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S. W. FALLON, Ph. D. Halk. 




Bs. 10. 
All rights Bseerred. Faceiko akd Postaoe s As. 



P E E F A C E . 

The present work is the Compiler's English-Hindiistani Law and Commercial 
Dictionary reversed, with a large numbor of udditiong. The authorities for the law techni- 
calities are the Urdu transiations of the Acts and Regulations published in the Govemmeni 
GoKtU ftnij the authorized translations of the Chief Court. 

Eeaidea the practical purpose for which it has been compiled, as an aid to persons 
who have to deal with Courts of law and to trauslatora of law papers, this work will serve 
to show at a glance that the language of the Law Courts of the Provinces in which Hin- 
dustani is spoken is made up almost entirely of foreign Arabic phrases. In a great many 
instances the Hind! equivalents, given in this work by the side of these Arabic phrases, 
clearly show that Arabic has been drawn upon without the slightest eicuso, simply 
because Arabic is esteemed a learned language while Hindi is only the vulgar vernacular of 
the people of the country. And then it serves to keep up that rayatifi cation which is the 
nefarious advantage of the few, and a wrongful injury to the .many. 

Thus the Plaint, Answer, Reply, and Rejoinder, or the 'four papers' of the Civil 
Code, was, in the authorized phraseology of the 'Courts, kut;fitat-i-arba, as though the Arabic 
aria conveyed any more precise idea than the common Hindi clidr four. And so of a host of 
words. For the well-known B. d/iaror a deposit we have A. amanal, drisM-land/iai! hypo- 
thecation is A. raJtn bil-ka/alai, U. jhuUma la Make null, from jAiif false, is A. i&a/. The 
Hindi terms for near relations also must be transformed into Arabic. Thus H. Ut& ia A. 
ihn, H. gailar bahn step-siater (different fathers) wears the equally occult form P. A. ham- 
thlrah-i-akkt/S/i, H. bijah marriage must be replaced by A. udivaj, lineal desceudanta H. ek bdp 
Jee by A. P. A. avlad-i-riilita-i-mmtaqimah, H. t^fyari daughters (female issue) by A. aul&dd- 
anOt, H. TOO Aa (Mf mother's womb by A. haln^-modar, garlh girana causing miscarriage by 
A. Uiat-i'liamaL And then we have such commonly used phrases as H. sOkha drought 
metamorphosed into A. P. imiak-i-ldran, "B. marykat a burning ground for Hindu corpaea 
into the elaborated phrase, A. P. muqam-i-ijtifh<ani-i-na»}u 

The common native name (Rarii for land, soil, must be superseded by k. oraA, 
A. qaUlitardai culturable has thrust out the univeraally-used H. kJieU-jog, and A. maiera 
the familiar H. jola a cultivator, H. cltori theft is A, tarqa, H. baiyar-banl women is A. 
maitdrSi, H. wjAa is A, tharakat, batwdrd partition is A. taqiim and inqisd}n, *aJidela help 
is A, uleduat, H. ^r^oo use ia A. isttmSl, kkSnd plod food is A. akl o tfiurb, roil i<^r& 


mainteoance is P. A. nSn-o-na/qa, H. h<itlu, P. due tfaiiigg is A. athyH, H. gShah purchaser \s 
A. mu*htari, H, bharat a load is A. mal-t-mahmiila. 

Even for the oommon Hindi particles, adverbs, etc. have been substituted 
elaborate Arabic phrases. Thus H. or at on the part of is P. A. at jSnib, H. un sab me ae 
oat of the whole is A. P. ai art jumla, H. jordvnri »e by force is A. bil-jabr, nae aire te anew is 
az aarinav, H. alag alag sevcrallv is A. al al infirSd, H. aada is A. al-ad-davam, avr aita hi 
and BO on is A. ala hata, blch men between is A. md-bain. 

The very sign boards in the streets of Dehli bear witness to the foreign Persian 
and mystic Arabic which rules our Courts and public offices with such despotic sway. Thus 
Ldl hid the red well has been transmogrified into Ldl eh&K St^ JkI, bara danba into dartba- 
i-kaldH, ekhotd dariha is dariba-i-kkurd, jule-vdld seller of shoes is ju/t-faroak, topl-vdid seller 
of caps is kulah-faroah, aunUr goldsmith is zar-gar, dhunyd carder is A. naddaf. 

The Hindi Dehar Gazette in which the laws of the country were to have been given 
in the vernacular Hiudi of the people would, under its present Editor, Rie Sohan Lai, have 
demonstrated beyond a doubt the practicability of rendering legal tecbnicalities in the 
indigenous tongue. But its projector, Sir G, Campbell, had left tho country long before the 
project was sanctioned by the Goverumeut of India, and the BeJtar Gaielle is published 
indeed in the Hindi character but the teohnicaUties are still Arabic, pure but not simple. 
The Editor's strong predilection for the simple and natural, joined to his command of 
popular Hindi makes him eapooially fitted fjr the accomplishment of a task so important as 
that of enabling the people of India to read and understand the laws under which they live. 
The admirable Hindi translation of Sir G. Campbell's Educational Despatch by this writer 
may be cited as an example of a successful rendering into simple Hindi of the abstract 
ideas and reBnementa of European thought, and the frequently complex constructions of a 
highly cultivated language. 


, Coogli 






p t S. and H. m, a. 

1. lArilk.) The number od& 

2. (Saiu/mt almanacki and attrology) 
for adilyatvOra or arkv&r Sunday, and 

3. The initial htter in «ln{ the Hindu 
triad ; Viahnu. 

P \-jS ^. »• in- Z. ^1, S. wq. 

Water {^^). [fielda. 

^tj .^T sb-jia'thi, n. f. Irrigation ; watering 
There ore two modes of irrigation. 1. (of 
oonsiats in simply breaking away tbe rid^ 
of fields to let the water in. 2. (/»^, Throwing 
the water out of a small bucket or basket 
into the field. 
Jgfc^T Sh-^kkez, Ped. adj. used substantively. 
Moist or wet soil; springy ground where 
water is found by digging a little bdow 
the surface. Sore. 
)t J i^f 6b-<lSr, D, ni. P. TiT water, )l.j keei^. 
A servant in charge of tbe drinking- 
water, etc. 
^lj}^1 d6-»rap'ot), n. m. lit. Running water. 

A kind of very fine muslin. 
]}&>T>^ (i&-)-(/it>r, Sea-water; salt-watvr. 

abO.'riSb'ishor, Transportation beyond seas, 
jUL{T db-kar, n. m, P. wT water, }K work. 

A distiller or s^er of spirituous Uquore. 
^Uil *IA ifi'ri, n. f. 

1. The business of a distiller. 

2. A distillery ; a taTem ; liquor shop. 

3. A duty on the manufacture and sale 
of spirituout liquors, as tafl or toddy, 
paeheS!, arrack, etc., and on intoxicating 
drugs, whether in substance, infusion, or 
•xtpacts, 08 opium, bhaig, charaa, etc. 
It is levied on certain licenced distil- 
leries, or in fees for licences granted 1^ 
the Osllector to retailers. 

HbkaA-dara^ii, n. m. The head officer ap- 
pointed to superintend diatiUerLes, apirit- 
ahopi, etc. 

aiiS'rT-maA.ti' , n. m. The department or offlCB 
of difairi ; the excise department ; a dis- 

^T a'lA, adj. Ped. Aquatic; irrigated ; blue. 

^ ^-,.,^01 iba'Jvtl, u. f. Giving permission. 

(in. Mah. Law.) Authority; permission. 
A jli I <a&'d, adj. Z. avid, S. WWW. P- hadan 
to be. 

(In Comp.) A city ; village, etc. The 
opposite of vilrSn. waste. 

1. Inhabited; populous; full of buildings 
and inhabitants. 

2. Cultivated ; peopled. 

3. Applied to a village or lands from 
which revenue may be levied. 

abdtP kar'na, v. a. 

1. To build and plant ; cultivate ; make 
a place habitable ; people ; found ; settle in. 

2. To extend cultivation, buildings, or 

^jtff jUl abSd-heihl, n, f. First, or increased 
assessment of newly settled or cultivated 
land. [waste land. 

jK jl>l abSd'-iOr, n. m. The first settler on 

^,K jl^I abSd'kd'rl, a. f. The right derived 
from first clearing away and occupying 
land. Hence a claim to property by descent 
from the ohdJ-k&r, 

^jUl a6d'<fi, n. f. 

1. Cultivation ; a cultivated place. 

2. Extended or improved cultivation. 

3. The inhabited portion of the villag* 
lands, opp of vjar. 

4. PopuliLtion ; number of people ; an 
inhabited place ; a colony. [sessment 

b. Enhancement of rent ; increased as- 
B Uy j£jt») iMUah kar'na, v. a. To abolish. 

A Jt J^tU.'l <*'*' " <^''^^' "• "■ 

1. Forefathers; (our) fatlisrs (1j1jy^)j 
ancestors ; prt^ienitors. 


2. Pamil^r ; race ; stock ; generatioa 

3. Lineage ; line ; eitraotion (jf ). 
P Jl)j abdl, adj. Ped, 

Belonging to, or descending from pater- 
nal anceetora ; paternal ; direct ; iineal ; 
hereditary ; ancestral; patrimonial, 

A IbtJOl ibtidd', n. f, A. i^. he began. 

1. Beginning; odmmencenient; exor- 
dium ; introduction ; outset ; inception 
(H. J). [(j-lti). 

■ 2 Birth ; hud ; source ; origin ; rise 
ibtidO-i-tankh-i-naliak layayal tS r'lldi-i-adS, 
yd wamt'. From the dftte of inatitution 
of the suit to the date of payment, or rea- 
lization of the claim. 

•I**tl ibtida'<in, ttdv. Ped. for pahlf. 

At or in the beginning ; at firet ; ijiifiri- 

mit ; firstly ; in the first place ; originally; 

tn liraine ; in the first instance ; 'tirat and 

^>A^1 ibiidd te, adv. 
Ab initio ; from the beginning («•>{(•){). 
ibiidi' le iiiHhS,' tak. H. &d »e aiU tat. 

From beginning to end; from first to last. 
U/I*a{l ibtida' iar'na, y. a. Ped. 

1. To originate ; open ; Tisher in. [going. 

2. To broach ; set on foot ; launch ; set a 
STo begin; to commence (U/gj^). Ped, 

(^'■»5il ibtidd'i, adj. [introductory, 

1. Prefatory; preliminary ;preparatory ; 

2. Prior ; anterior ; primaty, 
iblidd't inttihaa', Ped. ti. 0, 

A preliminary esamination. [gation. 
lakqiqat-i-ibtid£l' , Ped. Preliminary inresti- 
P^yjjl nlearl, n. f. 

" 1. Disorder; derangement; disorganiza- 
tion ; irregularity; confusion J disarrange- 

2. Deterioration ; decay; falling off. 

3. Mai-administration ; mismanagement. 

A jjf JjI rW*(', n. m. Ped. for Jjj change. 

Ajltijf abdar, a, m. 

1. A religious person; a devotee; an 
enthusiast; a class oftvandcviug Mahome- 
dan saints; a religious frateiiiity. 

2. The successors of the prophets. 

H iAJ^iiji VSUn obdhO^, u. m. S. nq down, 
off, V to shake. 

A rntfiiilMi'i"; 'jT aHindQ/o^Trvrho 
professes to have "shaken off" the infirm- 
ities of humanity ; one who devoteshimaelf 
to liod alone, rejecting all ceremonies and 
worship ; a HindQ devotee ; a worshipper of 
£AiMi who indulges in intoxicating drugs, as 
Shiva (Mahadeo) is said to have dona 

A &^6 ^Jjil il>i-a'e-zim'm», Ped. for b»ri-ta'- 

zim'ina, q. v. 
A V wl ab'rag, Fop. ^'rak, u. S. mm Talo i 

mica (jSyti) 
P .oj abr^', u. f. --I brightness, jj face. 
Honour; character ; reputatioo. 
^iru iitar' Tin, — bigar'n&, — (end, V. a. 

1. To disgrace; abuse ; call names ; put 
to shame; to destroy one's good name; 

take away one's charai^ter (^ ^'^ i^.). 

2. To debauch ; violate ; commit rape ; 
commit an indecent assault ; dishonor. 

P Q^jfj ab'n,—kd'^<a, n.f. ;<Tacloud,/i'(. Cloud- 
~ ed; mottled. Variegated or marble paper. 

F mSUj%>] ahrt'iham, n. at. Raw siHt, theoocooa 
(4{}f) of which is given with other medi- 
cines by hah'ims. [Ped. 

S OOJLjI vfilV^ dhiihek', aVtithtH, n. m. 

1. Sprinkling with Ganges water ; puri- 
fication by the c^rinkling of water and 
utterance of certain prayers. 

2. Baptism ; initiatioa 

3. Boyal unction ; installation. 

A JU^I ibtsl'-, n. m. Jbj became false, onU. 
Rendering null ; abrogation ; repeal. 
ihlal-i-qarSr dad, a, m. Impeaohment of a 

iiaal tar'na, V, a. Ped. H. jkutMfnS. 

To make null; abrogate C £}~^}* 

A ,»'l »6n,6»n,usedin(7oinj>.only. Asonjchild. 

H [Xj] ^39^\tli'nd,^lg'nS,Rw).vpa^na,v.Jl.B. 

3n up, nw, aw to go (I) [grow. 

To spring ; germinate ; shoot ; sprout ; 

P t"^i tii'o'^i n. m. 

Ebony; i>MMpyro*<Je«iH», Wat. [chapter, 
A t_»Ijjf nti^'. n, m. pi. of --4 door, Z. babd 

1. Chapters ; sections. {Rare). 


2. Taxes imposed hf the Mahomedan 
goremmeat in excess of the original aasesa- 
ment ; cesaea ; keads or subjects of taxatioa. 

3. Utsoellaneous oesses, imposts, and 
charges, levied bj taniStui3r$ and publto 
officers. These cessea were either abolished 
or consolidated with the land revenue, 
and are no longer payaMe to the British 
Government ; bat such as existed before 
the perpetual settlement, and were not 
speciallj' abrogated, or not ctwsoHdated, are 
still claimed sometimes bj the tainXnd&rt. 

d^dd-t-ie^'d, — nd-jdia, n. Ped. Dtegal or un- 

ftuthoriied cesses. 
abuebri-Kim^ndd rl, Ped. ZamlndOrl cesses. 
abtegb-i-*&'l»qS, Ped. Old established cesses. 
a(wdfr-t-4AJ'(fi, Ped. An imposition levied to 
defray the marriage expHioea of land- 
H ^u' VVlir aUf, Pop. o&'Si, E. n.m. 

Seed that will not germinate ; bad seed. 
H yut V^ a^, a. m. S. vm ; Probably 

firom A. jt:'. 

A irhite povder mixed with gidSl (red 
powder) used by Hindus in the Holi 

H jO iTVnr «P^, Q-tn. lU. peeling off the skin. 
An irritating composition for peeling off 
the skin of the male organ, held by natives 
to be a cure for impotency. 

H .-01 ^Vm «J>*'i n. m. MSr- WW, Sv HJI 

A fast; fosting (ityi) ; bxmger ; thirst 
vpS/nd, a. m. Offerings ; sacrifice ; worship. 

S U;-l;f B«TO« "fd'.at, wptfrt, n. m. 

1. One who fasts. 

2. A worshipper; devotee. 

H ftf^^l ^mifSt f^y^'f^oQ' W. ap&'hij, E. n.m. 
B. wi not, ^ir + fa^to go. A cripple. 

H Ls^i %^n apat, d'pat, n. f. S. q^ dignity. 
Lossof credit; disgrace; dishonw; inault. 

H ^1 309 tipof, D.f.S.3<mp,s^ to spring 
up. Produce ; crops ; yield. 
J^>{l avsui uj-ja'a, Kj/jaakAr', adj. 

Fertile ; oulturabla ; i^oductiva ; rich. 


Touring up; grow; to be produced ; 
shoot; germinate; sprout; yield. [touch. 

H *-yf Wini aprai', airo*, n. m. A. ban. 
Leprosy (^/). 

H f^y'l 7<7m vpa'rtu, n. m. A kind of red 
chalk ; bitumen. 

H iM* I VniR d'pai; Mfif. mshomdh, pron. 
Each other; one another; reciprocal; 

aptu, a/iai-ddrj, n. £ Fraternity; brother- 
hood ; kindred. 

apcu dan kd Ttiitddtnla, dpa* kS Tndmld, 
— n. m. A family or caste affejr. 

dpaimen,adv. Among themselves; mutu- 
ally ; in concert ; together. 

(ipas mtn tatfia, Amicable adjustment; pri- 
vate arbitration; mutual settlement 

&pat meH rahn'd, v. n. 

1. To hvo together ; to Kve together as 
man and wife. 

2. To cohabit ; to live in adultery. 

3. To live in incest 

A voluntary deed of adjustment 
H U* t 7(r5fl vp'ld, up'rdf go'ta, go'hS, kan'^a, 
W, go'ithd, E n. m. i({. What floats. 
Dried cakes of cow-dung used for fuel 

8 J.iUw I ^qf^V^ vpa'nithad, n.m. 3. gut 

^-t-^ sitting at one's feet. 
Sacred texts or extracts from the Veds. 

S ^J\ 3T|(|II upanya, n, m. S. 30 + ^ to lead. 
" Tlie initiation of the first three classes of 
Hindus; inveatiture with the Juitrn or 
sacred thread, worn over thckft shoulder 
and under the right armpit 

H v^l WB^H aphim', Raa.pMm, a/lm, Illit. 

aJsniA, Ped. S. wTflit, P.*Alr-t-'tAa*A '"tftdiA. 

Opium; the concrete juice of the 

Paver tomni/erum. Wat 

—^iend, V. a. To give opium ; to poison ; 

kill by poison. 

E A*-»| apW, n. m. Cor. of the word Appea>. 

apU bct^nd-raA-i-faitla. 
appeal fixim the decision of a lower court 
opfM'-^fc&A*. Special appeal 
aj^l4-i>arsai% Summary appeal. 
opiU^dm, oftti-AwnJari. iCeguhtr appeal 
d^ ke *lge meh. In appeal. 


ofUl-irmutr^ikslif. A croBS appeal 
OfSl-i'inutafariqa. A miBccUatteouH appeal- 
a].7l-i-matzur. Admitted njipeal. 
apU-i^nO-manzQr. Keject«d appe&L 
£JlUj1 apilant, II. Au appelUut. .. 

Ajnldl'-i-apil-i-mulf^hkatif. A cross appel- 

P. H. Cf "l^, "t^. The wild custard &]>i>le ; 

Anona aquaniosd. Wat, [pass. 

H il-l 3^Tf w^ar', n. m. S. 3n + 9to cross, 

1. Descent; slope; declivity; dip; fall; 
depression; down-hill ; declension; declina- 

2. Subsidence ; ebb-tide ; low water. 

3. Decrease; diminution; abatemeint 
filling off; wane; decline. 

4. A fail or reduction in price. Bemis- 
Bion of revenue, 

5. Scale of decrease in the rate of re- 
venue levied from different qualities of soil. 

6. A quarrelsome person. [character. 

7. A bad or shameless woman ; a had 

8. A copy ; a duplicate (A. i^^)- [aoross. 

9. A ford or ferry ; charge for ferrying 
l)OT amn nid'rd, II. m. 

1. Deduction; remission, 

2. The cooked rice, flour, etc moved an 
odd number of times from the head to tba 
foot of aaick person under the belief that 
the evil spirit is thus removed from the 
sick person into the rice, eta 

3. An offering made to Matdn, an evil 
q>irit believed to haunt cross-roads. 

4. Station; halting place for travellers; 
temporary resideiic; (s'i{)- 

6.&.gh<U; ferry; wharf; quay, 

6. A copy ; duplicate f J^). 

7. Ru: An answer; reply ; responte ( jJI). 

8. House rent ; ferry toll. 

9. Land pven to a temple, 

10. Land given by GovMnment to an in- 
dividual as a reward for services at a quit- 

A *4^[^f atatlq', T. atallk, al&hui. a. m. 

A private tutor ; an instructor.^\ titdtOA, n. m. Pod. /or m^**j}S q. v, 

H a^T ^riTTfl vt'pSt, n. m. ' 

Violeuce ; iajurj ; injustioe ( >>*ft). 

HUy^u^t 3^071 ^i;(r vi'pat MnH, Ml 
pan ho'ni, v. n. 

1. To be bom or produced; tooome into 
the world. 

I. To yield ; prodttca 

ulpaiin, ul^pati, a. to. 

1 . Birth ; creation ; production. 

2. Extraction; descent; family. 

3. Appearance; phenomenon; portent. 

4. Produce ; proi^eeds ('>«{). 

5. The realized rents (of a village) ; pro- 
duce of the harreat ; profits. 

A otsJ't itUhdd', n. m. .»k.t one. Fed. for (1£{I). 

1. Union; combination; friendship; ami- 
ty ; concord. 

2. Covenant; league; compact; treaty of 
alliance; oouvention. 

S vjf 3Wr ui'lar, n, m. S, 3(j hicSi 1 

t. An answer; reply; rejoinder; defence. 
2. The north. 
tU'lar de'na,Y.a. To answer; to make, or give 
answer; reply. 

uT^^^^ snTsm tiftara-lai^than, n.m.Ped. 
The charaoteristicfl of a reply, vis. that 
it be applicable to the whole cluu^ ; that 
it be maintainable by law ; that it be not 
equivocal or evasive; that it be consistent 
with itself ; and that it be perspicuously 
^)U*j 1^1 3?n ^rfiawri* ut'far-adkii&rt, 
n. m. Ped. 
An heir ; one who inherits ; a suoceaaor. 
^I;!l ^HTIsnr tittardalar, u. m. Ped. 

A reply which is irrelevant to the charge ; 
an evasive reply. 
j'jV^ Snnnt M'.lar-oUara, n. m. Ped. 

Rejoinder; replication. 
^J,.\ti fil Silt UPS ul'tara bk/^ia, n. m. Ped. 

What seems like an evasive or prevaricat- 
ing reply ; the semblance, not the sound- 
ness, of an answer ; evasion; equivocation j 

i'^^Ti y^ ^rnff^sW ut'tm'prati'uaar, n. 

ra. Pod. Defence and rejoinder ; pleadings 

in a law suit. 
^jtfi^ yl 3H3; ^^^ ut'tar tdk'ihl, n.m. Fed. 
A witness for the defendant. 

*i >>)'4! i^^aHT VT^VS, uftarabhadr-pad, n.m 
The twenty-aiitfa lunar mansion, figured 
1^ a ooQofa tuid oomprehending two etors, 
of which one is Atuiromedaf. 


The twelfth Iudot mtioBion, cont&ining 
two Btara figured by a bed. 

H e^fv'' ^f^'^ utrSi, n.f. Comiugdown, 

alighting. [tion. 

1. Requital ; gratefiil return; retribu- 

2. The toll paid at a tevry. 

H 01=. pi ?HT aia il'arja-tiS, V. a. Tkagl. 

H .)~( 3RT*) vfran, n. f. A medioinal lactes- 
cent plant, Cyntatehum extetaum. Wat 

H J4J ^^'jl^ftlSSI »""'-M«'. tir-pk»'la, A. 
Hrifal, itrfal. (jkM)- »■ m. 

An electuary composed of three sorts 
of Myrobalans, with coriander seed and 

H ^*wT ^if^o'H'IHE-O-nt. Flax. See ^t 

P iO fij] d'tiiA-bai, a. m. A mnker of fire 

works; pyrot«chni8t. [rotechnics. 

j^jli jUl a'tuh-b^ii, XL f. Fireworks ; py- 
A>mj^ j!jl a'tUb-jiaratt', n. m. A fire wor- 

riiipper ; a guebre ; one of the Magi ; a 

disciple of Zoroaster. 
<il^ ji'T d'l(«A.''itAd'Aa, n. m. A fire temple; 

fire place ; grate. 
„,lj j£J1 d'luh-ddn, n. n. Any receptacle 

for fire ; a grate (la*^') 
J^\ ^^ a'Uahmil'g', — ian'i, n.f. Arson; 

conflagration; the firing of houses, etc. 

whether accidentally or by design. 
a'tuh-zanl-i- 'klia/-f, n. f. IncendiariBm. 
St'uh-iaa\-i- shadld, n. f. Arson. , 


a. m. S. ^net, 8. !I?I+g to perform a 

sacrifice, Pr. utMira a feast. [feaUTal. 

A public demonstratioQ of joy ; jubilee ^ 

A Jl^l iui*^, n. m. Fed. for J-« 

1. Contact; connection (y^). 
2.Adhesiou; uniou^,-). 
3. Coutiguity; attachiueat. 

■ L?**^' *^/^'i "• "»• ^5 agreeing. 

1. AgreemMit; conourrence;eoincidence; 
oeirespondanoe ; aoeordanoe; accord. 

2. Unison; conformity; consonanoeC>g>1U}. 

3. Uaioa; unity ;ooaoord; harmony (t£f1). 

4. Assent; consent; acquiescence. 

5. Combimitioii ; concert ; co-operation, 
fi, CdlhiBiou; conspiracy (ij-)'-). 

7, Friendship; amity; affection; lavther- 
hood (1,1^ ^J^i). 

8, Circumstance; event; case; oontigen- 
cy ; incident; adventure. 

9. Affair; prooesdiug; particular. 

10. Opportuuity; chance; accident; lot 

— kar'iti, V, a. [bine. 

1. To agree; co-operate; conspire; oom- 

2. To form an alliance, friendship, inti- 

1. To agree; to be agreed ; concur; be 
in accord or of one mind ; to agree together, 

2. To eorreEpoiid; telly; Lai-monhe; 
chime in ; conform to. [mate. 

3. To become fast friends ; to grow inti- 

4. Fed. To accede to; comply with. 
— «, Fed. bil-itU/dj, adv. 

- 1. In communication with;conourrently; 
together; jointly. 

2. By chance; accidentally; incidentally ; 
by the way. 

3. Rarely ; scarcely (^UJl). 

i.UU!| iuifigOt, n. m. Fed, PI. of JUJl q. v. 
^J^\ itli/Sql, itli^aqt/'d. adj. Accidental; 
casual ; occasional; fortuitous ; incidental. 
A. fX^S ilmdm', a. m. Fed. Ferfectton; comple- 
tion (tf{ Ijrt)- 
itmam irar'ni, To complete; perfect (T Ijjj), 
S kc-l^f (^'T Wrm^ia d'lm-ffhai, — hat'na, — 
iadh, F ^^ ^^ n. f. Suicide ; self-murder. 

^i<r fil %\m m^ xt<n gka'ti, p. jtf ^^ 

A suicide ; a self-munlerer ; aftfo de m. 
^^ f\ mminiisi a'tam-gySn', n. m. S. 
vimwi^. Knowledge of the soul; self- 

Swallow wort; Atd'pioM Mthmafieayfe,t. 

p Jt ^'f^> i'l^, XtHh jl, D. f. A female 

teacher ; a goTeroess. 
8 U^t Vfn^qt ativithd, n. m. S. filapoinn, 

A medicinal root ^diwttJWB/ww. Wat 

A Jtpl iltiham', p. w. Fed. for to&aai, q. t. 



Utihdm be-Jd, A false accusatioD or chaise. 
S Jil 11^ ''') P^- *"< thua. A parttole sigiiify- 
~ ing, thus, therefore, lo, behold. 
A*,D.f.FiaiB; the end; as baj-«f-t,}lj} 

Bian, and (J 
book, letter, eto. 

Arabic, at the end of a 

S ^otwl fWlfjirij/a/i,' n. m. S. tTh thus. 

Wfa begiuning. 
£t cetera; am 

BO forth ; and bo on 
m. S, w^rrffl a traveller. 

A Hindu fax^r; ascetic; dcTotoe; a 
ttrnnj/Oal; pilgrim. 
8 wo) Untn of'tf. n- ™- A root used in 

medicine. Aconitum heUropkyUum. Wat. 
H GT^lST«!('fl, n.m. 

Flour ; meal ; uiything ground to powder. 

H VC| W3i9IT aia'ta, n. m. S. ^(tnR a tower. 

1- Accumulatioa; heap; pile; mass; 
store ; stock; a large quantity ,- abundance. 

2. A Btavk of com, graas, etc; a heap; 
pile ; a rick. 

3. Goods; proTialon; effects; chattels; 
baggage ; materials; articles; commodities ; 

4. Furniture ; household goods. 
aiaUi kar'na, — iar/d'nd, v. a. 

To pile ; heap ; stack. 
afald ban&'nd, t. a. £. 

To erect a lofty building. 
o^Sld lad'na, T. a. To overtc^d (a cart). 
H ^1 VTVI ^'td, n. m, The vetisel in which 
victuals are dressed for the public at the 
door of the temple of Jagamatii. 
H, UIXjI «3«9ni[ atkaVna, ufAaZAor'nd, v. a. 
S. V^ to wander, q;^ to reckon. 

1. To guess; \a make a rough guess; 

2. To estimate ; make a rough estimate ; 
value ; assess C^)). 

3. To find out ; to see through one ; to 
take one's measure ; to moke out 

^HKZWWtaf.on, adj. 

Conjectural; probable; presumptive. 
H jJ^wJ ^^ftl u^aiigaH', n. m. 

A epectee of netUs or stinging plant, 
the seed of which is used in Indian 
practice, by the natives as an aphrodisiac ; 
nettle seed. Wat, 

ka, a. m. H. gir fell, ntkH take up. 
la. One who takes up what has fallen. 

A pilferer; shop-lifter; a petty thief 
H ^5JfJ ^\ W5 q^ ofA pah.-t%, — poAlM, 
— ■pahr'yS. 

One who is always on duty. Applied to a 
servant employed to collect rente, or set 
to watch the crops and to take messagea 
for the rest of the villagers. 
H J-*-y ^I 'VZ Sia?! atA kavAKd, a. t. (Cor. 
of the Eng. Council.) 
Council; meeting; assembly. 
H twU ^I W3 RTOT a(A mi'sO, atiuOA'tO, a. m. 

1. An eight months' child. 

2. Lands constantly ploughed for eight 
months for si^ar-cane; or, from AsOrh 
to Magh, both inclusive. 

H ^U «jt W3 Wnft alk-mS'ihi, n. f. 

1. A weight weighing eight mOthat. 

2. A gold mohur weighing eight mOshat, 
worth ten rupees. 

H yj^*^i ^tlf u(han'ffan, tei'an, a. A 

prop ; support ; buttress. 
A *ajUj| *tbd{,a.¥edibr ■^ A. SiyJ Rrei. 

1. Permanence ; maintenance ; establish- 

% Affirmation; conGrmatiou; corrobora- 
tion (^.*-»J). [(i>t*) 

3. Pi-oof; veriii cation; demonstration. 
itbSt-i-furm ho muafarad kamd. 

To annul a conviction. 

Establishment of a right or interest 
iibdt-i'^ dliih^-haq. 

Suit to establish a right 

AP ^)i>'l "''"^ ?»*•'. a'JJ- 

Taking effect ; efficacious ; of effect 
efficient ; effectual ; effective. 

A 'yt^"^^ £- ^f aiTi&'-i'iajuHi', 

In course of investigation ; during ths 
proceedings ; while the negotiations were 

A Sjt^l ija'rOh, n. m. 

A lease or ferta of land held at a stipula- 
ted rent, whether &om Government direct- 
or firom an intermediate payer of the public 
ijarah patia, v^rd^fi paUa. i 

A deed or lease for a &nn, ginng 


authority to the hutder to oocnpy and 
cultivate, or receive the reota of an eatat-e. 

ijSra&-dSr thiimt. Under-farmer ; under- 
lessee, aub-teuant 

ijdraA-ddri, n. f. [reveuue. 

1. Fanning; contracting, for rent or 

2. An abwdb or cess formerly levied on 
lands or districts let out in farm for the 
benefit of the farmer or contractor. 

ij&rah dene-v!dls, A lessor. 

iJdraiirfJtik/ta, Sub-divieiona of a piece of 

land ; sub-farm. 
ydre iti tar' had, n. Boundaries of a farm. 

.( ajr, tyar, uj'rat, aja'rah, n. ^1 com- 

1. Remuueration ; compensation ; re- 
ward; recompense; return; consideration; 
equivalent ; a quid pro gvo. 

2, Cost ; pnoe ; hire ; fare ; fee. 
ajr-i-j^, a m. L^^ remuneration. 
t^r-denO, vjrdt — , v. a. [pay. 

1. To remunerate ; give an equiv^ent ; 

2. To repay ; compensate ; reward ; re- 

ajrH-ni-jait, n. m. An illegal remuneration. 
tijrat sni'n^, — fu^MmlnT, Amiu's remunera- 
tion ; assessor'a fees. [ds'TiO. 
f^rai par chald'n&, v. a. Unid for kw^ to 

To let on hire ; hire out 
zar-i^r~it, n. m. Fees. 

A .*(*>! '3^^% n. m. ^,^ Passed. 

1. Giving currency or circulation ; put- 
ting in execution. 

2. Issue ; execution ; service ; enforce- 
ment ; carrying into effect ; performance. 

— if'khtgdr na-Jdu. [authority. 

Unlawful authority ; abuse of power or 
—haq. The exercise of a right {wdld. 

— Atbbn jiekl m'arfat Ao, Aufon.jSri tarTie- 
Executive officer; the officer who serves 
the writ ; bailiff. 
— Auitm-ndina/i, The issue of a warrant. 
— digri, Execution of a decree. 
— ^igri se bachnA, To avoid judgment ; to 

evade an execution. 
— samtm, The issue of a summons. 
—fauld-i-ealin. The enforcement of aa arbi- 
tration award. 
— idmil, Complets execution. 
— kar'ria, v. a. 

1. Topaas; execute; carry into execu- 
tion ; carry out or through ; to make onr- 

2. To proolum ; publish ; promulgate. 
— ianiUKan, The issue of a commission. 
WftI ijrd-i-taflnd, Without issue oi proows 

or subpoena. 

^Iharcha tfrd^-taman. Cost of serving the 

A fVy^] "3^, n. m. pi. of >*■ a part 

Parte; portions; ingredients; component 
parte; constituente; members; elemente. 
b'az ajid, Some parts or portions. 
Mzd hi ml&ddtm he aj'zd, G. G. 

Fractions of terms of punishment 

Aj^t "i*^> Procrastioation, 


snob interval to elapse as to render com- 
plaint inadmissible {statute of limitation). 

H U^l ?a?IT «j''<l, Adj. S. n^ to shine. 
White; clean. 
ujld hha'Agrd, n. m. Verbetina protlrata. Wat. 
vjld jdmHii, Calyptranthea caryophyU {folia. 

Wat. (A white variety of the fruit). 
vjlA ckanitan, n. m. SaMidum albniti. Wat 
vjld hidH'., Cleome vucoaa. Wat Tha V'scid 
cleome, the seeds ff which, called c/Jurri 
fijwdn, are regarded by the native practi- 
tioners as anthelmintic and carminative. 
tvla dhatHra, n m. Dat»ra tnetel Wat 
■HJtd hailda, The long white pumpion or pum- 

kin. Lagmaria vulgarit. Wat 
vjld hantr, n. m, Neriam odorvtn. Wat 
vJlepdnH Jar, Galangal ; root of Alpinut 
galan/jd. Wat [basil. 

lyTi tulti, n. f. Oeymum album. Wat White 
jy'fi kd OzSr, Fluo albus ; the whites ; Uaeor- 
rheea, a dischai^ of white yellowish or 
greenish mucus from the vagina. 
tijtt kdclikilTi, n. £ Dolieho» prurietit ; a variety 
of cowhage or cowitch, a leguminous plant 
which produces on the outeide of its pods 
an irritating substance used in medicine 
as vermifiige. [pepper. 

vjti mirah, — tnircAl, n, f Piper albtan ; White 

A j-lla.1 ijldt', n. f. A. j-U. he sat. 

1. The act of sitting (of a court of jus- 
tice); sitting; sessions; a court 

2. (Under the Mahomedan government) 
An assembly of juriste or learned men for 
the decisioD of an intricate or important 

ijlAi-i-ksmil, A full bench. 

ijtdt^hatmsil, A meeting or sitting of the 

Supreme Council. [judges. 

ijldg^dhid, A court held by one of several 
ba-ijlds, aids meii. At the sitting ; in court ; 

in council ; in the presence of; before. 

A ^,H*^I ijmdl', a. m. Ped. J^ many 
strands of a rope put together, aggT^at& I 
1. An abstract; sumuaiy; Gomp««idium; 



precis; abridgement; epitome; digest; 


2. Joint occupancy or posaeasion. [retan^. 
2. Sum and Bubatance ; recapitulation ; 

A JU^t ijatatl, adj. Ped. [cinot. 

1. Gross; oompendioua; abridged; auc- 

2. Held in common, as an estate settled 
in common with two or more parties ; un- 
divided ; unpartitioned. 

(jmOtJ-ffurndsIilalt, An agent or factor fw per- 
aona holding property conjointly; a man- 
ager of property so held. 

ijmdn m-ilial. An undivided estate; an 
estate held in co-parcenership b; the heira 
of a common ancestor. 

A — iUa.| ajiiO*', a, f. pi. of j-i^ 

1. Kinds ; sorts ; various sorts. 

2. Commodities; wEirea; effects; articles; 
goodu; aliftttela (Ped. for fU.')- 

E k&^JU^f aj'au^, a. m. An agent. 

JJ JmA <*,'*"'*'. D. f. Agunt'a office; agency; 

the ofiioe of a Political Agent, or Resident 
in a native court ; the residency. [n. f. 

A kind of aniseed ; Ligvjiticujn ajowan ; 
species of lovage or bishop's weed with the 
flavour of carrawaya, used medicinally by 
natives ; Ptyckotit ajowan. Wat 
a^h-pahr'i ajtcaln, I)ill seed eteeped in water 
for twesty-tbur hours, believed to be a oiire 
for fever. 
c/uioH ajie&n, n. f. Cleone vUcota. Wat. 
khvrSi&ni ajv&"i,ti-i- Ifyoicj/amtuniger. Wat. 
UUck Henbane seeda. [land. 

H*aJ)^t 5%[Raj^'.'>dj.UntiIlad land; waste 

^ Kw^l <^<IVa, n, m. A. ^1 couipensatod, 

1. Remuneration; compensation. 

2, Wages ; hire ; fare. 

qiSra-ddr', n. m. A laborer for hire ; a hiri&- 

ling, not a regular servant 
«jHrada", n. f. Hire; wages; payment by 

the job or piece. 

H ^_J)^t WSittojauVl.asraw'rtn.f. H.a?* 

fl, age before. [laborers. 

Advances, particularly to RgrioultnTal 

H JfiS «5l^ ojau'S E BuB.,a«j-f<I, at,j% 

Pop. n. f. /tt. Afl much as will OMae in 
tb* two baadi ipread out together. 

Perquisites of the lower caatea from the 
threshing floor. 

Hiis-'jl^T Bamn rteha'jMi, n. m. S. ^.f 
Wf tp grind, cheat, H. utAdo credit. 

1 . Taking goods on credit ; a credit trotm- 
Bction ; tick (dang); credit. W. 

2. Sharp practice ; roguery ; fraud. E. 

H jlfi^l Tffilil ucAAd'o.uWd'o, tt<'*Ka6,n.m. 

Festival, jubilee ; a public demonatmtioD 
of joy ; a grand procession of an image. 

HkS-^^t VCSFI aeh'dihat,&'khat,a'khad,'a.xa. 
S. H not. sn broken, Pall, alkhatam. 

1. Whole or unbroken rice used in obla- 
tions. \pn d). 

2. A pinchful of rice (jiiat enough for 
aeh'cfiMat tilak, ITie ceremony of putting 

a few grains of rice on the forehead of 
an unage when addressed, or of a BrSh- 
man when invited to an entertainment 

H ^^y%^^ ^S3Rt aclihva'nl, n. f. from oj- 
** ta&n a kind of aniseed. An aromatic de- 
coction given to women after cbild-birtb. 

A 4l*ti.| aha'lak, ehd'toh. Pop. ha'ta, a. m. 

1. Compass ; limit ; boundary. 

2. Precincts ; premiss ; area, 

3. Enclosure ; an enclosed place ; fence ; 
compi'iutid ; court-yard (,jtij ; field. 

4. Fold; (jouud; peu (_y>«J^. 

6. Zone ; belt; circle; province; territory ; 
tract; domain ;preBii.lency (^J^^ ). 
— i-iklityir, Limita of juriadiction; extent of 

authority ; jurisdiction. 
Aa (« har'nd, y& ghfr nd, v. a. [circle. 

1. To surround; hem in; hedge in; en- 

2. To enclose ; rail in ; wall in. 

3. To bind ; confine ; limit ; determine. 

4. To define (boundaries); appoint li- 
mits ; bound (U*^t{,»^ V 

A Jt-^J ehttmAV, n. m. J^ he bore. 

1. Reasonable chance; fair chance ; pro- 
bability ; hkelihood ; preaumption. 

2. Conjecture ; guess ; auppositiou. 

3. Doubt; suspense; uDC«rtainty. 

—4-faa&d', Apprehension of a breach of the 
— i-qan^nl, A presiunptioQ of law. 
— kar'nd, V. n. To doubt ; distrust ; miatruat ; 

suspect ; call in question. 
— t-m^aqai', Reasonable E^prehenBitm. 
— i-mtqsSTi, yd tarar. Apprehension of loss 

OF injury. 

,v Google 

— Aond, V. a. 

1. To be likely or probable ; to expect 

2. To be open to doubt, or question ; 
to be doubtful. 

— hai, It is likely ; it is probable. 
^'»:^l ehlema'U, adj. 

1. Presumable ; presumptive ; likely. 

2. Hypothetical ; problematical ; conjec- 

3. Doubtful ; dubious ; ambiguous ; ques- 
tionable; aiispicioua. 

4. Contingent; precariouB. [needed. 

'Need ; want ; urgency, 
— i'nwqad' ama. Exigency of the case. 

A ItfLOi^l thlydt', a. t. Isj^ guarded. 

1. Caution; care; attention (,sy^>t} i 
heed ; wariness ; v^ance. [tion. 

2. Circumspection ; precaution; delibera- 
dUy&t aiir'^kkaitar d^i'i-i-mmndifA. 

Proper care and attention. 
— o imti h&n, Ped. Care and examinatioa 
— iar'nfi, — rakk'nA, v. a. 

1. To heed ; attend, or see to ; look to. 

2. To look after ; watch ; keep watch 
over; take care; to be cnreful CJ/ ,/ )'•»;?*■) ■ 

3. To take precautions, 
ehteySl-i-miin&'tlb, Proper care, 

A UdlxX^f eA^c^d'^an, adv. Carefully; cautious- 
ly ; with care or circumspection ; warily ; 
with caution. 

A o-^T a'Aad, n. m. P. >^ S. ^tn: H. (ECK. 

Unity ; one ; an individual, 

a'h€id-tU-lar/a in, — jtt-mula' kh Osimain. 

One of the two parties (in a law suit). 
ahad-iU-madd^a^alaihim, One of the defen- 
dants or accused persons. 

A -I ji^.1 ehrdm', n. .^^ was forbidden, /t(. 

Making or determinii:^ any thii^ to be 

1. Abstinence from eeosual enjoyment 
during the month of Moharram. 

2. The period of pilgrimage at ^occa. 

3. A coarse dress worn by pilgrims on 
entering Mecca. 

— bdndhnd, V. a. To make a vow as a pilgrim at 
A certain stage from Mecca appointed for 
the purpose, preparatory to entrance into 

the holy city. 


A .t.^^t ehtun,', Ped. Bare ,j«^ was inacces- 

In Mak. law, a perscn who is a free aane 
adult, of chaste reputation, and of the 
Mahomedoo faith, and who is thei-efore 
entitled to demand punishment for adulteiy 
committed with respect to him or her so 

A| daar', u. i 

- was present. 

Causing to be present ; summoning ; a 
Bumraons ; causing one's attendance or 
'adam-i-ehiar. Default of appearance. 
eludr-i-farlqain, ya gaiS,hO:i. 

Attendance or appearance of the parties 
in the suit, or their witnesses. 

A ^ tlSi-I ehqSq', n. it). Earo J»- was just. 

Restoring or determining any one's haq, 
or right; the establishment of aright; the 
act of proving or establishing the truth of 
a doctrine. 

A Jis^S ahkam', n. m. pi. of fX«. order. 

1. Orders; commands; decrees. 

2. Mandates ; injunctions; ordinances; 
statutes; judicial decisions, or decrees; 
letters patent 

3. A summoiia, or injunction, 
-i-rfin, — iha/a. The ordinances or precepts 

of the Mfthomedan religion. 
-i-aujum. Astrological predictions. 

A P £Jl'U=b1 ahmaqS'nd, n. m. 

1, Money to be paid in returning a 
purchased thing. 

2. The money which an amtt is obliged 
to pay to make good the deficiency of the 

A jl^a-t a'-klibar'. n.m. pl.of j^i news, ;;*. 

A newspaper ; gazette ; journal. 
— «aula,'n.m, A news-writer; "our own corre- 
Bponjeut;" an editw ( ji-il f*=i»). 

A-lXXi-l i*i(A/i(aw', Ped. tor 'Hitiani, n. m. 
' End ; conclusion ; completion. 
jf-iJuitani karna, v. a. To complete ; finish. 
I'iAd'edm-i-niWm, Conclusion of an auction 
or sale. 

A £t >Ai-l i'kUir'&&, Pod, for IjSd', n. m. 

1, Invention ; discovery ; device. 

2. Propagation; publication. 

L. jtii. became in- 

A jtaXi-l ^kluii&r', 
tensely cold. 

,y Google 

% Oonciaenese ; brevity; coudenBation. 
S.-Siunmary.; abstract; epitome; Bjnop- 
818 ; preoi. 
— kar'»3, V. ft. 

1. Toftbrif^; Bnmmariie; q>itomize; to 
draw up a pi-erig. 

2. To ciirtaH ; cut short, [a word. 
bil^khtia&r, Ped. adv. In short ; briefly ; in 

A taii) ^khtija!, ii. m. Rare. Tie actof 

withdrawing or conceallug ; concaalment 

A IpUmiL) t'-iliiil4i', a. m. bU. mixed. The 

act of mixing; mixture; union; amdga- 
matiou (J-«}. 

1. Acquaintcmce ; intimacy ; ramiharity. 

2. Attachment ; friendship ; attachment 
between the sexes. 

— i-tnuiialdl, Uuien of estates. 

A i_ilUa.) .*AftriiS/, ^e±tor'ikilaf, k.'Jii. 

came after. 

L Contrariety;oontradictioii;oppositjoi); 
discrepancy J differenca [ment 

2. Inuongruity;incompatabi1ity;disagroe- 

3. Rupture ; variance ; schism. 
^Wdil&f hayd'nl, n, f. ContradicUon ; discre- 
pancy ; inconsistency. 

^thti^f eSbit kar'nd, v. a. To prove the con- 
trary ; to refnte. 
^khtil^f'i-rS?, Difference of opinion. 
^MtUaf raili'nd, — ko'ttd, v. u. To disagree ; 

ditfer; clash. 
i^kKtildf-i-meuhai, K. jSt parekfiS. 
Difiereaoe of religioa 
* [good. 

A ^^*^I **''(yd'", u. ni. j-i. What ia chosen, 

1. Choice ; option ; election. 

2. Will ; discretion ; pleasure. [chise. 

3. Liberty ; privilege ; immunity ; fran- 

4. Control ; disposal ; management. 

5. Right; charter (jUsc«l). 

6. Competency; auUiority; power; prero- 
gative; patronage. 

7. Jurisdiction ; cognizance ; province ; 
rule ; away ; government ; administration. 

8. Office ; fiinction ; charge ; commission. 

t i:he^ar3i-i-hand o boat rath'nS. 

To be invested with settlement powers. 
^I^sjl jtaSil i^khtffdfi-iUiddi, lata^t-i- 

ii/UdSi. Primary jiiriBdictiun. 
**) > ■*"' )'-siI t^tkls/ir-i-ainad o raft. 
Right of way. 

of redemption of a mortgage ; equity of 

u»'^ >!}^|V*-' — tojvit-i^aniiH, Legidative 

power, [power. 

•■»*■ ji)^ >'4^' i-^uqadmm Judicial 

Tt'* )'s^' — j*> I-egal power ; lawful 

authority ; a right 
ijiJ-iU. yX^iA — hSdltlmda Accredited; 

authorized ; empowered. 

— }tA»il hogd, It shall rest with. 

— M/a^at>nej^omalH. (Peaal C<k!«). 

Right of private defence. 

— ^khSa, Special powers ; privily. 

lUjL. jeii ,URi.i 6*/*Adi, Royal 


tfyr" jV^-l — «M«i)1, Summary juris- 
diction, or power. 

— tatn'6&taurt4^jt>ix■i-^iiffi-\-3ar-^-qarx^ Pow- 
er to hear and determine actiooa of debt. 

— w, Voluntarily ; of one's own accord ; a 
will ; at pleasure ; ad lif»tunt ; freely. 

bdhar ho'nd. To exceed, or pass ttie 

limits of one's authority. 
i^^jA I's^l i^klUffdr ghavJiari, Marital 

authority ; authority of a husband over 

his M-ife. 

— Sfi/rt, Ordinary jurisdiction; gener^ power. 
.iJW )^^' — Sddtat, Jurisdiction; 

judicial power, or authority. 

ikklyar «^ lxEt'n&, v. a. To ex«roiBe 
(certain) powers, ftinctions, or authority, 

yji^Klj*.! )Us^' — ir^>had-»lamarain. Right 
of election. G. G. 

>/>'•**>* ;'e^' — faiijdari, Criminal juris- 
diction ; magisterial power. 

^jjli )i~il — qanOn, Legal power. 

— kdinit. Plenary powers; fiill powers. 

— hir'tUI, V. a. 

1. To choose ; elect ; adopt ; fix npon. [oa 

2. To determine to do ; to resolve or decide 

3. To undertake; assume; tain up; espouse; 

take upon one's self. 

4. To effect ; have recourse to ; resort to. 
^Ua4 )Vft-l — mut'liq Absolute authority. 

— mil'nd. To be invested with power or 

._->ij.« jUsil — mv»dtib Due authority; 
sufficient power. 

— mmi'ii/S,—/idkima'na, Judicial power, or 

— m#A ho'nd, v. n. To be in one's power; to 
be Bubjeot to one's will or discretion. 


— md^'Au. UolawEiil ftathority ; illegal power. 

— hoi. Hae. tha power U>t>ci; ia competent ; 
may do (an act). [authority. 

jUSaJ ^ ^W hSkiti^i-n f'kJUy&r, Competent 

tki^^uoC w i^khly&r lAJUItil apite '^(^ lend. 

To arrogate any power or authority; undue 

aeftun^jtion o£ authority. G. G. 

^,t^l fkheyari, adj. CUmpetent j dta- 

wfitlMiafy, optkK«t 

— n. £ One invested with power ; a deputy ; 
^, assignee ; agHd;. 

Jl }JaJi -^ih'cK, □. m. Ped. isJ taken. 
1. Taking; seizing; intercepting. 
2*. SeiBure; exaution;. a^^iropriatton. 
— kar-'n^ v. a. 

1. To seiie ; take away ; deprive. 

2. To claim ; exact ; of^rc^riate;. 
}{jBilLj J-^l a^iih'mc bilyshr. Compulsory exac- 
tion ; extortion. ; forctble- seizure. 

l&at a^thaz-iU-jabr. Onaccount oTthe illegal 

exaction of reoL^ 

<^kk'a»ri-he'jd, XL. Bb Unjust requisition; 

unlawful demttnd. [adj. 

Ijit a^'ifor, S-kh'ri, a'ishlr', H. pirU.-la. 

" 1. Last ; final ; ultimate ; extreme. 

2. Late-; latter ; last-nMBttoiiod. [elusive. 

3i Decisive; positive; definitive; con- 

— taiUji'na. Ta bear or carry through; 
carry out to. the end. 

tft^l/' £•*■ je^' a*'iftSr' jamS lUmari, lot- 
proved revenue from that fixed origiualLy, 
Implied especially to. the re^eouea of 
Bragal, Behar^ UriBaa^ Allahabad, etc in 
the tiDte- of Malutmraad. Sh^, as coiitmst- 
ed with those (iixed in the time of Akbar. 

^4 J*l) 5•^^ jii* — jdm& vd'til bd'ql. 
TiaalL settlcoient of the accounts of a 
ZamjndSr], or a village, crediting profits 
and receipts, debiting all disbursements 
and payments of revenue, and adj^usting 
the balance^ 

^r^ M^ a*-k]ar nikSi. 

1. Final settleraent of" an account. 

2. Final B4j,uatment of deiuimd for reve- 
mieto be levied on a villnj;e or nn estate. 

3. Annual account of collections duly bar 
lanced, fiimislied by au AsHistiiat Collector 
or Babordinato revwme officer. A'tJedf is 
^Dperly the settlcaaent of an. account or 
paynuint of rent by the cultivating ryots 
to the Zamitu^. 

M»J ^5 diyri-i-a''khir. Finai deflrec. 

A p'^t ^kKrS^, a. lo, Pbd. ^^^ passed out 
opp. of Jk. 4 entered. 


1. Expulsion ;; evacuation ; ejection ; 
banishment;, tuniuig wit of poesession; 
deportation ; extradition. 

2: EHmtna^^on ; exclusion ; exception. 
3. Extraction ; derivation. 
jA; gl^t '■ikhrHyi-balad, H. det ntk^ld. 

Banishment; expatriation; extradition. 

A isjlaklyi.) t^-thrajfW, lUit. '"iAar^ of 

c';kl n. m. [costs. 

1. Expenses; disbursements; charges; 

2- Produce'; assignments of revenue to 

public aervunts employed in management 

and collection. 

wH-i OUI^I — i-ile'Ai, Village expenses. 

^IjA c>V^ — iSdd'lat, Court oosts ; 

judicial costs. 
^^IjbfM ^l^t^ — i-mar'oi-id'maul, 

Deathrbcd chat^ea. 
bjiSfl cl^l^l — muqatfrnah. Law charges. 

jftH? Cfl^t^i-t — i^nd'lish, Coats of court ; 

law charges. 

mq/li. Actual expenses. 

A ej'^i ^*A'rt, f»dj. Of or belonging to the 

end' J latter. 

— dioJidr' tAam'bS, a, xa. The- last Wednes- 
day that falls annually in the month of 
St^ar, a festival observed by the Mahome- 
dMis of Imlia, their prophet having on 
that day found himself well enough to 
walk abroad for the first time after a very 
severe- illness; 

^^ ^Uk ^jL'i SJchrl hi»Sb khardi., 
A^jiistment with the cultivat/)rs at the end 
of the year, shewing the amount of re- 
value assessed, paid, and in arrears, with- 
the it^ns of deduction- for expenaee. 

A J^ieJi i'th/a; n. at. Ee I. ^J^ was hidden. 

— i-i^diwAJ't Concealinent of marriage. 

***"-r eJ^^ — i-bilSmid, — — qatd' 
ir&'dah^ Wilful concealmenL [birth. 

■^y sJ^^ — i-t''v>al'ltid; CottoealmeDt of 

— oilaraf-i'ma'dar, Gltucealment of birth 
by the mother. 

fijfl- ^lifci — i-jotna'yam, — jawii, Couoeal- 

Kieut of crimes or crime. 
— i-jurdi/am'i^aikgln'. Wilful conoealniontof 

heinous offences. 


^ 1 

— kar'na, Ped. for H. cfthupS'nd, v. a. [bury, 

1. To hide ; conceal ; secrete ; cover ; 

2. To smother ; suppress ; hush up. 

** A iitop-brother or BiBter by the same 
mother, but by a difiercnt father ; of half 
blood. G. G. 
hainalu'rcti-a' khi/d/-, Ped. for H. taute'li hahn. 
Slater of half blood ; step-sister. 
H oT V3 a<^. adh, Sdh, ad, adj. S. W Used in 
oompoaitioii for lAjl half. 
^''^.'' «.' j.-.Jalu. f. Division of produce in 

equr-l shares. 
^)'-Ctj1 qviiKailt adkkaj)&' n, — hap&ll. E. 
ti. f. 5. nriTt; skull. 

Two areca nuts partially attached, and 

hence believed to be an effective cure for 

hrmicruniA (^^-^IAjI). lOiTtai. 

>C«jl'a«ata(W(.iar,— */)!, «.f. S. liw half, 

1. Half thecollectioDs;half the tax orrent. 

2. An instalment of eight annas in the 
rupee, or half the government jomS. 

ls*Jl WVim adh'yS, II. f. 

1. Division into two equal parta. 

2. Divisionof produce between two part^ 
iea in equal proportions, one furnishing 
the land, seed, eba. and the other, the la- 

3. The payment of half the annual as- 
sessment for the revenue at the spring and 
autunmal harvest h. 

jU*jl rnuon adhffdr', W, dihathdr', E. n. m. 

1. A man who spends half his time in 
one village, half in another, cultivating 
land in both. 

2. A cultivator who asaista in cultivat- 
ing land, on condition of receiving half 
the crop. 

^jU*ji vuoirt odhpa'rJ, n. f. A halfsbare; 
an eight-anna share. 

fulfilment; accomplishment- [satisfactioa 
3. Payment (of a debt) ; discharge ; 

ad&binadl, qist band'. Piling a terra for the 
payment of a debt, or the performance of 
a contract ; liquidation of a debt by in- 

adS-i-^khidmat Performance of sf rvice ; elo- 
cution, or discbarge of a duty. 

i^j tJ-i\ — i-dain, Ped. The payment of a 

ij ^Ij) — i-iar, Ped. Payment of money. 

^^3j3^IjI — tari-^fgri. Satisfaction of a 
judgment debt; payment of the sum 

^ji,£ ^Ijl — iihahadal, The act of giving 
evidence. [denca 

tf inidr' lar'nH, To reftise to give evi- 

add lame f^ar mvtt&id hon&. To he ready 
to pay one's debt. 

— lamr-wCla, n. m. Payer; one who pays 
or liquidates his liabilities. [revenue. 

jjijOu ^Ijl — I'-ffldl guiarl Payment of 
A i__fOl ad^ab, n. m. Politeness ; good man- 
ners ; good breeding ; civilities ; courtesy ; 

wjUlU. ^^ harkal ''i^laf-t-ndab, Un- 
dutiful act G. G. 

*'khilaf-i-\uill-i-adab. Contrary to morality. 
G. G. 

A Jtiol •rf^/A-aC.ii.m. Ped. Ji.> entered. 

1. Admission ; entrance ; penetration ; 
thrusting or putting in. 

2. Record ; entry ; registry ; insertion. 

3. Import ; importation (goods). 
. — i nd'n Entry of n name. 

lild iif'khdl ntj'iw qitt-i-avral. 

Without having paid the first instalment 

Jt tAil idd^a', n. m. Ped, for o/t,)»J q. v. 

,J,«I }ljj;s- ^l»o'. — i-*'lAar1ddr-{-attl, 

Claim to be held to the real purchaser. 
— i-aiilkpat. Claim to proprietorship. 
H ^jta.^o! ^ra:flT5IIT odmarjd'l, n. f. S. n 
" to die. A term used in leases, aigniiying 
failure from drought 


1. An individual ; person ; man. 

2. Mankind ; the human race, nation ; 
people ; souls ; inhabitants ; population ; 
community ; folk. 

3. Hnslmud ; lord; oonsert; wifa 

4. A servant; retainer; follower; at- 

6. A grown-up person ; an adult 
ia'la ad'mi, a m. 

1. A black man ; a oegra [peans). 

2. A native ; an Indian (used by Euro- 

8 jlSftof VVmiK adhkOr', n. m. S. wpa over, 
V to make. 

, Google 

— haTat'n&, r. a. Bara 

1. To exercise powers or authority ; to 
use a right ; put in force ; enfuH^ie. [joction. 

2. To bring under control j hold in sub- 
— tySg'nH, v. ft. To give up one's authiwity ; 

to abdicate an office ; resign. 
S ^^Ji 90f«8fi1T* amU'rl, n. m. 

** 1. The state of holding office ; incum~ 
benoy ; possession of a right, title, or 

3. (tee invested with power, or authority; 
an executive officer; minister; function- 
ary ; officer ; official. 

3. Owner ; proprietor ; heir ; master. 

4. Deputy ; agent ; factor ; attorney ; 
man of business ; plenipotentiary. 

6. A privileged penon. 
yrOm-adMkd'rl, a m, Ped. for gOon id 
chaudKri, The head man of a village. 

QbEXttol V^J 9i^r ad\-kaeh'cha,\i. m. A 
Boil lying between the land named PahSftt 
and the Tardl in the district q{ SaAdranpar. 

HI^^AoI VU91QT tidhetgli, a. m. Proprietor 

of a half share; 
H^lii'of irasft adhfti; (tte-fi, n. f. A half 

share in any property. 

at'ta, house, upper-room. 

1. A stand; a station or place where 
persons of the sune profession, aa porters, 
bearers, labourers, carters, gamblera, tip- 
plers, etc. congregate; any place where 
people congregate for business or pleasure. 

2. A police station (in the country) ; on 
outwork of a factory. 

3. A post, or dak station, or offica 

4. The quarter where prostitutes reside. 

5. A division of the land watered by a 
common well; adiviaionofthelandattactked 
to the well, usually two— one to each hanUk. 

, 6. A fixed meaaure; standard. 
fl^Ji3l Wrim a^nt'yA, drhat'ya, a. m. A 
mercantile corresptrndent ; an ^ent; a 

H IamJI VCdZI afb'it'^i <u'*"({a. A rough 
estimate or calculation. 

A ^Jl ""■■'■»■ 

I. Permission granted by a master to a 
; sl^ve to eogagfi in business, or trade, 
f Fbe woi^ is laxly used for bequests, or 
dirtribntian of property). 

2. The consent of the parties to a mar- 
riage contract, 
^l« ^)Jl — i-Am, n. m. Among Mahoraedans, 
permisaion to depart, given alter the read- 
ing of prayers over the dead. 
SaU^ jl hn-na'mak, P. **^ a document. 

A will, a distribution of property by « 
testator, whether Mahomedan, or Hindu. 

L ^U\ "'■'*''*, >!■ f- Ped. for H. d/MHt pi. 
of ijt)> land, S. VTI earth, vt to plough. 

1. Lands ; landed estates ; acres ; 
grounds ; detached portions of land. 

2. Real assets ; real property. 
— hd% Garden land. 

— hd»fjca. Portions of land which have been 

built upon, and on which revenue is not 

levied; homestead. 
— bi'kan, yd bihnaur'. Lands in whioh plants 

are grown for transpIantAtion ; nurseries 

f<H- rice plants. 
— par'Ct, Wast«, or uncultivated lands. 
— tawarj'. Lands to which rice plants are 

— jalkar, yS -aUAota, Lands in which run 

water is allowed to accumulate for the 

purpose of irrigation. 
—jang'at. Forest lands. 
t«JU. ^l,\~*-thal'ia. ''.XMffa lands; lands 

held immediately from Government 
— ddr. The holder of a plot at a fixed rent 

with power to alienate the land. [barOr. 
—da/ yd har-dmnd, — nan bar-dtnad, — nait- 

1. Alluvial increment. G. G. 

2. Alluvion; land reclaimed by reoess 
of water ; new formations ; alluvial 
lands ; new lands gained by alluvion; new 
alluvial soil. 

■^daryd burd, — ja^ skiiait. 

Lands destroyed by a river; diluvion. 

— dya'rd, The dry bed of a river, or the ad- 
jacent lands which are flooded in the rains, 
but left dry and fit for cultivation in the 
dry weather; an island left in the channel of 
a river, or nullah, liable to be flooded 
when the wat«r rises but cultivable in 
dry weather. 

^iC_ ^l]i — taianl. Sites for buildiDg. 

qidim', Old building sites. 

— «7r. Sir lands cultivated by the hereditary 
proprietors, or village zamlndfirs themselves 
as their owm special share, either by their 
own labourers and at their own coat, or 
by tenants-at-will, not being let in lease, 




■O ■« b> proTide ^inlrii; or BuliaKlener for tli* 
proprietor. The tenii is hIbo Bom«iiiiieR applied 
tn InDda CBl(ii-fli«(| on irvouiit of tim State, or to 
tboae in whioli Uie revenue is paid bjr tlia eultl- 
Titors without aii; interTnediate n^Bnt. 

Z,U\i. ^^il—tAd-miiat, Landd held in 

— dun-, Saline tmproductiTQ soil ; laud im- 
pregnated with aaltpetre. 

^U« ^to^ ^^\^f — iab'a mnd'JX, Reaumed 
rant-free Ituids. 

**')i Ji^ i-iljl — jo'W? tira'lU, Araltle 

land; culturable land; Isjid capable of 
being cultivated. 
C-iX ^t)> — kaiht. Cultivated holdings. 

wi^ 1^/ ^')' — i««An Or'pait, Lands 

granted to a Brahman, or temple for the 
propitiation of the Hindi) god, Krishna 

— yauii wadh, Lands given in perpetuity, as 
it were, for some consideration and creab- 
it^ a sort of proprietai^ right in the holder, 

— ffoaer, Cultivated lands adjoining the in- 
habited parts of villages. 

— l^iAirilf, — -OTwq/i, Kent-freolands; lands 
exempt from revenue. 

^jl^U ^1)1 — ttSl-ffKzafii, Lands paiyng 
revenue to Government j revenue paying 
^ [landa. 

tLosi ^')l — mtUMilah, Ped. Contiguous , 

jj}3j> ^^^y' — nau-tarad^dud, Ped, for nau- i 
tor. Newly cultivated lands. | 

— nildm' *hiidd', Ped, Land sold by auction, j 
^-kam qitm a ham-mimja'&t, Ped. Lauds of 
similar character and yielding like prolits. 
P (.( j( ArAm', a. m. S. tm, Z. ram, rOm to rest. 
Rest ; quiet ; repose ; quietude, [G. G* 
iji*^ f')' ^^ ba-natar ardm-i-^khalAyaq. 
Respect being had to the public couve- 


L. pi. of 

lords; masters ^ members; officers. 
— mOl, Officers of tlie treasury. 

B »J J Xnta cr'pan a m. S. qrfa Caus. of ^ 
to fall to one's share. 

1. Offering; gifl; aacrifioe. 

2. A sum set iq>art for religious, or chari- 
table purposes. 

— k<rr'na, v. a. 

1. To sacrifice; ofier aaorifice; make an 
oblation, or libation ; give alms. 

2. To coBseorate; dedicate to ; devote to. 

3. To ofier ; preseot ; give ; tnake orer. 
— rUtmM, D. DL A deed of gifl, especially to 
B temple, or idol. 

Hl3^T Vimj *r*(d,n.m.S.^nnftraThe light 
wiivad bel'<»e an idtJ, Ped. wi to praise. 

A marriage ceremony. On the arrival of 
the bridegroom at the house of the bride, he 
ia received by her rdattons carrying a tray 
with some rfce and powder for ti/a£, and 
a four-wicked lamp made of flour in the 
middle. [mounted. 

AwtCjI irtiiai', n. m. Ped. v*'> w«Je. 

PMpetration, or commission {of a crime). 
»*■ v""*' — i-jabr. Coercive treatment; 
compulsion ; force. 

f«- l''*'j' - *-jttrm. Attempt to oommrt an 
ofi'ence, (o-cnme j commiagioiiof anofl'ence. 

Uj v'^}' — «*»'*, Commission of aduhery. 
i J^ '^^>*~f'':l. Doing an act. 

— tar'na, v. a. To commit, or perpetrate. 

.H^'jl VITrn dr'ti,n.{.A o«%mony per- 

fonned in adoration of some god 1^ wav- 
j ing, in a circle liefore the image, a platter 

containing a five-wioked huraing lamp, 
flour, and iacenea 

The same rite, only sabstituting a 
bridegroom for the idol, is called Orti, q. v. 

A li'jl tw, n. See. *J,j 

Kt^ii^til-irg, One not allowed to stvire in an 
inheritance ( 

E Jjji ^Rff^ft orda'/I,n,ni.Cor, of orderly, 

1. A sqtoy, or native soldier in attend- 
ance on a military officer for conveying 
messages, carrying letters, orders, etc 

2. An attendant who runs before a ptUki, 
or other conveyance of his master. 

A Jf jl' '"''^> n- >»■ pl- of rarf/, araU, base. 
Low castes located on the estates of 
Zftmlndars in some parts of HmdiistXn, as 
tenants at will, partly paying rent and 
partly roidenng personal servioee consider- 
ed in some mcuiiiu^ as adta-ipli ifli>ia, and 
not Mititled to quit except at the landlord's 

A Jjy ar-taq, H. nVla, s,^. ayJjlue, blue ; 
aiure; csraleao. 
— cSoaim', Ped. for kanfO, flhie^ed; oat^yed. 

H -J ^raar'M, E. i^'eAi, W. n. m. S. 
iq waUr. The reservoir in wkioh tUe 
water from a well is collected. 

A J^)I »"'ri'i n- m- J-> Ite brought a mes- 
oage, sent. 

1 Devpatch ; remittance ; supplies. 
3, Monthly collections of rents forward- 
ed to bead quarters hj the subordinate re- 
venue authorities. 
irtH jto/ml, Fed. for H. bhefnd, v. a. [vard. 

1. To remit ; transmit : despatch ; for- 

2, To commit; consign (launpiid). 

— nStnoA, — patll, Statement of remittances 

despatched ; an invoice. 
Jl*;l^^ ani-iri&l. Invoice; psrtioularB of 

the despatch of treasure. 

H j-^» ^jT VX^ VX^ ar'a* yu'a*, a. m. 

S. sri to become wet. 

1. Sprinkling; immeruon; partial bath- 
ing ; throwing a little water on the head 
with the hood. 
^ 2. Impurity from touch ; pollution. 
Ht^/ Wd^l artof f!, n. m. 

1. A niouthlj account of receipts and 
disbursements, otherwise called Jamd- 
lAarch ; cash account ; debit audcradit. 

2. Uueas; rough estimate. 
3L a broker; mediator. 

— novlA, The clerk, or accountant who keeps 
the monthly accounts. 

HA -^""-"^T jT *^*I mat'haf. Pop. am 

MM'Aa/. ~Mah. 

Tbe marriage ceremony among Maho- 
medana, when the bridegroom reads a 
tibapter in the Kor&n, and fi>r the&^t 
time sees his wife's fooe in a gloss. 

H ^)1 'R^ ar'agk, ar'ag, a. m. S. «^ to 
worship, I'r. and ViXi. apgho. 

A mode of worship ; a libation ; a li- 
bation of eight ingredients made to a god 
or a brOhjaan. 
art^h den&, — cAarAd'nd, v, a. To pour liba- 
tions to Uie euu, moon, etc. ; to make an 
offering to a god (Jain). 
ar'ffhd, ar'fi, n. m. A copper vessel shaped 
like a boat, used by UiudOe in poutiag out 
their libations. 
^li;T «OII ar'irf, W. n. m. S. wtTO« for- 

1. A wild bufialo {arrtA bhai^A). 

2. E. kandu, Oowdung dried in the jun- 
gles, used as I'uel by natives, aud liy physi- 
cians iu the preparation of mediciues 

3. Name of a plant. 

Hi^' J VT*fT ir'ani, Rus. anfi, an4^, on- 
(iaui'd, W. renr, E. n. ni. H. sun. 

The tree from the fruit of which castor- 
oil ia extracted; Sicinut comimiuii. Wat. 
arand Icharba'za, W. pujU'td, K a m. 

Carica papaya. Wat. 
ttran'^, W. Rus. oA^ali, E. reA'dt, rtmr't, 
Tir. aA'4i, u. £ 

1, The fruit of the Aicintu ewMwiHMM. 
arandi kd M, n. Castor-oil, used medicinally 
and for buruiog. 
H ' ) )^ 9t^ ar'inl, arwd lAd'ieal, K drab, 

Tir. n, m. Cleaned rice, not boiled. 
H n.jf mqt ar'v^, Vf. a'rui, E. mri, Mif- 

An edible vegetable root, called ako 
gkuly&n, aud kackchui Colocaaia €uUiqm- 
rum. Wat. 

H »£.Jt)jf W:tV "»''"* E- '^'*^ K. and W. 
hat'anl, Sab. ar'ath.Uiii.a'hat, Tir. a. t.B. 
ura^. A revolving wheel for drawing wa- 
ter; the Persian wheeL 

H *f)l ^IT^ ar'/iar, kar'liar, tir'har, ar'har, 
W. raHimr, rah'rl, E. u. f. S. ^ isvt- A species 
of pulse; Cy^wiM cajcm.W&UCuJaituf^vtu. 

H c^JLi jf 1inV^ ar'hani, n. m. S. vh enemy, 
«!( to kill, P&U. arkam, tit. One who 
destroys his enemies (passions). 
An appellation oiJain goda. 

B^vT VT^oi.n.f. Akiadof graesibroattlfl 
and thatching. Mirnoaa rubicaulit. Wat. 

H ^)^ iiri o'K, n. f. 

1. A small saw. 

2. A shoe-maker's awl. 

3. (/ir!j) Friend ; dear (all). 
H^jT«Ut*^, 1- f- The low ridge of hind 

which separatea and forms the boundary 
between two fields ; the bank of a river. 

B ^ J Vi^QT ^V^ ■>■ ■"■ ^ P'^u^ °^ '■^'^ gourd 
species reeembling a cucumber. 

H J? Vy Of, n. f. [strife. 

1. CoBteBt40n; dispute; oontroverey; 

2. Obstinacy ; oontrariety ; «pf>OBitioD. 


ning water fur oatching fish; boom ; barricade. 

H 1313! 'yT?I «r«'r«- E. Ru8. tard'rd, E. and 

W. n. m. The high steep bonk of a river. 

ir'Aot.E. eisfB(,W.BuB. 

n. f. H, dr what 00 

1. Commiiisiou ; allowance; fee; percent- 

2. Brokerage ; sale by commiBsion. 

3. Agency ; meroantue correspondence. 
Vj' Wl??)!*! ^'iySj Pop. dr'ti, afol-teSlit, 

Rue. a4atyd, d. m. 

1. Ad agent; &ctor; Baleman ; consignee. 

2. AcoQuuerciftl correepondent; a com- 
missiou agent. [commission. 

3. A jobber ; broker ; one who sells on 

4. A banker who granto and accepts bills 
on other bankers or coireapondenta. 

H 03' '?3^ wr'*'*'; ^i"*- "r^'i '^'''- «'■"'*; »■ ■»■ 

A pulse ; Dolicho* pUotut, or Phateoltu 

radifUiu. Wat [Rub, (Atfut, a. m. 

H 3l)3I WSaiy ofwiir', &■, Mil- rtoJ'rt, W, 

1, A prop ; support ; Joiet ; tie-beam. 

2. A buttress ; abutment. [n. m. 
H lito}! Wf ^lOTarA^'y". wr'H W. aird, E. 

Weeds ; oats ; tares. 

H j3t ^inr d'r*i> s^i*- "n'l i*- 1^' -^ peach 

PruKUi domettica. Wat. 
cAibt'at dril, eliapta ciru, n. m. A flat peach. 
H ejU^t ^iy?tIftttr«^'rf,Kn.f. The mullet. 

Hyi;3fHyaRn«r«^/*{?%<»^),n.m.A atone. 

aff'ar paraut, aro* parot, Ttr. arSedpai\)sa, 
n. m. U. lore this side, pare, (S,qr) the other 
side, S. QH, H. (aind to dwell. 

Neighbourhood; vicinity (/wfatM). 

ofntu' pafatm', adv. About ; arouod ; near. 

iifaiMi parotMl, n. Neighbours. 

I[fl1a, Pill, aidhattyno. Two and a half. 

l**!' lljin orWlyd, Pop. ^hatya, ^kH-iera, 
Rub. a^kai'yH, n. f. 

1 . A measure of two and a half seera. 

2. The multiplication table (jNiAdrd) of 
3} times. E. {4hau^uhA). [n. C 

^LSy*3^ 35t>«fA'ri,t«<tt'ft,E.ia'rtZi«j<H,W. 
** A miitreBB ; a kept woman ; concubine. 


H V^3f <5*9<5I urAlten, u.m. See »«aifaa. 
H ly.31 mf HI are'wd, W. Hiu. u. f. Wealth ; 

property ; assets ; chattels, 
p jf 1(3, H. M, prep. From ; thau ; by ; with ; out of. 

atdA-JA4x, Whereas; seeing that; inasmuch 
as ; since. [from among. 

oi-An-./urn^a, adv. Out of the whole; out of ; 

as-ah-i-^khdi. Belonging to. 

az-la^le, Inasmuch as ; insomuch that. 

oija nib, adv. On the part of; in behalf; <Ht 
the side of; for; from; by. 

az had', ndj. Indefinite ; boundless ; unlimit- 
ed ; immeasureable ; infinite ; unuttera- 
ble ; unapproachable ; unspeakable ; beyond 
expression ; unrestricted ; surprising. 

oz bad', adv. In a high degree ; highly ; deep- 
ly ; strongly ; mightily. 

az khud, adv. Of one's own accord;hini8elf ; of 
one'HOwn wiUoract; voluntarily ;tuomt>tt(. 

<u hhiid-^-aj'lah, n. Out ofone's mind ; beside 
oneself; nmi cotnj-ot. 

<u-ra}i-i-iajafiz. Judicially. 

<«-rd/(-i-/a 71/, Vesatiou^y ; with the intent 
to di areas or annoy. 

ca-rHe-kid-m-i&iialat, By the order of the 
court according to the law. 

cu rd e, adv. From the face or appearance of; 
by reason of; according to; by; in conse- 
quence of; by virtue of; under the cir- 

aa rit'e idee. By these presents. 

(11 rd; a//az-i-<ar!Ai, Expressly by ; according 
to the exact words. 

(w ni'e haq, Ped. Equitably ; justly, 

a* rCe thumd/ ruqOm-irdmdanl o 'tAarcA, Ac- 
cording to the aggregate items of receipts 
and disbursements. G. O. 

a» rd'e gdtiiia'. Legally ; aocording to the law. 

aa rHi hibd. By gifts. 

oi tar id pa, Ped. for H. nr- » pdoU taJc 

1 . From bead to foot ; from tep to toe ; 
from head to heel 

2. In lolo ; alt<^ether ; wholly. 

3. Throughout ; through ; en jnaaae. 

4. Perfectly; completely; totally; entire- 
ly; thoroiighly; cap-a-pU; every inch; 

Pbb. From and to end ; from begiDDiog to 
•ad 1 from first to lut. 

at tar-i-naa, Ped. for H. naU tire M. Anew ; 
afresh ; over again. 

a» tarqf, adv. On behalf of; on the part of; 
on the side of; fW>m ; in the interest of; 
in favor of. 

at gaM, adj. Hidden ; mysterioua 

at hoe, Ped. for H. joA In (o*t. Exactly ; pre- 
cisely ; neither more nor less ; just the 
thing ; the very thing ; to a hiur. 



tuJ*jS, FVom th)B place ; hence^ 
p oKf. dtdif, n. m. 

i. A freeman ; froedman ;■ 

2. A Mobamedon devotee who shaves his 
beard, and ejelaahes and takes a vow of 
continence, but considers bimselC exempt 
from the uBual observancca o£ religion ; a 
free- thinker. 

3. An impudent or shameless person 

OtOd', adj. 

1. Acquitted'; at Targe ; looae ; scot free ; 
unrestrained ; emancipated ; set free ; ma- 
numitted; uaichecked ; released ; set at 

2. Let go ; let out ;. discharged ; ransomed. 
3.. Independent ;.iuioon trolled; &ee lx>m 


4. Dtaenoumbered ; freed; disburdened, 
unburdened!. [at home. 

5. At ease ; free from care ; light hearted 
&cad lar'nO, v. a> 

1. To set at liberty ; set free ; deliver 
untie; disenthrall; mauumit; release 
emancipate ; liberate.. 

2 To dismiss ; absolve ; enfranchise 
Ifet off ; free; extricate. 
SiHdho%&, V. a. 

1.. To gain,, obtain, have, or itcquire one's 
libiatj, freedom, etc ; deliver oneself 
from ;i)e scot free ; be liberated ; set free ; 
be discharged or released.. 

2. To break priBOu.;.get clear off; shake 
•ff the yoka 

3. To be free, independent, unconJined, 

Phh. Tu Ijbm on«'i one n*; ; to-huve a wUI 
of one's own. 

4. To become an OzOd. 

SiTocare fbr no man; beini^ffereut or 
unconcemed; care nothing ; stand on one's 
1^8 {apne h&th pair pr iHdna) ; to be 
free as (ur: 

6. To bold' cheap ; hold in contempt ; 
tlunk nothing of ; snap one's fingers at; 
make tight ot 

^jljT d^'tfi, a:a'di, dz&Sgi, n. i. 

L Release; enlargement;, deliverance; 
emancipation ; l!I»ration.; dischai^e. 

2. Freedom of action ; power ; liberty ; 

fiillplay;latitude;freedom; independence. 

Pjf-^l *■&', H.«*('ndi«(<'ian;W.EU8.(a<».'6d 

{Cor. of T; ^\/iS), n. f. Dravera j ti-ousers 

*»i )ljl Mfir^onrf, n. m. The strings with 
which drawers are tied ; trouaer-stringe 


P )t jf At&r', Fed, for himdn, n, m. [firmity. 

1. Sickness (rog); disease ; disorder; in- 

2. Injury ; trouble ; affliction ; outrage. 
Sxdr'd^md, v. a. 

1. To trouble; injure; vex; torment; 
cause, produce, give, or inflict pain ; 
molest (dukk dend). 

2. To persecute ; oppress ; hurt, or 
wound one's feelings (dil duk!i/lnS). [etc 

3.. To cause grief, uneasiness, or trouble, 
H Silj) ua!lehn.m. Fed. A. J,J. It departed, 

ceased to be. 

Removal ; abolition. 
tad'/a-i-omaw, Fed. n. m. Forfeiture. 
wd/a-i-fciXr kar'nS, Fed. for H. kvdr-pat utdr- 

nd, V. a. To take away one's virginity ; to 

commit a rape. 
Kala-i-haig!/'ae4-urJ), Ped. ioT K. l&lfbiffaf'- 

nd. Defamation. 
ixdld kar'iiS, V. a. To remove ; put away. 
H — tjjjl itdiwdj'. Fed. n. m. ^'i coupling. 

Marriage; nuptials; wedding (iiyflA), 
— jdiz. Lawful marriage. 
— H ztryi se. Fed. By marriage. G, G. 
&dam isdiwdj, Fed. Unmajried. 
P jfioUit dtmctiih, dtmScHyl, a. £ P. 
^jj*jl to try, [{tcuantl). 

1. Examination ; trial ; essay ; test 

2. Tentative proof; experiment; veri- 
fication; arperiinenlvm cracit ; criterion. 

U^jT ^tl^Hnsmttnt&'nd, aimS'nd; P. H. ozuid'- 
tM har'nd, drmadd Itnd, v. a. [{ifMn"). 

1. To examine; try; essay; subject to trial 

2. To test ; prove ; make trial of ; to put, 
bring, or submit to the test or proof; veri^, 

jK ti^^' atmU'dah-kdr, adj. 
1'. Experienced ; practised.' 
2. Clever ; wise ; intelligent. 
Si'nH'dah-kdr,ii.m. A veteran; an experienc- 
ed person ; a master. 

P *lfJ)t iAdikdin', om&oA, n. m. Cor. of. A. 

f ib.>jl Multitnde ; crowd (ftATf). 
H fwt 791 u^.Pop.Mt, Rua. o&tO,^, wd, wU; 

Tir.vaifca, una, M&r. ^, 3«, adj. pro. S. 

«a^,«9l,Pr. aA<i,Fr.aud Fait, atu. That 
tu jMV, ¥.. oh ^r. The other side (of the 

v»-ke ri&m te. Under his name.. [sake. 

nt-lU ndm kd. For his name's sake ; for his 

H *«1 ffl M.Rus.yfi,ii,«,yeA,3fi»,je,jiI,MBy. 

In, %W, Tit. yot/ta, adj, pro. S. laij, Pr. 



iha, ima, inam, mn? S. im^, W, Pr. 

«a, et(3, MO. This. 
u (ortu, M idl, E. an>rt, «'#oii, P. imsOl, adv. 

This year. 
it pdr, Rub. ^p^, adv. The aear bimk of a 

river ; the hither aide ; this aide. 
u »trr « wj »ire (oi, — ch!ior te u» cJAor toi. 
Through ; iVom end to end ; from thia 

side to that. 
w K, adv. 

From this; on this account; upon this; 

wherefore ; hereupon ; therefore ; hence. 
M i/iart M, On this condition ; provided tliat ; 

with the proviso. 
w a^raimeU, — ha'IcUmm, adv. Inoamuch as; 

in this cose ; under these oiccumstanoea. 
W tar'ah M, — taar ae, adv. 

In thia manner; thus; for example. 
M ihi'rat ae, To this effect; in form and 

manner following. 
u garz $e, — murdt^ m, To this effect; with 

intent; to this intent; to this end; with 

Hub view ; in thia sense. 
u martab'e tak, — had to. Insomuch ; to this 

extent or degree ; in so &r as ; to this limit, 
u mojnitln' ««, — mti'ni ge, To this effect ; with 

thia intent ; in this sense. 
M tiuiqad'me mm, In this auit ; in this case. 
M nu^ pro. S. mi mi) or «^^, Pr. attim. 

1. In it ; in this. 

2. Meanwhile ; meantime ; b; the way. 
M loSt^tt, adv. On this account ; hence ; there- 
fore; forthisreason;beoauae; owing tojfor- 
asmuch aa. 

u waqt, m{ uiagt, adv. 

1. Now; at preaenL [forthwith. 

3. Just now ; immediately ; at once ; 
8 KJUf Vramj atOiik', n. f. 3. « not, m^ 

effect. Any obronic diaeaae which tenni- 
- natea fatally; mortal diseaae; desperate 

atd'd&ya, adj. Very weak ; confined to oae'i 

bed ; dangerously ill. 

HtJ;UtuM VnrraTTTI atf-dhdna.n.m. 
In Hindu law, the property held by 
one person without the participation of 
another, aa opposed to co-heirsbtp or 

H t )M TVlTr ut^d; Tir. tuOral; Sah. a*vSri, 
n. m. S. wramf, Pr. avatariam gone out. 
A thatched pcnxtb ; portico or a verandah, 
Cir sun-shade. 

H^l'*'' ^1^1? atOfh', dtOfh; Rna. a»S4h',$arh, 
iafh,n.m.S. vrare, PkH. duSUd. The fourth 
Hindu solar month (June — July) during 


which the auB is in Gemini; the first maath 
of the rainy season, and consequently of 
cultivation. [o. E 

1. The day of the full moon in 4*ln^ 
used for the rati (Bpring harvest). 

2. Tlie harvest of euSj-k. 

8 ly^fM H gW I H atOffot'ra, Q. m. In Hin- 
du Law, a kinaman by the female line only ; 
one not of the aame Uoeage or descent. 

A ^^t <liffni,Pop.anl'mI,n.£Pl.of^lname. 

1. Name; office (okdah); appointment; 
post (Jagah) ; situation; berth; employ- 
ment, [stitute. 

2. A person ; individual ; party ; sub- 

AiliHl cams to lignity ■□ indiTidu&l from A. 
dtSnt (nuaM), lb« bsading of ttaa regtat«r in 
wbioh tha naoiM o( tlia oultiiAtoTV, «ta. ir* r* 
oordod. Bach itom or entry bLus beoame otdml. 

3. (In law). An inhahitaat ; a tenant 
(ralyot) / cultivator (boS jotd). 

i. A debtor ; witness ; culprit ; defen- 
dant ; client. Atdml ko hsxir karo. 
5. A customer ; purchaser. 
6.People;souls; community; population. 

tuOmi banOnH, v. a. To pigeon ; bilk ; chouse ; 
chisel; fleece; to make a fool of ; paltn upoa 

(M^lml pShl, atOml pOhi kUtfU, n. Noo-reei- 
dent cultivator ; one who cultivates lands 
in a village to nhich he does not bdong 
by birth or hereditary claim, or holds his 
lands either for a stipulated t^m, or at 
the pleasure of some member or members 
of the proprietai; body; one who culti- 
vates huid in a village different from that 
in which he resides. 

atHrn* jama-handi, n. £ Settlement with in- 
dividual cultivators ; the rayatwdri system. 

cuaml'i-ehhapar-band, n. A resident cultiva- 
tor; one who occupies his own chhappar or 
thatched house. 

— i-«AiitmI, AUcnd rtSyal, tMi^d JcOdHSr. 
A sub-tenant; a subardjDate cultivator; a 
holder of part of the village lands as a 
subordinate or dependent occupant, oc- 
cupying his portion and paying bis quota 
of title Government revenue tbi^iugh the 
representative of the community. 

— i^ir muttaqil, Tenant-at-will ; an act- 
ing post 

— trpair maurtl'ii, Non-heroditary tenant. 

euOml khajiar. A olasa of oulUvaton in tha 
district of Cawnpore. They, may be das- 
aified thus : — 

1. Those who cultivate Or land of pro- 
prietors with the stock and. asuatanoe, of 
the owners 

2. Those who cultivate the «ir land on 

,v Google 

their owe account, paying for the same 

in money or in kind. 
3. Those who cultivate either a pcM^on 

or the whole of the fields of recorded te- 

nanta at a profit to the Iatt«r. OoTem- 

ment records. N, W. P. New aeries. 
— i^nkHttaqil, A tenant with right of oocupancy. 
— »-ffM»ril'«{, Hereditary cultivator. 
Mdnd-wdr, adv. The phrase includes' all the 

names usually applied to statements and 

revenue sottlements made with proprietors 

in detail J the rayatwdr individually ao- 

oording to name ; sererally. 
Oidmt toirl mnqeUld. 

The rent or revenue payable by each 

individual cultivator; an account dewing 

the distribution of the above. 
diHn euimi, A bankrupt ; an insolvent. 
tarlan OtSml, u. f . A post or office under 

khar^ tuama, n. One who pays cash ; a good 

paymaster ; a reliable or credible person. 
tiehar atSmi, a. f. 0pp. otkhari asSmi, One who 

is slow in paying his debts, 
fflof! oaaml, n. A rich man ; a wealthy person ; 

a man of fbrtune {tome H ckv^/H); a catch. 

1. A lucrative office. 

2, An office in which perquisites or bribes 
are to be had. 

S ULvt 7m?T tMd'nd, we'nJ, tua/nS, uti/tii 
kar'nA E.; hartana W. v. a. S. «9 away, 9 
to flow. To winnow ; to separate tiie husk 
from the com ; drive the chaff with the fon. 

1. A kind of pigeon (nwfiore, W.). 

2. The name of a tune {JogyO-aUhn^) ; 
a musical mode. 

3. A kind of silken and silver cloth. 

p i^Uul ii&'Uh; B. *t(M, n. f. Convenience; 
comfort ; ease. 

A w_tU-r( atbtii/i o. m. pi. of A. fv^. 

1. Ueans; substance; resources. 

2. Tools J instruments ;implement8(oiAiw); 
apparatus ; material ; raw materials. 

3. Furniture; commodities; articles; pro- 
perty ; things ; appliances ; nutchinery. 

4. Provision; stores; funds; necessaries; 
stock; suppliea. 

6. Cargo ; lading ; equipment 

6. Luggage ; baggage ; traps. 

7. Goods ; chattels ; effeote ; (/« Urn) per- 
sonal assets. 

— i^aha, u, Implemente of trade. 
— t- j'attj,— AarJ, n. m. Military stores ; arms 
and ammunition ; munitions of war. 

atbdb-i-khaji&Mt^, a. Household toniture. 
aihaH-iar&at, — t-Me(J, Ped. for iAeffi ht o}Am: 
Implements of husbandry ; agricultural 

— i-»afar, n. m. Luggage or provisiona for a 

journey ; travelling requisites. 

P (jJJ-i«| i*b<md', Upand ; H. fctid dSna, a. m. 
Peganumharmala. Wat A species of 
mustard seed burnt at marriagee and 
births to drive away evil spirits. 

H ^V"l K^Vm iipaf; P. jauldd, n. m. Steel. 

H *fcywt ^^rqlO *"?'»'•**; Fed.sparih,a.m. 
S. wi to touch. 

Tlie state of a Hindtt after bathing, 
previous to worship or eating, during which 
it is unlawful for him to touch any one. 

p JJu^l M^'aM <*^''^o^' iib-a^l; Pop. 

it'absot; W. Rus. tc^gol'; E. Rus. Mpgol', 

n. m. P. t— ' horse, A. Jj* ear, the shape 

of the leaf resembling that of a horse's ear. 

Seed of the fieawort j tpogd seed. Wat 

P Uju-«f <Mpi'nd, n. (Hoi-se dealer's idiom)One. 

H ta^ Wn w''*'. ""^i- S- • not. vm true. 
l.Fslse (/Adt); not true; untrue; un- 
founded. . 

2. Unholy ; ungodly ; impious; iireUgioua. 

3. Not genuine ; spurious ; fiotitiouB 
(band hud). [terfoit. 

4. Illusory ; deluwve ; deceptive ; coun- 

5. Wrong ; sinful ; evil (burd). 

6. Unjust ; unfair ; inequitable. 
Xi^'\a*tan, dUa'nd, eutd'nd', n. m. 8. m 

H. asfhan place. 

1. Tbrwholdidoor; entrance. 

2. The abode of a/njJr. 

3. The entrance to a shrine. 

H ct--Xwt UPT'I «*'"*'» <"'»''*. >»■ *■ S- ^ft» 

from ^ to praise. 

1 , Worship ; adoration ; devotion, [tion. 

2. Prayer ; invocation ; praise ; gloiifloBr 
5. Psalmody; psalm; hymn. 

AUjuCwI itlu'nd, n. m. A. |^ Doubled. 

1. Exception; bar; exclusion. 

2. Rejection ; nou'-admission. 
—irchand roia, A temporary bar. 
— i^-khas, A special bar. 

itUmH kar'nd, v. a. To eiclude ; bar ; except; 
leave out. 

,v Google 

— i-mwddm', A perpetual bat. 

&a-iriMnJ, Exclusive of ; excepting ; «idud- 

A ^l<usiAwl ittehi&ti', a. m. uj-^ was, or 

'became good. Taking or considering as 
a favor ; approving or praising. 

A favorable construction or iaterpreta^ 
tion of a point of Inw ; deviating from 
("be strict letter of law from kindueas 
either to the suitor or to the community ; 

"A Jl^^JJwI itUhtdl', n. ra. J«»- waa ertract- 

efl. Profit; (the act of gaining or acquiring 

-^bU-jdbr, Extortion ; exacticn. 
— t-ad;,*!^. Wrongful gain. 
iqrdr k& itlthsi'l bil-Jabr kamO, To extort a 

confession, U, U. 
mdi kd ■itlehtSl Iril-Jabr, Extorted property. 

A jU=kwl uUkqSq', a, m. J^ It was, or 

became rigbL A claim; demand; right 

{haq); title; privilege. 
— -Md^ndT, An osceptioual title. 
— i-Aida-i-viira«al, A reversionary title. 
— t-infii^ak-i-rahn, Equity of redemptien of 

a mortgage. 
—ba-xar^ye hib&, A title by gift. [rent. 

— i-la*'ldipf-i4agan. Claim for reduction of 
— tarJca, Right of succession or inheritance ; 

right to dbe estate of a deceased person. 
— tarka bilH vxulyat. Title to intestate pro- 
— i-lash^kh.U'ljam a, Right of assessment. 
— taqdim ^iha?^dfi, Right of pre-emption. 
— i-taqnm, Right of partition. 
— i^aii, A valid title, 
—i-h.ifOitU-i-'-khiidi^khlyan, Right of private 

defence, or self-defence, 
— x-kln-i-hayAt' , A Jife interest. 
— ^kharidari-i-mtam. Right or title acquired 

by purchase at an auction. 
— i-ddiml. Permanency of tenure. 
— irdaimi taqnim, A right to claim partition. 
— i'de^khl, Right of entry or posBession. 
— i-darhab-i-haqieU, A le^ title as to tenure. 
— i-dAwa, Preferential claim. 
— i-dAuJO-i-ibtidSl, An original right of action. 
— i-tiCi, Personal privilege. 
— i-rnAn, A mortgage right 
— ishu/A, A pre-emptive title. 
ieteAqdq-i^iu3h''t, Residuary title. 
ittehqdq-i-^dniln.', A valid title at law. 
— qiimJni-vjtijiid, An inchoate right. 


— qaim-bU-at^jud-tkara, An incboata and con- 
ditional right 

— i-qdim mugSmi, Right of representation; 
the right to represent onothec 

iilehqdq-i^ima, A vested interast 

— i-qabta. Right of possession. 

— d-qadd^mat, A title by preacription ; pre- 
scriptive right [nght 

— tdmii. An absolute interest ; -a complete 

— kartid, V. n. To claim ; demand as due ; 
to sue ; lay claim to ; assert a right 

— i-mSlikihta, Proprietory title. 

— i-mdlki/at, A title of ownership. 

— i-^nalkyat peth kama, Xo set up a Utle 
of ownership. 

— i^natifat muk/tOlrydni, An adverse title. 

— irmurtahii, A mortgage title. 

— mutdrtd'na, A ^jultivating title. 

— muttaqil', A permanent right or icrtereot 

— mathrUt', A conditional ri^t 

— mauriMf, An hereditary right 

itteUgaqii-nSjis, An imperfect titla 

— ni/Sa, 

1. Right of way, G. G. 

2. The exercise or use of a right 

— i-jidiwA bdqi mi rahs, Loss of right to ana 
— i-nlMtti'ddrt, Unid. An auction title. 
— w£qaJ, A right.; -an actual right 
— jeirdsat, Rij^ht of heirship. 
— wirdial-din'dah, A reversionary title. 
" " /*/ 

A iJiiisiii^^^\itethkam',n.m.fia.hegviitinigmBtA. 

1. Confirmation ; corroboration ; ratifi- 
cation ; verification. 

3. Strength ; firmness ; support. 
istfhhdm de'na, v.a.Fed. for H. pakhd kar'tiJL 

1. To corroborate ; streugthen; confirm; 
support [1^^ 

2. To ratify ; sanction ; make valid, or 

3. To certify; attest; verify; endorse. 

A oUssJwt Ulehldf, n, m. JU^ lie swore. 

Causing to swear, applied especially in 
law to cases in which tiie oath of a wife 
is necessary for the establishmmt of the 
fiict relating to her marriage. 

A JUaaX-.! UlAl4l', n. m, JH* making lawfuL 

In late, the cry of a new bom child, 
the occurrence of which is a necessary 
proof, in a peculiar case of inheritance, 
as that of a man leaving a widow preg- 
nant, and a brother ; in which case proof 
being given that the cry of the child was 
heard, the widow, as its mother, will 
inherit on the death «f the child. If no 
cry has been heard, the brother is heir. 


A S jlaAM,! iit^khi'riih, a. m. 

Divinatioa by the book or by the Bible ; 
BticbomaBcy ; bibliomancy. , 

Ais^JfiJ^t M(»da'na<, n. m. j(l J he sought a 

1. Borrowing ; contracting a debt ; suing 
for a debt. 

2. (In law), any transaction which the 
manager in a partnership, where one finds 
the capital and the other the management, 
may nndertake, bi^ for which, if not oou- 
cluded in, or consonant to the terma of 
hia contract with the proprietor of the 
8haTe,he alone is responsible, and the profits 
of which he alone is entitled to, unless his 
partner had given his previous sanction. 

AUjJL«|w(Mfi!d',n.m.Ped.forH.cAoA»<I. A.i*J 

asking; supplicating. [tion. 

1. Request ; desire ; application ; requisi- 

2. Claim ; demand {d&wS). 

3. Supplication j prayer; humble peti- 
tion ; entreaty. 

X Jlfb^'wl utidldl', a. m. See. dalil. 

P yUwf o/far, n. m. Lining; priming ;mordant. 

^jfy^l ailar-i^tl, n. f. Plastering; work 

done in plaster. 

P t Ju«I vtta'rd, W. at'iura, E. n. m. A raior. 

A H '^y'jIjyMil itHrddd' iar'nd, v. a. Ped. 

for rod i. to send back. 

1. To repeal; supersede; annul. 

2. Tosetaside;diBaunul;abrogate; res- 
cind ; overrule ; nullify ; do away with ; 
declare null and void. 

iitirdad-i^dm, n. m. Reversal of a public sale. 

A I-^JUhI Utir'td, a. f. ^j he was 
Assent ; consent. (ratd-mandJ). 

H^ywf T*^ w'frl, (tWyS Old H.jBd'rl, 
tir'ffS, ndr (Poet) ; bai'yar-bd'nA, bai'yar, 
Wr Rua ; ty'd, n'mcU, tJvn Panj.; kh^l'nl 
(in jest); tiu'rat A. ; ran'di, luga f, log'iit, 
rdfid. W.; Toekrd'r^ E.; mdH, maugl 
Mag,; mdi^ Tir. ; lcity&R,jandni (Cor. of 
P. zan) Oafh.; bOm (in Bulan<i4ka}tar); 
attarl, Mlr.n. f.S. «rt from bQ to con. 
oeive, Pr Uryd, Igd, iithl. 
1. A woman (lugdi). 

2. Wife (wrS). [kind. 

it'ln barg,—j&t, n. £ The female sei; woman- 
«"(« (W*a. Jointure; settleraent made on a 

wife by her father or husband; para- 

xt'tnki'r'nd, V. a. To marry; wed(6ty(SA t.). 
itftri gdiHl, n. m. An adulterer {ran4l-bdi}. 

H^;^l craft ••''«'•'- nf- 

A tailor's goose; a smoothing iron. [iron. 
Mtrf £a/«4, v. a. To iron; to smooth with the 

AIamJuuI itti^qd, U.j/l'landar, jitan'dar, n.m. 

^S* gave to drink. The dropsy. 
— i-ii^ql, 'ntwarcaj-dropay of thewholebody- 

— i-t'ibtl. Tympanites. 

A«_jU<^^i utitwab', n. m. A. v'y* ^ thing 

that is right 

1. Enquiring what is the right thing to 
be done ; asking ; interrogating ; question- 
ing ; inquiry ; aeking one's opinion. 

2. Consultation ; reference. 
ittttwSi' kftr'nd, v. a. 

1. To refer; inquire; submit, [opinion. 

2. To consult ; take advice ; ask one's 
ba ma«ar-t-ufui«a6. With the view of consul- 

A (.IiJUamI i*Uia!nal, n. f. A. ^ seeking aid. 

Aid; assistance; help(ma<&K^. 
borttWadTtai. By aidmg or abetting ; by the 

A o1hi>«J^t itte'ddd', n. f. A. ^ preparing. 

1. Capacity; abilities; talents (lySqat). 

2. Intellect ; genius (iiiat) ; mental 
power; endowments. 

3. Parts; wit; headpiece; aptitude. 

4. Proficiency ; accomplishments ; ac- 
quirements; tact; knowledge; art;8cienoe. 

igfrddd ard^, ba-haq-i-paiddvdri. Q, O. 

Productive power of land. 

A Unam.) itC^fd;VG^.ita Sd,ata'Jd, n.m.* 

b^ging to be released from an obligation. 
Asking forgiveness ; resignation. 

irif/d dt'nd, V. a. To resign an office; tender 
one's resignation ; give up an appointment. 

itC^fd qubOl kar'nd, v. a. To accept one's re- 

A JUxAwl itftmdi^, n. m. !>• oaaaing to work. 


1. Uso ; practice (rote) ; eieroiBo. 

2. Usage; ouatom; obaeryanoe; foshion 
(=^)l 'opie; run. [(hOn). 

3. Employment; operation; play; work 
Ixt-itt tmdl zar'ye^jaiz. By lawful means. G. G. 
ittemal kar'nd, ietemdl meA lA'na, v. a, 

1- To exerciae; uae ; employ; put to 
UM ; practise ; make use of; apply (kdm 
men ifind). ^ 

2. To turn to aocount ; press or enlist 
into service ; put in requisition ; call, or 
bring into play or operation ; utilize. 

3. To wear; work up;oon8nme;expeiid; 
turn to use. 

Pas. To put Id mUod j set in motiaD ; put 
in pnotiee ; ply one's teak ; digohsrge an oOioe ■ 
piit in execution. 
utemOt meA dnS, itteynal meA Aond, T. n. 

To be used ; to be in use. 
^U«5.i isiemS'li, adj. 

1. Used ; worn ; old. 

2. CuBtomai7 i "S"*! ; practioaL 
itteinan, n. m. The beat kind of rice. 

A&^UJw>tu(«V^''a&, a. f. ^U calling for help. 

1. Demanding justice; moving & court 
for juatioe. 

2. Complaint (farj/dd) ; a suit {nOluh). 
— iar'wl, T. a. To demand, sue, or seek re- 
dress {ndlith k.). 

* * [whole. 

A ^f'^l *^ 3''H' »' m. Fed. ^j^ taking the 

Lien; hypoUteoation; mortgage (ginU). 

A jUnXwI itt^gflb', n. m. >i< asking ftaigiTeiieeB. 

1. Begging meroy ; craving grace. 

3. The Mofaamedan prayer for forgive- 
ness or defence against SfuUtOn (Satan). 

3. Deliverance ; riddance. 
m^-^\ attagjir w««A, in^j. May Ood forgive 
me 1 1 entreat forgiveness of God I Ood forbid I 

A.^Jii!^i*UJr^^, D. m. Pedfor^oJ, q.v. 
A^I-mAamiI itti/$ar', n. m. }-i enquiry. 

1. Question; interrogatory; int«rr(^- 
tion (pUchh). 

2. Enquiry; investigation; search. 

3. Reference ; sending or asking for in- 

ittiftdr kar'tta, t. a. Ped. for pOeAhnO. To 
o<d for infijrmatioti ; queetion ; demand 
an explanation ; make a refereno& 

A ftt^ftJUwl u*f/Admf,n.m. ff* desiring to know. 

Seeking or asking for an explanation; 
desiring to know or nnderataod ; enquirv 

A &JUXm<1 i*tiqa'la, n. m. From J<J Requiring 

any one to cancel an agreement or to give 
up a bargain. 

A us-^l>Uw1 wfijd'maf, n. f. fO remaining. 

1. Firmness(maz&iUI); constancy, [rdo). 

2. Rectitude; stability; stagnant^ (tha- 

A JlAAXwjJ>(t7fd/',n.m.JJgoingfortbtoineet 

Welcome; reception {a^t^ni). 
ittiqbdl lar'tid, v. a. 

1. To go forward to meet one; to greet, 
receive, or welcome a person, 

2. To proceed any distance to meet one 
and escort liim to one's hoiise (affwdnl t,), 

A^tj^Xwj iti^rdr', n. m. ;f resting. Demand- 
ing settlement or aflirmation ; declara- 
tion; confirmation; recognition; examina- 
tion ; ratification. 

uliqrdr'-iAagffaL Declaration or recognition 
of title. 

iitufrdr^i'Aa^at ^lAoiia. A declaration or re- 
cognition of sole title. 

A JUa^I ittiqlde, a. m. 

1. Constancy ; stability ; resolution ; 
determination; firmness; fortitude. 

2. Steadiness; persistenoe; perseverance. 
ittiqta'a, &dj. Unid. for J2s^ Invested with 

authority ; having absolute power, 

A^UXwt uftmd^c^ Ped. for «iim^at. From £»> 

giving ear, lit. That which is heard. 

Hearsay ; evidence ; indirect teetimcoiy, 
receivable only in particular cases and un- 
der certain restrictions. 

"-* * 

A JJiA^iu*! itUtuddtC, n. f . *» asking help. 

1. Desiring or begging assistance; crav- 
ing aid ; asking for supplies or subcddies. 

2. Application for protection. 

A )i>*AMit iitimrdr', n. m. 
" ^ •■ [tion. 

1. Permanence ; perpetuity; presarva- 

2. Uninterrupted possession, [teration. 

3. In taw, a fixed rmt not Uarae to al- 


utimrdr-dOr, n.Theho1derofa&rm.or lease 
in perpetuit;. [never-ceaeiag, 

^flfS-lulimrh^rificii .Perpetual; ooatinuative; 

Wttmrdri, n. t A piece of land ou a fixed 
leaae ; Icmd permanently settled ; the per- 
manent settlement of Lord GomwalliB. 

ittimrdri pattO, A lease or form granted at a 
fixed rent ; a lease in perpetuity. 

— paUe-ddr, n. m. Holder of a lease of laod at 
a fixed rent. 

utimririja'n/L Afixed assessment or revenue. 

whmrtlri dehOt,' Permanently settled villageB; 
Tillages held at a fixed rent under a per- 
manent settlement, 

itUmrSri mal giadri. Permanent revenue. 

HfMnrdrl muqarrar kam&, v. a. To fix in per- 

wftmrdri band o halt, hand o &a«f-M(tuiM-drt, 
n. m. Permanent settlemenL 

A— IWXwi MA'»u<}j', n. m. gl}a disposition. 

Ped. for cH*. 

1. Desiring or asking one's opinion ; 
Btriring to discover one's purpose or in- 

2. Enquiry ; reference. „ . 

A A [lutioa 

Al33>AJiuM| t'jft'n'ja. Pop. utan'jd, n, m. l^ ab- 

1. Making water; pissing (intand). 

2. Purification afber sJvine evaoustion 

P JjJUuf vituvdr', adj. 

1. Strong; firm {pakkd). 

2. Level; equal {Uee&A); tivoa{ham.v)Sr); 
straight (MM). [prop. 

tutttodr iarnit, v. a. To st]«ngt^en ; support ; 
^)lj%>l uHtuiin, a. f. 

1. Firmness ; stability ; permanence. 

2. Ccmwboration; confirmation; support. 

S 4^^ ^Ofni a^ihi, I^T- o^h%, H. ha4.'4i, 
Adf, a m. A bone. 
aKhi bluing, n. m. A plant of supposed' effi- 
oaoy in resetting a firaoture ; Ow*m qwtd- 
rvngvitmt. Wat. 
H jjjt^^—T ^WHR atiha'fMn; Rus. Ihitpan, 
a. m. S. fom firom m\ to place. 

EstabliBhment ; theaotof establishing; 
adh&'poM har'nSi v. a. \rdnd). 

To establish; dedicate; fix; aet (padh- 

H^l^^T V9117I alhdn',than,aHhal,u,xa. 
B. mm from CVT to pUoe, P. OUAn. 

1. Locality; receptacle; situation (fMAo); 

position;, spot; point; post; seat; sta" 
tion fjagah). 

2. Abode ; residence ; home (ghar). 

3. Temple ; shrine {nuuidar). 

atthdit' de'ttd, V. a. To lodge; place; locate 
(jagah dend). 
H vJA*-) <ftat itt^r'; (A»> ; Bhoj. cutir; Tir. 

tutfUr, adj. S. WSl from sn to place. 
Stable; stagnant; immovable. 

H ,J4^' mQ?f lethal, atial, n. m. S. CBn a 
place. See atthdn. 

1. A kind of free monastery in wfaich oon> 
munities of religious mendicants reside 
together under a Mahant (a chief or abbot). 

2. A stand or staUon of a/o^r. 

E fal-Uul ittSm', ithldm', n. m. Stamp (tikat). 
tit^TO'faroah, n, m. Stamp vender. 
iadm hd kdgcu, n. m. Stamped paper. 
itidm lagd hvd, p08pid(P0Bt paid), F^^likal 

chaipdA, sdj. Betuing stamp; stamped, 
it^Sm muiannd, Ped. adj. Stamped. 
E k£.*AJw1 *4ati(, n. m. An assistant. 
E awiAAwil itt^ihan; Rus. iit^kan, Utetan, itie 
lan, feMti, n. m. Railway or Police station. 

A Ju>T ("'ae( S. ^ D, m. Leo. 

HK^SmI WH a-mdJi,',<y$ud,ar»hvdh,A^. S. v 
not, HQ[ pure; I^lt. euuddho. 

Impure; unoleaH'; polluted ; defiled 

{nOpak). [make impure. 

— iar'nd, V. a. To defile ; spoil ; pollute ; 

HtfOoxt vfe^ a-(MK',Eadj.S.vnot,^ntoom- 

pleted. Raw ; not properly cooked ; untipe 

Hv-J fWt •^w E.; ("(or, ithar, i/mir W. ; 
Uag. it'var, n. m. S. fm from foto rule, 
Pr. ittaro, Uaro God. 

1. The Almighty God; Lord; the 
Supreme Being. [Divinities. 

2. One of the three presiding Hindft 

H v-T 4WI. ^Mr, H'lttr, E. banfar, W. 
rar'Ad, Mag. adj. S. SVT, an salt ground. 

Impr^nated with< salt> ox SKltpetre ; 
barren (land). 

H ywf V^ a'-iur, n. m. 0pp. of lur- a god* 

S. VS spiritual life. [goblin. 

1 Devil j demon ; an evil spirit; monster ; 


H /*■! Illftrt *«>. n- f. Cor. of A. >»» Ten 
rupees (idiom of butchers). 

1. The act of concealment 

2. Secret ; myeteiy. 

3. The influence of an erQ spirit 

AOt^I Mra/, n. f. J;- wasting. 

Abuse of wealth ; extravagance ; lavish 
eiponditnre; eioess of eipooditure {foM- 


SJ^iyA Wrf^rai? dtirbdd^,a.{.3e€<Uirbi<i- 


I (Et'roC, (i*'ri, dtrhbhOt, a. i 

1. A dependant; parasite; hanger oa; 
c^cophant; courtier. 

2. Subject; follower; servant; retainer. 

3. A foohman who assists iu the per- 
formance of maiTiage ceremonies. 

^U^l VIVRTf Strata'!, n. f. 

1. The office of an a*rat. 

2. The pririleges of an Ssrat. 

Hfcvwl VTQIT ibi'ram, n, m. Pali, auamo, S. 
WWn from qn + wi to make efi'ort, perform 

1. Abode, residence (of a religions man). 

3. A religious ordsr, culled ilii Aaron where, 
of the Hin<l1l4 ruckoo f'lur, viz. the Brahmaehd- 
rl, whi> deiuUe his llle to relifiiouB exflrcisea, 
uiitarit; and celibncy ; ind OrthI or Orihaiiha, 
who livea in tbe world >itd re^ra a family ; Srd 
ydnaprattha. one who ratirea fi'om tlis world 
with nil fninily, and paaaea liia lite in darotiou in 
the foreit ; 4tli Bhittht, Bkickchha or SannySH, 

A «>>0*^»(a.wt vttt^ihuda*', n. m. [Wat. 
French lavender; Lavendvla tUxdi<u. 
A iclAwl tf^dc', n.m. lal- itfell. Causing to fall ; 
casting her young (a camel). 
itqSt-irfiamal, n. niL Causing to miscarry ; pro- 
curing an abortion; miscarriage; abortion 
(put giran&). 
bilS ratamandi i*qdt-i-hamai lar'nd. 
Causing miscarriage without consent. 
KJ^^ WWJ!? <»>«»- kttiugan'. Pop. iiuon', 
Mtf. mgiiiv, n. m. S. « not, «^ good 
omen. A bod omen. 

S iJJUr«,f mr^TaC a^gu»d, n. m. 
PhysalU vmm^era. Wat 

A f*Uwl *>lSm', n. m. ^ be became seonra 
The religi<Hi of M<Aammad; orthodoxy 
according to Mahomedans. 
itldm lUitS, — qvbiU i., t. n. To be converted 
to Mahomedanism ; to profess tbe Maho- 
medan faith. 
^IL.] itld'mi, adj. 

Fotthfiil ; orthod(» (according to the 
Mahomedans). [religion. 

ittdmi, n. m. A follower of the Muiomedan 
A ixii**>] atlah\ n.m, pi. of ^V^ Arnts (katy^). 
Weapons ; armour ; implements of war. 
ailahrkhdnaJi, lalak — -, H. /iat]/ir-ffhar, n. m. 
A magacine; armoury; arsenaJ. 
A ^«v| I'm, n, m. il- ndn* 

1. Name ; denomination : appellation. 

iim-i-diam. The name of the Almighty ; one of 

the ninety-nine attributes of the Divinity, 

the utterance of which is on irreaistible 

■pell over demons. Mah. 

itin-i-far^, H. dhar&nam, Feigned name; 

assumed name ; Qctitioua name. 
Mm-naoid, n. f. 

1. The office of registering names ; the 
act of enrolling. 

2. Roll or register of names; muster roll 

3. AliBtofnamo9,aa<rf witnesses inasmt 
um-naHn-t'-^avdAdn, n. 

1. A petition to summon witnesses. 

2. A list of witnesses. 

itm-wSr, H. nSm piekhe, An entry in the 
order of individual names. 
P ^Jl**"! <I»>»*'"', adj. 

Heavenly; celestial; divine. 

dMuInl ba'ld, — ihapt fd, — gaJah, — ^o'li, — 

fir, n. [tation. 

A calamity irata Heaven ; Divine risi- 

&*mMni farm&'rtljE. n. £ ^if. Heavenly decree. 

1. Unforeseen disasters arising from 
drought or excessive rain, as &ilure of 
crops in a bod season. 

2. A term used formerly in deeds and 
leases, providing for any incidents or in- 
juries arising from calamitous seasons or 
unjust exactions of the Government, 
winch, if affecting the Zomindirs, the 
ryota were compelled to make good. 

3. In Garhwal, estimated fines and for- 
feitures, as part of the 

H^M't Vra?! Sian ; Mag. Oml, n. m. P&li- 
BMcmam. S. ltn[ to sit. 

1. Posture ; attitude j position ; the 
mode of sitting. 

• Google 

2. The mode of sitting of jogis at their 
devotioDal exercises, of which they enu- 
merate eighty-four. 

3. The driver's seat ; the rider'B seat (on 
a horse) ; the fork. 

4. A small carpet on which Hindfla sit 
at prayer, also called dtnt. 

5. One of thirty-six postures described 
in Kok Sh&*tar — branded as oamal fttul 
unmentionable; the thigh. 

&ian Iaga'n&, v. n. 

To sit obstinately in one place till 
one's demands are satisfied. 
H^jj-T V\X^^ Xiin %.-, atauj', faidi', W. 

n. m. S. Vlfltm: from llfi«mt the first of 
the twentv-eight consteUationa in the 
moon's path. 

The seventh month of the HindO luni- 
solar year (Sept. -Oct.) witen the moon is 
full, near the stars in the head of Aries. 

HUUul T^niT unm'nd, oMn'nd; Oath. <vn(l^- 
no, V. a. 

1. E. To boil ; simmer (wM^jk!). 

2. W. To knead the flour (mdri^nd). 
w'nd ch&ivr, E. te'Ul chdwal, W. n. m. The 

rice separated from the husk after being 

A oU-wi omtM^, n. m. pL of *s» A. *i- h& 
leaned upon it. 

1. Urants; deeds; docttmentsroharteTB; 
law papers in genend ; warrfuits. \*atiadt^ 

2. Credeutials;teBtimonialB;certificateH- 

EPjUwl ««^»^; P^P- •«"*'»■, 0pp. of paidal, 
n. m. S. vm horse. [rider. 

A cavalry man ; horsenuui ; trooper ;: 
^}l^l (Uim'ri, tawd'n, n. f. 

1. The act of riding or driving. 

2. Carriage ; vehicle ; horses ; ^ofi ; pa- 
lanqueeo, etc. 

3. A cavalcade; retinne ; procession. 

4. The occupant of a carriage, etc. 

5. The descent of some god, or evil 
q>irit on a person. 

H ^*C» ^K—f WWnft 1*1*0 OMBaml-bUc- 
H, n. f. S. V Bot, tsnr* master, fvxn 
sale ; ViXi. att^^iho. Sale nithout owner- 
ship ; illegal sale. ' 

H ,cw(^? WWH) OMuOA'A, n. f. S. *J, H. 
W a part. A lineal land meaBore; J; of a 

A _wtT qdT9<U(it(j',dMuj',n.ra.(w4r,W.dnn,E. 


P SuiytA fc'^'*. o- f- ^- t»J J-^ to be at res*. 

l.Quiet;peace; tranquility; ease; calm. 

2. Comfort ; contentment ; convenience ; 
competency ; tranquil enjoyment j well- 
being ; easy circumstances ; affluence. 
»J)-T asa'dah, a»€d.ih-kdC, odj. 

1. Comfortable ;. aflluent; possaesing a 
competency , independent. [toud, 

2. Cosy ; in clover > easy in mind ; »ana 
S lJj-.| «%HT «-»o/. E. 11. m. S. ^ to be 

grieved, Pali, asoko. 

1. Ease; tranquility: comfort. 

2. A tree, called also DeeaddrH ; GuaU 
ieria longifolia. Wat. [fortable. 

aso'gl, adj. Unmolested ; undietttrbed ; com- 

H Jy*^ Vfrf^<lt <u'w>Ri, n. f. S. via horse. 

Tlieflrst lunar mansion resembling a 
horse's head (the three stars in the head 
of Aries). 
A.^W»I MAdI', n. m. Fed. for dafl. Loosen- 
ing of the bowels ;. pui^ing. 
p ^.aAwI attif, n. m. 

1. Mischief;, misfortune; trouble; ca- 
lamity — generally from the shadow of a 
demon having (alien on one. 

2. Fed. Damage ; injury ; hurt 

3. Fed. Fear (cJar); apprehension; care; 

&»ebpahunehSna,v.&. To injure; damage; hurt. 
<Iw& pakuhrhHo, V. 11. To be injured, hurt, 
£m0 iMr krxr'nd, Saeb niamd, v. a. 

1. To expel any disease caused by the 
shadow of a demon or evil spirit. 

2. To eipel an evil spirit ; exorcise. 

H ji— T ' STTT wir*, n. f. S. 3h^ A grass, the 

scented roots of which are used forraaking 
tatties ,- Andropoffoa murieatum. Wat 

H Ol»ri->*l ^WteraC <w»»^6«ff, e'tirbdd, aihlr- 

Blesaii^ ; benediction. 
H t-^l V^tfl atV, Ml^. On^ n. f. S. wrfa^ 


1. Blessii^; benediction; return of com- 
pliments &>om a (Hinda) superior. 

2. Prize ; rew(u>l ; present. 
Uh--! ««^n^ a^nd, aHi dtnH, v. a. 

1, To bless ; call bleesings for, or on ; 
pray for. 
■m y««kjwla«'far,n.m. An assessor; ajuryntan. 

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A t(}tw| iths'rah, n. m. )U be exhibited. 

1. Sign; pointing; touch; nudge; nod; 
beck; wink; gesture; shrug; gesticulation. 

2. Cue ; hint ; iukliag ; clue. 

3. Dumb^hew ; by-play. [{slang). 

4. Love glances ; ugtiug ; sheep's eyes 

5. Mark; trace; direction; indication. 

6. Allusion ; implication; reference. 

7. Inuendo ; hint ; insinuation. 
iAara kar'nO, v. a. 

1. To make a sign ; to beckon. 
3. To wink ; nod ; beck ; nudge. 

3. To cast amorous, or side glances. 

4, To hint; give the cue or sign; to tip 
the vink (»lang). 

6. To refer ; allude to. 

6. To direct ; induce ; command. 

A Ifi-^SA ithtHah; n. m. Fed. for t&it&iA, q. t. 

1. Avagne oonoeptjon; doubt; auspioitMi; 
upiUgtiity ; scruple. 

3. A vague likeness ; a bad reaemblanoe. 

A l>^t iiktir'/l. Fed. for ^,^ q. t. 
$,imS\^J:Mthtirak, n. m. •X;i he shared in it 

P«d. for H. tajha, q t. 

1. Entering into partnerahip ; part- 
nership ; ooparoonary. 

3. Fellowahip; aasooiaUon. 

A JUI^I ishteAai', ithle&lUak, q. f. Fed. for 

hhafok, q. 7. 

1. A small flame. 

2. Fom3ntin^ or instigating a quarrel ; 
incendiarism; sedition; outbreak. 

%»hte&dl dead, uhtedlak — , v. a. 

1. To kindle a light. 

2. To foment or injtigate a quarrel ; to 
encourage bad or unlawful acta ; excite. 

A \1{XAI i*fi^«hir', a. m. y^ he ma le it com- 
monly knowa [lie notice. 

1. Announcement ; publication ; pub- 

2. Publicity; declaration; proclamation. 

3. Advertisement ; notice ; circular ; no- 

4. A poster; bill ; placard. 

iahUKHr ibtidd'. A prelimin.iry notiflcation. 
UhUhdr ba tahd\d^inJU&'-k'^-ba:td o ba»t. 
A notiflcation threatentog annulment 
of a settlemeut 
iAtthOr-iiki'khi. Notioe of delivery of poo- 

MuhOr dend, v. a. [set forth. 

1. To promulgate; announce; notify; 

2. To give notice ; spread abroad. [lisL 

3. To disseminate ; make knowi) ; pub- 

4. To circulate; propagate; give out 
Phr. To lanil roinid tJie crier ; to oiikoudm 

with brat of iium \iihait4on pilwinS); t» pub- 
liibintliaQ^Btte. ■ ^^ ' ■ 

iaAtehHr-irAdam'iniiqSl. Notice prohibiting the 

transfer (of a property). 
ufUehHr-i-gar'qi, Notice of attachment or 

Uhifhdr^iiSBuA. A written or printed pro- 

clam:Ltion for public notice. 
ithtehdr-i-nUani. Notioe of sale or auctioa. 
vhiehdri, n. m. A peraoa who has absconded. 
Hi£-<^f T^ *iH, n. S. fi to desire, 119 to 

1. Faith ; trust ; belidf. 

2. One ohosen or favoured of a god or 
goddess. [£ight. 

8 tS^^I «e luV. H. ath. ath; P. h<uhl, adj. 
^Iaai viEif athtdij, H. athoU aAff, a.m. 

The eight members of the body, 
<ah{aAj pranam,--j>arnam, Ulih-aAj d-i^ival, 
n. m. Prostration or adoration so as to 
touch the ground with the eight principal 
members, vis., with the hands, thighs, 
breast, eyes, and head. 
i-iaj i^l ^e ^ri3 aiAf rfAiUu; H. d(A dMt; 
F. C/l*j}r D. m. Ut. The eight metols. 
Bell metal ; mixed metaL 
*j,> Zt,i,\ vefgfa <uhl liddhi, n. m. _ 


1, The eight ttddkit (perfect or superior 

2 A personification of the powers and 

laws of nature, when thev are subjected 

to the will by bolioesa and austerities. 

(VWhatavar the faxioj desire*. ra:i;. itis anid, be 
obtaineil ; univaraal korareigntj tanj b < noqiiired, 
»ud implioit obedieDoe tu aaj ooinmuid eiiforved ; 
tlie uiKgaiCuili), irei([iit, or levity of the body nwj 
be iDcrei»ed or diiniuiahed at will, nud tlis bud; 
ba tranaportaj in aa iaataut to an; part of the 

J^ i*i' WK in(9 Mhl maAg'td, n. m. 

1. A horse with a white &ae, tail, bi-MSt, 
and hoofs. 

2. A collection of eight lucky objects to 
be get together on occasion, as a lion, a 
bull, an elephant, a water-jar, a &n, a 
flag, a trumpet, and a lamp. 

^JUI veirt (MAf'uil; U. <S{'iM; Rita. aUtt, 
e^uuM ; Bhoj. a'JtmH, n. £ 

I'be eijjbth day of the increase or de- 
orease of the moon. 
janam otftt'in!, a f. The eighth day of the 
dark half of BkOAiA (August); the burtb- 
da; of Krithna. 


0^1 s 

A iA«1 aih'add, atlutii, adj. More or most vehe- 
ment; severe; violent; excessive; difficult. 

A *— itvwl a»Ara/, n. m. J^ he became etai- 
nent. pi. of. J^)^ 

I.Nobles; noblemen; persona of rank; 
grandees ; gentlemen ; men of high ex- 
traction; gentry; gentlefolk; squirearchy; 

2. Freux chevaliert ; honorable men. 

3. In Rohilkhund, Oude, and 3enaros, 
a class of cultivators who claim certain 

A »(jAfM*«I?',n.m.i;ithe»unroBe,H.«dc,q.v. 
naoUU-i-ithrOq, n. t Prayer at sunrise ; morn- 
ing prayer. [n. f- 
p ^>-) a'^'ra/t, Ped.; atftar'/i ; Rus. lar'phi^ 
A gold coin ; a gold mohar, equivalent 
to about IS rupees. 
p 8jl£iT athJtd'rah, Ped. for A. za'hir, adj. 

1. Conspicuous ; open ; broad ; bald ; 
plain (ad/). 

2. Manifest; patent; revealed. 
Hi-5U~I m^ra athlot', thiol:, PeA.; allot', 
uhlof, laloi, thilok. Pop. n. m. S. nrm to 

1. Poetry ; verse. 

2. A couplet; distich. 

at'iloi' lahal, gazal parhvST, n. £ A present 
from the female relatives of the bride to 
the bridegroom for repeating some verses 
called chMa. 

Slgl^AU^fv^lT a»hit'yta,athUdul,a.m.'Y\M 
ninth NaJMhattra or lunar mansion (five 
stars near the southern claw of Cancer). 

P IJmi) tliVnd; Rub. lund, n. 

1. Friend ; companion ; aoqufuntance ; 
crony ; intimate friend ; bosom friend ; 

2. A lover; niate; paramour; sweetheart; 
eavalitr tcrvatie ; dcubeo ; fiame ; beau ; 

3. A kept mistress ; inamorata ; con- 

4. A woman's dog (a lover). 

6. ((Undo). Rus. A son-iu-law. 
ttb-at aihnS, mm. 

One known by sight only ; a formal ac- 
^yiAfatkndt, lUit. atknJii; Rus. atniR, n. f. 
1. Friendship; intimacy; fomiliarity; 
Mqnuntance ; intercouiBa. 

2. Relationship ; connexioD ; relation 
through marriage. 

3. Carnal knowledge ; illicit love ; un- 
lawful attachment. 

H ^^^1 V^IiT 4uhnd»',aman', nahStt'; Ped. 

and Rub. stnOn, n. m. S. ht> P- thiud to 

bathe. Bathing ; ablution ; purification. 
askndn dhydn, n. m. Bathing and religious 

meditation ; daily worship of the Hindtks. 
riiu aendn.,- Hin. Wom. moMneid nahda, n. 

Bathing after menstruation. 
GaAffd oXidn, n. Bathing in the Ganges. 

" from atok, Jonfsia a'oea, Wat., and aahimH, 
eighth of the light fortnight of C'A<mV,( April- 
May) when a festival in honor of Vitknu 
is observed, part of the ceremonial of which 
coneiste in drinking water with the buds 
of aaoka in it. 
S ittA^Mwf 9^I$U aih'wa-meclh; Pop. otAtMt- 
m'idh, n. m. S. vnr a horse, ft^ to kill. 

The actual or emblematic sacrifioe of a 
horse, an ancient religious ceremony among 
the HindOs. 

IVThis nacriSce is one of the hiffhit order, uid 
iU performmce n hundred times, gives a titi* to 
the dnminioa ntSmarga or piir.-ulige. tt Mppe^rB to 
hiiTebesii opiginJilly typical, the horsa und other 
MiiinHU betug eimiJ; boiiud itiiriiig the perform- 
»ii09 of oertain oeremouift. The &ot<iiil aigriAoe 
ia nn introduction of ■ Inter period. Wileou. 

A t;vif «*?«,' Ped. for P. ehu, a. t pi. of ^ 

Thinga ; effects ; chattels. 
(ukj/d^'ffoif-elUimdm ikada. Eflects uoad- 

ministered. G. G. 
athyd-i-maqrHqah. Attached property. 
( ehydri^MujA-imafrat^^khaldyak. FuUic 

nuisances. U. G. 

^ e\jiaia\ tslibd^,' Pop. bapiasmd,n.m. A. ^g* 

dipped. Dipping; baptism. 
A J ;!-"-^ ! aitab'al', Pop. fave'ld, a, m. A stable, 
0f^ ^ ,1/ j.ta.1^1 viturldb', n. f. An astrolabe. 

1. A technical term ; idiom ; usage. 
3. The accepted signification ; conven- 
tional meaning. 
ittild'ht, adj. Technical ; conventional. 

A J-*I "'i'l Pop- <"'< °- *'• 

1 . Boot (jar) ; origin ; foundation (n«e) ; 


element (lot) ; source (sot) ; cause (kSran); 
priuciple; rudiment; basis; seed (6y). 

3. Lineage; gene&li^;y; family (i^i'l); 
stock; bloud ; birth; breed; extraction; 
ntce ; liae ; descent ; pedigree. 

3. The teit ; original ; prototype ; ex- 
emplar; the original of a document. 

i. Capital ; the principal atock (rolii). 

aial OUT iflrf, Prinoipal and interest. 

omU tajv'iz. The judgment; sentence; ver- 
dict; the Judgmeut which follows the 
summing up of the case. 

ataltala-Hr. Material ieeue; tbe actual point 
in dispute. 

aial tat.dA. The actu&l dispute. 

ti»al jam&. The land vent aa originally 
fixed by the Emperor Akbar ; the original 
rent or revenue charged upon the lands 
of an estate, village, or district, without 
any Abw&b or extra cesses. The amount 
taken as the basis of a revenue settle- 
ment [interest 

tuai mae tad" ; H, mul bi/^. Principal with 

atal y«k hat. The fact b ; the point is ; the 

dw atal, mmI nieri, adv. 

1. Actually ; in fact ; in reality. 

2. Absolutely ; positively ; in effect. 
J-ol ail; Pop. atal, adj. (stantial- 

L Essential; vital; fundamental; sub- 
2, Substantive ; absolute ; positive. 
3. Material; important; iutegral. 

4. Principal ; chief ; capital 

6. L^timate ; bom in wedlock. 

6. True ; real ; actual ; original. 

7. True ; not fEdse ; veracious. 

6. Best; fine; exquisite; fiivt rate. 

9. Not imaginaiy ; not ideal [an alias. 

atai Mltn. Retdname as distinguished irwanrf, 

aaal w^fd, Net profit ; clear gain. 

aU ofaira. Root and branch, cause and effect 

tuUI aialatan', adv. Personally; (appearing 
or pleading) in person; himself; h» 
propria peraoiia, in contradistinction to 
vakalalan (plead'mg by a «cuH/ or barrister). 

a»tl hkarch, Real coat. 

Mfi Idutrid, Prime cost ; real coat 

a#A zaviln. Original laud, exclusive of sub- 
sequent additiouH, as from alluvial deposits. 

asli qimiU, Original, or real value or price. 

a»h gSoh, The original or chief village from 
which others have branched out, that on 
which the revenue was originally assessed. 

•St^i aUHat, n. f. Genuineness ; originality ; 
reality (ad). 

atHat^-wAomlak. Authenticity of the case; 
merits of the case; truth of the trans- 

j3«ta(U',Mah.n. f. A maid servant, whoisa 

ft-es woman, and therefore superior to the 
lavn^ or purchased slave. 

A — DL^I Mdh'; H. taAtar', n. f. fU it became 
good or right 

1. Correction; amendment; revision. 

2. The hair on the chin. 

A <L#(^1 *ti^/ah; Rub. ija'phd, ja'jAa, D. m. 

1. Addition ; increase ; augmentatioa 
(bofhotrt). [acoretioa 

2. Increment; adjunct; the thmg added; 

3. Surplus (bacJiat) ; excess. 

ix^fah b«»hl, General increase in tbe rate 

of asBessment. [salary. 

ud/ah-i4anlc]mih. Fed. n. m. Increase of 

1. Additional or extra receipts of va- 
rious kinds, as &om money realized by 
Government from the sale of presents, or 
from the sequestration and appropriation 
of revenue. 

2. Money received into the treasury of 
one dietriot and credited to another. 

ienf-ik tar'niL v. a. To increase ; enhance ; 

raise ; angment 
iz^aikr^laijan, Enhancement of rent 
bcfisSfalt, In excess of, in addition ta 

A kS-^^U^I *td!'at, a. (. Obedience; submis- 
sion; subordination; fealty; allegiauce; 
loyalty ; homage, 

itaSi «e thcLra naAM, alhalla iiifU jEwnri pa- 
regl, bt-Uaiit g%uar ttaht^, Must obey. 

iti'al kar'na, v. a. 

1. To keep to; observe; obey (icstruc- 
tiona); comply with ; do one's bidding. 

2. To pay homage to; serve; submit; 
foend to ; bend the knee to ; knock under 

ba-iidil qawdid-ymatiUr, Under such rules 
as aforesaid. 

A OlJc) atraf, u. m. pi. of tar/ side. 

Limits; boundaries; environs; sides; 

skirts ; confines ; districts. 
atref-irihahr, n. f The environs (of a city) ; 

suburbs ; purlieus. 
^Ijbl atra'fl, n. f. Trade tar. 
atr&Ji ravon'nd, n. m. A pass for the transit 

of dutiable goods beyond the limits of the 

custom stations. [limits, 

iwi atraf men, adv. In any part ; within any 

A Jlilat <*'^' °- "»■ P"- of*?* child, Ped. for 
H. l<irl!«. 
Children; oSspring; family («ti/*i). 
ai/al-i-i/aam *i UUlm our unko rtugdr dUdne 

, Google 

J!»l 2 

kt Hue, For the education and instruction 
of orphan children with a view to their 
subsequent employment 

A £lU«J UtiUSt; Rub. xlfla, n. f. 

Information ; notice ; knowledge ; ad- 
vice; cognizance; letter of advice; inti- 
mation ; intelligence ; communication. 
iltUoA-i^irlrl. Notice in writing. 
ittUii^ud likh'na, iaUoA-yabX lilhnS. 

To endorse acknowledgment of notice. 
iuit& kar'nd, v. a. 

1. To refer; direct ; acquaint ; telL 

2. To apprise ; notify ; announce ; make 
known ; signify ; advise ; give notice ; 
report; set forth; send word; write to. 

iuiid-n&nah, a. m. A written declaration; 
a summons or citation ; a written notice; 
a notice sorted on cultivators aiiuouucing 
an enhancement of rent, as a condition 
of continued occupancy. It has been ruled 
that this is the only legal form or pur- 
pose of an iUiisA-namSh under Bengal 
R^ulaUon (V 1S12, ch. 9, 10). 

iUUa&nitmah jdr% kar'nO, v, a. To issue or 
serve a notice ; to give notice to appear ; 
to summon. 

uKbfe ittiioA-i-^khJIt o i&m. For the informa- 
tion of all ; for general information. 

A -Ub* Ulibi', Ped. n, m. 

1. Application ; reference, 

2. Setting at hberty; divvrdng; repu- 
diating; divorce (tamq). 

3. <Mc« and records of summons, and 
the fees thereon. [with. 

itlSq rai/i'nd. To be applicable ; correspond 

' ittHq-na^, n. m. The officer who keeps the 

account of the expenses and fees on the 

issue of summons. 

itlSq ho'nO, V. n. To apply. O. G. 

alal-Ufdq, adv. Absolutely; universally. O. G. 

A. «JlIef at'loB, n. t Satin. 

A ^U.»<Jo1 itmXmin', a. m. ^Ub reposing, 

Ped. for dU^amai. 

1. Traaquilli^ ; quiet; composure (ifha- 
nu) ; peace ; content (ganlolA) ; satis&c- 
tiou ; repose ; rest (drSm). [nat). 

2. Guarantee; surety; security (iamO- 
ttnlnaiUiihatir ho'ttA, G. G. v. n. To be sa- 
tisfied or assured. 

itnanSn kar'nO, v. a. To believe; orodit; 

rely on ; feel assured, satisfied. 
itnanUn ke lai/aq; Ped. jaMti-iKmlndn. Satis- 
■ fiictoiy; rdlahle; trustworthy; sure; 


itmlTidit na iar'nd, v. a. To mistrust ; doubt. 
i!<m!ti(!n Ao'nd; rf(/ (/iHi-nd, V. n. To be salistied. 
hatb-i-UmlnOn, To one's satisfaction. 
hoib-i-ttmindn-i-AdiUat, To the aatisfiictioD 

of the court 
tnd-ttl-hiu.iil-iitniman, On being satisfied. 

A )()^f attedr', Ped. for H. ehalan, a. m. pi. of 
taur way. 

1. Behaviour ; manners ; ways (^Aang), 

2. Habits (bOii) ; course of life ; conduct 
^chiU chalan). 

3. Dealings ; mode of business. 

4. Deportment; manners; bearing; de- 
meanour, r, 

^ [known. 

A ^LJ^' ijAa/; Bus t^r, ^tSir, n. m. >t* made 

1. A declaration; statement; disclosure; 
a declaration in a court of justice or before 
police officers. 

2. Information ; communication. 

3. The examination or deposition of a 
witness ; deposition ; evidence ; written 
testimony ; testimony (^awdAl). 

ixkdr babat amar-i-turSr% md-behinrnizA. 

Statement material to the question at 

w/iSr borkalnf d^nS, To declare upon oath ; 
to make affidavit 

i^dr-i-tahrirt, n. m. Written testimony ; a 
deposition in writing. 

uhdr-i-Jdit, A just or lawfiil declaration or 

ithar-hal/I, A decUmtion or deposition on 
oath; affidavit 

iAOr-i-dan^, A false deposition; false state- 
ment or testimony. 

izhdr d^nd, T. n. To make a deposition ; 
depose; certify; testify ; bear testimony; 
give evidence ; bear witnesa to ; witness. 

ithdr-i-rde, A communication ; an expression 
of opinion. 

ithar n^rth-i^dlaL Judicial declaration ; 
deposition before the court 

ixhdr KibOnJ, n. m. Oral testimony. 

whdr laldnif, n. m. An illegal fee paid to the 
deposition writer. 

t'Adr qdnOnJ, n. m. A statement conforma- 
ble to law ; legal declaration. 

u/tOr iar'nd, v. a. 

1. To declare ; affirm ; assert ; protest 

2. To make known ; notify. 

3. To disclose ; reveal ; expose. 

4. To describe ; explain ; define. 
iehar-i-la-dduA, a. m. Denial of claim. 
uAdr le'ttS, V. n. To take a deposition ; exa- 
mine a. witness. 

uAdr-fMlmoA, u. m. A manifest; a notification. 
tzAdr-ndmoA-vtoArirt. Adedaration in writing. 


t«ftAr-natns,ti.m. A depowtioD writer; an officer 
of the court who takes down depoaitioDS. 

Ai.S'-'J^I «Ad'na^Q.r. ^^helping. Fed forj^a. 

1. Assiatance;help; aid(>rME2aff). fidni). 

2. Patronage; favi'r; ooiinteuance(»nrilr- 
!&dnat-i-ahlli:dr4-»ariar, AaaiBtance of pub- 
lic officera. G. G. 

ei&nat ba-nwithvara. Abetment by cooepiracy. 
e&dnat lar'nd, v. a. To confirm ; corroborate ; 

encourage ; furniah with means ; second; 

help ; aid. 
tidnai meA tiUtntU kar'nd, Abetment of an 


A jIaa«I e'tebdr'i lUit. itbar, n. m. yf faith. 

1. Confidence; trust (parflt) ; reliance; 
belief; Esuth; credence. 

2. Importance ; oonseqaence ; weight ; 
credibility ; credit; authority. 

3. Repute {deference; respect; character. 

4. Regard ; view ; influence ; relation ; 
COuaideratioD ; reference ; adyertence, 

etebUr rakh'nd, — kar'nH, v. a. 

1. To respect; give credit to; believe; 
trust ; rely upon ; confide in ; make no 
doubt; reckon; count upon; depend upon. 

PHH. To tflke unv'* nonl for ; Ui tek« oiii'h word. 

2. To feel or rest assured, confident, 
secure. \tub6r&). 

eUbar «« iihSrij. Incredible ; nureliable (be- 
etebdr h/io'nH, t. n. To lose one's credit 
'etebdr mtA *-khaVal pafA, Confidence was 

eUb&T na tar'nH, v. a. To mistruat ; disbe- 
lieve ; doubt ; di>itrust. 
Oeba'rT, adj. Pop. ttba'rH, 

1. Trustworthy; worthy of confidence; 
reputable; credible. 

2. Trusty ; confidential ; responsible. 
t^ma ihthh lu 'eUidr M, Under coler of his 

mahfijni ethSr. Commercial or mercantile 
credit {a&kh). 

A Jlt^^l e'teddV, a. m. J^ being middling. 

1. Evenness ; temperateneaa ; modera- 
tion; medium. 

2. Sobriety ; frugality; temperance; ab- 
stinence {parha). 

A ^ty^! ^tirO^, n. m. ^j* intervening^ B. 

tat^ai. Objection ; criticism ; strictures. 

'airSx piAr', Objectional; liable to objec- 
tion; exceptional; questionable, [jeotion. 

ihiU jUfUl tUra^ObUa. A technical ob- 

; H 

«<trde itomd, T. a. 

1. To call in question : object ; dispute; 
mnke an objection; take exception to; 
demur to; impugn; put in a plea. 

2. To protest against ; find fault with; 
carp; cavil (n,ui/d-cAJni i.) ; criticise; 
animadvert upon ; remonstrate. 

*atirai hmift'dah. An objector. 

*elirii-i-^ani£n\, A l^;al objection ; tm ob- 
jection in law. 

'ttirOi-i-ld-kd'tU, Cavil ; an idle objection or 

A olAA^t ^teqdif; Illit itkOtf; H. nish'ehe; Rus. 

nah'che, n. m. .»1> being very firm. 
Faith ; trust ; dependence (eUbdr). 
eUgOii rakh'na, v. n. 

1. To believe in ; pin one's faith upon. 

2. To rely upon; depend upon; trust in. 
daqSd la'nd, — kar'nd, v. a. 

1. To believe (etetdr k.) ; have &itb in. 

2. To be converted (to a creed) (Tmdn 
l&nd). . . . 

« [straining. 

AOt^^^t t'ltka/, a, m. JUa waiting, re< 

1. Continuing in the temple or mceqne 
in prayer; retirement {especially at Mecca). 

2. Curbing the passions from relij^ous 
motives (as in lent). [ty&ffnO. 

ettkaf meh bailh'nd, v. n. Ped. for dvtiyi 
To ait in a temple or mosque, and ab- 
stain from religious motives, from worldly 
affairs and sensual gratifications; to re- 
tire from the world. 

Aol*^I ^tomdcf; Illit. itmid, n, m. <»^ 

leaning upon. Ped. for H. parat, q. t. 
Reliance ; dependence (hftarosah). 

eUmSd raik'nd, — har'nd, v. □, To rely, be- 
lieve ; trUBt; confide. 

etemAd ktvr&'nd, v. a. To cause to be believed. 

A <*U«| 'el&m', n. m. Commnnieatton ; caveat; 
a warrant ; citation. 

£Us«T^llal 'elam-i-imti'nall;Jt. tnanilf, Aban; 
prohibition; inhibition; interdiction; Teto; 
interdict; proscription. 

Uft^ fU\ 'tldn bh^aH, To cite; sum- 
mon ; enjoin. 

t«U flM\ 'ftsm-ndmah, n. m. Summons; 
iiijunotioo; proetamation (j't^l). 

A )^)*j fM; H. Afar, n. u. Ped. for vtiA, q. ▼• 

,v Google 

At—A-^^l a'ta*'; H. jwt'tAe, n. m. Tendons; 
nerves ; ligameata j Binews, 

A l-^l "S"*^; H. jnf, n. m. pi. of atv joint. 

1. Joints; members ; limbs ; organs. 

2. Mtmbrwm viriU. 

OtA'i^andnU, n. m. The organs of generation. 
OiAi^aUa, n. The principal members ; vital 
parts, L e, heart, brain, and liver. 

A .1U( e'lOn', n. m. Ped. for uhtehSr', q. ». 

Declaration; proclamation ; publication. 

*dSn la-murOd^'i-mumd'ne&t tajvU muqadde- 

mah. Caveat. 
'e/On-RdtRoA, n. m. Proclamation. 


^ 1. Greatest; paramount; pre-eminent; 
highest ; supreme ; eminent ; sublime ; 
most high ; most exalted, 

2. Principal; chief; maximum. 
S.Superior; upper; higher (MeAd) ; 
greater (tiard); major. 
d&l darje id. Of high rank or degree. 

A Jl»*t **»«('; H. kar'nJ, a. m. pi. otSnal. 

Acts ; actions ; deeds ; doings ; achieve- 
•'I'JW AmUl-ndnah, a. m. 

1. Register ; r^stry of conduot 

2. The book in which the good and evil 
deeds of men are supposed to be recorded. 

A >tfti.( ^U«j a&mam'-i-a''khy&li. Pater- 
nal uncles bj the same mother. 
T U t d'^djlllitd'^d, n.m./>/ An elder brother, 
A Mugal (generally applied to UugaU 
coming from Kabul for traffic). 
P jU) d^Ai'; H. ad, n. m. Beginning; com- 
mencement (ahar^. 
Sgda le a»j&m tuk; K. Ad M ant fait, q.T. 
SyA* itoi-'nd, V. n. To take the firet step ; to 

begin {(/.vrtl^). 
igOi ho'nd, V. n. To commence ; to b^u to 
be (thurU Aona), 

A^llil i^lam';Vop.E.latiti'^e-i>aa,bachdu^d' 
iT, n. m. Sodomy. 
^U) igla'ml, n. m. A sodomite (faii*{t<-id»). 

A k.^? a^lab, adT. Superlative of ^aW>. 

Vary likely ; more or moetlikely ; most 
probaUy (wwl< W»«). 
aylab hoi. It is most probttblft. 

A ve^l i^»^^, n. m. Connivance; neglect; 
igmoi knr'nd, v. a, 

1. To connive at ; wink at. 

2. Not to notice ; disregard j overlook ; 
forbear; pass over; pass by; make light of. 

3. To refrain from; to omit. p. ^. ., 

^ [instigation. 

A 1*^1 >^'t^ ■>' in. Solicitation ; seduction ; 

A lS^\ *fo,'qS, n, m. Recovery from sickness, 
or from a swoon, etc. {iofii). 
^&q& ho'nO, V. n. To be oonvaJescent ; to re- 
cover from sickness (SrSm honS). 

A i^T *'/'»'. n- '■ S. Vf^^. 

1 . Misfortune (mutibat) ; disaster ; in- 
fliction ; vicissitude ; stroke ; scourge ; 
visitation; calamity; catastrophe; miseiy. 

2. Difficulty ; hfu^ship ; plague. 
dfat-i^am&'vi, Ofat-i-aJ ti o aamai/l, qahar Si- 

mdWI. Calamity by divine permission. 
p ,_,lx»| djtdb', H. *iroj, n. in. The sun. 
a/.ab-parait, n. m. A worshipper of the sun. 
aftab-j>araall, n. f. Worsliip of the sun. 

P SjUiT a/id'ba, a. m. An ewer. 

p -jUiJ apm; a. f. 

1. A parasol of a particular form. 

2. A target studded with gold ; a shield 
made of tortoise-shell. 

3. A kind of firework. 

P Sol'^ ufCidah, adj. ^jU*f to fall, 

1. Waste or untilled (land). [tivated. 

vftOdah, n. i. Lands culturable but not cul- 

p .1 JAi. .»lXil uft&A 'iAa'dri, adv. Ped, for H- 

ffirte parte, Rising and Mling alternately. 

A U'^I ift*r'&i ". n». Calumny; false imputa- 
tion; scandal; fiction; slander (toAmot). 
i/Jtrd kar'nd. To vilify ; calumniate ; slander ; 
de&une; traduce; invent lies {tohmat 

H *^i^(/l V^fiKJH^^ a/rd^a/rlWom.; 
'aphid iaphi-% Rus. n. f. Cor. of A. l»i^fcl>>l 

1. Uproar; tumult; disorder; confusion. 

2. Alarm; fright; oonst^nation ; panic. 

3. Flight {bhaffffi) ; retreat ; stampede. 

A Ol/f afrdd!, n. m. pi. of ford. 

1. IndJTidmtls ; sonls ; persoai. 

3. Sbe«tB (of p^er) ; sepante abaeta. 


A I»I»Jt if'^, n- f- Ped. for bavhUU. 

Escesa; superfluity; abundanoe; plent;. 
ifrHl M Iw'nd, T a To abound ; teem ; to 
be plentiful 

P Ai')»I ofta'ftA, aftSyath, n. f. 
Increase; additiuu {baxhotri). 
/ ' 
Oj>Jf0/itZiJ';Uah. Worn. afaUd', a.m. lucreaee; 
enlargement; abundance (bavhtM); super- 
n/nin' h/nA, v. n. Fed. iortt/Sdah hmd. 

1. To increase; enlarge (barhrtd). 

2. To rise in price (bhso eharhnd). 
jftjf^ ^y)i\afta'ni-4-t,aidSiwl'n. Increase 

of yield or produce, 
p *«*Jt aftar, also a Cor. of E. Officer, Bus. 
ap'tar, aph'tar, a. m. ["*?• 

1. An ofBcer ; one who exercises autho- 

2. A superior ; official superior. 
afiar-isld; H, P. bard a/tar, u. m. Chief 

authority ; the highest officer. 
a/ga)^i-b&ld datt, n. m. Superior officer. 
^tar-i-^armat, n. m. A Cuatoin's officer. 

p ^)*"*I af*M, — *Sn, — ffarl, n. m. 

1. lucantation ; charm (vtaiUar) ; spell ; 
verses used in enchantment. 

2. Fascination ; witchery ; sorcery ; 
witchcraft ; magic (j'*iw) ; the black art 

Or -juuuwil o/i«nfi«', u. f. Wormwood; 

Arlemitia almnthum, or the Indian worm- 
wood ; Artemina ladica. Wat. 
kU^/ l^I y'«A^ kar'na; H. iWni, v. a. 
To diTulge ; expose ; lay bare {kkol dend). 

if«AdH-r(b, n. m. Disclosure of a secret ; de- 
tection, [found out 

i/Aa Aond; H, khtUnS, v. n. To be discovered, 

p JJli\ aftkdA, n. f. Poet. 

Strips of tinsel pasted on a woman's 
forehead as ornaments. 

^ftkSA ho'nd, V. n. To be sprinkled with 
(color, spangles, etc.). 

afsh&ul kOgaz, xar a/shd>a kdgaz, a m. Paper 
Btitdded or spangled with gold leaf or dust, 
used in writing to persona of diatinotion. 

tar-q^»/idA, n. m. Threads of muqqaith, or 
cloth woven with gold and silver thi«ad 
chipped very fine, or slips of gold pasted 
with gum on the Koran, and on lettara, etc. 

lH(J/')U<wl >7<d''''tor'tHl; W. lUit Mab. 
fkhlydr k.; H. bar<U Jeholnd, v. a. 


To break one's fast in the evening 
after fasting all day, as the Uusalmans do 
during the month of Eanadm, 
^,UJl ijtd'ri, Mah. u.f. Things proper to be 
eaten in breaking a fast. 

A Jljst tiJ&Sl', n. m. pL of /rf. Fed. Actions; 
conduct ; deeds {karni). 
apU nd-mtmaaii. Fed. Improper actions. 

A ,t»^' ^y^^i ^ nahot, a. m. Poverty; penury; 
want; indigence. 

Ae-'y ) dfwOj', a. f. pi. vSfauj, q. v. [navy. 

oftcdj-i-lain, i-haJirl, a. f. Naval force ; 

afwSj-i-jal-dn^-Hind, The Indian Navy. 
a/wdj i-khushH, Land force ; army. 

A btyf af'wdh; H. oukII, h. m. Report; rumour. 
f^fadh urd'tid, V. a. To raise or spread a re- 
port ; blaae or noise abroad. 
jhiUd a/tndk, u. m. False report ; groundless 
rumour. [See ajiMm. 

H «A*{ qiKtn a/Itn'; iUf. amal, a. f. S. v^J^t 

afim b UAyOH Jed kdr^HAOnd. Maou&cture 

of opium. 
harkat ^khilsf qdmAiiri-afyHii. Breach of 
opium laws, 
p tjif (rj<!; H. nwE'in^ n. m. Master; owner; an 

employer; lord. 
ChrUSl^ "Q^i'S^i !>• m. Acaoia ; the expressed 

juice of the firuit of the Acaoia tree, or 
of the qal^al. 
A t^\ iqd'ld, n. m. A cancelling or revoca- 
tioQ of sale, on condition of fimushing an 
equivalent for the original price of the 
article; breaking a ooatraot or engage- 

A ^^li>1 *9&(U'> D. m. ^ admitting. [meat. 

1. Admission; confession; aoknowlodg- 

2. Acceptance (of a bond, bill, etc.); 
acquiescence; assent (in law). 

3. Prestige; prosperity; felicity; good 
fortune (hhdg). 

iqbdl ddvd, Confeaston of judgment ; admis- 
sion of a claim ; cognovit. 

U/ «.»•■» J^' *?^ (^"d kar'nd. To ad- 
mit a chum or charge; to confess judg- 

J«K jull igrfidl kdmil. Full confession. 

<*-J>^l iqhul-mand, adj. 



1. Proipeniu); bvppji fottuaate (bhi^- 

m); feUoitouB, 

3. liiuky ; propituma (niM). 

~ m.t Prospoit; ; goo4 fertiui& 

Ajl*iSSi iqliJir', n, id, )jJ being poifejfttl or 

able. Poirer; autborit7(tM(ydr); legal power; 

control; might; ability; dignity ;' rank. 

ifl^ }l,»i3l iqttdOr-i- jait. Lawful authority. 

oretjonary poww, 
iftitltr raM'ttA, v, n. To be able, oompe- 
tant, eto. 
A ^twA>t f^ftMiDi', n. m. Ped. forH. (a{£, q.v. 

•$>■;-« ft->3?l igtit^m'-i-mirat. n. m. Ped. for 
(oltoeEfi). Division of inheritance. 

Aj-^IS^^ iqHtit^, n. m. See i*ihtit»: 

A (•1k>»1 tqdam', n. m. A ft^ sending on before, 
to go before ; precedence ; 


\ ffi. ^VJf} ^rjii iqdain-*-*riitab4-jurm. At- 
tempt to commit an offenoe. 

■i^M har'tUL To attempt ; turn at. G. G. 

ya*y kame ia iqdOm kar'tO. To attempt to 
wage war. G. G, 

*-khvd-tua.l b» irlilM Id iqdOm. 

Attempt to commit suicide. 0. G. 

faU-iwta» mustaiiam-i'Kua ke irtiidi Id i^- 
dJIm. Attempt to commit enable homi- 
cide. G. G. 

^fiti-i-imad kS igd&m. Attempt to murder. 

A jlyl *V^i Pop> SW^t 1. m. p Eatabliahing. 

1. Promise ; aaanrance ; agree^ient ; 

2. Declaration ; aMertion ; affiimatiou ; 
oratfeaaioB; avowal; aaaeut; acknowledg- 
ment ; admiasion ; consent ; aeceptanoe ; 

3. SBi!gain;.c(»ipaot; contract; setUe- 
ment ; covenanL 

4. JKeeeipt; aa^owledgment ; the 
Qotificfttion w avowal of the right of 
anothw n|iMi ^esel£ 

tfW tfiy 9 }>p> »fr*- at rA Imdit. Solemn 

•ii^'jl^ i^r ba-halaf. Statement on oath. 
^}(1^ >'j*i i^rArtairirl A writtea eufsikge- 

iqrHr Aln^NMr, n. m. 
1. A deed of gift. 

3. A deed of gift with some reservation 
or declaration of right in the donin'. 

^•ii )'>" igrOr-i-tabanl. A verbal engage- 
ment or agreement 

f\M jl^l iqrdr-i-iOm. A public acknowledg* 
ment, declaration, or con&ssioQ; a vill; 
a testament. 
. lif) t^/ff j'j" I'jwlr kd maril rahni. To 
adiiere to oue'a engagement. 

iqrSr ka/iUi, v. a, 

1. To promise; engage; pledge (oneself); 
give a promise ; to give, pass, jdight 
cue's word. 

2. To declare ; assert ; affirm ; profess ; 
affirm solemnly ; protest ; allege ; avouch. 

3. To oonGMS ; acknowledge ; admit ; 
own ; allow ; grant ; yield assent ; accede ; 

4- To engage ; to enter on ; make or 
&>Fm an engagement ; take upon oneself ; 
bind, tie, or pledge oneeelf ; to contract 
an obligation ; to nnderteke ; bargain ; 
agree tar ; subscribe ; settle ; stipuh^ ; 
uU jl)Jl iqrdi-ndmah, n. m. 

1. SettlemMit; compact; indenturSi 
covenant; deed of covenant 

2. Written obligation ; engagement } 
■ written aKreemeut; deed of agreem^t; 

contract; bond. 

jj^'ot t»\} ^jir i^r&r-ndmah adO-i-tar. A pe- 
cuniary obligation. 

ifjJ fUifl &*tj jl^l iqrOrndmah ehUnim*- 
tarkah. An administration bond. 

iqriv-nimah-i-baiidobatt, n. m. [p^c^ 

1 . Administration paper; settlement com- 

3. The engagement entered into with 
Government by the M^gusir and ^par- 
ceners of a village specifying the mode of 
paying the revenue, how the shares ai^ 
to bo distributed; whether the shares 
are held in common or in sovwal^ ; the 
number, functions, privileges, etc of the 
LatniardSra ', the items of the Sayet: 
rights of irrigation, extent and appropria- 
tion of waste, and cnlturable land ; ^nd 
the number, dutJee, and pay of the village 
servants. This engagement is to be 
signed by oU the Lamharddrt, and as 
many /'afCeifclrf as possible, to be attested 
by the PaUedri and QSn'oi^go, and finally 
confirmed by the signature of the Settle- 
ment Officer, after being read oat before 
him in open Court in t£e presence of the 
subscribing parties. 

iqrHr-A&maki-tiliuf, &. m. An arbltntioD 
agreMuent by which the partiM bind 
themselves to abide My thedaaiviiMiof the 



arbitrators, tonhomthe matter in dispute 
ia referred fgr final settlement 

^>»f^ **yj )I>»1 iqrA'-namahi-gupwdffl. 
A deed of hypothecation by which pro- 
perty ia assigned over aa security for aloan. 

gLe t4iJ l;*l i'irar-Hamah tulah. Solemn 

W**")*^ **'' >V iirHr-namah JH tharteh. 
The terms of a contract ; proviaiona of 
an engagement. 

^)I;Jl iqrS'n, adj Promiasory; assenting. 

iqr&rT, a m. One who assents, coufesaes, 
or acknowledges. 

^l-.i ^)'^l iqr&rl dt^mF, n. m. One who 
confesaea judgment; a prisoner who 
pleads guilty. 

jabran. iqrdr kdr&nd. To extort a confession. 

A V/f «?'"*d; Pop. aj'j-wfiil, n. m. pi. of ojroJ 

nearer, Comp. of qanh near. 

Kindred; relations ; relatives {rithte- 
d&r); kinsmen; kinsfolk (mWI). 

A ic\.^ aqtaf, n. f. pi. of l&J Instalments. 

A J*'-**! aj'^m', n. m. pi. of ^im. [{bhaM). 
Kinds ; sorts ; various sorts or kinds 
aqi&m-i-mufasai'ah zail, u. m. 

1. The foil iwing sorts or kinds. 

2. The descriptions hereinafter enumer- 
ated. G. O. 

A&^sJ J*! oqalli-darjaA, n. m. Uinimnm; 

the lowest computation ; the least quan- 
tity {ehkote M c/t/wta). 

A *4l5( i?/Jm', n,m. 

1. Clime; climate; region; oountry (det). 

2. Zone ; belt of country. 

Hl-^ T9I iky ^dj- Used in Comp. for d> one. 


1. An ear-ring with a single pearl ; an 
armlet or ornament containing perfume, 
worn on the arm. [single lamp. 

2. A candlestick holding one candle ; a 

3. One-horse vehiolei eiteueively used 
by the natives. 

t^S*''! TWdai ii-p*sfia, UpeArha, n. m. 

An ornament for the head, [dominion. 
ihehhat rAj kar'nd, v. a. To hold universal 
l^-fl nfBSllii!-*Srjik'-4aA, ik'-*iM, ycA'tOA, adj. 

l.Even; level; plane. 

S.Eqoal; oo-eqoal; co-oidioote ; on a 
par with. 
3. Similar; same; resembling. 
i/*^\ Tsmi ikUCl, a. f. A sheet rf one 
breadth only, ^enar&Uy laoed. pace, 

^V^l »irw?T ikliif'a, adj. Oiie-stringod naoli- 
^>>''l Vai^ni ik4a,»ta; Kus. kalau'tA, adj. An 
only son. 
H»-J1 WW «**. *ti. ^ W. ; ak'wan, oiaa'pl. 
E.; ak'fo Mij-.; madar, n, m. S. «4. 

Curled, flowered gigantic awallow-wort, 
celebrated among native practitioners for its 
many medicinal qualities ; Calotropi* gir 
gaTUiea; Saechamm offixinaram. Wat 
n^SS] TSI^ttofd, ekd'fUl, itad-shl, 
ikiWa.ffffa'rat; Rus. tad"*!, id^a, n. f. a 

The eleventh day of the lunar fortn^t 
on which the Hindtls genarally keep £wt 
H liwjtfj VMirVC aiar'band, n. m. A 
statement prepared at the time of the 
annual settlement, shewing the highest 
amount of revenue derivable from a 
village ; the quantity of land paying rent 
or rent free ; the aum assessed, ana land 
cultivated during preceding years, tha 
balances due, and instalments l^ which 
they are to be discharged ; the sums pay- 
able to the village oflSoers, and the shares 
in which the assessment is to be distribut- 
ed among the occupants of the lands. 
H^W I Vmm ^tOs,' akos', of***, n. m. S. 
^rmrv from mJiq to be visible. 

l.The heavens; sky (Otnan); finns- 

menL t^^ 

2. Ether; the fifth element of the Hin- 

athat-binl, n. f. A voice from heaven ; a w- 
velation ; an oracle ; Divine oall or ia- 
jnnctjon (oi gaUS durOi). 

aUtOs birt, — tnrti, ajgar birli, n. m. One who 
has no ostensible m^ns or flied source of 
sabsistence in the world,(A. mutavatiil). 

akka»-bei, amar-itl, n. t The aiixireeper; 
Cutcata refiexa. Wat 

akkSn-dyi, akkan dSea, n. m. A lamp which 
the Hindus hang aloft on a bamboo in the 
month of Sdtai ; a beaoon. 

aiia*-»»i*tif, n. m. A devotee of the 51W«I 
sect, whose devotion consists in holding 
bia face up to the sun untU he is unable 
to turn it in any other directioa 

oUdf-nlm, n. m. A plant growing on the ■*» 
tree ; Bignania tuiMJva. Wat 

Hjtil W«WI otaf E.andR^a.;ia^W.n.In; 



H. a, priv., kdl time, hence untimelineas, 
vlnseaaoa ablenesa. 

1. A bad seaaoa ; a Masoa of scarcity. 

2. Drought ; ooaroity ; a general ecarci- 
ty ; dearth. 

akSl matU, a. m. Premature death ; suddeo 
death; unnatural death {bin £1 maiit). 

p » vjJI akbar't, a. f. Relating to Akbar. 

A sweetmeat of rioe-flour and sugar 
formed into balls, and after being fried 
in ghl, encrusted with clarified sugar, 

E t'V^I aitU'liar, a. m. October. 

E A^l '*'«*- «*'*«*• '*''^' "■ "*■ ■^° ■"' ' '*" ' 

E lXm^\ ak-toAg. iiftfl*^, n. m. Construed 
by the aiiterata as H. it on», (aAj* leg. 

Acting ; officiating ; in charge. 
- » [many. 

^ jITJ ak'tar; Rus. aJcat; adj. Comp. of «*" 
1. Most ; many ; much ; a great many ; 
very many. 

3. Frequent ; common ; usual ; current 
atiar, n-m-Thegreaternuraber, themajority. 
aJaor, — auqOt ; Bus. adcar k tr-ke, ady. Gene- 
rally ; chiefly ; commonly ; mostly ; often ; 
many times ; agiun and again ; ever so 
often ; time after time ; for the most part; 
repeatedly ; usually ; ordinarily, 

aluar hua tartd Aot. Frequently is the case; 
it frequently occurs; it often liappens. 

H t/f WKT of r«J E. ; afAtfya W, u. f. A 
grass or vetch which grows in the field 
under the spring crop, twining round the 
young com and checking its growth ; V\cia 
talioa. Wat. It is also termed cmkari, 
and is used as fodder. 

H i/\ mtT ai^ra, oirf; Brij. aifroi makA'gH, 
adj. S. V not, ^ to buy. Dear; costly; 
di'ri, W. Bus. n. f Dearth ; days of soaroity; 
bad season ; deamess ; high prio& 

H e/f ^nsft oi'rt E. ; n. m. 

1. The funnel on the top of the hol- 
low bamboo tube attached to the plough 

2. Unoleaned rioe. E. 

A *K.*S\ ikAr', akHt'; klM'ifil, a. t. A powder 

or mixture pretended to be oapaUs of 
oonvertiug other metals to gold or silver; 
the philosopher's stone ; an elizir ; alche- 
my ; a medicine to cure evBiy diM«M. 

Aia-fv^ 3 JJl aWo «/tur6, n.m. Eating and 
<hnnking (khand pind), 

Q^OJ V9t^ al^und, dkundar^ltl&il, n, 

Calotropia giyanteri. Wat. 
S JJ*! -Z^gH uk'viilA,»>.eta\iTe. 
By guess; at a rough estimate or 

calculation. [Tbrea 

Q c'ly't f V9I^ iku&l, tt. (Broken' idiom.) 

H ^^^ IVtriT ihdv'ta W. ; akauia E. n. m. 
An eruption in the leg. 

B l?)^f V$I7I atau'td E. ; dhurUt W. a. m. 

The cross bar on which the pulley turns. 

H jyi ^I%T3I ai»^. ako'la, u. m. A plant, 

the oil of which is used in enchantments; 

Alangiun decaptalum. Wat. 

HVa^t V^Pir aio'ld, akul' £. ; akkan'ld, 

kho'la, ayati'la, ago'td, agoV W. ; gold. Sah. 

n. m. H. agld, S. «q foremost. 

The top shoot of the sugarcane plant. 

H^j^f cS filT tiau'na;Bus. Brij, lu'iatt'nfl, 
n'm. H. ei nd mt one. Picked ; unmixed ; 
pure. Ikaand gdiHA. 

B^tJ"! ^ST3 iiaaij, ikon}, n. f, A woman 
who has home but one child. 

H tj^i V^on aethd, ak'khtH, E.; dniM, M&f. 
n. m. One of the pair of grain or water- 
bags of a horse or bullock-load. 

H I \^^ ^n^nrr aUta'ra, akhSra; W.BuB. and 
Sah. khdrd, n. m. 

1. A place for exercise ; any place of 
assembly ; arena ; theatre ; a court ; a 
place for wrestliug or athletics ; a gym- 

2. A band ; assembly ; class ; party. 

3. A sect of Hindu Sadbus, oa Ndrd'ml 

H J^^ ^igRI uihaV, weWU', n. The act 
of vomiting or throwing ap ; an emetic 
uih^' pukAal'i-tBolchdl,' Bus. n. m. 
Vomitii^; cholera inorbuiS. 

1 A portion <rf the crop per plough 
paid to the vill^e artisans, as the smith, 
carpenter, etc. 

2. See aehchhat. 

,y Google 

HjJi^rt 3«raft fM'fi; fl-fcAoi, o'khal, E.; 
oiA'ff, W. ; okh'ari, Brij. d. f. g. 3a <B Hq, 
Pr. okkAalani A mortar. A wooden or gtone 
niartar for pounding rice or other gmin. 

H 5*^*1 ^rasnj athae^aj; oMatf biriM.; 
Bhoy dehhai-bar, n. m. S. vw andaoAj'iiig, 
as A epeciea of Fieus tndioa (t), famous 
in Hindu legend as being nndttoaying. 

aj, IL m. tmr <|[SHrT. The leth of Saiiim 
(April-May) when ths cultivators settle 
their aooountB for the expeuBes of the 
Jiabi, or apring crop, and the repagrmeBt 
of advances ; a Hindu feativaL 
tOAiaJ ka bhOo, n. The rat« of com on the 
day of akbx^; at which nte the cultiva- 
tor agrees to repay in kind the advances 
made to him iciib interest. 
Rsa^yf/] «^m oilVo/, diirtl; Mif. apkt- 

«rt, n. I*. S. * not, *fi? fame. 

l.Defomation; dlsgrac^; obloquy; r». 
phiaeh {bad-nHtia). [(apmSit). 

2. Ill report ; bad repute ; discredit 

Mag. ag'ti/a ; M&f. bMe j n. f. S. «{^, 
Pr. and Sah. aff'gi. 
Fire ; flame (lau). 
Sff de'nS, v. a, 

1. To set on fire; fire; ooasume; i}e». 
iroy ; annihilate (used by women aa a 

2. To fire a funeral pile ; to peWorm 
the Mineral rites (of a Binda). 

ag loffd'na, v. a. 

To set fire to ; set on fire ; apply the 

match fo; make a bonfire o£ 
djf lag'na, v. n. 

To be set, or be on fire ; to catch fire. 
■!•>( -^ Win ilB l^hoi, aff-an^ ; Ped. dad- 

iath; Fop. (iAu(IiM»«&,n.m. A steamer; a 

\ft Wtm oge'yA, agai'ya, n. f. S. «W H. Cff, 

fire. A disease aflfecting plantSi bo thllttSi 

[dant seems burnt up (fj. 

^j^^mvtboifffi/A'fl, n. f. The B«oHficia1fit« 
of a Hindu; bunung incense, etc. (horn). 

Ut/' ^ammra^si'na, v. a. To heatmetallis 
vissWa; to piwify a vessel by pabaing it 
Uirough tlie ftr*. Bin. 

H ^J^ jyi ^I^ ^ agaiti Ihia, a. t 


An bktXj crop, ia AtnitMdHtiiNtiOB b) 
(paeAhaUf late). 

H \ji^\ «^ offatrA, n. in. T6* flnt ahsna 

of the crop prdsented to the samindlr. 
H j-Ufl «ilTOi <itf«'«, h. t: 
1. A turban. 

3. A terrace in fnmt of an ^fV nxna. 
kaii agXA, a t !fhagi. The cry of 4 fcite 
ooAtinued from midnight to iarlf mom- 
ibg, «hicb is held a bjid oth^ 
H Jiff Wira tf^, n. m. Tftajf. Oldalothea 
H tftrf Vnmi ttg^a W. ; «•« fi. n. [cfoii*. 
I. An thaeet which ftttaAii ttafiding 
2^ L«od always saturated with ntvistura 
ft -Jf T VjmTn Og^Mi i Bh(» taiJUr', lulj. 
66ming; alxnt to come; f^itiure; what 
is to come. 
ftgam, u. m. 

1. An advanee payment 

2. All future possible priviUgea W 

tWrf SnraT vg^HB; Brij. tt^(lA*M, T. a. 

Caus. of vgnSi q. v. 
P !(tfT djntt'. A<y. 

1. Apprised ; a<lvi««d ; awwa ; aoqii^t- 
edwith; knowing; privy to. 
2- lafbrmed ; vwsed ; ooiiverskiit. 
Ogdk tar'na, v. a. Ped. for H. joWnA [ni^. 
1. To acquaint; inform; apprise; sig- 

3. To r4q)ort ; send #OTd ; ndntiM ; 

S. To give notice; make known; flotify- 
i^VT Oga'kt, n. f. Z. t^dri. Information; 
knowledge; aoqnaintanoe. 
H lA^irf 3nTTWt ugiA'nA, t. ft. See Ut^f 
H ( Jf! VttX oiT'M 0?'r* ; Tit. aiK'rd, it. m. 
An ear of com or rice which Eai been 
blighted and oontatns no grahi. 
H^ WTHT «'puf, ag'ari d'yiir, Aih'gio', n. m. 
S. vnttamioe. 
A lalt pit ; salt work., 
4ff't% agu'rS, agar'gd, aih'gri ; E. imd'jNBl; 
Mil- i&droL n. £ A salt maaofiustaier. 
B/\ VfK a/o*". n. ifi. S. «g«i the fragrant 
aloe wood. 

Wood of aloei; Aqui/and ogaJroeha. Wat 
tyar H battli n. f A oandle made of aloe wood- 
"j/l •tAfZJ agrau'td, agar-dOm, n.m. A soent- 
. bottU;aveaaelfQrbolding(9ar(periiaiDee). 
^1 vift agnO, i^. Of the ecdor of 4«w. ] 

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P Jl ff/or; H. jo, co^j. If; if so t»; in case; 
iA tfa« event of. 
affar-eh^ Even if; altbougb; granted; admit 
thftt; notwithetanding. 

H Ut^/f «ire«mT i»/or ja'na, V. n. rfcoyl. 

To 6BoApe fh)m imprlBonment. 
H ^')>^i 'B'lWWIT ii0'ar-waIa,a{f'gar-wiU,a.m. 
1. A race of men^auts of the FoiJ^' 
tribe from A^roha, to the westward o( 

3. The descendants of Baja Agar. 

HSjJTtVT «/'•(>*. v^oAn', n. m. 0pp. of 

^roAn eclipse. The illuminatioD of the 

sun or noon after an eelipse. 
S iJif^ Wnn a/<U^ n. m. The month of 

g ,«*--fl tnfel <9«'ta'. B. tn. (Wat. 

1. A tree; AiitAyKOtMne grattdifiora, 
i). The star Catiopna; Ai^ NavU (A. 

tah^; H. naa). 
H JTT Vfim ^gal Pop. ; fi«n{d W. Bus. n.f. 

8. «A||, PlU aggalo. A baf fer foat«ntttg 

ft doer. 
HUH VI9Tr o/^ «?''«. o/B; Rna. <v'b, 

^A>-, n. IB. 

I. The flret, or foremMt person or thing. 
%. A second person ; ancrther partj. 

3. The persons now living ; the present 
generation ; oontemporariea. [deoessors. 

4. Elders ; forefathers; anoestors; pre- 
6. Descendants, ^posterity; successors. 

6. A husband (Worn) ; consort ; wife. 

t. A member of the wife's or husband's 

8. God ; the Supreme fieing. 

d. One side or party in a match, or 
laWsuit ; an opponent ; advorsaty ; antago- 

10. A despot; ^rrant; oppressor. 

I I. the {trivate partt of th6 bod^. 

1 3. 0pp. of pic/A/d. Slmset ; eretaing ; 
the time for breaking a &s(. Uab. 
i^U, pro. Th«T ; thoia 
^ItpiMtle, n. m. 

1. AnoeltorS; dden; predeceseors; pos- 
tdfit;; oiftpring; descendants. [tions. 

5. Preceding and succeeding genns- 
^^^ Vnn QTVT ogi^i pur't&f , n. m. The fore- 

ttiat sail <^ & rihiit. [of a ship. 

f^nff iinHimi aglA tkam, n. The foremast 
f>¥ "f^ *rtll KWW Sjffil jmdm, n. m. Hin. 
1. Former Inrth or UEb; 

2. The next wortd ; the future. 

agti pie/Ml har'nf, n. t The flfnits of one's 
acts in this life, or in a formsl' life aooord- 
ing to the Hindu beiitf in the transmigra- 
tion of souls. 

agte leaqlotl se, adv. Prom past times ; long 
ago ; from a long time ; from Ume imme- 

agtti yA agm mUi rakk'nO, t. a. To antedate. 
8 »lT WinU i(gam, a^am; M£r. a^gam, n. 
m. S. w + mf to eoroe near, 
1. Futurity ; future life ; the next world. 

3. A Aaatroi containing spdls and inoafi- 
tations dictated by MfAddeva. 

3. The East. 

igdm hdMhnd, t. n. To detennine thd fM\m ; 
foroctot ; foretell ; (jropheey. 

agam biddyd, n. f The art or soienee of fore- 
telling; divination; angniy; fortune-telling; 

ojTdint gyHnl, Sgam JSnr, agOmX, n. m. 
A pri^^oaticator; diviner; fore-knower; 
one who foretells fbrtunes ; a prophet ; 
soothsayer ; one versed in the ttmlrfu. 

H,j^ "J" -V'"*. ^»nt E. ; «oIi»rt. W. n. f. 

Grain set apart for the household god. 
lEiMS\ 9IT*IT vg'na, vb'nd, vpafnd, t, n. S. 
SJJ up, itif to go. 

1. To sprout ; germinate ; grow. 

2. To spring ; rise ; bud ; begin ; dawn ; 
set in. . 

igJ^ amm tig'matt, Rus; pffrab, Rip.; intuh'- 
mf, Ped. n. m. The East 

S JX( *fij ag'ni; H. a^in, ag'a*, itfi, dg ; 
*^Sah. and Pr. ag'gt, n. t Fire. 
agiU bSn, n. m. Ped. Burning arrows ; a 
rocket ; a fiery missile. 

<^pU Ado, n. t The &roy in honea ; «o erup- 
tive disease in nun sad elephants j ery- 

agnt biMiHan; H. maia bOAmtin, ittrd Mvtan, 
n. D^ A SrOlunan #ho sdrres as a priest at 
the biiming of dead bodiee. 

agiii-panhhd. Ordeal by fire as formerly prac- 
tJMd by walking t)u>ough it, or as subse- 
qnently praetised by dipping Uie hand into 
boiling oil, or emlMaoiBg a red bot pillar 
of iroa 

agni ^'hB, n. f. The oemmony of biimii^ a 
dead bodr. 

a0m4ik, agni^kan, n. f. The south-east quart- 
er of which Aghi is the r^nt 

agtti tandtSr, n. tn. The aaoranent of (irv ; 
the burning of the deftd body as an essen- 
tial rite of the Hindu religion. The oom- i 




pletion of any esaeutiaJ rite by worship 
with fire. Funeral ceremonies. 

agui kiryS, Xi. Any ceremony ^ith fire, but 
especially the burning of the dead. 

Offni-hotrl, n. m. 

1. One who performs the ceremony of 
Hmn ; a fire- worshiper, 

2. A sect of BrahnuuiB. 
agni-hom, n. PerformEmce of wor^ip with 

fire ; offering oblations to fire. 

H ,j*t^I 'onaiat agva'a, pknn, n. The 

body of the plough-share. 
Hlinfl OTU^T Offoi^ad E.; rakhaSti k. W. 
V. a. S. va foremost. [care of. 

To watch ; guard ; to look after ; take 
'j/f %Sim ojor'a^ njor'j/d, E. ; rakhad'ia, 
W. n. m. A watchman ; tiuaid; a num ap- 
pointed to watch ovei- crops. 
HtS.'Cjfl Wgra agAd^, ugkdl. as/haul', n. t 

Land held in perpetuity, and inalienable. 
H S'^^S Wai?I agh&fd, n. m. A plant said 

to cure the bite of venoruous reptiles. 
HUl^l ^Sini tighXna, H^'nd, V. a. S. ^n 
-l-VS to take up, 

1. To gather (rent, tolls, imposts, etc) ; 
collect ; raise, or net (money) ; scrape to- 
gether ; raise by subscription. 

2. To tax ; imjiose ; levy, 

3. To btg, or aok for ; importune, 
^l^f f ami ugha, vgdi, agdi pcUdi W.; ugd'hi, 

bih'ri Ka.f. 

1. Collections ; proceeds; produce; col- 
lection of rent or revenue. 

2. Dues ; outstandings ; money to be 

H .^1 IK?? agh'an, maAg'tir, n. m. S. w- 
VTVn, from ^nr before, VIQ^ .Year, i, e. the 
beginning of the year, Old styla 

Theeighth monthof the luni-solar year 
corresponding with November-December. 

tJ-^y mv^ agh'nl, E. n. f. The produce of 
that portion of the ^Aar7/, or cold weather 
crop, which is gartered in the month 
Aghan ; the harvest of the cold season. 

agh'nXfatl, n. The cold weather harvest, 
reap«d in Not. and Deo. 

H UaTt '3^niT N^&'nd, V. n. To be oollected, 
gathered, nuaed by. subocription. 

H ^^^^ l^rr ^ai aghof-pantK, ghor 
panlh, aghcr-pantht, o. m. agkor, a title 
of Shiv. from S. a not, ghor fear. 
An order of HindS mendicants who 

worship Siv. They eat eveiythinfc 
however filthy or unclean, even human 
carcases; hence, a gross or filthy feeder: 
a dirty-looking man. 

H ^1 V^ age, adv. Before. 

I*" J ^I wiS iTSTT agi (far na Hin. f . ». 

1. To throw or place before one. 

2. To supply a widow with money for 
her aupport, (This money is given her by 
her relations on the death of her husband). 

dg€ ae rok'nA, jahlf u—, v. a. To stop be- 
forehand ; be beforehand with; pre-oocupy ; 
prevent; forestall 

Ijf • qmn n?'vd, o/ul, a/ad, n. m. 

l.Oue who goes before; a runner; ■ 
village servant who acts aa a guide to 
travellers ; a guide ; leader. 

2. E. Oue who negotiates a r&arriage ; 
a m>itch-mtAer. [man's skirt 

3. The opening or slit in a Uinda wo- 
;'/t viRHT agwAi^ ; Mikr- •i'-I, u. m. 

The portion of grain set apart for the 
vilIageBrrvants,likethecustomary "sharp- 
ing com" in England ; the perquisite of 
the ploughman in kind, rent, etc, paid 
in advance. 
<.Vi^, ^V/'WXTjfiXWV^agua'repir^h- 
wd're, ag'a.r bag' or ; Gaj-h. agA paMi; 
M5r. agof paeAAoj-', n. m. 

1. Neighbourhood (afo»pof'<M);vimnage. 

2. Persons living in front and rear uf a 
house; neighbours. 

^/l iwarat aged'ul, agti(h%, ajei% ag- 
au'nl, agmo'nl, a t 

1. Guidance ; direction ; leaderahip, 

2. Guide ; leader ; forerunner, 

3. Eeception ; welcome ; going or send- 
ing forward to meet and receive a viutor 
with honor {istiqbSl). 

4. Agent ; attorney ; manager ; secretary. 
agvSn-i kar'nA, v. a. To advance to meet the 

bridegroom, or a visitor on the road ; escort 
to one's home^ 
)/l wfiiT agattr', agaa'rt, E. adv. An ad- 
vance of rent paid by the cultivator to 
the Zaaiinddr in the months of Jeth and 
agaw baim, n, t A division of the crop in 
predetermiuated proportions between land- 
lord and tenant ; a watching and sharing, 
each party keeping a watch over the fields 
that none of the crop be fraudulently 
made away with. [aggia, StuA. 

H V"! 'ftUT oi7'y<I, n. m. A bird; Atattdm 

H yr fllSf «/<?yd, a/gi/O, a,f. S. w + »I 
to command. 



1. Order; oomnuind; iiyunotion ; pre- 

2. ProTision ; direotion ; initniotioa ; 

3. Leave ; license ; warrant ; permission. 

4. An edict ; award ; decree. 

5. CommiBsion ; order for goods. 
BggyS pSl'nA, v. n. To obey orders (A«£m 

baja land), 
aggyd dt'nt, ag^d tar'ni, v, a. 

l.To issue orpaaaan order; give orders. 
3. To permit ; allow ; admit. 

3. To decide ; settle ; conclude. 

4. To instruct; direct ; guide. 
«wVy<I-*d'j1, adj. 

1, Acting according to orders. [fid. 

2. Obedient ; submissive ((d6«-rfAr) ; duti- 
oggyS meit rat/t'nd, v. a. 

t.'To keep under subjection or ooDtrol. 
2. To govern ; rule, 
dggyi mtA rak'vA, dggyd m&n'ttd, v. n. To 

obey ; submit. 
t^gS^ ^""^ ^'nd, V. a. To bring under oon- 

trol ; subdue ; master. 
jSj^^ «l«T V9 ajggd-patra; A. P. hut-n' 
ittmah, a. m. A written order ; a warrant 
or oommisaion ; an edict 

BjJ^^fivtm aw a^ga-ghgt; E. — 
khar; A. i^khar, n. t Lemon grass; 
Andropogon tc/ugntaUfrnt, Wat 

H^l V?l '^^i o'Ai "' f- Ptuniljr name; patro- 

1. A plant, from the root of which a red 
dye is prepared ; Morinda eitrifotio. Wat. 

2. A green stalk of onion. 

5. A pumpkin (ffAld). 

an ra^, d! id rang, n. m. A colour eitraot- 

ed from the dl tree ; Morinda Imetoria. 


Rj\vmai; TJr. hal; Mag. odOt; Bhoj. 

odd ; P. foH, n. f. S. «tra. P&ll alio wet. 


>t vnn ald,-^d Pop. ; tar Fed. adj. 

1. Wet;moist;satiirated,eflpeoiall7with 

A jT ^ d; mttdd, n. f. [oendanta. 

1. Offspring; children; progeny; dea- 

2. Family; house; race; dynasty. 

«r Id tUa urigiuil Anliia, dJ ligniUw tli« 

tMns born to tba daugliler, and aaUd, tha iuua 

of tba •on. 
al bel, dl o aiflU, n. 1 Offspring; children; 

4^MMZ/(laT, n. m. Dynasty; royal dynas^; 

royal bmily. 

A lit at, The Ambio article answering to ttte. 

^UVI al-amM'. Intj. Qod save us I Heaven 

preserve me t mer<^ on na I God forbid 1 

Jf jSJI allavak'iul, adv. A. jr^l^ resigua- 
tion t^the will of Gud. On the chance; 
by guess; at a rough guess; heads or tails. 

al-tavat% Pop. adj. Conjectural; presump- 
tive; suppositions. 

Jl«l1 al'hdl, il-hai, Jil-hal, Ped. adv. See abhi. 

,3anll al/iaq, adv. 

1. In truth ; assuredly ; verily ; truly 
(t<uh) ; sooth to say. 

2. Actually ; indeed ; no doubt (fie-«Aa('). 
at-hag, intj. yes ! aye 1 eiactly ! surely ! 

indeed ! [Koran. 

.t*»)l at-hamd, a. t. The first iSrat iu the 
al-hamd jjo^h-kar fAOAk'nd, v. a. To read the 
first chapter of the Qurdn and then blow 
upon the bee of a person to protect him 
from Buperuatural influenoee, 
*-«« <UHbd, a. m. A. jr the, *-• slave, tit. 
the slave, or servant The signature or ini- 
tials of a subordinate officer or servant 

hXUltjJj ,^1 alqabio dtdll-ul^miik,tu.VtM- 

session ia presumptive proof of ownership. 
kis'AJt at-tavta'j", adj. Twicj ; double ; 

two-fold (dOmd). 

£lojii alvii^it, n. m. The last Friday in the 

month of Ramtdn. [(mMm). 

^^xJo\^l<i^, n. f. pi. of ^T. Implements; 

tools; instrumenta; apparatus. 

V;^ •^t\ atdt-i-harb, n. va. Ped. for haiydr. 

Arms. G. G. 
C.«t,i i»I dlat-i-tard&l, n. m. Ped. for ifc-d 

Ice okhar. Implements of husbandry. 
^3) itHl dldt-i-r<uan, n. m, Ped. for 6o(. 
Weight*. [of boat 

H i-^V ( 39int uldk'; Sah. %ldAgh, n.m. A kind 
H ^y flraira aldti', aldn', a. m. S. wnmt. 

1. The brushwood used for creepera to 

run on. [post 

^. A chain for binding an elephant to a 

Z.H. jl*! irail^I <^'o, oWv; Sah, Ido ; W. 

Rub. pdar, pQr ; G. Rus. adOA, dhiTwr, n. m. 

A fire; a bonfire; a fire kindled in a pit 

before the village, and the villagers aeat^ 

ed round it with their hvJJtdt. 

PH j^St^l f?nqfl^ ila-ae/a, iUCehX; Rns. 

andSah. Alc&I; Mag. idrieAl, rdncA^ n.f.S. 

VKl cardamoms. 


CardamogiB ; AtpitUa cardamotituM. 
War. [moms. 

AlcM bMi'nd, T. a. lit. To diatnbnte ■Murdo' 


miuio, to tilt temnli 
to tha {cMt. 

1. To inviU; call ; send an invitatioa to. 

2. (UJa. Worn.) To form an atttohmeot 
or intimao7. 

ilOehl tmn'da, ilOchi ^d, ilSchi kd do^9, n. m. 

The capsule or pod of the cardamom. 
aoehidd'tia, Q. m 

Cardamom coated with Hugar ; a comfit. 

bat^ ilSeK, D. £ A lai^ inferior kin4 of 

cardamoms. [cardamoms. 

ehhofi ilSdiX, n. £ A small, sxiperior kind of 

*X*\ VWnil ila'ehd, n. m. Cloth woven of silk 

and ttiread to represent cardamoms. 

P ^&iVT Hd'uh ; Illit. tOaith, n. f. P. ^adtm 

to besmear. 

1. PoUutioD ; 'contamination. 

2. Pfu ; matter ; the enbrails. 

Port •JaH «/pIn'E.; OlfUn.' W. n. m. Port alfi- 
ntte. A pin. 

1. A tool; an ntmsil; implement; in- 
strument; apparatus. 

3. The niFming or riggiqg of a ship. 

3. The p«nit ; membrwn virile (awi4a- 

HUfI VSrnr al'ta, arta, E.; drat Tir.; moAA*- 
var W. n. m. S. nvm- 

CottoD strongly impregnated wiUt lao- 
dye re«ly for dyeing, used by Smiii wo- 
men for staining their feet red. 

A •w'^aII »/^tma«',n.m.,^Pr»ying. a request; 

T U»Ajf txilam^a, tam^ d. m T. j1 red, U^ a 
Btaap or impreasion. [med^ 

1. The royal insignia, eeal, diploma ; a 

2. A royiJ grant under the seal of some 
of the fbrmer native princes of Hindustan, 
recognised by the British Goremment as 
oonferring a tiUe to rent-ftee land in per- 
petuity, hereditary and transferablsL 

3. A royal grant in perpetuity, descend- 
ing to one's pocterity. 

4. A tax leried on tmyellers. 

H ,_5J^T Wn^ 9lia'nX, a. f. H. Imi string. 
The ropp round the neok of an ele- 
phant, in whidi tiie driver puts his feet 
as instimtpe. 


A ifi\ iHi^, n. m. Ped. fbr H. (tttf. 

Delay ; suspenaioa ; adjoi'n'''>B<'^ 
tUivO'i-ehand roxdk. Temporary Btispenaiw. 
»f(ml-Utiibn-i-j>AdiM, n. m. Bepriere. 
Utiva iar'nd, v. a. To defrnj delay; poBtp(Mu; 

put off. 
Unvdri-nUSm, a. m. Postponement of sale by 

m' Srix-i^ltM mei rai'na, t. n. ToNBUin 

in abeyance. 

H l^Alf 3991 vfiM, Mlfd, a. m. Tn^u^^ 
(tarjvttah); Tenion. 

H(3% iSff van wryi «^3 i>har^ n. lu- 


B A ijift- ^f WJI »<i»Vl, Mah, «. f. A 

curse or malediction iriiioh foils on tlie 

fr TliB panon who prMounew tha enrw, 
places ■ tfrnkti »«i>rd eraet baloro bim, blowiaf 
on tlia **rord aftar ivarj Word and aautoDOa. 
Tha affeot ia balievad to be the deftth or ruin ot tba 
pareoD ao euraad. But if the ouraa reeorltOD 
thepericiii«hopniiioui>Mdit,iti* oslladalMW^ 
(the biter bit). Sa^fi is » latm ot u)ipnf*ti«i 
against ui enaiuy. 
vHi bm^. The Uek ; the othw side ; tbs 

H Jjtf ci'f ^Wt WS vlie kdttte. lit. The 
power arm digbtly best. 
Somewhat short weight. 
vlfl kar'nO, v. a. To vomit ; osft up; 

A at^t il^t n- <»■ Ped. ^ Mning. 

1. Annexation , addition ; junction. 

2. Fees formerly ezaoted mai the put- 
ties to a suit 

A ^t«Ji »tt*i', n. m. A good voioe. 

^ 'jXa^\^ihi!iaq,ar^khdiaq^a. t A oo»t 
with sleeves ; a surtput, like the qabS, with 
buttons, instead of strings at the neck, 
breast, and navel. 

H})f *9W)r «^^. imJJ- See >#». . 

A f\'4) il*Am' ; Rus. *}Mni, n. m. f^ Render- 
ing necessary, &steiuDg (a thing) iq^ 

1. Cenanre; blame; inqiutatioo; oii- 
mination ; recrimination ; • inveotive ^ de> 
nunciation; libeL 

2. AecusatioD; obai^; in4iotp)eQt; 
impeachment; arraignment; bi|l ^ in- 
diotment [lunWJ- 

3. Reproach ; discredit ; di^p^t^ ; os- 

,v Google 




iiaSm dhar'nH, v. a. To impute a fault; find 

ib&m dt'nO, ilzdm lagSna, v. a. [denounce, 

1. To impute; taunt, or brand with; 

2. "Jo accuse ; criminate ; ftirajgn ; in- 
dict ; to fix a chai^ ; inform against ; 
charge; impeach. 

ft ^\ 53«t al'»h W. ; (i'«(,E.n.f. S. wwt. 

linseed ; Limm viittUUsimttin, Wat. 

ofri id te/, a. m. Liuseed oil. 

Hi£-~^-J' IRlSj ali4;S»it.arKl;M&g. alS- 

tak, n. L S. «s^ abundance, S. at much, 

«; adhere. 

1. Sham; gammon; humbug (dhSAdal}. 

2. Deception ; fraud ; double dealing ; 

3. Unlawful attachment ; liaUon. 

i. Difference; discrepancy (in accounts). 

A IS^Urt «l/d^; H. thabd. n. m. pi. of HH. [blea. 
Words; articulate sounds; terms; voca- 
aifSi<-)Mi''khtu3-i-'vlilm ofanun. Ped. 

1. Teuhnioa:! terms (ittUdli). 

2. Terms of arts, G. 0. 

A *— 'lyf oijof, u. m, pi. of laqab. 

1. Titles : honorary titles ; patrwiymic. 

2. Fonos of address ; the tides of a per- 
son of rank. Thus, the (Joveroor Goooral 
is styled NctvSh muaiid alqdb the noble, 
the namih of lofty titles. 

aiqab o A/Mb, n. The address of a tett^; 
forms of address {Mab o alqab). 
H ^;'ttO ^fl %^m UT^ ttlakhrdl^&Tl, 
alakk^nSml, a m. A mendicant who ac- 
knowledges no deity but Brahma ; an &zad, 

AiUI al'ldk, Mah; **», Hin.n.m.JI The, *J1 
God. The Being who exists necessarily, by 
himself, comprising all tlie attributes of 
perfection. God ; the Supreme Being. 

Port^i^H alm&'rl. Port, atmario ; (Fac.) 
aUahrmdrl, n, f. Aohestof drawers; buck- 
cane ; cabinet. 

F M-Uf I ilm^', n. m. A diamond ; adamant. 
Umat4ara»h,', Ped. for H. hira-hai, adj. 
Cnt into &ceta (as gtasa, stone, etc.). 

A y^flf 0^""^ tuuh'rah (EotId), adj. lit. have 
we not revealed t Well-known; self-evi- 
deot ; manifest ; clear. 

HkXUt «3»I o^o^9> '«*?. n-*- Side; way; 
direction ; line ; row. 


oZang, adv. On this side ; this side. 

ho'nd, dna, v. n. [woman). 

, To be in beat {a mare), lustftd (a 

Hjf^n9^'^*'> "■ •»■ S. WTf. An esculent 

root; potato; Solanam luberomm. Wat. 

H jf ^ ''''''^t «'»^> ff^M??". At^gat ; Bhoj. 
»MM ; Mag, vrUva ; P. hOM. n. m; S. 
3^:. An owl; the great-eared or homed 
owl; the bird of night, 

HJt 3pj«nil,«id, n.m. AtreeBoc»lled,the 

nfttivea say, because it is a favourite perch. 
of the owL Saeehamm, cylindricum. Wat, 

p UliwjT ^a-bu^lAdra, a. m. [til. Wat. 

Dried plum ; jwune ; PruJim Boiharien,- 
H v^yf IWiq alop', hp ; Mag. vpak, adj, S. 
^ to disappear. 

1. Unseen; invisible; hidden. 

2. U n discernible ; latent; occult. 
alop anjaa, n, m. A coUyriiun. Wheu ap- 
plied to the eyes it is supposed to render 
the man invisible. 

alop m&'yS, n, f. 

1. The mysteries of nature ; the imper- 
ceptible power in natural phenomena. 

2. The latent power of Uod working in 

P &a- J| ^u'(Aa, alOeha ; Sah. lOchO. a. m. 

Akindof plum; PntHuaavalifolUL Wat, 

P Sjy? alHilx!!^ adj. Ped. for H. ft(Ar*Awfl. 
Spoiled ; soiled ; besmeared ; polluted. 
A lf\ a-tah, n. m. [craft- 

An instrument; a tool; implement; 
iUali-irhiTfat. Implements of trade. G. G 
alalU-'mv.hlik. A deadly weapon. G. G. 
jhm alah. A false instrument. G. G. 

A ^UI ^^*™'' °- ^- ^™'"- r** I'^P'""?. 

iiiusing into the mind. Divine inspiration, 

or revelation (dids-ftdiii)- 

A ^I »'d'A'' '•"'^**' "• *"■ ^^ ' ^^^' 

UahlyrlU, Mah ; rat-jag' a, n. A night spent 
in religious service or iii singing on any 
happy occasion, aa a marriage, etc ; a vigih 
Uaki tan, n. m. An era instituted by Akbar 
in the 24th year of his reign, when he 
embraced what he called the IWA maahab 

or Divine Religion of SviaA hd. Peace 
with all the world, or religioiu toleradon. 
iiikigai, n. m. The standard gaz, or yard 
of 41 inches instituted by Akbar, autho- 
ritatively filed by the British Government 
at 36 inchea. 
Uahi mohar, n. m. til. Divine BeaL 

A debt, the payment of which ie bmding 
in the highest degree ; what is owing to 
a hard creditor. 
HtxsuJt 3«1|^*IT vlieh/nd, vlae/iJt'}iil,vlaeh'- 

nd, T. a. See vbaehhnd. 
To empty; drain; exhaust; bale out. 
H{>1 Vm <!">, Smb; Poet, ambd, ambvH, n.m. 
S. W9, Pali, an^, Pr. atnbam. A mango ; 
fruit of the Mangifera Indica. 

AjUl vmias <niwl'>'afi °M'>t'i £•■! ontatlt, Tir; 
am'rat, W. n. m. S. wnnsft. The inapisaat- 
ed juice of the mango. 

^'j*T vnmi dmrsl, ambri'i, a. f. Revenue 
derived from gsTdens and mango groves, 

tf*T vTinr dmon, n, f. A large oval mango. 

Iy*l nftnr amaCd, u. m. A dark green color 

^ like that of a mango. 
HUt Wl am'mS, an'/ndii, md, mdA, m&i 
mSit&, mahtdt^, mal'yd; Poet, mdl, mAyal, 
Q. f. S. *nm. Pall, amma, A. ^f a mother. 
Mother; dear mother; mamma. 
P ,roUT ^tmM'gl, n. f. dmOdah prepared. 

The state of being prepared ; prepara- 
tion; readiness; preparedness. [ing. 

— i^miah, A show of assault ; threaten- 

— Aar ofiaSd, — dangah. Intention to com- 
mit a breach of the peace apprehended. 

■jUT amd'dah, adj. Prepared; ready. 

dm4dah iar'Tid, v. a. [(uitdni.) 

1. To incite j rouse ; stir up ; excite 

2. To offer (to do an act); to abet. G.G. 
dmSdah ho'wl, v. n. To be prepared ; to 

get ready ; hold oneself in readiness ; be 
on the alert 
lar(a, ko dmOdah ho'nd. To prepare for war. 

A b£.>]''t itaSral, a. f. y^ He oommanded 

him. [of an amir. 

l.A district under the government 

3. Dominion ; authority ; nJJe. 

3. Dignity; nobility; statelinesa; 

grandeur. [living. 

1, State ; magnificence ; display ; grand 

At^Mf 1*1 u»m u^ vo^ael, D. A female slave 
who haa borne a sod to her master, and ia 

therefore by the law, to be em&ncipftted 
at hia death. 
Af>UI imdm.', n. m. Patriarch; prelate; 
chief; spiritual head (of the Mahomedaos). 
'l'^ ^^1 vnv VlfT imdm-bAr^, n. m. 

1. The place where Mahomedans depo- 
sit the tSdah, and where offering are 
made to the dead. 

2. A building in which the featival of the 
Moharmm is celebrated, and serrioe held 
in oommemoration of the deaths of *Ali 
and his sons Hasan and Husain. 

Sometimes it is used as a mauBOlenm 

for the family of the founder. [guardian. 

^U^UIi'iRdninlmtn. TheproteotiDgtmcimor 

imdm zdmm hd rupayS, j/d paiaiL A pieoe 

of coin dedicated to Imdm ZitnUn and 

fastened on the arm of a person about 

to leave home, as a protection from evil 

spirits and the difficulties of the vaj. 

^Ul t'mdnt'i, imdm'yd, adj. Relating to an 

A^UI imdm'yd, n. m. An epithet assumed by 

the followers oi AU; a Mahotnedan eect; 

Shiahs, who make AH the rightfiil imam 

immediately after Mohammad. 
H «JU-0 f.U\ tJrro Zmi imSm^tcWia, Pop; 

hamdm-datUt, imdm-jitt'd, Illit. n. m. Ov. 

of P. hdoanrdaita. Pestle and mortar, 
A ,>U| amdn', amd*, n. m. ^i Being safe 

or secure. 

1. Security ; safety ; impregnability. 

2. Protection ; tutelage ; refuge; asylum 
(pandA) ; quarter. 

3. Tranquility ; peace ; qnietude ; calm. 
amdn md^'nd, T. a. To ask protection firom 


amdn nuA raih'ni, v. &. To render, or make 

safe ; keep in safety ; defend ; guard ; 

fence; shield; shelter; secure. 

A uwU| omd'nat; Rus. & Illit, atUtmai,anam'- 

mat, amnn'juU ; M*f. indmat; n. f. [florety. 

1. Charge; care; trust; guardianship; 

2. The thing deposited; anything given 
in trust ; a deposit ; money deposited in 
court (dAoror). [faith. 

3. Fidelity ; integrity ; probity ; good 

4. Entireness ; integrity ; aumbU. 
6. Security ; safety ; protection. 

6. Safe conduct ; stufe-guard. 

7. llie office of an Amin. 
am&nat, adj. Seej'ort kS Urn. 
amdual bahl, n. f. Goods deposit book. 
amdnat jdri, Assignmente of revenue. 

tJl^ .iJUJ amdnal-iAdnd, n. Depositary; 
depdt ; ware-hoQse ; storfr-honse. 



anHbtat jt&4nf, n. f. A kind of tabitcco ohew- 

«d, not smoked. 
jfj cJUr amanat~dar, n. m. Quardian ; ous- 

todiui; depositary; trustee. 
amOnat-dOri, n. f. 

1. Charge; trust; (faardianBhip; agency. 

2. Custody; Baf&-kaeping ; deposit. 
jdv cJUt amUnat d»fiar, n. m. An office 

under the Mabomedan Govemmeut Tor 
deposit or f« a r^i&ter of trusts. The 
superintendant was invested sometimes 
with judicial powers in civil suite. Reg. 
XXn.I79fi. preamble. 

amSnat rakhnO, t. a. To dqiosit ; intrust ; 
commit to the care oC 

amdnal he lour b/i^tia, G. G. To consign. 

amOnat-ffuzSr, n. m. A depositary with whom 
goods ared^Kwited. 

amdwU meA thydnat. Breach of iratL G. O. 

iM aJU) omSnat-ndmA A deed of trust or 
deposit ; a document ooDveying any thing. 
A JUI amgnf, n. f. 

1. Government work in eontradistino- 
tion to contract work. 

2. An estate in charge of a Collector on 
the part of Government, as distinguished 
from ijSmh or that which is farmed. 

3. What is held in trust or deposit, 
applied e^e<nally to the collection of the 
revenue direct from the cultivators by the 
officers of Government upon the removal 
or BuspensiiHi of an intermediate claimant 
or samiaddr, the same as the khSi collec- 
tion. It is also applied to Ityohoan settle- 
ments, or settlements with each cultivator 
individually, where no renter or proprietor 
has been acknowledged ; also to the lands 
in the possession of the Collector's officers 
for arrears of revenue, or which on any 
other account, are not hold by individual 



mUffOt, omdMiy^ nMhm, 

MdnuA, n.f. vnnrrm from vm together, 
O^ to dwell. P&ll, amdixM, The oonjuno- 
tion (4 the sun and moon ; the first day of 
the first quarter on which the moon is in- 
visible ; the last day of the dark fortnight. 

A ts-^ tm'mat, n. £ A religious sect ; 

people of the same fltith ; followers ; 

disciples. [low caste. 

Mm wamat. Mixed race; half caste; a 

^T um'maft, n. m. A believer in, or fol- 
lower of any religious sect 

. m. la not. An unbeliever. 

A^jl^UI »mfaA*t'; Illit. wi(aA*»'; Bos. 

nimtahSn', n. m. (,>«* Examining. 

1. Trial (poroM) ; assay ; ordeal ; proof; 
verification; probation; experiment; in- 
epeotion; review. 

2, Inquest ; enquiry ;inquiBition (pQeJA- 
ffaMi) ; esaminatioo {forikAa) ; test 
{jaMi) ; criterion. 

imlehaii am- tahqlqSt. Examination and trial 
wUehdn d^n&, v. a. To go up to an exami- 
itiUelii,nkar'n&, v. a 

l.Toeiamino; try; prove; teat; in 
veetigate; institute, pursue, conduct, 
carry on, prosecute, an enquiry, etc. 

2. To probe; &thom; soiuul; scruti- 
Bise; catechisa 

3. To make an experiment, or trial of; 
■ubjeot to trial; experiment; put, teing, 
or aulHnit to the test or proof; verify. 

4. To tiy one's power (in carnal in- 

5. To audit ; aheck. 

imtdidn le'nO, v. a. To examine; to pot 

through an examination. 
imUhan neA dar dnd, yd pOrA tOar'na, v. n. 
To pass an examination. [nation. 

aiidM xmiefiaTL n. Ped, Preliminary exami- 
Smt^hi inUehan a. Ped. Trial or test ex- 
amination, [tion. 
taUbtdh imUh&n, tadri — , Yearly examina- 
thfOthrToahl vmUhin, Half-yearly examination, 

A ^tU,*f irniinSSi, n. m. ^ Being prevented. 

Ped. foe A e:u and H. manol, q. v, 

A j^y^l ifittiyS^, Ped, for Uunb. jU Being 

separated. [tion. 

1. Distinction ; difference ; disorimina- 

2. Discretion; disoemment; judgment 
imtiydt kair'as, v. a. To discriminate; dis- 
tinguish {tamii k), 

H y^'S^y ^mrat onuAiI/, n. m. S. vm^, H, 
A» mango, lAHrA pieoa 

Mango-peel dried in the sun, 
P j^j arnad, B. m. P. ,^mT to come. See 

1, Approach; oonung{£niI); arrival 
dnKtd,adj. 0pp. of dwunJ far-fetched, artificial, 

1. What comes naturally; natural; 
spontaneous ; not studied or artificial (a 
composition). [matic. 

2. Plain ; simple ; not laboured ; idio- 
dntad Omad; H. Owan Swan, n. £ 



The news of one's coming. 
^imad iSire mahekme se, A cause received b; 

transfer, or from aootber court or office. 
Amad JAarch. Beceipte and diBbursements. 
iSiij ).m1 6mad o raft, dmad o thud, Ped. ; 

Omad raft. Pop. n. m. 

1. Coming and going; ingress and 
egreaa; communication (drjai). 

2. Passage ; way ; thoroughfare. 

5. Intercourse ; intei-communication. 
Anod o mulahvsa k&gzSL Access to docu- 

OmadrwaiS, dmadyS, n. m. [coma 

1. A rich man ; one who has a large in- 

2. A merchant who purcht^eB imported 
goods wholesale. 

iaiiar4mad, t^r i^ dmad, n.C Emolumentaj 

perquisites ; illegal gratifications. 
^.mT amda'nl ; Ped. daiodanl, A'tnad, n. f. 

1. Income ; incomings ; receipts ; re- 
turns ; proceeds ; produce ; rents ; rental; 
rent-roll ; profits ; emolumeota ; finances. 

2. PerqiUBites ; commission ; fe^. 

3. Import duties ; revenue ; collections. 

4. Importation ; imports ; goods im- 

6. The season in wfaicb any merchan- 
dise generally arrives ; the reaping season. 

4 [asBiBting. 

A i^lt^t intdSS, n. f. Ped. for madad, j^ 

1. The act of assisting, aiding, or 
abetting. [in-aid. 

2. Donation ; gitl ; endowment ; grant- 
H y«f Vnr O'Vtar, adj. S. V not, n to die. 

Undying; immortal; everlasting. 

Ja ^t TOTt fcl a-mar bel, W ; amar lat- 
tar, E; aktdt bel, q. v. S. qm immortal, 
H. bel creeper. An epidendron, or parasi- 
tical plant similar to the mistletoe. 

Jjf ytf miT HTW /^mar-Ill:, mraj-lok, bai- 
kuiUh' ; P. biht'ehi', n. m. Heaven ; the 
region of the immortals or gods ; paradi 

Jty«t ot; Pop. amstr, n. m. [action. 

1. Affair; hnsineae; proceeding; trans- 

2. Event ; occurrence ; incident ; phe- 
nomenoo. [cular; tbjng. 

3. Pact; circumstance ; case ; parti- 

4. Point ; qnestion ; iasue ; subjaet ; 
topic ; proposition ; problem ; matter in 
bud ; head, [of title ; a point of right 

,3llMX.t }«l amr4ittehqAq, Ped. A question 
anw HtM-tak l if-i-im. A public nuisance. 
'** H >^;*' amfi-lajAnhuda. Set judicata. 
t^ >ij?^>»' a«M-ftjjri* lalab, — taifgOA 
talai, — 4anq&/4alai,-~-kma^a. 

A point to be determined or decided 
the matter for adjudication; the point 
under litigati<m ; ^e issue to be tried 
the question or point at issue ; the isBue 
the question ; tjie question for deoision 
the matter in question ; a moot point. 

amr tan^th-talab qSyam ha^'nA. To frame, 
or lay down an issue for trial. 

amr tartqlh-talab H iajiUz. The finding on 
an issue ; the judgment. 

amr tanqih-talab Jo, tajviz kar'tUt. To find 
on an issue. 

amr tan^h4alai maqb&la/ar^qain. An issue 
framed by the agreement of the parties. 

^>^f*j)M< a-nr-i-tamhif^. Preliminary or in- 
troductory matter. [(of a suit). 

Sf}£. y^ anr ^khartAah. A question of costs 

jflbl /*\ atnr ^khatir, amr hautndk. A dan- 
gerous afiair. 

^jiji )«l amr zurtlH, >n urgent business. 

!.**■ f»1 amf-i-tlmdak, A material fiutt 

tilMU y^j*\ amr^^air muiSlliqa, An irrele- 
vant point, or matter. 

btn) j>iJ ^1 amr qibil lihat,A point deserv- 
ing consideration. 

^fi'i ;*■ amrqdninl; amr IntUdUig jdnuff, 
A point of law. ' 

t^ y*) amr qabzd, A question of posaession. 

jljJl ijU ^I amr ma-bih-in-niiaJIt, A disput- 
ed point, or fact; the point at issue. 

amr-i-mutnd!&-/lh ; amr hu&, A point at 
issue ; the point [red to. 

Byidb-«^t antr-t-Mttafa/nra, The pointrefer- 

ifib&a^l amT-i-mxuhiabah, Matter in question. 
G. 0. 

amr-vmathkHk-fih, A doubtfiil point. 


^iKJlj^l amr-iwOqedi, A point of fact 

^rj^t aiitr-utHqSl, The fact ; the real &ct. 
0. G. 

^)^),'l amr-i-wajibt, Ped. An obligation. 

wJl))7«l amr-i-wiri$<U, A qnestion of heit- 

^ j^l amr o nt'Al, n. m. Commands and 
prohibitions ; orders and counter orders. 

A \j^} vmarie, Ped ; Illtt. amir' umrd' ; Rub. 
itmrSo, n. m. pi. of omir. 

1. Nobles ; noblemen ; peers ; grandees. 

2. The nobles of an Indian Mabomedu 
court collectively. 

H lv*l VntT ost'rd, anrd, n. m. 


>*l 45 

A hog-plum ; SpomUat matigiftriL Wat. 
H ^ly vtt WTRaiT anralhan', imralbSn ; 
Pop, martbdn ; Tir. mricAmdn ; Sah. mi- 
raibdn, n. m. 

1. E. A variety of the kdd or plantain; 
Miua mpientvm, or paraditiaea. Wat 

2. A glazed or Chin* jar. [n. f. 
H <Jy«1 f Wfft tn'rufl, amir'rt; Pop. tma/fi, 

1. AamaUbrasBvoseelfordrinkiiigoutof. 

2. A kind of sweotmeftt made of pulse. 

3. A kind of email and aweot melon. 

f ^ J. ya\ amrHd,' amriU; T.mvr^, n. m. 

jt The guava ; Pyru* eommMnit. Wat 
H .\V.y*' VVni amrm'yilA,n.i.mmvX9itQm 

vnv, n^ a row, H. dm mango. Mango 


AL.fUj*«('nwdf,n.f..i-« Keeping back. Anoa- 
trum taken to retard tlie discharge of £«m«r(. 
tMsdi-f-Mrdn, Ped. for H. ftUAi!, n. m. 

Want of rain; drought; scardtj; famine. 
P J.nrM im'iSi; H. m frorow, n. m. This year. 

H U«! VmSTT ai^'lS, a-itolit, Mora ; Tir. 
oikrS, a. m. S. ^mmvt See dnold. 

A i^U-*1 imUlk; n. t A. ^O. Putting in 

Poeaession ; property; lands; houses. 
imidk ffoir-nanqiUd. Real or immovable 
property. [perty. 

inUSi man^i. Personal or movable pro- 
H ^il; J-f 'Onsi qrat a'mal p^nl, aml- 
~i-jint, n. m. Intoxicating drinks or drugs; 
spirits ; strong drinks. 
amai pdnl kar'tia, yHjamana, v. n. To take 
down, drink, or smoke any intoxicating 
diug i to liquor up ; have a peg. 
B f^lXI.«) ^ a a f» g amakOx'; Sah. ambaiUlf, 
Mi)' tirmdlo ; Pod. ma^x-i-fid^, n. m. 

Oalhirtocarpu* fittida. Wat. used as a 
H ^Ul T^ «ni'fi, »'m'6fi, ow'Mi; Brij. am'ri; 
Mir. dm'fi ; P. tam'ar hincU, n.f. S. vfRrait 
from im sour. Tamarind ; Tamarindui 
Indica. Wat 
H ^t Vra<I Hvian, a'vtan dhdn, n. m. 
I The winter rice crop, sown in July and 

I August, and reaped in Deceu ' 

^T vpT^T dman'pd, amanpd. 


1. The land on which the winter crop 

2. Picked or unmixed grain, et«. 
dman'yd kar na, v. n. To piok; sift ; dakn; 

clarify; filter. 

[rity; safety. 

A **! o'mon, n. m. See amOn (2, 3.). Seou- 

aman-ckata, Mab. Wom.fio&aJctPed.; hdlem- 

Man. Rus. n. m. Earthquake (SAoAtAdi). 

anfiH J(M« rakknd, v. n. To preserve ; keep 

in safety, peace, oomfort, security, etc 
amn o dmfire, aman-afadn, aman ckatn, n. m. 
Peace and tranquility. 

Auulj^l ctmuidf. n. f. pi. of TnatU death. 
naqtha-i-amvjdt. Be^stor of deaths; obituary. 

A \y\ untur', omtZr', uviHrSi, n. m. pL of )«l. 

1. Affairs; matters; things. 

2. Articles ; items. [lar concemi. 
umH^-i^itniifavi', turn. Woridly afi^urs ; aeou- 

P tJ-A^T unucf, umid, Fed. ; ummaid', ummed, 

Pop. n. f H. a» q. V. 
ummed par hdtir ho'ni, v. n. To be present 

in anticipation of 
uoimed e/ii. It was expected. 
umimd dilu^S'na, ummerf dil&'nd. v, a. To 

give or inspire hope; raise expectations; 

promise ; assure ; encourage ; buoy up. 
ujiuned rakh'ud, v. n. See d* rakhtil. 
yj.u*l ummed-vdr, n. m. 

1. An expectant; applicant; a candi- 
date ; suppliant ; petitioner ; supplicant ; 
suitor. [tioner. 

2. A dependent; hanger-ou ; a proba> 
unmed-wSr, adj. Hopefid; hoping; expectant. 
vmmed-indr kon&. v, n. 

1. Toapplyforapost; to be a candidate. 

2. To serve as an apprentice or probai- 

^jIjamI ummed-wSn, n. f. Expectation; ex- 
pectancy ; hope ; hopelidness. 

ummed o blm, Ped. for H. d« ntrSi, Hope and 
fear; suapense (dubd/id.) 

rox-i-ummed o bim, n. m. 

The day of resurrection or judgment 
A t^t amir', n. m. yf Commanded. 

1. A nobleman; peer; lord; duef; 
prince; ruler; governor. 

2. A person of rank or distinction. 

3. A lilwral, open-handed, or large-heart- 
ed person ; a gentleman. [nobles. 

a>air-ul'nntarS,amlr kafar, n. m. Chief of the 
amir-ul-baluir n. m. An admiraL 
ainti--zii'ia, n. m. amlr-zdd^, n. f. 
1 . One of noble birth or family. 

., Guut^li 


2. A king's son or daughter ; prince or 
princesa. [able er rich houBe. 

foiroh k& am\r, n. One of an ancient, honor- 
&)1^t amlrd'nd, adj. 

1. Noble ; princely ; imperial [grand. 

2. At^ast ; majestic \ stately ; dignified ; 
^}>«l ami'r'i ; lUit nntrd'i, n. f. [ship. 

1. The dignity or office of an anSr; lord- 

2. Nobility ; dignity ; greatnesa ; gran- 

anan kSr-Ui&nd, amlf% (Adi, a f. A princely 
establishment; luxury. 

amlri kaj^nd, v. n. To exercise authority ; 
enjoy a competency ; live veil ; live lUce 
a prince. 

amlri wieft owA tar'nS, y. a. To live in aris- 
tocratic or luxurious ease or idleness ; to 
neglect one's afFairs ; to let one's affairs 
go to rack and ruiu. 
j^ -Kit) amin', n. m. ^1 Secure, s^e. See 

1. Ad investigator; arbitrator; umpire. 

2. A law officer ; an inspector ; superin- 

3. An officer appointed to make rough 
surveys after the native method. 

i. A. native ofBosr of OoverDment, emjjloyed 
ntb«r in the reTemie dspsrtmeiit to take charge 
of an wtate and oolleot the reTecass on acconDt 
ct QoTemmenl, or to inveat^ate and report their 
■mounl; or, ia the judicial departmeat, a< a 
judge and arbitrator !□ oiril cauaaa. 

ominXlueeb, n. m. An auditor of accounts. 
aimm Mohehnah dttdrA An amin of the 

civil court 
g'urg-amtn.n.m. Anofficerof a judicial court 

in charge of confiscated property, 
ji^l aml'nt, n. f. 

3. Custody; guardianship; trust 
H ,.( Vt| on, A negative prefix equivalent to 
our £ng. tn and un, S. « (not), which 
becomes an before a vowel. 
^1 wnra an-ban, a. m. [standing. 

1. Disagreement; difference ; miaunder- 

2. Jar ; quarrel ; dissension; variance. 

3. Wrangling; squabbles; disputes; tifis. 

4. Dislike; hatred; enmity {bair). 
onrHii'dhet moR ; P. dur-i^nA-nffta, n. 

A pearl without a hole. 

ti}{^l ^rStot an-boyd, bin-boyd, rdnd ; P. 

khitd-rau, adj. S. W} to sow. Unsown ; 

spontaneous ; wild; uncultivated. [adj. 

j •jf'T mvofan-faf/i, ka-pa^H; P.ndkhudnda, 

• Illiterate; unlettered; uneducated, [(soil). 

i Ul^f montn anrjdmd, banjar, adj. Baifcn 

,dW V^ism an-jdn', OrjSM', n. m. S«e ^fi^l 
on-jdn ban'nd, jd»-ke an^'dn ban'nd, v. n. 
To feign or a£fect ignorauoe ; pretend 

not to know, 
<Mvjd» me^, an-jdM ; P. H. n&2dnl «e, adv. 

Ignorantly ; unknowingly ; unconBoiously ; 

unawares; unintentionally. 
^^\ vi|4 dnarfH, an-arlK ; Mag. OMrolA, 

adj. S. « not, v4 object. 

1. Meaningless; absurd; noneensioaL 

2, Vain ; useless ; abortive {akaraiH). 
<ut-arA, n. m. 

1. Sin ; transgression ; trespass ; guilt 

2. Ill-treatment; oppression ; tyraony. 
an-arth kar'Tid, v. a. 

1. To hurt ; injure ; oppress. 

2. To do wrong or evil (frwrtf k. I.) 

3. To commit a sin ; to sin. 

^jJl Vt& an-artU, n. m. [oppressor. 

1. A cruel, hard-hearted person ; an 

2. An evil-doer ; a mischief maker. 

3. A sinner ; transgressor. 
■S^./' m^n an^rU, kv-rit, adj. . 

/ J . — a [praotioe. 

1. Contrary to costom, rule, usage or 

2. Contrary to good maimers or 
etiquette ; unmannerly ; ill-behaved. 

< ■■* " Jl <a?mnii an-KimajA, 6«-<am(ij&, a^j. 

See. abvdh, 
li^' WsrfiRT an-gin'd, angin'ol, an-gcm'it, he- 
' gin'ai, be-gintl; P. ^■Aumdr', i^. S. 

1. Countless ; numberless ; nnntimber 
ed ; without number ; innumerable ; un- 
told; incalculable. [boundless. 

2. Immeasorable ; beyond measure ; 
afyffind baraa ; n. m. Wom. lit. The onreo- 

koned year. The eighth year of one's age. 
■9* I^B number «ight ia cooaidered an ua- 
luokj aumber beoauae, tiiaj aay, tliat an eigbtii 
month'a child seldom Uvea. Henoe the eight 
month or year ia ao called. 
an^ind mahind, n, m. Worn. lit. The un- 
reckoned month. The eighth month of 

•s-iJI «FPW an-onf, adj. Endless ; infinite ; 

an-anf, n. m. 

1. An epithet of Vishnu. 

2. A cord with fourteen knots, which 
the Hindus tie on the right arm on the 
fourteenth day of BhO^ Sudi, which 
is sacred to Vishnu and called ornm^ 

an-aid-chaudat, n. £ The fourteenth day 
of BhddiA kutH when a festival is held in 
honor of " the eternal" Vishnu, and also 
of the Jain god. 

u)' < 

•Sftt" Vlftm on-hot, na-hot, an-Aota, a. t 

Want ; iadigence ; poverty. 
^jfif •BtSfR an-Aimi, an-hod, n.'f. 

Wh&t never happens; an impossibility. 

jV « 

r tm-nyd'o, on-nydv, a. m. 

DOt, nra justioe. 
Wrong; iDJmtioo fbt^tSJl) ; iniquity. 

^V V^nf on-RJfdl, adj. 

1. Unjnat (6«-t»i#fi/); onfeir ; inequitable. 
3, Unfeeling;tiard-hearted(iiilAof);cnieL 
8. '^ranniod ; oppreeaive. 
i. VioiouB ; wicked ; unful ; tmprinoi- 
plod ; unrighteous ; very bad. 

5. Foul J gross ; vile. 

6. Flagrant ; flagitioua ; villainous. 

7. Felonious ; nefarious ; heinous. 

8. Impious ; pro&ne ; sacrilegious. 

S .) ^n OX] (tnn, n. m. S. ^n from m^ 
to eat 

1. Grfun ; corn ; broad ; food. 

2. Sustenance ; nourishment ; nutri- 
ment; subsistence. 

^j^^ "B fl TUH l an-prasan, Hin. ; ihtr ekatA- 
no, l£ah. n. m. S. vramv^ from mm food, 
a beforo, <re to eat. The first feeding of 
a child with grain fbod. 

U)j( ^r iPI^rt^ an-pHr'nS, n. t [of corn. 

The Ceres of tJae Hindfla ; the goddess 
J^ ^1 «^ 019 on jal, an part, an jifiid n. m. 

Food and drink. See Oh dSnd. 
anjcd pdn kar'nS, v. n. To eat ; dine ; take 

one's food. 
aurdd'ta, anrd&'yak, a. m. [employer. 

1. Supporter ; cberisber ; benefactor ; 

2. Lord ; master ; patron. 

tai-^han, n. m. Food and wealth ; com and 
cattle; competency; easy circumstances. 

S^^* Vl^ an-hU n.m. S. qiV food,^ heap. 
A festival celebrated by Hindus, in com- 
mem<n«tion of Krishna's sacrifice, on the 
day following the Di-rtlL 

4r Ii dooiuita in oGTeriiig ap kt ■ t«mp1e de- 
dioatad to VUhna, ■ Wge msu oompoaed of ever? 
Tiriatj af cooked gnin, v^jalAblee, ebo. i. pinch 
of bhu men is given b; the pajiri or temple 
priest to each worahipper who find" in it bocdo oho 
■Ttide of food front «bioli be or ahe bid religi- 
ooelf abatuDed tor a certain period in fulSlment 
of a TOO madi for tbe uke of aome suoh bleeavng 
ai the remoTal of buraDDcaa, etc. 

1. Desire; wish; craving. 

3. Ad avoved rofusal or denial ; abju- 
' ration ; renunciation ; prohibition. 

tfti tcj'nS, V. a. , 

1. To break one's promise,' vow or oath. 

2. To infringe against a lawful, or eetab- 
lished rule or custom. 

H f IB^I an ; Bhoj. and Tir. dn ; Old H. 
ant ; Mag. anid ; Rus. ankA, aniar, pro. 
S. m others. Another's ; of another. 

a foreign land, 
u-i-'''^ < n' <T ^ q^ SfS-diti, n. m. One of 

another country ; a foreigner ; stranger. 
UT Wisn ^"^j ^' 1- To come. 
1^ vmt ^ta, n. m. 

Dues ; arrears ; bills receivable ; un- 
realized assets. 
„,}T vTS'I d'van, n. Tbe field into which 

rice has been trausplanted. 
dl kar'nd, ae k. v. a. [Una). 

l.To admit; accept; agree to (man 
2. To take upon oneself; to be responsi- 
ble for (otna). 
iSXjJfKWltmTAi/dgagda.m.Vlu.deffae. Ul. 
he came, he went. One wbo has come and 
gone; a traveller who alights at a house ; 
a chance or unexpected guest 
de giK honA, V. n. 

1. To lose; forfeit 
^ 2. To be got rid of, settled. 
H ^\ VVI an'nd, Mah.; dkSe, Hin. n. f. T. anA 

a mother ; H. an food. (1). A wet nurse. 

H^ljf VRnia-R(U%', adj. S. « not,inil tobe 

master. Without a master, chief, husband. 

a^n&ihl hanjar, n. m. Uncultivated land 

without an owner ; unclaimed waste. 

Hp.U) 1IRT9 a«dj',Bwi,a»,n.m.S.fli«grain. 

Grain ; com ; provision ; food, 
HotJl Wfira anOtT, adj. S. n not, wfa 

Having no beginning ; inunemorial. 
anOd banjar. Land that has been waste from 
time immemorial, 
p .Ul an&r'; Mij. ddrim; Gafh. d*Ml, n. m. 

1. Apomegranate;PMnJea.ffr'Mta*»M«.Wat 

2. A kind of firework. 

(Jlj )UI anSr-dand, a. m. [(a digestive). 

1. Pomegranate seed, used in pdchak 

2. A species of millet, so called from its 
resemblance to the pomegranate seed. 

3. A red checked cloth, wom by women. 
HiA-J| IRT "nt, adj. from S. WB to bind. 

Final ; uldmatc ; last. 
-ri«*Jt'»^ia»frfeft«?,n.m. The last portion. 


This term is oftoo Hpplied to th? Hew TestMnent 
SB dietingiusbed from Ibe Old (adibhig). 

H W-J| Wn 6«l, aUtfi, n. f. S. art. [euicera. 
Kntrails ; bowels ; guts ; inteatines ; 
-drif id barh and. Hernia, ; a rapture. 

A i_^l3EiXJ( int^lch&b', n, m. ^^ selecting. 

• 1. Selection ; choice ; election. 
2. Gitraction ; eitract ; compilation. 
intekhSb' Icar'nd; v. a. Ped. for U, cAtmnd. 

1. To select.; chooae ; elect 

2. To extract ; compile. [give. 
H yut *ll*71t an'tar, d. m. S. v^ limit, tT to 

*>{ yJI <Rn ^ antmr-bed; P. (jwii, n.m. 
A part of the country lying between 
two riveTB, as the DiUtb, UeHopotamia. 

aiiUar-pat, □, m. A curtain placed between 
the bride and bridegroom. 

^V r**' wai anwt antar-jdml, — ^ydRi, 
D. m. lit. heart-searching. Pervading the 
inwai'd parta ; acquainted with the heart 
(the Deity) ; an epithet of ViiliHu. 

A jltSl^t inUtw' i lUtt iiUu&rl; n. ^ See- 
ing, looking for. [expectancy. 
Looking out; prospect; expectation; 
inUedr hamA, — kheUck'nd, — deHAnd, v. a. 
To look out for; wait impatiently for; 
look forward; «ipeot; count or build 
upon; anticipate; contemplate; reckon. 
itd^ir-i-hutm kd iniiair kar'nA. 

To await orders. 
iiM intiidr-i-varddri-tual Mui^a^mamo. G. G. 
Without waiting for the arrival of the 
or^^inal wilL 


A >>U!lJkJ1 inladm', n. m. |JU strung in a 

1. Arrangement; adjustment; otvani- 
eation; r^ulation. [conduct. 

2. Man^ement ; disposition ; method ; 

3. Plan ; measures ; scheme ; contn- 

i. Form of government or administra- 
tion; constitution; polity; policy; eco- 
nomy; system. 
6. Order ; discipline ; regularity. 

tn(wdm-tjnrf7'/. Xuw practice; fresh arrange- 
ment; new settlement. [rangement. 

ijUizdm-i-k&dngt, A domestic or private ar- 

ituizdm rakhnd, r. a. To keep order; main- 
tain discipline ; uphold authority. 

intiidfm kar no, v. a. 

1. To arrange; make arrangements; 
provide for or against ; organize; adjust; 

2. To manage, direct; conduct; canyon. 


3. To plan ; deviee ; deaign ; oontriTe 
(tadh'T k.). 
ha^muriki durtutl-i-iiUieSm-i-/auj<Uhi. For 
r^ulatiug Criminal Procedura 
_ * [able. 

AfUXit ciiA7d'4,n.m.Ped.fQr&&'beingpKk£t- 
' Deriving advantage; profit; gain. 
intifd'H-i-hissa, Ped for H. ana^dhh. 

Income of shares (in a b»nk, etc.)G. 0. 
inii/dH-i-sanndyd, Ped. for H. mtJI /^&. 

Produce of funds. G. G. 
sOd yd inlif^i^arvtdylly H. mu^ hiydj. 
Interest or produce of funds. (1. G. 
A Id w (oGaJI ifttiqib'i-thart. Breach of the 
terms (of a contract). 
inUqax-irmvlidhadaJi., Breach of c<Hitrai)t 

A iJUXJt ineiqdl', a, m. J2i being transported. 

1. Transference ; transposition ; truu- 
miasion ; pass(^; transit; transport; trans- 
portation ; migration. 

2. Deportation ; extradition. [tion 

3. R^oval ; translation ; transmigra. 

4. Passing from one to another; trans- 
fer; conveyance ; assignment; alienatioa 

5. Death; decease; extinction(H. atUkdl)- 
iiUiqdl ardsi magbUzihi-muthtaraka. 

Transfer of land held in common. 

mliqdl az darydS Aor, Tnmaportation be 

yond seas. [property. 

olj^lj. jOxfl intiqdli^dad. A transfer of 

)i^.JllUl intigdl-i-jdit. A l^:al or vslid 

transfer or ctmr^anoe. 
intiqdl-i^and roiah. Temponuy couTeyanoe- 
^ JVIiJl intiqAli-haq, Assignment of title 

to another ; transfer of a rij^hL 
^'U. JiJUi] ititiqaU>iAd)tgi, A private tnm- 
fer or conveyance. [peipetuily. 

,^tj Jli^l intiqdliddiml, A transfer ia 
^l-*)J JliiJl intiqdU-darmyd»i, An inter- 
mediate conveyance. [mortga^^e. 
^f> J^j^l inlig&lriralm. An alienation by 
iniiqol-i-t&tMhi, yd farefX, A coUueire or 

fraudulent transfer. 
vniiqdl kar'nd, \. a. 

1. To transmit ; transport; convey; 
remove ; transpose {le Jdnd). [dorw. 

2. To transler ; convey ; assign ; en- 

3. To sell j vend ; dispose of (I^And). 

4. To depart; quit; leave (ehAofni). 
intiqdl k., — V. n. To die; expire' (momd). 
htiii Jlisjl inliqdlhinindah. An alienor; 

one who conveys. [feree ; aliases 

Ijj^ jtlsil in^fdi-^rindah, — dOr, TWib- 
i».»U jltoii iKtuiiU mvqadmd. Transfer of a 

case to another court 

ttOiqdl-i^MatMii, Fed. for H. jagah hadal. 
Change of place or btonse. 

•ntijfiZ Tnulk ^air. Tiunafer or removal to 
another or foreign country ; migration. 

^W* JU~I1 iniiqAi-i-miSd'ill. A transfer 
for « t«an of ;ears. [fer or aonvejance. 

'ft^li jUtit inHqdl ni-jsu. An illegal trans- 

mU jUfcUl intiqSl^anah. Deed of transfer 
or conveyance. [of liabilities. 

itdiqdi^nSnuA-i-nmm'ih-dafi, yd daiti. Deed 

jliui ^,j«J tak'fir-i-ititiq6l ; H. taiOrS. En- 
dorsement on a bill. 

jUUji ,^*£a. hakmi intiqiU. Enforced transfer. 

^lite/1 uUiqd'R. A transfer of tamlfitftiri, or 
other revmue property from one person 
to anotiter ; the property bo traosferred. 

^ ^<i^l t'nit'fda bahi. Register of trans- 
fers of propwty. 

imiigSti rtuum,'. Fees for entering a transfer 
of property in the official regiiter. 

A J^\ intiq^' n. m. fJU taking vaogeaDCe. 
-Revenge; retaliation; reprisal {ba(U&). 
^Htiqdm lend, v. a. To revenge (one's self) ; 
retaliate ; make reprisals (hadli lend). 

AU^t imXhX, n, £ ^ coming t» an end. 

' I. The utmost point or extent; the 

2. Completion ', termination ; end. 
H Jj\ v€i an'a. n. £ [fingers. 

1. The interval or junotion between the 

2. A reel, or frame on w^ch thread, 
etc is wound ; a hank or bundle of thread. 

3. Pilfering ; unlawM abstraction ; mia- 

an£i tndr'nd, yS kar'nd. v. n. 

1. To hide a kaufi between the ftngers, 
diiefly in gambling. 

2. To i^er; purloin ; prig {daitg). 

Q ^) igT^dri'ti,an't{,n.f.fromH.d<f{kaot. 

1. El. A bundle (of grass, wood, et«.) ; a 
skein of thread (a^i). 

2. A knot or loop serving as a poickel 
, 3. lite leg trick. 

H^l Wgg M'i^;a((j. S. wg after, aaj to 

be hara. A yoonger brother ; junior. 
P «tsjf anj9tn', Z. antitn ; S. antixui, n. m. 
1. The end. See. ;^T. 
2- Result ; oonelusion ; upAot. 
a>^fam*'iAidmat. Performance of duties or 

fo^Sm-dita. Fed. Diaohai|;e; completion; 
eieoutioD ; perfonnance. G. O. 

anjSm-dihX jaii. Lawful discharge. 0. 0. 

anj&m de'n/k, — kar'na, — io favithehiiiA, v.a. 
To discharge ; act up to ; comply with ; 
conduct ; manage. 

anjam-idr, adv. Lastly ; at lost ; finally. 

arydJK-kdrl. n. f Completion ; accomplish- 
ment; execution; fulfilment; performance. 

aJ0dm hond, v. n- To come or draw to an 
end; cease; run its oourse; pass away; 
stop; ensue. 

P 4t.j.^j| anjubdr' ; aitjabdr', ijy'ibdr, n. m. A 
plant from which a drink is prepared for 
obstinate colds, or spitting blood ; Poly- 
gonum bittorta. Wat. 

HUsuI ^a5tT o"j''^. •"*;'* «^j". anyd,»n- 
jal, anjul, anjurl, a. S. maf^. 

1 . The hollow formed by joining together 
the palms of both the huids so as to hold 
grain, water, etc. ; the Junction of the twb 
bands in the shape of a boat 

2. Something given to Brahmins over the 
stipulated or customaiy paymmts at a 


p ., •*-»'» ] anjvnon'; H. labhd ; £. fotoi'^ n. f. 
Ana8Bembly;meeting;80ciety; institution. 

Hj^l V^Snt anj'an, anjnd, n. £ A grass 
which grows in the North-Weat Provinces 
abundmitly and is used as fodder; Me- 
mecylon tinelorwn. Wat, [engine. 

E jwl ■»'i'w> "»'jiui, n. m. Engine; ateam- 

H »3w| 1I55r^ an'jan, Si'jan, n. m. S. ^^ 
to beautify or anoint. 

A ' collynum ; a black powder or oint- 
ment applied to the eyes to make them 
look languid and brighter — also used 
for weak sight or a pain in the eye. 

H ULsul V9>IT <>4j'nA, anJA^ n. m. A coarse 
kind of rice. 

H *jl^iswl IRasreitt anjanh^n, n. t 

1. A sty in the eye (gitiA&^Tii). 

2. An insect (kuinhdrl). 
B.IX.^1 VVIfm diyA'nd, V. n. Tftaji. 

To pass the night in any placa 
HP yAJSiM aafit'.it^r.aja. A.&g; Pieu4 earita, 

fc Jjwsw* *«^. «*«', ■■ t The New Testa- 
ment ; the GoepeL 
K ^\ fSQ wutA, a. m. As tneh. 



H japjj VTV (M'e&tl, anehJw, Och'eh*, n, m. 
The rsapb«a7 > -fi«^. *P ' Wat 
^MaiieAil, The hill bramble; Swbus vtl- 
lotietimtit. Wat. 

» [ing away. 

A uJf v^sij) inkirdf, n. m. ^3;^ turning, tum- 

1. Deyiation ; deflectaon. [fraction. 

2. Breach ; Tiolatioa ; infringement ; in- 

3. Disobedience ; insubordination ; con- 
tumacy, [volt 

4. Mutiny ; rebellion ; iDSUireotioQ ; re- 
6. Becantatiou ; recusancy; apoatacy. 

inAirdf-i^ahkSm. Contraiy to the proTisionB. 

G. G. 
inhirSf-i-qitedah. Breach of rules. G. Q. 

A breach of oontract G. G. 
Mddyal qdnSn te inhir&f kar'nO. 

To disobey a direction of law. G. G. 
HIjI^I t*7TTT *ndi'rS,aaddrd,indrd,indrd 
iud, n. m. S. VRia well. A large well 
built of solid masonry, protected by a 
kothl orndd. 

Guess; conjecture; rough calculation. 

^^ 5W> anddt poi^ a. (. An estimate of 
the value of a standing crop (ifcarbhu). 
F SvliJ-'i ands/ah, and&i/, n. m. Guess, 

Bough or approximate estimate or 
anddze le, adv. By guess ; approiimately. 

emddzt m bdhar, dddah, adj. Excessive ; 

beyond measure ; immeasurable. 
cmddid har'TM, v. a. To estimate roughly. 
P )i>jt an'rfar, prep. Within. See H. ;»:«{. 
andar hamd, v. a. [view. 

1 . To put within (the house) ; hide from 

2. To put into; insert; penetrate; effect 

3. To thrust, push, force, or wtxcm in. 
andar honS, v. n. 

1. To be contained or included in ; be- 
long to ; fall under. 

2. To go in; enter; penetrate. 
^tlam^au mazltilr' ie an'dar. 

Within the said Territories. G. G. 

H jOJ! f^7 in'dar, n. m. S. f^ The king 

of the gods ; the r^nt of the visible 

heavens ; the thunder ; the god of rain. 

indar^, n. m. Deception ; cheating ; 

juggling ; trick or stratagem in war. 
indar-jmi, n. ra. Seed of the UrighUa i 

anUdygenUriea, Wat used medioimUy ; 
sparrow'B tongua 

A [gedier. 

A j^vA^S iiidird^, n. m, ^jj Being rolled to- 

Insertion; entry; registration. 
indirdj nu^khtalif divoA. Uisjoinder ; im- 
proper joinder or anion of joinders in an 
action ; insertion of more than one cause 
of action in one suit 
indirij-Midm, n. m. Entry of name. 
H^IjiWl CSyPra itdrgyan, pharph^Adud, 
mmnphal; Bhoj. ndrun, n. f. S. V>4CIItV^. 
Fruit of the ooloquintida plant ; colo- 
cynth ; a wild gourd ; a firuit of beautiful 
appearance, but bitter taste. Cveumi* 
eebtcynihit, Wat. used medicinally. 
H e;iJ^I V*7t i»d'r\, n. t 8. f^aa an organ 

"of sense. 

^^TLe five senses, organs of perception. 
V*»- i/>*'l vat 9«<nB »n<fri juUdb.' n. f. 
A diuretic medicina 

A f^U-'l indifd'A, D. m. gi-i being repelled. 
' Warding off; repelling; OTerthrow; 
repulse; defeat 
indifad^aAgd o/asdd. 

Suppression of a riot G. 6. 
indifsA lUri man-i^ia^d, yd nnqiJitmAA 
Curing of any grievous disease or in- 
firmity or bodily ailment 0. G. 
indijdi yd baeh^id. To be prevented or 

avoided! G. G. 

indi/SA yd ^adam waqHi. Preventing or 

avoiding (the commission of a crime). 0. 0. 

HUijJI ^i;UT an'dhd; W. Bus. and Brij. 

AMh'rd, andh'ld, tmh'rd ; Mir. dn'dho- 

Sn'do; Tir. dn'Aor; Mag. and Bhoj. SA- 

dhar, n. m. andhl, n. f. S. ^pu to be blind. 

A bbnd man; one devoid of sight 

andha,nm. Apublicofiice notoriously 

ill conducted ; a bad govenuuent ; a oor- 

rupt court; mal-administration ; misgov- 

enunent [dealings. 

andher khSid, Unfairness in accounts or 

F &^ijJ| and^ihah, n. m. P. ^j^j.>JI to 


1. Consideration (mcA) ; thought ; an- 
xiety fcAinta^ ; concern ; solicitude; an- 
xious oar& 

2. Doubt {dvhdhd); suspicion ; fear ; dis- 
tmst; misgiving; hesitation ; apprehension. 

3. Biak ; hazard ; danger {kluUrd) ; peril. 
andethah karni, v. n. To feel anxiety, mis- 

tnut or apprehension. 

., Google 

JiJ 5 

jjX«u BAi^l aiub^*h(hi-mifal t Beftsonable | 

apprehenBion. G. G. 
andeAa-nSkJe^andeahah, adj. DaQgerous; 

faasaidous ; fraught with danger. 
yitm he m^aaearrar hone H andahah. 0. Q, 
ApprehenaioD of danger to the body. 

H JJT WW ^*4> *wr,i)rf'ar. tapara; A. ifcw'- 

yd, /o'foA, a. m. S. wn A testicle. 
^jf iJt wreitTO andkosh, n. The scrotum. 
jSJI «rif d^Vtli ^"^ o^ua, u.ta. It(. Having 

large testiclea. [(»Sn4). 

A bull kept to serve domeetic cowa 

^ \yj] imSl', a. m. JJJ Causing to descend. 
Emission; diaohargej emiiao wminw 

H t«Jf Hfl ""*» <w"A, n. m. S. llw & part. 
Pr. aruo, amto. Portion ; share ; dividend ; 
quota (Aiwa). 
^-11 wvt an'H, antfiS, n. m. 

1. A sharer; shardiolder; joint proprietor. 

2. A deed setting forth the shares or 
portions of a property, A deed of i«irti- 
tion between the members of a Hindu 
fiunily. [sharea. 

cmd 4alnt, V. a. To divide into portions or 

A ,tl^t *rudn', D. m. Man. See ^ol 

iiua» Is badan ; H. minkhH-dA, n. The 

human body. 
ituAnieoUhKiig'nIL Kidnapping; atealing 
or unlawfully conveying away a man, 
woman, or child ; abduction. 

Ao!ii*-Jt inndAd", Ped. for H. role, n. m. 

,» he closed up. Bar ; obstacle ; impedi* 

ment; prevention; preventive measure, 

Ji^ «IawI itmdadri-jarayam. Prevention 

of crimes. G. G. 

iMtidSd-ir<Jiand-roia. A temporary bar. [war. 

ifuidad-i-lh&ta-j<>,n'g>. Prevention of civil 

Preventing a breach of the peace. G. G. 

^*J1j jfA-Jl intidad-i-d/am\. A perpetual 

hax. G. G. 
iatidad o rera^-fwdTA Prevention and de- 
inndad-i^ajtat, y« h^jd ffimU iiJUyOraL 

Preventing abuse or neglect of duty.G.G. 
ituidad kar^nO. To prevent G. G. 
At_it*flil *mS/; Bos. n«apA; n. m. A. J.^ 
taking halt 

Justice ; equity ; equitable adjustment ; 
fwmess ; fair play ; impartiality {niyOo). 

intSf cfidh'nd, T- n. To sue for or demand 
justice ; seek redress ; claim, 

ituiif »e, ba-insOf, sAv. With justice; equita- 
bly ; fairly ; juflUy ; rightly ; deservedly. 

in»^ ior'na, v. n. 

1. To admiuister, dispense, or do 
justice ; to do right ; to see justice done 
(ntyao karnd). 

Fhb. Tu hold the tciles stbd ; l« ««e ttir 
pU; ; to me one righted ; to give every ooe bis 
due ; audi altaram partem. 

2. To decide (a case) equitably. 
ba-»atar-i4niHf, For the purpose of juatioe, 
mtiqtiidi iiuHf, The ends or requJrementa of 


X ^tv«aJ) t'tiMrdm', n. m. ^j>« Cut off or ter- 
minated. Performance ; administration or 
maoagement (of an estate). 
ituirdm kar'na, v, a. To manage; administer 
{irUizim iarad). 

A ItfU-oj) imiha£,n. m. Rare, ti^ holding fast. 

The act of regulating. 
inxib&t-iravqSl, Ped. Better, H. bel&iO/^ 
Time-tfUtie ; routine. 

A f\»JS inSdm', o. m. f*J conferred a favor. 

1. A prize ; reward of merit ; reward. 

2. A present ; gift ; favor ; gratuity ; 
donation ; benefaction ; largess. 

I J/\ fUut in&Am ikrdm. Gifts and honors ; 
I rewards and dignities. 
1 in&dnt jidnO, v. n. To get a prize or reward. 
in&Wm-patr, n. m. A deed of grant ; a docu- 
ment conveying an aasignment of rent-free 
land. [grant. 

inhUm-dir, n. m. The holder of a rent-free 
m&im deTia, v. a. To give or award a prize 
to ; to distribute prizes ; to reward merit. 
inAUm id paitd. Prize allowance, 

A Jt^l infiOl'Ped. forH. m'mffrd, n. m. ^ 

being separated. Deci^on (of a case) 

injUd'- kar'nd, v, a. To settle ; decide; adjust 
t& infigat-i-nui ta-tajviz-^r&ddiat. 

Uatil the question at issue is judicially 
determined. G. G. 

Aia-^t^l if^kdk', n. m.-J^ being put out of 

joint Redemption (of a mortgage). 

infikdkrirJ&edAd-i^inarhHita, Redemption of 
mortgaged property. 

injikahirahn. Redemption, release of pro- 
perty in pawn ; redemption of mortgage. 



tT^ikSk-i-hiba. Bedemption of a gift ur le- 

A ■' -°'t inqii&m', n. m. Fed. for H. hatSi. A. 

f^ being diTided. 

Partition ; distribiition ; divieiou (6aMf). 
ijiqii&m-i-jAedid. Fed. for H. baiin&rd. 

Division of lands, houses, or other real 
aiid personal property. 

fi. /Uaa^I initio,', n. m. t^ being finished. 

Expiration ; expiry; termination ; paes- 
ing away. [lapse of time; 

in^zd-i^tiidd. The expiration of any term ; 

ifiipxA-i-mi&ad-i-qaid. Expiration of the term 
of imprisonment G. G. 

inqha-i'Wiqt. Lapse of time. 

inqiza hmO, v, n. To lapse ; pass away ; 
expire (6i(nd). 

A. sUfliJf inqitSA, n. m. jlaJ being cut off. 

Discontinuance; cessation; fiulure. 

H t-J'J? Wai*«*i '»ft'j aAk&r.n. m. S. q||a mark. 

1. Aspot; dot; mark; aprivatemark 
shewing the selling price of an article. 

%{Ariih.). Theproductof the principal 
into the rate and tima 

3. Figures on coins, etc shewing the 
date of a raja's accesBion. 
j,U;T apft unla'rl, Ku^hdH, n. f. 

A curved line after a figure. 

A varticil line, (l^ wliicli by itgeU gigniGes one 
{nee, il four mnnas if tbe curved lias be abewn 
before it, tbm jj; eight amiiuif theourred Lne 
be mtde before two Tertical liaea, M t\, uidsODD. 

WUl "OtaptT Mh'na, v. a. 

1. To distmguisb by some mtu'k. 

2. To measure ; value ; estimate ; weigh. 

3. To judge; tjiink; consider. 

4. To remove disease or pain by incan- 
tations {jhaxtid). 

UC'I 4«sn aAi^nd, v. n. To be appraised, 
priced, valued. 

jK'T «ra an'ka, aaktai'yd, kan-tMt, n. m. An 
officer employed to survey the standing 
crops and estimate their probable value; 
an appraiser. 

UI yJl 4«timT ankva'nO, Caua. of dnimd, q. v. 

X jXJ\ iniHr'; H. ndnA, d. m, A. jV he denied. 
1. Denial ; n^ation ; disavowal ; retrac- 
tion ; refusal ; protest 

1 «"i 

2. Diaallowanoe ; oontradiction ; iw6>. 

3. Dissent; disagreement; diSerence or 
diversity of opinion. 

4. Retraction;reoantation;reiiuQcifttioQ. 
8. Objection ; exception ; bar. 

iaiSr-i-ddvd. DerUal of cI^dq. 

inkdr kar'nd ; H. ndlnjt, v, a. [sent from. 

1. To refuse ; deny ; disagree to; dis- 

2. To disavow ; unsay ; contradict. 

3. To refuse to admit ; take exception 
to; disallow; dispute; impugn; question; 
call ill question ; contest ; protest against 

4. To disclaim ; disown ; , renounce. 

6. To gainsay ; recuit ; revoke ; abjure ; 

6. To repudiate ; reject 

iniSr Jcanie-tudl/i ; Fed. A. tntmJiir, □. m. 
Recusant; objector; unbeliever. 

inidr meA igrdr tarnd, v. n. To persist in 
refusal or denial. 

barSbat inhar kartt OH Aatrt. Have through- 
out denied. 

qatm khd-ke iniib- lamA, v. n. To deny 
on oath. 

H yO] «W aneur, wiya*. W ; wfltrJ, oAtur 

ri, aiit'n, E ; ank'ua, Sah. and Afag. n. m. S. 

«ljj any thing curved. 

The first sprout from a seed ; a young 

sprout ; a shoot, germ, or blade (jAvf^). 
^))UI 49^ aiik'ri, n. f. A kind of vetch 

(vicia t(Uiva). 
U\ySi Vitep ^^^rS, adj. (Tha^J. one 

Hl>£>T vitRfT^'^'rtl; Ko^uff, D. m. Th« 

barb of an arrow ; a hook ; a fishing-hook. 
H j^'A V^ ani'as, afti^tu, n. m. S. Wp, 

Pr. anhuio, anko. The iron-hookwith which 

elephants are driven ; a goad. 
H^T wis dAkh.UAg. OAiki; Panj. aiiAd; 

Garh. dnikS ; Worn. dXdah, n. f. S. «fi> 

from mf to pervade,Pr.aeAc/iAi; PSll,aiiM. 

1. The eye ; the organ of sight 

2. An estimate or appraisement of the 
probable amount and value of the crops 
in a field, salt in a pile, hay in a stack, 
and the lika 

3. An adjustment of the rents to be 
paid by the individual oo-paroeners 
through the person held liable for the 
realization of the Government demaod. 

4. The sprout or shoot in the joint of 
asugaroane, etc. 

Digitized hy 





P and H. Utn ; A. bad'an, n. m. S. 9t^ 
to walk or go. Body ; limb (Jor). 
a^g bhang ho'nS, v. n. T<) be mutiliited, cut 

ofE (a limb). 
anff-jdl, a. t A daughter (bffl). 
oMff chhtd'ati, kar'7ia,—bk<in^ k., v. a. To 

mutilate ; cut off a limb. U. (J. 
aA(7 riA'rt, E. a, f. Tha chill which precedes 

fever ; ague (kapkapi). 
oAq god'na, t. a. To Uttoo ; to puncture 
the akin aud insert in the puncture some 
coloring matter, generally blue, so aa to 
^ leave a permanent stain. 
Ifti wfi cmg'ga, n. m. A long coat worn by 
men. See. angarichi. 
HU^T IlilT ift'g^, "■ m- Ab much grain aa a 
man can take in between hiaarmB (fasuft). 
nS^Wtm <^9l^rd, mg&f', W.; iitgorA, 
ingor, E.; Map. kUrofi. m. aA^^ri, n. f. Pr. 
ingSlo ; S. «|^: [matter ; cinder. 

A piece of fire; live ooaJ; ignited 
H tiJ^f llnyin a^gad'ffd, a. m. Oue who 
carrieHiuoaey concealed in his quilted coat. 
HlaS'JoI ^Itl&T angar'iha, ang-raUid^ 
aiig& , Rus. garkhd, n. m. S. ^ body, i^ 
to protect A long tunic ; a coat worn 
both by Hindus and Mabomedans, the 
former open on the right, and the latter 
on the left (c&ipfain). 
B l.^<;( (niirm', JaraAgl; Ru&. aAgrej ; F&c. 
rangrez (a dyer), n. m. An Englishman; a 
gentleman. [or lady. 

a^fresi'<m,Jir<»itg<m,n. C An English woman 
akgT«'A,~iabSm, n. f. The English language. 
aitgrm tantbd'kH, Cor. ixtik bdkar a atidc of 
tobacco, n. m. Tobacco smoked in a pipe. 
gran am^dd'ri, n. The British Govern- 
ment ; the English rule. 

Pu:.JL&( anguthi; n. 3. «V<5 H. ■*?», 
UUUbl ongtuhUtnA. a. m. A thimble. 
angvthU^kahOdal, Ped. BeUer, H. SotMitjrS. 
The fore-finget. 

' JJna wi/o'. W; angvi, E; oija/, 
*i^, OR^ai, W. Ru8. n. m. S. V^ A 
finger's breadth ; a linear measure. 
Ml^ iora, vMffol bUri, n. A whitlow ; a felon. 
I fJJot iig'li*. iugUMh, n. t Pennon ; Buper- 


inglit'yd, u. m. Probably from the English, 
invalid. An invalid soldier or sipdki, who 
receives a pension, or an allotment of 
land as pension ; a pensioner. 

HjfJ? flt'R dng'an, tuiynd'i, ehaui ; Poet 

ctAg'tid; A.iafOi. n. m. S. VjffH. 
H»;!jC;i irnffTTr any'^aVd, n. m. 

1. The proprietor of a small portion of 
a village. 

2. The proceeds shared by two men 
who supply between them the pEur of 
oxen necessary for a plough. 

H e^)*^' IWSrt anyuthi ; W. Rus. guHtkl ; 
" M5r. Mn*i; P. oAguthlarl, n. f. S. W^ftq. 

A ring worn on the finger or toe (muiidri). 
glo^^Ol ^irJiST aiigo'ch/td,nAgauiAhA;'RxiB. 
aud Sab. ^ori'cMa ; 'E.gwnchhd, tau'tigi; 
a. \a. S. <rif body, ^31J to bind ; H. porhh- 
■nd to wipe. A short piece of cloth which 
Hindus fasten round the waist and loins. 
It is shorter than the dholi, and is used 
besides as a towel. 

p jjof dAgH/, n. m. 

1. The grape ; Vitia vini/era. Wat 

2. Granulations in a hoaliug sore. 
angHrbandh' nd, angUr bkuT and, — dna, v. n. 

To form{the soft skinov^r a sore); heal. 
aUgtir pha('TiS,<ingiir tariJth'n3,v.a.Jo break 

(as a granulation of a sore). 
angur kd mindwd, yd iatt'i, a. f. 

1. A grape-vine ; vinery ; vineyard. 

3. Fireworks in imitation of clusters of 
grapes in a vine. 

^^,)til oAjiI'rf, adj. Of or belongiug to tlie 

grape. [yard. 

ang&ft bag, n. m. A grape garden ; a vine- 

aAgHii tirkd, ahgUr H tirki, n. ra. Grape 


Hb»C)l Iffinftin aitgan'riySy E n. m. 
The use of a plough iu place of wages 

in kind. 
H tiJ*^! inhui aitgauA'gS, dgauit,' E. n. m. 

an grtun, gurC a priest 

Perquisites from the threshing-floor 

to Branmans, GurQs, etc 
H()40l WOfT oAgh'TA, a. m. A ring (rf 

brass or other mixed metal worn on the 

Urge toe by women of low caste. 
H W^f WTOt «ii/y(i, aAgiyd, dngi, tAoH, 

tkiota k^ofd ; W. Bob. anggai, Gafh. 




ithgro ; A. mahram, n. f. S. vfifVT A 
boddice ; » short inner jacket. 
tffi^f *TtJ5t «ii^'(Ai; W. Rub. and Sah.yltAi, 

oi/ithi; mx. tigri, E. aAge^hi; baroA, 
burA, n. f. S. ofKT fire, cot to place, 
A chafing dish ; brasier j hearth ; grate. 

h;Uoj:;i ijiftw? ""i?"^, n. f- s. vif^ to 

agree to. [ment. 

1. Aeaent; consent; acceptance; agree- 

2. ConfeBsion ; acquiescence ; admiaeion. 

3. Choice; option; predilection; adop- 
tion; reception. 

aigitSr kam3, t. a. [approYe of. 

1. To agree ; accede to ; oompl; with; 

2. To accept ; acknowledge ; admit ; 
receive. [yield to. 

3. To undertake ; take upon ; adopt ; 
H^Wf 4HMI^ unmSn', n. f. S. 4l^m 

from «^ after, m to measure. 

1. Measure; appraisement ; estimation. 

2. Gueaa ; conjecture ; approximation. 

3. Inference ; hypothesis ; logical ooa- 
oluaion {7>afyA). 

4. Duration ; period ; life ; aga 

6. Dimensioa ; m^;nitude ; volume ; 
size ; quantity (A. jaidmat), 
^Ut OTWT* unma'm, adj. S. Vijinfini 
Presumptive ; coQJectural. 
Port, j^^t tmantUt^i d. m. A pineapple ; 
Ananatia tativa. Wat. 

H y I VTVN A^i ^V) >!■ m. S, vm The glu- 
tinous, whitish matter or mucus voided in 
tenesmus or dysentry; animal mucilage. 

Smo gir'nd, fiaptd, yA bailKnd, v. a. To be 
afflicted with tenesmus; to discharge 

&Ao laha, n. m. Dysentry. 
8 yl VH an'u, ind. A prefix to verbs and 
nouns, signifying after, along, along side, 
near to, with, uiider. 

l-*<>Tyl «JJVI\|(|| anH-i'dhaj/ii, n. f. V^n, 
to be received. A class of woman's pro- 
perty given to her by her husband or 
relations after marriage. 

it^i^^ 114 ml aa»pdn, u. m. S. in to drink. 
A. badraqi, A vehicle (in medicine). 

Any thing in which a medicine is mixed, 
to facilitate the taking of it, or which is 
swallowed after the medicine. 

^y\ V^l onu-Mot^, n. m. S. vf to move. 

Follower ; disciple ; servant (rMoitari. 
l*>><>/i vsjtrar antt^'dhd, XX. f. The leven- 

teenth of the lunar mansion, dcecribed 

by a row of oblations ; stars in Llbi^ 
tf*f}'t H^nni anHgam'an, d. S. inf to go. 
The burning of a widow after hearing 

of the death of her absent husband. 
^j«}'> 4<jnra anii-mar'aii,n. m. S. ({ to die. 

liL Following in death. The burning of 

a HindQ widow when the husband's bod; 

ia not OD the spot; burning with me 

husband's corpse. 
•>!}}'■ V^JtllV anu-vSd, H. vUhd, n, m. 

1. Translation; interpretation. 

2. Answer ; reply ; rejoinder. 
^Vy' WjVI^ anH-bXtR, n. m. Defendant ; 

opponent? respondent. 
H tyl VR9T <if>'*MI, n. m. The place where tbe 
men stand and throw up water from a 
lower to a higher level ; a wat«r bucket. 
H <Sjy\ VSI93 an'wof, Q. f. 

A ring furnished with small bells, 

worn by women on the great toe. 

H|JyT VtaSI H^'wU, n. m. Afterbirth; 

seoundines. [new-bom io&nt 

OAwalfUit, XL The navel string, etc. of a 

Muial^hMuKd,jorla,JufvSA'W ; E-jaOktuS*; 

A. loam, a m. Twins. 

sVy] ms^ on^ld, aAo'ia, am' is, w. 

aUhld, auArd, K ; Onwrd, Brij. n. m. S> 
Vtmra, Fr. &malao. A firuit used when 
green for making pickles ; a myrobalaa; 
Phyllcmthtu ejnilica, used in tanning and 
dyeing, and also as a hair-wasfa. 

The tree is an object of worship as tiie 
Birham Hriehh (Brahm tree). 
sAvral gaiui, a m. A dried myrobalan, or 

one fallen from the tree, 
j'-'^'l vijIHISK MvtS»ih; — ^ndak, a. la 
S. W44UI4, Purified sulphur. 
BSJ] VniT d'Nd, n. m. [rupee. 

1. A copper coin, the sixteenth of s 

2. One sixteenth share in any property 
^1 iRift an'ayt, aniti rvpayd, n. f. An 

allowance at the rate of one anna p« 

H}^T ^ah^ SA'har, pMffi. n. f. H. on grain, 

Ad^ pot Plates or vessels. 
H ^1 VSft an% noi, a. t. S. and Mi;. «^. 

1. The point or sharp end (of an arrow. 
spear, etc). 

2. The stem or prow of a boat (t) 



Ota tAalnS, s. A thrust (in BWMd mannhi p). 
P .. -- i ^i f ant^tHA, n. n>. Aniseed; Ptychotit 

involucraia. Wat. 
Hilt 'BT5I d'sfl. awSA; Q«rh. awf; Bhoj. 
A-dA ; Ittf. wyaftau, n. m. A potter's kiln 
P ji^y >( avOri'ja, andr'ehS, ocdrtjiS (oA^ n.m. 

1. A day book (nw-mdiwAaA) ; diary ; 

2. Abetract acoount of ooll«otions and 
remittancea ; a. book of receipts and dis- 
bursements (jama-tJuireh baM). 

A reTanu* aceonnt, specifTiDg, fint, tlie ua- 
produutivs Unds ot k lUlage, and aezt thou 
pajing nvsDue, fisld by field, irniigad under 
tho nunai of the occupaDta, with % apeciScatiaD 
in Hp«raU oolumiu of the number of each field 
in the jBAaund or field book, the quiDtit]r of 
lindandkindof cuitJTstion; the totU rent pay- 
able by each oocupaut being alio ■ummed up. 
Ae^r^a jama-starch. An aocount of receipts 
and disbuTsements. 
F sy,t dvA'roA ; Z. ibdnii, adj. 

I. Boving ; wandering aboutj separated 
from one'B family. 

3. Abandoned ; lost ; destitute of name 
or obaracter. 

<|vdra& pAtr'nd, Lurking. G. G. 

To stroll about ; wander up and down. 
<}»oro* ka Svdrah girok, a. A wandering 
gang of thicTes. 
HKjJJ 5:i.( (K^tak lava'iah, n. m. H. hoH 

Taunta ; jeers ; inuendoes ; insulting 
dnbo^ ka*'n&i—fhtkna, — m&r'n&, v. n. 
To speak in inuendoes ; speak at ; taunt 
or jeer at ; laugh at. 
H^jl «5t# atwfrf, Bboj. n. £ Unripe 
~ com cut frvm time to time and brought 
home to be eaten without being threahed. 

Svd-jat; Oarh. aanH-jana, a, f H. dud to 
oome, S. mj to go. [(dnd-jdn«). 

1 . Coming and going ; ingress and egress 

2. TranBmigrataonofBOulsOIwwi-mttnm). 

Hjl^l HWm o»ai',Rn.t 

1. An enclosed space formed by a cluster 
of rOigata houses. 

3. A stting fiistened round the wheel 
of a distaff ^oM.W). [n. f . 

Report; rumour; gosup; hearsay; 
false rumour or report 
A»^Jj|j( av&'yal &mr, n, f. pL of Jjl 
Beginnings. Youth (chholx vmar). 

, n. m. A youth. 

A t&^;f owiAjV, u. m. pi. of j&{] the common 

people. A rake; debauchee; profligate; 

a bad character. [gate ; dissolute. 

atifi£«&', adj. Lecherous; Ubidinons; profli- 

^1{)I a»ba'iM, n. f. [lewdness. 

1. BakishnesB; dissoluteness; debauchery; 

2. Wenching ; womanizing ; inconti- 
nence ; harlotry. 

3. Depravity ; profligacy. 

H JZ" )t ^m^ op'tiAl, n. m. A man armed 

" with weapons or clothed in mail. 
Hrijf ^"W a'par; Tir. tipar; Qarh. vbjd, 
P. oiar, bar, prep. S. grift, Pr. avari above. 
On ; upon ; above ; up ; over. 
'j4)' ^UU Hp'rS, apan^hdr, QpSr-uar, n. 
Upper or high land not admitting of arti- 
ficial irrigation. [Mif. opro, a^j. 
^jtjT anift dp'ri, wp'rt i^ar-ia ; Sab. oprh, 

1. Outer; outward; exterior; external. 

2. Superficial ; not deep ; shallow. 

3. Specious ; artificial ; aJBTected ; unreaL 

4. Belonging to another (pordya). 
6. Strange; new; untami£ar. 

6. Foreign ; of another country ; alien. 

7. Loose {4hUa) ; not tight or strong. 

8. Unbecoming; unsuitable; not match- 

^j{)f soft Upr^, n. m. 

1. Stranger; foreigner; a new man ; an 
outsider ; one not belonging to the house, 
or the country. 

2. One who cultivates land in a differ- 
ent village from his own (pUM)- 

3. An exotic ; what is not native or in- 
digenous to the soil. 

4. Surplus ; surplusage ; overplus (fdtta). 

5. Perquisites; toea (bdlSl). [goblins. 
6.{Cpn parol). Evil spirits; demons; 
7. A cultivator not belonging originally 

to a village, but residing and occupying 
land in it, either upon a lease for a stipu- 
lated term of years, or at the pleasure of 
the proprietor (pdhi); a tenant whose an- 
cestors have held the land for many 
generations, bnt who is not considered to 
have a proprietary right in the soil ; ui 
officer employed to supervise the crops 
when brought to the ttu^eshing floor when 
the Oovemment dues we not pud in kind ; 
an overseer ; a superintendani; 

— — — -e- 





Ht.a-')! 3iTt *; Hin. Worn. (CorUemptuojaly) 

Of'rd, iUi'i/a, iWia ; Old H. aUt ; Garh autO, 

n. m. S. wi^t from V not, ^ a son. 

One who dies unmarried ; a ba-tcholor. 

H «w^' 'SlH 0'. n. f. [turn, 

I. Gain; profit (naja); advantage; re- 

2 Economy; spare; frugulity [kifdyat). 

3 Overplus; surplus; saving fiacAai^. 
4. Kelief; convalescence; recovery. 

o( kaa'ar. Profit and loss. 
H jCjf ft(f)TI a«iar', airftJr, n. m. S., <raiTH 
from «ran to descend, Pr. oAra. 

An incarnation of the deity. 

t^Tbe. Hiiidlls rpcton ten lDCi>rnati<mB of 
thegodVUbuu:— lBl,Af'icA&i fisb; 3ad, iTafAA * 
tortoise 1 Srd, flarff A » bo»r; ilh, JVurSinji a 
mui-lwiii Stii, itoHndor fianun a dwirf . 6th, 
Farm SKm ; 7tb, ^m ,- Stb, KrWin ,- Sth, Budh ; 
lOtb, £'uU-i or ^Htltalank, wbkb ia yet to ippeu 
on tbe culminaliap of Cbe kaUyag tbe iruu aga 
or aga of ijn. 

Ujf jt\^ ^jjT aait arm %pn iuarpoiar hona, 

vUar pdtar — , v. a from H. vtarvd. 

To bti paid off, ordiaoharged (a debt); 
to be clear, Bquare, even with ; to settle ; 
balance, or square accounts with ; to be 

BtE^jl %7 ot; Tir. trot, n. f. S.«|5T shield. 

1. Cover. See«Ir(l> 2). 

2. Shadow ; shade ; shelter. (Also or). 

3. Ambush ; hiding place; concealment. 

4. A veil ; a covering fur the face. 
ot landi, n. t 

1. Payment of a fixed amount for the 
use of each plough and pair of bullocks. 

2. Au estimate of the probable outturn 
at some future period. 

tJ)' §T3To'fffl, 11. m. 

1. A partition or side wall. 

2. A small wall against the entrance 
to a house ; a platform of mud. 

3. A heap of mud placed on the cotton 
machine to keep it steady. [cotton. 

4. One who separates the seed from tbe 

H >^;T 3i5iy ii'j«r; Carh. wrfor; Tir, ttjiw-, 

adj. Desolate. See jH-I 
U^}\ *TWT ojA'd, E; -y<J«ill, W. n. m. S. 

g w ai B teacher, Pr. vajhho. 

1. A diviner; soothsayer; wtsard; ma- 
gician (ydi^tl^ar) ; oo^jurorj enobimter; 
sorcerer ; exorcist. 

2. One who pretends to otire diseases, 
the bite of snakes, and to cast out evil 
spirits by means of charms or incantations. 

J^]* itrmi ojhat, a. t. Tbb proresaioit ol 
an qjhd. 

H ^jt V7% auchk, B. m. A reot frem 
which an orange color is extracted ; Mo- 
rinda citrifoiia. [cfepancy; incongihiity. 

B J^;f S39T H'tAhati n. £. Difference; dis- 

H I J;f ^WJ fi'-io. »di- S. Vnm- Pufple. 

H ^k^i ^raW ««*'<*" ; Mag. ajjat; Mir. 

qjat, a. m. Defamation. See ajiu. 
H 3^] ^7 &J n. m. A wood^ roller for break- 
ing clods in tbe field. 
B l^o^t VT31 o'^hS, bojhS, n. m. A perquisite 
of the village scribe, consisting of as much 
corn from each heap as he can enfold 
between both arms (hauH). 
H ».( WT aur, conj. 

And; else; besides; also; likewise. 
OUT iradah, n. m. 

A different &r lurking design. 
awrahai. Otherthing;othercommodity.6.G. 
auj'rtl/'tonwurn. Other wise; ih other cases. G. G. 
aur kd. Belonging to another ; not one's own. 
kiti aur nlyat h. With a different intention ; 
(G. G.) with iU wiU. 
t ^ 
P*^])t Swurd^, a4j. lil. brought. 0pp. of 
dmad what comes naturally. Artificial; 
affected; unnatural; false; far-fetched. 
Ijjjl dwur'da, n. lit. That which is brought 

over. One who is fevered ; a protogft. 
atifurdd iMiiU, n. m. A writer or registrar 

of accounts as delivered. 
S^OffiU^jT^!^ Snj ^rcOirbaha, n. m. S. 
3^ up, BTB arm. An nsoetic who holds up 
ono or botti arms uutil they become rigid 
and remain fixed in that position. 
HUjjt WTStr OT'n'J.E; i«">'i<t,W. n.Adrill 
plough. [leSt, n. A. 

P ^a\ '-^JjI a*tt'an^-t^; lUit natiraAg- 
" 1. A kind of cloth. 

2. A boil, or wuptton said to have 
broken out in the reign of Aurangzeb. 
H litt.}^! VlS^n or*'»d, otmd; W. BiM- 
o^h-jM} M£f. orno, n. m. 

1. A woman's mantle covering the bead 
and upper half of the body. 

2. A bed sheet; a covering; 

orhnA lU&r'nd, t. a. To de&me; take away 
one's oharacter. 



orhHS urkd'nd, t. r. lH, To cover with a 
wnppet. To mfirry ; take one's hand in 
marriage. {A mode of marrying a widow 
among villagers). [ing. 

t^&nd biehhau'nd, a. m. Bedding and oover- 

ofAnd gait meA ^dTiUI, v, a. To drag to the 
court for justice. 

tr Id former Umsi, ths insulted wonka 
would throw her wrappsr round tba offeodiug 
mui'i Dsok &ad dng him to tlis king for }uitic«, 
her uQcnvered head being ft qrmbol of the du- 
gTMe she had aufferad. 

u^'J}' ^l?^ orA'Rl,on'n{; Bus. o^h'iii, d. f. 
Diminutive of ork'ni (1). q. v, 

t>fA»Ij"'KAi, n. £ A Hindu marriage ceremony, 

1ft It conststa inthabridegnioiii'B pre«eutiug 

paint, ornKmeata. jewtls, Kud n nev liult of olothee 

for the brido, followed by a return present from 

the bride of money uid « aweeUntMit ealjed tikH. 

A iljjiai***-,' n. m. PI of >J) Tools. Sea i*»1 

[Hiq dut, £. ; MffAl, E. & W. n. m. 

to eat Rice sown in Ckait or Bai- 
»Hh (Aug. — Sep.) and growing rapidly 
through ^e rainy season. 
H ^t«.f ^nrm aumn' ; P. hoth, n. m. from 
«lM sbaipness- Sensibility j sense (Aavd«); 
presence of mind. 
at(«dB -afj&na, UiaUl honO, yHjiUe rahni, v. 
n. To be stunned, atapefied, at a loos ; to 
atend aghaat ; lose one's senses. 

H l$Jw«*T VWCOT avai^thS ; Rus. aiu'lhA, a. f. 
3- m well, wi to stand. 
1. State ;ooiidition; age. 
a. Period ; duration ; life (Oriat). 
3. Stoiy; narrative ; history. 
Br*;! ftWK o'tar, n. f. S. HW a young 
ftnim itL A young oow orbufialo; heifer. 
H y^t 3!^ H'tar, oiar, n. £ Barren (land). 

H lt^»*;» ^OTT o*'rd, of-rt, n. /. Turn (Wrt) j 
time; turn (of a performer); watch; 
milkiog [ime(cAAAt); Uie time forgathering 
fruits and flowers. 

A^u)) au'M<,n.f.H.i%Ala->)middIe.Aven^; 
the mean between tSIa highest, and 
adn& lowest. 
aittat janMiaadi, a. t Average rentaL 
atuat-hdai, n. £ Average of attendance. 
avMi darje ke miaaj, mr aql hi AaUu. 0. G. 
A person of ordinary sense and temper. 
muat ra^f)a-i-]MH. The average area of a 
cultivator's holding. 

autat tkarah lagS», n. f. Ped. Average 

rent-rate. [average. 

awat-i-ant niiSlnS, v. a. To strike a general 
ausat niian-i-ihdm. Averse gross procesda 

or rentaL 
atuat nikalna, v. a. To strike an average. 
la-]l autat; H. bldt ki rit, adj. Tolerable; 

middling; passable. 
H Jy-jt '5raam«'«^. n- m. A tribe of 

JaiAt, chiefly merchaota and bankers. 
A uwlSjf auqdf, n. f. pi. of £^i Time. 

1. State ; condition ; circumataucea. 

2. Means ; appliances ; resources ; ways 
and means, 

3. Ability; strength; powqr, 
^jMtj Ci^j] auqSl-bai'ari, n. f, 

1. Employment, or occupatioa of tima 

2. Livelihood; means of living; source 
of income. 

Hb^jt VT99i St'yak, limSfjokhoA, a, m^ In- 
surance. In Western India, Respondentia, 
an advance of money to a merchant upon 
the goods or merchandise in a ship before 
Bailing, on the condition that, if the 
voyage be profitable, the loan is to be 
repaid with an extra rate ot interest or 
dioak bff^jH. A transaction in wbitdl a per- 
son who baa made a respondentia advance 
enters into an engagement with some 
third person, who for a bonus or stipuhtt- 
ed interest, insures him against Iobs. 

H ,«^^! itnRT*1aMtiln', Q.Aheapof strawand 

grain (ISAk). 
HftJ'^f^^ liiA, E.; iih, W.; Hlih, ieUM, 
Mag. ; tSntha, Maf., u. f. S. ««, Pr. tuAktAS. 
Sugarcane; Saeeharmn offi^Aanan. Wat. 
tf^^^ StRift ^khSrl, ^Aa'rl, n. f. 

A 6eld of sugarcane. [W. n. m. 

s'j*'"jT5'aTrai t^iAVdj, uift-5A*i,E; nimau'nl, 

The day on whicK the planting of the 

sugarcane commences, generally attended 

with some festive ceremouiea at which 

sweet dishes only are prepared. 

HJ.^1 VT^7 au'khad; Rus. auJOtatU; 
auihal, a. f. S. 4nifq Medicine (doMQ ; 
remedy (ilcij). 

Hh^al dmro'^^Aor; Bus. otulAor; A. awir, 

n. m. Tools; implements; apparatus. 
Hj^y^ra^ m'lhal, n.f. S. 5n bwren 




land. L&nd rcolntmed fVom waste and 
brought under cultivation. 
Hjj^J'^l iBrasft okh'll, W; ukkti, E.; ukhii, 

" Mag. n. t A mortar. See uihU. 

B.^^i^ iia^ au-m, boAgl, burl Ikmti, n. f. 

~ from av bad, ioA speak. Rude or hareli 

language ; a crooked answer. [to rise. 

H ^J^y t ^ im t iI'iTdfi, ^ffS'll, n. f. from Uf I 

** The first t&jb of the rising sun or moon. 

H^To t-^j( ^11 CTrtW off-duat'; {Khattr!) 
bhai-bhifmd, a. f. A Hindu festival per- 
formed on the twelfth day of BhddoA 
bad^, or the dark fortnight in August. 

HjTjll&IIRIaw'M^.Tir.Aai/Sah. ogar, 
a. t from gll moisture. Subsoil moisture. 

H ^gf;! Sray a»VA«r. i- ™- 

, (fhagl). A bad omen. 

" 1. A vhip, about sev«i Qubits long, like 
a waggoner's, used in training horses. 

2. An ornamental edging of superior 
country shoes (peculiar to Delhi). 

3. A pit dug for catching elephants, 
woWea, etc. 

gi 4. A reel or ekein (antt)- 
A Jjl ai/wl; Hits, abbal, adj. 

1. First ; foremost; primus inter pares. 

2. Highest ; principaJ ; prime ; superior 
(nitam). [(«r«A*A). 

3. Best; excellent ; exquisite ; tip-top 

4. Preliminary; preparatory; proemial. 
awal darjd, n. m. First class; first rate, 
amxU din te, adv. From the first ; from the 

beginning (H. ad k). 
awcU rahnd, v, n. To Stand first in order. 
ovtia^ te ikhir lah, adv. Right through ; one's 

wholegeneration(firf»ert/i( lal). [interment. 
amal mmml, a. f. Funeral rites, or obsequies; 
awal matieil pouiiAcAond, ya i, v. a. [dead, 
^ To perftwm the ftmerftl rites ; bury the 
Jj' Mvat, aiwU to ; H. piriham, adv. Fii-stly ; 

imprimis ; in the first place ; at first sight ; 

in the first instance; prima facie. 
<n/ua/, am. Beginning; commetict;naent(drfA). 
H Jjl 'ra ol, n. m, A pungent vegetable of 

which the root is boiled in acid and eaten ; 

Amorphophallus eampanidatiia. Wat. 

^j*" Jj' ira dnft ol kobi, n. f. Kuolecole. 

H JjJ Wl^oi,Ji:i. o/daoreen. Personal bail or 

security ; a surety ; hostage (A. yargamSl). 

ol wM dead, v. a. To surrender a debtor to 
his bail till payment of the mon^ dne; 
to give a hostage. 
HW^I ^t^tKT o'lS, ote; 6t»K>7yfl,ftai'rf, W.Rus.; 
paCthar, paUhal, £; biwtvr\, Mag. k Bhoj.; 
gi^rt), Mif. n. m. from S. j|m wet 

1. Hail; hailstone. 

2. A round lump of loaf-«ugar. 

A ijV.1 auia^, a. f. *), Bearing children. 
Children ; breed ; issue {Si). 
auladAU-halal, n. C Legitimate obildren. G. G. 
AUI jVjl attlad-i^n&t;^.belyaA. Female issue. 
aulSd rishtor^-maHaqima. ; H. A, ek lilp H 

aulad. Lineal descendants. 
aulSd-i-iakar ; H. bOe, Male issue. 
utilSA-i^aMh-uDrWudb, mddd-i-nasaH; H. 

sachehl aidad. Legitimate issue. 
aulSd-i^aif^^ahSArun-nasa^ tam-asal aulid. 

Illegitimate issue. 
avlad kt aidad; H. noR pole. GnuidchildretL 
auF^ noph^ttt-tarafain; H. kidvana smUiln. 
Legitimate issue from both sidee, mater- 
f nal and patemaL 

nyj i ai^ u'lu, uTua, n. f S. 35nr, Pr. ulato. 
A kind of gvass used in thatching ; Sae- 
chanim cj/lindritmrh Wat 

H ^(j j W^I^) a'ol^ E; iflwAtM, W. n. f . 
A mode of est»mBtiDgcrope,the product 
of one biteS being taken as a measiu^ of 
the whole. 

A W^l au'lis/d, n. m. pi. of ^j [men. 

' The apostles ; saints; pious or holy 

aulf/H Allah, n. m. In Mah. law. The next 

of kin,or other entitled to exact retaliatJoa 

S fti^^^TTf om, u. The mystic name of the 
triad Vishnu, Shiv, and Brahum, consist- 
ing of three tetters % 3, v. It is used at 
the beginning, and, like our Amen, at the 
end of prayers and holy recitations, snd 
also at the beginning of writings or Ttt- 
pectful salutations. 
oi^kSr', oAkar, The mysterious word om, q-T- 

H e-jf arift "J'wd, o. f- W. An ear of com 

"half ripe; fried green Indian com- 
H^jjT VJ^ A'mtn, n. m. W. The iron ring 

round the nave. 
H ^T ^1^ *»' n. f. S. ai& Pr. 3iff, Panj. ««>i- 
Wool ; coarse hair that may be woven. 
HlJ^l3iRTtI'na; i]n;M&r-3vi; Brij. Mffd 

adj. S. an less. 



1. Leaa ; short; deficient. 

2. Youqg, toothless (oattle). 
H^^U Ijjl 'Onn m^\ond-masl,o'Mam,a.{. 

Cor, of S. di ira; f«^ I iiroatrato 
myself before om (the Hindu triad) fWid 
all the perfect beings. 

The first leason or prayer, 
HkS^jl ^Z ^M; n. m. S. 3<5; P. vshtar. 
A oamel. 
iM{ jtoford, n. tn. A thiatle of which camela 

are fond ; Hthittopt echivatu*. Wat- 
,J^^ ^gift tint;^, □. f A female camel, 
imf-t-dn ; P. jdr-idn, n. m. A camel-driver. 
Ht^jf ^hlT tlii'fi^ (IritAt, firicAe; Sah. un- 
ch&; Garb. iu)A5;Panj. ucAcAS; P. haland, 
adj. S. 3« high. Opj). of ntcAo. [high. 
Tall; lofty; elcTated; exalted; raised; 
aieti da'c&n, lit. An elevated or grand shop. 
A famouB, reapectable, or well-known 

Mda got, y&jai, n. t High caste. 

QUjJ.f iltlSiT a^ntHni, v. a (fAoyi.) To eat. 

H^y ^jt ftra 5h aufM-ptmntfitin-jMun, 

adv. S. a?l less, H. fHtun three quarters. 

From one to 2fi per cent. less. At a loss. 

P H U/ ^l)*;! <*«•■'« *<"■'"*' "• *■ **■ u^'»^ 
to bang, Ped. for H. tal,kS,n&. To suapend ; 
affix ; post (a notice). 
vihUhar HveziA karttO, To post a voitioe w 

i)ijl awwlA; H. /iTfton, n. m. An ornament 
for the ear ; an earring. 
H j-A H^tt oA*^. <*'Aa'-, ^iidt' ; Q^xK Sfth. 
and Mag. hdr, n. m. S, rnm^from ^ to take. 

1. Food; victxials ; provision ; auatenance. 

2. Glnten (nuAdafd)i starch; paste. 
ahdr kar'nO, v- s. To diue ; eat ; make a meal. 
UjV wirm ahOt'tiA, ahdr d^ttd, y4 fiofAd'- 

tifi, v. a. To starch ; paate, 
H \l*f 'WT •tAdr', wahdr, ujkSr, E; yorda, 
W. n. A curtun or covering of a cart^ litter, 
pOltH, eto. as a protection from the sun or 
rain, or a privacy fbr women. 
Hli^l^f ^IftCTt vhar-ttS. t. a. (Thagi). 

To kill by strat^lation, or hanging. 
A jut ah^ti, a. m. pU of Jt' Individuals ; 
"members; persona. 

A«U«. ^V ahan-i-jaaOSt, b. m. Membera 
of a fbroe. G. G. 

69 cTi* 

jy Ji+I oAo'/l matrd'fl ; Pop. Aofl MOJidflj 
n m. Courtiers; rataiuera; faUowarH;8er 
vant»; retiuue. 
A ct-JUt »7Ml'i!a«, Ped. n. f. i^jt despising. 
l.'Contempt ; affront ; insult. 
2. Slander; defamation; calumny, [oom-t- 
Ail*^ *"■'?' ih&wU-i-adalai. Contempt of 
^ [for. 

A |»l*X^I eArt'mdm', n. m. ft Taking thought 

' I. Charge; care; control; superinten- 
dence; supervision; inspection. 

2. Administration ; guidance ; direction ; 
regulation ; management 

3. Trust ; responaibility. 

4. Rule 1 sway ; iurisdiction. 
.l^fW^l ditim&m-dAr ; wioAiomim, n. m. 

The holder of a trust; the person 
charged with the realization of a stipu- 
lated revenue for a certain district under 
the Mahomedan government ; a zamlndOr ; 
an agent or deputy of the zamlndAr, ap- 
pointed by him to realize the revenue of 
any portion of hie vwMttd&fi. 
eAttmdm kar'ni, v. a. [control. 

1. To superintend; overlook; supervise; 

2. To administer; have, or take the 
direction; to conduct; direct; manage; 
r^ulate ; carry on (chal^d). 

ehtimam meA raih'nd, y. a. To put in one's 

charge : to entrust, 
^W^l ftWmfi/Bl, n. f- What is held in 

trust, as an under-tenure or part of a 

taSUvq, lands, eta 
athydes/air ehtimAJn Jiudah. Effects un- 

odministered. G. G. 
KOiodrnwhSrcUSeWUi/Sr ekiimm tarka-^ 

fliMsi. Ped. Grant of adminiBt ration to 

the estate of the testator. G. G. 
j»dit h& cAim*»,nju. Superintendence of the 

police- G. Gi 

H ijl «»^^ *'^^' ***''■*' ^ "■ 

1 E. A reservoir for colleotmgwun-water 
for irrigation. [in a furnace. W. 

3. {nihina). A pile of cakes of cowdung 
P JX^ fiAii<'<y*,P6d., «Att(?I, Pop. luf. 

1. Slowness; delay; tardiness. [ness. 

2. Gentleness ; mildness (norml) ; meek- 
CUfT d'hulah, ahulah ahitlah ; Illit., dtleh 

d»feA; H. Bai/A«ffyA, AawZe Aauit, adV. 

1. Slowly; gently; softly ;maay. 

2. Gradually; step by st^f inch by 
inch; by slow decrees; bit by bit; by 
ilegrees; by littJe and Uttle. [and om 

3. At one's convenience ; leisurely ; off 


**-^ dJuttah, 1^^. 

" l.Slaok; slow; tardy; dilatory, [crawling. 

2. Lazy ; Bluish ; la^ard ; creeping ; 

3. Gentle; mild; aoft; easy. 
A J^f oAA adj. Pad. for H. »M*i/. 

Meek ; gentle ; modest ; good ; clever. 
Jft aht, It. Ta. la Compos. Oue; an indivi- 
dual One of a. family, race, profession, 
commanity, or place. 
jt^t Jfl ahl^-^khtydr; n. m. One em- 
powered ; one vested with authority ; a 
person in authority. 
jiflfjtjfl ahi-vUjUhSd, n. m. In Mah. 

law. People capable of I^al investiga- 
tion ; qualified jurists. 
<Ut J^l ahl-ttltah, a. m. A man of God ; a 

pious man; a dervise ; &qir. 
^1^1^ Jfl tiht-i-jdSddd, n. m. A man of 

pFop»ty ; owner ; one poaseesing landed 

pn^erty ; a land owner. 
ti^ Jfl eAl-i-Mrfa. One praotising a trade 

or profession. 
^)2k Jfl eihl-i-huq^, n. m. One poeaeesing 

just claims, or poeeaesed of rights. G. G. 
»Jit Jfl aAK-iAfina, n. m. Ped. fbr H. ghar 

he log. 
I.Peopleof thehonse; domestica. [wife, 
2. I^dy or master of the houae ; house- 
fia J^l ahl-ir4aftar: One employed as a 

derk or moAvrrir, 
ahtirrozff&r, jia-uhi-paha, u. m. Servants ; 

serving men. 
ahl-i-tunnat, n. mi The followere of the 

traditional, as well as the written law. 

The ^n»i<, as opposed to the SUOt. 
»is-Jt' '^iht-i-taif, n. m. A military man ; a 

ail^anu, n. m. An interested party ; one 

interested (maltabt/d). [jurist 

>Ujfl ahi-i-fiqah, iL m, A Mahommedan 
ftf ^i^\ ahl-i-qnlam, n. m. A civilian; an 

officer in the Civil Department ; a man of 

letters ; a literary man. 
Jf Jfl ahl-kSr, a. m. An officer; an agent; 

a pubUc or private servant. [G. G. 

a&l-tOr-i^u, n. m. A police functionary. 
d^kar-i^arkdfi, n. m. A public officer. G.G. 
ahl-iiir-i-mohlamim thdnd o puli*. An of- 
ficer in charge of a poUoe-atation. G. G. 
•^bT Jfl ahl-i-kiiab, n, m. One who professes 

a revealed religion aa contained in an 

inspired book, [of a commisaion. 

yj*-**" Jtl aht-i-iamishan, a. m. A member 
Ct»i»^i*»Jf\ahl-i-mu'^khiimat. All the parties 

coaceni«d in a suit 

ahl-i-mad,n.m. A Pet«iaa'writ«r, or head of a 
department in a court of judioature ; an 
officer in charge. 

gli** Jtl dhli-mA&th, n. m. A man of [oo- 

**»*• Jfl oAl-i-mugadntak, a. m. One ^nte^ 
eated in a suit; a party in acnse; an 
intereated party ; one of tiie two Utigants. 

oUi^drdsat, a. m. One interested in tiie 
succession ; a joint heir ; an heir. 

*A' ahli'i/a, gail'lah, n. f. A wife. 
P^f ffhan, n. m. Ped. for H. lohd. Iron. 

^T d-ianl, adj. Made of iron, 

^urt' '"'^ ^^^' E. n. m. A mixture of 
straw and earth for building a wall. 

^i/}i^ WlSfPit dhu'Ci, 4hul, n. f. S. WTjfil 

An obliition or burnt offering of jAi. 
H;i(( m^ oAir' ; Sah. Air; Garb, juilr, 

a. m. S. mvSn. A caste of HiodS oowfaaids 
claiming to be desoended from Eri^na, 
called jVanrf baTui, Jada or FadvSam, 
and Ovdl-battH. 

H}fr(f ''i%t[ ahef' i Stq. aier, iihet ; Oajh. 

aiH, n. no. S. wmfe. [(aWior). 

The chase ; hunting ; Ihe prey or game 

^5s*' ^ff f^rh aheriya, a. m. & w^zvT 

A Bportsman ; hunter (tAiian) ; fowler. 

Fort.ljr d-^s, a. t A female tttteodant on 

children; a lady's maid; nune; miud- 

eervant (in Anglo-Indian houses) ; ^m. 

A (.bf oly*»', n. m. pi. of f« a day H. <fiii. 

1. Time (too^) ; qiaoe ; days ; season. 

2. Duration ; period ; term ; usance. 

3. The menses; monthly disohafge. 
ffllyam-i-daiAtidri, n. m. Period of tenancy ; 

term of possession. 
aiytlfn dauran-i-mugmlmah, n. m. The time 

during which a auit ia pending. 
alffdm-irdawah. During circuit, aasaioBS, 
aiydm-i-oluiehrddri, n. m. Incumbency ; tiie 

period during which ati office is hel4. 
aJp/H'ipiiathtah,n.Ta. Time past. 
alydm m, kaproA te, maih nr «, yd nahStH 

JumA, phm dnd, v, n. Won. To bve tifl 

menses or mraitbly dlsoharge. 

riodioaljiaymeat. Oi Q. 

A uW^ ^!f^ "- ^ ^' H« aat a sign hf inbiob 
a person or thing might be kDOtrtu 

1 . A 81^ ; mark (nuAttn). 

2. A verse or paragraph of the QvrdTt. 
, (sary. 

A !_'%"' ^*^'' "• '"• '**''> ^""J^'ing neoeB- 

1. [In t<iffic). AfErrofttion (0pp. of nega- 
tion tdlA) ; assent 

2. (/« Mah, /aw). The fiTst proposal 
made by one of the parties id n^ociating 
or cMicladiDg a bargain. 

jyi y -'t'ul ^j^f>' o ?u6*ir, n. m. Proposal 
and acoepUnce (in a negotiation of mar- 
riage). The offer and assent must be de- 
clared before witneBsee to render the 
marriage valid. 
A Jta^l ijwT. ikhiirOS, n. f. ^j creating. 
Invention ; creation; production. 
M«U tamo, V. a. 

1. To create ; invent; originate; produce, 
8. Topr«jaot;deeign; devise; strike out. 
\}dd honO, V. n. To be invented, etc 

AfiijJ i'«l, n. m. ^M He waa hurt. Fed. for 
H. tfS q. T, [dmd. 

bd paMAkakana, yd de'i»d, v. a. See dtM 

ua^iAandah, lad-nwd*, Fed. for H. dulAr 
dSl. Offensive j hurtful ; noiiouB ; vexa- 
tious; injurious; troublesome. 

Ua-rasdnl, n, t Causing diBtress or injury ; 

maJmO'-i-maifiabt io US patiAkckand. 

Disturbing a religious assembly. G.G, 

ndiithrMid raiSni hU-yaad. Charge of mali- 
cious or wilful persecution. 

AjI'jjI Uaif, n. Fed. for H. bafhotn. 
Additions ; augmentation ; increase. 
w«i ia/«a, Fed. for »^ddo t. q. v. 

A Uoil »'«««. Colt- (")> »dv. The Barae ; ditto ; 
as above or before ; in the same manner. 

A tail ^/^ "■ ™- ^^^ '° *^™P' tf*' Paying; 
keeping faith. Fuiament; diBchaige ; pay- 
meat ; satis&ction. 
t«j''j£_'*',l ifd-i-dign, S^tisfeotion of decree. 
i/a-i-teddoA, n. m. Fulfilment of a promise. 
VniVbjJfS. thardj/at itd i/S, fulfilment of 
condHiom. O. fi. 
HUOt «« «fe;(inCom.)ti;aarh.j«i;adj.S, 
«^ ; Ft. ekkatn, earn ; F. yak. 

1. One ; a; an; tmly; only one; a 
CNtain one ; each ; each one ; another. 

2. Individual ; sin^ ; sole. 
S. Either; one rar the other. 

4. Equal ; like ; alike ; umilar. 

ded-eki, P. yak^iSrgi, yakSnak ; A. dafatan, 

adv. At once; suddenly; simultaneously. 
jt\JJJiii^mZtt-dd,ek-&^aA\. Some; some 

few ; few ; hardly, or scarcely any. 
tkek/ekek kar-ke, tk fe bid ek, adv. One by 

one; one after the other ; consecutivdy; 

seriatim; individually; eadi; every; apiece; 

severally ; singly, 
eiek ke do do, Twice as much; double; 

huudred per cent. 
eh bSi, n, f. lit. One word, [matter. 

1. The same thing; no difference; no 

2. One price; no variation or bai^aining. 
eh bdcbhl, n. f . A distribution of aay tax or 

cess levied upon all lands at an equal rate. 
tk binde rnvqadmiih ho do thiq harnd. 

To divide one cause of action into two ; 

splitting of claims. 
ek pet ke, B,dj. Of the same mother; own 

brothere or sisters, 
)J JjI tp6^\ek to, adv. Firstly ; in the fitat 

instance ; on the one hand. 
ek tol, adj. Of the same weight; equal 
JLfJ JJ} QK im ek4dn^ (one leg of a 

quadruped), mwhd, (Broker's idit«n); 

chavannl, n, f. A four-anaa piece. 
eh-Jd, ek-jagah, ikhatti, ek-Chan, adv. In One 

place; collected together; in a mass. 
eh-jd kamd, v. a. See ikhattd karnd. 
eh-jdt, ek-zdt; P. ham-qaum, adj. Of the same 

caste, family, race, kind, or sort; a co- 
religionist j of the same parents. 
«k-jde, ek-mat, Prov, One caste, one mind. 

A tBim used in ^reementa, contiuoti, uid the 

like, by which tha BubeoribeiB bind tteaiaelveB 

jointlj and sevBrally to fulfil the tarmi apecifisd. 
ek divdt rupayd, ek thaili yd tord, (Bi-oker's 

idiom). One thousand Kupees {ek thaili). 
ek due're At madad, Co-operatir~ ~'"" 

another ; mutual help. 
th-d^n; P. kttm-walixn, n. One 

the same place or coimtry ; a fellow-ooun- 

. try man. 
«"> -ii' UK *in ek-ran^d, K. ; qand, W., a. m. 
A red eloth commonly worn by native 

women. [ittonth. 

ei rv^yd taii^it. One rupee per cent per 
Ijtii ««fT «*'r* "»■ n>- The 6gure one (i). 
tk-tar/alt, adj. Onesided ; partial ; ex parte ; 

biassed ; prejudiced. 
Aiar/ah digrx, n. One-sided decre& 
et/(Mfi,adj. Tielding but oue crop annually. 
ekrqalam; P. j/ak-galam, adv, lU. One pen. 
At a stroke ; at once ; entirely ; al- 
together {hUkul). 
ek md bdp ke, adj. Of the same parents, the 

whole blood. 
fXjJ iwn ek'am, pan"*. P«*ft. >»■ *• The fi«t 
day of the Hindu fortnight 

Tith one 

«kam-ek, ekam-idr, adj. 

1. Mixed up; heterogenous; disordered; 
disarranged; uiiola.aBi^ed j in a state of 

2. Rendered unclean or impure by touch. 
ti-moi, adj. Of the same value or price. 
einutiik, ek-tab&n, adj. Agreeing ; united ; 

unanimous; of one speech ; of the same 

etmuM, ei-saidn, adv. Unanimously ; with 
one consent ; with one voice; with one 
accord; una voce; by common consent; 
in chorus ; as one man ; to a man ; nem 
eon, or nemine cmtradicerde ; nemine di*- 
tentUiUe; without a dissentient voice; 
one and all. 

tk mv/Ah ho'nd, v. n. 

1. To agree ; coincide in opinion {eh rSe 
honS); to be unanimous. 

2. To be of the same mind ; be at one 
with ; enter into one's views ; sing in 
chorus ; chime in. 

ek-mtisht, ek-raqam, adv. In one payment 
^U *£{t Jita ^]tf <k-ji3m ; F. hamndm ; adj. 

Cognominal ; having the same name. 
tli na, ek SAi moAIH, No one ; none ; not a 

single one ; neither. 
ek na ek, conj. Either; one or the other. 
\'fiiSj\ QtKSfiTr tkan'tr&, ikantrd, n. m. Hin. 

Fasting every other day. 
ei h% ffhar ke, Of the same family ; from 

the same ancestor or stock. 
ICil vmi <fiS. n. m. 

1. Unanimity ; union ; concurrence ; 
accord ; concord, p^ination ; conspiracy. 

2. Alliance ; league ; compact ; com- 

3. Chem. Affinity ; adhesion ; attraction. 
U-<^l WTO^n tiOi'na, ikdina ; MSv. ijaiOTtT, 

n. m. S. ^j^ to eat. Eating once a day, 
reckoned as fksting. Hin. 

•±^<Afl VWUm eld^, ikOta', adj. S. «Rt limit. 
Secluded; sequestered; retired; pri- 
vate ; lonely ; tolus ; solitaiy ; single ; 

<SJ*^' Wil*a etanC, n. m. Seclusion ; retire- 
ment ; isolation ; solitude ; loneliness. 

ekSnt meA, adv. Aside ; apart ; alone. 

';*)^' intnrT eko'tr&, ikotar, adj. I . A hundred 
and one. 2. One per cent. 
H 4^t {q ^ ^K »• f • Sugarcane. See if^. 

P ,Jf^\ «^'^*'; H. diU, n. m. T. yalehl, An 

** envoy ; delegate ; ambassador. 

tf/i^'J WeAlT/or'l, a f. Embassy; the 
office or dignity of an ambassador, 
H tjJjJ IRrai «f«^, n. m. Aloea (mwabbar). 

2 ^J 

AUj.I I'md, u. m, 'Uj nod, beckon. 

Hint; implication; aUusion ; indirect 

or incidental reference. 

A ^^S*i\ intSn'i H. dhia^am, n, m. ,g»i be vm 

secure. [(^), 

1. Belief; religion ; religious faith; creed 

3. Conscience; conscientiouBnass; truth; 

faithfulness; good faith; fidelity ; tmst- 

worthiness; honesty (ImSnddr^); probity; 

uprightness; integrity ; honor. 

imfiK k; H. dharam k, adv. Fairly; honortly; 

imon «« kahnd, yd tahHr tai^nd, V. n. 

To testify or declare solemnly 
imdn k& lauda, yd khel. Fair dealing, 
imdn l(tnS, v. n. 

1. To beliere; hare or put bith in; 
trust ; put trust on or in ; ccmfide in. 

2. To rely on; credit ; give credit ta 

3. To be converted to a faith. 

jIjJUjI imdn-d&r', adj. P. jlj keep, 0pp. of 
he-iman. q. v. Conscientious ; honest ; tnis; 
upright ; j ust ; truatworthy ; faithful 

A&*^t if't'ma, D. m. pL of lotdtt a priest. 

l.'Land given fby the king at a very 
low rent ; a grant of land for the sup- 
port of a shrine or temple, a fief (when 
no rent is paid, it is odled Ut^khirdj); 
a grant of land, etc. to the people who 
attend at the tomb of a saint. 

2, Laud grantediby the Mogul Govmh- 
meut, either rent-free or subject to a 
small quit-rent, to learned or religious 
persons of the Mahommedan &ith, or 
for religious and charitable uses in rela- 
tion to Mahommedanism. Such tenurss 
were recogniaedby the British (.ovemment 
as hereditary and transferablB. Beng. 
Regulation VIIL 1793. WUton't Glouary. 

cJli Jt; U-JI aim'ma hOzyJlfl. Lapsed AitM 
gninta, siibsequently assessed. 
aima bai zamtn. Land held rent-free ; or at 
a quit-rent, under an Aima ^ant 

jlj i^l aim'ma-dar, aimorltdr, n. m. Holder 
of land granted for religious or charitable 
uses, or to religious or learned Mabom- 
medans ; a feofiee. 

^y «»i) aim'matnavMi, A village given M a 
charitable endowment to learned or reli- 
gious persons. 

A yjAif ^n', n. m. 

1. A body of laws; constitution; code; 
law; regulation; institute; statute {qSmOn). 

2. Rule; enactment; act; edict; ordi- 
nance; canon; decree. 

Jf^ ' 

3. The oommon law in contradistinction 
to the ihara, or laws delivered byMahom- 
msd {Ux Beriptd) ; lex mm leripUL 
ifi^. ur'l' dln-i-^oAri, Maritime law. 
''1^ urk' ^n bandnd, v. a. To I^islate ; 

enact, or make lawB. 
jF^^J Stn-i-jint. The law relating to as- 

aeaamenta in kind, 
o'j^l tfrnddA, n. m. One who knows Ihe law 

^Ijfj u^Idin-i-^udnl, n. m. Civil law. 
.yL.^} ^T ^»-i-mjitUiH. Registration law. 
aJtft. ^ii iRn-i-thardkaC, a. m. Terms or 

conditions of partnership, [deuce. 

<^<t^ur^T d%A-i-Mhah&/<it, a. The Uw of evi- 
^;lUip5^I dln-i-tariqa-irqitr^i. The legal 

process of attachment. [law. 

i^)'-**!* mb^ 6in-i-faujd3ri, n. m. Criminal 
(Bn ke mu^fiq kOr-band hond, t. n. To oon- 

Form to the requirements of the law ; to 

obey the law, to act up to the law ; to- 
do what the law requires. 
JU ^T dTn-t-m^, n, m. Revenue law. 
lji|A4^1 ^n-i^uuS/iidah. Law of oontraat 
tAil^-i^fn, bar ihildf-i^n, Contrary to law ; 

iU^al; information irregular. 
EUaoJbl ^Q«n eneh'nd, Heh'nd, ai^eh'nd, 

iheieh'na ; itag. ffhfneh'nd, v. a. S. «^ to 

dnw Gaus. of ineh'nd, q. v. 

1. To draw a line j to nde. 

2. To write ; scribbla 

3. To draw or unsheath (one's sword). 

4. To hang (on a gibbet) (jthdnei dena) ; 

6. To take in ; abeorb ; suck up. 

6. TodrawinUiebreatb; inspire; inhale. 

7. To extort ; exact ; ease of (one's 

8. To reserve ; keep or hold back. 

9. To take upon oneself; engage ; make 
oneself liable to pay for ; to be responsi- 
ble for. 

^t 4« tick, M(A, n. f. 

1. Scarcity ; deficiency ; drought. 

2. Delay; tardineas; slowness. 

3. The banking system by which samlfi- 
dars pay the revenue demand. 

A franyd u called in who pays in tba ■mount 
and kftenrards recuvera from each SlimA the 
unDUnt payable bj him (incA-numotifi}. 

H \jJ^( ta[C la'dUr, In'dur, ind&r ; MSf. 
tlritiro, n. m. S. isQc A rat ; mouse ; mole. 

P 8oJL> I fiin'dah, adj. Ooming; future ; ensu- 
ing; next. 

dindah;'S.. Sge, adv. In future; for the 

future; henceforth; hereafter. \jSt&. 

Aindahrravinddii, n. m. A traveller. See did 

H^J^t TO^ ih'dluat, a m. S. ^ to 

kindle. Pall eiho firewood. 

Firewood ; fuel ; wood. 

Ho^l V7 ''*^t ^J- [unprofitable. 

1. Useless ; worthless ; unserviceable ; 

2. Incomplete ; unfinished ; imperfect 
aiAd kar'nd, v. n. To render useless; to 

break; injure; spoiL 
aind fumd, ai^d Tohnd, v, n. 

1. To be broken, dislocated, iqjured. 

2. To come to a dead lock or stand-still 
(a machine). 

3. To be locked up ; remain uninvested 
(as money). [thing, 

4. To become useless, or good for ne- 
6. To remain unfinished, incomplete, or 

m statu quo. 

Hfji-ti VV1 ain'dd, n. m. A makeweight 
placed m the lighter scale. W. 
UlJi£) ivmr mnfla'n'l, atri^'nd, v. a. 

To put in the scale ; to weigh roughly, 

Ht^JwI IfaT »n(fw* lAdhud, W.; irvd, 

Sah. ; {tTV^Maf.;;«i{iut^, Mag.; nnu'n^d, 

Garb. ; birvd, Tir. n. m. H. aiAdR a ring. 

A roll or round fold on which a bur- 
den is carried on the head for supporting 
a water-jar, etc. ^, , , 

H y^t fft iA'gur, n. m. Bed lead ; minium 
H I ]t)i' $9TTT oi^id'ra ; Mag. kHrhd, a. A cow- 
shed in the middle of a jungle. 

p b bS, prep. With ; together with j in addi- 

<*t^tl{ bd JA hamah. sdv. Whereas ; not- 

witliBtaudiug ; seeing that. 
bd/arzand, A term inserted in a grant made 

to the grantee and his posterity. 
bd~ihauq, adv. Wiliiugly; with all one's heart 
thjUli ba-!dbitah, adj. 

1. Bc^;ular; formal; according to rule 
or usage; in conformity with precedent 

2. Well-regulated; safe and convenient 
ha^^'iuA, adv. According to rule, usage, 

or custom; with a douceur (Amla's idiom). 
Ij«4u. bd-q&sdd, adj. Regular, fonoal; M«ird- 
ing to rule. 





iug ; in spite of; although ; withal. 
V^ id-nou^ be-nava, n. m. k class o£ beg- 
gars. SeeSiOd. 
A i—'^ ^^^, >!■ it)> A. bob door. 

1. DiTision; Hectian; chapter; heading. 

2. Particular; point; afiiJir; case; mat- 
ter ; bueineBs ; object; topic. 

3. Tai; cess ; head of acoounta, 

A k=-ylj ba'bai, prep. Fed. for H. naddhe. On 
account of ; regarding; raspecting; con- 
cerning ; conversant with ; touching ; 
about; aa to; in the matter of; in behalf of. 
b^nt akhasi-i-lagdn bU-jair. On account of 

the illegal exaction of rent G. O. 
vete hahatyjitke bSitat. For which; concern- 
ing which ; for the sake of. 
pidSsh ki baiat. For the puniahment o£ 
£*{lj b&hat, mad, n. t 

Account; statement; item of account 
H y t> Vm ^'bv; Brij. ft E. bab'ulk, n. m. S. ^n. 

1. A title of respect, as Sir, Mr., Esq., 
young master, father, Sire. 

2. A man of family or distinction. 

P SJy V (a&il'a^ n. m. The oamomile ; vild 

ivy ; Antkemis nobUU. Wat 
Hi^ Vra 6£p,&dc^; W.Bus.andBrij. i4;nZ,- 
'Mag. bappa; Garh. hiUt; E. Hin. bdbS; 
Poet, bahal, n. m. S. fetr, Z. bap. Father. 
b^ dads, n. m. 

1. Forefathers ; ancestors ; progenitora 

2. Ancestry ; lineage ; family ; pedigree. 
bap n&re led bair. The blood feud caused by 

the murder of a fother; hereditary quarrel 
bdp-hai'tyd; S. Foil nra:; 'e. pidat-huhl, 

D. f. Parricide (the act). 
i^it'' '^'ft bapo'tl, bap-ant, n. f. Patrimony ; 

inheritance; heritage; paternal estate; 

ancestral property {vind). 
bapo'H, adj. Patrimonial; bereditaiy; ai 

tral ; lineal ; direct 
i(^ioS adAkdr, a. m. Hereditary right ; right 

by or of succeasion, or inheritance. 
b<^)otimdl; A. mirds, n. m. Ancestral pro- 
perty ; patrimonial inheritance. 

Ai*U^t f^^ ba^tttbH-tahkam. Subject to 
orders ; in obedience to orders. 

A st*^ ba-ittiJAl, adv, Together; concur- 
rently ; unanimously ; all at onc& 

HiS,.t> 5l3ia(,5o{, W.; ba{kkar&,'E..; tola. 

Ma;, n, m. Si. 9^ to divide. I. A neunrs 

of weight J a weight 2. Path ;. way j road 
b&l taraxA, a. m. Weighte and si^dei. 
hdt-tkkdp, n. m. Stamping weights and 

measures. [the weights. 

bat<hJuipdl, n. f. A fee charged for stamping 
b&t hdpta, yA kafnd, t. a. To make a wdght; 

to test the accuracy of a weight. 
but roknd, v. n. To block up or close a road; 

to stop one on the road. 

P fiij, n. m. Old. P. Mn I>uty;ceM; im- 
post; tax; tribute. 

)'/e^ fidj-^Mor', a m. Atributary; one who 
pays taxes, duties, etc. ; a feudatory or 
dependant state.. 

t^sV bdj-ffir', n. m. A tai gatherer; a col- 
lector of tribute or revenue, [contributjoa. 

«'>^ J c^ ^j " *A»>4;', n. m. Tribute and 

Ht^t, 9Tai bd'jd;Rm. b^;'^;PDet, 

bajan, n. m. S. ors from g^ to sound. A 

musical instrument; instrumental music; 

b^aatri, yd bajantt^ mahdl, n, m. 

1. The quarter inhabited by mnsiciani. 

2. A tax under the Mahomedan Govm- 
ment imposed upon all professional singers, 
dancers, and musicians. [rd ; n, n). 

H I^twl; Srari haj^r&i Poet btyrS; Sab. UAaf- 

A species of panic or millet ; Paaieum 

spieatum, Wat. ; a small chet^ gnun which 

furnishes the meal-cakea of the poorer 


P A f)^'; ba-ijrd. In the eieroise of. G. G. 
ba-ijrdri4,igtL In the execution of decree. 
H^V 91^ bdeKh, n. f. H. baM divide. Sub- 
scription; proportionate rate; proportion of 
tax ; rate of distribution ; aasesemeat on a 
shore; portion; share. 

A rate or contribution fram tlu sham in * 
Bh^ichird eabat«, in diachAi^ of their Hhaict 
of the jan^a, or to make up auj balauoe in t]ie 
collection. In some estates the rato ia accocdiiig 
to Bitvt6dsn Hham ; is othera, according to Uw 
quantity of land cultivated by oaoh Bharar. 

The proportionate rate or divimon either ol 
landa, or haibilitiea attached to (hem. The appol^ 
tionment of a village or estate, or ot the produoB 
in Bcparate portiooe among associated or coparce- 
nary occupaatB, eepecially in the case of miied 
Pati-^n tenures : where part ia held in common 
and part in aeveralty. The QovermneDt rant and 
Tillage eipenaea are paid from the land held in 
common, and any overplus is diaWhutad, or a«j 
deHcit made good by a bickh, or rate levied on th« 
several holdings. The rate ia sometimee lerled ao- 
oording to the number of ploughs employed bl 
the cultivators. In some parte of India the tera 
implies a share al the village lands, which coniists. 

in geaenJ, of m much u may be pltiughed with 
one plough. 
]'k^'^ mrmiT hSchhrbarai; a. m. A tenure 
common in BundeUchand, in which the 
sharea of the revenue payable by the joint 
proprietors of a village are liable to occa- 
sional readjnatmeut aud alteration. 
iSxkh ^nd, V. n. To lev; a tax ; rftise by 
Holj WS. 6^ n. m. S. o^ to ^eak. 

1. Debate ; discussion ; dispute. 

2. Contention; strife; rencounter ;fighL 

3. Alaw-Buit; action; case; trial 

4. Alloy ; mixture of a baser with a 

5. Charge; allowance; commission. 

6. Kemission of revenue or rent on ac- 
count of deficient harvest. 

hCtd prati hdd. Altercation ; discussion. 
tad tamd, bd^nd, 7. n. 

1. To dispute; argue; diacuss. 

2. To contest a matter ; couteod for ; 
bring an action {mtiqadiHa lardn&). {with. 

3. To contend, engage, c«pe op fight 

^k writ fia'ifl, Displaced by A. y«*« n. ni. 
l.FlaiatifT; complainant; suitoc. 

2. A wicked person. 
prali-hddi, n. m. A. t}teis^ q.v. 

Displaced by A- **'•'"•** ^** I- '• 
•»Vrf iriwira prati-bSd. Retort ; rejoinder ; 
answer ; reply ; defence. 
P jtj AM n. f. Z. and Pahlavl, t>^,- "B. lOo; 8. 
Vn Air; wind fhavS). 
tiV^V MdbSn ; H. pdl, n. m. A sail. 
hH(t-i-samiim, Fed.; H. ftl, n. f. A hot wind 
hke the blast from a furnace ; the simoom. 
haiimtit^q, Fad.; H. iltOi hawO, n. I 

FaTours.ble winds. 
lOiiUimJchdlif, n. £ Fed. for H. u^l hawS. 

Contrary winds. 
UJji{ bad-inma, a. m. Flag; vane ; a wea- 
thercock, \jxnis, 
1. A ennuidi bom with a rudimentary 

3. A Bpeciea of rice. 

P SU^b 63AMV; Illit bOihika: Bus. hOeh- 
tAka;'IS.Bi^.j)mcAha,n. m. Cor. of V.pOd- 
AlAfrem pOd a throne, shSh an owaar. 
A sovereign; king; monarch, [prince. 
UtilAdh-iddd, thah-zOda, n. m. A king'a son ; 
hidtMk-BSi^ a. £ A princess ; queen. 
^tdAiMau&, n. m. A regioide (the person). 
badihah-huhi; H. rdj^uUlt/O. n. t 
R^cide (the erimd). 

CfUjb badihSh'ai, H.rdj,n.t 

1. Kingdom ; sovereignty ; monarchy. 

2, State ; government ; rale. 

8. Realm ; empire : dominion ; sceptre. 

badtihdhat kftm&, r^ifjoma, v. a. To hold the 
Boeptre ; reign ; govern ; rule. 

^Ujt{ hddshUhi, thdht, adj. Kingly; royal; 
regal ; sovereign ; imperial, 

hadehahl kaq, n. m. Royal pren^ativa 

b&dehdM hvJen, n. m. £<^al mandate. 

hddshdhX saiuui, n. f, A royal grant or char- 
ter; * written doeoment coave^ng lands 
or titles from the ruling power ; a royal 
tenure, or grant of land rent-free. 

JorfsAdAl Addlat, a. £ His or Her niaJQBt;y'« 
court ; royal court. 

bdda?iahi (iharind, lAdhl tJtdTuUn, n. m. 
Royal family, dynasty (nij-iora). 

bddsh&fu mOi, n. m, State property ; estates 
belonging to the crown. 

badi/idM via.SrSt, n. £ Royal buildings 

bdeUkcthi kkarch, n. m. 

1. Expenditure from the privy puise. 

2. Royal or princely expenditure. 

B SijO hidh, n. {Agric.) Fasture land when 
the grass has been cut for hay, and -the 
cattle are grazed on the roots. 
Bliul; Siar badh'a, n. m. H. Mfcn^to 
increase. Increase; premium; progress. 
h rtreuut, tke uncnuit lidded to, or deduttted 
from, any pftyment aoDording to the currency in 
whkh it is paid w «oinp»red with » Axed (tandord 
ooin. DiscouDt on imcurrenl oc abort-weight rupees. 
A oew or charge iniposed to make up for any 
probaU* defidMicy in the value of the coin. 

AvtilJ^t cOb bWH-un-noiar, Fed, for H. 

dekhSe hA, q. v. adv. At firat sight. 
H ^, Vn ^^1 ^- ^- ^- vn time, 

1. Day; time ; (Hin,) Saturday. 

2. Turn; round; occasion ; opportunity. 
&dr 6dr tawdl kamd, v. a. To ask repeatedly ; 

demand urgently '; importune, [happeued. 
bOrhd aitS hud. Severaj times it baa so 
^j)4 OR^ bdii, n. f, 
i. Time ; turn. 

2. A mode of keeping up the village 
watch in some places, the villagers keep- 
ing watch by turns; working a sugar- 
cane mill by tiums, so that there shall be 
no intermisuon night and day until the 
whole is ground, the villagers uniting for 
this purpose. 
Mn ban, adv. Turn by turn ; one after 
the other ; Buccesaively ; in succession ; 
)'<»i}^ «R^3Iti(tH-(fflr, n. m. bSri-ddnit,n,t. 
Attendants who keep ^rs^oh in tnni. 


H & P jt wre ^r, n. m. S. mK 

1. Entrance; door ; gate; threohold. 

2. {bdr-yObi). Admission ; admittanoe ; 
acceea ; ingreas ; audience (in Persian). 

bdr-i-khss, hdr-gSty^-khOt, a. m. Private litdl 
of audience. [the gate. 

bSiM-vk^, n. f. Ut. The act of stopping at 

A part of tbe tDBrria^ oeramony in wbioh 

something ia paid to the mater of theDridqp«olil 

for allowing the pair to enter the bridegroom'a 

bclr-irAm, b&rgahASm, n. m. Public audience. 
bSr-ffok, n. f. Place of audience, [or levee. 
bdr-ffdil-i'darbdr, n. f. AdmiaBion at a court 
P>tj 6dr, n,m. l.Load; burden; cargo. 
2. Fruit ; produce ; yield, 
jtj bdr, adj. Burdensome; heavy; hard. 
^IX< }l{ bar batdl, bojk batm, n. f. 

A division of the crop by aheaves or 
loads before the oom ia trodden out 
)Jj,i,lj bar-barddr, n. m. lit. A burden- 
bearer. A porter ; carrier ; a beast of 
burden ; oart. 
^)ljj<>Wftdr-fc»rdarf;niit.6Aai hardOrl.a.t 

1. The means of conveyance; transport. 

2. Carriage ; cart or camel hire ; cost 
of conveyance; freight; transit cbargea ; 
ladii^; cargo. 

b^-iardari Ice j&nuxtr, n. m. Cattle. Q. G. 

more properly, draught cattle. 
bdr-i laraddnd, n. m. The burden of disproof 

or rebutment 
bdr^JahSi, n. m. Ship's caigo ; cargo. 
bSr-dSr ; A. Adnttfo, adj. 

1. Fruitftil; laden with fiTiit; loaded. 

3. Pregnant ; with child (pet se). 
UtjjO bSr-ddn£l, n. m. [forage. 

1. Supplies for an army; provisions; 

2. Vessels, bags, etc, in which provi- 
sions are kept; the implements or ap- 
paratus of a trade ; utensila 

jW>l( &ar-ka»h, n. m, A oart for carrying 
loads, etc (bhSr-kaa). 
H Ijl; Vni 6'ir'd,6d)aA,W.n.m.S.wi^water. 

1. The act of drawing water from the 
well for irrigation. 

2. The man who stands over the well 
to turn over the leathern bucket {mot or 
charag) when drawn up. [the jaiui^ 

3. The process of drawing wire through 

4. Rue. A feast given on the death of 
some old man {kaj). [procession (<^l>{) 

His.>Uu V1TT7T hdrOi^, n. C A marriage 

P JUi bdra'nl, D. f. S. aift water. 

1. (PaAtfit) Unirrigated land dependent 
on raiu, in contradistinction to ehdlO, q. v. 

2. A great coat or mackintosh for keep- 
ing off die nun ; a waterproof (bartda). 

bdrdnl kiet, n. m. A field dependent on nb. 

BSfjl; qiTTV bS/Sh, n. m. S. VUV a hog, 

boar. I. The third incarnation of Tishou. 

2. Land next to a village, or more 

properly, the earth from ite having bean 

raised fl'om the deep by Varaba. 

P jfi^O bSr'ith, a. t from P. bdrida* to rsin, 

S. tariha, Ped. for H. nuAh, q. v. 
P ySjj bar^r, bal-gir, a. m. P. bdr a botse^ 
gJr take. A trooper who is miotinted on a 
horse supplied by the state or the chief be 
serves ; a cavalry man who does not find 
bis Own horse. A groom. 

VO)^ hdmdi' bdrilt; H. dara, n. f T. 

barm saltpetre. Gunpowder. 

iilL jjjif barHd-khana, a. m. A powder 

magazine, or manufactory, [ammunition. 

'/■j^b bOradffola, n. m. Powder and baU; 

ralAnd bdrHd ki zdyid miqddr muHani n. 

Keeping eioess of gunpowder. O, G. 

P S^O ftfir'aA, n. Point; matter; item (mod). 

H ^^ ^j-i Sn^^tlr^ir «*TiA-po«Aar, n,». 
A space surrounded by twdve pilhus 
for an encampment 

H^;l; StTtt M'fI,Ei ta/A*^,W; n. f. 

" 1. A caste of men who sew together 

broad leaves which serve for plates 

(paUal). [profession (Tirhut). 

2. (H. balna to light) A torch-bearer I7 

H }tj «[)[ bdf, bar, n. f. S. WT3 fence. 

1. A line; margm; rim; edge. 

2. Fence; paling; railings; rail, 

3. Front; foro-raok; van (Oge). 

4. A line or row of soldiers. 

6, Volley; a rapid discharge of shots. 
6, (H. barhnd increase). Flood; inunda- 
tion; swell or rise of the river; deluge. 
(i)4 WTfOT bar'sa, n. m. A whetter of cutting 

H iy* ?Hyi %'5. n. m. S. ^ to surround. 

1. An enolosure (ffheri) ; taicuit ; ores ) 
arena (datiifai). 

2. Mah, A oemetry ; dinrchyard, 

3. Alms or charity diq>en8ed at a Hin. 

^j4 mfi bs'fi, Mrt, n.t s. vnit 



1. Homestead: homestaJl; home; hearth. 

2. A plantation; field; orchard; a kitchen 
garden. 3, A cotton field. W. 

P Il> bib; H. phir, adv. Ag^iin ; back, 

^U^ImI jfi bUtamadaliidoL A return made 

to the orders of the court. [on the file. 

bSs ba-lasi^Ma- tibiq qdyann kam&. To replace 

^j{j4 bSt^ri ; E..paefA^aehh', n, f. 

1. Examination; inveBtigation ; minute 

2, ReBponsibility ; accountability. 
hi»-pnr» »artan karnd, v. n. To hold a sum- 
mary investigation. 

h9x-pur» kamO, t. a, [question. 

1. To examine; enquire into; call in 

2. To call to account ; to demand an 
explanation. [euit 

^j jt^ bat-dawa, a. m. Withdrawal of a 
Ub-ddwA lHAna, t. n. To resign orrelinquiah 

a claim ; to execute a deed of withdrawal ; 

to withdraw aa action. 
(tb-tfatm-fitMoA. A deed of relinquishment. 
y(^3t{ bd!-dih%, n. f. Return ; restitution ; 

U«l'^l{ bdi raihttd; H. rotn^v.a. [intercept. 
1. To keep back; detain; withhold; 
2. To hold back; repress; confine; 

conatrain; reatruu. 

3. To keep from ; stop ; keep out ol 

4. To auBpend; intermit; stop. 

6. To interdict; chock; restrict; hinder; 
prevent; prohibit; inhibit; forbid; re- 

6. To shut out ; exclude ; bar ; debar ; 
tut off; proBcribe. [pel. 

7. To dissuade ; deter; discourage; re- 
bSi raihnA tkar o fatOd le. To prevent a 

breach of the peace ; to keep the peace. 

^«^i4 fiffc-^ci, n. f. Resumptiou of alienat- 
ed revenue of Itmd. 

tdU^tj bis-ninah- Petition of withdrawal. 

>sJ><i4 Ub-sdfl, a. f. 

1. Withdrawal ; drawback ; deduction. 

2. Readmission ; resumption (eitlier 
wholly or in part of alienated lauds and 
BgMU subjecting them to a revenue 
•nessment) ; resumptiou of rent-free land. 

Pj|X bOtSi'; Pop. batari Rub. iqj'af-; H. 

Adt ; iL m. Z. oStdr, P. aid food, and tSr 

1. Market ; baur ; place of exchange ; 
market place ; mart. 

i. Sale ; demand. 

3. Rate ; price ; charge {IhOo). 

4. Credit; trust; tiok (•OU). 

MtA-hatta, n. m. Discount ; the market rate 
of exijiange for different coins. 

bibdr ba»SnS, v. a. To build a street of shops. 

idnlr band hon& ; H. hal4dl hand, v. n. To be 
closed (the market or shops). 

bdiir^ai^ak, ttA^dtdri, n. f. A feo or tax 
for setting up a shop or stall, or for trad- 
ing in a bazar. 

biiAr-kharch, n. m. Market expenses; daily 
or private dishursemeute. 

bizdr dilhdnd, V. n. To expose for sale. 

bdzdr kd hhdo, yd nirlA, a. m. Market rate ; 
selling price. [the market. 

hoidr kd (Julian, The custom or usage of 

ftdzdr kd rot; H. ftntk, n. m. Market day, 

bdidr kand, E. v. n. To market ; go to mar- 
ket ; go Bhopping. 

bSidr khtUnd, v. n. To be opened (the market). 

bdiSr ti 6wds, n. f. A street cry. 

bdtdr garm hond, lAamaknd, yd ehalnd, v. a. 

1. To be lively (the market) ; to have a 
good sale ; to be in great request 

2. To rage ; prevtJl ; spread ; fiourish. 
Ididr lag&nd, v. a. [shops. 

1. To set up a bazar; open a uumber of 

2. To spread or show one's wares, [ket). 
IStdr mandd hand, v, n. To be dull (the mar- 

])ljtj bit&'rd, hoidrd, adj. Of ordinary make 

orfasbion. Hence, not solid, strong, orgood. 

^;ijij bdid'n, adj. [canttle, 

1. Appertaining to the market; mer- 

2. Current ; prevalent ; ruling, 

3. Ordinary ; usual ; common ; popular. 
bd^ti ddmi; Mah. Wom. Aojdri firudri, n. m. 

Commou people; the swell mob, 
bdidri bdt, gap, yd Uiahar, n. f. 

A bazar report ; a bazar gup ; rumour. 
baadn aurat, n. £ A market maid, [woman. 
A woman of the town; a common 
P ^jt ba'a, n. £ P. bi^ihtan to play. 

~ A stake (at play); a wager; bet; a 
game of ohanoe ; hs^d ; lottery ; raffle, 
frctri badnd, budnd, yd lagdiid, v. n. 

1. To lay a bet or wager ; to wager, 

2. To toss; gamble; raffle. 

hda-gar, n. m. A juggler; coqjuror; tumbler, 

P A UJUutj &»!*f*nile, Save and except ; ex- 
cepting; with the exception of; exclusive 
of; b^des. 
ba-ittienSe galaS. Errors excepted, 

P SjJk^O bdihin'dah} A. tOUn; H. bdihx, n. 

m. ,^<»^l{ to remain, H. bdi dwelling. 
An inhabitant; dweller; resident; native. 
^VaUO bdthindgdn, n. m. PL Inhabitants. 

UtMhindgOihi-^uvrlf u. tu. SecpactaUfl in- 
^ habitants. G. G. 
A.^\> h&'til; H. jAOM, adj. A. Jt; It waa 

or became fttlae. [fallacious. 

1. False J Dot true; fictitioua; unreal; 

2. Spurious ; nnaound ; worthleas. 

3. Vain; futile; ineffectual; nogatorjr; 
oselese (birtiii). 

4. Void ; null ; abolished. 

6. DflToid of virtue ; of no effect ; of no 
force ; of no accouut ; naught 
hStil aur kat-adam. Null and void ; of no effect. 
b&Ui tamajhna, bdtH mutofawar k. v. n. 

To treat as invalid ; treat as a noUitj; 

to set at naught. I 

hStil iar'nd, v. a. [lidate. 

1. To vitiate; render defective; inva- 

2. To nullify; mt^e void, annul; 
fialsif; (jhvUdnd). [across (chAtknd). 

3. To rescind ; revoke ; draw the pen 

4. To reverse ; abolish ; quash ; oanceL 

5. To supersede ; set aside ; overrule. 

6. To prove false ; prove the contraiy; 
disprove ; re^te ; defeat ; upset. 

7. To thwart ; baffle ; frustrate ; foil. 
VUil hond, V. n. To be annulled ; cancelled ; 
■ to beoome void ; to oome to nought. 

A. Jeb bfftin ; H. aniar, n. m. 0pp. of tShtr. 

Jbi the beOy. The inward part; the 
in^de ; mind ; heart ; dispoaitioa. 

PAiV^t* ItMtAdr, adv. la virtue^t; in 

oonBideratioD «f ; by reason of ; acoordin); 

to ; agreeably. [ex-ojicit). 

hord^ar ohdah, In virtne of one's office ; 

A(±-^Ij 6^, n. ta.ii*i Sending; causing. 

OauBe(itdran); reason; mottre; occasion. 
'iAwM, adv. In consequence of ; inpnrauuice 
of; by reason of U. Q. [induce, 

(dw AotUI, V. n. To cause; occasion; produce; 
it tari^b ke bait. In pursuance of the insti- 
gation. G. G. [quenoe of; on account of 
ba-bSit, Because; by reason of; in conse- 
baHUi ightOH-i^abtl. On provocation. G. G. 
nd-lyOqf^ ke h&u. On the ground of dis- 
qualifieation. G. G. [Z. &i<F. 

h.^f>^; Rub- hHg;B..haf%iR.ia. S. bB^ika, 
1. A garden ; orchard ; a small garden. 
S. Acluster of trees; plantation; gcova 
hSg-t-tair-gOh-irawKra la taiyarf, ya kkahctr. 
^t% Foimatiou and support of a public 
garden. G. G. 
<s«uij bdgdt, n. m. Lands which, being .well 

Bap[^d with water and adapted to the 
cultivation of fruits aad various vegetable 
substances, as betel, areka, h^np, augar- 
cauo, pUutains, saffron, pepper, tobacco, 
onions, garlic, chillies, etc., are assesae' 
at a higher rate than other arable laads, 
^litj iflja'fi, adj. Fit for, or rdating to 
garden land or cultivation. 

1. Raised on garden ground (fruit, etc). 

3. Assessed or levied on gardens ^ 
venue tax). 
A^«b bd'^l; Illit. hti^, a^j- ^; be sought. 

Disloyal; mntiBous; refoellioas; npm 
higi, u. m. An insurgent ; a rebel; nntiMer. 
hS^ hona; H. fkir jdnO, v. n. 

T'l revolt; rebel; mutiny ; rise against, 
A ^Ij bs'^, n. £ ^ it remained. 

1. The remaining portion; reasMt; 
residue ; what remains ; what is left over. 

2. The balance ; dues ;> airears ; out- 
standings; balance of an 'aoooont; buedi 
receivable {bagiyd), [nat produce. 

3. Overplus; surplus {bachai) ; eicesa; 
bikfi alydm, ba^ ke din, n. m. The remain- 
ing period; unexpired term ; the remain- 
der of one's life. 

£^ ^t* bijl bh^, n. f. Arrears of rent 
bd^ be-bdq kamd, }/& chutOnd, v. a. To pa; 

up the balance due ; liquidate a balance ; 

square accounts ; make good a default. 
bdql parnd, v. n. To fall into arrears. 
bd^parne H hOlat taen, In Uie event of de- 
fault ; on the occurrence of default. 
C*^ ^^, Sw/i jamA n. f. Statemeftt of revenue 

afUr deducting the balances of formeryean. 
idqi diali ati hat. Balance lies over; arrean 

have accumulated. [rent, or taxes. 

6iii^ 'k/tazdna, u. m. Arrears of revenue, 
^•>l-> 1^^ bdfi dddata, bSji dain. Balance 

i'j^M baql-dOr, a. m. One who is '!n arrears, 

or owes a balance ; a defaailter. 
bd^fi-dHr-i'mdt, a. m. A revenue defaulter. 
bd^-ddr haiti, V. n. To owe ; to be indebted ; 

to have a balance to pay ; fall into arrear; 

to be on the wrong side of an aocouat. 
biqi mnmsfaldA, Balance sgtunat one. 
6dyi gair mumiin-^-toaaid. G. O, 

An irrecoverable balance. 
bS^ niAiid, jiA ituAnd, v. n. To remain ; to 

be left; to be due; to remain unpaid; 

accrue; have a balance. 
bS^ iS^, n. f. OverpluB;bal«nce;ramiiDder. 
bOgi/arii, iOqi bar^i ndm. A nominal b»- 

lanoe. [a one. 

bS^/al9»e K A balaacfl in Javour of such 


(dgi ke thSrte moA nadSrad UlhtA To leare 

a blank in the column of balanoes. 
hdqi ti tai/iyat. A stAtement or account 

of outstanding balances; particulars of 

Idqi a mtuifi. Remiuion of a balance, 
idgi la wajah batSnA. To account for a 

balance or default. 
la^ lagan, n. m. Aireara of rent. 
hSqi m/U, yd mtU^uztlrl. Arrears of revenue, 
idji mSl-g uiSH Ul illat turn nUSm hond. r. n. 
To be sold in de&ult, or non-payment of 

JAji MtlAda,. Remainder; residuA. 
JaiJdd-i-bSqi mMda. Residuary estate. G. O. 
Mji nikalnd, T. a. To strike or carry for- 

irard a balance ; shew a balance sheet. 
hSifi vmeOl Jtama, v. a. To collect arrears. 
bJkp gaftanl. Receivable balance. 
^ljK{ bS^ySt', n. £ Arrears ; b&ltmoe } oat- 

ttandings; remainders. 
hdqiydt^-h&l. Current balanoea 
id^yd^i-Audi-vrauxSn. Balances of accounts 

corrent. [liquidation. 

baqiydl-dair-vl-vnir^. Bolanoes in courae of 
ba^ySt-isinin-i-mdiyd. Balances of past 

years. {balances. 

j'amd w&nl hdql, Demands, collections, and 
huSb k\ b&fi, n. f. Balance of an account 
uir-i-bSqi, n. m. A balance ; remaning or out- 
standing balances. 
wuQibdgi. Recovery of a balance; abalance. 
ford wdtil bS^ ta mataovida. Balance 

rough sheet 
A8/lj Jdftra; H. fawTri, n.f. yC;. A young 

he-camel, one in youthful vigour. A Ttrgin ; 

maid ; virgo ijOacta ; an unmarried female. 
R^ Wm baih, bat, bdff, 4>n, n. m. S. «iff 
The uddsr of animals. 
<^W^k mv^ bukh'rl, baJA'tt, n. t A cow 

or buffalo so oalled when she has given 

milk for five months. 
H J^ ^ ra a ba^khat, bak'HuU; Sub. b&Hutr; 

Bhoj. baihrl, n. f. An qnolosure, area, or 

court-yard oompriaing several houses, 

cattle-sheds, etc. 
HlTU vnn t^n, n. m. S. ns eloth. 

1. A drau of honor; it khilal. 

2. A wedding garment ; the dress worn 
by the brid^room. 3, A mitf t^pareL 

B ij^. Snvt hiXgiti^ a. f. Ths bubo {bad). 

A J!* Mi,- H. ft, prep. With ; by. 

l3<^'({ UNOffOi; B. el^iM, adv. 

, Unanimously j with one oonseut. 

JU^llLt bil-ijmdl; U. mtla-julS, adv. 

' 1, In the gross ; in the aggregate ; col- 
lectively; jointly; in common. 

3. As a body ; as one mass ; in solido. 

Ijtylh hit-ird'dah, Ut-qoid; H. jUn-bO^i-lt, 
adv. Wilfully ; tntentiooally ; designedly. 

hU-iridah zarar paAunchOne ki taid. Punish- 
ment for voluntarily causing hurt. 

bil-i*htirSk; H. lajhemeA, adv. Collectively; 
in partnership. 

bU-infirdd ; B . alag alag, adv. Individually ; 
severally ; separately, 

bit-injirdd via bil-Uhtirai ; H. al^he ffl«ii aur 
alag. Jointly and severally. [cularly. 

ja^vAmf bil4aih»l», adv. Specifically; parti- 

(iyosi^j UUotrih, biUafOl; H. khol-ke, adv. 
Tn detail; expressly; explicitly; dis- 

J-0JW4 biHafAl; H. beore-viSr, adv, [item. 
Particularly; at f'jll length; item by 

y^^. bt'l-jabr; P. labar-dati}; S.jord-joH, adv- 
Forcibly ; by force. 

<Un]t{ btl-jamld, adv. 

1. In all (sSre) ; altogether ; in the gross ; 
on the whole. [(hSail ialdm). 

^ 2, Ittahoit(Rufdn); inaword; toaumup 

j]^l{ hiliariir;K.netham, adv, Of necessi- 
ty ; inevitably ; unavoidably ; . of course ; 
i^nolutely ; certainly ; positive^, 

jJ^i{ hil-ait ; H. ul^S, adv. On the reverse; 
on the contrary ; viet vena ; per contra ; 
on the other hand. [fact. G. G. 

bii-ai»-i^Sl. The contrary ; contrary to tlie 

bU-aks-inanthd. A contrary intention G. G. 

f^*Kltj bil-vmUm.' ; H. iSre, adv. Universally; 

ji^li Hl-farz ; H. Min&, adv. Supposing ; 
let it be granted ; admitting for the sake 
of argument. 

JmUU bil-Jd; H. oMl, adv. Now ; at present; 
just now ; at the present time. 

JiUb Ut-kvi; H. nirH, adv. Entirely; com- 
pletely {nipat) ; fully ; wholly (tdrt) ; 
totally ; altogether ; without exception ; 
universally ; perfectly. 

U;UJl{ bH-muqib'lt, bil-mu*hiA'dd, bil-m»- 
<Ad/A;P. rd-Ao^ H. Mlntiw; mtwU (far 
auMlA, adv. Face to face ; before ; in the 
presence o£ 

£kMUL! m-nuq'ia; H. laAdM-htO, adj. 

Aooording to agreement; stipulated; 
fixed J consolidated. 

, Cuug l' 



The phnn u applied Mpeoull; to 4 tenure 
bv which a >7ot balds big luid at a fixed rate per 
plough or per lighs, or the engBgemeot hj which 
his reel is fixed for a givsn term, without liability 
to eahaDcement 
Ml muqfa pattd. A lease for a gross aggre- 
gate rent, in which the land tax and all 
other cesses or abwaba were consolidated. 
bil-muqta jamA. StipuUted assessment; con- 
solidated revenue. 
bat denO, T. n. 2kt. To give one's hair. 

1. To be shaved preparatoty to perform- 
ing the oba^quiea of the dead — a Hindu 
rite especially incumlwnt on the son. 

2. E. To cause the hair of the head to 
fall forward and backward before the 
tdtiah of the Mohamim — a Mohamedan 
rite performed by women who bend for- 
wards and backwards in the act while 
ttiey beat their breasts. 

kditrlSl, n. ui. The Hindu ceremony of shav- 
ing a child's head for the first time {mHA- 
(fan) before boring his ears (kan^chhedaa). 
H JV Vra l^ ; W. Rua. bait ; E. bir; Gafh. 
haihoA, n. f. S. W5I aapKmt. The ear of com. 

J*^'^ VTTSf bSlchhar, a. f. A medicine or 
perfume ; spikenard ; hyacinth. 

Vyii ■WWHr bai-rakha, n. m. 

1. The wages of a person employed to 
watch ripe crops at nigfat. 

2. The high mat platform from which 
the crops are watched. 

' [dian com. 

^^. Si^ ba'la, u. m. The beard of the lu- 

H JV an?I bSl, bafak ; Maj-. Ulbar, a. m. S. 

snWT, Pali. balo. Au infant. [widow. 

■ *^'yi< wrani bal-ran^,m bidkva, n.f A child- 

W^ BnWB«T balhat'tyd ; P. laekchaK-huhl, 
n. C Infanticide ; female inhnticide. 
Hlflj 9T3IT ba'ld, n. m. 

1. A grub that eats young plants of 
wheat or barley when about six inches high, 

2. A medicinal and fragrant plant of 
the roots of which lattices are made; 
Andropogon muricalvm. Wat. 

P 1/0 ba'ld; H, fifor, prep. I. On; upon; up. 
2. Foregoingi above or before-mentioned. 
bOla-bdla, adv. Ped. for H. fipor Ai flpar. 
Apart ; away from ; slily ; secretly. 
UUd-ekut, adj. Superior ; higher. 
b^S-g€uhR, n. C PatrolUng ; going one's beat 

or roiuids ; inspection inigrSnl). 
bale-tvuhin, a. m. lit. Seated aloft, [the table. 

1. The chief seat ; the upper end of 

2. One who ooonpies the chief seat ; a 
president ; chairman. 

mvlaial'kira bSUt, Ped. The aboTe-mentiwwd 
4 or aforesaid. ^,, 
A (S\) bdr0, adj. jltj attained. Of mature 
' age; arrived at the age of puberty at 
discretion (nydnd). 
hai^-bil-nn, a. 1. Aa adult hy m^ority. 
2. In Mah, Liwi, a woman who has »t- 
taioed her fortieth year without ezhibiting 
any signs of puberty. 
haii^-i-btl-aldTaat,a. 1. Anadult by puber^. 
2. /« JfiiA. Laa, a girl who eihibiu 
signs of puberty at the age of aine,''teD, 
or any age up to fourtsen. 

H )-<(l; 9T9rat ftiWai.n.m. A child, [children. 
b&lak-ehciri, n. t Child stealing ; kidnapping 
balaioAiAtudhna rfikhnd. Neglect of claU- 

ren ; desertion of one's family. G, 0, 
^^. Wnrer IM-la, eAe'la, a. m. 1 . A young dis- 
ciple or pupil ; a young follower of a jiyi 
or a mmnytW. 2. (Tir.) A young girl 

P^CJO batanga; Pop. bSloAg'S.balai^n, a.m. 

/ A kind of citron. 
nyt; 91f baflS, balti; S.bala; Mag. bird, 
n. t. S. BTgwT Sand. 
halC^urd, H. p. n. f. 1. Arable land spoUt 
by a deposit of sand from inundation. 

2. An item of remission of revenue on 
the above account 
lalu-e&ar, n. f. Land covered by a deposit of 
sand ; a sand-bank formed by a deposit of 
sand from a river. 

P t/**'!"^ ^'"^Sh a- f. Growth; developmenL 

Hyj-tl; sunn bam'an, bohtnan, fimAaxu; Poet 
birhaman, bamnd ; Dim. bamnefd, n. m. S. 
NISJQ. Pr. vatnhano. The highest caste of 
HindQii ; the twice bom. 
^y ai# bamnl, brdhmnl n.f. S. irrsra^ I^e 
wife of a Bliman. 

P .b ban, n, m. The name of a tree ; Myjm- 
antera morwiga, Melia Mmptmrent; that 
which yields benzoin {Styrax Benzoin);, t, 
tree the leaves and flowers of which are 
sweet-scented, called by the PersianB;M 

Hm^ VR AAn, n.m. H. &an make ; ten, S. 
S weave, hence S. enft quality, Pr. i899«> 

1. A rope made of mdi^, q. v. 

2. The marriage rite according to which 
the bride and Iffidegroom take from 3 to 
11 baths. Kin.; mSi^yggt, Uah. 

Mn baithtUl, V. n. To take the baths pre- 

soribed by the marriage rite. See ban (2). 

Ul; msfT Who, n.m. S. wA a covering, drega. 

1. The woof, in coDtradistinction to tihta 
vgrp. [sewing, etc. 

2. A silkea thread used m weaving and 

3. A badge; uniform; liveiy (warrfi). 

4. Appearance ; form ; shape ; colour, 
6. A sect or profession {bhek). 

6. A war instrument ; a kind of weapon. 

7. A kind of hemispherical bucket 
made of iron plates closely riveted to- 
gether, used in rusing water for irrigation. 

tdnd baddhnd, v. n. [ready. 

1. To be equipped, accoutred, armed, or 

2. To bet; wt^er; stake {budnd). 

U<S^ VnZ f>^M baHid; Brij. baiu, bafofi, 

n. f. S. o^ to divide. (tribution. 

1. The act of dividing; division; dia- 

2. Allotment ; portion ; part {bhag) ; se- 
parate part ; share ; quota. 

3. The act (or turn) of dealing the cards. 

4. Food given to a cow while milk- 
.ing her. [terest. 

5. Concern ; business ; lot or part ; In- 
b&U-pair; P. laqUm^SmO, n. m. Becord 

of division of property. 
m 6d)U, TLBL Paying the revenue collectively 

through a representative. 
I^lj WCT bdn'td, n. m. Tying up the crops 

into sheaves and trusses. 
Wi^ srrz^ Mnind, V. a. To divide; dis- 
tribute; apportion; dispense; assign. 
H4xulj VTHi bdnjh, &anj; W. Bus. bMjhi, 
(a woman); W. banjar; Brij. ha^'ur (land), 
adj. S. Avar. Barren; unproductive; sterile 
(soil or woman). 
Jyt*^. i^n€i baijhau'a, a. f. A nostrum 
believed to cause barrenness. 
H^^b STW bHAjli, D. m. A hit! tree. The 
natives usually moke necklaces of the 
fruit for their children, as a charm agtuust 
evil spirits. 
H lh»JO qiarr ^A'li^, E; battda, Sah ; MAjhl, 
Tir. n. m. S. VKt A parasite ; Cymbidium 
tatallouta. Wat. 
PsjItiJIj ba-<md^ta, Adv. To the amount of. 
HU& jjf> VT^HT bdiidh'nd ; Tir. banhab ; E. 
binhnS, V. a. S. O^^ to bind, P. band. 

1. To tie; fasten; tether; gird; bind 
(a book). 

2. To bind or join together : many. 

3. To fix ; determine ; settle ; estaUish. 

4. To impose; levy; ameaa (lagdnd.) 
6. To seise ; apprehend ; arrest ; put 
on fetters ; put a cordon round, 
rasHotl g^ b&Adhl hut ki^ti, a. f, A moored 
J boat G. G. 
yut>;ij vfu? bMdh'nii, n. m. [fib. 

1. A fabrication ; invention ; falsehood ; 

2. Falae charge; libel; calumny; slander. 
^4 wl^ baAdi, tahalai, dOtl, eheU. n. t. P. 

bandah, S. O^ a captive slave. A female 
Blave;abondwom&n(^auA^). [stick; staff. 
H eJ^^ 5Wt *<**'^ n. f. A cudgel; club; 
h^di-ba», n. m. A clubman ; one who car- 
ries a club and fights with it. 
. hii*4i ehalnd, — eAataicna, v. n. 

To take place (a fight with dubs). 

H fiiiWMbdnt; Brij. Mtl«d n. m. S. ta. 

A bamboo ; a rod or bamboo about tent 

feet long, used to measure fields, exoavor- 

tions, etc. 

bSAt^phor, baiu-phor, n. £ A caste who make' 

baskets, chicks, etc. of bamboo slips. 
tJlj ST7I hahs'a, W. n. m. 

1. A drill-plough (Brij. najaro). 

2. The bridge of the nose (E. ftona**;. 
Tir. nak-iafiBO,) ; the bock-bone (riM). 

3. A plant firoro tie leaves of which a 
red dye is extracted (piyd bAiuH). [a. t. 

-■^}y^\i vfwBnft bdht-taiiri, baiu-wdxl, b&n^, 
A bamboo plantation ; a jungle of bam- 
^4 Vm^ Md'ri, Q. t. 

1. A reed of which hookah-snakes are 
made. It is also used by weavers and 
artificial flower makers. 

2. A kind of stone. 

Hu^l* STW bSiii, n. m. S. HI to be crooked 

I.Crook; curve; curvature; deflexion; 

bend; bow ; horse-shoe ; curl ; winding ; 

sweep. [cane with. 

2. A crook to cut bamlioos or sugor- 

3. A dagger having a curved blade. 

4. An armlet (Mah. Worn.); anklet 
(Hin. Worn.). [ger and cutlass. 

leAhpata, n. ro. Fencing with wooden dag- 

p t_W) b&hg, n. f. The crowing of a cook ; 
the Mah. call to prayer ((WoA). 
M^ deiUt, T. n. To call Mahommedans 

to prayer; to orow (a cock). 
b&AgX^tOxA, n. f. The call to morning prayer. 
HU^O mm *d*><I,K;6aajaA,Tir.n.m.The 
cotton plant ; the seed and cotton in the 
pod (kap&t). 

,v Google 

HjJ^^ sift hdh^ar ; Brij. lagrH; Mir. 
(Id^, n. m. 0pp. of hhadar. Highland ; 
uplaod ; tableland. 

Mfir- h&itv, n f. s. JIT5. Pall, MAa. 

1. The arm ; the sleeves. 

2. Guarautoe ; security, as when a. per- 
son trusts himself in the power of an 
enemy, a third person being his bdiik who 
ei^iages to restore lum to his house or 
fort in security. 

'A Jtj ba'nt, D. m. ^ He built it. 

I. Builder; author; parent; founder; 

originator ; framer ; composer ; inveutAr. 

2. Source; root; spring; main-spring. 

' 3. Instigator ; beginner; prime mover. 

h&nx-i-fascLd, n. m. Ringleader; ioattgator; 

Jt'jfjlf ■ l ^fi rtlT bChMra*g, Me^raiig, 

bao4>ara*9, W.; M-UtVa^, K n. m. 

A medieinal seed given in cases of flat- 
ulency or rheumatism ; Embeiia ribes. 
bSo ihumid, a. m. A meilicine; Canya 

arhorea, Wat. 
■'jM WrahST lOo'yi, bOu^, n. m. 
A flag ; banner ; standard. 
H JjO W'&l^ 6*)'S,Mi.ft; W. lait.bahrx, 
hOm^, bdorl, bOM ; Sah. bSrdA n.f.S. grift a 
large oblong pond. A deep well, the descent 
to the brink of which is by long flights of 
steps with landing places and coveved 
chambers where traveller may rest and 
take refreshments during the heat of the 
H^jlj V^^ Mo'ni,Mwa, W. Hin. n.f. 
H. bSvatt fifty-two. A community ; a eooj- 
paay of perBOoa who raise a fund for a nSoh 
in the Holl festival ; a company of jolly 
fellows ; a society ; an assembly. 
A 80 i^ ; H. pwhii, a. t. iVi Coitus. 

The sensual appetite ; veneiy ; lust. 
HUO ^J^bah%a.frrtm'&.bahnatoiow., 

1. A watercourse, natural or artificial. 

2. A vessel into which the juice of 
the sugarcane flows. [bSre, adv. S. gfvf. 

H v( U VT^ bd'Aor, bAir ; Oafh. bhiKr ; Mar. 
Externally; outward; outride; with 
out ; out ; abroad ; ab txlta. 
Wtar bhOm, n. C I^uad lying beyond the 

village boundaries. 
MAor t«/toA, V. D. To Alport; takeahroad. 
ISharmkednO, v. n. 

I d^ 

I. To oomo out of; come outside; go 

about in public. [hands oi. 

3. To withdraw from ; wuh ons'a 

hihar niialiu Ice, yd har-Hmad &ow-ix waqL 

While engaged in a prooeesioo. Q, G. 

F «f b M^nt; H. jHtnu^r, adv. 

1. Along with; jointly; conjointly; 

2. Mutually; each other; one with 
another ; reciprocally. [or fiunily. 

3. Privately ; in private ; in the house 
tdham UyvHz iamOf v. n. To concert to- 
gether, [a dud. 

boAam ehhuri kafSrl le laptS, T. n. To fight 
bdkam digar, adv. Together; reciproc^y 

ifiSham, 1, 2). [gether ; co-operate. 

hiAa-m diffar hOm kamO, t. a. To work to- 
bahoM rafadSr. Amicable adjostmenL 
baham sharit, yH hUmkar htmd, v. a To 

concert together. [together. 

hSkam taZah kam&, v. a. To plan or oonsolt 
bSJiam kamd, v. n. To bring together; 

inc<Mporate ; join. 
H^(lj 9T77 bdhan a. m. S. o^ to cany. 

1. PtfMighed land; land ploughed and 
left unsown. 

2. Furrow; wheel-marks (lit). K 

^V wn CrzA'nd, Adnd, V. a. To ploug|fi; 
till ; cultivate. 

HhAAJ «fO VTJ93 boAH-hand, MSr. n.m. 
Association or joint interest in the pro- 
perty of a village, or the persons so 
associated, nsoally kioamen of the Fa^l. 
IdkiHiajid mirSIt, Miv. Occupancy of land 
in coparcenersbip, especially by memben 
of the same family. 

H J^ Vli ^'}. Gitrh. bddi», a. t. from 
Marahti. urt^ a woman. 
A lady ; mistress ; madauk 

Q^^.otj VT^m bd'yabfldib; A. thimSl-magrib, 
n. m. S, cinnn. The north-west quarter. 

F iJ^fUi iJo(j hayad thayad, h&yad o Aayai, 
adv. As it should be. 

A fJ<i ^, n. m. ssi exohaQgiog. Seller (btcAi) 

H ^»>ft'<; m^^ bOtl, n. t H. Mb twen- 

1. The royal army, ooiMMsed of the 
troops of the twenty-two SillAB or pro- 
Tiuoea then oonstituting the Mogul em- 

2. A command of 22,000 men. • [force. 
MM fttna, V. a. To ntteok witik one's whole 

H<^ 1WIT«r fit^Af, n. f. S. S 

from fii 

against, q^ to epeak. 

1. Dispute; altercation j wordy war or 
strife; controversy; debate; diecuaaion; 
proa and cons ; plea and demurrer. 

2. Lav-3iiit (muqadmah) ; litigation. 
hASd vthdna, yS kamO, v. a. 

1, To dispute; wrangle; quarrel; litigate. 

2. To raise an objection ; to object, 
hibSd-lhog, n. m. Disturbed poasession ; dis- 
puted land. 

^^ fsVTSt bib&'A, adj. Litigious ; quarrel- 
some ; contentious (jkagfdla). [defendant. 
UbSl^, n. m. Disputant ; litigant ; plaintiff or 
H J^ Sra^ hdbm'; E. IfAOr; Brij. bamar; E. 
Biu. (oiurf ; Sah. iktAHl, n. m. 8. vkt. 

Acacia arabiea, the wood of which is 
much used in making cart wheels, a^- 
oultuial implements, etc. and the bark 
is used in tAnnlng leather, and in making 
wine {Wear). 
Hia-i>y firftw &>rff, *4j- S. Aradn from 

fiiagainst, nft + i to turn. [friendly. 

1. Hostile ; antagonistic ; inimical ; un- 

2. Opposite ; counter ; contrasted ; 
against {kha^). [wrong. 

3. Informal ; irregular ; contrary ; 
lAptit, adv. Id opposition ; wrnu ; agiunst, 
(Hni ftri^ hifo^t, a. t 

1. DisafTection ; hostility ; enmity. 

2. Opposition; contradiction; contrary 
declaration. [upset a decision. 

hpril Ogyd dtnS, v. a. To overrule an order ; 

btptV-bv^, n. f. Misconception, 

b^rV baman kama, v. a. To misrepresent ; 
make a false statement. 

(^>rU aamajh'aO, T. n. To misapprehend ; 
misconoeive ; misunderstand; mistake. 

tiprU lamd, v. a. To pervert; turn aside; 
go against ; violate. 

biprV lekh, n. m. Misquotation ; wrong cita- 
tion ; unfounded aasertioa 
P (tJ ft«rf, n. m. S. gnw [effigy. 

1. An image ; idol ; statue {m&rtU) ; 

2. An inclined plane along wliich dice 
or cowries are rolled. (Gamblers' idiom). 

£■-;{ aJ. ittiFforatt, n. m. An idolater ; one 

who worships images. 
&ti<-paraafl ; H. mSrti-p^an, n. f. Idolatry. 
hittarSth, n. m. One who oarves idols; a 

tifAii Imtlehaita, bHt-tadah, n, m. Ad idol 

temple ; a pagoda {ma»dar). 

btU-ihikaiil ; H. tniirt-than^*, n. f. Image- 
breaking ; icoQoclasm. [shi[^»ng. 
H i^vo 9f1 bat, n. m. A worm destructive to 
H \^^ 9in>l batidJi', iolAdn, E. n. m. S. 
wgwi-t abode. Cattle fold; on open 
plitce where cattle are driven in at 
night (kharai). [warp. 
H Qi^H f^nin bith'r^, £. n. £ Cleansing the 

H ^y^ V1T3T balh'wS, bal&ua ; Qarb. betha, 
a. m. S. ST^IV Wild potherb or greens ; 
Chenopodiuin album; a weed which grows 
with the spring crops, [cowdung (m*W). 
BU^ 9itnn (cMA't3ftI,n.f. Aheapofdried 
H Iaw «ffWIT haeiyS, n. m. S. vnh Green 
unripe fruit or vegetables in general ; the 
egg plant in contradiatinctioa to the 
mdrd, q. v. 

Ht*Hb^ V^OT batfi't&,hamieheU44ia,'W.', 

hafitA, E. Q. m. A strengthenii^ preparation 
of lad4^ composed of ttiirty-two ingre- 
dients, given to fever-patients, to women 
after childbirth, and to mares t^r foaling. 
Bi£^ 97 bat, W. n. m. S. o^ to divide. 

1. Division ; lot; portion; shar^; 

2. Twist; fold; plait; the wrinkle or 
fold of the abdomen. [Weight 

3. Path ; way. See 6*. 4. (E. batJchard) 
>USi annm hatmOt', baim^ra, W. ; batpkOr, 

Mar. ; baljSr, E n. m. A highwayman 
(Inters); footpad; bandit (^tait). 
^jUSJ B CT lft bafTud'ti, W. ; batpHfl, E. n.f 
H igbway robbety; gang-robbery or ^aiaiH. 
^rA i^n baiairO, W. n, m. Weights and 
^ scales. 
H Iaj S^ bat'td, n. m. H. (at a twist. 

1. Deficiency; defect; fault; flaw(£Aot). 
3. Stain (dhcAba) ; stigma ; blot ; pollu- 

3. Loss; discount; exchange. 
baits dead, v. n. 1. To Bufibr or pay diswunt 

2. To make up a loss or deficiency. 
balls lagSnd, v. a. 

1. To charge discount (battd ImS). 

2. To vilify ; slander ; calumniate i stig- 
matise (dhabbS la^Snd). 

batyi lagnS, v. n. 

1. To l>e liable or sntiieot to disoonnt. 

2. To suffer a stain ; to lose one'a good 
name or credit (tSkh bigafvS). 


3. Tobetarniahedjtodoteriorate; fall off. 
bcUte par kharldni, t. ft. To buy at a certain 

discount or advantage. 
hailt-dar rupaya, n. m. Cracked, defaced, or 

bad coin ; a rupee on nhich discount has 

to be paid, 

V^f t=i «| WiS balte thale, n. m. ProBt 

and loss ; bad debts ; irrecoverable balance; 

doubtful recoveries. 
latte lAaie Hkhn^, v. a. To carry to profit and 

loss; enter as a doubtful debt. 
t^^. VSfi f>ala,'i ; Bry. batoR, a. t. 

1. Partition ; part ; share ; share of pro- 
duce; apportionment in kiud; division of 
the crop ; rent of land paid in kiud. 

2. Diviaion of the crop between the cul- 
tivator and aamindar or the Govemmeat 
aa landlords. 

The proportJonB mry : In tome poor landa the 
shars of Uie laadholder maj not eii^eed a luith ; 
in the Koakan it is one-half : but the more luual 
proportion wna a third. Batai moaii'% was a, divi- 
sion, which in the Bennrea district asaigned nine- 
BixteenthB to the cultivator and iKTea-aixteentha 
to the landlord. Tho portion in kind was early 
commuted in Bengal for a money payment. Bang. 
Beg, it 1795, delinee Ba'ai lands as those of pro- 
duce of which Government or the Collector of it> 
duDa ia entitled to a certain proportion, the value 
of which, estim.iteil at the current market price, 
U piud in money by the cultivator of the land. 
The proportion in kind, is still receivable in 
some parte of the south. The word is also ap- 
plied to a kind of joint interest in land, in which 
one party pays tlie government asaeasment. and 
the other fumiKhes the labor. The seed and im- 

Slemeuti nre provided jointly, and the net pro- 
uoe or profit 18 equally divided. Wilnn'i Sloaarg. 

ba^i paulCtmSr, n, f. Division of crops. 

fy i^!^. H5t4 TS b<^S>'pair ; A. P. Mfrim- 
ndmd, n. m. Deed of partition. 

batdl-ddr, n. m. A cultivator who shares the 
crop on the ground with tho proprietor. 

lASg-balSi, n. 1. Apportionmeut in kind ; al- 
lotment of shares. 

hiaalhbaldl. Accouuts kept by the viU^e 
accountants, of the particulars of the 
settlement between the village and the 
H IJ^ 9Z7T bT^nd, T. a. S. v^ to divide. 
1. To realize. 2. To deal with. 
3. To share; gain ; obtain (as a profit). 

U^ VS^ balnS. htnliid, v. a. 

To be divided, shared, distributed. 

)')^ V39Tt batwdr', n. m. A tax gatherer 
who collects in kind ; a custom's or police 
officer stationed on the road for collecting 
transit duties. 

1}')^ MSEIITV balad'rak, n. m. 1. Partition 
of land ; division of land ; allotment of 

2. A separation of coparceners, or tha 
detachment of the shore of an individual 

3. The deed or document under which 
partition of hmd is made (itufsiM-tidmah). 

battedrah amln, n. m. A partition measurer. 

balisdrah ba-iarye iqrdr-ndmd klidiigi, jw 
panckdyat. A partition made by private 
agreement or arbitration. [of land. 

balwdrtili-i-kdl. Ke-partitiou ; new distribution 

batwdrah alabdah. Imperfect partition ; par- 
tial division of land. 

batwdrah kn mv^ndmA. A case of partition ; 
a partition suit. ^«nd. 

batwdr(A iarna, v. a. To make a partition of 

baiwarah mukammal. A complete division 
or partition ( of land ). 

batiodraft ndpi, batmdrah H<i-mukaatmnL Im- 
perfect partition ; incomplete division. 
H^)^ fttld bilaii'ri, K. u. f, S. o^ to 

surround. A tax on village shop- 
keepers, etc 
'J^^ ftlSifi Mtau'ffi ; Ros. bttaurd, a. m. 
- A heap of cakes of dried cow-dung 
plastered on the outside to protect them 
from rain. 

H ^^i ^ '>^% u- f- H. bat twist. The art 

of working in silver thread, called kald- 

balia. [*a!ai- 

V^ V^OT batalyS, n. m. One vho works ia 

H S>^ SIcCt batai'rijbjlairl, 6a{at%rt, u.f. 

"H. baiiUi to gain. A Hindu marriage 
ceremony in which a wedding gannent with 
some money is presented by the bride to the 
bride -groom. 
p ^..yisO fity'a-aioaii, n, t Esecution; pei'- 
"forraance; discharge; accompli shment. 
hajdrAwurl-i'^Akdm. Performanoe or diachai^ 
of a duty. [duty. 

bajd^wttri-i-hakni, yd khidmat. Execution of 
Ull l«/ bajd land, bajdnd, v. a. 

1. To discharge; execute; perform; 
3. To give effect to ; work out ; achieva 
3. To comply with ; obey ; cerry out. 
i. To bring to pass ; bring or carry 
kukm bitjd Idna, v. a. To obey an order. 

P ItoJ ba ju^ ; ba-jui itkt, H. bin, prep. Ex- 
cepting ; save and except (nwde) ; with 
the exception of; exclusive of; without; 
I unless; otherwise ; but 

ba-jvi V* sural ke. Except as provided. G. O. 


f ^ &jmXx t bajin'iehi, adj. 

1. Identical ; the very same (wohl). 

2. Eutire ; whole (kid). 

t-Mt borjinttki, adv. 1. lutringically ; sub- 
stantiallj. 2. Exactly ; precisely ; entirely, 

Hlj}#3V SWTnt h^^v'ia, bajh'tS, 
An ftbatmct account of a village proprie- 
tary, made out annually by the PalwdrV 

H l*^ rafelT i'ji'y^, Wy^ Brij. n.f.S. ^fsi- 
01. The hemp plant (bhaig); Cannabit MdivH. 

H^ 93 &uc&, baekh, n. f. 

Orris-root ; the root of the sweet flag j 
Irit ffermaniea, or Acorns calamus. Wat 

tSl^.SV^nbackTtdij'.bcichhndff; ^&g. bicMt- 
f&, a. ni. S. dHJ'tlH A vegetable poiaon, 
Baid to be brought from China ; Aeonilum 
fira^ (f). 

Hi='<xO Sran baeh'at, baeJUT, o. f. 

J. Balance; balance of an account; savings; 
reeidue ; remainder ; surplus (baqit/d). 

3. Gain ; profit (ol) ; interest, [pregnancy. 
i^t^ baduAahluMhl, n. f. Child-beariug ; 
badu-kaUMs/a, P, ; bal-ltaflyd, H. n.f. Infanticide. 

E.;n.f. H. backcid. 

1. A femitli! calf; an heifer. 

2. A lliuitu ceremony performed on the 
13th or 17th day after one's death. 

P Ajjt^ ba-hdl', adj. 1, Estal»liahed ; up- 
held ; confirmed ; maintained (bar-qardr). 

2. In a good state or condition ; well ; in 
good health (tan~duriist). 

3. IWiustated ; re-eatublished j restored 
(to health or oftico) ; in office. [to-da 

4. l<1ouri3hiag ; thriving ; set up ; well- 
iaJidt raJiHi'i, v. u. To remain intact ; to be 

unimpaired. [confirm ; continue. 

b'hdl raklutd, v, a. To moiutara ; uphold; 
hahallcamd, v. a. l.To establish; confirm; 

3. Toro-iostate; restore; restore to health; 
rc-establiah. ■ [lawl. 

3. To put back (in its place) ; revive (a 
iahal hond, v, n, 

1. To he restored, reinstated, 

2. To recover ; to he restored to health. 
^l«i haha'ti, a. t 

1. The act of establishing ; establishment ; 
leatorutLun ; re-instatement, [tion. 

2. Maintenance ; coufirmation ; aflinua- 

5 fu^ 

3. Recovery ; resuscitation, 
•k^ J^^ bdltdti gonad, n. £ A grant restoring 
to a person poBsessionB or privUegos of which 
he had been deprived, or oonfirming him 
in their enjoyment. 

Ai±'^KU baht; Pop. bahtd bahn, n. f. 

1. Reasoning ; debate ; discussion ; con- 
troversy ; dispute ; question. 

2. Argument ; plea ; defence. 

3. Altercation; wrangling; oontention; 
qnarreL [tion. 

boA* ilchts/dr-i-samdal. A qiiestion of jurisdio- 

baks tamddl-i-aiyim.. A question of limitation. 

ba}ts-i-haqTi/at wa uUliqdq. A qncatioa of right 
and title. 

huhe-i-qdiiwii. A question of law. [question. 

hah* ki ffanjdiJi. Room for argument ; an open 

baiu-i-v!dqedt. A question of facts ; a dis- 
cussion on points of fact. 

bahs ojaddl. Dispute and altercation. 

P Ss^O ba^kh'rah, ba*'khrd, E ; hiitd, n. m. 

Distribution ; allotment ; dividend (bat). 
j±^>>{ biiiih'sliiih ; Illit. froiju, n.f. 1. Present; 

grant ; gift ; donation ; a Christmas-boi. 
2. Reward (iridm); honorarium; gratuity. 
bak}iahish-ndmd ; H. ddn-f.<Ur, n. m, A deed 

of gift (/Ubah-ndmak). 
U±*u b(^kh»h'n&, bt^kluk dend, v. a. [endow. 
l.To give; grant; bestow; confer; 
2. To excuse ; forgive; pardon. 
Ul,iiu btTklialiWd'nd ; Illit. ba'khh&nd ; Rufl. 

bahidnd, V. a. Cans, of bcCkksknd, q. v. 
,JtM{ ba^kh'ikl, n. m, 1. Paymaster (In Mah, 
armies) ; a general or Oommander-in-t^ef, 
who is also the PaymaiSter, 

2. Au officer wlio kept an account of 
all disburaomonta connected with military 
tenures, as those of Mansab-ddr» and Jdgir- 
ddrt; paymaster of the forces; a collector 
of house rents. [mauder-iu-Chief. 

bakhsAl-ui-mumdlik, n. m. Paymaster and Cum- 
bakk'sht-kiUiiid, n. m. A military pay-otfice. 
baiJi»M-i/arl, n. f. The ofiice of a general 

P .>}^u ba-*'kkii'bi; U. A.aehehhl tarah, adv. 

" 1. Duly ; properly ; well. [pletely. 

2. Thoroughly ; fully; effectually; oom- 

3. Clearly ; distinctly ; expressly. 
ia-lhutitamam'. Completely; thoroughly. 

HtP 9Z ic^ It- f- ^ bubo; a syphilitic or 

pestilential swelling of the glands. 
P A c>«t(<aA^lt^ bad-intiid'mi, bad-amall, a. t 


1. Bad management ; maladminiatration ; 
miBgovenunent ; misrule, 

2. DiBorder ; anarchy. 

1^*; bad-chakm ; Ped. iad-alie^, bad^fal, 
bactravatj/a, adj. Ill-conducted. 

,^i^M had-chcU'til, n. f. Misdeeds; misde- 
meanour; unprincipled couduot; malprac- 
tioes; bad conduct; miabehaviour. 

■£fi^-i*{ bad^iydnat, adj. Dishonest (dharof- 
mOr) ; fraudulent (doffiUass) ; falao. 

^i^jAi itad-dijfSnaa, n. f. Unfair dealing; 
fraud ; dishonesty ; corrupt praotioes. 

bad-dit/dfiaii m, adv. Jlfala jfefo ; with fraudu- 
lent intent; dishonestly. 

badilii/dnan seJhiUa dOiod kanS. Dishonestly 
makiog false claims. G. G. 

bad^arat kamd, v. a. To deface; disfigure; 
deform ; spoil [to disfigure. G. G. 

Aamaha le lye bad-tOrat kamd. Permanently 

*f»Aibad^hd,&di. Faithless; treacherous; false. 

bad-Aiu^, a. L Breach of promise or trust. 

•fHxtA; bad-vMut, adj. 1. Drunken ; intoxiosted. 

2. LuBtM ; lewd ; libidinous ; lascivious- 
tuMhdi^ad-tiiagt. Drunkea persons. G. G. 
^3-a<H bad-mam, n. 1 

1. Drunkenness ; inebriety; intoxication. 

3. Lust ; lewdness ; lasciviousness. 
^tMdij badtiti^dih, u. m. 

1. A person of unsettled character, or bad 
livelihood ; a notorious or bad character. 

2.A vagabond; vagrant; rogue; rascal; 
scoundrel; knave; blackguard. 

bad-tn&dsh ko dldah o ddnitta jagak dend. 
Harbouring knowingly bad characters. 

^U*A, bad-ma'a'ihi, n. f. Bad livelihood; 
vagrancy ; loose conduct ; villany. 

^^I***! bftd-mu'&malagi ; Pop. Aorfmtfw- 
la^, n. £ Unfairness in dealing ; fraud ; cor- 

^**had-nSM, adj. Of bad repute; disreputa- 
ble; notorious. 

bad^dm kar'nd, v. a. To destroy one's good 
name; injure one's reputation; de&me; 

bad-nttml, n. f. lU-report; defamation; dis- 
repute; dishonor; slur; stigma (rfftojid). 

hditi-bad-^i4na. Defamation; the author of a 

H UitdjJ fa(3T79T biddk'tid, ». a. To turn the 

plough over a field after the seed is come 
up; to plough immediately after sowing 
for the purpose of covering the seed. 

badar mkOlfid, v. a. To show a tudanoe due; 
to debit. 

i^.yy'H bad'ar-navH'A, a. t Writing ofif items 
of. an account which are objectionable or 

excessive ; audit of an account ; taxing u 

overcharged hOL [„„»ya«, a m. 

f^j^i badra'qd, Ped.; badarqd. Pop.; E. 

1. A guide; guard; escort; safe-«onduot 

2. A convoy, or guard on the road. 

3. A charge for convoy formeriy levied on 
merchandise at tJie rate of one per cent, as 
the expense of keeping safe the highvaji 
and rivers. 

badarqa4-hitdb. An account sent with a guard 
of goods or treasure under its charge ; an 

H njjj m.(\ biufn, bidrl, n. f. 1. A big. 
2. A despatch of goods. 

P wXmmJJ ba-daittir, adv. According to role 
or practice; as usual; as before. 

A Joj batCat, n. m. J*t he changed. 

1. Change; alteration; mutation. 

2. Exchange; substitution; equivalent; 
fniUati* mvtandie. [tution, 

3. Return; rendidon ; reparation ; rati- 
badat-kebay&nkantd, v. a. To misrepresent; 

pervert; twist the meaning; give a turn to. 
pard badal, n. m. Adequate oonsideratioa. Q.G, 
fJ1*i hadl^ badcUwSi, n. t. Something giTen 

in exchange ; barter; exchange. 
Ul,>j badal'nd, badal jdnS, v. n. 

1. To change; alter; vaiy; shift; chop 
and change; veer; turn round. 

2. To be changed; to assume another 
form; grow or become ; turn into. 

3. To be removed, transplanted, traoB- 
ferred. [be disfigursd. 

4. To look worse, older, etc; lose color; to 
U)j.f badafnS, badal dm&, v. a, [vert 

l.Tochange; alter; make difierent; oon- 
2j To barter; ezdiange. 

3. To put one thing for another; sub- 
stitute; commute, [construction upon. 

4. To disguise; put a false coloring or 

5. To transfer; transplant; transpose. 

6. To transform; transmute. [cate. 

7. To shiiffle; shift; prevaricate; equivo- 
Om hudiah, D. m. See badK 

1. A return ; requit&I ; remunaation 
{mehntanali) ; consideration; compensation 
{evas); recompense {i^at); equivalent; 
fee; reward; honorarium, [tioo; restitution. 

2. Indenmifioatton; indenmity; repars- 

3. Reprisal; retaliation; revenge; retri- 
bution; atonement; redress; Batis&otion; 
evil consequences. 

badld detid, t. a. 1, To give an equivalent; 

nqaite; oompensate; recompenae; reward; 

p^ for; make restitution. [good. 

2. To indemnify; make amends; make 

hadia lend, t. a. To take revenge ; revenge or 

avenge oneself; make repriaala; retaliate; 

wreak vengeance on. 
iadlah mvtiiahara. A stipend given in money 

or kind to publio or private servants. 
JdifiWA, n.f. l.Change; exchange; barter; 

a person or thing taken in eichange for some 

oUier person or thing ; locum UtuTu; relief 

(of a guard). 
2. Substitution ; stead; lieu ; room ; place. 
badn kar'nA, v. a. [transfer. 

1. To change; make an exchange or 

2. To relieve one; take one's turn, 

huffi nuri, hadle meA, adv. In exchange ; in 
retumfor; inplaoeof; instead; in lien of j 
mutato nomt'w ; in the room of. 

badti m«rt hcmO, v. n. To take or supply the 
place of; to stand in the place of j offici- 
ate ; act ; to be put in, or to serve as a sub- 
stitute ; to do duty for. 

A ^jj baJan ; H. ai^, n. m. [bones. 

L The body ; trunk; frame ; flesh and 
2. The privities ; jnU^ndum femuux. 

iwln id badan. The human body, G. G. 

H Ju^VX^ h(ueia,hadan,'W idddani,Kn.t 

" A contract by which the borrower gives a 
bond at high interest, and, as a future security 
to the lender, he assigns bis crops valued far 
below the market price. 

Saii^ m haddh' ; E. badh';k.qaa, a. m.S. 
V| to kill. Slaughter; killing; murder; 
deetniotion. [punishment. 

J^i^-H BUSm badh-dan^ n, m. Capital 

"J^-)^ HOn bad^Aak, n. m. Exeoutioner ; but- 
cher ; huntsman ; fowler (ehift-mSr). 

^■H vym bOdh'nO, haddh, yH biddAuan* h. v.a. 
To kill (mSr dilnd) ; murder ; slaughter ; 
butcher; destroy. 

H £j>> fVi bidh,bidhi,bid,A.t3.^iSv[tom 

fsm toareange. 

1. Kind ; sort ; make ; foafaion. 

2. A oonjuuotion of auspicious stare for 
the bride and bridegroom. [an account 

3. Balance of an account; adjustment of 
bidk kAa'nd yH vUVnd, ml'iOn patnd v. n. 1. 

• See iti^Oii h. 2. To be struck (a bai^ain). 
bidh miiOnA, v. a. 

1. To consult the stais, especially the 
horoscope of tiie bride and luid^room before 
tying them in wedlock. 

2, To check, dear, or balance an account; 
to strike a balance. 
HtyiC<J-> fsiVnn hidh'uS; P. btvah, n. f. S. 

ftnnn from fti without, va husband. A 

widow (rSid). 
H ^*Xi Sf^m hadMyO, badhyS, n. £ S. s^ 

to hnrt A castrated animal (3kht&). 

H ^iJJ BSt badi, n. f. 0pp. of n«fi, S. aft. 

"The fortnight of the waning moon; the 

dark fortnight (andherd p&kh). [puberty. 

bar-jog, adj. Marriageable (a gu-l) ; arrived at 

bar-ddti, n, m. [trothed. 

1 . A wedding gift to a bride from her be- 

2. The answer to a prayer addressed to a 
sunt or God. 

A)i Sor,a»«,n.m.Thewidth(of oloth)(panflA). 

P u bar, A prefix. On (Qpar) ; at ; up ; out 

^ftbar^mad; H. n*idn, n.K 

1. Coming or going out or forth ; outgo- 
ings; drawings; expenses. puid. 

2. Land thrown up (by a river); aUuvitd 
bar-dmad hand, v. n. 0pp. ofdar-Zlmad hPnd. 

I 1. To come out of; accrue (nuto/nd)- 

2. To be recovered (stolen property). 
I.»«T^ bar-Hmdah, n. m. 1. Outgoings. See ■*^ji 

2. A verandah; porch ; piazza (hSrJd). 
itjT ^Jyi barSmad iamd. To bring forth or 

out; produce. 
nalJja bar-imad karaO. Causii^ an effect. Q. 0. 
iV^Jyt bar-amad-gih. An outlet, G. G. 
dtwyd bar^utd. G. G. Aocru^ by alluvion. 
raqbe b<tr-dmad. G. G. Increment of land. 
mdi bar-dmdah, G. G. Stolen property recovered. 
bar-nAg^khtah kar'nd, v. a. To incite ; extute ; 

provoke ; inflame, 

jjjT^ harSiiurd, u. m. An estimate ; a calon- 

lation ; budget ; bill ; pay abstract. 
bar-dvnrd ianwI,v.a.Ta strikeout (of a muater- 

roll) ; calculate ; estimate ; carry to aoooant 

i.})]T^ bar-dwt'dah, Broi^ht or carried for> 

ward or over (an account). [with. 

•£b^ bar-kvkni. In obedience to or accordance 

C^X^ji bar-^ihdtt,!!.!. [office. 

1, The breaking up or olomng of a court or 

2. A recalling or removal from office ; 
dismissal (mkhMt). 

bar-khdit ha-nd, v, n. To depose, or deprive of 
office ; remove from office ; dismiss ; permit 
to depart ; bre^ up (a eonrt), 

bar4Aast Ao'fld,v,n. To rise or break up(aa as- 
sembly) ; to be dissolved, dosed, di smi sa e d. 

^s-li^ b<M--''khditagi ; Pop. bar-ihdttffl, n. f. 
Rising or breaking up (of a court); disso- 
lution; dismisaal; removal from office, 

har-khd&irfi-i-jamdat-i lySrat. Diasolution of 

har-Jchaetgi-i^"i&lal. Adjoummeut of the court 

.Jui^ b(ir-''liliiluf, barSh, adj. 

' 1. Contradictory ; adverse (H. ulta). 
2. Incouiiistent ; uufoimded ; untrue. 

har-^Uiildf, adv. Against. See idtd. [informal. 

bar-^klul&f-i-axri, Contrary to law ; illegal ; 

hm'-l:}ulaf-i'»har&. Contrary to the Mah. law. 

foriAi b(tr-khilaf. Directly at Tarianoo ; diame- 
trically opposed. 

,5-i>^ bar-tubaq, adv. On ; upon; agreeably to. 

UjT '^^fi har-tar^f kar'nd, maaq&f t., v. a. 
To dismiss. [dismissed, etc. 

har-taraf ho'nd, v. n. To be turned off j to be 

^if^y. Ixir-tarfl, mau^afi, n, t Dismissal ; 
discharge, [of dismissal. 

bar-tarfi id parvanah, n. m. A written order 

j\^yi bar-qdrSr, ba-!tdl, adj. 

1. Fixed; eatablished; firm, 

2. Standing ; estaut ; existing; living. 
bar-qardr rakhn&, v, a. [cate. 

1 . To maintain ; uphold ; affirm ; viudi- 

2, To establiah.-justify; ratify; confirm. 
bar-qardr rah'nA, v. n. 

l.To stand; remain; last; continue; 

abide; keep on; bold on; persevere; goon. 

2. To live ; exist ; subsist; to be extant 

lUj^ harma'ld, adv. In open day idin da- 
hart) ; openly; in public {k!iule Ichaidne). 

bura Tdj, n. m. Mal-administration (bad-tntif 

burd (omd, n. m. Bad season ; a season of 
scarcity ; dearth ; drought ; famine (kdl). 

barShar kdAU, adj . Of equal weight ; equally 

bardbar ke kissf, u. m. Equal shares, 

Hcp!^ 'BTTa hardt'; VaA.bdrOt,; Bboj. ftnd 
Tir. baryot, n. f. S. onrm, H. &w a bride- 
groom, cK oomOB. A marriage procession; 
the company or atteudanta at a marriage. 

P o( o Uri'dar, D. m, Z. Urdtffr ; Pahlavi. 

birddi S, »nm,H.ftiai,l. A brother (6Er). 
2. Relation ; relative ; kindred. 

^Uit,jl^ bird'dar-i^kkyaft, Ped. for H. 
gaila^ bhai, n. m. A step-brother; uterine 

yti*y>>ft UrSdar-i-attdar, birddar-t-alaii, Ped. 
for H. taxUeld bh^, n. m. A half brother. 

•"jjly birddard'tia, adj. Brotherly; frater- 
nal ; like a brother. [brothers. 

birddar-vtoam, n. m. H. jurvdA hhM. Twin 

5 V>? 

,j,M»-)'J'^ biradar-i-haqiq%, Ped. for H. tagi 

jjL).i\fi birddar-i-''klmrd, n. m. A youn^ 

brother (chAotA b/tdl). 
^Wjjol^ birddar-i-i-a:di, Ped, for H. dddh 

hhdi, n. m. Foster brother. 
"■''ijjlji Uradar-iadah; Ped. for H. WiaS^ 

n. m. Nephew ; brother's son. 

^jijjjl^ birddar-zadi, Ped. for H. bhaR^ n. f. 

Niece ; brother's daughter, [n f. Fratrioida 

^)Jffibiyddar-ku»hi, Ped. for H. Mai-Autfyo, 

tfi'iiy.bird'dan; Pop.birddri; H.M<il-cA(Ira,n.£ 

1. Brotherhood; fraternity; clau ; couneo- 
tion ; relationship. [kinsman, 

2. Relation; relative ; kindred ; kinsfolk; 

3. A community ; society. 

4. A band of muaiciauB called tdditAoSU. 
(nrOdarl te kkdrij, Ped. for H. jSl^tdhxir, adj. 

Outcast; one put out of caste. 

hirddan it klidrij kar'nd, v. a. To put out of 
caste; excommunicate {jdi lenikdlKd). 

Hj!^ ^nr hardr', n, m. 1. A tax in general, 
as kal barar a tax on ploughs. 

2. Land tax or rent; apportionment of 
revenue payments according to agreement 
with the village community. 

^^ji onft bar&'ri, a. m, 

A shareholder ; a co-parccnor ; one paying 
his portion of the assessment. 

P«L'y bnrde;B.. liye, adv. For; for the 
sake of ; on account of; in order to; be- 
cause of; in respect of; by reason of; 
concerning ; on. 

^}l)^U,jlo;^l ^\)t b^rSS itfirdad najawaA. 
Pod. To void as illcLjal, 
»- ^.l^i barde ''Kkudd, KltudS h tedtte, 
Mah. ; Edmjl ke liy, Hin. adv. For God's 
sake; for mercy's sake. 

horde khur o posh, Ped. for H. kk&ae pahnne h. 
lit. For food and clothes. 

An assignment of real or personal pro- 
perty to a person for his maintenance for 
life, not conveying a right of transfer. 

JU iJUi* ^1^ bard^ mulutibik-i-mdl. Co 
account of the revenue demand. 

r^ 4.V*'"^'"I">. sdj. Ped. forH. namcAorito. 
Kuminol ; fiotitious ; not real or essential 

iarden(lM,adv. Nominally; ostensibly. [j4-t. 

P Jb^ bat^bdd, adj. P. y, on Jtj wind. Sea 
1. Wasted; tiirown avay ; laid waste; 
destroyed ; lost ; ruined ; undone. 
3. PluuiWed; ravaged; despoiled; sacked. 
barbdd kar'nd, y. a. To destroy; ruin; devas- 
tate ; desolate. 

barbSd hand, v. n. To be ruined, destroyed. 
^jliji bar-bridi; H. nfc, ii.f.See;l»-T(l). [etc. 
Destnictiou of crops by passing of troops, 
*o»lij ^^■i\y^ bar bodi-i-bil qcuil, Pod, far jdn 

bAjh-ketvilriM. Wilful destniction. [of snake. 
H fcs^vf arSfl barbae, parbit, n. f. A apecies 
H^a^y SW &w', bin, barat, Hin.; n. m. S. 

Oft Faat (j-bf ). 
^;i wif fcir'rt, Hin. ; n. m. See -C>-<iT (1), 
S<A>)i f^nr ^"'^i brit, biriU, a. f. S. q% 

maiatenancc, from ^ to lire. [come. 

l.LiTeliliood; etipend ; pension; iu- 

2. Assignment ; eatate ; property ; en- 

3. A grant or endowment for maintenance, 
or for religious and charitable objects. 

4. A custom (rt(); right ; privil^^. 
6. Supporters (jy maw). 

t, A proprieitttj right, whether acquired by pur- 
chtae, inheritaocs, or grant, heritable uid transfer- 
4ble, subject to paymaat of reveDue, either to 
Qovenkmeut, or to toe raja or saiaindai't wheo not 
ipecially exempt. A right, ciutoni, or privilege 
derived Iram thi perfurmuioe of offices, whether 
seeuUr or religious. A right to perform Certain 

■ officaa claimed by difieraot castes. Fees to the 
(MDily piieet. 

i^ji wrtm bartSv, barta^o barton, a. m. 

1. Conduct, etc See. )I)W 

2. Usage ; practice ; fashion ; custom. 

3. Use ; employment ; disbursement ; ex- 
penditure, [behave. 

idrtdo tdrnft, Y. a. To deal l^ or with; toeat; 
I.Story; history; account; narration; 
2. Statement ; assertion ; explanation. 
S yij is^l'yi ?nin IV brii&TU-patr,n.m. The 
record of a decision given by a panohiLyat. 
B ^?ji VTfW bar'tiuh, n. Land soira with 

BQgarcane after a rice crop. 
H l^j; ^tn hrit'ha, n. f . 

1. A dead lettw ; a nullity, [ing no retoro. 

2. Land situated amidst Jungle and yield- 
P O J bnrd, u. f. u)-*;? to carry. See *•! ^>^ 

1. Gain; profit; prize. 

2. Perquisites ; pickings ; douceur ; bribes. 

3. Bet (Aor) ; wnger. 

T Sjy bar'dah ; P. bandah ; H. d<U, n. m. A 
slave {g^Utnt) ; captive ; prisoner of war. 

bardah ^IcAarid'nS, y, a. To purchase import- 
ed ^ves. 0. O. 

1^^ i.iyi bardtMh-farosh, n. m. A slave dealer. 

i^i^ *^jt bardak-farothl, n.f. Selling into slave- 
ry; sale of imported slaves; the slavetrade. 

H^3y^^KJbar'^a, bar'4,%, n. Alight, sandy, 
or stony soil. 

B fsi VT^ bat'ai, E. n. f. An intoxicating 
drug made of opium ; a specific. 

ntpS ^^^^rVPnS barai-3ait\h; P. tal- 
girah, n. f. S. frivfq /»(. The year-knot. 

The ceremony of tying a knot oa the 
anniversary of one's ijirthday. Hence, the 
anniversary of a birthday. [u. f. S, ^f^. 

H iSJT*'^ WST^t bariau'r% ; Rub. bar$ajtdt, 
1. An annual tax or rent 2. An annuity. 

baraa'ven din, adv. Yearly ; once a year. 

H ^ji m^ bar^i't ; Tir. baf-khi, nX A cere- 
mony in commemoration of a deceased rela- 
tion, performed at the close of the first year. 

^t^-iSK *I4B||{ bam-ia^kar, Pop, baran-ihai iar, 
a. m. 

1. A man descended from a father and 
mother of different castes ; a bastard {d4>gla). 

2. A man who does not scruple to eat 
with one of a different caste {tar-blia^gj). 

bam-hin, n. m. An outoaste ; one put out of 
caate (Jat-baJiar). 

H ^y STif bar'an, u, t Alluvial soil ; 

p t(ii)>jy barin'dah, n. m. ^jjf to carry, (/n 

Cotnp.) A carrier; bearer. 
Ul);{ %^f, barinda^i-parvanah, — kuim-nS- 

moA. Warrant officer ; au officer employed 

to serve the orders of the Court. 
haHn'dah-i-^khuf'yah, Ped. for H. chmikl'm&r, 

n. m, 1. A smuggler. 2. A secret agent. 
m}) (jJ^ barin'dah-i-Tvqqah, a. ta. Fed, The 

bearer of a cheque or letter. 

BLt'if SRSI bar'nan; A. baySn, n. m. S. 
Oin from vn to explain. 

Statement {izhAr); account; narration 
{bakh&n) ; recital ; representation ; descrip- 
tion ; specification ; detail (tafsU) ; particular 
mention ; exposition ; elucidation. 

baman kar'nS, T. a. To mention; recite ; 8et 
forth; represent; exhibit; describe; pro- 
pound ; expound ; particularize ; enumerate. 

M^^iy} BV^ brak'tnan, baman ; Poet, bamnit, 
bt^/knd, br&kmiM, A Hiada priest; 
«ne of the aaco^otal casta 



H ^O Vn bar% i Mag. bar-natiti, a. f. H. 
bar bridegroom. A wedding g&rmeut, oniB- 
menta, gifts, etc. presented to the bride l^ 
the bridegroom on the wedding da;. 

H^j^Scf biir'ri, n. f. /tf. A stream ofgrain- 

OF seed. Sowing aeed fo; dropping it from 
the hand into the furrow, instead of sowing 
broadcast or b; drill. 

A sO&o'^i adj. ^^ He became clear or 

free of a thing. [acquitted. 

1. Exempt ; free ; absolved ; exonerated; 

2. Discharged; released; let off; at large. 
3. Innocent; sinless; guiltless. 

4. Spotless ; stainless ; blameless. 
Cart iar'nd ; H. ehhornd, t. a. 1. To discharge 

from liability; relieve from responsibility; 

fno from charge or obligation. 

2. To acquit ; exculpate ; release ; let off. 
ftoH ho'na ; U. ehh^nd, t. a. To be acquitted, 

etc. [responsibility. 

javSb-dehi le lari kamU, t. n. To r^OTe from 
* , 
**9'<jy- bai'i^ta-tijimah, adj. Irresponsible ; 

imaooouii table. 

Ctin hmXyat ; P. ri&tit ; H. ehhuASra, a. C. 
"Discharge; absolution from a charge ; re- 
lease; liberation; exemption; relief; im- 
munity; charter. 

f^ JC har'rt, adj. A. bar land. Belonging 

to dry land, the opposite of bahri belonging 

to the water. 
H l>> ^n ^^ ^r* > Itiu- ^<'4^> ^- lUit. and 

Tir. bafkS ; Panj. va^^S, adj. S. Of great, 

or ^t increased. Great; big; large; 

spacious ; vast ; immense ; huge ; enormous. 
bard afaar, n. m. Superior officer ; the head of 

a department. 
bars betd, n. m. An elder sou [or ox ; a hog. 
ba^djSnvar, a. m. lit. A large animal. A cow 
bare jcbnvar kd gotht. Beef ; ham ; pork. 
bars sdhib, n. m. A resident (at court) ; the 

chief civil functionary. 
bof d mi^' rim, n. m. A notorious offender; a 

desperate character. 
H »(V flnny bardr,'a-t A drove of bullocks 

laden with gnun or merchandize. 
H 3(4^ . ^V ^AA M4o. Premium; advance; 

advanced rat«. [count). 

bofha lHA'nO, v. a To overcharge (in an ac- 
JAOnah'i-jamii »e bof^hnO, v. n. To eiceed the 

amount at ona's credit; to overdraw. 

kamR barhS. A little more or less ; about 
^pj^y O^nft barho^H, barhtttUn; TJr. bar- 
Aonifi ; Uag. barhantri, a. t. 

1. Increase; increment; additioo. 

2. Surplus and balance ; overplus ; profit 

3. Advancement; promotion; inqnoremanL 
Is^X «f^ baj;h'iyA, bof^hj/al, s^. 

1. Of good quality ; superior ; prime ; 6nt- 
rate ; tip-top ; supine ; of the first water. 

2. Costly ; dear ; high-priced. 
^54 n^ fejri'ni, E. n. f. 

1. 4ji advanoe made for cultivation or 
manufacture, or for a contract. 

2. A broom {buJidri}. 

HIa'&v vfOTT fc^Vjti, n. m. S. Vf to 
hurt A certain disease aSecting eugarcsne, 
Indian com, etc. which prevents the head 
bom shooting. 

P 4.a bor^, $al>ar-da$R;A6il-jabr,^T,¥er- 

force; by main force; forcibly; on omipulsioiL 
ba-ior hdtir kar'nS. To enforce the [nwhic- 

tion of ; to compel attendance. G. G. 
(<[-«»- 2«'nd, V. a. Totakc by force; exact ; extort 

H^^ls^nt (ud'fi.v' -ana. Hum, 

(uartl,n.m. from H.&Mdnd to buy. (t) A siDsU 
trader in miscellaneous goods ; a pedlar. 

B jlw ^WK. bitSr', n. t A loan of wtd, 

to be repaid with increase after harvest. 

H ,_S*«^ 5«»ft fi«'«, 1. f. S. B«fti, Pr. ffliaB 

froma^ to dwell. Plantation; settlement; 
an inhabited place; a colony; a village; 
a small town ; population ; inhabitanta 

HyyV^iftHStfl i»K»r'jan, n. m. S. fasw*, 

from «9n to throw. The finish, end, or ooo- 
clusion of a religious ceremony; throwing the 
image of a dei^ into holy water as the ooo- 
oluding rite of a festival 

^&UI*>»; UmiVlah; Uah. Cor. of bofim-i' 

AlUA, 2»<. In the name of God. 

A phrase generally used by jhous Mo- 
hamedans in the beginning of all actions or 
lessons, and «speoia£y before eating. 

H»J-J fewm bi^wah, bUioA; Brij. biiak, 

iMat,n.m.H. Hi twenty. The twentieth part 
ofaH^oA; a land measure ; a share of land. 
bimeakiaHir. Aasessment or oollectionB by the 


^ 8 

h^wah-ddr, n. m. The holder of a share or 
shares in a coparcenary vill^. 

buwtA^Uit%, bime-d^i, n.f. Fn^rietary tenure 
in binoSi or shares ; a share in a etf-parce- 
naiy estate; the tenure of independent TJUage 
communities holding uader a superior lOal- 

A proportionate share of a proprietary right in s 
village whicb ia oonnDtionall; taken as a Bfgah. It 
ia diviuhle into tweut; parte and distributed among 
Um aharea. Th<u % holder of fire BinaSt ia prapritk- 
tor of one-fourth ; of tea BitwOi, of a hal^ etc. 

Kt bime; adv. lit. Alt the twenty bisujOt 
(in a btgdh). Certainly ; snrely ; no doubt ; 
necessarily. [hence a half share. 

Au Jwioe*, n, m. Ton bihoiu or half a blffoR, 

biiSr', n. Small perquisites of grain which 
CluKukid&n receiTe from cultivators, 

jj-ilj-i nreafBt WiwSA'H, n. f. The twentieth 
part of a BimjS. 

,ty^. fsrao^ 6iVwi, n. f. Alienation of land oo 
the payment of fiaes in advanoe. poin (1), 

H aiji-iJ flH^ bafti^i.', a. m. H. loiiad to 

1, The yoke attached to a plough (jUliaf). 
3. An agent; amessengw; onvoy («/cU). 
3. The head manager in a village. (1) 
H ^I^A^ fsre^ hitdA\ baKih, biAeA, 

Uieiha, n. m. S. ft(d« from fa and ftrw to 

(Ustdngwah. A special rule or distinction. 

S ♦«J few W»A», JwAan, 6if&n«, vMntt, 

n. m. S. ftm One of the Hindu triad. 
biAn prtt, a. f^ lAud given for religious puiv 

UAan-devi, a. m. A sect of mendicants who 

beg in the name of Vishnu. 

A Ja> bat»; H.j»«(, n. m. The womb; the 

interior of the belly. 
btUnan badbatncm;V, puaM dar pwihi ; H. 

plfla darpirM. Generation after generation ; 

yiUfJOf bat<m*-mSdar. The nuithei's womb. 

^ti»i Mtf, Fed. for H.plcUM,q.T. Afterwards. 
Mi iM, a. m. Distance {dUri) ; remoteness. 
Vid at vjuqOi. Expoit facto ; after the event ; 

Bubeequeat to the commission ot 
h'sd eu v>aqWi-i-waTdm. Subsequent to the 

commission of the offence. 

A j«0 M(,- Pop. ha^ P. ekand, H. hadA, a^j. 

1. Some ; fow ; certain ; several 

2. Sundry ; diverae ; misoellaneoas. 
V^^ktutdae (eli. Various or miscellaneous items. 


(^^^ h&a jam&. Aggregate of revenue 
derived from other sources than the customs 
aud excisa 

^fi.^an bdie ihareh. Miscellaneous expenses. 

^Jf^^^iMJ_ bOii tamin. In ofiBoial language, de- 
notes land exempted from the payment of 
revenue undv various denominations, as 
altamgi. p. 

AJiJuO Wii; P.Air.adj. Distant; remote; 

Ata^^t*; (c^*'^> »■ f- Opposition to and 
defection from ; revolt ; mutiny ; rebellion. 

^Olflj baqiya, n. m. pi. of b«i^. 

Balances ; arrears ; dues ; balance of reve- 
nue arrears; remainders (^taehat). 

t^'je_'^^^(l?d£&I{i. Arrears and balanoes ; 
old balances of revenue ; arrears of revenue 
of the preceding years as well as of the 
current year; arrears on arrears. 

jjUJ^iiU; ian&yS^-taifiiii. Balances of money 
advanced to tenants ; taqSvl balances. 

Ci>l'^^^ do^dyiie Muzi*, n. m. 

1. Account of past arrears of revenue, 

2. A return Ediowing arrears of revenue of 
{H^viOQS years. 

UjO^lfUj Ao^djKKf Icyavtd. Arrears of rent. 
^IjOu^lftlj b:tqJlsmi mOlgtaUri, ba^He jamS. 
Arrears of revenue. 

AJiAiCtS^ ta^ra-id; Pop. bakrid, bairdld, 

n. m. ;!{ a biUI> and ^^ q. v. 

A festival observed by tiie Mahomedans 
on the lOth of the month ZilKij. 

The feaat of the cow, in commeoioTatiaB ot the 
■aorifioe of lamQl by Ibrahim, (acooiding to Haho- 

P A l}^^} la^auf, H, woht leahatat hoi, adv. 
As it is said or written ; according to, 

AiAAj bw^eyaht n. m. Remaioder. See^u 

E}^ Vtnr fi«e^,n.m.S.Ci^toapeak. The 
amount or value of a crop fixed by an ap- 
praiser by word of mouth. 

l>l£i BKKI bakHriL, n. m. 1. An answer (from 
one possessed by evil 8pirits>. 2. An invoice. 

f^SiUkr;n.huar-sa», n. f. ,«{ a virgin. 
' Vii^nity; maidenhood. 

f^ i 

hUer tStna, nofAnl utantS, »m-farSa hima, tir 
^KakSjOnd, noH bindlmd, v. a. 
To be violated (a virgin). 
bikr tor'nM, chira vtdmS, «> jh&Akni, tar-/a- 
tSx h, kudr-ehhal litamO, v. a. 
To ravish, rape, or violate a virgin. 
H^/J fwirft Mi'fi, n. f. S. hnra from fg 

opposite, tSt to parohase. 1. Sole, [disposal 
% SelLng-price ; value set or paid 
Uh^battS, a f. Money realized by sales. 
hikrl-pa/r, Okri-^khai, n m. Deed or bill of aals. 
bikniASid, n. m. Account sales. 
H U£; fa gaT M'ftd ; B- fe'Mnd, V. a. S. finfV. 

Pr. vikka or utit^i he sella. To bo sold. 
)^ f««;X bihSa, adj. For sale ; saleable. 

H ^JJ^'^J a^R JoiAan', n.ra, S. anOTTt, Pr. 
vaiidnam, from qtn to speak. 1. Preadiing. 
2. Invocation ; prayer ; praise (astntl). 
W(«0 aqmnio^Adn'nd, v. a. 1. To mention. 

2. To preach ; pray ; sing praiaea. 

3. To give (the genealogy). 

4. Tt] abuse j call names ; vilify, [go round. 
B|J^ 9^&i/, bali; Bhoj. bardi, Q.m. S.s^to 

Sacrifice; bumt-offering ; oblation; reli- 
gious offering ; preseutation of food to all 
created beings ; one of the five great sacra- 
ments of the Hindu religion. 

It conmata ia throwing a small poHJon of tha 

ofiHring, aa glu, lico, etc. tonanle eight points of the 

compass, the zenith, and the nadir. 

*'■*'< JRrani baiiidn', hrdid&ii, Hi^. n. ni. The 

act of sacrificing a victim ; as offering 


but ke kyU balddn Hyd J&nS. To bo sacrificed 

to an idol. G. G. {{Um). 

A Uj iil^vt, a^j. prep. (In Oomp.) Without 

^*a.l j»;Anij hild ta&rruz-i^hde. ^tm con; 
without opposition. 
£ [inuQcdiate. 

lom^lj bilitatiiauia. Direct; net circuitous; 

bUdtawaqquf ; H. (arai, adv. Without dehiy ; 

speedily; promptly. [Eiolusively. 

aS^'ij Uia ihirkat,bild»)Urhit oKde ya ^rt. 

bitithak, be-duiiah, adj. Douhtleae ; undaubted- 

ly ; indubitably ; unquestionably; of course, 
bild marn, yd bidSn r<nd ke iind kamd. To 

rape ; make an indecent assault, 
bUdnd^ah; H. nit, adv. Duly; regularly; 

irithout fail; invariably; constantly; 

continually ; always. 
bUd-mailah, adv. 1. Direct; not circuitous. 
2. Without reason. 

bildwffah, adv. OrtiundleHB ; without ai^ mo- 
tive ; without foundation. 
aid wqioA tnOqOl. Without reasonable or 

sufficient cause ; injudiciously. 
Md waAjfot /aut hand. To die inteetato; to 
die witiiout a will. [Joi, n. m. 

Hf)Uj ««liaT l»il'a'tea, buia'o; buldkat; Rug. 
A oall ; summons ; bidding ; Invitation. 
H^ mWlVi ^la'har, buldJiir, W. a. a. 
1 ■ A caste of fishermen and basket-makeis. 
2. A Tillage guide, mesaanger, or watch- 

H^j(Ui (RTI^ b<aithi;GATh.bam,n. Abw 

oaste of chamSrt or workere in hides and 
leather ; a cobbler, Bometin:ie8 employed to 
measure land. ^^ ^^^ 

H>£-4Cb WSVZ iai'iat, a. f. K. bdl as ear, 

1. Cutting the ears of com without going 
through the usual process of reaping. 

2. Rent tal(en in advance, [a JalpowBr. 
H iyi> 99I9T (of wd ; niit. vo/io^ W&d, n . m. 

1, Disturbance ; tumidt ; row ; riot, 

3. Inaurrection ; mutiny; rebellion. [G. 
balvM larjKhdjurm, The offence of rioting. Q. 
balvai^m, n. m. A general insurrection. 

B ^^ ft^Kfft bitau'H, E. a. t A Hin, mar- 
riage ceremony which consiata in the bride- 
groom collecting from his relations a Hmall 
auliscription of a farthing or halfpenny each 
forpresentatothe dooly bearers. (BhaguIpoi«). 

H^jW IviTR bimdn.', biwdn, n. m, S. fmiB 

from finn to traverse. An ornamental hue 
on which the corpse of au old man is home 
to the place of cremation. Hin. 

P Al-^*^ ^-majili, adv. By reasiHi of; in 

virtue of; on account of; in pursuance of; 

in confomyty with ; in accordance witti ; 

according to ; as per ; by ; on. 
bam^jib ehal hdid. By this act. G. G. 
ba-m<ii^ib-l/ar<nidn-i-ghdfu. By royal charter ; by 

imperial proclamation. 
ba-mH/ii qatoSid-i-din mUamathUA. By the 

general rules in force. G, O. 

AV Wn, n. m. Cent, of ^f*} A son. 

[on ft wood. 
HO 91T ban ; Rus. toAf, a, m. iaiA, n. f. S. 

1. Foreat; jungle; » wood. 

2. A cotton field ; ootton crop (idngit). W. 
banoidt. Pop. n.m. S, aimreBamahiae&t ; eiils. 

banrdtilreL A tax paid by the tenant to the land 

owner at the rate of one load of fbdder per 

field. Panjab. ' 
han-ddn, n. m. Jungle or waste granta. 
ban-tafi, n. f. The wood of the cotton tree 

Uised for fuel, and in the aides of grain carts. 
i»lt; dnsr banild, n. m. H. iot, out The crop 

on the field irrecoverably spoiled. 
,^^ Vm^ banha^i, battkaim, a. {. The right 

obtained by clearing jungle and bringing it 

into cultiyation. 

<-^ anViSui hanrla^i/a i Bboj. hankataHa, 

n. m. H. kSMA thorn. 

A prickly plant resembling a thistle, used 

medicinally for checking diarrheea. 
ban'kar, 1. Spontaneous produce of jungle or 

forest land as timber, brushwood, gums, 

wild honey, etc 

2. Revenue derived from forest lands. 
l^tfCif wraRi baaihta^a, a. m. Lands on which 

cotton has been grown during the past 


B^ VS| bun; Tir. banl, n. The quantity of 
grain given for a day's weeding, firom 2J to 

H^V ^f^ hati,'na,bata,banfS,hatMe, + yfom; 

Hid, M&r. a m. A bridegroom (dulid). 
J^lli bin'd, n. £ ^ he built. 

1. Foundation (neo) ; basis ; base. 

2. Gh)und; footing; motive (itoran). 

3. Root ; source ; origin (cu/). 

4. Beginning ; conunenccmont 
£_)^** e-^. binoe dd^A. Cause of aotion. 
bi»mrdCtu>S paidd yd qdyem, kuA. Cause of ao- 
tion accrued or arose. 

bmO-i-vdAid kd mvk^addad dSmd qardr detid. 

To divide a cause of action, 
at bind ho do ahiq iamd. To divide one cause 

of aotion into two. [charge O. G. 

bar bindi^Uat tarmlmi. Upon an amraided 
toTddd bind-i-dmiid. Multifarious cause of action. 
(Aand bind'irddud garir dead. To divide a 

cause of action. 
(£o biad-i-ddwd. Double cause of action. 
ndliA ii bind qdyam iamd. To funiish ground 

for action ; shew cause of action. 
bmd 4dl'nd, v. a. 

I. To lay the foundation; found; establish. 
3. To begin; commence; originate; set 

OQ foot. 
fiXiJ bin&iar, bardi, Ped. adv. H. Rye, q. v. 

By reason of; for ; on account of; owing to. 
Mtd&arM, adv. Because of this ; ther^ore ; with 

this view or intent : on this account. 

Hl'l^ BIlfT hana'Tid, v. a. Caus. of Uj g. y. 

To paint; varnish; polish; gild. 
bandnd nkka^-qalll Jed, ya chaldnd uska. Coun- 
terfeiting coin or uttering base coin. 
jh^R da«t-dwfz banana. To make a false docu- 
ment 0. G. 
jkiileffati)dhba7idJt4. Fabricating &lse evidence. 

A L&»AJ bini, D. f. A daughter. 

H ,<^ f^n?0 bin'a; Rus. mnli, n. f. S. 

fa?[fh from fivmi to bend down. A bending 
or bowing low ; petition. 

ri v^ ftrahra btjiti-patr. A petition ; repre- 
sentation ; memorial 

H ^ 9^9 ban'<^, W.; baaij, K., a. m. S. 
sHilpn. Buying and selling ; traffic ; trade ; 
commerce ; barter ; exchange ; dealings ; 
transactions ; merchandise. 

1;^?^ tem lai^'rd, n. m. A grain merchant ; 
a carrier of grain. 

The term 'ii Dtora commoaly applied to a gmo 
aod cattle merchant, who, with a more or Ina du- 
merouB party of the rame culling, moTea about to 
diflerent markets^ aod eeix^Mlj accompanioB bodiflH 
of troops to supply them with grain. It ia ospodaJly 
applicable olao to a. numeroua tribe spread along the 
foat of the mountains from Hurduor to Qorakpur, 
and furiuing varioua BUbdiTieiona, man; of whom 
are stationary and followiu); agricultuie. They oom- 
priae both Hindus and Mahomedan*, ftoknowledging 
■ common origin and afflmty. The most migratory 
are the BahrOpft BanjSrsa, of whom tbere are five 
branches, tour of whom nssume the well-ktlonn ap. 
pellations of the chief RAjpQt tribes, Rsthaure, 
Chauhan, Pawir, and Tafivnr. The hfth, c41ed Bar- 
ka, ia aaid to be descended from a Oaur Brahman. 

tfi^f^. iarft ioiy'a'ri, a f. The wife, or tent of 

a banjdrd. \jaraa. 

banjSri, adj. I. Belonging or related to ban- 

2. Half-boiled (grain). 
li**iia^115n6aBi»i'n5,v.a. 1. To trade (^sojit.). 

2. To give in marriage ; to many, 
(on'jl, u. f. The business of % pedlar. 

Q yXiXi sat banj'ar ; Rus. banjar, bandar, 
n.f.S. STCOT 1. Barren or unproductive laud. 
2. Land which has not been cultivated for 
five years and upwards. 

baty'ar tornd, v. n. To break up or bring into 
cultivation waste land. 

barvar jad^. Land agtun brought into culti- 
vation after lying fallow for some years. 

banjar gadim. Land left fallow ftom a ranote 
period; land uncultivated at the settlement. 


r^ I 

bmtjar thSrv jama. Waste lands eicluded 

from the reatal. 
hajv'ar qSbil saraat. Coltumble waste Und. 
Joiyor lami. Abatement of revenue on account 

of land left uncultivated. 
baiijar Id-uariH. Unclaimed waste lands. 
Hj^i QSf^Itl han'jin, n. f. [the village. 

1. Lands neit or close to, or surrounding 

2. A veed. which springs up with the Mw- 
ri/crop to the height of about three feet 

P iljj btmd, From P. js^, S. to to bind. 

1. A mound rwsed to preserve water for 
irrigation ; a dam ; dike ; embankment 

2. A list (/ard); inventory; memoran- 
dum ; note. 

hartd Jotdi, n. f . An aoconnt of each share of 

the asaesBment paid in grain. 
band ba/trl. A ceas levied from land proprietors 

towards mountain embankments. 
tand barxiSM. An account of the share of an 

instalment to be paid by each vHlage. 
baad^hMta, n. m. An account of the shares 

of the liabilities of a village. 
bamdjami, n. f. Distribution of the assessed 
lands among the cultivators so as to allot to 
each an equal proportion of good and bad 
lands, and to make him responsible for a 
fixed proportion of both. 
bandi^Uah. Bill of charges; a schedule, draft, 
or inventory of an account; an abstract 
account ^oace, G. G. 

JUnaofaiOd band kams, v. n. To keep the 
Hikiii fs5l Un'di; Mag. bwda; Dim. 
frifuA, n. m. 

A seotsrial round spot made on the fore- 
head, preparatory to worship after ablation. 
P ^jijJij fiojufor, bandar-gah, n. m. 
A port ; harbonr ; emporium. 
thdh-landar, n. m. Chief port 
P ci,«»j^ijJLJ bandro-baU; Tir. banobatt; Illit. 
brndubaa ; Rus. bad^hatal, bait-o-band, a. m. 
1. Plan; organization; administration; 

2. Arrangement ; method ; order ; system. 

3. Settlemei^t of the revenue ; land reve- 
„je settlement 

bartdroiasH-ai^r. Recent or last settlement 

band o batt armr^-muq/U-rmubata. Settlement 
of lapsed rent free tenures. 
vndobaH aiim\-u>ar ya talyat^uar. Settle- 
ment with each individual cultivator, 

band o boat amin, n. m. Settlement measurer. 

i^r' ^-^J-*** band batl-t-^artan. A summary 

jfi. A-{,jii band o batt-ishafiar. The govern- 
ment OF police of a>town. 

band-o-tait^-iaimrM, yd doini. Permanent set- 
tlement ; a settlement in perpetuity. 

handr<^^>fal■irch(Xnd^•oza, n. m. A temponuy 

bandro^aat-irhdl, yA jadid, n. m. New sattls- 
ment; new practice. 

band-o-baat-i-t^ig. Former settlement. 

band-o-bait k See inHtSm kamS. \»m, 

1. To oi:ganize ; r^;ulate ; arrange ; mao- 

2. To farm out ; fix the Government da- 

band-(ybaat kl pairrtSidi. Revenue suttct, 
band o bail kt kOgai. Settlement reconk ; ad- 
minis tration paper. 
band batt-i-msi. Settlement of revenue. 
band baal-i-malstudri. Revenue settlement. 
band o batC-irtnuJiuiaiah. Detailed Hettlement 
band o bast muiammat. Final settlement 
band o basti-muik. The sum total of the re- 
venue of a kingdom or province as settled 
and engaged for. 
^Uj* dw^jMj iandobattmiSi^ A settlement 

for a limited l^me. 

band o bast And, ya ho gayO. Settled with ; setr 
tlement made with; arrangement completed. 

oAcKhd hand o batL Good amuigements or 
discipline, etc. 

iqrar-namaA-i-band o batt. Settlement compact 

parmbiOrirband o batf., n. m. A deed of settle- 
ment. A warrant given by the Govan- 
ment to the person with whom a revenue 
settlement bad been agreed upon, empower 
ing him to make the collections from the 
cultivators or land-holders. 

daul bnnd-o-bast. A particular statement of the 
manner in which the rental of an estate or 
district is subdivided. 

robkdr-i^and o baO. Settlement proceeding. 

sanad-^band o ba^ Warrant or deed of settle 
ment. [oer, 

MiUhimu&Camim-t-iand o ba»L Settlement offi- 

miil-i-bandobaa. Settlement record; settle- 
ment paper. 

ffoir-bandobasti. Unsettled, as an estate of 
which the revenue has not been fixed. 

^j(J.w bandog, n. f. ^jij He shot a 
buUet. A gun; musket; blunderbuss; firelock; 
fowling piece; G, G. an offensive weapon. 

bandOq bhamd, v. a. To load a gun. feun. 

bandOq ehhatyaaa, v. a. To take aim with » 

banditq^'eJa, n. m. A musketeer ; rifleman, [v. a. 

bandiHi lagSna, chlior'na, chalanS, yS mOrna, 
To dischat^ge a gun; to fire at ; 6hoot[G. 0. 

giroh par bandHq m4r'nd. Firing on the mob. 

H^li&jJ^V^Tirt&intad'fd, n. m. S. V^ 
to bind. A porter ; a oooly ; one who cairiw 
a stone or stones over his dioulder. 

J^jti 9^ baAdha'i, baAdhvm, a. f. 

1. Binding ; fasteuing ; tying. 

2. The price paid fur binding. 

3. The premium paid in the exchange of 
money of inferior denonii nation. 

j:i^.ivaibcmdh'aiiBboj.bani}iaii,n.m. Pawn 
(jMTii); pledge; mortgage (rahn); simple 
mortgage ; mortgage deed (raAn-n*naA). 

battdhak daiO, n. m. A mortgager (rahin). 

p^bandkai; A. roAn-W-jaizaA. Living pledge ; 
mortgage with usufruct itt lieu of interest ; 
mortgage with posseseioD. 

dmh^iandhak. Mortgage without possession. 

,^un nm^i bandh'an ; Tir. banhan, n. m. 
1. Binding; fastening; bandage. 

2. Hindrance; check; restraint 

3. Practice ; daily observance ; rule. 
11**4 JKWT baidh'nd, n. m. 1. A wrapper; a 

cloth for keeping small articles in. 
2, A needle case; a housewife; a hoId-aU. 
biMhd-hva, ba^dhi-hul, adj. Established ; fix- 
ed; usual; ordinary. [expenses. 
bandU-ktia khareh, n. m. Regular or usual 
i^Y*^ U-MAVA*. bandhanwSi', W.; ftondonidH, 
hmntiBdr, ban-war, E. n. f. H. bar a door. 
Festoons of leavra and flowers hung over 
the doors of houses on festive occasions. 

j*.^ qsu bandh'u, n. m. A relative ; kins- 
man ; one of the same ilk or brotherhood. 

A cogiuta kinsmall in ti remote degree. Thrae 
kindi are eDiuneratod, penoual, paternal, BOd mster- 
ittL TliB irat are tha aoiB of U>e decsMed fcthet'B 
rater, of hia mother's Bister, and of bis maternal 
niiole. The second ara the sous of his taiher'B m»- 
tenwl uint, of hia father's maternal aunt, aod of his 
father'B matfflTial uncde. The third are the Bona of 
hia mother's paternal aant, of hia mother's maternal 
Bunt, and of his mother's maternal uncle. WiUon. 

■ytih^ ifhnrr baAdh'aS, bandvA ; P. qaidi, n. m. 
One who is bound ; a prisoner ; convict. 

^lywi; ^are bandAuOi', a. m. Laud embank- 
ed all around go as to retain the water. 

P ojiJ iait'ifl,n.f.Br-jtobind. 1. Embargo. 

2. Prohibition ; interdiction. 
bani^^AOnO, Jontfi-jAor, n. m. Jail; prison, 

H'ii? ftn ^M% P'«^» W. n. m. A fag- 
got ; a bundle of mH^k grass (E. pUan(fd). 
H t-Ju 9f| baru, n. S. vnt- I. Extraction; 
descent; genealogy; pedigree; stock. 
2. fiace ; lino ; lineage ; house ; family, 
^jl-*'. asflTW^ft bama'vli ; A ihajrSi P. turtU 
noma, D. f. S. ttmeritl A genealogical table 
or tree ; genealogy. 

y ^ 

ns param pari \ A. Tuulan bdd ntulan. 
Hereditary; in one continuous line. 

nir-baim, adj. Childless ; heirless (be-auldd6). 

S i_XJL^ bank,bankghar,baiighar,n,Bi.A bank. 

S i_?j«*JyJ'J S^lF^lf bamiiarg', n. m. A 
kind of marriage ceremony performed in 
honor of a newly-planted orchard, without 
which observance it is not proper to partake 
of its fruit. In this ceremony, the mautoak 
and other trees, which do not bear edible 
fruit represent the bridegroom, and the 
mango, and other edible fruit-bearing trees, 
the brid& [S. olimt, 

H l^u^ 9*nn ban'ytt ; Bus. banrffM, n. m. 

A grain-seller; com-ohandler ; a vender 

of provisions. [7.). 

P ol^y^ bunysd', tt. f. Foundation. See Jifl (1,5, 

H ^^ 9VTT ^*t^'', buSl, &>nl, buSi kl rtU, n. f. 

H.&ontl to HOW. Sowing ; seed-time. 
H^;^ aTHi b<^, b^hd, bkdr, P. bar, n. m. 

1 . A load ; weight ; burden, a porter's load ; 
a bundle of grain, grass, etc. 

2. A load of grain iu the straw, as much 
aa can be carried on the head, generally 
about a maund. 

3. Cargo ; ladini; ; freight. 

4. The ballast of a boat or ship. 

5. Dr^ ; dragweight ; difficulty. 

6. Onus ; burden ; obligation. 
bcijMKitSi, n. f. A mode of distribution by 

stacks or bundles of out com. 
P ^\iyJi4 ^^ '* ^'^> ^'^-i^^i A. tKkanat, 

n. f. Residence. See i/»l* 

irucln kl bad o bAih. Human dwelling. G. G. 

H )V 9^ bar, bhar; Mif. hhHrA, n. f. S. ^ 

33iirT alms in plenty. [Hin. 

Charity or alms given in marriages, etc. 

bur b^tnd, v.a. To give alms at a marrit^, etc. 

H IjijJ SitT bo'rd, n. f. A guany bag. 

j)>i Slit bo'ri, u. f. A gunny bag ; a measure 

of three maunds. [security. 

H W VT^ bor, n. m. Redeemalile mortgage ; 

H e)^ 91^ 6au'rE, E. u. f. A land measure; 
1.20th part of a kauri. 

p lU^ bi'iA; Pop. bota, a. m. A fermented 
liquor resembling beer. 

<:i«jj^ AiIf^Adnd, n. m. A beer-shop; a book- 
ing ken {probably a corruption otbOge-iA^a, 
introduced into Europe by the gypsies). 



H^%) dlQIT bo'lud, n. m. Ui. the hide of & 

A basket or leather bucket for throwing 
water to a higher elevation. 

HKI^V 94iltl (Ahlr'd, n. f. Land pre vioiuly 
recovered as bui, but rendered useless by a. 
deposit of sand. (I) 

H ^J^> Sl^ ho'n, n. f. 

1, Speech; language; dialect; vemacolar. 

2, Usage ; idiom ; mode of speoch. 

3, A bid (at an auction). 

boH holne-aald, n. m. A bidder at an auction. 
HLfjJ $n{l ho'na, V. a. S. WPT Sowing. 

1. To BOW ; plant j cultivate. 

2. To cover (a buffalo). 

boR zamrn. Land held by the owner of a vil- 
lage in his own possession to give out to 
the peasants for railtivation. 

^X disft ho'nl, SdoBl ; Maf. 6o ; Tir. hSok, 
bao3 he din; E. roprei, n. f. Sowing; seed- 
time (JmSr). 

•=^H #T#m io-jot, P. kdtU; A. lariai, n. f. 
Tillage; agriculture; cultivation. 

hopSrjotd, hone-walS; Old H. tone-Adr, P. 
k&efUkar, A. maidt'e, n. m. A cultivator. 

^^. fm b&'itd, ba jattd, v. n. To be ooTered 

H l£j}^ Sinn bav/h'gA, hongH, a. m. 

1. A stack of straw ; a heap of straw in 
the form of a tower. W. 

2. A hollow bamboo (E. chMgO) ; a drill 

3. The whole shell of a gourd, or (E.) a 


H f v^y vTVn fiau^'rd, ioAord, &«Aonl ; Bus. 

bohrd, n. m. H. behwSr transaction. 
A village banker or money lender. 
The Bohru appetiT to have originated in 
Ouznili, where they became ooBvarta to U>h«- 
Taadanism, hut they are settled in nuiiy V^ <■! 
Central uid Weatem India and ia the H. W. Fiovinoea. 
<^)tyi dlBlUrl hohar'gat, behvSf, n. f. 

1. TheoG^ceofagauArd. 

2. Dealing; buying and selling; trade. 
H ^J^ 5t^ boh'nl, JoBi, hotA (AonI, n. 1 

H. bthvSr transaction, or S. ^ to increase. 
Hansel ; the first money reoeived during 
the day, or the firet ready-money sale by shop- 
keepers or hucksters, no credit being given 
as a rale for the article first sold. 

#r The pnctioe layg EtUot, "ig univenal 
tn India, and is precdaaW like the handsel of Eng- 

land," which Leinon i 

> Dictionary, explaiiu 

S ;1<J 

to be, " the firet monefreoriTed at muket, iriuch 
many luperatitioua people will spit on, eithtt to 
render it tenacious that it may remiun with tW 
and not raniah away hke a fairy gift, or else b] 
render it propitioui and lucky that it may dean 
more money to it" 

H»Sj^j Jira Md(,n.m.Mat<i«,n.f.S.W5faiB 
11^ to speak. A bard; minstrel; troubadoor; 
a chronicler of ancient days ; genealogist 
2. Met. A panegyrist ; eulogist ; flatterer. 

H(j(^ ViJZl ^^^' bhma, n. m. H.fidtUm!, 

j^r hhaUL; A jasr o mad, a. m Flood tide. 
^^m4ihMth%, bhail,'a.t Down the river: 
with the current 

Hj^l^ lirat bhd% n. f (S. 11^ to divide), 

LA portion; share. 2. A present 
hhifibSMndj-v.-a. To distribute; divide; share. 
P ^l^ lahltdar; Illit. hcMdar; H. tHrmH, 

adj' P* bah& value, dvr pearL Brave ; high- 
spirited; courageous; bold; valiant; volorouB. 
)>)t^ 6aAd(fur, n.m. A hero; knight; champion. 
Underthe Hah. Oovt atiUe of honor given te tli« 
nobles of the Court, as KkSn-balHiimr. In mors raeeit 
timea this title is conferred on any meritorious peraon. 
2. A game cock ; a fighting cock, [vtdour. 
hahi dvri ; H. lAHm, n, £ Bravery ; courage ; 

8 k)^ iJ'^ WJI? bhSdr-jtad, u. m. A name 
common to the 26th and 27th lunar aster- 
isms, distinguished by the epithets prior and 
subsequent, or purvIX and vttar, 

HjjOl^mxt&A^on; Hin. bhOdwH; Bus. 
hhadawA, n. m.S.wa The sixth month of the 
lunlnsolar year (Aug, — Sept.), when the moon 
is full near the wing of Pegasus. 

hhadi^l, adj. Relating to the month of Bhldoii, 
or the harvest gathered in Aug. — Sept ; the 
autumnal oropi r^^ 

H ]l^ Wt bhSr, -a. m. S. n to bear. A burden. 

lihOr viOr'na, v. n. See bojh tOOma. 

To redeem ; deliver &om ; make atonement 

,j-^i^. tmOiH Ntdr-Lat, n. m. S. «lf to draw. 
LA cart (P. bar-iash). 
2. The strup which binds the poles or 
shafts to the drawer of the weight 

Bli^% Vnrni bhOr'j/a; H. bhSrja; Eu». 
buhofj/d, n. f. A wife ; a married woman. 

2. Ctae wedded according to the ritual of 
the Vedae. It sometimes denotes a second 
or inferior wife, aa distinct from the Fa^ 
the wife first aiairied. 

. Google 


S|;(^ VtTfl Md'rtI; P. karSya, n. m. Hire; 

carriage ; freight ; fare ; rent (of a bonse). 
Ji)*i nfmt bhfifo'a, a, m. One who plies 

for hire. 
u^}<> Hfnt bhara^a, a. m. A tenant (of 

a house). [a bouae). 

iharaili dar Mofotfl, n. m. A sub-tenant (of 
Hi^V *IT1| ^^, »• m- S. irna irom Hg| 

to share. 
Partition ; apportionment ; separate poi^ 

tion; a share in a partnership; a ^are 

or portion of an inheritance ; a share in 

kind ; the share of the Government. 

s of the deoeand, which ii tesmed Paini- 
iKSg i but this a olloirabla only where the nuge 
hu been long sBtabliahed aa the cuitom of the family. 
~ 9 ngular diatribntioli i* BCoordinK ' ' 

' ' ' " ' Lomiiuted 

number df ■ 



Apportionment in kind, ^ipor- 
donment of shares of the crop in kind be- 
tween the cultivator and the Qovemment. 

Hiig-jot, n. t Cultivation bj the rajat on the 
tenna of sharing the crop with the zomlru^dr. 

hh&^nar, n. m. Rich alluvial lands under the 
banks of the JamnA. 

H|jX*JtgJ nr^Rfl) hhOn'maO, a. m. S. wig- 

mftfroniOTg hght, »fil wit,())(H. KWdfr 
charm), A juggler ; coqjuror. 
H tJta^ VrT9t hhan'var, Mawiri, plterr, n. f. H. 

UiramrUI to wander. Ciicumambulation of 

the bridu and bridegroom round the sacred 

fire. [bulat«. 

ihMvar phimO, yS parnS, v. n. To circumam- 

P &jt/J bahiinah, n. m. 

1. Plea; pretest; pretence; shame. 

2. A blind; feint; rvK; strat^em. 

3. Excuse ; a &lse or lame ezonsa 

4. Evasion ; putting off; ahuffiing. 

5. Means; cause. 

iaid'tid-«d?,n.m. An impostor; one who shams. 
H ^ irra ^Adf, hihiUt, n, m. S. y to be. 

Price ; price current ; rate ; figure ; 
market price, 
iido vittnS, gimH, yd ffhalnd, v. n. 

To fall (the market rate), 
ttdo barh^Ul, v.ft.To raise or enhance the price. 
Wdo eka^ktd, v. n. To rise in price ; to be at 

a premium, 
MdoAtM^a e The rate of bills; exchange. 

H ^;l^ miNi^ i^'oH, E. D. f. Bent of 

land paid in kind instead of mme;, » field 

on whidi the rent is paid in kind ; distribu- 

tioD of produce between the mmindSr* and 

cultivators. [cultivation. 

hkdoli khot, n, m. Land recently brought into 

H .£--Jlj ^l^ mi viz 6ft<B lOAt, n. 1. Here- 
ditary funily share, appUcable only ooca- 
sionally to all the shares of a coparcenary 

2. One connected by community of ori^n 
and joint interost in a common ancestral 

iMSrband; n. m. People of the same caste ; 
brethren; relations; kindred ; kinsmen. 

hhOi-ianc^ n, t Brotherhood ; fraternity ; kin. 

hKiK-ehUrd, n. m. fielationship ; oonnection ; 
relation by blood or marricge ; fraternity. 

jorla bhS{, a. m. Twin brother, [son ; ootuiin. 

ehacAerd UtSi, a. Father's younger brother's 

dadA bhSI, n. m. A foster brother. 

BOffd bhSl, eipet Jed hk&, io^igl Mdl, sahodar 
M(8, mtt-jdjrd IMi, mddar-edd bhta, »ij bhdi, 
n. m. One's own brother. 

eauUlS bhdi, n. m. A step brother. 

y«r 6Adi, Hin ;ptr bJUK, Mah. n. m. Followers 
of the same spiritual guide ; fellow sectarian. 

MataerA bkSl, n. m. Uother'a brothn's pon ; 

muiiA-&E>Jd ihJl, n. m. An adopted brother. 

maueerd (AM, Hin ; ^ihalerd bh/O, Mah. n. m. 
Mother's sister's son; cousin, 

P «jfc«J SAiffA; Pop. JoMtfeft, n. f. P. *j 

Roodi ,^J}{ to be. See ts^' 
baibadi'i-I^utiai/aq, yd ridyd, n, £ The public 
use, benefit, or good ; public utility, 

H U^ miT l^uUld, u. m. H. bhdt boiled rice, 
1. Ploughman's wages in kind. 
2. Addittcmal allowance; extra pay or 
allowances to public servants or soldiers ; 
Bubsistenoe money, or additional allowances 
to officers employed on special duties, or in 
distant places ; travelling allowance. 

hhatd ihema\, a. m. Tentage. 

A M^^ boh'Cdn, n, m. A false accusation ; 
slander ; calumny ; scandal. 

bokldn lagdad, jornd yd dhamd, v. a. 
To charge falsely ; slander ; calumniate. 

bohiSn bdi» huas^^i-tk&a. De&matiou of 

bohtdn addvaa. Malicions UbeL 

boAtdn H bdteti, a. f. Defiunatoiy expressions. 

H ^J^ irnt bhafa, Mah. Worn. n. C H. 
bhdt b<»led rice. A Mahomedan ceremony 
which consists in giving food, etc for three 


days to the members of the fEunily of the 
deeeaaed by his nearest relations. [bond. 

H ^^^ 9VHt Ix^'Hi &■ t- Imported gooda in 

hah'Ct kar'nd, T. a. To permit imported goods 
to be exported free. 

Hl»iJ^ SfBtai yiaR'JA, n.-m. S. HTJiw 

Brother's son; nephew, [daughter; niece. 
i^!"^. Hntot hhafCji, a.t S. m^a i Brother's 

Hl^ 5?T WufW; W. Bub. hhoi^i; 11^-. 
maJckyo, n. m. Indian corn ; maize. 

H f4^ H73T ^f'ut^ n. f. A light Ary soil, 
yielding only an autumn crop. 

H,c*^ Wgt Mot'ti, n. £ S. WI5. 

1. A furnace ; kiln ; an alembio. 

2. A distillery ; a distiller's fireplace. 

3. A washerman's cauldron for boiling 

hhat'll Uima^ kamO, aw jSri kamO. G. 0. 
To conslruct and work a distillery. 

hha^-dUr, n. m. A distiller ; one who keeps a 
apiiit-ahop ; one who sella and manufactures 
spirituous liquors. 

lAeia-imajlU. U. O. A lioensed distillery. 

H \y^ 1^ bhtufrS, ihaddra, bhadr, n. f. 1. 
An unlucky moment, as the second, seventh, 
and twelfth days of the lunar month. 

bhadrA hona, t. n. To be clean or purified 
by shaving one's head and beard, etc. after 
the demise of a relative, or in a holy place. 

H \!}k}.^1139K bfiadwSr', bhSdot, a. H. 
IMdoA. Land prepared for sngar-cane; 
land ploughed during the kAartf from As&^h 
to BkddoA for the rabi sowings and allowed 
to lie fallow till the cotton is sown. 

^■*ti H^ bhada'l, n. f. Crops in season in 
August, the rainy weather rice-crop sown 
about BaitSih and cut in JihOdoA. 

It ia oE inferior qualit; to the Aghani, but admite 
ol ■ furUiar crop in the cold leaioii. 

** I. The act of filling or stuffing. 

2. Watering (a field); irrigation. 

3. (bkarvm) The price paid for water, pad- 
ding, etc. [water. 

bhana, ya bharao lama, v. a. ; To fill; atnff ; 
V^i)ti vajrmt bAvpSna, v. n. 

1. To be paid in full ; to be satisfied. 

2. To bo discharged, or liquidated (a debt). 
}ljUj4(H(i|I8l<£Aarad-<fdr, d, m. A mortgagee, 

one who has oooupatton ot aa estate , the 

rent of which is retained untjl it liquidates 
the principal and interest of the debt 

H ^y^ Hm bliar'at, n. m. H. Mtt^na to fill 

1. Koom ; space ; place. 

2. Bags ; vessels ; etc. 

3. Goods ; lading ; cargo ; freight ; fare. 
i. Conveyance; carriage; cart ; cattle. 

5. Transit or transport chargea. 

6. Payment in fiill; a full discharge. 
bharat bharnH, v. n. 1. To stuff; fill; pad. 

2. To make up the full tale or quantity; 
supply a deficiency. [[^ace, 

3, 'To eiport ; carry merchandiie to any 
Vtar'atyi, n. m. A trader; merchant [Ooi 
Wj« OTfTT hlwr'ta, n. m. 1, Providence {dW); 

2. Huslmud ; support ; stay. 
tf')f. nnd Nuir'a, n. f. Cat^o. See i/tV. (3). 

1. A store; stock; heap (^A«7-) ; accumn- 
latioQ. [stuff 

2. Filling in or up ; stuflmg ; padding ; 

3. Admission ; enlistment ; enrolment; 

4. Invention; fabrication; fib; blsehood. 
iha/rfi-»lmd&, Fed. Enlisted; enroUed; regis- 

bhtafi kar'n&, t. a. 1. To fill ; load; lade. 

2. To store up ; stack ; heap ; lay up ; 

3. To r^se, levy (soldiers, etc) ; engage ; 
enlist; enroll; enter on a register; recruit; 
hire or employ (a servant). 

4. To invent ; fabricate ; rumiuice. 
bharfx hfmd, v. n. To be enlisted, etc 
H V"^ HWft ikar'kl, E. n. f. Lime. 

A kind ot land ia Behar, Bupar&mJlf ot a iiA 
color but Eghter when turned up by the plough. It 
U auited to both spring ukd autumn trope, but 
Tsquirea abunduit WBtenoj. 

^l/)^ tTt<Kt (WAl,Mdr,E.n. l.Ahole. 
2. A land measuie. [v^ol, n. f 

H^jvS^ Unif^ bharau'fiibhaiyie-i'Fir.lAaT- 
" A receipt in fiill or release ; a receipt ; oon- 
tenta received; indemnity; acknowledgioent 

mAiA bhatnS, v. a. To stop one's mouth; 
grease the palm; give a brit>e. 

mtlHA-JAarm, a f. Hush money ; a bribe. 

H^^J^ jrft Ww^i. E.n. £ 

1. The weight of one siccarupi, or onefold 

2. A grass used for thatching. . 

H ^y^ ^m& bek'rl, n. f. P. tftt fllia«- 

1. Contribution ; subacriptioD(<AeiniaA}; 
instalment; impost. 

2. An extra cess or aasessment 

}^ 89 

3. An aaaeflameat od a ahara; diBtnbu- 
tion of an ^gr^ate Bum ; Uie ehw^ or in- 
terest of oneof UiebrotherhoodiBuneatata 

iehn UAdAndy t. n. To aubsoribe ; raise mouej 
hy Bubflcription. 

,lj; .jf, ia^ mxn behH^arHr, CoIIeotioQ oo 
aharea of tlie reTOuue in kind. 

^ ^i« ftaft **» bthribandi. An aUowanoe- 
for repairing roada, etc 

H^j34>Hf^ Mw-a'rf, ». f. The oora 

which remainB ia the ear after tba atraw 
has beau txodden (gdnAn). 

pimping. A pimp ; procurer ; pander, [ing. 
J^ijtt l^TBl^ bharvdXtLt 1. Bawdry; pimp- 

3. Tbe eaminga of a pimpL 
H f^ Vm ihu4,bhibtiiGa'sli.haMa,a.S.'^ 

The husk of com ; the straw of grain. 
Ktu Kattilna, yd Mm bAarafni, y. a. 

To peel t^ the skin and fill it vith. stran 
and bum it. (An oriental pmuahment). 
tfif^, vIt^ iAu«aw'r(, bhwavia, UnummdO, 
UiMMfd, bhtueia, b&uMhra ; Tir. bhuakhUT ; 
Garti. MttffA, n. m. A place irttere str&v is. 
H^^*—^ H^ ihadmi, bhaAmS, ». f. 

" 1. The aabes of the coTpe& 
2. The place of crematioa 

H j«^ JRWft Moi'i. K. ; M»r. 6*^*. •»'f- 
! "A dungeon ; a chamber in vliicb revenue 
! defaulters in naUve atatej are confuted. 
: H^O^ t^ni lAak-bure, a. m. Bad taea.; 

bad oharaoters ; rogoes. 
I bhala burd kaino, bh^ hat tanSni^ v. a. 

To speak ill uf ; abuse ; inault ; reproach ; 

intetgh ^unst ; rail at ; vilify. 
I H jl^% fil^niT lAMiMt, bhil&<KH; E. 

and Bhoi. bhtld ; Tir. (AelOo, a. m. S. wwnff, 
V.baladur. 1. A nut used for marking 
dothes, etc. commonly called Ualaocs bean, 

I (Semicor/nM ancKardium). 

2. A mediAne. It is alao used for making 

I vales on th& body^ ah^wn in a Criminal 
Court aa evidence of having been beaten. 

] B^ ^^^ b(^Jum,ba'hijn Iliit bhai»; Worn. 

'Aomd, bhenO, baiAnd; (Contemp.) thaini, 
t*oi«jrtl ; W. Rub. bhMf, Wdn ; Tir. bakin ; 

1 <Hh. lAmti, n.f. & wfinft, Old H. bhan. 

I A Bitter ; a female- oouain. 

I vVtfVVhi baim/i; Hin. bhantO, babw^ 


bhiwA, bhind; Rub. bhaAfeS; Mir. (otA- 

ySii Cuhtemp. t/umeU, a. f. 8. nUl'hvfn 

Sister's husband (jy'A) ; brother-in-law. 

H ^tJJ^ ITVIt bhanifdr', Muxwf&ri, n. m. S. 

KiiIcnilT from, wnn a veaseL 

1. The bod of a river. 

2. A receptacle for water ; a tank or re- 
aerroir, particularly one which Bupplies a 

3. Storehouse ; godown i warehouse. 

4. Tbe well of a native cart. 
6. Head; akull (t^opr^). 

6. Villages manned by ib^R^H or zamM- 
ddr hiniselfi his own peculiar estate, not 
rented or formed to others. 

7. A feast of joffU, SanydH*, etc.. 
^'^*«i WUTt bhan^a'ri, m. m. 

1. A store-keeper; warehouse-keeper. 

2. A houae-ateward; purveyor. [A granary. 
J^SJ4i 4m«l bkandt^, bhaiudl, btmtUr, a. U 
H~i >6^^ KPTTI ^oAg^rA, iAoAg-MiiUet, n. m. 

b&atijjeran, n. f. A seller of Bhang. 
»^i#j sSrai b'-ange'la, a. m. Hempen cloth for 

wear, or for sacks ; saoks made of hemp. 
^S'^y^ SraiT Mawja'i, Man?!, n. f. A 

brother's wife (fi/tOce^). [earth, 

K}^ Hf ^i*?'; Kus, bhiiif. d&Ol, n. f. Mil 

Soil of the fourth quality; sandy or 

porous soil 

ot ammL tant 

tot; little vegetable mould, bang tho third in c 

man enmaerstion. Vuieties of it are termed bhod 

aait, end bhel b^rSni. 

H .^ IgJt Maw, bhaa, bhiiln, MotA, Md, 

n. f. S. T^m. [site; estate; domain. 

Land ; soil ; earth (dharCl) ; ground ; 

S ^/j^ VmiS bhUffot'ra, n. m. A g^nt of 
revenue for the use or enjoyment of an 
individual, especially a Brahman or holy 

bhulySA lliSn, hhiim'thd, n. m. On filing on a 
new village site, a shrine to SkviyM is 
always set up and consecrated with mu<A 

^Uf ^j«j ^^1*^4 bkaibhoi, n. m. One invited 
by a proprietor to reside in a village upon 
a portion of land asaigned to him to. culti- 
vate for his own benefit, but which be may 
not dispose o£ 

ySJyf, ^ bhOA'fa, n. m. ' Land given tent 
free to tbe village watchman or ChauiidOr. 

H ^ 9^ ba'la; Maf. and Oajh. iai; n. f . 


^ < 

1. A book, not atitohed at the aides but at 

the end.2. A merohant's or banker's book ; a 

register ; record j jonrnal ; diary ; ledger. 
bahl patiDdH, n. £ A register kept t^ the paf- 

teBri or village aocountant. 
baM kkatrS, n. m. A daj-book. 
baii daiha ikarij, a. t R^ter of transfers, 

or mutation of names. 
babSrMi, n. m. An auditor; accountant; one 

who examines or checks the account books. 
bahl roMtancha, yd romdnwt, n. f. Daily 

account book. 
boM M J<d ; Mtab bahi, n. f. Account books ; 

ldi^;er ; a set of books kept by merchants 

or bankers. [oounts. 

bahi murattab rakhnS, To keep books of ac- 
bahl moi eAar&e^nd, v. a. To bring on the 

books ; enter in th^ books ; place to account ; 

debit or credit. 
bahl tod; jE^dm, k^Ory ax tioha. Cash account 

current and extra items. Panj, [book. 

hakl yad-dS*ht, n 1 A memorandum or note 
jsiar bah\. Suspense account book. 
chit^ bahi. Bill book ; trial balance bock. 
efiitthl baht. Letter registry book, 
dOkhn in hoM, Shop-hooks 
dharor AoM, amOnat bahl. Ooods deposit beck. 
rvkar bahi, a. t Caah-book. 
aattdd bahi, a £ Ware-house books. 
i»V bahl, n. £ Private account book. 
naql bahi, a. £ Day or waste book. 
hun^ bahS. Hundi or bill book. 

H l^^ VQT bhai'ya, n. m. Brother. See ^Jl« 

bhaiya-hMt, n. £ Brotherhood ; ft^atemity. 

bhaiyd eharak,a.m. 1, Aoommunity of Brethren 
or of people from one stock. 2. A tenure in 
eeveraity ; Joint undivided estate. 

i. A village which has not been fwmally 
divided among its proprietors, but held 
according to shares as divided privately. 

An estate in which the Und is held part in oom- 
taaa, ood part in Beverelty, and ths proGta at Um 
Mmunan land divided acoardiag to cugtom. A oo- 
paroenaiy eatate held in aevendtj wbers ri^ta ate 
meanired b; ext«nt ol poweeaion. 

taqntn hhalyd eh&ri. Division of land between 
co-sharera who are jointly bound for the 
payment of the OoTernment revenue, 

H;l4{^ iffUTt SaA*}*', n. f. S. «fin out 
Lands at a distance from the village. 

Hi»-A^ iSiH «". *AiAi; Mag. ma, n. f. 
S. il/m- A wall ; embankment ; the vestige 
i£ an old bouse, 

^)^ilf. ift^T* Mtou'rt, n. f. 1. Ground-rent 

rid for the site lit a house by a stiangOT. 
QroQud either nMurally or artificially 
raised for the site of a house, a vilbme, ete. 
3. The old or main land of a village, that 

which has been always cultivated, in 
tradistioction to that whidi is gained from 
the river, or by alluvial deposit [water. 

4. Hounds confining a tank or piece of 
Hi£-i« «3 6H W«A*, n. f- 1. Touch; 

oontact ; collision. [visit ; introduction. 

2. The act of meetang ; an interview ; t 

3. Sacrifice; offerings to superton (ite- 
pO^A) ; a oompUment^ gift \ruurSn&). 


5. A preeent made by the cultivator to 
the oclJeotor or &nner oo BettliI^[ hit 
assessment (•afdml). [present ; sataifice. 

M«( cftarft&ta, dcjid, yd iarwd, V. a. To offer; 

bha honS, V. n. [view. 

1. To meet; encounter; have an inter- 
2. To be aacrifloed ; to &Q a victim. 

6Ae{ b'ikrS, n. m. 1. The sacrifice of a goat 
2. The complimentai; preaoitation of a 
goat to a superior. 

H^A^da U«j;Bhoj.Md4j,n.m.S.i|^to 
ware. 1. A proportionate ^we. 
2. Rent of Uud ; ground-rent 
)'>! t^ doram bhtj-barOr. 

A tannn fraquant in Buadal-khand In wUdi 
iro^ortuKu of tl>e leTsnae ta tax (fterir) pKjrable 
) oonuDon proprieton ara subjeot to penodi- 
occaaioaal adjuatnent, and b^ancea of tlu 
revnua and of viUaga ehaogca ariaiiig from tlu 
diihonoaty or IiuotTen<^ tA a tharor, are made li; 
nteable contributions from tlia othar shana. k 
village in which this tenure prsvaOs la said to be > 
bht} bar6' gdAo. 
uM/tf bhtt}, O. Q. Abatement of rant 
iaie pSnl bhtanO, v. a. To transport beysnd 

seas; banish. 
zar-i-takAl adilat-i^vdni vuA bh^ dmi. To 

pay the amount of oolleetiooa i«t« Court 
H <J.A^ ^3 bhed, D. m. S. fii^ to break. 

1. Difference ; variance ; dissimilarity; 
discrepancy. [intention or pnipote. 

2, Secrecy ; secret ; mystery ; - secret 
^•HH S/fsv iUftpd, n. t Soil in whiA 

various kinds of orops are grown. 

HyVJ (T^ JaAir',Q.f.H.6Alr°n»wi 


1. Camp followers; the baggage, Jec. of an 

2. Lines near a camp where the wives 
and fkmilies of the soldiers Uve. [teoi 

baAlf bungfi, Mir Mun^fi, n. t P. iuigiA a 

The rabble of camp followers ; the 

baggage or " iq^radituenta " of an anQf 

by a 

U^^ ds hha, bhtk, n. m. S. av dree» 

bhtg badalad, bharmO, bam^ni, japalatiO, v. a. 

To Bssame a disguise; pencnate a obamcter. 

H A P c^ H A previtive ^«Sx, or preposttian. 


^dl^ h^ftdaH, Fed. ; &MiitH, Fop. n. f. 1- 
DisTopeot ; rudeness, [pudeoce ; insolenca 

2. FresumptuooBneas ; impertinoDoe ; im- 
J#t^ hnul, bt^'at i H. be-jc^, adj. 

1. Grmmdlen; baaeleea ; unfounded. 

3. Without fouudatioQ ; fftlse ; not tnu. 
ji^% h&^tiklt'; Pop. he-aibMrO, tO). 

1. Of DO credit or estimation; not tmst- 
worth7j incredible. 
3. Not to be trusted ; unreliable; fiutbleu. 
3. DisbelieTing ; Bospiciona ; inoredulons ; 
KflptioaL [diBoredit 

jjiftol^. he^'tMA, n. f. 1. Want of credit ; 
3. Untmstvorthinesa ; bHUesBneea. 
3. DiatruBt ; disbelief; snapicionenesa. 
^Win^ U-inHittml, n. f. UiBmanagement. 

liM^ ic-mfeAj', hf-andiUai^had,a.Ai. Endless. 
^.yJlfSlt^ btf-infaAj UMq. Q. G- Indefinite 

Jl«fl^ btiiuHf, adj. Unjust. See ^ V* (1. 3). 
^ia;i^ be-intHf\, n. t lojuitica. See jV'* 
jl)l^ U^uiUkF ; H. hm-mwUh, adj. Without 

issae ; okildleaL 
«M>^ he^mBtC ; Itltt. AatsUIn, adj. 

1. Withoat religion or oonsciwiee ; nn- 
printripled ; oorropt [senipulous ; erooked. 

2. Dishonest ; fraudulent ; fUse ; un- 

3. FaitUega ; perfldiofU ; alippeiT ; treaeh- 
erouB (do^Md^. 

^V^. he^mtoA, n. f. at. Infidelity. Irrdi- 

gioD ; dishonea^ ; breach of trust ; uo&ir 

(lealing; nnfkimees. [defraud. 

io-tawha kar'nO, t. □. 1. To play false; cheat; 

9. To misappropriate ; embezsle; peonlate. 

ih» MOq ; H, iJmlUA, adj. BaUnoed ; even ; 

quits ; without arrears ; paid np in full 
^■hHq kar'itA, y. a. To pay up ; pay in fall ; 

adjnBt; liquidata; diaeha^ an account; 

make good a de&ult or balanoe ; settle ; 

square or balanoe aoconnts. 
Mdq Jbiid, V. n. To be pud io fulL 
•Am MarAtbuA be nuaiAfa m Mr-a-ro&an he-hSq 

io ckJa. The mortgage loan had been 

satisfied out of the profits of the mortgaged 

maMaha l»iaq had, AH demands sstiiflsd. 
^^be-bafi,u.i Full payment; discharge; 

liquidation; qnittanoe;aoquittanee;clearanoe. 
itHfi {sr*, Payment or liqnidaUon of a debL 
<i^ he-ha£ai, adj. 1. Without change ; noi* 

&nn; inrariable ; onaltflrable ; immutable. 

3. Positive ; absolute ; peremptory, [vant. 

, ^i<»^ 1. Out of place j misplaced; irrele- 

' 3. Impniper ; uolavftil : uniuBtifiabls ; 

j UM 

3. Uoreaaonable ; contraiy to reseon ; un- 
sound ; absurd. _ 

4. Inaoourate ; wrong ; otgeotionable. 
^'(I,adv. Improperly;injudiciously;wrongly. 
kifol t?t^ b^ Uuarrvf, Misapprapriation ; 

embezzlement. [plea ; an idle ezouse. 

J.U isw bejd £tr, n. m. A weak or unsound 
bejd Tier iamS, v. n. To make a vain, or idle 

excuse or objection. 
jj^ l^fj b^ qurqi, n. t Illegal distraint or 

attachment ; a suit for replevin. 
„,iO ^yS bps! bfi'a ffiri Ittgdn, G. G. Undue 

exaction of rent. [delay. 

t«>{ iJl)} taviaqquf-i-b^d, Q. G. Unnecessary 
Jl»^ bt-hiU, adj. [used up; ruined. 

1. Damaged ; nnservioeable ; worn out ; 

2. Unemployed ; badly off. 
be-hal, adv. On the point of death. 
fff^lo^r'; H. mkmmmd, &di- 

1. Withoat work or en^loyment ; unem- 
ployed ; idle ; doing nothing. 

2. Inoperative ; ineffective ; ineffectual ; 
inefficient [nuU. 

3. Without force ; invalid ; nugatory ; 
h-kar kama, v. a. 

l.To thwart; balk; frustrate; disoon- 
cert ; del'eat ; uoda [break ; destroy. 

2. To render useless or unaervioeable ; 

3. To render defective ; invalidato ; undo. 
^,Kj bt-kOrX a. f/The state of being usem- 

f^ed ; want of employment 
H ^ Vrat bff^, Hin; (yOi. Mah.n.m.S. sra- 

Interest (aid) ; dividend. 
The intemat paid by ths cnltivirton ut tin »A- 
vaaoee nude to them V ^* shop-keepan for thdr 
BubaiBtenoe and repair of sgiioultu™! impleHMlll*. 
for««>od,ftDd(ortheCkiTOminBatromBU& [lenrt. 
iy^' par bydj; P. «W dar «W. Compound in- 
byaj-iehor, hyoi-kkor, n. m. An uaurer. 
J^aiMon, n. 1 Usury. 
j^U fiytlj'fi, P. fftii, adv. At interest, [interest. 
6yq^ dend, bfdg mek dmO, v. n. To lend at 
^H Una, V. n. To borrow on interest 

A .»lO baytbt, bgan, n. m. ^t! being separat- 
ed. 0pp. of 3^ united. See ^y. DecUration ; 
assertion ; afflnoation ; allegation ; diotnm ; 
exposition ; r^wrt [report 

boj/On tantd, v. a. 1. To express ; teU ; state ; 

2. To declare ; assert ; affirm ; Mlege ; 
relate ; depose ; lay bef<»% 

3. To give an account of ; describe ; re- 
count ; rehearse ; retail. 

lAilA/ntHa baydn iamt. To misconstnie ; 

I misinterpret; twist or misre^esent the 



Id iitia bayin kami, To plead ignoraoce ; 

pretend not to know. 
^I)>*< ^Uf hayOn amr w&qix. An all«gation 

of feet. [seif; preTaricate. 

^^ tdV hay3M badalnH. To contradict obe'a 
^A*ni ^Uj tajrdn tdtiA. A corroboiative static 

tfAi^ -a^. bayan UxkriH. A written Ktatemeot. 

^j">> tf^ hayan-i-dSted. A statement of claim. 

tf'^i ttf'si fcaydn jaidnt. A verbal statement ; 
a Btatetnout made viva voce. 

^U-i ,^W bayCn-i-dmni. A pnrentbetical ob- 
serTation ; a thing eaid incidental)}' by the 
way or in paasing. [ment. 

-r«5K ^iji JaifoMia»(6,-*'ifti/d/, A folse atate- 

J-I-« ^U( bayan-4~mv4ahal, n. tn. A oontinu- 
ouH narrative ; a connective statement. 

■blM'l) ^U{ baySn leat^t, A statement of Eaots. 

bayHn o *tibul ba-maj^fawta fcimd. To decide 
Kcuiidttm cdlegata et probata ; to decide on 
the evidence. [ment. 

**;'*^ <a^. baySn yak-twja. An Mjntrieatate- 

H ^^ ft^RT ft'ytl'mi, v.n. 8. on to be born. 

To brinft forth ; give birth to (animals), 
•s-*'- win fiyAW, W.; byan, Bhoj. n. m. Birth ; 
giving birth to (animals). 

H y^^ sn*l byatt'u, n. m. A measure equal 
to the length of both arms extended from 
end to end, including the chest. 

H SIa: BTTT ^ah; Pop ; bivah, Fed ; bOidh, 
Rob.; byvu, M&r. ; bi&o. Garb. n. m. S. fv9iv 
fKim ers to marry. Marriage ; wedlock. 

hySJi-karSi, Hin. ; ntitdA p<^^vdt, Mah. n. f. 
The marriage fees of a Brahman. 

hyahme-jog, adj. Marriageable ; arrived at the 
age of puberty. [adj. Married. 

hj/ah'a, hy&hl, byOhj/O-thdyd, bgdhl ihiSi, W. 

^^. Wimn byOth'm, byS*ihta, n. f. A mar- 
ried woman, in contradistinction to a kept 
wo man (Hi n. iorUa; Mah, mkahta). 

^j'm Bttra^ bydv'tl, bydhH, n. f, A newly 
married woman ; a bride. [y. u. 

lif^ SOnPtT bydh'nS, bySh htr'na, bpSk Idnit, 

' 1. To get one married ; give in marria^. 

2. To marry ; wed ; espouse ; bring home. 

P J J H'tt, fert, n. f. 

1. A lady ; dame ; madam ; matron. Mah. 

2. A wife ; miatroas (Mrf), Mah. 
bibya'nS, adj. Belonging to women ; female 

(applied to Europeaus). I 

Ui^ii} dn ba; illit. bent, bait, baini, n. (. 

S. 5», P. bed. Eeed; oane ; ratan ; Coiomw 

H vs^Af )j^ iu, a. (. Orasing fee chained by 

herdsmen; the demand on each head of 
oatUe paid to the cowherd ; a kind o( sgist- 

A (.JUJIo-^aJ bait-»l-inAl, n. m. 

1. The public treasury or exchequer. 

2. Escheat ; contiBcatBd preperty ; prape^ 
ty that falls to the orowu through feilore 
ofbeirs; the effects of one who dies inteatal« 

t^ynuDts are mftd* on vuious accouats, mdi k- 
oording to the BouroeB nbeuce th^ are dOTired tluj 
are applied to the aupport of diflbrent dam bI 
perKos. Bait-ai-miU it not the propartj oEthe ruling 

Sower, but that of all MahomedaoB, for whoM bene- 
t it dioulil be adiniiiirtered. 

HUaJ ^z1 ^'i^i E. 6i'(MI, hOaund, n. m.S. 

9Z a boy, A son ; boy ; child ; darling. 
betaiananS, v. n. To adopt a son (ffod lent). 
b^a belt, a. m. Children; ofispring; issue. 
bOe potetodla, a. m. bete pole-wOR, a. f. 

1. A grandfether ot graudmother. 

2. A man or woman blest with children. 
beU-tBOla, a. m. bete^oOli, a. f. The father or 

mother of the brid^oom. ' [aoa. 

beta-khaa, a. m. A bther who eurvives bis 
H^S^4^ $3^ be^'an ; M&r. (ItUno, n. m. S. 
QlCT fiom fi«^ to surround. A pack-obth; 
the envelope in which cloth, lace, etc pur- 
chased is folded up, and to which the pur- 
chaser is entitled. [daughter. 
H^^ $3t b/^ bUya; E. bOaum, n. f. A 

bell behvdr, n. m. Intermarriage ; matrimonial 

alliance. [marriage. 

beet dend, v. n. To give one's daughter in 
betl roa, n. f. lit. Abusing a man's daugfatsr 

and colling him a beggar. Calling nunes ; 

foul language ; abuse. [insult 

betl ivti tarnd, v. a. To call names ; abuse ; 
beti-viOta, n. m. bett-wdU, u. f. The &t her or 

motberofthe bride. [ahi l.Seed. 

H ^ via blj ; E. fiU, btyS, blban, n. m. S. 

2. Germ ; source ; oauae ; beginning; origin. 

3. Advances of seed to agriculturists, in 
DontradlstinctioQ to ihdd an advance for food. 

4. Sperma genitaie ; lemm virile ; a son. 

I bona, 4^na, yajamOna, v. a. 1. To Bow seed 
2. To be the oaoee of; to cause ; oonduoe. 
jjain'nd, v. a. To germinate; sprout 
t^J-lchdd, Advance of seed and food to agii- 

- ^ o ■ ^ 

Hj-rvt, n. £ The aoning seaeon. 

btfiiHr dharS, u. f. Land on which the seed ' 

hu not germinated ; failure of germination. 
Jai nttf kamd, t. a. To destroy ; annihilate. 
ttj ndt hand, Y. n. To be utterly deatrojed; 

to become extinct (a family). 
i^'W. ri^Wli lnJA% bywdr, n. 
1. A perquisite aeed^rain. 
3. A portion of com given to the village 

unith, carpenter, barber, and waBhermaa by 

each cultivator. 
)lj^n nHvrt ha^-cUbr, n. m. An agricultural 

laborer who takes corn as a recompense for 

bis labor, in contradistinction to a mihd&r 

who receives money. 
VRMhrr itjoTAl, hijailli^Mi. (>ljar,Hs/ar, adj 
Seedy ; abounding in seed (a soil) ; full of 

seeda (a ftuit). 

HUCsjU vtatK hlj'ai, n. m. S. ^mt 

1 . Invoice ; manifest ; a bill of parcels ; a 
ticket attached to bags or goods to mark the 
price of their contents. 

2, AsBele ; effects ; property. 

H tJigMMO JtV^n i^'n&, T. n. To be eaten 

by worms ; to be cankered. [<t<K). 

H^A^ tftV McA,n.iii. 1. Middle; centre (mar- 

2. Average ; mean (awM<). [place. 

3. Difference ; iotervaL 1. Room ; space ; 
Wh btehOo, n. m. 1. Medistian; intervention ; 

interposition ; mediatorship ; intercession. 
3. Settlement; reoonoitistion; pacification. 
SlA biehda kaend, v. a. 1. To mediate; inter- 
cede; interpose. [cile ; pacify. 

2. To seUle ; adjuat (a difference) ; recou- 
UcA B rds, a^j. Middling ; paaiiable. 

ikA oMii pofnO, yH UnA, v, n. See bldi mek 
dnd, under in&. 
1. To negotiate in a bargain or marriage. 

3. To be surety or security for. 
(AA Kfii dead, v. n. To give a pledge. 
>?thraai&'eA7d, biehll, monjUd, n. A child 

bom after the eldest and before the youngest. 

Vj^fiAl^lVI buAaueyd, Ueh-wOla; Bhoj. 

HeAmaj/O, n. m. [pire. 

1. One who i^iterposes; a mediator; um- 

2. A middleman; arbiteator; agent; broker. 

3. Ago-between; a matchmaker, [intruder. 

4. One who inteiferee ; an intermeddler ; 
fiiiAd McA; iliit. bieJioii jwA, McAafA ^ck, adv. 

The very middle or centre. 

HUklaJ ^^;ttb&!h'na,benehnd,6«ehnSthoeh- 
na, v.a.S.(tRJttOBell. 
To sell ; dispose of; transfer ; endorse. 

UtAne id adMkdrt a. m. The exclusive right 

of selling ; a monopoly. 
iecAne he lAyaq, adj. Saleable ; negotiable. 
bechne-wdla, bichan-har, adj. Seller ; vendor. 
bechi kamd, bechd likhnd, v. a. To endorse. 
tatOrepiehAe bethl kamd, v. a. To negotiate 

after acceptance. 
hun^i par beehl likhnd. To endorse a bill. 
beck 4dlnd, v. a. To sell off. 
beehd, beehA, n. m. One who offers for sale. 
F i>jO b^ih, a, f. Root (jar) ; source ; origin ; 

b^kh biinydd, a. I. Foundation ; basis. 

2. Extraction ; pedigree ; lineage ; descent. 
H J^ Vt3 lAd, Udh, hatddt, n. f. The Hio. 

marriage ceremony in which turmeric, salt, 

etc are ground on the sevenUi or third day 

before the wedding, 
p i*0 bed, n. f Cano (£^). 
bed JA tarah tdApnd, v. a. To shake as an 

aspen leaf with fear. 
btd mSmd, latae b»d, n. Beating with a cane; 

flogging; flagellation; corporal punishment. 
H yJ^ a)3T btdar, n. m. S. ittm seed, g to 

tear up. A rake or harrow worked by oxen 
to loosen the aoit and extricate weeds from 
among the standing crops of young rice. 

H \y^ SaCfT baiSfd, 'a.m. 9. bad bad. 
1. A bad oharaoter {badnuiadt) ; a petty 
thief. 2. A gambler (judri). 

H v^^SIt bair; Wom. haird kkaiti, n. f. S. 
St, Pr. volran. Knmity; hostility; an- 
tipathy; malice; ill-will; animosity. 

Hly^ WTT bi'r3, a. Rate of rent of lands 
acttording to the quality of the soil and 
value of the crops. 

^jLy_ 1;-! bird bethi. Increase of rent with in- 
creased value of produce. [A flag. 

1 " j*J Jotr'ng ; lllit. bairalch; bairak, n. m. 

More Hpeen&llj a flag Bet up oD taking poMmdon 

ol new or unoooupiad laiid, whenoe it has aonw to 

signify the act of taking poaaewoii of tuch Uod, or 

oCDcUl authority to do ao. 

T^\jy*^^'9i\l^y'na,biran, n. m. S. wtTW 
A tough coarse grass spreading over uncul- 
tivated lands which are inundated yearly, 
and removable only by digging, [n. f, S. bW 

H(}AJ sftfl WnJ; M»«. tt»^i, n- "»■ K- fiw, 

l.A betel leaf, folded genwally in a 
trianguhtr form, with spiees, areoa nut, 
and cardamom. 



It i« muah iM«d b; the nativei of &U pwia of 
India and m commoDl; pn wan ted by one to ao- 
otlHT in token of civility or afieotioii. It is also 
givea in oanflmution of a pledge, pronuBe, or be- 
trotluj, and, aorang tia BajpDta, u •ometimeB ex- 
changed aa a challenge. 

2. A thong tied to the hilt of a sword by 
which it ia retained ia the scabbard; a 
sword-knot ; the hQt of a iword. 

3. A quid of tobacco ) a cheroot or cigar. 
fiirA utiS'nd, v, a. To take up the gauntlet ; 

take upon oneself any enterpriie, or the 
destruction or Hlnugbter of another. 

lUrd ifai'na, V. a. To propose a premium for 
theperformance of a task. 

The phnae originaUa io a cuatom that prevailed 
of Utrowins a ttj* at betel into the mkUt of ib 
anambiT, m token of an inTitation to undertake 
■oma difficult a&ir. The peracn who took up the 
betel thenbjr boiuid bin«MU to parf Dim ttwbuAneaa 
in question. 

tat pOn kd (ifA) n. m. A tifd of sereD betel 
leaves sent by the &ther of the bride to the 
brid^room as a sign of betrothal 

H e>^ ^^be'ji,jhunyiun'i/M;H».h.Vfoni. 

ihntiOri ; Fac. sariSri gaknA, n. f. 

1. Fetten ; irons fostened to the 1^ of 
prisoners, or of a quadruped. 

3. Fetters ; shackles ; trammels ; restraint. 
R^j>^ ^ 6b. a4j. S. Hvfn Twenty. 

Mf, a4i> Better ; more excellent. 

hit friswe, adj. Whole ; complete; total 

Ml Utun, n. m. The wb<de village; a foil crop 

or amount. 
^>s; stat (b^ ; (Broken) ttttll, n. t [grain. 
1. A score (kojl) ; twenty. 2. A measure of 
3. A land measure of 20 noAi (httuO). 
H ^Ui*ii dmV haitdM:, D. m. S. 9vrai> Pr. 
vaithaho. The first month of Uie lani-Botar 
year of the Hindus {April-May>. 
H yH<4r V)^ ^or. Tir. lor^Mn, d. f. H. Ht- 
ornd to forget 

Gleanings left in the field for the poor 
to gainer, [for cattle. 

H i-^«M*f Vm hait'aky n. A graaii^ field 
P >£uOkiA\; premium {^)*7; 

1, 2). 2. Increased aasessment, either on land 

or of tLe reTeuue, on the general account 

or on any particular items. 
heiiitijam&. Increase of revenue or assessment 

upon that of the preoeding year. 
i«aM-«amln, Increase in lands cultivated, 

either \fj additions or by more accurate 

heiKtHagilm, n. m. EnhanoemMt of rant. 

A^A^ hcX; H. biifi, n.f (}> selling, buying. 

Sole ; buying and eelling. 

^.JU ^^jJt ^ btd-mt-dain bid-dain, bd-vt-nufi 
H. udhAr-badal. exchange. 

tf$a"j wi^' tf. heA-ad-dam bit Sin, W-iM-tafldH. 
A credit transaction ; advance for prodncft 

i^'f wa*" if. b<A^-iin bit tainan, bcAtUJlin 
hid-dain. Merchandise. 

,^b ,^jan £*{ haSiUSiH'bU-iitt, btA mu{dc«iA, 
bal muiadalah. Barter ; sate or traiufJBr of 
property by a husband Jn satisfection of the 
dower due to his wife. [autboiiied sala 

^yAil\ e^ b<A-*a-faiu'tl; B. birt&i Uhi. Dn- 

»{W Ctt btAtd^urSbcAA; H. i«rhu hiJai 
Sale with profit 

tJjUJI ^ licX-itl-matdwiUk; H. rat^ Mfi 
Sale in which the form of payment is stipu- 
lated, [at a Ion. 

ua^yi (M &iiW teaOHhi H. giata tikii. Sale 

bed bM. Forsclocnre of mortgage ; afaooluto 

sale ; unconditional sale. 
jtfi^. ^.b'tbiPjabrihdUljlk. Nominal, Go- 

tJtiuns, or temporary sale. 
bai bil-tB^i ; H. jilkar biiT% n. t. 

1. Conditioiul sale or mortgt^e. 

2. A eontraet of pawa «r usufrnot. 

A aale depending for iU oMnpletion on the mb< 
■aat ti the aeller ; the nominal nJe of an artiole. in 
lieu of a debt, to be returned when the debt it paid, 
or upon tooaitiwt that the debt ahall be paid 
within a ^-na t«i«, ia dnfudt of whidi tba aitiok 
becomes the property of the purokaaer. 

jUtl^lj e«! batbil-un/a-dar ; H. joiaf ttM- 
ddr. A oouditional purchaser or vendee ; a 
pemoQ having the use of an article oondi- 
ti<»ially sold to him in aequittaaee of a debt 
or having possession and usufruct of a pro- 
perty on its conditional sale to him. 

titiijj ^ Aot iotdna. A contract of sale, with 
acknowledgment of advance on aooonnt 
^ of the purchase-money. 

Uf £«j(atpa(fd; H.poffcl bitri. A lease or 
sub-lease obtained by purchase^ 

bai Jdit yS haql^ ; A valid sale. 

!!>>}&• ,s.JU.^ iot Aojijuf wuUawutat. Sak of 
intermediate tenure. 

baiihUn^ ; H . ghareU bibH, n, f . Private sale. 

}lj £^ bAdOt. A purchaser ; a poaussor or 
proprietor by purchase. 

bm tStitfA, n. £ A collusive sale. [sda 

bai tvlUtrii ; H. rOjUkri, n. £ A Oovemment 

bai/diid; n.jkaabikj% n. f A void sale. 

bai/<mi>l; H. dhoie la bih% ■. £ A fiatidu- 
lent 8al& [special license to sell 

(at kd ikhiyibr khdi; H. {AohL Uonopoly; 



bai 9Mlaq, bai tH-ialSinX, bai 
jtOal o gair nuukriUa ; U. pakk'' hiiri, n. f. 

Foreclosure of mortgage ; absolute sale ; 
uDOonditional or unreBtricted sale ; an out- 
and-out sole. [trauBfer. 

ha* kanUL ; H. beefmO, v. a. Do lell ; alienate ; 

bai muqSidt', Property ia plaoe of mairiage, 

t«U* {« iat-M«^M. Sale of property in 
&TOF of a wife in lieu c^ her relinquiahment 
(tf dower. Id some cases it is fraudulent 
transfer of property to a wife aa an equi- 
valent for a dower, but which ahe bMb. It 
is also laxly used for a deed of sale for set- 
tlement, and For a deed of sale to a widow 
by the heirs of her husband. 

•K}« w« fisf iat-Mim-rnddif, Ped. for nXlOm, An 
auction sale. 

UttmliidL A conditional sale. 

Im-nA-jau. Aa illegal sale. [sale. 

lax ndqu ; H. hachchi bUcri, n. f An imperfect 

^U{U ^ bAwuttOiJA ; H. banSwM bitri. A 
coloral sale. 

bmoAaraiV. iharldo/arif-kht; H. Unden, 
n m. Buying and selling; sale and pur- 
chase ; & transaction. 

iAa^ itrfd'nil ; Pop. AaydnoA, n. m. Elarnest 
money ; advanoe. [bind a bargt^n. 

bay4aa denO, v. a. To give money in advance ; 

i^V. baiSt, a. i. The initiation of one aa a dis- 
ciple of some saint or r^igjous guide. 

ulULjt bai-naiHA, bai-khat; H. bitri-pair. 
Deed of sale ; deed of conreyanoe ; bill of 

Mtr-t-iaydnd. A deposit ; a portion of the pur- 
chase money pud before delivery. 

7lJCa} 6(^,n.m.Atitleaffizedto thanamesof 
Hogals, oorreeponding with lord, naster, etc 

P JiU> be-gdr, a. m, 

1. Impressment of workmen, carriage, etc 
3. Forced labor with or without pay. 

^"^ be-gOr'l, n. m. A forced laboKrer ; one 
pressed to carry burdens for individuals or 
the public. 

? <J1£aj ft«^*»'«& ; niit. bigSttd, m^. 1. Not 

related ; foreign ; strange ; alien ; unknown. 

S. Not one's own; another's (jparA]fH\ 

T J^ ^oi) n. £ T. ftv a lord, am « 
feminine affix. A title of Uogal ladies. 

Hi^ vlqr ^^'4 ^^ "- lo- s. ftmv- 

4 msaaura of land. A jxiJdtd ^ha is 
equal to f of an aore. A ItaduAa lA§kA is 
ftom a tlurd to a fourth of an aere, 
^A^fmmaitkt, ydjmUiL A mmy bigha. 

5 ^ 

bigha dtrftfL A record fA the msaaurement of 
lands in a district. 

K^Aa dehi, A village bXgha. 

dl^Ao-Akumdri, Measurement of land. 
fi %&d, bigKt^^tHm, big}ta-»ar, bighe gail, 
Ingah-teHr. Rate per blghO. 

Settlemetit of the revenue at so much per 
blffKa, especiaUy in villages held in com- 
mon, in which the lands are appcrtjoned in 
t&ghJit, and the assessment proportionally 
rated. [measurement 

^/{ fil^Tfft bigait'a, bagahtj^, n. f. 1 . Land 
2. Rate per %Ad ; rent of a JXghO. [n. t 

^l^Cfj w tfl i^t <i> Hghdo'a, bighaa, bighanttl, 
Adoording to meuoremeDt by MgkSt ; » nrranue 
UHoad it to much pw blghS ; ilao, diTiaion of 
luidi bj UghS4 UDODg oopkroenera. Settlemant of 
the rarsnus per bigia, with ntereaoe tiao to the 
quftlit; and produce of the Umda, generally made &t 
ft mioMj rate, bat ■ometinm in kmd. A 
village, in which the land* are diitribntei . 
■harw in bigHai aod Oleir tntctioDal pwtt. 

Hja^ btl,n.{. 9. ofm, Pr. bdn from 
mi to move. A creeper. 

bel jti had o b(ul, Land marks. 

ekalti bel, n. i. lit, A climbing creeper. 

At the fsatival of Sanluflt, q. v. Hindu women 
diatribute fire cocotmuta or other fnnta ataons five 
women, each of whom is henoeforth bound to diatri- 
bute go loNoy trait* aiooiit other ■mamt, and thw 
the pn>ceea of multiplioation goea on. 

p tlo be'Ul, n, m. A hag of money carried in 
the hand of a person of rank for distribution 
among the poor. 

held aJweh, n. m. I . Alms ; charity. 
2. Eleemosynary chaigee or account 

H &^^ (im'O, £im<M, MoKiA, n. f. Insurance; 
rate of insuranoe. 

Mntd ulAAte-imlld, bfrnO-vMA, Hmd^dr. 
An under-writer ; inHorer. 

bimS becKne-wdld, a. m. One who insures. 

bbttd iamd, v. a. To insure ; effect an insurance 
or poUi^. franoo, 

timah la taaad, ttmii cAif^AL Policy of insu- 

tAmt-wOle Ja iothi. An insurance company. 

jOorSind, a. m. Life insurance. 

H I J**? if^T ^V* n. m. 1. A roll of 
paper ; a bundle. 

2. A twist of graw, or fibre of any pUnt, 

a cheap substitute for a rope. 

.jUti 9il &uri'(n, n. Throwing up water from 
a pond or reservoir with a basket for irriga- 

H ifbXu^ «Nm M^fH^ n. m. Seed, espe- 
oi^y when lent for sowing to an indigent 
njix, who is to repay the same at harrcst, 
with such addition as may be agreed apaa. 



H )^)i? dm iyqp'tf ' ; Pop. &wp*-, n, m, 

S. sonm from q to trade. Trade (j^jcf !■)■ 

^)*{^ nmft ^yopd'rl, baipSH, S.ammt. 

1. A dealer; merchant ; trader ; a trarel- 
ling trader or pedlar. [cattle. 

2. A butcher who trades in aheep and 
A j^Cyffi UyutM, batUt, a. m. pi. of <b^ An 

account of household expenses. 
Biyyi} Snrr l^o'ri, beord; Pop. battra; 
U&r. botv, n. m. S. sn^ to utter. See ^f», 

1. News; tidinga; intelligence. 

2. A detailed account; a da; book, [timate. 
byo'rH karnd, ya dead, v. a. To iuform ; in- 
bj/ore-Kdr, adj. Ciroumatanttal j detuled {bit 

tafnl); distinct; explicit. [(J-oisJb). 

byore-vidr,eA^. Id detail; explicitly; distinctly 
H I^am^jO dmOT bauat'thH, bieat'thS ; A. 

JatwA, a. m. S. SDtnVT. 
A judgment according to Hindu law. 
P Hjjo ie'woA, n. f. Z. vata. A widow (•»**(). 
bevxi qibf2'ijSSclad4-«hatAari. A widow in 

possesaioQ of her husbsud'a estates. 
bewa-irlduald. A childless widow. 
H ^y^ WnUt bevhar', byohSr, leokar, bA- 

edr- ; Bus. bivUhr, n. m. S. ^ to take. 

1. Dealing; traffic; trade ; transaction. 

2. Business ; negotiation ; correspondence; 
intercourse. [lending. 

3. Calling ; trade ; profession ; money- 

4. Usage ; practice ; custom ; procedure ; 
manner of proceeding; oourae. 

tgi\t^. ioBlft W'd'rt; Pop. 6«Ai^rl, byoktCH; 

Rub. Uveht% adj. 1. Wonted ; customary ; 

usual. 2. Mercantile ; comroerciaL 
fevAdrl, n. 1. The party engaged in any afffur. 

2. A trader; merchant; money leuder. 
H3{aJ 5^ fa'/iar , rt'/wfi a>lj. Uneven; cut 

up ; rugged ; rough. 
What, bihar, n. f. 1. Bu^ed or rough land or 

soil ; land broken into i-avines. 

2. A jungle ; forest ; thick forest 

3. Waste or sterile land ; pasturage. 
B^*{a; ^i%^ ie'han, H'han ; Bhoj. Hyaf, n. f. 

H. 1X4 seed. 1. A nursery for rice plants. 
2. Advances given for seed grain. 

F tiMl^ pi^bojid, adj. Bound ; restrained ; 

p^band-i-hakm, a. m. Subject to rules or orden. 
pO-baad konS, v. n. 1. To be bound, fetter- 
ed, etc. 

2. To be bound or guided by ; to adhere 
10 ; conform to; obeerve (a rule) ; follow; 
abide by. [bound 

,^4 fd-bandi, n. f. l.Tfae state of being 

3. Check ; restraint ; restriction ; coabt4 ; 
rule; observance; practice. 

^K}1{ fO-^-aiOb, jiOiiraidb, a. m. Betinue; 

train ; foUowera. 
H i-X^ m^m jPtWo*, pOiag, 0. m. S. ni 


1. That which causes to fall or sink; sis 
(pdj)); wiekedneas. 

2. Pollution from proximity to a corpse. 
paneh pJUak, n. m. The five most heinous sins 

of the Brahmanjoal code; tie. killing s 
Brahman, stealing, drinking spirits, into- 
course with the wife of a spiritual preceptor, 
and association with one who has ecHnmitted 
these sins, 

Ht&>(^ 077 i>^ n, m. A promissory note. 

H 4^^ <ITS pOchik, Q. m. 1. Inooulatioo. 

2. The incision roade in the poppy h«ad 
tot the opium to ooze out 

3. Kicking out with the hind legs (a 
horse). [priiA; inoeukte 

^^ vrvn ^deU'MI, V. a. I. To puncture; 

.2. To nuke a notch with a sharp mMrumest oi 

t wall, w the d&ii (witch) is supptaed to do, w 

that Uie same cuta may break out on the bodj oF 

the pereon vhasa injuiy u oontemplBted. 

P ji(j*i fdd&di', a. m. Satisfaction; punish- 
ment {H. &«j/d). 

bai>add»A. By way of punishment; for. 

paddsh dnxi, T. a. To make good a damage ; 
to give aattafaction. 

'pada^ H babOL For tike punishment of. 

pUdSth hna. To vindicate ; avenge oneselfl 

Port. sy^H P^'^i »■ "■ 

1. A clergyman; missionary; chaplata 

2. (/roKic!) One converted to Christianity, 
padnj/On-i-maiAalA he fSHt ke Re. G. G, For 

the benefit of ministera of religion. 
H (^ jlj OrrVT pSr'eha, pdrMa, n. m. S. n 

water T9 to protect. A trough or reservoir 

into which the bucket of water drawn &oni 

the well is emptied. 
P lXLw t^ pa'taAg, n. m. A balance ; a wMikt- 

vHd fidMM^, bofti pdiaAg, n. m. OvMw^ht 
kant^ pSaaAg, n. m. Short weight. 


H j"'i'n^ 1^**. n. m. 8. tm» » nooae. 

I. An; one nang a noow, rope, or max*. 

i. A caste of people wboee ooeupatioa b 

to »tnot tJie juice of the TOf pahos, eo 

named ^m their oUmbing witli the aid of 

a panii or loa^ passed round their feet 

H JTO qinW P^at, paytd,fi^lt, a^j. Fool- 
isli (Me/cl); iseaae; mad. [madneu. 

pigalixm, pOffal-panO, n. m. FooliflhneBS; 

tili^^ m iwyw y^wi-'MiUa, n. m. A mad 
house ; a lunatic asylum ; a sanitary aaylum. 

pigal hmO, y. d. To become load. 

H Jo IWf*'. n- »»■ S. «T^ to protect. 

A dam ; dyke ; bank ; an embankment 
to eonfioe the water for irrigation. 
^Ji '^ '^^ n. m. S. q4, Pr. powo leaf, 

1. A betel loaf; Piptr Mel. 

3. Plantatiuns of the succulent oreepe^ 
ealled pOn, (piper dimiea) are common 
throoghout Upper Indi& 
ftiMiUa, a £ A betjothal ceremoDy. 
piK-maidt, A tax on the cnltivatiou of betel 
H wl> qtfI}>A^>E-ii-in.S.itigilung.H»nure 

{Hot) ; a dunghilL [become manure, 

p»t hojOnA, T. a. To rot ; become mildewed ; 
'*-*'( urg^ r*i/»Mr. ■». a. To ntaoure ; dung. 

H^t; HTjft *>*'"»; Ki^ i«**r»; w<J u.p^b^ 

{PadodTatX n. f. S. vnH Pr. |>4MU<mi &om 

«t to drink. Water (jat). (a field. 

pdid (fend, V. n. 1 . To water a plant ; irrigate 

2, To offer a libation of water to Uie 
manee of the deceased afto- the corpse has 
been bnnit. 

pAi'iAaf, a. m. Irrigated land. 

pthtdnd, n. m. One entitled to oSer a liba- 
tion of water to the deoeaaed ; a boil 

H Ai QI7 psA, n. f. Land wbidi baa been 
three years in cuitiration. 

H^ t tTTTtixl'Ai; J>*^ HOmi; Old H. 

piiM, n. m. 8. m * ude. A nonrteaident 
cnltiTator (pdJLidiAt); a ten^orary oooiq>SBt 
of Tillage land; atenairtat wilL 
<^^ yt^ jMlAi ha^ Id Hab. finuioe, the 
deaigotttion of such lands as were set apart 
iarjigir gTant8,if lequind; also tlw revenue 
&nm lands so reeerred and not yet aliena- 
ted, and of lands which, l^Ting been alienar 
I ted, bad been resumed and which paid 
I revalue until a fresh assignment was made. 



talU. ^l{ ^ptH f^ f'^'i^ U*^iA Tbererenne 
of resumed or lapsed, but auq>eQded aliona- 
ti<»is, reeeivi^Ie in t^e public treasury. 

pilUparR, a. f. Fallow land. 

^U ^l{ pdta t&iq, n. f. A Bsn^reBident cul- 
tivator who has held the lands ho tilla fbr 
more than a year ; an item of the village 
rent roll shewing the rent ptud by non-re- 
sident oultivators. [cultiyatora 

p^-kMU, fSi-ha^y n. m. Anon-resident 

fStH ka^ madn. Land cultivated by peasants 
not residing on the spot ;. land held on a 
tenure of temporary ocoupancy. 

j/iy ^if fa}i\-wxaad. A non-resident cultiva- 
tor who engages to cultivate for the current 

fVi'ni, n. f. Revenue survey. 

H Jlj Xni y<H, n. t 1. Oofrfonrtb of an 

anna ; « pice (Natives). 2. A small c«4>per 
e<na etpial to one-twelfth of an aniA ; a pi& 
3. A vertical line denoting one-fourth of 
an anoa in Hindi aocounts. 

1. A meosenger ; courier ; footmaa; a vil- 
lage watohman. 

2. An anned attendant, or inferior police 
or revenue office ; a subordinate oolleotor 
of rents. 

p JI^^XB-Bidfl, n. f. 1. TrampUug down ; 

destruction; devastation; ruin. 

2. Deatmotion rf crops ; compensation 

for dam)^^ done to atauding crops by the 

passage of troops. [o«t. 

KU}Ai^ ^fsn pt^'nd, V. n. To sow broad" 

Hlw IWT jw*'* n. m. S. w sign. 

1. The address of a person ; the address 
ar plooe to. which one is directed. 

2. A book of instructions and r^ulati<nu 
fbr rent oolleetors. 

)l^£i»yi U{ foti mautfuA: Local index. 

B.^ PlW V*^*i n.m.S. fil^ Pr. piaram, 

pia,piam;Z.p«d,pid; P.fidar,pid Father. 
piULlAM, n. One who survives his Eatbec 
piU^!UUy a. m. Parricide. 
fUA^bU'ik, n. m. A parricide. 
H >*J Rwt ^tf^, J**»". n. m. & Tin Ances. 

ton; manes oC tike dead. 
pUr-Orpan. Oift&in honor of deceased relatives, 

di8tributals;ttlie.ShaildhBor gineral owe- 

fUi^-a^ka^ «. Rk The plaoe where the manes of 

one's Muwtors are deposited, [paternal line, 
jiifr Sfljirflfl. n. m. A oognale relatwn w the 


pitr-paUh, d. f. 1. The first or dark fiHiinight 
of .igattj when the HindfiB celebrate the 
oustomar; obsequiee to the nuaes of their 
ancestors {tan^Sgat). 

pUr4Uh, n. f The lost day of the first fort- 
night in X»avj. [dead. 

pitr-tnrpcm, n. m. An offering of water to the 

piZr-tiratk, a. m. 1. Gfl^ or the city aocallod, 
where die performance of funeral rites is 
held to be peculiarly efficacious. 

3. The part betweMi the fore-finger and 
thumb, sacred to the manes. 

pitr-ddn, pilr-drfan, n. m. Gifts in honor of 
one's deceased ancestors, [quies of a father. 

pHrshar&dh, pUri-ehiraddh, n. m. The obse- 

pUr-Hxtrm, j/itr-kiryi, pitr-jag, pitr-knj, n. m. 

Obsequial rites ; funeral ceremonies ; a 

feast given to appease the soul of the dead. 

S y^ q^ jx^f; Pop- fxittar, fattrA, n. m. 

1. A letter ; docvumw)t ; deed. 

2. A grant or conveyance of land Migraven 
on a plate of metal. 

udh&r-patr, n. m. A note of hand ; a promis- 
sory note iyxmauuk). 

bmCi-pair, n. m. A petition (arn) ; diemorial. 

maat-jKSlr, n. A will ; dying testam«it {vaAat- 
ndmak). pib«l. 

nitutd-patr, n. m. A defamatory writing ; a 

'fy vnt paftrA, n. m. An almanac; ephe- 
meris ; calendar IJarUri). [image ; pnppet. 

HUw JRm y»^'<I, o- ««■ S. grW An e%y 

ptUlSbaad-te jaUi7ia,putlS bidh^n,a.m. Burn- 
ing in effigy ; the vicarious cremation of an 
effigy of one who has died at a distanoa 

H ^i^jH lSlH«!I!n pat^taa dena, v. a. 
To lend mouey and take over a vill^e ; to 
hold till the sum lent has been paid off 
firom the village profits. 

At atipulated tiit«rvt]g accoanta are mads up 
between Uie oreditor utd debtor, and when tlie mo- 
Btt denied from the village amount to tlie whole 
debt, the village u returned and the trazwMtion at 

H ^Xj QH^ pat% pat, n. m. S. qfti from m to 

protect. Owner ; master ; lord ; husband. 
pali-birt,a.ia. Fidelity to a husband; chastity. 
pati-birld,pati-bhaTtd,a,t.S. g^nKTT Abithful, 

virtuous, or devoted wife 
H tA> qgf pat'ta, a. m. S. v% leaf, u^ a board. 

1. A shoulder strap and badge, [or&leoae. 

2. A deed, commonly a title deed to luid, 

3. A code or book of regulatioos for the 
guidance of rsnt-oollectors. 

4. A dooummt given to the ztmindur 
by the Colleetor, or fay seme other receiver 

the cultivator or tenant, 

Bpeci^ng the conditions on which the lutds 
are held, and the value or proportion of tke 
produce to be paid to tlie authority or per- 
son from whom the lands are held. 

^j'j*^*' *H J^(<* trfoinrart. Tenure in p«r- 
petuity ; a perpetual lease. 

pattd-pher, n. m. The conclusion of a Htndu 
marriage ceremony in which the bride aud 
bridegroom ohange seats. 

JW az^ patta taWuq. A dependent lease.O.O. 

tf a «J tS{ patla thela. A deed assigning land 
for farming on certain conditions ; a leaas 
ot land. . 

pails t/ieke-ddri, a. A farming lease. 

^U. A^ patla-i-thatigi, A private lease. 

,1 J il pafte- Jflr, Ped. for H. patadt. AlaaBe 
holder ; lessee. 

i^JA }[4 ^pMte-dMr AihtaiS. An under-lessee. 

pattd dau-vidid. The grantor of a lease ; lessor. 

4.t) *H P"ff^ rahan, Ped. for H. giifi paUa. 
A mortgage lease. 

,^^&st}; «^ paUa iar-i-pah0i. A lease granted 
on an advance of money. 

^X.tS( ffUtataldml. Aline, f^, oreonpfi- 
mentary present of money on the grant <i 
a lease. 

,w*<^ *Sj pjita-i-thikam\. A sub-lease. 

^-i^ *5( paUai-far^'i, G. G. A fraudulent 

pattd qubSiXyat, a. m The settlement paper. 

>>j^ palte-u>ar. According to shares (v assess- 

I3{ ^U>. haym patta, Ped. for H. yaium pa^. 

1 . Life rent ; a lease terminating with one's 
own life. 2. Life-long slaveiy. 

Jja*ij Z^ Vza^iKIt pat-baadhak, D. m. A 
living pledge ; mortgage ; a pledge the 
usufruct of which pays both the principti 
&nA interest withiu a certain period, and 
therefore ensures its own redemption. 

JC;>. ^itf Cj pMta ia^ janjat. A forest out 
ting lease G. G. 

j^;-^ ^ *!j pa^ In tan^kh. Annulment of 
a lease ; voidance or determination of a lease. 

•t^*f ^ ilj pa':te ki mlid. The term ctf » 
lease; the period for wlu<^ a lease has to 

^U^ til P'^iai-'ttilitR. A lease granted tot a 
term of yearn ; a terminable leasee 

j,J^ otn pataif, n. m. A lease holder, [cash. 

HlHl* UTRT jiaM'nd, T. a. I. To reoliie; 

2. To irrigate ; water (a field). E. 
3. 1'o setUe ; conolude (a ba^j^n). 

)*^ vera potd'o, n. m. I. Irrigation. 


land ; moist land caked by aunflhine after 

rain or flood. 
3. A dreary waste ; a desert spot 
ntipor, adj. 1. Naturally level, even, flat, 

imooti {harShar). 2. Raied to the gToilbd ; 

demolished; devastated. 
H 13*i TCfl P^r% n m. S. 9«. 

1. A piank ; a phink to ait on (jx^)- 

2. A long thick plank used as a harrow. 
fotrd phema, v. a. To harrow ; preparB the 

knd Tor seed. 
>1C1( W«n pt^r', pM**". palian, n. 1 See 

V)' (!)• A ™P* ^ "*»'? *'»'*' *^** yards 

long, used by oiUtivatdrs to scare the Irirds, 
H <*^ V^ patmaX n. f. Sowing freeh 

sogar-oane after the cutting the old. 

2. To be irrigated. 

3. To a«ree together ; to be struck or 
closed (a bai^in). 

4. To be repaid, remitted. 
pa^ hun^, n. f. A good bia 

9 ';i 

^jIj^ljq^TO^pofiwilrt, n.f. Atenureof 


qjgrft P^^ri> •»■ "• 3. IW a 

writing, tn^ doer. 

A Tillage r^trar or accountant. 

A Una itewerd whQ»e duty it w to k«p wd 
produoe when required, ill xoounU rsktuig to l^ds 
Jroduae, ooltivation dmgM, and iMeMmento id a. 

nufimri^wdn, n. f. The patwiri's fees. 
^/,t^ asaimi* pofufiH-j-aji, n. f. The office 
of pattBdri. 

ment between the gamtndSr and tudml. [ate. 
H Jl^^ jaarai"^'^. °°'- ^ Mufeder 

division of a village ; a diviwon of land into 
separate portions or strips. 

2. An origin*! or upante ihara in ■ joint or 
econwiuiy vOUge or ert«te compriiitig mui; 

S A Bmaller Bub-diTOon of a makSl or estate, 
the Urgm being tanned (Aofa ; the aecoiidary 
■lure or Bub-diriHion of ■ principal bkSg or uiare. 
pampar qObh raJi7id,v. n. To retain in severalty. 
p<^-dir, n. m. The holder (rf a patti or share 
in a co-parcenary village or estate ; a co- 
sharer; co-porcener. 
patOrddr M>Aj. A solvent pattidOr. 
pam^idri, n. f. An estate held in severalty. 


nature in which the lands are 

divided and held in severalty by the different 
proprietors, each person managing his own 
lands and paying his fised share of the 
Government revenue, throngh an accredited 
representative of the whole being unable to 
fulfil his engagements. 
paiO^iri^utlag. Tenure in severalty. 
pt^^&ri nd mniammaL Co-parcenary tenure, 
where part of the land is divided and part 
held in common. N. W. P.; tenure of an 
estate in partial severalty. Punjab. 
pattirviitr. Aocordingtoshares, Bsaessment, etc. 
tatoSn^patfi. A oesa to defray the expense of en- 
tertiuning some person of rank or in autho- 
ihuihai-paia. A tax levied to defray the ex- 
penses of a private or public rqoicing, as 
a marriage, or the birth of a son. 
J«*t ^9 pafaie, n. m. The descendant of the 
founder of a village; the headman of a 

The headman ot a villBge, who coUeot* the renta 

from the other raiyali therein, and haa the general 

iaperintendenoe ot ilfl oonceni». The aame penoD 

in Bengal ii called the nHibtddaii and mmdal, q. v. 

HcHi^i <l5fly«»f»l', n. m. 1. A leaseholder. 

2. A village priest 
H^jta^i qarrtfuid'rt. n. m. l. a worship- 
per ; an idolater. 2. A priest who officiates at 
a shrine and lives upon the offerings made 
to the idol 
'E^ V9 iwiA,adi. Incomp.Cont.of^^five, 
j*«Piin!Stpa<A'A',D. m. Division of grain, two- 
fifths to the Mtnliiddr, and three-fiftba to 
the (Mrlmi. 
ty^Si a«TBiVp(M=^'f oA, paAalrS, n. m. 

Five per cent commission. 
tt V'S*' fl^rt pachdr', n. m. Low land. 
HU^»i qSHI paehh'ud; E. paOhnl ; 
Bhoj'. pacJAmi, n. m. 1. The act of scarifying; 
tattooing; inoculation; vaccination; cupping. 
2. A scarificator. 3. The soarifying of the 
poppy head to procure opium. 
H ,j«i¥w 5^ pueh'dAi, n. f. H. giB a tail. 

~ A'tM on cattle, (itt. on tails). 
p «iia. pu'-th'la, adj. Eipe; strong. Soe ULj 
P jii^ pi^tar, pad^ar ; H. bAp, n. m. Father. 
^,^ pidar-huki, n. f. Parrioide (h^htOt^S). 
^)*i piSati, adj.Patemal; patrimonial(6ffi»«)- 
Hi=-«^(;4 mfeH prd'ckhii, prdcWo*. pra- 

U 1 

eiit,p^ahcMti E. pr*AkM, Hin; bfftnK, 
Hah. n. m. S. uilfwi A fine or penftitoe 
imposed aa the price of absalution ; atone- 
ment; expiatioa 
H J-fJ ^(^ UT't n J»''*« ('■i^. n. m. 

Ouital p un i ah m A nt. 

H t^A^^ ll%VT f>ratu&'(A4, H. f. 1. Posi- 
tion ; nmk. [inent of & tenq>le. 

2. Sea i*ft^. 3. Tho coueontioa oi endow- 
4. The marriage portion of a daughter. 

HU?*^ VCmn paHa'id, u.m. A Bword-belt; 

^I.M)J ) IJy^ porfoU Awtfim, a. m. Moulder- 
belt and oartouche ; acooutrements. 

H ^ji VT9T pt^}^ i A. ro^n^ n. £ S. mn, 
I^f. iDajd. A subject ; tenant 

In Kuah Belutr, a oultiTntor tt wiO mb» hM 
koU tha produo* of the bod tor UiiMal^ but ii 
TMuovable at the pleuura of the propnator to 
whom he i* unultf ia debt for adTuioaa, and U 
more lik« > serf than a free agent. In Culttok die 
term ia applied to Tarioua low oartea, aa the barbar, 
waahennas, fiahemum, wwier, IwUur worker, Uri 
gatherer, eta who aometimea aall themaelTM and 
hailiaa into davny until Vbxj oan npaar Uie par- 
ohaae roone;. llie ohildreD bora dtiibig thii 
period beoome the properir Dt the piinAaanr, and 
withtiMir pareiita,m»b« boo^it, aold,OT M oat for 
hire until redeemed. Tbaparji di> not (orMt Uidr 
CMte er forogo their oooupationa, living apart bota 
their maater, and retaining a tllle to thw heradi- 

^V>t "Ttatrarft parja^Mia, p»rjapatt n. m, 
S. nvnfit. 1. An epithetof Bnhmk; Creator. 

3. A king; a prince; a lord ; a gorenior. 
H««->^^ TOhw parjol, a. m. Ground 

rent levied on houses. 

A hMae tai lened hj the tambtdin upon the 
inhabitanta of a village, other than ooltiT^ora, for 
the gfound on which their houaaa ttwd. Alao called 

par-jot MMln-v-dfrdtfi, G. 0. Ground rent of 
inhabited «ites. 

H l^p4 QWT pei^eka, n. m. 8. flftm. 1. Ex- 
amination (ji«i«l). 2. R67elRtion; imiraole. 

H ^ji qtmpor'cAa, n. m. Head priests of 
Jagan Kith who enperintend the ooUectioa 
and disbunemsnt of the rovenuoB of the 
temple and also see that the wonhip is 
condneted in an orderl; manner. 

a. m. H-jxtr beyood, c&iIn, flour. Grooety. W. 
V»« <n^nT parchan's/a. pareKani/a, a. m. 
A gro(;er;one who sells flour, ddL etc 
W. ; a pedlar, K ( 

liUn, n. m. S. HWW. 
1. Chief; master ; governor. 
i. A head nun <rf a village ; ohi«f ; miniiter 
or counsellor of stat« ; president ; a title. 
ponJhOn monfri, n. m. The prime minister. 
F ^yJb^ SJ^ pardaK-na^n, paHa-4Sr^ 
pardetfOlt, Ot f. 

One who always remsine behind tbe on^ 
tain and does not appear before stnoge 
men, and who is therefore excused from ap- 
psaring in person in a court of justice. 
H Vw^ jnrT pw'id, n. m. 3. gn The height 
cf a man with his Inns and fingsrs eitMid' 
ed ; a fkthom ; four cubits. 

B low k^ <nST i ar't^ a. A portion c^ gtaJn, 
set aside to appease eril spbrits, whiefa tbt 
yormit w vatchmaii eTentnally ^lets. 

P jiS^;^ inrtutitk', a. f. Worship (fCjfy 

•l£u.,{ paroitith-gaA, A. mt'abai, Q.Q.tL t 
A place of worship (mowfit^ 

H y^ji V^Jpa/tato, n. m. Ifutoal asur 
tanoe in tillage, anoiHtig the use (rf > 
plosgh And oxen m lisu of wagss in monsf 
or kind, srnonTmous with Itartat, ito^HcM, 
jiterO, &aa anffa/Ora. 

S j*;4 JIW pw'M* ; H. jmralA ; lUit. 
pwat, n. m. 1. Man. 2. A husbaad (bharOr), 

(rf*J iA?4 3WW pitnuk^m», n. m. Property 
belonging to the man or husband, in Mntwt 
to tin-dhan (the w^'s property). 

H^j{ Hm p«'«tt,n.fS.lrflw = qft + 4l 

to sea. 1. Test ; proof; trial ; examination. 

3. Scnttiny ; diaetiiDinatiwi ; judgjoent; 

intelligence ; skill. 

^^)i in«rn parJcMita, v. a Caua. of ^^ 

To give ((fend) ; present ; pay, 
^S^^H wmt parhMt, poraURS, n. f. 
Testing coin ; the fee for testing eob. 

Wrt mmm pttrath'aa, v. a. 

1. To examine ; tent j try ; assay ; prove. 

2. To get; obtain, ■wore. 

^A vAm panUal'sa, partlAy* ; parUi; 
paraUm^^ald, n- m. A money tester; mm 
vho examines >ooins; aa aasayer. 

PAH ^)i pa>yaa,'ah,u.m. S.Bqvaconnt7. 

1. A ai^bnliviBiwofsMfaordistRctnsu^ 
oynl io a barony. 

3. The countr)r;abroad;anydi8tasit|Jace. 
3. (Worn.) The part of the ootmtiy when 

o«e's hnslMnd is amployfld. 


^^ji fargmm, tA}. Of or rating t« ft 

pargansa jumS. The Mnount of revenue re- 
oaired ftt the head offioe of the par^tna 
Skko. the several sub-divisions ix»npoaiag 
each pargona, after dednoting the ohai^gas 
of oolleotion in each. 

jargandU khareh. Parpanah charges to be 
deducted from the gross revenue. 

parstn^m nirlk. Rates of valuation of the 
orope aad the assessment of the rerenoe 
and other items of expense and receipt 
which ordinarily prevail or are established 
in a district 

^ouf;iparffanaU^r,a.m. The superior officer 
of a patyanah; lord of the barony. 

-t^^jipargoBai-iBdr', a. B; parpanah, (settle- 
ment, etc). [S. m to measure. 

8 ^Uy mn prcuUta'; Pop.forMda, n-m. 

1. Ueosure ; scale ; standard ; magnitude ; 
qnantjtf ; proportion. [verification. 

2. Exomioatiou ; trial ; test ; attestation ; 

3. Proof; demonstration ; testimony ; au- 
thciity; authoritative or scriptural assertion. 

t (Law.) Proof by ordeal or oath, by 
evidence oral or documental^, and by poe- 
Kssion. 5. Trust; belief; reliance. 
fnndn, pramSni, aJij. 1. Real; snbetantial ; 
authentic ; authoritativa 
2. Approved; admissible ; credible. 
K >S.-*)^ par'niai, a. f. Cor. of Permit. Cus- 
toms; ougtom house. 
yii*Sl1J^ parmat btmdar. Port of entry. 

B (jj^ VCVT ^■>'^><i o- f> !• ^ iKunlet with land 
ottaohed to it vithin the area of a matuo. 

2. A light sandy soil, rf a yellowish color 
and capable of irrigation. 

?$>|]0 panoitiuA; Rao, farmOtia, a. m. P. 
/armM ordered. A written precept or com- 
mand; letters patent; license; patent; 
warrant ; writ ; grant ; passport ; a custom- 
house permit or pass ; ap order of appoint- 
ment ; a vernacular letter addressed to a 
■Qbordinate officer. 

JUM t<l))f pantA'na-i^tti^lJll, n. m. An ordw 
decUratorv of the right of permanent pos- 

■^^ tJ^ijifaruaM baibOi, o. m. An order or 
noties of sale,espeaially on the non4dlfilment 
(^ the conditicsiB of a mortgago. [warrant. 

^u; tit^ parvatu^*4alaJli, n. m. A searoh 

prnwUmrH^OMt g» IA4t. Writ of protection 

«t the pnaon. [ocmduct ; permit. 

, ^Ua^jtipanOiwirAk^laii. Pos^wt; safe 

I ^ 

^Ua ff\$tM^y^ paruSA-i^fant-mujdin^, In- 
strument or writ of procuration. [arrest. 
^T^Oi/tnyji parvOnt^i ffiriflHri. A warrant of 
panoOna tHAnd, v. n. To grant a warrant 
or a lioenae ; to give an order. [writer, 

parwina-navit, n. m. A vemaottlar order- 
^>)){ parwOn'gi, n. £ 1. Permission. See •S^Vl 
2. A grant, or letter under a great seal 
from any man in power to his dependants. 
H '^)A 3^^ pvr'uat, a. Dnwing watar by 

P jj ri ixw^'^i*'. frooi P. parrardan to noorish. 

Used in Comp. only. A protector ; sup- 
porter ; patron. 
gari^parwar, a m. A oherisher (tf the poor ; 

a title of reepect applied to a superior. 
*^)yri 7'<war'daA, p, p. Uaed in Comp, only. 
Fed and clothed ; supported ; patronised ; 
as, namak-paneardtA, [See pdicm. 

Jb],}{ pamar'ith; Rns, pantuR, a. t Support. 
parwaruk larna, v. &. To support (vObia). 
atfal-i-maktahkiparvian^ G.G. Fed. for H. 
btddj/Hrthisfoii ki palan, D. t 
llie support of scholars. 
ffwrhi H parfOariA he liye, 0. G, 

For the relief of poor people. 

H Ub^^;i fireifel fir^'it, parohU ; pmv- 

hai ; Pop. pint ; Brij, purtl, Tir., itprcUt, 

purhit ; n. m. S. ^ifvi The family priest. 

kutpiro&U, R. m. The hereditary family priest. 

i5"i*)jt fi^WTT* j*rofca% n. f. 

1. The office of a piro/iit ; priesthood. 

2. The fees of the officiating priest. 

H ,4^i}i Q^V paruth'; Illit. parhtt, n. 
S. fira to enter. 1. Ingress; entrance; 
admission; access. 

2. The religious oersmony observed previ- 
ous to inhabiting a new house. 

P ey par% n. £ 1, Fullness ;Gompletene8s; 

suffioienoy. 2. Also used in Cen^ as, iMnA- 
fturl, fiUu^ up a o(dnmn. 

Hl=^^ Sd yrrf, parrf, n. m. S. «<■« to go 
forth! Pslt pdo. The unclean spirit of a 
deceased person doomed for one year to 
traverse the tnfemal regions. 

parU ^iorildh, partt kA-yH jid larwi, n. m. The 
obsequies pt^rmed to purii^ IJie unclean 
spirit in the infernal rc^ons, and speed its 
flight to the pHr-iok the ^>ode of gods. 

8 i^is^ vHvi pariVAa; B. parichAi; E. 

Bus. pariehMa, n. & See ^MUl 


4^ I 

H^^^^ U^HR prayo'jaa ; Pop. parojan, 
D.S.n and ^ apply. 1. Occaaton; neoesaity ; 
cauae («7}l 7, 8). 2. The ceremony of ahav- 
ing a child's head U)d boring hia eara for the 
first tima. Hin. 

H&iv; qtV po^^A, n. Flooding fields before 

Hy3J 1?rra j^*'. foj^o, a. m. H. u>{ 
to lie down. [stage ; station. 

1. A halting place ; halt : encampment 

2. A caraTan ; camp ; multitude ; crowd. 
parOo Itami, yd ^ItiO, t. n. To halt ; encamp 

pitch tenta. (maricet price. 

Hoy}j qyni^r'<«> n- f- 1. Price ; rate 

2. CoBt price ; real value. 
jiaj^at phailOKO, t. a. To distribute an aggregate 
charge over all the individuals liable to it ; 
to osculate. 
^li tlfrnpaftS, W; loffSn, E.n.m. [tion. 
2. The rate at which the reTonue demand 
foils on each bighd or plough. [revenua 

parta mOlgKian, n. f. Rateable amount of 
parta mutamttiot, Fed. n. m. An average rate. 
J^H Vptm partif, partdl, n. f. H. par 
another, tol weighment. 

1. Revision; review ; comparison. 

2. Testing the survey ; remeasurement or 
survey; reweighment. 

3. Remeasurement, as a test of the accu- 
racy of a prevjoufl measurement; revision of 
a former laud measurement or survey. 

portal jatib, n. £ Remeasurement (tf laud with 

a chain. 
paftdl kamO, v. a. To test the accuracy of a 

previous measurement of Und by remeasur- 

ing it 

"'U^ilfBmm^Nirfdffid.jwrMti. v.n. 1. To 

try; test; bring to the test; examine ; 

audit ; check ; count again ; remeasure. 
2. To revise; review; collate; compare. 
ind'ul-iartal, Ped. adv. At the time of testing, 

or examining. [p,. par, 

^•H ^Tf^ pafa-.P. uflSdah, n. f.S.qij tofell, 

Uncultivated, fallow land; lands cultur- 

able but not cultivated ; waste. 
parfljadld, n. I Lands recently left fallow. 
para-i-^[aiatn, n. Land which has long been 

lying uncultivated. 

^H "P^ yv'"*. ▼■ n. 

1. To fall ; drop ; drop down ; fall upon. 

2. To ooet ; to be valued at ; to come to. 

2 '/i 

H (s>> VfV P^t'^o^i ptriei; Tir. parib, a. t 

S. ff^ns, Pr. pa^iiedd. The first day oC a 

lunar fortnight, the first of the moon'a 

increase. [neighbour. 

Hjj-^^i lyr^ paratt'ti, pafoH, n. in. A 

parauH led aiu, n. m. Right of vicinage ; ri^t 
of pre-emptioa 

By^ ^mr pa^ar,n.t LOrasiDgbynig^t 
2. Letting cattle loose at night to graie, 
usually on forbidden pasture. 

patar cAardnS, v. a. To graze cattle at n^hL 

P JM.J pi^ar, n. m. A son ; a boy. See VL{ 

piaari-mdbl I H. sagi betd, n.m. One'sownsoo. 

puar-i-iJtud^dahi U. pM-pHi, n, m. An adopt- 
ed eon. 

P 1^..^ pwht ; H. /ntA, n. f. S. ifK. 

1. Extraction; descent; generation (rnr^); 

ptahl par liiknd, v. □. To endorse ; to write 

on the back ; to address ; write the addnas- 
pvihi dar fnuht, pu^ ba-pasht, adv. 

Through succeasive generations; gensn^ 

tion after generation f^rannpard). 
«U( puA'tah ; U. me^, n. m. An embankment; 

a bank ; dike ; prop. ; buttress. 
puahaidn, n. m. 1. A bat^piece used for 

strengthening; a ledge;a joint ; atiebeanu 

2. A supporter ; an aily, 

^jTS^ ptuhku^ia, adj. Hereditary; anoestc»l_ 

HtJ^ rai poi'itd; P. iiu^iAto. The term no* 
applied to ttie tenure under which a pro- 
perty is held under sub-settlement (Act 
XXVI of 1866.) 

H ;l>^ <niiTC pviar', n. f. S. mv to call onU 
l.Gall; calling out (Wdo) ; cryforhe^i 
halloo. 2. A summons ; invitatioa 

3. Invocation ; address ; prayer. 

4. Petition ; suit ; request {darikwd). 

5. Complaint (/arydd) ; plaint. 

6. Want (nidi^) ; need ; necessity. 

7. Scarcity ; drought ; dearth. [g«"- 

H«J^ mt^jtaJfof; M&r. ajuf,n. f. S. ml" 
1. The act of seizing ; snzore ; hold. 

2. Apprehension ; capture (yiri/Mrt). 

3. Fitting; wrestling (huAli). 

U-fy mifin paiar'na, v. a. 1. To cab* hoU 
of; dutch; grapple; handle. 

2. To seize ; capture ; apprehend ; anw^ 

8. To find out; detect ;disoover;hitupoi>' ' 

4. To press into one's service ; to press. 
^*y-fymfmmpaia^na,OaaB.oi^fyq-f- j 


8 A*^ 19 Jwi»Ai n. m. See or (1 — i). 
I. Wings (pmilch) ; feathers. 
3. The half of » lunar month, or a fort- 
night of fifteen days. 

The half from the new moon to the full u oalled 
SaUa-patth. B. lidl, the white or light fortnight ; 
that bom the full t« the new moon, Kritkaa-fti^ 
H. tadi the black or dark fortnight. 
3. Partiality (paeltj. 
H Ift^ V9\vn pakh^la, n. m. 

The second watering of a crop. 
Ee'i^Vt^ pvS'ru*, u. A tenure by 

which waste land is cultivated on condition 
of holding it rent-free for so many years, 
tad then paying rent at a given rate. 

Aug. raggor, a. t. S. O^ from iRf to covet. 
I. A turban. 

3. Honor ; distinction ; respect ; rank. 
3. Head ; poll ; individual. 
pagriiitama, v. a. 1. To overreach; take in ; 

cheat ; rob. 2. To disgrace ; dishonor. 
pogn utamd, v. n. To be disgraced, dishonored. 
pagri-bdiU, A system of inheritance according 
to which a man's children succeed to pro- 
perty without regard to maternity. 

ThoM, if a msn leave throe children by one wife 
ud one child by another, the property will b« 
divided into four part* and each i»iild will receive 
<Hie portion. 

It ia oUierwiM where choadO-hat, prei-aila (cAeStM 
a woman's top knot). According to this Byatem 
the promity ia divided into as many abaree on ther« 
are DM^wg. ThuB, when a man hu three wives — 
one with one child, the Becoul with two children, and 
the third with three, the propert;? will be divided 
into three portions, and the one ohild of one wife will 
raoeive as mucii as the three of another wife. 

ThMe ayatamB are found in Mimlman commn- 

nitlM only, and the viUt^ adminiatrfition ^^r 

generally ixjntainb provieionii on tliia head. K. W, P. 

yojRi bSAdhna, v. n. 1. To live by making 

turbans. 3. To pnt on a turban, 
pojjri baiktUmd, v. n. To be presented with a 
turban as a token of honor, headship, or 
hereditary snooession. 

W The e«rtn»ny of the BOB aguBwaaring ft tor- 
bin in public on the 18th or 17th d»y after the death 
d hia bther or mothar. 
HU>t oiNn pal^^ V- a- To irrigate. 
tJi TOa paUt', paUu ; Mar- P*^. «». m. Land 

watered after ploughijig. 
jwfiiW, n. m. Land tilled three years and 

then left &llow for a season. 
H^ 1" P«». t^"*- °' t/^ water. 
VH iPtdtn pan-mda, n. m. The man who 
diatribntes water amoi^ the beds as it flows 
into the field from the well. 

8 -^^ 

}Min-«idr', n. 1. Soil submei^ed fay floods and 
rendered unfit for cultivation ; low lands in 
which water lodges. 
3. A crop spoiled through excess of rain. 
P StO ptm'ih, n. f^ Pahlavi pdneh; Z, paH; S. 
nni Refuge. See jT (2 to 4), [tion. 

jumSh-di^, n. f. The giving shelter or protec- 
pan,ShndAi-miijrm,u.t. Harbouring an offender. 
panSh-iradalat te b&har, n. An outlaw, 
panSk nwW^wfl, v, n. 1. To seek protection ; 
beg for an asylum. 2. To pray for deliver- 
ance from ona 3. To implore meroy ; to 
surrender at discretion. fgated. 

paty's, n. m. I^nd that cannot easily be irri- 
Mf*^ "W pwAi n. m. 1. Au assembly of 
five men ; a jury of arbitrator ; a village 
council ; an umpire. [» caste. 

2. A Tillage head man ; the head man of 

3. An arbitrator ; judge ; assessor. 
panehfaiilah, a. m. Judgment by arbitration ; 

the written award of a court of u'bitrati<w. 
mr-panch, n. m. A head assessor or judge; 

a president ; chairman. 
nJfdntpancft, An arbitrator appointed by the 

authorities, not chosen by the parties. 
•S^t^^ QSanin pa«ehi^at, panehSi, n. f. 

1. A native court of ari^itration consisting 
of five or more members ;'a meeting; a com- 
mission ; a committee ; a council. 

2. An arbitration award. 
pawM'ytUr-khdaigi, Ped. for H, ghanlQ pan- 

ehAyat, n. f. Private arbitration ; a settle- 
ment of family quarreU by relations. 

ffmchiyat mrkdH, n. f. A court of arbitration 
app'Unted by the public authorities. 

pandtdyat kama }/a jornS, v. a. 1. To forma 
court of arbitration. 2. To seed for the 
members of a paneh&yai or private councU 
to sit as judges. [court of arbitration. 

pantkayat-ndinaJi, n.m. The written award of a 

jOR panch4yat, n. f. An arbitration by persons 
of the same caste as the litigant parties. 

pandhar'vM, pandmSA, pandhrmfi, adj. Fif- 
t«euth. [lump or ball. 

H Jjij fw pnt*. °' ™- S. f<m to roll into a 

1. A tump (of flour); a funeral cake. 

A ball of rice or meat, eapedally that which ia 

ottered at obaequial rites or SAarSdh* to deceaned 

parent* and progenitora, or to the manes in general. 

pin^'^idJiiian, a m. The legal presenter of the 
fhnra^ cakes, usnally the nearest relatives 
in the mole line, [made of barley. 

pin^Sn, n. Offering of the funeral cakes 

HlJ^ ^n pon'dd. pdH^ a. m. A Brahman. 

The office in hereditaiv, and in soma plaoaa, *■ at 

Bensna, the PeuuiS ofSuiatea only on wrtioular 

oooaaiMW, the duties of tbs daily worehip bein( 

peribnned by inferior prieeta or Pujiiru in hia eni]rioy. 


^ 1 

B^i^ }>tn'*Aan ; Illit. ^'tuan; H. (w'f&tfvfl, 

1. Pension. 2. An offioe in whioh there is 

little to do i a Bineoura. 

alSi^Muhan. G. 0. Superannuation allowance. 

H Sli*i "Jswrf pvn'sak, a. S. gjnnra^ » day. 

1. A holiday ; a saered day on which roli- 
gioiu observ&DDes are enjoined. 

2. The day on whi<^ the rent or rerenue 
for the ensuing year is first settled, or on 
which the first instalment la paid. 

punjOk Mtt/a, a The aummoDa from the 
xaitOiular to his tenants, fixing the day for 
the settlement or payment of the rent*. 

pitnyOh kkarch. A charge for swaetmeata 
given to the Rayate on settling their rent 

Hiju^ VlH JM(, n. m. Asaeasment ^n culti- 
vated fieldi. [pu4o. A son. 

H uwji JW piU, a. m. S j^, Pr. jmtto, put- 

P. fiaar^-ihuMdah, n. m. S. dnon 
An adopted son (fojiO^oi). 
H^^ Sra poHth, n. A tenure of land in 
coperoenary villages under which the fields 
are autgect to. periodical rfrdiatribution 
among tiie sharers. 

H la.^ 3«I P^a, pajan, n. t. a yt to wor 
ship. 1. The idol worrfiip{ofHindus);adot- 
atjon ; wraahip ; heathen-worship ; idolatry, 
2. Offerings i oblations; libations. 

Hl^jjj JTST pd/ta, n. m. A small village. 

A mib^dinmon, or « dependeaoy of a rilUn ; a 
duM«r of houtoi d«Uoliad from the ptiaiapd vil- 
las*, lor tbe <K>iiT«diaD«a et ■griuuKuid openUtnu. 

BtS))i '^ P^"^' »■ £ S. tiai a joint 

A sUfT strong soil 
p us^H^ pott, n. m. I. Crust; shell; rind; 
bark ; skin. [ing drug. 

2. Pt>pp7 liead or capsule ; an iotoiicat- 
pSj.\^I>ot&i'<M, adj. Hidden; oonoealed; 

secret See ehJuypa^na, 
pottadaA kbareh, u. m. Secret expenditure. 
pot^dah k. V. a. To conceal; hide (eUMpdMl). 
poMdak mtwuf.Q. G-Underiiand disbursement 
X «Jjj poM, pulit, n. m. Police, 

<M4poli$, a. m. One of the polios ; poliee- 

man ; police establish ment. 
ibKU4potis, a. m. Police officer or inspector. 
■ ^Jy^}i iw«"'-?'<'i n. f. Cor. of town du^. 

»4 yU 


1. Stock ; stock-in-tnde ; fund ; o^tal ; 

princij«il (jnO/). [of » company. 

pahfin^UM darM. Joint stock ; the capital 
ta^pMsiya, tvlpHAjij/O, n. m. A bankrmrt ; a 

petty merohant 

Hi5jl^ VXZphiO, K n. m. The allotment or 
diviaion of the revenue assessment among 
the shares in a joint tenanoy villaga 

pidt boMdi, n. f. An agreement to pay a de- 
mand in separate proportions. 

H*-^*^ ^fZ^plU^'i^ n. m. S. wttZ. 
1. A gate ; door ; eutrauoe. 

3. A pound (tuaweateJAflBa). 

8. The bar of a courtof justice, wbovthe 
plaintiff and defondant take their sUtion. 

4. A bar. See jT (6). 

jAataihan^ Custody (AaodfiU); imprisonment. 
ph^ak-dar. A door-keeper; a pound-keeper, 
phMak mM dOkAa iarnd, v. a. To impound. 

Sj^ WWftpAdh, W; pMl, E.n.fS, 

nt^ to cleave. A ploughshare. 
Hia-J^J irtn phMl, n. A village registw, 

ft list of oocupanta and their liabilitiM, 

either as sharers or cultivatora, 
H ^"JtjJ ^^ phOA'a, a. f. 

1. A snare; noose; holtor, 

2. Hanging ; execution ; atrtuigulatioa ; 
death by hanging. [or exeeutei 

phMa pAiiA, ya eA^Ana, v. a lb be hanged, 
Phk— Tobehwigodbr thenBck; to otanito 

phOAtl denO, y< eharhOnO, v. a. To hang ; 

strangle; suspend by the neck; puniih 

capitally ; execute. 
phaMtakhmAO. The gallows. 
phdAA-gar, n. m. A strangler. 

A robbn ind murdarar wbo rtnagln hk vietfaM 

b; tiinnring a turtao or olotli round tluir Mob. 
jMM done-wild, n. m. A hmgman 
Ht^ V%r\ paVra, n. m. 1. A turn of 

watch; a charge. 3. A watch; a sentinsl; 

watchman ; guard ; sentzy ; a eocporal and 

bajm id paArd, n. m. A progresBiTe age ; 

prosperous times ; the golden i^ (fxt-jy^)- 
Mdri paArd. The third ca- heaviest watch of the 

piehUa pahrd,a. m. The last vratcb of the night 
Hy^ f^T3i jiUrd'd, adj. 1. Conditional 

or oontingent (purchase). 3. (0pp. t^ hum). 

Returning; temporuy. 


i ^lj«{ ftwi fA»r41, n. f. 1. The act of return- 
! tQ)^ ; return. 2. Restoritiou (of a thiug). 
i »)•{ finmpAV(d, pWrtI, n. 1. Returnin?; 

tomiiW. 2. Premium : brokerage, [cart, eto. 
i fllirta bhara, a. m The r«tnri) hire of a. boat, 
I fiirtepar beehnt, v. n To eell at a premium. 
I fUM kun^, n t A diMkonored bill 
', ^AtnHi'fi, phirUt, a. I A ohargw mode for re- 

oaiviDg back a purolusad artiule. 
2. Pramium. 
H(}^ in[Tj>^r'rdi Ra». phateid, }ihan{erd ; 

Ta. ^a^tera, u. no. The atalk of maize, etc. 
' ^y^ tHnr jiAai^'t-f. u. iB.S.«|[ to behave 

ill [jesta. 

I Fndeceiit or ahuaive lani^u^e; bawdy 
I Hy3l;j Vi^mt fJuWhir, a. SpaiitMueoua 

I toreat colleotioa'^, such ea was, honey, Ac. ; 

revenue from fruits [ 

I H<fir(^ 5? fA**> tt- f. 3. ^ separate, 

Abreaoh; break; gap; opeuiug; oraok; 

i oleft; tsDure. 

j jj ff Ziyt^ ^ nKlipAilt gHA^, n. m A village 
I (f which the houses are Boattered ; a village 
; UBBSced and matia<4ed separately 

1 A detachad rilligo, nut iaoluded lunongst thoas 

' of the diatrict in urMch it is situated, cir the lands 
' of Ml mdiriduAl to whom the rest belong. 9ucb 
<bUakad purtiutu of rilkgM or lands are oUsMd 
^ logeUier «f the phtit gSak of the district or ol an 

! ^ 3)}^ ^'?f* pA«»r'*. » f- 

• Oue-twentieth of a frattri. 

I H J^ ^ I>*t«. n- m. S. 5^ a full-blowu 

Bower. [mation. 

i 1. The bones of a corpse after partial ore- 

2. (PI.) A Mib. oeremony parformod on 

• the third day after death. 

I HU^ Vfk^ paA't^a, p liyd, n. An alljw- 

' uc» of half an dad ou aaoh Rupte of re- 

1 veaue, set apart for the p^tpdrt, or villa;^ 

I accountant. 

P Sjtu pii/^daK, n. m S QTiffl 

I A footman ; one on Coot; a foot-soldier. 

I Jmf^at ji-tpigaJa-iinhatil. A peou placed over 

{ dekohan at their eharge to urge them to 

I pay up arrears. 

H tS'-A/ $7 prf, n. m. S. fq^ to heap together. 

1 The belly ; stomach ; bowels. 
p^ M kond, T. n. To be pregnant 
I PH ka panhi, B. m. l^e onMotiim ; caul or 
I aiUpoM meaibtaBa attadted to tb« slomaoh. 



pet gimi, v. n. To miacarry (a female). 
pet girnd, a. Fed. A. MJd^t-Aama^, Miscarriage. 
pet-icall, adj. Pregnant. [allowance. 

^4^ drSOT pet'igO, a.m. An allowance ; a daily 

P \<J.-^ patda. part. adj. 1. Bora ; created. 

2. Produced; didcovered; manifest; eihib- 

3. Procured ; acquired ; gained ; amaaged. 
pauid, n. f. 1. Uitin ; profit ; earning ; income ; 

interest. 3 Bmolumenta; perquisites; bribes 

1^)')'-*^ pai'iavd'rl, p ti"ifil»>', □. f. 1. Produce of 
laud; hiirvest 2. Proftta of bade, etc.; 
prooaedit ; outturn ; inoome ; galH. 

p tidd'odr-i'ird^. The produce of land. 

paiddwdr-iriM. The present assett. (pf land. 

P'tiddwdr-i-k/tad-ra't. The apontaaMM produce 

t/iaas lidadpaidd AuL Cause of aotioa arose. 

lakkmlaa-i-jMid-'tadrl. A rough eetimat* of the 
produce of a field. [duce of wi estate. 

jama piiddwdr. The total amount of the J9X>- 

d<Mt-ra», yd dakKl kctnil patds karnd. 
To master ; to make oneself master. 

zarar p»i<Hi hamd, Pod. To cause harm. 

H jy ^t poM*; Brij. pag, n. m. S. OS !■ "^^^ 

foot (pdoA). 2. A foot mark ; foot print, 
3i. The track of oien in art oil-preea, etc 

4. (]M*r^) The slope down wbicli osea 
descend in drawing water. 4. The threshing 
floor. 5. Com in the straw. 

■srA ^ paiVi, n. f. 1. The quantity of graia 

obtained after threshing. 
p jj)/ plr, Miih. n. m. 1. Monday (H. Mtn-todr). 

2. A holy man (Mah); a saint; priest; 
^iritual guide ; a head of a religious order. 

^1^ fAr'dn, fAr-pdi, pir-ot'tar, piraird, n. m. 
An assignment of land for the support 
<£ a j>tr, or for keeping up the tomb of a 
reputed saint. 

,t]j^ 4l^(1R j^-otar, n. m. Allowance t** 
Mahomm:idan aagea. Lands held rent-free 
or assi'inments of the Government dum frotn 
particular liiode, onjoyod by such peraoni. 

pirot'lar iddir wa/rid, G. 0. An assignment of 
rent-free luad to defray the contingent 
expenses of a mosque or Mahamedan reUgi- 
' ous estithlishment 

P ,jy pai'-rait. adj. P. ^ behind, )> go, 1. A 

follower ; attendant. 2. Followers of a re- 
ligious doetrioeor tenet; rotary; seotArian. 
patrMM-JMir Koad, v. a To couduot a suit ; 
prosecute a case. 

,v Google 


^)^ pot'-r-oi*, □. f. 1. Pursuit; adberenoe. 3. 
ObBBTvancei compliance. 3. Prosecutjon 
conduct ; inveatigatioo ; search ; quest , 
research. 4. Efforts ; exertioDS ; endeavours. 

pairasi kamd, v, n. 1. To go after; follow 
trace ; track;puraue. 3. To prosecute ; con- 
duot(a suit, etc.); manage. 3. To contiDue 
persevere ; maiutain. 4 To be guided, regu- 
lated, bound by ; to go by ; to observe. 

d>^ ijini pairavn-ihuqug. Enforcement of 
rights ; prosecution of just claims. 

pairam-i^mvqaddaaii- Prosecution of a suit. 

^fyytt fj* adam pairam. G. G. Default of 

per tagan4, v. B. To pl4nt trees. 

B Ajjy 9|f) j>T^iP^< o.t. I. Stubble from 

which V s«n6nd crop is obtained (E. doAji). 

2. *He trunk of a tree. 

3. A rate paid by cultivators to ionSAdUrt 
for the' use of fruit trees. 

Aiiixu (tenant!) mt^ plant traei and are exempt 
from the payment of rent for the land, but if the; 
vacate the tree ii the taminddr't, and cultivators 
oumot aa a rule out it down.- 

H ^H^ *I^ f'r'Ai ; Bus. ftdiM, n, f. S. 

otfsqn 1. A small stool. 2, Descent; gene- 
ration ; extraction ; pedigree. 

jiItAl dor plfhi, adv. See jnuhi dar pHshi. 

fUrhi dar pVla, adj. Hereditary ; traditional. 

P j£>A^ pah, adv. Before. 

peA-kAand. Preemption (shu/d). 

peA-kAema, n.m. The tent or other baggage 
tent on before ; the camp equipage, tents, 
etc., seat on iu advance of an army. 

ptth-qadinl kaivd, v. n. 

1 . To go before or in advance, to outstrip. 

2. To commence ; take the first step. 
peikiantd, v. n. 1. To produce; bringforward; 

adduce; urge. 2. To set before; offer; present. 

3. To submit ; tender; propose ; refer to ; 
suggest. [plead ; cite. 

4. To represent ; put forth ; contend ; 
)1Ug{ pmh-kOr', n, m. 1. A foreman ; agent ; 

manager. 2. A native officer in a Court next 

below the $arit/UeddT. [pethridr, 

^)l£l^ peth-kdri, n. f. Agency ; the ofEoe of a 

jU^ pf$h-iath', n. f. tit. What is first drawn ; 

first fruits. 1. A present to a superior. 

2. A present (taldml) to the ruling power 

on receiving an appointment or assignment 

of revenue, or on the renewal of a grant, 

lease, etc. [vestigation. 

^^A~^ p«$h% a. t 1. Presence. 3. Trial; in- 

6 313 

F ftiiLA^ peeh'ah, n. m. Vocation ; office ; pro- 
fession. See p»T (.?). [n. m. 
}j*^ paha-var', pa&d-wdld; A. ahl-i-hirfa, 

1. An artisan; handyoraftaman ; workouuii 

2. A shopkeeper {duidnd&r) ; tradeamuL 
ahAgird-pethd ; Illit. »dgar-ptdUl, n. m. Menial 

or house servants ; domestioa. [dealar. 

V ^Si*J paiiAr', n. m. Cor. of ,K^l( A retail 

P « ? i^t»AJ paimdfyash, a. L Measurement ; 
survey; land measurement; land sui^ey. 

paitndUh band o bast. Settlement meaauremeDt 
or khaera survey. 

pavntdyoih ba-TMtar bandobatt. G. G. Revenue 
survey ; the survey necessary to a settle- 
ment of the revenue. 

paiindycuhrddr. Fed. A measurer; a snrreyar. 

pawndyatk dtki. Village measurement. 

paimdy<uh tarsarl. A summary survey. 

paimdyash tarkSri. A Government survey. 

pavrndytxih led nam. Survey operations ; survey 
work. [or cadastral survey. 

paimSyaek kampdt. A trignometricai, revenue, 

l^aimdyaih mdl. A revenue survey. 

paimcij/iuA noAar. Canal measurement [liquor). 

paimdyashon)miyaah.QyiB^eeiaA proof (as of 

khofrd paimdUh. Field survey. 

P tfJuwyA/ paiva^tah; paivatl ; Z. jacivaHo, 
paiveut'ah, paivtul. Added to, or increased, 
aa an alluvial deposit ; additional knds 
(properly mulhaq). 

A ^i,j^ tir^kh', n. f. ^1 dating a letter. 

1. Date ; day of the month. 

2. Epoch; era; ohronology; annals; ikia- 
tory; chronogram. 

fdrbtft cAorAdno, v.a. To enterthe date; todale. 
tdriJcli zithar bindH-ddva. The date on which j 

a cause of action accrues. , 

tdriih-wdr, adv. According to date ; at stated 

periods; in ohronological order; periodically. 
td,ldrith muaiyanah addlat. For such period 

as the Court may direct. 
M tdHiA uxinif. To the date of lealiution. 
falOni tdrikh te eharlia. 

Calculated fivm a certain dat& 
P t^'JJlj tdtyinah, a. m. 1. A whip ; scourge. 

2. Flo^ng ; corporal punishment. 
a kijitna o/aidd na ho. To keep the peaoa, 

to prevent a breach of the peaoa. 


Id ki nuqaSn na ho. To prevent waste or lose. 
X j^aTIj taiOd', a. f. .»rr he trod wheat. 1. 
An injuQottoD; order. 2. A reminder. 3. 
Emphasie. i. Striatnesa ; oompulBiou ; force. 
6. An order from a, superior to an inferi- 
or officer strictly enjoining perforaianco 
of any work or the execution of an order. 
I Mlid kam&, t. a. I'o enjoin Btrictly ; insist on ; 
I urge; preas; caution. 

' takid kw^^SnO, V. a. To di&w attention to ; to 
have the attention drawn to. 
bakiU td£id; Ped.tdl»d-Jrmazid.Striat injunction. 
I^jTW tOHtfan, adv. Strictly; urgently; em- 
phatically ; pOBitively ; peremptorily. 
i^^U taiHifl, adj. 1. Emphatic ; positive ; ab- 

solate. 2. Urgent ; pressing ; imperative. 
fditifl-e&i(Mi, n. f A letter of injunction ; a 

written mandate or direction. 
iwJb»-i-(d£ftA, n. f. Peremptory order. 

eVC nr^rr '<^''a> n- m. s. msrac a lock. 

L lock; 

UUd tornd. To break open or force 

break open; break into a house. 
tSe^xaui' . A detailed account sbewiag each 

head of 

I P ^tjt' t&vSn' ; Pop. tUvan, n. m. tab power, 

I m price. 1. Penalty ; forfeit ; fine ; damages. 

3. Retaliation ; compensation ; atonement ; 

■atiafttotion. 3. The fine for dua or bloodshed 

as distinguished from qi»d» retaliation. 

IdMin hahdhnA, tdvin lenO, yd laffind, v. a. To 

fine ; mulct ; amerce. 
(iMn ttildnd, T. a. To adjudge damages. 
(dwta datd, V. Q. To pay a penalty 

A t^AjQ Mfif , u. f. Aji he strengthened. 

1. Aid; behalf; side. 

2. Corroboration ; support. [a claim. 

3. A written voucher in corroboration of 

4. A private aasistaut ; an apprentice. 
Uld-i^dvd. Suf^rt of claim. 

t<Bd kamO, v. a. 1. To help ; assist ; aid. 

2. To second ; take part with ; support. 

3. To strengthen ; corroborate ; bear out ; 
jiutiiy ; vindicate. [statement. 

'<Bii-Viia/jM, Corroboration or support of a 
fSiiwrt*, a m. A private assistant ; an appren- 
tice. [cUim. G. G. 
■*^>^ Mwe iA tSd men. In support of a just 

AJ^^ tt^>^j tt^addid, n. f. J.M cbang- 
ing. Mutation; change; alteration; modi- 
fication ; transposition ; transformation. 

'"Wa-wid-jai* karnS. To tamper (with a 
document); forge; felaify. 

'«*<'« o tahrffk. To falsify ; alter. 

•"WlI-vAaiyoi kamd; Ped. for H. bhta badat- 

^.*J (afitfifr, n. f. 1. Relief {of a guard). 

2. Transfer (of officers). See JiJ [revenue. 

taht^li-i-jamd. Alterations of Governmeat 

A.^yx> tabai-'rS, Mah. n. m. ^i^ Brewing, 

destroying. Malediction ; curse. 
A i—S^jy taliar'rttk, a. m. 

1. Sacred relics. See jU^ (3). 

2. Commutation for an offering incum- 
bent upon a religious mendicant holding 

A ^M taian'ni, ^nlym. Adoption of a son. 

t<d>an>tij/at-i-sharti, y& mruAruC. A condition 

at adoption. 

HUJ adT topd', Rio, W. I The unit upon 
wbicli the Mogal revenue system was based. 
2. A collection of 10 to 20 villages ften- 
dally intercoimected, and generally sprung 
from a common stock. 
"RyP RQIf tap'pa^. Fallow land full of 
grass and weeds ; sandy barren soil gene- 
rally bard and dry. 
A&^ taiiwima, a. m. ^ being complete. 

A supplement ; appendix. 
lalimmt^-bayan tahnri. A supplemental {head- 
ing or petition. 
tatimma-i-lafriq. A supplementary record of 

separate interests or shares. 
taUmmartrarii. A supplemental petition. 
tatimma-i-arii ddioO. A supplemental plaint. 
tattmnm-i-lchat. Postscript. 
tatimmd klffO-hud, adj. Appended, [to a will. 
tatimma-i-voMj/at-it&ma. Acodicil; asupplement 
laUmvMA-y&d-ddtikt. A supplemental memo- 
randum, [codicil. 
muJcAlalif tatimma uiaiigai-nama. A different 
A djjtsw ti^rat, a. f. Trade. See H. jljj- 
lijaral-i-bakri. Commerce ; carrying trade. 
tijdrat khU^fSin, (ydraf-t-momnwd. Illicit trade. 
tijOrai karad, v. a. To deal ; trade ; traffic ; 
speculate. [»■ f- Emporium. 
ti}drat-gahr4rSR. G. G. Ped. for H. bari mawR, 
giddmoA kt lijartl k. v. a. To traffic in slaves. 
kdm tijdrat. A commercial concern. 
^)taJ tijiratl, adj. Mercantile ; oommeroial 

A j;'^^ laj^tut, n. m. Jj»- passing beyond. 
Transgression; deviation; excess; exceed- 
ing one's authority ; encroachment 
tajiimx ikhiigdraamdSt, Ifsoess of jurisdiction. 



ttv'dvuf kamS. 1 . To pus or go beyoad bounda ; 
overetep bouuds. 2, To err ; deviate ; de- 
part from. 3. To diaubey ; infringe ; Cranii- 
greas ; exceed one's authority. 4. To trea- 
pau ; violate a rule ; encroach on 

apm had te taj&wuz karnS, To encroach ; pass 
boonda; eiceed oae's powers; go beyond 
limits. [tion. 

AOJj-:^:? 'o^tf, Renewal ; revival, reoova- 

tajdid binA-i-ddvd. The revival of a cause of 

U^dlA4-nali»h. Revival of a suit. 

tajdid-i-niidh. Renewal »f tnairiage. 

byu^dl. Renewed; revived. 

H Uaaj mniT (•('"*. tip^n4,v. a. S. mtn 

1. To relinquish; quit; leave; abandon; 
desert ; forsake (cUupid). 

2. To disclaim i reuuuuve ; abjure. 

3. To repndia^ ; divorce (a wife) 

4. To abdicate. [lawful. 
A WyP^ tajiHd, n. m. }>^ he made or held it 

1. Deliberation ; view ; opiuion ; judgment. 

2. Flan. 3. Estimate. 

4. The eu-I; eri^ on the Dear ripening of whwh 
B rougli estimate of lt« vulue ii mude, and ui 
eqiul poitioD of the revenue oallected. 

5. Resolution ; ju'lgmuut. 
tajAz^-dkhlr. A finnl judgment. 

ttvW amr-i-wa<ia. A finding of a fntft ; the 

detarminatioD of a feet or matter of fitct 
bfrmi be^/iJufiq karnfl, v a. To predetermine ; 

forejudge ; prejudge ; pronounce at random. 
taj^U par mttnhiuar, G. Q . Held at disposal. 
tajvU^aal yd jadid. Retrial ; new trial j froah 

trial i revision; review ofarderor judpaent. 
Ityvit lubul-i-jurTn. Determination of guilt 
tajvit-i-jum iamd, 0. G. To fiud guilty. 
tHJrt2AatMrt.JudiciaIproceedings;a judicial act, 
taJvix-i-ha^M. Abjudication of a right. 
laj-ini-i-khaiatiA An authoritative ruling, 
tajviz-irkhan^M, Award of costs. 
U^z daldil mwidai vn maddMUi. Conaidera- 

tiou of pros and oona; the summing up of 

the judge. 
ttymt^uid&d, O. G. The determination of a 

ca&e on its merits ; finding on the merits, 
l^jvii rihdi. Acquittal ; disohnq^ [of a point. 
tcU'tUt nmni, Q. G. The inoideataj determination 
taj^U-talab. Wanting decision. 
Ugvb-iadalat-i-fni ta/iat. The judgment of 

the subordinate oourt. 
b^vb it V. a. See biehdr'na, 3, 7, 8. St Mjofie k. 
1. To determine; decide; I'esolve; ooi. 

elude; rule; est^liab. 3. To prouounce or 

give judgment ; to adjudge ; award. 

3. To elect ; ohooee ; nominate. 
ax rdA-t-<<v«te, adv. Judicially. 
l^M* he qiaU. Capable of being tri^ 

l4)^}^Xi■i'^mukhtli/and. Ao advene judgmaat. 
lajv^a-i-maqadmd. Decisiou ; judgment ; a judit 
cial act, [reaolution. 

taji^z-n^Hna. A written decree ; * judgment or 
tajvls wa infltal. 'IVial and determination. 
I^^ma. 1 ned ; determined ; decided ; adjudged. 
bar sar-i-ijtdt liywU kamS. To act judieiUly ; 

hoar a case or paea judgment in due form. 
Id mJudl-irnCi^a ba-tnJ«nt-i-ad4lcU. Until tlM 

question at issue is judicially determined. 

ddir-i4qiob, ter-Uf^^. Pending decision ; psod- 

ing; under investigation; under oonsideratioD. 

A^AfiXJ . Ia jKk'j' CujIiWo latfin ; Pop. hafitana 

dajndnd, Mah. n. (. ^ h» fitted out a 

corpse. Intonuent; burial. 

A.\,JH^'> tiA^'iuf, xilk he aw ore. SwMring 

plaintiff and defendant. 
A ir -ir" <<iA/, d. m. ^-^tJ beneath. 

Charge; poasession; occupanoj {it/Updr 
4, 6, 7) 
taht mm, ndr. Uuder coiitnri ; insuhjeetiou to. 
2. At foot ; below. {ntj- 

Utht Bwii and, v. n. To come under one's autta<>- 
tahl men rakiniS, v. n. 1. To have in oae's 
possession; toholdj have; posseas. 2- Tokeep 
under ; have under command ; manage. 
takl mek land, V. a. l.To bring under j to 
bring under one's authority or oontrol ; to 
take possession ; to oocupy. [subdue. 

2. To bring under Hubjection ; aubjeet ; 
taht tatam{f. Poaseasion and uae. 
apne tahl o loMarru/ mei tSiia. To take ohATge | 
of; to bring under one's own power. i 

Ai>Ji>33j taJuRd, Reproof. [well, i 

AjJ^jnJ tahrlr ; H. likhat, n, f ^ he WMW 
1. A writing; a writtni statement orde- , 
claration ; minute ; oompoaitiou. 3. A docu- 
ment ; deed ; a bond {trnnuutuk). 3. A fee 
fur writing anything lor anotbw. 
(a/trir t-iuin-u^wMr ; H. p^kAt^ Oek lilAat. 
An interlineation. [a bond. 

lokrir tamaseuk. I>rawing up, or execution of 
taUrlr tdbk kamd, G. (!. To prove the execu- 
tion (writing). [the ba*ik. 
taiirir-i-iohn, n. Rudorsement ; a writing on 
tahrlr tamd, v. a. To write. See hthtid. 
^rt;*' (oArlrt, adj. Written ; documeDtarj. 
hukvm tahrlH. Written authority. [writing. 
eaU-i-tahrir men ISnA G. 0. To reduce t» 
^ ^tf^jSoS tahti$'; H- lalaik. jtj^ Inducement, 
enticement ; lurej teuptmien ; sttnulation ; 
instigation ; indtement. 
tahrie dertd, v. a To induce ; «itioe 
AwtUtpa? to^y, a. f. -J^ altering. 



1. TranapositioQ of words or Isttere. 

2. A clerical error ; an alteration. 

3. Tampering ; falsi fioation. 

AuX^]^J toArlfe', n. f. J^ it moved. 

1. Motion; movement 2. Incitement ; 

insUgatiou ; stimulatioa [instigate. 

(dirtt tamd, v. a. To urge ; put up to ; 

^Ix-Asai faA«)r,Q.f.Jy«fcbeoame educated. 

1. Acquisition ; attainment ; gSin ; profit. 

2. CoUectioii ; collection of revenue. 

3. Tbe revenue jurisdiction of a lahsilddr 
or subordinate ooUector ; a taluilddr't sta- 

talml-i^kdrt. Abk&il collections, [ernment. 

tahiltddr^, n. m. A sub-collector of the Gov- 

UikeidSr% n. f. T)te office, duty, or juriadio- 
ticm of a sub-oollector. 

tahai-i-aar-irbh^. Collection of the rents. 

loAri/ larajtjSna. Charges ol collection ; an ad- 
ditional chuge formerly levied to defray 
the ex|>ence of collection. 

ta^l-i-gair muaigan. Contingent collections. 

laAiII harnd, ttJuilnd, v. a. 

1. To gain ; get; acquire ; attain, [raise. 

2. To collect (revenue, etc.); reuliEC ; 
laA^-karTtf-tea'd, n. m. Oue who collocta 

revenue ; a receiver of collections, [revenue. 

laJUil-kunanda-i'khir^. A tax gatherer ; a col- 
lector of revenue. 

tainl m tadhir kanUL G. G. To proceed against 
a defaulter. [revenue. 

la&^^t-md^TUjdn, j/Ajama, Collection of the 

lahiSlri'itd-jdia. Illegal collection of tbe revenue. 

tahil-i^vdtildt. The amount realized by the 
coUeotiona of the district, whether on be- 
half of a zamlndftr or tbe Qovernnient. 

haq^tahtU, Commission or percentage on 

jU4* tahnl. Government oollectiona 

iar-i4ai»'>l. Collections; amount of collections. 

qtirq-i'tahtil. Revenue attachment. 

bicit^i, yd lAdm uAmI, Collections direct firom 
the ooltivators. 
I nu^ IoHmI. Half the collections. [U^Orat. 

I A }AA3i^ laA^r', n. f. yl^'wos despicable. See 

uA^ir-i-adalaL Ccmtempt of Court. 

i(i4f«r rutbori^niim. 0. O. Contempt of law- 
inl authoritj. [disgrace. 

loAfir iamd. To bring iuto contempt; insult; 

rniUdMndn-i-farlSri Jfcc WUiySri-jdia lA tnh^. 
U. G. Contempt of tawM autJtority of pub- 
lie servants 

A ^433u tahqyi', & f . ^ was right, [tion. 
1. Careful or close inreetigattsa ; Terifioa- 

3. Exactness; certainty. 
tah^', adj. 1. Carefully ascertained ; well- 
eetabUsbsd. 2. Authentic ; definite. 
3. Sure ; correct ; certain ; undoubted. 
(oAflig^, adv. Truly ; indeed; certainly. 
lah^q rdi. A carefully formed opinion. 
toA^ kama, v. a To ascertain ; investigate ; 

enquire into ; make certain. 
be-taitqiq, adj. Not established; uncertain. 
^iU»; taholqdt, a.f. pi. of i^^baJ Investiga- 
tion ; enquiry ; examination. 
taA^at-i-H>tu/i!, yd tudqaba/. Preliminary 

enquiry or examinatiou. 
tahgtqdt-i-ibliddl karm''. To bold or oonduet a 

preliminary investigation. 
(oAQt^Ot bar tnauqd, yd ear tomin. Local inves- 
tigation ; an investigation held on the spot. 
uA^qdl-i-hakimi. Authorized investigation ; 

judicial enquiry. 
tahffiq&t-i-hei-i^navt. An enquiry into the cause 
, of death ; Coroner's inquest. 
tah^dt-i^avjddf^ A criminal investigalHon. 
tah^qiU kamd, v. a. To enquire; hold an en- 
quiry; investigftte, 
takqvjnt ma^d. Farther invosticntion. 
tah^dt mnv^d jfcii huhm dmS. To order a local 

tahqiqSl-i-nd-tamdm, nd-ldmii, yd jiOqit, 

Defective or incomplete investigation. 

tdKcflqdt-i-^Bdjib Due enquiry or investigation. 

nuLqadrae ko iidd/dt-i-nid-taht mM taAqtqdt-i-mO- 

sUd he tiye vdpit bkejnd. To remand the case 

to the subordinate court for further enquiry 

or investigation. [See StA^ 

A fS^^SOJ takak'ka'O, n.f. fi^ he restrained him. 

^^ija^itahtW, n. f. J^ altered, trausfered. 

1. Chai^ ; care; trust 2. A deposit; 

revenue credit. 3. Funds ; capital. 
laiml tataarriif. Misapplication of funds ; em- 

bcmlement ; mi aapprop nation. 

4. A treasury ; the collector's treasury. 
laAM-ddr. Cashier ; trea-iurcr ; cash-keeper 

(of a provittcial treasury). 
tah^t ntf^ rakhnii. To keep in deposit. 
aj>al tahvtt nwA /lind. To take (jiarge of; to 

bring under one's custody. 
guldm ke laur par taJnHl tilth railtnd, G. G, To 

A _ J^bH to^ifcU'nfr. A eomposition rat«red 
into >iy joint heirs to a property, by which 
some relinquish their sbarea for a specific 
payment ; a partition of an estate amongst 
themselves by the lawful heirs. Wilton. 

p UL~su Ut*'klit, n. m. 1. A throne ; a obairof 
state. 2. A low table or seat. 

MUl par AifMaJ, t. a . To seat oq the throa 



takht par baiiliad, t. n. To ascend or sit < 
the throne. 

taikl eh&ornS, t. &. To abdicate a throne. 

taSAt at vi&r'na, v. a. To dethrone. 

takhtrgdh, n. f. I. The royal residence, [ment. 
2. The capital; metropolis; seat of govern 

takht-7ui»hinx, n. f. Accession to the throne. 

U^ takh'lah, n. m. 1. A plank; board. 
2, A bench ; form. 3. A platfomi ; deck 
a gallowa-board. 4. A aignboard ; notice 
board. 5. (Panj.) A bier. 

A •OA'Oas^ t^UiAs', a. f. ^^ he distin- 
guished it Peculiarity ; particularity. 

taihiit-i-jamd^bandl. A statement of the net 
annual settlement of rents concluded by the 
tenants with the zamliidKra, tdllnqd&rs, etc. 

laikilA tOiiUuq. An undivided taSUuq held 
entire by au individual. [li 

A i-Jtfta^j ta*'khflf, a. f. *ii. it became 

1. Diminution ; abatement [eoonomy. 

2. Reduction ; retrenchment ; saring ; 

3. Remission ; mitigation ; relief. 
taih/ifijamd, Remission of the revenue ; re- 
duction uf the amonnt assessed ; abatement 
of revenue. 

takh/i/ k. T. a. 1. To lessen ; abate ; lower. 

2. To mitigate ; relax ; remit ; relieve. 

3. To retrench ; reduce ; make a saving. 
UtiAfi/ihaUr IHyd jOaO. G. 0. To be largely 

taiikf%f-i-iagiMri-hfui. Abatement of rent. 
laidifif men lanA, v. a. To retrench ; abolish ; 

effect a saving. 
A JtAA^g*!! ta^t/tmtnah, n.m. ,^ he sunoiBed. 

Estimate. See ijl^t 1. 
takhmtna kamU, v. n. To estimate. 
paklca la,''khmi7iah, n. m. Precise estimate. 
kanhdm ta^khmindh., n. m. Kough estimate. 
m&Uat-irt<^khmtiiah, Estimated value. 
Uj4«>J ui'khmla'an, adv. 1. By appraisement ; 

on a rough estimate ; on the «hoI& 
2. More or less ; about 
A i-ij)ij.y ta''thnf', Fed. for H, (Inrdwl, In- 

taldm/'i-mvjnmdniih. Criminal intimidation. 
A^jIJ"* tadS'uk, n. m. Jy^ overtaking, 

visiting with. 

1. Chastisement; infliction of fines or 
punishment; punishment. 

2. Management ; provision ; arrangements. 

3. The instruments and measures used 
to procure justice (as writings, lawyers' 
witnesaes, etc.) [pulaory prooess. 

tmditrak bil jabr. Fomiljle proceedings ; otaa.- 

"_ <^ 

tad&ruk-i-tahilt. Process of duress, of impri- 
sonment ; revenue process. [process. 
taddnik lahnl hami, To collect by coercive 
tadOrvi mm^A. Severe measures. 

A y^iJ-' tadba-'i R.jataR, a.t. yij forecasting. 
Conduct; management; prudence; eoo- 
noroy ; address ; skill. 

tadliir-irbaham. Private arrangement. 

ladiir-i-itdtanat, p3 manUukat. Politics; gOT- 
emmentj administration; policy. 

ladblr ee, adv. Skilfully ; economically. 

tadRr-i-giid. Regimen of diet ; regimen. 

tadblr-i-fdtid. Artifice ; plot ; machination. 

tatSAr-i-fdtid »e, adv. Fraudulently. 

tadhlrkamS,^. a. To contrive; devise; manag& 

tadiiir kamd ki /aitla kdr-bardmad na ho. To 
contrive to make judgment of no effect, to 
avoid judgment. 

tadblr karnS li mdl gicrq na Aon« pd»e. To con- 
trive to avoid sequestration or escheat, to 
avoid a distress. 

haM^tadKr. Good policy; good management. 

munOeib tadlAr. A proper remedy or measure. 

A ,ti^^ tadfln', n. t Burial ; interment. 
^k^r(ljSt-i4adfln. G. G. Funeral expenses. 
P My^ M^ tarStk' 'jtAar**', a. t. 
1. Erasures ; alterations ; corrections 

(chhU ckhdt). 
tarOth kharihk kamd, v. a. I. To scratch 

out; erase; alter; amend. 
A i^-i^y tarlib', n. f. -^y he set in order. 

Order; arrangement; classification. 
tarGb-i4aha.J3\, n. f Alphabetical order, [tively. 
lartxb m, adv. In order ; regularly ; consecu- 
tarltb k. yi eUnd, tarUb te lagOnS, v. a. 
To put in order ; arranfje ; group ; das- 
sify ; regulate ; put to rights. 
taHib-i-nau. Readjuetm<>nt ; new arrangement 
tar^i-i-namhar. Numerical order ; the order 
of the fila [order. 

tarflb^wdr, adv. Regularly; methodically; in 
tar^b-wdr. adj. Regular ; methodicaL 
larOlhi-mrdiat, n. f. The order of succession. 
te-tartib, adj. Not arranged ; irregular ; with- 
out order ; misplaced. [informal suit 
be4arfibi-i-nili»!t. Informality of procedure ; 
^-{J^ tarRh'i, n. f. A preliminary proceeding. 
be4arSlK, n. f. Irregularity ; disarrangement 
A ^^^^y tatjam'A, tarjuma ; H. vlSiA, d. m. 
«*^)7 he intei-preted in another language. 
Translation ; version. 
tarjuinai-takik aur motabar. G. O. n. A true and 
accurate translation. [tioo. 
tarjama (., v. a. To translate ; make a taoiila- 
U^ tarjama. Aliteral ~ 


A Oiiyi taratttlvd, a. m. j) returning, caus- 
ing to ratum. 

1. Anxiety ; concern ; care (vtUier-hm, 1). 

2. Cultivation ; tillt^e. [tion. 
laraddvd-i-tUijdiii. Wron^'ful or illicit ouIliTB^ 
U^vddudi, adj. Cultivated. 
laraddudi-iamlA. Cultivated land, especially 

land that is always in cultivation, and never 
Tpquiring to lie ^ow. [tion. 

h^iaraddiid, adj. Land thrown out of cultiva- 

he4aradiiud ho jOna, y. a. To lie fallow ; to 
&dl out of cultivation. [rebutter. 

>ij;l KtnOtf , n. f. 1. Kefutation; rebutment^ 
2. Reversal (of a judgment). 

tan&di-dawd tamd, v. a. To oppose a claim ; 
to rebut a charge. 

larAl-i-ahd, a. Impeachment of a contract. 

lonfiti jfc. V. a. 1. To rebut ; refute ; confute ; 
disprove ; dispose (of an argument). 

2. To reverse ; set aside ; annul ; repeal. 

H S>iSm^ TTtffTT tarti^'dha, n. m. The under 
■or&ce (of land or of a field) broken np and 
prepared for sowing, although the upper Bur- 
fooe is covered with grass. PumiL 

At...»A«o tar^, n. f. .:-*> desiring greatly. 

1 . Eiciting desire; inducement; encourage- 
ment ; incitement ; instigation ; stimulation. 

2. Allurement ; lure ; sop ; bait ; decoy. 
ba^'an, adv. By inducing. 
Utr^b-i-darol^ ha/afi. Subornation of peijuiy. 
larii^ehti%da, G. O. An abetter. 
torgtbdena, v. a. 1. To persuade; induce; 

encourage; incite; entice; eicite. 2. To 
allure ; lure ; tempt ; ocyole ; decoy. 3. To 
put up to;iafluenoe;seton;instigate; abet. 

tar^ de-kar r-dzi karttd. To buy o£ 

tar^yHfia. G. 0. Abetted 

Aaiht4-tarffib-j/^ia. G. G. The person abetted. 

fSiid our ni-i&u wuMoh m tat^ dmi. 

To induce by corrupt and illegal means. 

■udst^fM a tar^b dent Abetment of an 

A Jy taraq'qi, n, L ^} he ascended. 

1. Prt^ress; improvement; advance; in- 
crease, [elevatioa 

2. Advancement ; promotion ; preferment ; 
tarag^^ pAnO, v. n. To be promoted ; to get 

advanoement or promotion ; to rise. 
Um^^ dend yd tamd, v. a. 

1. To advance ; fi>rward ; pnsh on. 

3. To promote; raise; elevate. 

Ai_S J lark, n. m. ^ff be left it. 1. Relin- 
quishment ; abandonment ; abdication ; re- 
nnnoiation. 2. Omissian. 3, A catehvord. 


tark-i-ardii, n. Belinquiehment of land. 

tarhi-mulOtdmiat tarnS, ti. G. To withdraw 
from one's duties 

tark-i-ns jdit. An illegal omission. 

Uirk tamd, v. a. To abandon. See uflJ 

tark-^atan ; Ped. for H. dei ekhofan. Leaving 
one's native country; emigration, [abandoned. 

tark hond, v. n. To be in disuse, given np or 

S i_5y 7)^ tark, n. m. 1. Objection ; plea ; 
argument. 2. Reasonine ; logic ; disputation; 
discussion. 3. (In logic.) A proposition. 

tark uthdnd, v. a. To raise a plea or objection. 

A&Ty Utrk'ah, n. m. t^p left. 1. A bequest; 
a legacy. 2. Inheritanoe : effects of the de- 
ceased; inherituice by succession or bequest; 
the estate or property of a deceased person. 

tarkah bild vamat^ndma. Intestate property. 

tariah pdnie-tedld, n. A legatee. 

tarkah-i-pidf^ ; H. bapaitti. Patemi^ estate. 

tarie *n«ti dad. To inherit ; succeed to ; 
descend ; come into poaseasion. 

larix men dAornd. To leave ; bequeath. 

tarka-i^hakht bitd woMiyat, 0. G. Intestate's 
property. [band's estate. 

tarkoyX-Jiavhan hH htsta, 0. G. Share of hus- 

larka-imddaTi, G. G. Maternal estate. 

atehgdq-i-taria bar bin&e ■wagif/alf'nd'ma. Testa- 
mentary suocessiou. [perty bequeathed. 

tagnmrHarha, Q. G. Distribution of the pro- 

nwtdhtq qawdid-irwira«ai-i-tarkari^air teaAffoA. 
G. G. According to the rules of intestate 

A fir*y tarmlm', n. ro. A f) mending. 

1. Amendment; modification ; alteration ; 
revision; re-a^justment. [tion. 

3. Improvement ; melioration ; reotifica- 

tariitlm-i-6andobatL Bevision of settlementA 

tarmtm-t-am ddvid. Amendment of plaint. 

lannim-i-/diid karnd To tamper (with a do- 
cument) ; interpolate ; to make a fraudulent 

tarmlm ke qdbil. Open to revision ; requiring 
amendment or modification. 

bar biade illal-i-tarmlmi, Q. G. Upon an 
amended charge. 

^P lar'i, n. f. I. Moisture ; dampness ; wet. 

2. Water (opposite of 6<mtI land). 

3. Freshness ; juiciness ; ripeness. 

4. Low lands on the banks of rivers. 

5. Moist land ; awunp ; auuvh. 

A&aT^ taiH'sa, a. m. I. Purification. 

3. A OMe in which » osrtain Dumber of ipadal 
witmsaee bear testimony to tlie oompetuM^ of 
other mtnoBM who ore giving evidenoe in tia 
cause, the toroter licing deaomiiuitod the wsM*- 


}/ 1 

A ^^^ ''i^/t »• f- Marriage {bgShy 
A y.)p tatefr', n. f. Imposture ; fraud ; de- 
ceit; deceptioD. 
A J-f l»*»J UitShut, n. m. Jf- heoame soft, eaaj, 
l.Slonuess. 2. Tardj prooeediage. 
kuAltul k. t. a. To defer ; delay ; put off ; 


, {(Forwent) ,^ of 8 

[6tMN?tl«f, q. T. 

A>t>an'<l, n. [. a of a 

A i,W-^ *a»A«', Facility. 

ta*Al/-i-^ta-t-dtvdnt adalat. Simplifying the 
procedure of the courts of civil jurisdiction. 

mntatammin tanLU-i-uiU iar-^arz&,FoT facilitat- 
ing the coUeotioQ of debts, [individuated. 

A ^*sa,SLi ta»h''kKW, n. f. jomA it v»i 

1. Specification; minute description; de- 
termination ; diagnosis. 

8. Appraisement ; valuation ; estimate. 
Uuhihls k. V. a. 1 . To distinguish i recogniie ; 
aBcertaia (a disease). 

2. To appraise ; value ; aoseaa j adjust. 

3. To fix ; settle ; determine ; decide. 

4. AaiesBmeQt; oorrected assesament; 
net stAodard revenue or the aotu&l or ab- 
eolnte amount of realisable revenue; a 
particular account of such revenue, or the 
available funds which it coustitutw. 

*itaJ ja-«±J taA'-khU-i-OHuqa. A dependant 
or subordinate property held of a superior 

' upoa payment of the revenue according 
to the current rate or the district. 

£4A-jatMdJ t(uH'khl§-ijavA. Albtment of re- 
venue J assesfiment of land revenue. 

^■f^^^*»-i>' . *'^ tad^kkifi-juin&ban^,' A 
statement of the net annual settlement 
concluded with samlnd&rB, 'l^uqdars, and 

pli.^^**i±J lath^kkit-i-khAm. Rough estimate. ■ 

^y^^^t^jg^u tcuK'tkit-i-miniarrari, A' fixed 

pakkl iatWiU, Precise estimate. 

jama tadikhU kami. To assess revenue. 

zar^hffTJa' icuhUrs kamd, To assess damagea 

A tX»A} tMAaif Au4 n. m. A. *i. he intensi- 
fied it 1. Aggravation; severity ; hardship. 
2. Coercive measures; duresa of im- 

faHAriA', n. t. 1. ^ucidation ; illos- 


tration ; explanation ; exposition, 2. Da- 
olaration ; description ; particulars ; details. 
3. Dissection ; anatomy; a skeletoo, or 
anatomical preparation. 

tatknh k. V. a. To particularize ; enumerate ; 
give details or particulars ; illustrate ; 
expouod ; explain. 

ixukrilirvAr, adv. In detail ; with full parti- 
culars ; minutely ; severally, [of Anatomy. 

At-ii/io tmhr^f, a. f. A. ^^ beoame 
exalted. I, Your honor ; your wonhtp. 

a. Complimentary preseats made by the 
oultivators to the native revenue effloet* 
at the time of fixing the ^t'^nial asMss- 

A^^^^ tadAir, n. f. ^t* published abroaJ. 

(M<A. I 'lo) Public exposure. 

The dalinqiient ueed to be csnied through tLs 

town on tn ua wUh his lace bUokened— foimalj 

the apacial punuhmeot for poijui;. [souBdntM. 

Ajftjkaa^ (ofAlft', u. £ ^ wm restored te 

1. CorreeUon ; emendation ; ractiioatiea, 
3. Verifloation ; attestation. 

tadiA k. V. n. 1. To amend ; coneot ; recti^. 

2. ToTerify; attest 

A *«£^-^ to'^'i O' f- f''*>''> ^-^ truth. 
AtteatatioD ; verifioation ; authenltioatiaD ; 

oonfimtation J ooiroboratioa. [verify, 

takCiq k V. n. 1. To testify; attest; certify; 

2. To confirm ; ratify ; affim) ; maintaia 
fa«^ karne-vam iihakh». G. O. The penon 

attesting ; an auditor. 
ha^atHq. Under one's own h»id or signature ; 

LI) witness of. [notary. 

lahib-i^atdiq. The attesting offioer; puUio 
A imSyOi uuar'ruf, a. m- 'if* exchanging. 

1 Expenditure ; eigMnsee. 2. UsQ ; em- 
ployment ; application, 3. Poaseasion ; ocou- 
paiiuy ; enjoyment 4. Holding at one's 
own disposal; property. 6. Supematursl 
power (of holy men). 

S. Auy aot of ownerahip, the ti^ta of a 
proprietor over bis property, as mia, lease, 
mortgage, etc ; usufruet. 

bp^^ UaarruJ-i-beja. 1. Waste; eztnTS- 
ganoe ; dissipation. 2. Uisappropriati<« ; 
embezzlement 3. Unlawful qoou[ation. 

fatarrv,/ bejil mvjrirnina. Conunal misaj^rq- 

fijJiS^y^ t-aiirrvf taqdhn, I^««Dmptive right 

j^jt JynJ UwKT^f tinrH, Coutingeut use. 

^UiJy^ lanrntf Mbnin, Surety for pesses- 

^Ui Jj-oJ Auamr/ Mmnl, Security givfn 
by the party in the ppw o ^ion of litigated 

proper^ that no lews shall be gnstainad 
by the opposite party or claimant in the 
event of its being decreed to him. 

latarrufmahdtU ikae marhUnd kd. Use of the 
profits of property pledged ; usuihict. 

^yUu J;^ liuarrtif-i-ma''ih/l, O. O. Under- 
band disbursement 

•fj\f.\i t^f^ ta*arru/-i-nd~jSu, Wrongful appro- 
priation ; unlawful use. 

hai-dis/atuiti *t tcuarruf men Idnd, To appro- 
priate dishonesty. [of a deposit 

• Ji^Mj ta^ivW-i-tatarruf, Embezzlement 

latamif k, tatarr^fmeU l&nO, v. n. 

1. To spend ; expend j apply. [enjoy. 

2. To occupy; use; take possession of; 

3. To misappropriate; misapply; embezzle. 
A&Aidj tatfi'j/a, a. m. }i« was pure, 

1. Purifying (esp. the mind from ill-iriU); 

purification ; purity. 2. Reconciliation ; eet- 

tlement {of a debt). [decision. 

3, Disposal (of a case) ; adjustment ; 

Jm»amJ<J ta»Jiya-i-had latt, Asettlement of 

.^Ut.(,i«I tatjlyit htOb, hiidb kitdh ii tatjiya. 
Adjustment or settlement of account 

f_^j isLa;te«^ya(2du>A,AdjuBtmeat of claim. 

loffifi laiai, qSbit taifiya. Open to adjust- 
ment ; requiring settlement 

^ hi ijiaj trnJlyH qati^x. Final settlement, or 
disposal of a case. 

Uufiga k. V. n. 1. To reconcile; effect a com- 
promise or reconciliation ; adjust (a dis- 
pute). 2. To dispose of; settle ; arbitrate. 

^\0 t~ia; taifiya CagAn, Adjustment of rent 

mU ulol UujXya'Hdma, A deed of oom- 
promise or composition. 

amir tatfiya. Points at issue, issues. 

&pot mth tatflya. Amicable adjustment ; pri- 
vate arbitration or arnmgeroent. 

A fJttOi Imoh'iA ; H. ^mdraf, n. m. £~* 
wrought, forged. Fabrication ; fitlsifioation ; 

A jIiJiKJ tHiliX, a. t ^^ numbered. 

1. Number; amount; som; a specified 
sum, enumeration. 

2. Kegistry of an estate in the Collector's 
office; annual oalculation or r^stration of 
the produce of an estate. [(Awwri). 

lOddd admiyon ki. Population ; census (maniwii- 
VUad dtdmi. Number of persons, 
t^didjam-i. Amount of aasesameirt. [penon. 
cdddif dadam, A sum of money payable to a 
tid^ d&vH, Value or valuation of a suit ; 

uoomnt of claim. 
''■'U 4»gri Avdah, The imouat dooned, 



ladad zar-urnvtHlt^xA, The amount of claim. 

tSddd tar-i-uidjit^-wtuiil. The amount required 
to be realised, 

ISdad^naitdn, Quantity of land. 

tSddd lagdn, Amount of reut, 

taddd^irtmudwi, G. 0. An equal amount 

tadSd-C^toaiyan, A certain quanti^. 

^j'jaJ t&dddi, adj. Amounting to ; the sum 
of; valued at; measuring; numbering; to 
the amount of; comes to. 

A ^lA'O ta&ddi, n. f. j.kB passed from it. 
1. Force {»i&an£a«fl). 2. Compulsion. 3. Ex- 
action. 4. Oppression. 

A ,j^>'*^ tair'nu, n. m. Interruption ; objec- 
tion ; obstacle ; hindrfmce ; impediment 
taamu ijrHl hukm. Arrest nf judgment; re- 
sisting execution of an order. 
bUS taamu, Without opposition ; nem eon, 

Ai~Ajyu tSy^f, n. t J>» knew. 

3. (Eog. tariff) A table of rates of ex- 
port and import duties, in which sense 
the word has been adopted in English and 
other European languages (probably 
through the Spanish from the Arabic). 

tArtf-TdtA^hat bU-majhal. Eiplaioiug in terms 
as little understood as the thing intended 
to be explained. [patience. 

JL i^^M iSi'iyai, n. f. ^)> he enjoined 
1. Condolence. 2. Lamentation; mouroiDg. 

A v)^3U Altir, n, f. An inSiction of punishment 

by flagellation or otherwise, at the discre- 
tion of the judge for any offence, whether 
of word or deed, not subject to a specific 
legal penalty. Mah. law. 

^XfZit^^y^ titlrdt-i-hind, Indian Penal Code. 

Juta^)«! liitr-iSnif ya shadid, Severe or ri- 
gorous punishment. [office. 

A Ai'i'^ tXiil, a. f. Removal or dismisBal from 

A jUj ta&nuq, n. m. Jta it hung to it. 

I. Connexion ; dependance.; relation; 
concern. 2. Reference ; regard. 

3. Offioe ; function; service ; employment 

taal(uq ruMnd. To belong to ; pertain to ; to 
be related to ; to be concerned or connected 
vrith ; to have to do with ; relate to ; refer 
to ; bear upon. 2. To have an interest in. 

ba-ta/Ukq lAdt. With special reference to. 

OLJ tadl'luia, ta/U'luq, n. m. 1. Possession ; 
occupancy. 2. An estate ; a manor. 3. A di»- 
triot ; a division of a provinoe. 



UInT ttAFluga. tadlluj. A tract of proprietory 
l&nd, osueUIj smaller tbnn a xanHndOrl, 
althoii;$h Bometimea including Beveral Til- 
lages, aad not anfrequeutlj confuundad with 

In the H. W. F. a laaOaq preeenta Tiriaill pMU- 
liaritiea, but it U defiuftd an -etUte, ths proStt of 
wliioli are divided batwaan diffareEt proprietoni, or 
elasieioE proprie!<ars, the one euperior. tha other in- 
fsriur. The lii.lder <>t luoli a tu'Mtj eierdsas 
legiUy no right of iaterfaraQcs with tho propiietory 
and hereditary rl^hU uf the cultiraton, eioept in 
soma ciMS wbsre, from peculiar circumatancei, the 
inferior claimintg hnie been absorbed in ths person 
»E a lingle tuHiHiij-ddr, Han; modiSc itiuni oE 
rigbti, more or leas obscure, are said to exist betveen 
the iudividual ta'jUaqdar and the inferior pro- 
prietor. WUniL 

AjA^&iixI taSUuqi-i-jidid.lU.iiov depondenoiea, 
A tenn applied to traotg annexed by the sinuA- 
dir$, being acquired b; encroachment* on the bor- 
dering eitatea. 

^yyi;^ tiitJ lailluja-i-hazUrl. AaeB^te at which 
the revenue was paid direct to the GoTem- 
meat or it's officers. 

These were caHed alao iodepeodent tifallu;!, and 
the hvldets ware dasMd with mnttidSri or pro- 
prietaiy lutd-holdera. 

jljauJ ta&Uitqad&r' , a. m. The bolder of a 
iti&lluq- In Bome places a Govenunent officer; 
a collector of revenue from the cultivators 
on behoif of the estate or of the farmer of 
tke revenue, whoee undue exactions it is hia 
duty to prevent 

ta&Uaqa^ildri, u. f. The tenure, office, or estate 
of a Taal'uq-dSr. 

taiUujaJSri haj. Tha dues or allowances pay- 
able to the toAUuqdar in addition to his 
stipulated proportion of the assessment. 

^— j^j tUtJ taAUaqai-iabiiilat:i. Au estate 
seized by the tamlhdAr from his neighbours 
by violence. 

fi^ti tiiKJ ta&Ua'ja-i-iadim. Old estates. 

^jjtMiU tiijJ laSliuiiai-miil-idmMi. Dependen- 
cies paying Gaverament reveuue for which 
the tamlAidr is responsible. 

^)jf .M UlaJ taitUi/a maihUn. The permanent 
settlement ta&lluqa of which the holders 
paid their revenue through tlie intervention 
of a superior, as a lajnAdir »r other pro- 

These were termed ' depeodant ta*al1uqa.' They 
were hereditary and tranaferable u lung as the reve- 
nne wm uid, but lapfed to the superior on failure 
ol heirs. They wore also termed Muf uuil or j&dmtfi 
t^alluqs. WUtoa. 

U}t,if aiAl iatd'lqa ^w^rdnnS. G. G. To furnish 
an inventory. 

idtatl-i-hMkm-jiAm.ah. Serving a warrant. 

tHiiul ich&». A Bpecifio performance. 

MfflU-t-^rjI. Execution of proceas of attach- 
ment: diatrass: diatraint. 

4 JiJ 

4Lu; littqa, n.m. A schedule ; inventory (ot 
property) ; a list of articles. 

A Ji*«J li-nlC, n. t A. J*» psrformed. Pe^ 
formance ; operation ; practice. 2. Execu- 
tion (of an order) ; enforcement ; putting in 
force (ft decree) ; service (of a notice). 

lamll-i-ikhti^dr. Eira^ise of a right. 

tamil ikhlii/dr-i-ohdah. Exertion of eieentin 
power ; eiecution of ofBcial functions, 

tamll huhn L v. n. To execute or cMry out 
an order. [tion; to serve (a writ). 

tSmll k. V, n, I. See U»l»o 2. To put iu eieou- 

tdm,''l-i-mu}\»ah-i-iark&fi. G. G. Exercise of offi- 
cial functions. [operatioa 

l&ml hand, V. n. To be executed ; to come into 

(antlf meA. G. G. In the exercise of. [the police. 

o/tkAn pulie kl tamU. 0. G. Administration of 

A«in» jit kl Utah lamH kartS kai. 0. G. The au- 
thority under which he acts. 

kSm kl tdmlt. 0. G. Disoharge of dut^. 

namai-i^arkdrl kl tUmSl meA. 0. G. In tb« 
exercise of official iVmctions. 

A jij*^ i^Blj', G- G. Postponement. 

be iiOahd tavlq. G. <3. IndeGnite postponement ; 

A 0>pu tai'hud. Agreement; engagemeot; 

A^^*J foAl'jfun, □. m. ,gf» appointed. The sot 

of appointing; determination; settlement; 

estaliiishment ; appointment. 
ja^^i^s^ ta&iyun-\]iita». Determination or ip 

portionment ; allotment. [olsini. 

i/i'i^tft*^ ta/l*!/un-i-Mtiuut. Valuation of suit or 
')'ti^ fa4tyum-(-Kud. G. G. Penal provision. 
iaaiywi l. v. n. To fix ; determine ; establiifa ; 

^lO^^ taiiyun-i-la^. ABsessment; appniu- 

ment of revenue. 
•il~«' ts/tlyuaSl', Pad. ; mnit. Pop. d. m. 

1- Appointmenta. 2. A garrison. 
lalnOt k. T, a. To appoint ; nominate ; enlist; 

put in possession. [charge of. 

taiudt hond. To be appointed ; set over or in 

^U^ (aftyanfffl ; Pop. UtinOR, n. f. 

1. Appointment; deputation; aerrica 

3. A detachment of troops ; a guard, eto. 

nominated for some apecial duty. 
taiiyundlA jvhU kca-nH. To engage one's salf to 

icept a post. 
A k.^ Ju la)r^, Banishment; transpoitatioaj 

separation firom bmily and firiend& 
A t»Ji^ iajaflub, n. m. from v" orerpower 

ing. Embeolement ; teeadi of tnut ; pacn- 

lation (^oten). 



iajaSjib nutIm-t-M(dfflp. Fraudulent flTduon of 
stamp duty. 

tagallvb taaamtf. Fecolation; embezilemeot; 

A y*M la^ai'ffur, More (wop. («^aly«r o (afiac^ 
did, u. m. }^ destroying. 
1, Revolutionary chftngea ; bouhverumetU. 
3. Falsification or alteration of papers. 

tagaifur o labaddul kSgazOt bild UJemliri-jiU. 
Falsification or alteratiou of papers not 
amounting to foi^ery. 

iiljjAJ lal/aiyuraf. Alterations. [nwe. 

lagaiyurai-ijaTna. Alterations of jama or reve. 

A'iif3 lajriq', a. f. 1. ParUtiou j severally 
division ; (Hvision of land (batmSri). 

2 A judicial divorce, pronounced by the 
QdH, as distinguished from one aiecuted by 
the husband bimself on hie own authority. 

){V JiyW tajnq-i-jsii. A legal separation w 

I4U iJiyU taft'lq-vUmah. A deed setting forth 
the sharea claimed by different parties. 

AjAvaa? (a/iW, n. m. A. J-*- cutting, de- 
fioing. Details; particulars; minute partiou 
lars; specification ; exposition; eiphmation. 

tafiil bSx adad-i-J&idad, Q. Q. Enumeration of 
some items. 

ta/aljdidsdmuddabiha. A specification of the 
property claimed. 

tafill jvmls ashyOi, G. G. Specification of all 
the articles. 

U^i'tl-i-hdi, Particulars, of a case. 

i^itifnl-i-iail, muffasiloh tail, la form and 
manner follow ingi M follows. 

V»f' K V^ lii^na, V. n. To exhibit in detaU ; 
ennmerate ; particularise ; explain, at fi^ 
length; specify. 

U^ai-vOr, ttffsilari, adv. In detail (bit4a/ail} ; 
oircumatantially ; parti culiirly. 

taftil yeh hai. On this wise ; to wit. 

pM lafaiL Full particulars or details. 

A jflijaJ (a/*', n.f. A j^jJ consignfng: Com- 
mitting to anothorj putting in trust or 

ti^ei^i-hisM, n. m. The transf^-by a dsfajilt- 
er of a share in a coparcenary estate to sol- 
vent shareholders. [deposit or trust. 

taTfi* i. T. n. To make over (ia»»pnA) ; put in 

tafi^yi^miL Consignment of goodb. 

kfJi^ laqafduvt, Such an interval between 
the commission of a crime and the giving 
of evidence respecting it, «» operatss in b&r 
of punishment. Wilton. 

klXa laqiM, n. n. PrassiBg; dnniwsg. 

,liy laqa'pl ; P. peikgl ; H. ajda, n. f. 

taqSiO-i-ttn, y« «mr. The natural tendencie* 
of childhood, youth, or age. [pressure. 

taqata-irihtviid ; H. chKm par eha^hna, Gi'eat 

taqAza k. v. n. To press ; urge ; press for pay- 
ment ; dun. 

tagdd^ir, Illit, n. m. A bill-collector ; a dun ; 
one employed to look after the Indigo cul- 

ind-ul-taqazO, On demand. 

1. Pecuniary advaiice, especially to culti- 
vators for implements or digiring wells, etc. 

2. AdTBDceB iif money made by the Qovemment 
to the cirii ivstors for the put ohaae of seed grains mi 
csttle, or the conBtniotioQ uf welU, etc,, specially 
in the south of Imii* where the Sgot-aan aettlement 
preraiKt^l* repaid when the crop ii gsthered. 
Similar advanco are mads io bad senaoii' and the 
like. Slid aonietjiuea to enable the cultiVatoie to ex- 
tend their cultiTatJoo. 

A ^ji3 taqaddum, m m. f*i Priority ; pre- 

laqaddam-i-dUvjo^ Priority of claim. 

tj jtt lamlnn''^; Pop. takdaiitd, n. m. Final 
adjustment or audit of an account; an es- 
timate {taieltmlad} ; a budget 

Aj^aS taqarrur,. n. m. jl remaining firnj, 
resting. See taqarrvT'i, 2. [arbitrate. 

taqarrur-i-a6liil par rSAhonO.. To agree to 

taqarrur-i-jama. Allotment of revenue; settle- 
meiit of the revenue payiJjle. 

taqtlm ardsl. Partition, or division of, land; 

taqifm b» hU>d. ratadi,. taqAm, limmawdri.. A 
rateable distribution of a common, lialiility. 

^-jji; taqif'ruf% n. t 1. Settlement. 2. The act 
of appoiut^I^: ; nomination ; appointment. 

panan»Uagi^'rurl, n, f A letter of appoint- 
ment l**""*- 

Ll;U- laqHb'an, adv. Appvosimately ; nearly ; 

A*a-j3 la^ilm', n.f. from f-* dividing. 
1. Division ; partition ; allotment (Wii 1). 

taqititU-tarka, G. G. Distribution of property. 

taqefit-itiolliiq, iaqfiml-ba'uli taalhq. 

A taalluq which was e^arately registered 
in the original rent roll or fumSr Jama of 
the land revenjie «f Hindustan. 

taqAm jaedOd-i-m^tavrnfa bild Mcrtlyo*. G. G. 
Distribution of intestate estates. 

taifim-.i-jadid. Bepartition; new division. 

la^m-iriama. Allotment of revenue, rental. 
A distribution of the assessment of the 
rovenne upon the several su Wivisiona of an 
estate or district- 
lag An-i-t/idnsi. A private partition. 

taaHmri-davO. Splitting et cfeims. 

(ojilm (fofcdtrt-itAa/w*. DiviBiono* estates pay- 
ing revenue to Govwnment. 


tof^^m-i-tarksn. A public partition ; & partition 
made through GoTemment officials. 

taqtba tarmAya, G, 0, A distribution of atock 
or capital. 

ta^Am. ^air-mvkammal, tagiim nS'iriukammal. 
Imperfect partition. 

Thia urt of partition often takva place in thots 
co-paroflnary Mtatea in which the whole or part of 
the Uad ia held and managed in common b; all the 
community. Under it the whole of the common 
land i« divided and allotted to the aeT^ral eo-pareen- 
era, and each allotment of land ia aaaessed with its 
proper ahare of the demand upon the whole estate 
which etill remaina undirided, the joint reaponaihi- 
lity being alao maintained. Under this prooM* the 
estate bscomea Palfi-deTt, 

tagnm^-fareH ; H. dJuxl iafvdroA. 
A fraudulent partitiocL 

Uigsim IcSr-parddzdai-pulit, 0. G. Distribution 
of the police force. 

taq/Hm i. v. &■ See bdilirUL 

taqntn ki i^rat. G. G. Partition fees. Qiertj. 

taqtvm.-i-m&l. Division or distribution of pro- 

tatgim^iyinukamTiial. A complete division. 

Thii aort o( diviaion carriea with it an entire sepaf- 
■tion of the parta of an estate from each other, uid 
their tomiatiun into diatinot eetatea (tndU&U). 

taqnm nautewdr. Divided into ma-taat. 

taqiitn-Tidmah, 1. A record of division of pro- 
perty (ioffdrd), 

2. An instrument or deed of partition 
amongst joint proprietors when ceasing 
hold their estate in common. 

laqnnt yah-j&l. A compact division or partition. 
miuqadmalC^-Uiqiifn. A case of partition, [perty . 
tassIm-«-vtn^ A partition of inberited pro- 
^*s>JU laqtim\qibil-i-ta^Am, adj. Divisible 

liable to partition ; according to allotment 
A.yi:-^taqAT'; Illit takAr,; U. khot, n. f. 

f^ diminishing. 1. Omission; failure; 

n^lect. 2. A mistake ; error; fault. 

3. CWenoe ; misdemeanor ; erime ; guilt. 
taqar-var,taq»r-^nKmd,^l}. 1. Bltuneable; foulty. 

2. Guilty ; culpable ; criminal. 
Iie4aqiir ; adj. Blameless ; innocent 
A ^^i^SS fa^tib'i, adj. -fJi converting. Con- 
verted; changed; altered. 
lUciori^a^iin, G.G. Counterfeit coin.[tlie neck. 
JL,.^aIa3 ta3tt<f,n.f. jifPuttinga rope round 
Limitation; copy; representation. 
2. Counterfeiting. 
jjAgll? taqtui% adj. 1. Imitated ; copied. 

2. Fm^ ; counterfeit ; &lse. 
vwhar44aqlidi ; G. G. A counterfeit seal, 
A lAJjiS taqaHswi; Ulit. taqaiyad, n. f. *^ 
restraining; See *^^ 1. Looking after; 
obaecva^n ; watchfiilne^s ; vigilanoe. 
tagaij/ud kv.nXo look olwely after. 


Ajf^y tairOr', n. f. / repeating. 

1. Question; dispute; point at issua 

2. Objection ; controversy (baki, 1, 2.). 
tatrSr (On lA bdbat. An issue of law. 
taira}- babat xBOqaS. An issue of fact 

khiu takrer, n. f The chief objection; the 
real question; the main issue; the ma- 
terial point 

A^ASCTtatAr', n. f. See ^ 1. Expiating 

a crime ; doing penance or paying a mnlct 
as atonement 2. docusing one of im^ety; 
denouncing as an infidel. 

Au^aIjS taUif, n. f. See IJ^I 

amr fr(lu-Ma£^-i-am. G. G, A public nuisanw, 

A Jt*Cr (oAmiT, n. E JJ- completed. 
Authentication; validity; authority. 

UihnUpajtA, V. n. To be completed; finidied. 

taktaU-i-iama»tvk, Execution of bond. 

(oinSW-raAn, Foreclosare of mortgaga 

(oimy-v-ftagi^at Completion of title, [a deed. 

t'lhml-i-dakaiotz. The complete execution of 

tafe»i^t-<han!}fa^t-9(lntltt. Fulfilment of the 
requirements of the law. 

taknul'i-tdbitn m^aalliq infikaki-rihn, G. G. 
Fulfilment of the procedure regarding tba 
equity of the redemption of a mortgage. 

taktail a, takmil ko pawihehSnO, v. a. 

1. Toeieonte; complete. 

2. To authenticate ; to give authori^ to. 
adam-tak^, G. G. Non-execution. 

H ;/? filWt titar', tihard. A division of 
the crop where the aamiikdar gets one-tblrd, 
and the rainat two-thirds. 

Hu^J^^'o^. A mouied man in a village 
appointed to collect the abaree of the 
assessment from the villagers and pay 
them to the prinoipal revenue payer or 
nalgJtzSr. WHton. 

AAaaO iaH'na. 1. A cess paid in lieu of 

fodder. 2. The rents of a number of houses 

collected by an agent. Wilton. 

Tjfilb (aidiA';IllitM/3iA,n.f. 1. Searohj 

qnest ; scrutiny ; investigation. 2. Puranit 

research; exploration. 
talOih i. V. n. I. To seek ; search ; look for 

look about for. 
2. To explore ; reoonnoitre ; investigate 
laidA-i^naoA, Sea^h after a liveliJuxtd. 
^U tatdA% a. f. Searching one's person, 

property, or house ; searching for dutiable 

or wuig^ed goodi, 



laUM WnA, t. n. To institate a searoh ; search 
the peiaoD or house ; ae&rch for smuggled 

ti^moK-UdiUkl, n. f. Searching « house for 
atolen property, or for smuggled goods. 

wdtrnf^o/dJAt, G. G. A searoh warrant. 

Hljltr taia^'a, n. m. Cor. of T. tiHb An ad- 
ranoed guard; a patrol; a reooimaitring 

A *-Aa15 ftriiu', n. t. j-J 1. False persona- 
tion. 2. Coimterfeitii^ coin. 

(ailHi-i-nkka. Counterfeiting coin, [fehing coin. 

ala^taWtt-i-tikka. An ioetmment for couuteiv 

A I— »15 tal'af, Ti. m. <J^ he perished. 
Waste ; Iom ; destruction. 

s uci? fa?™ '•''«* ; ^' E***' "■ "^^ *• * "°" 

tarial mark or marks made with colored 
miguent« on the forehead between the eye- 
2. Installation ; consecration. 

rij-tilak, n. m. Anointing a king; coronation. 

i -OU? tond'fft, n. f. ^*i» Continuing a 

long time. Duration; limitation of time 

len^h of tjme ; period. 
ta.m&di-i'CAyAm. Lapse or efftnx of time 

limitatiou of time. [the hand. 

AOjJ tomor'rud, n.m. A J;- mbbmg with 
Ummarrvtd kaJaUMkiin ; ta-nmarrad huini- 

adalal. Resistance to orders or process. 
Uimarnut Aidn. Contumacious bearing. 

A lX.^ laiMu'tuk, a. m. A .X-* seizing^ 
holding fast. A promissory note or bond ; a 
written obligation; note of hand; a written 
acknowledgment of a debt. 

tonasmi-i-aati. A genuine bond. [perty. 

tamatmki-jdedddi. A bond, hypothecating pro- 

lantatmiti haiir tSmaO. A bond or recognis- 
anoe as a security for personal appearance. 

taawtui; rajitlari Audah. A registered bond. 

tanuutuk tharRyak, mathriiCi tamaauk. Indem- 
nity bond. 

Umatmi Id-hMil, Dead or bad bond. 

tdmunutMoanm. A fabricated bond. 

UunoMmk-vmatiai-i-dAuiA. A bond on which a 
slaim is based or founded. 

tamatJt manihi-iddtA. A claim under bond. 

aaumatmt kl H*d par fignhOiak. To obtain 
judgment on a bond. 

T&NiJ UM'^;fop.ta^mai&vM.idhraia.ta. 
A medal ; royal grant or charter ; a diploma. 

At-XfiU^ttiWii. Appropriation of property; 

117 ;y 

transfer of property ; an assignment of pro- 
prietory right. 

lamlib'i'aaySii, Unlawful possession. 

taU JUU tamUk-ndmah. A deed of transfer or 
partition of property. 

tom/iJ: o taTiHai-ndmah. A deed of gift and 
trusteeship which assigns property in trust 
to a particular person, with the proceeds of 
which he is to defray the expenses of a 
religious establishment ; and, if there be 
any surplus, be may apply it to his private 
use. Wilton. 

A t'jjJ tanS'to' ; Pop, lanSza, n- m. A. ^ji See 

uKd' 1. 2, 3. 
.t^yM^MJ latmSi^tarhad. A boundary dispute. 
A(J*w^ taiia'tttt. Uninterrupted descent 

through'a series of generations. 
A Jt-^xx? lamliA', a. f. t^ to know. Admonition 

given by the judge to parties guilty of venial 

A fd-'uuju taiu^kh'. Canoelment; renunciation; 

revocation ; annulment; abrogation ; quash- 
ing {a decision) ; resciswon ; repeal. 

latuUchk. To oanoel;reaciiid;quaah; abrogate ; 
repeal; declare niiUandvoid((ar(JMiJ:,). 

,J-^'fit-'J tant^kh-i^abanm. Benunciattoa of 

iJUfJ^ff^ tan^IAi-theka. Canoehuent of a 
lease. [marrow. 

Ayi»^ftjj tanqlh', n. f. ^ eitracting the 

1. (Sfed.) Clearing the bowels ; physicking. 

2. Verification (of accounts or revenue 
payments.) [isanes). 

3. Determination of, ot laying down (the 
<an3^A-*-tntilr kufxya UUai. Determination of 

issues for trial. 
tatiqik i. T. n. To fix ; determine ; lay down or 

draw up (the issues). [rent rate, 

tanqiA-i-ihareh lagSn. Determination of the 
umar tcm^ih4alab. Issues for triaL 

A &i.ajJ ta»ciXsa, n. m. Settlement ; decision. 
F %0^ t^dcA, ttxiah, a,, m. 1. A monad 

{Uld) ; a heap of earth ; a boundary of a 

field (thud). 2. A butt for ntarksraen. 
^j^ fifjj tadoMiandi, a. t Marking ofi^ 

Afi]^ f^*^i — ijamSi(au&; Roa, tmijA, 

n, t (jjahapecl' As^teinpolltfWiKNmtjteat 

roll ; deBOriptiva lolL 


^f 1 

A revenue account showing, under the 
name of each pnjer of revenue, the total 
amount as it ffttU due, the portion actually 
paid, and the baUnce outstanding. 

haq&ydL-i-tixun^ A list of outstanding balances. 

taxtA hdl. Account of cuireut demanda 

tauiih mahal. An estate that pays an aaseaaed 

tava nuA ddkhil k. To bring on the rent roll 

tauzih ndma. A deed of record or registry of 
occupation of land granted either by the 
Collector or by the tamlnd&r to the occu- 

AiuH/i-navU. A keeper of descriptive roll*. 

A ^y*"^ tavtuftwl, a. m. Fed, for tl«) q. v. 

ii^^yf MudA', 1. An account of collections. 
, 3. Constmotion, interpretation; note; 

taunh k. To exhibit in detdl. 

A yi^^ taujlr^, n.f, ^^ becoming fuU, complete. 
1. Increase ; excess ; savings ; overplus 
(•S^ 1.) 2. Emoluments ; perquisites. 
3. A supernumerary. 

i. New land liable to assoasment or aug- 
mentation of the revenue, either from at- 
tended cultivation or the lapso or resump- 
tion of alienated asBessmentfi ; any addition 
to the originally recorded lands of an estate. 
Land in excess of settlemout Punjab, 

tauflr-i-jS^r-dnT&A. Increase or surplus reve- 
nue on the resumed assignments of the 
holders of jitglrs. 

tavfir zomfn. I^nds in addition to, or eiceas 
of ; an original grant or measurement. 

tavfir id tiffoh. The department or column of 
meeue profits. 

lau/lt-i-mauta. A village not originally includ- 
ed in the assessment ; a village in exoesa, 

H Wy nr^ lok'a. The Government share of 
the produce ; the fixed allowance for which 
lands are liable without reference to seasons 
or amount of produce. Camegy. 

H x)p St9I fe^; E. taul, n. f. S. g^ to weigh. 
I. The act of weighing; weight. 2. The 

standard veigbt or measure of weight, 
uril tol, n. f Slightly short weight 
pakH tol, n. f. Standard weight 
pSn tol, B. t Full measure ; Mr measure. 
j&u£a lot, n. f. Slightly overweight 
iachtJa tol,u.t Under the stud&rd weight. 
ktma tol, n. t Short wught ; Mse measure. 
V *nn to^ld, n. m. 1. A weightof 12 mot&b ; 

a toUL 3. A weighman {tulvai^a}. 

8 ^ 

Avu^y latiH'at. Trusteeship; ■uperinten- 
dence ; transfer by the proprietor under ths 
original contract, at tlie original price, with- 
out any addition for profit Camegy. 
A^fy tauh'in, Fed. n. f. ^^J weakening. 

See ^Ift. 
tavhin bit qatd. Q. G. Intentional insult 
tavhia i. To defame ; offer an insult 
taukm ttwjrimdna. A criminal insult 
H &i^ VmX thd'nS, n. m. A aubordinate 

police station. 
)' jaJ VWRin ^Ai&M-ittr, n.m. A keeper oft 
tiarta ; a getty police officer, [a thane-ddr. 
^j)' jii'V wpiai^ thdne-dari, a. f. The of&oe of 


1. A den of tbievea. [stolen property 

2. Trace; clue; information. 3. Trace of 
tha^g lagino, tkdHgnd, v, n. To get a clue to 

hidden or stolen property ; to trace ; find. 
^l«' WVl thSn'giithdAgiyitja.m. 1. An accom- 
plice who supplies thieves with information. 

2. One who traces stolen property ; a d»- 

3. A receiver of stolen property. 
IhSiig-gtri, n. t Receiving stolen goods. 

A i_XX^ toAat'tul, n,m. Defamation. See ■£!( 

A ti-i'Si^ tahdut, a. f. breaking. Threatening 

menace ; threat (dhamii). 
tahdid'an. By intimidation. 

A L_^ j^? tahlb', a. f. v^ Cliviliiation; 

politeness ; refinement 
tahmb-i-aklddq, Civilization ; good breeding. 
tahi& ke kUlSf, iMd/ taJulb, adj. Immoral. 
UAab^/ta, talim^H/is, tarbiyaUySftah, adj. 

Civilized; educated; polite; refined. 
A \s.~^ foh'mal, a. f. Calumny, See *l)ll 

tohmat dhamU, lagSnd, yi ImS, v. a. 

See UzSm dend. 
,^*if ioh'mali, n. m. A rianderer; calumniator. 
SLJyfP VTii thois, a. m. S. ^m multitude. 

1 . A company ; class ; party ; communis ; 
baud (giroA). 2. A total amount ; a sum. 

3. An allotted portion ; a share ; lot ; por- 
tion, i. A tenure; holding; a local division 
of an estate. 

6, A sub-division in a bhaiydckdri or co- 
paroenaty estate. [lines meet 

6. A point where three or more boundaiy 
^-^t*^ dmrei thoh-iait, ihatiatt, a. £ 

L*yiog down and marking off the bound- 
aries; fixing the limits of estates b; a 
native surre;, or preparatory to a profession- 
al aurrej. 

thi bOAdhna, T. a. To form into parties. 

^*4 '^yi^ thok^ndl, n. f, A written engage- 
ment specifyiog the distribution of the 
shares of a oo-parcenary Tillage. 

j'jJ')*' Siwin; ihotJdr, a. m. 

1. The holder of a thok. 

2. The head of a company or society. 

3. A. wholesale dealer; a copyholder. 

P tU? taiyHt'; lUit. taydr; Bus. HUr, adj. 

1. Ready; ready-made; prepared; willing. 

2. Fiuiahed; completed; perfect 3. Ripe; 
ripened (fruit). 4, Fully developed; plump; 
ht; arrived at puberty ; robust 

mtqaddamah, ya miuU t-jiyOr kvO. The case 

is closed. 
8 <-S\^ mm tyiff', tiyUg, n. m. nn to leave. 

1. Relinquishment; abdioation; desertion. 

2. Repudiation ; divorce. 

3. Reuunciation. 

f]fi9-fiUr, n. m. A bill of abandonment or 

JL ^va7 '«'1j'. An abstraot aooonnt compiled 

&om other detailed accounts; a register 
of official docimienta in the Collector's 

tefij «4ml'«oAr. An abstract of the KhtOatmi 
or Muntakkab a*amiw<lr, giving the total 
land held by each person in each Tlutk 
or i'attf, without any enumeration of 
the Gelds. 

terij jam&bandi. Particnlars of the annual 
revenue and charges of an estate. 

terlj^-jama khanh. A summary account of the 
receipts and disbursements of a village, 
made up at the end of the year. 

tef\j jiruwHr-cudvawJir. A specification of the 
fields in the oooupation of each person cul- 
tivating on his own account 

ttrlj gothwSrd jiMwOr tuiitlwir. A tabular 
abstract statement of each kind of produce 
(Jim) of the fields of » village, with the 
name of the occupant. 

H;ll^ H^IC 1^^'. tHOr; Bhoj. ukh&r, 

n. m. Three plongfalDgs. 

HtyCjJ ntfltl aJ^rd, n. m. The small stems 

thrown out by a young blade of wheat (1) 

HAaa? ritqT<i'W;(ioA;n^i>-i>>.s.fithre0. 

A boundary marie 
tlfMiixdl, n. t Settling a boundary. 



Hk=->'-> 7T7 (df; Hag.<a})}Mr,u.m. 1. Canvass. 
2. The mator carpet on which a banker aits. 

(d( y& tappaf u/dfnd, v. n. lU. To tie turned 
over (tlie tdi). To be, become, or be declared 
a bankrupt ; to be posted in the Gazette. 

HiS>0' {d^- High and pwr soil. (1) 
H l^ Zm iop'pS, a. m. E. A small tract or 
diviaioD of country, smaller than a ParganS; 
comprising one or more villages. 

In aoms parts of the N. W. P. a Tappi deaote* 
a tract ia whiah thera ia one prinoipal town, or t 
lugs village, with luida uid villigea dopeodeDt apoD 
them, or ■ cluater of villagea aoknonledgiog the 
■upremw? of oQS omoogBt them and fanning « 
■art of corporate body although not otherwiaa 
identioaL Wilim. 

H ^eJ^ ft^in iii'ari, n. f. A soil which is 
irretentive of moisture. 

H JUX5 z«nT9 iihif, n. f. s. zipt «mt- 

Assay office ; mint 
iaktdt ks khota, adj. Base-born ; badly taught; 

ill-bred. [master. 

takid^, n, m. An officer of the mint; mint- 
H&IaJoTqKItI taJ^nO, n. m. A petty tax 

levied in lieu of fodder. 
HUjy TTin top'»Ml, T-a. To sow by the 

haud; to put down a young tree or ontting; 

to plant 

1. Loss; deficit; defalcation. 2. Damages; 
forfeit ; compensation ; amends ; penalty. 
tata vth/inU, »ahjid, deTtS, yS bharTid, v. o, 

1. To Buffer a loss ; sustain damage. 

2. To make restitution ; reimburse ; in- 
demnify ; make up or make good (a loss) ; 
compensate ; repay ; refund. 

(ofd bhara'I, n. t. Indemnification ; compen- 
sation ; restitution. [lou ; to lose ; GilL 
to^ jmptd yH hand, v. n. To incur or sufibr a 

HiJ^' Zt (*«?; B^j- ?*<«??«. "■ »»• S. fsn 
a rogue. 1. An impostor ; a cheat ; rogue. 

3. A swindler ; sliarper. 3. One of a gang 
who poison or strangle travellers. 

baTiOra ihoff, n. m A swell mobemaa. 
tJ^ Snti thoffS'l, ihag biddiyS, n.f. 

1, Cheating; fraud; deoeit ; imposture. 

2. Swindling; sharp practice. 

tiV 5iiinfAa<7'n<l,v.a. To cheat; impose upon; 
overreoob ; circumvent ; delnde ; pnt t^on ; 
{mtotise upon; dupe; triok. 


^ ] 

,J^ Snt ihagl, n. f. 1. The practice or pn>- 
feasion of a thaff. 2. The Department for 
the BuppreeaioD of thoffi. 

H y^^ ZiV^ thWar, a. The aystsm of eAow- 
hi^rl prevailing ia Rohtak Ben. 

Tbe able-bodied m«nof the village &ra enrolled 
ia Um Paiudri'i book, and their hudm written oa 
■DoalL potaherda callod tkikar (wbenoa tbe name). 
These nre thrown together into t, large pot, kept in 
the village boll or ehaupdl, with another emptj 
pot by it. It ii the Palvmri'i duty to Tisit the 

H JUCa^j ffST ihek'd, W. ; thlkd, E. n. m. H. 
thairtia to be settled. 

1. Piece-work ; work done by oontraot or 
by the job. 2. Hire; fare; contract 

3. A lease ; liceDse. 

4. See ijdrah. \oa lease. 
Aeka-bindi, n. f. 1 farm or lease; a farm held 
theid bitft, Extra imposts ; presents or gratui- 
ties of money ; persona] service. KuuiauQ. 

^kd jxUtd, n. m. A. docuioent conveying a 
leaae or farm. 

thekd pnhui, n. m. A leaae or form of which 
the rent is paid in adTanoe. [lifa 

^hded Ain hay&t, A lease for the term of one's 

theke-ddr, a. tn. Contractor ; lease-holder (v^ 
rah-ddr I) ; one who forms a licence for the 
Bale of spirituous liquors or the like ; one 
who receives the rents from the cultivators 
and pays a stipulated amount to the pro- 

^ttke-dir hS^lrddr, n. tn. A lessee in arrenrs. 

theke-d&r% kd bandro-boit. A farming settlement 

Oieka mujrai. An usufructuary leaae. 

0uka mMtdjri. A fEirming lease. 

theit-ddr manrutl, n. m. An hereditary lessee. 

theke-ddr nmunln kd isUhqdq pegh k. To set 
up a title as an hereditary lessee. 

^leS-i-ddiptl, n. m. A lease in perpetuity. 

tlukd dend, v, a I. See ijdrah denS. 2. 'I'o give 
out in piece-work or by the job. 

theid detm-vdtd, Lessor ; grantor, [has to run. 

theke K miydd. The terra for whicn the lease 

^uisd lemJ, V. a. 1. To take or enter into a con- 
tract ; to contract ; lease ; farm; to take out 
or purchase a licence. 

2. To monopolize ; engross. 

,/-tlA«7 i^n thtl'ani, a. m. H. ant a share. 

Land aoquiied by force. Carnegy. 

H Uj^ 7VT ¥^% »■ Ki> ^ loos atitoh, 

A Camoutbt, q. t. on unstamped paper ; 

a bond ; cheque. 2. Secnrity to pay a sum 

by aatipulated period; a note of hand. [bond. 

pofl-AuI e^, n. f. A cashed bill; a ^sobarged 

fl IC^ 3)9il tlk'A, n. m. S. ^tm to explain, 

1. See tilak. 

2. A mark of distinction, chiefthip, etc 

3. A ceremony connected with betrothal. 

4. Presents in laoaey or goods, and espe- 
cially coooanuts to the intended bridegroom 
from the father of the bride. [veatitnre. 

6. The ceremony of installation and in- 

A Ls^lj tsi-'it ; Illit tdbat, $abia, adj. c^ 

Bubdisted. I.Sound; entire (jnlrd). 2. Firm; 

stable; constant. 3. Proved ; established ; 

subslantjated ; convicted. 
tSbit k. V. a. To prove ; support the truth of; 

make good (a charge). 
tSbit hand, v. a. To be proved ; established. 
Acf-X >a'tu,a. m. .i^ a third. A third 

person ; referee ; assessor ; arbitrator ; 

umpire {biehaufyd). 
y^KfiJ\i tdUt-hit-^khair, An Impartial or 

unprejudiced arbitrator. 
bUiiU talU-nAvwh, n. m. An award b; a jni^r ; 

arbitration award. 
^IJ id'litan, adv. In the third place ; thirdly. 
^>* idlUl, n. f. Arbitration. [tioo. 

^U.^iJ taliii-khdngi, n. f. Private arbitfa- 
MUm! kamd, v. a. To arbitrate. [tration. 

tdlUi TtuA lupurd kartid, v. a. To refer to arbi- 
^\3 t»<j }\^l iqidrndmah-i-idliil. Agreement 

to abide by an award of arbitration ; deed of 

assent to arbitration. 
^U muLo^ faitaind'nah-i-idtitt. An award 

of arbitration. 
A ^^ ad'ni, adj. ^ he doubled it. Second 

sdni-ul-hdl, adv. Secondly. 

if"^ ii^ iajm-Mdni, A second tnvestigatios 
or trial; review of judgment. 

^\3 J^ taraf (ai.l, n. m. The opposite 
party ; an adversary. 

^\3 tiia-lU muldhcuaitdni, n. m. niuari-tdiH 
n. t Second reading; revision; reviaal. 

^J flUJ nUdtn-i-tdta, n. m. Be-eale. [plaoe. 

V</ (O'ntf on, adv. Secondly; in the second 

AuxAj tabt, a. f. An impression; a seal; 

labt k. t. a. To inseit; enter; inscribe; tub- 
scribe or affix (one's signature), [signftture). 

nukfyO-mit k j.tulo affix a mark (by vay of 

tabt hood, V. n. To be inaoribed or written. 
k'A'f^ mfrlU'; Pop. aabiU, n, m. <ai:?sub- 

aiated. Proof; testimon; ; demouatratioa ; 

determination (of guilt). 
nbSi-i-utehqdq, Proof of right or title, [dsnce. 
tubat-i-batiiki, yd bS<H^-nair, Prima facie evi- 
nAM-i-nadl, Corroborative sTidence. 
nbilt-i'lahrirl,yd kdffUjBocameatai J evidejiaBi 

written testimony. 
nib<at44ar(lidl. Rebutter ; counter Brideaoe. 
nbSt-i-tayTlri, Oral evideuoe. [guilt. 

n^<St-^jurm, Convictioa ; determination of 
iHMf^'unn ka hvhm, lOdir k. To pass sentenoe. 
nMt^-haqiyat, Establishmeat of & right ; 

proof of claim. 
nhtUihaqtyat-^mudflmauribii. EBtablisbmont 

of right to an hereditary rent-free estate. 
•uiiK-t-iAartjl, KxtrinBJo evidence. 
nbHt-i^rje awal, The beat proof; evidence 

of the first degree j direct prool 
MbSi-irdaarie doyam, labvt-i-mlnd. Seoondary 

proof or evidenca 
nbSt-i-da^iat. Proof of signature. 
tuiiU-i-tarih. Clear proof; direct evidence. 
niOf-i-ziffini j/d nwvaij/ad. Collateral prool^ 

corroborative evidence. 
tubilt-i-qSnilni. Legal proof 
nbHt'i-qaiaiL Conclusive proof 
tubiU-i-qat/a^ Presumptive proof. 
miiU-t-iuAm, yd xabdnl. Oral testimony. 
tHbM viabni bar qSrSyan-i-jnuqaddima. Cir- 

cnmstantial evidenoe ,- collateral testimony. 
wAdf men d4iAU kamS. To allege aa proof; 

adduoe in evidenoa 
tibHt-i-paiSj/at-namah. Probate of will 
fAga-irtubiit ko pahuntAdiUL To establish; 

substantiate; bring borne; prove. 
rad4-wAut, Counterproof. 
indn'-tuMt'i-jurm. Upon conviction. 
viUMidn-al-tt^iat. Tenable ; capable of proof; 

Tbnt can be established. 
K,**^ MM'an, D. m. ,^ prioe. Summons. 

msum jAri k. 1. a. To summon. 
tar-i^aman, n. m. 1. Price ; value. 2. The 
fee payable for service of summons (^Mnd). 

li^i-i^ tai'yahi, n. f A young voman who 

has oonsuronkated her marriage ; faimina 
eujtM -perUt mrginibu ; (one) depucelated ; 
one who baa been robbed of her virginity. 

P t^ j< ; H. yi^ah, n. f. Z. jK. (In eomp.) A 
plftce; locality. 

U*JUV ja-niuh%k, n. m. A vicegerent ; viceroy ; 

successor. [sion; vicegereney. 

^^^\^ jO-nathliS, a. f. Lieutenancy ; aucotts- 

A ^ )^ }^% '•^- Customary ; in force; in use. 

jSri ralh'tUl, v. a. 1. To carry on ; continue ; 
pursue; prosecute. 2. To conduct; manage. 
3. To extend, i. To maiatain. 
j&ri tTipnyd, n. m. Current rupee or coin. 
jdn ro/ind, v. n. To continue ; subsist. 
jSri-ihtidah, adj. Established ; in force. 
jSHk., r. a. I. To issue; send out; serVe. 
2. To set on foot; spread; circulate; pro- 
pagate; make current; promulgate. 3. "To 
begin; introduce (a custom), 4. To carry 
iuto effect; to give legal effect to; to enforce; 
put in execution; putin force; enact; issue 
(an order). 5. To setup; establish; institute. 
6. To use or exercise {a right); to admi- 
nister, [to law. 
Jdrl h., T. n. To be issued; enacted; passed in- 
2. To arise ; come into operatiou; become 

HV"!^ Wl^f!^ jil'tar,n.iB. 1. Money or other 
pledge left with the seller for an artiole taken 
away on inspection or on commission sale. 
S. Suspense account; a conditional pur- 
chase ; a deposit ; a memo. 

J&ar baJii, n, f. Suspense account book. 

Jdkar bechnO, v. a^ To sell on oommission or 
subject to approval. [aion sale. 

JSkar lejdaS, v. a. To take goods on cotomis- 

jakar, adj. Lying by; old (stock). 

H ^4^^ ^TOnt jd'Man;Bboj.ja>nua(&t, 

The wooden fouudation of the brick work 

of a weU. 

P >A}W JAgir' ; Rus. ja^r, n. f. P. jd place, 

gir taka Rent-free grant ; a freehold ; fief. 

A giant ol IftDd mads by the QoTsnuoaBt to 

f«ud an individual >■ a rtward for eome ipaoial 

good serrice. 
Undur the Hah. OoTsnunent, it wu a iaDure 
ia which the public reienue of a given tract of 
land was made over to ■ Bervsnt of the Statt^ tn- 
gecher with the powers requiaite to enable him to 
coUeol and appropriala auch raTenua and ad- 
nunister the general goremment of the diatrict. 
Doder the Britiah QovanuQeot, mich tennra* (jifir) 
have now coma to be conudered aa family proper- 
tiea, of which the holdera could not be rightfulh 
dispoaseaaed, and to which their legal hein> lucoeed, 
■a a matter of courae. without the fine or nwrOna 
levied under the Uahomedan rule. With regard 
to the jSgbr in general, the apecial abject and cha- 
racter of the grant waa commonly apeclfied by the 
deiignation attached to It. The term is alio in uae, 
although with aome lioenae, to deaigiiata temporafr 
grants, allowances, or itipenila, from the Oavem- 
ment to individuals. 

Dnder Native Oovemonnta, jigtrt were of two 
kinds ; public and private. Public j"girt were 
made by the Buler lor aervicea rendered to the State. 


tiinttjtmrt werelaDds whi«h the owners gtie 
nut-free Renenffi; to village anrjuata or retainen, 
in lias of money wagea. Public ^djrln were ordi- 
ntiHj made in perpetaity and tb^ were geoersllj 
reapeoted. Pubic jif^ir» were •itiea herwlitary, and 
thej were contingaat on the coDtinuanoa of the 
aanice to be performed. The diBerence according to 
Uie Settlement Officer, Bite Barelj, l>«t«e«D it and 
muifl ia, that auoh a JSgir was not understood, 
ander the N'ati7e QaTernineat, to convey the pro- 
prietary right, while tarjtdri muHfi was ueuulty 
understood to do ao. WtUon. 

jaglr^Mn hayat, An estate held rent-free dui^ 

ing one's lifetime. 
fU*.l j/V jOfflr^-aluiam, Lands granted for 

the maintenance of troops. 
iat*'>i- k^'a. j(^r^A«Wma<, AasigTimeatof land 

to Triage aervanta and officers, 
jlrfj-Ti^ jdgir-ddr ; Bus. ja^r-d&r, n. m. The 
bolder of a fee, or j&glr ; » feoffee j 
grantee ; the lord of a manor ; a holder of 
a perpetaal tenure subject to quit-rent and 
jAglr-i-davfyn, A rent-free estate descending' 

to one's heira. 
SAiy^^ jSgir-ieU. An assignment for per- 
sonal support, or requiring personal eervice. 
jStfir gair nuuAnU, f& Ulit tharl. An uncondi- 
tional or absolute assignment.' 
Jine ^r^. jOfflr-i-mahAl. A district assigned. 
jdfftr maihriil yA thara, A j^\r granted with 

Ja^r-i-maTitiA, A grant of land attached to an 

office or dignity. 
P ^ta. jio, n. f. Life ; spirit ; soul, 
jM-bakhthl, n. f Life giving; pardon. 
Jin-Mtnd. A life-insurance policy. 
jOn Hmd k., V. n. To insure one's life. 
jSn lA amdn. The safety of one's life; life; par- 
don; quarter. 
jin mSma, 1. To kill ; destroy a life. 
A i.^t^iA''w&) n. f- v^the side.SeejjII, 3, 4. 

jSnii, adv. Towards (Com. taraf). 

jAnih-ASr, adj. Partial ; biassed. [partiian. 

jdnUhdAr, a m. A supporter ; second ; patron ; 

jdntft-ddri, n. f. Partiality; bias. 

janib-doTi k., t. a. To be biassed in faror of; 
to take one's part ; espouse a side, 

jAnibu, adv. In the name of; iu behalf of. 

tf^VjaniA**>i')n. ni. Dual. Both sides or par- 
ties; the parties in a case. 

I* jSnih, n. m. The writer (a superior addreea- 
ing a subordinate). 

P K^. jHh, n. m. Rank (jnartaiah). 

jlU-jlW jsA ojalSl, Rank and grandeur. 

jdh o hashan, d. m. Rank and dignity; (Pop.) 
wealth and honors. 

JAh maruc^. Rank and dignity. 

P ^^ j^i, jA ; H. jagah, n. t. Plaoe ; room. 
jaietirdt. Room for obJeotioQ. 
jdH andegha. Cause for apprehension. 
jSipandh, u. f. A place of refuge ; an a^lam. 
jOe pethah, n. m. Flooe of business. 
jde le ^ sir, adj. Proper ; appropriate ; right. 
jditur. Ground of complaint or objection. 
jdi teHrdat, a. t. The place where an offence 
is committed, or an affray haa occurred. 

P jfhlit:^ jtUdOif; Illit. jadddi E. Rus. jajSl, 

n. t 1. Property ; an estate ; assets ; funds ; 

effects. 2. £. A ataadiug crop. 3. An assign- 
meut ou land (for the maiDtenance of 

troops or an establishment, or a person), 
joaddA^irCheX. Ancestral property or estate. 
jaiiddd-i-ijmdii. Joint undivided property or 

j&cddd tjmdn kd mugaddaima. A case of joint 

ownership. [perty. 

^tjl ,»I,>,{W jdedddA-mrdU, n. f. Landed pto- 
^)l,*x.l Jlf^i}^ jdidddi-Mmrdri, n. f. An 

assignment of revenue in perpetuity, with 

a reservation of a certain amount cd rent, 

and of other Government claims. 
jded^iri-baglmdiidah. G. 0. Residviary estate. 
jdiddd-i-*'Jthds, G. G. One's own property. 
■i-^yfjfjl^jdilddd-i-tavjiffat,Ved. for H. fart- 

dha». Wife's property ; paraphernalia, 
jdiddd-i-taknl. Habitable property; honses. 
jdeddd'i-shatthari. The husband's estate or pn- 

^l}«w jl,»< V jdeddd-i-iohrSl. Forest property. 
^t> jtjj^\^ jdeddd4-'dm. 0. Q. General assets. 
jdedsd-i gair-maqh&sdh, Property not in pos- 
jdXdSd-i-gair-martqiUah, Landed or real proper 

ty ; immoveable property ; realty. 
j&eddd qurq k. To take property in execution ; 

to attach an estate. 
j'didsd id har adad. Each article of property, 
^u jt.kfV jdiddtU-witiaqd. G. G. Surplus 

property. [heir looms. 

j3iddd-i^imUaaUi^a4-yidnddn. Family property; 
j&eddd-i-mutandgilL The property in suit or 

dispute ; the property under litigation ; the 

property which is the subject of a dispute. 
jdeddd mathuua/i. Mortgaged land or property. 
jd:ddd-i-mtuhtarakd,$dihirkiUi, Property hud 

iu partnership or common tenancy j an estate 

or property held in common. 
^(&* j>.»fV jdeddd m&djl. Rent-free land. 
jdiddd mva/i-i-!an haydt. A grant of land for lif& 
jdeddd mud/l-i-davdm. A grant for ever. 
jde'ldd-i-miuhitdh. Confiscated property. 
jdidSd-itna^HUah. Property in possesaioo. 

il j^itl^i^ jS&md^-maqrSqa. Attttohed or 

sequestered property. 
HyJi* -il-kiV jUdad-i-nakiUS^ Acquired, or 

gelf-aoquired property, [ed property. 

jaedsd-i-nvjlj^ah, ya mvstiigraqa, Hypotbecat- 

The property hypothecated in a bond^ 
ilj&U ^tj^^- jOeiidd manqQla. Moveable or 

peraonal propn^y; chattels ;^ peraonAltiea; 

goods ; peraotial effeots. 
tJiir* •*'*i^ jiedSd-i~mawiUi, Anoeatral pro- 
perty ; an inherited estate. 
ii l^ft iiIihV jded^i-mda-bifU. The pro- 

perty whieh is tbe subject of ft wilL 
^V <*I-hV jaeclAl^-nUSml. Property to be 

(old by auction. [tnie ; right. 

A UI&. j^lf^i ^*i ^- j)^ traversed. I. Just; 

2. Lawful; legal; coaatitutional ; consis- 

teot wiUi law ; legitimate ; authorized ; 

warranled. 3. Competeot ; receivable ; af - 

missible; permisaible; proper; justifiable, 
jsit-ut-etirat. Objeotiowihle; eioeptio cable, 
}ikra£hni[, t. a. 1. To reeoguize ; admit; 

leceLTo;, receive as- true ^ allow. 

2. To authorine ; warrant ; legalize^ 
jtiz qarMr deuA, v. a. To l^^ize ; uphold. 
i^ kai. It is admissible ; granted. 

ijci^ jdK'aA, n. m. 1. A mark (incheckisg an ac- 
count) ; examination {part&l, I.) 2. Cluster. 

SOitaK dmd, v. a. To give an account of one's 

SSivih lenA, v, a^ To check the entries iu an 
aoconut book, etc. [lawfuUy. 

I<t4ariq-i-j&it. 0. <n In ft lawful manner; 

^SnUrtan jdit. G. G. Legally right or iustified. 

ton jdiz O. 0. A lawful act. 

>{t»-U tiAJMit, adj. Unlawful ; illegaL 

a^'dti taur te, bci4*wi-n4-jdiz, adv. Ualaw- 
firily; iUegally; improperky. 

A yu^ jo^, a. m. }-^ he set (» bone). 1. 

Force ^^^>»<) >!}). 3. Goertiou ; extortion.. 

3. Imposition ; oppression ; outrage. 
yAi-i-JiadRd, jitir-i-aiiin. Heiuoua violence: 
jabr-irqaiu^. Duress of impcisonmout by mt- 

naces and threats ; ptr mxua*. 
jitbrlayamalm^^lanOfV. n. To employ force. 
ydt'-i-mujrimiliaa. Cdmiuat force. 
jo^rvrntiynnuliM k. Q. G. To sommit eri- 

miual Ibroe. 
jo&T't^Hjwtn, a. n. Beoompense of leas, 
joir iaadrtL Coercive treatment ; violence 

and oppiession. [te). 

W jair'oN, bil-jabr, adv. Forcibly (lahardoilf 
jabnm i^al Jbtrdnd, v. a. To' compel to 

certify ; to ortort oonfession. 

» c^^ 

jabran hhapRk., v. a. To press ; Impress: 

ja&ran tahUl k., v. n. To collect by ocercfre 

jabran ehhurdnS, v. a. To resone forcibly. 

iahran o qahrati ; H. jaite bane^taise, adv. Per 
/as et nefas; nolmt wlem ; willing or unwill- 
ing ; will he nil he; willy nilly. 

jabran le lend, v. n. To take by force ; usurp. 

jabran nilcAl lejSnd maatUrSt ki. Abduction 
of females. 

qatdan jabr i., 0. G Intentionally to use force. 

H ^LJ^ SHW ju'*% n, f. H. jotni to plough. 
Ploughing; tillage; cultivation. 

Us»i ^a^ jut'nO, V, n. 

1. To be yoked, attached to. 

2. To be ploughed, tilted, cultivated. 

H l^J^ STIT K'^ > "■ "^ ^ i* 

1. A band ; gang, fflook. 

2. E. A great number; tnasa; heap; 

3. Capital; stock 

4. A coparcenary; brotherhood; a family 
or corporation holding lands in common. 

faths BMdhna, r. a. To ibrro a party. 
jathe-v&r; adj. Corporate ; joint ; common; 

belonging to propriet&iy families; settled 

cr assessed according to fratemitiea; 

possessed in common. 
H AtSa^ ^^mm jijndn', n. m, S. morm 
A client tO' whose custom BtahmanSy 

barbers, washermen, and some others, have 

a prescriptive claim, 

(The h«raditai7 Brnhnun, or barber, etc of *■ 

villus must be paid his feea, nhatheryoucluMMta 

eippu>y Mm or another person}.. 

A i3<^ i"^ D- m. A graodfatheE. 

jad'di, yoi-jaddi, adj. Ancestral: (property). 

P fkM. judS. adj. Z, jud. Different. See •Xll 

judA^dnd. Separately f apart, 
jvdH h. To be separate apart from. 
A fi^fi- jwd'yam, n. m. pi of Ut]/*—f» 

he out it. Crimea ; offences, [crimes ; felony^ 
jarayam-MtngiH, iw m. Serious or noo-bailabte 
jariyam^'khafifa, a. m. Petty or bailable 

offences ; light offences. [religion. 

jardyam nisbat-i-mmAab. G.O. Offences against 
jardyam muqaddamtU bag&vat y& inhirc^ Q. 

G. State offences. 

^ —a, yxr'iA, a. m. ^■^ lie voimiled him. 

1. Inflicting a wound; an offence against 

the person. 2. Objection; plea,' argument; 

denial (in law). [croas-question. 

janik k., T. a. To oall » quution (eterSi t.)i 
jank ke tudt. Gross exMninatiou. 





A Afi^ j^r'n, D. m. pi. jarii/am. A oriminal &at 

or offence ; crime ; guilt ; malum prohibituMi 
poBitive mispriaion ; miBdameanour. 

Jurtori-auia, am. G. G. Positive offence. 

Jttrfn-MSnl, n. m. G. Q. Negative offeuce. 

jwm^khajlf, n. m. Minor offence ; a petty 
offence ; a bailable offence. 

jurm khUqf varvt tarkar. Ofienoe against the 
State. [sodomy. 

jurmMtU/wKO-i^/lM, Annnnatural offence; 

jurm M motari/h., v. n. To plead guilty. 

i^ddm^urm, An attempt to commit a crime. 

dlTuU-trjuina. Aiding and abettiiu; criminally. 

furm »e munUr h., v. n. To plead not guilty, 

jwrn-i-aaan, jtirm-i-thadid, jurm qdbit phdAal, 

Juni-i-halArah, A capital crime. 

Jurm qubiUnli, v. n. To plead guilty. 

Jwm la mvr^iJab A., v. n. To commit or per- 
petrate a crime j to do a criminal aat ; to be 
an aggreBSor. [an offence. G. Q. 

jurm ie tardtor ho taktS hai. May amount to 
' rat lA tdrif tneA daiMl K, v. n. To fall under 

the definition of au offence. 
iurrn miUa&liqcM-xai that. An offence against 
the person. [property. 

jvmt mutaaliq<MrmiU. An offence against 
'urm mutaaliqa'i^vqgan yd urdr hhSi o dnt. 
A nuisance ; an offence causing hurt or 
annoyance to individuals or the public. 
n» mndv<m-f\h. An offence abetted. 

jytTM munq/t m&dalat-i^tmmah An offence 
against public justice. [infamous offence. 

jtirm mantUb baiadtidt>ii-i-ahadid. G. G. An 

jurm vdjA^-qatt. A oapital crime. 

irtei^irJKnn. The conunission of a crime. 

iqbAlri-jurm. A confession of guilt. 

nhHt-irjurm.. Proof of guilt. 

b^jwrm, a4j. Innocent ; guiltleaa {be-ffundh). 

be jurm thairSnd, v. a. To declare innocent; 
to acquit ; exculpate. [quent offence. 

har jurm mviarrar. 0, G. Every such eubee- 

Aariie-i-jiirm. Particept criminit ; one who aids 
or abeta in a crime; an abettor; an 
accomplice or accessory. [of charge. 

namtmejMhand^ardr-ddd^jumt. G. Q. Forms 

•Hoj^ jwrmSna; Dlit jarimSnfi, jarimyand, 
y»rS>d»d, a. m. A fine ; forfeit ; penalty. 

jarmdna fiAomd, yd dend, v. n. To pay a fina 

jvraWinajl., v.a. To fins; impose, levy, or inffict 
B fine; mulct; amerce. 

jwmdna mud/k., v. a. To remit a fine. 

jarmdna vutHl k., v. a. To realize a fine. 

jurmdne kd kai jum. 0. G. Proportion of fine. 

leiAjvtv m«A. G. G. In any part. 

A i>-^>^ jarH)', n. t v^v A certain measure. 

1. A measuring chain. 20 gatthdt or SS 
Oovemment, or 60 Native ytuils « 1 jarti ; 
1 square j'arii — 1 standard Hlgha. 

2. A land measure, the square of one 
jarii being equal to one BiglUL [768 lbs. 

3. A com measure of 384 raaunds or about 
i. An iron pointed spear ; a staff. 

^J^ttviA■ 3'*'^^ ^^I> Increase of the land oa 

the jamA of the current year ever the past. 
^^YiA- jarih-i-ehiuhd, u. m. A paper ot 

record of the measurement of land. 
al^'rt?^ jc'ift *'iAo)(;A, n. m. The charges on 

meamrinff Iwid, paid usually by the Ryot 

or tenant to the landholder, 
jarii daind, ydphenhUl, v. n. lit. To throw Uu 

jarib. To measure or survey the land, 
jdrii k., V. a. To make a survey (ef land). 
J**" -rtrt- f*r^huh, n. m. to. The drawer of a 

measuring ohtun. Ameuurer; a lurv^or; 

land surveyor. 
^ •rtrt-yoriJ^toAl, u. f. Ueasuraneiit of 

mensuration of land ; the office of a laod 

survey; a survey"; revenue survjey. 
1^ T•i?^ jar\b kamS, n. t Decrease in the 

year's measurement of the Ryot's land. 
tjftii^ joHiX n. f, 1. A land measurer or 

surveyor ; 2. Whatever relates to measure- 

msnt, as the cost of it, etc. 
jot jorlfii kd pattd. A kind of lease under which 

the cultivator pays rent only for the ground 

actually cultivated, as deter min^ by 

<r*f>^ i^j^f mauqdfl-i-Jaiib. Relinquishment 

or postponement of an intended surrey. 
A ^5>^ jm'vi, adj. Trifling ; trivial ; petty. 

juiv-irqartd. G. G. Part of a debt 
jutv-i-dSvA ; Part or portion of a claim. 
jutvl nu^tdn, n. m. Partial injury. 
A '*^j^ ji^ydh, jtuyaA, a. m. ^>^ made 
satinfactioQ. [on infidels. 

A capitation tax levied by Mahomroedani 
In SSgar a houM-tax on the mhabitaDts of towia 
not engaged in tillage. 

A J«. jail ; Pop. jdl, n. m. Jn^. he made {a 
thing). Illicit imitation ; fabrication ; coun- 
terfeit ; fbi^ery. 

jdl bandnd, yo L, v. n, To fabricate ; forge. 

jdt'tiz, jdliyd, n. m. A forger; one who ooun- 
terfeits. [tion. 

jdl-tdti, a. f. Forgery; counterfeiting; fabrioa- 

jdl *e, adv. Corruptly; dishonestly. 

jdl *e muibarrd. 1. Not forged or fobrioated. 
S.Sound; without flaw; geunine; true. 

^1^ joAS; Pop. JOK adj. 1. Forged J fabri- 
cated; fictitious; counterfeit. 2. Spurious; 
not genuine ; false ; vicious. [child. 

jdH iejd; H. bandotl Md, n. m. Supposititious 

jdR datldoa batUtnA, v. n. To f<Hge a document 

jdtikdffot. A forged paper or document 




P s£^ jag'ah ; Illifc jaghe, jag^hai, n. t 
1. Place. 2. Poat; office; appointment; 

utuation; aTftoanoj. ' 3. Occasion ; time. 
A J^.U:^ jatd-vatan, adj. Banished. 
jald-vtUan i., det ntkiSi denS, t. a. To baniBh 

from one's country. [meot; exile. 

^yl^ ytla^xUMl ; H. dtirHikiilA, n. f. Banisb- 
A&u*l^ jafiah'iVMB.jhaliS, n.vo.. yfJ^ he B&t. 

1, Meeting; afiseaibly; eitting ; committee. 

2. Entertainment ; feast ; nautch ; dance. 
jaiKMusard, n. m. Senate ; House oi Lords. 
jaUai-haJnm, yi adslat, The bench ; a tribunal, 
B i^^ya. 9ldmf^ 3<UoUarit, n. m. S. 

The ceremony of marrying a poad, well, 

grove, etc. 
A «-)V iuMt'i Bos- ja'Id'* n- >■• j*"*- ^ 

nt 1. A««eBBion to a tltroDe. 
S. Betinue ; court. 
^^ jula^i, tdj. Of the year or date nokoned 

from a prince's accession. 
mn-ijtiiiii, a. m. The year of the king's 

accession to the throne. 
A tS'^a. jamS'At, a. t, £•«• he ooUeoted. 
1. A party of men ; a company ; corpora- 
tion ; body ; society ; coomianity. 

3. A meeting ; gathering ; assembly ; con- 

vention ; congregation ; band ; faction. 
3. Companies or crafts uuder hsreditaiy 

ehiels vho, vith a panchHyat, settle all dis- 

pntea among themselves, including thoae of 

caste. Carnegj/. 4. Group ; class ; rank ; 

order ; a class in a sohooL 
jamaSt HlH aattad, O. G. Unregistered company. 
jamiaf-i-»anad-i/^aA, 0. 6. An incorporated 

company ; a corporate body. 
jamdat-i^mvltafaqa, An association. 
jomdaC-i-ffiainnda. U. G. An unlawfiil assembly. 
Ax.*&.jaMJ, n. f. t**- collected, l.l^tal; 

whole ; t^gregate ; sum ; total 2. Capital ; 

principal ; (stock ; assets (pMfi) ; fund. 

3. The total amount of rent or revenue 
payable by a cultivator or Bunindar, inolud- 
ing all cessee ss well as land taz. 

4. Outlay ; cost price, 

5. Receipts; collections. 6. Credit; cre- 
dits ; the credit side of on account. 

7. Proceeds of land ; the land taz ; the 
gevemment demand ; revenue of the state. 
0*1 Java, n. f. The net demand. 
jama barae khareh-i-fafal. Road fund. 
j<mAiandf, n. £ 1. Accounts of the revenue 
rental ; rent roll {jama, 6.) 

3. Asseesment of the luid revenne; set- 
tlement of the revenuo ; atsaasnent 

jamA han^ hand-^iatl. A settlement rent rolL 

jamd band« mujawazd. An authorised rent roll. 

jtani band^ muqarrarah. Fixed revenue. 

jamahaniR no^. Assessment of revmiue of 
lands payable in money, not in pTDduce. 

jama bandl yd bastl tojAHl*. Amount of reve- 
nue assessed upon any tract agreeably to a 
fixed standard. 

jamS-landi k. v. a. To assess revenue. 

jamS (ftdrl, yH saAffin. Excessive demand; 
heavy or over-assessment. 

jama bhama, v. n. To pay the r«it or jama. 

jamd bery. A partioulu statement of a reve- 
nue assessment. [asBwsment. 

jamd-irtarmim-ihudaJt^ A revised demand or 

jamd iaqnm. The portions .of the general rent 
or revenue roll belouging to different por- 
tions of territory. 

jamd jhard. Receipts and disbursements of a 
village or estate ; a periodical return of 
either cash or grain. 

jamd charidiA. Collections or reveoue from 
miscellaneous sources. 

jamd ha»U, The total of the revenue coUeotsd. 

jamd hdl, The existing demand ; the present 
assessment or jamd. 

jamd Aua& Amount ; total ; mm. 

jamd kharek, jamd o Morc/i, n. m. Receipts 
and disbursements; revenue reoeipts and 
balances; debit and credit; cash account ; 
acooimt current ; account of colleotions and 
ehai^es. [transaction. 

jamd khareh Jed mvdmlah, n. m. A pecuniary 

jama kha*ek lUJmd, y& ifc. v. d. To draw out- 
au account ; to book. [up am account, 

jaimd kharA mildnd, v. n. To bahtnee or m^e 

jamd-IAaireh-navis. Book-ke^ier ; accouutaiit. 

jamd d^ndL The net eetimatad amount of the 
revenue of the whole d* "•■ <*>rof. Caraegy. 

jamd dikdfi. Settlement of the ivoportion of 
revenue to be paid by each village severally. 

jamd raiyaS, The rent paid by a tenant culti- 

jamd raqmi, 1. An estimate or computed total. 
2. The total amount of revenue which an 
estate or district is estimated to yield. 

jamd rakha gayS. Kept in deposit. 

jami tamSn, n. Land, of which the assrasment 
has l>een settled ; land paying revenue. 

Ah sppUed to an undar-tenure it muiia oaa in 
which tiis rereDue im becm settled at a fixed rate 
<m the land, iirMpaoliva of oultivatioD. 

^'omd tarhdr. The Oovemment jama or 
reveraue ; revenue of the state. 

jamd »adr. The revenue assessment settled 
with the Government direct by the pro- 
prietors or contractors, in contradistinction 
to the jama mufattal, 

ytmi (ori^ bdikdknd, t. «. To over aaien. 



jamS qadlm. The total amount of 

filed from an old date. [sessmmt. 

Jami kanut. Complete, final, or standard as- 

Id Bengal the tora ugiull; daootm the Bettle- 

ment nude by Akbu'a finuioial minuteT Todar M&l. 
jami k,, V. a. 1. To gather together ; ocoumu- 

lata ; heap ; amass. 

2. To lay by ; lay up ; store up. 

3. To add together ; add ; cast up ; Bum 
up. i. To collect ; assemble ; call in ; 
raise; leTy. d. To deposit; credit; carry 
to credit or account. [2. A depositor. 

Jama karne-vHi, n. m. 1. One who collecta. 

jam&hiU, adv. Altogether. [seesmeut. 

jamh kul, n. f. The total amount of revenue as- 

jatni-kolhJ. Bank stock; the assets of a firm. 

Jamd mahSl'i-D^r-boAr. Port duties, or an 
account of them. 

jamd natrakkab, a. t. Compound addition. 

jamd mtuhakhijiasah. Amouut of asseBsmeut ; 
estimated capital. 

JamavOtil bOp. Payments and arrears; re- 
veaue receipts and balances. 

jamd m\ifa»sal. n. f. 1. The aggregate amount 
of the different sources of revenue. 

2. The gross revenue to be colleoted in 
all the Tillages of a tamlndUri, as rated in 
the accounts, and to be paid after deducting 
charges to the eawUndir. 

jami mvqarrar. A fixed or permanent amount 
of revenue, an account formerly kept by 
the JTantlrtj/o of lands permanently assessed. 

jami tnunamh, A fair or reasonable amount 
of assessment. 

jami niqi*. The sura total of defioisnciea ; the 
amount of allowed deductions from the re- 
venue or account of public expenses borne 
by the lawindirt and tenants. 

jami vmtOl. An sbstraot of collections and 

jofnd wisU biql-navia. A Government olerk 
whose duty it is to prepare the jami toiM 

jam&^ieii, □. m. A capitalist 

jami honi, v. Q. To be collected ; to assemble. 

jami hone kl joffoh. A place of resort or 
assembly ; a centre ; nucleus. 

itimi^ir jamirbatu^ An account of revenue 
assessments settled with each individual 

jitu-vir jami-han^ Account of revenue 
assessed at certain rates, according to the 
produce or crops raised, [than the land tax. 

tivSjamiL Revenue raised from other sources 

khet-vir jami-bantR. An account of revenue 
assessed at a certain rete per field. 

It ihom the name of everj eulttntor, the Galde 
he cultivatsa, and thair nze, wHb the nte, tad the 
Amount he is to ptf. The primary trraiigement ii 
under LambardSn, whoa* fir comet fint, then the 
■It ol Uke PaUidtn, then the ■ubardinata holdinp. 

and next the fields onlUnted bj tnwnta it Ifiiad 

ntei, and I7 teniuite at will. It forma the la^it of 

the PMtntH'i annual paper*. 
qitm^uir jamibantR. Statement oi reveone 

assessed at certain rates, according to the 

quality of the soil 
,t»^ jamAdir', n.m, Thechief or leader of 

any number of persons; a native subaltern 

officer, second to the Subedir; an officer of 

pobce, customs, or exoise, aecond to the 

^i^^fi^jami-dit% n. f. The office of a jam*/*-. 
Htj%>* i> WI^I3( jomnau'fd, jamna»tiyA, 

D. m. A certain consideration given to a 

idlflMn or surety, ganerally amounting to 

about five per cent. 
Jamrtau'ta, n. An allowanoe of about five pe^ 

cent to a security. . Carney. 

^y^ t^nn jamo%a. 1. The small janum,q.T, 

2. Indigo planted before the rains and 

irrigated by artificial means. 

P.AH&*Ut-5'^*i^ «Sn;rnn jamog-ni^a, 
a. m. A deed of transfer of liabilities, as in 
the case of a loan contracted by a land holder, 
for which he transf^ to Uie lender the 
rants of his tenants. [gether. 

& )f^*^ jmAOr', n. m. }f*^ he collected to- 

A community ,- a whole people or nation; 
a republia 
jamh^rt ryitat, yi taltamU ; H. jptmehim r4/, 
n. 1 A republic ; democracy. 

H^y^- wit jan'ni;Mif.j<w»oAr,n.t.8.»*fl 

A mother; the actual mother of a child, 
in contradistinotitn to a step mother. 

A <_>(Ja. ymiH, n. f. Your Honor. 

jandi-i-man. Dear Sir. [excellency, or mtyest;. 

^U^U*. jatOb-i-m. Exalted Sir; Your or hii 

A ^J>^ pf, n. f. I. Articles; wares; mer' 

chandtse. 2. Grain; eom; cr^»; prvdueta 
3. Moveables. 

jint kamil yi'-iOi. First rate crops; the- belt 
crop that a field ean produce ; any artids 
of superior descriptioB. 

jiri*-vdj-. adj. 1. Classified. 2. Detailed; miscel- 
laneous. 3. Relative to crops. 

jim-^ir jami-ban^. A detailed statement of 
the rent levied upon each kind of crq». 

jitu-vir ihatattni. An account of the portions 
of an estate in which the lands are classed 
together according to their crops. 

P i_Ca. jaAff, n. £ War ; battle (far*)- 

joAg^-iaiyari, o. £ A ooUuaive dispute be- 
tween two parties to defimud a third. 



maUcA mKammd ie muqabil nuA jaw;, G. 0. 

T. a. To wage war against the Queen. 
H 4 P JJ^ a jf a jan'gcU, n. m. S. m^, 
1. A wood ; forest ; jungle ; forest land. 
3. Waste land ; untUled land. 
3. Pastuiage ; grazing ground. 
Jaiigal td/k,T. ». To clear land. 
jaiiSiiii-6«rt, n.f. "Hie act of clearing wood lands. 
jtngal-buri taaltttqd. An estate or tract of land 

overrun with jangle, held on eaay tennaon 

condition of its being cleared. 
'^mgal-tari, n. Low forest land lying ouder a 

range of bills, 
jangal^akSl Forest tract or estate, applied 

especially to the districts on the west of 

Bengal between it, and Behar and Cuttaok. 
Mya-irjangal o vlr&n. Grant of junj^e and 

waste lands. 
mahkama-i-jahglSi, Forest department. 
H J-^f- Snni jan'am, janm ; Rob. janan, jth 

latu, a. u. S. sp«^ birth, Pr. jammo. 

1 . Birth ; nativity. 2. Life ; existence ; age. 

i jmom-Mo/d, janam kti p^al, yi tvfi, a. m. 

A bom idiot ; a natui^ [insanity. 

A x'^^ jvnun', n. m. Luoaoyj madness; 

jundfi eharhnS, yd KonA, t. n. To become mad. 
jtaaln-iAuri, a, m. Lunacy with luoid intervals. 
junuA jtl hiilat, j/d galht «tM, adv. 

Under the influence of madness or a fit 

of temper, 
^^ jaKdn% adj. Uad ; insane ; nan tomgot ; 

of nusound or abnormal mind ; lunatic. 
A^M^yMln'; H. laeheha, n. m. Fatus; 

embryo ; an unborn ohild. 
/onln ko tarar jxihuAehind. G. G. To injure an 

unborn child 
H \y{^ ^91 jatKi^a, n. C The dUb 

grass ; Agrodi* liiuaria, Wat. ; a firagrant 

gnus which growa with Uari^ crops. 
Uff 3t jait, n. m. S. va, Pfthlvl, jov. 

1. Barley ; a barloy-oom. 
imi-rhant, a. m. h^har, n. f . A mixture of gram 

and barley. 
jat>d'f(l,yaiidA, adj. Mixed barley and wheat 
^'}^ drvt jaun'«ftl, n. A kind of smut in 

barley and wheat ia which the ears are 


H|^ J«T jtf* ». m. S. sm, Pfilt. j««*«. 

Jdto, jm, Gambling; gaming ; playing 

with dice, 
jud ikelnO, y. n. To gamble ; to play dice. 
ifi^ft^wft}uAr%3Ut-i>S*i P. {UKdr^, n. m. 

li^it fO^rm jvi-khanah ; p. qimar-kk&nO, 

n. m. A gambling-houae. 
Aib_»()^ jai^;Rus.j*w(l&,juGdi,n.m.l.Coan- 

terpart; correspondent part; double; pair. 
2. A nawer; reply; retort; rejoinder; defence. 
8. Reward; compensation (ajar). 

1. Discharge ; dismissal. 

6. Refusal of an offer of marriage. 

javOb-vl-javib, n. m. The rejoinder or reply. 

javSi bortaii&b, n. m. A good or proper answer. 

javah-dOvA, n. m. The answer to a plaint, 
charge, or accusation. 

javdb duginak. A double defence, [countable. 

javdb-d^, nd^. Answerable; responsible; ac* 

javSb-deh, n. m. A defendant; respondent. 

javab-dehi, n. t. Liability ; responsibility. 

javdh-deiA w ban, yd barl^d^mmd I:., v. a. To 
relieve or discharge from liabilities; to 
exonerate. [from tiabilitjes. 

javdb-dehl te chhatnd, t. n. To be discharged 

javSb-dehi k.,javdb dehl'i-niUuihk.,iav&bk., v. a. 
To contest a claim ; to defend an action. 

javdb dtHd, V. a. 1. To answer ; reply. 

2. To be accountable for ; account for ; 
to be amenable or responsible. 

3. To discharge ; dismiss j disband. 

4. Todesert; abandon. 

jcHTcK tavdi, n. m. Question and answer ; dis- 
putation {baht). [{bcAmd). 

javdb tavSl k., v. a. To reason ; dispute, etc. 
Fsa. To take one's aland upon ; ohop logia ; 
try ooDolusloiu. 

javdb shdfl, pa tdf. See diO yi3e}ixii&. 

J'av4!&-la/ai,adj. 1. Requiring an answer; called 
to account. 2. Questionable. [impeach. 

javd& taXah k., v. a, To call to account; 

^(.'a6(;iifai,n.m.Aconclusiveordefiiiite answer. 

javdb kdjaedb dertd, v. a. To make a rejoinder. 

javdb mvddaUah. A defence; an answer put 
in by a defendant. 

jaoib-i-miijihdt yd vajShM. An answer to a 
petition of appeal, or to the arguments for 
an appeal to be filed by the respondent. 

javdb-iavdll. Ah agent or attorney. 

j'owli't, n. m. 1. Counterpart (jawdS, 1). (dent. 
2, A defendant (miidddalah) ; a respon- 

H !;!;». a^in jafir'a, n. m. 1. As much 

land as can be ploughed by a pair of 

bullocks ; {In Delhi) the area plouzhed in 

half a day. [a well 

2. A yoke or pair of bullocks working 

A jl«^ jovdt', D. m. ;)^ was current or law- 
foL Propriety ; competency ; lawfulness; 
legality ; validity. [of evidence. 

javdi-i-»hahddat. Competency of a witness, or 

javdz htmd, v. n. To be lawful or allowable. 

SdamrjavO*, n. Invalidity, 



adOm-javiM, ai^j- Unlawfal ; Ulegal 
ktA amor kejav&t med kalA^ k., y, n. To ques- 
tion the validity of something ; to coU the 
legality of a thing iato question. 
^}i)f. javAA, n. Legftlitf ; ralidity. 

HUvJIj^ SSTNTT janvitA'tA, a. pi. S. mTO 
A scented priclcly sbnib, given to oamele, 
and sometimeB used as Mot for (a((b. 
P^(^ jainfn% u.f. 1, Youth; manhood; 

adolesoenoe; prime. 2. Puberty; the age 

of discretion ; full age. 
JavAni ebafkna, v. n. 1. To arrive at the age of 

puberty. 2. To be in heat or mttish. 
V.'AJfi- Sm jot. n- 1 S.ara!, H. jofna to yoke, 

plough. 1. Ploughing ; tillage ; cultivation. 2. 

Acultivated tract ; the holding or tenura of a 

oultivator. 3. The rent paid by a cultivator. 
t. Lutd held of a superior on the tcrnu of * 

taDuit cultivator, eojojing no propriatarj righti, 

although lomeUmes hold&g at ■ fixed nte and 

soiostimes heieditBiilj. WUtim. 

iot-bot; P. kadii; A. aardil, Tillage ; husbandry. 
jU^amd. The land cultivated, and assessment 

paid by the cultivator. [led (land). 

he-3ot,k, gair-matrUa, adj. Uncultivated, untll- 
he-joljamS. A Btatemant in the public account 

of the reveuae leviable on the land left un- 

bt-jol tarnin, Land abandoned or nntilled, as 

registered in the village aooounts. 
niJ-Mi P. khtcd-kSght, n. f. The lands of oul- 

tivating proprietors. 
Uj* jhm jofa, jotOr, jotyA, jotan-har,jotS,jota- 

dtr ; P. kSthlkdr, A. mat&ii, am. A plough- 
man; a oultivator; husbandman. 
jutail,/o</c^,jo<ti«/0y(i7,adj. Arable; culturable. 
jutd'i, n. £ t. Ploughing; tillage; oultivatioa. 

2 Cohabitation. 
HO?^ ShRilT jo^na, joint bona, t. n. g« 

to yoke. 1. To plough; till. 2. To bring into 

cultivation ; to redaim laud. 3. To yoke 

hnmesB. i. To vrin or buy over. 
Jotl bhuTit, A. xamln-i-maatHa, Ploughed land. 
HtE^)^ ^IXZ P^.i <>■ m. 1. One of a pair 

a mate; match; fellow. 

S. A pair of oxen naed in ploughing, eto. 
Hjj}^ @T^ jo/tl; Wom. jarvi, a. t S. 

WTQT, H. j(^d match. A wife;. consort. 
H *^^ dlSt jokh'oA ; "Kr. and Mag. jo- 

lEUn, n. f. 1. Risk; haiard; stake; venture. 
t. Any valuables, as jewels, money, eto, 
3, InBurauce (Kmd). 
P ^V«a, jaKlOA', n. Irons; fetters flefl, 1). 



pa h<tjavla.ii, adv. With fetters. 

H^U^ WRIT )auMdr',jeoBiJr;Mar.j»m'i*'; 
Farrnkh, iyun«r,n.f.H.jtn»na to eat. A feast 
{xySfot); dinner; entertamment banqnet 

H Jl"!)*- WT^nS jaundl', jaunSr, a. m. 

1. Land cultivated alternately for firing 
and autumn crops (Rohilkhund). 

3. Land cropped during the past season 

with wheat and barley (DehU). 
H f JJj> ain jatm'^, ^raeha, nachSn, n.m. 
A raised platform about ten feet high 

whence cattle and tall crops are watched. 
H;jI^ mm jh^ar, jhilda, u. f. UuBb; 

laud ; fen. See Camegy p. 151. 
JhOf-Uan^i n, m. A forest; jungle, 
tfjl**- unpjhafi; Mar. jMjrt, n. f. 

Forest; wood; jungle, 
Hl34^ Hn?TJAar'<*.'».m.l.Sweeping;ckaitt- 

ing; clearing. 2. Search (of the person). 
^ 3)^^ JoAdil, adj. Naval ; oaatioaL 
jahdH ip-ar'HdmaA. Charter party. 
jttkSii ta&rat. Oanying trade ; commeroe. 
joAad 4aka ya chor, n. m. A privateer. 

H J*4> ^591 i^^i'i^, adv. H. jh^ false- 
hood. For love, not for money, 

A4>^ jah'ad, jahd, a. m. Effort; exertion; 
attempt; endeavoor. 

Jahad-i-irUkSb, G. G. Attempting to eommit 

H tJ^ WCTT jAB/fid. V. n. S.^ to be de- 
cayed. To have the green sickness, or JIhot 

H >^y^ «B3 jAiii, jhath, jhOAt, n. m. S. JJ 

A fnlsehood ; a lia 
I')**' IJIT jAtH'd, jhaa, adj. 1, False ; untrue. 

2. Unsound ; not sound ; invalid, 

3. Not genuine ; couuteifeit ; imitation, 

4. ijhutta) Alloyed; base; debased; not 
pure ; false (lace, etc.). 

9. Fictitious ; invented ; forged ; artificial. 
jhHtS bat yd paimanS. False weights or aiea 

snre, [disprove, 

jAiKtl hartdna pH k., v. a. To belie ; falsify ; 
jh^ rapaiyd, yd nikd, n. m. False or bad 

coin. [document. 

jhaiakagoB, yd dtutOii**, n. A fbrg«l or false 
jhHtd kdffat banand, v. a. To fabricate ; forge. 
jAap aavffand, yJ qasam, n. f. A fiilse oath ; 

jhH^ffovdhl, ydaOhhi, n. t. False teertitnony or 

evidence; folse deposition. [avldenoe. 

jh^ gavOhi dead, t. a. To fabricate &lsc 

jkUti grivOhl ki lazA. G. G. Puniahment for 

hiae evidence. 
jidn nUli^ n. f. j/i^ ■miqadmil, n. m. Groitnd- 

lesa or idle suit ; false charge or oomplniiit. 
H >^}4> t1i7?iAtU&'<»i,jAtffcm,jA«tAttf,ti.f. 

LAud yielding k double crop. 
Hljjj^ iSlTI jAo/d; Bhoj. jAenyra, n. 
"nia stalks of laguminouB plants, at mUhg 

and moth, used as fodder. 
^^ ••^>4{-iAoib cA^UAl, Q. r. A fraadulent 

note of band, cheque or bill. 
}h6k viSrni, tal mArnd, v. n. To give a twiat to 

the beam of SkBcai9(d<at4indraA). 
^)(^}i^ ^WC^it^, a. 
Laod yielding two crops. 
H 3y eJJj^ *B?^iy jAii<i^i-tor- j^ idrnd. 

1. Breaking tufts of grass, etc. [tiou. 

2. Cleariitg a piee* <3 jungle for cottivA- 
A U^ioAtf/; Dlit dalia, dahej; K. dUn, 

n. IB. }tV supplied to « bride. S. 9t|J1I A 

bride's portion; dovflr;d»ni7;jMrt^i«rna/ta. 

Ak.'-A^ i«^i n. f. I. A pocket (ffo^) ; a fob. 

3. PosscssioD. 

kb-Uumh, a. m, Podiet money ; pin money. 

jtb^xirM, n. m. A pick-pocket. 

jibkaiamd, t. a. To pick one's pocket. 

HIaa^ sitrtT J^'<t; Tlr. jiul, ^akotra, a. m. 
Uutual MsiBtanoe ia tillage ; allowing the 
UM <rf ft plough aud bullocks inatoad of 
paying wages in money or kind. 

jUeji tak td qabid. A life tenure. 

B «li^ ite Jf*A, n. m. S. qd«S 1- Hie hus- 
band's elder brother (jrtAd JAdI). 

2. The Hin. month of May— -June. 
ietA-nnti, u. The right of the eldest son; the 

right of primogienitnra. 

i«(At dhdn- Rice sown ia April along the hanks 
of rivers, or where water is still lying, and 
out in jUh (tho beginning of June). 

M^ raij/at, n. The raipat who acts as tAait- 

<&at% in rank betov the rrmqaddam. Ondh. 


ytO& liaaa. 0. m. An early SduiaM.orop. Oodh. 

"^^ iter j«(A'(I, ndj. I. Best; priucipal; high- 
est; first-rate. 3. The firet-borD; eldest. 

3. One bom in the nonth of Jeth. 

H ^ tT • ! ^ W^ j«»"eAl> Jai, n. f. A weed which 

grows up ^tb the epring crops, and yields a 
kind of oil. 
AtM^ jttip'ad, adj. I. Large; spacious. 
2. Good; fertile; productive. 

29 J^ 

fSJtsaJjA jrf-*MAtoA, n. m. A jail; prison. 

jet-khana-i-<IIvdnJ. A civil jail; debtors' prison. 
jd-iJidna-i'/aujdan. A crimiiml jaiL 
je!-k/iane kd hukm. A naMimMt, 
jel-khSw ka darogd. A gaoler. \jivar%, n, t 
'B.^AyiA. aj^lf 3lvd-l; Tir. jVSifet; Mar. 

Rent-free land; land assigned as subsistenoe 

to relations and dependants. 
jiv-dhan. Wealth in flocks and herds. 
yiv^ni, n. m. Capital puniahmeut 
■=•J;^ aitem jWai, jivatvdn, adj. Living; alive, 
tfljrt- *gsi fi»'an, n. E 1. Life. 2, Livelihood. 
jiww Hrl. A stipend allowed to tho family of 

an old servant deceased. [Oudh. 

H^fAa. W?^ jai'han, a. m. Nunery rioe. 


H y^- TO i^, n. The refuse of the jAffr. 
fieri, q. T. after the piU3 is beaten from It 
UjUl ,jt^ (Aoi^r u/ant^ v. a. 

1. To take off a woman's vaU, 

2. To insult or disgrace (a woman). 
ehadar ddln& ya urftdnd, Rus. t. a. 

To marry a wido w. 
■**f i^ eh&r kdgat, kavOgaai-araha, n. m. 

The proceedings in a oase; \'a. plaint, 
defence, replication, and rejoinder; the 

P ^5)* ^ f'<**'«> n. t A grant for personal 
services in the village; service land. 

P lJVIi^ thcAdk'; Illit. ehai&k, adj. 1. Expert. 

obdfdi log. Sharpers ; swindlers. 

^»V eAdiftit, n. f. 1 . Expertness ; dexterity ; 
skill. 3. CleremeBs ; sharpness ; wit; tact. 

3. Stratagem ; raancsuvre ; finesse. 
I.Sharp practice; over-reaching; trick- 
ery; oraa; fraud. fdiahoneatly. 

c/id/d£i «i«, adv. By unfair means; fraadulently; 

ehdlalA k., v. a. 1. To be bef(vehand with ; to 
overreach. 2. To elude or avoid by artifice. 

Hj^Mt^ VMR ehdlan'i Illit ehalda, a. m. 
S. «^ to more. 1, A liet of letters sent ; a 
certificaite of despatch; invoice; way-bill; 
bill of lading. 2. A remittance. 3. A memo- 
randum of moBoy received and invested. 

4. A pass ; passport ; clearance (of a ship). 

5. A criminal case sent up to the Magis- 
trate by the police. 





ck^Sn-ddr, n. The peniou who aooompaniefl a 
despatch or remittance and haa charge of 
the invoice ; an eBoort [despatched. 

eiafd» iiyd jdna, v. n. 1, To be forwarded or 
2. To be committed for trial or priaoa, 

^^ Wa^cAfli'i ; Tir. ehaehaii, a, f. A detaoh- 
ment or party of men told off for any duty, 

g JW 9T«i) chsl'i, n. f. Land that bears the 

highest rate of aaaeasment, cultivated by the 
permanent iubabitaats of the village agree- 
ably to ollotmeut, by which each cultivator 
has a fixed proportion of the lands of the 
highest, medium, and lowest asseaament. 
H evap'V 3X3^) chdAch'ti, iAurdH, n. f. 

"The com which remains in the ear after 
treading out. Carnegy. 

HlhAJtf' W3t''A''^'^'*i''.>n.F'>rmingtheeiidB 
of the main lines fh>m which the village 
boundaries are laid down, 

ehhdpd, n. m. 1. A stamp or mark. See thsp. 
2. Theoeremony so-called. See Comedy, p. 75. 
H Jy(^ ^T9«i cAd^'vo/, e/iAt'ii^'; E. ekiur; 
Suit, tilben, n. m. S. no^ 

1. Kice separated from the buak. 

2. One eighth of a rcUR, q. v. 

ekSAvat ehabBiad, v. a. To cause persons sus- 
pected of theft to chew uncooked rice, a 
deficiency of saliva being held to indicate 
the thitif. 

P 81^ ehsh, n. m. A well (£tUA). 

^<^ chd'ki, ehdkl raniin, a, f. Land irrigated 
from weUs, etc. [a. m. S. Vnn. 

Hl>7)y^ gggr ehabOl'ra; Pop. ehauMrd, 

1. A raised bank or terrace open or cover- 
ed, detached from the residence ; a platform. 

2. A police station (iotvill). 

ehtaatrS bandhnO, r. n. {Slang). To be big with 
cliild ; to be near oue's time ; to be pregnant. 
ehabulre cAafAdnd, t. a. 

To convey to the Police station. 
P -,1»^ ckaprO/, n. t Cor. of ehap o rOit 

right and left. A plate worn on a belt as 
a mark of office; the badge of a p»on. 

i^^Tt^ chaprO^, n. m. A peon; orderly 
b«idle ; messenger of a court. 

ckapr&H-MuUiat. A bailiff; a process server. 

Hl'-^ font ehm; Sant. tOra, n. f. S. ^ to 
pile, PsU, cMtako. A funeral pyre ; a heap 
of wood in which a Hio. corpse is burnt. 

ehiia-pin^, n. m. S. ft wiT r mi An offering of 

oakes, rice, milk, etc. to the manes during 
Ht^^ Tw^ efut'iha, n. m. S. ^t to send 
out a messenger. A rough note, draft or 
account ; a memorandum ; a list ; schedule; 
bill of charges ; a list of subscriptions; a 
journal or day book ; balance - sheet ; ser- 
vants' pay or rations. 

m-X detailed itnlenieDt of ths meunrenMnt of i 
tamthdar't eitate founded on actual mea>ui«meDt 
It ij alto applied to >u account of all the Unda io > 
village, divided numerically into dSghi or chares, 
ihewmg the quantity of land in eaofa, tbs loit o[ 
oultivabion, and tbs name of tbe oulliTator. Alio a 
field buck, more UBually termed kharra, being u 
Bcooiint of all tbe lands of a -village, Bocordiog to 
tbeir allotmeatj in tbe order in wliicb tbay hit* 
bean meaaured. 

chittha b&Adhna, v. a. 1. To draw up a rough 
memorandum or account ; to balance so- 
coiuts. 2. To calculate ; estimata 

ehiuka bdntna, v. a. To pay ; give pw to ; to 
pay laborers. [balance. 

ehiithd hahx^ n. f. Trial balance-sheet; trial 

eliitlha-i-taqtlm, n. A partition list [scription. 

cAt^Ad i., ehanda h, T. a. To raise a Bal>- 

y^ hlgV ehit'ihi, a. f. 1. A letter; chit; 
note ; communication. 2. A certificate. 3. A 
cheque ; scrip ; promissory note ; bill 
{Inmfi); draft i. An order; alicen8e;pats. 

ehitthl iaasx. The advice of a bill Icredit 

chilthl eUbdrl ; H. adkkl diittM, n. A letter of 

chiukiy&i ekhdntn&, v. a. To sort letters. 

diitlhl bdAtnd, V.' a. I. To distribute letters for 
deliveij. 2. To deliver letters. 

ehitlM bahl. Letter-registry book. 

cfttUAi paa, chapm, ya pairl, n. £ Epistolary 
correspondence ; communications. 

ekHlhi paliuAchd'na, v. a. To deliver a lettsi. 

chiuM 4^'ni yd gemd, v. a. 
To make a lottery or raffle. 

<ihitOn idlne fa tariqs w. G. G. By lotteij. 

ehi^lhl Tdk-dan. A passport ; custom ; pass ; 
certificate of clearance. [A postman. 

ckUifiiratdA, Ped. for idkiyd, ihat-vdid, n. m. 

chiuia ka khel, n, m. Lottery. 

chitth\kipu»htparkhuldtah.likk'n&. Todooket 

c^tjfAt iagdnd, ^nd, yd gemS, v. n. 
To post a letter. 

inJcArl c^tjCAl, A refused letter. 

berate H chiu/ii. Dead letter. [dealers). 

eMiar ehtil/il, n. f A custom's pass (to Bslt- 

ravdngl ehitthl. Port clearance. 

lufdrtki ekiUhi, n. f. A letter of introduction 
or recommendation. 

niJcdsl c/titchl, A certificate of clearance. 

ne/c-ndmi ki cAtjf Al A certificate ; testimonisL 

vdj>A ekiithi, A returned letter. 

koA hi ekiithl. 1. A letter uader one's own 
hand. 2. A note of hand. 

H Jaa^ ^fZH^t ehat'yal, ehafUal, a. One 
who collecta ranta from ouItivatorB for the 
owner. In £. Oudh, the uanal name is 
tUSiUr. Canugy. 

Qoc^ 9Vr eha'ehar, tAOehar, n. f. Land 
ploughed or oultivated once in the year. 

E Jtw)^ VTEVI^I (Aoi-«fii',Theye«rinwhioh 
a maiimum araount of revenue ie derived. 

P SI^I A. cAard-^dA' ; H. ehar^ n. f. 
Orasing iMid ; pasture. 

H tJty^ QrT*n ehvrftni; Bhoj. chotHuit; 
Sent, tombro, T.a.S. ^( to steal; Pill, dunO. 

1. To steal ; commit theft. 

2. To embezale ; misappropriate. 
H^I;?- «n^ cftord'i, n.t 

1. Sending out cattle to graze. 

2. (P. eharS^ah). Grazing ground ; grass 
land ; pasturage ; a meadow. [ing fee. 

S. Rent derived from pasturage, i. Qros- 
P • ja. cbar''ih, n. m. S. m The celestial 

globe; heavenly sphere; the akjr; the heavens. 

Awiiyfljd, Cor. of ehairpaii. A ceremony 
observed by the lower orders of Hindus in 
Bengal, on the day when the sun enters Aries, 
for the expiation of their sins. 

Ths performer u Buspended by aa iroo book 
paned through the skiu of the back to odd end of 
Un lever, which U n]s«d on the top of > high pote 
■ad whirled round b; meani ot a rop« fliBd to the 
oilier end. This penance i* performed lor rich 
people by deputy. 

etai-iA^ttmdH, Literally "oountingof Persian 
wheela." The name given to the book in 
which a register is kept of wheels, or of lands 
cultivated each season in each dA or village. 

H ff- Vt9 har^at,fharta, skin. 
1. A large leathern bag or bucket used for 
drawing water from wells {jmr, mot). 2. (n. f.) 
The resinous exudation of the flowers of 
hemp collected with the dew and prepared for 
use as an intoxicating drug. 

^A Vl^T Aar'td, n. m. A buffalo or ox bide. 

thartA bhar (amFn, As much land as can be 
irrigated by one pair of bullocks. 

Hl{;l^ ^tar^ eharBS.'ha, AurvSgd, 
charaiyH, n. m. S. TR to eat. Vf to oany. 
A grasier; a herdsman. 

i/fi^i VTSTvt c&ortd'Ai, eharvSl, n. f. 

1. The wages of a herdsman in grain. 

2. The rent paid for pasturage. 

!1 ^ 

H 2> j^ QV eharh, a. f. Alluvial land; alluvion. 

HlJUbjA. Q3HT cAof&d'ntl; Bus. Aa4^n6; 

Sant. Aarhao, v. a. 0pp. of viimd. S. 3Vt 

To put down ; enter; enroll. [roll. 

iowjt meii eharkSna, v. a, To bring on the rent- 
eharW^, eharhdvd, charhti lagin. Settlement 

of revenue at a progressively increasing rate. 
IjU^ V^rST eharh&'vA, n. m. 

An offering; libation; sacrifice. 
P M"^ ehatpM', adj. Applicable (tkik, 4, 6). 

ehaapiA i., v. a. To affix (as a summon to the 

door of an absentee) ; to paste. 
E i_X^ Aik, a. m. Cor. of cheque. 

A money order. [cheque book). 

ehik kd tttiUS hud tukra. The counterfoil (of a 

H t-^ ^^ i^^^' °- ™- ^' VIK !• Tenure ; 
holding ; farm ; cultivation ; a separate 
estate; a sub-division of land; a patch of 
rent-&«e land. 2. A sub-division of a Paryand. 

cJiai bardr, n. m. 1. Collecting the rents of a 
ehak. 2. Alluvion, 

chah-btut. A definite portion of land, 

ehah-bandl, n. f. Determining the limits or 
boundaries of a detached piece of land, es- 
tate, or ckah 

duihddr', n, m. The owner of a ehak ; a fanner. 

ehat^ndmd, n. m. A register of the extent of a 
piece of land. 

A plan dravn up by the QanHago for each vil- 
lage HMli and dSthilt, ahuwing ite boundatiea 
on every BiJe, Also a deed, or atitement, 
showing the area and botindsries of a ehak. 

cltai-ndmd ardii, A document given to a zamJn- 
ddr from whom a portion of ktid has been 
taken by the Government for puhlic or other 
purposes, defining the extent, boundaries, 
and quality of the land. 

HUtC^ V^tT^T ehuid^nd, chuttd k,; Bhoj. 
ehtikid^ ; Rns. ekiJeSuf^A; Sant. hold, v. a. 
1 . To pay off ; repay ; discharge (a debt) ; 
liquidate. 2. To assign ; allot; give, 

3. To assess ; rate ; value ; estimate. 

4. To settle (the price) ; fix ; bargain. 

6. To adjust (an account) ; arrange ; 
decide ; settle differences. 

6. To complete; finish {adri Jt., 1.). 

cAujldne io laiySr A., v. n. To tender pay- 
ment ; to oBer to pay. 

Ukhd ekvkd. Accounts adjusted. 

3*^ ^Hi Aukd'H, n. m. 1. One who settles 
rates, bargains, etc. 2. One ready to pay. 

i^^ ^Vri ehuk&l, n. f. Settlement ; adjust- 
menL [elusive. 2. Wholesale. 

UCtQiKnT ekuyid, adj. I. Settkd; fixed; con- 



He^J^ g^giS ckakhat, n. m. (0pp. of 

riikat). The loaa of a whole plot of ground 
by diluTion. Garnegy.. 

dMk'ti, a- £ Cultivating tenoDcy, nnder which 
a given area is reutcd at a certain stated 
Bum on the bilmjiqta principle. CarTugy. 

HllJ^ ^5wn <A«i'i4, n. m. 

1, A division of ft country district. 

A. lttrg« division of oountiy, comprebeDding a 
number of PajEaruw first introduced »a a recognised 
local dirision in tin roigu of Shah Jalmb. 

2. Any qnarter of a town, eapeoially the 
prostitutoB' quarter. 

{^ioMaiandi, n. f. The distribution of a 
Zamindiri or of a prt)vmce into chaklSs, ea- 
peoially for financial convenience. 

ehoMe-ddr, n. m. The governor or Buperin- 
tendant of a province or chsHd ; the supcrin- 
tendaut, proprietor, or renter of a chaklah. 

HiS^jJJ^ fg*^3 cWiww^'. ". f. 1. A 
clayey Boil. 2. Kich, highly cultivated land. 

S^J^ QVTrIT ehakau'ld, chutauli, chulcal, 
n, D). 1. A fixed rate; a contract; bargain. 

2 A settlement or composition of a debt 
{add, 1.) 3. A deed of aciiuittance. 

ehalauid ehuhd'na, v. a. To pay what is due. 

elMiauta chvk'nd, v. u. 1. To be fiied or set- 
tled. 2. To be paid up. 

H jJyC^ <9ni±(3; chcA'vand; Bhcj. ehakanmif, 
n. f. A common weed, bearing a long legume 
growing from eight inches to two feet high, 
used by the poor as a potherb. 

H j^jC^ ^13t MttA'ar ; Bboj. ehalaunA, n. 
The husk of chana, good fodder for cattle. 

H ^etj t^^ Ta'^ai^ chihharva'l, Oudb,n. f. 
Wages for weeding {nalia). 

Ht£^ 9in7 chwgal; Sant. cUin, n. f. 

1. Grazing; pasturage. 2. The fee or 
rent paid for pasturage. 

H P — yi.)l^ ehilar-''kharek. A heading in the 
villiige accounts, comprising money grants 
for deva»ih&n, tfohdr, dargSh, uri, ma»jnl, 
Tillage priests, sadar-khardi, stationary, oil, 
and other petty miscellaneous items, [rupee. 

H cSl^ f^aSfit ehiVki, a, ta, (Broien) A 

Hl*1^1?fiTt chaita, ckaUi, adj, 1. Now 

passing ; current. 2. Current ; in vogue. 
chalta kkardi, n. m. Current expenses. 
ehalt& lekAa, chaltd Uidla ya kisdb, n. m. 

Open account ; account current. 
'kalCa luti, Is current; is in operation. 

cAala ebSz, n. £ Saloable goods; goodi in 

brisk demand (opp. otmcutdS). 
^^ 9^IrtV ehal'tl, cfuUta, ekoltA-hua, U. f. 
l.(Opp. of pdfft.) Lands under cuttiiatiin. 

2. Potent ; powerful ; eSectire. 
i^^VvrB^ehalil, n. f. 1. Access; reach ;hoM; 

grasp; grip. '2. Competency; juriBdiotMn; 
authority ; power ; ioflnesoe ; ascendancy. 

3. Active trade. [personal property. 
dtalUt/S ulkaH jdediid. Mare. Moveable or 
chalti d*lk^, «, f. A thriving buainesa. 
ehal^ 2amia. Land under cultiviition, 
ehalan'ta.a. m. Duties formerly levied by zamin- 

dart on goods passing through th sir j uriadiotio& 
H^jIJ^ fg ^ i a TT cU'vd'i;Saut fttWamo- 
fiwn, n. f. The turf or rushes on which tlw 
bucket, when drawn up from the well, mts, 
and which therefore becomes sloppy. 
H Jjf- g^sft chvl'R, n. f. Supports ]^aoed 

beneath stacks of straw or stores of gnin, 
called by Knglish farmers staddlcs. 

Id some places the ground U merely cleintd 
and elev&ted aod no aupporta raised. It i) 
then called gAoi. Carnegj). Inuif njai, t, n. 

HlJ>^^ l^nSHI cfa'wwf'wd, cAt^e'n^ (W- 

1. To have scxutd intercourae with; 

make an indecent assault 

2, To charge faiaelv. 

H'J>^^ 9mi*n ehamai'nSfV.a. l.Todo 
well; thrive; prosper; flourish. 2. To be 
lively (the market), in good demand. 

H V'?^ Qr^C than'Aar, n. m. Land left u- 
tillcd for a year or two, land id the aeotaiil 
year of tillage. 

P Jo^ chand, adj. Some ; few ; ssvenL 

chand binSS davS qarSr denJt. 
To divide a cause of action. 

chand-rosa, adj. TemporMy ; transitory. 

qabia-i^/iand r<u<xh, a.m. TemptMwy posscssloD. 

i.»i^ ckand'ah;'a.ehittha,a. m. 1. Qaota; 
subscription; contribution. 2. Assasemeuti; in 
police accounts, the fund for remounts. 

eha7ida-Kg&}iM, a. i. Levy of rent or reveine 
from the Raiyat* according to their shares 
or proportions. 

cJiandd k., v. a. To raise a Bubscription. 

H J^^ ^fh At-n'gi, n.t H.eiKtiiapiiKh. 
" Weighman's feee : a cess levied from 
grain-aellers, etc. ; town duties (jmvn-toii). 
IF A handful of praia loTied as a tan or if 
for weighing, or h a oompenaation for tlia use or 
niarket oonvoniencea, a* bags, bootbi, etc Siailar 
contribtitione to religioua mciidicHnU or an dlov- 
auoe to BMu'iuJar* fur eatabHshirig a new market ot 
permitling a fair tu be held. 

^ 5 

dktii^f^»eA(ft, D. A murket or Our held on the 
tenure of giving a small portion of each 
Baleable articla to the zammddr. 

Htotuki^ qfHUTXT eAatttyd'tid.Rohilktiand- 

ekanial, Delhi n. Land under a crop of 
cImhA (gram). 

H)?- St eAai*;Sant,j)On«ya,n.m.H.eAdrfout, 
A olamp round the ploughshare. 

0t^^ ^tVTV ehav-haehh, n. ni. Four taxes 
fonnerlf levied under Native rule, via. 
pig, tig, kOfi, and yueAtfAAl: i. e. pig 
a turban (an adult), tSg a thread worn 
t^ a child round ita waist, iafi a hearth, 
tadpue/ichhi the tails of oattle. 

Tha flnt two correspaDd with the poll tax, the 
third with hewth-money (the fuDuge of Domea- 
d«r Book). Carncjy. 

chiai-haddd, cAiKt-<ia^4^<Aaurkhandl,efuiti-ilmdi, 
<Aau-eivind, chojrua, n. m. A raised mound 
indioatLDg where the boundariea of four 
villages meet. 
(hau-haddi, eJiav-Aini ; A. hudud arbi, n. f. 1. 
The four boundaries; environs; the surround- 
ing country. 2. Neighbourhi>od ; vicinage. 
iiiam4avi, n. m. A large well with water enough 

for four liM, q. v. 

^^ jt- ^nrrei eluui-miiitchatur-m&ti,<!hau-m<it, 

.m. S.vigA9, Pali. eheUuma$am. [(barhha). 

1. The four months of the rainy season 

S. Lands ploughed and left fiiUow during 

the liMVrniti and prepared for the rabl 

sowing. [rainy season. 

cAoB-atdMjKl, n. m. A jl}oughman hired for the 

e&ou-BiatAJ, n. ol 1. The act of tying the four 

legs of a horse. 2. A punishment which con- 

■iMs in tying a man's arms and legs. 

etaii';p^n.m.S.«7niIT3; P.e&ax-paytt Aqnad- 

raped; cattle; beast of burden. 
okwWfd, n. m. A square surrounded by shops. 
H ^^ XH9\^\ ekivdini, tAihH, chihatii, mar- 
ghat, hboi-dtigdhi, Mrrudn, n. m. 
A place for cremation ; a burning gh^. 
Bjl JijU^ elxA-dir, n. m. 

A mace-bearer ; herald. 
H LhjO k^ dntfTT tJiavhUi, Q, m. A tract 

of country eontaiiting 24 villages in the 
occupation of a particular tribe. 
Hjlj^ duny Aait^pSf, ckau-fil, n. f. S. 
VQNiTdSl A place of public meeting of the 
viflage; a shed or court in which the village 
MDunuoity assemble icx public business or 
where boys from adjoining villages assemble 
to be tai^t by a gurlt. 

H ^«^ dnnn <Aop'ni; Bhoj. tAidihali Sant, 

arej, v. n. To throw water from a davri, q, v. 
See aRchni. 
H ^^ Hl^ cAaufA; Tir. chauth, n. f. S. m&, 
Pr. (Ao«At, or cAowiAiAi fourth. 1. The fourth 
part. 2. A blackmail of one-fourth, levied 
by the MarJiallds from the neighbonring 
princes, Hindu and Mahomedan. 

3. The fourth day of the lunar month. 
^s**}^ St^BT chaut\ai'yi, n. m. The landlord's 
share of the produce where rente are paid in 
H t^ji^ ^TTT cAot'td ; Rus. c&orici, d. m. cAotf i, 
f. H. chw a thief. [pocket. 

A petty thief; a pilferer; shoplifter; pick- 
H <£0»i^ §I7Q <Mu-daA, eliaudat, n.f.8. 
Tigj^ The I4tb day of the lunar fortnight. 
HUj^ itlXilT chodnS;\kni;SKa%. 
*'P*T) V. a. S. ga to drive in. To copnlate ; 
to have sexual intercourse with, 
HytOj^ 9rQ7 chaudh'ar, ekaudhtiyal, 
ehavd&rai, n. f. The office, jurisdiction, dig- 
nity OT privileges of a G/iaadhn. 
^j;*Jrt- ^hW chaudh'n, a. m. 1. The head 
man of a caate, guild, profession, or trade. 
2. A title ; an honorific form of address. 
fl;;^ Sir e^or. n. m. S. Sn, Pali, cforo. 

A thief; pilferer. [or unauthorisedly. 
tJior-inSta. Land enjoyed free of rent by steolUi 
chor-tMng. A receiver of stolen goods. 
chor 4^*", i^Aor moth; P. wdf mujrtn. 

A thief taken with the property. 
c\or-»avdd^aT, ehaukl-mar, n. m. A smuggler ; 

a dealer in contraband or stolen goods. 
dioroA ki dh&r, avirah choron ki girok. 

A gang of wandering thieves ; btindits. 
bilak-dor, n. m. Ono who kidnaps children. 
if)}^ inft cAorl, n. f. S. 4in, Pr. eh&riatn ; PsU. 

choriki, SteaUng ; theft ; embeEzlement. 
chor% jari, ehori chhinaii, n. t 

Theft and adultery. 
eiorl JAa/tf. Small or petty theft. 
eftort hs mil, n. m. Stolen property. 
ehori i., V. n. To steal {chvrana). [theft. 

ehorl lagSni, v. a. To charge or accuse of 
«Aon nu^ v>irdit<-»aAgln. Ag^^vated theft. 
^or cAor*, Cattle lifting or stealing. 
H tn^ ^TTT duatf'i, a. m. The funeral pile 
on which SatH is performed. 

Pall, cMlanti. Eighty-four; a mystio 

)fr I 

Formarly a aub-diviaion ot tpargaTiS or dUtriot 
compriaing 84 villager See Elliat't Supplemestal 
Qloaaary, pp, 178—206. 

H 13^ ^1?I chaurd, n. m. Aa open field or 

plain far from humaa habitation. 
ehaure men liitj&nri, v. a. To be robbed on the 

highway in broad daylight. 
ehUri bhanddr, n. m. An allowance for the 

maintenance of the junior members of a 

zamindar'a family. [(a row of ahops). 

H lJ>Xf tmS^ chauk lagn&, v. n. To be opened 
ehavk-nikdi, A tax on goods sold in the market 
^>V ^raft ehau'kl; Illit. chaankl, n. £ S. 

wgw « hall resting on four columns. 

1. A police, customs, toll, or rail wayatation. 

2. A guard's post ; a watch ; an outpoat, 
ehauikl badalnd, y. ti. To be relieved (a guard). 
cAawK-p(iAra,n.m.One'stumofwatcU or guard. 
ekavki denS, v. a. 

To watch ; guard ; mount guard. 
ehmJa-mOr, n, m. A smu^ler {cltor-aavdOgar). 
ehauki mdrnS, v. a. To smuggle, [market tax. 
ehaukl-mdrl, a. t Smuggling; evading the 
ehaoM men rakhnd, v. n. To detain a auspeoted 

peraon ; to keep in the guard house ; to 

keep in custody. [man ; sentinel ; guard. 
)''*e')^ ftltfitsTT ehankl-dUr, n. m. A watch- 
ckauki-dSr-i^dehaii, A village watchman. 
chaukl-dar ke bhtd mffri, With the privity of 

the watchman. [the chaukid&ri, q. v. 

ehaut'i-ddroA id bakhihi. One who collects 
^jPa-T^ ftiiRtarft ehcmilildri, E, ; ehauki- 

dara, W. n. f. 1. The office of a watchman. 
2. The tai on account of watch and 

ward. 3. The fees or wages paid to the town 

or village watchman. 

H ^^y^ 95^ chavan'ni ; Illit ciuajwl ; cAau- 

mtil; Tir. eka^anni ; Sant i E, mfe, n. f, 
1. The fourth part of a rupee {pdold) ; a 
four-anna piece. 2. A four-auna ahare. 
H^^^ 551 <AAa'iur,n. A division of crops 

in which the zamiAdSr gets one-aizth. 
Ht^lg?- «nt Mdp; P. dtOp, n.f. 

1. A atomp ; impresaioa ; print, copy. 5. 
A seal ; signet ; an office aeal. 3. A mark 
ou weights and measures to ahew their ac- 
curacy. 4. The village aeal used to impress 
gram heaps with. 5. Sectorial marks repre- 
aeutiug a lotua, trident, etc. delineated on 
the body by the worshippers of Viihntt. 

6, The cuBton) house stamp on goods 

which have paid duty (rfA<W(a). ^rint. 

cWdpi.,yd AiirdflJ, V. a. To'atamp; seal; 

li{Wt BHPn cAA^'nd,T.a.Toprintj bring out 

an impreasioD ; publish. 

H^ Wn cftfclp'd, n. m. 1, An impnnion. 
See ehAdp. 
2. The preas ; printing. 3. An edition. 
4. A stamp for making sectanal morka on 
tho body. 5. A night-attack (P. ihab-IAan). 
Ahdpd lagdnA, v. a. 1. To stamp. 

2. See tMapimOmd. 

^hspd mdmd, v. a.. To make a night attack ; 

to surprize. 
ehhdpe ki Oiddi, The freedom of the preas. 
ehhape nwA ehhapnd, y. n. 1. To be published. 

3. To be defiimed or ezpoaed in print. 
J-lfc i{l«^ cim W^ dth&pa \i*a, 

A tax on atamping clotb. 
*^^ <{^V *l^ 9nHl, dhdpO, D.m. 
A preaa ; printing office. [presi. 

chhdpekhdne-wdla, n. m. 'ITie proprietor of a 
t^ihdpne^^d, ehhapaiyd, A printer; a pressman. 
H Ujl^ «im ehhSA-ta, n, m. 

Throwing additional aeed in a growing 
crop of rice (Delhi); land in which seed 
has been sown after a single ploi^hing, 
especially at the extremities of a vilkge, 
to secure possession. 

H ^5';^?■ Siapft <Ahao'»%, Ahdmi ; Bhoj. 

chhUjnd, n. £ H. cAAdnd to cover. 

1. Thatching ; the art of thatching. [dier». 

2. A oantonment ; barracks or huts for sol- 
HU^^ BqcfT chhup'nd, Mah. ; cAAtjpnd, 

Hin. v. n. 1. To hide; to lurk; lie hid; 

to be conoealed. 2. To elude or escape 

observation. S. To veil or put on a mask; 

to keep pardah, q. v. 
cAAbp ehhvp-te, adv. Secretly. 
eliliupd rak/md, v. a. 1. To hide ; ooncaal ; 

aecrete ; keep secret. 2. To abstract 
lAhupU pkir'nd, v. u. To be in hiding. 
ehhupne kljagah, eihupOo, n. £ 

Hiding place ; concealment. 
H IJ.^^ 57^T cAAtft'nd; Sant. cUo^ p«- 

tdo; V. n. S. V3 to out. 1. To be liberated, 

set firoe, dismissed, discharged, acquitted. 
2. Tu be redeemed (a mortgage). 
^J^ ^irrit Muiauri, a. £ 

Remission of revenue. 
,s*M '}t^ duhrah-bandl, chehrah-nuvlti, n. £ 

A descriptive roll. 
ehehrehshdhl rupayd yd ttkkd. Current money 

or coiu, BO called &om the Queen'a head. 
ekdirah likhnd, v. a. I. To make a descriptive 

roll ; to enter a deacription (of a person). 
2. To register ; enroll. 
ehthrah hand, v. n. To be registered or enliatad. 
B U lU ^\^ ehhwi mnmd, v. a. To atnb. 

J<» _1 

gjy^gijgi cSa'fcai, n. m. A strong soil, 

ranking betwean rawli sandy and datura 

clayey. W. [wane. 

H ^MJf ^31 eAAfj' n. f. S. wa from To to 

l.Decrease; diminution; wane; ebb; decay. 

2. Waste j wear and tear ; low ; damage. 

laUU]' ba^ta, chlj ehhapat, n. m. Tare and tret. 

The leasee's own cultivation. 
HUa^ 9»ll fA«p'a,n. m. 

A diseaae which aSecla standing crops. 
H J:** lift AwCi. <*«■* ** /a*', n- £ The 

principal or vernal harvest; the spring crop 

which is out in March. [head. 

H*i^ ^T cAir''!, n. f. Virginity ; maiden- 

tMrd torni, j/H utOrnO, (Slang) v. a. To daflour 

a virgin ; to take a maidenhead. 
dan-baitd, n. 1 A vii^in {kaAri). 

Au-tt^ hi' jib, n. ra. T>?>fc te debarred it. 
a' legatee who bars the right of the next 
heir. [needed. 

A tr-^'^ ftO'M f>^ ; ^^'- ^3^' °- ^- 1)^ 
A lock-up for prisoners pending trial. 

hij<Um«A,rakhnd, v.a. To detdn in the lodi-up. 

A i'-^ AAr'tj,n.m. sj^ he became straitened. 
An obstacle ; obstruction. 

iarij, mOna', yH mitihU-iMwl. Bar of claim. 

A Sj^^ hatk'gah, n. m. ^£>- excluded. 
Margin; border. 

kaAye kd gavSK, ffavafi'i-haihiyd. A witness to 
the execution of a deed, bo oaHed because 
the sigoatara of the witness is written on 
the hdthyi (margin). [margin. 

idiAye mM muniar^ k. To note in the 

jTawiA hOtkia. An attesting witness. 

A J-tfl^ AdW, n. m. J-». was extracted. 

1. Proceeds (poMfllpart, 2); outturn. 

2. ftwduce (prflji*); return; gain (S. 
«Tw, H. huh lage). 

3. Tha amount derived from the produce 
of tha soil ( paidavitri), or other impost or 
duty; revenue. 4. Effect (j'Aoi, 5). 

i4nf-6d«dri, n,m. Market dues; revenue from 

duties on markets {taii-bdaUri). 
hitU bid muyd-iroMirajiU. Wliat remains after 

deducting all expenses; net receipts. 


hd^-taffiq ; S. ^ n. f. The net difference ; 
remainder ; balance. [ing revenue. 

h&sU-zamin. Land under cultivation and pay- 
Aa^iyatTia/iuncAti/d&dat'AuI.Tbe right aocru^. 
tUlb li&'tUi, n. Cultivated or cropped land. 

A yi^^- h&'iir, adj. yla. was present. 
Present ; in attendance. 

k&sir-ldih, n. m. lit. bo ready. A constant 
or regular attendant; follower; retainer. 

hSnrbOshl, n. f. The act of waiting ; constant 

KaHr-idihi-i-hachala^, n. Attendance at a court 

hdiir-bashi ii ifrbdH, n. Irksome attendance. 

hdxir rahnd, v. n. To be in attendance ; to 
attend ; wait on. 

hSt'r-iAmin, n. m. A surety for another's per- 
sonal appearance ; one bound with the per- 
sonal surety ; a bail. 

AAnr-«dmnl, n. f. Secmity for personal appear- 
ance ; personal bail ; bail-bond. 

h&zir-z&inal UnA, v. a. To bind over ; to take 
security for the appearance of a person. 

h&tir-karAnil, Caue. 'I'o cause to appear. 

h&zir k., V. a. 1. To bring forward ; exhibit ; 
introduce; present; deliver up (a person). 

2. To lay before ; to place in front. 
hOzir o nOxir, Present and seeing (an epithet 

of God) used m formal oaths ; onmipreseut ; 
Aaetr A. y& Ana, t. n, 1. To be present; to be 
in attendance ; to attend. 2. To make or 
enter an appearance ; to be at hand. 

3. To witness (a writing, event). 

4. To be ready for ; to consent to. 
gw-lidnr, adj. Not present; absent; »wn ett 

inventus; mm at; away; gone from home ; 

nowhere ; abaquatnated ; vanished. 
hOifl cudlatan. Personal attendance. 
hdrn-i-taStatan le muSf. 

Exempted from personal appearanee. 
Aftrl ia mvcha'ta liJchvand, v. To bind over 

a person to be iu attendance (at a court) at 

some fixed time. 
hOxri-nau abdd. A resident cultivator who 

takes up new land for the first year. 
hdin bahl, h&tri id rc^igtar, 

A muster-roll ; a register of attendance. 
hdzn leni, V n. To call over the names ; to 

muster ; to take the attendance, [attendaaoe. 
Adirf ffisii ihara rahitd, v. n. To bo in constant 
hdrrin, a. m. The persons present; company; 

ftssemlily; audience. 
naqiha-i-hda^ o gair hitst%, 

A muster-roll ; register of attendance. 

A ^l^ halkim, n. m. fS^ he restrained bim. 

One who exercises, or is intrusted with 
authority; one empowered; a ruler; govern- 


or; oUef; master; a magistrate; jadge; 
ftu officer; the administnitive aaUioritj ia 
a diatriot. 

K Landlord ; Eamlnd^. [decree. 

JtSkim ijrae digri. The court enforcing a 
hakim-i-Smir-l^rql y& nlldm. An officer direct- 
ing the attachment or sale of property. 
ASitw^Sa-iAAiiyar, yd zi-ikittiyar, ya majtu, 

G. Q. A competeat authority, 
hSUm-i-bald, A superior officer, 
hakiia-i-dlmnl. An officer of the ciTJl court ; 
the civil power. [officer, 

kdkiTo-i'ier-daet. An inferior or subordinate 
hSJnm^i-ad4lat, A judge ; an administrator of 
justice. [authority. 

h^int-i-iia, The paramount power ; highest 
hSlnm^-favjdSn, A judge who presides over s 

criminal court. 
hakim ie kuite. More com. iachahr% kt hatte. 
lit. The doga of men in authority, i, e, 
ministerial officers; jacka in office; myrmi- 
dona of the police. 
hakim mMJawas. A judge ; administrator of 

justice ; the adjudicating officer. 
h^m-i-mtuta/sir. Ped, The officer making a 

reference ; the referring Officer. 
hakim^-va^t. The present ruler or rulers; the 

government of the day. 
tiUTU. haUmi'Ttah, adj. lit. aa one having 
authority. Judicial ; official, [magisterially. 
kakimSfnah, adv. With authority ; judiciaUy; 
^Ik hA'kimi, huha'mal, a. f. 1. Sway; govern- 
ance ; government; dominion. 2. Power; 
authority; legal or judicial authority. 3. The 
office or functions of a ruler ; magistracy. 
ha'iwtO, adj. Belonging to the government ; 

khvd-fidiiml, a. f. Arrogation of authority. 
A^}^ ^^l> »■ m. JU. condition. State; 

condition ; present or actual state. 
hai-dhadl 1. Waste land under present cul- 

2. Asseasment on newly cultivated land. 
hatiA-ki, adv. Though (id-icuj'tif/); even; how- 
ever ; whereas ; on the contrary. 
hal-6a^ Current or present balance. 
hii laua, A statement of revenue demands 

and collections of the current year. 
hdl tibiq, Former or past state or condition. 
kalHTiiiaei, The existing assets (of an estate); 

the actual produce or proceeds. 
kdl yd aindaA. Xow or hereafter. 
hiljama. The present j'owa ; the actual re- 
venue payable to Government. 
hdl hdtil, n. The actual produce (of laud). 
kal-i-dakU. Actual poasauion. [at. 

hai-tdJtin, At present living at ; now residing 
hai nntqadmOf dairah. The state of the file 
shewing what eases are pending. 

ba-vaair A3lat-i-vuiqadnuiA. Considering the 

circumstances of the case. 
haqiqat /lOl, The actual circumstances; tbs 

tacts of the case; the acts; the truth. 
iHi*. hatat', a. f. |4. of aJU. q. v. Ciream- 

stanees; facta; partJeulars; details. 
halai-lava^S, y& mitattal. Expectancy in law. 
adalat lA kdr-ravm kl hdlat. 

Stage of a judicial proceeding. 
hilal-ilh&g, Special circumstances, 
hSl^-i-maqadmafi, n. The circumstancee, facts, 

or merits of the osse ; the case. 
kalat mtn, adv. In the event of. [digence. 

haliU-i-nddari. Inability to pay; poverty; lo- 
ba-hdlaC, adv. In the state of; under. Tneas. 
ba-}Mlat-i-junaA. Under the influence of raad- 
ba-Mat-ild-ilml. G. Q. In ignorance oC 
ba-halal-irmiUSteMat. In service ; during serriee. 
A J^la- ha'mil, a. m. J**- bore. 

(In Oomp.) A carrier. 
hdmil~ul-tnalan. The body of the writing. 
hdmil-i-ihat, yS rv^dh. Tbe bearer of a letter 

or cheque. 

A t}i^ ^^''l' Pop- hdyal, adj. Jj*. intervening. 

1. Intervening; interposing. 

2. Kestraining ; hindering; preventing. 
A r^i^ kaht, n, m. ^y^ be confined it. 

1, Imprisonment ; confinemeitt ; a prison. 

2. Suffocation ; stifling; chokiug. 
haba-i^ji, G. G, Wrongful oonfiuemeat; ui^ 

lawful imprisonment. 
haita-iiiavam ba^bdr-i-daryA-i'tkor. G. G, 

Transportation for life beyond seas. 
A v^yA^ haiub, 1. Pills. 2. Qrain, etc. but 
applied to eesses or imposts extra to the 
regular assessment. 

i0'The term leem to lUive been nasd indbori. 
minatalf with AbiiS'j (HarriogUm's Aiuljal*, in. 
236 note) ; but they moi-e oorrsctl; de&M nto- 
tions in kind, for the use of the tanttnilir or ol 
peraons in authority, u milk, tggt, tkaep, oil, 
ghi, bluik*t«, aUna, eta viiich were «ciD>eliiDM 
oommuted for money. [KtclueioB. 

i_ -^-^ Anj6, D. m. ■:>7b he debarred hia. 
W In If eh. 1b«, sicluiiiaa from inberitance ia 
eitker tntirt or jmrttol. Inttr* esdusiui ie tba 
total privation of right to tuberit ; whereU 
portiaf ezolufdoD meuu dlminntion of the por- 
tion to which thB heir would othsrwisa tM <n- 

hajh-i-hirm&n, a. Entire eiclnaion. 
hajb-i-nuqsdn, n. Partial exclnsioo. 
A d-^pa. httj'jat, tL f . ^ argued. 

1. See takrdr, 1, 2, and •£««{ 

2. Altercation ; disputation. 

htijjat tdidi-o-tardldl. n. Prot and eont; the 
arguments for and against a par^. 

hujjat k, yd Una, v. a. To call in question ; 
otuttlenge; demur; oontSBt (lakr(tr k.); 
argue ; plead ; take exoeptioa to. 

hnjjat-i-ia-tdil, n. f. A useless objeotion; oavil. 

ImjyU-i-mvqadtitaA qSj/am t. To join issue; to 
jix the issues on a caae. [objection. 

hujjat niial'^ia, T. a. To take exception ; make 

iitihvjjat. Undisputed; unchallenged. 

A ii> hadd, u. f. j» was conteiminous with. 
1. Boundary ; limit; term. 2. A landmark ; 
bar (of a harbour). 3. The utmost point or 
degree; themazimuiu(an/, 1). 

M-ln Muh. peml law, statutoiy puai«hmeDt fur 
certain crimes, diBtingulalied from jtiid) or retitli- 
ktioa, as not b«liiK eUinuible by Uie a^rjeveil 
pnrtiM, luid frout Tnor, ui uut being iiiQicted at 
the difcretioD oi the judge, but deflued \iy Imf. 

had baitdhnd, had bandi k., had boat k., had 
tuaqm-rar h., v. a. To fix, determine, of mark 
off the limits or boundaries ; to define. 

iiaiiait, D, f. The adjustment, settlement, or 
deniarcatiou of boundaries. 

had4)axl aruii, n. A landmark. 

hadd-i-bttlu^, n. f. Majority ; full age. 

]unid-i~hulu^ ko pahaunehna, v. n. To attain 
puberty or majority. [boundary case. 

hadriaiuU il takrdr, Disputed boundaries ; a 

had^r, fiad-bsitar. An outlaw, [to enorotudL 

had tornA, v. a. To pass or transgress bounds ; 

liad-javAb, Rejoinder ; surrejoinder. 

hadd-i-ta3naJIU,'a. Limitation statute, [hmitdtion. 

\addrirsamaat »e biihar. Barred by the statute of 

iadd-i^y'l»it meA. Within jurisdiction. 

had te bahar, had se xiyadah, adv. 1. Beyond 
limits. 2. Extremely ; excessively. 

kid K barhnd, v.n. To overstep bounds; go be- 
yond Umits; encroach on; transgress; exceed 
one's power. [gal punishment (Mah. law). 

\ad-i-Aar&, n. The extremity of the law ; le- 

hadihikm. Encroachment; violation of a neigh- 
bour's landmark ; trespass. 

had ke andar. Within limits. 

iiod-maMud, n. A term in leases or farming 
contracts which reoognisea the power of the 
brmer over all the land and crops within 
the defined limits. [ment. 

had miM-i-qaid. Limit <^ term of imprison- 

*e-kaddd, n. m. The point where three village 
boundaries meet 

'>]-k^ hvdad^, a. f. pi. of >M- Boundaries, [ariea. 

kudad arbai; H, eha*-Ama, n. The four bound- 

ixdad^-anti n. Local limits. 

Lis^tJiy^hir&'ni, n. t tf)^ guarding. 1. 
Cosbidy ; guard ; eaoort 2. Charge ; oar& 

iirOnUi-j^?, a. Lawful custody. 

kiratat «e bkd^'nil, v. n. To esoape from custody. 

hirOmd mem rahhnS, v. a. To keep or detain in 
onstody ; to detain a suspected person. 

ItnitA fliAi rwanakk. To forward in custody. 

Atrdme mrn tapurd i. To commit to custody. 
Air&at iHfli Idna, v. a. 

To take Into custody; to secure. 
A fi>*" A'"'dn(', adj. f^ was unlawful. 

1. Illegitimate; adulterous. 

2 Unlawful ; forbidden ; unolean ; impure. 
jimd-i-haraoi, n. Illicit intercourse. [intercourBe. 
ft^ hardin', n. m. Adultery (Sant. U^) ; illicit 
^1^ harAm'l, n. m. A bastard. 
AJSi^ hit^fa, n. m. A craft; handicraft. 

ahl-i-hlrfa, n. m. Workmen; operatives; arti- 

zaus ; artists. 
wUhan-i-hirfa. G, G- Trade-mark. 
A P 1^=^ >eJS^ karkSt^-bejd, n. A wrongful 

or improper act. 
harkat-i-kkitdf gondii, n. An offence by law. 
harkat khilSf qan-in afySn. 
Breach of opium laws. 
harhit klulHf qanUn *ari*hta-i-dak lariSri. 

Breach of ?ost office laws. 
harkai kJiiiaf qanQn maaltir muvidn«at tAiUhi- 

onrfdzi. Breach of laws prohibiting lotteries. 
harkdt lAilSf qAtMn iti«bat raadnpi-i-atbab-o- 

dlSt-i-jang yair mulion mei. Breach of laws 

relating to export of militaiy stores, etc. 
harkat khil&f qaviUd-i -jfl-klidaS. 

Breach of jail discipline. [laws. 

harkat khilof qav&nln iadmp. Breach of stamp 
harkat khildf qavSnln ba inSddak karilz o gvlSm, 

Breach of laws relating to slavery. 
lutrkdt khUdf qawLrAn dSr-ultarb. 

Breach of mint laws. 
harkat khildf qavdiiXn mutalliqa rij/iyO-i-mvlh, 

§air. Breach of laws relating to aliens. 
harkai khildf qav^lii mutaiHq& nahr. 

Breach of canal laws. 
harkat khil&f qmi&nln matba yd ehhdpa-yuiiiA. 

Broach of laws relating to printing presses. 
karklU khildf qavdnin namak awr parmat. 

Breach of salt and custom's laws. 
hariat dahahat-a^gez. Menacing gestures; a 

threatening movement. 
iruiddd harkdt bejd, G. G. Prevention of the 

flommtssion of oSbuoes. [See yy) 

A M>^f>- hur'twa, n, f. f^ being inviolable. 
kurmat-bahd }A ndliih, Action for defamation 

of character ; an action brought to recover 

damttges for loss of reputation or character. 
hurmai imudharai. The prohibition of marriage 

with different women un account of their 

mutual affinity. 
A i_>Uv.a. Audi', n, m. •,—*■ compnting. 

1. Accounts (^wf I). 2. Computation j 

oaloulatioa; cyphering; arithmetic, [chai^iei. 
3. Bate ; price ; cost ; charges ; bill of 


4. Meaaure; msaauramant; rule; ataadard; 
proportion. 5. Eitimatiou ; opiaion ; judg- 
meut; viqw.S. Coadltian(&(t^,l.). 7. Method; 
way ; manner. 8. Eoonomj. 
•dA taribar t., t. a. 

1. To square aooouuts; pay one'a eooro. 
3. To do one's buiineas; to finish a task. 

&wd6 bahl, n. Account boolca. 

Mtab be-bdq k., yd cAithdnd, v. a. To settle or 
liquidate a bttlance; adjust an aooount. 

hiadb be-bA2 hud. The account was settled. 

hitdb pSImA/. Settlement of a debL 

hitib par ckarhdnd, yd dirj, yd gydhd t., v. a. 
To paat (an account) ; to book ; carry to 
an account ; charge ; debit 

hud'i tajflm. Rate of dUtributioo. [v. a. 

Jiisdb jdnchitd, imSehdn t^ yd d!khnd;partdl h., 
To eivmine or auiit accounts. 

MadijamA. Account of receipts and balaucas. 

hisdb jornH, v. a. To oaloulate ; total. 

hiafi-chor, n. K defaulter (in aocounta). 

hifdi ihitm yd bandk., v. a. To close accoaats. 

hitdb kharcK, n. Account of disbursemeats ; a 
partioulur rereuue account. 

hisab-dln, n. m An arithmetician. 

hi$S^ deni yd baiand, t. a. To render an ac- 
count, [apoosible. 

&MiK(f.'A, adj. Anaverable; aoeouatable; re< 

hudb-d;hX, a. Village accounts. 

hiidb ralAnd, r. a. To Iceep accounts; keep ac- 
count of; to register. 

hitdi-i-rahaTi. Jd.>rtgage accounts, [account for. 

hitdb aarnjhdnd, t. a. To render an account ; 

hiiAb »e bihir, adv. Boyond caloulatioa; beyond 
measure; eitraordinary. [account. 

hUaJ> IB khdrij had. Written or struck off the 

hiad'htUdb, n. m. 1. Accounts. 2. Bjok-keeping. 

hitSh-kUdh k., To mike up aooQunts. 

hitSb hUdb dekhnd, t. a. To look over or check 
an account. [ing clerk ; a book-keeper. 

hitdb-kUdh rakhnt-vdld, hUib-ruioli, a. A book- 

hudb-tUdb kd taiflj/d, Adjuitmant of accounts; 
winding up or settlement of au aooount. 

hititt k., 7. a. To mike up or settle an aooount. 

hUAb kl b'iql, Balance of acoouut. 

h-$Sb kl rd M, at rii hisOb, As par account 

Audi larnd yd lagnd, t. n. To be formed (an 

Auflfr lajdnd, t. a. To reckon ; oaloulate. 

&ud6 laid, T. a To t.^a accounts. [credit. 

h'isAb mnA jani h.. To credit to an account ; to 

hiidb msri aiydd'Jh eh^rhd'nd. To overcharge 
(in an account). 

hUttb men farq. Defalcation; deficit 

hisdb mA lagdnd. To appropriate in account. 

luiHh m^ lend. To take into account; oonaider. 

alal-hiidb, Suspense account. 

anan-i-hiidb. An auditorof accounts, [por^on. 

ba-Mtdb rtvuU Pro rata ; rateably ; in pro- 

iikrl kd hiidb, Bill of sales ; account sales. 

baAd yd pareha&-i-hitilb. Aooonnt sales. 

pai^ld &Md% Biaot measui-ements, or accounts. 

titfflah hitdi, Adjustmant of account, [count. 

eh.»ltS hiadb, Account current ; dennnd ac- 

kbAitffl yd nij kdhUdb, Private aocouats; booie 

thuldiah bind-i^xsdb. Abstract of accounts. 

rot-marrah hitdb. Accounts running from day- 
to d'ly ; a daily account 

fardi-hiidb. A bill or achedule of oharges. 

kachihd kitdb. A rough account. 

naqrti hi/ab. Cash account. 

^;Ua hisdb'i, adj. B»lon3;in^ to aooounts. 

hitdbi idt, a. m. The o£cial year. 

A L.<uM^ hasb, adv. Agreeably to ; oonfom- 
ably to (ba-majib). 

hwb-iiUi/dj, Uti/djan, By chuooe {iai/ilq •^ 2).. 

httb-itni'idit. To the satiafaotioa of ; satisfac- 
tory, [thority of this act 

httfhikhtiyir ekat hbd. G. G. Under the au- 

hoib-^l-irihSd, hasb-ui-hakn, kaib-tU-antr, A- 
greeably to orders ; as ordered ; by order- 
of ; according to order ; in obedience to. 

hasbiU-irs. According to the M ih. taw of in- 

haifhul-hitU, hoib-iU-hdtiU. According to the 
produce ; according to the kind and valus 
of the crops. [receipts. 

hatb-ui-va^S'; Aooordini; to the collections or 

Jl tflrm formarly used ia reranua ■oaauDU bi' 

deaignata itwat o( »n uasBrtlua vdue, ol wbieh DO 

ejtiiQibe oan be oomputed, uid wtiiah %n eiiUnd 

only aEtar their actual receipt*. ITit*)*. 

kaib-i-hi', h%ib-i-vj(lie. Agreeably to circum- 
stances ; as the urgency, or the conditioDi 
may require. 

hoib'i-iait. As follows ; as undw; at bclov- 
^eationed ; as proceeding. [before. 

httib-isarUhtd. As provided or regulated ; as 

hcubxdbUd, ha»b qln&ii, Legal; lawful; coa- 
stitntional ; regular ; according to rule ; as 
usual; duly ;acaardiug to practice ;formiUly; 
in due form of law or practice ; as before. 

hath lariihta tajvU k., haib idbite amal t. 
To deal according to law. 

hatb-i-zAbitah via q-iiiA}i. In a formal and legal 
manlier ; in due form of law and pniotioe. 

hatb-i-qdJlda, hasb-irtibta ydntdn^ I}uly;ao- 
oordiud to rule or practice; formally. 

hitb-i-qdnilit, Aooording to law ; legally. 

hi'bqdaan ndfii. Agreeably to the laws in force. 

hatb-qlnal. Ad valoreM ; aooording to the value 
of. [of the decree. 

hitb mihktlitd ^i^ri Aocording to the terms 

fuubi-ntaqdHr. Aa far as possible, [appointed 

haab-imarqln'M-bildmuqiTTar ho. O. Q. i» 

hatb-i-niaatill, ha^-i-d litUr, Adv. AooorAiug to 
custom ; as uaual. [the import or inteut of. 

hmbi-n^mAa, In the sense of; agreeB^lf to 

hMb-i-nt'tuqa. Aocording to oirounutancet. 

hat'ai, katabo wuah, n.m. Pedigree ; 
lineage. [provement of land. 

AtS'^lj] A'"^ AiMiin-t-ztnlaJ, G. G. Im- 

Amn-MiVd'o' f<«A fatdr land. To oomoiit a 
breach of the peace or a political ofTence. 

fctm-vintudm. Good disoipliue, managemeDt, 
or administration. 

f^ ^M^ hia'a*, D. pi. I^** To out off. 
Shares ; portions ; lots. 

1dtiu4iU-infar&i. Distinct shares. 

iitat- i^har ul. Legal shares. 

id haiat muiSiri. In equal shares. 

A Jj^ Au#ai', n. m. Isaao (J*(k 1, 2.) 

ktu^ bil^fabr, iilehtSl ii'^'air, Extortion ; for- 
cible ; appropriation ; exaction. 

AmiU bej&. Wrongful aoqntsitiou ; illicit gains ; 
mi appropriation ; peculation. 

hiO'.nhM ai roe diA madyQn mufiii. G. G. To 
take the benefit of the insolvent act. 

hid htttSl tnannlrl. With the sanction of. 

hitd hvpil waraM. Without a warrant 

iar-b^ hutSt-i-aritl. Fur taking up land. 

AJM^ Aii'raA, n. m. PI. hitat jo^ to divide. 
1. A ahare; share in a partnership; & 
abue of revenue or rent ; dividend. 
2. Class; compartment; department. 
3. A part or division of a book. 

kma-i-aiuat. An average share. 

kimi^bank yH kOgcu-i-iarkdn lihar^nH. 

To take a loan or a ahare in a stock b; 
investing money. 

iiaah-i-tarta. Portion of an inheritanoe. 

kittoA^-taqtimi. DtBtributive share. 

AtMoA-v-Aoittml. The Government share of the 
produce of the land. 

A fourth or ■ nith is ths proportioa sgreMbiT 
to tlie inititntea of the UindQi. A. third waa nomi- 
udlj t^en b; the Hah. QoTernmeDM, bat the pro- 
p(»tioa wM very variable. A tfaifd wu tb« 

K Tailing rate adopted by the Britiih QoTemment, 
; in praotica thia it gn»tij modiSed, and tha 
proportiun la the aubJBct of apacial deccrminalioD, 
according to proTiou) pnctice and the circum- 
ttanoM of the land. WUieii, 

UueU-lchurd. The lesser part. 

hiut-dar. One of a conununity of sharers; a 
copartner ; coparcener; a partner in a busi- 
ness or firm;aBharer; shareholder; ouewho 
pays his share of the revenue either to a 
lamindar or to the State. 

hutt-ddraii, Sharera; shareholders. 

^itt^Hron hi jamOat. A joint-stock company. 

AuM-tUroA jt> tanad, Bank scrip. 

faii(t-^ri,n.Coparcenerahip, applied especially 
to a village in which a number of sharers 
I have a joint proprietary right in the land. 

kuiah d4n-i-b€-baq. A solvent share. 

AwmA rtuaiL Composition {of a debt). 

hutak-ratadi, A proportional share, part, or 
contribution; a iractjonal share of land; 
a dividend on a share ; a rate ; cess. 

M*iah^-r{uadi lagdnH, v. a. To fix in due pro- 
portion ; to assess. [assigned to the ryot. 

hiuah-raiyad. The proportion of the produce 

hlKah-raqam-ddfl. A fractional portion. 

hutah k., V. a. To divide (bhdff *.). 

JuMorhaihi, n. f. Distribution of shares; draw- 
ing lots ; a lottery, 

kiaioA-kaski, Distribution and apportionment 
of shares agreeably to hereditary succession. 

hiuA-HalilA ; H. hafd AdAt, The greater part. 

hiaa-i'nuAtiil, Proportion of tax. 

hiMO-i-matitii, An equal share. 

Auto^v-nluaiytin, yH raqam-ddri, G. G. A fixed 
or apeoifio portion or share. 

/ii»saA-i-mvkcu»ar, yd raqamddti, O. G. A frac- 
tional share or portion. [vidends. 

hiuah mund/S ffair-mvdAutaA. Unclaimed di- 

Auga-t-mtintag(^a.AtrauBferredshare or portion. 

hiisahi-mauzak, A share in a mauzah. 

A M'^ harar'; Illit, Aonlr; Bus. jdr, n.m. yia- 

1. The presence ; the royal presence ; the 
presence uf a superior authority, as of a judge 
or collector of revenue ; hence also, the person 
of the prince or any high functionary. 

2. The presence chamber; the hall of 
audience; the court 3. Your honor; your 
highness, i. Government estate. 

hutUr, yS ladar tah^. Collection of revenue 
by the chief fiscal of&cer of the Government 
without the intervention of a third party. ' 

hazCr taktli, n. 1. Revenue paid into the chief 
office of the district 2. Land on which the 
revenue is paid into the Sadar Treasury. 

The term waa formerly applied to land paying 
rsvenue to tha cliial authority in a prorinoa, aa 
distinguuihed from thoae paying it to the hud of a 
tilli, at aub-diviaion of a province or Collectorate, 
tbem» termed lahtU aU'3. 

hut^r-mahdl, Estates paying revenue direct 
to Government. 

Aunir meA, In presence of; before, 

hualr-navu, Secretary of State, one who regis- 
ters all ro3'al or viceregal grants and orders. 

huiHr-i-vdta, The high or exalted presence. 

.,y<ab hiuHr'i ; Illit. hatUri, n. t 

1. Presence; attendance; audience. 
3. (n. m.) An attendant ; a courtier. 
3. CoUeotions made by the Government 
direct [royal. 

Auitli-f, adj. Of or belonging to the court; 

Kuturl-nalffUidrt, n. f, Aland holder or tenant 
paying revenue direct to Government. 

&unJr{ ndlish, A complaint preferred direct to 
Government [i-JUri, G. G. Unnatural lust 

A ^>^^ Cf^i uiV>- l<a>- hai^i-JAilif-i-mMa- 


Ais-l&lfla. hi/a-tat,D.t 

1, (Iiifi) Protection ; secarity ; safety. 

2. Custody ; care; charge (baclido I, 2), 
fii/dtat'i-tJtitd'iJchliyarl. Private defence. 
kifHsat khiid-iklUiyarl ki UlehqOq. 

Right of priTate defeuce. 

hifdzat-i-hhud. yd add, SBlf-defenoe. 

hijatat k., iiifiUat me» rakJtna, V. a. To keep ; 
preserve ; guaid ; Weep in one's ouetody ; 
eecure. [ation. 

hi/dtat-i^aftl ; H. dpd baehSo, a Self-preaarv- 

hiftunrirtehat, a. f. Sanitary precaution. 

A '«=>- haqq, adj. ^ wae right. 
Just; right; true ((tot, 15). 

^ Aa}, pi. hvqiiq,ii. m. 1. Eight. ; equity ; jus- 
tice ; medta. 2. A right ; privilege. 3. Right 
of action ; chaj'ter ; iranchixe ; title. 

4. Duty; obligation. 5. Dues ; claims; a 
legal fee or perquisite. G. Interest; advaat- 
age; concern; behalf. 

kaq'i-i-ajifi. A proprietor's right to the hire or 
rent of property let by him on lease. Be/uir. 

haqq-i-adnd, Sulxirdinate right. 

haqq-i-rSda-i-^rdiat ai-rue qdida-i-virStaf, 

Reversionary right or title by virtue 
of the inheritance. 

haqq-ul-taluill,\. The right or due of coUeotion ; 
the payment made to a md^uidr for collect- 
ing revenue cesses on smtdler propriettuj 
holdings. 2. Expeuses of collections. 

haq-i-ala, Superior right. 

haq-ul-ial, haqul-mdmat. The wages of labour ; 
remuneration. [formed. 

haqq-ul-kladmai. Wages due for services per- 

haqq-i-ilhaqh A contingent right. 

haqq-iil^di,l. A public right; the rights of man. 
2. The punishmentof Crimea against society. 

hagq-ul-abd, lit. the right of the slave (of God). 
The right of an injured individual to de- 
mand redress and justice. 

ha^qul-vdqed, A statement or record of facta. 

haqq-i-amdnat, 1. The ouatodian's fee. 
2. The profits of the priest 

haqq-i-intif&. Revenue profits on payment of 
the Govgrnmeut demand. 

haqq-i-tTifiiHi-i-ra^n. Equity of redemption. 

kaqq-un-tiStiriit, The right of servants or 
spectators to the leavings of a banquet. 

haq biMto-i/a-i-gabia/t o taMa>Tuf-i-qadiia. The 
right acquired liy continuity of possession ; 
prescriptive right ; prescription, 

haq-bhet. Preaeuts formerly made half-yearly, 
generally by the land-holder or payer of 
revenue, to Government officers. 

ka^-i-patvai%, The fees payable to the pt^vOii 
or village Accoantant. 

haq par lapid, v. a. To fight for one'e rights. . 

haq'i4ahrTr, n. m. I, A letter-vriter'a fee. 

3. A quit-rent taken by the Otufli Native 
Govt, from those who were fonnd in pos- 
session of villages foi-merly in the 5oAtJ St- 
gam't jOgir in E. Oudh when (tat nvesM 
assignment was resumed by Saldat AIL 
haq-i-tabtU. 1. The right of collection. 

2. The rate, or fee of the officer employed 
to collect the rents. 
hiq-i-tahsll-i-lagan. The right to levy nut. 

haq-UamXf, Copyright, 

haq-lalfi, a. f. Violation of right; iqjiBy; 
detriment; perversion of justice {annySo). 

hag^ta'fi k., v. a. To deprive of a rigit ; to 
wrong; injure; defraud; affect injuriously 

haq \hxiira'nd, v. a. To determine or adjudge 
a right. [a right 

haq sSbii h, To make good a claim ; establiah 

haq jd/i'nd. To hold to be right or just ; t» 

haq chAknd, v. a. To assert or claim a ri^t J 
demand as due; to claim ; sue, 

haqq-irchahdi-UM, One-fourth shuo, 

haq huquq. Rights aud interests. 

haqq-i-havolah-dar. A portion of grain gives to 
the officer of the lamiiiddr employed to 
collect tiie revenue, usually at the rate of 
a seer and a half per m&und of forty seen. 

haqq-i-fiaiy-ul^dim. The right of survivwshij). 

h^qq-i-!nn haydt. A life interest. 

haqq-i-khidmoL A right earned by aervica 

haq-ddr, adj. Having a just claim or ri^j 
entitled; rightful. 

haq-ddr, n. m. One possessing a right or title ! 
the rightful nominee ; the bolder of a ri^^t. 
A peraon veated with anj proper^, p«ii]uuits, 
or privilege; the holder of s Bbara (el Ite 
revenue, crops, etc.) ; a Oovemmenb or viUagi 
offleer who elaiou prescriptive rights or fsea. 

haq-dAr aur gair haq-ddr. Those who had or 
had not the right [entitle to. 

q-ddr k., G. G. To give a claim to; to 

haq-ddr h., yd haq rakhnd, v. a. To have a 
title to ; to be entitled to ; to own. 

haq-ddrl, n, f. The holding any right or 
privilege; the right of olaun, privilege, or 
property ; ownership, 

haq dal>dnd, v. a. To usurp a ri^t; dispossen 
wrongfully ; defuive of a right 

haqq-i-<M;hil-kdri. 0. Q. Bight of oooapaney. 

haq dilSnd, v, a. To award a right ; enforce 
a claim, 

haq-i-dototrd. An allowanoa equal to ten per 
cent on the amount payable to Goremment 
by lessees in lieu of waste lands, [justice. 

haq denA, v. a. To concede a right; adnuaister 

hofran, n. f. Justice; redress; relief; re- 
medy ; deliverance from wrong ; the snda 
of justice. [a right 

haq-roA th^mS, v. n. To seek ndrew,- oliUB 

haq-i-ri&sA, 1. The right of the nilqwt 

2. Tenant right. 

8. Tenant right. Tbe rigfat of a cultinttot 
to retuD poisossioii while paying Hm de- 
mand of the Govenunent or tamind^r. 

ka^i-rahati. Right of mortgage. 

Jia^-i-ta»»inildTl. The rights and interostB of 
laod owners ; proprietary right, 

iaq ZamUdari yd tcAtluqdafl. An allowance 
drawn by the superior land owner. 

The righU or daes at t. lamXhdoT agrsealil; to 
tbs (onod under whiah bs holds bis lands or hii 
CDgigeiiiellt with the QaTeniineiit. 

iia}7-t-Hir-iardA,n.iB. The right of management, 
as of the head of a village to conduct 
itfi affairs, 

l»iiq<l-irMrkSr. The right of QoTenunent to a 
share of the crops, or a mooey commutation. 

iofT-vM^ Bro^LOTage ; couosel'e fees. 

haq K, adv. Deservedly ; fairly ; justly. 

iag'i^htifa. Sight of pre-emption. 

haqfiiiHtf& bar blna^jdr-i-malasiq. Right of 
pc«-emption, on the ground of viotnagsk. 

iaq^t-Aiif&-i^hara -i. 

Vhe Mah. right of preemption. 

haq^aelibat. Residuary rigbt 

haqfi-qOim-maqaml Tlie right of being repre- 
sented by another. 

haqf^-qdiiOai, jdnvm haq, A legal right. 

iaqq-i-^addtuti. The rigbt (^ usage, of long 
established, or itnnMmorial usage or enstom ; 
a Bight aoquired by presoription ; a pre- 
seriptive rij^t. [or obt&iood hia rights. 

hiq ho paha/nAehA. He recovered his property, 

lif^-i-lamhar-d&ri. The village headman's fees. 

Aug IttM pd t/tdmO, r. a. To djaprive of a 
right; defraad ; injure; wrong. 

haqq-i-mai jfdmiikiyat. A^ fight to a property. 

haqf^'iaaliiciind. 1, A proprietary right. 

1. The right to k percentage on the oat revenue, 

or iriien diaposseaed oE the xmmiidan, to an allow- 

nice for his support. 
haqqi'Bidlffiiidr. An allowance drawn by a 

saperior proprietor. 
hagq-i-murajjah. A preferential right. 
iaqq-ytHurawaja, A customary due. 
tiaqq-i-mtutmirdna. Farming right. 
haqqi-miHfaqil g^im bil wajud. An indefeasible 

inchoate right [or allowances. 

^q-imiuhaJiara. The right of receiving pay 
iu^-t-mufoficual. Bight of occupancy. 
kaqq-i-nutqdbauci ba-vajah^i-thud-dtiitul-i-qadint, 

Right of occupancy by prescription. 
Aaj meA. In re; with respect to {b<ilial). 
^q-t-nSn tia/qi. Jiight of maintenance. 
i«55 i-sa-iomdwi. An imperfect title. 
haq nO-haq, adv. Per fas et nefas ; right or 

wrong-; noleni volenti wrongfully; unjustly; 

arbitrarily ; for nothing ; without reason, 
haq^-i-vSjib. A just right ; a good title, 
haqqi-virosat. Right of iiiheritance; heirship; 

right by aucceaaioD. 

haq-i-ydft-i-htnhar. Forest rights. 
haq-i-ydft-i-ckarSgah. Bights of paBtorage. 
haqq o mur^g. Ilights and interests. 
Aoj A., V. u. 1. To belong of right; to belong 

or appertain. 2. To die. 
apne haq meA. In hia right, behoof, or favour. 
fiudli kd haq, n. m. The riglits of a mother. 
At£>jl^ ht'gil'f^, n. f ;2tawaBC<H]temptib]e. 

Contempt; scorn. 
hiqdrai dyad hut. Exposed to contempt. 
A jj*:^' AajOj', n. m. pi. of ^ Rights; 

claims; privilegoa; fees; dues; duties. 
huq uq-t-dtdmijidn-t- be^altld. 

Bights of ousted tenants. 
htiq^ jAiz id ittihrdl bataur na-jSa. Illegal 

pursuit of legal righta. [teresta, 

hwqUq-i-rhand^tizah, Temporary or limited in- 
kuguqi-saujiyal. Conjugnl rights. 
huqilq-i-iha'il yd vituh-ula. 

Contingent or partial interests, 
hwjQq i-tlMoharl. Uarital rights. 
hu^-i-alwnhari kd nifax. 

Enforcement of marital rights. 
h»iqiLq~%-kiLihtkArl. Coltiva ting rights. 
httxfiq ■ i-mttndarya-i-feArvt-i-ba$id-o -batt. 

The rights entered in the settlement 

record of rights. 
hvqaq tea dayOa. Rights a»d liabilities. 
hu^dq wa mvUalilliqaL 

Rights and appurtenances. 
^if M> Jutqqd fdnl, liL smoking and drinkii^. 

Social iuterooHi-se. [from one's caste, 

hnqqd pdnl bnnd k., v. ■a. To excommunicate 
A i=^i^ Aogi'i'di, u. f. Jf*. right 1. Property ; 

ownership; right; ol^m; interest; title. 
2. A holding ; tenamcy ; share, [of a right. 
iaqiyat iihari, a. The manifestation or proof 
ha'ilyat'i-utii^'l. A prospective right [teceet. 
haqlyat-i^U^ thirkat-i^aa: An ezclosivo in- 
haqitfat fakanctti pa hdtil kttl. Right accrued, 
haqtya l-i-lheia-ddri. 

The right or tenure of a lessee. 
kaqli/at jo m^ m^A dna cM/tiye, yd jiake bin4 

dUsre kd koq gvxnr jSne te ahuTu hfl. An estate 

in expectancy ; a reversionary title ; a right 

which bcgius as soon as the right of another 

pariy has ceased. 
haqiyati-dakhl. Occupancy right 
hgqiyaidar, u. m. A pniprietor ; owner'; part 

uer; shareholder. 
haqtyaUlar 'dla. G. G, A superior tenant 
haqiyat iomtn. Property in the soiL 
haiiiyat-ishikmi. An under-tcnure. 
haqiyati-gair-m.wnqaeam. An undivided htdding. 
haqlyat-i-qdhil nUam. A saleable teunr«, 
haqlyalri-kddu. A cultivating title. 
ha^!/at kl dtutdva. Title deeds. 

Googl l 

ha<flS''^ Ul-JchirSfl. Heot-free tenure. 

haifiyat-ir^maht/vniil-H'. wuqU. K contingent right. 

haqii/at-i-mud/i. See haq'yat laihird-j-i^haqiffat 
muattal. Keveraion of an estate; an estate 
in expectancy. [thing poBsesBed. 

ha^yit aaqbOxah. A right in posaession ; the 

haifiyat nOqU. A defective title. 

ha^yat-i'virsd. Right of inheritance. 

A o-AaA^ haql'qai, pi. haiiilya^, n. i. 

1. The fact ; the merits. 

2. Circumatances ; case (hoi. 1). 
ka^qat-taheil, a. A etatement or account of 

collections; the actual state of the revenue 

ha^qaUjamA. A particular account of the 
public revenue in all its branches ; the ao- 
oount prepared of the revenues of Bengal 
and Behir to the period of their assignment 
to the Company. 

hat/^qal'i-j.a'ma-twn&tl, A particular account of 
the public revenue agreeably to the recorded 

haqi^-iJial ; Pop. haifiqalnhal, n. f. The facts, 
circumstances, or merits of a case ;Btateinent. 

haqlqat hai amar mutaniba. The general merits 
of the question at issue. 

haqlqat rtxTma-ddr, n. An account of payments 
made to daily pensioners, formerly kept by 
the QanHttga. 

ha^qaltaiuVtdsn, n. The condition or state- 
ment of a tSmindSr't e^itate and engagements. 

haq'iqal likh'nd, v. a. To set dovn die facts; 
make a statement ; certify or testify to. 

haqlqtti'mudmUah. The merits of a case ; par- 
ticulars of a transaction. 

haqiqai tntA, JU haqlqat, dor haqlqat, adv. In 
fact ; in truth ; in deed ; hoaa-fide ; essenti- 
ally; virtually; iu practice. [oulars. 

haqlqai-nemS. A written statement of parti- 

uM*- ha^X adj. 1, Genuine; real; true; 
homfide (JUI 3, 6, 7, 9). 

3. Own (opnd) ; whole blood. 

ha^(fi Mot ; ^tk ladle bhai, Own brother; 
brother of the full blood ; a full brother. 

haqiqi mSlil:. 'I'he real owner. 

rit/Ua-i-liaqiqi. A relntion of the full blood. 

v&ruOitd-kaql^ Rightful heirs. 

A »{(a huHdm.', u. m. pL of ^1^ Rnlen ; 
governors; oommanderB;authori ties J officers; 
magistrates. [ties. 

huJcidm-i-bd'd-dait. Superior ofBcers or authori- 

kdekdm-i-tila. District officers ; local authori- 
ties, [minol officers. 

hukidm-i-/middfi. Uagisteriot authorities ; ori- 

hutidni^-mdlahat yd Mfie, Subordinate officers. 

hMikOm-i-mdl. Revenue authorities. 

A f£^ hakam, n. m. ^ commaiided. An um- 
pire ; tu-bitrator ; a mediator. [sentence. 
fCk Kukm, ahkdn. 1. Order; injunction; 
3. Provision ; stipulation ; enactment. 

3. Jurisdictiou ; authority ; legal or execu- 
tive authority. 

4. Direction ; control ; management. 

6. Leave; sanction; permission; license. 
6. Decision; Judgment; finding; decree; 
award; verdict; sentence. 7. (Aubn-ndmd) A 
warrant. 8. A rule ; law ; precept. 
9. A call ; demand ; requisition. 
huim ttlhA'nd, v. a. 

To countermand or oanoel an order. 
hvhn-i-akhlir, A final order. 
hvhn aktardend, v. a. 1. To issue final orders ; 
to pass a final judgment 2. Tu settle finally. 
hukm ulat'nd, v. a. To upset an order ; coun- 
termand, [junction. 
huim-i-inUindf, A prohibitory order; an ia- 
Aukmi-imtiiidi yldt te tddir k.. To forbid ju- 
dicially ; to issue an injunction. 
huhaiimiinSibJ&atintidnejahdtke. Embargo. 
kukm imtinSljdrl k.. To issue an injunction. 
Awbrn-t tmttndt jti tdoillk.. To enforce aninjuca- 
tton. [celment of a settlement. 
huhA-i-infitSkhri-bandobcut, G. Q. Order of can- 
hnkni bdi dmad. Ketum of process. 
hukm ba imtindiin_^l mvqadmah. A caveat; 
a formal notice or caution to a judge or 
other officer to stay proceedings. 
huk»ii iniiqdl. An enforced transfer, 
kuim bajd Idnd, yd athdnd, httkm par dudnd 
y. a. To execute; carry out, or obey an order; 
to act in obedicuce to orders. 
hvikm-barddr, adj. Obeying an order; obodienL 
Aidtm-ian^drf, n. C Obedience. 
kukn bhej'nd, v. a. To send or give an order ; to 

order; enjoin; give notice. 
k*km-i-he-d«JiklX. Order of ejectment, or di^OS- 

session; ouster. 
kukmi-baihdi. Order of foreclosure. 
hakm par mauquf, hukm far ntvUat^ Held at 

disposal ; pendiug orders. 
hukjn-Uatidl, A peremptory order; an order 
strictly enjoining the ezfcutioa of some 
previous order. 
hukm,-i4atimma. A supplemental order. 
hiik<n-irla}ir'iti. A written order. 
hakm tartl^, yd darmiydnX. An intermediate or 
interlocutory order; interlocutory proceed- 
ings ; an order passed pro forma. [order. 
huJcm tor'-nA, v. n. To disobey ; to vitdate an 
Jatknt idni. A second writ. 
kukntjdrl yd addir k, r. n. To give, issue, or 
circulate on order. [minister. 

hvim-jdri-kuniTidaA, Pcd. An executive officer ; 
huim eAald'nd yd k. To exercise authority. 
hvhn-i-kJiat. A special order. 

hthi-i-Jthetrehi. Order of coBts. [an order. 
hvkm hhUSf denA. To countermand or OTemile 
iUin detSt, t. o. 1. To give or pass an order ; 

to order ; give a verdict ; pass senteiioe. 2. 

To iostract ; direct ; eojoia ; issue an in- 

juootioiL 3. To autliorize ; empower. 4. To 

decide ; adjudge ; sentenoa 6. To let; permit; 

■auction ; allow ; grant. [(of a case). 

&ii±n-t-tfi*nittrt y& IchArijl, Order of dismissal 
Atubn-rdid, n. f. Rule; soTCreignty; govera- 

meiit; administration. 
Aaim-ranI k., v. a. To administer j rule; govern. 
Mm-i-MJAf, MiAt hukm, n. m. 
A strict or positive order. 
kuim-i-aati. Award of punishment ; aentence ; 

verdict. [aentence. 

)Mkmf^*aiS-i-maut, Sentence of death ; capital 
h^km «e buland, v. a. I'o cite ; summon. 
hukiA^thadld y(I qah-%. Coercive process, 
Kaim-i-iabtl. Order of resumption. 
Imtm-i-talbl. Summooa for the appearance of 

■tiy person or persous. 
Avim-t-MAri. An order written on the back 

of a writing ; an endorsement. [warrant 
knim tohri forwSna ptr tiihnO. To back a 
kuiwM-Am. A general order. 
hiiln-iradiUal. A judicial award ; judgment. 
hukn faiii-ralm, j/H inJikiArirahtt. 

Order of redemption of a mortgage, 
luin/al(tM he namjOti i. 

To give an order on ooa 
hikm-irqdniin. The authority or force of law. 
hutm qai<il haL It is imperative. 
htkn i-qaid. A mittimus ; a warrant by which 

a judge commits an offender to prison; 

■raitence of imprisonment 
ftain jt., T. a. 1. To order ; command ; bid ; 

direct; enjnin; charge. 

2. To rule ; govern ; administer ; manage. 
htdnklyd. Ordered; laid down; presorilMd. 
Aaim-^osAff, n. m. A circular order, 
i^n^a'nd, V. a. 1. To affirm or assert posi- 
tively. 2. To foretell ; predict 
htim mdnnO, v. n. To obey. 
^n-t-nufd/am^&Ped. A misoellaBeonB order. 
^utm-imuCtaq. Absolute power. [son). 

kutmiMatiqiift Order of dismissal (of a per- 
isitm-nd^'fiu raihiUL To overrule an order. 
^«k»-Midtiq, yd qatat A peremptory or final 

order. [imperative. 

kiUm-nOiiq hoi The order is absolute ; it is 
ix<fa»-t-nd-nMtudri. An order of rejection. 
^itkBfndwih, n. 1, A written order ; writ ; a 

judicial writ; a written award or judgment; 

decree. 2. A precept; rescript; injunction ; 

process. 3. A deed conveying certain autho- 
rity ; a license. 
^'»-namah-i-ijrai-i^ffT%. A process of exeoo- 

tjon ; an axecntion writ. 
"■■ta-4»taa& dar-Smal. fietum of process. 

hvkrn-nitnah-i-adaiat. Legal or judicial pro- 
cess or proceeding. 

huknrwtm&h qan&nl. L^al process. 

huhn-nlimah-i-gvrql. Fieri faciat; a writ of 
execution ; attachment of personal or real 
property ; order of sequestration or oonfia- 

hvitn-nSmah'i^iriftdt^ Warrant of arrest. 

hukm-i^pajii, An order of remand, [into law, 

hakm koia hai. It is hereby enacted or passed 

fatkm huA yd haL It is enacted or provided. vazA. Authorised deductions. 

oA/tdf bannda-ih'tkm-nS'nak. The officer en- 
trusted with the execution of the process. 

iitdut-ijril-ehukm-n&mah. G. G. Under the 

Under the warrant of arrest, 

bUi hvhn. Without order. 

■:.«)C * - h\tka,'n,tu ; Pop. huk&mtU, n. f. 

1. Power; sway; rule; administiratioa; 

government ; sovereignty {Jvikm, 1). [tion. 

3. Province ; domiuiou ; domain ; jurisdic 

hvlcamal-i-arH. Local jurisdiction. 

kak&mat-i-angrnX. British rule, [government 

hul::ti'nai-i-tht^khn, n. f Monarchy ; despotic 

hakHnutt k, v. a. To exercise authority; rule; 
govern; administer; dispense juatica 

hukama^ ke tor »t labar-daid k. Oppressive 
exercise of authority; undue exertion of 
executive power. [mocraoy, 

huk&mat yH riydiat jamhSrl. A republic ; de- 

A&J^^ haUM'ih, n. f. A woman married 
again with her first divorcer after she had 
been divorced by her second husband. 

A (— ftl^ hal'af; H. dharani, n. m. -Ji^ ha 
swore. Swearing by what is sacred ; an oath. 

halaf^kAne te inkOr Ic., G.G. Refusiug oath. 

htUfan, ba-halaf, adj. On one's oath, (swora. 

halfan tatdlq huH. Attested or deposed on oath ; 

h(daf utAdnd, v. a. To make oatb ; to swear, 

haUtf-darogi, n. f. Perjury ; itdse-swearing, 

halafdend yd uthvdnS, t. a. 
To administer an oath. 

halafae iiMr deni, v. a To depose on oath. 

halaf lend, ya ulhdna. Making oath ; swearing. 

halaf-ndma, n. m. A declaration upon oatb ; 
a written solemn declaration by a person 
exempt by the Kegulationa from being 
sworn in the ordinary manner; an affi- 

ba-hala/jhat baydn t, To make a false state- 
ment on oath; perjure one's self. [form 

hatb-i-t^iiiah halaf diyA gayd. Sworn in duo 

A&ftl^ hal'qa, n. m. i^U. he drewadrole. 
1. Acirole; circuit -, 

: Cooa 


2. L hov.ada.Ty line which iocludei all the 
landxind dwalliiigBof avillugo or hamlet. 

halqa-handl, n, f. 1. A concentric diviaiou 
of villages, etc 2. Arrnngemoiit of villagoe 
in circles or groups for village accountants, 
schools, etc. 

A&xK. hvi'yak, a. m. 1. Couatenanoe ; 
features ; personal appenrauce. 
2. A desenption of a person. 

holyah-tMrnnk ; hitt$a, A deeoriptiTe roll. 

A&U^- ham'lah; H. hiim, n. ni. Assault; 
attack; ooset; aggresaion; iuTasion; assault 
and battery. 

htuitlah^oiir, a. m Aa assailant. 

hamlah khafl/. A petty assault. 

hamiah k., v. a. To assault; attack; offer 
violence. [assault. 

hamle M if/iamK (ffnd, v. a. To threaten an 

hamle ki nvm&ith. G. G. Show of assault. 

A taJOS^ havalai' ; W. Bus, hfdvat, n. f. 
A lock-up {E. higat). 

haeSlM h., haodlit meA denit, ▼. a. To put in 
custody. [ed pereon. 

ha/o&lai mM raJ^nd, t. a. To detain a suspeot- 

iH)^ hava'lah, n. m. 1. Reference; allusion ; 
citation. 2. Commitment; charge; carei 
trust ; disposal ; consignment of any proper- 
ty, duty, or liability in trust; assignment 
for payments, 

havdlah-ddr; Pop. haval-dar, n. m. 1, One em- 
ployed to protect the gi-ainbefore it is stored; 
a steward or agent employed for the mauags- 
ment of a village. EllioL 

2. A head constable ; a tipstaff. 

havdlah. deiiA, v. a. To make a reference ; to 
cite ; quote an authority. 

havSU t.,v. a. To make OTer; give in cha^e 
or possession; consign; commit; deliver in 
trust ; iatruat ; surraoder; depout ; transfer; 
delegate. [of a city ; suburbs. 

yft^Jt^ kavOH-i-Aahar, n. m. Ped. Environs 

Au^-^H^ AotAVf.n.f.l. Capacity; ability; 
capability (of soil) ; means ; resources. 
2. Condition of life ; gtatw. 

haitlyat raitknd, V. &. 1. To possess means; 
to have property. 2. To constitute ; con- 
tain; hold; have capacity. 

hainpat tf, adv. According to; ae. [or means. 

Jiaiinyat k harh-kar, adv. Beyond one's power 

hainyai-i-urfl, n. f. 

Repute; reputation ;. character ; name. 

hamyalA-far'iqainha-Uh&z-i-^ak-digar. G.G.Th^ 
relative position of the parties. [enabled. 

haitigat-ySfUzh, Ped. Supplied with meaus ; 

jsidsd ki haiOy/it^ Nature of the property, 

fd ki haisiycU, Nature of the act. 

har ek kl haiAyat. Respective means. 

4«*S« Id'))"' (iK*- ^'" daurdn muqaddaiMA. 

Pendente lite ; during the peodeacy of a sui^ 

while a suit is pending 

A^^l^ *'iA«'nj',adj. ^)i. ejtractsd. Eiclnd. 

•d ; separated from ; eitraseous to ; ont 
of; eioept ; exempt ; rejected ; ousted ; 

Jiharij as balu, Out of the question. 

il&4r^ M mmdal. Inadmissible ; (a suit) iridcli 
cannot be heard or entertained. 

khSrij ai z^Uah, {Jltra-judiciaL 

kharij at aql, adj. n. m. Seneeleee ; foolisk. 

Wiarij az m'tqadmnh. Irrelevant to the earn ; 
not coneeming the matter in hand. 

iharij az miad, iharfj ax nUdd-i-MMdSt, lAO- 
r^' « haddisam/UU. Barred by efflux of 
time or the law of limitation ; beyond Ma- 
tutoiy liuaha. 

ktidrij patts. A lease of a detached or separate 
portion of an estate. 

kJiAt-ij jaitiA Separated or deta^ed from tks 
raotal of the estate, as lands exempt frum 
rent, or of which the rerenue ha^ bee* 
assigned to individuals or institutiona. 

k]%6rij iar-ke. Exclusive trf; oxc^t. 

kMrij k., ya rakhna, v. a. 1. To throw out; oast 
Oiff; i-enounoe; reject; bar; oandemu(6dJW t,). 
2. To except; enclude. 

khSrlj kamS ba £(|m bad-ntudmiagi ya ^cir- 
luiiiTi. To deprive of or pui out a thing hj ' 
the judgment of a court for malpiactioe 
er non-t^pearance. 

khdry-ntima. A deed of tcaiwfer ; a deed to 
the portiliou of a j<)ijit eelata, or for the 
sepnration of an individual share, or icr 
making a dependent ta&llvq separate and 

khdrij k, V. n. 1. To be excluded ; ejempted ; 
(Usmissed. 3. To fail ; to be ozhausted ; t« 
cease ; becosae extiuci [ontlawry. 

khUrv hona panait-i-addlsl w. Civil death ; 

khdrijah, n. m. Whiiit is excluded orexoepted. 

UidrijaK4aSHvq. iSeparatiou of a portion or 
dependency of an estate, or of a Parytnw 
from the general asaeeement, and the pn^ 
meat of the revenue due from it direct ta 
the tiovemment. 

A^lo. 'i/i*; H. my,adj. jo^partinilariEed, 
appropriated. 1. Private; peraonal;indiTiduaL 
2. Specific; special ; appertaining to; 
own ; proper ; appropriat* ; peculiar ; parti- 
cular; distinct; delinite. 



kJiit a)fal. A special appeal. 
Uiit jtmi-i-ohar. 

All alluvial aoceesioo tO an estate taken 

posB6saii>n or by the Goverumeat. 
U^patil. Goverament laud left unoultivated. 
khOi tahill. QoTQtniaeat coUectiona without 

the iaterventioa of a laviAdOr Or farmer 

of the reveuus. 
UU( tadllii^. A taAllaq, or particular district 

under the immediate lAaoagemeat of thd 


The NiaiiAt of Beagfti [drmerly ncleoted auclt 
tracU and oocupied tlieul fur CLeir own bcne&t ; 
but tha tarn) is aOw applied to wtates which, iA 
conaequence of the default of tho occupant, or his 
death without heirs, &rA kept in the hands of the 
StttA and manued by the QoremiAenb oMcara. 

lA&s taJtrdr. Mitteria) poiat or issue j par- 
ticular issue. 

i^haq. 1. Prerogative i Special privilege; 
2. A reat-fred teaure. 

khdt Ithit loj. People of rank and considera- 
tion ; persons who have access to thd 
private oouucil ; ohiefs ; nobles; miuistora. 

IIUU klios iBogtoi meA, adv. At certain times. 

ik(Uthavas,ii Agreatman'sdomestic8.[kindred. 

Uidi darje id rishta. Particular degree of 

that x&min. Land of which the collection is 
made bj the Govemnlent officers imme- 
diately froitt the Cultivators. [property. 

ihSi simdi/S yd jdcdad. Specific fund Or 

ih&t dutrt. An express piovisioa ; a parti- 
cular condition; the basis of a treaty or 

ilUU qdndn. A apociil law ; the law itself. 

i/i(b itdm, n. m. Special business or work. 

ikHs-t^r, adv. Ettpeoially; particularly ; id 
particular ; eipresaly ) emphatically. 

lM»-kar, U lihdi te. With special referenoa to. 

that k., V, a. To specify; particulariie. [ment. 

lA^-ntahal. An estate managed by the Govem- 

UdMtavI*. A private ttlerk or secretary. 

HUU t Sm. The public ; the oommunity; nobis 
and vulgar ; great and small (chhoU-bara). 

HMA<£-i-khib. Own property; private property. 

A &^l^ WtaPitah; Pop kk&s/l, n. m. 

1. Lailds under the management of 
Government; Crown or Govemmont land. 

2. Beveiide paying land^ (opp. of m-idfi, 
q.v.) 3. Arespectful Punj&b term for Sikha 
who profess a pure Hinduism. 

4. The exehaquer. UadBT the Mah. adminiiitrB- 
UoB, the ofB^r under whom the bu^mess Of the 
rs*enue department was transacted, and which was 
coaUBued during the «srl] psriml of Brittah rule. 
At applied to laada, it mean] thoae of which the 
'c^enue remains the property of QnTemnlflat, not 
being made over in Ji^gtr or jani» to any other 
parties. It ii tarmed in some of&cisl papers the 
rent-roll of the OoTemment, meaning the revenue 
reoeinable from Quverameat oc tAJitUa land. 
t^AUe loffttS, V, n. To be confiscated, seised. 



if J>'''ihan;Vi. iae!!KM,B.Ai.Opp.otpuihiah. 

1. Raw ; green ; unripe ; immature. 

2. Defective; ansuiind ; imperfect; bad. 
khin Grdss receipts or collectious. 
hhAm amanl. Lands under the nlauagement of 

; Government. 

i/nim ta/isil, n. Lands under the manngeraent 
of Government ; cellectiona direct from tlie 
cultivators; collections on an estate not 
settled ; gross produce or revenue ; seques- 
tration of revenue or of profits for a period 
of years in consequence of default in tho 
paynlent of revenue. Jtion. 

tkim taiidruf:, A general or cursory iilvcstiga- 

k/idm-iculikhU. Ped. A rough estimate of the 
produce of a field. 

khdrn jaiAa^aniiJ, a. f. Gross Assessment he- 
fore making deductions for charges ; assess- 
ment or settlement with the cultivators 
direct. [account, 

ManKhiUhd, n. nt. A roilgh statement or 

iUdm-ildqah, n. m. An estate under direct 
management in lien of leasing it. 

khdA niA-ttn, khan voitil. 1. Gross rental or re- 
venue ; total collections ; thd gross revenue 
of a village or an estate before the allowed 
charges are deducted. 2. A record or account 
of tho gross revenue. 

hu,i;a^-i■I:^d)n. Specious reasoning ; cavil. 

p J| jjt^ ''lltdiidan't, adj. 1. Italating to thd 

&mily. 2. Descended from father to son ; 

ancestral ; hereditary. * [rank. 

thdiid'inl aural ; H. iuHa iatrl, A woman at 
khdnddnX ndn, Family nanie. 
khanyl jhaffra, U. m. A &nlity qilarrel or 

feud ; internid factions. 
wiutaiib&i-thaAjl. (i. Q. A private demand. 
P &jt^ ''i/Uln'cA, n. m. 

A colunln (of a tabular statement) ; a 

heading; a head in an accoudt or statemeit 
IhSaah-badosh, adj. Nomadic ; wandering from 

place to place. 
ihdnoAbadoah, a. to. lU. bearing one's house 

ou his shoulders. 1. A uonladio tribe. 
2. A nlati who has no Aied residtinoa; a 

vagrant; vagabond. 
khdn^Madoila, il. f. Vagrancy. [or form. 

kkanoApuri, n. f. Filling up of a column 
hhinah-purl-iutiiTtd-*. Tbe person who fills up 

a tabular statement; the returning officer. 
ihanakiatOihl ; H. foAi, n, f. The act of search- 
ing a house. [amount at credit. 
khdaa-i-jan'a le barh jdnd. To exceed the 
ihditaK-jaAjfX, a. f 1. Domestic or fknily 

quarrels ; iutestinti broila ; civil war. 
2. Disturbance ; riot ; affray. 
I khdTMh-jangi bil sarb- Affmy with wounding. 


khannh-jahffi Jtaqlr,' pd vaqat Actual aSnf. 
k''Snih-}(cApl Icho/l/- Simple affray. 
IhinaA'jdApl sSlh xlwy nitr faiad-i-az'nt. 

Riot with violent brencli of tlie peace. 

Affray with homiaidfr. 

ihSnah khatl. A term given to an estate which 
haa been settled with fiinnera iti consequence 
of the nbaence of any proprietaiy right. 
The uamo ndsSa from thd column in the 
Bdttlement papera devoted to " proprietor" 
remaining blank. 

^■:iiK-i-4ii/&iat. House of correctiort, 

^jUJ. 4iii *'khana^shiimdfl, n. f. A census. 

^kltiiiah-muaigan. The appoioled or appro- 
priate culiiinii. [pnrtloiiUr column. 

Jehh:ie >u«ii parnit, v. n. To come under a 

kliitia}i~iuuliln,go)haK-n.aah,'iA. l.One who haa no 
employment 2.A retired olficerj apentuoner. 

p st'^^A^ khabai--da>'i, n. fi 

1. Taking cixre (hya-l); eliarg*. 

2. Custody; guanjianship; guard. 
kluih'tr'd'ri-i-muii&»ih. Fed. Proper precaution. 
kha!>Jr-ga'Cn, a, m. 

A guardian ; protector ; patroni 
jJAaJ.c-s't)-, n. m, 1. Au iufi>rmer j aspy (/dfdt). 

2. A ^uardiau ; protector; ptitroo. 
khihm-glt^, a. t. 1. See hlMt>ar-d&>^. 

2. i'r.^tection ; support; inoiutenance. 

A lA-im^ ^^hiifmat, n. f. Service, 
kJil'lnatri-mulk. The public servioo. 
k'tidniat-i-mangail. The duties of a poat. 
,^uj^ "i/<iii -,&', jil. of .Sum Servioea. 
A j^y^ ''kliariijr; Pop. kkirdf; H. ior.n.m. gji 

pissed ouL 1. I'ributa 2. Impost ; tax ; 

duty ; reveim*. collector. 

Jehi'fjtaJ.a'd ka'nevSil. Tax-gatherer; rent- 
kh'.rayi-zainlii., Ileveuue from laud ; land tax. 
khiraj-gut&i; n. to. A tilhutaiy (baj-gui&r) ; 

one who pays revenue to Government. 
khir&j lugana, v. a. 1. To assess ; tax. 

2. To levy tribute or ooiitribution. [tnry. 
^fclji ^khirdj'l, adj. Revenue-pnyiug; tribu- 
p ji, ^'khareh ; Pop. 'iAuracA; E. ''kharehl, 

n.m.A.^kJiarj. l.Expenscs; expenditure; con^ 
Buiuption; di^buraeoieut; outlay ; outgoings. 

2. Cost; charge; debit j the debit side 
of an account. 

kh(i.rcltuthand,ydi.,v. a. 1. To spend; disburse; 
invest or lay out money. 3. To boar the 
cost, expenses, or ehargea. 

3. To act as a disbursiug officer. 
khweh akbr&jAl, n. Diaburdements. 
kharchbarddr, n. m. A aervant whose office ia 

to supply the household require men ta. 


kharch be-dmad. Expense without return. 

k'tartli-i bt-ja, Vtareh-i-fuiiil. Neodleas eipente. 

kiMieki-kJtang'i, Private expenses. 

k/iareJi-i-klt&nah diil ; H. gharelA utAAo, 
Ho use hold expenses. 

khardt-ikhairut, u. m. A charge or allowance for 
charitable gifts or endowments. 

kliarch-i-doftar. Office ch urges. 

kkareh-i-d:hl. Ped. for i/tareA gOon. 
Village charges or expenses. 

ytarxh dend, v. a. To advance money for 
expenses {kharehk. 2). 

hltaTeh-i'TOXTiicmdh. Current exponses- 

khareh-i-sadr. Charges on account of the estab- 
lishmeuta of the principal local authorities. 

kkarchigair mdmHH, I. Unnsual or extraor- 
dinary expenses. 3. Contingencies. 

kktireh llf/djdvegd. Shall be charged the cost 

k/iarehi-mota/drreqdt, n. m. Contingencies. 

kAarchri-mtittafarriqa; H. jAiUkal kJtarcA, 
Extra or miscellaneous expenses. 

khdrrh-i^mdmali. Ordinary or usual charges, 

Harch-ima/aua/. 1. Details of expenditure. 
2. Provincial charges. 

The eipemei ot collection uid otb«r kuUi«rit«d 
it«ma of ezpeoditnre dedacMd from the gc<ui n- 
venua of a provinOB. 

k/iarefi-i-mulk. Imperial expenditure. 

k'larch meA likknd, v. a. To charge ; charge 

agaiuat ; deliit ; set down as a debt ; enter as 

costs ; enter in the o'llumn of disbursementa. 
kharch iidiikdr. Allowance or deduction from 

the revenue of an estate, as the subsistence 

money of the lanunddr. 
kharefi ^., v. n. 1. To be spent or consumed. 

i. To be exhausted; to fail. 
t^ji-^-k'tarcVa, a. m. 1. Costs; axpenaea; 

charges. 2. Costs of a law suit 
khardiah ba-hisdb raiadl. 

Rateable costs ; proportionate costs. 
kltarcha dildnS, v. a. To adjudge or award costs. 
kharcha-i^ddlat, yd muqaddtimS, Costs of suit, 

or of court. [recoverable. 

kharehah qHhH-iwuai, yd yd/iani, Costs 
khnrehah tim'nah Synd huS. Ped. Charged or 

saddled with costs. [one set of costs. 

tk /Aarchah dyad k. To chaise a party with 
bi/d-vatHl kharctiiuh. Free of costs. [costs. 

d&Od mat kharchei-i-i/igri. Claim decreed with 
A f»iy^ ^kkarij', adj. Sundry ; miaoeUaneous. 

khafsj-jamd, Extra collections ; miaoellaneoas 

items of revenue. 
P J>)y^ ^kharXcP, n. f. P. ^*if^ to buy. 

1. Purchase ; the thing bought. 3. The 
cost price. 3. Demand ; want ; requisition. 

kharld-khcU, khurid^dma. Deed of purchase. 

kharld-o-farokht,kharid/arok/U. l.Buyiogand 
selling, 2. Dealings j trade. 


4^ i< 

Iharid-o-fafokfU k., t. a. To buy and esU ; 
Degntiate ; trausact business. 

Wiar'id ks moL Pri.iio coat ; cost prioe, 

khuAiharXd, n. 1. Free parcboae - with 
ready money ; heoce, a bai^:aiQ. 
2. Private sale, 

tar-iha7'id. 1. A parchaasd estate. 2. A slave. 

tar-i-k/iarld. The purcbasd mooey, the prioe 
paid (commoaly used in deeds of sale). 

gtilAm ii laur paf Ichnt'iditd, Q. G. 

To buy as a alava [change, 

imilk'ikhirldo faroiM ka ehauh. I'he ei- 

jf^^ ^kharldai' ; H. khartdne-vAlA, a. m. 
Purchaser ; buyer ; holder by purcliase. 

lAarJddr zar-i-^igr''. The purchaser of a de- 
cree or judgmeut-debt. 

ihar^dAr-i-faitl. The ostensible purchaser, 

tiarirfar muqaddam. A prior purchaser, [tion. 

JAariffiSr-i-nl/ant. One who purchases at an auc- 

kharldai^nXlam ijrae ^tfftl. A purchuser at 
an auction sale in executioD of a decree. 

A i-ij yi. ''iharlf; W. H. tOom; E. bhadat, n. f. 
•J ji plucked (fruit). Autumn; the autum- 
nal or lesaer harvest; autumnal crops. 

^^ ^kharlfl; H. i^tnl, adj. Orowu in or 
relating to the autumnal harvest. 

t^&jV'A^i^iata'uah, Q. m. uij^layiug up- 
1. {lAatSna-i-^mira, yH aarkUrl) A treasury; 
Government trensury ; exchequer ; the 
public revenue ; finances. 2. A store ; ma- 
gazine. 3. A repository; reseriroir, 

A KjLw^ ^khitAr'att, n, m. y^ he lost. 
Injury (H. lota, 6, 7). 

UttdmA lahAnd, t. a. See tolU v^htknH, 1. 

Umarah-i-inti. Personal damages. 

kkUirah muqarrar L To assess damages. 

khitS-vA-i-mund/A, Loss of profit, 

khisdrah-i-naqdi, A pecuniary loss. [S.^ratGeld. 

A Kywii. *'khairah, Vteurd; H. khel baht, n. m, 

I. A list of the fields in a villago ; a field 

honk or index compiled at the time of a 

village survey. 2. A day or noste book ; a 

rough draught. 

Vuurah dAdcC A list of the bouses in a village 
with tbeir oocupaots. [field. 

Hairah UtqAm, u. A register of shares in a 

thatra kithivOr. A list of fields shetuag the 
number oC occupants, oto. 

HjjiCiLi *'i'tB«;i'fc, n, f. 1. DiTness. 

!. High l.utd ni>L flu-xlBd with water, and upon 
whiuh millot nnJ other gnuos not requiriug muok 
nuitlare oracujcivatod. 

Al3»- £^/.Q. m-LAIettor. S-AootaofhAad. 

ihatti tarrdf. G. O, A baut-bill; a cheq:lO. 

kAatC-Ud-daud. 1. Aa unclaimed letter. 2. Quit- 

tance; acquittance; written release; no- 
ckim certificate; relinquishment ot' cluim. 

iA(i(jiieii)t/((i(»ii^d'ia,v.u. ToforgeahaudwritiL-j. 

A if *'^i '•i'«»f roA, n. m. >lai- wos in pei-il. 
Danger (and'gfid, 3). 

khatra/i-i-t/timrah. liisk (rf loss, 
khah-ar, r^f&k., To ward off d.vuger. 
khiti-a-i-znrai: Bisk of harm. 
khati'o-i &in. A cuuiQion danger. 
khalh-e v^n ddl'iid, v. a. To endanger ; risk ; 
imperil; e.tpose to danger ; hazard, [dons. 
khatar-ndk, ndj. Ditiigerous; perilous; uaur- 
JH.JlSi»- ^khafij", adj. ^i 

■Small; alight; petty; tririal; nuimpor* 

taut ; of no weight or coiisefiuQuce. 
Ih'ij'if j'lrdiiii. Petty oflencei. 
H.</V/ .I'iz'Ji, n. f. Petty theft ; petty laroeny. 
Mi'i/lf $d, adj. Very little. 
kltapffasa-l. A petty diatiu-brmce. [smntt oatrse. 
Jdiiifif m'lq^Ai-iuta. A triviM suit or nctiou j a 
junit'l-y klinfi/k. To miiiguto Uie offence. 
}am& khafij. Liglit assessment. 
tur-i-hhat)/. A potty olypctiou ; cavil. 
ilJa. khajlj'ah, addlat-t-khafi/'a/t, a. L 

A small cause court. 
A, S-iV*** 'kJinfiyah, adj. <ii hiding. Hidden ; 

eoncenled ; secret ; coveit. [tdtigence. 

Bni_t!mh. kltnliar, n. f. Private or secret in- 
kJi'iJi^i it«i-»-a«dlA.,,To investigate secretly 

or priv!rtdy; make a private im|uii-y. 
yiuHyaK-aavlg, n. m. A secret correspondent, 

or infjrnicr ; a secret emis.sary. 
lihtifiyah-^iaKisi, ii. £ Secret intclligoncej the 

ofitec of a secret intelligencer. 
*-**• khufi'yali, adv. Pt-ivately. 0|<p. vlaUnisH. 

HS^/fjii HM alSniyn dari/u/t had. (Poliee report*) 

thujij/ah'/urofhl, n. f. Coutraliaud traflio. 

I. m. i>itL 

A *tfU^ ^kJtalds' ; Com. kha'Ssl, 

ha freed himael£ 

Emftnci|HiJ.iou ; mnniMWs^ion {AsMi). 
iJialda, ftdj free ; liUonitcd (a=d<4 I, 2.). 
khatda-ralr, n. A deeit of relo^iae- ; an order 

of disclHirgo ; deed of dissolution. 
khaldnk^ kfuild-l Jeni, v, a. To. iliscbariie ; 

acqiiic {OiOd k). [{rnad k). 

iJialdi h., V. u. I'o be fieed or set nt liberty 
<«1U. ''k'lale^iah ;. Uns. MtalldtO, a. m, I, Sub- 

Btnnue {lot 2, 3). 2. An ai>stracb {^mOl, 2.). 
kkuldi^hizhdr. The substance of a deposition 

or examinatiiMiu ' [plaint. 

l/iu'dsaA dii-.*. 'I'he suhntanoe of a claim or 
khtdSMth k.-v. a. 1 Sea£iAtudr£:.(2.) 2. (Pop.) 

To resolvo ; unridilo ; aspkiu ; nuke clear. 

Hh/OmA, nAd/Ad^T. a. Tasum up ; 
make OB abotraot. 


AuiU^* ^iAi£a/';H.u/td;adj.Uu.CMDeafter. 

Against; versus; in opposition; contradictory. 
khildf, II. m, Oppoaition ; contrariety. 
khildf-ik,luit/S.r. Unwarranted ; not autboriied. 
khiiSf-wnl. A miBaomer. [founded oq fact. 
khildf amr-i-to&qai. Contrary to the fact; not 
khUsfbai/dnl, u.t A contradictory atntemeiU ; 

contradiction; prevarication;. miBrepreeei> 

tation. [sen tat ion. 

khildf bai/dm bUSmad, A vilful misrepre- 
khildf hiihn. Contrary to orders ; unauthoriz- 
ed ; unwarranted; not allowed. 
UUlaf kuim he amal k., v. a. To act a^inst an 

order; contravene orders, 
ikilaf-iduHb; Contrary to custom j irregular; 

informal. [courge. 

khitsf-i-datlOr-itnuAij/ana. Ont of the ordinary 
hhilaf divd^ Contrary to the claim. [case). 
khildf rd-dSd. Opposed to the loerits (of tb» 
lAHaf-istnthta yd tabitah, adj. 

Against or opposed to.the rules of praotioe; 

irregular; informal, 
ihil^-i-sluira. Contrary to the Mah. law. 
kkildf-i-zdhitah. Contrary to. precedent or 

procedure. [tiM. 

hhSif iSblah'i-tah'h. CoBtrary to Bound prac- 
kliilaf tahUa-i-adaht, Contrary to judicial 

usage. foour«6. 

kkHaf labfa-mMqarrarah. Out of the ordinary 
khil^-i4abA. Unnfltural; against one's will 

or disposition. 
khild/'i-tql, Ciiutrary to reason {Uiiid-ul-aql), 
kliilif-i-qaidak. Irregular; against rule. 
khUdf-i-qaaHn. Contrary to law ; illegal. 
khit^-i-qa>/a*, adj. luconceiTahlejin^robable ; 

absurd; incredible. 
iATfo/f., T.a. 

To act contrary to ; go gainst; oppose; 

contravene ; infringe ; break ; violate. 
khUaf kah'n&, t. n. To make a contradictory 

or fitbe statement ; to contradict ; prevari- 

oata ; miarepreaent ; tell a takehood. 
IthU^f-gol, n.f. Lying OA*) i misstatement. 
khamar mahal. See ubidrl mahat. 
khUaf-i-wirft. Against one's wtU. 
ichitif vAnl kahna, yd bayda k., v. a. 1. To 

pervert or twiet the meaning ; misconstrue. 

2. To misrepresent ; misinform, [chargs. 
]Aililf-niUiah. A cross snit or aotion ; oount«'- 
JshUdf nat'-jS. An opposite effect. 
hhSdf-i-wa'iiS. Contrary to the fact. 

lAitdf vajnh tubiit. Contrary to the evidence. 
kMlsf-varzl. 1. Misoondiiot ; misdemeanor; 

offence ; crime. 2. Infraction; violation. 
khiH^f-varii ox qardiiln-i'garlSn 

lufi'iugemeut of the law of India, 
khitdf-vanl Ad tarhdr. G. Q. Against the State. 
ifcAiJd/-wirjii.. 1.Tooppo3e;inA;iuge;oontravena. 

3. To misbehave ; commit An oSenoa. 

i»_ j^r 

lAUi^-i'vaA Unnatunl ; contrary to good 
manners or ouAtom. 

l^ll^-i-vatS-i-Jitrl. Unnatural gratification 
(senaaal). [ment 

lAilaf-i-tedda. Contrary to promise or agree- 

klUlaf h., V. n. To- he on the opposite side; 
to make against ; to- oppose 

borHAi/^Mi- 1- Against <aif I, 4)- 2. Advene; 
in opposition ;. inimicaL [the contrary. 

par bakhttdf ufe. But on the other band ; oa 

A Uj CL-xJ^ ihilnl-ba.'id, n. A cess, or oiwai 
levied by the btabommedan aovemount te 
defray tbecoat of hoaonuy dxesses present- 
ed at court [of the pease. 

A 51 JiJl,^Ji* 'ififl/fW-ondM*, D. m. A diatarber 

kkalal-anddi A., v. n, I. To interfere i medille; 
iutetrupt. 2*. To disturb ; molest ; impede. 

A tM*^ ^khwna, a, m. The fifth part. 

A double tithe, or twenty per cent, levied 
on the owners of laud in which, there an 
mines of metal ; the fifth of booty bkken 
in war with iufldela, and set apart for or- 
phans, the poor, and trHvelleni. 

Pb><^ *'ib^u<^ adj. Self (dp); private (UdR^) 
own; penooal; in person. 

khud apnl tdt k, adv. 

Of one'a own self; independently ef. 

khud-inlitdmi. Self-government. 

k}iud-ba-iftud ; H. afne dpi adv. 

1. Spontaneously; of itself; naturally. 

2. Voluntarily ; of one's owa aooord. 
H^wf-mkhmtt, a. f. One who q^uita a service 

of Ihs own oocord, 

Vcitd-hSsIit, 1. One's own oultiiatton ; land 
which the proprietwr, or the payer of the 
Govt, revenue, oultivatea himself. 2. A 
cultivating proprietor ; resident cultivator. 

ikud-ttuhl ; H. Stant-fhM, n. C 

Self-murder; suicide ; /elo da se. 

khvd-hiihl k^ V. a. To. commit suicide. 

khad-mukfUdr, n. m. A ftee agent. 

Uiad-mvklUdr, adj. Independent; free; able; 
competent ; not subject ; unrestrained ; un- 
controlled, [of action. 

]Atid-muklitdrl, n. f Independence; freedom 

P ^.j ^ \ip> ''lAurd-burd, lit. he ate and took 
away. 1. Fraudulent or dishonest gaiosi 
fraud. 2, Poculationa ; embezzlemeot ; 
misappropriation ; bribes. 

Hiurd-burd * , v. a. I. To spend ; use; enjoy ; 
consume. 2. To embezzle. 

P Al^ ±^ '•khuth baih, n. A cultivator 

holding land at afi easy or quit-rent. 
iAuiA-&a^i;amA, Quit-rent; light 

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Oj» 1 

AlJ«>' *i'!fl«/; Ru8.iAawj>,n.m. Fe&r (H.^)* 
lAaaf diihS-iar hat raihnd. To deter. 
Uau/-n(Lt, adj. Frightful (-Ci^4;). 
fauran jsn m &a/<!£ learne Jed lAauf dtnS. To 
threatea instant death. [threaten ; alarm. 
itn ahdJciu ko lAaufmeii ^alnA, To intimidate; 
P ^j3>' '-tAMM ; H. /aA«, n. m. 1. Blood ; gore. 

2. Slaughter; murder; homicide. 

lAHa-alildah. Stained with blood; Moody; 
reeking with blood. [money. 

thOA'-bakd, n. m. The price of blood ; blood 

thHa''kkardla,^ih3n*'ihachch(ir,a. m. Blood- 
shed ; bloody work. [itinssacre. 

ihiiA-rezi,n.{. Bloodshed; slaughter; carnage; 

^)^ ^ihUnf, n. m. ''ifiCtnan, n. t. A ahedder of 
blood; murdarer; assaaaiii. 

ihHia, ac(i- Bloody. 

P jjj* 'iSasitf; Pop. ii*i;ii.f, Unripe wheat 
or barley crop used as fodder. 

Au:.JU^ ''ihayi'nat, yUyanat, n. f. u))! was 
unfaithful. A breach of trust ; dishouesty 
(Muni fnird, 2,). 

ihayAnatk.,^. a. To embcKzle ; misappropriate. 

HaydTtat-i-mujrimdaa, Criminal breach of trust 

thairdti sxtmln, n. G. G. Land givea for cha- 
ritable endowments. 

khmron mad, n. f. Charitable or relief fimd. 

ihairm aha/A-khanA, n. m. 
A charitable dispensary. 

A J»-ffc> da^khH, adj. Jij entered. 

1. Entering; penetrating; arriving. 
3. Included or oonqire handed in. 
3, Inserted ; entered ; registered, i. Filed. 
il^ikil, n. nv 1. Inclusion of a minor in a 
larger piece of land. 2. An entry in a book 
or account. 3. Taking possession (of land). 
^U, ^^^^ da'khiil ^ihirij, n. m. lit. inoluding 
and excluding. A transfer of land under one 
name to another name in the Govt, register 
of landed proprietors ; mutation of names. 
This proceu ooneiiU in the vntry, 

of the eatktt uid manage its ftSair . 

daiKil khdry k& Mugaddama, A mutation case. 

daihil hiarij t., t. a To register a transfer of 
property by taking out the name of the 
fbnner proprietor from a deed or register, 
and inserting instead that of the new pro- 

dakhil tkdrij men hu^Ah tajw'a haq *!• no/iIA. 
hai. The register of mutatiuns has no judi- 
cial character. 

dskhil daflar. Placed on record; filed with the 
record ; pigeon-holed or postponed indefinite- 
ly; struck off the file (of ajudicial officer), 

dOkhil daftar k., v. n. To file with the record. 

dakhil k., V. B.. 1. To incorporate; compriae; 
include. 2. To admit; lodge. 3. To insert ; 
enter ; set down ; write ; register. 4. To 
enrol; enlist. 5. To file. 6. To deposit; 
carry to credit. 7. To pay ; give ; hand in 
(as money into the treasury), 8. To effect 
penetration {dakliiU k. ). [depositor, 

d&khU-ktiHindah, d&khH kame-walS, Payer ; 

ddikil A., V. n. 1. To enter ; come or go in ■ 
arrive- 2. To take possession ; occupy ; 
enter upon. 3. To fall or come under or be 
included in ; to belong to. 4, To be entered, 
eulisted, etc, 5. To be filed. 
6. To bo paid, deposited, etc. 

lii.f^dd'"k',ild;d^ihld;3, Uarai pai(h, n.m. 
See do'lcJUl, (2. J. I. Delivery or payment 
of money, etc. 2. Admittance; admission; 
insertion. 3, Entrance; entrance fee. 4. A 
receipt, eap. a receipt for revenue payments, 

dskkitA-jiajTis, A clerk who gives receipts for 
revenue instalments paid into Uorernment 

^1 J dSkhll, n. 

The phnue U applied also to villages which have 
become iocluded in the nveDne lut of villagee 
p^ng revenue, having branched off from and bo- 
iug dependent upon those oo whioh the awemment 
wsa originally levied and which are therefore 
termed adi original, in oppoaition to AslchUi the 
■uboidinato or included. 

daihUi mataa, A newly formed village attached 
to or included in the older (a#fi) village, 

v.ttiih'-i-ddihll o khdrajl. 

Domestic and foreign affairs. 

otH mat dakhiii. The original village and its 
dependencies or additions. 

daihU-kir, a. m. An occupant, either in his 
owu right or as a manager or trustee ; the 
person in possession. 

p ^U ddd. n. f p. dad%n, S. bt to give. 

Justice; equity. [or redress. 

dad chahnO, T. n. To demand or sue for justice 

d&d-kliuah, n. va. 1. A petitioner for justice: 
a suitor; applicant; clnimant- 

2.(ddift/aryddi) A o om plain ant ; plain- 
tiff ; prosecutor, [redress. 

da^i-kliudlii, n. f. Application for justice or 

ddd-dAl, n. f. Administering juatioe (jIj 3,), 

rffli^riMJ, n. f Redress ; redresa of grievances ■ 
deliverance from wrong. ' 

dad »Uad ; H. ten den, n. lit. giving and taking 
See jtft-i, l.and hharid frrokiu. 


Money dealiDgs. ftbe relief sought, 

ddd-imtitada'wi/a, 0. G. The thing claimed; 

Jjlj dd'danl, ddcfnl, n. f. 1, Advi 

> foi- 

purchase of produce ; advaocing pay to 
laborerii and manufacturera 2. Debts, 

d&dnX-ddr, Fed, n. m. One who has taken ad- 
Tanoes on a contract, [vation of indigo, 

ntl-dadni, n, f. An advance made for the oulti- 

HIo'O arat <te''*3i n-"!- S. HTH HiB 

1, (Sant. tatiU) Paternal grandfather. 

2, (Sant. dada) An elder brother. 

3, An appellation of BnihcninB, uoed by 
Jeu and Gujan. 

tr J'-> Sraw dod'a*, Hin, ; dadsui, W. Kua j da- 
dit/d taa, Mah,; rfarfwa*tt, Mar ; aji3 sdau, 
Bhoj, n, f. The mother-in-law of the wife's 
or huaband's piother-in-law, 

Ij-jtj arastT dadasi-a, Hin; dddsttsra, W. 
Bns- ; dadiya ttuar, Mah. a m. rfdrfJ grand 
father, lusra fiither-in-!nw. The father-in- 
law of the wife's or husband's fiitber-in-Iaw. 

^Jl J ara* dad't, 6ji, n. f. Patenuil gn.ndmotber. 

dadMyS^, dady&l ; W. Rue. dOdkd, n. m 

1, Paternal grandmother's house. 

2. Forefathers on the paternal grand- 
father's aide ; lineage. [Oudh. Camtgy. 

A I'J **'• a- m. A subordinate tenure in E. 

P Si.jt^ daro^'ah; Pop. dara)a, n. m. 1. An 

overseer; inspector; superintendent ; keeper. 

2. An inspector of police ; the prefect o£ 
a town or village. 

JUjjij d&n^At; Pop, dar^si, n, f. The o££oe 

or duty of a dAroga ; superintendence. 
tjinUk tijjtj dAio^ai-yl-^i'^'f'^t n. m. Jailer. 
d<lroyaA-i-riiWdJ-I, n. m. 

'roll-gatherer; toll-collector.. 
A-S^SO d&ia. Worn, n. ra. Uj See JatJ. 
1. A claim ; a plaint ; complaint. 

3. Cliura; pretention. 

p JjO i\i da^bet, a, f. Marking off thelines 

for a road ; a line of road ; mark. 
HfK> aW^am.n.m. S. 5[IH I. (<«w Awnr«) 

money. 2. Prioe ; valuo ; rate (jlniat)- 
<f4nt-<i>M, n. m. A pnrohMed shore of Aa 

estate or village. C<utiegy. 

rfamtftanjd, v. n. 1. To take the price or 

value of; to charge for. 2, To pay the pnce. 
rfttnirfdirt,'.aWo iUibbd. Every ia»;i; toa iiuthing. 
4fAo» danO, v. a. To pay the price. [slave. 

binddmaika gularn, n. m. An onpurchaaed 

H jfUUj J ainmrv^ danata-h%, n. f. 

An equitable partition of the effects o' 

an insolvent amongst his creditors ; henoe, 
any fair proportionate distribution. 
H^.«)o 5Tlft dain% n. An nsaeBsment. 

d&mlUgkd, a. m. The assessment of the Uoda 

of a village per blghs. 
dSnA pattadrl. Fees of a palwdrt. 
dnml tasdnH, v. n. To assess. 
ddml vdt'Udt. The gross assets of a village 
H ^Jl^ ara *"». u. m. S. ai to give. 

1. A gift ; grant; alma {ddn pttn); charity. 

2. (Sant. goiumg) A dowry {jahe»). ' 
ddn-patr, n, m. One to whom a grant may be 

m&de or to whom by law property may he 
conveyed. [Brahmans. 

dUn-patr, ddn-pfiUJ, n. m. A deed of gift to 

ddn dend, dan k., v. n. 

To mako a gift or grant; bestow alnu. 

Hj[JJ|i a[T«i daA4%a.t 

A dry hard soil that does not retain mois- 
ture, aod dries quickly when irrigated; a 
gravelly soil on high ground. 
H ^5>yi J 5igtt ddnv'rt, n. f. 

'Vhe rope by which the bullocks are-tied 
together when treading out the com, 

P jO&J)^ danS-dii; a. m. The act of fiung 
the jiMd according to the actual produce. 

ddna-kiTidl, n. f. A rough survey ; (ddnd banit 
Itinhd I) an as^eaament of the revenue upon 
a valuation of the standing crops. 

P ,t^ dOi, Q. f. A female commiaatoner em- 
ployed to interrogate and swear nativs 
women of quality who are exempted from 
appearing in the law courts. 

Hl3?jliJt ani5fl dd(S'jd;'P.jahei,daka,'Wam. 
a. m. S. zn. A dowry ; portion. 

A.y>.f^ dij/'ap, adj. tyi goin; round. Pending; 
in process of abjudication ; in. process. 

dOyar tajwlt. Under oonsideratiou or trial; 
pending decision ; pending. 

d^ar k , V. n. To file or institute (a suit). 

OS tHe qaniht dHyar t'yi gayd. 

Instituted confi>rmably to htw. 

A fi'ht dlUm, adr, ^jj endured. 

Always ; perpetually;, continually. 

dSim-ul-haba, Irapi'isonmetit iot life. 

i^'o dA'tfnil, adj. 1. Perpetual; lasting. 2. Im- 
prisoned for life (0pp. of miySdl foi- a t«riu). 

baiutibat/ daemi!., 'I'he permaueut esltleuLeut 
of the revenue. 

A^to d3,'y<m, n. m. ^» became indebted. 
A creditor; an obligor. 

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<^ : 

H ji'(j 5ni dmA,ddAeik,W; daAvat% Bboj.; 
m, Saat. ; dapHAhl, £. n. f. S. 31 to part. 

1. Threahiiig the corn by bitUocka. 

2. The uathresbed com in the ear. 

H IJIJO ZWfl daba'nd, tidhnd, V. a. S. 31T 
See U{j T. n. 1. To sow, to make a layer. 

3. To keep poaaeasiou by force or fraud j 
to usurpi 

dabd bxithnd, V. a; l.To keep poaaessioa by 
force or fraud ; to usurp. 2. To cohabit. 

da''it-itr, adv. By force or compulaion. 

j^-i avi^T dabd'o, dabdt, a. m. 1. Pressure. 2. 
Constraint i iuHueuoe {-<U), [eJ (dalind). 

iabdo mdnna, v. n. To submit ; to be influenc- 

fl ,— Ja 55a) ''"^'i n. f. H. (fo two, bu 

twenty. The percentage allowed to govern- 
ment furmors ou the revenue paid to govern- 
ment, formerly ten per cent. 

EU^O ^^I rffflWlVd; Sant. fo^d, a. m. 
A. large wooden plough-share attached 
behind the iron share. 

H Q)?J ^\i dato'i, a. f. Land which haa 
been lately cropped with mo&tJ, or judr. 

Aji-J d»JAl;Pop.diiAai.a.m. 1. Saa a»- 
daitl 1, and ikUiydr, 6, 7. 

2. Occupancy ; occupation ; possession. 

iakhi bU-jabr, a. m. Forcible or violent entry 
or p033e33ioii. [trespass. 

daJthl-i-beJd, datVi^d-Jdit, Unlawful entry ; 

diikhl be-tabab, yi be-ijdiat, n. m. Entering a 
place withtut leave ; iutruiion. [ admitted. 

de^Al pdrtd, V. Q. 1. To have access ; to be 

2. To obtaia or be put in possession. 
djkhl-dihdal, Ped. a f. Delivery of possession. 
Uijjbj d^iJU d^nd, y. a. 1. To iuterpose 

(b'AmeA dad, 2.). 2. To interrupt; disturb. 

3. To admit or allow one to outer. 

daihlJU Itdl, Present or actual possessiao. 

(idbU i., V. a. 1. (dik\lt h.) To tt\ke posses- 
sion; occupy; keep ; possess. 3. To encroioh 
npOQ ; enter on the rights of au'ither. 

iii'ilhxrmio'di, n. m. An occupant; intruder. 

iakh'. mtA rat'md, v. a. To keep ; retain. 

taUJ&j diihl-ndnah, a. m. A dooumsnt giv- 
ing therightofoccupancy; a writ or warrant 
of entrance orposjaiMon (of landi, etc). 

daUU oqiib!a,qabt dakhl, Batry and posMssion. 

^tjj^j daiM-ySiA, a. i. Oiitainiog entrance 
or admission ; taking posseosion. 

J)Lj di^Hml, daJASl, Sbing. n. m. Penetration 
in sexual interoeurse. [and egress, 

di^thH' o liurHj ; Pel for dud jdnd. Ingress 

J^j di^kftil, adj. Occupying ; possessing. 

dakJill-k^r, 1. An occupant ; a hereditary 
occupant. 2. One who has authority to in- 
terfere, [occupancy. 

dalcKll-kdri, 1. Possessioa 2. Hereditary 

dit^ihU-hd'.. The party in possession; present 
poBsessor. [ed party, 

daSAllsd'iij. The former possessor ; the oust- 

Ji.*jj bf-di''iAt ; Pop. bt-da*-khal, adj. EicludeJ; 
ejected ; ousted ; dispossessed. 

be-dakhl k., v. a. To dislodge ; disturb one's 
possession ; on-tt ; dispossess. 

tdaU ae be-diikhl k.. To oust from a holding. 

be-dc^kMl, n. f. Dispossession; ouster; eject- 
ment; disseizin. 

he^aihli bU-jaitr. Porcible dtspossessioD. 

be-daihll nd-jdii. Wron<>;ful dispossession, 

h:iq-i^Ai!ill-kdr2, Right of occupancy. 

H ^5)-5J 3jft did'i'i ; Sint. (owJ p:rth, a. f. 

H. dddh, milk. Unripe corn, chiefly barley 
which is cut ocoasiunjly and brought home 
to be eaten without being taken to the 
S ^*^*JJ ficFviJ did'hiaha, n. m. 

The husband of a widow. 
didhiiAd, n. f. 1. A child-widow remarried. 
2. An elder uumttrried sister whose juni- 
or is a bride. 3. The childess widow of a 
brother whom, under the old law, a surviv- 
ing brother was required to marry, 
H si 37 d'*r, n. f. S. ^ to honour. 

1. Value ; esteem (adar). 

2. Rate ; price ; mjirket or current rate ; 
standard charge. 3. Per ; each ; at, 

4. An account of fees p'ud for serving a 

process. 6. A return of process. 
dar-bandl, Rent rates used for assessments. 
P tj dac, prep. P, rfiw a door. In (Saut. rt) ; 

at; on; inta [a sublease, 

iji^ijJ dir-ijdrah. An under-tenurs or fcirm ; 
,*«Tj,} dtrdatai, n, f. I. Coming in; ingress. 

2. Import 
dzTdmadbw-dmid, Receipts and disbuniements. 
J-i-.i^i difpeih, adj.. 1, ^u tte table (^, 1). 
2. 5i*6 judiei (ddjfxr) ; under trial or oon- 

dar-pah k., v. a. To lay before ; introduce 

(pethk.); submit; briug to notice. 
dar-peth &., v. n. 1. To be in front or before 

(dje daO, 1). 3. To be on the carpet or 

anvil. 3. To be in hand, on foot, pending. 
i. To happen (dge A 9). 
i£t)}«, J dir-tdrat, adv. la oaae ; sappose that ; 

provided ; should ; sinoe ; in the event ot 




1 52 


P i^bij iArl^, dar^^inih, pr6p. Respect^ 
iiig; in re; relating to; for(6d6«t); aneAt. 

(far-id6-i-tnfinlm. Relntiire to tho orgnnization 
or administration of. 

darhah huiiiU arati. Ij'or taking ap land, 

<2iir-£aft M/Sxat ^^ra^■ vJjat, In relation to 
the due preservation o£ 

PjLyi doiidr'i n. rn. P. )* witkin, >b a 
court-yard.l. Court; audience; rojal aadi- 
eace ; hall of andience. 

2. 1'he executive Govt, of a Native State. 
3. A Native levee held b; a Native Prinee 
or high English officer. 

darhdr b&ndhnS, V. a. To bribe ; give li^bes. 

jaU.)t{jj (2a'-6art-V^b,n.m. Private audience. 

0;^jU)j daiifor^ickar^, Political or diplomatio 
expenditure ; court charges ; charge for 
presents and gratuities made to princes 
and puUio fnnctionaries, bribes, etc. 

•■* UntlBr ths old regime, »ii addition aadeto the 
araeuuent bj QoTernment offloerB or the Eamiodars 
OH the plea of providing for gratuilioi eiact«d hy 
their »iqierior« or the Stat* On theic payment oi 
tlie revenaa. 

i5)'J )'<>■* darhAr-dA>^, n. f. Presence at court. 

ffartdr^rt it, 1. To be assiduous at court 3. To 
dance attendauoe on ; to be obsequious. 

ftsjifjj daridr-t-lm, n. m. Public audieaoej 
publio h(dl of audience. 

iarbir A , v. a. To hold a daih&r-, q. T. 

^3i^,)'i eEaridf't,adJ. Of or belonging tothecourt; 
attending courts [lishedlanguageofthecourt.* 

darhUti, n. m. 1. A aourtier. 2. The elegantjpo- 

dai-bSri zahdn, O. £ Court laliguage. 

H^*^^ St^resft d»r-j>aita, n. m. A sub- 
ordinate or sub-lease or tenure. [lease. 

darpatnl4aalvq. An estate held under a snb- 

ci(»7nienW(Er, n. m. The holder of a lease from 
a lease-bolder ;' a sub-Iesseei 

Aj-j^ <*«»■;. n.m. See g'j*" [registered. 

darj-i-raju(ar. Written on the register or roll J 

darj k., v. a, 1. To include (d&khil i.) j record' 
2. To book ; cany to account. 

darj A., T. u. To be inaertedf booked, eto. 

Ai^yJ dar'jaht a. m. 

1. Degree ; grade t division (AB'*^ ti.). 

2. Honorable or high plaoe j dignity. 
ilarjah ghaiOHd, t. a. To degrade. [degrM. 
darje^ar, adv. According to one's rank or 
tM darje tak, adv. To this degree ; ao far. 

har darjt ha nutMcam^jiU /(uy'-ddrl. Criminal 

courts of tbs sereral gradest 
F c^pMwIk^u,} dar-*'thua>t, a. f. 1. A petition, 
2. A tender ; ofier ; proposal. 

5. Id judicial procoediOga, aft applidaUoB which 
ia retjuired to be made for tbe adiniasioo of oach 
'aihibit Id a Bait, and for the Bumtnoning of each 
nitneaa. In revcaua Caatten, tb« repreaeatatiaB of 
the proprietor of an eatato u to tfae amouDt of 
t^renuc he is able to pa?, or a projioeal tor reutitag 
or fartning; an eatatd or utj branch of the public 
Revenue, or the flDgagemeBt catered iDti> b; the 
Litmbitri/ir to be reiponiiible (Or a atipa]at«d antonat 
Of revenue- paymant foi- a givett time. 

dar-thu&at-i-gargca^. A summary application. 
■dar-iAudit-i-aplt: A petition of appeal. 
■dar-Uiudit ijrde d^f>^- An application for 

authority to enforce or execute a decree 
da r-iikudsl' i-baihal. 

An applicatibu for foreclosure. 
'dar-ytuiat-i-khoi, A special application. 
iiw'khiidU ddkfiit hAdrff. A petition to th4 

Collector for the eicldaioii of the name of 

a proprietor whose iuterest has lapsed bj 

death or sale, and the iosertiou of that of 

another in the public books, 
dar~khuatl-i-ravantiah jo parmat mett daiMl tl 

Jdll hii. Bill of entry. 
darhh-udat-i-vtr-daH. A petition ot objectioni 
dar kkudsf qaiuttyai. Agreement j settlement j 

compact. [application^ 

ttcuh-i-qdnda dar-kh&dst k„ To make a legal 
dar-kkudH k., yd gufrdiind, v. a. 1. To applyj 

present, submit^ or tender an application^ 

2. To beg ; seek ; entreat (ardda £.). 
darkAuOst-kumndaA, a/iU-dar-tlitidalt Pod; d^ 

m. An applicant ; a petitioner, [protection. 
dar-khiS»i-i-mMh^at k., t. a. To tipply for 

P iyi\^ ^ditA; B. dard laffnd, o. m. 

The pains or throes of labour. 
t i^.'MijJ dur'tul ; Qlit. duratl^ adj. Bight. 
dunul tamajhnStyia. 1. ToBt)prehend rijhtly; 
to hate a correct apprehension ot 

3. To admit ; allow ; receive^ 

duiruft laifSnOi v. a. To set in order (tarOb k). 
duruat vata, Propriety of demeanor (lAalS 

ehalan) ; good manners. [mind ; aetisibla 
durwt-havdg, }/d aql, adj. Of sound sense or 
,Ji^j^durtufii Illit-cfunun, n. f. I. Soundness; 

propriety; fitneas. 2. JustnaBs; exactness. 
3. AficuTaey ) correctness. 4 Arrangement 

(larUli) ; adjustment. [reformation. 

6. Amendment (tarmim). 6. Correction ; 

fl i£^wu,> JfifsS tiriiht, drit^, ^ih, a. f, S. ffts, 

Ff. dmhi. Sight (dnih, 2, 3.). 
di^hl-bandhalc. Mortgage or pledge vitJioat 

possession ; deed of hypothecation. 
^*A*i^^)J S^^^nvt dart&anl hita^ D. t 

A bill of exoba^a payable at sight 


Att ioaect whose ravages are vety deatruo- 
tive to indigo when t^e plant is yonng, 

p .(vAp dar-miydn', prep. About j concern- 
ing ; in the midst (JmjA.} 

darmiySn tajofa, During the proceedings. 

darmifdjt dma, y. n. 1. To proposeaeajudge, 
nmpire, or aeouritj. 2, To give as a hostage. 

darmiySn land, y. a. To include; bring under 
or within ; int»x>duce. 

g«r(i» (Awmiytin denO, y. n. To swear by or 
appeal to the Kurin (let the Kuran decide 
between us). [interim. 

u darmiyOn meit, ndv. In the interval or 

^lt»,j darmiyin% a^j. I. Interior ; inner. 
2. Middling ; fair. 

rfarmtyin'I, n. m. I, A middleman; go-be- 
tweeu (hichaulipa 1, 3, 3.). 
2. An interpreter (mutar/im). 

P tr-nn-'.y3 ttoT o ftoti, adj. Entire ; whole. 

darohul aimmA, A grant of the whole of 
the lands constituting a reut-fi'ee estate. 

JjifciS.-^^).* (for hatt hnq^, 
All right and title wh&tsoeTer. 

p k.u3 daiv^, n. m. A lie. 

darog-hatafi, n. f. Perjury; false swearing. 

doreg-haJfifdih, n. Dclibenkt« peijury. 

dart^-hal/l k.,y. a. To commit perjtuy. 

ditroff-halfi karvand ditre te. Subornation of 
petjury ; causing another to perjure himself. 

Awv3-Wfli*i'Ha(n»«A,0nachftrgeof perjiuy. 

)C*))J dar<4-go, n. m. A liar (jfcofd). 

tf^ji-* darog-ffci, n. m. Lying (JhOt). 

ha-TaiU4arog-^o\ adv. Falsely. 

p,^^^ bji darya-hyr-dnad, darjrd-harSr, 
n. m. Alluvial land ; alluvion ; lands re- 
claimed from a river ; increment of land. 

daryiburd, n. Land carried away by the 
encroachmeuta of a river ; land cut away ; 
diluvion. [a river. 

dary^iurd ho jdnd, v. n. To be cut away by 

datyS-burdi, n. f. Diluvion. 

Pifr-JUyi dary&pf; Illit darydfat; Rus. 
daryi^haif a. t Reference enquiry; find- 
ing out 

dary&fli., v. a, 1. To enquire into; find 
out ; ascertiun ; perceive ; infer ; discover ; 
detect. 2. To make a reference, [tained, etc. 

dory^ K., v. n. To be mvestigated, aacer- 

H^jUo ^fTTSt (Krf'twi-, n. m. S. 3^T« 
from ^ country, ^nn other. 



1. A foreign country. 3. A place of import- 
ation to or exportation from. 3. Imports. 

ditSvar dad, v. n To bo imported (the oom- 
moditiea of foreign countries). 

ditawnr cKaxhrtd, diedtar Hi mdiig \t '- u. 

1. To bo required for eiportatiou; to be 
■ in demand abroad. 2. To be high or dear. ■ 

diiSvar ko bharnd, v. a. To export. 

^,jU J ftrttrai* diiAt'ati. adj. Of or belonging 
to a foreign country. [products. 

rfwoiWrt »H4i, n. m. Imported goods; foreign 

P ir .L»L> 't<**ly n. m. Hand, 

^jf^f£.M^ datt-anddd, n. f. . 

Interference; encroacbroent ; trespass; 
illegal exercise of autbori^. 

dna-toiMil k., y. a. 1. {daa-andag A.) To lay 
one's hands ou ; meddle ; intermedtQe ; inter- 
fere. 2. To exercise illegal authority. 

JijUi-j datt-dva, n. (. lit. what one takes 
into His hand. A deed ; document ; bond 
(tamagsvk) ; voucher ; an instrument. 

d(ut-^va-irjdli, n. f. A forged document. 

dtut-dvtt-i-akikaistgl-i^hirahii ; H. wirtor lUMnsri^ 
Deed of dissolution of partnership. 

rf<K(^w»-vzain*ia(. A bail bond; a security 
bond [™«i»*- 

datt-dm qdW-i-hal o »hira. A negotiable instru- 

dagi-Svft-i-ld-dAvi, A deed of renunmtion. 

daa-dvet-irmtdw, kdbln^dmah. A deed of dower. 

dait-avet-i-iniiqdn. A negotiable security ; a 
deed of transfer or conveyance. 

A-tt-dtxa tab^l i.. To alter a document. 

d<ul dvtz-i-taqiim yd kitia. Deed of part4tioiL 

dust dvez tkeka-i-nfjral. 

A deed of usufructuary lease. 

dasfOvet j&all ba4iw dastdvn »oAtt Mm dm* 
l&nd. To use a forged document as genuine. 

datt-dta chAnpdnS yd icU^fk., To secret* or 
destroy a document [ment. 

datt-dvei raji^aJ^^vdah. A registered docu- 

dtttt-dvex^^giii rajutarl-ehtohh. 
An unregistered document. 

datt-dvei qut-bawR. A deed of instalment 

dtut-dvez qabaliat, 

A deed of acceptance or agreement 

daet-dvei-i-muihtahah, A suspicions document 

rfMi-flv»-*^7i«*!0(Wa3a. An attested document. 

daa-Svei nl/dmi, An auction-sale deed. 

<iari dva-i-kiia. A deed of gift or bequest 

datt-b(Hiatt v>»dmia; H. hdthoi hdih Imden. 
A ready-money purchase or transaction, ■ 

dMt4>iird, gaban, n. I Encroachment; embes- 
zlement ; plunder ; rapine. 

daa-}m-d fe, V. a. To embsBile ; plundw. ^ 

da*t*»r(Wr A., v. n. To give up; wash ones 
hands of (laynd, 1, 2.). , . , , ™.., 

^tai^iarddri, lit. drawing back the hand. With- 
drawal ; rolioquiahment ; renunciation. 

og e 

dost harddH az UtehqSifi^nSrbad. To w^tq a 
reveraioDory title. (of preemption. 

dast-hardarl at 1i-iqq-i-ika^ To ivaive a right 
da«(-6andAiii,n.f. A pledge; deposit [cument. 
jhOll d-ut-dvtz iftniinil, T. a. To make a false do- 
fa^.:— j dait-*'khat ; Pop. da»-k}Mt j Kub. dai- 
kal, n. f. lit. band writing. 

1. Signature i initials, 

2. An endoi-setuenb or acceptance {mkdrd). 
doit-Jihat ht-mohar s&de hd^at par. A blank 

endoraeuienl ; rarle blanche. 

dail-khat Uyd hud ha-nSm-i-fafdA. Endonied 
to one ; endorsed in favor of a porsua. 

datt-khat k., v. n. 1. To sign ; to affix ones 
signature. 2. To endorse ; eadorae in blank. 

^hJ>x.u d<ul-''kkati ; Pop. da*''thiia ; Rub. 
e£u-£an, adj. Signed; bearing signature; en- 
dorsed; Huderono'a own band and aiguatnre. 

dMl-kiKUl tohri, An endorHoment; a writing 
on the back of a paper. 

datt-dardi; H. hdlh lapnk yd didlSi, adj. Having 
long arms ; oppressive ; extortionate. 

^j}}^ CimHi d(t»t-dardit, n. f. 

Exaction ; imposition ; encroachment ; 
excess ; outrage ; violence ; oppresston. 

dait-darttl L, V. a. 1. To molest; plunder; 
pillage. 2. To oppress; beat; ill-treat 

3. To commit rape or an indeoetit assault. 
datt-garddA, 1. A short-term loan on a verbal 

promiae to pay (/utCh-udhdr). 3. Any article 
hawked about for sole (bikli-hu'l)^ 

P uX^d datfat, da»lak Aittlii, n. f, 10. 
knocking at the door. 1. Summons ; judicial 
writ ; process ; legal process ; warrant ; 

revenue which has fallen due. 2. A fee for 
serriug Buiumons, a writ, or passport 
3. Commission ; tax (kar). 
i. A passport ; permit. 

Fonnertr, a document autlioriztng the free 
bvniit of certain goods and their exemiitioD frokn 
cuBtota du«Bia fftvor of English traden. 
dattai lattd>'i-iar, A revenue process. 

A. WMTant iu lied sgai not defaulters of revenue, 

d«Ta>nding paytnent and sutijectiug them tu 

Uie eipeose of uaiutoiuing the officer who 

asrvea it until the ainouat in paid. 

dattai lag&na, v. n. To impose or levy a tax. 

P tJuud daiMr', n. m. Z. dattolar; P. da»t 

hand,&ir take. 1. A common practice (rieSj). 
% Settled or established order. 
3. A customary fee or perquisite ; a com- 
mission or percentage on the colleotiona. 
daetHr-ityidrat, yd mah^'anl, Mercantile or 
commercial usa^a. [rule or practice). 

dashir jAn h., v, n. To be established (a 
datbHr-i-khimddTi, n. m. Family usage. 
dattibr-i-mwiantara. An invariable practices 

■dail^-i-nuli. Local usage ; the usage of the 

dattdr mui^, adv According to oustom ; as 

before ; ordinarily j customarily. 
h^doitUr, adv. According to rule (Kath-i-dai- 

tHr) ; as heretofore ; as before ; in statu jmo. 
^e-dattar, adj. I. Unprecedented; novel; 

anomalous (£>i;J', 1.). 

2. Irregular ; informal ; unlawful 
,^I}}S«J iaitdr-vl-amai, a. m. I. Rules of 

practice ; manual of regulations; a code of 
laws ; procedure ; a hand-book. 

3, Const i tutio u ; form of government 
dtaNlr-ul-anial-i-ahaihdrd)i-i-mdl, G. G. Bod; 

of instructJMiH for revenue officers. 

daitur-^U-amai folvmriydA, The patviifs hand- 
book or manual. 

^I)S« J dcutSi'i, n. f. I. Perquisites ; com- 
mission of a broker; perquisites paid te 
servants by one who sells to their master. 
2. Emoluments ; allowances. 

dutfUi-'iyd, iL m. A broker. 

Sf J^d %%9T dauera,dtKtaTH; Tir. tCi. 

MaAk ; Bhoj. diotrS, adj. S. S^flcTeti per ceot. 
^A&^}^ B^;.mJ AtfoArd Mai-cA, I. The 

expenses attending the Dasehra festival. 

2. A cess levied by a Zamindar on hit 
tanants. It consists of rice, milk, ghot etc 

H i_<a) jj^ »a^^ fej gi;jq( dUhUandhak, 
D. ^ S. fffix ^ A simple mortgage of r«al 
property ; hjpotheeation ; mortgage with- 
out occupancy. 

Ajj^i> di:»a,dd»i; Viam. daiffa, a.m. 

1 Claim; title. 2, Requisition; demand 
application ; plaint. 

3. A Suit; action cause; lawsnit. 

4. Charge: accusation; impeachment; 
indictment ; count of an indictment 

rfdwi ijrae digrt. Claim for execution of decree. 

ddva ai-ruii tameusuk. 

A claim or charge under a bond. 

ddva itlaqrdr-i-iitel^dq va lia^yat, A claim 
for recognition of right and title. 

ddva itiaqrdr-i-haq-imilkiyat. Clium to estab- 
lish a suit to obtain judicial ownership; 
declaration of the right of ownership. 

ddva ittaqrdr-i-haq-i-miqdbaial va baJiOti joSai 
A suit to establish the right of ocoupanc; 
and confirmation of possession. 

dava itliqrar-i-hag-i-muqiilxait-i-kdiht-idrini 
va mal^uel-i-be dnkhll-ina-jdiz min-jdnA*- 
sanuMAt. G. G. Claim to obtain a declara- 
tion of a right of occupancy as a cultiva- 
tor, and to be protected from illegal or 
wrongful ouster by the zamtiiddr. 



A cluim for enhancenieiit of rent. 

ddsa^-Ud-rofSni, Chnt^e of persetintioti. 

dsea-i-bila-daiil. An uUsu{ipoit«d cltum; i 
groundloss uhai^^. 

ddva-i-b^it, diva-i-be-atli 1. An unfounded 
claim ; FaIm pretension. ^ Amotion of 
authority. [ouatef, or ejectment. 

Hwirbe-cU^iMii, Aq actiob for disposseaBioD, 

iAm-t-ftaiodJ, A foreolosure claim. 

iitehqdq wdavSj,. Q. G> Ciaim for restitution 
of oonjueal rights, 

dMaiAtnal idaifd malihSnO. A claim to re- 
cover proprietary poBsessiodi 

tUta-i^ntHt-i^abtiii^-militSnd va mannOkkl-i- 
tadJckit-irlitg&n ek qita arSt\ gaUg-barir. 
OaiiD to recover the proptietary possesaicFn 
of^ and to set aside tbe Mseasment of reut 
made upon an alluvial tract of Und. 

iS))a-i-}taqq-i-ih^f&, Claim for preemption. 

((Axi-i-Aaf-wAu^ M datt-bard&r iC To re- 
nounce a claim to preemption, [preemption. 

di,ve-ddr haq-i-ihu/a. A claimant to a right of 

<iS9ed6rK, dSsdk., v. n. 1. To hold; main- 
tain ; contend for. 2. To olaim ; to demand 
or maintain aa due ; set up, advance, urge, 
or prefer a claim or title J lay claim to. 

3. To charge ; acouac ; indict ; arraign. 

4. To affect ; pretend to. 
rfdtw ^I'yrt ifflyd. Claim decreed. 
diva roMnd, v. a. To have a claim. 
dOmgaUU. Plea of error. 

daxiO'i-ijaht o da^khl. A claim for occupancy 

and poBsesaion j possessory action. 
rfdw tdjawib detid, yd mvqdbla k., v. ft. 1. To 

make answer in a suit. 2. To contest a 

claim. 3. To oppoee n demand. [counter-suit. 
iitt ke mvqaiaU meh davd, Cross-demaud ; 
davt ie ni/ai hi nOiuh k. To institute a. suit 

for the enforcement of a claim. 
iifiliharij k., v. a. To dismiss a suit or claim. 
i\*i'fidd9t-d&r, dOie-gif, Yfom.dOii/e-ddrin.m- 

Plaintiff; suitor; clumaat. 
iAw-i-difhl-ydbl, Possessory action; ft suit 

for occupancy or possession. (claim. 

da»* innM, V. ft. To claidi ; sue ; institute a 
(fdm-t-nuiAam. G. G. A VagUe claim. 
data^-vi^kiuali/. A oonflictlng claim. 
^HMKrOdUat^a naluh-i-ra}wl swA, at nSiiah 

meA kai d&ve. Misjoinder. 
diioa-i-iimdddilah. 1. The defendant's claim. 

2. A cross suit j a s«t-off. 
(Mw-i-fflow^Md. Claim barred. 
<Jdwt^maAr, A olaim ia dower, 
lid iftduiOq ka dihiA t. 

To claim a certain right or interflBt. 
•iAMM-maiMaito*^*^ /ardff. Qaim to Set 

aside a decree obtained by fraud. 

dMOri-nllltai'i-haqu^-i-iamltiddrl vdqa-vmatdia- 
iiAaAd. 0. G. Claim to enforce the sale by 
attction of the samiudari right in certain 

davai-vdffuz3gitt-i-qurq%. Action of replevin. 

taaiyua-CdSva. Valuation of suit. [ft suit. 

taaiynn d/iva kam iqrdr dtnd. To undervalue 

thufOsah-i-dam. Substance of tbe claim. 

do bindi dAvrt, Double oause of action. 

lAai diva. Suiyect of actioui 

9A'ai4-ddea. Form of euit> 

dAva-i-rnvdoatS. A claim for Compensation. 

ddvd-i-vdjib, vdjiiil dava, A juat claim. 

dd:o»^rvird*<U, A claim to inheritance, [claim. 

birtd-i-dOva, Oause of action ; ground of 

ISrdaw, b^^ve, adj. Unclaimed; relinquished 
(ft suit), 

l&-dave dattdvft, he-dAve-fiatr, Deed of release 
or ftcquittal; a deed acknowledging the 
abandonment of a claim or suit. 

IS-dtlve yd be-davt h., v. n- I'o withdraw a claim. 

^iioda^'a,Q, f. 1. Deception; imposition; 
treacbeiy (fiuUd) ; cheat ; artilioe ; delusion. 

ilt^ddendj/di-.v. ti. To impose Upon; cir- 
cumvent i derraud ; act deceitfully or 
treacherously ; play false ; betray. 

ddard »ha'-k!u b(tii-&ar dagdk.; H. bhes boded' 
har thagitd, Cheatiug by personation. 

jljU.) df^O'bdt, adj. Deceitful; firaudulent. 

dagd-hdx,n. m. 1. A cheat; swindler; rogue; 

sharper. 2. A traitor ; a knave. 
.jlfUj da^d-bdH, n. t. Cheating; trickery; 
Imposture {dagd); mala files i villainy. 

A jxjj daflar, a, m. I. Register ; roll ; 
archives ; an official statement or report, es* 
peeiully of the public revenue. 

2. An office ; office of records ; place of 
business; counting house ; agency. 

3. An establishment. 
dafiar-'-IAarti*. Office charges. 
dafiar-iialaktari mei ndm ddiAU i. Begis- 

tration; entry ic the Collector's books. 
da/tarm«irffliAiiily«.ltegistered; filed, [clerk. 
tar-i^t^iar. The bead of an office ; a head 
A&>»j daJS, n.f. Section ; |iat«grftph ; article, 
a Ji^^ fa«T* dm^A't, n. t l. show ; ajK 

pearftDce; exbibition, 

2. Tbe inspection of reglsterftl Vomen 

Under the Cmtagious Disease Aot [poverty. 
»dMri dAhlUnd, v, n. To appear poor ; riiam 
j^ Jl/i da//a^, n. to. JJ gtUding. A broker. 
4A** daldl'alt u. f. 1. An indiofttioo; a sign; 

token. 2. Proof; evidence. 
datdlatk, V. ft- To point; indioftte; show} 

betoken ; denote ; argue. 





«raj dailal'ah, vKuMiOta, n. £ A go-between ; 

t.a. old procorew {kutul). 
JPj dalUWi, n. t 1. The businesa ot a broker. 

2. Brokerage ; the commiBsioii of a broker. 
HtfVd ^I^^T dila^na; Tir. dtj/a^; BKoj. 

diSvtU, T. a. Caua. of Ujj q. v. To oauae 
to-be given ; to pnt in possesBion. 

diid pS/nd, T. n. To recover ; get back. 

dUdjte-vi^d, n. m. One who cituseB to be given. 

v&pie dilSnH, t. o. To order a refund. 

A Ja)3 dalU', n. f. PI. AiiliV, J j guiding. 
Ar^ment ; reason ; proot [ment 

V-* Jafi^an, adv. By waj of proof or argu- 

dtttt pahi.t T a. Toadduoe argument or proo£ 

dalil't-iAOm. A weak or untenable argument 

iiafti lb, V. a. 1. To argue ; reaeoc. 2. To dis- 
pute ; raise objections. [argue ; plead. 

d€Uil /(ind, yd niiitlnS, t. a. To adduce proofi ; 

dalll-i^dqu. K bad plea. 

H ej*^ 3[n^ dan'f%, n. f . 1. A pie; one- 

fouHh or ^ of a pice. 2. A nomyial coin. 

3. A snMivision of lanil, one damrl = 29 
kachS VghHa. 

H li^-d Sin daH^i ; Bus. dli^tL, n. m. 

A row; riot; disturbance; aflra; ; breach 
of the peace ; breach of the public peace, 

HjjSi A»,»<y-Two.; 

^)-;)j Srfins^ do-bim, n. 

An allowance ur deduction of one tenth 
i>r two fciwda out of a b'igkiL 

The right of the laniihdiri in land, u the Maiih- 
tai it In moae;. A oonceuioo lometimca mnde by 
Iialden of rant-free land to the lavAndSr, in »c- 
knowledgment of his in perior or proprietary right, 
eapecjillj, kocording to Mr. Elliot, when they are 
not oonfideat oE the validity of their tenure. Ten 
par oeat allowed to {vmera ol the OoTeniinflnt 
revenue. IFilwa. 

dtt-ekSk, The second reservoir to ' which water 
is raised for the purpose of irrigation. 

ilU'Chand lOiS. (Law) Double punishment. 

do-rat, n. m. Clay and sandy soil. 

Tbia word is used in the E«atern Diatriot, aa 
Domut in the Noi^ signify a mithirq o( 
two soila ( Malii^ and BXua) ; and, like Domat U 
in aome ptaoaa, aa in Azamsarb, canaidered (be liest 
quality ; in othera, *c in Qorakhpur, the second 
qoality of (oil, except in TilpDt and the Forest 
FarganAa, in which the MaMr u coaaidered (oo 

d»iaiH, n. m. Lands that have been two years 

under eultiration, 
da-fasO, du-teUAi, du-har, dw-phtUi, dU'lanOil^ 

(opp. ofeifasli, or rice lands), n. f. 
Land yielding two crops in a year. 
durgSnO, n. m. A woman who engages with 

another woman in aexual intercourae with 

the aid of a dildo. 

da-libiaA, n. m. A well with tvo ISot, or well 

buckets and ropes. 
hand o bqt^-i-dusaid. Biennial settlement. 
dmetith H-hm davd. G. G. AdulUrated drug. 
HV|^ fe ai a t d*v&'td,n. m. H. (C«£ a 

lamp, d/d a niche. Btiukruptcy ; insolvency. 
Lighting a lamp in a ebop in broad day light ii a 

declanlion ot bankrnptcy. 

divdlS TiiJedlna fd i^nO, v. a. To declare bank- 
ruptcy ; to become a bankrupt. 

V')>* fa aiftt i n divdl'iyS, n. m. 
A bankrupt ; an insolvent. 

H^SLj^i 3n 1^ n. m. S. ^n from ^ to go, 
I^. dOtaho, duto. 

1. An ambassador ; envoy ; a delegate. 

2. A secret messenger; an emissary. 
dMiHM, n. m. 1. See,j(bd«i 2. Miaohief-middDg. 
diua'i, n. f. Embassy. 

t/}^ gift dat^. dana, a. f. l. A female 
messenger, or spy. 2. A go-between ; a 
procuress (tutni). 3. A backbiter. 
4. An incendiary ; a firebrand. 
H^t^lU^O l^in^ dsdMAiO, n. m. 

A foster-brother (birddar-i-r^Oi}. 
H \^ 3rt dor, n. m. do two, era earth. 

Land ploughed twice. 
A 2Ui^3>* ^! •«> datirHn^-mv^addama. 

Pendeuoy or duration of a case or suit. 
daurditi^vgadmeh men. During the pendency 

of a case or suit ; pendente lite. 
>;j>> daur'ah, a. m. 1. Circuit ; tour ; aesaions. 
davre mpwd, Commitment for trial before the 

(jaure fupurtf it., V. a. To commit to the Scssiom. 
daurah k., daure ko titJmd, t. n. 1. To go on 
tour or circuit 2. To hold Sessions. 

H^\)d $in daur'l; Sant. ^opis, a. L 

"Asling basket used in irrigation; a basket. 
H fjji h?1 Aww^a, 1. m. 

A mounted highwayman. 
diurd'hd, daufd, n. m. A fillags runner, 
mossengor, or guide, [one ; to assault one. 
iiA ke t^r daitpia, v. a. To run at or agninst 

H ^^j^ Trar^ do»^i, do-ta/a, du-tdlAi ; 

Bhoj. dn-talia, adj. H. elotwo, sdlA crop. 
See du-/tull. 
dnsdi, n. f. Any spring crop sown after an 

autumn crop, most commonly gram and 

linseed sown after rice. 
Hlvwj^ ZSn ^^Td, adj. ^oond. [cument. 
dikiri laaad ydkHdat, n. f. A duplicate of a do- 
dUsre ke ndm »t. In another's nama 

j>-)J SiStt dot'an, I. The ploughing of land 

tiHce. 3. Land twice ploughed. 
8 ui-iyJ afint d*A'iV,adj. 1. Calumniated; 

blsely aconsed (esp. of adulteiy). 

2. Contaminated ; violaUd ; oomipted. 
aitk'ilA, n. f. A girl who has been violated. 

P f^^)3 doMhUgi, n. £ Virginity. 

ij^^ dothttah ; H. kuSri, a. t A virgin ; 

maid i au unmarried daughter. 
H^^ il«t dolhX tohhs, a. f. 

" A raised mound, indicating the junction 

of two bouudartea {ltad-ba»t). 
Hllfj2 ffiI9IT (%r';o, u. Alargesling-baaket 

used fur iiTigation. 
Bd."*).^ ICHff da'ma^, n. f. H. do two, moJtl 

soil. A mixture of clay and sand ; land of 

the BBCond quality. [ed land. 

iiimai-t-ar6$l, n. f. G. G, Riohhighly onltivat- 

H^lf^^ JlFfg rf'J^j'^ Mah.; duAejiJ, (i«Ae- 
jii, Hill.; dayhar, Mir. n. m. H. do two, JorS 
vife. A widower wlio marries again. 

^J\-)0 5^ idftdl, in(j. Meioy I 

(AiAdt pher'na, t. b. To make a proolamation. 

duhSililiSi k., yd tnocA^id, v. a. To cry aloud 
for juatioe; to make reiterated oomplaints. 

dtiAat dtaa, v. a. To cry for justice, mercy, 
quarter, or help. 

H w,0 3T7T do'har, n. A loose sandy sub- 
soil which is opt to give way in sinking a 
well without masonry, while the water from 
it is oily and braokish. 

H JL^ji ^^^^ **'''. «*'*rt, dMla, biMii- 
Ktt> 0. f. Rent-free lands granted to reli- 
gious mendiaants or brahmant for a public 
or charitable object, 'aa the sinking -of a 
well, the erection of a dtmgiai, the building 
and maintenance of a temple, etc. 

P ID dd^i H. jrUa, n. u. A Tillage. 

dAbaadl, n. f. A detailed statement of villages 
wd their assessment. 

j'-»J dA^Jar, n, m. 

Tbs villace orareaer or •uparintonduit CD ths 
put of the Undliolder or Uic Btale, wliow duty it 
i> to eierciaa > superiuleDdeDoa over the vilUga 
cultinUon, ■□ that the mutAnMr at OoveiDmeat 
ouj nnt auffer lou tbrough opgligeaoe or frpud. Ha 
b^td teethnL (ha lauds are proporl; duttributad, 
the village boiiudariM praaarvad, aiid to auiat in 
ntUog the collectioiu. Alio, one holding a pre- 
MfptiTs rigbt ol oocupmof at a fixed rat«, 

^}>-Mj dd^idf^, a. f. 1. The offiee. 

1. The assignment in perpetuity of a por- 
tion of the purchased propei-ty for the 
support of the original proprietor, 

dehrdirl gaidntl. A tax of one rupee Annually 
collected from every villt^ of a distriot to 
defray the expenses of a deh-ddr, 

^ttVs^ ddk-kdsht, n. m. A resident vilii^r. 

dth-ldshi lamln, Land cultivated by a resident 
cultivator. [accounts, etc. of ten years. 

diK^atU, n. f. A record of the collections, 

it^ J dekai; dihat, n. nh pi of >J. 1. Villagaa. 

2, The country. 

ddiM jMatiddH yA tamXAdOn, Pa^liXd&rl or ia- 
miMari estates or villages. 

di/idt khdlisdlt. Estates paying revenue directs 
ly to Government. 

dekdt't, u. ra. A villager; oountrynmn. 

dB/uUi jaind. Village assessment 

The ravunne OBBeramBiit upon any aumbat of 
villagBs forming B local dicLsioa. 

dehdt-i-istarArarl, Villages held at a fiied rent. 

dehSi na!iar. Canal distributary. [village. 

dch-jamUt, n. f. The revenue assessment of a 

de!u kharch; E..malhd, n.m. Village expenses; 
an assessment on a village for its quota of 
charges of seulemehc and oollectiona. 

dehl ^aml, n. f. A resident cultivator holing 
the right of cultivation at a fixed reut 

dehl jii, u. f. The village custom or rate. 

ddh-iSla, adj. Decennial. 

p « dah, adj. I'tn. 

dah-nlmt, n. t lit. half of ten. Five per cent. 

dak-yalc, n. m. The tenth part ; one in ten ; a 

Q \Aibo dhir'i, n. m. A fixed asaesamant or 
customary rate ; a proportionate share or 
charge (dlidr bddih). 

(■■bljlaj Qmrv dkar bOehh, n. 

An; even or general diatribution oE a ohargo or 
rate, etc., aapecUllj that wliicb ia levied troio the 
individual holdsrd of a copurceiiory estate to make 
good any deEoieuoy in the produce of land held in 
common, or let tu cultivatora. Id the oeatral part 
o( the N.-W, P. the term denote* an imperfaot 
Pain-dnrt tenure in which part of the Tillage iaod 
IB held !D comiuou, and part in aavorjlty. The pro- 
fiU trf the former are first applied to tbe payineDt 
of the Qoveniinent a>i>eMment and tha village 
oha^BB, and any deficit ia nude good by the pro- 
priety in proportion to their botdiiiga. 

H jtA^ Wf dhor, dhara, n. f. S. «m a 
multitude. l.AlAnd; banditti; an over- 
whelming multitude or crowd of robbers, 
locusts, etc 2. An onset. [robbers, etc. 

dhar ptirrta, v. n. To be attacked by a band of 

dhSr mdrna, V. a. l.To plunder in bands; 
commit ; dacoity. 2. To plunder a crowd. 

dh^'l, u.m.-0n8 oi ftbandof robber*. 

..Goog'l b 


^il»p dhdr% n. m. 1. Oue of a btnd of 
robbers. 2. A ringleader. 

Collections from tha individual villn^n to cover 
village expenseti in ItohilUiuid, usuallj at Chs rate 
ot one anna in a rupee, or oDe aeer of griiiD per 
nuiuul In the Centnil mud Lawer Do«b it ia geae- 
rallf uwd with }a»& w jintd dhiU, and aigniBea a 
particular tenure. 

H eM^ ^0 ^^- <^ : P- <^M »■ £ s. 

«nft A wet nurse {dm-ptlaVj. 
dhWs he dend, r. a. To put out to nune. 
dh^-bfiai, dadh-bhsi, Hin, ; iokd ; Mah. n. m. 

Foster-brother [icradar-i-raxSl). 

Hl;^^ yga dhata-rS. dhalhSrS; Sant. 
diUrd, n. m. S. MiK 

A narcotic plant poieOD, the seeds of 
which are often given with sweetinoatB to 
cause Btupefaction or death. 

dluitiinya, a. m. One who poiaous with dJtaluia, 

dhatard dmO, t. n. To poison. [Wat. 

eUda ya mfaid dliatHra, n. m. DhatOra cUha. 

iOla dJiatai-d, n, m. DluUSrS fasttma, Wat. 

Hlita-iyfri ^CT apT (ftarajdna; E., dkar- 
iud, V. o. To be apprehended ; imprisoned. 

H iSjyiy&i^ VTT97 dhordv'at, a. Laud ascer- 
tained by estimate, not measured. Camegy, 

HOyttd VT7n (27iar'U, o. m. 
Discount; commiBsion. 

H JJy&i Utat '^'■'«. n.f.S. >rfbft, P«1U, 2. 

dAorft hahna, jotnd, yH chirnd, t. n. 

To plough; break up laud. 
dharll-paH, n. m. LandloM (zamiAddr), 
H .i^S'ytO UC^liS dftur-ioi, n. An advauoe 

of rent paid by aedml* to tamlAddri in the 

mouths of Jeth and Aidrh, 

H 1^^ V^ ifAarM), n, Beligious forth. 

(iftarm-drti, n. m. A charitible grant ; religi- 
ous endowment. [one's oaste. 

dhartn Ugarnd, yH ihUht L, t. a. To destroy 

d/iarm-pair, n. m. A deed of gift or endowment 
for a religious purpose. 

dharm^alni, a. f. A wife who is of the same 
caste aa her husband, or who has been mai^ 
ried to him in due form. [on one's fMth. 

dharm se, adv. lu good faith ; honestly awom 

dharm w iakna, t. n- To declare solemnly. 

dharm khUnJl, y& MtAai*, t. d. 

To swear by one's f^th ; ^e »& oath ; 
oal) Heaven to witness. 

^]JU}*4 14^^ dhanuidii, a. t. 


Land held by BrShmaiu for rehgious 
purposes. Camtgy. 

H ^^ yjjbi UTSTI 3^ dhama yS d/ionnd 
denS, Oompolling payment of a debt or 
compliance with any demand by sitting at 
one's door, or causing annoyance by ob- 
structing the couveyanoe of wator to the 
house, etc, etc. ; dunning. 

HUi^^i UraRI d/Mrfdfnd, dharOaO, t. a. 

To bring an action against; bring to 
trial ; bring to the bar. 
jjjjt J vhf dhanf ; Bus. dharohar, dhurot ; 
Bhoj, dKarokari; Tir. Jfuttail, a f. 
A deposit (am^nat, 2). 
dharor raJAnd, v. a. To place in one's charge, 

trust, or custody ; to deposit 
H^;;iW S^(^ dharau-H, n. £ 

A rough estimate ot the quantity of 
cultivated land to bo assessed. 
HtJ*yU QrRI dltaro'i,a, n.m. H. drokfnai. 

A second marriaj*6 of a girl brought aJwut 
by her father. 

If tbo father ot a girl ha<i bntrathad hix daughter 
to a peraoa vid received the Itbl or wedding er 
betrotbnl gifts, and afterwards treocberututy betre^ 
and rnirriee Che girl tu another pentou, the father it 
■aid to havA oomniitted dliaraad. [low ground). 

H^vfi a^ti dah'ri, a. f. Stiff clay soil {in 

Ht^^tj^Jfe^ HT)^ dhari'cha; Bhoj. ardhuS,o- 
m- H. dhama to keep. The second husbnud 
of a Hin. widow among the lower classes. 

Hjj^ttU y??! dharti; n. t. 
A kept mistress; a concubine. 

V* ~Ao VR (^M, n. 1. A sterile nn'ly 
eminence; a glacis. 2. Hed sterile soil, 

A ifJLz i dak'Aat, n. f. Fear. 

4faftaAa^aff^, adj. Threatening; menacing. 

dah^at khOnd, v. n. To be iutimidated. 

H ^ ^ 3nW d<A'id, a. m. 

A reservoir for irrigating high loads. 

H^C(J£0 Wl^ dham'H, a. f. 

Throat ; menace, 
nuftdn pahauAcKane ti dhamU denH, 0. C. 

To hold out a threat of injury. 
Hy^j^ U4S7 dhan'kar, d/umtor, n. f. E 
dhSn riofl. A stiff soU on which rice is 
grown; a field oropped with rice in the 
previoua seuoo. 


The holder of a bill. 
JhaiiiJOf hitnii, A bill pnj-able onljr to the 

owner; a croasod cheque, 
ojo^ dAau, A jwdSd-i-gair-ma'aq^iid, iDamove- 

able propectjr. [property . 

vth&A dliav, k. jAeddd-i-man^d, Moveable 
HftP ^J tfjAj dhoi-a-dJii. fOute-iOik 

t Fraud i imposture. 
dlioH dead, t. a. To cheat {hit6Sifma^l)i 

HjjW^ai 9i^ dttoA'fi, a. £ 

A sh^herd'B crook ; an ioBtromeot fW 

digging or eutting with. (t). 
HjtJJ^ai Sisrai rf4oB^,M»r.iuJi. Stony; 

abouuding with stooee (soil). 
Bj-^ Okr <»auA«, n. 1 S. tie 

1. ((OauA* jDofH) Trick ; oheat. [meot 

2. Exaction; eitortion; conjpulaery pay- 
3. Atbreat; Bwuace,. 

day's hire. 1. Daily work. 2. Daily wages. 
A U^ ^ dahe^ ; Hiu. daliy, a. m. Do.vty ()«(%-)' 

Hl^fib^ i^I <2M'A, n. m. 

1. HalEa share. 3.(5rohra) Fifty BnpMe. 
H_jU*i ^t <*'•• ^■» °-^ See^at. 

Htjlei fcnn*'^''*. <*»*■* Cont. of A»ryd- 
6(trar, u.m. A tract of alluviul land (dutr, 2.). 
A is^U^ dj/i'nat, dginal-ddri, n. f. Honesty,. 
dyOwO-^Tt h^. -Honest O'-^tt)**!')- 
^iranaf $f, aSy. Honestly ; Gonscientiously, 
baddi/Onai, adj. Dishouest. 
hadrdi/inali, n. t Dishonesty ; fraud. 

T. B. To transport beyond aeae. 
k\A^i di'yattO. f-Biooi-aioaej (MOn-ioAd). 
P (LhJ|^ Jfki^J ^dah o. diniila, adv. Hi. 

haying seen and knotm. 

Wittingly (j*i b^h-hir). 

H tMj> ^ (k(, a. m. Countiy. 

dohOchar, da byolUIr, ttssriAalau, n. i». 

1. luteal usage- of obaerranae. 2. Pubhii 

policy ; owtosa or &shion of the country. 
detadhitii, n. m. Th» chief gtiveroor or saper- 

intenduit of a proiinca or country. 
deMiit, dakOHt, a. t The boundaries of a 

ooantiy or distriob ; A. Aijra(, n. m. 1. Abandoaing one's 

country ; eipfttriution. 2. Emigration. 
dtt chJioy'nii, hijrat k^ v. n. To lea" one's 

country or home ; to emigrate. 
dei to jdnii, v. n< To go home ; to go cm f orlough. 
de»-aikalS, n. m. Exjle (jaldwtnl), 
{te»-v.lkal<k denS, JaUt-vataa t., v. a.. 

To banish froai the couutiy, ■ [district. 
desvdi', a. A statemeut of the villages iu a 
^^^A datn; Pop. de*, u.m. A debt; liability. 
lU^d dundAr ; Pop. deu^Ar, n. lo. A debtor. 
dain Utmattukt,. G. U. n. f. The certificate given 
to a bankrupt ^iho has given up his effects. 
dain /(djbi'ml. The share of the produce due to 

the Government. 
dafn tnvijjat, u. 1. A debt payable on demand. 
daiu muvmijal, a. 

A debt of which payment is deferred, 
doin mo&r, u. ra. Debtof dower; wife-'s portion. 
dain mahr mu'ijjii, n. 

A dowerpaid at the time of marriage. 
dain wSjib, n, ml A jtnt debt. 
U^j S^I dea'd, Ut m. Debt ,- liability. 
dencipdnd, n. m. Assets and liabilities ;. debits 

aud credits. 
den («, More properly, Im dm. Dealings. 
divSi', part. adj. Solv eat. 
de mantH, v. a. 

To leave at one's death ;; beq;iieatlk 
p Jjji dl'idti', n.m, 1. A royal court; a 
cuurt of audieice.. 2. A minister ; a chief 
officer of state; a financial minister; tie 
head officor of the revenue or finaooial de- 
partmeut. [a immV. 

^\^fjl^diBSn:-i-ild,a.m. A prime naiuister ; 
j«u.^l^j <Aiidn-t-^Ma«^ nnm. The cabinet; 
pri»y ciwmcil. [chequer. 

(Ovdn-i-ihdlUa, n. m, ChanceUorof the ex- 
tlXLJIji^ ditan-''iASaah, n. m. A hall of au- 
dience; a chamber; court; a public room 
detached from the house. [audience. 

fUjPjij <t«dn-*-*», IV. m. Public ball of 
^'V.j dluanX n. f. 1. The office of a dtofln ; 

ministry. 2. A. civij court 
gdnttn-i-diedTd, n. Civil law. 
iwijm^a^i-qdnun-i^vSnl nvdaalliqa-ipllimdt 
The Indian Ciril Coda, 

Eyi\3 TTW (te*^- **■*► * 

to be drowned. [niare 

I. Low ground where- water I 

„ H. ^X&nA 


v'5 n 

tenth of the harvest given to the reaper. 
Hi-^f5?nH(di,ii.f. A post 
4at-b(Mffl, n. f. Parcel post [relay is posted. 
dai^iauii, n. t A stage or Btatioii where k 
^Ab-*'AAd»d, (Jot^Aar, a. m. A post office. 
4tk IM kharch, ^d£ la maksQl, n. m. 
Foetal obargee ; postage. 

n\S\3 CWn t***'* ^drtfcil. n. m. 

An attack by a gang of robbers or bandits. 
$akd parnd, V. u. To be attacked b; Dacoite. 
(laid pajw-vila, G. 0. 

Daooity about to be oommitted. fdaooity. 
^akS4dlnd;Riia^ldk&gJUUn&, v. a.Toooiamit 
((Ald-iatit, a. I Dacoity ; lugbway robbery. 

H Giyi-JIi «T« ir9RT ((*i Wftd, V. u. 

I'o bid atan auction. 
H/1J »TOre Sfdi-ar. 44ira, n. f. 

Astrongirich, clayey soil, breaking up into 

large clods, oontaiiiing minnte micaceous 

particles, and requiring abundant rain to 

saturate it sufficiently for soaring. 

Hy7o CTiR C^<ii ^(u'<, o. m. Oae of a 

gang of ^aiaiU or robbers ; a bandit. 
{td£uoA Jc& bhm, MOAt, yd AamrdAl, n. m. One 
who belongs to a gang of daooits. [bough. 

H JTj Xl^ M 4^> ^"^ !>■ f. !• A branch; 

2. A basket, used to throv up water from 
a pond, etc. for irrigation. 

3. Irrigation of land by throwing up 
water trma a lower level. 

ihttlalyAfatUr4<iind, To affeot injuriously; 
to cause misohief or disturbance. 

H•£-^^!3 VtS fOAt, fldrtf dapat, n. t S. st^ 
subjection. Threat; ueoacing gesture. 

To threaten; menace; browbeat 
HJ^IJ VTf 4M4, 4MTi Tit. lOAfi Ukr. 
(bU^. D. m. S. m a sUoIc 

High land, not cultnrable for lack of water; 
upland fields, opp. of hhadar. [boundary, 
^Mi dhurrd, dhar <&urra, a. m. Villi^ 
WI3 ifw 4^'i: Bh<q. (i(H)^«r, o. 1. A land- 
mark; field boundary; bouudaiy line. 3. 
Kaised ground or ridge ; a path for cattle. 
^(Mjid mpAfid, n. 1. A boundary road befawesQ 
two estates; bar (of a Harbour). [n. f, 

fEa«^k th«A4e H iainSr; Pod. tarhtuUl taaiK, 
Boundary oaaea or disputes 


Wm ^oi'H, a. f. A division Of pro- 

fits among a village community according 
to their respective shares, 

Htftii Wwr ((*** n. f, 

A small portion of grain given at harvest 

to some of the inferior village servaata. 
H v3 VT (^''i n. m. S, n Fear, 
^r dtkhS-te. By intimidation. [overawe. 

4aT dikhd-he rokud, v, a. To deter ; scare ; 
dar dilAanS, v. u. 1. To intimidate; frighten; 

put in fear ; bully. 2. To deter. 
fard'vi, n. m. Threat ; intimidation. 
^^t^ ITPn ^ard'ftd; Kus. ^rdvnd, v. a. 

.CiLus. of UjJ to fear. To intimidate. 
Jabr nd-jdyis te tarj/e yS numiyafh te ffaroml 

yd ^r diyjana. To overawe by meaiu of 

urimimU force or the show of oriiuinal foros; 
IJj'j^ VTRRT (lard'oMd, ^ordou^ ^Ai, 

(lardni; Ku.s. darpioni, adj. Threatening; 

fearful {bkySnak) ; menacing, [a menaca 
^rdoni harkcU, a. i. A threatening gestuie ; 
UiS-^iSo ?$n ^kaitf, a. m. See idin. 
^i «feft tJoiai'fi, II. t 

Oang-robbery ; daooity. 
^akaitl qatal-i-amad it tdth, G.O. Dacoity witii 

murder, fa dacoity, 

^haitl ka nurtaiab A., 0, Q, v. n. To oommit 

dakaiton ke garoh kt tkaryt lume in tatiL G. U. 

Punishment for belonging to a gang of 

■ ^yj ii^H*, n, £ Cor. of deoree (fS* 6.). 

The decree under appeal. 
4igr^ Ubal-i-bae. A decree declaratory of sale. 
^ii/ri iJ7aSti. A joint decree. 
di^l aihlr y& qaial, Fiual decree. 
^^rl iqlidll, 11. A decree passed on oonresaion 

of jw^ment ; a judgment by ooguovit. 
^!gri pand, yd hOnU i., v, a. To obtain a 

decree. [executioa. 

^igrl jdrl k. To enfbree a decree ; to take out 
(figri jdr'i kardnd, v. a. To sue out execution. 
4*3^1 jdri karnt-«dld, n. The party praying for 

execution of decree ; the P'H'ty who eufofoes 

a decree. 
(It;;rf.<i<lr,n. Decree-holder ; judgmant oreditor; 

the person in whose favour judgment has 

been given. 

^ri dalMr-ydlA ba^ah bt-dalAll nO-jai. 
A decree for reoovety of poaseasioD on the 

ground of illegal ejeotmeuti 
<Z^H $ar^-naepi, A decree (br mMtif. 
^igrimirwcn^, n,f.Asummari'dWFee.[}«dgment 
4ijfti H baah»e ka t9>de k. To elude or amid 

digri ihu/A, yH kaq-i^hufa, A decree. 

(ft^ gair-oatHll. An unsatisfied decree. 

4ig^-yfari:f/i, A ^uduleut decree. 

^^i ^ofal. A fiual decree. [award. 

iifft% k., yd dend, v. a. To ftdjodge ; decree ; 

dyrt he ijri fiteH, In the exeoution of decree. 

d^llSiUat mM, 

On account of execntioa of decree. 

^igr\ nAfit t. To mforoe a decree. 

4igri yat-tarfah par muqadmah ehhoniJt, To 
suffer a default { let judgment go hj defnult, 

far^ yil mer tariq nAydit te ^iffr% fiAiil k. 

To obtain a decree by Eraad or other 
improper meand. [(idind. 

Hn ^iffri ke ijra MeA harij hand yd tdkhlr 
ToobHtruutor delay ihs exeoatiou of a 

HjjO W 4fi^, n. m. S. SUV. 

LPunisbment; compensation for mjurr; 

mulct i damages; ransom; fine, [payable. 

% A tax. 3. Sm. The rent or revenue 

4ai^ lAarnd, f& dend, t. n. To pay danu^es; 
make good ; pay a fine. 

dan4 ctdlnd, t. a. To levy or impose a tax. 

4<ii'4 1 ehhCtiUt, V. □. To be let off the pay- 
ment of a fine or tax. 

^4 lend, V, n. To amerce; to levy a fine. 

dai^i/nff^ adj. Punishable; penal. 

t^aiiffl Offyd. Penal provision. 

im-fd-iani, u. fl A mode of torture. 

It coniiata id futemog » man's amv bahiDd his 
tiack with a cord which u twilled roand by mnui 
of aitick sou to inoreua tba tenaiou until Uin 
pita ioBioted b«l»mea intolorablai. SUioL 

^^^ tvn ^aiktf'md, ^R(in<i, v. a. 
To inflict a flue or penalty. 

tioAffnd, T. n. To be fined, taxed. 

HIj1JC«5 V19Tn ('a9^t4/(l; Bhoj. c^wlri, 

a m. MataU oocommodation, consisting in 

the loan of ploughs and oxen without cha^e. 
^j^fiS imnfi ^aA^vOr'i, u. f. 

Pattnerehip in cattle. 
HUJj> nstj 4iib'nd. V. B. To be drowned. 
V fn ^M'd, (IilM Mmin; Bhoj. 4uhaAt, 

n. £ Low laud covered with water. 
4ilid-Adr, ^ebdrS, n. A bonk or island in a 

river ; low alluvial lands liable to be Sood- 

^ but flultiviAile in the sold weather for 

spring crops. 
iHba-nOr, doba^mdr, n. 

Lowlands which Jose their moisture from 

Mud beiug too near the surboe. 
tf^)^ Irani iaham', a. L»ad situated uoood 

wd in Uw b«lB Af dry pftnds. 
>i^^fKn^ab<(i,u,L l.Drovnii^ 

2. A bribe which \» given abaolutalf, wkethei 
the briber gain or loae hia suit, in contrsdistiuction 
to Ttrini, a, cnwniig over, i, a, a bribe which b to 

be returned if tha auit il loet. 

H Jjj ^wr !^"'. ^'>^> n- '■ ^"^ ^^^ 8^'*- 

rf<iu2, An estimate of asaeta for the purpose 

4avl vdtil-hd(p, n. Statement of collections 

and bahmcea. [or return. 

^ul-palr. K;(emptar of a form ; a blank form 

£ ^lind^d ; Bhoj. ^iA^iri ; Mag. ((t^rl, 
u. f. S. flfilW 1. A smiill dnuD beaten 
by a public eti&t. 2. Pi'oclamation by 
beat of drum. [pUnd. 

(fcxu^il pherud, yd pttMO, v. a. See (fcj*(^ 

H «-tJ JiaU IT^WW (l^ *^'' ^■ 

1. Calculating the incidence of the bdcAh 
(rate) upon each indiTidnal. 

2. Preparation of the ^idi »acM, a p«per 
distributing the iimount to be realised from 
the village for any crop among the a*i»tlf, 

HU*5 tm (iAai'ya, (ttaWjrt, (lK&*jfd, ft. P. 
deh a village, or H. ^y near. 
Land near a villagCL 
H ^ jVfiJ 56' (tt«"'t, n. f. 1. A Bub-division 

of a Pata. 2. A sharer iu a joint estate. 
ditri, n. f. 1. A sub-division of a Pattl. 
2. A share iu a joint-tenancy village. 
H JXivAS g«^ ((Awfft. (ttatofi; Sant. 

(«»a, n. f. -i long beam working on an up- 
right post as a pivot, having at one end a 
weight which aufficeS to raise the budcet at 
the other. [(Broiert). 

H<Jkj05 itnVPt ^ *w, D. m. Six annas 

H^yi-J:*> i«SnW 4*t oban, n. m. 
Six rupees. (Brottri). 

Ht^39it3 ^V^r ieor-kd, (fevrhd, ^Dor, ^T. 
One and a half times, 

deofha, n. m. Interest in kind, at 50 per cent 
esp. in seed grain, a maund of seed repaid 
by a maund and a half of grain at harvest. 

(leofAd k., V. a. To balance tfae books ; clou 
an account 

Atfdfi ckof&a, An old system of aeconnt during 

Native rul^ under which interest waa not 

decreed when it had run beyond 60 per cent 

of the principal. Canugy, 

I tekha dieofhs tarHbar hkd, AooountB Kijortei 



A cwIO ^ n. f. Caste. 

z3t te girdrhva, An oiitcosto. 

idt « nikdlvd, v. a. To put out of caste. 

zati taSltuq yd /Hedd. 

Pei-euual interest or adraatage. 
aStl mu&melai, Peraanol affairBai-uircumstancea. 
ru<irM-i-zaf{. Personal influence. 
faid-i-zcUt. Personal i-estraiut. 
»;iii hi-tdlihi, la-zSi-i-^ihud, ba-^t-i-*'lM», adv. 
Of liimBelf ; uf itself ; hi person (oeo^of an) ; 

a)>soiute1y ; ex nKutUate rei. 
hi-zdtikl nmtnfh-ddr^ A% Iiis pei'sooal dobtt j 

porsonaliy Uiible or roepouaible. 
A &iu; O taria, n. m. 

I. Medium; moans; in Btrament; imtrnmenttJ- 

it;; agency. 3. liiflu»ice; interest ; favor. 
xariye ae,ba-zariye,oA'i. In or by virtue of; 

through the iutwreuticHi ur iustrunwntality 

of; undercover; thereby; hereby. 
M lariye se, 0. G. By these presents. 
ha-zariye itddr hitl qnedah dm. G. 0. By any 

general rule to be made. [true allegation. 
ha-tariye izhdr-i-daro^. By means of au un- 
ba^Mriye taJirir tooj^qa-i-molirJ. G. G, 

By an instrument under seal. 
la-sariye rahn zamln. On the security of laud. 
ha-tariye zarb-i-dtiKal. G. G. By beat of drmn. 
ha-zariye qurqi-o-iiMAiu. G. G. 

By distress and sale. 
ha-zariye klnlSn& viAr yS cuhySS hoilt^vhS.Q.Q, 
By administering poisonous or stup^iug 

borzariye nSltih. G. G. By a suit, [one's office. 

horzariyt ehdiKdarl, Exo£ieia; in virtue of 

^uu^3 laid'vat, n. f. jfi was sharp. 
Acutenees ; penetration ; acumen. 

JL &M^ tim'mali, a. m. ^i a compact. Charge j 
trust; responsibility. [proof. 

iimma-i^uhiU, Otim* freibandl; bm^on of 

tinime i., v. a. To entrust ; deliver in trust ; 
deposit with ; give in one's charge, 

ttmntaA k. yd lend, limme-vSr h., v. a. To nndei- 
take a charge ; take on oneself ; to baiL 

timmtknimah, n. m. A deed of trust ; author- 
ity te have charge of and make the collec- 
tions of an estate. 

%ivuKelt-t>dr, linmeh-dSr, adj. Bcsponsible; 
answerable ; liable. [trustee ; assignee. 

tmmeh-vdr, Mimmeh-ddr, a. m. Guarantor; 

ximiuh-vdr, D. m. A person placed by the 
Government in oharge of an estate in. arrears 

. of revenue, pending its sale. 

itinKcA-»dr( maki&id. Limited liability. 

timm^varl muthiaiak. Joint liability. 

qdnSuamiuvmek-vdr h.. To be legally Sable ; 
to tie uudt;r a legal liability. 

ainiHe/(-iwi, n'mme/i-tJBri, n. f 1. Trust; charge; 
custody. 2. Engagement; gum-aiitee; cbli- 
gatioQ. 3. Responsibility ; liability, [liability. 

simmeh-viin »e bwi k. To discharge friun 

timmeJi'VSn qdnUul. Legal liability. 

A •'O am'ml, u. f. Que liviug under protec- 
tion, as a Christian, Jew, ete. who is allow- 
ed ti) live under a Mah. Governmout with- 
out molestation on paying tribute. 

A cJ ^, n 

I. Lord ; master. 

>V^l^j ti-^iJUiydr, Adqtidar, a. m. 

One empowered or in authoiity ; a com- 

[tetentauUiority; afunctionaty; ene having 

oompeteut jurisdiction. [titled. 

tl-haq, udj. Uightful; having the right; en- 
A.&B. ^>u ^^ifj tail men, mundarjt taU, 

adv. Jjj had a long tail or pendant 
.4s follows; aa undermentioned; as pro- 

ceediug; as below, 
hash-i-vnifaBidta sail. As detailed beloK, 

Ground prepared by the bumiBg ef 
lenvee, grass, sticks, etc. for sowing. 3. Tbs 
crops raised on tbegrvuud so prepared. 

H j^lj Tmjr '^'Ti I- ^- Barren Botl(ia>tKi''}- 
A w~*l) rS,'Uf>; Pop. rStab; Worn. raUbi, 

n, m. Daily alhiwsnoo of food j wtious. 
W^C'') ri*aihkhor, n, m. 1. A stipendiary. 

2. A pensioner. [bricbUjer. 

H _.(j tra rdj, a. m. S. nSO. 1. A mason ; 

:t.GoTerument; rule; admiuistratiou.; jn- 

risdictioD. 3. Kingdom; monarchy; princi- 

pality; Btate;realm; dominion; reign, 

4. The ruling poiver ; sujireiue authority ; 
royalty; aovereiguty. [power, 

rHJ-adkikdr, n.m. Royal preri^tive; paramount 
rdj adhikirl, n. m. A r^ent, 
rdj-antJUin, rdj-IAavan, rm-ghar, n. m. 

A kin^s palace ; i-oyal residence ; ooart. 
rai-dggyd, u. f. Tlie king's order; the royal 

edict or command ; edict ; rescript, 
pSj-ithuar, wahat^adhir^, n. m. 

A king of kings; a paramount king. 
rSj-aru, n. m. Goverument shore or property. 

r^^mnt, rAj-dSt, n. m. Au ainbB.BBador ; en- 
voy ; a pleui potential' J. [matlc 

ril>&ub, adj. Govern moil till ; political ; diplo- 

rdj-ioM, D. m. Royal Family or dynasty. 

Taj-ban»(t(dt, rSj&oli, a. f. 

A line of kings ; royal genealogy. 

raj-hantl, n. m. 1. A descendant of a ritjd. 

rij-iahd, raj-baha, The main distribntory. 

f^4ihanct&r, n. m. 1. Royal exchequer ; public 
treasury. 2. A public varehouae. 

r^ bhadg h., v. n. To be subverted (a kingdom). 

r^f-bhoff, a. m. Eudosvment of a temple. 

rSJ-bkef, n. f. A present made by an inferior on 
his admission to the presence of a great 
mao ; a foe paid to a public fttiictiouary for 
permission to reap the harveat. 

r^j^airasthd yd prabamth, n. ra. 

The govcrument of a state; public 
policy; public administration. 

T^^-pratinidh, n. m. Viceroy ; regent. 

t^-tiiak, r^-abkiah(k, n. m. rdj-gaddi, n. f. 

1. A royal mark on the forehead, 'i. Acces- 
sion to tlie throne; installation; coronatiuu. 

rdj-tilak yd rc^j-gaddi deiia, v. a. 

To inatal a king ; to put on the throne. 

rdj-darb&r, n. m. Court; royal audience, [king. 

re{^c{iiri/((fn,am.A royal levee; anaudieuco of the 

rSj-darahim-idid, ii. m. The presence chamber. 

rdj-driAJ, adj. Rebellious ; disloyal. 

Hlj-drohl, n. ro. A rebel ; traitor. 

T^i-di'ldr, rdj-kantur, raj-kudAr, rdj-haivor, 
u. m, A prince ((AaAfadaA), 

r^uldrl, rdj^andri, rdykundri, rdi-hamiyd, 
a f . A princess {thaJMOdi). 

ny-d&dni, n. C See ddr-tdJAild/m. The me- 
tropolis ; capital ; seat of GoTernmeut. 

f^j-tUoniM, a. m. Pali, rdja-dJiarswio. Royal 
duty ; the duties of the military caste. 

r^han, o. m. Public property ; rojal revenue. 

T^j-^Ad, n, m. A tax ; a puuishmeut ordered 
by the king- 

roil-rSnl, u. f. 1. A queen ; royal consort 
3. An epithet of the goddess K&n. 

r^-tabAa, r^'darbdr, n. t See darbdr. 

r^-kd, adj. Koyal ; national ; public. [tioa 

rmtc^, a. m. State affairs ; public adrotuiatra- 

r^4ar, n, m. Tax or toll imposed by the king. 

rt^j k, T. a. To govern ; rule ; reigti. [nasty. 

rdj-kul, n, m. Pr. raa^am. Knyal femity or dy- 

Tij-gaddl, yd tivgd*an ; Royal throne. 

rij^ra, n. m. The spiritual adviser of a 
prince or chie£ 

rSjghSit,-a.m. B«g!cide. 
rd}~gkm, n. m. A regicide, 
ri^j-niddrdl, n. t Privy seal; the royal signet. 
rdcAcAAiM bydh, n. m. A marriage la which the 
appointed rites have not been obeerrsd; 
Tiolent aeiiuro and rape of a girl after the 
repulse or destruction of her relatives. 


P X rdt, n. m. A secret {bhed, 2.), 

rdi/dih i., V. a. To betray a secret ; expose one. 

rdi-i-im^kh/i, A hidden secret; a private 

jbjl; rdi-ddr, n. m. 1. A couGdant; one who 
is entrusted with a secret. 3. One cognisant 
of, or privy to a criminal transaction ; a 
confidant ; an accessory to a fact. 

^}I>>)|} rdi-dan, a. t I. Keeping a secret, 
2. Having the knowledge of a crime and 
not giving iuformatiou. 

rdi dSri-i^ad la^rd. Cognizance of a crime 
after its perpetration; being accessory 
after the fact 

rat-dsr qabal-i-mSjrS. One cognisant of an in- 
tended crime ; an accessory before the fact. 

rdt-ddri-i-mA/''^ Cognisanoe of a criminal 
transaction ; being accessory to a crime. 

H ♦"!) TIB rfi*. n. f. S. tits s heap. 

A heap of husked grain in the field. 
rSs icthina, v. a. To gather the harvest. 

A ^Ul flj rdt'iU-mdl; H. mUt, n. m. 

Principal ; capital; stock, [ucsa in dealing, 
p ^OUUm u:-'"')^ ""' mudmloffl. u. f. Faiiv 

rdttmtltiidd, n. A fair transaction, [takes bribes. 
A ,f^|j rdiA'i, murtaikt, o. m. One who 

A ,<^l) ''^^1 ^^- r*) "" content, [ready, 

1. Contented; satisfied; agreed. 2. Willing; 
r&ilh., V. a.1. To content; satisfy. S. To 

please; gratify. 3. To reconcile ; conciliate. 

4. I'o prevail upon; jiersuade, win, or 

get over. [satisfied, willing. 

rSzl h., roiSmand li, v. n. 1. To be content, 

t»\j^lf rdjil-ndnut, rafa-ndma, n. m. A deed 
of agreement or oompromise by which the 
plaintiff or prosecutor acknowledges that 
he has been satisfied by the defendiint. 

ribi-ndma liih dmd, v. a. 

To execute a deed of compromise. 

Ai_^l) t^'t'i, F&rt act, ^} Inclined to; 
prime to ; leaning towards. 

rd;/ib k., V. a. 1. To incline ; dispose. 

2. To enoonntge ; incite to. 

ra'ffib h., V. n. To be inclined or disposed to. 

JL ^1} rd'qin, at rdqim, a. m. fij impraased, 

A writer; correspondent, 
rdqiiatilhttr^f. The writer of these letters, 
of this epistle, book, etc.; the undersigned. 

B Vt] tl^ r^mc, n. Stony sandy soiL 

^h 1' 

H^l) «Wjt rOtM; Pauj. mart,nXS.TW 

1. A fee paid for protection. 3. The black 
nuiil formerly levied by the Sikhs in the 
parganas on the JamuS. Bc^h]>at. 

S. Id PuTDya, (lie portiun of villuga luids SKign- 
cd u the WBt^ or dhiirg* of eacli rvkhvilA, 

4. (raijid) One who natches a field when 
the crop ie ripening. 
H,*^. XJJt 5rft rAn-janl, n. f. A^fc 

dejoie ; a, Hin. dancing-girl -, a proatitute. 
rant rauf« M ^diio. A village oouBtantly chang- 
ing hands, as new free-bootera came and 
posseased tbemselves of it. 

H>iw1\ XT9 ra^; Worn. ran4,iyi; ^laeomp.) 

ran^, a. f, S. xm A widow (bidhvd). 
E ly Ij ^91 rcia'ifd, rAAvA, o. m. 1. Wooded or 

waste land, eap. near a town or village. 
% A tax on cattle graiing on waste land. 

P S{j rih,a,i, Way ; road. 

jf*t^i rih-dir, n. m. 1, A ooUeotor of toUs 
or transit duties. 2. A road patrol, [duties. 

i^)Wj rd/i-c^rl, n. f. ToUa; duties; transit 

rSh-dOn tak^. Blaok mail ; a f^ paid to 
escape plunder. [clearance certificate. 

rdh-d^ff^ kS parvSna hdiii k. To get a port 

rS& m, fMA o num. Usage ; custom. 

yl)f') rOAtan; Pop. rah-tan, u. m. 
A highwayman (batndr). 

i^Tt) rih-tant; Pop. roA-fani, n. f . See (ofoWbi. 

rdA-tczni bS-iMn. 

Highway robbery with murder. 

rOk-iahi ba-taihtn. Highway robbery with 
wounding ; robbery on the road with per- 
sonal ii^ury, [highway. 

rSA mJr^ V, a. To rob or plunder on the 

A^^l) rdh'in U. ffiyhtln rathna-wSHt, n.m. ^f) 
placed as a pledge. A mortgager. 

A ^t) *'^> »■ f> ^'> seeing with the eye o^ 
mind. I.Ad opinion; ajudgment. 

2. Counsel ; advice. 8. Minute ; vote. 
r(Ki)i}cUn(l, V. a. To consult; take advioe. 
rtUi tatttm k, yA motma, v. a. 

To accept an opinion as correct, 
r^dmd, V. a. To give an opinion ; to vote. 
rdi loffdnd, V. a. To pronouuce judgment. 
rSi kad, y. n. To ask one's opinion or vote. 
rai milmiS, v. a. To concur or comply with. 
iihdr-t-Tia. An expression of opinion; a 

mtUatam-ul-riS. Equally divided in opinion. 

A |!^t } ^Vi f^l cl) ^^ * ready sale. 

1. Generally received {eKattS, 1, 2,3,); 

common. 3. Fashionable. 
rSy-vi'Waqt, n. m. Current (ooinl. [to ; to pass, 
niij t., V. a. To make ourreut ; give oufrency 
r*y A,, T| n. To be in force j to prevail, 
A tJ) rib'i, adj. Usuary. 
A (■UomII^i rabb-uliullain, A purchaser who 

pays fur an article in advance or anticipation. 
JWIf} mfitn/-»Ml/, An owner or possessor of 

property or capital 
A I— Hi^ rabii/, n. m. A step-son. 
Jifi^xn^aA, raH; H. dtaj-Ul, Buntf. unhiri, 

a. t. s^} a fourth part. The spring; hence« the 

vernal or principal harvest. 

Orua antra in Oct. k Nov. and cut in tbe spring 

montlu, Uarch ft Uiy, compriaiug wheat, turioy, 

feat, gram, oilseed, arkar, hus. 

S^i TBI rat'un, n. A second crop oE sugar- 
cane from the same roots, yielding almost as 
much as the tint. Oarnegy. 

Hiy; Tffin raiva, n. m S. m red. 

A red insect which destroys a wheat crop. 
E ^Kixv^j rofiilar, n. m. A register. 

rajiatar par chofbdna, reoi^r msA dtcii i.. 
To enter in the roister ; to register, [fers. 

rajular'i-tabdill, yd inteqtill. Register of traus- 

rajitiar rakhnU, tv^isbir muratlab karnS, 
To prepare, maintain, or keep a register. 

rc^Utr-i-^ain. A general regititer. 

^r'^i Tt^*tar% reffittar par ndm ehaj-hdHd, 
a. f. Registry ; registration, 

r<yUt''i>huda, adj. Registered. 

raffittrlthvdajamiat. A registered company. 

ra.iittan harand, v. a. To cause to be registered. 

rajitlarl i., v. a. To regist«r. [lug. 

AkSr<«a.« rcfjail^; Illit. rijat, u. f. £^j retura- 
1. (Mah. law,) Receiving back a divorced 
wife. 3. A return of a fit of Innacy. 

A fi^s ^}^, D- '■ S^} returning. Tnming 
towards ; inclination ; bent ; leaning. 

ruju-mittHU thahadat. Retraction of evidence, 
which is allowed by Uah, Law under cer- 
tain restrictions, as before sentence ; or, 
if after, the witnesses are liable to make 
good any injury done to the party against 
whom a oause boa been decided. 

ndluh n(r'd t., v. n. To file a suit 

P ut-»^ ra''khl, a. m. Clothes. See ^^y 6,7, 

£lu J Aj.} raiht o mad. 

Personal property, eiClMre of oash, bul* 
liott, ov negotiable Stock. 




Aut^*flikj ru'"iA'Kri, n. f. ^) gsTe per- 
mission. See ^<V 1, 3. 

nJAtat-i-ittifdqi, Casual leave. 

nihtat-i-riayai^, Privilege leave. 

niktat^Uavaa tankiiuiiA, Leave on full pay. 

mihtat dena, v. a. See (Ahuttl dend. 

rvihsat ba-vata latiJehiidJi. Leave without pay. 

nJAtai h; v, a. \. To permit to depart ; give 
leave to go {bid& k.). 2. To dismiai. 

rfi^iwrf Bwind, V. n- See cAAi^i TOiVnd, L 

TviAtat h., V. n. L To take leave; defwrt. 
2. To depart this life. 

ift&oi., n^Uuatd'nd, n. m. A present made on 
one's departure (bidOigi, H.). 

^-^^j n^ihtaa, adj- On leave. 

Xij radd, rod, n. m. J} returned. (Mah. laui) 
The retom of the sarplus to the shares, 
after a diatribntion of the shares owing to 
the absence of the residuanes. 

^vddrimbOt, n. m. Counter-proof; disproof; 
overthrow of the evidence ; rebutment; 

raid-i-javSb, n. m. Rejoinder ; refutation of a 
defence; reply; replication. 

radd-i-javab k., v. a. To r^oia ; refute. 

radd-iqart, a m. 0. G. Discharge or liqui- 
dation of a debt. 

Titdd k., V. a. I. See tardid k, 2. To reject ; 
pronounce unfit for service. 

radd-i-iatam. Counter-statement ; contrttiy de- 
claration ; oontradiotion ; refutatioa 

radd h., v. n. To be refuted, abrogated, eta 

teUjj radd-ndmd, n. m. G. G. A deed of 
rescission ; fui instrument abrogating a 
former engagement. 

A ilfi^i n't^^ re^, n. m. A vagabond ; 

villain ; an impudent or shameless person. 
radii idt, Qbsceue language. 
Po-mm ra^ ad ; Ittit. rast, n. t. 

1. Imports, esp. of grain. 

2, A store of grain, etc; commisBariat 
snpplies for an army, etc 3. Allowance of 
food; rations. 4. Share; contribution. 

Fees ; duties ; perquisites. 

ratad-bethi, n. f. tncreose of assessment. 

rata^jama, n. f. Prt^iressively increasing rent 
or Government demand. 

raiad pa/iHnehanO, v. n. To furnish supplies 
for an army, eto. 

nuad-ratdH, n. m. One who provides snpplies. 

r^'adi, adj. Rateable ; proportiouate ; pro- 
gressively increasing or decreasing. 

Auu-i-raMtft, n. m. A proporUonate share. 

A M«\ ratwt, n. f. f-j marking. 1. Usage ; 
ouatom ; practice. S.Settled mode ; order. 

ram aM-i4ijdrat ; H. bt/ckdr rlt. 

Mercantile law ; commercial usage. 

roMt par chalnd yd jdttd, v. n. To act accord- 
ing to custom. [custom. 

ratm-iilianddn ; H. MS btohdr, n. f. Family 

ratm-i-aimdiu^, The fashion of the day ; con- 
ventional usage. 

ratm-i-mulk ; H. dad ehdl, n. f. The custom 
of the oountiy. [practice, 

roam o ritHj. Custom and usage ; eaiablished 
dddd yd haroA }ci raim, jwrJni yd gotAtTt 

ff^j ruttlnt'; lUit. ranlm, n. f. PI. of f-j 

rvtHm-i-paMiri, a. t Patvari's fees. 

nudm-i-tihdi, n. f. A fine or quit rent levied 
formerly on rent-free lands in Bundelkhaud, 
supposed to beathird of the usual assessment. 

rvsUntr^chaudhri, a. f. Fees and perquisites 
of the head man of a trade or of a village. 

rutHm-ikhaiana. Fees ou receipts and pay- 
ment of the public treasury, 

rvtutn.-i-/Aazdnchi. Fees paid to a treasurer. 

rvvStn-ddr, G. G. n, m. The holder of certain 
fees or perquisites. 

rutHm-i-taeMddrl, n, f. The fees or perquisites 
allowed to lainlMdrt by the Mah. Govern- 
ment, or by a commission, generally of five 
per cent on the gross collections. Fees levied 
by a gamiiddr ou his tenants, either on 
particular occasions or as a fine or quit rent. 

rueOm-i-tartdr. Stamp duties. 

rtuOm-i-addlai. Court fees. 

rtuum^-ffair-mahkHmd. Arbitrary cesses. 

rusQm-i^ttilA-ffo. A small fee to the qdnOAgo 
levied on the revenue collections. 

nuUn-i-mudrai, The fees payable to the Nizir 
of a court on serving a process. [q. v. 

rv*iii)t-ikarSo; H.kardo-rV. The custom ofkarA), 

The marriaga ol « widoyi with the brother of > 

deoeM«d hiintt&Dd, vhich eapecuill; obtains oinoag 

the JSta, UHjarg, 'Ahirs, and other iofnriur tribes 

in the N. W. P. 

nwdm-t^otAfi, G. G.; H. ^athj^kar, n. £ 
Fees on bales and packages. 

nuuai-i-mohiara/a, G, G. Taxes levied on 
tradeti and professions. [monies. 

ra*viiySt^-^dh ; H. bydh-ril, llarriage oere- 

raimiydt-i-maiyat ; H. kiryd karam. 
Funeral ceremonies ; obsequies. 

H ^\y^ T?m^ nwttn, ratySMi, n. fc 

The ceremony of distributing the fimt 
juiee of the sugarcane ; hence, the seaaem, 

A i-y^ mi^hk', raiQlAlyat, n. m. {h>j was 

firm. Firmness ; oonetanc^ ; stalntity. 

-ri ^ 

rwtvJih-ia&ll kiit tnuIdnTK-i-aaHboH let «dlA 
atnal m«n lAnA. I'o exercise peraoual influ- 
euce over a public servant. 

p J^wj raHi, a. f. P. raddcn to nrrive. 
1. Aukiiowledgtnetit ; a receipt. 

ToUd-bahi, II, f. A receipt-book. [ladgment. 

raiid dntS,, v. n. To give a receipt or aokoow- 

rtuad k& tihu, A receipt stamp. 

H '^i TTTTS nuii&v',nuhd9,mairi; Bhoj. hek 
ff&e, n. DresBing a field ; pulverising ftiid 
smoothing tlie soil, aud leaving It exposed 
to the tiir some days before eowiog. 

F &Xw< ritk'ta, a, m. Kso ; relation ; ooil- 
neotioD ; relation by blood or marriage. 

riskta-i-haqlqi, n. m. Relation b; the full blood. 

)tj(U) rithle-d&r, n. m. ReUtion ; relative. 

riAtak.,y. ^ To foiin ou alliance or oon- 
neiion with. [relation. 

rUIUe-d&r-iJMOd ; B. dar La ndli, A distant 

ruhte-ddr-i-qafib ; H. pSt kS nOid, A near 
relation. [allianoe ; a£uit;. 

^jljUij rvhU-darl; ^.n^^t&,•a.i. Relationship; 

ritkta-i-iabahl, j/d jtMo/H, G. G. Connection by 
marnage or by consanguinity. 

A^sJy^ ri»h'»at; H. ffhib, a. f. yty he 

bribed him. A bribe ; an illegal gratifica- 
tion ; hush-money (miinh-bkardi). 

ruJtvat-kltor ; Pop. nihval-iAori, n. ta. 
One who takes bribes. 

riAvat-diltl, n. f. U. G. Giving a bribe. 

rU/ival denk, t. a. To oDer or give a bribe ; 
to bribe. (bribery. 

ridmat-tHOnl, n. f. The net of taking bribes ; 

rithval titdtti ba-jabr. E.taction of a bribe. 

rukatt »e miiSnd. To buy o£f (a persou). [bribe. 

rulivat-iitiarR ; H, (t'rtii, n. f. A contingent 

ri»hvati-ffair rtuulirUt, n. An absolute or 
unconditional bribe (H. dubdH, 2.). 

rukvixt hhind, yd laid, v. u. To swallow or 
take a bribe ; to be bribed. 

ritktat o bad^kii-dari, n. Bribery and corruption. 

JL 1^ ra^a, a. f. yiy was content 

1. {ratOtnandi) Consent; assent ; acquies- 
cence ; will ; pleasure. 

2, Leave ; esp. furlough. [pleasure. 
raid o ra^bat, n. f. Free cousent ; free-will and 
raid ragbai te, adv. Of one's own free wLU 

(«P «)• t(pJ') 1. 2.). 

Mt'ij ratd-mand, adj. Willing; consenting 
razSnumdi bild ilerUA, rat&mandi ihifir-hhuSk. 

Free consent ; willing oousent. 
TOsA-mati^ ba-»haQr, rozd-nmndl hSrtamajh, 

ratd mand^ daqildna. G. G. 
Intelligent consent. 

i ^ 

razd-matidi tahHn, Written oonaent. [ties. 
miAmaniR-i'tar/aiTt. The couseut of both par- 
nud-Runufi miUlaq. Unconditional assent. 
bild rajd-numdl autij/dH nini^ada vailyatndma, 
Witliout the consent of the executora 

named in the will. [Fosterago. 

A fi}^i rtudS, a. m. ^y SuCking, as an infant. 

Id MbIl law. u bond ot Kffiaity batwcan penons 

DurB«(I by the game female, uulogoU* t« con- 

raidf-Mul;H. tfti[2A6Aai, n.m, A foster-brothels 

A UU) ri&d'gd, n. t pL of *j«) q. v. ^j pas- 
tured. 1. Tenants { subjects ; the peasantry. 

2. {ridyd bardyd.) The community ; the 
masses ; the people ; the public. 

tidyd^Inglialdn. British subjects. 
Ti&!/dieindliskehyiddi)e, Private claims. 

Subjects of another power; aliens. 
A^y ridy'af, a. f. Favour ; oonsideratioD. 
^U) ridd^ga^ rid^ n. m. One to whom 

remission or abatement has been granted. 
tidydR ckkutU yd rukhaat. Privilege leave, 
riadyat ba-taur hdklm&na h. 

To take judicial notice. 
titidytit tdtiitdagan-i-JioraK. G. Q. Protection 

to saltpetre manufacturers. 
riidyat-i'qdniin. The authority of law, 
ba-riadyat qayUd-mundarja. Utider the restrio- 

tioDB mentioned. [cultivator. 

rUidyati bethi. Surplusages remitted to the 
riadyat-i-paiia. A lense granted to a cultivator 

at a favorable rate. 

A ^i^A's foSi'l/*^ i Pop- raiyat, n. t ^y 
1. A subject of a state. 

3. Tenant ; cultivator ; peasant 

3. A depeudout ; follower ; servant 
raiyat-i-hddak&r, A oultitating tenant 
niyat-ndma, n. m. An engagement given by 
the cultivators to the laudlurd or proprietor. 
raiyat-v>dr jamd-bandl Settlement with each 

individual cultivator. 
raiyat-vrdri, n,f. According to or with RiSyaU. 
A revenue settlement made by tJie Govern- 
ment with the actual cultivators of the 
soil for a given term. 
raiyalr^T^ faitla. Settlement of land-reuts, 
made with the cultivators themselves, with- 
out the intervention of any xamlrtdar or 
landlord, commonly known as the ' Ryot- 
war! system.' [toan^jraf. 

1^^} rai'yad, n. f, lit. relating or belonging 

I^nds of wbioh the revauue ii paid in tnaoer, !■ 
contradiaUDction to the KhamSr lands, ot whicb 
the revenue U paid In hind. 

Alio, ■ BeUleiuent direct witJi Qie cultivator. 

raiyatlpoUd, A lease given to a cultivator. 

^) 107 

A j^\ ^oi Rate ; the local luba of nssessmeDt. 

The stoinUrd rate at vhicli tire landi <>( n Tiltnga 

Of diBtriet are aosened, according to their aevenl 

rA-iOiHn, A statement or table of ratoB. 

A ducumenl shewiiig tb« rates at which diflerent 

deacriptioui of load am luuaJl; aH«eaaed iu any 

[mrtioiiUf district. 
i^iluatlailx. Lniiila of which the (ksseasment 

waa rated nccordiug to the value, or a fixed 

or cuatomar; rate of produoe per blgh3^ 
li^vn^d, rqfk'iad, Tafu-dafOt rafa-i^har, 

D. m. ^) put away. Settlement {ttuflyA, 3). 
rafa k.,rafa dafa i.,v.a.To aattle or dispose of. 
taU^j rapi-namah. A deed of compromiae. 
^UV^f ra/ai-tiuqtan, A remeJj. 
rafa k, t, n. To be settled or disposed o£ 

Winding up or settlement of an account. 
A^A»j r^/t^, n. va. ^j is'tog together a 

oamel's forelegs. l.A oompanioD; associate; 
ally; comrade; friend; co-adjutor. 2. A 
follower ; depeti'lent ; adherent ; partisan. 
3. A confederate. 

ffi" ^i »^A?-'V'""'"- An accessory to a 
Mine ; an acoesaory. 

AAjJi raj'^^i H. (uMr, n. m. I. An area; 
extent of land. 3. The lands comprised with- 
in the boundaries of a village meaauremeuL 

raqba-i-afj-paski, An irrigated area. 

raqba i-arOzi. The area of the land. flanda. 

raqba^-ara^i-i-muthitil. The area of resumed 

raqba-barSmad. lucreue of land. 

Taqba-i-batidobcutL Ad aaseased area. 

raqba-baTtdt, n. f. A statement shewing the 
area of an estate, village, or township, the 
total quantity of land belonging to the com- 
munity, the portions that pay or are exempt 
from reTenne,and those which are cultivated 
or uncultivated or incapable of niltiv.itiou. 

rai^ia4-gair-mairila. An nncultivated area. 

faqba qSbil-Ae-iar/hU. A cuttnrable area. 

MfAa qabit Uuhhhu-i-jama. An assessable area. 

Tnqha lagOni ax rHe hjgkH-dilA. A reut^paying 
area by village bigha, 

raqha-iwairOa. A cultivated area. 

A &>^ rwg'jt!, n. m. ^y he patched it. 

1. See cAtftAi. 2. A receipt. 

rit<^aUkkne-«ai&; H. AutKA-Mtgd. The drawer 

of a cheque. [note. 

Adntf-t-nt^o, n. m. The bearer of a cheque or 

*l«Jj ru^'fU, rvq^jat. n. PI. of *M) [book. 

1 . Notes. 2. A oollection of lBtt«rs ; a letter 
A **« raq'am, n. f. ^y marked, impressed; 


pi. f^i I. See tavt (1—3). 2. A mark; 
figure ; initial. 3. A mode of arithmetical 
notation taken chiefly iram the initials of 
the Arabic terms for nunibei-s. 4. Entry ; 
item. 5. Amount ; sum ; total sum. 

6. A fraotioual share of an undivided es- 
tate [jiatii, I.) 7. Rats of asBossment. 
S. Kind; sort (MdfU). 

raqaini-jamA. An item of credit. 

ragan-i-Uuireh. An item of disbursement. 

raqam-giv&l. 1. What is over or in excess of the 
utipulated sum. 2. Caaes. S. Perquisites. 

raqam k., v a. To mark ; note ; write. 

raqatn-imvlandtia. A disputed item. 

raqam-i-nutktahah-nl-vuaiil, A sum of money 
the recovery of which is doubtful. 

rofim-viSr, adv, In detail ; item by item. 

raqam-war liilmS. 

To particularize ; to exhibit in detaiL 

H ^*^) TQ«n ral&'na, rakk latd ; Bus. rHAh- 
nd, V. a. S. tour 

1. To stake; bet (aria, 13). 

2. To mortgage ; pawn ; pledge. 
hah\ murattab rakkna. To keep account books. 
yi}«f } msnn rukh»d,'la ; Rus. rcMvalya, 

Tokkv&r ; K oyored, n. in. 1. (roMi) A guar- 
dian ; guard ; protector ; custodian ; curator. 

3. A watchman ; warden ; gate-keeper. 

3. A cowherd ; shepherd ; goatherd. 

4. M^>V.)The man who looks after the 
etanding crop and scares away bii-ds, etc. 

^fj^f) OTSral t-akhva'll; Rna. rakhvan, n. f. 

1. Guard ; watch ; protection ; charge ; 
custody ; keep ; care ; trust. 2. The wages 
of a guard or watch. 3. {rakiti) Tribute; 
black mail. 4. A grazier (pd^I, 4). 

^g^fy rm^ rakh'l, n. t {Rut) A staok of hay, 
VL^^S ft^ rilA'i, n.f. {Broktn) Sis rupees, 

rikiA <Mfr. (Brokfrt) Sixteen rupees. 
rikJii matnd. (Broiert) Twenty-six rupees. 
H ^j fcl "'"- E. n. m. S. wn 1 . A debt {qan). 

P A ^^'*) >'<^j^-^'>i, Q-fi- Common annoy. 

aace ; a public grievance. 
Hyj^jt^TTT ro«{ia'jKl, n. m. Widowhood. 
VKmiit tlsi M i ran^tdUt, n. f. 

A widow's dress ; widow's weeds. 
•S*i) i^X ran^'ak, n. m. A barren tree. 
'j^) test rand'eS, ii.m.l. A widower, [wench, 
,fSij Hi rafK{1,n. f. l.'(Jfa&. IFom.) A woman ; 

2. (randl mvnfli) A woman of the town ; 
aprostttnte; strumpot; whore. 

_ _ — _- „ Googl 

ranfK-^, n. m. A rake ; a gay Lothario ; a for- 
nicator ; wboremongor. [tery; whoredom. 

ran^-bAil, a. f. Wenchiug ; fomicatioa ; adul- 

k**) ifwn twnf tytl, a- f. 1. A widow. 

2. A low woman (an abuse) ; a prostitute. 

H f lyi T^iara rai^, ranbas ; A. mahl, 
n. m. S. TTS^IV ; H. t-ilni a queen, fid* 
abode. A royal seragho ; a queen's apart- 
ments ; a palace. 

HW) ^;|4T nn'ffa;Tii.7^nyS;A.qarax-dar, 

a. f. B. VBt A debtor. 
rini/S k., V. n. To owe ; to be in debt. 
F j\ nl, n. m. 1. Face ; Bur&ce. 

2. Uode ; manner. 3. Canse ; reason. 
tfijtii m^xwA, adj. In hiding; absconded. 
ni:ptwAA.,T.n. To abscond; runaway; conceal 

one's self; evade service of summons. 
,^4jjj, rO-pothl, n. f. Abacoading; hidjng. 
rH-poahl ti sHrat men. G. G. 

In the event of non-appearance. 
rUriSyat, n.f. Partiality; countenance; favor. 
rS riSyat k v. a. To couutenanoe ; favor, 
u nl «, adv. So. See oa-nK. 
htihnhi-tatd IS nl «. G. G. Dnder the sentence. 

F f» rat'd, atlj. 1, Btght. See jiV 

i. Allowable ; current S. Approved ; 

worthy of reception or attention. 
ravd jdn'na, y* Mmajhnd, v. n. To think fit 

or proper; to approve. [to be right, 

ravO-ddr, adj. Approving ; judging or holijit^ 
rapdralA'nd,y.&. 1. To receive; aoqaiesoe in; 

countenance. 3. To uphold; maintain; justify. 

3. To warrant ; make legal (JOiz rxtthaa). 
A-tvj "i^j', n. m. g)j was easily saleable. 

1. Usage;practice.2.Prevalence;currency. 

3, See rtum. [force of law. 

rivaj ba-mamila-i-qanilii. Usage having the 
rivaj pdnd yd jyaJear'nd v. n. 

1. To liecome prevalent. 2. To have effect 
niWij pafnS, v. n. To prevail or become current 
rw^htq-i'sh'ifa. The custom of pre-emption. 
ruM^'-i/tot ; H. nij-rit, n. £ 

A special usage or cuetom. 

riv^-iMibidan ; H.iullci rti. Family usage 

oc custom. [local usaga 

rindj-irdeh ; H. gaoA ii rt(, n. Village custom ; 

rivdj dtttd, V. a. 1. To make current ; give 

ouirenoy to. 2. To introduce ; issue. 

3. To extend ; spread abroad; propagate. 

rivdj^-*h>»dr&nMd. Prescriptive usage, [custom. 

riv&yi-muq&m ; H. da heokdr. Local usage or 

rvt^-i^mitO:, n. 1. Public policy ; custom rf 

the oountty. 2. Usage which, when clearly 

established, is held to be of foroa ui the 

3 YV 

decision of law suits although contrary to 
the written law. [vance. 

rivdj mvila yd dehdCi, n. Local usage or obser- 

riv^ hai Is usuaL 

^l)> rivajt, aclj. 1, Current; onrrent in the 
market 2. Ordinary ; usual 

F j';J rmSA', adj. j, go. See ^y^ I. 

iSl-i-ravdn, n. m. The current year. 

^■)> ravda'si, n. f, I. Setting out; depar- 
ture; embarkation. 3. Despatch (of a letter, 
etc). 3. The purport of a permit, pass, or 
authority to proceed. 

ravdngl ekitlhl, a. 1. A pass ; passport. 
2. Port clearance. 

ravSngl-i-m&l. Despatch of goods; consignment 

T iJIj) ravSnah i., v. a. To send ; despatch (a 
letter, messenger, eto.). [depart 

ravdnah h., v. n. 1. To proceed; set out; 
2. To be sent or despatched. 

A fx^^j rivd'i/at, reudyat, a, f, ^jjj related. 
A written legal opinion by a Mab. law officer. 

PjOjj rO-So-rd'; Pop, robrO, adv. Before 
one's faoe; faoe to Eaoe (/T ], 2.). 

robr^ i, yd Idnd, v. n. To bring in the pre- 
sence of ; to confront, [order. 

fj^yj rSbakdr'i Pop. roHor, n. m. An 

^,l£;„ rabatdr^ ; rtAaidri ; Pop. rciiSri, n. £ 
Beeptihl (2), 1. A judicial act or proceeding; 
a record in a cause. 2. A Persian or Urdu 
communication addressed to an equal 

rvbakdri atndU tajt/it. 

Mesne prooees ; an inler-pellation. 

rSihaliSrl niftir, n. Final process. 

rvbakdri landoba»t. Settlement proceeding. 

rUhakdrl-i-Uiwflh. Preliminary proceedings. 

rSbaiAri tan^Ut^eUab, yd tubHt-taldlt. 
A proceeding laying down the issues. 

rSiaidrl-i-addttU. Judicial proceedings. 

rybakdrl nildtn. A sale prooeedii^, [sessiou. 

rubaidrl yd parvdna-i-daiAl. Warrant of p08- 

rubakdr% tuUfU. Proceeding writer. 

ro&Mri h., V. n. To he tried or heard (a oaae). 

H jjjj rro rop'ar; Sant. rohoi koro, n. m. 
1. Transplanted rice.. 3. A rate in a lease 
for crops of rice raised by transplanting. 

H %y) fraTf rop»li, v. a. S. «i Sauk er. 
To sow ; plant ; transplant 

r^pnA, n. f. Betrothal. 

rmyd; Sant foM, n. m. S. «a Pr. nQ>|Mui. 

1. A rupee, the generaJ dBiiomin&tion of 
the silver cuireocj uf ludia, aud the etandord 
measure of value. S, Coin ; e^acie; cash. 
rupapn bhejnS, ya irtSl h., t. o. 

To-rcmit moue;. 
T%ituka len, den, tiipaeid mttSmlcA, Mone; 

dealiD^rs ; a pecuuiary trausactiona. 
rupaiic* bishf, I'ecuuiarj ; relating to money. 
n^ae-vdld ; Saat. kitanr, n. m. 

A wealthy pereon ; a rioh man. 
UiyfS J^j n^ Wnn rati iaprd, n. m. 

Food and raiment. 
reft hapre, yt »dn Jiafqa kd ddvi. A clutn for 
maintetiance ou the part of a deserted wife, 
ttfi kaprt kl khabar lend, roll iaprd d., w. a. 
To feed and clothe ; to maintain or 
Blip port one. 
's']) xxiwt roi'iyd, n. m. A domeatic servant 

who gets food in lieu of wages. 
J j, , rot, n. m. 1. Day. 2. Daily wages. 
n» batnd, v. u. To be distributed (daily wages). 
mln^ot, ro*-marrah, adv. 1. Day i^r day. 

% Oouataiitly. 
rM-marrah, adj. 1 . Everyday j ordinary ; cus- 
tomary ; usual. 2. Couveutional ; idiomatic. 

Daily account; account current. 
r»ndinehah, rot-ndmak, a. m. A diary; day 

t>ook ; Juunial ; daily account. 
nu-ndmchiih khaa. A special diary. 
rofjiaMwAoA-t-dw. A general diary. 
iJlj); roid'noA, adv. Daily. 
i^h> rot0dr', n. m. 1. The world ; age; time. 

3. The means of eubaisteoce; service; eaaploy- 

meut; business; livelihood. 
rotgdr-pe*hd, n. m. Serving man; servant. 

A deduction formerly allowed in Bengal 
to the laminddra to cover the expenses of 
daily charitable allowance; pensions as- 
signed by Government in 1716 to various 
persons in the province of Benares. 

Daily food or allowance; maintenance. 
*^t) ron'Hoh, a. m. Daily pay or wages ; 

daily allowance ; a stipend ; pension. 
roiiuah-ddr, n. A stipendiary ; pensioner. 
H ,l«i*] TIH^ft rait^ti,rotalt,r«ial,rmtCi,a. 

t S. cFnr A light loamy soil. 

It ii Rometimeii considerMl littls inferior to the 

Snt quilltf or ^akar, (od ■«iiwwiid at the mmn nte. 

HeSjj ^ rot, n. tS. ilV j 

1: Limitation ; twtiiotion. 3. Hindrance' 

i9 4» 

rok-tok, n. f I. Obstruction. [challenge. 

3. Oppositiou; resistance; a sentry's 

rok lot k; V. a. I . To challenge (aa a sentry). 

2. To take exception to. 
rok rakh'nS, v. a. I. See bdz rakhnd, 1 to 6. 

2. To impound ; pound (cattle), 
rot rok-ke, adv. By little and little ; sparingly. 
be-roi-lok, adv. Without let or hindrance. 
H ui'jj fra '■''*. tvkr^ adj. S. tm buying 

with ready money. Ready money or cask. 
V}> ^I^ roi^aj; a. m. 1. Oash ; ready money. 
2. Specie, jewels, or valuables readily 
convertible into coin. 3. Stock ; capital. 
rokar bikri, n. f. 

Heady-money sale ; cash transaction. 
rokar-haht, u.f Cash-book, [surer; cash-keeper, 
kj^j) ^mffHI rokaj-'ya, n. m. A cashier; trea- 
H f^; 1 t|!K(( mfan, rak^an, rOkati jha- 
ian, rUnffait; Sant. uiiita; E. moAffni, a. t. 
Given in the bargain ; over and above. 
E ,J*i rol, n. m. 1. Roll ; reg:i3ter ; catalogue. 
2. Rotation ; turn. 3. The Govt revenue. 
rol-dar, n. One who is entered on the Collec- 
tor's roll or record. 
B^Jy) n^ftfvtt. '■ori; Tir. rorl, n. f. l.A 

mixture of rice, turmeric, and alum, with 
acid, used to paint the forehead. 3. A red 
insect which attacks standing wheat crops. 
H'jjj TT'n fou«'a,ratin,n.m.S.TiriT Bring- 
ing home a wife to cousummate a marriage. 
It b an intermadiftte oereniDDy between the 
tnuiiage and tbe ^uii4, q. y. Id (ome plaoea th* 
two meulingi are inverUd. 

H^*^)j rnft '■'"ip'* i Bhoj. Topni hdri, a.t. 

One who transplants rice, etc. 
The held woouu <^ the party is oalled •dnittn 
(uTanger), She leads the line of traiiBplantera, and 
Ttceivea a double share of elMieni panhed gnia. 
E ti^A\ rau^; Tir. rojui, n. f. Cor. of Eng. 
Round. The ruuud of guards, etc. ; patrolling. 
muAd-^ashlt, u. Going the rounds; patrolling. 
H .jj,j?igpjra»rtrf'a«,ra«ri<tt'an, n.f. S.m 
to tread on. Trampling, treading under foot. 
rauAdan tntH dnd, v. u. 

To be trampled or crushed under foot. 
il^ii^TS^rauAttiii, raundhnd, khUndnd; Tir. 
i^uua(, V. a. 1. To tread or walk on. 

2. To tread out (corn). (der fooL 

3. To trample on ; ride over ; crush un- 
Act^iJ '■"'y'i ^°?- '•^yo'i n- f- !*'» seeing. 

I. Aspect; view. 2. Countenance. 
gavah-i-rHyai, H. dnkh^dekhd, An eye witaeaa. 


F d|j.\j)v rd«&!(f ; Pop. rOddd, u. f. A state- 
ment ; proceeding ; record in a case. 

The report of ■ Hubordin&te officer deputad to in- 
quireiutosny afiaiT; tb« ralum to ui offidal ioqiiuy. 

TtUdad'i-adAlat. A judicial proceeding. 

riiii-d&d-i-Miillt, n. A statement of the investi- 
gatiou of a suit at law. 

TiUidad-i-arii. The statement in a plaint. 

rwid&d-i-viitl. Tbe facts shewn in the records 

r^edad-i^muqaddama. The narrative or whole 
course of proceedings in a cause ; the ina- 
rits of a cose. [&ctB of the case. 

khildf rui-dad-i-muqaddama. Opposed to the 

p lt\riha', adj. Freed; liberated; set at li- 
berty (bar!, 1, 2). [{ban k.). 

rihd h., rihSi dend, v. a. To discharge ; relieve 

rah^anl ba-taihm. 

Highway robbery with wounding. 

p JUt rihd'i, D. f. ml*) to be free. 

" 1. Escape; freedom. 2. Exemption; relief. 

ri!UR bortamanat I. To discharge on bail ; to 
accept bail. [ing mouey. 

H Jiis K^i\ f^'K. n- f. A system of lend- 
So called fTom raJkat, bo>»UH the original debt, 
at eoinpouml iDt«n«, rolls on like a ball. 

rahti ehali'iid, v.a. To lend money according to 
the rahti system. [saline soil. 

H ^eyi) f?yt "A'r*. r«fc<"'. n. t Saudy or 

A ,fi\ rahti. Pop. rahan, o. m. 

Giving in pawn ; a mortgage (bandhat). 

Propertj given M Haaurity for a loan, but of 
which the usufruct ia not enjoyed by the lender, 
nor it can Im tnuuferred or Hold. 

rahn ijmall, A joint mortgage. 

rahn tnrt/ai, n. A usufructuary mortgage. 

It is B mortgage ^ whera a man borrowa money 
and giiea up hid land to the lender "ho, ualroi hii 
debt a paiil ofi by the mortgagtr, may retain poaeea- 
aion until be has, from the reuta and proSta of tbe 
land, repaid himaslf tlia iutereal, or, according aa tiie 
temu of the agreement in each caae may be the pria- 
ciiul and the iutereat of the aum advanced by him," 
It may be aaid to reaembla uaufructuaiy mortgage 
(..XAjjj 'Sjfi). [tuary mortgage. 

rahti inli/cll th'trlX, n. A conditional uanfruo- 
It ia where a mortgagee by conditional tale haa 
the iiaufruct i>f the property, either by beiog merely 
put in poitHeaslou and allowed to reoeiTe the renU 
and proBte, or by hsTing a leaae gJTen to him by 
tbe mortgager. [mortgage. 

rahn intifil mufrad. A simple usufructuary 

It ia, a mortgage in which, though the property 

i« only eollater.illy pledged, aa in the caaa of a pure 

aimpls mortgage, the morlgagea is permitted to b»»o 

the uaufriict uf it 

' rahti-bil-lca/dlal, fahn bUH-dc^iU. Hypotheca- 
tion [dritlii bandhah, rahn mullaj). 
rahn lamaaiat, n. A mortgage bond. 

rahn Mdju. A real mortgage. [g^e-deed. 

rahti-tidmah bai bil-vafa. A conditional mort- 
rahn-bil-qab, a. Mortgage with poaaession. 
rahdti-ddr, a. The holder of a mortgage ; a 
mortgagee (murf'ihin). [$"8^ right. 

rahn-ddft, n. f. Holding a mortgage ; a mort- 
rahn dar ralui. A sub-mortgage. 
rahan rath'nS, v. n. To pledge ; mortgage. 
rahem m ehhu^d'nS, T. a. To redeem. 
rahan tkarff, rahan maihrOl, 

A conditional mortgage. 
roAn-faAt^n. A valid mortgage. [(■< :* * > jl. A j). 
rahn mullaq. An uncouditioual mortgage. 
rahn mVddt. A mortgage for a limited period. 
rahn-ndmah. A mortgage dead. 
(£ir-raAn-4filr,n. A sub-mortgagee, [rant; slave, 
Ht^) ^%Sl f^'^ rahitvd, u. m. 1. A ser- 

2. A destitute person taken into a fontily. 
^'>t> ^Vni rahva^i, a, f. 

1. HouBe-rent(ih'rAyaA). 2.£u«. Thewages 
due for watching the crops. 

H ,a)'>f 1 t^5n^ ro/w^rt, rahbSrJ, n. m. 

'a class of Hindus who trade in oamela. 

A tJSi^tt, l)\ riyd'iat, u. f. ^tj beoante ohief. 

1, Nobility; nobleness; bigh-miudedneaB. 

2. See r^', 2, 3. 
riyOiat^i^mkiirx, n. f. A republic ; democracy. 
rij/dtat M kluirij. G. 0. An outlaw. 

Hu:^; 6h r^; Saut. art u. £ S. dfil Sw 
rattti. Uite ; ceremony ; observanoe (ram,). 

rlt dOAAttS, V. a. To point out a course of 
proceeding ; to direct. 

fit ratm, rit ralatn, n. f. Manners and customs. 

ril te, adv. According to custom. 

rV K b^iar. Out of the ordinary course, 

M rlt te, adv. Accordingly, 

buri Tit te, adv. Badly. 

be-rli, on-rft, adj. L Contrary to onstom; irre- 
gular; unlawful. 2. Bad; disagreeable; ud- 
pleaaant ; offensiTe, 

ha ri( M, adv. In many respects, [old euitom. 

na! rit k., v. a. To innovate ; deput from an 

^1^} %rT9t ra'U, retld, adj. Sandy ; b.uTeii. 

^.>^«0.''<'fi.n.f.l.Sandy soil (4th quality). 
2. A tract of alluvial laud. [piece, 

P -fjj) r«'^I,r«^dri, n, f. 1. Ascarp ; bit; 

2. Small change; a two-anna, four-anna, 
or eight-anna bit. 3, Small pieces of gold 
or silver wire, 4, {retd) Children employed 
in masonry work, etc, who receive half, 
one-third, etc, of a man's pay. 
A^^i rail', n. m. pi rooiS, julj head, 
1, A prince; a ohief. 

■/> . ^ 

2. A noblemitii ; oneof the gentry ; ageD- 
tlemfto ; a respectable person. 

3. A citiien ; tovmaman ; burgess, [power. 
ralt-i-M-it/itipSr, n. m. A chief iu»ested with 
TtM-i-he-ikhtiydr, A chief having no power. 
rau-i-hhud- makhtSr, 

An independent prince or ruler. 
tJ)) roata' ; Pop. rodid, n. f, pi. of ra&i. 

Gentry ; the respectable residents of a 
place ; big wigs. 
raX'ioh, Q. f. A princess; a lady of rank. 
k(^\ rai;H.(£ir, n.m. Bate; thelocalrateof 


The Btaodud rate tk which the luidi of & TilUge 
■re tawBsed ■ooording to thsir eevoral qualitiee. 
rax-handi, n, A table of rates. 

showing the rates at which diflorent 

:(Ui, n. An assesament of rates of lands 
made according to the customary or fixed 
rate or value of the produos per IXghd. 

H^tSjj felTR rek&n', rtih&n, n. f. Land 
beyond the reach of river-water. ( t) 

HS^ > rV tA, mit^khOr, n. f. An alkali; 

impure nitrate of soda; fuUer's earth. 

It abooodi to some soili m an sffloreuance, 
raidaring them unpioductiTa even tor gam. 

Ai^tt ti'id, %dyad; Pop. lyidn, adj. *if in- 
creased. 1. Overplus; over; over andabove; 
supplemental ; surplus ; superfluous. 
2. Useleas; worthless; waste; vain. 

fxirvhO'i-eCUd, An extra, or extraordinary. 

javdjtdnirpulu tdid, aJiSli-i-pulit taid. G. G. 
Extra police farce; police force in excess. 

t ^b j Midn', *wMn, ia6<M; Rub. jutSit, jabitt, 

n. e Z. htavOn, haxvSn ; Pahlv!, za/Sn ; S. 

jihvd; U.jibh. 1. The tongue. 2. Lauguage. 
tabdit-bandi, n. f. A depositiou ; a written 

testimony; an affidavit (in a court of law). 
labdn-bandl k., v. a. To take down a deposition. 

The deposition of a witness. 
(nite pakUnd, phertiO, yd badalnS, v. a. 

To equivocaj^e ; prevaricate ; shuffle. 
^M&dn-wntiramK(ja-).ufa, G. 0. H. de»-bkdk^ 

Inthelanguageof the district, [lingt^te. 
f'Ath tabOn. Indeoeot or obscene language ; Bil- 
i^i tOOn bolnO, gaadl tabdn k., v. a. To use 
foul language. 

1 j> 

jyiljj (oidR'f, adj. I. By word of mouth; 
verbal ; oral ; viva voce. 
3. Unwritten; traditional. 
»abinl irrOekdn, Oral examination. [force. 

P JwiOj ea6ar-4a#(i, n. f. Forcibly; par- 

*abar-dattt, tahar-datd se, adv. 

1. By force or violence; forcibly, 

2. Wrongfiilly;unjustlyjper/Me(»f/i«; 
arbitrarily. 3. Wantonly. 

zahar-data bkagi le jina. Forcible abduction. 
tabar-datti paiaf buldnd, v. a To bring one 

by force. [indecent assault; to rape. 

tabar-daiti eharh baithnd, v. a. To commit an 
iabar-dcuCi cAAlu Ima, yd le lenA, v. a. To take 

by force, or snatcli from ; to extort. 
tahar-dtuR hdzir i. To enforce the production 

of; to compel one's attendance. 
iobar-dattl rok rathnd, v. n. To keep back by 

force; withhold wrongfully, [cent assault. 
tabar-diMtl iuat lend, v. a. To make an inde- 
tal>ar-d<uti qainU harvdnd, yd qubtdvdind, v. a. 

To extort confession. 
zahar-da»a Ic., v. a. I, To use force; to force; 

compel; oblige. 2. To press or bear hard 

upon ; to oppress. 
P a\ iokhm, n. m. Wound. 
lakkm^i-kdri, A fiital or mortal wound. 
^»a.j ta''kkm'i;U- ghdii.hdi. VVoaudedj hurt. 
taihml i., v. a. To wound ; hurt. 
takkmi h., xakkm kiidnd, v. d. To be wounded. 
^<^} mkhm% n. A wounded man or woman. 

p V '^j ^') ""^ *" ***' ^- "**■ P*fi "• '■ 

Assault and battery. 
P^j far, n. m. I. Gold. 2. Riches. 
r-i-asl, n. m. A principal sum bearing 
interest. [fund. 

Kifi-amJlnat, n, m. Deposit money; trust 
sar-v-dmrfanl, a. m. Proceeds; receipts; in- 
come ; profits ; dividend ; revenue. 
sar^ldqX, bdgl, n. m. Outstanding balance. 
xar-i-bAq, n. m. Revenue (from land) ; rent. 
sar-i-byd^na ; H. »a*, n. m. Earnest money. 
zar-yar<ut, adj. 1. Venal ; mercenary, 

2. Selfiah ; sordid. 
Mar-i-puhgi, n. m. 1. Payment in advance. 

2. A bonus or premium on a lease ; an 
advance of money upon the farm of the 
revenue ; money lent upon a usufructuary 

ir-i-pah^ddr. One who has advanced money. 
iar'i-petliffirthek&, n. m. A lease granted on a 
sum of money being advanced. 

It is on the wme footing u purs umfructoarv 
roortgsges. ttnd is dealt with m auoh ; but this U 
on); when there ii ■ power of redemption reMrred 
to ue Icsaor, either eipreesl/ or impliedly. 


Mr^-tofdn; H. {lan^, n. m. Pentilty; fins. 

tar-i-taktit, □. m. Colloctions ; revenue. 
*ar-i-ta/uil ad&lat divdnl men bhej dend. To 
pay the amoiiut of collections into Court. 

tar-i-tau/lr, a. m. Mesae profits ; surplus ; 
excesa amount. 

zar-i-iaufir-i-tah»U. Surplus oolleotions. 

lar-i-taufir nllam, u. m. Surplus of sale pro- 
ceeds ; balance realized over the amount of 
defaloatioafor which the lands are sold, i>a;- 
able to the defaulters. 

tar-i-jurmdna. A fine. [realization. 

tar-i-ka*il, n. m. Proceeds ; auma realized ; 

*ar-i-hharchd. Coats of suit. 

sar-i-lharid, Purchase money. [money. 

Mr-khar^d, adj. Purchased with one's own 

Ktr-i-khi»drS, n. m. Damagea. 

(Bengal) A tadllaq, bought of a tamlAddr. 

It implies genBr&lly a dependent tadltuq helil 

bereditaril; uader a larMndar uid reiertiug tu bim 

on failure ol betra. [money (prti'yd). 

lar-i-lchtirdJi, n. m. Diet money ; subslstenoe 

tar-khei, »ar-rea, »dj. Ut. producing gold. 
Fertile (aoD) ; rich (land). 

tar-ih^ I; y. a. To enrich ; fertillM. 

tar-kkaa, n. f. Fertility ; product! renesB. 

tar-dar, adj. 1. Wealthy; rich (amir). 
2. Solvent ; able to pay. 

tar-doi, n. m. One who works in embroidery. 

far rfojf, n, f. Embroidery, 

nr-doet, adj. Foud of money j oovetoua. 

zar-i-^igri. The amount decreed. 

tar-i-TokK. Money lent on a mortgage. 

tar-i-mrkh, n. m. /t(. red gold. Pure gold ; gold 
coin; gold (lonS), [meut money. 

lar-v- sarldn, n. m. Public money ; Govern- 

»aH- iofaid, n. m. Silver. 

tar-t-saman, n. m. Purchase money ; purchase 
money of same property bought at publio 
auction ; consideration money or prooeeds. 

tar-Maman-i-nilSm, n. m. Prooeeds of sale of 
property aold by auction ; sale proceeds. 

KT-itdmni, A deposit security. 

lar-i'fdssil, n. m. Surplus money ; eioesa, 

tar-i-fdxil tdl&na, u. m. The annual surplus. 

tar-i- fatil mund/a, n. m. Excesa profits. 

for-i- jars, a.m. Debts; the amount of a debt. 

tar id jtaa, lit. gold shoes, 

A bribe ; an illegal gratification. | 

tar-i'mutdlbah, lar-i-y&fUMt, n. m. Claims; 
demands ; calls ; debts due ; balance receiv- 
able ; balance in favor of one ; outstandings. 

tar-i-muadjl, n. ra. Remission ; discharge, 

tar-i-'iMdmi, Compensation. 

)ar~t-ntund/a, n, m. Income; profits; revenue. 

tar^naqd, u. m. Ready money ; oaah. 

tar-i^llAmi, n. m. Sale proceeds. 

tar^^OiiUH, n. m. Usufruct; mesne profits. 

fOr-iAir;a,n.m. Damage; demurrage, [done. 

tar-i-KuTJaiMat nvqiUn. Damages for an injury 

\r-i-ka,rja hU-evat. Alternative damages. 
r-i-ydjtanl dilvdnd, v. a. To enforce a olum 
or payment of a Iletat> 
A Ct-^tji MT^it, tifd'&t; H. kheCi, n. f. Jjj he 

sowed. 1. Tillage (bo-jot).2. A cultivated farm 
or field; sown land ; the standing crop. 

3. Indigo factories, the lands cultivated 
by the fiiotory in contradistinction to atdmi- 
wdr, the crop grown by cultivators. 
'raat-peahai H, kitdn, An agriculturist. 
ird&t k. ; H. khea t., v. a. To cultivate ; grow 
crops ; to reclaim (land). 

tirdal ke kdmoA kt tii/e, G, G. For ngri cultural 
purposes. [agricnltiuu 

tirdat he mulSaUiq. Agrioultural ; relating to 

gair Tnumkin-vl-ard' at, n. Unproductive, or 
unoulturable land (battjar). 

^I)j tard&i, tiram. Arable laud ; lands sub- 
ject to assessment. 

tir&atl onbl, n. i. Land fit for oultivation; a 
rable land. 

AgjTj taka£,a.t^i blessed by God. l.AIma. 

% A portion of a Mnsaalman's property 
given in charity agreeably to the Quran. 
P V}4J nnW ; Rus. jamn, n, f. Z. tamti. 

Vedic S. jam. 1. See fyt* 

Kunin uftddah, n. m. Waste or fallow land; 
laud left uncultivated {parti). 

tamln IhSlieah. Royal rent-free land. 

tamin khirdjl. Lands paying tribute. 

}ta;u«) 2amVi-ddr', fim*iiic^r, n. ra. 

A landholder ; laudlord ; landed proprie- 
tor ; landowner ; lord of a manor. 

tamiTuiar himir-ta!uil. A zamindAr in the 
ceded provinces formerly paying his revenue 
instalments to the Collector oftiie zild, and 
charged with the superintendence of the 
police in his lamlnddri. Ben. Reg. hv.1803. 

famiA-ddrak, a. l.The allowance to a zamin-t'dr 
who is set aside. 2. Country (diAn/). 

lamin-dttr aur joUL Landlord and tenant. 

lomim-'Jdr'n!, zavHnrdSran, n. f. 
The wife of Atamin-ddr. 

^}l,>i^j iami^ddr^, nmin-diiri, n. f. 

1. Real or landed estate ; landed proper- 
ty ; estate ; tenure in Bevaralty ; fee farm ; 
freehold ; manor ; fief. 

2. The office or tenure of a tamin-d&r; 
the land or estates held by him. 

tamln-d&ri pattS, n. m. A document granted 
by Government in recognition of the pes- 

, sessions of a tamln-ddr. 

MamiA-diri jama, n. f. The amount of revenue 
which the bolder of a Mmln-ddrl has en- 
gaged to pay to the Government 


tamindarl chaukl, ii. f. A post at which the 
Officers of the lamtnddr formerly collected 
tulls and customs on goods passiDg through 
his estate. [in shares. 

lamiidari hme-ddri, n. m. A lamHddri held 
A villnge i>r enUte Iq which tbe sharers cultivate 
laparstely, ind raise the Qovernmant reveniw by n 
idchh. The landa are nob divided amongst iha Bbar- 
cnio proportinii bo their shaTmBnd inter«ab« of bba 
Tillage, anil no sharer oan haifl his share separated 
eicept bf decree iq a aivil aujt. The term is re- 
garded, however, aa aomewhat ambiguoiw. 

tamlnddrl mttlm, u. f. Ceases or fees levied by 
a lamlndar. [ing (i zam'tiddrJ. 

laminddri sanad, n. f. A deed or pateut grant- 

Mniricfart muchalkd. An obligation entered 
into by a taMiitddr on receiving the grant 
ot H mtwAdiri, binding himself to the ob- 
servaAoe of certain conditions. 

mmiUddri mvllaq, n. f. ZamlndOri tenure in 
which the revenue is paid jointly. 

MmSn-daryd bardmad, iamln gang bar-dmad. 
Increment of land ; alluvion. [Government. 

tanuA aiaH Mridr, D. f. A grant of land from 

muM qdhH tard-U. Culturable or arable land. 

lOflwit Id hSlat-i-nullnytU. 

The state of the property. 

uBtHn-irgair-matr^ n. f. Uncultivated land. 

KMMfl id Icardya yd mahsiU. 

Revenue from land ; land rent. 

ftnan in mdlik, n. m. A landowner. 

Mimin In bhej. Ground rent, 

HOiUn-ilS-ihirdjy Rent-free land. 

lamm-i-ld-vSris. Unclaimed land. 

tamln-i-mazrilah, Cultivated land. 

latJil nnin, n. f. Hard soil ; hard ground. 


I. f. A n 

; a wife (^^S-l). 

ttati-numkiHtaA. A married woman (Opp, of 
maa*'lchuld,& concubine). 

bt-vm o/artatid. Without wife and ohUdren. 

Atj tin'd, n. t. Adultery {^'j*). 

lind bijjabr, n. m. An indecent assault ; rape. 

jVfJ'f nnd-kdr, a.nt. An adulterer; afornicator, 

^)t'Uj»'nd-jtdH,n.f. Adultery; illicit intercourse; 
cr.minal conversation. 

til^A■^Sr% bd-k/tethdn, n. f. 

Incest; sexual iiitercouTBe between 
persons who by reason of consanguinity or 
affinity cannot lawfully be united, 

b<ytuuar iiitiddd ektividl-i-and. 

To guard agaiuBt the possibility of adul- 
terous interooarse. 

P fiJljj mmA'na ; Illit janOnd, adj. 1. Female; 
feminine. 2. Womanish ; efieminate. 

3. Weak ; imbeoiie ; impotent, [ments. 
unina-makaH,tmUbt-kkd»cA. The female apart- 
Mudn's, n. m. 1 . A woman ; a female. 

i. A family ; a wife. 

3. The female apartments. 
t. A eunuch who is also a catamite (hijrd). 
■ndne, n. m. A class of eunuchs whose occu- 
pation is singing and dancing, with sodomy. 
njtr-i-edmn%, n. f. Chain or joint secuiity; 
mutual or collateral surety or assurance. 
F 6^u\ tan^kha, a. m. 1. A eunuch, 

3. A dancing boy. 
F ^1^1 a'lujdn', D, m. A prisou 0el'kh6na}. 
A^UI^Uj MOvdl-i-amdA. 

Forfeiture of bail, security, etc. 
A tJ^lfjj *"^'»''. Mvdpad, ri. pi. of *jlj more. 

Additions; augmentations; superfluities. 
A ^3) *0(*j'«> n. f . A wife (j'ortl). 

tmija-imtitalliqa, n. f. A divorced mfo. 
taiy'a manMhd, n. f. 

A married woman; a woman who has 

been married according to Mab. law. 

A^jj tavji'yat, n. £ The married state ; the 

state of coverture. [woman. 

hagq-i-tavjiyat. The rights of a Mah. married 

"zort, jora-joH, adv. By force (Mhar-dattt). 


soAr ; lUit. jahar, i 

.. 1. Poison. 

zcdvr-khnrdni, n. f. Administering poison. 

laAr-ddr, adj. Poisonous. 

lahr dnd, T. a. To administer poison. 

tahr-i^&tU, zahT-i-haUAal, A deadly poison. 

atihr khdnd, v. n. To take poison. 

takr khSnd iiii par. To take poison ott ac- 
count of one (through love, jealousy, shame, 
etc.) ; to perform the happy despatch. 

Tohrili mddda, n. m. G. G. 
A poisouous substance. 

A 8^^3 ^sf^'^"^ ^^^- '^"'^ ^'^i- ^°''^ 

liddahsiidiil, n. f. Extortion ; exaction. 
riyddah utehqdq, G. G. n. m. A stronger claim; 
a higher right ; better title. [fine. 

tiyddah tdvdn, n. m. Higher penalty ; larger 
nyddahjamd, n. m. 

Larger revenue ; enhanced rate. 
^jty tiydiTtl; Pop. lidttl ; Illit. jdXJ, n. f. 

1. See rf>Jj*X 1, 2, under UAj* 

2. Force ; oppression ; tyranny. 

p A^\tiyaA'\ Rub. jtin; H. fotti, n. ro. 

1. Loss ; damage. 3. Hurt ; harm ; injury. 

tiyHA vthdnd, v. n. To suffer a loss. [loss. 

tOd o tiydA, Fed. for n^fa o nuqidn. Profit and 

AJ^) laid, prop, n, A hypothetical name 

(oftMi used with imar, as John Nokes 

with Thomas Stiles, in English). 

,Geu^ l 

p B U jT '^ji') ftf-i^ i-. V- »■ 

To put one to expense, or into debt, 

ter-bdr k, ler-bdn uthdni, t. u. To incur great 
expense; to be thrown into debt. 

ter-Mrl, a. f. Expeuses j liftbilitiea; burdens. 

ter-iiajvli ; Pop. zer-i-lajnz. Under considera- 
tion ; onthelnpi*; g»bjudke; pending. 

ter-i-tahqiqdt. Under investigation. 

ter hirdsat. Under custody. 

ter-i-huiwiuU. Under one's authority ; subject 
to one's jurisdiction. 


Bj-^mVt •oi'd'*! n- ni. S. vnn. A burg- 
tor's instrument forbreaking into bonses. 
A j^ (m Wtt'tj-, sdj if- be preceded him. 
Former; prior; past; foregoing; preceding. 
•S6i'f,n. An old established rate of assessment. 
»Shiq-^d^ikr. Before-mentioned. 
adbiii dwttUr, As before; as usual. [past. 

t&biq m,e», adv. Of yore ; heretofore ; in times 
<Ju\m tdb'iqan, adv. As formerly ; as before. 

H^^ft^i »sjlw «Ta$T »« phere; E. «M 

bhauHn, n. f. 
Seven turns round the sacrificial fire, 

temple, pole of the nuptial bower, etc 
H Uf J &^?U^ mV nr^IT «il^ rahnS, v, n. 

1. To live with ; dwell together. 

2. 'I'o cohabit with; live together as man 
and wife. 

talk miil-i-muqndmah. Filed with the case. 
^«JU oral tUh'l, n. m. A colleague ; retainer; 

follower; accomplice; second; supporter. 
H ^ Lj ^tH *d(Al, tdntkl ; Pop, laUja, n.f. 

A coarse rice ripening in the rains about 
sixty days after sowing. 

H^a>-t« WWT '(ijA'a, n. m. S. mW- 1. An 
association; a company; joint concern; com- 
munity of sharers; partnership. 2. A share. 

t^hd lot gayd. The partuership was dissolved; 
the connection was severed, 

tdj^M ekhUlnS. Dissolution of partnership. 

^gVt^^ HTtR^ tdjh'l, n. m. A partner (in busi- 
ness) ; co-partner; co-parcener; shareholder. 

tdjliiyoi' t^ iqrdr-ndmah, tCipia kd kdgoM. 
A deed of partnership. 

idj^h., tdfhd it., V. n. To enter into partner- 
ship ; to form a company. 

tijlU, K&jhe nt«n, ndv. Jointly ; in partnership. 

(uifVo nuf nInitdnV'AliApartnertn gain andtOBS. 

T '^^l*" iSeh'aq, Mah. n. f. 

The customary presents from the husband 
to the bride on the diiy before marriage. 

paJCi-L» tif'kht'ah, part. adj. ]. Artificial; 
not natural (,ff*'f). 2. Stirreptitious. 

idihtah parddlhtah, a. m. ItL done and exe- 
cuted. Deed ; act, 

tdihtah parddiktah ek ltd mill tdkhiah par- 
ddkUaJt dUgre hs hai. The act of one shall 
be held as the act of the other. 

lOkht gd farolAt ah-i-talify lithd, G.G. Mak- 
ing or selling any instrument for counter- 
feiting coin. [stamped paper. 

tddaJiledgai, n. m. 1. Blank paper. 2. Un- 

H^^t-i^rVnli^; E. (odAor, iL m. S. ^ to 

be accomplished. A present of sweetmeats, etc. 

to a woman in the 7th mouth of pregnancy. 
tSdharan adhibdr, A common right. 
Hlj^ mtt *^^ M/,n.m. The pile on which 

Hindus bum their dead. 
EiS^sJChajjLh lArttJikat'.B.m. 1. Acertificate 

or tegtuBonial. 2. A document. 
tartiflJa^ valdyat, n. m. A certificate authoris- 
ing ooe to act for a minor. 
HnOri, yd iditar hi tdrtifihtt. A medical 

certificate. [conduct 

nth^halnl hd tdrtifiktA, A certificate of good 
HybjU ^n7 tifha, td4.hH; Sant.«d{t?«, 

n. m. S. 9ITti^di5l Wife's sister's hnsband. 
H^jU WtSt »3r'hi\ Rus. «a(iAl, n. t S. 

mxSt. See dsSrhX. The spring harvest. 
p A'j^ ida'iJi; Sant. mu, n.f. Confederal; 

unlawful combination; conspiracy ; collusion. 
toMitiKk., v. a. To plot together; conspire; 

tamper (with a witness). [other, 

ba-adiitlt-i-yak digar. In collusion with each 
^}U. »&z'ithl, adj. Collusive; fraudnlent. 

A bSU fiiqit, part act. b«- fell. Dropped; lort. 
idqit i., T. a. To throw out ; cast ; reject 
fdqU hu&. Abated ; destroyed. 
tdqit h., V. n. To abate ; lapse ; to be lost. 
S ^jSJX^ m^aOl^iU; H. tdthi, a. f. See 

y\^l (3). 1, Attestation; sign manual. 
% Testimony.3. An eye-witness; a witaen. 
MdJahl aur ehhdp-i-iddlat. 

The attestation of the court, 
tSithi dertS yd i. To give evidence. 
»3k»hi tilA'tid, V. n. To attest ; witness. 
pnunin (AUftl. A aubsoribing witneaa. 

An inbabitaut ; n tesideut 
H«f^tM m^ *A^j "■ f' S. Tnin Bub-diviBJon. 

1. Seaaoii. 2. Harvest ; crop, 
H^Am^TV (dM, «d/4, u. f. S. vtm l.The 

eridenoe of a wituesa. 2. Weight or 
credibility; authority. 2. Trust (nUbdr.l); 
meroantile or commeroial uredit. . 

*, Nunej reputatiou; good report; credit. 
t JU t^i Sant. «erHid, n. m. Z. taredAa, S. vk 

tdl-i-dindah, n. m. The uezt or enauing year. 

liii-b&iiddrl. A year of default; ayeariu 
irhich default occurs. 

M ba-tdl, adv. Year by year (iSidtM). 

tSl bhar, adv. All the year rou^d. 

idl-i-jKuvoiiah; H, tevrwi, The year before last 

lal tamdm, sal lamdmi. An anuual report. 

idl lamd'ii par. At the eud of the year, 

nU jAarfi jama kharc/t. 

A yearly acoouut ofrecaipta and disburse- 
meuts ; a debit aod credit account. 

til haiU, Yearly produce. [year. 

ta^t-A4/, tal'i-raidA. The present or current 

lAl-iAisdiA, kttSU tal. The official or fiuau- 
cial year. [Experienced. 

*iU-thitrJa, adj. 1. Old; used up; woru out, 2. 

t^-i-tiraai, Ped. Hie agricultural year. 

idUJa^. The /(Mli year. 

*-;^ JU tal-i-kab'itah ; H. laund kst barat, n, m. 
The year of I Z luoaths, which comes 
round every three years, 

tSl-gimh ; H. bartu-ti&M^, a. m. Birthday ; 
the anniversary of a person's nativity when 
a knot ia tied on a string or thread, kept 
as a record of his age. Hiu. [last year. 

M'i-giaiMhtd ; Saut diiikalot*. The past year; 

lal-i-mali, n. m. The revenue year. 

tati-mahdjni. The mercantile year, concur- 
rent with the Samaat year, but commenoing 
two montha later. 

lil mohiat. Year of remissiou or grace. 

tOl^v&r. By, or according ti) the year or years. 

lalvAr vatul-b&qi. Accounts of the annual 
collections and balances for a series of years. 

tlUK& tal, adv. For years; year after year. 

i^-te r&l, it #d/, n. The present or current year, 

<^l- tai&'nah; lUit. tOlydnd, adj. 
Annual ; yearly. 

tOlSitah, u. m, 1. Land taken up for the whole 
year. 2. Annual pension ; au annuity, 

tdiduahdndani,u.i. Annual income or revenue. 

«d/diuiA kOtit, yd lahtil. Yearly collectioua 
from a district or estate. 

Minak Aln hat/dt, n. A life-annuity. 

MUiaMdr, Ad unuitaat ; a pensioner. 

5 »'-' 

naqihtfjat-i-sSldnah. Annual returns. 

Hift- WRIT *d'ld;'Vf.&ua.tdrd; Bhoj. *dr, 
a. m. S. TOIH 1. A wife's brother. 2. A com- 
mon term of abuse implyiug tlie disgrace 
attaching to a man whose sister has been 
had by another ; hence, a pander ; pimp. 

A JL. talim. adj. ji- was safe. 1. Safe. 
2. Whole (^li 1.) 

bae-i&lim. See bae k^mil, uuder ^. 

H^tw m^ #di'l,n.f.S,»iirat Wife's sister. 

Hi—^Ui ^nn^ rfm'ai, W.; tanvnk, jdiirfi, 
tanrAh, W. Rus ; »dtn&, K n. m. S, miirat 
P. thamd*-kh, 1, A groin-bearing grabs, foinid 
wild in ifidrfar lands. 2. A very small gruiu; 
Panictim frumtnlaefum, Wat. 

H c'l-' WB^ »&iii,% n. f. Rich arable laud. 

H^fi^L-i HTH irr^ »i»gdne. u.m, 
{broken.) One anna. 

H^A^'^^inir tdn^har; Sant. rfwer jwtOJS, 
11. m. H. tSth with. A wife's son by a for- 
mer husband {gaUar). 

H JLj ^jft t^M, u- '• H. lanni to mix. 
'^l. Chopped sU-aw mixed with oil-cake, 
given to cattle. 2. A caste of cultivators. 

H Jjt- ^rWl •*''*^' '*''^' *'"^' ^""J' 
,aiwi, n. 1. An implement for pickiug ont 
bricks or house breaking ; a crowbar. 
2. A centre bit. 

H^^jjU ^rayt «af'ri;W.RuB.fl«i»ri,«y'*. 

ba^\ E. hUhun pint, mutAt'd, n. t (Agric.) 
The share of grain given from the thresh- 
ing floor to Bialimant,/a^*, jogU, &c 
H v1^ ^ira^T rfi''a'<;Sant.*Sn,n.m.S.'QI«a 
* The ithHin. month, the fullmoou of which 
is near vraa or Aquiia ; July— -August. 
^jU, ^raK^ tdv'am ; Mar. »&i>hu, n. f. • 

1. The iftarf/or autumn harvest, 

2. The full moon in the month of Sdoan 

3. Sweetmeats and fruits, etc. prcseuted 
by the bridegroom to the bride in Sdvau. 

H s L^ ^rre '^> '^"^ ' ^^^^- *""' "■ ™* ®' "3 

Vt.idhd. 1. A merchant; banker. 

2. {sdh ji) A title of respect, applied to 
mercliauts, baniierB, etc. 

3. An innocent person. 

mA yd »dhil-}>an, n. m. Mercantile or com- 
mercial credit 


tdlhjot/ /tun(it, n. f. A bill payable to the bearer. 

BU^'^n^T '^'^.'^S/^i^^'it- bapld: diit; 

Mar.jauio, laharag, a. m. S. Qlfiin union. 

1. 'llie day on wbioh the Hin. nuptial 
knot ia tied. 2. Season ; weather. 

3. Crop ; harvest (taih). 
H^lT^UfrrfWR taha'kar, tah,iaha; Ru8. 
tdltii-ksl, a. m. S. Wf^ merahaut, KK doer. 

A iMukcr; moae; lender. 
tdhOidr, taha, adj. Honest ; respectable. 
tOhHidri lip, n. f. A banker's bill of exchange. 
MAOtdrMi a tabha, n. f. 

Exchange; change; bourse. 
tUkdkdre meh baUa la^nd, v. n. To be bankrupt ; 
to be destroyed (one's credit), [exchange. 
■jlT^ U 9T19nn tHhiHUtr' S.a.m. Money market; 
^yfyt^ BT^SBItt tihUlcOirl. n. f. 

Banking; banking business. 
tahUk&rl gaddi, n. f. The mattrasa or carpet on 
vhicb a banker sits. [b^aroest- money. 

H^l-j ^•a'i; A. ft<»*»d. n. f. s. vn^KTC 

tai dend, v. &. To give earnest-money. 
a w)lw tdir, a. m. 1. Octroi. 

2. Market dues ; taxes ou goods sold in 
the Mzdr ; land customs ; transit duties ; 
miscellaneous imposts. 3. Collections on 
account of spontaneous produotA, as the 
piscatory of tanks, the gums of trees, the 
iruits of the forest, wax, lac, Aa, com- 
monly called jalkar, phalkar, and banbar. 

la'ir paehotrd. Five per cent levied on the 
transit of goods. 

aS'irjamS, a. The total amoimt of revenue in 
addition to the land tax. 

lOirjtAdi. A tax on boats ; an inland toll. 

»ilirduilant6,—<Aall4, — chaitSo, u. Transit 
duties formerly levied by the tanMdart on 
goods passing through their estates ; ootrot. 

tdir khareh. Extra or miaoellaneous expenses. 

tdir mahdl, n. An extra bead or impost, espe- 
cially one still allowed in some places, such 
as reuta of BtHlla or standings in a bdtdr, 
imposed by the owner of the ground. 

tdir yd tahtil tivdii, edir or sivde uollections. 

' TheM nre tbe itenu wbicli, beaidea th« produel* 
ttf tilt oMirattd Utnd forming the mwii uaeta to 
M takao into KCouat id matcing aueaament*, are 
»1§o much prized by the propriotor?, atyl nhiob, in 
aiiiiie C(»», ooDatitute • TiioaUe prop«rty. In M> 
far u ttaaae iteiiia coDsiat of pett; duet or Berricai 
from the inhabitantii, in the shape of (iitall peiiodi- 
cal eatlactioDaorpraMQta,tb(!jBre ektv taksDiiito 
accauDl in Giisg the Ctoramuwiit UMnment. 
Whan, baverer, thej oome to b« ol emuidenbla 
T*lue, *uch u tbs piacarj of large tanki, the pro- 
duce at Utet, Ilka Xahtd ti««t or fonat prodace, 

re ^ 

M wax, lu, ttB,, all of which came under the 
deneminatinn of jalhtr, phaUuir, and bailiar, thej 

nu; be cooaidered in eatimating the aeaete. 

A iii!"^ ffl'yi'^i tdil, a. ni, JU he asked him. 
A petitioner; suitor; prosecutor; an 

A t.,^'*-^ tab'ab ; Rus. taboff, n. m. 1 . Caose j 

ground (<±^l{ 1). 2. Means; instrument. 
tabab-i-nSlith, Cause of complaint; ground 

of action. 
batiAab; H. hdran *e, adv. By reason of; 

because of; in consequence of; oa account 

of; iu pursuance of {iariye «e). 

&e->aia6, adj. 1. Groundless; without found atJolL 

2, Causeless ; wauton. [2. Wantonly. 

b«-tabab, adv. 1. Causelessly; for nothing. 

HI^-}'' ^rar iaih% u. f. S. wn from g« 

with, H to be. 1. A meeting; assembly; 

convention ; council. 2. A court. 
tabhd-p<Ui ; I', ntlr-majlii ; sadar-tuuhiA, n. m. 

A president ; chairman, 
tabk&^ad, u. m. 1. A member of au assembly 

or council. 2. An arbitrator ; assessor. 
sabhs tammat. Award of a council. 
tabhd k., V. a. To convene or hold a meeting. 
rdjsabkk ; P. darbdr, a. m. 1. A royal court 
2, The chief court of justice, at which 

the king or his representative presided, 
grS>n-*<^hd ; Saut. kvlhl dvfup, (lit. to sit in 

the street) a. m. A village court composed of 

the principal inhabitants with the head 

mau presiding. 
A Ja*-* ttOiW, n.f.J— See(ar4l6. I. Course; 

Wfty; process; manner of proceeding. 2. In* 

strument ; means. 3. Mode ; manner. 
taftil tar-i-adde bdqi, u. L Source of payment 
toHl kamd, v. a. To obtain money by borrow- 
ing or begging ; raise the wind ; fly a kite. 
P &iAJ Mf U» tipSf-ndmah, a. m. An address 

presented to one. [livery (Oj^) 

P ^yk..^ tupurd i Illit. tapurd, nprad, n. De- 
tufiwrd-i-liavaldl k., v. a. To commit to close 

custody; to give m charge. 
«u}wr«I-(Jar.Au oaeiguee, a trustee, [ihavdlek.). 
tvpurd k. 1. To entrust; delegate; char|^ 

2. To renign ; recommend to one's care. 

3. To make over for trial to the sessions. 
tupwd-kanindaJt, u. m. The committing officer. 
sHpurd-ndmah, n. m. AssignuKint ; delivery, 

trust ur hypothecation. 
npurd-vdri, u. The thing deposited ; a deposit. 
tupurd k V, n. To be consigned or entrusted tu. 
^•tjf gupurd'agi, tupurd^, a, t. 

1. Delivery; charge; surrender (Ulj*- 3), 

2. Commitment (by a mAgistrata). 


Commitment; sending to prisbn. 
n^mrdgi-i-daurah, a. m. 

Commitraent for trial before the aessona, 
mpurdfi kd v&ratit. A warraut of commita»ent. 
iupur£/l'i~mSl. Consigiuneiit of goods. 
Mpurdffi »M» ISad, V. n. To take charge oC 
EUIami ^(7n*n *a'a'N^ ; Sant. taiOAo, t. B. 
S. Siffnn' ezeoutiDS. I-To molest; haraea; 
troutile ; annoy. 2. To persecute ; t^presa > 
afflict ; ^ve pain toi 
3. To eiact ; take by force. 
A yUw Mffr > Pop. »alar ; Sont btthoroni^Tt, m. 
The priTitie&> privEite parts. [persoa. 
fc-MforA, T. a. To be naked; to expose oue's 
i«)X-^ &!-«rfH, a f. 1. Unveiliug ; exposure. 2. 
Immodeaty; boMnesa. 3.Dishoiior;di8graoe. 
h-tal*% be-haddk, G. G. Pnblic nuiswicc oi 

indecent expoaitre of the person. 
S^^yy^ ISeSlSX laltfir'm, n. f. 

An obsequial rite performed on the seven- 
teenth day after decease. 
H «*wffirft«('rt,o.t(-B'^*«'*)TwoRup^s. 

^iSuL^ 'RT^ETT tat-i^, karm, jid t^yit, a. 

1. Faneral or obsequial Tkes. 

t. Respect ; rerereoue. ^honesty. 

^U:«gnntt*(K-itar1,n..f. 1. Truth; fidelity; 

2. One who burns th© dead. 

H,jIa-> Tin?!! «(rfi,n.l.(&x>fcr»)A80ore-. 

HUkjfjJw HRqioi KUvdi'»a;T\rj/Umafii, 
n. m. 1. A child bom in the seventh month 
of pireguancy.2.MakAii eolcrtuintiieut given 
to a ja^gnant woman by her pareuta in the 
seventh mouth of hor proguancy (ladh). 

Hjjt^w ^SfS^tAdfaryditlUr dral; aial 
dhan, n. in. Real or immoveable property. 

H^^ ^?^ ttWi, »aUi, a. f. S. B^ 

"l.Afeithful wife. 

Kapeciillf one wliu oonitiMaiDates a lite of i\ikj 
^ buoung beraelt ou tliB fouBml ptU of her hua- 
band, eitUer with the body, or sepiratelj if her Ijih- 
bud hw liied at ■ diatoace. 1 The ttumiag of >■ 
widow on her deceiituil lumbiUMl's funeral pile. 

*<iti-math ; Bhc^. totirdf, n. m. A place where a 
Sati'a booea are depouited. 

tatik, V. n. To bum alive on the funeral 
pile of one's deceased husband. 

HIaX-x ^^tm »at'iyi, mUkitfa; Tir. tatfd, 
n. m. 1. An oculist, 

2- (S.tqfigfqt) A mystical mark mnde od 
persoiu or things to denote good luck. 


Ita shape la a Qreek erxs^^ yiiHi- tbe (streioitim 
of the fiiur arms bent round in the- sBroe direction. 

It is ruida witJk vermition by Bindus at tbe lie- 
ginDUig of tbeir iiccotint.booka >A the oomnence- 
ment of &new;inT. It is a Bjriplxil of the goddess 
Kali and it aigniflea the obligaCioD to make ftue |uid 
futhful entries. The same f^ore ia fdnned on the 
ground vith flour at marriagBs and other oereEKToiesJ 

Hlw ^ Mt'tS, m«7ia, n. S. 15 

An engagement to supply grain, ate for 
which advaaces hare been made. 
iat(a-Mu, a. f. A deed of transfer, [n. m. 

p ^j^AJ S^lsuij H(iddaA-nmhin ; H. nahant, 

1. The spiritual superior of a nosque or 
religious endowmeot, as- distinguished from 
the MtilavmUi, or secular manager. The 
two offices are not uofirequeDtly united in 
the same person. 

2. Any religious ascetie o£ the Mah. fitith. 
H J^Z-.I J=~> ^RR! V^O^ lajal aiihalj 

n.mAterm used in deeds of transfer or sale 
of landed prop^ty to- denote the absolute 
alicnatioA of the whole', 

p uj^ii— J sa3At, ad]. Severe; serionB;.great.. 

lakht bf^nsafi. Great injustice. 
laUd be-lmUm, Ooss breach of trust. 
safclitzamiii,a.i. Hard soil orground. 
takhti «, adv. Harshly ; severely, etc: 
salAll ae pah SnS, v. n. 1. To treat harshly. 

2. To be- strict. or rigorous.' 
tathti jE., v. a. To use force or violence, etc 
H US-NT*! J..^ HirilffT aadSmai, tudOmat, «Au- 

ddmad, n. Time immemorial. 
taddmat le, adv. From time immemoriiil. 
A P *! jJ— ' 'add-i-rah, n. f. 

An obstacle ; ohstruction. 
tadd-i-raJi h., v.a. To atop one's way ^-obstmot. 
H ^ J— ^t ww''*. n. f. Opp<. of Jatfi; S. gft 

The bright half (rf the Imiar month.. 
H w ftiT «'■ ; Sant. bcho ;, P. tar, n. m. 

S. fm 1- Tho head; «ij)U«; skull; j^. 

siruilid'nd, v. n. I. To rebel ; mutiny ;.revoIt; 

make bead against. 3. To be disaifieeted, 

conturaaciou»t refractory. [one's head. 

sirkatndyd utania, v. a. Tebcbead; eutoff 

*M-A.,'v.n. 1. To stick to. 

2. To be ready, eager for, all agog. 

3. To accuse falsely {6o/ii3a lagani). 
tar-i-i)lAi, In coiirt; in the presence o£ 

p ,»l33JI^ tar^njitm, n, ni. 1. Matmals 

(aA&h,^,^). 2 Preparations; arrangemente. 
tonnnyam k., v. a. To make prBpanttions; pro- 
vide; arrange; manage. 


tar-i-hSxHr, adv. Inthe open market; in public 
on the public road. 

jar-£a-rdA, (ar^&a-rdA-Mr, u. m. LAmanager, 
an agent; admin is tratorj steward; major 
domo. 2. A man sent ahead to lay a d&i:. 

tar-ba-rShl, ia}-ba-r&!iI:dH,n.f. 1. Management; 
direction. 2, Alanagement of property; 
Btewardship; administration {of an eatate). 

»ar-ba-rahiL,v.&. To manage ; administer, etc. 

sar-lMi'^nohar, adj. Sealed. 

tarfareul, a. m. A guardian ; patron. 

tar^arcufi, n. f. Patronage. 

tar-paneh, n. m. Chief umpire or referee ; pre- 
sident; obainnan; foreman of a jury. 

mr-taVi, tt. C 1. Disobedience ; inaubordina. 
tion; contumacy. 3. Contempt (in law). 

tar-had, n. f A boundary; border; confines; 
land-mark; the boundary line; limits of 
jurisdiction; frontier. 

tarhad-bandi, n. f. Fixing the boundaries. 

tar-had hStH. Froutier duties. [dispute. 

tar-had, y& Amd M jliagrS. 1. A boundary- 
2. The frontier question. 

toi^hhail, n. m. The head of a clad or sect 

tar^-ydaflair, n. m. 

A head clerk ; the head of an office. 

»ar-i-dehl. One or two rupees at each harvest, 
a right conceded to the local chieftain in 
each Tillage in bis pargana or rdj. Carwgy. 

lar^-rSh, adv. On the road, or high road. 

tar-tanitk, n. C Reproof; rebuke. 

tar-ior, adj. Refractory ; rebellious. 

•or-tort, n. f, I. Force; violence. 2, Refractori- 
ness; insubordination. 3. Revolt; rebellion. 

tar-thiican. Charitable grants by ta;>mnd^». 
Lands h«ld reut-fr»e by vitue of tanadi con- 
ferred by dnff>, Aaudharit uid other rereDiia 
ofBcara under the H&h. OoTt. Caratgf. 

lar-gatM, n. m. Patroling. 

t^r-ffoshtpkirnaiV.n. Topatrol; gotherounds. 

lar-huk, adj. 1. Refractory; factious; muti- 
nous. 2. Revolted ; disloyal. 

tar-ka*hl, a. f. Insurrection (^)Ui{). 

tar-iatht k., v. n. 1. To be refractory. 
2. To revolt ; rebel. 

tar-kashimeiltfuir^h h. Tojoin an insurrection. 

tar-to^, n. f. lit. beating one's head. 

iar-^iroh, n. m. L See tar-ihail. 

2, A ringleader. 3. A commander. 

qSiiSnan tar paratl. 0. a. Lawful guardian. 

H(;^ftm «>'<»; Sant. tir, n. f. S. ftm 

1, An artei7 or other tubular vessel of 
the body. [field. 

2. Channel for irrigation. 8, Flooding a 
tariHar, adj. Cursory ; rough (measurement). 
^j-t^#a«l'»iwi, •arfarl. adj. 1. Easy; facile. 

2. CuTBory; summary. 
tarOtari ithtiydr, a. m. Summary powers. 

8 jftj-. 

tarStari tajva, a. t. Summary process. 
tarSiarl ndlUh, n. f. A summary suit. 
^ jm\]r larStirl, wrtarl, n. f. 

1. A rough estimate; a summary. 

S. Summary orrentsuitaformerlyaocalled. 
»ar»arl apil, n. f, A summary appetd. 
ba-jvwar-i-sar^arl, adv. Cursorily. [due. 

T ^I^ tvra^; H. kho}, n. m. Tiaoe; track; 

turSg-ratAni, Ped. n. £ 1, Tracing ; tmcking. 

2. Detection; discovery, 

turag lagAnS, v. a. To trace or find out 
^r^ MurS^'i; H- lAoJl, n. m. 

One employed to track & criminal ; m 
emissary ; a secret agent ; a detoctiva 
P ^f v" taritl, tara; Illit. tarOi, n. f. 

An inn ; a caravansary. 
tar&^.vaqf\, n. f A lariU maintained by an en- 
dowment, and affording gratuitious aocom- 
modation to travellers. 
A u^t yw frVyal, n- 1. yg- vent. 

An incidental or additional result, as when 
a perauu designing to wound one man uniii- 
tentionully wounds another. 

H Jb'^ ^nre tartOF, A third mearaie- 

ment, after parlal, 2. q. v. 
P lc» w) tar^khat, a, m. 1. A lease of a bouis- 

3. A recwpt given to on atam! ; an agree- 
ment with a servant or householder. 

tarkhat misdl dumd sSl. A lease for a term 
of years. [ceipt 

mahoijanl larhhat. A nahA}a» or merchant's re- 
P jldvM tar-dSr, n. m. Z. land&r. 1. A repre- 
sentative of a community ; a president. 

2.. A head man; chief; commander; laird; 
the head of a clan. 3. A nobleman ; graDdee. 

4. A ringleader {aar-giroh, 3). 

^ytity tarddr'ul, iarddran, n. t 1. The wife 
of a tarddr. 2. The mistress of a bouse. 

3. The female head of on establishment 
or a community. 4. A proprietress of a 
bawdy house. 5 The bearer's wife, [lordship. 

^]) J>- aoT'd&H, n. f. Headship ; duefsbip ; 

p iJC^ w tariA'ta,tar-rithiaf a.m. 1. Course; 
usage; form(cA£f 4 — 7). 2. Judicial usagt. 
3, Ceremonies ; rites. 4. Office ; office 
of record ; eatablishment ; department. 

tarithte-dUr, n. m. The superintendent of 
a vernooular office ; chief record-keeper and 
court-reader. [dir, q. v, 

larUkie-ddri, n. f. The office of a faruAm- 

tariehiU'-i-adAlat H rdh le. JudioioU;, 

tarii/Ua yd mahkama-i-^Ak, n. m. 
Post office department. 

iomhta^mOt. ReveDue court [official record. 

tarMte meA ddlcHil kamA, v. a. To place ou 

ha-»<"ukta}i, adv. In due form ; regularly. 

ht^ariehtah, gair^arithta, adj. 

1. Extra-judicial (ht-doitUr, 3).2. Unusual; 
anomftlous. 3. Incoherent; unoouaected. 

ie-ian»IUa, adv. Contrary to rule or practice. 

be-tariahtoffl, n. f, Irregularity; defect of 
form ; iuformality. [1, 2, 4). 

p iXiy^ lar^an'ah, n. m. A chief (larddii 

A ^ w< tariq'di Pop. tarqdi H. Aofi, n. m. J^- 
stole. 1. Bobbery; laroenj. 2. PlagiadBm. 

3. The taklog away secretly the property 
of another at the time when it is, or is sup- 
posed to be, in security or under chaise. 

tarqaJ>U-jdbT ; H. ^SkcL, n. m. Robbery. 

tarqii-bU-jabr kt irtikdb h& i^idm, U. G. ; H. 
4^a ^nlne Ico, Attempt to commit robbery, 

J>-i«- iiy ^parqa-i'^'khafif, larqi-i-ia^lr, halki 
tliorl. Petty larceny. 

turqd-i-kab'tr. Bobbery with violence. 

Pjlfv-i larkdr', n. f. 1. Master; chief; lord. 

3. Government ; ruling authority. 

3. {aarkHr darbOr) The king's court. 

4. A 8ub<liTision of a tUba in Bengal. 

5. A bill llengaL 
iiri&r darb&r k., yd cliarhid, v. a. 

To aue or complain in a law court 
ij)"";- tarkd/i, adj. 1. Official ; relating or 
belonging to the government or to any 
superior authority. 2. Public; pertaitiiug 
to the natioo. 3. Pertaining to the person 
of rank addressed. [ment post. 

nrkSfl aidnu, n. f. A public office ; guvcru- 
nrjtdf'i drndanX, n. £ Uovernment colleetions. 
lariiSri ahlkdr, yd mul&iim, u. m. A govern- 
ment officer or servant ; a public servant 
m-kdfi patit, u. I Land left unoultivaled for 
more than two yeara, and then claimable by 
tlie landlord or the government ; all lands 
lying waste aud nut iuci uded iu the aasessi neat 
xirkdrl khareh, n. m. Public expenses. 
nri4ri kJuadnah, n. m. (toverumeut treasury. 
*arkaTi tdkk, n. f. Public credit 
vridri ama'-ddrt, a. f. British rule. 
Mridrt kSgax, n. m. Uoveruoieat paper ; pro- 
missory note. [work. 
tnrkOri Mm, n. m. Official business ; office 
•ortfiri msl, n. m. Public property, 
•wiJri mdhkma, n. m. A public court or office. 
tarkirl makdn, a. m. A public building. 
tarkSrl mohar, n. t Government seal or stamp. 
nrkdri ttaukar, n. m. A Government servant 
*wMrl na%tkrt, n. t Government sei-vice. 
»ark&ri mii/a, n. m. AilowauoeS, awignments, 
or peniioas &om Government. 

P Sj(.«\~) aarmd'yah, n. m. Materials i,jff^y(f- 

tarmaya-i-juddgenS. G. 0. 

Separate or distinct funds. 
»armdya-i-zall,n..m. Personal or private fundi. 
sarmdya-i-an pulU. G. G. General Police Fund. 
tarmdya-itmitiUuraii, n. m. A joint fund or 

stock. [patrimony. 

tarnidya-x-mauriiil, n. m. Inherited property ; 
tarmSya-i-naqdl, a. Funded property ; realized 

assets ; capitsl. 
Hi^^ WJ mr'aag, a. f. S. g^p 

A mine ; gallery ; tunnel ; subtetraneona 

passage ; an adit 
turaUg ur&nd, v.n. To explode ; blow up. [mine. 
avra'hg le tale *uraAg lagdnd, v. a. To under- 
suraAg tagdnd, v. a. 1. To mine. 

2. To plot against. 
P tl5^*iw im-okir', n. m. 1. Business; ooncernj 

interest; share. 2. Intercourse. 
larokSr rakhnd, v. a. To have to do with ; 

to be conceroed in. 
H ^<iy^ W^ iur'M ; Sant. toorl, n. t A p«SS 

growing on neglected or uncultivated land. 
H >i.y^ Ucli »<*ri''^' ) Sant hopiw, a, m. 

S. nftl Body. See j^jj 
firir-haiuihak, a. m. A hostage {oT). 
aa.ri>'4^jid, n. m. Corporal punisliment 
»arlr-tamhand}i. Relation by blood. [lenoe. 
tarlr kl ehot, n. f. Bodily hurt; personal vio- 
tSf-r" ^^^t aanr'i, adj. Bodily; oorporeaL 
H Ifi/-* ^I?^ tareh% n. m. 

A long narrow field. 
p)U« la^a, a. f. *dt fit. 1. Punishment; 

chaatisement ; correction, 

2. Requital ; penalty {badid, 3). 

titta pdnd, yd mi/nd, t. n. To be punished. 
Mi«tl par mid, laz&imul&ddad. 

Cumulative punishment. 

dead, V. a. To award or inflict punishment 

latd 10 hachw. ke vagte. To avoid punishment. 

a<a& la'i k., yd bhugcUnd, T. B. To complete one's 

term of punishment [be punished. 

*atd kar&iid, yd dUdtid, y. a. 1. To cause to 

3. To bring to punishment 
zd-i-badanl,ydji*mdni, G. G, ;H.(feA(((Wj<f,n.f. 
Corporal puuiehmeat; Bogging; flagellation. 

»aid-i-^'hM*l, yd maui, a. f. Hanging, 
tatd-i'ijhdfin led taid-vdr. G. G. 

Subject to the punishment of death. 
iiad-i-tdagdnii, n. t Caning ; whipping. 

■i-jdyaz. L(^ or lawful punishment. 
Mtud-ireaiigla ; H. kalhin thoKm, n. L 

Severe punishment. 



itoA-i-qitil fi moHt, n. t- The puDishment fff 

deafb ; capital piinishmeiit. 
tasd-i-mavt kd hukm dend. To sentence to 

death. [pnnishahlo, 

ia't&-ydb, ioid ke lUgaq, Liable to piiniahmeiit ; 
iazaryuftdh, G. 0., n. m. Aa old offeniier, 
(jtiiS t-stwa ; H. thoMtn-jeif, adj. Punishable. 
)l)i)w tca&iHlT', adj. 1. Liable ; propei' , suitable. 

2. Worthy; desei'viugj merttorious, 
iaidvdr h,, V. n. To deserve ; meiit. 

T lJiIW '"^'^"^t '"^^^fx^i Q- »^ 1- A. Tent-cot 
lector. 2, A land steward; tai-gatherer; bailifT. 

3. A superintendent; supervisor. 
f Uf-ituw tift ; Sant. kurhia, adj. 

Dull (market) ; depressed. ^market). 

^I>u ttMf% n. f. 1- Depressiou ; dullness (of the 

HfwHuu UHll **i*'rd, lutar; Paoj. tawd; 
E. (luur; Sant. hoiAgh&r; P. kkuiar, n. m. 
B. 19W 1. A fathef-iu-law. 2. An abuse; a 
peat ; devil. [lir. »&»iir, n. t, 

JI|>»»Cia (u>r<!/'^«u«rar; Farrukh, aaturdri; 
Toe father-iu-lav'a house or family. 

twrdl ha, rU/Ua. A marriage couaexiou. 

luarai'yd, adj. Of tlie iatkei-in-law's family. 

^jiii, m'rl, n. t Sloth^-i»-law. (An abuse). 

j^ j(M f3t, H. f. 1. Attempt; eudaavoiir ; 

oasay. 2. Eiertion ; effort 

*ai i., T. a. To try ; strive ; exort one's self. 

(e-fai, adv. Without effort er ezertioo. 

A Jtf^Atu rif&r'at, n. t Embsuy (^eUhl-gafi), 

P ji^ft-) nySr'M*; tif&f^iA; W. Eila. nyd- 
rot; H. taMt, h. f. Eecommendatioa; luter- 
.casuoa; ioflueftiee; interest. [for. 

nfiXritk k., y. a. To reoommead ; interoede 

tif&ritli-mima, tifarskl ]that, n. m. A letter of 
introduction or recommendation. 

nf/irihi, adj. Becommendatory. 

stfdrthl ehittfu, u. f. A letter of recommenda- 
tion, or of credit. 

A >*i-' "irtt'i a. DB. J*- An envoy (^^'). 

A&xAftMj tafin'a, n. m. l.Cor. of juipisnii. 
3. Summons of a law court. 

Acceptance or endorsement of a bilL 
■)UaSVm lakdr'A, taiikaril, lairH, a.m. 

The fee charged for aooeptanoe of a 

bUl of ezohange. '[accept, or honor a bill. 

Uj*^ BWWT latdr'nd, v. a. To eDdorae, 

$akdre ptehhe be^nS, y. a. To negotiate a bill 

after acceptance. [endorser. 

tak^ne-todia, a. m. The acceptor of a bill ; 

Am^jSin lakan'at; nUt. likAuai, n. f. 
1. ffabitation (bS*). 2. lUit. Contentment 

rukanat-i-maalai{it iUidSi. Domicile of otifpa. 

takanat-i'mwiif^ijatRd. A new domicile. 

nii>inat-mtata^la!i. A domicile. 

A&Cw w'i'ia*, n. 1. A stamp; seal; signet; 
royal signet. 2. Au impressiou on money. 
3, Sterling,; current coin. 
ihka-i-atli, G. G. Sterling ooin. 

wtfax-fofMind, V, a. To coin money. 

aihka papit kd ffhar ; H. {ahidl, n. m. A mint 

likk't-i-chehre-thskl, a. m'. ITie EuglUh Rupw. 

Hkleai-rafaj-vlwaqt, a. m. 

Current ooin ; legal tender, 

gikka-tan; H. idkaali/d, a. ro. A coiner. 

likta-iOMi, a. f. Coinlug. 

tikka-ianad. A papier bearing the royal signet; 
a grant from the crown under sign-manual, 
or bearing the Ruler's seal. ; 

gikka-l-qadin ; H. purdni rupat/d, Old coin. 

tikka-i-galab tfdjSll. Counterfeit coin. 

tiika4-'/a/ai>l bandna gd ckalaiiS. Counterfeit- 
ing coin, or uttering base coin. 

gikke ii hMniyal ae chtddTtd. 

To pass for the coiu of the realm. 

kUi avr »ikke kX haiHyat « ehaldnd. To pass for 
coin of a different description. 

iwi sikke U tarhli yd Mrat badalnd. To fclUr 
the compositiou or appearauce of a coin. 

JoA Hkke kd mzsn kam k. 

To lessen the weight of a coin. 

ghitS titka, yd rvpafd, Rabbed coin. 

HlC-i TPn "^'^' "^ "'^i' ^- *■*' °*''' 

full ; whole blood. Sagd bhm. Own brother. 
Mj* n. m. jajl, a. f. I. A blood relation. 
aag^rai, n, f. Blood relationship ; kin. 
<a?a-««b-a,Wom.;Santnii(/<i»: rett {lit ofoM 

womb) ; n. m. tafi-to^'h n- f. 3- B« w'tJ> 3W 

womb, 1. One's own brother. 
2. Of the same family. 
Mge iamb<md}iL Relations. 
J^ am€ MogSt, n. £ 1. BetrotimL 

2. B. A seooad marriage among the low« 

olasses. 3. Relationship; kin. 
tagm k. ; Sant kora : e&ikhnd, v. a. To betrotk ; 

contract a marriage ; to trance. 
H U^^ 'Em tog^'^i Sant dOAg, n. m. 

A stack cC grain. 
HlU ^Rn "^*. »4j- (-flroW*) Ten. 
Ktld ohan, n. {Brohrrs) Ton tupeos. 
H ll-» ft|55!T *ieid, nl4 ; Sant tumal, n. n- 

S. firq to gleaa. Gleanings, 
iti/a hbmd, yd litn^d, V. »i To gjean. 

tOlit-hdr, riliytta, n. A, gleaner. 
A — Uh. til'iA, tatak, a, 1. Weapons ; arma, 
2. (/n Uuej An; sharp-edged weapon 
capable of mutating er cauaing death. 
tilairbar-d^, mlak-dar, 1. An armour-bearer. 
2. An officer who has charge of the 
armour;. 3. An esquire. 
tilOMiand, a^j. Armed ; accoutred. 
tUah-JAamah ; H. kaikyi^-ghar, n. m; 
An armoury ; arsenal ; a magiuine. 
ni4h-t^, n. Ab arnoiJirer. 
ntdA-tstoiUul. O. G. A' deadly ^reapon. 
A ^1^ *alim1, II, f. 1. A salute at gnus ; 

salTO of artillety. 2. A present to a superior, 
or to a bridegroom. 

It u givBEi bj the tanani to ft landlord fat gr*nt- 
{ng hin ■ Isaae of land, etc or b; one receiving 
an appoiBtmant, or payuif & viiit to a grsat utaa. 
«i^S)N( i/tdnaA-MK, u. A compulsory prCaeut 
or tax exacted by the tanCtnd&r from his 
tenant on bis erecting a new hnt. 

A grub that injures makai and ItA, q. v. 
j^ jJ_JL^ ft^if'oJk, n. m. Ja running down in 
a Btreadi. A ohtun ; series ; line ; eueoeBsion, 
2. Pedigree ; genealogy. 
tihUah-i'lih&ndSin, yA qara/nU, 

Genealogy; genealogical tree. 
tiinla^-miutaqXma-i-nMti^da. Upwards in thO 

direct ascending litie. 
tittiiai-mkitaqinta-i-rtuUtuuanlS. Downwards 

in the direct descending line. 
A P oti^ lOIit- titi-tandi, n. An aoeouat of 

the daily receipts of revenue made out at 

the end of the month, when the whole ia 

added together, and formed into one total. 
A jj—f MTain. A contr^t of sale for immediate 

delivei^ and payment. Carntgp. 

HJ-j ftRTt «'% »■ f- 'n»« 8»™ '^^^ *^ff 

OB the threshing floor before winnowing. 
H^aLw Q^ Mta^, taOaj, taUy, »aUj, W.; 

larhaj, E,'; lalaetl, Ma(. n. £ S, nni SIOT 
Brother-in-law's wife. 
HUi^ Wtt tai'i'% lamSfi, tamai, MtmaHi, 

n. m. S, qtra 1. Time ; season. 

2. A good harvest, or seaaoo. [vice of a bill. 
S ^If^*^ ^rmVTT Mm^cAdr', n. m. The ad- 
Aut-«gU-j lamitit, n, t [oognizauoe. 

{H. WKrA) Searing <rr trial {of « suit); 

«anidA< k., V. 0. To hear or try (a suit) ; to 
eutertaiu or take coguizance of (a complaint, 
etc.). [cognizable (a ailit), 

aama&t ie qdhil, qSbU-i-tamdlU, adj. AdmiBsible; 

tamSit-i-muqaddamah. The hearing of a case 
or snit. [jurisdiction. 

ikktiyar-i-tamdlif, The power of trying a caae; 

Aadrf^-»amd4i. Statute of limitation, [limitation. 

hadd-i-iamdSt ae bdhar. Out of the statute of 

H t-XJfri jl i^Uw ^TITT<T ^raWT tam4}i'odaia, 
u. m. A kinsman who is connected by obla- 
tions of water only to the names of common 
ancestors. Camegy. 

H^ti^ i *-^ 'ETITSP^ tambandk'i, n. m. 

A relation by marriage. 

umbandhl'patr i A alu^jrah. 

Kindred roll ; genealogical tree. 

HU| S.^ -n ^M ^Jtf|i irr^r 'Qixij^ Sna, t. n. 
To grow to years of discretion. 
mjhon-patr. An amicable ac^ustmeDt; « 
deed of oompromise. 

H^J-k"' ^nra? tain'dhan ; Bhoj. and Tir. 
aamdhim, n. f. S. gnri^a^ relation. The 
mothers of the bride and bridegroom respect- 
ively who become tamdhant to one another. 

^.^^^^^'S\lali\'dh^■, Sajit.autftf(Al,n.m.S,gnrii« 
The fitthera of the wedded pair who be- 
come lamdhU to one another, 

Ul3*j«- enfqgtm «K'n<^'i'a'n£, n. m, I. The 
children are mitrried to each other. 2. The re- 
spective parental homes of the wedded pair. 

E^*— ' tam'an, n. m. Cor, of Eng. summons. 

»aman pahuAchOna, To serve a summons. 

tamanJQin k,, 'I'o issue asummona [summons. 

taanan jH tdmil. yd tSmU-i-^aman. Service of a 

tUi ioman it qararvdqnl tamll. 

The due service of a summons, 

A >«J »inn, n. m. Tear j age [Orbat), 

iiti)t-«-Wtl7, tinn-i-imlSgal, nRn-*-tomit, «tn»4- 
sliaUr, Years of discretion {bulagat). 

sin-raildah, adj. Advanced in years; old. 

kant-tinA, adj. Young; of tender age. 

S ^jIajUj <rWR ' tantan'; Sant. hopon, n. m. 
Offipring (M,l). 

AH^ is-^jw) tun'kat, k,, T. a. To ciroumoise. 

ttinnat-v-raiat, Ceremonial obsdrvanoes enjoin- 
ed npon the authority of tradition, dis- 
tinguished as maattJikad absolute, and ff»r- 
navakiad not absolnte. 

hettmnat, adj. Unoireuknoiaed. 

hU^»a-» mi^n Mu^&'/ii, MtOtMj »4j. 

Of the third rank or degree; the third of 
four brothers. 

^ liix^ tan' ad, a. f. 1. A patent, grant, or 
charter from a man iu authority; a commis- 
sion ; warrant ; charter ; patent. 2. A docu- 
ment; deed; credential; diploma; testimo- 
nbl; certificate. 3, A precedent; ane.^ample; 
authority. 4. iteliauce; trust. 5. Authority. 
6. The title-deed of the estate of a taJU- 
lu2-dSr given to him by the British Govern- 
ment. 7. A title-deed conveyiug to an indivi- 
dual emoluments, titles, privilei^eB, offices, or 
the Govt, nghtg to revenue from land, etc. 
under the seal of the niiiug authority. 

tanadi-khiiA-bahd, a. A grant or deed convey- 
ing property from a person' or family im- 
plicated in a murder, as a rotsJiatory fine 
to the heirs of the murdered person. 

ianad-i^vini, n. A grant or assignment of land 
or rather of the Government revenue as- 
sessed upon it. 

tanad-i-iaminddr. A tanlikdir appointed under 
a royal patent, on default of heirs, or super- 
eession to succeed another tamivd&r, 

tanad-i-ihdH. A royal grant or charter. 

tanad-iltSrffuzafi. A certificate of one's services. 

tanadic, yd garddnttd, v. a. To trust, be- 
lieve in, or rely on. [itiea. 

Mnad ldjia,v.A. To quote precedents or author- 

tanad-i-Uydqat, y& /atllat. 
A certificate ; testimonial. 

tanad-imud/L A rent-free grant. 

lanad miOeii/atiutimrar. A deed or document 
by which theBritiah Government recofpiised 
the absolute ownership of the tamiAddrt 
of Bengal and iu some parts of the South, 
at a fixed aasessmeut. The term is current 
chiefly in the Northern Sarkdrt. 

tanadri^rdsat. Certificate of heirship. 

tonoti ydfVoAiadj. Holdiugacertifioate. [reliable. 

4^u«iin'<u^«an'aiA, adj. Authentic; trustworthy; 

be-ianad, adj. Unaccredited. 

h<unpn\-i'tatiad-y&ftah, A chartered company. 

H^IU'^A-' aarairUT^ ta&k'tll-dMe, n. m. 

{Bro1t»rt) One rupee and two aunaa. 
8 t^JJoMi m^M ioA'kalp, n. 1. A solemn 
purpose ; a vow. 2. A bequest made by 
word of moutL 3. A charitable donation. 

i. Land given often rent fiee to a Brah- 
man (genemlly without consideration given). 
S. Tha declared wiafa or wilt of s parson deoessed, 
BUKle known bstore his deoewe, with ragard. to th« 
diipout of proptrty. adaptioD of a sou, or the like, 
nuda before tha witnewas. This ta oonnidered in 
tome dagrae equivsieot to * will or teituaent, aa 
•ot which, (trictl; (peaking, it not reoogniaed by 
Hindu kw. Alao lands hald under a grant or be- 

KMx^^irit. A grant to aBrabman. 

tankalp k, taHialp'na, t. a. I, To make a tov. 

2. To make a grant ; to dedicate. 

3. To give alms in fulfilment of anil- 
gious vow. 4. To bequeath. 

laAlcalp-ndma. A deed of gift or astignmeot 

accurding to a previous tow. 
F vJu»i tangin', a^j. 

Grave ; aggravated ; serioua ; heinous. 
Ktigln jam&'haniR, n. A heavy assessment. 
Mngird-ijamA, G. G. Over-assessment. 

H^Uo^ fiiin: tiAgdr', n. m. a Sffn 

1. Dress. 2. Seinal union ; ooition. 

H t J l^Gw f^mf I HAghdi^'a ; Tir. tUtghOf, 
n. m, H. ilAgh, horn. {Broker*) 'Hiree rupees. 

HuDy-w 4l«iin *attaMt', n. m. The pine tree. 

H U|,jy_«i qillfsHT *onor'A*ya, n. ra. 1. A 
subdivision of Brohmans, called also tnSdh. 

2. A pilferer; a thief; robber. 

A &AW *anh ; Sant. terviil, n. m. Year ; era. 
#ann-^-j'u;iI(,The year of accession to the throne. 
nmn-t-ravuM, The current year. 
«cm»-i-{(ir?. The Christian era. 
$ann-i-/as^, The/tuA or harvest year, 
tann-ihijH, The Mabomedan era, 
H w OT 'iii'i ^j- Hundred. 
tau far tott. A hundred per cent 
latt ke tavde. Twenty-five per cent, 

A Jl}->> «*^i Pop- *n^> PL t^oSln, n. m. 
jt. asked. 1. Query (,Ui£.l 1). 

3. Application; petition; request. 
vivdl-i-ithdri, yd hiddyali,A. leading question. 
lavdl-i-lardid, ydjirah, 

A ci'oss-questiou; oross-e lamination. 
lavdljavdh. Qnestion and answer; debate. 
tavdl ja»di aur pairavi k., 

To prosecute or conduct (a case). 
lavdl Javdb k., v. a. 1. To argue ; cross-exa- 
mine. 2. To plead ; advocate 

3. To transact or n^otiate. 
wdt-khndnT, n. f. Hearing or entertaining an 

application or suiL 
MVdl-dar-MvOl. Cross-examination. 
»avdl dar-tavdl I. To cross-examine, 
$avdl-i-daqiq. Vexata qvetlio ; a nice question. 
tavdl dntd, v. a. To present a petitioB ; to 

petition ; make an applioation. 
tavdl-i-turdri, A material question. 
tavdl k., v. a. 1. To question; ask ; interrogate. 

2. To examine (a witneaa). .fpetitios. 
tavdl gvtrdnnd, v. a. To move the court by 
taM MMtamman tfinuU. 

A petition put in to make np tlievalusof 
an insufficiently etantped plaint. 


toM marammoL A petition intended to amend 
enotber petition previously filed, 

MndZ-vnugarfar, n, A petition or representa- 
tion to the ruling authority of the proceed- 
iagfl in respect to a grant of reveaue. 

ia«dl-i-vaJal. Cross- exam iuation by oouiisel. 

fard-i-taoSi, n. An application ; a petition. 

H Jw WTt "**'.«'**». »•*]• (*"*"•) Two. 

uu&tuih-nigAr, vaqOi-niffdr, n. m. A nevswriter. 

An offloer Btatianed bj Uia Uogul OoTcmment 
In distant proviooeB lo transmit veekl; to the court 
■n account of all publia tnuuactionB, lush u tha 
coUaotioD of revanue, the muugemant of lands, 
•od the slate of the cauntrjr. 

EUJf^ <|«raT woA'iA.E.; «d^, 

An idloy of gold and copper. 
HJh*1%-> fflSMI tivin'S; Rua. ii'mdnd, tin, 

Ami; Tir.n'mdn; Sant limd; A. $arhad, n.m. 

S. #aT A boundary of a field or village. 
nrdnd-oc/Uilr, n. Litnita of jurisdiction or 

authority. [ary dispute. 

litOnA^bM ; A. tanSio-i-tarhadi, n. A bound- 
ihdnAiandi h., To fii the boundaries. 
tivitiid p^ifd, itmS pOja, n. Honors paid at the 

liUage boundary to a brid^room, etc. 
A ^()Mi ftvd'j!, n. I. Gesaes; additional items 

of income from an estate over and above 

the ordinary rents. 

% Any additioD to the itwdard or oustomuy 

revenue, nhether u on incresas of the Hmnunt or 

ia the ahape of a new or additional eesi or impost ; 

pcoflte from land other than (hoM of cultiTstion, 

by the proptieton of a village from non- 
propriataiy residenta for houeea, ahops, and tem- 
|4e*, in aooH oaae* raooguised and reconledoffi^lly. 

Vl)>*ti>d'l, u.f. A rate of interest ou seed grain 
advanced, a matind and a quarter to be re- 
pud at harvest for every maund lent at 
■owii^ time. 

«iti^>imA. Extra revenue; extra or miscellane- 
ona colleotions. 

In Ae South the term denotes the revetma de- 
rived fntm all taxes eioapt those raised from land, 
and exclusiTB of customs and transit du««, com- 

A mixture of olay and sandy soil sntted 
to any grain except rice. 
HIjVn Wm ttiii'rA;V*Tnkh. ttibn, 

Alloy mI gold or silver. 
HUajmi ilT^^TT Mule'la, Ady lit. belonging 
to relating to- *<mI. Half blood ; aprung fh>m 
a diffovnt wife. 
tmltli iAp, a. m. A etepfisther. 

tautetd bfiM, a. ra. A stepbrother, 
tauleti-bahim, a. f. A stepsister. 
tauleR-bett, a f. A stepdaughter. 
tavUR-md, n. f. A stepmother. 
8 s<j3yi ^9fliT tuKUantar, itUanlr, n. m. 

1. One who is independent, or acts for 
himself. 2. One who is legally entitled to 
act without control or guardianship. 
P 3mm iHii H. hydji Sant. tad, n. m. 

1. Profit; gain, 2. Interest; simple interest. 
(tItJatfr'nund/a.IiiterestauddivideDdaor profits. 
tUd batta ; H. by^ batta. Profit and loss. 
iHd par dend, tUdi chaldnd, v. a. 

To lend cit interest. 
tCdpar Imd, v. n. To borrow at interest. 
tOd-iehon, vQd-i-Ttdjdu, n, f. Usury. 
tOddar-tdd; H. byaj -par hydy, S. WB^Q n. m. 

Compound interest. 
tdd ia qSnUn, Law regulating to the rate of 

interest ; usury law, 
tOd hhdud, V. n. To take or receive interest, 
vld lagdnd, v. a. To charge interest, 
»ud mdldd d^ri, tOdi-dindah, tOd MrUA d*S' 

rf («. Interest subsequent to decree, [oipel. 
tSd maidvl'ul-Mai. Interest equal to the prin- 
tUdtmadf. The accumulation of interest so as 

to double the original debt. [at interest. 
^j« tOd'i ; H. fiyqi'd ; adj. Lent or borrowed 
P 1^^ »au'dS, n. m. I. (saudd tulnf) Goods ; 

wares (.-(--1 3, 4). [bargain. 

taudd bandndt yd i., v. a. To strike or settle a 
tavdd bannS, y4 ho jdnd, v. a. 
To be settled (a bargain). 
titdd-patr, n. A written agreement to deliver 

goods to a purchaser ou specified terms; 

a bill of sale. 
tavddpaind, v. n. To be etruek (a bargain), 
tatidd khandnd, yd moi lend, v. a. 

To make purchases. ' 

tauddg'ri, adj. Mercantile ; commercial. 
^/fJy iauddff'ri,n. t I. Trade; commerce, 

2, The business of a merchant. 
tauddgri mdl yd asb^, t>. m, UerchandJse. 
tauddgri L, v. n. 'I'o trade. 
tavddgaroA td ffoddm. A public warebonse, 
H^^jwSn^O tor'nt, tohenliTir.lrirOtrf, 

n. f. An obsequial rite performed on the 

3rd day of one's demise when the ashes are 

thrown into the river, 
K^y^ drVT t<A'd,W.;pal-manUi, E. 

Frost-bitten crops, 
PAH jJiy- tauff'and; Wom, and Rub. «*, 

»M, n. t Oath (kiryd) ; solemn asseveration. 



taugtrnd, yd »uA dend, dtfvdnd, j/3 ihiidTtd, t. a. 

To administer an oath ; Xo swoar onei. 
tetvsfctnd te htknd, v. u. To doclare upon oath. 
taugand kh&-he inicw' k., T. a. Tu.dany on oath. 
gaagand kh&n^ t. a. To make oath ; to Bwe&r. 
tangard j/d qiuam tASiiS, yS dildnd, Swearing.' 
nj)'^^<^i< n. f. 8. f? 1. A stake 

for impaling crimioalB ; a gtbbet ; gallowa. 
tall pe diarMni, *ai* c/tofhand yd dmd, y. a. 

1. To impale a criminal. 

B aJ^>m ^^ pM,'4i,iM^; Sant. htUi, n.f. 
"1. A imall brown iiiaect which destroye 
gram crops. 

2. The navel (Mii(R). 3. The manufacture 
of spirituous liquors. 4. A distiller aud ven- 
der of spirituous liquors. 

'6. A grocer ; a dealer in rice. 
liUftmiuhaJJMiaii, n. m. G. 6. A tax on the 

venders of spirituouB liquors. 
B^Umm j&TTW 'oft^h^aldi, D.fWeedin^. 

HUJui j^tf^mr ton'iya, ntpSria, n. m. 
One who separates gold from ashes. 

P&M M^*t, «aA;Sant.jwa, H. fin, adj. Three. 

»i4nmdi, n. f. I. Quarterly payment. 
2. A tribute; a coutingeut 
9. A militia soldier employed in cdlocting 
revenue or.iu police duties, et«. 

4. Chaises id the rerenue accounts for the 
maint^nanoe of such troops. 

M-doKta vghdnd, v. a. To levy or oolleot 
quarterly payments. [months. 

d-mdhl, leh-m&hi, adj. Quarterly ; every three 

B Jl^ QfTIR 'uAVfln. W. ; tuAayin, E. 
n. t S. snn^nd 1. A married woman whose 
bnahwid is alive; a feme covert. 

Af Uw ttidrn', n. m. pi. of sahem share. Por- 
tions or,shaivs of <in estate or inheritaaoe. 

A Jif^ tah'al ; JlUt. tahaj, adj. Easy. 

iiii fel yd jvm lee irtUdi ko lahl k. To faci- 
litate the commission uf au aot or offence, 

A fit" **h'am, n.m, PI. tihAti, 
A lot ; portion ; share. 

taham ba^vdrah, a. m. Division of an estate 
amongst Uie coparceners aecordiag to their 
BevsToJ shares. 

ialKnt*-nudipm, Allotted ahareB, 

Ay^f *ahB,a..t Oversight; iault; mietjike. 

A^p of the pen; inadvertence; oversight- 
eahiHt-iabitah, tahv-i-tarfib'i. A teohuical error; 
.faulty amuigemant 

4 jAm- 

tahx-dSiib. A olerioal error. 
T}4- taMan, tako k ; B, bhilie te, biMiar, adv. 
Erroneously; by mistake; through in- 
advertence; inadvertently. 
A iS"^ tuw liyd'iat, a. f. ^f•y^ managed, mied. 

.1. Jurisdiction; legal autbuity; govem- 
meut; adniiuistration; management. 2. Cor- 
rection {(ii«tl, 4). 3. Severity ; rigour. 

aiyStat-khdna, A solitary oell. 

nydM^t.v.a. 1. To administer. 2. To chastise. 

liySaeU ke tdbe. Amenable to jurisdictioa 

H ejjt^wl^PITq^ liyd^afi, tiyOtadkt, tSr 

vari, cwAivf, n. f. A particulu' allotmaut of 
a portion of the griun h^p. 

TliTN haadfulA are taken out, oDa tor the FinUi 
or AmAmoh prie«t ; Uib seceiid tar Dtt%, ^van b 

Jogla; tba third tor Bliag<e&n. Qod,giTMi toa/afir. 

P 1/ Um liyaJt'd, n. m. 

I. An acoouat-book or writtaa acoomit, 
3. A dnl; ledger or scoount-book of tbe reodpti 
and diabiiraemeoU of *, >ill*ec' or egtste, in vtueb 
are entared *ll siimn rec«iTe<l whether regular or 
iniKeliiuieoiiB, and nil items ^ciutonituy or coatin- 
gent diabuTBeiaent. 

tiydkd Amdam, a. A treasury account of doily 
collaotious reoeived from the otdtivcuton. 

tf}f3AA^M, a. f. 1. The ledger or day-boot in 
which daily receipts and disbursements are 
entered. 2. A journal in which tbe orders of 
a court, of justice are recorded. 

tiyaha-ihatand, u. The day-ibook of tbe col- 
lector, or any public treasury. 

lignhd k., V, a. To enter; register; record. 

nydh&i-ma)^H'ldt, An account of the daily 
receipts, rentittanoes, and diabursements. 
m. An acoonntant ; one who 

keeps the rough day-book or accounts. 
HiJ rpi '"' W^m *i(A>a, #!«c&nI;TJr.*idltii, 
V. a. 3. fvsv, to water. 
To irrigato (pan\ dend). 
tiehS!, eiieh^, n. f, 1. Irrigation. 

3. The cost of irrigation. 
flU).»AMi flHiT •ui't'O, u.m.S.«feQ unripe, 

1. Proviatons ; uncooked victuals. 
2 A settled allowance. S. A ehsrgs 
mado for suiiplies to travellers. 
ter-haeil, adj. Kicb ; fertile. 

HjAw.ihC f«v a. m. S. dj^ A seer. 

The OoTl. Be«r, an fixed bv )aw»l Kik«rainD«= 

2'W66 Lba. avoirdupoia. See act XIT o7 1877. 

H >A». ^ «Ir; Sant. ti, njAet, n. f. S. #Ta 

plough. Land under the immediate eultln- 
tion of the propriptor. 

ThsM lands won H>matimBa iJlaweil to b« held 
It (L favoitrablfl naseumTient. or were UQuafviiwd qo u 
to proviiie yaoliar or subsiBience fur tlia proprislnr. 
The Urm in aliio KunetirneB applied to lAnds oul 
ti*AMd 1)0 account uf the state, or to thoee in which 
the revenue i5 paid b; cuUivstore nithaut an; in 
termediate Agent. WiUon. 

t^T-jola, ghar-joid, Hume farm. [vfttion. 

iiriiam.Hddr, n. The tamin'l&r's own ciilti- 

£r tajin, n. m. The lamhtddr'a owa Inn<), 
cuitiTiilE'd b; tenanta at ivill for a share uf 
the produce. 

tif-rdr, adv. Accordina: to the proprietory or 
privileged laud, cultivated after the aame 
iDAiiner, or on the same terms as the lam'A- 
dCr's nijjot. 

*ir, adv Tojrether ; in partnership. [A ahurer. 

^^JV B^*^ «ir'», tajheddr, biUSlcM}; tt^'Si, n. f. 

TeclinicHlly the luembera of a Had or confeder. 

atioa uf cultivators under which tliey cultivRta in 

cuminoD nrid divide the proceeds according to the 

Dumber of ploughs, buUucks, or luan conlributed 

H^jC— OTT^ *'^'""''' *V?^ "• ^- ^ 
mixture of sand and clay. It holds a 
middle phico between mati/iir and bliur, q.v. 

H^jj-Aw ^VJ tfUdh, ieidhl, »m E.; Bboj. 
tm/ii; U^.tainlo; V/.lnin'Mtal;'P.naqab,DJ. 

1, A hide made in a wall by burglars. 

2. iteidli-rhnrl) House-breaking; burglary. 
itid/icAor. t'nd/i-mar, n. m, 

A house-brenker ; burglar, 
tnidh lagAna, v. a. To break into a honse or 

wall ; coronut a liiirjclary. 
»e»i(ft-id(i, n. f. A bui^lar'a tool. [Per cent. 
HtjCAwQ^T lainkri; P. A. f% ladi, adv. 
H 'iCiJW ^"PH *I<i?'»nI, v.a. 

To identify stolen cattle. [of cattle. 

^jCij. fsfti^ tiAgautl, u.f.' A tax on the sale 

H ^X^S'jjUh %9!|Eini tnahpair, n. m. A deed 
or bond by which a person binds himself to 
servitude eitbor for a term or for life. 


A copper plate, Btone, paper.eta, on vhicb 
an edict or grant is inscribed. 
AJxt^ AOnt'ii, thumtil, adj. JU included. 

1. Comprising; including; included; 
comprehending; extending to; blended; 
mingled; naited;joiat(«afA> 3. Associated ; 

confederated. 3. Annexed; appended; at- 
tached. 4. Concerned ; connected with ; 
having one's linger it). 6, Living together; 
having a common bed and board. 

thdmi/, thdmil-lial, adv. Together ; jointly. 

ikamil, prep. With ; along with. 

t/idinil-i-bitddari, ya pancliaffot, 

A member of a fraternity or society. 

tItdmU-i-hAl . Similarly circumstanced. 

ikdnU hdl A., V, a. To have a part in ; to be 
Bimjlarly circumstanced. 

ahdmil rakknd, tk&mil-i tOffiSt rathn^ To file 
with other papers; to place amongthe records. 

i/iAmil i., V. a. 1. To affix ; annex ; append. 

2. To mix; incorporate; comprehend; 

3. To insert ; set down ; eater (bkartl k.). 
thdmil klyd find. I. Annexed; appended, [rated. 

2. Brought under ; included ; incorpo- 

ih&mil-i-mitl, adj. Filed with the record or 
papers of a case. 

ahamil-i-mkl k., t. o. To record ; file; put in a 
bundle ; put up with the ca»e. 

Aanil h., T. n. 1. To be iiicluded, comprised ; 
to consist of; 3. To fall under ; come 
under. 3. To belong to ; to be connected 
with ; to be a member of. 4. To have part 
in ; to partake or participate in. [together. 

ek ahd o paimAn men tItdmU k. v. a. 'I'o bind 

tab men thdmil. C'>mman to all. [territory. 

qalam-rau men thdmil k., v. a. To annex 

.^lUU tUmildi, ihdnldt, a. 1. See J«tA. 2. A 
coparcenary estate; undivided property ; 
land held in oommun or in partnership 
by the whole proprietary body of a village. 

th&mUdt banjar. 

Portions of common land; portions of 
afield within its area left uncultivated, 
chiefly where the field is very large. 

ihdmilat berlj. The entirs aseessmeut; the 
original a-saeasment with all additions. 

sJidmx!al-iiiek. Lands iucluded in the village 
lands. [ahjp. 

thdmiUU ks muqaddame. Cases of joint owner- 

thdmi/dt men, adv. In common. [common. 

^a-li thd-nilai'l, adj, Coparoenary; joint; 

skdmlda, n, Tenure in severalty. 

shamlaa ta/Ulifi. An estate comprehended with- 
in a taniinddi'i and paying revenue through 
the atminddr, but held to be hereditary and in- 
dependent property, inalienable as long as 
the dues to the superior holder and govern- 
ment are paid. [coparcenary village. 

ihamildd maaai. A village held in C' 

qaisa-ithamlaS. Common tenancy. 

A O^lii ih&'hid; P. ffwak, H. *oiiAi, n, m. ^ 
testified. A witness; deponent, [to a fact. 

thdhUi-i-W, n. m. An eye-witness ; a witness 


^»f Ul ^d'hidl, gmtOM, thoAsdat, a f. 
Attestation ; testimony OV^t 1, 3). 

"be-sTiShidi, ftdj. Without vritoeseeB, 9r«vidence. 

A&A.^ thtb'ah, a. m. i*A likeMil. 1. Demur; 
BUBpense; question; scruple. 2.UDcertaiiity. 
3. A legul defect; a Aa.'ir. 

thiAiik-i-ib^iat. Doubt as to jnstifieatiou in 
the commitision of a crime suffioient to pre- 
vent the inflictiou of the fuU measure of 
puuiahmeiit. [suapioion. 

ihubaffi-khafl/. Light presumptiou ; slight 

thubah-i-thadid ya qavi, u. m. 
Strong presumptioik (of guilt). 

thttbahi-Kiif, Uucertuinty aB to (he truth or 
folsehood of a charge. [marriage. 

thubcA-i-aqd. Au error er intormalitj of 

thubah'i-qiUl, a. m. Uomioido. 

tkaiah-i-qtUl-i-aTtMtt va raiftM-i-itdK. 
Homicide and aevere wounding. 

A»A<th i., V. a. To distrust; doubt ; suspect. 

ihuba/i-i-md^iH, u. m. Reasonable doubr.^detibt. 

4huhah mitditS, yii nitSlnti, r. a. To iwrnove a 


Erroneous apiiropriotion of property. 

ikubak kai. Is doubtful, [putnbly {Oila^ihak). 

be-thuhah, be-»hak, aiiv. Uuiioubtedly; iadis- 

A Sya^ tkafiaJt, ihijrah, n. m. 1. A genealo- 
gical troo (H. hav$di>li). 1. A field map. 

thajra Kcunh. A tabular stat«ment uniting 
the ordinary pedi;,'reo taJjle of a conimiinity 
of proprietors with the khevat or rc^intcr 
of coparcenary responsibility. Camegy. 

A toxx^ ilia^kht; II. purth, a.m. 
A person ; individual (6dmJ, 2). 

Mhnkht-i-be-jvrm, yii nS-tardah ffimah ; H. «tr- 
Jnthpurfh, n. m. An innocent puranu. 

ih^kh-i-beHlakld, n. in. The party ousted. 

ahaklit hai-nl-qiiyain, H . iyidii purth. A survi vor. 

t}viic/it-i-$dlU, tUra ihakJu. A third person. 

thaihi-i-ffair; H. an/jurt^ u. m. Another party. 

i/ntkl'i-i-ftirJl ; H. mottd purah, iL ni. A hypo- 
thetiual person. [the possessor. 

thakht-i-qaUi, n. m. llw party in possessiuii ; 

thtikln Ttuuiubulliavth ; U. jAjalfurdh An 
insane person. [person alietted. 

tAa£/u-nt'(an ; H. laliSyat pvish, a. m. The 

thak/it-i-mAdiiai-uf-mtjild, n. ni. No sneb per- 
son (iion-eiisteiit). [One who ib missing. 

thakhi i-ma/qiid-itl-k/ui&ar ; H. be-hyard purMli. 

tliakJu-i-makkOt : H. doihit punk, n. m. 

An accused person; the prisoner; one 
nnder arrest. 

Jiayu-i-mulk-i-yair kSltSliamimdlH-i-tarkAr, 
O. U.; H. parJ«tl, n. m. An alien, [insolvent. 

thatkt-i^n&^dr ; H. nirdhan pitrih, n. m. An 

tJiaiha-i-K^kurda-i-gunah, Q. O. 
Au iaaocent person. 

s tr 

tk-ihi-i-vOhid ; H. ek jmrA, n. ni. 1. One orns- 
sisted. 3. One person ; hq individual 

■aya«A JtaHttl'yai', a. t. Identity. 

P jSii^ thudkdr', a m. A rough estimate 
made on the s^Kit of the rental value of the 
standing crop on a field or estate. Carnegy. 

F J^tl'^ fiWuT, adj. 1. Heavy; grave; heinooi 
(*aiA(,J. 2, Vehement; intense. 

$ca^i^ha<liit, Severe puuisbsient. 

A vw (i<u',i'-'»- ;^v<u corrupt, Viee;depTatity. 

tltar ttfJiand, yA k., v. a. To raise a qunrrel ; 
to make a riot. [a riut. 

that- • fa*&d, iihor o Mhar, A breach of the peace ; 

*Aar'rl,&dj. t.Vieious.2.QuarreUame; liti^onB. 

Alv^ «/MVd; Pi^. Aaa-a,n.m. pHrohase;sale. 

A )— 't >^ tkarOb', a, t. -^yt drank. Spirits. 

thardlz-i-arnkfitiUr, n. f. A fermented liquor. 

iliardb-i-tiiuqaUar, n. t A distilled or spiri- 
tuous liquor. [u. m. Funeral obseqiiiea 

S ft^l Ut "VJ^ *^*^*^', H. Mir^dh, leaaagai, 

ItoanMgta cfaiefly in ofteriag cakea (jiiurta), water, 

ate. to deceased Bnceatan before a aacrificial fre, 

A ks^jlyw litard'rat, n. f. Miechief ; wiokedneNa 

tJiaidrai -t-ni-dih andarfl, 

(Jontuniacioiis refusal to pay what is du& 

f ^\^^yi^ Ji, thardfat-paniih, Wi, refnge of 

nobility. An epit)iet employed in addro- 

aing a subordiunte officer. 

AiS^i^M thirak'nl, Airiu'., n. f. k/^ shared 

1. A combination; olliiuioe; league; cou- 

federncy ; aiual>|!aniation. % A cvri>oratioii ; 

coparcenary; joint-stock compiiuy {tdjhd I), 

3, Land belli i;icem<iion<*Aajj(/ia). 

4. Community of interests. 
thiriUeat-irbtradn, u. f. .An association of bro- 
thers, or membera of owe family living to- 
gether on a common property. 

ikirdkal k., y. a. To enter into pnrtner&hip. 
tMrdkiit-Kumah, a to. Deed of partnership. 
kSr o bdr-i-tkirdkaCi, Q. Q. u. m. 
The affairs of a partnership. 
A I<V.t yw tliarieyat, n. £ PI. of bji. q. t. 
StipulntioQs ; requirements. [contnMt. 

i/iardffat-i-iqrdr-ndm«ti, u. f. TliB terms of a 
tJuifSyat-i-lamltiiti, a. t. Preliminary conditions. 
tlMrJlyat-i-tufa&iiA'aah, a. f. llie terms of a 
treaty or of a compromise. [provisions. 

A^rdyat kd atar, G. U. The effect of (certain) 
<fcarajr(i<-*-»Kw/irfl(ai,Thestipula tod conditions. 
ikariiyat-i-nikah, n. t. 
I Tho terms of a marriage oontiaot. 

iharajfot-i-ui^jib-ut-an. Terms or Btipulations 

of the village admiuiatratioa. 

dealU thardyat. G. Q. The provisions of an act. 

HPUlt ut-J^ *harbat j)ildna, W. v. a. To 

give the barber a sherbet to drink and so 

geitl the betrothal which he has lu-ranged. 

Aarba(-pilM, W. ii. f. The present made to the 

barber hy the bride and bridegroom. 
A ry^ Aarh ; Pop. Aar'ah, u.f. ^ laid open. 
1, Explanation. 2. Commentary). 
3. Itnte of asaeasment; proportiou; obarse 
(H.*r, 2), 
tharah-i-Ofr-pdsAi, n. f. Irrigation rate. 
thariUi-bandi, n. f, A table of rates. 
ilarah panl, n. f. Water rate. [lease. 

iliarahri-paUa, n. {. The rent rate fiied by 
tharah-i-paTgand, a. t The rate of asaesBment 

iu the pargana. 
iharah-i-j^mdolj, n. f. Rate of town duty. 
(AomA ckarluind. v. a. 

To aiitiutate ; write a commentary, 
ikartih kliHrdk-i-gavdhSA, 

Kate of hHowhucob to witnesaes. 
ihoTiJi-i-ri''yat%, n. £ A favorable rate. 
iliara/ti-iHd, n. f. Rate of interest 
tharaJi fai-zi lagan, n. f. An assumed rent rate. 
iKatxA k., V. a. l.To define: determine with 
precision. 2. To detail(fa/in/ it;). 
3. To assess ; fix the rate. 
iharah /aydn, Rent rate. 
Aarvh mdl yd mdlguxdri. Revenue rata. 
ikanth tudtffuadri va*Sli, D. f. The rate at 
which revenue has been collected. [rate. 
tkarah melmuti, n. f. The customary or usual 
ikamli-v-muqarria-ah, n. f. A fixed rate. 
ihaToh-i-fttavd, u. f. 

The rate of assessment on village lands. 
(liaroA-ndflKi/t, n. m, A statement of rates at 
which the cnltivaturs agree to hold their lands. 
Atrah naqdi, n. f. A money rate. 
tharah uattr, a. f. Canal rates. [length ; in full. 
ahat~ih-vdr, adv. As detnilecl ; explicitly ; at 
vjrai In tharah, n. f. Rate of fees, or wages. 
ba^araA-i-iail, adv. On the terms herein after 
set forth ; as hereinafter shewn ; shewn be- 
low : in form and manner folloiving ; to wit 
loQ&n VI thai dk v&hid. Atiuiform rate of rent, 
&I0J& Jtart ; Illit. Aarai; PI. Aardyat, a. f. 
1. Condition ; stipulation; engigement ; 
term ; pi-ovision ; proviso. 
3. A bet ; wager. 
ihart bdndhnd, hadttd, budnd, h., yd lagdnd, v. a. 
l.To make tenns; stipulate; provide; 
bargain. 2. To bind by contract; contract 
en obligation. 3. To bet (frdii hadnd). 
(Aari-t-fmnAWi, n. f. A preUminaiy condition. 
AaH-iiAdi, D. f. A specific condition. 

tha>tili}fdnj\, a. f. An extraneous condition. 

thart-i-tttrdn, a. f. An indispensable condition; 
a tint qm bob. 

thurt-i-maflnnU, Csrtel: indenture: covenant. 

*kitrt-i-mvibird. An express condition, [nant. 

thurt-nSma, u. m. A treaty; contmct; covs' 

ihart yeA hai. Provided ; provided that. 

iliartd ikarti k., v. a. 1. To enter into mutual 
obligations. 2. To wi^er. [approval of. 

ba-thart-i-moM^ri. Subject to the sanction or 

ha-thart-tubM-i-jurm ; B.. aprddh pde jdne jnr. 
On conviction. [that. 

ba-ihumUl in ihart ke. G. G. With the proviso 

bild-shart. Unconditional ; absolute, [that ; if. 

ba-thartt hi,, On condition that ; provided 

Ktri^hart. Money lost or won at beta. 

iiti ilutrt M mathr^ h., V. n. 
To be subject to a proviso. 

^;± thartt, tharlij/ah, adj. Contingent ; con- 
ditional ; provisionary ; provisional. 

itteliqSq-i-ihartlyaJt. A contingent interest. 

HfySt thar^a, thatiyal; Wom-Jthara lord, 

n. f. The law, or precepts of Mahomedanism 
as derived from the Qurdit. 

thara mahammadl, n.f, Mohomedan law, 

be-shara, adj. Contrary to the Mah. law; 
unlawful. [law; legally. 

l>;& ahar'in, adv. According to the Mah. 

tharrmjiii h,, v. n. To be good in (Mah.) law. 

^ytJuw'Si, bA^tliara, adj. Coalormable or ao- 
cordiug to the thara; lawful ; constitutional, 

tkarSi qataiit, Mah. A solemn oath. 

A ct-J' yii Jnrk'at, n. f. See thirahxt. 

Ill BUh. Iftw ptirtnarahip ia of tvo kinds, thirlat-i- 
tmU^ parlnersbip by right pf property, wbera 
tbu absolute right of property bclougg equally to 
kll sMocinted. kdiI iliirleat-i-aqSd, pnrtDerahin bj 
coutract effucted by mutual consent, and io which 
one partuer niiiy act (or the rest. PartnerBhipa at 
thin kind are also claused under four heada, 1. ««. 
faniaia, when the oontracting partiae agree that all 
their pro]*rly shall be in common, a parCnenhlp 
Dot admitlAt by the S\ia lav-giTei-. 2. inAn, when 
the contracting partiea contribute a itipulated 
amount eiUier of money or gooda to a oommoa 
capital, to be employed for their common benefit. 

■ This ia «J«o designated by the simplB tenn (Airjbat, 
and may again bo diatingiunbKd na ihirlat al amM 
paTtnership in praiierty, and ikiykat-m-tijsrat part- 
nerahip in trarie or eommerce. 3. tkirtat-iu-tandia, 
lhirlat-vl-abdd» asaueiation or partnership in 
mechanical arts or bodily labor, i.tAirkal-itl-vtijOli 
■xtaunibte pnrtDerahip, when persona not having 
any property conjointly obtun goodi for sale upon 
their pcH-sonal credit. Witton. 

hild thirtat-i-gair«, yd thaikhte, Sole ownership, 

P SiCtyw ^rm-gdk, tharm iSjoffoh. 
The privities, 

A. LJUy^ iharif, n. m. 1 . A title given to the 
rulers of Mecca ; a [winoe. 


4r i« 

2. Cor. of Eiig. sheriff. 

ifiar^f khdnddn. kd, kli&iulan kd thai^f, qaum 

ka eharify adj. Of high birth ; of a good 

feraily or stock. [3, 4). 

^i_X)vui «AaHi', ftiJj. Joint; united (»kdmil, 

tkarik, a. m. 1. A member of a oomraimity. 

2. A co-sharer; co-paxtner (hiueddr). 

3. An accessory. 4. A confederate {fafiq) 
ikarlk'ul-r&e. Of the same opiniun. [in a crime. 
ghnTik ba-va<fl-i-jurm. G. G. An accomplice 
thai'lk ladbir h-ia. 

Concerted ; become aporty to. 

tha7^-i-jurm,G.G. Pariitejt crimini*. [crime. 

thafik-i-jwm k. To implicate or include in ft 

tharlk-ihal See shdmil-i-kdl. 

tharik raJtnd, shamil raknd. v.n.To live together. 

eltar^k-i-ihikinl, n. m. A co-parcener whose reve- 
nue payments pass through an interme- 
diate representiitivG ; a partner who does 
not take an active share in the conduct of 
a joint concern ; a co-elinrer. 

ttiarik fi naft-id-muhaiyal. A partner in the 
matter of buying and selling. 

iharilc k.,v. a. 1. To include (skamil k. 3). 
2. To make one a partner in. 

»harlh mdqabl-i-vaqH, G. G. 

An accessory before the fact. 

skarlk-i-m(TJma. A member of an assembly. 

tltarlk^-m ajma- i-kkilaf-i-qSniln . 

A member of an unlawful assembly. 

thank h.,v.n. Set shdmilh., 1. To join in; 
cooperate with {fliSmil k, A). 

2. To have a share in ; to bo a partner 
{fdjhl A.) ; to have or possess in common ; 
go halves ; go snaclta. [cessory, 

j«rm m« ikarikh.. To abet; to be an ac- 

tharik ko-kar, adv. Conjointly. 

tar-kaihi men tharli: h. To join an insurrection. 

moih-vare mrA a/tafik h. To join in a consulta- 
tion or conspiracy. 

p ^t UmC:, ihash-makl, adj. Halfyearly. 

H Ux^ yi>.i f^ffl ^RIT ekithtt-kafti/S, d. f. 
Child murder; procuring abortion. 

A xstM ihuf'a, a. m. fii joined. Preemption, 

tha/a rivaji, n. m. Pre-emption based on 
well established Local custom and usage. 

*hv/a-v^il>-id-ara. In co-parcenary estates, the 
right of pre-emption, as stipulated in the 
administration paper at the time of settle- 
ment. ■ [preemption. 

A Aii*i« fhuft, n. m. One who has a right of 

»hnji-i-jir. An oocupant of ground iu the 
neighbourhood of au other estate. 


An occupant of ground in actual con- i 
tact, or intermixed with another estate, 1 

A P j't*ai An offioer appointed to collect 
the revenue from a certain division of land. 

A iswIJwf ihika'yttl, n. f. ^U complaiued. 
1. {ilUkvd) A complaint, [complaint. 

shikayat raja k., v, a. To remove a, cause of 

tkilcdycU k., v. a. To complain. 

thikdyait', adj. Complaining ; plaintive. 

akikdyat peth k. v, a. To sue or lay an info^ 
matiou against; to bring an action ; charge. 

Aik&yat raf& tamd, v, a. 

To remove a cause of complaint. 

ihikdyal-i-marjild. G. G, Charges preferred. 

bin6e-»kikdpdt. G. G. 

The subject matter of accusation. 

A P &Jt 0^ ahukrdWa, thukrii/ah, n. m. 

I. Thanksgiving. 2. A present or fee paid 
to a pUader, etc. by a successful litigant over 
and above the legal fees, 

P ls-wjJ^ 5 u:^*i«Xi ehiiail' opaivcu^.Ut, 
broken and joined. Alluvial land. 

skikaat o reklu ; H, liU pkUt, lit. breaking and 
falling. Injuries ; damage. 

tkikast o rek/U'i-mah^. 

The landlord to be liable for all injuries. 

p *C^ thik'aml, tkikml, adj. 1. Included. 
"2, Private; secret, 

tkik'ni, n. m. 1, A subordinate tenure in 
which the holder pays the Government 
revenue, or his share of it, not direct, but 
through some other person, 2, The person 
who cultivates land on such terms. 

thikml ijdrah-ddr. 

A subordinate cultivator holding lands in 
farm ; a sub-lessee ; an under-farmer, 

skikml a$dml raiyat yd kdthlk&r, n. m, A sub- 
ordinate cultivator; an under cultivator; a 
bolder of part of the villi^e lands as a 
subordinate or dependent occupant, occupy- 
ing bis own share, aud paying his own 
quota of the Government revenue through 
the representative of the commuuity. 

thihnil-pa^l'iddr, u. m. 

A coparcener in a joint tenancy village 
who cultivates his own lands, and pays his 
proportion of the Government revenue 
tlirough one or more of the community 
«hoBe names are recorded in the Govern- 
ment books as responsible for the whole. 

tUkmi taaUuqa. An estate comprised within a 
saaAnddr-i, and paying the revenue through 
the iam.lnd&r or other revenue contractor 
or mdlffiadr. 

thiimi divdna ; H. janam pdgai, n. m. 
A bom idiot ; a natural. 

tkihmi taraf. A subordinate portion of the 
division of land called a taraf. 

J^ ] 

tailuqat-i-thikml. Dependent faHlugt, the reut 
of whicb is paid to tamS^ddrt, and uot to 

dar-thOtnl. Subordinate, aa a tenure or sharer 

under a tkUcml holding or holder. 
qSbii-ihikmi. G. G. An under-tenant. 
mu<iarrari dar-skihrn. 0. G. One holding a 

tenure at a fised rent under a zami^dar. 
tdiklidr-i-ikiikmi, A subteuaut. 
HjC^ ^H **«/'"». «'?«'». «*:""». «"" '• 

Saut. taria^un, n. m. S. IP^, P. (Auyun. 
1. Au augury; ouleu. 2. A preaeut of money. 


i, Aumdr'l, u. f. 

A revenue account, shewing the daily 
receipts of every kind, and a rough state- 
ment of the day's tranaaotiona ; a Dumber- 
ing with a Tiew. to the imposition of a tai, 

(Aumar-nam, n. m. Anacoountant ; a registrar. 

A P J'—' <«*4-^ sAonwi t&l i H, ma/ aj bofot. 

The solar year. 
tAonif otnrwrt, adj. lit. solar and lunar. 

A perqiiuite taken by tbs office™ o£ Govarn- 
mrac, Iwing the difference betweea tUe paj for 
a lunar and solar month. 
thamil mahina. Solar mouth. 
li^)*^^ *Aumuf, sliumUUi/at, a.t. 
The whole; gross; aggregate. 
ki^UMtu'tj'fK.G.G. With the aid of. 
P ^£,,■>^jw ihan^kM', thiadkht, a. f. 

Recoguition ; cogmzaiice. 
ilianaJcht k., v. a. To kaow %'iun ;, rccogniie. 
thanSiht karvdnd, Cans, of ahanakkt k., q- V. 
tkojiAkht ke gavili. A witaesa who identifieaone. 

n.m. 1. Adultery. 2. Prostitution. 3. Sodomy. 

}tU$hatna ki garaz »e vjrat far ehalaua. Ped. 

for '•kkarehl kamv&na. Letting to hire for the 

purpose of prostitution, freut or tenure. 

Kf-Jy^ firaW i-Mram, n. m. A kind of 

P »w *&or,u.m. Cry; outory; din; clamour. 

lAor l., yd maehana, v. a. 

To make a noise, uproar, row. 
S>±i *)>i thorahpusht, arij Unruly. 
(iorui-jTUiA^f, u. f. UufractorinesB ; tiubulencs. 
j^jji thor'iA, n. f. Disturbance, etc. (daii^). 
(AontA 6or/)fi *., v. a. To eicite an insurrection. 
ihor tvntn; U. tallaf, E. asarl, a. f. Land 

impregnated with saltpetre ; saliue soil. 
P fijii Aau'har; H. pad, u. m. Husband. 
i^uAar a tindgl lak. During coverture. 
^>f)& «AaK'Aart, adj. 

Of, or belonging to the husband. 
P &iU£» « Wi-iafo, Muh. ; »/M*«/d, Hin. n. m. 
The companiou of a bridegroom; tbe 

best man. [witnessiug. 

A livilt^ sh'ihdd'al, n. f. *fl^ being present, 

Written or oral testimony (,l,BI 3). 
^lahddat-i-CMli, Primary evidence. 
ihahadat-i-tmJi, iltahddcU-i-mu&idcJi, n. f. G.G. 

Corroborative evidence. 
iha/iadac-i-i^t&r'i, n. f. Ocular evidence ; 

evidence of the fii'st order. [evidence. 

»kahadat dm&, v. a. To give evidence (iahar d.). 
ihahiidal-itama.%, ya manqOlah, n. f. 
Hearsay ; secondary evidence. 
tJuthSdat-i-zattni, ii. f. Presumptive evidence. 
tlttJiSdat fjnir-mumUln-iU-lai'itid. 

In contest title evidence. 
t^Kthetdat qaiam bxndhal. Evidence taken. 
$haliddat-i-qaff3fi. Coujeoturul evidence. 
shakadat lend, v. a. To take evidence. 
thakdSat lene Jed Toajdi h. 

I'o be competent to take evidence. 
thahdlati-mand, Farther evidence, [in writing. 
ihah&dat-n&Tttah ; H. idktM-patr, A testimony 
jhMl shahddat, ahahddal-i-kdiib. False evidence. 
pj^jAii Aahr-badar,<lG.a. 1. Banishment 

(,yl9}i^.). 2. An'outlaw. [banish. 

tkahr b"daT k., v. a. To eipel ftom the town ; 
ahahrpatidh, n. f. The city walls (ehdr dlvdrl). 
A ^ «&K, n.f.Pl.a«Aya.A thing (w-l-.13— 5,7)- 
that ildva, tJiae mudaabihd. The thing claimed 

the matter, or subject matter of a suit. 
ilute mabui, The subject matter of a sale ; 

the thing sold. 
tltae midandzsa. The thing or property in 

dispute or under litigation. 
«Aas marhuacL Tlie Buiject of a mortgt^; 

tbe thing or property mortgaijed, 
*AaS mavhund kd mbt yd qvrq k. Foreclosure 

of a mortgage ;. foreclosure (bt^e bdl^. 
t/utS mat/iild. Hypothecated property. 
tkae maiihuba. \. The thing given; a dotation; 

present; gift; benefuction ; contribution; 

donation ; gratuhy ; bonus ; grant ; subscrip- 
tion ; lat^esa ; eudowmciit. [legacy. 
2. Tlie property beijueathed ; a bequest ; 
(/ia« nd-ffavar. Anything noxious, offensive,. 

OLr unpleasant ; a nuisance. 

Ai-.'*^^ *dA'»6; Pop. idhab, 4db, n. nji 
tahibah, n. f. PI. (u'hM. t>**« kept compan;. 


1. {/» coatp.) Onaer ; poaaesaor, as iShib-i- 

2. A gentleman ; a European gentleman, 
tdhib-C4khtiydr. One investsd with authority 

idhib-irband o b<ut, n. m. A Battlement officer. 
t^iib-i-tatdlq, n. m. 

An attesting officer; a public notary. 
iShih-i-lutitiyat, n, m. 

A man of property or substance. 
tSlub-i-iila, bard-taJiab, n. m. 

An officer in charge of a district ; a col- 
lector or mogixtrtite or deputy oommisaioner. 
tShibSlaiti. A title of a prince, including the 
Delhi ahah^das. [the court. 

HOiib-i-ad^tU. An admiuiatrtttor of justice ; 
A J ol^ i3ctir, svdSr, p. p. ]>»« issued, 

1. Proceeding; going forth; issuing, 

2. lasiied ; prvised. 
aSdir-kunindah. One who issues (an ordor)i 
tOdir yatitdur I., t. a. To issue; pass (an 

order) ; enact. 
tidiryaiJdurkjV.n. 1. To be issued or enacted. 

2. To happen ; befiil, 

3. To be committed or perpetrated. 
tudHr-i-kuJtm. Passiug of an order or rerdiot. 
ba4aur-i-mdqiil aSdiq Una, G. U. 

To reasonably answer. 
& uittf lAj, tafa; Rus. fU(!p&, adj. 
)i« was clear. I.Clear; fair; clean. 

2. Cleaned out ; swept. 

3. Unboiled; unspotted. 4. Unadulterated. 
»d/ inkar k., i&f mulcamS, t. a. 

To deny or decline outright. 
»Af bai/dn k., tdf kahna, V. Vi. 1. To make a 

clear statement. 2. To apeak out ; let out. 
tif mn&mlagi, 0. G. Plaiu or honest dealing. 
tif na ka/ind, r.a. 1. Not to speak out plainly ; 

to hum and hair. 2. To prevaricate. 
*ilu tsf, adv. 1. Distiuotly; clearly; plainly; 

expressly ; in plnin terms. 2. Frankly ; 

openly. 3, Without reserve or guile. 

4. Outright; entirely; thoroughly. 
tSfitUlmd, See rdet-nom^ 

AyoAX^^d iaft'ih;E. <AudA, adj,]. Correct. 2. 

Perfect; whole; integral. S.Sound; healthy. 
lahih, a. i. I. Signature; aigu or mark; 

attestation. 2. Sanction (Uu^q), 
tahtlMtt-oqi. Sane ; of aoiiud mind. 
lahsK^-mii^/. In perfect health. 
ialdh-ujt-7tatab, adj. Legitimate. 
gahlh-im natab betA. A legitimate son. 
tahih aar jmkhtah. Good and valid. 
mhth aur durutt aql, thUi tamajh, Sanity. 
tahih dSo&i n. m. \. just claim. 
ta/iih tolim, yi taldmat, adj, Safe and sound. 
tahik tSiim, yd talibnat rahnd, t. a. 

To keep safe and sound. 
aaJtth tdlim i., v. a. To restore to health; heal. 
ihik/art k., V. a To assume or accept as true. 
toAlA qardr denA yA tajtfu k., v. a. To deter- 
mine or receive em genuine or valid. 
toMh i.,v. a. 1. To sign [dtutthat k.). [register. 

2. To enter in one's account; to book; 

3. To strike ; hit. [tiou of the court. 
taiMh Q }HoKar-i-adalal. The seal and atteata- 
»ahih h., V. n. 1. To be signed, witnessed. 

2 To be confirmed. 3. To be corrected. 

tahih hni. All right, quite correct ; exactly. 

*t/iat jtdnA, yd A., t. n. To recover ; get well. 

*i/ial-i-dmmd meA khatal daltUi, v. a, G. G. 
To cause a public nuisance. 

jAnt-ndtn^, 11. m. 1. A health certificate, 

UyiAi kl sHuU par etirSz k. To question the 
correctness of a judgment. 

A t&'i^ li^ tad da*'khld, n.m. Interest form> 
erly paid ou bonds given to the treasurer 
for revenue paid in arrears. Cctmegy. 

/> tadi ; H. taiUkra. Per uent. 

A jJ^ tad'r, tadar, adj. j^iu facing, upper. 

Principal; capital 
tadar anOn, u. m. 1. A head omm, q. v. 

2. A aul)ordiuate judge loner than tadr- 
Sia, q. V. 'fhe office has been abolished. 
tadar-us-iud^; tadar aSla, n. m. 

The chief juilge or cbauoellor under thfl 
Mah. Government. 

Be was aapecinlly ohar^ed I'itli ths invMtlga- 
tioD of the cue* of nil thow wbo applied to th« 
iiovareijfa for gnats uf raveiiua He hid aUo charge 
of wisf property or raligiou^ oudnwment*, uul tb* 
■ppoiiitmeut of Q/itU nud 'itber Unv officen. 

tatkir bor^, o. m. The highest roveuuo conrt; 
the Board of Revenue. 

tadar panchdyaL A supreme pattehdyat, q. t. 

tadar jama ya mdl-guiari, n. f. The aiun total 
of revenue piiynble to Government direct, 
exclusive of oesses, etc 

tadar div&n, div&n-iSld, n. m. A chancellor. 

tadar dli^dal addlat, u. f. The highest Civil 
Court, now the High Court. 

tadar aan'Ata, n. m. 1. The chief revenue 
office In a district ; the Collector's offica 
2. The head of an office ; iiiglier authority. 

tadar addlal. The Supreme Court of Justice. 

tadar fauj-ddri, addlat, ya )(udniaf addlat, n. t 
The Chief Criminal Court 

tadar qutbandi. An engagement for revenue 
instalments payable to Government by tha 
principal revenue payer as distinguished 
from those entered into with him by bis 

tadarrn&lgtndr, n. m. The head man or 
representative of a joint-tenancy village 
who engages for and pays the revenue due 
from the community to the Govenunent. 

Kvtar mnjittret. Chief imt^Btrota. 
tailar-maqdm, n. m. Hetid qtiarlera. 
ndariiathiA, D. Di. A president. ; cbMrmanv. 
imfastiai^i-imdnr. Be&re-detiukd. 
qitttiium tvddr jidnS. To lawfully issue. 
J«I)A* taJarSVit, nubr-Tn-Mudta; tmhr tadOr, 
Principnl Sadiir anun, nuw called a 
sabordiiiftte Judge. 
A &4iJ-tf tad'ma, tad'nd, a, m. ^.m knocked. 

agftinst. A Mow. 
teut'iia pahonehdnS, v. a. To giv» n btov ; tn 
hurt ; injure. [hot btoud. 

tadaut pakoArh&nA fftttu neh. An asaaiilt in 
tadmi4-}ismSnl. PersMinl violence^ V)odilj hurt. 
Auitv^ »arrSf';{Contentp.)totitIiigilttK-fAf; 
Rus. taroph, XL, m, *^y» dealing. 
A moneychaugOT (jS/iiiiilr). 
iMj*Mrr&f'a}i,n.m. 1. Banking; a^neyolianf^ 

iiig. 2, Tho' nioncy-mavket ; exchange. 
Mtrnl/'u/t Iholn/l, Hrrnfl i., v. a. 

To open n baakiug Him. 
toirife tl !u>lAl. X battkiiig firm. 
^1^ »irrap, n. f. 1. Banking (*a)f''ifay, 
3, The discount *u exchnnge of coins. 
3. ^nt'inde) The eomnierciftl {mah&jtTt) char- 
acter ii3e<l by ini-7>aft and shopkeepors, 
tarrSfl '.hiltla, Amirfi, i/ajxtrehi, b. f>A bcuik 

bill ; a cbecine ; dnift. 
k^ya n. m. 1. Coat. 

iarfi.t>uikl-ft,(i.ij. Secret exponditnre, 

tarf-i-iH.kd. i. A clMirgc or diseomit on tb© 

diRereiit currencies rci;eiT.ible at the public 

troRsury- 2. Au ijD{)oat or^ ccsa estubliuhed 

at one time in Dciig:tl to cover the loss 

accruing on oxcbaoixe of coin, [(jovcmnicnt^ 

tarlSr he Ktff oneA, O. O. At the dispoBal of 

A l43aX«A> lJ v^ »>/ datflAat^ A blank, eo' 

dorsenieut : cnrle blanelte. 
*itf taitlk !/a dttiiJutI k, '\'o eadona in blanJc,. 
Mt/->-ij6ti(^. Outlays fbi* improvementa of laud. 
A **i y* wclA/ adj. ^^e tovb clear. 

Uross; great; palpable. 
tanJi miiiama, t. n. To deny absolntefy. 
ttrHnU-i-tarlA. Manifest necessity. 
^.)*iarlh'a>i,>anhl; Illit. ^nriyan; Hin. Worn. 
t'lryaa, adv. I. Kxpressly ; pntpnbly (tdf 
1.2). 2. Manifestly ; evidently, 
at rte al/di-i^arthl. In express terras. 
*^<^f<ti-i-»arVt. lixpross provisions or terms. 
A^HtjMatf ta^lr-iin, n.m. A minor ; a yonth. 
tagir-tiMl, a. f. Minority ; tender age ; youth. 
A^lJ-0 ti^d'i, a.t.l. Cleaoliaees; clearness. 
3. Conservancy. 

taf'Tl-i^iiiSb, SettlbDMnb of an account. 
t^/^-f-mna^Ulak. Plaii>or fair dealing. 
ta/S-ttdmak, a nw 

1. A Bottlenwnt ; (Tischargo ; acquittance-. 

2. A dsed af rrleRna or of aeituiexaence in tbe 
tnmiBoI a. RSn-Hainii'' ut which it ie the ciuutur- 
pflrt, the hitWr or desAoi acmsent being eieoriteit 
bj- the plnTntiS, tbe- Sufavnimah or deed of 
icqnieicence by tlie dsftiuliint. 

^iod*Att-*(i^dE. Witnesses forthe defence. 
qdnuD-i-ta/X. Conservancy laws. 
mahiama-Mifal. The conaervancy depu^ment. 
A t£,-M^)l-o lalah'iytU, n. f. 

1 . A deposition (idiMr, 3), 

2. A report or return ntade by the police. 
taliMydl-l/a/ii, n. f. 

A diaiy kept in police and revenae offices. 
ial(Aij/al tiJc/indty.Ti. I'o keepa registerof travel- 
' rs in a road-eide inn. 

A.— J-^* 

. 1. The loins. 2. Offspring. 

,^^ tuthX a<lj.. I. Descended or sprung from. 

2. Lcgitiniftte. 
A ^I-o "'/V* J Illit. mim ; H. tnilap, d. f. 
^l<0 vas gi>od. Peace ; truce ; reconciliation. 
tuiah-itiUyaiu, n. f. 

A Toluiitary act oE eoroposition. 
luhK-i-cliand-riotiih,. An armistice. 

ilaA-^iitni, n.C A breach of the pence, [peace. 
(u/a^jl&nt?, Perfect reoonciHiition,- a lasting 
ttilak qafirl. Cotnpulaoiy composition, made 

by order of thujudge or other authority. 
ttt'ith-nilmoA k't AAi/n/'-i'»r:i. 

A.bretich of compromise. 
mlah-ndmak, n. m. 1. A treaty of peace. 

2. A deed of compromise. 
»kar4yat'i-*vlalt, Terms of peace. 
A &^y^' «^i^ ; H. khtm4^ n. m. PI. CfliRy* 

A province. 
ti&ehdar, D. m. I- A. governor of a province. 
^. A native military officer holding a rank 
C(]uiva]ent to that of Captain. 
iHheh-difl, n.f. 1, A lieuteuaucy of a province; 

viceroyalty. 2. ITic rank of tSbrhdHr. 
t^beh-dAri-iyhvlih^ Taxes imposed by the 

mibfhrd&'l in addition to the fised tntea. 
t^eh-dari pamdntt, 

Aji order issued b^y a tSiehdir. 
Aiij) )^ I'tr'al, n. f. See bke». 
tHraS badalnS, v. a. To trunsform ; change. 
»areU tigdrnd. v. a. To deform ; disfigure. 
tHrat banana, v. a. 1. (mli-af dend) To form ; 
figure; give shape to. 2, To personate 
{bhfi badaliid). 3. To ohain ; feign. 

4. To put a fidso coloring or conatruction 
upon ; pass off for. 
turat-ihdl; Pop. tOrathOl. I. (lOrat-i^vamlah) 


The facts or complexion of a case. 
2. A Btfttemeut of the tncU or cii-cum- 
Stances of a case i a written deularatiou; a 
manifesto ; report ; return. 
sarat qaydm lA hai. Is likely to remnin. 
tHrai malidl. A list or i-egister of estates, 
ttirat mufid-i-matlab. Favorable ci re urn stances 
or state. [the case. 

lUrcUirmuqaddamah. Tlie presumptions of 
t&ral'nirmh, n. m. A written detailed account 
of an estate or a transaction, [possession. 
qahie ke tHrat yd qabH. The cbaructer of the 
t&rat yeh hai. The fact is. [event of. 

M sural men, adv. In this case ; but iu the 
jHir JM tHral mtm. If on the other hand. 
dar aUrat, dar gUrate tl. Incase; provided that. 
dar siirat add tta hone. In case of non-payment. 
uAi'ra (Hm(-t-mai74A. G. G. 

Ostensible menns of subsistenc*. 
haf iHrai Tnefi. In nil eases. 
^}tf tarataii', adv. 1. As t> form ; lu form. 

2. In appearance; apparently. 
A i^^Ia-? siy&n'aii n. f. ,ayo preserving;. 

The privilege of beini^ under the proteo> 
tion of tlie lavr, reiitricted to the faithful 
and withhold from aliens and infidels. 

Section; department; office, 
Agah-i-ab-pdthl, yd itahr, 

Canal or irrigation department. 
ifgaii-i-9hk&T%, Distillery dupartnient. 
tSffoh-i-parmat. Customs department, [knot. 
tlf/ah pafkand, Mah. v. a. To tie the nuptiul 
ilgahi-tdmlriU-iraarkO r'l. 

Public worlds department. 
tlffok-i-ditd'nl. Civil departiuont, [appellate). 
iigak'i-addtat. Side of the Court (original or 
ik/ak^'fav.jddtl. Criminal depurtnieut, 
iHgah-i-md(. Kevenue or Financial dcpurtment. 
gigah^mutajarriqat. Miscellaneous department. 
tXgah-i-mn/liv. Fonan paupei-it. [per. 

bcMlffoh-i-mt^fiul. In /orma paa^fit, as ft ^au- 

A &iai U^ tdb'itak ; Rub. jablO, n. m. PL 

taudiiV, b^ maintained. 

Judicial usage; manner of proceeding ; 

ordiunnce; regulution. 
tdita/i baratnd, v. a. To act according to law ; 

take legal measures. 
tOhUak^*, a. m. One aoqu&iuted witb the 

procedure of the Court, 

tShitdh-i-^vSnJ, Civil procedure. 

i&bit<^i-i-iam&aat-na'mah. Form of bond. 

tShitahri-adalat. I «gal procedure; Judiciuliisage. 

zflbilah-i-ad&iat he khUSf. Opposed to judi- 
cial usage ; contrary to judicial practice. 

tdbiCalt-i/aajddri. Criminal procedure. 

tdbile kl Ti u, haA-i-ti^it<ih, adv. In due 
course ; through the legular channel ; ac- 
cording to rule or eatahlisbed pi-actice. 


Body of instructions for revenue officers. 

hd-tdbilait dlnd, (Amlali idiom) v. a. 

To come into Court with the usual bribe. 

bdidbitah mattiAUr h. To duly promulgate. 

be-idbilaA, adj. Irregular; contrary to rule; 
unusual ; informal. 

khildf-itdbUah. A deviation; irr^^lartty; u 
anomaly. [ur law. 

^ClajLa tab'tagl, vlhtgl, n.f. Confonuity to rule 

be tdblt^i, n. f. Informality ; irregularity. 

betdUoffi H surnt. Want of furm. 

bs-tdblagl-i-udlitK Infiirnmlity of procedure. 

Aj^ttf «*'""«; Pop, fdnaii; Rub. jdmem, 
u. m. 1^ was re^ponaible. A surety. 

zdmii dar zdmin. A collateral security. 

idmiii iF bwlal. Discharge of a surety. 

idmi^ h., n.m. To be surety for another; to give 
or stand bail; guarantee; engage for imotliec. 

idmin dend, v. a. To give a surety. 

fel.idmiu. A surety or security foi' good condact 
or for a person's refiainiug from any pro- 
scribed offence or misdemeanor, 

» A security for the discharge efa 
debt ; recognizance ; bail. 

^Li id'ninl ; Pop. tdnml ; Rua. jdniwi, n. f- 
Security ; bail ; pledge ; guarantee. 

idmni par ckhornd, zdmnl maiitdT k., t. *. 
Tu admit to, or accept bail, 

tar-i Mmi'ii, u, m. Money paid as a security. 

laitjir-zdmiHt, n. f. Chftiu security, 

A numlier of peraona biuiling theniselvei Htenl- 
ly or j.iintif fir each uther ; the juint rwpuoeiMlity 
dT UiB ouliivarora »f a (illase or district fcr UK 
whole revenue or for uiaii«y bnrrowed of a buiter. 

fel-idmiid, a. f. Security to keep the peace or 
for good conduct. [pecuniary obligatiou, 

mdl'Zdmii^, n, f. Surety for the payment of any 

AIamO tabt ; Rus. jajHtf, n. m ^fi, n. f- M 
held fast, I. Control; restraint. 2, The act of 
ooufisuaiiug. 3. Seizure; cou^sovtion ; re- 
sumption ; aequestratiun. 

faU k., V. a. To seize or attach property; 
eoufisoate ; resume (an estate). [Hsoated. 

tabt h., zaUl mth dud,, v, q. To be seized, <iOQ- 

mdl-i-zabtX. Property confiscated. 

zabCi ard^l-i-ld-ihirdj yd mua/i. 
Resumption of rent-free lands. 

taba-i-jdikldd, yd mdl. Forfeiture of property. 


uHl td Autm, D m. An order to coufiscute. 
laUi iu ligaq, qdlttl-i-iabti, adj. 

Liable lo Heizure ; contrabaud. 
laUi-ndina, u. m. A deed of oonfidcatioii. 
AP i>>^0>M i_>^ larAwAat^.Urievoushurt. 
jittt tabtl niiCl, luvulviiig forfeiture. 
urh-i-iliodid. Grievous liurt. 
tarab-i-lcluifif. G, G, A slight wound or blow. 
mrab-inhamilAr, n. f. A sword-wuund or cut. 
taralhi-mM'k, n. f. A mortal wound. 
ii<i-i-iarah-ir*ikka. A coiuiug iiistruineut. 
dS^-rd-tarai) ; H. UiiaAl, n. m. The :niiit. 
A \\^ sar'ar, n. ni. jA hurt 1. lujui'y ; detri- 

meut; wrong (cAoi, 1). 2. Damage (tgda). 
tarar pahuAchdiM, y. a. To iojure ; hurt. 
tnrttr-i-jismdni, G. G. n. m. Bodily hurtorinjury. 
tarar-i-thafifi u. m. Slight Imrui. 
tarar-nudnt, n. f. Oiuuiug injury, aunoyauce. 
tarar-i-thadid, G. G. n. m. Grievous injury. 
larar kA khairah, a. m. Risk of hacm. 
bil-irddah zarar jialnmchatiH, G. G. 

Volunlarily cnusing Lurt 
A\jy^ >urtlr', j>ur-*unlr; Pjp. tuHliI, adj. 

j^ neoessitated. 1. Necessary; ui^at; 
importaut 2. Elsaential ; iudispeusable. 
3. louumbeut ; obligatory \ impenUve. 
mrflr, tai-^r ; Rus. jarHr, adv. 1. Urgently. 
3. Certainly ; of course j without fail; 
absolutely; peremptorily. 
turiirtur^r,turii)-hi, bil-iurur, lurHratan, adv. 

1. Urgently ; indiapensably. 

2,£x neeetgilaU in; uecessarily; of or 
hy necessity ; perforce. 

iitrarhai. It is imperative; he id bound to. 

turOrat- i-<uhadd. 

ExtroDie or urgent ueceasity; emergency. 

nrtir (( parnd ya h., v. n. 

To have need of or occasion for. 

ha^ptdr i-turSrat. As needed. [patch. 

nrtlri ehUtIti, n. f An urgent letter or des- 

surjrl iSfn. Urgent work. 

wiatSri/-i-2ururi. Necessary expenses. 

^^.)ir^ ttrurii/dt' a. L pi. of jyjyi Neoeasaries. 

A^L^ nV'J, u. m, pl, azld. 1. A division of a 
proiince; a distriot; a tract of country 
ouustituting the jurisdiction uf a judge and 
collector, or, in Nou- Regulation Proviucea of 
a Daputy Commissiouor. 

2. A column (of a page). 

^Uctiandi, n. f. The division of a province into 

lUlat or districts. [district. 

'UajitvieAbanUohait fit) gayH ha, A aettlvd 

)ldaU»fe-dur,n.m. 1. A district BLiperintaudent. 

2. Au officerwho makes advances to cultiva- 
tors and collects rents, etc ; a Canal Officer. 

3. An uffloer in the Canal Department who 

3 uJ"*' 

supervises measurements and tlie distribu- 
tion of water. 
^jIjaU zile-ddn, n. f. The office of a tile ddr. 

Ajl«-^ iim&r\ Anything uncertain, as dis- 
puted debts, treasure -trove, fugitive slaves, 
and the like ; any property of which the 
possession or recovery is doulitful. 

A 4^^** I'Mndn'. W'lati, n. f. 

According to the Shiai, security for pro- 
perty, whilst kafdiat is personal bail. 

lamdn bU-dark. Bail fur accidents or contin- 
gencies, or any undefined amount. 

zamSn ba-ahilat-uf-mmam,'. 

Security for the fulfilment of a bargain of 
sake on the part of the vendor. 

iamdn lamlik. Compensation for appropria- 
tion of property. 

Tbe imtemnificatiun which amui nho poAsesaea 
only ft sh&re iu a sUre P'J'a Co hLi partuen od set- 
ting the Blave ;Lt liberty, 

lamdn-i-fiudd Damages for personal injuries. 

Ai^->^t*<^ tamdn'al, a. t Security {^•l«). 

tatadnat jadid dd&hil k. To give frosh security. 

iamaiuU-irhifi-i-amai%, yd adaot/asdd. Security 
to keep tbe pence. [ty i give bail. 

tam&aat ddkkU k., yd dend. To furnish socuri- 

zamdiiat-i-kdjl. Sufficient security, [security. 

zaittdn-U kiifi daklui k. To furnish sufficient 

lamdaa- ke qdliiL Bailable. 

tamdaal le-har (^ihorHd,tam'mal peTUi,dk,,\. a. 
To disuhai^e ou bail ; to hold tu bail. 

lamdnat itdmah, n. ra. Bail bond; security 
bond ; a deed of suretyship. 

iiimdnat na dak!til karne ti hdlat meA, ba-tSrat 
adain idklidl-i-zamdnat. In default of se- 
curity ; in the of security not heiuS 
furuished ; fiiilitig to furnish security. 

famuj('i('>iW'fc -cAo/a jii, n- f. 

Security for good liehnviour. 

gair-qdbil-iil-iamdJiat. Not bailuittc. 

U;i*i saiadiiataH,' adv. By way of security. 

tamSa'ati, tdmin, tamdnal dene-vdld, n. m. 

One wlio gives buil or security, [article, 
a .^^ itntn, n. m. 1. A oliiuae; seotioa ; 
2. Contents; body, 

zimn k. Ped.v a. To include ; take in; comprise. 

»mn m;ii, adv. I, In the course of; by the way. 

zimii naviaiadaii. A form of words, 'let them 
write the abstract', formerly inscribed upon 

I'tdgranlmg a. 

ij^nment of revenue 

or ianlndir\, which served as the authority 
for the subordinate otfioers to make out the 
particulars of tbe assignment or grsnt. 
ti*4 H.»'«an, w/Mfcotan, adv. By implication; 
by the way; indirectly. 2. By way of aeonrity. 




iffi»i tiotttauf, u. m. A consideration usually 

received by a surety. [md). 

A&*i^*^ lantim'oA, u.m. An appendix ((a/i'm* 

^Si^\ia tae'/ah, n. m. *^yb going round. 

A corps ; gang. 
tAefah-i-lkagnh led tlMrllc k. G. 0. 

BcloDgiug to n gftug of tbteveB. 
j^ t Jfl tart, n. f. Way. 
iar2-i-!ah^qiU. The mode of conducting an 

investigation or enquiry. 
Uvt-iAaqAm^-rohkiri. A proceeding laying 

dowu the conditions and provisiona of the 

pactition, and Bbiiwing tbo mode in which 

it is to be effected. 
tart-i-iiriiSf, Ped. iMode of ciiltivfttion. 
tan-ixirsit tl k/iUbl. Improved husbandry. 
A UJ J« lar'cif, n. f. PI. atrdf, J>i> looked 

tow^irds. 1. See >}l 1 — 3. 
2. A division of a par^ana or estate. 
tar(^bdAt, u.m. A modification of the bha^yd- 

cftdrd tenure. 

The Area U divided lato two or more Ihokt, held 

in commnDaliCy by iwo or more branchen of the 

praprietaiy commiiuitj. Caritegy. 

tara-f tanl, Tlie opposite or odverse party; 

the defendant 
tarafddr, n. A party-man. 
taraf-ddr, adj. Partlitt {^jdnihddr). 
taraf-ildii, a. £ Leaniug ; party-spirit ; par- 

tiznnship (prls, 3). 
tar(tf-ddrl k., r. a. To aide with (jdmh4drl i.). 
taraf $e. On the part of ij&nib *e). 
bar-tarf. Dispensed with; diamissed; discarded. 
Juki taraf «fl. On whiiae behalf. 
yak taraf, adv. Apart ; Beparate. 
yak-tarfah. One-sided ; tx-parie. 
yai-iarfaJi 4^'% i. f. An ex-pirte decree. 
jt^^ tar/ain', u. m. Both parties ; the parties 

eoQcorued (Jdnibain). 
A V)^ tarlq', tarlqa, n. f. ^^ made away. 

i. Way ; road. 2. Manner. 
■tar^a'itUand, v. a. 1. To shew the way ; to 

direct. 3. To point out the proper course. 
4arifa-i-UUvara. Uode of partition. 
tartqa baratnd, U. G. To work a system. ' 
:(DrIf(l tah4Tt 

A statement of arrangements for the 

collection of the revenue in a villi^e or 

estate, and its general financial result. 

lar^qa-i'Aisdb. Sy8t«ra of account 
tariqa-i-darbdr. Forms and ceremonies [voper 

to a darbs^ or lovee ; fumu of stAte. 
tariqa-i-amal-dar-aauid. Prooedure. 
larlga-i-muqarrara -i-q&n ibi. 

The mode prescribed by law. 
toHqa-i-mi/kli/at . 

Laud tenure ; mode of tenure of land. 
taflqa-i-mundnb. The proper mode. 
ba-tariq, bs'tnur, adv. 

In the way of ; by way of ; as though. 
ba-ttirJq-i-amdHal. Bv wny of deposit. 
batariq-i-nujavv<uait-i-qanwi. As by law en- 
acted, [pauper. 
ba-tarTq-i-mufiCn. In forma pauperis; as a 
oildl'it mert talab kame kd tarlq. How brought 
before a oourL [to be brought 
raaqaddamaptih kame kd tarlq. How a suit ii 
A^^ f^n, tdn, idna ; Worn, tdria (u&ml, 

land mend, n. m. Taunts. 
t&Hd (Undjai»e ' tnni le ki/dho ttikld kaV G. 0. 
To defy ; manifest contempt of opposition. 
A Jil* tifi i H. haeJichd ; Saut gi^cL, n. m. pL 
aifal.. A child {hachchd, 1). [fonndling. 

tifi-i-u/t-^dah, Ped. for; H. pdyd bdltii. A 
tif{-i-»h!r.kltudr; H. dOdl^pUd biUok, n. m. 

A sucking child. 
tifl-i^iihVi-Hn-wiiitb \ H. hulvatiRbachchd, 

A legitimate child. 
i/tiffairtahlAun-naaab. G. G. A bastard chiM. 
tifl-i-gair-tahih-un-iuual) kw. Sn aulad roAM 

liai. A bastard child, fitiut nuUiui. 
Aj'ift^ (ii/btT, n. m. Intervention; media- 
tion (*"f)0). (agency ot 
tvfail, tvf'iil te, adv. Through the merits or 
A jUie ^«?'; nut. <a//<l2 ; Saut. *ata« (leaf) 
o^fj (i-end), u. £ ,}U* loosed, separated. 1. A 
divorce; repudiations. Oath (ftMom). 
taldq-i-Udat, {bidaZ iunovation, heresy.}, 

Hetei-odox divorce, in which tlie husband 
makes the usnal declaration three times in 
one mouth. This is deemed irreveraihle. 
ta!&q ba-nait o nafqa. A mentd et taro ; Arom 

bed and board. 

taldq jo qanh-vir-mnrg ?u}ne kl hdlat meA dijSv*. 

X death-bed divorce. [away (a wife). 

ta/dq dimd, V. a. To divorce ; repudiate ; put 

taldq-i-gannat. Mah. A divorce according to 

the traditional law. 
taldq kindyat. A divorce in which the temu 
used, although not expressly declaring a 
divorce, are legally sufficient. 
talaq-ndina. 4 deed of divorce. 
tald'i'i, laldqan. A divoToe; oue divorced. 
A ^^Utf tal'tA, n, f. (In tompot.) Seeking. 


A decliu-ation roiule heton nitnessea. 
One of tha Ipgtl lorma to Im obam'red iu asMrt- 

iog the rigbc of preemption. ICb obMrv&Dce coii- 
•uita in the preeraptor calliug poriona to Witnes* 
either on the pcemisFB or in the prennce ol tha 
pirtf In poHMHion (whether gellar or purchwor) 
uid njing. — "auchdonBhu purchased this pro 

nrtf anil I lure a right uf pn]em])tiuD, to which 
ikve Uid elnita and which J still claim. Bear 
witnws, tharefors, to the fact" TiiU torra hug 
to be gone through aft«r the immediate clum [taiab 
naiSiliat) baa tiaeD made. Ufth. Lav. 

talitb^dql. An account showing the sums 

renliaed and balance due. 
taiab-chiuhi, tala/Hlutak ; talab-TtSmd, 

A Tarrant ; aummous ; writ ; a written 

demand fur arrears of revenue, 
toioi ihtuSmal, 

The claim by litigation, or the formal in- 

■titution of a suit at law by a preemptor. 

This is preceded by the immediate claim 

tad affirmation by witaeueB {U^ab lUuod 

tabat and taiab tt^ad). Uah. Law. 
to/oi mavdtaixU. 

Ati immediate claim or demand as applied 

to the right of preemption. 

It ia m.-vle as sooa as tha fact of the uls of the 

proparc; claimed is knuva to tUa cluuuuit by pre* 

emptiou. Hah. Law. 
taiab £., v. a. 1. To call for; aummon. 

3. To demand ; claim. 3. I'o exact. 
tala^ar, n. m. A seeker; claimant. 
talab-nHma, n. m. A iumraona (ta/ittah). 
tiLib laibA'tuih, a. m. I. Fees to peons for 

Hrring procees. 2. The fee payable to a 

witness. 3. Daily pay to conatables, etc 
taihSaufh ddihil k.. T. a. To pay wttnesH's fees. 
^fU> taTo&i; Pop. tat^, a. i. SumrooDs (baldvd). 
loibl A., V. n. To be called or summoned. 
Ajjlo taw, n. m. Way ; conduct. 
bortaur-i-rata^, adv. Rateably ; in proportion ; 

share and share alike. 
ba-laur-i-mainCU. Re^rulavly ; as usual ; as eS' 

tabliahed by cuatum. [way of comparison. 
htt^aur-i-muq&hUah, adj. CompEiTAtive ; by 
ba-tatir-i^iauqaddaaiah. As a preamble ; intn> 

ductory ; prefatory. [a slave. 

gvJ&oi ka taur tharlditi. Q. G. Buying as 

,ia iauan a htrkan, adv. 

Jf^aleiu volem ; by force. 
A j^^ fdDidr', u. m. yJt heaped. A heap. 
timar-jami. The sum total of the land re- 
Ten ue according to the register. 

Tbe recorded staudard aaAauniant of the land 
raraaue of tha provinoM of the llogal einpireiattia 
Taiga of Akbar, as aattled by his miuiater, Todai 
Xal, and ■iibaequaiiU; revised at diffarsut periods 
down to ths time of Ute grant of the DivSnl to tha 
East India Compaiiy. 


A JU2i tdlin lulm'i ; Rub. julmi, adj. 

Oppressive; tyrannical. 
A jytto tahir, adj. Apparent. [iug that 

t^r Ito ki. Be it known that ; whereas ; see- 
ijlai zaliir i., y, a. To sham poverty. 
ra!d-mand'i idltir A., v, a. To Bijjuify consent. 
IS-Umi tahir k., v. a. To affect ignorance; to 

pretend not to kuow. 
1^^ lit tdh'irH, tahiran, tShir meA, adv. 

Apparently ; so far as appeantnces go; 

Mtensibly. [sistence, 

tS/tira tilrat-i-maiUh. Ostensible roenns of Bub- 
tHhirl hAlal, External state or condition. 
A ^U& «i*'w J Bus. jtttoin, n. m. 1. Oppreasinn; 

Bitortion ; tyranny. 2, Violence ; force; oat- 
rage. 3. Griovauoa ; duress ; hardship. 
4. A heavy assessment. 

ndm bar i&t-i-khiw. Piivaty injury or wrong. 

in/ni ««, a<lv. Unjustly; tyrounioally. 

zidmri-tarlh. Flagrant injury ; gross injustice. 

lulm-i-dm. A public wrong. 

tail)* k., T, a. 1. To oppretss; tyranuize. 
3. To wrong ; injure ; extort 

tutm bldat $e, adv. Vexatiously. 

tulm Mtam, gd tdaJdi, a. f. Multraatmoiit. 

j^ J2fi(inn,«in,n.m.^)B opined. 1. Impression; 
notion. 2. Conjecture. 

lann-i-i/aiib. Strong or violent presumption ; 
great pi-obability. 

A y^ wAr, n. m. The hack ; the upper or 
outer portion, as the outer fold of a letter. 

tohr-i-iaman par. On the back of a summons. 

Il \y^ mAdr'; Pop. »&tln!, n. m. Aoorn- 
iiig or arising (as a cause of action), 

tvhar biu&i davO. Cause of action. 

tnhUr men Aiia, v n. To aiise. 

bar vaqt tuhdr-i-bindi ddvd. At the time nhen 
the cause of action arose. 

A l^^lc SdeOan', Fed. adv. From habit ; habit* 
ually. [ing in slaves. 

adatoR ffuldntoA ki iSrobSr i. Habitual de^ 

A^yiJiU: adil-ul-ra&n. 

In Mah. law, a third party to whose keep- 
ing a pledge or secunty given by a borrower 

to a lender is entrusted. 

Goog l 

A H I'm- ii^J^ ^'^ ^-) ^•^- <J*;* bsppeaed, 

1. To befall. 

2. (Law) To bar; debar; interdict. 
arii-i-qalii. A perpetual bar. [event. 
A&^\U dr'iim, iiiah, a m. Aa itioident; 
dri'ea-i-jumdm. Infirmity of body. 
S>iia-i-dimaffi. lufirmity of miud. 

aritd kad-immdat <td IdJta^ k. To he b.irred 
by lapse or efflux cf time ; to be barred by 
the law of Limitatioii or statutory limits. 

arta-i-qSndnt. G. G. A legal defect. 

^)U dr'zl, adj. Not re'tl, e^seutial, or iaberent. 

AF &.aUh=.^il£ di-iyat-ndaiA. Au «ngagemeat 
to return any article or property which has 
been given on loan or in trust. 

A ^1^ c»^U djiyat-i-tdt%. PeraoDul safety. 


Public tranquility ; the public good. 
A ^U dq, adj. Disinheiited ; out off from 

hereditary right, 
da tariid, irt seiluirij k., t. a. ' [right. 

To disinherit ; out off from hereditary 
uUU dq-tidma. Deed of dia inheritance. 
AfX^ <*'ni. adj. fB waa common, pi. avdm. 

1. (nmmd) Common; geuenil generic. 

2. Ordinary («ddhdrai)). [in which. 
dm u ae i:i,G. G. Whether ; including the case 
drn'/oAm, adj. Intelligible to all ; popular. 
dmrlif, adj. Public ; pertaining to Uie nation. 
dm log, avdfit,avam-ul-nds, 

'llie common people ; the masa. 
dm mdt. Common property. 
dm mtA, adv. In public 

dm mijah itliliqtiq. A general ground of right. 
dm vajak muk/idtamat yd nSlith, 

A general cause of enmity ; a general 

ground of action. 
ikhtij/dr-i-dm, G. G. Ordinary jurisdiction; 

general powers. [ing. 

jaiMri-dm. & general assembly; a public meet- 
A J^t^ Vwi/, n, m. 1. Doer; agent. 2, An 

authority; an executiTo or ministerial officer. 

3. Revenue collector. 4. Conjuror (l*^)'). 

amil-i-pulii, G. G. A police officer. 

Smil-i-qtirqi. An officer executing distress. 

doiil-ndmi. A warrant of power from Govern- 
ment, authorizing a person to take posses- 
sion of anything ; a power of attorney. 

dmii-i-nildm. Au officer holding or conduct- 
ing a sale. 
/el kd dttul. The person doing the act. 

A JlJU ll'iittd, adj. jj* returning. 

1. Alighting ; resting. 

2. Liable ; subject to ; amenable ; open 
to; incident; obnoxious to; exposed to. 

dyadhud. Subjected to; laid on; chained, 
dyad A., v. n. 1. To alight or rest upon. 

2. To be amenable, liable, or subjected to. 
hiqdrat dgad kui. Q. G, Exposed to oontempt. 
said At/id kl jdaegl, 0. G. Sliall bo puuished. 
vohl tdvdiidt dyad ho take^e. 

Amenable to the same penalties. 
Auyjli* il.d'rat, a. f. Style. 
ihdrat-i-la*diq. Verification ; attestation. 
ibdrat-i-zohri. A blank endorsement. 
ibdrat-i-2o}tri'i-k/id*. A special ; eudorsement. 
ibdrai-i-zohri I'lkhnd. To endorse; to write on 

the back of a paper or writing. 
ihirat zohrl kS aa liihd rahni. Bearing a 

blank endorsement. [fence). 

ibdrat /d kotdJtl, G. G. Deficiency (in a sen- 
A APja" ^_^J^ )*'i^ ^hUr-i-daryari-thoT, 

H. kdld pdnl, Transportation beyond seas. 
vh&r-i-dar-yd-i-tlior k.; H. kdlefdiil hh^nd, t. a. 

To transport beyond seas. 
A k^^lbliC Uddl'at, addlal-i-mtfjavnta, a. t. 
A court of law, judicature, or justice ; a 

tribunal ; bench. 
ad3lat4-ib'iddl ikhtiydrdt-i-divdm. 

A court of wi^inal Civil jurisdiction. 
addlatriibliddl. ilAtiydrdt-i-fm^&ri. 

A court of original Crimiual jurisdictioQ 
addlal-i-af'd. G. G. A court of appeal. 
addlat-iapil-i^>i:li.Vr vdqe Hind. Court of the 

last resort in India; the High Court, 
ai^ldl-i-(ugar, mStaht, yd adnd, 

A Bub(»^inate, iuferior, or lower court 
addlat dmir-i-nVdnL The Court issuing an 

order for sale by public auction, 
addlal bdda!idhl, yd «AdAi The kin^a court. 
addlal^andk. Asylum of justiofr, 
addlat-i-cltJidonl, A military court. 
addlat i'taftfa, yd lAurd. A small cause court. 
oddlat-i-dlvdtA, n. f^ 

Civil court ; a court of Civil jurisdiction . 
addlat-i-tiihan, Sesatous court. 
adixtalri-iila. A District court, 
addUU-i-dliydh, The High Court. 
addlat dntU-i-hukdjnttt-i-mwuif&nd. A court 

exercising an equitable jurisdiction. 
addlat-i-ftrittlnda-i/camlgluin. The Court from 

wliich a (.kit II mission issues. [diotion. 

addliit-i-faujdari. A court of criminal juris- 
add/at kd muiidJU, nu^a/U-daflar, A I'ecord- 

keeper; protbouatory. 
addlat k., v. a. 1. To administer, or dispense 

justice. 2. To exercise judicial powers; 

to try eniia at law. 

, Google 


adSlat ke KtiJem le. By tt, refarenoe from the 
Court; by order of the Court. 

aJaliU te kulimkatdm'l Itarne-vdld. A bailiff ; 
nil officerof the Court who Bervea writs, etc. 

adalal ek znrye »e. 

Judicially; by a power of the oourt. 

ndalal-iftnaL A raveaue court, 

adSiat-imnjat. A competent court or tribunal; 
a court of competent juriadiction. [decree. 

adalat-i-mujairviia diffri. The ooiirt passing a 

adslal-i-mura/a-i-iild. A court of first instance; 
the court in wliich a suit is first brought; 
court of original jurisdiction. 

addlat-i-murafii-i-tditi. A court of second in- 
stance ; a lower Appellate court. 

aiUai nim dne kH vMuaab rakhti'l. 
To have a locus standi in Court. 

adSlat meA mdkhiii k. To bring to justice. 

tn-idr-i-ar/dlai. Aotiii^ judicially. 

iHrij oz addlat hond. To be out of oourt ; to 
have no toctii ttiindi in court. 

dasCar-i-adalal. Judicial usage. 

niiOmi^-addiat. Tiie Supreme court of crimi- 
nal justice, nominally presided over by the 
yaiijn, or Ticoroy of the province. 

saabat 14 ba-mldlal pahicnchn<>. To resort to 
legs! proceedings ; to have recourse to law; 
to go to law ; institute legal proceedings ; 
to resort to a court of law. 

jUlj* Aia7a(i, adj. l.Just; true. 
3. Judicial. 3, Actionable. 

^I» SddlatuM. Two courts of jusiioe, i. e. 
the civil and the criminal, 

A LSJjtiJ.* Mdv'at; Ru3. iaddval ; P. dtuhmam; 
H. hair, n f. ] j« returning. 
Hatred ; spleen, [ma 

addvat hiJ-qa&d. Malice prepeme ; deliberate 

adivatijOilti, a»% yd zdtl, 

Natural Antipathy ; animosity, 

adSmt-i-di^,yd qalabi. Secret malice or enmity. 

vddvat raklind, v. n. To hear malice, 

addmit te, adv. Maliciously ; feloniously, 

ad^at viidind, v. a. Toresent; avenge oneaelf. 

^,ij« adds' all, nAy M.tlicious; felonious. 

addvaa n&lish. A mulicious prosecution, 

A ti) iW Udat, Mah. n, f. The time of legal 
probation which a divorced woman or a widow 
must wait before she marries again, in order 
to determine whether she is pregnant. 

iddat meA taithnd, v. a. To pass the time of 
iddat it) seclusion from strange men. 

A Jti^Sdt; Pop. adal, Justice (JUiJl). 

adl t., V. a. 1. To do justice ; to decide accord- 
ing to equity and good oonaoience. 
2. To judge ; decide. 
ajl-fustan,u. £ The ad miniat ration of justice. 

A,><J^ « 

I. ^jA lacked. 

Non-existence; nonentity. 

adaraehzdr yd hHiiTi. Default of appearance; 

adam'ikhliydr-i-gamdat. Want of jurisdiction. 

ada-mi-add. Non-payment; default of piiyineut. 

adnin-adae-JnrmSi'd. Default of payment of fine. 

adam idh'tdl-i-iamdnat, fiefault of security. 

adam isletdat. 1. Insufficient or no assets; in- 
solvency. 2. Inability to pay ; want of means; 
disability; impecuniosity. 

adam-itdfU. Nouoomplianoe; non-observance, 
disobedience ; insubordination; contumacy. 

adam. iqrdr. Non atsumpsit, 

adam-indirSj. Non-entry. 

adam-piiravi yd khahqrgirj. Default of prose- 
cution ; default ; failure ; neglect. 

adaw-tasrlK. Want of specilication. [ance. 

adamlauill. Nou-execution ; uon-servjcej abey- 

adam4dmil sliart-i-mueki/k i. 
Forfeiture of recognizance, 

adam-iakmil. Non- execution. 

odam-tandiAl. 1. Absence of effort ; remissness. 
3. Negligence; habitual neglect 

adam-lavijj'ihi. 1. Inattention; inadvertence; 
non-observance. 2. Disregard ; neglect ; 
carelessness. [deuce. 

adamrsalM. Absence of proof; defective evi- 

aitam-javSb. NUdl dicit. 

ado. n-jaud^, adzm-Jaitdil Illegality ; invalidity. 

adam-hardia. Nou -del i very. 

adam-ddiliild. Non-entry. 

adam-daifeihl. Non -product ion. 

adum-dastiy^. Non est inventus ; non at. 


Want of connexion or relationship. 

aditm^dbiliyat. Incapacity ; dioqualifioation, 

ail<im-q(lhiliyi,t-irzd€i. Pentonal disqualification. 

adam^dhiliyai shirHi. Legal incapacity. 

adan UySqat. Disability ; inability. 

adtTn-fura(ai. Want of leisure. 

adam-mutdbiqat. Want of correspondence; 
anomaly {ihlUilaf, I, 2.). 

adam ma'ni'iidgi meh, In one's absence, 

odam-vdqAyat, a. f. Ignorance; unconsciousness. 

kal-adam, adj. Non-existent ; null and void, 

kal-adam k., v. a. To rescind; quash; make void. 

kal-adam jSnnd, t. n. To set at nought ; treat 
as null. [nought. 

kal-adam k., v, n. To become extinct ; come to 

A^«X^ J, j^e drfiWaiMijn.f. Disobedience 

of orders; evasion of process; insubordination. 
ud^hukm k., v. a. To disobey; to refuse to 

obey ; to be refractory. 

A jS^ ^i Il'i^ kmt; Ru8. vjar, vajar, n,m. 

1. Objection {baJu). 3, Pretext 
3. Apology. 


sy , r 

•ur ilA'i^dr-i'-famdfK.Pleft in bar of jorudiction. 
«*r £071 f((iAnd, V. a. 

To reserve a right of objeotion. 
Kw ia^i JM rakhiid, v, 11, To leave no objoctioa 
uiiauBn'ered; ti> leave no ground for objection. 
Mir-t'-AartiU. Pleik of exeniptioii. 
uir i-be-beSql. Plea of payment in full. 
lUT-i-bfja, lagv, yd be-fdeda, 1. A fii voloua eicusa 
2. A weak, vain, or bad plea; an impro- 
per objection. 
vMr-ibe zSbtagi yl khUaf tarithta^. A techni- 
cal objection ; au objection as to tha irre- 
gularity, or informality of a proceeding. 
vtr-piilr, adj. I- Excusable. 

2. Adoiisaiblc (plea). [ceptton to. 

virpak k., T. a. To plead ; object ; take ei- 
vtr-i-tabnlyat. A plen against adoption. 
wn* ItUtim k., yd rnam^r k., v. a. To admit, 

recogniie, or allow a plea or objeotion. 
utr-i4anJiuti. A preliminary objectiou. 
uir-i-tharelid. Piea of costs. 
i«v-rfar. Oljjector; claimant. 
uir-ddrl, n. t 1. A statement of objectlona. 

2. A cross- d<i maud ; a caveat. 
wrddrlk., v a. To put in a petition of inter- 
vener ; to bring forward an olijcction. 
mr ro^iloi nutjrai. A plea of set-off. 
tur-i-nvt}}'. A plea of oustom or usage, 
vtr-i-Mhiiil, A verbal plea. 
tar-i-dm, A general plea. [jurisdiction. 

tar-adain-iUiliydr-i-tamdat, Plea of want of 
uzr-i-ffolaH. Plea of error, 
Mtr-t/wei. Plea of fraud. [apologiie. 

utr k, yd IcLnS, t. a. I. To offer au excuse ; 
2. To take objection ; contest {etii-dtk. 1). 
utr qShi!-i-piiird^ wtr-i'mitqill, An admissible, 

reasonable, -or valid plea or objeotion. 
VMr-i-qdnHiti. A plea in law ; a legal objection. 
vsr-i-qaift. A valid objection. [jectioQitble. 

tar Ik qSbil, qdhiU-uzr, 1, Eicusable. 2. Ob- 
mr-i-Gahg-barar. Plea of alluvion. 
vxr-i-Gang-nhika't. Plea of diluviou. 
tw ndrii^ili-iamilat. An inadmissible plea. 
tw-imud<la&-alaih. \ plea urged for thedefenoe. 
uer maiaSr, yd quhW na k., v. a. To overrule 

au objection ; to reject a plea. 
iur-i-n^dligl. Plea of minority. 
tar ttaJiiA, No objection. 
tur-i-virOtat. Plea of ialieritance or heirship. 
b&-tur. Without an excuse, 
A S^ye St-t'ah, a. m. j»;« space. Space, 
ar»a-i-mumtad tak himr rakknd. G. O. 

Prolonged detention. 
ana-i-vdhid yd mutaaddad. Fed. Portion or por- 
tions of time. [of money, 
A ^>^ ^1 II- ™' Personal property exoloaiTS 
art-iin^. A report ; return ; invoioe. 
arz-be^, (In Euteru Oovts.) An officer who 

presents letters and representations ; the 

chief petitioner. [preuenutioiL 

an-ihdl, n, ra. A statement; complaiut;^^- 

arz k., v. 0, I . To request ; Ix^ ; apply ; make 

application. 2. To submit ; state humbly. 

3. To propose ; suggest ; move, 

4. To report; represent; memoriotiie. 
ait-hunindah, arzi diliandak. n. m. Petitioner. 
art rndrUt. Petition ; request ; case. 

^j« dfrt, art4d»hf; Rus. arjl, at^U, n. f pi. 

ardii A written statement, petition, or 

otrii juaia k.. v. n. To bring an action ; sue. 
ani mQrammtt, maramm^i tavdt. A petition 

to amend or add something to a petition 

already filed ; a petition of amendmeut 
arA^mljibal. A representation of reasoDS 

or pleas ; a petition or j»Iaint setting forth 

the grounds thereof. 
rue anl-dAve par. Upon the face of the plaint, 
ma>'tKt6 mundarja'i-artlddtiil. 

Tiie subject matter of plaint. 
mardtib mttndarija-i-anl-ddve hdzA it vajch 

nahlA paidd fioli. 

The subject matter of this plaint does 

not constitute a cause of action. 
aril-ddvd, n. m. A petition of plaint ; the 

&r8t pleading in a suit. 
ar*l gtizrdnnd, lagdnd, Idnnd, thoknd, yd And, 

T, a. To present a petition ; file a plaint, 
arzl lend, t. n. I. To receive a petition. 

2. To entertain a cose. 
argl miuanna. A duplicate plaint. 
arii'iiaini, n. ra. A acriveuer ; one wlio writes 

out petitions for suitors ; a notary, [pondenca 
SrOii avr ahidm. Petitions and orders ; corres- 
A LJsfi irf; H. botld ndm, n. m. 
Otherwise called ; aUat; or. 
A iJLijf h'lat; Rus. vjat, a. f. ja was hij^. 

Honor ()>jT). 
iizat Ugdrndt vtdrnd, thond, yd lata, bfuttU i^ 

V. a. 1. See dln-H uidmd. 

2. To insult; doflour; ravish; outr^^ 
iiiat-vdtd. A respectalile man ; a man of rank, 
6e-w;a(,adj.Diagraced(rtwtifi). [defamatioa. 

he-iizaR, n. f IjOSb of reputation; dishonor; 
A i^txxJU ( jMf aihar-ultijdrat. 

A duty on merchandise amounting to a 

tenth of it'a value. 
A ^A^ytAA tubVyat. Affinity entitling to 

a share of inheritance — ao«H^ing to aome 

authorities, to a aizth. 
A ta.^»<A tf lUm'at, itmat, n. f. f^* preserved, 
1. Chastity. 2. The pardah (acreon) or 

secluaion in trhtch women are required to live. 

3. The oftre nnd defence of property bj 
the owner, and the protection of person and 
property by the atate or the law. 
t^yOeSio; H. Jor, n. m. pi. ^^f q. t. 

Member; limb. 
<im-i-tand»u/, a. m. Afemfirvm virile, 
im-thilcnni. Mutilation ; maiming. 
ets hA kiltii yd bekSr k., r. a. 

1. To cut off a limb. 2. To mutilate. 
AtW lU'a, n. f. }lw giTJDg. 1. Bounty i 

benefaction {f^^)- [sidemtion. 

2. Au eaduwiiieut 3. A concession ; con- 
ofd I:., T. a. To aaaigu ibakhthna) ; concede j 

accord ; vest in. 

ata^aaui. A grant {brdAtkUk-nSma). 

tanad imuhariatd iUdiyAr ihtimSm taria i- 
taauratl. Grant of udmiuiatrutiou to the 
eaUte of the testator. [C^)- 

Jl£.4a« Stl'j/ah,ji. m.A jtrant; an assignment 

aaga-i-ardtl, A grant of land. 

alij/ah-i-iMdddi, A grant-in-aid. [grants. 

atiyai-janff^ tw Ardn. Jungle and waste 

adyak-i-dSr, G. U. A grantee ; au assignee ; a 

oTiyah-i-iarkiir, n. m. A Government grant. 

v^ya-i-thahi, yd tuttdiH. A royal grant. 

oOS/a-iM'thaiii, A religious grunt. [(jwoaV 

A<£-^ l/'/s'i n. f. kia abstained. Modesty 

ifat oisA hk^lnl dalnd, G. G., t. a. 
To outrage modesty, 

A ytc 4'^ ; P'>p> "fi^ ■>, m. yU erased. 

Pardon ; forgiveness ; remission of sins. 

qfv k., V. a. To pardon (baJcIuhnd, 2). 

a/f-i'-tna«Ar-tI'. Conditional pardon. 

afc A , V. n. Tu be pardoned. 

Ai>A«^d, n. m. <»<• tied, 1. A contract; 
compact. 2. (ajrf^-ntidA) The marri^e knot 
or covenant. 

aqd-iiitObat. A contract of kitdbat or con- 
ditional ransom granted by a master to his 
slave. [(ntioA-fUfApfS). 

aqdd^nah; H. biySM:ariS, a. m. Marriage fees 

ofil-tiiitti, n. f. Concluding a contract, more 
wp. the tying of the marringe-knot [chase. 

«qd-viaii o Aira, A contract of sale and pur- 

aqd-i-tahriti. A contract (fheiah). 

a^ifohn. A mortgage contract, 

oqiti-eabaai. A verbal contract, 

ogi' k., V. a. To take or give in muriage ; to 
marry; wed. [contract. 

aqd-adm<'h, uitdi^ttSmah, Marriage deed or 

aqd, yd aqd-bandi A., v. n. To be married. 

A jA«^I;lllit.a^«RnB. Ala/, aUal; H. 
tamt^ B. t Jl> restraining. Sense. 

9 fl* 

oql mtn /utui: Unsound mind. 

dttratt oql, Sound mind. 

A c:^*Ac &niib'at, n.f. v^ came after. Punish- 
ment inflicted by the Magistrate at his dis- 
cretion (1). [of^i-i.') 

A P ^U* aUatI, adj. Of half-blood. {Opp 

A iSAa fUdq'ah ; Fop. ildqS, n. in. ^la clung 
to. See ju; 1, Z. [affinity. 

1. Dependency ; affiliation; correlation; 

2. Part {sarokar). 3. Bearing ; relevancy; 
allusion. 4. Tenure; holding. 

6. An estate ; manor. 6. Province ; 
division; district; circle; parish. 

7. Jurisdiction; beat. 8. Otfioe ; post 
ilSqah uth gayd. The ouunection was severed. 
ildqnh rakhtid, v. n. To ho allied, or associated 

with; have affiuity with ; to be correlated, 
or dependent on {tdalltiq ralshnS). 

ilSq«k le Wtar. lieyoud the limits. [poDsible. 

itd'iafi »e mavakliud tha. The estate was re- 

ildqa-iaddlat. The jarisdictiun of a court. 

i/Sqe laeA. Within the limits, or jnrisdiction ot 

ild-ia-ddr. One who engages aa agent or re- 
presentative for the payment of the assess- 
ed revenue. 

A iA"*li* fUSm'at, n. f, fU knev. 1, A sign. 

atSnuU-i-das !hkal. 

A mark in place of a signatnre. 

aldmat-i-mardl. Membrum virile. 

A 'i^U' Sldiityah, adv. Openly; in pnlilie; 
before everybody. [publicly. 

atdHiyah kah^d, v. n. To speak openly or 

khu/yah o aldniyah tahqlqli k., V. tt. To make 
euquity botti secretly and openly ; to 
make a tfaorougli investigation. [tion. 

tttdniya rithvat-iitdnJ. G. G. Notorious corrup- 

A Ufc-U teiat, n. f. > hetel. 1. Oaoae (4-<li 1). 
2. A charge {iltdm, 2); count (of an 

iltal-i-ddrtl. An indictment. 

ba-illal, adr. Through ; fur ; in a charge of 
(ba-tabab). [chan^ 

bar bindU illat-i-tarmlm.1. Upon an amoiided 

ba-itlal^ ibltdvt, G. G. Through dubiousness or 
nncertaiuty. [of decFee, 

ba-iliat-i-Jrdi (IfTH.In satisfaction or ezeontjon 

ba-Mat bdqi. Ou acoouut of arrears. 

ba-iUat-adaM adde baqdyd^ligStt. On account 
of the non-payment of arrears of rent. 

fard-i-qardr-ddd-i-jana vuA ei yd ziy&Uih illat- 
»A thdmii ho foM liain A charge may con- 
tain one or more heads. 

jurm ii iltat meA. Fur any offence. [knowledge. 

^6Ji^vxti» Ji£t/m-»-iMit^nidna.G.Q,Crimiual 


A'^yU iia/oA, n. m. J^ re;;ding. 

A pension ; atipeud ; salary ; BubaiBtence : 
mouey (-I*!;)^ I, 2). [upon 

A jJf Sid; (In coDip.) «/; H.jmc, prep. On ; 

al-al-itliedl, ndv. In n series ; in succession ; 
conBecutively ; teriatiia. [sevenilly. 

af-al^'mSl o al-al-iiffirdd, adv. Jointly and 

alal-itldq, niv. Absolutely; solely. 

alal-infirad, adv. Severally, [auccesBively. 

al-at-tavAttir,nA.y, In BUCieSiion; repeatedly; 

al-al-hu&b, Hiiv. Suspense account. 

al-ai-KUdb dtnd, \. a. 

To ninkeftdvancoB to bo adjusted after- 
wards i make pttyinenta on account 

etl-alkJinaiu, adv. Pnrticulariy ; especially. 

al-ad-davam, adv. Permanently; in perpe- 
tuity ; for ever. 

o^iu-j i&i'A, adv. In the morning. [(<(ItKaraH, I.). 

al-al-itmH-ii, u>niinian,ftdv. In geuerni ; generally 

ala-qadr-imaratit According tc rauk, or degree. 

^^.Uiriif^ ala-lidi-al-qandt, 

In like manner; similarly ; likewise ; mu- 
tatis mulandis; ditto ; on thtd measure. 

AP^J.aa.'Jj:''''"t^ajI; Pi>l'- ala/id;,l,a.t. 
Severalty; separation. 

al4h'ila;ii-ilU*n», Separation of shares. 

s ^»Ac il/ai^'i£iA,a?<i^^ft,adj.nudadv.Separite. 

aialulali raihnd, v. a. To appropriate ; set 
apart; segregate. [apiece. 

alakiiah, aiahdak, adv. Separately ; one by one ; 

alahdah k., v. a. To separate. 

tUahilak k., V. D. To be separated (alaff h.), 

mSl aiahdd h, To part with a property. 

A ui^(<£ Xmdi^at, n, f. y»» lived, iuhabit«d. 

Any large huildinff ; an edifice. 
mahal:nut-i-imdrai'i-Mrkdri, O. G. n. m, 

Public works department. 
At*^<>' 'amotiaR'; P. dldak odOnittah; H. 

jdn b&jh-ke, adv. Wilfully ; in cold blood. 
amadan ikhfdi i-jardi/nm-i-tan^ln. G, G. Wil- 
ful concealment of heinous ofFoiicea. 
amadan tarar ahadid pahu^Iidnd, v. a. 

Voluutarily causing grievous hurt. 
A y*^ fimr ; Pop. umar; H. drbal, u. f. Age. 
umr bhar, adv. For life ; during the term of 
natural life. [land. 

umr bhar it mitqfi. A life tenure of rent-free 
umr-jiaUd, A leaae for life. fment for life. 

umr-t/aid, n, f. ddim-ul-kahf, n. m. Impriaou- 
umr-qaidi, n, A prisoner for life. 
A O^ U v*£ &>nr o taid ; H. kalnit, mah&, n. m. 

John Dos and Richard Roe (•*{}). 


A J~*« Arn'ol, n. m. J^ worked. 

1. Practice ; work; husiueas; employtneDt; 
operation {ikkiydr, 8). 'i. Act ; deed ; work; 
action ; agency. 3. A charm ; spell ; a mystic 
word or incantation. 

4. Measure ; process; procedure. 

6. Eieoution {tddhan). 6. Effect (ajar). 

7. Administration (amald^ri). 
g. Intoxicating drinka. 

9. The inanngement of any land orbnsi- 
nesB on behalf of another. 

amal paltd, amal daitak, anvil tan/td. 

A deed appoin'ing an agent or manager; 
a warrant authorizing a person to collect 
the rents ofsn estata [charm. 

ami pafhnd, v. n. To mutter a spell or 

ama'ddr'. A manager ; an agent ; a collector of 
revenue ; an officer appointed to collectthe 
revenue of an eatate whichbas beenattach- 
ed by Govammeut. . 

amallxmarrud. Contumacy; contempt; re- 
cusancy ; defiance. 

amal-i-l dicim'i. A judicial act. 

an^-ddrt, n.f, 1. Limits of jurisd lotion i'^!^)- 

2. Government ; reign; lordahip. 3. Tl>e 
district governeii ; a coUectorship. [cess, 

*•!) J J^ 'amai dar-dmad. A proceeding ; pro- 

amal-dar-dmid t, v, a. To act upon ; observe. 

axnal-dar-dtnad h., v. n. To be acted upon. 

amal-dastak. Warrant ; writ ; a deed of convey- 
ance ; a certificate of title. 

2. A document giving possession of pro- 
perty ; a written order firom the proper 
authority to enable the purchaser of an 
estate to obtain possession of it. 

am^l h., yd amal men Idnd, v. a. 

1. To put iu execution ; carry into effect; 
bring into operation {bajd Idnd). 

2. Toaot;8ettonoTk; transaut(buainen). 

3. TouBe(w(n«(Mi.). 

i. To dispense ; administer, 
fi. To effectuate. 
aiaal-gumr, Obs. n. m. A collector. 
sJU> 'am'lah, a. m. Establishment ; office. 
amlah-pulu yd/aujddri. Police establishmeni 
ainlah-k^urif. Au inferior native clerk, [sioo. 
amiah duMUah k., v. a. To bring under posaes- 
sU> tlt» inlak /*e/d, n. m. Ministerial officen; 

clerks ; officials ; executive authority. 
amal-i-qdnQni Procesa or operation of law; 

due course of law. 
amat^maaaabl. An official act ; an act done 

in virtue of any office held by the doer. 
amal-ndmaA. Authority to manage or adminii- 

ter property, 

A warrant from *, conipeteat public fiiDctinDU7 

to «n indlridiisl, lutlio rising hie takiDg poew— — 

aod managemetit of Uailed ot'ier or ptopertj. 

ptntMdN amal m«rt tdnH. To exercise lawfully. 

Father's brother ; patenial unole, 
wnmi-iddah', U. eA(tcA«rd A/tdi, u.ra. 
Father's brother's sua ; cousin. 
AJ>>' tnd, adv. At ; near; nigh; before; with] 

by ; about ; in ; on ; according to, etc. 
ind-al^rae, ind-iU-laKrit. At the inatauce of. 
ind-ui-ifrdS vdranl. By warrant. 
iaivtultytOr, pd U^Jq&t. During interroga- 
tion, inquiry, or investigation. 
i»d-»t-partdi, A. H. On examination or inquiry. 
ind-iU-tajvU. Under consideration; peadiug 

trial or iuvestigation ; before the court, 
iai^-ltilab, adv. On demand. 
indul-4abiit. On proof; on conviction. 
Hxt-wl-iurOrat. When required or demanded. 
iml-ul MuiSqdt. During the interview. 
md-ui-nizSa la question ; iu dispute; litigated. 
wd-ui-nu^ On receipt. [event. 

tHc^tJ-m^li, When it happens; in such an 
A J«« avUm, n. m. pi. of mU 

The common people, the public. 
liidn-iin-Rdt ; H. tab log. The people ; the com- 
munity ; the population; the public. 
■mIim Jti iuU& Ice liye mTi4htahar kotd hai. Is 
hereby promulgated for general information. 
Ofdm ie/dide ke lii/a. 

For the public good or velfare. 
Mbn b lij/e. For the public ; common. 
APV)(a-U .da« awii-ndjdit. 

An unlawful retum. 
Aizjjjc /Inr'at, n.f /(f.uakad, A female (^)^l)- 
avatHtdt^Bia. avrat-bdnl ;B,as. baiyar-hUnl; 
Mah. maaCOrdt, a, t. Tlie female Rex ; womau- 
kind. [uant womiii. 

OHTal-i-kdmila i H. garabhvanH letrt, A preg- 
auratt-a-nUbah. O. G, A woman of rnnk. 
tmral kd bhagH la janS. G. G. Abduction, 
Ha aur<U ho te urnd yS phiuld le jOiid. 

To take or entice away a woman. 
iui aurat ke ihilval-iJidne mfi ghtu jdnd. 

To intrude upon the privacy of a woman. 
iwi awat la tiitbat be-ifafi kS iitthdm dyad k. 

To impute unohastity to a woman. 
A^djC 'ev'fff, evtah, tn&nah, n. m. See «>.*( 
l.A substitute; »>Keedanewn. 2.An amends. 
3, Penalty; forfeit. 
*»0M irtdL Return of a writ, 
mu dtnd, T, a. To make compensation ; to 

reimbune; repay ('(otj/d </md). 
jtflM jtja *nai maOmit, pd madvata. 

A return; commutation. 
MOi mdnu k., v. a. To interchange: 

amt nwA A., y. d. To represent ; replace ; snper- 

sede ; supfilant {badll nen h.). 
*vat meik, ha-e»<u, 1. As compensation orindem* 

nity ; in satisfaction. 

2. Mutalii mutandis; in supercession of. 
tvai-i-nuqtdn, tavSit ; H.toU hi bharaul'!, ^n^ 

Indemuity ; indemnification, [price. 

b^-evai qimat-i-taaaiffati. G. G. At a certain 
ba-evae haiahi-uzat, G. G. For defamation. 
ahd-ndmah ba-mwdd mubttdild-i-agtrdn. 

Cartel ; an agreement between hostile 

states relating to exchange of prisoners. 
evaidud td/t. Sufficient amends, [representative. 
^j» Woil; Pop. fljrf, a. f. 1, A substitute; 

2. The person officiating ; a loetm tenent, 
tvatl, adj. Officiating; acting; in charge, 
eal dend, v. a. To supply a substitute (as a 

servant). [tiite, 

evii railmd, v. a. To take or accept a substi- 
«Rti it., V. a. To officiate ; to act in the place of. 
AJ^ *ahd,n.m. 1. Engagement; stipula- 
tion (,l,Ji 1, 3). 2. Eelgn (rdj 2, 4). 
ahd tornd, v. a. To break one's promise ot 

a!id fiUnd, v. n. To be broken (a contract). 
aM-i-hitkdnuU. In the reign of. [engagement, 
ahdshitan, adj. Faithless to one's word or 
ahd-thiknl, a. f Breach of faith, contract, 

or engagement ; infraction of a treaty, 
aMk.,y. a. hSoe iqrdri. 1, 4. 

'2. To abjure. 3. To make a vow, 
ahd karvdnd, v. a. To bind ; make conditlo&i. 
ahd meA, adv. In the reign of, 
oKd-ndmah, n. m. A convention ; charter ; 

treiity (iqrdr-ndma), 
dAii-ndma-i-fijaraf. A commeroial treaty, [tract. 
ahd-ndmah likhvdnd. To biud ; oblige by oon- 
dhd o paimdn, n. m. Articles of agreement ; 

treaty of alliance. 
oAd o paimdn k., T. a. To enter into, or make 

a convention; make a treaty; malte terms 

or conditions {iqrdr k., i). [parties. 

dhd paimdn kame-odU. The contracting 
ij.fS bh'dah, n. m. Office ; duty ; occupation ; 

charge {jagah, 3). [an engagement. 

okdah-bixrd It., v.n. To disoharge a duty; fulfil 
ohdah-bardt, n. f. 1. Discharge of duty; com- 

pletiou of an engagement, 3. See bariyat. 
ohdah-bardi t., v. a. 

1. To acquit one's self of an obligation. 

2. To diaobarge the duties of an office. 
ohdah pdnd, v. n. To be appointed to an office^ 

entrusted with a commission. 
ohdepar mdmw; yd nmqarrar i., ohdah dend, 

V. a. To appoint to, or iostal in an office, 
ohda-i^ajT, G. 0. The office of a judge. 
ohdalU-jaRl. An honorable or hj(b plaM^ 

office, or dignity. 



»!uUh-ddr. An office-holder j officer; funotion- 
ary ; civil or military authority. [officer. 

ohdeh-d^-^kharc/i--kunindah. The disbursing 

ohdeh-ddr-i-tartari, n. 

A government official ; a public officer. 

ohdeh^&r-i-m&lahal. A subordinate officer. 

ohdehnldr-i-md/auq, yd did. A superipr officer, 

ohdeh-ddrV Holding an office; incumbeucy. 

ohdah rak/md. To hold or till an office. 

ohde »e bartaraf, yd md^Hl h., v. n. 
To be dismissed from an office. 

ohdeh »e dtutrJiar-ddr &., t. n. See utefd detiA. 

ohda-i-dmil. An eiecutive authority, [ment, 

ohda-i-qdt/am'^mitqdmi. An officiating ap(]uiut- 

okde ke etabdr te, ba-etabdr-i-okdah. By virtue 
of one's office ; ex officio. [office, 

kin ohde ke Ulle te. G. 0. Under color of any 

auurOf horkdr-i-ohdali ; G, G, H, kant par. 
On duty. 

^ Jxc SXj/ir', n. m, A knare; an impostor, 

ni^dr, adj. Crafty (chaldt). 

^]t±> ^jfdr'l, n. f, Inipoature; deception; 
ciroiunvention (i;^a<li, 4), [era ; A, D. 

A ^W*^ *^''h 'an-I-wvl, adj. The ChriBti&a 

A Vtf ain, adj. I. Eiact. 2. Very. 
ain-ul-mdl. 1. Principal {rdt-vltn&l). 

2, Net profit; land revenue, 
am vaql par, adv. 1. In the very nick of time, 

2. Pnuctiially ; at the proper time, [act. 
4tn vaqti-Jurm, Flagrante delicto ; in the ywy 

At_i^t« ^''I^, Overcoming. 

g^Ub daHfam. ya fareb te. 

To circumvent ; overreach ; cheat ; trick. 

gdlib (Ad. It wfts likely or expected. 

Ifdlib hoi, adv. It ia probable, 

Xj\A ^'tiban, adv. Most likely; in all pro- 
bability; very likely; iika enough; ten to one. 

A^'y^^'^Wf n. m. 1. Misappropriation of 
money ; unlawful abstraction {khnrd bvrd). 
2. {AtaA. law) The sale of property for a 
price grossly uuadequate to its value. 

gtdxm-i-Jit*h. A gross fiiiud. 

ifaban *., v, a. To misappropriate {Vtaydnxit k.). 

AjtW^i*'^''; ^o'p-^adaf,'B.\x&.giidar, n, m. j»A 
was perfidious. See t^L Confusion ; disorder. 

gadar. maeJidnd, yd k., v. a. I. To False a riot 
or disturbanoe. 2. To rebel; riot; revolt. 


A ^j* ?'"7^) ". f. 1. Flood ; imunlatiini, 

" 2. Depression ; low ground. 
garqi mfn dnd, v. n, 1. To be flooded 

2. To be lowered or depressed (ground). 
^^^ garifi'dagl. Droivning (a barbarism 

of the Police munthU, i, e. jdH gkifdagi 

the place where a man was druwued). 
A i_,«^ ^aa'ab, a. m. 

Embezzlement; raiaappropriation. 
A k:v*lfti ^aflatfi.t.X. Inatteution; remisanessf 

carelessness 2. A faint ; swoon. 
gafiat Ul-amad, yd hil-qtud, G. G. 

Wilful neglect. 
gaflat-i-za mindd rdn ha-tdmH-i-maTdiih-i-niSmi- 

rah. Neglect of duties in zamindars. 
gaflat se, adv. Negligently. 
gaflai-i-hdr. Neglect ot one's duty. 
gafiai k., V. a. To neglect; disregard. 
gafiat'i-mdmiUi. Habitual neglect. 
gafiaH^itjrimanah jis H kUi jW tOtrkkS* yd 

joed&d ko nuqtdtt falmnche. 

Culpable neglect by which injury is oaua- 

ed to person or property. 
gaf'lad, adj. Neglectful ; careless ; negligent. 
A ftlU ^dni' ; H. »evak, n. m, 1. A slave ; 

bondsman ; helot ; serf. 2. Among Maho- 

medans, a hijuaehold servant who reoeivet 

food and clothing but no wages. 

3. A youth concealed from bis birth till 

the age of puberty. 
gnldm-i-iar-kharid, A purchased slave. 
guldm a2ddah-»huda. An enfranchised or «m- 

ancipated slitve. 
gulatnkd tildm. A slave of a slave, [to slavery. 
guldm h; yd ban&^id, v. a. To euslave ; reduce 
gulunt ■mol lena, v. a. To purchase a slave. 
gvldmoh ki kkand Jaioleht, yd kdr o bar. Sale or 

purchase of impurted slaves ; slave -dealing. 
^lU ^iddin'i, n. f. Slavery ; bondage ; thral- 
dom ; serfdom ; vassalage ; eoslavement; 

involuntary servitude, 
gu'dml ikfUiydr k., v. a. To serve one bb a slave. 
guldml-khat, A certificate of slavery. 
gulaml kd kluit likhnd. 

To bind oneself to slavery by a bond, 

A JS-^ gatb'ah, n. m. 

1. Ascendancy ; influence ; mastery ;pi«- 

dominauce. 2. Excess. 
gq/b<ik pdJid, V. n. To get the upper hand ; to 

be victorious, [majority ; a majority. 

gnlbori-rdi, galba-i-drd. The opinion of the 
galba I., V. a. To overcome ; predominate ; 

override; gain the ascendancy; get the 

upperband ; expose (lardUl k.). 

A ^1^ $af<U, adj. Wrong. 
f^<U jtAotor dend, t. k. 

To misiDform ; give false intelligeuee. 
gaial rSe. A wrong or erroiieoas opinion, 
joint tamajfind, v. a. To misapprehend j mia- 

conceive ; misunderatand ; misjudge. 
galat-fahmi, o. f. \ misaoDception ; uiBunder- 

standing; misapprehonBion. [of law or facts. 
galat-fahml qdnUn yd vdqedt A miscoDceptioQ 
galat t., v. a To annul ; set ttt nnught. 
HH gnlal-/a!imi ie tabab amal k. To act under 

a misconception. \rata. 

uMbii ^lat-nsmah ; H aihtidh-palr, Er- 
^^■aa;m\t.^ala, 11. f, 

1 . Tnacuuracy ; miscalculati'Hi ; erratum ; 

2. A miftBtatement. 3, An oversight ; a 
slip i miss. i. A fallany. 5. See galat-fakmS. 

gaioG fornd, v. n. To occur {a mistake), 
gaiaS «, adv. Erroneously. 
galfi-i-qaniinl. A mistalie of lair. 
galaCi i., ya tAaita, t. n. 

2. To labour tinder a mistake. 
pata me* p^V^t ^- n. To full into a mistake, 
gaitiyoA k& msidSd. A checic in account. 
A&lc ^'lah; llltt galld, n. m. 

1. Grain ; eom (oni^). 2. SkIs proceeds of 
the day. 3.7'he box in which tbey are kept. 

fdlcd, R«iit» paid in kind. Carn^/y. 

2. Close attention or oare. 
Il\j^ ^<Mir,n, S. Deep thought. 
^urpartWiA^, Ikingingup; maintenance. 
gour »e fitkhnd. To observa miuiitely ; con^ 

sider attentively. 
gam^alab. Worth consideration, [beratiOn.. 
jwarM-fenn'L Full consideration ; mnture deli- 
gtMr-bfr/iah, adj. Delilierate ; prepense. 
gaur iar-ie, bare gavr »e, ganro tdtmmul te, 

adv. Deliberately; advisedly, 
four k., V. a. To incline towards; oouotenknce. 
A y^^tr. Other; another; foreign. 
gfmr-abdd, adj. Uncultivated ; uninhabited. 
gair-ikhtiydr^. In voluntary. 
gcUr-bsad o batt. Not settled, applied to lauds 

not included in the revenue assessment. 
gair-pukhiagi. Immaturity ; unripeness. 
g<ur-t^vU. Undetermined ; not decided. 
gtiir-laJiqTqt ady l-^ague; indefinite. 

2. Undetermined; doubtful; not certain. 
foir-hOiirl, n. f. 1. Non-attendanoe; absenoe.. 

2. Non-appearance; default. 
fair Ithareh. Extra or miscellaneous expettaei. 
ftir-rHj, adj. Not ourreot.. 
fair-*ai*>t. Nun-resident. [stranger. 

gair MMfu'And, V. a. 1. To r^ard one as a 
2. (Bare} To misooDoein*; miaunderBtend. 
fcdr-ti^fl^ aolj. Inoonolusivt. 

ffair-»hayre ; H. Ofi-purtwA- 1 . A third person 
any other person. 2. AjiStranger. 

gair-tldqah, 1. Territory beyond the limits of 
one's jurisdiction. 

2. Foreign rule or administration. 
gair ke hath inCteqal i. To alienate. 
ya«r-Mi/it, adj. Without an owner; unappro- 
priated ; unclaimed. 

gair-miitamnr, adj. lueffeotual ; inefiectivei. 
gair-mutakid, adj. Uncovenanted. 
gair-mataiyan, gmt'-muaiyan, gair-ntv^irrar, 
adj. 1 . Uudetermiued ; uii6ettled,not postedi 
'2. Undefined; indefinite,' uncertain, 

3. Wavering ; fluctuating. 

4. Contingent ; accidental. 

gair- mahdad. B,dj. Unlimited; unbounded' 
gair-TnatrOd, adj. Uncultivated; not cultivated. 
gnir-muif'd>nal, a^. 1. Not iQuae; obsolete. 

2. Unusual; extraordinary; rare. 
gair-mtu!iaHk^kfua, adj. 1. Undetermined'; 

undefined > iudeSiiite-. 2. Not appropriatt^ 

ed ; unappropriated. 3. Indiscriminate. 
gair-mnthrat, adj. Unconditional; absolute. 

Applied to grants c.f kad, etc. witliout »ny sU- 
puUtions oE wrrioe or tha Hka being Xtaohed 
to tbem. 
ffair-mailolial, aij. Unadviaable ; inexpedient. 
gair-matlub, adj. Undesirable ; nat desii'sd.. 
gair-motalar, adj. 1, Incredible; unreliable. 

2. Invalid; null. 
gair-mdmiU, adj.Unusual; informal [tmperfeot, 
gair-muiammal, adj. Incoraplefce ; defective ;. 
gair jMitammal patti-ddnlmpetCect pattidSw 

tenure. ■ [uot fcasibUi. 

gair-mumJdn, adj. Impossible ; impractioable ,- 
gair-mumtiu-ul-tar-dSd, 1. Not to be refuted.^ 

unanswerable ; irreFiitgable. 
2. Irrevocable; irreversible. 
gair^mtimkiii-vl.taqsim. Indivisible ; net UaHe 

to partition ; impartible. 
gair-mvmkin-ul-xardat. Uuproductiv&, barren, 

or nnculturable (land). 
gatr-mumJcin-al'ViitiU ; H. gal M4id, n. ra. 

Irrecoverable balanc- ; bad debts, fpropeh 
gair-mnnddh. Unsuitable ; unbecoming.; ixa>- 
gatr-tanvqagiim, gair-munqiittamah. a^j. 

Undivided held in Joint tenancy. 
gair-taanqiUa; H.. a(a/,. a<y.. Immovable; flxod"; 

real, [mate. 

gaiir-manhVia, adj. 1. Unmarried. 2".- Ulegiti- 
ffair-maitrH'l ; H. an-b^ij/aad, adj. Not holding 

by hereditary descent ; not inherited. 
yaw-Bofc. Inoperative; of no effect. 
jr<i>'r, yd/arzl ndntH.lnaaotbername; under 

an assumed title. 
gair-iM^ib ; gair-vdjfXr adj . I . Gootoay to- nai- 

son or law; not due; bad.. 

2. Wrong ; unreasonable ; unjust. 
ffoir-v^'tiil, adv. 1. Im[tro|>erly ; nfljinrtdj; 
wrongly. 2. Fnuululentljr. 


ffaifmuitt, tdj. OatatandiDg j not realised. 


A ji^ti ^■'►V; P. tinS-iar; H. ittri^aml, n.m. 
^ trauBgreBaiu^. I. A aianer, 
2. A vfaoremonger ; fomicKtor. 
ij^>* /<y»raA, VI. t k loose woman. 
A &£.»l# /a'hit/ui, n. f. A harlot. 
A ^Jc=Uj\i /dri^'-tAaa; Pop./dr'iAnfl.-BiiH. 

^Srkhaa ; H. Ihar^Si, n. {. 

A deed of release or discharge ; written 
ftcquittance ; aoqiiittance; deed of dlBsolution 
of partnership. 
farig-ihaO, yd/dnUafi lihh dind, v. a. 

To give a written acquittance. 
A ii«'J /d'M.fSndah, adj. .xJ was corrupt 
SeejAtlfd, (1,S,6.) 1. Corrupt; malignant. 

2. Bud ; wicked ; unprincipled. 

3. Wrong; ainister; guilty; culpable; 
criminal; felonious, i. Uiiluwfui (iiO-JfUi). 

fStid, n.m. One who,acoordingtOBonieuuthori- 
ties, may be deprived of the man^ement 
of his own affairs, as un6t to be trusted 
with them. 

fS*id (aur «, adv. Conmptly. [debase.' 

fdtid k., V. a. 1. To pervert; corrupt; vitiate; 
2. To invalidate. [knowledge. 

ttSyat yd ilm-ifind. Criminal intention or 

AtJ-^t* /d'*i', adj. JAi exceeded. 

1. Superfluous; auperuumemry ; over and 
above ; more than enough ; running over ; 
*n(M Ktperque. [mainder ; balance. 

fOtil, n. m. p\./itiia(. 1. Surplus ; excess ; re- 

2. Receipt in excess of revenue, etc. 
/Siil-baqi, n. f. Balance in favour. 

fOiil Idifi nikaliia, v. a. To strike the balance. 
fatil-hadar, badar fOzil. Vulg. b^al fazil. 

Kiclusion find addition ; an interchange 
of fields between two estates to secure a 
uniform boundary. 
fSnl jukalaS ya />., v, n. 

To exceed amount at credit, 
/dni vOnlat, fOtil vu*ul. Surplus receipt ; 

extra or additional collections. 
A H l>^ J^*i« y i>li/A'i o vtafaih.,t.n. 

To commit sodomy on each other. 
A 8 t^iG/UecfaA ; Rus. phaedd, n.m. pi. favSid, 
*e* gain. 1, Advantage; benefit; interest- 
^Mid4). 3. Outturn; yield. 

fandah-i-iati. Self-interest. 
/ofc/aA-t'-n'mnl. An incidental advantage, 
A jJJi<: )jO JatHr-i-aql. Unsound miad. 
A Je J** fa^vS ; H. haivattuh, n. m. 

The written verdict of the }blah. Id w officer 

of a court, according to the Shara. 
faiva denS, v. a. To give a verdict. [SAarO. 
fsii/a-i-tkarai. An injunction according to the 
fdCva-i-adOlat. See huim-iaddlat. 
fatva-i-qnil. The sentenoo or verdict of a Qiil 
fatvd feiia, Meh., v. a. To take a legal cpiuioa 

of the lawfiiluess of an act. 
A ^i^^> fohih, adj. Obscene; bawdy; indecent 

fohik, n. m. Obscenity ; bawdry. 

foluh h&te^, yd toMn. Obscene laugnage. 

f<ihih bdltn bahid, fohik haknd, v. n. 

To talk smut or bawdy. 
fohih sher. Obscene ballad or verse. 
foJah kitdh. An i)b9cene bi)ok. 
fohsh kitdbon id b«cknd. Sale of obscene boeki. 
foJuh gdliydA, ii. f. ludeoeut abuse. 
fohsh git. A bawdy song. 
A&fiJJ fid'tyah, n, m. Ransom. 
A H IJjf j'j* /wdr' h., V. a. 

To run away. 
fardr fwnd euhJAdt-i-naijrim yd mdMib id. 

G. G. Running away of criminal or accoa- 

ed persons. 
jji^ farir'l, adj. Absconded ; fled; escaped. 
farari mafrHr, n. m. 1. A runaway ; fugitive ; 

deserter. 2. A cultivator who has absooaded 

from or thrown up his land. 
fardri mujrim. An escaped convict, [mn away. 
fardn nauiar. A servant who has absconded or 
A J*.'.')* fard'yat, n. m. PL of j*ji q, t. 

l.The obligatory or divine precepts, 

or statutes of the Mah. religion, [property. 

2. The law of iuheritauce or partition of 
fardyeu idtim maiidm. Reciprocal or oorrels- 

tive duties ; mutual obligations. 
A>>t^t&^>i /aria^ant£dm,G.a.ABtoatperMit. 

A *if M^t n- f- PI afrdd. 
1. A draft of an account. 
3. Register ; record ; statement ; aoeonni 

3. List; roll; catalogue; muster-roll (fdfipl). 
fard-i-ahkdmi-m,%uaisai. The register of oonia- 

cutive orders in a judicial ease. 
fard-t-idtil. A useless thing. 
fard bdqiycU A balance sheet. [sheet. 

fard-i-bdqiydt-i-mdlguidrl, A revenue balsnot 
fardi-patii-ddri. n. f. A list or schedul« of the 

shares of ajoiut estate. 
fardi-tathihU, n. t Ssttlunaat ntnA 




fard-i^aitilqil, fardi-hitdh, o. f. A Bcbedule of 
prop«rty ; inventory of diBtrained property. 

fard-i-lq/i1q. A paper or doed of partition. 

fard-ilaqnjn,StAieineat of diBtribuiioii of land. 

faitli-huqilq, b, f A record of rights. 

jardi-iaqiqut, n. f. A merauriol; a statement of 
tbecircum8tanceaofauMe;areturamade to 
a requisilion for information ; a report. 

ford ftS The Bentenoe eheet. 

fard qardr-tUki^-jurm. A charge. [tivatton. 

fardi-tOtht, n. t. ^Statement of a raiyat't cui- 

fard-iiaqtln-ikhidmctt, n. f. Roster duties. 

jard-i-jurm, n. f. Calendar of oiime. 

/ard-i-jama-baiidi, a. f. Reutal. 

jard-i-hxUigah. A descriptive roll. 

/ard4-ihar3]/al-i-»hirOhat. Articles of assooia- 
tion of partnership. [Penal Code. 

fard-i-illal, A charge framed under the Indian 

ford ford, fardan/ardan,furSddJurSdA, adv. 
Severally ; each one. 

fardi-qard/xU. Kindred roll. [an ofieiioe. 

furd-i-qardr-dad-i-jurm, Tiie formal cbarge of 

firdi-mtiiammal, G. U. A complete record. 

ford twrt ndm eharhdnS, v, a. 
To register ; enliat ; enroll. 

fard-i-iiH-mtikammaL An incomplete record. 

fard-i-mltil-biqi ltd maivadah. 
A rough balance sheet. 

ifai-/inA.A double account, shewing the amount 
of land held and rent paid by each Raiyat, 

Utah. Law.) Lineal descendants io the 
mue line. Femalei and their posterity are 
eioluded from the order of descent, one's 
own daughter excepted. 

Jartaadt men leitA, fartnttd banSnd, yd £., 1. To 
adopt as a son. 2. To make one his aon -in-law. 

A (dvi far*, n. m. ^^ made lawful, 

1. Divine command ; a duty, the omission 
of which is ouuaidered a mortal sin. 

2. Duty; moml obligation; bounden duty. 

3. Onm; responaibility ; liability. 

fan, n. m. A definite portion of the inheri- 
tancednetoan beir.a widow's jointure, or her 
share of her husband's property. Carnegy. 

fan-i-khidmat ke hhilHf k. To violate a duty ; 
to ^1 in one's duty. 

fA^ Jordan, adv. Specially; definitely, aa ap- 
plied to the Mah. law of inheritance. 

fanamoraddan. Conformably to a direct or 
special claim, and also to an indirect or 
reversionary claim, as ooming back from 
bilnre of nearer heirs. 

/ortt wudddl, n. m. A fiotitious plaintiff or pro- 
secutor ; a person pat forivu^ in the place 
«f the real plaintiff. 

^^/ar^ n. in. A snii instituted by others 
ttwn ihoae really iaterested. 

tj^^ fit>^% ^i- 1> Incumbent ; obligatory ; 
bound ; obliged ; indispensable ; imperative. 

2. Snpposititious; fictitious; not real or 
eseentiul ; nominal. 

3. Assumed ; hypothetical. [suit. 
farn muqaddajna, yS muamala. A fictitious 
um-i-farH, u. m. A fictitious or assumed name. 
AS^'* fir'gah, n, m. 

A tribe ; sect ; daas (J.»'.» 1). 
Jirqe ke asJithaii, Q. U. A oinss of persons. 
firqa i-mulhiUif a* tartdr, G. Q. A faction; a 

P ^I^ V* farmdn', farmdn-i-thSM, n. m. A 

mandate ; edict ; putsnt ; charter (dgyH, 1). 
P ir-<1.5ji fanf-yu ; H. Ukn, a. t 

Sale ; disposal. 
farotht t., V. a. To sell (bedutS). 
P Ojv* /ornf, n. m. 1, (/n eoJap.) Alighting. 
2. Arrival and deposit of goods within 

certain limits. 
farod-gak, n. f. A halting or landing place ; a 

camping ground. 
farod tnal. Goods in bond. 
P 8i^^*y /aroAin'dah, n. m. A vendor. 
farodiindahri-majsa, n. m. A licensed vendor. 
f ib^ farytht, at 1. A complaint; suit; 

charge. 2. A oiy for help, saouuur, etc 
faryHd-rat, n, m. .\ redreaser of grievances; a 

just judge ; an administrator uf justice. 
farydd-rael, a. f. Redress of grievances. 
farffdd k., T. a. 1. To complain; lay a suit 

against one. 3. See duhOi dend. [complaint. 
faryad ho pahuAehnS, y.a. To hear one's suit or 
^ .jl^P farySd'l, n in. A complainant (ddveddr). 
p i„^^ fareh'tjdn fareh, land fhand, n. m. 

Fraud idltok&diiti). 
farefi-dmei wirigd. G. Q. A firaudulent act, 
fareban iigri hdtil k. 

To obtiiin a decree fraudulently. 
fareli-dihi, n. f. Cheating; swindling. 
farei dend, yd it., v. a. To cheat {dagd dend). 
fareb *e, fareban, adv. Fraudulently; dishonest- 
ly ; malAfide; unfairly. 
fao-eb ichdnd, fareb meA dnd, yd phaAtnd. 
^-ij*/are&'t,/o'eftaB, adj. Dishonest; oolluiive. 
fareS, far^yd, n. m.fartban, n. f. A cheat. 

A V)* -'■'"*'' "■ ■"■ ^' ^'^^^ C*'"?*)' 

2. Division ; section ; department 

3. A party in a suit. 

/aj-Tj »(ip«i/, M. m. The principal party in a suit. 
fariqi-4*gf^ddT, n. m. The party in whow 
fiiTor decree has been given. 

CooqI c 

fariqi-magliib, n m. The defeated party. 
/ariq-i-i»iiqaddamah -qdj/am k., ya garddnnd. 

To make a pnrtj in a suit. 
fariq-i-mnt, fa'lqi-mtiklMli/, n. m. 

The opposite or adveri^e party ; the other 
■ party; the defeadant. 

/ariq-i-nuanila, u.m. A party toatranaaotion; 
' one iDtereated in a suit. 
gjJiij* fariqain', n. m. PI. of Jn^ 

Tlie partias in a suit ; tlie parties oon- 
oerDod ; plFuntifF and defendant. 
fariqmn st, adv. From both sides or parties. 
far^qnin-^-muiiaddamdk. The litigaut parties. 
^ oLtJ /(udcf'; Illit.^a<f, n. m. ^->i waa cor- 
rupt. 1. Brawl ; outbreak (»Cj ). 

3. Dissension ; ferment. 3. Intrigue, 

4. Any speoiM of mental depravity not 
arising from defect of uuderstanding. 

fatOd barpa h., ufAdna, machAnd, yA i,, v. a. 

To instigate riot. 
fMUd-i-aiim. Violent breach of the peace. 
faeSd a jar, n. f 1. Matter ur cause of dbpute. 

2. A fomeutor of disturbaucee. 
fu&d H nfyat »e, adv. 

Corruptly; maliciously; with evil intent. 
fatSdi-mult. Political disturbance. 
.^LJ /(uddi, adj, 1. Miaohiorous; Tioious. 

3. Factious. 

^ i*«j /(u'iA ; Il]it,;f/ift; n- m. I. Breach; 
infraction; infringement; violation. 2. Break- 
iug or dissolution of a contract; annulment. 

fiukhi-i'divdj, faskhri-vikHh. 
Annulment of a marriage. 

/ofiAi., V. a. 1. To infringe. 

2. To break a contract, eta 3. To cancel ; 
- make void [tardid k. 2). [annulled, 

fatlk h., V. n. To be rendered invalid ; to be 

A 3*«J J^!> M ofyJ^>; »■ ™- i5-* transgres- 
sing. Sin; adultery. 

Aj-^/»^; Illit/oW. n.f. J-»J out, separat- 
ed. See takh. 1 . Section. 2. Season ; the reap- 
ing season. 3. Crops. 

fa»l-i-ittddah; U.kkarikh^tl The standing crop, 

fail-i-liJ^m-ml ; H. budr-hdd. The sowing 
season ; seed time. [harvest, 

fcul-i-kharSh ; H. iud takh, n. f. A de6cient 

fatl-i-klutrif ; H, #aonI, n, f. The autumnal har- 
vest of rice, millet, etc., requiring irrigation. 
The seed ii itown kt ths cornmsDcemenC of tb« 
nin; leuon, uid tha erap is usu&lly imped after 
ItioloBe, or about Oct— Nov. The sub-diraioDi 
■re Bhtdai. KuM, Ashml. 

/ail-i-rabi ; H. dtdrkl, o. f. See rabi. This crop 
does not require irrigation or much water. 

The ™M iaoludei the following crop*— whert, 
biirlay, p«»M, gr-tm, P"PPJ, majflr, inrion, liiueed, 
tobiCTO, mnpid. ndlita, eotton, arJtar, jitktdMa, 
JhOMW, muBUrd, i«^ «A«4a, ind 

6 «y 

fail latne aur ihaliydn h tUhne he bdd. Aftvr 
the crops have been out and carried away. 

,^^>a>/(u/i, adj. 

Belonging to the harvest, or season when 
cultivated or oulturable lands are aaseaeed 
aocording to the value of the crops, or 
frequency aad abuDdance of thebarveats. 

faali raiyat, a. t, A cultivator paying revenue 
according to the crops he raises. 

foMti tdl, n. m. The revenue or harvest yesr. 

The /oiil ye&r began oa Uie 10th of the lunar 
month Jnn, ooinapoading to the lOlh SepU 1SS5. 

A. Ay-<i> fiuall, u.t.(Mah. Zow.) An unaccre- 
dited agent ; one who acts for another with- 
out anthority, and whose transactions are 
invalid unless confirmed by the principal. 

fatult hoa. A sale of another's property with- 
out bis authority, which sale may be ooa- 
firmed or annulled at pleasure by the owner. 

A^y*^ f'^i »< m. I. Act; action; deed; 
work; operation. 2, (Pop. /ai/) Feigning; 
pretence; pretext; sham. 8. An unnatural act; 
adultery, 4, Carnal intercourse. 

fit-i-jdit, n. m. A lawful act. 

fel-i-ihanid, n. ni. Evil deeds ; prostitntion ; 
adultery ; unnatural offence. 

fel-tdmin', n. f. Security for good conduct. 

fel-i-farelii. G. G. A fraudulent act. 

fel kai-dna. To submit to improper setual iittflr- 
oourse, sodomy, etc. 

felk., V. a. 1. To doan act. 2. To have sexual 
intercourse with. 3. To be exacting. 
4. {fail bharnd, yd k.) To pretend. 

fel-i-Kdfjdyaz. An uitlawful act. 

feli nd-ik&Uta}i. An improperact. [offence. 

kol/tljojumt Itai, G, 0. Any thiug whidi is ad 

bAfel noAin, Ho act; nothing. [indeed. 

i*i fel'an, adv. I. Practically. 2. In fiwt; 

/elan o qaulan, lu word and deod. 

A &A^ fii'ah, n. f. The Mah. ecclesiastical law, 

A^(.%)|i-^i /i^Hl-raAon; K. hahdhak-^Au^, 
n. in. The liquidation of a debt for which 
property had been pledged ; redemption of 
a mortgiige. 

li.J^Mdii,fald») Vo'p.faidn&.faldnl. 
A certain person or thing ; such a one. 

faldn', n. m. The organs of gelieratiob. 

/oldn-mardM, n. f. A woman who proetitates 
herself for pleasure, in contradiatiiKition to 
pet-mordnl, q. v. 

A cy J /««(, n. f. Rare. Death (jUaJl 6). 

/out bUdvaAyat. Intestacy. 

fcmt A., V. Q. 1. To die ; depart this Uf*. 

^ 2' 

fta/R, n. f. The property of one who dioB in- 

teoUte And without legal beira, which there- 
fore roTeits to the aovereigQ. 
^ff ^«(fl, adj. Deceased; dead, 
/ntrt/orori. 1. Dead or abgouDded (persons}. 
a A list of ouitiraton who hara died, or li*»» 

d«iarted tfanr outtLVKtioiii or homMtudi. 
,ftu(l-nd«M, n. m. 1, A dooumeut reporting 

the death of the incumbeut and the name 

of the heir ; a oertifioate of do4th> 
2. A list tA the killed. 
ita2*Aa-»-/auA, n. An obituat;. 
AP itiJi^O ^■iti-dUr; Kus. iAaU(l4Sr, n. to. 
Under the Mah. Qoverainent, aoriininal 

judge or magistrate; asuperlDtendeut of the 

militar;' force in a district. 
^I.t^ji /»ty-ddTi, n. f. 1, The office of a 

magistrate j the orimioal court. 
2. Acrimiaal case. 
fa^j-ddrl addtat, ada/«t-i/aiij-ddri, n. t. 

'He Bubordiuate criminal court, formerly 

the Naamat adaUU. 
/atoddri ntpurd k. Ta aend a cue to the 

oriminal court 
fnjdSt^ k., T. a. To eommit aa assault or 

oriniiaal offence. 
fwqdAri tame to mutlaid h., t. n. To threaten, 

orbeabouttocommitabreaohof the peace. 
Jaiffdari ki bUx-pun ka liyaq. Liable to criiui- 

■al prooeediog. 
/n>j-<ftin Dwri m&khat i., t. a. 

To prosecute oriouDallj; to accuse or 

charge with a crime or miadetneaDor. 
f*H}-iie)Aa»^, n. t. The troops of the Fa»S- 

dOr ; provincial troops or militia employed 

in garrisouiog forts aud esoortiag treasure, 

■□d in revenue and police duties. 
^)i/aujt, adj. Military. 
/aufi huiiidm. Military oSoen. 
f6Sa^Ji)fah; IluB.p()td,ii.m.t. Theserctum; 

testicles. 2. Taxes ; revenue ; collections. 
/otaiJtamd; Rus. pold bharnd, r. a. 

To pay tax or revenue. 
fttt-khOtta, n. m. A treasury [thoMdna, 1). 
folt^dr, n. m. Cashier ; treasurer. 
Jote^ari The office of colleotiug tenant dues. 
P u&»->^ fthlrut, n. f. A table ; index {fard)- 
ferut-i-bdqj/M k khdrij h. To strike a case off 

the &1«. (proprietors. 

/truht-i-mdhkdnd. A proprietaiy list ; list of 
faitht mttrattabai-malAma-i^ndo-ltut. A list 

drawn up in the settlement Department. 
/eritht-i-mvqadiHdt^-bdqij/dt A list of pending 

cases ; a list of cases remaiCiiag nadisposed 

of OQ the &le of a judicial officer. 
/ehntt-i-dekdt, n. t. A list of the vilUges of- 

an estate or distriot. 

7 ja4» 

fehrut-i-rithtek-dan. Kindred roll, 
fekritt-iSm. A general list ; file of suits. 
fehrut-i-fautlfardri, A list of dead and deserted. 
fehrigt-i-lcdf/idl. A list of papers. 
^aknat-imardumihumdri, n. f. A census ; poll, 
/(Artsf-t-iwttiiiwinjH.MicAipafriTftbleofcou tents. 
/thrill meA ttdm eharkdnd, ddlAU hamd, y& 

likhna, V. a. To insert in a register, etc. 

enroll; register j enlist 
p ^l*jj fahmd'yaih, /ahmdi'th, u, {. 

1. I u struct ions ; direotions ; injunction. 

2. Expostulation; warning; caution. 
fahmdj/<uh I.; V. a. 

1. To enjoin; direct ; instruct; warn. 

2. To exhort; impress upon. 

A^yAMn(MeA)2. Per; each. 

fi,u. f. 1. Flaw. 2. Intrigue (tdmh). 
fil-jamla, adv. 1. Upon the wliule; putting all 

things together. 2. In brief; in effect 
JU-hdl, adv. Wow ; presently ; auoo. 
JU-todqe, adv. In foot ; really. 
/I dukdn. £ach shop. 
ft mpay'A- Per rupee. 
J% rot,fi yaum, Per day; per diein, 
/I iamdna,fi tamdndiid, adv. At this day; for 

the present ; up to the present time. 
/i-tSl, Ptr atmwn ; per year. 
fl la^-aUah k., v. a. 1. To give alma in the 

name of Uod. 2. To make free to all. 
/! tn<j(, Per cent. ; per buudred ; peroentage. 
/I qaia. Per eheet; one by one. 
/% kat, ddm%, yd na/ai; Per head. 
/i gkar. Each house. 

fl-m^baiii. Between ; reciprocal, [two parties. 
Ji-M&tKdn-i-fariqain. Inter porta ; between the 
A &Wi» /ai*'l<A, fwal, n. m. J** divided. 

1. See ekutdl, and hutm, 6. 

2. Adjudication; arbitration; judlchil de- 
termination; disposal of a case; decision. 

faitlahri-<ikhir. Final decision or judgment. 
faialah "^ «ar-*-7iau. Judgment de novo. 
fahlak }<i«*^f'd-i-4h-ara. Award of a council. 
Jaiilah ter^-opil- A. judgment under appeal. 
faUlahi-addlat. A judicial decision, [decision. 
faisld he murafah k., v. a. To appeal from a 
fauloK murd/ah-i-uia, Judgment of the court 

of first instance. 
foMah fd/aiud k, v. a. 1. See tatjlya k. and 

ehukdnd, I, S. [(tq/tUt k. 2.) 

2. To decide; determine judicially; judge 
Jaulak yifaiaal A., v. n. 

To bo decided, settled, adjudicated. 
aalltd^ faital-Hdma, n. m. A deorea, or award. 
/Mtai^H&ncU'tdiiA An arbitratt<Hi award. 



A j&{G qdb'K, n. jV taking. 1. Possessor; 

holdir. 3. Occupant/ occupier; thepart; Id 

posseasioQ. S. A sequestrator. 
qdbit daikH, n. An ocoupaut in possession. 
qAbit o MiiUarrif. Posseaaor and ocoupatit. 
q4l)ii adaiJiU, In poasessiou and enjoyment (of 

an estate). [prietory poxsessui', 

qSbiz our mdlik. 1. Owner and occupant. 3. Pro- 
ydbiibarai! nam. The ostausibie poase^isur; 

nominal holder. [actual possession. 

qdbu-i-hSl, The present possessor ; the ptkrty ia 
q^>iz i-hinhayda, A life-tenant. 
qdiit-i-tAihiii. An under-tenant ; a sub-lessee. 
qdbii ho bailknA, v. a. To take puasessiun ; 

settle on another's lands. [cue's uose. 

A ^)^ qOh'il, adj. J-l looking to the tip of 

Worthy ; qualified ; competent. 

qdHl-i^f^l. Appealable; open to appeal. 

qabil-i-add; H. dene jog. Payable (a bill, etc.) 
due; owiug ; liable for. 

qdbil-i-adi, n. Solvent. 

qibilii^/alayiA. Liable to enhancement of rent. 

qdbili^ldq ; R. lofftd. Applicable. 

qdbil-i-etibdr ; H. parlU-joff, Credible; worthy 
of credit; reliable. [to objection. 

qSibl-i^tirdz ; H. tarahj'og ; Objectionable ; open 

qdi)it-i-tUif4t; H. dhiydnjog, 

Worthy of reception or attention. 

qOhil-i-iiUiqAl; H. palatite-jog, Trausferrible j 
capable uf beiug transfeired. 

qdiU^bdi-pws ; H. utlar-jog, Anawerable ; 
accountable ; responsible. ||tiable. 

qObU-i-hai tharH ; U. bitd/me beehne-joff, Nego- 

qObil-i-pizirdi ; H. mi^ne-jog, B«oeivable ; ad- 
missible ; that may be accepted. 

qdhU-i-i'iiirdi ke nahiA, luadmiasible. 

qabil-i-t<jhdU, Variable; liable to change or 
modification. [be refuted. 

qalnl-i4aritld, Liable to be contested; that may 

qdbit-i-teutlnu Presumable ; probable ; that 
which may be taken for granted ; worthy of 
acceptation. [ment 

qSinl-i-taefipah; H. ehuktdne-}Og,0^n to adjuat- 

qdiil-it&d^; H. ^'nne jog, Computable. 

qdiil-i-taqi!m,]/dinqitdin; U.5a(ne-yo^, Divisible. 

qdbil-i-lwx\ifoh. Worthy of attention or consi- 
deration, [heritable. 

qSHl-i taurU ; H. hapcMtijog, Descendible; 

qdbil4-laika. Leviable ; liable to tax ; assessable. 

qdhil-i'jmdi. Answerable ; accountable. 

qdbili-javSt. 0. 0. Admissible ; allowable. 

qSiU ddir konf-ix, j/d rujA kame-ke. 
May be instituted ; actionable. 

q4bil-i-tireJtt,ifaua-aditwl; Hi bone-jog, 

Ciilturable but Bot oultivated; arable; 
fit for cultivation. 

q^ilitiroAi k., To fertilize ; to clear (waste 
laud); tu make oulturable. [(fto'kt-yiv). 

q^il-i-tatd. Culpable ; liable to be punished 

qSbit-i-tamdAt yd sunvdi ; H. ivnne-jog. 

Capable of being hiiard; that may b« ad- 
mitted or entertained, 

qdhil-i-*a/ili. Liable to forfeiture or confiscation. 

qdbil-i4alah; H. mdAgne-jog, Leviable; wbst 
may be demanded. [anee to. 

qdUli-gatw tamajhnd, t. a. To attach import- 

gdbi/gaur ke; H. bioKdr-jog, Considembla; 
worthy of consideration ; importauL 

qSiiil-ifarokht ; H. beekne-jog. Saleable, 

qdbil qurql Jte murtalib A., 

To commit an act of forfeiture. 

qdhil-itnaihiizi. Chargeable; indictable ; pensL 

qdbil-i-vidtltHii-i /aiyddn. Liable to criminal 
prooeediugs. [tion ; leviable. 

qdbil-i-mahnll ; H. lagdn-jog. Subject to toxa- 

qdbili-mu^fi, Pardonable (U. chiiimd-jog). 

q^l-i-mazHrl. Veuiable; justifiable; p«!rdonabl«. 

qahil-i-moHiHrt. Satiotionable ; fit to be ohosen. 

qdbil maiimn-i-iamdntU. Bailable. [oeediugs. 

qdiil ndliih-i-faiijddii. Liable to crimiual pro- 

qdbil-i nikdh ; H. bar-jog, bydhan-jog. 

Marriageable. [able. 

qdbit'i-vueul ; H. pant-jog. Receivable ; reoover- 

qdbil-i-vagii9. Incidental; apt to happen ; like- 
ly to occur. [skilled. 

qdbU h., V, n. To be competent, proficient, 

T y£ q^/'a, n. m. 1. Grip; hold; r«Mh. 

2. Command ()<«^t i, 6). 

3. Favorable opportunity. 

qaba pdnA, V. n. To get an opportunity; hare 

the whip hand ; get the upper haod. 
qdbU ehalnd, v. n. To be able tu do. 
qSha ee btihar A., v. n. 

To lie beyond one's power or control, 
jdiw meA, adv. Within one's control. 
qdM meA raUmd, v. a. To keep vithin one's 

qdbumeh k.,y&ldnd, l.SeetoMineii Idnt. $.To 

secure. 3. To acquire an ascendancy over. 
A J3G qifUl ; H. mOran-hdr, a. Jsl 

A murderer; out-throat; assassin. 
A "y'fi 9<l'f3. &• ^;^ A distrainer ; an offioet 

who makes an attachment. 
A amG A public officer deputed by ^e QM^ 

make a legal distribution of joint property. 

A ^^ 2^1; Bus- i^f, a. m. U} a mandoU. 

1. A Mail, magistrate or law offioer. 

i. An offloer formarty appaiotad by ths gavani' 
iDMit to idminiater.botli oivil tmd crimiiul lav chief- 
ly in ton-na, sFconling to tba tharuA or precepti uf 
thfl Otf^n. Under the British uimiaigtrBtion tha 
jndicial functions of Qdil« in tbkt capacity caaoed ; 
tlid,aicept as the legal Bdvissn of the Court* in cues 
of Hahomedau law, tha dutiae of thoee itationed 
in Che cities or dia brisks WdracnnSned to the prepar- 
ation and atteatalion of deads of conveyajice and 
otiwr legal instruments, and tha general superiu- 
tendenoe and legaliiation of the ceremonies of 
marriage, fimorals, and other domeatic oeourtenoas 
among the Habomedans. 

qSA-vl-qtaiAt. The Hetd qiiil under the British 
gofemment, aa office since aholiBhed. 

A )(J>ct* qae*dah,a.m. •*«? aat. pi. javdtt/, Arule. 

qaidioJi-i-batvarah. PrinclpJe of partition. 

qSidaehjoTi k , yS ekatdnd, y.a. To bring a rule 
into uperatioa ; to enlbrce a rule. 

qdHdaK-i-qdnunl. A rule of law. 

qd&U ia pd-baiid mhnd, t. n. 1. To obserre 
or ix>Qfonn to a rule ; to obey ; complf with. 
3. To be wont or accustomed to. 

qSidah-i-lc^-ravdi. Rule of procedure, 

A ^y'^ S^arnln'; Rub. tannin, PI. qavSnln,n,in. 
Canon; law; legislative act (^!?). [law. 
qSn&n'an, adv. According to law ; legally ; by 
gdntlnan nd-diiragl. Erroneotie in law. 
qdttHnatt va ina&fan. By law and justice, 
qanwi bandni, ya U^vit k. 

Tc make laws ; to legislate. 
qanSn b<m&ne-vSloii H iamacU. A parliament ; 
senate; congress; diet; legislative couacil. 
^onilji banSnt-vSU, mnqannin. The legislature. 
qinUn 'par tanil k. To administer the law. 
ganun par ehalnA, v. a. 

To act according to law, 
qttnUn tamOtR-i-aiydtyi. Limitatioa statute. 
qdii'QnjoiiAjatnitatli taraf se muqafrar ko. 

A bye law. 
jdndn hadd-i-tamSat, yi miSdi. 

The law of limitation. 
qlMiini-haqq-^Avfa. The law of preemption, 
qAM,6n*-1eh^. An express law. 
q&niiii-ddn ; Pop. fdMini;^. One versed or 

learned in the law : a lawyer; jurist. 
qaniin-dSni. Jurisprudeaoe. 
fdnlut tddir k., v. a. To enact or pass a law. 
9dntln-t-dm iidivAj. A general law of marriage. 
qitmln-i-fattjddri. Criminal law. 
qStnan-i^nUd. A positive law. [law. 

gilniln i^ hikam rdhnA. To have the force of 
fdniJn ke Ichilif L, v. a. To break a law. 
/ i***** qdnHoffo' a. m. Registrar of the Pur- 
ganah ; superintendent of village accoun- 
tants ; hereditary registrar of landed pro- 
perty in a pargana. 
flndR-i-Md/. Revenue law. 
fttnOn Ai. The law itself! 
^HM&ngo'. A Tillage and district revenne officer. 

Under tha KatiTe Oovamment the QanAnffo re- 
corded all circumstances within his sphere which 
concerned landed property and the realuation of 
the revenue, keeping registers of the value, tenure, 
extant, and transfers of lands, asaisting in tlie 
meaiuremeDtt and survey of the lands, reporting 
deaths and successions of revenue payers, and ex- 
plaining, when required, local practioea and public 
regulations. He was paid by rent free lands, and 
various allowances and perquisitef. 

qanvh-goi. The office of a qanuiigo. 

q&nUn imajrlyah yd nd;fi£ The laws in force. 

qitnii7i-i-mitjavv<Kak, Legislative acts. 

qanun-i-mu'ihiru^'amr, A special law. 

qanHn-i-ni'uJchtatvl-muqdm. A local law. 

gdnun $/d tdbte kl rH le. 

By or according to law or practice. 

^jJlJ qAniin.% adj. 1, Legislative. 

2. Legal; according to law; constitutional ; 
having the sanction or authority of law. 
8, [qHn^iUya) Controversial; litigious. 

omr-i-^anwil la, vw^tUiia. A mistake of law. 

manthde qSttUn nSfiz h. To administer the law. 

aoh qSnUn jUkt rH se (ofil ^et vSrU hii m&l- 
irjfoir Toanqdlah kd kotd hai. 
The law of primogeniture. 

A ff.G q^yam, adj Standing. 

qdyam rakhnd, v. a. 1, To keep up; preserve. 
2. To make good ; stand up for ; support. 

qaj/am k., v. a. See bijtd i/dlnd, Had bdrtdJtnd.. 

1. To set np; institute; constitute (bun- 
dhna, 8—4), 

2. To post; instol. 3, To nphold (tttehiam 
dma, 1, 2). 4. To create (a right). 

qSyean-muaqdm.. 1. One acting in ths plaM of 

another ; toeum Untn». 2, A procurator ; 

vicegerent ; surrogate ; proctor, 
qdyant-muaqdm, adj. Officiating, [aetitative, 
qilyam-miuigdin-i-jSii yd qdnuni. A legal repre- 
qdyam-mvaqdn h., v. n. To stand in the plaee 

of; to officiate; act for; represent. 
qdyam-muaqdinx. Deputation; representation; 

succession ; vicegerency. [instrument). 

qdyani'muaqdml hi tanad. Procuration (the 
qdyam h., v. n. I. To arise ; spring np. 

2. To take plaoe; happen; occur; reveal or 

manifest itself, 
ildva qdyam k., v, a. To establish a right 

A&IUJi qabdfah; W, Illit. and E. qibdUl, 
n. m. A title deed ; bill of sale (of a house), 

qabdlcU-btU mlldnt. Certificate of sale of orown. 
land. 2. One entitled to any right in conse- 
quence of forfeiture of a bond, or the like, 

qabila-navis. A scrivener; scribe, 

qabdla-i-mlsm. Deed of sate. 

qabdla-i-tiidva. Certificate of auction sale. 

qabdU-ddr. 1. The holder of a bond. 

ka^-^iAdla be-vtiddL A conditional agreement 
as to tsrms, but not as to time. 



lat-qahSt<'A. A conUttioDal cngngemont ; a deed 
of c'm<tJtioii(tI sale, Biipiilnting thatiftho 
purchase pricebenotretnrucd witliin Agiven 
period t!ie stile is ubsoliito; a mortgage-deed 
v'itii liiibilitv of Hnle if not redeemed by a 
atipulittod tiroo {ha'e-hil-tMf'd). 

A c^Um va> qabr-iaidmi, A fee to the pro- 
prietor for permissinn to dig a grave on 
ground belonging to him. 

A (^■^' l^^h n- ^- PosKeasioii. 

qali'vl-mitiU. A receipt ; an aquittanco roll ; 

qabz bil-jnbr. Koreible possession. 

qahz o dakkl. Complete or full poKScision. 

qiJii-r&r. In the way of seizure or distraint. 

qali-vtlr f.nimSith, Measurement of an estate 
to determine tlie extent of sequestnition. 

qalit o dakhl, n. Tenure and possession. 

haq i-ijabM-ddi'^. The right of occupancy. 

«.c-J r^atiz'ah, qahiil, n. m. ijojS aeizing. [3). 
Holding: tenuiv; tenancy; tenciuout((faiA/, 

qal^ik lUliaiia, v. a. 

To disturb one's possession ; to oust. 

qnbzahhUc-muiSliemat. Undisturlied ptiseossion, 

t^lMh hdlidl rakhtiA, v. n. To leave in pooses- 
sion ; nphnld the right of possession. 

qabiah ba!^ k., v. a. To reinstate. [ pana, 2). 

tjabaah pond, v.n.To enter on po.ssesaion (dai/U 

gal>ia!i pall'i-fldrJ. Lmid held in aoveraltv, 

<iabzah tdnll. Conatructire possession. 

qabza-ijuddtl&nd bild fhtrkcil-i-ijairf. 
Kxclusire separate possession. 

qahMh-i-jvd&ganali, yd alaJid ih. Separate pos- 
session ; laud held in severalty; au indepen- 
dent holdin''. [session. 

qabsah-irhaud rnzah. Temporary tenure or pos. 

^6«aA-t-/(iit hnydti, A life tenure. 

gedaa-ddri, n. f. Oceupnncy. 

qahiali diCdna, v. a. To put in possession. 

qabiak d«na, v. a. 

To malte over charge; to give delivery. 

qahitk raklinA, v. a. 1 . To keep ; retain ; hold ; 
to be in podsesainn of; enjoy; to have in 
hand ; owii. 2, To hold fast ; clutch ; grasp ; 
detain. [tenancy. 

qa'iza/iisJidii'ildfi. Joint-tcnaDcy ; conimoii 

qibza-i-ataMa. Independent holding. 

qahzah alti/idt aiohiia. Tjand held in severalty. 

qahiah I., qaliie m^ Idnd, v. a. See d-ii/tal k. 

1. To acquire ; ;:et hold of; step into. 

2. To seize ; usurp ; p-igsesa oneself of. 
qabia}i.i-mtila^arrifdHd. Ucuefieial orserriceable 

piMsession. [session. 

<inht'A-i'mata»am. Disturbed or contested poa- 
qi'it ihimviihdU/dnd, An adverse possession. 
qahzah-i-mwialundnah, 1' hv mortgage, 
q<iii:ih-im.Hstdjirdnd. A farming loDurc. 


qahtah-i^mawiui. Hereditary [)osse8Bion. 

qnbia-i-Tid-jdis i., v. a. To acquire wrongfully, 

qab!a-i-nd]iaq A^.,v.a.To take unlawful postsesaion. 

qahMi i-vSqai va na/i-ul-amn. 

Actual and tangible possession. 

qahxe xt hdhar A., To be out of one's possession, 

qalite mai kkalal h , qabse nun daat-andda t. 
To disturb possession. 

fauran qabsa pane kd mvdaitaq. Entitled to 
immediate possession. [session, 

kui ke qabxe wufA dnd. To come into one's pi>8- 

A|_Jj* ^'^t qohal, adj. 1. Previona; anterior 
(jJjU). 2, Preliminary; preparatory. 

qabl- i-Uhfitdm-i-iiUdBU 

Prior to the lot being knocked down, 

qalil ai dn-ti. Before tltat : ante qiiam ; pre- 
viously ; prior to ; beforehand, [before do*. 

qabl ai tii, it M jialUf. Before this ; hei-et«fore ; 

qahl do pahar ke. Before noon {do pahar pahle), 

A JjAJ! qubill' ; lllit. qam, n. m. See jti-Cl 

1. Acknowledgment ; avowal, 2. Accord ; 
coneurrenee. 3, Favorable reception. 

i. Kecognition ; sanction; cQufirmation ; 
ratification; approliatiou. flirm. 

_ Aill our mansUr k., v. a. To approve and con- 
qiihdljama. The stipulated rent or revcnne. 
' (U-i-jrwdb. An answer filed in a suit ac- 
nowlcd>;ins the justice of the demand. 
quIidl-^klKtl. A written assent or agreement. 
qubiU k . V. a. . See rjiO^P and iqrSr t, 3, 4. 

1. To assent ; nod assent ; say yes. 

3. To acquiesce, concur, or eoiucide with ; 
concede. 3.Toreeeivoor entertain (a petition). 

4. To recognize ; sauetiun ; grant ; allow, 
qtihi'U iia k., V. a. See intdr k. 

qubal A., V. n. To be accepted, agreed to. etc 
rithval qvl-ul h, V. a. To accept or take a bribe. 
\i3yJ qubul'tid, V. a. 1, To accept; reoeive; 
approve. 2, To make a confession {iqrdr i. 3). 
^jj qubal'iyai. n. f. 1. An acceptance. 

2. Thecountcrpartof alaise; anasreement 
{to pay rent). 3. Adocnroentin which a payer 
of revenue, wlietlior to the govommont, the 
tdnt'urfiir, or the fanner, expresses hisconseot 
to pay the amount assessed upon his land. 

A JjV^ go'<I/', n. m, 1. Class; genus. 

3. (Mah. Law) Surety ; bail ; bail-bond. 
qibyrir^md*, Pcd. G. G. The female sex. 

o! qab'd. Of the nature of. 

mill qaial unndi. Of the female sex, [family, 

4l~i qabU'ah, n, m. 1, A tribe ; clan, 2. Wife ; 

A JJ^* ?*" ; I"i'- q<tiai, kalal, a. m. 

I. Slaughter ; execution. 2. Homicide ; roan- 
slaughter. 3. Murder; Kgaaflsinal^ori.4. Blood- 
shed ; Canute ; butchery ; maasacre. 


qatt-i-iniitn, 0. G. Homicide. [cide. 

qaU-iinadn muttabimi^atd. Culpalilo liotai- 

qalt-i-tTisAn mTittahim-i-$i.itS jo qaU-i-amad k% 
had Call na pahuncUld ko. 0. G. Culpable 
homicide aot Eimoiititing to niiirdor. 

qatli-bd-tatieA. Aocidoutftl homiLidc by 
ititcrveuioiit Ciinsc. 

A> where a [wrtou hon dug a nel] and not (jiiard- 
ed it agiuuat nOL-ideutc, uid (uiua uua fulln iiid 
aud perishaa. [delt 

qatl ba-jth(U-i}dfdz(U-i-hhad. Homidde iu self- 

qatl baUiatd, ya q'Ul-i-ihatd. 

MauBl»u;,'ht(ir ; acuidcuCal homicide. 

qtUl bathnbak. Manslauglitcr. 

qalli-jtadar. VAtntiOni {pi'A ghat). i 

qatl-i-tlmhah.<imad. feloiiiuue or culpable { 
boiniuide; m ana laughter. 

tfall-i-Hm. A geaeriil massacre. 

gatliamad. Wilful murder ; wilful homioido 
by Ru adult and sane pcrauu ; humiuide j 
vith premeditated malice. 

qall qabil-i-toiA. yi miwtaliimi-tcad. 
Voluntary cu1|jable homicide. 

qall qSbUi-iar. Exouaalile homioide. 

qatl qdpan-muqdjiti-ihatd. I u voluntary- homi- 
cide by au iiivoluntiLfy act ; killing a per- 
sou by iDJuring biok uuiiitoutioD^llr or 
through miiULdTeDtnro. [life; to kill. 

^ff£., V. a. t. To take away or depriTO of 

2. To oieoate ; piitiisli capitiilly ; put to 
death. 3. To murder ; aesoasiiiate. 

4. To slav ; masBEiorc ; filaiighter. 
qaU-^ah. The plaoe of exi^outiou ; gallowa. 
qalli-mubsA, qall miivtikm-ul iHyvi. 

i^in*-iqaU, G. G. Attempt to murder. 
taid-i-qait-i-amad. Puaishmcut fur murder. 

A ffi;'^* qak'ia, u, t. -r^ to eougti. 

A whore who uotiftes her prufesaion by 
a cough ; a light skirt. 

A losS qaht ; H. ial, u. m. 1. See JVI 

2. Want ; lack ; need ; Hcantinesa. 3. (qaht- 
»SR} Failure of the cr.ips or harvest ; fumiue. 

qakt parnd, v. u. To occur (a famine). 

qaklza'lah; H. k3l lA mora, adj. 1. Starving ; 
Sunine-stricken. L'. Died of naut of food. 

J^(-,««1u.) qadAm'ai, n. f. ^ ^ goiug before. 
1. Age; antiquity, i. Prescription, 

3. Luigth of service. 
A.\oS qat, Q.f. Quantity; value. 
ba-qadr, ad*. 1. Ad valorem; value*) at; at 

the rate of; at. i. Accordiug to; as; 
corresponding with ; in [oxrportion to ; to 
tbe extent of; to the amount of (jilnA). 
ba-qadr JHrmSnah add k. 

To pay tbe amount of fine or forfeit. 

1 ^l 

ha-qadr-i-kajai, ehtiy&j, yd iarurat. QuatUum 

luffieU ; as occasion may rwjuirc. 

ia-qudri-lviisiyat, ba qadr-i-maUijatA . Qu:intum. 
Videat ; auoordiag to vitluo. 2. Acourding to 
oDc'3 circumstances or means. [tore. 

A fi.^ qndim'; Pop.jtwfinil, adj. fii going l>e- 
l.Old; aucicnt; immemorial. 2. Anti- 
quated ; aruhaic. 3. Auccatr^il; hereditary. 

qadim, qadim-nlaiy&m, ae, adv. Of old ; from 
aucifut times ; long ago ; a leug time ago ; 
iu the olden time ; iu duvs of yoro ; from 
time immemorial. [hereditary descent. 

qadiui. raiyat. An occupant of laud by old 

qadlm naakar, yd namuk-khudi-. Au old acrvaut. 

qadim'i, qadim, u. I. An old inhabitant of a 
village. 2, Ouo holding by hereditary 
de^icent. [village. 

qadlml ffuon. The original or old estaUlitiLod 

Ai^Wty qarSb'al, n. t 

Propinquity; relationship; consanguini- 
ty ; funiily connexion or tio (rulud). 

qardbat-ddr, qaraliti. A relatiun by blood or 
marriage; akinsmau; fnniily oounusion. 

qarabcU-ddri, n. f. See rUkteddru 

qardbat i-tar/i. Collateral consanguinity. 

qardbai-i-mimC'j'pauth. G. G. Lineal cousangui- 
uity ; of the uanio blood. 

qardbitt-i-naisalM. Oou Bangui uity. 

^l;i qardb'ati ; Pop. qardbll, adj. Belated to I 
oouuectcd ; of kiu ; comiaugnineous. 

A jl)* ?"'"»■', n. m, j> to rest. Rest. 

qardr pdnd, v. n. To be settled. 

'lardrpayd. I. Arose ; hosed, t. Decided ; deter- 

miued. 3. Provided; ruled; established; 

pi'CBcribed ; laid down. 
qardr-ddd. 1. I'litablishment ; settlement. 
2. lingajremeut ; agrceuieut ; contract. 
qardr-Jdd-ldiu'm. A private bargain. 
qia-drdddi-Jurm, The formal charge of a crime 

read out to a ]>rt3i>uer on his trial, 
qarSr diyd i/ayd. Laid dowu ; determined. 
qardrdeud, v. a. 1. To determine (the issues 

ill a caae). tJ. To adjudge (lajeU k. 1, 2). 
qardr k., q^arSi- ddd k., v. a. .See iqr/hr k. 4. 

1. To take one's stand. 2. To make terms; 
conclude (au agreement,) 

qaxdr-vaqaX, adv. 1. Defijiitively ; positively. 

2. Ellectively; eftectually. 

qardr o maddr. See *^ I — 3, and aJtd-o-jMiindH. 
le-vojah, ya yonhl qiirdr dend. 

To assume arbitrarily. 
darbab kifduU-i-qardr vdqtd. la relation to 

tbe duo preservation of. 
tdk\h qarir dend. To receive aa true ; to admit. 
Ji^ qardr dend dvratt hoi. G. G. Shall be 

deemed to have committed such act. 


MutlaUim-i-*ata qar&r diyS gaya. yd mwtavjib*- 
toad qarctr-piyS. H. i^aiui jog thair&yli. 
Made puiitHbable. [ceive. 

nutfah yd hamal qardr pdna, Ped. v.a. To con- 

^lly qar&r'l, Ekdj. I. Fixed; establisbed. 
3. Agreed ; ratified. 

A ^i^Ij* S**^'. n. J*;* cutting (a rope). 

A partDerabip in which one party advances 
the capital, and tbe other ihe labor or 
skill, the profits beiug divided iu stipulated 

<jir&A haduJtri. An office for the collection of 
out Btandiug reveuue balances. 

A -jJ)j» qar&'yan, n. m. pi o( uj^ 1. Con- 
ditions ; circumstancea. 2. The context. 

qardin4-dai. Legal presn nipt ions, [of tbe case. 

qarOin-i-tHudmlah yd mwjadma. PresuQiptions 

A^ljy qtirbdn'l, n. f. A saori£oe; a victim. 

^rbanl k., V. a. To sacritice according to 

Mab. law. 
A u^y gurb'at, u. f. Nesjuess ; adjaceocy. 
>')*■ 3 ■r'j' ?«*■* javSr, n. m. Environs ; sub- 
urbs ; purlieus ; borderland. 
A^^2<^'^i Illit jOHW; Bus. jtamj; Sant. 

)■»» i H. ritA, u. m. Loan ; debt ; a peouniatv 

obligation or liability. 
qarzadak., yavtdrnd,v,&. To pay one's debt. 
qan vth^htd, lead, kdrhnd, yd nitdlnd, itartddr 

h,, T. u. To contract a debt ; to owe ; run 

up an account, a bill, or score. 
qan-i-be-miydd. A loan for an indefinite term; 
qars-i-jadld. A new loan ; fresh obligation. 
qarichukdndt v.a. Todiscbargeorliquidatedebt. 
qarta-i-Jiiidbt. A debt on account. 
qars-i-Juunah, Mah., n. m. 

A loan bearing no interest, and repaid 

at the pleasure of the borrower. 
garz-ihai, Mo(, n.m. AnI.O. U; a debenture; 

eadoraement ; acceptance, {tamatsui). 
qan-iJmdh, qan-dikandah, n, m. 

1. See udiiiT dene-vald. %. A dun. 
qan^ar, qarz-g\ri«dah; H. udhdr Une-vOld, 

adj. Indebted; owing; involved. 
qan-ddr ; H. udhdr lene-vdld, n. m, A debtor. 
qan-dOr-i-be-tar. An insolvent debtor {divdlyd). 
qtm-ddri, u. t. Indebtedness ; pecuniary em- 

barraasmenL [at interest (udhdr data), 

qarz deiid, v. a. To supply on credit ; to lend 
qart tittuna-t-jd&tdd. A loau made on the 

Becurit; of certain property, 
qarz »e bari. Free from debt- [fhim debt, 

qart M chka^na, v. a. To redeem ; to free 
qan-i-gairmumkinrvl-outul] H. ffa&I-uiiAdr. 
A t>ad debt (4Sbmt yd bttri ^p). 

I 3i^ 

qmt lend ba kofOlat jUde (Com. Law) A ooa- 
traot by which money is lent upon a ship't 
bottom, or by pledging the ship as security, 
the risk of the voyage being borne by the 
lender ; bottomry. [ed debt 

qan-t-mulandiea ; H. jhagre ki udhdr, A djspat' 

qcm^^mumJcin-xU-wiui ; H. pal^ tidhdr. 
A good debt. 

qarz meri garq rahnd. To be plunged in dM ; 
to be over head and ears in debt. 

qarz-i-maurHiii ; H. bapatUi udhdr, Au aDcea- 
tral debt. [bills receivable. 

qan-i-yaflan% ; H.pdna. An outstanding Jebt ; 

U;} qaiz'd; H udhdr, n. m. A loau. See jip. 

qana-iqb^. An admitted debt 

aurja-i-toinoMtiil. A bond debt ; a debt secured 
by the ciKCutioa of a boud in &vor of the 

qar^a ehukdnA, v. a. To liquidate a debt. 

jmv-i-iar-i-qaraa. Part of a debt. 

qaria mutaalUq-i-jdeddd. Legal claims <»i aa 
estate; encumbroncss. 

qanah vwOl A, v. n. To realize one's dues. 

A jj9 SU^^jRufl-Xurrti, adj. Forfeited ; dis- 
tnuned ; attached ; sequestered. 

qarqamin, qurq»azdval. AnoSioerof the conn 
employed to attach a property and reaUM 
the proceeds ; a bailifi; sheriff's officer, 

qvrq-piar. Contraband ; liable to seizure. 

qarqtahtit. Collectiou by sequestration; re- 
veuue attachment; collection of the reve- 
nue of au estate which has fallen iuio 
arrears and from which the proprietors arc 
uouiinally set aside by the native officers 
of the revenue. 

qurq tahtlli-chand-roiA. Temporary attachment. 

qwrq k., V. a. To distmiu; sequester; attach; 
talne iu execution. 

qurq-kurvmdah, dmil-i-<]Ur<^. Distraioer. 

(fwt^-mji^iZ^. Ane8tateuiidcrattaGhmeut.[cutiDa. 

^rqtUaaah, parv^utit-i-qurqi. A writ of eie- 

qarq-kud, Adj. Attached; sequestered. 

qurq hone-vdld. Al>out to be taken in execution. 

^^ juiy'i, qur^i-mdi; Rua. kufiA, u.t Dis- 
traint ; distress ; attachment ; bequestratioa 

qun^ ulhd lend yd bar^hudit k., qnrql tt oUti- 
rdnd, vd-giaas/u, yd thalSa k., v. a. To with- 
draw or remove au attachment or distraint. 

qiirqi bUhdtid, v. a. I. To set a guard over dis- 
trained property. 2. To prevent egress from 
a house. [an attachment. 

qurqt bhrjnd, v. a. To send an officer to execute 

furfi-i'-om. A general attachment [judgutent 

qunfi qabfd /aitlah. An attachttteut before 

qurqikdparvfatd. v.a. A warrant of attacbment. 

qurgi kanu-vdld, dmil-iqurqi, a. m. The offi- 
cer executing a distress ; distraiuer, 

qurfi m«A dakhal snddti. Breach of attachment. 

4)' 21 

thareha-i-qurqi. Coats of rlietress. 

nM kd/l qdbili-(pir<fi. Suffioient distreas. 

m'il-i-maqruqa.VYo^tiTiy distrainod. 

iMqrHq minhOf Tlie poraoii whose property is 

At_^jS qaiW, adv. -/jJ drawing near. 

Adjacent; neighbouring (pfi* 1). 
qanh-ul-ikhtitam. Near the end or close. 
qaiib-i-nviry. On the point of death ; dying. 
qarlb, yi qarlH-ul-vuqii, Imminent; impending. 
qarih-kar, A. H, adT, A pproii mutely {pat jidt). 
qaiib il ritlUe-ddrl, a. i. Near relationship. 
A riS qaHn,', wij. See q(Mb. 
qarJniiiudf. Just ; equitable. 
qafiii-i-aql thS, yd qarin-i-qaydt ths. 

It is expected. [dient. 

qariM-matlahat, yd saldh. Advisable; expe- 
*H^ qarin'ah, n ni. 1. VVay; mode (^haiig,!). 

2. Arrangement ; syatein ; order, [analogy. 

3. Context ; correspondence ; couueiiou ; 
qarlne k, adv. 1. lu order I'tarCfb lej. 3. Prom 

the context ; from the general tenur. 
3. By antdogy. 
hn qai^tu M yaqm A., t. u. 

To have reason to belioTe ; to know or 
conclude from oertaiu oircumstaiioea. 
J ';|o qcaiSq', n. m. See iat-m4r. 

A lobber ; freebooter ; brigaud ; Cossack ; 
one who robs in a gang and who sometimes 
plunders on horseliack. 
^■jJ qattAi't, n. f. The profession of a qaaaq, 

q. V. ; brigandage (batntArlJ. 
^1^ qaudqi, adj. Predatory. 
A IahJ qui ; Bus. kitl, kiihi, n. f. 

Instalment; partition; dividend ^idiif, 2^. 

Tliere ara generallr four qUU in the je»r, the 
roMpiud iu May and June, and the thar^ in 
November and Dacember. 

qi*t bSAdAnd, V. a. To pay by iDstalments. 

qul-bandl, a. f. Paying the revenue by 
instalments ; the revenue demand roll paid 
in icistslments. [instalment. 

qitt khilifi, n. f Failure in the payment of an 

qUl-k&r, n. m. A payer of a debt or tax by 

qiit munqtul, G. 0. An instalment in arrear. 

qitt-vdr, adv. By instalments. 

Tbe portion of the aimual aaaesament or Govem- 
mant revenue to be paid at ipecified pujode in tb« 
eoQTse of the ;eu ; a revenue denuuid ; a demand- 
toll, TOlatiug to fixed periodical payment* ol the 
leveoue or M a debt. [ffoniJ). 

A ^^ qcu'awi ; Rob. tatam ; n. f. Oath (tau- 

qaiam dilSnO, (Una, yd khildnd. To give an oath. 

qatoM lAd-lx inidr k., v. a. To deny on oath. 

qatam iAdnd, v. a. To take an oath. 

qatmd-qanti, a. t Swearing both parties. 

I ^ 

qatmVyaK adv. On oath ; swoni. [upon oath. 
qatmiyah baydn k., v. ii. To testify or declare 
A 1^"*^ qirnn ; Illit. qitam, a. f. 

Description; Bpeoiea ; nature; rank. 
qum-i-awal. The first or prime quality. 
qism kaqiqat. 1. Tenure ; descriptioa of tenure. 

2. The nature of a right. 
qUm-i-tamlTi. Quality, description, or denomi- 
nation of land. 

qism tek-ffdnah. Three kinds of tenure. 

qitntri-rnvqaddama. Nature of tiie suit. 

qitm-vdr, Uhissed ; according to its sort or kiud, 
or accordliif; to shnrea. 

qiiiu-vOr jamA-fiaiidi. A statement of the as- 
sessment on the lands of a village or collec- 
turate according to their qnality. 

quMvdr gothvdrS. An abstract atatemiDt of 
lands classed acoordiug tO' their quality. 

£.tmS qitm'ai, n. f. 1. Sootioa ; head ; category 
(hittaK, 1). 3. A division of a province. 

3. A shHte (AAa^, 1). 4. Equal partition t^ 
a husband's property amongst his wives. 

A ^ t^ qiiat', u. m, 0pp. tA dioL jo} cut. 

Blood for blood ;, capital punishment. 
quda ke Idyaq. Liable to sentence of death. 
qitSi lend, v. a. To take blood for blood. 
A &y^ qcub'aA, qasbd; Rub. hubd, n. m. pL 

qeubdt. A town or large village. 
A J><^> qtud, n. m. Attempt ; project, [cide. 
qatd'i-halakat-i-khud. Attempt to commit sui- 
qcuSan, adv. 1. Wilfully. 2. In cold blood. 
qatd'an idnai k. G. G. To iuteutioiutlly aid. 
qoid k. V. a. To attempt; essay ; strive ; make 

an attempt; venture. 
A )}^ {unir'; Illit. qta^r; H. Mot, n. m, 

yti being short. See taqnr. 

l.DcBciency; defect; shortcoming. 
3. Incoirectnoss ; inexactness ; misoon- 
etruotiou ; cross-purpose (galtUi, 5). 
qutST-i-khidmal. Breach of duty. 
qtuHr-iaql. Defect of understanding. 
quadr J:. V. a. I. To fail ; miss. 

2. To commit a fault. 
qiuSr tarvdnd, v. a. Cans, of qwHr i. q. v. 

To misletkd ; lead astray ; lead into error. 
qutHr-vdr, qualr-viand, adv. Blameworthy; re- 
prehensible (laqatrvdr). [taqtir). 
bt-qumr, adj. Without fault; guiltless {be- 
htqutSr Oudrdnd, v. a. To pronounce inno- 
cent ; to free ; dischat;ge {batl k.). 
A *>A-^ qa^>/ah, q^V/f^ n- m. pi. gatdyi. 

1 . Dispute ; debate ; disputation. 

2. (qcayd qatdyd) Qiurrel. 

3. A law-suit ; suit at law; cause ; sotioD. 

: ^ 

A 4- ItaS quadm'ah ; Pop. 'ifiuffjntd, n f. fbt 
Ajipetait eoitu* vel edendce cariU' fwt /lomo 
vfl brulum. 1. An unchaaU, bad woman. (An 
abiia^). 2. A strumpet ; an adultoresa. 

Ji&'i^' qa^S-Kqiti, a. in, 1. A detached por- 
tion ; scrap; fragraeiit; piece. 

2. A patcli or plot of grotind ; a tract. 

qiti-bandl,n.f. LA mode of asaesBrncnt formed 
ujioii an equal diatribiitioii iimotii^ the cul- 
tiifators of the guod nnd bad soiIb of a 
Till^e in like proportion, each cultivator 
being hold respousible for his ahtire of both. 

2. The aaaessmont of the cultivators ac- 
cording to the ahares of e:ich, without refer- 
ence to the soil or the cultivator. 

qata jarlb-fiandl. Spociticfttion of the dimen- 
sions of each field in a Pallii or lease. 

qala-vdrl batva,rd. Partition of a joint eatate 
in small sub-di visions. 

qaUli-tamSn ya arath A piocc or patch of land. 

qata-i f/irSnt, A. Eiig. A grant of laud. 

qalaJiiia. Adjusted ; settled. 

^Kb} qat'il, ndj. Final; absolute; imperative; 
peremptory {ntAlr, 3). 

2a/ai,^(itoM,ndv.Goinplekely; finally; absolutely; 
positively; peremptorily ; onco for all. 

/uka qatal, An absolute bequest, [lock {tdlA). 

A Ji* Vfii Pup- ?«/'*'; Illit- ^W> a. ta. A 

qiifi lornA, v. a. To break open a look, 

411^ krayi, A lock and key. 

qu/al Btff* iofirf i., To look up or in, 

qti/al lagdiid, Utefni, ya t/ena, v. a. 

To lock ; put on a lock. [a house. 

m^kda td qu/al loriid,v.tL To force the door of 

A P j l—,-^ qilb-iOt, n. m, 
A counterfeit coiner. 

qalb-iazi, n. f Nfakiug counterfeit coin. 

A P ^\j &^ qulhah-rSHl ; H. hal^ n. f. 

qutlah a plough. 1. Ploughing; driving the 
plough ; tillage, 2. Assessment according 

to the number of plouglis. [till the soil. 
qvlbah-rdiH I ; U./ial eJialdnd, v. a. To plough ; 
A ^i^ qalbl, qalb, adj. Counterfeit ; falae. 

P t>j>x»]3 qalam-hand, adj. 1. Written; pen. 
ned ; vritton out. 2. Taken into account. 

3. Inserted ; ontorod. 
qaliivi-baRii L., v. a. 

To set or take down in writing ; commit 
to writing ; book; make an entry of ; note ; 
take a note of (ddtlUl k 3, and darj L). 
qalambaiidK.,^.ii.'ro bo written, noted down, 

inscribed, engrosacd {darj h.). 
qalam phernd, yd lAeAcimd, v. a. To atriko out, 
qalcm davdt, 1. Pen and ink (inksUnd). 

4 ^ 

3. (Slanff) Bfm in re. 
jfj} qaUtm-ran, n. f. Territories ; domain {r<lj). 
qtlnm raa-i-a'i^ret vdije £/in(f. G.G.British lodia. 
yaJi-qafam, adv. 

With a stroke of the pen ; at once, 
^»l) qal'ainl. Fed.; qaliitl. Pop. adj. 

I. Written ; not verbal. 2. Manuscript. 
Ml ^y^ I'^'l'i ^^i- Defioient; acaut. 
middi-qal'd. Sh'>rt term or limitation. 
A P j^j^ gimdr-bdi, a m. A gambler (juiri). 
qimdr-Mil, a. f. Gambling (Jiid). 
gimdr-bdrl k., V. a To gamble (j'ltd khelai). 
qimdr-id^ wijina-i-dm. G. G. Public gambling. 
tJl^jU^ qiindr-^klidat, qim/lr-bSton kl gliar, 
A gamiiliug house ; n hell (juekhd-ia). 
J^ii^^S qnvdUd; Illtt. qavdd, kaudd, n. m. 

pi. of X,>ctJ 1. Rules of procedure, as diatlQ* 

guished fron) siilistantivc law. 3. Principles. 
qiniUd-i-dmma-i-viriUat. The ordinary rules of 

devolution of property. 
qtvdid-i-ibUddl. Proliraioary rules. 
qavdid-i-taqtim. G. G. Rules or principles of 

distribution or partition. 
qavdid-i-tantci. Rules of presumption. 
A ji*)y qavinin', of^y^Se^qavdidil. 
qavdnln-i/dtijddri. Criminal laws. 
qavdntn-i-m4l, Financial laws. 
qavibiini-lagSn. Iteveuue laws. 
A jtflL.^ ]J^ qaiil-i-tdlah. Solemn affirraatioD. 
qaid te phimd, t. n. To break one's word or 

promise ; go baok from one'a word. 
gatd qardr, D- m. Mutual agreement ; conven- 

tiou ; treaty ; league (r'qrdr, 3). 
qartl qardr k., gaul k., v a. To make terms ; 

bargain ; bind by contract {iqrdr k., 1, i). 

94itt/-»ilninA.Moreoommoiityji(ii[a.See t*U ji;)! 

The writtm vauobsr granted to the reTeoue 

pK^ieri, «pecif;ii>g tbe terms of their paymeuts lud 

the Miiouut pajable ; wiitteu rules on the labjecl 

of reut, 
qaul ofti, n. m, Word and deed. 
A«^s qaum, u. f. 1. Tribe; race. 2. Breed. 

ifdum'i. adj. National ; belonging to race. 
qwtml bAaUS. The interest of the nation. 
,£»«}) qaumfyal, a. t Race ; uaUonality. 
A ♦«• Iw?*.**''* "■ ">• J":* me-tsuring, oom- 
paring. [jeoture. 

1. Thought ; judgment ; opinion. 3, Coa- 
qay&s-iqaui ba maaald tuli<M. 

Violent presumption. 
L.I3S qaydi'an, adv. By guess. 
yaya»*eJilAar,Beyondconoeption or calculation. 
qaydi k., yi Ugind, v. a. To guess {atixUni, 1) 



qajt^ meH Situ, V. n. To be conceivable. 
i^V yyd*'!, adj. 1. Imaginary ; tbeoretic&l. 

2. Hypothetical (allalt). 
amar i-qaj/dti. Au il8^UInption ; hypothesie. 
luitU-v^a^tbt. Preaumptive proo£ 
ii_ JM qaid, tt. t. 1. ImprUonmeut ; confine- 
ment. 2. Control, [BOQiiient. 
qaid-i-ititikSt, B. The longest term of inipri- 
qaidi-bd-maihaqqat. lm[inaoam6Ut.mthla,\io\iv; 

rigorous impriauDmont, 

qaid ba-mashag^at pS b(t-jauldA. Imprisonment 

with irons and hard lubour. [labour. 

qaid bitd-moikaqqat. Iinpriaonment without 

qttidbild-muih'iqqat vaj'i'tddn.G. 0. linpriaon- 

nient without irons and labour. 
qaid biiarvtl, lAiiffatn'}, yd Mtna, v. n. 

To undergo the full term afimpri'tonment. 
qmd-i-be-jd. Illegal diireaii or ciiiSuement. 
<iaid-i-ta»h&l. Solitary ci'Dfiutracnt, 
qaidkAanvh. Prison j jail ; g;iol {jel-lckdttnh). 
qai-i -rakJtnd, V. a. To detain ; hold iu oustudy. 
qaid rahnd, t. n. 

To reinain in bonds, in prison, etc. 
qaid-i-iakht. Rigorous iniprisoninent. 
q<U<i It elihiitiiS. tiaot delivery, [i^ no escape. 
qaidi-faraiig. Imprisonment from which thore 
qaid i., y. a. See batvi k., 1, 2. 
9011^ kl dffi/d, yd huim, A niiitinius. 
^aidlagdnd, V. a. 1. To limit; oircumscribe. 
2. To regulate ; subject to role. 3. To 
make conditions (tkart bdndJiitd, 1, 2). 
qaid-i-mrJiat. G. U. Simple imprisonment. 
qaid tn«A. Under restraint or control. [restraint. 
fud-i-nd-jdit. False imprisonntont; wroii^'ful 
qaid A., V. n. 1. To be limited. 2. To be im- 
prisoned, bound, or fettered, etc. 
be-qaid, bUd-qaid, B.Ayl. Unrestrained; nncon- 
trolled ; free ; uncUeoked. 3. Unconditional ; 
unlimited; indefinite (f'«-A(»b^,l). 3. Without 
due regard to or for; irregular; lawless. 
ht-qnid, adv. Without restraint, opposition, or 
reservation; openly. 

2. At large ; at random ; irregularly. 
^.i^jaAfi.u.f. A convict; pn30uer(uf a prison), 
^4-.n*A> qlm'ai; Illit, klmat; Km. kimmat; 
H. mol, n. f. f^ being brisk (the market). 
Price (ddm, 2). 
qtmat takhm'ini. Estimated value. 
^mat ekuiil'i'T, v. a. To settle the price, 
qiniat rastjdi. Projvortionatc or niteablc value. 
qtmat ravmnd. X customs pass, spccifring the 
value of the goods that have paid duty. 
qliaal kam L, yd jhatdnd, v. a. To beat down 
the price. [bid, 

qlmat lagiad, v. a. To value ; make an offer ; 
q1tnat-i-7adl vmbla. Value of goods sold. 
q'lmat vmqarraf k. To fix the price ; appraise. 

karSyoA-Tidma-i-besk-qim'it. A valuable leaso. 
kumit-a'-qmal, Pcd. for },Ura mol, 

Adequate talue. 
^lUJ ql"i'atl, qlintl, adj. 1. Of the value of; 

iilued at 2. High-priced; costly. 
3. Valuable; precioas. 

p yO U" ifcuiift'; A. ma/tr, n. m. A marriage 

portion ; settlement on a wife ; a jointure, 
tdJ/in-iidnui, mahr-uoma. n. f. A deed of 
dower ; a marriage settlement. 

H ^^ IKT^ kdili'a, phat-pdii, a. m. 

A circular piece of iron placed on a 

ploughahurc to prevent its going too deep 
into the ground. [denlinqneuts). 

H &^^ aiT3' i't^A, ". m. The stocks (for 
kdth nieA pdon lAule'id yd dead, v. a. 

To put in the atovks. 
f JS kdr; H.idm.u.m.P. kardan, S. «tto do. 
1. Act (J«) 1). 2. Work; mission. 
3. Function -, duty (/an). 
tj^jTjK kar-iitmiidah, ' kdrkofd^h ; U. hhngtd- 

hud, adj, Kxperienced ; practised. 
•mIjK kdr-dmad, odj, lit. what comes into use. 
Applicable; conducive. [man>Lge>-. 

kdr-bdrX, n. m. 1. A man of business. 2. A 
kdr-bardr^, n. f. Performance ; ciecution. 
kdr-band. Acting «p to or upon, 
k&r-baitd h., V. II. To act up to ; to perform 

or diitcharge a duty ; fulfil ; comply with. 
jij^)V idrpai-dui, kinnda/t, n. m. 

Ono who manager a business ; a negotia- 
tor; fiictor (»(w6araA). 
kdr-ftardfiidu-i-ptUit, Police establishment. 
Ldr-pardd:!i, kdriiidgl, n. f. 

Management; agency. [duties. 

kdr-patddzl wfti gajlat. Negligence of one's 
kdr-i-jangl. Military afliiirs. 
kir-o-boT ; Pop. k&r-bdr, n. m. 1, Business ; 

aflairs. 3, Dealings ; tninsactions. 
kdr hSk-m-i-adcUal. Judicial functions, [duty. 
k&r-i-kkds. A special, particular, or peculiar 
kdr-i-khdng't. Private or domestic aifairs. 
liM-yV k&r-'kliand, n. m. I, A factory ; 
manufactory ;w0Tk8bop ;dockyard. [tory, etc 
kdr-khdne-dar ; n, m. A proprietor of a fac- 
Ur-kkdnaA^drl, n. t The business of a fac- 
tory or workship. 


Mr-ihSna £., T. a. 

To open & workshop or btisiDera. 

hdr-ddti, n. m. Ati adept ; a connoiseui*. 

iJljjjir JtSr-rav^R, a.t 1, Working; operation; 
carrying ou a business. '2. Process ; pro- 
ceeding ; procedure. 3. Eiecittion; manage- 
meiit 1 conduct ; adminiatratioD. 

4. Discharge or performance of work. 

tar-ravii baebcU. Foreclosure proceedings. 

kdr-ravdl tursarl. Summary procedure. 

JcSrravSliadalat. Judicial proceedings. 

kdr-ravSl h.,-v. a. 1. To execute or discharge 
a function or duty. 

2. To hold proceedings. 

kSr-ravdi mitt.tavl rakhitd. To stay proceedings. 

tdr-ravAl maltkHnta-i-qdniln. 
A legal proceeding. 

Hr-raeSi-inildm. Sale proceedings. 

kdr-i-rot-ntarrah, u. ra. Daily duty. 

k&r^-saritkta, a m. Official business. 

k&r-i-aaTh&rl, u. m. Public or Government 
service ; official functions. [Majesty's Service. 

ha-kdr-iaarliAr y& matikah muat'tmnh On Her 

kHr-i-guriiri, n. f. Urgent busiuesa or affairs. 

iiri-fait, n. m. Imperative or bounden duty. 

kar/armdi, a. f. Execution ; admioistratiou. 

j^,K kdvkun, a. m. A director; manager; 
oaaignee ; a manager of a minor's estate ; 
a representative ; an attorney. 

/yV Hr-ffar, adj. 1. Operative; active (a medi- 
cine). 2. Efteetive ; effectual (fdtdemand, 3). 

3. Serviceable ; usefuL [4 h., 1). 
kdr-gar h., -v. a. l.To be operative {atar k., 

3, To be productive or useful. 
jljTjIt kdr-yuiHr, n. m. I. Expert; expeditious. 

3, Dutiful ; attentive. 

kdr-ffuiari, n. f. 1. Despatch of busineaa; dis- 
charge of duty. 2. Employment; service; 
pood service. [duties, 

kdr^-mn/mmxzak, n. m. Charge; business; 

kar-i-mulkl, n. m. 1. Public fimctiona. 

2. Revenue affairs ; tinanoe. [duct. 

Mr-i-nd-jdyoi. A wrongful act ; unlawful con- 

adSlat Iti kkrravSi ki kdtai. 

Stage of judicial proceedings. 

j)tC kdr'l, adj. Murtal ; fatal, 

Idrl-mlckm, takkm-t-kdri. A mortal wound. 

p ct-^ tf ^ittht, n. E. 1. (kdthtkdri) Cultivation 
(bo-jol). 2. Cultivated land or tract; field; 
farm. 3. Holding ; tenure (of land). 

4. A teunre by which the revenue is as- 
sessed according to the value of the crop. 

kStkl $t d^kkil uthdnd, katht yd qabu ie be- 
dnkhal k. To oust from a holding. 

kdtkt karind, v. a. To farm out land. 

kdAt L, V. a. To cultivate {bond, I). 

kdaht meit kind, v. a. To bring into cultiva- 
tion ; reclaim land. 

6 i-JW 

l»-kdaht, Ped. for H. be^ ; Tlr. apkdr, adj. 
Uncultivated; fallow ; waste. 

jUUiV kdthltOr, Hthtkir ; U. kitdn, n. m. 
A cultivator ; farmer { jutd). 

kdtht-kdr-i-jadld. A cultivator newly settled 
in a village. [vator. 

kd$ht-kdr-i-0nir-maJik. A non-proprietory culti- 

kd»hi-kSr ^air-mauTiiti yd pd&I. A non-here- 
ditary cultivator. [ed in a village 

kd«ht-kdr-i-qa(tim. A cultivator long establish- 

kdsht-kdr-i-mdlik. A proprietory cultivator. 

kdaht-kdr-i-TnaurOfi. A hereditary cultivator. 

kdtht-hdii] H. kitaul, n. f. Culture; tillage. 

f ,^ \S ka^'at ; Raa. kdffsfaj, kSgaj, kSffad; 
kdjak ; Tir, kdgat, a, m, pi. Icdgidt, kavi^U. 

1. Paper. 

2. A writing ; deed ; document ; oharter. 

3. An aucunnt-book. 4. A printed or written 
sheet; a newspaper. 5. A note of hand; bond 

kdga*-i-arba, Oha. The four written documents 
on which the proceedings in a suit are 
grounded, i. e. the written complaint ; the 
answer; the rejoinder; and the reply, [ings. 

kSfjat-i-arba k& titimma, Supplemental plead- 

kSgaz-i-hntvdra. Panition paper. 

kQgax-^':kdm, H. kacKekd ehaihS, 

IkOugb draft of a document, or account ; 
account of gross produce. 

Idffot-i-tarkdri, n. 1. Registered or stamped 
paper. 2. (mrkdri kdgai) A curreney note; 
Uovernment promissory note, 

ka^aa kSmilu' qinat, 

A document duly stamped. [acconnta. 

kSgaz k., T. a. To adjust, make up, or balance 

kdgai likhnd, likh dinu, yd k., v. a. 
To give a liond or note of hand. 

kd«/aa lithvd lend. To tnke a bond. 

kdgaimilSna,.\.i\..'Vo examine or check account a. 

Icdgoi mm ddkhil k., v. a. To register. 

kagoi-i-nikaA. See kdina-tiSviah. [^Vftt. 

pokkd kdgoi, n. 1. Thick, stiff paper. 2. Stamped 

chU'.k' kd kd^az, n. m. Note paper. 

kachehd kdgaz. 1. Inferior country paper. 
2. Unstamped paper. 

kord yd leiikkA-kdgoi. Blank paper. 

idgtdt-i-bando-bast. n. m. Settlement records. 

kdgtSti-dthi. Village acconnta or admin- 
istration papers, [inga or records in a case. 

kSg^dl-i-muqaddnma yd addlal, n. m. Proceed- 

kd^ati-kalaktan, n. m. Revenue records. 

kdffidt-i-muqriddum « meA sl.ttmil. 

Filed with the case. [papers. 

kdgtdl muntalakah yd manlkStJid. The annexed 

kdgtdt-i-maujiidah. The records as they stood. 

kagil lubut, a. m Documentary proofs. 

A J^ <ta'yT, adj. Sufficing; enough; compe- 
tent; satisfactory. 



kSfl tatawur It., G.G, t. a. To hold or consider 
efficient [2. Efiectually. 

idfi taur m, lAv. I. Adequately; suffieiently. 

^fl na A., T. n. To be defioient, or wautiog. 

i^/i h., T. □. To be odaqutite, equiraknt to; 
to cover ; do ; answer. 

lU^ hat. Is sufficient. [the intereet. 

nU jU jusv-i-kfifl. G. G. A competent part of 

HJI^ ViT9I <^')ti*ni. 1. Season. 3- Famine. 

ihU-u^Mfcdr, ltd/ meA ha^gUipSlan kd rupayd- 
Famine relief fund. [demble time. 

hSi hanjar, n. f. Land left fallow for a cousi- 

hai^hri, n. f. 1. A blaok-hole. 
2. Solitary imitrisoninent. 

faUd i(U, n. m. 1. The pvAa. 2. The groin. 

Uj\j)l^ fStm Wpft *ilid yarn, n. m.lii. 

blaok vratera. Beyond the sea ; transporta- 
tion b^ond India ; the Andaman islands. 
Sf^ Wm ^itn; Bus. Jtar,n.m. S. vA, Pill, 
iommam; Pr. hntmo. 

1. Work; handiwork; job. 2. Office; de- 
partment; function; task; duty; part. 
t^ bigetrTtdjV.u. 1. To be spoilt, marred (one's 

work, plan, plot, etc.). 2, To be bankrupt. 
jkOe nUkOn^'kirfe ka Mm meA lira, 0. G. 

Uung a false trade- mark. 
}>.mV vrmiT kom-d&T, H. P., n. m. 

Manager; agent (£dr£un). 
j&llf mth&rt-i^m.ii]nyat kA k&m meA Und. 0. G. 

Using a false property mark. 
AjJ^ idm'iV, a4j. See pard, 3,S. 

1. Whole ; full. 

2. Positire ; decisive ; absolute. 
lifKii-ul'^mat. Of full or adequate value. 
kdmU-vi-ayAr. Of perfect standard or assay 

(a ooin). 

The highest assesBment leviable. 
fabmV A., T. n. 1, To be completed, finished 

2. To master ; make oneself master, 
tf'rde tdmii, 0. G. Complete eieoution. 
ikktiydrdt-i-kdmil. G. G. FuU powers. 
ifM kdmU. G. G. The entire thing. 
HA^j>'^»'tf fcl^t-Aatu, n. m. I. A look- 
up ; congeo-house. 2. A pound tor cattle. 
Hte/Jl^ (KMMI»I1| kapdl^rffd, n. f. 
A Hiu. funeral ceremony. 
Whan the bamiDg corpse is Dorly reduced to 
uhn, the eoD or the oeveal raUtion breaks the 
rtull with &«brokeof a bamboo and pours melted 
butter ioto the eavitj. [book 

A t^U/ kiidb', n. m. pL huai, >fsr wrote. A 
i^ib-vttiqdl, a f. A book or record of trans- 
fers and other changes of property. 


Httl6 hukml. A lettOT tr(Hn one Qdtf to ano- 
ther, containing an authenticated tran- 
script of evtdeaoe taken in a case, the de- 
cision on which has been removed to the 
jurisdiction of the latter; any authwita- 
tive writing. 

H SJIXaT 4i<54i«IV kathm'ah, n. m. 
Farm ; sub-lease (ij ■*-'). 

katkand dend, v. a. To sublet {ijdrah dend). 

katkane-d&T, n. m. Under-lessee; tenant; farm- 
er; a sub-tenant. 

taikane mei thd. Leased in kat-kanai. 

Ht>^ (h g q t kut'nd, kuttan, biekattliyd, mi- 

yM;'{, n. m. kutni, n. f. S. ai^ 

A go-between ; bawd (bharvd). 
^^^ ^Efnn kidndp'a, kvttan-pana, n. m. 

Pimping; cuckoldom (bharvd). 
katn^Bd k., T. a. To pimp ; pander. 
UUV ae^ iTiTT kutndfnd ; Bhoj. kutndvat, v. a. 

1. To wheedle ; coax (as a go-between). 

2. To entice ; seduce. [coneitiatrix. 
t^ ^S^ ktii'ni, n. f. S, ^^ A procuress ; 
kutnl ka ghar ; Panj. chhaUd-kothl, a. m. 

1. Tbe house of a procuress where clan- 
destineprostitutioniBcarriedon. [of call. 

3. A bawdyhouse;abagnio; brothel; ahouse 
H_U^ .i'}*^ i<it»«» tyfij. Simple interest 
^r^ nSiri^ kaiaut'l, n. f. Discount, 

1. The 20th part of the Bengal Bigfaa of 
1600 sq. yards, or 720 sq. feet 

2. A com measure of five seers, (f ) 

TLi^Xi^WS «TO kaOi-ba-e; Sant iSkOt 

SpSt, n.m. A step-father. 

Ir Women at the lower cluaea often leave, or 
are given up by their hnebands. and on re-marrjing 
(tarda or SuxrSo) the; take with them tbe 7ouDgeT 
children to whom the new hasbaiHl is kalX-hip, 
while the children are called hi* dc^/arvi larkt 
(picked up on the ro»d or finjar). 

H e3«^ *^ ^^'^ *''*^' °' ^■ 

1, The horizontal beam to which the 
bullocks are attached in a sugarmill. [rivers. 

2, Land recovered from, or left by lai^ 
A U'i^^yii*^ kaitr-ul-<ui>dj, Fed. G. G. 

A polygamist 

Htap^ WS^ kaeft'ehd, koMil; Tir. if Bhoj. 

kdAiA, kaAekkhard; U&f. kdcho, adj. Opp. of 

fakkd. See fli- (1, 2, 3). 1. Raw. 2. Below 

a certain staudard of weight or measure. 

(Si of a1! lackehs weighta and meaaurea make 
onepakki weight or meaaiire). 

..Goot^ le 


21 » 


kachehS taJthmlnd. A rough eBtimat*. 

kaclic/id daklU. A precarious taoure. 

kaduha ter, n. m. A ««r which is below tbe 

staudard of eighty rupees weight. 
kaehchi OaamL A t«mporary cultiTator; one 

having no poraianeat or hereditary right of 

kaehc/a t>e»fil, n. f. Primary hearing of a case. 
kaohckl lafuU, n. ColleoUon of the revenue 

from tbe oultiTators direct. 
kaekekljam/Uaniti. The gross rent roll of a 

village before setting off the charges and 

expenses, whether the balance be payable 

to a zamlndar or the government. [run. 

kachchl mtrt, 0pp. of paUa nUa n. f. Date to 

IntarMt from the dij prBOfding the iMH to Uia 

d>;*fter, acoording to the practice of Native b*Dken. 
kackeM ftdp, a. t. Rough measurement, 
H^wJfj^S'i' matfH iaehvOn'it; Old H. 

harvdtttH, n. f A minute division of land 
measure, l-20th of a bitvaAti, q. v. 

H jt^s^ mSTT JiaeAhar; katAh, a.m. S. 

Moist Ion land by a river; alluvial 

Vey^fS tmrC^ kacAah'ri; Rua. toeAatj-i; 

Sah. hekhri, a. f. S. ^fwHvO From ^Tt^H 
bad, 1^ to take anay. A oourt house or 
office; a court of justice; tribunal ; cutchery. 

kaehahfl barkkm, The rising of a court. 

kackahrl barkfiOtt k., v. a. 

To dose or adjourn a court, [into court. 

kaehakTieharhidjV.rt.Tohnnff an action; to go 

kac/uihn dm. A public office. 

kack'ikri Sm vtaftahd. An open public court. 

laehahrl-kd, a^i. Official. 

kaehtthrl k., v. a. I'o hear cases in court. 

Mart kachahri »iM. In open court. [office. 

tarkArikachakn, u.f. A public or Government 

Ht^^^ W^ kat1*h'ui^ W. n. m. 
One side ot a yoke. 

kachkuA kA tqpUi. A partner who provides half 
the team of cattle needed for ploughing ; 
tho owner of one iacAAud. 

ji\S\yS:^ 9!g^^HW(lkaehhti-daba3; E.; kachro 
daibro, Bhoj. u. f. An uneven tract of land or 
bed of a river partially submerged in places. 

p Jlj>»ii,r kad-'khudil, kai-khvdSi, n. f. 

kad-iKiaUR i., v. a. To marry. 

aural-i-kadkhwia. A married woman. 

H }1^>^ wSsif ka^kel'ar, ka^rO, ffoilar ; 

Tir. kaik pOt, n. A step eon or daughter. 
laiJArMr, adj. 1, Banished; exiled. S.Outcasted. 

Hy Wtior.n.m.S.lKlfromKtodo. [(jW- 
I . Revenue from taxes. 2. A settled al- 
lowance to village officers and servants, 
kar ttffhayUi, V. n. To collect taxes. 
karughW, n. Tax gatherer; toll collector. 
har bMdAnd, pd tagand, v. a. To impose a tax. 
kiir4ag&n, a. Imposing a cass or tax; taxaUon. 
H )!/ WIS kariV, kard'o, n. m. 

1. The marriage of a widow with the 
brother (generally with the younger brother) 
of the deceased husband. 

The custoin prevaiU amoDg the J6tt, Oajart, 
Altm, uid othar inferior tribca, etc. *I it did 
amoDgtt tb« Jewt. 
3. Concubinage. 
jfcarAo k., v. a. 1. To marry a widow. 2. To 
iieep a mistress. 
3. To keep a man (to live with). 
A fcS-^f (j^ kardh'ii/at, n. f. t/ hating. 

1. Aversion; disgust; abhorrence. 

2. (/n taw) Abamiaable uti ; ■bomiastioiu ; any 
infntction of moral or religioua obligatiaD, a» sat- 
ing or drinkiog impure or prohibited food, wearing 
obnozioaB attire, committing acts of indectDcj.atc. 

A&j!)^ kari'i/ah, kircl^j/ah,Ti.ia. Hire (bhard). 

Hrayd aghSnd, v. a. To collect the rents, etc 

kiTiU ehalAad, ySdenS, v. a. To let ; hire out. 

jljlifl/ kirSge-ddr, u. A tenant (bharaia), 

kirSi-ddr ulamS, v. n. 

To occupy a house (tbe tenant). 

kirdya-ttm:in. Ground-rent. 

kiriyS lenO, v. a. To realise the rent or fare. 

kirdyan&viah, n. m. A lease of a house (i 

Hrdya-i-viipiA i H. phirld bhdrd, phiriS, n. m. 
Return faro or hire. 

Hl^/ Wtan kanTa, n. m. 1. Exchange 
barter. '2. Ture and tret ; abatement ; allow- 
ance or customary deduction. 

3. Balance of value to make up a defi- 
ciency in goods or coin, or tbe difference 
between the price of new things and old 
given in exchange. 

H^=-^y ItWPIHS. karmiffol, adj. 1. De- 
scended or inherited in regular sucoeesion. 
2. Traditional. 

karamUgcU dAt. An inherited slave. 

karm&gai drah. Hereditary property. 

itarmnn'uydi. Succeeding or foUowiug in a line. 

karmjur'ia, n. Assignments from khdUa lands 
to the junior branches of a U&jpQt family. 

H ^-^ «nft kurm'i, E. o. m. 

" A cast of agriculturists in Eastern and 
Central Hittdw^Aa, the same as tbe SmtbU 
I of the West and South. 



nk/ fipiT '^'y^ *»>S'S. *"■ f- s. film. Pr. 

kind. 1. Aot(J«). 2. Obuquiftl ritw; 
A religtODs ceremony, esp. such a> are 
purificatoij and esaential. 

8. An act of law or judicial iiireatigation, 
either by witaeases, documeuta, or ordeal ; 
the last of the two acta of a process which 
is Apheld, a« when a ioan and repayment 
are both proved, the latter is called Iriyd, 
the deoiaive act 4. K. An-oath {$a^nd). 

laiyApid. The evidence; the third division 
of a suit at law, the counCer-eyidence or re- 
joinder (£ the plaintiff. 

itrtjrd icarm, n. 1. Beligious nrvioe ; daily 
obserrances, such aa oblations, prayer, etc 
2l Funeral ceremonies; obeequies. 

kri}i& It., V. a. To perform one's obsequies. 

hriya lAdnd, v. a. To take an oath. 

kafi dhara, n. f. Hard soiL 

kaif akl itu* kdlk datttd. An orded, 

Tbs aoousod ii r^uired to take ont a fitoa of 
gold which hu bain dro{^ied into > tcbmI of boil- 
rag oil. If he cui do thU without baiog «cald«d h« 
ii held ioDoCvnt. 

n(A]^ VEST <^'^ n- -^ division «f crops 
in equal proportions. Cmnugf. 

HU>y ^X\ ha^h% kafhui, a. I. K loan. 
2. A deduction from the sum lent. 

Ht»^ VS^^hat'si; Rns. ibu, d. m. S. WtTQ 

1. The bark of the lnhtr or h<£M (acacia), 

used in tanning. 3. A spirit extracted from 

thebarkarthe«ita''. [less tb an; underweight. 

Htwf qpdT^'^i^'^J-'b'- ^li*^ Lees; barely 

B .^^ f^lFSTW UiSn'; Rus. kUinf, n. m. S. 

Vtfnn^ See koAt-kir. A farmer ; peasant 

Idtan {aflm, n. A long-eBtabllshed cultivator, 
pl' "' 

caltivkMr, aad having the right of a>)e and mort- 

gtga of thair knda, »ad many of tlie privilegca of 
pn>|irictonihip except those of electing tha Ian- 

Xt^^""^ kaib; Pop. kaiah,n.ui.l. Profession; 
occupation (paha). 2. Art; skill. 
3. Prostitution ; whoredom. [prostitute. 
katab k., yd kamtbtd, v. a. To lead the life of a 
^ kaib% buban, a. C 

A woman of tfaa town (ba»i, 1). 
A y^ ka^ar, a. f. pl. j^-T & MjmX tnm y^ 
breaking. 1. Damage ; loss. 
1 Want {Ma i). 3. Defect ; flaw. 
hatar bkand, v. o. To indemni^ (Wfd 

2) ; to make up a deficiency. 
kaiar bedu. A fraction more. 

katat parna,^. a. To oome short ; fail. 
katar deni, v. a. To make one suffer a loss. 
H ^^Y^ 9tfl1fft &uau'A, n. An account of 
the revenue doe by each cultivator (t). 

H tiiio L--4*/ ^ ^ ^^ ^ 

jbcjt khiid-kvilA vteh tar0> dmH, Asaisting in 

ft suicide. 

ri ami se haehnd, v. a To evade a law officer. 

n anavan te, kitl nd JaH tarah se. Somehow ; 

in gome way or other ; any how. 
kin kal tak, kiH mttddot tak, kiii miid tak. 

Por a term, [out money. 

kiA kSm ffieA thatch k., v. a. To invest or lay 

ilkampnl k& mukftiSr, A representative of a 

Oil Hi laraf te. On one's bebatf. [suit. 

kill IS tara/ie rUSish k. To represent one in & 
H Jjjt^ g?n ^ Wt iwAd-tiriCf^ Maiutcn- 

ance by or through koAa grass ; b»t in the 
vest of Bengal, an under tenare of land 
granted at a quit rent, or rent free, for the 
suppoft of a Brahman or devotee. Also 
the absolute gift of laud to a Brahmiu at 
an eclipse, or on some solemn occaston. 

P u:..Jir ytlU, a. f. A field. [tion. 

kiihtvar', By fields ; according to the oultivk- 

kutear, n. m. A list showing the fields. 

Ais-Ra^ ia/iliW,n.f.J*rSurety;lien(^U). 
Security in general, aooording to the ShUlt, but 
liinitod to peraonal bail by the 5annij. 

kafdlai ar&a, n. An assignment on land. 

/Mjaiat-ulmSl A valuable security. 

ta/al<U bit mat, hxf^M u2 inM, Peousiafy bail. 

hafMat^-a-mtSs, Porsonat bail 

kqfdlal jahat, Bottomry. 

kafataljahdt par rapayd qart datA. 
To lend money on bottomry* 

kaf3iai-dilr nek nlyatA bonSjide inoumbrance. 

kafOlai dena. To indemnify ; secure against. 

kafSlat-ralm. A mortgage lien or security. 

kafiOat i., V. n. To cover ; secure. 

kafslat-namah, n. A bail bond, or writteD en- 
gagement or security. 

ka/alal nSmjOl tar-idn. Government securities. 

ka/dlai ndmjtU naqd-i-IngUtUn. Coaaols. 

ka/6lat yakjiR. A consolidating seooHty. 

Act-ilaf kifi']/at, n. f. ^ sufficed. 

I^fit or increase in the amount of re- 
venue received by the govwnment, whether 
fay raising the rate of asMBsment or impos- 
iag additional tazea. 

HlJJUMifciJ' ia/MU|*«*. (Barudtalm) Five. 

kafexMgH (Borttdeaiert) Fif^. 

ia/e lM<r, (HorMde^fTt) Five hundred. 


Aj^ W^< "■ "• J*^- ^* Surety or 

bail (the person). 2. A hostage. 
he^l-kar, n. A rOBponaible agent. 
kafll h., T. n. To give or stand bail [n.f.S.qm. 
aj^^ Wf^HRft i*Wt><*i%E.; &»««, W, 

" Bundles of sheaves o£ corn given as 

perquiaitea to reapers and village servanti. 
Ajf it»I, adj. All ; aggregate ((««*»). 
kul jurmdnd ya koi jm wkd. 

The fine, or any part thereof. 
knl jama, n. The Bum total ; full amount. 
kul-jamabamR, a. i. The groaa rental.. 
kul ddva. The entire claim. 
lad ragbah, a. m. The whole area or contents 

of a vill^e and its lands. [of a case. 

kul rttedHd-i^tiiadmaJi. The full particulars 
kal h&gzii-i-nuiqadmah. The vfhole course of 

proceedings in a oauae. [prietor. 

kvihd&fi mdlik, u. m. 1. Sole and entire pro- 

2. One autrustad with the whole economy 
of a bonaa ; a major-domo ; /(iciotum. 

3, A plenipotentiary armed with fuUpowere. 
iui-mvkhtSri, a. i. Full authority. 

iul miadn, Grand total. 

kul-vutul j-SnO, V. n. To receive in full 

kuVlatti adv. Wholly ; all. 

kultan yd jwMrt tiWyar*, With all or any of 

the powers. [tally. 

f^ kalloham'. adv. Altogether; wholly; to- 
Rjf W?I feJ, n. m. Family (J-l 6). 
kul ach^iya. The family priest who conducts 

the religious ceremonies, etc. 

H JlW Wgira *o^''. ta^*"-. n- °»- *«^"». 
n. {. S. mm3 1. A sect of Hindus whose 
profession origiaally was distilling spirits. 

2. A distiller. Z.(kaldti) A seller of spiritu- 
ous liquors ; a publican ; tavern-keeper, 

kaUU jama. Revenue from the excise, or duty 
on spirits. 

iilijur titaW ^ IPn kalal-^'kAdna, n-m. 1. A dis- 
tillery. 2.A liquor-shop; public house; tavern. 

H yj' W9at tal'lar, kallark, adj. 
Sterile ; barren ; unproductive. 

i(i;/ar,n.f.l.A soapy aoil; fuller's earth. 2.Laiid 
likely to produce saltpetre or«A. Z. (Tir.) 
A class of men of no caste, or men who 
have lost their castes during a famine. 

kallar-khaa dhara, A barren soil. 

kallar la^nd, v. Bi" 1. To be impr^nated with 
alkali or reL 2. To become barren (soil). 

X JXiS" iaIaJetar, h^aUar, d. m. The oolleo- 
tor or chief revenue officer of a di^rict. 

^ ^aUT ktUaiftati, kalaUari, a.L A coUectorate. 


E 8 1 jJU/ kalan'drah, a. Calender of crimei. 
Hi-XJi>' tllfm ibafaiU,n.S.«^,P&lI,iaI<Ma», 

Calumny ; eoand&l ; aspersion (dSg, 3). 
iala^k ka aid lagnO, kataAkl k., i. n. 

To be' branded, traduced. [(ifA? lagctn&). 
haiank lagStiH, v. a. To calumniate ; traduce 

H y^ ^m^ kuUafi, iuAdr?; Mif. iri- 

vib^; Hvc.hirMfl; Garh. kwd^o; Old H, 
kurdfi, n. f. hdhofH, o, m. S. S^Slft 

Payment of rent at a rate per hatchet 

for the land which may be cleared by it in 

a given time ; a tenure by which land ii 

held in the NortJum Sii^dtr*. 

p J kam, kamO, adj. Old P. and Z. kamd. 

Little; few. 
iam-etKon, adj. Short weight 
beiam o k&st, adj. Fed. for H. >mI ki tok. 

Without increase or diminution, 
kav^-hiU, n. m. Light weight. 
^^ kam% n. f, 1. Deficiency; scantiness. 

3. Dearth; paucity; scarcity; want; lick. 
3. Loss; decrease; waste. 4 Reduction; 
diminntion; abatement. 5, Defalcation; 
deficit. 6, Remission ; relaxation. 
kavil bethl, n. f. 1. Excess and deficiency ; in- 
equality. S. Fluctuation ; profit and loei. 
kam bethi barObar hUi. Ineqiutlity made up. 
kami-jWidad. Deficiency of assets. 
kami gimot-t-ufSm. Undervaluation of a suit. 
kami k., v. a. To fall short {kaw, k). 
kaml maliyat-i-wMgaddama. 

Defective valuation of suit. 
A &A^l*^ hmtlt-haq^hS, adj. As it ought U 

be ; properly ; duly ; effectually. 

A )yxj JUJ^ kanOi futUr, n. m. An iggr*- 

vated breach of Uie peace (politioally). [get 

U^KJ qilTRT <I:»ind'H<i,v.a.S.sJI.Toeun; 

2. To prepare the land; to enrich; fe^ 

tilize. 3. To live by prostitution. 

VUT mni kamSl, n. f. 1. Earnings ; income. 

2. Profits; gains; perquisites. 
jorH ;tl hxBiSi khAitd, hivl ka ddnS khSnS, v. d. 

1. To live on one's wife earnings. 

2. To wear horns ; to be a cuckold. 
dUtroA jti iamS, khibta, v. a. To live on otben. 
A JljJjUS^ kamd-yanbi^, adj. See. «i»W. 
P Jlwf y*f kamar-kttahSi, a. f. 

' I. Undoing or opening the waistband. 

2. (ifi^.) Theorder to take offaccoutrementa 

3. An illflgd tte levied by a Qovt. peon from * 
pBTBon over whom Ue is placed in charge for p*" 
miaBioD to porforDa tlie commoD f uncUoni of life. 

^ 2 

P HtA^''^ iXUf kamcatd pkeAina yi 4al- 
nd, V, a. To throw up a scaUog iiulder. 

kamand lagdad, G. G. ticaliug. 

H\y*t*^ «linn kaner'a; Smtt. itunl^; Bhoj. 
kaaUniitar, a. m. ianeran, a, t. S. mAvK P&li, 
hamakdro. A workman j laborer, eap. a hired 
agrioultural laborer. 

X^Aj^ iamXth'an, a. t Cor. of Commiasion. 

tamithan baithnO, t. n. To sit (a conuniaaion). 
ianiukan jari k., j. a. Tu Usae a oonuniaBiou. 
hxmUhan dend, v. a. To allow conuuission or dis- 
co UDt. [sioa. 
iamlfhan lA Idoul k., T.a. To execute a coumtiB- 
kam.'itlvaa ke bawi^ ithOr Una. 

To examiue uudec a commiBaion. 
iamuAon ^d,T. a. To obargecomoiiesioD. [iBSued. 
aJd-i-kamiUhaa. One to wbom a oomnuBSiOQ is 
jfcMi kamithan ki UimU H hi^fxyat. 

The return to a coauniaaioa. 

Attji^ iondn', n. m. 

Id the N.-W. P. the artifioMBUid Barruiti of a. 
TiUag* nha, besides ftllowa^oea in gnun, receive 
Bimil ollottneDta in Und, &nd tie therefore minor 
or inferiur cultivatara ; &lao, «ll the raidentB of a 
Tillage, except religious mendicutB, who uii not 

tatainl bdchA, a. to. A tax levied bj the pro- 
prietors of a village on every reaideut who 
is not engaged in agriculture ; a ground 
rent for non-cultivators' dwellings. 

H af 9tH '^"t >>• ii'- S. ana A minute particle, 

iai^iatSl, n. f. Collectiona bj estimate and 
division of oropa ; apportionment of the 
crops amongst the coparceuere of a village. 

ian kimd, v. a. To appraise ; valua [ing crop. 

tan-kiU, ktmhot, n.Cl. Appraisement of a atand- 
2. (kanyd) An appraiser of a crop. [Side. 

Uttdri-kat^ 02 am kMim-n&mah, httdrd to- 

«ft| hukm te. Evasion of procesa. 
H Jl*^ Wrra kanai; Panj. ^th of a ffhunOo. 
A«,jU/ i»»i*ya,,UI6,7. [inuendo. 
UjUT lUHdyMM', adv. Indtreetly, u an 
tindj/eUan mana k., v. a. To forbid by winlcs. 
Hy?***' ^BR taaj'ar ; Tir. tdyar, a. m. 

1. A low caste, who lire by making and 
selling atrings of hemp, cotton, and leather, 
and who oatch and eat snakes. 

2. A class of gipues. 3. (Psnj.) The husband 
of a prostitute ; a cuckold. I 

^^j^w-J" WW ktM'dtaa, n. m. S. mnvt, 
Pili, kanehanam. 1. Gold (Mud). | 

11 ^zj/ 

2. The prostitute elaaa. 3. A whoreson. 
ifeandia»-6a<;A(;A(i&,n.m.Tbe sou of a dancing girL 
^i'^if wiRt tatteh'iO, kamehitO, a. t 

1. A dancing girl by caste and profession. 

2. A woman of the town. 

HlJ*/ QtOTr kKii'ftd; Tir. taUi-pOl, n. m. S. 
^m The child of a woman by another man 
than her husband, 
H I'jXeyT (K^iMQlifl I huiMrmaitd'td, kn- 
narbojl; Bhoj. kurmuniani, n. m. The last 
day of the sowings in Beuares and the Duab. 
It it observed u a holiday, uid the reaidue 
of the seed-oom ie nude ittto $, oake, wliioh ii pu- 
taken of iu the Keld, sod in part disuibutsd to 
BrahnuDs and beggara. Mr, UUiot adTerta to a 
siaiiju' practice once ubterved ia Euglukd. 
H t£j kCiJ' Vinm kaitka^ ; Bus. katiyah, ka- 
Ttahd; Tir. kitumyd, n. m. One who ap- 
praises tbe suuding crops. [ing crop. 
haikSi, hmhm, n. f. Valuation of the stand- 
H UjCJJ' ^jF^I kaAg'ld, n. m, A beggar, 
kangla-pdlan ritpayO. A relief or poor fund. 
HtjuJ" vniT kan'nyi; E. haniyd; Sant. 4mg- 
va kuji, n. £ S. v^ Pr. kanjd ; Pill, iann4. 
An unmanied girl under ten. 
kannyd^nl grakn. Tbe taking of the bride's 

hand by the bridegroom. 
kanityd ptitr, yd tut. The son of an unmarried 
girl ; an illegilimate son. [2. A dowry. 

kannyd-dcm, a. m. 1. Giving a gu'l in marriage. 
P yfJS' kanW, kmOsak ; U. lauA4X, n. t 

A slave girl. 
katOtak-t^'iaA ; B. Icaiidi-baeheha, q. m. 

The son of a bondswoman. 
H(yy WTCT kudr'd, kuAird ; Worn. kuOrd 
bald; Tir. kumSr ; Sant dangvS kord, n. m. 
S. ^tm A bachelor. 
hidrd MdtdjBrij. kudre inaA4hxe, n.m. Belation> 

ship after betrothal and before marriage. 
htdr-pat, kudr-ehhal, n. f . A maidenhead. 
kudir^pat, yd kndr ehiat vtdmd, v. a. 
To take a maidenhead ; to deflour. 
kudr-pan, n. m. Baohetorehtp. 
kudr-pan vtdrnd, v. a. To get one married ; 
to have a poor marriage. [ter. 

^)>)''^vnt<fcu4rt,n. f. A vii^gin ; maid ; apins- 

H^jfaJ" Vnn^ kvdrl. A sub-division of 

l^utri/ which includes dMbi, hoda, til, ptittid, 

(onl, Indian com, and cotton, 
p S Gy ka'ah, koto, adj. 1. Short. 

2. SetUed (cAwbd, I). 
kotdh-qad, adj. Of abort stature. 


txtah k., To settle (cAutdnd, i, 5). [oArl). 

E i£^j^ '(vt, itorof n. m. Cor. of Court (£(icA- 
kolm^sUl, Cor. of Court-martial. [Court. 

kdi-kol, yi horal ; Rub. hari hot, Cor. of High 
HUjJ'^T?^ itot'^ n. m. Dim. ofio(. 
A place where the property of a teroplo is 
kept, and its affairs are managed ; a ohupter. 
H ^^ VT^ hot'hi, n. t Pili, koUham. 

1. A&ctory, 

2. A banking house ; a bank. 

3. (Panj. ehhalia koOA)k. house of call; 
a bawdy house. 4. The womb. 

H^y Wrd fori, n.f. 

AsBesment upon four heads — plough, 
bead-monej, heart h-money, aud cattle. 
korl-handl, n. f. 1. A new arrangement. 

2. A list of villages or fields to be regis- 
tered according to an allotment. 
H I^y 2jyT kOr'a, kuhrO, kOra iarhtl ; Tir. 
£ijf&, n. m, 1. Sweepings ; rubbish. 

2. Share; lot. 

HUjy* «Tf^ kofttS, K ; hrab, Tir. ; Mo- 

laii, Sunt. T.B. To dig; scoop ; bore ; hollow; 
excavate ; turn up (the soil). 
H ^j/ f?t 't^A'i. *tJ{Wl, n. f. 

1. A heap of corn. 2. AbousehtM; fomily, 

3. A house tax. i. A share. 


iour'i, n. f. Cowrie. 

iai^I iflttri arfd i., cA«id«a, ya dow, v. a. 
To pay eveiy penny. 

kaitri tauri Mar j)dB<I, v. n. To receive in full. 

ktairi kaitfl lend, v. a. 1, To exact eveir far- 
thing. 2. To be paid in full. 

H WW ^jy Wl HIHHI fc»< /o^dno, yd 
rn^nd, T. a. To iash ; whip. [sugar mill. 

H ><y '^^ iofAtl, n. m. An oil press ; a 

kolMl mek pitvd dend, v. a. To crush in a mill. 

ian hackcha holh^ nwri pt/vana A native puu> 
ishment of crushing a whole family ii^a milL 

H k=-^y wfepiW taall'i/at, n. m. 

The taking of lands on lease from one 
Ryot by another, or the cuhivation of them 
by other than the party who rents them. 

Hi'^y WTinT komir',n. Lands cultivated 
by contract, having no tenant. Carnegy^. 

E J-Mkjjj' kauA'tal, u. f. Cor. of Cuuuaei. 

iauntal £.) v. a. 1. To consult; advise with; 
take counsel. 2. To plot; intrigue. 

katt&^ti,hav^,xL m, A counsellor; ban'ister. 

H^jjy ftTlrft*»'eH E.j koer,kabiri, Tir. 
A iftVi. caste of cultivators. [ledger. 

V.^3\^ ^((ftl khaea, u. m. 1. Ad account; a 
2. A merchant's or banket's book(&aM, 3). 

Udfd 4oinA, V. a. To open accounts with. 

hhStd k., V. a. To post an account ; adjust ac- 
counts, [ful recoveries. 

g(U jt^iUd, n. m. Irrecoverable balance; doubt- 

khAU bSqi. Balance of account. 

kh&te parud, v. n. To be entered in an accouDt. 

HO^T ^IT^ kliOd, n. f. S. mtS to eat. An ad- 
vance made to cultivators for food. 

Mdd bij, n. m. Advances to cultivators for 
food and seed. 

}-'Uf qnar k^tOtTari Tir. thadi; Panj. &e<, 
n. f. 0pp. of bOAgar. 

Low alluvial land habitually saturated try 
the drainage from higher levels. 

Hli^ ^t^ «H ^nnnMar/a^, V, n.To 
be impregnated with alkaline salts (laud). 

khari^tan, a. f. Brackishnesa. [with alkali. 

khdri milti, a. f. Saline soil; soil tmfn'eguated 

lUdrt fton, j/a namak. Alkaline salt ; a kind of 
sulphate of soda, used in medicine and for 
the adulteration of common salt. 

Hl'l«^«I5H -EAdi'a, ihdl, n. m. S. «9ll 

1. Low land full of ravines. 2. A rivdlet; 
creek; inlet ; watercourse; a gully. 

H ^^ WPt\ kh&'nH, khn jdit& ; Tir. khOii ; 

Sant. yam, v. a, S, mrs, Pr. khdi. To embeule; 

misappropriate; (Sunt jAim jom) take a bribe. 
ikAu, adj. One who takes bribes. 
Hl^^A^ ^ ^BT^IT hhati^ni; T\t. lAad. 

ydib, V. a. To enter in the ledger. 
khatau'ni ; Bhoj. kkaiiavni, a. t. 

An account of the total village lauds, 

with partioulara of their distribution. 
H^yo^ W^sft kAud^, n. f. 1. Digging. 

** 2. Mining. 3. Searefa for treasure. 
MtofrA iL, V. a. To search by digging. 
H 1^^ ^I khar'rH ; n. m. A schedule ; n>«- 

morandumof tranBactieus ; rough account 
U[j^ «n khar'a, iAart,adj. 1. Unalloyed. 

2. Sound ; sterling ; standard. 

3. Unadulterated ; pure. 

4. Good ; valid, 
kkarM hhold. Good' and bad. 

bhare khiire, Without uomHiisston; nett. 

^ 2 

H(^>^ VCQ9I7T I3wr-^l^, n. m. Ad 
Indian (PP'? ^'>^ *l>o trade in cattle by 
turning feeble old oxen into young looking 
and strong ones which find a ready sale. 

H Jii^ 11^ iAwntt'?, n. Soil broken np for 
fiowinge. Carnegy. 

Hb.^3^ 9^9% ^^'f*^! lihirak, n. m. 1. A 
coirehed ; aheepfold. %. A pound for cattle. 

"*") i-J*"" kharirraJAna, \. a. To strike a 
balance. [crop. 

H,<3 tA^ 0^4^ £Aan Mcfi, n. f. A standing 

(fibn khare k., t, a. To sell off; realiu. 
Hu^aI^T «|rn IhalaiH, n. m. 1. (iAtlarl) 
A gambler. 2. A petty thief; a pickpocket. 
tahr khUSna, v. a. To administer poison. 
H ,J^iAJ>^ ^^ri) Uwttcn'A, n. f. 

Payment of revenue according to the an- 
cestral shares, witliout reference to the actual 
condition or produce of the shares. 
H tangs' #13 Mo(, n, m. ^ 1 , An alloy. 

2. Vice. 3. Immorality. 

jtAof miland, t. a. To mix with a base metal, 

^j^ Otm khot% MoCI, adj. 

1 . Defective ; faulty. 2. False ; spurious ; 
baae. 3. Vicious; corrupt; malignant. 

4. Dishonest; unfair; ft^udulent. 5. Perfi- 
dious; treacherous. 6. Malicious; revengeful. 

kho{S irddah. A sinister design. 

thtM r<^, n. m. Mal-administration, 

khoia likta. False coin. 

Motd Utari dekhad, v. a. To diatinguish good 
from bad. [transaction. 

leJutS mudiuilah. Unfair dealing ; a dishonest 

lAod ta<&ir. Machination ; crooked policy. 

khotl kharl, a. f. Abusive language. 

Uiah AuR<&, n. f. A fraudulent note or bill. 

Trace. See JV, «{ 1. and Jl W. 
ihoj lagSti^, v. n, 1. To trace; track; follow 

up a clue. 2. To search ; search about. 
lAq; mitdna, yd malyH net t., v. a. To deatroy 

the foot priuta ; leave no trace. 
khoj nik^nd, v. a. To trace stolen property. 
^^yff *«St ihtgX a. m. See ^t;-. 

A tracker ; detective. 

H ^>^ «a[ khld, n. f. See ^.ji- [stocks. (1) 

^\'t^^fj^khor'i,n,Hvkndc\xSi; manacles; 

H ^^ $TW kho'lAa, Aothd, n. m. S. ^T^T 

A paid bill of exchange kept as a voucher. 

H;_5^ y^ 5^ A/iiiiA'j; Mif. iAatparjw,n. 

Small insects appearing in wheat and barley 
aftw heavy rains and producing a red blight. 
H*£-^^ ^ khm, n. t. s.itni 

1. A share in the lands of a village by 
heroditary descent, with all the rights and 
privileges which it comprehends. 

2. A tax leviable on timber. Camegf. 

3. E^h diri^ian pajB the aame amount of reve- 
nue without referaace to the Btste of cultivntion, 
number of abarerii.orotbaroircnmBtanoei. £7arnegy. 

Mtliii khat. A deed of mortgage under which 
the mortgager par^ not ouly wtth bis share 
of the khiUU bat land, but also with all the 
rights and privileges attached to tbem. 

hh'Sit-bat Tenancy in common by ancestral 

HUjJl^ 93^ khn»tntt,I^Jt*cUiina,-*.t..mS 
trample upon. To work with the feet (UaJj)). 

13. i^^ $17^ jt&odfi'ar, lihobri, n. m. 

Gleanings orleavingaonthe threshing floor. 

g Jo^ #1^ khol,khoiyd,n.t l.Huaksjre- 

fuse. 2. The refuse of sugarcane, used as fiieL 

Hw^gT ^ **^' "■ ^- ^- ^ 

'l.Aload; cargo; shipment; an asaort- 

ment. 2. A piece of base metal inserted in 

a coin ; cracked coin. (1) 
kkep hharnd, yd ISdnA, v. a. To load. 
Utep k&mi, v. □. To sustain a loss. 
kauri khep, yi pherd. Earth work paid at the 

rate of one kauH per basket-full. 

'B*^-'^^ ^tft kha i Old. n.ciAe(r,n.m.S.mM 

Pr. ehhetfam ; FslI, kheUam. I. A field. 

3. Ground ; land. 3. Breed ; caste. 

kkel bdAt. A disposition of fields where the 
lands of two villages are completely inter- 
mixed with each other. Canttgy. 

kltet p<Ur, yd khat, n. m. A mortgage of a field. 

iAet MtAa, a. m. A rough field-book. 

khet-ddr, a. m. "Vhe occupant or owner of a field. 

lArt kdtnd, v. a. To reap a field. 

iArti-.T. To cultivate; till (land). 

Uia kamSnd, v. n. To manure land. 

khd: ttikdlno, t. n. To clear land. [field. 

khet tuUind, narand,yd luiAnd.v.a. To weed a 

khet-vdr, adv. By fields. 

The ueennteot ia made upon each s«parate Seld 
mccordiog to iU quftlit; and the deacriptioti of crop 
frowD in it- 

Ihettar jama bapH, n. f. The amount of re- 
venue asseased upon each field. 

6a khet, n. m. Land cultivated by forced labor. 

,J^ 4mi kha'i, n. f. Sown lands ; oom-fields ; 

k/Ktl bSn, iAeCi J^i, ihm, n. £ theC hfSr, 
iA«t karim, n. m. HuBbandiy {bo-jct). [tiTate. 

Jiheei bM, kht^, IAh, yd Utet hf&r k. To till ; oul- 

kkHi-jog, adj- AraUe ; cultumble. [peHBant. 

HhtR-y&r, D. m. A oultivator ; husbaodiDan ; 

agaili Ichefi. Early oropB. 

fiehhaiti Mitfi. L&tter crops. 

han lAea, a. t Unripe orop«. 

kkafikhefi; k. fatl-i-tflUdah. Standing: crc^is. 

H S'yii^ vlfTT ^'*\ Sttnt. iih, d. m. S. «te 
A Bmall village ; a faainlet. 

}chierAh{uan&, 1. To people a yillage. 2. A mottnd 
indioatiug the site of a deserted vitUge. 

hhtfi^paft, n. m. 1. A Brahmaa entitled to 
perform uertaiu religious oeremoniea and to 
receive the fees appertaining thereto. 
2. The head man of a village, [(grain). 

HGaJ>aA^ 1tl3^ Uerf('n<l, v. a. To tarn over 

gtjAA^ q^ iA«'MI, n.m. S. dn. 1. Creasing 
a river. 2. Ferrj-monej ; boat fare ; passage 

H^S^jiV* ^^ 'tA««'<if> o> f- H. hhtt field. 

1. Assigned quotas of revenue. 

2. Record of village shares ; d record or 
register of shares in whioh a coparcenary 
village is divided ; register of mutations ; 
adrainistratioa paper, [oo-parceoary vill^e. 

Vieea^-d&r, n. m. The holder of a share in a 
khetiai IAataun.1, n. f. An account of the village 

management; the distribution of lands 

and rights of the occupants. 
H *^-^ VErl ^t '^'*'^> >*' f- ^ BtvAp or tbong 

used in the courts for fiagellation. 
Hu:.>Ar Jitn 3eait;Fanakb.kailhd;'Bboi.kaii- 

(>,n.m.S.«fign. [&uit. 

An intoxicating drink made fVom the 

JH^Jttf kaif, a. m. An intoxicating drug. 

Ats-^iL/ hnfl'yat, haifs/at, n. f Juf to be. 

1. Condition. 2. A statement^ return. 

3. Remarks. 

laifiyati-akhr^ai. Bill of cbafges. [etc. 

ha^yat hanOnd, v. a. To draw out a schedule, 

lai/li/at-i-band o batl, v. a. A particular state- 
ment of revenue assessments, or any other 

haifiycU bah\. Account books ; note book. 

ha^fiycU talab k., v. a. To call for information, 
explanation, or report. 

leaifi!f>Ukd'iAand,n.m.The column of Remarks. 

kai/Jyat iiOmil. Full particulitrs. 

kaifTyntlikhnd,^.!^ To make a report or record. 

iai/lyat-i-muamiiah, yd mxiqaddatna/t. The &ctB, 
circumstnnces, or merits of a case. 

katflyat-itMar. The nizir's return. 

kai/lyae-i'vaq(A. A statement ; an account. 

Jtaifiyat hatt o fttU. A comparative stateawuL 

amar-umii$kfabah hi haiflyat. G. 0, A state- 
ment of the mattOT in question. 

to rot gtuante kaifiyat tamU-i^vimitibmAi- 
qurqi. 0. G. Until the return can be made 
to such warrant of distress. 

H ^^^ ^t^lHT ^'*y^ »• no- "^^ oi^ *bo 

drives the oxen at a welL 
H \^*-i^ WT id*'^ n- m. 1. A tough ptto. 

2. Pattern ; model 
kaindd Jt., v.a. To make a rough meftsurement 

H \^ inUT ff«A'«, SrtM, n. m. 

Unripe crop ; half-ripe ears of com. 
Htjif flTT gdfd, gatah, n. m. 

1 . A piece of laud ; a plot. 2. Yokine bal- 

locbs together to tread out groin. 3. A sect 

of Baniy&s, w inCarior fo^thmans. 

ga&^andR, n. f. Division of a village by 6m*. 

It Ua peoaliarkind of taniu* undar which tb* 

field* of imMvidual p«^>rM*or« are not toand is 

jurtnpoBtion, but soattored through nun; TJIUgtfc 

H (a-lf nxar 9^3'^ "• The first sowiog rf rioe 

at the foot of the hills, which takes place 

in tbe month BaUSlA. 

H J^S »rraft P*''*; ^rij and Poet. ff«rt; Bui. 

gtd, n. C. S. mftl Abusive language ; abase. 

gSll denS, v. a. To abuse ; oall names. 

^1 ffcUmij, y& gSUm galauj k, gOll ffolmiij « 
pwA Oak, V. n. To abuse one. 

H«l!tf »n3 ?*»**'; Bhoj. ^OitM ; Saat 
ffhtat, n. f. S. aft* P»ll. 9Mih». A knot ; tifc 

gMAMr, gOAOi-ddr, n. 

An occupant of lands under a landlord at 
a Bzed rent and by heritable tenure. 

l^S/lf mst gdiih'S, a. m. 

The knotted parts of the stalk and tbe 
ear-ends of straw separately piled on ths 
threshing floor ; tbe colder of English agri- 
culture; grain mixed with straw. 

sfisann « nswTaw The hemp plant; 
CaniiaHi talim. The leaves, called llcig 
and tabu, arc intoxicating 



ffMr mSmd, v. a. Slan^. To commit sodomy. 
ffMf murdnd. Slang, v. n. 

To 8ufier sodomy, as a catamlta 
gMr-marOnl, A strumpet. (An abase). 
gMrmaravKU, Slang, n. f. Heciprocat aodomyj 
uanatutal gratification. 

jnlMl ^oviii ; Kut. ffdM ; Sant. Ao, n. m. S. QTtr 
Pill, gSm'aio. A village. 

In (ome ports of India viUagm are primuilj 
(Hvided into > certain number of nominal integral 
p*rU, oauaUy twsnt;, Thich «J4 oalled bimtt, ud 
Uisn agoia intu fraetlonB of twcuticthi. twmed 
ti««M*b tod iwnUfH. 1%« portitnu ue diEtribut. 
ed imang the r«pr«aent«Uvn of the origiiuU pro- 
prietor or proprietora, oonEtituttng tbe prapristarj 
■htres, termed paUV. The paUl is diviaible acccord- 
ii^ to the Duuiber of tb* hein of a pi4tl-dSr into 
■mdlBT portioiw. called tioAt, Aoiat, or "^teru, and 
ttwM nay ^liB be subdindcd into vnaller shun, 
termed iMrM. Ttieiia aometimes convertible into 

^lUo maiK&», n.m. The site itf a Tillage, whethw 
JD ruins or stilt standing. 

^dAo 6<U{, n. f. Dinuoa of nllagn. 

The division of ui eatata into aeparate TillagM, 
or of the aeTsral additional or iDboniiaate ifUUiUt) 
vilkgea attached to tlie one onginnll; assessod. Also, 
tha mTidon of a liUago by paraela or plots of land, 
■onw of which ntH be scattered among the fields 
of sfiTenJ other TUlngea. 

gOAo-jtm, D. m. Tbe village community. 

gaito-kkarek. Municipal or village charges or 

gOito hX vOiao, g&Ao kharth, malbd, ffouMi, 
The municipal eipenaes of a village ; vil- 
lage charges. page ezpenseB. 

pMv id kharthA Mxuprrarah. Authorized vil- 

g6iu) i^ OiOdi. 

The cultivation or popnbtion of « village. 

gOAo H niicOA. Aaaeta from land. 

gOic ie iOgnM. Village psfiera or acoouits. 

gOAo gOAo ke batte. The records of each village. 

gOAo-ganna. By villages; distributively, as 
vilkge MsessmentB. 

gMo-v^a, A villager, [head man of a village. 

(«»/ ^i/ictn !foli(i»* i Bkoj. goMiU. n. m. The 

PH V»^3^f ?«l»-'*<"*. n. £. 1, Gnwtng. 
3. Grazing or pasture ground. 3. A tax 
levied on pasture land; a charge for graaing. 

P »jUiM*lf gOo^wmdH, l.AneDumeratioa 
of cattle. 2, A tax upon cattls. 

F ^^^ goo-kuAl, a. t 

Killing kine j slaughter of oova. 

H y-«f jtf J******, goa^p, gkia ghap; 
Bho).?AatM(r&i/>,u.m. I.Embezzlemuntf,^)- 
2. One who embezzles. 

gilo ^Aop £.,v.a.To embezzle (gaban L). [com. 

H t**lf IT^SI 9^'^ ffSh, n. Treading out 

H UC^l? ITt^ giK'ak; Bhoj.; guAltH; Sant. 

a rin io, a. m. S. jnVK from m t^ take. 

A purchaser (}*~K)i.). [action. 

^V urevt gOh'ali, gShHH, n. t. Sale ; trans- 
gO/tHa patnO, v. a. To be concluded (a sale). 
H^t^tf in^ gtA'a», ujb. S. n to take. 

A harrow with teeth for eradioating grass 

from ploughed laud. [to move. 

Hl^lT IfVgtn giih'ndiTiz.dingaib,v.A.S.fiTn 

To thrash or tread out com. 
H ^ mit jdM, E. n. £ A total of five. 

** Counting l^ gdAli is counting by fives. 
H^^4^ Iflpn gabhil»%garatbli^nii,goind, 

^ottAdnt, n. f. lAQd round the village. CoTR^jF. 
H i»^ inn 9*^1 Hidden. 
gujit-ibadartl, n. f. Income from a hidden 

source, as bribes, etc 
gi^ nai, a. m. Hidden wealth or treasure. 
V^ gjj^ jwpf'I, n. f. A Bword-atiok. 
gupa c/utiOnO, v. a. To stab secretly. 
H'xm'^ inrar ^'V'"^!"-"*- Hard whitish BoiL 
H^ 1f3 ga^k, a. Coot of gOAdt, q. v. 
gat/i-bai(A ehori, a. Gang robbery. 
gt^Jora, gath-battMan i Tir. gHh-JorvO, a. m. 
Tying the knot 

A Hin. maniiga oMranoa7, at wfaioh tlie numUee 
of the bride tad bridegrootn an Eutsnsd together. 
goAJoata ; Tin gi^iattd, n. m. 

1. A pick-pocket; a cutpurse, 

2. One who outs open parcels. 
gafh-h40, n. f. Piok-pocketing. 

*tf^ V^ga^Ml; Ot;^ga4latv,a.m. 

1. A package; load. 

2. The 20th part of a jarib, each gt^ 
containing three iMigai, q. v. 

ga^nmSmOjVjL. To rob; plunder. 
^'y^ nssnit ghaAtai'a, Q. i. 

]-30th of a gatths, q. v. 
*f)fif )I%T3 ^ot&awiU', n. m. 

A pledge or deposit tied up in a bag. 
" Jl^ nSTift ?«(A<ia't, n. f. A tax levied 

by tamUddn on cnltivaton. 

P. ganj. 1. A heap ; Store. 2. Wealth. 
gajjlia (toid baUhlUt, gaj^ mArnt^ v. n. 
To obtain fraudulently. ., 

_; — (.lOOgie 

H cj^'J^'R^I^ gaddho'l; W, 4hiilA; 
Saut. dhid, n. t A boundiiry mark. 

satior i., a. v. To put 

bia fiLce b 

wards the tail ; Lence, to disgrace a perauQ. 
H gii.ddl se tabdii nikd/m, v.a. To estract oue's 

tongue, (A pumahnient in the East). 
H?rd''i-4i<iA«ib<iii, of a village. 
H Ij'y irrrat ?a'"o«'^ •». a light poor soil. 
H«?/ IW ff(u-lh, ffaralh,ga>i, garab, u. m. 
S. OTto ooaceive, Pali,^at6o. 
{SaDt. osMf Aornio) Pregnancy. 
^ralAddhOa, a. tn. A ceremony performed on 
the first judications of pregnancy, one of 
the nanJihara* or essential riteaof Hinduisni- 
garbh-pdt, garbh-paian, Miscairiage; abortion. 
garbhpdl k., garabfi ^rand ; Saut. datao gi^, 

V. a. To cause or procure abortion. 
garl^at A., jid girnu, v. n. To miecartj. 
garbh rahnd, garaiih »t k, v. u. To be pregnant 
garbh mehpartiS, v. n. To conceive. 
j^rM-vanti, gmihanl; Sunt, gorvbiA hor, adj. 

Pregnant ; with child. 
P ;;lo^ gird-dn'oty u. m. 

A oiistoms' patrol ; a watoh ; a euperiu- 
tendent or inapeutor of police or cuatoma. 
^y^Uf g%fd-&v'ar%, n. i. 1. Collecting; bring- 
ing together. 2. Watching ; guarding. 

3. Loolciug a^r smugglers or contraband 
goods. 4. Division ; beat. 
girdraoatl i., v. a. To patrol; go one's rounds. 
p HjyIjtJ;? gc/rd-urdl, n. f. 

A tai formerly levied on travellers. 
^TJi^XS gy-ri-mar, a. m. A Mah. Faqir 
who carries a club armed with spikes witb 
which he wounds himself to extort alma. 
p ^J-i-S girajtdv'; Bus. gira^ddr, adj. 

Arrested; seised. 
gira/tdr-kar taiend, G .G. v. n. 

To be authorized to apprehend. 
giraflar k., v. a. To a|>preheud ; seize ; capture 
gira/tdr k, v. n. 1. To become a prisoner. 
oihiliai-i-giiuft&r-sltiidd. G. G. 

The persona arrested. 
-jU}^ gira^ftdr'i ; Bus. girapidari, n. f. 
1. Seizure; arrest. 

2. Captivity; imprisonment; bondage. 
giriftan Jdit. G. U. ll:iwful apprehension. 
gir/ldri qablj'aisuia. Arrest before judgment. 


giri/ldrX kd parvdnah, hukm, yH v arant. 

The order or warrant for arrest. 
giriftdri kA kukm jdri A. 

To be issued (a warrant of arrest). 
girafidriHdaTl^uditk. G.G.To apply for arrest 
giraj'tarl mdl-i-mahgiUi, n. f. 

Seizure of smuggled goods. 
giraftSri-i-maftidSA. Apprehension of riotere. 
H^^i^y JlTOffw-iAo't, n. f. A mortgage 

here the mortgager has to pay ^th of the 
ivenne of the mortgaged laud. Garwgg. 
P S, J" gir'oh, n. at. See J^Uj^- (1, 2, 3). 

1. A collection or party of men ; a gang. 

2. A class ; order. 

giroh^i-fhurakd, u. m. A ominunity of sharers. 
ddmipon kdffirok G, U, A mob. 
ddiaon kd girok G. G. A gang of dacoits. 
adriqon yd 4&htoh kd avSra/i girok 
A wandering gang of thieves. 
H ejjf Pt^ giriU', n.f. A red fungus which 
robs the grain of the sap as it ascends (rotl). 
P ejy gir'vi, girviA, girvlA ganthai Cor. of 

P. girau, T. garob, garov. 

The thing pledged or pawned (bandhak,2). 
girvi-pair, girn-ndmeA, A mortgage deed. 
girvi-ddr, n. m. The holder of a pledge or mort- 
gage, [pledge. 
girvi rakhnd, gakne rakhnS, v. a. To pawn or 
girei rakhne-vdld, n. m. 1. A mortgager. 

2. A mortgagee ; pawn-broker, 
girm se chkuraiid, Redemption {fak-ttr-raha), 
girn iobti, n. Foreclosure of a mortgage. 
HjJ^fj* 4?W*I fff^fkiat'oft, giraslan.n. t. 

A married woman ; a housewife, 
^s-t/ IWi^ graitatt'i; Pop. girhatH, gimO, 
a. m, inn i Pali, gahaWio. See duayd^dr. 
1. One who lives and marries ; a house- 
holder. 2. A husbandman. 
H l^J^i;? Iftfipn garen'iyd, gaUnUt, a. m. 
Land mortgaged for a time or until tba 
loan is i-epaid by the rents. 

H ^J^V/ 'ryT«3l| gara^a'i, n. f. 

A division of a crop by stacking the 

sheaves in shares. 
HiiJ^ ^^ lit V^garhl-band. A mna/t 

tenure by which lauds are held at a fixed 

yearly tribute much under their value. 
Hli^^Ai ^jf garhe baitlina, ydgarke bai^- 

nd, Thagif, v. n. To be concealed; to lie in 


-4: iOOglc 


pjj. AeCS gutar-Om, guiorgOhi-Sm, gtttar- 
gah, n. A publio road; highway; thoroughfare. 
haq-i-gmtw, n, m. Right of way. 
P^l/yi«'ari; Top. gudri, n. t A market 

held in the afternoon by the road side. 

Pt-,~iJ'jagftf,n.m.jtfS±rtoroam.See^jjj«i 1. 
The beat or round of a patrol, or watch. 

gasht phima, laganS, mama, ySk.,v. a. 
To patrol ; go the rounds. 

gduht-talami, gMhti, a. f. A tax or fee levied on 
their toura by pnblio officers under native 
governmenta. [levied on lioats. 

ga»ht mahal, n. A toll or transit duty formerly 

g<uhtl parvdnah, y& kukm. A circular order, 

HUf IT^ g^'i^, (Butchers) One anna, 

HtotfUT ^(lid(n^,T,8. To out one's throat. 

UjHJSif IRmfT ffoUa*^; Bhoj. galitavaAi, 
a. m. Dyiog without isaue. Canugy. 

H ^i 1^^ gaUuS dtna, t. a. 
To throttle ; strangle ; eufTocate. 

H*jy t_>Jl^ g<a4<^ h.. Slang, t. a. 

To emberale; bag, [<I?*io). 

HliO jT gallagna, v,n. To be hanged {|Aa*- 

H foJjT H^V ?«r<»U, n. m. H. ^fnd to 
melt. A lapsed share escheating to the 
community in default of heirs of the origi- 
nal shareholder. . Cwnegg. 

p HXHi i*S gvmdthtak, n. in. ^^ to ap. 
point. A deputy; representative; agent; 
correspondent (kSt^^rdSil. 

gumdthtah-i-qanango, n. m. 

The agent or depnty of the qanitigo, or 
village registrar and accountant. 

^umdfAtoA i. To appoint a manager. 

ffumd»fUtA-g»ri, n. t. 1. Agwicy ; office of an 
agent. 2. Commission. 

p j^ ^..Jl* j^^' guman^^iiib, yd qan, n.m. 

Strong probability. 
^uP gum&it kai. It is expected or likely. 

n.f. The duties of barbers and pirokitt, or the 
fees paid to them fbr taking massages or 
presents to distant frieodB. 
P ajlCzUf ffunaft^ri, n.f. 1. Sinfutoeaa j 

criminality; guiltiness. 3. Forfeit; muki 
{tdvM}. 3. Loss; deficit. 


i. Revenue derived from judicial fines. 
gundJi-gari dettd, v. a. To pay a fine, etc. 
he-gunOh thairand, y. a. To eaculpate ; acquit. 
H ^^i^ TO JuiitA, n. Rent-free lands given 

for religions purposes, as the endowment 
of a temple. Oamegy. 

p £,iba.'^ gunj^t/tuh, n. f. I, Room. 

2. Profit (fi.,1, 1.). 

3. The revenue oapabilitjes of a village. 

addejama hi gatijdiA ralhnS. 

To be able to bear asaossment. 

p u-CJi ft J^ gandumraAg, gavdum-gUA, gan- 
rfumi ; Tir. gtJtumi-raAg, adj. 
Brownish yellow; tawny. 

S ^^^ i_>jJtiJJj gandharb bivSh. 

A marriage contracted without the usual 
a kind of Scotch man'ioge. 

iHqatata kliSnS,gangd ]a mdnl paiii^ bltamit; 
Bhoj. gangi-pial, v. n. 

Tu swear on the water of the Gangea 
goAgSrjaomS, ». m. 

A mode of adjiurting the interest of a loan, the 
debtor being cruditsd with tbe interuat of the ia- 
BtalmeDtn paid by bioi, while he is debited per «a»- 
tra vith the iuturcst oa the full lunouut of tha 
original loau. 

illbf nfTWT gaAgd'ta ; Bhoj. gangolh, u. m. 

Lands subject to inundations of thoQanges. 
gtmg buramad jaiRd. Neiily recovered lands ; 

fresh increments of land. 
y\yt JjS ganr-bardr, gaig-bar-diaad, n. oa. 

Alluvial land recovered from a river, es- 
pecially from the Ganges ; alluvion ; land 
reclaimed fruiu a river; nenly-formed land. 
goAg-tliikdit, goAg-thikm. 

Diluviou ; lands cut away by the enoroaeh- 
mentof anver; eucroachmeutof the Ganges 
or any other river. 

B/ ih ?<"*. B- f- A oow. 

^jjf gaur'hi, n, m. I^sturage. 

gaS-kot, a. ro. A land measure, being the 

distance at vhteh Iha lowing of a cow can 

be heard. 
H »jOf^ 1!n^'& yawoAwl, o. f. A suboi^ 

dinate heritable and transferable tenure 

acquired from the auperior proprietor by 

Brahmans in E- Gazipur. Cafnegg. 

H JJ()^ HK^ jmW; Bb<q. jw»A n. f. 

The manured bud round the village. 


P ^J gm'ah, gaOMtiSUd; Roa. guA, vgOh; 

Sant. goha, ^If 1/ A witness. 
^ooA/^ baudnO, y& tAoiVdno, t. a. To name a 

person as a witness. [tutored witness. 

gmih-UiOiv/l, tiki&ya yd jufAaya gaaOh, A 
ganSk^h/Uhiydh, yd mundarjd datl&vet, A mar- 

giDRl witDeea; an attesting witness. 
gc^&h dem, V. a. To produce a witness. 
gani&Ki-myat, gavOh^-eAcuhn^el, «nl, yd 

mathahdd. An eye-witness (tdluhi, 3). 
gasdh'i^aimSi, n. m. A beaisay witness. 
gatidJi-i^d-i-nOcSh, n. 

A witness to a marriage contract. 
gaoSh k^ T. a. To make one a witness. [wttoesB. 
gavOh ko pt^hOtia, yO, tiUiOnlL To instruct a 
gaedh mvddai, A witness for the prosecution. 
^itrdAoA a um-THHw. A list of witnesses, 
^tjf gtaah'%, gavahl thsliiA i Rus. gwUO, 

vg«ii, n. f. Deposition ; written testimony; 

testimony ; evidence. 
ffm*aJd dind, V. a. To depose ; give evidence ; 

testify; bear witness to; witness; bear 

tMtimony. [to atUet. 

gavOhl likhtid, yH £., To witness a document ; 
gavSiA^ilcii hiA. EvidenQO taken. 
gm&lA mdrfat dOtn kt. Second-hand evidence. 
JJOU gmdK bemdiUl, t. a. 

To produce false witnesses. 
B.KC^''^^'^^ 9'*^^"'''^^ n. l.The oow- 

berds' quarter. 2. Pasture ground. 
H^j,/ Stfen WP'>>«. W. ; gnfhtm. Far- 

nikb. ; (lUvMa, E.; gm^wxc, Sant. n. n. 

S. ihViVT A sling, esp. one used in a field 

of earn to drive away cattle, birds, etc 
H<^9^ ^IH ?i)*,tfo*ra;Bhoj.ffo(ar,n.m.S. 9ra 

1. Linei^ (J«l 5). 2. A fitmit; ; a tribe. 
H t 't^ ^1?nn got^^t ■>■ >n- Riob liinds 

immediately adjacent to the village. 
H #y nni gotK n. m. A yoke. 

A village site. 
H^^ JWt J*""", n. m. y«Jrt, n. f. S. ^ 

vnst I. A oowherd; a milkman. 2. An 
inferior Hin. oaste chiefly engaged in agri- 
culture, and notorious for cattle-stealing. 
Bl^^ qnRT?»J'r4> Bhoj. jRaoi; Mir. 
gojyM, n. m. Cont. of g«h&n javrvSla. 

I. A miitare of wbeat and barley. 8. A 
crop <£ wheat and barley grown together. 

S fi'^ trar ?«Sar,a.m, 

1. Extent of pasture ground. S. Bangeof 
vision or mind. 3. (Bus.) Broken and bad 
ground where cattle mostjy graze. 

H l5*^/ Jftwft goch'nl; M*r. gvlAaii^ B. t 

nr^ «nt Cont. of gehUA ehand. 

I. AfJeldofwheatandeAtnulBOwntogethff. 

3. A mixture of wheat aud gram. 

Hoy irnC g^go^i '^ii'- (ux) Bhoj. I»rd; 
Fnrrakb. Bin. tmisOA ; Sant. ^btroM, n. t 
S. inv Adoption of a child. [to adopL 

d denO, v. a. To give one's child to another 

ged lend, v. a. To adopt one (in%taiannd k.). 

H usy irrs^r w«<i. bu»- 

To have sexual intercourse with. 
H 1*5^ Srar go^'ar, n. m. 

Weeds or grasses collected &omap1Cni(^- 
«d field by the {MttMar, q. v. (t) 
P jiJ" ^y ?wJnfiin,llali.Faneraloeremoi[ies. 
gor-ian, a. m. A grave -digger. [nbeequies. 

gar goflid i., v. a. To perform the fmisral 
^ J^'jl/ »nrT^ gora'i, gora nmta, n. f. 

A mixed soil of sand and eartii. Canugy. 
Hi-^jf JW g^r'ab, giirah, n. m. 

I. Turning up the soil 2. Deep weeing. 
H '^jjf iin^ ffiw^ai. a. m. Sandy nail 
HlJj/ fflRl ffUf-jia; Tir. AOmi, v. a. 

To thrash ; beat com, ete. 
H^iJ 4* Srar ffw-'A^i ffof*^ o-™' ''^^ home- 
stead ; fields near the village, [threshed. 
Hj*}^ JtJpt gSr'hal, Well-beaten or 
^33^ *n^ W% n. f- S. 09 take. 

Profit ; gain. [bag ; pocket. 

ffoi^ i,, V. a. ]. To earn ; gain ; mm. S. To 
jort A(UA w jdnd, V. n. To kee one's prey. 

baUhar; Sant. ;i>(^ n. m. 

A village watchman or informer. 
P Sjl) jiy ^>AKi^a&, n, m. 
The abstract of an aooonnt. 
^osft-udntW-fuiA^tW. Counterpart or accept- 
ance of an abstract account. 
gotU-io&rah kvi. A oomplete abatraet or sum- 
mary of the whole. 

., Google 

J/ s 

H jy IRI ?«K^;Bhoi. fcwftJ.n.m.Aflhan- 
nel by which wat« r is conveyed to & field(&(irAd). 

HcJCy ih^n; ?of«iin- m-See J3^ 1. AtilL 
3. A bastard son or daughter by illegiti- 
mate connection with » widow. 

^ovno; Bhoj. ^omn ; Tir. dngrafftrntai, n, m. 

S. mni Bringiog home the betrothed wife 

to her husband's from her father's house 

when she arrives at tite age of puberty ; 

OODtummation uf the marriage (round). 
ooiMj&dr', n. m. The company who attend the 

husband to bring his child-wife home. 
gmuwhUi, gavUdoR, aS. The child-wife brought 

to her hnfib&nd's homa 
B tfAJ jT If 3 ^MlA, Q. f. lAnd assigned rsnt- 

free for religious purposes. 
^jai^ iKoH ;aM4n,E.; dofvl, Bboj.n.iHalt 

Fresh shoots of rice put forth after the 
crop has been cut and cleared, (t) 

A reserrob into vhiob water is thrown 
up from a pond or pool below. (1) 
H^I^-ZWr i'a«**»'. n. m. 

A villt^ made orer by ite proprietors to 
any person on a permanent jama with all 
the privileges of a tcmAndar. 
H Jtf jT QI^T^ gaMiam\ g^hMt, n. m. 

1. The entire lands of a village. 

2. Lands situated dose round a village ; 
<7«A4ri) pasture land. 

Treading out grain by bullocks. 

H^/ Sup! ?»&'««. jM'r* i M*'- s^*T^ "• 

A ramp along which bullocks draw water 
from a well. 
Plltjjj«r i/oiR'iia&ip. act of w^l. A speaker. 

3. An approver; Queen's evidenoe. 3. A spy. 
gaimde ki ithir. The deposition of an approver. 
H t^y *sJ^ ?A<U k, 1. B. To kiD; destroy. 
jrA4t »w<l MtAnd yd ro^id, v. n. 

To lie in ambush ; lurk ; waylay. 
^y^ W^ ghaiX aOj. 

. Lurking; intent on taking cne's life. 
HlSlftT xnZ\ ^% a. m. See U^ 
ghatM tdAArul, T. n. See tota wtMnd, [damage. 
giMd bhamd, v. n. To make good a loes or 
gk^ papid, 4nd, yd k. See told foiyia. 

H !_)U »5j^f yftd(-m«rd. jAJftn*-, am. 1. One 

who evades payment of a toll or duty. 
3. A smuggler (ehaull-m^). [mOmS). 
gliM mSrnd, To smuggle dutiable goods {chatUei 
H^l^' QTT ?AAf) n. Clay soil in low situa- 

tiouB, where rainwater lies for a time. [rioters. 
H jltf ITOT ff"**!'"', n. C An ntinily mob ; 

n. f. A mortgage redeemable on payment 
of the principal, the produce going to liqui- 
date the interest. Cmrntgy. 

H(.t«f WW ?**». ?^*i», n. f. S. vA 

1. Sunshine. 

2. The opemtioD of uuung the green can at 
oora to ferment slightly ■□ u to make the aaeds 
■epumM euily from the bulk whea threihed. Thii 
u done b; he&ping up the ean m «ood m out, and 
ooTering then with sCnw. 

H^l&rQTi (7&d%n. C An aggregate of five. 

H jl^ QZT9 ghal&'o, n. m. See ImnX. 

I. Decrease, 2. Deduction. 3 Falllog (of 
river, price). [and defi<nenoy. 

ghaiSo barhio. Increase and decrease ; excess 
,^s^ ^tZB\ ghaen, ghatt, n. f. 1. Decrease. 

3. Decline ; declination. 

H 1^ »HtF ff<A'ra, gair&, n. m. 

1. A large bundle of sheaves, oontuning 
about ten seers of grain, [in harvest time. 

2. The daily wagea in kind of a labourer 
gahre eltalo, (J'/tagt) Murder the traveller ! 

H )^j^ 9TVTT f'^'* ^ n. m, 1. A house 

and premises. 2. Dwelling place. 3, Family ; 

household. 4. Household goods. 
ghar phoptA, v, a. To break into a house. 
gharjot, n. f. The homestead ; the proprietor's 

own cultivatJoD. [keepers. 

ghar^vOri, n. f. A tax formeriy levied on shop- 
ghar id himan, a. m. The family priest. 
ghar M b!i/tHl, n. m. House-rent. 
ghar ks huob, n. m. Private acconnts. 
ghar id Hutrch. Household expenditure. 
ghaf kt log yd A&il, ghar mM m, n. m. 

1. The fiunily. 2. The wife. 
ghar mett pofnd, v. n. To be lodged or kept in 

B man's house (as a mistress) ; to become a 

kepb-mietress. [mistress). 

ghar mM ^dAid, v. a. To keep a woman (as a 

Cattle pens. 



ghini, □. f. A fee for feediog cattle. 

H ';j^ ^yar ghar'vd. gharHi, n. m. 

(Sant. badhS.) GleaninEts from the thresh- 
ing floor fallen amidst rubbish and dirt, the 
perquisite of the lowest casteo. ()) (forage. 

Hy^oo^ ^^RR: ?A(u-£ar. A tax on grass or 

H^U^ gm9 ffAiwrfo, Panj. n. ra. 

Ab much land asoan be ploughed by one 
pair of bullocks in a day. 

H ^j^ 9^ 9^t}t Q- (■ '^ai which kaa 

been under a rioe crop. (!) 

g pJoikoT gAiIr barSr, n. Dntiea levied on 
every sharer and under-tenant in proportion 
to the whole expeusea incurred dunng the 
year {Buvddkaitd). Elliot. 

U^)jy^ gjllEt ifSib'rt, n.f. Payments ia 
kind by tenants at will. Carney. 

H t;>A«^ StOT 9^'vd, n. m. 

A mortgage in which land ia held aa 
security, and in payment of the interest. 

H^;tif «iwt ffyar% ffi/ai, n. The land of 

deceased BiwedSri lying unclaimed ; land 
coming under the management of the miUg»- 
t&rs after an aa&aA deserts his village. 

H jl^ ?9X ?otTaf ; Sant. de»er potom, n. m. 
lit. gone with. A child by a former husband. 

A V &I, Hin. n3, A neg. particle. 

la-hud, tiAj. See turHr, I. Unavoidable ; inevi- 
table; certaiu. 3. Positive (gaial), 

la-bud, adv. Infallibly; assuredly (Uli-thai:). 

la-bud malum h., G. G. To cousidor essential. 

ta-hOtil, 1. See be-kdr (3, i). 3. Baxreu ; 
unprofitable ; unproductive ; abortive ; fruit- 
less ; bootless. 9. Needless ; unavailing. 

ta-khiraj, n. f. Rent-free land. 

la-lAirOj abvtSfjama, Land held at a quit rent. 

Id-khir^j bat, n. Ground on which a house is 
built, held rent-free. 

lahMr^j-dOr, u. A bolder of rent-free land. 

lO-khirdj lamin. Land exenipted from paymcut 
of revenue ; rent-free land. 

Id-dava, la-davi dtutaves, u. m. A deed or aotof 
relinquishment; an acquittance; a withdrawal 


ofclaim;adeed (^aurreodar; waiTOr; a deod 

foregoing a claim, or admitting that there 

is none, 
la-da«d likhna, yd UIA dena, T, a. 

To resign ; forego, abandon, give up, or 

relinquish a claim. [tible. 

IS-rid, adj. Irrefutable; irrefragable, incontes- 
lO-ihit, adj. Ignorant ; unkuowiuj; ; unaware 
lO-atam, I dont know. [ioformation. 

la-ilmi, n. f. Iguorance ; want or absence of 
laialdm, adj. ]. Certain ; unquestionable ; 

indisputabe ; indubitable 
2. Unconditional ; fixed. 
l&-kaUtm, tO-raib, adv. Without M ; positively; 

absolutely; undoubtedly; most asaoredly 

unqnestionably ; iuconteatibly. 
lOritaMm bOqt, adj. 

Undoubted balance or remainder. 
la^varif, adj. Heirless ; having no heir. 
Id-varin, IS-vdrul mdl, a. f Property to which 

there is no heir, and which therefore escheats 

to the state ; unulaimed property. 
ta-vdri>t khutOt, -a. Unclaimed letters. 
Id-vatad', adj. Chitdless ; without issue. 
la-valad meam/i, v. n. To die without issue. 
^ij^ ^(tH '^f ; Bos. ItaOii, ikf. 3. qfv 

Pr. laUht. A olub ; cudgel ; bludgeon. 
{(UAi ptuAi, n. Beating with clubs or sticks. 
Uihl poiga k., T. a. To fight with clabe. 
laUa^*&la, n. m. a ctub-mau. 

A man umad with > bludgeon in the pa; of 

lamiadara, indigo-p1.iiit«n), aad others, emplujed U> 

fight vhea eerioua aSn;s take pUoe. 

A 'i*'!' la'haq, tahiq, adj. ^^ joining. 
Adjoining; touching; contiguous. 
^ ^ jV la'tim, H. ehdhijie, adj, f^ being oeoea- 

sary. Bound ; compulsory {lA-bvd, 1). 
lOim Oia ha*. It necessarily follows. 
/torn ana, yd parnd, v. n. 1 , To become neces- 
sary ; to follow of neoeesity. 
2. To be incumbent on; to become a duty. 
tOtim jOnud, v. n. 

To consider necessary or indispensible. 
/dnnt maizHni, adj. 1. Ueciprocal ; correlativ& 
2. Necessary ; inseparable. [gatory. 

lOtim malaOm k. To make incumbent or ubli- 
eKtiydt yS thabar lOxim hiii. Was bound to see. 
^jV la/mi, adj. 

Necessary; inevitable; what must be. 

The menstrual discharge. [stocks. 

H fyJ o**" J^ ^^ **** '"*'■* "• ">• The 
Hi'/ jy iaigoii. Bund,n.f. - 

Light reddish sandy soil. 

L,ih_., Google 

p U^ I* K lam bdf, /dm c iAf; H. gS^ sudm^, 
n. Cont, of lafoga3&f. Abusive language; 
abuse. [use bad language. 

{dm kaf k, v. a. To abuse; give abuse ; revile; 

H ^^ ?rnn l^n'S, W. ; batm-dar, £. ; t^X-ddr, 
W. 11. m. A Doufederation of cultivatora for 
ft fixed period, oultivating ia common, and 
dividing the proceeda according to ploughs, 
bullocks, or men. 

land jraWwwA Id ffair-amalddri te aur bechtd 
ya thar^na aiwgidamoh id. G.G. Importation 
of alaveti and sole or purchase of imported 
slaves. [import as a alave. 

ffair-muUe M gidim ke later par Jdnd. U. G. To 

^ «&fUy snrrast lOna-baudi, n. f. Assessmeut 
of Usd according to the number of ploughs 
employed on it, [money from a debtor. 

land lagand, n. m. Taking cattle iu liou of 

HUCil/ #W Mfii, tan; E. ISr, n. f. Wheat 
or any small cereal cut iu the straw. 

H jV ara '*■, u. m. 1. The rope by which 
the leather bucket of a well is drawn up. 

Id tome placea the ftmount at land irrigated is 
reckuned bj the fdo, iustead of wella, b^g oom- 
toanly IS screii to a Uo. 

2. The quantity of land irrigated by oue 
/do in a day. 3. The cable of a boat. 

4. Demand ; request. 

5. A debt secured by a pledge. 

/do ullidiid, T. n. To advance money to a 

outtivator for food, fodder, and seed. 
Uto eharaa, a. Irrigatiou by water raised from 

welts in the bucket called Charas. 

U iH oatled purk^l when cfttlla are used, ind 

gatra when nuiniul labor is employed. Canu^. 
too ehaldnd, v. n. To irrigate from a well, 
/do tf^dnO, V. n. To assert a right to, and take 

over from a debtor property of any kind 

in satislaotion of a debt, 
/do Ia^dnd,u.m. Payment inkind. [cut the crops. 
Hl^V vim '^^o-°>- A laborer employed to 
H ^pV gjlg ^ Idi'm, Idonl, ISanl, K n. f . 

S. f toouL Pr. tunal. l.(W. /di) Cutting 

the crops ; reaping. 2. Wages in kind to 

reapers in harvest tim& 

3. Proceeds from laud ; rental ; revenue. 
tdtml t., E. ; Idiiojani, W. v. a. 

Toout the crops; to reap. 
A V^ ^yo9i '^j- ^ doing right. 

Worthy ; coujpotent ; capable. 

tayuq-i-etibdr, adj. Credible ; worthy of credit. 

idyay banjar ; Fed. for H. hoiA&r Itanjar, 

Waste land ht for tillage. [tentioD. 

Idyaqi-pislri^ adj. Worthy of reccptiou or at- 

Idgaq^pasand, adj. Eligible; fit to he chosen. 

layaq-i-phdAsi A., Ped. for U, phdnn ke tdat L, 
V. n. I. To deserve death. 

2. To be liable to capital punishment. 

lAyaq-trtaluiin ; U, mdn'tiS'j'off, adj. Admissible; 
that may be accepted, granted, or conceded. 

Idyaq-i-kaJfUat, G. G. adj. Bailable. 

layaq-i-aazd ; H, skdiliati-jog, adj. Penal. 

Idyaq-i-ihadl; H. bar-jog, adj. Marriageable. 

/Ayaqtaurte. Properly; suitably. 

Idyaq'i'Wr, adj. 1. Excusable. 2. Objection- 
able; open to objection. F consideration. 

Idyaq-tUtifca, iliifst ke Idt/aq, aflj. Worthy of 

Idyaq qubul ke }ta/i,m. luadniis^ible; that which 
oanuot he received or entertained. 

Idyaq-mand, Idyaq-vdld, Illit, Worthy. 

Idyaq k, v. n. 1. To deserve ; merit ; to be 
orthy of. 2. To become ; suit ; fit ; answer. 

qdnHiianjurin ke Idyaq, G. G, Capable by law of 
committing an offence. 
.atdejdne ke Idyaq, G. G. Liable to abate. 

A f>'^J 't^os', u, m, jtJ olad. 1. Apparel; 

raiment; vestment ; costume; habit. 
ba-togaiyur-i^libd* j&iia, G, G. , H. We» badal-ke 

jdnd. To go iu disguise. [apparent. 

^U) libdi'i, adj. See du^Itei. 1. Formal; 

2 Fictitious; counterfeit; sham (jail, 2). 

H ^r3U 9nin jgjt lap-po-^ufki, n. f. 

Scratching and kiting; a tussle; box- 
ing; fighting. 
lappd-iJMk ki k. To fight ; have a set to. 
HO>aI 9T77T /ut'nd; Tir. l^aCget, v.n.S.^s 

1. To be plundered; robbed 2. To be cheat- 
ed, defrauded. 3. To be ruined, undone 

H^ 917 'atA.n.m.S. ofe orafe l.A club ; 

cudgel, 2. A measuring rod or pole. 

Ia the N.-W. P, the mBMUring chain (jart*) U 
divided into 10 laU/Ot or gatlliat, tad etch lallhi 
into 10 karU liiikB.'A bfgltS is a equare of 20 laitha». 

lath-bdn, u. Club-fighting. 

liUh cJmlnO, v. n. To tight with oluba. 

i^ ain la^i/, adj. Carrying a club. [man. 

lathaW, /oiA-idi, n.m. A clubman ; a bludgeoa- 

Hf W^aJ 9ITn '"{w^*! n- m. S. gs 1. A free- 
booter ; highwayman. 2. A swmdler. 

The aft«r-birth ; the placenta. 
B;L»f 9^91 i<*eh'<M, u. m. luchchi, a. f. S. 
™SeojWM*i l.A libertine; a ro«e{^l<|l). 

2. A scamp ; v^ahoiid ; reprobate. 

.. GOO^I' 

S. A low kbuidoned fellotr wbo IomIb a 
diasolute life uid subsists by gambling, or 
by iiitimidiitiag respectable persona to give 
lijni laouey. 

Aie<sf /lAd/, D. m. tt>il looking through 
tialf shut eyes, or through the ontw comer 
of theeye. See M-jJ 1. Notice. 2. Deferenoe; 
importance ; weight (yol). 3. Shame. 

MtSt-t-hSHmdnaJt t. To take judicial notice. 

Uh^k., V. a. I. To notice; take notice of; 
regard ; mind ; have regard to. 

2. To defer or pay respect to. 

3. To heed; carry out. 

4. To be partial to ; side with, [eideration. 
ItAdi tt qibil, adj. Worthy of attention or coq- 
^t/tdf»ai.,T, 11. To disregard; turn away from. 
ba-lihOi. With adverteuoe to. [requires. 
ha-lihSa-i-mrArai-i-vaql. G. G. As occasion 
ha4ihSi-i'qan'Sn Quoad law ; according to 

regulatiou. [dently. 

hUA4ihaa, Without referenee to; indepeo- 

To give bribes. 
^lag ke la^^a kha baithnS, t. n. To be settled 
and doue for, as by a "Plug's la^d^ 

The Thag"! ta^dt it » iwset ball ooatuning m 

^iaoa with which Tbugi produoe iaunubili^ 
ID ttaygUais whom they rob. 

H '^f)' 9IJSTWT lordk'a, lafdka, lafo'kar, adj. 

1. Wrangliug; quarrelsooie ; pugnacious. 

2. Factious; riotous. 

Ulj> Wfim lar^nd, t. a. Cans, of U)l q.r, 

^ly aft* fafA ^r* 6A»rH> •>■ £ 

1. Contention ; quarrel ; brawl, [warfare. 

2. Conflict; oooteet; skirmish; affray; 

3. Wrestling ; boiing; pugilism; ight; 
'fighting ; combat i. Butle ; war ; campaign. 

5. UoeUlity; enmity. 

larM bMdhnd, v, a. To make a quarrel. 
lafia kd ghar, n. m. 1. A firebrand; an 

iucendiary. 2. Tlie cause of quarrel. 
Q U^ j/ iry larkd god Imi, To adopt (a bod). 
larheMloA H hhahar na Ima. 

To neglect wife and children. 
Utfle-bak. Family; household, [bridegroom. 
lafie'^ke-iiati.n.t The father of the 
rSh hat £d la^kS- A foundling. 
H^]' 91?^ tafnH, tarnd SA/fttS, v. a. 

1. To stru^le ; contend ; contest, [with. 

2. To clash with ; jar agoiost ; cope or vie 

3. To wrangle ; quarrel ; fight. 

P X^ kuh'kar, a. m. A. oabar. 1. An umy ; 
a military force. 2. A camp. 
3. An encampment. 
ItulJMr tklutlla, ya jamd k. To collect a force. 

ttuiihar-IA(U4U, SUatg, A tmll ; stnupet. 

la»hkar-ta^, n. f^ I. Collecting an army; a 
levy ; mobilization. 2. Invasion. 

A uiJ^ AbiW ; lUit. tOiat, nifinat, n. f. 
In Mak. l/aw, the tMtimon; oDBfiRsad b; oatk 
onthepMlot the hiubuid and wife (wbera the 
iMtimoD; U strengtbeued bjr an imprecation of the 
oune of Ood on Ifae put of Ui« hiuband, and of 
the wnth of Ood on the part of the nifa), ia caM 
of the fortaer aocuaing the Utter of adulter;, if die 
be not ionooeot. la suoh cue, bowCTer, divone 
■honld ftdlow. [teniL 

Al^ul Wh ^"; Illit. lawat, n. m. A word; 
^ Iq^on, adv. Literally; eipreasly. 
Iaft-ha4qfs, adv. Verbatim ; word f<>r word. 
Ia/t4a4t^ our h«rj'-b»harf. Ttrlatin et kkr- 
atim. [current or daily uk. 

l«/z mtutSmakt yd mmarrah. A word in 
Jfiillaf^i, adj. Literal. [translatMB. 

la/m taryvmaA. A literal or w<«rl-ft>r-word 
la/a ffld'al, Q-f. The literal meaning. 
nuas litfia, n. f. A wordy dispute, [chararttf. 
P UCLfll tafanff', lafaiigijfS, n, m. A loose 

A i-;^ taq'ai, n. m. A sumame ; title; appel- 
lation of honor. 
A Siaai Itiq'a, a. Treasure trove. 

witnesMa to his Ondiilg it, and aoaonnang hii ii- 
tentitin of reitoring it. If not olaimad after a tmi 
Im abotUd diapoM M it in charity, or he ma; keep 
it for Uw owner if tha artiole be dnraUa. 

P |u1J<aI tttqan'drA, luqqi, a. m. A trans- 
portion of galandar a devotee. 1. A looss 
obarsoter ; a profligaU. 2. A seamp ; cheat 

A i^'^ AijU'.u.f. ^ ( A foundios. 
It i> cooaidared meritorioua (a tak* idiaig« of 
a deiwrted child, and Um finder beootnea it* guar- 
dian, but cannot make it a slave. The rtJdt ii 
boand to proTida for thooa toondlinp of whcon m 
charitable individual takea chaige. 

V. a. To place wood on the funeral pyre. 

JllaJuhva pt^'A, n. 1. The Hin. wonhip of 
Labshml ou tlie last day of the dark fortoigfat 
orKlrtik(Sept.— Oct). 2. A ceremony m 
honor of the same, obtierved by a tnide and 
bridegroom when the bride has been brought 
to the house of her husband. [engrceaed. 

Ht«>3 ^ngn 1*UA% IH^ &(lj. written; 

likkkd-pafhA, n. ro. One who cam read and 
write; an educated person. 

uake hmh id tikklA His own handwriting. 

AjttfO ftraniz IM&'vt^, a. (. 
A writing ; an inscription. 

LL iii _.„ ...Google 


1. The art or occupation of writing, 

2. 'i'he remuiieratioa fur writiug or copying. 

H li^ fewnn Wft'na. ». n. S. ^ to 

write, Pr. Uh ; I'ali, Ittheli. 
To write ; put ur set down. 
likJtnd bananfala^. To draw (a bill) upon. 
UiicA! faldrte Hi. Drawn by ous (a bill). 
Ukkh'i f aline ke dpor. Drawn on one. 
*4fl ftram'iM'fff, d'Hto-B, likhartlM.i. 1. Writ^ 

ing; penmaiiBhip. 2. Anything written ; a 

letter ; a iiute of band ; a deed ; document. 
likKai parhat A., v. u. To be reduced to 

writing (an agreement, eto,). 
tikhai sdi*hi, a. f. Written evidence; a deed. 
pieWi likluU, II. f. An endorsement, [clerk. 
likher'a ; Bhoj. likhak, n, m. A writer ; copyist; 

nj^ ?mmR ^a**', »d'- 

1, Uninterruptedly; ooDstantly.2. Seriatim. 
E ^U3 WITH ^J*"'. E- n. in- 

1. AueBsment on land (partH, 2). 

2. Rem or revenue from land^ 

lagan hhOla, n. Net rent. [rent. 

lag&n muroBvajak, yd mdnul/i, n. Customary 
login muqarrari, n.m. Fiied rent 
lajAn vd^ol, n. Actual rent. [nue, 

•akhpf-i-iar-i-lagSn, G. 0. Abatement of reve- 
tv[fiy4-i'lagan, Adjustment of rents. 
BMtd/t-t-ior-viqy*i, n. Kemission of revenue. 
be-laySo, adj. 1. Disconnected ; separate. 

2. Disinterested ; impartiaL 
Ajltl nmHB i*7^»'«it. n. f. 

1. Connection ; application ; adherence. 

2. Attachmeut ; afiection. 3. A liaUon, 
4, Sexual intercourse ; unlawful union. 

H ,jIO Wn^ %*^ ' Contemp. tiigaiyi ; 
'J? ^ 

Oafh lojnl, n. f. 2aj(! attached to. 

A woman (^^-l) 
Ii^ k, V. a. To'marry a widow. 
IttgSHiiia, n.m. A married man. 
H<J^UCI «lir HIT /a?6Aay.adj. 

Approximate (vi'')' 
loffbhag, adv. Approximately ; about. 
H^ WW ^ajf'*"*. °- in- S. ail. Pill, laggo. 
The letter addressed by the father of 
the bride to the futher of the bridegroom 
filing the date of the marriage. 
U^(M-hm4ti, a f. A horoscope. [courae. 

Hi=-JXI Wl^ /ojaAi, (^aM?) Sexual iuter- 
fapanf k To have sexual intercourse with. 
lage lage, adv. Side by aide ; oollaterally. 

X }j.*l hmfhttr; namhar, d. m. Cor. of aumber. 
1, Number. 2. Marks given at an ex- 
amination. 3. Rank. 
lambar dnd, v. a To come to one's turn. 
lamhar-ddr, nambar-dair, tadar mAlgm&r, n. m. 
The registered representative of a copar- 
cenary communis who is responsible for 
the Govt, revenue. 

As tlie repreaeutatiTe of the raat a lanhar-iSr 
Duy hold hiB office bj descent, or by election. 
lamhar-ddr't, namb<tr-d4r%, ii. f. 

The office or duty of a lambarddr. 
lambartabiqmn qdyam raMmt, 

To replHce in the file, [tbe file. 

tambar te khdni h., v. n. To be stmck off 
lanibar khiAcfitui, v. n. 1. To be prolonged (a 

matter). 2. To be postponed (a caae). 
lamiiar-var, adv. By turns ; in order, [order. 
lamyari, adj. Aooording to the number; in 
lamfttri, n, m. A standard measure, 
iomiri tmtqculdama, yfl nSliih. 

A regular suit, headed according to its 
number on the file of causes, 
lambarl nS'.ith, A regular suit. 
liga-i-lumbaTi. Numerical order. 
H IjUoi 5fnn l*^^^ tuH^ard; Tir. lam- 
yfta ; Bhoj. luAger^, n. m. 

A dissolute or abandoned wretob ; a profli- 
gate ; rip ; loose fish (badTnA^h). 
tfj'j^ WjTfUPt^uAydrd^jan.iunyor-jjim, n.m. 

1. Profligaoy ; libertinism (^l*«*t). 

2, Rascality; vilWny. 

p ^ JoJ langar Maieft; n. m. Provisions 

or eijieiises for tbe support of the poor. 
H Ijty^ 51 JWrsn laiigeSTd, n. m. 

{Broiert) One huudred. 
H^jjCJJ ^tjj^ tiAyttcf, n.f. A gratification 

taken to help one to recover stolen property. 

. '1^1 J lavdh'aq, u. m. pi. 1. Relations; 
kindred. 2. Appurtenances. 

^-jlJ lavS/itn, laeiiima, ItpOtimat. u. Ttu 
Neoesaariea ; appurtenances ', baggage. 

lavfitimi^anad The particulars oeoesaary for 
the grant of a patent or lanad. 

The vuuchera from «id to the diSerent oSoers 
•lid deparUuenta requiaile tur ths fiuul iMiw of a 
gnmt of luid or revemte undrr the Hah. govem- 
ineuC, ta ueunlly eudorsod OD the patent. 

M^&%ini-i-tarkari ho .ipse lavdnm i-naiwihl kr 
anjdm rntH tin tarah kl ri&yai na karn'i 
eliafiife. U. G. A publio servant slmul'i 
ahow no favour in the exercise of his officiiil 
functions. [public duties. 

laoaumi-mantaH, Q. G, Officul faactious; 


•ay s 

R £jJ VtS '<K, luUat. n. f. S. ans 1- Boot; ; 

jiluuf^er : prize. !i. Pillage ; rapine ; dapredfr- 

tion ; spoli^tiiiu 3. lilackmuil ; sitortioD ; 

roliliery. 4. Unfair dealitij^ ; high oharg<ea. 
'at paritA, yd h. To be plundered, pillAg«d. 
liU ]a mot, 11. m Plunder ; booty. 
IM i; yd maekdnd, luta khatoll k., t. a. 
To plnador ; pillage; ravnge; loot. 
lilt mar, liU khaaot, n. t. Pluadering and kill 

iog ; pillage ; havoa. [ravage. 

U?}l WZ^ Idt'nd, T. a. 1. To plunder; apuil ; 

i. To extort ; rob ; make higb charges. 

HItJ ill^ laufa, loia, lavvd, n. m. Dim. 

loti, lolo, Q. f. Membrum virile ; penit {lan^. 
laufd pdd i. {Ohaoene slang) v. a. 

To abuse ; to uae amiitty language. 
HVJAjJ ?TT55fT ioth'na, E., n. Gleuiinga. 
H^jjl Sift V**, (ifi^ "• t 

The ceremony of burning fuel in tbe 

name of the goddess K&R. Paaj. KhatfU. 

A J^^ ^^% n. m. A sodomite. [Lame. 

HITJ IItTT l^^ 1- ^ Without bftnda. 2. W. 

Q .J ^pl Ion, tUn, Riu. for non, n. m. 

S. qgn Salt. 
jU)> ^niT londr', n. m. A plaoe where salt is 

produced ; salt land or pit. 
^Jj) 31^1 lon'i, liini, Jtoni, khdr, rek, t/v>r, n. t 

Tlie dalt tbit effl 'resosB from walls, eta. 
Vji snisai Imi'iyd, loud, nonij/d, adj. 

Saltish ; brackiah. 
hn'iyS, 11. in. A caste of men employed in 
the mauufiLCture of salt. 

H P jb i. Jijl latm^-bat,a. m. A sodomite. 

launde-bdzl, a. f. Sodomy. 

HAJIsjl.*^}' lolidmahal, n. m. Eerenue 
derived from iron mines, and melting and 
working the metal. [fore ; oonaequeutly. 

A l-^iJ ''^^^> *^^- '''■ ^' ^^'^ reason. There- 

^ljV'V "'^-'^VI*' /oAd/dAdn, adj. Bloody; 

Weltering iu bluod {kliun-dlAiaA). 
A J«( ; ui^ '«' ^J a- f. 

See (afd. 1. Procrastination. 2. Erasion. 
l%it o Ittt meA dalnd, liiit o 1<U k., t. a. 

To dally; diUy dally. 
A V^^ i'k'in i Saut. menUdn, oonj. 

But; ou the contrary. 

ldti» agar, coqj. But it [n. f. 

H 4^ 9tiS '''lA. kUmi, MAanJ; Sank o/, 

1. A writing {tOhat, 2). 

3. Signature; endorsement. 

i«U ««i ;«i4'(l. n. m. 1. (/«i:Ad joUd) Aa ao 
count ; a reckoning. 3. A ledger. 

Idehd bahi, n. C 1. Acoount books. 3. A lodger. 

Mhd-j-atr, n. ni. An account ; a bill. 

lekhSpurd,3d pharehdk., t. a. To settle or 
close an account ; discharge a balance. 

lethd dalnd. v. a. To open an aoonunt with. 

Ukhd 4«<vhd bardbar t., v. a. To square ao- 
couuta ; pay one's score. 

lekh'e, adv. Couoeming; aa to. [ontstandings. 

H l>^ ^Pf\ U'Na,u. m. Uoney to be realised ; 

^ Hm laid, r. a. 

To have aezual intercourse with. 

lena kiti ehU masrHqa ]/A magruCah kH jS»- 
bUjh-ke. G.G. Receiving stolen or plunder- 
ed property knowingly. 

U-hhUffiid, urnd, )"t talaknO, v, u. To be off 
with ; carry off; run away with; abdnct. 

le-pdlak, n. m. An adopted child. 

U-fdlak k., le pdliid, v. n. 1'o adopt aa a son. 

li-parnd, U tond, v. n. 1. To lie or lay with. 

2. To have sexual intercourse with. 
le-jdnd, v. n. i. To carry ; takeaway ; con*^. 

3. To export. [calumniate. 
le-mama, liyt mamd, v. n. To accuse falsely ; 
Un-den, lenddtnd, Ind-del, a. m. Sea t^fytt 

1. Rusiueas. 

3. Money dealing. 3. Communication. 
len-den band k., v, a. To close a business. 
len-den k., v. a. To deal with j trade ; trans- 
act ; iransaot businesa. 
./dn is levd. A mortal enemy. 
livdf, n, m. A purchaser. 
vdR-i-jSyaz hi ht/diat K imdn ko k-hhOffndfi.Q. 

Kidnapping from a lawful ^ardiau. 
^air mulk men yuldm kl tareh le-jdnd, G. O. 

To export as a alave. [former husband. 
H (j JaaI ^(ZX\ itv4'r&, n. m. A son by a 

A U mi, In oomp. only. What ; which. 
nia-(dd What comes after ; following. 
nd-baqd, I he rest ; remainder ; aurplus. 
md-hahil i/it'j/cij. Whatever is necessary. 
md-Mtil-imt' ^di, The line of demarkatiao, 
tTVd'b ihil-niiA. The thing disputed. 
md-iam, adv. Meantime ; in the interim. 
md-bain talipot. During the proceedings. 


«Wt-(a&at, ftdj. 1. Subordinate; dap«B<btnt. 

2. Lower j iaferior. 
mi-fuual, a. m. 1. Harvest; produoe. 2. 

Profit; inooma 3. Inference; conclusion. 
wtM-hatar, adj. Preseut ; read; at baiid.[tioned. 
mdnaiKq. Preoedingi aforesaid; before-meu- 
wia^ata/. Passed; elapsed. 
md-nDd, md-vard. Besides ; over and above, 
mA/l-vt-iamlr. Intent ; inteutioo. 
mOrqabal. Prior; preceding; last. 
da/dt mt-taiaq. 0. U. The preceding sections. 
Oa/a-i-ma^aial, Q. Q, The last or preseding 

section. [parents. 

E t^t^ Le md btp, a. m. Father and mother; 
md-bahan. Uother and sister. [sister, 

md baha» k, v.' a To abuse one's mother and 
Bid jdl, n. f. One's own aister. 
ma-jdyA, n. m. One's own brother, 
itn md hip ki ; Sant. ttiar, u. m. An orphan. 
bin mi kd baehcha, n. m. A motherless child. 
Ht,,^ mm tmip,mapat,ndp;3tiat.toHg,a.I, 

8. m to measure. 1. Ueasnremeat ; surrey. 

2. A standard of measure or oapaeity. 

map kd pOrA. Full or standard height. 

U(^ irnnn mOp'nd, ndjmd, ndp Imd, r. a. 

To meaanre ; aurrey. [survejor. 

■^U nmt mdp^ai, a. m. I. A measun. 2. A 

H. mdthd godnd, v. a. To tattoo the forehead of 

a life priaoaer or a slave. [ed, installed. 

mdAe rati eh&wil diofhnd, ▼. a. To be anoint- 

A ^fi^^ Mdfrd, D. m. U what and ^^ff hap- 
pened. An event 

M^jri iWfdqlyaJtt A contingent or fortoitoas 
event. [rupees. 

H^-^a^U UlllJt vtdjhX adj. (5w<A«r.) Eight 

flutf'AI diir, (Suteken) Eighteen rupees. 
m4iAl Rot'nd, {£uttheri) Twentyeight rupees. 

A t3*» U mitiAM, adj. Involved; implicated- 
auUAdf Of mjf ndlUh. Stands charged. 
mOkhQ* hone ke l&i/aq. U.G. Liable (criminally). 
wiuji-imon ko mdi''^ Iwdiid. U. 0. 

To liring offenders to juittice. 
s&aMct'-mdibAiIi. O, U. The accused person. 
MdiAib, k., V. a. To oriminate; bring to trial 
■uU/ttii'i, n. Arrest, 

PjiU ndd'ar, n. f. Mother 

widdar ba-tWd, mddarba-khalia, A bastard. 
tA/ar-dtod, Slang, Oue who goes wrong with 

his mother. (A term of abuse). 
mUUar-thdki ifc., t. a. To abuse one's mother. 
mdd'ari, a^). Materual. 
Maq^-wiadari. Uatemal right 

BjU Snt titar,n. t 1. Beating; striking. 
2. Stiff clay or loamy soil with some 

sand and vegetable mould; (BrndellAand) 

a rich black loum. 
mar bditfuid, To strike ; beat. 
mdr parnd, v. n. To be beaten, 
mdr-pii, mdrfiitdi, mdr-ihdr, mdr-Jti^, a. t 
fieatiug and bruising ; fightiug; assault 

and battery, 
mdr (fd/fuk, V. a. To kill ; slay; murder, 
mdr roi/tnd, v. □, To keep back wrongfully, 
mdr kAdnd, y. a. 1. To get a beating. 

2. To earn by robbery. 

mdr marnd, v. a. Tu commit suicide. 
mdrdjdnd, V. D. 1. To be killed, slnin. 
mird mdr, mdr mdr, n. f. Souffle ; fray ; broil. 
U) U im^ mSr'a'l, v. a. 1. To beat ; Strike ; 
thrash; knockdown. 2. To kill; alay. 

3. To usurp; defVaud; rob. 

4. (Slang) To commit sodomy. 
haq momd, v. a. To wrong ; iojure, 
mdr'e, adv. For ; for the sake or behalf of. 
H (-X- U mi^ mdt'ii, adj. Monthly. 
HjIaJ" «X. ffT^mVTT mSt-hibdr, a. 

A monthly statement 
md« lu'mdi, tit. mouth by month. 

Interest added to capital, and subject to 

compound interest. 

H SJSi U mVJ mdih'd; Bus, mdsd, n m.S mm 

1. A weiglit equal to -^th of a tolah or 8 

raiOt, q.v. 2. (Brotert) Four aunas. , 

Hv=J^^ HT^ffT mdghdf, u. f. Land broken 

up in Mdgh fur next year's crops. 
mdgkatl^/atal. Crops sown between M^k 

and the rains. 
A JU mdi, n. m. See yU-' (3—7). 
1, (mdl tdl) Property ; money. 
i. {mil matoa) Oooda 3. Revenue; fi- 
nance. 4. A prize (iu a lottery, etc.). 

i. The granulated asdiment in an Indigo 
Tat after heating and drawing off the water. 

5. The registered representative of the vil- 
lage oommuuity who enters into engafte- 
ments at the settlement, and to whom 
Govt looks for its demand. [deceased. 

mdl amvdt, □. m. 1. Property left by the 

3. Unappropriated or unclaimed property. 

mdl bardmad, n. m. 1, Export 2. {mdl bar- 

affiiah) Recovered property, i. {mdl jfutdsh- 

ia-imujrim) Property left bya criminal 

mai baT-Hmad aur dar-d.iiad lA lutiil-bdfi. 

Balance of trade. 
mdl fie-Vxiflx. Unencumbered property. 
mdl dUmd, T. a. To embeule. 

.Coo g-fc 

mil Mue-ddri, n. f. Joint stock. 
mal-'k'i(i"d, a. m. A treiiaurj ; store-house. 
md' malruta, ySmaurS'ah. A. bequest; legacy. 
mdl haiam tar-ke mafiii bannd, mal mdr-ke 

divald nikalnS. Fraudulent insolvenoy. 
,I^U mdl-ddr, adj. Wealthy 
ndl-dar, mdl-vdli, n. m. A wenlthy person, 
^jljJU jndl-ddri, a. f. Opuleaoe 
mOldir-i-amaiiaL A trustee. 
mOl dhanl, mUvdli, A. H. u. m. A. proprietor. 
mSltddali, q. m. A nliore son. (Au abuse). 
mal-tdiH, n. f. A. bawd ; whure, 
mal->^yar. Duties; miaoellaneo us revenue from 
MtstDms aud other sources, exulusive of land. 
nUU-skardht': Joint, uudivided property ; 

joint stock. 
m&l-tamtTt, n. m. 0pp. of hStir-tdmin, q. v. 
Surety (the person) ; a surety for the 
payment of a demand against the bailee. 
mdltamiAl, n. f 0pp. of AdiiV-idntwI, Pecuuiary 

bail; security in property. 
m3l-iSianl dakhU i , t, a. To give aeourity. 
mAl-iahCi, n. f. Attached property ; escheat. 
mal-i-^anJnuU, Plunder. 
mat gair-manqdla ; H. atal dium, a. m. 

Ileal or immoveable property. 
mSlfarod. Bonded goods; warehoase goods. 
raal hd hctndo bast, n. m. 

Settlement of the revenue. 
mdl laliid, V. n. 1. To be stolen. 

2. To be sold in large quantities. 
mdl ko inr la-i-iujrit ae baekhratliju kd uleh- 
gd^i, G. U. Right of private defence of pro- 
perty against theft. 
miU Hhifdiat-i-lhud-ik/Uii/dn kd iitehqdq. G.G, 

Rij;ht of private defence <if property. 
mdt k! rand jo jahdt par eharhd hai. 

Bill of lading. 
jl^U mdl-ffufdr, n. ni. A manager of cultiva- 
tion and village matters ; a landlord ; one 
who pays revenue to Govt, [lamharddr). 

Tbs penon whu pa;s tbe reTemie uneueil au an 
estate ur villnga, nhether on his own bahitlE or u 
the reprMeiitacive of ochera, md whetltar lie be 
sole or joint prnpiietor or a holder under a pro. 
pHetOT or tbe State. aa<\ whether be fay the rere- 
niie to apropHetor or lamiiidSr or to the offloen of 
the Ooirernmenli. 
^)l>£lU md'-ffuidil, a. f. The Government 

demand, or revenue ; the land- tax. 
mdl^'ttdn aitnd. A grant or assignment of 
laud paying n quit-rent, an assignment of a 
portion of the Govemraenl revenue of an 
estate for charitable purjjoses. 

A gnat of w^ce land iipon a eiiiBU rent to s 

cultivator, who tbereby acquires aproprietarf 

right ill tiie nail. 

mdlgmdrl tal'iil kal. The entire revenue col- 

lec'ions ; the net revenue, [public revenue. 

mdtjuidrl-itarJcdr, a. f. Government reveaue ; 

mdlffiudrl talal k., v. a. To olum rereaue. 

nSl-ffwdf^ kd di^md, daikld. G.G. 

Revenue receipt (for land). 
m^-i-td-vdru, n. m. 

1. Unclaimed property. 3. Escheat. 
mdl-i-la-vdi-it /o loid mni dw. Escheat. 
mOl-ndra, A. fl. a^) One who embezdw, 
mdl mUmd, v. a. 1. To Qeece; swindle; ab- 
stract ; make off with; sweep; strip; gut; 
make away with one's property. 

2. To embezile Ikhaydnat k.). [property. 
mdl nujrim ; H, char 4hor, A criminal with 
mdl-i-mahm^-ah, O. 0. Goods on board ; cargo. 
md'imxiidum-khar, n. m. A swindler; oub 

who embeeiles. [cotersd. 

m^masriiqak har&mad. S