 
abstain, breathe. 

H. Iji^^ chhoJcrdj 8. m. (511^^) 

Ojyi^) A boy, a lad. 
H. tjJi^^ c-ihohri, a. f. A girl, a lass. 
H. #J*^ ehhaul or ehhaly (dakh.) 

Gaiety, <fec. See (J^-^" s^K^* ^' 

H. lJM>- chhund, v. a. (ST) To touch, 

meddle with, to feel, 

n. UG»4^* ehhauhknd, v. a. To season, 

to fry with a seasoning of spices 

H. v^^>- ehhu^if s. f. Chalk. 

s, ^^* chha, V^) adj. Six. *^^- 

CD\tM Trick, cheat, juggle. 
H. lfU.i>- chhuhard, s. m. A date. 
s. X^^- chhihattar, ('^^^f^) adj. 


H. ^«a>- c^'Jat, v^^ to destroy) 
B. f.. Mortality, frailty, destruction. 

V^. ^5-^ (^^^) Consumption. 

(J*^ Sr^> 



H. ^j^ ehhi, iaterj. Tosb ! tut f fy ! 

foh I [s. A little moase. 

H. 1>Y^- chuhiya, (dimin. of ic^^^^) 

fi. 4L*'jk^ chhiyasath, (^5^) adj. 
Sixty -six. £Eighty-»ix. 

«. ,^Lm^ chhiyasi, (^I^^Frfcl) adj. 

5rrj[) adj. Forty-8ix. 

adj. Ninety-six. 
H. {^^i/U^A^' chhtp, 8. f. 1. DIscoIora- 

y ••My 

tion or spot on the skin. 2. Fishing- 
rod. 3. The act of a bufifalo's pashing 
with his horn. 4. A leather strap for 
buckling on the saddle. 5. An inferior 
palm tree. 

B. tJuU4>> chhipna, v. a. 1. To print 

ck>th8. 2. To push with tho horn as a 
bnfifnlo. 3. To draw up the rod in 

H. j-JUif^ ehhijnt s. m. A cloth -printer ; 

one who stamps chintz, floor cloth, ^o. 

8. JU^ chhetr^ (^^) 8. m. I. A 

field. A battle field, (d^^J^^) land, 

plantation. 2. A pure or sacred spot, 
a place of pilgrimage (as Senses, 
&c.). 3. A geometrical figure. 4 

(Math.) A plane surface. ^^Jdk^s^ 

^^'•h^ 8« »"• The measurement (or 

superficial contents) of a field, of a 
triangle, or of other geometrical 

H. liflfljj^ ^hhijndy V. n. (SgPI from 

"tej to wane.) To decrease, (IJU^f) 
to pine away, lose flesh, waste. 
*^i=- «~s^ 0<^.'> ^.<i 

merely imitate others in austerity 
waste away, and their diseases in- 
crease. To die, expire. 

B. \ys\^>^ ehhlehhrd, 8. m. Tie 

skinny and rejected part of meat, a 
piece of flesh. 

5- *V«?^ chhed, (fg^, f^ he cuts.) 
8.. m, A hole, an orifice. (-jUKy**)' 

». Ujo^^- ehhed^i^ (from \^[) v. a. 

To pierce, bore, perforate, penetrate. 
^-y^f- «'*^«r, (^jJ^) 8. f . Irritating. 

liTitation, vexing, &o. See the ycrb. 

Stricture, animadversion. 2. The acl 
of vexing, provoking, exciting, Ac 

H. Uj;Jf>- chherna, v. a. To irritate, 

trickle, spur, to joke with, make fnn 
of, lease, to commence,^ excite, fret, 
trouble, disturb, molest, abuse, insult, 
aggress, to touch, handle, stir «p, jog, 
interrupt. 2. To play on a musical 
instrument. Begin. Lanoe. 

H. UiLx^ chhekndy (S^^T cutting) 

I. To come between ^ Ufl ) 2, To 

cross one's path; stop one on the 
road; hinder one's progress. 3. To 
cut out ; draw the pen across ; erase. 
4. To cancel j annul ; nullify. 5. To 

surpass; excel. (Ijuui^.) 
H. Jji^ft- chhail, ) 8. m. A fop, a 
n,h^ chhaild, ) ^e»«- (^^ 

from 31^ beauty) ^ (J^f^ 8. m, 
SprucenesB. [he-goat * 

H. ILf^^- ehheld, s. m. (dakh.) A goat. 

H. jL^A ^ *:f ^7 " chhelehhahelmy adj. 
(dakh.) At ease, free to stay or go. 

a, Ub^f>- ehhilnd, {^i^ Skin) v. a. 

To peel, skin, excoriate, pare, bark (a 
tree, Ac), erase, scrape, scratch. 

l^'^ LiU^ or Jl^ Jj^ 
\jS v. a. To pare, to peel, Ac. 
^'ij^^ ^^^eli, 8. f. (^TR5) 
((^•>j) A she-goat 


s. UjlA4>- chJunnd, v. a. To pull, tear, 
pluck, rob, snatch. \iji ,^W^ "^f^ 

To scramble. UuJ ^J^f- To snatch 

up, acquire, take possession of, <ie- 
prive. [colour) s. f. Chintz. 

«. kZ^XJ^^ chfunt, (r. T^ Paint, 

f. Uuuxjw ehhlnia, e. xa. 1. A splash ; 
sprinkling. 2. A shower; light rain 

Ptf^ Says: — 

3. Scattering ; sowing broad-oast. 4. A 
lump of tobacco or opium. ^ j Ja^>) 

(^^j^ tf^^4^l^* «i3 5. Stimulus ; ex-* 
oitement (I^U^). 6. Chaff; joke; 

jesting. Uj ^j ^jJ^ uy^^^^ ^'^ 
7. Deception; cheat i trick. J^^jtS) 

an inferior crop between the lines of 
the chief crop. ^. Seed scattered at 
the extremities of a village with a 

▼iew to secure possession. LuAf>> 

lj.L« or UbJ V. a. L To sprinkle ; 

splash. 2. To sprinkle water oyer a 
person just recovered from small-pox. 
3. To cheat; play a trick upon. 4. 
To pat on the shoulder; to cheer. 

LoU»- ^^X>1|^> 8. m. Splashing one 

a. IJLjuUf^- chhtntnoj (r. 1^^ Paint) 

V. a. To sprinkle. [Sneezing, sneeze. 
a. i^Jixx^^- ehhinlc,{yS^\) & f. 

a. iClu^ ehhifihd, (f^IW) s. m. A 

network or loop of strings or cords to 
hangr any thing on (as a burthen at 
either end of a yoke or pole, Kc), the 
eonU of a bahangL % An ox-mozzle. 

a. UCLax>> ehhihkna, (t^^^ sneezing.) 
V. n. To sneeze. 

-• i^^i^ ehhe*o, (see U^A^) s. m. A 
mai'k, a piece of wood cat off. yi^^ 
UiL« To line out, to mark. "* 

a. U*J^|»- 4ihhe*ona, (^5*T) ▼• a. I. 
To pierce or to bleed a far '(%) tree, 
to extract tdn (u^)* 2. To mark. 

a. ^Jy^>- chhe'onit (33^1 from 

f^5 to cut 15^4^) s. f. 1. A chisel, 
punch, piercer* 2. A wedge. 

P. IJajl^ chtprd, s. ( ^K) (dakh. for 

Pers. ^J^) Filth or matter in the 

eye. fgether. 

H. Ujui>* chepnd, v. a. To stick to- 

a. c»^ €Hoie, C"^) s. m. The 
Hifidtf name of the twelfth month, the 

full moon of which is near l'^?|i 
chitra ; March-April. 

a. ci^Uk^e/iee, (\jJd^) s. m. Memory, 

remembrance, thought, perception, 
consciousness, circumspection. 

a. Ijur>- chtta (f^^«ri) 8, m. 1, A 

panther or small hunting leopard. 2. 
Name of a medicinal i^nt. 3. 

{%Rr) Wish. 4. Understanding, 

a. t\ju£>^ chitalX^^f^) 1- a^J- Spot- 

ted, variegated, speckled (colour). 2. 
s. m. The spotted deer of India. 

a. [xL,s>- ehetndf I. v. a. ("^rl'l r. l"c|cl 

Think, be sensible) To remember, 
think of, advise, reflect, be aware, 
perceive. 2. To recover the senses, 
to be roused ; ( dakh.) to be blown up 
(fire), be ignited. 

M V 


§. Ujul^- chltnd, 1. (r. t^?f) v. a. To 

draw, to paint. 2. (f^cR) To 

wish, to think or imagine. [A Bag. 

a. hfUl^. ehUhrCty s. m. (^^K cloth.) 

a. uJoUL>- c^e/afc, 1. adj. Showy, 

miracnloas. 2. (l^d to t h i n k .) 

Care. 3. Beadiness. 4. Divine inspi- 


V •• • 

chechakt B* f. The small- 

pox. (ajUUm . UL«)* 

ehtth, (f^fcoRR) 8. f. A 

Bcream, shriek, yell* U*L« ^•>' '^^ 

screech, to cry. [scream. 

I- Lis^U^- chikh'ndy V. n. To roar, to 

P. SJ^^- chtda, (^liUL^) part. pass. 
Gathered, picked, select, culled. 

B. yX^^ ch^Vf (^k) b. m. i. Bent, 

strip. 2. Cloth, clothes, attire. 8. 

(l)-jl»-) Tearing. 4. A sort of cloth 

for women : see s. t^Xm* [longifolia). 

H. »J^»- chiVy B. Name of a tree (Pinus 

a. 1 yjk^. c?iera, s. m. See Xa>- 

a. 1^.>- chira, ("clrK to hurt or wound.) 

B. m. 1. Incision, put, wound. The 
opening of a wound. 2. Maidenhead. 

8. Turban, jl^ ^_ TtJ"^" ®' ™* -^ 

physician, practitioner, so called from 
his eh'ird (turban), without which he 
could not be admitted in the royal 

court, lit'ol ^yJ^ To deflour. I»A&" 
jJb A virgin, (^^'y^)* 

a. 'o^^ cHirrw, (nf^ ^'^K) ▼• a. To 
rend, split, rip, cleave, saw, harrow. 

P. S»A>- c^ira, adj. Powerful, daring, 
rude. [A slave-girl, a girl>servant. 

|. i^jt^ chert, ("^dl or ^^) b. f. 

p. Jl^. c?u«, 8. f. Thing, commodity 

s. f. Chattels, furniture, 
goods. Ornaments, jewels, 
p. ^\1mJ^ chJatdnf s. m. lit. What 
is that ? An enigma, a riddle. 

H. CJij^ chtk, 8. f. Mnd, slime 

(dakh.) Thick milk. The tnrf or 
rushes on which the water pot of the 
dhenkli is made to rest when it is 
brought to the top of the well. 

H. (JlJj^ chihai, (f^g^"l<PI greasi- 

*• V 

ness). 1. s. f. A mixture of oil and 
dust. 2. adj. Greasy or dusty (as, 
cloth). 3. Clayey soil. 

H.jCv>^ ehikar, s. f . Mud, slime. 

a. Jo^ chil, (f^) s. f. A kite. 

U/ or b}U LMf^ Jj^ To 
snatch. (pnpil, disciple. 

a. h^^ chela, (^ or ^^) 8. m. A 

H. Lil»- ehtlay s. m. A thin oake of 

pulse-meal. Oppers* 
H. j^>- chain^ s. m. 1. Ease, (^h I ) 

relief, repose, tranquillity. 2. Deny- 
ing a bet in gaming, imposture. 

p. j^A>- ehin, y^[ to collect.) 

(iJ*^^) P*'*** *^*' ^'^ comp. Ga- 
thering, picking. A wrinkle, 
p. j^Jo- ch'in^ s. f. 1. Fold, plait, 

wrinkle, crease. U^ [ji^i^. y:ji^ 

To frown. UuU ^J:^^ 1- To ac- 
quiesce or submit to blame or loss* 
2. To cry out ; squeal. 3. To be de- 
feated, beaten (liy'jt) *. To acknow- 
ledge oneself beaten ; to give in. 6. 

s. m. China (^m)« 

a. IJLa^> chena or china or ehaind^ 
(^rf) s. m. A small species of mil- 
let. [To leak, see li^>- 

J. UuL^ China, (*3ig^) T. ,(d«kh.) 





chinti, B. f. Small ant. 
chenehif s. f. A needle-case. 

B. ^*XiuL:»- cheridki, 8. f. (dakh.) The 

hair braided : see i^%^ sign. 2. 

f. iJuLA^' ehtfifid, V, a. (dakh.) 1. To 
tnake a monnd or bank of earth. 

H. jJU^ ehin-i, b. f. Sugar (l;y)' 
(coarse; being, perhaps, so named 

from M^jj^ China, whence it might 
haye been first broaght to India ; as, 
■ngar-candy is called ^j*^^ appar- 
ently from jtA^ Kgypt*) 

^' L5^ ^'^■''■^» (^ft^) adj. Be- 
longing to, or prodnced in China. 

H. Lu^jX^ chyunta, 8. m. Black ant. 

B. ^jXiyX^' chyunti, s. f. The diminn- 

tive of Lu^**. See also ^^juUj^ 



^ Commonly called hd-i-muhmala or 

ha^i'huHi, the sixth letter of the 
Arabic alphabet, does not occor in 
Persian, nor is there in^Sanskrit any 
letter corresponding to 'it. it is one 
of the six guttural letters ; its sound 
being an aspiration much stronger, 
and formed deeper in the throat than 

that of S* In reckoning by ahjad it 
stands for eight : and, in astronomical 
tables, it denotes the sign, Sagittarius. 

It is sometimes substituted for S* as, in 

f^Ax^ which is for d/T JJJ (ten 
vices ; the proper name of that prince 

being i^^^^^j^ or the lord of 10,000 

horse : jyX) in Dan signifying 10,000). 

S Is BometimeB used for it; as fc3J*Uj 

properly iVi* I ^ J the name of a 

city bnilt by Noah, and also the name 
of a mode in mnsio. 



Heb. To seal, 

to sign, to confirm, to decide, to judge) 
part. act. used sabstantiyely, 1. A 
judge. 2. A black crow (probably, 
from decisions being formed by augury 
from that bird). 3. The proper name 
of a most liberal Arabian, sutnamed 

M ^ 

^JlL from his tribe ^Jo i whence 
4. {met.) adj. Liberal, generoua 
^l»^ hdjjt 8. m. See . ^.d-l». 


^- ^..A ^ l^- hajih, (^.^J^) B. m. 1. 

A porter, a door-keeper, a chamber- 
lain ; a minister of state. 2. A curtain, 
a skreen. 3. The eyebrow. 

A. d^j>-l»- hdjat, (^p-^ Heb. Moved 

round, frequented, stood in need of) 
s. f. 1. Need, want, necessity, poverty. 
2. Hope, wish. 3. A call of nature. 


wanted or desired. \iji «-f • 


>.l»> Producing what is 

1. To relieve one's necessities. 2. To 

go to the necessary. i\L« C^^l>> 

adj. 1. Necessitous, indigent. 2. 

Hoping, depending. )•• C^^l>> 
adj. Supplying or obtaining what is 

needed »J^^j Vi^**U- s. f. The 
obtaining what is wanted or needed 

(Plur. CL^U^U.)* 


^^^&-l^ hdjiy (part. act. from ^ he 

repaired to. Hob. He turned round, 
danced, celebrated a festival ; pecu- 
liarly; performed the pilgrimage to 
Mecca) s. m. A pilgrim to Mecca ; 
one who has performed the pilgrimage. 

j^JL<-ar ' i*^^ A.- pilgrim to both 

Mecca and Medina. (Plur. ^L^)« 

A. c±J Jl»- hadiSy (c±j4\^ Heb. Was 

new, existed for the first time) adj. 
Now, quite new, just appearing. 

Uyt c±Jfc)l»- To appear, to happen. 
A. JL)jl>>, hddi^a, s. m. (v^i\»- it was 

new). A novelty, accident, occnrrence, 
event, calamity, misfortune. 




A. Jjj'^^- !!^d%q^ (from |J*3^>*) adj. In- 
geaiouB, skilfuli indastrious, adept. 

A. JJ'^ A<^?ftg, (Jii^. Was acute, 
pricked, stitnalated) adj. Ingenious, 
skilful, excelling. [ardent. 

A. X>, hdrr, (part. act. of j>-) adj. Hot, 

A. (VmI»- AJ<std, (JuM^»- envied.) 1. 
adj. EnvioQS. 2. s. m. An enemy. 

A. Lil*- A««?w, (^yuL*. or ^^'.^- 
excluded.) 1. ady. Besides. 2. or 

M ^ ^ 

jd! li.1^ interj. God forbid, by no 
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

I. c^Uila- and ui3L^U 


^ ^ 

Far be it from thee, jdl^ stS^Ji^ 

God preserve thee from it. ^ s. 

A. JU«t^«»- hdshiyot (•^»-) 8. m. 1. 

A margin, hem, border. 2. A mar- 
ginal note. 3. People of inferior rank, 
retinue, attendants. 

A. Juc^«»- hdfilf (part. act. of ^ft^»- 

(Ju^^. was extracted.) s. m. 1. Pro- 
duce, prodact, re«alt, inference. 2. 
Acquiring. 3. Profit. 4. Corn. 6. 

A tax, duty, custom, revenue. (Juc'«»> 
u^.o The produce of multiplication. 
Uy (>cl^ 1. To acquire, obtain' 

2. To gain. Ui3 ^U (c^jfoHf) 

3. To produce. 4. To collect. 5. To 
learn. ^a> (Jufl». In short, briefly. 

liyb (Ju0l»- To be acquired, accrue. 
(Plnr. ejIcU.). 
A. ^l». hanxty (part. act. of f%'^9>> or 
i>. was present.) adj. Present, 

ready, prepared, at hand, willing, con- 
tent ; the second person (in grammar). 

i*tli ^l>- (be ready) adj. Content* 

attendant. |<«^u j^l»- s. f. Con- 

stant attendance. 

^ j^\ 

adj. Port, answering wittily, smart. 

_JL«l^ yc\^ 8. f. 1. The act of 
giving bail for another. 2. A bail-bond. 

•Isl)^ j^ld- adj. Present and seeing, 

A. Cl^lj^l»> hdMtrdt, 8. f. Command- 

ing or imprisoning demons, &o., rais- 
ing the devil. 

A* P. ^^l*- hdMxMt 8. f . 1- Break- 
fast, dessert. Z Levee, presence, the 
being present, attendance, audience, 
muster-roll. 8. An offering made to 

a saint, lil^ ^.^^l^- To breakfast. 

A. joi r^^ Aflfir-in, plar. (of j«^l») 
People present. 

A. ]ai^,j^ ^J^Sj (^oA>' he preserved it.) 

8. m. 1. A guardian, governor, pre- 
server. 2. Having a good memory. 
3. One who has the whole Quran by 
heart. 4. The poetical name of a ce- 
lebrated poet of Persia (Muhammad 
8 ham sudd in). 

A. J[l33l». hdjlga, 8. m. Memory, the re- 

tentive faculty. (Called also CJ^y 

A. ^«^- A'xXrim, (part. act. of a>^- 

he restrained him.) s. m. A ruler, a 
governor, a judge, a commander, chief 

magistrate, master. (Plur. ^0^ or 

Pers, ^;'^^^)* [judicial, judicially. 

A. P. JL!Lil>- ^icUcim-dna, adj. or adv. 

A. Jl*- haXj (cJ condition. Heb. 

Turned, passedi changed) s. ra. 1. 
State, condition, case. 2. Businers, 
matter, circumstance. 8. Present time, 
the present. 4. Ecstacy. 5. (used in 
revenue accounts to represent). The 
existing state of collections (Plur. 

J 1^1)- UT JU- To be inspired, to 
be thrown Into ecstacies. i^ I Jl»- 



adv. Whereaa, now that, since, tbongh, 
yet, however, even, although, notwith" 

Btanding. i^ji J^ *• '• Inquir- 
ing after health, &o, Jl^ ^ cJ^ 
Ujb To be altered from good to bad, 
to be disordered. Jlf J c3^ State. 

A. Sl». hdla, (for jSI»-) adv. Now, at 

present. An instalment of revenae 
(Dehli). [States, conditions. 

A. v:i^)l». AdZaf, 8. f. plnr. (of d^l^-) 
A. Vi::Jl>. fidlat, B. f . 1. State, posture 

of one's affairs. 2. Case. 3. Circnm- 
stanoes. 4. Nature. S* Constitution. 

6. Strength. (Plur. UL/i[^y 
A. ^l»- fi^l'i^ adj. 1. Modern, now. 2. 

adv. Present, now, soon. 8. Current 

(coin). 4. The government assess- 
ment (Dehli). [of Noah. 

A. A^, ham, n. prop. (Heb.) Ham son 

A. iV«l». hamid, (part. act. of <3^) 
8. m. A praiser (peculiarly, of God). 

A. «iA^l»> hamiM, (part. act. of l*^ 
Heb.) adj. Sour. 

A. (Ji^l>- hdmil, (part. act. of ^J^ 

bore. Heb.) 1. s. m. A carrier, porter, 
bearer. 2. adj. f. Pregnant (a wo- 
man), ij*^ (J^^ A commentary 
rehearsing, or annexed to, the text. 
A. ddL«l>. hdmila, ((J^ carrying.) adj. 

f. Pregnant. U Jb jdU«l>> To con- 
ceive, to be pregnant. 

A. -y*'.^- hdmi, (part. act. from l^ or 
V^;^l^ or J^ he protected it), s. m. 

A protector, a defender. Uj^J i<*^ 

To believe, acknowledge, confess, 
allow, own, consent. Sanda says : — 

J^ uv^ S-^ v^^ t/^;'*^^ J^ 

I will then consent to endure her 
capricious airs, when by soft persu- 
asion I have fortilied my heart for 

A. jC«l^- hawi^ (^^ ^o drew it to- 
gether.) part. act. 1. Comprehending, 
collectiiig ; collector. 2. Getting the 
upper hand. 

A. LJW ha* ft, s. A wall. 

A. (Jj3l»- ha* iky (part. act. of iljl»-) 
8. m. A weaver. 

A. (jS[^ hd*il, part. act. ( J^ inter- 
vening.) Restraining, hindering ; 
(used substantively) s. m. Hinderunce. 
shelter, defence, protection. 


huhh, (^L^^- was beloved.) 
Heb. 8. f. 1. Love, affection, friendship. 

2. Means, resources, power. 

^^L^ I Love of one's country, patrio- 

A. ^lA'V' habh^ s. f. 1. A berry, grain 
of com, fruit, ^. 2. (usually in 

Hind.) A pill. (PI. \^^y 
^jJojLm] I The purging croton nut^ 


The fruit of the balm 


of Gilead tree. .Ull 

rjk> habah (or huhab^ s. m. A 
bubble. Ufkl <^^J^>- To bubble. 

A. )4yA>> hahhoM'^y interj. Excellent! 
bravo ! How charming ! 

A. ij*J^ hahUi {iT*^^ he confined it.) 

(Heb.) s. m. 1. Retention, imprison- 
ment. 2. Prison. 3. A prieoner. 4. 
A bank, mound, dam. 5. A tank, 

pond, reservoir. J»jJ I iy*^ s. m. 
A retention of urine, a strangury. 

• i*.iij I ii«*As» Suffocation. \^j**^ 



A(3 8. m. 1. Retaining the breath 

(which some faqirs do as a religions 
act for a very long time. This is 
esteemed a means of prolonging life, 
on the principle, that every man has 
a predestined nomber of inspirations 
to make, and the more slowly these 
are performed, the longer will be the 
period of his existence). 2. An 

^' )n. 
at, ) 

prop, (^j^ 
black.) The 

A. i)^1a>- hahaah 
A. ^LwJk»- hahashat 

people or race of Abyssinians. 

A. ^JLk>^ hahash'lt (belonging to 

jjjjk*-) adj. Abyssinian, or Ethio- 
pian, a Caffre, a negro. 

A. (Jjk^ haU, (Heb.) 8. m. 1. Rope, 
cord. 2. A league, alliance, compact. 

Jj , J 1 (Jj^^ Jngular vein. 

A. ^U>> ha}}}ia, B. m. 1. One berry, one 

gprain, one seed. 2. A particle, a part, 
a jot, tittle. 3. A measure oqusil to 
two barley-corns. 4. A pill. 

haVib^ ((«^^^»>) adj. (used 

substantively), Beloved, a lover, a 
sweet-heart, a friend, a mistress. 

A. ,\a>- ^af/<i, conj. Until, up to, as 
far as, so that, in such a manner, and 

thus. w*w^ or ^K^l or .^ jJiJ I ^: 

o o ^ 

( .^JkL« or ^^i Power, or ^^^ 

Means) adv. To the best of one's 
ability, to one's utmost. 

A. 2Z hajj, (J^ moving round.) (Heb.) 

B. m. 1. Act. of moving round, or 
going to a place. 2. Pilgrimage to 
Mecca. 3 To visit the pilgrim shrine- 

A. u^'^ hiitlht (l^-^ veiled ) s. m. 
1. Modesty, bashful ness, shame, con- 
cealment. 2. A veil, a curtain, (l^t^tj)* 

8. Night. \jS s^^ 1. To cover, 
hide, conceal. 2. To shame. 

A. jl^ hijdz, \J^ To restrain, to in- 
tervene, to separate) 8. m. 1. Mecca 
and the adjacent country, Arabia Pe- 
trroa. (Arabia is by some divided into 
two parts only ; viz. Yaman and 
Uijdzi others make of it five divi- 

sions ; namely, Tainan, Tih^j/ma, Atmb, 
and Hijdz. Hijaz is the chain of 
mountains extending from Taman to 
Syria ; and has this name from inter* 
vening between Najd and Tihdma), 
2. Name of one of the three principal 
Persian modes of music (the other 

two being ^l^iMJi and ^'t^* 
A. A^ hajjam, (adj. superl. from 
Cl^'w^L^. <»^ cupped) 8. m. A cap- 
per, scarifier, barber, phlebotomist. 
A. C2^v«l;^ hijdmat, (^^ He cnp- 

ped, Ac.) 8. f. Capping, scarifying, 
shaving. Plunder, robbery. 

A. Vi^^ hujjat, 8. f. (^ argued.) 
1. An argument, proof, reason. 2. 
Altercation, disputation. (*, * r^)- 

A. . .J^ hujjat-i, adj. used enbetan- 

tivcly. 1. A sound reasoner. 2. A dis- 
putatious person, a sophist, wrangler. 

A. j^ hajavj 8. m. (^j^ hindered.) A stone 
t}yJi I y^s. m. The black stone in 

the temple of Mecca. <^>V^ ^ J^ 

B. m. A calcareous stone used in me- 
dicine, jows-stonc, resembling an olive 
or acorn, found in Palestine. 

A. x^ hujra, (j^) s. m. A coll, a 

closet, a chamber, a private room. 

A. <d^ hajla, 6. m. 1. The female 

partridge. 2. The ornamented 
chamber where the bride sits, the car- 
tain which hangs before her, the mar- 




boandfl. UtL« 

hajm, B. f. Thickness, bigness. 

A. 4^^. haddf s. f. (tX^ was contermi- 
nous with.) 1. Boundary, limit, ex- 
tremity, extent. 2. An impediment. 
8. A definition. 4. A starting-post. 
5. Panishment agreeable to the laws 
of Mohammad, which fix the exact 
number of lashes, <kc. to be inflicted 
for certain crimes. Also, same as 

4y».j) or Sj'jJ ^M J^- Beyond 
bonnds, extremely, lift Job 4Sk»- To 

bound, terminate. \jJl ^y». To pnsh 
any thing to extremity, to go beyond 

To punish. 

A. JiJk^. haddddt (JJiX»>) s. m. A 


A. P. ^jJb 4X»^ had'hand-i^ s. f . The 

settling and demarcation of bound- 

A. v*;.>.\*v. hiddat, s. f. 1. The edge of 
a sword. 2. Keenness, acuteness, 
acrimony, passion, vehemence, impe- 
tuosity, poignancy, virulence. 

A. ^.^,»-^*- hadas or hadSf (Hob.) s. m. 

1. Any thing existing for the first 
time, recently happening, novelty, 
contingency, event, accident. 2. An 
accidental cause of impurity, accord- 
ing to MusalTturn traditions, whereby 
it becomes unlawful to commence or 
finish a prayer without ablution. 

^. i^^S^- kudnts, 8. m. Novelty, the 

being new or recent, invention. 

A. 4>aJ^». hudud^ 8. pinr. (of «X»> 

boundaries.) 1. Boundaries, defini- 
tions. 2. Penal laws. 

A. c!^,4V»- hadi^y (k±i^fcX>- narrated.) 

s. m. f. 1. A history, a tradition. 2. 
The traditional sayings and doings 
of Muhammad, having for the most 
part the force of law ; the Talmud of 

the Mohamedans. 


A. djS», hadid, (iy»- Uob. Was sharp 

or it sharpened) s. m. Iron. 
A* j£ji4V». hadiqa, s. m. A garden. 

A. .4V». hoMarf 8. m. 1. Caution, pru- 
dence. 2. Pear. 


A. t^jLV"^ hoM/fB.m. (dJi^ cutoff.) 

Taking away, ejecting, cutting off a 
letter or syllable of a word, apocope. 

A. .». ^urr, (Heb. and Chald). adj. Free, 

(not a slave) well-bom genteelly bom. 
^ harTy 8. Heat, ardour. « 

A* cyt'.»> hararaty (a being hot. 
Heb.) s. f. Beat, burning fever, 

ardour, passion (lT'^^) fervour, 
fieriness; zeal. t^J^ ^"^77^* ^' ^* 


8. f. 

Fanaticism. j<jj»c 
Natural heat of the body. 

A. t^**^^'.^^ hirdsaty ((/>*t^' guarding.) 
8. f. Care, guarding, escort. 

A. cJi^ harraf, adj. (superl. from 
V^ -«.**-> 1. Ingenious, clever. 2. 
Pleasant, facetious. 

A. /♦I^ haram, (/^j^ was unlawful. 
Heb.) adj. Unlawful, prohibited, 
sacred, wrong, j^ (• j*" ^^ t^ j" 
j\^ 8. m. One who lives on the 

wages of iniquity. i<- fc^'J^' /^- 8. f. 
Wickedness, rascality, illegitimacy. 

bastard. 2* s. m. A wicked rogue, 
rascal, ijr.o A^r^* b- f* Forbidden 
acts (particularly, adultery and forni- 
cation). Ul^ <• 7*" '^^ receive the 

wages of iniquity. Jiue A^r>' Spinal 

marrow, spinal cord. 

A. ^1 j»' haram-if s. m. A robber, 

assassin, doer of what is forbidden or 
unlawful, wicked, atrocious, rascal, 

cheat, adj. (dakh.) Illegal, ic^'t^* 


]1> Bastard. 


A. L.^.3. harbf (Heb.) 8. f. War. 



A. \iA hxrhdf B. m. A cbameleoH. 

A. JD»»- harha, (i^y^* made war, 

plundered.) s. m. ArmB, warlike ap- 
paratus. % (dakh.) A place of 

deposit for arms, &o* by iJ 
attack, to tRcuat (at). ^ *^ 


A. i^j^- harh't, adj. Warlike, relating 
to war, hostile. «. A warrior. 

A. i^j^ har?,, (Heb.) s. m. Plongh- 
ing, sowing ; a plough-share. 

A. jA hirx, B. m. 1* (Heb.) An amu- 
let, a charm. 2. A fortification, an 
asjlnm, a place of refuge. 

A. . M..». hxrs. 8. m. Same as l^^-^umI 

iM.>> hire, s. m. Same as \J^ 

A. ^jOj»' hirsj (^^jDJ^ hankered after.) 

8. f. 1. Desiring eagerly, avarice, 
ambition. 2. The love of imitation. 

A. LmJj^' harf, 8. m. 1. A letter of 

the alphabet. 2. A particle (in gram- 
mar). 3. Inverting, changing, turn- 
ing: (as, a coat). 4. A crooked pen. 5. 
Writing diagonally. 6. A margin, 
side. 7. A word. 8. The summit of 
a mountain. 9. (in Hind.) Blame, 

eensure, reproach. (Plnr. c^a^^-) 
^vs^ or lac^ •— •jP* Tlie letters 

of the alphabet, an alphabet, d^^ 
\jJL I Being just able to read, know- 
ing the letters. U I d-^»»- (Heb. 
Infamy). The approach of infamy, to 
be incurreil infamy. lJ^C> ^— ^j^- 

To censure, to criticise. 43j J y <«^*»- 
Disjnnctive conjunct! ou. * ■ ^ 
JUxiJ The adverb of similitude, 
u-ft; jJ ^f^ The definite ar- 

tide. j^S^ u-i^ The indefinite 
•rticle. ^Cfj ^j^ b. The talking. 

^^j d.>> adj. Talking, conversing; 
Jbj«M *m^ji>' Conditional oonjunctioir, 
^-Aar^ u»9^»> A consonant. 

*>ri'^^ A long vowel (i. e. I or - 

or ^^y jJ6 Umij^- 8. m. A critic, 
caviller, carper, censorious. *m^j>' 
s^jJ^ 8. f. Criticism, cavil, censo- 
riousness. \jx d^.^ To asperse, de- 
fame, blot, brand, blemish, u^.^ 
Ijj Interjection. 

9 9 

A. I3j»- b^ harfa'n, harfan^ adv. Let- 
ter by letter, literally, syllable by 

*• C:^,a- kirfat, B. t. ) '• "^"^^^ f^ 
J . •' » I profession, 

( craft, handi- 
A. ^^ hirfa, 8. m. ) craft. 2. 

Skill, ingenuity, cunning. 8. (dakh.) 
Deceit, wickedness, see .Cc 

A. di^o-^- harakiitf s. plur. of Ci 

A. c:^^ karakat, s. f. 1. Motion, 

gesture, action (usually improper). 
2. Prevention. 3. A short vowel 

\SJ Cl^»^ To move, to do or to 
commit an improper action. 
A. ^-^ haram, adj. 1. (^j^ was for* 

bidden.) (Heb.) Sacred, forbidden. 
2. B. m. The temple of Mecca (or, 
the court of the temple), a sanctuary. 
3 8. f. A concnbine. A female slave 
who becomes a mistress. 4. A daughter, 
women's apartments, a seraglio, a 
harem. [pulse, disappointment. 

A- iJ^T^ hirmdny (At>-) b. m. Be- 

A L**^^^ hunnatt (,* r^- being invio- 
lable.), s. f. I. Dignity, character. 

( mj) I )• 2. Chastity, honour. 9. 
Reverence, esteem. 


A. jly^' harir, {j>') 8. m. Silk*cloth. 


A* ^j>*>' ^anra, {^^ a.m. A kind of 

• pap of milk «Bd flour; caadle (siijl, 
sugar, milk and water, aniseed and 
cardamomB boiled to a thin consist- 

A. \^j^„^ Wfr-i, l.adj. Of silktsloth. 
2. 8* f. A very thin kind of paper. 

^ f^jDlJ>' harU, C/^f^*) a<ij' Covet- 
ous, Toracious. An imitator. 
A. v^^ hanf, (cJ^) 1. adj. 

Clever, cunning. 2. Pleasant, faceti- 
ous. 8. 8. m. A rival, an enemy. 4. 
An associate, a partner, a friend. 

A. >J> •>> harimf (*»>-) 8. m. 1. A 

s^icred place, a sanctuary. 2. The en- 
closure of the temple of Mecca. 3. 
A house or dwelling. 

A. z*^ ha%m^ B. Binding, fastening 

(a load). The being resolved (upon 
a thing) and persevering (in it), firm 
resolution, vigilance, industry. 

A. ^^V>' Au»n, B. m. Grief, sadness. 

(plar. ^]^1)' [grieved. 

A, ^y>^ Aa»i». (^;j^) adj. Sad, 

A. kj*»^ hisSf B. m. {tj^:^ he per- 

ceived it.) 1. Sense, sentiment, feel- 
ing, imagination. 2. Sympathy. 

Internal sense. 


\Sj{^ External sense. 
\1^jJm Common sense. 

^ 4^ 



h\»a\ (« 


B. m. Computation, reckoning, ac- 
counts. Arithmetic, estimation, judg- 
ment. IJj^ d^^ \^>m:>~ To clear 

accounts, liyb ifJ^U ^^Imx^- To be 
cleared or settled (accounts). L^U*jh>> 

v.^lO s. m. Accounts. 
UjJ To take an account. 
iimO o s. m. An accounitaut. 

A. ^Mi.lMfc^' ha88d8y adj. (sape^l. from 

iM»»-) 1. Possessed of the five sen- 

ses. 2. (used substantively) m. An 
animal. [sword. 

A* aI^m^ ^UMm, j^^JM^^ 8. f. A sharp 

A. ^Imk^- ^ii«8an or /^«san, adj. V-ery 
good, most beautiful. 

A. <^_ ^^.*>. >ia8a(, (Heb. He competed, 

estimated) s. m. 1. Pedigree, nobility. 
2. Numher, computation. 3. Quantity, 
measure, proportion, value. 4. Way, 

mode, manner. 5. Religion. 

I • 8. m. Pedigree, lineage. 

A. t^, ^>v-^ ha%ht 1. adv. Agreeably, 

conformably, according to, in con- 
formity with 2. s. m. Computing;, 
reflecting upon, considering. 3. Sufli- 
ciency. 4. See Aa««&, sign. 3. and 4. 

As far as possible. 


o ^^^< 

f ^ 

or jl^JI 

Agreeably to the 

c^;-« P ^ ^ 

order. J%a*>«J I iw*^***'^ Agreeably 

o ^^ 


to custom. Jl>- (w^A**d- Agreeably 
to circumstances, as exigency may 

require. JJWJ ^>>^*»» '» - Agreeably 
to one*8 desire. 

A. iXMK^- /^ad, 8. f. m. ( JuM^»- envied) 
Envy, malice, emulation, ambition. 

A. Cli^yAiA^- ha,&rat^ if**-^' taken off, 

stripped. Heb. Defect, want, priva- 
tion) s. f. Regret, grief, desire. 

TidS\ K^Jfu^' adj. Overwhelmed 


j^^**--- hum, 8* m. (ijt*wki>' waabeaoti- 

with grief* S J; CL^.om'v adj. Wobe- 
£^ne, afflicted. Keep. 
A. ^jMA». Aasavi, (_A«*>- was beautifol.) 
1. adj. Good, beaatifal. 2. A proper 
namey a son of ^J^ Ali* 


ful). Beauty, eleganoe, goodness. 
dl>. i^j»*^>' A good disposition. 

^ID ^^/**^ B' TO- ^ S^od opinion, a 
favonrablo jadgmont. 

A. 4>MM»- hasud, (JuMb»- envied) adj. 

Envions. malignant. % huaiidt s. 
Envying, envy. [ful. Handsome. 

A. ^^JUiA^ hasinf (^j»**a^) adj. Beanti- 

A. ^JLmj^». Au«ain, (dim, of ^^^»m^.) 
adj. 1. Good, beautiful. S. A pro- 
per name, the younger son of ^Lc 

A. ^lilij ^jiLl^ haahshdah'haah- 
ahdsh, adj. Joyful. Hilarious, 

A. ii^\jL»' huahaaha, (^^^) 8- ™- 

The remains of life, last breathings 
of a dying man, 

Jitj^ haahr, (vAft^ collected 

together.) (Hob) s. f. 1. A meeting, 
congregation, conoonrse. 2. The re- 

surrection. Ji^ ' a%J> Day of resur- 
rection. 8. Mourning. 4. Yell. 

A. CLylfA^' /tas^araf, s. plur. (of 

/keu/imaf, s. f. (^^mm»> 

regarded with awe.) 1. State, dig- 
nity. 2. Equipage, retinue. 

hasho, (l«i^) s. m. 1. 

il^«^l>.^ 1. The buzzing noise of a 
crowd, uproar, tumult. 2. Reptiles, in- 

sects, animal-cules. {J^y^ C1^i.mL»> 
Reptiles, insects. 

A. JL£Lu*»' hofihoifa, s. m. Glaus penis. 
A. M^Z»:>^ Hasham, s. m. Train, equi- 
page, suite, attendants. 

Stuffing a {JlUow, cushion, bed, Ac 
also, whatever it may be stuffed with. 
2. People of the meanest condition. 3. 
Small camels. 8. Trash. 

A. .La>. hisdr, (jAa>-) s. m. An en- 
closure, a fence, besieging, a fortifica- 
tion, fort, fortress, bulwark. 

A yii9»- hasTf (Heb.) s. m. 1. A si^e, 

blockade. 2. Reckoning, conntiDg, 
number. 8. Dependence. 

A. ijOia^' ^y<M, 8. plur. (of &iA>-) 

Shares, lots, portions. 

A. ^j'^^ A»#n, (Heb. The arm, by which 
a thing is protected) s. m. A castle, 

a fortification! 



An impregnable fortress. 2. The 
title of a book of Musalmdn traditions. 

A. JmA^ Aiitfiil, ((Jk<^»-) s. m. Ac- 
quisition, profit, advantage, produce. 

A. a^^. hiaaaf ((^^9»- to divide. Heb. 
To cut, to divide), s. m. Share, part, 

lot, portion, division. [iS iLa^- To 
share, divide, distribute. 
A. vXiA^. haatr, (^j^a^-^ s. m. A mat. 

fied, strong. 

A. .Li^- huMMar, B. plur. (of •«^l»>) 

The present, the people present, at- 
tendants* Audience. 

ii». Aai ar, s. m. A fixed residence, 

homo, resting, remaining in a place, 


hasrat, s. f. 1. Presence. 

2. Dignity. 3. Majesty, highness, Ac. 
(a title addressed to tho great : and, 
when used respectfully instead of a 
pronoun or name, the gender of the 
person to whom it has reference is 


adopted). ^J^«^*' J^ 

His majesty, the shadow of God, the 

king. [xjJLC i^jjirt^ JesoB Christ, 

(Plo. CL;l^«a»-)* 4. Mohammed. 

A« fv^»- AttiNr, (j^n^*) B. m. Pre- 

aence, attendance, court, government. 
The presence, the royal presence, the 
person of the prince. 

A. P. ^.y^». huMUT'ty 8. m. An at- 
tendant, oonrtier. 8. f. Presence, adj. 
Of the court, royal, divine. 

A« /^x^»- Aoffs, (^^^a»-) 1. adj. Low. 

2. 8. f. The lower extremity or sur- 
face of any thing. 8. The foot of a 
mountain. 4. (in astronomy) The 
lower apsia in an eccentric orbit, (op- 
posed to 4^^')* 
A. t^_ ^U^ Hatah, 8. f. Firewood. 

A JUk]o»- hutama. s. m. Intense fire; 
first of the seven hells. 


A. )a>' hagg, 8. m. (]a>' was fortunate.) 

I. Pleasure, delight, enjoyment. 2. 
Flavour, taste. 3. Good fortune, 

felicity. (Plnr. ^^y ^Uu 1: 

Sensual pleasures. 

A. c:^^.A». hifdjfat, (SaA>) 8. f. 1. 

Memory. 2. Custody, preservation, 
care, guardianship, protection. 

A. l3A». hifgf B. m. 1. Memory* 

By heart. 2 Custody, guardian - 

ship, keeping. Vw^l^ iaA»- 

Observing etiquette, attention to the 
rank, Stc, of persons addressed. 

A. (J^A»> hafi, 8. m. An assembly, 
council, congregation. 

A. r^ haq^i ii3^' ^^^ "if^'-) (Heb- 
To describe, engrave, decree) 1. adj. 

Just, right, true. (cl,Of)) 2. s. m. 

The deity. 8. The truth. 4. Justice, 
rectitude. 6. Right, due, just claim, 
lot, portion, share* proprietorship. 6. 

Equity. (Plur. J^to- Rights, duties, 
laws, just claims). U-i iJi ^f^- To 

render every one his due. 15***^' ^J^ 
8. m. The wages of labour, recom- 

pense for trouble. jdJi £»> The 
rights of God, punishment inflicted 

O ff«0 ^ ^ 

for religious offences, ij^ull 

The rights of man, punishment of 

crimes against society. |Ju^ jjf^^ 

8. f. Seeing the truth. SSmxj ^fsw 
Approving what is right, equitable, 
honest. jJvjo £^. God who is the 

most high, the Almighty. iJf^* 
^aU Destmction of right, perversion 

of justice. «»- ^p»- adj. Seeking 
truth. .ijJi». Rightful, owner, pro- 
prietor. ii«wU*t ;;>. adj. 1. Know- 
ing and performing one's duty, render- 
ing to every one his due. 2. Grateful, 

I^amUm^ iJf^' ^' ^' Knowledge of 
what is right or of God, gratitude. 
^*xto- 8. f. Truth -epeaking. ^^ 

^yJbc With respect to, as for, as to, 

in behalf, for. ^^ U 2^ Right or 

wrong. Unjustly. [God. 

A. Ia»- haqqaj adv. Really, truly, by 

c^^ ^ 

A. CJ>tlA>. haqarai^ (y^ ^^ ^^^* 

tempt ible.) s. f. Contempt, scorn, 
disgrace. [divine. 

A. ^Ia». haqfiani, adj. Of the deity, 

A. jJlft:>. lyiqa'n, 8. (plnr. of Cl^JLto-) 
Truths, Ac. 

A. JUA»- huqna^ ^\^f^^^^ ^' ™' ^ 

syringe* a squirt, a clyster-pipe, a 
clyster. An injection. 

A. J*to- huquq^ 8. m. plur. (of ^jf^) 
Rights, dues, just claims, laws* 



A. Jui^ ^t*99a, 8. m. A casket or little 

box, a sort of rocket used in war, the 
pipe and its apparatus, hj which 
tobacco is smoked through water. 

jO SAs>^ A juggler. |1*\J dSL»^ The 
servant who prepares the huqqa. 

A ^ ^ ^ 

A. -jLto- Aa^ir, (from CLJ).U^ ) adj. 1. 
Contemptible. 2. Thin, lean. 3. Vile. 
lJuL>> r^^>^ To contemn, to despise. 

»• •• 

A. v:::^^iULA^ haqtqat, (Jf*-) 8. f. 1. 

Truth, rightnesB, sincerity, reality, 
fact. 2. Account, narration, relation, 
story, state, condition, explanation. 

A. UjLaa^- Aa9iga^an, adv. Really, 
truly, in reality. 

A. ^jAJJi>- /iagig-i, adj. Real, trnei 

certain, accurate, just, actual, own. 

^Jl^ ^iuJi^ A full brother. 

A. (J.^^. hakkt 8. m. Scratching out. 

A. ViL/1»> halikak^ (adj. superl. of 

sLS-^^^ B. m. A cutter and polisher 
of precious stones. 
A. aI^>- huk^ri\^ 8. plur. (of A«>W) 

Governors, rulers, commanders, jud- 
ges, magistrates. 

A. c^i^^ hil'dyat, (^^ or ^J^ 

To narrate, Heb. The palate ; speech) 
8. f. A history, romance, story. 

A. j^i^^ huhn, 8. m. Order, command, 

decree, sentence, authority, jurisdic- 
tion, precept, effect, influence, effi- 
ciency, permission, a warrant, a call, 
demand, requisition, article (of faith, 

Ac.) (Plur. A^K^]y jljJl j^ 
Hitting the mark aimed at, obedient to 
directions, ^u j^i^ *(i*^^ with 

the part. act. of ^f^^j To drive) 
Ruling, exercising sovereignty, a^^ 
tt^j 8. f. Sway, sovereignty. 

1^ i 

hakanif s. m. 



manded.) 1. An umpire, a mediator, 
an arbitrator. 2. (Heb.) Elnowledge, 
wisdom, &c. 

A. L4Jl». hukamd, s. plur. (of mJ^.^-) 

Philosophers, sages, physicians. 

A. c:..^^. hikinat, s. f. (a^ 

knowledge) 1. Wisdom, knowledge. 2. 
Skill, cleverness, contrivance. 3. Phi- 
losophy, mystery, miracle. 

A. _JuS.A. hikmaUi, adj. Clever, artful, 

of wisdom, philosophical. 

A. P. ^iX^- hukm-i, adj. Obedient 

to directions. (Generally, applied to 
medicine unfailing). 

A. ^;:^v«jC>. hulcumat, (a^^ unfail- 
ing order.) s. f. Dominion, sover- 
eign ty, government, authority. 

U^ C^^%^^ To govern, to rule. 
A. ^S*^ kaJck'ty (c^»-) 8. m. An 


o *^c 

A. jfJ^C^' hakim, (y^-t^'^ science.) 

adj. used substantively. A sage, a 
philosopher, a physician. 

A. P. ^Ua^^ hakim-dna, adj. Phy 
sician-like, philosophical. 

A. P. ^•Oxd- haktm-if s. f. The prac- 
tice of medicine. 

A. Jl^ hall^ (Heb.) s. m. ((J^ he 

untied it). Solution, loosing. \jS (J>>> 
To loosen, solve, dissolve, discuss, di- 
lute, liyb (Jl>- To be solved. 

A. ^«L>- halldj, (^J^>-) 8. m. A com- 
ber, a carder of cotton. 
A. jJJU- haldl, (i>>- being lawful.) 

(opposed to ^i^^. adj. 1. Legal, 

allowable, lawful, lawful to oat, right. 
2. (A woman) laying aside moom- 



inf^ for tbe death of her hns- 
band, at the ezpiratioa of 100 days 
(daring which time she is not by law 

allowed to marry), j^ (J2l>- b*™- 

A person of the lowest caste, g^enerally 
a sweeper, or employed in the mean- 
est and dirtiest occupations (so called, 
because he well and lawfully earns his 

food. U.^ . !]!>- 1. To make law- 


fnl ; to slay according to the forms 
prescribed by the Muhammadan law. 

2. To murder. 8. To marry. 

A. m^ haldla, s. f. A woman married 

again with her first divorcer after she 
had been divorced by her second hus- 

A. Cl^^]l». haldwat, (1^ Hob. To mb, 

to polish ; and, thence, to be smooth 
or sweet. Gh.) s. f. Sweetness. 

A. sA^-. hulha, 8. The plant fenugreek. 

(In Hindi ^ji^)' 
A. jcaI^" haldblf adj. From, or be-, 

longing to Aleppo. 
A. c^Juil>»- hiltit, B. Assafoetida. 

A. V p1^>- half, 8. (cfii»- he swore.) 
An oath. Swearing by what is sacred. 

A. ^l^- halq^ s. m. The windpipe, the 

A. /«%Ai>' hulqam^ 8. m. See ,Jfi»-* 

A. a[Al>- halqa^ 8. m. (^JfAS^ he drew a 

circle.) 1. A ring, circle, hoop, link ; 
an assembly, a fraternity; a village 
circuit, a boundary lino, which com- 
prises the lands and dwellings of a 
mauza*. 2. A kind of firework. 

3. A knocker (of a door). 4. The 

collar (of harness). lAt^ ^uil»- 

A slave, a servant : i. o. One who 
wears a ring in his ear, as a badge of 

servitude, ^if Juil»> Knocking (at a 

A. ^ti^* hilnif (^JL>' was mild and long- 

Buffering, forbearance. Heb. To be 
fat, hMlthy, restraint of temper, 

exercise of patience, s. m. Gentleness 
(C^^ljy) gravity, wisdom. 

A. A^ hulniy (|Ji>- He dreamt.) A 

A. ly.^- halwd, (Jl»- being sweet.) s. m. 

A kind of sweetmeat made of flour, 
ghl, and sugar. (Or, »m/J, ght, sirup, 
Jchoprd, and spices.). Sweetmeats of 

all sorts; an electuaryt ij^y** ^9^ 
s. m* Name of a sweetmeat. 

A. jji Jl^- hulwdnt s. m. A kid, a lamb. 

A. ijJlJ^ halwd'i, (1J^) s. m. A 

confectioner ; the name of a caste or 
tribe in the lower Doah, 

A. (JJl»> hultllf s. m. 1. Descent. 2. 

Stopping or sojourning. 8. Entering 
or penetrating. 4. Transmigration. 

A. jd». hulla, 8. m. A robe, a garment. 

A. ^Jl^ huli, (!>. Heb. To polish) 8.f. 
Jewels, female ornaments. 

A. fujl^ halim, (^J^ ) adj. Mild, gentle, 

humane, affable, unassuming. 2. Kind 
of food dressed in the Muhar^am, 
% (dakh.) Linseed. 

A. X^ himdr, (Heb. from -T* To 

be hot, to be red : because asflcs in the 
east are of this colour. Vide Ezech. 
XXII I. 20.) s. m. An ass. 

A. V^-'^r" hamdqat, (^Z^ was foolish) 
s. f. Folly, stupidity. 

1. Jl^ hammdl,o.dl. (superl. from jji^/ 

used substantively, A porter, a carrier 
of burdens. 

A. jj'^ hammdlaf s. f. A female carrier 
of burdens. 

A* aIt" hammdniy (from m^ or ^^ 

became hot. Heb. To become warm) 
8. m A hot bath, bagnio. A Turkish 
bath. % hamdirif s. A pigeon. 

A. . ^'*5^ kammdm-ij s. m. A keeper of 

a bath or an attendant at a bath. 



A. Ci^.l^ himayaty (l^) s. f. Pro- 
tection, defence, gnardianship, pairon- 

age, countenance. \iji Li^,v^ To 
defend, vindicate. To befriend one. 

A. P. j^ol^ himayat^, 8. m. f. Pro- 
tector, assistant, colleague. 

A* cJJIt" hamd'il, ( J^ bore.) 8. f. 1. 

A sword-belt hung from the shoulders. 
2. A necklace of flowers. 3. A small 
Qur^dn saspended to the neck as an 
amulet. [To praise or bless (God). 

A. SZ" hamd, 8. f. Praise. Uy SZ" 

A. ^ humfj } 

>J ' >adj. Red. (Heb.). 

A. ]j^ kamrdy \ 

A. Sf5^ humq or humuq, s. m. Foolish- 
ness, inadvertency. [Fools. 
A, \a^ hwrnaqa, 8. plnr. (of ^jfT'l)' 
A. Q^ havnlf 8. m. 1. A burden, a 

load. \iJ ;J^ To load, to impute, to 

accuse, to ascribe. 2. The fruit (of 
the womb), presrnancj. 8. Fruit (of 
any kind). % hamcd, Aries, the first 
sign of the Zodiac A ram. A large 

A. JUL^ hamlay B.m. 1. Attack, storm. 
2. (fig-) Concubitus. t« I ji^ At- 
tacking, li^ A^ To assault, assail, 

attempt. (Plnr. d^l^)- 
A. LZ" hwmmd, s. A fever, j^^ 
_M$ . A quartan ag^e. 

A. C^^J^;' Aamit/af, (It") b. f. Ardour, 
zeal, a nice sense of hononr. 

A. CiJ^ h^wfadiy m. 1 (*^) adj. 1. 

r Praised. 2. 
A. 8Jc^ Aam7(ia, f. J Laudable, 

glorious. S'^Ul^ (jf^' I^andable 

qnalities or manners. ^^^iT" <-^L^»i 
Laudable qualities. 

A. U>r hintidy "hinMy s. f. The treo with 

which the Indians stain tboir hands 

and feet. (Lawsonia inermis). The 
Indian myrtle, henna (^J,l J f-'»)* 

A. p. Jlx>.. Atntia-i, adj. Of the ooloar 

of hinnd, stained with hinnd, 
A. %jsS^^' hanjara, s. m. The throat. 

A. (JJail^- hangal, s. Ck)looynth, or bit- 
ter porging apple. 

A, ]^ hawwd, (Heb. from . .^ Heb. 

To live; "because she was the mother 
of all living/' Gen. iii. 20.) n. prop. 
Bve, the mother of mankind. 

A. l1^J1«>- hawddifiy 8. plur. of ^ jl^- 

A. P. CL^liJi^^ haioadifi'dt^ s. plor. of 
plur. Oocnrrenoee, misfortunes. 

A. cf;'^^* hawdfi, (from #1^- J 5^ 

having a white skin. TIeb. and Ch.) 
s. m. 1. Having a white skin. 8. A 
washerman, a fnller. 3. A friend, 
companion. 4. An apostle, disciple or 
apostle (of Jesus Christ), a friend as- 
sociate, companion (of Muhammad. 

A. tr*^^ hawdsny s. m. plnr. (of 
AjjI^. from ir*^') The senses. 

^Ui-lj tT'l*^' adj. Ont of one's 
senses, beside one's self, crazy. 

diuiJk^ imI^>> The five senses. 

A. ^L>" haw d^hti s. plnr. of 

JUutl>*) Skirts, margins, borders. 
A- ^JyttfL^. AawwtiZ, (<Jw«a>-) s. m. I. 

plar. of Ajo^^- 2. An animal of 

whose skin they make garments. 3. 
A pelican. 

A. CuX!^ hawdVd, ( Jl«>- Heb.) a. f. 

Things given in charge, trusts; cus- 
tody. A lock up. 

A. P. .IjJi*^^ hfiwdl-ddfy (auik^- and 

part. act. of j^y^>(3) s. m. A mili- 
tary officer of inferior rank. 



A. ^1^ hawila, s, m. Charge, cus- 
tody, care, possession. Beference, 

allasion. li^ ^\^ To give in charge 

or possession, to commit, consign, in 

trust, deliver. iJb J dJL». To make 
a reference, to cite, quote an authority. 

^' L? 7^ Hawaii, e. f. Environs, out, 

akirts, suburbs. 
A* CL?^ hitf s. f. 1. A large fish. 

2. The sign Pisces. A whale. 

A. jf^ hUr, ^(from j\^ Heb. 

A. t^j^ hurt, ) and Ch. To be 

white, to see, to have intensely white 
and black eyes) s. f. A virgin of pa* 
radise, a black-eyed njmph. 

A. JJ;%>" hauzaj (Heb. from ;l^- 

Heb. To collect, to accumulate) s. m. 
A tract, side, part, middle. 

A. aLc*^- hauaala, (JL^^- stomach.) 

8. m. 1. The stomach, maw, crop, 
craw. 2. (met.) Capacity, ambition, 
ability, courage, boldness, plack, spirit, 
desire, resolution, s. f. Capacity. 

A. (^«3i- hcugf (^fji\^ ) s. m. A re- 
servoir, a cistern, pond, the bason of a 
fountain, a tank, vat, fountain. 

A. J*d* haul, (Heb.) 1. Changing, re- 
turning. 2. Passinf;; by or over. 3. 
Detaining. 4. Power, strength. 6. 
Deceit. 6. A year. % hawaly adj. 
Squinting, blind of an eye. 

^' 0^>*" ^«7eli, s. f. ( J^ girt.) 

House built of bricks or stone, dwell- 
ing, the districts attached to, and in 
the vicinity of, the capital of a pro- 


haiyf (Heb.) adj. Alive. 

I*^JL9 adj. Eternal, immortal, (epithet 
of God.) ^^L>y4-J ^9- Eternal. 

A. ljk>- Aaytf,(^d». having shame.) s. f. 
Modesty, shame. 1 1j'<J^^> adj. Modest. 


A. CLjUsw hayat, (^^>- living,) s. f. 
Life. Zj 'J CjU>- New life, regenera- 
tion (ased to express recovery from 
severe illness, the pleasure derived 
from meeting with a friend, &o ). 

A. c:^;AXA£». haUfiyat, (C*Oia- ) s. f . 1. 

Ubiquity, universality. 2. Capacity, 
ability, merit. 3. Conditional pro- 
position. Appearance; nature. 

A. .4XA>- hfiidar^ s. m. 1. A lion. 2- A 


name of Ali^ son*in-law of Muhammad. 
ijjtyj^ s. One of the sect of Alt. 

^' U^J^^ hayarSn, hairdn, (CLJ^Ad* 
or j^ was dazzled.) adj. Con- 
founded, astonished, fatigued. ij^«J^»> 
u~> To perplex, discompose, Ac. 

A. P. l5*'n^*" hairan'i, s. f. Astonish- 
ment, confasion or distraction (of 
mind), distress. Difficulty. 

A. CLVJk^- hairatf s. f. (»J^^-) Stupor 
and perturbation of mind, 
ment. iJl K^J^^^ Astonishing. 

}idj KiL^J^ Struck with astonish- 
ment, thunderstruck, aghast, amazed* 

A. JjL^- haiyiZf (jl^*) s. m. 1. A place, 

part, a tract of g^und. 2. A court- 
yard, an area. 

escape, to retreat, and ^jaXJ Adver- 
sity, confusion) s. f. Perplexity, hesi- 
tation, suspense, a perplexed business, 

dilemma. Argumentation, (l^^^) 
A. i>AX^- fyiin^ s. f. The menses. jJa 

^ ^A. 

iiAJ<^ ' A term of reproach. 

A. ddaA^* hiia, s. m. A court, a place, 
an enclosure. 

A. '__Q t-*- haify 1. interj. Ah I alas! 2. 
s. m. Iniquity, oppression, a pity. 





A. iJJ^ hiyal, 8. plur. (of ^^J^^") 
Frauds, tricks. Disguise (jJLu)* 

A. iL^ hila, (uJ^ became altered.) 
(Heb) 8. m. Stratagem, deceit, pre- 

tenc6, trick. jU ^Jljl>- adj. Artful, 

insidious, wily, deceitful. jUm ^uU^* 
adj. Preparing deceit, deceitful. 
^<|lw ^&J^ 8. f. Preparation of 

deceit, artifice. \jJ ^\y>^ ^ Aj^^- 
To use deceit and trickery. 
A. ^^J^ fun, B. m. Time, interval of 
time. CL^Ia^* j^>- 8. f. Lifetime. 

A. o;'^:!^^' hayawdn, haiwdnj (i*^") 
B. m. An animal, a beast. A fool 
an idiot. (Plur. Cl^liUA»-)* 

A. CL;>^Jl». hayaii B. Life : see ' ** *^ 

^ Called ^[IsyuU c^W and ^W 

dCAae^^ the seventh letter of the 

Arabic alphabet, is a guttural letter, 
uttered by compression of the top of 
the throat near the mouth. It has no 
corresponding sound in the English 
language, but is expressed by the 
Scottish pronunciation of gh in the 
word right. It seems to have the 

power of the Greek ^< In namera- 
tion by the letters of the Arabic 
alphabet, it stands for 600. And in 
astronomy, it denotes the planet Mars. 

Its permutations are 1. into c as 4^ jTut* 
for igJU^m A spear, straight, high. 

cU for jj3 A tree fit for firewood 

2. into S aa cl/ljb for ^1/U- An 
egg. 8. into ^ as y y.^**^ for 

^ name of a plant (Tribnlus), 
a caltrop thrown in the road to prevent 

an enemy's approach. It is Bubsti- 
tuted 1. for ;$ as jj^ for ji^ 

Meridian, manner, bitter plants re- 
jected by cattle. 2 for J 

^Utfs^ for jUa>- a flint ; ^^ 

for ^j^ A multitude. In the con- 
jugation of Persian verbs, ^ of the 
preterite is changed in the aorist 1. 


2. into 

I: A 


into iti as t3J!»^y from K^ 

J as t>l) from vjl 
ittt aa iXAMUkAM from 

In derivation uLS appears to be ^ 
Bometimes put for -^ i thus, ^J^ A 

bow may be deduced from ^^w^*- 

P. l^ tSa, part. act. (of ^;<^:j5l^) 
in compos. Chewing, eating. 

A. j^^J^ thatim, (f^ Heb. To 

seal, to close, to finish) s. f. !• 
A ring worn on the fingers. 2. A 

seal. 8. Finish, end. ^^AutjAi 1^1^ 

or UuJX 1 j^U- The seal of the pro- 
phets, i. e., Muhammad. 
A. ^"li- thdtimat (aJ^ Btamped, 

sealed.) part. Sealing, concluding:, 

final. B. m. Conclusion, (t*-') 
epilogue, finis, end. Death. 
P. 4jjy'^ khdtiin, B. f. A lady, a ma- 

tron. Madam, d.^l'v- {J}^^ Queen 

of heaven (a title given to Fatima 
daughter of Muhammad). 

A« ^(3l^ }^^ part. act. (( 
or /«tX^ he served him.) used Bub< 


stantively, A servant. UiU) aJI>- 
A public teacher, a professor (of a 



I • 

college), sl^ J A jld- A servant who 

ifkkes care of a tomb, mosque, &c. 
(Pers. plur. ^UjU»)« 

A. JUJI^ Ihadxma^ s. f . (of A(3l>-) 

A female servant. 
^' !"»>- \sktir, 8. m. 1. A thorn, spine. 

2. A spur, a cock's spar. 3. Hair, 

beard, whiskers. j^JJu .li- s. f. 

A fence or temporary defence 


made of thorns, Ac. y^TL^JLi .li^ 

B. m. A porcupine, a hedge -hog. 

j-^ j^ Troublesome, barbed, thorny. 

^vJU* .1^ B. m. Place of thorns, 

thistles, Ac. ^tZS j\^ A woodcutter. 
{^j^ J J^ Sweepings, any thing vile- 

<*• )il>- ih^rdf B. 1. A hard stone. 2. 
A kind of undulated silk-cloth. 1.1^ 
uJlCt Stone-splitting. 

A* 7^ J^ kharijf (^j^ extracted. 
Heb.) part, or adj. Being out, ex- 
ternal, out, without, outcast, ^j^ 

^y To exclude, expel, dispossess; 
to dismiss (a case in a court of law). 
^- {^^J^ khdrij-ij 8. m. 1, A sect 
of Mahammadans, who do not reckon 

AU among the legal successors of the 
prophet. They are the mortal ene- 

mies of the Rdfixls or ShVaa, who re- 

ject Ahiihdkr, Umr and Ufmdn; while 
the Sunn%8 consider the four as legal 


successors, Ac. Yet the ShVas, also, 
call the SunnM, Jcharijl. 2. adj. One 
without, an outcast or one excluded. 

^' jj^ l^&ra%, (^.l»- An egg) s. 
(dakh.) A dish prepared of eggs, Ac. 
P. \J^j^ hhdrish, {^Sij^) s. f. The 

itch (iJa:^)* the scab, the mange. 

P. \JL^^j^ khanaht, s. f. The itch, 
the scab. [s. m. Treasurer. 

^' l^''^ khazin, (part. act. of ^^jj^)- 

P. JlLmU- ttdsta, (fji^\^) part. pass. 

(in compos.) Bisen, got up. * 
P- viA»*»L&. ktashah, s. m. Sweepings, 

chips, shavings, rubbish, trash. 

A. ^^ khde$, ((jc>^ particularized, 
appropriated. Heb. To cut, to di- 
vide, to appropriate) adj. 1. Excel- 
lent, noble, pure. 2. Particular, 
private, special, particular, what is 
kept for the king's (or the mas- 
ter's) private use, His Majesty's, 
own, proper, peculiar, select, sin- 
gle, gentle. 3. adv. Especially, pe- 
culiarly. j'Jy {jio[^ s. m. A ser- 
vant who, in a great man's retinue 
carries a firelock. lj^\^ ij^^ 

A royal female servant. ^liXcli^ 
A kind of canteen to carry water-ves- 
sels in. ^J«^ (^'^ s. m. Private 

apartment, the apartments of married 
women (in opposition to Hmrd' 
mahall); (met.) First married wife 

(* .5 U^^ Noble and plebeiaui 
high and low. 

A. JUtfU* khdsaat or i^U. tbdsaatan, or 

U-tfl^ Mdsaatd, adv. Especially, 

A. JC^^ khdasa^ I. a^]. Excellent, good, 

charming, delightful. 2. s. m. Dinner 
(of groat men). 3. A kind of cloth (tine 
muslin). 4. A confidential servant. 
6. The king's property, &c. 6. Stable. 

A. C^Acl»- kbdsaiyat, s. f. Quality, 
innate property, peculiarity, attribute, 
natural disposition. (^w)« 

A, Js'^ khatxr, ( Ja»-) 8. f. (dakh. s.m.) 

The heart, soul, mind, inclination me- 
mory, propensity, account, sake, be- 
half , wiU, choice. Regard. »J^ I iU- 

adj. Melancholy. XuUm I « ad^. 




DiBtressed, dispirited, agitated. Jo\^ 
^IwL) jJ adj. Troubled in mind 
«.A»- .L'^ 1. adj. Collected, com- 

torte^, contented, confident, tranqnil, 
at ease. 2. 8. f. Satisfaction, col- 
lectednessor peace of mind,assarance. 

^lAk^ Joli- B. f. Comfort, com- 
posnre, ease of mind. »i^^ Ja^ 
Agreeable to one's wishes, satisfactory. 
^^.lJ j^\>- ■. f. Enconragement, 

satisfaction. U|f^ A?'^ !• To con. 
oiliate, encourage, comfort, quiet. 2. 
To fix the mind or intention. il>- 
MS 1. To fondle. 2. To be de- 
sirous of pleasing, to stndy the in- 
terest (of any onej. 8. To encourage, 

comfort. U|^ ^jX* J^'"^ ^® ^®' 

member. lj.Jo ^jJL« Jol^ Tocome 
into the mind or head (an idea). 
UX /jJ^ Jo'^ To regard, mind, care 

for, attend to. .trj^ Jo^^ adj. 1. 

Fixed in the memory, by heart. 2. 
Chosen, beloved. 

A. Lloldi. iftai«>*-a!}> adv. In or by the 

mind or memory. For one's sake ; as 
a favour. 

A. c^ls*>- kh9>txfy part. act. (of 
Heb.) Snatching away (the sight). 
^ ^»> Wiqdn^ s. m. A king, an 

emperor of China and Chinese Tartary 

A. P. ^^'i'^ Hhaqan-i, adj. I. Royal, 

imperiul. 2. n. prop. Name of a 
most celebrated poet of Persia. 

**• <^^ 4Stf*, 8. f. Dust, f Jytj) 
earth ; ashes. t^j'wA^l^ s. f. Playing 
with dust. UCil^ vlJ^^ To wAnder, 

to stray. Ui'-f^^ C/l^ (i**. To sift 

the duPt) expresses excessive labour 
Mnd t>xorcIon in fruitless search. 

•.^••^l^ 8. m. A sweeper, i^ < ^Ia. 

^^j B. f. Sweeping. .L^s>- adj. 

Base, mean, (met.) your humble* 
petitioner. ^<.UmjI^ s. f. M e a n- 

ness. U^ \iy[^ Earth of heal- 

ing (mst. for) earth of "karhali : 

UJU ^JJ^^ ii/U^ To destroy, spoil, 

demolish. UL« ^jJL* t*/li. 1. To 
die, perish. 2. To be ruined or demo- 
lished. L5L&- kit s^y*** To moulder 
or pine away. 

P. o'«i>. iftafcfl, B. m. 1. A plan, delini- 

ation, sketch. 2. A caricature, satire. 

P« ^^IfcW^^ i^a^din, s. A receptacle 

or pit for dust, earth, ashes, Ac, 
(met.) the world. 

P* j^Mjil^. ihakistar, s. f . Ashes, oalz. 

P. ^JLygil^. ihahisiar-i, adj. Of the 

colour of ashes, covered with ashes, 

P. ^*iiU- khdkshi, s. f . 1. A smaU 

wei|;:ht used by goldsmiths (seed of 
Abrus precatorious). 2. A red bram- 
ble. 3. A small red seed used in me- 

P. ^J^ khah-nae. (^^J ^J^) 
«.f. (^JR^?T) (Geo.) An isthmus. 

P. 1^'^ ifiat i, adj. 1. Dusty. 2. 

Earthy, earthly ; of ashes, of the dost. 
8. Epithet of a kind of arrow. 4. An 
earthy brown dye. 

P. y^^^^ ihdgt 8. An egg. 
P. ^U^^ \^ l^^-ina, s. m. Fried eggs 
a kind of dish made of eggs, an omelet. 

A. ^^ thil,B,m, 1. (u^) A mole on 

the face (blsck snd ornamental). 2. 
An artificial spot made for ornament. 
3. A maternal uncle, mother's brother. 

JU. JU. adj. 1. Thi<*, cloM, 
thickly spread. 2. Little, scarce. 3« 
adv. Barely, here and there. 




A. VJ^ thAld, (properly, Jtl'^d-) s. f 

Maternal aunt, mother's sister, o j«»> 

or j^ ^ ^^ f^ (liU The house 

of one's aunt) signifies a place of rest 
and security. 

A. ipJ'^ kifi^i^i (^^^pfll^ was pure.) 

adj. Pure, fcennine, real, sincere ; (snb* 
stantively) A friend. 

A. JJ^i*^ ibdlis'a^ 1. adj. Pure. 2. 
B. m. An office of provernment in 
which the bnsiuesa of the revenue de- 
partment is transacted ; exchequer. 
3. Land held immediately from go- 
vernment. Revenue paying lands. 

A. ll'^ khdliq, part. act. (of Jj^ 

ho proport ioned the hide and served it.) 
used sabRtantively. The creator, the 
Deity, God. 

A. y^ khalu, s. m. Maternal uncle, 

husband of mother's sister. See fj \^ 

sign. 3. [temal aunt. 

A. Xi^^ th^la^ 8. f. Mother 8 sist* r ma- 

A. jJ'^ fiili, C^l^ being empty.) 

adj. 1. Empty, vacant, void, desert, 
exempt or free (from). 2. Pure, mere, 
only, unmixed. 3. Unoccupied, un- 
employed, without effect. ^'Jb ^J'^ 

adj. 1. Empty-handed ; penniless. 2. 
Unarmed. At leisure. 

P. a'»^ i^m, 1. adj. Eaw ('•aP)* unripe, 

green, crude; inexperienced, vain, of 
unbaked earth or of mud. S.L) A>^ 

A term of abuse, applied to a woman 
who has been cohabited with before 
the age of maturity. Bad. 



«• l[hdmo8h, 1. adj. ( l ^ ^a») 

2. s. m. A disease in horses. 
P. . ^^^ ihdmo8h'i,B. f. Silence, 

taciturnity. [reed. 


A I 

p. JL«^»> l^dtnQj 8. m. A pen, a writing- 



i&am-e, Stf. !• Rawness, im- 

maturity; inexperience. 2. Loss. 3. 
Defect, fault. 

•♦ ijj>» tftan, 8. ra. I^rd, prince, a title 

principally used by PaihdriH, Persians 
or Turks. Headman of a village. 

P. ^liX)*^- thdnddn or ihdnaddn^ s. m. 

Family, race, house (of a prince), 
household. Lineage, descent. 

P- ^^W-Mgjli- thdnHumdUf (jj'"^ Lord, 
and ^^Ww«j Stores, 8.C.) s. m. A 
house-steward, butler. [an abbeyt 

A. 8'Jli'^ tshdnqdhj s. f. A monastery, 

P- ^^XflS- khdngi or thdnagi, (XJ'.^) 1. 

adj. Domestic, honsehold, relating to 
a house. 2. s. f. A prostitate. 

P- i»j'^ khdnam, f^jl^) s. f. Lad}-, 

princess. Wife of a Jcf^dn. 
P- M^-C ^ khanmdny than o man, a. m. 

Household-furniture, (v^'jUj^) do- 
mestic, every thing belonging to 
the house, household, house family. 

^->I»i- ^l^'i^adj. Ruined. 

P« XjiJlS- khdnwddat s. m. A family 
a house, a race or tribe of people. 

P. &l'»^ kbdna, s. m. 1. (^i) House, 

place. 2. A drawer, a partition, a 
compartment, column (of a book). 3. 

Department. (P 1 u r. Cl^'^'^)* 

jUt JLil»- 1. adj. Prosperous. 2. 
(A benediction meaning) may your 

house flourish. cb &)!S- Kitchen- 
garden. (j^^c3j JL)%>. adj. (used sub- 
stantively) A traveller, a pilgrim, a 

gfipsy, rover, sojourner. JljJl^ di^^ 

A prodigal, a spendthrift. jcm!>Ju aIIS- 

8. f. Search of a house. v^Jol^- xJ'vi- 
A breeder of disturbances, a duellist. 

^Xxs^ «ti'*i- 8. f. Civil war, skirmish, 
duel, bickering, intestine broils. aJ'^ 

<)J'^ adj. Cellular. <r->'t^ *i'^ 

. adj. 1. Ruined. 2. Base, abject; a 

vain, empty fellow. 15^ '»^ &}'^ 

s. f. Ruin. )s^ Ij'^ Master of a 

honso. o^.^fc) <o'^ 8. f. The stare 
of the martt<»r of a family, Uou^'G-W'^vj^- 




ing. jl/c'fc) &i\j>- A son-in-law who 
lives in the house of his wife's father. 
jt ; Si^^ The child of a slave. jJ'^ 

^.L«Ji» s. f. A censns. ^o:^^ JD^ 

Sitting in the house ; retired, nn- 
empToyed. [The sun. 3. The east. 

P. ..l^ Hidivar^ 8. m. 1. The west. 2. 

P. ^Jfjy^ l[tdwardn'j s. A country in 

Khurasan : the east, the west. 
P* jJ*» thdujandj (contract, of 

43j«ti^) 8. m. Lord, master, hus- 
band. \jji JJ.'^i- To marry. 
A V— iJ'^ Afitf'i/, (part. act. from 

u-i^) adj. Afraid, fearful, timid 
pusillanimous, fearer. 

A. ^^ kba'in, (c:>iUd-) part. act. 
A deceiver, a traitor. FerfidiouB. 

P. dii^S^ kh&ya. 8. m. 1. A testicle. 2. 
An egg. j^t^ji ^^^ A cringing fel- 
low, fawner. \iji Ufj^^/, ^}^ '^^ 

cringe, to fawn. Ul^ *J>'^ To curry 

A. c:^U>. I^ahasat^ (C^-J^ was bad.) 
B. f . Wickedness, depravity, baseness. 

A. jU^ ihahhdz, (JJ^) •• m. A baker. 
A. *i ** - i^ th^hSy 8. m. See ci^o'ji^ 

• • 

A. -Ai- fti|<*l>a*"» B- ^- |r^ ^« knew.) (or, 

dakh. B. m.) News, information, in- 
telligence, acquaintance, advice, ru- 
mours, report, fame, account, care, 

notice. Knowledge (c^^)' j^t^j^ 
U J^ To put on (one's) guard, caution, 
alarm liyt j^t^j*^ To be on (one's) 

guard, to take care. t^»'<^ jf^ b* ^' ^^ 

Caution, care, taking care, carefulness. 
2. Informing, getting information. 

^Jbk) fX^ To inform, apprize. 

quainted. Ij^ jXi>~ To apprize, in- 
form, acquaint, advise, report. jX^ 
jXi 1. A spy, an informer. 2. A 

protector, a patron. sJ^r^ j^^ *"*]• 
Taking care. ^j^ J^ s. f. 1. 
Spying, informing. 2. Aid, care, pro- 
tection. Jul Jk^ To aooommodate, 

allow, give, take care or notice (of), 
guard, look after, to inquire into. 

uyb J^ To be informed. 

A. Cl^^^ i^xhraU 8. f. 1. Wisdom. 

learning. 2. Experience, exponment. 
trial, proof. 

^ jaA»- ^aH, 8. m. 1. Making a mis- 
take. 2. Madness, insanity. Craze. 

A. P. ^lov^ Ma&(-i, adj. Mad, insane. 


•• • 

Luf, r. n. To be informed or ac- 

Ma6f/|, (0--J^) 1. adj. 

Wicked, malignant, impure. 2. 8. m. 
An evil spirit. 3. A miser. 

A. .JU^ J^akhr^ adj. Knowing, wise, 

skilful, learned. [dab or stick. 

P. CS^^ kh^ttdk^ (see l£l>-) B. A 

P. 0A>. kh^f'^a, (corrupt, of CSjS 

or cLx^y) B. m. I. A club. 2. 
Penis. fc 

A. mX^ thdtm^ 8. m. 1. Conclusion, 

seal, end. 2. (used adjectively) Done, 
finished, concluded. ^^JUUm^^I ^^jl>> 

Seal of the sent (of God). MS s^j^ 

to conclude, finish, complete. ^|ji>> 
Uyb to be concluded. 

P' j^;^ thutan, n. prop. A country in 

Tnrkistiin, Tartary, or the north of 
China, famous for musk. 

• •• 


A. SJJ^ l±atnat s. m. (^^t^ render* 

ing imperfect. Circumcision. 
Up To circumcise. 



H. ^JjU^ ^atU*ah, 8. (dakb.) The silk 
cotton tree (Bombax pentandrum). 

A. w::Jl^ ^ajdlat, 8. f . (J^ was 
ashamed) BashfalnesB, shame. 

'. ^lLm^ l^ujasta, adj. Happj, fortu- 
nate, anspioioQS, blest 

A. J^ &ajil, (dJ'vir) adj. Modest, 

bashfal, ashamed. % &fta;al, s. Shame. 

^' v:: -^^ l±ajlaty 8. f. Blush, shame, 

H. j^ i^achehar, (or thoehar) 8. m. f. 

(^^ or ^3^) A mule. An ass. 

(p. j^-) adj. Fat, plamp. 
A. «V>. ^add, 8. Cheek. 
P. liX^ ^uda, 8. m. God. )tX>- 

v;: — V adj. God- worshipper, godly. 

jJuwy Ii3^ 8. f. The worship of God. 

i-.JlJ^ (^i*,Jipart.act.of ^^JuMj J 
To fear) adj. 1. Fearing God. 2. 
Virtnons. J^J Ijo* Ijo^ With 
diSicaltj, by hook or by crook. 1«J^ 
]ai\»- God (be) the protector ; adieu, 
farewell, jtj ljk»> adj. Given of 
God, granted by God. iJ'f^ '«^ 
8. f. The knowledge of God. )«X»- 
ISJJLam. adj. God-arrived; Godly. 

• miIJum Ii3^ adj. Knowing God. 
^^iJLi \j^ 8. f. Knowledge of 

God. i<iJ^ 1*^ 8. f. The seek- 
ing of God. ^jS Ij^ Would to 

God. auUwl^ Ud- or SJ^ li ) J^ 
God forbid ! 
A. Js^ th^^^am, 8. plur. (of (^i^^) 


P. Jj*)J^ j^ada-u'and, s- m. Posses- 
sor, master, husband. Your worship. 

i tX)«iJk>- 1. (a form of address 

to superiors) Beneficent master or lord 

2. Rich, opulent. 

P. ^^IiX>. khuda-i, 1. s. f. Godhead, 
divinity, providence. 2. The world. 

3. adj. Divine. CL^K ^IJ^ Sing- 
ing hymns and watching all night, a 
religious feast kept by women. 

P* ^Jt>^ thuda-ycif s. voc. O God ! 

P. A. iJ'<jOoI«X»- thy^-^'^^aldy The 
most high God. [lord or sovereign. 

P- ^J^^*^ khuddyagdn, s. A great 

A. ^S^ IshadshQf s. m. Fear (JC«mJ Jo))« 

anxiety, alarm, doubt, question, ap- 
prehension, solicitude. 

A. JkS>- ihadanij s. plur. (of au^) 
Servants, retinue. £iidam,s. plur. (of 

Cli^<«v)^) Services, offices. 

A. c:^^.«i^>> Jshydmat^ s. f. (/»J<^ he 

served him.) Service, attendance, 
employment, ministry, office, appoint- 
ment, duty, use. (Arab. plur. 

CL>U*3^) Uy c:^w*J^ 1. To 

servo, attend, wait on. 2. {met,) To 

satirize, beat. .'JoL«J^ s. m. A 
butler, a servant. 

P. ^^Jsi«X»> l^adang^ s. m. A tree of 

which arrows are usually made ; an 
arrow : the white poplar tree : the 

P. V«^^ fcS»de*o, (iftttdc'o), s. m. Lord, 

master, king, mighty monarch. The 
Khedive, (applied generally to the 
sovereign of Egypt), the unequalled 
of the age. 

• • • • • 

A. P. s^^,^.^ i^aarof, 8« See «..JK^ 

P. ^ khdr, B. m. An Uss. (^JbJo) 
(^)i i'-«i^ t^ Stupid, perverse' 



obstinate. -il^J^ Stupidity, 
obstinacy, perverseness. 
A. 1^1^ 4ft omb, ((^j»> was ruined.) 

Heb. adj. 1. Bad, (ly) depraved, 

naught, noxious. 2. Ruined, depopu- 
lated, deserted, abandoned, lost, miser- 
able, spoiled, waste. 

A. CD^jl^ ^artfbaf, 1. s. plur. (of 

JJi.»>) RuinS) desolate places. 2. s.f. 
A tavern, a brothel. 

^ **• Ly^'r^ !shardhdt-i, 8. m. A 
haunter of taverns and brothels, a 
rakei a debauchee. 

A. Jjt^ th<^rdha, 1. s. m. Devastation, 

ruin. 2. adj. Depraved, ruined, waste. 

A. P. |«^1»^ 4iara6-i, s. f. 1. Badness, 

depravity. 2. Ruin, mischief, misery, 
an ill or evil. 

H. L>l-&- ^arrdtay (^3-^) s. m. 
Snoring. lJ.LoUl^ To snore. 

A. ^^j^ i&am;, (^ j^ passed out.) 
8. m. Tax, duty, rent, revenue, 
tribute. .liXi Tt't^ Paying tax or 
tribute or rent ; a tributary. 

A. J^^ thardd, ( ^L^ ) 8. f. A lathe. 

U2bJ»- jlj^ To be polished (as, a 

clown by intercourse with the society 
of a city). [a country, 

'* iO^^r^ !±urd$an, n. prop. Name of 
P. H. ^'%^' j-j'u*ii^ ^urdtdn^-ajwdn^ 

Seeds of Hyoscyamos niger, black 
* henbane. 

P. (^U»- khorat^K (^;*3Ju11^ to 

scratch.) 1. a. f. m. Scratching, 
ecraping, excoriation. 2. (in compos.) 
part. act. Scratching, lacerating, 
clawing. [filings of iron, small debt. 

f ^^^ i^ar<t5/ia, a. m. Scales or 

A- P. ^^1^ tharrdt'i, 1. a. m. A 
turner. 2. adj. Turned (on a lathe). 

A- ^^jj]o\j^ tharrdiin, (^*»-) 8. m. An 

P- f^j=^ ftfttrim, (^J*^^^J^) B.t Pace, 
stately gait, graceful walking, 

march. JjaA^ adj. Walking ele- 
gantly, [pros. Walking stately. 
**• c/'*^*/^ tSfVflwwn, (^J*y^^J^) part. 

>JV oj , j^ npened). 

• ^j^ kharj 


A muBk-meloii. 


disborsement, ex- 

pense, price, outgoing. 2. Cost, the 
debit side of an account. (Hur. 


^^l;^'i z:r 

P ^J^j^ khurji, s. f. A portmantMui, 
a wallet, a sack, especially one of akin 
or leather. See (^n^^-i^^ 

A. H. Udyi- t^arochnd or fiarcAni, 

(^J^) ^' * 1- To expend, spend, 

2. To sell. 3. To bring out, utter, 
produce. 4. To bring into ose. 


A. le j^ I4arr<f|, (from Icji- Heb.) s. f. 
-ft turner's lathe, s. m. A turner. 

^' Vi— M^^ thai Chang, s. m. 1. A 
crab (6sh). 2. A kind of herb. 

^* ^J^ kharch-a, s. m. Coets of law- 
suits. Expenses, charges. 

^' ^ LS^J^ kharch^i, 1. s. f. Price 

of stupration. 2. adj. Prodigml. 9L 
Provision for a journey. 

^' J^ J^ **"'' **"^ «>r ^arU^ar. 1. 

Purring (of a cat). 2. Hawking up 
phlegm from the throat. Snoring. 

A. H. j^ -^ khar^ard^a, r. (dmkli) 

To snore. [crowd, riot, quarreUing. 

p. A^t^j^ tkar^asha, s. m, A taaiuU, 


A« i3^ thirad, s. f. Wisdom, intellect. 

jJLeJ.^ adj. Wise, intelligent. 

^ jJL«i3»»- B. f. Wisdom, Sagacity. 

P* Oj^ i&ttrd, adj. Small, little ; young. 
A fragment. Small coin or change. 
JUm J^»- Of tender years. 

p. A^ 4)^». l^urd iiim, adj. Bruised, 

broken, gpround small. 
A. (Jfc).»- t^ardaly s. Mustard-seed. 

'' ^J^J J^ ^^*^ caAva, s. m. Bhodo- 

daphne or rose bay. 
'* LJ^J^ khir8, 8. m. A bear, ij^^ 

^yj s. m. Rudeness, romping 
bear's play. 
P* JJuma. ^ttrsa»<2, adj. Contented, 

satisfied, pleased. [mirth. 

'. ^SXmS- ihwraand-i, 8. f. Content, 

A. AJbj^ lAurtum, s. m. Proboscis of 

an elephant. [man. 

A. uJ»»- kkarif, s. m. A doting old 

A. JCjL». i&ur/a, (<— i»»- To pluck fruit 

from a tree. Heb. To strip off honours 
or decoration, to inflict ignominy) s m. 

1. That which is plucked from a tree. 

2. Autumnal fruit. 

P« Jij^ thurfa, s. m. Purslain. 

A. di^jlc i%j^ i^arq-i'ddalf s. f. Con- 
trary to nature, a miracle. (Plur. 

A. JuL». khirqa, {^j^ he tore it.) s. m, 
A religious habit, dress of a dervis, a 
garment of patches. iAf* sSm^ 
Clothed in the l^irqa, a dorvis. 

P. }SOj£w thargah, s. f. 1. A tent, pa- 
vilion, tabernacle. 2. The royal tent, 
court or palace. 

P. if'y^ kbar-gosh^B. m. 1. A hare' 
a rabbit. (^»- ass, lAy ^^^ '^ 
donkey-eared). 2. Negligence. 

^* Aj^ khurram^ adj. 1. Pleasant, de- 
lightful. 2. Cheerful, glad. 

P. Le^ ASttrmtf, s. m. k date (••s<^)» 
TT iftarma, A groom, [tic. '2. Stupid. 

P* Cli^^M^*^ A:&ar-ma8f,adj. 1^ Athle- 

P« lo^t*- khirmanf s. m. 1, Harvest* 

crops, produce, heap or stack of on- 
thrashed com. 2. Bam. 

P. lAyoj^ th<ir-nm8hf s. A kind of 
large rat. See h. i/^%^ sign. 1, 

P. ^f\^ •»- khO'^'^^^^'O't 8. m. The 
small shell called kaufi, used as coin. 

P« t<«»^ |:iurram-i, s. f. Cheerfulness, 
pleasure, delight, (^l^^)* 

P> jUf^ Mkar-aoar, s. An ass-load. 

A. ^ ^j^ thurijt 8. m. Going cot or 
forth, sally, egress, issuing, issue, 
eruption, excretion, uy 'T^yy^ ^^ 
sally, issue, go forth. [cock. 

P» {^yj^ khwrua, 8. m. A dungfaill- 

P* (^Jr^ IAwro8hj 8. m. f. A crash, 

loud noise, tumult, cry, clamour. 
P. 4j^^»^ ikuroshdf^ (part. act. of 

^JJb^a^) adj. Making a loud 

noise, resounding. 
P. Jo>»»- iharidy (^;<3J^ to buy.) I. in 

compos, part. pass. Bought. 2. s. f. 

Purchase, yj^^j.* • *^.t^ Buying 

and selling. [buyer. A customer. 

P. .1 Jjt^ itc^rid-dr^ s. m. f. Purchaser, 

P. cf;W.r^ tharid-dr-i, s. f. Buying, 

purchasing. [chase, to buy, 

P. H. U*X> j^ ifiarld-jii, V. a. To pur- 

p. ^CfcV>.^ th'irid-i, s. f. (dakh.) The 

price. Cost price, prime cost. 
A. J^ j^ tharltay s. m. (^t^ made 

fast.) A purse, packet, bag, letter- 
bag, mail. (Letters are sent in India 
enclosed in bags, diversified according 
to the qniUity of the person to whom 



eent, being more or less rich or em- 
broidered agreeable to their rank). 
(Ifet.) A letter from one mler to 
another. A hold-all. A pocket. 

^» Ujbj»- kliarift (uJL>. plucked 

(frai^. See a. ^j^-) s. f. Aatnmn. 

the autumnal harvest. [cloth. 

A. 1^ fc^azz, B. f. A coarse kind of silk- 

P. ^;U>- i&azdn, s. f. Autumn, the fall 

of the leaf. 0^ar^)' Decay, Old 
A. T. ^.f^l^ ihazdncht, (^h»» and 

^^»-) s, m. A treasurer. Cashier. 

A. ^h>- khizana^ (^oj^ laying up) s.m. 

1. A treasury, mag^ine, granary, 
repository, reservoir. 2. Treasure, 
revenue. 8. The chamber of a gun. 

Zyc[c ij\j^ B. m. The royal trea- 

sufy. Exchequer. (Plur. ijJ]^)* 

A. immi\»' tlkazaff B. An earthen vessel^ 

potsherds, broken shells. [treasury. 

P* ^J^ ^azina, or ihizina, s. m. A 

P* ( M»»- Afiotf, s. f. 1. The name of a 

grass of the roots of which (aUis are 
made. 2* Any useless herb or stick. 

8. m. Litter of things, rubbish. 
A. iM.^ l^aas, 8. 1. A lettuce. 2. A 
mean fellow. 3. A miser. 

A. CLI^Um^^. j^osarat, if**^ ^o lost.) 

B. f . 1. Loss, harm, hurt. 2. Perfidy, 
fraud. 3. Plunder, devastation. 

A. jJ.Lw^ ihastiraj s. m. See CL^'.***^ 

A. Vi^^^^wkMlMi^ thcLSdsat, s. f. Being 

avaricious, mean. See Ul 

A. ^^',^^»^A^ ihissatf 8. f. (^^/^ '^^fl 

mean). 1. Stinginess, (cM^) parsi- 
mony, avarice. 2. Meanness. 

P. lX'*-"^ l^ittdk, (for (JioLld^) 
B, f. Codpiece. The gusset or piece 

between the legfs of a pair of trousers 
(j-)UL«)» Trousers. 

P. ^JjLm^ khasfa'gl, s. f. 1. A wouncr, 
a sore. 2. Sickness. 8. Fatigue. 

P* JLW»- Hasta, adj. 1. Wounded, 

broken. 2. Sick, sorrowful. XImj^^ 
Jl^- adj. Afflicted, distresBed. 

_Il>- a;L*A■^>■ B. f. Affliction, dis- 
tress. ^^)^ SJm4^ or «x»- ^uLma^ 

or J J JUU«j^»- Heart-broken, sick 
at heart. Crispy. 

P. jm»^ kliusurt B. m. A fathor-in-law. 
o ^ 

( lymw )• [in jory » 'ww»d. 

A. jm^ iiu«r, B. m. Damages, losB^ 

P. 9»AM^ iftusrau, s. m. 1. Name of a 

celebrated king (Cyrus or C^osroes). 
2. A king in geneml. 3. Name of a 
most famous poet of Dehli. 

P. ij]»ju*^ Husrawana^ adv. or adj. 

Princelike, kingly, royal, princely, 
p. ^a^mjS- ihusrawif adj. Belonging 
to jAusrau or to a king ; royal. 

P. lL.^"^'^ Mi<isakf (dimin. of tr^) 

s. 1. Rnbbish. 2. A triangular 
thorn. 3. Caltrops. 

A. i^iyn^ ih^suf, ( j lJ m * » - sunk 

or lying concealed under ground, 
swallowed.) s. m. An eclipse of the 

o s 


A. ii-M-W^" itf^is, (c:^»»»^) adj. 1. 

Pemirions, sordid, avaricious. 2. Ig- 
noble. 3. Stingy, parsimonious. 

P. Cl^^lrw th^iaht, s. f. (fftS^fiT) 
A brick or tile. Jj iJL'^H^^r^ A brick- 


A • 

Of brick. 

p. i^M-r^ khiahtakf b. f. A square 
piece of cloth under the armhole in a 

o ^ o 

vest. See also lLCum^* 

«, « 


A • 

P. ^^lae****- ihaaht^dah, s. m. 

(^^B^SpE?) Poppj-seed, a poppy. 
P* vl ^ ^l^ iSiMWk, (5T5^) adj. Dry, 
(l^^) withered, sapless. \,*,^-t^ 

^Ui A general dearth, a dry year, a 
drought. ^Lj uXu*^ 8. f . Drought, 

sterility. (^ vlX^L^ adj. Dry in 
the lips or in the shore. Juq CS^iL^ 
adj. Crack-brained, crazy, hotheaded. 
P. J:L2k». thtbehk-a, s. m. Boiled rice. 

P. ^^*^ ^ Mkushk'l, s. f. 1. Dryness. 

2. Dearth occasioned by drought. 3. 
Dry land. 4. adv. By land, (in op- 
position to f^y By water). 
P» aAl Cw ^os^imi s. m. Auger, passion. 

i3y I A.ufc ^ adj. Deformed with 

rage. ^^jSiUjJ^or i/UuJto- adj. 
Enraged, passionate. 
**• e/*^ Mkoahan, s. m. 1. Canvass. 

(<*— ^O) 2. The mat or carpet on 
which a banker sits. 3. The capsular 
pod of green gram. 

^' (i/**^" th<uhin, adj. Rough, severe, 

"ide. fself ; humility. 

A. Qy*J^ 4Si*«\«", 8. Humbling one's 

A. Cl^j^ l^ushnnat, (^^) s. f. 
Asperity, harshness, austerity, ani- 
mosity, disdain, fierceness, indignation. 

A. JLo^ lAi^al, / 

> 8. plur. (of 

Vi» >>l</)^) Qualities, virtues. 

A. C^^lva^ ^euZa^, ( J^4a»- a quality.) 
B. f . 1. Habit, custom. 2. Quality, 
mode, virtue, disposition, nature. 

A. M.^ T* . 1. thc^m, 8. m. An enemy, 
antagonist, 2. ^(uam, A husband, 
master, owner. ( a^«a»- the side). 

A. fjcya>^ kht^usy (jj^ see (^l^) 
t. m. 1. An affair, business, thing, 

particular. 2. Doing any thing parti« 
cular. 3. adv. Particularly. 

A. LtfMA». ^u«7?3an, adv. Particularly 

A. L-!!-^ULtf«it^^ l&u«Kiiya^, 8. f. Pecu- 

liarity, particularity, attachment, 
friendship. Special property. 

A. {J^.^^^Y^^' iJiU^umatf (^j^^o^ disput- 
ed.) 8. f. Enmity, quarrelling. (tAj)* 

A. «flAi. M^ii'i} B. m. A castrated ani- 
mal (particularly a goat), an eunuch. 
A women with no breasts. \jS t^^a^ 

To geld, castrate : (dakh.) To prune 
or dress (a tree). 

A. ^L{u^3^ kh^^ya, 8. m. Testicle. 

A. i^Lo^ i&txtfb, (L,„^.A^- tinging,) 
s. m. 1. Hair tincture. 2. Tinging the 

nails and hair, but particularly the 
beard, A hair dye. 

A. .A^^. ^{|r, ihagift n. prop. A com- 

panion of MoseSf Phineas: or, the 
prophet Elias or Jeremiah. A guide 

A. cv^ Mi*>«*) B. Humility. 

A. L^ !&cLp.P.i (Ch. To dig, to engrave) 

8. m. (ifli%. he made a mark.) 1. A 
letten epistle. 2. A line, lineament. 

3. Writing, handwriting, chirography. 

4. Mustaches^ beard, yoothfal beard 

x> m 

-^ ^ **• 

or down on the face. UXmI 

The equator, (^r^^rafT)^ the 
prime vertical. Uixi or U | Jb». 
The beard to appear. Uyb 

or ijU) L> To fihavd the 

O M ^ M 

beard. t<J^ la^ The tropic of 

Capricorn. ^jUo^ la^ The tropic 

of Cancer. ^^U-l la>- A ray of 

the sun ; also the name of a kind of 
/-^ - ^ 

writing, d^ Ja>- A perpendicnlar 



line, i^ **^^lls la^ Correspondence. 
,Hs laa- A kind of flourished hand 

writing. (j[i'lyi^ lia^ A parallel line. 


■ ^ 

J» JuLmmo la^ A circular line. 


o / 


^iJ^ajUmj^. a right line. _jifiCU« k^ 

A curved line. 

A* Ua^ A&ajt<i, (tjo^ he did wrong.) 

Heb. To err) s. f. A mistake, error, 
fault, crime, sin. A slip ; oversight. 

A miss ; failure, ^/yic Ua^ A for- 
giver of errors, Ac, 

A. (^Ua^ khitahj (^»^la^ he convers- 
ed.) s. m. 1. A title. 2. Conversa- 
tion, speech, address, harangue 

\jj> K ijIVtv To address, to accost. 

A. LUad- ^aim, adj. super). ( laa- ) 

used substantively. A good writer, a 
penman. Caligrapher. 

A. JCjJa>> Isk^i^ia, s. m. A sermon or 

oration delivered after divine service 
every Friday, in which the preacher 
blesses Muhammad, his successors, 
and the reigning sovereign. 

A. vla^ ifta^^} 8. m. 1. BecoUeotiou, 

coming into the mind, thought. 2. 

Danger, risk, fortune. iUU Ja^ 
adj. Frightful, dangerous. 

A. ;$ Ja^ khf^t/a, s. m. (.k^ was in 

peril.) 1. Danger. (a«^Jjl)* 2. Fear, 
apprehension, risk, venture. 

A. _A]a> i&afmt or &&t^mt, s. f. Marsh- 
mallows, used medicinally. 

A. k>Ja>- kh^^Mi B. plur. of ]a^ 

A. jy^^ kb^tii^i (t^^) 8. m. 1. Com- 
ing into the mind, remembrance. 2. 
Dignity. [territory, district. 

A. jda^ khipj/i, s. m. Region, country, 

A. ^..^ia^- khatih, (l^I]o>) s. m. A 
preacher, a public speaker or orator. 

A. ^jlL^ l^atir, (Jad-) adj. Great, 

important^ honourable, dignified. 

A. u^ iftt/, (from v::^^ft^) adj. 

Light (of weight or morals), undigni- 
fied, i iftuf, 8. m. A boot. 

A. US- &fia/i, (Heb.) s. f. Concealment, 

a secret. Occult, hidden. 
P. U;>. khafd, adj. ,(^A>- flaebing) 

Angry. Vexed, enraged. 

A. Ci^^ii- khiJBfat, s. f. (t-ft»- was 

light) Lightness of weight, levity of 
conduct, want of dignity, afbont, 
slight, disgrace. Shame. 

P. cii^A>- 4&tt/e, s. Sleep, sleeping. 

A. Uid- aa/<«, ](^^) adj. (dakh.) 

^ . ^ J Mad, lunatic, fana- 

A. JULfi3> i&d/la, 3 tic, nonsensicaU 

P. ^lia^ i4a/f«n, s. A sort of vest 
worn in battle, a coat of mail or quilt- 
ed vest. 

P. M^ Wi^ta, (from ^/i^) part. 
pass. Asleep, sleeping, put to sleep. 

(Plur. JSjis^). 

A. Jms>^ Iho^faqan, (jfA^ fluttering) 
s. m. Palpitation (a disease of the 
heart, especially) hysterics. 

A. jJUft^ 4ia/ag«».i, adj. Subject to 
palpitation. [pleasure, anger, pet. 

p. ^Jii^ khafa'-gh {^^) »• ^- ^''^' 

A. ^Ji^ khofi. adj. (,J^ was hid. 
den) Secret, concealed; fine or small 
(handwriting, opposed to ^y^ 


A. 4-flJ^ khafif, (e^-^Aa-) adj. 

Light, of no weight or consequence, of 
light character, immoral. 

A. ^LAA^ khufya, (Jl^) 1. adj. Dis- 

guised, concealed. 2. (Also 

adv. Secretly. 

A. J^ khally s. m. Vinegar. 

A. SU- ihald, (Heb.) s. m. Vacancy, 

vacuity. Space, he lU- Unfeigned 
oi intimate friendship. 

P. V— )!>. tb(Udh, 8. m. Mire, day, filth 




A. ^1^ kkoloii {^^Ja^ he freed 
himself. Heb.) 8. m. Deliverance, 
libration; {^J^^j\) need adjectively, 
Free, redeemed, done, ont. {jci>^ 

IL> To release, rescue. ^a»- 

liyb 1. To be freed or set at liberty. 

2. To calye, to be brought to bed. 
8. Emissio seminis, semen emittere. 

A. aJi^ l^uldta, (^jA^) 1. 8. m. 

Essence, the beet part of any thing, 
flower. 2. Abstract, abridgment, 
cSonclasion, inference, moral, sum, 3. 
atfti. Spacious, roomy. Loose. 

A. ^^t^- l^aldf-tt 1. 8. f. Freedom, 

li&eration, redemption. 2. 8. m, A 
BAiIor, a native artillery-man. 

A. ii^]l». thilafi («— ftlA. came after. 
8. m. 1. Opposition, in opposition, 
contrary to, against, adverse. 2. 

Falsehood, ^j immii^ Against 

(one's) opinion or will, f f** <■— -^ 
Illegal, nnlawfal. (Jjic «^jl>> Con- 

trary to reason, absurd, irregular, 
habit of the body (medicine, &c.). 

A. 'j:,-*^'^ thil4f(i^t (^-J2^ coming 

after.) s. f. 1. Deputyship, lieuten- 
ancy, oftce or dignity of khaltfa 
(Caliph). 2. Imperial dignity, mo- 

A. ^jL». £AalZ(i9, adj. superl. (of ^d^) 

used substantively, The creator. 

A. JIU- khilul>({S>')B.m. 1. A tooth. 

pick. 2. Middle. 3. plur. of Ji^;- 
4. Ruin, defect, damage. 

A. JfJla. khald'iq, s. f. plur. (of jU^) 

Men, people, creatures, the creation. 
A. e:^jL». ih'ullat, B. f. Friendship. 

A. Jl«'^- ^alM^dl, 8. m. A ring of 

gold or silver with bells to it worn 
round the ankle. 

A. jJl>. i&uld, 8. m. Eternity, paradise. 

P. j^yili. Haliah, (^jSA^ To prick) 

8. m. and f. Putting a stop to, inter- 

ruptiorf, solicitude, suspicion, anxiety. 

A. laU. ^ty, 1. 8. m. One of the four 

humours of the human body. Nature, 
constitution. 2. khalt. Confusion, mix- 
ture, medley. cXamIj Li^ Canker of a 
sore. (Cacochymia). 
^' ^^ Sai*, verbal- noun, Stripping 
off, deposing, removing. 

A. ui^^jJlft- ihiVat or AftoZ'ae, s. ra. and f. 
(«!>. he took off from himself and 

bestowed upon him a garment.) A 
dress, robe of honour, with which 
princes confer dignity on subjects. 

A* ^»plrfc- thalafy s. m. 1 . A saccessor, 

an heir, a favourite son, posterity, 
descendants. 2. (adj actively ) Deprav* 

ed, corrupted. ^S<i] u-plgw True 

or rightful heir. % JthW> Breach of 

A. Ia1». khulafSf s. plur. of J^AJii^ 

A. ^d«»- ihulq, s. m. Nature, quality* 
good disposition, civility, politeness. 
Etiquette. (Plur. ^JU-I)* 

A. ^jfi^ iha^Qf 8. f. Creation, people, 

mankind. (Plur. ^il^ Creatures, 

Ac.) Ujb iJf^ To be created. 

A. ^^-Qt'^ khil^fitt, s. f. The creation, 
people, populace, the world. 

A. ^cAI^. thilq-i, adj. Natural, innate. 

A. (Ji>. ihalalf (u^ a breach.) s. m. 

Interruption, disturbance, confusion, 
prejudice, damage, injury, mischief. 


defect, ruin, hiatus, breach, fjl^ 

ct«J s. m. (lit. Injury of the brain) 
Madness, melancholy. 
A. Jl>. th^lic, (Jl^) s. m. Vacuity. 

A. Ci;J»- khalwat, (from XA-) 
8. f. 1. Betirementy solitude, pri- 



vaoy, a closet, private apartment, 
private conference. A place of re- 

tirement. SujJl^ s. f . A place 

9 o ^o rf» 

of retirement. *oiji C»nl'^^ adj. 

Beclase; (mef.) A hermit. i»iiU>'^ 
jjjuij adj. Retired : (we^) A her- 

O #^0 rf* 

:i;^ In 

mit. ^^ ^^^ ^ 
private and in pablic« 

A. fjcS^ khV'lu9f (^^fA^) 8. m. Parity, 
sinceritj, candonr, friendship. 

A. ^ ^a.y, (^) s. f . A hay. 


A. LfLli. ASa^flra, (JU^- or ji[^) 
adj. Descended from, or related to a 
maternal aunt ; as, ^l^ ^j^t^ ^' ™' 
The son of a maternal annt ; consin. 
ioV^ ufn!^ ^' ^* ^^® daughter of a 
maternal aunt. 

A. JUsu^i^ IdiCLlifO't (uJU>- sncceeding 
Hob. To pass over or beyond ; to snc- 
ceed or follow) s. m. 1. A snccessor, 
a sovereign, particularly applied to 
the successors of Muhammad, who 
united the characters of head of the 
state and of the Mah. religion, a 
caliph. 2. (in Hind.) Cooks, tailors, 
barber, &c. are called khaXlfa, 3. A 
fencing'master. 4. A monitor (as a 
senior boy at school becomes). 

A. jyl^ khaliq, (,jl^) a<lj- Of good 

disposition, kind, polite, obliging, gon- 
teel, civil. Courteous, urbane. 

A. (JjJL^ ]slialllt 8. m. A friend; the 
friend (of God), Abraham. 

P. A^ iSa*»i 1- adj. (^;t^M»^) Twist- 
ed, crooked, curved, bowed. 2. s. m. 
A coil, fold, ply, curl, ringlet, bend. 
8. That part of a noose which encir- 
cles the neck. iJo »^ ^»- v. a. To 

strike the hand against the arms pre- 
vious to wrestling, &c., to challenge 

(as wrestlers do)* ^^ « j^ s. m. 

1. Coquetry, blandishment of a mis- 
tress. 2. adj. Elegant, graceful. 

P' j%^ fcftuw, (^TO) b. m. f. A large 
jar, an alembic, a hogshead, a stilL 
liJb^d* j^ V. a. To boil cloths pre- 
paratory to washing. 

A. .U^ ifttimir, (vA^- wine) s. m. 1. 

Sickness, headache, &c the efiPect of 
drinking, crapulence. 2. Intoxicat- 
ing. 3. Languishing appearances of 
the eyes, the effect of love, of drow- 
siness* of drinking, &c. jJl .L^^ 
Sv)yl tU^ adj. IntozioatiAg 
(eyes), intoxicated. ^l^ %*Jk^ 

8. m. A tavern. ^JiCi .Ui- V f. 

Recovery from intoxication. 
A. P. ^^jU^ ihumar~i, 1. adj. Drunken 

languishing. 2. s. f. See tUs- 
A. ^^tk>- thvmdsi, adj. Consisting of, 

or belonging to five ; a word of five 
letters, or composition of five lines. 

p. H. UU^ thamdnut (j^) v. a. To 

twist, to crook, to bend, to bow. 


"• i^^^^^' khamchi, s. (dakh.) Lash, 
whip (short jockey). 

P. ^>sr^ Afiwm-iiano, s. m. A tavern, 
A. jA^ fcftatnr, (jA^ Heb. To bo hot, 

to boil, to ferment) s. m. 1. Wine, 
spirituous or fermented liqnors. 2, 
Covering, hiding. 3. Fermenting, 

A. ^j^A^ khama, (Heb.) adj. Five. 
A. ^^y**4^ kbunu, s. Fifth part. 

A. JLjjjk>- £ftani5a, adj. Five. A 

stanza of five lines. See iM*>ik»- 

P* S(\L«^ tl^utn'hadat s. m. A tavern. 

p. n. [Xas^ tham-nd, v. n. (dakh.) To 
bend, to bow. 

P. [i^y^ khamoahf (contract, of 

{j^y<^^) adj. Silent, dumb; silence! 
(Pcrs. plur. ^J^y^) 



A. TS 

'. ^^^A^ lAamosh-i^ 8. f . Silence. 
'*• ^^5^^ 4Sam-f, g. f. CrookedQess, 

T. SfLUk^^ j ^amiyaza, s. m. Gaping, 

o ^ 

jawniftg (i<>^y>*^) atretching one's 

Brm/^^om fatigno or diowsineBS. Be- 
tri!^ution, panishment. 

F. iPt*^:^*^ l^aniida-gif a. f. Crooked- 

'. SJa>«k»> iftamtdOj^part. Orooked, 

bent, oorred.. *ys HSJ^j^ adj. Bont 
in BtatuM.' 

i&amira, j ^ 

lieaven, whatever is need to ferment 
with. Earth, claj. 

A. j> ;U^ Utandnr, b. plur. (of Jfjjl>) 

HogB; uloerB in the neck, or scrofula. 

A. tjttM^ HannaSf (luJi^ To abscond, 

to retire i to backbite, to calnmniate : 
because, says Janhari, he flees when 
God is named) 8. m. 1. The devil. 2. 
{met) A wicked person. 

A. ^Li^ £|untfQ, (Jfi&- Heb.) s. m. 
The qninsj, snffocation, strangnlation- 

H. «. \Jj3 •<*»• &umht fcamdj v. a. 
(dakh.) To bleach, to whiten (clothes). 

A. fjui^ ^vn/tf, B. m. 1. An herma- 
phrodite. 2. Asphodel. 3. A onnitch. 

A. jSp,^ MkCt^ja^i B. m. A dagger, 
puniard. {law) An offensive weapon. 

A* P. ^^jSf^ f^anjar4f s. f. LA 
mode of printing, or staining silk 
(^Jjub)* 2. A sort of small tam- 
bonrin, played on with the Angers. 

B. UUsci^- khon-khondnu, v. (dakh.) To 
snnffle, speak throngh the nose. 

P> ^)i3a^ tStandaiif part. Laughing, 

A. Jf jJi>- tlkandaq, {W^ to dig.) (Pers. 

tddS dog, engraved.) b. m. f. A 
ditob, fosBO» moat. 

^ HSX^ ihanda, s. m. 1. Laughter, a 

laugh. 2. A laughing-stock. • . HSXs^ 

adj. Of a smiling countenance, cheer- 

^V^J^ Afit»2«r, (Heb. and ^h. from 
JJ^ To stink.) s. m. A hog. 

^' yOJ^ thinaar or thinair^ s. The 

little (or middle) finger. 

P. cIXL^ khu-nuk, adj. 1. Cold. 2. 
Temperate, cool. 3. Fortunate. 

P. ^Xi&- Ish^nuh-i, s. f. 1. Coldness, 

temperateness. 2. Prosperity. 

P. i^Jj^ thinif, 1. adj. White. 2. s.m. 
A white, dappled, greyish, or cream- 
coloured horse, a steed* 

P. ltjl»- thingdf 1. s. m. An athletic 
clown. 2. adj. Able-bodied. 

P. l>»^ IdL^nyd^ s. m. Melody, singing* 
•S uJl^ 8. m. Musician, singer, 

P. ^ 450 or ASw, s. f. (^b) Habit, 

custom, disposition, nature. S^^ ov 

xii.r or J* jo adj. Accustomedi 

P* ^-^1^ ihwdhf 8. m. f. 1. Sleep. 2. 
A dream (UuUm)i vision. 3. Nap (of 

cloth). sJi^T L->1^ adj. Sleepy. 

Drowsy. .^ ! <^u». Producing 
sleep ; (in medicine) a soporific, 
anodyne. Jlji^^ \^\^ s. m. 
Spectre, phantom, delusion. L«.>iA9k 

lJ^G(> To dream. &0 L^)^ Sleeping- 
apartment, bed-room, dormitory. 

P. HSJ^]^ ihU)dhida^ (c;"^^^ ^ 
sleep.) part. Sleeping, asleep. 

**• ^* LiJ^T^ khawdtin, s. f. plur. (of 

^y'^) Ladies. 
P. iX^-lft^ hhy^jf^t 8* ™< A man of dis- 


■ • 



goyeroor, master. >«a^ JC^l^ n* 

prop. The name of a prophet skilled 
in divination, and who is said to have 
discovered the water of life ; hence, he 
is considered as the saint of waters. 
The Mahammadans offer to him obla- 
tions opf lamps, flowers, &o., placed on 
little rafts and launched on the river, 
particalarly on Thursday evening in 
the month of hhddoh : and, it is in his 
honour that the feast of the b^ra, is 

held. Sjlj JC^L>- s. m. Master. 

lyM JCj>.|ft>. B. m. An eunuch, usu- 
ally employed in the charge of a se* 
raglio. A butler, chieflof a household. 

P. jl%^ ihtpdry 1. adj. Poor, distressed, 
wretched, contemptible, abject, ruin- 
ed. 2. part. act. i^j^j'^) (}^ com- 
pos.) Eating, eater^ drinking, suffer- 
ing, sufferer. 

A. ^ i|^ thawdrij, b. plur. of tg^'j^ 
P. (^«t«^ khu>ar'if 1. s* f. Baseness, 

meanness. 2. (in compos.) Eating, 
drinking; suffering. 8. Difficulty. 4. 
Fighting, quarrel. 

sire, wish, respect. •uJUm)a»- b. m. 
Candidate, competitor, bidder, suitor 
^.IxJUilft^- s. f. Competition, soli- 
citation. (Ufcl>-)* 
A, ^jc^j^ tliavDdsM, 8. plur. (of ^^l>- 


or Ao^^^j 1. Attendants, domestics. 

2. Grandees, ministers of state, people 
of quality or distinct from the vulgar, 
gentry. 3. Properties, qualities, at- 
tributes* 4. A page or a female at- 
tendant on the great. 5. A favourite, 

a companion. 6. Nature (C2^«JLif l»>) 

A. P' ^<^'^^ Ai a tc tf « « - f, s. m. The 

place where one sits behind a great 
man upon an elephant. 

P« ^J^^ ifi w)«n, 1. s. m. A tray. 
J^]^ 8. m. A smalj ^v. ,. pa. ^ 

iiJy B. m. A cloth for covering a 
tray, a tray lid. 2. part. act. 
( iO^^'^^) ^sed in compos. Res^d- 
ing, singing, repeating, re 
P* «3jL^ ihipdndy s. BeadingT^^HKr*'*^.' 

P* }iSi\^ khwdnda, part. pSiH^ (of • 
^^Jj'l^) Read; (adjectively) Hay- 
ing the knowledge of -madiog and 

writing. SjJ!|||%^b adj. ]giior»iiiU8, 
one who OAaaot tc^^ 

P. ]$jJu)^ ifttrananda, pm«> ^refl. used 
• substantively, A reader. 

P. iJl^ 4ft wan-?, (in oompos.) a.f. 

Beading, repeating, recitation. 
P. A. joiJJi*^ khaioanin, 8. plur. of oi^ 

P. xt»>- i&ujtfh, 1. part. act. (of ^Ji^U^ 
to desire.) in compos. Wishing, re- 
quiring, soliciting, desiring ; (Uibl^-) 

as, 8)^ (Jy Wishing increase. 

sUd- d-^l^^ Wishing prosperity. 2. 
conj. Either, or, whether. 3. part. 

pass, as, SU^ Jio[>- The desire of 
one's heart. t^ysT^ sL^ or 
«^^ «l^ or ^\js>^ ^ v^^!;^ 

adv. 1. Willing or not willing, 
nolens volens- 2. Certainly, positively, 
absolutely, at all events. 

P. ^ubLi- thv>dhdn, part. act. (of 

^jIamI^) Wishing; (adj. or subst) 
Desirous, desiror, seeker. 
P* yti^^ khtpdhir or ^^iptf^ar, s. f. A 

P. ^j^l^ thtvdhish, (j^/***!^) 8. f. 
1. Desire, wish, will, inclination. 2. 

Bequest, demand. jJL« (mIa)*^ 
adj. Desirous, solicitous, curious. 



u^ MiU}ahanda, part. act. (of 
t> J^) ^>8her, asker. 

:^)iXJ^ a«b, adj. (1^1) Good, ex- 
>i^Mfffmt, well, beautiful, pleasant, ami- 

'*^iiie^ pretty, yji^ (plur. ^■■>^'v 
u;b^) or i^yo C-;^ adj. Beau- 

tifQl» a beauty. tJ^rij^ ^^ \^,Uv^ 
t^jyo 8- ^* Beauty, handsomeness. 

(Plur. ^jb^ The fair, the beautiful). 

P' i5>T^^ i&«()ani, 8. f. An apricot, 

or a dried apricot with the kernel of 
an almond inserted. 

P. ^31G^ l&tiU»Zan, 8. m. (i5^u*A».) 

Name of a seed of a cooling quality. 

P. i<>^ i^uhn, B* f. Beauty, good- 
ness, excellence, merit, pleasantness, 

wellbeing. 15^^^ Well, excellently. 
P* ^^^^ thoja, 8. m. An eunuch. 

P* t)^ ihod, B. m. A helmet, steel 

head -piece.' 
P. J^ IdiVd^ pron. Self. («^ I ) 1^)^ 

1.1 adj. Setting off self, proud, 

arrogant. J^a:^ J^ Of thine, his, 
&c., own accord, of itself, voluntarily. 
laJj J^ You, your worship, 
ir ! His majesty, your majesty, your 
onour, &c. ^JO J*^ adj. Self- 

onceited, proud, presumptuous. J^^ 
ij*^ 8. f . Pride, self-conceit. Ju^ 
Ll^Mjy adj. Self-conceited. Ju^- 
jJL* J s. f. Self-suflRciency. 4)*^ 

JJuj j adj. Self-complacent. JftSi. 

(^JJumj s. f. Self-complacency. 

iij J%^ adj. Self-possessing; con- 
tent, patient. ^j'J i)*^ 8, f. Self- 
possession ; self-restraint. j-Jn i)*^ 
^ f. Self-conceit. % ihV^-Td'e^ adj. 



Self-conceited. •. J«^ Growing of 

itself without being sown, wild. J»»- 

jJjLm s. f. Self-praise, .am c>^^ 
adj. Obstinate, self-conceited, acting 
of self, wilful, absolute. (^yS< i3«»- 

8. f. ^Obstinacy. {J^r^ *^9^ *^i' 
Selfish, self-interested, designing. 

8. f. Selfishness. J 

aI^ adj. Following one*s own desires, 

self-willed, libertine, ir^^ J*»- s. f. 
Self-will, persisting in what is pleas- 
ing to self. %dmJ J%^ M-^de or done 
of self. ^J^ 4)^ 8. f. Self- 
slaughter, suicide. |jul« 1}^ A 
dervis the disciple of no saint or pir. 

Vc t^y^ ftdj. Ostentatious, proud. 
»J^ «3%^ 8. f. Self-conceit, vanity. 

P. ^ti^ M¥^h 8* ^* Selfishness, pride, 
vanity. Self. Personal identity. 

F. .^ khvr, 1. adj. Worthy. 2. s. m. The 
sun ; the east. 3. or Miorj Food, eating. 

4. part. act. (from ^J*^Jj^ ^^ ^^^) 
in compos. Eating, drinking, eater, 

drinker, feeder, ij^yi y jj^ Food 
and raiment. Bed and board. 

P- 1;%^ 46v*"tfi pai^t« (from ^J*^J^) 

Eating, suffering ; adj. Voracious, fit, 

p. i±/l .*^ khvrakj s. f . (dakh. s. m.) 1. 

Pood, victuals. Provisions. 2. Daily 
food, diet, board, eatables. 3. One 
meal, one dose (of medicine). 

p. -J^l.%^ thV^^^'if ■• ^' Daily allow- 
ance of food or of money to purchase 
it, subsistence-money, board-wages. 

^- UJ^J)^ Ishvrjin, (for ^^^jf^) 
I. m A wallet, a portmanteau. 



« £ 

F. ^^%^ Jsh'^, s. 1. Eating, drink- 
ing. 2. Suffering, [any tiling eatable. 
K iJi^j^ Mvrdan-i, 8. f. Providons, 

IP. J^t>;%^ tkvrda^ (contracted ^^) 

part.^pa88. (of st)*^j^) ^' ^^^^^* 
taken, ha\ring eaten or taken. 2. (ad- 
jectively) Afflicted. 3. s. m. A 

blemish. ^M ^^j^ &• m. A oaviN 

ler, a criticiser. iA%^ ^djf>- s. m. 

A retailer, a huckster. \^S Id*^ 

To change money. jS ^djy^- A 
oriticiser, caviller, [nority, smallness. 

F. i^^j^ 4fti<rd-f , 8. f . Childhood, mi- 

'' LTjy^ ASV'^'ij (al*i;^ ) ^' ^' ***^' 

ing and drinking, food, victnals, fare. 

T, JOm^.^^ jtbv^shaid or iJ^firsTiecI, b. m. 

The son. (l^Uj I )• 

F. tiXij^ tif^anda, part. act. (from 

^J.^) used snbetantiTely, An 

eater, feeder, gormandizer. 

A. Lp;^ Sowamog, n. prop. A very 

lofty palace, which Nu'mdn son of 
Munqir bnilt for Bahrdm Qor^ king of 

F. 2$i%di- WkV^O' or iiu)ara, s. m. The le- 
prosy, what eats or corrodes, as mst, 
&c. (aIJ^)* 

from J^ Self, and »jh Bom) adj. 

f. Undressed, nnadorned (a woman). 

F. irU^ IshV^K adj- Pleased, delight- 
ed, pleasing, pleasant, excellent, deli- 
eious, sweet, acceptable, amiable, 
cheerful, gay, healthy, elegant, good, 
willing, glad, happy, content, merry. 

.!Jol lAy^ ^^J' Mannerly, well- 
bred, ^J^l \^j^ *dj' Sweetly sing- 
ing. -Jl^i {j^y^ 8. f. Sweet sing- 
ing, melody Jw«Lm^^ s..f. Flattery 
i^tX^Lt^ B. f. Flattery, fawning. 

Ts. A flatterer. liT ^j^^ To be 
agreeable or pleasing (to), to be ac- 
ceptable (to)^y to'be delightful. l/U^ 

jLI With a sweet voice. \^^ 

»)JbT or WJUT [J^^ wlj. I'loa- 

santly coming; flattering (caresses), 
g^tefnf, wholesome, amiable, ag^^ee- 

able, pleasing, charming, i^u \^^ 
adj. Free to stay or depart, un- 
rest rf^ined. mAmt^s^ ». f. Per- 

fume. ^j^Uj \^^ *^J' ^*^" 
quent, perspicuous. tit** L/^^ 

a d j. Eloquent. Jl^ L/^J^ adj.. 
Happy, fortunate, in pleasant eircnm- 

Btances. ufr^ L/*^ '^' '' ^^'^ 
tidings, good news. ^^J"^ 
a1*9^ adj. Graceful in walk- 
ing. «>jf^ LT^ ■• '• ^y^°8 

ready money, purchaaing in private 

sale. L^ Lry** ^**® writing. 

or^l>- (^^ ^'^ ^ SU^i^ ^^ 
AfiEable, of good disposition, wellbrod. 

j^ij vp*^ B' '* Mother 4n-l(^w, 
wife's or husband's mother. lAip^ 
J J adj. Happy, pleased, delightekd, 
cheerful. ^J J ^^%^ 8. ^. Hi 
pmese, cheerfulness. cLcJ L/«^%i? 
adj. Cheerful, gay, d e 1 i g h t e fi 

Having a pleasing or beautiful moutnL 

^JiftJ L/^^ *• ^* Elegance ofV 
beauty of mouth. d!ii\o lA^ 
adj. High'flavoured, tasteful, palat^ 

able, dainty. Xiij lAj>' "^f 
Graceful iu walking or in motion 




C»M. lAy^ adj. Pleasant in 
eolonr. «JIL lA^ "f^^]* Fotftanate. 

^jJlt lAj^ 8. '. Prosperity, good 

luck. ^-aL l>^^ ^j- 'ooulai;, 
fneny, funny, jocose, cheerfal, gay, 

^Uc LA^^ ^i' Tractable, easy, 

A • 

light in hand (a horse), ir'i^ 
or Ji Lji^ a^i- Well- 


shaped, of elegant stature ; a sweet 
lieart. «Ja9 ip^ *^i' Well- 
shaped, nicely cot oat. [^y^ 

tja^^ adj. Of good teztare or qua- 
lity. \jJ [Ji'f^ To gratify, please, 

•delight, amoBo. aSJ**^ adj. 
Sweet, easy of digestion (food), deli- 
•cioos. Til^ LJ^^ ^i' ^1^^^°^ 
tasted, delicious, ipl^t^ LJ^^ 
Adj. Well-fed. iy^J^n) {J^j^ 
adj. Fortunate, lucky. ^AJ<^^ L/^^ 
fl. f . Good fortune, Indk. \jC lA^ 

adj. Pleasant to the sight, beautiful, 
neat, pretty, becoming, seemly. 

L/Hiy l/^^ *^^' Writing an ele- 
gant hand; a fine writer, writing- 

master, ^^^i"^ LT!^ adj. 
Well-disposed. d^« LJ^j^ ^^^' 
^&PPJ» pleased, delighted. (^^ 
At>-^ adj. Cheerful, gay. \A^ 

Ujb To be pleased, to rejoice. 

9, Lm^ tb^sh-Of interj. Happy! O 
happy! blessed! how fortunate J how 
happy! {^d\sSj[^y 

p. yut^ l^^8M)0, 1. adj. Sweot- 
■melling, fragrant. 2. s«f. Perfume, 

«dour. AtiyXity^ adj. Aromatic, 

odoriferous, fragrant 

F. iJyi^j^ khush-ho-i, 1. s. f. Per- 
fume, fragrance. 2. adj. Of perfume, 

P. y^%^ itush-tury adjt compar. More 

Pleasant, very pleasant, &o. 
P. J JLtft»- th^shnudf adj. Vleased, 

contented, delighted. (jJuw i)* 

P. ^JJLm^^- l;ftU8/m«d-i, 8. f. Good 
pleasure, satisfaction. Delight. 

P- JUw^ l^osha, 8. m. 1. An ear of 
com. 2. A bunch, cluster (of grapes, 

&c,), (l^ac^) S. An earing, a spike. 
l^J^ ^y^ A gleaner, 
p. iJ^^ ^ush-iy s. f. Delight, plea- 
sure, cheerfulness, gladness, fun, will, 

choice* .^M L5^5^ ^** L5**'.?*' L^**^ 

adv. Happily, with pleasure, gladly. 

A, 4jO^ &ftauf , B. m. Purposing, re* 

solving, intending, considering, con- 
sulting, attention, deep thought or 
meditation. Search. 

A« *^iy^ ^aujy 6. m. Fear. (^^) 

L>..j '■,i«j^ s. m. (Fear and hope) 

Suspense. Uy u.fjrfc- To fear 

^1/U t-J^ adj. 1. Frightful, ter- 
rifying. 2. Frightened, afraid, ter- 
rified. (cLXiU^)- 
p. {^^ }^uk^ s. m. A hog, swine, pig. 

P* S^ t^o-gaVf part. Rendered mild, 

tamed, accustomed. 

P. j^S^ khogirj s. m. The stuffing of a 

saddle, a pad, a packsaddle. A cant 
term for a turban« 

f. J *&- fdiol, (for J^) s. m. A case, 

sheath, hollow, (dakh.) Crest, hel- 
met. £Galangale, 

P. ^J<ssxij>- kholinjdn, {^^5H) 8.m. 

p. ^^ ih^nf 8. m. 1. Blood. Gore. 
I {y^y 2* Murder, killing- 





Slaughter, homicide. C^U^ or 
Sj Ijft^ B. m. Bloody water, tears of 
blood : Jjit I m;^ A^j- Drinking 
blood; ferocious, cruel. jJ I ^;%^ 
or 1{jJl ^;^^ adj. Stained with 

blood, bloody, .b ^;^ Baining or 
weeping blood (generally spoken of 
the eyes of a lover). ^^Xxi^ s. f. 
The raining or weeping of blood. 
AA«mJ |J%^ Bound or clotted together 

with blood. LlJ 40^ B* ™' ^® 
price of blood, forfeit or retaliation 

for murder. Ul|^ or \xX} J^ iJ9^ 

To work one's self to death. ^Ix^^ 

adj. Dropping blood. ^>r>- iO%^ 

B. m. Bloody work, deeds of death, 
murder on either side, mutual 

slaughter, j >^»- c/^ ^' '^'^ animal 

that feeds on blood. 2. A murderer. 
3. adj. Bloodthirsty, murderous, 

cruel, i^.l^rsr**^ s. f. Devouring 

blood; bloodshed, slaughter, murder, 

sorrow. J, 4:^5^ Bloodshedder, 
murderer, cut-throat, assassin. 4j%^ 
,<b , B. f. Bloodshed, slaughter, car- 
nage. Uft^:>- j*M ^jy^ To be dis- 
tracted by assassinating a person. 
U j> JJ^AMi e;^ ^^ ^® unkind, to be 
displeased, liy m;^^ ^o assassinate, 
to kill, to murder. 2uiS ^^\^^ 
Doomed to be slain. 

p. ^Jy^ kh^n^i, s. m. f. Murderer. 

adj. Sanguinary, bloody, relating to 
murder or blood. [colour of blood. 

P. 1^;^^^ Ishun-in, adj. Bloody, of the 
P- ^^ kho'h 8. f . See ^ 

p. Jo^ tliawid, (or in Pers. l±ivid or 

l[fnpaid) s« m. A green field, a sown 
£eJd^ green grass cut for cattle, green 

com. Unripe wheat or barley crop 
used as fodder. 

P- ij^^ khy^^K !• pron. Self, own. 

2. s. m. A kinsman. 3. A son-in-law, 
a family. [man. 

P. Jjj wo %^ khy^sh-awandf s. A kins- 

P« ^JltJ^^ thyjeah-if s. f. Belationship, 

consangunity. [bravo ! how good ! 

P« j<y^ khcthCf interj. Well done! 

P* iO^^-{^ Hiiydldn, s. m. A flower-bed. 

A. Xj^ thiydr, (^j^^ s. m. 1. 

Choice, election. 2. A cucumber. 

A. ^.La»> thaydn, s. f . A kind of violet. 

A. «^ f^^J^ th^yarainy s. m. Cucumbers 

(of two kinds), i. e. thecuonmber and 
the musk melon, the seeds of which 
are used medicinally. 

A. LLj^ Mo^'t/tfjt* (ftdj* Buperl. of laJi»- 

Ch. To thread) s. m. A tailor. 
A. LLj^ khiyt^a, (^!^) 8- ^* -^ needle. 

^- (j\^ thayal, (JU- Jo^ be 

thought.) s. m. 1. Imagination, 
fancy, thought, idea, consideration, 
care ; respect ; apprehension, conceit, 
whim, chimera, suspicion, opinion, 
notion. 2> Phantom, delusion, vision. 

3. A kind of song. JJsb f^J^ 

^ ^ ^ 

Foolish imagination. aI^ <Jt6^ 
A vain, ridiculous idea. 
A. CdYU^ thyaldt, s. m. plur. (of 
J^Jk^) Imaginations, fancies. 

J5II9 1 CD^Ud- lU-grounded expeo- 
tation, vain thoughts. 

A. jJU^ }^aydl'%i adj. Fanciful, 
capricious, imaginary, ideal, chimeri- 
cal. UKo jL ^J"^ To indulge in 

vain speculations or absurd fancies, to 
build castles in the air. 

A* Cl^b^ ^iydnaX^ s. f. (^;%»- was 

unfaithful.) Perfidy, treachery, trea- 
son , kn a very , em bezz lemen t. A breach 
of trust, dishonesty. 



A. JUL^ i^aibarf n. prop. A town in 

Hijdi. l^ JU». Conqueror of 

^aihar (applied to Alt,), 

A. jJ^ ^air, 1. adj. Good, best, well, 

rery well ; be it so ; never mind 

( A&> ^^) > i^ >B of no consequence ; 

▼ery good ; yes ; that will do ! 
2. adv. Well. 3. s. f. Goodness, 

'"^good, health, happiness. J*jMijJ^ 
^ The best of men, i. e. Muhammad. 

L.mjjI I yJ^ The best of women. 
Fatima. ij«^*3^> ji^ A wellwisher, 

a friend. ,<^.*XJl jj^ «. '• Good 
will, benevolence, good intention. 
4)U J^ Hay he prosper. SU»- Jk^ 
Well-wishing, benevolent ; a friend, a 
wellwisher. 15^'*^ n}^ ■• '• Good 
will, wishing well, friendship, benevo- 
lence. C^:f3lc • J^ 8. f. Health, 
welfare. [Alms, charity. 

A. iJLj]jJi^ thairat, 8. f. (pi. of ^^) 

A. P. jJ^IrA^ l^airdi-tf adj. Intended 

for charitable purposes, given (or to 
be given) or received in charity. 

P. iSyJ^ Mira-gi, s. f. Darkness, 

malignancy, astonishment, stupefac- 
tion, the state of being daz7.1ed or of 
having the sight overcome, dizziness. 

P. tjJ^ kh'ira, adj. 1. Dark. 2. Wick- 
ed, malignant, vain. 3. 8tnpified, 

A. ^::^ jj^ i^airiyat, (J^) 8. f. 

Welfare. Health, good circumstances 
or condition. 

P. jJ^ 4S«-, (^ji^^ To arise) gene- 
rally in compos. 1. part. act. Rising, 
leaping, bounding, galloping, capering, 
raising, exciting, producing. 2. s. 

P. ^;lfJ^ khexdn^ part. act. (of ^JL*A^') 

Rising. [springing. 

P. lAij^ lBk^*'i^h, 8. f. Rising. 

A . • 

A. j^yZJ^ ihaishum, (^^^t^^) s. m. 1. 

The nose, the cartilaginous part of it* 
2. Nasal letters. .3. The ridge or sum- 
mit of a mountain. 

P* (J.^»- kht^, s. f . A leathern bag or 

sack, a bag in which water is carried. 

A. ^jJ^ khf^ilf (Heb.) s. m. Horsemen, 
cavalry. Imagination, fancy. 

Pa u^^^ kh^^il, s. f. An army, multi« 

tude. Xi'i^ L/^i^ -^ house or family, 
a noble family. 
A. JL^i- kh<^ildf (from <Jj^) A woman 

having many moles (^ great beauty 
among the Arabs). 

S' l^»- l^ela, (ULa^) adj. A playful, 

foolish (girl). UiU ILd^ adj. Un- 
steady, foolish, inconsistent, unchaste 
(woman). [extremely, 

**• ij^^t^ AJaiitf, adv. Many, much, very, 

A. JUO^ ihainKif (a[^) s. m. A tent, 

pavilion. JaJ A4kA^ A tent-maker. 
2$ir ^UJL^ 8. f. A camp. IT Qtma, 
Minced meat. See ^(^•^ 

J ddl, called jJw>#^ J^J ®' nj^ J'*^ 

is the eighth letter of tho 

Arabic, and the tenth of the Persian 
alphabet. In the representation of 
Hind] words by the letters of these 

alphabets, it denotes the Nagari ^ 

(da) ; or, with (he) subjoined ^ (dha). 

In the numerical application of the 

Arabic alphabet, J (ddl) stands for 
fonr; hence, in almanacs, it repre- 
sents the fourth day of the week, 
Wednesday : it is, moreover, used in 
astronomy to denote the planet Mer- 
cury, or the sign Leo of the Zodiaa 




This letter, in Persian, may be changed 

to CLJ (^^)j ^* ^ Jj for JjJ 

Worse : or, when the next preceding 

letter is |f«»orj^$ or is moveable 
by a short vowel, it may be converted 

to S (idl); as jIjLmI for jILmI 

A master, juub for 43JUb A dome. 

• • 

B. da, (3[ r. 5r Give) in compos. 

Giver: as y<s|c(' ^ui/ia-da, fiase- 

A. u^lfc) dab, (from c^tj To take 

pains, to labour. Heb. and Ch. To 
sufiFer pain, grief, or patience) s. m. 
1. Custom, manner, institution. 2. 
State, condition. 8. Vehement or 

forcible propulsion. 


B. m. Good manners, civilization. 
H. K^]d ddh, {^^^) (Uib) 8. 

(dakh.) Fear, reverence, pressure; 
weight ; force j power ; authority ; 
control. Chock; restrain. Impres- 
sion ; copy. 

'• ^Jifc) ddh, 8. OsientatieB, pride 


1. ^^•jfliblfc) da&&a/u4-arf, The se- 
cond beast mentioned in the Revela- 
tions : by.Muhammadans it is believed 
that it will issue from a mountain in 
Mecca, with the staff of Moses and the 
•eal of Solomon ; with the first it will 
strike the believer, and with the lat- 
ter it will impress a stamp on the 
face of the infidel, in which will be 
inscribed, " this is an infidel." 

H. Ijuli) dt^jsA^ (trans, of L^O) v. a. 1. 
To press down, suppress, depress, 

snub. 2. To squeeze. U^ c-^lj 

1. To conceal, to steal and conceal. 2. 
To press (particularly, with the 
thighs), retain by prossare, gripe (as, 

money). UuJ L«;ii3 To outgrow, 

€. Ulj data, (^cTT r. ?T Give) adj. 

Liberal, generoas; sabst. Giver, be- 
nefactor, donor. God, Creator. 

S. ^\d ddian, (^CpSlRR) 8. f. A 

TKL. ci^lj daU adj. (dakh.) Thick (as 
a wood), set close, crowded, close* 
thronged, a thicket, arbour. 

A. ^1j daj, (I3-4)) 8. m. 1. Dark- 
ness, obscurity* 2. A dark night. 

A. (J^lj dal^il, (J^fc) entered.) 
part. act. 1. Entering, penetrating^ 
arriving. 2. (adjectively) Entered, 
registered, inserted, produced, 
forthcoming. 8. (substantiv ely) 
Inside, interior part; within. 4. In- 
cluded or comprehended in. 6. Filed. 

IJJ ^}^ J^b To transfer 

property (by taking out the name 
of the former propiietor from a deed 
or register and inserting that of the 

new). U^ (>^ifc) To caose to enter 

or arrive, to place or fix in ; to pro- 
duce, to include, io insert or intro- 
duce, to enrol. Uyb CA^-'^ ^^ enter, 

to arrive, to penetrate, to belong, to 
appertain, to be inserted. 

A. jjla-b da^ylA, (J^b) adj. Con- 
tained, inclusive, belonging to, in- 
herent : (applied to a hamletp) included 
in (an aaiW village.). 

2* jlj did (^1 ^7) 8. m. A ring- 
worm, herpes, blotch, shingles. 

P. jli) dad, s. f . (^ to give.) 1. Gift, bee- 

towed, giving. 2. Justice, law, equity. 

3. Crying out for justice, complaint. 

4. Revenge. 5. part. pass, (of ^Cy\d) 
nsed in compos. Given; as, JiO )4y>- 
Given by God. 6. (^) A ring- 
worm. 7« Praise, commendation. 
^S fc)1«3ULJ jlj To demand justice. 

SU»- Jifc) Demanding justice, a 
petitioner for justice, a plaintiff, 

suitor. («^'^ Olfc) 8. f* Demanding 

of justice. lyiJbJ^j!*) B.f. Liber- 

ality, beneficence, a present. Jli) 
y^,,^ 1. To praise one's actionf 





properly. 2. To make reparation. 
ifs Olj Administering jnstice, re- 
dresser of grievances. %^\ ^'^ b* ^* 
Hedress of grievances, the administer- 
ing instice* '^^^^^j ^ ^^^ ^o ad- 
minister jastice, do justice, obtain 

Jnstice. •djtj Administrator of 
jostice; jost (prince, &c.) JiJ 
(^ JumT s. f. The administration of 
justice. ^JUJ jlj To take re- 
venge. ^<aL« fc>1i> V. n. To obtain 

redress* c>1i3^ ^ i>1fc> Crying oat 

for help or justice. JJUm • JiJ b. f. 
(Giving and taking) traffic, settlement. 

H. I jb dffda, s. m. (c!Ic!c!TcT) 1. Pater- 
nal grandfather. 2. Elder brother. 
'. •) fc>1 fc> (2ad-ar, (Jl J Justice, and part. 

act. of ^fc)i^ I To bring) s. m. Bringer 

or distributor of justice (an epithet of 
the Deity). 

*. ijlfc) dkudiWy dddctr, s. m. (^5^T) 

A frog. (^2/jJU.«)» 

■• ) tJb dadrd, s. m. A kind of song to 

a quick air, resembling the quick 
notes of the frog. 

-• iJ'^T* ^^*^ ddd'Tnardan, (<5,R*1^*T) 

8. m. Name of a plant, used to cure 
the ringworm. (Cassia alata). 

r. -J jl J dadniy s. f . 1. Advances (of 

money), for purchase of produce, la- 
bourers and manufacturers. 2. Debts. 

H. ^jlfc) dadi, 8. f. Paternal grand- 
mother, [plaintiff, a complainant. 
F. ,^fc>U J cifc>lfc> ddd'hfarydd'i, A 

A. .li) ddr, (Heb. and Ch. To encircle, 
to dwell) 8. nx A dwelling, a mansion, 

habitation, country. ^J>^^ l^i J s. m. 
The house of safety, i. e. a country 


with which there is peace. UjJ 1 . 1 J The 
abode of permanency, i. e. the next 

world. j\^ ) j\d s. m. The abode of 

perdition, i* e. hell. VJI^ll^ 1 jlj 


or \^L^j\^ or 

V, -*t UL. 8. m. The seat of empire, 
the royal residence, the capital. 

^^J^ I f 1 J (lit. The mansion of 

war) A country where the Muham- 
madan religion does not pre* 

vail. aAmJ^ fli^ The mansion of 


The mint. CU^IjoJl Jj The court 

safety, heaven, c •mJi .ij A court 
of law, a spiritual court. IamJi jli^ 

8. m. An hospital, i^^^l .1 J b. f. 

or hall of justice. ^Ju!l .Ij A 

college, school, university. Ua]|.li> 
s. f. The abode of frailty or of 

mortality, i. e. the world. .1-S5 1 .Ij 

The mansion of rest, i* e. the grave^ 
or one of the heavens according to 

Muhammadans. CL^UICJ I .Ij The 

abode of recompense or retaliation % 
the wgrld. 

P' »lfc^ «Kr, 1. (<il^ Wood) s. m. (fal- 
lows (iJv*»)» ^ gibbet, an empaling 
stake. UrsXj^ Jv^''^ '^° empale. 2. 

part. act. (of ^jJ^l*> To have) in 
compos. Having, holding, possessmg, 
keeper, lord, master; as, •! J ^Jl 1» 

adj. Watery. 2. Resplendent. 8. s. m. 
A person entrusted with the charge of 

water for drinking, yd i>*C!^ Apar- 
taker, rf J J.f A tax-gatherer, J*> 




J^^ A 8. m. Seizing (particularly, 

thieftaking), tamnlt, coDflict. jlj 

1 1 J^ • 8. m. Agreement, stipalation, 

adjustment of a dispute. 
P. iJj^ddrd, n. prop. Darius: holder, 

possessor, sovereign, king, God. 
TEL. ]j]j dara, adj. (dakh.) See ^J^)j 

P. L-^iilJ ddrah, n. prop. Darius. 

P. ic^U*^ dtfri'i, adj. Of Darius; 8. f . 

Rod silk cloth. 
P. ^y^f^ j'*^ dar-chxn%^ (^F^ Wood, 

and ^mKf Belonging to China) 

8. f. Cinnamon : or (dakh.) bark of 
the Laurus cassia. 

H. «tii3 ddrUf i.t, 1. Spirituous liquor, 
wine, drink. 2. Gunpowder* (CLJUtb)* 

P< ^j\d ddru, 8. f. Medicine, drug, a^id 
j^^i) Application of medicine, me- 
dicine. Remedy, cure. (^jLc)* 

P. J^« .Ifc) ddrogl^aj s. m. The head man 

of an office, a superintendent, an ins- 
pector of police, manager, director, in- 
tendant, overseer. [having, holding. 

P. «^ii43 ddr-i, 8. f. in compos. The 

A. j^J" ill) ddrain, s. dual (of .Ij) The 

two abodes, namely this world and the 
next. The present and future life. 

B. i>*1J dds, (^Rl) 8. m. •A male 

slave or servant. Follower, disciple. 
(Coupled with the name of some deity, 
this word is borne as a name by men 
of the haniyd caste, by hairdgi faqirSj 

&c.:). |<*m|J s. f. A slave girl. A 
P. I •*»'fc) ddHf 8. m. A sickle, a scythe. 

H. LmIJ ddsd, 8. m. (^'^ a flat stone) 

1. A piece of wood sticking out ttom 
a wall to support the thatch (or chhap- 

par), 2. v^t^) A reaping-hook. 

P. ^uLmIj ddstdn, s. f, A story, fable, 

tale. [player, actor. 

9. ^yMiJ ddS'Tif 8. (dakh.) A (stage) 

P. c:^*ib ddsht, (^li^b) B.f. 1. 

Bringing up, breeding, taking care of, 
keeping, care, patronage. 2. Service. 

A. ^cli) da'i, (part. act. of If J) s. m. 

1. A well-wisher, one who prays for 
the welfare of another. 2. A plain- 
tifiF, claimant. 3. One who instigates 
another to any thing, instigator, 
author, cause. 

A. XAclj dd'iya, (^^cJ) 8. m. Peti- 
tion, plaint, desire, wish. A claim. 
P. pli) ddght 1* 8. m. Spot, stain, bad 

name, mark, scar, wound, sore, cicatrix, 
blemish, freckle, speck, pock, a mark 
made by burning with a hot iron, 
brand, stigma, sorrow, grief; loss, 

cautery. (5T^) 2. (adjectively) 
Wounded, cauterized, having many 
scars. Uld or U^Jb^ clj To 

vilify, to defame, ilj^l J adj. Scar- 

red,cauterized, spotted,marked, streak- 
ed, ubfc) cl J 1. To mark by lam- 
ing with a hot iron, to cauterise, 
brand, scar. 2. To blemish. Utj clj 

To bo damaged, to get a bad name. 

p. H. Uil J ddgh-nd, V. a. 1. To caute- 
rize, to mark by burning with a hot 
iron. 2. To fire (a gun, £o.). 

P» ic^ii) ddgh'l, adj. Spotted, marked, 

stained. Spoiled. \iJ |«clfc) 1. To 
Btain, spot. 2. To blemish. 
A. ^li) ddfi', (part. act. of 9-iJ) adj. 
'Repelling, repulsing, driving away. 

a. Jb ddl, (5[^ r. ^ Divide, split, 

tear asunder) s. f. 1. Pulse, vetches 
(especially split) : (dakh.) a particular 
sort of pulse, rhaftcolns radiatus. 2. 
A scab. 3 Concentration of rays 

of light. Focup. ^c*wi^ »J^ Jb 

^ v. n. To have an advantage, to 




A. Jb dall, (part. act. of oWJ) adj. p. ^^yul J daman-h (^^^*^) 
ludicative, Bignificant, expressive, 
typical ; index. 

r. ^11 J ddldn, s. m. A" hall. ^*'t3 fi3 
8. m. An outer hall, antiohamber. 
^Jl J tjiJ^l A balcony. 

p. JU^. Jb dfl?-chini, 8. Cinnamon 
see iJy^ j'*^ [snare. 

8. f. 1. 

p. aIj dJm, 8. m. A not, (Jl*-) a 

H. Jj dam, 8. m. {^^) 1. Money. The 
twonty-fif th part of a paisd. 2. Price. 
Value, rate. (c;^wOJ)« 

A. aIj ddma^ t. past tense. 3d. pers. 

sing. mas. (from M^d) May (it) be 

perpetual or endure for ever, a' J 
iui!* J May hb fortune or prosperity 

continue, jdi? J J or ^^^^ May his 
or their prosperity continue. 

P. jUlfc) dtfmdd, B. m. (STTTrcfT)* A 

son-in-law, daughter*B hnsbandt 2. 

P. ...Ub daman, ) s. m. 1. The skirt 

^ > of a garment, a 

p. ^^b d«mofi, ) petticoat. 2. 

Sheet (of a sail on shipboard). «S. 
The foot or declivity of a mountain. 

U^ t^f^'*^ !• To be the accuser or 

^ V 

Scrap of the shroud kept by relations 
of the deceased. 2. A saddle-cloth, 
furniture, housings. 3. An ornament 
worn on the forehead. 4. Part of a 
woman's dress, veil, mantle. 

H. ^iob damni, (^t^lft^)* Light- 

s. ^b dan, {^m r. 5T Give) 8. m. 

1. Act of giving or bestowing, gift, 
donation, alms, charity. 2. Any thing 
demanded by law or custom, as toll, 

&c. 3. A dowry (JJ^)* Jxj J\j 

^I*1M^ 8. m. A deed of conveyance 
or gift (by which land is convoyed to 

Brdhmans). ^ ^b (^PW^) 
8. m. Charity, alms. 

P* y;b dan, 1. part. act. (of j^X»*jJlfc) to 
know) Knowing, understanding (used 
in compos.) ; as, ^lfc>ifc3<i Knowing the 

value or quality (of persons). JUx> 

^b Subtile, penetrating. 2. (from 

^jAM^rb to keep). An afi&x denoting 
the receptacloi place or stand, as, 
^b Jl» A pen-case. ^)j m^ 

A candlestick. ^itXAjJ A pen -case, 
p. lib ddnd, adj. Wise, learned, sage. 
^ For ^1 fc> GraiUi &c. 

plaintiff (of any one). 2. To prevent, p. ^J] j ddnd-i, a. f. Wisdom 
oppose. 8. To take protection, to ^^ 

take refuge. ULj^ij ^^b To beg, 
petition, desire. Ij^jf I ^lyft- ^^^^b 
To rise quickly in displeasure, ^^^b 


To refuse, to decline 

clownishly. LilyfJ- ^^^ To escape, 

get rid of, come off. jJ^ j^'*^ ^' 

Seizing the skirts ; attached to, de- 
pending on ; an adherent, a dependant. 
2. Demanding justice } an accuser, a 


a. Cl^b ddnt, (cJ.Tl) 8.m. 1. A tooth, 
tusk. 2. Desire, mind, intention. 
\X^r c^b V. n. To chatter the 
teeth, to squabble, chattering of the 

teeth, wrangling, sparring, oil J 
UuiJu To gnash the teeth, to grin. 

Ujfti^r lib*) J^l i>" w::-^'^ 

To stand in amaze, to wonder. C^jb 
yj ^**i Uftft or U^. 1. To desire 
any thing exceedingly. 2. To KoX^x 




\j[^ ^J^j ^^^ c:^b To be the 
most intimate friend of any one. 
UUG^ Cl^t J v. a. To gnash the 

teeth. U'^sii^ c:^tfc> To grin, to 

shew the teeth. ^ vj^it J (dakh.) 

Lock-jaw. \jj ^J<^ v^b To 

dishearten, to displease. 1)4 Cl^^lJ 

or U!lx) To teeth, grow (as teeth). 

Ull^ C^b 1. To langh, to grin. 2. 
To express or confess inability and 

a. J^ liJb ddntdkilkil, (5pTT^Ro5- 

Tcfi^l) 8. f. Qnarrel. (domestic). 

a. jo^lj d ant an, s. m. (^cl^^R'T) 
A tooth-brush made from the branch 

of a tree (mm or hahuV)^ ((^J|4amw«)- 

fi. tJiilfc) dant-l, (5^) b. f. The tooth 

of a saw, comb or other instmment, 
cog (of a wheel) : a sickle. 

a. Jjji) ddn4, s. m. 1. Fine, mulct, 
punishment, penalty: oppression, in- 
justice, injury. 2. An oar : see jJ J 

a. l«xilj danddf (^^ A stafF) s. m. 

or |jJ)j#)JuU^lJ[ilfc> 



(^^ A stick put up as a land- 

mark, and h. Juul^ A bank raised for 

the like purpose) s. m. Frontier or 
boundary between the lands of two 

i' aJj^J dati^Uf s. (dakh.) The bat or 
stick in the boy's play of cat-and-trap. 

p. c:^<wmJ1 J danist, (^IgJlj To know) 

8 f. 1. Knowledge. (^J^) 2. Opi- 
nion, view. 

P. ^JUmJiJ ddnista-glfB. f. Knowledge. 

P. ^UUmj'J d4nt8(a, part. pass. Known, 
knowing, p.p. used adverbially. 

Knowingly (J .^^y) J^)' 

P' lAib danishf (^^LmjI J) 8. f. Know* 

ledge, science, learning. [wise, 

P- tXJl^tuolj dani8h*mandf adj. Learned, 

P* i^jJLiJLilj danish'vnandAf 8. f. 

Learning, wisdom. Sagaoity. 
A. ^\d danaq or daniq^ s. A weight. 

the sixth part of a dram or dirham : 
see (^^1j 

P. l1X>1 J dan(7, B. f . 1. A weight, the 

fourth part of a dram. 2. The sixth 
part or the side or quarter (of a city, 
country, &c.), side. 

P. SjJLitj dananda, (^AmJIj) part. 

Knowing, intelligent, skilled. 

H. ylj dahWf 8. m. 1. Ambuscade, 

ambush, snare. 2. Time, turn, in- 
nings, opportunity, vicissitude* 3. 
Twisting of one another in wrestling. 
4. Stratagem. 5. A throw (of dice). 

U^ ylfc) To wrestle. U]l». Jlj 

To take advantage of. uL^ JiJ 
To have the advantage. 

P. Jli) dahwt (Pers. yd) 8. m. 1. A 
stake, bet, hazard, a wager. 2. A 
throw or cast of the dice. U^ylj 
To have a good throw. 

8. Jlj dana\\ (^[H^ from 5?I the 

mother's name) s. m. A demon. Titan, 
giant. Rakshasa. 

P. ij\d ddna, s. m. A grain, berry, seed, 

com, speck, pimple. Food. (jJ Ijue^ I ) 

Gram. Rations. Bead. Pock. Dice. si\d 

Ul JJ V. a. To caress, as birds do by 

joining bills, to bill. ^U iJi\d 8. m. 

Food, victuals, meat and drink. J^lJ 

.Ij 1. Granulated. 2. Having the 

appearance of being granulated. 3. 
Containing grain. 4. Apportionment 
of yon" or of any other contribution, 

according to the actual produce. A))J 
\jS ^d To mingle, confound or 




■. j^b dani, (^P^ r. ^T Give) adj. 

Munificent, liberal, bountifnl, charita- 
ble, giving. 

>*• |<^'i3 ddn4, in compos. 8. f. 1. Same 

as, or dimin. of, ^Ij Receptacle, 

stand, place, &c. ; as, |<>i J (JlaJ b. f. 

An oil-pot. 2. (^jiJ Knowing) Know- 

p. H. ^!j da\ 8. m. (^ to cat ) 1. A 

bill or kind of hatchet with a hooked 
point. A sickle. 2. Vicissitude, turn, 
opportunity, stake, wager, &c. See H. 

ylj * UJo^Ij orUftjJ^^ To bet, 
to wager. 

A. J/iJ da'iidf (Heb. Beloved) d. prop. 

Name of a prophet, David. 

A. ^4)^li3 dd^iid'i, 1. s. f. A shrub that 

bears a flower like chamomile ; a kind 
of firework like that shrub. 2. A 
kind of armour. 3. adj. Relating to 
David, of David. 

F. lalj dat^ar, s. m. A sovereign, God. 
p. ^cijlfc) ddwar-if s. f. Sovereignty. 

Ij da'on, 8. m. See H. JlJ 



«. Ua)j d akin a or dahna^ (<^^"l) 
adj. Right (opposite to left hand or 

side. <^I^«| South or right. 

because the earth, the navel of which 
corresponds to Hindust&n,ha8 its head 
to the west, its feet to the east, the 
right side to the south, and the left to 
the north ; or, perhaps, from the po- 
sition of eastern people in adoration 

of the sun. In Arab. JU^m denotes 

the north or left : and, this agrees 
with the manner in which the Roman 
augurs determined the regions of the 
heavens, according to Livj, I. 18). 

P. ^b da% (Pers. Jbb) a. f. (^TqpT^ 

from <HMc1 child, ^^F to give.) 

1. A milk-nurse. 2. A mid- 
wife. 3. (dakh.) A maidservant. 

^JjUtfl ^Jb A maidaervant or 

a ladj*s maid. \S^ \^^ ^' '• 

A wet nurse. jJU^ l5^ "^ *• ^' ^ 

midwife. ^1^ ^\d 8. f. A dry 
A. JIj da"\r^ part. act. (of i^D going 

round. Heb.) Encircling, going round ; 
in process, of adjudication, pending, 
agitated (as a suit at law), capa- 
ble of being agitated, cognizable. 

JUw • J) J Going the circuit (judges, 

Ac), absolute, invested with author- 

A. sJljda'pa, ( .4 J) s. m. 1. A cir- 
cle, a ring of (persons); circumference, 
orbit 2. A tambourin. (The largest 
variety, being f rom^ a foot and a half 
to two feet in diameter, played on 
with a stick). 3. A monastery. 

A. ^b (/«'tm, (part. act. of a^j> en- 
dured.) adj. Perpetual, permanent, 

continually, eternal, always. A^b 
iM*Jk3»I1 Perpetually imprisoned, ^b 

oo •o-o 

o^- o«o^ 

^^Kayladj. Sot, drunknrd. /^^l ^ib 
Eternally sick. 
A. P. j-^Jb da'iw.f, 1. adj. Perpetual, 

continual, lasting, standing. 2. s. f. 
Perpetuity, eternity. [and left. 

a. fj-iu (i*^b da'cti &a*en, On the right 

P. ^1 J dtfi/a, 8. f. A nurse, a midwife. 

4. u^i) dubb, 8. ra. 1. State, consti- 
tution, condition, custom, manner, 
property, quality. 2. (Heb.) A 
bear. The constellation of the bear. 

f 9 

m\ CLJd The lesser bear. CL'd 

JL^I The greater bear. 8. {^met.) A 

A. cbj da&baf&, (adjv superl. of w^J 

He tanned) a. m. A currier, a tanner, 
A. Vi^^cbfc) diba^ai^ b. f. The art of 

tanning. ^Uj A tannery, tan-yard. 



H. Uljfc) dahina, {^) (cans, of LbJ) 

V. a. 1. To press down. 2. To snnb, 
chide, keep under, check, cnrb, res- 
train, repress, awe, depress, compress, 

suppress. Ijuj U J To encroach upon. 

UiL«Jjfc> 1. To overcome, get the 
better of. 2. To crush to death. 

H.^bj dahd'o, (lib J) B. m. Strength, 

authority, pressure, cruah, suppression, 
depression, cavity, resignation, sub- 

missivenoss. Influence («Lj1j)* 

A. ^JjJ dahdaha.8,m, 1. Noise, sound, 

din. 2. (l^J walked leisurely.) 
Dignity, state, pomp, parade. 

s. la> Jj J duhdha, (f f^i t^) 8. f. 

Doubt, suspense, uncertainty, dilemma. 

A. jjd duhur, (from Heb. To lead : also, 

to follow, to be behind) s. f. The 
backside, posteriors, podez. 

p. J J dahZf adj. Thick. 

P. ^UumJJ dahistdn, (contract, of J^ 

A writer, and ^UmjI Place) s. m. A 

H. lil^J dahkdna, (causal of U^jJ) T.a. 

1. To snub, check, chide, threaten, 

awe, daunt, browbeat, cow, intimidate. 

2. To conceal, hide. 

H. \jLit} dahahnd, t. n. 1. To crouch, 

Bculk, be awed, lie in ambush, (iJu^) 

lurk, to set (a dog), twinkle. 2. To 
hammer, beat (wire). 

H. ^e>Jfc> dahJci, s. f. Ambush, crouch- 
ing. li.L« ^<xJ fc> To lie in ambush. 

H. JjiGfc) dahkel 
H. Lx^fc) dahkild 

m * 

a. hd duUa, (^^) adj. Thin, (JlXj) 

loan, poor, meager; weak. vJu or IjSjJ 
s. m. Leanness. 

H. buJ dahnd, v. n. (^fl^) 1. To bo 

snubbed, to crouch, shrink, be pressed 
down, be bowed down, give way, to be 
awed. 2. To be concealed. 3. To 

^ (adj. Sculki 
( sonlker. 

'» 3 


be buried. 4. To be quelled (insur- 
rection). 6. Withheld. 6. To be 
checked. 7- To be shampoed. 8. Come 
under one's power. 9. To fall short. 

Ul»- c^fc) To retire, withdraw, be 
mortified, be suppressed, lij^ ^-'(^ 
To be crushed to death, yb ^d 

or ^^b ^J With silent steps, softly, 
H. ^^Jjjd dahang, 

ana )^^i- IH-^red, 
^* I brutish, bar- 
i barons, foolish, 
«» J dolt, lout. 

H. JjUi) dahangd, 

H. u»>*Jfc> dahochnu, v. a. 1. To conceal, 

to hide (generally, furtively). 2. To 
strangle, seize by the throat. 

A. .ftj4> dahdr, ( yfc5) s* ^» Zephyr, 

west wind. [bin of a ship, stern. 

P. UMft^fc) dahiisd, (A^y J) s. m. The ca- 

A. ^fc> dahha. s. m. A leathern vessel 
for holding oil. [cretaty, notary. 

P. vJ^O dahir, s. m. A writer, a se- 

P. jX)J dahiz, adj. Thick, strong 

(cloth, etc.) [rich silk cloth. 

A. -jAJJ J dahiqif B. A kind of very 

H. (JjJfc) dalel, (lijfc>) s. m. Subject, 

person under dominion. [gallop. 

H. l2-^Ji3 dapapt (UjoJ) s. f. Course, 

H. Ubofc) da/>i0na, (cans, of uuuj) 
V. a. To gallop. 

H. buufc) dapaindj 1. v. n. To gal- 
lop, to rush. 2. V. a. To rebuke, to 

«. CLJj dut, 1. (T^ or ^K) interj. 
Away ! begone ! avaunt ! 2. or duti 
(^Tm) s. f. Splendour, light, beauty 
3. Spite, malice. 

2. bu J U J dut-td dend, v. a. 1. To drive 

away scornfully. 2. (see UftJ) To 
deceive, to balk, to cheat. 

». biOJj dut'kdrndf v. a. To reprove. 

H, ubj daind, v. n. To slop, to be con- 




A. .bj di^arj s. An upper garments. 

(The word is nsed in opposition to 
jjuit and like the latter sometimes 

in composition to denote habit, cus- 
tom, Ac.). 

A. J'^J dajjdl, (Jd.J Chald. He 

lied, pot on a false appearance) 1. 
Liar, impostor. 2. Antichrist. A 
one eyed man. 

A. JUu>.J dijla or dajla^ s. m. 1. The 
. river Tigris. 2. A lake. 

A. ^1^4) du^dn, 8. m. Smoke. Tobacco. 
A. ^l^t) dukhdn-if adj. Smoky. 
P. C:,.^J dukktt 6. f. See JU-J 
j.Vj;,^J B. f. Wine. 

P. Jli-J duAJior, (5"fkcf) s. f. A 
daughter, (^^^) a girl, (^J) 
a virgin, jj j^^ ^' '• (Dangliter 

cii the vino) Wine, a grape. 

A. (J^fc) da^^ly 8. m. 1. Entrance, ac- 
cess, occupation, taking possession, 
possibility. 2. Intrusion, interfer- 
ence, disturbance, molestation. 3. 
Produce, income. 4. Skill, knowledge. 

liU /l^i) V. a. To have access. 
Ubi) jJ^J To interpoae. (^X« ^JU 
U I )• To interrupt. 

P- ^L4^J daiAma, 8. 1. A vault or tomb 
for the dead, a coffin. 2. The house 
for the reception of the dead among 
the Oabrs or fire-worshippers. 3. A 
thing the camel protrudes from the 
mouth when in heat. 

A. ^J*^i> duihilf 8. Entering, com- 

mencinpT. The consummation of mar- 
riage, the positive act of seicual inter- 
course. Entrance, access. Income. 

A. Juia-fc) datbil, (J^fc>) 1. adj. Inti- 
mate, familiar. 2. Admitted, allowed 
entrance ; adopted (a word) i in poss- 
ession (of laud, &c.), 3. s. m. A 
friend, a confidant, an accomplice. 

y. J J dad, 8. A beast of prey, a forest 
full of game. 

p. T. IjJ dodtf, (Pers. tjlj or Turk, 

S J J ) s. f. A maidservant, a nurse. 

H. UI.JJ dudrdnd, v. (dakh.) To swell. 

H. ij^fc^fc) dadord, s m. A bump (oc- 
casioned by the bite of aif insect). 
(See Ul^Ji))* 

». ^JJ duddhi, l(?'fi>^T) 8. f. 
Name of a medicinal herb. 

a. JuJbJJ dudhail. (^J^J) adj. f. 
Milch, giving milk animal. 

H. a. J^JJJ dadiydl^ (Ijlj Grand- 
father, and ^[^q* House) s. ra. De- 
scent (by ancestors), pedigree, ances- 
tors, paternal grandfather's family, 

TKL. ^^JJ diddif B. f. (dakh.) Door 

(small), wicket. ^ doddi^ s, f. (dakh.) 
A place for the sale of wood or for 
tying up a buffalo. 

P. I J dor, (3JT) 1. 8. m. A d(X)r. 

• Jj .fc) From door to door. U I ij 

V. n. 1. To enter, come in, engage 
(in), arrive, penetrate. 2. (for Pers. 

^J^! iJj) To come out. Sj^ .J 
adj. Concealed, veiled, secretly. 
Uub. or Uyb tK>j*^ To follow, pro- 
secute, pursue, be in pursuit or in 
search, be at hand. Jl>- iJ On the 

spot, immediately. KiLJjya jd adv. 

In case, provided, should, suppose 
that, since. [rate, value, esteem. 

H. .fc) dar^ s. m. (? to honor) Price : a 

A. .J durr^ (Hcb.) s. m. A pearl. (^*^v<) 
(In Pers. and Hind. dur). ^Liil . J 
Scattering pearls; eloquent, j^.j^ 
Raining pearls. Ji j jd (Shedding 

pearls) adj. Elocjuent. i^j^j j*^ s. f. 




p. a. .J dar, (contract, of Pere. •• J 

(TT) interj. Avaunt ! Standoff! 

P- .J dar, prep. In, at, on, into. 

((\^LJ) b. f. Coming in, ingress. 
2. Import, 2$4)jj li) adj. Behind the 

screen, private (SJJU^y)- i^j^ 

adv. In the pursuit of. ij^j^ 

P. li*) dartf, s. f. A. bell. 

A. ^m^fjt^ dnrraj^ (from ^ t(3) s. m. A 

A. ,— ijfc) darrdj^ s. A hedge-hog. 

P. Jiffc) daraz^ adj. Long, tall. »*jfc) 
jJLmJ s. f. Oppression. 

p. c-fi'ifc) dartfz-i, s. f. Length, exten- 
sion, [standing. 
A. JC>!.fc> darrdJcaf s. m. The onder- 

P« J^ljJ dar-dmadf s. f. In<ooming, 

entrance, access, arrival, receipt: an 
account of fees paid for serving pro- 
cesses : the return of a process. 

H. lil.J darrdndt adj. Going straight 

and quickly, without fear or delay, 
stiaight forwards. 

§. jJLJlifc) dardnttj (r. ^ Divide, tear) 

8. f . (51?!) A sickle. 

P. cili*3 durrdntt 8. m. The name of 

a tribe of PathdnSj inhabiting the 
country about Kandhdr. They are 
said to have got this name from wear- 
ing pearls in the ear. They are also 
called Ahddlls. 

P. ^\t^ dard\ s. f. !• A bell. 2. (in 
compos, from ^J^i* J To enter, or 
from ^j*^jiljfc>To talk, to vociferate) 
Entering, conversation, talking, be- 

ginning of a discourse, ic^'i^ ^jf^ 
8. f . Talking nonsdnse, chattering. 

P. ^->li^43 darbab, Prep. Respecting, 
anent. (c^j'o)* 

^' j^,j^ darldr, s. m. (jd within, .U 

a courtyard) House, dwelling, court, 
hall of audience ; the holding of a 

court, lovee. (jc^^ JjjO a.m. Pri- 

vate audience. Ac Xtj*^ a. m. Public 

audience. ^j\jj ^^X^jd s. f. Court 

**• ^^,j*^ dar-hdra, In respect (of), res- 
pecting, [adj. Courtly. 

P* %Jn^j*^ dar^hdr-l, s. m. Coartier, 

P* ^^y^J*^ dar-hdUf 8. m. A doorkeeper, 

a porter. [bar of a door. 

P. SJJjd dar-hand, s. m. The bolt or 

«• P* 4^*3^ i») dar-hand'tf 8. f. A state- 
ment of the different rates of a village : 
asses/iring the price or value of crops or 

8. ^^4) darpan, (^'FI r. VJ Light) 
8. m. A mirror, looking-glass. 

P. i^j*^ dar-pai, In the footstep, in 
pursuit, in prosecution, intent on, 
following; see under P. ii) 

P' \r*^j*^ dar-pesh^ adv. In front, 
before, u^ lAi^ j*^ ^^ propose 
adduce, bring forward. Uyt i/^^ tO 

To be in front or before, to be in band, 
be on foot) occur or happen, be on the 
carpet or anvil, be incumbent or neceB- 
sary. [before (a court at law) . 

P« i<*^*:fi j*^ dar-pesh.t, s. f. The being 

^* ^j^ ^^^h 8- ni. U A little casket 
for gems. Placing anything in. 

A. ^jd darj\ s. m. A closet, a place 
for writing, or any thing written on, a 
volume, entry (in a book, &c). —#4) 

UJ 1. To wnte, copy, enter, insert, 
to book, record. 2. To fold. ^ i») 
Uyb To be entered, booked, inserted. 




A. P. ^^Ji^-jd durj-ak. 8. A small 
casket, a cabinet, box (for jewels). 

8. ^^^ifc) dar-jan, b. f. Con-uption of 

Eng. dozen. 

A. a^-jd darja, (properly daraja) s. ni. 

1. Step, stair, gradation, degree, rank, 
division (Cl^^t*^)* dignity, station. 

2. Act (of a play.) 3. A degree of a 
circle. 4. Plight (J'^)" 5. Story, 

nmm, compartment, to-.^yj ^^J*^ 
adv. Step by step, gradually, [tliat. 

P. A. a:Cjuii'.^,fc> dar-hdlat-e-tUf In case 

P. A. sCJf^^'tt^ dar-^2e-fct, In case that. 

p. L*'^ e^ji^ daraf^tt a. m. A tree. 

p. ^Li^iJ darath^hdny part. Shin- 
ing, flashing. [ing, splendonr. 
P. J^Jti^iJ darakh^hdn-tf 8. f. Shin- 

p. ^dJjit^jt^ daral^shanda^l, 8. f. 

Splendonr, brightness. 
P. iSjJL^jd darakhshanda, 

(^43a#l^ J) part. act. Shining. 

P- c;.^%***l4>-i4) darl^wdstf (,^/**'i^a^J) 

To wish, petition) 8. f. Application, 
reqnest, entreaty, tender, offer, pro- 
posal, desire, wish, demand, petition, 
appeal, or petition of appeal. Beg, 

seek, entreat. \jJ IJ^'^\js>yJ To 

beseech Ac. [able, proper. 

p. f^ffc) daribmr, adj. Fit, suit- 

P. Jffc) dard, s. m. 1. Pain, ache, aflSic- 
tion. 2. Pity, sympathy, compassion ; 
(lJ*'^) *^ffGCtion. ji^* *^j*^ *idj. 

Piteous, compassionate. J^fXj) JiJ 
adj. 1. Sickly. 2. Pitiable, exciting 

compassion, tj J. J 8. m. The pains 

of labonr, throe. •*** JiJ s- m. or 
i^fM fc)ifc) s. f. !• The headache 
2. Trouble, vexation, a^ djd s. m. 

Colic, td^ djd Pain in the kidneys, 

nephritic pains. Ui3 J. J v. n. To 

feel the pains of childbirth. jJU J. J 
aflj. 1. Afflicted. 2. Companionate, 
sympathizing. ^jJL^ J. J e.f. Afflic- 
tion, sorrow, compassion. v^yUj.J 
adj. Painful, piteous, sorrowful. 
P' J^J c?urd, B. f. Sediment, dregs, 

P- I fc)^ fc) darddy interj. Alas ! 

P* j^|-«ifc)i43 dar-ddman^ The ornament 

to the border of a gown or robe. 
^Ajdjd dardardy (^ somewhat, 

<i^ to bruise) adj. Half -pounded, 
granulated, coarsely ground. 

p. A. jjj darz, s. m. 1. Seam or suture 

(of a garment, Ac), a crack, a cleft, 
flaw. 2. A rag, a slip of cloth, a long 
strip of cloth, a narrow shred. 

P- (OJj*^ dartan, s. f. A needle. 

P- ufi;*^ darz-i, (jj*^) 8. m. A tailor 

A. ij*'j*^ darSf (Heb.) s. m. Reading, 

learning to read, a lecture, teaching, 

instruction, a lesson. LuJ i/*i(3 To 

teach to read, to instruct. LluJ tr'jt^ 
To read a lesson. 

P. e:^^fc> durust, adj. Bight, 

(^Lm>J^) fit, proper, just, true, well, 
safe, sound, entire, straight, correct, 

accurate. A golden coin, (ciy^') 

U^. u:^^AMffc> To admit, to allow. 

[jj c^AMi J To arrange, adjast, put 

in order, repair, rectify, mend, amend, 

P. ^JsXuijd durust-agJ, b. f. See iJu«i J 

P. |<i*wi*^ duru8t-h 8. f. Rectitude, 

soundness, propriety, exactness, fitness, 
justness, reformation, amendments 




B. ^jAw.fc) daroan, ('^^H r. ^ See) 
8. m. Interview, appearance. 

- l^J^.J dar«a»-«, (cf^Hl^) 1. adj. 

Payaljle at sight (a bill of exchange ) ; 
B f. A bill of exchange payable at 
sight. 2. Offering, present. 3. adj. 

Handsome (•.IjoJ), sightly. 
A. p. j^*-^«tfc> dars'h adj. Relating to 

reading or stndy. 

P. C^-2».fc> durusht^ adj. Rough, hard, 

stiff, rigid, stern, morose, surly, op- 
pressive, fierce, harsh. 

p. iji^iJ diirusht't, B. f Roughness, 

severity, asperity, violence. 
8. j^i J darshan^ s. m. See j^»*M*3 

P. ifiJffc) diraJshyS. 1. An instrument 

of shoemakers, &c., an awl. 2. A flag 
or banner raised on the day of battle 
3. Lightning: splendour, any thing 
splendid or shining. 4. A sash which 
on the day of battle they wind round 
the turban and helmet. [splendid. 

P ^JJL^jd darafshdn, part. Shining, 
P. ^LiLj.fc) dur-Juthan-i, s. f. Scatter- 
ing of pearls ; eloquence. 
A. wL-^ J darlc^ 8. m. Comprehending, 
understanding, precoption, knowledge. 

P. j^jd dar-hdr, adj. ( .J in, yi work.) 
Necessary, wanting, ('oa.^). 

H. Uoii) darkana, (causal of lA>t J) v. a. 

To cause to crack or split, 
n. W.J darciknd, v. n. 1. To split, rend 

(UAJ)» be torn, crack. 2. To palpi- 
tate, beat. 
P. j^ij*^ dar-kindr^ jidv. On one side, 
apart, out of the way, (put it) aside. 

8. kLffd durg, (^'l comp. ot^T. With 

difficulty, and part, of r. ^TO Go. 

Difficult of passage). 1. adj. Impene- 
trable, impassable inaccessible. 2- 
B. m. A strong fort. 

s. li^ J durga, (^^T) s f. 1. One of 

the names of Bhawdni. 2. (met,) A 
word. 3. Name of a Hindu book con- 
taining the narration of the goddess 

P. s'i^J dargdh, a. f. 1. A palace, a 

royal court. 2. Threshold, door. 3. 
A mosque, a shrine or tho tomb of 
some reputed saint. 

P. «. J-i .tiS .J dar-gustar kamd, v. a. 

To pass over, to neglect, to excuse, to 
overlook, to forgive. 

P. H. U. j^ - J dar^UMamd, v. d. To 

decline, to leave off, to abstain or 
refrain (from), to pass by or over. 

P* *«i3 diram, s. m. Money : Bee ^iJb. J 

P. 42;^;J darmdny s. m. Medicine, 
remedy (^ilc)* 

P. ^rjo'w^^fc) dar-mdnda-gi, (;(jJL«.fc>) 

B. f. Misery, distress, penary. 
P> SJoUcja) darmdndat (part, pass, of 

^jJt«.4)) adj. Helpless, destitatCi 

without remedy. 

wi^es, salary, 

P. j^iO darmant (contract, of ^^^^J) 
s. m. Drug, remedy, medicine. 

p. j^ljUii) dar-miydn, 1. s. m. Inter- 
val, middle, midst. 2. adv. postpos. 
or prepos. In the midst (^frW)* 
between, before, in view. 

P. Ai^JL^ii) dar-miydn-Ot } ^^ ^^® 
" ^ f "Bi iddle, 

P, J\j^jd dar-miydn-e, J between. 

P. iJIj^i*^ darmiydn-tt 1. adj. Mid- 
most. 2. 8. m. A mediator. 3. An 

without remedy. 

P, ljbL«.J dar-mdh-dt /B.m. 
J L w^ 



^* iX)iJ doxand 

!p a r t. act. (of 
^JJ^J Tear, 
ing; (adjec- 
tively) Rapacious, fierce, ravenous; 
(subst.) Ravenous beast, beast of prey. 




P. <^ Csjih dirang^ s. m. Delay, hesita- 
tion, [diness, delay. 
F. 15^1*^ dirang-i, a. f. Lateness, tar- 

'• Aii) dt'rau, 8. m. Reaping, harvest, 

cutting com at harvest. 
P. ^'jt&^ dartcaza, s. m. Door. ( ifc))* 

UT^ s;li.i> To knock at the door. 

liyt ^^ff^jul SiUiJ Implies a door's 

being built np with bricks and mortar. 
P' Vil^MiJ • ji> dat'O-bast, adj. Whole, 

all, entire. 
P. fcSffc) dunict, 8. f. m. Congratulation. 

benediction, salutation, blessing; 

thanksgiving. UsfJ^^ fc^jii^ To bless, 

P* Si^mjd darod^g ar or durod- or 
dirud-gatf (i^jM^ Wood, plank, and 
S Maker) s. m. A carpenter. 

P. c^jd darog^y s. m. 1. A lie, false- 
hood. ((^^^) 2. adj. False. 

^ 951*^ 8. m. A liar, ^i^ Cjy J 
8. f . Lying, false speaking. 
P. ^« ifc) dor«n, 1. adv. In, within. 2. 
8. m. Interior. 3. The heart, bowels. 

P. a!« « fc> dar«na, s. m. The heart, core, 

p. jsjjfa.J dart©e«a,(from .J Door, and 

•V Search,a searcher) s.m. Beggary. 
p. iji^aiJ danveshf s. m. A dervis, a 


P. X.i> darrat s. m. A valley (especially 

between hills through which a stream 
flows), a pass or way between two 

1. X.i) dirra^ s. m. A scourge. 
P. j^jd dar-ham, adj. Confused, angry, 
higgledy- piggledy. ^^j) ^J adj. 

Confused. U^ ^JUji j^A^i) To con- 

fuse, confonnd, jumble. 


A. AJbti) dirham^ (p. aii)) s. m. 1. 

Money. 2. A silver coin, of which 
from 20 to 25 have at different times 
passed current for a dinars which latter 
is nearly equal to a ducat, or sequin, 
about 9 shillings. 3. Name of a weight 
(the word dram being apparently 

hence derived). PI. mJ^jO 

p. j<AaitJ dar-/iam-i, s. f. Confusion 

P« «<ifc> dari, s. f. 1. A small carpet (of 

cotton) (t^j^) 2. A dialect of 

the Persian language, the origin and 
peculiarities of which are variously 
defined by Persian lexicographers. 
Some allege its distinctive mark to be 
when the form of the word is complete, 
without contraction j as hugo, iakkam, 
Darl; go and shtkam. Pars!. Others 
make it the dialect of a certain dis- 
trict, comprehending Balkh, Bukhara, 
Badakhshan, Maru-Bhah-Jahan, and 
Bftmiyfin. The name is by some said 
to be derived from dara, a valley 
among hills j which corresponds with 
its origin in Badakhshan and the 
mountainous parts of Kandhar. Others 
assert that it was spoken at the court 
of the monarohs of the Kaidnian 
dynasty, and derive the name from 
dar a gate or dargdh a court. 3. (from 

^Jj.J) in compos, s. f. Eending, 
tearing. [the waters. 

P. b , J dart/ 5, s. m. f. The sea, a river, 

Do good and throw it in the river. 
(Expect not good in return). 

V. n. lit. to put the ocean into a goblet. 
i. To say much in a few words ; to be 
laconic, concise, or comprehensive. 2. 

To attempt impossibilities. ^Jti u^J 
8. f . (lit.) Sea-like expansion of heart ; 
generosity, great liberality. ^ ^,j*^ 
v_pf Spume, froth of the seaj the 
I bone of the outtle fish. 




**. i^^j> u .4) daryd-har-dmad, 1 

lavion : lands reclaimed from a river. 
>*• i}jj o I J dar^a-burd, s. Lands cut 
aw^ by encroachments of a river. 

P. Oi^.;^ claryi^/'^ (^j/»li;t>) s. f. 
Conceiving, nnderstanding, compre- 
hcnsioni disoovery, finding ont, en- 
quiry, reference, (^^y)* investiga- 
tion. \jJ C^ilj^ ffc) To conceive, 

understand, comprehend, discover, per- 
ceive, find oat; detect. Uyt Cl^UtJ 
To be discovered. 

^* lJ^'J*^ ^^^'^» ^^i' ^^ ^^® sea or 
river, aquatic, marine, maritime i s. A 
kind of silk cloth. Satin* 

"' T^.i^ darehd, s. m« A stall (in a 
market) where betel 18 sold. 

P* ^bC.J danc^, 8. m« A window, 

7- ^i3j ,i> danda, part. pass, (of 

^iXji^J) Torn. ^J XcXj^J adj. 

Plain-spokeni saying whatever comes 

P» ^.j*^ diregh, 8. m. 1. A sigh, sor- 
row, repugnance, disinclination. 2. 
interj. Alas ! [jj JJ tJ To with- 
hold, to grudge, to think much. 

P» i^ifc) dire^tf, interj. Alas! 

'• ^^„jt^ darin, In this. 

"*• ^Jirij*^ dary«2a, s* m. Begging. 

2- yjd dafdTt 8. Fissure, chasm. 

H. Ufjfc) dara^fitf, V. n. 1. To split: 2. 

To gormandise, see IJo. J 
"* K^J'^ durki, 8. f. (dakh.) Trot : see 

^j>jfc> [oaity, violent attack. 

-' }}^J^ darerd, (C?) s. m. Impetu- 

8. f . Side, 
point (of tho 

P. J'fJ diied, s. m. A thief, a robber. 
I*, i^i^jd duzd'i, 8. f. Theft, robbery. 
P* 2S«>jJ;fc> dttzdfda, part. pass, (of 

^t30fc>f4>) Stolen, 
s. ^^4> da«, (^'^) adj. Ten. 

8. ^^ J dw, f^ 

B. LJ dwtf, (f^O 
U^ L* J To travel. 

8. ^mmUm J disd-eitlf s. m. The quarter 

towards which it is deemed unlucky 
to travel on particular days. 

B. .aUm J disdvar, 8. m. (5^51 1 HI from 

^5T country, ^^^ other). 1. A 

foreign country. 2. A place of impor* 
tation to or exportation from. 3. Im- 
ports. on^^Mfc) adj. Of or belonging 
to a foreign country. 

P« U^'^A^'t) dasty s. m. (^^c!) 1. Hand, 

cubit. 2. Stool, purge, evacuation. 8. 
Suit (of armour or clothes) : any 
thing complete (as a house with its 

offices). jy^\ CU'simJ adj. 1. Tame, 

familiarized, tractable. 2. SkilfuU 

dexterous. JijJ) CI^^mmJ 1. adj. In- 
termeddling, interfering; s. he who 
commences a business. 2. An op- 
pressor, a plunderer. ,<^1jJI VJ^^^amJ 
8. f . Putting the hand (to any thing) ; 
interference, meddling with. i**^^^> 

•• I Purgative (as a medicine), ca- 
thartic. J}^\ L::^*Mfc> 8. f. What a 

man takes with him as the means of 
promoting his suit : what a man gets 
into his hand and depends on : a small 
present which may be given into the 
bands of a person whose favour is 
sought: a signature, a note of hand, 
bond, title-deed, certificate, charter, 

&c, (Arab. plur. CL?bi .IjLm J Bonds, 

&c.). (Jl^^Jj c:^%«mJ 1. Hand in 
hand, from hand to hand, quick, ex- 



jditioua. 2. Beady-money parchase. 

t}j) c:,^«Mi«> am. Superiority, 
advantage, victory.), j'*^*^ l «« — ^S 

\iJb To lenve off, desert, resign, 
desist, abstain, cease, relinquish, retire, 

decline. ^UUmJ v.::.^^4> adj. With 

close hands (in token of respect) 

wrapped np. t3jb c:».%*m4> s. m. A 

string of pearls or precious stones 
with which women adorn their hands. 

S*Jb C1^«*M«> 8. m. Tongs. lassiUiJ 

8. m. 1. Signature. 2. A manu- 

script, chirography. MJ kicVMiJ 

To sign. jJasCUiJ adj. In maon- 

script, written with one*s own hand, 
signed. wi[; j^ CI^amJ s. f. Op- 
pression. iM. JUmJ 1. adj. Come to 

hand,' obtained. 2. 8. f. Ability, 
power, means, facility, dexterity, 

skill, acquisition, attainment. i^'^^.H 

^^*ij 8. f. Ability. U*t CI^-amJ 

adj. Epithet of a physician who is 
successful in restoring his patience to 

health. CLI.jJf lU-^^J s.'f. Power, 

ability, strength. tOJUi J 1. s. m. A 
handicraftsman, manufacturer, artist. 
2. adj. Dexterous, adroit. ^.djLmJ 
s. f . Handicraft, manufacture, oper- 
ation (in surgery). •JlTcI^.^amJ 1. 

Taking by the hand ; aider, patron, 
saint. 2. adj. Laying hands on, 

made prisoner. ^jJJjLm J s. f. 

Taking or seizing by the hand ; aid, 

help, friendship. J'w« CI^wmJ s. m. 
A handkerchief, towel, napkin. 

•xi sjl^^d or J\^ CI^^AMt) (Regard- 
ing the hand) adj. Needy, wanting. 
V^ J^:/ 3 v::^^J To engage 

in combat. \mJ>\j y'l ^ Attainable, 


P. jljUwJ dastar, b. f. A turban, (o^^) 

t3Jb f\JUM(> A servant whose busi- 

ness it is to make np the turban. yJ^t} 
^»yy^ s. m. A tablecloth. 
P. ^uLm4> daattin, s. plur. of Cl^MtJ 

or, for ^^jLmIj 1. The name of the 

father of Bastam. 2. The stratagem, 
deceit. 3. A song. 4. A sound, voice. 
5. Romance, story. 

P. A) JUm4> daslana, s. m. A glove, a 

gauntlet. (The gloves are of leather, 
cloth, Slc. and are of' the form used in 
England for children, having a re- 
oeptaolo for the thumb, bnt the Gngcrs 
are all contained in the same bag). 

P* yUM4> daa t ar, s. Tablecloth : see 

^1^^ jLmJ [taUccloth. 

P* ijU^ Jum4> dastar-^&uiJn, s. m. A 

P* f/ w...,\ da8taJc,B.{. l.Clappingof the 
hands, rapping or knocking at a door. 
2. A pass, passport, summons, citation, 

warrant. 3. Commission, u* \ *"m^ 

^Jb J To knock or rap at a door, to 

clap the hands. [means. 

P. sUjLm J dast-gah, s. f. Power, ability, 

A. P. .JumJ dtuttttTfB. m. 1. Custom, prac- 
tice ( J^)* fashion, usage, mode, 

manner. 2. A minister, senator. 3. 
Model, regpilation. 4« A district, an 

aggregate of parganas. {J^am] . aIm«4> 

s. m. A rule, regulation, a body of 
instructions and tables for the use of 
revenue otBcers under the native 

government. Arab. plur. klLJUyL**^ 

Customs, fees customary perquisites. 

P. ^.yUiJ dastHr-if 1. s. f. Perqui- 
sites paid to servants by one who sells 
to their master. 2. Leave, license, 
cong6. 3. adj. Customary, oi*dinary. 

P* ^UUmJ da8ta, 8. m. 1. A handle, hilt. 
2. A pestle. 8. A quire of paper. 4. 
A bundle consisting of twenty -four 
arrows. 5. A handful. 6. A skein of 
thread. 7. A division of an army, a 
brigade, Bquadron. ^. Ktk^«^i«^ 




bouquet. 9. A flower bed. .tj ^UUm J 

8. m. Gommaoder of a d4iataf a briga- 

P* ^^J*^*y dost 4, 8. f. A torch or link 

that is carried in the hands, adj. Of 
or ffom the hand, manual s a. f . (dakh.) 
1. Glove. 2. A present given to na- 
tive officials at the daaahri. 8. A 

8. m. A pair of 

hand- trick in wrestling. C-^UuLmJ) 

adj. Attained, reached (UL)* 

P* .uJumJ dast-ydr, s. m. Aider, as- 

8. ^y*id daaarathf (^5TW) n. prop. 

Name of an ancient Bdjd, father of 
Sdma, [Tenth. 

s> MMid dasama or dasam^ (^^IH) adj. 

B. jc>«w^fc) daaaml, (<KkM) 8. f. The 
tenth day of the lunar fortnight. 

§. ILm J disna^ (r. ??[ See) v. n. To 
appear, be seeuf to seem. 

S* |jl^*> daS'Wdn, (<^^l^) adj. Tenth. 
H. _2bjJyM4> dasaundhl^B.m, (<^^ll«^) 
Panegyrist, a bard. 

9. 1rt^(3 daaahra or dM*hara, (^^l^lf 
comp. of <<%T Ten, and noun from r. 

S Seize, take) s. m. 1. The tenth of 

jMh shuJd paksli, which is the birth- 
day of Oangd* Whoever bathes in the 
Qangd on that day, is purified from 
ten sorts of sins. 2. The tenth of 
Asin shukl pakahf on which, after the 
worship and religious ceremonies per- 
formed during nine nights (■l^ili?! 

^avardtri) they throw the images of 
Deri Ibtp the river. On this day 
Bdma marphed against Rdvapa ; for 
which reason it is called vijai daaamt 

(see under tJSS)' This day is cele- 
brated with great pomp by Hindu 
prioceg : the wet^pota and instrameuts I 

of war are hallowed : and, if war be 
intended, the campaign is then opened. 

I* «w>M4) du-shdl-df 

l» aI«m4> du'ihdUa, 

P* C^M»4> dasht, 8. m. A desert, a 

forest, d^ c:,^4> or J^y Cl^ J 

A traveller of deserts. i^^S VJL^J 

8. f. The travelling or vrandering 
over deserts. [wild, savage. 

P. ^3*t J dnaU'l, adj. Of the forest 

P. ^jAm^J duahman^ (<lM*tl-i ^? 
Wicked, and ^^l Mind) s. m. f. An 
enemy {^jXi)' ^U ^^J A 

deadly foe, mortal enemy. ^A«tJ 
aO a calamity (the wish of an enemy). 

P. jJUumJ dushman-«, s. f. Hatred, 

detestation, enmity. 

P. ^LliJ duihndm, (^Tg Bad, «TW[ 

r ^ 

Name) 8. m. Abuse, scurrility. 
P. AAimJ ddxihna^ s. m. A poniard, 
p. .1*<M4> du«?iu;<ir,adj. Difficult, arduous. 

p. ^.lytJ (Ztt»^ioar-i, 8. f. Difficulty 

A. IxJ du'ff, 8. f. 1. (%£() prayed) 

Benediction, blessing, salutation, con- 
gratulation, prayer, wish, invocation, 
imprecation. 2. A text from the 

Ox Ox 

Qoran. (Plur. ^iUcjl) ^S IcJ 
or ^iioL« To vrish for, to pray. 

S\cd One who blesses or prays, 
blesser, a well-wisher, a friend. 
_5y IcJ 8. f. Benediction, blessing. 

A. iJ^^d du*d*iyaf adj. Benedictory. 

A. LcJ daVa, s. m. Claim, plaint, 
lawsuit, charge, see vl^%^*^ 




A. Cl^l^ J da*icdt, 8. plur. (of CLJ^ii) 

Benedictions, invitations, feasts. 

A. iJLJ^ti da^wat, 8. f. (^J callinjir.} 

1. Invitation, convocation, benediction, 
exorcism. 2. Pressing people to be- 
come Musalmans, 8. Pretension. 4. 
A feast, banquet. 

A. ^4^4) da^iodf B.xn. 1. A lawsuit. 2. 
Claim, pretension, plaint, accusation, 
action at law. yd f^y^t^ A plaintiff 
a claimant, pretender. \iji il>%^<^ 
To claim, make claim on, accuse. 

P. LcJ dag^f 8. f. Deceit, imposture, 

treachery, cheat. jULcJ Deceitful, 
cheat, knave, impostor, betrayer 
trcdtor. (j[;^ ^^ b* ^' Cheating, 
foul play. |«AJi.(3 Is J To deceive, im- 
pose on. iJy Icfc) To act deceitfully 

or treacherously. jJl^ Lc J To be 
deceived, &o, 

A. J^CtX^J daglidajf]^, 

fear, dread, awe. 

A. or p. (Jx J da^aZ, 1. s. m. Vice, 

corruption, depravity. 2. L u z u- 
riant and entangled herbage. 3. An 
impostor, a villain, a pickpocket. 4. 
adj. False, deceitfuL 6. Base (as 

coin), jb (JlcJ adj. Cheating, de- 
ceitful. (JbioJ J^J Treachery, deceit, 

P. H. UiJ daghndt (^l*)) v. n. 1. To 

be fired off (as, a gun). 2. To be 

P. A. H. SjLCi) dagbJldf adj. 1. (e'j) 
Stained, spotted. 8. ((>iJ} Deceitful. 

laghfl, / 8. m. Alarm, 

> mental distur- 

iajih(^, V bance, tumult, 


P. LmJd dc^, (Arab. L^J) A sort of 
bass tambourin, played on with a stick. 

P. H. jJlii> daf-dli, ■. m. He whose 

business it is to play on the tambourin. 
A. ^jJliJ dafd'in, s. plur. (of AbiJ) 
Hidden or buried treasures. 

^- JJd daftar, m. m. A book, a large 

volume, journal, record, register, ac- 
count-book, archives, roll, an office. 

A long story or report. A}1>> Ju J 
s. m. An office, counting-hoase, ar- 
chives. (Arab. plur. Jli J) " 

P» i^j^u daftar-i, s. m. A man em- 
ployed in preparing and taking care 
of articles of stationery, and in ruling 
or binding sheets of paper, mending 
pens, and preparing envelopes, etc. 

- for official purposes. 

^* {ji^^ da/tin^ s. f. The boards of 
the binding of a book, pasteboard. 

A. ^J daf, (Heb.) 1. s. m. Repul- 
sion, averting, preventing, warding 
off. 2. (for JCnij) s. f. A time, a 
turn. \iS ^ J To repel, dispel, re- 
move, liyb ^4> To be turned back 
to return, defeated etc. 

A. vrjUiJ da/'je, s. plur. of <UiJ 
A.ILJJ daAtan^^^ ^^^^^ ^^, ^^ 

^ » I ^^^^t ^^ o*^© time. 

A. iej dafatan \ Atone stroke. Sud- 
denly (cl^rsfU^ I) 

A. dC»^J da/a, 8. f. (dakh. s. m.) Time, a 
moment, one time, one turn, bout ; 
item, section (in lega! regulations). 

f ij JCk5J 8. m. An officer of cavalry 

so called. [averting. 

A. JUMd daftya, s. m. Repulsion, 

P. Mid dafiaf s. m. A smaller tambourin. 

A. j^ J dafn, s. m. (j^O hid, inter- 
red.) Burial, interment, hiding, con- 
cealing. U^ ^d To bury. Uyt ^J 

To be buried. [bury, 

A. H. U'wiiJ dafndnd, (^|i*>) v. a. To 

A. aLjJ J dafina, s. m. Buried or hid- 
den treasure, hoard. 

A. ^J diqq^ (c5*^ become thin). (Heb. 
and Chald.) b. m. (^J L.^^) ^* 
Hectic or ohtonic te'^w. ^. 'l^wsvxiM,^ 




trouble, difficulty, &o. See ^Jl^Jfj 
[iji rid To perplex, plague, 

annoy. U^b Q*^ To bo irritated, &c. 

A. ^?ip daqajqf b. plur. (of <xiL«f J) 

1. Subtleties. 2. Difficulties. 3. 
Flour, meal. 4, Minutes, moments. 
5. Minutias. 6. Small things. 

A. [j:^i} diqqaty 8. f. 1. Abstruseness, 

difficulty, uneasiness, diligence. 2. 
Industry, accuracy. 3. A. Kubtile or 
minute thing. 4. A delicate affair. 

^' ij^*^ daqtq, (^fc>) 1- adj. Difficult, 

2. Fine, minute. 3. s. m. Flour, meal. 

A. iJijJi} daqlqa^ s. m. 1. A minute, a 

moment of time. 2. Any thing small, 
a particle, a subtle question, a nice 
point, a trifling business. 

a. J^d dvikdl, {^K Bad, and ^H^ 
Season) s. m. (dakh.) Famine : see 

p. ^\^J dtikdn (or Arab. duTckan) a. f. 
A shop. See ^J^^^ (Arab, plur. 

8. J'jkf J dik-pal, (f^^ Region, and 

Cf[^ Preserver) b. m. A guardian 

deity of one of the ten (RpfT dis) 
regions or points (of the compass : i. e. 
iff Sir Brahma, for upwards ; ^T^FfT 

Ananta, for downwards ; ^^ Indra^ 

for east ; ^srfjT Agni, for southeast ; 

^^ Yama, for south; «T^ScT 

Nairrita, for southwest; ^^^ 

Varuna, for west; ^PI Fayu or 

4«f»1 Parana, for northwest; ^^^ 

r - 

iriit70ra, for north ; ^^iH Isdna or 

\^m iSftva, for northeast). 

8. ^?4> dttJk;i, i^:^ r. T:^ Afflict) 
R. m. 1. Pain, grief, affliction, suffer 
(ljJL>)' 2. Labour, fatigue. 8. Annoy. 

ance, distress. U.^^ ^J To labour, 

to suffer, distress or trouble, liu ^J 
To be afflicted. 

a. U*^J dukhdnd^ (cans, of U^J) v. a. 
To inflict pain, to torment, to grieve. 

a Ijl^j dikhdnd, (Cf^ sight) (causal 

of U^4>) V. a. To cause to see* to 
shew, expose. [show. 

a. y'^4> dikhd\ (Ul^f J) s. m. Display, 
». y^*> dikhd*Uf (from U'^J) adj. 

Comely. Exposed to view. 
a. ^^^J dikhdly (U^^J) 8. f. Shew. 

ing, display, appearance. Uj>4> iJ^-^*^ 
To appear. [tunes, calamities. 

2 Ij^J dtt]fc7ir«, (<r:^) 8. m. Misfor- 

a, U]l^J di&/iZaTi0, (caua. of 1j4^4>) 
V. a. To shew, exhibit, denote, direct. 

Uj> J jJl^s) To appear. 

a, ]^l^d dikhldwd, (from UH^J) s. m. 
1. Show, pageantry. 2. A guide. 

«. ,^ V*^ diJfc/iZtf'j, 8. f. See ^^^d 

a. ^j^d dakhan or dakkhan, (cf Wj^) 

8. m. South (^_jyL»-) the southern 
part of India. 

a. li^4> dakhnd or dakkhina, ((^.l^^l) 

1. adj. Southern. 2. s. f. Southerly 
wind. [ache, to pain, to smart. 

a. [hid dukhnd^ {^'^^) ▼• n. To 

a. ^[j^d dakkhindyan, (^fJ^^liqi) 


8. m. Southing. ^JY** u^"^*^ 

(2;%QTFPW^) The winter sols- 

tice, 8un*8 southing, the period of the 
Bun's being in the southern hemis- 
phere, southern declination. 

a. ^^d dakhn4, (cr%^) adj. Son- 

them (generally, things or persona 
from the south). 




8. j^J dukh-i, (^:#) adj. Afflicted, 
in distress or pain. 

«. Ui^4> duJch'iya, (5":#) adj. In 

distress or pain, anfortnnate. 
-* j^^^*^ dukh'iydra, adj. Sorrowful. 
5- ijlj^f^ durkh'iyari, adj. Afflicted. 

P. db^^d dwgana, 8. m. 1. Two pros- 
trations at prayer. 2. (in the dialect 
of women) Two intimate female 
friends, sworn sisters. 3 adj. See 

4fc'i^ J [Shining, bright. 

«• l? JoJ dagdaga, adj. {^^ burn) 

«• UlSj^J dagdagdnd, y, n. To glow, 
gleam, twinkle, shine. 

«. LL-^IboJcJ dagdagdhatf (from 

libi3oJ) s.f. Splendour, sparkling, 
twinkling (as, of a star). 

P* .^J dtyar, adj. See Jo J Another, 

other, xjy^^ *^i* ^^ another com- 
plexion or colonr ; altered, changed. 

H. ^bj dagld, s. m. A kind of quilted 
vest worn as armonr. 

8. «A4^(^ dig-amhar, (lc^.*l*«|<, "R^IT 

inflect, of f?;?! Space, and 3RR 

Clothing). One whose only garment 
is the atmosphere. An epithet of 
Siva, or Thirga. 1. adj. Naked. 2. s. m. 
An order of Hindu ascetics, who go 
naked : they are worshippers of Siva. 
3. A Buddhist mendicant, going naked 
or wearing colonred clothes. 

f. ^^d dugan» (^TfOy) adj. Two- 

fold, donble, twice. 
«. U^fc) dugnd, adj. See ^^d 
P». J J d«7, 8. m. Heart mind, soul. 
(,J^) Sfc) O heart! Vij adj. 1. 
Beloved. 2. An epithet of a sweet- 
heart. <•' j'*^ (^ » t. Heart-easing) 

B. m. A sweetheart, j^j^t^ adj. 
Heart-tormenting, vexing, cruel; 
8. m. f. A sweetheart, c-fi'jl J*^ 
8. f. Torment of the heart, anxiety, 

trouble. UmS J s. m. Comfort, sooth- 
ing, encoui-agement, consolation. A J 
j,^] adj. Ueart-broken, pensive, 
melancholy. ^.^Jj adj. Heart-sus- 
pending, heart- ravishing.heart-delight- 
ing, transporting, charming, engaging. 

jjid Heart-ravisher, lovely, attractive, 

beloved ; a sweetheart. ^^jaIj s. f. 
Heart-ravishing, loveliness, comfort, 
paciflcation. \j\jbjj Jj v. a. to 
hearten, encourage. ^ImjJ Ai} 

8. f. Affliction or anguish of mind, 
attachment, dl^ Jj (Heart-bound) 
afflicted, attached, enamoured. 
cXaJj adj. Attractive, heart-steal- 
ing; (met.) A son: see, also, Ji} 
<UawJ *LJ1^j Jj v. a. To amuse, to 
divert. J> j^ J J adj. Grateful to 

the soul, pleasant, delightful, amiable, 
approved. JOmjj J J adj. Satis- 
factory to the mind, plausible, agree- 
able, desirable. ^♦J^ J J To dis- 
incline. C^ J J adj. Distressed, 
mournful, sad. ^^CaJ J J &, f. Dis- 
tress. 'Jjy Jo To disappoint, 
mortify. UU. J J The heart to bo 
warmed, moved or affected. J J 
jj*-*^ 8. f. Ease of mind, confldence 

(c;'^-^ ')' ^^^^'**- >?• J*^ adj. 
Heart-seeking, studious of pleasing, 
grateful. ^J)yi^ Jj s. f. Seeking 
to gain the heart, attention. J J 
UL>- 1. To steal the heart of any 

one. 2. To abstain from any thing, to 
be deterred and desist from an enter- 
prise. ^^.s**i^ J*^ ( J*^ and part, 
act. of .,i«\AJUu^i- To incline, to have 
a propensity) adj. Beloved, delightful, 
intereeting, charming, ^^jm.>. ^^^ 



B. f . Delighif olneas. (Jl>> ^J 
or 1>- adj. I. Brare, generoos, en- 

terpridnfT. 2. PenereriDg. Si^ Jj 

1. 8. m. Heart*B desire, affection* 

2. adj. Beloved, deairiDg, in love. Ji> 

o ^ 

ki»^ adj. Contented, cheerful. 

8j1j (Jj a<lj. One who has given 
his heart. .Ij Jj adj. Poasessingor 

delighting the heart, oharming, having 
heart, s. m. f . A lover, a mistress, a 

■weet-heart ; i<;l*> J*3 s.f. Blandish- 
ment, kindness, consolation, encoor- 
agement. tj^^ ij^ %» l. Heart- 
giving, alacrity. U^4> Jfc> To study 
one's temper. UufJ J J To lose one's 
heart, be in love, l^ J*3 Heart-rafish- 
ing; bewitching alluring; s. m. A 
sweetheart, charmer. iJ^i J«3 *• '• 

Heart-stealing. U|l^ Jj (dakh.) To 
apply the mind; to conciliate, en- 
courage, comfort, vni) U*^ *^^' 
Wounded to the heart, afflicted. J J 
^ULm adj. Heart-alluring, beautiful. 
dfu Qd adj. Gold-hearted, indif- 
ferent, averse. . JU^-mm q^ (burnt 

to the heart) adj. Afflicted, jyu Jj 

1. adj. Inflaming the heart, beloved, 
affecting, moving, pathetic, passionate, 
ardent, fervent. 2. s. f . m. A mis- 
tress, a friend, ^jy^ (J*^ ^•^' Heart- 
burning; affection, sympathy. Jut J J 

adj. Glad, cheerful. JUUuSoo^ ^O 
adj. Broken-hearted, comfortless. 
:• J Jj Heart-enlightening ; delight- 
ful, refreshing. C^^ J J J adj. 
Heart -alluring, beautiful, enticing. 
.1x3 J J 1. adj. Melancholy. 2. An 
epithet of a sweetheart. d JJ 
li?^ ^^^!j4j ^- A- To rip up old sores, 

to renew a half-forgotten, griti 

y^i Jj adj. Heart-attrBctiDg,alll^ 
ing, chosen, approved of. beloved 

lovely, pleasant \JlS Jj adj. Hcnt- 
expanding, delightful, oharmiag^ 

blissful. j\sS Jj adj. Heart-dis- 

solving. nPjJ Occupying or c^ti- 
rating the heart, oppr esse d in aiai, 

melancholic (ii*W») kJjs^ %j^ ■•^ 
Melancholy. U*J3 J J To apply the 

mind, to intend, to affect. Uxi JOvA 

To apply to, to be attentive. ^J3 Qd 

s. f. Application of mind, diligence, 
diversion, attachment, incUnatiaB. 

UI13 ir!^ (J«) To put in one's mind 
(spoken of God), to inspire, tjj^ fji) 

lJl».C«i..^ To obtain a place in 
one's heart; to possess one's heart 

^y j^ iji^ Jt^ To contract inti* 
mate friendship, ^xtjjjadj. Heart- 
residing, impressed on the mind, con- 
stant thought ; grateful to the mind. 

jL) Jj adj. 1. Soothing the mind 
conciliating, beloved. 2. An epithet 
of a sweetheart* (jr;1y (Ji) s. f. Blan- 
dishment. i0^9(J^ Heart and 
soul ; tooth and nail, ^m ^o^ 9 u^ 
adv. With heart and soul, heartily* 
cLeJ • fjd 8. m. Ambition, pride, 

stateliness. ljL>- v_? -^ J J v. n. 
To be averse. 

8. J J dal, (^55 r. <K^ Tear asunder 

or divide) s. m. 1. A large army. 2. 
The leaf of a tree. 3. Heap or quan- 
tity; thickness. 4. Cubic contents. 


j\d Jj adj. Fleshy, thick. 

H. Jid dulaff ■. m. Love, affection. 

H. ]Jt^} dvXdr-a, adj. Dear, darling, f 
8. m. (dakh.) A sort of swing. 




A. K^J^d dallak, s. m. A waiter at the 

baths that rubs, &o. the bodies of those 
who bathe, a barber. 

A. JSJ d all a I, (Jo guiding) (adj. 

super], from ClJS J) s. m. A broker, 
a salesman. % (dakh.) Appraiser. 

A. ^ytj dalalj ((Jfc)) 0. m. 1. Looking 

(haughtily or amoronsly) through 
half -shut eyes. 2. Looking with 
aifected anger (as, lovers). 3. Cinae- 
das libidine infamis (Qdmus), 

A. t^,J^»> daldlat or dildlaty s. f. 1. 

Direction, indication, sign, token, ar- 
gument, demonstration, proof. 2. 

Brokerage, li^ c:^)^ To allude, 

demonstrate, prove, typify. 
A. aSSj dalldla, ( Jj) s. f. A procu- 

ress a go-between (^Jui)* 

A. iSiiy dalldl'i, 8. f. 1. Brokerage. 
2. The business of a broker. 

«' \Sid dildndy (causal of Iaj[«3) ▼• &• 
To cause to give, occasion, consign, 
assign, cause to yield, cause to give 

np. T duUnd, (^1^5^) v. a. To 
agitate, toss, shake. 
P. j^td dil-dwar, adj. Brave, intrepid, 

bold. [boldness. 

**• i^jy*^ dildwar-i, s. f . Bravery, 

S- tS**^ du-ld^i, B. f . 1. A certain ar- 
ticle or part of dress 2. A quilt, 
double sheet. [Proofs, arguments. 

A. (JJJj dald*il, 8. plur. (of (JLJj) 
fi. JoU Jj daUhddal, (3[c5 An army, 

and ?TK? a cloud) s. m. 1. A mass 

of clouds. 2. A large army. 3. A 
large darhdr tent or pavilion. 

11. p. jJb Jj dul-^andf s. A turban, or 

the fine cloth of one. 
p. H. jJuO dU'latti, (^ J Two, and 

CL>i A kick) 8. f. A kick of the two 
hind legs of a quadruped. U«L« tc^*^ 
To winoe, kick with the two hind legs. 


H. p. JO ij^ IjJo daldd'pesh-giry 

8. m. A skreen or cover in front of a 

2. .jjj dalidr, s. m. (^Tlf^) Po- 
verty, pauperism. (ij*«Jl)* [n©©dy. 
- f^j*^^ dalidrif adj. A wretched 

A. Jjjj duldul, 8. m. The name of 
Muhammad's mule or of the mule (or 

horse) of ^Jlfi 8on-in-law of Mu- 
hammad. (It was given to All by 

H. Jjjj daldal, s. f . (<;.^>I<W) 

A quagmire, slough, bog, swamp, mire, 
mud, marshy land* 

G. ^jJlilj dulfin, 8. f. A dolphin. 

A. sit) dalqj 8. m. A mendicant's habit, 

made of patches and shreds. ^0 

iify Clothed in rags. 
H. -Jjj dvlki^ 8. f. Trot of a horse. 

UL»- or UU. ,J3 J V. n. To trot. 

P. auJ J daZamo, s. Milk coagulated by 
runnet, and formed into a lump ; new 
cheese : IT dulma, s. A venomous 
animal like a spider ; tarantula; in 

Arab, h^j 

a. U!j dalnd, (^^H r. 2[55 Divide, 

tear asunder, split.) v. a. To grind 
coarsely, to split pulse. 

a. t Jilj dalindar, s. (dakh.) Sec • 4X1*3 
2- ^f jJJj dttWndr-i, adj. (dakh.) See 

A. J J dalv, (Heb.)s. m. (^^) 1. 

A bucket, an urn. 2. The sign Aqua- 
rius. 3. The hopper of a mill. 

O w 

H. ^l^J dilwdlh (fj*y a°^ ^1^) 
s. m. An inhabitant of ^ J or ^J^O 

^^ The inhabitants of DMl appear 

to be opulent, when in fact they arc 
starving. (A pcovecb \x«^ \q ^x'^q^^ 



the vanity and indigenco provalont in 
that city;. 

s- UMj dalwdna, (<^|^«1 or cans, of 
ulj) y, a. To caase to be coarsely 

ground. iJy*^ "• ^* ^^® price 
paid for bruising pulse. 

f. Ijljj dilwand, (causal of UjJ) v. a. 

To cause to give or to pay. 
H. j^4> dvZhan or dulhint s. f. A bride. 

H. ^ J dilUj 8. f. Name of a city, the 

metropolis of Hindust&n, called also 
Shdhjahdnahdd, [the heart. 

P* ^i> dt7-f, adj. Hearty, cordial, of 

i. Uli) daliyi, (fjcf^ or 2[55 to 

split) 8. m. Half-ground or coarsely 
pounded grain or meal, split pulse. % 
A thin kind of rice-milk. 

H. P. JL> Ji> daU-fanj\ A Bign of weak- 
ness or last stage in a horse. 
P. jMti diler, adj. Intrepid (ia3^)* 

daring, animated, presumptuous. 
P. AiljjJj diler -ana, ady. Boldly. 

P. t>>jJo d * Z e r - f , 8. f . Intrepidity, 
conrage. bravery, assurance. 

A. JjJ J daltl, (oIYJ or J J guid- 
ing.) 8. f . 1. Argument, proof, de- 
monstration. 2. A guide, director. 

A. ^ J dam, (^/««) Heb.) s. m. Blood* 

j»^](I^J Dragon's blood. 

p. A(3 d<*^i B* m* 1* Breath, life. 2. 

Boasting, pride. 3. Spring, elasticity. 
4. Ambition. 6. Cheerfulness. 6. A 

moment (^) an instant. 7. The 
Btcwiog over a slow fire. 8. The edge 
( .^JbJ) (of a sword) or the point (of 

a spear, Ac.). 9. Deceit (^^O' 
coaxing. 10. A draught of water. 
Uull ^«3 V. n. 1. To breathe one's 

last. 2. To relincjuish one*8 usual 
hii9. aO '»«0 adv. Continually 

succossivoly : adj. Continual, J^ a*) 
B. m. A wbeedler, a deceiver. a J 

^^^JUyj :[j The last breath. ^J 

,ci*u 8. f. Wheedling, artfulness. 

4>^a^ aO adj. Silent. ^t3JL«&> adv. 

Breath by breath, every moment, con- 
stantly. U^ ^J To boast. ^ft> 

d^*^ 8. m. A stew, a kind of 
•gula^o (See ^ J sign. 7). U^a^ a*) 

To breathe, inspire. U?y a J ▼. n« 
To breathe one's last. ? J ^4^ '^% 

crj c;W* '^/'^ u{,V crt I*; 
Uoy ^«> To die. IbJ UMj^^^d- ^^ 
V. a. Cajolery (I^Jtj) I. To trick, 
delude (^Jbj A«>) deceive. 2. To 
shuffle, dodge, liiy^* At3 To feign 
death. )-^y^ 4(^ V. n. To pant, 
respire, lij^^ a*^ ▼• »• To breathe, 
expire. UmiJ ^J 8. m. Encourage- 
ment, comfort, soothing. iLj ^ J I. 
To wheedle. 2. To leave to simmer or 
Btew. U^«|i Ai3 V. a. To suffocate, 

breathe short. UUt JUi s^d To stop 

one*s breath, when feigning death ; or, 
as some faqirs do, as religious exer- 
cise, for hours together. (See ltH^^* 

Mi} under i/^^^*)* JUmaJ 1* 

adj. Concordant, harmonious, agree- 
ing in sentiment, assonting. intimate. 
2. A confidant, a frieiKl, an intimate. 

^JUm a J s. f* Concord, harmony. 
jJ^j^^aJ^ ^0 s. m. The edge of a 

Bwoi'd. j^Si Mi} B, m, 1 The living 




breath and moving power; the ani- 
mating spirit; maioBtay. 2. Exist- 
ence; life; health and strength. 

Insha says: — 

%j j^ j^ C^wcLm ^J <d)l (1.) 

God's blessing on him be ! may he live 

on for aye. 
Whose breath sustains this house and its 

prosperity F 

J^ ^ jtS3 aJ (2) Mendicants. 

Grood fortune attend each breath yon 
draw and every step yon take ! ^0 

U^ 1. To blow (as a fire). 2. To 

blow (as, a conjurer when juggling or 
exorcisiog). ^J^ aJ adj. Draw- 
ing in the breath, breathing, gasping. 
U*^ A4> 1. To be deceived. 2. To 

be silent. 8. To be dressed over a 
slow fire (a stew, Ao.), Uul ^J To 

take breath, rest. lj.L« aJ (breath - 

striking) 1. To speak, utter a word 

2. To boast. U I ^jX^ fi/li ^J 

1. To be fatigued to death, to be tired 
to death. 2. To gasp for life. 3. To 

be much distressed. UlbJ ^«3 To die. 
U.Lt <0 s*i V. n. Not to say a word. 

Uyb aa3 To be stewed, to be left on 

the fire after cooling (as, a puZa*o, &c.). 
P. ^J dtfffi, 8. f . 1. Tail, end« extremity. 

2. A follower, an imitator. .Ij ^(3 

Tailed, having a tail. Ij'jj ^J To 

run away» to put the tail between the 
legs. Ulft- \jd Jtd To run away. 

A* cU««> dimajA) s. m. 1. The brain. 
\jjS SfU cU J To be pleased. 2. (in 

Persian, also, Pride, haughtiness, arro- 
gance, cxmoeit, airs, spirit, fancy. 

UftJ^- cL« J To be proud with excess 

of wealth. \jji cL**) To be vain, 
haughty; or rather, to act proudly, 
&o, liyt f}^*} To be vain, proud. 

P. -jcL^J 1. dimdjih-i» adj. ^f the 

brain. 2 damagh-i Vain, proud. 

P. JL«U J damama, s. m. A kettledrum. 

P ^UJ damany adj. Powerful, terri- 
ble, impetuous, fierce, raging. 

P. ,<«'*4> dum-chty s. f. A crupper 
the lower part of the back. 

A. JL«4y^ J damdama, (^(3 To plaster, to 

heap up earth as a mole does) b. m. 
A cavalier, a mound, a raised buttery. 

P. JL«4V«J damdamaf s. m. Fraud, 
deceit, fascination : noise, report of a 
drum, kettledrum or the like. 

$. jc5^4> damri, (^) s. f. The eighth 

part of a paUd. (A small copper coin 
current in the Carnatic, four of which 
go to a pice ;) (fig.) A farthing, a 

nominal coin.Uyb ^^ ^jJ^ ^ tjfj^*^ 

To bo ruined, demolished, or very 

H. cl^'<«) damakf s. f. 1. Glitter. 2. 
Ardour. 3. Sheen. 4. Flush. 

H. U>w< J damahna, v. n. To shine, to 
glow. 2. To bloom. 

a. JoL<J datn-kald, s. m. 1. A squirt, a 
fire-engine. 2. Ajack, or crane (for 
raising weights). 

A* (jLcJ dummalf s. m. A bile, a swell- 
ing, a felon, impoethume, abscess. 

P. H. .1i\.« A(> dam-maddr^B, A religi- 
ons ceremony very popular with the 
agricultural and lower classes in 
Upper Hindostan, which consists in 
jumping into a fire and treading it 
out, with the exclamation of dam-ma* 

dir ! dam-maddr ! see (Jl^O 
P. ^d damanf (<^*i<4'Tll) n. prop. 

A lover, mistress of Qj celebrated in 



A- (^^i3 damawi, (^J Blood) adj. 

Plethoric, bloody, tinged with blood. 
P. JL«J damaf (aJ Breath) 8. m. 1. A 

pair of bellows. 2. An asthma. 

P. 2SJa^J darnida^ (c;*-^^*^) P***** 
Blown (a flower), shot forth, vegetated 
(a plant). 

8. ^J din, (t^rf) B. m. Day. ^d 

^Jj Day by day. ^^ ^J ex- 
presses time spent in pain and trouble. 
Uj^ lO^ To begin to prosper (after 
adversity.) Uib«j- ^J 1. The day 

being far advanced. 2. The period of 
a woman's menstruation being pro- 
tracted, y^^y^ ^^J ^^^ Vil*^ 

Prov. Saying. May your days bo twice 
as long and your nights four times as 

long ! (A blessing or a curse), ^d 



:L>\i SJ<C Prov. Each 

days was festive 1(2, and every night 
was Shah'harat (festive night). ^J 

Ubb3 V. n. To grow late, to de- 
cline (the sun). IJOD ^^J To pass 
time with difficulty. ^J y ^J 
UilafCL^I^y CD\j To be totally 
absorbed in thought or business. ^J 
U^> To begin to prosper after ad- 
versity. \J\yS fjt} To spend oare- 
lesslj, or trifle away, time. 

A. CL>vii> dand*atf (^fc>) 8. f. Mean- 

ness, baseness. 
P' ^,^iJ dumhf 8. See ^4) 

F. JloJ dumhtilf J 8. m. 1. A tail. 

*^ • > ^' The outer 

P. ^'jJi3 dumhdla, S angle or corner 

of the eye. 3. adv. After, behind ; 
pursuit. fij adUJj adj. Tailed. 

.1 J a;IU)J 8.1I*M A comet. 

A. ^JjJ J dumbaZ, (prop. (Jw«J) 8. m. A 

bile, an imposthume, a bubo, a boil, 
an abscess. 

P' JUJi) dumha, 8. m. A kind of aheep 

with a thick tail, originally from 
Persia. UiJ adj. (Met.) Fat. 

3. JjUOj dantailj or darhtel, (^rT^) 
adj. Tusked. 

a. A;^xf J dantela or dantVi, (^rl^>) 

adj. 1. Having large or prominent 
tusks (an elephant, boar, &c.). 

9. fc3oJ dund or dundu, s. (?7 a 8ort 

of drum) 1. A large kettlcdmm. 2. 

Noise ; yell, scream. ^^ i^ij UmJI 

UuUm 3. £iot; tumult. 4. Injustice 

(.JJbjJl)' U'^jJj V. a. 1. To 

make a noise or riot. 2. To oppress 

00/0 -"^ 

P< t3jJ dand, 1. s. A rib, a toothed in- 
strument used by weavers, a tooth, 
any astringent that contracts the 
mouth, name of a very purgative grain 
or seed, a sort of beggars that would 
themselves if something be not soon 
given them, a sort of herb or grass. 2. 
adj. Poor, needy, foolish, ignorant, 
fearless, self-willed, thief, irreligious. 

P* ^;)JJ«^ dandin, s. m. \K^) A 

tooih. [a saw, &c. 

P. AiltXi J dandana, s. m. The tooth of 

H. uli jJj dandandnUf v. n. To enjoy 

one's self, be contented and indepen- 
dent, to live at one's ease. 

8. Sjd dinkar, s. m. *<V*1oht (l<<*1 
Day, and ^1 Who makes). The snn 

P. y^Jjd dang, adj. 1. Astonished, in 
astonishment* 2. Careless, foolish. 

H. iCfj dangi, 8. m. Wrangling, con- 
fusion, rebellion. ;u ^ J adj. Mu- 
tinous, riotous. 

P* T. {jixid dangal, s. m. f. 1. A crowd, 

the sitting face to face in an assembly. 
2. An amphitheatre; arena; esp. for 



for IB in lb. 

^^ ) adj. Belonging 
> to this world, 
l^ \ worldly. 

A. |Ji> dam, adj. Mean, paltry, base. 

A« UJj dunyd, (either as being near 

and present or as worthless, from y J 
low) 8. f. 1. The world. 2. (nwt.) 
People, goods of the world, .ij UjJ 

Worldly, a person of the world. uJj 

,<.lfc) 8. f. Economy, worldliness, 
attention to the concerns of the world. 
_aI\0 1jJJ b. f. Seeking the goods 

of the world, lyjj U « t^Jj The 
world and whatever is in it. 

A. ^^LwO dunydivi 
A. yj:jJ^*^ dunyatci 

P. I. ^d do, (Cl" or «5) adj. Two. 
JUmJI aJ adj. Of two fires; doable- 
distilled. JLlST ^4> S-^y- Double- 
distilled liqnor, i. e. very strong. 
S'^ or «.lj^4> (^*> Two, and .b Time) 

adj. Twice, double, again. ^^^^ 
Face to face, t^te-k-tdte. \jJL l^^ ^0 
(from ^ J and VrFTT Language) s. m. 
An interpreter (j^Jx&y ^^'^ ^*^ 

Of two breadths or folds, h^^^ a^j- 

Halved in two pieces, ^u ^ J adj. 

Two-legged, i. e. a man. ^^^<^ (two- 

breadthed) s. m. A kind of veil or a 
piece of linen in which there are two 
breadths. A cloth thrown loosely 
over the shoulders. (It should properly 
have a seam in the centre to indicate 
its being formed of two breadths, 
whence its name; but, vulgarly, the 
name is applied to any cloth thus 

worn), y^^ii B.t {VdM^i) Mid-day, 

noon, w.^«0 1. 8. m. A kind of 
flower (Pentapetes phosnioea). 2. 
adj. Meridian. SiU^^J 8. m. A 
kind of dish without gravy. Sj^ ^^^ 

The sign Gemini. liyt V^Jy ^(3 
To be adjusted, to be completed. 

.1^ ^ J 8. f. Interview. .1^- .J 

liyt To meet, have an inter- 
view, tyx^- ^d or ^ljJL&. ^J adj. 
Double, twofold, as much again. .J 
^«Xm4> adj. Two-handed, ambidex- 
ter. aIj aJ (JjHeart, mind) adj. 
Wavering, doubtful, in suspense, ab- 
sent in mind, a^ 4^ ^i- Twice 
sharpened, very sharp, two-edged. 
UJbJ ^4> adj. Two-edged (sword). 

U-. ^ J 1. Double-faced. 2. That 

which is the same on both sides, not 

having a wrong side, l^j^*^ s. f. 1. 

A kind of bow. 2. adj. Having two 
faces, i. e., of different colours the 

two sides (cloth). tS^j %^ 1- s. f. 

The property of having two coloars. 2. 
Duplicity, hypocrisy, double-dealing, 
deceit. 3. adj. Of two colours, ca- 
pricious, double-faced. ^%) ^^ s. The 

space of two days, ^^j^*^ 8* ^- J- 
The being double-faced, hypocrisy. 
2. adj. Hypocritical. ^%j^*^ ^j* 

Double, two-faced ; hypocrite. y|;^«3 
U^JUJ V. n. To kneel and sit on the 
two feet behind. iUm aJ adj. In 

two, divided. ALM«Jadj. Of two 
years, two years old, biennial. 

^'Ji 9 J (511? cloth) A pair of 
shawls (worn like the JUj aJ A single 
shawl is never worn.) ^UuLl ■ J Mon- 
day. Lsi r^ ^^ *^i' ^^ ^^^ blows 
or shots (applied to a pistol, look, &o.). 
iiijb ^li or ^Jo^(> adj. On both 

sides. jijx^jd Of two floors or 
stories (a house, &c.\ of two decks (a 


ship). 4jy^<^ conj. Both, either. 
^^*J Two halves, divided in two. 

-p. J 8. f. 1. A second j another. 
2. Disunion; enmitj. 
P' •J datt, (mJ*^^*^) part. act. in com- 
pos. Running. 

A. Lj dawd, (<^^*^ or j*3 become 
diseased. Heb. To be sick) s. f . Me- 
dicine (^i'«^)* <^ remedy. j> Jo uJ 
adj. Admitting a remedy, remedi- 
able. i6^^ uJ s. m. A room for 
medicines, an apothecary's shop, dis- 
pensary. jUj u J A maker or com- 
pounder of medicines, an apothecary. 


A* ^-'Ufc) dawdbh^ s. m. (plar. of ^Ij 

from L^4> Heb. To move slowly, to 

creep) s. m. An animal, a quadru- 
ped, cattle, beasts. 

P- ^N«) du-ah-a or do-ab-a, A country 

between two rivers ; the country (we 
call the Doab) between the Qangd and 

the Jamund. See JJJ Jbl 

B. -J 1^ J dicdpar, \^VJ\) (Doubt) s. m. 

The third yug or brazen age, comprising 
864,000 years. 

A. CL^uJ dawdtf (Heb. from Ci5>(3) 

s. f. An inkstand, ink-bottle, pen-case. 

8. »y*td 1^ J duwdoa-i, (SJ^^n) 8. f. 

The twelfth day of the lunar fortnight. 

P< aJI^J daU'd'daUf (c^*^.5*^) ^* '• 

Labour and fatiKue, bustle, toil. 
P. t<jfc)W dau-d-dau'it s. f. Toil, Ac. 

See ^Ji^J* 
A. lU J daiitcar, adj. (superl. of ij«3) 

Round, revolving. I'jf*^ r f^ ^^^ 

revolving heavens. 
8. ^1^0 diCtfnTrd, (SlI K^I ) s. f. Name 

of a Hindu holy plaoe on the shore of 
the western sea, near the mouth of 
the ^If of Cntch. 

P' SJ:iaJ dvmdi^ah or do'tiscKo^, adj. 

P« A^i^'l^ J dviMcazdah-MMiy adj. Twelfth. 

P* XyMi «4> do'CLsp-a, (^d Two, and 
C^^amI a horse : i. c., having one 

horse to relieve another, or relay of 
horses) adj. Quick, expeditions, pro* 
ceeding or travelling with haste. 

P* J 1^4^ do'dly (or du^dl), s. f. A leather 
strap, a belt U JL J adj. 1. Web. 

footed. 2. A fabulous race with legs 
like thongs, who are said to deceive 
and devour unwary travellers. 

H. ]L J diwdld, s. m. Bankruptcy. 

P. iJ'^«^ dw'tfU, (properly JUj)8.f. A 

leather strap, a belt, waist-belt. 
- l)^^*^ diwdli, B.t See iJly.*^ 
A. aU<^ dawdm^ 1. b. m. Perpetuity, 
persevering. 2. adv. Always, eter- 

nally. a|^ jJ( ^JLc adv. Continnallyi 

incessantly. [ning. 

P- ^l^«3 dau'an, (^J^%*^) part. Bun- 

a. y^4> d«6ar, adj. 1. (<^q^>) Weak, 

lean. 2. (^T^^) Difficult, [preter. • 
i' ^J^\^ md do4>hd8h-t, s* m. Inter- 
s' U^v^ %0 dO' or dU'hhdahiyd, 8« m. 

See under •«> 
H.^j^J d«b/iar, adj. (cf^^) 1. Tedi- 

ous, tiresome (JLj)* 2. Excessively 
hard, difficult. 3. Irksome. 4. Bur- 
densome. ^ u^J^^"^ <H^ j^ 
you are not a burden to me. 

a. ^ftJ dohe^ v'8.^^T Knowing two 
red}) 8. m. A title of Brdhmans, 

P* ^^^^ dO'ptyffz-a, s. m. A kind 
of dish, meat dressed dry with onions. 

P* £^d do-tah, adj. Double, twice, bent. 



«. ^j4> duj, (fgS^) 8.f. The se- 

cond day of a lauar fortnight, [other. 

». l^^O diiyj, (iJcfT^) adj. Secoud, 

5. M^^J do-;;^-^, adj. (Having two 
lives) Pregnant. 

P. CU-a-;J doAAf, (from ^ji^^i>) s- f- 
Sewing, a stitch, seam. 

P. H^^d dol^ta, part, (of ^Jx^^J) 
Sewed, stitched. 

P* J* (3 dtfd, 8. m. Smoke, fjd J* J 

Exhalation of the heart, deep sigh. 
P* ^\^ Jy) dLuimany a. Generation, race, 
noble family, honse. 

5- Jbi>9 J diid/i, (^^ r. ?■? Milk) 
8. m. 1. Milk. 2. The j nice (or milk) 

of certain bushes. ^Ijl^^ Sj^J 
or Ucb^ Jbi3^4> v.n. To be weaned (a 
child). ^<^ Jt J>^4> B. m. A foster- 
brother. Uaj JtJ^J To snckle. Jb J«4> 
_5jL 8. f. A wet nurse. h>j JbJuJ 

A sweetmeat made of sugar, milk (or 
cream) and rice or wheat floor. 

P- 2JU«> diida, 8. m. 1. Family. 2. 

Lampblack, soot. [much milk. 

«. JaJ^J d^d,}i-oX, (^^) adj. Giving 

a. tybs>«4> d«d^-f, (JbJ^J) 1. adj. 

Milky, of milk, containing milky jnice. 
2. s. f. Starch. 3. Name of several 
plants with milky juice; as, various 
species of Asclepias, Echites, Euphor- 
bia, &0. Asclepias rosea, &c. 

a. UjbJUJ dudh-iydt 1. adj. Milky. 2. 
8. m. See ^<^t3^^ 

8. P. ..J diir, (5*^) 1. 8. f. Distance. 
2. adj. At a distance, far, remote. 
In Sans, the reverse of 3^* »^0 
(mJJj) adj. Provident, prudent. 
i^mmJ«3j1 t*4> 8. f. Foresight, fore- 
cast, circumspection, carefulness. «^ J 
d\i God forbid. ^-^V J^*^ interj. 

A vaunt ! be off ! U?'^ .^ J To abstain 
from, abhor, abominate, avoid, shun. 
f^ j^*^ 1. s. m. A spy-glass, a 

telescope* 2. adj. Having the quality 
of Bhewing a distant object. 3* Far- 
socing ; (met.) prudent, pnovident, 

ingenious, ij^,