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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1876, by 


In the Office of the Libraiian of Congress, at Washington. 


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Dr. Gkorg Autenrieth, the compiler of the " Worterbucii zq 
den Homerischen Gredichten," of which the present volume is a 
translation, is the Director of the Gymnasium at Zweibrticken, in 
the Bavarian Palatinate. A favorite scholar and intimate personal 
friend of that admirable man, Von Nagelsbach, of Erlangen, there 
devolved upon him, on the death of the latter, the editorial charge 
of his works, and Autenrieth's editions of the " Gymnasial Padar 
gogik," the " Homerische Theologie," and the " Commentary on 
the First Three Books of Homer's Diad " gained him the repute 
of a thorough and judicious scholar, and led to his appointment, 
at an unusually early age, to the important position which he now 

In 1868, at the reqiiest of the publishing house of Teubner & Co., 
of Leipzig, he undertook the preparation of a school dictionary 
of the Iliad and Odyssey, which appeared in 1873. This work 
met with favorable criticism in Germany, was translated, within a 
year from its publication, into Dutch, and has passed to its second 
German edition. Of Autenrieth's special fitness for the task of 
compiling such a dictionary, his experience as a practical educator, 
his devotion for many years to the study of Homer, his numer^ 
ous contributions to the admirable Commentary of Ameis, and 
the frequent citation of his name in Crusius's Homeric Lexicon 
(the last edition, that of Seller and Capelle) furnish sufficient proof. 
Autenrieth's aim has been not only to convey, in the compactest 
form consistent with clearness, the results of Homeric study and 
criticism up to the present time, but also to communicate such col- 
lateral information as may serve to render the study of Homer in- 
teresting and attractive. Passages of doubtful or difficult interpre- 
tation are translated, and the derivations of words receive from the 

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author, who has made the science of comparative philology a spe* 
cial study, particular attention. A novel feature of the work is the 
introduction into the text of nearly one hundred and fifty small 
wood-cuts — mainly representations of veritable antiques — which 
are designed to give to the student a vivid conception of the 
things mentioned by Homer, by placing before his eyes the war- 
fare, navigation, costume, and sacrificial rites of the Homeric age. 

It was the test of actual use which suggested to the editor the 
idea of translating this book. With it in his hand he read, first 
the Odyssey, then the Diad. Tried by this test, it seemed to com- 
bine so many excellences that the wish arose in his mind that the 
work might be made generally accessible to students in America 
and in England. From the time when he decided to undertake 
the translation to the present date he has been in frequent corre- 
spondence with the author, calling his attention to articles which 
seemed obscure, and receiving from him the corrections and 
changes which have been incorporated into the second German 
edition. The number of additions made by the editor himself is 
considerable, and many articles have been entirely rewritten, as 
a comparison of the present with the German edition will show. 

Autenrieth's dictionary rests especially upon the labors of three 
distinguished Homeric scholars — Von Nagelsbach, Doderlein, and 
Ameis. The frequent references which, in the original edition, 
are made to these commentators, have been omitted in the trans- 

Autenrieth frequently employs a Latin to define a Greek word. 
The practice commends itself from its conciseness and its precision, 
and the translator has accordingly in most cases continued it ; yet he 
has not felt that he could presuppose, in the case of American stu- 
dents, such an acquaintance with a large Latin vocabulary as would 
justify him in omitting to add (in most cases) an English translation. 

The present dictionary was intended to be primarily one of Ho- 
meric forms. Hence the plan of the work requires that, in the 
definitions of words which are inflected, the first inflexional form 
actually occurring in Homer should begin the article, and not, in 
all cases, the first person singular present indicative active or the 

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nominative singular. Whenever, in rare cases, a non-Homeric 
form occupies the first place, this is printed in thin-faced type. 
Occasionally, moreover, a verb which occurs only in a historical 
tense, and is therefore augmented, will be found in that place 
'which the first person singular of its present indicative active 
would properly occupy : e. g., iJ-c^Oiro, a fi?ra{ XcycJ/icvor, will be 
printed but once (to save space), and will be found where (if it 
occurred in Homer) the present, cic-^<Vte», would stand; so, like- 
wise, e^-ripjra^e will occupy the place properly belonging to «{- 

The necessity for extreme conciseness and the restriction of the 
work to Homeric usage cause some articles to lack that full ac- 
count of the various meanings of a word, as developed one from 
the other, which is to be found in a general lexicon like that 
of Liddell & Scott. A certain baldness and inadequateness in 
the treatment of many words must, indeed, be a characteristic of 
such a dictionary. The test of the book, however, is its practi- 
cal adaptation to the ends it is intended to serve. The writer's 
own experience has led him to believe that it is well adapted to 
meet the wants of the young student, as well as to be a com- 
panion in the reading of those professional men who have un- 
willingly let their acquaintance with Homer drop because of the 
inconvenience of carrying with them on a journey or to the sea- 
shore a cumbrous lexicon. It is his. earnest hope that this book 
— 80 attractive in form, and procurable at so low a price — will 
render possible, alike in our secondary schools and in our col- 
leges, the reading of a considerably larger portion of Homer than 
bas heretofore been attempted. 

The following suggestions as to the use of the book may be 
found serviceable : 

Let the beginning be made by grounding the student carefully 
and thoroughly upon the forms and peculiarities of the Homeric 
dialect, with the necessary constant comparison of Homeric and 
Attic forms. During this stage, the use of the larger lexicon in 
connection with the present volume will be necessary. Two Books 
tead in this way would suffice. This done, the second step would 

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be to proceed much more rapidly, requiring of tlie students in 
recitation only an accurate and intelligent translation of the text 
and such knowledge as to the meaning and history of the words 
as this dictionary furnishes. 

The editor's own experience leads him to believe that a pupil with 
this dictionary in his hands will easily read two pages of Homer in 
the time which, with the large lexicon, would be required for one 
page. The dictionary also supplies, in a good degree, the place of 
a commentary, and will be found equally full upon all parts of the 
two poems. The translator even ventures to hope that the pres- 
ent volume, while offering only legitimate help to the student, may 
operate to remove the temptation to resort to translations. He is 
aware of the feeling of dislike with which many teachers regard 
all special lexicons. That there are grave objections to their use 
when they cover only a part of the works of an author seems per- 
fectly clear; for then the vocabulary becomes so brief and the 
range of meaning of the definitions so narrow that translation is 
rendered for the scholar a merely mechanical exercise. These ob- 
jections, however, have Httle force as respects a special lexicon for 
the Homeric Poems. These poems represent to us every thing, 
in a connected form, which survives of Epic Greek literature. Not 
only do their forms differ so widely from those of Attic usage as 
to constitute a separate dialect, but their vocabulary is an extreme- 
ly copious one,* and contains a great multitude of words which 
are used only once, or but a very few times. This latter class of 
words, it is evident, if occurring in Homer alone, can receive no 
better elucidation from, a large dictionary than from a small one, 
while the outlay of time required in seeking them in a volume of 
1600 pages is very great. The requirements of a scheme of lib- 
eral study in our times are so extensive that the necessity of econ- 
omizing labor, whenever it can be done without detriment to men- 
tal discipline, is self-evident. It may be, indeed, that Greek and 
Latin will only be able to hold their place in our courses of higher 
education by welcoming and encouraging every legitimate help 

* The Iliad and -the Odyssey contain about 9000 different words. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

P REF ACE. 4 s J vii/ 

by which the labor necessary^piiring a knowledge of the 
two chief ancient languages, and gaining an acquaintance with 
their literatures,?may be abridged. 

There remains for the translator the pleasant duty of mention- 
ing that the proofs of the dictionary have passed under the eye 
of Dr. Autenrieth, of Zweibriicken, and Prof. John H. Wright, late 
of Columbus, Ohio. The references have all been twice verified by 
himself. It will thus be seen that great pains have been taken to 
secure that accuracy which is at once so indispensable and, in a 
work like the present, so difficult to attain. 

Robert Porter Keep. 

WiLLiSTON Sbminabt, Easthampton, Mass., Stpi. 1, 1876. 

The editor avails himself of the opportunity afforded by a 
new issue of the Dictionary to incorporate the corrections which 
have accumulated since its first publication. He wishes to ex- 
press his thanks to Dr. Drisler, Professors F. D. Allen and T. D. 
Seymour, and to Mr. Irving G. Stanton, an undergraduate student 
in Harvard College, for the valuable corrections which they have 
furnished, and to request similar favors in the future from all 
who may use the book. 

RP. K 
Sept, 1, 1878. 

The issue of a new edition of the Dictionary again gives op- 
portunity for the insertion of corrections, and for some additions 
which suggest a word of introduction. 

On pp. XV., xvi. will be found a new Index, in which the at- 
tempt is made to enumerate, in connection with each cut, all the 
unportant objects which it illustrates. This Index, which forms 
an almost necessary supplement to that upon pp. xiii., xiv., was 
prepared and furnished to the editor by Professor John Williams 
White, of Harvard College. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

viii PREFACE. 

Pp. xvii.-xxi. are occupied by an outline of the Peculiarities of 
the Homeric Dialect, based, in contents and arrangement, upon 
the excellent sketch which forms the first appendix to Koch's 
Oriechiscke ^cAw/^rawiwiaiiAr, 2d ed., Leipzig : B.G.Teubner, 1871. 
Such an outline seemed likely to be of especial service to those 
friends of the Dictionary — men in professional life — who wish to 
read Homer cursorily and from a text-edition, and who look to 
the Dictionary to furnish all the aid they require. 

The editor would renew his suggestion that the Dictionary 
yields its best results if scholars are not encouraged to use it 
much until they have mastered, by the aid of Liddell and Scott, 
at least one book of Homer. Now that the amount of Xenophon 
required for admission to college is generally read by the aid of 
special vocabularies, the student comes to Homer, in most cases, 
without having used a general dictionary. This is the point at 
which the purchase of a Liddell and Scott should be insisted 
upon. The thorough study of the Homeric forms involves at 
every step their comparison with the corresponding Attic forms, 
and cannot be satisfactorily prosecuted by the aid of the Auten- 
rieth alone. 

When three books of the Iliad have been mastered, the scholaf 
will be well prepared for the rapid reading of the Odyssey. 

Passages especially suited for such reading are Bk. V. (Odys- 
seus's departure from Calypso's island) ; Bks. VL and VU. (his meet' 
ing with Nausicaa and his reception by Alcinous) ; Bks. IX. and 
X. (his account of his adventures with Cyclops, and on Circe's 
island). Any of these passages can be read by ordinary pupils, 
with the use of the Dictionary alone, at the rate of fifty to seventy- 
five lines per hour. And the result of a few weeks of such reading 
will be to develop the confidence of the student in his own power 
to translate (a prerequisite to reading at sight with any success) 
and to greatly increase his interest in Homer. 

In addition to the obligations already acknowledged, the editor 
has to thank for corrections the following friends : Professor J. 
W. White, Professor O. M. Fernald, and Professor J. H. Wright 

Easthampton, Mass., July 1, 1879. R. P. K. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



In sending out the Fourth Edition of the Dictionary, the editor 
desires to express his thanks for the continuance of the favor with 
which, from the first, the book has been received. Acknowledg- 
ments of corrections and suggestions are due to Messrs. F. D. Allen, 
H. Drisler, A. C. Merriam, L. R. Packard, A. S. Pattengill, E. D. 
Perry, T. D. Seymour, J. H. Wright, E. G. Coy, T. D. Goodel). The 
editor has also had before him, in this revision, the third edition 
of the original work (Leipzig, 1881), containing much new matter. 
Perhaps the most noticeable changes will be found in the ety- 
mologies : these have been carefully revised, and some have been 
dropped as not supported by sufficient authority. 

It is possible that not all teachers and scholars realize what can 
be done in the way of rapid reading by the use of the Dictionary, 
and attention is therefore called to the following extract from a 
letter from one of the professors in Greek in an important Western 
college : 

'* In view of your aim in making the book an aid to rapid trans- 
lation, I think perhaps you will be interested in learning that my 
class of seventy-five freshmen have read ten books of the Odyssey, 
and one half of the class have read eleven books. As we do not 
require any Homer in preparation for college, they had to learn 
the Epic dialect to begin with. They have almost universally 
used your book." 

With reference to this same matter, the account given by Pro- 
fessor A. C. Merriam, of Columbia College, of the results of his 
experiments in rapid reading {Transactions of the American Philoi 
logical Association, Vol. XL, 1880), will be found suggestive. 

For changes and corrections in this issue of the Homeric Dic- 
tionary, the editor acknowledges obligation to Messrs. B. Perrin, 
G. F. Nicolassen, and W. B. Richards. 

Fbee Academy, Norwich, Conn., Je«^, 1886. 

R. P. K. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


References are made to the several books of the Iliad and the Odyssey re- 
spectively, according to the usage of the ancient commentators, by the large 
and smsdl letters of the Greek alphabet. Thas A 10 signifies Iliad, Bk. I., 
line 10 ; and a; 8 signifies Odyssey, Bk. XXIV., line 8 ; or, in detail : 






H .. 



..Iliad L Odjrseey 

*.'. " *.'.'.!iri. '.'.'.'. 

.. " ....IV 

.. " ....V. .... 

.. " ....VI 

.. " ....VIL.... 

" ....VIII.... 

" ....IX 

" ....X 

" ....XI 

" ....XIL.... 












.. ..fl 





4> ... 

. ...K 






....XIII. . 


....XIV. . 


....XV. . 


....XVI. . 


....XVIT. . 




....XIX. . 

»« , 

....XX. . 


...XXL . 


....XXII. . 










The character t designates Homeric aira^ Xtyofjiiva. 

Two references connected by tlie word and designate Sig \By6fjiBva. 

JL or Od. affixed to a definition denotes that the word defined occurs only 
in the Iliad or only in the Odyssey. 

The references in general are to be understood as explanatory, and not 
as exhaustive: they are uniformly made to the small Teubner edition of the 
Diad and Odyssey, edited by Dindorf. 

To aid the eye, the first word of each article, or, if that chance not to occur 
in Homer, the first Homeric form, is printed in full-faced type. 

The characters P and j represent the serai- vowel spirants v {w) and y. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


acc sign 

ifies accusative. 


' active. 


• adjective. 


' adverb. 

aor. * 

' aorist. 

ct ' 

' confer, compare. 

?x : 

*' cognate. 
* collective. 

colL forms ' 

' collateral forms. 

comm. ' 

, (commonly; common 
( gender. 

comp. • 

* comparative. 

compd. * 

* compound. 

conj. ♦ 

* conjunction. 

constr. * 

* construction. 


• dative. 

dep. * 

' deponent. 

d., du. • 


epith. » 

' epithet. 

esp. • 

* especially. 

enphem. • 

' euphemistically. 

exc ' 

' except. 

fem. • 

' feminine. 


* following. 


' foregoing. 

freq. • 

* frequent. 


' future. 

gen. ; 
imp. * 

' genitive. 
* imperative. 
' iudicative. 


' infinitive. 


* instrumental. 

in trans. * 

' intransitive. 


* imperfect. 

irreg. * 

* irregular. 

iter. ' 

• iterative. 

K. T. A. * 

• Kat TCI \otird, etc. 

lit. ' 

* literally. 

♦ masculine. 

masc.,mBC. • 

met. * 

' metaphorical. 

mid. signifies middle, 
nom. " nominative. 

.neut.,ntr. " neuter, 
opp. " oppo^ied to. 

opt. *' optative, 

orig. " originally, 

part. " participle, 

pass. " passive, 

pf., perf. " perfect, 
pers. *• person, personal, 

plupf. " pluperfect, 

pi. ** plural. 

pr.,pres. " present, 
prol). " probably, 

q. v. " quod vide, Bee 

red. *' reduplicated, 

reg. " regular. 

sc " scilicet, supply. 

sIgDif. •• signification, 

sing., s., sg. " singular. 

(sequeus, eeqneo- 
\ tia. 
subject, subjunctive, 
verbal adjective, 
vide, see. 

fvaria lectio, dif- 
( erent reading, 

(separation of prepoai- 
-< tion from verb in a 
( compound. 

"le arsis (the accent- 
syllable of the foot), 
ctives of one, two, 
three terminations. 

sq., eqq. 









in tmesi) 

tm. y 

tmesis j 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


1. *Afiviovy page 26. 


2. afiTrvKaj^l, 


3. afKpifipoTti^f 28. 


4. afjjptyvoKTi,, 28. 

5. i/ti^teXto-ctis, 29. 

6. afi^i<pakoVf 30. 


7. (i/ti<^t</)o/t)^«,30,31. 


8. avadiafinv, 33. 


9. oirru^, of shield, 40. 


10. avTu|, of chariot, 41. 

11. a?ty»,,41. 


12. aop, 42. 


13. oTTiTw?, 44. 


14. Apaadaif 51. 


15. apfioviaoaVf 54. 


16. i<rKo«, 56. 


17,18. a<r7rts (two cuts), 56, 57. See 


also airru^, ao/o. 


19. acTpdyaXoif 68. 


20. avXuyjTK, 60. 


21. S(/>Xao"roi/, 63. 


22. 'AvtXXeus, 64. 

23. /JaW^coi/oi, 65. 


24. Bpiarii9, 70. 


25. /3a./uos, 71. 


26. yovvovadai, 76. 


28. oai9, 78. 



29. ^ttiToos, 78. 


30. «(Jos, 79. 




UvaaTa. See AvaSiauriv, 




33. aiVico?, 88. 


34. «|9uoxoi, 90. 


35. ida(fio^^ 94. 


36. e^pn, 94. 


37. ivrai/t/Eti/, 112. 


38. lxt/3X»}5, 119. 


39. cx«r(/>vptot9, 124. 

40. ixiroi/os, 124. 


41. ipt.Tp.6v, 127. 


42. 'Eptj/iJs, 128. 


43,44. £>/4a (two cuts), 129. 


45. 2<rra>p, 132. 


46. ItTxapn, 132. 

47. i<,lZ,oi, 134. 

fvKy}7/it^e«. See &fi<pipp6rfi^. 


. ivaaiXfiov, 136. 

, 50. ^vyov (two cuts), 141. 

. Jw/Aa, 141. 

^copUf as part of armor. See &op* 
figure of Aeneas, and Kvvir\. 
. ^wi/r)i/, 141. 
, 54. iiXaKciTr}, 144. 
. VV10X09, 146. 
. Oat/oous, 148. 

Bpovoi. See afnrvKa, 
. 6ua6\a, 154. 
. Out*), 154. 
. 6u)pti^^ 154. 
. i/iav, 158. 
. io-Tt'oi/, 161. 
, io-xoirt^tj, 161. 
. iffT09, 161. 
. Kd\ov9, 165. 
. KaX-TTti;, 166. 
. KaXvTTTprjj 166. 
. Kavd)!/, 167. See also &opy &<nrk, 

. Ktpdpip, 176. 
. Krip, 177. 
, Ktudpi^i, 178. 
. Kidapi<rTV9f 178. 
. KXijts, 180. 
. KXiimjD, 180. 
. icXt<rfio«, 181. 
. KpvStpvoVy 186. 

. KpifTVp. See dfA(f)l.(t>oprjE^. 

. Kp'tKov, 186. See also ^uyoV, e<rTa»/). 

. Kvviri. See p. 68. 

. Xai(rij(a, 191. 

, 81. XaptTTvp (two cuts), 192. 

. Xt'^tjs, 193. 

. Xti^iiv, 193. 

. Xi-Tra^i/a, 194. 

. Xivoduypt)^, 196. See also aop, figure 

of Ajax. 
. Xivov. See ^XoicaTt|. 
, 88. X64)o^ (two cuts), 197. 
. fiaxaipriy 201. 
. fiiyapoVf 202. 
. pLKTodfxi], in ship, 207. 

p.t<r6dnri, in house. See fiiyapov. 

pLiipvaaifTO, See &fi<puXiccrj9, 
. /tiuXf), 216. 

Digitized by 








,;t<^ov, 223. 


95. olmoy (two' cuts), 226. 

97. oLtTTtviiv (two cuts), 228. 


dKTaKviifia^ 229. 

6fi<(>a\6if 232. 


'O/otffTTjs. See Upri, 


bpjio^, 236. 

oitpiuyp^. See djii<l>iyuoia'i. 


irapn* poVy 249. 




irtVAos, 255. 


"jre/oo'i/i;, 258. 


'irta-a oicTLy 259. 

107. TTtiSaXLov (two cuts), 260. 


trotKiXfiaaiy 264. 


TTpoTOVonTi. See 2ei/o^i/cc. 

irvy fxdxoi, 276. 

'»ri;p»/, 278. 


'jTufpa, 278. 


/df/yea, 280. 


/oiz/tio's, 281. 


Sci/o^i/ev, 283. 



2/uti/0«i/9, 287. 

arififia, 289. 


• <, 2o9. 

<r<t>o.1^ou<ni/. See Afiviov, 
. aKfuydovrit 293. 

o-xs^if^s. See dpfiovtAtav. 
. Ta\0ui&to», 296. 
. TcXa/uMv, 298. 

TtTpafpaiXtipov. See a6X«Mric. 
. TCT/9a<^aA.o«, 300. 
. Tpi^ifitvai, 307. 
. T/9ty\.»|i/a, 307. 
. T/oiirous, 307. 
. T/t)o7ro5,308. See also iSatpo^ and 

. Tpviravw^ 308. 

. T/ou(^d\'£(a, 309. See also aiy 

TviTToa. See lirriov. 
. if<f>aiva), 317. 
. (papiTpri, 319, 
. ipopfuy!^, 324, 
. <f>opriij 324. 
. ^/[)i/y««, 325. 
. Xifiaipa, 330. 

vtTCtfi/. See Xai<r^ta. 
. *QKeai/o9, 336. 


I. Chariot at Rest. (From ancient vase.) 
II. Chariot in Motion. (From relief of frieze of the Parthenon.)* 

III. Ground-plan ef House of Odysseus, as drawn by L. Gerlach. 

IV. The Ship of the Homeric Age. (Inserted, by permission of Mr. Merry, 

from Merry's " Odyssey." Macmillan, 1873.)* 

V. Map of the Trojan Plain, with designation of the chief natural features, 

and of the various sites where it has J^een sought to locate the city 
Troja. (From Kiepert's Atlas of HeUas and the Hellenic Colonies. 
Berlin, 1872.)* 

'Plates II., IV., and Y. have been added by the translator. 

Digitized by 



(The nmnber of the cut comes first, then the page, then the words that the cut illnstiateft) 

1. 26. &fjvloVy fxa\aipa^ <r</>a^((>. 

2. 27. cE/nTTv^, 0/OOI/O9, l<r%fiiov, KaiKvfifiay 


3.28. dfifpi^poTriiy ivKmifiiif ^uxxrvpi 

Bdipn^, \6<f>o9y fxiTprj. 

4.28. alxM^n, afupiyvo^f dopv^ ovpiu' 

Xos, a-avpwTijp, 

5. 29. &fx^u\i<r<rrj^f firipvoo, 

6. 30. dfA<l>t<pa\o9, 

7, 30 and 31. &fx<f>i<^optv^, Kpiji-np. 
8, 33. dvaBia-firjj ^icfxaTa^ koXu^. 
9, 40. avTu^, att/cos. 
10, 41. airrv^, HpfJia^ Si<f>po9^ ohj^, reti/co. 

11.41. a^t'inj, Kvvirii K6<f)09, 

12. 42. aopf dopTvpi &airt9^ ^^M^i ^^pv^i 

KavatVf Xti/oOti/ot;^, \6<po9, ort- 

13, 44. (iir»;i/»i. 

14, 51. iipdofxai, f J, <TXsSiti, 

15, 54. dpfiovia^ yofi<poi c, iKpiov, aTafiiv 
16, 56. (io-Kos. 

17. 56. d<nr(s, auXw'jris, Kaviitv^ \6<f>oif 

18. 57. alyis, aff-TTis, auXcuTrts, Xa<^09, 

19, 58. icTT/oayaXos. 

20, 60. avXioTris, KVfi^axoi 6, Xo^o$, re- 
TpatpdXripoVf <ftd\o9, 

21. 63. S^XaffToi/, KopvfjL^a, KopcovU. 

22. 64. d<rT£poetc, 'A^iXXeus, 6yx***> ^^ 


23. 65. ^aOu^ofvoc, fiadvKoXjrov* 
24^70. B/9((r»)t9, Xet/Sw. 

25,71. /Scojuo's. 

26. 76. yiviioVf yovvovfxcu, 

27. 77. yco/owTos, to^ov, 

28. 78. oats. 

29. 78. daixpotf Kpt\Tnpy 'jrp6-)(po9, 

30. 79. ddos. 
31, 81. Siirav. 

32. 87, dtfcXcs, e-jTtjSX^s, ^euyi/u/**, icX»|t9, 


33. 88. diaK09, icaraifiddtos. 

34, 90. Spvoxo^f Tpovi'g a, <rrtipr\ e. 

^ 94. dpfioviuy ioa<f>09f cTnjyicei/ts c, ^u- 

yoi/, tKpioVf icXtjts, i/ijDs, iTKaX- 

uoc e. 

36, 94. 








tdpriy Boaprij^y 'KXvTai/iivvo"rpii, 

\6<f>09y jJLtTpiJf OT/Ofi-Trros. 
iirraifvwy ipviOy tuvvctv^, to* 

iirift\T^9, datpoiy kXtjIs. 
iiria(fivpiov. Ki/tj/uts. 
iiriroyoiy kXijis, inripa. 
atpXavToVy iptTfioVy KXt|t«, k<h 
pcauhy Kvyiriy Txnrro}. 


yXavKcoTTKy tpfiay XcrBfiioVy #«- 

KpixpaXoVy 6pfW9f fTTtipavf]. 
*ipp.aLy iirBfitoVy opfioiy <TT£<f>dinj, 
'iarutpy \yy66tafioVy KpLKoVy -jrt- 


£u^a)i/o9, ivirXoKafihy ^^t^, koX" 

Xi^coyos, KaXXt-TrXoKO/uos, xd- 

Xuu/ua, KaKvTTTprj, 
Euo-o-sXfios, viripa. 
yvafiTTTa)^ y\u)xU 6, «<rTa»/o, ^eu- 

yX»i d, ^vy66Bap,ov 6, t,^y6p, 

KpLKoVy o«/^, ofitpaXoi a. 

^XoKara, ^XaKartj, Xtuov, 

ilXaKUTtiy Xivov. 

nvioYoiy 5fjL<f}aXoiy 6fi<l>aX6iit, 

Baipo^y £-7rt/3X^«. 



dw/otj^, KpaTaiyva\o9. 

iiri/SXijs, l/uds, icXr)t$, KXrjiw. 

tOTlOl/, TUTTTO). 

iffToirt^n, IffTos. 

ian-6i, KtpKL^y fi'iTo^y v(f>aiv(i}, 

ioTos, fcdXcuv, KX»jts, ol77(01/. 

^wi/t}, 7a0/u(ot/, KdXirt«, k/otji/i}. 

KaXvfifxay KaXvTTTprj, 

KavuiVy irTJxv^y to^ov. 

Kipafxo^^ 'rrtdoi. 

K»;/o, TdXaj^roi;. 



KX»7t5, Kopu>uf\y KUiirn, 

Opfjvoiy KXitrrvpy Toirgt, 

Digitized by 



74, 181. 

75, 186. 
76, 31. 
77, 186, 
78, 58. 

79, 191 

80, 192. 

81. 192. 

82. 193. 
83, 193. 
85, 196. 

86, 144. 
87, 197. 
88, 197. 

89, 201. 

90, 202, 

91, 207. 

95, 226, 

97, 228, 

98, 229. 

99, 232, 
100, 236. 
101, 249. 
102, 254. 

103, 255. 

0/o^i/os, KaXu/x/jta, KoKvirTprj^ 


Kpr]Tripy &in(f>L(f>opivif irpoxoo^. 
^feuyXij, KpiKOV. 

CTTtJ/O, dwplj^y KVl/illy fl'tTpt). 

and 330. dicjipo^^ £^/Ofi, Joxttiz/o, 

/0OC(9, XtTOJI/. 

Xt/3rjs, iT/ooxoos. 

XinraSvoi/ O', otri^J', 
^uxrrvp^ vco/otj^, KavutVj Kvvtriy 
Xaiffntov, Xivoduiptj^, iTTtpo- 

Xti/oi/, ifXaKaTtj. 
X6(f>oij aTS(f)dvti, 
X6<f>oij <m(f}di;ti, 

, fiiyapov, icxdptj^ fitXadpoi/, 
fitaodfirjf o-jralos, dpaoBvprif 

itTTo^f fxscoofxrj a. 


^i<f>o9^ ffTE^oi/t;, reXafiwir, Te/o- 

oinioi/, icXt}ts, Koptai/ii, 
olniovy Koptovii. 
yXv<pidiif ol<rT€Uft», -ttj/xvs, to- 

•yXu</)t5tj, ol<rT£u<o, ir^x*'*» "^^ 

(ii/(^E/Aoet«, SKroKirnfiov, 
tadfjLiov, opfko^, 

KpaTtvrai^ Xe//3co, <$/3eXo9, -jre^- 


icXqtc, irtpoinjf vopini. 

105, 259. 

106, 260. 

107, 260. 

108, 264. 

109, 276. 

112, 280. 

113, 281. 
116, 287. 
118, 289. 
119, 293. 
121, 298. 


123, 307. 
124, 307. 
125, 307. 
129, 317. 
130, 319. 
131, 324. 

132. 324. 

133. 325. 
134, 330. 
135, 335. 
Plate I. 

" IL 
" IIL 




irvy fia^oi. 


iru} fia, Toj^ov. 

0/0^1/05, Qpovo^^ KXia-fioif prjyoi^ 

<7r/oo<r</)Uf7$, pvfio^. 
nrpoTovo^y ^iipriv, 
(TKrinrrpov, nXafiutv, 



Kvpv^^ TaXOu^tos. 

icaTatTu^, o/i(/>aXoe(9, TaXath 

/Oil/OS, Te.Xa/JiU)v. 
avXu)iri9j Kopvi^ X6<l>oiy <rr«^a« 

in}, TtTpd(paXo9. 



kptTp.OV, TpO-TTOS. 

lixdiy Tpinravov. 

X6(f)oSf TpvcpdXtiOf <pdKo9. 

/AtTos, V(f>aivii}. 

To^oVy (ftaptTpt}. 


f'VX^^y 'Toj^op, $/ou^. 


iTTu^, 'Qiceai/o?. 

Upp-a^ irapiiopiaj irapriopdi^ />y- 

aidovora, *EpKuo9 g, OdXafio^. 

OoXos k, Qvpinrpa o, Kiutv fj 

trpodofioi DDf irpoCvpoif i 

dpaodvpij h, 


Digitized by 







1. 1| is reg:a1arl7 foand when, in Attic, & only would be admissible, e. g. iyofnf^ 
bfioiri^ trupYiffOfiai. 

2. Similarly, ct is sometimes found for c, ov for 09 e. g. ^nvoQf xpvtruog, irovXvc, 

3. More rarely ot is 'found for o, at for a, t| for c, e. g. Trvoii^, auroc, riQfifuvog, 

4. By what is called metathesis quantitatis, 00 becomes cm (for atu). 

Similarly, we have 'iutg and dog, dir£p€i<nog and diriipkffiog «. r. X. 


1. Contraction, when it occurs, follows the ordinary rules, except that to and 

eov form cv, e. g. Ooperevc, PaWev. 

2. But the contraction often does not take place, e. g. dkKuw ; and a few unusual 

contractions occur, e. g. ipog (itpog), fianrag (fiori<rag), ivpptiog instead of 
ivppkovQ from ivppk-tog. 

3. Two vowels which do not form a diphthong are often blended in pronuncia- 

tion (synizesis), e. g. 'Ar/oti^lw, dr^ ad, iirei ov, ^ ov. 

Hiatus is allowed : ^' hiatus. 

1. After the vowels t and v. 

2. When the two words are separated by ccesura or a mark of punctuation. 

3. When the final (preceding) vowel is long and in arsis. 

4. When the final (preceding) vowel, though naturally long, stands in thesis 

and has been shortened before the following short vowel. 

5. When the final vowel of the preceding word has been lost by elision, e. g. : 

1. rraiSi oTra^wv, — w ^ | — w. 

2. 'OXvfiwie, ov vv r 'Odvffffivg, ^ | — ww | — ^w | , 

3. avnOiy Wuffiyi, — w w | — <-/w | — w. 
'4. vXdyx^ iirei, — w ^ | — . 

5. dXye iSutKsv, — w ^ | — w. 
Remark. — Many apparent cases of hiatus result from the loss of a di- 
gamma or other consonant, e. g. rbv ^ rmeiper trreira fdvaK avdpCjy 


^ion is much more freqnent than in pxose. a, c, i, o are elided in declension- 
and conjugation ; at in the endings fiai, trai, rai, aOai ; ot in fioi ; t in ore 

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Before a consonant, the final short vowel of apa, and of the preps, ava, ira/oa* 
Kara^ may be cut off (apocope). 

Remark, — The accent in this case recedes to the first syllable, and the 
consonant (now final) is assimilated to the following consonant, e. g. xdl 


1. Single consonants, esp. X, m v, p, and <r, at the beginning of a word, after a 

vowel, are frequently doubled, e. g. t\\a(3ov^ roaffog. So also a short final 
vowel before a follg. liquid is often lengthened^ by doubling (in pronuncia- 
tion, though not in writing) the liquid, e. g. eve fuyapouri. 

2. Metathesis of vowel and liquid is common, e. g. Kpaoiti and Kapliri, QapaoQ 

and dpdaoQ. 



1. The termination ^t(v) serves for the ending of the gen. and dat. sing, and 

pi., e. g. €^ evi/^-0f, /3<>/-0i, bario^i 6ig, aifv 'iw-ttoktiv Kai ovco-^t. 

2. The three local suffixes &t, Oevj Si answer the questions where ? whence ? 

whither ? e. g. oitcodt, ovpavoOtVy ovde Sopovde. 


1. For & we find always t|, e. g. Ovpri, vcj/vifyc* except 9ed, 

2. The nom. sing, of some masculines in -y|s is shortened to -&, e. g. c^rTrdra, 


3. The gen. sing, of masculines ends in -ao or -€w, c. g. 'ATpeidao and 'Arpci'rcw. 

4. The gen. pi. of masculines ends in -i£»v or hI«v (rarely contracted, as in 

Attic, into -«v), e. g. 9tctu)v^ vavriiov^ Trapttwv. 

5. The dat pi. ends in -^jox or -^js, rarely in -ovs, e. g. xvXyffi, crxiZ^yc* but Otatc. 


1. The gen. sing, has retained the old ending in -lo, which, added to the stem, 

gives the termination -oio. Karely occurs the termination -oo — more 
commonly the Attic ending -ov. Cf. H. 39 Kern, a, 32 d. Cf. also G. 9, 2. 

2. The gen. and dat dual end in -ouv* 

3. The dat pi. ends in -oun or -ols* 


1. The gen. and dat dual end in -ouv, e. g. iroSouv. 

2. Dat pi. -ox, -otri, usually joined to a consonant stem by a connecting vowel 

c, e. g. TToS-i'ffffiv and voaai^ PiKhaaty jSaXfrrtri, fiiXem. 

3. Stems ending in -a- are generally uncontracted in declension, but -cos often 

contracts into -€vs. 

4. Words in -is generally retain the t in all their cases, e. g. pdvrig, pavnoQ. 

Remark. — For the various forms of ttoXic, vid. sub voc. in Lex. 

5. Stems in -€v generally lengthen c to t| in compensation for the omitted v 

(f), e. g. /3a<nXi)oc, j3a<nX^i. H^t proper names may retain the €, e. g. 

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1. The feminine of adjs. of the I st and 2d declensions is always formed in t|, e. g. 

o/iou;, alirxpfly exc. Sla, 

2. The Attic role, that compd. adjs. have only two terminations, is not strictly 

observed, and, vice versft, some ac^s. which in Attic have three termina- 
tions have only two in Homer. 

3. Adjs. in -vs are often of only two terminations, and often change the fem. 

-CM to -€a or -ci|. For the various declensional forms of iroXvi, vid. sub 
voc. in Lex. 

4. The comp. and superL endings -Unv and -urros are much more extensively 

used in the Homeric than in the Attic dialect 


1. For special forms of pers. prons., vid. sub voce, iyw, vuHf rffuli. <rv, vfpwL, 

iffuig. ov, tT<j>wij aff^tov. 

2. i, ^, r6f in Homer, is dem. pron. In nom. pL the forms rol and ral occur 

by the side of ci and ol. The forms beginning with r have often relative 
signif., vid. sub voc. in Lex. rohhovi and roiohai are forms of oh, 
KHvoQ is another form for Uiivoq. 

3. For peculiar forms of rel. pron., as well as for demonstr. meaning of some of 

these forms, vid. sub voc. '6q. 

4. For peculiar forms of interrog., indef., and indef reL prons., vid. sub voce. 

nc, ny, and ootiq. 



1. The angment may be omitted ; in this case the accent is thrown back as far 

as possible toward the beginning of the word. Monosyllabic forms with 
a long vowel take the circumflex, e. g. Xvtn (jKvoi), fit) {ifirj). 

2. The 2d aor. act and midd. is often formed in Homer by a reduplication. 

The only examples of a similar foimation in Attic are rjyayov, ^vtyKov 
()|v-£V€ic-o-v), and tl'irov (jtFiFnrov), Among the examples of reduplicated 
aorists may be mentioned : iwi^padov (^/oa^w), micXcro and KkKXero (xre- 
Xo/iat), m^idiffBai (0ei^o/iat), TriiriOofiev (Trei^w), imrvBoiTo (wvi'Odvofiai\ 
afiiTfiraXtov (dvaTrd\X(o). Examples of a very peculiar reduplication are 
ktfiwair-ov (IviTmo) and €p{tK-aK-ov (epuicw). Here the last consonant of 
the stem is repeated after a connecting a. 

3. There are a few examples of a reduplicated fut of similar formation with 

the reduplicated aor., e. g. vt^idriffOfiai^ irtin9ri<jut> 


1. The older endings of the sing, number /xc, «r0a, ai, are common in Homer: 

e'diXw/ii (subj.), c'diXt/m (also written i9%X.jfai). 

2. The ending of the 3d pers. dual in the historical tenses is -rov as well as 

•rqv in the act, -<rOov as well as -9^v in the midd., voice. In Ist pers. 
pi, (iccrOa is used for fjicOa, and )iccr6ov for 1st pers. dual. 

3. The 2d sing. midd. and pass, often loses <r and remains uncontracted, e.g. 

ly^ai, poSXeo, ewXio (also tTrXci;), itBixrao. In perf. midd., fikfiXriai occurs 
for pE^Xti<rai. 

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4. For the 3d pi. endings -vroi and -vto, -arat and -aro are often snbstitated, 

e. g. dedaiaraL, yevoiaTO. Before these endings (-arai and -aTo) smooth 
• ix middle labial or palatal mutes are chang^ to rough, e. g. nrpd^arai 

5. The inf act frequently ends in -f&cvot, also shortened to -fwv, e. g. aKovifif 

vaiy T(Ova/iir(ai}, The 2d aor. inf. appears also in the form Wctr, e. g. 
Oaviiiv. There are one or two examples of a pres. inf. in -rifieyai and 
'ijvai from verbs in -^m and -€«•, e. g. ipop^cu ( = (f>opHv). 

6. The endings -frw&y and •^'ic^ipr express repetition of the action, and are 

called iterative endings. I'hey have the inflection of the ipf. of verbs in 
-u» and are rarely augmented. Th«y are attached to the ipf. and 2d aor. 
of verbs in -w by the connecting vowel c, rarely «» e. g. tx-^-vtcov, piTcr-a- 
ffKov^ <l>vy-i-<fKi. When joined to the Ist aor., thes^ endings follow direct- 
ly after the connecting vowel of the aor., e. g. k\d<ja-<rKiy /ivijcrd-ffccro. 
Verbs in -pii append the iterative endings directly to the stem : i^a-aKov, 
erd'UKeVy lU'CKiro (k«-/i«i), io-kov (= itr-aKov from kipi). 


The long mood-vowels of the subj. are frequently shortenefi to c and o, e. g. 
iofiiv for liofiiv, 9<t)pri^ofiev for Outpfi^wfieVi ev^sai for ev^tjai ( = sv^y). This 
shortening is especially common in 1st aor. subj., which might, in that 
case, easily be confounded with fut. indie. 


1. Verbs in -tt» appear in open, contracted, and expanded (assimilated) forms. 

The expansion consists in prefixing to the long contracted vowel a like- 
sounding, short, accented vowel, e. g. opoui.opng^lXototn, iXdav. Cf G. 1 20. b. 
Remark. — Sometimes^ for the sake of the requirements of metre, a long 
vowel is prefixed ; or the short vowel is affixed, instead of prefixed, to the 
long, contracted vowel, e. g. rifidjuxra, rffiwovTes. 

2. Verbs in -c© are generally uncontracted, but sometimes form ct from €€ and 

€€t, -q from e€, €v from €o or cow. In uncontracted forms the stem-vowel c 
is sometimes lengthened to ci. 

3. Verbs in -60 are generally contracted ; in open forms the stem-vowel o is 

generally lengthened into m. Resolved forms are: dpootoi for dpovai, 
o?jt6y€v for drjioiev. 


1. Many presents in -Jw are formed from stems ending in 7, e. g. xoXe/icZw 
(fut iro^tfiiKofxiv), natTTi^ui (aor. fiduri^tv). The stem of irXd^w ends in 
-Y7, e. g. aor. pass. TrXdyx^J/v- , ,. , . , -r 

2i. Several presents in -oxro) are formed from hngual stems, e. g. Kopvaaut (pert. 
p^s. ptc. KtKopvBfiFvoi:), Xiaffofiai (aor. iWuTdfirjv). 

3. vtt<«rshows a stem vt^, e. g. virpaaOai. 

4. Several other vowel stems, additional to icoiw and jcXacoi^ form the present 

stem by the addition of i, e. g. fiaiofiai (perf fisfiafiev). 



1. Such pure verbs as do not lengthen the final stem- vowel, in the formation 
of their tenses, before a single consonant, often double <r in the fut. and 
1st aor. act. and midd., e. g. ai^kavopai, vtiKfoai, havvtrffe. Sometimes 
the stems in -8 show a similar doubling of c, e. g. Ko^iaaaro. 

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SL The fat of liquid verbs is generally nncontracted, e. g. fitptw, dyycXiui. A 
few liqaid stems take the tense-sign a-, e. g. iiciXeafiev (ciXXai), Kivtrat 
(rcvriw), (bpoi (^op-vvfii), 

3. A few verbs form the 1st aor. act and midd. without <r, e. g. tx^va and x^ya 

(j(tw=XCv<«'), *<r<rci;a (<Tevut)j i^Xevaro, aKtaaOcu (oXcvo/tm), tKiya, sabj. cijo* 
fuvj inf. Krjcu (jcaiio). 

4. and c sometimes take the place of a as connecting vowels of the Ist aor., 

e. g. l^ov, l^EQ (iKvkofJtai), dvoiro (^ww). Similarly, the im vs. firiefo (j3ctiVw), 
opaio and 6p<Tiv (d/th-w/u), d^tre (ayw), olae (jptpiMt). and the infins. a^km^ 
vat, eafouefuv^ KiXtvffSfievaif occur ; and a single example of an aor. ptc. 
with connecting vowel o is seen in dveofuvot: (a 24). 

5. A 2d aor. act and midd. is often formed, similarly to the aor. of verbs in -fit, 

without a connecting vowel. Of this formation there are many instances, 
e. g. iKTa, tKrav, tKrdro (stem Kra=icr€i/), ervro (^<T€vuji)y txvro (x«w)» Xito 
(Xvw), opts. (ftOinriv, <l>9iro — inf. iftOitrOai — ptc. ^ifisvoQ (^t-v-w), t/3Xijro, 
^\T}(T9ai (j3aXXw), dXro (aXXofiai), Sexro (^ix^^/wit), ifiucro and fiucro (/«- 
yvvfii). The imvs. kUXvOi and KUKvre are similarly formed from a redu- 
phcated stem. 


2. In the forms ififiopa (fidpofjiai) and itrtrvfjiai (juivti)) we see the same doubling 
of the initial consonant of the stem after the augment (reduplication), as if 
the stem began with p. The reduplication has been lost in dexarai (=^t- 
hyiikvoi <'Vi), and is irregular in Stidtyfiai (dixofiai^ and ddSoiKa or Sddia. 

2. The 1st perf. is formed from vowel-stems alone. The 2d perf. is very com- 

mon, but always without aspiration, e. g. KeKona (icoTrrw). There occur 
frequently fonns from vowel-stems which have lost the tense-sign k, esp. 
perf. ptcs., e.g. iretpvaffi {=in<ffVKa<Ti), (iefiaprjortc (jSapiw), KiKfiri&Ta (<ca/i- 
vw), TtQvr}il}TOQ and TtOvtioroQ (^OyrjoKui). 

3. In the plupf. the older endings -co, -eas, -€€(v) contracted ci(v) or t| appear, 

e.g. inOrj'n'Ea, ydia «. r.X. (cf. ySsa—ySKrafiy with Lat vide ram ; yBeai; 
=.ydt(Tagj with Lat videras ; yUaav=ydiaavT, with Lat viderant> 


1. The 3d pi. indie, often ends in -cv instead of ^ot&v, e. g. tfiixjBeVy 06/3ij0£v, 


2. The subj. remains nncontracted, the c of the pass, sign is often lengthened 

to ci or r\, and the follg. mood sign shortened to c or o, e. g. Saeiw (stem 
So), Safiiiyg or Safifiyg {ddfivijfii}. 

Remark. — A very peculiar forfc is rpaTtstofiev, by metathesis, for rap- 
wfiofuv (=rap7rtei^€i/, 2d aor. pass, from rkpiru)) (S 314). 


1. Forms of the pres. indie, of verbs in -jii occur as if from verbs in -c» and -oo), 

2. As the ending of the 3d pi. of the ipf. and 2d aor. act, v often takes the place 

of oroF, e. g. *uv (isaav), itrrav and otov {laTtiaav), l/3av and (idv {tfiri<jav\ 
ifpav and <^dv (l(f>a(Tav\ i<pvv (^ifpvtrav). 

3, In the 2d aor. subj. act, to meet the requirements of the verse, the mood 

sign is sometimes shortened and the stem-vowel lengthened. Thus arise 
such forms as Beito, Oiiygy and Orjyg ; <TTi)yg, yvww, diitrjat, and Swy. Some- 
times the a of the stem is weakened to c, and this again protracted to cl. 
Thus arise the forms arkutfiiv and ffrtiofiev (=<Trui/i6i/), (Siiofiev (=/3ai/itfv). 

4, For peculiar Homeric forms from the verbs Itrrrifiif TiGfifii, *irjfiif diSwfiiy dfu, 

titUt olda, rifMif and Ktliuu, vid. sub voce, in Lex. 

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A- in composition — (1) so-called a 
privatirum, see av-. — (2) a copu- 
lativam, orig. *aa (cf. a-/ia, English 
same), then a-, a-, 6' contains the idea 
of union or likeness, Lat idem or una, 
e. g. ttTraf , doWitQ^ o^vKoq, aBpoog, drd- 
XavTOQj oTjOtx^C (in words like dOpooQ 
cf. afiaprrj, the existence of an a in- 
tensivam was formerly, but incor- 
rectly, assumed). — (3) a protheti- 
c am, simple euphonic prefix (like i and 
einLow Latin istatus, ispero; Ital- 
ian esperanza; French esp^rance, 
etat), e. g. aXEi0a>, dfidnaf deipw, dfik\- 
yw, dfivvtOf dv£il/i6g, atroivaj dwaipta, 
daTa\vQy d(Trtp^rii;f darqp. 

&, interjection expressive of pity or 
horror, freq. with deiKk, dtiXoi, dtiXutt 
^ 361, A 816, P 443. 

&-daTov [^— w ^] ace. masc. and ntr. 
(a-, dPdrtf), invoicing harm, ruinous^ 
destructive; Xrvydi^ ii^wp, 5? 271, as 
banishing faithless mortals and per- 
jured deities to the lower world; d«0- 
Xui/, 91. 

ik-ay4q (dPaysQ^ dyvvfii), not to he 
broken, stout, X 575t. [-^ - -] 

a-airroi,oi;s;,(2AIT, gVw), intracta- 
biles, unapproachable; xilpiQ^ x^^P^^ i 
esp. freq. in II.. e. g. A 567, X 502, v 70, 

&d(rxcTos> lengthened from offx^- 


iaii,(l) injure; (a) ryS dry datrag 2 

8ing.aor.e237; r 68,ao(Tav( ); (b) 

e^*p. of injury to understanding, mislead, 
delude; daat (--'-), 296 ; ant, X 61 ; 
with 0p«i/oc, 297, pass. T 136; fji-y 
aoffQtj, IT 685; TroXX^v dnffOtj, T 1 13 ; 
cf. 301. — (2) mid. (a) commit afoUy, 
daodfifiv (— ^ ^ ~) ; ddfraro (^ — ^ w) 

ik fUya Ovfjuf, deceived himself greatly 
in his thought; T 95, ZiifQ daaro 
(-^^) (v. L Zrjv* dffaro, see no. 1); 
(b) trans, dupe, beguile, 'An/ ^ vavrai: 
ddraif'V 91, 129. '[aor. I, act. and mid. 
www and :i; ii w - ; pass. ^ — .] 

^Pojctiorav, d 249t [- - - -], of 
doubtful deriv. (/3a^(o ? dPau) ?), and 
meaning, were befooled, suspected 

"APavTcs, inhabitants of Euboia, B 
536. O-^J 

*APa(»papcv|, Trojan fountaiu-nymph, 
Z22. (w-ww_] 

''APas, avra, son of dream-reader 
Eurydamas; slain by Diomedes, E 148. 

''APiOi, ducaiSraroi dvOpwinov, N 6, 
fabulous tribe of the North. [-^ ^ -] 

"ABXtipos, a Trojan, Z 32. [ — w] 

&-pXT|Ta (from d(3\rjc, ^nXXio), lav, 
non missum. not discharged, new, 
All7t. [— ^] 

a-pXT|To«, not hit, A 540t. [- - -] 

^-P^XP^» 3^v. 1. dfi^Xfixpov, (a 
prothetic, /^aXacJf). only at beginning 
of Verse. — (I) weak, feeble, E 337, 
e 178.— (2) QdvaroQ, gentle, X 135, ^ 
282. [---]^ 

a-Ppo|Jioi (a prothetic, ppkfiw). loud- 
roaring, clamorous, N 4 1 ; otheris, «*eni. 

&PpOTa{oucv, from dftporftr, i. e. 
dfi^pornv, afiaprtiv, aor. subj. ^^i7 of, 
miss; tivoq, K 65t. [-^ ^ — "-^ >-] 

d-Pp^TV) i/v^, eft'wnc night, 5J 78f, 
5 429. [-— ] 

''APvoof [-^ — ^3 town on S. shore 
of Hellespont, B 836. Hence 'Xfivdo- 
9iv, A 500; 'kfiv^uQi. P 584. 

&7a-, ^refi^, exceedingly, mirum in 
modum, mirum quantum. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

&Y<£aa^ai, dydaaQst see ayafiai^ 

AyaYCtr, dyayoVf etc., see dyw. 

&Ydlto|&ai, see dya/xat, miror. 

&7a6^, 3, (ayafjiai), strictly = ad- 
mi rabi lis, good, capcUfie, in widest 
signif. — ( I) of persons, valiant, brave, A 
181, J 3.41; efficient,B 732,ri79; freq. 
with ace. of specification, xiJ^, ftofjv; 
common in signif. noble(cf. optim a tes), 
3 113,<^ 109,(opp.x*/oiy€C,o 324); bold, 
daring, N 238, 284, 314, 4> 280 (opp. 
jcajcoy, N 279, P 632).— (2) of things 
and circumstances, ea:ce//en/,Z 478, c 27, 
V 246; advantageous, B 204, A 793, p 
347 ; nobk, Q 632, ^ 611 ; ciyaBov re 
KOKov re, blessing and curse, 6 237, 392, 
9 63; dyaOolai ytpaipeiv, do honor, 
$ 441 ; dyaOcL (jipoviiv, bene velle, 
wish one well, a 43 ; Sana mente uti, 
think rightly, Z 162 ; «i'c dyaOov or 
dyaOd iiniiv, advise with friendly in- 
tent; tiQ dy. TTiiOeffOai, follow good 
counsel. [-^^-] 

*Ay6.Bwtf son of Friamos, Q 249. 

d^aiofiivov, parallel form to dyafxi- 
vov, vietoing with indignation, v 16, 
ca«cdepya, indignantis scelera; cf. 
^67. [^-^^-] 

&7a-icXcifs, €Ci(fn)m icXcoc), only gen. 
and Yoc., greatly renowned. [^ — ^ — ] 

'AyokXci^, -icA^oc, n 571, a Myrmi- 

&7a-icXcLT^, 3, praeclarus, illus- 
trious, gbn'ouSf epith. of men, of a 
Nereid, S 45, and of hecatombs. 

dya-KAvT^, 3, praeclarus, il/us- 
trious. of men ; Siofiara. [^ — ^ w] 

&YdXXo|Jicu., only pres., have jog in 
(rivi), plume one's self upon, P 473, 

2 132, Y 222; exult, wake display, 
B 462; vr\tQ, e 176, sfieeding gladly 
forward under Zens's fair wind. 

ayaXaa (ayaXXo/tat), any thing 
splendid, beautiful, w precious, A 144; 
votive offerings, y 274, 9 509, p, 347 ; 
applied to sacrificial victim, y438; to 
horses, ^ 602 ; personal adornments, a 

3 0,r257. [---] 

&Ya|icu. (ay 17), aor. r/yaonpriVy riyaa- 
odpijv (also unaugmented); and from 
parallel form, 6.ydo\uui dyda(T9e, dyd- 
aa9ai, ipf. riydatrdi ; the form dyapai, 
only in signif. 1. — (I) admirari, ad- 


mire, H 41,404, G 29, and mirari, de- 
mi r ar i, gaze at with amazement, <r 7 1 ; in 
IT 203, 9uvpdl^HV, behold with wonder, 
joined with dydaa9ai, be astonished. — 
(2) in bad sense, (a) indignari, 6e in- 
dignant, outraged at, with ace, j3 67; 
with dat., 9 565 ; be vexed, annoyed, "¥ 
639; with «6ry,S 111; (b)invidere, 
envy, grudge, d lSl,yfith inf , € 1 29 ; esp. 
freq. of envy of the gods, d 181, xj/ 21 1, 
6>565,H442. [---] 

'ATOficiJivovCoiis, son of Agamemnmiy 
Orestes, a 30. 

'Ayofi^lJivaiv, ovoq. His grandfather 
was 'J'antalos, whose sons were Atreus 
and Thyestes (father of Aigisthos); 
Atreus's sons, Agamemnon and Mene- 
laos; Agamemnon's children, Orestes, 
Chrysothemis, Laodike, Iphianassa ; 
cf. B 104, I 287 ; his wife, Klytaim- 
nestra. King in Mykenai, but at the 
same time itoWyaiv vt'ioouri kui 'Apyt'i 
rravTi dvaaeiv, B 108; his wealth in 
ships, B 576, 610-14; commander-in- 
chief of Grecian host before Troy; 
kvpVKptiitiv and dva^ dvdpatv^ A 172; 
Kpiiutv, iroipi/v XaCjv, Sioc; his boilily 
size, r 166, 178; B 477-83; dpi<TTHa, 
exploits, A 91-661 ; honor accorded 
him, M' 887; sceptre, B 104; return 
from Troia, y 143 sqq., 156, 193 sqq., 
234 sq. ; is murdered, y 248 sqq., <^ 91, 
512-37,584, X 387-463, w 20-97 [— 
]. Hence fem. adj. 'Ayaptpvovirf. 

'Ayafii^Sri (cf. MriStta), daughter of 
Augeias. granddaughter of Sun-god, 
A 740. [-- ] 

fi-voiios, 2, (from ydpoo), unmarried, 

r40t. C-^^] 

Lya-vvi^v''0\vpirov (aya-<n/i^.,8ee 
vi<fHi>), A 420. 2 186; nivosum, «>u- 
ered with deep snow, snow-capfted. 

kyo,v6%^ 3, (from ydwpaC), lenis, 
pleasant, gentle, iirea, dutpa ; kincl, 
friendly, evxtoXai, (iaaikivg (opp. xaXi- 
TToy), /3 230 ; common phrase, olc dya- 
voiQ l5t\(t<T(Ti. with his (or her) gentle 
missiles, describing a (natural) sudden, 
painless death dealt by Apollo upon 
men, by Artemis upon women, y 280. 

&yavo-^po<rvvv), tf, comitas, gen- 
tleness, friendliness, X 203, cf. (3 23a 

&yav^-^pwv, com is, gentle, friend- 
/i,,Y467t. [— — ] 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

&7^M>|uu, see aya/iai, miror. 

^Tairatw (parallel form of dyairaw) 
and -o/iai, only prs., ni/a, receive kind- 
If, w 17, 17 33; espouse the cause of, 
Q464. [-- J 

iYttirdw, aya-mjoa, 1// 214, / lovingly 
received; and 289, art thou not there- 
with content ? [^ ^ -] 

ivair-i^wp, oct /ottn^/ - manUnesSy 
wflwfy,0 392. [-'w ] 

'AyairqvMp, 'AyKoioio naic, B 609, 
king of Arkadians, vassal of Aga- 
memnon, to whom he brought the 
equipment of sixty ships. 

kya'Kj\fr6% (dya?rau>), beloved^ dear, 
always with iracc, son, which is to be 
snppiied in /5 365. [^w_w] 

ayd-ppoos {dya-ffpofog, ^kit*)^ strong- 
flowing; 'EXKiiavopTogy B 845, ace. M 

'Ayau^iytfi (adevog), son of Au- 
geias. king in Elis, B 624. 

i,ya-trrovo9 {orivto), f r e m e n s, 
hoisterous^ epith. of 'A fAifurpirrj, fi 97t. 

'AYcurrpo^os, a Trojan, A 338. 

'ATavY), a Nereid, 2 42. [- - -] 

^Tav^fy 3, (from dya^im), admi- 
rabilis;i7/tt«^r/oM«(cf clarissimus), 
an epithet applied, honoris caus4, 
to rulers, nations (Phaiakians, Tro- 
jans, V 272 to Phoinikes,N 5 to Hippe- 
molgoi) ; also freq. to suitors ; v 7 1 to 
the noble Tro/ix^f c ; « 1 to Tithonos ; 
and thrice to Persephoneia. f ^ — ^] 

&YY^^» */» i^yy^^og), tidings, mes- 
sage, report, H 416, 1 422, S 355, O 
174; d\£yfivf},\vypTj; Trarpdc, de pa- 
tre. a 408, cf. /3 30; command, c 150, 
ij 263 ; as causal gen., T 206, he came 
(because of) on a mission respecting 
thee ; dyytXhiP i\96vra, A 140 ; cf. also 
ayyiXirig in N 252. O 640, T 206; see 
also dyyfXIrig. 6. [— ^-^ w — ] 

iyycXCTiSy 6, (dyyiXog), nun tins, 
messenger, handed down by old gram- 
marians as nom. masc, like ra^irjg and 
verjvirjg; thus we mav explain V 206, 
N 252, O 640, A 384, A 140 ; also 
such passages as a 414, /3 92, v 381. 

&YY^^««*^ (.dyyiXog^, fut. dyyeXsm, 
aor. ijyyeiXa, inf. O 1.59; nuntiare, 
report, announce; ri, also rtvd, $ 120, 
128j with inf., Ind, tr 350, 6 517. 


&YYtXot9 o and 17, (cf. German gel I - 
en, English yell, nightin-gale), 
nuntius,nuntia,;/w'«Mn^er; common 
phrase, iiXBk rivt, A 716; 'Oaaa Aibg 
dyy., B 94; also of birds, 526. 

aTyoSy (og, to, vas, vase, bowl; for 
victuals, p 289, and drink. 

iyc, &7ffTCy (ayw), particle like 'age, 
agedum; quick! come! after dXXd,or 
before ^17; with subj. or imp., cf French 
allons I dyt often occurs with pL, e. g. 
y 475; see also «» S' dye. 

&7cCp*» (cf. gerere?), aor. ^yfipa; 
pass. pf. dyiiytppai, aor. fiytp0f\v, 3 pi. 
dytpOiv; mid. aor. dytpofxriv, inf. dyi- 
phoOai (written by ancient grammari- 
ans as pres.d"yfp<(r0ai),part. dypoptvog, 
— (I) act. colligere, congregare, 
collect, call together, assemble, r 1 97, dyo- 
pT)v, concionem advocare; pass, 
and aor, mid. gather together; ig (f>p'fva 
Ovfiig irjyipBrj, consciousness (A 152, 
courage, presence of mind), came back 

&7cXa£t| (dveXf/), fiovg, fiotg, fioagy 
gregaria, belonging to a herd, feed- 
ing at large. [^-^ ] 

*AY^aos {dyw, Xaog), (1) son of Da- 
mastor, suitor, x 131» 247, 'XykXnog. — 
(2) son of Phradmon, a Trojan, e 257. 
—(3) Greek, A 302. [w^-w] 

AycXcCti {dyovtra Xtiav), praeda- 
t r i X, bestower of spoil; cf. Xviirig, epith. 
of Athene, only at end of verse, v 369. 

&Y^T|, fig, (dyaS), grex, herd of cat- 
tle, exc. T 281, where it is a drove of 
horses ; dyiXij^i, 11 487, with the herd. 

&YcXt|8^v, gregatim, in herds, EL 
160. [— -] 

dy^likcv = dytiv. 

aycv = idyrjffav, from dywpi. 

ik-yipaarroi {yipag),inhonora.tU8, 
without a gift of honor, A 119f. [^^ 

oLYCpOcv, see dytipto, congregati 

6iy4pwX^^ wv, {dya, Ipojti), impetu- 
ous, brave in combat ; epith. of Tnyans, 
Mysians, Rhodians, and of Perikly- 
menos, X 286 ; formerly explained, 
very honorable, as if from a copuL 
and ykpa-oxog. [^^ w — >-.] 

ayn p tx"» (de) miror, /am aston- 
ished, 'if 221, [--] 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iLyr\yipojy Qaro)^ see dytipia, con- 
gregati erant 

dy^vopit}, i;c, >), (ay^vwp). virtus, 
manliness, courage^ M 46 ; X 457, of the 
courage which will not letHektor rest; 

1 100, pride. 

av-i^va>p (aya, avr\p)j ferox, very 
manly. — (1) brave, bold, a 43, a 106; 
high-hearted, Ovfiof;, d 658 ; high-beat- 
ing life,T 406; also, /* 414, of helms- 
man; elsewh. with 9vfi6g,freq. = noble, 
generous mind. — (2) haughty, 1 699, 4> 

443. r^--] 

*Ay^vwp, ojooc, son of Trojan An- 
tenor and Theano, A 59, * 579, T 474, 

i-Yi<paos, &Yi{p*»S, 2, (y^pac), ae- 
ternus, ageless, of undecaying vigor, 
always with dQavaroQ, 6 539; alyiQ, 
B447. [--^--] 

dyn'''^ (^ya/ioi), admirabilis 
(with tl^oQ, ace. of respect) ; sw-pass- 
ingly beautiful, X 370, 4 177. [- --] 

kywia {ayui), inf. -kfiivai, ipf. lyyi- 
veoi/ and rjyivkvv, £ 493; iter. ay<V«- 
oKov, agere, kad, bring, sc. animals 
more comm. ; also, conduct, sc. a bride, 

2 492; Aat*/ wood, Q 784. [-->--] 
ay/cd^oftai, ipf. &YKa(ovTO (ayjcat), 

«?ere raising in their arms the body 
from the earth, P 722t. 

'AyKaios, (1) son of Lykurgos, chief 
of Arkadians, B 609. — (2) wrestler 
from Pleuron, vanquished by Nestor, 
*^635. , , , » 

(ayicaXti', from dyicaXi;) iv d^KoXC- 
Sciroa, in c o m p 1 ex u, tn Me an/is, only 
X 503, 2 555. 

&YKas,adv., brachii8,complexu, 
into or in the arms, with £x«» «Xwv, X«- 
fSkrriv, i\aZ,tTO, ifiapirn, tj 252. [— ^] 

aYicurrpourv, ntr., (dyicoc» uncus), 
h a m i s, with Jish-hooks, fi 332. ( Od.) 

&7-icXCvois = dvaKXiva^;, aor. part. 

iiyKoivyj^ai (^dyKutv), Aibg iv, Jo vis 
in complexu, in Zeus's embrace, X 

ayicca, rd, (cf ad- uncus), crooked 
winding valley, gorge. 

&Y-Kp€|iCMracra, aor. part, from dva- 

dYKv^o-fii^Ttis, tilt, (jirJTig'), versu- 
tus, crooked in counsel, epith. of Kro- 
nos, B 205. 319 ; only A 59 in nom. 

ayicvXov, a, Cdyicog), only ntr., c ur- 

l &Y*'^1'^ 

vus, bent, curved, epith. of bow and of 
chariot, 264. [- ^ -'] 

dYKvX6-To(oi9 ovQ, {to^ov), bearing 
the bent bow, B 848 ; epith. of Paio- 
nians. [— ww — w] 

&YKvXo-x<^'>|^> ov, (x«iXof), ad- 
unco rostro praeditus, wiik 
hooked beak, nom. sing, only r 538, 
elsewh. pi., epith. of birds of prey. 

[ ] 

kytcav^ wvof, o, (dyKog), cubitus, 
el/>ow, i 494, K 80; A 252, in the mid- 
dle of the arm, below the elbow ; n 702, 
TiixtoQ, comer of the wall. 

&YXo4Cur0ai {dykail^iM)), fut. splen- 
dere, take delight in, K 331t. [-'-'-] 

&Y^a^^> »7C> >/» CayXaof), splendor^ 
beauty, o 78 ; dazzling beauty, of Pe- 
nelope, <f 1 80 J of dogs ; display, p 3 10 ; 
scatter the fine things which you now 
have, p 244 ; Epic dat. dy\airi<fn, Z 510. 

*AYXatt|, wife of Xd|oo-<//, mother of 
Nipcwc, Of icdXXwroy dvijp vvb 'IXiov 
iX9tv, B 672. 

&Y^<>^'Kapiroi, prjXeai, apple-trees 
unth shining fi-uit, ti 115, X 589. [— ^-^ 

&Y^A^9 ov, (d-yaX-fog), only masc. 
and ntr., splendidus, shining, bright, 
btilliant. — (1) epith. of clear water; of 
polished gifts, esp. of gold or other 
metal ; of ransom ; of Sime, H 203 ; 
so also in reproach, ct/oat dyXac, famous 
with thy bow (and little else), = dyXdi- 
Z'ypivoc, A 385. — (2) in wider sig- 
nif. : illustrious, vioq, vwv, ^188 (al- 
ways at end of verse), riKva ; stately, 
T 385 ; aXaoQ, sunny grove, t 291, B 
606. [---] 

(d-yi/of'w), sync. aor. iter, ^y^'^^^'^'' 
<nc€, for dyvorj(ra(TKi, rj/ 95 ; from dy- 
vo(£ai,only aor. ind. i/yvo/f/(r«v, subj. dy- 
voiyai, cu 218, part, dyvoirjffaaa, v 15 ; 
(dyviiJi;'), ignorare,ytti7 to recognize, 
A 537, neque eum conspicata 
Juno ignoravit, knew right well; 
so also N 28, « 78. 

kyviil {uZ,opaC), only fem., intami- 
nata, holy; Artemis, Persephone; 
toprri, 259. [ ] 

dyvvpi (fdyvvpi). iywiuv^tiiVf fut. 
d^u), aor. ia^a, rita, inf. d^ai, pass. aor. 
idytjv (d, exc. A 559), fdyri, fdytv 
{ = idyrfijav), frango, break, shiver, 
shatter. — (1 ) act, spears, yoke, chariot 
(at end of pole), Z 40, II 371 ; shoots 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

of trees, M 148, n 769 ; ships, mast — 
(2) pas8.y spear, sword, r 367 ; cudgel, 
A 559; barbs of arrow, A 214; neck of 
Elpenor, k 660 ; suffer shipwreck^ k 1 23. 

ti, wiknoum, c 79f . 

6.yvwroaiUy see dyvoiut, ignora- 

S^yvmoTw (yvciMrroc), ignotnm, 
unrecognized (with rcvlw, redd am); 
unrecognizable, v 191. (Od.) 

ft-Tovot iyovoQ), unborn^ T 40f. 

ayopdofiai (jiyopff), pres. ^yopii- 
cur^ B 337; ipf. ijyopaaaOtf riyopo- 
*avTOf aor. only 3 sing. ayopiiaaTO, 
usually at end of verse with Kai fit- 
liuvev, and following oratio di- 
recta, /3 160,(7 412; contionari, 
^oeak pui>Ucly^ harangue in the assem- 
bly; A 1, TiyopoiiiVTOy held assembly. 

&70f>cv« (dyopfi)y fat. ci'^opev(Ta>, aor. 
ind. only dyopevaevj 8 29, mf. and imp. 
more conmion; contionari, loqui, 
die ere, speak, say; freq. tirta wrtpo- 
tvra, tvi or fitrd riai; fiff fioi dyopivt^ 
with ace., sfmik to me not of, * 99, X 
261;^v<iy.,qaam dico,whichIiwa/i, 
/3 318 ; freq. declare, Oeoirpoiriag, and 
with part. O(.oirpoirk*ov, prophesy ; dtrj- 
ViKswc rt, relate at length, rj 241, ft 56 ; 
speak (joined with idea of action of 
contrary import, p 66, <t 15), vapa- 
&Kri$riv, speaking maliciously, A 6 ; pe- 
culiar phrase, B 788, dyophg dyopiv- 
ov, were discussing in the assembly, cf. 
B 796, <r 380; bvii^iZ,*av dyoptvoiQ, thou 
shouldst not insultingly mention my 
hungry belly (cf. also vpotfupt, F 64). 

^7**^ » ^C» *'» (ayii'pw), c o n t i o. — 
(1) convoked assembly of people or 
(xnny (cf. ayvpiq, PovXt)), dyopfjvSe 
KoXtiv (through the heralds), KaOi^eiv, 
ToinaGai, rlBtaQai \ iq ^ dyop^v dyk- 
povTOy tig dyopqv Ktov dOpooi, tt 361; 
tip dyopn ttrav d9p6oL,S 497. — (2) pub- 
lic speech, B 275; discussion in assem- 
bly, B 788, O 283, d 818, 1 441, B 370, 
A 400, S 106 ; Mate be/ore tribunal, 
U 387. — (3) place of meeting, market, 
jS 1 50, ^ 266, iy 44, 503, ir 377, v 362 ; 
dyopai, meeting-places, d 16; place of 
assembly, H 382 ; time (afternoon), ft 
439 [^.^_]. hence 

iLyopiffi€Vy e contione,yro}ii the as- 
sembfy, B 264. 

&Y0f»ifv8c, ad contionem, to the 
assembly, Kokkoaai, KidvrtQ, A 54. 

&Yop!iliTV|« (ayopiji), contionator, 
haranguer, speaker (opp. fiovXti^poQ, 
H 126); XcTVf, loud speaking, power- 
ful; iaOXoc. 

iyopfffrvvy ri^v, (dyoprfrfic), facun- 
din, gijl of speaking, eloquence, 9 168t. 

&Y^> 01, (dyw), dux, chief A 519, 
r231. [ww] 

&7oaT^ €Ae yatav — , palm 4, unth 
flat, outstretched hand, A 425, N 508, 
520, S 462, P 315, of mortally wound- 
ed. [^— ] 

aypavKog, only ky^vkow Pooq, 
&YpAvXoi votfisvtg, 2 162 ; iropttg, k 
410 (dypoQ, avXrj}, belonging to the 
fann enclosure, epith. of domestic cow, 
as distinguished from the cows driven 
to or roaming in remote pasture; epith. 
also of herd of cattle, of calves. 

kypu and v 149 dyptirt, imp. from 
aypiu) iaypri, dyui), quick! forwards/ 
used alone or with fidv, di), vvv, fol- 
lowed by imp., or inf. used as imp. 
(literally seize! lay hand ufxm!). 

aypiii Ti, (dyw), venatio, hunt, iipL- 
irttTKov, were following the chase, f* 
330. (Od.) 

aypios, 2, yet shows fem. termination 
in t 119 {dypog), agrestis, t/n/rf. — (I) 
of beasts, j'/erce, rd dypia, ferae. — (2) of 
men, ferofnotts ; of combatants, ^awjj^e, 
a 199, K 120, ^ 575, t 215 : of Polyphe- 
mos, Skylla, /* 119; Gigantes, jy 206. 
— (3) horrible, dreadful, of tumult of 
conflict, art], ^oXoc, Ovfiog; Q 41, rages 
grimly like a lion. C~^^] 

'"Aypios, son of Portheus in Kaly- 
don, S 117. 

kypio-^tiivovi fitrd ^ivriag, 9 294f, 
to the harsh-voiced Sintians. 

kyp6B€y {dypog), rure, from the 
field, KOTifvai, ipxioBai, go home, v 
268. (Od.) 

kypouirraif ot, rnricolae, peas- 
ants; also adj. rustic, O 272.- 

6kyp6yk€¥i>9y part aor. mid. from dyti- 


&YP^v8c, rus, to the country, coun- 
try-house, 379. 

&Ypo-v6|&oi (vfficj) vvfjupai, ^ 106f, 
ruricolac, rttra/. [— ww— ] 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

A7(^ < 

&7p^, ov, o, ager, rnSfJield, hmd; 
dyfjou tTT i(f\aTU){;^far out in the coun- 
trtf; KUT ay|00iif, ruri, »/* the country 
(lor term opp. to aypoy, cf. ir 383, p 
1 82 ) ; V i 1 1 a, iyountry-seat, X 1 88, o 428, 
^330,^// 139. [--] 

&YP^po99 ^* ferus, wild, ovq ca- 
irpiuQf aiyeg^ tXa^oi, rifiiovon <> 471, 
'ApTtfugf ranging through the fields ^ the 
huntress. [— <-/ w w J 

Lyp&Taxy o(, ruricolae, peasantSy 
V 218t. 

&7p»<nrwv {aypa\ tx^Ct « SSf, 
piscans, ev«r catcJting fish; of sea- 

aYp«NrTiV (dypoc)» HfMrj^ia, Z SOf, 
honey -sweet ^W grass^ on which 
mules feed; identified by some with 
dog's tooth, by others with pcmic. 

ayviUj >/, (ayw), does not occur in 
nom . sing., via publica, wagon road; 
CKioutvTo Ss irdaai ayvtat, and darkness 
overshadowed all ways, i. e. everything; 
also of the streets and public squares in 
cities, plateae, £ 642, Z 391; /ictnyv 
tig ayviav C^ — "^] iovtraif in publi- 
cum progressae, on the open street, 
T254. [- — ] 

dyvpci, tt/, fem. (dyopa), coetus, 
chance gatftering (cf. dyopfi), company, 
host; viKViov, vrjfMip (fleet, laid up on 
the shore), UvXiojv. [^^— ] 

&YvpT^Civ (ay wpnjc* d.ytipiii)i r 284, 
colligere, collect by begging. 

h.yjni-yjai%pi (ayxt, M^xv)* c o m i n u s 
proeliantes, fighting hand to hand 
(opp. ro^orai); otherwise explained as 
fighting in close arrays P 165. [— ^ 


Vfxi (cogn. with ayx<«>)* prope, 
inxta, near, close to, hard by, rivrg; 
freq. with vapt<TTa<r0ai, arrival, IXOelp ; 
ayXi fidXa, sc. kari, r 301 ; Y 283, oi, 
is dat of disadvantage, dyxi being 
used absolutely, because the missile 
had struck and remained fixed so near 
him. [--] 

&YX^-aXov (aXc),acc., maritimam, 
near the sea ; epith. of XaXxii: and 'Av- 

TptiiV. [-w>^>-.] 

&YX^-pa0i^ (jidBoi:') BdXafftra, €4\3\, 
deep near the sikorG. [-^w— ] 

kyxi^oi (Oeoy), diis propinqui, 
related to the gods; of Fhaiakians. 

c— — ] 

&YX^~F^X^''^^ (j^X'I^S^t c o m i n u s 


procliantes,^^^^ hand to hand= 
dyxifxaxoi, B 604, dvipeg ; also of whole 
tribes. [— ww — ] 

^YX^"!'^^'*^ (ftoActv), ntr. ace. with 
adverbial force, prope, near; usually 
with dat. with kXBuv, IpxtoBat, p 260 ; 
ATTt if^Qiv, X 20^> ^ ^0^; only in U 
352, €$ ay]^(/if>\oto i^wi/, e propin- 
quo conspicatus; p 8S6,cio8e a/ler 
him Odysseus entered the house. 

^7X^"''®<*« (vLog), quick ofi apprehen- 
sion, V 332t ; stlf-})ossess€d. [- ^ w s_ ] 

'Atx^^^^* (1) son of KanvQ, fa- 
ther oiXiviiag, dvai dvdpwv, E 268. — 
(2) father of 'Ex^nioXog, from ^.ticvwvj 
^ 296. [ ] 

•AyxmtioSiis, (1) Aiviiag, P 764. — 
(2) 'ExejrwAoi-. [-- — -] 

S.yX}^^''^ s^® ayX'<'''0C» proxi- 

^TX*^^*''*** CTt, (dyxwrog), confeiv 
ti, close together, one after another, P 
361, x 118. 

t:f%}jarw (ay^tXproximum, rery 
near.closeby; proximo aberat,i!ea«< 
distant, t 280; pi. »ear€«^ with gen.; 
dyxifTTa ioiKioi' and ticKitt, nearest re* 
sembling, I compare (him) first with. 

&7X^^ (ayxoi)),with gen., prope a, 
hard by, v 103. [- - -] 

hkfjup^ (ayxO' prope, near, with 
^iaToaOai, vaiiw, ^vfifSaXtoQai, ^ 5. 

a<yx< (from ay^u;, ipf.), uxis choking^ 
r 371t. 

Siym (ago), a?u>, aor. ?}^a (imp. d^cre, 
inf. a^i/iiv,a4€/i£ vac), mid. rfidfAtjv (a4«- 
<rd<, d^ovro) ; conun. form ^ayov, subj. 
dydyatfii, mid. i^yayo/ii^v (also uuaug- 
men ted); age re, lead, bring, drive; 
I. act. (1) kad, condmt, bring, A 842, O 
564 (in /o 218 a»c is prep., brings like to 
like), p 243, iy 248, ^ 312 ; ^ovv, 'iirwovQ, 
put to; tKarofiPtiv, A 4S\ ; of lioness's 
cubs. P 134 ; bones of the fallen, H 336 ; 
(a) bting or carry with one, F 401, 1 664, 
A 650, A 390, 184. B 601 ; of persons 
and things ; (b) plunder, carry off", make 
away with; prisoners and booty, beside 
O 764, cf. I 594. T 194, E 484, >k 512; 
A 332, the goddesses of dark death 
were carrying away, cf. E 614 and N 
602. — (2) transport, remove, v eh ere, 
persons and things as subj. vavrai, a 
172; also freq. vrfiq, even d^tov, E 
839 ; (a) carry away, vtKpov, Koirpev, 
cf A 598, A 338, k 551 ; recover, k 268i 

Digitized by VjOO^. 

(b)yeteA, things IhriDg or without life, 
A 184, r 105, e 368, Mr 613, 60, U 778, 
j8 326, y 424, ^ 27, ^ 266.— <3) bring 
to pasSy occasion^ Q 547 ; spoit, tr 37, 
tempest — (4) cXioc, spread cUfroad re- 
Bown, € 311; cf. trairfova ay., X 392. 
raise a song of exultation. — (5) guide, 
cantroly combat, A 721 ; water, * 262; 
esp. the army, steer ships, B 680, 631, 
557; Xoxov, 1 469, insidias struere. 
The part dyojv is often added to verbs 
of motion, where it is not necessary to 
Ae sense, for the sake of greater vivid- 
ness, a 130, 8 625, o 47, cf. y 118.— 
IL mid. (1) take with one one's effects, 
or what one regards as one's own, 
cbthes, K 58, cf. F 72, A 19, X 116; 
booty, K 35, 40, cf. H 363; prizes, >l^ 
263; captires, Z 455. — (2) ywi'atica, 
bring home as wife; of bridegroom, take 
to wife, I 146, n 190, X 471 ; of father, 
who brings to his son in marriage, jcow- 
pnv ^ 10 ; of brother, to brother, o 238 ; 
of master, to his slave, 214 ; of those 
who accompany the bnde, ? 28. 

&YMV, CivoQ, o, (ayoi), comitium, 
place of meeting. — (\) assembly, 'i^aviv, 
^ 258; XvTOjQ 1.— (2) place where as- 
sembly meets: (a) Biioq, H 298, area be- 
fore the temple, temple enclosure; 2 376, 
hall of the gods, yet cf. d 264 ; vcwv, 
space behind the ships, i. e. between the 
ships and the shore, the encampment at 
the ships; vtufv kv dyatvi, IT 500, differs 
in meaning from O 428 ; (b) place or 
scene of combat, arena, including the 
space reserved for spectators, ^531. 

&*oaT)|&oviT| (A8afifiutv)f inscitia, 
inexperience, at 244t. [^ s.' — >-'>-' —J 

&-8a-i^p40V, ov, gen. ovoq, (^dafifiutvy, 
imperitus, unacqitainted with, ripoij, 
p283. [-^— ] 

&-8aKpvTos (daKpvio), lacrimis ca- 
rens, tearless, dry, S 186. [- -] 

"ASaj&oc, avToCj son of 'Amog from 
Troja,N 771,759. 

&-8a|Murros (dnr/ia^o>). inflexibi- 
\{n,ii^lexible,'AiSrig,I 158t. [— --] 

&8oc^, see dSeajg, impudens, 

&88v|ic(»«» &88i{<rcM, see dSstj, per- 

288i|v, see dSrjVj to satiety. 

&-Sciil|« (dsog), intrepidus, undis- 
moj/ed, H 117, but tcvov dddikg, impu- 


dens, shameless hound, as abusive epi« 
thet ; later form dhkg. [-->-'; H 117, 

&-8cX4ciov, &8cX^c^, oi, 6v, {d 
copul. and 8t\^vQ, uterus), frater, 

&-8cvK^ Mt, (81VKOQ, dec us), in- 
dignus, disgraceful; <pijfug, Z, 273, 
slanderotts gossip. 

&-8€«|n^, ov. (^Iif/u>), c r u d u s, tfft- 
tanned, v 2 and 1 42. 

{dSkui) only opt. aor. &88i{<rcic, perf. 
part. dSSriKoTic, also written dSfjaeUf 
ddrfKorec, and aStiKong, (s a t - u r) s a- 
tiatum f&8tidire. be satiated, loathe 
from excess, rivi, ^ftTrvy; Kafidrtft, 
ivt'ot, be overwhelmed with. 

&St|v, 28i|v, (a^gw, orig. a88riv=iffdd- 
jrjv). to satiety, iSpivai, and to excess; 
esp. iXdav rivd KaKortjrog, TroXi/ioio, 
etc., drive one into misery (war), until 
he has had enough of it. f-'— ; E 203, 

&-8ifpiTo« {Sijpic), non depugna- 
t u 8, um'ontested, P 42f . [^ ^] 

&8ivd»v 'Liipiivtav, if/ 326, seems to 
mean stoeet - singing, seducing Sirens 
(^fahvdttiv, from ri8vQ, fdda). [^^ ] 

&-81VOV, d, uv, (8ia)), commotus, 
II 481, moved, agitated. — I. epith. (1) 
of Krjp, throbbing with anxiety, r 516. — 
(2) [khkioaai, B 87, [ivlai, B 469, buzz- 
ing; ^x\Ka, oves trepidantes, rest' 
less, flurried, a 92, d 320. — (3) yoog, 
sobbing, whimpering lament, 2 316, ^ 
1 7, etc. CSitpijveg, see foreg.) — IT. ad- 
verbial, ddivov, dhvd, vehemently, with 
utterance broken by «o6«,with (TTiva\ui, 
OTOvaxkia, oTcvnyi^w, K\a'n»t (dSivwri- 
pov, more dohfaUy, rr 216). yodio, fiv- 
KacrOai, k 413. — III. adv. doivws dvivii- 
icaro, flebi liter suspiravit, T 314, 
cf.338. [---] ^ 

&-8|iiis9 rJTig, (odfitfini), indomi- 
tus. — (1) untamed; of mules, 8 637, 
cf. d8fir)Triv. — (2) immarried; of a vir- 
gin. (Od.) 

&-8|jiifTi)v {8qfivripi), indomitam, 
unbroken, not yet brought under the 
yoke; of beasts of draught, K 293, ^ 
266, 655. 

'^ASiiip'Of, father of Ev/xfjXoc, B 713, 
* 289, 391, 532; husband of 'AXicijtrric, 
B 714. 

aSov, aor. 2 from dv8dvia, placui. 

aSos (see d^iui), piv 'iKtro Oimov, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



disgust (with toil) entered his sonl, A 

88t. [--] 

AopifoTcui, town on the Propontis, 
in what was afterward Mysia, B 828. 

'A8(»i{on|, handmaid of 'EAivi;, d 

'A8|»i|o*r{inr|, daughter of 'ASpri^rogf 
AmaXfia, E 412t. ["] 

ABpft^oTOiy (1) from 'Apyoc, fugi- 
tive to ^iKvtov, succeeds UoXv^oc there 
as king ; becomes also king in Argos, 
harbors Tv^twc, and gives him his 
daughter in marriage, cf. 257 121; his 
swift steed 'Aptiuiv, "¥ 347. — (2) son 
of Mfpojf/, fix)m UepKwrri, founder of 
'ASptfariiOt leader of Trojan allies from 
thence, B 830, A 328.— (3) Trojan slain 
by Menelaos,Z 37, 45, 63. —(4) Tro- 
jan slain by Patroklos, n 694. 

^Sporifra (ddpos)^ ace from aSpo- 
rrii', coupled with iiPriv and fxivogy/ull 
bodily maturity y II. (Cf. dv^poTr)Ta.^ 

a-8vTov {^v(Mi, not to be entered)^ f a- 
n u m. shrine, only E 448, 512. 

&-cOXcv€iv (dt9\ov), certare, insti- 
tute, or contend t/i, a gymnastic contest; 
tiri rtvi, in honor of some one, "¥ 274; 
O 734, toiling for a merciless master. 

&^OXiov, rb, (d(9\ov). — (1) certa- 
m en. contest for a prize, 108, 11 590. 
— (2) implements ojf combat, weajtons, <p 
4, 1 17. — (3) prizes in contest, dpkoBuL, 
carry off*; avcXav, dvtK'^aBai, win; 
^ipetrOaL, bring in, I 127. [^— ^ w] 

&-cOXov, roy (dPsOXov, vadari; Ger- 
man wetten, English bet). — (1) pL 
certamina, prize contests, d 1 60, or 89. 
— (2) sing, and pi. pHze; for such a 
prize, X 548 ; having come, entered, for 
the prize, A 700. [>-' — ^] 

a-cOXo9 (d9\iav, 9 160), o, (aedXov), 
(1) certamen, prize contest, distin- 
guished from TToXe/tot, 11 590 ; varie- 
ties, 9 103, ^ 646, 753; KaTa9fj(Tit}, r 
572; icrcXcccv, 135, x 5. — (2) comfmt 
(in war), r 126; nXiTv, y 262; fioynv, 
i 241 ; hardships of every sort, yj/ 248, 
350, csp. Evpv<r9fioQ, those imposed by 
Eurystheus upon Herakles. 

&c6Xo-<^po« ( d^\o(f>6poQ ), prae- 
mium certaminis ferens, bearing 
away the prize, victorious; only of 
horses, X 22. 

&cC, aUC (at close of verse), al^ 
(cogn. with aifwp, a e v u m), semper, 


always, ever; strengthened bv dvKt- 
XkioQ, d<yipaXtQ, iutfimpfg, (Ufuvkc, 
fidXa, viitXtfikg, <rvv(x^Qf &lso otcc rjfiO' 
ra wdvra. 

&c£8» (dPiiSiti),fut. dsi<Tc^at,aor. ind. 
dturt, imp. atiaov, inf. dctcrat, c a n t a r e, 
sing. — (1) trans, sing, irairiova, xXka 
dvip&v, minstrels' lays, heroic songs ; 
of something, fii)viv (cf. "sing and say," 
Nibelungen Lied), relatein song, 'Axaidv 
voarov, a 326, ^avaiiiv kukov olrov, a 
350, 'Axaidv, 9 489 (Xirjv rard Koapov, 
very becomingly, altogether in order); 
cTTTTov Koofiov, 492, with iitg, 514, and 
with ace. and inf. 616. — (2) in trans. 
sing; pd\' dtiaai, sing merrily; with 
adj. used adverbially, icaXdv, a 155 
and often, so probably A 473, 2 570 ; 
Xty', loud, K 254 ; also of nightingale 
(dftiSiiiv); of bow string, it sang, 
i. e. twanged under the touch, ^ 411. 
[^ , exc. p 519.] 

&-ciKcCT)v, ag, fern. (dJ£iK(irj,j'joiK€v), 
strictly dedecus. — (1) deformitas, 
disfigurement, Q 19.~(2) dcKiiac ipai- 
viiv, V 308; behave unseemly, pro- 
terve agere. [-- ] 

&-ciKAiof , 2 and 3, {ajuKkXiog, from 
hiKeXog), indecorus, turpi s, unseetU' 
ly, shameful, dXaairvg, TrXrjyji', wretch^ 
cd; S 84, r 341 ; ill-favored, filthy, Z 
242, V 402, t; 259, p 357, w 228 [-- 
>-'^^]; adv. aHKfXiiog, ignominiously, 
TT 109, w 319; wretchedly, 231. 

d-cucifSy kg, (jfjoiKf), indignus, tm- 
becoming, unseemly. — (1) voog oitdiv 
a., mind altogether faultless; ov roc 
dfucsg, nee vero dedecet. — (2) dis- 
graceful, ignominious; ipyov, indig- 
num facinus; Xoiy6g,Tr6Tpog,<rr6vog, 
K 483, Xto>/3ij. — (3) turpis, mean,ftoor; 
diiKia 'iaoai, thou art vilely clad, ir^pi}. 
— (4) vilis, small, mean, ni(T96g, M 
4*- 5, diroiva. [y ] 

&-CiK£];ci (duicrig), ipf. dski^cv, fut 
diiKiHi, aor. subj. dfiKiofTtaoi, mid. oct- 
Kia<Taifu9a, d€iKiff<Taij9ai, pass. deiKi' 
(r9ftfiivai, foedare, maltreat, insult, 
n 545, <T 222, O 54; disfigure, T 26; 
for yea (dri), he even insults in his 
wrath the lifeless clay (Kitn/tfiv), Q 54. 

iuiipuv (dffipto), pi. aipovrag, aor. 
ijEipa and dfipa, mid. I. dtipd^riv, pass. 
dkp9riv (dtp9€ig, dp9(ig), plupf. atttpro, 
tollere, raise up^ (1) in strict sense 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(&om ground and otherwise), I 465; 
stones, ^ 41 1, U 268 ; corpses, 11 678, 
P 724; the wounded, S 429; swing 
on high the lash, Y 362; brandiah a 
spear, T 373, e 424; freq. with v>\/6<n, 
e. g. T 325 ; hence also iri^o<r' dupon^- 
voc, raising one's self on high, rising ^ 
^ 307. Also pass. € 393, |i 249, 255, and 
ip\t6d dipGdSi ft 432, 9 375 ; of horses, 
v%f/6<r' dftpkoGriVf ^ 501 ; of birds, 
dp9tic, N 63, r 540, dipOrf ; the fortunes 
of the Trojans rose aloft, 6 74. Part. 
dtipag, for greater vividness, with verbs 
<^ bearing, placing, e. g. 1' 380, a 141, 
/3 425, p 335. Of ships (y 312, UHpav), 
carry ^ dy^oq. — (2) prom ere, bring 
Jbrth, produce ; olvov^ Z 264, esp. mid. 
(out of one's store), Z 293, o 106,p 335. 
&-€Kal^|Uvo«, 17, (oiiccjv), in vitas, 
tmvnUinglg, <r 135, r 133; also with 
iroXXd^ quite against one's will, [s^ w — 

d-cKifXia (em^Xoc), fpy<* '^raBieiv^ S 
TTf, literally vntvished-for things^ suffer 
doleful woes, cf. sq. 

k-iicijfn ('iictiTi)^ contra volunta- 
tem, against the will of\ with gen., ^ 
887 ; esp. freq. with (/*wv, M 8, y 28. 

hrhnwfy ovfT(a\ (APbkwv^ from f icwv), 
in Vitus, unwilling. — (1) without de- 
sign, n 264. — (2) reluctant, against 
one*s will; ovk ojcovre, gladly; dfKov- 
rog ifi€io, me invito, tn sfpite of me; 
against their wish, to their annoyance, 
e 487, cf. n 369; vi me invitum 
retinebit, O 186; notice also ak fiiy 
dfKovTOQ aTTTivpa, with acc. , v i n o 1 e n- 
tem privavit, robbed thee by force, 
against thy will, d 646, cf. A 430. 

ocXXo, 17, (drifu), procella, gust of 
wind, stormy fcind, xu^kpiau, B 293; 
iravrontiv dvkfiwv; also in simile, to 
describe onset of heroes, A 297, M 40, 
N 795. [-— ] 

&-cXXif« KoviffaXoc wpwTo, turbi- 
dus pulvis surrexit, a thick cloud 
o/dnst rose, P 13t. [y ] 

&cXX^-iro« ''IpiQ, stonn-footed, i. e. 
sicift-fjoted Iris (IL); cf. nootjvsfiog. 

&-cXiria, ins per at am, Zeus has 
given me to see land which I never 
expected to behold, t 408t. 

&-cXirriovTf« (IXttw), desperantes 

enm salvnm esse, despairing of his 
safety, H 310t. [----J 

dc-v^ovra (from aiep vaovra) Hara^ 
juges aquae, never failing springs, 
V 109t (v. L altvdovTa). [- ^ w — w] 

6k'i\^ (dPi^kt, cogn. with augeo, 
German wachsen, English wax), only 
pres. and ipf., increase, Z 261, i 111; 
nourish, let grow up, viov, v 360 ; fisya 
irkvOoQ, cherish great grief; diktaSai, 
come to manhddd, of Telemachos, x 
426 ; prosper, Ipyov, K 66 ; df^tro Upbv 
fjfiap, the sacred day advanced, 8 66; 1 56 . 

&-cpY(i|S (P ipyov) 'iveKa, pigritiae 
causa,o«f o/*«/bf A, a> 25 If. [^ j 

ik'€fy6%f 6v, (f ipyov), piger, idle, 
lazv. [---] 

acp6c£«, acpOcv, part, and 3 pl. aor. 
pass, from dktput, sublatus. 

&fp<r£-iro8c«, mv, (deipm), iVTroe, to- 
lutarii equi, quick- trotting, high- 
stepping horses, cf. Sf 501 (II.). f-' — 

ocira, &^<ra|icv, aor. from lavw, dor- 

iutax-^povvvinaxv (dB(y(<f>piov), dat. pL 
temere, thoughtlessly, 470. 

iutai-^pWf ovoc, (ddut, tppivei:), 
am ens, thoughtless, light-headed, ^ 
302, ^ 603, Y ' 1 83. [- ^ ] 

&|;a^^ot«» >?€« V^f rtC. {d^ofiat), ari- 
dus, dfy, parched, withered; of trees; 
ox-hide shield, H 239; bpoq, Y 491. 

*Al^t8ao, 'A icropoc, the son of Azeus, 
B513. [— ---1 

ajti, r^,(a^w), situ inquinatum, 
covered with dust, dirt, ;^484f. [ ] 

i-tlX''i«» ^C» (^"X*^)» penetrans, 
continuus, unceasing, of pain; pene- 
trating, of sound of combat ; adverbial, 
d^»/XHN perpetuo, incessantly, A 435, 
O 658, <r 3. [---] 

a(o|&ai (aytof), only pres. and ipf., 
vereri, dretid, shrink from; esp. be- 
fore the gods, Ttvd; religioni ha- 
bere, with inf , Z 267, c 478 ; with firj, 
2:261. [— ;-] 

&lo|i^ (dZut), arescens, becoming 
dry, A 487t. [-----] 

aTiSwv (dftt^w) x^wpjy/c. luscinia, 
the songstress in green foliage, r 518; 
'ArjSwv, the daughter of Pandareos, is 
meant, the wife of ZtjOoq of Thebai, 
mother of Itylos, whom she slew by mis- 
take while intending, out of jealousy, 

Digitized by 




to kill the son of Niobe, her sister-in- 
law ; after this deed, transformed into 
a nightingale, she ever sadly repeated 
the name of her murdered son/Irt/, 
"Jrv, ^ 

insueti erant, (the horses) were as 
yet unaccustomed to the sight of corpses, 
K493t. [- -] 

arint (aPfitu, cf. vent us, English 
wind), 3 du. &t|Tov, inf. aiivm, drifuvaL, 
part dii/rcCf ipf* ar}, cut, pass, dtifitvog. 
(1) bhw, of wind, always act. ; dri^uvoc, 
ventis exagitatus. — (2)^386,^ixa 
dk fftfuv ivi (f>pi(Ti Ovfibg dijro, their 
minds wavered to and fro. C-^ — ^] 

&ifp, fern., ffloom^ £ 864, i 144; Jog, 
17 143; see also rifip, 

&V)<ruXa (=a-c<n;Xa)- ipya^ faci- 
nora yiolenta, deeds of violence^ E 
876t. [ ] 

4.i^TT|s, ou, 0, {aPr)iu\ ventus, wmd^ 
only S; 254 ; elsewh. with dvsfiotOj ^t- 
^poio, dvifMav, flatus, blast, gusts. 

at|To, see drifii. 

ar\rov Odptrog Ixowra, with stormy 
courage, impetuoso animo, ^395f. 
((K uncertain derivation; cf. OvfiioQ 
drjTo and dfi<Tv\a,E 876; scarcely re- 
lated to aiijrog.) 

&0dvaTos, 3, (Odparog), immortal j 
also subst., e.g. A 503, O 61, A 265; 
freq. with 9toi ; in phrase dOdvarog 
Kal dyripaog ; also predicated of bodily 
members, A 530, N 19, and of imjter- 
ishahle possessions (5 79, B 447) of 
the gods ; opp. fiporoi, A 2, c 2 ; Oiti- 
Toi, fi! 199; avSpeg, ir 266; d9. kukov, 
Charybdis,/i 118. [----] 

oOairrof, only roasc. (dt/Trrw), in- 
humatus, t«n6wt€J. [^ — ] 

iJUiiyOVfc ad., (d£6c)» non sine nu- 
mine, not without divine guidance=\i 
is really a special providence that — , 
<r353t. [--— ] 

&Oc)fc(oTu>€, ot, a, (Oifug), nefarlus, 
criminal f dGifiitrria eiSkvai, live itn- 
p. ously, godlessly. [ -^ >-. — w s^] 

&9^|uoTos, iiiv. (Oir'iMg% ferus. loto- 
less.l 63,1 106; nefarius, tr>cl:ei ; 
opp. tvaiffifioif p 363. [w ^ — w] 

dCcpilo), ipf. dOkpi^ovy (dOipig), con- 
temn o, despise, always with negation, 
A t>fil, 0212,1// 174. [w^_w] 

&0^<r^To«, 2, (a, §€oc, 0ij/ii). im- 
m e n 8 u s, immeasurable, boundless ; 

yaia, OaXatrtra, ouppog, vv% ; also 
joineid hyperbolically with olvog and 
alTog. [— ww] 

'A0v|vai, Athens, capital of Attika, 
B 546, 549, 7 278, 307; also sing. £^ 
pudyviav 'AOrivriv, rj 80. 

'A0iiva£t|, r)g, the goddess Athene, 
Atoc iKytyavla, dyiKuf], yXavKGrtrig, 
rjvKoyiog, Kovpti ^tog (aiyto;^oto), Aao<r- 
aoog, Xf/inc, iprftrifrToXig, ct 'Xrpv- 
TibvTi, TpiToyiveia, esp. UaXXaci fos- 
ters the arts, Z 232, if/ 160, esp. do- 
mestic and feminine accomplishments, 
I 390, fi 116; as goddess of war, 
'AXoXico/ifi/i/fC, she protects cities, and 
is the especial patron of wary warriors 
like Odysseus ; see 'AOfivtf. 

'AOv|vaioi, Athenians, B 551, 558, 
A328, N 196,689,0 337. 

*A^inr|, parallel form of 'ABtivaiti ; 
^AXaXKOfUVijig, yXavKutirig, ivrrXoKapog, 
noXvfiovXog, etc. ; ti 80, the city A thens. 

Aidflp-tiXoiT^ (dOripj Xoiyog), lit. 
chaff-destroyer, designation of winnow- 
ing-shovel in Teiresias's prophecy to 
Odvsseus,\ 128,* 275. 

^XijowKTt and dOXifcravra (part 
aor. from dOXeat), labor i bus exer- 
ceri, toil, drudge, H 453, O 30. 

&0Xt|rr|pi, oifS^ — ioucag, n e q a e 
enim certatoris similis es, nor 
dost thou resemble one who takes his 
part in manly contests, 9 164f. 

&6Xo«, see dtQXog. 

&0Xo^»dpOi, see di9Xo<l>Apog. 

'AO^, t4 — ,Jro»i Athos (nom. sing. 
*A96<ag), M 229 f, the well - known 
rocky promontory of Akte in Chalki- 
dike, now Monte Santo. 

dOpkut, only aor. &0pi{<rcic, dGprftrai, 
intueri, cernere, gaze, tig ; fterceine, 
Tivd ; comprehend, r 478. [ ^] 

&-0p^o9« 3, only pi., cuncti, (all) 
together, in crowds, S 38, 2 497 ; t/y*- 
piGovro, (i 392; freq. d9p6a iravra; 
also written d9p6ot, [- ^ ^] 

&-6v|iOi(0t//ioc),animo destitoti, 
/aint' hearted, despondent, k 463f. 

&Ovp|&aTa, rd, (d9vpijj), ludicra, 
playthings, O 363; elegantiae mi- 
nutulae, child^s toys, a 323; orna- 
ments, trinkets, o 4 1 6 . [v^ — ^ w] 

&Ovp«*v, part, from dGttpw, O 364t, 
per lusum, in sport. [-' ] 

al (perh. old case-form of relative ; cC 

Digitized by 




xapaiy ineai, as also d\ this reladve 
force may be traced in X 348, al kiv 
iybtyi dvatrtrtoj as true as that I reign; 
io swe as I reign) never stands alone, 
bat L expressing a wish, optative use. 
— (I) rti yap, u tin am, would that, al- 
ways with opt., (a) where fulfillment of 
wish is regarded as possible, 6 538, N 
825, n 97, 2 464, X 454, y 205, K 244, 
9 339, ( 523, o 156, 536, p 163, 251, <t 
235, r 309, v 236, 200, 372 {al yap 
lih A 189, K 536, S 272, X 346, 5 697, 
r 22, t; 169, p 513); (b) where fulfill- 
ment of wish is regarded as impossible, 
T 99: the formula, at yap, Ztv re vd- 
Ttp Kai 'A9i)vairi Kai "AttoXXov, is fol- 
lowed by opt. in sense of (a) above, B 
371, A 288, n 97, a 235; in sense of 
(b) above, H 132, 5 341 = p 132; by 
inf. in sense of (a), i? 31 1 ; in sense of 
(b), ut 376. — (2) alOc (of. ilBi), uti- 
nam, oh that! would that! (a) where 
fulfillment of wish is conceived as pos- 
sible, with opt. A 178, X 41, i} 331, 4 
440, p 494, a 202, v 61 ; (b) where ful- 
filhnent is conceived as impossible, 
with opt. II 722 ; with ipf. w^AXe, Z 
84, {T 401; with aor. o<l>ikov, A 415, F 
40, 2 86, Q 253, v 204.— 11. interroga- 
tive use, at Kc (never separated by in- 
tervening word), si, whether, with subj. 
Ol8, €/Vfc /loi, at KB TToOi yvMiii roiov- 
Tov UvTa, Iithq yap ttov Toys olSf, « 
« fuv dyyeiXaifjii idwv ; so also after 
o^p UriTt, A 249; TniprftrofJiai, E 279, 
w 217; and freq. without a preceding 
verbum tentandi, A 66, Z 94, H 
243, K 55, A 797, 799, Q 301, a 379, jS 

^ 144, y 92, V 1 82, S 34, at Ki vo9i Z%i)C ; 
so also a 379, /3 144, fi 215, x 252. p 
51,60, al KB TTo^t, strictly =si qua, if, 
if in any case ; the opt. occurs only in 
oratio obliqua, ai kb ykvoiro, H 
387, yet see A 207. — III. conditional 
use, ai k£ (never separated by inter- 
vening word), si, if, perhaps, (1) with 
subj., (a) where filt. follows in princi- 
p«^ sentence, 9 496, p 230 ; (b) where 
opt. follows in principal sentence, Q 
688 ; (c) where inf. follows in princi- 
pal sentence, E 260. — (2) with opt. 
(where a wish is involved) where opt. 
follows in principal sentence, v 389. — 

I (3) in a period, where there is an ellip- 
sis of one of its members, at k tOk- 

i Xpoda, 2 457, d 322, /j, 49, v 233 ; after 

oxl/eai, e 471, N 260, T 147, S 391, w 
51] (to be distinguished from ei iOk-' 
Xug, jr 82, p 277). A 353 ^v i0B\y<rea 
Kai ai ksv toi rd fitfjir}Xy. 

&i- has been sometimes regarded by 
some as a trengthening prefix = very, 
exceedingly, cf. atZjjXof. 

oXo, oii/t, aiav, (probably from yam), 
terra, earth, land, ^wi^ooc ; irarpiSoQ 
a«i;c; 'Axaa^of attic; irdtrav iv alav, 
over the whole earth ; Opycu^i/ alav. 

Aloit}, (1) viiiTOQ, island Aeaea, home 
of Kirke, c 135, X 70, iiSri r 'Houf tjptye- 
vuTfQ oiKta Kai x^po* ^'<^( ^oi dvroXai 
'HfXioio, /i 3 sq., a fabulous region far 
in N. W. (the Romans located it at Cir- 
ceii>; hence (2) So\6t<roa, the goddess 
Kirke herself, 4 32; fi 268, 273, sister 
of Aietes. 

AlaKC8i)«, descendant o/Aiakos,{l) 
son, Peleus, n 15, 2 433, * 189.— (2) 
grandson, Achilleus,B 860. 

AUucds, son of Zeus, father of Pe- 
leus, grandfather of Achilleus, * 189. 

Aia«, avrof, {AHfao), (1) TcXa/itu- 
vtoi", TcXa/iwvta^i/i:, fikyaQ, son of Te- 
lamon from Salamis, half-brother of 
Teukros, 'ipKog 'Axaidv, bulwark of 
the Achaians ("a tower in battle"), 
<f>6pwv adKOQ iivTi irvpyovy A 485 ; 
flrcXwptoc, r 229; X 550, oq irkpi fiiv 
elSog trkpt S' ipya rkrvKro Toiv dXXutv 
Aavawv fiir dfivvova IlrjXtiujva ; oirXwy 
tcpiaiQ, X 543 sqq. — (2) 'OiA^oc raxifC 
(cf. ^ 793) Aiag,fi€itov,*OiXidSri^, Oile- 
us's son,leader of Lokrians ; for his pre- 
sumption swallowed up in the sea near 
I the Fvpai nkvpat, d 499. — (3) the two 
heroes often coupled in dual or pi., e. g. 
kidvTi Svw, 9epdirovT€C "Aprjog, 9ovpiv 


H 175, AiavTs = Aias and Teukros. 

AlyaC, lit. " wave city," in AlyidKtia, 
'Axd'Kai; a town in Achaia, seat of 
worship, e 203, and favorite haunt, of. 
Poseidon, N 21,6 381. 

Al^aCfov*, ace. lit. " wave - demon," 
popul. epith. of sea-giant Bpidpewg (the 
" mighty." the " crusher"), only A 404. 

odyav^S) gen. iymv, iac, (a'i^), ve- 
nabvilnm, huniinff-spear, i 156, also 
thrown for amusement. [— w ^ -] 

AlyciSriv, Orjafa r', in interpolated 
verse. A 265, Aigeuats son. 

atyciost 3, (ai^, caprinus, of or 
belottging to a gocU. — (1) rvpog, cheesd 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




of goat's milk, A 639.— (2) owof, goat- 
skin bottle, see daK6{; ; Kvviii, goatskin 
cap. (i> 231. 

atTCipos, 17. populus nigra, blnck 
popUtr ; as tree in lower world, k 510. 

aiYCOv {=aiyuov) ciaKov, goatskin 
bottle, I 196t. I 

AlYidXcia, daughter of Adrestos, 
wife of Dioinedes, £ 412t. [-v^w ; 

aiYioX^, y, ov, lit us, shorey beach, 
fKyaXif}, TToXvrfXH, koiXov. [—>-'>-' w] 

Al^iaX^f (or a maritima, coast- 
line). (1) division in N. Peloponnesos, 
afterward Achaia, B 575f. — (2) town 
in Paphlagonia, B SSSf. 

aiyLfioTOi (/3o*ticw), capras alens, 
abounding in goats, d 606 ; goat past- 
ure, V 246. [- w -« w] 

alYCXiiroSy icar — ^rcrpj/c, I 15, 11 
4, of doubtful deriv. and signif.; the 
second part is perhaps from XiirTOfiai, 
loved and haunted by goats alone, for 
men too steep. [— >^ ^ s^] 

AlyCXiira rprixtiav, name of village 
in, or island near, Ithaka, E 633t. 

i&^wavy ace, island in Saronic gulf, 
opposite Teiraieus, still bearing its 
ancient name, B 562t. [ ^] 

Atyiov (cf. Ai'yiaXot), afterward 
chief city of the Achaian league, B 
574t. [-^^] 

alyC-oxos ( aiyiq ), A igis-holding, 
epith. only of Zeus, though it might 
also be with propriety applied to Athene 
and Apollon, w 1 64. [--'>-' ^] 

oiyi^t <^of, r), (strictly stoinn-cloud, 
cf. iTratyi^w), Aigis, represented as a 
ponderous shield with a hundred gold- 
en tassels, B 448, hence ipirifio^: ; the 
handiwork of Hephaistos, O 309 ; the 
means in Zeus's hands, P 593, A 166; 
or at his command, in the hands of 
Apollon, of exciting tempests and 
of spreading dismay among men, O 
229 ; described, E 738. B 448 ; serves 
esp. in battle, seconded by tpig, aXKij, 
luiKTi, as means of spreading terror 
and flight; above all when borne by 
Athene, B 448, x 297 ; in E 738 and 2 
204, it would at first sight appear as 
if the later conception, which regards 
the Aigis as the movable breast ar- 
mor of the goddess, and with which 
she is uniformly represented in sculpt- 
ure (cf. cut No. lb), might be traced. 

but a/i0t/3aX£ro refers as often rather 
to the TiXafitov by which the shield 
was suspended over the shoulder; cf. 
also Qvaavoioaav. 

AtyurOof, son of Thyestes, seducer 
of Klytaimnestra; despite the warn- 
ing of Zeus, a 35, he murdered her re- 
turning huisband, oig rig rt KareKtavf 
f5ovv iirl 0arvy, 7 196, X 409, ^ 512 sqq.; 
wherefore eight years later Orestes slew 
him and his own mother Klvtaimnestra, 
X 410, a 30, y 196. 

017X1), Tf. splendor, radiance; 
Xivicri, gleaming brightness of sky, of 
daylight. ^ 45 ; also of sun and moon ; 
of weapons, B 458, T 362, ovpai'iv 


alyX'^lcvTos (aiyXij), air — *OXvfnrov, 
de splendido Olympo, from re- 
splendent Olympos, A 532. 

al-YiMrU^> «» (yw^ or ai'dtrw), vulture, 
hmmeigeyer, IT 428, x ^02, dyKvXo- 
XHXai,yaiJ.\f/u>wxiQ'i with opvig^H 59. 

AIyvittios (when ultima is lon^, 
AiyvTTTJrjg to be read with synizesis), 
AegyptiuF. — (1) an Egyptian, S 83. 
—(2) Egyptian, I 263, p 432. 

AlYviTTios, name of an aged Itha- 
kan,i3 15. 

AiYvirTo«,r;,AegyptU8. — (1) river 
Nile, ivppeiTtjPf K 257. — (2) Aegypt,the 
land of (magic) herbs, S 355 ; Aiywir- 
Tovce, in A e gyp turn. 

alScio = aidno, imp. from atdko/iai, 

V ere re, res})ect, reverence, i 269. 

al8^o)fcai (ai'Swi:), pr. imp. aUeo, ipf. 
a^dtTO, fut. aidi(y(a)ofiai, aor. mid. ydt- 
aa^rjv and aidtffcdfxrjp, pass. j^saSrfv^ 
aihkadriv, 3 pi. alhoQiv, vereri, feel 
shame. — (1) Ttvd, reverence or stand in 
awe of, A 23, Z 442, X 124, y 96, 28, 
I 640; also joined with dsidta; was 
ashamed of his tears in the presence of 
the Phaiakians, 9 86.— (2) with inf., 
vereri, shrink from, by reason of re- 
ligious or other j^cruples, ? 146, tt 75, 

V 343, X 312, X 82, out of regard to 
propriety, ^ 221, <r 184, where ttadvat, 
is to be supplied. 

a(8T)Xos, ov, (of doubtful derivation, 
peril, a priv. and tddv, cf. d-iBfig^. — 

(1) perniciosus. destroying, nvp. — 

(2) invisus, not to be seen, hateful, 
odious, of Ares, E 897, 309 ; Athene, 
E 880 ; suiters, x 29, ^ 303 ; Melan- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

'AC8t|s 13 

thio8, X 16^- &iSiiXci>9, ahoimnahk, ^ 

220. [-- ] 

'AiSv|S, 'Ai5wv£VCi gen. 'AiSao [y^ 
— ^], 'A t^f w [-'-'—], and 'A t^oc [— ^ ^] , 
dat'At^t, 'Ai^y, 'Aiduivijif ace. 'Aidriv, 
Aides, Hades, god of lower world, 
ivspoiffiv dvcKjaioVy ava^ ivkpiov, Zivg 
KaraxOovtog, 1 457, ef. O 188, ttcXw- 
fHog, KXvToinoXogy i<pdifiog, Kpartpog, 
TvkapTTiQ, also arvyipog : freq. 'AiSog 
iofiov fitru), or eig Souov, iv Bofioig, etc. ; 
often also only 'AiooaSt (so. SofjiovBe), 
or simply prep. Iv, ilg, followed by gen. 
'AiSog, without proper case of dofiog. 

(USoCuv Ti fit(Ti]yv Kai o/u^aXoi), be- 
tween privi/ parts and navel, N 568t. 

alSoioSf 3, (aidiog). — (1) verec un- 
do s, dXfiTTjg, shamefaced, bashful, p 578. 
-7-(2) venerandus, revered, venerated, 
august, applied to all persons connect- 
ed with one by ties of relationship or ob- 
ligation : of thera/At»7,a 139; of kings, 
gods ; of friends, guests, suppliants ; 
often joined with <pi\og or dnvog ; o 373, 
aidoiolaiv t^u>ica=have given to the 
needy; inXSSO, aiSotoTtpog Kai «pi\Tipog, 
more respected and beloved. olSoCwg 
r dirk'jrifATrov, r 243, with due regard 
to the claims of a guest, with Jit escort. 

aX8o|iai, see aiSiopxu, 

"AiSos/AiS^irSc, see 'At^/jg. 

i^8p«i*n» y<y*» (didpig), i n 8 c i t i % folly, 
H 198, /i 41; didpHytri vooio, jc 231, 
257, X 272. [- ] 

cUSpis, H, (dPidpig, from FiSfifvaC), 
ignarus, unacquainted with, x^pov, 
stupid, r2\9. [---] 

ad8<tts> ovg, t), pudor. — (I) subj. 
sense of shame; v 171, ovd' alBovg fioX- 
pav ix^^^'^^1 ^^^ * spark of shame; 
scruple, iv <ppi(Ti OkaOe alSCj Kai vspe- 
tnv, N 122, cf. O 561 , with diog, O 657 ; 
reverentia, regard, with (fnXorrjg, Q 
11 1, ^ 505; with ri/i^, 9 480; diffidence, 
y 14. — (2) obj. disgrace, dishonor, used 
elliptically sc. corw, II 22, or ioriV, y 
24; with ace. and inf., E 787; privy 
parts = alboXov,\ 75; B 262, hide thy 

mi, aUv, see dti. 

aUi-YCVCTcLuv, Ocwv, and Q^oXg aUi- 
yivhymv (rej^ular formula for closing: 
the verse), horn to unending life, eternal, 
immortal, ut 373. 

oUi-vdovTo, see divdovrn, ever flow- 
ing, never failing. 


oUt^ (cogn. with oitavog, avis), 
aquila, eagle, TiXtiiTaTog Trerei/viui/, 
favorite of Zeus, Jovis ales, Q 311; 
bird of omen ; ^optpvbg (hjptjrijp, dusky 
bii-d of prey; high-soaring, M 201, X 
308; hook-beaked, r 638. [---] 

&£tt|Xov (di, !^fiXog=SfiXog), rbv fiiv 
di^TiXop GfjKtp Oiog, B 318, eum deus 
perillustre fecit exemplar, the 
god made it a conspicuous omen. 

allil|u>€ dvfip (^di^Tjog), vegetus 
homo, vigorous man, only P 520, u 

altT)6«, vegetus, robustus, vig- 
orous, robust, with dvfip, and as subst. 
with OaXfpoi, dpi)iOooi, Kparepog ; used 
as eqiiivalent to man, p, 440. 

Ali^TTis, son of "UXiog and Ukptrrj, 
brother of KipKri ; robbed by Jason of 
the golden fleece, /* 70; dXooibpojv, k 
137 [— ] 

aiT)Tov, TTtXijjp, 2 410, epithet of 
*'Il<pai(TTog, of doubtful origin and 
meaning, perhaps best explained as 
from drjp,t, breathing strongly, hard- 
jmffing. [ -] 

alOokX^cig, laaa, ev, (aiOu)), fumo- 
sus, fuliginosus, smoky, black with 
smoke or soot, fikXaSpov, pkyapov, B 
414, X 239 ; Kovig, of ashes that have 
burnt out and lost their glow, pulvis 

at0€, u tin am, see ai, I. 2. 

AtOri, name of mare, lit. fiery. Sor- 
rel, ^ 295. 

alOijp, spog, ri,(o'i9io), aether, space 
filled by light of day (aWprj), situated 
under the heaven, ovpavog, to which it 
is considered to belong, and separated 
by the clouds from the a^jo, which be- 
longs to the earth ; alQspi vaiiov, as 
dat. of place (locative), dwelling in 
aether. In O 20, Here hangs from a 
cord made fast in ovpavog, and swings 
tv ai'Bspt Kai veipeXymv; H 365, as when 
a cloud rises from Olympos, out of the 
gleaming light of day, and mounts into 
heaven, i. e. the cloud seems to be gen- 
erated out of the transparent aether, 
and then rising perpendicularly, sub- 
sequently spreads over the sky. See 

AIOCkcco-i, dat. pi., to the Aithikes, 
a tribe west of Mount Pindos, B 744t. 

Al0i<nrcs, ittv, tamv, ag and rjag, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

rri\6$* UvTOQ and itrxdrovg dv^putv, 
dfivfiovag, Aethiopians^ "burnt faces," 
dwelling on Okeanos' stream, in two 
divisions, east and west, a pious folk 
whom the gods loved and often visited. 
It is nowise unreasonable to suppose 
that some tidings of the existence of a 
black race may have found its way to 
the Greeks of the Homeric age. 

alO^|j.cvo« (atdtu), flagrans, ar- 
dens, burning^ Trup, etc., dcrrt;, ^ 523. 

aXBovaoy rjgy porticus, haJl^poi-ch; 
epithets; polished (smoothly planked), 
resounding. We distinguish two al- 
Oovffai, see plate III. at end of volume. 
— (1) on either side of vestibule, after 
passing the entrance door; alO. avXriiy 
^ 390, V 1 76, X 449.— (2) after traversing 
the avXri, just before entering into the 
banqueting-hall, fjikyapov ; this latter, at- 
9ov(ra ^w/iaro^, served as sleeping-room 
for guests, y 399, S 297, and was roofed. 

aiOcnra, i, (atdw), ace. and dat. ful- 
gidus, coruscus, radians, spark- 
^»»<7» X^^'^^^t olvog't red, of smoke mixed 
with flame, c 1 52. [— ^ ^] 

atOpn, lyv, (ai9w), aether, Ught of 
day, clear sky, dvs^eXog, ^ 44, P 646, 
fi'75. [— ] 

AtOpt), mother of Theseus, follows 
Helene as captive to.Troja, F 144. 

alOpi)-7CV€TV|S, Bopkrjg^ sprung from 
aether, « 296+. 

alOf»i|-YCV<09> vvb pnrijg — Bopkao, 
under the blast of aether-bom Boreas, 
O 171. 

atOjKp hhfiriiiivog, frigore con- 
feet us, overcome by cold, ^ 318t. 

al6vi||, fem., water-hen, e 337 and 

at0««v, wvoc, fulgens, fulvus, 
shining, tawny ; of horses, see AiBuiv ; 
also of cattle, eagle, lion, and metal 
implements, a 372, B 839. 

A£6wv, (uvoc, name (1) assumed by 
Odysseus, r 183. — (2) of horse, 185, 
which we should best describe as Sor- 

atx*, see ai(K€). 

&iK<£is, Tttg, {ahata), TS^tov, telo- 
rum impetus, storm or hail of ar- 
rows, O 709t. [ ] 

ductts {djiKutg.jfjoiKe)=deiKo'g, tur- 
pi t e r, ignominUmsly, X 336f . [^ ^ — ] 

alffco, arogy ro^ sanguis, blood, 
(1) in the veins, *^ 717, also of gods. 


E 339, 870.-^2) cruor, carnage,^ 298; 
in sausage, a 1 1 9. — (3) of descent, blood 
rilationsldp, kin, joined with ytverj. 

al|i.aoxd« \ky€iv, septa coUi- 
gere, plant out a thorn-hedge. Q—w 

otfiaT^iS, e(7(ra, ev,bloody. — (1) san- 
guineus, auiodiK bloody wales, yj/iddtg 
drops of blood — (2) cruentatus, 
blood-besprinkled. — (3) sanguinari- 
us, murderous, ijfiaTa. [— w w — ] 

Al|&ov(8i|S, AakpKTig, P 467t. 

Al|M>v£8i|«y Maiiov, from Thebes, A 

al|M>-^pviCTa (^opvatru}), dk Srf Kpsa 
ijirOiov, and were eating pieces of flesh 
all bloody (crudas), v 348t. 

atfiovo, Ofiprig, skilled in the chase, 

alfjivXCouix \6yoi<n OkXyUy persua- 
sive, pemiettni, a 56f. 

AtiMtfv, ovog, Kpduiv ; trapog Nc- 
ffTopog, A 296f. 

alv-ap^TT| (aiVof), voc. terribly-brave 
(contains at once recognition of bravery 
and censure for the faults which attend 

AlvcCas, gen. Aiviiao, Xivdia, lt>g 
iraig 'Ayxiirao and of Aphrodite ; as- 
cending pedigree as follows: Anchi- 
ses, Kapys, Assarakos, Tros, Erichtho- 
nios,Dardanos,Zeus; represented as in 
feud with Priamos the great-grandson 
of .Tros, N 460, Y 1 80, 307 ; favorite of 
the gods, E 344, Y 291. 

cXviia (aZvoc), pi^M -^<t(i>, -f/<ra, com- 
pro b are, approve, praise ; opp. vci'icci, 
K 249 ; esp. of oracle, aivd, ir 403. 

alv(lo)fc(ai), with iripi and i^oxa 
BpoTtiJv airavrtov, prae omnibus te 
mortalibus praedico, praise thee 
above all other mortals, N 374 and B 

Atviov, a Paionian, slain by Achil- 
leus, 4> 210t. 

alv<S6cv cdvtts = alvov atvonpoVf 
non ferendum in modum, horri- 
bly, H 97t. 

Alv^Ocv, from Ainos (in Thrake), 
A 520t. 

alv<S<-fju>pos (|id|Ooc)« infortunatus, 
child of misfortune. 

alvo-ira0^a {irdBog), ace. with paXa, 
me perquam infortunatani, ah 
me. poor suffei-er! <r 201t. 

olvos, 1 a ud at io, 1 a u s, />rai86, "^ 795. 

Digitized by 




alr^i7, 6v, terribilis, formido- 
losu 8, /rightfui, dreadful, horrible, in 
different grades of intensity ; aivorari 
Kpovictiy dread son of Kronos ; as we 
sometimes use dreadfully = extremely, 
exceeding^, very; aivoraTov mpidtidia, 
:N 52, a 208 ; freq. aivbv dxo£, cUre woe ; 
often with Sffiorrjrif tftuXoTrig, Kafjutrog, 
KOTOQ, etc. ; alv^ adverbial, reKovtra = 
wretched mother that I am, A 414; 
with dXoipvpofuxi vaOovtra, having en- 
countered such sorrow, X 431 ; cilvw«, 
adv. esp. with SeiSta, ioiKtvai, a 208 ; 
intensively with KaKa,p 24, cf. r 324. 

aiwfiat, cSvuroAf aivvro, and part. 
prs. comprehendere, take, A 374, 
580, N 550, O 459, * 490, i 225, 232, 
429, 53 ; seize, ^ 144, x ^00. 

ai^, alytk* V, o« dat pL aiyeaiVf ca- 
pra, caper, goat, 

a({a«ncov» iter, aor., from diaoia. 

AloXiSv)s, son of Aiolos, see l^p^- 
QtvQ, ^(w^og. 

AloX£f|v, v7\aov, island of Ai4)lo8, 
with surrounding wall of bronze, k 1 
sqq. ; identified by the ancients with 
Strongyle or Lipara. 

aUXXx) (m-, foX-, volvo), 'ore ya- 
arspa tvBa icai evOa'--, as when one 
turns this way and that a paunch full 
of fat and blood, v 27t. 

aloXo-0wf>T|{, splendida lorica 
arm at us, with glancing mail, F 83. 

aloXo-)a.(Tpt|s (fiirpri), with glancing 
(because plated with metal) girdle, E 

aloX^-iro>Xo99 with glancing (with 
metal trappings) steeds, T 185t. 

aWXos, or, oi,(/at-^o\-, volvo), mi- 
cans. — (1) of movement; quick-mov- 
ing, swi/l-footed, T 404 ; wriggling, X 
509: buzzing, x 300; fiiffov aioXoi, 
of wasps, pliant in the middle, because 
their body in the middle is so slender. 
— (2) of the impression which rays of 
light falling upon smooth, moving 
surfaces make; shimmeting, glancing, 
gleaming; of weapons, of snakes, M 208. 

AioXof, (1) 'lirworaSrig, son of Hip- 

potes, lord of winds, ic 2 (36, 60, , 

for AioAoo). — (2) father of Sisyphos, 
Z 154. 

Afirciav, KaXrjv, town on Messenian 
gulf, I 152,294. 

cdirciv<Ss (aiirvq), arduus, precipi- 
tous, ste^, of localities ; cf. ^ 123. 

ttl w TJ tautt v, montuosam, high-ly- 
ing, mountainous, ^ 87t. 

almjv and a, {aivvg), only with iro- 
Xiv, and in IL with pkiQpa, high-lying, 
plunging sheer down. 

alir^Xiov, properly, belonging to the 
aivoXog; caprarnm grex, heid of 
goats; aiiroXia frXari' aiywv, wide- 
grazing (dispersed widely) herds ot 
goats, K 101. 

al-«^Xo9 (for aiyv., iriXofiat, ver- 
8 ATI), goatherd, also with avfip and 
with aiyStv. (Others 6iq and iriXoftai .) 

Alirvy town subject to Nestor, B 

atm^, lia, v, praeceps, arduus, 
precipitous, sheer. — (1) of localities: 
Olympos, mountains, towns, islands, 
hfiy; of noose, hung high aloft, X 278. 
— (2) bursting headlong in, sudden, 
utter, oXiOpos, iftdvog, x6Aoc.--(3) ar- 
duus, hard, irovog, toil of combat ; N 
317, he shall find it hard. 

AlirvTiov Trapd rvfi^ov, at funeral 
mound of Aipytos (progenitor of royal 
line) in Arkadia, B 604f . 

cdpct, «'rw, -^<rw, aor. dXov, tXov 
(fkXov), iter. eXioKov ; mid. aipevfitvoi, 
a\pr]<jofiai, uXofAtiv, iXSfitiv, prehen- 
dere, take. — I. act. (1) seize, lay hold 
of, X"P« nvog, <t 268, Q 361 ; rivd 
Xttpog, by the hand; by the hair, 4> 
242; also with ace, 6 319, K 335, M 
397. 2 416, * 242; dovpog, grasp the 
spear, n 406 ; dSdi oitdag, mordicus 
h u m u m (of mortally wounded) ; ^iiri 
pidvraKd riva x^P^h ^^J oi^e's hands 
upon some one's mouth, hold the mouth 
shut with the hands ; rivd -Kpori o\ = 
{ay nag) iXtXv, embrace, rj 252, X 210 ; 
overtake in running, 330 ; win prizes, 
"¥ 779, Kvdog ; xpot eifiaTa,put on gar- 
ments (also iXia9ai,yp 132). — (2) meta- 
phorically, take possession of ^iX-yof, 
arrj, U 805; so of various emotions, 
joy, grief, courage, astonishment, long- 
ing, fear ; tvOsv iXwv, taking up the story 
where, ^500. — (3) tollere, to^« away 
from, Q 579 ; rob, A 356 ; capture, B 
37, N 42 ; take captive, * 102 ; slay, H 
306, A 457, and freq.— II. mid. (1), take 
one's own, or for one's self; also with 
diro, £ 210; revx^a drr wpojv, lay off, 
H 122; cf O 125, Z 472, also spo li- 
ar e. st?ip off, P 206.-— (2) take to ones 
self, as food, dapwov, duTrvoVj ttuhv, 

Digitized by 





take with one, (f> 40, K 501 ; receive, ^ 
297,0 367,2 500; en;V>^,H482; attain, 
reach a decision, 2 501 ; take an oath of, 
opKov Tivi and rivoc. — (3) choose, select, 
Kf 235, B 127, « 121.— (4) rob, /* 246, 
2 445. 

"A-ipos, No IroSf unhappy Iros, <r TSf. 

dtpo), see dpwfiai, 

"A IS, see 'Aidrjg. 

atira, rf, (7(toc), portio. allotted 
share.'-^\) pars, part, r 84, 2 327; 
ri(i> d€ juiv fv KapoQ ai^ry (cf. Attic 
phrase, iv ovdivbq fiepH TiGetrOai). — 
{2) propriety, Kar altrav, suitably ; opp. 
VTTtp altravy Z 333.— (3) length of life, 
vitae portio, A 416. — (4) destiny, 
sors ; iy alcry, to one destiny ; Kaicy a., 
to misfortune; Oavdroio a., to death; 
alffd fioi itrri, I am destined, c 206, \j/ 
315. — (5) destiny, as controlling power, 
Y 127, iy 197; ifirkp aJ<Tav,Z 487, con- 
trary to fate's decree ; A toe, Saifiopog a., 
decree pronounced by Zeus, by divin- 
ity; vTTip Aibg alffav, in disregard of 
Zeus's fateful decree, P 321 ; cajci) Atbg 
a. irapiarq rjiiiv, the ill destiny sent by 
Zeus reached us ; ircxpw/ilvoc altry, 
handed over to fate. 

Afcnprov, ace, son of Abarbaree and 

At<n)iros, river on Mount Ida. 

&ur6c, diffOwv, ipf. and part. (dPw), 
always with Bvfxov, a n i m a m e f f 1 a n s, 
exspirans, breathing out one's life, II 
468. [^-^] 

dtcTiiiov, rf, a,(al(ya). — (1) fa talis, 
decreed by /ate.--{2) d e c o r u s, becom- 
ing, i d o n e u s, suitable ; a e q u u s, just ; 
alalia eidkvai, think justly, be right- 

aXtnot (attra), auspicious, propi- 
tius, opportune, O 37 6t. 

iiUrawHni -wv, aor. m^a, (ai'^oi, di^at, 
di'iaOy di^aoKov ; raid. di^atyOai ; aor. 
rfixOfiv, (dixOqrriv), impetu ferri, 
move with eager haste. — I. act. (1) hast- 
en, Q 711, o 183, ut 488; iji^e vere- 
(rOai, flew rapidly; Ai^ag, in haste; 
vp6<T<TM, 0o/3oj/^€, drro tivoq^ fly, of 
birds; of arrows (speed); of chariot 
(sped over the ground), ^ 369 ; of 
thoughts (rove, O 80) ; rot Se <TKiai 
di<T<Tov<n, but they^iV ftbouf like shad- 
ows, trepidant, ic 495. — (2) charge, 
come rushing on, avrioi, So\fib», \iKpi<pig, 
esp. in Hostile signif., iftaaydptfi, tyx^^t 

charge upon (strike, thrust^ etc.); 2 
506, with these they rose quickly up, 
— II. dep. = act signif., X 195, ^l' 773, 
Z 510; n 404, the reins slipped from 
his hands. 

&-urTo« (fidfiivai, Ihiv), ignotus, 
of which nothing is known or seen ; dis- 
appeared without leaving a trace, van- 
ished, lost ; ff 258, and he would have 
cast me out of the upper au% and sub- 
merged me out of sight in the sea. 

diOTCMrckav, from ditTTouf, (di(TTog\ 
cause to disappear, v 79, annihilate; 
dt(TTw9ri(rav, vanished, k 259. 

aUrut|TTJpi, V. L for aiavpinirifpi, Q 
347 '\,pnncely. 

AUrui^Too, (1) ykpovTog rvp^og, 
Trojan, father of Antenor, B 793t. — 
(2) diorpi'pkoQ v\6v, Alkathoos, N 427t. 

oUrvV^-cp-yos (fkpyov), v. 1. for ai- 
<n)\a pk^u}v, or dfipi^otpyog, E 403f, 
nefarius, high-handed, wicked. 

iiffvXa (d-iaog), only with pe^eiv 
and fw9fi<Taff9ai ; nefaria, turpia, 
do or speak evil. [— ^ -"J 

Al(rv|i.t|6€v, e 304t, from Aisyme, 
inThrake. [ -] 

aUrv)a.inr|Tfjpi Kovptp, princely youth, 
O 347t. 

aUrv-|{TV|«, msc. (alaa, pinjpa), 
cf. iepopvijfiutv), umpire, unprejudiced 
referee, 9 258t. 

Af(ru|ivov, ace, Grecian chief, slain 
by Hektor, A 303t. 

oXoxo9> ntr. (alSiofiai), i g n o m i n i a, 
dedecus, disgrace, X 433, a 225; pL 
spoken insults, Z 351, 524, if I must 
listen to words of contumely for thy 
sake ; a 229, outrageous acts. 

aloxp^, turpis, disgraceful, (I) 
B 216, ugly. — (2) injurious, insulting, 
twea ; adv., aiayjputg Ivkviinv, ignomin- 
iously reproved. 

aloxvvw (al(rxog\ aor. yayvvi^ foe- 
dare.— (1) dl<tfigure, 2 24, 180. U 418. 
—(2) insult, Z 209, /3 86 ; * 571, tar- 
nisAmyfame. — (3)mid. verecundari, 
have scruple, hesitation. 

Aurova, ace, A ison, son of Kretheug 
and Tyro, father of Jason, king in 
laolkos, X 259. 

aSrft, imp. prs., fut. -ri(yu>, aor. part. 
-ri<Ta(Ta, rogare; ask, rivd rt, some 
one for something; beg, sue for, Q 292, 
Tiyi Ti ; seek as wife, N 365, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




alTioaiTMU, see ahiao/iai. 

olrioaa^ai (aiTia), only pres. and 
ipf, usually resolved, i n c u s a r e, accuse 
of; a 32, what charges the mortals 
bring against the gods ! 

olrC^civ (rtiViw), only pres., only Od., 
rogare. — (1) ask, d 650. — (2) beg, itn- 

(UTioSy oc, (alria), culpandus, 
reus, guilt 1^ of something (in bad 
sense), T 86, 'tis no fault of rainej 
aoi S' ovTi fitnitTTrjpec atrioi ilmv, you 
should not blame the suitors at all, 
/3 87. 

alTi6o>VTai, 3 pi. pres. indie., ainoifto, 
-tftTo. 2 and 3 sing. opt. from atTidofiai. 

AlruXioSy AitoUan. 

AlTtiX<Ss, H^ 471, I 379; -oi, the 
Aitolians in Hellas, I 531, 549, 597. 

olxjitiunrovox, fut. from atxud^^at, 
aixfJUic, youths should hurl the spears, 
A 324t. 

alx)iit» r), (oKiCt acutus), cusp is, 
point, lyxioQ, dovpoQ ; then tJte whole 
spear, O 542. 

alx|ii|Td and alx|&t|Ti^S9 o, spear- 
man, warrior, F 179 ; also ady,Jighlin(/ 
with spear, warlike, B 543. 

aZt|ra (=aiirk(Ta, from ahvQ), ex- 
templo, forthrvith; al^a d' tirtira, 
immediately after; /xoX' al'^a, ai-^a 
fiaXa, very quickly ; al\l/a Kai drpa- 
XiioQ, at once and quickly. 

ai^pAqy ri, (alxj/a), c i t US. T 276, he 
dissolv^ the quickly dispersing (pro- 
lepsis) assembly, /3 257, d 103, soon 
comes a surfeit of the chilling lament 
for the dead. 

itov {dnvai), imi 0iXoi/ — ^Top, when 
I was breathing out my life, O 252f . 

iiuv (aPito), only pres. and ipf. 
diov, s e n t i o. perceive. --(\) by senses, 
-TrXriyrfg. — (2) by mind, a 1 1. — (3) learn 
of, by hearsay : ovk difig, knowest 
thou not ? by sense of hearing, rru- 
TTop, oira, voice, usually with gen. 
<pBoyyrtQ, exc. w 48; regard, O 378, 
*^ 199. 

oluv, <r»i/oc, 6, (r), X 58), (aiPo'v, 
aevum), Ujetime, A 478, I 415; life, 
anima, T 27, X 58; with >//vx^» ^ 
453, t 523. 

&-Kdlnpt^ masc. (a priv., kokoq), 
deliverer, applied to Hermes, oi 10, 

^KaXa-ppcCrao (JiKa, putt), l^ — /3rf- 
Bvppoov 'UKiavoXoy from the smoothly 

\ flowing, deep-streaming Okeanos, H 
422, T 434. 

&-Ka|tavTi, a,(/ca/ivw), indef essus, 
untiring, U 823. 

'AxofMif, aj/rog, (1) son of Antenof 
and Theano, leader of Dardanians, ^ 
478. — (2) son of Eussoros, leader of 
'J'hrakians, Z 8. 

d-KOfAarov (Kafiaroi:). i n d e f e 8 s u s, 
wHp, untiling, smouldering fire. [— ^ 

&Kdv6a« (0*17), ace. pi. from dxavBa^ 
c a r d u o 8, thistles, t 328t. [^ ] 

"AicaaToSjking of Dulichion, 4 336t. 

Aicaxc^To, 3 pi. plupf., dicaxciv; 
dicaxif OW) &Kaxt||i^09, see &Kaxit«** 

&K-ax^tw9 aor. TJKaxi, aKaxiiv, and 
OKCLxriot ; mid. a«cax<^o/iat, pf. dxaxn-, 3 pi. uKTixBdaTai, part, also dinixi' 
/ici/17, at, inf. dxaxna^ai, plupf, 3 pi 
aica;^£iaro, aor. a'jcaxovTO, -oiro (ax**i) > 
distress, afflict, ic 432, ^ 223; raid. 
distress ones self, pf. grieve, 9vfupj -ov, 
jyro/t), in heart ; because of something, 
rivos Tivi ; with part., X 486 ; irvcivoif, 
V 84; Xijyv, Z 486; /ioXa, 11 16 (cf. 

itcax^i^t'Of » 3, (oK^), ac u tus, sharps 
ened, jtointed; tyxoQ aVc. (o^ii x^^Xicy), 
lance tipped (yfith sharp bronze point); 
irtXeicvi: dp^orspwOtv aic,, double-edged 
axe, € 235. 

aKiixoiTo, see dxwfiat. 

dxkopai, &K€i^|j.cvoy, oh aor, i/icecra- 
/i)7i/ (imp. aKtaaai), sedare, assuage. 
— (1) heal, repair, IS, 383 ; make good, 
K 69, N 115.— (2) s/aA:c thii-st. 

&-KCp<rt-K^|it)s (Kiipu)), with unshorn, 
flowing hair, Phoibos, T 39t. 

inniayMra (aK^ofiat), pi., as means 
ofl alleviating pain, O 394t. 

'AKCoxroftcvoio, gen., a king of 
Thrake, father of Periboia, * 142t. 

&KC(rraC (^aKeofjiai) (ppsng, tractable, 
N 115t. 

hjnUwv^ ovrf, ovtta, (dicaXof), seda- 
tus, tacitus, silent, A 34; dxhwv is 
generally used adverbially: a neuter 
form, aKftav (cf. dKr}v), may have once 
existed, which was afterward con- 
founded in common use with the 
part. cLKSittv. 

a-ici^ScoTOi, unlmried, Z 60; dicriSf- 
ffvdjg, pitilessly, X 465. 

&-ic^8cis and dm^Sccrcv, from dkriSltu 
(icjj^€w), negligere, disregard, sUght, 


Digitized by ^ 

esp. the dead, wounded; always with 
negative, ffl 427, ^ 70. 

a-ia|8iis, €Ci ('"y^otO* incuriosus. — 
(l).act. unfeeling, $ 123, p 319 ; with- 
out sorrow, U 526. — (2) pass, neg- 
lected, ^ 26, r 18 ; unburied, co 187, 
Q 554. 

o.-KiljX'qTos (lojXeai, to charm), voog, 
inflexible purpose, k 329t. 

hmcf^y, ancient ace., cf. aKrlwv, pla- 
cide, tacite, silent, with laav, iaav; 
also common phrase, a»cr}v iykvovro 
ouairg, became hushed in silence, it 
393. [---] 

&-ia|p<£(riov (1C17/0), intactum, no^ 
meddled with, pure, oHvov, i 205f. 

&-K^paTos, ov, (ky\p)j integer, «b- 
touchea, pure, Q 303. 

1. ^-K^ipiot (ic^p), incolumes, «n- 
injured, \\/ 328. 

2. &-ici{pior and 01, («^p). — (1) ina- 
nimus, dead. — (2) ignavus, spirit- 
less, cowardly, Siog, E 812. 

&ict|x^SaT(u, dmix^ATCLi, &ict|xc|iivt), 
see dKaxi^it}. 

&Ki8v^cpos, 3, neglectns, mi- 
ser, more insignificant, in figure ; more 
wretched, (T 130. 

a-KiKvs (kikvc;), imbecillus,yee6/<3; 
only in Od. C^--'] 

& - Kixtyr^ ( KLxdvoi) d((oica> V, n e g a t a 
persequens, pursuing the unattain- 
able, P 7 5t [.^^-^'] 

a-KXavTos (K\ai(o), illacrimabi- 
lis, (1) unwept. — (2) d 494, tearless. 

&-icXc^ (/cXeoc;), ace. sing. cacXsa, 
better ct/cX^a, pi. aKXtjiig, inglorious; 
adv. aKXeiCjg. 

&-icXi{p<(> (kXtjpoq), sine patrimo- 
nio, portionless, needy, X 490t. 

&K|&T]s (aicpoc,'), ifri '^vpov 'IffraTai, i n 
discrimine res est, stands on the 
razor's e^e, K 173t. 

iLK\Li\v69 (joLKiirf) Odfivoc i\air\Q, full- 
grown olive-tree, \// 191t. 

aKi&Tivos (aKpLt), ieiunia), fame- 
lie us, unsatisfied, hungry, with gen. 
(only T). 

&-Kp.TJTcs, pi. (Kdfivu)\ indefati- 
g&ti, fresh, unwearied (only 11). 

&K|&6-6cTOV {aKfuov), anvil-block. 

aK|u>va, -ag, incudem, es, anvil 

atcyr\ariv, Kar , in spina dorsi, in 
the backbone, k 161t. 



&KoCn|s, 6, &KOtTi«, r), c o n i a X, hvs^ 
band, wife, € 120, 1 397, and freq. 
&K6Xoti«, frusta, morsels, p 222t. 

a-KoifcurrCi), lack of care, neglect, ^ 

&KOVT(tai {aKovTiov), aor. cfc6vri(<T)<ro, 
iaculari, hurl javelin, rivog, iiri rivt, 
tig Tiva ; alx/J^dg, Sovpa, tyxfi, Sovpi, 

dKovTioTOi, dg, iaculatores, spear- 
men, lancers, a 262. 

4KovTurrwv, ace. fem., game of the 
dart, spear contest, "^ 622t. [v] 

a-K6pt|Tos (Kopeviwpi), insatiabi- 
lis, insatiate, with gen., T 2. 

OKos, TO, (diciofiai), remedium, 
cure, remedy, x 481. 

a-Ko<r)iia (KocTfjiog), itna, indecen- 
tia, unbecoming, B 213t. 

&KO<mf eras (ajcoffn^) M (f^drvy, hav^ 
ing fed abundantly (on barley) at the 
manger (II.). 

aicov<£(c(r0c, ovrai, wvrai, (aKOvai), 
a u 8 c u 1 1 o, Usten, hearken ; rtvog, A 343, 
ye are they who are first invited to the 

&Kotrfj, 17, (oKoviu), auditns. — (I) 
sound, n 634, one hears it from far away. 
— (2) fama, tidings, report (hearsay). 

&-Kovpov {xotjpog), filio caren- 
tem, without male heir, tj 64t. 

&Kovai, -ffofiai, TJKovaa, audio, h^ir, 

(1) M 442, O 129, /3 423 ; listen, T 79, 
a 370, doiBoi) ; hear, with ace, jc 221 ; 
OTra, <l>96yyov, crrovov, vXayfiov, or 
with gen. fivicrjOfJioiJ, p, 265, dvrijg (mid., 
A 331), ^Ooyyfjg, Kiocvrov olpwyrjg, 
(Trovaxfig KTVTTOV (0 291, pvOwv Kai 
pr)mog) ; Ttvog n ; or with gen. of par- 
ticiple (TTtvdxovTog, 9 95, i 497. — 

(2) com per ire, learn of by hearsay, 
Kkkog, Q 543 ; with inf.^ Z 386 : with 
gen. of partic. in II., only Q 490 ; X 
458, p 115, a 289; with gen. alone, 
^114; iripi rivog*, vTrkp ak9tv,Z 524; 
ex aliquo audire, nvog, p 389, Ik 
Ttvog Ti, o 374. — (3) ex audire, give 
ear to, with gen. and dat., also with 
part.; audientem esse, o6<?y,T 256, 
fy 11, 6poK\riTr]pog ', prcs. used with 
signif. of perf., ^ 688. 

&-KpaavTOS («paen#W),''irritu8, «»- 
accomplished, vain. [ 3 

&Kpa^ and -aka, {dxpog, drjpi), im- 
petuosus. blowing strongly, fresh, fi 
421. [—^^3 

Digitized by 


iicpi| 19 

Sicpi| (axpoc), gumma pars, sum- 
mit, promontory i Kar oKpTig^ a ver- 
tice, from the summit; then, from 
top to bottom, i e. utterly, N 772. 

aicf»i|6cv, in KaraKptiOtVy see icdp. 

&-Kf>T|T09, 2, (Kspavvvfii), merus, 
vnmixed, pure, w 73. 

&icp£8cs, a(, locusts, 4» 12t. 

&Kpia9 (orptc, from cucprt), ii\ amid 
the windy mountain-tops, i 400. (Od.) 

'AKpuruSvii, daughter of Ahrisios, 
Aavdri, S 319t. 

iLrKpXr6-^v9oi (Septra, fw9og), sense- 
less babbler, B 246; useless are the 
con/used dreams, r 560. 

a-Kplros, 2, (Kpivia). — (1) undistin- 
guished, common, rv/i^oc.---(2) endless, 
beyond measure, also with iroXKd ; ad- 
verbially wcpiTov, unceasingly. 

^-Kplr^^XXov opoQ, thickly over- 
grown (with foliage), B 868t. 

&icpo-KcXaiVi4Swv, growing black on 
surface, with troubled surface, 4> 249t. 

&Kp6-Kop.oi (co/i}}), with hair tied up 
on the crown of head, A 533+. 

&Kpov (oKpog), sum mum, point, 
summit, promontory. 

*Aicp6vcws, name of a Fhaiakian, 9 

&icp6-iroXis, citadel of Troja, only 9 
494, 504. 

dicpo-tr^Vounv (^rlXo/iat), iv — opeo- 
nv, on lofiy mountains, E 523. 

&icpo-v6pau« (Treipw), acumine 
transfigentes, 6/3€Aovf, with pene- 
trating points, sharp-pointed, y 463t. 

aKpos9 3, {aKq, acies), ex tr em us, 
sum m us, at the point or end or top, 
outermost, topmost, highest, the extremity 
of; tail,^ 519; hand, foot, n 640, shoul- 
der, rudder; irokiQ dxprj, dxpri iroXic, 
upper city; edge, surface, etc.; Kar 
oKpric, see dxprj; adverbially dxpov, 
T 229, along the top. 

'AKTOiT), a Nereid, 2 41 1. 

1. &icn^ (aywfii), mol a, always with 
oKiftiTov (or ArjfifiTipog), barley meal; in 
opposition to the whole kernels, oifXai, 

2. &icn{, litus, coast, often irpopXff- 
rif dicTai, tongues of land, promonto- 
ries, K 89. 

ii-KTiflliMv (jcriifia), car ens, not pos- 
sessing, with gen., I 126. 

&icrCyi«rox, djCTimv, fern., (dKriq), 
'HcXIoio, radiis, beams of Helios. 


'Arrop(8ao, gen., descendant of 
Aktor, Echekles, n 189t. 

*AicTopCs, attendant of Penelope, if^ 

'AxropUiv, name for either of the 
sons of Aktor; the two were called 
'AKTopiuvf, and also MoXiovt, after 
their "mother Molione, A 750. 

"AKTupf (1) 'A^cidriQ, son of Azeus, 
B 513.— (2) father of Mevoiriog, A 785, 
n 14. — (3) father of the 'Aicropi'wvt, 
son of ^oppag, brother of Avyiiag. — 
(4) father of 'Ex^icXfig. 

&icvXos, ri, edible acorn, k 242t. 

&ic«Mnt {dicfi), cusp is. point, of mis- 
siles, X 16. 

(kKiaVy ovTog, 6, (dicfi), iaculum^ 
dart, K 335, A 137, ^ 531. 

Ski0¥-= dixiav, i n V i t u s, unwillingly. 

&Xa8(c) (aXg), in mare versus, 
seaward, A 308, also with eiQ. [-^ ^ ^] 

&X<iXT)|Mu, see dXaofiai, vagari. 

AXaXi|T6s9 iji, masc. {dXaXd), cla- 
mor, shout, war-cry; also cry of fear y 
and, a> 463, of joy, [^ w - w] 

&X«&Xk€, -Civ, -tov, see dXsiu). 

*AXaXKoucyT|C«, epithet of 'A9nvriy 
from the Boiotian city 'AXaXKOfiivai, 
pear the lake Triton (see Tpiroyiveia), 
A 8, E 908. r--ww_w] 

dXdofiat, oXooOc, imp. aXom, ipf. 
i^Xtbfirjv, aor. dXri9rjv, pf. dXdXrjfjiaty 
-rj<r0€, dXdXtj(y9ai, dXaXrj/jiivog, va- 
gari, wander, rove, d 368, o 276, 492, 
y 302, € 377; dXwfuvog, vagatus, 

AXo^, ov, caecus, blind [^--'w; 
K 493. fiavTiog dXaov, or v. 1. fiavrriog 

AXou>-crKoirii{v ((TKowirj), ovS' — ilx^, 
nor did he keep a blind, i. e. a careless 
watch, [w w _ w w _] 

AXdttxrcv (aXaow, from aXao^), o0- 
9aXfiov, caecavit, blinded, (Od.). 

oXairoov^, 3, infirmatus,y6e6/e, 
(r9(vos, <rrixig, etc. 

AXatr<£(*>, fi, ipf. aXa^'a^f, fat -^ci>, 
aor. aXaTra^a (aXaira^vof), in fir- 
mare, esp. with iroXiv, sack; (ftdXay 
yaq, rout, also slay. 

dXaoTSu) (dXaarog), only ipf. i^X<£- 
oTfov, aor. part dXaoTtjffag, aegre 
fero, Ae indignant. 

*AXa(rrop£ST)v, Tros. T 463. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




a-\(urroS) ov, (XaOiaOai), horren- 
dus, Ttever to fee forgotten^ dreadful, 
axoQ, iTivBoQj oKuarov cdvpofiai. 

'AXoUrroip, opot:. — (I) a Lvkian, E 
677.— (2) leader of the Pylians, A 295. 
— (3) father of Tros. 

iXatarvVf Trjv, (dXadc), 60^aX/uov, 
excaecationem, blindingyi 508t. 

dXykui, aor. subj. dXyqain, part. d\- 
yiiaag, {a\yoQ\ dolere,^/ pain; in 
7.1. of .bodily pain ; Od., /x 27, in more 
general sense. 

oXyiov (com p. from a\y-0Q\ peins, 
worse ; in exclamations : cf. French, 
tant pis, so much the worse; with 
dat in threats, that shall be the worse 
for him ; also dXyiVrfy dafidtraaOat, 
difficillima domitu, very hard to 
tame, break. 

aXyos, dolor, pain, grief, distress, 
esp. of mind, esp. irdOtv aXyia Ovfju^, 
Kparkp aXyia trdrrxintv, d. Quvai^ doii' 
vai, Tiv\Hv, kclWiit' SwiffiToj, etc. 

dXdaivu) (d\-S-, alo), only aor. fis\( 
^XSavc votfikvi -Xawv (Od.), aluit, she 
Jilkd out his limbs. 
- aXSi^cncoKTos (dX-, alo), Xijtov, cre- 
scent is, growing, "^ 599t. 

iXioorOoi, see dXkopai, 

dXcyciv^s, 3 (aXyeg), dolore affi- 
ciens, painful. — (1) of bodily pain,* 
ai'xfJirj, ddvvq. — (2) in wider sign if, 
molestus, aerumnosus, grievous, 
mournful, dyytXirj, 'Aptic, dyrfvophj. 
— (3) difficilis, hard, irvypaxirj, 
ftdxHi TTVoir), Kvpara, hard to struggle 
with ; 'iTTTtoi d. dafiijfJKvai, hard to 
break, cf ^ 655 ; hard to endure, <t 
224. C^^-^-] 

*AXcYi|vop(8ao, Ilpofjidxoio, son of 
Alegenor, S 503t. 

dXrY^i;*) (dXyoc), always with ov, 
contemno, not to concern one's self 
al)out, Tivog. 

dXcyvvciv (dXyoc), only with SaXra, 
(aXrai:, parare cenam, ^'t'e (strictly, 
prepare), a banquet, entertain (Od.). 

iXiyia (aXyog), trouble one's self, heed; 
I 504, who follow, troubled, behind Ate ; 
usually with negation: contemno, 
despise, tivoq ; hence oiik dXiyovijai, 
shameless, insolent ; Z 268 = dXeyvvovtri, 
they attend to the rigging. 

4XcciVM (dXsrj\ only pr. and ipf, 
avoid, shun, rivd, H; also with inf. 

[— -] 

. 1. iX4y\ (dXsP-opai), escape, X 301 1. 

2. aX^ (sol ?), warmth of sun, p 23t. 

dXcCara (dXaap, dXlo;), farina 

tr it ice a, wheaten flour, v 108t. 

&Xc(«, iioa, iv, aor. pass, part., from 


'AXcCoxov, town in Elis, B 617, A 

oXcMTOv, TO, drinking goblet, usually 
costly, cf. o 469 ; with handles, % 9- 

iXcCrns, ov, (dXiraivio), s eel era- 
tus homo, reckless offender, V 28, v 
121. [ ] 

oXci^op, aroQ, (dXei^oi), only gen. 
and dat, unguentum, ointment ; fat, 
for anointing corpses ; y 408, shining 
with fat. [- - -] 

dXti<fn»i (AtTra), {iXffi^lrav, -dprfv, only 
aor., and usually with AtTr' IXait^, un- 
gere, anoint; oblinere, smear with 
wax, /* 200. [-' - w] 

'AXcKTpv^vos, vlo^', i. e. At^itoq, an 
Argonaut, P 602t. 

&Xcv, &X^, see aor. from ctXeoi. 

&Xcfd|Mvos, oX^faorOoi, aor. mid. 
from dXi^it). 

'AX^|-av8po«, name given by Greeks 
to TidpiQ ; epithets, bXoQ . . . 'EAcviic 
iroaiQ rivKopoio, BiosiSfiQ, ^amXtvg, A 
96 ; not characterized by Homer as so 
effeminate and feeble as in later rep- 
resentations (r 16, 39, 59), yet Usually 
represented with the bow (A 369, 507, 
581), and as betraying a sensual char- 
acter ; cf. also r 442, Z 290, V 39, Q 
28, 763, A 94. 

dXcf-dvcfiov (avipog), xXdivav, ven- 
tum arcentem, protecting against 
the wind, ? 529. [- - w ^ ^j 

&Xc|t|Ti|pa /udx»7C» (defensor pug^ 
nae, stemmer of battle, one who bears 
the brunt in the fight, Y 396t. 

dXcfC-KaKos (KaKov), mala arc ens, 
warding off ill or evil, protecting, K 20f. 

iikiiia {dXicrj), inf. dX«^€/i(i^ai), fut 
dXe^(/<r<i>, red. aor. dAaXicc, subj. oAdX- 
ry<Ti, inf. dXaXKtlv, -i/Kww, -ifitv, aor. 
opt dXf^riauef and subj. mid. dAe^<u- 
fitaOa, arceo, ward off W, rtvi, dat 
c o m m o d i, Tivi ti ; mid. keep off from 
one's self {rtvd), se defondcre (ab 

&Xc<rt|M6a and -cvcrat, -Knitvoc, aor. 
riXtuaro, dXivaro, -vro, opt. dXkaiTO, 
imp. dXivai, dkia<rGc, inf. dXtaaOcut 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

part dXivafifvog jml^. mkkfnrauJtt' 

fu}fttOa, aor. or pres.), evitare, avoid, 
escape, ti, esp. the weapons, the wratt 
of any one, esp. of the gods, E 444, 1 J 
71 1, t 277 ; hence, secondly, (V ere ri) 
stand in dread ofy he on one^s guard be- 
fwe^ I 11^, with inf. 

oXcTOi (aor. suhj. from oXAo/xat), i n- 

aXrrpcvoiKTi (ttXerpif),*/'*'"^^. »? UHf. 

dXcTpis (rtXfw) yvvi], female slave 
who qi-inds com. v 1 05+. 

aXcv€Tai = aA€ Aral, see akKafuda. 

aX^«, see icaraXca/. 

&Xc«pi{ {dXifioprjf aXlo/xai), muni- 
men t u ni, defense^ tivoq, against some 
one; butQ2l6,^*^R [-- ' ] 

aXv|, r), (aXao/iiaf), oberrationes, 
roaming without knowledge whither, 
nor hope of rest, ceaseless wandering 
of Odysseus and his companions, o 
I 345. (Od.) [^-] 

&Xv|dcCT), 7/, (Xf}da>), Veritas, ^rtiM, 
d'lroi'nroij iraidbg (de filio) irawav 
fivOrj<TOfiat, KaraXi^u), [^ ] 

&Xv|dc(« (aor. part from dXdofiai), 

^v|0ifs9 «c, (X^^w), verus, dXriOks 
ivKTirt, y 247 ; elsewh. dXriQka fivOij- 
oaaOaty tiTre, iravr dyoptvaw, vernm 
loqui, speak the truth, tell truly; 
only M 433 dXrjOris, proba, honest. 

*AXi{iov, vtSiov TO, Aldan plain in 
Asia Minor (v. sq. = plain where no 
harvest grows — barren waste), Z 201t. 

o-Xi{io« (Xriiov), sine arvis, with- 
out com land, poor, cf. OKXripog. [^ — 

a-XT)icTos (Xfiyw), unceasing; ad- 
verbially dXXriKTov, unceasingly. 

aXii|icvot, dXTivoi (inf. 2 aor. pass, 
from €(Xew), congregari. 

&Xi{)&ovc« (dXrifjuov, dXri), er rab un- 
ci i, roving, p 376. 

SXipui (aor. subj. from aXXofiai), 

&XTp-cvciv (oX^nyc), vagari, roam 
about, (J 114. (Od.) 

&Xi|tt)s, y, TIP, masc. (aXdofuxi) err o, 
tramp, beggar, p 576. (Od.) 

'AXOoii), wife of Oivevg in KaXv-, 
Swv, mother of MeXiaypog, I 555 f. 

oXOcTo (from dXOofiai), ^eip, was 
healing, E 417t. 

aXi-cUt« (uXg, dfrjfii) ovpot, venti 

to be etYmuU>gica]f)' connected. 

aXi«f«, iior, (oXf), niaiitimus, tt 
349; ebewh. J 'scator^;' •'^[•'^^"J 

'AXi|[«irft9 xribe of Trojan allies 
from Puntos led by '0<^'o<;. 

•AX(t| fiout^ig, a Nereid, 2 40 f. 

*AXi^^<n(1s, son of Mestor, friend of 
Odysseus, Ithakan, /3 157, p 78. (Od.) 

«&Xi-|i,vf»i)cvTa, Twv, (jivpw), maris 
aestu oupletus, reached by salt water, 
briny, t 460,* 190. 

1 . aXios, ioio, 3, {tiXg), m a r i t i m u 8, 
belonging to the sea; of old man of 
the sea, ^ 365, etc. ; uXiai = Nereids, 
01 47. 

2. iXw^Jruitless; of missiles, words, 
speeches, e. g. E 7 1 5, U 92. [- - -] 

•AXu>«, (1) a Lykian. E 678.— (2) 
son of Alkinoos, ^ 1 1 9, 370. [- - -] 

aXio-Tpc^wv («Xt), (fnoKditiv, in 
mari nutritarum, the seals which 
Jind their food in the sea, ^ 442 f. 

aXiwoc, -«Mrai (aor. from oXiuo), 
uXioq), render fi-uitkss, baffle, € 104 ; 
hurl in vain, 11 737. f-' ^ - ^"^ 

oXC-irXoo, ace. pi., sailing in sea, 
sulmterged, 11. M 26t. 

aXi-ir6p4vpa {(ToXi-irop<ftvpa'), ntr. 
pi. purpurata, sea-purple (Od.). 

&Xis (faXtg, kfakriv), confertim, 
in heaps, in swarms, in crowds, in 
quantities, B 90, r 384, S 122, * 236 ; 
abunde, abundantly, I 137, P 54, i 
352 ; iiXiQ U oi, I 376, he has dojie it 
enough (already) ; enough and more than 
enoiigh, ij ovx uXig on (wg), is it not 
enough (that) ? [«--] 

aXiaKOftai (ifdXrjv), aor. iyXoi, subj. 
aXatcj, opt. aX(^rjv, aXoii^v, inf. aXiovai, 
part aXovg, capi, be taken captive, be 
seized, of men, towns ; Oavdrtf}, over- 
taken by death; he. slain, fall in battle. X 
253, 300 ; E 487, lest ye, as if caught 
in the meshes of a net, become a prey. 

dXiTaivw {dXdofjiai ?), aor. dXiTcprjv 
(I 375, ^Xtror) ; part. pf. dXiropivog, 
violare, «n against, rud, ri, Q 586; 
with part, T 265 ; 6io7g dXirrijievog, 

Digitized by 





trnnsqressor in the sight of tke gods, 
o' 807. 

iXtn^liuv, ovoQ^ (aXiratvw), V i o 1 e n- 
tus. transgressor^ Q 157. 

&XiTp6s {d\iTaivui)y ne far ins, of- 
fender ^ sinner; daifioaiv, against the 
gods ; also in milder signif, rogue, ras- 
cal, e 182. [---;] 

*AXKa-6ooS) Ai(WY)rao, -' ioq, son-in- 
-^^^^j-^-,.^>^^^ N 428. V ;^-'-'] 

*AXK-avbp.„ tloXu/Soto dafiap, in The- 
bes, ^126t. 

''AXK-avSpos (^='AXB^avdpoQ), a Ly- 
kian, E 678. 

aXKap (dXicrf), only nom. and ace., 
protection, defense, scifety, nvi, rivog, 
E 644 and A '823. 

4X.Ki^, fig, qXk'i, dXicy, a> 509, (a re eo, 
d\kKoj)y fort is defensio, defense, 
power of defmse, prowess; common 
phrase, OovpiSog aXKiig, d 527, impet- 
uous defense, i.e. self-defense, cf. N 330 ; 
with fisvog, fury; with ff^lvoc, steadfast- 
ness, X 237 ; witii r/vopkr}, manly endur- 
ance, w 509; freq. olXki vtiroiBwg, O30; 
imufiBvog dXKfjif. As divinity, E 740. 
AXxTjcm^, UtXiao Ovyarpatv ddog 
dpiffrt), wife of 'ASfirirog of Pherai in 
Thessaly, mother of EvfiriXog, B 715t 

oAkI rrsTToiOdjg, see aXicrj. 

*AXKi-|Ai8»v, AakpKiog vlog, chief of 
Mvrmidons, P 481, 11 197. [7^^-] 

AXKi|i.(8T|s ( 'AXxiftov viog), i. e., Msv- 
rwp, x235t. [----] 

aXKi|i.oS) ov, (dXKTi), defend ens, 
capable of self -defense, brave, bold, opp. 
StiXog, N 278 ; applied also as epithet 
to iyxog, V 127, also to Sovpe. 

''AXKi|&os> (1) father of Mentor. — 
(2) charioteer of Achilleus. 

'AXkC-vooS) son of 'SavtyiBoog, king 
of ^aiijKeg in 5)x«|o/fy, husband of 'Aprj- 
TTf ; his daughter Nayffiicrta, and his sons 
AaoSdfiag, "AXiog, KXvTovfjog ; 'AXki- 
voov dvoXoyoi, tale of Odysseus at the 
court of Alkinoos, t — fi. [— «^ w s..] 

*AXK-£innr|, slave of 'EXfivjj, S 124t. 

*AXK-|&aCa>v, son of 'Afi^idpaog and 
*l£,pi<pvXr}, brother of ' Ap.<f>iXoxog, 

*AXic|i.d«iv, Qearopidtjg, Greek, M 

*AXK|i.ilivi|, wife of 'Afxtpirpviov in 
Thebes, mother of ^HpaKXtrjg by Zeus, 
and of 'ItpiKXarjg by Amphitryon. 

iXxTtipa, sg, masc, (aXierj), defender, 
^531, safeguard. [ ^] 

*AXicvovT|, name given to KXcoTrar/wi, 
wife of UiKkaypog, daughter of Maf>- 
in\<T(ya, 1 562. 

&Xicv6vo9, iroXvTTtvQkog olrog, alce- 
d i n i s, kingfisher, I 563 f. 

iXX*=(l) aXXo.— (2) dXXd. 

aXXa, aXX', (from dXXa), orig. adv., 
then adversative conj., in contrasted 
clauses, (1) but, on the contrary, A 25, a 
190 ; freq. after negation, p. 404, 4> 276, 
9 312. — (2) subjoining additional cir- 
cumstance, immo, nay, but, rather, 
A 94, 165; after question expecting 
a negative answer, a 68. — (3) corre- 
sponding to a concession, expressed or 
underst^, but, yet, A 24, /3 107 ; in 
apodosis, after a condition expressed 
or implied, A 281 , 8 1 54 ; fikv or el may 
be omitted, A 287, a 42 ; also tiTTf p re 
— dXXd Tt ', dXXd koI tog, but even thus; 
oXX' ovS" a>g,hu.t not even thus. — (4) be- 
ginning anew, changing subject, but, 
yet, then, A 135, 233, 281, F 433, a 6, 16^ 
22, 195. — (5) breaking off, but, yet, a 
169,267; dXX' firoi, sedyero, but yet, 
A 140.--(6) repelling an ungrounded 
assumption (koL vv «), i 79. — (7) after 
aXXog, fiVfjOoff, with negative, than, * 
275, Q 311, ;* 403, 70, y 377,— (8) in 
appeal, A 32, 259, 274, t 269, k 69 ; freq. 
phrases, aXX' ayi, dXX' ayih, with subj., 
/3 404; dXXd fidXa, e 342.— (9) with 
other particles, dXX' dpa, see dpa, dWd 
yap, ^ 355; dXXd Tt, but still, A 81; 
dXX' ^Tot, see no. 5. 

oX-Xryov, &X-X^{at, ipf. and aor., 
from dvaXkyta, coll igere, 5'aMgr. 

oXXtj (dXXog), (1) ali&, alibi, else- 
where ; aXXov &XXy, alium alibi, one 
in one direction, another in another.— (2) 
aliorsum, oXXu^tf aXXy, alias alio, 
every one in a different direction; A 120, 
(distinction) the honor (due to nae) 
comes to naught ; O 51, mean very dif- 

a-XX'qicro9=aXi7icroC) unceasing, im- 

aXX<^Xouv, gen. du., pL -mv, -oc^-, 
-y(Ti, ~ovg, -ag, inter se, of one an- 
other, to one another, one another, mutu- 
ally; also with prepositions (avoided by 
a periphrasis, 1 47) ; /li 101, near to each 
other are they (the rocks). 

&XXo - YVWTiii {yvCJvai), tVt ^U^, 

Digitized by 





4pud exteros, in a. forekfn land, /3 

4XXo8av^, 3, (oXXoc), exterus, 
extraneus, strange, foreign; also 
subst., stranger, [—www] 

aXXo€i84a [_ ^ =^ c^], see ccXXoi^cct. 

oXXoOcv (dXXoc), aliunde, from 
el^ where f B 75; y 318, ^"ow* abroad; 
a. dAXoc, alius aliunde, one from 
one side, another from another = u n d i- 
que. [---] 

cLXXoOi (aXXocX alibi, elsewhere, 
abroad; yaii}Q, /3 131, but in p 318 = 
procul a patria. (Od.) [-^^] 

&XXo-6p^v, 'OVQ, gen. ace. pi. {9p6- 
of), always with dvdpCJv or dvOpurrrovc 
(0(1.), aliter sonantium, talking 
otherwise from one's own people, spea^- 
tA^ a strange tongtte. 

aXXo-iS^a (L e^. oKKoPidsa, _ ^ ^ ;^), 
trans formia, looking differently, v 
194t (cf. IT 181). 

&XXou>s, - V, -ov, (aXXog), alius s p e- 
ciei, of another sort; ir 181, different 
looking ; r 265, inferior, commonplace. 

oXXofuu (salio), aor. 2 and 3 pers. 
sing, akao, aXro, subj. aXriTai, uKerai, 
part. uXfievog, salio, leap, spring; l^ 
iWo/v x"t^^i^ » ^f^f^^i Ovpa^s ; start 
ttp, Y 62 ; Jii/, Zi 125 ; hasten to, iiri riva ; 
charge upon, tiri rivi. 

&XXo-vp<i<r<-aXXov, -f, ace. voc., ap- 
plied to Ares, E 831 and 889 ; desul- 
torius, inconstant, changeable (cf. trtp- 

aXXos, fy, o, (alius), (I) another, adj. 
and subst., with gen., with ri'ci ov rtf 
aXKoQ d fit) {dWci, 2 403, * 275), n on 
alius nisi; dWov instead of i/xt, etc., 
B 360, 200 ; and freq. in antithetical 
clauses, aXKoq (or o, cf. I 594, or f rfpof) 
/wv — oXXoc ^€, without piv — ^i, M 267, 
2 536; fiiv t aXX' — avrdp i-rr' dXXa, 
N 799; dWo Sk rot ipfcw, k. t. X., verse 
marking, in Homer, a transition, tt 299 ; 
(a) other, additional, reliquus, T 223 ; 
oKKo, besides, IS, 249 ; dWo roaov, as 
much more; (oi) ^IXXoi, the rest; e^ox^v 
{vTrtipoxov) dXXiiiV, e 105; (b) used 
when it can with difficulty be trans- 
lated into English =6e«icfe«, moreover, 
as for the rest (cf. nous autres Fran- 
9ai8),e 211, B 191, a 132,/3 4l2,o 407, 
N 622, a 157, B 665, etc. ; (c) for em- 
phasis, in apposition with compar., O 
569, X 106; and TrXtya/of, A 81 and 

often ; (d) with other forms or cases of 
aXXof, cf alius alium, B 75, see aX- 
XvdiQ, dXXoOtv, 5 236. — (2) alien i, 
strangers, intruders, v 213.--(3) untrue, 
5 348. 

aXXoai (aXXoc), to or in another place, 
i// 184 and 204. [---] 

aXXoTC (aXXot;), alias, at another 
time, formerly ; often doubled with oi 
without pkv — Bk ; in first member, lire 
likv often substituted for aXXon piv ; 
in second member, often oXXore S' avre, 
now — then, now — now, ^ 464, A 65, 2 
159; dXXore dXXip, modo huic, 
modo illi; dXXor iir dXXov, modo 
in hunc, modo in ilium. [— ^^] 

&XX($Tpios, 3, (oXXo^*), strange, belong- 
ing to another. — (1) a lien us, dXXo 
rpia, others' goods, cf. a 160; v 347 (cf. 
dkXoiSia and ir 181), with distorted 
cheeks they were laughing, laughed 
with strange grimaces.— (2) exterus, 
<fHoc, stranger, hence enemy, Tr 102 ; yahf, 
foreign land. 

cUXXcM^ (X(50oc), non cristatus, 
without plume; KWirj, K 258t. (See cut 
under Xodtog, cf. Kwerj.} Cf. dtpaXov. 

&XXo-^poWci»v, abstracted, uncon- 

oXXvSis (dXXog), alio, to another 
place, always with dXXog, alius alio, 
or with aXXp, now in one way, now in 
another ; N 279, the coward changes, 
from moment to moment, i. e. every mo- 
ment, his color. [— ^ ^] 

&X-Xvc<rKov, €v, iter, ipf from avdKi'u}, 
retexebat. unravel, P 105.r 150. (Od.) 

oXXuis (aXXoc), aliter, otherunse, 
(1) in strict signification, i 286, ^ 429 ; 
besides, e 267 ; for some other reason, 
p 577; already, without this, <p 87. — (2) 
melius, better, 9 176, v 211, w 107, E 
218, S 53, T 401. — (3) incassum, in 
vain, ^ 124,* 144.— (4) alioquin, in 
other circumstances, o 513. 

aX|&a, ori^ am, {uXXopai), saltus, 
leaping, as a game, 103 and 128. 

aXfAT), r/, (uXq), aqua marina, sea- 
water, (nine, « 53. (Od.) 

aX|i.vp6v (uXprj) vdutp, aqua mari- 
n a, salt water, 5 511. (Od.) 

d-Xoyifo'ci (Xey-, cf. dXt'yio), con- 
temn ere, disregard, despise, O 1S2, 

aX^cv (JiXg), i^ — , e mari,^om the 
sea,4»335t. [---] 

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&-|ittl | td l CfTOt 

&Xo£a (aXfa>^), ipf. from aXoidaty co n- 
tn d i t, she smote; yaiav x^P^^'^i 1 SGSf. 

&Xoi4^, 17, {d\ct<fnit)f adepBj /atf I 
208, P 390, >P 32 ; for rubbing in, to 
render pliant, 179; unguentum, 
ointment f!^ 220, ex 179. 

"AXov, ace, *AX^in|v, ace, towns in 
domain of Achilleus, B 682 f. 

&Xo-<rv8vT)« ("Xf, Gothic sun us, 
son), gen. mari natae, daughter of 
the sea, T 207, S 404. 

&>Xo4o«, see dWotpog, 

&>Xoxos (X«xoc), uxor, she who 
shares the bed, wife, Z 299, y 264 ; also 
the concubine is called aXoxog ; axljec- 
tives, fivrjdTTif aidoirj, Kvdpfff KaWiKpfj- 
dffivoi, KiSvfj, TToXvSiopog, 

&X^a, iX6wvT«Uf see dXdofiai, va- 

&Xt, a\6c, o, sal, ^ratn of salt, p 
455 = ne hilum quidem; — r}, the 
briny deep, sea (near the shore), A 308. 

&Xcro, 2 sing. aor. from dXKoticu, 

&X(ros, €1, fa, 6<iw, ntr. (alere), lu- 
cus, ^roue, usually with altar, and sa- 
cred to a divinity, B 506, t, 321. 

"AXnis, king of the A.k\iytQ, father 
of \ao96ri, * 85. 

&Xro, 3 sing. aor. from aXXofiat, 

*AXvpavT09, £^ — , out of Wandering, 
itt 304 1, word formed by a pun out of 

'AXvpt)9, TrjXoOiv l^ — tfi'om Alybe, 
whence silver comes, B 857 f. 

&XticrKd(ai (dXiWicio), only pres. and 
ipf, evitare, avoid, ri, Z 443, p 581. 

&XvcrKav€ {d\v(jKw\ effugiebat, 
was seeking how to escape, x 330f . 

hXvvKiay (dXevofiai), dXv^nj, TfXv^a, 
effugio, avoid, escape, icfjpag. oXt- 
9pov; II 335, clam me subduxi 
sociis, X 363,382. 

&Xv<r<rovTCS (from dXvaeu), see dXv- 
ii)v), conftised, X 70, maddened in sphit ; 
dXaXvKTTffiat, K 94, / atn beside my- 

a-XvTov, 2, (Xvui), in solubil i s, no< 
to be loosed, N 360. [^ ^ ^] 

iXvwVf ov<T(a), dXdofiai, p e r t u r b a- 
ta mente esse, furere, be beside 
one's self— (I) with joy, <t 333, 393. — (2) 

with pain ; t 398, he dashed it with his 
hands wildly from him. [^i:i_] 

'AX^i^ river in ''HXig ; then the 
river-god, y 489. 

&X^<ri^u>s (d\<f>tiv, Povq\ boves 
comparans, bringing in cattle, Le. 
making wealthy, see Uva, 2 593t. 

&X^OTCM»v, -yeriv, -a'c, (oA^hv), 
victum quaerentes, ^ 8, v 261, 
hard-working, contrasted with pCia X,b>- 
ovTiQ\ others translate ^o«r-ea/iny, 
fruit-eating. (Od.) 

&X^(tov (alb us), dicrti, /3 355, bar- 
ley-meal; elsewh. fiX^iTO, 6ar%-5^roat« 
or meal (the porridge made of them), 
^ 290, etc; fiveXoi; dvSpuVj XiVKo, im- 
iraXvvtiv. [— ^ ^] 

{dXifiuv), aor. ^A0or, opt oX^oh 3 
pi. aX(l>oiv, V 383 so Ameis, (German 
arbeit), parere, bring in, yield, infov, 
pioTOv, o 452, p 250. (Od.) 

*AXa»fjos, of Aloeus, the father of 
''Qrof and 'EtpidX-rrig, husband of 'I^t- 
liiSita. [«-' ^] 

dXonli (aXoia'w), area, threshing-ftnor, 
Y 496 ; also orchard and vineyard, 2 
561 ; see youvof. 

aXw||, &X^, aXsS|tcvo9, from aXi- 
(TKOfiat, capi. 

&X«S|fccvos, from dXaofiai, crrans. 

^wu, from oXiffKopai, aor. subj. 
captus sim. 

Ofji, &m instead of dvd before labials. 

&|&a (from adfia, cf. ^apoicXfic, o/xoi'), 
una, simul, a^ once, at the same time, 
— (1) adv., A 343; iifi aii^oi, H 255; 
often with rk—Kai, B 281; with fol- 
lowing ^€, T 242. — (2) prep, with dat., 
simul, at same time with, ufi riiXiip 
dviovTi, KaradvvTi; una, beside, with, 
A 348, a 428 ; iTTiffOai, go with, attend, 
so, rpoxouivra, Osovtra, run after; a 98, 
n 149, swi/i as the wind. [^^] 

*Auiat|6vcs dvTidvupai, V 189, dwelt 
on the river Thermodon in Pontos; 
made a plundering foray into Phrygia, 
B 814, Z 186. [a] 

'A|A<£ecia, a Nereid, 2 48 f. [^ >- — ] 

&f&dOoio (\l/dfia9og) paBeirig, E 587t> 
he fell into deep sand, [w w _ ^] 

&f&&6tin'ci, TTifp, solo aequat, de^ 
stroys, I 593 f. [- ^ ] 

&-|&ou.|&<£Kcros, 3, (fiaifidtrrTu)), saevi- 
e n s, furious, Z 1 79, n 329 ; ^ 31 1, the 
mast tossed to and fro by the waves, 
like a man reeling in drunkenness. 

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afUMXS6v*a, only aor. dfiaXSvyaLiy 
-vvrtf, and pass. afiaXdvpfiraif con- 
terere, destroy; only with reixof. 


daoXXo - Scnfp, 6, {dfieiWaf ^Iw), 
6wcfef q/" sAea oes. (IL, 2.) 

auaXijv, -y*Tt, (mollis), teneram, 
tender; of lamb, dog^. 

a|i-a$a, r/, (u/ua, a^fa>v), parallel form 
dfiaKa, plaustrum, /bur - wheeled 
freight wagon, i 241 ; also the constel- 
lation of the Great Bear, Wain, ^ 487, 
€ 273 ; cf. lipiia, dnr]Vf]. [ti] 

&|iia|HT6v {dfia'^a, fZfti), kut — y via 
public a, wagon-road, X 146. 

d}iapY)s, t^ — . canal for irrigation^ 
$259t. [--^7] 

a^iaprdvoi («-, fiipog), dfiapTrjaofiat, 
aor. iifiaprov and j//n/3porov— (1) im- 
pertem fieri esse, fo«e, 15.5, i 
512; then (2) in general, yixiV o/J »im«, 
uvoq; a 511, mistook not the word, 
spoke the right word ; Q 6Sy/ailed not 
to bring gifts ; ij 292, let not presence 
of mindyatV her. — (3) peccare,yai/, 
err; with uTrspf3ny,l 501; x 154, 1 my- 
self have overlooked this. 

a|uipT]Q (iifiay dpapov), s i m u 1, simul- 
taneously, X ^^ ["] 

a)&apTo-<'ir^ (tTroo), temere locu- 
tus,speak\ng thoughtlessly,^ 824f. [a] 

'AfiapvYKctSiis Aiu}pTjQ, B 622, A 
517. [a] 

'Afidpuyic^a OdTrTov'ErrHoi Bovrrpa- 
ffi(ft,h\s burial in Messene,with funeral 
games, described, >l^ 630t. 

apa-Tpox^wvTo, see rpoxottivray run- 
ning ahout after 7iie. 

Offco^poxtds {rpoxog), ace. pi, con- 
cnrsus impactarum rotarum, 
running together, clash of dianots, "^ 
422t.[ 7-] 

oU|iavpbv (a-, fidpfiapog) ddioXov, 
pale, dim, lurid, d 824 and 835. (Od.) 

d-fOLxTiTi (jJtdxv), sine pugna, 
without contsst, $ 437 f. [7] 

a^dw (Ger. m^hen, Eng. mow), ipf. 
^|u»v, aor. dfififfavreg,-<TdiJievog, m an u 
colligere, gather together, collect, i 
247; mow. [^--] 

&I&P-, see dvoP-. 

&)i-P&rds {dva - (3aipw), a d i t n m 
praebens, that may he scaled, Z 434. 

d|i-PXlj8T|v {dva^dWofiaC), adv. e x- 
orsa, as prelude, at first, X 476t. 

&|i-^XdSv|v (di/a/3dAX(i/), adv., bub- 
bling up, * 364t. 

dfi-ppo<riT) {dfifipomoq), ambrosia, 
adj. us^ as subs., strictly signifies tV/i- 
mortal and conferring imniortcUity ; used 
by the gods as food; as ointment, for 
embalming, for perfume; also as food 
for horses of the gods. 

&)jb-pp^<rios {dfifipoTog), divinus, 
irnmortal, divine, E 369. — (1) that which 
the gods send, vvKi yirvog, or (2) be- 
longs to them; irXoKdfjiovg, x^trat, icdA- 
Xti, iavov, ireTrXov, even of their horses, 
ildap and Kdirymv, [—www] 

Ofu-PpOTOS, , (fiporog), immortal, Y 
358, 365, 0€()g ; then like dp^poffiug, 
divine. — (1) vu^.— (2) alfxa, eifiaray nv- 
X^a, iXaiifi, 'nrrov, tTTTrot. 

d-f&^oprof (fjEyaipiti), only sing., 
invisus, unenviable, dolefid, dreadful 
(proleptically of battle, B 420) ; mighty 
blast, \ 400 ; miserable, p 219. [dj 

dp^ciPtt (moveo), fut. a/icti/zto, -o/^ai, 
aor. rffieixj/aro, alternare, alteimate, 
change. — I. act., exchange, ri, rivog, for 
something, wpog riva, with some one ; 
oXiyov yow yovvbg dp., pedetentim 
cedendo; ol dpii^ovng, rafters. — 
II. mid., (1) change loith each other, 
dfiti^optvog, alternans, A6}4, reliev- 
ing one another; 9 379, in quick alter- 
nation (of dance) ; a 375, passing from 
one house to another; 9pioaKu>v dptijik- 
TGi, O 684, leaps in turn, — (2) answer, 
d 382; fxu9t{t, ic 71; (jiv9(f/, -oiai, Itts- 
e(r<rt) rivd, some one ; cv Siljpoig rivd, 
make beauiiful gifts w» return. — (3)paM 
by, I 409, K 3;28l 

d*|&cCXiiCTov (jieiXiatTu), ova, i mp 1 a- 
c a b i 1 e m, harsh, inexorable words. (II.) 

d-fACiXixoS) 2, (/ie(X(W(u), inexora* 
b i 1 i s, implacable, relentless, [a] 

d-|Miva>v, ov (Old Lat. manus = 
bonus), m e 1 i o r, better, more excellent, 
supeiior, more favorable, more advanta- 
geous (opposed in sign if. to x^PV^^i ^ 
400); /iiy' dpiivutv, multo prae- 
stantior; a 376, more profitable and 

or^ikyia, only pr. and ipf., mulgeo, 
inilk; pass., A 434, yielding white milk. 


d-f&^i|o-c (jibX(jj), aor., always with 
negation; oitK dp. nv'g, curabat, /« 
bethought himself of. [ul 

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a|icvai, inf. from aa>, satiare. 

a-|i.cvT)v6s, 2, (jjLtvog), d e I) i 1 i ^, feeble^ 
E 887; vtKviOP ufx. KapTiva^Jeeble hecids 
of the dead (periphrasis)— the feeble 
dead ; oveipwv, unsubstantial, [a] 

4-|&cinl}vaMrcv (a/i£Vf/vo(,), debilita- 
vit, made ineffective, N 562 f. [a] 

1. a-p.^p8<d {fitpo^), aor. dfjiip<ye,-aai'y 
pass. pres. a^kpctai, aor. subj. dfiepOyi;, 
p r i V a r e, deprive, 9 64 ; pass., fose, 
6e deprived of, X, 58. 

2. &-fi,^p8<i> (jidpfiapog), only pres. 
and pf., 7«a^ lustreless, blind, r 18 ; 
dazzle. Mind by excess of light, N 340. 

a-p.cTf>v|ros, 2, (jiirpetti), immensus, 
immeasurable, r 512 and y\/ 249. [-' — 

a-ifcCTpo-cmils {fisTpov, P&ttoq), im- 
moderate loquax, hmnoderate talk- 
er, B 212t. 

affcTp^pcs (dfjidio), messores, reap- 
cr«,A67t. [^_-^] 

aj^y\ro9 {dfidui), mess is, reajnng, 
harvest; metaph. for slaughter, T 223 f. 

^p.'qxavCi) {d^r)xavoii), d e s p e r a- 
tio, helplessness, despair, i 295 f. [a] 

d-p.i^X*vos, 2, {/i^xoA Ae/jofew.— (I) 
act., miser, wretched, r 363. — (2) pass., 
d i f f i c i 1 i s, impossible, ;2; 262 ; 9 130, 
irremediable mischief; r 560, «sefe«s 
dreams: unyielding, O 14, T 273; stub- 
bom, hard-hearted, 11 29 ; N 726, thou 
canst not (for thou art too obstinate) 
yield to, etc. 

'AfJilowSapov vhg (' ATi}fiviog, Md- 
ptg), in Karia, n 328t. [a] 

a - iiiTpo - x^'^'^^c* (M"'P'?» X*''*»'*')» 
wearing coat of mail without girdle^ or 
the word may mean wearing both coat 
of mail and girdle, xitwv in this cmpd. 
=9topTj^,U4\9\. [---w-^] 

d,|&iX®aX^cao-av (o/ii'xX?/) Aiifivov, 
vapore obductam, foggy, misty, 
smoky, since Lcmnos is a volcanic isl- 
and, Q 75^3t. [aj 

ap.p.c, a|i.p.cs> of&i&i, see r)fjtug. 

&|&-fiitas, aor. part, from dpafiiyvvfu, 

&|&-p.op£T)v (jiopoQ), misfortune, v 

opi-liopos, 2, (jusjooc), expers, e 275, 
2 489, deprived of the bath of the 
ocean, of the Great Bear, which never 
sinks below the horizon in Greece; 
ekewh. unfortunate. 

&f&vCov, ntr., basin in which the blooJ 
of victims was caught, y 444 J. (See cul) 

*A|&v{o-<(>, sir', at Amnisos, harbor of 
Knosos, r 188t. [)] 

&-|&oYr)T( (fioyeuj), sine labore, 
without trouble, A 637 1. p] 

a|&<$6cv (afioQ, old form=€lc, f.iic) 
Twv, alien nde (orsa). from at, if 
point soever; beginning with any poitd 
whatever, relate to us, a lOf. [t ] 

a^oipas {afjisi(3oji), xXaivri, m u i a t o- 
ria,ybr a change, ^ 52 It. [a] 

d,}M>ipi(j, ri, (afiei$ofiaC), r e t r i b u t i o, 
recompense, gift in return, restitution. 
COd.) fa] 

d,|&oipT)o{s, in turn, 2 506 and o 

dfjtoipoC (a/iei/3b>), succedanei, 
rts substitutes (in exchange for for- 
mer aid furnished by Priam), N 793t. 


djioXY^, {iv)y WKTOQ, in darkness^ 
of night, [a] 

*A|&airaova, noXvaifiovi^r}v, slain by 
Tcvjcpoc, e 276t. [-----] 

a\k6q, S, (also afiog) = ijiiknpoc. [(" ] 

a-|&OTov, vehementer» insatiably, 
unceasingly, eagerly ; esp. with fikfAaa, 
K\ai(i},Kt')(o\(jjfJikvo(;, ravvovro. [o] 

^lAir-, see dvair-. 

&|&'ircX6cvT(a), -itrvav, {dfi7r(\6-nc;\ 
B 561, r 184, vitibus abundan.«, 
full of vineji, abounding in vines; of 
districts and towns. (II.) 

aiiircXos, r), grape-vine, vine. (Od.) 

4f&-^€iraX»v, aor. part, from dva- 
irdXXtj, vibrans. 

&u-ircp^S (dvd, Trepdtti), always Sid 
S' afiTTfpeQ, penitus, through and 

affcir-cxcv, uXfH] dj/iovg, c i r c u m d a* 
bat, covered, lay thick upon, ^ 225f. 

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i|i^4n{S«l<rf , aor. from dvamidduif e x- 

ifMrvtvooi, c4ixirw€, &|&^irvuv6ii, 
apirwTo, see dva-in/iui. 

ofiir-vKa {dfi7rkx<»i), /tead-band, JUlet, 
ornament of woman's head, x *69- 
(See cut) 

&|fc$8£s (Aeolic instramental case, 
from afioQ ; parallel form, afwhq\ una, 
simnl, at once, (1) together, KaOi^eiv, 
KiK\ri<TKnv, etc., wdvr d/jivdiCj to- 
gftheryfi 413, M 385.^2) at once,im- 
inedialefu, I 6, N 336, ^217,? 305. [a] 

*A^vS&vo%y t^ — , Amydon, city of 
Uoioi'ff, on the river 'A^ioc, in Make- 
donia, B 849 and n 288. [or] 

'A|&v6aova, ace, son of KpriBiv^ and 
Typw, father of Bmc and 'M.iKdtiicovQ, 
X259t. [-----] 

*A|&vicXoi, aq, city in Lakonia, near 
the Eurotas, twenty stadia S.E. of 
Sparta, residence of Tyndareos, B 
584t. [a]. 

d^v|u«v, ovoQ, [ftb)/£oc], irrepre- 
hensn8,y&tt/^/e««, used esp. of exter- 
nal appearance, but also in a more gen- 
eral sense, exc^knt, glorious (fortunate, 
a232,/ia«l). [- ] 

^vvTMp, -opa, -ac, (dfAvvut), ace, 
defensor, defender, protector, [o] 

*A|fcWTOpo99 'OpfifviSao, gen., father 
of^om^, 1 448. [d] 

&|i^W {fivvrj, munio), arc ere, 
propulsare, ward o/f,(l) act.,N 814, 
Tivi Ti, I 674, n 83.5 ; tivoq, from some 
one,Ti,M 402,0 731; d'irb,p 538; help, 
(kfend, Tipt, E 486, A 674, \ 5tO ; nvoc, 

N 109; vipi nvoc, P 182; diro nvoc, 
n 75, 80.— -(2) mid., defend one* 8 self, 
/3 62, X 106, 116; ward off, ri, N 514, 
P 510; protect, nvoi;, M 155, I 531; 
vavt^i, N 700; icipi nvoq, M 170, 243. 

a|ivovfv, aftu^etc, {afivtreut, ma- 
cro), ipf., fut. lac era re, scratch, tear, 
T 284, out of grief; A 243, Ovfwv, thou 
shalt gnaw thy soul with vexation. 

d|i^-&Ydtratov, -o/icvoc, (a'yoira^u;), 
ipf. act. and pres. mid., am plecti, re- 
ceive hospitably, U 192, ^ 381. 

circa earn conveniebant, w^ere 
grouping themselves about her, 2 37t. 

A|v-^8iov, adj. (0ao(), yofiov, open, 
publicly declared, ^ 288 ; esp. &f&^a8(T)v, 
adv. p a 1 a m, ojtenly, H 1 96. [d] 

dfA-4&Sa ykronu, detegeretur, 
that the thing should come to light; 
dfi<l>aS6v, pa lam, openly, undisguisedly 
(opp. Kpv^riduv, K 330; doXift, a 296), 

&|&4»^ S* ^CovovTOi (ai(r<ra>), undi- 
que concitantur, spring ujton it 
from all sides, A 417; wftoti; font 
round his shoulders, Z 510, O 267. [t<] 

&|ji^ T dXciil^oi (dXfi^o;), aor. iiii'., 
perungere, anoint thoroughly, Q 582 f . 

&|i4-&p4^'no« (dpafi(ai), aor, his ar- 
mor aashed around him, 4> 408 f. 

oiA-^tao-Ci) (0ai'a»), /iri/ — titkiov Xa/3f, 
speechlessness took possession of him, 
P 695, d 704. 

d/i0' aiJov &iSTtw (dvrkia), ipf. ari- 
dum circa sonabant, ^ave a dull 
sound, M 160t. [y] 

d^(f>-a^cLit) {diTTU}), part. &)&^-a^tt»v, 
-owtra, mid. inf. -daaOat, ipf. -owvro, 
contrectare manibus,yee/ o/* oZ/ 
around, touch, grasp; also with x*P<^*f 
handle, 9 215. 

&p4^-ciroTaTO, ipf. from dfKfmroTdo- 
fiat, circumvolitabat, B 315f. 

&)i(^-^ai, see dfi(f>nvit}. 

(dfiififpxofiat), only aor. dfi^^^Xv^ 
yersabatur circa, sounds about me^ 
022; rose about me, fi 369. (Od.) 

&)i<^-^avc, devoravit, see d/u^(- 


&p4^^9 circumfundebatur, 
see dfi<i>i\sit}. 

aiu^KCS (dr^), ntrimqi^ acu- 
tus, two-edged, of sword, tt 80. 

Digitized by 





&f&^Xv0c, c ire u mi it, from a/i0- 

dfi<l>-rjfuti, only i^X 8' ctaro, cir- 
cumversabantnr, O 9\. 

&l&^ - T^pc^a (ipk<p(jj)f 11 1 r i m q u e 
contectam, dose-coveredy A 45f . 

&|i^'i^piaTov (€pi^<<»)i ambiguum 
(vie tor em), doubtJkU (his vietory 
doubtful), ^ 382t. 

&f&^ (see dfupig), utrimque, on 
both sideSf often synonymous with Trtpi 
— I. ac!v.,utrimque,j3l53,427,<Tl73; 
rounJa6ot«^,y 32,429, 01 22; exchanged 
with 7r€|0i, 2^564, O 647; afi(l>i inpi 
(sometimes wrongly written as one 
word),* 10,^ 191, A 609; inpi t dfi<pi 
re, with ace., P 760; so 7r€pi,K 262. — 
II. prep., (1) with gen., de, about, con- 
cerning, n 825, e 267.— (2) with dat, 
(a) local, circa, around, among, B 388, 
r 328, 2 231, M 396, A 493 ; ofieKoiaiv 
iveipav, proleptically, pierced the meat 
so that it was around the spit, A 465, 
cf "¥ 30 ; diiipi nvpi, on the fire, 9 426 ; 
with, \ 423, I 470; (b) causal, because 
o/=for, r 70, 157, a 48, 5 153, X 546, 
A 672; de,with respect to, p 555, S 151, 
H 408. — (3) with ace, local; circa, 
mbout, Q 588, B 461, A 409 ; unthin, A 
706; dfi(pi riva, any one in company 
with those about him, % 281, r 146. 

'A|A^C^aXo3, a Phaiakian, d 1 14. [<] 

&|fc^t-dX<(>, iv'l9dKy, mari cinctft, 
sea-girt. (Od.) 

*A|A^tapao«, son of 'OricX^c, great- 
grandson of MfXrt/iTTovf, pious and 
brave ; seer, and king of Argos ; he 
participated in the Argonautic expedi- 
tion and in the Kalydonian l)oar-hunt, 
and finally, through the treachery of 
Eriphyle, in the expedition of tlie Sev- 
en against Thebes, o 244. [a] 

&f&^t-&xviav (dxog), as she flew 
lamenting about, B Sief. 

dfi^i-fiaivu), ipf , pf , plupf ; only ipf. 
(aor. P 359) in tmesi; surround, cin- 
gere,n,/i74; nvi,n66; Z 355, 541, 
occupies the thought, heart ; fiktrov ov- 

pavov, stand at zenith; ri, ten ere, 
possess, protect, csp. of perf. and plup^ 
with dat. 

&|i^p(£XXci, fut -(iaXiUfiat, cast 
about, (1) amicire, induere, /n** on, 
of garments, weapons, etc., always in 
tmesi Tivd ti, also without ace. of the 
person (also mid., clad one's self), ri, 
Tivi (dat. of pers., ^ 342 ; of thing, E 
722, N 36) ri ; dfi(f>t(3a\6vrtc, P 742, 
putting on strength; fut. only mid., / 
mtll equip wyself.—-{2) circum po- 
ne re, xf/ 192, building upon this (as 
foundation); xeXpacx^^P^ — ^^^py 'O^v- 
afji, xj/ 208, or rivi, riva, embrace ; yov- 
vaa'i rivoc;, amplecti genua; ^454, 
seize; p 344, as much as his hands 
could hold in their clasp; K 535i, en- 
compass, resound about. 

i^i-fiSmrivy resistance, E 623 f. 

iL^k^-Pfi6ry\^y -rjv, (/3por6c), honii- 
nem undique tegentis, covering 
the entire man, davido^, B 389, A 32. (IL) 

'Aii^i-'Y^MS town subject to Nestor, 
B 593t. 

&f&^l-Y^<^ (yv'<')> ambidexter, 
strong -artned, only at close of verse, 
usually subst. work-master, with vtpt- 
kXvtoc, of" E.<f>ai(jroQ,9 300. 

dfA^^Tvounv (yviov), iyxetnv, almost 
always at close of verse, utrimque 
a c u t i s, sharp at both ends, ic 474 ; Fee 
ovpiaxoQ. (See annexed cuts.) [r*] 






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I af4i-^at«u, only -8^c, -ScSifts 
(i5aito), perf. plupf., circa exarsit, 
rages round about, ri, Z 329. (IL) 

A|&^i-8d|ia«, -avroc, (I) from KvOif 
pa, K 268.--(2) from 'Oiroag, "¥ 87. 

a|i4^<^-Sa<ruav (datrv^), aiyiSa, circa 
yillosam^ shaggy cUl around, unth 
shaggy border, O 309 f. 

nf^XrSiviu), -8€8(vt|Tai, pf. pass., * 
562, round whose edge goes a border 
(casting) of tin ; 9 405, encloses it 

a|Ji^t-of>v4^ {i5pvvTii})j quae ge- 
nas lacerat, with both cheeks torn 
from grief, B 700t. 

&|i4t^ipv^i (fl-apetat), circa 1 ace- 
rat a e, (both) torn from grief, A 393t. 

&|i4(-8v|ioi, duplices, double (out- 
er and inn^ harbor), h 847 f. 

&|t4'^b-cX(iF(n)«, -ai,-ac, (eXiVffai), gen. 
sing., nom. and ace. pi., utrimque 
carvatae, curved at both ends, usu- 
ally of ships at rest, y 162. [— ww 
— ^] (The cut represents a Phoenici- 
an ship, as represented on an Egyptian 

dfi<l>i'(vwfii (jEwvfii), fut. &|&4W<rw, 
aor. -£(T(<T)a, and mid. -a/iiyv, (no pres. 
or ipf.), a,m\cire, put on, don, nva n, 
T393,^23; mid,, in da ere sibi, c?re«« 

ifi^iHlircM', only pr. (imp. and part.) 
and ipf., dfi<f>€7re, also in tmesi, circa 
versari, to be busy about; nva, A 47S, 
surround (mid.) ; vvp, envelop in flame, - 
apparare,c/re5«,0 61; arrange,B525; 
dfi(l,uirovTeg, seduli, busily, y 1 18. 

&)i4l.€€irc {(vw), ambus sit, singed 
round about, i 389t. 

ifi^-itavc (i^rtvw), circa adhae- 
rebat, settled upon, 2 25t. 

&|i4l.d&Xtis (GoAoc), undique af- 
fluens, rich; others interpret, h'lvi g 
faihsr and mother still alive, X 496t. 

*A^XMi\t wife of AbroXvicog, grand- 
mother of 'OdvaivQf r 416t. 

&|i^C4cT09 ^aXff, reversible cup, L e. 
with double bowl and base, which may 
stand upon or be drunk from either 
end, the base serving also as bowl (c£ 
dfifi'KvviXKop ^tVac),* 270. {^.) 

d|i4C-6^ovo%v (0£<i>), circumsil^ 
unt, run about, k 413f. 
'Afi^te^, a Nereid, 2 42t. 
A|i4i'ic&XvirT«t (also m tmesi), with 
fut and aor. (calim, occulo, Ger. 
hullen, Eng. hull, of grain), obvol- 
vo, wrap around, veil, B 262 ; shelter, 
enclose,^ 9\,d 618,9 511; bedoud,oi 
swoon, Y 41 7 ; of sleep, v 86 ; 9avdTov 
fiiXav VC0OC, n 350, cf. M 116, £ 68, d 
180; ipwc fif <l>pivag, love engrossed 
my heart ; nvi ri, surround, S 343, N 
420, P 132, 9 569, E 507. 

&|i4i-icapii, double-headed, v. 1., p 231. 
&|44l-Kcaunra« (Kid^ut), having hewed 
off all around (the bark), K 12t- 
''Ap^t-xXof, a Trojan, n 313t. 
&|A^K^I&Y (KOfitf), f ro n d o 8 o, shady, 
P 677t. 

&|i4»l-ia^XXov, Siirag,double-cupped 
goblet, whose base is bowl-shaped, and 
may be drunk from, y 63. [u] 

&l&4^Xdlxaivcv, sarriebat, was 
drying about, m 242 f. 

*A|&4C-Xoxo«, son of *Afi<ptdpaoc, 
from 'Apyog, a seer, o 248t. 

&ft4X-Xvia| (luce re), vv^ dilucu- 
1 um, gray of early dawn, H 433 f. [?'] 
&|t^l-|MMraa4M, 1 aor. imp. mid., 
avoyyoioi, wipe off all over, v 152t. 

4|i4^MLx«vTaH^^A< around, (1) ri, 
besiege, Z 461. — (2) Tivng,Jight for (as 
a prize), of defenders and assailants, II 
496; cf. dfiifn vbkvi, U 526. (11.) 

'A^jjiJSLXOit (1) son of KTsarog, 
leader of 'Eiraoi', N 203.— (2) son of 
No/iiti>v, leader of Kap«f, B 870. 

*A|&^t-tii8«v, son of MeXavevg, a 
suitor, X 242. 

&|44t-iUXaivai, -ag, (ftphig, dark on 
both siaes, darkened (lit diaphragm, 
dark on both sides), metaph. of soul, 
darkened by rage or grief, of instanta- 
neous effect of strong feeling. (II.) 

&f&^l-tU|i.t)Kcv (jiVKaofjai), circum- 
sonavit, re-echoes, k 227; tm., aor. 
-fiVK€, -ov. resounded, Y 260, M 460. 

afi^i-v4}M>VTai, pr. and ipf., dwell 

around or in, B 521. € 186 ; tm., B 499. 

'A|j44-v<5jmj, a Nereid, 2 44. 

*A|&^C-voiu>s, son of Ntffoc, from Aou- 

X.V..,a8mtor,x89. ^^^^GoOglc 




dfitfu-^siOf only &f&^{c4ra, dolavi, 
/ hewed round about, xj/ 196t. 

*'A|i.^io«, (I) son of l^kXayoCf from 
Ilatcroi', ally of the Trojans, E 612. — 
(2) son of Mljooi//, a Trojan chief, B 830. 

&|44l-«irA'qrai, circumsonet, re- 
$oundSf a 352 f. 

i^X-vivovraXf and dfKfttnkvovro, 
ipf , cnrant, attended, o 467; take vp, 
tend (the wounded); omoU, * 203,^ 184. 

&ft^i-^cp(, see dfi<pi. 

Ali^t^ircpi-aTp^^^cTaty see iripunpi^. 

&l&^i-^cpi-oTptt<^ see inpiorpbi)<lfa, 

&j&4'^-'ircox>v<ra (TriTrrw), amplex- 
at a, embracing, dinging to (her lifeless 
husband), 523t. ^ 

&)&^iyiroXf^iv (dfufH'n'oXoi:), only pr., 
curare, rtV/, opxcnov ; /3rov, loafcA <wcr ; 
v 78, attend, serve (ironical). (Od.) 

&|ji4»£-^oXo«, -q, (fl-lXo/iac), comes, 
female attendant (not a slave), without 
whom the noble dame of the heroic 
age never appears in public, a 331. 

&ft^i-iro}/lo/ua(, only ipf. -€irovfiro 
and fut. -irovfiaofxiOa, curare, attend 
(so also dfifi7rkvovrai\ *^ 681 ; superin- 
tend,^ 159, v 307. 

dfupt-rroTdofiai, only &fu^-ffiroTOTo, 
circumvolitabat, was Jlutiering 
about, B 31 Sf. 

&|M|»X-f»vrg (pfto), vfitrtft Iv — , c i r- 
c n ra f 1 u a, sea-girt, a 50. (Od.) [*'] 

&f&^Ct (from dfi(lnjj, old instr. case, 
4» 162; weakened to d/jupi, which orig. 
stood before FiKaoTov {jKaarov], A 634, 
748, r 46 ; and in composition, a'/i^i- 
akxw, a 54, y 486, 9 340 ; replaced at 
close of verse by dutpig, ij 4, ^ 266, E 
723, 4> 442), utrimque, on both sides, 
—I. adv., (1) 2 519; * 162, hurl the 
spears from both hands at once; «X^«»'> 
have on both side?, carry ; a 54, bold 
asunder; round about, H 342, T 115. — 
(2) apart, N 706 ; singly, x 57, cf. X 1 1 7 ; 
flvai, IT 267, with gen., be far from, r 
221, O 709.--(3) differenUy, it^pdZetrOai, 
0f)ov«v,B 13,N 345. — II. prep, (always 
following the word it governs, except 
dn<l>i before (fyKaorog), (1) with gen., 
far away from, ^ 352, tt 267, 6 444 ; on 
one side of *" 393 ; in all its parts, nar. 
rowly, B 384. — (2) with dat., on either 
end, E 723. — (3) with ace, about, around, 
S 274, K 266, A 635, 748, r 46. 

dfAtpioTOfiai, only ipf. and aor. Afi^ 
lirravy dfufi-korfioav, circumstare, 

obsiderejS 233; in tmesi, 174,1 38Q 

i^k^l' (vt<l>oQ) iare^t c i n x i t, crotoii- 
ed with, 2 205t. 

&|i^.coTf>&r^rTo, Trjv, obside- 
bant, were beaieging, A 713f. 

&fi4i"(rrpc<^cs {(rTpk<l>iit), flex lies, 
turning all ways, A 40 f. 

dfip-riOrifii, induere, put on, rivi 
ri ; in tmesi, yet Ap^iTcdcicra, placed . 
upon, K 27 1 ; mid. dfi^kOiro, girded on, 
<f> 431 ; in tmesi, 9 416, K 149. 

dfi^*^ (iavbg) rp^f&c, circa treme- 
bat, trembled rouiid about, 4» 507 f. 

*A|&^urpCn|, sea-goddess (not repre- 
sented in Homer as wife of Poseidon), 
€ 422, fi 97, 60. 

&|M^i-Tpo|i.^w, Tov d' — Kal ^tiSia, 
tremble for, and fear lest, d 820t. 

*A|i.^i-Tpvttv, utvov, only with «raTf, 
viog ('HpaicXiiyc), and ukoitiv ('AXk/iti' 
VTjv), king of Tipvvi, E 392, y 266. 

6 q^ b &|i^^-^&Xov (0a- 
Xog) KifViTiv, double- 
plumedyStrlctly, dou- 
ble -ridged f helmet 
with double or divid- 
ed crest. (See cut, 
a and b.) 

&|i^i-^o/3( <u ,only 
-€^Pifi€Vy aor. pass. 
fitv, were put to flight around him, n 

&,|&^t^pcvt, 0, (dfifffiCf 0ep<if)i two- 
handled viise or jar for wine ; also, a; 74, 
for ashes of the dead. (See the follow- 
ing cuts, the first two fit)m Egyptian, 
the others fix)m Greek, original.) 

Digitized by 


Afl^-^pd t fg^ 


Vi<L KpnTtip* 

&|&4>^ (fitoKa) ^d(c(r0c, icdgh care' 
fiiUy, 2 254t. 

&|i^-ix<u^<» aor. (xtziVw), devora- 
i\l, yawns on every side^ -^ 79t. 

d|ii^X^**> ^^^* X^^^» X^^i c ire urn- 
f u n d o. — (I) in tmesi, n rtvr, c i r c u ra- 
dare, shed abouty P 270, 9 278.— (2) 
aor. mid. fxvvro, thronged about, x ^^^ » 
were laid round them, d 297 (tmesis); 
nvd, rin/7 in one^s ears, B 41 ; «n- 
compass (tmesis), revi, N 544,11 414; 
also aor. pass. 'txoBri, ^ 716, 3J 253, ^ 
63; ewhraoe, tt 214; ^ 764, before the 
dust-cloud rose. 

&|i4i-X^9<^» -nvaij see a/i0t-x«<«>» 

&|i4l-xvtov (x^(o), circumfusum, 
encompassing (earthen wall), Y 145t. 

*A|i^i«i»Vy o*/oc, (1) son of 'laVioc and 
XXiDpic, king of 'OpYOf*£voc, X 283. — 

(2) son of Zeus and AvnoTny, brorJier 
of ZfjOoe, founder of Qfjfiai, \ 262. — 

(3) leader of the 'Eireioij N 692. [7] 
&|fc^6Tcpos> tjf oVf am bo, both; dfx- 

^oTipov — Ti — r« (icai), utrumque 
et — et; dti^ortpyai (x^pffi), « 264 
(E416),ambabus (manibus); xcipe 
dfuboTspaSf CO 398. 

*A|i4oTcp^, a Lykian, IT 415 f. 

&|fc4<>TCfHaOcv, u trim que, from or 
on both sides, at both ends, k 167. 

&|fc<^Tip«0<rf, in u tram que par- 
tem, in both directions, 9 223. (II.) 

&|i4-ovSC« (ovSag)^ humi, on the 
ground, at his feet, p 237 f. 

&|&-<^pdotraiT09 aor. from dtfa<ftpa^o- 
/lai, ag nose eret. 

offc^M (ambo), ambo, utrique, 
both (sides), A 363 (B 124); the two 
pieces, /i 424. 

a|ft^-iwTov (ovg), two-hmdled, x lOf. 

^v4^f opt pres. from dfidw, mete- 

^i^fMt|fcifTOio (jiutfAog), irreprehen-i 
BUS, irreprtHMchable, M 109t. 

I. iv (possibly from 6fi6g), strictly, 
all qua, somehow, similar in its use to 
Kk ; lieuce, 1., with opt, mere (subjec- 
tive) supposition, sumtio ficti; P 
711, ov yap nuti; av TptitttTOi fuixoiro, 
non enim Troes impugnaverit^ 
he fDould (could) not, unarmed, attack 
the Trojans; in hypothetical periods, 
sumtio ficti, conclusion of expressed 
or implied supposition made without 
regai*d to fact, ri r &v dfivvaifAriy {el 
fioi duvapig ye irapeiri), ego vero me 
defenderim, I toauid defend myself, 
/3 62; in relative periods, og vvv ye 
Kai av Au varpi fxdxoiro, who now 
at least tcould fight even with father 
Zeus, £ 362; also with assumption 
contrary to fact, sumtio falsi, A 232. 
— (2) in interrogations, a 65, it&q av 
Ivevr 'OdvarjoQ tyw Beioio KaOoifiriv; 
how should {could) I forget? in re- 
quests, ^57, oifK <Stv Sfj fAot iiftonXia- 
(Teiag d7rr}VTjv, couldst (wouldst) thou 
notf — (3) in dependent relation after 
past tenses, irpoteig {/le) 6<pp' av e\oi- 
firjv, ut acciperem, didst send me 
that / might receive, to 334 ; hypothet- 
ically, in oratione obliqua, areijro 
viKrjcrsfuv eiirep av — dfidouv (oratio 
recta would be idwip deiduKTi), he 
stood and boasted that he would con- 
quer even though (as he said) the Muses 
should sing, B 597. — IL with indie, (1) 
past tense (supposition contrary to 
fact), sumtio falsi, ovk &v rooaa 9e- 
ovpoTTs iMtv dyopeveg, non tam multa 
vaticinatus loquereris, wouldst 
not be talking so much, disclosing (for- 
sooth) the will of the gods, /3 184; 
hypothetically, € 39, quae — ne ex 
Troia quidem abstulisset, si 
incolumis rediisset, as he would 
not have brought away from Troy, had 
he returned home without mishap. — 
(2) with future, seldom, X 66, avrvv d' 
av irvfJMrov fie — ipvovai, me ipsum 
postremo dilaceraverint,melast 
of all shall the dogs rend. — III. with 
subj., denoting that which is soon to 
take place, scarcely different from sim- 
ple future. — (1) in principal sentences, 
Tax' ^^ trore Ovfwv dXiatry, soon shall 
he lose his life ; thus esp. freq. with 
aor. subj., also (2) in dependent sen- 

Digitized by 





fence, ov ^* civ iydtv — vorjcrijj quern 
conspicatus ero, whomsoever I 
ihall have perceived, 9 10 (yet subj. 
pres., ly, r 332); wf Hv eyw «i7ru>, 
qnomodo ego locutus ero? how 
Aall I speak^ A 510, 6<pp' av — Tifftam, 
quoad honorabunt, until ihey shall 
honor. — *Av and xi in one sentence, 
^ 259, € 36 1 . [- ; but - by position be- 
fore Pepmair, 9 21; <Tf<{iy 9 406, where 
orig. initial consonants have disap- 

2. av by apocope for dvd, before v, 
K 298; before r, E 167; before (rrofjiaj 
i 456 ; and in dv dsf sc. wpvvro, F 268, 
>F 755 (cf. 812, 709, and 9 110-118). 

3. av-, negative prefix, cf Lat. in-, 
Eng. i n-, u n- (cogn. with dvevy possibly 
with dvd), shortened before consonants 
to so-called d privativum, which 
also (as dva-) appears before vowels 
when in the ancient form a spirant, <r, 
P, orj, was heard : dvdPedvog, dPayrjg., av, before labials a/x (opp. icaro), 
up, aloft. — I. adv., dW dva, but up! 
quick! 2 1 78, (r 13 ; thereon, S 562 ; upon, 
^416; mixed, pouring in (upon the 
water) the wine, y 390 ; often separated 
by tmesis from the verb to which it 
belongs. — II. prep., (1) with gen., dvd 
Vfiog (vsiHv) PaivHv, embark, a 210. — 
(2) with dat., aloft on, upon, A 15,0 152, 
i// 275, 2 177; w 8, to each other.--(3) 
with ace, strictly per, along a line 
(contrast successively with Kard, on 
different points of a surface, passim 
per — ; iv, with dat, at one point within 
a given boundary ; elg, with ace, to such 
a point. — (1) of space, aloft to, or in, 
dva(3aiv€iv, % 132 ; nOEvai, K 466 ; tn 
my breast, and rose to my mouth, dvd 
ffTOfia, X 452; fiivag, w 318; along, K 
339; dv I9vv, straight forward; (a) 
throughout, along, with verbs of motion, 
E 74, K 362, 298, O 657, 101, N 270, P 
257, 2 546, Y 319,*- 321, Q 166, xf/ 136 , 
also figuratively, "*■ 716 ; (b) with other 
verbs, throughout the confines of, over, 
amid, dv'EWdca,^ 117, B 575, /S 291, 
^ 286 ; dvd (rrofi txnv, having (their 
names) in thy mouth, B 250 : dvd 9v- 
ftov ippoviiv, judge in one*s soul ; also, 
op/naiveiv, Qafifiiiv, dUtrdai; follg. the 
governed word, vubv dvd, v 32. — (2) 
temporal, dvd vvkto, per noctem, all 
night through, 'S, 80. [w w] 

1. ova, see dvd, L 

2. ava, voc. from, ava^, 
&va-Paiv^|Ji€v, dfi-l3aivHV, ^ptifrofiai^ 

-€j3i7, often in tinesi, go up, fi 77 ; with 
ace, ascend (to), ovpavov, virepwia, ap- 
fiara; ^ 29, perineat homines, 
goes abroad among men^ dvd ri, x 132, 
143 ; ag rt, ^Hi 287, H 184, x 143, t 470 ; 
with dat, K 493, per corpora in- 
gredientes; iv ^iippoiai,^ 132; ig 
difjtpov, n 657, X 399 ; with gen., vrjoQ 
{y%Mv), embark upon; also absolute (be- 
fore taking ship for Troy), a 210, cf. A 
611; also trans, in tmesis, A 143, rivd, 
put on board; cf. o 475, dva/StiadfUvoiy 
having taken us into their ship. 

avd-f3a\\t, ap-PaXX(a|&c6(&, (I) pro- 
crastinare, postpone, r 584 ; tmesis, p 
262; mid., B 436.— (2) mid., ordiri, 
make a prelude, dsideiv, a 155, p 262. 

kva-$ippvxty (fip€X(if) ^6cjp, sca- 
turivit, bubbled up, P 54f (v. 1. dva- 

'Ava-Pt)<r£-vcMS) a Phaiakian, 1 1 df. 

&voUpXi|o-is {dvafidWui), d i 1 a t i o, 
postponement, B 380. (II.) 

{dva-(3paxiiv), aor. &v-^pp&xc, rattled 
aloud, T 13 ; creaked aloud, 48. 

(dva-pp6x<ti), only ava-pp^fcic, /i 
240, as often as she gulped down ; and 
dvafipoxsv, X 586, vanished as if sucked 
up. ^ 

&va-ppvtw, -ppitfx*'9 see dvapkppvxii 

(dva'yiyviiKrKU)), only aor. eyviov, etc., 
agnoscere, ib»ow again, d 250, r 250; 
N 734, maxime vero ipse sentit, 
the fortunate possessor knovfs it best 
of all; X 144, quomodo talem me 
agnoscat, recognize me for such as 
I am. 

avaYKaCi) (=aWyKi|), necessitas, 
necessity, want, Z 85 ; dat., perforce, A 
300; avayKairifjn ^apkvriQ,Y 143. 

^vaYKoXos, f), ov, (dvdyKTJ), (1) vio- 
lent us, constraining; rifiap, day of 
constraint, servitus; pvOtp, word of 
force, xpfiol,dir& necessitate. — (2) 
coactus, perforce, dpmg (captivi), 
iroXffiiorai, inviti. 

iivayKt], necessitas, constraint, ne- 
cessity, Kpartpri; rivl iori (with inf.), 
necesse est, K 418, Q 667 (E 633, Y 
251); dvdyttg, v\,of necessity, k 434, v e 1 
coacti; vv dvdyicrjg, out of congntl- 
sion. [w ] 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




dva-yvafXTrrtOfOnly av-^yvafji«|rav, re- 
tro cnr\ ah, itnluoaedf and dviy- 
vafiiftOti, was bent back, P 44. 

av-aTotxri, -ci^Wj aor. -iiyayov, bring 
ttp, conduct^ carry to a place. — (1) on 
land, B 534, ^ 273, f> 441 (to the inte- 
riorX cf. 9 203; producere, bring 
fortkf a 89. — (2) by water, on ship- 
board, Tivdy ri, carry away (home, y 
272), N 627, T 48, Z 292 ; despatch, o 
115; bring back, O 29; gvkid/t kifher, I 
338; dvdyovTO (opp. icaTay«vro),|Mrf to 
«a, r 21)2. 

&va-8c8po|Ac» imminet, see dva- 

{dva-dipKui), av^p&KCv dipOaXftoUnv, 
aperuit oculos, opened again his 
eyes, S 436 f. 

wa-^ay.'^v (Siw) TrXeicrryi', (twisted 
or plaited) Aea(^fM2, ^:«^ S 

X 469t. (See cat.) 

iviS^taro, exce- 
jp it, received, E 619; 
and ipf. dvtSkyp.tQa, 
sascepimns, have 
undergone, p 563. 

{dva-SvofiaC), only 
in the forms avSvcrai, -edv^ero, and 2 
aor. -I^u, -^uy, -dijvat, emergere, 
emerge, € 322; with gen., A 359, « 337; 
with ace, aro8e to the wave (surface) 
of the sea, A 496; recedere, draw 
back, I 377; €if, H 217; and ace. with- 
out prep., N 225, cf 214, out of the 

&v-d>c8vov (d-e^va), without bridal 
gifts (cf. s6va). I 146. (II.) 

kv'aeipiii, imp. -dcipc, aor. ind. -deipe, 
opt -aeipau inf. -aeipai, part. -atipa<; — 
to 11 ere, Ufl up (tmesis, H 130,X 399, 
XETp«(,% TEiix^u) ; limbs, 9 298 ; the op- 
]>onent in wrestling, catry off a prize. 
(II. >I^.) 

&va-9T|Xi^(rci, (^Xeto), revirescet, 
»//a// 6/oo//i again, A 236t. 

&va-Si{,aaTa (ji9r]fii), Sairog, addi- 
tamenta cenae, ornaments, delights 
of the banquet, a 152, 430. (Od.) 

dva-OpcMrKuv, exsultans, bounding, 
N UOf. 

&v-ai8€£t|s (dvaidrjt:), gen. sTriPrjaav, 
trod the path of insolence, v 424 ; -€iiyv 
iinuyLivoQ, I 372. clafl in impudence. 

&v-<u8i)s, kg. {alddjQ), i ni p u d e n s, 
insolent, shameless, p 449, of the suitors ; 

Implied to inanimate objects, KvdoifjMQ, 
'TTtrpri, N 139, and Xdag, \ 598. 

&v-aifu>vc« (alfia), sanguine ca- 
rentes, bloodless, L e. without mortal 
blood, E342t. [w-ww] 

&v-ai)u*T£ (alpa), sine caede,tri^ 
out bloodshed, a 149. [7] 

&vaivo|Mit, ipf. dvaivtro, aor. drriva- 
TO, rivr\vaTo, etc. {aivvpai) — negare, 
deny, 2 500, K 149, I 116; recusare, 
refuse, 2 450,* 204, 1 585 ; sper n ere, 
repd, reject (opp. vvoSfx^ffOoi), H 93, <r 
287, 1 510, 679 ; y 265, spurn. 

&v-aipi«i, 'ijfftffQai, aor. -tlAov, -«Xo- 
/ii;v, toll ere, toife« «/?. — (1) lift from 
the ground, y 453; mid., take vp for 
one's self, ot'Xoxvrag; take up in one's 
arms, II 8; lift up and sweep away, v 66. 
— (2) comprehendere, lay hold of, 
A 301, a 16 ; mid., capere, take, arms, 
N296; cloak, 4 530; goblet, x 9; come 
to reason, r 22. — (3) accipere, bear 
off, prizes, *^ 736; mid., 823, ^117 (or 
in signification 2). — (4) conducere, 
to take into one's service, a 357^ 

av-££<nrov<ri> aor. dv-r\i^a, spring up, 
rise suddenly from a sitting posture, A 
584, a 4< , for combat, etc., H 106, * 
203 ; gush forth (pr. only in this sense), 
X 148 ; with ace, leap upon, Q 440. 

&v-aiTlos {aiTia), in son s, innocent, 
r 297, V 135. 

dva-Koiw, always with ttv/o, only iv- 
^KOic (and -or), ace end it, kindled, c 
251 (v 123). (Od.) 

dva - K€pdvvvpi, only - K^pcunrcv, 
a.or.,filled and mixed, y 3901. 

4va-itr|Kick, ipf. -icrfKu, gush forth, 
stream doum. (11.) 

dva-Kkivw. only 1 aor. act. (part, iy- 
xXivas) and pass, part., dva-K\ivQitg^ 
rec 1 in o, 7//a^c to lean upon. — (1) rivd. 
vpog Ti, (T 193 ; rt^ov irori yaiy, brac- 
ing against the ground, A 113, cf r 
577 ; op«i, doors (opp. £7ri0€Tj/at). X 525, 

LI 56, 6 395; dvaicXti^^fic, supinus, 
ning back, v 78, t 371. ^ 794. 
dv-aKovri^u), only ipf. ^vr[K6vriX*f 
shot forth, alpa, E 1 13t. 

dva-KoirTit), ipf. av-ifKoirrc, shoved 
back, <j> 47t ; see dxtvg. 

dva-Kpd^io, aor. av-^Kp&Yov» since / 

have onc£ for all broken silence. ^ 467t. 

dva-Kpffjdvvvfu, aor. part. aY-xpcfid- 

craou, after she had hung it up a 440t. 

6.vaKTopiiQ<n (a»'«4) vsaaiv, Mangi/tg 

to the master, o 397f. ^^ , 





fell rattling over, H 379t. [«] 

dva-\kyia, ipf. aX-Xryov, aor. inf. 
iiXkklaif coUigere, gather, * 321. 

ky-aksfudtjfrt Safuvnc, orennastered 
hyfear^Z 74. (IL) 

av-aXici«, iZoQ, ace. -iZa (-iv, y 375), 
ignavQS, clt>fenseless, cowardly, O 62. 

av-oXroy (alere), insatiabilem, 
insatiable, <T 114. (Od.) 

dva-Xvto, ipf. iter. -ctX-Xv€<nccv» part. 
&\-\vov(rav, aor. av-lXvcrav, solvere, 
untie,i 178 (in tmesi) ; retexere,tin- 
rawe/, /3 105. (Od.) 

&v&-|Mii|&(ici TTVp ayKia, grassatnr 
per, rages thivugh, Y 490+. 

&v&-|&dtci«, fat. (fidffffu)) ay KttpaXy, 
shall wipe off on thy own \ie^,expiate 
with thy life, r 92t. 

dva-fikvio, aor. &v-^|uiva, exspec- 
tavi, MTow awaiting, t 342t- 

&va-|UTpi{<rai|&i (furpi oj), aor., e m e- 
tirer, renteasure the road to, ft 428t. 

dva-fuywui, see dvafjiicryu}. 

dva - fUfivriffKut, av - ^|&in()<ra«, aor., 
commonuisti, Aa«< reminded, raira, 

dva-fiifjivij. only ipf. , m a n e r e, az&ai7, 
A. 171; »te»c//rt»^ n 363. (H) 

dva-fii(ryiM), ipf. and aor. (tmesis), 
dfifii^ag, admiscere, <o inix with, mix 
together, k 235, 5 41, Q 529. 

dva-fiopfivpat, ipf. iter. dv-t\iLop\iv- 
pccncc, efferbuit, seethed up, fx 238t. 

dva-vkofiaif ^v-vctrcuy oritur, rises, 
K 192t. 

ava-vfw<o,onlyipf andaor.,abnnere, 
deny, refuse, Z 311; with inf., 11 252; 
6<j>pvai, Y Glare, forbid, i 468; without 
inf. <j> 129; KapnaTt,X 205. 

&v-avTa, 8 u r 8 u m, up-hill, *^ 1 1 ef. 

&va|, /crof , (Pdva^), voc. <& dva, of 
gods ; dat. pi. dvuKTitn, o 557, tutor, 
dominus, master, ruler. — (1) as pos- 
sessor, 8 87. — (2) as ruler, (a) of gods, 
Z£t) dva, Alt Kpovitiivi dvaicri, etc.; 
Apollo, H 23; KXitOi dva^, U 514; 
Poseidon, Hephaistos, dv, Ivipiov *At- 
d(jjpivg ; (b) of men, e. g., I 164 ; com- 
mon phrase, aval dvSputv, A 172, A 7. 

dva-^rtpaivu), &Y-tt)p(iv^, aor. subj., 
ex sic cat, dry up, $ 347t. 

iLV'0iy€«rK0Vf see dvoiyvvfii, a peri e- 

dva-iroKXiay only (1) aor. part, ip- 

|«€v&XMr, yibratam, having poised 
I aiwf drawn hack, F 355. — (2) mid. dva-- 
TToXXtrat, "♦■ 692, aor. dv-kvaXrOy ex- 
si lu it, sprang up, O 85. 

dva-wavui, aor. ^v-^atKre, riva t*- 
voc, arc nit, hinders from, P 550t. 

dva-Tfiiput, aor. part. oufc-irctpavTCSy 
transfixa, having spittea, B 426f . 

&va-^cirTa|i4va«, see dvavtrdwVfu, 

&va-7rerawi;/£t, ex pan do, spread 
out; only (1) dvd ^ Mrrta — ir^rcuixravy 
unfurled, shook out the sails, A 480, etc. 
—(2) dva-Trevrafiivag, apertas, o^ven 
(opp. ivixiKknttvaQ, M 121), Ovpag. 

dva-nfiSdut, aor. dfji-irriiTiffe, ex si* 
luit, sprang up out of A 379f. 

dva-irifirrXrjfii, only fut. -vXi{<rciy 
and 1 aor.,explere,yi// up, accompHsh 
(one's fate). 9 34, A 263, A 170 ; en- 
dure woes, « 207, 302, O 132. 

kyarvXkia, fut. -irXcvonto'^ai and ipf., 
«at7 up, aTiivuiirdv, ad fretu m, /i 234: 
tg Tpoirjv. 

&vd-iiT€V(ns (ttj/Iw) TtoXk^oio recov- 
ering of breath, respite from battle, A 
80L (II.) 

ava-9rvla>, ipf and aor. -^irvctMra and 
dfi'irvue, pass. dfi-TrvvvOrf, and plupf. 
mid. dfA-TTvvTo, respirare, respire, 
take breath, come to erne's senses, H 42 ; 
Tivog, receive from (only 1 aor. act.). 

&v-diroivov {diroivay non redemp- 
tam, without ransom, A 99t. [d] 

&va-vpi^<ras (TrpfiOw) duKpu, lacri- 
mas exprimens, letting tears flow, 
i3 81. 

dvairrta, r e 1 i g a r e, attach, of cables, 
fi 162; av-i^^Ou imp. aor. pass., reli- 
gantor ad m^lum, /i 51; suspen- 
der e, hang up, y 274 ; fAuJfiov, impute 
fault, (3 86. 

&vd-irv<rTa (TrevOofiai), nota, noto- 
rious, X 274t. [d] 

dva-poipS^Uy see dvappoifSSku), 

iv-a(07rd^<i>, only aor. -i^pirocrc, -wp- 
vd^ag, eripere, snatch out, X 276; 
carj-y off, I 564 ; snatch away, IT 437, 
esp. of sudden gusts of wind, ^515. 

&va-p- pittas, and -pti^tu (pfiyvvftt\ 
lacerare, tear ojyen; evertere, de- 
stroy,^ 461. (D.) 

dva-p-piirr^w, only pres. and ipf. 
(dv-tpptTTTOvv, V 78), aor. -kpptxpav — 
uXa ('TrrjSip, k 130, is to be supplied), 
turn up with oar-blades ; cf torquent 

Digitized by 


I bpamas 

&m-(p)-poiP84M 35 

et caernla verrunt. 


rare, swallows wo, n 104. (Od.) 

&v-dpoloi {apapioKt), a 1 i e n a t i, not 
Jilting, incongruous^ hence hostile (opp. 

&K-apxo^ (^PX^cX sineduce, ujith- 
wU feoflfer, B 703, 726. 

ava-ffcvw, &v^<nruTo» 2 aor. mid., ex- 
siluit, sprang forth^ A 458t. 

dva-(nraa;, ^v-coiriiiraTO, tyxo^y drew 
his spear /ortA, N 574t. 

ovaatra, f;Ct (ava^), domina, mUs- 
tress, queett (only ^ 149 of a mortal). 

hfdavw {ava^\ fut 'dKm, aor. mid. 
'd^aaOai (ipf. dvaa(n\ tueri, A 7, 
dominari, ^ sovereign, rule, reign 
over. — (1) persons ; comm. with dat, A 
180, also with fura, A 61 , iv, tj 62 ; with 
gen., K 33 ; with ace. (duration of time), 
avd^aoBai yivta, ruled through three 
generations of men, y 245. — (2) country 
and city ; with gen., A 452, p 443 ; with 
dat, B 108 ; with €v, H 572, A 276.-^3) 
KTYifjuKTiv, a 1 1 7, cf. ^ 93 ; TifAtfc, Y 181 ; 
be master of Priam's sovereignty over 
the Trojans, m 30; pass., he ruled, rivi, 

&va-0Ta8^> adv. (cf. ffraSiy), a s s u r- 
gendo, standing upright, * 469. (II.) 

dva-oTivaxiWi iv-eoTiv<£x^*» ip^'» 
ingemuit, wailed aloud, K 9f. 

iLva-oTty^Xcvax^ and ipf. iarfvaxov- 
TO, lam en tar i. bemoan, bewail aloud; 
rivrt,^211. (II.) 

&vaHrTovaxi>Cw> ▼. !• for dvatrreva- 

dva-oTpk^ia, only aor. opt. AvHrrp^- 
iJMiar, everterent, over/um, "^F 436; 
and -ttrpkipofjuii, yaiav, peragro, wan- 
der through, v 326. 

&va-<rTpai4*'*' (-'n-pw^a w), v e r s a n s, 
turning it over and over, 394f . 

&va-ox^)<MV, &V4£Hrx<o, see dvix^nii 

ivourx^H^^'^* -<TX6<rda«, '(^X^^f *o^ 
lens, see dW^w. 

dva-rsXAd), aor. &v^clXc, emisit, 
caused to spring up (as food), E 777t. 

dva-riOrifAt, fut &va0i{o«i, iXiyxiiv^, 
ignominia afficiet, trtV/Aeop insult 
upon me, X lOOf. 

&va-TX.f£«, part, of aor. 6yir\t\Vf en- 
dure, withstand (poison), k 327. (Od.) 

dva - rptirofiat, aor. &vcTp<£vcTO, 

eversus est, fell backtoard, Z 64 

dva-Tp6x^9on\y pf -Mpo|M,and aor. 
-^8pa|&cv, -cv. — (1) run up, spout up, 
P 297 ; wales started up under the 
blows, * 717 ; 2 437, shot up; § 412, 
up rises the sheer rock. — (2) run back, 
A 354, cito immensnm. 

&v-av8o« {ai)dri), mutus, speechless, 
€456. (Od.) 

dva-^vw, only pres. act. and mid., 
and aor. act. -^i) vac, monstrare. — (1) 
were/eeding by turns the flame (to give 
light), o 310.— (2) disclose, A 87 ; dis- 
playing, T 411; show loquacity, h 159; 
betray, o 254.— -(3) mid., appear. 

&v&-^v8^ (-0ati/fa>), II 178t, and 
-^v8db (Od.),open/y, bejfore the eyes of 

dva'if>Epu), only aor. 1 iy-^vcuco, 
brought up, X 625, and -IviiKaro, drew 
a long-drawn sigh, T 314. 

dva-ipXvw, ipf. Lv^ h* I^XiiCy ebul- 
liebat, waves were boiling up, $ 36 If. 

dva-<f>pd^ofiai, aor. opt. ^li^fMurvai- 
TO, agnosceret, should recognize, r 

&va-x4o|iai, pres., ipf, part. aor. 
-X^o^dnivoQ, recedo, was retiring, E 
600 ; also with d»|/, dviffia, tvtQov, ioX- 

dva'X^«>) &va-x<vc, aor., infndit, 
poured therein, i 209+. 

dva-xc^pc^Tu, pres., fut. aor. 1, re- 
cedo, withdraw, x 270 ; also with dyj/, 
p 461, K 210. 

&va-ikiSx<^^ (^^X^Oi pi^- ip^M and K 
575 -syfwx^iv, 3 pi. aor. pass., refri- 
ge rare, coo/, d 568; E 795, assuage, 
alleviate. [^-^ ] 

av8<£vci (Favddvit}, (af)divQ, sua- 
vis), ipf. iiivdave (ifi)vhavi), ijvSav€, 
pf. iadora (PePaSora), aor. ivaSe (for 
I Pah) and a^€, p lac ere, please, de- 
light, gratify ; esp. with Qvp.(ji, k 373 ; 
with two datives, A 24, O 674 (x 398, 
by speech); ff422, gratum, acceptable. 

av-Slx&> cmmder, H 412 ; in twain. 

4v8p-(iYpia (dyprj), spolia, spoils 
of arms, S 509t. 

*Av8p-M|iov(&r|«, le. Ooag, H 168t. 

*Av8p-a(JM»v, ovoc, king of AcVfaiXoi 
in KaXvdiov, B 638, | 499. 

&v8paKf£«, viritim, man by fium, 
eocA, V 14t. (v. 1. dv^/oa Kdff,) 

Digitized by 





&v8pa-ir^8c<nri, m a n c i p i i s, slaves, 
H 475t. 

&v8p-ax0^<ri (a^Ooc), ingentibus, 
with vian-hurdening stones,* 121t. 

&v8p€i-^6vri) (<l>kvu}'), homicidae, 
vtan-siaying, 'EvvaXitftf B 651. (11.) 

av8p€otri» dat. pi. from dvfjp. 

&v8po-K)ii^fp (KdfAViu)f nianibns 
facto, wrought by men's hands y A 
371 f. 

av^pa-Kraaif) (Kr€tVw),only gen. sg. 
and pi., nom. pi., caedes, slaughter of 
tnen (in battle). (X 612, 11.) 

*Av8pO')idxt|9 daughter of 'Htriutv 
in 6///JIJ viroTrKaKif) ; wife of Hektor, 

OKOXOQ V0\v8iDp0Qy \lVKUi\tV0Q,2i 371, 

395, X 460, etc. (II.) 

&vSp6uco99 or, (ai/^p), hum an a 8, 
human nesh, i 297 ; pieces of human 
flesh, c 374 ; blood, x 19 ; body, P 571 ; 
o/icXoc, tumult of meUy tumultuous 
crowd, A 538. 

ivSpoTtJTa (av^ioorjyc), valw (better 
reading, as regards sense, than d^po- 
rfJTa, vigor, but unmetrical). 

&v8po-^YOio (0ayeti^), KvicXwiroc, 
homines devorans, eating nuunts 
flesh, K 200. [a] 

&v8po-^vo9> ov, (0£Vto>), viros oc- 
cidens, man- slaying, "ApriQ, "Ejcrwp, 
X«i|0€C> Achilleus, Q 479, vegetable poi- 
son, a 261. 

&v-8vcTai, see dva^ia, shun. 

&v-c7c(pci9, pres., and I aor. avkytipa^ 
excitare, wake up. iK ^ttvov, Ik Xtx*' 
tov, d 730 ; k 172, encouraged. 

dv-^yvcii, aor. from avayiyvwaKiOf 

&v-c8^)fcc0a, ipf. from dvadexofiaif 
suscepimus, U7C have sustained 

av-ropofjiov, aor. from dvarpsxttfteji- 
ortae sunt, started up. 

&v-^c8vo99 see dvdiSvog, sine dote. 

dveipyM, ipf. 6yitpyov (for dvkFtp- 
yovj, cohihebat, was holding back, V 
77 ; also oiritrffut, P 752. (II.) 

dv-i^ut, only 1 aor. part. &v-^<ravTC«» 
having placed him ujwn, N 657 ; opt. 
dvifraifii, should bring upon the nupti-al 
bed^;si 209. (II.) 

ay- ft fit, -curt, (iivai), subire, (1) 
go up, K 146,274; iifi rieXitit dviovri, 
oriente, with the dawn, \p 362. — (2) 
red i re, return, X 499, Z 480 ; aiiv vtjt, 
K 332 ; d\j/, T 290.— <3) adire ad, X 

&v-cC}iovof ((lfjux)t gen., veste ca- 
re n t i s, destitute of bedclothing, y 34Sf, 

&v-cCpc(u (epofiai), ipf. dvtipero, in- 
terrogo, inquire, 6 420, rivd rt; with 
^f raXXdv, a 231 ; n', ask respecting, v 

av-cKT^s, -ovj (lx<*»)» tolerabilis, 
endurable, v 83 ; usually with ovKkr, also 
dvtjcra)^) i 350, in a fashion no longer 
to be endured. 

&V-CX6WV, aor. part from dvkpxofuxt, 

dv-^XKuv, ipf. av-cXjcc, attrahere, 
Jraw upydraw, M 434, ^ 128, 160; <^a«? 
back, A 375 j mid., draw out and recover 
(one's spear), x 97 ; fear out (one's 
hah*), X 77. 

&v-cX^, see avatpsw. 

avcfios, ov, Y e n t u s, wind; KaitCf X/- 
y€<ui/, Svfforjtijv ; dvkfiov if, hurricane, r 
186, ^eXXa, arXXa, Trvomi, drirrig, Ituiij 
Piay dvrftsva ; as symbol of swiftness, 
M 207, Q 342, K 437 ; ra/iiiyc, Aioloe, 
ic 21. Chief winds, vorog, evpog ; see 
also *^ 195, 6 383. 

&vcfJko-<nccir^wv (<rrl7rag, c 443), shel- 
tering against the wind, 11 224t. 

avc|&o-Tpc^^s (Tpttpit)), ventis duc- 
tus, swollen by the wind, O 625, A 256 ; 
made from a tree toughened by exposure 
to wind. 

&vc|AwXios, ov, (for dvffHtiviOQ), fu- 
tilis, useless, T 123 ; van us, vain, E 
216; ta fidZeiv, A 355; adv. -lov, * 

*Avc|Awpcia, 17, town in ^utKig, B 

ivcvcCKOTo, see dvafftsput, respi- 

^v-^oXto, see dvavdWu}, vibra- 

dv-(peiiro^ai,oi\\y aor. &v-T)pc(«|ravTo, 
abripuerunt, snatched away, a 241. 

dv-epvu), aor. avd ^' iaWa Xtvie' Ipv- 
vwmst hoist, fA 402. (Od.) 

&v-cpx^|A€vov, aor. -tX^wr. (\) go up, 
cf. av€t/ii, IC 97 ; shoot up, I 163. — (2) 
re/«m, ai^, A 392, Z 187. 

ai/-C|i>a>raa>, ipf. &vcipittTwv, questioned 
repeatedly, d 251 f. 

&v-4<raiffct, &v^(ravTcs, imponerem, 
see dv£^(i>. 

av-c(rav, aor., dv-^ovt fiit, from 

dv-^oirvTo, aor. from dva<rev<ii, ez- 

Digitized by 





&v-4cmo« (i<TTia), hearthlesSf home- 
kss, I 63t. 

oKcv {dv- privative, in-, un-), with 
gen., sine, tvithout; Oeov, invito deo, 
p 372, cf. O 213 ; ^i;iwv, procul ab 
hostibus, N 556. 

«ycv6cv» -di, — (1 ) pr 00 ul, /ar atoay, 
B 27, A 277, X 300 (opp. iyyv9i), ^ 
241 ; jciwv, A 35 ; iovroQ, ^ 452.--(2) 
sine, with gen., without, X 39, ir 239 ; 
Btov, invito deo, E 185, cf. H 89; 
procul ti, far from, k 554 ; fuya av. 
vdnv, remotissimum a nobis, X 88. 

&-v^^Xo« aWpt], innubilus ae- 
ther, cloudless blue skj, ^ 45 f. [d- 

av-^ft», aor. avctrxov (inf. dvatrxffJifv) 
and ov6/TX€^oi/ (inf. civ<rx«0«tv), mid. 
fuL dve^ofjiai (inf. dvtyxitfnaBai), aor. 
dvtaxofifjv (imp. dvdaxto, avtrx^o), 
snstinere, AoW «p. I. act ri, 3J 499, 
X 80, X 297, |0 291 ; x"(0«Ci in combat 
(boxing), <T 89; in prayer, Geoig, A 
450 ; KncniTTpov, in making oath, H 
41 2 ; maintain, r 1 1 1 ; Ao/fl? 6ac^, "¥ 426 ; 
jtt< /br<A, emerge^ e 320, P 310. — II. 
mid. (1) hold one's self up, hear up, en- 
dure, E 285, IT 277 with part. ; A 586, "^ 
5S7, forbear; X 375, »/ay awake. — (2) 
hold up before one, aKfJTTTpov, K 321 ; 
X^ipag, cr 100; Bovpara; often dvatrxo- 
luvoQ, exsurgens, lifting up arm for 
striking, r 362. — (3) perferre, endure, 
tolerate, r'u x 423, r\ 32 ; entertain, /o 13 ; 
nvd d\yt txovra, E 895 ; with part., 
would gladly sit, $ 595. 

&-vci|ri6s» 6, (nepos), sister's son, 
nephew, O 422 ; also cousin, K 519. 

av-cm (dPrifii), mutus, speechless. — 
(1) pi. from dviutg, also written dvtip ; 
m u t i, lyiviaOe, etc., B 323, 1 30, j8 240. 
— (2) adv., \l/ 93, ^aro. 

i.v^i/v>fayoVi aor. from avaya». 

Ay-np, 3 sing. aor. subj. from dvirtfu. 

&v-mov, see dvHfii. 

&K-i{KC<rTo«» ov, {f'tKiOfAai), in 8 an a- 
bilis, tna;9/)ea«a&A;, E 394. (II.) 

&v-T|Kov<rrf|<rc (aicov(i>), ovS' — va- 
rpoc, obsequium detrectavit, u;a5 
rOelHous, O 236. (II.) 

&K-i{|fccXicTOi (dfiiXyui), unmilked, i 

&v-ifvo0cv(di'0oc)}2 pf from pr.-avl- 
9ui, gushed forth, A 266+. See tvrivoBe. 

iv-tp^oT^ (dvvui) ivltpytft, endless, 
aimless fV 11 If. 

&v-i{vopa (dvr}p), ace, non riri- 
lem,tt;i7nai}/y, K 301. (Od.) 

&K1JP, 'kpoQ, dvSpog, dat. pL dvSpdai, 
dvdpiaffi (perhaps Pavrjp, P 65, A 371; 
cognate with Sabine word nero). — (1) 
vir, man; (a) as distinguished from 
yvyfi, o 163 ; (b) in age, X 449 ; (c) 
emphatically, vtan inde^, hero, £ 529, 

1 189 ; cf. in combat, A 472 ; (d) of 
occupation and nationality ; with iijrpoi:, 
A 514, i\a<^Tifi6Xoc, 2 319; vofirjtg, ai' 
TToXot, xoXiciyfc, ivaKTfjpts; ^ivrug; 
Br\iiov, unus e plebe, B 198. — (2) 
m ar i t u s, Ati«6a»</, X 327, a> 1 96, a 292, ^ 
181 . — (3) homo, humcM being, often with 
fipoToi, Ovriroi, among mortals, p 354 ; 
warfip dvSpiJv ri Oiutv re, A 544 ; opp. 
gods, e 119 ; opp. giants, 303, k 120. 
[a in arsi, and in trisyllabic forms.] 

&v-i{poTOf (dpoiit), non cult a, un- 
ploughed, i 109. (Od.) 

&v-if^6<i>, perf pass. imp. from dv- 
diTTw, alligantor. 

iv0* = dvra, 9 233. 

"AvOiWhtown in Mevfflivrj, 1 151. (II.) 

*Ai4c|&(&r|s, 2(/iof(ffioc, son of As^- 
Oifjiiuiv, A 488t. [----] 

'Ai4c)i£»v, itJvoQ, father of St/ioei^toc 
in Troia, A 473t. 

6.v6€^k6€yro9, i, (dvOos), florid us, 
flowery, B 467 ; adorned with flowers, 
X€/3fjc, y 440 ; KptiHipa, (i> 275 ; cf. cut 
No. 98. 

&i4cpc«ivot> *!»va, masc. (^dvBoQ\ 
mentum, chin; to take by the chin in 
token of supplication, A 501. 

&v6cpCK«»v» gen. pi. (6 dtSkptt), ^t' — ^ 
per aristas,over the ears of grain, X 

dv9ki*}, ^vOrjoui, aor., bloom, X 320t. 

*Av6t|8«*v, ovoq, town in Boiwna, B 

avObvov (av^oc) d^ap, florid um 
c i b u m^food o /flowers, flowers as food, 
.84t. [->-^] 

ivO-ioravTo, ipf , aor. dvT-etrrri, re- 
sis tere, reswf, n 305, Y 70. (II.) 

avdosy tog, (ad-or), flos, blossom, 
flower, I 542 ; fig.,N 484 ; young shoots, 
youthful herbage, t 449. 

&v6paKii^v» ri}v, (dvOpoKir)), p r n n a e, 
heap of glowing coals, I 2l3f. [—^-^ 

av6fM»iro9» ov, (>^a»/9|0wirot; (?), /3 65, X 
365, S 288), homo, TOi«,(opp. to jrodf, 

2 107,748; to animals,^ 125, 11 315) ; 

Digitized by 





ho mines, mankind, the world, p 354, 1 
340, S 361, U 535, }p 125, o 95, cf. v 
123 aud 6 29; quisquam, ani/ one, v 

avu£tft» iavirj), ipf. ^Wa^ov, pertae- 
8um esse, 6e disgusted with, weary of, 
I 460, 598, 2 300 : dt;/4i/i, indignari, 
indignant^ grieved in heart, $ 270, x 
87 ; trans, annouj di8tress,'>lr 721, r 323. 

tn , , , , 

dvioitf (nrii}), aviri<Jia, pass, at/iarai, 
ai/i}7(/£(V, act, taedio af ficere,^Acom- 
WMMie, t; 178, r 66 ; pass., be annoyed, 
wearied, y 117 ; rivi, a 133, o 335 ; B 
291, 'tis indeed hard to return out of 
weariness. [-' ] 

dv'iipwTi, sine sudore, without 
sweat, O 228t. [- ] 

&v^, HQ, molestia, burden, weari- 
ness, o 394, u 52 ; /i 223, unendurable 
bane; trouble, plague, i} 192, p 446. 

(Od.) [;] 

&vi,T)m(s, aor. pass, from dvidio, per- 

ikv-irjui, 2 sing. -Uis, 2 sing. opt. 
-cfii/c, fut "fjffui, aor. 1. -^ica, -ci/icev, 2 
-ctrav, subj. 3 sing, -ly (conjectural 
false reading, ««Ta, <t 265), -i/y, m i t ter e. 
— (1) send forth, d 568 ; /i 105, rowi/ 
forth. — (2) loose, dtrrfiov ; open, irvXag 
(mid. koXttov, /ayin^ 6are her bosom, X 
80 ; alyac, skin, ft 300) ; let go, <r 265, 
VTTvoc, B 34; a> 440, forsake ; give reins 
to, E 880. — (3) loose upon, urge on, i n- 
citarCjY 118, /3 185; ^Trt rti/t, against, 
E 405, 882 ; with inf , {s; 362 ; exci- 
tare, stir up against, imjtel, P 705, esp. 
0vh6q Tiva, also with inf., X 252, ^ 465. 
[av7«, dvikfitvoQ ; elsewh. t.] 

kyvi\^6% (dviff), molestus, trouble- 
some, p 220, 377 ; dviripi<TTfpov, the 
Ttiore troublous for him, ft 190. (Od.) 

&-viirT6-iro&«» ScXXoi, illotis pe- 
dihns, with unwashed f«et, IT 235f. 

&-v(irTouri ( vtTrrw) , i 1 1 o t i s, unwash- 
ed, Z 266t. 

dv-itrrrt^i, I. ipf. -Um\f fut. <i>(rt)- 
vrfiffut, aor. 1. -€OTf;<y«, imp. dvarijaov, 
part avtrriidaaa, exciere, bid or make 
stand up, i; 163 ; x* «P«>C- *»/>/»<>'"'«w<7 tt?»VA 
^w hand, ^ 319 ; disperse, A 191 ; wake 
vn, K 32 ; call to life the dead, Q 756 ; 
aeport, transfer, ^ 7; excitare, stir 
up to battle, O 64, 2 358.— II. &v((rra- 
|Mu, fut -(TTri<Ti<r9ai, aor. -€<Tr»;v (du. 
dvanjTTjv, 3 pi. -karav, part -(rrac av- 

9Td(ta, inf. dytrrrifuvat, for imp. see ava 
under dva-, L), surge re, rise «/>. — (1) 
from seat (of whatever sort), 1 195, « 
195, 2 410, or from bed, S 336, v 124. 
— (2) for action (of whatever sort), 9 
258, /i 439, with inf,incipere, v 380; 
to speak, roiai S" dvkfmj, rose up (before 
or among them), cf. Toi<n S' dviardfjK- 
voi: p^Ts^, A 58 ; for combat, battle, S 
343, B 694; rivi, a 334; dv repeated, "¥ 
709; freq. in tmesi, e. g. 9 118. — (3) 
from sick-bed, O 287 j from grave, q» 

&v-£<rx«n^> i^xovriQ, part., to 11 ens, 
raising, E 798, O 369 ; dvd ^ lax^o — 
dvdax^o, hold thyself erect, he, be of 
good coumae, 

&v-lxv«v«#v (txvoc), investigans, 
tracking back, X 192. 

&v-vciTai, see dvavkopai, oritur. 

&-vai{|u»v, imprudens, unreflecting, 
/3 270. (Od.) 

dv-oiyta, kyhfft^ dvtfye, ipf., and 
iter. dvaoiyMKov, aperio, o/ie/i, k 389, 
a; 168, Q 228. 

&v-oX^povs {o\h9poQ), i n c o 1 u m e s, 
untouched by destruction, N 761 f. 

&vo|&ai, see avta. 

a-voov» Kpa^tr\v, quam excors fu- 
isti, silly, foolish heart, $ 44 It. 

dvoTTaia (=dv' oTrala), see birciia, 

dv-6pvvpi, see dvutpro. 

dv'Opovtt), only aor. -^powrcv, -<rav, 
-ffac, exsilio, «rprtw^ up, U 9p6viav^ 
VTTVov, ig Si<^pov, P 130 ; 'BsXiog^ 
climbed swiftly up the sky, y 1. 

L-v6im[uov (voffTog), redituinter- 
clusum, t9riKav, reddiderunt, cut 
off his return, S I82i. 

i-v^oTovs (vooTOf), reditu caren- 
tes, i9f}ieav, made void their return, ut 

oL-voiMFOi (voijaos), sine morbo, 
without disease, ^ 255t. 

&v-ovTaT09 (ovrdui), noncominus 
vulneratus,«Rtroundle£f, A 540f. 

iv-ovn|T{, nor did any one draw 
near unthout inflicting a wound, X 
371t. PJ 

iv-<rTO«, -(frdaa, -trrriaov, -(rrrjniVf 
ffTri<ri<r9ai, etc., see dviarfjfu, 

Lv-vrph^iav, see dvaarpstfuo. 

&v-ox<0«<Lv, -<rx<o, -axrtaivOai, etc., 
see dv£X(o< 

&v-ox<T<^ (^''^X*^)« ®^*> intolera- 
b i 1 i a, unendurable, ft 63t. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




avT = SvT& (cognate with dvriy 
German prefix ant, ent), adversum, 
opposite; adv., and prep, with gen., 
(1) e regione, in the vidmty of^ B 
626; coram, in presence of^ before, ^ 
141, she remained standing be/bre him, 
X 232 ; a 334, holding the veil be/ore 
her cheeks; straight forward, iiuvy 
nrveKeffOai ; dvra ty'ic«, properly ore 
(instr.) similis fait, was like him in 
countenance. — (2) in hostile sense, ad- 
versas, contra, against, ikvai,Y 75, 
355; iXQiiv, leoXipiZ^Hv, trrriyQ, iyxoQ 
delpai ; di/a<Txo/ie va>, having drawn back 
their hands (to strike); 6 159, before 
thee, to thy face. 

&vT-a|io9> ov, aequi pretii, equiva- 
lent to, with gen., I 401, A 514. (11.) 

dvrdiai (di/ro), ipf. fiVTtov, fut. dvri)- 
(Tw, aor. rivrqaa, occurrere, meet, A 
375, S 201 ; rivi, H 423, Z 399; rivog, 
encounter, brrioTnii;, S 327 ; H 158, then 
might he soon take part in battle, i. e. 
Jind an opponent; meet in hostile en- 
counter, IT 254. 

'"AvTCio, Sia, wife of Upolroq, Z 

avn)v {dvTd)y strictly, the face, (hide 
fw, T 15, Q 223, cf. « 77 ; ace. of speci 
fication, in respect to countenance, with 
ivaXiyKioQ, (ticiXri ; acc. of direction, 
face to face, openly, QO- or UTa, palam, 
A 187, K 158, O 247, Q 464, y 120, I 
221, 6> 213, 158; in battle, A 590, 2 
307, X 109 ; forward, 9 399; in front, 
M 152. 

'AvTr)vop£8i|Sy 9on of 'Avrriviop, * EXt- 
cawv, r 123 ; pL A 69, aoM of Ante- 

'Avn^vup, opoQ, son of Ai'twrirrjg, hus- 
band of etavii), r 262, A 59, 262. 

avrr|«mv (arrow), Kar — , at the 
jtmr.tion of the men's and women's 
apartments, opposite the entrance of the 
house (see table III. at end of volume), 
ex adverso, i; 387t. 

krri (locative from dvra), prep, with 
gen., strictly (1) in thefncs of. adver- 
8um, O 415, $ 481 ; ^ 115, Itefore the 
eyes. — (2) placed over asrainst as 
equivalent, loco, instead of I 116, 9 
546, u 307, Y 290. 

irrT, avna, see dvrioi^. 

&VTi-(ivcipai, -aviipQQ, matching- 
«€n,of Amazons, r 189. (II.) 

dvTidw, ii,vrX6ta (ai/ri), fut. avTiaaiOf 

dvTtuut ; aor. avTldoaiptv, etc., occur- 
rere, meet, rj 293, p 88, v 312, K 551 ; 
encounter, O 297 (with dat., Z 127. $ 
431, ff 147), with gen., H 231 ; N 290, 
strike; have or take part, share, with 
acc, only A 31 ; elsewh. with gen., A 
67, M 356, N 215, r 125,* 643 (mid. 
Q 62), a 25 ; 402, would that he 
might enjoy just as much good luck as 
— » X 28; it) 56, participate in the fu- 
neral ceremonies of her son. 

ivrX-ftois, dat. pi. (/3ia), ad vers is, 
hostile, tTrhacTi, A 304, <f 41 5 ; ^vrCpiov, 
adv., with verbs of combating, r 20, 
435, A 386 ; so also &VTip£v|v, A 278, 
E 220, $ 226. (Both advs. only 11.) 

Am-jSoXew {dvri, pdWw), -ijffut, aor. 
kyrX-p6\'t\a-€, come in the way of cf. 
dvTiau), occurrere — (1) meet acci- 
dentally, encounter, U 790, Q 375, K 275, 
rj 16; with gen. only, S 547 ; tr 272, 
shall be my lot, 306 ; elsewh. with 
dat, e. g. H 1 14.--(2) meet intentionally 
(a) as friend, K 546, ty 19, ir 277 ; (b) 
as foe, A 365. M 465 ; rivi, II 847, v 
229. — (3) interesse, have part in, 
pdxriQ, A 342 ; ^6vt{j, rn^nt. 

S.vri-9to9, 3, godlike, distinguished 
in rank, might, size, beauty ; common 
epithet of kings, E 663 ; heroes, I 623, 
Q 257, a 21, o 90; Odysseus's com- 
panions, 8 57\; nations, ^ 241, M 408 ; 
suitors, ^ 18 ; Penelope, X 117 ; Poly- 
phemos, a 70. [i] 

&vr£-0vpov {bvprj), Kar — , opposite 
the entrance (out of doors), tt 159t. 


AvrC-icXcia, daughter of AvroXvKog, 
wife of AakpTfiQ, X 85, o 358. 

"Avti-kXos, name of a Greek war- 
rior in the wooden horse, 8 286. 

&vTi-Kpvs, &vTiicpv» ex adverso, 
opposite. — (1) coram, face to face 
with, E 130, 819, H 362;' "EKtopog, O 
310. — (2) straightforward, N 137; 
outright, utterly, n 116, 380, *^ 673, 
867, i: 162; often joined with foil, 
prep., e. g. rrapai, dtd, Kara, dvd ; also 
in compounds, e. g. ^tf^x*, E 100 ; 8i- 

ifWe, * 876, cf A 481. [ -, E 130, 

819.] [v] 

*AvrC-\oxo9i son of "Sstmap, A 457, 
N 554, n 320, N 93, O 569, E 565, y 
452, ^ 187. 

*AvTC-ffcaxo«, a Trojan, A 123, 132, 
138, M 188. 

Digitized by 





*Avt£-voos, EuireiBeog woe, « 383; 
the most insolent of the suitors, /3 84, 

&vt(ov, see dvrioQ, 

*AvTt-6in|, daughter of 'AcrwTrof, 
mother of 'Afi^piutv and Zfj9osy ^ 

&vt(os» 3, (dvri)f adversus, against^ 
towards, — (1) ijXvGt, Y 463 ; rtvof, X 
113; IT 160, idelv, look up.— (2) with 
friendly intent, obviam (ire), (go) to 
meet, Z 54, P 257 ; rivi, H 20 ; rivog, 
B 185, A 594, * 539, tt 14 ; iffraVy A 
535.— (3) with hostile intent, contra, 
'hracrOai, kXOuv, «yx** dtipav, hicraro, 
di^ag, T 445, A 94, 216, {ditraovm, A 
553, P 662) ; nvt, O 584, Y 422 ; elsewh. 
Ttvog, e. g.'H 98, O 694, P 8, 31, x 90. 
&vt£ov, adv.,»« opposition^ against. — (1) 
in friendly signif., coram, before, in 
presence of, p 529 ; answer, rivda rivdy 
r 203, fi 208, a 213; I^ei/, etc., f 198, 
jj/ 165, rivoc, I 218 ; tt 160, look up; 
KarkBriKi, p 334 ; at^aerdat xuXatui^, X 
195. — (2) in unfriendly signif., con- 
tra, nvSg, Hvy, A 230 ; tlvac, E 256 ; 
iXOiiv, H 160. Similar significations 
has avTio, (1) coram, tivoq, F 425, o 
377. — (2) contra, against, with verbs 
of combating, Y 88, 80, 113, 333, X 253, 
a 78. [i] 

ityriZtay see dvridut. 

&vTi-Wpaia (irkpav), ad versa, the 
Imnds lying over against, B 635f. 

dvT-iaxto, &vT-ioxco'8c, contra op- 
p o n i te, oppose, inteipose (tables against 
arrows), gen., x 74t. 

ivTi-ro/oew, aor. TOpi^<ras, perfo- 
r are, only d6p.ov, break into — , K 267; 
pierce, xpoogy E 337. 

av-xtTtt (n'w), ipya, ta lio, requital, 
vengeance, p 51 ; cf. /3 76. 

*AvTl-^dTV|s, do, (1) a Trojan, M 
191. —-(2) son of MiKdpirovg, o 242. — 
(3) king of the kawTpvyovig, ace. -r^a, 
/cll4. [a] 

ivTi-^pCtciSy ftv; rivc, (ri), wafcA 
one'« self against, * 41 1 . ($) 

&VTi-<^pca^<Uy measure one^s self 
with, fidxyy E 701 ; with ace. of re- 
spect, 4> 482. (n 238 and II.) 

*Avri^vo%, son of Priam, Q 250t. 

"Avn-^osy (1) a son of Priam, A 
489, A 109.--(2) son of Aiyvirriog, (3 
19.— (3) 'l9aK»?OToc, p 68.— (4) son of 
TaXat/4£v;7C. B 864 ; leader of Myovig. 

— (5) son of QsffaaXog, leader of Greek 
islanders, B 678, 'HpaicXeidrig, 

avrXot, ov, 6, sentina., bilge-watery 
hold, p 41 L (Od.) 

6.v-ro\al (rsWio), ortus, 'HeXtoto, 
rising-places of the sun, p 4f . 

avTCo^oi, opivri, at, (dvra% only 
pres., ipf., occurro, encounter, B 595, 
6 412; Tivi, X 203 ; join, rivi, A 133 ; 
coine together with hostile purpose, O 
698, n 788. 

avrpov, antrum, cave, i 216, oi 6. 

AvTpwv, iovog, town in Thessaly, B 

av-Tv{, yog, 17. — (1) metal rim of 
shield,Z 118; serving to bind together 
the layers of metal or leather, of which 
the shield was composed (see the cut). 
— (2) rim of chariot ; rim surrounding 
(xtpidpopog) the body (ditppog) of the 

Digitized by 



chariot, sometimes double, B 728; it 
served also as place of attachment for 
the reins. (See the cut.) 

41 &0i8i{ 

113, p 508 (rii/i, only v 139) ; OvfWQ 
(tTTOTpvvn Kai) avwyct.Z 439, T 102,0 
322, <r 409, etc. 

&v4fycv,ipf.from avotyw.aperiebat 

dvwyu), see ai^oi'va, i u s s i. 

dv-iMtOita only av-iMravrc«, o 553^, 
having shoved off from land. 

4v-«0urrC (6{u>), necopinato, un- 
expected/tf, d 92t [7] 

&v-«*urrov (6ifa>), inopinatum, ten- 
imagined, $ 39t. 

&v-uvv}io« ipvoiia)y sine nomine, 
nameless^ B 552f . 

&v* &pTo (6pwfii)y aor. in tmesi, sur- 
rexit,aro«e,* 812,0 3. 

ava»x6c» -6t> -6w, imp. from avfaya, 
iu bete, etc. 

a|avTO«, -cur^c, -^|mv> -^pcvoi, -CTf , 
from oyw. 

&|£ki|, yfft, 17, b i p e n n i 8, dovhk bat- 
tk'cuce of Tixjans, 711. (See cut) 

1. pvfxov. 2. oinf* 3. di<f>poi. 4. ^t^o)!;. 6. 
'tw. 6. wXiffivfi. 7. Ki/^/it]. 8. Irr itrariaTpa. 

awfii (jkvviii)^ 4jviiT0, ipf., cito ei 
saccessit opus, was progressing^ c 

avvonsy -cv, i^, (avww), accomplish' 
menu successus; B 347, they will 
accomplish nothing ; ^ 544. 

avvu (avw), fut. -v(r<i>, -u(T(<r)6(T0at, 
conficere.— (1) rivd, consume^ w 71. 
— (2) ^ 357, o 294, traverse; pro-. 
ficere, effect (nothing), A 56; mid.,9r 
373. [---] 

1. avo», ipf. ^vov, con He ere. — (1) 
were completing, y 496. — (2) pass, avi- 
Tcu, avoiTO, draw to a close, K 251, 2 
473. [w-; K251,---] 

2. avo» (ava), snrsum, upwards, X 
596 ; porrojfrom down south npivards, the northward, Q 544. [-'—J 

avwya idyx*» ?), pf. (imp. dvutjfii, 
-wyQut tind -o/ycrw, -utjfie and -wxcrc, 
inf. -wyf/icv); plupf. rivMyea (3 sing, 
^faiyci and -eiv, dvwyct), also forms 
like pres. ipf. dvutyHf -etov; ijvutyov, 
dvutyov; fut. dviii^io, aor. rjvio^a, in- 
here, command, constr. like xtXtvut, /3 

a|u>9, 3, ( dyut ), counterbalancing, 
equivalent, tivoq, O 719, * 562 ; worth 
a gift in return, tivoq. a 318; equal in 
strength, O 234 ; coiresponding to one's 
station or requirements, ^wVa^/le, I 261, 
Z 46, N 446, V 383 ; worth, * 885 ; 
/3o6c, Q 405, TToXfoc- 

*A{l6s, river in Paionia,4>141,B849. 

&-£vXy (<ra-, tvXov), lignis abun- 
dant e, dense forest, A 1 55t. [— ^ -] 

''A(vXo9> son of TtvBpaQ in 'ApitriSri, 
Z 12t. 

&|a)v» ovoC) (axis), axle, E 838, A 
534. (11.) 

&oi^, rJQ (dPoiSfj, from diiSu)). — (1) 
cant us, singing, the power to sing, B 
595, N 731, 9 44, 253 ; song, a 328, 159. 
421 ; doiSfJQ vfivov, 9 429, strains of 
the hard.—-{T) carmen, song, ballad, 
story ; that song men hear most will- 
ingly, a 351 ; mournful song, a 340 ; 
funeral lament, elegy, Q 721 ; with 
pregnant signif song, subject for song. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




w 197, 200, y 204, (v. L weiaeai), 9 

4oi8taci, 'Ovtra, (dotdtj)^ icaXoi/, ivi 
icaXy, sweetly sings^ only k 227, f 61. 


doi8i|toi, cantabiles, subject for 
song, nototiousy (in fames), Z SSSf. 

[«] ^, 

OL-oiooSi ov, {aPti^ui\ cantor, singer 
{pi funeral ode), Q 720 ; elsewh. singer 
and poet, regarded with special favor 
by the gods {9 43, 479, 487, p 618, av- 
ToUdaKTOQ, X 347 ; e. g. ^fuog, Arjfxo- 
^oicof), hence Oeiog, p 386, 9 479, sqq., 
and highly honored. 

&-oXX^cs, say (oa-j PoXXy ctXew), con- 
fer ti, crowded together, in throngs, E 
498,0 306; cuncti,N39,7 165,412; 
UTraaai, ail together^ x 446. 

aoXXi^u;, only aor. &4$XXurav, -oaaaay 
and pass. 4oXXi<r6T|<rav, '■9r}fisvai {doX" 
XUg), con gr eg are, collect, Z 270, O 
688. (11.) 

oop, opaQy TOy (dtipiOy doPopy Eng- 
lish s w o r d), g 1 a d i u s, sword, in form 
=4<0o(:, 9 403, 406, K 294, 321 ; acc. 
pi, aopoQ, p 222. [-' ^ ; ^ >- ^ , in arsi 
---.] (See cut.) 

&opTi{p, 7}pay etc., masc. (diipo)y 
daPopT.), balteus, sword-belt =^Tk\a- 
fjnitv (see cut), X 609 ; A 31, doprrjpfa- 
mv, with hooks or handles ; of strap on 
wallet, V 438. 

i-o<rcnr|Ti^p, ijpa, tg, ag, masc. (so- 
c i u s, a-ffoKJTjTfjp), d e f e n s o r, companion 
in battle, O 254 ; helper, 5 165, \// 119. 

o-ovTov (ovrdw), non percussura, 
unwounded, 2 536 f. 

dTT-ayytWiOy only ipf. iLtrayyik- 
Xco-KC, and 1 aor.. renuntio, report, 
TI, I 626 ; bting tidings, riri, P 640, o 

dir-<£7X"''> strangulans, throttling, 
r 230t. 

air-^^ovoxv, ftit. -a^w, aor. -^yayor, 
abducere, feiw/ away; always with 
pers. obj., exc. a 278, 6r»»^ with them 
fvom their own estates; always with 
pers. subj., exc. O 706. 

&ir - ocip^fJicvov, leoKiog vtdiovSf, 
campum petentem, withdrawing 
from the citv, and seeking the plain, ^ 

airH&iwTO, ipf., also (diroPaiwrai, 
'TOy cf. /I 419) only pres. and ipf., ad i- 
mere, take away, rob, A 582, O 595, ft 
419 ; ri rivoc p 322 (v. 1. aVa/ifi/ocrai), 

*Airaur6s, Trojan town, B 828t ; see 

air-af{as (didcru)), Kprfpvov, desili- 
ens, springing down from a crag, * 

air - aiT^tovTCSy res repetentes, 
reclaiming, j3 78t. 

&ir-dXaXKC, -oi, (dXicr}'), imp. and opt 
2 aor., arc ere, ward off, S 766, X 348, 
ri Tivog. [d] 

&-ir<£Xau.vos ('TrnXafirf^y sine pal- 
m i s. 170^ knowing how to swim, helpless, 
E597t. r^] 

dir-aXc|i^o-civ, -rioaipiiy fut. and aor. 
opt., arcere, keep off, rivd rtvog, Q 
371 ; p 364, but not even thus could 
she keep some one from maliciously in- 
sulting him. cf. p 462. / 

dir-aX9i{<rca^ov, 3 du. fut., tKKta, 
shall they be healed of their wounqs, 8 

dir - aXoiao), Air - v|Xo(v|<rcv, ^iCf^y 
contudit penitus, crushed utterif> 
A 522t. 

air&X^Sy 3, tener, tender, hipi)y avxk- 
vogy riTopy Trapiiawv (irodfgy T 92, of 
"A^TTjy as i^fpo^oiTigy like the 'Epivvg), 
Xf^ipag, 151; dvaXbv ytXdoai, heart- 
ily,^ ^ 465. 

air&Xo-rpc^^o^, cridXoiOy bene sagi- 
natae, well fed, $ 363 f: 

air* ap,i^o-avTcs (ct/tflw), after having 
c«r (hacked) q^f , 301 f. 

dtr-afilSpoTfTvy see dtpafiaprdvu), 

&'ir-afLcip^p,cvo«, and ipf. -£ro (former 
with Trpoai^rjy latter with ^atvriokv r*), 
respondens, answering, A 84, d 824, 
9 400, X 347. 

&'ir-a4i.cCpcTai, y. 1. for dwoaiwrai, 

dTT-afivvdj, only aor. (in tmesi dpvvaty 
A 67, j3 59), act. and mid. ; and ipf. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

dirfifivveVf arc ere, ward qff\ mid. de- 
fend one's self X 579, O 738 ; rtva, de- 
fend one's selfagainstj Q 369, tt 72. 

&ir-aKa£vo|uu» only aor. -rjvqvavTOf 
-avfivaaOat, recnsare, decline^ refute, 
only H 186, c 297. 

&v-^vcv9€(v), (1) p roc 111. far 
away, K 434 ; iciwi/, A 35 ; out from it, 
T 374. — (2) separatim, opar^, « 524, 
K 425.— (3) with gen., sine, without 
the Jcnmaledge, A 549 ; far from, A 48, t 
36 ; follg. its gen., fidxng, A 283. 

&ir^vrq (ccTrac), quoquoversus, 
on every side, II. and 9 278. 

^v-^viMrav {dvv(o\ pervenerunt, 
accomplished the journey home again, 
ti 326t. 

&-va{ (<rrt-, vayijvat), semel, once, 
II 22; once for aa, 350. (Od.) 

dTT-^pdffjTuty only aor. im^patcv, and 
in tmesi apa{cv, detruncare, smote 
to the earth, S 497. (IL) 

itM-apitrvaa^tu {dpeoKit)), r e c o n- 
c i li ar e s i b i, that a king should con- 
cUiaU a man, T 183f. 

&'«-dpxo)um -ap^dfi£voQ, sacra 
ordiri, to begin the sacred rites by 
cutting off hair from the forehead of 
the victun, y 446. 

- «l-ira«, -^aauy -irav, universus, 
entire, all; pi., c u n c t i, all togeth?r ; o 
158, nothing hut kindness; d 616, ar- 
^ genta solidum, of massive silver; | 
196, m a gear and a dig. (The trisyl- 
labic forms scarcely found, exc. at end 
of line.) 

a-vooTos (Traatrdfievoc), non pas- 
tas, no< having eaten, fasting, with bSt}- 
TvoQ, car ens, without food, cf. S 788. 
I dir-aTduj, fut. -anfcrw, aor. &.irdrr\- 

ir€(v) (JTT-y fallo, deceive, S 348. [a] 
Air-drcpdc, seorsim, apart, B 587; 
far from, E 445. [a] 

&irdTi|, lyc, dolus, deceit, A 168 ; pi. 
fallaciae, /rfcib, O 31. [d] 

dvarifXia, ntr. fallacia, only ^ 
127, /?a^ft, speaks fa/selg to her, and 
288, skilled in deceU. 
I &ir&Ti|Xdv, fa 1 1 a X, deceitful, A 5261- 

4ir-T|Tf|ii|<rf (drTftnw), prorsus 

contempsit, greatly insulted, N U3t. 

aTT-avpaui (cogn. with /«pva> ?), only 

I ipf. amrivpwv, a«, a, fut. -ovpi^crovori, 

q. v., aor. part. &irovpa«» e rip ere, 

I wrest away, A 356 ; n, 1 107 ; rtvi ti, 



P 132, y 192, {OvfAov, P 236, * 296) ; 
rivd rt, P 125, >i^ 291, 560, {^vfiov, Y 
290); not Tivog ri, A 430 (but gen. 
absol.), T 88, a 273, I 107 ; see also 


d'H'&^^OKCh and 2 aor. rrn-atpe, mid. 
4ird^om, ludificari, delude, beguile, 
only \ 217, >// 216. [d^r] 

Air-^iir€, see dn-tlvov. 

iaw-^pyt, see diro-ipy(o. 

d'TCiXcis, itrf, fut. -i^frw, ipf. dwH- 
Xtitijv. — (1) minari, threaUn, riw, 
aVttXac, N 220, n 201 ; iivBov, A 388; 
with inf., A 161, e 415, O 179.~(2) 
gloriari, boast, e 150; with inf., 9 
383. — (3) vov«re, tt/<er a vow, riW, ^ 
863,872. [--] 

&'rciXa{, diav, dq, minae, threats, 
I 244, N 219 ; then iactantia, boast- 
ing, Z 479, n 200. 

&irciXv|Ti|pcs, iac tat ores, boasters, 
H 96J. ' 

1. av-ci|4.i, subj. -f'^i, ipf. -|r,v, 
-foav, fut. -kootrai, -fercrarai ; often in 
tmesi, a b esse, be far from, tivoq, t 
169 ;^ Toooov, as far away, £ 400; ^ovp- 
riviKtq, as far as a spear is cast; be 
absent, wanting, Y 7, (t 146. 

2. air-ciffci, imp. -t^i, part, -iwv, ipf 
^i€, abire, ^o away, p 478; ail/, K 
289. ^ 

Air-€iirov(^c7rw, voco), ind. also aVi- 
^«iir€, -Piiwio (subj.), -PtiTToipi (opt.), 
->^«7r(0 (imp.), -/^H;r(i J/ (inf ), -ftivthv 
(part.), and without >^ ; iir- ^iTrwr, etc. 
— (1) spca* oM^ (fully), (fefeVer, an errand, 
TT 340 ; a mission, H 416 ; the truth, 
^ 361 ; fivBov dirriXtyhiiiQ, speak out 
regardless- of feelltigs, a 373.--(2J ne- 
gare,«ayno, A 51.5, 1 510 and 675.— 
(3) r e n u n t i a r e. give solemn warning, 
TtvJ, a 91 ; prjviv, T 35, 75, renounce. 

AirctpaCT), she who comes from 
Apeira, 'AircCptiecv {'HTreipoQ ?), j; 8, 

6.-ir€ip€a-it\v, 01, at, and d-ircpcCfrto, 
ntr. pi. (TTSpac, Trtipara), infinitus, 
boundless, infinite, vast, iroWoi, r 174; 
yaXav, cil^vr, airoiva, ttdva. 

d-ir€£pT|TOf (Treipdofiai), imperitus, 
unsHlffvl, opp. ^{) (t'SMQ, j3 170; non 
tentatus, untried, P 41. 

d-ircCptros (Treipara), infinitus, 
boundless, k 195f. 

d-irc(p«v, -ovoQ, (TTfipara), infini- 
tus, immeasurable, Q 545; endless, n 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




286 ; Sffffioi^ in which the end can not be 
found, indissoluble, k) 340. 

air-CK-XcXdOco^c (X//Ou>), imp., ob* 
1 i t i 8 i t i a, forget altogether^ ut 394t. 

&-iiAcOpov (7r\/)yoi: ?), i m m e n 8 a m, 
immeasurable, lv\ v im, £ 245 ; and im- 
111 en sum quantum, sprang back 
enormously far, A 354. 

air-^|M<ro-cv {Ifuut), aor., e v o m u i t, 
spui out, S 437 f. 

dir-cffcyijoravro, see diro'fUfiv^trKOfiai, 

^vdpi(ov (tvapa), oir* tvTsa, ipf., 
spoliabant, were despoiling, rivd, 
only M 195,0 343. 

&ir-^ciKa«, av, aor. from d?ro0cpa», 

dir-^Xfti, ipf. from d?ro9rX(tfaf, na- 
ves solvit. 

ainpHoioQ, see dweipieitiv, in fin i- 

iifw-€p^K»f '^(i), arc ere, ward off, 
Bcare away, rivd-, also in tmesi, Q 156. 

&ir* ^pv<nu (tpvui), tmesis ; detra- 
here, <earoj;=;^ 134t. [u] 

dir-^pXeiuu, -y/X0f , -tAi/Au0a, abire, 
^ awjay, rivog, (3 136, Q 766 ; fcare, O 
514 (tmesis). 

dir-cpoicvs (ipiori), exstinctor, 
thu)arter, annihilator, ifiwv fiivkwv, 
36 If. 

&ir-cp«ai{o«ias (ipdisu;), opt. aor. tro- 
Xkfiov, decederes, wouldst thou mis- 
erably withdraw from battle, 11 7231. 

air-ccrav, see aTrafii, aberant. 

&^cv6i^ {vfvOopai), (1) ignarus, 
ignorant, only y 184. — (2) ignotus, 
unknoum, only y 88. 

air-cxOaCpck, only ^ 105, fioi ^trvov, 
makes hateful; and aor. subj. diri- 
X^]7|0<o,oderim, Artte, r 415. 

dir-cxdavcfu, 2 sing., aor. 'twOfto, 
inf. -vifiioQai (tx^oc), odisse, A^i^«, w 
114, cf. 96; elsewh. odio esse, be 
hated, Tivi, A 53, Z 140, I 614, <P 83. 

&ir-^w, -o^ai, fut. d^s^ut, -^fiai, 
dirottxififfH, aor. -(TX??, -(TXtt/vrnt, ipf. 
ixovro, prohibere, keep away, hold ojf, 
ri, rivd tivoq {tivi, Q 19), r 572; an 
enemy, Z 96; X 324 (tmesi); \iipaQ 
(so also mid. tmesi, x 316), A 97, t; 263 ; 
Ud.Q vT}utv, o 33 ; mid., hold one^s self 
aloof from, Ttvog, M 248, O 35, S 78, 
206; abstinere. abstcdn, i 211; par- 
cere, spare, ft 321, r 489. 

■ &ir-t|Xry^ciS {dXeyid), dirotineiv ftv^ 
9ov, speak out without scruple, only a 
373, 1 309. 

&-irii|MiVTov (mifjiaivut), in cola- 
mem, uninjured, r 282 f. 

&ir-i{ffcPpoTOv, aor. from d<pafiap- 
ravu>, deerravi. 

&-inf|M0V, ovoc, (Trfffia), sine dam- 
no. — (1) fortunatug, safe, unharmed, 
A 415, € 4C, d 519, v 39, N 744.— (2) 
p r o s p GT, favoring, kindly, ovpoa, ij 266 ; 
speech, escort, healthful, S 164. 

&inl)in(), }}(;, p la u strum, freight 
wagon, four wheeled, U 324 ; with tent- 
like cover, ^ 70 ; not unlike the Ho- 
manraeda. (See cut) 

II II • 

&v-T)in{vavTO, aor. from dTravaivo/Mi, 
recusabant, refused. 

&ir-T|vifs, €og, unfriend^, harsh, A 
340 ; Ovfiog, O 94 ; voog, U 35 ; fiHGoi', 
O 202. 

iir-ifpatcv, aor. from dirapdatfia, d e- 
t r u n c a V i t, *<r«cife ojT*. 

dir-tivpiAV, aor. from diravpdw, eri- 

air-i^upoi (dfiptMt), proculpenden- 
t e 8, high-hanging (Odysseus hangs upon 
one of the roots which project from the 
land), fi 435t. 

d'lriS'hio, only fut., and aor. 1 iir(- 
9T|<rc, oav (-TniOw), adversari, disobey, 
only with ovk and ov6', x 492. 

i-irivvcroviv, and -wv, (Triintrr.g), 
amen tern esse, lack understanding, c 
342 ; Krip (acc), be unconscious, O 10. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




&vCt|c i^ — y«<>K? from a remote 
land, A 270, TT 18. [---] 

*AirunMVy ovoq.---{1) 'ItnraaiSriQf a 
Greek, P 348. — (2) ^avaia^iiQ, a Tro- 
jan, A 582. 

&-v£aTcovy ipf. (a^terroc), ov tror — , 
desperavi, was doubting^ v 339t. 

a-vurros (Trtffrof), sine fide, (1) 
faUhless^ r 106. — (2) incredulous^ k 

air-urx< ~ ^^*X*> *^^ owwy, X 

airXotSciSy ace. pi. (cnrXoog), ^XatVac, 
tingle cloak or mantle, i e. to be 
wrapped only once around the body, 
only Q 230, w 276. 

a-^irvcvoTo« (ttvIw), sine spirit a, 
hreaihless, t 456t. 

4ir^ ab, prep, with gen., after its 
case aTTo, K 525 ; freq. with words to 
which the (orig. instr.) suflSx -0c is ap- 
pended, A 374, 351, 44, O 3G0, O 313, 
K 347, n 246, Q 268; also with words 
having suffix -0«v ; very freq. in tmesi, 
in which case the compound word 
must be sought (e. g. 11 82 under dipai- 
piiv). — (I) from starting-point, ow/, 
atoay, O 610, 714, Z 472, E 13, A 645 ; 
div ovStoQ, M 448, cf. ^J^O ; fight, 
«tc., /rom, i. e. o», d(f>* 'itr'Trwv, dirb 
vf<Sv, O 386, 1 49 ; fasten to (cf. pen- 
dere a), X 278; cltt aiufvog vioQ a»Afo, 
depart yhwi life (cf. recens a), Q 725 ; 
diro S' avToVf/rom the meal to some- 
thing else, immediately after, 9 54 (no 
other examples of temporal use). — (2) 
separation, away from, from, Q 514, 1 
437, A 535, Y 278, K 465, 575, N 640, 
n 436, 733 ; olov dir\ 364 ; after 
Iktoc, K 151, otUside of; v6<T<f>iv, E 
322; riiXf, e 315. — (3) remoteness ; /ar 
from, ^ 525 ; aV 'Apyeog, N 227 ; aV 
ovaroc, X 454 ; out of my hearing, d-rr' 
6<^a\fiatv, e conspectu, ^ 53; diro 
CKowov oi)^ d. do^TjCj contrary to our 
intention and meaning, X 344; d. Bvfiov 
dvat, odio esse; Ovfibg ^xcr* aTrb 
fuXsutVy'S 672,cf. H 131. n 861, P 17, 
o 354.-— (4) origin : out of from, M 97; 
r 163, for thou didst not spring from 
an ancient oak nor from a rock, so 
also converse speaking from a tree or 
a rock (as shepherd with shepherdess), 
X 126; /caXXof dTrb xnpiTiov,from the 
Graces (as source) ; /* 187, dirb <rro/ia- 
Tw oTra, out of our mouth; M 306, 

from his swift hand ; O 279, sending 
destruction from his strong bow ; dnb 
(TrrovdiiQ, in earnest, H 359. [^^; 
^ — before ovtvpfji:, Ppiov."] 

diro - aiwffcoi = dvaivvfiat, adi- 

diro-Oipiofuu {PaipiUt?)=^ d^aipk' 
ofiai, ad i mere. 

&vo-Pa{vw, fut. 'pfiffofiai, aor. -ifirjv, 
3 sing, -t^noaro and -airo, abire, ^o 
away, irpoQ fiOKpbv 'OXvfiirov, Q 468, 
etc. ; dismount, iK Vttttwv iwi xOova, F 
265, cf. A 619 ; ini xOovi, Q 459 ; iV- 
TTwi/, P 480 ; disemhark, vrjos, v 281 ; 
fpraake, ff^f^iJ^c, « 357. 

&iro-pdXX*», aor. inf. -PaXhiv, only 
in tmesi, abicere, throw off, ri, B 183, 
Z 100 ; xapai, 4» 51 ; xa/ud^tf , r 63 ; 
II 793, cast doum from his (rot)) head 
(Kparcg) the helmet; SaKpv vapHwv, 
let tears fall from his cheeks, 5 198; 
VTJag ig '7rLVTov,push off to sea, d 359. 

&ir^-pX«pw, -a, (fidXXio), contem- 
n end us, only found with ovroi, not to 
be despised, B 361 and F 65. 

^iro- pXvtwv, ebulliens, letting spirt 
out of the mouth, oirov, I 491f . 

&iro-pp(tavrc« (fipi^w, (Sapvg), con- 
niventes, having fallen asleep, i 151 
and fi 7. 

&iro-'YvuMr^S9 aor. subj., (yvld), dc- 
bilites, shouldst unnerve, Z 265i. 

(tMo-yv^y^irra. (yi;)ui/« w), /i a d a- 
tum armis, (^arrnee^, ic 301t. 

diro-daiit), only fut. diroSaavofMii, 
and aor. inf. -ddaoaoGai — rivi tivoq, 
only X 118, Q 595, and P 231, ij/iwv 
rif ivapitiv, partiri, «Aare. 

iiri SctSUnrcTO, di&iQTX mi, fright- 
ened hack, M 52t. 

diro-Scipo-TOfJii^crctf, fut., aor. -tBtipo- 
Tofjirioa (rlpvoj), iugulare, slaughter, 
men, 2 336, "¥ 22; sheep, X 35. 

dir-cS^taro, aor. from -dsxoftai, re- 
cepit, occcp^, A 95f. 

dTTO'diSpdoKb), ^iro-Spdlsy aor. part 
(Si8pa(TKii)), qui aufugit, escape by 
stealth, (^K) vrjog, only (tt 65) p 516. 

&iro-8(&i>)ii, fut. 'ddxTofitv, aor. 
'sdwx' (= Kt), 3 sing. subj. -Sijiai, opt 
'dolrf, inf. 'doijvai (tmesis 'dofiivai), 
opt aor. pass., -doOdri, redd ere, deliver 
up, r 285, E 651, H 84, x 58, 61 ; re- 
store, A 98, 2 499, /3 78, 9 318 ; roKev- 
oi GpkiTTpa, requite parents for one's 

Digitized by 





Airo-SCoHuu (^iu>)) subj., extnrbem, 
drive out of, E 763t. p] 

^iro-Soxp^cLS (^ox/io(i>), aor. part., 
inflexam pouere, avx^va, bend to 
one akfe, I 372t. 

drro-Bpag, see drroSiSpdaKiaf qui 

kv^ov^i, opt., aor. 3 sing. -Bpv^i, 
Bubj. dpvrl^iom, aor. pass. -UpvipBii, 3 pi. 
•sSpvipOtVy cutem lacerare, stripped 
the muscles /rom the shoulder, n 324; 
rtvAf p 480 ; e 426, then would his 
skin (ace. of respect) have been stripped 
ojT, cf. 435. [v] 

Liro-Si'Vio, ipf. -cSvvc, exuit, Mreto 
oj^ X 364; so also 2 aor. part, diro' 
dvg; but iPut. -dv<Tio and aor. 'kSvaa, 
nviiy nudare, strip off, B 261 ; spoil- 
are, despoil, of, A 532, 2 83; also in 

diro-Svadfjitvog, i 349, better reading 

kvo-h^trif aor. subj. from dirodidiafit, 

dir^-ciKc (PeiKiii), imp., recede, re- 
tirefrom, KiKtvBov, T 406t. 

aTTo-airov, see dtr-ilTrov. 

diro - ^fkY&6c, and -eepyaOe ipf, 
(^Ipyw), separavit, AeW aloof from, 
TivoQ, * 599 ; removtd from, 221 ; 
also in tmesi. 

diro-^frytt, ipf. -^tpyi, (Pspyw), also in 
tmesi, separare, keq> away from; 
Tivog, e 325, X 503 : drive atoay, ii 238. 

&ir6-cp<rc,aor.,sui)j.-i|(xry, opt. -tpoui, 
{fepffe, Psppio), abripuit, had washed 
one away, Z 348. (II.) 

iir-cOaviMMTC, aor., (Oavfid^tj), de- 
mir^ta est, wondered at, with ace., Z 

Lv6'd€<rro9 (BkaoanOat), spretus, 
despised, p 296t. 

airo-OvifoicftiVy part., pf. -rtOpiywroc, 
moribnndus, ea;/»rtny,X424; X 432, 

&iro-6p<&<rKc»v, part., in tmesi, 3 pi. 
ipf. BptttoKov, part. aor. Qopovrtq, Qo- 
povau^ e X s i 1 i o, spring up, xj/ 32 ; spring 
down from, vijog, B 702 ; vcvp^^t, Jhf 
from the string, O 314 ; rise, a 58. 

&iro-6v|i,ta (Svpng), ntr., in grata, 
things displeasing, offense, S 261 f . [t"] 

dir-otKiZiMt, only aor. airt^Mrcy dc- 
dux it. transferred, ^ 135t. 

a - iroLva, wv, (xoti^), p o e n a e, 
mulcta^^ne, recompense, satisfaction, 

T 138; esp. ransom, A 13; rivog^ for 
any one, A 111,Q 137. (II.) 

dir-ohut, see dtrotftkput, auferam. 

&ir-o(xoH'^i'> only prs., ^ away; 
Tivog, deserere, abandon, A 408, T 
342; -oixo/cevoc^digressus, absens, 
^ 8, 70. 

&ir-CKa(vvTo, ipf., super avit, ex- 
celled, only 9 127,219. 

iiro-icafw, only 3 sing. opt. aor. teffcx 
(in tmesi), com bur at, consume, * 336t. 

iiifh ^KCLirvoxrcv, aor. from Katrvta^ 
efflavit, gasped forth her life 
(swooned), X 467t. [«] 

diro'K€ip(Of only aor. (£)K^p<n (in 
tmesi), and -cicciparo, dissecuit, c«< 
through, N 546; totondit, sheared his 
hair, ^ 141. (II.) 

&iro-KV|8ifouvTC, du. part, aor., (KfiS64o), 
negligentes, throu^ your negligenoe, 
-^ 413t. 

&iro-icIi/ca>,only aor. iter. -Kimfvooicc, 
subj. -Kivrfffiooi, amovebat. moved 
away, A 636 and % 107, dislodge, rivd 

d'vo-icXCvavTa, aor. part., (icXtvoi), 
«XXy, deflectentem, turn off, inter- 
preting differently, r 556t. p] 

&iro-K^\|rciv, fut, and aor. -kKo-^fo, 
(KcvTut), also in tmesi, abscind o, ctU 
off, A 146, $ 455, t 325; n 474, cut 
loose the out-running horse, i e. the 
reins by which he drew. 

&v - cK6<r|icov, ipf., auferebant» 
clear off, rj 232t. 

Lir^KpiuJimy aor., (Kpifidvwfit), in- 
f 1 e X u i t, /e^ droop, * 879 f. 

&iroHcpLv6^vTc, du. part. aor. pass., 
(Kpivu)), separati, i. e, parted frotn the 
throng, E 12t. 

&ir-i^Kfnn|rcv, aor., inf -Kpv\f/ai, oc- 
culta re. hide, A 718 ; deny, conceal, p 
286 ; shelter, save, 2 465. 

&'vo-icTdp«v(ai)> aor. inf., see follow- 
ing word. 

&iro-KTcCvw> 1 aor. -fKruve, usually 2 
aor. 'EKTavf, '(KTafifv, -iicravov, subj. 
'Krdvy, inf. -icra/i€v(ai) , i n te r i m o, H2<^ 
^271; slaughter, n 301; with pas& 
signif. 2 aor. mid. -l«raro, -trdfitvo^, 
interemtus, P 472, A 494,* 775. 

&'ir-^afi,irc, -iro, ipf, res pi en de- 
bat, shone forth resplmd'nt, Z 295, o 
298, T 381; X Z\% flashed back (the 
splendor from the spear-point). 

&iro-XcCPcTai (Xci/Sw), destillat, 

Digitized by 





trickles off (from the closely woven 
linen), fj lOTf. 

dtro-XcimnKTiv, ipf. -eXttiriv, relin- 
quere (with ovSk\ qmt^ M 169; leave 
over, I 292, (I 437, tmesis, remain be- 

4'vo-Xc^uMv> fut. inf., (XeTrw), de- 
truncare, lit./)C€^oJf, cut ojf, v. 1. dvo- 
Ko^ifji€v, 4» 455f. 

&v-oX^raccTo» aor. iter., from aVoX- 
XvfUf peri bat. 

k-wo-h/fyiay ipf. -Aiyye, fut. -(X)X^^6tf , 
aor. SUbj. -(X)X^^yc,-a;(Ti,Opt -(A)Xij^- 
fiav (Xiipya;), desistere, abandon, cease, 
nv6i;,K 263, v 151,;* 224; with part., 
r 166; vanishes, 1 149. 

&'fro-Xix|ii{ot>VTai, fut. mid., (KixfMia, 
lig-urio), delambent,/id(; ojf (blood 
from wound),* 123f. 

&vo-XXi^{cis, sec aTToXfiyu), desis- 

&ir-^XXv)ii, fut. -oXeoout, aor. -uiXtoa, 
L perdere.— (1) lose, irarkpa, irooiv, 
evfiov, ^Tov, ^ 46, ^ 814, K 452, /3 49. 
—(2) annihilate, kill, destroy, E 768, 
648. II. -oXXw/xai, aor. -wXo/ii;v {"oXov- 
To), iter. -oXiOKiron pf -oXwXcv, per ire. 
— (I) 6e lost, disappear, d 62, X 586, 556, 
p 253. — (2) pcmA (opp. <ra(i»9^va(, O 
502), I 230, ^ 81 ; oXt'Opy, uXeSpov, 
liooov, y 87, t 303. 

Air^XXwvy bivoc, son of ZtvQ and 
AfjTfit, brother of "kpTifug, like her, 
bringing death, see dyavog ; god of the 
sun and of light, ^oiI3oq, AvKtiyivfjg ; 
of prophecy (his oracle in UvOio, 9 
79), A 72, 9 488 ; of music, A 603 (yet 
not known to Homer as fiovoaytrnq, 
leader of the Muses); of poesy; of 
vouth, r 86 ; guardian of flocks and 
herds ; epithets, dKipoiKo^iriQ, dipriropoq, 
^ii^tXoc, kKarrifioXoQ, 'iKaroQ, iKTjjSoXog, 
iKaspyog, irtioc, XaoooooQ, vaunov, xpv- 
ffaopov, ^fitv9tvg, *oi/3af. 

&iro-Xov<rQ, aor. subj., opt. -XovoHav, 
(Xovwj, abluere, vxtsh off, S 7 ; rivd 
ri, 2 345 ; mid. fut. -Xovoofxai, aor. 
iiao9ai, ri, wash from off one's self, 
utfiouVfZ 219. 

&iro-Xv|U)iXvca6ai, ipf. -iXvfiaivovTo, 
(Xvfiaivu)), sordes abluere, cleanse 
one's self by bathing, A 313 sq. (II.) 

diro-Xvffcavrvipa, ace, -tg nom. pi., 
(Xvfiaivio), dairwv, purgator, one who 
clears off the tables by devouring the 
fragments, jy^o/e-Ztciter, p 220 and 377. 

&iro-X)(Kro|MV, fut., aor. -iXvfre (Xvo-c), 
mid. fut -Xvo6fu9a, aor. -Xvodfjiivoq 
(Xvu)), solvere. — (1) tmdo, y 392; 
rivof, loose from, <f> 46, p. 421.— -(2) re- 
lecue, A 95, for ransom (II.). — (3) mid. 
Ttpd xpwfov, ransom with gold, X 50 ; 
loosen from one's self, untie, t 349. [v'] 

&iro-|«it|v£(rci, fut., aor. part -fArivioni', 
(jifiviuj), sue c Qn s ere, be anffnf,w 37 Si 
rtvi, B 772. [7] 

iir - €^vi/\auvrOf aor. , (pipvrjoKto), 
therefore they have remembered (repaid) 
him, Q 428t. 

&ir-«*|&w and -vi, -vov, ipf., aor. (opo- 
aa, (opvvpi), iureiurando renun- 
tiare, swear no^ to do; opKov, k 381. 

&ir 6fi6f»Yw, ipf, and -o/i6/oCaro,-(a> 
fikvut, aor. mid., {6p6pywpi), abster- 
ge re, wipe off, E 798 ; rivof, E 416 ; 
icipe clean, 2 414; mid. wipe any thing 
off from one's self, B 269, ^ 739 ; wipe 
one's self clean of any thing, <r 200. 

a'ir-c|jitf6c6)i,T)v, ipf, {pv9iop,ai), dis* 
suasi, (earnestly) dissuaded, I 109t. 

4ir-<Svau>, -ovaiaro, see dwovivripi. 

diro-vaid;, only aor. subj. -vdoxriMn, 
and aor. mid. -cvdinraTo; IT 86, re- 
mittant domum. send away; mid. 
demigraverat, withdraw to, o 254. 

&iro-v^a>vrai, pres. subj., inf. 'VSi(r9ai 
[_ ^ w -] ipf. -viovTo, r e d i r e, return, 
go home, w 467 ; with Trpori, iiri (tg) 
with ace, 'Sf, iraXtpTrtreg, d\poppoi 

dir-^vti^ (-ovfiTo), 'ovrjpevosi see 
dTTovivfifu, frui 

&iro-vC(ovTCS, 'ovoa, part pres., ipf. 
-svi^ovro, and aor. imp. -vi\l/aTf, part 
'virpavTtg, 'Vixl^afuvrj, -oi, ftt)m pres. 
-vCirrca^oi, abluere, wash off, rivd, r 
317 ; n, H 425, ut 189 ; tcasA c/ca», \(f 
75 ; mid. toosA off from one's self K 572 ; 
wash one's self clean, <r 172, 179. x 478. 

&ir-oi^iVi7/u, only fut mid., -oKif<rcTai, 
aor. -^KtjTO (opt 'ovaio, part, -ovrj/if- 
vog), perfrui, have enjoyment, profit, 
advantage, tt 120; ripog, at 30, Q 556 ; 
ow^', nihil profecit 

^iro-vCirrca^ai, -vixl/are, etc., see 
aTTO'vi^ovreg, abluere. 

&iro-vo<m)<rciv, fut,(i/o(rr€w), always 
after dip, rediturum esse, return, A 
60, u> 471. 

iiri or airo v6a^v) (should always 
be written separately), (1) separa- 

&ir& l{c<rf 



tim, aparty B 283; prociil, away, A 
555, O 548, <T 268, e 350.— (2) after its 
object, rivocj procul, A 541, e 113, /* 
33 (o 529); cf. voa^piv dwu, K 416, O 

airh l$c<rc (^((o), aor., ahsctdit, cut 
{\\t. shaved) off, E81t. 

&'r-otvvovox, and aor. inf. -o^vvai, 
praeacnere, bting to a point, mdke 
taper, ^ 269, t 326 (v. 1. diro-Kvoai, 
smooth off). 

kiro-^viroK (Kv<*>\ aor. part, expo- 
liens, smoothiftff off (wrinkles), I 446 f. 
(inf. -^Derat V. 1., I 326.) [v] 

&iro-irairT&v^ov<n, fut., (Trawraivia), 
terga dabunt, wiii turn inflight, ^ 

wir6-iravc, imp., fat. -iravtrHy aor. 
•^Travaaq, -€, -av, reprimo, keep off, 
Tiva, 2 267; rt, check, hinder, T 119; 
TivoQ, repress, A 323 ; from any thing, 
^ 340; with ace. and inf., /t 126, <t 
1 14 ; mid. -iravcai, imp. -to, fut. -^ofiaif 
desisto, desist, <t> 372, E 288; rtvog, 
from something, a 340, A 422, II 721, 

&'ro-ir^f«i'r«», inf. -irifivsfiiv, ipf., 
fUt. dir- and aVo-Trs/i^it, etc., 1 aor. 
'SiTBfiypa, dimittere, send away, ^ 
108, p 76 ; send off, $ 452, o 83, i// 23, 
/3 113; dismiss, e 146, 161; strangers 
with escort, r 65, 73, <i> 285. 

&'ro-^9iQ<n, aor. subj., from -xijrra>, 

tiTro-wkrofiai, only follg. forms from 
2 aor. '€7rTafiTiv: iir^ lirr a r o , -wra- 
fifvog, rj, avolavit,^/fett; aicag, arrow, 
dream ; life, Ovfiog, (of animals), n 469, 
c 163, r 454 ; rpyxHy (of men), X 222. 

iir-^iirrov, ipf.,-7rf<ry<rt, subj. 2 aor., 
(Tritrroj), d eel do, /cdl down, only ^ 

&ir6 irX^ct, in tmesi, pres. only a 
75, varpiBoQ, keeps him away from; 
elsewh. only aor. pass. -cTrXayx^C* etc., 
he driven fiom one's course, 9 573 ; with 
gen. o 382, 1 259 (-0€v), /t 285; rebound, 
X291,N 578,592. 

iiro-irXcUiv, inf., ipf. -«7rX«cor, 
(ttXc/^oi), navibus proficisci, sail 
away, I 418, 9 501. 

&iro-«'X'4|a«9 aor- part., (irX^<r<ra>), 
detruncare, »<rt*«o^ jc 440t. 

&iro-«Xvvc(rKC, ipf. iter., (^rXiivw), d i- 
1 u e b a t, was washing ciean, ^ 95t. [f;] 

&ir-lirXc9 (n-Xww, xXif w), ipf., avec- 

ta est, Aac? sailed away /torn, yairiQ, $ 

&'iro-'irvc(«»v, ov(ra{ai), part, (irvlPai), 
e X h a 1 a n s, breathing forth, life, fire, 
smell, ^ 406. 

&iro-vp^, TroXXov, 11 660,^r away ; 
tvt9ov d. vidv, H 334, not far front. 

&ir<Kirpo-acf>£a>,only -cXwVj^aib atoojf 
yjom wAaf /tc« before, p 457t. 

iiro-irpo^'KC, aor. from diro-irpo^ 
irifii, delegavit 

&7r6«irf>o9cv, procul, (from) far 
away, arnre, t 218; p 408, the house 
would hold him ahof 

&ir^-irf>oOt, procul, far away, ^ 

&iro-vpo-(f7/it, part. -u(« and aor. 
-If/re, delegav i t sent away, 4 26 ; shot 
forth, X 82; i5e< /a//, x 327. [--- 

^iro-irfM-rl/it^o), only aor. part 
-Ta}Mwv, desecanSjCti^ off from, with 
gen., 475t. 

&iro-«irTdlfuvos, aor. part frxmi viro- 
/xm, avolans. 

iiro-'imiMt, 3 sing, and part, pres., 
(wn'/w), exsputare, irpt</ortA,^ 781; 
dash forth, A 426. [tJ] 

d-ir6p6T|Tos (fl-opt^iu;), non excisa, 
not destroyed, M 1 1 f . 

&ir-opvvficvov, part, profectum, 
having set out from, Avri'qdfv, E 105+ . 

aV 5powi, Hrav, aor., {opouui), also 
in tmesi, d e s i 1 i i t. sprang away, E 297, 
P 483 ; rebounded, ^ 593 ; sprang down, 

&iro-ppa((m and -ppaXaai, fut. and 
inf. aor., (paiw), eripere, wrest away 
from, a 404. 

airb ^f <9 'ppri^ac, aor. ind. and part., 
(Ppriyvvfii), abrupit, break off, shatter, 
Z 507, n 587 ; hinges, M 459. 

&ir-cppCYaox, for PsPpiyatn, pf., (fpi- 
yiof), perhorrent, shrink from, p 62f. 

&ir6 Ippi^c, dirO'pp'iy\/ai, 'ppirpaiTa 
1 aor., (fpiiTTnJ), excutere, jmt off, lay 
aside (anger), 1517; veil, X 406. 

iiro - pp<tt{ {PePpatya, Ppfiywfu), 
branch (of the Styx), c 514; morsel 
(of Nectar), t 359; as adj. -pptrytg, 
•te^T?, V 98 f. 

iir-^otrvTO, 'io<tv^i9a, aor. mid., 
((Tivw), se proripuit, A«rr»«i au^e^, t 
396 ; dwftarog, Z 390. 

&ir-c(rK^a(FCv, -<Tice^a<rov, tmesis, 




mdic and imp. aor., (tTKiSavvvfti), pro- 
pulit, scattered, X 385; ditmutedj T 
309. [---W-] 

dtro-oicCSvourOai {aiciSvijfn), digre- 
d i, disperse, >tr 4f . 

avo-oxvSiMuvc, imp.. (vKvdfiaivuji), 
he indignatU ai, rivi, O 65f . 

&vo-<nr^8<iiv» part., (ffirlv^u;), li- 
b an s, pouring out a libakan, y 394. (Od.) 

itro-oToS^ and -d, adv., ((rraditi)^ 
only O 556, ^ 1 43, standtng far away. 

iL'wo-irr€lx»Vy part, pres., and aor. 
'itrrtxi^ imp. aV6<Tr»x«» abscedere, 
go away, \ 132, A 522. 

itro-orCXpovTCs, pres. part, niten- 
t e 8, gleaming with oil, with gen. , y 408 f . 

4voHrrpii^vTat, fat. part., -<rTp^- 
ilraunccy aor. iter!, -i//yai, -^ayrf(c), 
(<rfpc0to>), aver to, <«>m< 6aci, hands and 
feet, X 173; turning abovt, y 162; turn 
back inJHgkt, O 62; roll back, X 597; 
«caff, K 355. 

&ir-i(rTv^^i{cv, '^ov, aor., (<m;0c- 
Xi^oi), retudit,/»-cwi fcocifc, II 703; 2 

158, TIVOQ. 

&iro-<r^X«<n, aor. subj., -cr^^Xcit, 
opt., (<r0rrAXta>), aberrare faciat, 
cause to drift away, y 320 ; lead them 
astray from object of their labor, cause 
them to fail of the result of their toil 
(through the death of Menelaos), E 567. 

iMo-irjuJUr^cXf aor. inf., see dvkx^y 

&ir6 laxiCaffv {ax'^**»)* d i s c i d i t, split 
off, split in sunder, d 507 f. 

^wo-Tcifivta, ipf. ^rofivc (in tmesi: 
rafAvi, 1 aor. rdiu, subj. rdfiym, opt. 
rdfiot), pres. mid. 'ra/jtvofievot/, deci- 
dere, cut off, cut open; throats, F 292, 
X 328 ; thread, ^ 867 ; reins, halter, 
e 87; cut off for one's self X 347. 

dtro-niXov, procul, far away, i 

^wo-riOrifit, only aor. -^Ka (also in 
tmesis), and aor. mid. Biro (tmesis), and 
inf. '9ia9ai, deponere, ptrf away, lay 
off, gaiments and weapons, esp. freq. in 
mid., habit of fault-finding, E 492. 

&iro-Tlvv(icvoi, part, pres., ipf. -iri- 
rvro, (rivut), rivd nvo^, ulcisci pro, 
take vengeance for, /3 73, n 398. [*;] 

4vo-T£vciv, 'Sfuv; 'irov, imp., -ri- 
vutv; fat. -r«T«ic, aor. -srioe, etc., inf 
-rT<To», solvere,/)oy ftadfe, rifinv, mulc- 
tam, a fine, T 286 ; jwiy, >lr 487 ; atone 
for, X 271, * 399, 7 195, aifv fnydXtft 

A 161, 1 512,'x 16S» V 193 ; Z 93, atone 
for slaying and despoiling Patro- 
klos ; mike good, A 128, I 634, /3 132 ; 
reconvpense, B 186, x 235 ; mid. -rC- 
(TDfiOi, etc fut^ aor. 'iTitfaro, aioenge 
one's self upon^ pltnah, ulcisci, ri, K 
1 1 8, V 386 ; -rroiviiv irdputv, exact sat- 
isfaction for his companions, ^ 312. 

awO'iy.yjyovaXi aor. opt -r/i»jt€i€, 
part 'Tfiti^ag, abscindere, cut off, 
sever, 2 34, A 146, c 440; fig. cut off, 
intercept, K. 364, A 468 ; plough, tear 
(hill-sides), n 390. 

a-iror|iof, infortunatus, ill- 
starred, Q 388 ; sup. -ototoCi a 219. 

atro-Tpcir^TM, imp. prs., fut -rpli/zifc* 
aor. 'STpan-e, av ertere, tumawayfrom, 
rivd rivoc, M 249, Y 256, 109; redu- 
cer e, turn hack, A 758 ; scare hack, O 
276; mid. aor. -rrpairero, etc., turn 
one's self away, M 329 ; dirb vofXi^i, 
turn away the face, c 350 ; turn about, 
K 200. 

&iro-Tp(i|rotKn, fut, (rpi/3ai), dete- 
rentur, many footstools, thrown from 
both sides about his head, as he is made 
a target of throughout the house (gen. 
absol. of part.), (as they slip down) 
shall nth off his ribs ; coarse jest of 
goatherd Melantheus, p 232t. 

dir^-Tpoirof (rplww), remotus, 
(live) retired, | 372t. 

&iro-Tp«rirfMri, subj. 'i!ifi(v('-rp(iitird<t}), 
avertere, drive back, Y 119; forbid, 
7r 405; mid. 'rputtrdoBt, imp., -crpw- 
irCJvTo, ipf., rivoi*, tergiversamini, 
turn the hack upon, delay about; with 
inf, shrink from, 2 585. 

&ir-ovpa«, aor. part, from diravpdta, 

dir-ovfn{<nnMn» fut, eripient (-av- 
pdw), or &ir-ovp(a«rovox, amovebunt 
te r m i n o s (pvpog), remove the boundary 
«tofie«= intrude upon his fields, X 489t. 

diro-0€p(», only fut -oCacrov, -oinnv, 
aor. -kvfiKag, -av, aufero, carry home, 
IT 360 ; hear hack, E 257 ; drive away 
(at sea), S 255 ; bring back, K 337. 

&ir^-^|jii, and aor. mid. imp. -^atr^c, 
pronuntio, drriKQv, I say it to thy 
face, H 362 ; deliver this message, 1 422. 

&7r-^^i6€v, 3 pi. aor. pass., (0dca>), 
peri e runt, only in interpolated versetf 
of Od., € 110. 

&iro-^vv9ovo% (^ia>), pereunt,B 

Digitized by 


^m^U 50 


643; evuoPfU 5^y^erdviiit,la$tUfe. 

4iro-^^, p e r d o, pre. pass. opt. -0di- 
liTiVf imp. -<tt9i<r9(tij part. -^OifikvoVf -oio, 
-01/, ->y ; mid. aor. with pass, signif. 
-f>0tro, aor. pass. 3 pL -(f)<l>9i9ev, ^ 331 
(ttiid interpolation, i 110); per ire, 
perish^ 6\k9p(itf ip destruction, o 268, T 
322, io 88; mortua, o 357; occisi, 
S 499. 

4iro - <|KtfXiOS, -01, -a, (07'»a>, 0(i>c)) 
sine fetu, not unblessed with offltpring 
is intercourse with the gods, A 249 ; 
=ct0u)7i- (non-Homeric), unfruitful^ i. e. 
aimless, fooUsh, € 182 ; tmseemly, ^212; 
vacant, 61 177. 

itro-x^co, imp. pre., (^a^o/iac), re- 
cede a, go awayfromy rtvdi', X 95. 

Air^ X^^» **^^ *Xf^*»% ao'*-* (from 
X«w), excussit, ihreu) doum from the 
table, only x 20, 85. 

&iro-^^vxovTa (i^u^w), part., ex s pi- 
ran tern, /ainte'n^, u> 348 ; elsewh. i^pCj, 
with ipf. mid. -c\^vxovto, were letting 
the sweat dry off from their garments, 
and pass. -i//vx^«<t*> having cooled off, 


dir-ircfii^t, fut. from avoirs fi7rt»t, 

a-^fn)Krov, -oi/c» ace, (7rp?/<r<ya>), ir- 
ritam, endless, B 121, 376; tct^ or 
against which nothing can be done, hope- 
less, incurable, ft 223, fi 79 ; active, un- 
successful, S; 221. 

&-irpldrr|v (Trpm/ioi), adv., gratis, 
without money, for nothing, ^ 317 ; with~ 
out purchase, A 99. [a] 

i-irporC-fiiaaTOs (-fiaiofiai), Intacta, 
WK/e/J/W, T 263t. <■ 

a-irTCp09 (^«ro/iCT»), t^rXfro /uw0oc, 
Tiriy non ex c id it, nor did the word 
escape her, she perceived its sense, p 57. 

A--irTt(ox, dat. pi., (-irrnv), im plu m i- 
hus. unfledged, I 323t. 

d-irTO-cir4« (flroa, irToifuti l^rof), au- 
dacter loquens, rash - speaking, 9 

&-trr^X(|iOf, -ov, -oi«c, imbellis, 
ttnwarlihe, B 201. (II.) 

airru), only aor. part. &^as, aptans, 
making fast, 408; nxl/afitrrf diro, sus- 
pending a noose on high upon, X 278 ; 
elsewh. only mid. pre. airrco^oi, ipf. 
^TTTiTO, fut. u4ii(j9ai, aor. ij-^aro, ai^o- 
(T^i/, etc., oUng Cq, tivoc, II 9; hit, 

strike, 67, P 631 ; touch, elasp^ nvoc, 
T 344 (also with double gen., r 348); 
esp. with yovvutVf yiviiov (suppli' 
care), A 512, 500, O 357; lag hold of, 
e 339, B 152 ; clasp, d 522 ; lag hands 
on, TivoQ, fi 423 ; lay hold of in eating, d 
60, i: 379 ; r 28=sits at my table ; sc. 
Tvpog, take fire, t 379 ; aor. pass. 
kdif>9rf, im,feU after, sank tqpon him, N 

hrnev^yun6y (jrvpyog), immunitam, 
unfortified, X 264t. 

&^wvpoVf -nvQ, (TTvp), kettle or tripod, 
not yet placed over thefre, "¥ 267, 1 122. 

&-irvpfi0Tov(9rvp), ignis expertem, 
untouched by fire — dm>pov, "^ 270t. [v] 

a-irvoTos (7rv96fupog), (l)ignotuy, 
unknown, a 242.— (2) ignarus, tmin- 
formed of, nvoc, S 675. (Od.) 

dir-co^eoi, only fut -mow (inf. -iTe/juv\ 
aor. -w<T€, etc., mid. fut. -(vtriai, etc., aor. 
-iaoaTO, repel lere,ptt«A hack, il 446, 
X 76; cast off, o 280, /3 130, V 489; 
drive from one's course (at sea)^ t 81, of. 

V 276 ; tear away, E 308 ; rivog, drive 
away from, 6 96 ; mid. drive away from 
one's «€//* (enemies), B 206, 503 ; dis- 
lodge, push aside, a 270, 6 533, O 508. 

&pa, before consonants ap, enclitic 
pa, always postpositive, {apapiiv), orig. 
adv. containing the idea of being firmly 
fixed, denotes, as conjunction, a natural 
inference from what precedes, now, now 
then, no doubt, exactly, therefore, then. — ^ 
(1) of what is fixed by decree of fate, 
esp. in phrase ovS' dp' iptWev, d 107, 
X 553, V 293, i 475, K 336, M 3 ; B 419, 
X 139 ; ^l' 670, d 605. —(2) of what ex- 
perience has taught to regard as fixed, 

V 209, IT 420, E 532.— (3) often joined 
with causal conjs., yap pa, A 113, 236; 
iTTti pa, o 390, a 263 ; on pn, because 
you know, A 56. — (4) eir' dpa, if namekf^ 
A 65 ; cf nil dpa, unless indeed, Z 75, i// 
242.— (5) recapitulating, with demon- 
stratives. /wecwc/y, to wit, B 482, r 153, 
A 405; oif dpa, 163, A 428, 584, T 
13, H 7 ; with rovvtKa, iv9€v, rore, 
rfjpoQ, etc. ; with relatives, H 1 82 just the 
one which, ^ 449, v 106, Z 131 ; og pa, 
who, you see = since he. — (6) with 
weakene<l force, without doubt, natural- 
ly, of course, surely, A 46, 56; iir 
dpa, A 65, cf 93 ; in questions, r/c r 
dp, a 346, A 8 ; Kar dp tliiTo, A 68 ;. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




in first member of antithetical period, 
followed by 6i : fuv pa, B 1 ; ^' dpoj 
then in due courge, A 471; oifd' dpa, 
A 330 ; avrdp dpa, B 1U3.— (7) denot- 
ing a subtle, inherent sequence of 
thought, often untranslatable, H 360, B 
433.— -(8) dpay pa, following participles, 
9 458. V 380; sometimes doubled, tt 

213. ;^ --] , ^ 

&pdpir|<rc {dpapiuji), aor., dk rtvxt lir 
avrtf, his armor rang around him, at 
525. [a] 

opopos 6S6vTi»>v, chattering of teeth, 
K 375t. 

'ApciiSvp^, town in Argos, B 57 If. 

apouif, etc., adj. fern., tenuis, thin^ 
dender, c 90, n 161 ; legs of Hephais- 
tos, S 411 ; delicate, E 425. [d] 

aparaif etc., prs. 14 

{•-dofjiai), inf. dpqfii" 1 

vai, X 322; ipf. ly/oiu- 
^i/, aro, fut -iimraif 
aor. TfpriaaTo, -avro, 
etc., precarl — (1) 
/WTtgf, jj 1 ; TToXXa, 
fervently, daifiomv, 
aOavdroim, rravrtam 
Otoiat (see cut, for at- 
titude) ; tifxo/j€VTj^ im- 
pioring, svpplicating, 
Z 304, I 567 ; griev- 
ing sore, with inf., ^ 
209; with ace. and inf, S 827.— (2) 
tcish^ long for, with inf. N 286, A 143, 
a 366; ccUl down upon, 'Epivvc, curse, /3 
135 ; with ace. and inf., r 533. 

iipdpurKEy I. ipf., I aor. dpce (with 
imp., inf., part.). 2 aor. ypapt, dpapov, 
(artare), coniungo,^ together, raf- 
ters, ^712;^ upon, ri rivi, \ 23 ; dose, 
/3 353; /3 289, »eal up in jars; M 105, 
Jormed themselves in close array with 
their shields; huHd (put together) a 
wall with stones, IT 212; par are 
(aprvw) yipag, A 136; Oovotov Kai 
tcrjpa, IT 169 ; 9v^6v iSutiy, satisfy. — II. 
pf. apripf, (part, dpripioc, dpdpvln, etc.), 
plupf. dpnpti, (2 aor. ijpopit', dpapov, 
bat only n 214, 5 777), and 3 pi. aor. 
pass. dpOtv, and part aor. mid. dnpivog, 
artari, be closely joined together, of 
ranks, O 618, n 211; of jars standing 
close together against wall, /3 342 ; close 
tightly, I 475,3/ 42, 2 275; with dat.: 
Joined together with or of (metal plates, 
O 530; palisades, M 56; paved with 

flags, I 267); lie close upon, fit, V 838, 
S 600, « 234 (also with prep., a 378); 
please, ^111-, held fast to, € 361 ; fitUd 
to, e 254; K 265, with iv, be providtd 
with, A 3\,E 744, S 181, ^ 70, r 553. 

&papov, aor., dpapvia, pf. part., see 

apaoviv, ipf, c om pegi t, drove hovte 
and made fast, t 248t. 

dpaxvUL, rd, aranea, spider's web, 
only y 280, ir 35. 

&fryaX^os, i;, ov, ( piywv ? ), a r- 
duus, impossible, difficult, A 589, M 63, 
j3 244 : also in pers. coiistr., A 589, B 
397; difficilis, difficult to managf, 
shocking, violent, K 107, P 385, O 10, A 
812, X 400. 

*ApYcd8T|s, HoXvpri^oQ, 11 41 7t. 

'i^frycios, r/, ov,inhabitant of 'ApyoQ ; 
freq. in pi. as collective designation of 
Greeks, B 159, A 79, r 286, 99. 

'ApYci-^<Svrr|s {(tpy't{<T)i, loc. from 
dpyr\Q,2i\\({ ^dvTtiQ from (paivui)^he who 
appears in btightness (of lightning), 
swift messenger, epitli. of '£^/i^c» a P*^P" 
ular (mistaken) etymology seems to 
have been the origin of the myth of 
the Argos-slayer, B 103. 

&frycwd»v, -wv,-y<Ti,-pc,(from dpye- 
(Tvaoiv), candidus, white, T 198, 141. 

apTccrrao ^oroio, only A 306, <l> 334, 
rapidi, rapid. 

ipYi^, fjTog, (also -srt, era, dat. ace), 
dazzling white, bright; of linen, fat, 
lightning, r 419. 

&pYt-K^pavvc, voc, («c€joawroc) f u 1- 
men coruscum gerens, wie/derqf 
the dazzling thunderbolt, T 121; fu'l- 
minator. MtrniZej-er, Y 16. (11.) 

&pYlv(S€VTa, ace, c a n d i d u m, gleam- 
ing; epith. of town in Kreta, because 
I of chalk cliffs near it, only B 647, 656. 

opyt-^SSovTos, etc., (-odovg,), white- 
I ^00/Ae^. epith. of dogs and swine. 

apyi'Va^aS9&CC.,sici/l-footed,Q2\ 1 f. 

''ApYurcra, Thessalian town,B 738j. 

opYfi&TO, rd, (dpxfffBai), consecrated 
pieces of fiesh burned at beginning of 
sacrifice, K 446t. 

'"Ap^os, 6, name of the faithful hound 
of Odysseus, p 292 f. 

''Ap'yos, tog, ntr. — (1) town on river 
Inachos in Argolis, domain of Dion 
des, o 224, 108, Z 224, SUArftsO, 
B 559 ; ivTrofSoTov, 239^,^74.— (2) in 
wider sense, realm of Agamemnon, who 

Digitized by 


&^v 52 

riwelt in Mvkene, B 108, 115, A 30, I 
2i, O 30, N 379, y 263, A 171.— (3) 
probably, the entire Peloponuesos, S 
174; 'Axa»»foi', y 251 ; iirirofioTOio, Z 
152; so often joined with 'EXKdia^ 
which latter word then designates 
Northern Greece ; cf. *Ia<Tov, <r 246. — 
(4) n£Xa<ryt(c<>v, domain of Achilleus, 
B 681, Q 437, w 37, Z 456, valley and 
plain of river Peneios. — (5) in widest 
sense, the whole of Greece, M 70, N 
227, S 70 ; also 'Axoiikov, iir7ro/36roto, 
B 287, I 246, ^ 99 ; ito\vnvpm>, O 372. 
Not all passages admit of satisfactory 
explanation, e. g. H 363, ^ 562. 

dpT^v, ot, ovQ, white, o 161, ^30; 
svnft (with and without irodag), KvvtQ, 
A 50, /3 11. 

'"ApvoirSc = liq 'Apyog. 

&PYvpco«, Bti, €ovy (dpyvpoQ), argen- 
t e u s, of silver, ^615; irdiid or adorned 
tffith siher, E 727, A 219. [v] 

&pVupo-8£vi)s, (Sivrj), sUver-eddying, 
.of rivers, B 753. (II.) [I] 

&p7vp<S-T|Xos, jyXoi/, ov, (^Xoc), 
adorned with silver studs or hncbs, silver- 
studded; ^i'^of, Opovog, (pdfTyavov^ B 45, 
tj 162, S 405. 

Ap-y wp6-irf {a(-7r€^ja), silver- in white- 
ness) /oo<e<i, eing, A 538. (11. a w 92.) 

4pYvpos> oi', o, (apyof), argen turn, 
sUver, B 857, i// 200. 

&pYvp^-To{o«, bearing the silver bow, 
'AiroXXwv; also subst., A 37. 

ip^v-^ov (apyog, 0a-), ntr., dazzling- 
white, s2S0. [t;] 

ap^v-^v, a — dpyixfiiovy ntr. 2 50, 

*Ap7ca (lit. »«:»/•/), ship of Argonauts, 
ft 70. 

&p8f&^, -de, aquatio, watering' 
place, V 247. 

ipctn (<ipa), minis, &y t&reote, P 
431. (11.) 

'ApcOovcn), icjo^vf; in Ithaka, v 408f. 

apciov, TtXxog. see follg. word. 

&pci<i>v, ace. sing. -€ta> and -fcova, 
nom. pi. -ii'ovc, 'doviCy ntr. apctov, 
(apapiii/), compact, rcixog, A 407, T 33 ; 
fortis, I 48; then, surpassing, prae- 
stans, ^ 588,/3 277; /S 277, opp. ca- 
KiovQ, V 133, opp. x^^portt' [a] 
^'Apc(«»v, name of horse of 'A^pijcrroc 
at siege^e///??;, "¥ 346. 

&-p€ieTov Qol^w), infectum, tinao- 
complished, T 150t. 


ip^, voc, (from dfnig, dpi'iutv'), O 
brave one, restore in E 31, 455. 

ipioui, -^otuj^oi, see dpioKta. 

dp^oOoi, inf. aor. from apwficu^ 

dpkffKta, only Ap^troi, inf. 1 aor., 
make amends ; also f ut mid. &pc4nr^|&«6«^ 
and aor. dpsaadtrOio, -atravOai, appease, 
ni^a; reconciliare,^a»poic, etc. 

&pCT^ -fa>(ri, <Ar»ve, only ^ 329, r 

'Apcrdifv, a Trojan, Z 31t. 

ipcnf, iyc, (apfioiv), praestantia, 
excellence, of whatever sort, Y 411, "*" 
276 ; superiority, accomplishment, 5 725, 
(T 251, O 642, T 242 ; capacity, prowese, 
I 212, ^ 571 ; virtus, e 535, N 237, 
9 239 ; skill, p 322 ; success, v 45, <r 
133 ; prosperity, ^ 402. 

dpirrjra, conjecture for diporijra. 

Art> ^C» preces, (1) prayer, S 767. 
— (2) imprecatio, curse {dpkwv, I 
566), p 496 ; destruction, M 334 ; with 
Xocyov, O 489 ; calamity, % 208. [-' — ; 
in arsi '] 

apifoi, aor. subj. from dptnffiat, 

ipiJYw, fut. -^w, (dpKiov, aXicfi), o pi- 
tula ri, rtvi, aid, A 77. (II.) [a] 

ipilYMV, -oi/£c, fem., (api^yw), helper, 
E511 and A 7. [a] 

&pv)i-6^v (opv/Cf ^oug), tt0t/l •» battle, 
valiant, G 298. (II.) 

'Aoi)C- 60099 (1) Kopitvf}Tt}g, son of 
M*v6<y0ioc from BotoiWa, H 10, 137. — 
(2) Oipdvuiv of 'Pty/iof, Y 487. 

&pt)i-KT&pir<|», in pugna caeso, 
slain in battle, X 72. 

*Apv|(-XvKos, (1) father of ITpoOoiT- 
vtjp, S 451.--(2) a Trojan, n 308. 

&pijSCo« (dprjg), warlike, martial, B 
98, \f/ 220 ; revxfa, ivna, of v 

t weapons. 


armor, Z 340, K 407. 

&pi)i-<^&Toi, ovf, (0evbi), in pugna 
caesi,«/at«, X 41,T 31. [t] 

&pT|C-^lXo«, -01% -o(, Marti gratns, 
foverf iy ilre», valiant, 169. (II.) p] 

&pi{|Mvai, inf. from dpdofiai, p r e c a- 
tus esse. 

&pi||aivos, -ov, overcome, burdened, 2 
435, <T 53. 

dpffv, see apvoc. 

ipvipopivos, pf. pass, fiom dpdia, 

'Apifvi), town subject to 'Siimttp, B 
591, A 723. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




'Api|«, -rjoQ, -rfif -lya, -ijv (also -tog, 
'(if and -€i), voc. 'Af«c (see dpsg), god 
of war and of the tumult of conflict, E 
890 sqq. ; son of Zivq and "Hpiy, 
brother of 'Epic, father of Aduog and 
^o^og ; common epithets, aXXoirpovaX' 
\og, cLTog voKkfioio, pporoXoiyog^ diivbg 
IwaXiog, Botf, Oovpogj fnatiftovog, ofipi- 
fiog, raXavpivbv TroXtfiKrrfiv, x^'^'^C 
etc. ; his favorite abode, N 301 sqq., 9 
361 ; his size, E 860 ; cf. £ 385, 267 
sqq. ; brave heroes are called oZog or 
OepdirovTtg 'ALprjog ; cf. follg. 

«pY|S, originally the god 'kprig (cf. 
*'H^«Troc), then his element, the tu- 
muUof battle^ o^iiv dptia iyeipeiv^ B 440 ; 
Kwayeiv^ B 381 ; iftkpuv iroXiiSaKpWt 
r 132 ; ipiSa, etc. 

opYior^c, subj. aor. from dpvv/juu, 

*A|yi^, daughter of 'Pti^rivup, wife 
of 'kXKtvoog, Ti 54, V 66. (Od.) [5] 

&pip^p, ripog^ a, (apao/iai), one who 
prcttfSy a priest, All. [a] 

'Apir|Tu£8T|s, Niffof , Tc 395. [a] 

S-pT|Tov (perh. from afprirov^ ^PPV~ 
TOP, cf. €tp9}ica, from fk-PptiKo), i n f a n- 
dnm, wupeakable, P 37, Q 741 ; others 
interpret, accursed, shocking, from apd- 


''AfviTos, (1) son of Nlcrrwp, y 414. 
— (2) son of Upiafiog, P 535. 

ap6<v, conferti sunt, 3 pi. aor. 
pass, from dpdpitrKe, 

&p9|tif<ravTc, part. aor. (dpOfifu)), Iv 
ftXoTTiTt, having been brought together 
(in combat), separated in friendship, 
H 302t. 

&pOf&u»i (dpapiffKut), coninncti, 
alUed, TT 427t. 

&pi- (dpeitov), intensive, inseparable 
prefix, exceedingly, very, [d] 

'Api-dL8vT|, Kovpti lAivtaog, \ 321, 2 

&p^-YV««TOf , 17, ov, reot^TmsoMe, N 72, 
^ 207: famose, = infamous, p 375 
(where w). 

&PI-8c£kcto«, illustrious, X 540; 
usually with gen. part, dvdpiav, Xawv, 

ApC-hXo«, fy,(^^Xdc), valde clarus, 
conspicuous, 2 519 ; cUar, shrill, £219 

(B 3 1 8, at^iyXov). -^ adv. -ti^Xws, 

clearhf, p. 453t. 

&pid|&i{««t, iut. (dptOfUitt), aor. 'fi^ag, 
pass, -ribfifuvai, numerare, coun^, 

reeikofi tip; ^fX<<* divide into two eowtpa* 
nies, K 204. 

&pi0|ji», -ov, numero, number, X 
449. [d] 

'Api|&oi«, (iv — , name of a region in 
KiXiKia, B 783t. [d I] 

&pi-irpcin^, -ic, conspicuous, distin- 
guithed; Z 477, Tpiittaaiv, among the 

'Ap£<rpat, as^ocy father of Kduncpirog, 
P345t. [d] 

'ApiirpT), town in Troia ; 'Api<T(5ti9(v, 
from Arisbe^ B 838. [d] 

&pi0Tcp^, 6v, sinister, fc/^, iir 
dpi<Trtpa(-o0ti',N 309), sinistrorsum, 
(277; foreboding ill, V 242. [d] 

dpiOTijof, gen., pi. -rj(g, nobilis, 
optimatcs, cA»e/>, O 489, H 73, o 28. 

Apurrcvctv, ipf. iter. dpi(TT(v(OK(, e x- 
cellere, 6e^ best or bravest, usually 
with inf. fidxtoBai, A 746 ; with gen. 
r.vog, ijuff iifiiag, 6 652) ; with both 
gen. and inf , Z 460. 

apurrov (tjpi), breakfast, t 2, Q 124. 

opurros, ri, ov, (dpdtuv, apt-), and 
wpiCTTos = 6 djO., optimus, /Ae 6es<, 
most excellent, most capable, bravest, first ; 
of things animate and inanimate; 
among, with gen. part., A 69 ; with iv 
(with verbs), Z 7, O 296 ; with dat. of 
manner (or respect), I 54, 9 247, tt 
419, V 297 ; with ace. of respect, V 
39, *• 483, X 469, y 370, also followed 
by inf, 9 123; often intensified by 
advs., pky\ ox\ t^ox , ^laKptdov (M 103, 
O 108), decidedly ; Z(vg, S 213, T 95, 
r303,N 154; princeps, e.g. T 274, 
K 214, Z 209, I 3, (by birth, rank, or 
other title to honor); advantageous, 1 
103, r 110, V 154 ; Z 56, ao\ — irtvoirj" 
rai, honorable (indeed) has been their 
conduct toward thee ! [d] 

Apinn^oX^a, ace, (o<pdXXopat\ !n- 
bricum, slippery, the ground, p 196t. 

&pi-^p&8i9 and -fa, ntr., ((ppd^ofiai), 
very plain, ensyto recognize, (rijpa, doria^ 
^ 240 ; adv., ^paBita^=dpitiiXwg, v. 1. 
V/ 225t. 

'ApKoScs, inhabitants of *ApK&8£T|, B 
611, 603, in the Peloponnesos. (11.) [d] 

*ApKc£oaos, son of Ztvg, father of 
*ApKcund8T|99 i. e. Aakprqg, ir 118, ui 
270. (Od.) 

'ApKccrC-Xoos, leader of the Boiwroc, 
B 495, 329. [t] 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




apo'd/, only ipf. tjpKci, f'lit. &pKc'irci, 
aor. I'lpictiTt (a Aifi/), a V c e r e. keep oJ[ nvi 
ri, Z 16 ; flTTtJ r<v«i' rt, N 440; patro- 
ci!iari./?ro/ef<, tivi^tt 261. 4> 131. 

apKios, -ov, (apic£ii>), sufficient^ K 304 ; 
B 393, ei non erit opportunitas, 
shall have no further opportunity to; 
certuin,0 502. 

&pKTOs, 6 and r), u r s u s, 6ear, X 611 ; 
^, constellation of the 6V6a< Becar^ or 

apjio, aroi", to, {dpapi<TK<it)y cluiriot, 
ayKvKov, iuKoov, ivrpoxov, 9o6vj Kafi- 
vvXav; usually in pLfdaiSaXiouriVy ttoi- 
KiXa x^XKtji (adorned with gold and sil- 
ver, K 438), Ko\\T}ToXaiv ; esp. toar char- 
iotf drawn by horses, hence these often 
named with it, E 199, 237, A 366; the 
Homeric chariot differed in no essential 
respect from that in use centuries etrrlier 
by the Egyptians and by the Asiatics ; 
for description of separate parts, cf. 
dvTV^, diiioVy pvfjiogj t(TTutp, trvf, iiria- 
awrpa, TrXijpvaiy Kvrifiij^ hi<ppoi:, l^vyov 
(see cut No. 10, and tables I. and II.). 

''Apito, village in Botu>rm, B 499t. 

ap|i,&TO-inr|76s (ffnyvvfjit), dvijpf 
chariot-builder, A 485t. 

ap|ia-Tpoxlif (Tp6xog\ wheeUrui, ^ 

ap|Mvos, fitting, part. aor. mid. {apd- 


ap|i^{co, imp. pres. mid., aor. act i^p- 
po<rt, from dpfiotto, strictly,^ toffether, 
r 333, the cuirass fitted him; fit to- 
gether, beams, t 247 ; 162, unite them 
together into a raft. 

*Ap|i,ov(8v|«, ship-builder in Troy, 
(a|0/io^o>), E 60t. [i] 

apiAovtdUrtv, yoi, gen. dat pL, (dpfioi^w), 
bands, slabs, one side flat, the other 
curved ; serving to bind together the 
raft : see d, in cut; also k, in cut No. 35. 
Also fig., bond, compact, x 225. 

&pvci^, o, aries, ram, F 197, i 444; 
with viv, K 527, 572. 

ipvciTOi, etc., ipf. rtpveiro, aor. dp- 
vifaaaBai, {dpykop,ai), negare, recu- 
sare, vnpiuig, ^ 42 ; tnihhold, 345. 

apvcvrijpt, dat., {iptvvdv), diver, p, 
413 ; cf. n 747 sq. 

''Apwi, town in Boia>ria, H 9, B 507 
With initial F, B 507 ? 

apva, ace. sing., du. -c, pi. regular, 
dat only -wgiv, gender comm. {fapv-, 
r 310), sheep, lamb, d 85, A 102. 

apw|Mu, pres. ipf., aor. ffparo, -dfu- 
0a and dpoprjv, etc., com par are, pro- 
cure for one's self, pifrBov ; gain, xXiog, 
KvdoQ, (vxogt viKrjv, dkOXia (also gain 
for another, nvi, A 159, 1 303. A 95, IT 
84) ; also carry off as share of booty, "¥ 
692, 1 188; dvdpdypia, S 510 ; receive, 
S 130; e's.'p eriri, take upon one^s self, 
^ 107, a 390; carry, as burden, vrjvg, 
r 247; seeking to gain, a 5, X 160. 

&poC|i.t|v, etc., aor. opt. from dpwpai. 

opocnSf r), {dpoui), arva, arable kind, 
I 134 ; TJ/iX^v, un wooded, [a] 

apon^p, r]ptQ, a r a t o r, plough- man, 2 
542. [a] 

dp^uTiv, arationibus. &y culdvct- 
tion, I 122t. [a] 

oporpov, r o, (apuo;), a r a t r u m .plough, 
irnKTov, finnly put together, N 703. 

opovpa, riQ, (^QRTi\i\ pUmgh-land, Z 
195, M 422, N 707 ; field, K 7, * 599 ; 
ground, F 115; ^ft^u/jooi;, corn-bearing 
earth, d 229 (used in altogether general 
sense, cf. also r 593= upon the earth). 
As goddess = ra7o, B 548. [a] 

ap^«Mn> (dpob), cf. obsolete Eng. ear, 
to plough), arant, ji/oti^A, 1 108 ; Api|- 
pofUKQ, perf. pass., aratae, £ 548. [a] 

apir(£((i>, fut -^ui, aor. ifpira^a, ijp- 
iratfE, etc., rapio, rob, carry off, 2 319, 
N 528 ; draw out, 11 814 ; carry off, o 
250 ; sweep away, e 416. 

apirflucrijpcs (dpTrd^w), robbers, Q 

apiraX^ttv, eagerly sought (gains), ,9 
164; a^ak4f^,greedily,^ MO. (Od.) 

'Apir&Xuav, son of nvXaipkvtji', N 

fipiqi, unknown bird of prey, perh. 
falcon, T 350t. 

aptrvtai, rap aces, snatchers, per- 
sonified storm-winds, by whom those who 
have mysteriously disappeared are con- 

S-ppi|iCTo« 55 

ceived of as home away (not the Har- 
pies, Monsters, of later myths), a 241. 

a-p|n|icro9 (-fpriKTOC, Fpqywfii)^ in- 
diuoluble, firm, with dAwroc, N 360; 9 
275. mdestruc^ble. 

&-pjwiTo« (fptjroci yer-bum, Eng. 
word), unspokeiij | 466 ; wupeakabiej 
see dpijTov. 

&p<n|v, fvoQ, masculus, tnasculinej 
male, 8 7, c 425. 

*Apo^-voos, father of *EKafiridri, of 
island TcV^^oc, A 626t. [i] 

*Aprrwcli\y name of fountain in conn- 
try of Aaiffrpvyovei:, c 108t. [i] 

iftTcpia, -lc<r(T(, ace. sing., dat. pi., 
incolumis, safe and sound, E 515, v 

f^TOQ, XpV(n)VtOQ^ XpVfToBpOVOQ, dypo' 

Tspri, KfXaSeivfj, daughter of Zevg and 
AjfTw, sister of 'AtroWwv, death-god- 
dess (of. oyavd^), intam in ata vena- 
trix, € 123, p37 ; as huntress, haunting 
the mountains of Peloponnesos, ^ 102. 

4prX, prefix, suitable, excellent, 

4pTl-cin^S (PiTTog), speaking exceUenU 
Ig; fwOutv, glilhtongued, X 28 If. 

iprXa (aodpioKi), suitable things, 9 
240 ; friendly, r 248. 

fifrrX-iros (TTowr), pedibus valens, 
strong or swift of foot, I 505, 310. 

&prt-^p«»v, mente valens, intelli' 
gent {friendly), (■» 261t. 

ofrrov, ovi^, ace., wheaten bread, p 343, 
«rl20. (Od.) 

4pTVK«» (djortoi*), fut. -wiovou, aor. 
part, -vvat;, mid. ipf. aor. riprvvaro, 
pass. aor. dpTvv9tj, compono, paro, 
put in order, form in dose array, M 43, 
86, O 303 ; prepare, a 211, I 469, u> 
153; devise, \ 366; pass., A 216, the 
battle began ; m\dL.,put in order for one^s 
self arrange, d 782 ; place, B 55. 

&prvci, prs., ipf. ifprvf, (cf dprvvw), 
parare. d 771, v 242; make ready, S 

379. [rq 

*Apvpas, a native of Sidon, o 426t 

apxC'Koicovt, beginning mischief, E 

'Apx^-Xoxof« son of 'Avrffvtop, IS, 

'Apxc-irT6Xc|iof » *l0tri^i|c, charioteer 
of 'Eicrw/o, e 128. 

&PXCVC, -€ti/, pres., (apxof), rm, du- 
c e r e, command. (II.) 

&pX'4 (<J^f'X<^)> initium, beginning, ii 
«PX'/ii of old, a 188 ; rtj/of, ^ 4, P 100, 
A 604; occasion, X 116. 

&PX<^, dux, leader, B 493, E 39, B 
162, ^ 653, X 48. 

apx«* (and mid., but without pf., 
plupt'., and pass.), I. active: praeire, 

(1) precede, A 495, T 420; lead the 
way, I 237; nvi, a> 9. — (2) ducere, 
had, P 262 ; nvi, B 805, E 592, i 230 ; 
Tivog, B 494, M 93, k 205 ; wywi/, B 
576; Tivi fidxto9at, 11 65.--(3) reg- 
nare, rude, only ^ 12. — II. act. (and 
mid.*), incipere, in'wQ. commence, be^ 
gin,^{\) with inf., B 84, 90*, H 324, 
<fr 437. N 329; with dat. of interest. 
Tivi, H 324*, I 93* ; esp. roiai Se... npx 
dyopiUiv, A 571, /3 15 (also B 378 sc. 
p,(tXh*faa9ai', K 428* sc. u/fio9frt7v). — 

(2) with gen., make a beginning with, be' 
gin, I 97, A 335, 142* (U tivoq, ^ 
199*).— (3) Tivi rivoc, O 95, K 101*; 
common phrase, toIq dpa fiv9u*v vpxe, 
B 433, a 28, and rolotv S' , . . fjpxtTO 
fiv9iov. (Od.) 

dp«ryif , ij, {dpr\yia), a u x i 1 i u m, help, 
aid, in battle or combat ; ^ 360, why 
should I concern myself with giving 
succor f (11.) [a] 

&p«iY^, -o( , -ovc, o p i t u I a t o r, Ae/p- 
er, advocate, in battle and before tribu- 
nal, <T 232. [d] 

ixrox^ (1) aor. from dw, satiare. 
^2) aor. from dditt, obcaecare. 

aoui|At, opt. aor. from dw, satia- 

'Ao-euof, a Greek, A 30 If. 

ao'C4Mv, aor. from iavio, dormivi- 

&<ra|&iv6o«, »/, lab rum, bathing-tub 
a 48. [d] 

fio-oo^oi, aor. inf. from dm, sa- 

oflraroy aor. of ddoi, obcaecare, 

a-aPcoTOS, 3, (<t/3€vi'V)ui), tiw«rt/»- 
guishable, fire, laughter; unceasing, j3ofi, 
kXsoq, t) 333. 

&4rcor6at, fut. mid. from da>, satiare. 

4 - <rv|fii(£vTounv ( <n;/4rrf »'w ), s fn e 
due tore, without a shqyherd or leader^ 
K485t. [d] 

* Denotes that the form referred to is in mid. voice. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

£a^|ia, -an, (di<r0a>), short -drawn 
breath, panting, O l.j. (11.) 

&ad|ia(v«>v ( aa9fia ), anhelans, 
patUmg, gasping, ip \S2. (11.) 

*A(riaSt|s> son of "Aaiog, 'Adafiag, 

'Ao-(vn, in 'ApyoXig, B 560t. [a l] 

&-o%vcat, ace. pi. from -vc, ((xtvo/iat), 
illaesas, unmolested, X 110. (Od.) 

"Aoxos, ov,{\) son ofAvfmc, a Phryg- 
ian; brother of 'E«d/3i?, n 717.— (2) 
son of "YpraKoc fix)m 'ApiV/Sij, ally of 
Trojans, M 95. 

Mrtv, roffcn^i/, si turn, slime, <t> 321f. 


a-o-iTos, sine cibo, without food, B 
788t. [d] 

'A(Ky iv Xec/iwi/i, in /Ae Asian mead- 
ow; from Asia, a district in Lydia, 
from which the name was gradually ex- 
tended to the whole continent, B 461. 

'AoicdXa^, son of 'ApriQ, leader of 
Boiairoi, B 512. 

*Aoic&vCt|, a town in Bithynia, on 
lake of same name, B 863, N 793. [t] 

*A<nc(£vYos, (1) son of 'IiriroWwv, N 
792.— (2) leader of the ^pvyec, B 862. 


&-o-KcX^cs, -€f, ((rceXXo)), tabe con- 
fecti, wasted, k 463; ntr. and adv. 
&<rKcX^c*9 with aiii, unceasingly, T 

d<7icea>,3 sing. ipf. jjoicciv, aor. ^(tjcj;<t€, 
etc., pf. pass. 7JaKTiTai,work out with skiU 
and care, K 438 ; smooth out, a 439. 

&-o'ia)9i)s> 'fiQ, {(UKaZyiti), in cola- 
mis, uninjured, unscathed, I 255. 



aoict|T«Sv, ntr., (d<ri:e'to>), «irwiM^ 
wrought, d 134. (Od.) 

'A<ncXiprla8i|S = Maxaiatv, A 204 
(II.) [a] 

*AoicXiprt^ Thessalian prince, 
famous physician, fpuher ofUoiaXupio^ 
and Maxdwv, A 194. (XL) [ -J 

a-<rKoiros, temerarius, thoughtless,', 
Q 157. 

doic^s, o, nter, leather bottle, usually 
a goat skin (see cut, after a Pompeian 
painting), F 247 ; elsewh., C04*inm, 
hide, K 19. 


&r|&cvof, y, ot, (sada, afaB-), lu- 
bens, glad, i 63; 37 108, it would 
please me. 

d-<T7rd^o/iat, only ipf. ^mr^loiyrOf 
(ff^rdw), a m p 1 e c t e b a n t u r, toere maifc- 
ing welcome (by reaching out hands to 
draw toward one), x^P^^ » c^- ^ ^*2' 

&-<nra£pfi»v, part, ipf., mo»e commZiipe- 
Ig, quiver, K 521 ; nohffoi, x 473, r 231. 

a-(nra|>Ta (<Tiret/oa>), non 8ata,w»- 
<oton, ( 109t. 

A-<nrd<HCos, 3 and 2, (aiTTrd^o/iai). — 
(1) acceptus, welcome, 6 488.--{2) 

Digitized by 





lubens, /3S{/tt/, « 397, to his joy the 
gods have delivered him ; so also 4(nra^ 
(rM*«,adv. [u] 

&4nraaT6«, 6v, acceptus, teelcame^ 
i|/ 239 ; « 398, a grateful thing. 

a-<nrcp|&os {<j-Kkfi^d)t sine prole, 
ir»(Aott< ojjfpring, T 303t. 

&-<nrcpx^ (ffTTt/oxoftat), ntr., stu- 
diose, eagerly, 2 556 ; fxeveaiviaf be 
vehemently enraged with. 

a-<nrcTOs, 2, (i-oiriTi), i n f a n d u s, 
unutterable, P 332 ; with TroXXa, A 704, 
S 75 ; enormously great, T 61, IT 167 ; 
countless, unlimited, x 407, A 245 ; end- 
less supplies fur his needs, v 424. 

iunetSiwrcui {(urnidibJTrii;), senta- 
to 8. shield-bearing, B 554 and 11 167. 

&4nr£s, idoc, y, shield, {l) the great 
oval shield, common epithets, afj^^i- 
Pporri, woSriviKrjg ; more than 2 ft. 
broadi, 4^ ft. high, and weighing abont 
40 lbs. ; Agamemnon's shield described, 
A 32-40 ; it was carried over the left 
shoulder, sustained by the reXafjiwv and 
by the wopira^, or ring within the 
shield. — (2) smaller circular shield, trdv- 
Toa iitrri (see cut), with only two han- 
dles; or with one central handle for 

the arm and several for the hand (see 
cut No. 12) : it was of about half the 
size and weight of the larger dairig ; 
cf. description of Sarpedon's shield, M 
294 sqq. The shield consisted gener- 
ally of 4 to 7 layers of ox-hide (fut'oi, N 
804); these were covered by a metal 
plate, and the whole was firmly united 

by rivets, which projected on the outer 
convex side of the shield ; the head of 
the central rivet, larger than the rest, 
was the dfitftaXog, and was usually fash- 
ioned into the form of a head ; instead 
of the plate above mentioned, concen- 
tric metal rings (Sivwrriv, ivKvicXog) 
were sometimes substituted. The rim 
of the shield was called dvTvK, and 
the convex surface bore some device 
analogous to our coat of arms, E 182, 
A 36, cf E 739. The shield of Achil- 
leus, 2 478-608, which was large and 
round, does not exactly correspond to 
either of the two dam^ig above de- 

&<nrurnU»v, gen. pi., i-rlig), scuta- 
torum, shield-bearing, A 90. (11.) [a] 
'A(nrXt|8«v, ovog^ a town in Boftoria, 

&-(nrov8C (jUTTovlii), ftrl ftdv — y^, 
may 1 at least not perish without com* 
bat, X 304. (II.) [7] 
Siirau=& riva, 

ao-cra, oinroX, what sort o/J r 2l8t. 
'Acrcrdp&KOS, son of Tpwt, Y 232, 239 
(supreme deity of Assyrians), [o] 
oavov, comp. from ayx«» prop i us, 
nearer, rivog, p S03 ; 
with twofold compara- 
tive termination, Ac- 
<roT^pw, p 572; Tivog, 
r 506. 

&-<rTaxv«r(riv (from 
daraxvg), a r i s t i s, uith 
its ears of grain, B 148t. 

a-<rTC|ji^a, kg, ace, 
firm, persistent, unyield" 
ing, r 219; adv. -^ws, d 

'AcTT^piov, TO, a town 
in GfcrcTflXio, B 735t. 

*A<rTcpCs, an imagin- 
ary island S. of Ithaka, 
^ 846t. 

&(rTcp6cvro«, i, a, 

(nom. -o«f, darypy^ 

s t el latu 8, itorry, i 527 ; spangled {i'ot 

ornament), II 134 and S 370. (Seo 

cut on foUg. page, also No. 22.) 

'Airrcpoiraiosy son of TleXdyuiv, 
leader of Avkioi, M 102, ^ 179. 
ixrrtpoTrfi, i), lightning, (II.) 
ooTcpoini'iiis, 'OXvfjnriog, fulmina- 
t o r, sender of lightning, A 580. (IL) 

Digitized by 


&(m{p 58 

iuirr/\py 'ipog, inrpaoiy dat. pi., 
Stella, star^ e. g. Sinus, E 5, X .26; 
fTTTfooc, X 317, V 93; Stella cadens, 
fdUing star^ A 75. 

&OTo( {a<tTv)y citizens, A 242 and v 


doTpa'yaXov, ace, -a>r, -ot«n, (oarpa- 
icov), neck-v&'tehra, k 560 ; pi. (grawe o/* 
rfice, cf. our jack-stones, >l^ 88. (See 
cut, after an ancient painting in Besi- 
iia.) [d] 

^MTTpairrci, aor. part, -a^nc, (dtrTf- 
poTT^), fulgurat, gleams, lightens, B 
353. (II.) 

currpa, ra, astra, constellations, pi 

312 ; sank toward the horizon. K 252. 

^ aoTv, €of , (^rirrrv), habitations, a 3 ; 

<^Xy c. g. 'Ififtpov ; auTvBi^ in u f b e m, 

clOt; P 144.civitatem et urhem. 

*A(rTv&Xo«, a Trojan, Z 29t. [li] 

'AoTv-(£va{, epithet conferred by 
Trojans, in honor of Hektor, upon 
'Sjt.anavBpioQ, his son, Z 403. 

&OTv-Po^^v, ace, {poaitt)y calling 
throughout the city, li 701t. 

'AvTv-vooSy (1) son of Uportautv, 
a Trojan, O 455f . — (2) a Trojan leader, 
E 144t. [t/] 

'AaTv-6xcia, mother of TXijiroXf/toc, 
B 658t. 

*A<rTv-^X^9 mother of 'AtrKoXafoQ 
and 'laXfiivut:, B 5 13+. 

*A0Tv-iruXos, a Paionian, ^ 209t. 


4-(rv^Xov, ntr., insulting, I 647 and 
Q 767. [t)] 

&-0'^&Xls (tr^aWu}) aUi, tmmtttoMe, 
^ 42. = Acr+aX^««, P 436; 171, 
steadily, without /altering. 

*A(r<^LX^wv, servant of McveXaoc, ^ 
216t. [0 

&-(r<^p&'yov, rov, (jpapvy^ ?), tMnc^ 
/?»p«, X 328 f. [d] 

&-<r<^8cX^v X«/i(^f'a, ace, asphodel' 
meadow, X 639. (The asphodel is a 
plant of the lily kind.) (Od.) 

&-<rx&X(&qi, 'Oitioi, 3 sing, pi., -aav 
inf.. -owv prs. part., (tj^oXi?), he impct- 
iienf, B 297; rivng, at — , t 1.59. 634; 
to be beside one's self(yf\th grief), X 412. 

a-<rx€TO«, ov, (and antrxfTov), irre-' 
sistible, E 892 ; fikvoi:^ in courage, /3 
85 ; overpowering grief, II 549, Q 708. 

'Aowir^s, a river in Boiwn'a, A 

&-T(£XavTOS ip(f-n ToXavra), bctlanO' 
ing, equal, rivi (9i6<fnr, y 110, 409) ; 
firjriv, in counsel. (11.) [d] 

&-T&Xa-^pova, ace, harmless, tender , 
Z 400t. 

aroXXc, ipf.. skip, gambol (cf. Psalm 
104, 26). N 27t. [a] 

&t&XaC, -y<n, and -d ^nortoi'r€Ct 
frisking; X 39, 2 567, %A< hearted, 

irdp (from a 5, re, op ? a rap, e 108. r 
273), sed, but, however, at. but, get. — (1) 
after fifv, A 166, Z 86, 125 ; also drop 
avT(, K 420; attamen, and yet after 
f/ fjii]v,Yero, verify, I 58. — (2) without 
fikv, introducing a new thought S 236, 
A 506, B 313 ; after ndxj^, B 214 ; after 
voc. not easily translatable, /or ind'*ed, 
Z 429 (in contrast with 413-28), X 
331. — (3) after Irrfi, in apodosis, M 
144 ; following a wish, 404. [^ w] 

&-Tappi{s (rap/3o(,-), im pay id us. 
fearless, N 299t. [d] 

Digitized by 


&-TdpPv|TOs 59 

&-T^LpPvpt>« (rapPiio), impavidus, 
fearlessy intrqrid, F 63 f. [a] 

565 and p 234. [a] 

d-Topv^v, T17V, (rpoTr^i/tit ?), se- 
mita, pcUhf footway^ P 743 and ^ 1. 


&-TapTV|pi, -oif, (.a-Tfiprjc), hard^ 
stuhltorn. monster^ A 223. [a] 

&Taur6&XCai,ai,(ara(rdaXa), scelus, 
wan^omieM (sin), fi 300. [a t] 

aTOcrSdXXwv, -ovaa, prs. part., (aVa- 
tT9aXa\ acting tcaniotUjf, 9 57 and r 88. 

dTaor6&Xo«, ov, (an;), seel est us, 
4Mmton, prefumptuotL% wicked^ p^^civ, 
twpy€t; esp. firixavaafrOai draaOaXa^ 
practice wickedness, X 418, tt 86. [o] 

a T«, never as in Attic =t an quam, 
see Of re. 

&-TCipi{s, -la, -«af, (r«'(t>ii>), not to be 
icom outy n) ^rc/, x«^koc. — (2) «»- 
yielding, enduring, F 60, O 697. [a] 

d-rAfOTOS, -ov, -a, (rcXof), without 
purpose, without remit, unaccomplished; 
will, tcithout ceasing, [a ] 

4-TeXevTt|Tov, -<^, (jtXtvraio ), unful- 
jiUed, A 175 (cf. tt 11 1 ), ttw;?wwA«<i. 

&-TcXi^ (rkXoQ), unaccomplished, p 

&W|«^a>, occurs only in pres., act 
and pass., vex. deceive, pass, care re, 
be deprived of, be without, nvoQ, i 42, 
"¥ 445. 834. 

&Tcp, with gen., sine, without, E 473 ; 
Zijvng (cf. ^ 372), invito Jove; 
procul, apart from, A 498. 

&-T^pa|ivov (rfi'pw), Aarrf, i|/ 167t. 

[«] , , , 

a-Tcpmfs, -«a, (ripinu), joyless region, 
rj 279 ; T 354, tormenting, [a] 

drWpirov, gen., (repn-u/), doleful, Z 
285t. [o] 

dr^KTO, ace. part, from driw (dnj), 
temerarium, foolhardy, Y 332t. 

arri, ijc» (ctaw), noxa, bane, hurt, fj, 
372 ; folly, ii^fatuation, B 1 1 1. 6 237 ; 
eaphemisticallv for sin, crime, Z 356, S 
261, T 270. [5] 

&-t{Cmv, part.' from dri^io (Wo), 
con tern nens. unheeding, Y 166t. [«] 

OrTl)i(£tc»» ipf. iter. drifia^^fnKf, aor. 
nW/Krt fff , (drt^aw). d e s p i c e r e. <rcflrf tt-»<A 
disrespect, dishonor, <p 332, <t 144, A 11. 


&-Tl}id«», ipf. drlfAa, fut. and aor. 
rfrifiriaa {rifiaio), despicere. treat with 
contempt, S 127 ; maltreat, A 356, 4 57. 

d-Yt|it|Tov (rififj), contemtum, dlt- 
spised, ptravdarriv, I 648 and II 59. 


d-Tl|Ait|(nv (drtfiOQ), assail tr»^ m- 
««//», v 142t. [a] 

a-Tl}iot (jifxii), inhonoratus, de^ 
spised; comp. -/rtpov, sup. -orany; ir 
43 1 , without making return, [u ] 

d-rKrdXXw, inf. driToXXintvai, ipf. 
aVtraAX«v, aor. drntiXa ; pass. part, 
prs. drtToXXofiivriv, rear, of gods, U 
60; of men, A 250; of animals, o 174. 

t"i - 

S-TiTOt (riw), unpaid (penalty for), 
S 484; unavenged, N 414. 

'"ArXot, avTo<;, father of KaXvi^cu, 
17 245, a 52. 

d-TXt|Tov, -y, (rX^vat), unendurable, 
I 3 and T 367. 

&T09 (a-aroj;, dficvat), insatiabilis, 
insatiable, riroc, v 293. (IL) 

d - TpdirXroi =: drapTTirot, paths, v 

*ATp^tSi|S, ov, son of Atreuf, title of 
'Ayafiffiva)v and of McvcXao; ; also in 
pi. and du.,u> 24,X 397, A 16, 17, T 182. 

'Arp^toiv, (ovoCf «Ofi o/* 'ArpevQ, 'Ay a' 
fiffivwv, A 387, B 192. (11.) 

d^pcK^ {rpBina. Lat. lorqueo), 
ntr. as adv., undistorted. real, true, E 
208 ; adv. -^ws, trvly p 1 .54. 

d^pijAd and before vowels (exc. O 
318) drp^jios (rpffiw), motionless, r 
212 ; calm, B 200. 

Arpcvs, father of 'Aya^kfiv^av and 
of Mei^lXaoc ; his sceptre. B 1<I5. 

&-Tp(irTovf (rpij3w), not hardened, 
tender, 15 If. 

a-Tpo|&os, ov, (rpo/iog), intrepidus, 
fearless, E 126. (II.) 

d-Tpvy^Toio, ov, gen. ace, (Tpvui), 
unwasting, restless, unresting, epith. of 
the sea, and P 425, of altfiip, glimmer- 
ing; the ancients derived the word 
from rpvydv, unfruitful; opp. -yaiV/j/ 

*ATpvTMVV|, Aiof riicoc — , (orpi/i/w), 
^ Impeller, 'AQnvaiij, d 762. 

drrd (cf. in Swiss dialect Aetti), 
term of endearment used in address- 
ing elders =/u/Aer. tt 31. 

dTvlo;x^v(i>, 01, part, pres., and aor. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




&Tvx9c£«, from drvZitt (drri ?), strictly, 
blinded, dazed, fri^^Uened ; JUeing betotl- 
dered over the plain, Z 38 ; terrified cU, 
Z 468 ; amazed, y\j 42. [oi] 

'Atv|&vX^18t|s, son of 'Atvuvloq, Mv- 
^a>v,E581t. [a] 

*ATV|AVios, sou of 'AfjuoutSapoct U 

at, rursas, o^'n, on the contrary, 
adversative conjunction, ( 1 ) nearly 
equals ^£, B 493; after fisv, A 109; 
vvv av, but now, v 149 ; h 6' av, <y 371 ; 
but if on the contrary; again, moreover, 
B 671, 678, 681, T 200.— (2) on the other 
hand, r 323, A 240 ; ^ av, but again, 
A 17, Z 229 ; esp. freq., rbv d' av dvriov 
tivda, a 213, 230. — (3) denuo, also, 
again, A 540, i; 88 ; av vvv, e 129, ^€i;- 
Tfpov av, 

avaivut, aiavO^, aor. pass, part., 
(av(tt), siccatum, when it was dry, i 
32 If. 

avyd^ouat (avyr}), discern, ^ 458f . 

Air^cMLi, town, (1) of AoKutveg, B 
583t.— (2) of Aorpoi, B 532t. 

AirycCa«, ao, father of 'Aya/iiidri, A 
701, 739. 

airflif ^C» hrig^ light, radiance, N 341, 
Z, 305 ; pi., beams, of sun, of light of 
day, ^loQ, N 837. 

AvYT|ia8v|s, son of Aifytiag, 'AyaM- 
vrjg, B 624t. 

avSdio, imp. avSo, ipf rivda, aor. 
(iter. avSfioafTKt), part, avdhoag, speak, 
eirog, Z 54, v 199 ; dvriov — rivd, all o- 
qui, address, V 203; l^rof, E 170; 
fjitydXa, boast loudly, d 505. 

a*8^, m, voice, A 249, 2 419, T 418 ; 
411 (of the swallow). 

aiSi^cis, toaa, speaking toith human 
voices T 407, € 334 ; v. 1. ovSrietraa, 

av-4^f»vov, ipf., aor. aif-kpvtrav (dv- 
Ptpvu)), draw out, M 261 ; bend back 
(head of victim), A 459. 

avg, avg, see avoi, accenderet. 
* a^e*, (l)=aur€.— (2) A 48, M 85, /3 
369, <T48=ai;6^t. 

a50t, (1) eodem loco, on the spot, 
here, there, A 492 ; with foUowinc: de- 
termination of place by prep., i 29. — 
(2) illico, flrf once, <r 339. 

ai(ax<^S P^v (d'fiaxoi), speechless, N 
41 f. (Others interpret, shouting loudly.) 
■ avXcCov, yoi, {avKtiog, avXrf), belonging 
to the aifXri, of the court, a 104. (Od.) 

avX-^, rjg, (PAl,), court enclosure, (1) 
before the house ; with gate, gate-way, 
portico, stables, slave-quarters, altar, 
and 96\og ; see table III. — (2) before 
the cave of UoXvtprifiog, i 239 ; before 
the tent of 'AxiXXtvg, Q 452; round 
the palace of AioXog, k 10. 

avXy, V. 1. instead of avXy, le 10. 

avXtCo|uvd»v, pres. part, from avXi- 
i^ofiai {avXrO, penned in, fi 265. (Od.) 

atXiv, ace, (iavw), place of repose, x 

AiXCs, iSog, rendezvous of Greeks 
before sailing for Troja, town in Bona- 
ria, B 303. 

aiX6s, oi), (dPtjvaC), (1) wind t9w£ru- 
ment,Jlute, 2 495, K 13. — (2) socket in 
which point of lance was fitted, P 297 ; 
Ao/e« or eyes, receiving the tongue of a 
buckle, r 227.— (3) stream of bloody x 

a{»Xuiri9, (^t, (avXoc)t with upright 
tube to receive the plume, E 182. (II.) 
(See b in cut; see also cuts 17, 18, 


atof, 3, (e^io), siccus, dry, P 493? 
avov, of sound, dull, hollow, grating, M 
160, N 441. 

a-tnrvo9, -ovg, Qjirvog), sleepless, (1) 
of persons, i 404, k 84. — (2) vvKtag, I 
325. [a] 

avfn) (dPrifti). aura, breeze, « 469 f. 

avpiov {npt), to-morrow morning, O 
535,17 318. 

^votolX^os (avog)\ s q u a 1 i d u 8, tm- 
anointed, unJIxmpt, r 327 f. [d] 

avT-dYpCTO, ntr. pi., (dypiiv), eelf- 
chosen, attainable, tt 148t. 

ainap (avrt, dpa), but, however, ad- 
versative conj., differing from dk chief- 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 




]j in marking a contrast more strong- 
ly, (1) after fikv, A 127, B 103, a 215 ; 
also aifrdp 6 avn, B 107, and airdp 
dpa, B 103 ; after «i— , r 290; after 
a wish, if> 404. — (2) at beginning of 
sentence, but^ yet, now, A 118, 348; 
ttVTCLp 0, r 18 ; in transitions esp. with 
iirti, lirnv, A 458, 464, 467, a> 467. 
[— «-' , the first syllable always in arsi.] 

ttVTC (ad, -Ti)t lit on each occasion; 
then, further, moreover, but, (1) adver- 
lative, with vvv, A 237 ; r6r«, B 221 ; 
flv9a,Z 234; T 180, also ; further, B 
407, and Sivnpov avri ; on the other 
hand, H 345 ; with Si, F 76, 121, /3 203, 
331 ; like ds in apodosis, A 137. A 321. 
— <2) hereafter, A 340, B 225, 370; 
again (in disapproval), A 202 ; cf. also 
Z 73, 81, H 335. 

avTBut (2 avui), only ipf 3 sing, and 
pL &VTCI, &vrcw, call aloud, T 50, $ 
582 ; call upon, A 258 ; of things, ring, 
resound, M 160. [a J 

dvni, rig, (2 avoj), cry, ^ 122, B 1 53 ; 
esp. battle-cry, A 331, 3! 96; battle, O 

avT-t||&ap (rjfiap), on the same day, y 
311; k%\, to-day, 

avr;Ka (cf. »/vi«a, voKa), forthteith, 
straightway, K 403, A 160, A 199 ; often 
with vi)v, Z 308; irru, M 393; tvHTa, 
T242; fiaKa,K 111. 

aMs (aiJ, Tt), again, rnrsns, back 
ogam, A 425, B 208 ; with aj/, 139; 
iraKiv, E 257; once more, again, A 513, 
522, H 462, A 15, k 461, see ilavTiq; 
on the other hand, in turn, H 170, o 439; 
another time, in future, F 440, a 317. 

&vT|&if , -^v, (German A th em ; 4^^- 
vai?), 6r«a<A, I 609, SJ 174; /< 369, 
«O0n< ; scorching heat, i 389 ; blast, X 400, 
2 471. [a] 

&vr|aiva, ace. from dvrfirfv, masc, 
(avrptri), breath, "9 765 ; blast, y 289. 

aWo-StSoKTos (diddoKva), self-taught, 
X 347t. 

a^roStov (aifrov), e vestigio, 
straightway, 9 449t. 

aiiT^-CTft (irog), in the same year, y 

air^ = aifToOi. 

aitr6Bf¥ (abr-ov\from the very spot, 
Y 120 ; elsewh. with ii — , from one's 
seat, chair, T 77, v 56, 420. 

fkMAv (= avTov), on the spot, K 443 ; 
often with more definite limitation fol- 

lowing: e. g. aypff, rnri, X 187; or |y, 
with dat, I 29 ; Kar, K 273. 

a^To-K&nyvitni, soror germ an a, 
own sister, k 137t. 

avTo-KJUr(YW|T09, ov, frater ger- 
manus, F 238 ; see Katriyvtjrog, (11.) 

Airtf-XvKos, ov, father of 'AvrcicX(uz, 
mother of 'OSvaeiVi',T394 to 466, K 267. 

aWtf-f&&Te«, 3, (jxkfiaa), sponta- 
nea s, of one's own accord, B 408. ( 11. ) 

AvTo-|iiS»V, ovTog, son of Aitaprjg, 
chaiioteer of 'AxiXXevg, P 536, IT 145. 

Avro-v^» handmaid of UtiveXowtta, 
a 182t. 

AvT^voos, (I) a Greek, A SOlf.— 
(2) a Trojan, n 694t. 

airro-v^l (vvK)fthis very night, 1 97 f. 

av-T^s, ij, o, lit. again he, (1) idem, 
same, pron. of identity, preceding subst, 
107, M 225; with demonstr. {rov), Z 
391, ^ 654, A 338, rj 55.— (2) ipse, 
pron. of emphasis, opposition, A 47, 51, 
112, 161, F 301, A 4, X 602 ; imme- 
diately under, N 615; middle of the 
road, K 158; dat (with and without 
(Tvp), together with, 1 194, 9 186, v 1 18 ; 
of one's wvn free will, (3 168, 6 218 ; 
alone, 99, N 729 ; often with preced- 
ing pers. pron., r 93, y 49, 4 331, ^ 
312, a 279, K 389, O 292; pers. pron. 
must sometimes be supplied, x ^^f ^ 
430, B 263 ; with enclitic pron. forms 
preceding, t 179, 190, K 242, /3 33, X 
134, S 66 ; following, E 459, x 345, X 
346, d 244 ; in reflexive sense, 249, ^ 
51, 9 68, K 416, j3 125, S 247, H 338 ; 
with possessive prons., a 409, x 218, ir 
197, K 204, o 262, d 643, O 39, /3 138. 
— (3) as pron. 3 pers. (only in oblique 
cases), A 633, «c 302, /3 1 54, P 546, B 347. 

a{>To-<rr&8t||, Iv — , (ioratrOai), hand- 
to-hand Jight, N 325t. 

avTo-<rx«St||, -i/v, (<tx«5ov), close 
combat, O 510 ; ace. cominus. 

a^<Mrx«S^v, -a, (ex^^ov), cominus, 
hand to hand, O 386, n 319. 

a^ov (avrog), eodem loco, on the 
spot, usually more closely defined by 
following preposition, 9 68 ; illico, /J 
250,$ 114; hie, ibi. 

a^^t(v) = aifri^, T 255 ; = aitrutv, 
A 44 ; = avToiQ, N 42 ; always with 

Avr^-^vos, father of Uo\v(ff6vnjc 
of efiPn* A 395t. 

avTO-x^vov» ace, (x^avog) ooXov, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




of mass of stone in its natural rough 
shape, massive quoit, ^ 826t. 

av-Tws (ai»r6c), (1) eodem modo, 
just so, X 125 ; esp. u>c 5* avring, so in 
this vei-y way, ^ 166. — (2) spon te. even 
toithoiU this, A 520 ; uiterli/, simply, B 
138, V 379, r 22 ', Z 400, ^ 268 ; 
just as you ai'e, 2 198. — (3) sic 
(tern ere), thus, with ellipsis, as you 
propose, as he was, A 133, v 130 ; in 
vain, B 342. (Reading often doubtful 
between avrutg and ovriog.) 

avxcv(ovs> ace. pi., {avxfiv), rkvov- 
rag, neck sinews, y 450 f. 

avxtiv, kvQQ, 6, cervices, neck, of 
men and anhnals, Z 117, /c 559. 

avxH^^9 2 sing. prs. from cmjxf^tu) 
{avxfioi:), be dry, i. e. unanointed, squaUd, 
w 250t. 

1. avot (avut, evoj), accenderet, 
where he could not obtain fire from other 
source, v. 1. avy, that he may not he 
forced to seek fire from elsewhere, e 

2. aval, only ipf. a^, and 1 aor. 4iva« 
and avae {avaai, dvaaq, etc.), caU aloud, 
(1) vocare, call upon, rivd, A 461, N 
477, 1 65. — (2) clam are, call aloud, of 
things, riny, with fisya, dtipov, Kap^a- 
\kov', avov, of harsn, dry sound (cf. 
a r i d u m ) ; Siairpvmov, piercingly ; 
(eTTt) fiaKpov, so as to be heard a great 
distance, aloud (E 347, 6 160), r 81, K 

a^-aipB<o, fut. mid. -atpifo'caOai $ 
aor. -u\ov, etc., also airo-aipio, pres. 
imp., (faipeo ?), -tiaOai, a7ro-/^«Xt(ro), 
often in tmesi, adimere, (1) act., take 
away, i 313 ; ri rivoq, E 127, i 416 ; ri 
Tivt, ^ 455.---(2) take away to hold for 
em's self, r 294, 11 54, 1 336 ; rivd ri, 
e 108, X 18, A 182 ; remove jfrom one's 
self, )u 199 ; take away, A 299, ^ 91 ; 
OvfAOi/ (life) ripog, and rivd ; frustrate, 
vrxTTOV, voffrifiov ij^dp rivi, (Stag rivog ; 
take off armor, ai/uiov, H 122 ; wfioiiv, 11 

a-^&Xov ((pdXog), without creM, 
Tavptit)v — r€ rat dXkoipov, K 258t. 
[«] ^ 

a<^-d}MipTtv, -d>v, -owTQy and &ir- 
ilj^PpoTcv, aor. from dfiaprdrut — nvog, 
(1) miss, deerrare a, 9 302.— (2) lose, 
orbari,Z4ll. (II.) 

&^-d JiapTo-cin^S, missing the point, 
rambling speaker, V 215t. 

&^-av8dvct (dv^dviii), dupleases, x 

a-<^VT0S9 '01, {(paivto), unseen, leaving 
no trace behind, Z 60t. (IL) 

a^ap, statim, at once, instant^, $ 
628. When joined with Ss (exc. '^ 
593, 9 409) it begins the sentence ; 
when used alone, it follows one or more 
words. [^ ^] 

*A(|>dpcvs9 ^o(, KaXriropi^Tjg, name 
of a Greek leader, N 541. 

&^-apira{at, aor. inf , (dpird^ui), de- 
rip ere, ri Tivog, wrench away from, N 

&<^p-Tcpot, celeriores, strifler, ^ 

a^avpov, 'orepog, -ov, -orarog, -rj, 
((ftdfog), insignificant, deb ills, toeaJdy, 
H 235,1; llU. 

dipdu), a^i«[>VTa, (utttu)), trac t an- 
te m, busy with handling, n, Z 322 f. [a] 

*A(|>c£8a«, avTog, IloKv7rr)iJ,ovidtig, tic- 
titious, assumed name, at 305f . 

a^Ct|, aor. opt. from dfirifjii, iacu- 

cU^os (opes), possessions, esp. in 
cattle, ^99, A 171. [d] 

k^iia^'Kofxat, fut. from d7r£x<>'« pro- 

&^-i{p.€vos {rffAui), seorsum se- 
dens, sitting apart, O 106t. [d] 

i4-i{Topos, gen. (d<}>itifii), sagit- 
t&vii, of the archer ^iicrifioXov, I 404 f. 


a-^To«, 2, (<p9iio), aeternus, un- 
wasting, imperishable^ only of posses- 
sions, exc. I 413, Q 88, 1 133. 

&4^t||i.t, reg., collat. forms of ipf. 
d0iei, 7)0(€i, aor. dfpsrjKS, subj. -ky, -i^y, 
opt. -£ijy (V»y/iO» dimittere, (1) send 
away, A 25 ; drive away, B 263, A 642 ; 
shed blossom, }? 126; let faU, M 221 ; 
lAsvog, slackened its force, N 444; re- 
lease, Y 464 ; mid. ^ 240 ; pass., are 
emitted from, A 77. — iaculari, hurl, 
weapons, lightning, etc., K 372, >p 432, 
P 631, X 261, w 539, 9 133. l^^-^; 

&^-iKdv«» (ted vw), p e r V e n i o, come 
to, reach, irpug ri, Z 388 ; Sevpo, hue, 
S 43 (Od. only with ace). 

iL^'iKo/jiai, only fut. -Heat, perf. inf. 
'Ix9ai, aor. -iKOfjrjv, etc. (tmesis, /a 2), 
pervenio, with ace, come to (a per- 
son), arrive at (a place), 25, a 332, ^ 
42, 489, also with ttf, tTrt, wort, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




cara, viro ; rcacA, Q 329, 202 ; 2 395, 
trouble came upon me. 

d<l>'iaTrjiJUf 1. trans., only mid. curonrii- 
(nnrraif demand pay for themselves for^ 
N 745. — II. intr., -larafiaif pf. ''ioTUTty 
'tardaiVt -ityraiiy, -i(Traur«j;, plupf. 
-f<Tra<rav, aor. -6<rn7, «^am2 awai/j stand 
off, ^ 517, N 738; vo(T0ti/, X 544; 
ni/of, from a person, i// 101 ; from a 
thing, /^ 340. 

ol-^Xcurrov, a p 1 u s t r e, ornamental 
hnob on stem of ship, O 717t. [^ - >-] 
(See cut, also No. 41.) 

&-^Xour)ji^ {^^oXo^oq), spuma, 
foam^ O 607 f. 

&4>vct^, 2, -6r«(0ot, -draroc, (a0tvoc), 
opulentus, toeaithy, rich m, rtvoc 
(means of subsistence, gold, etc.) ; 
Jhttrishing house, a 232; coupled with 
Hiya dvvafii'VoiOy \ 414. 

&^-«»irX(tovTO (uTrXiuOi), ipf., tvrca, 
laid off their armor, ^ 26 f. 

&^-op|fct|9ctcv, opt, and -OkvrtCy aor. 
pass, part., (op/mw), proficisci, vav- 
^iv, set out from the ships ; depait, fi 

o^^vTOySee a^atu, tractantem. 

&-^pd8^ov<ri, pres. indie, -fovri, 
part. (a-0pa^J7(,*), amentem esse, be 
/oo/mA, i; 294, 1 32. 

&-^f>d^cs, £(uv, ((bpdZofiai), senseless, 
X 476 ; /oo/wA, /3 282 ; adv. -tuts, fool- 
isUy, r 436. 

&-^d8tT|, dat. sing., ((ppdZopai), iff- 
norance, B 368; ekewh. dat. pi. -lytrt, 
folly, n 354, 4 481 ; vooio, K 122. 

a-^pa(v» i^pTjv), be mad^ H 109, v 

o^pfov, ipf. (d<f>p6£), spumabant, 
breasts were covered with foam, A 282t. 
[_ :;r3 = a0pf vv.] 

&-^f>i^T«»p (0^/jr/ajj), no rwpecter q/" 
race, 1 63t. 

*A^po8iTT|, 17c, daughter of Zivf, r 
374, Y 105 ; and of Aimvti, E 370 ; also 
KvOkpeia, Kvirpit:, from her seats of 
worship; Sia, ivarefdvov, <l>iKopp.ti5i]i', 
Xpvukf) ; wife of "H0rtt<Troc, 9 267 sq. ; 
goddess of love, E 429, ^ 261, F 54; and 
of beauty, T 282 ; of love's charms, S 
214 (see Kiarot;) ; attended by XapirtQ, 
<T 192 ; mother of Ali'iiag. As common 
noun =Ao^ passion, X ^**- 

&-^pov^ovTcs, pres. part., (dif>pwv), 
foolish, O 104t. 

&^p6s, ov, spurn a, ybam of waves, 
of lion, r 168. (II.) 

^^poo-OvTis, -dwv, gen., (dtpputv), 
folly, H 110; i>\., foolish behavior ^ v 
278, w 457. 

a-^pov, -ore, -ova, ((ppfjv), thovgkt- 
less, A 104, E 875, A 389 ; Q 157, 

&-^vXXoicrtv, dat. pi., (<pv\\ov), leaf- 
less, stripped of leaves, B 425f . [d] 

&<|>v{civ, fut. from d(f>vffffu}. 

a-^vorycT^v, ace, slime, A 495t. [a] 

&<^iHrcra>v, ipf. d^vomv, -ov, fut. a^ii- 
t^iv, aor. ri^pvaaptv, part, dipvooaq, mid. 
ipf. TiipvuaiTo, aor. ij(f>vffdfiijv, dipvffod' 
pt9a, d<f>vo(rdpivog, fund ere, rfrair, 
joowr 'tn<o (mid. for one*s self), wine or 
water, t 9, 85 ; with diru, tV, tr, or with 
simple gen., \p 305 ; t} 286, / tra« scat- 
tering the leaves over my.«elf; A 171, 
do 1 intend to acquire for thee, aot. 

*Axaioi(, Achaian women (with beau- 
tifully braided hair). (Od.) [a] 

*Axaiid8cs, tor, E 422, ^cAm'an 
women, E 424 (with beautiful mantles). 


^AxaiXk^, ace. msc. and ntr. nom., 
Achaian, I 521, 141, 7 251. [a] 

*AxatC9, i^oi; land of 'Axaioi, ^IcAaia, 
Northern Greece, F 75, X 166, v 249, A 
254,0 107; pi. as subst.,y4 cAaiontromen, 
I 395 ; contemptuously, B 235. [a] 

*Axato£» wr, chief tribe of Greeks in 
OcooaXta, M.t(T<rrivTj, 'Apyoi;, 'Wdicrj; 

Digitized by VjOO^ 




collective appellation of the Greeks, A 
2, a 90 ; epithets, dpr/t^i'Xtuv, ^ot, eXt- 
<C(i>7rcff, IvKinjfjiidec, Kupt) KOfiotavrtg 
(tcovpoi), fiiyd^UjAoiy fxevta WiiovTtg, 
Xa^KOxtrtiJViJV. [a] 

&-X^i<rTC(K>v (ax«P«t)» i n g r a t i u s, 
more trnwekomey v 392t. [a] 

a-Xapurra, ntr. pi., (xa|t>ie;> i n grata, 
unpleasing^ 9 236t. [d] 

'AxcXcStos, river-god, (i) in Greece 
(AcVwXt'a), * 194t.— (2) m ^pvyia, Q 

oxip^ {tf dxepdog), wild pear-tree, ^ 
lOf. [d] 

&X<p<»(s» ^'^^ poplar, N 389. (II.) 


AxcpOKTO, ace, ('AxepioVf d-xepwv, 
cuncta ahripiens), the chasing ah/ss 
(not river), of lower world, i: 513t. [Vi] 

&X^<^v, prs. part., (d^oc)* troubled 
for, TivoQ, ^ 40 ; fVVf«a, 318 ; Ovfiov, 
grieved at heart, [d] 

Ax*»v, oi/era, part. prs. (dxoc)» P^- 
inffj nrof, B 694 ; Kfjp, at heart, [d] 

&x9oiuUy ipf. iJx^^ro (dx^og), (1) 6c 
liiden, 457.— (2) moleste fero, take 
ill, be pained or afflicted with, ri, N 352, 
£ 361 ; odvvym, tormented with pains ; 
Krjp, vexed at heart. 

«X^> rOf (axoQ), onus, burden, T 
247 ; dpovpriQ, dead weight upon the 
earth, of idle, useless man, v 379. 

*AxiXcvs,'AxiXXcvs, ^of, (ITiyXf i'^»/f), 
son of IIijXcuc and Birif, AUiKid/ji;, king 
of MvpfAtdoviQ, foster-child of 4>o(vi^, 
pupil of XeipMv, hero of the Iliad : his 
destiny, I 410 sq. ; expedition against 
Troy, B 681 ; forays, I 328, A 392, B 
690, see Bpi<ri;i'j; ; firivig, A ; irpitf^iia, 
I ; death of his friend HdrpoKKoQ, n 
827 ; fiTfviSoQ cLTropprifftQ, T 56 ; "E/cropoj; 
dvaipemg, X ; "Eicropog \vrpa, Q ; his 
death, e 310, «a 37 sq. ; epithets. Sat- 
<ppix>v, dtog, Sii(pi\oQ, 9€oic ivuiKeX^e), 
9toeiKe\(jE), TTtXatpiov, TroSdpKTfc Slog, 
TToduiKTig, TTToXiTTopOiff, pTj^ffvopog, voSag 
raxvv, (TTodag) uticvg. (See cut, in next 
column, from Panathenaic Amphora.) 

&X^^> vog, Tf, caligo, mist, E 127, 
r 321 ; of death, n 344 ; sujoon, E 696 ; 
grief, T 421. [-^^, nom. and ace. 

^X^^cTf , aor. from dx\vu), grew dark, 
fi406. (Od.) 

»X»^» y» V^f fo<xm of water, A 307 ; 
ehaj, B 499, pi. 

OLX^H'0^9 pres., ayvvro, ipf, (dicor- 
Xi'^w, dxog), do 1 ere, grisoe, mourn, 
Ovfiog (hi arnOeaoi, iSi 38), Kijp axvu- 
rai (Iv Ovjitf, Z 524), dxwfiivy KpaSiy^ 
Q 584 ; dxwoBai Kfjp, in heart, ta 420 ; 
Tivog, X 558, for some one ; with part., 
2 320. 

ol-X<'^<»'» dissipating - wrath, others 
translate mild, soothing, ^ 221t. [d] 

aXOf&ai (dxog), only <y 256, r 129, 
/ mourn, [d] 

axos, €og, ro, also pi., (dyx^X ffrief^ 
pain, Tivog, over some one, for some- 
thing, e 124, N 417, o 358 ; wtpi, <f» 
249 ; sorrow seizes, Ovfibv 'Uaviv, d/ut^e" 
XvOri rivd, ykvero rivi (Kard 9vfi6v)i 
drrb 'jrpairiSutv tXQoi, roll a stone from 
one's heart ; cf. Y 282, K 145 ; elXi, A- 
Xa/36, Tvxj/t Tivd (Bvfiov), N 581, S 475, 
T 125 ; rtri itrri, I 249 : dxiog vt^iXn. 
P591. [d] 

&-Xpc'ov, ntr. = adv., (x/Oftoc), B 269, 
looked fooVshly about, as one who has 
no xptiog, i. e. knows not what he shall 
do ; (T 163, constrainedly (a forced laugh 
without cause) (164, own Tropof yO- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




&-X|yn(UMr(Hnr| (xfirffiara)^ inopia, 
want, p 502 f. 

axpt(s)} prorsus, altogether; 9 
370, perhaps uniU. 

h.yy^\SMx {dxvpov), heaps of chaff, E 
502t. [a] 

a^ (dflro), back, back again, airovotr- 
Tri<Tuv, e 499; dniwv, K 289; with 
gen. back from, M 420 ; cltto, M 390; 
dvoipkpuj, K 337 ; and freq.with cmpds. 
of axo- ; with iraXtv, back again, 2 280 ; 
avTiQ, e 335. 

*A-il€vSi)S, a Nereid, 2 46t. 

&4r^cs, ai, (ai/zoi), maculae, meshes, 

0Lt|ro-pp^ov (p€(i>) 'Qrcavoto, of the 
Okeanos stream which Jhios back into 
itself, i. e. encircling, 2 399. 

aijro-ppoi, -ov, (pew, -ff/ooof), redu- 
c es, back, with verbs of motion ; usu- 
allj ntr., retro, k 558. 

2i|rca (uTTTw), art VLB, joints, limbs, S 
794 and (t 189. 

dot, inf. a|j.cvai, fat. dtruv, aor. snbj. 
a(T;7, opt. daaifii, inf. acrai, mid. fat. or 
aor. imp. dataOf, aor. inf. daanQm^ 
(1) satiari, * 70, eager to sate itsetf 
with human flesh; yooto dnai,"^ 157, 
cf. K\av9fioXo a«T€<T0£. — (2) satiare, 
rtvd rtt/oc, E 289 ; rivi, A 817. 

awpoi {deipitJ)=fi6T-Eutpoi, pen dull, 
dangUng, i. q. formless, useless, misshapen, 

actfpTO, plapf. pass, from aitpin, pen- 

&wTcts9 cTrc, (from dwriia, drifu), dor- 
mire, with ace. virvoVf K 159 and c 
548. [cf] 

ddOTov, <^, OV, (drjfii, af at frog), floc- 
cus, /(>cife of wool, oiog, a 443 ; nap of 
linen, I 661 ; /eece, shea's vjool, i 434 ; 
on sheep's back ; spun, N 599. [d] 


PdSv|v (fiaivui), pedetentim, «tep 
iy *tep, slowly, N 51 6 f. 

pci{«»> pres., ipf., and perf. pass, ^k- 
fiuKTai, \o(\\x\,' speak, esp. with ntr. 
adjs., e. g. dpTia, tit things, S 92 ; cf. 
I 58, A 355, a 392, 5 32, ^ 127 ; liroQ, 

Padv-^v^ac, 8tvt)€VTOs, -a, /«« 0/ 
dee/) eddies, 4> 15. 

Padv-8fvT|s ((^vat), deep -eddying, Y 
73 ; always of rivers, exc. <c 51 1. 

padv-twvovs, ace, C^wv?/), de^p-gir- 
dkd, i.e. with girdle low down over 
the hips, I 594. (See cut.) 

Bd0v-icXt|s, rja, son of XuXkvjv, a 
JAvpfiMv, n 594 f. 

pd9v-KoXiroi, wv, (koXttoq), with deep 
folds or bellies in garment, i. e. with gar- 
ment falling low or in deep folds over 
and below the girdle, which its folds 
hid from sight ; the word maybe trans- 
lated deep-girdled; epithet of Trojan 
women, 2 122. (II.) (See cut.) 

Pfl[9v-Xci}iov, ace. comm., (\eifiu>v), 
teith rich meadovjs, i. e. wuh deep soil, 
'AvQuav, I 151. (IL) 

pdOv-Xifkov, with deep-, i. e. high-waving 
grain, fruitful, 2 550t. 

^aOvvoj, only ipf. pa6vvc, deepen, hol- 
low out, "9^ 421 1- 

PUBv-ppeirao (^-optirao, piiit), deep- 
flowing Okeanos, * 195t. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




P^C0G-pp^ov» oovy ('ffpoog), toith deep 
current^ deep-streaming Okeanos, and * 
8, river. 

pa0vs, fTa, (-« »yc, -f »?>'). i'> sup. -larov, 
(1 3 vertically : a 1 1 u s, high^ deep, Tdpra- 
pof ; low lying, of court, chasm, plowed 
land, sandy shore, forest, storm, and 

<r9a, plupf. 3 sing. jSffiXriKHv, pf. pass,, 
3 pi. ^tfiXijaTai, plupf. -rjoTo (the forms 
l3tiio\T}fjitvo<:, and plupf. ^tfioXriTo and 
3 pL -i^aro only of inw^ard [mentaQ 
feelings) ; aor. mid. with pass, sign if., 
(iXrjro, subj. fiXijBrat, opt. /3A«to, part. 
^Xrififvog^ mitto, iacio. — (1) throw. 

fog, T 125, deep in the heart. — (2) i I 588, trcw strhck; esp. tela mittere. 

horizontally : deep, ttrelching far into 
the land ; of bay, B 560 ; of shore 
pierced by numerous inlets, B 92; to 
the limits of the broad plough-land, 2 

pSBv-a\ovyov (frxoXvog), deeply over- 
groum tcilh rvshes, A 383t. 

paXvdf ipf., fut., 1 aor. tfinoo, trans. ; 
2 aor. t^i}v (jSarriv, tj3av, subj. f3ii(o, 
-y or j3^y, ^tiofKv, fifjfjitvai), pf. f^k- 
jdi^fca, stand, tread (fiepdaaiv, inf. fit- 
j3dfiev, part. j8t/3awj;),fut. mid. (Sfitrofiai, 
also aor. (t)/3j^(Tfro, '(raTo^ go, TrdXiv, 
redire; voa^i, secedere; B 134, 
^i^daaiy praeterierunt; set out, 9 
49 ; hence often with inf., /3^ {^dv, 
fiffiriKti) d" ikvai^ p ifJitv, etc., <r 428 ; 
with pres. part., B 302,665, ^ 207 ; fut., 
A 101 ; cf. a 424 ; aor., u> 488, N 582. 
—0)ffO (whither ?), tttj, Z 377 (B 339, 
229, what is become off) ; x^f^^^^i 
with -de OvXvijnropSe, olKuSe, AidoaSe, 
of. also A 277, 627 ; (a) with ace, go and 
take one's place by the .ideofV 262 ; with 
avd, A 209 ; did,(i 343 ; ci't, kq {Odvarja, 
X 202) ; Kara, stalks over the heads of 
men, T 93 ; throughout, B 47 ; go for, S 
701, A 424; /xcra. sequi,j8 406; adire, 
A 292, X 563; aggredi,!! 864; irapd. 

discharge missiles (opp. IXavvut, p 279 ; 
TVTrrtiv, T 378, O 495; ovrdirai, 3? 
424); shtjot, Q 282, F 82; aho la- 
pides coicere, hurl stones. — (2) strike^ 
hit, <t 591, A 380 (and vnmnd) ; rev ^' 
fl3aX(v «0aX^v, in the head, etc.,0 433, 
N 41 1 ; also Kara (darriSa ^ovpt, E 537), 
A 108, M 189, and vpbc aTrjOos, A 144 ; 
jSXfjaBai, pass., x 253; sXKog, vulnus 
infligere, inflict wound; iv Koviyac, 
dei cere, fey low in, cf. Trport yaiy, sank 
to the earth, X 423 ; x«A»«^ X 188 ? %•* 
wounded (t)rop or Krjp), axeV, trfvOn ; 
reuih, ovara, a/crtffiv, « 479 ; consper- 
gere, bespatter, dvrvya, t)vioxov. — (3) 
in wider signif., mittere, fund ere, 
send, pour, vttpov Itti j3Xf 0apowt, daKpv 
(xo/ia^tf, 114), let fall, X 424, so. 
Xtip^C ; shake off, P 457 {pdXXta€aiy 
discharge, ti't uXa); tig kqkcv Tiva, 
plunge, /jUTa vtiKta, involve in, ^iXorriTa 
perd riaiv, conclude Triendship ; vpfiara 
trkptaai, turn (irepi rspfxa, mid. of 
horses, drive i*ound the turning-post), 
cTTTrouf irpcffOe, drive by ^ ^ 639, irpiiT€fy 
BVL^er are, be superior; ^onere, place, 
esp. throw the arms about some one, 
embrace {dp^i, irepi, irpog rivi) (mid. 
tr Bvpif, ippim, animo volvo, turn 

T 40; irpoQ, Z 313 ; virtp, x 182. — (b) over in mind, I 435, /< 218, A 297 ; take 
with gen. cid,p 26; ^uk^o 185; tTri, 1 | to heait, O 566). — (4) amicire. put 
589 ix^ptrov, rj-Kiipov, 'Ittttojv, I 589) ; on garments or weapons, also mid., r 
VTrijO, p 575 ; Wvg, E 849. — (c) with dat. 334 and freq. ; put wheels on axle, afi<p' 

cxsecTffiv ; make fast, t^' lartf, fi 423 ; 
pass., wjcre spread, X 194. 

Pa}/Pa(vci)V {fia'iVM, cf. vafjupalviov^, 
trepidans. quivering (with ten'or), K 

o^0i,tueri. ^Marrf, A 37; fcv,N618; liri. 

accedere draw near, P 574; aggredi, 

A 460, n 751.— (2) (where?), tTri 

X^ovi, i n c e d e r e, waZfc, A 443 ; ti/ v;yi;(ri, 

aveh'i. sail away, a 210. — (3)(whence?), 375t ; others, stammering. 

OTTO "jTifpyov, Kar 'iSaitov optutv ; 1 aor. | Bay = e^av {tjirjaav). 

d(f>' (fc^) iTTTTiov, cause to dismount, dash 

doum, shoot down; tTri BovTrpacriov tV- 

TTovQ, bring horses to Bouprasion. 

pdXayov, Ttjv, gland em, acorn, v 
409. and ukuXov. edible acorn, k 242. 

BaX^os, one of the horses of 'AxiX- 
XivQ.T400. (II.) 

pdXXw, reg. as in Attic, exc. fut. 
PaXsu), aor. subj. ^dXyaOa, opt. fidXoi- 

pdirrQ, subj. from fSd-Trrw, dipt, i 

Pappapo-^vttv, gen. pi., harsh- 
speaking, B 86 7 f. 

pdpSurroi ^/IJpa^i'rroi, from ppaSvc, 
tardissimi. slowest. 

fiapkio, only pcPopTi^TO, <Irf c, (fiapvq), 
g r a V a t i , weighed down with, oh'^t {<f>pi' 
vac, r 122); y IS9, drunken. 

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Pap^i (JSapvOwf fiapvg), grave- 
8cit,/>a»fw(me), n 519t. [^^-] 

^apvvut, only ipf. (l)Papvvc, pres. 
pass. ftapOverai and aor. part, jiapvv- 
eUg, -9tiv ifiapvQ), gravare, disable, 
XHpa ; oppress by weighty 308. 

p&fTVS, Ov, t 257, «a, u, g r a V i 8, Aeary 
tooe, K 71 ; grievous pains, E 417 ; strong 
delusion, B 111; harsh voice, « 257 ; 
X^i/cxC) mighty arras ; ic^pcc? rfrcarf, tn- 
exorable; f^api) and fiapka fmvaxHVy 
moaning loudhf^ sobbing heamiy, c 420 ; 
esp. ^apv OTivdxiav, 9 95. 

papv-orTcvolx*'*'9 better )3apiy erriva- 
Xw, see ftapvQ, 

P«ur£Xcui, 17C, ay, fern, of follg., re- 
gin a, queen; yvvaiKwv, queenly dame, 
X 258; princess,^ 115. 

^aoi^cvs, ^oc, 6, (/3a(Tic, Xaoc ?), 
i^soiier ofpeoph, princeps, (1) sabst, 
prince, Jdng, exercising functions of 
commander-in-chief, priest, and judge ; 
nobles, a 394 ; 2 556, master, lord, — (2) 
used adjectively with dvaK, v 194; 
avqp, r 170; comp. (iaotXtvrspog, ov, 
more kingly; super, -totos, I 69, most 

P&alXcW|ifv, prs., ipf., fat., reg- 
nare, 6e king (Z 425, queen), rim, B 
206 ; €v Tim, /3 47 ; icard dfiftov, x 52 ; 
IIvAou, tv 'lOciKy. 

P&(H[Xt|t8os Tifirig, regiae digni- 
tatis, royal honor, Z 193t. 

pSuartk^iov ysvog, regium genus, 
scion of the royal stock, tt 401 f. 

Paoic* iGi, imp. from fidoKat (/3aivw), 
kaste and go, B 8. (11.) 

PaarratovTO, pi'es. part., and aor. 
l^:i<rrd(Te,grcup, raise, \ 594. (Od.) 

PdTi|v = ilifiniv, 3 du. aor. from 

BarUia^ height on the plain of Troy 
before the city, B 813t. 

PwTwVy gen. pi. from ly /3aroc, sen- 
t i s, thomiushe^, thorns, ut 230f . 

Pcpdooxy l^tfSdfuv inf, fiipacrav 
plupf, jiipawc perf. part, from 

PcpflipTi^a, see fiapkia, gravatum. 

Pcp(i|Kc, pf. from /3taa>, coegit. 

PcPX-qaroi, -ro, pf. and plupf. pass, 
from /3aXXa/, ictus est, erat. 

Pc0oXi{aTO, plupf pass., -tjfiivoQ, pf 
pass, part from /SaXXu;, ictus. 

pcpp^dioiSy intensive form of pf 
opt, (JitfipufOKut), devorare8,A35t. 

pcPp«Mc«i«, pcPp«Mrrr«u, pf. part, 3 
fut with pass, signif , from ^iflpwrKut, 

B^p, Pc(o|&ai, see fiiopai. 

p€M», aor. subj. =/3b>, see fiaivm. 

p^|iva, rd, ace, (/3dXXaf), tela, 
missiles, flying wide, O 484; X 206, 

BcXXc(K>-4<$VTi|S, y, rjv, son of rXav* 
Kog, Z 155, 220. His true name, ac- 
cording to the Scholiast, was 'lirirovooi'. 

PAos, foc, TO, (JidWij), telum, mis- 
sile, in widest sense, spear, arrow, stone, 
even the foot-stool, p 464; and the 
rocky momitain-summit, i 495 ; Apol- 
lo's missiles, see dyavog ; missiles of 
the EiXiiOviai, A 269 ; U {ifirtK, 2 232) 
/3eXl(i>v, out of shot, outside of battle; 
joined with verbs, M 159, ^1 498, E 174, 
E 106, 278, p 464, 67, A 576. 

Pikrtpov {Pe\eo9ai),prtferable, better, 
more aioantageotu, with inf., O 511; 
praestat aut — aut — , quam (cf. 
Hor. Sat I, 1, 8), O 197; with ti, T, 
282, if she herself had gone abroad and 

pMos, €oc, TO, also pi., {ftdQoc\ 
profundum, depth, esp. of the sea, 
filvBia, a 53 {j^Mooh, o 780) ; of the 
forest, p 316. 

P^offcOi, Pc(ofMU., (J3f}0fiai), 2 sing. 
jSiy, fut, (/3ioc), vi vam, O 194, wiU not 
live, i. e. order my life according to the 
will of Zeus. (II.) 

P^pcOpov, ov, TO, (/3i/3|tMU(TK:w), vor ago, 
abyss, chasm, p. 94. 

M =1/3,7. 

Pv)Xov, ffi, masc, ((Saivu)), liminis, 
threshold, A 591, ^ 202. (II.) 

PT|p,cv = ejSripiv, ^i^fjicvcu =• (3fjpat 
(pVicrafUV, (3r}0(, finoaro, jSijoiTo un- 
augment^ forms), see (iaivw. 

&v)<r<ra, town in Lokris, B 532f . 

W<nn|s, gen., y, av, etc., (fiaOvg), 
glade, glen, valley, ravine, F 34, X 190 

pi|T-^lp|iovcs (pfjvai, dppovia), dan' 
cers, 9 250 and 383. 

PiaCctc, 2 pi. ; elsewh. only prs. ipf. 
mid., (/3ta^fa>), domo, vim affero, 
constrain, p 297 ; mid. also with pass, 
signif., O 727, A 576. 

PCaia tpya (j3ia), deeds 0/ violence, /3 
236t; adv. -a(«S, per vim. (Od.) 

B£a«, avTog, (1) father of Aaoyovog 
and of Adpdavog, Y 460t.— (2) leader 

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of 'A9tivaXoiy N 691 f — <3) from IIwXoc, 
A 296t. 

j3idut=pidKiai pf. pcpCiiitCy mid. prs., 
3 pi. ind. /Siobivrat, opt. -^i«>, ipf. 
(iwiitPTO, fut. -fiiifffsraij aor. -aro, 6e- 
<e<, n 22; mo/^reo^ i// 9; overreach^ 
^ 576; witkhoU, tivcl ri, * 451; A 
558, overmasters. 

fitfirifii, fti^dffOwf fiifidta, assumed 
pres. of Pi^at, -avra, piPa(r0«*v (il), and 
of piP«vTa a€c. masc, piPuaa fern., 
Btnde along, usually with noKpd (fit- 
PdoOwp so always), H 213, N 809, r 
22; I 450, with mighty strides. C-^— ] 

.fii(ipioaK<Oy only Pc^(M»K«&«» x ^^^^^ 
/3oof, having eaten of; n, X 94; and 
^Pp«MrcTa^/3 203,comedetar,«fta// 
ie devoured, 

P£t|, 17c, dat. with instr. suffix /3i970cv, 
vis, robur, force, strength, A 561, H 
288, ^ 185, O 165, P 569 ; in periphra- 
sis, a g. Upidfioio, 'HpuKXtjeifi = the 
mighty Priaroos, Herakles, F 105, B 
658; /3iJj^iv, piy, 231, per vim; 
ovK iOkXovra, N 572; dsicoi/ra, O 186, a 
403 ; with Kdprog, o 139, ^ 415, ^ 197 ; 
pi. violence, ^ 713, y 216 ; sing., 1// 31 ; 
^iy diKovTOQ (gen. absoL), ^ 646, A 

Bi^vMp, opoQ, a Trojan, A 92t. 

Stov, rov, V i t a m, /»/c, o 49 1. (Od.) 
Uk, oco, u, arc us, how, A 49, A 

pdrros, oco, 6, sing., vita, H 104, a 
287; victus, provisions, bona, sub- 
stance, Z 122, y 301, X 116, 490, 446. 

/3coa>, only aor. imp. pum», vivat, 
Ut him live, 8 429 ; inf l^iiovat, K 359 ; 
mid. ^PiciiHrao, servavisti, hast s<tved 
me, 9 468. 

Pi(|»aTo, -^vTOi, -^ft»VTo> see pidij. 

^\d(5u) (jiaXaKog), only pass. pXd- 
PcTOi, pf. ^ifiXafifikvov, aor. (/3Xaj3ev, 
/3Aa/3€v = ifiXdfirioav and pXa<ft9eig, 
etc., act. (t)l5Xa\l/ac, etc. (see (SXairro)), 
d e b i I i t a r e, weaken, injure, physically, 
T 166, H 271, ^l' 774; mentally. X 15; 
^plvaf, I 178; I 512, bajk; impe- 
dire, pass., is confused, T 82; impede, 
IT 331 ; 660, wounded in the heart (see 
also /SXaTTTw). 

pXairrw, only prs. ipf, (see pXdpu)), 
impedio, incommode, hinder, v 22; 
rivoQ, a 195; delude, infatuaie {<ppsvac, 
() 724), I 507, 294; ry t)/j, entangled 
in which O 647 ; cf. Z 39, o^y Ivi. 

pXciO) opt aor. mid. ^m ^oXXm, 

pXcficaXvci, -Oft/, prs., (fidXXu ?), se 
iactare, exuk in, always with aOevt'if 
only Ovfibg . . . irtpi oQkvtl 0Xefitaiveif 
heart ftcSutf hi^ in its strength, P 22 f. 

pXc^opoiXV) and pi., (ru (iXe^apov, 
/3Xiirw), palpebra, €!ye/i(l (conceived 
of as the seat of sleep), K 26, S 165, a 
364, /i 366, 1 389. 

BXi^rnu, pXif|i€vos> aor. mid. from 
/3aXXta>, feriatur. 

pXi^pouTi, ntr., (fidXXw ?), rivets, or 
perh. better, rings, bands, O 678t. 

pXtixi^v, r//v, (b 1 a c t e r a r e), bleating, 
oiutv, fi 266t. 

pXooiipouri, -yai, (voltuosus), 
horridis, horrible, dreadfid, H 212, O 
608. (II.) 

pX«Mrvp-«iri«, 17, horrido vol to, 
wiih awfii cowUenance, A 36 f. 

pXatBpf^^rip, p roc era, taU, N 390, u> 

pXiitoKut, only pf. |U|ipXiMcc, p 190, 
and 2 aor. subj. il^Xti and part., coMe, 
also of time, O 781, p 190. 

Po-^Ypia, rd, shields ofoaMde, M 22 
and ir 296. 

Bo-dypiOf, ov, river of AoKpoi, B 533. 

Pod^ pL po^wox, part ace. Po6«irra» 
pi. -6«>vTCs, aor. ifiorioa, etc., c 1 am are, 
«Aotf<, B 198 ; resound, P 265 ; cotf alottd, 
1 12, € 400; with ace. of kindred mean- 
ing, fikya, uaKpd, ofupBvov, d^v, 

lioHog, Jpoc(vpf, -ov, etc., (masc want- 
ing), and po^, ^ (ntr. wanting), o^cm 
ox or oxen, bubulus, ox- (dang, ^ 
777), esp. ofox-leather, E 452, A 122 (P 
492, shields) ; freq. as subst (so. dopif), 
ox-hide, P 389, v 142 (x 364 and 2 582, 
with ^obq). 

fiotvq, dat pi. Pocvox, thongs of ox- 
hidf, on sails, jc-i 426, 291. 

M, m, 17, clamor, cry, esp. cry 0/ 
alarm, % 77, « 118, ^ 266; and (ottfe- 
ory, A 50, 500, 530: )3oi)v dyaQog, good 
at the battle-cry, i e. brave in battle, 
hero, y 31 1 and freq. ; also cry of pain, 
of distress, Z 465, lu 48, c 401 ; fioriv 
ix^v, sonabant, resounded, £ 495. 

Boif|6ot&T|s, ^EnoivevQ, o 95. (Od.) 

p<n|-6^v {fioy 9oP6v\ swfft in battle, 
warlihe, bellicum, P 481; bellico- 
sura, N 477. 

Po^X&(Kt| {iXavvuf), cattU-Ufting, A 

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Povp"^ ^9 (fioa»)f Yociferatio, 
damor, a 369 f. 

pMpov, gen. etc, masc., s c r o b s, hole 
tn the ground^ for planting treeft, for sac- 
rificial blood, P 58 ; natural trough for 
washing clothes, A 25. 

Boifrny name of town in QtaoaXifi. 
Hence BmPviU X(|fcvt|, B 712, 711 f. 

BoutfTvos, subst., Boi«rro£» BoiotianSt 
B 494 and freq. (II.) 

PoXflU, dwVf ytfiy fern., (/3aXXii/), 
iactas, ictus; ^^aX/icDy, gtcMce^ S 
150. (Od.) 

P^Xcrat, etc., see PovXofiat, 

/3o/f/3e<tf, only aor. P^Pv)o«» irav, 
rang; 9 190, hummed^ whizzed; p, 204, 
rittied roaring through the water. 

Po^«iVy -oftfvra, -obivriC} see Podia, 

Popci|s> £ao, 6, (opoc), aquilo, nortA 
tfimf. Personified, Boreas, ^ 195. 

P^n.v> ace. fern., pastum, food, T 

P^oicci, prs., ipf. act. and pass. (iter. 
fiofXKkamovTo), fut act., pasco, povQ, 
alyoQ, ainoXta, XTfreOf /i 97 ; ^ 325, 
give subsistence ; feed, nourish, a 364 ; 
mid., p a s c i, feed, graze, S 338, <f> 49. 

forrayr^y t%, (fiocKw), h erb a, fod- 
der, ^r<ww, N 493 and ic 411. I ] 

poriipos, rovQ, (/3o«tk:u>), pastores, 
ihepherds, o 504t. 

poTourt, toIq, ntr., (fiooKiS), pecori- 
bnsj^focfo, 2 521 f. 

PoTf>v86v» adv., (fiSrpvc), like a hatch 
of grapes, in a swarm, B 89 f. 

P^pv€«» 01, uvae, grape-clusters, 2 

Pov-pOTO«9 17, (fioroQ), cattle-pasture, 
V 246t. 

pov-Pp«HrTi«> 17, roMfunw hunger, Q 

povpwvo, rot/, inguen, groin^ A 

PotKyoioS) €, braggart, usually de- 
rived from (3ovc and yaim, perh. better, 
/3owc, yiyaa, big and awkward cls an ox, 
abosive epithet, applied to a big but 
cowardly fellow, N 824, a 79. 

BmScioi', town in ^Qiri, It 572t. 

PotMcoX4«»v, part, prs., ipf. iter. -coXc- 
wcEc (/^v-«oXof), pascere (boves), 
pasture, E 313; but Y 221, 'iirvoi fiov 
KoXiovro, equae pascebantur, 

Bov-KoXt8i|f9 ao, 20^XoCt O SSSf. 

I BovHcoXitfy, uvif son of Aaojdimv, Z 

Pov-ic6Xo«» ^, ov, 01, 0, (-iroXoc), otrf- 
j tie-herd, dvipig, N 571; dypouurot, X 
I 293. 

povXcvT^QOi (Jiov\(vritCi from ^ov- 
Xtvw), yipovai, old men oJTtAe caumeil, Z 

povXivoiMTiv, inf. -cvl/iiv, fut (inf. 
PovXtvoffitv), 1 aor. ; mid. prs., I 99, 
1 aor., (fiovXii), take counsel, deliberate, B 
347 ; with fiovXi^v, -de, 1 75, K 147 ; 
discuss, discourse with one another, A 
531, V 439; *c ftiav (/3ovX^v), B 379, 
harmoniously ; m e d i t a r i, tneditate, ri, 
K 311; devise, t 179 (mid., B 114); 
suggested this plan, f 23 ; bethink one's 
self o'jriMtg, i 420 ; think of, with inf., c 

PovXif, ^c« 17, consilium, (fiovXo- 
fiai), (1) will, AioCf A 5, M 241 ; and de- 
cree, Zrjvoi:, (9iwv)y H 45, P 469 ; plan, 
(S 372 ; designs, counsels, Awg, V 624, 9 
82 ; 9tCJv, X 276 ; cf. 437.— (2) proposal, 
counsel, k 46, $ 337, /i 339, K 43 ; dpIarTi 
<J>aivsTO, freq. WKtvrjv ^pritvtro, cal- 
lidum struebat consilium,B 55; 
p\. plans, fitjrtoutvrff:, Y 154, B 340. — 
(3) discernment, shrewdness, A 627, N 
728, 1 54, X 177, /i 21 1.— (4) cotmc// of 
nobles, cf s e n a t u s ; opp. dyopd, c o 11- 
cio,y 127, B 53, 194,202. 

PovXt|-4<(pos, 01, (0e/Dtai), giving coun- 
sel, advising^ ayopaL t 112; atnip, A 
144; ava^, M 414 ; also subst. counsel- 
or, E 180, H 126. 

PoiSXo|iai, (also poXtrat, -(a9f, i/3o- 
Xovro, a 234), only pres. and ipf, 
(JiovXri), velle, (1) decernere, nvi 
Ti, grant, accord, H 21, O 204, P 331.— 
(2) wish, with inf (and ace), ro, X 358 ; 
^ovXerai, A 67, is subjunctive; ptya, 
desire greatly. — (3) malle, prefer, p 
187 (t 96); with and without following 
ri,p 228; with ttoXv, A 112. 

Pov-XDt6v-Sc (Xi''w), the sun began to 
decline toward eventide, lit. toward the 
time ofungokingplovgh-cattle, i 58. 

PotMfXtJYi, from -irXij^, (xX^jww), 
with the ox- goad, Z 135f . 

B<nHirp«Unov, 010 (irepap, cf Ox- 
ford), A 756, 760. (11.) 

pov99 ri, 6, dat. pi. fiotam, ace. )8«af, 

/3oi;c, bos, usually fern., core, the cows of 

Helios, p. 379 ; yet also masc, bull ck, 

^ ox, in which case another word is often 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



added to make the gender more clear, 
a/o<rtv«(4), ravpoio ; pi. catUe, ibnc, j3ouiv 
epya=dpo<Ti£, ploughed lands ; slaugh- 
ter cattle, iepeveiv (cf. O 633, y 450) ; ad- 
jectives dytXatiy, dypavXotOy tlXiTToSig, 
sXuceg^ ipifivKu>Vf opOoKpaipawv ; as 
symbol of flight, pecorum ritu, A 
1 72. Botov dykXatf herds of cattle, con- 
stitute the chief wealth, cf. aX^ptai^ota ; 
hence /3oa>v i^Otfiay perh. costly (usual- 
ly explained as mighty), xapviva, 4^ 260; 
as means of exchange and measure of 
value, ^l' 885, see Ivviapoiutv; bestowed 
as prizes in athletic contests ; icspoc, fji 
253, horn guard just above hook, to 
prevent fish from biting off the line; 
pivoQ /3o6c (cf. fiobg fiotiriv, 2 582), ox- 
hide, T 276; shield of ox-hide, K 155. 
Also as fem. subst., (ace. $ujp)y ox-hide^ 
H 474, untanned ; the ^lield made from 
the same, d^aXet/v, H 238 ; avoc, M 
137 ; ivTroitjrdtoVf rvKTym. 

Poiir-^vcov, 3 pi. ipf, (0o>/^), were 
slaughtering cattle^ H 466t. 

po-wiris, usually worvia "HjOiy, voc. t, 
A 551, ox-eyed, with large, calm eyes; 
otherwise applied, H 10, 2 40. 

B(M»rr|s, u, lit. Herdsman, the constel- 
lation Arcturus, a 272t. 

pp&8vs, liQ, comp. PpcUnrwv, sup. 
PdpoMrroi^ tardus, slow; with inf. 
etinv,'^ 310; vooq, K 226; in proverb, 
9 329. 

ppa8vT4)Ti» ry, {ppadvg)f tarditate, 
slowness, T 41 If. 

PpoLx^ovos, a, fc» (« ftp(t\iit>v), bra- 
chium, arm, TrpvfivoTo, shoulder, trn- 
jSapoi, firm. [^ — ^ w] 

Ppdtxc* ^Pp&X<> ip^M creak, fxsya, loud, 
E 838: rattled, dtivTov, roared, * 9; 
shrieked aloud, of Ares, E 859; of 
wounded horse, n 468. 

pp^fUi, -erot, (fremo), roar, B 210, 
S;399. (II.) 

Pp^4>os, to, ace. TifiiovoVf mule Jbal, 
yet in the womb, "¥ 266 f. 

BpcxH^v, Tov, forehead, E 586 f. 

BpXoCpccAS = Aiyaiatv, name of hun- 
dred-armed water-giant, A 403 f. 

Ppiapj, riv, (fipiapog, f3pi-9a)), gra- 
vis, heavy, only of helmet, A 375, T 
381. (11.) 

PpC^ovra (fiapvg), drowsy, A 

Ppt^irvos, loud shouting, roaring (cf. 
S398 8qq.), N 52 If. 

pplBwruvji (PpiOuf), with the wdffhtf 
E 839 and M 460. 

ppi9v, adj. ntr., ponderous, only with 
iyxog — f^yct <Trcj8apdi/, a 100. 

ppt^, prs., ipf. jSpWov, aor. tppuroy 
pass, only pres. part., O 307 ; also perf. 
act (isfipWe, and plupf. ^tjSpiOu (/3a- 
P«^i*)» gravare, weigh down, O 307; 
turgere,6e/tt^<)/', 2 561 ; nvi, tr 474, 
r 112; Tivug, i 219 ; be drenched with 
water, n 384; urgere, charge, M 346 ; 
he superior through gifts, ^ 159 ; fiffipi- 
9v7a, heavy, only * 385. 

Bpurcvg, rjoc, king and priest in 
Avpvfiaoug, A 392, I 132, 274; father 

Bpiat|C«> Uog, daughter of Bpuytvg, 
the occasion of the fifjvig UfiXijiddnMt, 
A 184. (11.) (See cut, after a Pana- 
thenaic Amphora) 

PpofUoMn, subj., (Ppofiog), Inag, D 

Pp^f&os (fipkpui), roar, crackling. Si 

fipoyrdut, only aor. (i)PpdvTt|<n»only 
of Z€vg, thunder; fitydX', iuvov, loud, 
terribly ; dpvdig, peal on peal. 

ppovTt)s, y , ^v, fem., {fipovTti, l5p6fiog\ 
tonitru, duvriv, dread t&tmcfer, ^ 199. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


PpoT^ (fipoTo^) ijnovyj ha man a 
Foce, r 545t. 

ppoT^cvTo, ntr. pL, {pp6Tog)y cruen- 
tata, bloo^, tvapoj S 509. (IL) 
^ PpOTo-Xoiy^s, only sing, masc., of 
'Aptig and of heroes, mcm-destroying. E 
31. (ILande 115.) 

PpoT^s, ovy (orig. fipoTog from fiopoq^ 
mors), mortalis, mortal^ adj. avirip, E 
361, and subst. T 2, Qviiroiai^ y 3; 
^eiXoc(7t, bi^vpoiaiy fitpoTretraiy tTrixBu' 
viog; >!' 331, KaTaTtSvTfioTog, ho mi- 
nis mortui ; T 248. 

Ppdrov, T6v,fAE\ava,u) 189, elsewh. 
(H.) at^arocvro, blood from a tooundy 

ppoTOijjf only PcPpoTc»|Uva, cru- 
eDtata,^07^, rt^xfa, \ 41f. 

Pp^ov, ro v, and pi. -oe, 1 a q u e u m, 
»oo«e, A 278 and x 472. 

BfrvocuU, town in AoticowrjJ, B 

^pvxdofiai, only pf P^Ppvxc, wc, 
tfi((3pvx(iv, 3 sing., roar ; sArfeife, fall- 
ing with death wound, N 393, IT 486. 

Ppitci (j3Ai'>w), efflorescit, ai/- 
9h XtvKtji, swells with white bloom, P 

Pp4afjit|«, r^c and -lyv, (fiSpuM/Kui), 
cibi,/ood;jc379. (Od.) 

Pp«oas, -ti/, ly, (/8t/3(OW(n:w), c i b u s, 
/ood, always with 7ro<Ttc, pot us, drink. 
(Od., and T 210.) 

Ppa»T6v, rj7V, ((3t(3p(lj<yK<o)t cibum, 
/ood, T 205 and <t 407. 

pvpXXvov, ro, ottXov, lit. macfe of pa- 
pyrus = braided, tudsted^ <fi 39 If. 

puKTOMv, Tojpf wMsUing, howUng, k 

PtKTcro-SoiMVfitfv, pres. part., and pi. 
ipf. jivoaodopevov (fivooog, Skfuo), al- 
ways with KuKa (0p€ffi), p 66, secret^ 
dense. (Od.) 



Pvov^, rov (Pv6og\ profnndum, 
deep, depths, Q 80t. 

/3i;a>, only Pcpv<rpiyov, rov, confer- 
tum, stuffed full of , 6 134t. 

P«Xos, u, g 1 e b a, dod, a 374t. 

Pa>|t^, 6, (/Saii/w), gradus, «tep, 
ly 100 ; «^and, rack, B 441 ; esp. altar, 
Ovrjeig, smoking, fragrant with incense, 
O 48 ; kvSprjToVf A 448. (See cut) 

Sopos, (1) Maionian, father of <I>rt7- 
orog, E 44t.— (2) son of nepirifltjg, hus- 
band of YloXvdwpT}, daughter of UrjXfvg, 
n 177t. 

pwv, ace. from (iovg. scutum, shield. 

puo-cvTi, aor. part, from ^od(o. 

PoKTrpctv, inf. = imp., caU loudly upon, 
p 124t. 

porrl-avcipi), man-nourishing, frmt- 
ful,A 155t. 

p(tfTopcs, ag, (fiooKui), dvSptg, pas^ 
tores, sh^herds, M 302, p 200. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 





7a*tt, riQ, rj, terra, earth, (1) as di- 
vision of universe, p 386 ; opp. heaven, 
S 174, e 16, Y 58, € 184, a 54; opp. 
sea, « 408, /i 242, 282, 315; world, P 
447, Q 351, (T 130.— {2) country, fonrf, O 
81, 284, 555, ^119; particular land, 
A 254, H 124, 6 280; natwe country, T 
244, a 21, V 188.— (3) surface of earth, 
ground, N 508, A 245, O 65, <M 68 ; virb 
ydiav, T 259 ; fruitful, rill; place of 
burial =graoe,y 16, \ 549, v 427 ; pul- 
vis, H 99. 

Taio, as deity, TeUns, Earth, O 36. 

ro.ii^u>v vwv, son of Faia, earth-burn, 
TiTVog, i/324t; of. X 576. 

■yat^^X*^ (^X"')* earth -possessing, 
earth-surrounding,cy\ihe.i of Hoau^diDV, 
1183, a 68. 

yoiiavy pres. part., (yai'w, gaudeo), 
ifvSii, exuUing in his glory, A 405. . 

70X0, aKroQ, TO, 1 a c, mUk, E 902. 

■yaXai-Oiivovs, tovq, (9if<j9ai), sucking, 
tender, 6 336 and p 127. 

roXdrcio, name of a Nereid, 2 45 f. 

yoXilJvTi, ijv, t/, (yaXa, yfXav), smooth 
surface ofvxUer, cahn of the sea, ft 168. 

yoiX^, utv, dat. sing., nom. gen. pi., 
g\ OS, husband's sister, F 122. (II.) 

Ya|i.pp6s, o, (1) gener, son-in-law, 
Z 249.--<2) brother-in-law, N 464 and 

yoiffc^o, aor. eyrifjiB, yriiit, uxor em 
d u c e r e, marry = OitrOai ywcuKa, 72; 
mid. yafjiiKrOai, aor. yiffiaoOai, to give 
one's self in marriage, of the woman, 
Tivi, nubere; but in I 394, fut. yaj^iff- 
atrai, of the parents, to get a wife for 
their son ; a 36, took as his wife, 

yof&os, o, marriage, p 476 ; marriage- 
feast, T 299, a 226. 

yaffc^X'Qoi^ dat. pi., (yofupoq), 
m a X i 1 1 a e, jatw, N 200. (II.) 

yap,i|r-«Svvx<9 ( yvafiTTog ? ow^ ), 
aiyvntoi, with crooked claws, tt 21 7. 

y&v^a>VTCS, oioffai, (yaca>), gleaming, 
Xa^Tpov; fj 12S, bright, luxuriant. 

yav^unuy -vrai, fut. -vvotrtrai, (yaVoc), 
gaudere; ^piva,^^ at heart, N 493. 

raw|jii{Si)s» son of Tpwg, cup-bearer 
of Zeus, E 266 and Y 232. 

yap (yi, dpa, yap, B 39, X 680), al- 
ways second word in its clause, ap- 
parent exc, like p 317, explained by 
considering that the two preceding 
words make but one idea; particle de- 
noting immediate, indisputable certain- 
ty, yes, yes doubtless, namely, for. — I. in- 
dependently, without relation to an- 
other clause, (1) in declaration, A 408, 
p 78 ; r) yap, A 293, 342, 355 ; d\Xd 
yap, but yet, H 242, k 202.— (2) after 
relatives, K 127 (r dp?); and in a 
question, after the interrogative word, 
e. g. rrwQ yap, etc., e. g. k 337, 383, 501 ; 
emphasizing (cf. Sfi), K 424, 2 182. — 
(3) in wishes, with opt., et yap, N 825, 
p 513; at yap (Sfj), B 871, ^ 244 (A 
189, I 523). — II. with relation to an- 
other sentence, (1) which may be 
co-ordinate, and connected by a pron. 
{rtf, then, therefore, r&v), or by a conj., 
P 227, H 73, K 496, v 273.— (2) which 
may inclose, as a parenthesis, the clause 
with yap, M 326, a 301 ; thus esp. freq. 
after vocs., ^ 156, k: 174; and after 
aXXa, i 355, cf. H 328 sq.— (3) which 
has its truth confirmed,/or, A 9, 55, 78, 
120, 177 ; yap may even be transferred 
to the preceding, instead of remaining^ 
in the foltowing sentence, e. g. A 81, B 
123. — (4) which thus receives explana- 
tion of its meaning, to wit, namely, A 
195, ^ 86. Joined with other particles : 
aXXd. yap, but really; yctp dri,for of a 
truth; yap ovv, for indeed; yap poi 
for certainly; yap r£, nam que; yap 
Toi,for surely. [^ ; in arsi a.], TO, south peak of "1^9 lo 
Tpoirj, S; 292. (IL) 

yaoT^p> «poc> Vt (*nd sync, forms, 
-arpoc, -CTpi), venter, (l)ptifo/ beUy, A 
531, E 539; womb, Z 58.— (2) beUy, 
paundi, n 163 ; hunger, ^ 133 ; fatting, 
T 225.— (3) paunch stuffed with minced 
meat, blood sausage, <t 44. 

ydoTfnjv, rifiv, beUy, of a caldron, 

•yuvXo^ o\, milk-paUs, i 223t. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




y^ovirlii), see dowBia, 

yi^ enclitic particle, Lat quidem, 
used with great variety of meaning, 
often untranslatable, (1) restrictive; at 
aU events, at least, A 60, 81, /3 62, a 
229 ; 7« fuv, but yet, B 703 ; often to 
emphasize a relation subsisting between 
two parties, also doubled, e. g. <rs yc, 9 
488, r 143; cf. irpiv ye, A 97.— (2) 
eausal, A 352. — (3) emphatic with voc., 
r 215 ; esp. with pron., A 173, 216, 261, 
525, a 46, 47, 163, 226, 403 ; with pron. 
in second member of the period, F 409. 
— (4) ye often seems to be used only 
to give greater force of sound to a 
woi5, e.g.0 yi, cf. hi-ce, hie, in Latin, 
a 222, /3 132. 

TCYdoox, -a&Ta{q), pf. indie, and part., 
firomyiyvo/tim, nati sunt, B 866, ^62, 
40 84; usually =€i<r(V,s6vrfC,c 35. 

T^yviOc, ft, pf. and plupf., fh>m yriOiuf, 
gavisus est. 

Y^yuvc, pf. with pres. signif , inf. -cti/ 
I and -i/ttv, part, -wy, plupf 1 sing, iys- 
\ yiitvivv, 3 sing, -ct, also 1 sing, and 3 
I pL yeywvsvv, make <me\s self heard (by 
a call, as is often specified, M 337, 
227 ; e 400, otrffov re ysyijjve fior\<TaQ, 
as far as one shouting can be heard), 
nvi, cry ma to, Si 469, p 161 ; in dis- 
tress, fi 370 ; Q 703, shouted throughout 
the whole city. 

yiy oivkit), see ykytavt. 

ycivccu, ofikvtfi, ipf. 'OfjitOa, aor. 
iyuvao, aro, ytivaro, -aaOai, (yivog), 
pre. ipf., nasci, to be bom, X 477, to a 
like fate; aor., gigno and pario, 
beget, brinff forth; \ 299, brought forth 
to Tyndareos. 

'YcCfovcf (nom. yei'rwv), vie in i, 
neighbors, 6 \e. (Od.) 

ycXooTdy ntr. pi., (yiKdat), ridicula, 
e 307 f. 

(yfXdio), prs. ycX^M, part yeKotovreg 
and -wovreg (false reading 'oiwvTeg, v 
390), ipf. 3 pi. ytXiljwv, aor. (i)yi\aa' 
iT({v), 3 pi. ysXamrav, part. ytXdfftfag, 
also forms with one <r, (y«Xoc), rid ere, 
laugh, t)Sv, dj^tiov; i7r((n), laugh at, 
laugh over, bit' avrtfi, at him, B 270; 
my heart laughed within me, t 413; 
X€iX«Ti, of feigned, forced laughter, O 
101 ; yvaOfioXg d\\0Tpioi<nv, v 347, with 
distorted grin ; xBiitv, T 362, was smiling. 

yikoitav, incorrect reading for yt- 
Xwftfv, see ytkoMy ridebant, v 347. 

YtXoCioV) ntr., (yk\u»g), ridiculum, 
B 215t. 

yi\oioivrtg,ia\Be reading for ycXitfov- 
ng, see yiKdta, ridentes,v 390. 

7cX6«», nkfVTft, -ttovTCS, see yiKdm. 

yihai (dat -^), ace. -u> ; and Y^Xot, 
dat. -ip, ace. -ov, risus, axT^tarog, un- 
extinguishable = uncontrollable laugh ; 
ix^t Tivd, indulge in, be overcome by 
laughter; <r 100, laughed themselves 
almost to death. 

7«^> ^Ci ri, iykvog), genus, (1) de- 
scent, origin, race, $ 157 ; of animals, 
E 265 ; home, a 407 ; family, Z 145 ; 
joined with roKog, o 175, birthplace 
and its young ; gens, house, a 222, V 
306 ; descendants, $ 191, d 27 ; rank, A 
786. — (2) generation, Z 149 ; plur. only 
A 250; aetas, age, yiviijifn ovXortpog, 
etc., B 707, O 166. 

•ycv^Xti, fjg, Ti, only sing., (ykvog), 
origo, race, stock, ilvai (U) ytveOXrig 
ni/oc, aliquo oriundum esse; rdv 
yfviOXrig iykvovro, there were bom to 
him six of theur stock, E 270 ; cf. T 1 1 1 ; 
B 857, home of silver. 

YCvcioSts, at, beard, rr 176t. 

yfveidiu, aor. part. YCvciilJcravTa, be^ 
ginning to grow a beard, ff 176 and 269. 

Ycvciov, ov, ^, mentum, chin, d^a- 
fuvri 'Odvarja yeveiov, r 473, as sign of 
homage, elsewh. as supplicantium 
gestus, attitude of suppliants, A 501. 
(See cut under yovvovfiat.) 

Y^vc(rt«, 1/, (yivog), origo, source, 
9twv, ifdvriooi, 'QKtavog. (5J.) 

YCVfTvif, rr)g, (ytveadai), only k, 
inde e natu, jTrom the hour of birth, 

Ycwdiov, ntr., (ykvva), ov fioi, non 
ex indole mea est, suitcAle to one^s 
birth, or descent, E 253 f. 

^Ivos, tog, ro, {yiyvofiai), genus, cf. 
yevii) ; {\)famUy, t, 35 ; race, as a whole, 
dvSp^v, rifjii9i(s}V dvdptjjv, iSoutv, — (i) 
generation, y 245; aetas, age, F 215. 
— (3) scion, Z 180. — (4) extraction, ykvog 
€(/ii (Ik) rivog, aliquo ortus sum; 
also of the home, o 267, B 852. 

Y^vTo, 3 sing, aor., prehendit= 
Xd^sTo, with ace. 2 476, N 241. (II.) 

T^ws, 17, pi. 'Viijv, ace. vff, m ax i 1 la, 
under jaw; also of jaw of boar, A 

Ycpoi^, € ; ai, dg, sen ex, cid, aged^ 
with arra and vaXaiyevkg, P 661: 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



freq. 6 7., A 35 ; fem., Z 87 ; comp. ! 
-air€poc» ov, 8 e n i o r ( e in ). 

YCf>o(p€i«, -f*v, pre., ipf. yipaipiv 
(yipac;), hoiiorare,«ft<nr Aonor, U 321, - 
« 437. j 

FcpcuoT^ ov, promontory of K&- 
/3otrf; now Geresto, y 177t. j 

ycpdvwv, gen. pi., graum, from ij 
yf^ui/of, crane, F 3. (II.) ' 

7cp&p^v, ucc. masc., comp. -«iTcpos, 
r 170and 211,#to<e/y. 

T^paiS) ro, pi. T^po, Aofior, il 323 ; t 
precedence, prerogative, X 175; gift of ' 
Aonor, A 118 ; rendered to ike guds, A 
49 ; ^A w 297 ; Oavovrutv, last honors 
of the dead, viz., barial, the thrice-re- 
peated call, the funeral mound, and a 
column, ^ 9, (u 190. 

Fcpi^vios (iTnrora), Niarwp, from F*- 
otivot^ in 'HXtc, B 336. Others place in 

Ycpov<riov, ace. masc.,(yepwv), sena- 
tor iu in, belonging to the old men of the 
council, of wine, v 8 , of oath, X 1 19. 

yipwv, ovTOQ, (1) sen ex, adj., aged, 
A 358, e 100, * 85 (TOLKog, ytpov, ve- 
tuBtnm, old, X 184; subsL, old man, 
opp. vioi, I 36, Trai^ac, B 518; aXioio 
— Niypcwf, flpwr^wf, ^opKvvog, old luan 
of the sea; honorable title oi'Aasprtjg,^ 
227. — (2) elder, member of the councilor 
puuXrj, cf. Lat., senator. 

ycvcrcTOi, -aofieOa, -aeoBai, fut, aor. 
inf yevffaaBai, (yevcj), gust are, taste, p 
413, irpoiKOQ; elsewh. tig. ironical, <p 98, 
T 258; temptemus inter dos, try, 

yc^pQ, ai, ac, agger, dam, dUoe, E 
88; TTToXinoio, ordines, rows of 
combat, i. e. of combating hosts, ^1 371, 
378,553. (II.) [- ] 

Yc^vp«Mri, aor. from yi<pvp6(o, exag- 
geravit, dammed it up, ^ 245; niade 
a causeway, O 357. [v] 

■yti, »?, terra, earSi, v 233, ^ 233, * 

Ttj, Ffl, dat., T el 1 u s. Earth, as god- 
dess, T 259, F 104. 

YH^h prs., ipf *y^0«€v, etc.. also fut, 
aor. ynOrjfff, etc., pf. ysyriOs, plupf -0ft 
(yf|06a>), g a u d e o, rejoice, Bvfuf, H 1 89 ; 
Kardi Bvfxdv, N 416; ^piva, O 559, in 
his heart; so also with rjrop, Ktjp, OvfioQ 
Tivi (rtvoc), N 494 ; at any thing, n, or 
with on, ovvfKa, and follg. clause. 

7V|9o(rvvt|, r^J, (yfj96b}),forjoy, N 29 
and $ 390. [v] 

Y«|M«rifVo«, ty, -o(, laetus, jc^, ^kul 
at heart ; because of something, rcvc, N 
82, € 269. 

7V|p««, see ytipaoKu, 

TilpttSy aoc, ac and ai, ro, {ykpiav), s e- 
nectus, S 86; Xtryp^, in a wretched 
old age (opp. r 368), x^^c**^)/, arvyepigi ; 
*c y^p-j up to old age; fx^tv y^p., « 
249; cx^t Twd, 2 515; icai/ec, £9rec<rc; 
txi yiipaoc €fvi*f, on the threshold of 
hoary old age, o 348. 

-yvipooiKi, prs., ipf. yi^paaKt, aor. cyifpa 
(iyhpa), part, yijpac, (y^paf), s e n e s c o, 
^row 0^ P 197 ; of hale old age, d 210; 
matnrescit,r9Mii,fy 120. 

^fiifms. If, jpeec*, A 437t. 

r(YavTts» dat laui. Giant-race in Opt- 
voKifi, ti 59, 206, and c 120. 

"YCyvoiiai, fut etc reg. as in Attic, 
aor. iter. yivsaKtro, pf yiyovf, see also 
yty dam, plupf. ytyovu, (ysvog), (1) 
nasci, be born, d 418, K 201, ic 350, /i 
130 ; crescere, grow, v 245, v 211 ; 
ariee, n 634, 2 212, S 415, O 607, /i 
326 ; fieri, arise, begin, A 49, K 375, N 
283, >l^ 505, ^ 417; obtingere,yai/ to 
one's hi, happen, [N 659], y 228, A 188, 
O 45 ; € 299, what now last of all shall 
come upon me? — (2)=«7voi, /3 320, /a 
87, ^ 157, O 490, T 386 ; exstare, A 
245 ; come to be, Z S2, H 99 ; iiri nrifia, 
come to ruin ; A 382, itdov, and oSoXo 
irpb ykvovTO^ ^ roiec ex Viiii, progressed 
on the way. 

YiyvwoicM (not yivwoKio), reg., but 
aor. subj. yvwoi, o/u«v, ktai, inf. yviofuvaty 
fut mid. yvw(T€ai,(-gnosco), (1) sen- 
tio, intelligo, J>erc6tve, understand, r 
160, w 136, N 223, n 658 ; with on, 8 
175, E 331 ; or, P 623, y 166 ; «c, X 
10; with ii, si, $ 266; with obj. at- 
tracted from follg. clause, E 85 : with 
part, recognize, o 532 ; nosse, hnou>, X 
356 ; nvoQ, know, <f> 36 ; learn to know, 
2 270. — (2) agnosco (of senses), rec" 
ognize, A 651, O 241. v 94; by his 
shield, E 182.---(3)callere,tffK2er«toiu^ 
fi 159. • 

yivofiat, un-Homeric, see yiyvofiau 

ynmtTKut, un-Homeric, see yiyvwoicv* 

7X0.YOS, TO, (yoXa), lac, milk, B 471 
and n 643. 

'yXaKTO-^yttiv, gen. pi., (yn\a, fa- 
yelv), lacte vescentium, 
fns£b, N 6t. 

rXaitfini, Ntypiytc, 2 d9t. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

yXavMtar 7 

yXavict^iiv, pres. part from yXavKiatii, 
wiAglarinff eyes, Y 172t. 

"YXaviofy i)d\aa<Ta, gkam'ngy II 34f. 

FXavKOS, (1) *\inro\6xoio rrdtc, Av- 
Kiatv dyog, H 13; Z 119, guest-fHend 
of Aiofiiidrig. — (2) son of SiVrv^oc* 
father of BtWspoiftovTTjCy Z 164 sqq. 

'yXavK-MV'i^, idocj (ace. also -iv, a 
1 56), voc. T, only of 'A0r/ii/, toifh gleanu 
ing eyes, bright-, glaring-eyed, a 44, A 206. 
I'he type of expression recogTiizable in 
Attic tetradrachm. (See cut No. 43.) 

rX&^l&pat, town in QnnjaKiti, B 

yXo^p^, i], 6v, (nom. masc. want- 
ing), cavus, hollow, esp. of ships, B 
454; of grotto, 2 402, j3 20, a 15 ; 
rock, B 88; i^opfiiyK, 9 257; deep, 
spaciotis, fi 305. 

yXifvii, m', Vv, (yaXrjvri), pup ill a, 
pupil of eye, t 390 ; © 164, then, perh. 
because figures are reflected in minia- 
ture in the eye, contemptuous epithet, 
Hndd coward! 

'yX-i^vco, rd, (radical syllable TAA), 
(gleaming) /ewe/ry, Q 192t. 

rXto-o^y avTOi:, town of BoKaroi, B 

yXovriVf ovq, ace, c-lunem, rump, 
buttocks, E 66, e 340. (II.) 

7XvKCp^, rj, 6v, com p. -wrtpov, (y\v- 
Kvc), dulcis, gratus, stoeet, dear, A 
89, ^ 194; if>dog, dear to me as the 
light, Tr 23. 

7Xvici)-$v|M«, mitis Anim\,o/mild 
temper, T 467t. 

"yXvicvg, V ; fem. yXvKfprj, comp. -itov, 
'lov, dulcis, sweet, A 598, 249 ; gra- 
tus, grate/ul, VTrvog, 'ifiepoc; accep- 
tUB, dear, i 152, B 453. 

•yXv^'8a«, ra'c, (yXvfpw), notches on 
the arrow, 6 419. (See cuts Nos. 96, 97.) 

yXwrauy t/c, »/, 1 i n g u a, (1) tongue, E 
292, P 618, B 489, 11 161; rdfxvHv, 
cut out the tongues of victims, y 332. — 
(2) language, B 804, A 438. 

yXoixtva, rqv, {yXuKfoa), end of the 
strap or thong of the yoke, Q 274t. 
(See cut under Kvyov, letter 6, No. 49.) 

Yvci0|u>to, 6v, and pi. masc, (yewg, 
gena), maxilla, N 671, tt 176; o 29, 
I would beat all the teeth out of his 
jaws upon the ground ; v 347, with dis- 
tortc<l jaws, disfigured countenance. 

-yvaffcirr^v, ntr., and masc. fem. and 
ntr. pi., (yvdfATTTut), (1) curv u s, curved, 

S 369.— (2) flexible, pliant, of limbs of 
living beingF, v 398; metaph.|)^aca6^ 
voijfia, Q 41. 

Tvoiitlrc, aor., (ypdfiTrruf), iv — , sup- 
plantavit, bent in his knee, tripped 
up, 4^ 731 ; I'Tro — , bent under, passed 
under, O 274. (See cut under i,vyav.) 

Tv^irCov, ace. masc, -loi, QyivkoBai), 
1 e g i t i m u m, genuine, vwp ; opp. voQov, 

7Kv{ {yow) tpivi, -btv, fell upon the 
ibi€c,E309. (II.) 

Tv^ -Yvwf&cvoiy TVi&oi&cv, aor. from 

Yv«SpX|M>«, notus, acquaintance, it 


YVftiT^s, or, fem. -a/, (1) notus, em- 
dent, H 401, w 182.— (2) cognatus, 
relative, O 350, T 174; brother, P 35. 

{yodin) yo6wVf 'vnc, (yoaivng), -vraci 
•^tjoa, part, pres., opt. yodoifiiv, -douv, 
inf. yoiififvai, 3 pi. ipf. yoov, yowv, 
iter. yodaoKiv, fut. yorjotrai, {y6og\ 
lam en tar i. sob, 9 92; esp. in lamen- 
tation for dead, wail, nvd, iS 502, Z 
500, * 124; tc6Tfiov, U 857. 

Y^|«4<>uri, masc, with nails, with pins, 
€ 248t. 

YonJ, Tjv, (ykyova), proles, offspring, 
Q 539 and d 755. 

Y^voS) 010, ov, masc, (ysyoi^a), 
origo, origin, a 216; proles, off- 
spring, S 12; commonly = fili us, <r 
218, Z 191, N 449, Q 59 ; young, of cat- 
tle ji 130. 

rov^circra, »/, town near UiWrjiri, B 

yiw, TO, all other forms with length- 
ening of first syllable, gen. yovvaroi:, 
yovvoi', pi. yovvara, yovva, gen. yovvMV, 
dat. -aai, -tooi, genu, bnee, KayLTrrnv, 
rest, km yovva t^taBat, sit down ; yovva 
/3Xa/3frai, tremble; irfjyvvrai, are stitf; 
km and ttoti yovvaoi, X 500 ; E 408, 
in gremio, cf also iv yovvaai niim, 
E 370; 9(ivai t( ivi yovvooi 9^01', as 
gift. Z 92; 9iwv Iv yovvaai Kfirat, lies 
at the disposal of the gods, n 267.— (2) 
genua, as seat of pity, in j hrases like 
the follg., a^a(T9ai, l\th', Xafiiir, dvu- 
ov iXBtiv, Xiooeo9ai yovv<t)v,etc.y A 500 ; 
cf. Eurip. Iph. T. 361 sqq., 1069 sq.; 
Plin. Historia Naturalis, XI.,45.(1( 3). 
— (3) as seat of physical power, strength, 
XvHv TivoQ yovvara— Aeiy any one, and 
Xmrai yovvard Tivog, knees sink under 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




him ; y. bfmpy, as long as I can move 
iiiy limbs. 

"Y^v, ipf. from yod o. 

Y<Sos, 01/, and oio, oi', pi. ovc^ masc, 
(,3oi/ ?), 1 a m e n t a 1 1 o, ^ 758; Trarpof , 
/anient for one's father. Q 507 ; esp. of 
the sobbing {dbtvov) lamentcUion for 
the dead, 2 316; Kpvipolo, chilling 
weeping; daKpvoevrof^^ tearful lamenta- 
tion ; yuov.8' wUro 9vfiuf:t his soul fore- 
boded death. 

FopYcCt], fjVy with K(^aXfif head of 
the VopytOj B 741. 

ropYu^ioiv, uva, son of Upiafiog and 
of KatTTtdvtipay 8 302t. 

Fofryw, oi'Ci >/, a dread -inspiring 
monster, A 36. 

r^pTvv, vvogf city in KptiTfj, y 294 
and B 646. 

yovv, i. e. y' ot;v, in «i y ot;v, (^ Aomv 
««r; l/jii y ovVf me quid em certe. 

yow^oifcoa, prs., and fut. dtTOfiai, 
(y6vv)t s u p p 1 i c o, beseech, tmploref rivd, 
(viripf vpog) Tivoi^f for the sake of, by ; 
yovviovy roKriutv, by my knees, by (my) 
parents, X 345. 

yovvaTUf atrt, €«T<Tt, see yow, 

Towcvf, leader of two tribes of 
mXaayoij B 748t. 

•yovvoviuii, only pres., and ipf. yov- 
vovfitjv, \ 29, (y6vv)j s u p p 1 i c o, rivd, 
withinf.,suppIicando vovere,«<p- 
plicate and vow to offer^ it: 52 1 . (See the 
cut, from ancient gem, representing 
Dolon and Ulysses.) 


c> 4*1 ^'^i masc, (yow\ strictly 
curve, winding (applied by Herodotos to 

Attica, because of its irregnlar form), 
comer, a 193 ; aXw^, garden-plot, 2 57; 

7pa(t|s, rfjc, {ypfjvi;), vetulae, o!d 
woman, a 438 f. 

rpata, town in Boiwria, B 498t. 

Ypairrvs, rag, nom. r) . ypanrvg, 
(ypa<f>ut\ scratches, (u 229 f. 

ypd<f>u>y (en-g r a V e), only aor. ypoi^^ 
part, ypdrpag, scratch, engrave, Z 169 ; 
penetrate to, P 599. 

FfyifviKos, river Granicus, rising in 
Mount 'l^»/,M 2 If. 

YP^» ypvh and yptjvc, dat. ypiji, 
vac. ypfjv and ypuv, (yepcung). old woman, 
also with irdKaiytvk'i, irdKairi. 

Y^&Xov, 010, oim, ntr., only OwprfKo^ 
(q. v.), convexity, N 507 ; yvaXoioiv dpff-- 
pora, fitted together of convex (meUd) 
plates, O 530. (II.) 

rvyr.iti, Xifivri, lake in Myov/i}, Y 
391. x^ymph of this lake, B 865. 

Tvto, wv, rd, AT ins, joints, only of 
arms and feet, "¥ 627, E 811, ic 363; 
Xvovrai yvia (see yow), are wearied, N 
85; in death, H 16. 

yvioia, only fut. yvi^aWf (Jiiv, lame, 
e 402 and 416. 

YV|tv^, ov, ov, n a d u s, naked, 2^ 1 36 : 
vncovered, ro^ov (i. e. taken out of the 
yiopvTog) ; usually unarmed, defeneeltss, 
*50,P 122, X 124. 

yvfivou), Yv|ivotKr0ai, aor. {i)yviAfkh- 
9t}, 'Bfirj, -Qivra (yv/jivog), nudari, 
Icttf off one's dothes, ^ 222, k 341 : 
with gen., % 1 * unprotected, unarmed, 
M 389, 428; Uf^protected against at- 
tack, M 399. 

YvvoiKcCof, hd, (iovXdg, m u 1 i e b r i- 
b u s d o 1 i s, wom(xn's designs, X 437 f . 

Yuvoik-|fc&v^«, voc., (jtaivofiai), mad 
after women, 'AXi^avSpog, F 39. (II.) 

yvyokiuVf SwpMv, gijls to a womcm, X 
521 and o 247. 

Ywi^, yvvaiKog, etc., (quean, 
queen), woman. — (I) as designating 
sex, woman, female, O 683, Q 708, 
T 110, A 269; etiXvTtpai, 520; as 
contemptuous epithet, 163, X 125, 
often with distinguishing title, to mark 
occupation, x«p»'^''tc» rapitj ; in general 
signif., mulicres, T 301, Q 722; Sia 
yvvaiKotv, F 171 ; y. ^fnoai, also with- 
out Sfiwai= maid- servants, p 75, v 6. — 
(2) uxor, wife, Z 160, 1 394, z'516. K 
422, A 162, 9 523; XW» vidua, 
Kid:w, Z 432; concubine, Q 497. — (3) 

Digitized by 





hera, mistress, ^ 123, X 48; ^een, ir 
334.— (4) opp. dca, IT 176; 9pirrdutv,r 
305 ; Q 58, has sacked the breast of a 
woman (mortal). 

Fvpol irirpaif Fvpoivp^ Trirpiyv, and 
Fvpijoxy name of rocky cliffs near 
No^oc, ^ 500, 507. 

yvp^ iv wfioKTiv, roumi-shoQldered^ 
r 246t. 

rvpTia8»|«="rpnoc,3: 512t. 

rvpT«vvi|, town in IlcXaerytta/nC) on 
the river Utivudc, B 738t. 

yv^J/, only 7Virc» yt;?r«f, «<T<n, vul- 
tures, X 578, X 42, x 30. 

TWpvT^ r^, boio-casej 54t. 

(See cuts, from ancient Greek and As- 
Syrian representations.) 



r=(l) ^1, (2) Bff, in ^ av, ^ aSre, also 
in 3* ovrutg and «' ^ aye, see dri ad. fin. 

8a {did), insep. prefix w. intensive 
force, cf. Sd-ffKioQ. 

AA; pres. di'Sd-trKut (q. v.), aor. 
SIBScr, docuit; rwd rt, ^ 233, 9 448 ; 
H-ith inf., V 72. In pass, signif. pf. 
8c8at|Ka«, f , -ore c? and ScS&sSs, n o v i s s e, 
have been taught y i. e. know, /3 6 1 , p 5 1 9 ; 
aor. pass. l8d.T|v, cognovi, F 208; 
snbj. daEtut, a>fccv,discam; inf.Sarjvai, 
cognoscere, S 493, and darifievm, 
nosse, Z 150; comperire, learn, v 
335; ni/6c)«»cfer«fa»c/ any thing, <l>487; 
aor. mid. 8c8aaff0cu, experiri, teM, 
try, X 316 ; fut. dariffeat, noveris, thou 
shalt know, y 187 ; rtvot:, r 325. 

8ail|}iovoS} ha; e ; ec {darifiwv, ds- 
^aa), Tivog, p e r i t u s, skilled in, 1 59 ; 
I' 671, irdvT€<T(T' ipyoim. 

SaTJvat, 8ai{(rtoiif 8<u0|A€V, see A A. 

8aijp, f pa, voc. 5d<p, pi. -6p<u»' ["3^ — ] , 
(Safrip, LaL levir), frater niariti, 
brother-in-law, Z 344, Q 762. (11.) 

8dLt|rai, see Saiut. 

Sat, after Wc: quis-nam, what 
pray, a 225 ; v. 1. Tig Si. 

8dt, dat. from datg. 

8ai8aXcos, 3, (^aidaXa), skillfully 
vmmght, delicate, graceful, I 187, «c 31 5. 

8ai8aXXa>v, pres. part, (d o 1 a r e), elab- 
orate skifl/uUy, decorate, 2 479, ^^ 200. 

8a(8dXov, to, only r 227 ; elsewh. pi, 
(redapl. ^ A), piece of skillful workman- 
ship (in metal), oi-nament, ;s; 179, E 60. 

Aa{8dXos, famous artist and artisan 
from Kvutaog, 2 592 f. 

8att«», fut. ?w, etc., pf. pass. SeSaiy- 
fiivog, (Saiu)), lacerare, cleave, tear in 
sunder, esp. fcottnd, by a cut or thrust, 
pierce, cut through, with vr without 
mention of the weapon ; and so gen- 
erally, cut down, slay, B 416, H 247, ^ 
147; 5 434, divide; ciSa'iy^. r^rop, P 
535 and 2 236, c o n f o s sii m, womded 
in the heart, transfixed {o^tl x^Xicy). 
Distinguish fig. heart rent (by grief), v 
320 ; mind confused or divided (in per- 
plexity or in doubt), I 8, S 20. 

8di-icTd|Aiva»v, gen. pi., (5atg),failkn 
in battle, * 146 and 301. 

8ai^6vios, iff, of person standing 
under influence of a god (Saifnav), this 
influence may be friendly or unfriend- 
ly, hence the word has opposite sig- 
nifications ; either admircdfle, or more 
commonly, wretch, luckless wight, * strange 
being' (Bryant), ^ 443. 

8a{fia>v, ovog, 6, divinity, (1) =9i6Q, 
A 222, 261, 196, 201 ; of specified 
divinity, T 420. — (2) numen divi- 
num, divine pouter, P 98; as unfriend- 
ly, with KOKog, (TTvyfpoQ, etc., (o 149 ; 8 
166, death f in general, the divinity, in 





its inflaence upon human life, hence 
daifiovog alcra, etc. 

8aCw(o), aor. mid. from Saivvfjiif 
epulabaris, Q 63. 

Saiwfii, SfuvvvTci, with pres. mid. ; 
ipf. (6aivv^=i!iaivvi), aor. tdattra, and 
mid. daiwvrOf opt. daivvro, pi. -vaTOy 
fut. Saiffeiv, aor. mid. Sai<Tdfitvoi,(Sai(o\ 
dispertio, c?tVirf«, dutribute^ a portion 
of food, Saira; g've a marriage- or 
funeralfeast, ^ 3, H' 29 ; mid., e p u 1 a r i, 
fmst, Q 665, (T 408, r 425 ; consume^ 
feed upon, xpka Kai iikBv, i 162; Ua- 
TofifSag, fifjpa ; hold a banquet, eiXairi- 
vriv, daiTa, doirrjv, 

Satg, (1 ) 8<£t8cs9 <«'>'» «C> (^«- 
PiSig, 6eSija), faces, pine 
splinterSy (t 310; torches con- 
sisting of a number of such 
splinters bound together, a 428, 
2 492. (See cut.)— (2) Iv 
8££ {^aFi, StShfeu, Y 18), 
\vypy, XevyaXky, heat of com- 
bat, N 286. (11.) 

Sa{«, TOQ, »/, also pi. ^atr€c, 
ag, {daiio, daivvfii), portion, 
share; iior), due share; then, 
convivium, meal, banquet, 
a 225, ic 124, 1 487, A 424; 
"if 48, let us now comply with 
the invitation to * the banquet, odious 
though the feast be ;=cibu8, /3 245; 
evna dairo^ table utensils. (The root 
syllable always stands in arsi.) 

Sairri, 8aiTr|«, fji', air, ynt, (Saig), 
convivium, banquet, p 220 ; -t|6cv, d e 
convivio, (c 216. 

Sairpcvciv, inf., ipf. Sairpfvnv, fut. 
-evouiv, aor. -fvaat, (dairpog), distribute, 
A 687 ; esp. food, K 433. 

SaiTp^v, TO, {d alio), portion, A 262 f. 

Sairp^, 6, (Saloj), structor, carver, 
distributor, a 1 4\ . (See cut.) 

8aiTpo<rvVT]9» rrjg, (SaiTpng), art of 
tarving and disttibuting, tt 253t. 

SoiTvf&^vcSy 01, dat. -e<r<n, (Sairvg), 

convivae, banqueters, also wiUr 
dvSpoJv, o 467, X 12. (Od.) 

SaiTvos, rrjg, (^«iw), tic, de cena, 
from the feast, X 496t. [- - -] 

AaiTOip, opa^ a Trojan. 275f . 

8at4pi0V, ovog^ only sing. (Sa'i-, Sate, 
and <l>pov-» (ppr]v^ " flame-hearted "). »/i- 
trepid, brave. In II. only of warriors, 
B 23, Z 162, A 791, 2 18 ; Od. of men 
of peace and women, efficient, skiilful, 
9 373, o 356. 

^af(i>, (1) prs. SaCoKn, ipf. ^ai€, pi. 
Salov^ in pass, sense : pf. dsdritv, plupf. 
deSfiti, pass. part, daiofiivov, ly, wv, ipf. 
daitroy and aor. subj. mid. dutirai, 
{daP'ig), incendere, kindle, set in a 
bliize, of fire, cities, etc., 2 227 ; pass, 
a r d e r e, blaze, tpig ; ^idxn^ Y 1 8 ; oaai, 
sparkle, ^ 132 {irvpi, M 466). 

— (2) 8a{cT<u, -ofuvog, ipf. SaiiTo, and 
perf. 3 pi. dtSatarai, {5aig)y d i vid i tu F, 
is divided, in mid. signif. distrilmte, o 
140 and p 332; i^rop, laceratnr, a 48. 

ddicvta, only aor. 3 sing. 8^c, inf. 
S^^civ, mordeo, bite, 2 585; sting, P 
572 ; stung Hektor's heart, E 493, (II.) 

SaKpVy TO, pi. I/O, vmv, and SdKpvov, 
-oim, and gen. of separation, 'C^Vt 
{SaK-viit, Lat. dacruma, Goth, tagr, 
£ng. t e ar), 1 a c r i m a, tear, esp. common 
phrases, Sdxpv (x'w*', -ovva, etc., /3 24 ; 
nXiotiv, dvavpqoag), where sing, is col- 
lective =^a'icpua, )3 81 ; itptiv, (Kara) 
(3dXXtiv, TJKt and yvro air' d^aXfxiUVf 
tKTTtfff, pki ; dfiup^aoBai, ripaovro, 

8aKpv^i9, taoa, iv, lacrimosus, 
(1) toeing, $ 493; tearful, ^ 801 ; -oev 
yeXdffaoa, laughing through tears, — (2) 
tear-bringing, fidxHt t(«'<ca, A 601. 

SaKpvov = hdKpv. 

ScKpv irXuna, not one word, but two, 
swim in tears (daKpv), r \22j. 

SaKpv x^***^i ovaa, etc., see each word. 

SaKpvio, aor. SaKovo-ci, <r{i), part. 

SaKpvoag, pass. pf. cddKpvcai, vrai 

(ddKpv), 1 a c r i m a r e, shed tears, pf. 

pass., be tearful, II 7. 

8dX<$S9 V, oVf masc, {^ a Piio), fire- 
brand, aiOufitvog, blazing torch, N 

AAM, to this root belong, (1) prs. 

8ap.<iqi, owot. — (2) 8ap.vqk» 3 sing. 

- prs., ipf. {t)ddfiva. — (3) 84£|Mni)|fti9 

tini, prs., mid. dafiv^ (-aaai),arat,ct(Tbat, 

part. Sapvafiivovg, ipf mid. cdfivaro, pf. 

pass. dtd^tjfAfvog, plupf. dtSfiijfiriP, ijro, 

Digitized by 


'fifiioBOf 3 pL -fji/ro, y 305, -qaro^ fut 
act Safidaffofuv (raid. 'fKnrai) ; aor. 
iafuiaaev (mid. -acrffaro, opt -atTaiaro) ; 
pass. 1 aor. dafiaaOtfj aOti^f and imp. 
SftfiOriTio ; 2 aor. Udfiriv, Safuv {==icd- 
firi<rav), subj. dafuiwj iiyg, r)y^ 7}£r£,opt. 
-«i;, inf. 'Tjfjuvaif (domare, Eng. 
tame), (1) tame, P 77, ^ 637. — (2)^ire 
as wife, nvi, 2 432, F 301. — (3) o£?er- 
power, /3f f70c, avdycy, 70i ; weaken, ex- 
haust, 9 231 ; X"f*"» ^ **88; <Tri73ij, p 
24 ; aWpy, Kufidrtft, ^ 318, 4» 52 ; dXi, 
€ 454 ; reduce to subjection (Z 159), 
pass., be subject to, P 183, E 878, y 304, 
X 622 ; overcome, Si<ffj6<;, fiolpa, x^^^i 
{(ppkvag) oivift ; rtvd i7r«(T<Ti, xAi/yyeri 
(d 244, foedare, t&sjiyure) Awg fid- 
(rriyi ; ir 105; Xoi/zoc, ipog Bvfiov, S 
316 ; succumb. Si 353, y 269; ^twe over 
into any one^s power in battle, nvd rivi, 
VTTo rtvt, VTTo Tivog, n 434 ; x^P*'^ nvoc, 
ifiro x^P^'^ (JSovpi) tivoq, viro (TKqiCTpt^ 
Tim, Z 159;deicere, sLy, Sovpi, fiiXtif 
hipfifiivoQ tv^it tyx^i ifitp, S 482; 
pass., be slain, fall by hand of, rivi, 
Tivbg dovpi (x^pffi), viro dovpi, vvS Ttpo^;, 
ajpi ; slay, of arrows, A 478, E 278 ; 
9vfi6v, 2J 439, held unconscious (elsewh. 
with Bvfiuv, overcome, control, 2 1 13, \ 
562), conterere, shatter, Y 266, * 
401 ; mid., sulrject one's self, used like 
active, yet the following forms in pass, 
signif., daixvaixivovQ, and inf Sdpva- 
c9ai, e 244, and ipf. ddfivaTo, A 309. 

8^4Mip, Ti, ra, »/, (dprj9ti<Ta, 2 432), 
uxor, wife, rivoc, v 290. [--, Z 503.] 

Ad)Muros, a Trojan, M 183. [- - -] 

Aa)ta(rropCSv|9, (1) T\i]7r6\tfiu<:, li 
416.— -(2) 'AyiXaof. a suitor, v 321. 

8a)UM>, SouuCw, Sofuv, 8a|&i{||, 8a|&-i{- 
ficvoi, SofLVcuiy 8a|&vT||U9 8a|i^<Mri, see 
A AM. 

A&vdt| 'AKptffnttvri, daughter of 
'AcptViOf, mother of lliptnvc, S 3I9t. 

A&K&oi, ta>v, collective 
designation of the Greeks 
who shared in the ex- 
pedition against Troy. 

Savd, ntr. pi., {cnt/ng, 
3a fiat), arid a, dry, o 322t. 

8do99 TO, (j5dfoQ, Safiui), 
f a c e m , torch , Jire!>rand, 
fUTa x^P^ty ixov(Ta(i) (Od. 
and O 647). [--] (See 

Sd-vcSoVy -y, TO, (irkdov), ground, 



X 577 ; esp. pavimentum, /Kivemen/, 
floor beaten until it was hard, esp. in 
houses, 3 627 ; X 420, Jioor of mens 

SoL'TTCi, ox*ai, ifitv, fut ^aif/ci, aor. 
tSayj/ag, «, {da tut, da pes), lacerar«, 
rend, N 831 ; consunte, ^ 183. (II.) 

Aap8Sv{8i|«, son of AdpSavog ; 1I<m- 

Aap8avCt|, >/, city founded by Adpca- 
vog,r 216t. 

AopS^ioi TTvXaif of Troy, E 789, X 

AorpSoiooi = AdpSavoi = Aap3dviu>- 
viQ (fern. Aapdavihg, 2 122, 339), in- 
habitants of AapSaviri, of same race as 
'IXioi, called also Tpwtg, in connection 
with whom they are often named as 
representatives of the iiriKovpoi, B 819, 
839, r 456. 

Adp8&vo9, (1) son ofZfvg, father of 
'IXof and EpixOoviog, progenitor of 
Tpuftg (Aapddvioi), founder of Aap- 
Savirj, T 215, 219, 304. — (2) son of 
Biag, Y 460t. 

SopSaiTTovat (Sdimu), only 3 pi. 
prs., devorant, devour^ A 479,'^ 92. 

Adpv|S, fiTog, priest of "H^aierrof , E 
9 and 27. 

SapOdvut, IBf>d0c, aor., dorm iv it, 
slept, V 143t. 

oairdoiccTo, SflUroo'^ai, see BnTio^ai. 

Sd-cncios, ov, fem., (<ncm), u m b r o s a, 
thick-shaded, O 273 and € 470. 

Soofidsy o, (^arlo//a()» distributio 
' (praedae), division (of the booty), A 

Sflurorroi, ScUnraTo, aoBai, see ^a- 

oa-4r-irXTiTi«, hard-smiting^ dread, o 
234 ; derivation unknown. 

8i£(ri(-|iaXXot (/taXXo^), thick-fleeced, 
I 425t. 

8d(rc£<&«, V, dens as, shaggy, ^49 
and 51. 

SoT^oiLOi, prs. and ipf, (3 pi. da- 
TivvTO, kovTo), fut ddaoprat, aor. Sikt- 
(rdfiida, avTo, acdai and ISdaavTO, dd- 
(xaffOai and SartaaOai, iter. SaedoKiTo^ 
perf pass. 3 sing. Sidaarat, (Sainj), d i- . 
V id ere, rfificfe among themselves, ira- 
Tpu)ta, fioipag, \iji6a, Kpia, Kara fiolpav 
t(pi' Tifidg, dvdixa, Tpix^n, ^ 208, ^ 10, p 
80, 2 511 ; dissecabant, cut in sun- 
der, Y 394 i conculcabant, were 
treading (to dust), and in this sense 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

AavX{« ' 



dividing, ^121; 2 264, share with 
each otlier the fury of combat, fight on 
both sides with equal fury. 

AavXCs, iSos, r), town of ^winjigf B 

8^iqQ<n, dat pi., (ddtftrrj), lauris 
arboribus, loith laurel or 6ay treesy i 

Sa-^iv^, ov, oif and Sa-^ivc^v, 2 
538t, bhod-redy B 308 ; tawny, A 474. 

8^, particle serving to continue the 
narrative, usually untranslatable, and, 
farther, again, but, also, (1) introducing 
additional or corresponding circum- 
stances, A 3, 5, 10, 16, a 3, 4, 28, 44 ; 
in contrast, A 4, 20, 29, 57, o 19, 20, 
26 ; after fikv, A 126, 141, a 13, 24, 66, 
the two uses often hard to distinguish ; 
after interrogatives, A 540; second 
member of antithesis often precedes 
instead of following, Z 46, /i 220, tt 
130. — (2) introducing an apodosis (cf. 
av), correlative, Z 146, X 592 ; hypo- 
thetical, A 137, M 246, /i 54 ; in period 
consisting of two members, M 10-17, 
y 470-74; cf. A 57, 137, 193, H 148; 
c' dpa, Z 100, ri 142.— (3) adversative, 
in sentence inserted between the two 
members of the period, v 227; after 
negative sentence, i 145 ; to mark a 
fact, in opposition to a mere assump- 
tion (esp. vvv dk), A 354, 417, B 82, a 
166, i5 79 ; the true in opposition to 
the false (rb Sk, rd ds), x 32, \p 152.— 
(4) continuative,with causal force, ap- 
parently instead of yap, A 259, B 26 ; 
continuative, apparently supplying the 
place of a relative, A 162, B 209 sq., A 
541, a 3. 52 sq. ; instead of subordina- 
tive conjunction, Z 148, /3 313, i 292. 
— (5) recapitulating, after a parenthe- 
sis, n 356 ; after vocative, y 247 ; c' 
avTf, but again, <t 48 ; 5k t€, A 403, 
B 90; ^6 as third word instead of 
second in the clause, 9 540, 299. 

-8€, remnant of ancient pron., (1) 
Toigdtam, to those there, otherwise 
indecl., e. g. o-Se, the one there, so with 
other pronouns. — (2) towards, -ward, 
KXiairivdt, oiKui'Si, ovO€ dofiovdi. 

S^aro, ipf., {Sifaro), and Soooxraro 
(df-offaaro), aor. subj. Sodffatrai, "^ 
339. (AIF i^Xot), videbatur, ap- 
peared, Z, 242 ; seetned, o 204. 

S^ucvos, see dkxopai, opperiens, 

8^&&a, daai, dt|ic(&, ariptvoCf a^Qy see 
ScSolaTOi, S^SooToi, see dariofuUf 

divisa sunt. 

ScSoXyiUvos, pf. pass., (dat^w), la- 

8^8i)c, 1^c^ see Saito 1, ex ar sit. 

ScSioox, see StiSw, veriti sunt, 

ScSunc^lMvot, o 150 = SciSunc^- 
fuvos, 7 41, ipf. SaSiaKtro, (^liicvvpi), 
salutare. Md welcome or fareweU (l»y 
gesture), dk ira'i, h^irtpj xapl. ( < W • ) 

ScSf&i^aTo, 8€8fi.t||iivos, see AAM. 

8€8oict)|«ivos9 see doKaut, 

S^pKC, toi^-, see dkpKofjiai, 

ScSpaYfUvos, see dpaaaofiau 

S^cXov = drjKov, conspicuum, K 

Set, opus est, tV behooves, I 337t. 

ScCSiicTo, -S^x^'''^'^ "'i^* plupf. and 
pf. from duKwuL. 

8€iSi{|&ovcs idtiSat), timidi, r 56t. 

ScCSio, i9i, ifitv, ifi€v, see dtiSut. 

8€i8urK<S|icvos, see StSiaKofxivog. 

8€iS(<rcrco, iffOa*, imp., irrOai, inf. prs., 
fiit. dtidi^tffOai, aor. "aaBai, (Seidijj, Siat^ 
territare, terri/g; only B 190, pass., 
trepidare,./€ar. (IL) 

SciSoiica, see StiSu). 

8c(8tt (always in first foot of verse), 
fut. dsifftrai, -itrOai, aor. iddei<faCf t, and 
Sttai, anv, etc., pf. dddotiea, ag, f, other 
form ScCSm, te, tfitv, iaai, imp. t9i, ire, 
inf. 'ifitv, part, -torfc, plupf. UtiSifuuy 
Xaav, (Sfi, ciog). metuo, time o,fear ; 
revereri, stand in awe of, ^ 389, w 
306 ; firi, with indie, « 300 ; with prs. 
or aor. subj. (after principal tenses), 
with opt (irfter hist tenses) ; with inf. 
when subject remains the same ; (Ivi) 
9vfi<{i, KTJpi, Kara tftpkva, in one*s heart, 
in one's thought; vepi rivog, tivC>v 
vspt (rt/<0i) ; (fioik') aivCig ; E 827, fear 
not so much Ares ; revereri, ^ 389, 
revering Zeus Xenios, and taking pity ' 
on thee, ir 306. 

8€icXiii|cras, aor. part, (^cieXoc), qui 
cenavit, having sipped, or towaid 
evening, p 599t. 

ScUXov (diiKri), vespertinum, 
itfiap, p 606, late, in the afternoon ; 
(^tiAof, vesper a. evening, * 232. 

SciKav^wvTO, ipf., from -vdopai, 
(BtiKvvpfvoQ, S 59). consalutabant 
= extend hospitable welcome, by motion 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




of cups, O 86; or with words, u) 

6iiK vfii, prs., only Sciicvvt and -vvfu- 
voi;^ fut. Stiiijjf etc., aor. Sti^t ; mid. pf. 
3 pL dtiSixaTUL, plupf. 3 sing. dtiSiKTOt 
3 pi. diiSixaTo, (^iKi/), monstrare, 
show, point out, act. and mid., >F 701 ; 
(T^/ia, ripag, give a sign or portent, 
teach ; mid.,consaluto, make welcome 
(by gesture, or with words), rvwiXXotf, 
hwdiaai, iavQoiq, I 196, ^ 59, I 224, 
671, A 4, X 435, f/ 72. 
htxki\i afternoon,^ 11 If. 
hi\tti, only ScCXero, declined toward 
setting ; v. 1. of Aristarchus for Swriroj 
fi 289t. 

8ciX6s, if, 6v, (deiirai), ignavus, 
cowardiy, N 278, A 293 ; wretched, mis- 
erable, 351 ; miser, P 38, X 431, ^ 
223 ; esp. in phrase Stiko'iai fipoToi<n, 
A 19, and d 6ii\' (JttXi), oh\w, -ot, heu 
te miserum, etc. 

8€t|ia» TO, (5a<rai), terrorem, E 
682t. ^ 
ScifjtaTO) o)fccv> see Skfjuo, 
AcifLos, ov, (dtiSto), Terror, terror 
of combat personified, A 440. (11.) 

8€iv6«, ri, 6v, (dsoi:), horrendus, 
dread, terriltk, B 321, 755 ; Shvov dkpKt- 
\ oQai, r 342, and dtivd iiutv, O 13, X 
I 608 and elsewh.=adv. 11 566, E 439, 
A 420, e 133; vast, great, H 346, O 
t309, S 385; mighty, E 839; vener- 
l^ndus, venerated, if 22. (Orig. form 
^PHv6g,cf.r 172.) 

\ 8<iov99 rov, gen. from diog, timoris, 
cf. the form ctthovq. 

Seiirvkio, ipf. 48cCirvcc, plupf. Sadet- 
irpriKtij also aor., (Stinvov), coenare, 
tdfce a meal,K 111. 

|8c£iry-^oT0«, o, (denrv6ia)f meal-time 
(afternoon), p HOf. 

8ciirvur«ras, aor. part, from -iZ«'* 
(^EfTTi/oi ) a/Tler having entertained him 
oi his table, S 535 and X 411. 

8ciirvov» ov, TO, (SaTTTut, dapes), 
c ina, chief meal (in the afternoon, see 
oipirov, V 392), repast, B 381, K 578 ; 
difneai, p 176; food, o 316 ; fodder, B 

I 8c(pa«> avTOQ, aor. part, from ckpia. 
I Scip-^ y, iir, ai, JQt, CO Hum, cer- 
vices, neck, throat, V 371, T 285, 
> 90. 

Beipo-ro^'^im^f ei, fut, and -rjirai, 
9a£f aor. from dtiporopku, (ri^vw), iu- 

gulare,ctt^ the throat, behead,'^ 174, 

Acur-ir|v»p, o/oa, a Lykian, P 217t. 

8^Kd, dec em, ^en; as a round num- 
ber, 1} 253, B 489; ScicdKis, decies ; 
8€K<U, o^oct Eng. decade; S^Karof, 
dec im us, as a round number, 4 325; 
ScK^xiXoi) centum milia. 

8^icT||, Tfff (^i^o/iat), men dice, 

o^KTo» aor. from Uxofiai, excepit 

ScX^^vos, rot), and -ivas, tovq, del- 
phi ni, dolphin, 4» 22 and /i 96. 

8^|Mi«, ro, {dkfiu}), frame, buHd of 
body, A 115 ; joined with lUo^y (l>vri, 
aifdri ; freq. difiag, as ace. of specifica- 
tion, in figure, also with gen., like, cf. 
instar, A 596. 

S^fjivio, TO., (Siijj), wooden bedstead 
(with cords), r 318, X 189. 

dBfiw, ipf.*l sing. Sifiov, aor. tStifii, 
(and mid. -aro), subj. ctifiofitv, pass, 
pf. Bthfitfpkvoif plupf. (k)deSpriro, (do- 
mus).6ttticf, I 349, H 337. 

ScvSiXXttv, pres. part., of doubtful 
origin, address one's self in turn to, if;, 
I 180t. 

S^vSpcov, «f> ro, (dkvSpov = Se(v)-SpeP' 
ov. 6f>vg) tree. [ P 1 52, ^ 520 ; _ S^..] 

8€v8f>^cvTi, dat. nia>c., nom. fem. 
'taaa, (dtvcpiiti^). woody, i 200, a 51. 

Acta|«ivT|» daughter of 'Sffptitg, 2 

ActidSrif, i. e. '{(pivoog^ H 15. 

8c{t^, y, ov, (^f'xo/iat), (1) dexter, 
on the right hand or side, iiri h^id and 
dt^Loipiv, N 308; esp. ctKiy [K 542, 
_Cni], ai, dextra (man us); alfo 
fides interposita, />/edf(7e« of faith, 
B 341. — (2 J fans t us, propitious, o 

8€{lTCpoio, 6v, fjg, y, ijv, r)^i=dt^ioio, 
etc., dextri, A 501, A 377. 

S^ffo, aor. imp. from Sixofiat. 

Sc^vTwv, imp. from Siw, false read- 
ing for Sidivrmv. 

tioif TO, ddovg. gen., (^f(^tu), timor, 
fear, A 515; nihil tibi timendum; 
with inf., M 246. ^ 

8lira«, Ti', ai and ai, pi. a, dtuv, dttrfft 
and aaai, (cdiTTUi ?), 
vase or cvp for diink- 
ing; only A 632. as 
miring-bowL (See cut.) 

8^pKCflr6a',prs., ipf. 
iter. SepKtoKiTo, pf. cicopKtv, wg, aor. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 




idpaKov, t a er i, look, Seivov, (TfifpdaXkov, 
TTvp, with fiery glance, kiri x9ovL\ 
joined with ^^j/, live and " see the l.ght 
of the sun ;" beJiold, N 86. 

S^plfco, ro, «ri, ara, am, {dspwi), hide, 
stripped off, pellis ; skin, on human 
body, cutis ; hide dressed for shield, 
Z 11 7 ; skin prepared for bottle, /3 291. 

Scpi&dTtvoujxv (dspfia), leathern (row- 
locks), 8 782 and 9 53. 

8ipov» ipf. from Sipoj. 

Siprpov, TO, membrane which contains 
the bowels ; penetrating into the intes- 
tines, X 579t. 

Sspo), ipf. tSepov, dipov, aor. tSetpav, 
hipavTaQ,stHp off the hide, flay, A 459, 

S^o-p-ara, rd, (^€a>), v i n c u 1 a, X 468, 
head-band. (See cut No. 8.) 

8c(rp4Ss9 0(0, b, {deo}), vinculum, 
band, Kparepog, dpyaXsof, QvpaXyi'i, 
vriXsi, 6\ot^ ; x^^f'rof, fitter; halter, Z 
607 ; rivets for securing handles to tri- 
pod, 2 379 ; hawser, v 100 ; knot, 4 348 ; 
latch-siring, 241. 

S^cnroivo, ijc, »/, (^cffTrdrf/t;), mistress, 
also with aAo^oc and yvvi], y 403 (cf. 

ScTaC (diui) Kaiofisvai, burning faff- 
ots, A 554 and P 663. 

Scvijo-cflr^ai, see devo). 

AcvK&Xi8i)Sy 'l^o/xcv£vc> M 117. p] 

AcvK&Xiwvy ojvoQ, (1) son of MtVtug, 
king of KpijTtj, N 451 sq., r 180 sq. — 
(2) a Trojan, Y 478. 

Scvpo, ScvTC (possibly Sk-fpio-Oi, dk- 
fp-iTt), hue i, come here, 9 292; al- 
lons I hither, Sevp' i9i, dyi Sivpo, 8tvT 
dy€T8 ; often with subj. of exhortation. 

StvraToSt ov, {deurepog), ultimus, 
last, T 51. 

StvTc, see deijpo. 

ScvTcpos, ({>. ov, 01, (Svu)), alter, s e- 
c u n d u 8, ^ 265 ; with gen. of compar., 
y 248 ; -ov, iterum, with av, avrig, 
UVT6; rd dtvnpa, second prize, ^ 538. 

l.Scvck, prs. 3 sing., ipf. tdtvi and 
Bwi, iter. dtvKTKov, pass, -stoi, -tro, 
-ovro, drench, moiste^ N 655, B 471. 

2. ctviMt, only prs. Scvcai, -y, opt. 3 
pi. S^voiaro, etc., ipf. Idtvio, fut. otvfj- 
atai,-i}<TS(T9ai, aor. 6^ci;i/(re,egere, miss, 
want, Ti voQ ; 9vpov, vita privatos, r 
294 : ovStJ)fn9ni ovrut, will not be so 
^7r^r(m battle) {TroXipov); P 142, 

(tivoq) ; bdevrjoe, with infin., c 540, it 
just missed hitting the rudder. 

Scx^rai, S^x^**^ ^^^ dkxopat. 

Z^xPiiai, 3 pi. Skxarat, fut. and 1 aor. 
reg., 2 aor. lo^i&iiv, Sekto, imp. ds^o, 
inf. Skx9ai, part. Skypevog, pf. Skdt^o, 
ptc. Stdtypevoc, 3 fut ^£^e^o/iai, (^eica), 
excipere, accipere, receive, -jcapa 
Ttvog (ipiv irdpa, Q 429), rivog ti, tlvi 
Ti, receive at hand of, v 27\ ; accept, 
uripa, death ; await attack of, Y 377 ; 
f yX*i , ®^- > csp. 2 aor. o«?a»<, with part., 
A 107: rii/d iirort Xfi^tu, I 191; €i<r- 
6k£v tX9yg, K 62 {dthypsvog, A 124, 
n actus, having received at the hands 
of), stand one's ground against in com- 
bat. Inti-ans. only T 290, sic mihi 
semper malum excipit malum, 

ScYJnicras, aor. part from diyj/vj, 
knead, p. 48 f. 

1. oi(i>, aor. Stjo-cv, caruit, stood m 
need of, 2 lOOt (hX, see separately). 

2. ^£(1), prs. imp. Sc^vtwv, Jpf. mid. 
SeovTo, aor. ^^<t£, -(tav, imp. -(Tavnov, 
mid. aor. iter. drjadoKero, plupf. pass. 
didero, -vro, 1 i ga re, v i n c i r e, ^»e, bind, 
men, fij 73, ^ 30 ; cattle, /3iy, N 572 ; 
(tv) dioptp; tK Tivog, to something, k 
96, X 398 ; "¥ 854 (tto^oc , by the foot) ; 
owXa dvd vrja, make fast tackle through- 
out the ship, 13 430 ; tpirpd IttI kKti' 
Imv, to the thole-pins; irap' apfiamv, 
to the chariot, 9 544 j rivd K€\fv9ov, 
hinder one's journey. 

8i^ (cognate with jam, Eng. yea, 
yes ?), particle marking a conclusion, 
cf. in meaning, jam, with various 
signif., according to the words with 
which it is connected. — (1) in general, 
evidently, and of time, now, already, rd 
dij,just that, vifv drj, at this very morneiU, 
B 284; now finally ; ^rj Ton, then indeed, 
V 92; yap drj. for surely; ovrw of},Jusi 
so ; it strengthens superlatives, confess- 
edly the best A 266 ; dXXoi dq, others, 
be they who they may; after interrogative 
words gives greater definiteness, rig Srf, 
quis tandem, who pray; Try Sri, B 
339; in commands, strengthens the 
command, yet, only, A 295, 514, 645 ; 
common phrases^dyf ^17, a g e d u m ; 1^1 
di], pr) 6fj, only do not, A 131 ; so also 
with expressions of wish, at yap Sfj, if 
only. — (2) in dependent clauses, utg Sff, 
that without doubt, A 110; oi;i^£ra ^1)/ 

Digitized by 





because indeed; tTrii ^17, since now; in 
relative clauses, iK ov dn^ when once/or 
all, A 6; in temporal clause, oTt dtj^ 
vrhen naWy as soon as ; in conditional 
clause, ti in (fiv dfj), if now, if really^ if 
ai all etfents, expressing a supposition 
which can not be contradicted ; in in- 
terrogative clause, €t Sfj, whether really, 
a 207 ; in final clause, »/ 'iva dr\, is it 
perhaps that thou mayest give as is to 
he expected f H 26; irf avriy actually 
again ; ^, better ^1; au, ain, ovrwf, 
pronounced with synizesis, A I31, 338, 
540, B 400 ; irj is often merged <by 
synizesis with following word, A 138, 
386, /i 330 ; yet never so, iri iirura. 
Sn always follows the emphatic word, 
exc. in Sif rort , yap, Trdfitrav, 

Sv)6a, ^9*, diu, long, B 435, a 49. 

8T|S6vciv, subj. STjOvvyirOa, ipf. SriOv- 
viv, {dri9d)y cunctari, linger, A 27, Z 

Ai)Mc<S«»v, iovTog, (hostes specu- 
lans), a Trojan, E 538 sqq. 

1. 8ii)tou>» ov, (iSkStj€, oaiii)^ 1), blazing, 
TTvp, B 415 ; 7r6Af/io^, hot combat, A 

2. Sifios, ov, hostilis, av^pa, Z 481, 
and hostis,B 544.^ ^ "373? 

AiiXoirtTqs, ijv, son of npiafiog, A 

. Sf|torv)To«, I, a, nom. drjioTrig, t), 
{irjioc), caedes, slaughter, usually 
with aivfjg, H 1 74. 

At|C-oxo«> ov, a Greek, O 341 f. 

Sf|i^, only pres. forms, e. g., A 153, 
^l' 176. 5 226, and ipf pass^ N 675; all 
other forms, prs. ipf. fut. aor. also pass. 
from Sn^, pres. part. Sydv, more com- 
monly Sywu)v, (Srfioc), c aeder e, con- 
c id ere, slay, cut in pieces^ X^^'^V^ ^ 
534; lac era re, rend, P 65; 2 195, 
fighting with the spear for — . 

At)(-irvXos, (^, companion at arms 
of ^BkvikoQ, E 325t. 

At)i-^aos» ov, a Greek, N 576. 

At)C-^pos» oio, son of Upiafiog, M 
94, S 276. 

SrfXBOfiai, only fiit. and aor., {SaXoQ, 
deleo), laedere, hurt, x^^^V* X 368 ; 
violare(tr7r(/t), A 67), bpicia; nocere, 
harm, S 102 ; by theft, 9 444, v 124. 

8T|Xi{|&aTa, rd, (drjXkofxai), destroyers, 
H 286t. 

tt\ki/fyLOvaf eg, nom. drjXfifKjjv, (dtjXk- 

oyLai), i n f e s t u 8, baneful, O 33 ; /3po- 
rwv, destroyer, a 85. 

AtjXof, n», t), a famous island, sacred 
to Apollo and Artemis, ^ 162t. 

8y|aov (dttXov), manifestum, v 

Ai)|&i{tv|p, npog, ripa, {rpog, rpa), 
prob.=r^ firjrrjp, Demeter; dvdaatjg, S 
326, £ 125, B 696 ; aKrij, barley meal. 

8Y||&u>-/cf»Yo(, worhers for the com^ 
muntty, handicraftsmen, e. g. seers, 
physicians, carpenters, bards, heralds, 

8i)|&iOS, ov, belonging to the people; 
public us; SiifAiov, public affair; drj- 
fjita TrtVf »/, pu b 1 i c e, at public expense. 

Stifio-P^pos, devourer of the people, 
of grinding, avaricious jiaatXtvi:, A 
23 If.. 

8y|(&o-y^POvtos> eg, {yiptuv), eldtr of 
the people, r 149. (II.) 

Ayii&^-Sokos, ov, name of blind bard 
in Hx^ptjj, 9 44. (Od.) 

8t)(&^cv (dfjfiog) dyeipag, pub lice 
c o 1 1 e c t u m, having levied /row among 
the people, r 197t. 

At)|ju>-ic6wv, ijjvra, son of Upiafiog, 
A 499t. 

At||ju>-X^c»v, ovra, son of 'Avrfivwp, 
r 395t. 

Ai)|Ju>-irT6Xc(M>s, ov, a suitor of 
UfivfXoiTHa, X 266. (Od.) 

8i|)M>s, ov and 010, 6, commons, com- 
munity, (1) civitas, body of citizens, 
opp. '(SovXt^ yepovTojv and jSaaiXivg, 9 
157; with iroXig, T 50, town and peo- 
ple; so often =/)Cfl»p/e, the public, e. g. M 
213=5^/101; aw7p,un us ex plebe. — 
(2) country-district with its inhabitants, 
Z 158, I 634, U 481 ; 'Ovtiptov dfjfiog, 
land of Dreams. 

8t)|i<^ 6v, dat. ace, from irifx6g,faZ, 
of man and beasts, dpykTi,.A 818; 
TTioi/rt, X 501, exuberant fat; ^ 243. 

At)(&-ovxo99 ov, ^iXtjTopidyv, Y 

8ijv (orig. Sfifv), d i u, long ; ovri fidXa 
dftv, N 573 ; oifS* dp {ovroi) in Sijv, )3 
36, K 33 ; olxofiBvoio, /3 215. 

8i)v«u^ (driv) fjidX' ov, minime 
longaevus, by no means long lived, 
E 407t. 

8i{vc(&, rd, (Saijvai), cons ilia, cotm- 
sels, arts, \// 82, A 361. 

8t|wv, Syoiij, see Srjioia. 

^pXaaadoVf 3 du. indie, itipXdao9cu 

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inf., -aaa^tov imp. prs., ipf. ^rfpiotuvro ; 
als;o from djjpiofiai; aor. Sripiaapro, 
als«o aor. pass, in act. sigiiif 5ripiv9iiTt}v, 
{Sfjfjii:), contend, P 734 (with words, only 
e 76, 78, M 421). 

Srjpiv, riiv, rivalry, w 515 ; hatde, P 

8t)piv6t)TV|v (=diipiv i9i(T9riv, P 158), 
see CfipiaaaOov. 

8t)p^v, ace. masc. and neut., (Snv), 
d i u t n r n u m, lonff, xpovov, SJ 206 ; 
else\yh.=diu, B 298. 

8i)(ra(rKCTo, aor. from ^eo), vincie- 

8t)<rc, from ^iw, (1) caruit. — (2) 

di)u}, 8ii|cis, o/i(v, erf, invenies, N 
260 ; jind out, attain, I 418. 

Lia.=Ztiva, see Z«uf. 

Sio, prep., I. with gen., per, through, 
A 398, r 61, 357, \ 581 ; KVvkftQ Sid 
Xa\Kovapyov, M 183,. P 294; ariiBt- 
a<l>iv, E 57 : opea(pi, K 185 ; tirptitf 
d. 5ravrwi/,was conspicuous even among 
all, M 104; throughout, amid, i 298, A 
495, Z 226, I 468, N 755,— II. with 
ace. (1) per, through, throughout, A 
600, K 375, M 62, X 190, i 447, p 72 ; 
Sid. cTofia dystv, in ore habere, to 
have in one's mouth, upon one's lips; 
trans, aaoss, H 247, 8 343, K 298; 
of time, during, per, ^. vvktu, B 57, 
510, 1 143; vvKTa Si {opfpvatriv), K 83, 
142, 297, 386, Q 363.— (2) propter, 
because of, A 72, \// 67; ope, bg means 
of, e 520, 41, 71, K 497, 9 82, A 276 ; 
auxilio, 'A9rivrig, 9 520. [w^-.,— w 
at beginning of verse.] 

8ia-Paiv^tuv» inf prs., -^fifjievai aor., 
traicere, cross over, iv Sia0dg, placing 
his legs far apart, i. e. planting himself 
firmly, M 458. 

Sia-YiTvciMrKa), inf. aor. -yviuvai, 
agnoscere. recognize, H 424; di- 
gnoscere. distinguish. (11.) 

8ia-YXd\|/a(ra (y\a0(i>), excavans, 
scoop out, S 438 f. 

Si-dyu}, Si-i^YaYov aor,, transpor- 
taverunt, carry over, u 187t. 

Siii SoUraaKCTO, S^a SaWovroy d i s- 
pertiebat, distrilmted, see Sarkofjiai. 

8ia c8ai|ias, t, see SaTrrti, lacera- 

Sia-SipKo^ai, aor. opt. Sia-Sp^ot; 
looi; through at, pierce through, ^ 

8i-c8t)Xif0«vTo (SriXhfmi), lac era* 
visseut, ^ 37t. 

8t-dci, see Si-drjfu, per flat. 

8ia-c£8cTai {dSop), prs. pass.^cerDi- 
tur, is discerned, N 277; fut. mid. 
'uatrai, prae se feret, display, B 

8ta-ciir^(i€V, inf., imp. SUim (Pnire), 
^ 215 and K 425, Udk overfulfy, relate 

Si'dtifti, only 3 sing. ipf. Si-dti, 
better reading Si-du, prs., perflare, 
blow through, € 478. (Od.) 

j^^OcCoKTc, aon, (9eidw, 9kuov), fumi- 
gate (with sulphur), x 494f . 

Sia'-9pv7rTi$t, aor. pass. Sla-rpii^^, 
confractum,«^twrcd, r 363 f. 

Siaivu), ipf. 8(aivc» pass. SiaiverOf 
aor. iSirive, humectare, moisten, X 
495. (II.) 

Si-aipkui, aor. 8ia IXc» dissecuit, 
cui through, X 280t. 

Sia-KidZii), aor. inf. 8ia Kc<i(r«ra^ d i- 
scindere, split, o 322f. 

Sia-Kiipo}, aor. inf. 8iaK^p<rai, inter- 
ru mpere, jTrwi^rcite, 8t. 

8ia-icX<i(r<ra«y aor. part., (Kkdui), d if- 
fringens, bredking in twain, E 216f. 

hia-Koafikw, ipf. -cK^criuovy aor. mid., 
'eKoofifiaavTo, aor. pass. opt. -KoaiifiBfi' 
fitv, part. -0£i/r<s:» ('C"<y/«>i), dispertio, 
dispose ; x 457, j9t<< tw or</er. 

8ia-icpX8dv (Kpivw) dpi<TTog,decided/ff 
the best, M 103 and O 108. 

8ia-Kp£v(i>, reg., fut. 3 sing. -KpXvkti^ 
mid. -icpivU(r9ai (also in pass, signif.) ; 
aor. pass. 3 pi. -UpWtv, opt. -i:piv9tir£, 
inf. 'Kpiv9i]fitvai, pf. part. -KiKptfiBvai, 
(Kpivut), separare, «epara^e, B 475; B 
387, shall part the fur}' of the men, i. e. 
the furious combatants; cf. H 292; 
pass., be parted, separate peacefully, V 
98, 0} 532; dig nose ere, distinguish, 
9 195.^ 

8X-aKropo99 ov, 6, (Sidyuj), guide, con- 
ductor, 'ApyttipovTrjg, a 84; epith. of 
Hermes as messenger of the gods, and 
guide of Priamos, Q ; of Odysseus, jc ; 
of souls of departed, w. 

Sia-Xkyofnai, aor. 8i-cX^taTO, aXAd 
Ti if fioi ravra ^iXog — Gv/iog, why 
does my heart thus converse with me ? 
A 407. 

8i-d)it|orc, aor. -a/idui, dissecuit, 
cut through, F 359 and H 253. 

Sia-fjitkH<TTi, see fitXeiffTi. 

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8ic>|ji^rpcov, ipf., (-fitrpkoj), meta- 
b an t u r, toere meatwring off^ r 315t. 

8ta-)ifTpT)T^ metato, laid off, F 

SC-€)LoipaTO, ipf., -dofiaiy (fxoipa), 
d isper tilt, portioned ovtyK^fi- 

SC-ofi-vcpis, also did d' dpunpkQy 
(-jT^ipw), piercinff through^ (1) through 
and through, penitus; succemvelg, de- 
inceps, H 171, x 190, ^ 11.— (2) per- 
petno, forever, constant^, X 658, v 59 ; 
rjfiara irdvTa, S 209. 

8X-av-Six& (<Six^), bifariam; fup- 
firipi^w, hesitated between two resolves f 
I 37, gave them bvt one of two things, 

8C-^vvo"€v, aor., (dvvui), outtw — dyo- 
pevutv, finished narrating^ p 61 7 f. 

Sio. ircipcv, aor. from ireipw, trans- 
fixit, n 405t. 

Sia-rrip9bj, fut. 1 aor., and 2 aor. 
-cirpdlOoiMVy ovy e£cv, eVertere, over- 
throw, but duTTpdOiTOf o 384, eversa 

Sia-ir€Topiaij see di-ivrTaftai. 
8toi-vXi{<r<rovTcs,part. from -xX^ffero*, 
splitting, >lrl20; aor. inf. irX^Kai, 9 507. 
■ Sia-iropdr^o-ot, aor. part, from -Trop- 
Gfiw, dirip ere, «acA;, B 6911. 

Sut-irpaO^civ, aor. from Sia'irspQut, 

8ia~irfif<ro'o>, prs. ipf., (Trcpac), em e- 
tiri, pass over, accomplish, KkXevQov, 
vidioio; spend, ijfiaTa, with part. 1 
326 ; Xiyujv, finish narrating, ^ 197, 

9(ayirp6y penitus, right through, with 
gen. after verbs of motion, E 281 ; 
without gen., £ 66, M 184, 404. 

8la-irpv<rtoK {8iawp6\ penetrans, 
reaching far and toide, P 748 ; pierc- 
inglg, ijvatv. 

SC-cirTo£t|<r<, aor. from -tttoiIo;, c ou- 
ter ru it, start'.e and scatter, o 340f. 

8l-apira(ov<n, auferunt, carry off, 
n 355t. 

8ia-p-pa(ov<ri, and fut, aor. -paXaai, 
fut mid. -paiaiaBai, percellere, shat- 
ter, /* 290; evertere, overthrow^ tto- 
Xiv; perdere, destroy, a 251; dila- 
cerare, P 727. 

8Ui ^{cMrdoi, aor. from priyvvfii, 
dirumpere, breaJs through, M 308f . 

Sia-p-pCirrounccv {fpiTrrw), iter, aor., 
traiciebaty«^<^rou^A, r 575f. 

Sia-ofvofiaij only aor. 8U<rflrvTo, 
pervolavit, fiewj(charged, hastened) 

through, with ace. and with gen., O 
542, d 37. 

Sio^ice^ai/vv/ut, aor. -foiUS&crc, ci£, 
disiecit, fco^r, i 369; comminnit, 
shatter, 17 275 ; p 244, would he scatter 
to the winds all thy fine things— in- 

8ia-<rKt8vaoi, fix>m -ffKiivrifju, dis- 
pellunt,E 526t. 

8ia-oicoirUUF0ai, from -oKomdofiaif 
speculari, spy out, K 388 and P 

hia-oxi^oi, aor. -^oxurc, pass, -foxi- 
ffOrjj discindere, part, cleave asunder, 
t71 and n 316. 

Zik rdfic, 3 sing. 1 aor., subj. -rdfiy, 
(rluvw), dissecuit, P 522 and 618. 

Ota TcXcvrql, from riXivrdto, perfi- 
c i t, bring fully to pass, T 90t. 

8ta-Tivd(||, aor. subj. from 'Ttvaoaui, 
discusserit, Mo^r, e 363t. 

Zia-Tfiriyu}, aor. -T|&T)(ai, ag, 2 aor. 
'ETfiayov, aor. pass. 3 pi. -iriiayiVj 
(irafiov), cleave, i 409, /* 174; traici- 
ens, crossing, according to othiBrs,|>art- 
ing, 4» 3 ; pass., have become cUspersed, 
n 354; part, separate ;^M 461, were 
shattered, flew asunder. 

tiMtrTpkx^, aor. -^pa^MV, run over 
(the sea), y 177 and e 100. 

Si-cTpioav, aor. from -r/o('w (P 729, 
tmesis), diffugerunt, scattered, A 
481. (II.) 

8ta-Tp(pciVy only pres., and aor. 
"Tpiyl/aQ, conterere,rw6, A 846; tern- 
pus terere, T 150, morari, rfefoy; 
lose time on the road, 6S0I0, (5 404-; 
Tivd ov ydfiov, put off one with her 
wedding, /3 204. 

8ia-Tpu7to9» be<mng in succession, 
w 342t. 

8ia-Tpv<^v, see diaOpv-rrkf, c omm i- 

8i-c^cUvcTO, ipf, was visible through, 
vtKviDv, 491 ; gUmed through, 1 379. 

huk'^Qiipiii, fut. -^^pvc^ pif. -fi^o- 
paq, evertet, destroy, N 625 ; O 128, 
periisti, ihou art doomed (threat). 

8ta ^opiovcn, from <f>opkio, divul- 
gan t, spread abroad, r 333 f. 

8ia-0pa^<u, only redup. aor. -cir^- 
<|>pa8c, indicate, T 340 ; <e//, 2 9 ; a(i- 
monish, ^ 47. 

Zi-d<pv(T(T(tt, ipf. a^niororc (tmesis), 
aor. -riipvae, pass. prs. -a0i;(r«T('/xt»'ov, 
draw off consume, ir 110 ; tear away, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




r 450 ; cut through and ki giuih forthj 

Sta-x^tOf only aor. -Ixcvav, {tx'^Pav), 
dissecuerunt, cut up^ y 456. 

SkSaoKw, prs., inf. oKifitiuti^ aor. 3 
sing. 6 id ait ^ pass, pres., part., and 
Sfdidaxfiah P^- "^^m (AA), doceo, teach 
riva rt, 0481, X ^22 ; pass., disc ere, 
leam^ irpoQ tivoq, of one, A 831 ; part, 
with gen., niodo edoctus, one who 
has just begun to learn, tiro, n 81 1. 

StStjfUy only imp. SiSlfvrwv, and ipf. 
3 sing. SiSti, (5iw), vine ire, bindj A 
105 and n 54. 

8t8«}(&dovc, du., -0(71, dat. pi., (Sidvfioi)^ 
ge m i n i, tioins, IT 672, also waXd^. 

8i8v|ju>i9 oi(Ti, {Sv<jj)f gemini, tioinsy 
^641; duplicibus, twofold, t 227. 

8i8»|ii, collat. fonn hdoto ; irreg. 
fonns, dtdoig, didolaOa^ inf. didofAtv, 
iiSovvaiy imp. SidioOijdiSoVf ipf. {k)di6oVj 
3 pi. diSotraVy didov, fut Sidu)aofi€Vf 
oKTtiVf Su)(T€fievai ; aor. 3 pi. ^oaav, 
subj. ^<(;y, Sioofiev, ditnootv, inf. S6ii€v{ai), 
aor. iter. dotrKov, €v, oj/, (dare), ffive, 
present, X 470, i 197, freq. with inf., x 
253 ; with inf. of purpose, A 20 ; be- 
stow, accord, of gods (opp. dvivivo€, IT 
250; Idati, K 444), H 288, I 37, 2.55; 
with inf., 2 293, V 322 ; Mv, prosper- 
ous journey, ovpov, H 4 ; also of evils, 
decree, inflict, urrip, S 262, etc. ; tra- 
der e, ripd Kvoi ; axBetrtri, deliver over 
to, "¥ 390, ii) 219, "¥ 511, abducen- 
dam; collocare filiam,^»edaugh- 
urfTfpa, (5 
, a 431. 
CBt, pur- 



010, imp., 
(eipo/ia»), perquirere,5M««<M)n, A 550, 

8X-^K, with gen., out through, npo- 
Gvpov, fieydpoio, a 101, 185. 

h'lKavvio, aor. 8ia IXcwnrcv (imp. 
'<T(Tov), and SiijXoorcv, plupf pass. tX?/- 
Aaro, rfnrc throufjh. with gen., K 564 ; 
of spear, thrust through (with gen.), N 
695; also ^mTrpo — tXacrernt, "N 647. 

Si-cXOcjicv, see ci-ipx<^pffi' 

8{cvTai» loOai, prs., (^/w), speed across 
the plain, ■*" 475; hefrighten^offfrom, 
with gen., M 304. [- ] 

8l-ct-£|&cvai, inf., (tZ/jt), go oui through, 

8i-€t-cp^c<r6c (jptofjiai), inquiritis, 
question, K. 432 f. 

8i-cir^<^pa8c, see Sia^pd^io, expli- 

8i-^p&0ov, see SianipOat, ever tit. 

8i-^irTdTo» see duiTTa^ai, pervo- 

8t-^irov<nv, ipf. SUttc, ^iciTro/icv, 
(cTTw), e xseq u i, perform, A 1 66, /i 1 6 ; 
persequi, chase away, Q 247 ; pcus 
through, B 207. 

8i-^pccra, aor. from Apiaaio, pciddled 
hard, p. 444 and ^351. 

8icp^, ip, living, ^ 201 ; quick, t 43. 

Si-^pXcrai, etc., pres. fut. aor., 
transire per,/>aM<Ar<w^A, with ace, 
r 198 ; with gen., Y 100, ^ 304 ; diairpd 
ii\v9iv, H 260. 

Si-^oxniTO, aor. from -fftvofiat, p e r- 

8i-^(&dYCv, aor. from -rprjyut, dis- 
cesserunt, disiecti'sunt. 

^t-c'xw, aor. 8U<rx< ^^d Si — to^fv, 
prominebat,^o/ec<ott<, E 100; with 
gen., N 519. 

8£-(t|ai, pre^. 2 sing., etc., (^i-^'ij-, 
i anus ? strictly, go, go to seek, cf Ital- 
ian, cercare), quaerere, seek, 'Aoiov 
a irou (si qua) itptvpoi, N 760; seek 
to v}in, woo, rivi ri, w 391. 

8£-tvycs {Ivyrivai), biiugi, yoked 
two abreast, E 195 and K 473. 

8i(c, ipf, iSi^ut, from dfit:, dvo), du- 
bitabat,(fe6aterf, n 713t. 

Atii, y, an island =Nd^oc, X 325. 

8iT)-K0<noi, iov, ducenti, I 383, 
9 233. 

8i-T|vcK^a, ace. masc, itc, Utrm^ 
'lorn, adv. -^««, {rinyKov), c o n t i n u u s, 
continuous, unbroken, long; adv., ai 
length, minutely, d 836. 

8i-tjpc«r(&, aor. from -sptaou). 

8iT)Tai, see 6i<a. 

di-itjpi, Siii 8* ^Kc, with gen., shot 
through, <p 328, w 177. 

Si-Ckco, aor., fut 'i^opai, (iKV(opai\ 
go through; recensere, review, I 61, 
T 186. 

8il-ireT^os, gen., (AtPi, irfr-ri^y, fallen 
from Zeus, i. e. from heaven, of rivws, 
II 174. 

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h'twraiiaiy aor. 8i-^irrdTO, E 99, O 
83, p e r V o 1 a V i i.jlew through, 

8t-£oTa|&ai, reg., (pf. -iirrafitv), 
separate; A 6, IT 410. parted from ectch 
other ; <t 436, stand aloof. 

AiC-^iXos, ov^ e, dear to Zeus, only A 
86 of a god ; elsewh. of heroes. 

8CKfl4;?}icv, inf prs., 3 pi. ipf. diical^ov, 
3 pi. aor. diKaoav, imp. CiKaaaan ; pre. 
mid., (jSiicri) pass sentence upon^rioi ; be- 
tween two pei*8ons, Iq fii^oov rMTi, ^ 
574 ; raid., seek justice, fi 440. 

StKOiov, ^, ot, comp. -orspo^t sup. 
oraroQi (uv, adv. aioj^. (^iic»j), last us, 
a e q u u s, just, equUabk, y 52 ; oiSk 
diKaioVf nor is it right, v 294; »n rfue 
form, I 90 ; (y 414, upon a thing right- 
ly said, a just request. 

9iKa4r-^6\oVf -ot, (ttcXw), lawgiver, 
A 238; dvdpa,\ 186. 

8tic»j, »?(,•» »?' idiiKvvfJii), usage, custom; r 
168, for such is the way ; right, i u s, n 388, 
pervert justice ; linslv, give judgment ; 
pi., decisions ; dixy, i u r e, dw/y, rightly. 

8L-KXt8€S ( K\tvu)), double-folding^ of 
door and gates, M 455. (See cut, rep- 
resenting ancient Egyptian doore.) 
n 32 

SiKriJw, ntr., reti, »» or vnth the net, 
X 386t. 

Sivcvoi, etc., prs. ipf., (iter. div^toKe), 
V e r s a r i, move about, A 541 ; turn about, 
Ti, 2 543 ; /y in circles, ^ 875 ; 2 606, 
inm somersaults f oberrare, wander 
about, Q 12. 

Slvko), ipf. Sivsoiiev, (s)Slv€ov, also 
mid. 3 du. SiveicrOnv, (Bivri), whirl, ^ 
840; turn around, i 384,388; mid. 
(and act., 2 494), whirl about; ober- 
rare, roam, t 153 (SivrjOiivai, ir 63). 

8fvTi, ijc, and pi., vortex, eddy. (<&.) 

8iv«|cis, evTog, eddying, * 1 25. 

8lvo)Tot(n., TTii^, (Sivoii)), lit. turned; 
also rounded, inlaid, r 56. 

Slo-Tcvi^, voc. -/c, (Ztvf, divo), 
sprung from Zeus, A 337. 

AUOcv,Jovis iussu,0 489,Q 194, 

8t-oiOT€i;w, aor. -ourrcv<rQ, fvfffmc, 
tvfrat, (cLou'n;), pierce with arrow, with 
gen., r 578. (Od.) 

AXo-icXt)«, rjog, son of Oreilochos of 
Pherai, y 488. 

ii-6\\vfii, pf. 8l-^XwXc, be plundered, 
/3 64t. 

AXo-|i.i{8i), daughter of Phorbas of 
Lesbos, slave of Achilleus, I 665f. 

Alo-piii8t)S9 ioQ, TvBtoQ t/Jof, ■*■ 472 
(H 163), husband of Aigialeia, E 412; 
king of Argos, B 567 ; his exploits, 
apifjTua, E; dealings with Glaukos, 
Z 232-236. 

ACov, ov, town in Euboia, B 53 8t. 

AXovvcrov, X 325f , see Awwaog. 

8i-oirTcv<rttv, fut., speculaturus, 
to spy about, K 451t. 

8i-oirTrjp(&, Tov, (dionrUiit), s pecu- 
lator em, »com/, K 562t. 

8i^ &f>v{a«, aor. part, from opvaodj, 
digging a Itng straight trench, 120t. 

8tos, a, ov, (dlfog), illustris, illvs- 
Irious, divine, noble, of gods, men, horses, 
elements; also oi' AaKicaipora. 

Atos, ov, son of Priamos, ii 25 If. 

8u>-Tpc<^cos, H' and pi.. -»/g. (Au'c, 
Tpi<pbi), nourished, chtrl&hed by Zeus, A 

8£-irXdKi, a, dat. ace, double mantle, 
r 126. 

8i-'irX6o«, duplex, A 133 ; hTskriv 
-xXalvav, double mantle, see diirXoKi. 

8i-irTvx«h ace, from -vrv^, {tttvO' 
(Tw), double, folded in two layers, tcvi- 
orir, A 46\,y 45S.' 

8i-irTvxov, ace, from "tttvxoq, 
thrnvm twice around his shoulders, 
V 224t. 

I 8(« ((^fi'c), bis, Toaoov, twice as far, 
' 8i«r OIv^cs, bis m or tales, ft 22f. 

StoKfut, ipf. i8(«rKcov, hurled the discus, 
9 188t. 

8i«rKov, ta, ov, oiot, from dioKog, 6, 
(SiKfiv, to throw), qvoit, discus, of metal 
or stone ; KaTit)fiadioio (cf, Statius, 
Thebais, VI., 646-721), attitude illus- 
trated by the cut, see follg. page, after 
Myron's famous statue of the discus- 
thrower (Discobolos); Siokov oioa,Ta 
= 8(«rK0v:>a, a quoit's cast, >j^ 431, 523. 

Digitized by 





Si^Av, part, from di^dut, dicing (for 
oysters), II 747t. 

8£<|>po9t ovy 010^ 6, etc., (1) seat or 
stool, without back or arms, r 97 (see 
cut No. 79). — (2) body or box of chariot, 
E 728, esp. of war-chariot, r 262; word 
also designates the chariot itself, or in 
y 324, a traveling chariot, (See cut No. 

8tx& (^^t'c), bifariam. diverse, 
in two parts, twofold^ in doubt^ at vari- 
ance, 2 510, y 127 ; o 412, in halves, 

Zixdd (dixa), twofold^ a 23; my 
heart was divided, H 435. 

SixOoSias, a, ace. pi., (dixOa), du- 
plices,««w/bW, I 411; 3J21=^ix«. 

8£\|/a, y, av, sitis, thirst, ^ 541. 


Si^liduvy part, from diypdut, sitiens, 
thirsting, \ 5S4f. 

diijj, only aor. 8tov, «, mid., pres. subj. 
inf., ./fee, X 251 ; be anxious for, rivi ; 
mid-, as pell ere, drive away, 370, i; 
343 ; repel from, dird rivoc, 11 246. 

8l-ciMrc, aor. from wdio), dirupit, 
tore away, * 244t. 

SiwKw, prs., ipf. 3 du. Mketov, K 
364; act, ipf. mid., pres. pass., drive, 
of ship and horses; ins equ'u pursue, 
E 65 (also consequi, ooertoibe,X 199); 
'jTOffiv Taxf€<Tm, X 173; drive away, a 
409 ; also gallop, speed, with like sijjnif. 
in act. and mid., ft 182, v 162; ^o//oio, 
domo pellere; iriSioio, per cam- 
pum, through the plain. 

AX«SvT|, i7c» E 381 ; mother of 'A^po- 
dirri, E 370. 

Alwvv<ro«, oto, (and ^covvcrov, X 
325), Z 132, 135. S 325, u» 74. 

AXwfn)s, eoc,(l) ' AnapvyKiUiiQ, chief 

of 'Effftoi, A 617.— (2) father of Ai- 
To^k^uiv, P 429. 

8|iT)0cCs, SiiTiOy see A AM, dom itus. 

8}it|<riV9 TYiv, (^SdfiVTifii}, doma- 
tionem,tomtn^, P 476t. 

8}M^cipa, victrix, S 259f, = sq. 

A(&i{to>p, 0/91, victor, Tamer, p 443f . 

8)fc«»a£, dojv, (iiv), ym, at, (^/<ct»^'), 
female slaves, i] 103 ; often captives in 
war, ^ 307 ; freq. with ywaiKta, Z 323, 

%^ut%y ittoQ, pi. dfidtc, itnav, (A AM), 
slaves, often captives in war, 6 644, ir 
140; with ai/^/06c, /i 230. (Od. and 
T 333.) 

^^oTTaXf^oi, ipf. i8voirdXi(cv, fut 
-i^€tC, (^ivow, irdXXw ?), wrap around^ 
i 512; grapple with, overthrow, dei- 
cere, A 472. 

8vo^f>i^, 17 V, ov, (dro^oc)) <2arl^ 
dt{9%. n 4, v 269. 

8od(r(raTo, see dsaro, videbatur. 

8oi{, iv, In dubio, in perplexity, I 
230; also 8oi«, oi, ai, a, duplices, 
two/old, (3 46, O 527, r 562; duo, M 
455, X 148. 

SoKdut, only mid. 8c8oief|fUvo< ; also 
prs. 3 sing. 8oKcvci, and aor. part. 
'ivtraq, observe sharply, watch, rivd^ O 
730, ^ 325, t 274. 

8oK^a>, htg, Ui, (ti), aor. Somjfff, »/»- 
tend, with inf., H 192 ; videri, seem, 
pers., Z 90,^ 459, and impers., M 215, 
a 376 ; SoKritrk 0(f>iai OvfioQ Stc ifiiv a»c 
€1, their heart felt as if; Ctg ifitf 9vfuf 
SoKfi elvai dpi(TTa=^iiioi,v 154; doKf/frs 
01 Kara 9vfJi6v, v 93. 

8oK^v» rrjv, and pi. oi, oXmv, (^licro), 
beam, esp. in roof, x 176. 

8<SXto9, iric, etc., (SoXog), fall ax, die- 
ceitjhl, S 455. (Od.) 

AoXtos, 010, (ov), slave of TltiveXo- 
nna, w 397. (Od.) 

8oXtx - avXovs ( avXog ) aiyaviag, 
spears toith long socket, i 156t. 

8oXXx-cYX^«^» adj. ace. pi. from -^c, 
(ty^of), having long spears, 4> 155f . 

SoXlx-tipiriMio, 01, otrn, (sptrfioc), 
long-oared, using long oars, of ships and 
Phaiakians,© 191. (Od.) 

80X1x^9 17, »/»', long, 1 o n gu 8, 474 ; 
diuturnus, yp 243 (ntr., diu, K 52); 
of distance, oSov, ttXoov. 

8oXlx^~<rKlov (oKid), casting long 
shadows, T 346 ; or perh. -okIov from 
KUttv, long-shafted? 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




SoX^cvTo, oiffiray (doKog), dolosns, 
artful, Ti 245, (Od.) 

ooX^|M|n«, IV, voc. 'firiraf from 
'fuirrig, (/liync), wily; AlyiaQog, KXu- 
TaifiVfjaTpri (Ztv, A 540). 

AoXoirtcdVy ovog, father of 'Txl^ivtop, 
E 77 1. 

S^Xos, ov, 6y dolus, trick; doXip, 
per dolum ; XdOpri dvm<ni, y 235, d 
453, K 232; opp. dfiipadov, a 296; 
Kpani, H 142; yi/ij^i, i 406; plot, 9 
276 (the wooden horse, 9 494 ; baity fi 
252) ; v6aiv€iv, e 356. 

8oXo-9pov^«»v, Eowa, (0povl(<>), vihf- 
minded, F 405, jc 339. 

8oXo-<^po<rvvT|V, rr)v, pL -yen, wife, 
T97 and 112. 

A^Xoi^, oTToc, (1) tribe on river 
^EviiTivs in Thessaly, I 484, A 302. — 
(2) name of son of Aa/iTrof , O 525. 

A6XuVf uivoCf Ev^rideog vw^f K 314, 
spy, fix)m whom Bk. 10, II., receives 
its name. (See cut No. 26.) 

8^|iOf» oiOf oVf 6, (difiut), buUding, 
houat, ^ 618 ; pi., designating the com- 
plex of rooms which make up the 
bouse, p 85 ; also rooms, $ 303, 9 57 ; 
dwelling of gods, f/ 81, \ 627, ^ 834; 
of men, a 380, i; 88 ; of animals. M 
301, 169 ; in restricted sign if , haU, a 
126; in wider signif , home, habitation 
ipvSi) Bonovdf, bi 220. 

8ov&ict|a, Tov, ace, nom. 'tvg, thicket 
of reeds, -2 61 ^\. 

8<Svat, cLKag^ 6, {^ovkta), arundo, 
reed, K 467 ; shaft of arrow, A 584. 

Sov^vox, 3 pi. prs., aor. id6vTi<re and 
part., agitare, shake, P 65; drive, M 

8^{i|<y gen., (So^a), oifS' dirb — , nee 
praeter opinionem, not disap- 
pointing expectation, K 324 and X 344. 

8opoi<n, nom. 6 Sopog, (Sipui), leather 
bag, fS 354 and 380. 

8of>ir^o|ACV, prs.. ipf. (SopTrdrriv), 
also fut. aor, {dopwov), cenare, sup, 
o 302, ^l' 11. 

B6fnroVf cenam, evening meal, chief 
meal of day ; i\k<T9ai, H 370, prepare 
one's supper. 

8^f»v, ro, -ara, also (cf. yoi'v) paral- 
lel forms, dovparog, an, ara, am, and 
iovpog, i; « ; «, tov, irrai, (1 ) lignum. 
wood, iXdrrig, Q 450 ; rdfivero, e 243 ; 
trabs, beam, F 61 ; tMp-timber, O 41 , 
cf./i 441 ; 507, hollow ftcfi^y (of wood- 

en horse). — (2) shaft of spear, e 494; 
ficiXivov, E 666 ; spear, chief weapon 
of heroes, B 382, E 73 ; T 78, grasping 
the spear by the middle; xaXrtor, n 
608; xaXKo^apig,\b^2; K(Kopv9fifvov 
Xa\Kut,x 125. In i 167 Sopv means tree. 

A6pv-icXof» ov, HpiofiiSriv, v69ov 
viov, A 489 f. 

B6ai%t »/, -ffiv, (Sidiafit), gift; ^ 208, 
though small (to thee) dear (to me); 
dvT\vaa9ai, refuse a gift, a 287. 

860KOV, aor. iter., see diSwfjiu 

SoTijpcSy ot, {didwfu), dispensers, T 44 
and 9 325. 

SovXciov (SovXog) tUog, servilis 
habitus, w 252t. 

S^^^'Hf ^i* {dovXog), female slave, T 
409, d 12. 

SoiSXiov fifiap, servitutis dies, 
bondage, ^ 340. 

AovXtxlov, island S. E. of Ithaka, 
inhabited by Epeioi, B 625, a 246; 
AovXixtop-de, to D., B 629 ; l^ovXi\ifvg, 
inhabitant ofD.,i 424. 

8ovXXxo-^^v> gen. pi., {hapd), 
loiw-necked, B 460 and O 692. 

oovXo<rvvT|v, n)v, {SovXog), s er v i t n- 
tem, x423t. 

Sovir^, prop. ySovTrkut (Krvtrog), aor. 
lydovirrjaav, A 45 ; ^ovTrr\aiv 6k vktmv, 
he fell irith a crash ;faU, N 426 ; ^tBov 
iroTog ig rdi^ov, sunk into his grave, ^ 

8oviro«, ov, 6, (icrvirog), fremitus, 
strepitus(cf. French, le bruit), any 
dull, heavy sound, din, I 573 ; noise, 
tread, K 354, tt 10 ; clash of spears. A 
364 ; roar, A 455, t 401 ; hum of jave- 
lins, n 361. 

8ovp&Wov, ov, (dovpdrfog, dopv), 
lignei, 493 and 512. 

8ovp-ir)vcK^S (dopv, TfveyKov), a spear's 
throw, K 357+. 

Sovpl kXcit^ = Sovpi-icXvT^, or, 
hasta inclutus, renowned in the use 
of the spear, E 55, o 52, p 71. 

Savpl-KTqTTlJv, ace, (cn^os:, Krdofiai), 
captured in battle, I 343t. 

8ovp(&, Sovparog, see dopv. 

8ovpo^iaf)«, rrjg, (dsxofiai), case or 
stand for spears, perh. a ring on a col- 
umn in the vestibule, a 128t. 

S^XfUOL, obliqua, obUquelg, ^ 116; 
and Soxj^kiaf sideways, M 148. 

SpdYptaro, rd. {SpdfTaopai), mani- 
p u 1 i, handfuls of grain gathered by the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




reaper, and cut by a single stroke 
oi the sickle, A 69 and S 552. 

8paY)jLCvovTC«, g itherers of the 
hamf/uls, as they fall from the 
sickle, into bundles for the bind- 
ers, 2 555f . 

8paivci«, prs., (J^pav)y moliris, 
undertake. K 96+. 

ZipaKios, leader of 'ETreioi, N - 

SpOKOfV, OVTOy OVTfQy O, (dpaKHv)^ 

anguis, «»a^, X 93; dragon^ Z 181, 
M 202. 

Spcuraofiaij pf. part. ScSpaYpivot, 
grasping (with hand), N 393. and II 

Spard (dapTa, ^ipw), excoriata, 
Jlaged,^ 169t. 

dpdu)^ opt. 8pttoip.i, exsequerer, 
execute as servant, (dpritrrrjp), o 317t. 

Spcirdvas, rdgy (^ptTrdvij), falces, 
sickles, i: 65 If. 

Sp^avovy TO, sicklCf reaping-hook, a 

SptTTu), aor. 8pci|rd|iCvoi, plucking, 
culling, fjt 35 Tf. 

Apt](ros, ov, a Trojan, Z 20f. 

8pT|(rrr)pcs, ot, (^prrw), famuli, 
slaves, workmen, tt 248 ; 8pi{oTffip«u, at, 
famulae, yeTno/e slaves, work-women, 
IC349. (Od.) 

8pt)<rTO<n;KTi, ry, (SpriffTrip), in service, 
o 3ilt. 

8pt|&vs, (la, V, piercing, sharp; A 
270. piercing missile overcomes ; <«/ 31 9, 
keen, iiTCsistible wish. 

Sptos, masc, {Spvc)y arbustum, 
thicket, ^ 353t. 

8p^)&os, 6, -ov, 'ov, -ot, (^cpafittv), 
curs us, running, 9 121 ; of horses, •* 
300 ; homestretch, ^ 373 ; race-courses 
(catt'e-runs, Gladstone), S 606. 

ApiSas, arroc, (1) king of AairiOai, 
A 263t.--(2) father of Auicdopyoc, Z 

Spvivov, acc. masc, {dpvg), oaken, 9 
43t. ». 

8pv(&a, TCL, {dpvg), oak-thicket, irvKvd, 
K 150. 

8pv-^X<^^> rovCy (jSpvCi ^X***\ ^* o^ 
ship or boat, r 574 f. (See cut.) Later 
the same word designates the keelson, 
as holding fast the ribs, the lower ends 
of which are inserted into it. (See cut, 
where /e designates the stem; bg keel- 
son; i h, mast ; 0, 0, o, fibs.) 

Apv<n|^, owog, son of Tlpiafiog, Y 
455. ^ 

8pvs, voQ, r), (Jopit), arbor, tree. A 
494, N 389; quercus. oak, ^ 328; 
ovK dvh Spvog ovd' dno Trhprjc, X 1 26, 
'tis no time now to talk, at ease, from 
oak or rock with this one ; r 163, thou 
art not. as the ancient proverb says, 
from oaife or rock; cf non es e saxo 
sculptus aut e robore dolntus 
(Cic. Acad. Posteriora, 31, 100), where 
the sense is slightly different. 

8pi}-T^)Aos, njv, 6, (rsfAVio), 1 i g n a t o r, 
wood-chnpper, >^ 315 ; with d%'i]p, A 86. 

8pv<^,>i), see diro-^pvifnu. 

cpvjxjj, 3 sing. aor. 8pvi)rc, mid. aor. 
8pv^a|iiv«i>, TT 324, tear away; f5 153, 
tearing each other*s cheeks and necks. 

8pttOi)Jii, Mutai, see Spdw, 

dru^tSv (dvopai). 

hv6wn, 3 pi. prs. from Svdw, (^rf|), 
after the appearance of for the worse, 
diyfigure, v 195t. 

8vt|, i7c» V- yc» fem., (^vc-), m iseria, 
misery, want, 1 338. a 53. (Od.) f ^ _] 

Avfjios, avTog, (1) father of 'E«r«)3jy, 
IT 718t.— (2) one of the ^ahiKtg, Z 

8v)Mv<u, inf. aor. from dvu), 

8vva^^ aaai, etc., ipf , (also Svvaro, 
dfi^aBa), fut. reg., 2 sing, also Svvrimatj 
aor. dvuriaaro and Q)dvvdff9tj^ posse, 
be able, in every sense, physically, 
247 ; valere, avail, dare, a 78 ; X 414, 
fisya dvvafiivoio, of a rich and potent 
man; is sum qui, S 644; ivvarm 
yap iiiravra, K 446 ; Bioi ik r« 'irdrra 
dvvavrai, k 3Q^; often with negative 
(ov ri, a 78). 

Avva)Uvv|, rig, a Nereid, S 43t. 

SvvcLfJiiSt £(, IV, 7), (dvvafioi). power, 
K 69; robur, strength, v 237, N 786, 
787 ; Trap dvvaptv, beyond one's 
strength ; S. irdpianv, as far as 
strength reaches. 

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Svvt*, part iv<aVy Svofiat, ipf. Svvi, 
SvovrOf iter. SvoKty fut dvoofiaij cat, 
aor. iSvVj 3 sing, ^t), opt Svri, part. 
duvTOy aor. mid. idiKrarot ^vmro^ opt 
ivtraiarot pf. SbSvks^ intrare, en<«r, 
moibe oiie'« tray in/o, OTparov^ {leaff) 
o/icXov, TToXtfjiov {-010 frrofia), ovXafiov ; 
imbibitur,«tnib*tn, P392; induere, 
/Htf o», xeruiva, (tgjrtvxfa, tvrta^ Bwpr}' 
xa ; aJso with iv and dat ; intrare, 
TToXij/, TTuXac, r«tx®c» Sof^oVj ffviog, 
(#/x6, tc) TTovrov, 9aXda<nis koXttov, 
sink, go under the earth, x^^''"* yaiai/ 
(of dead) ; of sun, rink into the seoj aet, 
of erening, * 232, 9 487 ; of stars, « 
272, A 63. — With prepositions, €ic» 
e 271; €i(Tu», n 840 (oi— , * 118); 
BkpTpov iau*, X 579, burrowing into; 
Sofiov cicrw, A 263; of passions and 
emotions, Suvfiy Svirai Tiva, enter, come 
tqpouy take possession of, X"Xof, "Apiyc ; 
dxog ^Topt T 367 ; odvifai /ilroc, A 
268 ; Xifffoa i, I 239 ; Kafiaroi; yvla, E 
811. {y in prs. ipf. act and mid., 
elsewh. and in Svvto only v, e. g. subj. 
aor. ^^a>.] 

8vo, Svo), duo, /t0o, with dn. and pi., 
r 116; K 224, when two go in com- 
pany, one thinks for the other. 

SvoKoXScKo, d u o d ec im, ttoelve, 

9v6uaXf see Suata. 

8vs-, insep. prefix, opp. ttJ, like our 
on-, miss- (cf. un-rest, mis-chance), 
conveys idea of hard, bad, evil, un- 
toward. (See BvTj.) 

Svc-tti^, oiot;, afitov, (dripi), male 
flans, Ul-blomng, stormy, p, 289. 

Svc-dfA-fjiopo^, €, 01, {pnpog), per- 
qnam in fort u n atus, mo«< mwera6/«, 
X428. (D.) 

8v(r-apicrTO^^Kcia (roicoc), unhappy 
mother of a hero, 2 64t. 

8i;(rco, tro, aor. mid. from ^iVw. 

8v<r (T)Xoi (^^Xoy), exceeding jealous, 
auspicious, tj 307 f. 

mMr-T|Xry^, ia, (oXayw), paifrful, 
doleful, Y 154 and X 325. 

8v<r-t|xco«, gen. from -jjxnc* (^X****)* 
fottd roaring, iroXf/iOf, ailso Oavdroio, 
ill-boding death, 11 442. (IT.) 

8iKr-9aXWos, gen. from -OaXirfjg, 
(^ 'rXirog), ill-warming, chilly, P 549 f. 

8v«r-KcX48ov, gen., (KsXadog), ill- 
sounding, shrieldng (fear), n 357 f. 

8v<r-iti)8^ ace. from -ciy^^c, (pjBog), , 
dreadful, e 46S\, I 


Svo-HcX^ ace. from -icXtrjg, (kXIoc), 
infamem, inglorious, B 115 and I 

SvoKov, 3 sing. 8v<ncc, ipf from S6v(a. 

Svor-|Mv^Mv, iovreg, (fikvog), mali- 
gn u s, bearing ill-will, /3 72. (Od.) 

9vor-|Uv^C9» «£9(Tt, (jjfvog), infesti, 
hostiles, enemies, K 100, w 121. 

8v<r-|i'i)Tcp, voc., my mother, yet no 
mother, »// 97t. 

8v<r^opos, i(t, ov, (popog), i nforta- 
n at u s, iU-fated, a 49. 

Avo'-v&pi, voc., hateful Paris, T 39 
and N 769. 

8v<r-^^)i4<Xo«t 8tonnyi n 748t. 

SiKT-irov^os, gen. from -irov^Ct 
(^rrvoi), toilsome, « 493 f. 

SvoTV|vo9» 010, etc., pi. <av, infelix, 
miser, wretched, miserable, X 76, X 

8v<r-x<Lp>^pov, ov, (\e7fia), h i ema- 
ils, «nn/ry; of £)odona,B 750 and 11 

8v(r-Mvi})M>s, 01, (ovofta), in f am is, 
ill-omened, hateful, Z 255, r 671. 

8vor-ttpi{<rtaKn, aor. from -utptut, (dpa), 
keep wearisome watch, K 183f. 


8v«>v, see Svwa, 

8v«S8€K(a) = SvoKaiSexa, K 488, B 
637 ; 8i;«*8iKaTOf , fi = dutdkieaTog, A 

' 8vo8cKa-Poiov, worth twelve oxen, ^ 

8vo>>Kai>ciKoo'C-|iCTpov, holding tufen" 
ty-ttco measures, "^ 264 f. 

8v«>-Kai-ciKO<rC-^X^ tufenty-two cu- 
bits long, O 678t. 

8«, TO (=^4D//a), A 426. 

8m8ckc^ duodecim, Z 248; with 
irdvTtg, rrdaai, twelve in all ; 8«»8^Ka- 
To«, }), duodecimus, /3 374. 

Aa)8«Dvatos, Dodonaian, epithet of 
Zens, see follg. 

Aa>8<rtVT|, iig, in "Rvapog, oldest ora- 
cle of Zeus, ^ 327. 

8«0^ and 8tt||ox, 3 sing. subj. aor. 
from SiStofii. 

Supui, arog, to, (Ssfuo), house; also 
palace, k 398; dutpara vaitiv, dwell, 
live, yet in o 227 with adj.; dtoparn, 
fDoms=aedes, house, o 109; largest 
aparttnent of house, meeting-place of men, 
X 494 ; dHjp' 'Aicao='Ai6ao Sopov, in- 
feros, lower world. 

StfptjouiTo, opt aor. from Stopio/iau 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




(duipov)^ donaret, would give, K 

8«i»|n|ToC (S<M}pf:ifT9ai), open to gifU^ 
reconcUable, I 526t. 

Ac»pUc9» tribe in Kprirrj^ r 177t. 

Awpiov, town, subject to ^iarutp, B 

Ac»p(s, a Nereid, 2 45t. 

Sttpov, (fif ioVf oiQf otm, (^did(afii)y 
donuni, gifl; ^irvoVf 'A^podtrriQf 

9iCiv; present, inpiKkvra, KoSXifia, 

Sarpjjpcs, pi., (didcjfii) idwv, givers of 
good, e 325t. 

S«»T£inr|v, TTiv, pi. -y<rt, (didiofu), gift, 
present,\ 352, p] 

A«»Tw, a Nereid, 2 43f . 

SArop, voc. from dfoTup, iatav, giver 
of good, 335t. 

MAOMTh aor. subj. from didutfu. 


I*, ^ 222, false reading for ia=ijv. 

I, enclitic, and is, see ov. 

Ia=(l) ipf. sing, fiv, eram. [w^] 
— (2) imp. prs. and 3 sing. ipf. from 
idut. [--] 

Idvvi, aor. pass, from ay w fit, rupit 

iviorOf perf. part, from dvddvia, 

l6Xi\, aor. pass, from tlXiut, 

lovov, ^, 6v, {feoBi'ic), enveloping, E 
734; pliant, i: 613. 

I&v^, ou, o, (ffoBrjc), vest is, ^r- 
i»«i^, 4» 507, r 419. 

Ia{c, av, aor. from ay w fit, d i s c i d i t 

lopos, Tov, {Pkapoq), veris, spring, 
Z 148. 


laTa^ TO, see ijptai. 

I(£^6t|, aor. pass. perh. from Hirrut, 
sank afipv him. 

idhi, iw, 3 sing. Idq,, pi. eio^erc, subj. 
Cf'tti, ia^C) ^'^* fiujpiv, siwot, opt. 3 sing. 
^^, imp. td, inf iaav, ipf (3 sing, also 
ia, iter, eiarricov, «c« *» ^t^iox, A 125, 
and trt*T(c€c, £v), fat reg., so also aor. 
€ia<Ta (also iaaaq, e, subj. iafrw), /e<, 
permit, (ovk — , imped ire, prevent); 
with inf., e. g. xelaSaL, T 8 ; icrtra«i(T0at, 
Q 523; ^WH»/, x 222; Kdoij eXKitrOat, 
X 398, K 344; T 65, let us dismiss^ 
obliviscamur; leave, sag no more o/, 
K 171, 183 (rivd, ti); omittere, let 
alone, let be, U 731, P 13, Y 456, ^ 212; 
withhold, i. e. let alone giving, ^ 444 ; 
relinquo, A 226, k 166. [a in prs. 
and ipf. ; e^, to, itofuv, tdnovtriv, often 
pronounced with synizesis.] 

I^Utfv (£vc),bonorum,Q 528 ; with 
9tot dtorriptg, 9 325 (possibly from fem. 
'iij, good). 

lp8o|fcdrg and fp8o)M>s» septimae, 

lpXt|To, aor. mid. from /3aXX(u, 
ictus est 

kyy^ydlaax, pf fix)m kyyiyvoftai, 

IV-YcCvwyrai, subj. prs., i n g i g n a n t, 
engender, T 26 f. 

iy-yiyvofiat, only pf. lY-^CTdoox 
'l\i(p, Troiae nati sunt, Z 493 and 
P 145. 

ly-yvofiTTTw, see yvdfivTfa. 

iy-yvaXilisif fut ^(i>, aor. iyyvdXi^e, 
(yvaXov), put into the hand, 319; 
hand over, tt 66 : confer, xapToq, etc. 

iy-Y^aXf iY-Yvdoo^oi, from iyyvtr; 
(ywa), ^fiXai rot oetXwv ys Koi, worth- 
less to receive are the pledges of the 
worthless, 9 351 f. (tyyi/aw, gice 

ffY^Ocv, (^yyvc), ex propinquo = 
near, A 723 ; tempor^, T 409 ; and 
iivai rivc,propinquum tsh^relaied, 
Tj 205. 

lyyvOi, prope, of sp^ce, H 341 ; 
with gen., near to, I 76, v 156 ; of time, 
K 251; with dat., X 300. 

iyyvs (ayxO» ^^^'* prope, near, T 
344 ; with arrival, ilvat, ilvai ; with 
gen., N 247, P 484; temporal, with 
dat., X 453. 

4Y8ovin|<rc, see Sovirkia. 

kytipiiif aor. uyupa, tyeipe, e x c i t a r e, 
wake up, "^ 234 ; o 8, anxiety for his 
father kept him awake; i^ v7*^ov, o 44; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




, to combat, P 544 ; stir the fight, 
r 31, E 496, N 357 ; 'Apria, B 440 ; 
nvd, E 208; tKaarov, quemque ex 
arbibns excitavi, P 222; ftsroc, 
fire courage. — Mid. pre. lynpofikviov., 
aor. iyptro, oiro, iypttrQai, ofiivogf 
pf. lypiiyopOs, -opOamy inf. -opBau 
whence part pres. lyfniTop^wv, watch ; 
V 100, as they wake; iypio, wake up, 

cyKara, rd^ dat. aatf viscera, «n- 
trails, P 64. 

ly-icaT-^inritaf «> 0" tmesi, H 441), 
aor. from iniyvvfUt thrust into ; KovXtif, 
the scabbard, X 98. 

iy-Kara-TiOrifu, mid. aor. 3 sing. 
hfKaTBerOy imp. -Geo, imposnit; X 
614, let not the craftsman who cofi- 
edved this belt by (lit. in) his art, here- 
after attempt any thing further, i. e. he 
would only injure his reputation; i^ 

iyHCHftai (Ivi Kc(pY|v, ^ 501, ^ 127), 
fut hf'KtUrtaiy with dat, in iis iace- 
bis, shalt not sleep in them, X 513. 

iy-Kipavw^ii and -xepdioy ipf. kv k€- 
p6«rrro, and aor. fyKcpdovwrO) with 
dat, mix in or wiih, KprjrijpatVf v 253 
(e 189). . 

iY-K^4^<>«> oto, 6, cerebrum, 
hram, T 300, i 290. 

iy-KKdu, see Ivi-kKov. 

iy-ickivio, pf. fyK^KXiTOt, Ues upon 
you, Z 78. 

lY-Kov^ovotu, prs. part., (Sid-Kovog ?), 
M haste, Q 648, 17 340, yp 291. 

lY-KoaiiclTc, imp. pre., disponite, 
put in order (within), 218t. 

iyKpvwru), aor. 4v-iKpvi|rc, with dat, 
bury in ashes, e 488t» 

iy-KVKd(a, see tcvKdut, 

iy'Kvpiat, aor. 4v^icvp<rf, with dat, 
incidit in, m€^, N 145t. 

^pco, era, €a9at, fypi^TopOc, 9am, 
Bai, utuv, see lyiipta. 

lypilTOprt (iypr/yopa), adv., awaX», 
K 182t. 

fypijovcic, ovra, ovTfc» (iyn'pio), 
indie, and part pres., vigilare, keep 
watch, A 551, V 33. 

I7X<^^» V€j »7=«7X'>C» lonce, N 339. 

ly-xc^tl' subj. from iyxkut. 

kyX^^^i ^'» anguillae, eels, $ 

kyX^'V^P^i o^< ^'^^ <>VC) fnighty with 
the spear, R 134,7 188. 

fyX^c^^^^'^^'*^* o^ (fraXXui), jpecrr- 
hrandishing, B 131. 

iy-Xkto, aor. Ix<vc = ^x*-^** '^X^ov, 
subj. tyx^'V^** ^^80 in tmesi, (x«w), in- 
fundere. /wur in, with dat, y 40, and 
with kv, K 77 ; mid. Ivexivaro, poured 
infer herself, r 387. 

fyX®«> *<^C» ''<'» «?««'•, /a»M«, for hurl- 
ing and thrusting, the most honorable 
weapon : the shaft, dopv, was of ash, 
fjieiXivov, X 293, about 7 ft long, doXi- 
XOfTKiov; the upper end, icavXog, was 
fitted with a bronze socket, avXog, into 
which the point, aKWKrj, aixfirj, was in- 
serted, n 802, being held fast by the 
TrdpKqg ; the lower end, ovpiaxog, was 
furnished with a ferule or spike, (tuv- 
ptitrqp, for sticking into the earth. 
The waiTior carried two spears — for 
hurling (at distance of about 12 paces), 
and for thrusting from above. Hek- 
tor's spear was 16 ft long, Z 319. 
(See also avpiy^, and cut No. 22.) 

iy-XjOiTiTrrfa;, only aor. IyxP^F^**^' ^^ 
graze, ^ 334; mid. ipf. -xp*7*'"'<^»'''<^» 
pass. aor. imp. and part. iy-xpif^i>9tic, 
IvtxpififpBkvTa, (xpiuiji cdmost touch the 
stake, ^ 338; P 405, press forward to 
the gates; H 272, daviSi, dashed fiat 
against his shield ; P 413, were crowd- 
ing constantly forward,' N 146, ap- 
proach closely. 

^Ywv, Iy«>, ego, forms as in Attic, 
but gen. ifiiio, ifuv, ifiko, fiiv, kfik9tv. 

m.t\Vy cognovi, see A A. 

^Savcp, dat, (^t^-, oPridvg), sweet, 5J 

^Sooraro, -rrrrorro, see Sariofiai, dis- 
p e r t i i t, distributed. 

I8a<^» TO, (oSog), fioor of ship, e 
249t. (See next page.) a, fifnnSfjitj, 
mant'box ; 6, beams running paroUel to, r, 
lirriyKtviSeg, gunwale ; d, KXijTdtg, row- 
lock, thole-pin; e, oKaXfioi, part of the 
gunwale on which the oar rests, bed 
of the oar; f, ^vya, thwarts (should 
cross vessel) ; g. Gpfjvvg, braces for the 
feet; h, 'iKpia, ribs; i, rpoirtg, keel; k. 
dpfiovtai, slabs, sustaining the floor ; I, 
t6a<pog, fioor; m, keelson, was probably 
not distinguished from i, keel. (See 
also plate No. IV., at end of vol.) 

ISScicrc, ^ScCSi^cv, etc., diido), ti- 
m u i t. 

48^fiY|To, plupf. from difio), aedifi- 
ca-tum erat 

Digitized by 





IScicTO, aor. from Hxoftaiy excepit, 

I8titvo«, Tfjgy gen. from -rvc, (iS/ie- 
vat), cihl food, A 469, jc 384. 

ISficvai, inf. from e^w, edere. 

I8va, ccSva, rd, {ePidva^ {i7p)})Svg), 
bridal gifts, chiefly cattle, (1) suitor's 
presents to bride or to her father and 
relatives.^ 276 sqq. — (2) dowry of bride, 
portion given her by her father, a 277. 

4&voiraXitcv, see SvoiraXi^u*. 

ISofMii, f ut. of e(rdi(o, c ona e d a m, 1 369 . 

l8os, TO, gen. pi. -fwv, (eiofiai). 
sedes, (1) acf of sitting, time or reason 
for it, ovx *•» "on vac at (mihi) 
s e d e r e, A 648. — (2) sitting place, seat, 
A 534.— (3) se^it, abode, 9 456, K 42 ; 
situation, v 344. 

l8p&9ov, aor. from SapOdvuf^ 

28pt|, tjs, >), (t^ofiai), (1) seat, 
stool (see cut; also No. 79), T 77. 
— (2) rows of seats, e. g. stone 
benches in the ayopd, 16; and 
' elsewh., e. g. y 7; tUiv e^py, 
honor with a seat, i e. show to 
a place of honor. 

cSpidao^oi, inf, ipf. idpio- 

iitvTO, (idprj). sit down, y 35 ; take 

seats in council, K 198, i; 98. 

jfSvv, aor. from Svvut, Svopai. 

I8a>, inf. tSptvat, ipf. tdov, iter. 

t^iOKiv, fat. idofiai, tai, ovrai, 

pf. part. k^riSwg, pass. kdifdoTai 

(EA, edo), eat, devour, of men 

and animals; (tItov idovrtc= 

d\<br}(TTai, bread-eating; Ovficv, k 

379, and KpaSirjv, Q 129, metaph. 

consume one's soul with toil and pain ; 

1 75, devour, oIkov (iniTroivov, i m p u n e) ; 

V 419, fiioTov ; | 417, the fruit of the 

sweat of our brow. 

IS«08i^, ijg, »/, only sing., {Uia),food, 
meat, fodder, T 167 ; ripap^ bvpov 
idu)dy, strengthened his soul with meat, 
Uy see ov. 

IcSvwcraiTo, aor. opt., (idvoof, hSva 
2), that he may portion off his daugh- 
ter, (3 53t. 

Udvunai (ffSva 2), kokoI, stingy 
givers (of dowry), N 382t. 

iciKoo-d-Poiov, a, {I3ovq% worth 
twenty cattle, a 431 and x 57. 

tHKoaXv = i^Komv. 

lciKo<r-^pou> {ipiaudi), twenty^ 
oared, i 322t. [and 0«1. 

^ClKOOT^V = flKOtTTOV, Q 765 

IcCX^bv, see &X€ia. hiTrov, see 

Icurdpcvos, etc., see iidia IT. and 

Icio-ofrOriv, from ilfii. [,d/jii: 

lASopai, see tXSopai. 

iiktapy ro, nom. and ace, 
(IPeXSiop, velle), desiderium, 
wish, desire, A 41, i^ 54. 

I^XpcOo, |fccvos, «nuy see tlXim. 

I^Xirouoi = c A TTOftai . 

icfryodtt = IpydBia. 

t€^of€y Yp^vos, from ipyia, 

l^p7W)&i, see Kartepyvvpt. 

icpl&^ov and -pkvai, <t 296, 
pf pass., and Icpro, plupf. from 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Stem SEP, (o-eipa, opfto^^ series), neck- 
lace on which were strung aUemaUly 
gold and amber beads, or a golden 
necklace strung (at intervals) with am- 
ber beads, o 460 ; £ 89.^rm^ vnUed. 

kipay\i 'X^vuiy see ipo-. 

ccfrro, see itpiuvov. 

lipxaro, see tpyio, 

l^ovaro, <rro, see 'ivwfii. 

idavaroy see following word. 

t^u>, aor. cUra, imp. (iaov, part ?<rac, 
ioatra, set down^ place, ^ 280; \6xoVy 
la^ an ambush ; £i/ icA((T/iu7(ri, icard icXt- 
ofiovQ Ti QpovovQ r« ; tTTt OpcvoVf bid to 
be seated; i; 210, im — , set over; Sijpov 
^Xipiy^ settled in Scheria ; here belongs 
also aor. mid. kimrcroy imposuit, 
take on board (ship), 4 295. — Mid. pres. 
ctoi&at, -ecu., ipf., considere, take a 
seat; ^nhsQ^LiU crouched dovm.X 275, 
du, iZ,k<j9riv ; with (inanimate) pi. sub- 
ject, KnptQ, e 74, settled down upon, 
tonched the surface of the earth ; £7r( 
^i<f>pifif iyri yovva, iv XeKvptp, iv KXtOfKJif 
Airi SiippoVj di/d fitXaOpoVy Kara kXl- 
ofiovQ re 9p6vovQ re, kg Bpovovq, iroH 
^iofiov, iv iptTfid, took their places at 
the oars. 

Iil=j/, subj. from ei/ii, 

&|icc = TiKtf aor. from 'ififu, 


lqv^v€=ijvdave from avMvia, 

itjos (i/joc), see kiiQ. 

5?«TS=4c» rel. pron. from og. 

i^y poss. pron. gen. from iSg. 

cv)oH9a, 2 sing, ipf, JfQ<ri, 3 sing. prs. 
subj. from eifii. 

I9cipat, aU -ac» horse- hair ^ of mane, 
tail, plume of helmet, 6 42, n 795. 

IOc£pT|, subj. prs., col at, tUl, * 347t. 

lOcAovriipag, rovg, (^iSkXio), volun- 
teers, 13 292t. 

l8Ac* (OeXouv, only o 317), subj. 
lOsXiupi^ ipf. iOiXoVt riBiXiroVy rrjv, etc., 
iter, i9cXe<Ticec* f* o*'* ^ut. k9iXri<T€ig, etc^ 
aor. i9kXritra, be reso^vedy B 391 ; 6e 
mn%f, T 187; o»;ic— , r ecu so, A 112; 
I've no thought, 223 ; iOiXutv, 1 u be n s ; 
ovK iOsXutv, in Vitus, o 280; TroXXa 
fidX' OVK — , sorely against his will ; firiS' 
iOtXf, venture not, attempt not, B 247 ; 
wish, A 37, I 397, i 262 ; fidXu, would 
gladly, A 318 ; Ovftog, Kfjp (ftoi) IGiXn ; 
also tp Ovfjup ng IBiXfu iKirdyXtoc. de- 
•ii-e exceedingly ; be able^ y 120 ; desire. 

^ 64, V 40, <r 113, H 182. In A 133, 
0^00= in order that 

IOcr=ov, reflexive pron.. see ov, 

l0v|cv|MOa, ipf. from 9fikofiai. 

IBvo«, ro, •ta, (PiOvog), company^ 
band, host, krapntv, Xawv, viKpwv ; swarm, 
flock, niXtoodutv,f>pvt9wv, livid^v, herd, ' 
Xoipiov, K 73. 

iOopc, aor. from QpwtKin, saluit, 

l0pc>|M, aor. from rph^to, n u t r i v i t. 

IBwv, part prs., pf cCtt6c {itoQe) -wq, 
(<r/£0a>, <rf CO, £o), s u e t u s, c o n s u e v i t, 
B 408 ; 1 540, la} ing waste conlinually ; 
n 260, provoke in their wanton way ; 
but in £ 231,solitus. 

cl (perh. like ai from pron. og), orig. 
as; this signif. recognizable in A 321. 
— I. optative use : cf utinam, with 
opt, K 1 11, 571, n 559, Q 74, 5 388 ; 
e^p. with yap, a 255, P 561 ; with Kiv, 

545. — II. interrogative use: si, if, 
whether (in MSS. often confounded with 
fi, V 415), with indie, B 300, E 183, 
r 325; fut, A 83, Z 367 ; subj., O 16, 
TT 138; opt and subj., S 163; ten- 
tative use : freq. after such verbs as 
vetprjOri, T 385 ; yvtoixtpai, «l> 266 ; fie- 
voivtov, M 59 ; also after other verbs 
when an ellipsis is to be supplied, e. g. 
to see, followed by opt or indie, K 206, 
19, M 122,^ 40. O 571.--11I. con- 
ditional Use : s i, «/J (c? iror ttjv yt, see 
under I. ^), h pi], nisi, unless, without 
verb, after negations, p. 326; other 
combinations, e. g. «t dk, ii S' dye, etc., 
see under special heads. — (1) when the 
condition is formal rather than real, 
i. e. the sentence is not really hypo- 
thetical; indie, pres., M 233, A 178, 
280 ; €1 WiXng, with follg. inf , o 80 ; 
ipf, A 321 ; aor., A 290, E 104, 2 305 
(ci TTorc, A 39,y 98); pf..A 173,Z 128, 

1 42, y 93 ; the principal sentence is 
entirely uninfluenced in form by the 
condition, M 233, U 452, 494, Z 142, 
A 290, 2 305, Z 128, X 390. — (2) 
with condition likely to be realized, 
seldom indie, 2 427 ; more often fut., 
A 135, 137, N 375, /3 1 1 5, O 1 63, A 294 
(principal sentence is free to take any 
form, A 135, Y 26, 130) ; usually subj., 
E 258, A 340, e 221 ; often with Kfv, * 
553, a 288, A 324, I 135, T 281, 284, 
I 412, 414, A 315; rarely with dv. <P 
556, r 288; the principal sentence un- 

Digitized by 





affected by the conditional clause. M 
71, A 324, I 277, H 77, E 212, I 363, 
A 415. — (3) condition wholly uncer- 
tain, with no expectation of being 
realized; here the optative (never in 
iterative sense), A 34, P 102, I 379, 
Z 209, n 73; also with kbv, I 141, 283, 
A 60 ; after negations ovS' ti\ B 22, x 
61 (icfv, I 445, K 381) ; wc d re, as if, 
K 420, ( 314 ; in the principal sentence, 
opt. with Kkv (dv, e 22, I 445).— (4) 
condition contrary to reality ; indie, ipf. 
for present time, the verb of the prin- 
cipal sentence, instead of following in 
indie, ipf, is often potential, Q 220; 
indie, aor. for past time, (also A 310, 
ipf. joined with aor.), A 750, 5 363, 
O 460, n 686, 700, ^l^ 527 ; plupf , d 
363; in principal sentence we expect 
aor. indie, with wv; yet we also find 
in principal sentence ikv with opt., £ 
311, 388, B 81, a 236, P 70; irreg., B 
488, r 453. Irregularities in the 
hypoth. period are common, e. g. the 
conclusion (principal sentence) begins 
often with r^, firoi, ^ r'. — IV. con- 
cessive use : It Kai (yet not in every 
case, e. g. B 367) if also, and Kai li, 
even if, with indie, 51; with opt., 
X 13, 1 318; with subj., £ 351 ; ei trip, 
see this word. 

cl&pcv{, ry, (^/tflfi?), depression, A 
483 and O 631. 

ctavov={di/oi), n 9f. 

cldpivj, yet, oiffi, (Psap), wpy. spring- 
time ; dv9im^ spring blossoms, B 89. 

cicurc, aor. ctaoicc, ipf iter, from kdto. 

ctaraky ro, see ^piai^ ctaTo=^(rav. 

ctpcis, etc., ipf. et/3oi/, t, (Xdptit), 
SaKpvov, 531, shed tears; often with 
icara, n 11. 

cl Yap> see ei T. 

ct y€y siquidem, if at lenst, since, 
usually separated as el ireov ye, i 529 ; 
except ei ye fxev, e 206, and ei y ovv — 
ye, E 258 (see yovv). 

cl8dXf|&a«, ace, (elSog), venustas, 
comely, a> 279t. 

ctSdp, TO, -ara, (t^w), cibus, X 123, 
a 140; dvOivov, flowery /ood; fodder, 
£ 369. 

cl Sil, (1) but if, ir 387 and freq.— (2) 
cl 8* a^c {dyerf), usually explained by 
ellipsis of ftovXei ; perh. better as an 
old imp. from elfii, instead of iOi Srf (cf 
ri de, ei de, I 262), vade age ! come 

go! P 685, *Avri\ox\ €t S" dye Sevpo, 
^ioTpe<f>eg, o(ppa TrvOriai ; later, its signif. 
having been forgotten, it is joined with 
dyer, X 381-; and with pi. verbs, Z 376, 
G 18 ; often with vocatives, the verb 
following in imp. (yet sometimes fut., 

217, A 524, 1 167, * 579; or subj., 

1 37, w 336), A 302 (fiijv, vero), II 667, 
T 108; or subj. of exhortation, X 381. 

cl 8^, if now, seeing that, expressing 
conviction ; also in indirect questions, 
whether now. (See Sri 2.) 

ElSoOcYi, daughter of Proteus, a sea- 
goddess, d 366. 

ci8-, 1. prs., (eiSrifit), subj. elceup^ 
opt. eideii]i\ classed with oUa; mid. 
ciScrcu. (stem FI A, v i d e o, Eng. w i t), 
-opevoQn -ij, V id eor, seem, A 228 ; with 
inf,Q 197,1 11; part.,simili8 — ,teftag, 
like in bodily shape; lucere, 9 559. N 
98. — II. aor. cUrdfi,Y|v, leioaro, {i)enTd' 
pevoQ, i;, videbar, M 103 ; appeared, 
Q 319; tof hre, e 281; seemed, with 
inf, 9 295, /3 320, B 215; was likef 
<f>9oyyfjv, in voice, B 791 ; part., si mi- 
lls, rivi, N 45, 216, K 24.— III. fut 
clcrofiai,cognoscam, recognize, K 88 ; 
sciam. ibnotr, /3 40, tt 246; experiar, 
fnd Ota, e 532, x 7 : at xe, with subj., 
e 1 1 1 , n 243, ij ; also cl8i{(rci«, eiv, kftev, 
sciam, rj 327, ^ 257, cogniturum 
esse. — IV. perf. otSo, novi. / know^ 
with which are class^ follg. forms, 

2 sing. olSac, 3 pi. i<m<ri, ^ 89 ; ideta, S 
235, and eiienj, Ofiev, ere, inf. iSfievai, 
iSfiev, part idviym, plupf. ydea, 2 sing. 
irjeiSric, rfeideig, ySriaiSa, 3 smg. i/ei'^i;, ei, 
ySeev, i;, 3 pi. tSrav — lie rtvoi:, ex ali- 
q u o. from some one, X 280 ; (jidy) ev, 
^ 175, {ov)ad<pa, (not) accurately, cer- 
tainly; irepi rctVov, de illo, concern- 
ing him, p 563 ; traXatd re voWd re, 
have been through much,i| 157; irX«- 
iova, more experienced, T 219; with 
gen., peritum esse, M 229, 412, P 
5,nondum peperisse; with follg. 5, 
^ 771 ; orri, A 408 ; Br dv, 8 406 ; &»c, 
€ 423 ; ei, S 712; ei «, /3 332; with 
indirect question, A 653, t 348, X 463 ; 
with attraction, B 409, N 275, p 373 ; 
part, P 402; calleo, knew him, with 
inf, H 238, 358 ; with ace, understand, 
epya, H 236, B 832, 134; esp. with 
ntr. adj., be versed in, practice, ijiria, r 
329, 332, B 213, ( 189. 428 ; X^V^ ^^^h 

Igratiam habere, thank; ei eldfa^, 

Digitized by 





with gen., peritissimus; ad(pa — , 
with inf., O 632 ; with ace., N 665, ^ 
534; fem., A 365, and idviym rrpam" 
ihtraL, of "H^aierroCf with inventive 
mind, ij 92. — V. aor. ctSov (iPtdov), 
also idov, subj. i5u>(/it), mid. t8^Y|v, 
subj. "iSrjai, opt. idoiaTO, vidi, A 275, X 
25, $ 29 ; opp. wvGofiriVy ip 40 ; vo^<Tat, 
E 475; 6^9a\fioi<nv (without tv), very 
often; in te Hi go, perceive^ A 249, 
with subj. ; with ace. part., T 283, 292, 
7 2^1, A 223, 232; spec tare, behold, 
X 94 ; visitare, a 3; hoky £iq riva, ri 
{6if»9a\fjiot(n, ir 477), tt/ooc, avTa, N 184 ; 
i<rdvTaf\ 143; dvTiov, «■ 160; Kari- 
vtMura, O 320, straight forward, into 
one's countenance, dxpilov, vtroSpa; 
mid., V id ere, see, with part, A 374, 
516, {iv) dfOaXiiolffi (2 135), O 600; 
ivi (ppiffif in thought; cognoscere, 
<& 61, 159; id'KTQai, to look upon, F 
194 ; 9avna, B 366 ; «i'c iaira, r 383. 

€t8o«, dat eV, ntr., (tUop) species, 
outward /or/n or appearance, esp. of 
countenance ; often joined as ace. of 
specification with Ri\}8.y in form, beauty, 
r 124; often coupled with fikyiBoi;, 
^vv)v, always of human beings, exc. p 
308, to judge from his (such an) ap- 

€iS«iXovy t6, tft, a, iov, ( iZ^oc ), 
species, illusive image, E 449 ; phan- 
tom, d 796 ; esp. (Kaftovruv). shades of 
the dead who flit about in the lower 
world, K 476. 

ctO&p, statim, immediateUf, A 579. 

cf9c (see aiOt, ei, I.), u t i n a m, oi4 thai ! 
with opt, j3 33, K 468, A 313 : tW, y 
90=«rf, sive. 

d K«£, si etiam, even if, Y 371; 
etiamsi, although, "¥ 832. (B 367, 
see ri Kai.^ 

cl Kcr, see c/, II T., 2, 3. 

cIkc, ipf., (1) from eiKut, yield. — (2) 
from £icitf, appear. 

cf KcXo9 (also iiceXoc)) i7i oc, (II. <ii:(i>). 6 i- 
ui i 1 is, libe, rivi, X 207 ; avSqv, in voice. 

elMoo-dKM^jVic'ieSy twenty times 1379. 

cticoox, iHKooL, V i g i n t i, twenty. 

cUooliMfplTa (cf ipifjpric), joined 
twenty times, twenty-/, Id, X 349t. 

(l)cUoaT^, ^, vicesimum, o. (Q 

lucTOy rov, Tfiv^ liKvta, see II. (Iku). 

I. cicitf, ^Cierrc, imp., fiicuiv, ipf f7ir€, 
1 aor., iter, li^aaiei, {ftuc-). retire before ' 

oity on«, rivi, P 230 (,x^Pf *7Ct ufithdraw 
from battle; rb Sv /iivoc, 6<! inferior in 
courage); Ovfuf ttKwv, from impulse, 
V 143 ; Ovfjuji €(^af, in consequence of 
impulse ; rivoi:^ retire from, <r 10, x 91 ; 
be inferior tn, rivi (irodtooiy 4 22 1 ) ; X 
321, where he might most easily be 
wounded ; *" 337, give him the reins 
with thv hands, i. e. give him free rein. 

II. «iirw (JIK?) ipf. cIkc (/>«). pf 
loiKa (jjoixa), 3 du. tucrov, part. ioiKiOQ 
and iiKUiQ, ioiKula and iiKvla, plupf. 
kiftKHv, tiQ, <t(v), iiKtriv, ioiKioav, mid. 
plupf f(icro,^ccro,(l) similem esse, 
resemble, rivi ri, in any thing, Y 371, 
*^ 379, a 208, r 380; dvra, Q 630; 
(ig utna, in countenance, T 158 ; ayx*" 
or a, maxime, navra, in all respects. 
— (2) dec ere, 6e0eem, touch rot ovroi 
acuclf;, I 70; ou^k fitv ovdk touet, nee 
vero decet (personal, x 348, decet 
me); K 440, with ace. and inf , B 190, 
233, a 278 (x 196, sc. KardKkxBai^ ut 
273, sc. iropflv). — C3) con v en it, suit, 
S 520, 1 399. loucMf (iiKiic), (1) 
similis, nvi, A 47, ^ 430, y 124 sq. 
— (2) meritus, deserved, a 46. — (3) 
u7Aaf is becoming, suitable, d 239. 

clX&irlvdtctfv, ovai, part and 3 pi. prs., 
(eiXa-rrivrj), epn\ an s.f easting, ji 57. 

clX&irtvaMrn^, 6, con viva, ^ue*^, 

UX&irtwi, 17, compotatio, drinking 
bout, a 226. 

clX&p, ro, (^PftXap, eiXBU)), muni- 
men tum, defense, H 338, e 257. 

cUUtrlvos, ov, oiai, ai, of pine, fi 424, 

ctXc, aor. from aipfut. 

ElXiCOvio, t), Eileithyia, danghter of 
Hera, r 188 ; usually pi. as sisfer- 
goddesses who preside over childbirth, 
T 119, A 270. 

ElX^o^ov, town in Botform, B 499t. 

clX^M, aor. tXoav, 3 pi. inf tXoai and 
ceXo-ai, part -<rac; pass. pf. UX^ieOa, 
litvoQ, aor. iaXri [a], 3 pi. oXev, inf. 
dXrifiivau rjvaL, part aXf<i\ ( FEA ), 
crowd together, conjine, N 524 ; esp. 
force back enemv, <l> 295 ; game, X 
573 ; shut in, fi 21*0, 2 447 ; Ao« bark, 
B 294; «mi^irf/A lightning, shatter and 
sink in the sea, ly 2.50; pass, in close 
array, E 782; obsideri, shut up in 
siege, E 203; includi, crowded to- 
gether, M 38, 2 287 ; coUect themselves 

Digitized by 





in one body, E 823, n 714, <l> 534, ^ 
420; contrahi, cower^ crmch (gather 
strength for a bound, onset), n 403, T 
168, 4> 571, X 308. 

clXi{Xov6a, /icv, «, pf. and plupf.= 
l\iiKv()ay », see ipxofiai. 

clXi-ir^cnriv, irodaq, (ttovj;), hrvng- 
ing the feet close together y of oxen or 
cows, which plait their hind-legs as 
they go, each describing, alternately, 
an arc of a circle about the other, and 
occasioning a rolling gait ; others 
translate triodling-footed, and explain of 
the hind-feet, which approach suc- 
cessively the fore-feet on the opposite 
side, a 92 and freq. 

ctXa>, only pres. ptc. pass., crowd to- .fated, with inf. (A 416); ff vot tfiv ye, 
gether, E 203, 782, see iiXwar^ )\ 6^ alas ! it * " 

^XoV) ofiriVi ao>*. from aipkut. 

clXi^&Tai, pf. pass, from n'Xvio. 

ctXv|ia, TO, (vela men, PnXvu), veil), 
wrapper^Z I79t. 

clXv^^ci, 3 sing, and part. clXv^ 
«)V, whiri about, Y 492, A 156t. 

e/Xvo), fut clXvcrw, pass, pf €i\vfiatt 
3 pi. 'varaiy part. -ftivoQ, plupf. ciXuro, 
obvolvere, wrap, envelop^ E 186, v 
352 ; cover, K 479, 11 640. 

ct|ia, TO, -rt, 'Ta,-<Ti,(fkofJLa, 'ivwfii), 
vestimentum, ^an/i6n<; ^ 214, as 

€l\uuT=p€afiai, pf pass, from evvvfii. 

et|AapTai, TO, pf. and plupf from /icpw. 

clp^vos = pEnfjiBvoi',fvwfii, i n d u t u s. 

cl |j.i{, nisi, also after dXXog,fjL 326. 

clfjiC iifffiiy esse), 2 sing, laoi (never 
(J), 1 pi. eifiBv, 3 pi. iaat, subj. tw, etw, 
3 iym, yni, 3 pi. ttaoi, iaai, opt. 2 loiq, 
3 cot, inf. t{fi)fitv(ai\ part, itav, iovaa, 
iov; ipf. 1 fa, ija, tov (tijv, A 762 ijTiv? 
O 82, T 283), 2 trj(T9a, fio9a, 3 tiyv, ^v, 
T/€i% du. TfiTTTiv, pi. tffttv (mid. eiaro, 
correct to eiaro, v 106), iter. ioKov, e; 
fut. tfToo^iai, -(Thai, -(THrat, -<y6fie9a, 
-rrorrat, also icreai, ioofietrBa. — Pres. 
indie, is enclitic; exes. 2 sing., epic 
3 pi. taoiv, and forms in signif. exist; 
esse, suppetere, he, he at hand, ^ 
496 ; Mov Uvrutv, of her store ; with 
inf. of purpose or obj., ^ 215, Q 610; 
lywct o 50; /luOoi, ^ 214, to-morrow 
also we shall be able to converse with 
each other; B 393, surely he shall 
find no means; cf. fi 355, o 371, A 
271, ^ 412 ; ton ri fioi, habeo ali- 
quid, have any — , o 336, o 3; ovofi 

lori (rtvt, with nom. of name, <r S)\ 
iari dk nc> ^oKe de, intixwluctory form- 
ula, y 293,0 417; originate with, a 33; 
spring from, tivoq, a 215 ; cf. T 106 sq^ 
/5 274, y 123, K 204, v 130, Z 211, T 
111, "i" 347 ; 6e in life, exist, <m 263, /3 
119, u) 351, K 201; ov Crjv, Z 131 ; 
ovKtr buvTOQ, mortui, X 384, a 289; 
take place, oiviMtg larai rddt ipya, what 
turn these things will take ; utg ttrtrcU 
inp, as it will also come to pass; tlri Kiv 
Kai Tovro, this might well come to pass, 
o 435; riots, a 40; looofjuvoi, pos- 
teri ; iovra — iooofiiva npo r iovra^ 
praesentia fntura praeterita; 
he, as verb copula, aJaa=ai<Tifiov, is 

was he ; -Kapinov ififitvat, to 
be an ornament, A 142 ; dirb Ovfjiov fioi, 
mihi odio eris ; ovx 'iSog ian, noa 
vacat sedere; impersonal, taSf, 2 
266 ; ovrcj, X 348, 9r 31 ; ifioi air/tiv^, 
mihi gaudio, would be grateful to 
me, 2S 108 ; iori, it is possible, with 
inf., ovK eoTi, M 327 = ovTTwg, nullo 
modo, 6 193; with ace. and inf., c 
103, ov — firjxog (expedient, remedy) ; 
rj Offiig ifrri, sicut fas est; ov Otpig, 
^ 386, nefas est. (Ellipsis of iari is 
frequent, in various forms, e. g. ly, ^s; 
376; i(TT(t},0 502.) 

clfu, 2 sing. iioOa, subj. irioOa, eye* 
lyoi, lofitv, Iwoi, opt e(i}v, eii}, T 209, 
Uifj, inf. i(fi)fjifv{ai), ipf ijiov rjia, ijiif; 
Ug, rjttv yt U, yopiv, yioap iaav i/cov, 
fut. tttro^ai, aor. mid. (kyiaaro, ire, go, 
m widest meaning; usually with fut 
signif., ^ 526 (yet not so in compari- 
sons, e.g. d 401); with fut part, F 
383, S 200, O 136, P 147 ; diov, go by 
a road ; dyyeXog, as messenger for, 
Ttvi, A 652, K 286, examples of dif- 
ferent constructions: — ^u>, xopov, <r 194 ; 
Tredioio, through the plain, darv-, Ov- 
XvpiroV', AiyvTrT6v-,s7r6X(fi6v', fivupov* 
Si, TTpog 'OXvpirov, irapd riva; ptrd 
Tiva, seek for, go to fetch, N 247, y\j 83; 
Ig daira, iiri Sopirov, iiri di^tn, virb 
yaXai'=^tig 'Aidog, dpra 9twv,iTri f^og 
kv vrft, sail,^pass, irog, /3 89 ; re^unt, S 
670, y 257, A 169, F 305 ; incedere, 
walk (majestic), K 102, H 213 ; rise to 
go, go auHiy, then as exhortation (fidoK, 
dXX', divp), i9i ; Jig, B 87, M 239, X 
309 ; plough the waves, A 482 ; penetrate, 
r 61, A 138; of stars, pursue their 

Digitized by 





eoftrse, X 27, * 226 ; (parti, go abroad, 
}l/ 362 ; advance (of enemy), F 2, 8, M 
88, P 759, X 7 > *^* ''**''> "*^' rtvoc, 
lOi/j: rcvoy, straight upon, avrtoy, H 98, 
X 89. [i-, io/i6v.] 


clvot-€TCs {trogX adv., nine years, y 1 1 8. 

etvat, infin. of ci/it, v. 1. r 257. 

clvojclsy n o V i e s, nine times, K 230f . 

clv-aXiTi, m, (a'Af), adj., marina, 
of the sea, sea-, o 479 and € 67. 

clvot-vvxcs (.'vvx-)) adj. pL, nine 
rdghts long, 1 470t. 

clvdrcpcs, (tfv, ac, j an i trices, 
brothers' wives, Z 378. 

civcLTos, n o u u s, ninth, B 295. 


€lv-o8toi«, adj., (^odof-), in the vxxy, 
n 260t. 


€lv-o<r{-<|nfXXov9 ace, {^vWov), leaf- 
shaking, with quivering foil ige, i 22. 

ct{aoxc, iter. aor. from eiieut, ce de- 

cto=ou, X 19, A 400, sibi inferio- 
rem, inferior to himself. 

cloiKtitoiy pf. part, from touca, II. 

ctiro^ -kntv(aC), see drrov. 

ctircp, if only, if for once, as sure as, 
contains often an emphatic assertion ; 
the leading idea or important word 
often prec^es, 9 408 ; with indie, pre- 
terit, Z, 282 ; fut., K 115, M 223, H 
263 ; subj. pres., M 245 ; aor., K 225, 
♦ 576, X 86, 191 ; opt, N 288 (apodo- 

818, OVK &V WffTOl), T 100 (OU fl€ Vticfj- 

<yei); additional examples with past 
tense of indie., 11 618 {rdxa kev Kars- 
iravoe), U 847 (iravrec k oXovto). 

ctvov {iftirov, fsrrot;), aor,, parallel 
forms iter. uTTEaKev, subj. tifrttt^i, yrOa, 
indie. 1 sing. eiTra, 2 pi. ^iirare (JaTrtre, 
q. v.), hiTTov^ say, speak, rivi or vpoQ 
Tiva ; ri rivt, bid one execute something 
y 427 ; rivd, (1) address, B 59.— (2) 
call, tell, r 334, 9 373 (attraction, r 
219), w 337.— (3) {tv) rtvd, speak (well) 
of one, a 302 ; icfpi rtvoq, a^tpi rtvi, 
de aliquo; iv (/i€rd) nm, before, in 
presence of : iirog, A 108, 543 (a 166, 
say something) ; fiiJBov, T 85 ; ay- 
ycXtiyv, OiOTTpoiriov, OitnpaTa ; StKtjv, 
give judgment ; virkpoTrXov, speak arro- 

gantly; (ra^, clearly, accurately ; xai 
work rig d7rgoi,o\im dicturus sit 

ct voTc, si quando,»/*eoer; u wor 
if\v yi, see L 17. 

ct irov, sicubi, (/* any where, y 93, 
ft -«•••«, si qu a, if in amy way, serve to 
state more mildly an assertion or sus- 
picion, K 206, O 571, ^ 388, tt 148, 
A 17. 

clpdwv, Tutv, meeting^laces, £ 53 If. 

eipyio, un-Homeric, ^ 72, see tpyw, 

cl^pov, rov, (fftipa, servus), ser- 
vitutem,«fat«ry, 9 529t. 

clp€<r£i|, i7c« v^ {kpt<7(Tu), remigium, 
rowing, ft 225. (Od.) 

Elplrpka, av, town in Ev^oia, B 

ctfMioi, see ipat III. 

ctpT||uu, see (1) upw, say. — (2) tpw, 

€l(»i^vT|, rjg, »/, {iipTifiat), peace, Iv 
iipTfvrie, in pace. 

ctpiov, pi. eipia, {ipiov,dpvuc), velle- 
ra, woo/; el. lai'wtj/, card wool, x 423. 

clpo-K^fty, ry, (ico/i-ew), lanas cu- 
ra n ti, dressing wool, spinning, T 387t. 

cipofjiai, see ipw 11 1. 

clpo-ir^Kcuv, oiQ, gen. and dat pi. 
from -iroKog, (ttskw), wool-Jleeced, wocily, 
I 443 and E 137. 

ctpos, ro, (fipta), v e 1 1 u s. fleece, ^ 1 35 
and ( 426. 

clp^Sarai, ro, see ipvopai and Ipvovm. 

ctp«> (FEP, ver-bum), fut ipint, Ui, 
fovai, kiav, eovaa, pass. pf. ftprirat, 
Tjjuikva, plupf. iiptiro (fut. eipi]fTkrat), 
aor. pri9ivri, — say, A 297 ; announce, 
tiroQ, dyytkiriv, (poutQ-, irapk^, falso, 
rP 16. 

cfptu, see itpfikvov. 

clpon*^, prs., ipf. ilputra, riputra; 
{upofiai), interrogare, ask, o 423. 

fU, before vowels and paivw, k% {iiv, 
iv, in), prep, with ace, (cf. in with 
ace. in Latin). — (1) of place, into, to, 
si's liXa (^av, d 577), uXade, k 351 ; 
\avpf)v, X 128 ; with KartBrjKiv, v 96 ; 
with designations of place, also names 
of cities, to, 9 203 ; Tpiirt<r9ai, turn- 
ing themselves toward, a 421 ; elsewh. 
of object or aim, e. g. ig 9tjpfjv, fidxnvi 
TToXtfiov; apparently with gen., sc. 
dofiov, /c 512, Z 378, Q 160, 482, v 23, 
esp. with 'Aidao ; ^ 581, sc. podg; yet 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




cf. C 258 ; ig SiffKovpa^ at a discus-tkroto ; 
look upon, O 484, 9 170, tt 477; €i'f 
wTTrt, a 411 — «ty dvraj e 217, m the 
face; distributive, B 126, in decu- 
rias distribueremur, btf tens, i 
135 ; — of end or purpose : tnrtiv (jiv- 
eaaQai, ^ 305) eif dyaQCv^l 102, ad- 
vise one /or his good, tiq drrjVf to my 
ruin, fi 372; E 737, for the combat;— 
of result : B 379, come to one conclu- 
sion, — (2) of time, up to^/or, iviaurov, 
S 595, X 356 ; ig ri, quousque, how 
long ; iig o r€ r€v, until when, with 
sub]., /3 99. 

ti<T-f in compounds, see itr-. 

cts («if)=t<T(Ti, («i/ii), es, only before 
vowels, exc. p 388. 

cts, /im, £>/, unus; a, um; A 397, 
€va oiov, fiia fiovwn, /it" oii}, )3 412, 
on« ^/i^/e one; so cZc* <^y O'*^* a tingle 
one, V 313, x 138; idem, aafwe, N 487, 
O 511, once for all; o 106=nearly ali- 
quem, some one; tva aiti, I e. one af- 
ter another, x ^ * 7. 

ct<ra, see 'iiut. 

Is &YCipo^cv, ipf. iffaytipero, aor. 
-aro, collect into, A 142 (v. 1. ip d' — ); 
H 248, collected itself into ; O 240, was 
just coming back to life. 

tUr-iyia, reg., aor. freq. in tmesi, If S* 
dyayt, introducere, lead in; Z 252, 
iffdyovija, bringing with her (by chance); 
elsewh. with design, e. g. A 778; Q 
447, bid come forward, be seated; rrpo- 
rkpui, S 36 ; Kp^nyv iraipovg, brought 
safely to Krete, y 191 ; dofioVf into the 
house ; bring i», ^ 419, r 420. 

cUra|i€vos, aro, (1) from eUopai, 
8 i m i 1 i s. — (2) from elfu = hharo, 

cUr-ava-6a(voi, opt. prs., ipf. -lj3ot- 
vov, aor. -€)3»/v, mount, 6 291 ; go back 
to, L 74; go up to, U 700; Q 97, S 68, 
went up the shore, ir 449 (tmesis, r 

cUr-av-aTovox, carry off into bond- 
age, with ace, 9 529 f. 

cUr-aV'iSfav, intuitus, looking up 
info, with ace, II 232 and Q 307. 

cUr-av-uSv (eTfu), with ace, climbing 
the sky, H 423t. 

cUr-avra {iig dvra), in the face, 
straightforward, o 532, also iadvra* 

ctoraro, aor., see iipu and ti^ov, 

cUr-a^^Kavcv, ipf.. come to, x 99. 

ti(T ' a<t>' iKoftiiv, only subordinate 

modes, per venire ad, amre o^, with 
ace, ft 84, i// 66, Y 336. 

flo-jiaivM, ipf. and aor., embark upon, 
enter, ri, t 103, B 48, 9 314 ; M 59, coffu 
in ; ig 6' (irjoi, drove in, A 310. 

cur-ciSov, i, see tiaopdia. 

ct(r-ci|«,i, ipf. ig S' ijuv, irrjv, go in ; 
fjiir dvspag, among the men ; enter, ^ 
470; Q 463, in conspectum ve- 

cUr-cXdov, drive in, k 83 ; lio-kXaoav, 
ran in the ship, v 113; drive into bat- 
tle, O 385. 

ci<r-cpv<ravTC« (ipvut), aor. part, hav- 
ing dragged it into the cave, /it 31 7 f. 

cUr-^fiXCO, fut. ifftXevfTOfiai, aor. <i(r- 
ri\9e, ig 6" rf\9if e<Te\9i, etc., also £<r- 
ipXsrai, in t rare, enter, ri, p 275; tg 
Ti, d 802 ; evvnv,d 338; incessere, 
enter into, cume upon, P 157, o 407 ; B 
798, very often have I been present in 
battles ; i n g r e d i, ^pvyiriv. 

4(<rT|, tjg, y, riv, at, (iP'urffi, fem. from 
ipKyPogz^loog), aequus, like, proper- 
tionate, epithet of (1) Bairog {Sairag, \ 
IS5), fitting share, A 468; equal, I e. 
equally divided, feast — (2) vijtg, vijaQy 
vrjog, symmetrical, well -proportioned, c 
175. — (3) dairida Travrod iiariv, «m- 
form on every side, circular. — (4) ^pl- 
vag tvdov (nearly =tvai(yt/tot, «t 220), 
well-halanced, thoughtful, reasonable, 

€la^=£7c, from ft/xt. 

€Ur-U|jMvak» pres. part mid. from 
ilairifn, seeking to enter, x 470. 

cUr-£6pY|, ijf, ("/it;, entrance, ^ 264 f. 

4C<rKa>, prs. indie, ipf. tjurKt, opev, it- 
(TKOfuv (iKtXog), liken, (1) with reflexive 
pron. and dat., assume form (appear- 
ance) of any one, v 313. — (2) discern 
resemblance, rivd rivi, dyxiffra, irdvra 
altogether, ivtitiraSiu)g, i// 94 ; compare, 
r 197; t 32\, judged it as large as. — 
(3) c en sere, hold, with ace and inf., 
N 446, may we think it an equivalent ? 

iia-voiut, only aor. clocvdritra, i, dis- 
cern. Q 700t. 

cur-o&K, Tf, entrance, k 90f . 

cUr-oixvcwi, ivaav, 3 pi. indie and 
part., (oixo/iat), with ace, enter, ^157 
the choral dance 

cUr^Ke(v)=«i'c o r€, dum, with subj., 
(1) until, r 409, 9 318.— (2) as long as, 
I 609. 

ctoncroi, fut, (1) from dfu, i b 1 1 — (2) 
from oUa, sc iet, see EI A, IV, 

Digitized by 





lia - opdut, prs. cUrop^cMn, ' opt. 
-opoyre, part. 'Opotav and -wv, mid. 
pres. imp. -opdaaOiy inf. -daadai^ ipf. 
-opowpTo ; aor. dattSov tiaidov, iter. 
iffiSiffKiv (i^ 94), mid. -i^ovro, idio9r}Vf 
idriraL, (often in tmesi, <r 219, 320), 
intueri, /ooik t^ioft, <^daX/iot<T(v, tt 
477 ; ip<iiTra6i(iig—dvTttVy gazed into his 
eyes ; ^ 94, i<n'de<ri:£i/, instead of asual 
reading rfiaKiv (rjiVKtv); behold, H 214, 
with part. 2 235, 526 ; ir 277, en- 
dure the sight; 0(ov &€, dei ins tar 
suspicere, ^aze upon one as a god; 
spec tare, 6eAoA2 (mid.), ^ 448; the 
infin. is often used after verbs of com- 
paring where it seems superfluous, i 
324, y 246, ^ 230 ; 3! 345, whose rays 
are the most piercing to the sight. 

haoQy see iiari. 

tlff'frkrofiaif only aor. cUr^irraTo, 
with ace, involavit,^ »«to, * 494t. 

ctcru, iru^ (eio), i n tr or sum, wtihiny 
freq. after ace, n 364, o 40, Z 284, sc. 
66fiov y with gen., ly 136, 290; with 
pregnant signif., seeming to have par- 
tially the force of a prep., N 553, « 91 ; 
97 13, and carried t» to her the evening 

cUnMTol sykvovro vfdvj they arrived 
jiut opposite (fig <Z»7ra) the ships, O 653')'. 

flroi = Sierra*, vestitus est, 'iv- 


d Tf — ft Tc, s i V e — 8 i V e, either — or^ 
with indie, A 65 ; and subj., M 239. 
ctxi =«tijr€, opt. from «i/w. 

€l& = ldiO. 

ctfl*=w, subj. from cc/u. 
cfM6a, pf. of Wuf, 
ctoiv, ipf from lata, 

Ik, before vowels l{, prep, with gen., 
ex, (1) local : out of , forth from, 1 344, 
K 15, A 239, (T 29; vttvov, E 413; K 
107, turn his heart /rota wrath ; X, 224, 
washed himself in the river ; partitive, 
l^ 96, O 680, Q 397; U frdvrm', prae 
omnibus, )3 433; from, « 283, Z 257, 
N 493, n 366, Y 377 ; iTrTrwv, 'idpvc, 
Opovov, Ovfiov from the heart ; on the 
part of tj 7 Oj a 313; from— to, n 640, 
X 397; dpx«r9ai, begin with; away 
from, r 273, 2 107, ^; 226; A 163, 
^eXsioVy out of shot ; = Itcrbg dvoy away 
fr.>my x.^.from elsewhere than, X 134; 
translated bjfy to, or uptm, with many 
verbs, e. g. Kpefidaag, 67, 19 ; ^ica. 

O 18; rtivacy E 322 ; ^v, A 38; dvri' 
00W, /i 61 ; drjaey *^ 853 ; so also with 
irpoaipvkay r 68, and w 8 ; cf. 2 480. — 
(2) temporal: from— to, T 290, one 
misfortune after another, U 535, SJ 86; 
ii 0^, ex quo, since, A 6, 9 295 sq. ; 
U Tovdf, X 168; tic toTo, henceforth, A 
493 ; i4 «rt warpiSJv, since the days of 
our ancestors.— <3) causal: springing 
from, {yivo^y M' 347), dvai tK Tivo^y T 
106, a 207 ; yivktrOaiy E 897, 548, Z 206, 
K 350; yivii}y * 157, cf. A 63; yaiijf, 
a 406, cf. 425 ; U WKTotv, fi 286, /3 
136 ; in consequence of 1 566, A 3C8, i|/ 
224 ; tpidoi', H 111; denoting the prime 
mover, a 33, tt 447, B 669, Lk Aiof ; 
kXvuv Ik, from one*s mouth, r 93 ; 
from some other country, n 13. Ex- 
amples of anastrophe, ^ 865, ^ 472, 
p 518. 

'Ek^Pi], rjQy AvfiavTog OvyaTrjp, wife 
of npiaftocy Z 293, H 718. (II.) 

Iicd^fryos, ov, €, ((rPsKd-Ptpy'OCy fn>m 
Upytoy not from epyov), as god of death, 
he who banishes^ he who shuts up far 
away (in the grave or in the lower 
world), I 664. (II. and 9 323.) 

iKwiif aor. pass, from Kaiut, com- 
bustus est 

Ik&Ccv (trac), e lo n gin q u o, /ar, 
far away (usually from stand-point of 
speaker), p 25 ; far and wide, B 456. 

*EKa-ffc-i{8Ti, rigy daughter of 'Apoi- 
voogy maid-servant of Nforwp, A 624. 

lKA«(<r/€ = Lat. 8e+i:ai;)> a^j" fi'' 
one's self aloney V 422 ; usually adv., 
remotCy airoy 2 256 ; freq. used as prep, 
with gen., far from, N 263, y 364, ^ 496. 
iKO/ari^y farther than, p:en., ij 32 If; 
and UatTTdrtOy farthest ojf, K llSf. 

iK^MTToOi, in each divisiony 7 Sf. 

Ikootos, t}, ov, {ofk-KaaroQ = each 
one by himself), unusquisque, each 
one; in apposition often in pi. in- 
stead of sing., V 76 ; sing, distribu- 
tive apposition, k 397 ; with demon- 
stratives, rdy ravra, /i 16 ; ^ 436, one to 

lKdTcp8c(v), utriroque, on both 
sides, ofiiXov, = the two armies, r 340, 
a 335,^ 19. 

Ik&tvi - pcX^Too, gen. from -irrig, 
sender of missiles, A 75t. 

Ik&tvi - P^Xos, ov, (jsKarog, p'tXr}), 
sender of missiles, epith. of 'AttoWw^, 
A 370, y 339, O 231. 

Digitized by 





lK.ar6y'X^ipov, ace, (x«t/o), centi- 
in an u ni, hundrect-hanJedj A 402 f. 

€Kar6{v)-lvyo% (^uyov), tmth hun- 
dred rowers' -benches^ T 247 f (hjperbol- 

ically). I 

<or»6, great pubUc sacrifice, etymologi- | 
(tally of a hundred oxen, but, in fact, of 
far less, Z 93, 1 15 ; often part or all of 
tlie victims are rams ; pL used of a sin- 
gle sacrifice, B 321. 

4KaT6|j.-Poios, ov, a, worth a hundred 
oxen, B 449 ; a hundred oxen, 4> 79. (11.) 

cKar^pxircSov, better -^o8ov, a hun- 
dred feet (each way), "¥ 164\. 

iKdr^iA-iroXiS, hundred -ciHed, of 
KptiTtu B 649t. (Yet see r 174.) 

cK&T^p-irvXoi, with hundred gates, 
enftin Aiyvirrioi, 1 383t. 

ixar^v, centum, hundred, I 85; 
freq. as large round number, B 448, Si 
181 ; so also in compounds, e. g. with 
-/ii;<;, -iroXtc, "irvXoi. 

cxdroio {jsKaroq, 'irifit, i ac io), m i s- 
8 o r. shooter, A 385. (II.) 

iK-PaCvovTo, prs. part, ipf., aor. often 
in tmesi, Ik ^ c/Sav, T 113, (/3aiVa;), 
e.\ire.^Ott<, A 437, 439; descendo, 
descend mrpijg', 1 aor., set on L{nd, A 
438, w 301. 

4K-pdXXwv, prs. part., ipf. aor. usually 
in tmesi, ejicere, cast forth, * 237 ; 
dej icere, hurl down from, E 39 ; ex- 
cutere e manibus alicuius, j3 
396 ; f u n d e r e, let fall, SaKpva ; em i t- 
ter e, utter, inoc; excidere, Aew ott<, 
c 244. 

Ik-P&oxs, }/, landing-place, € 410f . 

tK-fiXuxTKuf, only aor. Ik|m>Xcv, pro- 
cessit ex, went forth, A 60if. 

^K-YcydfACv, drrjv, awf, dovrat, see 

kK-ytkwraHy aor. part, (yeXaoi), laugh 
out ; ijSv, heartily, tt 354, a 35 ; but 
Z 471, k Sf, thereat laughed. 

U-yiyvofiai, aor. Itcy^vovro, plupf. 
ysycLTTjv, daoi, inf., part, -duiri, 
avXa, often in tmesi, spring from, rtvog, 
4» 185,0 641,^229. 

Ik-^ovos, ov, 6 and r), fill us, f ilia, 
child, offspring, E 813, X 236. 

tK-Skpu), only aor. part. lK8c(pac, de- 
tTRcta.m, having Jlaged^ K \9j. 

It-cS^ovTo, (nw rt), received from 
him,N 71 Of. 

ii(r-^£<i>. ipf. l{^ov, aor. inf. U^tfai, 

hind upon, with gen., ^ 121 and x 

Ix-SriXot) conspicuus, nird ira- 
oiv, E 2t. 

IK-Sta-Pdvrcs (paivw), rt, having 
passed quite over, K 198t. 

4fK-8oTC, aor. imp., (didiapi), trad it e, 
deliver over, V 459 f. 

Ik-Swc, ipf., en nit, put off, a 437; 
-iSvovTO, exuerunt sua,r 114; aor. 
-dvg, K 460, but peyapoto, escaping from; 
so IT 99, opt. 'dvptv, with ace, may we 
escape; ^341, idvffav, stripped from 
my body. 
*^4Kci6i, ibi, p lOf. 

Iiccivos and Kcira«, rj, o, 11 le, piv 
Toi od' avrbQ lyut, in truth I who am 
here om he, a> 321, cf. T 344 ; KtivoQ 
dviip, S 145, p 243 ; freq. with follg. 
rel. sentence, e. g., I 156 ; KOKtlvog^ 
Kai tKHvog, now usually replaced by the 
reading cm khpoq. — iccfiqa, ill&, there, 
V Ulf. 

iK^KooTO, plupf. from Kaiwpai, sn- 

Ik^kXcto, see reXo^i; Ix^icXiTO, 
plupf. from Kkiviii ; ificvia, see Kaim. 

licT|-PoX£ai, skill in shi)Oting missiles, 

^icT|-pdXos, ov, (J€Kri, jacnla, ^di\- 
\b>), shooting ; also subst, A 96. (II.) 

iicT|Xos, ov, 01, and cvict|Xos, oi, (Pi- 
KtiKoc, ifiicTiX. iiciov), of good cheer, at 
ease, unmolested, E 805, Z 70, /3 311, 
X 184,0 289,4 479. 

lia)Ti {FiKf)Ti), favore, 5y gra4» or 
aid (of a god), with gen., r 86. (C)d.) 

iK-9vr}(TKiMt, only aor. 3 pi. Iic0&voir 
ytXy, risu emoriebantur, (nearly) 
died of laughter, laughed themselves 
(almost) to death, a lOOf. 

4K'9p<»oic€i, aor. kUQopt, tKOops, freq. 
tic dopc,ex8ilire, spring forth, H 182; 
with gen., desiluit,© 320; prosi- 
luit,0 573; with gen., «iV^0i, O 580, 
K 95, leaps from my breast (from 

it-cKodoipov, ipf., purgabant, 
cleanse, B 153f. 

lK-Kai-8cKd-S«»pa, ntr. pi., sixteen 
palms (dwpa) long (of horns of wild 
goat), A 109 f 

iic-KaXeat, only aor. part act. and 
aor. mid. it^KaXciro, KaXttrodptvoQ, 
summon, mid.,ybr one^s self, r 15, w 1. 

lK-KaXtn|rd|l€voi, mid., {KoXvima), 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




(capita) revelantes, unveiling their 
heads (which they had previo.usly cov- 
ered in token of grief), k 179t. 

lic-icaW-iraXro, better ovpavov Ik 
KOT.y (iraXXo/iCTi), sprang down from 
heaven, T 35 If. 

iK-Kar-iSttV, better llipyafiov Ik Kar., 
looking down from Pergamos, A 508 
and H 21. 

4k-ic£cv, ipf. from icia», came forthf 
uf 492t. 

it-^icXctlrcv, aor., (i:Xf nrui), stole away 
(from his chains), E 390t. 

it-cKvXurOv), aor. pass., (rt/X/w), 
rolled headlong down Jrom, Z 42 and 

kK-\av9dv(jj, only 'XikaBpv^ made 
q'lite forget, KiBapttrrvv, B 600 ; mid. 
aor. -XcXaOoiTo, oivro, ioBai, with gen., 
-XdOirOy ovroy with gen., IT 602 ; with 
inf.. K 557. forget uUer'y, 

IkXc', ipf pass. = fc/cXe'eo, from icXciai, 
thon wast (xlebating. 

ix di fi€ rrdpTUip XiiOdvci, makes — 
forget all my sufferings, ly 221t. 

Ik-Xy|oxv, rqv, (XitBui), forgetting and 
forgiving (bring about), ut 485 f. 

lK-Xv<ro|MU, fut. from -\tm, exsol- 
vam, set free from, with gen., k 286; 
i^fXifOri. better kKi(rv9ri, E 293. 

Ik-|&oXcv, aor. from '^XuiOKot, went 

lK-|&vti{(ra«, aor. part, from -/iv^aui, 
(jiv^a), ex sugere, suck out, A 218f. 

tK-voorfjoavTi, see voorijoai. 

Ifx-iraYXoSf ov, a, oic, sup. -^ar*, 
adv. -wy, {TrdyoQ, cf. fnyi^av^g and 
KaTappiyr)X6\ strictly, fro ty, | 522 ; 
horrid us, horrible, dreadful, * 589, A 
146, K 448; ntr. sing, adverbially, N 
413, X 256 ; so also ntr. pi. used like 
adv. iKvdyXioq, only with verbs of 
hating and loving, and always in 
signif. exceedingly, beyond measure (exc. 
A 268, B 3.57). 

Itc^irai^flUnrciv, (0aoc), em i care, 
rush madly into the fray, E 803 f. 

fx-iraXTo, aor. mid., (TraXXw), with 
gen., excussa est, spirted out, T 

lK-ircir&TaY)Ji^os (7rar«<T»Tw) <Pf)kvaQ, 
lit. with senses beaten out of one, stricken 
in mind, o 327t. 

lK-Wpircbs, ipf. fut. 1 aor., (also 
mid.), freq. in tmesi, emittere, send 
forth, Q 381, 9r 3; M 28, wash away; 

conduct forth ^ Q 681 ; cast out, with 

iic-irliroTai, pf from 'mvut, epota- 
tum est, has been drunk up. 

AK-irtpdut, 3 sing. -ircpcUiL, pi. -oioot, 
aor. -rjaev — dvrtKpv, pierced through on 
the opposite side ; fiiya XalTfia {dXoi;, 
9 561), traverse the mighty deep. 

iK'jripOto, only fut. and aor. 1 (and 2 
lUirpdBopip), evertere, destroy, only 
of cities ; A 125, woXiiov, we have pit' 
laged from the cities. (II.) 

kK-mxriiw = 'irtotiv, aor. from 
TnVrw, casurum esse ex — . 

4K-irc^wtai, pf from '<f>vu/, e n a t a e. 

U-iriviif^ aor. Imc, ebibit, drank 
up; perf pass, -viirorai, quantum 
epotatum est, X 56. (Od.) 

Ik-'inirTOV, 3 pi. ipf, fut. -nwitiv, 
aor. (KiritTi, ov, also in tmesi, excl- 
dere, fail out, <l> 492, ^ 467; with 
gen., A 179; rivi, escaped from her 
hand, X 448 ; daKpv, streame I from his 
eyes ; x*'/^<^C» fr^"* ^^^ hand ; t) 283, 
having got clear of the water / sank 
down (on the shore). 

4K-irXi{<rotnKn, aor. pass. -jrXi^yjy, 
3 pi. tKirXif\ytVy perturbare, confuse 
(N 394, <pp€vaQ, in mind) ; 2 225, were ' 

iK-troT^ovroi, 3 pi. prs., (iriirTit)), d e- 
cldunt (ex aere), /«// down from 
Zeus = from the sky, T 357 f. 

lK-irpcir^«, ace, nom. -r\q, (irpBiru)) 
Iv TToXXoloi, conspicuous among manv, 
B 483t. 

iK-^po-KoXfotrafi^, aor. mid. from 
-icaAf'tu, with gen., having caUed him 
forth to herself /3 400t. 

iK-^po-Xiir^vTc^, aor. from XdVw, 
egressi ex, havit?g gone out of, with 
ace, 515t. 

ii-itrrva-fVy aor. from -Trrww, ex- 
spuit, spat forth, with gen., e 322t. 

iK-^cvorcrat, fut.. aor. irvQitrBai, ex- 
plorare, search out, K 308 and 320 
(better 0«wv c<c, r 129). 

iKp^fUtf, 2 sing, ipf from Kpffiapaif 
suspensa eras. 

Ik ^ jWc, ipf from pfa> = toptfi, 
e f f u sum est. flowed forth, N 655. 

lt-ippT|tc, aor. from fpriyvvpi, sci- 
dit, snapped, O 469; oSolo, carried 
away a part of the road. 

it-co-iUHrc, aor. from -(raow, serva- 
vit, ^ 501, from the sea, with gen. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



pa^'. kmnrift^ /*jr^ t ^5*: ^ 3^-6- Bwl 
mtfatr fr>» Hfc? *n*r* : t 57-5, Krtaniad 
6iMi» x*A tkifjat:. t i^, tjw^ oa, 

#ir<y4#. exirahere. trejlere, vrobdb 
/J>r<ll^ aii*av* #/ «{^ear. »;di ^ea, of 
|«rt of U>Jr iifi^jc« It if draim cmk, 

Ikta, aor, act^ iKrflAcr, aor. pass. 
3 pi. fr</rri kthvw, 

Itf^iS^r, flt'C, fem., (rtiyt0), e x t e n- 
•ftm^ (^W, «iiy| ample/<ddtt K 134^. 

I«-Ti|ftrg«r^ »ubj,, -ra/i^<^>^ri part., 
•or, 'irafUfv ittcTiifU^ nop.), eitf oitf the 
iJttiyfi'UmiM or thigh pieces of rictims; 
MTOWd inmi wound, A 515; i&eir oar/, 
A«/4> <j/jr, tree*, i 320 ; breaking nff the 
low ipnmtit ''of wild boars), M 149. 

iMrm^-^UraffaVf aor. from KTiivta. 

hurat^fMf only aor. IroriKrva, 
'TaviaaQ ynri,, pawi, 'travvffBtjf stretch 
aiUf U 18 ; y^ one'f /im^, prone 
(l>a««.), H 271 ; % W, P 58; stretched 
out within it,i^2()l. 

iff-r<Xi<#9 nXai, ipf 'iriXttoVf fat 
^4«/, aor -t<T/T«, «ubj. -tijuHri, pf. pass. 
TtT^Xttrrai^ iwi. Tt\ittr(iai, perficere, 
brinff tofulfiUmerU.fimh, achieve, B 286, 
d 7\ y/tvov, prt'Mcnt with offspring; 
brfn(( to \)a»»i £ 79 ; % 5, has come to 
n cloNO. 

iK-riOrifii, only aor. 4k dfJKc and Ik- 
#<Vai, extra ponere, t; 97,^ 179. 

4k krLvHx^€v -'■ -rifraPf pass. aor. 
from rii^atTtyuj, were dashed out, U 348t. 

inroBty (*fcrof, h), extra, with pen., 
$rpar<Ue from f i 239, the MSS. have 
(KToOtv, but Ameis reads trro9iv. 

fKTo6i (iKTtk), extra, Ottteicfe o//rtr 
Jhm, Pt}un>y 391 ; irt/Xotuv, X 439. 

'ViNT^ptof, lloctorcus, of IJektor, 
H 410; 'EKTopC8t^t --'Affrwrrva^, Z 401. 

4kt^ (jk), oxtra, mtaide, A 151; 
with Ko»h, oii<*/(i« of, ^ 424 ; and with 
ami, K l51,ripor<yVow. 

f KTO«» V, 8 c X t u 8, u m, m(A. 

frrovi (iicrtJc), om< <?/*, with gen., K 

lKTO«6f(»0 (iicrcJc), oi«<»W«, H 341 ; 


. Mihiie fl^ ir^bc; I 552, if 

"Evnif^tfC.fiOB of nmiMc (Q) and 
'<^'Eca3^X«i.405,43aQ747; hos- 
tjdKd of AWm«uxv. Z 39a Q 723 ; 

*&^ii£i^ <or ti^ iiua£ci»old godsy be tell 
a$ /raoiner.'' Achilla; Siegesfest; 
«iK^ 7«* <4M<7» 'Umt 'Ecrvufk Z 403 ; 
fhkin by AchiBais in rerenge for 
^laogfater of PatroUos, 2 115, X 326, 
331, 361. 

Ik Sp 4* <k< socras, wtaAer-m-iaw, X 
451 : ui Bf ^t , i, socer. /athtr-ii^-law, 
r 172 (ff/ccvp, STOcr, Ger. schwie- 

U-faitm, fiiL lK 4 *' " ' * f <^^^ ^r^M^ to 
Sgkl; aor. i^ifoyii, 3 pL ur tfavtv and 
t^tf^y^, apparn it, <9peared!, 2 248, 
e 557 ; emicait, it revealed, N 278; 
-faavety, aparUed, T 17. 

&-4aa^ {Ufti/u), uUer, k 246 and 

bc-^ipot, -ifiev (in£), ipf. also tK^ept, 
ov, efferre mortunm, carry out the 
dead, Q 786 ; surripere, abstract, o 
'19; reportare, carry off, ^P 785; 
TToXeiioio, carry off out of the fight ; 
<t> 450, brought abottt the end of onr 
service ; spring to the front, take the lead 
(of horses), ^ 376 sq. 

iK-<ptvyw, aor. also iK^vyc, ofiev and 
in tmesi, hif. -€«iv, ef fugere, aXoc, es- 
cape from the sea; jSfiXoc (x^ipog, sVp 
from the hand) ; ri, avoid, 

iKH^fytaro, see (^Beyyofiai. 

4t-i^wXro, aor. from -(pOl-vw, vriog, 
had been consumed out of the ships, c 163 
and fi 329. 

4k-<^P€ov, ipf 3 pi., (<piput), were 
carrying forth from, olicuiv ; iKipopiovro, 
were movir^ forth from, vrjutv, 

lK-<|»iryc, aor. fi'ora ixtptvym. 

iK'<j>vopau only pf. iKirc^ihitoi ; A 
40, growing out of avx^vog. 

iK'X^ut, ipf Ikxcov, effnndere, aor. 
mid. kKx^varo, poured forth his arrows ; 
pass. ipf. x^ovro, plupf. -tKaxyvro, aor. 
-(XVOri, and aor. mid. -tx^ro (tKxvro, 
vpevoi, pivoto), stream out ; 9 279, hung 

Ik«v (old part. P(kmv), volen s, will- 
ingly, T 66 ; sponte, A 43, of free wiU, 
vet reluctantly; intentionally, Z 523, 
; k 372. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




IXaav, inf. from iXdia, 

ikai,i]y rjc, r), olea, olive-tree^ v 102. 

IX^IavoS) ^t ov, and IXotWy, tovy of 
dUve-wood, i 320, e 236, N 612. 

IXouoVy ^, ro, ol en m,oAv6-o«/,^ 281 ; 
\iif(a) iXaiia, fat, i e. abundantly with 
olive-oil, y 466 ; *v \riKv9<ft, ^ 79 ; ly 
107, from the finnly woven stuff, the 
oil trickles off. 

IXaMr(a), IXaovc, IXdMroMncc, see 

"EXdCcros, ov, a Trojan, n 696t. 

IXoovov, minus, kss^ K 357t. 

IXooTpcov, ipf. 3 pi., (tXaoi), were 
driving (plough-cattle), 2 543 f. 

4Xdrr|, ijQy TfVf pine ; pL, oar8y H 5, 

IXdrfipky ry, -a, -€f, (eXaw), auri- 
g a e, charioteer, A 145. (11.) 

'^X&To«, 01/, (1) aUy of the Trojans, 
Z 33.^2) suitor of UtiviKoiruay x 

*EXdTpcv«, one of the ^airjKtg, 9 \U, 

IXavvM, see iXaof. 

Ad^-p^Xos (dvTip)i deer-hunter, S 

IX&^of, 6 and jj, -oto, -oimv, -owe, 
cervus and cerva, stag or A»nrf, r 
24 ; symbol of cowardice, A 225. 

iXcu^p^t ai, 6v, a ; -orepoc, oi ; -dra- 
TOQ, 01, i;v ; adv. -wf, c 240 ; 1 e v i s, ag i- 
lis. nimble, vodag, Osieiv; swift, T 416. 

IXaxc, -ov, aor. from Xayxdvu). 

IXdxciA, fern, from tX«x«^C> * 116, «c 
509, smaU {iXdarruv), v. 1. Xdx^ta. 

IXcUtf, iXaav, inf , IXavvM, prs., ipf 
eXofv, fut. iXoijffij aor. 17X0(70*^, iXa<7<n, 
iXaoe, iter. iXaVacrice, plupf, pass. ^X»j- 
Xaro, ^X]7Xaro, 3 pi. tXr/X*(5).iro, rfWwe, 
A 279, 299, T 281 ; beset, dis&piine, ex- 
ercise, N 315; dSijv KaKorriTog, i n 
satietatem mali ad igere. persecute 
him until he has had enough, e 290 ; 
drive away, Z 158, Q 532 ; drive off, A 
154, 1 405, 465, 235 ; /overt' iXavvSui- 
voQ, driving away cattle for himselt in 
reprisal, A 674 ; (ipfjia, 'iirirovg, "¥ 334, 
Q 696 ; yrja, sail a ship, N 27, /i 47, 109 ; 
row, sail, 1/ 22, H 6, 17 319 ; draw, lay 
out in A given direction, I 349, 2 564, 
^ 9, 17 86 ; strike, hew, thrust, with weap- 
ons, sceptre, E 80, Y 475 ; oi;Xi7v. so as 
to leave a scar, 219; with whip, P 
614, y 484, swung the lash to drive 
them forward ; drive in (stakes), ^11; 

I x^ova fUTvirtft, strike the earth with 
the forehead ; irpdg yrjv Kaptj rivocy 
[ strike off some one's head and dash it 
against the earth ; forge, M 296 ; 
KoXtftov, prolong the brawl ; oyfiov, 
I make one's way down a swath, in 
I reaping or mowing; n 518, my arm 
is pierced with sharp pains. 
I IXScoi, trai, o/iivat, also I^Sofia^ 
etc., prs. ipf., d e s i d e r o, long for, riviq, 
S 276 ; also Ti,desire, a 409 ; the part, 
construed like dafuvoQ, </> 209, H 4 ; 
pass., n 494. {ftXeoOai, v e 1 1 e.) 
cX€=€lX«, aor. from aipkio, 
IXca(p«», prs., ipf. iXeaipev, iter. 
IXfaipiOKov, (JXtoQ), misereri, pUy, 
Ttvd, with part., H 27, I 302 ; ore iX., 
with inf., thou involvest without com- 
passion, V 202. 

IXcYx^c9, despicable ; IkiYXSaroiy oi', 
£, most infamous, B 285. 

Aryx<^^» V^t (*^*yX<>c)» reproach, dis- 
grace} rwi dvaOiiVfi, Karix^vaq, in- 
flict upon, cover with, X 100, ^ 38. 

IXcyxo^s Tf^t -<«> p r o b r u m, disgrace ; 
333, why do you reckon this (what 
people will say of you) as disgrace ? 
pi., miscreants, cowdrds, B 235, O 260. 
^X^YX^^ prs. 3 8iiig., aor. tubj. 
/Xf l^yt', dishonor,' 424, bring disgrace 
Vfon; I 522, despise neither their 
>\ords nor their mission. 

IX^€iv=iXf7v, aor. from aipeut, 
4Xcciv^9 6v, d, -ortpoq, -oraVy, 
(iXiof). m iserandus./>zV»ai/e, <l> 273; 
ktr., flebiliter,/t/t/ti?/y, 9 531 ; esp. 
pl.,X 37, B 314. 

iXiku), only fut. IXci{<rci, aor. IXkrioB, 
ai K IXtrirjy, and part., (tXtof), mise- 
reri. have pity upon, rivd, 11 431, and 
rt, Z 94 ; with part., O 44, P 346, 
* 336. 

IXciflMiV) misericors, compassion- 
ate, e 191t. 

IXci|Tvs, vv, ri, (JXioq), misericor- 
dia. compassion, K 82 and p 451. 
^cKTo, aor., see stem AEX. 
iXeXi^ut, aor. iXAttc, aor. mid. tXe^ 
Xi^dfievog, plupf. iXiXiKro, aor. pass. 
iXeXixOri, 3 pi. iXiXix9tv, shake, A 530, 
X 448 ; rally, Z 106, P 278 ; raid., twist 
j one*8 self, A 39 ; brandish quivering 
[ sword, N 558 ; whirl round and round, 

'Ekiyy\frig, wife ofMeusXang ; daugh- 
I tcr of Zevg, r 199, 426, and of A^2a» 

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sister of KaVrw/o and of IloXt/^airijf, 
r 238; 'Apytirj, B 161, ^ 184; T 91, 
121.12 761, ^ 12,219,279. 

""ElXcvos, ou, (1) son of Upiafioc ; the 
best seer of the Trojans, Z 76, N 576, 
Q 249.— (2) a Greek, OivorrUrfg, E 

IXc^pciTTOV, grotnng in marshes, 
B 776t. 

IXcov, rov, misericordiam, ^y, 

iXcoio-i, ToiQ, dressers, I 215 and 

IXcaicov, c, aor. iter, from aipkia. 

k\erf\, capienda, to he caught, nei- 
ther plunder nor choice can make the 
breath of man return when once it has 
passed the barrier of the teeth, 1 409 f. 

IXcv, impt aor. mid. = i\ov, take thy 
spear, N 294. 

IXcvOcpov Kprjrijpa, mixing-bowl of 
freedom, i.e. celebrating its recovery, 
Z 528 ; i\\iLap, day of freedom =freedom, 
Z 455. 

IXc^aipovrat, 3 pi., part. aor. l\i- 
<ltripdfiivog, d e c i p e r e, delude, overreach, 
T 565 and *• 388. 

4X^4^avro«, rov, -c, -a, ivory, A 141, 
E 583, S 73, 9 404; symbol of white- 
ness, «T 196, x^ 200. 

*EXc(^va>p, Ojooff, XaXKioSovTiddriQ, 
dpxog 'AfidvTutv, B 540, A 467. 

*EXe«v,c5roj:,town in Bo(te)ria,B500. 

IXT|Xd8aTo, iX-i^X&rai, aro, ^y|X^- 
Saro, etc.. see tXdu). 

IXT|Xov6(tf«, cX9^jAcv(ai), see ipxofiai, 

*EXtKijto»v, ovog, son of ' Avrriviop, 
husband of Aaodiicrj, P 123. 

'£XticT|, a town in 'A^orin, B 575, 
G 203. with shrine of UotTHddutv. 

'EXIkwviov dvaKva — Uotrudwva, T 

IXtK-o>vc«,a«,-«&iri8a,WM beautiful- 
ly arched eyebrows; others^rolling-eyed; 
others, gleaming -eyed ^ A 98 ; cf follg. 

IXIkcs, ag, (usually digammated, fk- 
\iKic, PiXinau}), (1) adj. camurae, 
crooked homed, jioig, never ravpoi (ex- 
plained by Ameis as for okXiKfg, cf 
akXng, shining, sleek). — (2) subst. IXikcs 
yrafirrrai, 2 401, arm-bands bent into a 
spiral. (See cut No. 12.) 

IXi<r(rc|i€v, inf , aor. part. IXi^ag, also 
mid., pres. ipf. eiXiaatro, i\l(T<r€To, aor. 
iXi^dfievog, pass. aor. iXtxOsvriov {Ft- 
\iaa.), turn, ^ 466, 309 ; pass., whirled 

around in the eddies, * 11 ; turn one's 
self (from flight), rally, M 74; mid., go 
eager'y about, M 49, S 372 ; /timing at 
bay, P 283 ; turn round (the goal), "¥ 
309, M 408 ; turned himself this wasf and 
that, V 28 ; coiling hlnaelf within his 
hole. X 95 ; roU, N 204. 

cXicc(rY-ir^'irXov9> Tpatddag, wectrimg 
long, trailing robes, (11.) 

IXit€^'T«v€«,'Iaov*t', trailing the tu- 
nic, wearing long tunic, N 685 f. 

IXkcov, ipf., fut. iXxiioovai, aor. 
ijXKTiae, aor. pass. iXicriOn(Tag, (fXroi), 
were dragging this way and that, P 395, 
X 336 ; carried ojjf, as captives, X 62 ; 
maltreat, X 580. 

IXia)6|M>to, rot), carrying into captiv- 
ity, Z 465t. 

ifXK09> t6^ 'iog, -if, -a(, v u 1 n u 8, 
wound, T 49 ; \lf6pov, from the Hvdra, 
B 723. 

IXicv(rrd(c»v, part, pres., dragging, ^ 
187 and Q 21. 

^Kci, etc., «Xic€/i«v(at), inf.. only prs. 
ipf (unaugmented), act. mid. and pass. 
(cf fXic«oi/), draw, B 165, K 353, T 405 ; 
drag, Q 52 ; X 401, from him as he was 
dragged along ; vodog, drag by the foot, 
<y 10 ; n 406, drew him over the chariot- 
rim; drew the bow-string, A 122, ^ 
419; 486, drawing aftef it, M 398, 
tugged ut it; raise, hoist, of balance, 
sails, X 212, o 291; vehere, dram 
along, ^ 518; pa«5s., E 665, trailing 
along; "^^ 715, wrenched; mid., drew hts 
sword ; tore his hair, K 15 ; draws down 
the skin over his forehead, P 136; 
drew his seat nearer, r 506. 

jfXX&Pc=(Xa/5€, aor. from Xafi^dvca. 

*EXXd«, ddog, if, ffellas, the ancients 
understood as a Thessalian city and 
district in ^Btutrig, under the sway of 
'AxiXXevg, B 684 ; now more correctly 
described as the tract between the 
Asopos and Enipeus ; coupled with 
Phthia, I 395 ; X 496, the realm of 
Peleus; Kai fi£aov''Apyog=the whole 
of Greece, see 'Apyog ; epithets, (vpvxf>- 
jooio, 1478; KaXXiyt'fvaiKa, B 683, I 447. 

IXXcS&votox, roig, straw bands for 
bundles of grain, 2 553t. 

"EiXXtivcs, o\, inhabitants o/"EXXac, 
primarily in ^Biwug ; B 684, in North- 
em Greece (y3 530, UaveXXrivng). 

'EXX-i^cr-irovTOf, tp, ov, Hellespont, 
with adjacent bodies of water, w 82. 

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IXXao^v|V9 oiTtro, aor. from Xia^ 

^XXinivcvc, ipf. from XiravfiHa, 

ikk6vj ToVj young deer, r 228t. 

IXocf&i, i\iin/j etc., aor. from atpiia. 

IXof, coc, ro^ (fiXog), meadovhkmd^ 
nuirshy A 483, 4 474. 

'^os (/eXoc, Veliae), (I) in Aaxaf 
vtKTij B 584, maritime city, named from 
its mctrshes,^2) town of the UtfXwt, 
B 594. 

IX^tNTiy see iXdia, 

'EXir-i^vwp, opoy, companion of 
*08v<r(Twgf k 552, \ 51, 57. 

iXirtSos, r^f, spei; r 84, there is 
still a portion ofhope^ a gleam of hope. 

IX'wci, mid. iXiro^aif ipf. cATrtro 
{iPkXniTaL, to), pf. /l/oXTra, «=£oXtra, 
c, plupf. itoX'TTfL, (vol ape), ^m hopes^ 
/3 91, V 380 ; mid.,«ayec/, P 406, y 228, 
i| 293, ^ 297 ; tkmk, I 40, N 309, T 328, 
i 419, ^ 314; fear, O 110; hope, m 
^€<rif Kard 9vfi6v, Qv/juf, but also Tpw- 
<Tiv fiX'jrtTo Ovfibg ivi trriiBtamv cca- 
ffTov, O 701, 288, P 395; parentheti- 
cally, 2 194; with ace. and inf., y 375; 
inf. fnt. prs. aor. pf 

4Xira>f>ii Toi i7ara,tum tibi spes 
est, 1^287. (Od.) 

IXiroi, oag, aor. from iiXsu. 

iXvw, aor. pass. IXva0v|, etc (PiXv-, 
volv-X bent itself, i. e. sank vpon the 
ground, "¥ 393, 12 510 ; i 433, drawing 
one^s self trtgether. 

t\x='iXK€, from tXiea*. 

IXmv, ipf. from IXdto. 

{Xf»p, a, (feXwp, PtXiiv), praeda, 
fpoU, prey (of enemies, wild -beasts, 
birds) ; 2 93, pay the penalty for day- 
ing cmd stripping Patroklos. 

^Xttpko, Td='i\iiipa, A 4, gave them 
to dogs and birds to prey upon, lit. as 

l|jiP&8^, on foot (over the sea), O 

Ifb-Pa(v««v, part, prs., ipf. ifipaivov, 
aor., (also in tmesi), £/i/3i}, v^ov, subj. 
ififSrirj, pf. ifi^tfSaujra, -via, plupf. 
^i^aaav, iv vi)t^ vehi navibus, cm- 
harh for, a 210; apfjiaoiv sfiftt(3aioTa, 
cnrrui insistentem, vehentem, 
Mtep into, mount, step upon, Z 65, ic 1 64 ; 
^l' 403, allons ! hasten ! forteard ! but 
A31I andfreq. tv ^l=eorum in nu- 
m er o, e. g. ^ 653 ; IT 94, enter the com- 
bat; X ^ /iiiXa il3if}oafjLtv,got on board. 

prs., ipf, aor. act mid. 
ri Tivi, injicere, catt in, lay tn^^Lm- 
ponere, U 645, B 298; thruU, £ 317; 
ivviiv, prepare ; T 394, pui m ; hand 
over to, H 188 (also oi — xupi, iv x^P^i* 
take in the hand, give over into the hand 
of, * 47, 104); infuse, P 451, N 8«, 
courage, strength, flight, fear, longing ; 
fiot — ii>ptmv drffv, blind the mind; 
fidXXtoOai ivi ^p., lay to heart; Bvpuji 
ri, think upon something ; vtfi ififidX- 
Xfiv Tivd, embark; xepavvov, hurl 
upon ; KonryQt lay one*s self to the oar ; 
S 85, gave thee to share the bed of a 

l)&-P&flrtXfvcyy ipf, with dat, tn them 
ruled, o 413. 

4|if^P&rav, pcp&i^f, ^, ^, see 

l|ji-pp^l&<Tat, Iffri^, roars in the sail, 
O 627t. 

^Ppi^, TO, new-bom lamb, (<). 

4|M9cvy l|Mto, l|Uo, 4|&cv, = ifwv, 

ttiifLviKov, see firjKdofiai. 


l|Mv(ai)=eZt/ai, aor. inf. from 'irifu. 

l|U«iv {ftfi')y V omens, spitting out^ 
O Uf. 

&4KT0, aor. from fiiywfu, 

If&|ia6c, aor. from fiavOdvot, 

lli-p&r^ttit (/iair£fi>/, fidpirrti), con- 
tinuo, instantly, E 836 and ^ 485. 

lp-|U|ji&itff , -«ta, part from fiifiaa, 
eager, persistent. (11. and ij/ 127.) 

lp|jMv(ai) = iZi^ot. 

I|ji-f&cv^ aUi (jiivw), only at close 
of verse, />er«Mfen//y, always, N 517. 

lfi|i.op€, pf. from /i£p(i>. 

lli-|M>poi (juopoc), participes, 
sharers in, TifiTJg, B 480 f. 

Ip6s, ^, dv, mens, a, um, no voc., 
)3 96, r 406; usually without article 
(yet ^l' 585, <r 254, A 608, and else- 
where ovfAOQ, 360=6 liiog), ifiog itrm 
=my son, w 300 {rutfitfi rrifiy, by crasis 
with article; better r</J Ifitf ry t/uy, 
pronounced with synizesis). 

llt-vaCopai, prs., and ipf lnwdliro, 
respicere, care for, tivoq (ace, it 
422), usually with negative, exc. imp., 
a 271, 305. 

Ip-iroios, ov, part ice ps, peritus, 
conversant with, v 378, 400. (Od.) 

Iv-^oorvn, ipf, (7ra(r<rw), intexe- 
bat, wets weaving in, F 126 and X 441. 

Jfp-«c8os, ov (iv iridift). frmly standi 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



mg, \l/ 203, N 512 ; r 1 13, produces tw- 
fttUmg sheep, i. e. never fails to pro- 
duce; endur.ftffy A 314; so also ig, 
fi€i/of; Jirtn^ immovable, i/oof; k 493, 
unimpaired, ippivig; thoughtful mind, 
discretion, a 215, Z 352; cf. ifiw. ovd' 
diaifftptov, Y 183; cf. illico, apcfdfy, 
9 30; certus, ture, r 250 ; ntr. tfim- 
Sov fikvfiv, await, remaining in one's 
place (avOi, avroOi, there), hrdSti ; with- 
out wavering, constantly {6sh) ; trrrfpi^ai, 
support myself firmly. 

4}iLp«c<rctv, aor. from i/i-iriVrw. 

hf inftci«, fut., and aor., {'trfiyvvpt), 
utfi fiiTa(ppfvtf» (i^Trari) dvpv 0i\oQ), 
fix or plani in (the back liver), E 40. 

I(&inr|f (not derived from irac), 
prors u 8, a< any rate, by all means. (1) 
a£Srmative: P 632, Zeus doubtless 
guides them all ; ov riva ffiir., no one 
whatever ; tfiwrjc d' ovk, not at all (cf. 
ov wdw) ; r 302, yet I must give thee 
oath ; in doubt and surprise ; yet (how- 
ever it may seem to you), a 354, r 37. 
— (2) concessive: quid em, yet, cU- 
though, IS, 98, T 308 ; without mp, d 
100, cf. 104; still, cf. French, toute- 
fois, y 209; tamen, nevertheless, SJ 
174, <r 12, A 562, B 297, 6 33, P 229 ; 
dW ifiir., dWd kqi Ipn., v 31 1, T 422 ; 
Q 214; l/iTTiyc — dxyvfiitoi wep, Q 522 
sq. ; freq. phrase irep (finrn; which al- 
wavs stands at end of the verse, I 518, 
S l,(Tl65, r356. 

l|fc^irXT)Ot, imp. prs., -irlpTrXavro, 
ipf. mid., other forms from -nXriOu); 
fut. inf ifi'TrXrifrkpiv, aor., (3 pi. also 
'ir\r\aav\fill fuU, of something, ri j/of, 
2 351, X 312, r 117; aor. mid. i^- 
trXrjoaro, ivi7r\fj<Ta<T9ai,fiU one's self, rj 
221 ; X 312. one's heart; one's belly, 
I 296; X 504, having satisfied his 
heart with dainties; pass. aor. 3 pi. 
iv-itrXrityOev, ivi'TrXtjrrOfjvai^ and aor. 
mid. t/x-TrXjyiTo, -irX^ro, be full of; X 
452, sate myself with looking at my 

I)ji-ir(irrfi, iov, prs., ipf. -7rt7rr«, fut. 
'irtakeOai, aor. -iTrtfre, etc., usually in 
tmesi, with dat., in cider e,ya// into, 
c 318,0 375, r 469; incessit, cowi« 
upon, <& 385, x"^*>C> ^foy; impetu 
ferri in, charge upon, to 526, II 81 ; 
irrumpo, irr no, burst into^ rush upon, 
O 624, A 297, 311, 325, * 9; penetrate, 

A 134, O 451, X 2dd ; ^^r^o^ ^'^ ^P<>^, P 
45 ; cast themselves into, B 175, A 824 ; 
/xot — Qvfu^, the words came to my mind, 

lffc-irXciV|v and M-irXctoS) ov^ im- 
pletus, filled with, with gen., <r 119, 
r580. (Od.) 

l|&^irXi^8T|v {irXri<i<na\ t em ere, at 
random, v 132f. 

|]i.-irXt|v {trtXag), iuxta, hard by, 
with gen., B 526t. 

Ifii-irXi^ouTo, -rjvTo, 'tjro, see ifi- 

ifi-'TrX^ffauf, see Ivi'irXfi^ufftiv. 

l|ii-irvcCovTC, part, prs., aor. tfiwivtrfj 
ivkTTVfvas, also in tmesi, subj. 'Tcvivmim, 
Tiviy af flare, breathe upon; rivi ri 
(jisvo^, 9dp<ro^), inspirare, suggest a 
thought, r 138; pass. Iffc^irvvv6i|, re- 
covered his senses, E 697. 

ifi-nodta, only ipf. Iv^-ciroUov, ^^ 
into, H 438; tmesis, iroinai ivi ppitri, 
put into his heart 

l|ii-iroX6o)VTO, ipf., (yroXdto), gained 
for themselves by trading, o 456 f. 

Ij&^iropos, 6, one who goes on ship- 
board as passenger, ^319 and at 300. 

ifi'TrpnOut, see hvi'irpj)9io. 

Ifii-irvpi-Pi^niv, TpiiroSa, standing 
over the fire, "¥ 702t. 

l|x-^p^ovTO, ipf., KvfAaoiv, innata- 
ban t, were borne about in the waves, fs. 
419 and ^ 309. 

l)i-^Xov, Tuv, of the same tribe, o 

ifi-<f)vofiai, ipf., -^^^'^^o ^"^ X^'P^^^h 
u> 410; so also iv r dpa oi (pv (aor.) 
X^iph he grew to his hax\&— grasped 
heartily his hand, /3 302 ; cf. k 397 ; 
i^vv, 6^d^ iv x^iXcfft <l>vvTii:, biting hard 
the lips, a 381 ; ifiinipvvia, clinging 
closely ; 'tfitrt^ijcuji, i n n a t i s u nt , grow 
upon ; ivitpvoi, i n s e v i t, implant. 

iv (clvC, IvC, civ), I. as adv., in eo 
numero, CTOTOw^ them, d 653; intus, 
therein, p 270, U 472 ; sc. tan, iicti, ffv, 
d 358, ij 95, E 740 sq. — II. preposition, 
with dat., freq. in anastrophe, or sep- 
arated from verb by tmesis, e. g. iori, 
2 419, ta(Tt,v 105 = Lat in, wpoBvpoiot, 
vfuiv Iv dywvi ; upon, on, ovptot, /V- 
TTOKTi, Kai iipfxaffi, vt)v<Tiv tjSri, went on 
shipboard; inter, among, r 31, K 
127, N 689,829, n 166 ; dvOptovoiot, 
Tpuifaai, ToliTi, among these, E 395, Y 
55, Q 62, (fAvBov) tufriv, ¥piu; in the 

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midst ofy N 555, ^r\ioim\ coram, w 
presence of, A 109, 1121, ttcmtiv ; 6ip9a\'- 
ftdiffij before her eyes, 9 459 ; otv(f» €*•, 
sprinkling them mj*«A wine, w 73 ; »n 
the shaft, N 608 ; of my bow, O 463 ; 
iqxm his limbs, Q 359, v 398; at the 
mouth, irpoxoySt ^ 242. Apparently 
=£iC, with ace., with Tretyeiv, (3a\Hv, 
pT)vai, iSvvov, OrJKe (iv x^P^^ — » jSaXtTi/, 
\afiiXvj O 229), KoBiiov, dtfi, drjaav. sv, 
with gen., so. Sofioigf of. in French, 
Chez, Z 47, I? 132, ic 282.— Of states 
and conditions, TroM/ty, driioTriTi, piXo- 
rrjTt, amice, ttsvOh, BaXiy, Ovfitf, 
bviiptfi, doiy, in da bio, fioipyt iure, 
rightly; aioy^ X 61, diva fortuna; 
iv Kapoc aiay, I 378, 1 regard him not 
a whit. — Temporal, iipy Iv slapivy, in 
spring-time; penes, in possession of, 
H 102, IC 69. 

Iv-a{pa», inf. 'ifuVf mid. -aipofiivoc, 
aor. ivriparo {'Aprig), interimere, 
hill in battle, slay, murder, game, $ 485 ; 
fig., r 263, disfigure, 

lv-a(<rC|iios, ov, ot, a, {iv aitry), fitting, 
proper, seemly, just, Q 40,425, « 190, k 
383, p 363 ; ominous, jS 182, B 353 ; 
ihefuture,l3 159. 

Iv&-X£ykIo«, ov, 01, a, UJse, rivi ri, to 
some one, in something, a 371 ; dvrtjv, 
in countenance. 

ivdXtog, see tiv-a\itf». 
lv-d|uXYcv, ipf, milked therein, i 

Iv-arrd (cv avry) rivot,', coram, ex 
adverso, over o^Tw^, Y 67t. 

Iv-avrt-piov, (stand, advance), with 
hostile front against, K 270, p 439, Y 

lv-avTCo9» ov, to, 01, jj, (ai/rt), ad- 
versus, opposite, (Trfjvaij iXOuv; visi- 
6'y, Z 329 ; /yifi^r opposite, k 89 ; esp. 
ntr. ivavriov, against, A 129; opposed 
to, N 106 ; Tivi, against, O 304 ; vhkhv, 
1' 252 ; straightway, p 544 ; /ace to face, 
X 65, t// 107 ; rivoc, before, A 534, T 
97. [i] 
lva(c, aor. from vdaaut. 
Ir-&f>&, ra, -wv, {dpriptog), spolia, 
armor of slain foe: usually ^porotvra, 
347; praeda, booty, I 188. 

iv-apYi^, eg, ttg, (apyog, argutus), 
dear, in real form, d 841, ;; 201 ; T 131, 
the gods are dangerous when they ap- 
pear in their real forms. 
Iy4ipt|p4$s (AP), well fitted in, e 236t. 

ivikpP^isiVf opt. ivapi^oi, ipf. ivdpiZt, 
ov, aor. ivapiia, i, (Jvapa), spoliare, 
strip off, rivd n, P 187; also slay, A 

lv-&p{9)«, ov, (iv dpi9fi(fi), of aO' 
count, B 202 ; filling up the number, fi 

Ivocnrav, aor. from vaiu>. 

Ivdni, ctvdres, nona, us, ninth, B 
313, 295. 

Ik-ovXos, 01, ovg, 6, (avXog), tor- 
rens, perh. denotes the ragged bed of 
the (in summer dry) water-courses in 
the Trojan plain; IT 71, fossa, ditch, 

lv-8€((o|tai, fut., {deiicvvfii), in die a- 
bo, / will declare it, T 83t. 

^v-ScKoC, u n d e c i m, eleven, ^ 103, $ 
45 (round number). 

mcKd-mrixv, eleven cubits long, Z 
319 and 6 494. 

IvScKdry, 17, y, undecimus, a, ae, 
eleventh, S 588 (round number). 

Iv-8^|la (iv Se^t^, d extra, favor- 
able, orjfiara, I 236; also adv., /row 
left to right, p 365, A 597. 

Iv-Sc^vTuv, imp. prs., aor. iviSfftre 
('dfjat), pass, plupf -dkSiro, entangle, 
with dat. (in bonds; B 111, I 18, in 
delusion) ; fasten upon, iv-, e 260. 

Iv-8ic<rav, aor., (Sirifii), were only 
(avTiog) setting on the dogs, 2 584't 
(prob. for iSUaav, sought to terrify). 

IvStvttv, Tutv, (fvSov), intestino- 
rum, entrails, "V 806 f. 

lv-8Xos» Of, meridianus, i, cU mid- 
day, 8 450 and A 726. 

IvSoOcv (tvSov), intus,/ro»» within, 
also within, 8 293, 283, 467 ; with gen., 
Z 247, intra. 

Iv8o0l (tvdov), in tus, within, Z 498 ; 
with gen., intra, 2 287; within = iv 
^psai, when joined with Bvfiog, /ifJTig, 
voog; opp. 9vprf<piv, x 220. 

IvSov (iv), intus, 2« the house, tent, 
etc., S 394 ; tvSov iovriov, of household 
store ; with gen. = French chez,Y 13, 
^200; 8ofreq.=chez moi, toi, etc., 
at home, ir 355, 462, * 207, \^ 2. 

lv-8ovinr)<ra, i, aor. from Sovtriu), 
dropped like a plummet into the water, 
/i 443 and o 479. 

Iv-SvK^cos (^evKoc, dec us), dec en- 
ter, duly, Q 158, <c 65 ; suitably, gallanU 
ly, Kofiiteiv, attend, wait upon, (fnXtXv ; 
busily, i. e. greedily, I 109. 

Iv-8wc (=^uj/'), ov, ipf, aor. -edvrriVf 

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imp. -SvTiJ, part. ^Svaa, and mid. -iSv- 
aaTOf induere, put on, arma, ti wipi 
ffrffOeffffi, K 131 ; in tmesi with dat, 
clothe in armor, K 254, 31 377, ^ 131 ; 
T 367, unendurable woe erUered his 

kv IhfjKC, aor. from Iv-irifu ; ^txat, 
aor. inf. from (pepu}. 

iv-toTtf 'H/jiev, prs., opt -tiiy, ipf. 
-eriv = -fjiVy 3 sing., -etrav, 3 pi., in- 
esse, Tivif be toithin, A 593 {ivdov iv 
<t>pi(rC); in tmesi, 2 419 (not so how- 
ever in follg. examples, but simple 
verb «trai, /J 346, ij 291, fi 320, v 438, 
(T 293; nor do we have compound 
verb in follg. examples, ivi so. eiVt, 2 
63, T 248, 1 126, 132, ^ 288 ; ip sc. 
iffTiy «& 569, 1 134). 

tytK&f IvcKcv, ctvcicd, causa, on ac- 
count o/J with gen., placed before and 
after its case ; cf. ovvixa, 

Iv-^Kvpof, see syKvpiWf i n c i d i t in, 

Ivcvi^KovTA, nonaginta, ninety, B 

Ivcviircv, aor. from iviTrrto. 

iv-sTTw (for sv-ffkiTtai), lv-^oi|iii, imp. 
ivvtire (insece), part IvBTrovra, tg^ 
'k-TTovffa, fut Bvixpia, sviinrrj(f(jj ; aor. 
iVKT'TTiq, t^lwiwi, 3 sing., subj. kviffTru), 
y, opt. iviffiroiQf ot, inf. iviawelvy imp. 
(vitrTTtg, y 101=tvierirf, report, inform, 
Tivi Ti; A 643 = «^ 301, referentes, 

Iv-ipcurav, aor. 3 pi. from ipiiSu), 
infixerunt, thrust into, rivi n, i 

lKcp6cv, lKcp6c, vipBwf v^p9c, (J^vfpot), 
from below, T 57 ; usually 6^/ow, N 75, 
S 274, I 385, H 212, Y 500, v 352 ; 
esp. in reference to the feet ; with gen», 
infra, below, aj 204, X 302, 6 16, A 

Ivcpot, uv, oim, o't, {hff), inferi, those 
benecUh the earth, O 188 ; comp. Ivip- 
Tcpos Ovpaviiovojv, lower than the gods 
= in the lower world, E 898 ; pi. 9eoi, 
O 225=Tir»7J/€C. 

iv'-€a'av=ivri<Tav, ipf. from elfii. 

lv-c(rr4ptKTo, plupf. from iv-dTTipi^w, 
in fix a erat 

lv-eTfjo^, ralg, {ivirifii), fibulis, 
with claqis = (a variety of Trepovot, o 

*1jvcto(, wv, a tribe rwv Ila^Xayo- 
vwv, B 852t. 

Iv-€v8€tv, ipf. lv€vSev, steep in or <m, 
y350. (Od.) 

Iv-cwa(tt>v, gen. pi, {ivvri\ i n Cu- 
ban tium,/>eop/e to sleep in it, it 35; 
but ivevvaiov, place to sleep m, ^ 51. 

lv-t|cCT)f , gen. (see follg.), genUenessj 
amiability, P 670t. 

^-T)i^s, koQ, ea, (aveo?), com is, 
yentle, amiable, ^ 252, 9 200. 

iv^r^ai, -i)fi!c6a, insidebamus, sit 
within, i 272t. 

kvrtparo, aor. mid. from ivaipat. 

Mivo%€ {dvQog), pf. fr. aveOto, strictly, 
has blossomedforth, streamsforth^p 270f . 

M&, there, y 120.— (1) local : ^ 266 ; 
with following explanatory clause, y 
365 ; apa, just where, x 335 ; fi ivBa^ 
to or fro, K 574 ; kqI ivOa, this way and 
that, long and broad; irtp, exactly 
where, v 284; re, for £v0a ^€, 6 363; 
thither, o 415. — (2) temporal : <A«re- 
upon^ i 345, B 308 ; as introduction of 
a tale, all; conthmative, A 293, B 
155; ai,E 1; introducing apodosis, 
B 308 ; ivttra, k 297. 

Iv6d8c, (1) eo, h u c tUiher, Z 256.— 
(2) hie, here, A 171, B 2l3. [- w w] 

Mcv, (1) inde, ^Acnctf, ^ 58, c lu8; 
ab ilia (altera) parte, /i 230 (59, 
211); exii8,^74. — (a) unde,wAcjice, 
H 472, Q 597, 5 220, r 62.— (3) dein, 
<*cn, N 741. 

Iv6cv8e,inde,hinc,e 527. 

iv-9phMTKat, only aor. Mop€ (tmesi, 
E 161, T 381), insiluit, spr ny upon, 
usually with dat. ; \a^, gave a thrust 
with the heel. 

lv-M|«Xos (9vfjL6g), taken to heart, sulh 
ject of anxiety, v 421f . 

ivi, see iv ; ivi=iv€(rTi. 

Ivtavotov {eviavrog) avv^ yearling, 
TT 454t. 

IvlavT^t, etc., annus; vipttrXoitk- 
v(t)v -tatv, as the seasons rolled on, the 
year came, a 16. 

Iv-Uivc, ipf., therein slept, t 187. (Od.) 

Iv-iij/ut, Ct|<rt, etc., prs., ipf, fut, aor. 
(freq. in tmesi), immitto. send in or 
into, SI 131 ; ^ 177, cast in the fire's 
might; nvi n, 11 729; ^ 338, rivd 
irvpi, set on fire ; put to (in harness), II 
152; o 198, kad to concord; Ttovry 
vfia, launch ; i n j i ce r e, nvi ti, ic 317, M 
441 ; 'irovoiQ,fiimge into hardships; in- 
serere. insert, key, ear-rings, ^ 182; 
i n s p 1 r a r e, courage, wrath. 

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"Evivivct, B 749t (Atj/i5v«c), tribe 
dwelling about Dodona. 

ivi-KkaVyfrustratej only 6 408, 422. 

'Eviircvs, TJOQ, a river-god, X 238t. 

Iv-l'^, »7c» Vy vv, ac, (iTrro/Mtt), repri- 
numd, E 492. 

IvC-irXcios, ov, see tfiwktiog, 

lvi-irXt|a^yflu, vXtiauHri, see l/i- 

lvi-irXi^|»l&iv, a«Ti, avTi^i aor., 
from -w-Xj^o-o-o), nwA t«to, nvt, into the 
noose, X 469. (II.) 

ivi-iFpiidkty ipf. -^irpT|9ov, fut. irpriiTittf 
aor. -fTrpiyerev, etc., lit^y^r^ in sparks^ 
(1) tn/fafe, /3 427,t>7r|Oi7<rtv.— (2) ifcttkife, 
I 689; usually with Trvpi, e 182; 
ire/oof, n 82. 

lv-(irroi (laTTTtoi), opt., increpet, 
scold, upbraid, fu, Q 768; fik Bvfibv 
ovfiSsai, r 438 ; rivd /xvd^ (cajc<^, etc.), 
B 245 ; aor. ivMirc, altrxpHigi "^ 473, 
and i^imirc /iv^^, at close of verse, 
i; 17. 

lvt-oic(fii|icu^c, aor. part, and -tnrr/i- 
^^, aor. pass, from ffKifiTTTw, {tTKfjTmj), 
always with ovSet; lean upon the 
ground, bury in the ground, P 437, 
528. (II.) 

*EvC(nnf|, town in Arkadia, B 606. 

ivi-avqoM, Ivi-airov, £f, see iv-ivut. 

iyur<r4\Lev, ojj/, ofitvog, ipf ivitraofiiv, 
(hviiTTU}), exc. X 497, always with M- 
laaiv, or like word, upbraid, 

hfi-xpi^^BiyTa^ pressing forward, see 

iK-i^fi», fut. from Iv-sirio. 

kwia^ novem, nine, U 785. 

Iwca-po^v, gen. pi. ntr., worth nine 
cattle, Z 236t. 

Iwca-KoX-ScKa, nineteen, Q 496 f. 

lwca-irT|xv and -ini|X^^^> ****** cubits 
long,\ SU, 

Iwca-x^Xpi, nine thousand, £ 860. 

In^cov, ipf. from 1. viut. 

iw€-6pyvu>^f pronounce Ivvjopyvtoi, 
mne/cUhoms long, X 31 2t. 

iw'€aiy\axVf dat. pi., (Ivirnii), at the 
command; Ktivrjg ivv., E 894f. 

Iwc-opos, oto, o(, oi<ri, nine years old, 
r 19. [Pronounce Ivvjutp.'] 

IwiliicovTa, ninety, r 174f. 

|w-i)|iiap, ntnc day* /bn^, fj 253. 

''Ewo|M>«, (1) oiiMiviaTi)Q, chief of 
Mysians, slain by Achilleus, B 858, 
P 218. — (2) a Trojan slain by Odys- 
geos, A 422. 

lw-o<rC-'Yaio«, y, ov, e, {wBkuj, yala\ 
earth-shaker (also joined with yaiiioxoQ, 
I 183), epithet of Poseidon as causer 
of earthquakes, t 423. [i] 

fvwfii {fiovvfiif fioOfig, V esti s), fut 
iaxruf aor. 'iaae (imp. cffcroi/), mid. Ha- 
aaro, kkaaaro, pass. prs. ipf, pf. 'iaaai, 
iirai, iifiivog, plupf sing. cWo, cVro, 
du. taOriv, pi. «Varo, induere, pu^ on, 
tifiara, rivd ri, ri 265, tt 457; mid., 
cfo<Ae one's self; pass., loear, n, K 334, 
Si 350; iifiara, or simply adj., «cai:a, 
aetfcia, Ka\d, be well or ill clad ; (Trepi) 
"XJiot, on the body ; c^iff wfiotm, and 
ut^oiiv v€0fXi}v, O 308 ; eifiiva xct^Kif, 
clad in brass ; F 57, hadst been clad in 
coat of stone = stoned to death. 

^-vi^to«, 01, ai, in the night-time, $ 
^7 =tV'WxoQ {vvK)-, A 715f. 

iv-Oivo-xocvvTCf = xo€o»'''«C (oiVo- 
Xoog), pouring in, y 472f. 

Iv-oin^, only sing., (oi//), (1) voces, 
voicea; k 147, 8hout.^{2) tumult, 11 
782 ; joined with iidxn. 

*Ev^inf|v, ace, town in Messenia, 
subject to Agamemnon, I 150, 292. 

Iv'opwfii, only aor. Iv-upoxis, c, 
'opfTy, rivi (Alavn, A 544) ri, excite in 
one, fear, flight, courage, longing ; 4v- 
wpTO, aor. mid. yiXutg Bsoiffi, began 
among the gods, 9 343 (also in tmesi). 

iv-opoviit, only aor. -^pov<r£, trav, 
(Tag, oy, irruit, broke in upon (of hos- 
tile charge), nvi, A 149; * 182, step- 
ping upon, 

^-opx^h uncastrated, ^ 147t. 

Iv-ooi-x^wv = Ivv-ooi'yaiog, with 
{ivpv)Kp€iwv, A 751, N 10. 

iv-oKifjiirTttif see Ivi-aKifnrTii). 

Iv-coToitTai, pf. pass, from -ard^u), 
instillatum est, Aoa ftccn in/used in 
thy veins, j3 27 If- 

lv-c(mf(piKTO, plupf. pass, from 
'OTTipiHito, remained sticking fast, 4> 

Iv-oTp^^cTOi l(rxi(i», plays in the hip- 
joint, E 306t. 

Iv-rdvvovoxv, fut -ravviiv, <f> 97; 
aor. kvrdvvai, srdwffae, stretch out wiih- 
tfi, t// 201 ; elsewh. always with vevpifv, 
stretch tight = siring, or with to^ov, ^tov, 
bend, string the bow, r 577. (Cf. the cut 
on follg. page, from antique gem.) 

Iv-rav^a^ hue, hither, I 601 f. 

lv-rav9ob, hue, tjoo ; h i c, here, Kiiao, 
4» 122. 

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IvTCcC, €(«, ntr., strictly cattle-gear ; 
then daiTog, iahh-fumiiure ; usually 
armor^ esp. breastplate, T 339 ; dptjiOf 
fighting-gear, i// 368, K 407. 

iv-Tiivu), only pass. pf. plupf. kvri- 
rdrab, ro^ was lined with tightly stretched 
straps, K 263 ; the front of the chariot 
is ornamented {plaited) with gold and 
silver straps, E 728; cf. * 335, 436. 

IvTcpov, a, in test in a, (1) gui, <p 
408.— (2) boicels. 

lvTC<rlWp70vg {IvTta, ftpy.)j working 
in harness, Q 277f. 

IvTcvBcv, i n d e, thence, r 568t. 

Iv-riOrffii, ipf. lv-lTi6ci, also fut. and 
aor. 1, 2 {-Okfiivai), mid. only 2 aor. 
(freq. in tmesi), imponere, put or 
place, in, into, or upon, rivd rtvt, on fire, 
bed, anvil>block ; thrust sword into the 
sheath, k 333 ; ivi <f>ptai, suggest, infuse 
into the mind, courage, etc., 7*7; put 
strength into the shoulders, P 669; 
Xcp(T(, put into the hand; ^312. give 
into the hand ; o 3.57, plunge into prem- 
ature old age; A 410, place in like 
honor, mid. also 9ufup, store up wrath, 
etc., in one's heart ; iivdov Bvfitf, take 
to heart ; Iv trriiOiatn 9vfx6v, 

tvroy 2 aor. from l^-iri^i. 

Ivt6s, intus, with gen., intra, M 

hmo^(v) (tvToOev, i 239, 338, con- 
jectural V. 1.) = ivTOi, M 296, Z 364, 

Iv-Tp^iffTai, pass., is not (thy heart) 
moved, O 554 and a 60. 

^-Tp^ot yvia, if his limbs played 
freely in the armor,,T 385t. 

lv-Tpoir&Xit6|icvo9, r\, riv, turning 
frequentiy about, Z 496, A 547. (II.) 

IvTvvov, ipf., and 1 aor. imp., (see 
ivrvu)), with aor. part., mid. pr. ipf. aor. 
(subj. ivTvvtai, pronounce ivrvijai). 

pa rare, adorn <me*s self, iavrnv, and 
mid.; get ready, diirag; prepare one'B 
meal, o 500, Q 124 ; rcdse the strain, /i 
183; get ready, Z 3S. 

^-Tviros (rvTTTiu). prostrate, or better 
closely wrapped in his mantle, Q 163f. 

ivTVio, ipf. IvTwcv, ov, {tvrea), har- 
nessed, E 720 ; made ready, ^ 289. 

*£vvaXio«, sing., ('Ei/vcu), Ares as 
raging god of battle, P 211 ; elsewh. 
subst. Enyalios, [By synizesis, -vdXitft 
'vSp(i^6vry.'\ (U.) 

*£vvcvs, fjog, king of Skyros, slain 
by Achilleus, I 668t. 

iv-virvtov (vrvoc), ntr. as adv., in 
sle-p, B 56. 

*£vv«», r/, Eyo, tumult of battle, per- 
sonified companion of Ares, E 333, 

lv-a>ir&8Cws (eV-wira), face to face^ 
clearly, i// 94 f. 

Iv-«»irn, dat., (oJ/), cpenly, E 374. 

^-«Sirl& (oxf/, cf. fa9ade), irafipavS- 
(ovra, the bright shining side walls of 
the vestibule, see plate III. A and B. 

Sft, sex, mr, /K 90. 

l{-ayyi\X<i>, only -ifYyciXcv, aor., 
detulisset ad, r<;por/ to, E 390t. 

H-dywui, only -latcv, and d^y, 
confregit,6rc'iib, A 175. 

it-aY6Jpcv€v, ipf., related, X 234f . 

k^-ayf, pr., ipf., aor., often in tmesi : 
educere, lead out, A 337; rivd (also 
rivoc, from a place, Scvpodcv), ^ 264, 
N379; drag out, Ovpai^e ; exstraere, 
raise a mound, Htfi^ov, H 336. 

*£{d8io«, one of Uie Lapithai, A 
264t. [---w] 

^{d-CTfs {iroi:), ntr., six years, y 

it-oiCvvTo, ipf., (atpvfiai), tmesis, A 
531, Ovfiov, took away his life ; o 206, 
took oiut from the chariot and placed 
in the vessel's stem. 

i{a(pcToi {aiptia9ai), eximii, ae, 
chosen, choice, d 643, B 227. 

l{-<upcv)iiT)v, ipf. mid., see follg. 

€^-ai|Oca>, only ipf. and aor. act and 
mid., also in tmesi. (1) act. ex i mere, 
take out, Q 229 ; eligere, < 160. ykpag, 
— (2) mid., select for one's self (one's 
own use), arrows, sheep, binte, choose 
for one's self from booty, I 130, A 696, 
ju 1 23 ; took away his sense, tivoc or rivi, 
Z 234 ; take away fear, fatigue from 

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the limbs, yviwv; take away life, OvftoVj 
M 150; X 201, fAikiwv; rivd, 11 58; 
nvi, V 61, A 381 ; rti/oc, * 112; nvi 
Tlf IT 218. 

B^-aipw^ only aor. l{i{p&TO, cany off 
at hoohf from^ Tpoirig, « 39. 

l{-oZoxov, ace, {ahra), unbecoming, 
undue, d 690, p 577 ; pretumptuousy O 

i^-aiffovjy only aCfavTC, rushing forth 
from; TJixBti^ has Jhum from my hands, 

l|-ai.Tov, ovct ( alwftai ? ), choice^ 
chosen, wine, M 320; of oarsmen, heca- 

l{-a{^inr)f (alvvQ), on a sudden. (II.) 
^{-aiUovTai, placant, soothe, aor. 
'OKfffaio, A 36. 

l{-aXdaKra«, tc, aor., (aXaou;), thou 
hast utterly bUnded, riva, diftffaXfiov. 

l{-aXdir^civ, fut and aor. -aXa- 
ird^ai,{d\awd^<a), ever t ere urbes, 
sach,si(jrm; only N 813, delere na- 

Ik &X^vto, y i t a b a n t, icei'e shrink- 
ing from, :£ 586^. [----] 

l|-«iXXcTaA, and aor. part. -dXfAfvog, 
(aWofjiat). prosiliens, ex aula, leaps 
out from the enclosure, E 142, rivutv, 
prae — , springing to the lead, '♦' 399. 

If-dvd-Poom, part, aor., (fiaivu)), 
escendentes in, climbing up upon, U 

<{-&v&-8vv», 2 aor. part. -Svg, fem. 
ivtrai, (Svvui), emerge from, rivof;, d 
405. (Od.) 

If-d^d-Xvo-ai, aor., (Xvw), release, 
Oavdroio, from death, n 442. (II.) 
It-dra^vS^ (<f>aivut), openly, v 48t. 
i|-ay-tctdui, part., (tTjfu), emitten- 
tes, sending forth, 2 47 if. 

H'Oyiuy fut, aor. -rivvae, (rivvw), 
perfecit. 6 370; conficere ali- 
quem,*»«,A365. (II.) 

If-dirdri^iv, fut., and aor. -ritri, 
(dirardut), dec ip ere, deceive utterly, 
X 299. 

H-air-aipioKU}, aor. ^i^&^€, subj. .0<i>, 
aor. mid. -aTra^oiro, dec ip ere, I 376. 
ltoMw|s (mVut), suddenly, I 29, 

l{-dir-^PY)ot&v (Paivto), stepped down 
out of the ship, (vrjog), /u SOef. 

l{-airo8'a>|iiav, suhj., (Siio), after 
/««X9& Am»< out of the combat, B 763t. 

It-dir-^SfivCy ipf., exuit, jm/ off, t 

ei-air-oXXv/ii, pf. -^XmXc, deperiit, 
Ttvut;, disappeared from ; aor. -oXoiaro, 
perean t, ma^ they perish, Z 60. 

l{-&iro-v^c<r^t fidxriQ (better U 
airo-), re^m ©«< of—, 11 252. (II.) 

l{-dir-^itc, .ipf., with which she 
usually washed, r 387t. 

l{-airo-Tfvoi«, satisfy in full, 4> 

l{-^MrTwv, ipf. -^irrf, aor. part d\l/aQ, 
(liirruf), bind to, rivog ; mid., O 20, hang 
ye all to it 

Ik &pa{c, aor., (<i|oa<r<r(i>), dcuhed the 
mast ott< o/*the keel, /i 422t. 

l{-i^pira{c, aor. -^aoa, (dpwdZio), 
snatched away, fi 100; in II. in good 
sense, save ; in which case the subject 
is always a goddess. 

l{-df>xov« (apx<<>)» leaders of the 
dirges, U 721 f. 

I|.dpx»v, ipf -ripxi and -^px«ro, 
(opX***)* i^ovXdq, be author of counsel, 
B 273 ; mid., ix 339, tivoq, begin some- 
thing; a game, a dirge. X 430. 

l$-av8&, imp., (atf^aco), prolo- 
(ixiere, speak out, U \^. (II.) 

lt-avT%«, rursus, again, E 134, 

It-d^tp€ci>, mid. subj. aor. -IXviafc 
i^X^C* Aare taken the life ^row them 
all ( €/c /i«Xia>i/), X 444t. 

l{-d^i}ovTCs, part, drawing out, t, 

ff{-l8cv, aor., looked out far, saw dear- 
ly, Y 342t. 

I{c(t|s (prop. gen. of the fem. of adj. 
'i^tioQ), adv., deinceps. in order, O 
137 ; one after another, X 240. 

^{-cif&i, 'uoda, inf. also -ifuvai, ipf. 
^lov, {itvai), ex ire, go out, Qvpa^t ; 
rt voc i3 139. 

It-c(ir«i, yq, y, subj. -ot, aor. opt, 
^K-tp'kia, fut, esp. a>^€ yap, 337, and 
Ik {pkv, d 376; yap, o 318, a> 265, 324) 
Toi iptiit. speak out, A 204. 

l{-cuJ6a^ 2 sing, t^-itfju. 

l{-CKvX{a^, aor. pass, from cVicvXtui. 

l|-€Xai'vw, only ipf. ^Xawc, and 
aor. 'ifXdot, -kXaqe, etc.. drive out; 
TtvoQ, A 562 ; drive away from, tt 381 ; 
drive out, X 292; driving out (his 
flocks), K 83 ; sc. 'iTnroug, upfia, drive out, 
seemingly intrans., Q 323 ; dash out 
(teeth), a 29. 

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If-cXciv, aor. from -aipeiii. 

ll-iXKovo-o, part., ipf. -cXrcv, pafis. pr. 
'tXKOfiivoiOj extrahere, dravf out, the 
thread of the woof through the warp, 
■* 762 ; a polypus from his hole, € 

i^-i^jw = l^-sfuvat, inf. aor. fixMn 

it^l&cv, inf. fut from tx^- 

i{-c|U(nic, opt. aor. from -tfuaty 
evomeret, disgorge, fi 437. (Od.) 

it-i)ii|topc, better Osutv l^ ififwpe, 
t 335, from fjiipu, particeps factas 
est, has obtained from the gods do- 
minion amid the waves of the sea. 

l{-cvdpitci9» wv, fut. -if etc, aor. -iva- 
pife, etc., (ivapa), spoliare, strip or 
spoil a foe, nva, E 151 ; rtvxia, P 637. 
(11. and X 273, x 264.) 

l{-cpccivoi, prs., ipf. -ipUive, (c'/olw), 
make inquiry, absolutely, K 543 ; ri, fi 
34 ; rivd, ^L 86 ; mid., K 81. 

l{-cp^c(r6aur> pres., ipf -tipero, -ipk- 
ovTo, (ipiio), so i so i t ar i, tn^tttre iiUo, 
ofiriyT 16; riva,y 24. 

ii-epeiiTitt, only aor. subj. -«p(irg, 
part. 'piirovoa,faU down, P 440. (11.) 

1. l(-cp^a>, fut. from -titrov. 

2. l{-e/oi(i>, -cp^ovo't, pr. subj. 'kyoi, 
opt. -eoiQ, part, fovm;, -kovaa, mid. prs. 
ipf ipkovro. {ipiia), (1) a«*, I 671, y 1 16, 
ij 17; question, rivd, y 24; explore, 
KVffpov^. — (2) mid., interrogate, a 416, 
E 756. 

l{-cpvoi, opt. prs., aor. -kpvat, tipvixe, 
tlpvaaav, iter. -tpvoaoKtv, (ipvio), 
evellere, draw out or cncay, <r 86, x 
476 ; ri rivoc, spear out of shield, Y 
323 ; laying hold of was dragging away 
by the foot, K 490; by the pole, K 

H^pxopa*'^ only aor. --flXiiOc, 9ikQf, 
etc.,egredi ex. go out o/|with gen., 
190,X 237; march forth, I 576. 

i{-«pwe(i>, only aor. -^p^nftravt 
(mere), have run atcay, '♦' 468t. 

ki'€alt\Vt ace., (irtpi), iXGtXv, going 
on fin embassy, Q 235 and <f> 20. 

^t^Tco, ace., (-irric, hoq), sexen- 
n e m, map yeart old, "¥ 266. (II.) 

H'4fTiy with gen., inde, ex, ever 
since,! 106; a patrum memoria,^ 

l{-cvpoi, aor. opt, {(vpioKiit), if he 
may any where Ught upon them, 2 

I{-Kryc£ar€«», imp. with gen., {tiykofiaij, 
educat, /e< Mm lead out, B 806t. 

Ifi^Korra, sexaginta, sixty, | 20. 

{{•ifXaoc, aoaav, aor. -ikavvta. 

l{-i{XaTor» ace, (c'Xavvw), deorfen ou^ 
M 295t. 

i{-t|jtop,ybr jic A^j, I 249. (Od.) 

lt-«i||toiPa (dptipu)), Tktr.,for change, 
changes of raiment, 9 249f. 

i^'ifywa^y aor., (-aTra^i (rjcai), c2ec«tve. 

itv|pav6ii|» aor. pass, from ^ffpaivut. 

l{-i^paTO, aor. from -aipw. 

it-vipttTlouv, aor. from -eputkta, 

l{ti« = ifetj;*;, one after another, u 
147. (Od.) 

ii'irifii, only aor., emittere, (1) 
act. inf. -^|icv((u)» tivo, send forth, re- 
lease ; remove the desire for any thing ; 
TivoQ (pov ((iijv, tlvai), satiate one's 
self with, N 638, Q 227 ; freq. Troirtoc 
Kai iBriTvoQ i^ ipov ?vto, got rid of their 
desire for food and drink—driven away 
from themselves hunger and thirst, A 
469, a 160. 

It-i6vv€k (lO^vw), straightens, O 

4t-lK^|i.T)v, 'iKtro, aor., Qicveofiai), 
with ace, reach, a place, a person, v 
206 ; gain, p, 166. 

l{-t|&evat, X 530, ex ire; better c^- 
Bpwai, from t^-iripi. 

It-icrxch extends, p 94f . 

i{-oCo'Ovori, fut. from ^/oui. ' 

4| - otxvcvak (oixvlw), exeunt, I 

ii'^iX€raXfexiit,ZS79', tmesi,^665. 

I{ wXco-oiv, 6X€«t€, aor., (oXXvfii), 
rivd, pessumdare, utterly destroy; 
Tivi ifipivoQ, rob q/" reason, H 360. 

Ik t* 6v6\ui.i€v (from ovopa, hence 
|7ronotince a name, the name usually 
follows), always after iiroQ r l^ary 
spoke the word and uttered it aUmd, 
proclaimed, A 361, /3 302, and freq. 

lt-ovo|&i^vt|s» subj. and -ovoprjyai, 
inf aor., (dvopaipw), mention by name, 
r 166; speak out, ^ 66. 

lt-ovo|fcaKXi^8i|v, adv., (ovo/ia, icaXew), 
mentioning by name, X 415; call upon, 
p 250. 

It-^t6c(v), adv., (otrtaOtv), a t e rgo, 
^ 298 ; Kfpdwv, behind the horns. 

It-oiriow, adv., (1) backwards, P 
108 ; vtKpov, back from the corpse. 
(n.)—i2) hereafter, in future. (Od.) 

i{-op|i.if owra, pai't. aor., (up/uzw), Xd- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Oym (vifvc)t without thj intentioii 
sicervejrom its course^ ft 221f. 

Ik 6powr€y aav^ aor., (6pov4it), pro- 
ruerunt, rushed forth; r 325, ex- 
8 il i i t, sprofiff forth. 

lt-o0£XXa>, only ipf. -m^cXXcv, large 
&uxiU ffreatly augmmt^ o ISf. 

l{-oxos9 ot ; ov, a, (^x<*')* eximius, 
excellens inier^ distingtashed amonffy 
with gen., ^118; with dat, 266, 
B 483; ntr., egregie, i 551, by way 
of preference ; oKXtov, above the others ; 
t^o^a dpuTToi, longe optimi, far 
the best 

l{-vir-dv-^OTT|, aor., (itrrainai), fura- 
(frpkvov, started up from under the skin 
of the back, B 267 f. 

!{», adv., fora 8, ybr^A, | 526; with 
gen., ex,ou^ of, x 378 ; foris, extra, 
without, P 265. 

Sf|o>, fat from ix***' ^^* ^^^ ^^^ ^^' 
loi=cti7. louca, see IL eucto. coSo = 
€oi;, see iog, lots = cii^C* ^oXira, see 
IXttoi. 3fov=^j/. Ibfryos, «, wf, from 

lopn^, festival; ayvrj, holy, 258. 

i&ii ov, 010, if, 6v ; koi, iuv, oXm, ovg. 
efl, vg, y. rfv ; y<n, Uv, kd, (=5?, oPoq), 
suns, Aw, her, own, avrov, K 204, t 
643 ; with pron., rov, "¥ 295 ; to, K 

^-dyoXX^Iicvos, exuUing »», IT Qlf. 

^-ayycCX'Qoa (ayyeXXw), aor., de- 
fer at, announce, d 775t. 

iir'aytip€iVf bring together, A 126 ; 
mid., X 632, crowded to the spot. 

iirdyiu aor. pass, from irfiyvvfAi. 

^-aYAOicto^ai. (ayXm^w), super- 
bitnrum esse, will glory in, 2 ISSf. 

^-i£y«i, pres., and aor. addncere, 
bring upon, A 480 ; induce, i 392 ; in- 
citare, so. Kvvag, setting on the dogs, 
r 445 ; rivi ri, ''I' 188, spread out over, 

^-^ipou' (aecpoi), only aor., to 1 1 e r e ; 
ri Ttvoci aft and place upon, H 426. 

Iirl 4ltQ (ae^bi), sviti]., prospers, ^ 

4hra0c«, ov, aor. from ira(rxa>. 

^-aiY((«iV (aiyiq), rushing on, B 148, 

^-aii4o|&cv (ai vlu>), prs. ipf. fut aor., 
agree, if 226, A 380 ; approving, B 335 ; 
nv(, assentiri; often in tmesifP 461. 

^-cum^ iaivog), only sing., ^ways 

of ncpffffoveia, saeva, (ir«ai, I 457, 
« 491. 

^-«U<nn*, pr., ipf., fat, aor. -di^at, 
adorior, rusk ypon, absoL, x ^^7, B 
146, N 687 ; Tivog, vtutv, 'itncntv (U.) ; 
rivt, K 295, "i^ 64 ; with dat of instr., 
dovpi, iyx^h f«o« laXiyoi, ^ 281 (Od.); 
Tivd, ri, invadere, attack; also with 
Kara, £ 159 (II.); ^v\. X"P^C tUfAwv 
-aiaoovrcu, move lightly in the shoul- 
ders ; at^aoOai ri, rush at, seize. 

hr~avr/ltraMit opt aor., (raViw), in- 
super postulaveris, ask besides, "it 

^-a(riOi (airia), blameworihy, A 

^-OKOttfCi, prs., aor. hearken to, tirog, 
irdvra, fiovXriv; with indirect ques- 
tion, S 63; povXiji, interfuerant, 
participate m, B 143. 

2ir-aicTijp€s («7<«>), venatores, r 
435, P 135. 

hr\ &Xi^Oir|v (dXdofiai), only aor., 
(part, at end of verse), wander about, 
troXXd, long, 5 81; over, to, with ace, 
d 83, in tmesi, ^ 120, 380. [a] 

iir-dXa<m{<raura (aXatrrew), indig- 
nabunda, «/}(%nan<, a 252 f. 

Iirl &Xcit|ra (dXit^w), only aor., ob- 
linere,6«w»«ar, /x 47, 177. [d] 

lir-dXc{i^owv (dXf^w), only fut, 
ad esse, assist in battle, rivi ; ward off, 
Tivi Ti, Y 315, tmesis. (II.) 

lir-d\T)OcCs, see iiri dXrjOriv, vaga- 

lir-oXX^avTcs (dXXdoouji), entwining 
in each other, connecting (the ends of the 
cord of war), i. e. prolonging the con- 
test; others translate, drawing the cord 
of war now this way, now that, N 359t. 

lir-dXffccves, see i^dXXo/xai. 

ftr-aXiic, »7, -dlXtio«, IV, ug, «<rtv, ug, 
(dXilkt), breastwork, battlement, M 263. 


'Eir^TV|v, a Lykian, slain by Par 

Iv-oXto, aor. from e<ffdXXofAai, 

lv-d|iij<rdTO (dfjidu)), sibi corrasit, 
heaped up for hwnself e 482f . 

fr-d^(i|ro|Uv, fut, (dfuiPw), ex* 
change, dXXifXoig; 'jrpog riva; mid., 
dvSpag, come in turn to, Z 339. (II.) 

lir-dfAOi^dlSis (see preceding), invi- 
cem; dXXriXounv iipvv, had grown 
e^cA into the other, i. e. had intertwined 
their branches, c 481t. 

Digitized by 





4ir-af&vvrop«, ace, (see follg.), de- 
fender, tr 2i53t. 

iir-d|&wciv, only pres. and imp. aor. 
'UfAvt/ovi aid in battUf absol., £ 685 ; 
nvi, 414. (II.) 

iir-av-0^iuv<u (Ti9rffii)j better read- 
ing, eV axj/ 9.f rursus claudere, 
$kut again, <& 536 f. 

lir^uv-CoToiiai) -^oTviouv, aor., si- 
mul assurrexerunt, stood up cUso^ 
B 85t. 

lir-dotSj, dat. fern., (dtidu)\ incan- 
tatione, by a speU, t 457f. 

4ir-a7r££Atto/, only aor. -iiircCXvicri, 
and part, minari, n, menace^ v 127, 

hr-apapiaK(M}, aor. -vjp<rf , fit to, rivi ; 
'apijpuj plupf. yJUted exactly = made /ast 
the gates, M 456. 

iir-apas, ace. pi. fern., (a/oa), curses, 
I 456t. 

4ir-dpi^ctv,only pres., and (in tmesi) 
aor. inf., succor, A 408 ; rivi, ^ 783. 

4ir-dpiljpct, -aprjpii)Q, see tTr'apapitrieut. 

i'K'apKku), only -i^pKCoi, aor., tcctrd 
off, Tivi n, p 568. 

iir-^tpovpos (dpovpa), serf, X 489t. 

cir-apT^cs, ^a«, (-aprvu)), instruct i, 
paratj, equipped, ready, r 289. (Od.) 

hr-apTV(n, only ipf. '^prv€ffiUed on, 
©447; arfcfoi, y 152. (Od.) 

^ir-ap{d|icvos, oi, uvBio, part, and 
imp. aor.. {apxut), hTrafoot, having per- 
formed the dedicatory rites with the 
cups, i. e. having filled the cups for the 
libation, A 471,7 340. 

iir-opory^s {aprjytiv), helper, X 498t. 

iif-aaKkw, only pf. pass, -^meq^nu^ 
the walled and turrcted court is skill- 
fully joined to it, p 266t. 

iir-(ur<rvTCpoi, ovg, ai, ntr. ov, 
(aaoov). closer and closer, close together, 
A 423; in quick succession, A 383, tr 

iiF-avkov% (avXif), cattle-pens, sta- 

itr-avpifTKU), only aor. act.-oivpQ, e7v, 
ifiev, mid. -lyai, utvrat, and mid. prs. 
-ifficoj/rcft, fut. -TjfTsaSat, attingere, 
consequi, (1) touch, rivog, A 573; 
impingi. strike, ^ 340 ; kokov {oi), 
befall, a 107. — (2) (usually mid.) par- 
take of, enjoy, reap fruit of, rtvoc, p 81 ; 
ironically,© 17, Z 353. 

M ftvoi (di;a>), aor., Aat/ed, £ 101. 

i'K'4{<^wrt {ii^vooia), aor., poured upon^ 
T 388t. 

^ir-iy^Hx* ^^^P- P^*» ^^^ (tmesis) ipf. ; 
aor. mid. -kypero, waken, x 431 ; exci- 
tare, arouse, O 567; mid., exper- 
gisci, tooibe up. 

4ir-^pc4icv, aor. from lin-Tpix<f»- 

i'K-h\yy ipf. from iw-nfii. 

€ir-c(, conjunction, after that, aftery 
when, (1) temporal: (a) with indie, 
pret, of facts, A 57, r 99, c 414; 
TTpuiTu, A 235, p 573 ; tA wpatra, Z 
489, 9 553; rb vpurov, S 13.— (b) 
with subj., of uncertainty, v 86, 363 ; 
with expectation of realization, with 
Kiv,T 4U2, X 125; with dv, Z 412, 
N 285 (see also iirhv) ; iterative with 
Ktv, B 475. — (c) with opt, iterative, w 
254, Q 14, and freq.; with dv in simple 
assumption, I 304.— -(2) causal : since^ 
with indie, Z 333, A 352, B 17U N 1 ; 
with preterit indie, in conditional sen- 
tence, O 228 ; after suppressed princi- 
pal sentence, A 231, y 103, i 352.^3) 
joined with other particles, aurdp cVei', 
but when / iirei dp, -pa, since then ; -ye, 
since at least ; cVet ori, since, now that ; 
iini ^, since in truth, i 276 [^ w -^ 
«Tf;i;] ; iirti ovv, when then, well then 
when ; irru trip, seeing that ; iwei roi, 
since of a truth; avriK — rt, simul 
at que, as soon as. [At beginning 

of verse, pronounce €^«; itrd 

ov, synizesis i-rrjov, exc. £ 364, 9 585.3 
(iir-f t, perh. lit upon which.) 

'EirciYcvs, son of Agakles, a Myrmi- 
don, slain by Hektor, IT 671. 

citcCtci,, only pres. and ipf. (no aug.) 
act pass, mid., (1) pre mere, oppress, 
M 452 ; urgeo, be»8t, Z 86, Hf 623, A 
157, E 622; propellere, drive for- 
ward, O 382, /i 167 ; pass., o 297 ; pur- 
sue (subj.), K 361; agitare, pfy, p 
205; exigere, hurry on the sale, o 
445; mid., urge on in one's interest, 
ydfiov.; pass., incitari, Aa«te»; part. 
iirnyopivoQ, citatus, eager, 6 399, Si 
519, ^ 119; desiderans, demrous, 
with inf., V 30; rtvof, appetens, T 
142 ; bdoXo, longing for the departure; 

mpi v'lKfiQ, 

lirciSdv (Ivii brj dv), doubtful read- 
ing, N 285t. 
lirciSif, see iwd 3. 
iircii^, see iwd 3. 
Iv-ciYI, see 1. iwiifu. ! 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




1. ht-Ufu (cf. ini I., €7ri), «'ij, opt., 
ipf. 3 sing, -f 1JV = -^€v, 3 pi. -«<rav, 
fut. 'lattiraL, be vpon, B 259 ; /3 344, 5e 
fotmdj remain. 

2. Ihr-ci)u {ikvat\ prs. with part, ipf. 
^lev, r)UTav, yaav, fut. cVtcicro/xai, aor. 
mid. iwuufafjikvTjf * 424, accedere 
ad, come tipon; rcva, A 29; ri, coun^ 
orcr, tfisit.xl/ 359, ^ 411 ; dpvfiaydog rivi, 
(2ret0 near^ P 741 ; aggredi (usually 
in tmesi), nvd^go againsty T 454 ; with 
dat.,r 15, Y 176. 

'EirctoC, tribe in north Elis, A 732, 
N 686, A 537. 

*Eirci^ vib^ Ilavofl^oc,^ 665, 838, 
bnilder of wooden horse, X 623. 

tircC-^cp» see eVei 3. 

Ihrcira (tVt, €tra), postea, then, aft- 
enoardy (1) in general, of mere se- 
quence, A 35, 48, 121, 387, 440, a 80, 
84, 106 J aifriK tiruTa, immediately 
after; xai €7r., 9 520 ; avTcip tir.y often 
fdfter icpioTov fitv. — (2) in apodosis di) 
iv.j a 84 and freq. — (3) referring back 
to what has been already stated, to 
IhmyfoTy a 106, y 62.— (4) of futurity, 
hereafter y j3 60, ^ 551.--(5) of sequence 
in thought, theny therefore, y 62, O 49, 
1 357 ; in questions, a 65, 1 437 ; cifter 
all. a 65, 29. 

^ir-cK^icXcTO, aor. from -KiXofiai, 

iir-^KCpoff, aor. from -Kiiput. 

^-cXavvtt, aor. ItrX i|Xcurfy welded on 
(as eighth layer) ; -fAijXaro, plupf. pass., 
N804. (II.) 

^-At|(n, aor. from -X^0u>. 

^-C(fc-pcP«urtS, pf, (fiaiviii) ovdov, 
ttanding on the threshold, I 582f . 

^-cvciKOi) inf aor. from -fipia. 

^-^ci|u, aor. frt>m -vkfjua. 

^-evi^vfov, ipf. ftx)m -vrfvita. 

lir-CKi{vo6c, pf., (dv9og)y strictly 
bloomed upon=grew thereon, B 219, K 
134 : yet 9 365, 9eoi)g i'jrivrivo9ev must 
be translated turroundsy i. e. such as 
bathes and exhales from the gods. 

(ir-cv-Tavvaa«, part. aor. from ra- 
vviMiy X 467f ; supra intendens, 
ttretching the rope high over the 96\oq 
(to hang each one in a noose upon it^. 

lir-cvrvvovTai, subj., [i»], s e a c c i n- 
gant ad — , ri, w 89; Cir-^vrCc, ipf., 
(IvTia), hamesseSy 6 382. (II.) 

lir-^oiKcv, pf., and -c^'fcet, plupf., 
(JtiKw), decet, i^ u seemly , v 293 ; usu- 

ally with ace. with inf, X 186, A 126; 
Tivi Tiy befUty Q 595 ; libet, I 392. 

Iir^t6|icv, 1 pL plupf. from vu9(a. 

lir^XtryoV) 3 pL red. aor. from 

hr'4fKkm%^ 2 sing. aor. frt)m -9rXitfa». 

^irnroCOci, plupf from iru9ia, 

^irrir^v6ci, plupf from 7rdax<o, 

^-^VT&pc, aor. from -irraipia. 

eir-^iTT&TO, aor. from -irtropai. 

Iwimtaroy plupf from 'jfvv9dvofiai, 

iir-ip€ia€f aor., (fpeiSt»j>),put to it vast 
strength, i 538 ; drove againsty E 856 ; 
also in tmesi, A 235. 

M Ipct^ {lpifi»f\ roof over = build, 

hr'€ppAatt»ro, aor. -pwut. 

lir-€pvavtf aor. from -tpviuy drew to, 
a 441 ; tmes. ipvaavrtq, havit^ dragged 
thither, /ji 14 ; rJTriipoiOy draw toward the 
mainland, A 485. [t;] 

ltr-^pxca^ 2 sing., (-f/oxo/ioi), pres., 
fut. -ektvaopat, aor. -ri\v9fy -fj\9(, with 
subj., part. ; pf -e\ri\v9a, often in 
tmesi.-— (1) adoriri, atUicky O 406. — 
(2) JtQ Tiy come to, jy 280; ri, perme- 
are, traverse, S 268, 2 321, * 251 ; 
ad i re, approachy tt 27 ; r ed i re, p 170 ; 
ad yen ire, (i> 354, of seasons and hours 
of day, arrivey come on, vvK^ icvt'tpag ; 
of advance of enemies, rpiiSrjVy struck 
and grazed; come over, i^Trvof. — (3) 
Tivi, draw near, A 251, Y 91,0 84 ; 
adoriri, £ 219, K 485; surprise, vtt- 
vof, vovaoCy vv^. 

tircofoXtof, ace. pi., (see follg.),ybr- 
wardtalky ^ 159t. 

^irf<r-p^Xov, ace. masc., (/3aXXw), 
scurrilous y impudent y B 27 5f. 

thrtvov, aor. from TriTrrco. 

iir-iairov, aor. from t^-cTrw. 

iTF-iaatrat., fut. from 1. lirHpi, 

vK-iva^oxs pf pass, from 'Otvat, 

i7r'iarr\, aor. from B^'iorrjfii. 

ltr-i«rxp¥, aor. from -«;^w. 

cir-cn^fTios (troQ)y throughout all the 
yeiry ij 118t. 

Iircv, imp. from itropai, 

fir-cv^fiT)aav, 3 pi. aor., (-€w0i;/ii<i>), 
cheered a/protinglg, A 22, 376. 

(ir-cvxcTAi, pres., also fut. aor. (iv- 
Xo^ai). (1) precari, joray, rivi, k 533; 
203, with inf ; adding a petition here- 
to, ^ 436. — (2) gloriari, exulty absol., 
X 286, 4> 427 ; rwi, A 431, n 829, Si 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




lirc^vov, aor. from *«'-. 

tir^^poSov, aor. from ppd^ut. 

tir-€X€iS (ixf^)y pres., ipf. -tixe, -€x«, 
aor. -kaxoVf praebeo, ojfer (wine, the 
breast), X 83 ; rivi, inipono, place 
upon, p 410; in stare, ctttackj r 71 
(tmesis, x 75); ri, occupare, eaftend 
offer, * 407, * 190, 238 ; cAcofe, ^ 244, 
u 266; restrain the mind from ; sc. iav- 
Tov, kq)t aloof y 186. (See ifl-wx^ro.) 

iir-t^PoXos (d/3oX«a>, co/we wj contact 
with), particeps, possessing, )3 319t. 

fr-tiYKcvCScotriv, dat. pL, t^ppermost 
streaks, or planks of ship, forming the gun- 
wale, e 253t. (See cut No. 35, letter c.) 

*ir-t|ev, see 1. tTr-eifii. 

^ir-T)€Tav6s, oi, ovq, 6v, (aiei), laiUng 
constantly, i^eut always, abmdomtiy, k 
427. (Od.) 

^ir-i^icv, from 2. tvupn. 

^-i^Xvdov, redierunt, aor. from 

^-T))u»tPoC (dfiHpvS), serving for a 
change, ^ 513 ; oxneg, cro««-bars, shut' 
ting one over the other in opposite direc- 
tions, (See cut No. 32.) 

cir( T i?i(i.i^i, nods to (the wind) with 
its ears, i. e. dips its heads to the wind, 
B 148t. 

hri/\y=i7rti dv, when, after, (1) with 
subj., (a) of fut. expectation, ^ 414, O 
147, a 293, H 96, M 369, 5 412, x 254 ; 
(b) general supposition, 9 553, | 130, 
T 223. — (2) with opt., (a) dependent 
upon clause containing a wish, and 
thus attracted into opt., O 227 ; (b) 
iter., ^222. (t wei av = i irij-ifv = i tijv.) 

4ir-nvcov, -rjoav, see iw'aivBOfitv, 

jhnitcv, aor. from xriyvvfu. 

^-^irvov, ipf., (rjvrvtMji), dfjuftorkpoitn, 
utrisque acclamabant, aj^plaud, 
S 502t. 

^-i{p&T09» ov, ov, a, (kparog), lovely, 
pleasing, d 606, X 121. 

cir-i{pcTp4>i {spBTfi6s),JUted with oars ; 
but )8 403, flK <Ae oor. (Od.) 

«ir-^pc^cs, hag, (ipe^), overhanging, 
steep, M 54, ix 59. 

'£in{piTos, name coined by Odys- 
seus, a> 306t. 

^ir-f|p<rf, aor. from 'OpapivKkt, 

iiT'XfluVy see 2. tir-Hfu. 

tV-n-n^s, y, discreet, v 332, <r 128. 

tir-i{Tpi|ioiy a, crebri, a, numerous, 
2 211. (IL) 

^-t|TiSo«, gen., {-riTVi, -ijrfe), bene- 
volentiae, 306t. [^->^w] 

»irC, I. adv., ^Aereto, O 321, ^ 840, 6 
507, K 466 ; thereupon, y 9, A 630 ; on 
the upper part of it, II 612 ; moreover, 
i 443, 2 529 ; thereon, I 187. So nat- 
urally tem.=i7re<m, adest, 9 563; est, 
\ 367, r 45, E 178, N 104 ; imminet, 
hangs over, ^ 110. — IL prep. A. with 
ace, (1) of the point or goal (a) aimed 
at : toward, to, B 218, a 149, xc<^«C 
{oXXov, dXro, iwv, F 154, M 375 ; vrjctSf 
9iva, A 440; in hostile sense, upon, 
against, E 590, A 343, M 375, 443. N 
101, P 504, K 85, * 248, p 295 ; over, 
a 146; upon, e 84, N 682; i// 76, 
= stopped my mouth; upon, 'i^tro ; at, 
^ 171 ; (b) attained : to, l^i, K 470, 9 
226 ; upon, e. g. descend from chariot 
upon, fall upon, K 541, x!^6va,'¥ 398, 
A 18 ; sit upon, S 437 ; (c) esp. with 
neut pi, TffUT€pa, to our house, o 88 ; 
apccrrcpa, sini8trorsum,a sinistra, 
^f5»a.--(2) of purpose, (a) with verbs 
of motion, 9 395 ; cenatnm ire, to 
394; cubitum, ^ 455; ipya; ta 466, 
ad arma concurrere, hastened to 
arm themselves ; <rrixag, to, i.e. in or by 
ranks ; (b) with verbs of seeking, go 
for, fetch, y 421, cf ^ 17, N 459.— (3) 
of extension (a) over a space, X 577 ; 
'TTovrov, yaiav, vutra 9a\d<rtnig, <r 131 ; 
dpovpav, ^dva, Q 532 ; dtma, v&Ta, 
B 308; {vavrag) dv9pu}irovg, throv^- 
out the whole world ; oooov, how far ; 
roooov, so far, so large; ijfAiov, as far 
as the middle; woWd, far and wide; (b) 
in time : drip6v,for a long time, P 41 ; 
Xfiovov,for a time, until, ly 288. — (4) 
secundum, according to; lo€t, uni- 
formly; oTd9fir\v, by the rule, straight. 
— B. with dat, (1) local : upon, aU 
)8w/«)ic,cf.^ 134; x9ovi, humi, in ter- 
r i s, trvpyift^ ^^^9V ^^^ i^xapwlnv, yov* 
vaoi; amid, a 218; Kredreoiri, vtivoi^ 
ffTa9fAoi(n, i^drvy, avropi, v 221 ; on, 
at, cf. French sur, on the river, A 7 12 ; 
priyfAivi, 9ivi, xprfvy^ oStji, KoXirtp, fial^tfi, 
upon ; over the corpse of, A 261 j t» rt« 
place of, n 649, P 400; of motion to- 
wards, with subsequent rest, freq. with 
verbs of motion, esp. iriima, x***** Ti9rifu 
(tm (ftptai, enjoin upon), e^ofiat, also « 
375._(2) temporal r ijnari, ct French 
un jour; after, fl 163 sqq., '^ 401, 
614^3) attending circumstance: with 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




this inteDtion, rtfd' M Ovfjuf, ir 111, 
with work unaccomplished, A 235. — 
(4) i^proach : t^xm, at or near^ a 103, K 
568, r 23, O 743, P 574, viji/at ; flvai, 
succor; ^reXo/iat, come upon, vGO; at 
or against, d 822, X S> A 382, T 15, O 
327. — - (5) additional circumstance : 
over and above^ besidety ri 216, p 454, x 
264, I 639. — (6) causal : for, iofywift ; 
motive : because of, tt 19,T 35 ; m honor 
of, atOXivtiv, with hostile intent, 
ogctitut, K 185 ; iqnm clear right, tr 414 ; 
for, A 162, K 304, >l^ 574; condition : 
upon, * 445. — C. with gen., (1) local : 
upon, in, on, vrjog, i^Trtipov, dypoVf vtv- 
pif^tv, Upto^iv, iTTTTwi/, wvpyov, over 
the battle-field, P 368 ; agamgt, f\ 278 ; 
with verbs of motion, fiaivto, V^w, «^o- 
fjMi, TiBrjfu, ipvu, vi)oc, upon the ship ; 
iKpw^iv, y 353 ; di^i6<fnv., dpioTepo^iv ; 
i 238, to the verge of the island, A 546, 
>F 374. — (2) temporal: iiprjvTiQ, pace, 
in time q/" peace, >k 332.— (3) of goal : 
make /or Psyria, y 171. — (4) eVi wai- 
dbg 'iirttrOai, accompany a daughter, a 
278 ; c0' vfifituv, btf yourselves, H 195. 

Iirl loXXovTo, ipf taWe, aor. -irjXi, 
-t^Xai, in j i cere, nW ri, /<^ ttptm (hand- 
fetters); immittercwfMi w/Mw>. j3 316, 
o 475 ; X ^^> brought to pass, [r, with 
anmn. 7.] 

^ri-aX)icvo«, aor. part, from €0- 

^m-avS^vci, see i^av^avio. 

rr-C&xov, tmesi, inxf> ipf » ((ax<*>)i ftc- 
elamabant, H 403; conclama- 
bant,P 723. 

4iri-Pa6pov ( cVt-jSar^ptov ), fare, 
passng" -money, o 449 f. 

etri-faivifiLWf 'tiv, pr. ipf., fut. -/3^- 
aofiai, aor. 'tfiriv, subj. tiofitv^ firjfievai^ 
mid. 'iPrjatTo, imp. -fiiiaio ; freq. in 
tmesi, ^e^ a footing, standi I. absol., 
^ 434, E 666; fii(ir}Ke. 11 69, has ad- 
vanced, Aa« marched forth,— (!) with 
gen., set foot on, tread, of country, city, 
etc.— -(2) fig. irea'i (the path of inso- 
lence. X 424; of mirth, »^ 52). — (3) 
mount, go on board, chariot, bed, scaf- 
fold, ship, A 99 ; climb, irvpyutv, M 444. 
— (4) with ace. Uupirip, traverse, — II. 
trans, fut. act; l7rt/3^(T«r€, and 1 aor. 
-£j3iy<T€, (1) set upon, tj 223.— (2) bring 
to great glory, 6 285 ; bring to reason, 
1^ 13.— (3) cause to mount, 6 129, 19"' •, 
bring upon, I 546. 

M. P^lXXov, ipf, aor. act. mid., freq. 
in tmesi, throw, cast upon, act. rivi ri, 4 
520 ; Z S20,pig the whip ; (vijvf) *€ai', 
stC' red for, mid,, se injicere in, €va- 
pmv ; cast lots with each other for, ^ 
209 ; pass, ipf, lag ovtr it, r 58. 

cvi-Paoicc|icv (see cTri/Satve/icv, 11^ 
2), Tivd. KaKojv, bring into misfortune, 
B 234t. 

«iri-Ptj|icvcu, aor. from iiri-pawifnv, 

(iri-p^of>a. Of, ace., (-priTtop), tir- 
TTufv, mounted warrior; avutv, boar. 

iirt-pXi^f, o, (/3aXXw), obex, bar, Q 
453t. (See cut No. 60, and the adja- 
cent representation of Egyptian doors; 
see also No. 32.) 

^in-jSoaw, only mid. fut -P«S<rofiai, 
call upon, for help, as witnesses, 9tovi;i 
a 378, K 463 (v. 1. dioaopfOa). 

^t-pov-K^Xes (KiXoftat), /3owi/ — 
avnpi cattle 'herd, herdsman, y 422. 

^i-Pp^|Ui, set roaring, P 739 f. 

ciri-/3pi§a>, only aor. -kfipwav, with 
subj. and opt., jfaU heavilg upon, fall 
heavily, E 91; make the vines heavy 
(with fruit), w 344. 

^iri-P«Kr6)u0a, fut. from 'jioavj. 

tiTi-PwTOpi, dat., (-/Jwrwp), firiXiov, 
shepherd, v 222t. 

cirl ^*78ovirT|<rav (y^owTriw), thunder- 
ed approval, A 45t. 

€iri-'Y(7V€Tat, appetit, approaches, 
Z 148t. (O 358, read oaov r tin, as 
far as.) 

^iri-y«yi'W(r<cw, only aor. subj. -yv^, 
wioai, recognizes, ut 217; look upon, us 
fighting, (T 30. 

^i-Yv<£fikirTct, aor. "kyvap^f, flec- 
tit, changes, Tivd, voov rtvog; bending, 
<& 1 78 ; IC//P, bowing her will. 

^in-'Y''»Tj, see 'yiyvwoKu*. 

^vi^ovvCSa, n^v, (yoi^), femur. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




OuTOj would grow a stout thigh, p 225. 

^iri-7p<£pSYp', adv., (-ypa^w), /3aAe, 
struck Kratching, I e. grazed, <& IGGf. 

In-ypdifHMf, only aor. -^pai^ ^ose, 
Xpoa, In 553 ; xXifpov, scratch, mark. 

"EiiiSavpoty ih town in Argolis, B 

«m-8€8po|ftc, pf. from -rpkxM, 

^i-S^{ia, ntr. pL, dextrorsum, 
toward the right {autpicioua, B 353). 

^i-8cvi^> pi. -Ug, HQi {Siofjuu)f 
egemus, we are in need of; oiic iiri- 
iivtiQ (efffuv), with gen., non ege- 
mus; j3ijy<: — , robore inferior; oi 
171, 8C. l3inQ, far too toeak; iiridivig 
txgoQa, with gen., mayat fail in noth- 
ing q/" thy right. 

ciri-8cvo|uu, ipf -thviro (^£i), egeo, 
lack; with gen., inferior sum, £ 
636; esp. fmxvQi pugnando, in bat- 
tle; but Q 385, non sibi defuit in 
pugna contra Ach.; desideran- 
tes, 2 77. 

^t-Si||UV€i9 (drffioi:), stayeU at home 
(iv SfifKfi), TT 28t. 

iiri-8vifuos» ov, ov, 01, (^ijf/iOi), at 
home.o 194,Q262; I64,civilis. 

«in-8£8«»|u, only fut. aor. act., give 
besides, *" 559; give with her, I 147; 
mid. fut. 'BiaoofiiBa (better fiattrofiEOa), 
bestow gifts upon ; and aor. subj. -diofii- 
6^a, testes nobis adhibeamus, to^ 
as witness, X 254. 

«iri-8iv^a» (Sivrf), aor. 'Sivfiaag, hav- 
ing whirled it, mid. 'diveirai, secum 
volvit, weighs (in thought), v 218 ; 
pass. 'divrfQkvTi, wheeling (in the air), 
f5 151. 

^iri-8i^ptd8o«, TTJg, (Sitppoc), rim of 
body or box of chariot, K 475f . (See 
cut No. 10, under dvrv^.) 

^k-8C^pta, ntr., (di<f>poc), 9i1vai= 
km Sitpptff, place in t^^ chariot, o 51 
and 75. 

^ir-iS^vra, aor. from iift-opdui, X 61. 

iiri-8pa}Ji^Ti(iv, elv, aor. see -rpsxitt. 

M-8po|Mv (dpofiog), ntr., that may 
be scaled, Z 434t. 

iicX Svvcu, aor. inf. expressing a 
wish; may the sun set, utinamne 
occidat, B 413t. 

^iri-Soxr^acCo, see -(Sodu), 

^irt-8<i>|iicia, see -SiSuifii. 

^iTi-cCKcXoS) ov, e, (ircXoc), con si- 
mil is, ^^e, OtolQ, aOavdrowi, A 265. 

#«v-cuc^ ace. and -ec, ntr., (-ccr^, 
touet), becoming, suitable; "^fr 246, thus 
of suitable sisse ; with ntr. (freq. with 
wg, as), iariv is always to be supplied 

eiri-cucT^» a, ntr., (ticco), conce- 
d end us, always with ovk, unend'^rable 
(unheard of),9 307 ; elsewh., inHncible, 
tmcecuing. (IL) 

tiri-ci|Uvos, pf. pass, part from cVi- 

(Vi-cCorofiai., fut from 2. tv-eifu. 

ifwi-ikirto^ imp. pres., -erac (tmesis), 
-ofuvoQ, have hope of, A 545. 

em-ivvvfu, aor. act -4(nra)icv» pf. 
piass. -eifiivog, ot, super induere, 
ptU on over, v 143; pass.,praeditus; 
with ace, H 164, A 149. 

^irt-|;«i-^Xos (0aX-, £ng. swell), 
raging, furious, x6\oq ; adv., vehement- 
ly, with xaXiTraivoi, utvkaivt, 

€ir-(i|Xc, see tV-rnXXoi. 

^-^vSavc, see i<l>-avSdv<o. 

iftri^pOf see rjpa. 

liri-ifpavA, ntr. pL, (ivitjpa'), Oitfjitfl, 
corresponding to the wish, desired, r 343 f. 

^ifi-Gapo-uvwv, part., (Qdpfrog), en- 
couraging, A 183t. [v] 

^i-OciTc, 2 aor. opt., 'TiOripi, 

^iri-6i^|iaTa, ntr. pi., (riOijpi), lids, 
Q 228t. 

ciri-6p^tavTo«, aor. from -rpixia. 

^irt-6p«iMncovori, and part., aor. al- 
ways in tmesi, Sopov, {roaaov ivi, so 
far, E 772), insilire, spring on board, 
Mjoc; insultare, leap vpon (in con- 
tempt), TiffiP(ft; aggred i,a^adb, rivi^ 
e 252, x^ 303. 

^ir-i6vovo%, pres., aor. -IQwravrfg, 
(i9vg), irruentes, rush upon, tt 297; 
also 2 175. 

€iri-(<rTopa, ace, (o7^a), conscium, 
priry to, i. e. accomplice in, heinous 
deeds ; others, pet former of great la- 
bors, 26 f. 

^irt-icafa;, only ipf. cVt fttjpC lkaiov» 
comburebant, were buming,y 9, and 
aor. Iici()c, av, 

(irC-Kop, see III. rap. 

^irt-Kapo-toii, pi. adj., (eVi ica/o), head- 
foremost, i 70f . 

*£irkK<i(rTT|, mother of Oidipus, X 

iir-^KCtVTO, ipf, fut 'KBiotrai, (KfXftai), 
lay thereon, i. e. were closed, Z 19; in- 
stabit6e«e<,Z 458. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

M KcCpci 



tWl KcCpfi, ipf. -wl/ofv, aor. -«*p<y«, 
accido, mctim, baffle, fifidta; mow 
dawn, n 394. 

eirl KcXdSi|(rav, aor., (ciXa^cto), 
shouted applause, 6 542. (II.) 

cm-KcXAui, only aor. -cKcXcnv, etc., 
hecuA, let take the land, vfjoQ, t 148. 

^m-JciXo/tai, only aor. -ck^kXcto, in- 
vocAhut, call upon, I 454f. 

hn^ipdvvvfii, inf. aor. -Kpt|<niA, ad- 
mis cere, mix in addition, r\ 164f. 

km - KCpTO}Ua>v, part , ( KtpTOfiog ), 
riva,irri den 8, mocking; only Q 649, 
i o c a t Q s, laughingly, 

^vi-KcvOc, imp. pres., fut -Kivoui, aor. 
snbj. -KivayQ, eel are, conceal, always 
with negative; with dat and after 
other verbs, E 816, e 143, (t 171 ; ^ 744, 
rem te non celabo. 

lirt-KCSvarai (trKfddwvfu), disper- 
gitnr, diffuses itself over, B 850, H 451. 

^iri-icXc£ov<n. (xXeog), collandant, 
praise the more, a 35 If. 

'EvucXtjs, Tja, companion at arms of 
Sarpedon, slain by Aias, M 379t. 

^ir£-icXt)<nv, ace, (-ic\i;<yif), cogno- 
mine, xaXiXv nva; H 177, according 
to report, 

^t - KcicXX|ji^a«, pf. pass, part., 
(cXt'vtu), closed (doors), M 121f. 

^C-icXoiros, ov, {KXiirrut), xai e'., and, 
no doubt, a tAy fox (who will steal the 
bow if he can), 397. 

^ir-^icXvc, ipf., («Xua>), audiebat, 
ri , rir/f, € 1 50. 

Iiti-kXwOw, only aor. -^icX<iMrf» fsav, 
oavro, Otatvrai, spin to, allot; subj. al- 
ways some deity ; obj. either 6i!^vv, oX- 
/Jor, or inf. after wq. (Od. and Q 525.) 

€iri-ic^a>v (icoTrrw), caesnrus, to 
strike, to fell, y 443t. 

€iri-Kovf>i{<rovT«, fat., (cVi'ic ^u/ooc), 
aaxiliaturum, to aid, £ 614t. 

lirC-Kovpos, 01, uiv, ovQ^ adiutor, 
aider in battle, E 478 ; adiutrix, <P 
431; esp. pi., auxilia (Troiano- 
rum), allies of Trojans. 

im-Kpaivutt aor. -Kf>i{vcic, and imp. 
'Kprjrivov, ipf. -tKpaiaive, (Kpofoc, 
ere Are), accomplish; nvi ri, fulfill, 
UKdiop, A 455. (11.) 

cvt-KpdWovox, indie, and part, only 
pres., (Kpdrog), have the upper hind, S 
98 : elsewh. hold power, rule over. 

Iw-KpMait (updroQ), mightily, vic- 
toriously, n 67. (II.) 

rrt-Kpi^vovy HC|»i{vcic, see -Kpaivta, 
^bHcpivioui, aor. inf. from 'Ktpdv- 



254 and 318. 

cirl Kvpc, aor. 'Kvptjaq, (Kvpkut), en- 
counter (in hostile signif. kept always 
aiming at, "¥ 821). 

cir-Aa|&t|rf» aor., (Xa/in-co), shone in, 
P 650t. 

iiri'XavOdvu), see 'XrjBuf. 

Ixt-Xiyccrdc (Xeyoi), collect in addition, 
e 507t. 

ew\ IXciPc, Of, and aor. Xet^ac, 
(Xti/3a>), pour a libation over, UpoXot, n 

JFiri Xffvovciy after roooov rig t, bet- 
ter separated ; one sees as far as, F 

€irC-Xt|Oov, ntr., (-X^0w), KaKHtv, caus- 
ing forgetfulness of ills, ^ 221t. 

kirt.-Xfi9a*, only aor. -AT)<Fev, made 
forget, rtvog, v 85 ; fut. mid. -Xritrofiat, 
aor. -eXriOtTo, oblivisci, rivog (also 
tmesis, -XdOtovrai). 

iir-cXi^Kcov, ipf., beat time, 9 379t. 

ciri-X£78t|v (3\fJTo &p.ov, received a 
stroke grazing his shoulder, P 599 f. 

cir-iXX£(ovoi fioi, ivink to me, (r 1 1 f . 

cir-cXcipcvov, ipf., (Xutfirf), mock at, 
/3 323t. 

iiri-/xaivoftai^ aor. -cfujvaTo, rtfi, was 
madly in love with him (or r^ may be 
construed with fiiyrtfiivai), 7* 160f. 

1. ^-|Mi£co, imp. prs,, ipf., (jikfiaa), 
rivog, seek to gain, make for, K 401, /i 

2. ewK'fJuilofiat, ipf -c|&aiCcTO and aor. 
-€/ia(T(Taro, (MA), lay hold of grasp; ri 
xdp = x<tp*» * 302 ; contrectare, 
touch, X 591 ; touch with sceptre, v 429 ; 
E 748, strike with whip ; was reaching 
after, X 531. 

eiri-|iapTvpos,- ot, testis (deus), H 

eiri-fji^UnrfTai, etc., see 2. iwi-paio' 

(ir£-)uurTov (-fiatofiai), contrecta- 
tu m, one who has been pcused through 
many hands,^%, v 377t. 

ciri-|MiSij<ras (jmSctit)), smiling at or 
upon, A 356 ; unth scornful stnile, K 400. 

4iri-|U|u|»€<u, trat^ Jind fault with, 
Tivi, n 97; tivoq, B 225, what art thou 

Digitized by 





complaining off A 65,93, he tUssatisfied 

int-fttvia, only imp. aw. -pcivov, «toy, 
a 309 ; wait (pi^cL, d 587), with subj., 
Z 340. 

^-c|£i{8cT0, ipf.) irarpif she devised a 
trick against her father, ^ 437 f. 

^iri-|iiT)vi«, reading of Aristarchns, 
£ 178t, vn-ath thereat, 

^-c)i.ijvtc (jiTfpiui) rivi, succense- 
bat, toas at feud with, N 460t. 

i^Fi-fUfivrjaKOfjiai^ only aor. mid. -|iinr|- 
ou£)jLc9a, and pass. -fivrjirOiict recor- 
dari, call to mind, P 103, S 191. 

^i-|&C|iivu, t£;ai< upon, superintend, ^, 
4 66. (Od.) 

^i-|i£{, adv., prom is cue, wm/w- 
criminatefyj ^ 242. 

^i-|&(<rYO|Mu, only pres., have to do 
toith, Tivi, I 205 ; accedere, draw 
nigh to, ^ 241 ; manus conserere 
cum, contend with. 

^iTi - |&vT|<ro(|Ac0a, aor., see 'pifivfi- 


Itn-fAv^uff only aor. -^{ivtav, mur- 
mured at, A 20. (II.) 

itrk-vefid), aor. -cvctftc Tivi re, dis- 
pertiit, distributed to, I 216. 

inv-vivto, tpf. ^vc, aor. -ivtwa, e, 
ann uit, Ae nodded with his helmet, i. e. 
its plumes nodded, X 314 ; nod assent, 
KapriTi, bippvai (tmesis), A 528, 431, 
as promise, or as sign previously agreed 

m-vc^pC8iov, adj. ace, (vc^poc), 
over the kidneys, $ 204t. 

Ifwx'vkia, only aor. -^crc, Destiny 
spun to him at his birth with bier thread, 
Y 128, Q 210. 

lir-<in^vfOV, ipf., {ylio, vtiiut), veKpovg 
trvpKa'irjg, were heaping up the corpses 
upon the funeral pile, H 428. 

Iiri.-{vvy (Xvvog), com muni, com- 
mon, where several have rights, M 422t. 

ciri-opici)<rw, fut., (-opKiut), p ei era- 
bo, «i0earyi(/«e/jr; irphg daifiovoCf per 
deum, T 188t. 

M-opKov, neut, QipKog), periu- 
r u m,/a/«e, T 264 ; subst. periurium, 
false oath, V 279 (vainly, K 332). 

iirX ftporrot, to, pres. ipf., {ovpog), 
watch over them, ^ 104 ; were serving, y 

^iriHxrvopivw, part du., tuentes, n ; 
having before their eyes, avoiding, P 38 1 f. 

Ivi-ovpa, see -ovpov. 

^ir(-ovpos, ov, (pipocX ^P^'Hf* ^^"^der 
in Kreta (IL) ; vwv, claef sw'me-herd. 

ciri-m|N>|uu, see i^opaia. 

^t-inunr«iv, aiv, and ipf. mtrat 
(tmesis), ^appaxa, sprinkle healing drugs 
(powder made of roots) upon, A 219. (II.) 

^irt-irc£Ocrat, to, ipf. -tro, fut -aerai, 
obey, Tivi (tnkiaoi, O 162), pvBif ; subj. 
dvpoQ TlVl. (Od.) 

cirl ircXffiix^s simul vibraba- 
tur, quivered as it struck, n 612. (II.) 

^l ir^XcTOi, ovrai, aor. -wXofuvov, 
coming, rj 261 ; rivi Odvaros, comes 
upon ; so also yijpaQ, vovoog. (Od.) 

tv-^irr&TO, -irrkoBai, aor., {virofjuxi)^ 
advolavit,^^ ^ou'arci, N 821. 

linyrCXv&Tai ('7rk\o/iai),is there there, 

Im-nXa^to, only aor. pass. -wXaY- 
xOclt irovToVj driven about over — , 14+. 

4irl wkiaiv = vXciW, irXtIv, ipf. 
-iirXiov, sail over, the sea, the waves, 
A 312, ^474in tmesl 

4iri-irXij<r(rfi«, wv, fut irXfi^uv, vi- 
tuperare, refttdre, M 211, "¥ 680; 
striking, lashing, K 500. 

ltri-irXtt<ra«, aor. part, aor. sync. 
-67rXa>c, part. -7rXa>c, (from cVittXIwv), 
«o»/ tfpon, wovrov, 7 15. 

^iri,-irvcCt)<ri, subj., irviiovtra part., 
aor. subj. irvivaunn, cif. a d f 1 a r e n a v i, 
viyt, breathe or 6/ott> tfpon, 5 357. 

tvi-iroipivc?, shepherdesses, fi 13 It. 

^iri-irp«rci, roi, m manifest, to 252f. 

^i-irpo-^|icv, inf. aor. -iripi. 

^irt-irpo-it|X€, aor., (laXXw), set before 
them, ((T0wcv), A 628 f [*] 

tirt-irpo-^Ka, tv, and inf. -kfiiv, send 
forth to Troy, 2 439 ; vtjvai, embark 
for ; A 94, shoot at Menelaos ; made for, 
o299. [t] 

lir-lm-apc, aor., (irraipio), fiol ird- 
mv iiTEffviv, has been sneezing all the 
while I spoke, p 545 f. 

^-«T^a6ai, inf. aor., see -kirraro. 

ciri-iroXciT«u (voXoq), obit, inspect, 
A 231 ; -€7r«X€tro <m'xcic,was scouring 
to find a combatant, A 264. (11.) 

liri-pp^c<ncov (Ppk^at), were accus- 
tomed to sacrifice, p 21 If. 

^iTi-pp^iqi, subj., (Ppiir.), ^ptv, settle 
down upon us, S 99f . 

^i-pp^ci (optH, pfut),Jlow upon (sur- 
face) ; -kppttv, were streaming toward us, 
A 724. (II.) 

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ivl rdviMn. 

iwt-p^axmrKovy ipf. iter., (pfiff<Tui)f 
drove to, pushed kome^ Q 454, 456. 

cm - ^ppi^av (fpiirrui) fiot, in me 
coniecerant, ccut upon me, t SlOf. 

^(-ppodos (/o€0oc ?), a d i u t o r, - 1 r i X, 
ie//)er, A 390. (II.) 

VKK-piaofiai (ruo), only ipf. -€f>p«»- 
orrO) u 107, ryaiv, at which were h'ny, 
were toiling night and day, aor. 'cppuh- 
oavTOjJhwed waving down, A 529. 

ciri-<nrc£aiv, -o-<Teiy, {oftjio), brandish 
over, against, rivi, A 167. (II.) 

€iri-<rcvg, ipf. -ioivi, (freq. <t<t, from 
oF), send upon, let loose upon, (nW), dogs, 
monsters ; met. ill-luck, dreams ; pass, 
prs. ipf., pf. 'ktravrai, -6<T<rvfUvoi; plupf. 
'ioavTO, rush up, upon, x 310 ; n, 2[ 20 ; 
€C Tiva, N 757 ; rivi, O 347 ; -^€, v 19 ; 
freq. in tmesi, often in hostile significa- 
tion, charge upon, rivi, W, 11 511, with 
gen. ; raging through the plain, mdioio ; 
bursting forth, P 737 : was hastening to 
follow, 4» 601 ; so also with subject, 

Ivi-oxoiros, ov, 01, {oKfTTTOfiai), look- 
out, watch (K 38, 342 ?), for something, 
rivoc, d 163 ; guardian, Q 729, X 255. 

eiri-oicvtcavTOi, subj., aor. opt. -okvO' 
aairo, indignari, 6e indignant at, rivi, 
If 306. 

eiri-incwtov (s c u-t u m, c u-t i s), skin 
over the brows, knitted in frowning, P 
I36t. [i)] 

eiri-o-fJivycpttSymisere, sadlg, y 195. 

«r(-«nra<rTov {ovdui), of his own seek- 
ing, o 73. (Od.) 

t«i-<nr«iv, inf. aor. from i<f>'kir<o. 

tfm-tnripXovaXf 3 pi. and part, -wv, 
incitans; e 304, rush to the spot. 

Iiri-Krir^o^fu, -oinav, see iip-kirut, 

hn.-<ra%iyfiy etc., see iin-otiiav. 

^iri-otrcvg, see -o^vy. 

i'wl'ira'wrpay wv, oig, sing., ^ 519, 
{afu»-,oevu),tire. (II.) 

itri-ord&^v, adv., (iorofiai), stepping 
up to in turn; ir 453, were making 
ready (standing) on the spot. 

Iir-C<nra|iai, prs. ipf, and fut -lerr^- 
aovrai, know how, understand, with inf., 
B 61 1 ; yot (ppeoi, of intellectual com- 
prehension, in one*8 thought, tpya, rj 
111 ; be skUlful, an adept in, etc. (in 
this sense, part, very common) ; 0op- 
fiiyyoQ, 406; with skUlful feet, 2 599 ; 
oKOPTi, in throwing the spear, also of 

animals ; though knowing well in your 
hearts, S 730. 

fir-iorrd|iiv«*f (-i (rra/iat), skUffuUy, H 
317; tuicai— ,!// 197. 

€«i - OT^TH, dat, (iorafini), jt c c e- 
d e n t i, beggar, p 455t. [a] 

IwX tk imvaxwro (ortvdx(**), vxtiled 
in rtplg,T 301. (LI) [a] 

rirl y loTcvc (orcvw), groaned in an- 
swer, Q 776t. 

^i-<rri^o« {orkiput) olvoio, filled to 
the brim with wine, 6 232. 

Iiri-<rrc0o/iat, only aor. -€oWi|ravTo 
TTOTolOffiUed to the brim with drink, A 

Iir - um{|MiV ( Iviorapat ), discreet, 
through thought and instinct, ir 374f . 

iwl-irrXov {iorapai), place where the 
ships stand when drawn up, ^ 265t. 

i«-coTovdxt)<rc» aor., billows roared 
as they closed «/»» her, Q 79t. [a] 

€irl ^oT^pcow, aor., (orophvvfu), 
spread over, ^ 50t. 

€m-(rrp^as, part, aor., (<rrp6^), 
having turned him toward the Achaians, 
r 370t. 

^-0Tpo4^8i|V, adv., (oTpfifnD), turn- 
ing in every direction, on every side, K 
483. [a] 

M - orpo^ot {(rrp€<lna) avOpwirutv, 
conversant with (in his wanderings), a 

*Eir£-<rrpo^, (1) leader of the Hali- 
zonians, B 856t.--(2) son of Euenos, 
slain by Achilleus, B 692t. — (3) son of 
Iphitos, chief of Phokians, B 51 7t. 

iirt - oTpitt^MMri (=aov(n) 7ro\i/ac, 
circumeunt urbes, haunt, p 486f. 

"EirCaTttp, a Trojan, slain by Patro- 
klos, n 695t. 

«iri-a^p£oiS, dat. pi., (er^vpov), apa- 
pviag, furnished vnth clasps around the 
ankles, F 331. (II.) (See cut on next 

hri'Oxtp^f adv., (<TX€p<5c), in a row, 
close together, * 125. (II.) 

€iri-<rx«rCtiv, ace, («7r6x<«>), fdOov, 
pretext, 71t. 

ktri<rx€ax%, i), (Mx(*di '^e»<ra*n<, with 
inf., a 451. 

Iir-toxctv ((X*^)' ( ^ ) ^W to their course, 
P 465.---(2) rivi, i m p o n o, ^ 241 ; 
0v/ioi/ nroc, restrain one's thoughts 
/row — ; mid. part, aiming at,x 15. 

iirX TiiLviWrc, (tav, (also oo), only aor.,, 
extend, stretch out over, extend over, H 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




359, IT 567 ; laid it down upon^ o 283 ; 
drewfojtffard 6y, a 442. 

tiri-rdppoOo^, ov, w, oi, (p60of), 
springing to aid f adiutor, helper. 
(II. and to 182.) 

ciri-r«ivw, only pass. pf. -t^to,- 
Tai., plupf. -rfiraro — nvi, m spread 
over, \ 19. 

^iTL-WXXu, pr. ipf. aor. act. and 
mid., lag upon, man dare, rivi raSe^ 
fivOov {Kpar6p6v)j %<piTndg, E 818, 
(TuvOeaiag • Hjdif aJc» troWd, earnest- 
ly, fw, sharply; mid. also fivBif} — rids 
KfXsvtig, K 61 ; impose, \ 622, a 327 ; 
give orders, p 21 ; pass, plupf. kreraX' 
TOj commands had been given, [tirl, xj/ 

cm-Tcpirerai ipyoiQy takes pleasure 

€irt-T^TpairTai, -rtrpd^arat, see ^rpk' 

iin-nfiii (reiVoi), intente, inientlg, 
28 ; gtacklg, A 142. 

itn-riOrimy prs. ipf. fut, aor. 3 pi. 
-^6v|Kav, subj. -0«'(i>, opt. -OeiTSf inf 
-Oeivatj -Osfievat, aor. mid. -b9(to, -Oe- 
fievog (freq. in tmesi), put to, addy rivi 
rt, H 364 ; confer, ^r 400 ; <j>pf(Ti, put 
into the mind ; devising trouble, E 384 ; 
place upon, k 355 ; rivl yovvam, r 401 ; 
pile Ossa on Olympos, \ 315 ; lag upon 
(wound, altar), A 190, 267 ; \ix^u)v, 
Q 589 ; put on, H 137 ; also of veil, 
arrow on string, rivi ri, G 324 ; impose, 
9 245, also punishment, destiny ; drriv, 
send delusion into the mind ; <f>pkva rivi, 
animum advertere ad, app^g the 
mind to, place before, rivi ; close door, 
also of stone serving as door, x 157, 
201, ^ 535, [\ 525]; pass, irdai dvu- 

fiara, names are given, $ 554 ; Jtiid, 
aor. x^^P^S rtt/(, lay his hands upon. 

ciri-Tip.'i)T»p, ultor, guardian, i 

eiri-^Xi^TW, imp. aor., (-rXiivai), be 
patient, ^ 591 ; /ivOoimp, hearken pc^ 
tientlg to — . 

«iri-ToX)uiTa>, imp. prs., aor. 'iToX- 
fitjfff, (roXfjiuw), endure to listen, a 353 •, 
p 238, held out. 

tifi-Tovof [^] (reiPio), back-stag, fi 
423t. (See cut, representing a Phoe- 
lucian war-ship.) 

^ir-€To{d(ovTO, ipf., (roKd^to), were 
shooting arrows at — , r^, T 79t. 

liri-rpaWovox, prs., {irpdirqv), TpiMh- 
ffl, intrust the watch to the Trojans, K 
42 If. 

liri-rpETTw, ipf -^rpcirc, aor. 1 (-hpf' 
rpiv), aor. 2 (-tTpdvofJiev), pass', pf. (-re- 
rpairrat, -TtTpatparai), cede re, give 
over to, Ti ; with inf, the victory, (K 
79, yripai, gield to) ; leave behind him, i| 
149 ; intrust, o 24, E 750, B 25 ; v€Kp6v 
(defend end um);cAaryc with, K 59; 
9io7<n (/ii)9ov), commit in confidence ; 
(Toi 9vfji6g, with inf, t 12, thy heart ia 

itr\,-Tpsx(a, ipf, -^Tpcxov, aor. 1 -9pf' 
^avTog, aor. 2 -iipafiov, etc. ; pf. -^6- 
Spofiev, accurro, run up, A 524, K 3"> ; 
strike upon, graze, N 409 ; roll after, *" 
504 ; is spread over, Z, 45, v 357. 

€iri-TpoxaSiiv, adv., (rpoxk^ fflibly, 
r 213, <T 26. 

ciTL-^pciv, prs. act. and mid., fat. 
-oiaei, aor. -evsiKa (freq. in tmesi), in- 
fer r e, bring upon, rivi 'Aptja, b e 1 1 a ro ; 
Kfjpa, p e r n i c i e m ; x*'P«C» '^y hands 
upon, TT 438 ; =have intercourse with, 

iin-i^Oov^oiS, opt. prs., rivi ri, re- 
fuse, deng, X 149t. 

ciri-d>X^Y<^ Vt pres., {<pXky<a), com- 
b u r i t, consumes, B 455. (U.!) 

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\ lirL-0pa^w, only aor. -^^poSc, etc., 

act (1) point out, k 111; (2) declare, 

\ A 795 ; (3) show how, 9 68 ; mid. aor. 

'itppdoaro, subj. ivi^paooirai, opt. 

I ^patToaiaro, and pass. aor. -i^pdoBrfg ; 

pcrc«H« (by mind), <T 94 ; sentire, by 

senses, 9 94, votfotv, took note (of the 

I souQd), think thereon, E 665 ; meditcUe, 

liouXt'iv, devise, rivi 6\€9pov; i 183, 

that thou hast thought of speaking this. 

#iri-^pov^ovo«9 part prs., (-0/owv), 
jugtfy, T 385t. 

#iri - ^poovvip', aCt ace., (-<|>p^ov), 
ihougktfulness (presence of mind), r 22, 
assume discretion, (Od.) 

^i'tppiov, ^povi) a, (<f>priv), discreet ; 
/3oi;Xi^v, in counsel, 1^ 12. (Od.) 

eir-cxcCpcov, ipf., fut. -fjouv, (^e(ps<i>), 
Ttvi, lay hand upon, partake of, w 386, 

Iiri-x<vai, inf. aor., v. sq. 

hr^^X^^ (freq. tmesis), aor. 1 -kx^va 

To, aor. -«x«v«^o» 2 aor. -kxvvro, pass. 
pf. cfx^rot, aor. opt xv9tiTf,pour upon, 
Tivi re, d 214 ; pour out, M 284 ; met 
(sleep) over, nvi, fiXs(pdpoi(Tiv ; rtvi 
^iXta, showering over them missiles, 6 
159; heap up, earth, funeral mound, 
bed of boughs, material of whatever 
sort (mid., raise for one's self), e 257. 

Iiri-x0^vu>f, masc. plur., (x^wv), 
earthly (opp. otfpaviutvfg), A 266 ; also 
as 8nbst,li 220; =men,pU5. 

hr%-xpaio, aor. -^yp&ov, /*a// upon, 
Ttvi, n 352 ; annoy, oTtress (py wooing), 
^ 50; do harm to, k 64. 

ktn-xpiovr€%f aor. part, -xpceroffa, 
mid. prs. besmear (^mid., one* s self), dXot- 
fy, a 172. (0<l) 

Im-i^^, subj. prs., (xpavw), dXiyov 
irpaTTiBiffoi, touches the matter only a 
little with his mind, uses only a little 
his reason, 9 547t. 

Iw-uayalt pi, places of shelter against 
wind and wave, roadstead, t 404f . 

Iir-u*v, see 2. tV'€ifu. lirXc, aor. 
from 9reX(i>. firXco, tv, ero, aor. from 

^XT|vro, aor. from ireXd^io, hr- 
•CcTfi) fut from -^tptit, 

iw'oixifr^i^y vftfpog^ ipf. -i^x^"^^"* 
tmesis, S 381. — (1) obire,^o to and 
fro, hack and forth, travrnae, dvd, A 
383; ^ 282, if she herself should go 
abroad and look for a husband there. 

—(2) Tivd, accedere ad, approach, 
p 346, a 324; invadere, aUack, E 
330, A 50. — (3) ri,permeare,0 676; 
obi re, t<TT6v,ply the loom (going up 
and dawn before it) ; v 34, go to evening 
meal ; p 227, a 363, attend to work in 
the field.— (4) rm, accedere ad, a 

ltr^|Ac<r^ see ^V<tf. 

ht'Ofivufu, fut. -o|M>v|ftai, aor. o/ioa- 
otv (tmesis), sufecv in addition, I 274. 

hr-o^.^^iayt ntr., (o/i0aX6c)) the 
shield, on the boss, H 267 f. 

ht'onCisOf imp. pr., (oTric), reve- 
rere, reverence, stand in atoe of i 146f. 

iir-oirrow, only ipf. -«k»irTa>v, broiled 
over (the blazing wood), /x Sesf. 

^ir-oirrcvccncc, ipf. iter., (6irr««w), 
superintended, w 140t. 

€ir-op€yw, aor. act only in tmesi, 
^P^in* ^^<^h to, confer upon, E 225 ; mid. 
aor. part -opi^dfuvog, stretching one*$ 
self out towards, lunging at, £ 335. 

liT'Opvvbj, ipf. -Mpwc, aor. -utpof, 
imp. ivopoov; freq. in tmesi, inci- 
tare contra, excite (courage, Y 93) 
against, rivd nvi, M 253, « 366; (in 
hostile sign if.) send {against, nvi) war- 
rior, storm, wild beast waves, sleep 
(day of death, O 613).— Mid. ipf utpw 
TO, aor. -w/oro, plupf. cpwpft, surgere, 
me; ^112, nvi, rise vp against (for 

LiT'opofiai, see ivi opovrai. 

JhropoV) aor. see iropov. 

kfW'Opoim, only aor. -^povcn, charge 
upon, rush to, (a) with dat, usually in 
hostile signif., r 379; nvi iovpi, IT 
320 ; in friendly signif.^ E 793.— (b) 
with ace, P 481, spring upon the char- 

jhrof , ntr. (gen. sing, wanting), t ttcY, 
only E 879, (feTr, voc), vox, that which 
is spoken, word, A 108, 2 384, a 64; 
prophetic utterance, fi 266 ; in general 
signif. cf. vox, promise, decree; SiaKsp- 
aai, baffle, 8 ; threat, reXtiv, fulfill, 
S 44; sententia, I 100; plur., re- 
cital, 8 697 ; legend, Y 204 ; desire, S 
212; iveoiv Kai x^P^^'^i ^'^^^^ word and 
deed; ipyov ri tirog re, p 272; tiroQ 
often is nearly equal to fact, thing, A 
652, y 243 ; X 146, usually with verb of 
saying ; it is to be distinguished from 
fiv9og, d 597. 

hr'crp^vu^ prs. ipf., aor. -wrpvvag, 

Digitized by VjOO*- 




etc., impellere, (I) drive ony excite, 
encouraffe, Z 439, i 488, 561 ; rtvd, 
with inf. (nvi'j only r 531 ; IT 624, dat. 
depends on K(K\6fiivosy in other paral- 
lel examples on KiXevoi) ; ttoXXo, eager- 
ly; stir up {irritate, rivd, 9 185), tto- 
Xefiuv rivi, against any one ; dyytXiai;, 
send quickly tidings, ut 355 ; make haste 
with, mid., furnish quickly, our cus- 
tomary escort (irofiirnv), 9 31. 

^ir-ovpavu>s, also dat. pi., (ovpavoi;), 
caelestis, heavenly, \with 9t6s,Z 129; 
opp. InixOovioi dvOputTTOi. 

iir-ox'^o-erai, fut., {dxfOfjMi), be car- 
ried upon, ride upon, tTrTrbtf, P 449. 


^ir-^^cai, 'Ofiavog, fut. from i^pdia. 

lirpoiSov, aor. from irip9(i>, 

cirra [dj, sept em. lirra^P^tov, o/* 
seven /olds of hide, septemplex, H 
266. (II.) lirrd-CTCs, seven years, y 
305. (Od.) lirra-KoC-ScKO, sep t ero- 
de c i m, € 278. hrTa-je6Bft\Vf seven feet 
long, O 729t. 'Eirrd-iropos, river in 
Mysia, flowing from Mount Ida, M 20. 
^irrSyiruXoio, of seven gated (Thebes, 
A 406). 

lifTopcv, aor. from wraipia. IFrraTOy 
aor. from, 

lirr&x^ (Supotparo, divided), into 
seven parts, $ 434f. 

tirwy I. act. pres. and ipf. ^ov, were 
making ready, /a 209; he busy (about, 
TTfpi, O 556) ; ri, Z 321. occupied with; 
ptrd Tiva, going afler, K 516. — II. mid. 
prs. ipf. tintTo, usually without angm. 
tTTupriv, etc., fut. fi//o/iCT(, aor. fWtro, 
etc., (orig. red up. form <rc-2En, se- 
qui), TTportpa), accede, draw near, 2 
887; com it or, attend, A 424; rivi, ^ 
276; lipa, V 447 (nri, M 87, jS 11). 
pird Ttvi, 2 234 ; avv rwi, rj 304 ; rtvd, 
N 492 ; praesto esse, be at hand, B 
140; rivi, B 675, O 204,^ 643; what 
my strength is, and with what sort of 
arms / am furnished, v 237 ; iropfrritc, 
TTopirov, conduct; with ntr. subj., g> 
nith,saU after, faU after, 7 165, T 376, 
n 504, M 398 {belong to, I 613, A 415 ; 
accompany, T 255, a 278); correspond 
m strength, A 314^ fd'ow, with hostile 
intent, Tivd,A 154; dp<pi rivu, A 474, 
565. [fi 209, V. 1. Iiri instead of iirtt.'] 

iir-favv|M>v (6vopa),by name, I 562; 
ovopa, was given to him. (Od.) 

2ir-«pTo, aor. mid. from --opvvia. 

iir-^X&T09 3 pi. plupf. pass., (tx<«»)f 
clausae eraut, had been shut, M 

^pa-(c {fpa), on the ground, P 619, 
X 20. 

Ip&|i(u, rai, ipf. ipdaa9i, aor. ^pa- 
odptiv, {&)aaTO, ipdoodro, (f/ow), Tii*og 
{TToXepov, 1 64), am an 8 sum, be in 
love with. 

^pawi}s, f}v, fem., {Iparofi), charming, 
I 531, j; 18. 

lp&vo«, (ft, masc, /ncmc, a 226. (Od.) 

lpa{a-)aurOf aor. from ipaftat. 

iparciv^, ijg, riv, dg, d, (tparog^, 
lovely, charming, T 239, T 347, P 175, 
d 13; pleasing (prowess), Z 166 ; wel- 
come, I 230. 

^P&t£(««v, part., (iparog), Kpetwv, 
craving (flesh), A 551. (11.) 

^p&T<£, ntr. pi., {ipapai), charming, 

lpYa][c<r6<u, only prs., and ipf. eipyd- 
K^To, ipyd^ovro. {Fkpyov). work, IdboTj 
rivi ; perform, bring to pas*, ipya ; p 
321, do what is proper; u> 210, did 
what it pleased him to command ; 
wrought, y 435. 

IpYoOcv and l^pyaOcv, ipf., (Fipyw)j 
ri aieo rivoq, cut off, E 147. (II.) 

IpYOVy sing, and pL, {fipyov, A 395, 
Eng. work), (1) facinus, deed, M 
366, 1 443, a 338 ; shocking deed, y 265, 
275, TT 346, 26, ut 426 ; work, opera, 
M 412; action, B 436; task, Z 324, 
492, a 356 (T 1 33, unseemly toil = bond- 
age) ; action, opp. deliberation, 1 374 ; 
opp. word, A 395, 504 ; opp. discussion, 
T 242; state of the case, r 391.— (2) 
opus, tasks, I 250, ^ 228; ftXorfioia, 
love affairs; ipya HrvKrai nvoc, opus 
est re. — (3) work infield, husbandry, 
7r 140, 144 : dvdpHJv fiowv, k 98, i. e. 
neither •plough-land nor vineynrrf; 
dv9pu)'7rtav, afZTiCiv,=rur A, fields, B 
751 ; (pa tern a), j3 127, cf. 22, pater- 
nal esiates; bona, ds^frai, property in- 
creases which is in my charge, | 66. 
— (4) severe combat, A 470, M 271; 
/liya dprjog, A 734; pdxn€i Z 622. — 
(5) opera, trAa< is wrought or made, 
works of skill, N 432, 1 128, 390, ^ 234; 
women's works, Z 289 ; of Hephaistos, 
o 117; accomplishments, 9 245. — (6) 
res. A 294, 2 77, 4» 19, d 663 ; matter, 
B 252. A 573, X 4.50, F 321 ; dfirfxat'a, 
evil without remedy. 

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ipynf {Pepy(a)y act pre. dCpYoiMn, aor. 
ip^avj pass. pre. kpyofuvri, aor. ipx^kvra, 
pf. ipxaraiy plupf. ipxarOf also act pres. 
i^pi^ciy ov<ri, (uv, ipf. eepye* ov, pass, 
pres. iepyofiivotf part., plupf. ispxaro, 
pressy (1) «A'/< t», tvrof (with gen.), ri, 
^ 411,$ 282, jc 283; k, outside of, 6 
213 ; were covered, P 354.— <2) hold off, 
a/i^i'CtUtroque; r^X«,procul; rivot;, 
air 6 Tivoi:, Urof;, keep away from; p 
219, separate ; rtvog, N 525 ; cutting off, 
parting, M 201 ; force back, U 395. 
(E 89, better reading Uppivm.) 

tpSut {Fkpyjdt), prs. ipf. lp8o|MV, ov, 
iter. St<TKt^, €, pf. iopytocy plupf. tiopytt, 
fut ipKt**i ^piv, aor. tp^av, imp. ip^ov, 
inf. ipkai, perform, sacrifice, deeds, /3 
236; treat well, o 360; joined with 
TiKfVTdv, \ 80, a 293 ; ri rivi, o 360, 
v 314 ; icaicuv riva, E 175. 

Ipcpcwi^, y, iav, (IpcjSop), ater, 6/aci&, 
I 474. (II.) 

^BivOoi, pi., cAK^a«, N 589t. 

Ipcpos, gen. kpkfiivQ^ ipi^ta<f>i, 
realm of darkness (of the lower 
world), ipefiotrdi, to Erebos, v 356, - 
n 327. : 

ipccCvcis, f , prs.. and ipf. epUivev, - 
((put), ask, absol., F 191, ij 31 ; (iirf- ~ 
€<T<Tt) rti^a, e 85 ; rtva ri ; dpipi rivt, ^ 
asked after — , a> 262; ipf. mid. ~ 
fiu9<p, p 305. 

Ip^i(a>, only pre., Ipf tp€0t^ov.(t'/[)ic)i 
irritate, A 32, li 560 ; exr/'/f? curiosity r 45. 

Ip^d«» (ep^O* oi^ly pres., excise ; d 813, 

IpcCSovrcs, pre., ipf cpci^e, aor. tpuot, 
mid. -<TaTo, 'odpivoq, and pass. — (1) 
p;*eM against, support Jirmly, lean upon, 
ri vpoi; (trtpi) ri, (i7r<) run ; pass, pf 
ifnip^Sarai, Aave been rammed down 
upon; ^ 284, rest upon (the ground, 
ovdii) ; plupf iprfpsdaro. were set (firm- 
ly) ; "^piipttOTO, stuck fast. — (2) press 
i^MmyN 131 ; ripd. beset (with missiles) ; 
crowd thick'y togHher, aWtiXoiaiv. — (3) 
mid., support one's self on one's spear, 
Tivi ; x«*P* y«'y» ^ean with the hand on 
the earth ; iptufOti^, supporting one's 
self; sttmggle against each other, * 
735 ; ipHffdfuvog, having planted him- 
self JimUg. 

ip€uc^|icvo«, prs. part pass., and aor. 
{jptxe, rend ((r an gi), vfpl dovpi, pierced 
by the spear, N 441. (11.) 

Ipcu>, lpcCo|icv, see ipw IL 

Ipfivu (ripa?), /a//, tmble, (1) 
trans, prs. and ipf. iptiirc, tear down, 
O 361 ; pass, plupf ipipnrro : (2) intr. 
aor. ^ptirc, ipiirffci, ipXirovaa irpi/v^c» 
forwajrds, l^owivu}, backwards, yvv^, on 
the knee, Y 417. 

'£p€|&|^(, a fabled folk, d 84t. 

ipc|&vD, r/v, (tptfiog), atrae, dark, 
black, M 375, (o 106. 

Ipcjo, aor. from piZio. 

IpiovTQf see tp^*' II. 

^pcirr^lMvoi, ovg, depascentes, 
feeding upon; of lotns-eatere, i 97. 

^pipiiTTO, plupf pass, from ipiiTroj. 
ip4(rd(u, see tpw L 

ipcov^fuvoi, inf. pr., and ipf. tpta- 
(tov,{ipiTp60, remigare, row, I 361. 

Ip^oi, pi, ipkrriQ, nom. o (tper/ioi), 
remiges, roicerf, A 142. 

*EpcT|tcvs, a Fhaiakian, 112. 

^pCT|ft6v, pL a, dig, (rem us, Eng. 
rudder), oar, X 77. (The cut, from 
drawing on antique vase, represents a 

different way of working the oars from 
that of the Homeric age; see cut 126.) 

iptvyopai, pre., ipf. ^pcvycro, aor. 
fipvyi, (rue tare), evomere, n 162; 
I 374, belched forth ; roar (of sea, cat- 
tle). , 

'EpcvOoXCaw, leader of the Arka- 
dians, slain by Nestor, H 136. 

4pcv6a»v, part, aor. iptvaai, (IpvOpog, 
rutilus), redden, dye, with blood, A 
394. (II.) 

iptwmv (-awv), prs., ipf ipevva, 
track, S 321 ; seek, x 180. 

ioi^t roof over, Q 450, xj^ 193. 

*£ipcxOcvs9 Erechtheus, a national 
hero of the Athenians, B 547, i; 81. 

lp^0a>v, part, pass. tpexOopivrfv, 
rack, waste, € 83 ; buffet about, ^317. 

ipkut, see (I) tiput, say. — (2) iput, 

lpT||&ov, y, tjv, a, abandoned; E 140, 

4pT|p^8aTai, ro, pf. and plupf from 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




lpT|Ti>civ, ipf. hpnrvtf pass. IpfirutTai, 
• TOf [elsewh. i>], aor. kpriTv<nie, iter. 
ipriTiftravKfj pass. ipriTvOtv, 3 pi., AoW 
ftacA;, cAccife, A 567, B 164 ; mid. and 
aor. pass, restrain one's self, N 280 ; re- 
main, B 99 ; allow itself to be controUed, 
I 462 ; trans, only O 723. 

^pi-, like api-, and per-, strengthen- 
ing prefix, very, muck. 

cpL-avxcvcs» ac;, with h^h- arching 
necks, A 159. (II.) 

IpL-PpcfACTcw, gen. from -trjyc, (/3p£- 
fivj), loud thundering, N 624t. 

^pi-PuXoKOS, t, a = ^pi-P«SXov, ov, 
no nom., (j^wAof), M«VA large, thick c'odSf 
epithet of fertile, fiuitful regions, v 
235, 6 34. (II.) 

Ipi-YSotnroS} ov, oio, o(=ipi-8owov, 
ff}, wv, {dovTTog). hud thundering, roar- 
ing, of river, shore; resounding, of 
vaulted porch ; ec^n^, of horses* tread, 
A 152. 

^pi8aiv^p,cv, only prs. and aor. ipldfi- 
aaa9ai,'<it 792, (fpi^), c ertare, quarrel, 
contend, ripi, dvria Travruiv, over, about 
something; 'iveKO. nvoi*, wfpi wrw^wv, 
with words or by deeds, in rivalry, p 
206, n 765. 

ipi8|iaCvaKri, subj., (tptc), irritate, 
U 260t. ^ 

ipt-Sovirov, etc., see ipi-ydov-iroq. 

IpL^^fjicv, prs., ipf. tpii^€, iter. hpiZ,E- 
OKov, aor. ipitrtomv, ipi{a)(Jiu, nav, Ipi- 
aavrs, also mid. subj. aor. ipiatnToi, 
(tpig), c ertare, contend with, vie with, 
some one, r<W, in respect to something, 
n, I 389, £ 213 ; rivi, 5 80, o 321 ; irfpi 
TivoQ, e. g. concerning eloquence, with 
inf, «T 38; wrangle, contend for fair 
division of property, M 423 ; be wroth 
with, Tivi, N 109. 

Ipi-tipos, ov, pi. -fc, oc, (dprfpik% 
strongly attached, trusty, kraXpoQ, doidov, 
a 346. 

ipi-OT)X^S» BMP, f ac» (9d\\io), luxuri- 
ant (blooming, verdant), E 90. (II.) 

IplOoi, oiaiv, reapers, S 550, 560. 

^pi-Kv8^os» ia, fem.. ace, (kvSoq), 
famous, glorious, of gods ; then Btwv 
cwpa, f|/3i/c. Sa7ra, k 182. 

^pL-|jiuKctfv, ovQ, gen. ace, (fjivKdofiai), 
loud bellowing, l3ovg, "*" 775. 

£piv€<is» (Jv, c a p r i f i c u s, wVd jig-tree, 
/I 103 ; II. the great wild fig-tree, near 
the sources of the Skamandros, Z 

Ipiv6v, ro=£pfv€og, reading of Aris- 
tarchus in £ 28 If. 

*£pivvs, pi. viQ, vaiv, vng=vg^ the 
Erinyes, subterranean powers or god- 
desses, who fulfill curses and punish 
crimes, I 571. (See cut.) 

ipiov, see eipia, 

£puovvT)9 and -ovvtog, ov, (oi^Cvrjfu) 
helpful, epithet of Hermes ; also subst. 
Heher, Q 440. 

cpis> tdog, tdi, tSa, and ipXv, pi. tpiBag^ 
— (I) strife, quarrel, cert am en, iur- 
gium, rixa, pugna, £732; tpidogvei- 
Kog, P 384 ; A 8, tpidi Kvv. ndx-, bring 
together in strife, cf. Y 134, Y 251 ; T 
55, let loose dire strife among them ; 
enmity (heart-consuming, H 210). — (2) 
rivalry, Trpotp'tpovoai, displaying rivalry 
= 'm emulation ; 210, reveals to his 
host his longing for contests ; i^ iptSog, 
in combat. — (3) Eris or Discord per- 
sonified. A 73. [fe>7c, A 440.] 

^pL-or0cv^o«, gen., (aOivog), mighty, aU^ 
powerful, Zeus, T 355. 

lpL<r|i,a (Ipil^iS), occasion of variance^ 
A 38t. 

lpi-<rTa^Xov, acc.,(<rra0rX^), large- 
clustered, epithet of wine, till, 358. 

ipt-T^fAoio, ov, (TifJLrj), highly prised, 
precious, B 447 (II.) 

Ip£4>«>v, gen. pi.. oc<ri, ovq, h ae do- 
rum, yb*(fo. « 220. [(] 

*Ep.>^Xti, wife and betrayer of 
Amphiaraos, \ 326t. [y] 

'£pi-xG^vu>s» son of Dardanos, father 
of Tros,Y219,230. 

'EpiwiTis, wife of Oileus, step-mother 
of Medon, N 697. 

IpKcCov, gen., (fpicof), proiector of the 
enclosure or court, (epithet of Zeus, 
whose altar stood in court; see plate 
HI., at end of volume), x 335t. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




IpicCov (fpKog) avXije, waU or hedge 
of court, 1 476, <r 102. [i] 

IpKoSt sin^M and pi. tpicea, €<r(, (1) 
enelosurej hedge, railing or tcaW, around 
fields, gardens, or court-yard of house, 
n- 341, t; 164 ; o^ovrwi/, harrier, line of 
the teeth, A 350, k 328; x«^'f«'V = 
armatorum, O 567. — (2) safeguard, 
dfftnse (against, gen.), also as epithet 
of heroes, A 284, A 299. 

1. Ipi&o, pi. ara, (ppfiog, (Tftpd, se- 
rie appendants, ear-rings, prob. strings 
of beads, pi. (see cut to the left, an 
Athenian tetradrachm ; see cut to 
the right, Sicilian dekadrachm) ; 65v- 
vdu>v, chain = succession of sharp pangs, 
-A 117. 

II. IpjAo, pi. ara, (of doubtful con- 
nection with preceding), columen, 
(1) props, set in a row, on which the 
ship was supported when drawn up 
on shore, A 486. — (2) iroXrjog. pillar, 
prop of the city, IT 549. 

'^ppAios Xo^oc, hill of Hermes, oflT- 
shoot of Mount Neion in 1 thaka, tt 47 1 f. 

'Epp.t)s, ace. Yiv, and *Ep|ic{as, liao 
=eiw, 6^, hiav, ua, Hermes, the mes- 
senger of the gods, ^laKropoq; (in CV1.), 
son of Maia, ^ 435 ; guide of Pria- 
mos, Q 457 ; also escort of the dead, 
<tf 1 ; cf. ipiovviQQ, (j(t)KOQ, CLKaKtira, x/ov- 
aoppairiq, Ivokottov. 

'Epvit^, (1) daughter of Menelaos 
and of Helene, B 14.— (2) city in Ar- 
golis, B 560. 

Ipp,^veh ace, pi. -imv, (II. 'ipp^a), 
bed^sts, 9 27S. (Od.) 

''Epjtos, river in Aiolis, Y 392. 

|pvo«, dat €1, ntr., (opwiu), sprig, 
shoot, germ en. kpiOtiXsg, blooming, P 
53 (K 175, ^ 163, S 56, symbol of 
youthful grace and beauty). * 

|pta>, fut. from ipdio, 

cpo|Mii) see ipio. 

ipoif ff)t ov, nom. also ipuig, V 442, 
S 294, love, passion, rivoQ ; desideri- 
um, appetitus, A 469; tK ipov elvai, 
take away, the wish for — , satiate 
with — , Tivog. 

Ipircrd (jipvui), moving, living bemgs, 
^ 418t. 

Ipirvtttv, ovra, part., (fpTru)), creep- 
ing, crawling, ^ 225; from grief or 

'ipirui, only prs., and ipf. ctpiroy, 
(serpo), V3alk, move, p 158, P 447. 
tppoSarca, pf. pass, from paivw, 
IppLyo, tjoi, see ptyeut. 
Ippc, krit), iTf, imp , and ippuiv, ovri, 
(f(ppJ), go, c 367 ; hobble about, 2 421 ; 
saU, 8 239 ; imp. begone! off with thee I 
44 abi in malam rem. 

Ipmi, ai, and l^p<n|, ai, ag, 
ros, pL dew 'drops, stained with 
blood, A 53 ; i 222, neuj^bom lambs. 
Ip<n()€is, evTa,(Bp(TT}),dewg,fresh, 
re c e n s, of lotus, S 348 ; of Hek- 
tor's corpse, Q. 

^pvY|it)Xov, ace, {hpivyoftai\ 
mugientem, &e//ot6*tn^, 2 580+. 
IpvY^VTO, aor. from iptvyofiai, 
^6a£veTO, ipf. pass., {tpv9p6g), 
was reddened, K 484. (II.) 
*Epv6ivoi, place in Paphlagonia, B 

TpvOpoi, town in Boiotia, B 499. 
cptfOpos, 6v, dg, (rutilus, Eng. rud- 
dy), red, ruddy, I 365. 

ipuicaK^CLV, -KaKGv, see kpvKut, 
IpvKavc, ic 429, better ipvKaice. 
^pvKav^oi., indie, prs. from kpv- 
Kavdu), (^kpvKiu), retinent, detain, a 

^pvKtt, pres., ipf. ipme, fut. cpu^ai, 
aor. (pv^ti and red. T^ptiKaxe, ipvicaKs, 
(Ts, KOKot, kqkUiv, rctiucre, restrain, 
detain, Z 217, A 105 ; holdfast, 317 ; 
check, r 268 ; h^ld back, o 68, y 144 ; 
detain, tTTTrowt;, E 262, 321 ; F US, held, 
i. e. placed them in ranks; arc ere, 
keep away, r 16, 178, H 369, H 342, 
Tivd ndxric, from the battle ; rivi rt, 
keep oj, € 166, O 450; separare, K 
161 ; mid. pres. cessare, tarry, S 466, 
"^ 443; in M 285 = act. restrains = 

*EpvXao«, a Trojan, slain by Patro- 
klos, n411t. 

^pvpa (ipvofiai) xp^^i protection for 
his body, A 137t. 

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'E(ii$l&avOof» mountain in Arkadia, 
I lOSf. 

'£f>v|ia«, avroQ^ a Trojan, (I) slain 
by Idomeneus, n 345 ; (2) by Patro- 

Ipdojioi {^pv^ <rtpP, servo, Q 430, K 
107, o 35), cpvccrOcu, (sync. ifWfrOai, 
fipvnOai^ as also ipf. tpvao, to^ and «i- 
pvTo^ vro), pr. ipf., fut. and aor. (<t and 
c(t) ; equally common also, parallel 
forms clpv-, s e r v a r e, preserve, shield, 
(1) rtva, P 327 ; watch, k 444, p 429, i// 
229, 151, (against outbreak of indigna^ 
tion, Q 584) ; toaich over, y 268 ; ob- 
servare, 7ie«pec^, A 216; Uein wait for, 
rr 463.— (2) ward of, rt, B 859, E 538, 
■^ 819 ; defend one's self against, 8 
143 ; rivi, protect [y in fut and aor. 
(exc. ^ 279) on ace. of <t«t; also in sync, 
forms and by contraction]. 

Ipinr-iipjAaTCs, rag, i^pvut, (tpp,a'), 
chariot-drawing, O 354. (II.) 

i/oi;(r*-7rroXt, see pvoi'TrroXi. 

ipvui, kptown^ (Pipvut, verro, the f 
often disregarded, augm. «t) ; act. prs. 
ipf., fut. (<r(T, also without tr, A 454), 
aor., pass. pf. ttp^arai, -Ofiipai, plupf. 
iipVTo, vvro ; mid. prs. fut. (also ipv- 
laBai)^ aor., veil ere, trahere, draw; 
Wtv aaaov, nearer to him ; ai;, ^ up ; 
vdXiv, draw back, E 836 ; hoist aloft, 
X 176; drag ojf, viKpov, drag behind 
chariot, Q 16; draw the bow string, 

464 (ay,e 325); evellere,* 175, 
E 110; convellere, M 258, 261; 
lace rare, O 351; rivd. xXm'i/i;c> by 
the mantle. — Mid. reflexive, S 79, 
nostras; x^O, suum; S; 422, to their 
side; 125, toward one's self (see cot 
No. 37); K 165, to me; viKpov, fidxnQi 
drag out of the combat after having 
slain, E 456, P 161. [y even in fut 
and aor., exc. 21, n 863, X 351, ft 
389 ; only through trtr ; also pf. plupf. 
pass. V, exc. A 248.] 

IpXAToi, TO, pf. plupf. pass, from 

IpXar^onrro, ipf. pass., {Ipxardw, 
ipxarai), were penned up, K \5\. 

IpxO^KTo, see tpytu, 

lpXO)Mu, prs., imp. also ipxtv, fut 
iXevaofiatj aor. 7f\9ov (indie, also r)\v' 
0OV, inf. also iXOkfifv, fiivai), pf. tiXh- 
XovOa, 9ag, 9EV,9wg (O 81, fcXiyXou^wc), 
plupf. tiXriXov9€i, A 520, (1) ^o, vado, 

1 448, €ic dyopriv, dyopi}vde ; march, B 

457; ini 7roXXr/v yaXav, journey far; 
incedere, moz7«, H 208; ^^a/iat, on the 
ground ; jly, P 755, n 478 ; sink, Q 82 ; 
'irtdioio, through the plain ; fjier cuBXa, 
to the games ; fxird (n, for something ; 
riva, to some one, sectari) tifAa rivi, 
comitari; vpog ri, IttI two, acce- 
dere; u^ov, A 151; s^toiriv,go on an 
embassy, Q 235 ; imp. tpx^o, also age- 
dum,t(/ 254, p 529, 544.— (2) come, K 
540, a 408 ; irapd, aTro, tx rivoi:, virb 
"IXiov, dvrriv, forward; dyxiijioXov 
Tivi), ox^dop, iyyvBfv, <TXtd69tv, near; 
dvriov, dvra rivog, obviam, to meet; 
dvnog, adversus; dyytXog = dyyt- 
Xif\Q, as messenger; dfioiftoi, in ex- 
ch:«nge ; ivippo9oQ, liriKovpog, as help- 
er; ^og, succor; irt^og, on foot; 
ivapyijc, visibly, in bodily form ; fxopvi- 
flog, destined for her; viroxtipiog, in 
the power of; ig opprfv iyxfog, within 
spear-throw ; U fitXkwv, out of reach 
of weapons ; Bkwv, ovaa, quickly ; 00a- 
fievog, before. iX9wv, often used pic- 
torially to render the description more 
vivid, B 147, IT 521. — Of inanimate 
objects, summer, X 192; dawn, /i 142; 
night k 77 ; star, v 94 ; death, X 135 ; 
age, V 60 ; marriage, ^ 288 ; dream, B 
56 ; storm, /i 288 ; stream of blood, x 
18, <T 97.--(3) go forth, P 741, * 62, ^ 
737, p 599; aXX»/(y), away = is lost, A 
120; proficisci, set out, E 150, 198 •, 
redire, return (d^p, O 550, K 211; 
irdXiv, I 408, T 533), F 428,9 12, M 
225, w 23, 131, 206, = referri, be 
brought back, S 180; dXyog, depart 
from, X 43. — Also with simple ace., A 
322, ^ 82, ? 167 ; or -de, ^ 373, k 320 ; 
Xixo<ySe, to bed; xopoi/^«=€i*f x^pov, 
to the dance ; with part. fut. denoting 
intention or purpose, a 281, ic 284, of. 
Si 304, Q 240. 

'EPQ, I. mid. aor. snhj. Ip»|u9a, opt 
tpoiTo, imp. ipHo\ inf. ipioBat. — IL 
pres. Ip^wv, snbj. ipeiofiiv, opt ipkotfii, 
/i€v; mid. pres. subj. ipiwfjiai, inf. ipi" 
s<r9ai, ipf Ipsovro. — III. mid. prs. ctpo- 
(ioi, eat, subj. tlpatfiai, tfrai, iitfuBa, imp. 
fipio, £(rdw, inf. %'ipia9at, part, lipofurog, 
^, y, ai, ipf. iiptro, ovro, fut. eiprttTOfjuii, 
ttpijai, a 188, quaerere, seek, (f> 31; 
elsewh. cuk, rivd, A 553, a 284, ri, after 
something, H 128; rivd iwog dXXo, 
something else of one, y 243; rtvd 
dixag, seek justice at one's hands; ask 

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one afUr^ rtvd riva, K 416, O 390; 
TTtpi Ttj p 571; W€pi rivogy a 405; 
dfi^l woffHt r 95; A 513^ pray, im- 

Ip^, see tpoQ, 

kwaXiUi¥y ace, ardeam, keirony K 

1. ip«»l(tf (1. ipiiii)\ fat. i{(rii,f luere, 
^lotD, A 303 and tr 441. 

2. ipuiEoi (2. kpu}i)\ imp. ^p4&€iy eira», 
fut. ri<rov<Tiy aor. inf. ^<rat, C0a««, ni/of, 
T 170 ; with bmoout, "¥ 433, fall back ; 
but N 57, trans, you toouU drive back. 

1. ^pflM^, y, r/v. (jowo/iac, pcui, ruo), 
impetus, ^u^eep, N 590; power^ P 62; 
shower of weapons, d 542 (as measure 
of distance, flight of a spear, "^ 529). 

2. Ipwif (ipijjPri, Old 6er. ruowa), 
TToXi/joi;, cessation, pause, U 302, P 761. 

ipm%9 see tpoc. 

i/oftfraui, see (iputr^^, 

ia-^f see also da-, 

ia-aOpstj, aor. icr-aOpi^icv, con- 
spiceret, (fewry, r450t. 

ia'aKoviMt, aor. 4<rdKov<rf> give ear, 
6 97. 

c<T-a\Xo)uac, aor. -ifXaTo, 11 558, and 
2 aor. -aXro, -aWofifvoi, irrumpere, 
burst into, rttxof, wuXag. 

iaiiriv, crrtv, see afiivuvfii. 

ia-SspKOfiai, only aor. -^Sfxucov, ev, 
conspexit, adspexit, Q 223 and 

kv-^vvia^ only ipf. gf rivx^a IStivov, 
and aor. ^i;vr«, induere, |?m< on, also 
fat. ^aSva«<u, te immiscebis, toibs a 
part in, dKovriarvv, "9 622. 

ia-kpxio, see th-kpxto. 

ia-ri\arOy aor. from e<r-aXXo/iac. 

«<T^v, aor. pass, from 'iwvfu. 

icrBiffii VTog, tjrt, rfra, {FtaQ., vesti s), 
elothinff, clothes, a 165, ^ 74; garments 
given by the Nereids, (■> 67 ; bed-cloth- 
ing, ^i^ 290. (Od.) 

IUr^o%y TO =foreg., garment, Q 94f. 

c(r9(a>, prs., ipf. 4j<r6iov, «, (fut. see 
tSio), aor. t<l>ayov (ipdyov), inf. ^ayifuv, 
kuv, etc.. pass. iaOiirai^ edere, eo^, 
r«; e/< of, tivoq, i 102; consume, also 
of fire ; devour, )u 310 ; partake of food, 
la 254, p 478; $ 318, is being de- 

ia9iK&99 ri$ bv, etc., (lari), excellent, 
glorious^ kXsoC ; valiant, A 458, Z 443, 
I 319, N 733; brave, U 837, Q 167; 
noble, good, I 514, O 203, K 182, 17 73, | 

A 108, Z 489, 9 553 ; ntr., ^oo(f, bletdng, 
Q 530, o 488; costly, K 213; « 523, 
ioBXd, valuables- 

Icr-Oopc, aor., (BptHtaKut), sprang in, M 
462, $ 18. 

ioBut, inf. io^|uvai» ipf. fia9t = 
iaOiijj, eat, partake of food, c 94, 6 231, 
Q 476 ; consume, /3 75 ; devour, t 479. 

l<r-i8^a6i|Vy idtaKtv, idrirai, etc., see 

I(r-U|icvai, prs. part mid., (iij/u)* 
hurrying into, x 470t. 

^(T-Cttpvi, subj., (7^0/iai), places him- 
self in the ambuscade, N 285t. 

H licdX^oouTo, aor., (caX€<i>), ccdled 
in his wife, Q 193t. 

la--K&rd-fialviaVf permeans, trav^ 
erse, u) 222t. 

Imcov, £v, see £i/i(* 

l(r-€|M£(r(raTO, aor., (jxaiofiat), Ovfiov, 
distressed my heart, P 564, Y 425. 

i<r-6f^fo^Mif €rai, fut. from da-opdw, 

imtiploit 01, wv, ovg, (tairepog), ves- 
pertinus, in the evening, $ 560; of 
thew"st,B29. (Od.) 

Iinrcpos, ov, (vesper), evening; 
doTTjp, evening star ; iroH 'iairfpa (ntr. 
pi.), sub vesper am, toward evening, 
p 191. 

Icnrcrt, imp. red. aor., see Xanut, 
Itnr^jAcOa, etc., red. aor., see 'itroiiai, 
l<nra, ai, dfitvoQ, etc., aor. from 'ivvvfii. 
tvauif aor. inf. from 'il^ut. Icrcrt (u, itrat, 
ifftri, taa'-= iaao, see «//«'. icovvovroy 
see invuf. loxro, plupf. pass, from 'iv- 
wfAi. lowTOi, etc.. pf. pass, from aivi^, 

iaw^ivis% {(Tivta), raptim, hastily, 
^ 55, $ 347. 

Iirr&fuv, 1 pi., I<rrav, 3 pi. aor., lorJU 
juv, 1 pi. (ordfuv, inf. pf , eararov, du. 
pf. plupf., loTToirav, 3 pi. plupf. from 
'iffTafjuii. &TO, plupf. pass, from «i/- 
vvpi. l(rTp«»|uu, ro, pf. plupf. pass, 
from OTopkvvvfii. 

loTopi, dat., bdt at end of pole of 
chai-iot, yoke-pin, Q 272t. (See centre 
of cut on follg. page ; cf. also No. 49.) 

Icr-^pcrai, prs. mid., ipf. act. ta-^- 
pov, were carrying in,tjQ', draws into 
its current, A 495. 

i(r-^p€ov> ipf., (<popE<jj), infe re- 
bant, were carrying in, r 32; ijdtap, in 
aquam, into the water. (Od.) 

tvxt 13 346— fcwf, see el fit ; elsewh. 
(II.) aor. from tx^' 

kax^^f dat, at, o^iv, portable hearth 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




or basin of coals, i 59, ^ 305, v 123; 
in Odysseus's house ^ationary fire-place, 
yet portable fire-basins were doubtless 
common then as now in the East. 
(See cut No. 90; cf. also Pompeian 
warming-pan and water-warmer rep- 
resented in the adjoining cut.) irvpbq 
iaxupaif watch-fires, K 418. 




loxaTitjs, y, rjv, (itrxaroc), orae, 
border, edge, rmnotest part ; subst. ^ 104, 
remotest estate. 

loxATov, ace, taxctroi, (}%'), ex- 
tremi; aWiov, ceteris exterio- 
res, outside of the others, K 434; 
ItTxara, at the outside. 

laxAT<$a)VTa, oiiXfa, av, (Iff^oroc), 
extrema,of cities, B 508, 6 1 fy. frontier 
town; K 206, extra vagantem, 

tff-^fw, only aor. mid. ia-'ix^fvrOf 
poured, rushed in at, M 470. (II.) 

loxov, fv, tro, etc., see ix***' 


AraipnitTiv, and frapT|, (srapoc), soci a, 
armpaniim, attendant, I 2, A 441, /[> 271. 

IraipicroxLii aor. act., rfteratro, mid., 
(crflfipi^u;), nW, comitari, attend; 
mid. rivd, take as one's companion, N 
456. (II.) 

IraTpo^, no voc., and Ir&po^, oio, 
etc., du. w, pi. adj., (tnyc), sociatus, 
civrip, \aoi ; " EKTopi ; subst. s o c i u s, 
companion; comrade, £ 80 : in battle, 
danger, journey, esp. of followers of 
Odysseus in Od. 

IrcOi^irca, plupf., see ratfHifv. 
'ErcoicXticCtis, j3(i7c=Eteoc]i8, 
A 386t ; cf. 375 sqq., Eieokles, son 
of Oidipus and Epikaste. 

*Etc6-kpt|tc«, genuine, primitive 
Kretan8,T ne-f, 

lr€6vy ntr., (iffTi), verum, the 
truth, B 300, O 53; wf I. ttcjo, these 
things ye must have heard, that 
they are in fact true, SJ 1 25 ; srfd 
v€iKiiv, utter many just reproaches ; 
ft ireov (also with yl, 6n)i if 'tis 
(really indeed) true, E 104 (M 217, 
y 122, H 359) ; always at begin- 
ning or end of verse. 

iTfp-aXK^a, ace, (sTepoQ, aXn^, 
bringing .strength to others), viktiv, x 
236 (eisewh. II.), decisive ; ^rffiov, able 
to change the fortune of the fight, O 738. 
lTcp-i)p.€poi (i7//E|oa), diebus alter- 
n antes, on alternate days, A 303 f. 

Ircpos, }/, ov, etc., (1) alter, plur. 
alter i, other party, A 71 (V 210, one 
set of parents) ; hfipf)<pi = hkpy, al- 
tera manu, y 441, n 734; doubled 
=unus — alter, one — the other, T 103 ; 
cori'esponds freq. to oKKoq, N 731, I 
313; joined with pron. o, X 151, cf. v 
132 ; elliptically, Q 528, H 420.— (2) 
secundus, M 93, k 354, v 69.-- (3) 
alius, c 302, 1 302; p 266, one part is 
joined to another. 
^Wpo'CTO, see repoaivw. 
MpcoOcv, ex altera parte, /rom 
the other side; on the other side, H 311, 

iripia&tt on the other side ; elsewhere^ 
S 531, O 348; corresponds to tvOev, fi 
235 ; ^ from far atcay, E 351. 
IrcpcASf aliter, otherwise, a 234f. 
Mpaa-e, in the other direction, A 492, 
r 470 ; to one side, 6 306, SQS; in an- 
other direction^ atcay, "^ 231; v 179, 
looked away. 

MraKrOf see Im-rsXku). irenv^ 
Xaro, plupf. pass., see rtvxio. It€T(1€v, 
see rirfiov. It^tvicto, see r«i»x*«>« 

'Erfwvcvf Bojy^ot^jyCt companion-at- 
arms of Menelaos, S 22. (Od ) 
*ETf«dv^, town in Boiotia, B 497t. 
froi, yvi, ag, pi., (Fkrai = vPkrat, 
svi'i), friends, rtt liners, S 3. 

lTiliTi}|ios, ov, (trvfAog), truthfW, mes- 
senger, speech, words, v 232; real, y 
241 ; ntr.=profecto, actually, really, 
A 558, 2 128, et ^)) icai vafiwav L, but 

Digitized by 




if now even quite withont doubt, N 

*n (et, etiam), stilly yet^ (1) tem- 
poral continuance, B 344 sq.,t; 12; m 
tvtOov iovra ; tn xai vvv, even now 
once more, A 455 ; stilly B 344 ; oh — trt, 
non iam, no longer, see ovketi. — (2) 
strengthening, in koL even, ttUl more, 
B 229 ; TTpog 6' hi Kai roSt ftil^ov ivi 
^tffi, TT 291 ; with comparatives, /loA- 
Xov, oXXoc, Z 411 ; 'InpoVy K 325. 
[w w ; w — before ^//v, dtipov ; see these 

^Xt|v, i;c, ij, tjn, see rXfjvau 

iroifm^at^ only aor. imp. lTOi)UUroTff, 
ara», and mid. 1 aor. -dtravro^ and opt. 
^d(Taivro='a<TaiarOf make ready ^ pre- 
pare^ provide^ A 118, V 184. 

froif&os, i;, a, adj., praesto, (1) 
reathf^ at handy &vtiara ; fecuiMe, fiffrtg. 
— (2) evident, certain, S 53, S 96, 384. 

eropc, see ropio}. 

Irrosi «oc, «, €1 ; ea, «ti>v, (Pirog^ ve- 
in s), a n n u s, yfar ; i7rcirXo/tc voi/, com- 
ing; ir€piTi\\onkvoVy as the year came 
round; irporipiav, in by-gone years, 
A 691. 

Irpairc, etc., see rpiinjj. 

^pa^cv, aor. pass. -en}v, aor act. 
from rpi^iM*. 

MfAov, a, oiaiy ntr.,(tr€oc), verum 
(dicere, K 534), pi., truth, t 203 ; 567, 
bring accomplishment ; irvfiovy really , 
^ 26 ; oif Ir., falso, "ir 440. 

IriMriovy a, {PiTii»<T.), vanum,y/iiA- 
2en, iyxog, fiiXta. 

ci, Iv, (for Iw, ntr. from ^i/f), and 
^^v, good (in widest signif), (1) adv., 
wdly skWftdlyy carefully, v 20 ; joined 
with KarcL Kotrfiovy fitly, in due form ; 
Kai iTTurrafikviogy tiSsvaiy yvwvaiy etc. ; 
iv<f>povtiVy well advising, intelligent, 
A 73. — (2) morally welly fid^ovaiy <l>po- 
vav, bene velle, i; 74; iphtv rivdy 
bene facere. — (3) feliciter,pro»- 
perouslyy A 19, B 253. — (4) with vaio- 
luvogy well inhabited, liaOitable, so also 
veutrawtra ; strengthening = quite, be- 
fore vdtrrigy fidXa. — (5) in composi- 
tion, before two consonants or a double 
consonant, usually ii;-, elsewh. ev-. 

€C=ov, sui. 

ci^-ayycXiov (dyye\og)y reward fir 
good tidingty ^ 152, 166. 

c^MiSc = ittFah, aor. from dvbdvuty 
-^AtkQViiiy pleated. 

Ei - ai}fcov£8i|$, son of E^a()u»y, 
Eurvpylos, grandson of Ormenos, 12 
76, H 167. (II.) 

cv-av6^i, dat, nom. -av9hg* (dv9og)f 
Xaxvy, with luxurianty abundant down, 
X 320t. 

Wt'dv^ifi, father of Maron. i 197t. 

Ev-pou^ island of the Abantes, B 
536, y 174,1; 321. 

cv-PoTos> abounding in fine cattle, 

cvYiiATO, pi., (ivxofiai)y K€vdy empty 
boastings, x 249. 

4v-Yvd)MTOi«, dat pL, (yvd/iirrw), 
gracefully benty o 294 f. 

ci»-8t(cXof , ovyov, (ikXog), clearly-, or 
far-seen ; others, western, sunny {duXrj ) ; 
of islands, esp. of Ithaka, /3 167. (Od.) 

ci-StK(a«, ace, (^imj), dvsxy^h n^&iii- 
t&inR justiccy r Ulf. 

iv-^^i^TOv, 010, Hi, ovy wVy ovg, (dkfiot\ 
well btiiUy well fashioned ; wall, altar, A 
448, rj 100. 

evdiOy pres. subj. 2 sing. evSyoBay ipf. 
fSSov, iter. e^StoKty sleepy sweet sleep, 
sleep of death, S, 482 ; be still, £ 524. 

£v-8fl»po«, son of Hermes and of 
Polymele; chief of Myrmidons, n 186, 

ci-€i8ca, ace, (jtl^og^y well tihqped, 
beautiful, T 48t. 

ci-c(ryc<r{T|, ac, (ipyov), well-doing, 
Hndnessy x 235, 374t. 

ci-fp-yifs, kog, ea, «c, im\ (ipyov), 
well madCy well or firmly wrought (ship, 
chariot, seat) ; pi., bene f a c t o r u m, 

c^pY^, fem., (Ipy ov)y excellent, X 
434. (Od.) 

ci-cpK^o«, gen. from -fp«f^c» (^p«oc)» 
avKriQy wellfencedy well enclosed; p 267 
(v. 1. impyug), with strong posts, 

^(vyov, gen., pi. -ot, {(^vy6v)y firmly 
builty well bound together (with strong 
cross-b«,ams), V 116. 

iv*(ci;vos, oio, ovgy (^mvtj), beautifully 
girdledy the girdle giving a graceful 
form to the garment, Z 467, A 429. 
(II.) (See cut) 

cv-tfycvlos, fijJVy (ykvog), well or nobly 
bomy A 427. (II.) 

€^-t|y€<r(t)s (r)yii<r9ai\ t^-, in conse- 
quence of good government (v. I. tmpyt- 
^^VQ)* ^ 1141- 

cir-T|K^o«, gen., 'Tjg, (aca>v), well* 
pointed, sharpy piercing, X 319t. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Wn\vivt\, daughter of Euenos, Mar- 
pessa, I 557i-. 

E^ifvopCSris, 9on of Euenor^ Leiokri- 
t08, /3 242. (Od.) 

EvT|y^, Even US, (1) son of Sele- 
pios, B 693.— (2) father of Marpessa. 

cv-i{vopa, ace. from -wp, (ai^^p), 
manly ^ ffluriou8,fanmu, i 622. (Od.) 

FJirivtop, opoQy father of Leiokritos. 

c^TJpcs, ea, ntr.,(apf7pa>c)« loe/l poised, 
handy, epithet of oars, X 121. (Od.) 

iv-Opt^ only kv^pixast with fiowing 
mane, ^ 13. [i] 

lv-Opovo«, o»/, (0(oorof) 'H<«>c» «^ 
beautiful throne, well throned, 6 565. 

tv9v, see lOvc* 

c<>-0v|M>s, toe// disposed, kindly, K 63 f. 

Ev-i<inro«, a Trojan, slain by Patro- 
kloe, n417t. 

cJKKapyir^a, ec, («a/iirrui), toe// 6cn<, 
curved, sickle, key, 6. (Od.) 

cii-KcdTOio, ^en., (Ksiw), easily cleft 
or spKt, € 60t. [a] 

cvict|Xos, 01, (fwyXoff, £-Aic.), ^wic/, 
unmolested, A 554, y 263. 

iv-icXer)^, masc. pi. ace. -icXctof, ntr. 
sing. -K\ekg, (icXeoc), adv. ivtcXcui>s, 
glorio8U8,^»ioiM, K 281,10 331. 

Iv-kXcCi), riQ, good reputation, fame, 
6 285, K 402. 

lv-icXi{i« (fcXi;/^), close shutting, Q 

Iv-mnfluScs, ag, (Kvrifjus), wellgreaved 

(Achaians, companions), A 1 7, )3 402. 
(See cut under dfufu'liportu'.) 

€h-K6ayM99 u;ell disposed, weU ar^ 
ranged, <f> 123t. 

Kr-KT^iuvov, ij, riQ, ffv, (icribj), bene 
cultus, well tilled, laid out, appointed, 
built, B 501, 1 130, * 77, w 336. [i] 

W-ictItov (icn'w), frmly built, B 

cincrd (cvxo/iai) yei/f/rai, occasion for 
triumph (eixog^ tvyfia), 3! 98 1. 

cv-idiKXov, ou, ovf, (kvicXoc), well 
rounded, weU rimmed (11.) ; well wheeled, 

ci-Xff£|MiV (\anbitv), abounding in 
meadows, adapted for (cattle) pasturing, 
8 607t. 

cvW, dc, fern, pi., maggots, X 509. 

cvXTipa (iA., vlora,lora?), reinsj 
* 481t. 

£(h|muo«, son of Ktesios, Onneni> 
des, o 414; the illustrious swine-herd, 
9r 461 ; faithful to his master Odys> 
seus,cf ? 17-190, X 267. 

cv-|icv^T||oi.v (/icvoc), those who think 
rightly, the well ^Asposed, ^ 185. 

Ei»-|&i{ST|«, father of Dolon, Trojan 
herald, K 314, 412. 

cv-|&tiXof (jifiXa), abounding in sheqt, 

Ev-umXos, son of Admetos, ^ 288. 


iv-|iiuX£t|s» ov, and <i>. riv, ai, (also 
with smgle fi, <r/ieX.), skillful with the 
spear, y 400. (II.) 

civottt, fut. tvvdokt [a], mid. pr. 
(vvd^ioOai, ipf., {tvvq), put in ambitsh, 
d 408 ; mid., lay one^s self down, sleep, 
V 1. (Od.) 

cii-vaicrdovTCS, ore* (va^irdw), pleas' 
ant to dwell in, comfortable, B 648, /3 
400. [a] 

c{r-v<u6|ACvov, y, »;, tiv, (yaiio), well 
inhabited, thickly peopled j of cities, esp. 
Troia,A 164. 

livdui, aor. act. c(fVT)(ri> pass, iivti- 
9f}vat, (ivvri), pi tee (in ambush), S 440; 
still, quiet (lament, wind); pass., lay 
one's self to rest^ (iu)<f>i\6rrirt, of sexual 
intercourse, F 441. 

tMi (no gen. dat. pl., but the form 
tivfjipi), bfd, couckt of individual, 1618; 
of army, K 408 ; of wild animals, cat- 
tle ; also marriage bed, eohabUcOion ; 
bedding, r 317, K 75, i// 179; hedtteadt 

Digitized by 





\ a 427, j3 2, 2. Plur., freq. mooring 
gtoneSf which served as anchors, having 

I cables (vpvfivqoia) attached to them, 
and being cast upon the land or on 
the bottom, A 436, 476.— ff^vi)0cv dvi- 

I araroy aro&e /rom his couchy v 124t. 

Ev-vt|o«, son of Jason, king of Lem- 

I ii08,H 468. (11.) 

welly frmly woveny 2 596. 

cvvvj^, see ivvfj, 
I cvviv, ace, (deriv. doabtf al), lacking , 

SBriKiVy TToiifoaQy orbavit, X 44, i 524. 

c^-vo|&£tiv (vo/ioi), good order^ obedi- 
ence <o lawSy /o 487f. 

iv^coTov, ovy (fty 01, y, rjVy ag, (^iw), 
I veil icrapedy smooth, poUthed, O 275, 

It^oov, oVy K 373, ivKovy (C^'cc). toeff 
pUinedy polished; only c 2^1 y polishing 

cv-opfnos, ov, (opfiog)y affording good 
moorage or anchorage, ^ 23. (Od.) 

cl>-iraTcp€(||, tiCTv, (irarnp), sprung 
from noble father , high-bom, epithet of 
Helene and of Tyro, Z 292, X 235. 

EiMirc(6i|«, toe, ta, father of Anti- 
noos, slain by Telemachos, w 523. 

cv-irlirXtt, or, <i>v, fem^ {vkwXoc), 
with beatOiful mantle, beautifully robedy 
£ 424, ^ 49. 

4v- 10171^ (vfrrwfii), strongly builty 
f 334t. 

lv-«-if KTOv, y, <i>i», (wfiyvvfii), firmly 
joined tt^ither, veil built, of ship, tent, 
apartment, B 661, 1^ 41. 

^-irXciT|v {irXtiog), well filled, p 

iv^irXcK^cs, kac, and iv-irX^icry, ovc, 
well pliited, of body of chariot, tassels, 
cord, etc.. * 335, B 449, ^115. 

iwXo(T|v, ace, (irXoof), prosperous 
voyage, I 362t. 

iv-vXoK&jiiScs and ^-irX^K&fiot, % 
ov, o(, otoiy {irXvKafjiog), adorned wUh 
beautiful tresses, fair-haired, epithet of 
goddesses, c 125, 390; of women, Z 
380, /3 1 19, X 442. (See cut No. 47.) 

Iv-irXvvts {trXvvio) ^oLpoQ, well washed 
(fair-shining), 392. (Od.) 

cii-iro£i)TOV, 010, oioi, a, dtoVy yoi, 
(trouw), well made, well wrought, of 
works of skill, £ 466, n 106, 636. 

e^-ieprtftmv (irpfiBw) dvTfAr}v, spark- 
l**^ifi^ breath, or strong blowing, 2 

lv-vf>v|ivoi (irpvfitni), with weU-round' 
ed stems, A 248t. 

Iv-wpYOV (trvpyog), well towered, H 

Iv-irtiXov, ace., (vwXoq), abounding in 
horses, 'IXiov, £ 551, j3 18. 

tbp^i, on one side, A 251, O 541. 

(v-pffii; see iv-pptloQ, 

ivpioKw, only aor. cvpov, etc., mid. 
prs. imp. tvpio, opt.-oi/ii7v»aor. tvptro, 
invenire, reperire./fMiott<,</Mcowr; 
mid. rktcfiiop, goal, end, remedy ; invent 
a name *, draw down upon one's self, ^ 

iv-ppoo«, ov, ippo-, pkio), beautifuUy 
flowing, H 329, * 130. 

E^pof, Eur us, S,E. wind, stormy, B 
145 ; but warm, r 206. 

c^pof, ace, TO, (ivpvg), in breadth, \ 

Iv-ppcTos, gen. and (11.) kv-ppeimOf 
riv, {optt-, p'kiit), fair fiowing, Z 508, | 

iv-ppa/^€awi (pdwrut), firmly sewed, 
P 354, 380. 

cipv-dyvu^ av, (a-yi'ia), brocul-street- 
ed, epithet of cities, Troia, d 246, B 

Evpv-dSvif , suitor, slain by Telema- 
chos, X 267 f. 

Eipi{-&Xo«, (1) son of Mekistos, com- 
panion of Diomedes, Z 20, ^ 677. — (2) 
aFhaiakian,^ 115,396. 

Eipv-pdnis, herald (1) of Agamem- 
non, A 320.--(2) of Odysseus, B 184, 
r 247. 

£^pv-8ct|ia«, (1) father of Abas and 
of Folyeidos, E 149. — (2) suitor, slain 
by Odysseus, x 283. 

Eif>v-8tict|, daughter of Klymenos, 
wife of Nestor, y 452. 

E{»pv-icXcu^ daughter of Ops, a 429 
nurse of Odysseus, and faithful house- 
keeper in his palace, r 357, /5 361. 

cvpvHcpcCow, far' ruling, Agamem- 
non, A 102 ; Poseidon, A 751. 

IK^pv-XoxoSy companion and cousin 
of Odysseus, k 232, X 23, /x 195, 339. 

Ei&f>v-|iaxo«> son of Polybos, a 399; 
suitor, slain by Odysseus, x 82. (Od.) 

Eipv-lfc^Sovaa, attendant of Arete, 

Eif>if-fU8«iv, (1) son of Ptolemaios, 
Agamemnon's charioteer, A 228. — (2) 
Nestor's servant, 6 114, A 620. — (3) 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




king of the giants, father of Periboia, 
97 58. 

tiipv-ydrto^ov, 01, tav, ov£, broad- 
browed, K 292, \ 289. 

"Etbpv^CSvfi, Eurymos's son, Telemos, 
seer among the Kyklops, i 509f . 

W>^-v6^t\i (I) Okeanos's daughter, 
2 398. — (2) Penelope's stewardess, p 
495, T 97. 

E^pi$-vo)jio«, son of Aigyptios in 
Ithaka,/3 22. (Od.) 

cvpvvav, aor. from evpvvaj, enlarged 
(the arena of combat), 9 260t. 

cvpv-o8cit)9» gen., (o^og), with broad 
ways (ways open to all), n 635, y 453. 

c^piJ-oira, voc, also old nom. for 
-oTD/c; ace. from '0\l/,{6\l/, vox), far- 
thundering, S 203, e 206. 

ciipv-ir^poio (TTopog) 9a\d<T(nig, trav- 
ersable far and wide, with broad ways, 
381. (Od.) 

c{rpv-irvXi« (ttvXi?) 'ki^og Sto, 
wide-gated, ^ 74, X 571. 

Eipd-irvXos, (1) son of Euai- 
mon, from Thessaly, B 736, E 76, 
Z 36, A 580, 809.— (2) (son of Po- 
seidon and of Astypalaia) from 
Kos, B 677. — (3) son of Telephos, 
slain by Neo[)tolemos, X 520. 

c{rpv-pcc9pos, broad -Jhwing, ^ 
141 f. 

€vph ^a>v, broad -streaming, B 
849. ^11.) 

c^pvS) €oc, iV, sa, vv ; fem. ivptia, : 
ntr. tvpv, etc., broad, wide, applied ' 
to heavens, earth, sea, countries, (only B 
575, to city and surroundings); elsewh. 
broad; comp. evpvrtpoi:, y, P 194. 

cvpv-<r6cv^S, voc, with far-reaching 
might, epithet of Poseidon, v 140. (II.) 

£ipv<r6cvs> rjoc, son of Sthenelos, 
king of Mykcnai,T 103 sqq. ; imposes la- 
bore upon Herakles, O 639, 9 363, X 620. 

EvpvrCStis, son of Eurytos^ Iphitos, 
Odvsseus's guest -friend, <b 14, 37. 

^'^\ . 

EvpvTiMv, uiva, Ksvravpov, (ft 295t. 

£v-pvTo«, (1) son of Aktor, Epeian, 
with his brother Kteatos, ally of Au- 
geias, B 621 ; MoXiovf, A 709.— (2) son 
of Melaneus, king of Oichalia, B 730, 
32 ; slain by Apollo, 9 224. 

c{rpv-^v^S {<f)vu}), wide growing, i. e. 
with its two rows of kernels far apart, 
epithet of barley, ^ 604 f. 

cvpv-x^poio, y, ov, (xop6s)t ^h 

broad dancing^kuxs, with broad squaretf 
a 635. 

cvpctfCVTO, ace., (tupiog), motddy, dank, 

Evpwfrri, #o£vlicos Ovy^^'rviPi mother 
of Minos and Khadamanthys, S 321f. 

2vs, ifjog, ivv, also ^|vs, ^vv, ntr., i^v, 
( = lavs, t<f9\6s)f bonus, good, exceilenl, 
brave, B 653. {iv and ev, also Iduv, 

c€<rf, av, aor. from tvu), singed. 

lv-oicap6|iOi ((Tfcai/ouf), lightly bound' 
ing,^ 31t. 

^iMTKOiros, *p, ov, {aKowf}), dpyt'i^ov' 
TTfg, far, sharply seeing (Hermes).; but 
X 198, of Artemis. 

iv-otrAfiov, 010, ip, and pL, (afkXfia, 
s o 1 u m), well decked, of ships ; with gvod 
deck (only at bow and stem), B 170, (3 
390. The Egyptian ships seem to 
have had a kind of caboose. (See cut) 

"Ev-oxrupos, father of Akamas, a 
Thrakian, Z 8t. 

iv-irra9io9, gen. from -17c, (i(my/ii), 
weU based, firmly buiU, 2 374; apart- 
ment,!^ 178. 

kvoTi^vo^i ov, tp, (ortibdvri, oc), 
(1) with beautiful JiUet or head-boftd, of 
Artemis and Aphrodite (see cut No. 
47).— (2) strongly walled, of Thebes, T 

iv-OTplirrouri, dat. pi., (orpk^ut), 
tightly plaited or twisted, /3 426 ; so also 
^v-0Tp€<|>^b, ka, kg, Uatn, O 463 ; and 
iv-0Tp6^<(>, N 599, of cords, ropes, 
string of bow and sling. 

ciirc (ore), (1) quom, when, disjunc- 
tive : the sentence in which its clause 
stands connected with what precedes 
by another conjunction in the apodosis, 
y 9 ; with subj. with (B 34), or with- 
out av {rj 202), to express general ex- 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 




pectation, B 228. — (2) quasi, a»= 
i^uTt, r 10. 

cv-Tc(x<a, fern, ace, and -tcCx<ov> as 
fem., (rtixof:)y strongly waUed, 11 57, 
A 129. 

lv-T|M^oun, ovf , (rlfivw), «»tf cutj 
of straps, ^ 684. (II.) 

4v-Tpc<|>^o«, fc« cfC) from 'Tpi^tjCf 
(r|D£0<i>), UTetf nourished, faty t 425. (Od.) 

EruTpiioxs, village in Boiotia, B 502. 

tv-rpf^oun (riTpdut)^ well pierced, 
S 182t. 

li^TpiXAfy nom. (v9pi^, with fiowvng 

Ivwrpoxov (rpoxof), toeff wheeled, 8 

€v-TvicTov (rfvx*"*)? tt^e^ wrought, P 
336, a 123. 

cl>4v|p.ii<nu, aor., -0ijjitlw, (0j7/wi?), 
bona verba loqui, favere Un- 
guis, shun unlucky words, keep sHestce, 
at sacrifice, I 17 If- 

Ev-^l&os, son of Troizenos, chief 
of Kikones, B 846t. 

Ev-^i^Ti|s> ruler over Ephyra in 
Elis, O 532t. 

£v-4oppos, Fanthoos's son, Trojan, 
who having wounded Patroklos, IT 
806, is slain by Menelaos, P 59. 

iv-^pa8^ttS (ippa^eoOai), thovghtfuUy, 
wisely, r 352 f. 

cii-4^pa£voi|&i) fut. -avkui, avhtv, aor. 
fv<t>privf, rjvai, (ippkvtg), exhilarare, 
deHght, gladden ; mid., /3 311,^a^e one's 

iv ^pov^««v, iceU meaning and foeU 
judging, with kind and wise thought, A 
73, /3 160. 

h»'^poiruvr\y Bine., and pi. -yaiv, 
1 a e t i t i a, mirth, gladness, ^156. 

Iv-^oiv, ova, {(ppivit;), laetus, F 
246, rejoicing the heart. 

c^-4^a, ace. sing., pi. seg, well grown, 
stately, shapely, A 147. (II.) 

fu-x<^^<^> *>*'♦ *^^y wrought of fine 
bronze, well mounted with bronze, 1' 322. 

ivx^Tftofiai, opt. ci»xcTO<PH''n^> owro, 
inf. -raaaQoi. ipf. ivxiT6iiivTo,(tv\onai), 
wish, (1) pray to, riri, X 394.— -(2) boajft, 
M 391; /ifydAd, loudly; ivl Ttvi,x^^2. 

li^ifvttp, son of Polyeidos, N 663. 

•^Xt^"-* "oin. tvyf],byprjyer.f, k 526t. 

cvxo|&ai, prs., ipf. tvxovro, fut, aor., 
(subj. tv^iai), declare a wish, ^ 463. — 
(1) precari, j^ray, 9i<if, T 296, 2 75; 
liiya, aloud; iroWa, devoutly; vwsp 

nvog and rivi, in behalf of.^2) vo- 
vere, implore, o 353, rivi r«; inf.— ^3) 
asseverare, avow, 2 499; de se 
praedicare, avouch myse'f, esp. with 
(ivai, a 180, usually of just pride. — (4) 
gioriari, ftoo^, N 447. 

t^o% TO, gloria,yain«, E 654. 

iv-xpoi%, ntr., (xp^i), bright-colored, 

«*X»M> VHf Vv, ai, yat, (tvxofiai\ 
preces, prayer, v 357 ; votum, vow, 
A 65; gloriatio, tr-iumph, A 450, 6 
229, B 160 ; my pride, X 433. 

eijtjj, prs. act. and pass. aor. c^o^, oav, 
singe, bristles of swine, I 468 ; eyelids 
of Kyklops, I 379. 

cv-w8t|S, «i, ff, {oSutda), fragrant, 
/3 339. 

ci-«*iri8«, ace. from -unrigj/air-facedt 
^113. (Od.) 

e^ayov, see ^ayeXv. 

i<p-d\\ofiat, aor. ^iraXro, t7r(t)aX/u€- 
voc, (liWofiai, salio), insilio, spring 
upon (in hostile signif.)^ charge upon, 
rivi, N 643 ; VTrTTwj/, leap upon ; w 320, 
spring toward, 

l^aXov {hm oKot,), m im n s, B 
538. (II.) 

l<tK&v, see <f>rjfii. 

i^-avdavw, Iiri-av8avci, ipf. -rjvSavs 
(and t<l>i)vS., H 45), placere./)fea«c. 

iipdvTf, aor. pass, from <paivu). 

iip'dnrut, pf. pass, ^^{prrat, plupf. 
'fjiTTo, aor. mid. subj. fr0a\//6ai, (1) hang 
over, Tivi, 4> 513. — (2) mid., attigeris, 
touch, riirtipoio, t 348. 

^^-op|i^oxriic {dpiiolio) II ol, whether 
they^te<i him, T 385t. 

^^-ct^fjicvos, jy, part., inf. prs., ipf. 
i(f>k^iTO, pf. iif>rjp€voi, aor. imp. i^ioaai, 
inf. i<l>B(T(Tai, mid. -terffa/ifvof (tmesis, ^ 
295), insido. *t7 wpon, riri, 6 509 ; pf., 
^ 309 ; aor. act., take on boards rr 443, 
setnheonhis knee. 

^<^-^Ka, €, -fij;i/, see Itp-iijpn. 

^(^-AKcrai, with part., ipf. t<pk\K(TO, 
mid., {^rat/; ^o onc'« self, attract; pass., 
trailing, dragging offer, * 696. 

f^p-ivvvfja, see i-ri-ivvvpi. 

k^-itcmvy I. act. prs., ipf. t^firt, iter. 

-fTTttTKOV, fut. 'txj^UQj UV, SLOT. -ioTTOV, 

tTn-OTruv, (iiTit), sequor), (1) perse- 
({\x\, pursue, riva, A 177. — (2) insti- 
gare contra, turn against, rivi, 11 
732. — (3) percurrere, rush through, 
over, ri, rtvag, T 494, i 121.— (4) foWAD 

Digitized by VjOO^: 



up (occupation), ri, fi 330, ^ 195. — (5) 
tut. aon, assequi, draw doum vpon 
one's seljfy triW^oVy etc., y 134, T k94, 
* 100. — II. mid. fut. and aor., sequi, 
rn'i, A 63, N 495; obsequi, comply 
tt»^,y 215,^262. 

iip-B<T<Tai, k<T<T«rGai, etc., see k0-«^o|i€- 

l^-^ffTtoSf 01/, oiy (1) = i^' «<yri^, a< 
one's own hearth^ y 234 ; native, B 125. 
—(2) = i<p' iariav, to one's hearihj xj/ 55, 
If 248. 

k^-tty.'^i r\v, fdovy d^,(irifu)f ins 8 am, 
oommandf behest, Si 249. 

i^-€vpo\LWf etc., aor., (ivpioKu), in- 
venire, come upon and Jind, surprise, 
ft 109, A 88. 

i^-c\|rX6a>vTai, to, prs. ipf., (tif/tao- 
^t), illud unt, mock, rivi, r 331, 370. 

i^'Tiykofiat, see iiri orixas* 

i<p-iifiai, see t<l>-kZta. 

l^-t||&^pio«, a, (rifiipa), the day 
through, S 223 ; but ^ 85, erery (2ay, 
trivial thoughts. 

i<H|UMrvvv|«, j?v, gen. ace, 0V0» 
inssum, tt 340. 

I^o^a, aiebas, see ^/it. I^OifSf 
Tf, see <f>9ava). i^itiB* {-iaro), see 0dioi. 

*£^dXTi|«, son of Aloeus (Posei- 
don), brother of Otos, giant, £ 385, 

l^-^t&vc, etc., ipf., (iW\ insldebat, 
^nvog; assidebant, Biiirvtp, K 578. 

I^itc, ipf., iter. -i^eoKs, insidebat, 
sit upon, nvi, y 411, r 55. 

k^irifit, ipf. -Ui, fut -riffiit, aor. 'tjici, 
iriKf, subj. -«iw, opt. -€iiyv, imp. €0«c» 
immitto, «en<7 to, riva rivt, O 117; 
launch at, ri run, A 382, O 444, r 550 ; 
imponere, j9/aoe upon, nvi rt ; xiipag, 
lay hands npon; vCorov, decree ; im- 
pellere, constrain, with inf., | 464, 
2 108; m andare, prqpoM, r 576; so 
also mid. -iffiivog, and fut 'i\aofiai nvi 
re, ^ 82. [T, but Ufitvog, uiSt Zei, exc. 
•* 180.] 

i^KOVTO, aor., (iicveo/int), dXX^Xwi/, 
fel upon one another, N 613t. 

iipiXT}div, aor. pass, from ^iXfi'w.. 

l<^-£orTaro, (1) ipf. and 2 aor. -ctti;, 
approached, drew near, nvi, K 496, 4^ 
201, A 644.— (2) pf. -«(rra«fi, inf. 'terrd' 
fnv{ai), part. -«(rTdor«f, plupf. 'Kxttikh, 
'fordaav, stand by (near), upon, at, nvi, 
N 133, Z 373, a 120, 2 554, 515. 

I<|»^Xk«uov (sXkw), rudder, K 350t. 

l^o|&af>Tfftrov, €, imp. prs., foUoto 
close upon, 6 191. (II.) 

i^-oirX(Coi|icv, prs., fut. -09rXi<r«T0ti<rf, 
aor. with oo (inf. t(<r)<rai), get ready, re- 
past, chariot, ship ; mid. fut -loofteaOa, 
get ready our supper, I 66. 

l^-op^Sf etc., prs., fut Ivio^l/ofiaL, 
iiroxl/iai, aor. iwidovra, iBilv, intueri, 
behold, watch over; vis ere, rtvd, ri; 
select, I 167. 

i^pfidw, aor. -fLp^r\uuVi excita- 
verunt contra me, stir up agcdnsly 
r 165 ; elsewh. mid. -oppdrai, and aor. 
-wpfiriOriv, irruere, adoriri, aitxtck, 
nvd (nvi, tmesis, k214); cnpere, (fe- 
sire, with inf., K 74; captabam, 
strive, X 206. 

I^opi&i^, a d i t u s, entrance, approcKh, 
X 1301 (only from the interior into the 
odoQ Ig \avptiv). 

i^-vBpiCwv, insultans, I 368 f. 

l^-vopo« {vdutp), pluviosus, wet, 

l^-ihrcp6c(v), desuper, supra, 
above, Q 645, i 383. 

'£^pir|,(l) ancient name of Korintb, 
Z 152, 210.-— (2)Pelasgic city in north- 
em Elis, on the river Selleis, residence 
of Augeia8,B 659,0 531, A 739.— <3) 
town in Thesprotia in Epeiros, a 259, 
ft 328.— (4) town of the T^po^ in 
Thessaly, afterward Krannon, N 301. 

l^oSc, aor. from x^vSdvw, held, 

l^cc, av, aor. from xco/, f u d i t, powr. 

lx^*0v|ios, cohibens cupidita- 
tem; ovk L, libidinosa, lusffuly 9 

*Ex<-KXt)s, rioQ, son of Aktor, a 
Myrmidon, II 189. 

TxchcXas, (1) Agenor*s son, slain 
by Achilleus, Y 474t.— (2) a Trojan, 
slain bv Patroklos, n 694t. 

'^X^V'V*"^* ^^^'> Priamo8*s son, slain 
by Diomedes, E 160t. 

*Exc-vi|o«, an aged Phaiakian, X 
342. (Od.) 

k%it^tv}U% iyrivKOQ), pointed, A 5L 

*Ex^-ir«Xof, (1) descendant of An- 
chises, dwelling in Sikyon, ^ 296. — (2) 
son of Thalysios, a Trojan, slain by 
Antilochos, A 458. 

iXi(fKov, ipf. iter, from 'v?xw» 

'^X<''^><» fabled king, ftporHv ^ifX^- 
fiova Trdvnav, p 308. (Od.) 

^cvo, e, aroy aor. from x^**i fudi 

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ixi-^piitVf ovt, ova^ thoughtful^ pn- 
JerU, 1 341. (Od.) 

*£x^-^p«»V9 son of Nestor, y 413. 

IFx'n<r6a, subj. pres. from txtu. 

4x^pov<n, pr. and ipf., aor. rJxOripey 
(lx^oc;),oderunt,Aate, y 215. 

ix^ktrro9 (tx^of), mo»< hateful, most 
odious, E 890. (IL) 

hostilities agiinst Hera, A dlSf. 

«X9«^^ pre., ipf. fixBfro, O'x^of), 
odio esse, 6« odious, d 756. (Od.) 

Ix^> pl- ««, ^«^» irraM, c 277. 

lx^P^9 fciii' ^C) o<, ntr. ui/, hateful, 

'Ex^voi, a group of islands in the 
Ionian Sea, near Dulichion, B 625f . 

'Exiog (e), (1) father of Mekisteus, 
e 333.— (2) a Lykian, slain by Patro- 
klos, n 416.— (3) a Lykian, slain by 
Folites, O 339. 

IxiMiTo, pi., (Ixw), prop, support 
(earth under mass of rock), S? 410, N 
139; bearers of the towers, M 260; 
^ 259, mud, rubbish from canal (as 
holding back the flow of water). 

Ix«, ipf. ctx®" ^^^ ^X^^i ^'®'"' ^X^(TKov, 
fQ, e, fut. €^w, (Txhow, aor. itrxov, inf 
vxkfjLiv, fut. mid. 'i^irai, oxnoctrOf, at, 
aor. mid. ttrxofjiriv^ imp. (txeo, parallel 
f(»ins, aor. hxtOov, inf. <rx<^«t»', ^ 466. 
— I. trans. (l)Tenere, hold, ri, vxpod, 
Z 509 ; (fierd) x^poi (Q 724), Y 420 ; 
irpoaOiv, A 113; diro so, out before 
him, N 163; omOev, ^ 136; rivd, t 
281, r 228, 2 580; ripd wodoi', etc., II 
763, A 154, by the foot, hand, etc.; 
(iv) <f>p€(ri (o 445), B 33 ; irkvOog, o 324 ; 
possess, p 81 ; H 102, cords of victory 
are held; hold together, \ 219; close, M 
456, X 128; enclose, X 324; shut out, 
« 301 ; hold back, ri rivi, A 96; H 
TiPOQ, 3 758; Tivd, A 820, N 51, 687, 
Y 27 ; ri rivi, withhold, o 230 ; dfji<pig^ 
keep apart, a 54; restrain, T 119, X 
412; tears, TT 191; cAoifee, T 418,r 458; 
let rest, 9 537; snstineo^ hold ground, 
stand, M 433, K 264; tenere, guide, 
steer, vrja, i 279 ; Xirvovg, N 326 ; im 
Tivi, X 75, E 240; -6e, F 263, 8 139.— 
(2) habere, have, in widest signif., 
i\Kog, TTovov, TToBrjv, voov ; periphrasis 
with part, ^ 416, A 356 ; hmhvig SiKTig, 
have less, be lacking in what is right ; 
oeet^, xf/ 46; understand, P 476 ; pos- 
sideo, a 402, F 282 ; inhabit, rest upon, 

E 890, Z 177, 183, /i 76, v 245 ; have as 
tDtfe, S 569, pass., Z 398 ; be lord over, 
care for, dispense, a 53, d 737, A 272 ; 
manage, T 43 ; 6e heavg upn, con^, k 
160, K 239 ; abide with, I 609 ; of men- 
tal states, etc., Bdfiftog tx^ rcva, seiMe, 
cf. a 95, 4> 543; iiirvog, o 7; olpog, <r 
391 ; w 249, no kindly care awaits 
thee ; pass., be absorbed by, X 409, v 2 ; 
gestare, wear, carry, p 24, T 18, B 
872 ; indulge, vfipiv, d 627 ; practice, 
X 445; make, H 105, 2 495; keep, 
OKomnv, 9 302 ; be able, U 110,^ 433. 
— H. intr. persist, Q 27 ; to 245, goes 
on well ; rise, i>\//o<t«, r 38. — III. mid. 
hold one^s self fast, cling closely, fi 433 ; 
to, Tivog, e 429 ; hold ground, stand, U 
501, I 235, P 639; control one's seff, 
p 238; abstinere, cea«e, rivog, B 98, 
V 151, N 630; OTrj ffx^^fxfvrj, stood still, 
^ 141; haerere, «^1; in the ihroai, 
h 705 ; dxii, held fast by, not being able 
to get rid of, X 279 ; irpbg oXXi^XycTct/, 
sticking to one another, € 329; pen- 
dere de, lie, X 346 ; let be, my friends, 
cessare, j3 70 ; gestare, wear. 

li|rYad(r6uv, imp., and 'atT9ai, inf prs., 
(€»//ia), make merry, p 530; with dat., 

Iw, i(p, indie, and subj. pres. from Idtti, 
tioAwy pf. from t9tt)v. l<pKCi, see ctcw U. 

iu)\Tni, plupf from tkiria. 

Ittfuv, neither in form nor meaning 
understood, T 402 f ; we should perh. 
read x^*i*K^*^ (from XAcrrtu, x^P^Ct ^^' 
orkutfiev, 0d£(u/iev), aor. subj.. when we 
sqMrate, withdraw ourselves (with gen.) 
from battle. 

li&v, part, from ei'/xi. i<|»vox^t, ipf 
from oivoxoitt). Iwpyci, plupf. from 

tia% [^-, only 3 78; elsewh. pro- 
nounc^ with synizesis, P 727, « 123], 
ct«tf«, 1/315, and cto« (should perh. be 
written fiog), 5 90, v 315, o 153, etc.— 
I. q u am d i u, (u Umg as, p 358, followed 
in apodosis by ria>f, r6<ppa, 3k', quoad, 
wfUU, with indie, e 123: with subj. and 
KB final, P 622, Q 154; with opt. after 
past tenses, e 386, with ic£, 3 78 ; pure- 
ly final=ut, 3 800, i 376.— II. ali- 
quamdiu (/lev), /3 148. 

IbKTi, subj. pres. from tipi. icMix, 
from lata. 

*£«»<r-^pot, Lucifer, morning star, 
*^ 226t. 

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Jo-, Aeolic intensive prefix (from 
^ta)=per-, rer^. 

(aifs, ace. ^arjVf (dTjfii), strongly lHow- 
ing, tempestuous^ /i 313. 

Ca-Ocourt, i/v, ag, very divine, sacred, 
of localities favored by the gods, O 
432. (D.) 

(a-KOTOv, ace, {kotoq), surly, morose, 
r 220t. 

Zaicvvdos, woody island in realm of 
Odysseus ; now Zante, a 246, B 634. 

(ci-Tpc^cwv, sag, pL, {rpkdKjj), sleek, 

to-<|»XeY^€«, pi., {(p\syui),/uU of fire, 
^ 465t. 

t*-XP*l«^<> **<»'*'> (XP^*^)» impetuosi, 
raging, bold, M 360. (II.) 

^aw, see ^wa>. 

(ciaC, dg, a coarse kind of barley, 
spelt, ^41, 604. 

CcC-8«>pos9 ov, {Kitri, Sijjpov^ grain' 
giving (plough-land, dpovpa), jj, 386. 

Z^cia, town at the base of Mount 
Ida in Troas, B 824. (II.) 

C^<r<rcv, aor. from ^ew. 

(cvyXtiS) gen., {^ivyvvvai), cushion 
between the neck and the yoke, P 440. 
(II.) (See cut No. 77, also 49, letter d.) 

CcvYVV|&cvai, vfitif, inf. prs., 11 145 ; 
aor. i^ev^avy ^tu^c, i u n go, put to, yoke, 
vn ox^fT^iv, v<f dpfiara, if<f>' upfiaatv; 
only T 495, couple together; also mid., 
put to for one's self Pass, aavihg 
l^tvyfiivai, 2 276, joined, i. e. barred 
gates. (See cut under ducXideg.) 

(evYco, pi., from rb ^fwyoc, a yoke, a 
pair (of draught animals), 2 543f . 

ZcvS) Aioc, Aco^cv, All, Aia, and Zrjv, 
Zrivog, Zrjvi, Zi)va, and Zrjv (not Zrjv), 
Zeus, the father of gods and of men ; 
also simply Ziv vdrfp, (Diespiter), 
vij^i^vyog ; aiOepi va'nov, hence god of 
time; B 134, god of weather and of 
the clouds; Aeof onjSpog, tvpyowa, 
tpiySovirog iroaig "Uprjg, alyioxog, v\pi' 
I3ptfien}g, vt<pe\TjyipiTa, K^aive<J>Ea, 
oripoirriyepera, TSpiriKepavvog, danpo- 
TTfjry, dpyiKipavvf, ipijSpefteTeto ; hence 
sender of portents, repaa, iravo^Kpait^ ; 

shaper of destiny, Atoc roKavra, H 
658; l3ov\r}, alaa^ ooaa, a 282; 9kfu- 
artg, ftrirUra, Soioi iriOoi^ Q 527 ; pro- 
tector of kings, SioTps<pso}v, and Sioye- 
vr]g ; of beggars and suppliants, ^fivtoc, 
iKiTfioiog ; of house and court, ipKeiov ; 
presides over fulfillment of oaths ; ra- 
fitTjg voXkfioio. — Aibg viog, esp. Hera- 
kles ; Kovpr)^ Athena ; Kovpai, the Airai 
and the Nymphs ; Zeus himself is the 
son of Kronos, Kpopidrig, Kpovitov. 
His majestic person described, A 530 ; 
chief seat of his worship, Dodona, II 
233. The orig. meaning of the root 
of the word is the brightness of the sky, 
afterward personified; cf. ^og, Lai. 
sub d i v o, under the dear sky. 

Z€<^p(t| trveiovaa, the western breeze, 
r\ 119t, adj. from 

C^i^pos, only sing., (^o0oc), the 
rough west wind, the swiftest, bringing 
(to Asia Minor) rain and snow, only 
in fable land is it soft and balmy, i| 
1 19, B 567 ; personified, H 150, ^ 200. 

^6(u, Jet, ipf. Z,kiv. aor. ^koofv, f erve t, 
boil, ijdiDp ; a caldron, 4> 362. 

ZtjOoS) son of Zeus and of Antiope ; 
with Amphion, founder of Thebes, \ 
262 ; father of Itylos, r 523. 

CT)Xi{|iovcs, pi., grudging, jealous, e 

Zijv, 2iTiv*, see Zevg. 

Ctjrci, ipf. from ^tjTko), requirebat, 
seek. Si 258t. 

l6^ov, ov, (Ko<pog, Sv6<ftog), darkness, 
(I) darkness of evening into which the 
light of day (and fig. every thing liv- 
ing into death, v 356, ^51) subsides, 
y 335 ; evening as region, the setting sun, 
west, t 26, /i 81. — (2) the realm of shad- 
ows, O 191. 

CvY<S-8c<r)iov, ace, yoke-band, cord or 
strap for fastening the yoke to the 
pole, Q 270. (See cut under Kvyov, b ; 
and cut No. 45.) 

j;vy<5v, ou, 6(piv, if, d, (jugum), (1) 
yoke or cross-bar by which beasts of 
draught were attached to whatever 
was to be drawn. (See adjacent cut, 
combined from several antique repre- 

Digitized by VjOO*- 




and greaves (see cut under dtrrfpctv^ 
Tog ; also cut No. 12, the figure of Ai- 
neias). — (2) broad girdle around the 
middle of boxers, like that of the tum- 
bler in adjoining cut, ^ 683. Athene 
•' ** with owl 

sentations.) a, 6fi(f>a\6Q ; 6, l^vyoh- 
ofioQ ; c, KptKot: ; d, ^tvyXai ; «, straps 
to fasten in place the ^svyXai ; /, X«- 
vaSva ; ff and A, otijrtc, points of at- 
tachment for the collars, and rings 
through which the reins pass ; », ^vyov; 
k, projections to hold, e. g. the reins of 
the irapriopog. (Cf. also the Assyrian 
yoke on the chariot on board a ship, 
represented m adjoining cut.) — (2) cross- 

bar of lyre (see ^op/twy^, to which the I 
strings were attached, I 187. — (3) pi., 
rowers' benches, or thwarts of ship (see 
cut No. 35, under tda<pog). 

(ca-aYpia, rd, (^wof, «ypa), reward 
for saving life, 2 407. S 462. 

C«iryp€i, tiT(, imp., (ilioog, dypito). take 
alive, i. e. grant quarter^ rivd, K 378 ; 
only E 698, ipf. X^t^ypti {lydpio ?), re- 
vivedj reanimated, 

C«0i{, ^v, (^aa>), vie t us, substance, ^ 
208. (Od.) 

(ttfta, ntr., (Z(ovvvfn\ (1) apron of 
leather or of felt, extending: from the 
flank to the upper part of the thigh, 
and serving to protect the part of the 
body Jeffc exposed between the cuirass 

Cwvi|v, ace, (Jtuvrvfit), (1) womaxCs 
girdie (see cut, also Nos. 47 and 65). — 
(2) the waist, B 479, A 234. 

Cwwvff^at, ipf. l^MVPVTo and iter. 

^LJvrvffKtTo, aor. act. ^wtjavr^g, 

I cingere, put a girdle round the 

j fofiM, <t76; elsewh. mid. se accin- 

I gerc, gird one^s self {for combat), 

<T 30 ; gird one's self with, gird on, 

tI,^ 130; Ttpi, K 78; ^u)vvvvTai,u* 

89. is subjunctive. 

C<D<$s, masc. (exc. \ 86, 2 418), 
and («*«, E 887 ; ace. ^wi/, 11 445, 
vivus, /»ww^. 

Ccaptircpov {^(opog) Kspait, make 
the mixture stronger, I 203f. 

(a;<rri]p, ijpoc, 6, (Ziovvv^i), (1) tear- 
rior^s body-girdle, of leather strength- 
ened with metal plates, which covered 
the lower part of the Bioprj^, and the 
upper part of the fiirpri and of the 
^uffia (see cuts Nos. 78 [where the 
tioffTTjp is very broad], 3, and 85). (II.) 
— (2) girdle worn over the tunic, 4 72. 
(See cut No. 79.) 

(MOTpa, pi., {^(otrrfip), girdles, belts 
(that could be washed), t 38 f. 

Cww, inf. ^u)€ft6v(ai) and -eiv, part. 
^loovTog (and l^iovTog, A 88, from ^aw), 
ipf. t^wov, vivo, ftVe, joined with opav 
(pdog rjeXioio, d 833 and freq. ; with tcr- 
Tiv, (D 263 ; ptia ^atovrtg, who live at ease. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




I. ^, particle of asseveration (dia(3e- 
/3aifa>rticoc), always at beginning of sen- 
tence (apjcreicof), confirms an assertion 
(expressing subjective certainty) ; in 
truth, certcdfdy, to he sure (usually with 
other particles), A 78, 229, 240, 254, 
255 ; with particles expressing object- 
ive certainty: yap, yes to be sure, A 
293 ; Sqy evidently to be sure, A 518, a 
384; with particles expressing sub- 
jective certainty : iiav, fiev, A 77, 140, 
211 ; /I17J/ (Kai), nimirum (etiani), 
verily, B 291 ; fidXa (Srf), most certainly 
indeed, r 204, i 507, <y 201 ; 17 rot, q. v.'; 
vov, surely methinks; dpa,T 56, /x 280; 
17 pa i/u, M 164; Brjv, vv, re, Kopra, 
fidXa, /3 325, v 304. — Here belongs also 
^ iroT* cijv yt (rj for €i ace. to G. 
Curtius), yes ( = alas !), it was he. 
— ij is also joined with other particles : 
lircl ^ (not so good tTreif}) iroXij (l>ipTE- 
pog (jidXa), since in trttth, i 276, A 156, 
169, K 465 [always --'-]; and tC ^J, 
why then, A 365,'z 55. 

II. ^ or ^J€ (accent of ancient gram- 
marians), interrogative particle, (1) 
{^tputrrifiaTiKog'] (a) in simple direct 
question, 17 Kai /lot vifietrriffiai, a 1 58, 
A 133, 203 ; (b) in double direct ques- 
tion, utrura, )3 30, 32. — (2) [c^iaTro- 
ptiTiKog, diroprifAariKog'] in second mem- 
ber of a double question, cf. Lat. an 
(also 4, rjs) ; the double question may 
be : (a) direct, /3 30, 32, u 130 ; or (b) 
indirect, a 175, X 493, 495 ; common 
phrase, ijs Kai ovkI, or also not, S 80. 

tj or ilj^ (accent of ancient gramma- 
rians), A. simply interrogative, (1) 
=€1, icheiher, in indir. single question, 
irivaofjievog rj irov ir t'lTfg, v 415 ; (2) 
utrum, in indir. double question (ti, 
B 367), ovK oJS' Tj Tig — 1)^ Kai, ^ 712, a 
408. — B. [^ia^«i;ifri«cdf] (1) disjunctive, 
(a) aut, vel, sive, only in second or 
subsequent member of sentence, sep- 
arating single ideas (vel, A 62) or 
clauses (aut, A 515); (b) rj may be 
several times repeated, cf. aut — aut, 
A 138; sive— sive, fi 29, 2 308, ^ 
183. 1 701, X 253, o 300.— (2) in ques- 

tions : (a) simple question marking 
opposition, a 391, or, dost thou hold ? 
also a 298 ; (b) to continue an inqui- 
ry : or is it that ? j3 32 ; or indeed, i; 
167 (in both these last cases it is better 
to read iy, an, and also in 1 253, 197). 
Many modem grammarians accent as 
oxytone (ij) the 17, an, of the previous 
article, II., ^, 2.— (3) rj comparative, 
quam, than; after comparatives, A 
162 ; after aXXof, 'inpog, PovXtadai, 
malle, A 112 (sc. if diroiva Skx^oOat); 
k(p9rig, X 58. [^ ovk are usually pro- 
nounced as one syllable by synizesis.] 

III. ■?!, aor. of defective verb (ait), 
always following a passage in oratio 
recta, and succeeded by (jta) Kai, he 
said, and, j3 321 ; tr 356, rj p lifjia rt. 

-^y qua, corresponds to r^, ea, N 53. 

^ 6^|&iS iariv, sicut fas est, <u is 
right, relative, B 73, y 45, and freq. ; 
demonstrative only (u 286. 

^a=ia=^v, eram. |Ja=^ca only 
t 266, 1 212, at end of verse. 

ifjP«u^v, ai, always at end of verse 
after ovd\ ne paululum (parvae) 
q u i d e m, not even a {very) l^le ; with- 
out neg. and in middle of verse, only c 
462, paulum, a Httle way. 

rfPdio, 4fi^ij -iitoifju opt, -dv, -«t»oi^> 
reg, -untxta part prs., if^riaag, y aor., 
he in youth's prime ; « 69, luxuriant. 

4jPv|, only sing., pubertas, youth; 
m^rig fiirpov, youthful prime ; also v i- 
g o r, youthful strength, U 857. 

*Hpi), Hebe, daughter of Zeus and 
of Hera, wife of Herakles, X 603 ; in 
Iliad she always appears as goddess 
performing some manual service for 
other divinities. 

^Pfpfjit, ripiboifti, see rfj3d<i». i(yoL- 
acrOc, see tJ^aTov, -ofirfVf see 

i^a-6cov, ky, BTjv, (of very doubtful 
deriv.* dyav, (feogf dyaOog f), sacred, 
very divine, of localities, Z 133, d 702. 

ijYctpa, aor. (1) from dyupia, col- 
legi. — (2) from iyiipo), excitavl 

i^^Lomro, aor. from ayafuii, admi- 
ratus est 

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^^(ftovivctv, prs., ipf, fut., (rfytfuifv), 
lead the way for; Tivi, conduct; frp6<r9tVf 
go in advance ; oioVf point out the way ; 
Tivi, poov v^an. — (2) (II.) d nee re 
cxercitum, lead (the arniy), n 92; 
TiviHtVj B 527 ; rwriV, only B 816. 

if^^MiVt no dat. sing., dat. pi. -fto- 
vetraiVy (jiyiofiai), leader^ guile (Od.) ; 
commander^ chl^, opp. Xaoc, B 365. (U.) 

iqysofiatf 4|Y€Ur6o>, imp., ipf. fut. 1 
aor., in signif. and construction = »/y€- 
fiovtvtiv, (I) guid€j lead the way for ^ 
opp. {up:) 'iTrt<T9ai (M 251), (/ 46, cf. 
/3 405 ; Kpwretv, Q 96 ; craftily, X 247 ; 
in his folly, foolishly, w 469.--(2r) d u- 
cere, tutIv {tivuiv), aliquos, might 
had them to their ranks, B 687 ; but 
£ 211, Tpwiamv, dat advantage. 

il^p^ovTCU., toBaiy ipf. -ovTO, (ayn- 
pii>), assemble themselves (graduaUy one 
by one), r 231. 

^jycpOcv, aor. pass, from ayupta — 
congregati sunt. 

i9^YT|Xdtci«, <i, prs., (i^yiofiai), guide, 
lead, p 217 ; X 618, leadest some such 
wretched life as I. 

^hn^opt, a, I, «c, (rtyriTiap, tiyuoBai), 
duci, leader, \aiov ; freq. with fikSov- 
r«c» chiefs in war and leaders in coun- 
cil; principi, a 105. 

ifj^op^MMrOc, rjyopoiovTOf ipf. from 
dyopdofiaiy sU in council, hold assembly. 

ijU (orig. following ly/icV), et, and, 
also, B 27, 79; with t re, B 118 ; joined 
with Koi, and also, A 334 ; O 663, r)dk— 
Kai — rjde ; with ri, Z 446 ; rjdk — Kai, A 
400; Kai, Z 429 sq. See also i^€. 

ySea, ydrj, plupf. from oUa. 

tjSn (ff, Sri), iam, now, in contrast 
(1) with what heretofore had no exist- 
ence : already, A 250, /3 89 ; Kat aX- 
\oTi, iam alias quoque; with part 
B 663. — (2) contrasting the present 
moment with other time : now, A 456 ; 
at once, i; 315 ; with fut, a 303 ; with 
aor., r 98 ; freq. before or after vvv : 
now at length, A 456 ; ^213, now al- 

ijSofiai, aor. 4j<r&To» gavisus est, 
rejoice, t 353t. 

-^Sos, TO, (rfSvQ)i c o m m o d u m, profit, 
advantage, always in negative sense, 
fuvvv9a, ovde re, ri poi (JLoriv, tooerai 
Tivog); pan Hum, neque quid- 
qnam,quid expediet ? A 576, A 
318, » 95. 

■^Sv-cin^, sweet-speaking, suavilo- 
quens, A 248t. 

•ifiv-virow {worov), sweet to drink, 
)8 340. (Od.) 

ifivtf tia, V, iog, U, vv, ttav, (oPaS-, 
(vadi, s u a v i s, £ng. sweet), sweet ; t/dv 
yeXaooav, d u 1 c e (heartily) r i s e r u n t ; 
Kvwaoovoa, softly slumbering, S 809. 

•3|€, 'ffiiy see II. »}, ij. <))€, erat, from 


iljcCScit, fig, (I, IV, n over at, see 
El A IV. 

iljAu»«, only sing., \_9 271,"HXtof], 
(Lat Auselius), sol, sun; sunrise, A 
735, 7 1, r 433; avroXai, ft 4 ; mid- 
day, e 68 ; afternoon, II 779, i; 289 ; 
sunset, A 605, 475, 8 485, /3 388, ic 
191 ; rpoirai, o 404 ; irvXag, a> 12 ; his 
curved path in the heavens, (virepio- 
vog, a 8), X 16, H 421,8 68; phrases 
signifying to shine, A 735, ivEXafixpi, 
CLKTioiv il3a\\€, iiriSipKirat OKtiviaaiv, 
^dog (as figure of life, X 93, 2 11, 61, 
d 540), avyii, vtt avydg, atyXij ; fisvog, 
vis, heat, ^k 190, k 160 ; epithets, dica- 
fiavra, (^Xafjiirpog, r 234; XevKog, 57 
185), '7rafi<f)av6a)vra,<pae(Tipl5poTog; ex- 
pressions for east, v 240, M 239, (and 
west,«c 191). — Sun as god, cf. Lat Sol, 
observing all things, r 277, S 344, ^ 27 1 , 
(yet not so, /i 375) ; father of Kirke, if 
138 ; of Phaethusa and Lampetie, p, 
133 ; propitiated by sacrifice, r 104, T 
197 ; oath by the sun, T 259 ; his (36eg 
Kai pfiXa, p 128, 322, r 276, »// 329. 

^cv, erat ^j^irip, see ^Tr^p. 

iljcp^OovTot, prs., VTO ipf, (rte/pw), 
float, flutter, * 12 ; V 108, 6e unsteady. 

*Hcp(Poia, priTpvifi of the Aloidae, 
second wife of Aloeus, E 389. 

i^^piOi, i;, ai, {drip), matutini, at 
early morn, A 497, i 52. 

i^po-ci8ilt, la, kg, {'(iSrjg), cloudy- 
gray, TTOVTOV, (Ttriog, irtrpriv ; but E 
770, quantum aerium prospicit 
=as far as one sees in the dim distance, 
i. e. through the haze. 

ifjcp^€VTOS9 ra^ {drip), cloudy, dark, 
K6<pov ; only 8 13, Tdprapov, and v 64, 

^pos, see drip, 

•/jcpo-^iTiS (<f>oirdv) *Epivvg, walk' 
ing in darkness, I 571. (II.) 

ifjcpo-f^voiv {dfipitt, ipwvri), vocem 
toUentium, /Sou(i-9otce(l, 2 SOSf. 

"HfTiwv, lavog, a, (1) father of An- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




dromache, king of Thebe in Troas, 
Z 396, A 366.— (2) of Imbros, guest- 
friend of Priamos, 4> 43. — (3) a Trojan, 
P 590. 

tjtiv, erat, see tifii. 

Tfnp (see dijp), ifj^pot, t, a, fem.,/o^, 
mistf \ 15 ; esp. as means of rendering 
invisible, T 381 ; darkness^ ly 15 (41), 
143 ; TTowXvv, masc, from necessity 
of the verse, E 776. 

■^Ociov, ace., rjOtie voc., fem. £ii;, 
(ttOog, suet us), car us, bdovedf 
dear, I 147. 

TJ^ca, pi. from tiBoq, (suetus), 
accustomed places^ haunts, Z 511; 
i 4\\,pen8. 

tjio, rd, (ltvai)y pronounced with 
sy nizesis at end of verse, fija, v i a t i- [ 
c u \n, provisions, food, N 1 03. (Od. ) 

ifjiwv, Tutv, {drifii?), synizesis 
iljujv, chaff, e 3QS\. 

TJic, ibat, from e7/uc. 

ifjiCcos9 ov, oi. (viduus), unmarried 
youth, 2 567. [.] 

t)iicTO, resembled, see II. efra>. 

TJiJc, sprang, aor. from din*no. 

'fjXckvTi, dat., (^<wv), vUh ihangmg 
hanks, E 36t ; since rivers, like the 
bkamander, in warm countries, and 
with sources in near mountaiuF, have 
in consequence of rains a broad, rag> 
ged bed out of all proportion to the 
ordinary size of the stream, and banks 
ragged and often high. 

Tjiov, i V e r u n t, from *7/ii. 

*fll6vcs, sea- port in Argolis, B 

*Htovcvs, (1) father of Thrakian 
king Khesos, K 43.5. — (2) a Greek, 
slain by Ilektor, H Uf. 

tjic *ot/i€, apostrophized, O 365, Y 
152, ffleamfng [?]. 

tjtaav, iverunt, see it fit, ^Cx^> 
aor. pass, from aiVcrw. 

rfuov, Vjl($vos, rt, €c> ^ccii rtft fem., 
shore, strand, M 31,^ 138. 

T|Ka (friica), placide, so/tfy, gently, 
slightly, T 155. 

•^JKa, tg, av, etc., misi, from iij/ii. 
iJKaxc, troubled, aor. from QKaxiK**t. 
V|K^<raTO, sanavit, healed, aor. from 

ifi-K^OTOS, ace. pi., (r£vr*a>), having 
neoerfeU the lash, untamed, Z 94. (11.) 

t)KurTO« (PfiKa), slowest J most sluggish, 
Hr 531t. 

IJKO), fiv, ad veni, come, E 478, v 325. 

if)XdKara, rd, wool, or VHwlen thread 
on distaj'; arpitxpuKTa, trrpoipaXt^tTt, 
ply the distaff, (T 315. (Od.) (See the 
lii-st of the cuts below.) [a a] 

i^XaKdni, r}v, idpdxvTj), spindle, Z 
491. (Od.) (See the cuts, representing 
distaff and spindles.) 

t)XaoUy €v, av, afuaSa, aor. act. and 

mid. from t\du>. 

^{XaaKaCct, prs., (ur, (^Xavjcw), va- 
gans, wander; i 457, vagando ef-> 

^XoUrKovcn, pres., and part, -ovtrai, 
(dXdopai), prou.1 about, suHxrm about, 
B470. (II.) 

VjXcLTo, vagabatur, from oKdopai. 

f)X8avc, a 1 u i t, from dXhaivm* 

17X1, see j^Xeoc. 

*HXciot, inhabitanU ofElis, A 67 If. 

i^X^KTDov, oiaiv, {'^XiKTwp), amber, S 
73. (Od.) 

VjXcKTttp, splendens, beaming (sun), 
with and without "Xv^piatVy T 398, Z 
513. (II.) 

ifjXcds, voc. € and 9^X1, infatuatedj 
crazed, <f>pha<:. in mind ^moct; ^ 464, 
conju ing, maddening. 

^Xi^Xaro, penetraverat, plupf. 
pass, from iXdio. 

i/jX(Paro«, oVf 01, steep, lofty, 1 243, 
O 273. 

tjXXCa iroXXr\{v), satis multum, 
very much, A 677. 

■^XixCtiv (4Xi4), a e tat em, equals in 
age, fellows, U 808. (II.) 

IjXiKcs, pi. from jjXi?, adultae,/«c'i- 
grown, o 373t. 

fix tog, see ^^Xioc> 

*HXts» iSog, Elis, division of Pelo- 
ponnesos on west coast, inhabited in 
the north by Epeioi, in the south by 
Achaioi, B 615, ^ 635. 

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tjXiTf, aor. from aXtraiVw, pecca- 

i?iXXT4-|At|vor (oXtretv, /i^), untimely 
6om, T USf. 

-9jXici|<rc, aor., Tim attulerat^from 

^Xoi, oKTiy naUs, stttds^ A 29. (IL) 

4|{Xv6ov, eg, aor. from ipxonat. 

'HXiMTiov ircSCnv, ElysianfiddB^ abode 
of the blest, ^ 563 sqq.f [y] 

^X^ov, aor., (oX^eiv), Aotv gamed. 

•^tt, capta est, aor. from oKioko- 

i/jX»n,t|y, T a g a b a r, from tiXao/iac 

"HXuvii, a city in Phthiotis, B 

4JI&&OXV, dat pi, (irif^O, at javelin 
throwing, ^ SQlf. 

'H|ia0(T), ancient name of Makedo- 
nia, S 226t. 

ifj|fca0^€VTos, i, CT, comm., (dfiaBog), 
arenosa, scutdgj epithet of Pylos, a 

i{|uu, (Tat, (rrat, 3 pi. {fjvrai), Haraij 
eiaToif imp. ^<ro, inf. i7<y0a<, part, ijfitvog, 
ipf. i//tiijv, <Tro, (tOijv, 3 pi. rjvro, 'iaroj 
tiaro, sedeo, «V, iffitvo^ fi fpiriov, p 
158; often with collateral meaning 
supplied by part, with which it is join- 
ed, A 134, B 137, A 412. 

^|iap, ttTog, an, ara, dag, (a) as op- 
posed to night, E 490 ; (b) divisi>n of 
the gear, season, x^^f^^P^oVj etc. ; (c) 
pcriphrastically with adj., e. g. iXtvOt- 
pov rifiapy condition of freedom ; Sov- 
Xiov — , 8 e r V i t u 8 ; voffrifiov — , r e d i- 
tus, Z 455, (T 137; Tjfiara vavra, ai- 
wags, forever ; lir I'lfiari, in one dag^ but 
T 229, one whole dag; y/jiaTi rtfi brt, 
turn qnum, B 351. 

i/j^tCy), ai, adj., (f/pap), (1) d inrna, 
die,6yc%,j3 104.— -(2) quotidian ae, 
duilg, I 72. 

4i|x,PpoTov, fc=ijfjiaprov, ec, missed, 

4}uis and dfifieg, t'lfniiav, -tutv ; df/x- 
/iT(v), r'lfiiv, end. ^fnv; dufity f/fiidg 
{i]ftJdQ\ fifidq only tt 372, tct. 

i))Aiv, usually corresponding to rjU 
(xai), Skf Ts, Kai ; both, as well, U 664. 

•^Iiipti, pi. a I, (other forms from 
^/*a|o), dies, rf/ry. 

•^{xcpCg, V, {rinipoQ\ cultivated vine, 

-9j)Mpov, ace, cicurem, tame, o 

'qfiircposy 17, ov, etc., (4/m(cX noster. 

our ; ntr. subst with eiV-, -^e and i^ 
ilfikrtpa—home^ j3 55. 

■^H-X- = 8 e m i-, half. 

■^IxX-Sdi^ (^ma>), seminsta, Aa^ 
6iim<, n 294t. 

'4)it>0^t«v, semi-deorum, demigods^ 
M 23t. 

^{it^vciov, lyv, adj., (ripi-ovoQ\ be- 
longing to a mule, mtde-, of chariot, yoke, 

^ '^l&t-ovov, ace, etc., (nom. and dat 
sing, wanting), comm., mulus, mule, 

* 266, 655. 

^l&X-irAcKKo, half axes, one- edged 
axes, ^ 851. (II.) 

'^I&toccs, «a>v, ntr., v, semis, y 155; 
ntr. usually subst., half p 322. 

'^lit-rdXaKTOv, half a pound (goldX 
^ 751, 796. 

4)iX-TcXi{«, half complete, desolate, 

^ftos, quum (temporal), token, al- 
ways at beginning of verse, exc. /i 439 ; 
followed in apodosis by Tfjfjios {dpa), 
Srf rort. Srj or Kai tot iiriiTa, or (^//) 
dpa with indie, of histor. tenses ; with 
subj. (=pres.), only d 400. 

i?i|L^h prs., aor. rjuvtrt, atte, (Kapri, 
KaprioTi, with head), nod; B 148, it, the 
ploughed field, nods (to the breeze), 
with its heads of grain ; hg.fuU, B 373. 

{joovcs, pi, (iTifAi), dvSptg, darters, 

♦ 886t. 

t|v (ti dp), 81, if when, (1) with subj. 
of pres. expectation, the verb of the 
principal clause standing in; (a) imp., 
^ 237, 7r 274; (/3) fut., I 394, A 353; 
(y) opt., /x 288; (d) prs. subj., ft 121, 
e 482.--(2) with subj. of repeated 
action, verb of principal clause being 
pres., A 166, X 159; often with irfp,<T 
318. —(3) = whether, with subj., a 
282. (€t dv, (jdv, ijv.) 

ifjvcUvcro, negabat, from dvaivo- 

tjvciKc, KavTo, tulit, aor. from 


VcF^^cvra, ace, -oiooa, av, ag, (dvf- 
fiog), windy, breezg, airg, (of towns, 
mountains, trees), nrvxag, r 432. 

AvCa, rd, fr en &, reins, often adorned 
with gold or ivory, aiyaXotvra, E 226. 

[0 , 

^viKo, when, with indie, x l^Sf. 

'HvioirciSf, rja, son of Thebaios, 

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charioteer of Hektor, slain by Diome- 
des, e 120t. 

>/vi-ox«vi-, ^vloxTJo, «f, oc, (n.), = 

fyfi6x<^^Vf ipf, O)v(oxoi:)t held the 
reitiSj ffuidedy drove, ^ 642. 

■^vCoxpSy oiOy (ft, ov, 01, oiffi, ovg, {t)via, 
fX<«>)» charioteer, Oepcnrtov, E 580, etc. 
The charioteer stood usually left of 
the irpofiaxoQ; among the Assyrians, 
the warrior (armed with bow) had also 
a second attendant, shield-bearer, with 
liimself on the chariot (see cut); the 
Egyptian monuments represent only 
one warrior or triumphing king upon 
the war- chariot. 

5VT0, sedebant, from TJfiai, 
KWTo, success! t, from dvvfii. 

V<^Y^^ <') iussit, from avtaya. 

^{c, f regit, from aywfii. 

ifjoiov, ace, 01, a>i/, fern, y, rjv, (^<**<:y 
matutinus; subst. morning, davm, d 
447 ; elsewh. orfentalis, eastern. 

tjot, see 'itjQ. 

nirap, art, dat., j e c u r, liver, c 301 . 

{jira^c, ludificatus est, see wa- 

if^cSav^, feeble, weakly, 9 311, 

rjireipoQ, VjircCpoM, ov, tp, ov, fem., 
( d - wtipiM) ? ), mainland, terra Jirma, 
opp. sea and islands, cf. esp., B 635 ; 

^jvCirairc, compellavit, hail, see 

TJvlv, ace. pi. riviQ, sleek, shining, Z 
94^ 382 : others, yearling. 

•HvoTrCSrjs, Satnios, 'fi^ 444t. [i] 

Vjvop^, kri<pi, trjv, (dvfjp), prowess, 
manhood, Z 156. 

TJvairt, dat., (»/i'oif/, AN), gleaming, 
dazzling, of naked metal, always with 
Xa\K(p, n 408. 

•Mvo+, (1 ) father of Satnios of My- 
sia. Si 445t. — (2) father of Klytomedes 
from Aitolia, Mf 634.— (3) father of 
Thestor, of Troja, n 401. 

{JKrcov, obviam facti sunt, meet, 
from dvriii). 

interior, opp. sea (coast), i 49 ; yet used 
even of island, € 56 ; liTrtipovde, toward 
the land. 

ti'ircp=i7£7r£|0, quam, than, Si 468. 

tjircp (oo-TTfp), eadem qua, just 
there (thither), where, /i 81, 4» 4; just 
ait, I 310. 

i^cpoirt)a, ace. from ^fl-fpoirevc, X 
364t, and VjircpoircvTa, voc. from -rrjg, 
deceiver, seducer, V 39 and N 769. 

i^cp-aircvcts, ft, hv, prs., ipf. i^rrfp- 
oTTivov, aor. -eixryQ, sjteak differently 
than one means, deceive, cajole, seduce, 

i^l6-8«>pos (i^TTia), kindly giving, 
bountiful, Z 25 If. 

Digitized by 





4{iru»f, ov, ov, rtf a, mUd, of persons, 
of remedies, A 218 ; of counsels, A 361. 

jjyiktt (^7r^a>), loud voiced, H 384 f. 

"HirirrtStis, Periphas of Troja, P 

^^irvci, ipf. ^TTuc, haU; p 271, sound 
thrill; S 399, roar. 

^pa ^kpHv nvi, also ^irt . . . fipa, do 
a favor^ gratify, humor, y 164, A 578 
{Ffjpay l^ovXofiai). 

•HpaKXcCStis, (1) Tlepolemos, B 653. 
—(2) Thessalos, B 679. 

*HpaicXYJos, 171, fja, often replaced in 
nom., as in other case^, by periphrasis, 
/^I'ly 'HpaKXrjiiri^ voc. wanting, JSTero- 
ib/iM, son of Zeus and of Alkmene; his 
birth, T 98 ; dfOXoi, S 362, \ 623, ^ 
26; destroys Laoraedon's Troja, Y 
145, £ 642; makes conquest of Py- 
los, A 689 sqq., cf. also E 392, 397 ; 
death, 2 117; his shade, X 601; his 
wife (on earth) Megara (see Thes- 
salos and Tlepolemos), in Olympos, 
Hebe. National hero, celebrated in 
popular songs before Homer's time, 
X 602, 267. Epithets, 06ioio, Bpaffufiifi- 
vovaj KpaTtp6(^pova ; cf. 25. 

'HpokXticCt), »7f, n, i;i', always with 
fiii]y periphrasis for Herakles, A 690. 

V|^d}ic9a, see apvvfn, gain. 

4jpapc, aor. from dpaphKU). 

^Iparo, aor. mid. from dpwfiai, 

■^paTO, from apdofiai^ p r e c a r i. 

*flpif|, Hera^ daughter of Kronos and 
of Rhea, sister and wife of Zeus; her 
education, ^ 201 sqq. ; relation to 
Zeus, A 568, O 13, S 153; hostile to 
Trojans; to Herakles; patron of 
Greeks ; her children : Ares, Hephai- 
stos, Hebe, Eileithyia; her favorite 
haunts, Argos, Mykenai, Sparta, A 51, 
52. Epithets, 'Apyiirj, (Sodirig worvia, 
vpkafia (fedf Ait>c KvSpi^ Tra/oaicoiTef ; 
i^vKOfioiOf XiVKioXivog, Xpuffo^poj/of, 
XovtTointiXov, Zeus gives her yet other 
(dishonorable) names, O 14 ; likewise 
Poseidon, 8 209 ; ^oXoi^povkovaa. 

^piijpci, plupf. from dpapiffKUf. 

ifjpnpcurro, plupf. pass, from Jpct^u). 

^pX, loc., (»/€pi), m an e, a* earlt/ mom, 
I 360 ; with riatQtv, r 320. 

i^pX-yivtuif ijc, a J/, early bom, epithet 
of Tfiitc S 195. As substantive = Eos, 
Child of dawn, X 197. 

IjplKCy fracta est, hredk, from 

iftptov, TO, sepulchral mound, ♦ 126t. 

ijpiirc, lapsus est, slip, from ipeiwut. 
tjptryc, V o m u i t, from ipevyofiai. ^pd, 
precabaris, from dpdo^ai. i?ipw(|- 
o«v, cesser unt, retire, from ipiakkt. 

4|p«»t, atoQ, w'i (oi, H 453, 9 483), uta 
(^ 303 [- w w], w^ before vowels) ; pL 
u>€c, iinov, ioiaai, waf , hero, warrior, title 
of honor for the free and brave ; stand- 
ing alone as subst.. A 4, K 179 ; in ad- 
dress, T 104, K 416 ; with Aauaoi, 
'Axaioi, likewise with single names, 
A 200, j8 15,* 163; joined with Oipd-^ 
irotn-iQ 'Apfiog^B 110; yiptuv, Tf 155. 
(Never = demigod.) 
^ fl<r' = (1) riaai,0 245, gfides.— (2) 
5<To, TT 44, con side. 

^(rai, arai, sedes, sedet. {i<raro» ■ 
gavisus est, from ijSofiai. ^civ, 
fut. from 117/ie. -Tiff^a, eras. 

fjoicciv, wrought, ipf from aoKkio. 

^oo, c o n s i d e, imp. from ffnai. 

{(oxrav, pi. ovai;, ntr. ov, deter ior, 

365 ; dXiyov §<r<rov,paullo minus, 
litt'e less. 

'TjoToi, sedet tjortiv, erant 
am bo. 

r\v^ii\f 17, q u i e 8, peace, quiet, (t 22 f. 

y\a-txwvy ace. masc, tutum, unin- 
jured, 4> 598 f. 

•n<ryy^uAvo%y pf. pass, from ahxvvia. 

iT*=r/r€, r366. 

TJ T€ — 4j T€, 8 i V e — s 1 V e, ekher — or. 

nruurOc, omvTO, ipf. from ahiaofiai. 

^ rot (1. fjy and 111. roi), marks (1) 
calm assurance, surely: in address, H 
406, a 307, H 191; in narration, A 
140, Z 201 ; after ri, p 372.— (2) marks 
antithesis =1*6 J/, A 68, o 6, H 188, A 
487 ; quamquam, amd yet, X 280 ; 
dXX' fi TOi, but by all means, A 211, O 
48, 488, ir 278; -fih, sed vero, but 
yet, A 140; with imp., yet, B 238, k 
271 ; after wg, i 24, and o0^a, y 419 ; 
pkv before Sk, by all means, r 1 68 ; (t 339 
read ij n ; roi, r 599, is dat.). 

T|Top, TO, heart, not as bodily organ, 
though used as synonymous with Kpa- 
diri, K 93 ; Krjp, P 535 ; likewise with 
Ovfiog ; also with ivi ipptrji, XI 242, T 
169,8 413, V 320, cf B 490 ; iv KpaSiy, 
T 169; synonymous with anima, N 
84, * 201; lifr, E 250; power of 
thought, mind, A 188 ; heart, feelings, 

1 497, 572; seat of astonishment, p 
514 ; of joy,^ 647 ; of grief, E 364; of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




hope, TT 92 ; of fear, T 31 ; of courage, 
a 209 ; of desire, E 670 ; of wrath, S 
367 ; of appetite, T 307, 1 705. 

ifjv-Y^cu>s (yipuov), with Xig at end 
of verse (Il.)» ^ 45^» with Xf'wv, strong- 
bearded^ from the long hairs ("feelers ") 
ai'ound the lion's jaws. 

T)v8a, 1 o c u t u 8 e 8 1, ipf from avSdu). 

Vjv-Kop>9> 010, (ico/uiy), beauitful'f/air- 
haired^ A 36. 

ijvs, vvy i), see Ivq. 

^v<rc, el a m a T i t, from auoi. 

Vjih-c (»//€ re), CM a&o, (1) quam, a«, 
comparcMe to, A 277. — (2) tanquam, 
quasi, <w it were, A 359. — (3) ceu 
c u m, OS when, Wee, B 87. 

"H^uTTos, no dat, (<r/^i;-, per se, 
0aiVa>i/?), son of Zeus and of Hera, 
god of fire, and of arts which need the 
aid of fire ; his wife, Charis, 2 382 sqq. ; 
but in Odyssey, the faithless Aphro- 
dite ; from childhood on, dfi<f>iyvnfig, 
KvWoirodiiov, 2 395 sqq.; his favorite 
abode, A 593, 9 283 ; chief works : 
armor of Achilleus ; net in which he 
entrapped Ares and Aphrodite, 9 274; 
brazen houses of gods on Olympos 
and their outfit ; sceptre and aegis of 
Zeus ; his titles, xo^tva, KXvTortxvriQ, 

KXvroepyov, KXvrofirfrtv, iroXv<ftpovor^ 
wepixXwoi:, voXw/ij^reoc. Hephaistos 
is orig. nothing else than the element 
of fire, as may be recognized in 1 468, 
and esp. in B 426. 

■Jj+i {(rfrjifn, see og) pirf^i, sua (vi), 
X 107t. 

^<» y^ (riX^\ *»oise, roar, hum, B 
209, II 769. 

i^i^cvTo, ntr., vsatra, fern., (nxh\ 
echoi ^, 5 72 ; roaring, A 157. 

4jx*€To, ipf. from dx9ofiai and ixOo- 

llXiy ubi, where. A 607. 

^w6cv Crffog), mane, earlg; eras 
memo, to-morrow at dawn, 2 136; with 
/laX' })|ot, eras multo man a 

ifi>ii irp6, before daybreak, A 50. 

^f^y ovQ, ol, a>, (aurora), daybreak^ 
* 111, TT 2; dawn, t 390; eras mane, 
e 470, X 375 ; dag, Q 31 ; east, t 26. 
Personified, *Hws, Eos, Aurora; her 
son Memnon, ^ 188 ; husband, Titho> 
nos, A 1, but cf £ 121, o 250; abode^ 
/I 3, A 1, T 1, X 197 ; 'Butotpopoc, "¥ 
226, precedes her as she drives her 
chariot aloft, xj/ 246; epithets, rfpiyi- 
vfta, podoSaKTvXog, ^a, iv9povog, Kpo- 
KoirtTrXoQ, xpva69povoQ, 


9a^ur«riit» s/ucv, ipf. 9dafffft, sedere, 
sU, O 124. 

Oaipovs, ace. pi., {9vpa), hinges of 
door or gate, M 459t. (See cuts from 
Egyptian originals; also under ini" 
pXr\Q, No. 38.) 



0&Xd|&Ti«, gen., bed, hole, t 432f . 
0&X&iiT)-ir6Xos> tj* (TriXcffdac, cole- 

re), woman of the bedchamber, chaffiber- 
maid.riS. (Od.) 

OdXaftos, 0, no dat. pi., (96Xoc)^ room 
(opp. large hall, fikyapov dtjjfia), hence 
the rooms of the i-ear portion of 
the house [see table III., at end of 
volume], e. g. teamen's chamber (5 121), 
room for weapons (r 17), store-room (ji 
337), bedchamber, F 423. 

OdXacrou, j), (rapdaow, orig. form 
rapaxja, Curtius), no pi, the sea, as 
element ; when used of any particular 
sea it means the Mediterranean, B 294. 

OoXdcrota {9dXa<t(Ta) Ipya, mariti- 
ma (negotia), belonging to the sea, E 
614, t 67. 

B6\4Bai¥f ovreg, part., (9dXXu), blooms 
infft ^ 63 ' aXoKjiy, teeming with fat. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




^ OdXcYo, y, av, {Ba\o<;)^ always with 

iaigy abounding^ goodly feast, 9 76. 

SoXclo, name of a Nereid, 2 39 f. 

OoXcpiSS) oXo, 6v, u}j 01, Cjv, ovQ, ^, 

ifv. (^aXXw), blooming^ {\) fresh, strong, 

thick, fiT}pii}, X"^'^* — (2) mofdg voice 

, was mute, <piovri; shedding big tears, 

f BcLKpv ; rich, reeking, aXoitpn ; ^^^ O"'^ 

frequtnt sob, yoo^ ; entered into in the 

I prime of youthful freshness, blooming, 

' yafiog. 

I OaX^««v, gen. pi. from ro 9aKoQ, 

' (OaXXu)), good cheer, X 504t. 

OaX(^, dat. pi. -^js, from ^ ©aXi'i;, 
(OtiWu)), abundance, X 603. 

OoXX^v, ace. masc., {daXKiMt), foliage 
(as fodder for goats), p 224t. 

OaXXa>, only pf. part. rcGi|X«f, r«Oa- 
^ Xwia, y, av, plupf. rt^^Xet, cf. ^Xeui, 
(dnnrnd in, teem with, dat. ; part., abun^ 
dant, frtfh, tspffti^ v 24.5, cf. € 467. 

6dXo«, ace, ro, (9d\\i»t), shoot, scion, 
X 87, ? 157 ; see OaXkwv. 

OoXiri^v, part, (OdXiros), warm, r 

6aXinos, son of Eurytos, chief of 
the Epeians, B 620 f. 

0aXir»v, oj/rft, part.,(Od.), calefa- 
ciens, warming, <p 246. 

6aXir«»pi{ (0aX7ru>), warming, metaph. 
cofw/ort, Z 412. 

6aXvoxa, rc't, {9dXo^;\ ojjfering of first- 
fruits, harvest ojjfering, I 534 f. [v] 

0aXvorYd8v]S9 'E;^i7r(tfXoc, son of Tha- 
lysios, A 458t. 

Oa}jLd,frequenter,qj^en, a 143.209. 

Oapfisw, only pi. ipf. i^dfi^cov, aor. 
9apf5Tf<Ttv, oav, part. 9a^i^i]<ravTt, traaa, 
{9dp,^0Q), be struck with astonishment, T 
398, a 360 ; gaze upon with wonder, Q 

OdjiPos, eve* ntr., vHmdler, bewilder- 
mtnt, to 394. 

C&|iics, kai, (OQ, €iai, nag, frequen- 
tes, crotDded, thick, frequent, f 252, A 

6a|x,(Cci«, 2 sing, ind., and -i^utv part, 
prs., ipf. 9api(^t, frequent are, come 
frequently, resort f with part. = fre- 
quenter, 451. 

6<&uvo«, <it, and pi., frondes, bush, 
shrub, thicket, i// 190, A 156. 

Ba)i.vpis, Thrakian bard, vanquished 
and blinded by the Muses, B 595t. [«] 

0dv&ro«, sing., and oi p. 341, mors, 
nex, mortes ; 9dvar6vh, to death, 11 

693. Personified. Death, twin-brother 
of Sleep, S 231. [a a] 

9(iopai, only 3 pi. I aor. Btivalaro, 
admirarentur, admire, a I91t. 

9dvrtt), prs. ipf., 3 pi. aor. 64it|rav, 
plupf. pass. iTk9aTrro, se pel ire, bury, 
vfTo x^ovoi', X 52. 

Copo-dX^ot) ov, 01, Tf, ntr. comp. 
-twrtpov, adv. -(tog, (9dpaog), ferox, 
courageous, daring ; p 449, impudent. 

9ap(jkui, prs., pf. rcOapo^JKoo't, also 1 
aor., (9dp(Tog), be bold, also in bad sig- 
nif. be impudent ; part, confident; 9 197, 
with acc.,be of good courage as regards 
the contest 

6dp<ro«, ovg, evg, (Eng. d ar e), a u d a- 
c ia, boldness, also =- impudence, P 570. 

Oofxrvvot, adj., {9dp<rog), confident, 
relying upon, oitovt^, N 823. 

6ap<niv» (subj.), prs., ipf. 1 sing. 
9dp<Tvvov, iter. 9ap<rvvt(TK€, 2 sing. aor. 
BdptTvvag, {9dpoog), con firm are, en- 
courage, A 233. 

9dfyffo}v, etc., comp. from ra^vc. 

Oavfio, ro, (9dopai), miraculum, 
res mira, wonder, also with iUoBai, 
as exclamation, p 306 ; only k 326, 
mi ratio, surprise. 

8av|x.dt«», prs., ipf. 9avpa^t, iter. 
-|f (TKoi/, n>id. 9avpai6ftTtv, fut. 9avpd(j- 
(Terai, aor. 9avpd<jw(Ti, (9avpa), mira- 
ri, ttwid r (at), B 320, y 373 ; rtvd, E 
601,<r411; ri,N 11,»;43; r6,on account 
of; with dependent sentence, B 320, O* 
629 sq. ; with ace. and inf., E 601. 

6av|x.&v^ovTcs9 fut part, from 9av- 
paivu), admiraturi, 9 lOSf. 

0av}idKtT), town in Magnesia, under 
rule of Phibktetes, B 716t. 

9dtj, only mid. prs. inf. Ctjcr^ai, aor. 
9i]oaro, suck (the breast of a mortal), 
12 58 ; milk, 5 89. 

6cd, dg, dv, at, (Hcuvai), dutv, yni, 
yg, dg, dea, goddess, (opp. yvrrf), S 
315, appos. with prjTrtpj vvptpai. 

OcavcS, KuTaijig dXoxog Avrrivopog, 
Z 302, priestess of Athena in Ilios. 

O^ciov, only sing., sulfur, sulphur, 
as sacred instrument of purification ; 
KOKioi/ OKog, X 481 ; with fumes of sul- 
phur, p 41 7. (9niov = Bifiiov, cf. bvu).) 

6ccuS»ow, fut., and pres. mid. 9ieiov- 
rai, fumigate and purify with brimttone 
(one's house), \^ 50. 

6cicv, opt. aor. from riOrfpi. 

CctXd-ircSov {9' tiXoinduv ?), drying- 


Digitized by ^ 




place, a sunny spot in vineyard where 
grapes were dried, i; 123t. 

6ck)uv, opt, Oeivai inf. aor. from ri- 

OciWiuv, inf., Osivy subj. prs., ipf. 
96tP6 tBeive, part. aor. Otivag and part, 
pres. pass., (fen do), strike, rivd nvi, 
with (the bow behind the ears), * 491. 

OcCofJLCv, subj. aor. from TiOijfu. 

Ocios, ov, 010, ov, (jjv, Tjj i;f , tyv, d i- 
Tinus, divine, B 41 ; also = glorious, 
/3 341 ; sacer, H 298. 

Ociw, (1) -- 0«w, curro. — (2) = 01 w, 
0w, aor. subj. from rtOijfii. 

OkXyw, prs., ipf. O^^c, iter. 9B\y€(TK£, 
y 264 ; fut OtA^ai, aor. 1 ; pass. prs. 
opt QfXyoiTo, aor. tQsXxOrji:, and 3 pi. 
WiXxOiVj chaiTTk, cajole, bewitch, * 276 ; 
delude, deceive, riva, tivoq, and rivi 
0vfi6v, O 322, 594 ; blind, N 435. 

OcXicTi^ptov, a, ro, ,(0iX7w)= del i- 
ciae, cAarm; 9 509, means of appeas- 
ing the gods. 

O^fAcOXa and OcfuCXua, tcl, {Qnvai). 
fundamenta,M 28; the first, fig. ftfrf 
(roots) of the eye, 5? 493 ; Uncev part 
of throat, near the j u g u 1 u m, P 47. 

6^|i€v(ai) = 0ttvat, inf. aor. from ri- 

6^fjLtS, iffTog, i(TTt, iffra, i, ttrrig, {Oil- 
vat), cu-^tom, usage, that which is laid 
down or established not by written law, 
butbyoldlaw,E761,< 112,115; itrri, 
fas iusque est; with inf. ij 9. i, 
sicut fas est, as is right, B 73 ; also 
with gen., ^tivutv, with dat, ffl 386 ; 
fatum, Atoc 9efnaT(g ; decisions, IT 
387 ; prerogatives, joined with aKijir- 
Tpov ; TsXtiv, pay dues, taxes. Personi- 
fied, Themis, /3 68, T 4, O 87. 93. 

OcfUOTCvct, ovra, (de/itf ), give law, 
rivi ; Tivog, govern, t 1 14. 

d^lioMTC, aor. (0€/ioa>), c o e g i t. forced, 
with inf., i 486 and 542. 

-0€v, suffix (of. Lat -tus). I. in 
general, (1) local, answering question 
whence, 7rtd69ev, fundi tus; Tpoiri', 
oifpavo-, oi'ro- ; also with t^, ano ; 
with verba movendi, (f>fpfiv, dynv; 
sentiendi, 'l^f7d(v /le^ewv. — (2) de- 
noting source, € 477, Y 305, cf. aivc-, 
oio-. — (3) specifying originator, O 489, 
V 447. — (4) temporal, t/wOcv, 67n<r0€»', 
p o s t m o d o. II. with designations of 
persons. 9(6'. d i v i n i t u s ; Trarpo-, Ato-, 
BnHO', ifii' (with di'tv, O 213), ai-, K- ; 

(1) with ablative force, audire ex, B 
26,^ 289; de,Q 490; obedire, obey, 
O 199 ; after comparatives, A 114, i 
56, "¥ 312 ; vinpkxia, I 419 ; also with 
i?, atro, vpo, E 96 ; 'irp6a9iv, E 56. — (2) 
with verba recordandi, 9 431, A 
127; iiviKa,dkKriTi,y 2\Z', V7rip,Z 524; 
dviv, P 407. — (3) joined with word in 
gen., V 42, A 180, ir 94, 2 337 ; with 
dvra, avriov, dvridv, irupdl^dv, i^ 1 1 4. 
—(4) instead of gen., d 393, v 232, tt 
439 ; but never instead of gen. partitive. 

O^dpos, gen. from rd 9svap, flat of 
ihe hand, E 339t. 

6^0, imp. aor. act from ri9rifju. 

0ce-8|x,4r«Dv, gen. pi., (Skfiut), a diis 
constructorum, ^oeWj/t/f, 6 519t. 

6co-ci8i)s9 £«, ace, (elSog), godlihe^ 
beautiful as the gods, B 623, o 271. 

6co-c(kcXos, ov, (€), (iKiXog), like the 
gods, in exterior, A 131. 

Oc^Ocv, divinitus,yrof» the gods, v 

0co-kX{^|acvos, seer in Ithaka, son 
of Polypheides, o 256, v 350. 

6co-irpoir^ttv, part., vaticinans, 
prophesying, A 109. 

0co-irpoir{t|s, gen., rfv, ag, and -vp^- 
iru>v, gen. pi. iW, (9to'7rp67rog) = 9i6- 
(pavrnv, vaticinatio, vaticinium, 
p ophecy, oracle, A 385. 

6co-irp^o«, ace ov, (cf. dpi'irpi' 
7rr]g) = 9(o<pdvTU)p, one who di- closes the 
will of gods ; vates, seer (N 70, oitovi- 
(TTTig), a 416. 

6c<$S, ov, oXg, tp, o0ev, 6v, oi, wv, 
olffi. olg, ovg, comm.. deus (dea), god 
(goddess) ; of individual deities, A 514, 
2 394; then like numen, the deity, 
(Tvv 9(if, dr(v{9i) 9tov, virfp 9(lv, ix 
9iu<l>tv. [Often pronounced by syni- 
zesis, e. g. ^251, f;.] 

6cov8i{s, ka, {Hfo-SPrig, Sffjg, Btog), 
fearing the gods, pious, r 364. (Od.) 

Ocpaircvov, 1 sing, ipf., {Btpdnuiv), 
serviebam, «frfe, V 265t. [a] 

Ocpdiroiv, ovrt, ovra, i, (g, ag, com- 
rode, comrade at arms (esquire, not 
servant), cf. X 255, B 110, ^ 23. 

9ipso}, see 9ipi<T9aL 

9fpfiaivta, only subj. aor. 6cppifv||, 
calefaceret, warm, heat, E 7; opt 
prs. pass. 9ipfiaivoiTo, cnlefieret. 

Ocppt^v, ntr. a, fervidum, a, hoi^ 
warm, i 388. 

O^plUTi, imp. prs., calefacite; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




pass. ipf. 3 sing. Ospftiroy calefiebat, 
^ 381. 

Bipoit €vf, «i, (fornax, fur-nus), 
aestae, summer, rj 118. 

0cp<ri-Xoxof9 a Paionian-, slain by 

Ocpo-CTTis, slanderous demagogue in 
I Greek camp, B 212-69. 

0^pco^ai, prs.; fut. mid. Btpaoiuvoq, 
T 507, pass. aor. subj. Qtpiui, ferve- 
8 c ere, ie warm, toarm one!' 8 self, so also 
pass.,p23; Trvpof, incendi, Z 331. 
0^, imp. aor. from riOrifU. 
6^o--KcXov, a, (icfXw), toandrous, tpya ; 
ntr. adv., mirum in modum, * 
6co|L^v, ace, (0«ivai), site, i// 296t. 
S^cnrcia, town in Boiotia, B 4981. 
, 6c<nrc<rCoio, gen., y, ov, rj, y, tjv, 

cuov, adv. -wc, O 637 (ftrirerf ), ctstonish' 
ing^ tremendous^ in good and bad sense; 
0e<rire<Tiy^ by providential ordering, B 
367; A 591, divine. 

6€<nri-8<Us (daiu)), irvp, fiercely blaz- 
ing, M 177. 

6c<nrXv, ace, {<nir-, s e q u i ?), follow- 
ing, attending the deity ; pious or divine, 
glorious, aoidov, p 385 ; doiSriv, a 328. 

- 8c<nrp«iTo(, tribe dwelling about 
> Dodona in Epeiros, «• 427 ; their king 

Pheidon, ^ 316. (Od.) 
t 6c(r(raX<Ss, son of Herakles, father 

of Pheidippos and Antiphos, B 679t. 

0c<rropt8i;S) son of Thestor, ( 1 ) Kal- 
chas, A 69. — (2) Alkmaon, M 394. 
e^oTcap, (1) father of Kalchas.— (2) 
' of Alkmaon. — (3) son of Enops, slain 

by Patroklos, n 401t. 
I 0^o'-<|MiToS) ov, a, 0^<r<|»aO* before 

rough breathing, (cf Oe-airs-oiog, d-airB' 
^ ^oc)» cf. fatum, ntr., deaees of fate; 
with ar\p,i\ 143 = thick. 

0iTis, tdoQ, I, Xv, Z, a Nereid, mother 
of Achilleus by Peleus, 2 431 sqq., Q 
62, cf. A 502 sqq., 397 sqq.; epithets, 
u\o(TvSv7j, dpyvpoirt^a, i^VKopoto, KoXXi- 
wXoKCL^ov, ravvTmrXi. 
y Biitii 0^ci«, etc., prs., (inf also 6c{civ), 

ipf. (iter. BUokov), fut. Oivtrtai, aQai, 
c u r ro, run; of men and animals ; part. 
' joined with other verbs = o c i u s, quick- 
ly, in haste, M 343, Z 394, x 106 ; also of 
ships, potter's wheel, vein, and in gen. 
of round or quick-moving things. 
Oc«*Tcpai, dvpat, divinae, v lllf. 

6i(Pf| and QriPyai, ag, name of a 
city, (1) in Troas, at foot of Mount 
Plakos, residence of Eetion, A 366, Z 
397; destroyed by Achilleus. — (2) 
inraTTvXoio, ivrrre^avtii, iroXvrjparift^ 
Upd rdx^a, in Boiotia, orig. founded 
by Kadmos; eriPofU,to Thebes. 

SvjPoi, only pi., 6icar6/i7rvAot, city in 
Egypt on Mile (Atof iroXig), S 126, 
I 381. 

8t|Paios, (1) a Thebnn ; but (2) as 
proper name, father of Eniopeus, 8 

dtJYct, uiv, prs., whet (the teeth) ; imp. 
aor. mid. OriKdoBo), let each one sharp- 
en well his spear, B 382. 

Onsofiai, only opt. 6t|oio, ipf Oritiro, 
tOrftiffUtrOa, Oriivvro, aor. 9r)riaar0y 
avTO^ aio, and 9r}<TaiaT0j 3 pi., (Bia), 
mirari, contemplari, gaze at, ad- 
mire, Q 418, n 133 ; rivd, a 191 ; with 
part., p 64 ; ri, K 624, o 132; 9viA(f, e 
76; joined with synonymous verb,"*" 
728,0 265. . 

6ifi|S, 2 sing. subj. aor. from TiOrifii. 

6t)v|ti|p {Orisoftai), beholder, I e. 
fancier, connoisseur, ^ 397t (v. 1. Orfpri* 

0i{u>v, Bmov, sulphur, brimstone', % 

6i4Xca$, see ByiXvq. 

6i{\cov, ipf, {QriX'Eia BdXXt»i), (the 
meadows) bloomed (with violet blos- 
soms, ioi;),f 73t. 

6t)Xv« (also with fem. substs.), vv, 
fern, eta, ai, ag, and BrjXfag, £ 269, and 
6t|XvTCpat, dwv, ytri, X 386, gentler, 
feebler, cf gentle sex; femininus, 
m u 1 i e b r i s.female.—{2)fresh, refresh- 
ing (dew, e 467). 

6t||x.wva, Tov, {Belvai), congeriem, 
heap, € 368 f. 

^v, = in prose, Sffirov, allied perh. 
to dri^ then, so then ; also ^-, ov- (oij). 

6T)eio, mirareris, opt. from Briko- 

9i\piy Bfipi, du., and Bfjpeg, taaiv, ag, 
(Eng. deer), f era, wild beauty € 473. 

6t|pcvTJ<rt, dat. pi., (Brtprj), vena- 
tori bus, hunters, joined adjectively 
with dvdpdoiv and Kvveaatv, M 41. 

^pcvovTo, part., {Brtprf), venantera, 
hunting, r 465f . 

6i{pi|, rig, rjv, (Brjp), venatio, chate, 
I 158. 

Digitized by 





Ct|pT|Ti^p, a, £c, «t% and Ct|pi{TOpa«, 
I 544, (y///y//), venator, Attnter; ^ 397, 
better reading Otiijriip. 

^ptov, ro, (^i7|o), 6ea«f, k 171 and 

OrJTCs, pi., (Otii'at^ conditio), laborer 
on fixed terms, hired laborer, dap laborer 
(opp. dfiuitg, vanquished serfs, slaves), 
^ 644t. 

6t|o«£aT0, 3 pL opt. aor. from Oriio- 
fiai, mirarentur. 6l|o«ro, he sucked, 
see 9dw. 

6t|o-cvs, ace. ka, X 631, Theseus; na- 
tional hero of Athens and Attika, A 

^oOoi, see Bdto. 

6t)tcv^|&cv, inf., -eveafnv, 1 pi. aor., 
(^Qrjrtino, OtJTig), toorkfor hire, he a day 
laborer, \ 489. 

-01 (of. Lat. -bi), suffix added to 
subst. and pron. stems to mark place 
in which, 

e(s, 9ivi, 0ipa, masc. (Oiivai ?),(!) 
acervus, heap, ft 45. — ^2) elsewh. 

BCcrPi), town in Boiotia, iroXvrpripijj- 
va, B 602t. 

9\du}. only aor. l0X&(rc, 9\dafft, 
shnUered, E 307. 

dXijSii), ov\y fut 6XCi|r€Tai iHfiovg, wiU 
rub his shoulders, p 221t. 

Oviljoicwv, prs., aor. iQavtv, etc., inf. 
9aviHv, fut. QavktcrQai, pf rsOvtjKa, 
part. TeOvTjwg, Cjtoq (and oroc, ora, 
oraq ), etc., nBvriKviav ; pf sync, rc- 
^vatrt, aii;v, i/f , ly : rf^j/a/ifi/(CTi), rt- 
Qva9t^ dro)^ mori, die, viro x^P^'^ '"'" 
vog; joined with ttot^ov tiriawnv, H 
52; oiKTwrtp 9avdT(^,\ 412. TiOrrfuJ- 
Ttg and Oavovrtg, mo rtui, the dead. 

6n|T^, ^, etc., (no ntr.), mortal is, 
Y 41 : Pporov, ir 212. 

B^aS) avTog, (I) son of Andraimon, 
B 638; in Aitolia. A 527.— (2) 9iioc, 
son of Dionysos and of Ariadne, of 
Lemnos, 'S, 230. — (3) a Trujan, slain 
by Menelaos, n 311. 

6^, name of a Nereid, 2 40t. 

6otvi|9Y)vai, aor. pass., {QoivcmS), to be 
entertained, d 36t. 

66Xov, 010, only jren. sing., building 
of circular form, with vaulted roof, in 
court- vpjd of Odysseus. (See plate 
^M.. k) 

©o4« (no gen. sing.), only gen. dat. 
acid ace. p!. 9ofi, dtov, y<T(iv), adv. 6o«»s> 

(9bu)), citus, quick, with Salra, 38, 
proleptically ; vw^, sw\fi-descending, be- 
cause night, in the countries on the 
Mediterranean, follows more speedily 
than with us the setting of the sun 
( cf. jS 388 ) ; vfiaoi, swiftly fitting by, 
and sinking in the horizon, o 299. 

Booui, only aor. cO^cmto, {dxpovy 
prae), acui, brought to a point, i 327t. 

66p€, aor. from 9pw(TKu>. 

6ovpos, ov, fem. BovpiSog, Iv, (^9pio~ 
OKio), impetuosus, rushing, raging^ 
impetuous ; Ares, E 30 ; d\Ki)g, danida, 

O^OKOSf 01 = BdKog, 01. 

Q6<avy (ovog, (\) a Phaiakian, 9 113. 
— (2) son of Phainops, slain by Dio- 
medes, E 152. — (3) a Trojan, slain by 
Odysseus, A 422. — (4) a Trojan, com- 
rade of Asios, slain by Antilochos, M 
140, N 545. 

Q6wra, a nymph, daughter of Phor- 
kys, mother of Polyphemos, a 71. 

6oi0TV|s, herald of Menestheus, M 

6paoxos, a Paionian, slain by Achil- 
leus, * 210. [d] 

OpoiroS) TO, S 416 [^a]=9dpffog, au- 
d a c i a, boldness, courage, 

0pd<Ti'-^ij/toc, V. 1. see OpaavpriXog, 

OpafTv-KopSioSf stout-hearted, K 41. 


6p&(rv-fJi^|&vova (ji ifivut), bravely stead- 
fast; Herakles, E 639. 

6pa(rv-|&i{8T|s, son of Nestor, n 321, 

6p{uri^|i,T)Xo«, Sarpedon's chariot- 
eer, n 463 f. 

6pa(rvs> vv, fidwv, and ax, bold, dar- 
ing, rash, A 553. 

6p^{ourKov, aor. iter, from rokx^- 

Op^irrpo, rd, (=9pi'7rrr]pia from rpi- 
0(u), praemia educationis, return 
for bringing up. ov^i roKtvfriv 9pkTrTpa 
(l>i\oig dnkdwKiv, A 478 and P 302, nor 
did he recompense his parents for (their 
care in) bringing him up. 

Opc^o, aor. from rpkipu). 

Op-picTi, OpyicrivSc, OpyicijBfv, Thraike, 
a region in northern Greece beyond 
the Peneios, inhabited by Kikones and 
Paiones, B 845, Y 485, A 222; trav- 
ersed by river Axios; hence adj. 
8pir|CKtov, y, 01, r)Q, Thrakian; sea, ^ 
230 ; ^afiov = island Samothrake^ N 
13; the inhabitants of Tbrake are call- 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 




ed 6pgKc«, iHtv, (sing. Opiiuca), also 
OprfiKig CLKpoKOfAoiy A 533. 

6f»i{vcov, iOpffvioVf ipf, (0/Of;v6a»), 
loere raising the funeral song (6f»i)vos> Q 
721), Q 722, w 61. 

•fwjws, t/V, vv, footstool, (1) of the 
« ' helmsman^running athwart the ship, 
* O 729. — (2) elsewh./oot<roo/, either as 
in cut No. 112, from Assyrian origi- 
nal, attached to the chair, or usually 
standing free. (See cuts Nos. 73, 74, 

6py^, see QpyKti, 

Opi^K^, oi<Ti, coping, comicey pi. bat- 
UtmetUs, p 267. (Od.) 

Opiyicuojy only aor. lOp^YKiMrcv, 
crowned the top of the wall, to make 
it impassable, with bramble -bushes, 
? lOf. 

6plvSjctY|, fable-island, pasture of 
the cattle of Helios, |< 135; the ancients 
identified it and located it in Sicily. 

9piK, Tp(x*> «C, ac» Opi^ivy c a p i 1 1 u s, 
pilus, hair, also spoken of wool, and 
of bristles, "¥ 135. 

0p4$va, rd, flowers, X 441 f. 

8p^vtov, town of the Lokrians, B 

Op^vos, ov, etc., arm-chair, with high 
back and footstool ; cushions were 
laid upon the seat, and over both seat 
and back carpets were spread. (See 
cut, under a/iiruica ; cf also No. 112, 
where two chairs, from Assyrian and 
from Greek originals, are represented.) 

6p^, 6, speech, tongue, A 437 f. 

6pvXCx6t|, aor. pass., (^pvAiaaw), was 
crushed, >P 396t. 

Qpvov, TO, coll., ru hes, * 35 If. [iJ] 

Spvov, TO, (lit. reedy), and 6(>v^co'- 
au TrdXtc (lit. reed-town), a town on a 
ford of the Alpheios, B 592, A 711. 

BpwnuaaXf wv, prs., ipf., aor. 9c pf, 
0opu>v, etc., sal ire, leap, irri (tr) rii'i, 
invadere, attack. 

6pccfr|Jiv, dat., (OptiiaKw), vtSioto, ris- 
ing or rise of the plain (on Skaman- 
dros), K 160. (II.) 

tvyarr\pf (pog, oq, ipi, kpa, (pig, kpta- 
mv; sync. Qvyarpog, t, Qvyarpa, rpeg, 
rpatv, filia, daughter, O 197. [v in 
forms of four and five syllables.] 

Cv^oviv, see Ovog. 

OvcXXo, y, av, at, ag, (fivuS). tempest 
(of wind or of fire) ; also of sudden gust 
which, like the Hai-ples, snatches away 

those who suddenly and irrecoverably 
disappear, t; 63, ^ 515. [*)] 

6W(mr|s, brother of Atreus, ^517, 
B 107 ; father of Aigisthos, who is 
hence called OvcoTiaSris, ^518. 

Oin^cif (9vog), smoking with incense, 
fragrant, e 48. 

tvqX<£«, rag, (9voj), part of the viC' 
tim to be burned, I 220t. 

6v|i-aXY^os» ", ia, kg, (aXyog\ heart- 
paintng, grieving, tt 69. 

€v|fc-ap^a, kg, dear, welcome, p 199^ 
I 336. 

6v|fcPf»ato«, a Trojan, slain by Dio- 
medes, A 320t. 

Bv|aPpy|, plain bordering on the 
Thymbrios, a branch of the Skaman- 
dros, K 430t. 

6v|A-t|7cp^)v {dydpw), scarcely still 
rallying the life in one, tired out, ri 

€i;|A-t)8^a, ntr. pi., (aStiv), delighting 
the heart, agreeable, ir 389 f. 

€vfA-t)pcs. (ipi-ripeg), pleasantlg, k 

6v}io-P^pov, 010, t(i, (^opd), tpiSog, 
heart-gnawing, H 301. (II.) 

€v|AO-8&ict}s {6aictiv)y stinging to the 
heart, 9 185t. 

SvfioCrns, a Trojan chief, T 146t. 

6t;|AO-XcovTa, ace, lion-hearted, E 

6v|io-f»aum{s, £«»v, (paiut), life-de* 
stroying, N 544. (II.) 

Ci;|j.6$, ov, (f, 6v, (9^(1)), strictly, thca 
which is in constant motion (blood as the 
vehicle of the anima), (1) Hfe, vital 
strength, iXfctrOac, dvoTTViiwv, etc. — (2) 
heart, as seat of emotions, courage; 
also torath, airo 9vpov = d-jr0'9vpwg ; 
as feeling desire, appetite (even for food 
and drink). — (3) as seat of reason; 
mind, thought, iv 9vp,(f I3a\ia9ai, lay to 
fieart. — (4) in general signif. disposition, 
nature, heart, — iv aTi)9t(jat, xj/ 215; 
(iV) 9vpif, locat., in (his) heart, soul, 
V 145, V 3,01, 304 ; from the heart, seri- 
ously, O 212, Q 778 ; Kara ^piva icat 
Kara 9vp6v, mente animoque, in 
mind and in soul, in the inmost heart ; 
9vn6g, used as equivalent to one's own 
selft 298,0 202, X 122. 

6vfi<M|»6<Spos, or, a,((p9tlflto^, destroy- 
ing life, fraught with death, fatal ; Z 169, 
inciting to murder; at risk of his life, 
wanton, r 323 ; o 716, consuming (gritf). 

Digitized by V 




04vt«v, part, prs., imp. 9vvt, besides 
these forms, ipf. 9vv€y ov,{9vtMi), nuh or 
dart along, charge^ A 342. 

6v<S€v, ntr., {Ovoq), odorous, O ISSf. 

OiJov, gen., arbor-vitae, with fragi*ant 

wood, £ eof. 

9ueaj 6via»v, ntr., burnt-offerings^ Z 

Ovo-o-KiSos, oc, ((TKoPtiv), One who, from 
the smoke rising from the burnt-offering^ 
draws an omen, 12 221, 145. 

9v6(ij, only pf. part T€dvw|Uvov, 
(9 uo(:), fragrant, Sj 172t. 

Oi)patc, for as, to ^ door, forth, out, 
£ 694, e 410. 

Ovpa-tapovs, acc. pi., (utpa}, guarding 
the doors, X 69t. 

6vpc(Sv, Tov, door-stone, placed by 
Polyphemos at mouth of his den, 
I 240. (Od.) 

OvpcTpa, rd, {9vpij), wings of a dotr, 
door, B 415; avXrjg, x 137, near to the 
crofia \avpijg (see plate III., o). [v] 

Wpt|, no gen. and dat. sing., pi. gen. 
iutv, dat. ytTi, door, folding doors, gate, 
a 441,0 47; entrance, v 370; B 788, 
irri 9vpij(rt,=at the court (cf. our phrase 
* Sublime Porte,' as designation of Sul- 
tan, also [Xen.l paaiXiug 9vpai). 
6vpt|0i, ? 352=Wpt|+i, fori8,ybr<A. 
Gvpa^s, for as. [i/] 

6v(rav^o-o-av {Ovtravoi), richly tassel- 
ed, many-tasseUd, E 738. (11.) 

Ovo-avoi, mg, (jSvio), tujfis, tassels, B 
448.^ (II.) [i>] 

0v<r9Xa, ra, {S^to), implements em- 
ployed at orgies of Dionysos, Thyrsi, Z 
134t. (See cuts.) 

I. e5a>v, prs.. ipf. 9vi,(96u)), (1) hecsoe, 
surge ; of water, * 234, rushing with 
swollen stream ; a'tfiari, suoam in blood. 
—(2) saevire, A 342, rajges-^ tapX 
icph tyx"\ raged charging around and 
in front with his spear, n 699. 

IL OOovTo, part, prs., ipf. 9vi, aor. 

Overc, ffofifv, trcUf 
(9uog, i u s), offer 
by throwing or 
pouring upon the 
fire to be burnt a 
part of, I 446, o 
260. (See adjoin- 
ing cut.) 

Ba), fragrant, 8 121. 

Ocmfv, r^v, mul- 
< thm, penalty, 13 192, 

N 669. 

(9utK0(:) O^WKOS, 01, GwKOV, (ft, 0VQ,{1) 

sedes, seat, (3 14. — (2) consessus, 
assembly, /3 26 ; 9uiK6vdt, £ 3, to the as- 

6wv> Cjvos, a noble Egyptian, 6 

Oa>f»i)KT^v, oTfft, from 9(t>priKTijg, 
{9*i»pni), cuirassed, * 429. (II.) 

6!wpT|{, no dat. pi, breastplate, cuirass, 
corselet, A 19 sqq. ; usually of bronze, 
consisting of two plates (yva\a). (See 
adjacent cut, also cuts Nos. 36 and 78.) 

The cuirass fitted closely to the body, 
and was cut square off at the waist; 
the shoulder pieces (see cut) were drawn 
down by small chains and fastened to 
buttons (see cut No. 78) ; the metal 
plates were united by clasps (see cut 
No. 22) ; the upper part of the thighs 
was protected by the fiirprj, worn over 
the apron, ^a>|<a, of leather or felt, by 
its metal flaps, irripvytg (Nos. 12, 36, 
85), or plates (Nos. 3, 36, 78) ; oyer the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Owpti^, fiirpti^ and ^w/m was bound the ' trtaOov, N 301 } fut. aor. act and mid. 

CoMTT^fo (No6. 3, 78), below which pro- 
jected the lower end of the x**"*^ 
(No8. 3« 22, 36, 78 ; cf. XivoBwptiK and 

ObtprfOffu, pr., ipf. mid. 3 da. Qk0pii9- 

(Q^fmi\ arm with hreattplaU^ or ctnroM, 
mid. arm one's adf^ H 101 ; aor. pass. 
9iiipiiX9i)9av, Orfvai, OkvrtQ^ T 340, A 
226, B 530, (<wv) r€vx«<Tiv, 6 (530) 376. 
edcf, 00^3/, oc,>a<aka£r, A 474. (O.) 


{a, I J7C) see coc. U* see I6q. , 

Xaivci, o/iai, crai, prs., ipf. JaivtrOt 
aor ; w '/ » a rf, ci^vy. aor. pass. idvOtfc^ >7« 
MBy* VC« y? calefacere. toarm, pass., 
calefieri, fc 359; cAecr, /i^A/ew, <^ 549 ; 
pass. (ff^Vy iis gaadeo, taibe delitM in 
them, freq. with Ovpov^ i^pkvai;. [ f ] 

"loipo, a Nereid, £ 42t. 

IdXXciv, prs., ipf. foAXoi/, «/, aor. 
ciyXa, €, ov, (^Xac, mitto, «eR/i forth, 
usually with ^Tri, followed by dat. or 
ace.; V 142, drifuyaif assail with in- 
sults. [«] 

*IaX|icvos, son of Ares, chief of 
Boiotians, B 512. (II.) 

*Ia|Mv^, Trojan chief, M 139t. [7] 

*Ii£va«nra, 'Idvcipo, Nereids, 2 47f . 

['] ^ ^ 

lavOf|, aor. pass, from taivta, 

laro, ipf., fut. iT}<nTnty aor. iri(ra<f9ai, 
curare, tend, nva, ri; heal^ M 2, c 
525. Q] 

Idovcs, lonians, N 685 f. [ -' - w w] 

'I&ircT(k> a Titan, 6 479t. 

laiTTQy cf. Kard-irtTTT^, p. 169. 

'lopSavos, river (1) in Kreta,y 29 J. 
—(2) in Elis, near Fheiai, H 135. 

ia4ri (c7/4(), eunt 

'I&o't8v|S9 son of Jasos, (1) Amphion, 
X 283.— (2) Dmetor, p 443. [I] 

*I&(r{«>v, utvoQ, beloved by Demeter, 
slain by thunderbolt of Zeus, c 125f . 

"Idaov "Ap^os, <T 246 1= the entire 
Peloponnesos. [7] 

"Icbrot, (1) son of Sphalos, leader 
of Athenians, slain by Aineias, O 332. 
— (2) father of Amphion. — (3) father 
of Dmetor. 

lavciv, prs.. ipf. ravor, iter. iavioKov, 
'iVy aor. mv<rac, X 261, and ocira, nafitv^ 
aaVf dteai, daafitVy ir 367, (FAS), per- 

n oc tar e,/KiM <A« n»^, #2e«p, also with 
vvKta, vvKTaCi I 325, r 340. [t; a 
when augmented.] 

Wx^» ^C, y, (Aax^), clamor, cry, 
shout; in field, hunt, or distress. [I] 

\a\mfi ovaoj part, prs., ipf. ca^f « ov, 
(ftdx*tf* Ger. wiehern ?), cry oAmm^, of 
single person or of many, B 333; of 
things, strepere, rinff^ roar, twang, 
hisSf resound, crackle, ^216. [I ; though 
orig. having f , it is often augmented, 
when t becomes 7.] 

'I&mXic^ town in Thessaly, $vpv- 
Xo/9^, X 256, B 712. 

l^v^v, rrtv, (yojnf), poplitem, 
inner part of the knee, hollow of the 
knee, N 2l2t. [i)] 

*I8atos» (1) son of Dares, a Trojan, 
E 11.— (2) herald of Trojans, r 248 ; 
charioteer of Priamos, Q 470. [7] 

*I8<uo«, cf Mount Ida, Idaean, (1) 
Zeus, 11 605; Q 291, Kpowwit. — (2) 
opctuv, Idaean mountains = Ida, 6 170, 
Y 189. [I] 

I8c=?7^«,et,r 194, a 113. 

iSf, idittv, iitoKf, V i d i t, see EIA V. 
I8^w, sc iam, see EIA IV. 

*^8t|, tjf , Ida, a mountain range, rich 
in springs, ravines, forests, and game, 
extending from Phrygia, through My- 
sia, toward the Hellespont, and subsid- 
ing into the plain near Troy, B 821, 
A 183; its summit, rdpyapov; Zeus 
'iSrjOiVyfrom Ida (as his seat), 397, 
fitSfwv, r 276. 

tSnoi, cernas, see EIA V. 

"lofj^, fili, father of Kleopatra, 1 558t. 

tSlov, ntr., iij, (viduus), priva- 
tum./>rtwife,a314. (Od.) [-w] 

iSiov, ipf., (<r/«^-, Eng. sweat), / 
was sweating, v 204f . [7] 

Digitized by 





f8|Mv(<u), scire, see felA IV. 

l8v«SCi|, Otitj. aor. pass, fi-oiii iSvow, 
(oTTKTu;), bent iiiiiiseU (uackwaru), B 

ISoCaro, viderent, see EIA V. 

*i8o;xcv€V9, r)Oi: and lo^*, son of Deu- 
kalion, grandson of Minos, chieftain in 
Kreta, A 265, M 117, B 645; aOBvoi: 
'iSofitpnoi'. periphra8is=Idomeneus, N 
248 ; his son Arsilochos, v 259 ; com- 
rade in arms Meriones, ^ 113. 

l8pc(T|, dat., (Up^Oi h '^*^ Q^ bat- 
tle). 11 359. (11.) 

tSpif, ifg, (tSfitvai), peritns, skilled, 
skifim, with inf., ri 108. (Od.) 

lopcSovTa, cti'y ovffa, itputaai^ part, 
prs., fut. idptofffi^ aor. 'iSputtray (V^pwy), 
sudare, gweat, iopw, A 27 ; be drenched 
toith stoeat, B 388. 

t8(>vc, imp. prs., aor. 'idpvatj oatra^ 
bid be seated, B 191 ; aor. pass. tSpvv- 
Oricrav, took their seats. [ ?; ] 

tSpctfSf dat. fp, ace. te>, (i^ioj/), sudor, 
swecUf with tSpow, A 27. 

ISvta, s c i e n s, see EIA IV. tS«»(|Ai), 
see EIA V. tc, Uv, i b at. Tct, m i 1 1 e- 

Uii\='ioi, iret. Ujuvot, mid., t€v, 
ipf. 3 pi. aor. from 'irjui. 

tcvTOi, X 304. and UaOe, M 274, va- 
riae lectiones for 'it- from Ytj/ii. 

Upctav, Triv,(t(ptvi:),priestesSy Z 3001 

p] ^ • , , , 

Upcvs, fja, ijcQ, and iptvf, (Upot,*), 
sacrificial priest of a single god, also 
soothsayer, A 23. [<] 

UpcvcTC, prs., ipf. iBpfvov, iter, iptv- 
(*TK0Vf V 3; fut. ipmakniv, erctv, etc., 
aor. if|Oft;(rer, mid. IptvaaffOai. r 198; 
pass, plupf. UpiVTo, Q 125. (ifjoeiH) ; 
slatigTUer, Z 1 74 ; oj7«T, sacrifice, 9((f ; 
4i<r^>, in the stranger's honor. 

Icpiljiov, ijia, (if pf /»<,). victim a. vie- 
Hm, animal for sacrifice or slavght r, ^ 

Icp^, i], ov,{'Q?),gtronff, tnighty^fresh, 
K 56, A 378, P 464, joined, in this 
eignif , with if, ^vog, t'x^vg ; holy, of 
day, darkness, rivers, barley; sacer, 
sacred, of altar, grove, house, heca- 
tombs, cities, localities. <p 108, o 2 ; 
hallowed, of threshing-floor, olive-tree. 

Updv, a, and r/oov. o, subst, sacrum, 
pencil/, «p^€tv= s ac r if i care, sacrifice, 
a 61 ; victimae. ric/m, A 147. 

Itdvci, prs., ipf. 'O^avfp, ov, (I'^w), 

consldo, <it; insUttUed a contest. Of 
^fflKftf the bix)ad assembly (e seated^ 
^ 258. 

ttci, prs. act. and mid., ipf. l^ov and 
mid., iter. 'i^taKi, (aicjw, siilo), take 
one's seat, with gen. of place, I 218, cf- 
TT 53 ; lie dovm, recline (also mid.), V 326, 
X 335 ; bid be seated, rivd, Q 553 ; /3ov- 
X»/v, ho'd a council. 

ii)Xc, ai, ov, aor. from laXXco. 

'lY|Xv<r^, town in Rhodos, B 656f . 

ti||fci, peculiar forms : 3 pi. prs. UTo-c, 
inf. iffjifvai, ipf. m, 'iev, aor. ^icf, m i t to, 
send (n 152, AarneM, put to), cast, IH 
fill', diri) Wev, x«/«a^« ; ffptcOai, hurl- 
ed headlong, esp. shoot (with and witl - 
out obj.), rivoQ, ivi riva ; let flow forth 
(voice, a river its waters); let loose 
(hair), mid. capio, endeavor, strive 
after, with gen., with inf. 'Epeiit'alf, 
Trpoaoat ; hasten, v 334 ; pres. part. mid. 
itHivog, cupidus, eager, [t in pres.; 
but freq., esp. in part, and ipf, 1.3 

lifvarc, aor. from iaivut, and lifora- 
ir6c, nOoi, from idopau Xr\axy eat 

*It)(rovt8vis» Euneos, son of Ti{<r«iv, 
leader of Argonauts, p. 72, H 469. 

Itinfp, iipog, rjpa, and lY|Tp^, oi, oXq, 
(tdopoi), medic us, heakr, p 384, n 
28. [7] 

Ifat-Ycv^coxn, dat. pi., {I9vg, -yev^c), 
bom in lawful wedlock, legitimate, i 2034. 


*i9ai-|«ivt|s» father of Sthenelaos, n 

*I6<£icT|, native island of Odysseus ; 
the ancients identified as Ithaka the 
present island Theaki, with mts. N>;pi- 
Tot:, tifiioc, KopaK ; its harbor, *Pti- 
Opov ; epithets, dptpidXut, iitStikXov, tw- 
KTiptprjc^ KpavaiJQ. rratTraXottrnav, rptf- 
X^iVQ' Hence *I0^ict|v8c, to Ithaka ; the 
inhabitants, *I6aici^oriOi. [i^a.] 

''lOaKos, eponvmous hero of island 
Ithaka, p 207 f. D^o.] 

tOi, imp. from dpi, often with dye. 

t0|AaTa, rd, {i€ifc)f straight flight, E 

lO^vraro, sup. from i6vc, 

I6^vci, prs., ipf. Wvvfv, ov ; prs. ipf. 
mid., aor. pass. t9vv9i)Tr}i; (iPic)t hew 
so as to be straight, 0121; make straight, 
p 341 ; direct, guide (missiles, ship), in 
a given direction, with ace, E 290, also 
iiri rivi ; U 475. l)as8.. placed themselres 
in I'.ne, i. e. parallel to the pole; mid. rt- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




fiexiye, tocu directing Mi arrow, etc., 

Idv -trrltavot ace, (xiro/i«c, V 99), 
atraight-flying (lance), * 169t. [ 

I. lOvs, i7a, V, straightforward, 
straight, just, >P 680 ; iBvvrara, most 

II. lOvs and I6v, adv., straight at, 
straight for, with gen., E 849 ; with 
verbs of motion, <^sptiy, bring against 
(in hostile signif.). 

III. 10^, rr/v, (i/<€v), undertaking, ex- 
pedition, S 434, Z 79 ; tendency, course, 
■jT 304, upright or faithless disposition ; 
dv lOvv, straight upward, [c] 

iGvw, only aor. t&'voi, <rav, {i9v(:), go 
straight .forward, adcanos, attack (of 
lion and warriors), M 48 ; with gen., 
O 693, v€oj,' ; with inf., de^re. 

*IO«a|Ai|, town in Thessaly, B 729f . 

Uavw, prs., ipf aor. and prs. mid., 
(Yicui), arrive at, reach, rivd, rt, with 
designations of place and names of 
persons ; less freq. with prep. ; yovvd 
rivog, supplicare alicui, come as 
suppliant ; rod', come hither ; noun de- 
noting mental condition (e. g. grief, 
pain), is sometimes found as subj. ; iKa- 
vu Tivd Kpadirfv {rivi fjrop), v 228. 
[i, in ipf. t and I] 

'iKopiof, father of Penelope, broth- 
er of Tyndareos, a 276, 329, d 797. 

'Ixapios irovTog, S.W. of Asia Mi- 
nor, B 145t. [7/ca.] 

iKcVos, V, ov, 01, tf, (JXk, ioiKa), si- 
mi 1 i s, like, Tivi, N 53. (See iiKtXog.) 

'Ikctoov^Stis, son ofEikeiaon, Mela- 
nippos, O 646 f. [i] 

'iKcrdUav, (1) * scion of Ares,' son of 
Laomedon, Friamos's brother, r 147, 
Y 233.— (2) father of Melanippos, O 
676. [i] 

Ik^tcvov, ipf, aor. iKsrevnn, etc., (iic^- 
rjjt:), supplicare, approcKh as suppU- 
ani, (ci'f) Tivd (fl 574), tj 292 ; with ace. 
and inf., X .530. (Od.) [t] 

iK^niSy ao, enj, at, awr, y<Tt, no dat. 
sing, or accus. pi., (icw), s u p p 1 e x, 
suppliant, for protection, and esp. in 
search of purification from homicide 
(ef. Tlefiolemos, Lvkophron, Patro- 
klos), I 269, * 75. [i] 

Ikcti^oxos Zci'/y, protector of suppli- 
tmtsy v213t. [:] 

7iCT|ai, see iicvlo/iae. 

'Ik-xoXios, tUtiuv in Ithaka, r 57+. 


lK}i<£9, »;, humor, moisture, P 392t. 

tK}icvov (fiKiit) ovpov,falr following 
wind, A 479. (Od.) 

UvcvfAcvat, prs. part., iKvtvfuaQa, 
ipf, (iKio), arrive, i 128. (Od.) 

fxpio, iKpi6<pip, {aKpog), deck, which 
in the Homeric ship was partial, only 
fore and aft (see plate IV., at end of 
vol.) ; £ 252, rihs of ship. (See cuts 
Nos. 15 and 35) 

Ikm, ipf. I/f€, aor. l^ov, €c, €» niid. 
prs. 'tKofiai, subj. 2 sing, 'ixtjai, opt. 
3 pi. iKoiaro, aor. iKo^tji', fut i^erai, 
'i^ioOai, consequi, reach, rivd, r« ; 
TEKp<M}p, the goal ; riXog fivOwVf sub- 
stance of discourse, end proposed ; 
iflSiji: fisTpov, full strength of youth, 
arrive at dawn, old age ; also with 
irpog, krri, ng, fi^rd ri (riva), oiicadf, 
Stvpo {rod', p 524, 444, thither), so 
generally come ; vvorpoTrov, r e d u c e m, 
come back, return ; an abstract noun is 
freq. the subj., e. g. wrath, grief, long- 
ing, 'iKei Tivd {(ppBvag) ; whom wander- 
ing (exile) and distress and ^rief befall, 
o 345; characteriz s, v 228; daafiug, 
division (of spoils) an-ives, A 1 66 ; x*<- 
pag,fal( into hands of; also = suppli- 
care, rivd, it 424, d 516 ; cf rd ad 
yovva, I 267. p, but ijctro.] 

IXdS^v (iA»/), adv., cater vatim, in 
troops, B 93t. 

tXdoSf ov, (lXaa>), placabilis, pro- 
pitious, gentle, I 639. (II.) [I] 

IXaovTOi, B 550. IXacncovrai, fa9ni, 
ipf. WdoKovTO, fut. i\d(T(yop,ai, aatai, 
iKatTopetrQa, and aor. iXaaadiiievoi, (tXa- 
o^:), p 1 a c ar e, reconcile one^s sefto, make 
propitious, appease,' Gtiv ravpoKji Kai 
dpvttoii;, poXirn, A 472. [/] 

*IXijiov irc&ov, plain of Ilion, * 
558t. [7] 

tXiJKpo-i, subj., opt. iXriKoi, imp. 
tXijCi, ( c'Aaoc). he gracious, (f> 365. (Od.) 

VXi<5?ev,//om Ilios. *iXX69i irp^, be- 
fore Ilivs. 'i.Xi5<^i = 'lX(oir. 

"jXiov, ro, O 71, elsewh. "IXios, t], 

(1) Ilios or lion, the residence of Pria- 
mos, and capital city of the Trojan plain 
(see plate V., at end of vol.); epithets, 
alTctivi), aiiru, ipareivriv, tvrtix^ov, t^vb- 
fioiaffav, tiftiiv, d^pvoKTcra, irifpyov. — 

(2) in wider signif., the region about 

Digitized by 





Trotf.'lXipv €c<Ta>, A 71, r 182; 'IXiov 
daavsjiaivov, /3 172. 

IXXdcn, rate, («'Xlto»), with twisted 
cords. N 572t. 

''IXoSy (1) son of Tros, father of La- 
omedon, Y 232 ; 'IXov ant^a, K 415 ; 
TVfijioi;^ A 372 ; 'iraXaiou AapiaviSao, 
A 166. — (2) son of Mermeros of Ephy- 
ra, a 259. 

IXvos, r^c, (lutum), rnudj tlime, * 
318^ [lAv.] 

Ifju&Sf ctvTi, a, wv, fertrt, ac, masc., 
leather strap or rAon^, (1) in connection 
with the chariot, (a) straps in which 
chariot-box was hung, or, perh. more 
likely, the network of plaited straps en- 
closing the body of the chariot, E 727 ; 
(b) the reins, ^ 324, 363 ; (c) the halter, 
e 544. — (2) chin-str p of helmet, T 371. 
— (3) cestus of boxers, see irvyfAaxoi- — 
(4) the leash or latch^tHng by which 
doors were fastened and unfastened. 
See adjacent cut, in four divisions : 




above, the closed, below the unfasten- 
ed door ; on the left, as seen from the 
inner side, on the right as seen from 
the outside. To close, now, the door 
fiom the outside, the string, hanging 
loosely in fig. 1, was pulled until it 
drew the bolt from the position of fig. 
2 to that of fig. 3, when it was made 
fast by a knot difficult to untie to the 
ring, Kopwvrj, e, fig. 4. To open, from 
the outside, the string was first untied. 

and then the icXiy/c, not unlike a hook 
(fig. 4, y), was introduced through the 
key-hole, c, and by means of a crook 
{g, fig. 3) at the end of it the bolt was 
pushed back from the position of fig. 3 
to that of fig. 2 and the door opened, 
a 442. — (5) bed-cord. — (6) moffic girdle 
of Aphrodite, S 214, 219.— (7) thong 
which makes the drUl revolve. (See cut 
No. 127.) p] 

i|AcurOXi|s, rjv, gen. and ace. i), (ifidg), 
lash, whip, "If 582. 

Ijuunrw, subj. yy aor. 'ifiaoi, (ifidc), 
lash, E 589 ; beat, B 782, O 17. 

*I|i.Ppa<rC8viS9 son of Imbrasos, Pel- 
roos, A 520t. 

'"IftPpiOf, whabitofit oflmbros, ^ 43 ; 
but proper name in N 171, 197; son 
of Mentor, son-in-law of Priamos, slain 
by Teukros. 

"IftPpos, island on coast of Thrake, 
with capital citv of same name, ^ 281, 
N 33. 

IjicCpcrc, itfv, mid. 'iai, erat^ ofjuvoCf 
aiTo, (ifA(po(:)f desiderare, geam after, 
with gen. or inf , e 209, S 163. [7] 

t|i€v(ai) = Itvai, ire. 

l^acp<Scis» ofVTog, ra, 6e<r<rav, oev, 
(Y/iff>ot,), charming; y6oQ,fond, possum- 
ate lament ; ntr. as adv., £ 570. 

t}icpos» ov, (IffiJiapoQ), desiderinm, 
longing, Tivof ; passionate longing, love ; 
TTOTpdi' yooto, yearning after tears = to 
weep for his father. [7] 

IfjicpT^v, masc, amoennm, lovely, 
B 751. i|V|iCvaL=^rei/ai, ire. 

iva, pronominal adverb, qua (via 
or ratio ne), where, wherewith, there- 
with, r 252 ; 'iva inp, Q 382, v 364, 
ubi maneant; ^ 58, quo (plau- 
stro) aveham. — (1) ubi, where, B 
558, E 360, 1 136,^ 821, K 127 (r op ?) ; 
in circumstances in which he would not 
be able to obtain fire from any other 
source, or 'iva may be taken as final, 
m order that he may not need to kindle, 
€ 490. — (2) u t, that, in order that, never 
repeated (y 78, not a genuine line), 
(a) with subj., after principal tenses. 
Si 484, ^ 207, r 252, A 203, (3 307, 
(joined with k€, fi 156), with imp., a 
302, A 363, i; 165 (also A 410); some- 
times with subj. even after historical 
tenses, H 26, I 99, 495 ; (b) with opt. 
after historical tenses, y 2, 77 ; after 
opt., ^ 408, even after principal tense, 

Digitized by VjOO*- 




p 250 ; (c) subj. and opt. interchanged 
(text corrupt), O 598, cf. Q 584 and 
586. r^w, in arsi ^-.] 

IvSoXXcToi, TOf (f:Uoc\ apparct, 
videtur, n'c rii/t, with part., but r 
224, it appears to me, in my rmndi,Jhat$ 
before me in recollection. 

ivcox, dat. pi. from i^. 

IvCov, ou, {Fiv-\ hone of the hack of 
th- head, hack of head, E 73. (II.) 

*Iv<»> see AtvKoOsa. 

l{dXov aiyug dypiov, A 105f, ap- 
parently designates a species of wild 
goat = perh. chamois. 

*I{iov£i| = 'I4tWo£, S 317, mother 
of Peirithoos. 

t|ov, see Vjcdi. 

IJvt, Ti,tDaist, t 231. (Od.) 

lo-Svc9cs (Jovy KV(<paQ), violet, dark, 
violet bhe, of wool, 6 135. (Od.) [l] 

Io-86kos, ov, (J6c, Bsk, SixofJiai), ar- 
row-receiving, 12, of quiver. [7] 

u>-ci8^os» gen., sa, (wv), violet-colored, 
dark hlue, i 56. [I] 

Ucvra (lov) oiSrjpov, rusty iron; 
others interpret, violet -colored, dark, 
from lov, "¥ 850t. [t] 

U-fU0poi, adj. applied to 'ApyeTot, A 
242, S 479 (lo-nyc ?), of doubtful deriv. 
and signif., skilled in arrow-shooting = 
cowardlg ; or strong in wishing and worth- 
less in action. (II.) 

tov, gen. from fiov, (vio-lae), col- 
lective noun, violets, c 72t. 

lovddSos, Trig, barbatae, shaggy, 
^SOf. [0 

I6s, ^,01^, pi. 101, {la, Y 68), uiv, oXoi, 
ovg, sagitta, arrow, A 515. 

(loc) l<p, t&, irj^y iy, unus, a, one, N 
354, A 437. (IL and K 435.) [i] 

WT»|Tt, ra, (ififpoi:), TtvoQ, wiU, mov- 
ing, O 41. 

lovXovf , rovQ, {ov\oi),Jirst growth of 
the beard, doumg hair, X 3l9t. [i] 
I lo-x^aipa, av, {tog, x*<*')» (t^ow- 
skooHng, E 53. 

linriitcai, 2 sing, prs., thou art driv- 
ing (thy steeds), >p 426t. 

'IinrJUrCSris, son of Hippasos, (I) 
Apisaon. — (2) Hypsenor. — (3) Clia- 
rops, and his brother Sokos. A 431. 

linrcCov, ov, titjv, y, ym, ('iiriroi;) of 
or for horses, horse — ; Xufov, horse-hair 
plume, O 537. 

iTT-jrivc, ivirfjeg, ijuiv, evat, rjac, (iV- 
wog), hero JighUng from chariot, contest- 

ant for prize in chariot-race, A 297, 
* 262. 

tinr-iiXdaCii (Ikavvw) oSog, road 
where chariots mag he driven, H 340 
and 439. 

ttnT-YiXaTC, o, (iXavrut), driver of 
horses, fghter from chariot, knight, H 
125, y 436. 

Imr-iiXaTos, passahle with chariots; 
8 607, adapted to driving horses, 

'Iinr^lAoXYOi {afiiXyii}),mare-milke7's, 
IJippemo^oi, a Skythian tribe, N 5. 

linrio-xoL^'V^v, ace, (x<"ri|), of horse- 
hair, if horse's mane, Z 469. 

linrto-x^fAtiv, ace, {x^pfitj)j fff^^r 
from a chariot, Q 257, X 259. 

tinro-P^roio, (ff, ov, (j3caictu), horse- 
nourishing, horse-breeding, epithet esp. 
of Argos, B 287. 

'Iinro-Sdiios, avra, Trojan warrior, 
slain by Achilleus, Y 401. 

'Iinro-SdfiCia, (1) daughter of An- 
chises, N 429. — (2) attendant of Penel- 
ope, <T 182. — (3) kXvtoq, wife of Pei- 
rithoos, B 742. 

iinr6-6dfiog, -Sdfioto, ov, ov, oi, wv, 
otoi, ovg, (ianav), horse taming, epithet 
of heroes and of Trojans, y 17, 181. 


'Iinr^ - 8d|u>f y slain by Odysseus, 
A 335t. 

linro-8d(rcta, rig, ag, {daarg), with 
thick horse-hair plume, bushy with horse- 
hair, N 714. 

tinr^ - 8po|&os> course for chariots, 
^ 330t. 

linr^cv, from the (wooden) horse, 
9b\b,X 531. 

*Iinr^-Ooos» (1) son of Priamos, Q 
251.^2) A.i]96io TiiXaayov i;}of,P 289. 

ttnro-K^cvOc {KtXivu}), horse-urgi' g^ 
wj/if-^irfrtn^r, Patroklos, n 126. (11.) 

linro-KiSiAov, ov, ot, wv, {Kvfiri), decked 
with horse-hair, II 338. 

linro - Kopvirraij dg, ( Kopvtrow \ 
chariot-equipping, fighters from chariots, 
epithet of heroes; also of Maioniaiis 
and Paionians, B 1, Q 677. 

*Iinro-ic^v, cousin of Rhesos, K 

*Iirir^-Xoxos, (1) son of Antimachos 
slain by Agamemnon, A 122. — i"/) a 
Lykian, son of Bellerophoutes. f«ilier 
of Glaukos, Z 206. 

\ine6-Yjasf(fi%y jightivg on horse-lack 
(v. L iTTTTo^a/iot), K 4o If. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




*Iinr6-|iaxos, son of Antimachos, 
ilain by Leonteus, M 189f. 

*Iinr4-voos, a Greek warrior, slain 
by Hektor, A SOSf. 

linro-ir6\av (col ere), horse-rearing, 
horse-training, 0pyic<i!>i/,N 4 and SJ 227. 

tinros, sing., du., (-ot/i'), and pi., 
conim., but usually fern., (no voc.), 
equus, equa, hors-, moire, dptjivig, 
OflXtsg, and 9ri\eiai. In battle and for 
common use, horses were not ridden 
but harnessed, hence du. and pi. =freq. 
span, i. e. war-chariot with horses, and 
this even when only the chariot is re- 
feiTed to, r 265, 113, E 13 and 163; 
opp. infantry, foot, S 1 53 ; op p. war- 
riors, B 554; aXoQ 'iinroi, in simile, d 

liriro<rvvi), auir, ac, art of fyhting 
from chariot, a> 40 and II. [y] 

linr<5Ttt, 6, chariot Jigkter, knight; esp. 
as epithet of Nestor. B 336, 628. 

*linroTd8T|s, son ofH'ppotes, Aiolos, 

'IinroT^wv, slain by Meriones, S 
514 ; father of Morys, N 792. [i] 

tinr-ovpiSy IV, {oupd), with hor^ tail 
plume, T 382. 

lirTOfiai, only 3 sing. tt|rcTai, aor. 
"txl/ao, (icere), castigare, chastise, 
spoken of gods and of kings, A 454, 
13 193. 

ipcvs, see ieptvQ. Ipcvo'ouT^at, see 

*ipi^, town of Agamemnon, in Mes- 
sene, 1 150. 

tpt|{, Kog, I, tg, a>v = accipiter, 
hawk, O 237. p] 

*Ipis, IV, t, epithets : fleet as the wind, 
409 ; swift, B 786, E 353, 790, 399, 
O 172; Iris, in the Iliad, messenger 
of the gods, with golden wings, 398. 
She delivers on the battle-field mes- 
sages to gods and men ; to the latter, 
usually in assumed human form. 

Ipiv, IpKToiv, (strictly ace. sing, and 
dat. pi. from preceding), rainbow, A 27, 

lp<5v, a, see Upog, 

*lpos, lit. messenger, nickname of 
'Apvalog; impudent beggar and par- 
asite of suitors, vanquished in box- 
ing-match by Odysseus, o 1 sqq., 73, 
239. ^ ^ ^ 

ts, Iva, Ivsg, iveai, (Pig), sinews, n ervi, 
einii;., muscular strength, vis; then, in I 

general, strength, force, power, e. g. o. 
wind and waves ; freq. in periphrasis^ 
with Kpartptj or ipt], a 3. 

lo-dtovo-a, ipf. iter. mid. itrdcKETOt 
(i«TO(,), aequans, balancing, M 435; 
made herself equal, Q 607. [7] 

to-av, (1) ibant. — (2) noverant, 
see EIA IV. 

'"IcravSpos, son of Bellerophontes, 
slain by Ares, Z 197. (II.) 

Xa-aa-if noverunt, see EIA IV. 
IcrocKCTo, see hd^ovaa. to^i, sci to. 

urdfiiov, TO, (loOfiog), close-fitting neck' 
lice, (T 300t. (See cuts, Nos. 2, 43. and 
44, 100.) 

I. to-Kc, ipf., (in-sece, say), said; 
\tyu)v, .tpoke relating, r 203, x 31. 

II. tcncovTCs, ovaa, (jioog), ass i ma- 
la re, imitate, make like, ^279; t/ic crot, 
taking me for thee. 

"Xo-iAapoSf city of Kikones, i 40. 

l<r6^os9 godlike (in figure); epithet 
of heroes, r 310 ; in Odyssey, of Te- 
lemachos, a 324. [7] 

lo-^-liopov, ace, having an equal share, 
equally powerful, equal, O 209t. \Xi 

lo-(S-vc8ov, ace, to, level ground, N 

ttros, ov, 01 ; >/, ijg, y, fjv, ag ; ov, a, 
(PT(Tog, cf. cieriy), like, par, in size, num^ 
ber, quantity, exterior, nature =id em 
or u n u s, N 704, also with (ppoviiv ; 
aequus, equcU, drtfi^o^ivog ifnjgy 
cheated of his (of right belonging to 
him) just share; loov tfioi (ftdtrOaiy 
imagine himself my equal, 4 187. — 
laa (alaa ?), (3 203, reparation; elsewh. 
e. g. laov, adv., par iter, on equal terms 
with, K 203, with dat., I 616 ; Kara laa 
= £7rt laa, equdly balanced, undecided; 
of battle opp. hipakKka. 

*Iot)s, illegitimate son of Priamos. 
slain by Agamemnon, A 101 f. 

l<ro-4Ki,p(t<i'» ot, Hv, prs., {<f>apog from 
0fpci>), Tivi, make one^s self equal, vf't 
idth, rival, in any thing, ri, Z 101, 
I 390. (II.) 

Uro-^poi, drawing alike, equaUy 
strong, a 373t. [7] 

iaout only l<r«Mrai|it)v (7<roc) roXmv 
€1/, to them would 1 compare myself 
ri 212+. 

i(T7r« only ^<nrcTc = oiainTt, imp. 
red. aor., (atTr-, sec-), declare, B 484. 


'itrrrifii, L tran8» col lo care, pre.. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




(imp. V<Tr>7, inf. i<rra/if vat), ipf. also iter. 
V<Tr«<Tic£, tut. (Trt)<Tni', 1 aor. iffrrjai, 
aTfiattf t, t<TTri<rav (tarcuyav, M 56, y 
182 ; elsewh. read 'iaraaav), in gen- 
eral ; sety place, of things ; cause to rise, 
cloud, fog; excitare,pugnam,rix- 
am, rotwe, begin, battle, strife, 9r 292 ; 
stop, mill ; vfia, bring to land, r 188 ; 
«« igh off, ToKavTa, pounds ; pass. aor. 
kardQii, stood firm, p 463. II. intr., set 
one^s self, stand, mid. prs., ipf., fut., also 
act. 2 aor. 4km\v=(rrf}p, J stood, aTft- 
fjuv, t(TTriT€, iffrriffav, OTrjoap, larav, 
arav, and iter. ardaKt, subj. arCj, (rrfiy^, 
y, ofitp, <jTiu)fiev, dissyllable by synize- 
sis, A 348 ; inf. orfjfifvai, pf. f<mf|Ka, / 
ttdnd, ag, e, aaiv, (scrrriTt, A 243, 246 ?), 
and sync. pf. 'iffrarov, ptv, n, iaraoi, 
imp. 'dffTaOL, Ti, part. «<rr£wra, eg (in 
first foot (Bekker), $ 380, B 1 70), hrd/)- 
Tog, (t, Eg, uiv (in second foot) ; plupf. 
iffTTiKii, 'iaratrav, of things with and 
without life, rise up, arise, A 535, cf. 
cpOog, dust, battle ; piiv itrrdfitvog, 
coming, advmcing munth ; stand Jirmly, 
stilL III. mid. <m}<r<ur^ai, set npjor 
one's self, or sometliing of one's own ; 
fidxnv, pugnam comniittere, join 
battle, 2: 533, t 54. 

*I<rr£(ua (pronounce 'larjaiav), city 
in Kuboia, B 537 f. 

UrrCti, t), (iaria) hearth, K 159. (Od.) 

lirr(ov, *i», pi. a, (i(Tr6g\ sail, saiis, A 
481, 433, /3 426. (See adjoining cut, 
from ancient coin bearing the inscrip- 
tion, NIK0MHA112N . AIS . NEQKO- 

toTo-S^Kti (Sixofiai), mast -receiver, 
mast-crutch, A saw-horse-shaped sup- 
port on the after -deck to receive the 
mast when lowered, A 434t. (Plate IV.) 

tirro-ir^Sx) (-jr^drj), mast-stag a thwart 
or transverse beam with a depression 
into which the mast fitted, which was 
by this means, as well as by the i;riVo- 

voi, prevented from falling forward, /» 
51. (See cut, letter 6.) 

UrrAiy ov, if, 6v, oi, ovg^ (itrrrfpi. that 
which stands), (1) mast in middle of 
ship, held in place by peaoSpri, iaro- 
ireSr}, Trporovoi, imTovoi ; during stay 
in port the mast was unstepped and 
laid back upon the itTToSoicri (cf. pre- 
ceding cut. and Nos. 64. 91). — (2) 
weaver's beam. loom. The frame of the 
loom was not placed, as in modem 
hand-looms, in a horizontal position, 
but stood upright as appears in the 
cut, representing an ancient Egyptian 

loom. The threads of the warp hnng 
perpendicularly down, and were drawn 
tight by weights at their lower ends. 
To set up the beam and so begin the 
web is (iffrov) (rrfifratrOai. In weav- 
ing, the weaver passed from one side 
to the other before the loom (tTroixe- 
'aOat) as he carried the shuttle (iroroiv), 
on which was wound the thread of the 
woof, through the warp, and then drove 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




the woof home with a blow of the Ksp- 
Kig. — (3) toarpf and in general web^ 
woven stuff. 

toTw, scito, see EI A IV. 

iOTopi, a, dat. ace, (oZ^a), one who 
knows, judge, 2 601, ^ 486. 

Urx&X^oio, gen. sing., Qoxvog), dry, 
withered, t 233 f. 

UrxAvdas, a, mid. aaOia, ipf. iter. 
la\avdaaKov, also pres. Urxavci, ipf. 
i(rX«ve, kniv, and loxAV^OMri, otuv, ow- 
<raj/, mid. dwi/rai, oujvto, (<<rxw), reti- 
nere, (fc<oi«, o 346; arcere, ^ecp ojT, 
P 747 ; mid. restrain one^s self, M 38 ; 
and delay. T 234. ij 161 ; but with gen. 
or inf., desire, P 572, * 300. 

loxiov, <^, a, (i^vg), hip-joint, E 306, 
KOTvkrj , then coxa, joa?'f« a^owi f Ac 
Mps, flanks, or totW, E 305. pov.] 

toxtt>><ri» prsM Jnf wx^iitv{ai), and 
ipf act. and mid. (red. prs. from «x^)» 
ten ere, retinere, Ao^ restrain; rt- 
v6c, arc ere, ifeeep away from, E 90; 
mid., ptt< restraint upon one^s ?df, stay, 
X 367 ; stop, to 54 ; rivdg, desist from. 

iriai (Pit., vi men, withe), toiUows, 
$ 350 and k 510. 

tTtjv, ibant am bo. 

"ItCXos, son of Aedon, r 522t. [i] 

1rv|Aovcvs> rja, son of Hypeirochos, 
slain by Nestor, A 672t. [7] 

X'r\t%y vv, (Pirerj), felloes of wheel, A 
486. (II.) [<] 

Xnoy ito, from dfii. 

*^T«v, wva, town in Thessaly, B 
696t. [7] 

Ivyftw, dat, (tu^w), cry of joy, 2 
572t. [7] 

Iv^ovoxv, ovreg, (lov), scream (with 
intent to scare away), o 162 and P 66. 


I^cvs, €«, a Trojan slain by Patro- 
klos,n 41 7t. 

*I^Of|Ai), daughter 'of Ikarios, wife 
of Eumelos, d 797lf. 

t^Ol}&os, ly, a, etc., (rtfitj ?), strong, 
mighty; deriv. and signif. still uncer- 
tain, A 3. 

t+X {fitph really old case form from 
^ig-> '<;)♦ V i, 6y violence, Krafisvoio ; with 
might, p 443. 

'I+X-dvoo-o-o, daughter of Agamem- 
non, I 145 and 287. [70.] 

'I^-8id|&a6, avrog, son of An tenor 

and of Theano, A 21 sqq. (II.) [-w 

*I^i-icXi|cCT|s, y, (Sitig, periphrasis for 
"I^ixXoSy son of Phylakos, father of 
Podarkes and Protesilaos, B 705, N 
698, ^ 636, X 289 sqq. 

*I^i - lAcScio, wife of Aloeus and 
mother of Otos and Ephialtes, X 305. 

*I+C - voos, son of Dexios, slain by 
Glauko8,H 14t. [---] 

t^ia (Pig) firi\a,fat sheep, E 556, X 
108. [701.] 

*I^is Ivlitivog, from Skyros, wife of 
Patroklos, I 667t. 

*I^iT{&r|s, Archeptolemos, 128t. 

'I^XtCwv, iava, 'OrpvvriUriv, slain by 
Achilleus, Y 882. 

"I^Xtos (PiiptTog), (1) Evpvridrig, an 
Argonaut, guest -friend of Odysseus, 
slain by Herakles, <f> 14-37.— (2) Nau* 
f3o\ioao, an Argonaut, from Phokis^ 
father of Schedios and Epistrophos, P 
306, B 518.— (3) father of Archeptole- 

Ix®*^ pr. and ipf. iter. ixBvdaffKor,^^ 
(iX^vg),flsh, fi 95 and d 368. 

IxOv^cvTL, TO, (Ix^vg). abounding in, 
fish, full of monsters of the deep, t 83, 1 
4,5 381. 

1x06$ and pL veg, vaiv, vag, itg^ pi- 
se is, ^A, only eaten in lack of other 
food, d 368. 

iXvia, pi. with the form txvcoi^ 
(PiKui), vestigia, steps, j8 406 ; p 317, 
odoratione, <ccn<; but N 71 (see iice- 
\og). outlines, similar lines, resemblance. 

lx«i>p» ace. I'xw, (iK^dg). fluid thai flows 
in veins of the gods, E 340 and 416. [7] 

ii//, pi. Iircs, (Pioir., vespa ?), worm 
that devours horn and wood, borer, ^ 

t«|irao, "ixl/trai, chastise, strike ; see iv 

laryj (Payvvfii) BopEut vir\ under 
shelter from Boreas, ^ 533t. [c] 

Iwnj, i]g, (dvrij), sound (of voice). K 
139; tone, note, p 261 ; roaring, whis- 
tling (of wind). 

Uki^, pi. 6g, also ace. sing. Umco, 
(hwKfjj), attack, E 521 ; personified, E 
740. (II.) ^0 

Uixyk6v (iwica), dv, through the hat- 
tk'tumuU, e 89 and 158. [7] 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




ic'=ri) KB, (2) Kai. 
KoPpaXc, d e i e c i t, from icara/BaXXoi. 
icay (Kara) yovv, on the Icnee^ X 458t. 
KdPno'<W€v,/roi» Kabesos, N 363t. 
KaYKOvd, a r i d a, dry, 4> 364. 

laugh aloud, exuU, V 43. 

Ka8= Kara before ^, 4> 318. koS- 
hpa9irt\Vt aor. from KaradapdavtOy o 

KoSSinnu, aor. part., penetrantes, 
from KaraSvut. 

Ka8|tcioi, Kadmeioi, ThebcoM, A 391 ; 
=Ka8|iicUvcs, A 385. 

KoS^ios, original founder of Thebes ; 
his daughter Ino, e 333t. 

Kocipo, fem. of Kdpffrom Kana, 
Karian, A 142t. [d] 

Kat](icvai, inf. aor. pass, from Kaiut, 
c r e ni o. 

ita9-at|olft>, fut -<upi{vovo%, aor. -et'Xo- 
/*€!/, subj. -iXyai, part. -tXoDaa ; also in 
tmesi, ipf. y/o«, (ov, aor. tXoi/, y<rii/, 
C£(v, take down, Q 268, c 149 ; close the 
eves of the dead, A 453 ; overpower, 

KaOaCpciv (KaOapog), ipf. KuOaipop, 
aor. UdOrjpf, KaOrjpav, etc.» cleanse, 
dean; <y 192, aciont; abluere,«;cMAoj7*, 
otoay, soil, blood, S 171, ^ 93; ni/a 
al/ia, n 667. 

kclQ - dKKoixkvfiy aor. KaToXro, rtwA 
down, A 298t. 

KaO-dira{, ofice for all, A 349t. 

K&O-airrccroai, prs., ipf. KaQdrrTiTO, 
(uiTTu)), compellare, address, iirsioai 
paXaKolaiv; also reprehendere, up- 
braid, O 127. 

KaOapf , a, pur us, c'con ; Iv k., in a 
c/ear, open space, 6 491 ; Odvarog, hon- 

Kar Qcat, subj. -e^^uffitaOa, imp. -l^tv, 
ipf KaOe^tro, -(isaOrjv, freq. in tniesi, 
cons i do, m^ down; irpoxvv, placing 
herself xx'pon her knees, I 570. 

Kod^Ka = icad^jca, from Vi;/ii. Ka- 
Cc£aTo=ica&^vro, from KdOijpai. 

KaO-curty flerav, aor., freq. in tmesi, 
(if^w), Wrf 6c <ea<erf, H 57, ^ 698 ; set, 
place, d 524. 

Ka6^{ci, fut. from Kar-tx^' 

KoO-cvScTov, du., inf. prs., ipf. KaB* 
tvdtf d o r in i r e, sleep, A 6 1 1 . (Od.) 

tcj^-ti^i6»VTiu (ixpidofjiai) oWfV, te 
irrident, deride, insuU, r 372f. 

K&9-ii|iicvos9 etc., imp. KdOriao, pf., 
plupf. KabfiffTOt pi. jca0£taro, (rjpat), se- 
dere.«<, A 134 and A 76, Q 403. 

KaStjpat, aVf aor. from KaOaipu. 

Kd0-(8pvc, considere iussit, v 

KdO-^tovov, 3 pi. ipf , con s id eban t, 
were gathering to the assembly and takir^ 
seats there, e 3t. 

K&'d-iiioVf prs., ipf. KaOi^ty ov, often 
in tmesi, I. act. and mid., sedere, sit, 
kTTi KXiopoX^;, etc. — II. act. prs. ipf. aor. 
KdQiaav, imp. laov, part, iooaq, place, J 
488; considere \\x\iQo,bidbe seaied, 
T 280, Z 360 ; convoke, /3 69. 

Kd9 -itjpi, only -CcTC, aor. KaOiriKa 
(elsewh. in tmesi), let down, lower; 
\avKapiri<;, pour down through the 
throat, moisten the throat, Q 642. 

KdO-Uco, erOf (Victu), touch, reach, a 

tcdO-CoTo, imp. prs., aor. imp. trrr}' 
(Tov. inf. ariioai, set down ; vija, bring to 
land, anchor ; v 274, bring, carry. 

icaO-op«v, mid. -opdrai, opii>p.tvof;, 
look down upon, tl, Q 291. 

K&9-vircp6cv, d e s u p e r, from above, 
r337; supra, M 153,2 353; ultra, 
besides, Q 545. 

Ka(, (1) copulative: as well as, O 
634, X 417; et, and, A 7, a 5, dis- 
tributive =(et—et), both— and, X 417, 
A 395 ; uniting two imperatives (in 
transition of thought), a 171 ; koI di, 
and besides, 4 39 ; iij, and already, A 
1 61 , /i 330 ; jc. fikv, and yet, A 269 ; k. re, 
and besides also, A 521 ; ic.roj/, at begin- 
ning of verse, et hunc quidem, ^ 
748 ; or even, or also, /3 374, instead 
of TB, B 49, Z 268, a 159.— (2) ako, 
expressing a natural (logical or actual) 
harmony between two clauses : og 
{rt), which also, Y 165, E 62, X 111 ; 
in protasis and apodosis, Z 476, B 365 ; 
esp. freq. introducing apodosis, A 478 ; 

Digitized by 





cat Tore di) — yap rf, A 63, nam et, 
etenim ; instead of rel. form, /3 114; 
K. Xiijv, yes to be sure, by all means, A 
553; tVtira, and finally; rji Kai (ow>ci),or 
also (not), S 809 ; cf. French ou bien, 
B 300 ; cf. A 95 ; j/vi/, and now also, 
joining to a general sentence a special 
illustration of truth previously an- 
nounced, A 109, B 239, K 43; jcai aX- 
Xuut,', <f> 293; k. oXAort, previously also; 
K. aXXtoiff. already without this, ^ 87 ; 
Kai avToif a 33 (irfp, A 577), of them- 
selves also, sponte. — (3) emphatic, 
oZw, even : e. g. Kai ^1, besides, more- 
over, N 484 ; K. iSouXoifurjVf T 41 ; dk rf, 
Y 28 ; fiaXXoVi e t i a m m a g i s, even 
more, 6 470. — (4) concessive, e. g. 
where force may be given by although, 
though thou shouldst destroy, P 647 ; 
fiaXa Trip, with part, A 217, P 571. — 
(5) separated from dWay which it em- 
phasizes, by Bk or yap intervening, K 
39 ; K., alsOy emphasizing the following 
word, r 184 (as well as to other places) ; 
Kai «t=et si and etsi, even if; « kui, 
etiamsi, if even, although ; shortened 
in 17 221 ; by elision, jc'; by crasis,^^- 
fUii^y KavTOQy Kayd), KaKtivoQ. 

Kaicrdco-o-av (kcicu), fuU of caverns^ 
^ If (v. 1. KTjTUteffffap, q. v.). 

KaivctSris, Koronos, B 746t. 

Koivcvs, king of Lapithai, A 264f . 

Kaivvfiaiy ipf IxaCwro, pf KtKatjTai, 
Ofih'OQy plupf. UsKaffTO, superiorem 
esse, excellere, be superior, excels 
Twiy A 339, I 509 ; iiri nvay, Q 535, 
cf. u> 509 ; tv Tiaiy d 725 ; fitrd nert, r 
82; TwVyQ 546; tTri rij/t, excellere 
re, Y 35; super are, surpas", rwd 
Tiviy B 530, r 395 ; with inf., /3 158, y 

KcU — TTcp, always separated, although. 

Kaiptip, lov, letalis.y?t/a/, O 84 , Iv 
ratjo., in a vital part, A 185. (II.) 

KoxpoviioVf better Kaipooaktav for 
Kaipovffowv (Kaipoiaakiovy pronounced 
with synizcsis), gen. pi. fem. from adj. 
catpoeic, vnth many Kalpoty i. e. loops 
or thrums to which the threads of the 
warp were attached ; k. bQov'nav, from 
ihtjine-woven hnen, i; 107f. 

KaCovox, 3 pi. ind., subj. -ittfiEVy inf 
-l/i«i/, imp. part, prs., ipf. xaU, aor. 
(KTjey Ktjty subj. Krjofievy opt. Ktjaiy aiej/, 
etc.. mid. Krjapro, dfitvoQy 01. pass, prs., 
ipf. Ka'uoy trOy etc., aor. tiro'iy, inf Karj- 

fA€pai, hii.dky hum; mid. for one's self, 
I 88, 234; pass., ardere, cremari, 
he lighted, blcuse. 

K<£ic= Kara by apocope and assimi-' 
lation before r. 

KaKi(^|uvov (jcaicoc), play the coward, 
Q 214t. 

KaK-Kctoi and Kcuc-ictiai, see Kara- 

KaK-KffCovTfs, see Kara-Kina. 

Kaico-c£)JLova«, ace. pL, {PtXfia), ill- 
clady (T 41 f. 

KdKo-c|>7(T|s, gen. sing., (fkpyov), 
ill-doing, maleficentia,^ 374t. 

KdKo-cfry6$, (fepyov), maleficas, 
vil'ainous, importunate, a 54f. 

KdKo-CXtov, ace, eml Ilios, r 260, 
597, i// 19. 

Kdico-|At)x<^vov, £, (fiijxdvri), contrive 
ing evi', maltctjus, 7r 418, 

KdKo-{civcirTcpoS9 having sorrier guetts, 

V 376t. 

KaKo-ppa^T|S, y, ym, ipdimS), mo- 
Ucioumess, evil device, fi 26. 

KOK^, 17, 6v, etc., m a 1 u s, had, worths 
less, wicked, in widest signif., in appear* 
ance, position, usefulness, courage, 
morals, way of thinking ; hence ugly, 
vile, useless, cowardly, low, injurious^ 
fatal ; esp. as subst., kok^v, a, = m a- 
lum, a, evU, pest; of Skylla, i* 118; 
adv. KOKws, male, A 25, /3 203 ; comp. 
KOKWTCpos, ov, worse, T 321 ; feebler , X 
106 ; maliciovs person, ^ 275 ; kokCwv, 
iovQ, lov, sup. KaKiffTOQ, ovy poorer, ^ 
56 ; less honorable, I 601 ; worse, <t 174; 
deteriores,/3 277; the worst, d 199. 

kAk^-tcxvos (rsxvi;), devising evil, 
wily, O Uf. 

Kdic^Ti|Tos, gen., n, ra, (icaronyc), 
seel us. wickedness, cotoardice; ma- 
lum, evil, misery, distress, p 318; esp. 
in war, e. g. A 382. 

KdKo-^pdS^S, voc, {ppa^ia, </>p^v\ 
bad in counsel, foolish, malevole, ^l' 

KaKOit), imp. K^KOv, aor. KaKdniai, etc., 
pf pass. part. KfKaKtopkvog, 01, (icaicot)» 
vex are, nvd, pain, injure, maltreat, 

V 99; ^137, diafgured, f o e d a t u s. 
KOKxavc, see KaraKTtivat. Kouciin* 

pos, see KOKOQ. 

K&Xd|At)v, ace, (calamus, German 
halm), reed, T 222 ; looking upon the 
poor husk wh'ch remains, thou art yet 
able to rtcognize what I was, I 214. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




K&Xa - vpoira, (from xaXtoQ and 
Fpoira), shepherd's staffs ^ 845 f. 

KdX^w, prs. ipf. act. and pass. comm. 
uncontracted forms : Kokiti, etc., yet not 
always, e. g. inf. KoXimivai, part. koKivv- 
TfQ ; ipf. KoKioVy pass. KoktvvTo^ iter. 
Ka\ki(rK0Vj Ka\kaKiTO\ fut. raXe^t, ktoVy 
aor. iKoKiaaaQy av, also icaXeeroc, »caX<(T- 
crav, icaXe(T(yac, etc. (with tr and <t(t), 
mid. jcaXe^Tiraro, etc., perf. pass. iceicXtj- 
fiai, plupf. KiK\i)aTO, 3 fut. KiKkiiay^ 
(calare), (1) call; d^vdi^f together; 
"with €it-, -^€, tTTt oe, fiovXrjv, to the 
council; Odparovdf, II 693; invi- 
t a r e, wirite, also mid. — (2) n o m i n a r e. 
A 403, pass. (esp. pf. and plupf. and 
3 fut.) ; vocari. 6c called^ be^pasafor^ 
KdcXrifAfVog €7i7(vj, ^ 244 (B 260) ; <caX*- 
<TKtTOy O 338, S 210 ; also koXcw, K 
147, / call him dearly loved, he is ten- 
deriy loved by me. 

KdXifoxos, companion of Axylos, 
slain by Diomedes, Z 18t. 

KdXi|TopiSv|s> Aphareus, N 541 f. 

KlXi^opa, ace, (icaXc'w), calator, 
crier, Q 57 7 f. 

KdXifrwp, (1) son of Klytios, cousin 
of Hektor. slain by Aias, b 419. — (2) 
father of Aphareus. 

KoXXcCirciv, KoXXf i^rciv, see jcara- 


KoXXt - dvoo-ou and KaXXX- 
oKCifMi, Nereids, 2 46, 44 f. [-ww 

KaXXCapos, town in Lokris, B ^ 
531 f. [-w^^] 

KaXXl-yuvaiKa, mth heavtiful wo- 
men^ Hellas, Achaia, Sparta, v 412. 

KaXXt-t<tfvos» itiv, l^u)vr})y with 
beautiful girdles (see cut No. 47), 
H 139. ^ 

KaXXt-KoXwmri, lit. Fair-mount, 
near Ilios, T 151. 

KaXXi-K^ifcoio (iro|<}7), cf. r/vKOfiog, 
with beautiful hair, I 449. 

KaXXi-Kpi{8cpvoi (Kpf)-5ffivov)y with 
heaut^ful fillets or head-bands, o 623t. 

KoXXiuos, ovy a, gloriousy X 640. 

KoXXiov, see KaXog. 

KoXXi-irdfyQOS, tfi, oi/, (vapeid), heau- 
iiful^heeked,fair-cheekedy A 143. 

KoXXiirc, irB€iv, see KaraXelirwv. 

KoXXi-vXoKdf&ov, 010, t{}y with beau- 
tiful hckt or braids, cf. ivnXoKafiUfg 
(jnrXoKafxog), S 326. (See cut No. 47.) 

KaXXi-p^c0pov, beautifully finnng, k 
107. (pd.) 

KoXXi-pp^iO) *i»t ov, (-(Tjoooc, p6og)t 
beautifully Jlowit.g, B 752, t 441. 

KoXXiOTOS, see KaXtg. 

KoXXC-o^pof , ov, ov. with beautiful 
ankles, (<r0i'pa), slender footed^ t 333. 

KoXXi-TplxoS* a, f, tg, ac, (ypiK), uith 
soft ficecf'j I 336 ; unth beautiful manes, 
6 348. 

KdXXi+* = icnrcXiTTf . 

icaXXi-x^P<*v (x"P<'c)v ^th beautiful 
places, with large squares for the choral 
dance, X 58 if. 

KoXXof, €og, cV, beauty ; a 192, means 
for enhancing beauty [unguent ?]. 

KaX6$, I/, ov, adv. KuXii)Qy fi 63 ; comp. 
KaXXtovc99 lov, sup. KoXXicrrocy ov, ovg, 
aiy pulcher, Skfiog, beautiful, of form, 
in build ; fitting, becoming, twi, for any 
one; ti7riiVydyoptv(iv,welL Adv.icaXa, 
in the middle of verse, 6 400, and kclXov 
with atiSiiv, A 473. 

KoXovs, ace. pi. from KaXwg, ropes, 
halyards; which, passing through a 
hole at top of mast, and made fast at 
bottom of same, served to raise and 
lower the yard. (See cut.) 

KdLXirXv, T7JV, water jar, ri 20 f. (See 
cut, from picture on ancient vase, on 
next page.) 

KdXvSvfu vrjffoi, near Kos, B 

KaXvSwv, iovog, city on the river 
Euenos in Aitolia; Ipavvrjg, aiVinj?, 
irfTpritffaav, 1 530, N 217. B 640. 

KdXv|A)&a, TO, (KaXvirrto). veil, Q 93f. 
(See cuts Nos. 2, 47, 66. 74.) 

KoXvKas, rag, (jcaXu^, women's or- 
naments, 2 401f ; perhaps cup-shaped 
ear-rings, (See cut No. 8.) 

KdXvirTpt|v, TTiv, (KaXvwrw), woman's 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




»«7, £ 232. (Cf. adjoining cut, and 
Nos. 2, 47, 74.) 

KaXvirrctfv, part, prs., fut. KaXvxpuit 
aor. {t)Kd\vxl/£, also mid., pass. pf. ki- 
KaXvfifikvog, plupf. K(Kd\v<(>9' = UeKa- 
XvTrro, aor. icaXv0^«f, (calim, occul- 
ta s), veil, 9 85; coyer, K 29, ^ 693 
(mid., veil one's self, F 141) ; rti/i, cewer 
wp tt»<A, S 352 ; wpoaBiv arkpvoio (oi), 
hold as protection before the. breast 
(before one's self) ; aaKoq dfi<pi rivi, 
protect one with the shield; pass., 
wrapped up in, a 443 (ivrvirdg, closely); 
hidden, 6 503 ; fig. tov Se okotoq otrtre, 
A 461, so also kut d<l>9a\fiiov vt;^, N 
580, darkness overshadmoed his eyes ; 
teXoq 9avdTotOi end of death, complete 
death, E 553 ; grief, a cloud of grief 
env loped him, A 249, w 315. 

KdXv«|f(a, ovQ, daughter of Atlas, 
dwelling in Ogygia, where she rescues, 
and detains for seven years, the ship- 
wrecked Odysseus, i; 259 ; until com- 
pelled by command of Zeus to dismiss 
ihn, £ 28, ly 265 ; epithets, So\6i(r<Ta, 
^Hvri 9i6Q, evTrXoKanog, avdrjicffa, i/inco- 
ftoro, inffitprj norvta. 

KaXxos, avTOQ, son of Thestor, 
Grecian seer before Troy, A 69, 86 ; 

QiOWpOTTOQ OtWVKTTfjg, N 70. (II.) 

Ka)i = Kara by apoc. and assimil. 
before ju. 

Kd|Aa{i, dat. pi., (r) Kftfia^, vine- 
polts, vine-props, 2 563t. [^ — >-] 
Kdft&TOS, 010, if), OP, {xdfivw), 

labor, aerumna, fatigatic^ 
tU, distress, fatigue; | 417, fruit 
of our toil. 

Ka|j.paXc =icar£j3aXev,^ 172. 
Ka|j.c, aor. from icdiJivu}, torought. 
Ka|j.cipos, town on west coast 
of Khodos, B 656t. [a] 

Ka|iiVot, ry, nom. Kafiivut, (jcdfit- 
vog)j haher-xooma^, (t 27t. 

Kafii-|i.i{a«, aor. from Kara- 


Ka|A - |iovCy|v, r^v, {Kara - fikvu>\ 

victory through endurance, X 257, ^k 661 . 

Kd|A - |iopov, £, (^KaTd-fiopog?), ill- 

slurred, hapless, /3 351; applied to 


Ka|Avcis, f(, prs., ipf, aor. tKafiotf 
Kdfii, troVf subj. jca/iw, yaif part, ica/iov- 
I ra, ag, u)P ; pf. KEKfjirjKag, KtKfJiriijjg, wri, 
I tjra, oTOQ, mid. fut. Kafxelrai, aor. Ka- 
i fi6iJiea9a, iica^oPTo, 1. 1 a b o r a r e, weary 
\ one's self out, become tired, A 802, ic 31, 
*Z 261 sq., e 22, A 27; with ace. of 
part yvla, wfiop, xelpa, p. 280, IT 106 ; 
with part., 150, * 26, H 5; with 
neutr. subj., p 232 ; oererf, 7ro5«f, >P 444; 
KapovTtQ, confecti, those who have 
finished their toil, the dead. — II. e 1 a bo- 
rare, ma/E;e ready with care and labor, 
work, (aor. act.), A 187, \// 189; with 
Ttvxiop, work skillfully; aor. mid., t 
130, would have transformed into a 
well-tilled, habitable island; acquire 
for one's self, 2 341. 

Kapirrio, only fut. K<£|j.«|fCiv, aor. 
eicap^pe, tcapxpy, flee to, bend; A 486, 
bend into a tire ; yopv, bend the knee 
= sit down to rest when weary with 
running, H 118; e 453, let sink upon 
the ground. 

KafjiiruXoirt <i» (Kapirrut), bent, curved, 
E 231. [iJ] 

K&vaxY|<rc, aor. from -/ w, (Kapaxog), 
rant/, r 469t. [- -] 

KoLvaxiif Y7V, sonitus, strepitus, 
T 365, g)iashing; ^ 82, rattle of harness 
of mule team in motion. 

Kdvax>'t<> jpf-i {Kavaxh\ rattled, M 

36 ; re-echoed, k 399. [^ w] 

K<£vcov, sing, and pi. Knpua, ioim, 
(KCLPrj), basket for wh eaten bread ; dish 
for meat and sacrificial barley, a 147, 
p343. [cj 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Kav-vcv(ra«, aor. part from Kara- 


Kavuv, ovitrm, oj/ctc, ma8C.,(cavi;),(l) 
shuttle or spools by which the thread of 
the woof was drawn through the thread 
of the warp, "¥ 761. — (2) handle on in- 
terior of shield, grasped by the left 
hand, 6 193, N 407. (II.) (See cuts 
Nos. 12, 17, 85; rudely represented in 
adjoining cut, after Assyrian relief) 

icAir=icaro, before ir and 0. 

Kdirdvrws, fioQ, one of tfie Seven 
against Thebes, father of Sthenelos, 
E 319; ayarXftrov, icv^aXi/ioto. 

Kairavi)Ld8t)S and Kanavrjioc t;tof , 
Sthenelos, E 109, 108. 

Kair^oto, or, from i) raTrtroc, (<«:«- 
TTTU)), diteh, giave, 2 564, Q 797. (11.) 

Kdiqiox, dat. pi . , p r a e s e p e, manger, 
^ 40, e 434. [d] 

Katrvuro'av, 3 pi. aor. from jcaTri/i^o), 
lighted fres, B 399t. 

Kairv6$, ov, sing., (raTTvw), fumus, 
smoke ; /i 202, c/cmd of spray from vio- 
lentlv agitated water. 

itair-ir€flrov, ev, aor. from Kara- 

Kdirpios, y, Of, (icrrTT/ooc), with and 
without atfi:, aper, wild-boar, M 42, 
P282. (II.) » 

Kdirpov, y, oVy w, oi<r£, wUdrboar, P 
21; T 197, 6oar. 

Kdirvs, voc;, son of Assarakos, father 
X)f Anchise8,T 239t. 

KanvM. aor. in tmesi, &nb Ixdirvovcv, 

1. Kdp=ffard, before p. 

IT. KdCpd«, ^1/ — airry, (from rfijow ?), 
—a tchUUing; cf. Lat. flocci; I care 
for him not a whit, I 378 : the deriva- 
tion of the word is uncertain. 

ill. Kdp, «7ri— , headlong, H 392t; 
here belong K(£f»i|, f?roc, ijn, and Ka- 
f»i{aTos, -Ti, pi. -TO, also gen. Kpards, 
W, pi. Kpartov, Kpaalv, K 152 ; r(t)dre<T0t, 
K 156: also KpcMro%, -ti, ace. pi. -ra, 
and Kpara, {KopiKftri, KopyfifSoi; Lat 
cer-ebrum, cer-vices), caput, 
Aeorf, as part of body, also pi. B 92, 
spoken of one head ; of mountain sum- 
mit, Y 5 ; Xtfiivoc, the end reaching far- 
thest into the land, i 140. — icara icptj- 
6cv,/r<wn head (to foot), vtterlg, 11 548 ; 
from above. X 588. 

Kap8d|&vXi|, town subject to Aga- 
memnon, in Messene, I 150. [r;] 

icap8(i|, y. see Kpa6ir}, cor, heirt. 

Kapcs, Karians in S.W. of Asia 
Minor, jSapjiapoflnovtov, B 867. (11.) 

KcLpii ko|l6«»vtcs» at* = c a p i t e c o- 
mati, long-haired, B 11, a 90; of 
Achaians, who cut their hair only in 
mourning, or on taking a vow, ^ 146, 
151 ; while slaves and Asiatics habit- 
ually shaved their heads. 

Kdpt|va, wv, Tct, {kqp III.), capita, 
c a c u m i n a, heads, summits, also battle- 
ments, B 117. [d] 

Kdpi)vo«, river rising in Mount Ida, 
M 20t. [d] 

KdpKavpc, ipf , quaked, Y 157t. 

KapirdX^IAOio-i, dat pi., adv. -Ifiutg, 
p e r n i c e 8, swift, quick, epithet of feetj 
n 342, A 359, /3 406. 

icapir6$, mafjc, only sing., fructns, 
fruges, /rMJ<, Im Kapmp (cr 258), by 
the ball, joint of the hand, wrist. 

Kapp^tovou, Fee Kara-piZ^it). 

KapTCpd-9vpov, «, wv, (upartpo'c), 
strong-hearted, E 277, S 512. (11.) 

Koprcpds, see Kpartpag. 

KopTUTTOS, or, lyr, oi, oig, (icaprof), 
robustissimus, potentissimus ; 
neutr., /u 120, the greatest valor, 

icdpTOS» see Kparog. 

IxaprvvavTO, ipf. mid., {KapH>viu\ 
0«Xrtyy«f» •P*''^ strengthening their 
ranks. A 215. (11.) [v] 

Kdpv<rros, fem., town at southern 
extremity of Enboia, B 539t. [d] 

Kap^dX^ov, ewr, ntr., (icap^oi), ari- 
d n s, dry ; of sound, dull, hollow, N 40a 
(II. and i 369.) 

Digitized by 





Kcipipttiy fut. Kdpt|rA>, aor. fcapr/zf , shrivel 
up, V 398 and 430. 

KapxdX^oi ^ii//y, rough tcik f hirst, 
i. e. the throat rough and dry, * 
541 f. 

Kapxdp-iSSovTC, 01]/, sharp 'toothed, 
sharp-hiting, of dogs, K 360. (11.) 

Kocri - 7W|Tos, 010, ov, etc., and 
-•YviJT»|, f\v, at, yoi, otcn brother, sistsr 
(of the same mother), Z 430, A 155, 
441; also consobrinus, cousin, O 

Kd(ro«, island near Kos, B 676t. 

Kflunr-dvSpti, the most beautiful 
daughter of Priamos, prophetess, cap- 
tive of Agamemnon, murdeied bj 
Klytaimnestra, N 366, Q 699, X 422. 

Koo-crtT^pov, 010, if}, ov, tin, as orna- 
ment of weapons and chariots ; xtvfia, 
stream or border of tin, to give strength, 
>F 561. 

KoorY-dvcipo, KoKi], klovfivriQiv, 
mother of Gorgythion, 9 30 5t. 

Kflurropvvira, see Kara-oToptviwfxi. 

KooTttp, Ojooff, (1) son of Zeus and 
Leda, brother of Polydeukes and He- 
lena, participated in Kalydonian boar- 
hunt and in Argonautic expedition, r 
237, \ 299 sqq.— (2) son of Hylakos, 
$ 204. 

KcL-oxcOc instead of Kar-daxiOf, A 
702, retinuit. 

Karii (and Karat, also icdra, Kar, in 
anastrophe and tmesi, also icaf , p 246 ; 
hy assimilation also ica/8, Kay, Kad, kok 
[«caX ?], #crt/i, KaTT [before tt and tftdXap'], 
Kap, Kar-Bavf), 1. with gen. of place : 
from above down, d^wnfrom, 'OXv/airov, 
ovpavov, cf. K 362 ; down over, 6<p9a\fjiwv, 
KpfjGtv, desuper, aKprig, fi*om crown 
(to sole), wholly; tTrTrwv, down from the 
chariot, E 1 1 1 ; pivatv, down into the 
nostrils; 1 330, down into the depths of 
the cave, xQovoq, to the ground (r 217), 
down under the ground, "^^ 100 ; yatr)v, 
upon the ground. — II. with ace, (1) 
local : dmon, pivaq, through the nos- 
trils, cf. <T 97 ; ti^WjO, into the water, cf. 
Z 136 ; KBpaQ, on the horn (horn sheath 
for the part of line next the hook) ; in 
region of, upon, on, orfjOog, av^kva, arc- 
fia, doTriSa, odov ; in neighborhood of 
arparov, usually per c as tr a, pas- 
sim in castris, through the camp, 
everywhere throughout the camp, A 10, 
409. 484 ; with verbs of motion, per, 

through, vrjag, \a6vy (uXko ; then wit^kin^ 
in the midst of 'Axaiida, 'EXXdda, /x*^- 
6ov, kXovuv, vofxtvrjv, 4» 310 ; vXvjt^^ 
doTV, d&fxa, jSw/iov, upon; Oviaov^ in 
heart, inwardly ; (ppiva, in mind ; pp. 
Kai K. Bvfiov, in heart and mind. — (2) 
distributive : arixaQ, according to ranks ; 
tpvXa, B 362; (np'Bag, by themselves ; 
f/i' avTov, ipse solus. — (3) with, ac~ 
cording to: secundum, KVfia, poor, /3 
429 ; ihjfiov, according to wish, A 136, 
cf. I 108 ; aloav (opp. virkp aloav) = 
fiolpav (freq. Kara, H 367), accord'u.g to 
propriety, fitly ; koo^ov, in order ; ov k, 
K., shamefully, 489 ; after the semblance 
of, T 233 ; for the purpose of trade, tt/d^- 
|tr, cf. 6alTa, A 424 ; Ai/kTo, xptog rtvvg, 
alicuius cans a. /or the sake of see- 
ing Teiresias. 

Kara - PaCvcav, prs., ipf, aor. (3 pL 
fl3r}aav and a^av, subj. fSsiofiev, K 97 ; 
imp. {3t]6t, inf. (iii^ivai, ^rjvai), mid. 
-efirjotTo (subj. jSnoerat, imp. ^i]oio\ 
descendere, step down, descend, rivogj 
from, Q 329 ; ovpavoOev, ^ 281 ; cif ri, 
kiri Tt, Sofiov 'A. u(T(jj, \p 252 ; also 9fi- 
Xafiov, /8 337 ; but KXifioKay descend 
the ladder ; i<l>6XKaiov, climbing down 
along the rudder ; only in o 206, \p 85, 
with pregnant sign if., she descended 
(the ladder and left) the upper chana- 

K&To. pdlXXttv, prs., ipf., aor., (inf. 
fSaXhiv) ; always in tmesi exc. ipf. ra- 
Tf(3aXXiv, O 357, and aor. KopfSoXe 
(better so written than Kd/i(3aXt); de- 
iicere, cast doum, ^ 125, /x 252; de- 
struere, <fc«<roy, B 414; prosterne- 
re; deponere; effundere, doKov i 

Kara-PcCoficv, aor. subj. from -^i- 


Kura-p\(la(^covT<^ part, prs., per me- 
ant em, running about, tt 466t. 

K&ra pp^{cic, opt. aor. from -/3po^ft». 
d e vo ra r e t, swallow (down), ^ 222f. 

Kara-yr\pauirKOvatf prs., ipf. -(yfjpa, 
8 en esc unt, grow old, T S60. (Od.) 

KdT-aY(v€ov, ipf. from dytvito, (ayu), 
devehebant, carry down, k 104}. 

KdT-aYWf&i, fut. a|u, aor. i/^c, ta^e, 
afiev, subj. d^yg, confringere; N 
257, (pluralis maiestatis), «Aa«cr> 

Kar-iyntVf part., «r, inf. prs., fut. inf. 
-atsfitt', aor. -riyaye, (also tmesis), mid. 
ipf. -rjyeTO, -dyovro, aor. -fiyayofiioOa, 

Digitized by 





dedncere, fearf doumy X 164; retu- 
1 i t, bring back^ d 258 ; drive from one'jt 
course, r 186 ; mid., appellere, tonrf, 
bring to land (vtii, k 140), v»jvf» ^ 322. 

Kark SflUrovTOv, fut. fi-ora dalu)^ i u- 
ter se divident = lacerabuntf 
tffor, X 354. 

K&Ta-8dirrffTai, pass, prs., aor. act. 
idaxj/aVf Saxj/at, lacerare, wound, tt 92. 

K&To^pOdvw, aor. 1 sing. 3 pi. ^p&- 
6ov, 3 du- KadSpaOfTTiv, subj. SpaBo, 
obdormivi, dormio, «feep; roiovStf 
tarn placide dormivi, ij[/ 18. (Od.) 

ic&T&-8^pKtT<u avroifif look dovm 
upon, oKriveaoiVf X 16t. 

KaT-^8€v<rat, aor., (hvuii), c o n s p e r- 
sisti,ioet through, I 490. 

Kara-oeu;, ipf. ^i, aor. (often tmesis) 
Kar-kdfiofVfOav, subj. ^i}<Ty, colligare, 
alligare, 6tWya«f; iv^«<r/i^,vincu- 
lis; KtXsvBovgj voarov, stop. 

KftTfirSTHio-poptjo-ai, inf. aor., (fit^puh- 
<T/e(u), communiter consumere, 
consume in common, 2 301 f . 

Kara-SpdOo), subj. aor. from-^ap0ai/w, 
obdormiero,ya// cwfcfp. 

Kara-Svcrai, fut. dvoofteOaf aor. -tSv- 
(fero, (imp. dvoto), and 2 aor. act. -tSv 
(sabj. ^vw, inf. Svvai, dvjievai, part. SvQj 
Svvrif TOy r€C, fem. Bvoa, pi. Kaddvaaij 
T 25), freq. in tmesi, occidere, set, 
TffXto^i ^doQ riikioio ; intrare, enter, 

BoflOV, TToXll/, O/itXoV, fJld)(flV, fJlijJXoV 

'ApriOQ ; €if 'A. SofiovQ, Kara n, T 25 ; 
i n d u er e, put on, Ttvxta, 

icaTa'Ci}iivos aiid -cCwtrav, see icara- 

Kara-cCiraTO, see Kar'Hfjit. 

ic&T&-6Wt;/ii {fsoiwfii, vest is), aor., 
contegebant, corer, >k 135, and pf. 
pass, -tififpov, con tectum, r 431. 

K&T-a(i{va(ncc {a^aXkog), ex sice a- 
ba t, parch, wither up, X 587 f. 

Kara-OdiTTciv and aor. inf Kar9d\l/ai, 
sepelire. 6tiry, Q 611. (II.) 

Kara-OciOf&ai, -9cCof&cv, see KaTa-rl- 

KaT-^\{c, aor. from dlXyo;, had 
charmed, jc 213t. 

KaTa-Ovi{(rKMV, part, prs., aor. tme^iis, 
3 pi. Odvov and sync. KarBdvf, pf. 
TiBrnKdni, opt. TiOvairj, inf. TtOvufitv, 
part. TtOftjutrog, wri, aira, wtmv, (vTOf; 
TiBvrtviriQ, m o r i, d e f u n g i, die ; part., 
mortaus, also joined >vith vUvt^, 
vtKpoi»X 37. 

KdTa^0vt|Tdf, Civ, diot, mortal is, 
mortal, dvSpiooiv, avOpwirwv, K 440. 

Kara-OpiifOKia, only aor. xdS d" iQopty 
desiluit, «prtfi^<Wn, A 79f. 

KdTd-9^|UOSi 01', floating before the 
mind; K 383, think not of—, 

K&rd XP^ kclX^v Uiirrg, subj. prs., 
harm her fair body, destroy her beauty, 
li 376. (Od.) 

Karoi-pdraC (liaivo)), that may be 
descended, passable, v 1 luf . 

Kdr-^KKTrov, pf. pass., (aixil^o), foe- 
data, disflgured, soiled, ir 290 and r 9. 

KdT-a(|avT<^ re, aoa. see dioout ; 
w 488, springing down, in haste. 

icdT-aurxvv«iv,8ubj. -rirt, part, ovra, 
(ai<Txoc). foedare, disgrace, yevoc; 
Saira, dishonor. 

Kard-layertUf see Kar-ifrxfi- 

K&rax-rv\ (revx**")* ^ leather helmet 
or skuUrcap, K 258t. (^«e cut No. 

Kurd-Kotpioy rkXoQ, mortal spot, A 

Kdrd-Kaiificv, inf. H 408, Koiuw, 
part. ipf. -Ejcacoi/, aor. -ficT}a, -ficrje, subj. 
KTiofitv, inf icijat (ir«»fK»/ac), aor. pass. 
'dcdrj, (also in tmesi), comburere, 
burn; pass., comburi; I 212, bum 
out, deflagraverat. 

Kard KdXvirToi, opt. prs., aor. (t)Ka- 
Xu\//ti', etc., (also in tmesi), aor. mid. 
KaXvxj/d^ttvoc, occulcre, cover up (by 
drawing down over the head the veil), 
Kpdra, having veiled his head, B 92. 

Kara-Ktiai, better kiJoi, aor. from 

icdrd-KcCaTov, 3 pi. ind. prs., KtiaQai, 
KHfitvoQ, ipf -iKHTO, laccut, cubare, 
lie; iiri TrXfupaf, on the side; fig. rest, 
Q 523; Q 527, positi sunt. 

Kdrd-KcCpcTC, ipf. -tKiipirt, aor. -iKii- 
pav. consume, 6 686. (Od.) 

K&ra - Kctoficv, subj., imp. Keifre, 
(KfTfiai), d e c u m b e r e, lie down, in de- 
siderative signif only icaKKcCovrcs tfSai; 
cubitum discesserunt, A 606, 
a 424. 

Karo-itflai, Krjspiv, Kriofxtv, see Kara- 

Kdro-icXdo), only ipf 3 pi. -^kX<ov, 
and aor. pass. -tKXaoOrj, conculca- 
ba n t, <rc£i(f down,Y 227; rivi <piXop 
t)Top, ^481, tig. my heart broke, gave 
way (from fear, gi'ief ) ; * 256, ououv- 
TwVf added as explanatory. 

Digitized by 





KOTCMcX^vos, aor. part, from kXivu), 
hiving laid it doum^ k I65t. 

^aroicXwdcs* see KXiijQiQ. 

KcLra-Koifiaofjai, only aor. -CKOif&i^- 
6T|f7cv, imp. -rjOrjTtjjy inf. "tiOijvaiy sleep, 
A 731. (11.) 

Kara Kotpafsovai. see Kotpavkta. 

KdT-cK6<r)Ui, ipf, aor. mid. subj. 
Ko(T^r](Tria9i. {KodfioQ^put in order, x 440. 

KoS Kp^iioUrcv {Kptfidvvvfii)y 67, 
105, fjc 9ra(T(raXo0t}/, Atfii^ on the naiL 

KaTOKfniOcv, see III. Kop, f a n d i t n s, 

KaT(£Kpt|s» see dKprjy f u n d i t u s. 

KoCra-KpvirTovox, utv, fut Kpvyl^nv, 
aor. part Kpif^ac, atra, occulere, con- 
cecU, VTTO Korrptfi, i 329; avrovj se, S 
247 ; also ri 205, themselves. 

icdra-KTcCvci, tcv, subj. y, <u<ti, prs., 
fut. KTiVH, KTavkovmv, aor. opt. KTiiv€ii, 
inf. icrcti/ac, part. Kviivac, avrai 2 aor. 
trravov, €f, «v (also tmesis, Z 416),o/i(v, 
subj. icrdvy, and aor. sync. 3 sing. fVra, 
1 sing, and 3 pi. fKvav, imp. KaKTOvc, 
inf. -icra/u€v(ai), part, icrac ; aor. pass. 3 
pi. ^KTd9cv, mid. with pass, signif. fut. 
KravhnOiy and aor. Krafxtvoi:, necare, 
slay, kill, a 75, E 558, w 106. 

KOLT-iicv^c, aor. from KvirTta, bowed 
himselfyUUX. (11.) 

KaraXafifiavut (always in tmesi), see 

KcLra^Xiyo} (see also '\ix<*>% o^^y ^"^ 
-Xc|o>, and aor. -kXt^a, a^, <i/ (also tme- 
sis, X 151X subj. XkkyQj imp. Xi^ov, inf. 
Xi^ai, enumerare, recount, r 497; 
TT 235, narrate to me, in detail, in order 
{Sipi9firj(Tac) ; communicate, relate, d 256 ; 
tell, disclose, iraoav dXijOnav, ravra 
aXriBttav, as truth, in conformity with 
ti'uth = drptKBijg = ob xf/ivdog ; tv xard 
fiolpav = Iv fJioipy, fitly ; ditxio Koi k., 
T 186. 

icdrd - XciPof&^yoio, pass., trickling 
doicn, 2 109t. 

Kara-XciircTff) ctv, ipf. kXttvov, e, 
ofxkv, fut. Xfi\j/ofji(i', ovffi, also (in 
tniesi) : {kuS) Xiiiriic, ipf. Xtiwiv, aor. 
XiTTOi/, < ; Xi'irw, oc(v ; Xtirwv, ovri, ovaa, 
ovnav. and by assimilation KaX-XtiiriLv, 
fut. X«i\//w, iiv, aor. Xin-ov, €c« « (also 
Xi0*), inf. 6«tv, relinquere, leave, W, 
Z 221; custodem, o 89; v€}}v, as 
youthful mother, X 447 ; dyKXha<:, left 
the door ajar, x '^6» deserere, <fr 
414, forsake, abandon, ivx^aXtiv, give 

over, as booty, sXw/o, with explanatory 
inf.,y 271,« 344. 

Ka.TaAXkxi>»), from stem AEX, fut 
Xi{€T<u, I aor. Xi^aro, imp. Xe^ai, 2 aor. 
sync. kXfKTO, inf. X^x^oi, part X*y/itvoc, 
(Xi;(0(,*), /ia^ of>e'« self down to rest, o 

Kara oXtotrav, aor. from aXe«u, since 
<Afy had ground out (the wheat), v 109t. 

icara-Xi^CovTai, obliviscuntur, 
forget, X 389t. 

KJlra-Xo^aScia (Xc^oc) fpfpwv. carry- 
ing it crossuise over his back (the feet 
being tied together and held under the 
chin of the bearer), jc 169t. 

KaTa-X^<ro|icv, fut, aor. iXvos^ (Xvw)^ 
loose from under the yoke, unhatmess, d 
28; destroy, B 117. 

KoS Xco^^frcie, aor. from X<u0aa;, 
KOKUfv, recover itself from the misery, 
I 460t. 

Kar-^liapvTc, ipf., aor., (tmesi, 
epapxpe), subj. pdp-^y, consequi, o«t- 
^'ite, n 598, Z 364; corripere, seize, 

icdT-a|ii{<raTo, aor. mid., (diAdio), had 
heaped upon himself, Q 165t. 

KaT-di&vtaTo, aor. mid., (aftvaffui), 
Xi7|oa, h(is scratched her hand, £ 425t. 

KcCra d|i^lKdXvi|ra«, aor. part., (ra- 
XvTrrto), Ki^oXy paKOi', drawing down 
from around my head my ragged 
garment, ^ 349t. 

Kard-vcvMv, part., fut. vivoofjiat, aor. 
evtvoa, oag, a, subj. out, imp. <rov, int 
oai, part Kaw£v<rac,^ dnuere, n^^d tn 
assent (opp. dva-), rivi ri ; also with 
inf fut, d 6 ; with inro<rx€o, virkoniv ; 
also Kpari, KnftaXy. permit, 

KcCr-dvcrai, pass., (dvw), c o n s a m i- 
tur, tMe vp, waste, /8 68. (Od.) 

Kara v^auvro (viut), untra ot . . . 
Xivij), that which they have spun to him 
with the thread, ij 197t. 

K^T-avrd, deorsum, downwardf ^ 


Kar-dvTfj(TTtv, see avrtiauv. 

Kar-avTUCpv, see avrucpv, ' 

Kara irdTt|<rav, aor. from irariu, 
conculcaverunt, tread underfoot, 
break, A 157\, 

icdrd - irav|ia ( vavw ), alleviuiion ; 
yvov, comfort in their lamentation, P 

Kdrd-iravci&cv, inf. prs., fut namut,, inf. aor. kiravaa, i, av, subj. ay 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

KttTvL mWWl^jm 



and ffOfttv, finire, placare. put md 
tOy appease, d 583; comprimere (co- 
erceri nos vis, /3 244); rivd rivof, 
hinder from i ironically =8la7, 11 618. 

Kara kn&n^v^ aor. from inSdiit^ has 
Xetttrtd, of Ate or Moira, T 94, X 

icaTa-7re<r<rw, only aor. subj. 'K^f^ 
concoquat, c/f^, repress^A Slf. 

icttTa vcTOtf-oois, aor. part from 
wtrmwvfu, spreading over »<, 9 441 f. 

Kara - wi^utv, nifvy, see Kara- 

Kikd-frriywfiiy only aor. ^vi|{cy, av, 
defixit, p an jLeruntj stick fastyplaiU, 
and sync. aor. mid. iirtiKrOy fix us 
haesit, A 378. 

Kwra'TTiimtK only aor., in tmesi, 11 
469 ; elsewh. ia£'nr€a«v,f, enyv, ov, d e- 
cidere, procidere,yiil/rfoio«(prae- 
ceps, vprivrj^}, iv Koviyaiv, iiri yaiy, 
XafAoZit oXf, cast one's self into the sea; 
OvftoQ wapai vooi, courage utterly for- 
sook them, O 280. 

icaTa-(^fij/w), only red. aor. subj. 
ir^vYh psurt 7r£0vai V, i n t er i m e r e, «/ajf, 
P 639. 

icdT-cirX^o|uv» ipf., appulimus,|w< 
•p^ I 142t. 

KOT-cirXifyil, aor. pass, from TrXrjaow^ 
^iXov iiTop, was struck in his heart with 
/ear, r31t. 

icdra - irfn|vcty «a<r«, from rrptivriQ, 
down turned; with flat of the hand, 
X€i/tM, x<p<n', n 792. 

KOT^ ^nmf||av, ^rr^Cac, aor., and 
sync. 3 do. irrnrtiv, crouch d"wn; hi- 
ffavre vv ox^otpiVf under the chariot 
for fear, 8 136. 

Kdra-imioKrovox, inf. <r<r(ti/, part. 
inrovT{a), tiq, timidi sunt; exti- 
m esc ere, yidd U*fearj E 254. (II.) 

K&ra-ir^dcTav, putrescit, become 
rotten, 5/i/3pv, ^ 328t. 

ic&r-<uM»vTav, ipf. riparo (apd), im- 
precari, call curses down upon, rivi 
voWd, I 454 ; dXyta, r 330. 

K&Ta-piYlXa, ntr. pi., (fplyoo), for- 
m id olod a, Aorri6fe, | 226t 

K&T-cpc^, ipf., and Kappi^ovoa, part, 
prs., {opiyw ?), stroke, caress, x««/ot ri 
fuv K.,S 610, A 361. 

K&Ta-ppcov, ntr. part., elsewh. tmesis, 
ptovTti, ipf. ippffi pit-, {optijS), d e f 1 u e r e, 
jhw duicn, absol. and with nvoa, U, A 


whT'dpxtoOai, only ipf. i(px*^* X^R" 
viftd T ovXoxvraQ r«. began the sacred . 
hand-washing and the sprinkling of 
the barley meal, y 446 f. 

Kara-e^ywfu, aor. ivfenn^ (tmesis, 
n 293X oav (tmesis, O 791), imp. ofit- 
aart^ extinguere, rogum rino, 
^«iicA,0 791. (VL) 

umra-atvofuu, only aor. -4av&re, 
{kofvTo), piiBpa, streamed down itUo the 
river-bed, * 382t. 

Kdr-coicUwv, ip£ from <rciaM, (<ncia), 
obumbrabant, overshadow, fi 436t. 

Kara irfivtai, aor. inf., (ofAvxw), 
bum down, 1 653; pass, a/iexoiro, X 

Kmra-aTopkyvvfii, only aor. lor^pc- 
<roy, aT6pto{f), and -eoTvpteav, part. 
Koaropvvoa^ p 32, spread out upon; Q 
798, cover over (grave and contents^ 

K&T -i u'i g y t and iarityov^ 3 pi. aor., 
(arvykbt), horruit, be horror-struck at, 
TijK 113. 

Kara-oxtOiXv, see Kar-kxia. 

uwrk TciW, aor., drew in (die reins), 

r26i. (II.) 

ic&T&-r^rtai, only aor. -lTV){cy, 1 i q u e- 
fecit, melt, r 206 ; and pass. TrjKOftat 
ipiXov tiTop, ace., my heart is meting 
awag; rrjiuTat, liquefit, r 205. 

tcarci-ri^jut, ipf. 4T(0c^ riOioav, fut 
-Orfout, ft, aor. fOrjKa, tv, av (also in 
tmesi), 2 aor. subj. Oiiofnv, inf. Odvaij 
and part 0svrc, mid. 2 aor. 3 pi. -iOiv-' 
TO, subj. Oaiofiai, inf. OiaOai ; sync. 2 
aor. act. I pL KarStfuv, 3. 0f<rav, imp. 
dcrc, inf. dificv, mid. 2 aor. pL OkptQa, 
9ka9fiv, Qkntvoi, deponere, c olio- 
car e,/>/acc, lag down, ri hiri yaiy, x^ovi, 
viji, diriivv, pvfjufi; vir alOovay; iv 
Xfxe^rtrc, Crtnift, xj/afAdOift, ouriv; iiri 
X^ovog, Bpovov; Iq f^vxov, fiiyapov, 
OdXafiov, ei'c *l9dKriv ; but ir Kairvov, 
put away out of the smoke ; in avriji, 
*^ 381, holding their heads straight to- 
ward him; spread out a bed, r 317, 
propose as prize in contest; dtBXov, 
{iiri aoi, in thine honor), institute a 
contest — Mid., sibi or suum, am, 
etc., deponere. 

K&TOrTp^w, indie, and subj. prs., 
e X h a u r i o, exhaust, consume, o 309. 

KaravOi, KaravToOi, see av9t and 

Karo-^AY^ciy, okh, aor. from 'io9m. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




K&Ta-0Fp(o, only fut. -oCtrcrai, /xe 
'Aido£ f'iaio, will bting me to the grave, 
X 425t. 

Kclra-^Otorci, fut.. {(f>9iut\ perdet, 
destroy, €341; mid. aor. -i0biro, ex- 
kaasta eraiit; ^BioGaiy periisse; 
<f>Oifiivoio^ 01, oiaiv^ defuncti. 

K&ra-^X^Io), fut. from ^Xcyw, c re- 
in abo, consume^ irvpi, X 512f. 

K&TcU^vX&S^v {(pvXov), tribatim, 
in tribes, in clans, B 668 f. 

Kara {daKpv) x^®*^** '"*?» '"''?' 
xiovaa, aav, cai, (lacrimas), effun- 
deus; aor. -kxtva (for t\ifa), ag, tv, 
ap (both forms freq. in tmesi), subj. 
X«uy, inf. x^^^h ^or. mid. ictx^^T"© *ind 
txvTo, -kxwTo, infundere, offun- 
dere, pour down upon, over, rivi ri; 
ef f u n d er e. vt<l>adag, etc., shower down ; 
TTsirXov, let fall; proiicere, ca«^c2oum, 
OvffOXa, y'lvia; superinf undere, 
i^epa, etc., ripi ; IXEyx^ifj*^, etc., rivi, 
conspergere ignominia,c<wertt?i<^ 
ignominy ; irXoifTov, B 670. — Mid. 
SipQaXfiufv or ( ot ) 6<l>9aXfxoX(n, o c u 1 i s 
(eius) offusa est; ^Ag^, diffusa 
est; oTrXa, collapsa sunt. 

K2LTa-x^^^*^>9 (x^***")* inferior, 
subterranean, ZEvg= Aides, I 457 f. 

KaT-^a(c, aftEv, aor. from -dyvvfii, 

icar-cSct, ipf. from -5€w, colli- 
gavit, bind. 

K&r-iSovaxy 3 pi., c'^tuv, part, prs., 
pf. IStfdiog, devorare, comedere, eat 
vp, devour, T 31 ; consumere, oJkov, 
rem familiarem, r 159; ov Ovfiov, 
consume, waste one's heart. 

Kara {ov(ptoioLv) kipywy ipf., {Pkp- 
yi'Vfu), shut up (in the hog-sties), k 

Kar-cCpCiS, erov, mid. -eipofisvov, ipf. 
-EilStTo, elsewh. tmes. card (doKpvov) 
Hfittg, ei, 01, iov, ipf. «7j3«, eff undere, 
tA'^d ; mid., define re, Jlow apace, 
tt'ickle down, and fig. efflux it vita, 
ebb away, e 1 52. 

icar* (o(T(T*) ISwv, aor. part, hoJdng 
him straight in the eyes, P I67f. 

K^ clXi^tru, fut. from ilXviMt (PiXPw, 
volvo), involvam, surround, 4> 

KdT-ci}&i, £lffl»^ inf. -ifiiv, part, -tovra, 
-lof/ffflt, av, ipf. 'ifiev, aor. Karafioaro, 
delata est, had flown; yairjg, (elfn), 
go, or come down, flow down; appel- 
J c n t e m, enfer Aar6or, TT 472. 

I Kar-^icraOcv, 3 pi. aor. pass, from 
' -icreivw. 

K&T-cvaCpa), only aor. mid. -svriparo 
XaXK(f, ferro absumpsit, «/ay, A 

K&T-cvavriov {avriog) oi tXBw, ei 
obviam fiam, go to meet him, ^ 

K&T-^oiira (i8u»v Aavawv), in the 
face of, turned towctrd the Danaoi, 
O 320t. 

Kar-cir-aXf&cvos, -aXro, see Kar-e^- 

Kara. lircCyci, urget, oppress, •*^ 

Kar-epHTTw, only pf -cpi^pXircv, col- 
lapsum est, and aor. -ijpnrev vn av- 
Toi>, are prostrated under (by) it, E 92. 

Kar-cfyiiJTvcv, ov, ipf., retinebat, 
hold back, r 545, from tears. 

Kar-cpi^KA), €(, tTt, subj. y, imp. e» 
and Karcp^K&vc, Q 218; ipf. -ipvKtg, c, 
pass. prs. o/iae, erac, retinere, W^ 
ftac/fc; cohibet, * 63; impedire; 
pass., delays, 

Kar-tpvw, aor. -iipvoi, pass. pf. -tipv^ 
oral, inf. -tipvoOai, deducere (na- 
vem),/aM»cA, ^332. (Od.) 

K&T-^pXcat, €rat, pass, opivi/g, fut. 
'tXivao/iai, aor. ~r(Xv9ov, -iiXBig, i, op€i\ 
ov, inf. -iXQiniv, pass. -£\0ovr(a), ^, 
coTO€ (fofOT», ^o; J^y ^^ow'Wj descend, i 

Kar-cffOCci, ipf ^r]o9u (also in tmesi), 
aor. in tmesi, ^dyt, tooi, ietv, devour^ 
spoken of animals and of Polyphemos, 
except a 8, TT 429, y 315, o 12. 

KaT-^otrwTO, aor. from -frsvoftai. 

Kar-evvdut, aor. opt. -cvvi{<rai|fci, pass, 
aor. part. -twriQivra, parallel form indie. 
3 ^\.~ivva(jQtv,V 448, sopire, Iti// to 
sleep; pass., decumbere, dormire, 
He doicn, sleep, 

KaT-«0-dXAo/iat, only aor. -draXrOy 
part. -tirdXiiivog, desiluit, shot d^wn, 

Kar-^ci (also in tmesi), ovoi, subj. 
(Xy Kara, pass, -kxtov^-ixowrag, ipf. ix^v 
Kara, -txtv, fut. Ka9k^€t, aor. -eff^e, subj. 
axy\ Y>BS8.'ixovTat, ipf -uxiro, -e^oi^o, 
aor. mid. -ioxfro, part, nxoiiivoig, paral- 
lel forms: aor. act KaT^<rx«6ov, ipf. 
Kooxc^c, retinere. irapedire; co- 
lli here, holdfast, hold bick, restrain; 
rivd yaia, ala, B 699, hold within its 
bosom, cut off from light and life; 2 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



332, moriar; ti, prevail, hear away, 
c 6 ; Kt<pa\if)v y bend over ; mid., se con- 
teg ere^ cover one* s telf; subsistere, 
remain^ y 284. 

KoLr-tprt^ttVTo, ipf. from ijTrcafai, le- 
niebantur, ossua^ E 4l7f. 

Kar - tjpc^es, ace. pi. masc. tag, 
(Ipki^ui), covered over, vaulted, overhang- 
ing^ e 367. 

•car-ifpi'ire, aor. from •epctVoi, cor- 

KaTTf-^cCTi, f\v, (Karat, ^dog, = with 
downcast eyes), shame, IT 498. (IL) 

Kar-i/\^arav, aor., part, aag, (-tipiuf), 
were confounded, kvt 9vfA(p, tt 342. 

KaT-T|4€Cs, pL from -rig, (-ly^wv), 
disgraced, u) 432 f. 

KaT-^<^vcs, nom. pi. from i) Karri- 
^wv (cf. KOTTjipiitj), abstract noun used 
as concrete, disgraces =btingets of dis- 
grace, Q 253t. 

Kdr-Oavc, aor. from -OvrioKia. Kar- 
Od«|rai, aor. from -OdTrrut. KdrOcfACv, 
3 pi. ind., -Oifjiiv, inf. etc., see Kara-ri- 
Oflfii, icaT-()fccv = -isvai, see -tifjii, 

icaT-Cox<i> 3 sing., inf. kfitv{ai), mid. 
pr. -itrx^ai, erai, pass. Kdrdioxirat, re- 
tin ere, hold back; tener e,steerf mid., 
sibi retinere, keep for one's self; 
pa£8,,po88idetur, is occupied, I 122. 
KaT-o{<riTai, fut. from -ipf put. 
KaT-6iruF6c(v), pone, post, m the 
rear, behind, with gen. ; adv., behind, 
iherenfter, ^116. 

KdTfi» (Kara), deorsum, doum, \j/ 

Kar-a>9kia, aor. in tmesi, koS loxrc, 
^^rew e/(m;n, II 41 Of. 

icar-a»|&a8(oio, gen., (iofiog), hurled 
from (above and behind) the shoulder, 
>l'431. (Sec cut No. 33.) 

Kar-ia^6Z6v {wfiog), from over the 
shoulder (of whip in lashing the horses), 
^ 500. (II.) ^ 

KHr-mfivxi^ovx (dpvtroat), dug in, 
buried in the earth, firmly set, K 267. 

KavK«>v«s, tribe in Paphlagonia, K 
429 ; in Elis, y 366. 

KttvX^, ov, dat. ace. masc., (c an 1 i s), 
spear-shaft (part next the point), n 
115; sword-hiU, 11338. 

Kav}AaTOS, gen. from rb Kavfia, 
(Kaiw),ae8tn8, in consequence of the 
burning heat, E 865t. 
KavoTcCpt|s, gen. from Kavortipa, 

(icaiui), fidxHSf ^^i raging combat, H 
342. (li) 

Kdvcrrpiot, river in Ionia, B 461. 

Kairr^ ri = xai avrog, rj, Z 260, 

KA4>, only part. perf. kcko^^o, 
(jcaTT^u;), efflantem, exspiranteui, 
with obj. Ovfiov, gasping out, E 698. 

Kc, Ki¥y (from pronominal stem ka), 
similar in use to dv, but: (1) enclitic 
— (2) esp. common in relative clauses 
(149 K€v to 3 dv). — (3) often repeated 
in parallel clauses. — (4) used also with 
dv, N 127, see also below II. B, c, 3. — 
I. with indie. : (A) denoting simple 
subjective supposition, d 546; also 
with fut., A 176; expectation with 
fut., A 175, Tf 297; repeated action, 
with aor., <r 263 ; esp. (B) in apodosis 
of conditional sentence, with past tense, 
when the protasis contains a false as- 
sumption, e.g.,A 311, E 898 ; the pro- 
tasis may be represented by a parti- 
ciple, X 418; or may require to be 
supplied, f 62. — II. with subj. : (A) in 
principal sentence: subj. of expecta- 
tion, A 184, S! 235; esp. with apodosis 
conceived of as likely to follow, A 324. 
— (B) in subordinate clause : (a) rela- 
tive clause, subj. of wish, r 403, i 356 ; 
of expectation, k 539, /3 43, H 171.— 
(b) hypothetical relative clause (Kiv 
often wanting) dependent upon: (1) 
principal sentence with verb in imper., 
548, a 316,^ 855 (inf., >!' 246).— 
(2) principal sentence with opt., A 294, 
r 577. — (3) principal sentence with 
fut. indie, <p 280, 1 397, P 229.-^4) 
principal sentence with pres. indie, 
S 416, r 565, A 409.— (5) principal 
sentence with past indie, in sense of 
the present (gnomic use), X 432, A 218. 
— (6) subordinate clause with subj., * 
103. — (o) in clause joined by conjunc- 
tion to its principal sentence: (1) by 
final conjunction: 'iva, only |i 156; 
6(f>pa, ut, 9 times, a 183; wg, ut, 32 
times, B 385 ; oinog, B 545. — (2) tem- 
poral conjunction (subj. of expecta- 
tion), 6<f>pa, S 588, K 444; eutg, always 
with Ktv, r 291 ; tig o, always with 
K€v, ft 98. — (3) temporal = condition- 
al, orf, uTTOTt, {a) a supposition having 
reference to future, A 567, X 366, K 
130 ; (ft) supposition without refer- 
ence to time, Z 225, 1 501, X 218, (not 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




«5r«), o^ptf, dam, while, r 17, Q 554; 
joined with av, A 202, ^ 259, € 361 ; 
tic o Kiv, K 90, 1 610.— -(4) il, whether, 
X 76, A 408, d 322, Y 436, K 118, H 
861, 2i 249; «', if, of future expecta- 
tion. Ill times, n 445, p 649,3: 369, 
E 763, (ft 305, A 137, Y 302, 114, P 
40, 2 92 ; of general expectation, A 
391 ; iir€i, I 153, X 126, A 764, A 173, 
P 658.--III. with optative (A) in prin- 
cipal sentence. (I) concessive, X 253, 
N 486, 619, 162. (II) optative de- 
noting future time, (1) simple futurity, 
©506, a 166, /x 387, k 269, Q 664,^ 412, 
B 160, K 57. — (2) conditioned proba- 
bility, I 157, 77, A 171, P 417.--(3) 
possible future, always kiv (or ar), 
P 103, a 223, 380.— (4) prevented 
realization, ^ 595, a 236, P 410 (joined 
with sentence with €i, B 81, E 311). — 
(5) assumed situation, xkv (or av), 
X 488, O 697, x 138, e 73, ^ 83.— (6) 
mere possibility, T 218, I 57, ii 102, 
( 131. — (B) in interrogative sentence: 
»}, o 300 ; ^ pa, o 431, 9 337, tr 357 ; 
TrwCt 195, X 144; ric, K 308 ; troioi 
17, 197 ; in rhetorical direct ques- 
tion, T 90, P 586, 149, T 82.— (C) in 
dependent sentence : (a) relative sen- 
tence, a 253, r 235, Q 732, v 368, w 
188, E 192, 483, O 735; with dv, N 
127; (b) hypothetical relative, only 
$ 600; (c) in conjunctional sentence, 
(1) final, vjQy \f/ 135, tai 532, (3 63 ; ovutg, 
A 344 ; i'wc, /3 78.— (2) comparative, 
fc»C, xf/ 60. — (3) temporal implying con- 
dition, ore, 1/ 391, 1 525.— (4) dubita- 
tive, expressing doubt, «i, whether, fx 
112, ^ 120, A 792, H 387.— (5) opta- 
tive, expressing desire, U yap, v 236. 
— (6) conditional, protasis introduced 
by €t, if, preceding the principal sen- 
tence (this last with icfv), E 273, 1 141, 
363, T 590, fi 345 ; principal sentence 
preceding, protasis (with Kfv) follow- 
ing, T 322, ti 314, K 380, X 220. 

cea^te;, aor. CK^cunrc Ksatfat ciatre, opt. 
Ktaampi, pf. pass. KfKfafffifva, aor. pass. 
iiceaoGij, spUt, ^ 418, w 161 ; rend^ shive-f 
€ 132, TI 250. 

K^aroi, TO =^ iciivrai, tKnvTO, from 

KcPpi^vt|«, son of Priamos, O 318; 
Hektor s charioteer, slain by Patro- 
klos, n 738. 

Ktddwxfm, only aor. Ik^Soo'O'c, and 

pass. 3 pi. Ukiaa9(Vi part Olvrcc* 
OiiotfCj parallel form to triceBavuv/ii, 
used for metrical convenience, dis- 
pergere, dissipare,(lMSp^rM, «ca<l0r; 
yifftvpoQ, bursts the dikes, E 88. 

KcSvoto, rjf y, ^i/, aiy ag, (d), and snp. 
-ororoc, oc, (ictjca^ftcvot), in sign is, ea?- 
ceUent, aXoxog, fir^nyp, rorijfi:, ap^irro- 
Xoc, ai'a^, tTalpoi, Kidvd Pidvla, r 

K^pYvov, ace, (K€Spog)f of cedars O 

KtSpoQf K^pov, fern., ceclar, of die 
tree and of the wood, e 60t. 

iccia)uvos, Kc£avTi« («i}-), see caeca. 

KMlaraXf to = «ivrai, tiatvTo. 

Kci6cv, adv., («rai/oc), illinc, dein, 
thence^ then, O 234. 

K€t0i,illic, eAerc, F 402. 

KC?|Mii, rettrat, iceTcrt, Kftrai, 3 pi. 
jcai/rai, KiiaTm, jclarat, Kkovrat, sabj. 
leprae, imp. rec<ro, (r^tai, inf. K(T<rdai, part. 
KtipivoQ, ipf. sKfipriv, to, ptOa, and rte* 
/u}}v, /ue^a, reiro, iter. KiOKtTO, 3 pL jceli^o, 
(ctaro, Kiiaro, fut. Ksiffopai, eat, crac, 
ovrat, cubare, jacere, positnro, 
collocatum esse, of things having 
life, /tV, with various modifications, e. g. 
sick, dead, /3 102 ; feeble, wounded, 
despised, old, 2 436 ; unburied, idle ; 
pkyag /leyoXaxrri, stretched out at bis 
full vast length; ttoXXoc tiq, like a 
giant ; of localities, c 25 ; of things : 
^te (objects of value) ; stand (of articles 
of household furniture); proposi- 
tnm est, the prize is offered, X 168. 
With follg. constructions: kni yahn:, 
X^ovoQ, yaiy, x^^*'*» iwta iriktBpa^ 
spread out over ; k¥ akyttn, eiV d\i, vt- 
Kvuiv dyvpu = bpov vtKvtiw, among 
the dead, Otutvyovvatn, rest in the 
power of the gods, a 267 ; Xeicr^y, vifff<p^ 
I'ovaip, irtdiip, wpi, y\/apd9ouJi, X^^Vf 
and with dat without preposition, 

KCi|t,i{Xiov, a, (Kilpai), treasure, Aetr- 
loom; p Tb, landed property, 

Kciros, f], 0, older form of Ikhvoc^ 

KCivi{, ^(Ti, frecV = KHvd = kcv^ % 
249, vacuus, inania, empfy. 

Kc(pci, 3 sing., imp. ere, part. ovrec« 
TttQ, ipf UtipiTi, ov, fiit inf. Kipinv, 
1 aor. (t)Kipai, part. <ravrec, (Oer. 
Scheere, Schaar,Eng.shear),«Aair 
off, K'priv; cut oJJ] lay waste, devour ,- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


joum^f K 589 ; 'Trpijatrovre, traversing; 
ri9ivai, OktrOcUj open a way ; yt^vpovvy 
make a way o\er a ditch; r 406, 
Oibjv ; K 86, outgoings of night and day ; 
others, paths (of cattle), L e. pastures. 

KffXcvrl^wv, otavTt^ part ^m -aw, 
(jtiKivm)^ animating, M 265. (IL) 

KcXcvw (no du. and 3 pL), subj. yc? 
opt. oif imp. f, «r«, part, wv, ovroi;^ ipf. 
tKiXivovy ec, ov^ and KkXtvovy e« fut. -(tw, 
inf. akfitvaif aor. txeXft/fra, <rc, crav, and 
KtXuHTa, oat;^ ere, aav, imp. Ktktvaov, 
pai't. ffac, («XX<«>, p e 1 1 o), drive on, with 
the lash; inhere, command^ rivdj A 
286, S 274; ra fM ^w/iof, H 68, ij 187, 
as my heart bid* me ; tivi^ A 428 ; rtvc 
n, man dare, Z 324, ir 136; with inf., 
. ^^KjuM. ^e/xv/|««». «vt>a-^B 74,^ 233; with ace. and inf., B 11, 
4i^4^\hrpC*-^M LU\li 263; with dat and inf., B 50, /8 6: 
with dat. of indirect object, followed 
by ace. and inf., ^ 129, i 561, X 44. 

K^Y|T<^ Tovj (from ciXAtu, celer), 
KtXrtO' toJfj 'iffirov, oourseTy racer, i 

KcXi|T{(civ, inf., («Xi;c), iV7rot<rt, rWc 
a race-hone, O 679t ; where the feats 
of a skillful rider are described. 

KtWw, aor. iKikau^^w, inf. KsXtrai^ 
part. jctXaarryac, (col lis, pello), ap- 
p ell ere, bring to shore, beach, vija {iv 
^j/afAdOoKTi) ; c 149, hoeing run the ships 
to land, we, etc. 

icAo|i,ai (keXX(u), eai (syniz.), erai, 
icrOt, ovrai, opt. oifir\v, imp. Kt\ka9io, 
saBf, inf. ffi9ai, fut KiXnaerai, aor. tK£- 
cXero (after the trochaic ctesura), Kt- 
kXsto, part wjcXo/i€voc, ot, wr^e on, rivd 
OvfjLOQ, ic, coegit; inhere, hortari, 
comrmmd, exhort, with inf., A 386, y 31 7 ; 
with ace. and infin., A 74, y 425; with 
dat.,Z 286, K 419,1} 335. 

K^Xoui, aor. from riXXco. 

KCfidSo, nyv, a two-year-old deer, K 

Kcv, see ice. 

Kcvc - avx^cs* voc. pi. from -r\c, 
(avx^utXfmpty, idle boaster, 6 230f . 

Kcvca«, V a c u a s, Kevtov, ntr., vktaBot , 
fcvai.incassum,infecta re, tnvotn, 
fruitlessly, B 298. 

KcvcwKo, rov, («c6V6oc), part of body 
between hips and ribs, toaist, small of 
back, X 295; ace. of part., E 284; 
elsewh. with kg. 

Kcvd, i n a n i a. empty, see Kstvog, 

»c4vauif aor. from Ktyriia, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

mid. Ktipofjttvoif ipf. Kiipovro, aor. inf 
taipaaOoL, Koptiv, cui one^s hair (in 
grief), >P 136. 

Kcurc, illo, Mere; "^^ 461, usque 
illuc, <AtM/tir. 

1. Kc(oiy, part., spUtting, ? 425t. 

2. KcCtt, inf. Keiifiev, part. Ktiwv (and 
lUwv), ovrtCt ot/aa (fut forms without 
tense-sign with desiderative force), de- 
siring to sleep, freq. with verbs of mo- 
tion, I 532. 

KCKoSi^crci, ffOfjifOa, see jc^^ui, trouble. 

KCKoSuv, oiTo, see xa^o/ioi, cedo, 
^*t>e tooy. 

KCKcur)iivo«» a^at, see Kaivvfiai, ex- 
cello, surpass, KtKaiprnijg, see KA4», 

k^kXcto, aor. /rom ^IXo/iat, voca-^ 

kckXt|y«*s, see xXd^ia. 

KCicXi^aro, ijffy, see icaXcw. 

KcicX^IMvosy see KkXufxai. K^icXvAty 
rf, see cXvio, ausculto. K^K}&v|ica«, 
'tiwQ, see icdfivio. iccKoirws, see kottto). 
ac<Kopij|&€6a, fievoi, TjuTe, see Kopivvvfii. 
KtKopuBfdva, see Kopvoaut. K€Kom\6iri, 
see Koriitt. KCKpdavrai, vro, see Kipdv- 


KCKpi^^CiXoV, TUV, (KOpVipfl), flCt tO 

confine the hair, X 469t. (See cut No. 

Kcicv9«Mri, see KivQta. 

KcXaScivi^, rjg, uv, (KkXaSog), sound- 
ing, rushing; esp. freq. as epithet of 
Artemis, n 183; as substantive, 4> 

KcXdSY|<rav, aor. from xeXaSkia, shout- 
ed aloud (in applause), "if 869t. 

K^X&Sov, Tov, (Ger. schellen ?), ^ 
mult of combat, of hunt; in more gen- 
eral signif , confusion, o 402. 

tukdZunVf ovra, part, sounding, 4> 16. 

KcXdSftfV, stream in Ells, H 133t. 

iccXai-vc4»^i, fi. ka, €Q, (vk<pog), shroud- 
. ed in dark clouds, Zeus ; as subst, v 
147; alfia,dark. 

KcXaiv^v, rii y, dark, black ; of blood, 
night, skin, wave, storm; of earth, 

KcX&^tcty prs., ipf KiXapvi^i, run, 
trickle, 4» 261. 

KcXcvOov, KfXivOov, 01, ovg, fem. and 
pi ntr. a, (c aU is), path, way; ntr. pi. 
in wider signif dvefiwv (Xaixj/rjpd, airy), 
ixOitosvra, vyod, rjepoivra, gloomy 
ways (of death); masc. also = iter, 




K^vravpos, CerUaur, Earytion, 
295 ; pi, Centaurs, a wild Thessaliaii 
U-ibe, A 268. 

KcVo-ai, inf. aor. from Kivrktay goad 
on, horses, ^ 337t. 

K€VTp-V|VCK^a«, ace. pi., (KBVTpOVy 

ivtiKo), stimulatos, goaded on, iV- 
xoi;c,E752. (11.) 

K^poto, (ft, {KfvTsui), 8 1 i in u 1 i (f 1 a- 
gelli),^oad,^387. (U.) 

KCVTOpCS, 01, (Kivrpov), ITTTrO)!/, stl- 

mulatores equorum, Kadmeians 
and Trojans, A 391, E 102. 

K^ovrai, TO, see Keifxai. 

iccpaa<r6c, see Ktpdvwfii. 

Kcpai(^)i.€v, inf , part, l^utv, ipf. Kipdi- 
^6, l^iTov, pass. prs. part. Kfpaitofxsvovg, 
f\v, {Ktip(a\ destruere, populari, 
destroy, lay waste, H 752, E 557 ; tru- 
cidare,«/ay, B 861. 

K^paic, see Kipdwvfn, 

Kcpa)&€vs» o, figulus, potter, 2 
601 f.^ 

KCpa|tai, wv, properly, great earthen 
jar buried in the earth (see cut), I 
469 ; but in E'387, x«^«c6V. serving as 
dungeon (cf. the pit into which Joseph 
was thrown by his brethren). 

KCpavw|i,i ; Kipdio," Kipaitu, give the 
forms prs. part. KCp^vras, imp. Kkpaiu 
1 aor. KspatTtre, part. Kipdaaaa, mid. 
prs. subj. Kspaivrai, imp. xipdaaQe, ipf. 
KipHiVTO, ouiVTo, aor. KipdaoaTO^ aod- 
fift^og, pass. pf. KiKpdavrai, plupf. «- 
KpdavTo, temperare, mix, prepare by 
mixing, wine, bath ; mid., mix for one's 
self, have mixed; alloy, mingle with 
gold, 5 132. 

Kcp&o-|^ (KipaQ, ^£(i>) TiKTutv, worh- 
er in horn, horn polisher, A 1 lOf. 

KCpa^v, Tov, (icepCTc). homed, F 24: 
Kfpaol, are horned from their very 
birth, 8 85. • 

K^pas, aoQ, at, ^ pi. a, autv, dm, 
af<TrTi,(<cap,cere-brum. cornu).Aom, 
of cattle, P 521 ; of wild-goat, A 109 ; 

as substance (where the resemblance 
in sound between xipag and Kpaivia is 
played upon), r 566 ; as forming half 
of a bow, 395 ; hence = how, xipat 
dyXai, arcu superbiens; symbol 
of immobility, r 21 1 ; the sheath of horn 
encasing the line just above the hook, 
and preventing it from being bitten oflv 
Q 81. [ic£/oa, but shortened before a 
vowel, A 109, r 211.] 

Kcpavv^s, (f, 6v, thunderbolt, lightmn^y 
O 117. 

Kipditt, see Ktpdvwfu. 

KcpS&X^os, ov, oioiv, rjg, (jcep^oc)* 
comp. K^pSiov, sup. KepdidTog, adrxm- 
tageous, F 41, j3 74; helpful, K 44; 
cunning, r 291, Z 153. 

KcpSdXc^-^pov, Yoc., selfish, A 149 ; 
crafty, A 339. 

K^pSos, ta, cfaiv, ioi, gain, tt 311 ; 
good counsel, >// 140 ; >F 709, KspSta 
iiriaraoQat, c/^cvai, understand cunning 
arts ; vatfjidv, devise good counsel. 

Kcp8o<rvv|) (Kipdog), per as t u t i am, 
cunningly, 4 31. 

K€pic(f , ida, fem., rod (in later times 
comb), by a blow from which the 
threads of the woof were driven home 
into the warp, and the web made firm 
and close, « 62. (See cut No. 63.) 

ic^p<rff, avrtg, see Kitpw, 

K€p-TO|UaNn, subj., opt. hi, part. 
kiov, iovTiQ, fovoav, ipf. (KC/oro/ticov, 
KipTOfitov, (-rofiog), tautU, tease, II 261. 

KcpTop,£as, ace. pl.,T 202 ; as subst. 
KcpTO}&Couri, oig, (cc/ptu, rsftvio, ut 240), 
sharp-cutting, sc. iTrUam, taunting, cfe- 
risive words, yet the noun sometimes 
expressed, e. g. A 6. 

K^pwvTiu, oiovTo, see xtpavvvfu, 

K^oiccTo, see Ktifiai. 

tcearhv (Kfvriio) Ifidvra, embroidered 
girdle, S 214. 

iKcvOavoy, ipf., occult ab ant, P 

KcvOp^v, s^n. pi. from 6 KtvOfiog, 
latebra,fatr«, N 28t. 

KcvCfu*va«, ToifQ, (kwOw), latebras, 
crannies, v 367 ; hogsties, k 283. 

KcvOccrt, dat pi. from to luvBog, 
{Ktv9u)), virb — ynirjg, in the depths of 
the earth, X 482, ta 204. 

KCvOci, ire, subj. ai, y, imp. KtvOe, ipf. 
tKfvOi, KivOi, fut. Kevffojy aor. icifOt and 
subj. KucvQuxri, pf. xUfvOe, plnpf. *«€- 
cet^^a, celare, occ ul tare, Au2p,coMr, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




rivdf Ti, pass. 'A(^( KivQto/iaij s e p e- 
liar; also voog tvdoOi, Ovfxaty votpy 
vorifiaai, tvi (pp^aiv ; oitH ae Kfvffutj 
nee te celabo, nor will I conceal it 
from thee ; <r 406, no longer can ye 
disguise your eating and drinking; it 
is easy to see from your actions that, 

KC^K&Xif, ^C, y, TjVi ai, ku)v, yai, dq ; 
^0cv, gen. dat. (Ger. h a u p t, c a p - u t), 
caput, head, Ik k.tjc Ig TroSag dxpovg, 
n 640 ; Kdtc—Kard k. ; also of animals, 
I 548, A 39. r 273, ^ 381 ; synony- 
mous with life, A 162 ; in periphrasis, 
for a person, A 55, 2 82, i2 276 ; esp. 
in address, ^ 94 ; common phrase, 
K.Tfv ovSdffh TreXdanat = lay at one's 
feet ; custom of kissing head and 
hands, 224, 225, % 499 ; thence come 
speech and words, A 462, IT 77. 

Kc^aXXTjvcs, collective appellation 
of subjects of Odysseus on islands and 
mainland, B 631,* 4 100, i; 187, u» 355, 
378, 429. 

KCxavSct, 6ra, see xavMvkt. kc- 
Xap - }}(Te/i( V) Tjffirai, rjwg^ oiaro, ovro, 
see x^<p(t>. Kcxapia fxivog, c, a, gto, 
see xf^pfK^^f- >««X'n^*» see x^^vui. kc- 
Xtt>Xfd-» see x^^*^^' iccxpv||&^voS) see 

xp«-. K^x^W'""*' "^^9 s^® x^<**' 

KCttv, see Ktiu) 2. ict)-ai, dfitvog, see 

KijSeos, ^ 160f, sepeliendus. 

icT|8cCovs (KTidut,) car OS, dear, T 

icT|8c|i,^vcs, o'ty (KrjSio), properly, se- 
D u 1 1 o r e s, mourners, nearer frimds, ^ 
63, 674. 

KiiSuTTOS, o(, (kj7^w), carissimus, 


KvjSos, ia, kmv, aerumna, trouble, 
Ttov dWiov oh- ; Ovfiov, grief; luctus, 
N 464, pi, sorrows. 

Ki^Sci, 3 sing., subj. y, opt. ot, inf. tiv, 
pass, wv, ipf. tKri^f, and iter. icriStnKov, 
fut -riaovTtg, fut. red. KiKoSfjaei, 153; 
mid. Kf)8eai, trai, ovrai, opt. oiro, inf 
idOai, pass. ofiEvog, y, or, ot, ij, ipf. 
cfjdeTO, ovTO, iter. -faKtro, fut. Kturd- 
dfjtrofitBa, injure, 4» 369, E 404 ; Qvfxnv, 
cruciare, distress, i 402, Q 240. 542; 
pass. part. prs. mid., be concerned for, 
person or thing, rivog, care for, H 204. 
A 196, K 146. 

Ktjcv, see Katit). 

KiiJKtc, ipf., {kiu}), ffush forth, c 455 f. 

iCT|X^<|i (icaiw) TTvpl (O 744, ict|Xc^|»X 
in blazing tire, 6 217. 

icT|\v|tf|i,(p, dat., (ic})Xi(i>. charm), in 
rapture (they listened), v 2. (Od.) 

KtjXa, tela, weapons of the gods ; even 
of snow, M 280. (II.) 

tcf\i (Kafa^, Kiiv^ tlvdXiTj, gull, o 

iti)0)icv, subj. from Kaiut. 

KTJirov, % ovc, masc, (campus?), 
garden, 4» 258, 8 737. 

Ki)p, ug, t, a, du. £, pi. fc? ^C) (Kiiput, 
Ger. schere, scharf, Eng. shear), 
mode of death, (jivpiat, M 326) Ktjpfg 
Oavdroio, usher into Hades, ^ 207, 
B 302. Immediately upon the birth, 
the Moira or Aisa was determined for 
the life, and the Ker for the death (cf. 
1 411, where the choice of a twofold 
destiny is offered to A'^hilleus ; the pas- 
sage also shows that the Kijp impels 
to destruction, cf. KtiptooKfiopiiTovg)', 
when the time of death for the special 
favorites of Zeus approaches, he weighs 
the fortunes of conjbatants, e. g. Patro- 
klos and Sarpedon, Achilleus and 
Hektor. (See cut, representing Her- 
mes discharging this function.) Freq. 

joined with ddvarog, (3 283 ; ipovov, d 
273, j3 165; hence with a.(}y neXaivy, 
av, * 66 ; like BdvaTOc, IT 687 ; often 
=death, A 360, 362. E 652, I 411; 
symbol of hate, A 228. 

KTip, eg 6Bi, t, ntr., cor. heart, IT 481 ; 
then, in wider sijrnification, as the 
seat of understanding, will, and the 
varied emotions, and thus correspond- 

Digitized by 





ing with varied range of meaning to 
our * Aeart;' hence (tv) (f>pi(TiVf ivi arfi' 
OiatriVj and iv Bvfitiiy Z 523, which we 
may translate urithin me; {Trepl) KfjpL, 
exceedingly in heart, most heartily, € 
36 ; KrjpoOi ndWov (at close of verse), 
still more in heart, p 458 : also used 
periphrastically like ftivoi,*, fiiri, etc., 
B 851,cf. A395. 

KTip^ovi-^opiJTovs (0o/O€(o), Urged on 
by their evil destinies^ i. e. to death, 8 

Ki(l>iv6o«, town on coast of Euboia, 
B 538t. 

KTip^Ot, see K¥jp. 

icT|p<S«, oio, 6v = cera, toax, fi 175. 

Kvipvl, vKoCf I. a; t; eg, wv, c(T(n, ac, 
hercM; the heralds convoked the pop- 
ular assembly, kept order at trials, 
bore as sign of their office a staff (see 
cut, from archaic relief. No. 120), which 
they handed over to him who had the 
right to speak; they served also as 
messengers of the chiefs and as their 
assistants in sacrifice; epithets, Qtloi, 
^loQ ayytXoi, ^d <pi\oi. [P 324, pro- 
nounce icfipvKJ 'Errvridy.'] 

ia\pvw€iVy inf., part, -wv, ovrof, «c, 
ipf. kKiipvaaovy {Knpv^, proclaim <u 
herald^ tummon^ order, -jroXifiovSe, dyo- 
pr)vdf ; P 325, in the office of herald. 

iCTJTai, subj. from Kiifiai. 

Ki^TCioi, Mysian tribe, followers of 
Eurypylos,X 52 If. 

•ciJTOS, €oc, £t, £a, £<w, monst&r of the 
deep^ e. g. sharks and seals, T 147, 5 

KiiTwcotrav (f^'jrqf) AuKtSaifiova, 
full of ravines, B 581, ^ 1. 

Kv|^ur(s, iSoQ, Ai/iv}},lake in Boiotia; 
later KwTraic, E 709t. from 

Kii^laM, river in Phokis, B 522t. 

icT)«S8ci, dat. from -uidrjg, (jcaiu), icrjoi; ?), 
fragrant with sweet odors, Z 483 f. 

in)wcvTi, a, usually defined /ra^an< ; 
and yet this signif. inconsistent with 
r 382 ; perh. better (icij^-, KitTot:, 
c*v-us) vaulted, epithet of treasure 
chambers, 12 191. 

KiSvaTOv, ipf. UiSvaro, (<TKt^', <rr€- 
Sdvpvfjii), dispergitur, is diffused, 
ijutg^ 9 I. 

ictOdpt(c, ipf., (fi^p^iyyt, vas playing 
upon the lyre, 2 tTOf. (See cut, in next 
column, repreiieuting a Greek woman.) 

KtOdCpit, tv, fem., cithara (hence 
guitar), lyre, a 153; skill in playing 
upon the cithara, N 731. 

KtO&purrvv, rriv, (KiOapi^io), art of 
playing the cithara. (See cut.) 

KiicXi^oiccis, £1, ov(t{i), inf. nv, part 
ovrog, ovoa, ipf. KiKXrjoKs^ ov, pass. pr. 
«roi, mid. ipf. eto, (icaXlto), caU, sum- 
mon, xXridriv, nominatim, by name; 
invocans, I 569; nominant, l-jri- 
K\T}rnv, cognomine; mid., call to- 
gether to one's ndf dfivSig. 

KtKovcf , Thrakian tribe, 'c 47, B 846. 

KiKvs, rf, T oh ur. force, \ 393f. 

KtXXxcf, tribe of Greater Phrygia, 
dwelling under two leaders in Srjftri 
virovXaKiri and in Lymessos, Z 397, 

KCXXa KaOiij, town in Troas, A 38, 

Kt|&|UpiOi, fabled people dwelling 
at entrance of Hades, A 14t. 

Kiveui, aor. Kivr\v€, snbj. <ry (and 
(T6I ? B 147, or perh. fut ?), inf. oat, 
part aag, pass. aor. Kivi\Bri, 3 pi. Iici- 
vriQiv, part. riQivrog, commovere, 
disturb, set in motion (wasps, cloudsj. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




jnuh wUk the foci (iroSi) ; A 47, aff he 
moved himself forward. 

icivd|icvo«, otOy ioVf part., ipf. kiwvto^ 
(nvefc>), proficiscor, set out, march^ 
K 556, A 281. 

KYvtff»i|«, ruler of Kypros, A 20t. 

KlHipif|, waiUng, tohimp&'ing^ P 5t. 

K£picT|, daughter of Helios, sister of 
Aietes, inhabiting the island Aiaie, the 
enchantress, k 230 sqq. 

KJpKOS, ov^ hawk or falcon which 
flies in circles, ipij^ ; 'AttoXXwvoc ayyi- 
Aoc, o 526. 

Kipva«, part., jci'pvi} ipf. from KipvTj- 
fu ; lK(pv<^ ipf from Kipvaco, (parallel 
form to KtpdvwfJiC)t mis cere, mix; 
olvov, temperare, mingle, r\ 182. 

Ki(nn|(«, daughter of Kisses =Oca- 
vw, Z 299t. 

Kur<rf|«, ruler in Thrake ; his grand- 
son Iphidamas, A 223t. 

KunrvPuiy, ^, 6oto/, 6anfi, i 346. 

icicrrg, iox, chest, ^ 76t. 

KixavM, €r€, opt. dvoi, ipf (^)icixaKO> 
^i^avov, and mid. Kixavofuo, crat, 
ofiivoi, fut. Kixf}(rofiai, atai, atrai, ao- 
fuBa, inf. (TtoBai, aor. Kixnoaro, and 
parallel forms ki^^ij/hc, subj. rix€i«>, ycTt, 
iiofiiv, opt. €117, inf. ^i/at, ijfitvat, part 
«'c and ijfitvov, ipf kix^iq, ev, rjTT}v, 
(l)Kixrit^^v, aor. cki^c, or, part wr, [the 
unaugmented forms of two, four, and 
five syllables stand after caesura in third 
foot, the augmented forms of three and 
four syllables almost always at the end 
of the verse]. — (1) reperire, con- 
sequi, overtake, Jind, tivc^ t'i, T 291, 
383, Z 228, n 342, X 303.— (2) in ve- 
nire, light upon, B 188, ft 122, ^ 139 ; 
with part., A 26, T 289 ; with adj., S 

kCx^oi., turdi, thrushes, x 468 f. 

Kt-QS, subj. prs., opt. Ki'oi, oirrjv, oiTf, 
part Ktiiw, ovTi, a, i, eg, ag, ovca, y, 
ai, ipf. tKu, ov, or Ki(tv\ Ktofiiv, kiov, 
(c i e o), go, go away, usually of persons ; 
more rarely of things,, animals, ships, 
etc.. Z 422,0 149, TT 177. 

Kt»v, ovoQ, I, a, ig, ag, masc. and 
fern., c o 1 u m n a, pillar, a 127, esp. pil- 
lar supporting the rafters. (See plate 
IIL at end of volume, F. and G.) 

icXayY^, rig, y, (rXrf ^w), clamor, any 
sharp sound, shout of men, cry or screech 
of birds, cranes, grunting of swine, etc. ; 

icKayyy, F 5=KXaYyt|S^, B 463, with 
a dm ; A 49, twang of bow string. 

kX^ovtc, part, du., aor. iKXay^av, 
part xXdy^ag, avrogy pf part. KiKXrjywg, 
wreg, wrag (MSS. ovrtg, ag), make a 
hud, sharp sound, shriek ; M 125, shout- 
ing loudly (in battle) ; ovXov, screaming 
loudly all at once ; of birds, 11 429 ; 
bellow, clash, rattle, roar, 

kXoUi, €ig, ofifv, erov, subj. y{ot\ 
iafjiev, opt oiaOa, oifuv, inf ew, part. 
tjjv, ovra, c, «(, €oai, ag, ovtra, ovmiQ, 
ipf. tKXaiov, KXalov, ev, ov, and iter. 
iOK€, fut xXavaofjiai, aovrai, aor. rXat)- 
<re, aag, weep, wail, lament ; esp. of la- 
ment for the dead (either of natural 
expression of gi'ief, or of the more for- 
mal prescribed ceremony), rivd, T 300, 
X 450 (S 169-185) ; ri, Q 85, ^ 351 ; 
a/i0t riva, 2 339. 

KXavOf&ov, o7o, ov, (kXaiut), fie t us, 
weeping, esp. in lament for the dead, 
yoog, /u 8. 

icXavat, aor. from cXatoi. 

icXdUrc, aor., (KXdw), fregit, ^ 128 ; 
aor. pass. tKXdahri, fracta est, A 584. 

KXcT|86vt, ace. KXrjrjSova, (icXeof), 
fama, tidings, ^317; elsewh. excla- 
mation of favorable significance, good 
omen, cf /3 35. 

icXciTfp, 6v, oi, ujv, ovg, {KXkog, in- 
clitus), glorious, famous, esp. of tTrt- 
Kovpuiv, r 451, and txarofjiliiiv, A 447. 

KXctTo«» (1) son of Mantios, o 249. 
— (2) n^KTrjvopog vwv, companion of 
Polydamas, slain by Teukros, O 445. 

xXiicj, (1) see fcXiw. — (2) see rXfyicj. 

KXc^piovXo«, a Trojan, slain by 
Aias, son of Oileus, IT 330 f. 

KXcoirdrfni, wife of Meleagro8= 
'AXKVovri, 1 556+. 

icXios, pi. a, (kXvu), cln-entes, 
Gothic, hliuma [sense of hearing], 
Ger. la ut [sound]), quae fando au- 
diuntur: (1) fama, rumor, tidings 
{oov, ifiov, of thee, of me). — (2) gloria, 
KXkog (cToi) wpbg Tpwwv ilvai, laudi 
tibi sunto inter Troianos, but 
they shall' be an honor to thee before 
the Trojans, X 514; pL dvSpwv, lau- 
d e s, glorious deeds, 

icX^irrg, rtf, (KXinrui), thief T 1 1 f. 

ukswrwrtviQf ry, (jzXkirrrig), trickery, 
T 396t. 

kX^ittti, subj., cXcTrre. imp. prS., aor. 
ucXet/ze, inf. KXiij/at, (KaXvTrrtjj, c al * i m. 

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oc-cul-o, clepo), furari, steal; 
voovy f a 1 1 e r e, deceive ; voy , cunning- 
ly get advantage of, A 132. 

KXcofiai, ipf. tic\t{o), pass, of kXcC- 
ov(rn\ subj. jcXfi'w, (ic\e/^-o<,), fama 
celeb rare, make famous^ a 338, v 299. 

KXc»va(, dgy town in Argolis, B 

icXt]8T)v (icaXcbi), nominatim, by 
najne, I lit. 

K\r}riddva, see icXft/^ovc. 

icXi]df>T|, alnus, a&:fer, £ 64 and 239. 

xXtits, iSog, i, a, €c, ta<riv, laiv, 
(K\af-y clav-is), (I) obex, repagu- 
la, bolt, bar (see cms Nos. 32 and 38, 
both from Egyptian originals); cut 
No. 60, in four compartments, shows 
above the open, below the closed door : 
on the left as seen from within ; on the 
right from without; c, ^,/, mark the 
place of the key -hole, through which 
the thong, i/iac, o 442. ran, and the key 
was passed by which the bolt was first 
lifted (as is seen at g), dvEKoxf/iv, and 
then pushed back (dirdoav). The ad- 
joining cut, from a Greek sepulchral 

monument, as well as No. 32, presup- 
poses double bolts, and above on the 
right we see the key as it is applied, 
and below on the other half of the 
door the loosened thong; these bolts 
of double doors are also called ^Trt- 
/3Xi7c, Sxrjfg ; Kpvnry, with hidden, con- 
cealed bolt. — (2) clavis, kei/, better 
described as Jiook, M 456. (See cut 

No. 60,/, g,) — (3) iugulum, collar- 
b(me. — (4) curved tongue of buckle, 
a 294. (See cut No. 104.)— (5) thoU- 
pins, rowlocks, ivi kXtjicti, to which the 
oare were made fast by a thong, and 
round which they played, see cuts Nos. 
126 and 35; for lat«r, different arrange- 
ment, -see cuts Nos. 41, 64, and the 
Assyrian war-ship, cut No. 40. t^rt 
leXtiim, translate, at the oars, 

KKrfiarrai (icXi/iw), that m^^y be closed, 
P 344t. 

kXtiiu), aor. (l)KXi{i(rc, inf. i<ra«, (cXjj- 
Pic), c laud ere, shut, oxnag, drew for- 
ward the bolts closing the door, by 
means of the thong. (See cut No. 

kXtjpos* ov, ^, owct (kXctw?), sors, 
(1) loty a stone, or potsherd or broken 
(icXaw) twig, on which each man 
scratched his mark, H 175; the lots 
were then shaken in a helmet, and he 
whose lot first sprang forth was there- 
by selected for the matter in hand. 
—(2) patei-nal estate^ patrimoniuni, 

kXv|toC, ovq, (jcaXgw), electos, 1165; 
invitati,p 386. 

KXffMuca, r»yj/,(cXtv<i>), scalas, stairs, 
ladder, k 558. (Od.) 

KXivriipi, Ttp, ( K\ivu) ), 1 e c t u 1 o, 
couch, sofa, cf. adjacent cut, No. 73. 

K\ivio, subj. xXCrgox, inf kXivb, part 
-a>r, aor. eicXTi/e, av, (icXii/av). part -ac, 
aaa, avreg, (clinare), make to slope or 
incline, one thing against another; ri 
Tipt, Trpbg h'MTTta, drew aside the 
chariots and leaned them up against 
the shining walls of the vestibule; 
oaae TtaXir, oculos avertere, tur% 
away the eyes ; finxrjVy i n c 1 i n a r e 
p u g n a m, turn the tide of battle ; rivof, 
f u g a r e. put to flight ; pass. aor. (fc)jcXii'- 
9riy iKXiOrif 'fjpai, KXivtiijTijVt -fjvai, bend 

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wu^9 selfy crouch down, K 350 ; irkpwo'f 
sank, on one side ; Ue down ; pf. KtKkta' 
rai, KiKXtfuvoQf ov, oi, utv, 17, plupf. rc- 
jcAiro, rivi, ad aliquid applicatus, 
innixus rei, rest upon, lean upon, V 
135; iacere, /»e,xdovi, humi; situs, 
tUuated, oXi, ad mare, near the sea; 
Xi/ii/y, accola lac us, hard 6y; mid., 
8 e a p p 1 i c ar e, support one's self upon, 

KXl(r{T|S, y, lyv, m, &v, yen, yc. oC» 
(jcXivtu), ear^A Au^ of shepherds, shed or 
/odE^, tr^am of warriors, of. 12 450; 
couch or easy chair. (See cut No. 79.) 
icXX<rtt|d€v, /row /A* Au<; K\loi[f\vBiy to 
the hut ; KKioiri(f>i, in the hut. 

xXtoTiov, t6^ buildings adjoining mas- 
ter's house, (of. in signif., £ng. Lean- 
to), for servants, strangers, etc., m 

icXurp^ 6v, old, ovQ, (sXiviti), easy- 
chair, reclining chair, a 145. (Cf. ad- 
joining cut, or cut No. 112.) 

icXiTdv, ace. pi. VQ, (icXtVo;), clivus, 
slope, hill-side, e 470. 

icXov^Ci, ovoi, part, tujv, kovra, re, 
TOQ^ fugare, put to Jtighi (jiva, II.). 
absol., A 496 ; O 7, drive before one, 
proturbare; pass. jcXovcovrat, itjBm, 
ipf. kovTo, conturbari, rush wUdly 

about, be driven in confusion ; ofJiiXtp, in 
the fray ; ifvo rtvt, 4> 527. 

KXovto«, chief of the Boiotians, B 
495 ; slain by Agenor, O 340. 

kX^vov, tov, t u r b a m, tumult, U 729 ; 
iyXticuDv, press of spears. 

icXoirtw, gen. pi. from rXnirioc, 
(jcXorrr/), fallacium, deceitful, v 29.5t. 

icXoToircvciv, make fine speeches f 
T 149t. (Of doubtful deriv. and 

kX48c»v, 6, (cXv^ta;), billow, surge, /a 
42 If. 

kXv(coicov, ipf. iter., (irXi';^ta>), were 
plashing, ^ 61 ; itcXvoOri di OaXttaaa, 
was dashed high, rose aloft in foam. 

kXvOi, imp. from kXvw, hear, 

KX«|Wvi|, (1) a Nereid, 2 47.— (2) 
an attendant of Helena, r 1 44 ; daugh- 
ter of Minyas (Iphis), mother of Iphi- 
klos, X 326. 

KAv|MKOs, father of Eurydike, mor- 
tally wounded at Thebes, y 452. [v] 

KXvTai-)ivi{(rTf>T|, daughter of Tyu- 
dareos, sister of Helena, wife of Ag- 
amemnon; her paramour Aigisthos 
having slain at her desire her husband, 
she herself was slain with Aigisthos 
by her own son Orestes, A 1 13, y 266, 
310. X 439. (See cut No. 36.) 

KXvtCSvis, son of Klytios. — (1) 
A6Xo\p. — (2) Uapaiog. 

KXvt£o<5, (1) son of Laomedon, 
brother of Priamos, father of Kaletor, 
O 419, 427, r 147, T 238.--(2) father 
of Peiraios in Ithaka, ir 327. — (3) 
father of Dolops. 

icXvT^-cpYov (fkpyov), maker of fa- 
mous w rks, artist, 9 345t. 

KXvTo-)ii)8T|s, son of P^lnops, beaten 
in boxing-match by Nestor, ^ 634t. 

KXvT^vT|o«, son of Alkinoos, 119, 

icXirro~irc&X<|i, with noble steeds, always 
epithet of Aides, £ 654 sqq. (11.) 
Probably in reference to raoe of Per- 

icXvT^Sy ot), 6v, oi ; also comm. gen- 
der, (kXvw, in-clu-tus, Eng. loud), 
illustrious, glorious ; 'Evvooiyatog^ 1 423 ; 
also of other gods and men, a 300 ; of 
places, a 437 ; of animals, i 308 ; of 
thinjrs, ovoua, r 183, i 364. 

K\vTO'Tiy(yt\%, famous for his art, re- 
nowned artist, A 571. 

kXvt^o{os> V, ov, (to^ov), with fa- 

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mmu boWy renotoned archer^ A 101, p 

rXvoi, aor. IkXvov, cct <« oi/, also icX^- 
ov, imp. (cXuOc, KXiirf, and aor. sync. 
KfKXvOi, r«, (cluere, in-clutus), (1) 
hear, tTTOi*, ayyeXi'i^v, ^ovttoi/, avSifv^ 
also with g4n. oTrof , v o c e m ; with part., 
d 505, rtvoc aifSifffavTOQ ; F 87, Aeor 
from me, the proposition of Alexan- 
der; also Ik rii/of, ex aliquo. — (2) 
ex and ire, ^w ear to^ hearken^ rtv«i-, 
A 43, 218, /3 262, y 385 ; also rivo^ 
avSfj(,\ fivOujVt Tivi dprjf; ; less common 
with dat, Tivi, U 516.--(3) obedire, 
A^or attd comply, obey, tov fiaXa fuv 
kXvov, o 220. 

KXmOcs, lit the Spinsteti; as god- 
desses of fate, ij 197t. 

KXo>|&aK<Sc<nrav (icXtD/ia^, gramas), 
on rock terraces, rochy, B 729f. 

Kv^^as, aoc. ac, (dvutpoQ), crepus- 
culum, twilight, dusk, <t 370. 

Kvtj, ipf. from Kvdu, she grated {Ini, 
thereon), A 639t. 

wnj(W|, fiv, at, dutv, ymv, crus, part 
of leg between the knee and ankle, 
shin, A 519. 

icvt||i.£s, tSag, (Kiftiftrj), o c r e a, greaves, 
metal plates, lined with some soft ma- 
terial, bent around the shin-bone un- 
der the knee, and fastened by clasps 
at the ankle (see cut No. 39), only in 
Iliad ; the word in the Odyssey, a* 229, 
signifies leather leggins. 

Kvi)|&ot(n, ovc, masc, saltus, moun- 
tain valleys, B 821. 

Kvi\arly dat. from Kvfi<mg, (Kvfjv), 
hdfefor shaving or grating, A 640f . 

KVicrq, only sing., (icvil^ja, nidor ?), 
/at, esp. the /at caul or diaphragm, in 
which the thighs of the victim were 
wrapped, laid upon the fire and burned, 
togetner with the pieces of flesh piled 
upon them (A 460); hence the word 
also signifies the steam o/ the /at or sac- 
ri/ce, A 66 ; Kvlcnicv,,^ o/ the steam 
o/ burnt sacrifice, k lOf. [v. 1. Kviotni.'] 

icw(t|6|mp (jcvt/^w), unth whimper, 
whimpering, v 163f. 

icw(aKrtt», fiit., and aor. Kvvl^uKnv, v 
401, 433, mdbe lustreless, 

kWaSoXov, fera, monster, p 3l7t. 

KvoNr<S9, fxtydXri TroXtr, tifptiy, in 
Kreta, B 646, 2 591, r 178. 

KviMnrovou, part., deqtly slumbering, 
consopita, B 

KofXoio, ov, 1}, ijCt y» >7v, only % 385, 
KolKov, (KofiXog, cav-us), hollow ; Xi- 
fir}v, deep-embosomed, extending /or into 
the land, k 92. 

Kotfxdut, aor. (l)Ko(}&i)af, oart^ imp. 
aov, part, oag, aaa, (Kilfiai), lull, kusA 
to sleep, Tivd ; litter, -d 336 ; cons o pi- 
re, /m^ to sleep, also figuratively ; mid. 
pr. Koifiarai, ipf. Koifiaro^ tavro, aor. 
(i)jcotfif7<raro, oavra, subj. otavrai, imp. 
aaoQi, and aor. pass. (i)Koiftri9ri/juu^ 
opt. Oiiri, inf. 9nvai, part Oepti, €, €c, 
lay one's sel/down to deep, past tenses, 
sleep ; sleep the sleep o/ death, A 241. 

Kotpdr^ovox, pert duv, iovra, (^koi" 
pavog), be lord or master, rule, dvd^ 
Kara, Sid nvag ; dominari, /4qf the 
lord, V 377. 

KoCpdvos,. e, 01, (Kvpog), ruler; also 
with Xaatv, ruler of the people, H 234. 

"Koipwoi^ (1) A Lykian slain by 
Odysseus, E 677.— (2) from Lyktos in 
Kreta, charioteer of Meriones, P 611, 
614, slain by Hektor. 

KoCrg, ry, (Ktifiai), bed, r 34lt. 

KoiTOS, 010, ov, ov, masc, bed, ^ 455 ; 
night's rest, sleep, rj 138. 

KoXc^v, olo, <fi, and KovXfov, f, ntr., 
(metal) sword-sheath, A 1 94, 220. 

KoXXifcvTO, ntr. pL, (roXXa<o), Cvord 
vavfjiaxa, ship -spears, united together 
with rings, O 389 f 

KoXXtiri^v, oloi, you dg, (coXXaiu), 
firmly bound together, compacted or shod 
with bands, O 678, i// 194. 

K^XXoiri, dat. from roXXoi//, p^ on 
the lyre, round which the string was 
made fast, ^ 407 f. 

KoXoiwv, ovg, graculorum, jady 
daws, n 583. (II.) 

K^Xov, ntr.. docked, pointless^ n llTf* 

KoXoo-upT^v, TOV, noisy rabble, M 147 
and N 472. 

KoXovci, imp. fT£,(K6Xog\ mutilat, 
leaves un/ulJiUed, Y 370 ; X 340, cut 
short, curtail. 

ic5Xir<p, ov, 01, ovg, (KoXvimtt), /old 
or bdly of garment round neck and 
breast, 1 570 ; bosom, Z 136, 400 ; bo- 
som of the sea, 2 140. 

IkoX^o, ipf. from KoXtodut, (KoXwog), 
screamed, bawled, B 212t. 

KoXuvn (jceXXa>), collis, hill, B 811. 


KoX«»^v (tfwv?) iXavvtrtt continoff 
noisy wrangling, A 57 5f. 

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KO|&^«0rr«, nCf part from KOfiWy 
(Kofifi), omOtv, toith htir Umg at back 
of head, shorn in front, B 542 ; capi;, 
long - haired ; iBiipyaij with long 

Kofis<M)j KOfUovoxy imp. iirtov, inf. 
«iv, ipf. Iko^h (and iter. €imce\ «iri;v, 
take care of, tend (by giving bath, food, 
bed, clothing), riva, X 250; also of 
animals, p 310, 319. 

K6\kt\, i;c» lyv, ae, ac, (coma), kair of 
head; pi. 41 231, thick flowing ^oe^; 
alsoyb/iff^ ^ 195. 

KofUSif, ^, ni', cultas corporis, 
(see KOfxiu)j core, attendance^ bestowed 
cm men, horses, also on garden, <•> 245, 

KouiCoi, li, subj. y, imp. icci^^c, inf 
etv, cftiv, ipf. iic<$/<(^e, fnt. KoynSt, aor. 
Uofiunrd, (i)co/it<rc, av, subj. I'ffcry, imp. 
umovj (KofUu>)j (1) iMitt u/xm, attend, 
core ybr, Z 490, rii/a, rt ; esp. receive 
as ffuest, entertain, k 73, p 113, cf. Ill ; 
Tivd rtvt, nutrire,v 69; pass. ofuvoCf 
9 451.— (2) gather up, ^(/ 855 ; carry 
away, V 378 ; bear off, ffi 456, B 875 ; 
bring, ^ 699 ; mid. aor. {i)Koph<TaTo, 
ioavTo, opt. iaaio, receive hospitably, 
entertain; X 286, carry ofl^" iu one's 

KOfitriut, ipf. M^ftnf clothed, rattle'1, 
M 151t. 

K^irof, 6, (icm'apOQ), ttamping of 
feet, 380 ; grinding, gnashing of tasks 
of boar. 

KOKdpif)<rf, oav, aor., ipf. K0vdpit<9 
(icoiajSoi*), rMoimd (of echo); rattle, 
ring, O 648, * 593, N 498. (II. an«l p 

K^&Pof, din, crash, v 122t. 

Kovtv|, sing., and ym, pal vis, dust; 
X 600, rose from his head ; with fipi- 
XX»?, N 336 ; vrpotpdXiy yi, IT 775, co 39 ; 
sand, ■*• 502, 506; cineres. ashes, t) 
153. [I when in final foot of verse.] 

K^vts, toe, h ^iAm pulvis, dtist, N 
335; ashes, £ 23, X 191. 

KovtHTtroiXof, (0, (trfiaX), dust-cloud, 
dust-whirl, r 13. (II.) 

KovtovTcs, part, fat kovwovoi, aor. 

roue a dutt-doud, speeding over the 
plain, N 820 ; making dusty, <f» 407 ; 
pass, plupf. KiKov'iTo, and pf. KkKovipi- 
voi, pulrere obducti, covered with 

Korr^y, r6v, (ccvrcai), pde, i 
487 f. 

Kovpcvf, father of Feriphetes, 

Koirpf^otivTff, fat part., (leoirpfto), 
stercorandi caa8a,ybr manure, p 

Kcxpof, t7,only 8ing.,fima8, ster-' 
c u s, 1 u t u m, dung, O 164 ; farm-yard, 
catefe-stall, 2 575. 

K^KTWfy ovrtCi part , ipf. kSirre, ov, 
aor. K6\f/t, ag ; 2 pf. Kaeo^iitg, aor. mid. 
Koxf/aro, beat, smite ; iraprjiov, on the 
cheek ; irort yaiy, strike to earth ; bite, 
sling, M 2 4; decldere, detrnnca- 
r e, X 477 ; forge^ hofiovg ; mid., X 33, 
smite one's own head, 

K<$p«uco« Tcirpy, rocky mountain in 
Ithaka, v 408t. 

Kopkvwfii, Alt Kopccif, ku, aor. opt 
Kopkoiu, sat i are, sate, satisfy, rivu 
rtvi, 8 379 ; mid. (iycopkooaro, atiptBa, 
sabj. oiovrai, opt. aaiaro, inf. oaoQm, 
part, adftevog, and pass. pf. KeKopijfaOa, 
riaOt, ripBvoi, act part. KeKoptiotf, aor. 
also pass. iKopfoOtjv, satiari, «ate one's 
self with, Tivog ; (Kara) Bvfiov, in heart ; 
al80 metaph. be tired of, rivog, or with 
part, rdfiviov, leXaiovoa, v 59. 

Kopkij, aor. imp. Kopi^<raTf , sweq> out, 
u 149t. 

Koptf, false reading, read Kovpri. 

KopOiicTai (Kopvg, xdp, III.), raises 
itself aloft, I 7t. 

Kdpiv6o«, the city Korinth, the 
wealthy, on isthmas of same name, 
Isthmos, B 570 ; KopivBvBi, at Korinth, 
N 664 ; ancient name, 'E<f>vf)ri. 

KOpiidv, rt'fv, (Ktipw), the trunk of the 
tree I hewed round al>out (beginning 
with the root and progressing toward 
the smaller end), ^ \96\. 

«<$pos, 0, satietas, taedium; 
Tivog. surfeit, N 636, 8 103. 

ic6po-i|v, Ttiv, temple, A 502. (H.) 

icopvJdlKt, dat., {KupvGa ainoovri), 
hthnet shaking, with waving plume, X 

Kopv0Ki{oXos (KopvOa aioXijv ix*^^)f 
uith glancing helm, esp. epithet of Hek- 
tor and of Ares, B 816, F 83. (II.) 

ic^pvpPo (Knpvf/ii], icdpT}) aKpa, the 
heads or ends, in which the stem of 
vessel terminated, cf dtpXaara, 1 241 f. 
(See cut No. 21.) 

Kopdvt|, y, {Kopvg), battle moot (of 

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iron). Hence comes Kopvmfrvis, jjv, 
club-brandisher, H 141, 9. 

KiSpvs, v9og^ 9i, 9a J and iJj/ ; 0€c» ^wv, 
9taaiy ac, fem., (ica/oi/, icojo), helmet, with 
adjs. ppiapTfv^ Sai8a\ir}v, iirTrodafftirigj 
iiriroKoixoVf Xa^irofikvtic, XafXTrpfjg, wa- 
vai9y<Ti, r(Tpa(f>d\iffj ^asivy, xaXicji]||0€OC» 
XaXKorrapyov, N 131, 188. (See these 
adjs., and cuts under them.) 

Kopvororov, part., ipf. iKopvaos, 
{k6pvq\ equips excitare, augere; 
pass, and mid. Kopvcatai, aoirai, atToiit- 
vog, ov, ipf. KopvaoiTO, (raiaOriv, aor. 
KopvaadfjiivoCj and pf. part. KiKopv9fik- 
voc, ov, 0£, a, equipped; (xaXKtji), shod 
tvith; arm one's self, Ttvx€0"t» Xo^fV*? 
raise the head, A 442, cf. 443, 424, cf. 


Kopvtm^v, du. ra, lit. helmed, hence 
armed, ready for battle, A 457, N 201. 


Kopv^S, y, r\v, ai, ym, dq, (KopvfApog, 
K6pvg),\eTt ex, crest; cacumen,««m- 
mit, dat. without prep., E 554. (11. and 
I 121.) 

Kopv^tovToi, from -ooi, {Kopv<l>{j}y 
rises with arching crest, A 426f . 

Kopwvcio, city in Boiotia, south of 
lake Kopais, B 503t. 

Kopwm), riQ, y, ai, ymv, (corona, 
cornu, cur- V us), any thing crooked 
or curved, (1) the ring on the door, 
a 441. (See cuts Nos. 72 and 60.) — 
(2) the curved end of the bow over which 
the loop of the bow-string must be 
brought. (See cut No. 37, under ivra- 
vvovaivJ) — (3) tivdXiai, ravvyXtoacoi, 
sea-crows, cormorants^ e 66. 

Kopa>v£<n, dat. pi. fem., (Kopiovrf), bent 
into shape of a horn, curved (always in 
4th foot of Yerse), of ships, r 182. (See 
cutsNos. 21,41,94, 95.) 

K6pa»vos, KaivftSrig, father of Le- 
onteus, king of the Lapithai, B 

Ko<Tfik(o, ipf. Ix^ofiCi, <ov, aor. Uo- 
afiTjai, inf. ^trac, pass. aor. 3 pi. icorrjui;- 
9£v, part. '9svTeg, (Koafwg), arrange, 
order, equip troops, get ready chariot ; 
dopwov, prepare evening meal, »y 13; 
mid. KotTfitjffdfxivog TroXirirag, marshal- 
ing his own countrymen, B 806. 

Ko<r|i.Y|TOi {Koafikw), tvell laid out, t) 

Ko<r|ii{Topi, c, usually Xawv, mar^ 
dialer of the jieople, usually of Atrei- 

dai and Dioskouroi; only in <j 152, 
Amphinomos. (11.) 

K^p4>s, ifi, ov, arrangement^ order; 
constructio, buUding, Wirov, 
492 ; decus, ornamenta,omamat/<, 
(r€q)ping8, of women and horses ; 
KooiKf}, in order, in rank and jUe; 
Xi'iyi', ev Kara Koafxov, duly, becoming- 
ly, 9 489 ; ov k. k., indecore, shame- 
fully, v 181. 

KOT^ovox, part, ewv, iovrog, rs, 
Bov(r{a), pf. part, wiconyori, r 71 ; mid. 
ipf. KOTsovro, aor. Koritraaro, subj. €<r- 
aerat, part, tfftrdfuvog, ri, (corog), suc- 
censere, be angry with, rivi (on ac- 
count of something, nvug, A 168) ; also 
ovviKa, quod. 

KQ/rf^tK^y wrathful, E 19 It. 

K^ov, rov, grudge, rancor, wrath, with 
dat. of person against whom feeling 
is felt, nvi ; but 11 449, in whom thou 
wilt excite dire vn-ath. 

KOTi}XT|v, rriv, properly a little cup; 
E 306, hip-joint. 

KOTvXT)8ovo^tv, from icori;Xi;^wv,(Ko- 
TvXi)), TTpog — , on the suckers at the end 
of the tentaculae of the polypus peb- 
bles stick fast, i 433^. 

KOTvX-i^pvTov (dpvio), that majf be 
caught in cups, streaming, ^ 34t. 

KovXcov, see koXeov, 

KovpT|, sing, and pi., (gen. dtov, dat 
9<Ti), fem. from Kovpog, young girl or 
daughter, cf. French fille; rtv«ic, 
Xpv(Tr}t8og, A 111, for the daughter of 
Chryses; (Aibg) yXavKu)'7rig= Athene; 
also appli^ to youthful wives, A 98, Z 

KOVpt|TCS, (t}V, ifftri, (covpof), *Axni' 
lov, Uavaxaiwv, T 248, 193, youthful 
chiefs, piinces, princes' sons. 

KovptJTcs, tribe in Aitolia, after- 
ward expelled by Aitolians ; their siege 
of Kalydon, I 529-599. 

KovpiSCov, oto, <ij, ov, i;c» y, W, ag, 
(Kovpii [ Curtius ], Kovpog, Kovpri ?), 
bridal, wedded; n obi lis, noble, A 243 
(cf. 242, ftvfiarfig), o 22, in which latter 
case neither Kovpidioio nor ipiXoio is 
subst The signification of the word 
is not certainly known ; others trans- 
late youif\ful, princely, k 1 14. 

KovpCtov, part., (Kovpog), young, lusty, 

KovpCf (jcovpa), adv., tpwrav, by the 
hair, X 188t. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




KOVpOSy tfij OV, «t>, Of, UtVf 01(71 V, OVCt 

properly iuvenis, youth, hoy, Z 69; 
w», T 523 (yet N 95); cf. Kovpor^- 
pouri, A 316, 310, iunioribu.s, 
fredi with youth, lusty, Oriprirffpfc i 
hence, able to bear arms, tfoliant, noble, 
/3 96 ; used often (cf. Lat. equites) 
to denote persons of given rank, and 
may be translated noble, A 473; Kovpoi 
'Axaiwf/, etc. 

Kovpo-Tp^^o« (rp€0a») ayad^, bona 
nutrix iuvenum robustorum, 
4 27t. 

Kov<^ ntr. pi., as adv., quickly, N 
158t; Kov^6rtpov9 tcith liyhttr heart, 


K(Sa>v, son of Antenor, slain by Aga- 
memnon, A 248-260, T 53. 

K^vS', see Ka)^*. 

Kpaaro, ri, rog, see III. Kop. 

Kp<l8atv«$p.cvov, 17, (Kpadaivu)), v i b ra- 
ta m, fl^utrer/n^, N 504. (IL) 

KpcLOcU>v, part, from Kpaddu), vi- 
brans, brandishing, H 213, r 438. 

Kp(i8£T|, riQ, y, rfv, and at beginning 
of verse leapSiri, («/oa^aw), cor, heart; 
then as centre of circulation, an i ma, 
U/e; also animus, courage, A 225, 
M 247 ; heart as secU of emotion, desire, 

1 616, with evfiOQ, K 220, B 171, d 
548, etc., of thought, reason, ^ 441 ; 
thoughts were set, d 260. 

Kpaivovox, ipf. lKpaiaiv€, aor. imp. 
Kpfjvov, Kpi]Tjvov, Tjvar{€), inf. Kpijvai, 
KprjTJvaL, fut. mid. (as pass.) KpavUoQai, 
(creare). pcrficere, € 170, accom- 
plish, fulfill, bring to pass; 1 626, the 
object of our mission does not appear 
to me likely to be brought to pass in 
this way ; only 391, bear sway, 

KpourviSv, oi<ri, ai, d, as adv. = wq^ 
comp. -oTipoQ, rapidu«, from wind 
and storm; elsewh. quich; ^ 590, 
hasty, hot. 

Kp&vdT|, an island, (Od.), r 445t. 

Kpavaijsy r]v, rocky, Ithaka, a 247. 

Kpavccovoi, fut., see Kpaivovm. 

Kpdvctav, ace, gen. e/fyci corn us, 
comel'tree^ its wood esp. hard, k 242. 

Kpavi^ (Kpavov), cranio, upper part 
of the skuU, 84t. 

Kpctx&Oo«, r/, B 676, island near 
Hhodos ; later Kap'jraBog. 

Kparo, ri, see III. Kap. 

Kp&TOi-YV&Xoi {yvaXov), with strong 

breast' plates, T 36 If. (See cut Na 

Kp&TaiU {Kparog), with its weight, 
with overmastering force, pondus, A 

Kp&Tcuti^, fitlTBpa Hie rifvXXi/f, fi 

icpdroi^, oi), a», ^, potens, mighty; 
9rip6c=\tovTog, A 119. 

Kparot-^cSov (Kparatog) ovSag.hard' 
surf acid earth, pavimentum, i// 46t. 

icp&Tfp<Ss> olo, ov, (f, 6v, w, olai ; 17, 
^Ct Vi ^0* (/3ii/0tv, thrice at end of 
verse), iiv, ai, rjai, dg; 6v, (jcpdroo), 
and parallel form Koiprcp^, 6v, oi, 
(Kaprog), strong, mighty, of persons, 
things, passions, etc.; adv. Kpanp^g, 
strongly, mightily, 29 ; hold firm thy 
ground, II 501. 

Kp&Tcpo - ^povo«, gen., ace. a, (c), 
{<bpTf)v\ stout-hearted, dauntless, ani- 
niosus; of heroes and warriors, of 
lion, Qrip, K 184. 

Kparcp-uvvxcs, ag, (uw^, strong- 
hoofed, strong-clawed, of horses, mules, 
and ic 218, of wolves and lions. 

icpdTc<r<|>t, see III. Kap. 

Kp&TcvTowv, gen. pi., (Kparog), ex- 
plained by Aristarchus as stone\ head- 
stones, on which the spits were rested 
in roasting meat; cf. our Jire-dogs, and- 
irow, possibly in shape like the bonis 
on the altar in cut No. 102, 1 214t. 

KpoWcts, (I, ovtTiy inf. SUV, part, sufv, 
(Kparog), be mighty, rule over, A 288; 
Kparkiov, with might ; over any one, 
riviov ; rioiv, bear sway among, \ 485. 

Kpdros, «Y, and Kopros, tV, robur, 
potentia, imperium, might, pou^r, 
mastery, a 359; victoria, 280; 
tpkpeoOai, reportare, carry off v ictory. 

KpoT^, see III. Kap. 

icp&'dk = Kparipog, dpyH(f>6vTrig, 11 
181, € 49,»n^%. 

Kp^as, pi. Kpi{ay («cplar(a)', y 38, 
t 162), gen. KptCJv, KpiiMv, dat. Kpiamv, 
(c r u o r), car o. Jlesh, pi. pieces of flesh, 
dressed meat. [Kpta^ synizesis, « 347.] 

Kpciov (Kpkag), meat-tray, dresser, I 

KpcunrcaVy ong, omv, ov, (Kpdr-jtov), 
superior, mightier, stronger; ^ 182, 
nobler and better; I3iy, superior in 
strength ; with inf., <f> 345. 

KpciovnoSris, son of Kpdwv, Lyko- 
medes, T 240t. 

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Kpi^cfy, ovrcr, rvrtov, {ov<ra, X 48), 
properly part., ruling, rider; tvpv Kp., 
mliiig far and wide, title esp. of Aga- 
memnon, with reference to his position 
as generalissimo of Greek forces ; also 
of Enosichthon, Zeus; also in one case 
of servant of Menelaos, B 22. 

KpcUv» (1) king of Thebes, father 
of Megara, X 269.— (2) father of Ly- 
komedes, I 84. 

Kpifiafiaif see following. 

Kpiftawvfu^ fut. icpcfi^o), aor. Kpk- 
fAa<Ti, dfravTi^y suspender e, hang, 
hnng up ; mid. ipf. kicpffHit, pendebas, 
thou didst hang, 18. 

icp^a»v, gen. pi. from xpiag, 

KpijYuov, ro— cliraf, A lOef, salu- 
1 1 f e r u m, good, useful, helpful, 

Kpt)8€)«.vov, <^, a, (KOLprij iiw), htad- 
band; in woman's 
attire, a short veil, as 
in adjacent cut, a 
334; of cities, bat- 
tlements, 1/ 388; of 
wine jar, lid. y 392, 
(See cut No. 68.) 

KptiTJvai, aor. from 
Kpaivovau KpT|0cv, 
see III. cop, funditu8,wtt€r25f. 

Kpt|6<vs, AioXidric, husband oi Tvp^j 
X 237, 258. 

Kf>i)6a»v, son of Diokles, slain by 
Aineias, E 542, 549. 

Kpt||&vov, o€o, 6v, ot, owe* (Kpsjitafiai), 
overhanging river bank, esp. the gullied 
banks of the Skamandros, 4> 26. 175. 

Kpt|vaiai (Kpfivri) vvfi<l>aij fountain 
nymphs, p 240t. 

K^vti, i;c, ^ W (S(), at, Iwv, {Kaptf 
va, cf. caput). /ouniowi, spring, well, 
I 14, i 141. (Cf. cut No. 65.) 

Kf>t)TC«, B 645, r 230, inhabitants of 
island Kp^ ; described, r 172, 175, 
eKarofiiroXiv, ivpiit]Q ; also pi. Kpiyra- 
(iiv, as divided and speaking different 
languages, «• 62 ; Kprjrtivdt, r 186 ; 
Kprrrfi9fv^T 2S3. 

icpT|ri)f>os, I, a, fg, <ri, ag, masc., (cf- 
pavw^i), mixing-vessel in which wine 
and water, in ratio of § and J, w^re 
mingled : ftitryeoOat ; orqoaaBm, place 
the mixing-bowl at hand, usually near 
the hearth, and often on a tripod (esp. 
when several KprjTifpic were used at 
the feast); the contents were after- 
wai-d poured into the drinking -cups 

by means of the irpoxoog, y 339 ; Z 
527, set up in our palace a mixing- 
bowl in commemoration of freedom, 
in honor of the gods. Cut No. 7 
shows (I) the aiifK^opivg, from which 
the wine was poured into the upper 
smaller mixing bowl, on which the 
•npoxooQ stands ; the second mixing 
bowl serve^to contain the water, and 
then the contents of both bowls may 
be imagined as mixed in the largest 
mixing-bowl, which stands upon the 
tripod, and from which, by means of 
the rrpoxooQ, the diluted wine was dis- 
tributed into the Uvaa. (Cf. eut No. 

Kpt, TO, nom. and ace, (kjchO^), Xev' 
Kov, barley, Y 496; also as food for 
horses, E 196, ^ 41. 

KpiOaC, u)v, kutv, ag, (xpi, cer-es ?), 
barley, barleycorn, A 69. 

Kpiicc, aor. from Kpi^u, creaked, of - 
the yoke under a strain, fl 470+. 

KpiKov, roi/, {KipKog, circus), y€>ke- 
ring, Q 272+. (See adjoining cut, from 
the antique ; still clearer cuts Nos. 45, 


KpCrg, iiNrt, subj., otfu opt, Kpivt 
imp., utv, ovrtg part prs., aor. ixptve, 
ivav, subj. iviam, part, ivag, cernere, 
sieve, select; eligere, \ox6vh, for the 
ambuscade ; pass. pf. part. Ktxpifuvoi, 
ovQ, fl, electi, chosen, selected (k 19, 
-ov, certum), and KpivQkvn, «c ; de- 
cern ere, dieode, vuKog, the dispute; 
(TKoXcdc Qkfiurrag, proleptically, ^>enwr< 
justice, mid. Kpivovrai, subj. titfitOa, 
aor. iKpivaro, subj. ijrai, uvrai, imp. 
a<T9(jjv, inf. aoGai, part afitvog, sibi 
eligere, choose for one^s self; also, 
measure one's self in battle, aprn, acie, 
B 385 ; TT 269, when our courage and 
that of the suitors is measured in my 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




palace, cf. ui 507 ; oviipovct expound, 

Kpi6vy Sj niasc., {Kspag), arietem, 
ram^ t 447, 461. 

Kpura, town in Phokis ; ^aOttiv, B 
520, near and soathwest of Delphi. 

KpiT^s, 01, (KpiviM})y elect us, chosen^ 
H 434 and 258. 

Kpoatvoyv, part, {Kpouw), galloping, 
Z 607, O 264. 

KpouTfMS, a Trojan, slain by Meges, 
O 523t. 

icpoK«$-ireir\o« (TtkirkoQ), with saffron- 
colored mantle; epithet of Eos, 1. (11.) 

icp<$Kov, Tov, crocus, saffron, SJ 348 f. 

K.poKvXcu&, rd, island or village be- 
longing to Ithaka, B 633t. 

Kp^fivov, 010, cepa, onion, A 630, r 

Kpovt8v|S, ov, ao, y, tjv, ri, ton of 
Kronos, standing alone or with Zeus, 
A 552, a 45, =Kpovta)v, imvoq ((ovo{;, 
:si 247, X 620). (See following.) 

'Eip6vo9f oio, ov, ov, (Kfjaivu)), father 
of Zeus. Foseidaon, Aides, of Hera, 
Demeter, and Hestia; overthrown with 
the Titans, 415, 479, 383, E 721. 

Kpoororawv, af, fern., (Kopoq ?). perh. 
walls of the towers, between foundations 
and battlements, M 258, 444. 

KpOT^Ltov, ipf, ((cporaXov), oxia, 
made rattle (as they drew), drew the 
rcUtling chariots, A 160f. 

Kp^r&^v^ 010, oiai, otg, masc, tem- 
pora, temples ; sing., A 502, Y 397. 

KpoT^vTCS ^Kporoi;) OYta, drawing 
the rattling chariots, O 453f. 

Kpowoi, " Springs," name of local- 
ity in Elis, [o 295]t. 

Kpovvtt, du., wv, ovQ, pi., sources, A 
454 ; of Skamandros, X 147, 208. 

icpvpSa; 2 168t. =KpvpST|v, X 455 
(Od .), clam, secretly. 

Kpikporo («oj;oc,cru-or,Eng.gore), 
rig id us, chilling, dread, N 48, d 103. 

KpvocvTos, c(T(7«, ((c/ouof), horrcndi, 
chilling, hftrrible, I 2. (II.) 

KpihrTaSiT|9, a, (KpvirTui), clande- 
s t i n a, secret ; A 542, clandestinis 
captis consiliis decernere. 

Kpinrrj rXiyt^t, with a secret bolt, S 

Kpvirrctfv, part, ipf. iter. KpinrranKt, 

fut Kpv-^iD, aor. tKpv^avn Kpv\per, subj. 

yl/u», inf. \j/ai, part xpavni;, perf. pass. 

part KiKpvfifiivov, a, aor. KpixpOri, ce- 


lare, hide, conceal, ri rivi (with desire 
for protection); pass, se celare, vto 
ni't, sub re, hide one's self under any 
thing ; Ttvd, aor., from some one ; keep 
secret, twot; uvi, X 443. 

KpvcrraXXos, qt, masc, (/cpt;oc)« gla- 
cies. iie, clear ice, ^477 and X 152. 

Kpii^S^v {Kpvtpa), clam, secretly, 
K 330 and r 299. 

Kpwi&va, locality in Faphlagonia, B 

itrafMv(ai), og, see KTtivitt. 

KTCurdai, aor. iicr^trw, (i)KTri(TaT0, pt 
UrqaOai, sibi comparare, acquire 
for one's self, property, servants, wife ; 
Tivi rt, alicui aliquid, v 265 ; pf. 
pos8idere,|)owew, I 402. 

KTcdrcoroxv (ro Krkap, Kraofiai), bo- 
nis, property, possessions, E 154, a 

KTcdrurora, cv, part. «c» ^or. from 
-I'^iii, (KTsap), sibi comparare, ac- 
quire for one's seff; Sovpi, cf. SovpiKTq- 
TTj, ferro = bello, H 57. [d] 

KWdTo«, son of Aktor and of Mo- 
lione, B 621. 

KTCivcts, », ovat, subj. to, inf. iWy 
part u/v, ovr(a), €c, ipf. fKTUvs, ov, 
Krtlvs, ov, iter, icreivfd/cf, fut. icreveci;, 
i« (tt), €ftv and icr«v€w, kovra, aor. 
(f}jcriti/f, opt ai/Lci, inf. vai, pai*t vac* 
ayr«c, aaa, 2 aor. trravov, cf, e, icr«- 
vov, f, and 3 sing. tKra,, av, subj. 
KTBiififv, X 216, inf. KTdpev{at) ; pass, 
prs. KTtivutfJLiOa, eaOai. opevog^ y, wv, 
OVQ, ipf. icmi/ovro, 3 pi. aor. tKToGcv, 
and aor. 2 tcrdnBai, dpivog, oio. t{i. ov, 
Mv, oiai, r;c, with aoristic signif. only 
in N 262, O 554, 2 337, interimere, 
kil^, slay ; pass., E 465, AxawXi: = vir 

Kripm (KTaadai)^ possession, K 216 
and O 235 ; pi. lCT^pco^ hov, always 
with Kreptt^tiv, bestow one's posses- 
sions upon one=justa face re, bury 
with due honors. 

KTfpi^ut, fut. KTcptw, tofyrt, aor. opt 
iVecf, tiav, and prs. ini]). KTcp4i(c, inf. 
ififv, aor. -*i$w, tt^ai, (jcrfpat,'), bury, 
efferre; ae^Aoif, with fjineral game?;; 
Kripta icr., justa faccre, bury with 
solemn pomp, a 291. 

KTij(i,a6* = *crj7/«arrr, dat amv. (kto- 
oBai), possession, property, esp. the treas- 
ures carried off at the same time with 
Helen, H 350, 1 382. 

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Kn(<no« 'OjOfieW^ijc, father of Eu- 
maios, o 4l4t. 

Kriljoxinrof, from Same, son of Po- 
lytherses, a suitor, v 288, x 279 ; slain 
by Philoitios, x 285. 

KTi{oxo«, (Tiv, fem., (KTcurOat), prop- 
erty, O 663. 

icTV|ToC (/cra<r0at), that may be ac- 
quired, I 407 f. 

ktCS^v (iicrtf), Kvvit)v, helmet of 
weasel-skin, K 335 and 458. 

KrU^io, aor. itrUro'C, tKriaav,, in cole- 
re, settle in a country, with ace, Y 216. 

ktCXos, ovy aries, ram, F 196 and 
N492. [t] 

Krlfitni), daughter of Laertes, sister 
of Odysseus, settled in marriage in 
Same, o 363. 

icTvircci, €wv, iovaai, aor. iKTvin, 
KtijTrSf crash, of falling trees, thunder, 
of Zeus ; fdya, loud ; ofitpSaXka, ter- 
ribly, H 479, 6 170. 

rrihro^ ot;, ov, sonitus, any loud 
noise, stamprng of feet, Uow of horse's 
hooi,foot-tread, tumtdt of battle, thunder, 
K 532, 237. 

KJ&f&Oi, beans, N 589 f. 

Kvdvcof, ov, 01, f7, 17V, at, {^(Tiv, 
(m'tavog), of steel, only 2 564 ; elsewh. 
always stee'-blue or dark-colored, Q 94. 

itOav^-^c(av, with dark feet, A 629t. 

Kv&vo-irp^pcCovs (rrpt^pa), viag, y 
299 ; elsewh. irpupoio j always at end 
of verse, always with vsSg, dark-bowed, 
dark-prowed, O 693, i 482. 

Kvdvoio, gen., (blue) steel, A 24, 35, 
and »7 87. 

Kvavo-x^^® = -xairrig, dat. y, 
ixaiTTj), dark-haired f also subst., the 
dark-haired one, N 563; d(trk-maned, 
r 224. 

Kv&v-wiriSos (oil//), dark-eyed, /i 60f . 

KvpcpvTJorai, aor. inf., {icvfttpvdut, 
guberno), «<<»«•, y 283t. 

icvpcpvi^Tt|S» (01, f/v, voc. KvPtpvrjra, 
/I 217; ot = -tiTr|p€s, 557 ; guber- 
nator, pilot, helmsman, T 43, ^ 316. 

KvPiOT^ 3 sing., ipf. 3 pi. Kv'^hrutv, 
{Ktffitj, head, only found in gramma- 
rians), se praecipitat, fttm a somer- 
s lult, tumble ; 4> 354, were helping about. 

KvPurrrp-vipc, €ff, {Kv^iarav), divers, 
IT 750 ; elsewh. tumblers. 

itu8a£vo>v, ipf. KvSaivi, ov, aor. kv- 
triv%, inf. rivai, (kv^oq), glorify, honor, 

O 612; ennoble, tr 212; 9vfi6v, rejoice 
the heart 

Kv8aX(|ioiO, ov, ia, ourc, (icv^oc)* RoMe 
in exterior, g'orious, epithet of heroes; 
Kijp, periphrastically, noble heart. 

Kvodvci, ipf. kKviavov, {mdog), exalt, 
S 73; superiores erant, T 42. 

KvSt-avcipD, dv, {kvSi&v), mem et mo 
bling, bringing renown, dyoprir V^XO* h. 
490, Z 124. 

icvSl^«0v, TiQ, (KvSuiat, KvSog), triMmph' 
ing, proud, * 519. (II.) 

Kv8i<rrc, tiv, (icvSog), moat ghrious, 
exalted, A 122. 

ici»8o&|icov, 3 pi. ipf, fnt. tiautv, (kv 
Soifiog), saeviebant, grassaban- 
tur, spread confusion, A 324; O 136* 
I'lfAog, to vent his rage against us. 

irii8oi|«^, ov, uv, din or melee of bat- 
tle ; uproar, also personified, 2 535, £ 

KvSos, e7, ntr., might, majesty, glory, 
y 57, 79, 'Axatwv, pride of the Achaioi. 

iruSpi), i]v, {kvlog), gkrious, illustrious, 

Kv8*ivf«, tribe in northwest of Kre- 
ta,y 292, r 176. 

KviovavkVy part., ipf. Uvet, with ace, 
bear in the womb, T 117; '^ 266, be 
with mule foal. 

ki^c, aor. from iccvdct, occuluit, 
has hid, 

KvO^pcio, epithet of Aphrodite, 
288; from island Kv6i)pa, rd, south- 
west of promontory Maleia, where the 
worship of the goddess had been intro- 
duced by an early Phoinikian colony, 
t 81, 432 ; KvCt|p<5Cev,/rom Kythero} 
adj. Kv6i)pC<p, ov, K 268, O 431. 

icvic«$i0VTi, dat. part., ipf. iicuKa, aor. 
Kificrjas, pass. prs. part. KVKWfiivog, ov, 
ri, aor. du. kvktjOtjttiv, rfOrfoav, immi- 
sc ere, stir up and mix with, pass., con- 
fundi, perturbari, be struck with 
fear, or panic, T 489 ; be in commotum, 
foam up, of the sea. 

KVKCtt, = eiM, Tov, (from m/rewv, kv-' 
Kov), mired drink, compounded of bar- 
ley meal, grated goats* cheese, and 
(Pramnian) wine, A 624; Kirke adds 
also honey, k 290, 234. 

icvKXi{<ro|&cv, fut.. (rucXfw, cvicXoc), 
wheel away, carry forth, of corpses, H 

icvK\oVy ((>, OV, 01, and a, circle, ring; 
SoXiov, circle with which hunters en^ 

Digitized by 





eloee game; 'uptf, sane to, rolemn 
circle, as tribunal ; rvicX^, round abotd ; 
the rings on the outside of shield, or 
the lenders which, lying one above an- 
other and gradually diminishing in 
size toward the o/i^oXoc, made up the 
shield, A 33, Y 280 ; wheel, * 340, pL 
rd KvtcXa, 

icvicX<S<rc, Ml a circle, A 212 and P 

KvicXo-TCpIs (Teipui)^ circ'tlar, p 209 ; 
A 124, stretch, draw into a circle. 

KvicX-tt>irc«, wild race of giants, a 
71, ^ 5, t 166 sqq., related to Gigantes 
and Phaiakians, without towns, fear of 
gods, or social ties, t 166 ; chief repre- 
sentative, 6 KvicX«at|r, Polyphemos, the 
lawless monster, i 428 ; one-eyed can- 
nibal, K 200 ; overreached by Odys- 
seus, ( 366, 408. 

KVKvuv, Twvy cygnorum, swans, B 
460 and O 692. 

KvX(v6ci9 pass, utv, ov, pass. prs. erne, 
toOai, ofitvog, i;, lyv, a, ipf. (i)Kv\ivSeTo, 
volvere aliquid, roll^ irfifid rtvi, 
m o 1 i r i, metaph., roll calamity against ; 
pass., volvi, fee roUtd^ also throw one's 
self prostrate, wallow, in agony, 86 ; 
in grief, Kara Koirpov, in the dirt (of 
the street, etc.) ; vwip nfjfia, evil is roll- 
ing upon us. 

KvXXijvi|, mountain chain in north- 
em Arkadia, B 603; birthplace of 
Hermes, who is hence called, w 1, 
KvXXijvios; yet the word in O 518 
designates an inhabitant of the town 
KvKXrivi], in Elis. 

KvXXo-iroStcav, voc. --rro^ov^ (xvWog, 
irovg). crook-footed, epithet of Hephai- 
stos, * 331. (II.) 

icv|Aa, rog^ ri, ra, (W, ntr.. (kihh), 
an da, also fluctus, wave, bUloic, B 
209, K 574; B 396, y 99, ventis agi- 
tata, keep off the waves raised by the 
wind ; Kara k., with the current. 

fcv|JiaCvovTa, part., (irf''/uo), irovrov, 
fluctuantem, Wttowy, S 229. (Od.) 

KV)«.p&x<>9» ©»/, {KvfSrf), adj.. on the 
head, K 586; subst.. crovm or top of hel- 
met, in which the plume is fixed, O 536. 
(See cut No. 20,6.) 

K^|&tv8tV, TOP, S 291f ; variant name 
of bird usually called xaXKig, night- 

Kv|u>-86iCT) and Kv^o-6^, Nereids, 
S39,41t. • 

Ki^vd-iLVio, dog-fy^ abusive epithet 
applied by Ares to Athena, <l» 394. 

Kvv^, ijC, p, i)v, {kv(ov)j soldier's cap^ ^ 
of leather or weasel's skin, also of "" 
metal stiffened or adorned with metal, 
X»^Ki]priQ (see cut, p. 68), also fitted ^*^' 
with metal plates to protect the cheeks, 
Xa^KOTrcLpyog ; with horse-hair plume^ 
'imrovpig, invoddtrtiaj cf. cuts Nos. 1 1 , 
85. Sometimes entirely of bronze = 
hdmet Kvrirf aiytirj is a goat-skin cap, 
like that of the oarsmen in cut No. 41. 
"AiSog, cap of Hades, rendering invisi- 
ble, E 845. 

icih^cos (jKvutv), impudens, shume- 
less, I 373t. 

Kvvkit}, ipf. Ki^vct, fov, aor. Kvaa, 
(J)Kvai, (f)KV(Tai(i'), opt. mxrut, inf. 
(Tffac, oscular i, kiss, viov, navra, 
masc, V 21 ; yovvara, x^^pag, Ki<pa\rjv 
re Kai utfiovg, fiiv KKpaXriv re Kai dfiftu 
(fiCKa KaXd xtt/ooc r afx^porkpag, tt 15, 
cf. p 39 ; Ki<paKdg Kai %eijt)<tf , p 225 ; 
dpovpavj one's native soil 

icvv-Ti-y^a* (ayui), venatores, hunt- 
ers, I laof. 

Kvvo-paurr^ttv (synizesis), gen. pi. 
from -(rrrig, {paiio), fleas, p SOOf. 

Kvvos, harbor- town of Lokris, B 
531 f. 

KvvTcpovy rarov, (kvwv), i m pu d e n- 
tius, -issimum, shameless, horrible ; 
K 503, what daring eaploit he should 

Kvv-ohra, voc. masc. from A 159 ; 
-ohris, i^og, fem., impudent; impu- 
dens, shameless, V 1 80. 

KiWr&pio-(n)cis, town in Elis, B 593t. 

icv7rapio-<r£v<{» {Kvirdpiaaog^j of cy- 
press wood, p 340f . 

Kihrdpuro-os, r), cypress, evergreen, 
e 64t. 

KWcipov, TO, fragrant marsh -grctss, 
food for horses, perh. galingal, o 603. 

icihrcXXov, a, oig, (c u p a, Eng. c n p), 
goblet, usually of gold, general word 
for drinking-cvp, Q 305, cf. 285, I 67 0. 

Kvirpis, IV, and XBa, Aphrodite, K 
330; as goddess of island Kvirpos^ 
whither her worship was brought by 
Phoinikians, S 83; KvirpovBe, A 21. 

Kvirruf, aor. opt. inn|rci*, part, i/zoc-, 
avri, bow down, X 585. (II.) 

Kvpp.a, TO, (Kvpfot), what one lights 
upon, booty, prey, P 272 ; usually with 
tkutp, £ 488. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




ici;p<raf 9 aor. from Kvpu». 

KupT^v, w, a, (cur-vus), rounded, 
arched, round, B 21S. (II.) 

icvpTo>6^, part. aor. pass, from Kvp- 
rou), curvatuiu, arched, A 244f. 

Kvpit), ipf. KVpCy collide with, lipfjiaTi ; 
aor. part. Kvptrag ini aiMtfiaTi, having 
lighted upon a lifeless body; aikv iir' 
aifx^vi Kvp€, was c nstantly aimng at 
the neck,^ 821; mid., 12 530, Kvptrai 
KUKif, encounters, falls in with. 

iKv<rrtv, TTiVf bladder, E 67. (II.) 

K^a»f>os, town in Faphlagonia, B 

Kv^^ {KviTTit}), bowed, bent, (3 ISf. 

Kv^os, town in Ferrhsebia in Thes- 

Kv(Mt, see KV6<t) and Kvvku). 

id$«iv, Kvvoq, Kvva, kvov, KvviQ, &v, 
oi{v) and kvv€<toi(v), vag, masc, six 
times fem., c an i s, dt)g. bitch ; Oripfvrai, 
TpavtZrjfg ; 'Aioao = Kerberos, O 368, 
X 623 ; sea-dog, perhaps seal, /j, 96 ; 
dog of Orion, X 29 = Seirios ; as 
symbol of shamelessness, applied to 
women =feminae impudicae, then 
with general sense, i m p u d e n s, im- 
pudent ; dastardly dogs, N 623 ; with 
Xvo(TTirf}p, rabida, raging hound, 6 

Kwa«, ea, toiv.jkece, serving for seat 
or bedding, tt 47, I 661, y 38. 

KMAtMxVy poppy-head, 'S, 499t. 

KUKVT^, o, (jcwriiw), (1) howhng^ 
walling, X 409 and 447.— (2) as propel 
name, a river of the lower world, flow- 
ing out of the Styx, « 514. 

KHJKvta, 3 sg. prs. KWKvct, ipf. ItcwKvCt 
ov, aor. iKutKvoev, KutKuo', part. kiokv~ 
oaoa, -dvruiv, (1) shriek, wuil, always 
of women, e 37, (3 361.— -(2) trans., Us- 
ment, rivd, at 295. 

KuXTiiro, rffv, {KutXov ?), p o p 1 i t e m. 
bend or hollow of the knee, 4f 726t. 

Ka>)Mi, ro, (Koifjidio), sopor, deep 
sleep, a 201. 

Kttirai, town on lake Kopais in Bo:« 
otia, B 502t. 

Kwmf), y, i\v, ytTiM, yg, ag, (c a p i o, 
Eng. haft), sword-hilt, A 219 ; hutf or 
handle of oar (same word used to-day 
in Greece for oar), i 489 ; in cum here 
rem is, lay ones Felf to the oar, fx 
214 ; handle of keg, 7. (See cut No. 

KCi>in{€VTi, ra, {Ktoirtj), hiked, IT 332, 
O 713. 

Kii»pvKa>, T^, perae, leather sack or 
wallet, i 267. (Od.) [v] 

K«s, ace. Kowv^t, to Kos, O 28, 
island in Ikarian sea, opposite the coast 
of Karia. 

K(rt4<p» ov, rjv, (KoiTTtM)), (I) blunted^ 
A 390.— (2) noiseless, silent (before it 
breaks), S 16. — (3) yalavj dull, sente^ 
less, lifeless, Q 54. 


Xoos, aog, ai, aav, da. at, pi. aiav, 
dtam, saxum, stone, T 12, M 445, X 
594, 1/ 163, ^ 10 ; hewn stone, k 211. 

Adas, av, town in Lakonike, 6 

Xflipp4S.<y^pt|v, Tov, (\dPpog)f reckless 
talker, ^ 479t. 

Xoippcvcai, 2 sing, prs., (Xdppog), 
talkest rashly, ^ 474 and 478. 

XoPpof, ov, and sup. ^orarov, rapi- 
CiXks, swift, 293. 

Xayxdvoj, ipf iXiSLyy^avoVf Xdyxavov, 
aor. tXaxov, Xd)({fv), ofitv, ov, subj. 
Xdxyoiv, y, inf. tii/, part, utv, ovra, 

sortiri, obtain byl<a,Tijl 367, O 190; 
XfiiSog aloav, praedae portion em, 
share of spoil ; K»}/t) Xdx^ ytivofievov, 
had me allotted to her &t birth, i. e. ob- 
tained power over me from my birth j 
pf. XiXoyxdai, adept! sunt, Aatr« oft- 
tained, rifiiiv Stttptov, KTipkwv ; red. aor. 
subj. XiXdxH'''^* **^h Bavovra wpog, 
mortuo ignem impertire, put in 
possession of fire = solemnly bum, H 
80 ; choose by loi ; i 160./a// by lot. 

Xa<y«D6v, ovg, masc., lepOrem, es, 
hare, K 361, p 295. 

Aoipicv|s, (1) son of Aimon, father 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




of Alkimedon, Myrmiclon, IT 197. — (2) 
XpvfToxoos in Pylos, y 425. 

AoipTT|«, son of Akreisios, fatlier 
of Odysseus, king in Ithaka, a 430, u) 
206,270, ^ 111,X 185,^555. 

AocprXaSiiSf ton of Laertety Odys- 
seus, B 173, e 203, f 19, T 200. 

XaCoCoTO, 3 pi. opt. prs., ipf. Xd'^tTo 
(i\d}^iTOf £ 840), take into the hands 
(X«(Offt)» fidffriya ; dyKat;, amplecti, 
embrace ; ydiav oSdK', bite the dust, fall 
in combat ; fxvOov rrdXiv, caught back 
again the words (of joy which were on 
his lips), V 254. 

Xo[9l-lCT18^o^ ace. masc, (\a9uv Krj- 
dog), haniahing carCy X 83 f. 

XdOfTQ (XaOilv), clam, secretly ^ vn- 
beknawn ; also with gen., rtvo'c, a 1 i q u o ; 
se n s i m, imperceptibly, T 1 65. 

XdiyycS) "C> (\aai:)y pebble8, i 433 
and I 95. [a] 

XaiAa;//, XaCXaxi, a, fem., thunder- 
fkowevy hurricam ; also fig. with 1<toq, 
M 375, Y 51. 

Xaiftov, roi/, gnttur, throaty gu'Uty 
N 388, 2 34, X 15. (II.) 

Xa£vco9 and Xdtvos, ovy oi, Q^daQ)y 
s a X e u s, q/* stonCy stony ; M 1 77, rCixogy 
jet the passage is of doubtful authen- 

Xoun^io, rd^ (kdmng ?), impoevray 
fluttering shield or target, E 453 and M 
426, so called on account of the Jhitter- 
ing apron of untanned leather, XdmoQ^ 
hanging from the shield. (See adjoin- 
ing cut, and esp. No. 85.) 

Aourrpvyttv, ivocy oviQy fabled tribe 
of savage giants, k lOo, 119, 199. 
Hence adj., AaurrpvyovCiri, ic 82, t// 3 1 8. 

XavTfjLO, ry, (Aat^or,- ?), (tepth or gvlf 
of the sea, used alone or with 6a\da* 
(Ti/f, aXoc, t 267. (Od.) 

Xat^oSy c(a), ntr., shabby, tattered garm 
ment. v 399 and v 206. 

Xoi^rnp^v, otc, a, (AaTAoi//), rapi- 
d u s, ninile, swift , Xaixpripd kputfia, plied 
nimbly, O 269. 

XoKc, aor. from XdffKw. 

AdKc8a£|&wv, ovocy fem., district 
whose capital was Sparta, ^ai/, y 326 ; 
ipartiVtiQy r 239 ; tvpvxopoVy v 414 ; 

KoiXifV KtlTiiiiOtJaVy d 1. 

XoKTCt»v, part., (Aa^, kicking with 
the heel, struggling convuLively, of the 
mortally wounded, <t 99 and x 88. 

Xapfidvut, only 2 aor. IXa^c, also 
other augmented forms tAAa/3(t), etc., 
(1) prehendere, take hold of ri (tv) 
Xiipi<T<Ti 'y rti d iro^oc, grasp by the 
foot, etc. ; dyKUQ, amplecti, embrace ; 
TLVoQy also mid. iXXdj^tT{o)y com pre- 
bend it, seize, and XiXajikaQai, scil. 
avrovy S 388. — (2) of mental states, 
subjects such as x"Xoe, incessit, take 
possession of seize, rivd (also with ace. 
of part., yvia). — (3) a c c i p e r e, receive. 
— (4) cap ere, take capiivey curry off as 
booty; rj 255, domi recipiens. 

Adfios, king of Laistrygones, ic Slf. 

\a^ir€r6wmf part, pr., (-dw, Xdfiwwjy 
blazingy A 104. 

AajiircrCSiis, son of Lampos, Dolops, 
O 526t. 

AajiircT^Ti, a nymph, daughter of 
'HiAiog, /i 132,375. 

Adpiros, (1) son of Laomedon, 
father of Trojan Dolops, r 147. O 526. 
—(2) horse of Eos, ^ 246 ; of Hektor, 

Xajxirp^Sss ovy oltn, rjmv., sup. OTorog, 
brighty shining, r 234. (11.) Xa/nrpov 
Trafupaivyaiy splendide luceat, E 6. 

Xa)iirn{pa»v, gen. pi., rfpaiy rjpaQf 
XapTTw), fre pans or basins, o 307, 
r 63 ; for holding blazing pine splin- 
ters, used to illuminate rooms. (See 
cuts on next page, after bronze origi- 
nals from Fonipeii.) 

Ad/uTTw, only prs. and ipf. (f)Xdiix(€) 
and Adfc0', act. and mid., splendere, 
shiney gleam, be radiant ; subject a per- 
son, (xaA«:(/J, TTvpiy Ttvxtoi), or thing, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




e. g. metal, torches, weapons, b^QoKfiWj 
otraSf also ir£^. xoXjc/pJ, Y 156. 

\av9dvut, ipf. (€)Xdy6avc, oi/, parallel 
form X'«{0o>, chief forms : ipf. kXriQov. 
X^0(«), etc., iter. X^ftricc, lut. Xijafic* 
aor. («)Xa6(£), \d9ov, 3 du. XaOcnyv, 
mid. ipf. \av9av6firiv, prs. Xi^deat, ipf. 
Xt/O«ro, aor. Xa0tr(o),opt. 3 pi. \a9oiaTo, 
and aor. red. XfXa9ovro, XtXaOkaOto^ pf. 
XeXaerrai, (T/i£0a,(T/i€i/oc,ov,(l) latere, 
escape notice of, rivd., A 561, N 272; 
with part., N 660, 721, ir 156. 9 93, 
P 89 ; also with on (drey P 626), and 
oTTwf; \a9ufv (tivo), clam, unperceived 
6y, I 477, A 261, p 305.— (2) XtXdOy 
Tivd rivof, O 60, make forget. — (3) mid. 
nvoQ, oblivisci.y?)r^f<, A 127, 7 224. 

X^, (calx), with the heel, joined 
with rrodi, K 158 and o 45. 

AdiPyovos, (1) son of Trojan One- 
tor, slain by Meriones, n 604. — (2) 
son of Trojan Bias, slain by Achil- 
leus, r 460. 

A&o-8a}ia«, vroc, vra, voc. Sdfxa^ 
(1) son of Antenor, a Trojan, slain by 
Aias, O 516. — (2) son of Alkinoos, 
boxer, 9 119, 132,1/ 170,0 117, 141. 

Aao-8dp«ia, daughter of Bellero- 
phontes, mother of Sarpedon, Z 198. 

Aao-8tict), (1) daughter of Agamem- 
non, I 145, 287. — (2) daughter of Pria- 
mos, wife of Helikaon, T 124, Z 252. 

Aa<^^Ko«, (1) Antenor's son. A 87. 
— (2) comrade of Antilochos, P 699. 

Aao-0<ii|, daughter of Altes, mother 
of Lykaon, 4» 85, X 48. 

Aao-|Lc8ovTidSv)s, (1) Priamos, F 
250.— (2) Lampos, O 527. 

Aao-|&^8a>v, son of llos, father of 
Priamos, Y 237, Z 23, E 269, 640; his 
faithlessness, 4> 443 ; his daughter was 
wooed by Herakles, to whom she was 
promised by Laomedon on condition 
that Herakles freed her from the sea- 
monster which Poseidon had sent to 
ravage Troas. Herakles performed 
his part of the agreement, and when 
Laomedon refused Hesione, Herakles 
slew him, E 638 sqq. 

Xoost etc. (no du.), masc., (icXaPdc ? 
cluentes ?), /)«o^e, multitudo, A 
199, E 573; usually pi., soldiers^ ra#- 
sals, y 214, exercitus, anwy, opp. 
fleet or troops fighting from chariots. 

Xoo-<r<roos» ov, (oevut), drivinff the 
people on (to combat), rovsing the peo- 
pi'y epithet of Ares, Eris, Athene 
(Apollon, Amphiaraos), N 128, x 210. 

Xao-^Qpov odoVf public fcoy, O 682 f. 

X&irdpTis, gen., ijv, fem., the aofi part 
of the body between the hips and the 
Yihs. flank, loins, F 359. (II.) 

AairtCai, Lapkhcdj a tribe inhabiting 
Mount Olympos in Thessaly, M 128, 
181,0 297. 

XaVrai, only fut part. Xdi|rovTi«, lap 
up with the tongue, n 161 f. 

Adpuro, f7C) town in Asia Minor 
near Kyme, B 841, P 301. 

Xdpv&KO, rr)Vf chesty 2 413; vom, O 

XdpY> ^^» laro, cormorant, £ 51t. 

Xapov, sup. -utraroSi daiutg, choice^ 
P 572, /3 350. 

Xdofos, ov, o«ri, riVy (daovc?), vil- 
losus, shaggy, woolly, i 433 ; epithet of 
<Trfi9og^ also of Kijp, as sign of strength 
and courage, A 189. 

Xa'cKu;, only aor. Xdxc, crashed, 

Digitized by 





cracked, bones, brass ; pf. XfXiyicwc, 
XiKdKvia, beUowmg, fi 85 ; shriekmg, X 

XavK&vtt|«, r^Cf gatturis, X 325, 
there appeared an unprotected spot on 
the throfd, (II) 

XovpT|v, T^v, and {pToiia) \avpfigj 
side pcusage, pathway between the 
house of Odysseus and the outer wall 
(of the court), x 128, 137. (See plate 

X&^v<r<rci, erov, 3 du. 2 583, gin- 
tire, fftdp down, A 1 76. (II.) 

Xax<> Aor. from Xayxdvia. 

Xdxciob «^*^^ good soil for digging^ 
Jruitful, t 116 and «c 509. 

Xdxvi), y, toooUg hair, down, K 134 ; 
sparse hair, B 219 ; X 320, sparse 

XoxvifcvTi, a, ag, Q^dxvri), hairy, 
sihaggy, I 548. (II.) 

Xdxvy, r<^, Ian a, wool, t 445 f. 

\aio, pres. part. Xduv, aor. Xac, hurg- 
mg his teeth in, r 229. 

X^Py|s, nom. sing., gen. pi. -rirwv, 
caldron for warming water, or for boil- 
ing food over fire, ^ 362 ; wash-basin, 
held under the hands or feet while 
water was poured from a pitcher over 
them (see cut), r 386; avGifjioivra, 
adorned on the exterior v»ith designs 
in imitation of palm leaves or flowers. 

Xiytc^uv, \ky£, hv, uv, ovreg, ipf. 
(«)Xly(€), Xkyofiev, aor. iXekev, mid. prs. 
XtyofJLtda, ta9t, urOaiy ipf. Xiyovro, 
aor. Xk^aro, airo, aaOai, 2 aor. eXky- 
fiTiv, XsKTo, pass. 1 aor. IXexOrjv, lege- 
r e, c o 1 1 ^* g e r e, pick up, gather, oarka, 
aifiacrutQ', numerare in. count among, 
t V. fitrd Tolai ; enumerare, reckon up, 
narrate (only Od. and B 222), W, K 197, 
r 203 ; ri rirt, £ 5, A 374 ; mid., s i b i 
colligere. sibi eligere, se adnn- 
merare, collect for one's self select for 
one^s self add one's self to ; narrare, 

relate, N 292, y 240 ; B 435, /ii;ic«n ^^ 
vvv ravra XiydjfieOa, let us now speak 
no longer of these things (but act); 
N 275, what need to relate these things? 
(See also AEX.) 

Xitaivij, fut. Xciav^o), aor. 3 pi. Xti- 
f]vav, part, ac, (X«oc, lev is), smooth, A 
HI; level off, 0260. 

XcCPciv, oil/, ipf. Xiifii, ov, aor. XtT- 
}f/ai, part, yj/avrt, (lib are), effun de- 
re, shed, SaKpva ; lib Are, pour a liba- 
tion, Q 285 ; oivov, also with rivi, per- 
form a drifik-offeiing, (See adjoining 
cut ; cf. also Nos. 24 and 102.) 

Xcifuiv, StvoQ, I, a, eg, ag, (Xti(3io), 
meadow, Z 292; XnfiojvoOfv, from the 
meadow, Q 451. 

Xcios, ^, 17, riv, a, (levis), smooth, 
even, level; TrsTpdatv, i 443, free from 
rocks ; X«a S' tTroitfoev, made even. 

Xciiro), prs. ipf, also Xei7r(«), fut. 
\(ii//a>, aor. tXiwov, also Xiwov, €c, «» 
srrfv, ofAev, Xiir' = iXtir, and \nr€, imp., 
pf XkXonrtv; mid. prs., ipf A6iVfr(<0' 
aor. XiTTo/Lci/v, relictus sum; pass, pf 
Xf^XenrTai, inf -tt00at, part. -fAfikvog, ov, 
01, plupf XiXeififiTiv, 'SiiTTo, 2 fut. Xe- 
Xtiyptrai, aor. 3 pi. Xintv, linquo, re- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




linquere, fea»e, forsake.: 
i 213, me deficiunt, ore 
wanting ; fai, i 01 dvaKva. — 
Pass, and aor. mid., rel i ii- 
qai, rcmanere, he left, 
remain ; uirifrQiv, v i v u m, M 
1 4. survive ; rtvof, to be left 
behind one (with ace. of dis- *" 
tance ? dovpbg l/owjjv) ; II 
507, postquam currus 
orbati sunt domiiio- 
rum, after the chariots had 
been forsaken (\ixtv [v. 1. 
AiTToi/J) by their masters. 

Xcipi^evra, oetrffavj (Afi- 
ptov), lily -white; oiroy ten- 
der, delicate, r 152. (II.) 

AciwSvis, son of Oinops, 
QvooKoot; of the suitors ; he 
shares their fate. 144, x 310. 

AciwKpiTosy (I) son of Arisbas, 
slain by Aineias, P 344. — (2) son of 
Euenor, suitor, /3 242 ; slain by Telem- 
achos, X 294. 

XcCovox, see \ktav, X^kto, see Xlytu, 
and AEX. XcurroC, see Xiywrroi. 

AcKTiSv, promontory on the Trojan 
coast, opposite Lesbos, 5J 284. 

X^KTpov, oto, y, ot(Tt, {\kxia\ le c t u s, 
bed; freq. pL, iraXaiov Oefffiov, to the 
site of the ancient bed; X^KxpovSc 
(with devpo, hither), to bed! 9 292. 

XcXap^crdai, -(^rjfxi, see Xa^^dvut. 
XcXaOn, ovTo, see \av9dvta, 

XcXaKvia, see Xdo-ccu. X«Xa<r|Uvo9, 
ov, see \av9dviv. 

XcXax'H'''^* **'<'*» see Xayxdvia. 

A^c7cs, piratical tribe on south and 
west coast of Asia Minor, K. 429, 4> 86. 

X€Xt|kw9, shrieking, see \daKu). 

XcXit]}i€vo?, 01, pf., (Ai'iyv, Xiyv), rapi- 
d u 8, hastily, with o0pa, A 465, E 690. 


XA<ryx<> "^^1 see \ayxav(t>, X^{co, 
Xl^o, see AEX. 

AcovTcvs, son of Koronos, one of 
the Lapithai, suitor of Helena, B 745, 
^ 841. 

X^iraSva, rd, breast coUnr, strap 
passing around the breast of the horses 
and made fast to the yoke, E 730. (See 
above cut g; also cut No. 49,/.) 

XcirroXiTi (XtTrrot,), tenera, delicate, 

Xcirr^, 6v, ni. 17, y, ac, d. (Xcttw), sup. 
•ontrof, Tf, peel d, hwked, Y 497 ; te- 

nuis, tener; exiguus, thin, fine, 
delicate, narrow. 

XtTTuj, aor. cXctl^cv j € = 0vXXtr, h(u 
stripped oj^from it the leaves, A 236 f. 

Aio-pos» island on the coast of Asia 
Minor, opposite the gulf of Adramyt- 
tium, y 169, Q 544. AiajioOtu, from 
L., I 664. Ac<rpC8a« yvvaiKai^, 1 129, 

X^(rxv|v, rr\v, (Xtyw, collect), place 
of meeting, country tavern, <t 329 f. 

XctryoCX^oio, </>, 01, oi(t{i), 17, y<rt, (Xoi- 
yoc, XvypoQ, lugubris), miser, inho- 
nestus, funestus, wretched, shame- 
ful, rvinus, woXifiog, itrea; I 119, 
ruinous obstinacy ; adv., XcvyoX^ms, 
fo ed e, disgracefully, N 723. 

XcvKaivov, 3 pi. ipf., (XevKog), made 
white with foam, fi 172t. 

AcvKag, ddo(:, Levhas, lit. " White- 
rock'' (cf. Ger. W eiss en f els), at en- 
trance of lower world, on border of 
Okeanos, w 1 1 f. 

XcvK-acnrtSa, ace, and -aoing, with 
white shield, white-shielded, X 2941. 

AcvKoG^Ti = '\i'io, daughter of Kad- 
mos ; saves Odysseus from drowning 
by throwing him her veil, « 334, 461. 

XeuKoto, (p, 6vf o(, ovQf rj, rjv, 6v, df 
comp. -orepoc. orfpriv, (lux, Xtvaaut^ 
yXavKoq), bright, shining, gleaming, lu- 
cens, splendens, nitens ; candi- 
6.ViS, white, K 437. 

AcvKos, companion of Odysseas, 
A 491t. 

XcVK-ttXcVOS, Ifi, OV, 01. (wX*!^), tpAA 

white elbows, white armed, epithet cf 

Digitized by 





Hera, and of women in general, A 55, 

Xcvpf (Xnoc), piano, leveL ff 123t. 

Xcvflrvw, prs., ipf., \ivao{i), (\tvK6q\ 
cernere, $ee clearfy; Itri roooov^ «> 
far; rcva, conspicere,6eAo^ T 346. 
d 200. 

Xcxc-^roCtpr (X«xoc» '»'o'»?)» mahing hU 
bed in (he grats, of river Asopos. A 
383 ; of towns, meadowy^ ffra»tjf. B 697. ! 

X^os, cc, ((a), iii)v, ktoaiiv) rnm, i 
(Xcxto)) bedstead, ^ 189; bed-clothing, 
trropkaai, make the bed, I 621, 12 648, 
pi.; Trvicifoi/, firmly built, ly 340, \|/ 
179; the entire bed, including couch 
and bedding, A 609, r 447 ; noptrvviiv, 
prepare and share, y 403, r 411 ; 
TprjTd, smoothly polished ; ^ivwra, 
smoothly turned (posts and bars); 
pi., the whole bed, composed of all its 
parts, t \, d 730, Q 743; bier, funeral 
couch, 01 44, "i^ 165, Q 720. 

A EX, (1) act. : aor. IX«ta, imp. X'tKov, 
ptU to rest, Q 635 ; fig., S 252.--(2) 
mid. : fut and 1 aor. and syncop. 2 aor. 
imp. Xc^o, Xe^co, lag one^t self to rest, 
e 519, 1 67, S 350, d 413, p 102; lie 
at ease, B 435. 

X^a»v, oi/roc, etc., (exc. oiv), dat. pi. 
Xtiovffi (Xkovai, X 262), leo, Hon, bold 
in the midst of pursuit, r 23 ; attacks 
flocks or herds, E 140; XBovra yvvat^iv 
(instead of Xeotvav), destruction to 
women, as goddess of sudden death. 

Xi^Y^iS, imp. X^y', inf. -ifxtvai, ipf 
tXijyej X^y(£), fut Xrj^uf, «iv, aor. 3 pi. 
Xrikav, opt aifUf ufv, leave off, cease, 
Tivo^:, Z 107 ; or with part.. * 224; iv 
<joi (with thee), I 97; abate, ptvoq, 
martial fury; x*'P"C ^ovoio, stag my 
hands /rom slaughter, x 63- 

Ai/Jari, wife of Tyndareos, mother 
of Kastor and Polydeukes, and of Kly- 
taimnestra, X 298, 300. 

XT|O^U^i, (ic . . . TrdvrutVf does not 
allow me to think on all, 17 221 f. 

XijCt| (XifOat), o b 1 i V i o, forgetfulness, 

Af|Oo«, son of Teutamos, father of 
flippothoos, B 843, P 288. 

AtjCtt, see XavOdvta. 

XT|idSas (Xiyi t) yvvaXKag, c a p t i v a s 
feminas.^wafe captives^ Y 193t. 

XT|t-pOTcCf>V|S (XrfioV, (3u(TKit)) ffVOQ, 

crop-destroying, sow, <r 29f . 

Xqc^o/iat, fut. Xi|£ovo|Ma) aor. Xi^ict- 

aaroy carrg off as bootg, nvd^ a 398, 
2 28 ; xoXXfl, rj/ 357. 

Xijtor, iov, crop • (uncut), segetes. 
B 147. 

Xt|i8of, TTJc, ace. iSa, (Xa/ui), prae- 
dtupreg, bootg, consisting of men, beasts, 
or treasure, A 677, r 41. [i] 

Xi|i9Ti|pc« (o 426, Xi|{<rropc«), -ptn^ 
(Xrii^ofiai\ praedatores, 0«raite«, y 73. 

XtiurroC, ri, (XviiZofiai), mag be phm* 
dered (I e. taken by plunder), I 406, 
418. ^ 

XT|iTl8ly ry, (Xi/i'c), the dispenser of 
bootg (Athena), K 460t. 

AifiTos, son of Alektryon, chief of 
the Boiotians, B 494, N 91. P 6G1, 
Z 35. 

XT|iciiOy, ry, oH-fash, oil-bottle, I 79 
and 215. 

At||&vo«, Lfmnos, an island west of 
Troas, with (probably in the time of 
Homer) a city of the same name. 2? 
230, 281 ; tfyaBfri, sacred to Hephais- 
to8 (also to the Kabeiroi), on account 
of its volcano, Moschylos ; now called 
Stalimene [(€)«,• r^(v) Aiipvov]. 

XljfFW, aofiai, see XavOavio. 

Atp^, ovg, ol, voc. oc, Leto, Latona, 
mother of Apolion and of Artemis by 
Zeus, X 580, A 9, ipucvdeogj t)vKOfW(;, 

XXaC«$)icvov, ipf. XtdZtTo, aor. XidnOri^, 
riy tv, (ig, effugere, retire, tdthdrato 
(from), irT'/m, VTai9ay tivoq, or with 
prep.; sink down, T 418; irpori yai'y, 
npfji'Tig ; droop, Trrepd, 

XloLpy, dv, t e p i d u 8, tparm, lukewarm, 
A 477 ; sweet, gentle, S 164. 

Atpvt), Ltbga, west of Aigyptos, d 
85, 5 295. 

XtY&, adv., (Xiyvf), shriHg, piercinglg, 
9 527, K 254. 

XtyoiVw, ipf. 3 pi. IXtyaiVOV, (Xiyrc), 
erg with loud voice, A 68 Sf. 

X^tSviv (Xaicic, lacero), scrapingy 
graeing; /8aXX«iv, % 278t. 

\v>(ia%y adv. from Xtyvc. 

XCyIc, aor., (Xiyyw ? Xi'^w), twanged^ 
A 125t. 

Xtyw - irv€CoKTO« ( Xiyvf ), whistling 
(gusts), ^ 567 f. 

XX^vp'O, r\%; yffi, (Xiy?;c). shrill-voiced. 
Si 290 ; rioter/, loud-sounding, shrill (the 
word orig. began with two conso- 

Digitized by 





\iYv«> vVf V, iiov ; iia, €iy, «av, adv. 
My^^^s (oris- beginning with two con- 
sonants), penetrating, deary piercing, 
thrill, whistling, loud, (popfityyi, dyo- 


\XyV'^96yyoiaxv ((pOoyyog), loud-, 
clear-voiced, B 50, /3 6. 

Myv-^v^ (<l>ttivri)j hardi'Scream-' 
ing, T 350t. 

Ai^oi, see Ai'y^f. 

\(tiv, (A^v, desire), gladly, fully, ex- 
ceedingly ; with negative, very much, 
eUtog^her; Kal A., and certaijUy, and 
by aU meant, A 553. [i, but ten 
times 1.3 

Xtd&Ki, dat sing., (Xi'^oc), stony, 
hard, t 4l5t. 

XtOdScovi, ralQ, (\i6oq), stone, ^ 
36. (Od.) I 

XiO^<p, cot, (\i9og), saxeus, of 
stone, V 107. 

Xt6o«, oto, ovj tfty ov, ou, our(t), ovg^ 
masc. and fem. (twice), rodb, y 296 ; 
V 156, stone, in field, or for building ; 
stone teats, 9 €; symbol of firmness 
and harshness; \i9ov l9riKiv=voifiai. 

XiK)uSvT«»v, gen. pi. of part., (A(ic/iaa>, 
Xtic/ioc), winnow, E 500t. 
' XiKifct|TTJpos, roO, (AtfCjua<ii), winnower, 
who threw the grain with winnowing 
shovel against the wind, thus separat- 
ing it from the chaff, N 590t. 

XiKpl^ts, adv., {KkxpioQ, o b 1 i q n a s), 
tideways, to one side, "Si 463. 

Aticvfiviot, brother of Alkmene, 
slain by Tlepolemos, B 663 f. 

AtXaia, town in Phokis, at the 
source of the Kephisos, B 523t. 

XiXaCo}iai, prs., ipf. \i\aiiro, (Xi- 
Aacr/o/iai), cupere, gestire, deside- 
rare, desire, with inf., or with gen. 
TivoQ, e. g. iidolo, V 31 ; also of inani- 
mate objects, missiles, xp^bg aaat, etc., 
0ote><r^e (sc. i\9Hv), A 223. 

XX|ii{v, evoc, (VI,, tg, 6(ve(f)in, ag, 
(Xi/ivrj), port us, harbor, pL also in 
signif. of inlets, hays^ * 745, v 96, ^ 

X£)«.ini), lyc, y, ijv, (Aei/3w), lac us, 
Qtagnum, palus, /ioAv, swamp, marsh, 
4> 317; y \,8ea, 

Ai}jiv-wp€ia, lit. ** she who guards a 
harbor," a Nereid, 2 4 If. 

Xi|i^, 4>, 6v, fames, hunger, famine, 
T 166, € 166. 

ACv8o«, town in Rhodos, B 656t. 

XXvo-P»pt|t (A(Voi')« wearing a Unem 
cuirass, B 529. (As represented iu ad- 
joining cut; cf. also No. 12.) 

Xtvov, oto, ov, if), (Xlra, linumX 
Jlax, yam, fishing-line, thread, esp. the 
thread of Imman destiny, spun to each 
one at birth by Alaa and lL\(a9ig, T 
128, Q 210. ij 198 (see cut under ))Ad- 
Karri) ; fisher's net, E 487 ; Unem doth, 
linen, fleecy (as bed covering), I 661. 

Xtvev, lay of linos, lament over the 
death of the youth Linos (perh. per- 
sonification of spring), 2 570t. 

Xtx& (aAef^<»>, liquor), old oblique 
case of a snbst., or ace. ntr. of adj.. as 
adv. = shining with fit, unctuously, y 466. 

Xtir&f>o-icpi{8€}ivo« (KpTidtfivov), with 
shining head-band, 2 382 f. 

Xtx&po-^XoKdju>iO (yrXoKafiog), mth 
shining braids, T I26t. 

Xtir&pfp, ov, oitTi, ovg, riv, dg, a, 
(AiVa, Ger. kleben), nitens, niti- 
d u s, anointed, shining (beautiful, white) ; 
weailhy, comfortable, A 136 ; so also adv. 
Xixapws, ^210. 

XYir^ (AifTTo), nitere, v. 1., r 72t. 

I. X£s, Tv, (Ate, \kitiv), lion, A 23©, 

II. Xts, adj., {Kiaaog), virpiif smooth 
rock, fi 64, 79. 

III. Ai'c, XXtC, Xlra, dat. ace, (AiVov), 
linen ; cover of seat, c 353 ; of chariot 
when not in use, O 441 ; of dead, 2 
352 ; of cinerary urn, ^ 254. 

Xiaot>|i(ai) from yXiijofiaif pnBif 

Digitized by 





ipf. (iyiXyKioffrrOf etc., iter. Xunrimcero^ 

1 aor. iXXurdfiriVy subj. Ai(ry, imp. Aicrac, 

2 aor. iXcrofiiTVfOpt. oifuiv, iof. AirctK^at, 
precari, ieseec4, j>ray, r«vd fvx9*^h 
tvxutkyot XiTyai re, ZifvoC} by Zeus, 
x/Ovif, inrip nvof , for the sake of, by, 
yovveav (XafiutVt inf/dfuvoi;), etc., /(3 68, 
I 451, K 481 ; various constructions : 
with inf, with ace. and inf., with oirutCj 
OitvaTov oi, sibi necem; ravra 
Vfiiagj haec vos precor. 

Xtotri| (X«oc) xir/wy, lere saxum, 
smooth rock, y 293. (Od.) 

XurrpcvovTOy part, diff about j <•> 227 f. 
(See follg.) 

XiOTpouTi, dat pL ntr., 9erafer or 
Ao6 for cleaning the floor of large hall 
of house, X 455t. 

XiTo, see IIL Xi^. 

XlCTurtvc = tXXirovcvc, ipf., fut -«»- 
oofAtv, aor. IXXiravet;<ra, (Xirai), im- 
plorabat, beseech; iroWdj impense, 
earnestly, X 414 ; yovv*av {d^dfiivoi), 
bv one's knees (grasping the knees), 
Q 357. 

XSrmC, fm^ (Xuraofiai), preces, 
prayers^ with iXXwdfiifv^ X 34-, per- 
sonified, I 502-4, daughters of Zeus, 
petdttfUial prayers following after their 
sister art] (the blindness, the delu- 
sion which has caused the fault), 
moving limpingly and with averted 

Xiri, see III. Xi'c. 

X^* = Xc€, see Xovftf. 

XoPoTinr, masc., auricnlis, lobes 
of the earsy S 182t. 

\i6y99y o«t(iv), (Xcyw). story, tale; 
words, talk, languagf, O 393. 

X^, eooat, etc., see Xovui. 

XocTp<£, wv, rd, {Xov<u)j lavacrum, 
bathsy UKiavofo, in Ocean o, c 275. 

Xo€Tpo-x^^ ov, (^f <«>), adj., pouring 
or cotUttininy tocUer for the bath; rpt- 
woSa, tripod with the water-kettle, 2 
346, e 435 ; but v 297, subst. bath^maid. 

Xoew, see Xovta. 

^M^^ y, ^, (XctjSoi), Ubation, A 49, 

Xo{Yi(a) (Xoty(5c), perniciosa, jw»- 
({^«n<, (/«<»%, 533; ending fatally 
(*>ya),A 518. 

XotY^, 6v, masc, (1 u g e r e), p e rn i- 
cies, interitus, <ieaM, ruin, by sick- 
ness or war; viwr, iacturam, de- 
struction, n 80. 

Xoi|&^ oioj (Xdfita ?), 1 u e s, pesNlf^uee, 
A 61 and 97. 

Xour^ot (Xocirof,')tpostremn8, 2a«f, 
"i" 536t. Hence Xoio-0ifior» u 1 1 i ni u ni 
praemium, prize /or the hindmost, ^ 
785 = Xoiaeniiay >r 751. 

AoKpoC, Lokrci, a tribe occupying 
one of the divisions of Hellas, and* 
dwelling on the Euripos, on both sides 
of Mount Knerais, B 527, 535, N 686. 

Xov^, Tov, (Xexai), r 233 f, ped (t u- 
nica),of an onion. 

Xovm, the forms may be classed 
under two stems, XoP- and XoPi. — L 
Xofm (lavo), ipf. X&(p€), Xouov, aor. 
Xovoijtv), av, subj. Xoiioy, inf. Xoioai 
{Xovoai), imp. Xoioov, Xovaan, part 
Xokaaoa, mid. prs. XoviaOai XovoBai, 
aor. XovoavTO, oatro, atrOi, aoBai, pass, 
pf. XiXovfidvog, — II. ipf. Xotov, aor. 
Xoiaoai, ooaq, mid. fut Xoioooiiai^ aor. 
Xokooaro, oodfuvoij 17, (pfurallel fonn 
XoPioii*)j lavare, bathe^ wash, mid., 
have one^s sef washed, in waters of 
river, Z 508; 'Qiccavoio, washed by 

Xo^^v, rrfv, (Xd^gy, comb, or bristly 
ridge of boar's back, r 446 f. 

Xo^oSt ov, (Mtv, masc, (globus), (1) 
crest or plume of helmet, usually of 
horse-hair, E 743. (See adjoining cuts, 
and Nos. 3, 11, 12, 17, 18, 20, po, 79, 
122, 128.)--<2)cervices,6ac*<j/f»«c* 
of animals, ^ 508 ; and of men, K 573. 
—(3) col lis, hiU, ridge, X 596. 
87 ^ ^ 88 

Xoxdtit, prs. Xox^MTi, dkri, oiovreg, 
aor. Xoxiffai, rttrai;, mid. fut -ifoofiai, 
aor. findfiivoQ, (Xo^oc), insidiari, lie 
in wait, v 268, x ^ 5 rivd, waylay, v 
425 ; so also mid., ^ 670. 

XcxH^T)' '■y* (^"X®t)» thicket, lair of 
wild beast, r.439t. 

XoYOS, ov, y, ov, 01, (X«xw). place for 
lying tn wait, (I) th" lying in waif, am- 
bush, A 379 ; X 525, nuKivov, croudwl 
and icoiXoc, hollow, of wooden horse 
before Troy. — (2) the men who lie im 

Digitized by 





wakf 9 522 ; irvKtvov, numerous ; tUf, 
Z 189, laid an ambush. XoxovSf, into 
the ambush^ A 227 ; Xo^<^, for the am- 
bush^ 2 613. — (3) 5 395, way to capture. 
— (4) band, troop ^ v 49. 

Xvyoiox, ouf, fem., (properly vitex 
agnus cdLSixxs), Abraham's balmywU- 
low tfoiffj osier, i 427 ; fwffxoiat, A 105, 
with tender willows. 

XvYp<5s, V, ov, toil/, oTc ; rjg, y, riv ; 
a, (lugeo, Xei/yaXcoc), miserabilis, 
miserandus, funestus, toretched, 
pitiable, rtunnus, Q 531, P 642, (t 134 ; 
perniciosus, S 230, X 432; igna- 
vus, woHhless, N 119, 237, a 107 ; yi- 
lis, contemptible, v 457 ; adv. Xvypios, 
foede, E 763. 

Xv6cv = i\v9r](rav, from \v(ii>. 

XvOp^, T(f, (lues), cruore, gore^ 
with and without a'ifiari ; TrtTraXay^i- 
voQy defiled, Z 268, of. A 169, x 402. 

XvKct-pavTos, row, (lux, jSaivw^, 
year, ^161 and r 306. 

At^KoiTTos, r), a town in southern 
part of Kreta, B 647t. 

AvKdwv, (1) father of Pandaros, E 
197, 95. — (2) son of Priamos and of 
Laothoe, r 333 ; slain by Achilleus, 
<l> 114 sqq. 

XvK^v, TTjVf {\vKog), wolf-skin, K 

Xvia|-7cv^ (1"^)' ^ight-hom, epithet 
of Apollo as sun-god, A 101, 119. 

Aiixtti, (1) division of Asia Minor, 
B 877 : AvKifivh, to Lyhia, Z 168 ; 
AvKiriOiv^Jr.m Lyhia, E 105 ; the in- 
habitants, AvKiQi, led by Glaukos, H 
13, and by Sarpedon, E 647, S 426, 11 
490. — (2)' district on river A if epos ; its 
chief town ZkXua, B 824, E 173. 

Avico-|ii{8t|s, son of Kreon in Boio- 
tia. P 346, T 240. 

AvK^-opYos, (1) son of Dryas. ban- 
ishes from his land the worship of 
Dionysos (Bacchus), Z 134.— (2) an 
Arkadian, slays Areithoos, H 142- 

XvKOiO, 01, itiV, OVQ, (FXvKOQ), lu pUF, 

wolf, K 334; symbol of blood-thirsti- 
ness, A 471, A 72. 

AvKo-^^vTi)s, a Trojan, slain by 
Teukros, 275. 

AvK^-^pttv, son of Mastor,' from 
Kythera, companion of Aias, O 430. 

AvKTos, city in Kreta, east of Kno- 
SOS, B 64?, P 611. 

Ai^KMv, a Trojan, slain by PeneleoM, 
n 335, 337. 

X^t&dT(a), ra, (lues, lu-strum), 
JUth,dirt,A^\A,^ 171. 

Xvirpij (XvTTij), tristis, poor, v 

AvpKi|<r(<r)^, town in Mysia, under 
sway of Thebe vvoirXaKirj] B 690, T 
60, r 92, 191. * 

Ai^-av8po«, a Trojan, slain by 
Aias, A 49 If. 

Xvox-|icXi{s (iiteXoc, member; false 
derivation, v 56 sq.), relaxing the limbs, 

Xvoxot, IV, (Xv(i>), ransoming, Q 655 ; 
OavcLTov, rescue from death, i 421. 

Xianra, av, fem., {}.vKog), rabies, 
martial rage, I 239, * 542. 

Xvotrr|ri)pa, t6v, (Xvoaa), one who 
rages, with Kvva, of Hektor, 299f . 

XvovmStis {Kvooa), raging, of Hek- 
tor, N 53t. 

Xvxvov, Tov, {ktvKOQ, lux), light, 
lamp, T 34t. 

Xi{a>v, prs., ipf. (also Xwe, ofuv, or"), 
fut., aor. [also Xxfotv, aav, tra<T{a)], 
pass. pf. XlXvrai, wrai, opt vto, plupf. 
vuro ; aor. XiliOti, 3 pL XvBw, also aor. 
mid. Xvro, Xvvro, solvere, (1) loose, 
open, release, let go ; rivd tivl, set free 
{diroivuiv, for ransom). — (2) dismiss, 
assemblies; componere lites, ad- 
just disagreements. — (3) rivbg or rwi 
yvia, fi(vog,4n)xriv, in terimer^hUl ; 
also of animals, with the weapon as 
subject, e. g. niXticvg, y 450. — (4) tm- 
nerve, weaken, yvXa, yovvara (also as 
effect of amazement, <r 212), /3iiyi/ : of 
sleep, Xv9tv Sd oi iixpea navra, all her 
limbs lost their strength. — (5) dele re, 
break down, destroy, Kapriva, KpfiSifiva, 
towers, battlements; fisXiSrifiara OvfAov, 
dissipate cares, anxiety. — Mid. prs. 
XvwufOa 'introvQ, let us put out otfr 
horses ; ipf. Xud/iijv, ovro, fut. Xvoofiai, 
liivoQ, aor. iXvaao, aro, oao9{at), 2 aor. 
Xvfiriv, XvTo, XvvTO, se, sibi, or sua 
solvere, release, set free (for one's self 
or one's own), freq., red i mere, ran- 
som, A 13. [v before a, elsewh. in 
arsi; except thrice v."] 

X(i>j3ao/uii, aor. X«Pi(<ra(r6c, opt 
X(iifi{]9ato, r.%aUn'at ; rivd Xtojitiv, ig- 
nominia afficere.rfo despite, N 623. 

X(i»p€v«», cic, (Xu)^n\ mock, i// 15 and 


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Xa&Pfi, I7C) }}v, (labes), ignominia, 
outrage^ insult; rlaai, airodo'vvai^ pay, 
atone for ; rivaaQai, exact retribution 
for; S 180, «Aai»e upon thee, if — ; V 
42, ignominiosns, cowardly toretch. 

X«»pt|r*|pa (Xitf)3/;) i7r€(T/3oAoi/, foul 
slanderer, B 275 ; Xw^rirnpfg iXtyx^C* 
vile scoundrels. 

\Mpfi\frfiv (Kwliaofiai) riOivai riva^ 
make cotUempHble, Q 53 If. 

Xwiov=XflitTcpov, melius, satius, 
better, preferable ; p 417, largius, 
more freely. 

Xcfin)v (XfiTrw), mantlej v 224 f. 

part from Xwrow, Zx>to»> 
producing, clovery fields, M 283t. 

Xo»ros> 010, 6v, masc., (1) Lotos, a 
kind of clover, food of horses (trifoli- 
um melilotus or lotus cornicu- 
latus, Linn.), S 603, Z 348. — (2) Lo- 
tus — tree and fruit; the latter of the 
size of olives, and in taste resembling 
dates, still prized in Tunis and Tripoli, 
under the name of Jujube, i 91 sqq. 

AwTo*4^70i (see Xwroc 2), Loto9- 
eaters on coast of Libya, i 84 sqq. 

Xa>0d<ii, fut. X«>^i)(rci, will retire^ ^ 


|4* usually = fit ; less often = fiot, Z 
165, ic 19. 

|fcdt» from fidv, in oath ; vero, with 
ace. of the divinity, or of the witness 
invoked (sc. ofiwfn) : preceded by vai 
=nae, it has an affirmative; by ov, a 
negative force. 

MaYvrp-cs, a Thessalian tribe, 
sprung from Aiolos, B 756. 

Ifcotoio, (f, ov, masc, papilla, nip- 
ple, teat, then mamilla, mamma, 
esp. the mother^ s breast; XaSiKijdka, 
banishing cares; iwex^iv, of^er ', dve- 
(Tx^v, obsecrandi causa. 

|Mkva, voc, good mother, tpiXri, used 
esp. in addressing the nurse, v 129, 
yj/ 11. 

MaUt8o« viog, Hermes ; Maia is the 
daughter of Atlas, K 435 f. 

MaCavSpos, the river with many 
windings which flows into the sea at 
Miletos, B 869t. 

Mai.}iaXi8i|s> fon of Maimalos, Fei- 
sandros, n 194t. 

fjiaifidut, only pres. yuax^wiXf b/tri, 
to»iot/, fooxra, etc., aor. fiaifirjoe, eagerly 
desire, N 75, 78, itch or quiver with 

IMkivdSi, ry, (juiivofiai), mad woman, 
X 460t. 

|fca(vcat, etc., prs. and ipf. 3 sing. 
fiaiv€To, {pav, mens), furere. rage, 
be furious, of combatants, also of hand 

and weapons ; with anger, of Polyphe- 
mos, c 350 ; of fire on mountains ; mad^ 
ly raving (under Bacchic frenzy), Z 
132 ; of madness from wine, o 406. 

|i,aU(r^ai, fut. fidoosrat, Qia-, fit- 
pa a), seek, ^ 356; perscrutari, €x- 
plore, V 367 ; find a wife for any one, 
1 394, [paooiroA, v. 1. yapkiraiTin']. 

jyJailpa (pappaipio), lit. ** shining'' or 
" sparkling," (I) a Nereid, 2 48t. — (2) 
attendant of Artemis, mother of Lo« 
kros, X 326t. 

MflUoiv, son of Haunon in Thebai, 
A 394. 398. 

|uUcap, apog, ap^, dpiov, dpfoot, sup. 
paKnpraroc, (macte), beatus, (I) 
blessed, of gods, opp. SnXol oi^vpoi 
fipoToL — (2) of men, happy, foiiunate, 
X 483.— (3) wealthy, a 2X1. 

MoKap, oQ, son of Aiolos, ruling in 
Lesbos, U 544t. 

|i,dKlp£toi, opt prs., (jiaKop), pro- 
nounce happy, Tivd, o 538. (Od.) 

|i,ucc8k^, gen. fem., (poKpog), tall, 
n 106t. 

|fcdKcXXav, rriv, broad, he<soy hoe, 
mattock, 4> 259t. 

fiOKpiSsy fp, 6v, 01, oi<ri ; if, r)v, ai, 
yo(i), dg ; 6v, d, comp. paKporspov, rjr, 
also iMMnrov, sup. paKp6Tar(a), ny, cf. 
firfKioTov. long, (1) of space, Kvpara ; 
high and de^; esp. paicpov, d, ns 
adv.,yar, -dv dvaag, always at close 

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of verse (exc. r 81) ; civthv, O 160, 2^ 
117; fSifidt;. — (2) of time, diutiuus, 

lAOUcwv, see firjKaoinau 

(.aXa, adv., (fiaXepog ?), sup. /uaXt- 
(TTiK (before or after the modified word), 
eagerly, itrOiuv ; gladly^ tKkvov ; with 
atljs., very^ quite; Trdvreg, quite all. ail 
together; with demonstratives, ful'y^ 
utterly f roXov; fidXa Kvktftaq, u^^tr dark- 
ness ; with advs., e. g. iv, 'Trdyxvj 
strengthens their meaning, quite, utter* 
fyf p 217; avTiKa, on the very mo- 
ment; with verbs =v aide; xai (or 
ovd') H fidXa^ quantumvis; fiaXa 
trtp with part. =quam vis; also with 
Kai vtp^A 217. — (2) strengthening an 
assertion : certainly, verily , V 204 ; no 
doubt, I 1 35 ; comp. |i,aXXov, only the 
more, .<o much the more, with Kf\p6Qi, at 
heart, c 284 ; with iroXv, in, Kai, jy 213 ; 
sup. iiaXurra, m a x i ra e, with geo. 
part., with U ; far, by far, with other 
superlatives, B 57, Q 334. [jidXd, by 
arsis often ^ — .] 

fioXaic^, ov, tp, ov, oi, o7(T(; rjg, y, 
r)v, eomp, -wTspog (Ger. schmalz? 
mollis), soft, mild, gentle, tender, B 42, 
y 38 ; spongy meadow, S 541 ; m i t i s, 
dulcis, K 2, <r 201, Z 337; X 373, 
easier to handle; adv. -cis, placid e, 
softly, y 350. 

MaXcic^ av, dv, atav, southern 
promontory of the Peloponnesos, t 80, 
r 187. y 287. 

|i.&Xcpov, b>, devouring; of fire, I 242. 

l&aXO&K^ (mollis), effeminate, cow- 
ardly, P 588t. 

(idXioTo, fjiaXXov, see fidXa. 

\k6y ( = firfv), p r o f e e t o, verily, truly, 
in 800th, e 373, II 14; come! E 765; 
fi, B 370; on, P 538 ; ov, A 512; avrt, 
by no means in his turn, N 414 ; /i^, 
O 512; 9riv, but yet by no means, i 
211,v. L/u€t/. [-] 

fiavOdvut, aor. |id9ov, ififiaSig, iv, 
novi, ifcnoir, ififitvai €*T9X6g, Z 444. 

|iavTCvo|l.a^ prs., ipf. fiavrivsro, fut 
fiavrtvaofiat, (jidvng), v a t i c i n or, di- 
vine, prophesy, rivi ri, Kaicd, drpeicitug, p 

lUkvn^ia, rd, (pavrsvofiai), vatici- 
n i a, predictions, orades, /« 272f . 

Mavrlv^, a city in Arkadia, B 

Mi&VTiosi son of Melampus, brother 
of Antiphates, father of Polypheides 
and of Kleitos, o 242, 249. 

|idvTts, log, (fiavrriog in arsi, c 493), 
t, IV, ug, (paivopai), prophet, seer, ex- 
pounder of omens, which were drawn 
from -flight of birds, from dreams, and 
from sacrifices, e. g. Teiresias, Kalchas, 
Melampus, Theoklymenos, O 221, A 

fuivroarivy\, rjv, ag, (fiavrig), gift of 
dUrination, A 72; vaticinia. 

fjido/jiai, see paiofiai, 

Mapa6(»v (jidpaOov, "fennel"), vil- 
lage in Attika, ij SOf. 

ifJkdpaCvcTO, ipf., aor. ip.apav9rj, sen- 
sim e X ti n gueb atur, (jiecl ^a(iua% 
away, ^ 228. (II.) 

ftapYaCvciV (papyog), furere, rage; 
madly attack, iiri Qioimv, E 882f. 

fJiopYC, voc, and y, lyv, vesanus, 
furious, madman ! a 2. (Od.) 

Mdpis, son of Amisodaros, slain by 
Thrasymedes, n 319. 

|iap|uiCpovTCs, ag, a, (/uic/oa), spark" 
ling, coruscantes, of weapons, eyes; 
of Trojans, x^^^fV* resplendent with ar- 
mor, N 801. 

|&app^CpiT)v (^palpa), flashing, sparh- 
Hng, of shield, shield-rim, sea, P 594. 

|iap|i4p^, ov, adj. and subst, [sc. 
rrsTpog or Trtrpjy], (palpa), stone of 
crystalline structure, which sparkles 
in the light, block of stone, M 380, t 

|uip|JidpvYd9, rag, (papfjiapvfT9io), 
iroSwv, quick twinUing of dancers' feet, 
9 265t. 

(idpydrai, prs., (opt. -oifitOa), ipf. 
{i)^dpvao, aro, dptOa, elsewh. nnaug- 
m en ted, aor. lfiapvdo9riv, pngnare, 
fight, (sTTi) Tivi, against some one, «yx" » 
Trepi ipiSog, out of rivalry ; as boxer, 
<r 31 ; with words, wmngle, A 257. 

M(£p^<r<ra, daughter of Euenos, 
wife of Idas, who recovered her after 
she had been carried off by Apollo, 
mother of Kleopatra, I 557 sqq. 

papfTTio, subj. |i(£pirr^ox, ipf. epap' 
TTTB, pdpvre, fut. pdp\pft, aor. subj. peip- 
xf^^, inf. -at, part, ag, comprehendo, 
seize, ic 116 ; dyvdg, complecti, em- 
brace; consequi, overtake, X 201; 
attingere, to'ich, 2C 228 ; 6 405, in- 
flixerit, tn/?M;<ttpo»/ vTrvo^, oppres- 
sit, lay ho!d of , V 56. 

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|fcapTi;pt<gox9 raXg, ( fidprvpoc'), tes- 
ti m on i o, on testimony of, X 325f. 

lidpTvpos, oc, testis, tr»^ne», ir 423, 
A 338. 

Mdpwv, son of Eaanthes, priest of 
Apollo in Ismaros, i 197t. 

MdoT|s, ijroc, town in Argolis, near 
Hermione, B 562t. 

p£<^rfTa^ fat. from ftaioftaif q a ac- 
re t,^«el:. 

(looxrov, see fiaKpog. 

fidrrra^^ |jicurrdic(a), r^v, (fca(rra2fw, 
mandere), mott^A, ^287, >// 76; mou(^ 
ful/ood, I 324. 

/ua<rri^a>, aor. |Murritcv, (jjid(mK),wcu 
lashing^ 'iynrovg ; eXaav. 
I fiatTTi^f IfcCUTTiYt, a, ac» fem., fla- 

gellum, tohip, scourge^ Z 316; Aicf, 
M 37 ; N 812, chastisement. 

ndaTiv, fuurrl, ev, fem., f lagellum, 
whipj'V 500,0 182. 

luurrXc, imp., wkip^ P 622 ; mid prs. 
fiatrrUrat TrXtvpdg, lashes his sides, T 

McurTopC8t|s, son of MiuAoVy ( 1 ) 
I Halitherses in Ithaka, /3 158, a> 452. 
—(2) Lykophron, O 438, 430. 

nardu), ovk l|idTT)<rcv, (/iarijv), be 
idie^ delay ^ linger^ IT 474 ; nee cessa- 
vit, >P^ 510; fir/ fiarrjoiTov, ne cessa- 

|idTcv(FO|uv, fdt qnaeremns, seek^ 
S llOf. 

IfcdrCt), ry, (jidrriv), irrito labore, 
I useless labor, ic 79 f. 

|fcaxa(pn, rtv, ac, fem., 6roa<i, *^rt 
sacrificial knife, T 271, A 844. (See 
following cut, and No. 115.) 

Max<U»v, voc. rtov, son of Askle- 
pios, ruler in Trikka and Ithome in 

Thessaly, excelling in art of healing, 
A 512, 613, A 200, B 732; wounded 
by Hektor, A 506, 598, 651. 

^ax€i6^€vo%f toiffiivoVf see fidxofiai. 

V^Xn> »?♦ V- '/»'' flt. «C» pugna, bat- 
tie, combatjfghtf fidxy (ivi), in pug- 
na, ^ 497 ; ariiaaadai, set the battle in 
array, form one's line for battle, a c i e m 
instruere, t 54; committ ere, join 
battle, fight a battle, fidxtoQai, TiBt- 
<r9ai] kyeiptiv, ex ci tare, rouse the' 
fight, N 77S=6pvvfi€v orpvviiv -y also 
used of single combat^ H 263 and A 255 ; 
feldofbatt'e, E 355. 

|i.dxii|ittv (fidxv\ tcarlike, M 247 f. 

»*^X^'»T|«» '>» «'> o'C' (/^«xo/*«0> 
pugnator, warrior, E 801. 

[uixviT6v (fjdxofim)y that may be ixm- 
qui8hed,fi 119t. 

|AaxXoo^Ki|v (Mtix^^^)f '«'*^> Q 30t. 

fidxofiai, fJidxovTai, 6fita9(a), etc., 
ipf. ifidxovroy fiaxofjujv, ovro, etc., par- 
allel forms fiaxsofiai, prs., opt. fiax^oi- 
TO, ioiaro, A 344 ; fjiaxtiofAevog, /o 471 ; 
tovfitvov, ot, ipf. iter. fiaxi(TKtTo,U 140; 
fut. alternates between liaxhooiiai and 
/ia;(e(T(ro/iat, etc., fiaxtirai, kovrai ; also 
aor. iiaxh^cLoOai and saaoOai, taad/n- 
9(a), aifjupf, djuitvov, p n g n at e, Jight, 
of armies and of single persons, dvTia, 
ivavriov rivog, {iv)avTiliiov, or (tVi) 
Tivi ; fidxTiv, 2 533 ; for any thing, 
mpi Tivog (rivi, dfi<pi rtvi), tiviKa ; aUo 
of combat between beasts, and in gen- 
eral signif , e. g. of single combat and 
of quarrel with words, A 8, B 377 ; 
contradicere, I 32. 

|ML^ (^/u/ua7r£(uc); raptim, temere, 
hastily, rashly, bfiCaai, drdp ov Kord 
KoiTfiov ; recklessly, tcantorUy, E 759, 
y 138; cf B 120, N 627, B 214; in- 
c as sum, in vain, B 120; likewise 
|ia^i8(ais, E 374, f3 58. 

Mc7d8T|S> »on of Megas, Perimos, O 

|fcCYd-6vfU>s, ot;, ov, €, 01, iav, {Ovfiog), 
high-hearted, afiimosus, B53; usually 
of nations ; of a bull, II 488. 

fjtryflUpa), aor. fikyfjpE^ subj. fnyijpyg, 
part, -ac, (ftsyag), invidere. grudge, 
Tivl Tu ^ 865; ftioToio, grudging liim 
the life of his enemy, N 563 ; object, 
with inf.; ovri /ucy., nihil moror. 

Plc72Uici{tcos, ci. ea, (KrJTog), with great 
hollows f vTjvg, wide 'bellied ; rrovrog, 
wide-y atoning f y 158. 

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fcroiiy ffreat-Uearted, haughty y N 302, 

|icYaXi(o;iaL, imp. to, (/liyag), su- 
per b i o, exidt one's self, Ovfiijiy K 69. 

|i,C7dXo)s, adv. from fxeyat;. 

lACYaXworC, from fityaXtog, fisyag 
fi., stretch d over a vast space, 2! 26, 
io 40. 

Mcya-irevOris, son of Menelaos by a 
slave, o 100, 103, 5 11. 

McyapTi, daughter of Kreon in The- 
bai, wife of Herakles, A 269 f. 

fiiy^P®^* °^"i "*'♦ ^^^-> ^"^A ^(^^fge ram; 
fiiyapovSe, to the hall, into the hall. — 
( 1 ) men^s dining - hall, chief room of 
house^ the roof supported by columns, 
the light entering through the doors, 
the opening for the smoke overhead, 
and the loop-holes (oTraXa) just under 
the roof The cut, combined from 
different ancient representations, is de- 

Ifc^yos, av, a {fiiy*), fieyaXov, y, a>, 
oe, (uv, ot<n, ovQ'j ij, i;f, y, lyv, yac, af; 
a ; com p. /ict^oiv, ovi, ova^ oveg ; ov ; 
sup. niyKTroQy ov, f, oi;c, ai, ov, a, m ag- 
nus, ^rea^, in various senses, e. g. also 
altus, longus, latus, amplus; 
tpyov, facinus, monstrous deed; ni- 
mius, tiTTtiv^ speak too big, too boldly ^ 
provoking divine wrath; so also ntr. 
/i€7a,with comp., multo, B239; with 
super., longe, B 82; with positive, 
valde, B 480, n 46; with verbs of 
mental condition or action, A 517, 256, 
B 27, n 822. I 537, U 237 ; also fii- 
yd\{a), mightily, strongly, aloud, A 450; 
with ad vs., valde; adv. ucyoXfl^s, 
valde, exceeding'y, v 432. 

pivcOos, TO, {/iiyac), magnitude 
(corporis), bodily size, B 58, c 217. 

Mfyv)S> VTOi;, ace. ijv, son of Phy- 
leus, Udysseus's sister's son, chief of 
the inhabitants of Dulichion and of 

signed to show the back part of the 
fif-yapov in the house of Odysseus, of. 
plate III. for ground-plan. — (2) women's 
apartment, behind the one just de- 
scribed, see plate III. G, also in pi, r 
16. — ( 3 ) housekeeper's apartmetit in 
vpper story (Jfirtpmov), /3 94.— (4) sleep- 
ing- apartment, \ 374. — (5) in wider 
siijn f. cf aedes, in pi., house, A 396. 

the Echinades, E 69, N 692,0 520, 535, 
B 627, T 239. 

|A^7icrTos> suporl. from fisyag. 

pcScW, part., bearing sway; 'iSyjOev, 
from Ida (as his seat), of Zeus, r 276. 

McScwv^ ujvog, town in Boiotia, B 

fifSofjiai, iiiSctrOai, prs.. ipf., fnt 
fiedriaofjiai, (jjitdi(ttv), be mindful ff. pro- 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 




vide for, rivogt E 718, y 334; cnra 
Tivi, mala moliri, devise mischief. 

Ifc^wv, ovrcCi (fuoo^at), lord, a\6g, a 
72 ; pi., counselors, B 79. 

M^ttv, ovrof, (1) son of Oileus, 
step-brother of Aias, from Phylake, 
chief of warriors from Methone in 
Phthia, N 693, 695 sq., B 727 ; slain 
by Aineias, O 332. — (2) a Lykian, P 
216.— (3) herald in Ithaka, d 677, p 
172, X 357, 361, w 439. 

fitO-aipku), only aor. iter. imO^coicc, 
reached after and caught, excipiebat, 
e 376t. 

fitO-aWofiai, aor. part. |iCT<£X}icvof, 
springing upon, after, E 336, ♦ 345. (11.) 

uLc.^cCw, subj. aor. from fitd-irnii, 
|ico-^coicc, aor. iter, from fitO-aipitu. 

|ic^)i€v, aor. inf. from fitOirifu. 

l^cO-ltrcLs, ipf. fikBeiri, aor. part. 
furaairwu, («Vu>), persequi, peter e, 
folltno ajier, fllow closely, nva, ri; 
pervenire, arrive; 'imrovg Tvdtidrip, 
turned the steeds after Tydeides; mid. 
aor. fitTatnrufitvoQ, consecutus; ipf. 
fiira-tiTrero, subsequebatur, 2 234. 

|tcO-i{|icvos9 part., (r/^ai), fivriorijpoi, 
sitting among the suitors, a 1 1 Sf. 

ftcO^IMMrvrgy yot, {/JuOrifuov), negli- 
geiit'i&, remissness, ^ 108 and 121. 

IfccO-ijjMov, ova, (iijfii), negligens, 
careless, remiss, B 241, ^ 25. 

yA^-irifii, (cts, Ui, S 372, prs. and ipf. 
(others write I'ljc, I'lj, and pres. ulg, ui), 
prs. inf. tf^tv(at), subj. fttOiytri (some- 
times written iytri), ipf 3 pi. fitOUv, 
fut. fitOifirut, etc., inf fioifiiv{ai), aor. 
fitOsTjKa, f{v\ and iit9i)Kiv, subj. fitOeiut, 
9/y (or tin, distinguish from opt. eirf, t 
471), inn ffiiv, {'iTjfii), (1) properly, 
««fid after, lov ; immittere, ri if tto- 
rflf/ior. — (2) dimittere, let go, nva, 
also ptyoc ft* ; ^w tip, x<>^0'' Tivog, 
about any one, rii/i, as a favor to some 
one, A 283; also Wriyv, co need ere, 
give up to, surrender; rovrov ipvoai, 
hunc trahendnm. — (3) with part., 
ctase, Q 48 ; rtvug, x"^oto Ti;X€/4axy, 
desist from, cease from anger at wish 
of Telemachos; neglect, otlo rtipofii- 
vtno, te saucium. — (4) cessare, re- 
lax, also with inf, N 234. 

/AiS-iarrj^i, fut. ficrcMm^crco, substi- 
tute, i. e. exchange, H 612; mid. ipf. fuO- 
iararo irdpoiai, retired among his com- j 
rades, E 514. I 


|ic6-o}ifXcov, ipf, ((ifjii\kut\ roTcrir, 
had dealings with them, A 269t. 

|u0-opffct|6c(«, aor. part., ('p;xaofiai), 
p ersecntnSt make a dash qfler,T 192, 

ffc^, ro, (Eng. mead), wine, 1 9, ly 1 79. 

I&C0VOVTI, vovoav, (jtBtiv), drunken, 
<r 240 ; aXoiifiy, soaked with fat 

fAeiddu, aor. |&c£8v|(rfv, T}(fai, rjoag, 
aaa, A 596, and fiiiStdio, part. |ui8i6«»v, 
oioaa, {(TfiiiS-, mirus, smile), subri- 
dere, smile, ^ 786. 

|&c((a>v, ov, see fikyag. 

|u£Xavi = uiXai^t, nigr 6, Q 79t. 

l&cCXio, ra, (/ttAt), soothing gifts gifts 
as means of reconciliation, 1 147 and 289. 

IMiXiYitaro, rd, fitiXiaovj. that which 
appeases hunger, sedamina appeti- 
tus, i. e. dainty hits, k 211 \. 

|ic£Xivov, see fikXivog. 

|uiXuro^|uv, prs. inf ; mid. prs. imp. 
-ioaeo, (fiiiXixog), placare (mor- 
tuos); TTvpog, cf construction with 
Xayxdveiv, appease the dead with fire, 
i. e. with funeral rites, H 410 ; mid., 
extenu'ite, y 96. 

(uiXtxtTi (fiiiXtxog), softness, I e. 
faintness in fight, O 741 f. 

|UiX£xu>v, ioia{iv), iy, and |&ciXixo«> 
(fitiXia), placidus, comis, mitis, 
gentle, mild ; fivOog, fiuXixioig, sc. iTrtot ; 
§ 1 72. gentle, winning modesty. 

|i.c((>co, see fxiput. 

|&c(s> u, T 1 17 ; also |Lt|v^, i, fifjva, 
tg, ac, Cjv, (metior) mensis, month, 
ipGivovrog, the waning month, i. e. as 
this month draws to a close, $ 162. 

|u^v, see fiiKpng. 

|&cXa7-xpOii{s (XPO*a> >tfx»'i)> l^ronaed, 
swarthy, it 175f. 

(liXaOpov, ov, if», o^tv, TO, (KfiiXn- 
9pu I', c a m e r a), vaulting of roof rafters, 
roof; r 544, on the ridge-po'e aloft 
(near the smoke -hole); x 239, she, 
flying up to the roof of the sooty hall, 
sat there just like a swallow to look 
upon (i. e. on one of the cross-beams 
under the rafters; see cut under /it- 

ficXa£vcT(o), ipf, (fiiXng), she colored 
herself dark on her fair skin, her fair 
skin was stained by the dark blood ; 
also of fresh upturned earth, E 354 
and S 548. 

McXa}i-irovs9 nodog. son of Amy- 
thaon, famous seer in Pylos. Wishing 


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to fetch from Phylake in Thessaly 
the fainoas catrle uf Iphiklos, and thus 
jrain the beautiful Peru fur his brother 
Bias, he was taken captive by herds- 
men of Ipbiklos, as he had predicted, 
and held prisoner for one year, when, 
in consequence of good counsel given 
by him, he was set free by Iphiklos, 
gained what he sought, and settled 
in Argos. X 287 sqq., o 225 sqq. 

|iLcXdv-8€Ta (dfut). mounted in black, 
i. e. tnth da k hilt or acabhard, O TlSf. 

ItlcXavcvs, father of Amphimedon 
in Ithaka, kt 103. 

McXavOcvs = McXdLv€ios> son of 
Dolios, insolent goat-herd on estate 
of Odysseus, p 212, w 173, ^ 181, x 135 
sqq., 182 ; brother of the shameless 
maid-servant McXavCcS, (r 321, r 65. 

McXdvOioSy a Trojan, slain by £ury- 
pylos, Z 36. 

McXdviinrot, (1) an Achaian chief, 
T 240.— (2) a Trojan, son of Hiketaon, 
slain by Antiochos, O 547-582. — (3) 
a Trojan, slain by Teukros, G 276. — 
(4) a Trojan, slain by Patroklos, n 

|icX&v6-xpoo«9 2 declension, r 246, 
pi. 'XpoK% 3 declension, (xjowf), blacky 

^yAy - v8po« ( vhitip ), with dark 
toater, I 14, w 158, only at close of 

l&cXdvci, prs., darkens, ( fisXag ), 
spoken of the water of the sea, under 
its white surface-foam (v. L ^icXavei), 
H 64t. 

|fc^«i«y aivo, av, etc., pi. fjikXavtg, 
atvai^ ava, dat. sing. fitiKavi, O 79 ; masc. and ntr. wanting; comp. 
|uXavTCpoV) dark, in different degrees 
up to black (opp. XiVKog); of sea in 
commotion, when surface is ruffled by 
ripples, so that it does not reflect light, 
but appears dark, S 359 ; dark (painted) 
ships, 9 34 ; land, spring (on account 
of depth) ; pitch-dark, A 277 ; fi'tXav, 
as ntr. subst. the dark, i. e. bark of oak, 
SpvuQ. Mctaph. dark, gloomy, of death, 
etc., Oavdrov vf<bo(^, Krip, odvvaL 

"NLikast son of Portheus, S IHf. 

|fccX8^|Acvos» part., (fffiiXdoi, Eng. 
melt), jUled with melting fat, 1 i q u e- 
faciens, 4» 363t. 

McX^^Ypof, {(p filXft aypa), son of 
Oineus and Althaia, husband of KIco- 

patra, slayer of Kalydonian boar. A 
quarrel arose between the Kuretes, of 
Pleuron, and the Aitolians, for the 
head and skin of the boar ; the Aito- 
lians had the upper hand until Mele- 
ager, on account of the curses of his 
mother, withdrew from the struggle; 
but he was afterward induced by his 
wife to enter the conflict again, and he 
drove the Kuretes vanquished into 
Akarnania, I 543 sqq., B 642. 

ficXcSifliaTa, Td,(JiiXoii), care, atuiety, 
9vpov, of the soul ; trarpoQ^ anxiety for 
his father kept him awake, o 8. 

fiiXtStov (fjisXw), |jLcXc8«»vcc d^uai, 
sharp cares, r 517t. 

fAcXci, see fjiiXw, 

ftcXcurrC, adv., (fikXag), limb from, 
limb, Q 409, t 291, (r 339. 

|i^cos, ij, ov, Irritus; "*^ 795. ««- 
, rewarded ; ntr., i n c a 8 s u m, tn vain. 

|UXi, roc, n, TO, m el, honeg, as food. 
V 69; also as draught, mixed wiih 
wine; honey and fat were burneil 
upon the funeral pyre, ^ 170, w 68; 
mixed with milk as libation to shades 
of dead, fifXiKprfrov. Metaph. of speech 
of well-disposed, A 249, 2 109. Cf 

McXC-poio, town in Thessalian 
Magnesia, B 717t. 

fAcXt-Ynpvv, sweet-voiced, ft 187t. 

|jicXtt|, riQ, y. riv, ym, f r a x i n u s, ash, 
N 178, n t67 ; shaft of lance, lance, 
freq. with Uri^idda, from mount Ilii- 
Xiov ; presented by the Centaur Chei- 
ron to U7jXtvg,U 143; ti;x«Xicov, well 
shod with brass; x^^'^^7^^X'-^^i^i 

|fccXX-v)8i^, eog, ia, {t)dvs), honeg sweet, 
2 545, K 569, t 94 ; fig. vrrvoc, sweet, 
votTTov, Bvfjidv, life. 

|jicXi-Kpi(Ty, Tip, (Ktpavintpi), honejf 
drink, potion compounded of milk and 
honey as a libation to spirits of the 
lower world, k 519, X 27. 

(acXlvosi p 339, and fuCXivov, a, ()uc- 
Xif}), fraxineus, beech en, ashen, £ 
655. (11.) 

|iiXi<r<rai, diav, fern., (/ueXi), bees, M 

McXtn), a Nereid, 2 42 f. 

|icX£-^pttv, oi'oc, ova, ((ftprjv), Aar- 
ing mind, std>stance, essence like honey; 
honey sweet =fitXiriStis, d u 1 c i s. 

p^XXo), (tCi (ii ere, ovot, opt. oi, oc- 

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ftevt ipf. tfiiWov, *c, («)»S ««» or, and 
fiiWf, /ueAXov, (1) is sum qui, be 
ahle, can, with infin. pres., S 125, S 
200; with inf. aor., d 377. x 322; 
with iroi;, denoting probability or sus- 
picion, may welly must, ovrui rrov Act 
fuXXsi ^iXov (Zvai, thus, methinks, must 
it please Zeus.— (2) like -urus sum, 
(a) be on the point of, a 232. ^ 135, with 
inf. fut. (prs. aor.); (b) it is one's fate, 
destiny, I have to, A 700, II 46 ; often 
negatived, with inf. prs. aor. ; must^ Q 
46, 1 477. 

|UXca, f(av, sofft, ntr., membra, 
Kmbs, <r 70, P 211 ; corpus, body, H 
131, N 672,0 354. 

|iAini|6pa, to, (fuXirut), sport, kvvwv, 
N 233; Kvoiv,P 255. (II.) 

ftcXirovTCf , part., extol in song, A 474 ; 
mid. ifj^XiriTO (fftopniKhtv), wo* playing 
(on the lyre), ^ 17, v 27 ; /wXiro/iivy- 
aiv iv x^PVi celebrate a diorai dance; 
fikXtrarOai ''^.prii, fig., dance a mecuure 
in honor of Ares in close combat = 
fight on foot, H 241. 

|tcX», ( 20, elsewh. 3 prs. fuXtt, ovoi ; 
imp. eroi, ovnav ; inf. ifjuv, uv ; part. 
ovaa, ipf. c/icXc, fte'Xc, fut. -tioh, ijoov- 
oi, rjffifjuv, pf. fikftriX€(v), subj. y, part. 
<tfC, plupf. fisfjiriXfi, curae esse, it is 
a care, to me, fioi n ; may often be trans- 
lated personally, care for, attend to, en- 
gage in, ipya ; K 92, angi t, distresses, 
Q 152, 0|O£(r(, in thy soul ; with inf., tt 
465 ; part., £ 6 ; i 20, be cm object of in- 
terest; nifiriXuQ Tivoc,stVLd\08VLB rei; 
mid. in similar signif. with act prs. 
fifXkoOta, an gat; fut. fiiXriosTai, pf. 
fUfijiXiTai, plupf. fikpi^XiTo, X 12. 

fikfiaa, du. |U|jLdTov, pi. dfi^v, aT{i), 
daoi, imp. oLTto, part, dwg, Cjrog, ti, ra, 
Tf, Ttg, (Jtv, raq, (jHfidoTfQ, ore, B 818), 
lUfidvia, av, at, plupf. fikftaoav, (fiai- 
o/Mi), charge, press forward, iiri nvi 
(yet not so, *,174), iyxtiym ; gestire, 
moliri, p/ofi, X 315; with inf., ap- 
petens sum, desirous, rtvog ; part., 
cupidus, rapidus, eager, quick. 

fAcjMiKvtaiy see ftriKaofiau 

|U}aPXq»icc, see fiXtaoKut, 

|ii;jipXcToii, TO, see /leXw. 

|U|iT|ic«*s, see fiijKdofuu, 

)ii|At|Xc, ti, y, see /leXoi. 

uc}Jiv«»)&c8a, itftro, see fiifivfioKut. 

M^}ivwv, ovoQ, son of IMthonos and 
of Eos, came to the aid of Priamos 

after the death of Hektor, and slew 
Antilochos, X 522, of. C 188. 

^i^vanj iv, pf., (mens), have in 
mind,pu pose, with inf. prs. fut. or aor., 
loa Oiolai (cf. <l>poviuv Ina), thinks to 
make himself equal with the gods, 4» 
315; SixOci, yearns with a twofold wish, 

|U|ivKc, see fiVKdofiai. 

yAv (from fiijv, fuv, H 77, 389, A 
442, X 482), I. in affirmation: pro- 
fecto, in trttth, A 216; ftcv Srj, with 
imp., now then, A 514 ; vvv, now cer^ 
tainly; v, if then in fact; r), (1) in oath, 
»n very truth, ^ 160 ; (2) in assertion : 
truly, yet, k 65, X 447 ; (3) in antithesis, 
Q 41 6.— icai fiiv, (a) and yet, A 269 ; (b) 
but eren, v 45 ; (c) and truly, k 13, r 
244; ov fisv, non pro fee to, not m- 
deed, B 203, P 19, p 381 (see also IL) ; 
ov iikv ydp=kTrH ov /jikv, a 78, 173 ; oif 
pikv Toi, \p 266 ; oifdi fikv, k 447 ; ovSk 
fihf ovSb,B 703; neque vero ne hi 
quidem, nor by any means; drdp fuv, 
but in truth, ^ 122; fie u = dk, T SOS; 
after pronouns, in recapitulation, A 234; 
in repetition, A 267. — II. in first of two 
corresponding clauses, (1) without Sk, 
quidem, indeed, A 21 1 ; also ov fuv Srj, 
but still not, e 341 ; ov fikv toi, yet by 
no means, a 233; ^^v oi'^€,(a)=aXX'ow 
ftdvow^€, nee vero ne — quidem, but 
not even, c 551.— (b) but yet not. T 
295 ; verily in no respect, d 807 ; ov^k 
fitv, but also not, A 154 ; nor indeed, 
^ 311 ; after negative, oif, 9 553, y 
27. —(2) with following Si, et — et, 
quidem — sed, cum — tum, both — 
and, as well — as, although — yet, A 53 
sq., a 22 sqq., P 51, a 24, y 153.— (3) 
instead of di, dXXd may follow, A 24 ; 
drdp, A 166 ; av, A 109 ; avrdp, A 
127; avTi, P 240. — (4) other combi- 
nations: fikv ovv, so then, d 780; fikv 
irov, methinks indeed, P 308 ; fikv rot 
(but /3 294, d 836, rot = tibi): (a) in 
assertion, yet really, S 157, tt 267.---(b) 
introductory, before avrdp, ^411; be- 
fore Sk, p 294. — (c) adversative, <r 233, 
9 294. 

l&cvcaCvo), iig, II, optv, in, lav, ipf. 
fisveaivofiev, aor. ftiverjvafitv, (fABfiova, 
mens, fiiivig), eagerly desire, with inf. 
aor, prs. (fut.), N 628, A 126 ; irasci, 
be angry ^T 68, Q 22, a 20, succ en se- 
re alicui, Tivi; but tpi^i, contend in 

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angry strife; n 491, transfixus in- 

|jicvc - Sifios, withatanding the enemy, 
brave, M 247 and N 228. 

Mcvi-Xaos, son of Atreus, brother 
of Agamemnon, his wife Helene se- 
(}uced by Alexandros, r 27 ; slays 
Skaniandrios, Pylaimenes, Feisandros, 
Dolops, Thoas, Euphorbus, Podes ; 
apffioi:, aprii(pi\oc, ^f-orpt^k^^ dovpiKXti- 
rog, KvSaXifioio, ^avOo^ ; his return 
home, occupying eight years, d 82 sqq. 

l&cvc-^iTT^XicfJMS, 01, persisttnt in battle, 
Oeadfast, y 442. (II.) 

Mcvccrws, son of Peteos, B 552, M 
331 ; leader of the Athenians, N 195 ; 
TrXij^iinrov, A 327. 

Mcv^<r6T|s, a Greek, slain by Hek- 
tor, E 609t. 

Mcv^(rOu»f, (1) son of Areithoos, 
slain by Paris, H 9. — (2) a Myrmidon, 
son of Spercheios, n 1 73. 

|uvc-xolp)&v)s> V^^ ail &n^ ~X<H>K^> ^ 
376. {xdpftr})y stanch in battle, steadfast. 

|jicvo-ciK^(a)y masc, ntr., kg, (^tiKw), 
smting the heart, satisfying^ largus. 
T 144, ^76. 

Ifccvoivwo) (instead of cmi), ag, q,—aq, 
wv, prs., ipf. fitvoiva, tov, aor. 'tjoev, 
subj. i]ffy=Tiy<ri, O 82; rftfUKTi, (fikvog, 
fitvtaipw), cupio. peto, desire, seek, S 
480«o 111, p 355; rivi «aicd, moliri, 
devise, X 532 ; ponder, M 59 ; TroXXrt, O 

McvoiTid8i|s> ao and no, son of Me- 
fMwVuM, Patroklos, n 554,2 93, I 211. 

Mcvo(Tu»f , son of Aktor, A 785 ; in 
Opus, 2 326 ; father of Patroklos, A 
605, T 24. 

fi^os, tog, ii, og, (a, iwv O 361, fn, 
ntr., (MEN, MA, mens, ^^nc), vehe- 
ment impulse, ot 319, T 202, P 503; 
force, might, H 210; iv yovvitroL P 
451 ; freq. with X"(0<C» Z 502, T 372, 
X 502 ; Kparipov, H 38, K 479, N 60 ; 
coupled with aXxfi (power of defense), 
1 706, Z 265, X 226 ; vvpog, Z 182. X 
220 ; av(fiu»v, E 524 ; vitid force, life, 
P 298, 29, Z 27 ; joined with >pvxh, K 
296, r 294 ; Ovfiog, 6 358 ; often in 
periphrasis, e. g. ft, ^ArpiiSao =*ATpU' 
Stjg, etc., A 268, Hr 837, i; 178, 423 ; 
\ipov, i; 167, V 20; fifvi dv^piov, A 
447, e 61, ^ 363 ; resolve, with Gvfiog, 
E 470, X 346; courage, valor, * 151, 
K 366, n 529 ; voXv9apaig, P 156 ; 

with Bctpcog, E 2 ; B 536, T 8 ; torath, 6 
361, A 207 ; fury, cf. tpi^og, A 103 ; Sa* 
fjtaooi, X 562 ; mens, temper, r 493, B 
892 ; in general signif. determined by 
context, iv ippioi, 4» 145, A 103 ; kv 
evfiif, P 451, >P 468, X 312. 

MivTt|s, (1) chief of Kikones, P 73. 
— (2) son of Anchialos, a 180, chief 
of Taphians, a 105, guest friend of 
Odysseus, under whose foim Athena 
visits Telemachos. 

uivToiy see fikv, ad fin.. IT., 4. 

M^vTwp, opog, son of Alkimos, 
friend of Odysseus, in whose form 
Athena conducts Telemachos to Py- 
los, and seconds Odysseus against the 
suitors, /3 225, 243, y 22, 340, x ^6* 
208, u> 446. 

|iivw, prs., ipf. iftiv{e), ov, iter, ^e 
vtoKov, fut. ntvkiit, itg, ovat, eiv, wv, 
aor. ifiuva, ag, c, afAtv, av, and fitiv(k)^ 
afiiv, ar, av, y ; tiag, (m ens, m a- 
neo), (1) maneo, remain, took, with 
inf., O 599 ; thoKi, I 45 ; hold one's 
ground in battle, 11 659. — (2) ri, ex- 
spec to, await, O 709; nvd, o 346 ; 
withstand, Z 126 ; a^onit, A 535, 4» 609 ; 
wait for, nvd, Y 480, * 571, lyw, A 
728 ; sustain, resist, O 406, X 93, M 
169, I 355, there he dared once to en- 
counter me alone. 

M^ttv, a Trojan, slain by Leonteos, 
M 193t. 

Mcp)up£8v|s, son of Mermeros, Dos, 
a 2.59t. 

|A^|icp(a), ra, (s m ar, m a er e, m e r- 
ke), remarkable, signal (ipya, noXk- 
fioio) ; in bad sense, infamous, horrible^ 
K 48 (K 524, e 4.53). (II.) 

M^p|upos» slain by Antilochos, S 

|up|it|p(C«», €ic, n, wv, ipf. fitpnTipiZe, 
oi'j aor. fifpuripila, e(v), subj. o>, inf. 
-at, (see fUpfitpa'), (1) deliberare, 
ponder, reflect, ivi {ftfrd') <f>pi(ri, Kard 
<pphva (Bvfiov), A 189 ; with if — »/, 
utrum — an, <jjg, cntog, inf. at 235. — 
(2) m e d i t a r i, imagine, nvd dfwvropa, 
w 256, 261. 

pip|iiOi, ry, cord, k 23t. 

u^poircs, uiv, fo<n, (mors), mor- 
tales, mortal, dvOpwrroi, d/v, also /5jOo- 
Toioiv, B 285. 

M^po^y seer and ruler in Perkote 
on Hellespont, father of Adrastos and 
Amphios, B 831,A329, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




(^fjupiOj fiepofiaif fjiipof-wi), ipf. |.'e{- 
pco, pf. 3 sing, i^fiopt, plupf. pass, t'i- 
fiapTo (for oiafiapTo\cau8e to he divided^ 
receice as portion, (a) with ace, I 616. 
—(b) with gen., Tini^Q^ A 278, O 189, « 
335. — (c) plupf. pass., ii was decreed hy 
fate, with ace. and inf., $ 281, € 312, 

|icirai-^^Xlos (pitrai, locative from 
liioof:), haff-ffrat/, grizzled, N 36 If. 

Mc<raiiXios> servant of Eumaios, ^ 
449, 455. 

|&conrY^(s), see fitonriyv. 

|fcc<n{cis (fisoog), mediocris, mid- 
dlinff, M 269t. 

|iccr^-8|<,T|s, n/f, (Siput), (1) prop. 
what is constructed in the middle, repre- 
sented in the cut (see a) as a metal shoe 

in which the foot of the mast was firm- 
ly fastened, so that it (the mast) could 
be turned backward on the pivot (c) to 
ahorizontal position, until it rested upon 
the 'lOTo^oKTj, (3 424. See also plate IV. , 
where the fiftroSfiri is somewhat dif- 
ferentl)L represented as a three-sided 
trough, or mast-box. — (2) pi., small 
sipojoe* or niches opening into the peya- 
pov, and enclosed on three sides, behind 
by outside wall, on either side by the 
low walls which served as foundations 
of the columns, r 37. (See plate III., 
r, and cut No. 90.) 

l&ioioV) etc., see pkfrnoc. 

luavirt^i {piooog), iv, in the middle, 
d 2:^3 and A 6. 

I )ic<r<r-avXoto, ov, (avMi). court fat n»- 
yard, P 112 ; cattle-yard, A 548, /jou.i^ ; 
of Polyphenios, k 435. 

M^ovt), harbor town near Tainaron 
in Lakonike, B 582t. 

|i,€cr(rT|-yv(s) and iiior^y {{<■). in the 
middle, A 573, ^ 521 ; meantime, t; 195 ; 
c.sewhere with ^en., between, betwixt, 
Z4,x341. [f'ci/.] 

Mco-otjCs, spring in Thessalian Hel- 
las, Z 457t. 

Mc<r<n{Ki|, district about Pherai, in 
what was afterward Messenia, 15; 
the inhabitants, Mcorcn^vioi, 18. 

|M<r(ro-^aY^S (Ttqyvvpi),' fixed up to 
the middle; tSrjKtv tyxot;, drove the 
spear hilfits length firm into the bank, 
4> 172; V. 1. piaooTToXig, vibrating 
through huff its length, quivering. 

|&^<roros, nom. and gen. pi. wanting, 
dat. pi. oia{iv)', rj, gen. sing., nom. and 
gen. pi. wanting, dat. pi. yo{iv) ; ov, a, 
with parallel form |i^or<p, ov, oioi, 
(/i€0/og, medius), medius, ntr. , freq. 
as subst., middle ; (ti/)/iter(T</>, ig {Kara) 
pkoov, ^iKdt,uv, judge impartially, ^ 
574; ig p. Qiivai, in medio prupo- 
n ere, offer as prize; pkoov i»7rfp, half- 
way over ; pioov aluXoi, pliant in the 

|i,^<r^(a) (jiiao<pa\ rjuvg, till dawn, 
e 508t. 

ficrd, amid, among, B 446, 2 515; 
ofter, ^ 133; postea, afterward, o 
400. — Prep., (1) with dat., amid, also 
of things; among, p. vi^vaiv, N 668; 
also between, of two things, or such as 
exist in pairs, ysvvooi. iroooi (jrkoy p. 
TT. yvvaiKog = i\ A fictLiur), (l>pt<ri^ in 
thought, properly intra praecordia, 
A 245 ; TTiwiyg, orpo^aXiyyi, as it were 
with the breath of the wind, of the 
whirlwind; Trvparov ptrd olg It., ul- 
timum e sociis suis. — (2) with 
gen., along toith, paxiadai ptrd rivog, 
in league with any one. — (3) with ace. 
inter, amid, infrequent, B 143; usu- 
ally to denote direction toward, often 
with plural subst., F 264, H 35, K 205, 
P 458, 460, joined with ig, A 70, A 
423, p 247, cf. E 804 ; coupled with 
fcTTi, n 534; also after, of individuals, 
K 73, ^ 115; in hostile sense, oppa- 
o9ai; of space, A 423; and of time, 
post; in order of worth, rank, s e c u n- 
dvLm=next after; so also where a 

Digitized by V 




superlative is implied, e. g. ajoitrrijtf , 
fiiTiirpiTrf, n 195; 9 583, the dearest 
according to blood and race; finally, 
with verbs of motion and of intention, 
after, in pursuit of, rrXtiv fiird x^^'^ov, 
oixovrai fura diinvov ; denoting con- 
formity with, secundum, fi. oyfiov, 
along the furrow. In anastrophe fikra 
= furttTTij so fiETOf 93, coupled with 

|iCT(&-/3aiVo>, aor. imp. -PT|9i, pass over 
(in narration, Kal diiaov)^ 9 492 ; fttrd 
ddffTpa fit^qKUf IX 312, had passed 
over (the meridian) = were declining 
toward the horizon, /x 312. 

I&CT^ viora PaXwv, aor., terga ver- 
tens, turn one's hack, 9 94f. 

|iCT-cPovXcv<rav, aor. from -PovXevio, 
dXXtjjg, have changed their purpose, dfi<l>' 
(de) 'OSv(Tfjt,t 286 f. 

|i€T* ayycXos, O 144 and ^ 199, is 
not a single word, but /utra belongs in 
one case to OeoXai, and in the other to 

ficra - SflUvvTOi, prs., fut. Sahoftai, 
Oirai {Saivvfiai, oaiy), have a share in 
the feast, "if 207, with gen. partitive, 
elsewh. t'ifiiv, n o b i s c u m. 

|jiCTa-Silj|iiOi, ov, (^^/iot;), among the 
people, in the community, v 46; at home, 
9 293. 

|UTa-8<$pirios (Sopwot;)^ adj., inter 
caenam, during supper, $ 194f (cf. 
213, 218). 

|i,CTa-8po;id8T|v ( ^pofiog ), running 
after, £ 80t. . 

|UTa-C(civ (V^(u), sit among them, 
ir 362t. 

fACT-atovctfv, prs. part., -at^a^, aor. 
part., rushing after, <l> 564. 

I&ct-ckC&oc, ov, ipf., (KidQiti), subse- 
q n i, fdlow after ; n v^/, persequi, 2 
581; transire, /JOM over to; irtdiov, 

|UTa-K\av<rc(r^a^ fut., (icXnriai), po- 
stea fleturum ease, shall hereafter 
lament, A 764t. 

I (ura - KXiv6^o«, aor. pass, part., 
(icXr'i'w), if the tide of battle should 
shift about, A 509 f. 

l&CTo-XXi^^CLC, avTi, aor. from Xfiyu) 
(<r\- ?), x^Xow, cease f om, I 1 57. (II.) 

|MT-aXXw, ^c» ^1 dmv, imp. dXXa, 
aor. dXXrjoai', ijoat^ (Ameis derives 
from fitrd and Xaw, look after), 8 c i s c i- 
tari, search (\fter, E 616, o 362 ; inquire 

about, Tivd, K 125, N 780; ri, x 465, 
K 128; percontari, question, nvd^ A 
553, T 6 ; also nvd re, or dfii^ rtvi^ p 
554; coupled with verbs of similar 
meaning, A 550, y 69, <^ 99, ly 243. 

)icraX|icvos» aor. part, from luQoKr 

|iCT&-|fcd(tov, ntr., (/ict^oc). orijOoQ, 
on the breast, between the nipples, in the 
middle of the breast, E 19f. 

fiCT - ifuoTov, ipf., fut -fiiKofifv^ 
(fiioyu}) placed (pine splinters) in the 
midst, a 310; x 221, toe will merge thy 
possessions with those of Odysseus 
(for subsequent division among us). 

|iCTa|i«Svia (for 'avtp*itvia ?), ntr., 
van a, irrita. vain, fruitless; Otitv, 
redd ant, A 363; v. 1. furafAwXia. 

|UTa-v<£(mr|v, ruv, {vaiw), new-comer, 
interloper, iuquiliuum, I 648. 

|fcCT-cvC<nrcTO, ipf, (vtffcro/iai), pov- 
XvTovSf, passed over (the meridian) to- 
ward (his place of unyoking) setting, 
II 779. 

|tcT-afi), between, A 156t. 

|fcCT&irav^)jkcvoi (iravw), resting be- 
tu)een whiles, P 373 f. 

fAcra-iravotaXi) {iravio), intermis- 
s i o, rest, pause, TtoXtfioio, T 201 f. 

|UTa-irpcir^(a) tov, (rrpkirto^, con- 
spicuous among, dOavdroiaiv, e x i m i am 
inter immortalium (domos), 2 

fAcra-vp^irw, », (tmesis, 9 172), ipf. 
'tTTpnrov, t(v) (tmesis, <t2), ov, (ir/of- 
TTui), be prominent among, excel! ere, 
among, riai, on account of, dat. 11 596, 
inf. n 194. 

^rra-(r(vofjiat, ipf. -coxrcvovro, Bor. 
ioovro, {oivitt, oPv-), hurry after, 4f 
423 ; rivd,'ir 389. 

fitra-ovtov, fura-eiroixivog, see /if O- 


lilraotrai, at, (jitrd), yearlings, prop- 
erly those born in the middle one, of 
the three bearings in the year, summer 
lambs, c 221t, see S 86. 

fitTaaofifOfiai, see fiero'-oevofiai, 

|UT-^crTCVov, ipf , (orevoi), p o s t m o- 
do deploravi, lament afterward, d 
261 f. 

l&cTatKrroixf (Trolxof), secnndam 
lineam, in a line, in a row, side by 
side, "¥ 358 and 757. 

|iCTa-<rrp€0(i>, fut •orrp^^rcity aor. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




pubj. {rrpii//y, wtff, opt. €1/, coil vertere, 
K 107, turn away his licait //owi anger; 
O 52, ihunge his purpose in conformity 
to thy au<l my will ; change one's ways, 
O 203; /3 67, rtverse (your fortunes), 
sending misfortune instead of pros- 
perity ; pass. aor. fiircnTTpttpOti^, aVrc, 
ra,rt, qui corpus convertit, Aap- 
inff turned thenueltfes about^ P 732. 

ftCT-^Kcv {Ti9fifii)f Ki — , would not 
have caused such a din among us, o 

|UT« - Tpiiro)&(oii), o, <raf, tivoq, 
properly, turn one's self about at ^re- 
gard, conndtT^ always with neg., A 
160; exc. nird. b' kTpawiTOf aor., se 
convertit, turned himself about, A 

fierou/rpoirflAitco, ipf., (rpoTraXi^io), 
(non) revertebaris ad me, turn 
about J i. e. thou didst flee without looking 
behind thee^r 190t. 

|iCT-at/(^a<ti, only ipf. t|vS«iv, a, (nu- 
Srj\ spake among, iirta, 8 496, a 31, B 

fifTCL-ipififUy aor. ^MT-i^ft\ and fitr- 
^iiray, «e(n-(£v) and i^i^', roi(Tt, among 
(them) he (she) spoke, B 411 ; B 795, 
allocuta est, not a genuine verse: 
tmesis, fiird tftvr., F 303, «c 561. 

|iCTa^^pa(^|icof a, prs. 1 pi., (0/oa- 
Zofiai), postea considerabimus, 
will dfierward consider, A 140f. 

ficrd-^pcvov, ovj tft, and pi. a, of 
single person, M 428, (^/oti/t c), proper- 
ly, behM the diaphragm^ the back. 

|UTa-0a>r£(i>, ipf. -nfnoi'iov, «(»•). 
{tfiwvri), ' ToXai, made mg voice heard 
among them, k 67, sc. rolm. 

ptT-kdoit from 1. /ui'r-f i/ic. 

fieT-niTT., see fitrd'^riiM. 

I. \Ur-HfAt {fikra = ixirtOTi, f 93), 3 
pi. iSuaXf ifiiAivai = €tj/ac, twt/ (tmesis, 
X 78), subj. cw = tikt, ey, fut. f'ooofiai 
(tmesis, l(r(r€rac, 1 131),versari inter, 
be among, riaiv ; only B 386, i nter ce- 
de t,f ntervene. 

IL i&^-cifiiy iunv, ipf tmesis, jh, 
aor. mid. iha^%voQ, (iepat\ go after, 
sequor; N 298, march forth; go or 
ride among, N 90, P 285. 

fiiT-Hfrop, etc., see ^tTd-(pf)f.a. 

|&cr-Ciirdiuvos9 see II. fiir-upi. 

|ACT-Ciw, ifipfvni, see 1. pikr-ii^i. 

|iCT-iirciTa, afterward, S 310, ir 519. 

|UT-cpxo|uu, cnu, ifiivoi:, fut. cXcv- 

(To/icrt, aor. cXdoi, imp. t\9(, part. cXOwv, 
com* upon, a 229; rciTiV, coiwe among, 
a 134; ingruere, irruere, attack, 
\iufv dyiXrjip^ fitr iXoKj^ovi;; ortX"V 
obire ordines, jmm through to mar- 
shot the ranks, £ 461 ; nvd, seek fur, 
pursue ; TrarpuQ Kkkoq, J go to seek til- 
ings of my father; ipya, attend to the 
farm ; ydfioio, curare. 

|MT-c«nrvTO, see fitTa-oatvofiai. 

^CT^», see I. fiir-Hfu. 

|LCT-iiop€^ ntr., (dfipw), 8 26, yivoiro, 
would be raised aloft, would float in 
the air; into the air, ^ 369. 

|LCT-oix^)L<vos, fj, ipf. V'X^^^* ^^'^ 
dnrv, permeare urbem; K 111,^ 
to seek; persequi; comitari. 

liCT-oicX^ci, keeps ch wging his posi- 
tion (from one knee to the other), N 
28 If. 

(ier* theaavOf (cTrri^u;). gave (to ac- 
company them) at the same time a lead- 
er, K 204t. 

|&CT-6irur6(cv), behind, in the rear 
(toward the west), v 241 ; AcXc(/4/iM'oi, 
left behind; with gen., pone, bthind, 
t 539 ; X 382, aftertcards, 

licT-oxXCao-cic, aor. opt, ((5xX«^w), 
push back, away (strictly with a lever), 
\I 567. 

fierprf^aravrt^y aor. part., (/itrpfw;, 
Qm en 8\, having passed over, y 179f. 

pcrpov, (a), ntr., measure, measur'ng- 
rod, M 422 ; jar and its contents, ment- 
ure, H 471, of wine, of flour ; measures 
of the way = length of the journey, 
S 389 ;fuU measure, prime, ijpTji; ; op^ov, 
proper mooring-place. 

ucT-^iov, adj., ace. sing, mapc, 
(jitT'wnov), on the forehead, A 95 and 
n 739. 

|fc^T-«»irov, y, a. ntr., (w^), frons, 
forehead, Siho front tf helmet, n 70. 

|i€v = (i)fiov, see iyut. 

H'^XP^5)> with gen., ten us, as far 
OS, OaXdoofjQy N 143, and rko /i., how 
long? U 128. 

|u{, negative prohibitory particle, 
ne: I. where the subject desires to 
avert something, (1) prohibition, with 
imp. pres., n 22, r 414; aor., A 410, 
a> 248 ; subj. aor., E 684 (in thrt>at, 
A 26 ; as mild assertion, t 467) ; /'// 
ri, do not in any way, true readiii;;- in 
a 315. — (2) exhorration, M 216, /u) 
lofiiv (snbj ). — (3) wish, with opt., V 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




160; with o^sXfg, I 698; with inf., 
B 413; in imprecation, B 259.— (4) 
solemn promise, fut. indic, K 330; 
inf., £ 187; protest, indic, O 41 ; inf., 
T 261, ^ 685.— (5) pmpose, A 522, 
a 133.— (6) fear lest, o 12, A 555; with 
indic. aor., £300; in independent 
clause, A 587 ; dependent upon other 
verbs, A 555, K 98, 11 446 ; in indirect 
question, K 101.-^(7) threat, S 46.— 
II. where the subject intends to deny 
the truth of its assertion : (I) in con- 
ditional clauses, nisi, vnless, V 374 (in- 
variable, except where an idea not the 
sentence is denied, cf. si non, r 289). 
— (2) in concessive sentence invariable, 
£t icat and Kai £», etc. — (3) in relative 
sentence implying a condition,^ 165 ; 
after indefinite general antecedent, B 
302. — (4) in temporal clauses implying 
condition, 7r 197, N 319. — (5) always 
with infin. — (6) in interrogations ex- 
pecting negative answer, n u m ; always 
>) fir), pray can it be? you dont men? 
i 200, I 405, 406. With other parti- 
cles: /i^ ou, ne non, lest not, A 28, 
566 ; lift dij, think not, J pray you, A 
131 ; /ij) ^('iv, 6 512, see fidv. (For 
place in sentence, see ow.) 

|it|8^, {\) hvi not, T 160.— (2) ne- 
q u e. and not, nor, n e — q u i d e m, firiU 
ri, nor by any means (in first, second, 
and fifth foot;, A 184, T 121, y 96. 
Also doubled, yet not correlative like 
fjirin — ^trin, but continuative, e. g. 
nor — , also not, A 303. 

£v)8cv, nihil, nothing, 2 500 f. 
lT|8corL-Ka<rTT|, illegitimate daugh- 
ter of Triamos, wife of Imbrios, N 

IfcljScai, £rat, oifiriv, io, ipf. firid€T{o), 
Sov9 = SovTo, fut. fifiotai, aor. (Oi"'/- 
<Tor(o), (fjiedcuv, m editor), B 360, take 
counsel /or one's self; devise, rivi rt, S 
253; KaKa Tin, H 478; 6\i9p6v rivi, 
K 300, ic 115; \vypbv vootov^ y 132; 
Tivd rt, prepare for, ^ 24, X 395, (o 
426; vorrroi, parare, y 160. 

I. |ii)Scc^ TO., (fi£^wv, m e d i t o r), 
plans, counsels; irvKvd, shrewd; ilfiw(,\ 
fertile in plans ; ntTrvvfisva, prudent ; 
d<pi)tTa, enduring ; 0iAct, friendly ; tv 
ippioiv olhv, knows well in her 
thought. X 445. 

II. fiiiSca (ftaSdr, madere), privy 
parts, C 129, (T 87. (Od.) 

Mt|9<avi|, home of Philoktetcs, B 

firjicdofiai, only pf. pLC|fcv)K<tfS» psftci- 
Kviai, whence ipf. (t)}ikpriKov, i 439; 
and aor. part. fidxiMtv, shrieking, scream- 
ing, always of wounded animals, exc 
<r 98; pf., of hard-pressed game, K 
362 ; elsewh. balare, bleat. 

|fcv)Kd8€s, ac, fem., Qiriicdofjiai), bleaU 
ing (she-goats), i 124. 

\ui\-K-ir(i)y non iam, no longer, B 
259, 435, y 240. 

Mt|ici,<rTcvs> TJoQ, £oc, (1) son of Ta- 
laos, brother of Adrastos, father of 
Euryalos, B 566,^ 678.— (2) son of 
Echios, companion of Antilochos, slain 
by Polydamas, ace. -^, O 339, O 333, 
N 422. 

Mt|KurTT|ici8T)S = Euryalos, Z 28. 

|i.iiKurrov, ovg, longissimum, os, 
tallesf, H 155; firiKioT a, finally, e 299. 

H'tlKOS, TO, (/iOK/Doy), Itfty stature^ 
V 71 ; elsewh. longitudine, lengths 

^y\Kfav^rf. poppy stalk, 9 306 f. 

|fcT)X^ai, Of, pi. fem., (jxTfXov), apple- 
trees; in synizesis, w 340. (Od.) 

|it|Xo-poTT|pa«, Tovg, shepherds, 2 

I. |iTjXov, <p, iiiv, TO, m&lum, appf^, 
i; 120, I 542. 

II. |iTjXov, ntr., /i 301, I 105, smaU- 
cattle, domestic animals ; ri, a single 
head; esp. in pi., herds of sheep and 
goats ; tvopxa, dpaiva, he-goats, rams. 

|ii4Xoira, t6v, shining white, tj 104t. 

jiT|v (/ior), profecto, verify, in truth 
(never alone) ; ^ — , B 291 ; ov — , Q 
52 ; &ys — , on then, A 31 2 ; Kni /i?/v, 
and verily, ^ 410, ;r 440 ; also in truth, 
T 45, X 582. 

prfv, v6g, see fieig. 

|jii^Ki|, fjg, {iii]v, men sis), moon, "¥ 
455 and T 374. 

|jLV)vtO|i,^v, Tov, (fjiriv'nij), wrath, H 62 
(only n). 

|i,i^vi|ic^ TO, {fitjviu}), Oedv, cause of 
divine wrath, curse, X 358. 

I&tivis, loi", IV, fem., (jiaivopai), ira, 
wrath, rancor, A 1 . 

|AV)vi€i, prs., imp. pt]vi((), ipf (Of* »/- 
i'»(£i/), aor. fiijvioac, (/i^i'tt), irasci, 
sue cense re, be wroth with, A 422, 
M 10. p 14. 

M-govcs, inhabitants of M^ov(«, 
woman from, M-Qoydf), L e. Lydia, A 
142, r 401, B 864. 

Digitized by 





(ii^-iruT€, (1) nunqnam, nevery I 
133. — (2) ne unqaam, lest ever, X 

|fcii Tov, ne forte, lest in any way, 
tS 130, 5 775, ri'c, with subj. in threat 

|iii) irw, with imp., ne (non) iam, 
not yet, that not yet, x 431, <^ 59, P 422, 
2 134 ; with opt., v 123. 

liif ir<0S, with subj. or opt. : that in 
no way J lest somehow^ i 102 ; express- 
ing purpose or fear, with subj., P 95 ; 
in indirect question, tohether not, K 

|fct|pc^ see fxripia. 

|fct|piv3oio, 7>, ovj fern., (jxripvw), oordy 
^ 854 (only ^). 

|&t|p£(a) 'and |iT|p(a), rd, (nvpog)y 
pieces of the fiesh of the thiffhs, which, 
together with other pieces, were wrap- 
ped in a double layer of fat {iriovaf 
wfio%Tri<jav\ placed upon the altar 
{iindfXvai), and burned, A 40, y 456. 

Mt|pi^VT|s, son of Molos, N 249; 
K 270, from Kreta; Ofpairtov, of Ido- 
meneus, N 246; draAni/roy 'EtwaXitpj 
H 166 ; 'Apr/t, N 528 ; exploits, N 566, 

650, a; 514, n 342, 603. 

|A.t|p4S$, ov, ovj u), oiy ovg, masc, fe- 
rn ur, ham, upper fleshy part of the 
thigh; **to smite one's thighs" as sign 
of surprise or excitement, M 162; 
i^sra^vov firjpia, they cut out (from 
the thighs of the victims, sc. fxtjpwv) 
the thigh -pieces, y 456, q. v. 

|it|pWavro, aor. mid. from firjpvw, 
dreuj up, furled by hrailing vp, p. 170t. 
The process was what it is to-day. 
(See cut No. 5, Egyptian representa- 
tion of a Phoenician ship.) 

|&tj<rro>p, OQ, €, iq, aq, masc., (firfSo- 
fiai), properly, deviser, preparer ; a u c- 
tor, ju. (bo^oio, author of flight, but E 
272, well understanding pursuit and 
flight; p.. dvrrJQ, raisers of battle cry, 
cf. /3o^v dyaOog, elsewh. counse/or. 

Mi{<rT«»p, son of Priamos, Q 257 f. 

|ii^TC — /tt^rt, nee — nee, neve — 
neve, neither — nor; followed by sim- 
l)le re, N 230 ; prjrk ri, with imp., and 
do not, K 249, ^ 387. 

|i,ifTV|p, tpoq, «pi, spa, (/p' Iprfv and 
Ipi, if/ 113\ voc. firjnp, ace. pi. spag; 
also iiip-p^, pi, mater, mother, of men, 
A 130, a 215 ; of animals, ic 414 ; freq. 
with epithets, rrorvia, aii^oiy, Kfdvif; 
with priXiov = producing i abounding in 

sheep, A 222 ; — OtipiHv, in wild-beasts, 
6 47. 

Ifci^T^ see p.r)riQ. |&i{tI, see piing. 

firjrtdiM), 3 pi. p,t|n6«Mi%, part, oiovri, 
ig, otaxrt, ouioa, mid. prs. daoBf, ipC 
HfiriobiVTOy (fi^rig), deliberate, H 45-, 
conclude^ ^ovXdg; devise, ti, KOKit, vo- 
orov rivi ; 2 312, kokcl, male sua- 
denti; mid., debate with one's self, 

|ii)TtfTa (jifiriopai), only of Zevg and 
Zct; at close of verse, all-wise, cuunseU 
or, A 175,508. 

p.ip'i^cvTa (ptirig) <^dppMKa, helpful 
herbs, ^ 227 f. 

|Mp'Co}UU, fut. f<ro)&a^ aor. laaiprjv, 
ioaoQai, (jjTjTiopai, p.fjrig), devise, rtvi 
ri, rivd n ; cf. prjSopai, perpetrate 
against one. 

|ii)TukMrc^ otoai, see ptiridu). 

|i,v|TiS9 'C» ' J '»'> fem., (ra e t i o r), con- 
silium, (1) shrewdness, wisdom, prjrifj 
drdXavrog, equal in insight to the gods. 
— (2) proposed, plan, P 634 ; v<l>aiviiv, 
think out, H 324, S 678. 

pifrig, fLifTX, nullum, X 120, 1/ 46; 
usually separated, /tr/ rt, e, g. with imp., 
by no means; also with subj. and inf. 
In most cases the force of the two 
words pfi and rig, which are usually 
separated by a word, mav be separate- 
ly given, X 358, v 229, A 234. 

|i.v)Tpo-irdTo»p, one's mother's father, 
A 224t. 

p.ip'pvii^, ijg, no V ere a, step-mother, 
N 697. (11.) 

p.ip'pttiov Siopd, mater na domus, 
maternal home, r 410f. 

|itiTpa>s, ace. ioa, avunculus, mo- 
temal uncle, U 717. (II.) 

pT|xav^o>vTa«, part. pr. (for dovrag), 
mid. prs. '6^o^>^al, opt oipro, ipf. prj- 
XavdatrBi, owvro, (jitjxavij), set at work, 
perpetrate, a 143 ; mid. in similar sig- 
nif., also devisf, x 134, rivi KaKa. 

V%%P^* r«, help, remedy, B 342. 

Mytuv, see M.yovkg. fiCa, see ilg, 

piaivbi, aor. subj. piiivxi) pass. pr. 
ptaivioQai, ipf piaiviro, aor. 3 pi. ipi- 
avOev and dvOrjoav, dye, stain, A 141 ; 
pass., i n q u i n a r i, &e soiled (with blood 
and dust). 

fiXai-<^vos, f, cruore inquina- 
tus, blood-stained, Ares, E 31. (U.) 

pXdp^ (piaivo)), cruore Jnqui- 
natus, stained, Q 4201. 

Digitized by 





|fct7a(o|Uvov9, part, prs., (fjiiyvvfii)f 
^•Aorr/n, united in love, (^ 271t. 

Pl(78&, adv., (jiiyvv^ij^prondscuouak/t 
Gii.iaty B 437 ; together^ to 77. 

fiiyvvfii, aor. inf. |it|at, pass. pf. fjte- 
fuyfikvoi/j 01, »/, a, plupf. tixi^KTo, aor. 
{i)fiiX^ri, 3 pi. i^ixOeVf inf. Ot)fji(vaiy 
part, t^fit,", aor. 2 ifiiytiv, i/f, ij, /liyiy, 
]fj<Tav=fuytv, subj. ryj/c, £Uifft, opt. eijyv, 
i;r, ly, fiiyeiev, inf. ifnivai and ^vai, 
part. «i/ra, eTera, fut. fjnyii<jia9aiy mid. 
fut. fii'^tadai, aor. tfiiKro, fiiKTo ; more- 
over, pass. |iUrycai, trai, ijrot, sfjievai 
and i<rO(ai)f tfxkvijjv, ipf. fuffytro^ o/ut- 
^(a), oi/ro, and iter. fiitryktrKtro, Ifiuryi- 
(rxroi/ro^miscere, mix, oevov icat v^a/p; 
also wine with wine, r 270; uXiatTi, 
with salt ; yXw<T<Ta, mixecl language ; 
pass., come in contact, with dat., lyKaai, 
Koviy ; have relations with, ^iviy, hold 
intercourse in. guest friendship, with 
dat., also tv nm, t^ rivag ; also, come 
into hostile relations loith, rivi, naXafiym 
Tivog, iv Sat ; be united in sexual inter- 
course, esp. {irapd) Tivl, with one ; 0iAo- 
Tr)Ti Kai tvvy, also iv ^iXonjrt or evvy, 
or kp dyKoivyoi rivog ; O 33, rjv ifjiiyrjc^ 
whose embraces thou hast enjoyed. 

MtScio, town in Boiotia on Lake 
Kopais, B 507 f. 

|UKp^, parvus, smaU, little ; Sfftag, 
in bodily stature, E 801 ; comp. )u£a>v, 
minor; Ki<f>aXy, less in stature, or 
shorter by a head, r 193. 

uiicTo, fiiKTo, see fxiyvvfu. 

MCX-i)Tos> (1) Ionian city in Karia, 
B 868.— (2) city in Kreta, mother-city 
of foregoing, B 647. 

luXro-irdp'Qoi {juXtoq, " vermilion," 
irapuifj), red-cheeked, painted red on sides 
or bows, B 637, t 125. 

Mt|Aas, vroQ, promontory in Asia 
Minor opposite Chios, y 172t. 

}ii||;civ, inf. prs., (jAifivu)), perm a- 
nere, remain, B 392 and K 549. 

pLip.vT)<rK(€), imp. prs., fut fivfifret, 
aor. ifivrjcTat;,, ijcy, riaaoa, (fUPio, men s), 
commonefacere, remind, rtva rivog ; 
mid. prs., fut. fivfjcrofiai^ etc., aor. kfivq- 
aaro, fivrjoavro, opt. -(yaiaro = (Taia9\ 
imp. fivfjffat, atrOai, etc., iter, fivr^ad- 
(TKiTo ; moreover from fivdofiai, prs. 
^voN>}i^v«», tft, ipf. ftvMovr{o% ( 1 ) be- 
tttink one'v self of, provide/or, with gen., 
TTtpi, i; 192 ; <pvyaSf, think on flight. — 
(2) memo rare, mention, fivijaBrjvai 

TivoQ, d 118. — (3) pf. fUfiVTjfiat, (<r)ac 
and y, TiT(ai), etc., subj. wfieOa, opt. 
y/jiriv, iiftro, plupf. fisfivrifiTjv, tivro, 3 
fut. fjtt/xvriffofjLai, if](nndai, meminisse, 
remember, tivoq and rivd, ri; <r 267, 
curare, care for. 

fi£}ivo>, only prs. (part funvovrtaai, 
etc.) and ipf, also unaugmented fiifAvo^ 
fitv, ov, (jii-fikvwi), manere, perm a- 
nere, withstand, enemy, rain, wind; 
ex specta re, au?a»^, rfw, ir 367. 

|i,tv, K 347 fjuv, enclit., (for ifiifiy old 
Lat emem), eum, eam, id, ^ 48, P 
232 ; never reflexive, d 244 ; never for 
pi., p 268, K 212. 

MtvvcCy (riiv)f ****»'» Minyeian, from 
ancient stem of Minyai in Orchome- 
uos,X 284 and B 511. 

Mtwijios, river in £lis, A 722. 

pXvi^Oci, oval, subj. y, ipf. iter. etrKovj 
(fjivvvOa), minuo, lessen, diminish, O 
492, $ 17; minui, ^ 467 ; /« 46, the 
skin round (the bones) w wasting. 

pJtwv9a (minus), pauUulum, a 
little while,' n%fi ovtl fiaXa difv, nor was 
it long = was quickly over, x 473. 

l«.lwv9d8ios> ^< ov, 01, comp. -Sko- 
rtpov, X 64 ijjiivvvOa), brief (of pain, 
life), O 612. 

liivtSpitc, imp. prs., ipf. 3 pi. fiivvpt^ 
^ov, (fiivvpog), whimper, whine, moan, £ 
889 and d 719. 

MCva»s, otog, wa, and (o, son of Zeus 
and of Europa; ruler in Knosos in 
Kreta, N 450 ; father of Deukalion 
and of Ariadne, X 322 ; rules over his 
subjects in lower world, X 568 sqq. 

|iury-d7K€iav, rfiv, (dyKog), meeting 
of mountain glens, basin, A 453t. 

fittryM, see iMyvvfiL. 

^.t(rv)<rc, aor. from /ic(rc(t>, P 272f, 
suffered not that he should — . 

|U(r06s, oVy o7o, y, 6v, ovg, (Ger. 
Miethe), wages, k 84, a 358. 

|jiurrvXXc(v), ov, ipf. from ^t(TriiXXct», 
(m u t i 1 u s), cut up into bits, prepfu-ato- 
ry to roasting flesh on the spit, A 465. 

fitrov, Tov ; Trap'fK — , forth from the 
upright threais of the warp, ^ 762t. 
(See cuts Nos. 63, 129.) 

|i,£TpY), Tjg, ffv, fem., band or girdle 
round the waist and abdomen, below 
the ararog 9<opri^, the exterior of metal 
plates, the interior lined with wool (see 
cut No. 36), .shorter than the ^w/tia, 
which covered it, while over both and 

Digitized by 





the OiHtpriK passed the Z(*>(TTfip. (See 
cuts Nos. 3, 78.) 

|ux^U> see fiiywfii. 

fivdofiai^ ^vix^ daaOat and araiy 
wvrai, dffOiMiy aaifat, tofitvoci ipf. fJivuf- 
fjii9(a), iirnvTOf iter. /iVrt(Tictr(u), (Ger. 
minne)) woo^ yvvalKa^ dKoiTiv^ ddfiap- 
ra,u> 125 ; used also absolutely : /ivcu- 
ofiivWf etc. ; see jjufjvtiaKto. 

|AV^|t(a), TO, {fiffivrjfiai)f memorial^ 
X^ipiovy from Helen's hands (of her 
handiwork), o 126. 

|Jivt|)JMMri)vT| (jivnpwv) TTvpog yeviff^w, 
let there be remembrance of, let us be 
mindful of fire, equivalent to a pass. 
of fiSfivijfiaifG 181f. 

|i,vi(i|M>v (fivnpa), mem or, 95, and 
^prov, bent on freight. 

KrJjotUy fivTi<rdaKiTo, see ftipvriffKto, 
f vT|<rof , a Paionian, slain by Achil- 
leus, * 21 Of. 

|AVT|OTCvciv, prs., aor. part, -ivaav- 
ret: J QtvTj<TTrji)y woOy d 684 and tr 277. 

|AVT|<rrijpcs, npwvy ijpffi and i]ptaai{y), 
OQy Qiv^arii), suitors, proci, esp. of 
Penelope, in number 108, with ten 
servants, tt 247. 

|AvtjaTis> Vi (jJiifJivt}aKuj)y remembrance^ 
Sopirovy V 280t. 

HvrnTTOQy only fern. |AVT|<ml|, y, iiv, 
(jivdofiat)y wooed and wony wedded, dXo- 
Xoq; opp. iraWaKigy dovpucrrjTriy etc., 
Z 246, a 36. 

|tvT|aTl)os, vvy gen. and ace. from 
fivriOTVQy (fivdofiat), wooing, courtingy 
/3 199. (Od.) 

|AV«»^l&cvos> fivwfitvog, iiiovTOy see 


l&OY^ovTCS, part., aor. (i)n6yr\<jay ag, 
av, ifi6yti(ri{v), subj. fioyrjoyy part, aai., 
(^fioyig^y 1 a b o r a r e, tot/, kibor ; part. = 
aegre, Aard/y, A 636; fessum esse, 
worn, with dat. instrum., e 224, also 
with gen. ; and c^ tpytitv, tired with 
work in the fields ; p e r p e t i, sujjfer, 
undergo, ttoXAo, tiviKa rivog and iiri 
Tiviy for the sake of. 

)u$yIs> aegre, vix, scarcely p, X 
412], I 355. 

pftYw, Ttfy prae labore,<Arott^A mg 
toU, A 27t. 

|A<yyoo'-T^KOS, 01, (n'lcrw), exciting 
pains (of labor), Eileithyia, IT 1 87. (II.) 

|itfOov, ovy mascdin of battle, H 1 1 7 ; 
iirviMtv, of war-chariots. 

|ioCp(a), y, aVf ai, dtav, ag, (ji^po- 

fiai), pars, then portio, part, por- 
tion, in booty, the feast ; ovd' aicovg /i. 
ixovoiv, expertes sunt pudoris; 
then generally share, to every thing its 
share, r 592 ; proper share, Kard /loi- 
pavy suitably; iv poipy^ merito; opp. 
vapd (ifirkp,')C 336) polpav; finally, 
fatum, sors, the lot in life assigned 
to every one at binh, tiavurov; polpd 
ioTiv—kinapraty it is fated, ordered by 
destiny, with inf. ; opp. dppopii], in 
sense of good foitune ; doom, Z 488 ; 
last of all, Fatum, Destiny as the blind 
controlling power, recognized even by 
the gods ; plur. Q 49, k 253. 

|Mipt)-Ycv^s, ycicfavor^ by Molpa 
at one's birth, child of destiny, V 182f. 

|iOix-^Ypl(a), rd, (/ioix«f, dypa), p. 
6(pi\\ti, owes the^ne imposed upon one 
taken in aduUery, h 332f . 

l&oXctv, see /iAw<Ticw. 

^Xtpos, ii, plumbum, lead, A 
237 f. 

MoXto>v, ovtty (1) companion of 
Thymbraios, slain by Odysseus, A 322. 
— (2) MoXCovc = 'AicTopiwve, Eurytos 
and Kteatos, A 709, 750. 

)&oXoPp($s, tv, ('* filthy pig," so Cur- 
tius), glutton, as insulting epithet, p 219 
and a 26. 

M^Xos, father of Meriones, K 269, 

fioXovoa, poXiov, see fiXwaKU). 

|ioXirq, Tjg, y, (/isXttw), lusus.^fay, 
«por^, with music and dance, ^ 101, A 
472; music (vocal and instrumental); 
dance, 2 572. 

lioXvpSoXrQ, ry, {p6\v(3cog\ piece 
of lead attached to fishing-line as 
sinker, Q SOf. 

povoiit, only f&ovwOcCsf cj'ra, part. aor. 
pass., and |tovvi0O'c, aor. ^Qi., propagate 
the race single, so that there is in each 
case but a single heir, tt 1 1 7 ; pass., 
left alone. 

ii^pi|u>v (fiopog), decreed by faie, with 
inf., r 302t. 

popfJbi^pcav, ovra, part., (/iv/ow), rcwr- 
ing by, d^ptfi, with foam, 2 403. (II.) 

fiop^cvra (popoi-), mvlberry-colored= 
dark-colored, so the old commentators; 
modern criticism has proposed other 
explanations, e. g. shining from MAP, 
yet nothing so far conclusive, a 298. 

pipos, ov, masc, (1) from ptpopat: 
due (cf. polpa, alaa), vwip p('poVy O 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




517, a 34; fat urn, destiny, \\ 
409], TT 421, V 241, T 421.— <2) ab- 
stract noun corresponding to lipoTuc, 
mors, death, 2 465, X 280. Q 85. 

|u$p<ri)i0S9 ov, ntr., (fiopoi^), lartv 
{»/«»/), is (was) ordei'ed hyfcUe, with inf., 
T 417, E 674 ; also of persons, destined 
to death, X 13, to niaiTiage, tt 392 ; 
rifiap, day of death, O 613. 

M^pvs, voc, son of Hippotion, N 
792 ; a Mysian, slain by Meriones, 
S: 514. 

fiopif(r(T<jj, pf. pass. part. (M)i.opiry)i.eKa 
or -xf^^^*^> f o ed a t a, stained, v 435f . 

(iop<|»ij, r]v, venustas, grace, of 
speech ; fills his words with grace, 9 
170. (Od.) 

ju^p<|»vov, swamp-eagle, (fxopfpvoi;), or 
(cf. op<l>V7i) dark-colored (?), Q 31 ef. 

|Ji^<rxoto-i, recentibus, /resh, ten- 
der, see \vyoim, A lOSf. 

MovXios, (1) an Epeian, slain by 
Nestor, A 739. — (2) a Trojan, slain by 
Patroklos, 11 696.— (3) a Trojan, slain 
by Achilleus, Y 472.— (4) a native of 
Dnlichion, herald of Amphinomos, (t 

^ovv(i{, adv., {jiovvoQ), singly, 371. 

|iovvos, ov, <p, ov, ot, T}, (fjiovog), 
solus, alone, A 467; unicus, single, 
jS 365; desolate, forsaken, desertus, 
K 157. 

Mov<r(a), at, diov, (mens, monere), 
Muse, Muses, daughters of Zeus, 9 488, 
B 598, and of Mnemosyne, dwell in 
Olympos, B 484, in number, nine, w 
60 ; sing before the gods, A 604 ; 
Atycia, ti) 62; and inspire the bard, 
A l,a 1,B484. 

)ioxOi^<rciv, fut. from fiox9Eio, (/lox" 
9oq\ laboraturum, wUl be worn; 
Krjdim, e u ris, K 106t. 

(u>x9^1|ovTa, part, from iJiox9it,(ii), 
(ji6x9oq), suffering, evulnere, B 723f . 

fioX^iio, ipf. ifioxXcov, (/loxXof), 
heave up (with levers), M 259t. 

lioxXoSf rp^, ov, o7<n, (moles), lever, 
hanl-spihe, not roller, e 261 ; (in i) stake. 

MirySwv, ovoq, king of Thrygia, 
r 186t. 

|iv8&X^as, ace. pi. fem., (madeo), 
m a d i d as, dripping (with blood), A 54f . 

MvSwv, wj'oc,', (1) son of Atymnios, 
charioteer of Pylaimenes, slain by 
Antilochos, E 58*0. — (2) a Paionian, 
slain bv Achilleus, ^ 209. 

|jiiicX 'cvra, ntr., (jivikog), medal- 

1 o s a. full of marrow, i 293f . 

|jiocXo99 ^v, masc, medulla, mar- 
row, Y 482; dvdpwv, ^ 290, spoken of 
strengthening food. 

|jiv0^o|iai, pr., and ipf tfiv9€6fjtrjv 
(elsewh. unaugmented), iter. fw9k(TKov' 
TO, in ore habebant, used to call, 

2 289 ; fut. riaofxai, aeai, aor. rioaro, 
etc., (juv^of), say, speah,'R 76, X 184, 
a 1 24, X 345 ; KtpTOfxiaQ, utter taunts ; 
with ace. with inf., ^ 462 ; report, A 
74, X 328, /3 202 : with oIoq, describe, r 
245; relate, fi 155 ; also memorare, 
speak of, X 517 ; interpretari, A 
74 ; communicate, v 191. 

)tv0o-XoYcvciv, narrare, rebate, rivl 
Tt,fi 450. 

|iv6oS) 010, ov, etc., dat. pi. oia(tv), 
niasc, speech, opp. tpyov, I 443 ; ora- 
tio, narratio, S 597: sermo, con^ 
versation, d 214; iussum, request, 
vmh, o 196; consilium, counsels, A 
545 ; in general signif —res, matter, 
its circumstances, its occasion ; 71, 
d meanor, conduct. 

liv^TiS) pvHaVy ai, d<j}v^ oq, muse a, 
house-fly, carrion fly, horse-fly, the last 
as symbol of audacity, P 570. 

MvkcIXti, promontory in Asia Minor, 
opp. Samos, B 869t. 

MvK&Xticnrcs, town in Boiotia, B 

fivKdofiai, part. |AVK<a|icvai, aor. 3 

sing. flVK(, 3 pi. pVKOV, pf. flf/JLVKiO^, 

plupf BfitfiVKti, (1) mugio, bellow, of 
cattle; of Skamandros in comparison, 
* 237. — (2) c rep are, creak, grate, of 
city gates ; resound, Y 260. 

|ivict|0fjiov, </I, masc., mugitus, low- 
ing, bellowing, 2 575 and /n 265. 

MvKi{vT|, daughter of Inachos, /3 
120; eponymous heroine of city Mv- 
KTJvTi (-T]9iv,from M.), and ^vat. My- 
kene or Mykenai, residence of Agamem- 
non ; the inhabitants Mvict|vaioi. 

fnvKov, aor. from fivKciopai. 

|ivXdKC<r<ri, rolg, with millstones, then 
generally, mighty stones, cf sax is, M 

|ivXt|s, r]v, ai, mola. (hand) mill, 
V 106. (Od.) Without doubt, not very 
different, except that they were of 
ruder make, f om the Homan hand- 
mills found in Switzerland, and repre- 
sented in the cut on next page. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 





livXYi-^^TOV (0lvw), cracked or ground 
in a m%l\ f3 SSSf. 

ItiiXo-ciSci (fivXri), like a millstone^ 
H 270t. 

|jb^vX|ox, rati:, (mnnio), through ex- 
cuses^ 1 1 1 f. 

MvvT|s, ijToc, son of Euenos, slain by 
Aehilleus, B 692 and T 296. 

^v^ttKt^y riv, iKai ^ 350, yaiVy tam- 
arisky mnrsh-shrvh (tamarix tallica 
Linn.). K 466. Hence fjivpiKtvip o^<^j, 
tomamjfe-sh<x)t, Z 39 f. 

MvpfvT|, an Amazon, whose fnneral 
mound was called *• Thorn-hill," Ba- 
n'cm, B 814t. 

I&tiptov, 101, I'/Tt, iW, /(«), innume- 
rus, immensus, countless, 110, B 
468 ; fjivpiovy with pen., immensum, 
a vast quantity, <t> 320. 

Mvpt&XSwVcs, ioat, a Thrakian tribe 
in PhthiotiF, followers of Achilleus, IT 
269, B 684, A 180, X 495 ; their chief 
centres, Fhthia and Hellas. 

IJi^povTOi, prs., part, and frcq. ipf. 
3 pi. fivpov&fflow, diasolve in tears, 
lament J T 340 ; a/i0i riva, T 6. 

"NLvpaXvoif village in Elis, later to 
MvprovvTiov, B 616f. 

Mv<ro(,(l) a tribe on the Danube, 
N 5. — (2) kindred with foregoing. My- 
sians in Asia Minor, occupying tcn-i- 
tory from River Aisepos to Mount 
Olympos, B 858, K 430, Si 512, li 

|AVXH^ '''Vy (H^^*^)f f r e m i t u 8, moan- 
ing, (u 416t. 

|jivxo(TaTos, 146, postremns, 
farthest away from (the rest); more 
common ^vxCs, 9>, ov, (ov8c, x 270), 
ovg, rear portion, inner part, of hall, 
house, cave, harbors, 4> 23; hence 
fjivxifi, in the farthest, innermost coiTier 
of p e n i t u s, KXiaiqg, 'Apyioc, airtiovg. 

fiifoj, aor. 3 pi. fAllaav, have closed, 
Q 637 f. 

)iVMv, nom. sing., gen. pi. (oroiv, 
masc, (fivg, m u s - c u 1 u s), tnas of 
muscle, muscles, n 315, 324. 

pwXos, ov, masc, tumult of battle, 
P 397 ; freq. with 'Apijog, moil of war, 
H 147. 

pwXv, TO, moly, a magic herb, given 
by Hermes to Odysseus, to shield him 
against the spells of Circe, k 305 f. 
Identified by the ancients as a kind of 
garlic (allium nigrum Guan.). 

)&(i»}[|, subj. prs. from -tvio, ^ 274t, 
and |Ji<ou,iio'ovTai, fut. from -tofiat, F 
412f, vituperet, -abunt, blame, re- 
proach {fiitfiog). 

\iiM\koyy Tov, fi. avd\pai, set a brand 
of shame upon us, /3 Sef. 

I&favvx*^* ^^> explained by ancient 
commentators as fior-6rv\tc, single-, 
undoven- hoofed, solidis ungulis, E 
236, opp. cattle and sheep ; a deriva- 
tion from fiffiua, eager-, quick-footed, 
has been proposed by modem scholars. 


vv ItfftXKveriKov, affixed to follg. 
forms : pi. <n ; (iKotn ; suff. tpi and 
v6o<f>i ; the particle Ke ; and to forms 
of the verb ending in c and i of 3d 

vaC {vff, nae, ne), tferily, A 286 ; alscv 
with fid, q. V. 

vaicrddi, part, dtov, ouxra, {a 404, 
B 648). dovra, prs. and ipf.. iter, vau^ 
TauoKor, {vaiu}), habit are, versari. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




inhabit^ exists AaKfSaifjovt, T 387 ; of 
localities, are situated, inhabited, sita 
est, dicdls, where the island is con- 
ceived as a thing endowed with life = 
exitts, a 404 ; also transitive, B 539 ; 
part. €v vaierdutVy etc., habUabk. 

vaCtt, prs., (inf. vaufxtv), and ipf. 
(iter. vaiitjKij oi/), mid. iv vaiofiivov, t], 
etc., inhabited, peopled, of cities, {yaajJ), 
(1) dwell, Kara, "Trepi, wpog ri ; tv, 
Trapd Tivi ; aiOepi, locat enthroned in 
the aether; vfjaoi, lie, B 626; trans., 
inhabit, oixia, H 221, u 288.— (2) 1 aor. 
vdaaa oi ttoXiv, o 174, would have as- 
signed him a town to dwell in ; also 1 
aor. pass. 3 sing. vdaOij "Apyti, sedes 
po 8 u i t, settled in — , SJ 1 1 9. 

vdbn|v, rfjVf aiyog, hairy shin, ^ 

vdirai, at, (yva/iTrroc), forest fflens 
or dells, G 558 and n 30U. 

vdpict|<rc, aor. from vapKcua, was 
palsied^ 9 328t. 

vd(r6T), vaaaa, see vaiw, 

vdoffio, aor. Ivafc, stamped dotcn, 
yaiav.p 122t. 

NeUmis, son of Nomion, leader of 
Karians, slain by Achilleus, B 867 sqq. 

NavPoX(8t)9, son of Naubolos, ( 1 ) 
Iphitos, B 518. — (2) a Phaiakian, 9 
116. ^ 

vav-Xoxov, 01, (X€X» X^>^to), ship- 
she'tering, of harbors, S 846 and ic 141. 

vav-jjtaxo, pi. ntr., navali a, /or 
naval combat, of ship- pikes, O 389 f. 

vavQ, see vTjve. 

Nav<rt-6oos, son of Poseidon, father 
of Alkinoos, colonizes the Phaiakians 
in Scheria, rj 56 sqq. 

Navcn-Koa, daughter of Alkinoos, 
^ 17 sqq.,»7 12,0 457,464. 

vav<ri>KXciTOio, navibus clari, »ie- 
noumed for ships, intrepid seaman, ^ 
22f, =vav<nKXvToC, epithet of Phaiar 
kians and Phoenikians, o 415. 

vavrab) auiv, ewv, yo'i(v), masc, 
nautae, sailors, A 76, 9 162. 

NavTcvs, a Phaiakian, 9 1 12f. 

vavTiXtT|, ry, navigatione, sea- 
manship, 9 25S}. 

vavrCXXcTot, subj., i<T9ai, inf , (vnv- 
nXfi/), navigat, sail^ ^672 and $ 246. 

vai)^i(v), see vrfvg. 

veUi, ovffi, ipf. {vaov, v. 1. and better), 
ycToVy flow ; dp4Ji, ran over with whev, 
* 222. 

N^aipa (possibly personification of 
new moon), name of nymph, mother 
by Helios of Lampetie and Phaethusa, 
ju 133t. 

vc&poi (veog), ten^ri, youthful, B 

vfArti, ai, elsewh. vcCaros, ov, a, 
{vkoq), properly novissimus, always 
local, extremus, last, B 824; infi- 
mum, lowest; vtiaroQ dXKiov, imam e 
ceteris; laj 466, topwo«< (?). 

vcPp^, 6v, oi, ovQ, masc, ( vfoc ), 
favm, e 248; iXa^oio, X 189; symbol 
of timorousness, A 243. 

v^C9» taai, see vrjvQ. 

yh\Qx^ see veofiai. 

V€t\-y€v4as9 rovg, (-yf v^c)» new-horn, 
S 336 and p 127. 

v€-^K€<n ((XKfi), freshly wheUed, N 391 
and n 484. 

vc-i^XvScs {fi\v9ov), newly come, K 
434 and 558. 

vctivtii, iai, adolescent], youth ; 
masc. dv^pi, ^ 524; fem. vcijviSi, im, 
maiden, ft 20,2 418. 

vciai, see veofiai. 

vciaip-Q, aipav, (see vcari/, from 
vkog), inferior, /ot£;er; yaerr^p, lower 
part of belly, abdomen, E 539. (II.) 

vcCaroS) see vidrrt. 

vciKcCtt, subj. iiyoi, tiy, inf. hv, part 
wv, ipf. 3 pi. vfiKuov, -and iter, vuku- 
f(TK6, ovj other forms from vhksu), 3 pi. 
vciKCvol[iv), imp. vitKH, ti, inf. elv, ipf. 
vetKis, (e)vuKeov, iter. vsiKiUoKe, fat. 
vuKBffio, aor. ivtiKifxaq, {%)vHKt{o)(T{iv), 
(vhiKog), (1) quarrel, rtvi tiviKa rtvog; 
tpiSag Kai vetKia dXXfi\oLg,coiU€nd with 
railing and strife, Y 262.— (2) upbraid, 
reprove, opp. alviiv, K 249, Q 29 ; freq. 
with tTTftootv and with adj., F 38, p 
374 ; iictXa, angrily ; avrtiv, face to 
face, outright, p 239. 

vciKOSs toQ, ti, ta, ntr., {vikij ?), heat 
of combat, M 348; iroXifxoio, N 271 ; 
in general, strife, F 87 ; of Trojan war, 
tpidoQ vHKog, P 384; (pyXuiridog, Y 
140; iurgiA, dissensions, ^ 205; with 
f>iC, u 267 ; quarrel, ^ 483 ; dispute, 
9 75, A 37 ; lites, strife at law, ft 440; 
reproof, 1 448 ; taunt, H 95. 

vcijia = Evsifia, aor. from i^c/im. 

vcK^Ocv (vfoc)^from below, Ik KpaSiric, 
from the depths o/" his heart, K lOf, 
and vci^di Xifivrjg, far below in the 
depths of the sea, * 317t. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



yfiov, tp, or, fem., (vBO(:)y new landy 
fallou} landj land newly ploughed after 
having lain fallow; thrice ploughed, 
after such rest, in 2 541, e 127. 

vciTou, from vkofiai. veit^ififVy v. 1. 
for vi<pkniv. 

vcKoScoxTiv, ToiQ^ (viKpoQ), keaps of 
f/at«, E 886 f. 

vcKp^, olo, ov, oia(iv)t etc., (n e c a r e), 
mortuus, dearf, TiQvrjwra, fx 10; 
corpse, ^ 197, A 467 ; also with (jcara) 
TeBvijuJrtgj Z 71, 2 540. 

v^KT&p, apocy (vrj'KTtivia^y nectar, 
reddish, fragrant drink of the gods, A 
3 ; preserves from decay, T 38 ; dirop- 
puK, lit "fragment," sample of nec- 
tar, i. e. wine of the choicest sort, i 

vcKT&p^ov, tf)^ (ykKTap\ r 385, 2 25, 
fragrant, perfuimd with nectar, 

v^Kvs, uoc, VI, vv, vig, uuiv, veffai(v), 
vmv, vag, vg, (necare), = vcicjooc, 
inortvLU8,dead, as subst., ^ 160, 168, 
190, N 509 ; KaTaTtOvriwreg, H 409, X 
37, jc 530; corpse, Q 108. 

v€]i.iBovrOf ipf. , p a s c e b a n t a r, were 
feeding, A 635t. 

vcfMO'Ctf) subj. r^ai, imp. a, arov, aor. 
vipk(Jf)oav, subj. (yi)<jyt fut. mid. (xqatai, 
ar)(JtT{ai), verbal adj. <njr6c, also vciico*- 
a«»}iai, (jtjarai, ipf. ev(fi€<T<ra, aor. mid. 
ifirtlfTaiTO, aor. pass. vipia(n)9ri, Orfre^ 
Giv, B 223 ; Bianiv, Otig, BtXea, verbal 
adj. (TCTTHTov, (vifieaig), take it ill, be vexed 
with. Tivi (n), K 286, ^ 494 ; indig- 
nari, be angry with, with part. 169, 
with ovvBKa ; mid., indignari (esp. 
aor. pass.), become angry, ri, rivi ; with 
relative, a 158, or inftn. clause, irasci; 
verbal adj., causing indignation, repre- 
hensible, iniqunm; only A 649, mag- 
ni faciendus, reverendus, to be 

vciuo-C^oii^ai), only sing. prs. (imp. 
'^io9u), and ipf. vtfieoi^tTo, (y^pEtrig), 
magni facere, revereri, dread, 
fear, Oiovg ; be wroth with for, rivi ti, 
E 757; followed by ace. and inf., B 
296 ; be ashamed, P 254, (3 138. . 

v^fuoxs, iaai Z 335, iv, fem., ig no- 
mi nia, disgrace, N 122, Z 351; (t^ 
dvOpwTTutVy censure of men ; ov vinttrig, 
non vituperandum, *tis no cause 
for anger. 

ve|M<ro'ac», otnjrov, see vifisaat, vc- 
|Uao'(c)i, see vkfittrig. 

v4[uXf r<p, ntr., (vkfxeoOai), wood-past- 
ure, glade, A 480. 

v^fui, prs., ipf. vkfis, tvifiov, aor. 
tveifie, viipiv, av, imp. viifxovt (1) dis- 
tribuere, dispense^ rivi rt, ^ 188. — 
(2) pa8cere,<irt«e to or from pasture, 
I 233 ; pass, ve^oiro, consumer e- 
t u r, was consumed, only B 780 ; mid. 
(1) pasci.ycerf. browse, graze, vsfuai, 
ovrai, itrOai, E 777, i; 164; (2) frui, 
feed one^s self upon, possess, vkfitrat, 
6pEG9(a), subj. ijat, opt. oiTo, Z 195, * 
177. — (3) incolere. inhabit, vkfiov- 
raifivkpovTo, Y 8, B 496, 751. 

wcviirrai, see n'^w. 

vco-ap8^(a), ace. {dp6to), freshly wel- 
tered, 4f 346t. 

vc<KYiXt|s, new-bom, cKiiXaKog, ;i 86f . 

vc^oapTOV {Stipui), new'y flayed, % 

vco-6t|X^a, ace. (OdXXto), fresh-sprout- 
ing, S 347 f. 

vcoCt] (ykog), adolescentia, youth, 
youthful thoughtlessness, ^ 604t. 

v^ofJbat and viUfiai, vdat, vilrai, vs- 
ovrai, subj. verjai, Tjrai, iOfi€9{a), opt. 
vioifjiriv, fiiOa, oiaro^ imp. vUoSio, oButv, 
inf. viopiiv^vkovTO, (ytcfopai, vL<raofiai\ 
often with fut. sign if., (1) redire, rp- 
tum, oiKovSt, X 176, o 72, (T 241, w 460, 
M 32, Kdp poov. — (2) ire, go, T 6, S 
335, ^ 8, ^ 261 ; venire, come, x 484; 
vno l^ofpov,''^ 51. — (3) abire,^o awc^, 
(j> 374. 

v^ov, see vkog. 

vco-ircvO^a {irivOog), fresh-mourning, 
Bvpov, X 39 f. 

vc^-irXvTa (ttXui/w), newly washed, 
K 64t. 

vco-irpUrTov (irp'iu)), fresh-sawn, 9 

Nco-irr6Xc)u>«, son of Achilleus, 
educated in Skyros. T 327 ; conducts 
the Myrmidons home from Troja, 
weds Hermione, daughter of Mene- 
laos, y 189, ^ 5 ; slays Eurypylos, X 

v^os, 010, ov, etc., no dat. pi, vtriv, 
at, viov, a ; comp. vcwrcpos, ov, (ft, ov, 
w, 01 ; sup. veutroToc, »/, (novus, new), 
novus, recens, new, fresh, opp. ira- 
\aioi,8 720,0 58; adolescens, yotm^ 
(eratpoi), A 463 ; also substantively, r 
433, I 36, 9 202; veov, nu^er, just 
now, lately, TT 181, 199. 

v€<5«, see vrjijg. 

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vco-crfii^KTuv {a^iaiii), freshly polished^ 
N 342t. 

vcoo-iroC, oiai, (v€Oi;), pulli, young 
(biids), B311,I 323. 

vc<i-<rTpo<|K>v {aTpkipiMi\ newly twisted^ 
vevpnvy O 469 f. 

vco-TCVKTov (Ttvxtit)^ ncwly wrought^ 
KaaaiTBpoiOf 4» 592f . 

vco-Tcvx^cs» pi. from -rivxhSi (jiv- 
Xa>), neto'y made, E 194t. 

vc^Tr|Tos, r»;(,-, (rsof), adolesce n- 
ti a, yovth^'S, 86,^ 445. 

vc-ovrarov, ov, (owraw), /o^^ wound- 
«d, 2 536, N 539. 

v^-iro8cs (vfiw), icelhfootedj lit. " swim- 
footed;" or better, with Curtius, off- 
spring, ef. Lat. n epos, 5 404 1. 
* v^p6c(v), adv., (JvipoQ), behw, H 212, 
A 535 ; with gen., under, y^f, X 302. 

NcoT^pcoS) adj. from NfarwjO,6 192, 
113, B 54. 

Nc<rTopC8t)s, son of Nestor, (1) An- 
tilochos, O 589.— (2) Peisistratos, 5 7 1 , 
o 6, 44, 202 ; pi. Antilochos and THra- 
symedes, n 317. , 

NcWttp, opog, son of Neleus and 
Chloris, king in Pjlos, Vepriviog in- 
TTora, B 330; o yipiuv, A 637; tr i se- 
el isenex, survivor of three genera- 
tions of men, A 247 scjq. ; Xcyifg YlvXiojv 
dyoprirrjQ^A 248, A 293; his youth- 
ful exploits, A 319. A 669 sqq., A 262 
sqq., >k 630 sqq. ; after the Trojan war, 
again in Pylos, y 17, cf. 412 sqq. 

vcv|Jiai = vBopau 

viupif , ^C. ^(pt{v), y, fiv, fem., {ffvtvprj, 
S c h n u r), hovo-string, A 1 1 8, 9 300. 

vcvpov, a, ntr., (vtpPov, nervus), 
sinew, tendon, of body, 11 316; bote- 
string, A 122; cord, with which the 
arrow-head was bound to the shaft, 
A 151. . 

V€wrr6i<av, part, prs., (vev(o), nodding, 
T 162; Kt(l>a\y, letHng the head droop; 
c((>pv<yt, giving a sign by nodding with 
the evebrows,innuens, /A 194. 

vcvoicv, ovra, ovrtov, ipf. ivivs and 
vtvo%^, aor. viiJ(j{jEv), from vtvia, nuo, 
nod; capite, it 283, I 223, N 133; 
annuit, promisit, cissent or promise 
by a nod, 9 246; but Kt((>a\dQ, Remit- 
ter e, ^< their heads hang down ; often 
also of helmet, of plume, nod, V 337, 
X 124. 

V€^£ki\^ y, Tjv, ai, au)v, ym(i''), ac, 
fem., {Kvttp., nebula), nubes, doudf 

dx^oc, grief's dark cloud enshrouded 
him, P 591. 

vc<|»€X-ii)Ycp^a, nom., {ayupui), Zevc, 
Zeus, the cloud-compeller, doud-gfUherer, 
A 511, a 63. 

vi^oif it, €a, iojv, (£)£(T<ri(r), ntr., 
{Kvitj^at;, dvo^epog, nebula), nubes, 
cloud, A 275 ; Ovotv, fragrant, O 153; 
^X^^of^i d^k mist; Odvdrov fisXav v., 
death's gloomy cloud, IT 350, ^180; 
the gods have at control red, blue, 
black, and golden clouds. ThlcJe cloudy 
company, "^ 133, P 755. 

I. v^wv, ipf. ivvfov, {artFiMi), nare, 
swim, $ ll,c 344. 

II. vkui, aor. mid. mfoavro, (nere), 
have spun to him with the thread, 
fl 198t. 

VTI-, negative prefix, as in Lat. neu- 
ter, nemo, noenum (n en urn), duI- 

vtja, vridh, see vrivq. 

vt|-Y4T€ov, </>, {yiov, ykyad), new- 
made, B 43 and Z 185. 

m^YpCTOS, ov, {yri, syelpu)), without 
waking, tvdtiv ; VTrvof, deep, v 80. 

vTiSvCoio-i, ToXg, ntr., {vijdvg), in tCk^- 
tin is. bowels, P 524t. 

vi{-8v|ios9 ov, VTri^ag fast, deep sleep, 
B 2, 1/ 79; derivation doubtful, pos- 
sibly from . dvri, " pain,'' i. e. painless, 
refreshing withotttpain / yet see Curtius, 

mfSl^os, vrjSvv, fem., belly, stomach, 
N 290, 1 296 ; womb, Q 496. 

vvjcs, vi)ifT(n, see vrivg. 

vT}iu), ipf. mfci) vrifov, aor. vijritTav, 
fjaai, i}fTag, (rew), heap or pile up, ^ 
139; upon wagon or car. lir' nTrqrrir; 
JUl with cargo, I 358, and mid. vrjrind' 
(rOii), aafrOai vfja, fill one's ship a\ it!i 

'Nt\iAsiadeg,Koijpai,M6g,v 104,356, 
Naiads ; also sing. Nt^Cs, T 384, Z 22. 

Nijiov, spur of Mount Neriton in 
Ithaka,a 186t. 

vipov (vTjdg), with and without ^o/oi;, 
ship-timber, F 62, i 384. 

vrjCs, see Ni/tag. 

vvjiSf 'ida, (vTj'ildiJiivai), i g n ar u s, un- 
pr noticed in, dsOXwv, 9 179; ab&ol., 
inexperienced, H 198. 

vv|Hccp8ia, Ug, (icipSog), useless, P 
469, $ 509. 

vv|KovaTt|crc, aor. from vrjKovffrfto, 
(vjf-dKovffTog), oi>$' — 9eag, nor did he 
disob y the goddess, Y 14. 

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vriksiig, sync. vt|Xi{9, vr}\ti, ^a ; fig, 
{vfi'iXfog), pUUesSy ruthless^ often reletU- 
leUj fig. of Ovfiog^ ^''op> dt<rft(fj x;aAjc</5, 
fjfxap, day of death, virvifty irresistibUf 
h 372. 

Nf)Xci8t)s> Nestor, * 652 = NijXijVa- 

VT)Xcm8c99 fern, from viy-aXfinjc* 
guiltless, innocent, ir 317; v. L vi;- 

Nt)Xcvs, »/oc, son of Poseidon and of 
Tyro, husband of Chloris, X 254, 281 ; 
father of Pero, o 233, and of Nestor ; 
driven by his brother Pelias from lolkos 
in Thessaly, he wanders to Messenia 
and founds Pylos, y 4; in war with He- 
rakles, all his twelve, children were 
slain except Nestor, A 692 ; who is 
called NtiXv|ui8t)«,e 100,0 378, A 618; 
Kf)Xviio9, Ndeian, >k 514, A 597, B 20. 

vt|Xijs, see word before ^tiXd^jig, 

vt|XiTcis, see vriKtindtg, 

vrjficu mffAaroS) ra, ntr., (IT. vkaj), 
that which is spun, yam, (3 98. (Od.) 

VTificpn^Sf K<*)» ^C» adv. eutg, {afxap- 
Tav(Ai), unerring, infallible, verax; 
voog, c a n d i d u s ; ntr. with iintiv, etc., 
verum (a) dicere, speak the trvih, 
y 101. 

KY||&cpTif9» r), a Nereid, 2 46t. 

VT)vc|i,iv|, rig, fem. from vifvcfjios, 6 
556, {vT}-dvifiog), windless, breezeless; 
also as subst., calm, E 523, t 392. 

vt|($s, if, 6v, ovg, masc, {vaiui), dwell- 
ing of a god, temple, A 39, ^ 10 ; for an 
idea of the interior of the cella, cf. cut 
under (3o)fji6g, with statue of Aphro- 
dite and altar. 

vy\^, gen. from vrjvg, 

VTj-iTfvO^S (7rsv9og), soothing soirow, 
epith. of Egyptian magic drug which 
lulled son*ow for a day (Opium?), d 

VT)iriaa$, see vriiruy. 

«ni)-irvaxcv(i»v ( vtimaxog ), playing 
c/iildishly,X 502t 

n|iriaxov, oi, oig, (vrjwiog), childish, 
B 338. 

n|iri^» sy(Ti(v), aag, (vfJTrtog), in-- 
fancy, 1 491 ; childish follies, a 297. 

Kiiirios, ov, e, ol; ly ; a, (vri"jrv, 
im-pu-bes, puer?), young ; offspring, 
P 134 ; common phrase, v. rsKva, also 
of animals ; foolish, blind, B 873 ; with 
awrwc* so young! Z400; infantilefeeble, 
pitj, (comm. deriv. vij-tTrotscf. in-fan^- 

mf-iroivoi (iroivri), i n n 1 1 i, unavenged, 
a 380, /(3 145; vij'7roivov,impnne,wiih 
impunity, a 160. 

vT|-ir^tov, i(i), loi, iotaiv, children, 
Y244; foolish, r 2\\. 

Nf)f>T)i8€S, Nereids, 2 38, 49, 52, the 
daughters of Nereus, the old man of 
the sea, who is never mentioned in 
Homer by name, but only as aXio^ 
ykpujv, A 538. 

NiiJpiKov, orig. a promontory on the 
coast of Akamania ; later, by cutting 
through an isthmus, the island of I^eu- 
kas ; subjugated by Laertes, ut 37 7t. 

Ni^pXrov, mountain in northern part 
of Ithaka, v 351, B 632, i 22. 

NifplroSf an Ithakan, p 207t. 

tnjpiTog, see iiKoiriv-ripir, 

NiicnUf), a Nereid, S 40t. 

v^os, ov, (ft, ov, 01, u)v, oi(n{y), 
ovg, fem., (vew, nare), island, a 85, B 

vifartcs, tag, (yri'tSai), not eating, 
fasting, <r 370. (Od.) 

vt|T<5«, adj., (v6w, vTjtut), piled up, fi 

VT|V99 vT|6s, t (dat. of accompaniment, 
X 161), a, ig, air, ioai, and vtivai, ag, and 
vrj(idt ; also Trjv via, pi. vhg, wv, laaiv, 
and vaix^iv, vkag (viw, nare), navis, 
ship; its parts, as named in Homer 
(see cut under i^dipog), are as follows : 
of the hull, rpoirtg, irptppri, Trpvpvri, 
iirriyKividaTai, midaXtov, olrjia, iarog, 
itfTOTredTi, iarodoKTj, Kvyd, icXiji^fi,", 
Kwirr], ipsTfid, rponog ; of the rigging, 
iaria, Trtiofiara, -jroStg, ivri- and Trporo- 
vog, TrpvfivTfma ; see these words sepa- 
rately. When the word stands alone, 
ship of war is commonly implied ; v. 
(popHdog, ship of burden, e 250, t 323 ; 
pL vriig, freq. signifies in Iliad camp, 
including vytg and icXiaiai* B 688. 
(See also plate IV., at end of volume.) 

VTix^H-cvav, inf. prs., ipf. r^x*» ov, antl 
vv|X0fMV0S> 01, oiai, fut. vtfKop(ai), 
{ovrixf**}, n a tare, swim,€ 375. (Od.) 

vC(civ, imp. j/e^(t), ipf. vi^e, ov, and 
mid. vi^iTo, fut. vi\//a>, ft, aor. vii/'(fv), 
imp. vixpov, mid. aor. virparo, aaOat, 
dfjiivog, 01, {yiyju}, vt/3), lavare, wash, 
Tivd TToSag, the hands and feet for some 
one, Tt dito Ttvog, ah lucre, wash off; 
mid. wash one^s self; \£7pag, wash one's 
hands ; with dat. of place (locative), 
n 229; d\6g, with water from the 

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sea : xP^a aXfirjv, washed off from his 
body the salt sea-ppray, ^ 224 ; pass. 
vkvLivTai alfia, the blood is washed 

viK^, ^, etc., prs., ipf. (O'^'Vn, (i)^i- 
Kijjv, iter. viKUffKofifv J tut. viKqffdy dvcri, 
efiiVf aor. iviicrjtfa, a{,\ 6, and viKrjtra^ etc., 
pass. aor. rijciydttc. Ohvn, (Wic»y), vin- 
cere, t^nquer^ with dat. of manner ; 
surpass, excel, with dat. of means ; van- 
qnish, he supeiior to, rivd rivi, e. g. 
(iyopy, icaXAcY, ftaxyt 7ro^£<r<Ti, irt;^; 
phrases : >k 604, youth got the better of 
judgment ; \ 545, gain a victory ; <t 
319, shall not outwatch me. 

vCicii, only in sing., victory, in battle 
and before the tribunal, \ 544 ; W«c»;c; 
wiipara, H 1C2, cords of victory. 

Nl<ipT|, daughter of Tantalos, wife 
of Amphion, king of Thebes. She ex- 
ultingly compart her twelve children 
with the two (Apollo and Artemis) 
of Leto, and was punished by the death 
of all her children : the six sons by 
the arrows of Apollo ; the daughters 
by the arrows of Artemis, while she 
herself, in grief at their death, was 
changed to stone. The legend arose 
from a natural rock-figure in Mount 
Sipylos, which resembles a woman in 
sitting posture, O 602, 606. 

viTrrw, see vi^iu. 

Nipcv«, rjoi:, son of Charopos and 
Aglaia of Syme, the most beautiful 
of the Greeks next to Achilleus, B 671 

Nto-o, village on Mount Helikon in 
Boiotia, B 508t. 

Nt«ros, son of Aretos, father of Am- 
phinomos of Dulichion, jr 395, <r 127, 

vUro\Uk\.f vhtTiTaty oiiiBay opttvov, ipf. 
viffoovTOy (vsnfofiai), ire, ^, TrnXtfjiov- 
^c, into the combat; a hire, M 119; 
red ire, oiKade. 

Niavpoif small island, one of the 
Sporades, B 676 f. 

vt^^, ddecj dSfffai, fem.,. (<rvi0., 
nives, snow), mow, O 170; flakes, 
XtovocM 278. (11.) 

vX^r^s, ov, (vi<l>dQ), mote-storm, 
snows, nives, K 7 and S 566. 

vX^^cvTos, Tt, r«, (vi0«c)> nivosi, 
snow-chd, snoto-capped, N 754, r 338, 
Kreta, Olympos, Tipolos, Thrakian 

vX^}icv, inf., (vKjtag), n Inge re, 
snow, M 280 f. (v. L veiiptfifv.) 

vit|r*, vixj/dfifvog, etc., see vi^ut. 

vo^fa, «c, unp. voH, part, vokovrt, 
ovay, ipf. voh, fut voiiffut, nc, fi, aor. 
kvoriaa, trag, tf{iv), and vcni<ra, tv, snbj. 
try, unp. voriaov, inf. voijoai, part, trag, 
mid. aor. vofioaro, (yi-yvuj-<TK(u ?), (1) 
s e n t i r e, perceive, observe, become aware 
of, X 136, 453, r 396, tt 5 ; freq. with 
part., V 367 and B 391, r 21, 30, A 
200, X 463, d 653 ; d^i) v., ^irply or 
quickly see, discern, T 374 ; {iv) 6<fkba\- 
fiolg (12 294), O 422; coupled with 
(fvfup and oUa, <t 228 ; <l>pHnv, a 322 ; 
see with mind, discern, A 343 ; i7rf4/>pa- 
«T«ro, 9 94; dOpiiv, r 478.— (2) fMnk, 
K 247 ; dK\a, of something else, ^ 
140, 193, /8 393; weirvvfUva travra, 
think always prudent thoughts, <r 230 ; 
ivaimfiov, ri 299. — (3) imagine, decise, 
p 576; fiHOov, H 358; vcov, I 104; 
rfxvfiffofiai rjdk v., '^ 415. — (4) ponder, 
refect (iv and fitrd, y 26, Y 310), <ftpf<ri, 
81; fi€Td (Pp. Kai Kara 9vfji6v,T 264; 
with oTTTTiog, o 170, K 224; voeufv, ir 
136, p 193, prudent, discreet, A 577, 
* 305. — (5) be minded, intend, ^ptoit 
with inf., X 235, Q 560 ; ri, A 543.— 
(6) think of, remember to, with inf., E 
665, cf I 442 ; ov v., with inf. (mid. only 
K 501), I 537, X 62, with subst. clause, 
r 264, X 445, n&r did she think. 

v<(v|ua, arog, rt, ra, oi, (votio), thai 
which is thought, thought, ft 363 ; idea, 
H 456; abstract, 17 36; plan, P 409; 
wish, K 104, 2 328; schemes, ft 121 ; 
reason, v 346, T 218 ; distposition, charac- 
fer, Z, 183, Q 40, 17 292, a 215 ; sense, 
heart, v 82. 

vo^fiovcs (vonv), discreet, ft 282,* 
v209. (Od.) 

Noi^l&wv, ovog, (1) a Lykian, slain 
by Odysseus, E 678.— (2) son of Phro- 
nios in Ithaka, d 630, ft 386. — (3) a 
Pylian,^ 612. 

v^9os> Off riv, illegitimate son, or, N 
\7S, daughter. 

vovcvs, fjeg^ fjag, masc., (vkfiw), pas- 
tor, shepherd, O 632; dvdpigt P 65. 

vo}Jicva»v, part., ipf ivo/jiivs, (vofievg), 
pABcere, pasture, I 217,336. (Od.) 

No^ttv, father of Nastes and Am- 
phimachos of Karia, B 871t. 

vo}&^, ov, (p, 6v, (vkpopai), pascn a, 
pasture, E 587 ; iTrsajy, tig. wide is the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




field of words, on this side, and on that, 
i. e. varied is their range of meaning, 
T 249 ; vXiyc , woodland pasture. 

y^oc, oio^ ou, y, oVf (ytyvwffKU))^ (1) 
corudousness^ k 240, 494; potoer of 
thought, understanding, prudence, fierd 
^pi<n, S 419 ; iv (TTfi9t<n,v 366; voift, 
cunningly, A 132 ; witefy, Z, 320 ; O 643, 
ni'jrwffai ; voy, Q 377 ; with fiovXri, 
II 211, » 374, $ 267.— (2) thought, 
thoughts, O 80, r 479.— (3) <fe«r« or 
akn ; here follow a variety of shades 
of meaning, all covered by the single 
Knglish word mind, e. g. opwrat, a 
347 ; iiivoivq,, ji 92, X 382, j8 124 ; with 
(hjfjio^, thought and wish, A 309 ; dis- 
position, a 136, n 35, y 147, ^ 121, 
3/ 229, a 3 ; thought, I 104 ; (2e«^, 
co«»we/, Aiot, O 242, U 103, P 176, 
^ 490, O 699, 52, (J 493, € 23 ; interior 
of one*s soul, heart, KevGs voy, A 363, 
a> 474 ; 7(FX«^«» '' ^2. Cf. T 63, 78 ; 
thought (intention, plan), ^ 149, 6 256, 
V 215; vooQ Kai fiiiriQ, reason and re- 
flection, K 226, * 590, T 326. 

voooQ, see i/ovaoc. 

vo(Frsw,only fut. voonfvw, inf. (y^/ifv 
and oiiv, and aor. vooTtitry, etc., (i/6- 
ffroc), r e d i r e, refttm, in various signif , 
but esp. 0iAiyv Iq varpida ymnv, o7ica^€, 
ov^« Supovde, Ik — , out of dangers, 
Tpoifjc, TTVpoc, K 247 ; iroXifioto ; Ktiffk 
fA€ voorrioavTa, while I tairied there 
on my return home. 

v6<rr(fios (r6(rroc), rediturus, 
destined to return, v 333, S 806 ; vwrrt- 
fiov fiptap, day of one's return. 

vdorrof, oio, or, ^, ov, masc., (vko^ai), 
reditus, return home; 'AxaiidoQ, to 
Achaia; v 379, Am delayed return; t 
344, vooTov, return, namely to the land 
of the Phaiakians. 

y^^i.^y\ (1) seorsum, apaH, 
away; aieo, from. — (2) aloof Jfrom, 
except, with gen. = sine, Qtujv, 'A^oi- 
cDv, B 346, form their plans at vari- 
ance with those of the Achaians. 

vcxr^llcai, oifiiOa, prs., aor. vooipi- 
earo, {o)aafiivfi, riv, aor. pass, vooipt- 
eOiii:, (voofi), discedere, depart from, 
tiv6q', Tivct (Od.), derelinquere, 
abandon; neglegere,<iwrc^*rf, Q 222. 

vort'Qox, rrt7(,', (I'ortof), imbribus, 
rotM, showers^ 9 307 f. 

vfSrios, y, (miroc), humidus, ntr., 
ftordor tt;a/er, roadstead, 6 785. 

N^Tot»oto,ot;,(Ger. netzen, nass), 
south wind, bringing rain, B 145, y 295 ; 
dpytorao, A 306, * 334. 

vovCi see voos- 

vovoof, y. Of, fem., morbus, pe- 
stilentia, «tc^^«, (Iwea^e^ A 10. 

v9(v), enclitic, now; vv n(p,ofcours'', 
just, now; F \^A, doubtless, methinks ; 
ov vv, surely not; ri w, quid tan- 
dem, why j^ray/ 

wKTcpCt, ihg^ fenL, (vu©, vesper- 
tilio, hat, ft 433 and «> 6. 

(nubo), bride, 2 492; also of maiTied 
woman still comparatively young, r 

Nv|i^, goddess of subordinate rank. 
Nymph, e. g. Kalypso, e 153; Kirke, 
K 543 ; Naiads, v 107 ; mountain- 
nymphs, Z 420,^ 123; offerings made 
to them,p 211,/ii 318; Phaethusa and 
Lampetie, /* 132 ; Kovpai Aioc, ^ 105. 

wii^iov, <ov, masc, (vvp<prf)y newly 
married, ti 65 and ^ 223. 

vw (nunc), now, of present time, 
more or less protracted; vvv Bi), 
nunc iam, nunc tandem, now at 
this moment, just now, B 435 ; vvv av, 
but now, V 149; r. avn, now on the 
contrary, now once more, A 237, fi 
117; used with preterit tenses, where 
an unexpected result discloses a truth 
at variance with one's previous sup- 
position, VVV B'i, nunc autem, but 
now, A 417. 

Fv{, WKTOQ, ri, r{a) and vvx^i vvk-^ 
r€c» i»n/i ag = nox, night, ace. with 
(ftvXdoauv, lavHv, watch, sleep the live^ 
long night; vvktoq ri Kai fji.tap, noctu 
diuque; Sid vvKta, of space and 
time, B 57 ; avd vvkto, wktoq, ivri 
wkW, noctu , by night, o 34 ; alFO fig. 
the night of death, E 310. As goddess, 
JVTi^Ai, S 259. 

vv^» 01, ovc, fem., {ovvoov, nu- 
rum, Schnur), nurus, sister-in-Uxw, 

Nv<n^ov, ro, region about Nysa^ 
where Dionysos grew up, Z 133t. 

vv<r<ra, i^C) y^ fem., meta, turning 
post, or pUlar, round which the chariots 
turned, and returned to the starting- 
point, ^ 332 ; elsewh. starting-point or 

vWoxtfv, ovrtq, pass, ophnov, aor. 
vv^iiv), ac, prick, pierce^ U 704 } esp. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



with weapons, M 395 ; npd re, T 487, 
A 563. 

vw, see v<oi. 

vw^s (vTj- oOfoOai?), iners, lazy, 
A 559t. 

v«i, nom., (vm(v) gen. dat., van, wa 
ace. du., (nos), we (two); n 99, vCkv, 

vwtTi povy t/r, o/* U8 both, O 39 and 
fi 185. 

v»Xc)ji^s (derivation doubtful), with- 
out pause, S; 58 ; freq. with aUi at the 
close of verse, x 228 ; adv. va>Xc|Ui0S, 
unceasingly ; firmly, A 428. 

vuifjidui, vfi>|j^, f[, cDi', prs., ipf. ivu)' 
^(ov, ae, a, viofta, aor. vw/irjfftv, aav, 
aai, (ve/i(i>), distribuere, dispen- 

sare, cfeaJ (m^, distribute, food and 
drink, A 471 ; j»/y, TroSag Kal yovvaTa\ 
hue illuc versare, handle, wield 
(weapons); holdj control, voSa, the 
sheet; oiriia, the rudder; esp. voov, v 
255, revolve; icipdta, shrewd plans. 

v«Sw|ioSf ov, vtoifvftvovg, (vT}~6vofm), 
inglorius, nameless, a 222, M 70. 

vwpoiri, «, (nero. Mip), only of 
XaAfcoc? man^, as man's defense, B 578, 
H 206, io 467 ; others, shining. 

VttTov, ov, tp, a, oiai{v), (nates) 
tergum,6aciE;, also pi., cf. terga; back 
pieces, as best portions of meat at feast, 
H 321 ; BaXaatrrig, B 159. 

va)x<X(i|, ry, {vrj-uncvg^ inertiae, 
tarditati.«fo<A, T411t. 


{aCvciv (lew), comib or card wool, 
X 423t. 

tavO^s, (f, 6v, ri, rjg, rjv, ag, a, (1) 
flavus, blond, /air; Kapti, fair coun- 
tenanced, o 133; KOfirig, A 197; rpi- 
X«c, V 399 ; of mortals and of Deme- 
ter. — (2) sorrel, of horses, A 680. 

Sav0os, (1) son of Phainops, a Tro- 
jan, E 152, slain by Diomedes. — (2) 
Sorrel, name of one of the horses of 
Achilleus, n 149; of Hektor, 9 186. 
—(3) (a) river in Lykia. flowing from 
Mount Tauros into the Mediterranean, 
B 877 ; (b) another name for the Tro- 
jan Skamandros, ^ 15, S 434, Z 4. 
Personified as god of this stream, Y 
40,74,* 146. 

{civifiov, Cf. (^fXvog), gift given by 
host to his guest on his departure, K 269 ; 
between host and guest, Z 218 ; hospi- 
t i u m. entertainment, 5) 408 ; ironically : 
hospitable return^ i 370 ; recompense, x 
290 ; as adj. joined with ^dtpa, w 273. 

Icivi^civ {^iivog), hospitio exci- 
pere, receive as guest, y 365; fut. 
^Hviatjopiv, aor. (i)^HvuTaa, . e, and 
^tivitrai, (rag, entertain. 

{civios, ov, ov, and |Mov, hospi- 
tal is, Zews, protector of guests (stran- 
gers), N 625, ( 271 ; rjodTrf^a, hospitable 

table, ? 158; as subst. (sc. Stopov, a), 
gift bestowed upon the guest, Ifiviov^ ui^ 
^tviW, V 296, K 404, o 514; irapaQd- 
vai, dovvai. 

tcivo-8<SKos> ov, tp, ov, 01, (StKOftai), 
hospitable, dvirip, o 55 ; host, a 64. 

{civos, 010, ov, ip, ov, 0(, iav, oie{iv), 
ovg, strange, dvOpiowoi, irdrtp ; elsewh. 
as subst., hospes, stranger, guest, un- 
der the protection of Zivg K^iviog\ 
guest-friend, which relation existed 
from the time when ^iivriia, as pig- 
nora, were exchanged ; hence heredi- 
tary, Trarpwiog, Z 215. 

|civo<rvvT|s, rrjg, hospitality, 35. 

tcv{T|, ry, hospitio, enlertainment, 
<o 286; fiitetrOat, hospitio mutuo 
usuros, enjoy each the hospitality of 
the other, w 314. 

^evtog, see ^eiviog. 

{cp^v, TO, dry land, s 402 f. 

^koffs, aor. from ^ew. 

{coTov, o7o, Cjv, oT(Ti. ov, (K^oi), hewn, 
polished, of cut stone, alOovvai , polished, 
T 566. 

^kit), ipf. Ifcov, aor. tk<fai(v^. smooth, 
hew, po'ish, i// 199, f 245. (Od.) 

ir)paivta, only aor. pass. It^pdv0i|, 
was dried up, 4> 345. 

t^^os, iog, i'i, H, ktao(i), (Kvfa), sword, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



A 530, X 97 ; a two-edged sword, united 
by bands of dark metal {fitXavhruv) 
to the hilt (icto»7ry, dpyv(jof}\i{t)y worn in 
a sheath (icoi^Aeoc); sword and sheath 
were suspended by a strap (rtXafnov) 
passing over the shoulder. (See adja- 
cent cut.) Q] 

{4Xov, a, * 327, t r u n c u s, trunk of 
a tree; pi. ligna, ioood. 

f;v\6%oiOy f{t, ov, thicket Jungle, A 415, 
^ 335. 

|v|i,-, form used in compounds of 
/3aAAtt>, iraQy and {vv-, in composition 
with dyiipwy dywfu, dyut, deuty i\av' 
vtu, itnaOaiy e;^u>, Uvat, 
Uvaif — ^vviaic and ^vv«- 
XHy see under cv^-, aw-. 
(vv-cc^Koo-i, ttcenty to* 
gether, K 9S\. 

{vy-^Kc, trix\ €Cy see 

tvvi]ia {Kvv6q\ com*- 
m n n i a, common property, 
A 124,^ 809. 

tw(ci, lov, see avv^ 

(wi^vTos, ^vvurav, see 

tvv6s, ri, 6v = Koivof, 
communis, common, O 
193 ; 'EwdXioc, e/oen- 
handed, changing. 

{vpov, ntr., ($va>), im 
— oKftrii:, is poised upon 
a razor's edge, hangs by 
a hair, in ipso discri- 
mine, K HSf. 

ItNTTciVi ifi, o7<TI, (f/'w), 

has tile, (polished) shaft 
of a spear ; vavfjiaxop, 

tvutf ipf. {vov, aor. 
Iliwre, (^£a>), scrape, x 
456; mcil« smooth, S 


^ protheticum (=a copulat), 
see OTptxctg, oiraTpoQ, oUrtaQ. 

by ri, ro, (Goth, sa, s6, thata); pe- 
culiar forms : rolo, roXiv, roi, rolai, rat, 
rdittv, ryi{i), I. demonstr., (a) sim- 
ply pointing out, (1) substantively, A 
9, 12, 29, 43, 55, 57, 58, O 539 ; roiffi 
furiiprii spoke among them; Ik rov, 
exinde, since then, ever since; 6 dky 

emphatic, accompanying not change 
of subj., but fresh act of same sub- 
ject, nearly =CTvrof Se,A 191; antici- 
patively, it indeed (the spear) no one 
thought of, to draw out = no one 
thought of drawing it out, E 665, O 
599, P 406 ; repeated in simile, B 459. 
— (2) before an appositional subst. near- 
ly = h i c ills, indicating something as 

Digitized by VjOOQIC. 



present, before one, known, etc., A 20, 
these things, as ransom, v 215, A 33, 
6 ygpwv, Ae, the old man, A 637, All, 
p 10, A 207, 167 ; A 69, the handfuls 
(as every one knows) fall; denoting 
opposition, A 399, X 4, K 498, t 375 ; 
with second of two substantives, x 1^4, 
u 310; with the first of several apposi- 
tives, A 660 ; in arsis of first foot for 
emphasis, B 388, r 483, a 351 ; in clas- 
sification with nkv — tk, $ 435, E 145, 
ft 73 ; in antithesis often only in sec- 
cond member, B 217, N 616.— (b) re- 
ferring back to what has already been 
mentioned, n 201, A 33, y 306; 6 dt, 
after hypothetical relative sentence, X 
148 ; emphasizing the subject, A 491 ; 
with partitive division of numbers, E 
272. — (c) calling attention to some- 
thing which follows, before relative 
clause, K 322, ;J/ 28, <f> 42; after sub- 
stantive, especially in arsis of first foot, 
A 41, E 320, 1 631, k 74.— II. individ- 
ualizing, fulfilling the proper function 
of the article, (a) rendering adj. sub- 
stantive, /o 218, II 53, ^ 12, A 576, ^ 
702, 325, 663, 4» 262, 430, ^ 572 ; 
here belong also, A 613, to ttjoiV, to 
'Trdpoi:^ TO irpioTa ; never, in this use. 
before inf., which is to be construed as 
appositive of toj e. g. harmful is this, 
to watch (cf. V 52, a 370) ; (b) pre- 
ceding the attribute, e. g. o KoXdg iralg, 
K 536, S 376, A 42, X 515, SI 503, O 
37, K 408, 2J 274; inversion of usual 
position of attribute, owing often to re- 
quirements of metre, e. g. 6 Traig KaXog^ 
^ 31 7, A 340, X 492 ; (c) preceding the 
appositive (but only once expressed), 
X 298, A 288, SJ 213 ; with pron., rj 223, 
O 21 1 (rarely after demonstr., <t 1 14, r 
372, (3 351); with gen. of poss. pron. 
only I 342 ; with rrag, v 262, w 79, etc. ; 
o avToq, rarely, t) 55, 326, cf. 9 107; (d) 
expressing possession or propriety, ovm, 
proper, A 142, X 492, ^ 195, A 763, o 
218, X 339. 

8, 4ii t6, e*p. freq. forms beginning 
with T, pr. relat., a 300, /3 262 ; oi roi^ 
Z, 153; Tai rf,|i63; orf, quicunque, 
whoever^ fi 40; since he, A 412; o ric, 
a 47, |0 53 ; ry Trep, in "which very wayj 

510; T6/i€i/,A 234. 

ictpwv, (jjp^amv, fem., (^o-trap-, cf. JJjO- 
(toc, sermo), uxorom, ibus, wivet, 

1 327, E 486. 

i&pCtcTOV, iefi€vat, ipf. dapi^s, {oap^ 
sermo), chat, rtvi ; eomm'se familiarly y 
Z 516, X 127 sq. 

^pionfs, 6, (hapH^ui), bosom Jriend^ 
T 179t. 

iopiVTvf, vv, fem., {dapi^io), /amU- 
iar converse^ iraptjiamc, fond discoui-se, 
beguiling the mind, etc., JHJ 216; iron. 
intercourse, combat, iroXifiov, irpofiax^v, 

iPcXoi<r(tr), owf, masc, veru, spit, A 
465. (See cuts under 7rf/iirw/3oXa.) 

ippl}io-€f>Y($s, 6v, (Fepyov), imma- 
nia exsequens, worker of monstrous 
deeds, impious, E 403 and X 418. 

ippXp.o-iraTfn), 17c, daughter of the 
mighty father, E 747, y 135. 

Sppifios, 01/ (i), incorrectly Written 
ojLij3p. r 357, (fipiQio), mighty, of Ares, 
O 1 12, N 444 ; of heroes, B 473, T 408; 
of things, ponderous, heavy, V 357, A 
453, dxQog, i 233 ; Bvpiov, 1 241. 

6Y8o(dLr<{», n^v, y 306, T 246, and 
67800$, ov, octavus, eighth; dy^^ 
KovTo, octoginta, eighty, B 568. 

Syc, ^yf, Toyt, (see yt), freq. with 
slight' force which can not be given 
in translation, A 65, 93, 68, 97. — (1) as 
outward sign, indicating an antithesis, 
P 122; avrap, A 226, M 40,^ 35.— 
(2) in second member of antithesis, 
(a) referring to what has gone before, 
M 239, ^ 789, A 190; in first member 
of antithesis, recapitulating, j3 132, y 
90, ^ 821 ; 5' oyt, A 226, P 130 ; special 
cases : N 8, 395, O 392, 479, 710; after 
dpa, H 169, I 511, x 329, 379; after 
recapitulating pron. or adv., N 88, 94, 
538; oJc, A136,M 171; idem, A 478, 
II 455 ; (b) pointing forward, jc 91 ; 
in simple anticipation, A 120, ^ 182, 
^119; in opposition to what has gone 
before, r 283, tt 470. 

SyKiov, TO, (oyKoq), iron-basket, basket 
or chest for containing iron, 61 f. 

SyKoi, ovg, masc, (uncus), barbs of 
arrow, A 151. (IL) 

8y|i.ov, ov, ovq, masc, (ayw), lijra, 
furrow; 2 552, 557, Swath made by 
mower or reaper. 

*0yx*\<rr6iy town on Lake Kopais in 
Boiotia, with grove of Poseidon, B 506. 

fryX»^f Vj Wj ah ac, fem., pirns, 
pear-tree; but also pirum, pear^ q 
120. (Od.) 

&8a((i»v, ntr. pi. gen., (oWf ), freight, 
cargo, 9 163 and 445. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




68at, adv., (i^aKpu)\ tcith the teetk^ 
Xd^taOai, sXov yalaVt ovdaf^f bite the 
ground, of slain in combat, X 17; iv 
X«'X«<Tt <pvvTo^ bit their lips in wrath. 

88c, 7/de, Todiy dat. pi. TOi<r8c and 
To(<r8€or(<r)i, pron. dem., hie, Mw, 
points out what lies before one, r 192, 
9 403; yet not yet named or known, 
r 166, 226 ; cf ovtoc, T 178, 200, 229, 
T 8.— (1) referring to the speaker, tt 
205, a 76, T 140; and to what falls 
within his familiar horizon, e. g. house, 
a 232 ; city, rj 26 ; land, o 484 ; people, cf. 
French ceans, English, these here, 
/3 317, T 372, o 388, 429; in widest, 
most general sense, x 154, Z 326, G 
237, A 257, S 3, p 158, 9 197, B 324, 
w 444. — (2) referring to that which is 
present in widest sense, v 116, 541, 
^ 155, Q 765 (usually following its 
subst. ); yet ijdf odoq^ t6S( raicov, fi 
216; that in which the speaker feels 
a lively interest, y 56, d 94, (5 280, A 
127, 134; emphatically of that which 
is absent, a 185 ; rode (dtvpo), here, 
iKavu), p 444; explanatory, r<ii6' iiri 
9vfA(fi.—(3) pointing out what is to fol- 
low, S 486, Kill; esp. rodt, referring 
to : inf., O 509, a 376 ; indirect ques- 
tion, H 393 ; substantive clause intro- 
duced by that, v 333, x 350, A 41 ; hy- 
pothetical sentence, O 208; ft^, tt 291 ; 
wf, p 242 ; relative clause, 564, (t 221, 
A 110, B 274; freq. where there is an 
asyndeton, (i 93, p 274, B 301, O 36; 
yapfp 162,11 238.— (4) special phrases: 
^de Ss fioi Kara 9vfwv apitrni <patviro 
PovXfjf I 318, 424, B 5, K 17; tv yap 
iyCi) roSi oUa, with asyndeton,© 211; 
aXX' dye fiot rode fiVe, with following 
question, a 169, K 384, a 206, Q 380. 

6S€vciv, inf., (o^oj;), ire, ^o, im v^af, 
A 569t. 

*08u>s, (1) leader of the Halizones, 
slain by Agamemnon, B 856, E 39. — 
(2) herald of the Greeks, I 170. 

68-fTi|s, aif diovt masc, (^oSoQf *V')» 
waiifarer, \ 127 ; also av9pu)TroQy icend- 
ing his way, IT 263, v 123. 

iSiLi^f riVf fern., odor, «mc.7, fra- 
ffrance,Si 415, i 210. 

68o(-iropov, masc, {'jrepav),wayfiirery 
(fellow) traveler^ Q 375f, hence 68oi- 
ir^piov, ntr., reward f>>r the journey 
{featt\ o 506t. 

68<$$i oiOf ovy (f, ovy ovg, fem., (1) way^ 

journey, Lat. iter, A 151, as envoy; 
expeditio, y 288,^ 235 ; also by sea, 
/3 273; iipxi S' oSoio, she began the 
wayj took the lead; frprftrtretv 6do7o, 
accomplish the toay, leave it behind. — 
(2) path, road, via, d 389, cf tt 138; 
iTTtrtjXatyitj, carriage - road ; Xaofpopov, 
highway ; Trpb 68 ov iyivovro, pro- 
gressed on their way. 

dSovf;, 68<ivTi, a, reg, utv, ovm, ovraq, 
masc, dens, tooth, r 450; XevKtf, r 

68i$VT|, 0, ac, awv, ycri, ac, (^Svij?), 
dolor, pain, A 398, E 417 ; animi = 
sorrow, a 242, /8 79 ; O 25, 'H/t>aicX^oc, 
grief for Herakles. 

68vvi(-^Tov, a, (0«vw), pain^cusuag- 
%,E401. (II.) 

68vpo|uu, eai, erai, eo, and part., ipf. 
odvptro, ovro, {oSvvti ?), lam en tar i, 
grieve, mourn, X 79, a 55, 9 577, aro- 
vaxg re yoy re ; tlvoq, for any one, ^ 
224,^ 40; rivi, conqueri apud, la- 
ment before, d 740 ; B 290, lamenting to 
each other, they desire to return home ; 
mourn for, deplore, commiserari, T 
345, ^ 100, V 379. 

'08v<n^u>s, <r 353, adj. from 'OSvo-- 
{tr)€v%y (n-)<jp^ot, cTf Of, otvQ ; a/Je, aei ; 
aaria, (rata, at], Odysseus, son of Laer- 
tes and Ktimene, king of Kephallenes, 
inhabiting Ithaka, Same, Zakynthos, 
Aigilops, Krokyleia, and a strip of 
opposite mainland, husband of Pe- 
nelope, father of Telemachos ; for Ho- 
meric explication of his name, see r 
407 ; the shrewd, much-tried hero of 
the Odyssey, woXvrpoTros, TroXvfiijng, 
always able to evade danger by strata- 
gem, and esp. conspicuous for his sell- 

oSvooofiai, aor. wSvaoo, ar{o), aor. 
oSvffavro, part, aoafifvog. oto, pf. odu)' 
dvarai^ irasci, odisse, be angry with, 
hate, rivi; pf. pass., € 423, mihi ira- 
tus sit 

68w8ci, see o^w; 68«i»8vaTai, see 
6dv<T(T0fiai', 5€<r<ri, see oig. 

6||os» (ft, ov, 01, oitTiv, ovg, shoot, twig, 
Z 39, K 467, n 768 ; 'Apijof, scion of 
Ares, epithet of daring heroes, B 540, 

o^w, only plnpf iSwSci, give out a 
smeU, tranA was exhaled ; frag r a oat, 
c 60 and i 210. 

SCfv (of), u n d e, whence, B 307, A 58, 

Digitized by 





^ /31 ; also with personal antecedent, 
y 319. 

56(1) (off), ubi, whei-e, B 672, 722; 
also further defined by foUg. prep 
osition, X 191, C 533; — re, introdnc- 
tory to a general description, where 
alsOj a 50, /i 3; — ttc/o, ^ 532, even 
where; Kai — , only i 50. [o^, A 

6do^ai, erat, ipf. o^e r(o), always with 
negation, non respicio, heed, A 181 ; 
rtvoc, trouble one^s self about, usually 
with inf., with part., E 403. 

60ov^a)V, yoiVf ag^ fern., Jine linen, 
r 141, 2 595, of women's garments; 
a foeb, or piece of fine, linen, ij 107. 

*06pvovcv«, Tjog, Trojan ally from 
Kabesos, N 363, 370, 374, 772. 

ol, sibi, ei, see ov, 

ola, see clog. 

olywfii, aor. ^c, and wY^c, av, hi^atra, 
pass. ipf. iiiiywvTo, a per ire, open, Ov- 
paQf rrvXag ; but y 392, olvov, broach 
the wine. 

ot8(o^ aq, €, see EIA, IV. 

olSdvci (oldiio), swells^ (enrages), I 
554, voov ; pass, olddvsrai icpadiri X^^^) 
swells with wrath, I 646. 

olde<jjf ipf. (pScc, had all his body 
swollen, xpoa> « 455t. 

OtdiTTodriQ, OiSiiTiiSao, Oidipus, X 
271, ^ 679, son of Laios and P2pi- 
kaste, father of Eteokles, Polyneikes, 
and Antigone. 

otSf&ari, T(f, ntr., (oiSeu)), aioell of the 
sea, billow, <P 234 and "¥ 230. 

oUrccfts, ace. pi., (otlrijc, d-Pknjs), 
of equal age, B 765t. 

ii||vp<Ss9 ov, olo, 6v, olffi, at, comp. 
'WTSpov, P 446; sup. -airarov, € 105 ; 
(oi^uf), miser, wretcfied, A 417, y 

Ai£vs, iJoc, vt ly 270, vv, fern., (o'l, 
vae), miseria, aerumna, woe, suf- 
fering, misery, Z 28.5, ® 480, O 365, 

6il^€f imp., ipf. 6iZ,Tuofiiv, aor. part. 
hiZttjaag, (^di^vg), endure hardship, la- 
ment, suffer, fTipi riva, circa; dfjKpi 
Tivt, propter ; koko,, perpeti, ^ 89. 

olifiov, a, ntr., (ottrw, Poifitov), tiller, 
then in wider signif. rudder, i 483 ; 
usually pi. because the Homeric ships 
had two rudders, /u 218. (Cf. follow- 
ing cuts and No. 64.) 

oli^KCoxTi, dat. pi., (ot(r(i>), rings in the 

yoTce through which the reins passed, Q 
269t. (Cf. cuts Nos. 49 h, 10, 84/. 

oiK&Sc (old ace. form with de), do- 
mum, homeward, home, hence freq. = 
to one's house, (ent; with verbs of mo- 
tion, A 19, 170, B 154, 236, F 72, A 103, 
H 79, 1 418, i3 176, ^ 701, € 108, jy 326, 
ic484,X 132, V 169,0 431. 

oiKevg, oIkvji, pi. oUfieg, wv, ag, (o7- 
Kog), inmates of house, Z 366 ; servants, 
E 413. 

oU^ofucv (oiKog), habitamus, in- 
habit, dwell, K 204; ipf. (^ku, i 200; 
tpKtov, Y 218 ; pass. oUkoiTO, A 18, 6« 
inhabited; aor. t^icrfOev, settled. 

olKi(a), rd, IplKog), domicilium, 
abode; va'nov^ habitans, dwelling, Z 
15, H 221; 'EXXfi^i, U 595; nidus, 
nest, M 168, H 261, M 221; dwelling 
of Aides, Y 64. 

*JiicXcCv|s, 244, son of Antiphates, 
father of Amphiaraos. 

oU^Ocv {olKog),from home, A 632; 
de suo Cde re familiar!), H 364. 


Digitized by ^ 





oiKoOS (o'lcot), d om i, a^ home, 9 513, 
A 398 ; of like signif. otxoi (locative 
from oTicoi,-), A 113,0 324. 

oIk^vSc (oticoc)t domain, home; 
dyioOaiy the bride, ^ 159 ; <o woinen'* 
apartment, a 360, 354 ; homeward, B 

oIkos, oio, ov, ^, oi', Of, (uv, ovg, 
masc., (Po'iKoqy vie us), house, domus 
and domicilium, O 498; roo/*, odrnfe, 
I 478, to 208; fenl, Q 471 ; room, v 
105 ; Aa//, r 598 ; hmuehold, fi 45, ly 
68,0 375; res fami 1 iaris, tu6«tonoe, 
|3 48,15 455, r 161,j3 238. 

olicTc£p«av, aor. utKTtipt, (oIktos), m i- 
8ereri,|>tVy, >t" 548, 516. 

oiKTiaroQ, see oiKrpoQ. 

oXktos, masc., (oi), i'Xe (rivac), mi- 
sericordia tetigit (eos),|%, /3 81, 

olicTp^, comp. -6r€/5(a), sup. -oraTriv 
and oiKTKTTif,, ov, (oTicroi: ), m i s e r a b i- 
lis, pifo'oWc, A 242, X 381, 421, X 76, 
fi 258 ; oiKTp(d) 6Xo(l>vpea9ai, m isera- 
biliter lamentari, ic 409; oiKTioTa 
Oavouv, miserrime morerentur, 

olK-«a4€XCt| (oIkoc, 6<pt\\w), bettering 
one's estate, thrift, K 223t. 

*OiXcv«, rjoi,; (1) king in Lokris, 
father of the lesser Aias and of Me- 
don, N 697, O 333. B 727. see Aias.— 
(2) charioteer of Bienor, slain by Aga- 
memnon, A 93. Hence 'OiXut&v|s, Aias, 
M 365, N 712, S 446. U 330, ^ 759. 

otfio, ^ar(rT), ntr., {otow), impetus, 
spring, swoop, IT 752, ^ 252. 

oifidw, aor. ot|&v|0'c(v), irruit, dart 
vpon, X 308, it) 538 ; psrd TrkXiiav, i n 
columbam, swoop after a dove, X 

ol}At|s, gen., pi. ac, (e7/ii), song, lag, 
481, X 347; 9 74, cuius cantici 
gl oria. 

otfuoiy pL masc., idpi), stripes, bands, 

ol|&«ry^, rig, y, fem., (oifiM^ia), la- 
mentatio, cry o/*^r»«/',X 409; SiSije, 
resounds, t; 353. 

oifiw^oj, aor. ^mJc, opt. oifjiat^us, 
part. oipw^oQ, {pi pot, vae mi hi), la- 
mentari, aloud, with loud voice 
(/uya), tow*/, lament; apepSaXeov, bit- 
terly; IXfuva, pitiably, M 162, K 522, 
X33,^ 12, I 506. 

Olvf(SY|«, son of Oineus, Tydeus, 

E 813, K 497; Olrfvf, ijoc, son of 
Portheus, king of Kalydon in Aitolia, 
husband of Althaia, father of Tydeus 
and of Meleagros, guest friend of Bel- 
lerophontes ; Artemis, in anger, sends 
upon his teiTitory the Kalydonian 
boar, B 641, Z 216, 1 535, S 117. 

olv£t<o^c> imp. prs., ipf. oiviKovro, 
(oivog), supply one's self with wine, 9 
506, H 472, 9 546. 

olvo-Pap€{a»v, part., (fiapvg), heavy or 
drunk with wine, i 374, k 555, 304. 

olvo-Papis» voc., (/Japuf), = fore- 
going, A 225t. 

Olv^|i&o«, (1) an Aitolian, slain by 
Hektor, E 706.— (2) a Trojan, M 140, 
N 506. 

olvo-^^io (tte^oi')) adj., with soil 
fit to procktce uine, wine-producitig ; 
dX(offg, wine-yielding soil, earth, a 193 ; 
subst., vtfieyar<;, 1 579. 

OlvovCSiiSi son of Oinops, Helenos, 
E 707t. 

olvo-irXt)6i{s (^7rXr)9og), abounding in 
wine, o 406t. 

oivo-iroroiiiij ^wv, (trorov), quaff 
wine, K 309, Y 84. 

olvo-iroTfjpa«, ro^Ct (itotov), wine- 
drinkers, 9 456t. 

otvos, 010, ov, tp, ov. {foivog, vi-» 
n u m), wine, always mixed with water 
before drinking (see KpijTrip, dfi(l>i<f>o'> 
pfvgf ouTKogj iri9og, vpoxoog, vkpuvy, 
aWoira, sparHling, A 462 ; see kpv9p6v, . 
ptXiridia, p,iXi<ppova, tfdvv, rfdviroroio, 
tvr)vopa ; yipovoiov, reserved in honor 
of the elders ; places famed for quality 
of wine: Epidauros, Phrygia, Peda- 
sos, Arne, Histiaia, Lemnos, Thrake, 
Pramne, land of the Kikones. 

oivo-xokii}, ipf. olvo-x<^(' (see A 598, 
o 141), ifpvoxofi, part, oivoxotvvreg ? 
y 472 ; aor. -xofjaai (-xoi?)» ^^^ olvo- 
XO€V€i, eiv, CUV, (xoivg), pour out wine, 
Tivi (in 142, sc. olvoxoog) ; nectar, 
A 3. 

olvox^» ^'^f ^^* masc, ix^i*)), wine- 
pourer, cup-bearer, B 128, i 10. 

olpoxp, otvoiroS) «, a, e, (olvog?), glanc- 
ingi gleaming, epithet of thp sea and of 
cattle, dark red, e 132. 

Otvoi|r, an Ithakan, father of Leio- 
des, <ft 144t. 

otvoii), only aor. pass. part. olvwO^^- 
Tcs, vino ebrii, drunken with wine, 
7r 292 and Til. 

Digitized by 





^ifaoUf see otyvvfii. 

do = ov, gen. from ocy suns. 

oUOcv (olot) Otoe, a^a/orte,H 39. (II.) 

oto), see 6((i>. 

olo-ir4$X((», oKTcv, ("TTsXofiai), deser- 
^us, /<»j€/y, N 473, \ 574. 

otoS) ov, ^, ov, <o, 01, o((r((i/), ovCt );« 
t}C, ryi/, at, yc, solus, alone; ovk oitj. 
ufjia ryyf, etc., r 143; with tli;^ fiia^ 
dv{o); with vo<r0(, avevdl tivoc, tV, 
/itra rifft; icai otoc« etiam^ev^n ahne^ 
unassisted. Q 456 ', unicus exiinius, 
alone of its kind, best, Q 499 ; with dinK 
isolated, t 192; oiov, sc. /tt, Diet me in 
single combat, I 355. 

otos, oiT), otov, rel. pron. like o£, 
orig. demonstrative like talis, B 320, 
that stick a thing had happened ; ap- 
parently often = oTi Tolog, because 
such, 6 611, € 183, 303, ^ 392, ir 93, 
Z 166; cf. p 160 and u) 512 ; then rel. 
qiialis,a<; oloi' ore, as when, v 388; 
olof, with inf., ^ 491 ; oiog re, r 160, 
such as to, ceble to, capable of; olov, ola 
(rt), as (often), i 128 ; otov Srj, causal, 
since now, <r 221 ; exclam., how, a 32 ; 
[ojoc, N 275, 2 105, i; 312, v 89.] 

oiog and otof, see oif. 

olo-xiT«v(a), Tov, uith tunic on'y, 
Ughtly clad, ^ 489t. 

oioit), aor. pajss. olw6v|, have alone, 
abandon, derelicta est (a diis), Z 
1; desertus est a suis, A 401. 

Sit, oios and oiog, Siv, pL oug {outg 
I 425, oh<n), diutv, iuacri and utaffi, otg, 
ovis, sheep, masc. and fern., with dp- 
VHog, dptnji' or OrjXeta. 

6iaarOf see oiw. oCovrc, <Ts/A(v(ai), 
see (pipw. otff6a, see £IA, IV. 

6icr6c£s, see diw. 

^urrcvovTo, aor. imp. dhrtv^ov, 
part aag, (^diOTog), shoot arrows, n'Xv, 
ft 84 ; Tivog, at any one. The follow- 
ing cuts, from Assyrian reliefs, give a 
good idea of the way in which the 
arrow was held in the lingers and 
placed upon the bow; see also cut 
under Trw/ia. 



ilOT^, OV, y , OVj 01, atV, OVQ, (oifTT^f , 

0€pa>, qui fertur), sagitta, arrow, 
of wood or reed, with barbed metal 
point, the lower end feathered and 
notched (yXv^i^ef), or with projec- 
tions, enabling the fingers to clasp 
firmly the arrow to draw it back ; 
poisoned arrows are mentioned only 
a 261, A 213; viKpog, pointed, ^ 867. 

otoTpos, o, gadjly, x SOOf. 

oUnitvTiox (piava, vitex), pivevaif 
willow (withes), t 256f. 

otrov, TOV, (ot<Tfc;, fors ?), fortnna, 
fate, always in bad sense, I 563; 
usually joined with kokcv, mis era 
fortuna per ire, perish by a wretch- 
ed fate, r 417, e 34, a 360. 

OtriiXos, town on coast of Lakonike, 
B 585t. 

OIxoXCt), town on river Peneios, 
home of Eury tos. B 730 ; OlxaX£i|6€v» 
from Oichalia, B 696 ; OlxoXicvs, Eu- 
rytos, B 596, 9 224. 

oixvEut, 3 pi. olxvcvoxv, ipf. iter. 
o'txvKTKoVj €, (o'lxofjiai), meare, go, 
come, E 790, y 322. 

otxcrat, etc., pre., (px^'^'^y *'c. ipf., 
(properly perf. with present sign if. 
from fiK', Ger. weiche), (1) slip away, 
escape, N 672, E 472, X 213, i 47. a 
242 ; part, also =^ab sens, a 281 ; be- 
gme, be away, also profectus sum, 
set out for, A 366; c. term, in quo, 
6 821 ; c. term, in quem, ig, ini, 
fJitrd, Kara, (Travrr/), napd, irpoq, with 
ace, Ktioi, UvXovbt ; abire, depart, k 
571, E 611; ferri, /y, speed, haste, 
run, A 53 ; Kard yaiTjg, x^^^^S* under 
the earth, /Atrd Sovpbg ipioriv; oSov, 
profectus, since thou hast set out (on 
thy long and weary journey), d 393. 

ifw (w w I _ E 894), o/w, mid. 6iofiai^ 
tai, rat, etc., opt oiotro, ipf. witro, aor. 
oioaro, pass. iiticOrjv, Qri, ciaOeig {6fiw, 
opinor ?), 6Uspicor,«u«pfc<, rt, rd^f, 
yoov (Ov/jiog) ; often parentheticaJ, like 
Lat opinor, tt 309; think, intend, 
mean, A 170, 296. Construed with, (1> 

Digitized by 





ace. and inf., A 59, 170, 204, 289, 427, 
558, Q 727, y 27, x 215, A 78, T 334, 
a 173, X 210; subject to be supplied 
from context, a 201, 323, 073, o 173, 
278, TT 372, M 66, 217, O 292, T 195, 
K 193. — (2) with inf. where subj. re- 
mains unchanged, A 296, Z 341, 4> 92, 
e 180, r 215, A 12, O 728, r 581, 91. 
—(3) ace, X 159, /3 351, x 165 ; with 
attraction, y 255, v 224. — (4) dicraro 
Kara. 9u/i6v /i») . • . dfi(j>pd<TaatTo^ n e . . . 
agnosceret, there rose in his mind 
the apprehension lest, etc., r 390.— (5) 
impers., r 312, dXXd fioi <5d' dvd Ovfivv 
ditrai upq ictTai irip. 

oUovurrqs, i]v, masc, {piiitvoQ)^ under' 
standing ike JUght of birdsy N 70 ; else- 
where as subst. 

olitfvo-tr6X(ov, gen. pi., (ttoXsoj), au- 
gurum, occupied with Jlight of birds ^ 
seers, A 69 and Z 76. 

otwvdS) (fy oVf oif Siv, oi<n(jv\ ovg, 
(avis), bird of prey, y 271; coupled 
with KvvtQ, y 259 ; bird of omen, dikiog, 
seen in the east, auspicious quarter, 
o 531; omen, the one best omen is, 
etc., M 243. 

^Kvcua, prs., ipf. (fKVfov, (oicvoc), with 
inf., d ubitare, shrink, E 255 and Y 155. 

&ICVOS, qt, masc, (cunctari), in- 
ertia, sluggishness, E 8 1 7. (II.) 

ixpi^vTo, ipf., (oKpidio, from oKpw- 
"c)» *~ "^civOv/jiaddv, exasperaban- 
tur, were hot with furious passion, <r 33t. 

^Kpt^Ti, ra (9'), (uKpog), having 
sharp comers or points, jagged, rugged, 
e 327, n 735, 1 499. 

&Kpv6cvTOS) osoaijc, (Kpvog), hor- 
rendi, ae, chilling, horrible, I 64 and 

6icTa-KVT|)M&, adj. ntr. pi., (icvrifjiTf), 
eight -spoked, E 723f, of wheels, as in 
adjoining cut, from a painting on a 

Panathenaic amphora found at Yol- 

iicTcS, octo, eight, B 313, x HO; 
oKTitt-KaiSfKdTy, duodevicesima die, 
€ 279, rj 268, w 65. 

iXPi6-8ai)jM>K, voc, (oA/3ioc), blessed 
bg the deity, P 182. 

6XPios, ov, ov, €, 01, (oX/3oc), be at n 8, 
blessed, X 450, p 354 ; rich, <r 138 ; pi. 
oA/3«a, blessings (in their lives), tj 148; 
-TTotrifTtiav, may they bless ! v 42. 

SXPos, if, ov, masc., wealth; y 208, 
good fortune. 

iXccoOoi, dXUffKE, see oWvfu. 

hkiBpiov (oXeOpog) fffxap, day of de- 
struction, T 294 and 409. 

6Xc6pos9 ov, ifi, ov, {oWvpLt), perni- 
c i e s ; alirvQ, sheer, utter ruin ; 4>vxfiQt 
vitae discrimen, most periltms spot 
to life, X 325; Trdpara oXiOpov, de- 
struction's net; 12 735, a wretched 

iXcirai, see oXXvfu. 

iXcKovcn, prs. with part., ipf. oXeicov, 
iter. oXiKtoxev, pass. prs. dXsKovrai, ipf. 
oXeKovro, (oXAu/xi), p e r d e r e, p e s- 
sumdare, destroy, 279, % ^^5, 
n 17, A 10. 

6X^<rai, ag, croai, aaag, oXiaOai, see 

6Xcrv)pa, rov, (uXXv^i), destroyer, 

AXiYT|-'n'€X^fi)v, kovcra, swooning, O 
245 ;'infirma, r 356. 

6XiYT|-ircXCi}s, Trjg, (iriXoftai), weak- 
ness,faintness, e 468 f. 

6X(7i<rTOs, see oXiyog. 

iXi7o-8paW(i>v, part., (dpdv), able to 
do but little, feeble, O 246. (II.) 

6X1709, ov, (^, ov, oiai, TJ, Tjg, y, rjv, ov, 
sup. oXiyioTog, T 223, paullus, bre- 
vis, exiguus, little, small ; Tvida^, fee- 
ble flowing ; otti. feeble ; ntr. dXiyov, 
paullum, rt little, P 538, 9 547 ; with 
comp., p a u 1 1 o, 6^ little, T 21 7 ; dXiyov, 
paene, almost, ^ 37; super., T 223, 
icanty shall be the reaping. 

'OXi^uK, town in Magnesia in Thes- 
saly, B 7 1 7t ; iXC^ovcs, see vtt' dXi^ovH:. 

6Xi(T9dv(o, aor. dXicrSc, (for dyXinOd- 
vu), Ger. g 1 i t s c h e n), slipped and felfj 
^ 774 ; with k, T 470. feU from him. 

oXXyfji, part. iXXvs, vvtiov, rag, 
hXXvoai, fut. oXkow, aofig, (rati, aor. 
wXeoa, ag, (fv), aaav and uX(00((v), 
ooaVf subj. ooyg, y, Oioatv, opt. true. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i»fl. «wr, i»C *W«C |Mft. WTflrf , <wm rr u 

rt*\, cuwL perdert:, pes^nm dart, 
d«i«r«:, iiit«rJiBer«; dalirBy, i»^ 

^ 449 : fiSK. Bjid. pn. ^XXr^iuw, wr, 

tnn9 Mod tiiki<i, tikira, sobj. SkmfuiL, 
4fAfl<a^ rat, krvra*^ OpI. onoHt^ wi. hf^a, 
•tt: WrA^yorog, p«rire,^er<ak, rz-o riM ; 
wtdi aoc of numoer of death, eUL, ^ 
f09^^O€r<t9f,dXi%^; widi dat. of means, 
^A^ ; alto pf aX^Xoc, cy, ipi, and ptapL 
hKitktu peri it, eCc, U 729, K 187. 

A|i«r, rw, {fokii.^ vol TO), aaaoolk 
rvtmd ttofm^ gumt, A 147 f. 

^X#Mf, ^<, dat, pL, (oX^wf), perni- 
eiohSL, dairmciioe, deadfy, X 5, A 342. 

^XoXvy^ 77, (oAoAr^iif, alulare), 
MftAa/(MKf<;/7, Z301t. 

oAoAiir^w, aor. ^^t>{<, ar, ai, always 
iff female voices, ululare, kamemt 
aUmd, S 767; eialare, r^oiee aUmd, 

6Kofafv^ see oXXv/u. 

hXsoirrpoxmf masc., (PoXFot-^ toI- 
yo-K nW!^ «toAe, rmMJ rodk, N 137 f. 

AWf, oto, ^, 01/, otf ; ^, ^, ^v, y£, 
i»f ; a, comp. hn-tpoct sap. lanaroq^ rt, 
(uKKvfu)^ perniciosus, degtroying, of 
gods, Motpa^ ^hpi of m^i and things, 
r 133, U 39, X 5, n 849 ; r^/9, sac- 
rum; but«r^/>' = K^Mx, saevam. 

'OXootrir^, ot/oc« town on river 
Riirotas in Tbessaly, situated on white 
'iliffs, B 739t. 

6\o6-^pia¥f 0VOC1 (^pijv)f baleful, 
tavaffCt stern, saevus, B 723, a 52. 

6'ko<^v$v6v (6Xo«pvpofiai?)f pitiful, 
doleful, miserabile, ivos, E 683, t 

6\o^pOfuUf eatf etc., prs. aor. 6\o<f>V' 
pao,aro, lamentari,miserari, troi/, 
lament, pity, 7roAA«, much, olKTp(a), 
piteously, ahd, dreadfully, pitiably, v 
221, r 543; freq. with vpoarjvda, A 
815, X 472, K 265, cf. 114; with inf., 
X 232 (cf. 6Kve7v), bewail that thou 
must be brave before the suitors ; riv/»c 
(11), misereri,^e€//?tVy, n 17, X 170; 
riv6t miserari, show pity, Q 328, k 
157, r 522. 

6Xo-4<^> pcrniciosa, destructive, 
ifivfa\ subst, wiies, ^410. 

'0Xv|Jiirld8<f, B 49 It, Mases. cf. 
*OXv}MriOf, o(, a, A 583, 399, 18, 0/ym- 

^ pMB. inJiit i iing : OQasfMWi or 'OXv/i^ 
x«c< Olfmput, f^ mlgfatT mountain, 
dwelling of pod&, on left hank of river 
Fe&eaoe is TWssahr. penetrating with 
it< fiDow^capped peaks into the upper 
ai0^z a7«cm^«C« ^yXitfinv^, curvv, 

iX ip m ^ racn (<zXf4« ?), a kmd of 
grain Bot anlike boH^, £ 196 and 


tfinS y i , aor. from opaZkm^ (opa- 
coc). made a dm, a Se5. (Od.) 

SjMbBss, ^ «y, masc, (6^), liotse, <im> 
strictly of manv voices, also of baule- 
,ciy,c*556. (IL) [<ro/iaey, P 380 ?] 

ifSXmt vMfvoy, levigabant, made 
: smuioik, ( 327t. 

I ^-aprlwr, part prs., aor. riaatv^ 
I iiCarff = ii<ravTt. rtc, (^ifiov, dpTiOQ)y 
meet, keep pace tritk, V S7 ; comitari, 
aOemd, Q 438 ; emcomUer, M 400. 

oftapiy, see apapr^. 

6p0piftoQ, 'iraTp^ false reading for 
ofipifioc, ofipipoirarpii. 

SuPpos, ^, ov, masc, (imber, pvpi- 
<r9ai?\ imber, ram, sdso of heavy 
snow-faO, M 286. 

opiiTOL, fht. from opvtffit, 

6)&-tfycpics, €»7«r(, {ofiov, dytip4tt), as- 
sembled together, O 84. 

6fi-tfYV|>i<raa€ai, aor. from -riyvpi- 
Kofiai, {dyvptg), congregare, convoke, 
X 376t. 

^i^Yvpiy, r^, concionem, eusem- 
bh/, r 142t. 

6|ii-i|XiKiT), tig, y, i|v, (oiiow, ^Xt^ 
sameness of aye, Y 466; aequales, 
(collective), those of like age, r 175, 
N 485; also aequalis, companitm, 
I 23, X 209. 

6|i-i{XiKa, tq, ac, (opov, >/Xi^), 
aequalis, rivog, of like age with, r 

u^-rfpkit), aor. w|ii{pY|vf, (dpapiiv), 
fxoi, met me, tt 468t. 

6|i.iX&8<Sv, adv., (pfiiXog), caterva- 
tim, in crowds, M 3. (II.) 

6|&lXciv, prs., ipf. ojuf'Act, Eo/un^, fov, 
aor. ijfii\r]<xa, ifffiooL, iiaeifv, iianvTfc, 
(o^iiXog), introduce one's self among, as- 
sociate with {Iv'i, ptrd, itapa), naiv, tr 
271; versari inter, cum, <t 16?; 
manus conserere, meet in battle, 
N 779 {piTo), Tioiv; throng about, trtpi 
riva, n 641, w 19. 


Digitized by ^ 




SfLiXos, ov, if} J oVf masc., (ofjiovy 
ftXftu), crowdy throng^ 'iirTrutv n Kai 
dvdputv, etc. ; tumult of hatUe, ofziXtf}, 
<t> 606; amuf, host, K 231 (in camp 
or otherwise), \ 514; then acervus, 
coetus, mass, compan^y o 328, tt 29. 

6|fc(x^'<l9 V^* O^'X)' nebula, cloud, 
A 359, r 10; koviijc, dust-cloud, (U.) 

6p.p.a, r(a.), m, ntr., (wfiftai, perf. from 
opaw), oc-ulus, eye, A 225, A 614; 
e 349, better oifiar', 

6|fcvi}6i, from ofiw^i ; also from 
huvvut, dfivvsTWf imp. prs., and ipf. 
b>livv( ; fut dfiovfiai, eZrat, aor. tjfjiooaf 
e, aafitVf elsewh. 6ii-, also with ca, 
iarare, swear; alicni, tivi (Trpof 
Tiva), opKov ; affirm by oath, swear, 
iure iurando affirmare, rt; or 
with inf. as object, ^ fiiv, A 76, pri, 1 
132, "¥ 585, /3 373; ace. with inf /i»;- 
TTor', T 127, cf ^ 332; with inf fut. 
aor. and perf. according to the sense ; 
swear by a thing, Tiva,0 40. 

6|Ju>*7a(rrpios9 ov, {yaartip), ger- 
manus, brother by the same mother, 
own brother, * 95 ; KamyvriroQ, Q 47. 

6|i60cv, hK-^i = i^ bfiov, from the 
tame (root or spot), « 477t. 

6)ioios, ov, 01, 17, t;c, y, f)v, at, oq, 
(afta, similis, Ger. samt, Eng. 
same), idem, scone, tt 182 ; with 01^, 
A 278 ; M 270. s i m i 1 i s, like, similar, 
Tivi, in something, ri or iv noXefUft, 
or &hiv, also with other infs, ; m 
abbreviated comparisons, (3 121, P 
61 ; * 632, equal, distinguish from 

6f&oifov and npouov, makivg like, 
breaking down distinctions^shared by all 
Mlike,r 3\5,iJ 543. 

ofioiow, only aor. pas?:. ipoiwCtJiicvai 
(ivTTfv, A 187, match himself face to 
face; fii}Tiv,'m shrewdness, y 120. 

6}i^KXa, ipf from o/ioic\aa> = -k\((o, 
ipf. 6;iokX^o|&cv, tcv, aor. 6fiOK\ri(Tne, 
etc.. and iter. K\ii<TaaKi,(Ka\(h',K(\evu}), 
call out to, exclaim, 2 156; T 448, 
E 439, hiva; Q 248, inhere, com- 
mand, r 155; with inf, ai 173; ace. 
with inf, n 714. 

611.0 -kX^ ^v, ai, fern., (o/tiorXar), 
loud coil, M 413 ; cominands, p 189. 

6|u>-KXT)Tiipos9 Tov, (ofjioKXi}), om who 
calls out aloud ; oKomag, hearing the 
caU, cry, M 273 and ^ 452. 
' dfiopyvviti, ipf. ifi^pYW, mid. wpop' 

yvvvro, aor. Spop^apevog, or, rjVf (m er- 
gere), wipe off; oaKpva, his tears; 
napuaniv, de gen is, from her cheeks, 
2 124. 

6|i^ ov, 6v, ri, y, i]v, (iipa, simnl, 
similis, Ger. sam, samt, Eng. 
same), idem, same, A 437, jc 41;' 
communis, arnimon, N 333. 

ifi6crat, eic, see vpvvpi, iurare. 

6^i6irt {opof;), eodem, togethtr, M 24 
and N 337. 

6|io-oTix^^ {fffuxki) /3o«<rffiv, una 
cum bobus incedit, ibeep«j7ace2rt^A, 
O 635t. 

6fi^X|iov, masc, (rtpri), equally hon- 
ored, entitled to equal honor, O 1 86t. 

6^ov (vpoi:), together, A 122, A 573; 
simul, alike, at once, A 61, A 245, 
/A 67 ; una cum, vetpttoaiv. 

6uo-<|>pov^oiS) fovre, du. part., (0po- 
v€u}\ be of one mind, t 456 ; voijpaat, in 
unity of purposes, ^ 183. 

6po-<^po(rvvT|v, yen, fem., (vprxppwv), 
Concordia,^ 181; familiaritas, 
irUimacy, o 198. 

6fi6-^pova (<ppfiv) Gvpov, having like 
desire, harmonious, X 263f . 

6|M>6T)vai, aor. pass, from vpa^o — 
0cXon;ri, to be vniied in love, S 209 f. 

6fi^iaX6cv, Q 269, with a knob or cap 
(see cut No. 5); dp^aXoiaoriQ, av, ai, 
ag, (6//^aXot'), ornamented uith studs, 
r 32, or tcith a single great boss, witli 
corresponding deep concavity in in- 
terior (see cuts Nos. 17, 121). (II.) 

6^i^\i%, oH, 6v,oi,(l) umbilicus, 
navel, ^ ;i:io, 4> 180.— (2) Lat. umbo, 
boss or projection oi^ centre of shield, 
ending in a button or point; pi., studs 
upon shield serving as ornament, A 34. 
— (3) a kTwb orpin on the centre of the 
yoke (see cut No. 49, */). also among 
the Assyrians (see cut No. 55), while 
the Egyptians ornamented each end 
of the yoke with a ball of brass (see 
cut on* next page), Q 273. — (4) in 
wider signif , middle point, centre, 6a- 
XnotTTic, a 50. (11.) 

6|&^&KC9, ni, (civ-, (payiiv ?), unripe 
grapes, 17 1 25t. 

i|*+^> ^f ' Vf ^^^'* (^^iroc. vox), voice, 
9eo,v, r 129; ^tov, y 215; also of 
dream, B 41 (see iravopipinog)', always 
of divine prophetic voices. 

6|&-wvv)JM>i, pi., (uropa), cognomi- 
nes, having the same name, P 720t. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




6}ius (ofAOQ), (1) together, iravriQ, d \ 
775. — (2) afiifce, a< once, also, P 644, ic 
28, V 405; with dat. = pariter ac, ' 
equally as, just as, E 535. 

S|&o>s (o/iiDc), tarn en, ^e^, M 393t. 

Svap, TO, somnium, dream, vision^ 
K 496 ; opp. vTrap, reality, r 547, v 

Svciap, dvfidO' = 6v^mra, ntr., (ovi- 
V77/ii), protector, defense, X 433 ; relief, 
r^re^ment, S 444; pi., ricA presents, 
li 367 ; elsewh. yboc?, victuals. 

ivciSciOK, oc<r(tv), (ovft^of), reproach- 
ful, fjivQov, iirkitraiv, 4> 393; without 
fcTT., reproaches, X 497. 

ivciSCtwK, aor. 2 sing. dveiduraQf imp. 
-lerov, (ovti^ot)* reproach, tireaiv; riv'i 
Tiy I 34, or on, B 255, censure; expro- 
brare, cast in one's teeth, <x 380. 

6vci8os, £a, f(Ti, ntr., (Goth, naiteins, 
neith, Ger. Neid), probrum, re- 
prodch, pi. Kar x^t^"" f^V'^P^t X ^^3, 
have covered (overwhelmed) my moth- 
er with reproach ; IT 498, matter of re- 
proach, disgrace. 

hvtlpaTa, see ovupoQ. 

ivcipcC-Qcri, fem. adj., (oveipoQ\ Iv — 
wvXyai, at the portals of dreams, 6 

iKctp<Kir6Xoio, ov = (Mmpo7ro\ov(ji(- 
voc), A 63, interpreter of dreams. 

6vcipos, 6, (ro ovtipoVf S 841), ^i, oi', 
f, Of, u>i', ovg, and ra 6vc(paT(a), v 87, 
(oi'rtp), somnium, dream, B 6, 8, 16; 
in simile, of disembodied spirits, a 207, 
222 ; represented as a people located 

on the way to Aides, w 12 ; they come 
to mortals through two gates,. r 562 
sqq., cf. d 809. 

ovripiivoQ, ovrjtTa, see dvivrjfju. 

rca(r£(£i^, would that he might have such 
a portion of prosperity, L e. none what- 
ever, 402 1. 

*0viiTop£8i|s» y 282, Phrontis. 

'Om^Tcap, priest of Idaean Zeus ; his 
son Laogonos, n 604. 

6k8os, ou, ov, masc, fimns, dung, 
^ 775. \_^^ 

6viyi{axj fut. rjoii, £tv, aor. wvriffaCf 
tv, av, and uvi^tra ; mid. fut. ovriaea^t 
tTai, 6/x60(a), 2 aor. imp. orf/to, part 
6vr)fiivog, (cf. aivof), iuvare, A«(p, atd, 
cAeer, 467 ; rivci, A 395, 503, ^ 67 ; 
by what means, run, A 503; fisya^ 
multum, Q 45; rof'ro, in this; mid. 
iuvari, ov Bvi-wVf have profit hi his 
own soul, H 173; frui, enjoy, rivof, 
n 31, r 68; part. dvfifiEvoi; sc. torw, 
may he be blessed, /3 33. 

6vo}i(a) and ovvo|&a,ovi/o/iar(a),ntr., 
(o-yvo/xa, nomen), nam«,* /cat r' ov- 
vo/ia, vel nom en, r 235 ; =raemo- 
ria, ^ 710, 01 93; /lot t<rriv, with nom., 
r 183, 247, er 5, » 366 (»; 54, r 409, with 
tvuivvfiov) ; riOtoOai, indere, give a 
name to — ; o. rrt ere koXsov, 9 550 ; 
fama, gloria, v 248. 

ivofidtoi, f, ctv, wv, ipf. cvo/jiaKiC, 
ov, aor. wvofiatrag, (uvufia), name, men- 
tion, I 515; address by name, iKovoiia- 
KXiiSrjVf X 415 ; irarpoOev uc yevefjg^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




according to his descent on the father's 
side, K 68. 

Svofroi, ovTaif oiro, fut. dvoffmrai, 
oQai^ aor. ^voaajx-qVy 6v6aa<r9{i) Q 241, 
6v6aavT{p)y otrtrafiivoQ^ and 2 aor. dava- 
TO P 25, vitupero, ccfwurc, scorn, 
(exc. P 173, 427), always in rhe- 
torical question or with negation, A 
539, P 399 ; icajconjroc, € 379, fore 
ut te poeniteat miseriae, that 
thou wilt disparage, esteem lightly. 

6vofiaivu}f only aor. iv6|jLT)va«, iv, 
<^» yt% (ovofia), declarCf X 251 ; recount , 
name, B 488, d 240 ; name as witnesses, 
S 278 ; call by name, K 522 ; name as, 
constitute, "¥ 90. 

dvofiaKXifSriv, see i^ovofj.. 

6vQ|JLa-KXvTos (»cXi;w), of famous 
name, renoumed, X 51 f. 

&vo|Murnl|v (ovo/ia^o;), ov/c — , not to 
be uttered (because ill-omened Ilios, 
malum omen), r 260. (Od.) 

&VOS, masc, as in us, ass, A 558t. 

6v6<7a<Ti)e, -atro, dvoacrafitvoi;, see 

ivoardf verbal adj. from ovofiai, 
ovKiT —, non vituperanda, no con- 
temptible, I 164t. 

ow^, ivvxco-o-t, masc. , u n g u i b u s, 
c/atmt, talons of eagle, M 202. 

6(v-PcXi{s (/JcAot,), sharp-pointed, A 

6{v<ScvTi9 r«, (o^v), piercing, dopv, 
iS 443; c7Xf"> '^ 33, i; 306. (II.) 

itvs, «i, vv, etc, B(Tt(v)', tt(a) O 313, 
«iy, ii(ai) A 272, yc, oc ; €7a, 6 a, sup. 
i^vrarov, (acer, acus), sharp (pene- 
trating), pointed, of weapons and uten- 
sils, P 620; cliffs, c 411 ; hen, ^dfrya- 
vov, dop: of light, P 372, and sound, 
clear, shrill, piercing, especially ntr. sing, 
and ntr. pi. ; with verbs of perceiving 
and of calling, sharply, keenly, quickly, 
r 374 ; and of pains, A 268 ; of grief, 
etc., bitier, r 517; the wildly charging 
Ares, A 836. 

So and 5ov for ov, see (oc, ff, o. 

hm^€\,Vy prs., ipf. oital^iv, urtra^f, 
X,ov, fut. 67ra<T(T(o, o/jitv, aor. oiiraoa, 
^^4, at', and oirafftra, i{v), opt. aaifii, 
<T6ial7;-4mp. oaov, inf. ocat, part, ocag, 
fut. mid. btrdatjiai, aor. aaaro^ ofrdfit- 
vog, (sTTit), sequor), make to follow, 
Tivi Tiva (lifia, 2 452, o 310), as escort, 
also /4€r' dfx<f>oTkpoi(ji ; also of things. 
d 430, Kv^oQ Tivij tpyotg ; of dowry of 

bride, X 51 ; bestow, confer 9 498 ; often 
with inanimate subj. ,7i/|0ot,- follow hard 
upon, beset, A 321 ; mid., take to one's 
self as escort, T 238 ; r 59, take with one. 

6ira£a, ntr. pi., (dTrrj), dv bicaia, 
through the loop-holes, i. e. between the 
rafters, under the eaves. These open 
spaces were afterward filled up, and 
a specific name, fier&jrai, given to 
them. This seems the simplest inter- 
pretation of a 320 f, for that swallows 
and other birds often flew through 
these apertures, and into the aper- 
tures, can not be doubted. (See cut 
No. 90.) 

6-iraTp09, ov, (^warrip^, einsdem 
\)a.tTi6, of the same father, A 257 and 
M 371. 

&irawv, ova, masc. (sttw), comes, 
armor-bearer, esqfdre, K 58. (11.) 

o mp, see oc irep. 

8ir(ir>ii, adv., qua, (1) where, ic 190 
sq. ; wAi<Aer(soever). M 48 — (2) a8,9 45, 

ifmfitif prs., ipf. 6Tn\ht, {dTrrjSoQ, 
dird^EtrOai), (ufjta, rf 165, i 271), rivi, 
CO mi tar i, attend, follow, dpBrrj, etc., 
9 237, P 251, tK Awg, a Jove; fioi, 
£ 216, 1 carry it with me in vain. 

6ir£to)iai, so, prs., ipf, ^iri^er(o), 
(oTTig), revereri, reverence, W, 2 216; 
Od. always joined with Aibg, 9eutv fifj- 
viv ; rivd, only X 332. 

8iri6c(v), see 6'7n<y9ev, 

Airiir(T)ewcis, and part. aor. svtrag, 
(oTTic), A371,circumspicere, gaze 
at,Ti; stare at, yvvaiKag; watch,li243. 

SiriS) iSoQt *^«> ft'^d f-^i fem., {owtuTra). 
eye, 9£oJv; in sense of avenging eye, 
u 1 1 i o, ^ 88 ; elsewh. divine punishment, 
n 388 ; only ^ 82 without 9t&v. 

8iri(o')0€(v), adv., (dTro ?), rd oir,, 
a tergo; trr^, ace ess it, approached 
from behind, A 197 ; behind, p 201 ; oi 
u., relicti; (from) behind, S 548, «f» 
256; postea, afterward, x ^^i ^" 
posterum, hereafter, A 362; = prep, 
with gen., N 536. • 

Airio-(o-)« (diro ?), backward, M 272, 
r 218; behind him, X 137; post- 
mo do, hereafter, r 160, 411; Trpotrio 
Kal Sir., before and behind, forward 
and backward, describing foresight, A 
343, r 109; XsiTreiv, leave behind. 

&irl<rrarovy rov, hindermost, only 9 
342, A 178. 

•OirtTt|s, slain by Hektor, A 301t. 

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&v\ioVy ipf., (ottXov), were getting 
feadg,^ 73t. 

orrkimv^ gen. pi. from ottAj?, ungu- 
larum, hoofs, A 536 and T 601. 

oirXii^u), aor. SirXunrc, imp. ottXkt- 
fToVf inf. icrat, pass, and mid. prs. ott- 
Xi^ovrat, lofieOa, ipf. oTrXt^ero, oi/ro, aor. 
umXicraO' = 67rAi(r<Taro, dfitaB{a\ subj. 
vfxtaBay aor. pass. 3 pi. ottXio-^)? v, ma^ 
>ea</y, chariot, prepare, food, Q 190 ; 
^fc< ship recK^^ ybr sailing ; mid. pass.. 
inaA;e o«e'« «e//^ ready, i// 143, H 417; 
e^tp, arm one's self, 6 55; mid. sibi 
par are (cenam), 7r453 = 8irXc<r6ai, 
T 172, "^ 159; equos suos adiun- 
gere, harness one's horses, ^301. 

SirXov, y, it)v, oimv, (a), utensil, im- 
plement, (1) tools, 2 409, y 433.— (2) 
rope, cable, rudens, 390. ^ 346 ; pi. 
cmxlage, rigging, /3 390. — (3) arma- 
tura, weapons, armor, K 254, 2 614. 

^X^TCpoSt 01, (uv, dwv, comp. ; sup. 
'OraTTi, rjv, {pir\ov\ stronger, fresher, 
younger; yivty, yivtrifpiv, in age, B 
707, 1 58 ; cf. A 325, y 465. 

'Otr<$ci«, oivroQ, masc, city in Ix)- 
kris, home of Menoitios, ^ 85, 2 326, 
B 531. 

6ir<S«> masc, (sucus), coagulum, 
sap of toild Jig-tree, used, like rennet, 
to curdle milk, E 902t. 

6ir^, rrjg, see 6\p. 

6inr66cv (okPo-), interrogative adv., 
unde, whence, a 406, | 47. (Od.) 

8inro6(t), reL adv., ub i, where, I 577, 
7 89. 

^oTos, p 421, r 77, and ottttoTov, 
oirjg, oT(rt), (okPoIo^), qnalis, of what 
sort, (1) interrogative, a 171 ; oiriroV 
aaaa, about what sort of garments, r 
.218.— (2) rel., p 421, T 250. 

Sirov, ubi, where, y 16. (Od.) 

oTTTroo-', see follg. 

hne6iriT0Vy 6ir(ir)<5(<r)<r(a), ntr.. how 
m<my, ^ 47; oTrocrd, quantum, Q 7; 
quatenus, ^ 238; tTriX^w, quan- 
tum permeavero, however far I 
may seek, ^ 139. 

^ir('ir)6Te, adv., (oicPore), quando, 
when, with indie, after principal tenses, 
S 633, V 386 ; with opt. after historical 
tenses, 1 191. — Conjunction = quom, 
I. temporal with ind., when, a 409, V 
173 ; fut.Ksv [tt 282].— II. conditional, 
when that is spoken of which has not 
yet taken place, (a) with subj., (1) if, 

in case that, where something is antici- 
pated before the action of the principal 
verb follows, A 163, 4> 1 12.— (2) in gen- 
eral propositions, O 210, n 53, P 98, J 
651, p 470; esp. in similes, O 382, p 
l28.--(3) designating repeated action 
in present, (b) with opt., (I) in cases 
of indefinite frequency in past, T 317, 
the verb in the principal sentence is 
ij)f. or aor. (iter.), r 233, O 284, 2 544, 
K 217. — (2) through assimilation with 
mode of principal verb, T 148, <t 148 ; 
(c) with subj. with Ktv. in principal 
sentence : imp., k 293 (^ 303, dv) ; fut., 
X 366, 1 703, S 505, (S 358, v 394, x 
216 (dv, a 40.n 62,T 317) ; prs. indie, 
y 238, V 83 (av, X 17) ; subj., 6 445, 
with dv. 

6inr<STcpoS) <i>i oi, oitji, 17, at, uter, 
which (of two), r 71, ft 57 ; 6inroTC- 
pwOcv, ex utra parte, ^ 59t. 

&irT&X^a, ktuv, (oTrrut)* a s s a t a, roast' 
ed, A 345, /u 396. 

oTTra'w, only 3 pi. ipf. Sutccv = wtt- 
riitv, aor. WTTTrjffe, oav, virTijaav, rjoai, 
Tjffag, aavrtg, pass. aor. dirrriGiivai, 
(oTrrof), ass are, roast (on the spit), y 
33, A 466 ; Kpiaiv, partitive gen., o 98. 

6irTi)pas, rovt;, (oTrwTra), specitla- 
tores, scouts, spie.; ^261 and p 430. 

6vt6v, a, ( TTOTT-. p o p i n a, TTfTT, c o c- 
t u m), roasted, broiled, tt 443. (Od.) 

6-irvloiy sp.ev(ai), ovng, ipf. tijiruu, 
oTTvu, (p u b e s), wed, take to wife, u x o- 
rem ducere, N 429,11 178; 67rviop- 
rff- married ; OTrvio^tvrj, n u p t a. 

(hrcaira, see opdof. 

6iranrrjs, rrjg, (oTrwTra), visus, sig^ 
(vision), ( 512; adspectus, ottws; 
•ijvTriaag, as thou hast met the view, 
as thine eyes have seen, y 97. 

6ir<0pi|, rjg, y, rfv, (^dirrog, atprj), time 
of ripening, extending from the rising 
of SSeirios (end of July) to the setting 
of the Pleiades, and corresponding 
nearly to our dog-days ; nOaXvla, lux- 
uriant, exuberant fruit-time, X 192. 

6ira)piV(Ss> tfii (oiTiopTj), belonging to 
oTTtoprf, midsummer; dariip, Seirios, E 5. 

5ir(ir)a)s, adv., {ok f tag), ut, I. in- 
terrogative, in indirect question, q u o- 
modo, how, K 545, B 252; with fut 
indie, often involving an intention, P 
635, A 14, a 57 ; with subj., ^ 329, and 
Kkv, d 545, 1 681, Of 296 ; it passes into 
final ut, in order that, y 19, a 77, v 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




365, f 181 ; joined with opt. after his- 
torical tenses, S 160, v 319, 2; 319. 
The transition from the use of ojtwc 
as indirect interrogative to that of a 
final conjunction can not be traced. — 
II. relative, as, corresponding to aic, o 
111; Toiov, IT 208, d 109, as he is now 
so long away ; conditional, with subj., 
^ 189, with Kfv, Y 243 ; temporal, with 
preterit tense, E 27, A 459, y 373, yet 
in all these passages there exists a v. 
L ivrei, 

6t{tT€ ; opa ; ai^ ; owv, 6*»>vt(q, owffa, 
wv^ wvTtQf Stffa ; mid. opCjfiai^ arai ; 
opTiatf Tirai; tpro, darrQai, aaBaij wfu- 
vof, 01; ipf. dpoTOj utvro; pf. uTrwTra, 
ac, plupf. oirtitTTHf aor. hSop and 
-o/iiyv, see £IA, V. ; fut. mid. St^at, 
C(, fraif C(r9(a(), Ofiivogj r/, at ; but 
v\l/i(r9{t) (Q 704, 313) is aor. imp., 
{Pop.f vereor, Ger. gewar, Eng. 
wary), videre, be aware off behold^ 
Tiva, ri (tv, before, 9 459) dtftOakfiol- 
mv; mid. (e. g. d 47, X 166), took on 
tokh interest, gaze; <f>doQ rit\ioio=Znv\ 
also intelligere, noHcey p 545; look 
at, over, daum upon, dg, 67ri, Kara riva, 
Ti; Kar 6(t<t€, into the eyes, P 167; 
also with follg. oti, H 448; olog, * 
108 ; part., I 360. 

SpYvi(a), av, fem., (dpiyw), fafhom, 
distance spanned by the outstretched 
arms, >k 327. (Od.) 

ipc-yvi&s, part., parallel form to 6pi- 
ywVf ovrag, fut. opk^ia, ofuv, eiv, aor. 
iopi^fy opi^yg, y, eiav, ac, ag ; mid. dpi- 
ytffOai, pf. 3 pi. 6p(jjpkxaraif H 834; 
plupf. dpittpsxaro, A 26 ; aor. a»/t>€^ar(o) 
and opk^ar^o), dtrBto, avQai, diitvog, 17, 
(por-ri go, reach), (1) stretch out, the 
hands toward heaven, or toward some 
person. — (2) exteud to, and give, mid., 
stretch themselves (with the neck), A 26 ; 
grasp after any thing, with the hand ; 
stretch them^e'ves, go at full speed, of 
horses ; striie, N 20 ; iyx^h iwige out, 
with the spear; ni/of, at any thing; 
aim at or hit, Sotfpi ; with tiftOrf, <l>9y<ri, 
and part., hU first, any one nvd, some- 
thing Tt ; U 506, reach out the hands 
to the mouth (chin) of the murderer 
of my son ; a general expression for 
the act of supplication, described in 
word yovvovffBai, and not entirely con- 
sistent with Q 478. Hence ^ptKTJ- 

oxv, porrectis (hastis), by Ihnuting 
with their spears, B 543. 

ipiovro, ipf, parallel form to opvvpu, 
coorti sunt, rushed forth, B 398 and 

'Op^ir-pios, a Boiotian from Hyle, 
slain by Uektor, E 707t. 

^pccrC-Tpo^of , moumtain-bred, M 299, 

6pc(r-K^uri» ovg, (Ktifiat), having 
mountain-lairs, A 268 and 1 155. 

ip^OTcpoSt poi, (opog, cf. dyp6Ttpog\ 
of the mountains, mou a totn-dragon, X 
93; wolves, 1: 212. 

*Op^«m|f, (1) a Trojan, slain by 
Leonteus, M 139, 193.--(2) a Greek, 
slain by Hektor, E 705. — (3) son of 
Agamemnon, returns to Mykenai in 
the eighth year of the reign of Aigis- 
thos. y 306, whom, with his own 
mother, Klytainmestra, he slays (see 
cut under Upti, from painting on 
ancient Greek vase), and assumes his 
hereditary throne, \ 461, a 30, 40, 298, 
S 546, 1 142, 284. 

ipcoTvdScf (opog) vvfJKfMi, mountain' 
ngmphs, Z 420t. 

optatpi, see opog. 

ip^Ocov, ipf., (^o^dl(i>), ranted in the 
throat, bellow d in last agonies, ^ 30 f. 

opQai, see opvvfu. 

*0p9au>s, a Trojan, N 791t. 

•'Op0t|, town in Thessaly, B 739t. 

&ptft(a), ntr. pi., {6p96g), with high, 
shrill voice, A llf. 

6p$o-icpaipaa)v, gen. pi. fem.. (Kfpaa), 
(1) (Sowv, with straight, upright hoi'ns, 
opp. the horns of sheep and goats, 
fi 348, e 231.— (2) vnov, 2 3, T 344, 
also applied to ships, with reference to 
pointCMl bow and stern, yet possibly 
from Kepaia, with straight or extend- 
ed yards, antennis porrectis in- 

ip0^, 6v, («), CUV, (arduus), erec- 
tus, upright, usually with orrj; dvat- 
^ag, starting up from his seat. 

6p96<t} (6p96g), aor. wpOcacrc, raise up, 
H 272; 6p9u}9eig, raised up, upright; 
K 2\, rising up, 

6pfv», H, trov, iav, ipf. opivi{y), aor. 
Ljptvag, «(v), opiva, ag, «, yg, y, aig, 
pass. pr. dpivovrai, hpivopLkvt^, or, oc, 
ovg, Tj, ipf d}piveTo, aor. ^pi%^ri, 6piv^-ir\, 
iiri, tvrtg, (opiwfii), stir, raise; y'nv, Q 
760, aroused; shock, A 208; dipsrsed. 

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affrighted, X 23 ; Ovfiov. stir the heart 
with anger, 9 178, and other passions, 
B 142, r 395, A 208, A 804, p 47, 150, 
21 6. ^ 87 ; fear, er 75, x 23 ; move to pity ^ 
touch, A 792, 403, 4 361, o 486 ; ic^p, 
ilTop, n 509 ; pass, also grassari, 
rage wildly through, x 360; coutur- 
bari, troubled^ confused^ B 294, O 7, 
n 377. 

SpKiov, A 158 ; opKi(d), pi., (opicoc), 
pledge, pignora foederis, (1) oath, 
A 158, r 302. — (2) victims for sacrijice, 
r 245, 269 ; ra/xttv, slaughter, hence 
foedus ferire, conclade a treaty, 
B 124; iriord, worthy of confidence, 
because under the protection esp. of 
Zens, r 105, 107; A 155, as death for 
thee, fatal to thee; cf. fidso tpvXdaaut, 
rcXectf, drfXiofjiai, avyx^***> ^ivSofiai, 
Kard Tranioav, 

SpKos, ov, i^, ov, ovQ, masc, (s/mcoc), 
(1) object by which one swears, the power 
called upon as witness and avenger 
in taking an oath, B 755, O 38. — (2) 
oathy eXiaOai rtvog or rivi, take an oath 
from one, X 119, 8 746; KapTtpov^t 
fikyav, by the three realms, of the 
universe, of the gods, T 108; also in 
general, fuyag, mighty ; Oewv, oath by 
the gods, cf T 313 : yipovaiov, oath 
of the princes binding the entire peo- 
ple, X 119; opK<p irKTrioOrivat, bind 
yourselves by oath, o 436. 

6pfMkOov, Tov, (opfAog), chain, of bats 
hanging together, w Sf. 

^pfuUvoiv, ova(a), etc., part prs., ipf. 
&pfAaive, aor. wpfirivt, av, {oppau)), 
animo volvere, turn over in the 
mind, 3J 20 ; debcUe, ponder, ^aXeTrd 
dXXriXoiQ ; (evi) <f>pt(riv, Kara ^piva {xai 
Kard Ovfiov), dvd Ovfiov; also with 
b)r<i>c, or a double question. 

opfidw, only aor. wpiitjoufMVy aav; 
bpfiYitry, oeif, {bpfiri), excit&Te, set in 
motion, rivd ig iroXtfiov, voXifiov; pass. 
bpfitiOeig 9tov, a numine divi, mi- 
spired by the gods; surgere, with 
oTfjvai ivaPTifiiov, ad resistendum, 
make an effort to resist; tivSq, contra 
aliquem; mid. ipf. wp/iar(o), u>vr(o), 
aor. itpiirioarip), fioiavrai, and pass. 
ktpfiriOrj, rirriy, tiaav, and bpfirjOrtTTiv, 
rival, 9tiQ, 9kvTog, i, a, €, tf, surgere, 
ruere, set out, rush on, with inf., K 
359; iic-, currere; /u€ra nva, curs u 
persequi, |nir«ue; rrrop oi, animus 

eius gestiebat, his heart desired} 
irruere, charge upon, rivog Qiri rm) 
^yX"> ®^c. ; ovv Ttvx^aif rise up in 

*0p|Mvt8v|«, ao, son of Ormenot, 
Anivntor, 1 448 ; Ktesios, o 414. 

'OpIiCKiov, TO, town in Magnesia, 
B 734t. 

''Opiuvos, (1) a Trojan, slain by 
Teukros, O 274.— (2) a Trojan, slain 
by Polypoites, M 187.— (3) and (4) 
see 'OpfiiviSijg, 

Spfuvov, see opwfsi, 

*i>H» nCf y , ^v, (r u o, plw), i m p e t u 8, 
ig b. iyx^og iX9tiv, come within the 
ccut of a spear; A 466, curtus eias 
erat impetus, short was his effrt: 
€ 416, irritus mihi erit, vain was 
my ^ort; ft 403, profectionem, 

6p|JLi{|&aTa, rd, (bpfiaaOai), lo>>gittg$ 
and sorrows of Helene B 356 ; others 
construe as obj. gen., struggles and soT" 
rows for Helene, L e. for her recovery. 

bp/jii^ta, only aor. wpfiUri&i&cv, <rav, 
subj. bpfjiiiraofuv, (opfiara), make fatt, 
moor, by means of stones cast from 
the ship, in ivvdiov, S 77,8 785. 

1. Spi&ov, ov, {bp/jirj ?), landing, the 
running of the flat-bottomed ship upon 
the shore, A 435 ; fiBTpov, anchorage, 
V 101. 

2. Sp)jM>v, ovg, masc, (otipd, series), 
necklace, o 460, 2 401. (See adjoining 
cut, also No6. 43, 44.) 


'OpvciaC, town in Argolis, B 57lt* 

y Google 

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Spvcov, TO, (opvtg), av icalam, bird, 
N 64t^. 

Spvis, Woe, h *f » <**Vi ((Tffi(v) and 6p- 
vlm, avis, ales, hird^ in widest signif. 
small and large, also of birds of prey 
(freq. with name of the species add- 
ed, Xdptpf aiyvirtoimv), hence also birds 
of omen, K 277, w 311, /3 155; omen 
praesagium, evil omen, Q 219. 

opvvfiiy imp. 6pvii6i, re, inf. v^v(ai)y 
ipf. wpvve, or, fut. opaofjav, opoovaa, 
aor. utpaf, aav, optry, at/jieVj (and ofttv), 
rjTt, opiTaQ, opoao(^a)j aor. iter, opaatrict, 
2 aor. wpopi{v), subj. dpwpy, (or lor, 
rno), rotuCj i^ tvvrjg, also, atMii^, K 
518; excitare, impellere, excite, 
impel, A 439 ; rivd (tTri) rivi or avrca 
nvoc, instigare; of mental states 
and emotions, ari.use, ^ 14 ; v 346, 
excite. Distingaish pf. oputpe, y, plupf. 
hpwpu (^ 112, kTri, ad eos surrexe- 
rat, aroae as their chief), a)piapsi and 
mid. 6pvvT(ai), vpvv(T9{f\ fuvoto, etc., 
ipf. atpwff = fjjpwHjo), opwTOf vvTo, 
pf. dpwperai, rfrai, fut. dpeirai, aor. 

Wp€rO, i>pT(o), OpOVTO, OpTfTai, OpOlTO, 

6pa(o) and optno, a€v, inf. opOai, part 
opfjievov, a, or i or, rise, arise, of wind, 
dast, A 151; battle, tumult K 523, 
fire ; often like ordior, with inf. jj 14, 
begin ; of persons, from the seat or the 
bed, or (for battle) against some one, 
XaXKif ; ruere, Trpocrw, flying onward ; 
0iXa yovvara, have strength ; spring 
up, H 162, X 364. 

dpoO^ci, prs., aor. 6p69vvi, imp. 
vov, (ppw/Ai), excitare, urge on; 4> 
312, cause all the river-beds to swell. 

6povTai, TOf (Pop-, opav, Goth, wa- 
re n, Eng. be -ware), iirl ^ — , keep 
ward Offer them, y 471. (Od.) 

&po9> eoc, cc, ca, ewv, f<T(cr)(, for gen. 
and dat usually eer^c, and ovpcos» a, 
€a, «ri(v), mons, mountain; 'Sijpirov, 
» 21 ; TIapvrjffov, r 431, etc. 

dp^,ot/,ma8c.,(pla;), serum 1 act is, 
wh^, the watery portion of curdled 
milk, I 222 and p 225. 

8pow<r(€v), oav, aor. from opovwj part. 
frag, (op w/it), r u i t, i r r u i t, rvsh forth, 
dart /onDord, of persons and things, 
of missiles, A 359, N 505. 

&po4>tis9 rrfg, (lp€0a>), tecti, roo/* or 
oeilMff, X 298t. 

6p<M^, rov, (fp€<f>(o), reeds used for 
thatching houses, Q 451t. 

opoa>, see opadf. 

6pirT|ica«, Tovi;, surcnlos, sapling, 
shoots, <l> 38t. 

opo', opoio, opeev, optrag, opoaoict, see 


*Op<r£Xoxos, (1) son of Alpheios, 
E 547 = 'OpriXoxog, father of Diokles, 
7 489, 187. cf. <f> 16.— (2) son of Dio- 
kles from Pherai, grandson of fore- 
going, E 549. — (3) a Trojan, slain by 
Teukros, e 274.— (4) fabled son of 
Idomeneus, v 260. 

ip<ro-Ovpi|, ijv, fem., (o/opoc), bach 
door, in the side wall of the men^s hall 
(fikyapov) of house of Odysseus, lead- 
ing into the passage (Xavprj), x 126, 
1312, 333. (See cut No. 90, and plate 
III., >5, at end of vol.) 

'OpriXoxog, v. L for 'OpotXoxog. 

'OpT&yCii (opTv^), a fabled land, o 
404, 6 123. 

6pvicnf, y, r)v, (dpviTtru), fossa, dug, 
adj. joined with Ta<ppog, M 72. (II.) 

ipv|ia7S^, only sing., (rug ire), 
any loud inarticuUite noise, crash, roar, 
taUUng; esp. the din of battle, P 424, 
B 810, K 185. % 

ipvotrciv, aor. opv^a, av, subj. ofiiv, 
inf. ai, part, aq, fodere, dig, k 517; 
but K 305, e f f o d e r e, <^i^ up. 

6p^viK6v, oi, (dptpdvag), orphaned, • 
fatherless ; ^iftap, X 490, the day that 
makes one an orphan, orphanhood. 

ip4>ava£, orbae, orphan daughters, 
V 68t. 

&p4>vaCT)v» ace, (opfvrj, ipepog), 
tenebricosam, murky, vvkto, i 143. 

opxapoS) ov, (, (apxofiai), the Jirst 
qfa row, leader, chief, dvdpuiv, ace. ; of 
Eumaios (at close of verse), t 22, 121, 
o 351, 389, TT 36, (0 184 ; of Peisistra- 
tos, 7 454, 482 ; Philoitios, v 185, 254 ; 
Asios, B 837, M 110 ; Polites, k 224 ; 
Achilleus, Z 99 ; Peisistratos, y 400 ; 
voc. with XaHiv, of Menelaos (?even 
times); Agamemnon,® 102; Patro- 
klos, as dead, T 289 ; Achilleus, * 221 ; 
Odvsseus, K 538. 

5pXaTOS9 ov, ov, 01, masc, (3pxoc)» 
trees planted in rows, orchard, 17 112; 
fpvrCbv, JaJ 1 23. 

dpx^ofjiai, ipf. upxcUrOi|V, (opx*vrr(o), 
aor. inf. 6pxf](ra(T9ai, (opxog), dance, 
properly in a ring or row, 2 594, 6 

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^(OCfi'^^i ^*^^i c^o^ dance, 9 263, 
N 637. 

&pXt|<rnfv, 6pxn<TTai = 6pxr]trni^9, 
2 494t, dancers, U 617. (11.) 

ipXt|(rrv$, vl, vvj fern., saltatio, 
dunce, a 152,421. 

*Opxo|&cv^, (1) MiwTii(f», X 284; 
Mivvuov, B 611; very ancient city on 
Lake Kopais, in Boiotia, seat of the 
treasure-house of Minyas. — (2) city in 
Arkadia, B 605. 

6pxov, ovg, masc., row of vines, ij 
127 and ut 341. 

6pwpt, cf, rjrat, see opwfu. 

hpap^aroi^ to, see hpkyta, 

I. 8s, % ty^oov (fio'i B 325, a 70), 
'h)q, also ou, ^c, etc., dat pi. y<T(iv) E 
54 ; orig. demonstr. ; then correlative 
as in Z 59, firjd' ov riva — ^ly^' be; then 
apparently also interrogative. 

(I.) demonstr. pr., this^ thai; he, she, 
a, ri, only a> 286, B 872, d 367, o 254, 
p 221, 425, V 289, 291, Z 132, 316, 
399, H 356, * 198, X 201; doubled, 
like h i — ill i, * 353 sq. ; in first mem- 
ber of correlative period, rd, A 125, d 
349; 0,2 460. 

(II.) relat. pron.,w^,f£;AtcA.— (A) po- 
sition in sentence : after monosyllabic 
preps., but before those of more than 
•one syllable ; before, or following at 
an interval, a gen. part., € 448. The 
relative sentence is sometimes thrown 
in parenthetically, x 51 ; often pre- 
cedes demonstrative, d 349; specify- 
ing clauses in this case added by a 
dem. pron., the place of which, in 
apod, of conditional clauses, is some- 
times supplied by 6k ; two or more 
relative sentences succeed each other, 
either without connective, i// 229, or 
the second relative falls away, /3 54, 
^ 737, 4 86 ; or may be replaced by 
a dem. or pers. pron., A 95.--(B) Con- 
struction (a) with respect to antece- 
dent, (1) ad sensum, genere, K 
278; numerus plur. after collec- 
tives, i 96, 332 ; vice versa = ola,^ 
97, Z 228.— (2) the antecedent must 
sometimes be supplied, o 286 ; rJii/, 
6 177. — (3) antecedent assimilates to 
itself the case of the relative, ^ 649, 
ii> 30 i more often the reverse, K 416. 
—(4) antecedent drawn into the rel. 
clause (attraction), B 38.— (b) as re- 
gards mode, (1) with ind. of existing 

circumstances, A 37 ; so especiallv in 
descriptions, also with «l. — (2) with 
subj. of possibility (the realization of 
which is expected), esp. in general 
statements or in comparisons, b 165. 
—(3) with opt, of desire, H 342 ; after 
principal verb in the preterit tense, 
to denote an action repeated indefi- 
nitely often, I 94; with Kk, as in prin- 
cipal sentences, A 64. — (C) relative 
clauses may be classified, (a) simply 
descriptive or explanatory, H 349, I 
110, K 323.— (b) hypothetical, o 72. 
— (o) final, ^ 389, m'^ittit qui dicat, 
OQ {k(v) kpii, (««>') €t^y, Kfv tiTTOi ; so 
also after principal verb in preterit 
tense, also 8f elirev. — (d) causal, B 
239, 275, <T 222. — (e) apparently in- 
terrogative (in indirect question), S 
740, p 363, B 365, * 609.— (D) joined 
with particles, og dfi, toko plainly; oc 
Kni, who also, who too; oq pa (ji, B 
522); ry yap, Z 393.— (E) o ntr. sq. 
ace. cf. quod, that, 2 197. 

IL 5s, -fj, 5k (properly ofoq, Lat 
svos, suus, then fog^ foXo, etc.; P 
afterward replaced in all forms by 
rough breathing), also the form ^^i, 
one's own, a 402, t 28 [y 320]; tuus,T 
174; eius, [^ 192]; usually reflexive, 
s u u s, e. g. a 269 ; ovh dofiovh^ to his 
own house ; freq. with pron., to, rd, etc., 
4> 305, M 280, $ 153, 2 451, i 250. It 
often precedes its noun, tt 41 1,<t 8 (pre- 
cedes the preposition, Z 500) ; and often 
follows it, £ 7 1 , Q 36, 7 39 (follows prep- 
osition, o 251). The noun to which it 
refers is often not the subject, though 
in the same sentence, n 753, a 218, i 
369, \ 282, ^ 1 53, Of 365 ; sometimes in 
another sentence, K 256, ^618, 643. 

^oiy\i oifx — > non fas (est), it is 
against divine law to — ; with inf., ir 
423. (Od.) 

5<ros, 01, rj, riv, ai, ooov, a, and 5(nro«, 
01, oioiv, ovg, ri, o, ag, ov, (a), quan- 
tup, pi. quot. (Quantitative adj. with 
varying meaning according to its an- 
tecedent, e. g. as mttch as, how much; 
as great as, how great ; as far as, how 
far; its proper antecedent is roeroc, 
after which it is translated as; with rig 
or rf =quidam, fere, hence oooov 
« =fere ; agrees in gender with the 
noun to which it refers, B 845 ; ooov 
liri, as far as, B 616 ; elsewh. ^otroy 

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T tTTi, ** 251,1/ 114 = per quantnra 
8 pat in id; i-n-i 6' otr/rov^P 368; oa- 
aoi vvv ppoToi, 9 222; ntr. fkr(cr)ov, 
(1) flw far as (a certain distance), 1 
354. — (2) quantopere, bjf as much 
as^ by how mttcA, before comparatives 
and superlatives, A 186, 516. 

Ss ircp, B 318 ; b Trep, H 1 14; j; vfp, 
^ 79, etc. ; roi irtp, riov inp = pr. rel. 
with Trip (q. v.), (\) the very one who 
(which), B 318.— (2) which however, B 

^^^'vo, y, av, (Poi^a, vox), fa ma 
divinitus ex cita, rumor, a 282; ic 
A(uc, personified as messenger of Zeus, 
Eama,B 93,(^413. 

"Ootra, mountain in Thessalj, X 31 5. 

'oaon, see ooog. 

^o-fTctKi, quoties, as often as, <t» 
265 ; relative to TooaaKi, X 585. 

6oia-dTiov, masc, quantum, how 
great, B 758t. 

6oxrc, rdt, (uigi, o c u I i), eyes ; its adj. 
often pi, N 435 ; its verb occurs in all 
three nos., M 466, O 608, N 617. 

6a-a6^Ltvo9f ov, t}, part, prs., ipf. oo- 
trtTO^ ovTo, (twrfff), see fortbode, k 374, S 
224; give to frebode, threaten, (3 152, 
S 17; ivl <l>pim, a 115; v ^\, see in 
spirit, pictttre to one's se'f, 

Sccros, see oerof . 

8s Tc, t/ r«, ro r«, (masc. also 5t€, 
quicunque, /i 40, ^221, 11 54, O 
468) ; rac r«, A 554 ; rd n, B 262, E 
52, € 438 — ola, v 60 ; differing from 
&C only in binding more closely to- 
gether, and emphasizing the mutual 
relation between the chief and de- 
pendent clause, that which, A 361, £ 
332, I 117, O 130, d 207, ij 312, ^ 
466; then, without general sense, like 
quippe qui, (art), which in fact, 
either causal, or of what is perma- 
nent or usual, v 60 : e. g. custom, A 
779; manner, y 73, X 127; occupa- 
tion, A 238 ; og pa re, who, in fact. 

6<rrioy, ov, ^, ov («), otpiv, for gen. 
and dat. pi., (ossa), bone, A 97, M 384; 
\tvKa, the bleached bones of the dead, 
X 221, ^83. 

8«rri«, ^if» 8ti, ovrtvog, ^(rrti'oc, 
ovrtvoy o'lTiviQ, dirtviQ, ovortvai;, uaTi- 
vac ; also from Srit, orr(0» omo = 
8r(r)€v, orktft, pronounce orjtp, M 428 ; 
liriva, (irtutv, orioiai, onva, and anfra 
Cq. v.), quicunque, whosoever, which- 

soever, also distributive before (t 96) 
or after pi., y 355; also indirectly in- 
ten-ogative, r 167 ; ovk oiS' oarig, m ih i 

8t*, (1) = 8r€. — (2) = o Ti, i. e. on 
Ti. — (3) doubtful whether « or i is 
elided, the meaning is because, A 244. 

Srav, better or dv, see on, 

8 T€, see oc rt. 

8t€, (see o), quom. — I. temporal, 
correlative with ror«, tv9a, tTrtna. — 
(A) with indie, (1) pres., «7A€f», wh re, 
since, B 743; -^^, ^314; orf t€, when 
usually, B 471; with fut. and kiv. V 
335. — (2) with preterit tenses, when, 
how, memini cum, A 396, 4> 396, P 
627 ; with pf., 4> 156; plupf, E 392; 
ore re, with aor., E 803 ; ipf., i; 324 : 
0T€ on pa, r 221 } with aor., wg ore, as, 
then, wAmi, V 33, A 319.— (3) iterative, 
on vip, E 802 ; introducing a simile, itg 
d' or£, with aor., r 33 ; with fut., A 518. 
— (B) with subj.,tflAei>, (1) of possibility 
with expected realization, 4> 323, \f/ 258, 
7r 267 ; with dv,Z 448, A 164,8 373, H 
459, 8 406, (wplv — ttjcm'v y or dv, d 
478); with Ktv,Z 225, 1 138, v 180, o 
446, A 567,0 243, T 130; elg ort Ktv, 
against the time when, /3 99. — (2) itera* 
tive (a) in general, k 486, A 263, i; 72, 
TT 72, 132, r 567, Q 417; after past 
tense, S 522 ; with kev, K 130, 1 501 ; 
dv, A 53, V 100, B 397, X 17 ; (b) in 
maxims or conventional phrases, i 6, 
<T 134, O 207, K 59 ; Ktv, X 218, Y 168 ; 
(c) in similes, B 782, P 756, esp. dtg 
5' 07i preceding the principal sentence 
(with Toloi, A 141 ; elsewh. foUg. with 
wc), B 147, X 189, € 328, i// 158 ; follg. 
the principal sentence, A 325, A 130; 
WC 5' or dv—wg, « 217, K 5, Q 480, t 
394, i// 233 ; tog Sre, without verb, tan- 
qusim,jttst like, X 368 ; ftog on, only p 
358. — (C) with opt., when, (1) condi- 
tional, N 319, /i 114, 2 465, v 390, ir 
197, S 248, >p 185, N 319, ( 189.— (2) 
iterative, the principal sentence being 
iterative (a) in sense, A 610, K 78, 2 
566, P 733, 9 220, X 510, 513, i 208, T 
233, K 220; with Ktv, I 525 ; (b) in 
form, its verb being iterative, 87, F 
217. — n. causal, quom, quando, 
whereas, since, A 244. 

6rrk fikv before dXXort or ork Se, T 
49, A 566=modo — modo, now — now, 

^rioitn^ 'oTtv, oriift, see oong. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




Zrtf 8rrf (ntr. from 8nc, never suf-. 
fers elision), (1) as adv. =q nam, with 
superlatives, A 193. — (2) as conj.= 
quod, that, dm pa^ (f> 415; and be- 
cause, B 255, 1 52, 441. 

S, Tt, o, TTif see b<mc. 

Srivo, oTivagf Srtf, see *6ariQ. 

&rpSXlta%t adv., (6rptip6c)i nimbly j 
quickltf, r 260, r 100. 

*OTp€v«, rjog, son of Dymas, king in 
Phrygia, r 186t. 

Arptlp^j w, 01, ovf, ^, (Arpvvw, Tpeut), 
mmbUy huay^ ready, A 321, ^ 23 ; adv. 
-a/f , 5 735. 

6^piXa«, ace. pi., (Bpi^)^ with Hhe 
hair, Uke-cohred, B 7651. 

'Or(>vvTc(&i|s, Iphition, T 383, 389, 
son of 'OxfyvKTC^, king of Hyde, Y 

drpwTws, vv, fem., (Srpvvai), en- 
couragement, T 234, 235. 

irpi^KM, (tf, €1, f/u«v, etc., ipf. oJrpv- 
vov, orpwov, e{v), iter. brpiviOKov, fut. 
^rjovvcw, i«t, Iwv, etc., aor. htrpvva, {iv\ 
hTpvvgoiiy), vvai, also unaugmented, 
imp ell ere, urge on, rivd iiq {Irci, 
irpori) rt, titna, -ds ; also with inf., | 
874, O 402 ; rarely 'iirvovs, Kvvai:, ri, 
hasten, ma tar are, odov nvt, speed 
one's departure ; kraipovg, send forth ; 
mid. drpvvecrBif a;/ie0(a), ipf. utTpvvovro, 
etc., make haste, k 425. 

Stti, see ori. 5,TTt, see 8<rrtc. 

ov, ovKi, oifxh before vowels oiie, 
before rough breathing o^x, particle 
of objective or absolute negation, the 
thing is declared not to be so, while fiif 
(subjective negation) declares that one 
thinks it is not so, not, no; position, 
usually, at end of verse, often doubled, 
e. g., y 28, 9 280, k 551, 9 32, A 86, 8 
482.-1(1) in independent assertion, also 
subjective (opt. with «, A 271; fut. 
subj., A 262; subj. and cl, H 197; 
with reference to what is past, a> 61 ; 
hypothetical, E 22). — (2) in dependent 
assertion after &g, 'on, 69ovv(Ka (not 
in protestation), ^ 377 ; with inf., P 
176; after verbs of thinking; in rela- 
tive sentence, A 234, B 36.--(3) in 
causal sentence after kirti, A 1 19 ; orf , 
A 244 ; o^vtKO, A 11 1, and conclusion. 
— (4) where subst or word used sub- 
stantively replaces subordinate clause, 
/3 50. — (5) joined closely to a verb, 
changing its meaning into its converse, 

esp. with if>dvat, eo), tOiXut, rtXiht, xpo'^' 
(Tfiy, cf also A 57, v 143, a> 251, J8 274, 
r 289 ; ovTi, not a whit, by no means, 
B 292 ; oi> vdfivav, ov vdyxv, nequa- 
quam, in no wise. — (6) in questions 
expecting affirmative answer, K 165, 
r\ 239 ; also in question containing a 
summons, m 22 ; cf. E 32 and i/i xal 
oifKi. — (7) oif /jid, see /id ; oifx wf, f 
427 ; ov fidv ovds,A 512. 

o*, ot, t, (orig. form oPov, etc., traces 
of f at hand in many forms, s u i), as 
reflexive always retains its accent; as 
simple pron. of 3 pers. enclitic; gen. 
fo, do, e^, Wiv, eius, and more freq. 
sui {iv, only T 464, sui; elscwh. 
eius, and enclitic); dat. ol, ei (eoi, 
without f, before aifTif, sibi, N 495), 
and sibi; ace. €, and (not enclitic, 
without P) ie, se; not eum, earn, 
eos, but B 196 = eum, A 236= id. 
'i avTov, riv,8e ipsum, am, himself^ 

owun^ ara, see ovc> 

o^af, tog, CI, et, ^odSg, ovdog), so- 
lum, surface of the earth f dunrerov, 
immensum; ovddfrSf, and freq. ovdtt, 
to the ground, on the earth, k 440 ; 6Sdl 
KAov ovdag, they bit the dust, see 6$dK ; 
also pavimentum, |>aoem«fi<; Kpa- 
raiirecov, hard-surfaced, xj/ 46. 

c^hi {ov di),neque, (I) and not, rb 
(rd) ydrf (oUiv) o (orrt), B 38 ; i 408, 
with double meaning nor, and not; in- 
troduces an apodosis, £ 789; cansal 
(subordinative), B 873, i 493, 729; 
olfSi ydp ovde, for by no means, E 
22; ovBi r€, (a) continuative, in a 
negative sentence, nor, P 42; (b) in 
an affirmative sentence, and noi, nor, 
/3 182, A 406; — ri, nor at all (sep- 
arated by intervening words, N 521, 
P 401, X 279), very freq. before oUa, 
Xpff, X9^^i ^i^b ace., i 492 ; and wiUi 
other verbs, A 468, ^ 66 ; iroXvg, X^'iyv, 
irpiViT 169; 7rd/«rav, by no means, 
tit 245.— (2) yet not, and also not, T 
215, V 243; oifH fiiv, nee vero, A 
154; non profecto, B 203; non 
enim, o 246 ; — fuv ovBk,but also not, 
B 703, cf. y 27.---(8) ne — quidem, 
not even, i^Pai6v,ne paullulum qui- 
dem, strengthens preceding negation, 
N 106; — -TTtp, X 452, elsewh. always 
separated ; — ti, not even if, y 115; 
— Hitg, ne sic quidem, not even thus, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



O^ Vf p 

^427. — (4) — oifBi (not even), nor ye<, 
A 332, (5 369, d 492.— (5) 6irf not, after 
/icv, better separated, ov de, £ 138; 
and ^ noi, nor yet, A 124, F 215 ; ovbk 
— 6i, hut not, — hut, T 348. 

ovScvC, TO ov n'tvoQ, in his courage, 
ovdkvi tiKiiiv, yielding to no one; elsewh. 
ntr. ovdev, nihil, nequaquam, notU- 
ing, by no means, in no respect, A 244, 
X 332, 370,5 195. 

o68cv6o'-Mf>a ((upa), tDorth no notice, 
contemnenda,8 178t. 

o^S^mri, neque us q a am, nor any- 
tohere, fi 433 = ovdk voOi, v 1 14 ; oudk 
voTCy neque nnquam, nor ever, 
never, £ 789, /3 26 ; ovik ir^ — ri vw, 
nondum, not yet, A 108; neque 
ulla ratione,nor in ai^ toogf. 

•iherrip(ita%9 in neutram par- 
tem, 3? 18t. 

oiiB6%f 010, ov, OP, masc., (odo^), 
limen, S 680, thresh tld of women's 
<g>ariment; Xdivog, lapideum, but v 
258, X 127 = Kpri'jridvjfia, f undamen- 
tuin, stone foundation walls. 

ou8^, tfi, ov, fem., (oSog), way, p 196 ; 
yfipaog, the path of old age ; tKiaOai^ 
arrive at, tread upon the path of old 
age, commonly- interpreted as thresh- 
old of old age (see foregoing), which 
does not suit all pasisages. 

o^Oap, ara, ntr.. uber, udder, meUk- 
phoTicfd\y.fertLe.fat land, I 141. 

ovK, see ov. 

OvK-oX^ftiv, ovra, Trojan counsel- 
lor, r 148t. 

oC^k^tI, non iam, non ampli- 
u 8, no longer, H 357 ; — irdfivav, or 
^ vdyxvt no more at all. 

oifici = ovKj at close of verse, d 80. 

oitk^^t roc* (6\og? Curtius, Pe\, 
d\t(o),harley'Coms, roasted, mvKed with 
salt, and sprinkled between the horns 
of victim, mola salsa, y 441f. 

ovX&|m(v, tov, (2. oiXoc, €i'\iu>), dv- 
Bpuiv, throng, crowd (of men), A 251. 


ovX< (1. o^Xoc), imp. pres., salve, 
— Kal fidXa xaipe, hail and a hearty 
welcome to thee, u> 402t. 

ovX^ 17V, fem., (e'Aicof, vulnus ?), 
*car, cicatrix, r 391,^ 219. (Od.) 

ovXiot {6\o6q, ovXoq), pernicio- 
BUS, hateful, deadly, A 62t. 

o^Xo-icctpi|vo« (2. oifXoi:), with thick, 
curly hair, r 246f . 

oiX^fUvov, (c), jj, JjCt V* '?•'» ***^* P*^ 

rirt. from ovXo/iat=oXXi;/u, accursed, 
92. Ace. to others, 2 aor. ptc. 

1. ovXm, ov, (aoXfog, salvus, sol- 
lus), solidus, whole, p 343 and w 

2. otXo«, wv ; tj, tiv, oQ ; ov, {Fo\F- 
iipoQ, vellus, Ger. wolle, Eng. 
wool), woollen, IT 224, raTr/yrwv and 
xXaivar, af, r 225, Q 646, 5 50, p 89 ; 
6tMAy, thick, crisp. Kopa^;, ^ 231, t// 158 ; 
ntr., confusedly, incessantly, P 756. 

3. ovXos, ot\ «, (6\/^oc» ^Xoof), per- 
nio i o s u s, destructive, murderous. Ares, 
£ 461; Achilleus, 4> 536, E 717; of 
dream, haneful, B 6, 8. 

ovXa-x^****^* f^^Qi ( ovXaQ, xf a> ), 
sprinkled-harley, poured or scattered 
from baskets, 5 761, between the horns 
of the victim, A 458, as initiatory sac- 
rificial rite ; KarupxtoBai, = begin the 
solemn rites. 

OvXv|Jiiros, see 'OXvpTrog, 

ov|i^ = 6 i/idc, 6 360t. 

oiv, particle, never standing alone, 
igitur, then, therefore, (1) resumptive, 
r 340, N 1 i iwii ovv, I 467.— r2) con- 
tinuing or further developing a thought, 
a 414, hence ,• fikv oiv, S 780. — (3) car- 
rying the thoughts backward, imi ovv, 
since once for all; utg ovv, so when, 
when then, A 57 and F 4, 363, p 226. 
— (4) used in appending an attendant 
circumstance in harmony with what 
precedes, neither certasfl/y nor; neither, 
nor yet; according as it occurs in the 
first or second of correlative clauses : 
priT ovv — fiiiTi, p 401 ; ovr ovv — ovn, 
a 414 ; ovdk nq ovv, ^ 254; yap oifv, 
for certainly, B 350 ; ti y ovv, if in any 
case, E 258. 

oifvcKa = ov 'ivexa, (1) quamob- 
rem, therefore, corresponding to rovvt- 
Ka, r 403. — (2) quod, quia, hecause, 
A 11, d 569.--(3) that, e 216. 

ovvc<r0c» see ovofiai, 

ovvo|M^ see ovopa. 

ov ir€p, not at all, 3? 416. oC inr|, (1) 
nequaquam, t« no way, t 410.— -(2) 
=ov iro0(t), A 278, N 309, nusquam, 
nowhere, ov iron, n u n q u am, Z 1 24. 
ov iTfi), (1) nondum, not yet, A 224, 
/3 118.— (2) = ov TTioQ, in no wise, F 
306. ov IT** iroT(€), <p 123, /x 98, never 
yet at any time, ov ir«s, nulla ra- 
tione, nequaquam, nohow, on no 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




tenm; tari^ with inf., < 103, i 411 ; ab- 
solutely, X 136. 

o^ipo, see oipov, 

ovpoAOi, fern, pi., (ohpa)^ ^P<X<C> ^^^ 
of the tail, ^ 520t. 

Ovp&vtoiKCf, wv, (oupavof), cae li- 
te 8, heavmly, celesticU, il 547; Oeoi, A 
570, 1 15 ; also as subst., £ 373, 898. 

ovp&v66cv ( oifpavoQ ), c a e 1 i t u s, 
from heaven, also with i^ — ,8 19 ; 
OTTO — , * 199. o^p&v66i vpo, before, 
l e. not yet having passed through and 
beyond the vault of the heaveruy under 
the sky, F Sf. 

ovp&vo-|iiliin|S (firjKog), high as heaven, 
t 239t. 

oipav^, ov, if, 6v, masc, heaven, (1) 
conceived of as fortress of brass or 
iron; above the aiOrip, B 458; hence 
ovpavbv Vicei, makes its way up to 
heaven, i 20, o 329. — (2) as home of 
gods ; ix^vmvy inhabit ; Olympus 
towers aloft and its summit penetrates 
into heaven, A 497 ; invoked as wit- 
ness to oath, ivpifs, O 36, e 184. 

ovpta, see opog, mon s, mountain, 

ovpivi;, only pi. oiptjcf, evoi, rjaQ, 
mulus, mule, A 60; but in interpo- 
lated verse, K 84 = ovpovc, guard, 

ovpif, dat oitpy, pi. -ymv, cauda, 
tail, of wild beasts, H 215 ; of the 
hound Argos, p 302. 

oip(&X09> o*'* (o^|0^), tyxtoQ, the 
thicker, butt end of spear, N 443, n 612. 
(11.) (See cut under dfupt-yvoiaiv.) 

1. oi&pov, a, (opvvfii), iiiAiovouv, wv, 
mules" range, 9 124, K 351, as much 
as a pair of mules can plough, for 
which the later word was trXkOpov, i. e. 
wkXeOpov, point at which the team, hav- 
ing finished the furrow, turns, //rrow'a 
length ; Sifficov, >R 431, discus-throw ; as 
measure of distance, 9 124. 

2. otpos, ov, 01, masc., (aura),yJifr 
wind, i 268 ; proleptically iKfitvov, fol- 
lowing, favoring, /3 420. 

3. ovpov, rov, pi. oiai, (opog), land- 
mark, boundary, $ 405, M 421. 

4. otpos9 ov, masc, (PopoQ, opdv), 
guardian, o 89; 'Axaiittv, bulwark of 
the Achaians, y 41 1. 

5. ovpog, tog, dat. pi. ovpitri, see 5pof , 

6. ovpog, oipoi^, rove, ( bpuatroa ), 
ditches or channels, serving as ways for 

the ships, leading from the camp down 
to the sea, B 153t. 

o^, ace. sing., uMxiv, dat. pi, and 
o^Tos, r(a), aai, auris ; dw ovarog, 
far from the ear, = unheard, 2 272; 
from resemblance to an ear, handles, 
A 633. 

o^a(«i»v, prs. part., ipf. ovro^ov, 
pass, -^ovro, aor. ovrao((v), y, ai, pf. 
pass. ovTaorat, fiivog ; also from ovrcmt, 
aor. ovTV|<rf, iter, ovrricraaice, aor. pass. 
o{)rfi9tig ; from ovrrifu, imp. ovrdi, aor. 
3 sing, ovra, iter. ovranKf, inf. oitrd- 
fji€v{ai), and pf. pass. ovTdfAtptjv, ot, 
icere, hit, wound by cut or thrust, 
avToox^^^V^ ^^^ avToaxiibov, uvd, also 
with ace. of part hit; with double 
ace, A 467, N 438, x 294 ; with Kara, 
A 338, A 446; 'iXxog, vulnus infli- 

ovTC, neque, neither, nor; nsoally 
corresponding to ovrt or ov; also to 
ovdk, or to re, icai, ds ; ovrt n, $ 264, 
A 108. 

o(ni/\<r<urK€f see ovrd^tav. 

ovrt, see ovrtg. 

oWl8&v^, oto, otfftv, worthless, A 

o&nt, rtvi, Tiv{a), rtvtg, ri, parts 
often written separately, null us, no 
one,ovn, as adv., nequaqnam, fiotol 
all, by no means, with verbs, j3 41 1, B 
338, 13 235, A 241 ; — yi, H 142, I 
108, ^ 515 ; with adjs., 9 81, A 153; 
with advs., A 416; ov fik ri, T 361. 

(KfTit, Tiv, fabled name, No-man, 
I 366, 369. 

ovToi, certaiiUy not, a 203, i 27, 211. 

oikosi avTTi, TovTo, hie, this, refer- 
ring to what is in the mind, or to what 
is mentioned or known, F 178, 200, 229, 
T 8 ; in reference to second person, K 
82 ; in contrast to iyu/, y 359, o- 57, 
141 ; used antithetically, v 230, Z 352, 
X 254, 70, 78 ; xai poi rovr* dyoptwrov, 
a 1 74, ^ 645, v 232 ; used correlative- 
ly, r 177 ; referring back to something 
already mentioned, tt 373, A 126,^ 256 ; 
freq. with y'i : where apparently refer- 
ring to what follows, K 431, a 267, « 23, 
V 314, >7 299, 200, to be, however, 
explained as epexegetical (offering ad- 
ditional explanation), or ovrog refers to 
what is known or has preceded ; it is 
never used like oh in wider signif., 
nor in reference to time. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



o{hrtt>f , before consonants o^naf (ov- 
toq), 6 i c, thvsy 80f in reference to what 
is present in sight or thought, c 377, 4» 
184 ; with verb in 2 pers., k 378, A 243, 
K 37, £ 249 ; in 3 pers., F 42, 169, £ 
717; referring back (1) to a single 
thought, y 358, ^ 267, A 131, H 198, 
T 155 (closing a sentence, d 485, 1 146, 
X 348). — (2) to a hypothetical sen- 
tence, /3 334, r 128, K 129.— (3) — 
^^, sic igitur,tAu«then, B 158,€ 204, 
9 167, 80 true is it that; interrogative, 
S 88, 201, 553 ; — 9rjv, N 620 ; re- 
ferring apparently to what follows, N 
225, S 69, ii 373, 5 148, 465 ; ta n to- 
pere, B 120; — (tfc, 4 440, o 341 of 
ita — ut, o 236; ao certain^ as, N 
825. (Etym. old abl. ovrwr.) 

ovx» before rough breathing, see oif. 

ovx^y non, no, not, O 716, «• 279. 

ft^iXovy ipf. indie, pi., and pass, ipf 
ctptiXiTo, Otoe, with xptXoQ, a debt, A 
688, 686, 698. 

*04cX^<m|«, ao, (1) a Trojan, slain 
by Teukros, 274. — (2) a Paionian, 
slain by Achilleus, ^210. 

1. b^iWut (dipeiXu)), i^^XXcifi, ei, ere, 
ipf. u<l>t\Xov, ut<l>t\\ov, e^', e, aor. u0eXov, 
ec, (ev),and o^^eXe, er(e), pass. prs. 60«X- 
Xerai, d ebere, owe, xp<*oc> a ^^^^ » '" 
aor., debebam, of impossible wish, 
ought to have, etc., freq. with alOi, iidt, 
<i/c, also with firi, u tin am, would that, 
A 380, * 279, Q 764, /3 184, I 698, P 

2. 64^XXci«, ef, itxri, ecer, nv, ovtra, 
ipf. iotfuWov, ec, (e), 50fXX6(i'), pass. 
<50eXXero, auger e, increase, augment, V 
62, Y 242, «• 174; B 420, laborem 
auxit ingentem, prolepsis, incr/cue 
so as to be dreadful ; >^ 524, stand in 
stead; fivOov, mulHply words. 

6^cXo«, TO, commodum, advan- 
tage; with eZvac, yei'e'<T^at, prod esse, 
profit, N 236, X 513. 

*O^^Tio«, (1) a Greek, slain by 
Hektor, A 302.— (2) a Trojan, slain 
by Euryalos, Z 20. 

6^aX|i^, oXo, ov, if,ov; ii>, oXiv, 
oi, ufv, o7o{iv), ovQ, (oirwira), oculus, 
eye, A 587 ; ^o\ai, S 150, glances ; i^* 
ifpQaXfiovQ, in conspectuni, before 
one^s eyes; cf. iv dipOaXfioloiv, 459; 
cf. also d 47. 

5^v, masc, [oi], anguein, snake, 
M 208t. 

S^p&, I. temporal: (1) aliqnam- 
diu, sometime, O 547. — (2) dum, a« 
long as, tchiie, (a) with indie, of actu- 
ality, B 769.— (b) with subj. of proba- 
bility, (a) so long, as long as, ^ 47, A 
477,' <F 132; kiv, 9 147, Q 553; dv, 
X 388 ; Ktv and av — roippa, /3 124, c 
361, ^ 259, A 202; (6) wUil, yf'iih Ktv, 
T 17; with av, 2 409, P 186. — II. 
final : in order that (freq. of the in- 
tention of destiny, B 359); o0pa ra- 
X*ffra, A 269; bipp eiirw, ^ 276; eu 
lUJQ, A 185, (a) with indie, fut., B 
163, p 6. — (b) with subj. 140 times 
(re'v 9, av 7 times), the verb of prin- 
cipal sentence being (a) imp. or imp. 
inf , 9 27, X 391» P 6^ i'^^v, <r 182, Q 
636 ; dv, p 10), I 370, X 343 (icev, k 
298) ; (/3) subj., >it 83, i// 255 (c^v, B 
440) ; (>) opt., Q 75, o 431 ; (J^) indie, 
fut., Z 365, n 423 (k'(v, t 45, y 359) ; 
pres., TT 195, 31, M 281 {fit}, A 578 ; dv, 
(J 363) ; pret., ir 234, y 15, A 486 {dv, k 
65, O 23).— (c) with opt., H 340, 349 ; 
assimilated through influence of prin- 
cipal verb, V 80. — III. special cases, 
referrible to I. or II. with subj., Z 258 
{dv, r 24 ; jcev, Q 431). 

i^pi}6co'0'a« from 6^pvQ, cf. su- 
percilium, on the brow or edge of 
a steep rock, beetling, high- throned, X 

dippvc^ i^p^oSt ^(Tii vag = vct fem., 
brow, I 620 ; Y 151, brow of a hill. 

^XW (<^^' ^^®X")> always before dpi- 
oTOi', a, etc., eminenter, by far, A 
69, w 429, y 129. 

Hxta^if see oxoc. 

hxPf-^y^ (^xeroc, dyui), laying out 
a ditch, <t» 257 f. 

^cvs, ria, ^ec, ac, masc, (lx<«>), hold- 
er, (1) dun-strap of helmet, T 372.— (2) 
c/flugw on belt, A 132. — (3) Joft (as in 
cut No. 32), M 121. 

^^Civ, kovrat^, pass, kta^ai, ipf. 3 
sing, (ixetro, ipf. iter. bx'^i(JKov, fut. mid. 
bxh^ovrai, aor. bxrioaro, v eh ere, 6«ar; 
fiay, vfiiriaaq; elsewh. endure; pass, 
and mid., vehi, fte borne, drive, sail, P 
77, e 54. 

*Oycf{vto%^ an Aitolian, father of Pe- 
riphas, £ 843t. 

6x0ew, 4»xOt)ouv, 6x9ri<rag, (dxBoc), 
aegre ferre, indignari, bear with 
indignation, take ill, A 570; fiiy, in 
great wrath, ^ 30 ; e 407, heavy at heart. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




i^0v)S9 gen., y, ijv, af, yffir, ac, fem., 
(fXw)« ripa, litus, ftoTJl;, thorej * 17, 
171, 172, * 132. 

Ax^vvTai= e'ovrat, from ixX£w,(6x- 
Xoi), arc *M>cp« o»ay, 4» 261t. 

^XCotrctav, 3 pL opt aor. from 6x- 
Xi^wy (oxAof)* «wmW keavefrom Usplactj 
raise, M 448, i 242. 

ntr. pi, iPtXy veho), chariot, A 160, 
A 297. 

2. (^xoCi ^0^9 V^i i'^X^^)y vriiaVi places 
of shelter for ships, c 404t. 

5i//, 6iro99 '» 57r(fl), usually with F, 
PoiroQ, Pona but biri, fem., (^Pctt-j vo- 
cis), vox, (1) twice ; ^Aiyy, with faint, 
feeble voice; also of insects and ani- 
mals, r 152, A 435. — (2) speech^ words, 
H 53. 

6^i {SviaOt), postea, afterward, 

P 466, A 161; sero, kUe, I 241, t 272, 

6i|fcCoKrc«, desiderative part from 
o^j/ofiai, desiritig to see, with gen., S 

6i|ft-7ovo«, «v, (6»(/€, yovof), toe- 
6or»>, posterity, posteri, postumus, 

H^v (6}l/e),late (coming), B 325t. 

oittf, 6^ci, fem., (o>f/o/uii), /ww^er ojf 
sight ; idtiv, see with one's eyes, T 205, 
4f 94; conspectus, species, c^ 
pi-arance, exterior, Z 468, O 632. 

^-tAcvtov inXiui), kUe offulfiU- 
ment, B 325t. 

d^|icvot, etc., see opaia. 

5i^v, ov, ntr., (e^<*>), that which is 
cooked and eaten with bread ; omon, A 
630, voTif, as relish with wine ; y 480, 


'rAy€¥ ^iraytftrav, irdyti, see iriiyvvfn, 
iroYOi, masc., (irrfyvufu), scopuli, 
cUffs, £ 405 and 411. 

icoc), a// o/* bronze, 9 403 ; fig., a man 
with sinews of brass, T 102. 

iray-xpt€r€o^ (X/ow<rai), all of gold, B 

irdyxv 0^«^w, instead of irayxydriv, 
cf. pu^i^i', lit '< pouring out, heaping 
up every thing"?), prorsus, alto- 
gether, wholly, c^soUitely, p 217. 

irddc, ktiv, yaQa, see iraaxta. 

voiSv^ (Trace)) p u er, lad, mere child, 
21 and ut 338. 

irai8o-<^iH>io (0di^c)> murderer of 
one's children, Q 506f . 

irai(oiHn, part, ovrwv, ovooq, aor. 
imp. vaiaari, (irate), ludere, />^, 
also of dance, 9 251 ; <rd>aipy, game at 
ball ^ 100. 

Ilaii^tiv, ovoQ, physician of the gods, 
E 401, 899; from him the Egyptian 
physicians traced their descent, S 232. 

iroiifoya, song of triumph or thanks- 
giving (addressed to Apollon^ A 473, 

IlaUitv, ovsQ, tribe in Makedonia 
and Thrake, on river Axios, allies of 
Trojans, n 291 ; dyKvXoro^ot, K 428; 
SoXixfyx^^Qi 4» 155 ; iirxoKopvoTdc, II 

IIoAovtSvis, Agastrophos, son of 
llaiiDV, A 339, 368. 

Uaiovt-v), fertile territory of the 
IlaiWfc, P 350,* 154. 

iroiiraX^cvTos, kotnic, y, av, (iraX- 
Xw?), rugged, rough, N 17, 33, P 743, 
K 97. ^(A word of uncertain meaning.) 

irdts, in thesis of first foot, TraiQ w 
337, dot:. Si, (a), trai; ((); tc* «>'» « 
and dio<Ti(v), {irdP-ic, pover^puer), 
child, a 216, S 688; maiden, S 13; 
daughter, ij 313, a 278 ; son, A 512, 
I 37 ; young, * 282 ; with veoc, S 665. 

Ilaur^, town on the Propontis, B 
612, see 'Airai<roc> 

irai4d(nroiMra» intensive form from 
stem of ^d-oQ, exsplendescens, 
dazasling, B 450t. 

irdXoi (irdpo^), oUm, long ago, opp. 
viov, 1 527, vvv, I 105; iamdio^ 
pridem, long, all along, p 366, v 293, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




iroXav-Tcv^ c^ dat. and roc. sing., 
(76VOC), grandaevas,/u// of yean, 
r 386, X 395. 

vaXoi^, ov, t{i, olf ri, ai, &v, a, 
(iraXat), sen ex, old, aged, ancient, S 
1C8, a 395; 0airi, S 136; vetustus, 
P 293, 340; comp. vaXaiorfpoug, se- 
niores, -ir 788. 

iraXaur|fcO<r^inf|, t/c^ {va\aiui)y Inc- 
tatio, fffresUmg-match, "¥ 701, 126. 

vaXtuoTcU, masc, (vaXaiut), 1 a c t a- 
tores, wrestlers, 9 246t. 

iraXoi-^^Tov, a, (0i}/i(), pridem 
edit a, uttered Umg ago; Bktr^ra, va- 
ticinia; dpvoi;, famed in fable, mgtk' 
ical,T 163. 

waka'na, ipf. ivaXoiov, fut TraXai- 
<F€4f, aor. iirdXai<r£v, (^rdXij), lactari, 
wreMU, ^ 621, i 343. 

iraXd|i.t), aa>i/, |7<r(fv), ij^cv, pal ma, 
po/m o/" ^ h(ind, F 338, jS 10 ; hand, 
Jut, r 128,e 111. 

1. vaKdaoiit, fut ir&Xat^|&cv, pass, 
ipf. {p^irakdaatTo, pf. TreiraXay^ievoi/, 
€u, plupf. xiTToXacro, (irdAXw), con- 
spergere, inqainare, bespritikle, 
stain, defile, v 395, A 169 ; x"P«^t A 

2. iroXacrffdi, mid. pf. irffir^lXaa0c, 
doBai, (iroKXat), — <tXi7pf^, of men, se- 
lect among themselves by lot, which was 
shaken in helmet, H 171 and c 331. 

'"^'Hf Vi (ir<iXXu>), luctatio, wrest- 
Ung, ^ 635 and B 206. 

ir&X£X-XoYa {iraKiv, Xiyut), rursus 
colligenda, recollecta, A 126t. 

irdXi|&-ircT^«, ntr., as adv., (irhofiai), 
strictly retro volando, recidendo, 
= retrorsnm, back, back again, n 
395, € 27. 

ir6X»^fr\a^ia, only pass. aor. part. 
-^koYxlUvraf aq, strictly retro re- 
p u 1 s u m, repulsed, v 5 ; d' iven back (in 
disgrace), = male mulcatos, A 59. 

irdXiir (Trapog), retro, back, back 
again, A 59; voifjcre, transform; also 
with gen., back from, Tpkveiv^ Y 439 ; 
with aifTic, back again ; 67r*(T<ra>, with 
Strengthening force; Xa^tro, re tr ac- 
ta v it, take back, unsay; ipUi, I 56, 
c o n tr a d i c e t, gainsay. 

irdXiv-dyptTOv {ay pa), recipien- 
dum, rtvocksftfe, A 526t. 

traXiv &p|Uvo>, du. part. aor. mid. 
from opvvfAi, retro ruentes, rushing 

ir6CXCv-op9o« {6pwfu), resiliens, 
springing back, V 33 f. 

wiXlv-rXra (nVw), ntr.,retributa, 

— ipya = vengeance, a 379 and /3 144. 
wakiV'TcvoVf a, (rtivw), bent back, 

having impulse to bend backward, 
elastic, quivering, 6 266, 11. 

ir&Xi^p-p^u»v (p60o(:),f earning back, 
refluent, « 430 and * 485. 

iraXt-(i)tttif, IV, i^na^iQ, diwKu)), pur- 
suit back again, rally, M 71. 

iraXXdicU» idos, t^h feix^., concubine, 
I 449, ^ 203. 

IloXXdv, ddog, epithet of Athena, 
according to the explanation of the 
ancients, from vdXXta, as brandishing 
the Aigis and the spear, K 275, d 828, 
A 200, 400, £ I, a 125, £ 510. 

vdXXciv, uv, prs., ipf. vdXXov, i{v% 
ofxev, and mid. prs. waXXirai, ofuvog, 
Tj, ktv; act. aor. Tr^Xf, viiXai^ mid. 2 
aor. vdXro, swing, brandish, x^ptriV; 
shake, icXifpovQ ; mid., cast lot for one^s 
self or (of several) among each other; 
iaculari, hurl weapons; O 645, iv 
dvTvyi, hit himself on the shield-rim 
= stumbled over the shield; X 461, 
quivering at heart, with palpitating 
heart ; X 452, my heart leaps up to my 

ndXfJivf, voQ, a Trojan chief, N 

iroXro = €7raXro, from irciXXw. 

ir&X4vciV, ipf. itrdXvt'i, rraXwe, ov, 
aor. part. iraXyvac, (TrdXXw, pul-vis), 
strew or tprinlle upon, barley meal upon 
meat (S 560, for repast), dX^trov drry ; 
inspergere, dXtpira. 

ira)Ji-|i<(Xav(a), fAsXayag, entire^, jet 
black, K 525. (Od.) 

nai&i&ttv, son of Priamos, Q 250f . 

ird|i.-«ir&v, p r o r s u 8, altogether, joined 
with verb, T 334 ; with adj., y 348 ; 
usually with neg. 01^, ovrt, ovKkru, ovU 

— not at all, by no means; fit] — , let no 
man whatever, <r 141. 

ira}&-iroiictXoi, pi, aU variegated, em- 
broidered all over, vkieXoi, Z 289 and 

ird|i-irp«»ros» very first, H 324, 1 93 ; 
-Trp&Top, S 780 (Od.), and -trpwra, A 
97, P 5eS, first of all, 

irafi^aCvDOx, subj., and -wv, ovff = 
ovra, ovrag, alvov^ part, prs., ipf. 3 pi. 
ndpipaivov, (redup. from tpcHvut), gleam, 
shine, with dat., in or with, Z 513, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




S 11; ariiOem, with white-shining, 
i e. naked breasts. 

ira;i4av<Sa)VT09, a, oaxrrr, ouftrav^ (as 
if from -0o»/rtw, 0ai/oi)» bright'shining, 
beaming, glistening, £ 619, ^ 42, B 458. 

irav-dypov, gen., (dypa), aU-ccstching, 
of fisher's net, E 487 f. 

ir&v-a(6x|€rt, dat pi., (ai0a>), a// ^fotc- 
ing, burnished, 3J 372f. 

irav-cUoXos, ov, {aioXog), all gleam' 
ing, glancing, ^ 186, K 77. 

irav-diriX(p, dat., (diraXdc), very ten- 
der^ youihfui, V 223t. 

irav-diroTfios (^rur/ioc), off hapless, 
Q 255 and 493. 

irov-dpY^poVy ai7 o/" n/rer, i 203 and 
ui 275. 

irav-u^^XYxa {fiXiK) riQivaiy deprived 
of all playmates, X 490 f. 

IIo^-axaio(, uiv, collective Achaians, 
host of the Achaians, B 404. a 239. etc. 

irav-d-upiov (d-, iiipf?), aU-immeUure, 
having left home I 440, as vrjiriog, Q 

irav*8a|idTa»p (dofiap), all-subdtting, 
12 5 and i 373. 

IlavS^og, ov, friend of Tantalos ; 
his daughter Aedon, r 518 ; the latter 
carried off by the Harpies, v 66. 

ndvSdposy son of Lykaon, leader 
of I^ykians, faithless archer, A 88, 
E 168, 171, 795, B 827 ; slain by Dio- 
medes, £ 294. 

irdv-Si^fuos (Sniiog), belonging to all 
the people, public, <t If. 

IlavSittv, a Greek, M d72t. 

ndvSoicos, ov, a Trojan, wounded 
by Aias, A 490t. 

ndv-AXT|vc«, uMUd Greeks, i. e. in- 
habitants of Hellas or northern Greece, 
B 530t. 

iray-{|)&ap, adv., aU day long, v 31 f . 

irdv-t)iicpi09, ov, 01, oic, (i^c^ iy^ 
(Ijfiap), ail day long, i. e. {V)from mom 
to eve, d 356, A 11. — (2) what remains 
.fifa day, A 472, cf. A 592. 

IlavOoCSvis, son of Panthoos, ,(1) 
Euphorbos, P 70. — (2) Polydamas, 

ndv-doof, ov, iff, son of Othrys, 
father of Euphorbos and Polydamas, 
priest of Apollon, at Delphi, then at 
Troja, a counsellor, r 146, P 9, 23, 40, 
59, O 522. 

irav-6v)tfiL8dv, adv., in full wrath, 
c 33t. 

irav-vi^ios, ov, ot, t), and -vwj^oc, o», 
01, {yv^ the whole night long, the rest of 
the nighty /3 434. 

ircv-o)i4^i£^, dat., (ift^n), auikor of 
all omens, att-disdosing^ dfit^i, 6 250t. 

IldK-oircvs, (1) father of Epeios, 
^ 665.— (2) city in Phokis on the 
Kephisos, B 520, P 307, X 581. 

ndv-^, a Nereid, S 45t. 

irdv-op(U>i, offering moorage at all 
points, convenient for landing, v 195f. 

irdK-dt|rios (oxf/ig), in every bock's eyes, 
openly, palam, <t» 397t. 

irav-<rC8(|| (oivnt ; v. L vaoovSiy)^ 
summo impetu, with all haste, A 

irdvTT), also -y, (rrag), on all sides, m 
all directions, /x 233, P 354. 

irdvToOcv (Trdg),from every quarter, 
n 110. 

iravTo(otf, 01, utv, oi9((), ovg ; tf, rtgy 
riv, at, yg, ac, (wag), varius, of every 
kind, manifold, B 397 ; in various guise, 
/9 486. 

irdvTCKrc (vdg), in first or fifth foot, 
on every side, E 508; in other feet, 
wavToa' ; (irdvToo' iiarfv, round, V 

irdvrtt«, adv., o m n i n o, &y att means; 
with o{>, by no means, r 91, 8 450. 

irdy-vrcprdni, extrema, farthest 
off, last, I 25t. 

' irdi'-voTaTos, the very last, i 452, 
^ 547. 

irairtrdtov<n (Trdwrrag) rivd, say 
papa, all one father, E 408f . 

irdinrd, voc, papa, father, ^ 57t. 

irairraCvcTov, indie. 3 du., part, -oiv, 
ovTi, tg, €, aor. trdirrrivi, part ^ag, avra, 
a(r{a), look narrowly, cautiously about 
one, dfi<l>i 'i; at, or over dvd, xard n, 
Kara So^ov, look in quest of, deside- 
rare, nvd, A 200; dtivCvy torva 
t u e r i, glare fiercely, 

irdp, (1) = wapd, q. v., in anastro- 
phe, 6x9ag irdp A 499. — (i) = irdp- 
iffTi, 1 43 ; = trdpiioi, A 1 74 ; y 325, 
praesto suTit, are cU hand. 

irdpd, a K 242 ; an old case-form (cC 
wdpog) appears as locative irdpoi, B 
711: with gen., O 175; ace, B 711, 
r 359 ; dat., O 280 ; apoc. wdp, orig. 
as adv., alongside, by, near, A 611, usu- 
ally preposition. — I. with gen., fhm 
beside, from, rivog, from some one; 
vav^i, fi-om the ships ; esp. with verbs 




of receiving to denote the source, nap 
Ztit^og. — II. with dat., beside^ with^ 6y, 
A 329 ; ox«<r0iv, E 28 ; i/ot)0tv, H 281 ; 
usually with verbs implying rest, but 
also as locative with verbs of placing, 
o 488 {dtivatf eltrty etc.), ntaeiv, KvXivdt^ 
irOai'y penes, X 175. — III. with ace, 

(1) to (a place) b>side, unto, along by, 
esp. with verbs of motion, yet also with 
verbs with which, in English, no idea 
of motion is associated, <p 64, Z 34. — 

(2) secundum, dose to, by, B 522, A 
34, M 352.— (3) praeter, beyond, A 
167; »« excess of, Svvafiiv ; fiol^av, 
contrary to right — IV. by anastrophe, 
irapa, 2 400, Q 429 ; Trap (for greater 
clearness, irdp', S 191) and Trap, q.